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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1958 volume:

Dedication DELWIN NELSON President The 1957-58 Cougar dedicates this edition to the Echo Parent-Teachers Association. The effort of this group to mold together better relations and understanding between community and school is sincerely appreciated. 2ADMINISTRATION Eddie Liesegang Charlotte Andrews Chairman Kenny Coppinger George Luciani 4CARL SCHWAB Superintendent 9th Math, Mechanical Drawing B.S. Pacific U. M.E.U. of Oregon Senior Advisor CATHERINE DeLAP American Problems, Physics, Geometry, Girls Physical Education A,B. in P.E. Health U. of California DICK MORGAN Biology, General Science Algebra, Grade H.S. Physical Education B.S. Pacific U. Sophomore Advisor NANCY JO TICE English I, II. IV. Journalism B.S. in Ed. Northwestern U. Freshman Advisor Paper Advisor WESLEY HAMILTON H.S. Grade Music. Driver Training, World Geography, Pep Club B. A. in Music Willamette U. BOB SHACKELFORD Typing, Journalism Bookkeeping, American Problems B.S. in Education Cent. Mo. St. Coll. Junior Advisor Annual Advisor k W f( a m % I 1 Student Council STANDING: Glenn Thompson, Mick O'Brien, Gene Hoffman, Dave Flanagan, Bob Tolar, George Campbell. SEATED: Bill Daniel, Diane Schwab, Jerry Hoffman. Claw PneaidentA Glenn Thompson, Bob Tolar, Gene Hoffman, Dave Flanagan. 6Celetha Ward Mildred Dorn Cooka ‘lanitona 7 Ed Schulz Homer BowmanSENIORS BOB TOLAR President Football 3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Annual Editor 4 Letterman's Club 3,4 Student Council 4 Class Play 3 BARBARA ANDREWS Vice-President Pep Club 1,2.3,4 Cheerleader 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. President 4 Band 1,2,3.4 Paper Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 Student Body Secretary 3 Pep Club Secretary 3,4 Assistant Band Director 4 Student Council 1,3 ELLEN REES Treasurer Pep Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1.2,3.4 Band 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 G.A.A. Sergeant-at-Arms BILL DANIEL 4 Secretary Athletic Manager 1,2 Football 3,4 Letterman's Club Secretary Student Body Secretary 4 Senior Class Secretary 4 Student Council Secretary 4 Junior Class Play 3 4DONALD SCHWAMB Transfer 4 Football 4 Senior Sergeant-at-Arms Letterman’s Club 4 ELAINE WILCOX Junior Play 3 G.A.A. 1.2.3,4 Paper Staff 4 CHARLENE WHITE Pep Club 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Band 3,4KENT MERCER Football Basketball 4 Baseball 2.4 Letterman's Club 3.4 Junior Vice-President 3 Sophomore Vice-President 2 Freshman Class Treasurer 1 Annual Staff 3 DIANE SCHWAB Pep Club 1.2,3.4 President Pep Club 4 Class President 2 Student Council Vice-President 4 Paper Staff 3,4 Cheerleader 3.4 G.A.A. 1.2,3.4 Class Play 2.3 BETTY CORREA Pep Club 1,2,3.4 Cheerleader 2.3 G.A.A. Band 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Class Play 2,3 Class Secretary 2,3 Head Majorette 2,3,4 G.A.A. Treasurer 3 Student Council Representative 3 JERALD HOFFMAN Transfer 3 Band 3,4 Football 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3,4 Student Body Treasurer 4 Letterman’s Club 3,4 Annual Staff 3 SAM RAMOS Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Letterman's Club 3,4 Letterman's Club President 4 Student Body Vice-President 3 Student Council 3 Class President 1 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 RICHARD CORREA Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Class Vice-President 1 Annual Editor 3 Letterman's Club 3,4 Class Play 3 HOWARD BROWN Basketball 3,4 Baseball 3,4 Letterman’s Club 3,4 Athletic Manager 1,2,3 Annual Staff 3,4 Class Play 3 MICK O'BRIEN Transfer 2 Football 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 2,3,4 Letterman's Club 3,4 Letterman’s Club Vice-President 4 Student Council 4 President Student Body 4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3,4 JERRY JACKSON Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Student Body Treasurer 3 Class Play 1 Student Council 3 LeHerman's Club ROBERT McCORD Football 1, 2 Baseball 1,2 Student Body Serge ant-at-Arms 3 Citizenship Award 3 Enlisted in Air Force Mid-Term 1957-58.UNDERCLASSMENI Eugene Hoffman President ‘Jurtiona Elaine Brown Secretary-T reasurer Chuck Myers Vice-President Jerry Huff Sergeant-at-ArmsPat O'Brien Vice-President Blanche Faro Treasurer Glenn Thompson President 17 Sandy Rhea Secretary Harold Tefft Sergeant-at-ArmsMolly Lozier Karen Shoemaker Glenn Sather 18George Campbell 19Jan Liesegang Secretary 21 Jean Helms Sergeant-at-ArmsEthel Rees Kenny Bowman Paula Lou Hickey 22 Trudy Kofford Marcine ToeringAngie ParrishACTIVITIESAnnual StaJJ Gene Hoffman, Bob Tolar, Howard Brown, Mick O'Brien, Sam Ramos. Pafien StaM Elaine Wilcox, Doris Bailey, Barbara Andrews, Pat O'Brien, Ellen Rees, Miss Jo Tice, Advisor; Priscilla Flanagan, Diane Schwab, Thelma Precourt. 25iHome Economica JD'iiVe'i Jnaininq If Citizenship. Awands 27 Barbara Andrews Mick O'BrienBarbara Andrews Student Director Hiqh School Band29SPORTSFROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Andrews, Doris Bailey, Ellen Rees, Blanche Faro, and Linda Lane. 7he Echo Qinls' Athletic Association The Echo Girl's Athletic Association has been very active this year. It's purpose is to promote efforts of health, sportsmanship, physical efficiency, athletic accomplishments, and the love of the outdoors. The organization has a point system by which a minimum of 50 points must be earned in different sports and activities through out the year in order for a girl to be eligible for her sweater stripes and other special awards. The officers which presided over the meetings for this past year were: Barbara Andrews, president; Doris Bailey, vice president; Linda Lane, secretary; Blanche Faro, treasurer; and Ellen Rees, sergeant-at-arms. The club sponsored dances at school, intramural games, and play days. The climax of the sport's season was an athletic banquet given by the G.A.A. this spring at which time letters and awards were presented to the boys and girls who had earned them. The G.A.A. can look back on a very successful year. 32QinlAthletica TENNIS VOLLEYBALL3ootl all 1957-1958 This Page Sponsored By GLENN J. SHERER INSURANCE AGENCY 34ECHO 31 MORO 0 The Cougars started well this year with a win over Sherman High of Moro County. Although it was the first game and numerous mistakes were committed, we rolled at will against the Huskies. ECHO 13 UMATILLA 21 Plagued by the "flu bug" the Cougars dropped their first game of the season to the Vikings. Our offense moved well, but our defense did not hold up. ECHO 33 MAUPIN 7 Regaining some of their composure, the Cougars ran rough-shod over the Redsides. Skeet Correa, Jerry Hoffman, and Sam Ramos accounted for the TD's while Jack Mishler and Bee Tolar scored the PAT's. ECHO 20 WAITSBURG, WASH. 20 The Cougars battled the Cardinals on even terms throughout this offensive battle but couldn't pull ahead before the final gun. Skeet Correa exploded for three touchdowns, two on kickoff returns and one on a punt return behind a beautiful demonstration of down-field blocking. This Page Sponsored By SARAH DEL'S CAFE JAY'S 35ECHO 38 Me EWE N 6 The Cougars ran over the Scotties from Athena to the tune of 38-6. Jerry Jackson started the scoring on the first play of the game taking a pass from Quarterback Sam Ramos and rambled 65 yards for a touchdown. Little resistance was offered by the Scots for the remainder of the contest. ECHO 0 STANFIELD 39 The State Class B Champions were never to be denied. The Tigers outplayed the Cougars practically throughout with the exception of the first quarter when the tally read 0-0. But then John Gordon and John Houk started filling the air with pin-point passing and the outcome was never in doubt. ECHO 13 PILOT ROCK 25 The Cougars traveled to Pilot Rock and were handed a convincing defeat. The Rockets got off to a lead of 18-0 at halftime and coasted to victory. ECHO VS HEPPNER The traditional Armistice game had to be cancelled because of the flu epidemic at Heppner. Verlyn Schulz, stalwart guard, was honored by being chosen to the East Shrine team. This Page Sponsored By ECHO CASH GROCERY 36Barbara Andrews, Pat O'Brien, Diane SchwabVARSITY FRONT ROW: Bob Tolar, Jerry Hoffman, Jack Mishler. Harold Tefft, Verlyn Schulz. BACK ROW: George Campbell, Sam Ramos, Jerry Jackson, Glenn Thompson, Skeet Correa. JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW: Kenny Bowman, Gary Harvill, Howard Brown, Dave Flanagan, Steve Spike, Kenny Mishler. BACK ROW: Fred Andrews, Gene Hoffman, Jerry Huff, Don Schwamb, Henry Hooker, Billy Doherty, Jay Sever ns. 38Sam George Jerry Glenn Skeet Ramos Campbell Jackson Thompson Correa The 1957-58 version of the Echo High School Cougars under the tutorage of new coach, Dick Morgan, completed a highly successful season. With Captain Jerry Jackson and the other two seniors. Coke Ramos and Skeet Correa taking up the scoring load and Sophomores George Campbell and Glenn Thompson playing exceptionally good ball in light of their lack of varsity experience, the Cougars rolled up a 15-8 record including third place in the District Tournament and second place in the Cayuse Conference. This Page Sponsored By M.E. COE DAGGETT'S VARIETY STORE 39Verlyn Schulz 40 Harold TefftBaseball "In the spring a young man's fancy — "The Cougars, upon returning from the District Basketball Tourney in Pendleton, immediately donned their baseball togs and were busy taking the "kinks" out of their throwing arms. Coached by Dick Morgan, himself quite a baseball player, the Cougars have arranged a 13-game schedule this spring March 25 - Athena There April 29 - Boardman - Here April 1 - lone Here May 2 - Umatilla - There 5 - Boardman - There 6 - Heppner - There 8 - Umatilla - Here 12 - Irrigon There 11 - Heppner Here 15 - Stanfield - Here 18 - Irrigon Here 22 - Stanfield - There 25 - lone There This Page Sponsored By ECHO HOTEL 41Sam Ramos Vetenana Retunninq Chuck Myers w 4 t m - 1 L 1 ' r r .-U. Lfcte- 1 Ki mm—r tZ m. Skeet Correa The fortunes of this year's Cougar baseball team rest mainly in the strong throwing arms of hurlers Sam Ramos and Jerry Jackson, the hitting and fielding of Chuck Myers, and the speed and catching job done by Skeet Correa. 42GRADESILLABELLE MERCER Grade 2 B.S. in Education U. of Idaho RACHEL JACKSON Grade 1 Western Washington College of Education ZOE McKENZIE Grade 4 Cent. Mo. State Teachers College B.S. in Education VIOLET THOMPSON Grade 3 Valley City, N.D. State Teachers College Elementary Education 45IRENE WEIBEL Grade 5 U. of Nebraska St. Coll, of Wash. Elementary Education EVELYN McINNIS Grade 6 West. Wash. Coll. U. of Wash. Elementary Education EVELYN O'BRIEN Grade 7 H. S. Home Economics U. of Oregon U. of Berlin, Germany Bachelor of Arts DONALD LISLE Grade 8 B.S. in Education So. Idaho Coll. East. Ore. Coll. 463in t Qnade FIRST ROW: Mary Delap, Cindy Williams, Jean Precourt, Mary Mykle Maynard, Louise Weltzin, Patti Holt, Janet Williams, George Koffler, Tommy Flanagan, Leslie Stamper, Debbie Tolar, Shelly Bromel, Jimmy Bowman. SECOND ROW: Freddie Davis, Kay Kasari, Louie Faro, Penny Spike, Melvin Ashbeck, Calvin Ashbeck, Pat Murray, Alvin Ashbeck, Diane Schultz, Edith Bea Tefft, Margret Burdett, Kathy Schiller. Second Qnade FIRST ROW: Gloria Williams, Jacque Coppinger, Gloria Ashbeck, Dean Precourt, Mildred Bowman, John Hamilton, Phyllis Bohns. Marlena Bonifer, Ricky Witherrite, Ricky Burdett, Carla Hickey. SECOND ROW: Bob Grey, Shelia Luciana, Diana Jancher, James Mills. Stuart Coleman, Billy Wynn, John McCord, Mike Murray, Linda Garcia, Kenny Nelson, Jimmy Liesegang, Dale Bromell, Charlie Faro, Kelly Grossmiller. 47Uhind Qnade FRONT ROW: Tony Schiller, Leona Rrecourt, Jimmy Ashbeck, Greg Spike, Janice Murray, Chris Hale, Mona Koffler, Irene Faro, Debby Spike, and Luella Precourt. BACK ROW: Art Bohms, Randy O Brien, Judy Jensen, Benny Burdett, David Colburn, Tandy Anderson, David Resing, Sharon Wynn, John Schwamb, Allyn Witherrite, Stanley Rouch, Lynn Myers. Jounth Qnade FRONT ROW: Patty Price, Sherry Ashbeck, Connie Coppinger, Cindy Koffler, Francine White, Dona DeLay, Donna Garcia, Shirley Nieland, Marcine White, and Rod Fife. BACK ROW: Bobby Brommel, Danny Flanagan, Julie Smith, Carla Luciani, Shirley Erwin, Malinda Blackwell, Cecilia Hamilton, Sharon Mishler, Ryan Rees, and Scott Billings. 483Hth Qnade FRONT ROW: Mike Graham. Mike Koffler, Linda Bowman. Bonnie Bonifer, Betty Brown. Bob Liesegang, Bob Henry. Margaret DeLap. BACK ROW: Patty Brown. Darlene Ammon, Mitchell Ashbeck, Richard Willard, Pamela Spike. Peggy Correa, Rhea Liesegang, Sharon Billing. Sixth Qnade Barbara Bishop. Wayne Stamper, Dorothea Bowman, Mike Flanagan, Mrs. Mclnnis, Pamela Hooker, Bob Daniels. Phyllis Nelson, Joe Swales, Amy Smith, Timmy O'Brien, Mike McCarty. 49Seventh Qnade FRONT ROW: Mike Spike, Brent Fife. Bobby Correa, Eugene Campbell. SECOND ROW: Bernard Doherty, Johnny Bowman, Shirley Nugen, Sherry Adams. THIRD ROW: Vickie Dick. Nicky Grossmiller, Seymour Mills. Mike Brown. FOURTH ROW: Margie Schultze. Jane Able, Evelyn Meadows, Edla Mae Thompson. Ciqhth Qnade FIRST ROW: Beulah Dewey, Marvin Jensen. Vicky Harland. Nancy Wilcox. SECOND ROW: Montie Cochran, Bob Bowman. Arlene Parrish. Gail Able. THIRD ROW: Bob McCarty. Dennis Ammon, Jim Schwamb. ABSENT: Kathy O’Brien. 50Qnade Actiuitiea BANDQnade Basketball FIRST ROW: Wayne Stamper, Mike McCarty, Bob Henry, Johnny Bowman, Richard Willard, Bob Llesegang, Mike Graham, Mike Koffler, SECOND ROW: Mike Brown. Tim O’Brien, Brent Fife, Montle Cochran, Bobby Correa, Mike Spike, Bernard Doherty, Mitch Ashbeck. THIRD ROW: Gene Campbell, Jim Schwamb, Bob McCarty, Bob Bowman, Dennis Ammon, Marvin Jensen, Mike Flanagan. 52 NUTCS «005 n no 1 IlKCMO VfITOW A 53ADVERTISINGCOUGAR BOOSTERS PENDLETON Pendleton Music House Hamley Company Donnally's Marsh's Mens Wear Zimmerman Company Byers Avenue Clinic Auto Clearing House Winter Motor Company Tullis Office Supply Harold's Pharmacy Kennel-El I is Studios Keon Smith Barber Shop Taylor Hardware Horn's Lucile's Meade's Floor Covering Surplus Outdoor Supply Parker Taxi Company John Rose, Jeweler Club Cigar Store The Town Shop Pendleton Drug Mode O'Day Shop C J Motor Parts Stranix Clothing HERMISTON Burnham's Department Store Ladd Sherman-Norm Schroth Hermiston Drugs Ed Sheets Clothing Marshal I-Wei Is Store Hermiston Variety Store Kimsey's Clothing Richie's Drive-In Lyon's Studio Dodd Investment Hermiston Stationers Behrman Jewelry Buchanan Insurance Agenjy Moore Ripley Drug Pheasant Cafe Bill's Western Auto Store Dress-Well Cleaners Berg Brothers Hempel's Photo Shop Miller's Bakery Scarlett's Auto Supply Starrett's Decor Center STANFIELD Tum-A-Lum Lumber Company 55 ) YEARBOOKSii niir 

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