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THE ECHOES OF '53 Published by ECHO HIGH SCHOOL Editor ............. Assistant Editor ... Business Manager ... Feature Editors .... Girls' Sports ...... Boys' Sports ....... Senior Reporter..... Junior Reporter .... Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter Artist ............. Advisor ............ ......... Kay Laughlin ......... Shirley Myers ...... Arlene McKissick • ... Molly E. Mona F. ......... Jeanne Ramos ......... Russel Sloop ............ C. Stamper ............ Carla Hall Carol Ann Wiglesworth ......... Vesta Farrens ........ Sharon Chapin ... Miss Jeanne Swaynewho has been advisor to the paper and annual staff for five years. She is well-liked by all the students. Mrs. Wilkerson taught her first year at Echo in grade school. She then taught five years in high school; this year she is teaching the seventh grade.Hoasvd education. Mr. E. Liesegang has been a member of the Board for three years. He was educated in Echo Schools. During World War II he was in the army. Mr. Leisegang has a child attending Echo Grade School. Mr. G. Campbell has been a member of the school board one year. He went to high school in Pilot Rock and finished in Cornell, Wash. He moved out on Buttercrcek in 1947 Mr. Campbell has three children in Echo Grade School. Mr. R. Spike is the newest member of the School Board. He attended school at Echo. He owns a hay farm out in the meadows. Mr. Spike has two children attending Echo Grade School. Mr. R. W. Esselstyn is the clerk of District No. 5. He is a graduate of Walla Walla High School. He also attended Washington State College for two years. During the Second World War he was in the navy. Mr. Esselstyn has two children attending Echo Schools.MR GEORGE DEI.AP Social Economics Physical Science Health P. E. Basketball Coach Football Coach Principal MR GLENN GARRET English Band World Geography Chorus Jlitflt School fyacuUtf MR. CARL SCHWAB SUPERINTENDENT U. S. History Mathematics MISS JEANNE SWAYNF. Journalism Advisor-Paper Annual Commercial Girls-P E. Science-Mathematics Baseball Coach Health P. F. MR DAN MAHF.R English Debate Cafeteriafja+Ut tA' Mick O'Brien has been janitor at Echo for 4 years. He keeps the grounds and buildings looking neat and clean. This is Mr. E. Schultz's first year as assistant janitor. He is always around to help where he is needed. Goo-k Myrtle O'Brien is well known around Echo Schools for her good humor as well as her good meals. She has been cook here at Echo ever since the cafeteria was built 4 years ago.Student tioAy There are 72 students in the Student Body this year. There are 21 Freshmen, 21 Sophomores, 14 Juniors, and 16 Seniors. The oificers of the student body were elected as follows: President ...... Vice President Secretary ...... Treasurer ...... Sgt. at Arms .. Ward Collinsworth ....... Russ Sloop ..... John Ramos Gary Dorn ..... Bud Graham Those on the student council are: Sr. Class President ..................................... Doug Deal Jr. Class President ..................................... Russ Sloop Soph. ( lass President .................................. Dave Correa Frosh. Class President ................................. James Lydia The Student Body held their annual Christmas party. Names were drawn and gifts were exchanged.SenioA ClaAA, cMiAtoAy In September 1949, twenty-two frightened freshmen stumbled up the stairs into high school, only to have the sophomores insist that they try going up the stairs backwards. The names of the twenty-two freshmen were as follows: Elmer Berry, Gary Bohms, Roy Bourque, Doris Bowman, Homer Bowman, Lc Ward Collinsworth, Gary Dorn, Molly Essclstyn, Mary Faro, Tony Faro, Buddy Graham, Dick Jorden, Kay Laugh-lin, Bettie Jean Marlnee, La Deana McCellan, Mary Lou Mills, John Ramos, LaVerne Sathers, Clarice Stamper, Patsy Stockard, Beth Wilson, and R. C. Winks. The class officers elected were: President -- R. C. Winks Vice-President - Doris Bowman Secretary -- Patsy Stockard Treasurer -- Mary Faro Sergeant at Arms -- Lc Ward Collinsworth Advisor -- Mr. Corriea In September 1950, Doris Bowman, Dick Jorden, and Roy Borque left and Betty Berry and Ronnie Dorn joined the class. Later in the year Patsy Stockard and La Verne Sather left. The sophomore class officers were: President - Elmer Berry Vice-President -- Molly Esselstyn Secretary -- Gary Bohms Treasurer - Kay Laughiin Advisor - Mr. Corriea To start our junior year Douglas Deal, Eddie Stephens and Mona Findlay joined the class. The juniors had the candy concession during basketball season, and they made enough money for the annual junior-senior banquet. Tony Faro quit school during the year but Ordean Johnson joined the junior class. Betty Berry was in a hurry to graduate and joined the seniors of "52". The junior class officers were: President - Kay Laughiin Vice-President - R. C. Winks Secretary -- Molly Esselstyn Tresurer - John Ramos Sergeant at Arms - Gary Dorn Our Senior year started with twelve boys and four girls. Beth Wilson, Mary Lou Mills, Bettie Jean Marlnee, and La Deana McCellan got married. Ordean Johnson graduated Mid-term. We sold programs at the basketball and football games to make money for our senior sneak. Our Senior class officers were: President -- Douglas Deal Vice-President - Gary Dorn Secretary - Bud Graham Treasurer - Le Ward Collinsworth Sergeant at Arms - Barney Bowman Advisor -- Mr. Bergstrom Seven of the Seniors have gone to school together twelve years. They are: Elmer Berry, Gary Bohms, Homer Bowman, Gary Dorn, Kay Laughiin, Clarice Stamper, and John Ramos. Class Motto: If you don't scale the mountains you can't view the plains. Class Flower: White Rose. Class Colors: Green and WhiteCLARICE STAMPER Class Treas.-l Band-1-2 Librarian-4 GAA-3-4 Office-3-4 Paper Staff-1-2-4 Annual Staff-4 Student Body Vice-3 Sec. Student Body-2 IOOF Chief Ruler-3 Student CounCil-2-3 Class Vice Pres.-3 JOHN RAMOS Football-2-3-4 Band-1-2 Basketball-1-2-3-4 Jr. IOOF-1-2-3-4 Baseball-2-3-4 Class Treas.-3 Student Body Sec.-3-4 Letterman's Club Sec.-3 Letterman's Club-1-2-3-4 Student Council-3-4 R. C. WINKS Class Pres.-I Football-2-3 Jr. IOOF-1-2-3-4 Jr. IOOF Band-2 Band-1-2 fij i . i cr ORDEAN JOHNSON 41, Football-3 Letterman's Club-3-4 Jr. IOOF-1-2-3-4 Graduated Mid TermKAY LAUGHLIN V olleyball- 1-2-5-4 Pep Club-1-2-3-4 G. A. A.-3-4 Class Treas.-2 Class Pres.-3 Annual Editor-4 Paper Staff-3-4 Annual Staff-3-4 Pep Club Treas.-3-4 Band-1-2-3-4 Tennis-2-3 Student Council-3 ELMER BERRY Class President-1 Student Council-1 Basketball-3-4 Eootball-2-3-4 Capt. Football-4 Jr. I. O. O. F.-1-2-3-4 Letterman's Club-2-3-4 GARY DORN Student Body Treas.-4 Baseball-2 Student Council-4 Sgt. at Arms-3 Class Vice Pres.-4 Basketball-1-2 3-4 Football-3-4 Letterman's Club-1-2-3-4 Paper Staff-3-4 Annual Staff-3-4 EDDIE STEPHENS Transfcr-3 Football-4 Letterman's Club-4Transfer-3 GAA-3-4 Pep Club-4 Band-4 Volleyball-4 Annual Staff-3-4 Paper Staff-3-4 BARNEY BOWMAN Football-3-4 Jr. IOOF-1-2-3-4 Letterman's Club-4 Tennis-1-2 Sgt. at Arms-4 Track-1 BUD GRAHAM Class Sec.-4 Letterman's Club-1-2-3-4 Student Council-3-4 Jr. IOOF-1-2-3-4 Sgt. at Arms-4 Jr. IOOF Band-1-2 Basketball-2-3-4 Capt. Basketball-3-4 Baseball-2-3-4 Band-1-2 Football-1-2-3-4 DOUGLAS DEAL Transfer-3 Football-3-4 Baseball-3 Class Pres.-4 Student Council-4 Letterman's Club-3-4 Paper Staff-3-4MOLLY ESSELSTYN Pep Club-1-2-3-4 Class Sec.-2 Class Treas.-3 GAA-3-4 GAA Pres.-4 Vice- Band-1-2-3-4 Volleyball-4 Paper Staff-2-3 Paper Editor-4 Annual Staff-3-4 RONNIE DORN Transfer-2 Football-3-4 Baskctball-3-4 Baseball-3-4 Letterman's Club-3-4 LEWARD COLLINSWORTH Baseball-1-2-3-4 Student Council-4 Basketball-4 yrs. Capt. Football-4 Football-4 yrs. Class Treas.-4 Student Body Pres.-4 Jr. IOOF-4 yrs. Sgt. at Arms-1 Track-1 Letterman's Club-4yrs. GARY BOHMS Class Sec.-2 Football-1-2-3-4 Baseball-1-2-3‘4 Band-1-2-3 Jr. IOOF-1-2-3-4 Letterman's Club-1-2-3-4Tom Able Jim Tolan Russell Sloop Lanny Dorn Joyce Sathers Carol Ottum Jim Pedro Vanyla Wilson Cry al Hutchins jjust'i i Glall The Junior class elected officers at the first of the year: They are: President ............ Russ Sloop Vice-President ..... Vanyla Wilson Sec.-Treas.................. Joyce Sathers Sgt. at Arms ......... Mr. Maher They sold candy, pop, and hot dogs at all the basketball games to raise money for the Junior - Senior Banquet. They put on a play, "The Leavenworth Case” in February under the direction of Mr Maher.SofaJuMtuvie Front Row, Left to Right: LaVerne Sathers, Dave Correa, Lisle Young, Don Smith, and Dennis Schulz. Second row: Don Matheney, Don Ottum, Colie White, Margaret Mooney, Patty Shouse, and Marlene Mooney. Third Row: Floyd Abercrombie, Kay Valentine, Jeanne Ramos, Mary Sue Findlay, Carol Rae Meacham, Carol Ann Wiglesworth, and Merilyn Wilson. Front Row, Left to right: Billy Correa, Jennifer Chapin, Irene Schiable, Yvonne Sathers, Dicie Smith, and Gail Madison; Second Row; Bill Lozier, Janette Terry, Barbara LeTrace, Janet Myers, Susan Mishler, Vesta Farrens, and Georgette Frazier; Top Row: Kelly Adams, Mickey Tolar, Ronald Gottshalk, James Lydia, Johnny Correa, Duane Deal, and Glenn Rohde.The annual Pep Club Dinner Dance was held in the cafeteria on December 30. President Shirley Myers, Mr. Garrett, and Mr. Scvhwab were speakers for the evening. r -. Rod Esselstyn's five piece chestra provided dance music. Atutual StaH Editor ............ Assistant Editor . Business Manager Feature Editors ... Girls' Sports ..... Boys' Sports ...... Senior Reporter .. Junior Reporter .. Soph. Reporter ..... Frosh. Reporter .. Artist ............ Advisor ........... ..... Kay Laughlin ..... Shirley Myers .... Arlene McKissick ... Mona F Molly ..... Jeanne Ramos ..... Russell Sloop ..... Clarice Stamper ......... Carla Hall .. Carol Wiglesworth ..... Vesta Farrens ..... Sharon Chapin Miss Jeanne Swayne Editor ...................... Molly Esselstyn Assistant .................... Jeanne Ramos Business Manager .................. Arlene M. Assistant —................. Carol Meacham Boys' Sports...................... Russ Sloop Girls' Sports .................... Carol W Reporters ..................... Mona Findlay, Kay Laughlin, Kay Valentine Shirley Myers, Vesta Farrens, and Clarice Stam-per. Pape . StaHQuni i GltUi Pla4f The Leavenworth Case, a 3 act mystery by Basil Ring was presented in February by the Junior Class. The Characters of this play were: Eleanore Leavenworth-Mr. Leavenworth's niece, and a suspect. Joyce Sathers Mary Leavenworth-Inhc-rits the Leavenworth fortune. Jeanne Ramos Truman Harwell-Mr. Leavenworth’s personal secretary. Doug Deal Everette Raymond-A young lawyer who plans to marry Eleanore. Jim Pedro Inspector Ebenezer Gryce-Who thinks the case has a "dreadful look” Russell Sloop Sally Burke-His assistant. Shirley Myers Thomas Dougherty-Thc Leavenworth butler, who thinks that the only trouble with women is that they are always saying NO. Tom Able Kate Malone-The cook, who finally quits saying NO. Sharon Chapin Molly O'Flannigan-The maid, who has a boyfriend. Hannah Chester-More dead than alive. Carol Ottum Carla Hall Mrs. Bella Cook-Who once had her own horses. Henry Clavering-Who wants his wife "Dash it all. Mrs. Amy Beldon-An important witness. Lanny Dorn Jim Tolan were stage crew, and Mr. Dan Maher, directed the play. Crystal Hutchins Arlene McKissick Vanyla Wilson Jr. Class Advisor, bekate GIqM. The Debate class, taught by Mr. Dan Maher, had five members; R. C. Winks, Joyce Sathers, Don Matheney, Sharon Chapin, and Ordean Johnson. This class spent the first six weeks discussing subjects of current importance such as "Who Should Be The Next President of the'U. S.,” "Is Consolidation of Schools a Good Thing?” "How Could Our Hunting and Fishing Laws Be Changed?" "Should The Office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Be Elective or Appointive?” "Is Socialism a Good Thing?", and "Should the U. S. Belong to the U. N.?" These subjects taught the class a lot about current events. The next six weeks were spent in study of speaking; how to enunciate, project the voice, and use expression, and ways to recognize prejudice and false advertising. The proper pronunciation of words was also studied. During the third six weeks we gained a knowledge of foreign words and phrases, their pronunciation and meaning. On the 17th of January an invitational speech tournament, taking in fifty schools was held in Pendleton. It was a successful affair for the Echo Speech Class with Joyce taking second honors in her Prose Reading, "The Gusher," Sharon receiving a 2nd place in poetry with "The Barrel Organ," by Alfred Noyes and 1st place with her oration "You and the United Nations.” Sharon represented Echo in the finals and received 1st place.The Majorette Band got off to a good start this year by playing three parades and two band shows. The first five weeks of the school term the girls played seven shows. This year we have a new director. He is Mr. Glen Garrett who graduated from the University of Oregon. At the first of the term eleven girls were made candidates. They were voted in in December. They are: Susan Mishler, drum, Vesta Barrens, trombone, Jean C. Ramos, baritone, Mona Findlay, drum, Mary Sue Findlay, drum, Janette Terry, clarinet, Janet Myers, cornet, Barbara Lc i race, cornet, Georgette Frazier, trombone, Jennifer Chapin, clarinet, and Gail Madison, baritone. The old members are: Molly Esselstyn, Kay Laughlin, Shirley Myers, Jeanne Ramos, Vanyla Wilson, Carol Ottum, Crystal Hutchins, Joyce Sathers, Arlene McKissick, Sharon Chapin, Carol Wiglesworth, Kay Valentine, Carol Meecham, Merilyn Wilson, and Colleen Lozier. During basketball season the girls worked up new yells and played them at all the home games. The Music Club ordered four new uniforms so that every girl will have one.Clarinets: Kay Laughlin, Carol Ottum, Russ Sloop, and Jennifer Chapin. Flute: Sharon Chapin. Baritones: Jeanne C. Ramos and Gail Madison. Drums: Mona Findlay, Marilyn Wilson, and Mary Sue Findlay. Majorette: Carol Ann Wigles-worth. Cornets: Molly Esselstyn, Janet Myers, and Barbara LeTrace. Trombones: Shirley Myers, Kay Valentine, Carol Meecham, and Vesta Farrens. Basses: Glen Rohde, Tom Able, and Don Matheney. (full' Gkvuu Front Row, left to right: Pat Shouse, Margaret Mooney, Janet Myers, Crystal Hutchins, Jennifer Chapin. Second Row, left to right: Marilyn Wilson, Marlene Mooney, Gail Madison, Jeanne C. Ramos, Vanyla Wilson, Georgette Frazier, and Carol Ann OttumQ U' Volleyball The first string volleyball team practiced hard to win as many games as possible. With the help of Miss Jeanne Swayne, girls coach, they had a very successful season. Due to the large number of girls who turned out for volleyball. Miss Swayne alternated players in the second string positions. rJu r0W left t0 r'«ht Caro1 Ann Wiglesworth, left net, Carol Rae Meecham, r,g..t net Jeanne Ramos capt center net, Kay Valentine, right center, and Mary Sue hmdiay, left center. Standing, left to right: Kay Laughlm, right back. Shirley subst?tu nter baCk’ M SS Swayne’ - 0yce Sathers. ft back, and Barbara LeTrace, r ’|JM t J' r,Ce Stamper taro1 °ttum- Arlene McKissick, Jean MeTiL w i n0"’ V,CSta FafrenS’ M°Uy £ssdstyn’ Ja"et Myers. Standing, Mer.lyn W. son, Dorothy Faro, Vanyla Wilson, Susan M,shier, Dice Smith Irene Schaible, and Mona Findlay.GUee deade i The three cheerleaders elected for the year were: Georgette Frazier, Jeanne Ramos, and Jean C. Ramos. They supported the teams at all games by leading the yells. QinU.' p, The Girls' P. E. Class was composed of all the girls in high school. They played softball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Many received G. A. A. letters and emblems.Mr. Schwab is given a daily work-out writing tardy slips. Mr. Maher's Sophomore English class really toes the mark. Miss Swayne’s Bookkeeping class is kept busy by working journals and ledgers. Mr. Garrett gives the girls a work-out at Pep Club practice.After the regular game another game consisting of mixed players from both teams was played.A Football banquet was sponsored by the G. A. A. The master-of-ceremonies was Mr. Schwab and the guest speaker was Mr. Dale Gentry from Washington State Gauqa'ui tyootkall Squad Echo Hi's grid assembly, coached for the seventh year by George De-Lap, strode away with an undefeated schedule. The leather-luggers for the blue and white won three trophies: Heppner American Legion, Cayuse Conference, and Oregon District 7 Championships. The Cougars carried an identical Cayuse Record with McEwen High School to the final day of the season. The pennant and the right to enter the state quarter finals was awarded to Echo by a poll of the Conference high school principals. The Cougars visited Wallowa for the crucial fray. The Cougar-Cougar clash turned in a decided victory for the Wallowans, soon to repeat as state Ringpins, but far from a disgrace for the Echoes. Seated, Left to Right: John Correa, Kelly Adams, Lisle Young, Duane Deal, Doug Deal, Glenn Rohde, Dave Correa, Bill Correa, and Bill Lozier; Kneeling, Left to Right: Russ Sloop, Jim Pedro, Dennis Schulz, Ed Stephens, Ron Dorn, John Ramos, Gary Dorn, Barny Bowman, Gary Bohms, and James Lydia; Standing, Left to Right: Norm Bergstrom, Lanny Dorn, Mick Tolar, Don Smith, Elmer Berry, Jim Tolan, Bud Graham, Ward Collinsworth, Tom Able, and Coach De-Lap.The Cougar's placed six gridders on the Cayuse 14-man all-star aggregation. Co-captain Elmer Berry, G, and LeWard Collmsworth, RB, John Ramos, QB, Gary Dorn, End, Bud Graham, EB, and Barney Bowman, T, were the Echo selects. Teams are allowed a maximum of three on state Shrine teams; Ramos, Berry', and Collinsworth garnered the positions. Echo 31 Stanfield 14 Echo 25 St. Patrick’s 13 Echo 0 McEwen 0 Echo 20 Grant Union 7 Echo 44 Umatilla 12 Echo 20 lone 0 Echo 33 Pilot Rock 0 Echo 12 Heppner 0 Echo 12 Wallowa 19 e4Utii Those trying out for the team are Left to Right; front row: Doug Maher, Donald Smith, Mona Findlay, and Glenn Rohde. Standing, Jeanne C Ramos, Dennis Schula, Eddie Stephens, Barbara LeTrace, Barney Bowman, Dicie Smith, LaVerne Sather, Georgette Frazier, and Carol Ottum. Those who are returning from last Year's team to try again are: Kneeling, Left to Right, Kay Valentine, and Mary Sue Findlay; Standing: Kay Laughlin, Carol Ann Wiglesworth, Carol Rae Meecham, and Jeanne Ramos.1952 Halelall The 1952 Cougar '9’ breezed through its third consecutive unbeaten Umatilla County League season. The triple-flag Cougars were soundly tromped in the District 7 play offs by Boardmen, the Little Wheat League Ringpin. The Yellowjackets ascended to the B school second birth in the Oregon play offs. Since only one varsity member, Jerry Myers, was lost by graduation and four were lower classmen, Coach Norm Berstrom hopes to increase the Echo pennant string. John Ramos (4-1) and LeWard Collinsworth (6-1), both Juniors and veteran moundsmen return in 1953 to better the single loss each collected on his record while leading the non-league contests. lone (w. p. Eubanks) 8 Umapine (1. p. Marlatt) 5 Umatilla (1. p. Spears) 5 McEwen (1. p. Faircloth) 2 Grandview’ (1. p. Miller) 5 ♦Umatilla (1. p. Spears) 3 ♦Weston (1. p. Patterson) 6 Umapine (1. p. Marlatt) 4 McEwen (1. p. Faircloth) 4 Weston (1. p. Lavadour) 3 Grandview (1. p. Whitney) 4 Echo (1. p. Ramos) 5 Echo (w. p. Collinsworth) 17 Echo (w. p. Collinsworth) 22 Echo (w. p. Collinsworth) 4 Echo (w. p. Collinsworth) 16 Echo (w. p. Ramos) 25 Echo (w. p. Ramos) 26 Echo (w. p. Ramos) 7 Echo (w. p. Collinsworth) 9 Echo (w. p. Collinsworth) 20 Echo (w. p. Ramos) 8 Sub-District Play-off Boardman (w. p. Palmer) 11 Echo (1. p. Collinsworth) called before regular 7 innings under Oregon regulationsCapt. Bud Graham Center John Ramos Guard Ward Collinsworth Forward Jim Tolan ForwardG H4.(fCM fyi+tuk U 'Undefeated State CUamfiA Climaxing an undefeated 30-game season as winners of the Cayuse Conference, Umatilla County League, Umatilla-Morrow Sub-district Tourney, and District 7B playoff titles, Oregon bailed the Cougar five as small school State Champions. The only State Championship ever won by Echo High topped six years of tutorship by Coach George DeLap. The Cougar quint captured the diadem at Willimette University, Salem in their last game under DeLap. Echo High School was awarded the second Sportmanship trophy presented in the two years this quint attended the State clambake. The varsity — John Ramos, Bud Graham, Gary Dorn, LeWard C.ollinsworth, and Jim Tolan - won 11 trophies in their two years as district champs. Eastern Oregon placed four players on the tourney's mythicial all-star five; three -Graham, Collinsworth, and Dorn - from Echo. While sailing smoothly through the schedule the Cougars compiled a median score per game of 68 as against 37 points for the opponents. Here is the balance shown in the individual per game scoring averages for the season's schedule: Graham 14.4 Dorn Ramos 13.9 Tolan Collinsworth 13-2 Game averages during the eight-game tournament drive: Collinsworth 17.0 Graham 16.0 Ramos 10.9 Dorn Tolan 8.8 7.3 Game Scores: St. Joseph 27 Echo 69 St. Patrick's 50 Echo 69 Prosser 29 Echo 51 Heppner 33 Echo 67 St. Patrick's 41 Echo 61 Grandview 37 Echo 61 Heppner 45 Echo 54 Prosser 37 Echo 60 Weston 46 Echo 82 McEwen 37 Echo 71 Umapine 37 Echo 61 Helix 29 Echo 46 Pilot Rock 34 Echo 80 Stanfield 26 Echo 80 lone 39 Echo 53 Weston 51 Echo 83 McEwen 37 Echo 72 Umapine 41 Echo 73 Helix 38 Echo 52 Stanfield 36 Echo 96 Pilot Rock 52 Echo 86 Wallowa 49 Echo 62 Subdistrict Tourney Weston 24 Echo 73 St. Joseph 31 Echo 55 Helix 44 Echo 62 District 7B playoffs Mt. Vernon 39 Echo 69 Mt. Vernon 42 Echo 44 Oregon State Tourney Drain 42 Echo 58 Chiloquin 36 Echo 56 Elgin 42 Echo 67Standing, left to right: Dave Correa, Tom Able, Don Smith, Elmer Berry, Mickey Tolar, Lisle Young, and Ron Dorn. Seated, left to right: John Ramos, Jim Tolan, Bud Graham, Ward Collinsworth, and Gary Dorn. The Basketball fans and cheering section supported their team at all home games as well as following them all over the state. Over 250 Echo fans attended the State Tournament.President ....... Vice-President .. Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... Sgt.-at-Arms .... Frosh President . Soph. President Junior Rep....... Senior President Ward Collinsworth ..... Russ Sloop ..... John Ramos ..... Gary Dorn ..... Bud Graham ........James Lyda ..... Davie Correa ......... Tom Able ..... Douglas DealJohn Ramos and Shirley Myers were presented the citizenship awards for the first semester. They were chosen by the Administration, Faculty, and Student Body.PENDLETON GRAIN GROWERS Donnally’s Eastern Oregon's Largest Mayflower Milk DAIRY COOPERATIVE ASSN. Owned and Operated by Producing Dairymen Hermiston - Phone 3571 Selection of Fine China, Pendleton - Phone 1211 Silver, Crystal, Diamonds, Watches and Fine Jewelry. Foster’s Market Frigidaire Appliances 204 S. W. Emigrant Zenith Radios Phones 2511 - 3512 FREE DELIVERYHut Cafe "Fine Footl Carefully Prepared" C. B. Miller ARCHITECT 1400 S. W. Dorion Pendleton, Oregon Pendleton, Oregon Hi-way Cafe Bill and Pearl Olson PJ k,’ 43k Umatilla, Oregon Umatilla Shell Service Gas, Oil, Lubrication JERRY TAYLOR CALVIN SMITH Umatilla, Oregon De Luxe Cleaners Cleaning of Quality Phone 763 Power City Cole’s Studio "Creator of fine Portraits" Phone 805 Rich Maid m Ice Cream f W ice V 24 Flavors ah 1881 North 1st St. Hermiston Robinson Building Pendleton, Oregon Paul’s Service Matsoms Phone 521 Hermiston's, Newest Ladies Ready Umatilla to Wear. Sizes 9 to 24 1 2 Dan’s Auto Supply AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND SUPPLIES Cobain Brothers DEALERS IN HUDSON MOTOR CARS S. W. 1st. at Emigrant Phone 2100 Umatilla, Oregon Pendleton, OregonC. C. Anderson Co. Harold’s Pharmacy Phone 3200 Pendleton, Oregon For Quality, Selection and Service 358 South Main Pendleton, Oregon e fHenryGerards vy •[ JEWELER South Main Pendleton CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "53" Purity Bakery Pendleton's Finest Bakery J- - For Your Every Bakery Need 326 South Main Phone 131 Kit Boxes Belts Cunningham Ham ley’s Sheep Co. PENDLETON CONGRATULATIONS When You Think Of Furniture Think Of Us SENIOR CLASS g2 McKee Furniture Co. Phone 134 Pendleton, Oregon PENDLETON, OREGON Forshaws THE PIONEER FLORISTS Evelyn’s Pend leton Music House Conn-Bue sher Pan-American Band Instruments Magna vox-RCA Records Sheet Music EASTERN OREGON'S MUSIC CENTER Phone 2139 Pendleton Phone 524 Pendleton Oregon Title Insurance Co. COMPLETE TITLE SERVICE fce t fj fWnU l Thrifty Market "The Best for Less" S " Jerry Neva Haddox Phone 2761 North Hermiston Meade’s Linoleum Service Phone 64 Pendleton, Oregon McNARY DAM HIGHWAY Phone 6212 Hermiston, Ore,TOPS FOR PLOWING SINCE 1837 John Deere Columbia Sand § Gravel ProductsCo. Sand, Gravel, Concrete Pipe Tractor Plows Empire Machinery Co. Phone 470 Umatilla, Oregon McReynolds Pontiac Company □ FIRST Sc NEWPORT State F Insurance arm Co’s. Phone 6817 Hermiston, Oregon Blue Bird Cafe Ada Rogers and Betty Jo Tiller O. P. "Bert" LOILAND-Agent Life - Casualty - Fire 310 S. E. Court Phone 2224 Pendleton, Oregon North 1st. St. Hermiston, Oregon A lice’s Barber Shop 217 S. W. Emigrant Phone 2376 Pendleton Cole’s Electric Motor Shop John G. Cole 215 S. W. 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Court Phone 479 Pendleton, Oregon McCoy - Volstorff 515 S. E. Court Pendleton, Oregon OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC - GMC Pendleton Auto Parts Phone 381 Pendleton M. Hartman Long Pendleton, Oregon Luciles Look for Doris Dodson Junior Size Dresses at LUCILES Knights Grocery Hermiston, Oregon Pendleton Ranch Market Fresh Meats and Staple Groceries Phone 840 - 2292 1202 S. W. Court Ave. Oscar Schultz Agency, Inc. All Known Forms of Insurance Real Estate Box 684 Phone 4349 Pendleton, Oregon Oscar Schultz Mrs. Cecil Greer Raymond Elliott John (Shorty) Howard William Scharn Jr. J. P. French Margaret KoppTot and Teen Shop "Where the Younger Set Meets to Dress" First Federal Savings Loans Association of Pendleton Telephone 547 "COUGARS" 25 Southeast Court Avenue Pendleton, Oregon Consider your future save for a College Education Nalls Cafe HOSPITALITY AND GOOD FOODS Kailey’s 5 £ to $ 1. 00 Store 1 ' NELLIE'S A-'- Gifts fc Cosmetics 1408 S. W. 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Echo Stanfield Phone 391 Echo, Oregon Phone 151 Phone 341 SPONSORED BY MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR; AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. JOE RAMOS CLAUDE STAMPER BOB SPIKE GLEN CAMPBELLQtade. School fyaotUlf 1st and 2nd 2nd and 3rd Grades GradesIZufJith ( siade 1st row: Leslie Laughlin, Robert McCord, Phyllis Smith, Henry Rees, Doris Marlnee, Milton Mercer. 2nd row: Edward Hall, Phyllis Schultz, Butch Smith, Beverly Anderson, Darilyn Fife, Carlene Rea. 3rd row: Delbert Jordan, Deloris Ottum, Mike Ramos, Lary Campbell, Bobby Male. There are eighteen students graduating from the eighth grade class with an even tally of nine girls and nine boys. Class officers are as follows: President ..... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Reporter ...... Doris Marlnei Lary Campbell .... Butch Smith Delbert Jordan Deloris Ottum This class has instigated "The Eighth Grade Independence Club'' which is in the form of a court for deciding misdemeanors of the members of the class. The court is presided over by Judge Robert Male and Prosecuting attorney Judy Hutchins.Seventh QfiaAe 1st row. Bobby Tolar, Jack Mishler, Keith Follett, Norman Wilkinson, Verlin Schuitz, Billy Daniels. 2nd row: Sam Ramos, Ronnie White, Gary Gottschalk, Kathleen I'ollett, Rosemary Lydia, Barbara Andrews, Margente barrens, Diane Schwab, Carol Faro. 3rd row: Floward Brown, David Commons, Joanne Wynn, Ellen Rees. 4th row: Karen Valentine, Betty Correa, Kent Mercer, June Mat-hency, Grace Harvill, Doris Sadler, Shirley Siler, Charleen White, Barbara Hall, Alice Schaible. Stsxtlt Q ia(le 1st row: Douglas Terry, Lee Caldwell, Jerry Huff, Judy Shouse, Elaine Brown. 2nd row: Douglas Graham, Herbert McCord, Charles Myers, Billy Sather, Jack Lieuallen, Lola Mae Clayton, Alice Terry.fyifjUt Q ade 1st row: Keith Smith, Joe Cunha, Deana Standefer, Patty Spike, Gary Harvili, Phillip Graham. 2nd row: Molly Lozier, Karen Shoemaker, Mildred Schaiblc, Lana Jean Harvili, Verl Matheney. 3rd row: Sandra Rae, June Smith, Allen Crown-cr, Blanch Faro. 4th row: Glenn Sathers, Judy Terry, Richard Lydia, Robert Campbell, Billy Doherty. rfousUh Qlade 1st row: Jeanne Schmidt, Jan Lcisegang, Ethel Rees, Alfrcda Harvili, Rita Faro, Forrest Harvili, Stevie Spike. 2nd row: Kenny Bov« an, Jody Schwab, Kathy Huff, Marian Mills, Karen Baily, Elaine Laird, Sally ns, Yvonne Otcs, Kaye Farrens. 3rd row: Carole Crisler, Kenneth Mishler, J nes Hall. Ronnie Esselstvn, Mrs. Skaggs, Fred Andrews, Susan Compton, Dale Fite.Second And 7lu id Q uzde 1st row: Vicki Dick, Steven Johnson, Jerry Graham, Johnny Bowman, Julie Wynn, Connie Draper. 2nd row: Clayton Frazier, Eugene Campbell, Johnny Schaible, Michael Brown, Margaret Schultz, Rosemary Balderston, Judy Schmidt, Janet Allen. 3rd row: Merrilyn Kuhn, Gail Able, Bobby McCarty, Jane Able, Bobby Bowman, Billy Gottschalk, David Terry, Fred Otes. fyiSiAt And Second CjladeA, 1st row: Ray Balderston, Kay Commons, Connie Graham, Jo Swales, Julie Lam-berth, Amy Smith, Mike McCarty. 2nd row: Carol Browning, Shiree Lennington, Joan Blewitt, Joan Jordan, Sharon Wynn, Dorothy Findlay, Dorthea Bowman, Tommy Laird Charles Aiken, Jean Blewitt. 3rd row: Raymond Sallee, Brent Fife] Bobby Correa, Nickola Grossmiller, Bob Daniels, Robert Schaible, Sherry Adams, Bernard Doherty, Sharon RiggsQ ade School Qootlall Squad 1st row: Howard Brown, Douglas Terry, Bee Tolar, Charles Myers, Herbert McCord Billy Daniels, David Culmsee, Bobby Male, 2nd row: Delbert Iordan, Norman Wilkinson, Lary Campbell, Vcrlin Schulz, Kent Mercer, Jack Mishler, Ke th Follett, Edward Hall, 3rd row: Mike Ramos, Milton Mercer, Henry Rees, Robert McCord, Gary Gottschalk, Butch Smith, Sam Ramos, Mr. Hicks.. Echo Grade School fielded a fighting but inexperienced grid '8' for the 1952 season. The young enthusiasts got the most from their encounters although a large percentage were on the injured list and a single victory was all they could salvage. The scores were as follows- Echo 13 Pilot Rock 19 Echo 0 Standfield 12 Echo 7 Athena 0 Echo 6 Pilot Rock 26 Echo 6 Stanfield 24 Echo 6 Athena 7Qnade School Sa keiLcUl Squad 1st row: Howard Brown, David Commons, Bobby Male, Delbert Jordan, Bee Tolar, Kent Mercer, Jack Mishler. 2nd row: Gary Gottschalk, Butch Smith, Herbert McCord, Henry Rees, Milton Mercer, Lary Campbell, Ronnie White. 3rd row: Billy Daniels, Verlin Schulz, Keith Follett, Mike Ramos, Sam Ramos, Norman Wilkinson, Mr. Hicks. Starting lineup for the Echo Grade School Kittens coached by Mr. Hicks was Mike Ramos, Lary Campbell, Butch Smith, Sam Ramos and Delbert Jordan. The following was their schedule: Dec. 5 Stanfield at Echo Dec. 12 Umatilla at Umatilla Dec. 19 Pilot Rock at Echo Jan. 7 Heppner at Heppner Jan. 15 Stanfield at Stanfield Jan. 22 Umatilla at Echo Jan. 29 Pilot Rock at Pilot Rock Feb. 6-7 Tournament at WestonWith "Kittens Fight” for their yell the grade school cheerleaders went into action. Doris Ann Marlnee (left), Phyllis Schulz (center), and Leslie Laughlin (right) were chosen at the beginning of the football season and supported the teams with the help of the cheering sections through the year.BEAVERS Coach: Gary Dorn Assistant Coach: Dave Correa LIONS Coach: LeWard Collinsworth Assistant Coach: Don Ottum BEARS Coach: John Kamos Assistant Coach: Doug Deal HUSKIES Coach: Bud Graham Assistant Coach: Jim Tolan Ralhetball Sponsored by the Jr. I. O. O. F. four basketball teams are chosen ever year from boys in the 4th through the 6th grades. They are coached by some of the high school boys.Qtadie School Sand. Out of the twenty-five students in the Grade School Band all of them but seven are first year players. This group went to the spring concert at LaGrande. The Grade School Band will have a good foundation for music in the future. And Rhythm GIgAA Learning tne foundations and fundamentals of music the twenty-one students in the fourth grade have a class in tonet and rhythm. The class is taught by Mr. Gar- )

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