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Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1956 volume:

«ECHO MUSIC CLUB This year the annual staff feels it only fitting to dedicate this yearbook to the Music Club and the Quarterback Club. Through their efforts and interest, they have helped raise school activities and sports to the high caliber which they now boast. For this we are truly grateful, and feel they should be accorded the recognition they so well deserve. The Annual Staff ECHO OUUTERBLCK CLUBCarl Schwab, Clerk and Ed Liesegang, Chairman Kenneth Coppinger Charlotte AndrewsFACULTY GERALDINE LARSEN Graduate of University of Oregon B.S. in Liberal Aits English 1,2,3,4; Art; Journalism Junior Class Advisor Paper Staff Advisor PATRICIA BEARD Graduate of University of Oregon B.A. in Business Administration Typing; Bookkeeping; Business law; Journalism Senior Class Advisor Annual Staff Advisor MR. GEORGE DELAP Graduate of Washington State College M.S. in Physical Education United States History; Chemistry; Social Economics; Grade School P.E.; High School P.E. MR. NORM BERGSTROM Graduate of Pacific University B.S. in Physical Education Algebra; Biology; Mechanical Drawing; Physical Science; General Science; High School P. E.; Freshman Class Advisor MR. WESLEY HAMILTON Graduate of Willamette University B.A. in Music High School Band; Grade School Music; Driver Training; World Geography; Pep Club; Freshman Class Advisor t Homer Bowman Ed Schulz The officers of the Student Body are as follows: President, Gail Madison; Vice President, Butch Smith; Secretary, Barbara LeTrace; Treasurer, Allan Tolar; Sergeant at Arms, Mick Tolar. Representatives on the Student Council are: Senior Class, Bill Lozier; Junior Class, Darrilyn Fife; Sophomore Class, Diane Schwab; Freshman Class, Charles Myers. There are 59 students in thestudent Body this year. The Student Body held their annual Christmas party and numbers were drawn and gifts exchanged.BILL LOZIER, President Annual Staff 4; Baseball 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Class Officer--Vice President 2; President 3,4; Football I, 2, 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Junior Class Play 3. GAIL MADISON, Vice President Student Body Officer--President 4; Secretary 3; Class Officer--President 2; Vice President 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 3; Business Manager 4; GAA 1,2,3,41 Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Staff 4; Class Play 3; Volleyball 1,2, 3,4; Annual 3; Paper 3; Chorus 1,2. SHARON HOOKER, Secretary Transfer 3; GAA 1,2,3,4: Vice President 4; Class Secretary 4. GLEN ROHDE, Treasurer Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Football 1,2,3,41 Tennis I; Class Officer--Vice President 3; Treasurer 4; Junior Class Play 3.KELLY ADAMS Football 2, 3,4; Jr. Class Play 3; Annual Staff 4; Jr. I.O.O.F. 4- DORTHY FARO G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; Volleyball 3,4. JOHN CORREA Football I, 2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Baseball 2, 3,4; Class Sergeant at Arms 4; Jr. Class Play 3. BILL CORREA Football 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2, 3,4; Jr. Class Play 3. BARBARA LE TRACE Tennis I, 2,4; Volleyball I, 2, 3,4; Band 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; President 4; Sergeant at Arms 1,3; Class Secretary 3; Student Body Secretary 4; Cougar Tracks 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3; Student Council 4.JANET MYERS Class Teasurer 2,3; Pep Staff 3,4; Volleyball I, 2, 3 4: G.A. A. 1,2, 3,4; Secretary 3; Teasurer 4: Tennis 2,3,4; Band 1.2,3, 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; President 4; Paper Staff 2, 3,4; Editor 4. YVONNE SATHER G.A.A. I,2,3.4. ALLAN TOLAR Transfer 2; Football 2,3, 4; Co-Captain 4; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 2, 3,4; Captain 4; Student Body Treasurer 4; Student Council 4; Annual Editor 4; Jr. I.O.O.F. 2,3, 4; Junior Class Play 3; Class Sergeant at Arms 2. MICK TOLAR Football I, 2, 3,4; Basketball I, 2, 3,4; Captain 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Class Play 3; Student Council 4; Jr. I.O.O.F. I,2,3,4; Chief Ruler 4; Class Sergeant at Arms I; Student Body Sergeant at Arms 4.SOIIIII WILL I, SHARON HOOKER, will my bottom locker to Delons Ottum. I know she will keep it cleaner than I did. I, DOROTHY FARO,will my seventh period study hall. Since there are only six periods next year, it will always be in good shape . I, ALLAN TOLAR, will my system of progressive basketball to Mike Ramos. Gad, I had a good team! As JOHN CORREA, I will my interest in football to Jay McVickers. He should make the best of it. I, BILL CORREA, will my secret ambition to make a shirt without a tail to Henry Rees. It can't possibly stay tucked in. I, GLEN ROHDE, will my profile to Jerry Jackson. I hope that it gets on the dollar bill. I, KELLY ADAMS, will my crooked smile to Sam Ramos. He has the height for it. I, MICK TOLAR,will my glassy look in a basketball game to any poor sucker. As BILL LOZIER, I will my class presidency to Robert McCord. I know that he has the power to keep order. I, GAIL MADISON, will my expressions to Darrylin Fife. Does "Gang" fit her personality? I, BARBARA LeTRACE, will my basketball playing ability toCarlene Rhea. Mrs. DeLap may want to play a few games next year. I, JANET MYERS, will my job as apple polisher to Leslie Laughlin. A Pep Club president needs a strong cloth. To the JUNIORS, we will the ability to keep on doing what we did. NOTHINGl To MISS BEARD and the rest of the faculty we leave aspirins, because we know we have given them lots of headaches. Besides, the classes coming up contain no angels! To COACH we will the memory of Social Econ, laughter, arguments, and more laughter. To MR. SCHWAB, we leave the memory of all the good joke material that was in the class of "56". To the SCHOOL, we leave our initials in every possible nook and cranny. SENIOR PROPHECY My name is Friday, my beat's Echo. The time is 6:45, May 5. 1968. My concern is 13 characters of the class of "56". They are not criminals in the true sense of criminals, but only psuedo-criminals. They hide out in different spots with different occupations. I have been assigned the duty of protecting that great scholar and lecturer, William Correa. He is going to a class reunion. His classmates will be there. They must be studied for criminal traits. BILL LOZIER - Sole resident Sand Pit, Oregon. Located off from Alkali Canyon. He makes his living selling beer bottles and articles not found on scavenger hunts. BARBARA LE TRACE - Only blonde on the redhead basketball team. They never could get her to tint her hair. MICK TOLAR - Mick is still working on lowering the basketball net to 6 feet. That way he could really dunk the ball. DOROTHY FARO - A doctor of many remedies, she is located in a large clinic. Remember she had an answer of reason for everything. ALLAN TOLAR - Allan liked his Jr. Oddfellows team so well he is still coaching the Bears. YVONNE SATHER - Gone to the extreme in library work, she is the Echo City Librarian. JOHN CORREA - Because John liked cattle so well, he bought the King Cattle Ranch in Texas. Always knew he was headed for big things. KELLY ADAMS - He is a head of the State Police. Is that ahead or the head. SHARON HOOKER - Sharon has really changed. She is a railroad engineer at Coospooskey University. That’s a minature railroad of course. GLEN ROHDE - The world's largest Model T collector. It's hard to believe that he owns too acres of broken auto parts of old cars. JANET MYERS - As a race car driver, she was the first woman to win the "500". GAIL MADISON - A Warden of a women's prison, instead of com’ on gang, it's come on Chain-Gang.CLASS OF '56BUTCH SMITH President DARRYLIN FIFE Vice President LARRY CAMPBELL Secretary MIKE RAMOS Treasurer MILTON MERCER Sergeant at Arms DELBERT JORDAN LESLIE LAUGHLIN ROBERT MCCORD NANNETTE MOREAU DELORIS OTTUM HENRY REES CARLENE RHEA PHYLLIS SCHULZ CALVIN WILLARDROW I: Bill Daniels, Jack Mishler, Kent Mercer, Sam Ramos, Mick O'Brien, Jerry Jackson, Ronnie White, Verlyn Schulz. ROW 2: Skeet Correa, Betty Correa, Ellen Rees, Elaine Wilcox, Diane Schwab, Barbara Andrews, Carol Faro, Doris Sadler, Charlene White, Jo Ann Wynn, Howard Brown. ROW I; Jerry Huff, Judy Shouse, Elaine Brown, Ira McCauley, Jay McVicker, Charles Myers, Bill Sather, Herbert McCord, Jack Lieuallen, Doug Graham. FRESHMIN CLASSirPEWRIItP I oeoo© ' OOOOOOi OOGOOO ©ooooo( ......Allan Tolar ......Mike Ramos ......Bill Lozier ......Mick Tolar ......Kelly Adams .. Larry Campbell Miss Patricia Beard Assistant Editor .... Business Manager .. Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Sports Editor........ Feature Editor....... Editor Society Editor Reporter...... Advisor....... ........Janet Myers .....Leslie Laughlin ........Darrylin F ife ........Deloris Ottum ........Carlene Rhea .... Barbara LeTrace .........Gail Madison ........Phyllis Schluz .... Fern Stephenson Miss Geraldine LarsenOFFICERS G. President....................Barbara LeTrace Vice President..........................Sharon Hooker Secretary....................... Darrylin Fife Sergeant at Arms........................Diane Schwab BAND Director......... Student Director Wes Hamilton . Butch Smith"ALL ini the FAMILY ” Martha Miller JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Fred Miller CmM Henry Graybill .... Miss Muller Doris Miller George Miller The Reporter The fhotographer Betty Lou . Jane Patty Alec . Student Director Director PEP PEEK The Echo Pep Club, under the direction of Mr. Wesley Hamilton, has completed another year of performances. They have marched at various parades throughout the country. Through the school year they have participated in Football and Basketball games as well as many other activities. There are 16 active members. 2 PRESIDENT lanet Myers SECRETARY-TREASURER Carlene Rhea ■ BUSINESS MANAGER Gail Madison WORK AO PLAV Future Secretaries Some Struttin1 What's Your Secret? Blow, Man, Blow!URLS’ VIILLGYIIUL Betty Correa, Gail Madison, Carlene Rhea, Darrylin Fife, Barbara LeTrace, Del oris Ottum, Leslie Laughlin, Phyllis Schulz, Charlene White. STANDING: Miss Legg, Coach; Janet Myers, Referee. PEI ROW I; Doug Graham, Bill Daniels, Jerry Huff, Charles Myers, Herbert McCord, Bill Sathers, Skeet Correa, Kent Mercer, Bee Tolar, Jack Lieuallen. ROW 2: Delbert Jordan, Kelly Adams, John Correa. Bill Lozier, Bill Correa, Allan Tolar, Glen Rohde, Mick Tolar, Mike Ramos, Larry Campbell. ROW 3: Jay McVickers, Verlyn Schulz, Jack Mishler, Milton Mercer, Henry Rees, Mick O’Brien. Butch Smith, Jerry Jackson, Sam Ramos, Robert McCord.FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Echo High School gained permanent possession of the Cayuse Conference trophy this season by winning the conference title for the third time within the last four years. Echo ended the season with a loss to the Union Bobcats in the state quarter-final playoff. The Cougars won seven games and lost two for the season. Bill Lozier was named to the 1956 Shrine team, and Allan Tolar was named as alternate. 1955 RECORD Echo 6.......................Standfield Echo 6....................... St. Pats Echo 13..........................McEwen Echo 25.......................Waitsburg 0 9 0 6ROW I; Bill Lozier, Allan Tolar, Mick Tolar, Glenn Rohde, Bill Correa, Mike Ramos. ROW 2: Bee Tolar, Manager; Sam Ramos, Jerry Jackson, Mick O’Brien, Butch Smith, Larry Campbell, Delbert Jordan. KitSKETRALL Echo Cougars completed a very successful season this year, finishing first in the Western Division oftheCayuse Conference, for which they obtained permanent possession of the gold basketball, given for winning the conference title 3 out of 4 times. Echo carried their success further by w inning the District 7-B Championship and going on to place second in the state tournament at Baker. Mick Tolar and Mike Ramos were picked to the All-State Team. The season's record was 24 wins and 4 losses for the Cougars.Allan Tolar holding Championship Trophy VERBOORTFRONT ROW: Delbert Jordan, Skeet Correa, Verlyn Schulz, Bee Tolar, John Correa, Chuck Myers, Bob McCord, Kent Mercer. BACK ROW: Bill Daniel, Manager; Allan Tolar, Hank Rees, Butch Smith, Mick O'Brian, Mick Tolar, Jerry Jackson, Coke Ramos, Larry Campbell, Mike Ramos. BASEBALL 1956 The Cougar Baseball team, defending state champions, returned to practice this season, suffering a loss of only two lettermen. After copping the league championship for the seventh consecutive year, they went on to take the district 7 and district 8 titles for the fifth year, and at the time this publication went to press, they were entering the semifinals of the state tournament. Seniors sparking the team this season were John Correa, Allan Tolar and Mick Tolar. Starting lineup was: Allan Tolar, catcher; Coke Ramos, pitcher; Larry Campbell, first base; Chuck Myers, second base: Jerry Jackson, third base; Mike Ramos, shortstop; Mick Tolar, left field; Delbert Jordan, center field; and Bob McCord, right field. Seasons record was as follows: Echo 13 7 Heppner Echo 16 0 Umatilla Echo 10 1 lone Echo 5 2 Irrigon Echo 2 3 Stanfield Echo 8 2 Heppner Echo 7 0 Umatilla Echo 13 0 Irrigon Echo 0 1 Stanfield Echo 4 0 lone Sub-District Playoff Echo 5 3 St. Joseph District 7 Echo 5 4 Prairie Cit) District 7 and 8 Playoff Echo 6 5 Huntington »• 4. l0pec ECHO H '-'v COACH NORM BERGSTROMFIRST GRADE ROW I; John McCord, Jimmie Ashbeck, Art Bohms, Danny Cox, Randy O'Brien, Jimmie King, Davie Colburn, Lynn Meyers, Allyn Witherrite, Cinky Larsen, Donny Able, Billy Wynn, Tony Schiller. ROW 2: Janice Murray, Mona Koffler, Chris Hale, Judy Jensen, Kathleen Otis, Joyce Lenington, Cathie Kamtnerer, Tandy Anderson, Kathy Mulder, Glena Thompson, Donna Bergstrom, Irene Faro, Debbie Spike. SECOND GRADE ROW I; Shirley Neiland, Marcine White, Francine White, Cindy Koffler. ROW 2: Stanley McCauley, Scott Billing, Glen Adams, Rod Fife, Robert Bromell, Ryon Reese, Danny Flanagan, Ray Mulder, Greg Spike, Stanley Rauch, Larry Jordan. ROW 3: Donna DeLap, Donna Garcia, Patricia Price. Sherry Ashbeck. Jackie Hirsch, Karla Luciani, Melinda Blackwell, Julie Smith, Melearline Schneider, Sharon Mishler, Connie Coppinger, Isabelle Mercer.THIRD GRADE ROW I: Gale McCall, Michael Graham. Robert Henry, Mitchell Ashbeck, David King, Robert Liesegang, Michall Koffler, Glenn Scott. ROW 2: Margaret DeLap, Sharon Wynn, Patty Brown, Darlene Adams, Peggy Correa, Phea Liesegang. Sharon Billings, Shirll Lenington. Pamela Spike, Linda Bowman, Betty Brown, FOURTH GRADE ROW Is Wayne Stamper, Mike McCarty, Bob Daniel, Mike Flanagan, Timmy O’Brien, Ronald Larson. ROW 2: Jean Blewitt, Joan Blewitt, Cheryl Mulder, Phyllis Nelson, Dorothea Bowman, Jo Swales, Barbara Bishop, Amy Smith, Joan Jordan. ROW 3: Mrs. Zoe McKenzie. Pamela Hooker absent from picture.FIFTH GRADE Johnny Bowman, Bernard Doherty, Mike Spike, Donnie Adams, Billy Gottschalk, Michael Brown, Eugene Campbell, Brent Fife, Bobby Correa. STANDING: Miss Sloan, Sherry Adams, Nicklis Grossmiller, Vickie Dick, Jane Able, Margie Schultz, Ella May Thompson, Evelyn Meadow. SIXTH GRADE ROW I; Vicky Harland, Joe Scott, Marvin Jensen, Bob Bowman, Bob McCarty, Beulah Dewey. ROW 2: Miss Legg, Arlene Parrish, Gail Able, Kathy O’Brien, Nancy Wilcox, Julie Wynn, Sonjia Lates. Absent from picture were Montie Cochran, Dennis Aurmon.SEVENTH GRADE ROW I: Kenneth Bowman, Kenny Mishler, David Flanagan,, Steve Spike, Fred Andrews, Dale Fife, Lyle Cramer, Bruce Henry, Harold Lutes. ROW 2: Rita Faro, Angie Parish, Jean Helms, Paula Hickey, Jeannine Adams, Kathy Huff, Ethel Rees, Jan Liesegang, Alfreda Harville, Shirley McCully, Mrs. O’Brien, Jody Schwab. EIGHTH GRADE ROW I: Henry Hooker, Billy Doherty, James Severnz, Harold Tefft, Robert Campbell, Glenn Thompson, Gary Harville, Patty Sue Spike, Priscilla Flanagan, Linda Poff, Sandra Rhea, Pat O’Brien, Molly Lozier, Blanche Faro, Mr. Peshall.Jay Severns, Robert Campbell, Harold Teft, Glen Thompson, Billy Doherty. PEP STAFF Linda Poff Molly Lozier Patty Sue Spikemm kiiiaiinHUSKIES ROW I: Mick Tolar, Coach; Kenny Bowman, Joe Scott, Mike Spike, Billy Doherty, Assistant Coach. ROW 2: Mike Brown, Henry Hooker, Bobby Bowman, Billy Gotschalk. LIONS ROW I: Delbert Jordan, Coach; Newton Levering, Brent Fife, Glen Thompson, Assistant Coach. ROW 2: Fred Andrews, Kenny Mishler. 1.0. IF. BASKETBALL Fife, Steve Spike. BEAVERS ROW I; Larry Campbell, Coach; Bobby Correa, Marvin Jensen, Bruce Henry, Jay Severns, Assistant Coach. 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Z k -1 . . r «-- - ‘ fj?;- . Nfr 7’lf f £1 r r' •' "' ------ rr- r' rorr ccr,P fT" ? - ‘ !«f ftp rs » s m r y - - — +:- i ft- •%. r '“ r. r - - - - - 5 -“ -- «. Iw K - - lyP . T-'-WP iPr O — j -r - — C ‘ p • ■ • .' P -s ft - . ft «■« - . — - — a-- — r ? r ftp “ ‘ r - N « m '■■ ?'£p j»r‘ «Ml J •m. JI'.T'Hp ■ « s -• r — « h- — rw ft — • — • «»f x» • ‘•-, N T5 T. - — ft- — ij p —. t; r •'■■ «■' jc r'" - r' ■ " ' - --r-f p ■-- %|T- . p-P- -' — — ' I •■ft” — — — r y p » “ ft ■'- ft . “

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