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Directors of District No. 5 Mr Gaylord Madison, lower right, chairman of the school boord, spent his eorly life in Iowa ond Missouri, where he received his education. When bua a young man, he came west and worked on wheat farms until he bought a claim on the desert near Butter Creek He has held various offices throughout the county and has been on the school board for four years. Mr Joe Ramos, lower left, is now serving his eighth year as a school trustee He is a graduate of Echo High School and during his years of service has watched the district grow from 101 to 423 square miles; the valuation has increased from $900,000 to $2,500,000. He has worked for the building of the new gym, athletic field, and the heating plant. Mr Ed Liesegang, upper left, has been a member of the school boord for three years. He wos educated in Echo schools. In high school he was an outstanding othlete. During World War II he served his country overseas. In the past years he and the other two trusteees have carried through building plans for the new school building, also a cafeteria out of the old gym. CLERK Mr. Cornea, upper right, a graduate of the University of Oregon, is clerk of school district number five. He is also in charge of all the bookkeeping for the school cafeteria. This is Mr. Corrieo's second year at Echo High School.TO THESE WE ARE INDEBTED . . MR. W. CENTER Mr. Center, superintendent, is o groduote of Bethany College ot Lindsborg, Kansas Mr. Center who has taught 20 years, 7 of which have been in Echo, is instructor of all the music comportments in both the grade and high school. MRS. M. WILKERSON Mrs. Wilkerson, a graduate of University of Kansas, teaches English and World History, was advisor of the Journalism and Junior Class ploys. She also is advisor of both the Cougar Tracks and the annual yearbook. MR. E. CORRIEA Mr. Corriea is a graduate of the University of Oregon. This is his second year of teaching He teaches typing I, shorthand, office practice, bookkeeping, and commercial law. Mr. Corriea is alsc bookkeeper for the school cafeteria.MR. G. DE LAP Coach DeLap is a graduate of Washington State College. Coach is athletic advisor of all the boys' physical education classes. This is Coach's fifth year of teaching here. MR. N. BERGSTROM Mr. Bergstrom graduated from Pacific University in Forest Grove. This is his fourth year in teaching. He teaches general science, biology, advanced science, and general mathematics. He also coached the baseball team. The Labors of a Few The three pictured above seem to be about the most popular people around Echo Hi. Mrs. Myrtle O'Brien is well-liked because of the delicious meals she serves at noon Mr. Jack Nieland and his assistant Mr. Mick O'Brien are popular because they keep everything in tip top shape. Senior Class JOHN MADISON Baseball 1-2 Band 1-2-3 Letterman'sClub 1-2-3-4 Boxing 2 Football 2-3-4 Bosketball 3-4 I O O F Band 3 Play Cast 3-4 Sergeant at Arms Class 3 President Class 4 Sergeant at Arms Student Body 4 Student Council 4 Honor Student 4 MARY LOU FARRENS Transfer 2 Girls' League 2 G. A A 2-4 Paper Staff 2-3-4 Annual Stoff 2-4 Editor Annual 3 Play Cast 3 Band 3-4 Girls' Volleyball 3-4 Student Council 4 Treasurer of Student Body 4 Secretary-Treasurer Class 4 Secretary-Treosurer Pep Club 4 EUGENE WIGLESWORTH Track 1-2-3 Band 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Baseball I -2-3-4 Letterman's Club 2-3-4 I.OO. F. Band 3 Sergeant at Arms of Letterman's Club 3 Vice President 4 KATHY ELLIS Transfer 2 Paper Staff 2 Class Treasurer 2 Girls' League Sergeant at Arms 2 Girls' League 2 Pep Club 2-3-4 G A A 2-3-4 Annual Staff 2-4 Band 2-3-4 Orchestra 3 Girls' Volleyball 3-4 Dlay Cast 3-4 Cheerleader 4Senior Class AL YOUNG Band 1-2 I 0.0. F. Band 1-2 Baseball 1 -2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Letterman's Club 1-2-3-4 Track 2 Basketball 2-3-4 Sec-Trees. Letterman's Club 3 President Letterman's Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Poper Staff 4 JUANITA AYERS G. A A. 1-3-4 Girls'League I -2 Girls' Volleyball 1 -3-4 Student Council 3 Secretary-Treasurer Student Body 3 Class Secretary 3 Paper Staff 3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Play Cast 3-4 Editor Paper 4 Honor Student 4 DOROTHY WIGLESWORTH Tennis 1 Girls' League 1-2 Band 1-2-3-4 Girls' Volleyball 1-3-4 G A A I-2-3-4 Secretory Class 2 Cheerleader 2-3 Pep Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Papier Staff 3-4 Play Cast 4 Editor Annual 4Senior Class SWEDE RAMOS Class President 1 Paper Staff 1-2 Student Council 1 -2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Basketball -I-2-3-4 Lettermon's Club -I-2-3-4 Band I-2-3-4 Annual Staff 2 Class President 2 Football 2-3-4 Student Body Vice President 3 Play Cast 3 1.0.0 F. 3 Track 3-4 Student Body President 4 CHARLOTTE LAUGHLIN Class Secretary-Treasurer I Girls' League 1-2 G. A A I-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Girls' Volleyball 1-3-4 Orchestra 2 Pep Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Play Cast 3-4 Paper Staff 4 BOB McVICKER Class Vice President 1 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Lettermon's Club 1-2-3-4 Band I-2-3-4 Class Vice President 2 I O 0 F. Band 2 Basketball 2-3 Football 2-3-4 Class Vice President 3 Annual Staff 3 Play Cost 4 Lettermon's Club Vice President 4Senior Class JIM STOCKARD Transfer 3 Class President 2 Student Body Sergeant at Arms 3 Student Council 3 Track 3 Play Cost 3-4 Band 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Basketball 3-4 Football 3-4 JEANNE JORDAN Sergeant at Arms Girls' League 1 Girls' League 1-2 Band 1-2-3-4 G A A 1-2-3-4 Girls' Volleyball 1-3-4 Secretary Student Body 2 Student Council 2 Orchestra 2-3 Paper Stoff 2-3-4 Pep Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Play Cast 3-4 RICHARD FULLERTON Boxing- 1 Band 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1 -2-3-4 Letterman's Club 2-3-4 Play Cast 3-4 Football 4THIS WE HAVE DONE! Senior Class History It seems such a short time since we were 15 freshmen coming up the steps here at Echo High, Those that started out were: Juanita Ayers, Dorothy Wiglesworth, Charlotte Laughhn, Jeanne Jordan, Barbara Lieuallen, Lilly Crow, Swede Ramos, John Madison, Bob McVicker, Eugene Wiglesworth, Al Young, Jim Savage, Bill Spann, Richard Fullerton, and J. D. Ephlin During our freshman year we sponsored a Hal- In our sophomore year Barbara Lieuallen was married. J D. Ephlin, Lilly Crow, and Jim Savage all moved away. Kathy Ellis, Mary Lou Farrens and Judy Walpole all enrolled during the year. As sophomores we were given the privilege of initiating the freshmen. Our officers were: As juniors we had finally made the grade of upper classmen. At the first of the year we received our class rings. On October 20th the juniors gave a play and later we honored the seniors with a banquet. In our junior year Judy Walpole left and Jim Stockard entered. Our class officers are: Well, we finally made the grade of seniors As seniors we were very busy. We ordered our announcements, caps and gowns and all the other things that go with graduating. The class officers were: lowe'en Party and the Freshman Return Party. Our class officers were: President ......... Vice President Secretary-T reasurer Advisor ........... ......Bill Spann Charlotte Laughlin . Swede Ramos Coach DeLap President .. Vice President Swede Ramos Bob McVicker Secretary T reasurer Advisor . Dorothy Wiglesworth Kathy Ellis Mrs Wilkerson Secretary T reasurer Advisor . President Vice President . . . Jim Stockard Eugene Wiglesworth Juanita Ayers Dorothy Wiglesworth Mrs. Wilkerson Advisors President........... Vice President Secretary-T reasurer ..........John Madison Eugene Wiglesworth Mary Lou Farrens Coach DeLap, Mr. Center Class motto—Our aim success, our hope: to win. Class colors—Green and white. Class flower—White rose.Senior Class Will We, the seniors delighted at the thought of leaving E. H. S., leave the faculty in tears and to the student body we leave our battered books and desks. To the junior class we leave our favorite hiding places we used when we skipped English. To the sophomore class we leave the ability to throw good Hallowe'en parties. To the freshmen we leave the happy thought of not being green when they come back next year. I, Dorothy May Wiglesworth, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get into mixups to Dorene Davis in hopes that she can get out of them better than I did. To Kay Lieuallen I leave my twirling ability. I, Robert Lee McVicker, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair to Jerry Myers in hopes that he keeps it just as curly, and to Buddy Graham I leave my acting ability hoping that he has just as much fun as I did. I, Charlotte Eileen Laughlin, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to Shirley Myers and to Kay Laughlin I leave my temper to keep it in the family. I, Victor James Stockard, do hereby will and bequeath my flashy clothes to Lary McAtee so that he will have a larger assortment and to Gary Bohms I leave my position on the football team. I, Dorothy Jeanne Jordan, do hereby will and bequeath my handwriting to Coach DeLap in hopes that his future students can read it and to Bill Spann I leave my cafeteria job knowing that he can handle Myrtle better than I did. I, Charles Joseph Ramos, do hereby will and bequeath my flirting ability to John Ramos in hopes that he puts it to better use than I did and I leave my good grades to anyone who thinks he can use them. I, Kathleen Joyce Ellis, do hereby will and bequeath my everyday spats with Ernie to Donna Snow, hoping that Ernie doesn't get too mad and I leave my liking for Alumni boys to Beverly Clark, I, Eugene Walter Wiglesworth, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to talk so much to Roy Rohde and I leave my laugh to anyone who wants it. I, Mary Lou Farrens, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to look busy to Mer-rilyn Dorn because it might come in handy and to Sis I leave all of our good times together. I, Juanita Mae Ayers, do hereby will and bequeath the headaches of being editor of the school paper to some poor junior who thinks he can find a remedy for them and to Kay Lieuallen I leave my sweet disposition. I, Richard Blake Fullerton, do hereby will and bequeath my job as band librarian to anyone who doesn't like to play his horn and to Dayle I leave all of our good limes together. I, John Allen Young, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to skip English class to anyone who thinks he can get away with it and to LeWard Collmsworth I will my nickname, Curly, in hopes that he will like it as well as I did. I, John Frank Madison, do hereby will and bequeath Mrs. Wilkerson her literature book, because she might need it next year and to Elmer Berry I leave my ability to sleep m bookkeeping hoping that he doesn't miss too much. Signed: Curly Breezy Sunshine MacTHIS WE WILL DO Prophecy One bright sunny day in bookkeeping, Kathy and I were talking as usual, when Ernie lost his temper and threw a book that hit me on the head, Everything went black. Things began to cleor up hours later. I opened my eyes, one at a time, then quickly closed them again That bump on the head must have made me lose my mind because something hod happened to the world around me J started down the street hoping to meet somebody I knew when I met Bob McVicker. He is now 6' 2" The last time I had seen hirn Bob was only 5' 5". He is now the owner of a huge movie studio known as the McVICKER, McVICKER, AND McVICKER STUDIOS He asked me if I would like to see him moke a few pictures and of course I said yes. Bob introduced me to the new star of his latest musical comedy, "Annie Get Your Gun!" She was none other than Jeanne Jordon. Jeanne had taken Betty Hutton's part. We wandered into the next set and wotched them make a new Bumphrey Hogart picture, the toughest detective in the business. Bob introduced me to this tough guy and who do you think it was? Yes, you guessed it! Swede Ramos. While Bob and Bumphrey were talking over an extra scene I wandered over to talk to the comera man There I met a beautiful blond, a Miss Dauren Recall. She ploys opposite Bumphrey in his pictures. While we were talking, I noticed something familiar about her, then it dawned on me who it wos Dorothy Wiglesworth. After Bob and Bumphrey finishing talking we wondered over to the Western set where Crip-a-Long Hassidy and his horse "Lower" were making their latest film. Playing opposite Crip-a-long was his wite and leading lady, the beautiful western singing star Nevada White I might add she is the new queen of the west. Who is this new twosome? Why it's Juanita and Al. Together, the same as always. By this time the day was nearly over so Bob and I decided to go to the Brown Derby for dinner and to the opera later As we walked in the door of the Brown Derby we were greeted by the handsome proprietor He seemed to know Bob quite well. I took a better look at him, after he had greeted me by name Bob said, "John, can you find us a good table?" Then I knew who he was John Madison. We hod a lot of fun, but Bob soid it was getting late, so we decided to leave or we would be late for the opera. We arrived at the opera in time for the first curtain The stars, Mili Folms and Relson Feddy, were performing that night After the performance we went bock stage and met them Bob mtroducd me to Mary Lou Farrens ond Richard Fullerton Mili Folms and Relson Feddy were only their stage, names. We tolked for awhile then left for the night clubs We decided to go the rounds starting with the Coconut Grove The featured entertainer that evening was the great crooner, Hankie Finatra He wos really packing them in that night, but we got a front table After his number, he came down to our table Jim Stockard hod really come up in the world! He was going to be a great coach, but I guess he liked singing better He told us to stick around for awhile, as they had a new comedion who was really great We did and soon out came Eddie Cantersworth who rolled his big glassy eyes around and had the crowd in stitches Bob and I both were surprised when we recognized Eugene Gene was always so serious in school that we were surprised when he told us his secret desire hod always been to be a comedian. Well, we had seen quite enough at the Coconut Grove so we went to the Stork Club, next They had a new blues singer there who was really beautiful. She was 5' 8" and hod blonde hair She was really good After her first number everyone wos crying Bob said he had a surprise for us so after her number, he beckoned her over and introduced Miss Kathy Ellis to us. Well, offer all the other surprises I had had today I was really not very shocked I told Bob I wos getting tired and wanted to go home, so he took me there. As I walked in the door my six boys were ploying a fast game of football; they insisted I play. I was getting ready to catch a pass when WHAM! something hit me in the face When I come to everyone was around me. Ernie said he was sorry, but Kathy and I had gone just a little toe far that time Well I said I wasn't angry and you know—I was mighty glad he had hit me with that book for otherwise I might not have had that wonderful dream.AUTOGRAPHSAND NOW WE SHALL RULE . . Junior Class There were 16 members in the junior class this year. They were Darlyne Wat-fenburger, Donna Snow, Sis Ramos, Jessie Boyer, Dorene Davis, Beverly Clark, Bill Spann, Roy Rohde, Dayle Highley, Fred Wilson, Frank Young, Norman Winks, Ordean Johnson, Jerry Myers, Lary McAtee, and Danny Bowman. Jessie Boyer left us around the middle of the year. The class officers were: President Roy Rohde Vice-President Bill Spann Secretary Dayle Highley Sergeant at Arms . Darlyne Wattenburger Mr Bergstrom was our class advisor and he did a wonderful job of supervising the sale of candy at all home games. The juniors made a good business of this and everyone was pleased with the results. The money was used in giving the Junior-Senior Banquet. In February the juniors and seniors gave their class plays Every member of our class had some part in our play The money we made was used for the banquet, also. Back row: Ordean Johnson, Fred Wilson, Lory McAtee, Roy Rohde, Dayle Highley, Frank Young. Front row: Jerry Myers, Beverly Clark, Darlyne Wattenburger, Joanne Ramos, Donna Snow, Bill Spann.Bock row: Tony Foro, Barney Bowman, John Ramos, R. C. Winks, Mory Lou Mills, Betty Jean Morlnee, Beth Wilson, LeWord Collinsworth, Elmer Berry. Front row: Gary Bohms, Gorn Dorn, Buddy Graham, Motley Esselstyn, Koy Laughlin, LaDeanna McCord, Clarice Stamper, Betty Berry. Sophomore Class The sophomore class hos 19 members. They are Betty Berry, Elmer Berry, Gary Bohms, LeWard Collinsworth, Gary Dorn, Molley Esselstyn, Tony Faro, Buddy Graham, Kay Loughlm, Betty Marlnee, LeDeanna McCord, Mory Lou Mills, John Ramos, LoVerne Sather, Clarice Stamper, Patsy Stockord, Beth Wilson, R. C. Winks, and Homer Bowman They have not lost any of their older members, but they received one new girl, Betty Berry. Betty went to school here in the second grade. The sophomore closs gave one party this year, the freshman initiation party. The class officers for the year were: President ..................... Elmer Berry Vice President ............. Molley Esselstyn Secretary......................Gary Bohms Treasurer ............................... Kay Laughlin The class motto: If you do not scale the mountains you can not view the plain. Class flower: Yellow rose Class colors: Gold and white.Freshman ("lass The freshman class started the year with sixteen pupils who seem to have survived freshman initiation fairly well The freshmen returned the party January 15th It was held in the gym except for the dinner that was served in the cafeteria. A movie was given by the freshmen to raise money for the class treasury. It was titled "One Million B. C." Mrs. Wilkerson is the freshman advisor and the class motto is, "In Ourselves Our Future Lies." The class colors are lavender and yellow and the flower is an iris. The class officers are: President Vice President . . Secretary-T reasurer Sergeant at Arms Jeanne Ramos Shirley Myers Barbara Bennett . Jim Pedro Standing: Tom Able, Carol Ottum, Shirley Winks, Vanyla Wilson, Chrystal Hutchins, Lonny Dorn, Jimmy Pedro. Sitting: Barbara Bennett, Merrillyn Dorn, Shirley Myers, Joyce Sather, Jeanne Ramos, Koy Lieuallen, Sharon Chapin.AUTOGRAPHS Student Council All the class presidents, club presidents, and the officers of the student body make up the Student Council. Members of the Student Council are: Student Body President.................. Student Body Secretary.................. Student Body Treasurer.................. Student Body Sergeant at Arms Senior Class President ................. Junior Class President.................. Sophomore Class President............... Freshman Class President................ Pep Club President...................... Lettermen's Club ....................... . Swede Ramos ...... Sis Ramos R. C. Winks Mary Lou Farrens John Madison . Roy Rohde ..... Elmer Berry Jeanne Ramos ....Sis Ramos ...... Al YoungHERE COMES THE BAND Echo High School Band The Echo High School Band is composed of 51 members. The band again, this year, played for the Echo Community Program. This makes the third consecutive year the band has played for this program. The band had a formal concert April 4 in the high school gymnasium. The first trip that was taken by the band was to Pendleton October 21, 1950, where the band marched in the Cantonment Military Order of I. 0. O. F. parade. After the band marched, a ten piece band went to the Odd Fellows' Hall where they played a few marches. On November 30, 1950 the band marched on Washington Field at Pendleton for the six-man championship play-off between Pilot Rock and Triangle Lake. The band also participated in the entertainment for the District B 7 Tourna-men at McEwen High School gymnasium. The officers of the band for this year were: President ................................... Sis Ramos Vice President...............................Roy Rohde Secretary.................................... Donna Snow Treasurer ................................. Swede Ramos Managers .............. Rich Fullerton and Jim Stockard Director ............................................ Mr. CenterWE LOVE A PARADE Below is a picture of the Echo Majorette Band in action. They are taking part in the Westward Ho! Parade in Pendleton. Twenty-eight girls participated in this parade. The same routines and formations were used as when the girls marched in the Lilac Festival at Spokane. After the parade the Round-Up Committee gave each of the girls a free ticket to the Round-Up.MA]ORETTE BAND PEP CLUB There ore 24 active members in the Echo Hi Pep Club. They ore: Jeanne Ramos ................................trumpet Mol ley Esselstyn ............................trumpet Merrillyn Dorn ...............................trumpet Dorlyne Wottenburger ........................trumpet Beth Wilson ..................................trumpet Barbara Bennett ..............................trumpet Charlotte Loughlin .........................saxophone Jeanne Jordan ..............................saxophone Vanyla Wilson ..............................saxophone Kay Laughlin ................................clarinet Carol Ottum .................................clarinet Sharon Chapin ..................................flute Donna Snow ..................................trombone Shirley Myers ...............................trombone Crystal Hutchins ............................tromdone Sis Ramos ...................................baritone Joyce Sathers ...............................baritone Beverly Clark ............................French horn Mary Lou Farrens...........................snare drum Kathy Ellis ...............................snare drum Patsy Stockard ............................snare drum Shirley Winks . bass drum Dorothy Wiglesworth .........................moiorette Kay Lieuallen ..............................mojorettey The Pep Club officers are: President ...................... Sis Ramos Sec. Trees......... Mqry Lou Farrens The Pep Club hod an active year with the g'rls marching at many of the football games. During basketball season they furnished entertainment during holves and between games They also performed at the tournament. They received their official Pep Club sweaters which are white, long-sleeved, and V-necked A monogram of a majorette's hat with a baton, the girl's name, ond the number of years she has been a member of the Pep Club are worn on the sweaters. They also got some blue caps with Echo Majorettes written across the top. An invitation to the Spokane Lilac Festival was received and accepted. This is the girls' third appearance at Spokone.CHEERLEADERS The four cheerleoders elected by the student body this year are: Kathy Ellis, Donna Snow, Jeon Ramos, and Kay Lieuallen. These four girls led the cheering section throughout football, basketball, and baseball seasons. During football season the girls wore white skirts and white sweaters with a blue emblem on the front. For basketball season the girls made entirely new uniforms. These were of blue and white corduroy—white corduroy skirts and blue corduroy blouses and tights. Also the girls wore white majorette boots with blue tassels. These uniforms looked especially nice. The cheerleaders worked very hard at their job They worked out some new routines for the old yells and also some routines for a few new yells. The girls appeared at nearly every game throughout basketball, football, ond baseball season; and they, along with the cheering section, were always behind the team. MAJORETTES The four majorettes for the High School Band are Dorothy Wiglesworth, senior; Kay Lieuallen, freshman; Carol Ann Wiglesworth, eighth grade; and Mabel Rose Correa, seventh grade. These girls performed several times throughout the year, doing solos, duets, or quartets. They do both tumbling ond acrobatic twirling. The majorettes performed one night of the tournament at McEwen and led the band during parades in Pendleton Dorothy and Kay may also be seen in the Pep Club as mojorettes or as directors.Shades of Shakespeare SENIOR CLASS PLAY The seniors gave the play, "One Happy Family," on February 6, 1951. The play was given in the gym at the same time as the juniors' one-act play. It was a huge success and was well acted. The play owed much of its success to the directing of Mr. Laird and Mr. DeLap. The play was about a poor German family who fought among themselves all the time. Interwoven in the fighting was a tender love story of Emmy Lou Oberstatter played by Dorothy Wiglesworth and Harry Stevens played by Johnny Madison. The rest of the family consisted of Papa Oberstatter played by Bob McVicker, Ma Ober-statter played by Jeanne Jordan, Willie by Jim Stockard, Henry, the writer, by Al Young, Arabella, the model, by Charlotte Laughlin and Susie, the painter of the family, by Juanita Ayers. Junior Class Play The juniors gave the ploy, "Life of the Party ' on February 6, 1951, with the seniors' one-act play. The ploy was about the Maxwell family with Wilbur, the main character, ployed by Jerry Myers. His sister, Betty Lou, played by Donna Snow, gave a party and didn't invite him She tells him to put the carbonated water into the punch while his moher tells him at the same time to take sleeping medicine up to his father. He absently pours the sleeping medicine into the punch and takes the carbonated water up to his father. All the guests go to sleep when they drink the punch but everything is finally straightened out. Mrs Maxwell is ployed by Sis Ramos, Mr. Maxwell by Frank Young The guests at the party were Bernadme Smith played by Kathy Ellis, Mary Brown by Darlyne Wattenburger, Judy Martin by Dorene Davis, Jack by Lory McAfee, Bob by Fred Wilson, Frank by Roy Rohde, Cliff by Doyle Highley. The play was directed by Mrs. Wilkerson and Mr Bergstrom.THE POWER OF THE PEN Cougar Tracks The '50-'51 Cougar Tracks is published monthly by Juanita Ayers who was appointed by Mrs. Wilkerson and Mr. Center. The Staff is as follows: Editor .............................. Juanita Ayers Assistant Editor ...................... Donna Snow Feature Editor .................... Mary Lou Farrens Business Manager ................Charlotte Laughlin Assistant Business Manager.............Jeanne Jordan Girls' Sports Dorothy Wiglesworth Boys' Sports......................................A! Young Society and Fashions .................... Sis Ramos Reporters...........Barbara Bennett, Clarice Stamper Beverly Clark, Kathy EllisBBI Echoes of ’51 ANNUAL STAFF Editor ..................... Assistant Editor ........... Business Manager............ Assistant Business Manager Feature Editor.............. Music Editor................ Girls' Sports .............. Boys' Sports ............... Reporters Senior ................. Junior ................. Sophomore .............. Freshman ............... Dorothy Wiglesworth Joanne Ramos ..... Juanita Ayers Donna Snow Charlotte Laughlin Jeanne Ramos .......Kathy Ellis Al Young . Mary Lou Farrens Beverly Clark Mol ley Esselstyn ...... Joyce Sather Senior Class Will Jeanne Jordan Senior Class Prophecy . . . Charlotte Laughlin The annual staff of '51 was selected by the advisors—Mrs. Wil-kerson and Mr. Center.AUTOGRAPHS H.Standing, left to right: John Madison, Swede Ramos, R. C. Winks, John Ramos, Al Young, Tony, Faro, Richard Fullerton, and Lary McAtee. Kneeling, left to right: Danny Bowman, Jim Stockard, Roy Rohde, Jerry Myers, Frank Young. Front row: LeWard Collinsworth, Gary Dorn, Buddy Graham, Bill Spann, and Dayle Highley. Letterman’s Club The Echo High School Lettermon's Club held their first meeting October 27, 1950, to elect officers. They are as follows: President ..................................... Al Young Vice President .......................... Bob McVicker Secretary ................................ Frank Young Initiation was heid the second week after football to receive all new members. The boys that were initiated were: Gary Dorn, Buddy Graham, LeWard Collinsworth, Bill Spann, Dayle Highley, John Ramos, Jerry Myers, Jim Stockard, and Tony Faro. Cookies and ice cream were served for refreshments. On January 18th, 1951 th Letterman's Club presented a movie entitled the "Thief of Bagdad." After expenses were paid the Let-termen cleared approximately $27.00ii FOOTBALL The Echo High School Cougars wound up their second successful year of eleven man football with a record of 7 wins and 2 losses. They won the District championship for the second consecutive year, but lost to Union in the state quarter finals. Echo 46 Mabton 7 Echo 38 Heppner .... 0 Echo 31 St. Pats 14 Echo 21 John Day . . . 13 Echo . 32 Arlington . . 0 Echo 15 Waitsburg . 20 Echo 1 Prairie City . . (forfeit) Echo 34 Crane 0 State quarter finals—Union 25, Echo 0.Basketball—Varsity The Echo High School Cougars, coached by George DeLap, wound up another year of successful basketball, losing only five games out of twenty-seven starts. The Cougars in league play lost only two games to end in a three way tie for the league lead. The Cougars, in the Sub District Tournament walked off with top honors, winning four straight. In the district tournament, a two out of three series, the Cougars bowed out in two straight leaving Grant Union the district championship. Echo .... 47 Heppner ... 20 Echo .... 48 St. Pats 41 Echo ... .... 33 Grant Union 56 Echo .... .... 40 Prairie City ... 39 Echo .... .... 32 Condon ...27 Echo . . . . 49 Heppner 40 Echo .... .... 56 Weston . 39 Echo . ... 47 McEwen ... 30 Echo .... 56 UMAPINE ... 46 Echo .... 47 St. Pots ...43 Echo . 48 Piliot Rock .... ...36 Echo 39 Helix ...42 Echo ... ... 73 Stanfield . .. 45 Echo — . . 47 Grant Union . . . 46 Echo .... 40 Prairie City . ... ...34 Echo .... .... 54 McEwen ...34 Echo 56 Weston 44 Echo 43 Helix . 29 Echo 72 Umapine 4 Echo 77 Stanfield 25 Echo 41 Pilot Rock 52 SUB DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Echo 89 Stanfield . 31 Echo 64 Ukioh . 36 Echo 39 Pilot Rock . 27 Echo 29 Helix 24 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Echo 30 John Day . 40 Echo 44 John Day 54Basketball—Junior Varsity The Echo Junior Varsity lost only two of 14 games this year. The Junior Varsity consists of mostly sophomores and juniors. Echo . 34 Heppner 36 Echo 36 St. Pats .. 19 rcho 35 Heppner . 33 Echo . 36 Weston 36 Echo 33 McEwen 35 Echo 30 Pendleton Jr. Hi 16 Echo 22 St. Pats .. 15 Echo 31 Pilot Rock 26 Echo 57 Stanfield 31 Echo 29 Pendleton Jr. Hi 23 Echo 44 McEwen . . 20 Echo 36 Weston 30 Echo 47 Stanfield 21 Echo . 30 Pilot Rock . 21SPORTS ECHO DEFEATS CRANE Action shot token during Crone vs Echo gome, for the District B-7 Championship The Cougors come out on top 34-0. The Cougors in the picture are Doyle Highley 19, Roy Rohde 5, Eugene Wiglesworth 40, ond LeWard Collmsworth throwing the block Official showing in the background is Carl Kligel SPORTS ECHO VS. GRANT UNION IN DISTRICT PLAYOFF At the right is on action shot taken in the first of a two out of three series of games for qualification to go to the state iourney at Salem Cougars shown in the picture are John Romos No. 25 up after the ball with Bob McVicker, No 23, and Ward Collinjworth, No 24 looking on For Grant Union is Gardner, No. 5 after the ball and VanLeuvan, No 8 looking on Grant Union won the game ond also the second game.Pictured obove from left tr right: Tom Able, Buddy Graham, LeWard Collinsworth, Bill Sponn, Jim Stockord, Jerry Myers, Lory McAtee, John Ramos, Gary Dorn, John Madison, Doyle Highley, Swede Ramos, and Al Young. Baseball The Echo High School Cougars won their first baseball championship for many years during the 1950 baseball season. In the State Quarterfinals Echo was beaten by Union in 11 innings. Echo Echo Echo 5 29 1 Echo 9 Echo 6 Echo 12 Frho 6 Echo 6 Echo 15 he ho 9 Echo ... 13 Echo .... 3 Union 10 Umatilla 8 Boardman 2 McEwen 3 lone 4 Stanfield 3 Boardman 4 Pilot Rock 2 Umatilla 12 lone 5 Weston ... 0 Boardman ... 5Reading left to right: Mr. Galati, Barney Bowman, Doyle Highley, Ordean Johnson, Tony Faro, Bill Spann, Gory Bohms, Jim Pedro, Fred Wilson, LaVern Sather, Lanny Dorn. Tumbling Mr Galati is instructor of the boys' tumbling class at Echo Hi All the boys who do not take basketball go out for tumbling the last period each day. This class consists of eight members ot present. They are: Barney Bowman, Tony Faro, Ordean Johnson, LoVern Sather, Fred Wilson, Jim Pedro, Gary Bohms, Lanny Dorn. CHEERING SECTION Below is pictured o small part of the high school yelling section as they appeared at the Echo-John Day game. Although Echo was behind during most of the game the cheering did not cease, as can well be seen in the picture.First String Volleyball The first string volleyball team has been very active during the school year. The team has won most of their games because of good team work and the co-operation the girls have shown by staying after school for practice. The coach of the team was Miss Lewis, who tried very hard to make the team a success. The members of the team were: Charlotte Laughlin, riqht net- Sis Ramos, center net; Jeanne Ramos, left net; Juanita Ayers, right center; Dorothy Wiqlesworth center center Kay Laughlin, left center, Patsy Stockard, left back; and Shirley Winks, right back The captain of the team was Sis Ramos. The scores of the games were at follows: Dec. 8 Helix 39 Echo 21 Here Feb. 8 “Umatilla 31 Echo 26 There Dec. 14 Lexington 15 Echo 34 There Feb. 9 “Irrigon 17 Echo 37 Here Jan. 6 Heppner 22 Echo 58 There Feb. 12 “Hermiston 15 Echo 30 Here Jan. 9 “Irrigon 30 Echo 34 There Feb. 15 lone 37 Echo 34 There Jan 11 Pilot Rock 11 Echo 27 Here Feb. 23 Pilot Rock 18 Echo 34 There Jan. 25 “Umatilla Echo Here Mar. 6 “Stanfield 17 Echo 54 There Jan 31 “Hermiston League Gomes. 15 Echo 42 There Mar. 13 “Stanfield 17 Echo 25 HereSecond String Volleyball The girls' second string volleyball team instructed by Miss Lewis has had quite a successful year. The members of the team are Donna Snow, right net, Jeanne Jordan, center net; Shirley Myers, left net; Kathy Ellis, right center, Merrillyn Dorn, center center; Mary Lou Farrens, left center and captain of the team, Doreen Davis, right back, and Kay Lieuallen, left back. The girls have played the following games this year: Dec 8 Helix 38 Echo 35 Here Jan. 31 ’Hermiston 27 Echo 37 There Dec. 14 Lexington 30 Echo 31 There Feb 8 ’Umatilla 28 Echo 34 There Jan. 6 Heppner 11 Echo 33 There Feb. 9 ’Irrigon 27 Echo 41 Here Jan 9 ’Irrigon 23 Echo 41 There Feb 12 ’Hermiston 31 Echo 33 Here Jon. 11 Pilot Rock Echo 26 Here Fee 15 lone 24 Echo 30 There Jan. 25 ’Umatilla Echo Here Mar 6 ’Stanfield 27 Echo 22 There Mar. 13 ’Stanfield 25 Echo 34 Here League Games.Pictured above is Kay Lieuallen doing o back bend. Behind her are the following forming o pyro-mid: Donna Snow, Jeanne Ramos, Shirley Myers, Dorothy Wiglesworth, and Kathy Tolor. The P. E. instructor, Miss Lewis, is standing to the right. Girls’ Tumbling The tumbling class at Echo High, under the direction of Miss Lewis, consists of seven girls this year. They are: Jean Ramos, MerriIlyn Dorn, Dorothy Wiglesworth, Donna Snow, Kay Lieuallen, Kathy Ellis, and Shirley Myers The girls practiced very faithfully every day in order to put on a demonstration at the Weston basketball game on February 1 Oth At this performance the girls did everything from forward rolls to diving. Judy Shouse and Alice Terry of the third grade also tumbled with the girls at the game.Tennis teom, left to right: Jeanne Ramos, Charlotte Laughlin, Sis Ramos, ond Dorothy Wigles-worth. Absent from picture is Merrilyn Dorn. TENNIS TEAM This year Echo's tennis team consists of five girls with Mr. Galotti as their instructor. The team scheduled several matches and won a good per cent of them. Joanne Ramos and Dorothy Wiglesworth went out for singles with Charlotte Laughlin, Joanne Ramos, Merrillyn Dorn, and Jean Ramos playing doubles.AUTOGRAPHS MR. R. GALOTTI Mr. Galati, a graduate from the University of Minnesota, teaches the seventh grade. This is his first year teaching school. MISS B. LEWIS Miss Lewis teaches the fourth grade and girls' physicol education. She attended college at Cascade and E 0. C. E. This is her first year teaching school. MR. T. LEE Mr Lee, sixth grade teacher, taught school last yeor on a Navajo Indian reservation. He attended school at Kent University in Ohio and in Flagstoff, Arizona. MRS. R. BENNETT MRS. A. LAIRD MRS. 0. MORELAND Mrs Bennett teaches the Mrs. Laird is a graduate of Mrs Moreland, eighth grade second grade She is a grad- Mount Angel Normal School teacher, has taken training at uate of Nebraska Normal She teaches the fifth grade Oregon’ College of Education Training School. This is her and this is her eighth year and University of Hawaii. This sixth year in Echo schools. here at Echo. s her seventh year ot Echo. MRS. I. McELROY Mrs. McElroy, a graduate of Eastern Illinois State College teaches the first grade. She nas taught here for seven years.IT WAS A LONG, LONG TRAIL Bock row, reading left to right: Potty Shouse, Patricia Johnson Colleen Lozier, Kay Valentine Meechon, Margoret Mooney, Carol Ann Wiglesworth, Morleen Mooney, ond Marilyn Wilson. Front row. Colin White, Floyd Abercrombie, Donald Smith, Tom Crewdson, Donald Ottum, ond Lisle Young. Eighth Grade Class History Marilyn Wilson, Carol Rae Meechan, Carol Wiglesworth, Colin White, Floyd Abercrombie, and Lisle Young have been here all eight years. Patty Shouse came here in the 2nd grade. Donald Ottum came in the 3rd grade. Donald Smith joined us m the 4th We had two new girls in the 6th They were Collen Lozier and Patricia Johnson In the 7th Marlene and Margaret Mooney came. This year Tom Crewdson came from Elgin and Kay Valentine from Heppner. Donald Smith, Donald Ottum, Lisle Young, Colin White, Floyd Abercrombie and Tom Crewdson are all on the first ten in basketball. Our yell leaders are Kay Valentine, Carol Rae Meehan and Carol Wiglesworth. Our class president is Lise Young, Vice President Kay Valentine Secretary Carol Wiglesworth, Treasurer, Donald Smith. We had a Valentine and Easter Party. We exchanged gifts at Christmas.Eighth Grade Will I, Patty SHouse,, will my place in the cafeteiia to Jennifer Chapin and hope she doesn't break too many dishes. I, Margaret Mooney, will my ability to draw to Janet Terry in hopes she will decorate the room with her drawings. I, Patricia Johnson, will my ability to play tennis to Yvonne Sathers—maybe she can hit the ball instead of thin air. I, Marilyn Wilson will my desk in front of the room to Gladys Youngblood in hopes that she won't have to sit there all year. I, Lisle Young, will my number thirteen basketball jersey to Mickey Tolor with the hope in mind that he doesn't foul out of too many games. I, Marlene Mooney, will my spare time to Gail Madison so she might use it up to good advantage I, Colleen Lozier, will my ability to play drums to Vesta Farrens in hopes she can play louder and bet ten next yeor. I, Thomos Crewdson, will my ability to coll the girls "Sweetheart'' to Kelly Adams and hope he can get away with it. I, Donald Ottum, will my bright shirts to BillyCorrea hoping he doesn't get stared at too much I, Carol Rae Meechan, will my job collecting the lunch money to Janet Myers in hopes she can keep herself supplied with candybars. I, Carol Ann Wiglesworth ,will my ability to perform in public to Barbara LeTrace in hopes her face won't get quite as red. I, Floyd Abercrombie, will my heighth to Glenn Rohde and hope he can use it. I, Donald Smith, will my smile to win the girls to Johnny Correa in hopes he gets more than one girl's attention. I, Kay Valentine, will my talking to Mable Correa so that she con talk without getting caught. I, Colin White, will my abiliy to play the bass drum to Billy Lozier in hopes he can keep time on waltzes. Eighth Grade Prophecy As Lisl Young turns on the new television set we see the eighth grode class that graduated in 1951 It is now the year 1955 What is that we hear? Oh! It is Carol Rae Meechan playing her accordion. Now who is this? Yes, it is the Mooney sisters, Margaret and Marlene, singing a duet together. Here comes Carol Ann Wiglesworth ond Thomas Crewdson in their tumbling act—and are they good! Are there a couple of doctors in the house? Well, well. Here they come now—Floyd Abercrombie and Colin White—the "Before Taking Medicine" and the "After taking it!" Oh! There is going to be on airplane crash. No it is just Donald Smith coming down and look who the stewardess is—Patty Shouse. Who's band is that coming out of the plane? Why it's Marilyn Wilson's jazz band ond guess who is first choir trombone? Yes, you're right! Kay Valentine. What are they doing? Why they're showing something and I do believe it's the new super duper can opener that was just invented by Patricia Johnson. Just the other day Donald Ottum discovered a gold mine under the old school building. He now plans to be a prospector the rest of his life. Colleen Lozier has a monopoly of all the parks.COMING UP THE LADDER . . . . SEVENTH GRADE Bock row; Gladys Youngblood, Yvonne Sother, Janette Terry, Irene Schaible, Gail Madison, Dorothy Faro Barbara LeTrace, Jennifer Chapin, Janet Myers, Vesta Farrens, Mabel Correa Front row; blenn Rohde, John Correa, Mickey Tolar, Kelly Adams, Bill Lozier, Bill Correa, Jomes Lydia. Standing: Fife, Mike Rarr Doris Marlnee. SIXTH GRADE Kathy Bennett Delores Ottum, Beverly Anderson, Robert Male, Floyd Culver, Darrylm ios Carlene Rhea Jo Ann Isackson, Cathy Center, Sharon Youngblood, Leslie Laughlin, Front row Charles Smith, Hattie Crewdson, Delbert Jordan, Judy Hutchins, Kenneth Dencer, Larry CampbellWERE NOT FAR BEHIND . . . . FIFTH GRADE Standing Richard Holt, Alice Schaible, Conrad Lesser, Norman Wilkinson, Ronald White, Betty Correa, Shirley Dovis, Karen Valentine, Rosemary Lydia, Elame Wilcox, Barboro Andrews, Robert Tolor, Donald' Corner, William Daniels, Sam Ramos. Front row: Charlene White, Robert McCord, Doris Sadler, Jerry Nack, Marguerite Farrens, Carl Faro FOURTH GRADE Standing: Mildred Schaible, Kay Cunnington, Lieuallen, Robert Combell, Herbert McCord Front Joslm, Douglas Terry, Judy Shouse. Toni Kay Oleman, Charles Myers, Bill Sother, Jack row: Larry Dencer, Alice Terry, Jay McVicker, GloriaTHIRD GRADE Standing: Patty Sue Spike, Deanna Standefer, Judy Terry, Richard Lydo, Sandra Rhea, Blanche Faro, Joey Cunha. Front row: Bill Doherty, Richard Attebury, Garyl Harvill, Eugene Lesser, Glennon Sother, Barry Compton. SECOND GRADE First row left to right: Kenneth Bowman, Elaine Laird, Stevie Spike, Robert Bowman Second row Jeanne Schmidt, Alfredo Horwill, Rita Faro, Jan Liesegang, Jean Storey, Marian Mills. Third row: Dale Fife, Susan Compton, Glenda Cunnmgton, Kaye Farrens, Ronnie Esselstyn, Fred Andrews, Jr, Steven Dewey.FIRST GRADE Standing: Eva Dewey, Vickie Harland, Joyce Williams, Gail Able, Judy Schmidt, Joe Cunha, Nancy Wilcox, John Schaible, David Terry, Robert McCarty. Front row: Johnny Bowman, Rosemary Balderston, Bernard Doherty, Michael Lesser. RHYTHM BAND Majorettes: Elaine Laird, Patty Sue Spike, and Deanna Standifer. First row, left to tight Rita Faro, Jean Storey, Marian Mills, Richard Attebury, Billy Doherty, Jan Liesegong, Jeonne Schmidt Alfredo Harvill, Kenneth Bowman Second row, left to right: Goryl Harvill, Stevie Spike, Barry Compton, Joseph Cunha, Dale Fife, Susan Compton, Kaye Forrens, Steven Dewey, Glenda Cunnmgton Third row, left to right: Fred Andrews, Jr, Ronnie Esselstyn, Eugene Lesser, Glennon Sather, Richard Lyda, Sandra Rhea, Judy Terry, Blanche Faro.GRADE SCHOOL BAND Reading left to right 3rd row John Correa, Bobby Male, Ronald White, Floyd Abercrombie Donald Smith, Sam Ramos, Charles Myers, Carol Roe Meechan Kay Valentine Leslie Laughlin, Marilyn Wilson, Colin White; second row—Thomas Crewdson' Delores Ottum, Doris Saddler, Elaine Wilcox, Patty Shouse, Shirley Davis, Barbara Le Trace, Glen Rohde, Larry Campbell, Kenneth Dencer, front row—Jack Lieuallen Bill Doherty, Karen Valentine, Betty Correa, Barbara Andrews, Tom Kay Oleman, Norman Wilkinson, Bill Correa, Mike Ramos and the maiorettes—Mabel Rose Correa and Janet Myers. JUNIOR PEP CLUB The Junior Pep Club performed ot several basketboll gomes throughout the season and provided a halftime entertainment for the District B-7 Tournament at McEwen. There are thirteen girls in the Junior Pep Club and they are as follows Reading from left to right Carol Ann Wiglesworth, Janet Myers Mabel Rose Correa, Leslie Laughlin, Barbara Andrews, Gail Madison, Barbara LeTrace, Janet Terry,'Cathy Center, Carol Rae Meechan, Kay Valentine, Marilyn Wilson, Kathy BennettJr. I. O. O. F. Teams The above pictured basketball teams are sponsored and coached by the Jr. IOOF lodge. This is their second year of playing They have a regular schedule and the winner is awarded a trophy at the end of the season. The boys participating in these games are from the 4th to the 8h grade, but no one can play in the Jr. IOOF games if he is on the grade school team The ieague was started as a pastime for the smaller boys between 6 and 8 p. m on Wednesdays It has grown into keen competition between the boys and also the coaches. The teams are: BEARS Delbert Jordan Normon Wilkinson Robert McCord Herbert McCord Donald Corner Jackie Lieuallen Conrad Lesser Coach Al Young LIONS Larry Campbell Floyd Abercrombie Joy McVicker Kenneth Dencer Charles Myers Joe Cunho Coach Jim Stockard HUSKIES Butch Smith Bill Doherty Colm White Mike Ford Mike Ramos Lorry Dencer BEAVERS Bill Sather Coke Ramos Kelly Adams Eobby Tolar George Campbell Bill Lozier Gary Compton Eugene Lesser Coach Swede Romos Douglas Terry Coach Eugene WiglesworthCheer Leaders Carol Meechan Kay Valentine, Carol Wiglesworth ond Mabel Correa are our yell-leaders this year. They oE C.rol O KO, Vd,n„, «« - —1 Mabel Correa had white skirts and navy blue sweaters he support of the cheering section backed the Carol Wiglesworth and and white sweate. •-------- • ■ ------ The girls made up new yells and routines and along w team at every home game and several of the away game Grade School Basketball The Echo Grade School finished this year with not too impressive a experience This year's team was coached by Norman Bergsjrom Echo ........... M Umatilla 20 Pilot Rock ............ 15 Hermiston ............. 43 Umatilla .............. 20 Pendleton 30 Echo Echo Echo Echo 14 23 18 21 20 Echo . Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo record but with considerable more 36 18 18 22 18 32 Stanfield Umatilla Pilot Rock Hermiston Pendleton 13 23 12 33 44 Stanfield ............. 15STOCKARD'S DRUG STORE Cosmetics School Supplies Gifts Jewelry Candy Harold Laird - Clem Stockard, Props. ECHO STANFIELD Phone 151 Phone 341 PENDLETON GRAIN GROWERS INC. A farmer-owned and controlled cooperative serving the people of Umatilla county. "Nothing To Sell But Service”Pendleton's Motor-In Theater OPEN EVERY NIGHT FROM MARCH TO DECEMBER A Good Place to Bring The Family Pendleton ..... Echo Flour Mills Echo Cash Grocery GRAIN LOADING FRESH FRUITS and Custom Rolling and Grinding VEGETABLES A Complete Line of Feeds FANCY STAPLE COAL GROCERIES DUTCH BOY PAINTS "The Friendly Store That Gives Prompt Service" FRANCIS M. SPIKE Phone 4 1 2 Echo Phone 161 Echo, OregonGeorge Miller Co. THE LATEST DRESSES For Women Levis and Bright Socks For Men Specializing in "Lil Alice" Dresses COME IN ANY TIME Phone 32 I Echo, Oregon Union Service Station Tom Clark, Mgr. Oil Gas Repair Service Good Service Low Prices Phone 8 I I Echo, Oregon Echo Construction Co. Building Contractors Retail Dealers in G. E. Appliances Sherwin Williams Paints Building Supplies Phone 391 Echo ECHO HOTEL Rooms Prompt Service Delicious Ice Cream Fountain Service HAIG GLADYS BURNETT, Props Phone I 7 I EchoTum-A-Lum CONGRATULATIONS Lumber Co. To Fuel Class of "51" ALFRED F. CUNHA Building Supplies Attorney-at-Law Phone 221 Echo, Oregon Phone 713 Pendleton Payless Drug Store "Protect What You Have" Complete Line of BE SAFE AND INSURE DRUGS With SUNDRIES PRESCRIPTIONS Bert Jerard VETERINARY SUPPLIES Agency Phone 410 Pendleton, Ore. PENDLETON, ORE.Goodyear Service Store Oscar Schultz Located at Agency, Inc. LEO GOAR, INC. ALL KNOWN FORMS OF GOODYEAR TIRES INSURANCE Farm—Truck—Car REAL ESTATE — FARM LOANS “To m In Recapping” 134 S. E. Court Phone 99 503 S. E. Court Pendleton Pendleton, Ore. C. C. Anderson Co. Phone 3200 Igleheart Brothers Division Pendleton, Oregon GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION Pendleton, Oregon Congratulations Manufacturers Class of of "51" Swans Down Cake FlourOregon EXPERT Plumbing Title AND Insurance Heating O o • Pendleton COMPLETE TITLE SERVICE Plumbing and Heating 217 S. E. Court Pendleton, Oregon Phone 433 Ben W. Burnett Meet Me After the Game at METAL WEATHER STRIPPING ROOFING NALLS CAFE SIDING INSULATION Crawford Overhead Doors Pendleton, Ore. 320 S. E. Court Phone 2401 Box 596, Pendleton, Ore. L. A. MOORE Gunther's Restaurant Furnisher of Homes Furniture Appliances We Extend Hearty Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Heating Visit Us When in Pendleton Phone 2121 Hermiston, Ore. Good Food Oasis Theater and Grove Theatre Drive In Hermiston, Oregon Service McKee Swany's Drive-In Fountain Furniture Co. Dinner CONGRATULATIONS Steaks SENIORS OF CURB SERVICE "1951" 18 Court Avenue Pendleton, Ore. Pendleton, OregonPendleton Music House Carroll Equipment Co. CONN-BUESHER PAN-AMERICAN BAND INSTRUMENTS Oliver Farm Implements Crosley Appliances MAGNAVOX — RCA RADIO PHONOGRAPHS General Farm and Records Home Supplies Sheet Music Everything Musical Phone 3610 1 8 19 S. W. Court Phone 524 Pendleton Pendleton, Oregon CUNNINGHAM EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ! ! ! We've Changed Our Name SHEEP CO. OYLEAR-HOWARD PONTIAC Congratulations But Not Our Service Same Owners—Jack Bob Senior Class Same Car—Pontiac Same Location—Main and Byers Ave. Same Phones—530 and 1438 Phone 134 WESTERN AUTO GARAGE Pendleton, Oregon Your PONTIAC Dealer Pendleton, Oregonr When you’re woo in a heart 1 Make a wonderful start k With a beautiful (iruen Hatch! Donnally's Jewelers 257 S. Main Pendleton THE VAUGHN CO. OREG., LTD. J. I. Case and Calkins Farm Implements Phone 43 1400 S. W. Court Pendleton, Ore. Patton Barber Shop 30 S. W. Dorion Bunnell McKnown Pendleton CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Jack Allen Supply Phone 400 Pendleton Piersol Cleaners Phone 204 I Hermiston Stanfield Cafe Frank and Nina White Phone 906 Stanfield M. R. STEVENS CHEVRON GAS STATION Hermiston, OregonHermiston Variety B. MILLER C. and Hardware Store ARCHITECT Hermiston Oregon Pendleton Oregon Shanghai Cafe Eastern Oregon's Finest Consolidated Chinese and American Dishes Freightways, Inc. 304 MAIN STREET Complete Hauling Service Hermiston, Oregon Phone 515 Phone 6497 Orders to take out Pendleton Oregon Doty Furniture Dr. Mark R. Jones Hardware DENTIST Thrifty People Buy There Stanfield Oregon Hermiston Oregon REVILLE'S SMART SHOP Better Styles Better Made Better Prices Next to Dr.'s Office Hermiston Oregon CONGRATULATIONS From the Dairy Queen The HOME of the CONE with the CURL on TOP! Pendleton OregonMarsh's Tel. 340 Wm. C. Frances Stram Men's Wear The Frances Shop Marsh's—McGregor's Sportswear For Smart Fashions Knox Hats — Wilson Bros. Main at Court Avenue Phone 1987 Pendleton Pendleton, Oregon COLE'S STUDIO Pendleton Paint and Glass Creator of nne Portraits We Specialize in Children's Portraits 809 S. E. Emigrant — and — PHONE 805 417 S. Main Bond Bldg. Pendleton 272 — Phones — 4040 Domestic Laundry Cleaning Co. Pendleton Auto Parts Phone 60 or 100 Phone 381 Pendleton Pendleton, Oregon VAN PETTEN Kimsey The Clothier LUMBER CO. EXCLUSIVE MEN'S WEAR Satisfaction Guaranteed Pendleton Oregon Phone 684 Columbia Auto Court Save-Ur-Self Station A Good Place to Stay HI GRADE PRODUCTS Umatilla Oregon Power City COLUMBIA CAFE COBAIN BROS. HUDSON DEALERS BEST PLACE IN TOWN TO EAT Pendleton Umatilla Phone 509 Umatilla See America's 4 Most Car Echo Barber Shop Kennell-Ellis Studio Reasonable Prices MORRIS COE, BARBER 132 S. E. Dorion Ave. Phone 461 Echo Phone 533 Pendleton, Oregon SAM GORFKLE FORSHAWS QUALITY MEN'S WEAR THE PIONEER FLORISTS Remember: We Give S H Green Stamps Are Known to Most of the Echo Folks 329 S. Main — Pendleton In Business Fifty Years MOSETTE'S Harold's Pharmacy For QUALITY, SELECTION Ready-to-Wear SERVICE PENDLETON 326 South Main Phone 131 Established 1930 Olsen Motors, Inc. DODGE and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Auto Electric Specialists 103 S. W. Court Ave. Phone 3535 Pendleton, Ore. 227 S. E. Court Phone 860 Oregon Cafe Globe Cafe 322 Main St. — Pendleton AMERICAN and CHINESE American and Chinese FOODS 374 Main Street Phone 1489 Open 24 Hrs. Pendleton Foster Motor Co. ECHO MEAT MARKET 335 S. E. Court St. GROCERIES Pendleton, Oregon LOCKERS FROZEN FOODS BUICK and CHEVROLET GRADE "A" MEATS SALES and SERVICE SAVE TIME and MONEY Phone 74 Phone 341 EchoMr. 5%er Power City Purity Bakery Pendleton's Finest Bakery For Your Every Bakery Need Oregon 326 South Main Phone 121 Smart Parties Buckeroo Shop Home Owned Marshall Wells Pendleton Oregon Where you always will find A Complete Selection of TALLIES PLACE CARDS PARTY INVITATIONS appropriate for Every Occasion Frazier Book Store Phone 54 Main St. Pendleton, Oregon AutographsI »

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