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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1971 volume:

1971 "COUGAR” Echo, OregonOur School and its Board 2 Left to right: Dick Snow, Lester Murray, John Ramos, Dorothy Helmick, Bob Hale, Evelyn O’Brien, chairman; Jim Stockard, Harry Holder, superintendent; Kaye McAtee.ANNUAL STAFF SITTING, left to right: Valerie Madison, Karen Weltzin, Brenda Billing, Steve Campbell. STANDING: Brad Williams, Debbie Dick, Bobbi Lilly, Bob Hale, Mary Kay Bean, Mark Murray, Jean Poydack, Loretta Umphfres, Gary Meyers. NOT PICTURED: Molly Hansen. ADVISOR: Mrs. Kay Wood CO-EDITORS: Valerie Madison Karen Weltzin BUSINESS MANAGER: Brenda Billing Assistants: Bob Hale Bobbi Lilly Brad Williams Steve Campbell “The Cougar” has at last been completed. The annual staff has worked long and hard on it, but we have learned much and have truly enjoyed our work. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Kay Wood, our advisor, for her diligent work in making this annual possible. Our yearbook is an attempt to capture in pictures a record of this past year, and as you look through it, we hope it will make you smile and recall “the good old days at E.H. S. ” Your Co-Editors,VISITORS ECHO HP These are the faces that make up our school — friendly faces, familiar faces and the occasional stranger in our midst. Students, teachers, staff — these are the faces that daily come and go during the year and are made immortal on these pages.SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Harry E. Holder Another school year has passed and I suppose the future will judge our efforts as to how many of our goals we have achieved. It is my opinion that our school is doing a good job preparing the students for their future endeavors. The school cannot take the responsibility, however, that belongs to the individual alone. The burden of self-improvement remains with each one of us as individuals. It will continue to be the goal of Echo High School to foster the atmosphere and opportunity for every student to realize his full potential. We must gain the values here that will last a lifetime.FACULTY Mrs. Shirley Binder Commercial P. E. Health Tennis Volleyball Coach Mrs. Ellen Drtina Home Economics Mr. Rich Cason U.S. History Drivers’ Training Baseball Football Coach Mr. Bill Molendyke Social Sciences Biology Basketball Track Coach 7STAFF Mrs. Meredith Boyer-Ass’t. Cook Mrs. Evelyn Lilly-Head Cook Mr. Glenn Cochran-Head Custodian Mr. Bud Hooker-Ass . Custodian Mrs. Dorothy Graham Secretary Mrs. Jo Williams Librarian Aide Teacher Aide Mrs. Donna Murray Teacher Aide SUMMER STAFF'W mPatricia Anne Baggerly Mary Kay Bean Brenda Lou Billing James Daniel Bowman Roger John Fisher Robert Craig Hale Valerie Jean Madison Ted Burr McAtee Lloyd Umphfres Loretta Lou Umphfres Karen Doris WeltzinTracey Lee Bromell Steven C. Campbell Gary M. Cochran Louis Eugene Faro DATE OF GRADUATION: May 21, 1971 Echo Gymnasium CLASS COLORS: Emerald Green and Gold CLASS FLOWER: White Chrysanthemum Joseph Rogers Middleton Ronald Hayes Stockard "Today is the Stepping Stone of Tomorrow” 11SUPER SENIORSHESS V . v ' '3r• ’.' “' ■ "'. -• - .V' ' .' " •' »f. WBSMiiliW!- ,--ip ! £ ,• ■ •,- At - •■ Vii ■■WSJm '-. . £££ + V «-• •1 .» ' -.v‘ A -■" Jv, Wmmi W s0$1$s£} rm W i Ml j f mi5t i . -V% £T;r. 5- .,. m 2:-,vV' ' •“ ';r "T if v: .. .' • ' v- ?£ ti ;•• Aa-.v '-• m ■1 fs ' ' Hfelftffififfj T - - :h . r ft ’;' , .. 'r : :v- ‘ "M: i .' • v't- " A'i, ‘ .. ',y4 V 1 ■ . . . .. ... ...,-.. ■■: ■« • ' . ' •■- ■». ► ;A • ' ' ■' »» ; xK vy ', yi • ,? t'v' »Xj rfv ' , JUNIORS Jerry Ashbeck Barbara Baggerly Debbie Dick Charlie Ferguson ■ Molly Hansen Bobbi Lilly Brenda Me A tee Gary Meyers Brad Ottum Jean Poydack Cathy Sampson Delphi Smith 16 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Poydack, Secretary; Debbie Dick, President; Cathy Sampson, Vice President; Molly Hansen, Representative; Delphi Smith, Sgt.-at-Arms.aiaiAinraoiNnrSOPHOMORES Diane Berry Trudy Bowman David Dick Cindy Haines Scott Hayden Roxanne Koffler Marie Madison Norman McCoard Mark Murray Tracie Roberts Susan Stockard Sue Umphfres 19 Left to right: Susan Stockardy Vice President; Brad Williams, Sgt. -at-Arms; Mark Murray, Secretary; Marie Madison, Representative; Roxie Koffler, President.FRESHMEN Jim Baggerly Phil Bondurant Marie Bowman Diane Campbell Joe Correa Terri Fisher Pam Holder Toni Martin Pam McAtee Karen Meyers Wayne Ottum Cindy Power Sherman Reese Curt Sampson Loretta Schultze Denise Snow Jeff Spike Terryl Taylor Pat Umphfres Snow, President; Diane Campbell, Treasurer. Back row: Jeff Spike, Sgt.-at-Arms; Sherman Reese, Secretary; Wayne Ottum, Representative. 20Campaign UBIQUITOUS UNDERCLASSMEN Candy Sale Science Fair They are everywhere! k HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Asst. Coach Molendyke, Jeff Spike, Scott Hayden, Ted McAtee, Brad Ottum, Gary Cochran, Sherman Reese, Bob Hale, Ixmis Faro, Ron Stockard, Roger Fisher, Coach Cason. FRONT ROW: Lloyd Umphfres, Charlie Ferguson, Joe Correa, Curtis Sampson, Jim Bowman, Wayne Ottum, Jimmy Baggerly, Jerry Ashbeck, Mark Madison. 23BASKETBALL VARSITY COACH MOLENDYKE READING CLOCKWISE: Coach Moiendyke, Ron Stockard, Brad Williams, Joe Middleton, Steve Campbell, Jeff Spike, Mark Madison, David Dick, Manager; Jerry Ashbeck, Wayne Ottum, Mark Bowman, Bob Hale, Mark Murray, Brad Ottum. JR. VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Moiendyke, Phillip Bondurant, Ross Westberg, Wayne Ottum, Gary Meyers, Mark Murray, Scott Hayden, Sherman Reese, Brad Williams, Mark Bowman, Jeff Spike, Joe Correa, Jim Baggerly, Mark Madison, David Dick, Manager. 24TRACK Left to right: Mark Madison, Jeff Spike, Bob Hale, Coach Bill Molendyke, Jerry Ashbeck, Gary Meyers. BASEBALL Front row, left to right: Charlie Ferguson, Joe Correa, Mark Madison, Jim Baggerly, Curtis Sampson. Second row: Jerry Ashbeck, Jeff Spike, Brad Ottum, Ron Stockard, Bob Hale, Wayne Ottum, Coach Rich Cason. Not pictured: Ted McAtee. 25VOLLEYBALL A TEAM, bottom row: Debbie Dick, Brenda McAtee, Molly Hansen, Delphi Smith, Mary Kay Bean, Brenda Billing, Cathy Sampson and Bobbi Lilly, not pictured. B TEAM: Karen Weltzin, Pam McAtee, Barbara Baggerly, Roxie Koffler, Susan Stockard, Loretta Umphfres, Trudy Bowman. COACH: Diane Ramos. C TEAM: Karen Meyers, Cindy Power, Diane Campbell, Denise Snow, Susan Umphfres, Toni Martin, Terri Fisher, Pam Holder, Loretta Schultze and Tracie Roberts. TENNISHIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS VARSITY, front to back: Brenda McAtee, Delphi Smith, Molly Hansen, Roxie Koffler. JUNIOR VARSITY, left to right: Denise Snow, Karen Meyers, Terri Fisher.WE LIKE OUR TEAMCOUGARS HAVE SPIRIT Echo Cougar sports teams had an average year, except for our five man track team which did exceptionally well, and broke the following school records: Jerry Ashbeck-100 yd. dash 10.4; 220 yd. dash 23.9; Bob Hale-880 yd. dash 2:09.2; Gary Meyers, Jerry Ashbeck, Bob Hale and Jeff Spike-mile relay 3:55.8; Jerry Ashbeck, Bob Hale, Jeff Spike, Mark Madison-440 yd. relay 47.7. 29STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT ROW, front to back: Bob Hale, Roxie Kofflcr, Debbie Dick, Wayne Ottum, Ron Stockard. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Campbell, Molly Hansen, Karen Weltzin, Cathy Sampson, Mark Madison, Jerry Ashbeck. RIGHT ROW: Brenda Billing, Mary Kay Bean, Denise Snow, Bobbi Lilly, Valerie Madison, Brad Ottum. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Left to Right: Valerie Madison, Secretary; Jerry Ashbeck, Sgt.-at-Arms; Cathy Sampson, Vice President; Steve Campbell, President; Brenda Billing, Treasurer. OUR PRESIDENTCOUGAR TRACKS STAFF GIRLS TENNIS DEFEATS IONE DOUBLE-LEADER April 28, the girls tennis team from lone traveled to Echo. They were defeated by an over-all score of 2-1. Set scores are as follows. Doubles: Lilly de Chris Lind Debbie Die 8-6, 6-1. Tanja Tuck JUNIOR HIGH The Juni the supervi went to Pi 23, and b win. Followi this meet Lynn Lilly kie Hale, de. 100 y On April 27, a double header v;as played with Helix. Echo won the first game 2-1. "ith Jerry Ashbeck and Joe Correa Rod Paul n by the trod over 3f 15 - 3. scored by , and Joe loss left rted their ainst Her 1 15, Echo e victory. ; Molly feated Bon t 7 Seated: Mary Kay Bean, Steve Campbell. Standing: Lloyd Umphfres, Pati Baggerly, Molly Hansen, Brenda Billing, Bobbi Lilly, Delphi Smith. FUTURE TEACHERS? 32 Left to right: Delphi Smith, Brenda Billing, Roger Fisher, Ron Stockard, Pati Baggerly, Barbara Baggerly, Mary Kay Bean. BAND Front row, left to right: Mark Murray, Debbie Dick, Trudy Bowman, Norman McCoard, Karen Weltzin, Toni Martin, Pati Umphfres. Second row: Steve Johnson, Verlen Bromell, Jo Lynn Lilly, Loretta Schultze, Roxie Koffler, Delphi Smith, Scott Madison, Norma Campbell. Back row: Mr. Halliday, Loretta Umphfres, Jackie Hale, Barbara Baggerly. CHORUS Front Row: Roxie Koffler, Delphi Smith, Tracey Bromell, Barbara Baggerly, Pati Baggerly, Loretta Umphfres, Valerie Madison. Back Row: Mr. Halliday, Trudy Bowman, Cindy Haines, Ron Stockard, Steve Campbell, Norman McCoard. 33wmm GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW, left to right: Advisor, Mrs. Binder; Karen Weltzin, President; Molly Hansen, Vice President; Debbie Dick, Secretary; Brenda Me A tee, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Pam McAtee, Karen Meyers, Barbara Baggerly, Brenda Billing, Tracey Bromell, Loretta Umphfres, Trudy Bowman. THIRD ROW: Valerie Madison, Terri Fisher, Cindy Power, Diane Campbell, Denise Snow, Susan Umphfres, Cathy Sampson. FOURTH ROW: Toni Martin, Pam Holder, Loretta Schultze, Delphi Smith, Tracie Roberts, Roxie Koffler, Jean Poydack. NOT PICTURED: Bobbi Lilly, Representative; Cindy Haines, Terryl Taylor.LETTERMEN STANDING, left to right: Mr. Molendyke, Advisor; Jim Bowman, Jerry Ashbeck, Gary Meyers, Joe Middleton, Gary Cochran, Louis Faro, Steve Campbell, Ted McAtee. KNEELING, left to right: Brad Ottum, Representative; Ron Stockard, Vice President; Bob Hale, President; Roger Fisher, Secretary-Treasurer; Mark Madison, Sgt. -at-Arms.HOMECOMING WEEK HOMECOMING COURT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Princess Debbie Dick; Princess Mary Kay Bean; QUEEN Karen Weltzin I; Princess Susan Stockard; Princess Diane Campbell. 37SWEETHEARTS BALL JR.—SR. PROM Cindy Haines and Charlie Ferguson Pam McAtee and Ross Westberg Princess Loretta Umphfres and Gary Greene, Princess Valerie Madison and Dave Wilbur, Queen Tracey Bromell and Brad Ottum.DRAMA 39BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! 40HONORS THE FOLLOWING ECHO STUDENTS WERE AWARDED HONORS DURING THE YEAR 1970-1971 AT AN ASSEMBLY HELD THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: JERRY ASHBECK Outstanding Trackman JIM BAGGERLY Most Improved Football Player TRACEY BROMELL Drama Award NORMA CAMPBELL Most Improved Band Member STEVE CAMPBELL P. T. A. Scholarship Drama Award JOHN COHN Outstanding Jr. High Athlete DEBBIE DICK Most Outstanding Band Member Girls’ State Delegate BOB HALE Most Valuable and Inspirational Football Player East Shrine Team Elk’s Leadership Scholarship Wiseman Sports Award Lewis and Clark College Scholarship VALERIE MADISON Valedictorian Outstanding Home Economics Award Blue Mountain College Scholarship Oregon Scholar Certificate Elk’s Most Valuable Student Scholarship 4-H Scholarship RON STOCKARD Outstanding Basketball Player Outstanding Baseball Player Wiseman Sports Award KAREN WELTZIN Salutatorian Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Math Award—1st V. F.W. Scholarship Musicianship and Leadership Award Perfect Attendance: BRAD WILLIAMS Toni Martin Drama Award Pam McAtee Joe Correa 41EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Tyra Hayden, Carol Berry, Jolyn Lilly, Cindy Badillo, Jackie Hale, Norma Campbell, Jonnie Haines. BACK ROW: Mr. Cason, Steve Johnson, Wade Nichols, Bobby Dick, Bruce Garcia, John Cohn, Scott Madison, Verlen Bromell, Patty Dumbler. SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Debra Lilly, Carolyn McKinney, Patricia Watson, Carol Bowman, Cathy Jo Power, Sunnie Roberts, Vanessa Bean. BACK ROW: Mrs. Sprute, Mark Hayden, Dave Correa, Eddie Fisher, David Watson, Cathy Baggerly, Karen McKinney, Marie Bromell.SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Penny Geisen, Diane Badillo, Nita Nichols, Bonnie Berry, Teresa Welch, Sandra Sampson, Donna Badillo. BACK ROW: Michael Forth, Natalie Rohde, Richard Snow, Debbie Garcia, Frances Bromell, James Haines, Rick Hale, Mike Martin, Mrs. Zander. JR. HIGH OFFICERS CHEERLEADERS JoLynn Lilly, Sec.; Verlen Bromell, President; Carol Berry, Treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Rhonda Wattenburger, Vice President. Nita Nichols, Jackie Hale, Vanessa BeanJR. HIGH FOOTBALL FRONT ROW: Coach Enright, Eddie Fisher, Rich Snow, Ricky Hale, Mike Martin, Mark Hayden. BACK ROW: Verlen Bromell, Scott Madison, Wade Nichols, Bobby Dick, John Cohn, David Correa, Jim Haines. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Cason, Wade Nichols, David Correa, Eddie Fisher, David Watson, Bruce Garcia, John Cohn, Bobby Dick, Scott Madison, Verlen Bromell, Steve Johnson, Mark Hayden. JUNIOR VARSITY, standing: Coach Cason, Mark Hayden, Rich Snow, Eddie Fisher, David Watson, Steve Johnson, Jim Haines. Kneeling: Ricky Hale, Mike Martin.JR. HIGH BASEBALL Front row, left to right: Mike Martin, Ricky Hale, Jim Haines, Steve Johnson, Mark Hayden. Second row: Coach Tom Enright, David Correa, John Cohn, Scott Madison, Eddie Fisher, Wade Nichols, Rich Snow. JR. HIGH TRACK Front row, left to right: Carol Berry, Norma Campbell, Jo Lynn Lilly, Jackie Hale, Maria Bromell, Venessa Bean, Sunnie Roberts, Penny Geisen. Second row: Coach Diane Ramos, Bonnie Berry, Frances Bromell, Natalie Rhode, Tyra Hayden, Rhonda Wattenburger, Nita Nichols, Teresa Welch. 46PEE WEE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: Coach Gary Cochran, Phillip Johnson, Kent Madison, Kevin Fife, Larry Holeman, Elliot Morris, Alvin Roberts, Coach Joe Middleton. SECOND ROW: Coach Roger Fisher, Todd Rohde, Donald Sampson, Lyle Nichols, Brett Rohde, Tony Ashbeck, Dale McCoard, Coach Steve Campbell. THIRD ROW: Coach Jim Bowman, David Bondurant, Steve Bean, Mike Holland, Jerald McCoard, Jeff Holland, Rich Terjeson, Coach Ron Stockard. FOURTH ROW: Coach Ted McAtce, Tim Perrin, Gene Perrin, Robbie McAtee, David Badillo, Greg McAtee, Charles Berry, Coach Brad Ottum. PEE WEE CHEERLEADERS FRONT ROW: Lisa Snow, Chris Ramos, Darla Holder. SECOND ROW: Lori Olsen, Susan Carmickle, Rosie Haines. THIRD ROW: Jolene Meadows, Cathy Olsen. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Westberg, Lori Welch.FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Cathy Olson, Amy Carmickle, Linda Dick, Betsy Reese, Lisa Snow, Darla Power. BACK ROW: Jerald McCoard, Tim Perrin, Phillip Johnson, Charles Berry, Jeff Holland, Kent Madison, Lyle Nichols, Richard Alford, Steve Bean, Mrs. Watson. Not pictured: Greg Cook. FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Christine Ramos, Rose Haines, Susan Power, Darla Holder, Eileen Westberg, Lori Welch. BACK ROW: Joe Forth, Mike Holland, Alvin Roberts, Brett Rohde, Larry Holeman, David Bondurant, Mr. Enright, Donald Sampson. Not pictured: Leslie Tolson, Darren Cook.THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Todd Rohde, Lorrie Olsen, Sally Carmickle, Patty Lilly, Sandra Lilly, Jolene Meadows, Gene Perrin. BACK ROW: Mrs. Chambers, Greg McAtee, Tony Ashbeck, Rick Terjeson, Elliott Morris. SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Dale McCoard, Jan Ramos, Susan Johnson, Tana Welch, Stacey Snow, Kevin Fife, Robbie McAtee. BACK ROW: Miss Saunders, Dean Olson, Tony Correa, David Badillo, Chris Forth. Not Pictured: Windy Tolson, Teresa Cook, and Rhana Milliken. 49FIRSTGRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: John Buckner, Kim Stephens, Janet Lilly, Dianah Morris, Trisha Nelson, Mark Correa, Jeff Sprute. BACK ROW: David Bailey, Mr. Meiners, Trent Fife, Mike Terjeson, Monte Naugher, Pat Alford. Not pictured: Todd Holeman. KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW, left to right: Chris Lake, Kevin Dunham, David Welch. SECOND ROW: Gina Fife, Lola Murray, Susie Carmickle, Sherri Cooper, Cindy Perrin, Joellen Bondurant, Teresa Correa. THIRD ROW: Dana Lickliter, Tami Stephens, Angela Hummel, Miss Bishop, Arlcta Reese, Danette Lickliter, Mary Shannon Ruth, Tina Bowman, JoAnna Lilly. Not pictured: Debbie Correa, Brenda Cook, Dick Baker, Melany Milliken, Robin Bergstrom.'j: ■ Vv:- W .-r,v sSg v -v $toy ......,: ES,STEWART'S TOWN and COUNTRY SUPERMARKETS MEADS THRIFTWAY HOME OF RED CARPET SERVICE HERM1STON, PENDLETON, UMATILLA AND PILOT ROCK HERMISTON OREGON TUMALUMLUMBER CO BOYSEN PAI NTS TUM-A-LUM LUMBER COMPANY MOORE and RIPLEY DRUG 131 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA FURNITURE CO. 154 W. HERMISTON AVE . HERMISTON OREGON ED SHEETS CLOTHING FOR THE FAMILY HERMISTON OREGON HERMISTON AUTO PARTS 292 HERMISTON AVENUE UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK OF OREGON HERMISTON OREGON HERMISTON OREGON 52CAMPBELL EQUIPMENT HARRY PHILLIPS CO. LARRY CAMPBELL HERMISTON OREGON MARINE SALES AND SERVICE DATSUN SALES AND SERVICE HERMISTON OREGON te ian;KllUJ: ar rVl HANDY HANK REPAIR SERVICE HILL’S FURNITURE and MANUFACTURING CO. FRANCHISED WESTINGHOUSE DEALER T,WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST 672 MAIN ST. HERMISTON, OREGON AIRPORT ROAD PENDLETON,OREGON COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AND SEWING FABRICS C COAST TO COAST STORES CC BEHRMAN'S JEWELRY REMEMBER GRADUATION WITH A BULOVA WATCH FROM BEHRMAn's JEWELRY HERMISTON OREGON COAST TO COAST 350 S. MAIN PENDLETON HARDWARE, SPORTING GOODS, HOUSEWARES AND TOYS STARRETT'S DECOR CENTER 1 000 N. FIRST HERMISTON OREGON ZIGMAN'S FLOWER SHOP 138 SOUTHEAST COURT PENDLETON OREGON 53CINDERELLA SHOE SHOP 148 S. MAIN STREET, PENDLETON, OREGON SECOND AND MAIN, WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON WOOLLEY'S WESTSIDE MOTORS ARMOND WOOLLEY AND BUZZ FURLONG HIGHWAY 30 W. PENDLETON OREGON PENNEYS ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY B AND D AUTO PARTS 440 SOUTHWEST EMIGRANT PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON DRUG STORE 203 s. MAIN PACKER SCOTT WE SERVE YOU BETTER PENDLETON OREGON 327 SE, FIRST STREET PENDLETON OREGON MARSH'S-MENS AND BOYS WEAR PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON AIRMOTIVE INC. CESSNA SALES AND SERVICE PENDLETON AIRPORT PENDLETON OREGON 54LARRY’S CLIP JOINT 1 34 MAIN HERMISTON OREGON JIMMY'S FLOWER SHOP HERM1STON OREGON HERMISTON DRUG COAST-TO-COAST YOUR FAMILY DRUG STORE HERMISTON OREGON HERMISTON OREGON INLAND EMPIRE BANK DEL and SARAH'S CAFE MEMBER OF FDIC 101 MAIN STREET ECHO OREGON H ERMISTON OREGON BURNHAM'S THE PLACE TO SHOP HERMISTON OREGON BERRY'S AMERICAN SERVICE AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTS ECHO OREGON 55ECHO CASH GROCERY FRANCES SPIKE ECHO OREGON BEAN'S VARIETY ECHO OREGON MAYFLOWER FARMS 1 59 W. HERMISTON AVE . HERMISTON OREGON CAMPBELL MOTORS, INC. 325 N. FIRST ST. HERMISTON OREGON PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSE EASTERN OREGON S MUSIC CENTER 1 12 S. MAIN PENDLETON OREGON BOB'S PLUMBING SHOP RESIDENTIAI--------COMMERCIAL 201 W. HERMISTON AVE. HERMISTON OREGON RAMOS UNION 76 DUTCH RAMOS FRONTIER MACHINERY JOHN DEERE AND CALKINS DEALER 276-6341 PENDLETON OREGON 56 GOOD LUCK SENIORS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1971 THROCKMORTON PHOTOGRAPHY LYONS STUDIO P.O. BOX 471 phone 276—7565 520 NORTH 1ST STREET PENDLETON OREGON HERMISTON OREGON WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE THE HERMISTON HERALD NEWSPAPER THE FAMILY STORE SERVING THE GREATER WEST END WITH IN-DEPTH NEWS PICTURES, AND ADVERTISING, DENNIS AND CLEO GETT 158 MAIN STREET HERMISTON phone- 567—3841 235 east main HERMISTON OREGON PLEASE DON'T HESITATE the big TO ASK US FOR ADVICE. l TI V we'd LIKE TO lv 11X GET TO KNOW m m. YOU. 1240 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OREGON P.O. BOX 579 PENDLETON BRANCH PENDLETON, OREGON 97801 PENDLETON OREGON TELEPHONE (503) 276-1311 FRAZIER BOOK STORE INC. I—lEast XOreAonian) "complete office suppliers" The “Best Seller” in Eastern Oregon 227 S. MAIN CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 71 207 E. MAIN, HERMISTON PENDLETON OREGON 211 S.E. BYERS AV., PENDLETON 57WATSON'S JEWELRY BULOVA--WYLER--ACCUTRON--SPE I DEL phone 567-8175 138 MAIN HERMISTON PGG FEE D VI LLE PENDLETON GRAIN GROWERS INC. HERMISTON SHERRELL CHEVROLET INC. 3rd and main PHIL SHERRELL RICH SHERRELL HERM I STON OREGON BOB'S O.K. TIRE STORE 1215 n. 1st phone 567-3141 HERMISTON OREGO Zke biggest mistake is to fear that you will make one. fliiC. IACHINERY ONLi CO. 1 —( xnvn. | tour CATERPILLAR dealer Pendleton Grain Growers 1 M Narrow . hermstow . athena . twin opt I 1 BOX 1248 PENDLETON,OREGON PENDLETON TOM TULLIS OFFICE SUPPLY 1 5 S.E. COURT LARSON PRINTING COMPANY 37 S.W. DOR I ON PENDLETON America’s Favorite WESTERN Store! SAMLET’S PENDLETON 58WE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS PAGE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE FOR MAKING CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR ANNUAL. THE FRANCES SHOP PENDLETON, OREGON DAWN'S LADIES APPAREL PENDLETON, OREGON PENDLETON COLLEGE OF BEAUTY PENDLETON, OREGON MR. AND MRS. HAROLD ZANDER MR. AND MRS. HAROLD WELTZIN MR. AND MRS. HARRY HOLDER MR. AND MRS. GLENN ROHDE MR. AND MRS. LESTER MURRAY MR. AND MRS. JOHN MADISON MR. AND MRS, GAYLORD MADISON MISS VIOLET DENNY THANK YOU!p ptscHE, PI8CHEL YEARBOOKS INC erases ; -2: ffssas xv- .w: :v -:"l- - ndzy. A-l-=C'- »K.»e v=C5 V£ W L «C ' N ‘«“ v 2? z s Jtr "'• a C'- -- - !«ffC - - Y ‘ — . . Tv - + .-y- - ► -m • • • :"' •£ - • - • -f. •’ •v- - : . - •- • „ '•■•■ ■ ;.•. ' ■ ;. ‘ - 1 •;- • . -.• - rtV • - . :•-- - • •.-... • . '»• -- - '■ - ■- .:-’ - - : ;-- . - • ‘-O. hr ;-'': :- V- ' ".‘"'y t - ■ '- -y • ■ v • • • •• . - . . • —. - . - .' • •• .

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