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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1970 volume:

Echo High School Echo, OregonANNUAL STAFF SITTING, left to right: Brenda Billing, Karen Weltzin, Sylvia Billing, Vicki Murray, Shelley Bromell. STANDING: Jim Miller, Ron Miller, Cindy Williams, Valerie Madison, Brad Williams, Alvin Umphfres. Not Pictured: Jim Liesegang, Brad Ottum. ADVISOR: Mrs. Katherine Wood CO-EDITORS: Vicki Murray Sylvia Billing BUSINESS MANAGER: Karen Weltzin Assistants: Brenda Billing Brad Ottum Brad Williams CO-ORDINATING ASSISTANTS: Cindy Williams Shelley Bromell Valerie Madison PASTE-UP STAFF: Ron Miller Jim Miller Jim Liesegang PHOTOGRAPHER: Alvin Umphfres 2Our annual is now complete, and we the annual staff, are proud of our efforts. It has not been an easy task, but we have enjoyed every minute's work toward its completion. It may not seem so important to you now, but in the years to come when you wipe off the dust of forgotten years you will see the events and pictures that bring so many things to mind. The joys of the good times, those special dates, the sorrow of the past troubles, and the unpleasant times you've all experienced were all a part of the success of 1970. To the "Freshmen" it has been a year for new beginnings and the "Sophomores" a year for growth and development. The "Juniors" have had a busy year preparing to take over next year's duties while the "Seniors" have been participating in their last activities at Echo High School. The Annual Staff presents this annual to you as a register of the most memorable time of your life. We hope that you will cherish the fond memories of this year always. THE ANNUAL STAFF Co-Editors Vicki Murray Sylvia BillingFOREWORD At 8:25 each morning the United States and Oregon flags are raised, thus beginning a new day at Echo High School. Bells ring and locker doors slam as each student races for his first class. By this time, last night's news has already circulated. Now it is time to settle down and study. Of course the year is not all work and no play. There is the joy at the announcement of homecoming, Sweethearts, and prom courts. There are the tears shed by psychology and chemistry students when they fail a test. There is the excitement at winning the Sportsmanship trophy and the disappointment of defeat. Our school is a place where we have learned together, shared together, and had fun together. A year at Echo is a composite of activities. It is this spirit of activity which we have tried to capture in our annual. 4 SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Dorothy Helmick, Jack Correa, Chairman; Dick Snow. STANDING: Lester Murray, Kenneth Coppinger, Evelyn O'Brien, John Ramos and Kaye McAtee. SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Kenneth C. SpruteFACULTY Mr. Hugh Sheehan Commercial Teacher Drivers' Training Mrs. Vadie Jolliff Math Science Mrs. Ellen Drtina Home Economics Mr. Bill Molendyke Social Sciences P.E. Health Service Repair Lab Mrs. Katherine Wood English Speech Journalism Mrs. Marilyn Owens Librarian P.E. Health Mr. Kenneth Stribling Band German 7STAFF 8 Mrs. Jo Williams Librarian Aide Teacher AideSylvia Jane Billing Shelley Mae Bromell Linda Lou Correa Donna Marie McAtee Janet Rhea Faro Douglas Loren Hale Patrick Alan Fisher James Edward Liesegang Charles Wilbur Haines 10Ronald Miller Carla Janell Nugen David Edward Stockard Cynthia Ann Williams Wayne Bruce Wattenburger [9 Vicki Lyn Murray Judy Karen Sauers Jerry Sherman Roberts Alvin Loren Umphfres 11Senior Activities SENIOR OFFICERS, left to right: Pat Fisher, Representative; Sylvia Billing, President; Jerry Roberts, Sgt-at-Arms; Shelley Bromell, Treasurer; Vicki Murray, Secretary; Doug Hale, Vice-President. 12GRADUATION Vicki Murray, Valedictorian Sylvia Billing, Salutatorian 13Patti Baggerly Mary Kay Bean Brenda Billing Gordon Blankenship Jim Bowman Tracie Bromell Gary Cochran Wendy Coppinger Louis Faro Bob Hale Valerie Madison Ted McAtee 16Joe Middleton Charles Schultze Ron Stockard Loretta Umphfres Karen Weltzin Not pictured: Steve Campbell Roger Fisher Jim Miller LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Hale, sentative; Ron Stockard, Treasurer; Roger Fisher, Kay Bean, Secretary. President; Pati Baggerly, Repre-Vice President; Brenda Billing, Sgt.-at-Arms. Not Pictured: MaryJunior Activities 18SOPHOMORES Jerry Ashbeck Barbara Baggerly Debbie Dick Charlie Ferguson Molly Hansen Bobbi Lilly Brenda McAtee Gary Meyers Brad Ottum Jean Poydack Cathy Sampson Delpi SmithFRESHMEN Diane Berry Ona Blankenship Trudy Bowman David Dick Cindy Haines Roxi Koffler Mark Madison Norman McCoard Mark Murray Robert Ramos Tracie Roberts Susan StockardSTUDENT BODY OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Valerie Madison, Secretary; Ron Stockard, Vice President; Jerry Roberts, President; Vicki Murray, Treasurer; and Jerry Ashbeck, Sgt. at-Arms. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to right: Cindy Williams, Linda Correa, Trudy Bowman, and Delphi Smith. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Billing, Ron Stockard, Vicki Murray, Bruce Wattenburger, Bob Hale, Jerry Ashbeck, Valerie Madison, Mark Madison, Alvin Umphfres, Pat Fisher, Molly Hansen, and Jerry Roberts.COUGAR TRACKS STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Stockard, Mary Kay Bean, Jerry Roberts. BACK ROW: Janet Faro, Judy Sauers, Doug Hale, Donna McAtee, Wendy Coppinger. FUTURE TEACHERS? STANDING, left to right: Loretta Umphfres, Brenda Billing, Barbara Baggerly, David Stockard. BACK: Jerry Roberts, Ron Stockard, Doug Hale. 25GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Correa, President; Carla Nugen, Vice-President; Karen Weltzin, Secretary; Molly Hansen, Treasurer; Cindy Williams, Representative. SECOND ROW: Judy Sauers, Shelley Bromell, Barbara Baggerly, Roxanne Koffler, Trudy Bowman, Cindy Haines, Brenda Billing, Sylvia Billing, Tracie Bromell. THIRD ROW: Delphi Smith, Cathy Sampson, Roberts Lilly, Patti Baggerly, Valerie Madison, Vicki Murray, Diane Berry, Tracie Roberts, Debbie Dick, Brenda McAtee.LETTERMEN FIRST ROW, left to right: Advisor, Mr. Molendyke; Bruce Wattenburger, Representative; Roger Fisher, Secretary; Doug Hale, Vice-President; Alvin Umphfres, President. SECOND ROW: Gary Cochran, Pat Fisher, David Stockard, Jerry Roberts, Ted McAtee. THIRD ROW: Gary Meyers, Jerry Ashbeck, Ron Stockard, Louis Faro, Bob Hale, Jim Bowman. 27ECHO HIGH SCHOOL BAND LEFT TO RIGHT, bottom to top: Brenda Billing, Debbie Dick, Trudy Bowman, Karen Weltzin, Shelly Bromell, Brenda McAtee, Norman Mc-Coard, Roxi Koffler, Delphi Smith, Bob Hale, Mr. Ken Stribling, Director; Barbara Baggerly, Molly Hansen, Susan Stockard. STAGE BAND STANDING, left to right: Jim Miller, Brenda Billing, Debbie Dick, Bob Hale, Delphi Smith, Roxi Koffler, Mr. Ken Stribling, Director. SITTING: Doug Hale, Shelly Bromell, David Stockard, Trudy Bowman, Karen Weltzin, Mark Murray. 28ACTIVITIESHIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STANDING, left to right: Asst. Coach, Bill Molendyke, Coach, Richard Cason, Doug Hale, Bruce Wattenburger, Bob Hale, Ron Stockard, Alvin Umphfres, Brad Ottum, Charlie Ferguson, Gary Cochran. SECOND ROW: Pat Fisher, Ted McAtee, Roger Fisher, David Stockard, Mark Murray. FIRST ROW: Jim Bowman, Jerry Roberts, Mark Madison, Jerry Ashbeck. Graduating Seniors Pat Fisher David Stockard Jerry Roberts Alvin Umphfres Bruce Wattenburger Doug Hale, injured 30BASKETBALL VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Meyers, Manager? Jerry Ashbeck, Joe Middleton, Doug Hale, Bob Hale, Gordon Blankenship, Ron Stockard, Brad Ottum, Louis Faro, Bruce Wattenburger, Pat Fisher, Jerry Roberts, Mr. Del Hildreth, Asst. Coach; Mr. Bill Molendyke, Coach. JR. VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Madison, Jerry Ashbeck, Charlie Ferguson, Joe Middleton, Roger Fisher, Louis Faro, Brad Williams, Mark Murray, Coach Hildreth. 31TRACK STANDING, left to right: Coach Bill Molendyke, Bruce Wattenburger, Doug Hale, Jim Miller, Louis Faro. SITTING: Jerry Ashbeck, Mark Madison, Bob Hale. BASEBALL STANDING, left to right: Coach Hugh Sheehan, Bob Hale, Pat Fisher, Ron Stockard, Brad Ottum, Roger Fisher, Alvin Umphfres, Norman McCoard, Manager. KNEELING: Jerry Ashbeck, Jerry Roberts, Ted McAtee, Doug Hale, Bruce Wattenburger, Mark Madison. 32GIRLS' SPORTS TRACK LEFT TO RIGHT: Loretta Umphfres, Barbara Baggerly, Patti Baggerly, Trade Roberts, Coach Del Hildreth. TENNIS L. FRONT TO BACK: Bobbi Lilly, Donna McAtee, Karen Weltzin, Valerie Madison, Diane Berry, R.: Shelley Bromell, Trudy Bowman, Debbie Dick, Molly Hansen, Coach Judy Wiswall. VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: C Team, Captain Cathy Sarrpson, Trudy Bowman, Cindy Haines, Diane Berry, Judy Sauers, Tracey Bromell. SECOND ROW: B Team, Captain Delphi Smith, Roxie Koffler, Barbara Baggerly, Valerie Madison, Susie Stockard, Debbie Dick, Bobbi Lilly. THIRD ROW: A Team, Captain Brenda Billing, Donna McAtee, Brenda McAtee, Molly Hansen, Linda Correa, Sylvia Billing, Shelley Bromell, Coach Judy Wiswall. 33HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS 34Sports Activities 35ROYAL HOMECOMING COURT, left to right: Escort Pat Fisher, Princess Cindy Haines; Escort David Stockard, Princess Delphi Smith; Escort Alvin Umphfres, Princess Patti Baggerly; Escort Jerry Roberts, Princess Linda Correa; Escort Bruce Wattenburger, Princess Sylvia Billing. Homecoming Queen Linda Correa Sweetheart's Queen Donna McAtee Escort Mark Madison Princess Susan Stockard Escort Floyd Alexander Princess Cathy Sampson Escort Bob Hale Princess Valerie Madison 36 SWEETHEARTS COURTCOURTS 37DRAMACathy Sampson Happy Canyon Princess HONORS Bob Hale Most Inspirational Basketball Player Ron Stockard Most Valuable Basketball Player Roger Fisher, Most Inspirational Baseball Player 3940KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Breeze, Janet Lilly, Sherri Copper, Cindy Perrin, Angela Hummel, Joellen Bondurant, Mary Shannon Ruth. SECOND ROW: Mark Correa, Pat Alford, Jeff Sprute, Richard Sprute, Bobby Bishop, Mike Terjison, Trent Fife, Todd Holeman, Kevin Dunham, Patrick Sheehan. STANDING: Barbara Baggerly, Student Aid, Mrs. Blessinger. Not pictured: David Bailey, Kay Barnes Tina Bowman. FIRSTGRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Jan Ramos, Gayle Winkler, Janice Winkler, Stacey Snow, Barbara Gitch, Susan Johnson, Linda Breeze. BACK ROW: Dean Olsen, Dale McCoard, Russell Sprute, Tony Correa, Ricky Gitch, Kevin Fife, Robbie McAtee. Teacher, Miss Gifford.SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Sandra Lilly, Patty Lilly, Jolene Meadows, Anita Sprute, Lorrie Olsen, Le Anne Harned. BACK ROW: Gene Perrin, Todd Rohde, Tony Ashbeck, Rick Terjeson, Brady Feigner, Billy Bishop, Greg McAtee, Teacher, Mrs Wiswall. Not Pictured: Annie Feris. THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Donald Sampson, Rosie Haines, Susan Power, Chris Ramos, Buddy Bell. BACK ROW: Alvin Roberts, Brett Rohde, Larry Holeman, David Bondurant, Mike Holland, Teacher, Mrs. Chambers.FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Cathy Olsen, Daniell Bishop, Linda Dick, Greg Sprute, Betsy Reese, Lisa Snow, Darla Power. BACK ROW: Rick Alfred, Steve Bean, Tim Perrin, Phillip Johnson, Lyle Nichols, Jeff Holland, Kent Madison, Charles Berry, Jerald McCoard, Kurt Feigner. Teacher, Tom Enright. FIFTH GRADE 44 FRONT ROW, left to right: Anita Nichols, Bonnie Berry, Frances Bromell, Natalie Rohde, Sandra Sampson, Penny Giesen. BACK ROW: Mike Martin, Ricky Hale, Gary Sprute, Debra Garcia, Rich Snow, Jimmy Haines, Tony Marsh, Teacher, Mrs. Watson.PEE WEE BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Donald Sampson, Lyle Nichols, Kent Madison, Richard Snow, Tony Marsh, Jerald McCoard. THIRD ROW: Todd Rohde, Mike Martin, Brett Rohde, Eddie Fisher, Charles Berry, Greg Sprute, Alvin Roberts. SECOND ROW: Brady Feigner, Tim Perrin, Jeff Holland, Jimmy Haines, Kurt Feigner, Mike Holland, Buddy Bell. FRONT ROW: Steve Johnson, Steve Bean, Ricky Hale, Gary Sprute, Phillip Johnson, Ricky Terjeson. Coaches, Ron Stockard, Joe Middleton, Gary Cochran, Gordon Blankenship, Jim Bowman. PEE WEE CHEERLEADERS RIGHT PICTURE, BACK ROW: Natalie Rohde, Frances Bromell, Penny Geisen. FRONT ROW: Darla Power, Debra Garcia, Linda Dick. LEFT PICTURE, BACK ROW: Nita Nichols, Sandra Sampson, Bonnie Berry, Lisa Snow. FRONT ROW: Susan Power, Betsy Reese, Rosie Haines, Chris Ramos.JUNIOR HIGH BAND SITTING, left to right: Debbie Lilly, Patty Yonker, Carolyn McKinney, Denise Snow, Patty Watson, Phil Bondurant, Maria Bromell, Jo Lynn Lilly, Loretta Schultze. STANDING: Jackie Hale, Mr. Stribling, Scott Madison. GRADE SCHOOL BAND SITTING, left to right: Gary Sprute, Jiii Haines, Francis Bromell. SECOND ROW: Jeff Holland, Kent Madison, Lyle Nichols, Lisa Snow, Richard Snow, Gerald Me-Coard. STANDING: Ricky Hale, Sandra Sampson, Cathy Olsen, Mr. Stribling, Darla Powers, Bonnie Berry, Penny Giessen. 46SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Vanessa Bean, Debra Lilly, Carolyn McKinney, Karen McKinney, Maria Bromell, Sonnie Roberts. BACK ROW: Patricia Yonker, Eddie Fisher, Pattie Watson, David Watson, Carol Bowman, Dave Correa, Kathy Joe Power, Teacher, Mr. Heldreth. Not pictured: Debra Feris, Cathy Baggerly. SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Ronda Wattenburger, Jackie Hale, Carol Berry, Joanne Haines, Norma Campbell, Pattie Dumler, Jo Lynn Lilly. BACK ROW: Steve Johnson, Wade Nichols, Scott Madison, Bruce Garcia, Bobbie Dick, John Cohn, Verlen Bromell, Teacher, Mrs. Sprute.EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW, left to right: Phil Bondurant, Brad Rosenburg, Jim Baggerly, Curtis Sampson. CENTER ROW: Loretta Schultze, Terril Taylor, Teresa Fisher, Karen Meyers, Diane Campbell, Cindy Power, Pam McAtee. BACK ROW: Mark Bowman, Jeff Spike, Pat Umphfres, Joe Zosel, Denise Snow, Sherman Reese, Toni Martin, Wayne Ottum, Joe Correa, Teacher, Mr. Cason. JR. HIGH OFFICERS JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS SITTING: Terri Fisher, Secretary; Karen Meyers, Vice-President; STANDING: Jeff Spike, President; Wayne Ottum, Treasurer. Cindy Powers, Denise Snow, Jacki Hale 48JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL FRONT ROW, left to right: John Cohn, Jim Baggerly, Curtis Sampson, Dave Correa, Steve Johnson. SECOND ROW: Verlen Bromell, Phil Bondurant, Bobby Dick, Brad Rosenberg, Scott Madison. THIRD ROW: Coach Del Hildreth, Wade Nichols, Wayne Ottum, Sherman Reese, Jeff Spike, Joe Correa. BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Baggerly, Curtis Sampson, Joe Correa, Mark Bowman, Jeff Spike, Sherman Reese, Earl Zosel, Wayne Ottum, Brad Rosenberg, Phil Bondurant, Coach Richard Cason. FIRST ROW, left to right: Steve Johnson, Wade Nichols, Verlen Bromell. SECOND ROW: Dave Correa, John Cohn, Eddie Fisher, Dave Watson, Scott Madison, Coach Richard Cason.JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL AND TRACK FRONT ROW, left to right: Verlen Bromell, Scott Madison, Dave Correa, Jim Baggerly, Brad Rosenberg, Curtis Sampson, Steve Johnson. BACK ROW: Wade Nichols, Bobby Dick, Wayne Ottum, Mark Bowman, Jeff Spike, Joe Correa, Phil Bondurant, Mr. Enright. FRONT ROW, left to right: Norma Campbell, JoLyn Lilly, Tracy Roberts, Rhonda Wattenburger, Jackie Hale. SECOND ROW: Karen McKinney, Pam McAtee, Carol Berry, Cindy Power, Maria Bromell, THIRD ROW: Pat Umphfres, Terri Fisher, Karen Meyers, Coach Hildreth. 50ADVERTISINGHECTOR'S SHOES THE MOST WALKED ABOUT SHOES IN TOWN1' 164 MAIN HERMISTON PENDLETON AIRMOTIVE INC. CESSNA SALES AND SERVICE PENDLETON OREGON HERMISTON DRUG ED SHEETS VOUR FAMILY DRUG STORE HERMISTON OREGON CLOTHING FOR THE FAMILY HERMISTON OREGON LARRY’S CLIP JOINT 1 34 MAIN HERMISTON OREGON HERMISTON VARIETY HERMISTON OREGON COAST-TO-COAST HERMISTON OREGON BURNHAM’S THE PLACE TO SHOP HERMISTON OREGON 52COAST TO COAST 350 S. MAIN PENDLETON HARDWARE. SPORTING GOODS. HOUSEWARES AND TOYS HILL'S FURNITURE and MANUFACTURING CO. AIRPORT ROAD PENDLETON, OREGON COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AND SEWING FABRICS COLUMBIA FURNITURE CO. 154 W. HERMISTON AVE . HERMISTON OREGON SHERRELL CHEVROLET INC. SALES AND SERVICE 290 MAIN HERMISTON KNOX'S VARIETY HERMISTON AUTO PARTS "the place to go FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW1' HERMISTON OREGON 292 HERMISTON AVENUE HERMISTON OREGON WOOLLEY'S WESTSIDE MOTORS JIM WILKERSON AND ARMOND WOOLLEY HIGHWAY 30 W. PENDLETON OREGON MEADS THRIFTWAY HOME OF RED CARPET SERVICE HERMISTON OREGON 53BEHRMAN'S JEWELRY BLISS LITHO PRINTING REMEMBER GRADUATION WITH A BULOVA WATCH FROM BEHRMAn's JEWELRY HERMISTON OREGON 106 MAIN HERMISTON OREGON MARSH'S-MENS AND BOYS WEAR HARDINGS SHOES 21 S. E. COURT PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON OREGON JIMMY'S FLOWER SHOP HERMISTON OREGON BERRY'S AMERICAN SERVICE AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTS ECHO OREGON BRYAN VINSONHALER'S BARBER-SHOP MOORE and RIPLEY DRUG 376-8326 ECHO HERMISTON OREGON 54PIERSOL CLEANERS PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING STEWART'S TOWN and COUNTRY SUPERMARKETS HERMISTON OREGON HERM1STON, PENDLETON, UMATILLA AND PILOT ROCK HARRY PHILLIPS CO. HANDY HANK REPAIR SERVICE MARINE SALES AND SERVICE DATSUN SALES AND SERVICE HERMISTON OREGON FRANCHISED WESTINGHOUSE DEALER WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST 672 MAIN ST. HERMISTON, OREGON rilM-A-LUM LUMBER CO. BOYSENM PAI NTS 11 TUM-A-LUM LUMBER COMPANY HERMISTON OREGON Campbell Equipment V, A AND W AN ISLAND OF REFRESHMENT 130 HERMISTON AVE. HERMISTON OREGON CAMPBELL EQUIPMENT LARRY CAMPBELL HERMISTON OREGON MAYFLOWER FARMS 1 59 W. HERMISTON AVE. HERMISTON OREGON 55WILCOX FURNITURE and APPLIANCES BOB'S O.K. TIRE STORE HERMISTON OREGON HERMISTON OREGON STARRETT'S DECOR CENTER 1000 N. FIRST HERMISTON OREGON FARMER'S MARKET FARM FRESH FRUIT AND PRODUCE HERMISTON OREGON LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTER YOUR TEEN CENTER HERMISTON OREGON TOM TULLIS OFFICE SUPPLY COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES PENDLETON OREGON 56CINDERELLA SHOP 1 48 S . MAI N ECHO CASH GROCERY FRANCES SPIKE PENDLETON OREGON ECHO OREGON DEL AND SARAH’S CAFE BEAN’S VARIETY ECHO OREGON ECHO OREGON VESELY COMPANY HOME OF THE SIERRA TRAIL BOSS HE WHO WOULD PASS THE DECLINING YEARS OF HIS LIFE WITH HONOR AND COMFORT SHOULD, WHEN YOUNG, CONSIDER THAT ONE DAY HE MAY BE OLD, AND REMEMBER, WHEN HE IS OLD, THAT HE HAS ONCE BEEN YOUNG. --JOSEPH ADDISON 435 S ,E . COURT PENDLETON OREGON P.G.G. PENDLETON GRAIN GROWERS PENDLETON HERMISTON ATHENA TWIN CITY KEN MELTON ATHLETIC SUPPLY PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSE YOUR RAWLINGS EQUIPMENT DEALER eastern Oregon's music center 112s. MAI N PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON OREGON 57FRONTIER MACHINERY THE HERMISTON HERALD JOHN DEERE AND CALKINS DEALER 158 MAIN STREET PENDLETON OREGON HERMISTON OREGON THE EAST OREGONIAN BOB'S PLUMBING SHOP EASTERN OREGON1 S GREATEST NEWSPAPER RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL HERMISTON, 567—6211 201 W. HERMISTON AVE . PENDLETON, 276 221 1 HERMISTON OREGON HARVEY'S GOLDEN-RED FISHWORM FARM ARROW CHEVROLET HARVEY J. HELMS, PROPRIETOR 335 S. E. COURT PHONE- 276—2611 phone- 376—8100 box 733 JACK CLUBB ORVAL MC CORMMACH ECHO OREGON PENDLETON OREGON WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WEBB'S WORLD OF TIRE THE FAMILY STORE and AUTO SERVICE DENNIS AND CLEO GETT phone- 567—3841 235 east main 503 S.E. COURT HERMISTON OREGON 58 PENDLETON OREGONFRAZIER BOOK STORE INC. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1 970 "complete OFFICE SUPPLIERS LYONS STUDIO 227 S. MAIN 520 NORTH 1st street PENDLETON OREGON HERM ISTON OREGON CONTRIBUTIONS WERE MADE BY THE FOLLOWING BUSINESSES- KEN'S BARBER SHOP HERMISTON,OREGON SEARS HERMISTON, OREGON FARMORE - FARMCO PENDLETON, OREGON SHIRILLA PONTIAC BUICK PENDLETON,OREGON DAWN'S LADIES APPAREL PENDLETON, OREGON

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