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Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1962 volume:

COUGAR STAFF Editor .................................Geri Morgan Assistant.......................................Reita Morgan Feature Editor ..................Rae Ellen Ueland Business Manager.......................Cathy O'Brien High School Editor..............................Reita Morgan Grade School Editor............... Roseann Ueland Sports Editor........................ Margie Schultze Staff .........................Vicky Harland Pam Hooker Amy Smith Mary Fullerton Marcia Morgan Donna Abbot Linda Bowman Dorthea Bowmanke desire of knowledge, £ike the thirst of riches, ]meases ever with the acquisition of it. -STERNE Pendleton Grain Growers I eVMdXTOM • • !»• ■ADMINISTRATIONBRAINS OF E.H.S English 1, 2, 3,4 Library World GeographyLester Murray, Vance Colburn, Dick Snow, Marshall Myers, Robert Kasari, Dorothy Helmick, Clerk; Freddie Coleman, Chairman; Kenneth Coppinger.STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Vicky Dick, Mitch Hays, Marvin Jensen, Dorthea Bowman. BACK ROW: Mr. Aase, Advisor; Donna Abbott, Seymour Mills. NOT PICTURED: Amy Smith, Dennis Ammon. Vicky HarlandSENIORSVALEDICTORIAN AND SALUTATORIAN NANCY WILCOX - VICKY HARLAND Page Sponsors INVESTORS INSURANCE CORPORATION, Home Office, Portland Glen Cochran, and Irvin Howard, ECHOMARVIN ROY JENSEN Student Council 4 Play Award 3 Football 1, 2, 3,4 Basketball 1, 3,4 Baseball 1,3 Ambition: To work in the forest service. NANCY GAIL WILCOX Class Secretary 1 Class Treasurer 3 Class Business Manager 3 Cougar Tracks 3,4, Editor 4 Annual Staff 3 Junior Class Play 3 G.A.A. Vice-PresidentS G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Ambition: To be a nurse. MITCHELL IRWIN HAYS Transfer 2 Class President 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3 Basketball 2,4 Football 2, 3,4 Ambition: To get out of Echo and go into Forestry.GERALDINE FRANCES DICK Transfer 2 Student Council Secretary 3 Class Secretary 3 Junior Class Play 3 Annual 3, 4, Editor 4 Cougar Tracks 3 G.A.A. 2,3,4 G.A.A. Sergeant-at-Arms 2 Volleyball 2, 3 Basketball 3 Ambition: To get married. KATHLEEN EVELYN O'BRIEN Student Council 3 Class President 3 Class Treasurer 1 Cougar Tracks 4 Annual 3,4 Junior Class Play 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 1, 2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Ambition: To be a good secretary. MONTIE LYNN THOMPSON Student Body Sergeant-at-Arms 4 Student Council 1,4 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 2 Junior Class Play 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3,4 Ambition: To be a success at whatever I do.DENNIS EUGENE AMMON Student Council 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 4 Junior Class Play 3, 4 Annual 3 Football 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 1,2, 3 Ambition: To become a mint grower VICKY JEAN HARLAND Student Body President 4 G.A.A. President 4 Senior Class Secretary 4 Pep Club Secretary 3,4 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Head Majorette 4 G.A.A. 1.2,3,4 Tennis 1,2,3,4 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Class Play 3 Annual 3, 4 Cheerleader 2. 3, 4 Band 1, 4 Ambition: Secretarial training. Page Sponsors KENNELL ELLIS PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSEROSEANN UELAND Transfer 2 Class Treasurer 4 Junior Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3,4 Cougar Tracks 2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 G.A.A. Vice-President Pep Club 3, 4 Pep Club Business Manager 4 Girls State 3 Home Economics Awards 4 Volleyball 2,3,4 Basketball 3, 4 Tennis 2,3,4 Ambition: Street Cleaner. RODNEY COLTON Transfer 4 G.A.A. Treasurer Pep Club 3,4 Pep Club Business Manager 4 Girls State 3 Home Economics Awards 4 Volleyball 2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Tennis 2, 3,4 Ambition: Street Cleaner. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! from HERMISTON VARIETY and SAM NYE, OWNERUNTOUCHABLES JUNGLE JIM RIDE 'M COWBOY MAMA INNOCENT??? BOWLEGGED THE GOODY GOODY r r RUN AROUND THE ROLLERS COVER GIRLSTUDENT BODY IN MASSUNDERCLASSMENMargie Schultze ° ft V‘ F | J i' ! Sherry Adams Evelyn Meadows Vicky Dick Bob Correa Seymour Mills LAWSY THE BUGGY MAN! Reita Morganc L A S s o F 1 9 6 4 Tim O'Brien- J Darlene Ammon k Donna Abbott Rhea Liesegang The Twist? FRESHMAN Tommy Hammon Marcia MorganACTIVITIESEditor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Business Manager Reporters.... Advisor . Nancy Wilcox Rae Ellen Ueland . Cathy O'Brien Roseann Ueland Roseann Ueland . Pam Hooker Mary Fullerton Dorthea Bowman Diane Correa Rhea Liesegang Donna Abbott Sharon Billing Reita Morgan Darlene Ammon Linda Bowman Kim Laws Margie Schultze Not Pictured Amy Smith Mrs. Bondurant SITTING: Margie Schultze, Rae Ellen Ueland, Nancy Wilcox, Roseann Ueland, Cathy O’Brien. STANDING: Mrs. Bondurant, Advisor; Pam Hooker, Diane Correa. Mary Fullerton, Dorthea Bowman, Rhea Liesegang, Donna Abbott, Sharon Billing, Reita Morgan, Darlene Ammon, Linda Bowman, Kim Laws. NOT PICTURED: Amy Smith. PAPER STAFF ANNUAL STAFF SITTING: Advisor, Mrs. Bondurant; Margie Schultze, Rae Ellen Ueland, Geri Morgan, Reita Morgan, Cathy O'Brien. STANDING:Beulah Dewey, Pam Hooker, Dorthea Bowman, Mary Fullerton, Marcia Morgan, Donna Abbott, Roseann Ueland, Linda Bowman, Vicky Harland. NOT PICTURED: Amy Smith.Page Sponsors HI HO CAFE, Stanfield; STEWART’S MARKET, Hermiston G. A. A. OFFICERS Treasurer, Rae Ellen Ueland; Sergeant-at-Arms, Peggy Correa; Vice-President, Rose Ann Ueland; President, Vicky Harland; Secretary. Not Pictured: Evelyn Meadows. FRONT ROW; R. Ueland, Business Manager; V. Harland, Secretary; V. Dick, President; S. Adams, Librarian. BACK ROW: R. Ueland, P. Hooker, Assistant Business Managers. PEP CLUB OFFICERSCLASS WHEELS "61-62” FUTURE LOOM NC INTO THE SENIOR OFFICERS: Marvin J., Class Rep.; Vicky H., Secretary; M i tch H., President; Roseann U., Treasurer; Mr. Ward, Advisor; M on tie T., Sergeant-at-Arms. Not Pictured: Dennis A., Vice-President. JUNIOR OFFICERS: Vicki D., Class Rep.; Margie S., Secretary; Seymour M., President; Bob C., Vice-President; Reita M. f Treasurer; Mr. Morgan, Advisor;Evelyn M., Assistant Business Manager; Sherry A., Business Manager. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Rae Ellen U., Entertainment Chairman; Dorthea B., President; Pam H., Vice-President; Mary F., Secretary; Amy S., Class Rep.; Mr. Kellogg, Advisor; Mike F., Treasurer; Tim 0 B., Sergeant-at-Arms. FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Rhea L., Treasurer; Kim L., Vice-President; Diane C., Secretary; PeggyC., President; Mrs. Stratton, Advisor; Donna A., Rep.STANDING, from left,to right is Linda Bowman, Rhea Liesegang, Darlene Ammon, Diane Correa, Kim Laws, Peggy Correa, Mike Koffler, Tommy Hamond, SITTING: Sharon Billings, and Marcia Morgan. FROSH INITIATION The Freshman initiation is the upper classmen's day. That is the one and only day that the upperclassmen are the complete boss in everything. The Sophomores of " 64" told the Frosh what to wear during the day. At night they put on a skit for the teachers and student body. We hope that you, in years to come, will look over and enjoy these pictures and remember the crazy school days. This page sponsored by HERMISTON LUMBER CO., and ED SHEETS CLOTHING,PEP CLUB LEFT FILE, Back to Front: R. Morgan, R. Ueland, V. Dick, M. Blackwell, P. Correa, D. Bowman. CENTER FILE: M. Morgan, R. Liesegang, D. Correa, V. Harland. RIGHT FILE: M. Schultze, D. Abbot, J. Smith, C. Coppinger, K. Laws, S. Ashbeck.G R A D E A D V A N C E D B A N D STANDING: Sally Hanson, Larry Walker, Richard Abbott, Director Perry Morgan; Mildred Bowman, Diane Schultze, Janet Williams, Jimmy Liesegang, George Koffler, and Tommy Flanagan. SITTING: Edith Tefft, Kay Kasari, Carla Hickey, Jacque Coppinger, and Stew Colman. B A N D BACK ROW: Marcia Morgan, Donna Abbott, Sherry Ashbeck. Cindy Koffler, Vicky Harland, Kim Laws, Vicky Dick, and Director Perry Morgan. MIDDLE ROW: Julie Smith, David Resing, Ryan Reese, Mike Lampkin, Rita Correa, Peggy Correa, Rhea Liesegang, and Rod Fife. FRONT ROW: Davy Colburn. Janice Murray. Chris Hale, Melinda Blackwell. Judy Jensen, Debbie Spike, Connie Coppinger, and Diane Correa.JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "WINNING SCHEMERS” CAST--LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicki Dick, Sherry Adams, Bob Correa, Evelyn Meadows, Margie Schultze, Reita Morgan, Marvin Jensen, Dennis Ammon, and Montie Thompson.JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM AND BANQUET BLUE HAWAII TIME OUT FOR FUN OUR CARP GRASS HUTSCHOLASTIC AWARDS D. Bowman, K. Laws, R. Ueland, S. Billings, M. Fullerton, P. Hooker, R. Morgan, V. Dick, D. Correa, V. Harland. ANNUAL STAFF AWARDS Reita Morgan, Editor Rae Ellen Ueland, Features Roseann Ueland, Grade School CITIZENSHIP AWARDS Sharon Billing Monte ThompsonTOP TO BOTTOM: Mitch Hays, Nancy Wilcox, Marvin Jensen. Vicky Harland, Monte Thompson, Cathy O'Brien, Dennis Ammon, Roseann Ueland, Gerry Dick Endicott. BEFORE GRADUATION BACCALAUREATEATHLETICSLEFT TO RIGHT: Dennis Ammon, Bob Correa, Mitch Hays, Coach Bill Ward, Marvin Jensen, Mike Flanagan, Montie Thompson. KNEELING: Tom Hammon, Mike Koffler. A shortage of players and the injury of Bob Correa forced the early end of our season. Our one game was played against Helix. Montie Thompson Dennis AmmonNo. 34 Mitch Hays, No. 30 Mike Flanagan, and No. 22 Tim O’Brien.BASKETBALL Mike Koffler, Tom Hamman, Dennis Ammon, Marvin Jensen, Mitch Hays, Tim O'Brien. Mike Flannagan, Bob Correa, Monti Thompson. CHEERLEADERS YELL LEADERS--Evelyn Meadows, Vicky Harland, Peggy Correa. Page Sponsors MARSHAS MEN’S WEAR and HAMLEY'S OF PENDLETONVOLLEYBALL "A” SQUAD TOP ROW, Left to Right: Roseann Ueland, Rita Morgan, Nancy Wilcox. BOTTOM ROW: Diane Correa, Cathy O'Brien, Vicky Har-land, Peggy Correa. "B” SQUAD TOP ROW, Left to Right: Vicky Dick, Marcia Morgan, Margie Schultze, Linda Bowman, Sherry Adams. BOTTOM ROW: Darlene Ammon, Sharon Billing, Donna Abbott. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Rhea Liesegang, Rae Ueland, Mary Fullerton, Amy Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Billing, Kim Laws, Dorthea Bowman. C” SQUADTOP ROW: Cathy O’Brien, Reita Morgan, Rhea Li esegang, Rose-ann Ueland, Dorthea Bowman, Marcia Morgan. BOTTOM ROW: Donna Abbot, Kim Laws, Diane Correa, Peggy Correa, Vicky Harland, Sharon Billings. LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicky Harland, Cathy O’Brien, Nancy Wil cox, Roseann Ueland, Geri Morgan.PONCHO’S PIN-UP' "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M NOT DRESSED FOR THE PARTY?" "WHAT FUN!"ELEMENTARYJUNIOR HIGH CITIZENSHIP Jimmy Brown Russel Hays % %- x ws 8TH GRADE HONOR STUDENTS Ryan Reese, Co. Salutatorian Connie Coppinger, Valedictorian Rod Fife, Co. Salutatorian Irene FaroFIRST SEMESTER--Scott Billings, Treasurer; Connie Coppenger, Assistant Secretary; Russ Hayes, Sergeant-at-Arms; Cindie Koffler, Librarian; Rita Correa, Reporter; Sherry Ashbeck, Secretary; Julie Smith, President; Melenda Blackwell, Vice-President. SECOND SEMESTER--Gloria Williams, Treasurer; Chris Hale, Assistant Secretary; Davy Colburn, Reporter; Greg Spike, Librarian; Mike Meyers. Sergeant-at-Arms; Russ Hays, Vice-President; Randy O'Brien, President; Debbie Spike, Secretary. I H I G H 0 F F 1 C E R STOP ROW, Left to Right: Coach. Bill Ward; Bob Ueland. Rod Fife. Lynn Meyers. Mike Lampkin. Davy Colburn, David Resing. BOTTOM ROW. Billy Ward. Scott Billing, Ryan Reese. Russ Hays. Danny Fullerton, Randy O'Brien, and GregSpike. G R A D E S P o R T S TOP ROW, Left to Right: Manager, David Resing; Greg Spike, Randy O'Brien, Rod Fife, Mike Lampkin, Davy Colburn, Billy Ward, and Coach, Bill Ward. BOTTOM ROW: Manager, Jimmy Ashbeck; Lynn Meyers, Bob Ueland, Russ Hays, Danny Fullertorf, Ryan Reese, Scott Billing, and Manager, Mike Meyers.11 c L A 5 s 0 F 1 9 6 6 - r 4 ) First Row Sherry Ashbeck Scott Billing Melinda Blackwell Second Row Robert Bromell Connie Coppinger Rod Fife Fourth Row Cindy Koffler Sharon Mishler Shirley Nieland Fifth Row Patty Price Ryan Reese Julie Smith Sixth Row Bob Ueland Francine White Marcine WhiteFirst Row Jimmy Ashbeck Davy Colburn Rita Correa Judy Curl Second Row Irene Faro Chris Hale Judy Jensen Mona Koffler C L A 5 s 0 F 1 9 6 7 Sixth Row Janice Murray Randy O'Brien Leona Precourt Luella Precourt Seventh Row David Resing Debbie Spike Greg Spike Billy WardCLASS OF 1968 Tommy Brown ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE Stuart Coleman Jacque Coppinger Charles Faro Linda Garcia Robert Gray Carla Hickey Gloria Williams Dean Precourt This page sponsored by TITLE INSURANCE, and TAYLOR HARDWARE, of Pendleton % 'J? K mCLASS OF 1969 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Richard Abbott Mildred Bowman Larry Brown Billy Curl Tommy Flanagan Kay Kasari George Koffler Jimmy Liesegang John McCord Jeannie Precourt Kenny Roberts Penny Spike Diane Schultze Edith Tefft Larry Walker Louise Weltzin This page sponsored by MURTS TEXACO in Stanfield and MYRICK CHEVROLET in HermistonSylvia Billing Shelly Bromell Linda Correa Nancy Elam Janet Faro Louis Faro C L A S s o F 1 9 7 0 Peter Myers Ronald Myers Carla Nugen Vickie Murray Jerry Roberts Charles Schultze David Stockard Bruce Wattenburger Eynthia WilliamsCLASS OF 1971 Mike Berry Brenda Billings Shirley Bowman Tracy Bromell Wendy Coppinger Laurie Coleman Gary Cochran Susan Brown Valerie Madison Steve Myers Ted McAtee Wayne Netherda Ronnie Stockard Roberta Ueland Marsha Ward Karen WeltzinCLASS OF 1972 Lynae Jerry Donnie La Veda Aase Ashbeck Atkinson Bowman Bradley Ottum Sheldon Roberts Mike Simkins Delphi Smith Terry WilliamsCLASS OF 1973 Diane Berry Verlen Bromell Darlene Brown Theresa Buttars Tara Crawford William Elem Pat Faro Kim Huff Nancy Kilkenny Roxann Koffler Mark Madison Pamela McAtee ) Greg McCord Cheryl Morgan Mark Murray Robert Ramas Tracie Roberts Debera Rothrock Loretta Schultze Jon Simkins Susan Stockard Brad WilliamsJUNIOR HIGH PLAY I WAS A TEENAGE DRACULA” FROM LEFT: Chris Hale. Debbie Spike, Sherry Ashbeck, Cindy Koffler. and Leona Precourt.PA good! food R 0 FREDD IE'S BEAUTY SHOP Hermi ston PHAGAN'S BEAUTY SCHOOL JOHN'S JEWELRY Pendleton N 0Jl cve'i JIMMY'S FLOWER SHOP Hermi ston FORSHAW Pendleton SUPPLIES BEN FRANKLIN HERMISTON STATIONERY 88c STORE Hermi ston RICHIE'S DRIVE- IN HONG KONG CAFE A W ROOT BEER PHEASANT CAFE of Hermiston GUNTHERS of PendletonMOZETTE DONALLYS LUCILES Pendleton INVESTIGATE V KNIGHTS GROCERY I.G.A. STORE Hermi ston STANFIELD SHOPITERIA Fast SERVICE — ECONOMY SHOE REPAIR DRESS-WELL CLEANERS HANDY HANK OWEN C. CORLEY O.D. LYONS STUDIO of Pendleton ZIMMERMAN AND CO. Stanfield DOTY'S HARDWARE THOMAS MOTORS GUY JEPPE MOBILE ED'S RICHFIELD GREEN'S TEXACO OK RUBBER WELDERSINTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City — Winnipeg Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements USA r il 0 ■ V. ,, y. , • •« ••• ■..ip ' M V . ; • . i j-. i.. $ , . ■ At v y s ' 1 • » . • rr r 1 -«S 1-J-. t ■ . • • V }. . • »k • • • A • .• • •• V •A P ■ S ff S r ■t !■ • Hs ■ , • y c - • v -• : .• , ■■ • • - t 7i . ;Jm ,-AS • 9 •tf " a- » i •' n . ■i. • I V •si ' I- • ■, ■ : t ■ : - ±- ?. • • V . . .„ ■•••tv . “■■ , ‘ v ’ ' v U; • . - k t P J)) . ■ ■■ ■ ■: •• .••• V‘ rr? •• • ■ i

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