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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1969 volume:

DEDICATION This is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Edna Stratton, who was the Home Economics Teacher, P. E. Teacher and also the Guidance Counselor. She taught in Echo from 1961 to 1968. Her death in July of 1968 saddened the entire student body and staff. 2 " Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” PROVERBS 4:7 3SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Evelyn O'Brien, Dorthy Helmick, Kaye McAtee, Chairman; Jack Correa, Dick Snow. STANDING: Lester Murray, Kenneth Coppinger, and John Ramos.SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Kenneth C. SpruteMrs. Ellen Drtina Home Economics Mr. Hugh Sheehan Commercial Teacher Drivers' Training Mrs. Katherine Wood English Speech Journalism Mr. Bill Molendyke Biology (J. S. History Service Repair LabMrs. Marilyn Owens Librarian Mrs. Evelyn Langton Band and Music Mrs. Vadie Jolliff Math Science Mr. Gil Leinonen Social Sciences P. E. Health CounselorMrs. Evelyn Lilly Head Cook STAFF Mrs. Meredith Boyer Ass't. Cook Mrs. Jo Williams Librarian Aide Mrs. Dorothy Graham Secretary Mr. Glenn Cochran Custodian Bus Driver Mr. Bud Hooker Ass't. Custodian Bus Driver 9STUDENT COUNCIL 1st ROW, left to right: Louise Weltzin, Delphi Smith, Wendy Coppinger, Sylvia Billing, Shelley Bromell, Secretary; Sandy King, Treasurer; Penny Spike. 2nd ROW: Doug Hale, Brad Ottum, Bob Hale, Ron Stockard, Sgt. -at-Arms; David Stockard, Jerry Roberts, Vice President; Tom Flanagan. 10 President George KofflerDonna Lavonne Baggerly Constance Mae Emert Mildred Louise Bowman Fred Louis Davis Thomas Anthony Flanagan Sally Dawn Hansen 12 Emmett George Koffler Sandra Lee King John Ivan McCordKenny Douglas Roberts Gregory Gene Thompson Donald Miller r Penny Lou Spike Edith Bea Tefft Louise Sharon Weltzin 13Senior Accomplishments DONNA LAVONNE BAGGERLY Transfer 2 Drill Team 2, 3 Class Treasurer 3 Cougar Track Staff 3, 4 Assistant Annual Editor 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Chorus 2 THOMAS ANTHONY FLANAGAN Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman’s President 4 Annual Staff 2 Cougar Track Staff 3 Class Vice President 4 Most Inspirational Player, Basketball 4 MILDRED LOUISE BOWMAN G.A.A. 1,2,4 Track 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2, 4 Class Representative 4 Student Council 4 Chorus 2 Prom Queen 4 FRED LOUIS DAVIS Baseball 2 Track 1, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Most Inspirational Player, Football 4 Honorable Mention League Defensive All-Star Team, Football 4 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Most Improved Player, Band 3 Band Vice President 3, 4 Class Vice President 2, 3 Letterman’s 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Vice President 3 Annual Staff 3 Cougar Track Staff 3 Class Play 3 Chorus 2 Boys' State Delegate 3 J. E. S. S. I. E. Delegate 3 CONSTANCE MAE EMERT Transfer 4 Class Treasurer 4 Sweetheart 4 Prom Princess 4 SALLY DAWN HANSEN Volleyball 1 Tennis 1, 4 Drill Team 1, 2 Class Secretary 3 Cougar Track Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Chorus 2 EMMETT GEORGE KOFFLER Baseball 1, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 3, 4 Outstanding Spring Sports Player 3 Most Valuable Offensive, Football 4 Most Inspirational, Football 3 Most Valuable Player, Basketball 4 Honorable Mention League All-Star Team, Football 4 League All-Star Team, Basketball 4 Letterman's 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council Representative 1 Vice President Student Council 3 President Student Body 4 Student Council Workshop 3 Cougar Track Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3 Class Play 1 Chorus 2 KENNY DOUGLAS ROBERTS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Most Valuable Defensive Guard 4 All-Star Team League 7-B 4 Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 1 14Senior Accomplishments SANDRA LEE KING G.A.A. 1,2,3 Drill Team 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Cougar Track Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Chorus 2 Student Body Treasurer 4 Homemaker of Tomorrow 4 Student of the Month 4 JOHN IVAN McCORD Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1 Track 1, 2 Letterman’s Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 1 Paper Staff 3 Class Play 3 Class Officer 1, 2, 3 Chorus 2, 4 DONALD MILLER Transfer 4 Football 4 Cougar Track Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 School Artist 4 Letterman's Club 4 Chorus 4 LOUISE SHARON WELTZIN G.A.A. 1,2, 3, 4 G.A.A. Secretary 3 Drill Team 1,2, 3,4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis Team 4 Cougar Track Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Cougar Track Editor for Grade School 3 Annual Photographer 3 Annual Staff 3, 4 Class Representative 3 Pep Band 2 French Club 4 Homecoming Princess 3, 4 Prom Princess 4 Chorus 2 Student of the Month 4 Salutatorian 4 PENNY LOU SPIKE G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4 G. A. A. District President 2 G. A. A. Vice President 3 G. A. A. President 4 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Body Secretary 3 Class President 1, 2 Class Secretary 4 Homecoming Princess 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Sweetheart 3 Cougar Track 2, 3, 4 Cougar Track Editor 3 Annual Staff 2, 4 Annual Editor 4 Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' State Delegate 3 Drama Honorable Mention 3 French Club 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Chorus 2 Student of the Month 3, 4 EDITH BEA TEFFT G.A.A. 1,2,3, 4 Tennis Team 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball Captain 4 Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4 J. V. Cheerleader 2 Varsity Cheerleader 3 Cheerleading School 3 Administrative Editor 3 Annual Staff 1, 4 Homecoming Princess 2 Class Play 3 Class Vice President 1 Class President 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Chorus 2 Student of the Month 4 Valedictorian 4 GREGORY GENE THOMPSON Transfer 4 Basketball 4 Football 4 Letterman's Club 4 Class Sgt. -at-Arms 4Graduation 1969 16Sylvia Billing Shelley Bromell Sam Haines Doug Hale Linda Correa Janet Faro Pat Fisher Jim Liesegang Donna McAtee Ron Miller Alvin Umphfres Bruce Wattenburger NOT PICTURED: BUI Curl LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Correa, Vice President; David Stockard, Representative; Sylvia Billing, President; Sam Haines, Sgt. -at-Arms; and Vicki Murray. Secretary. 18 Cindy WilliamsPatti Baggerly Brenda Billing Gordon Blankenship Jim Bowman Tracie Bromell Gary Cochran Wendy Coppinger Louis Faro Roger Fisher Bob Hale Valerie Madison Ted McAtee Joe Middleton Ron Stockard NOT PICTURED: Mary Kay Bean Shirley Bowman Loretta Umphfres Karen Weltzin LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Cochran, Sgt. -at-Arms; Wendy Coppinger, Representative; Louis Faro, Treasurer; Bob Hale, President; and Ron Stockard, Vice President; not pictured Karen Weltzin, Secretary. 20Molly Hansen Roberta Lilly Brenda McAtee Gary Meyers Brad Ottum NOT PICTURED: Donna Wood Delphi Smith CLASS OFFICERS: President, Brad Ottum; V. President, Brenda McAtee; Secretary, Molly Hansen; Treasurer, Debbie Dick; Sgt. -at-Arms, Charlie Ferguson; Representative, Delphi Smith.Homecoming Festivities 24HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL KNEELING, left to right: Alvin Umphfres, Ron Stockard, John McCord, Fred Davis, Greg Thompson, Pat Fisher, David Stockard, Jimmy Bowman, Brad Ottum, Ted McAtec, Jerry Roberts. STANDING: Coach Mr. Lienonen, Doug Hale, Don Miller, George Koffler, Sam Haines, Bob Hale, Bruce Wattenburger, Jerry Ashbeck, Manager Roger Fisher, Assistant Coach Mr. Cason. Kenny Roberts, Guard for Echo High School was named League All-Star player for the 1968 football season. Fred Davis, who played Guard and Linebacker, was named honorable mention. "Most Valuable Players" for the season were Kenny Roberts and George Koffler, who played Quarterback, and Defensive Halfback. Fred Davis was names "Most Inspirational Player." And the title of "Most Improved Players" went to Jim Bowman and Ted McAtee, both Guards for EHS. Other players for Echo were Alvin Umphfres and Ron Stockard, who both played End. Guards for Echo were Greg Thompson and Pat Fisher. John McCord played Defensive End. David Stockard played Center, along with Brad Ottum, who also played Defensive Guard. Jerry Roberts, was Echo's End, and Defensive Halfback. 'Doug Hale held the positions of Quarterback, Wingback, and Defensive Halfback. Don Miller and Jerry Ashbeck both played Defensive Halfback, and Wingback. Sam Haines was EHS’s Fullback. Bob Hale played Wingback along with Linebacker. Bruce Wattenburger, playing Wingback and Defensive Halfback, completes the roster. 26BASKETBALL VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: George Koffler, Jerry Roberts, Pat Fisher, Bob Hale, Ron Stockard, Kenny Roberts, Bruce Wattenburger, Doug Hale, Tom Flanagan, and Jerry Ashbeck. Coach, Mr. Molendyke. STARTING LINE-UP JUNIOR VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Meyers, Manager; Jerry Ashbeck, Ted McAtee, Roger Fisher, Gorden Blankenship, Brad Ottum, Joe Middleton, Gary Cochran, Charlie Ferguson, Mr. Sheehan, Coach. 27TRACK AND BASEBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Ashbeck, Brad Ottum, Bobby Hale, Bruce Wattenburger, Alvin Umphres, Ron Stockard, Jerry Roberts, George Koffler, Doug Hale, Pat Fisher, Charlie Ferguson. Manager, Roger Fisher; Coach, Mr. Sheehan. 28GIRLS’ ATHLETICS 1st ROW: Molly Hansen, Millie Bowman, Janet Faro, Louise Weltzin, Edie Tefft, Brenda Billing, Pattie Baggerly, Donna McAtee. KNEELING: Shelley Bromell, Bobbi Lilly, Sylvia Billing, Linda Correa, Wendy Coppinger, Brenda McAtee, Tracey Bromell. STANDING: LaVeda Bowman, Barbara Baggerly, Loretta Umphfres, Vicki Murray, Miss Marlene Gifford, Coach; Cindy Williams, Valerie Madison, Debbie Dick, Karen Weltzin, Delphi Smith. LEFT TO RIGHT: Louise Weltzin, Debbie Dick, Pattie Baggerly, Barbara Baggerly, Mr. Leinonen, Coach; Brenda Billing, Mary Kay Bean, Brenda McAtee. 1st ROW: Bobbi Lilly, Shelley Bromell, Judy Sauers, Donna McAtee, Tracey Bromell. 2nd ROW: Edie Tefft, Valerie Madison, Molly Hansen, Louise Weltzin, Karen Weltzin. 29HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS VARSITY Linda Correa Shelley Bromell Wendy Coppinger Donna McAtee JUNIOR VARSITY Brenda McAtee Delphi Smith Tracie Bromell 3031Girls Athletic Association 1st ROW: Sylvia Billing, Secretary; Linda Correa, Vice President; Penny Spike, President; Valerie Madison, Treasurer; Louise Weltzin, Representative; Donna McAtee, Judy Sauers. 2nd ROW: Delphi Smith, Carla Nugen, Wendy Coppinger, Brendy Billing, Bobbi Lilly, Cindy Williams, Vicki Murray, Tracey Bromell. 3rd ROW: Brenda McAtee, Molly Hansen, Pattie Baggerly, Shelley Bromell, Loretta Umphfres, Debbie Dick, Barbara Baggerly. Lettermen 1st ROW: Mr. Leinonen, Kenny Roberts, Tom Flanagan, President; John McCord, Doug Hale, Representative; Bob Hale, Bruce Wattenburger, Secretary. 2nd ROW: Alvin Umphfres, Don Miller, Ted McAtee, Jim Bowman, Louis Faro, Roger Fisher. 3rd ROW: Pat Fisher, David Stockard, George Koffler, Sam Haines, Ron Stockard, V. President; Jerry Roberts. 32HIGH SCHOOL BAND BOTTOM ROW: Molly Hansen, Patti Baggerly, Barbara Baggerly. 2nd ROW: Karen Weltizin, Shelly Bromell, Sylvia Billing, Cindy Williams, Brenda McAtee. 3rd ROW: Alvin Umphfres, Bobbie Lilly, David Stockard, Trudy Bowman, Brad Ottum. 4th ROW: Mrs. Langton, Director; Mark Madison, Roxanne Koffler, Delphi Smith, Bob Hale, 5th ROW: Valerie Madison, Debbie Dick, Brenda Billing, and Fred Davis. JUNIOR HIGH BAND BOTTOM ROW: Jackie Hale, Scott Madison, Steve Johnson. 2nd ROW: Verlen Bromell, Cindy Powers, Pat Umphfres, Toni Martin. 3rd ROW: Loretta Schultze, Jo Lynn Lilly, Teresa Fisher, Denise Snow, Karen Myers. 4th ROW: Carol Berry, Rhonda Wattenburger, Pam McAtee, Shelly Ramos, Jonnie Haines. 34Annual Staff SEATED: Donna Baggerly, Assistant Editor; Penny Spike, Editor. STANDING: Sandra King, Don Miller, Artist; Bob Hale, Bruce Wattenburger, Business Manager; Sam Haines, Sports; David Stockard, and Louise Weltzin. Not pictured, Edith Tefft. Cougar Track Staff SEATED: Cindy Williams, Vicki Murray, Assistant Editor; Sylvia Billing, Editor; Linda Correa. STANDING: Donna Baggerly, Ron Stockard, Louise Weltzin, Pat Fisher, Don Miller, Jerry Roberts, Bu ii $s Manager; David Stockard, Jim Leisegang, Carla Nugen, and Penny Spike. [j % 35"And Never Been Kissed" "The Sheriff of Broken Bow' MOCK ELECTIONS 36 Pat Fisher LeMay Alvin Umphfres HumphreyHONORS Edith Tefft Louise Weltzin Oregon Scholar Award VFW Scholarship George Koffler Wiseman Award receives Superior Rating 1969-1970 Student Body Officers 37 Debbie Dick, High School Science Fair Award Brad Williams, 1st Place Mid-Columbia Science Fair Richland, Washington38A Bevy Of Queens Homecoming Queen Penny and Court 393 DEDICATION In memory of Alan Rees, a member of the seventh grade class, who passed away on November 17, 1968.SIXTH GRADE 1st ROW: Steve Johnson, John Wood, Verlen Bromell. 2nd ROW: Jo Lynn Lilly, Rhonda Wattenburger, Jonnie Haines, Carol Jean Berry, Jackie Hale. 3rd ROW: Jerry Carr, Jim Blankenship, Bruce Garcia, Bobby Dick, John Cohn, and Scott Madison. Mr. Cason. SEVENTH GRADE 1st ROW: Jim Baggerly, Philip Thompson, Wayne Ottum, Mark Bowman, Brad Rosenberg. SEATED: Pamela McAtee, Cindy Powers, Toni Martin, Loretta Schultze. STANDING: Jeff Spike, Pat Umphfres, Teresa Fisher, Karen Meyers, Denise Snow, Sherman Reese, Joe Correa.EIGHTH GRADE 1st ROW: Mark Madison, David Dick, Brad Williams. SEATED: Trudy Bowman, Ona Blankenship, Roxanne Koffler, Cindy Haines, Tracie Roberts. STANDING: Mark Murray, Robby Ramos, Diane Berry, Susan Stockard, Dale Carr.JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL 1st ROW: Steve Johnson, Scott Madison, Verlen Bromell, James Blankenship, Bruce Garcia, Dale Carr, Bobby Dick, Jim Baggerly. 2nd ROW: Phil Thompson, Mark Bowman, Mark Madison, Mark Murray, Robbie Ramos, Shermon Reese, Brad Williams, Wayne Ottum, Jeff Spike, Joe Correa, and Brad Rosenberg. Manager, David Dick; Coach, Mr. Cason. BASEBALL 1st ROW: John Cohn, Steve Johnson, Scott Madison, Phil Thompson, Brad Rosenberg, Verlen Bromell, Jim Baggerly. 2nd ROW: John Wood, Bobby Dick, Joe Correa, Wayne Ottum, Jeff Spike, Mark Bowman, Brad Williams, Mark Murray, Dale Carr, Mark Madison, Jerry Carr, and David Dick. Coach, Mr. Cason. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Murray, John Cohn, Mark Madison, Shermon Reese, Scott Madison, Jeff Spike, Jim Baggerly, Wayne Ottum, Philip Thompson, and Robbie Ramos. Coach Mr. Molendyke. BASKETBALLJUNIOR HIGH TRACK 1st ROW: Wayne Ottum, Jim Baggerly, Jeff Spike, Mark Bowman, Mark Madison. 2nd ROW: Brad Rosenburg, Verlen Bromell, Scott Madison, Rickie Hale. 3rd ROW: Brad Williams, Joe Correa, Robbie Ramos, and Mark Murray. Coach, Mr. Molendyke. 1st ROW: Tracie Roberts, Trudy Bowman, Toni Martin, Shelley Ramos, Pam McAtee, Maria Bromell, Jo Lynn Lilly, Jackie Hale, Carol Jean Berry. 2nd ROW: Teresa Fisher, Roxanne Koffler, Cindy Haines, Ona Blankenship, Loretta Schultze, Rhonda Wattenburger, Karen Meyers, Cindy Powers and Jonnie Haines. 46Junior High Cheerleaders Susan Stockard, Jackie Hale, and Denise Snow. PEE WEE BASKETBALL 1st ROW: Coach, George Koffler, Kent Madison, Charles Berry, Tony Marsh, Scott Madison, Verlen Bromell, and Jerry Carr. 2nd ROW: Coach, Ron Stockard, Steve Johnson, David Correa, Gary Sprute, Ray Batterton, Tim Perrin, Phil Johnson, and Bruce Garcia. 3rd ROW: Coach, John McCord, Bob Dick, Mike Martin, Rick Hale, Kurt Reigner, and Jim Blankenship. 4th ROW: First Place Team; Coach, Tom Flanagan, Ed Fisher, John Cohn, Phil Thompson, Rich Snow, Jim Haines, and Greg Sprute.KINDERGARTEN 1st ROW: Richard Sprute, Jam Ramos, Susan Johnson, Stacey Snow, Dean Olson, 2nd ROW: Patrick Sheehan, Patrick Alford, Trent Fife, Mike Terjeson, Robby McAtee, Kevin Fife, Jeff Sprute. FIRST GRADE 1st ROW: Laurie Olson, LeAnne Harned, Jolene Meadows, Patty Lilly, Anita Sprute. 2nd ROW: Greg McAtee, Jimmy Cox, Tony Ashbeck, Brady Feigner, Todd Rohde, Gene Perrin.SECOND GRADE 1st ROW: Chris Ramos, Shannon Ramos, Rose Haines, Susan Power, Thrcsa Nciland. 2nd ROW: Will Batterton, Brett Rohde, Jerry Batterton, Betsy Reese, Carol Cox, Larry Holeman, Rick Terjeson, Alvin Roberts. Not pictured, Mike Holland. THIRD GRADE 1st ROW: Donna Bailey, Darla Power, Linda Dick, Lisa Snow, Cathy Olson. 2nd ROW: Richard Alford, Charles Berry, Phillip Johnson, Kent Madison, Ray Batterton, Greg Sprute, Kurt Feigner, Tim Perrin. Not pictured, Jeff Holland, Steve Bean, Vicky Bursell. 49FOURTH GRADE FIFTH GRADE SEATED: Bonnie Berry, Frances Bromell, Debra Garcia, Natalie Rohde, Penny Giesen. STANDING: Tony Marsh, Gary Sprute, Richard Snow, Jim Haines, Mr. Enright, Rickie Hale, and Michael Martin. 50 1st ROW: Eddie Fisher, Bobby Dick, David Correa. SEATED: Mary Bailey, Debra Lilly, Patty Watson, Kathy Powers, Carolyn McKinney. STANDING: Kathy Baggerly, Carol Bowman, Connie Brown, Maria Bromell, Sunnie Roberts, Mrs. Watson, and Karen McKinney.ED SHEETS CLOTHING 1 90 MAIN ST. BLISS LITHO PRINTING 106 MAIN HERM ISTON OREGON HERM ISTON OREGON COAST TO COAST JIMMY’S FLOWER SHOP 252 E. MAIN ST. HERMISTON OREGON MOORE RIPLEY DRUG HERM ISTON OREGON MONTGOMERY WARDS HERM ISTON OREGON HERM ISTON OREGON CINDERELLA SLIPPER SHOP PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSE PENDLETON OREGON PENDLETON OREGON 51O.K. TIRE STORE HERMISTON VARIETY HERMISTON OREGON HERMISTON SAM NYE OREGON G. R. CYCLE GEORGE CAMPBELL CAMPBELL EQUIPMENT LARRY CAMPBELL HERMISTON OREGON HERM ISTON QKKGQN LEE’S RADIO AND T.V. 200 s.w. 11th ADAMS ARTS STATIONERY ALEX ADAMS HERMISTON OREGON HERM ISTON OREGON HERMISTON DRUG HERMISTON 114 MAIN OREGON L.A. MOORE HERM ISTON OREGONECHO CASH GROCERY FRANCES SPIKE BERRY!S AMERICAN SERVICE MURL BERRY ECHO OREGON ECHO OREGON GROSSM'LLER APPLIANC •- ■III FARM BUILDING SUPPLIES BURNHAMS DEPARTMENT STORE GROSSMILLER SUPPLY LONNIE FEIGNER HERMISTON OREGON ECHO OREGON WILCOX FURNITURE HERMISTON 254 HERMISTON AVE. OREGON STEWARTS TOWN COUNTRY HERMISTON OREGONKNOX'S 'THE PLACE TO GO FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW ' HERMISTON OREGON ECHO BEAUTY SHOP VERA CUNNINGHAM OREGON SHERRELL CHEVROLET, INC. SALES AND SERVICE 290 MAIN STREET HERMISTON OREGON GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1969 LYONS STUDIO 520 NORTH 1ST STREET HERMISTON THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE HAVE MADE DONATIONS IN SUPPORT OF OUR ANNUAL MR. MRS. WILLIAM HELMICK ECHO, OREGON MR. MRS. RICK TERJESON ECHO, OREGON MR. MRS. IRVIN HOWARD ECHO, OREGON MR. MRS.KENNETHSPRUTE ECHO, OREGON MR. MRS. JOHN PEDRO MR. MRS. KENNETH BOWMAN ECHO, OREGON MR. MRS. ROBERT SPIKE ECHO, OREGON HARDING'S SHOES PENDLETON, OREGON 9 DAWN'S APPAREL PENDLETON, OREGON 54 ECHO, OREGON

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