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We, the students of Echo High School, do hereby dedicate the Echoes of ’49 to the members of the school board, who have so willingly given their time and efforts so that the boys and girls of this community may hove the best education possible.Directors of School Dist. No. 5 Mr. Ed. Liesegang became a member of our school board a year ago He was educated in the Echo Schools. While in high school he was an outstanding athlete. Later, he was one of Echo's alumni who served his country in World War II. During the past year he and the other two trustees have carried through building plans for a new school building, also a cafeteria out of the old gym His small daughter will soon enter upon her first year of school in Echo. Mr Joe Ramos, chairman of the Board of Education, is now serving his sixth year as a school trustee. In these years he has worked for the building of the gym, the athletic field, and the heating plant. He has seen the district grow from 101 to 423 square miles; the valuation increase from $900,000 to $2,500,000. The playgrounds have changed from weeds to lawns during his years of service. He also, is a graduate of Echo High School. Mr. Gaylord Madison was educated in Iowa and Missouri, where his early life was spent. He came West, when a young mon and worked on wheat farms until he bought a desert claim near Butter Creek. He has se rved as a member of our school board for two years. Mr. Madison is president of the Umatilla County Wool Growers Association; a director in Pacific Wool Growers' Co-op of the Northwestern states; chairman of board of directors of Farm Bureau Co-op at Hermis ton; also past president, Umatilla CountyHistory of Echo High During the past three years school district No. 5 has increased in area from 101 square miles to 423. The assessed valuation has increased from less than one million dollars to almost two and a half million. The directors of school district No. 5 are to be congratulated for bringing about these consolidations and boundary changes as it makes Echo school district one of the largest in Oregon. The five school districts which have merged into one district now have enough resources to work out an economical building program that will not be felt too much by the taxpayers of the district. Due to this great increase in area the enrollment of students in the Echo school has increased also. A few of the rooms in the lower grades have become crowded that the need for more classrooms is in demand After the consolidation with the Pine City district was made, the directors brought up a bond issue which would provide a cafeteria and a new three room building for the elementary grades, that is, the first three grades, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. That issue was passed, so the plans are being made now to have these new buildings ready for use next fall. The new three room building will have all modern facilities. The cafeteria will also have all modern equipment. The cafeteria has been planned so that it will occommo-date 150 people at the same time. There will also be changes made in the main school building. Some of the rooms are to be changed for the different classes that are to be held in them. The students of Echo school appreciate the fine help which the directors of the school district and the people of the community have given us in making this school one of the best schools in Oregon.Mr. Warren Center our superintendent is a graduate of Bethany College at Lindsborg, Kansas. He has also taken work at Montana University. He taught one year at Kellogg, Idaho; the remainder of his teaching has been in Oregon at Sheridan, Chiloquin, Joseph and Echo. Mr. Center has taught 18 years, five of which have been in Echo. He is the instructor of the high and grade school bands and all the other music I organizations of the school. During the years Mr. Center has been principal here he has built up a high school band which includes almost every high school student. He has also organized three Pep Clubs which take part in most of the schools' activities.MRS. WILKERSON Mrs Wilkerson teoches English and history in high school She has an A. B degree from the University of Kansas, additional credits from Kansas Wesleyan University, University of Idaho, University of Oregon She lias spent three years in the Echo schools. GEORGE DELAP Our cooch teaches all the boys' physical education classes, also the sociol studies in high school. He is a graduate of Washington State College Last summer he took additional work there He has taught three years in Echo. MISS EATWELL Miss Eotwell is the teacher of science and mathematics She has an A. B. degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University ond additional credits from Colorado University, University of Oregon and Syracuse University, New York. She also has taught here for three years.MRS. MORELAND Mrs. Moreland is our eighth grade teacher. She has taken training from Oregon College of Education, and University of Ho-waii She also studied music at the Ellison White Conservatory of Music, Portlond, Oregon This is her fifth year in the Echo schools. MRS. WELTZIN Mrs. Laird not only teaches the fourth ond fifth grades but also the Girls' Physical Education classes in the entire school She is a groduote from Mt Angel Normal School, but has also taken work from the Portland Extension College. Her different years of teaching in Echo have amounted to six MRS. LAIRD Mrs. Weltzin is in charge of the sixth and seventh grades She is a graduate of Eastern Oregon College of Education. This is her her second year here.MRS. BENNETT The teacher of the second and third grades is Mrs Bennett. This is her fourth yeor in Echo. She is a graduate of Nebraska Normal Training School and additional credits at Eastern Oregon College of Education, and University of Oregon. MRS. McELROY Mrs McElroy is the first grade teacher. She is a graduate of Eastern Illinois State College After teaching one year in Illinois she moved to North Dakota and taught near Fargo. In Oregon she has attended summer sessions at La Grande, Monmouth and University of Oregon. HOMER BOWMAN Homer Bowman has been our obliging and efficient janitor for four years. It would be hard to imagine running our school without the cheerful assistance which Homer always gives us, whenever it is required.SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Four years ago Sept. 4th eleven wise (or so we thought) Froshies come slowly up the stairs for their first day in high school, a day long dreamed of, and at last attained. Now we were in with "the gang"; (the upper classmen had different ideas about freshmen). These disillusioned froshies were: Homer Bowman, Don Abercrombie, Billy Marlnee, Elsie Boyer, Jim Lilly, Ellen Westfall, Lucille Watten-burger, Don Reese, Alvin Stone, Ed Abemcrombie, and Kathryn Bloom Shortly after school started our class was joined by Charlotte Maudlin, Mary White, Audrey Whitman, Dick Cook and Alvin Dawes. Dick Cook and Alvin Dawes left after being here only a few weeks. Then dawned our sophomore year and many changes occurred in our class. Alvin Stone left us and both Audrey Whitman and Elsie Boyer decided upon married life. Charlotte Maudlin also left during the summer and before the end of our second semester Kathryn Bloom also decided to leave school. Our junior year started off with nine in our class and remained that way all through the year. After a few weeks of school in our senior year, Betty Emerson and Mary Wills, both of Stanfield joined our class. Bob Hale and Mary Wills both graduated at mid-term and soon after. Bob also took a try at married life. Before the end of the second semester Betty Emerson had to quit school because of illness. She finished her senior work out of school and was able to graduate with the class. Barbara Vohs decided to hurry things up and finish in three years instead of the usual four (to get married also). Now after four years of foiling over history, math, etc., we've decided that we aren't as smart a class as we thought, after all. Any way we are now ready to start out in the world all on our own, to learn more about the life we are living and the wonderful world we are living in. The Officers for our senior year have been: President ............................ Donald Reese Vice-President .................... Barbara Vohs Secretary-Treasurer ........ Lucille Wattenburger Our able class advisor was Mr. Center.Donald Abercrombie Band 1,2, 3,4 Track 3,4 Letterman's Club 3,4 Boys' Band 4 Barbara Vohs Three year student Girls A. A 1,2, 3 Band 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3 Girls' Leogue 1,2,3 Girls' League Secretary 3 Class '50 Secretory 1,2 Class '50 Treasurer 3 Class '49 Vice-President 3 Play Cast 1 Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 3 Orchestra 1,2,3 Head Librarian 3 Donald Reese Band 1,2, 3, 4 Jr. Sr. Ploy Cast 3 Poper Staff 1,2 Annual Staff 3 Football 4 Letterman's Club 4 Student Council 2,3,4 Boys Band 4 Class Vice-President Class President 2, 3, 4Edward Abercrombie Bond 1,2,3,4 Class Sgt. Arms 1 Basketball 3,4 Lettermon's Club 3, 4 Boys' Band 4 Lucille Wattenburger Girls' A. A. Glee Club Band Pep Club Girls' League Girls' League V. Pres. Class. Sec. Treas. Closs Treasurer Student Body Treasurer Paper Staff Annual Staff Orchestra Student Council Librarian Editor Annual U 3,4 1 1,2, 3,4 1,2,3,4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Homer Bowman Band 1,2,3,4 Class President 1 Class Vice President 2 Student Body President 4 Poper Staff 1,2,4 Annual Staff 1,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,3,4 Boxing 2 Lettermon's Charter Member Letterman's Club Lettermon's Club Treas. Junior Escort Boys' Band 4 CU KJ fsj fsjBilly Ray Marl nee Band 1,2,3 Ploy Cast 3 Paper Staff 1 Boxing 2 Letterman's Club 2,3,4 Ellen Westfall Glee Club I Bond 1,2,3,4 Girls' League 1,2,3,4 Girls' League President 4 Jim Lilly Band 1,2, 3,4 Basketball 3 4 Letterman's Club 3" 4 Boys' Band ABob Hale Mary White Girls A A i Band 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Pep Club Pres 4 Girls' League 1,2,3,4 Class Sec. 2,3 Class Treas 2,3 Jr. Sr. Play Cast 3 Paper Staff 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Orchestra 3,4 Senior Escort 3 Asst. Edd Paper 3 Ed. Paper 4 Football 1,3,4 Basketball 1,3,4 Track 1,3, 4 Sgt. Arms, Class 3 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 8oxmg 4 Vice-Pres. Class 4 Vice-Pres Student Body 4 Asst. Business Mgr Paper 4 MID-TERM GRADUATES MARY LOU WILLS BETTY LOU EMERSONSENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Zoom! As our latest Jeb Job roars down through the air in the year of 1959 we see the Echo Forty-Niners! Boy what a mixed up bunch of men and women they turned out to be! LOOK! Over there at that garage. It's Mrs. Barbara (Vohs) Gilbert under a car, with hubby Bill show ng h°r how to use a grease gun. Bill Jr. is eating mud pies outside the door On we go to the high society part of the now large city, where we see Ellen Westfall, now a famous singer in swanky night clubs. WOW! is she a beaut! LOOK1 "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Dr. Homer Bowman," more widely known as "Newt," coming down the street in a big black convertible and just look who's his private nurse—Darlyne. Growing hungry, we dash into a huge grocery store and who should we see sitting by the stove but Mary White humming the song, "Put That Ring on My Finger," to Burl. She has not given up yet, and I can't say as I blame her—hmm While in the store two good looking Hill Billies walked in. I found out they were the Abercrmobie Brothers, Don and Ed. It seems they moved completely away from "wimmm" and now live happily with their hogs and corn squeezings. In the corner we see a little old woman or should we say maid? She is saying to herself, "Should I keep it or give it back?" You're right; it's Mary Wills thinking about Jean AGAIN. Upon a hill we see a small spot. As we focus our eyes we see that very successful cattle rancher, Billy Marlnee, riding in his flashy, purple jeep. I wonder if he v ould loan me a quarter? Say, who's this? Oh it's none other than Lucille Wattenburger, the big shot beauty operator! Hey fellas, she's still single! Down to the Big Echo City Annual Round-Up we see the widely known lady bronc rider. That's right. It's Betty Lou Emerson. Oh, by the way, she now rides Bing Crosby's famous race horses. Traveling near the end of the city limits we see a circus and look in that big cage. It's the wild-man! It's Jim Lilly. He always was a little wild, making the girls in school chase him. Now, very tired, we decide to take in a good movie and to our surprise we see Don Reese playing the leading part in a romantic scene. OUCH! this is too much for me; Let's go, before something else should happen. ZOOM.SENIOR CLASS WILL I, Barbara June Vohs, will and bequeath my flirting to anyone who wants it and hope she won't get into as much trouble as I did, also my gum chewing ability to Mrs. Wil-Kerson. I, Betty Lou Emerson, will and bequeath my. ability to get into trouble to Juanita Ayers and hope she likes it better than I did; aiso my love for horses to Katie Marlnee. I, Dorothy Lucille Wattenburger, will and bequeath my dumb sayings to anyone who thinks he can get away with them, and to Dick and Johnny my ability to play the trombone in the hope that some day they play a duet. I, Ellen Westfall, will and bequeath my lady-like manner to Jeannie Jordan in hopes she will keep out of trouble; to Grace Abercrombie my squawking licorice stick better known as a clarinet. I, James Lilly, will and bequeath my comic books to Eugene Wiglesworth and hope be has better luck reading them in class than I did, also my way with the girls to any boy who can do better than I have done in my four years. I, John Donally Abercrombie, will and bequeath to Jerry Myers my ability to play the alto on the beat; to Roy Rohde my hard studying and hope he has better luck with it than I did. I, Donald Gene Reese, will and bequeath my ability to get along with everyone to anyone who doesn't; to Richard Fullerton my extra height. I, Mary Louise White, will and bequeath my ability to argue with Mr. Center and get the last word in, to Darlyne Wattenburger and hope she makes out OK, to Betty Bowman, I leave my good times in a two tone Pontiac. I, Billy Ray Marlnee, will and bequeath to Joe Tolar my ability to get along with the dear teachers of Echo High who have taught me so much; also my place in chemistry to any poor person who cares to suffer as I have. I, Edward William Abercrombie, will and bequeath to any Pep Club girl my ability to buy a letterman sweater; also my bass drum to someone who can play and talk at the same time, as I have tried to do. I. Mary Louise Wills, will and bequeath my ability to love and learn to some other unlucky girl, and to any girl I will Jean while I'm working. I, Homer Newton Bowman, will and bequeath my broken desk to anyone who would like to pick up books as I have, and my good grades to Danny Bowman in hopes that he makes the grade. We, the Senior Closs, will to the oncoming Seniors our good grades and ability to get a diploma, also our empty seats. To Mr. Center, we leave our sour notes To Miss Eatwell, we leave our bubble gum. To Mrs. Wilkerson, we leave all our headaches. To Homer, the janitor, we leave our spit wads. The Student Body we leave in tears. To the underclassmen we leave our sweet memories. Signed: CASEY STOOPJUNIOR CLASS HISTORY On September 3rd, 12 juniors begon o new school year. There wos one new foce among the crowd; this was Jeanette Ellis from California. During October we received our class rings much to the pleasure of everyone. Soon after school started Barbora Vohs was promoted to the senior class. Barbara was not to receive any grad?' below 2 in any subject if she wos to graduate. Later we lost still another |umor. This was Adell Graham Adell played a snare drum in the bond and was majorette of the Pep Club. Adell's now married to Bob Hole. The class officers and advisor are as follows: President .................................. Dick Snow Vice-President ........................... Kay McAtee Secretary-Treasurer ................ Grace Abercrombie Class Advisor..........................Mr. George DeLapSophomore Class History September seventh found thirteen sophomores trooping sadly up the high school steps. During the year we lost a very active student, Jim Savage. We were oil sorry to see him leave os we was always willing to do anything he could for his class. He is now attending school in lone. Two new students also entered the class They were Mary Lou Foirens who came from Hermiston, Oregon, and Judy Walpole from Sacramento, California. The first event of the year for us wos to initiate the freshmen The date of the initiation was September 24th A party wos given that evening, where all the students seemed to enjoy themselves We also gave another party during the year. This was given Oct. 27th in the old gym The gym was decoroted in orange and block, which fitted in very nicely with Hallowe'en We hod a number of candy sales throughout the year which helped party expenses The class officers for the year were: President ................................. Joe Ramos Vice-President ......................... Bob McVicker Secretary ........................ Dorothy Wiglesworth Treasurer ................................. Kathy Ellis Class Advisor ......................... Mrs. Wilkerson Freshman Class History At the beginning of the school year, there were thirteen students in the freshman class The first day of high school seemed a little bit frightening ot first, but after a few days we found that it wasn't so bad. September 24, was freshman initiation, which the sophomores hod all planned out. The freshmen impersonated everything from a boby, to o bride and groom In the evening, on act by each "froshie" was required; later refreshments were enjoyed To show our gratitude to the sophomores for not being too hard on us at initiation, we had a freshman return party December 4 In October, two new members joined our class. They were Donald Eagle and Ordean Johnson. In February, Alvie Cunningham moved away We were sorry to see him go At the same time Delores Hall entered the class from Weston. All in all, th first year of high school has been a lot of fun, ond not half as bad as we thought it would be. We are looking forward to three more happy years at Echo Hi. Closs officers were elected at the beginning of the year. They held their positions all year. Dues were collected at $1.00 per year. We wish to thank Miss Eatwell, who was our class adviser, for putting up with us all year President ................................. Joanne Ramos Vice-President ................................. Roy Rohde Secretary and Treasurer...................... Donna SnowCLASS HISTORY There are eight eight graders who have gone through all the grades together. They are Gary Dorn, John Ramos, Elmer Berry, Homer Bowman, Gary Bohms, Koy Laughlin, Beth Wilson and Clarice Stamper. LoVerne Sathers and Molly Esselstyn started in the first grade but didn't go through oil the grades with us. LoVerne went to St. Mory's in Portland through the sixth grade and then returned in the seventh. Molly went to went to Lincoln School in Pendleton from the second grade to the fifth and came back to Echo in the sixth Buddy Graham come to Echo from Vale, Oregon in the second grade and has been with us through the rest of the grades. Betty Jean Marlnee came from St. Paul, Kansas. She joined us in the second grade.................. Doris Bowman came from Enterprise, Oregon to Echo, when she was in the second grade. LeWord Collinsworth went through his first and second grades at Fruitlond, Idaho, and then came to Echo in the third grade. Mory Lou Mills came from Vancouver, Washington, and they started here in the fitfh grade. LoDeno McCord come to Echo from Hermiston in the sixth grade. R. C. Winks come to Echo from Junior High in Pendleton in the seventh grade Dick Jordan come from Artesia, Californio this year to join us in our graduating class. CLASS PROPHECY I was sitting alone in the study hall one day when a little dwarf-like man walked in. He held in his hand a magic book. He walked up to me and said, "I have here in this magic book a preview of your future High School Days." I saw as I sat there the future come before my eyes as the pages were turned. I saw, Gary Bohms walking out into the gym floor. He was now manager of our "All Star Basketball Team," which had won all if its games so far. It was the greatest Basketball Team in Oregon. The first five players were LeWard Collingsworth, the captain, John Ramos and Gary Dorn as guards, Buddy Graham and Elmer Berry, forwards. They were out on the floor warming up for the greatest game they were ever to play. Doris Bowman and Mary Faro, in blue and white, are leading the Echo Fight Song. At the half, the Pep Club was playing. Clarice Stamper and Kay Laughlm as clarinetists, Molly Esselstyn and Beth Wilson playing trumpets, Betty Marlnee, as drummer, and Mary Lou Mills as Baritone. LaDena McCord is now the school's best singer. Homer Bowman, LaVerne Sathers, R. C. Winks, and Tony Faro are famous tennis players. We are happy to see a successful future for Echo High School.EIGHTH GRADE CLASS WILL I, Elmer Berry, Will my school coot to Lonny Dorn in hopes he will get as good use of it os I did I, Garry Bohms, will my ability as a basketball manager to Jimmy Pedro in hopes he is a better manager than I was. I, Molly Esselstyn, will my place in the Pep Club to Joyce Sather in hopes she has as much fun as I did. I, Homer Bowman, will my vacant seat to Tom Able in hopes that he will not mark on it is much as I did. I, Buddy Graham will my basketball career to Lisle Young in hopes he will turn out better than I did. I, LaDeana McCord, will my attempts to learn how to swim to Jeanne Ramos in hopes she can do better than I did. I, Carolyn Kay Laughlin, will my ability to play guard on the grade school basketball team to Carol Ottum in hopes she can do a better job than I did. I, Gary Dorn, will my ability to ploy basketball to Donald Smith in hopes he will get as much out of it as I did. I, Beth Wilson, will my long hoir to Hazel McEntire in hopes she will like it I also will my ability to do history to Merrilyn Dorn in hopes she likes it os well as I did. I, Bettie Jean Marlnee, will my ability to do civics to Shirley Winks in hopes she likes it as much as I did, ond I also wilt my long heir to Vanyla Wilson in hopes hers will grow longer. I, Mary Faro, will my curly black hoir to Nancy Freouff in hopes it doesn't take her as long to curl it as it did me. I, Doris Bowman, will my tumbling ability to Shirley Myers in hopes she will be a better tumbler than I am, and I also will Shirley Myers my place on the basketball team as right forward. I, Clarice Stamper, will my curly hair ond bright sweaters to Shirley Myers in hopes she likes them as well as I did. I, Mary Lou Mills, will my height to Patty Shouse and I believe she can use it. I, LeWard Collinsworth, will my number 13 basketball shirt and short hair cuts to Lanny Dorn, in hopes he doesn't freeze his head and he con fill number thirteen I, R. C. Winks, will my short name to Tommy Able in hopes he can write his name faster. I, Anthony N J. Faro, will my civics book to Jimmy Pedro in hopes he likes it better than I did I, Dick Jordan, will my ability to drill holes in the desks to Jimmy Pedro. I, John Ramos, will to my sister Jeanne Romos any book she wants that would help prove the earth is round. I haven't found it yet, it is almost impossible. I, LaVerne Sather, will my eversharps to Lanny Dorn in hoties he will learn to use them and to take good care of them We, as a class, will to Mrs. McElroy the books she used in hopes she will give all the hord questions to the eighth grade next year. We, as a class, will to Mrs. Moreland the names in our books to remember us by. We hope she forgets the noise we made. We, os a class, will Homer Bowman, the janitor, the marks on the desks in hopes he has much fun removing them as we hod putting them on.In our room there ore 27 children. We hod six new students this yeor They were Glenn Cunningham, Ronald Champion, Shirley Myers, Colleen Lozier, Hazel Mclntire, and Patricia Johnson Ronald Champion ond Glenn Cunningham moved away. David and Lucy DuPuis are now in the Rieth district. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls gave a Hallowe'en porty for the boys in the evening. They enjoyed a potluck dinner Lisle Young from our sixth grade went to Portland with the Echo Grade School Boys team. He went os o substitute. Some of the girls from the sixth and seventh grades are on the Girls' Basketball Team They ore Jeanne Ramos, Kay Lieuollen, Vanylo Wilson, Shirley Winks. These four are on the first team Carol Ann Wiglesworth, Marrilyn Dorn, and Shirley Myers are the substitutes. During the year the enrollment in the fourth and fifth grades was 34. The students have enjoyed several parties including Hcllowe en, Christmas, Valentine Day and Easter. These two grades have been very active in school actiities and have also taken part in the radio broadcasts, individually ond in groups. It has been a very successful yeor for these two grades.Thirty-four boys ond girls enrolled in the second ond third grades in September. The following month Max Stevens joined them. Richard Miller and Molly Milliorn were later enrollees Richard DuPuis and Leonard Browning were the only withdrawals. To date there are 35 on the register. Radio programs were prepared, and all enjoyed having a part in them. Parties were enjoyed at Hollowe'en, Christmas, Volentine Day and Easter. Eleven boys ond girls entered the first grade last September. In November Linda Lou Bowden entered from Stanfield Shortly after Christmas Barry Comton moed away leaving us the same number enrolled as when we started. The last of October, we took six of the second grade from Mrs. Bennett's room because it was overcrowded. Richard DuPuis soon moved away. At this writing we have twenty-one in our room. We had o party Hollowe'en. Christmas was a wonderful time. We took part in the play Christmas eve. It was a busy week. On Valentine doy we had a big box of valentines and also a party. Three times this year we have put on a ten minute radio program. We have liked our new books. We soon learned to read them. We have been very busy and happy together. We hop e to accomplish much next year. I PAPER STAFF Editor ............. Borboro Vohs Assistont Editor .............. .......... Lcille Wottenburger Business Morrager Jeanne Joraan Assistant Manager ... Kathy Ellis Girls' Sports Reporter......... ................ Joanne Ramos Boys' Sports Reporter.......... .............. Swede Ramos Society and Fashions ......... Lucille Wottenburger Class Repiorter.... Donna Snow Advisor ........... Mrs Wilkerson ANNUAL STAFF Editor ................ Associate Editor ...... Assistant Editor ...... Business Manager Assistont Monoger ... Class Editors.......... Sports Editor ......... Assistont Sports Editor Typists................ Advisor ............... ................................... Lucille Wottenburger ......................................... Newton Bowmon ........................................ Barbara Vohs ............................................ Shirley Cunha ..................................... Betty Lou Emerson Donna Snow, Joonne Ramos, Mary Lou Farrens, Kathy Ellis ......................................... Homer Bowman ........................................ Swede Romos ....... Dorothy Wiglesworth, Jeanne Jordan, Mary White .......................................... Mrs. Wilkerson PUBLICATIONS This year the paper staff and annual staff have been combined in the Journalism class. The class put out both the school paper, "Cougar Tracks," and the Annual, "Forty-Niners of Echo." The Journalism class was under the direction of Mrs Wilkerson Barbora Vohs was editor of the "Cougar Tracks," and Lucille Wottenburger, the annual editor. The staff proved to be most co-operotive in working together and in doing the work assigned to them.STUDENT COUNCIL Taking a leading part in the management of the school, the Student Council of the Echo High School made the session of 48-49 a progressive one for our Student Body. During the year one amendment was made to our Echo High School Body Constitution. This amendment bemg—A division between the Varsity and the Junior Varsity on the terms of letters earned by students (boys of the Echo High School. Many other important things were accomplished during the school year. One of the most important ivos hovmg the Echo High School Student Body const tution placed on o plaque and put in the hall of the Sc ho High School. Student Body Officers President ............ First Vice-President . . Second Vice-President Secretary ............ Treasurer ............ Sergeant at Arms .. Homer N. Bowman ......... Bobby Hale ..... Kaye McAtee .....Jeanne Jordan Lucille Wattenburger .......... Dick Snowto THE GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' Leogue is on crgomzolion mode up of oil the girls of the High School. The Leogue's purpose is to help each girl grow in chorocter and to occept responsibility. The Girls' League started its year with an Initio tion-lnstallation party. It was held in the new gym ond was offended by mothers of the Leogue members. Girls initiated were Joanne Romos, Jessie Boyer, Dar-lyne Wottenburger, Donna Snow, Beverly Clark, ond Vino McCord The officers installed were President, Ellen Westfall, vice-president, Shirley Cunha; treasurer, Joanne Ramos, sergeant ot orms, Kathy Ellis. The second event of the GtIs' League was plann mg a Christmas party for the student body. The Girls' League also took port in other activities of the year with the help of our advisor, Miss Eatwell. We of the Girls' Leogue have tried to moke every girl o part of the organization and hope this policy will continue every year LETTERMAN'S CLUB The Letterman's Club was founded with the purpose of promoting better sportsmonship ond building morale in school ond sports. This year the Letterman's Club has done exceptionally well in this respect. The club sponsored several orofessionol basketball games for the community, which was largely appreciated. Officers for the year are: President.................................... Dick Snow Secretary ond Treasurer.................... Kaye McAteeHIGH SCHOOL BAND This year the band is composed of 53 members, part of whom ore grade school students, who are advanced enough to play in the High School Band The suits are blue and whtite, the school colors. The slacks ore white with white spots, the jackets blue with gold braid, and the hats are blue, trimmed in gold with a white bill. This year the band started out by playing in the Westward Ho! Parade in Pendleton. At Christmas the band played at the Community Tree in the school gymnasium, the bond played several evenings during the district tournament. The band also took o very active part in the Echo Community Program Various members of the bond played solos over the radio during the Echo Community Program. Those who played solos received received iionor medals. The officers of the band received gold medals. The officers of the band are: President....................................Shirley Cunha Vice-President ................................... Dick Snow Secretary and Treasurer......................Adell Graham Manager ............................... Dorothy Wiglesworth Assistant Manager ...........................Kaye McAtee The band was under the capable supervision of Mr. Worren Center. 1GRADE SCHOOL BAND The grade school band is composed of forty students from the second to the eighth grades. These students have made several performances this year. Although they have no uniforms they wear white blouses and shirts with dark skirts or pants for spcial performances. The grade school band has taken part in various programs, including the Community Program held in the gymnasium every Christmas eve. The Echo Grade School is proud of their young musicians. 1Senior Pep Club The Echo Pep Club started this year with just five of the ten former members. They were Shirley Cunha, Barbara Vohs, Joanne Ramos, Mary White, and Adell Graham Hale. During the summer, these girls had morched in the Grand Floral Porode at Portland, Oregon, the Dress--Up Parade in Pendleton, Oregon, and ployed at several proms and dances. After the school started, eleven other girls were voted into the organization. They were Dorlyne Wattenburger, Lucille Wattenburger, Donno Snow, Charlotte Laughlin, Jeanne Jordan, Dorothy Wigles-worth, Kathy Ellis, Jeanette Ellis, Mary Wills, Grace Abercrombie, and Betty Emerson. During the school yeor the Pep Club ployed for many bosketball games, wearing either block ballerina skirts and blue lettermon sweaters or gray skirts and white sweaters. They marched several times and also ployed for Farm Bureau, as well as numerous other things. December 31st, the Pep Club held their bonquet honoring their third anniversary. There were eighteen couples present. The beautifully decorated cake was cut my president, Mary White. Several new members were pledged into the club The bonquet was served by several of the mothers and members of the Junior Pep Club 1. This bonquet is to be an onnual affair. The officers, who will hold their positions until graduation are: President .................................... Joanne Ramos Secretary-Treasurer.............................Shirley Cunha IThe Junior Pep Club which was organized last year now consists of seven members from the lower grades. These members are: Jean Ramos, Kathy Center, Molly Esselstyn, Carol Ray Meechan, Carol Ann Wiglesworth, Cathy Bennett and Merrillyn Dorn. Jean, Kathy, and Molly all play trumpets, while Carol Ray, Carol Ann, and Kathy all play drums. Merrillyn is the majorette of this group. These girls have performed on many different occasions. They played at the County Fair Parade in Hermiston and won a prize. They rode on a very petty float. In a Pendleton parade they marched and performed drills. They also won a trophy in this parade. The girls played at a Form Bureau meeting and at the basketball tounament The perform ances the girls put on were greatly appreciated by everyone. Carol Ann Wiglesworth, who is eleven years old and in the sixth grade is one of Echo's most promising, young, acrobatic majorettes. Carol Ann has been twirling the baton for two years, but this is her first year to perform before the public. Carol Ann performed one evening during the tourament and showed much acrobatic skill. Carol Ann wore satin tights, white, long sleeved satin blouse and white majorette boots.p fW 00 .11 VW$. Ho Z,»eIfCOUGARS MAKE SUCCESSFUL SEASON The Echo Cougars completed o very successful football season playing seven gomes, losing only to Pilot Rock and Umatilla. In the post the Cougars have been in the six-man Umatilla-Morrow County Leogue. been mode to begin eleven man football in the coming season. The Cougars have good prospects for next year's team, losing only two of its varsity and Bowman. Season's Record Echo 20 Boardman .... 0 Echo 21 lone 13 Echo 7 Umatilla 13 Echo 25 Stanfield 22 Echo 33 Athena 18 Echo 12 Pilot Rock ... 27 Echo 53 Weston 27BASKETBALL SQUAD At right ore pictured this yeor's basketball squad. It was the largest squad we hcve had for many years. The first five ore pictured in the first row. Dick Snow, team captain and the league's most valuable player, ended his third year of first-five basketball by being on the District All-Star team. Dick is 6 ft. 3 in. in his bare feet. I!BASKETBALL Pre-league ploy showed up Echo's weaknesses and abilities By the time leogue ploy began, many of these weaknesses had been corrected by coach George DeLap. For a period of a week or so during the middle of the season, many spectators and others believed that Echo did not deserve a place in the tournament. Baffling them, however. Echo was tied for second by the end of the season. The team won fourteen out of twenty-three games. Echo lost to no team except St. Patrick's twice. Living up to previous standards. Echo came out in the district tournament to play in the finols. The idea of losing to Umapine was cushioned somewhat by the fact that Echo won twice in the three games ployed between the two schools this year The season can be termed successful in every sense of the word. Echo . 15 Arlington 33 Echo . 42 Heppner 25 Echo . 33 lone 25 Echo . 27 Weston . 28 Echo . 35 lone 3? Echo . 24 St. Patrick's .. 30 Echo . 37 Helix 54 Echo . 36 St. Patrick's .. ...49 Echo . 23 Athena 16 Echo 37 Stanfield 33 Echo . 24 Pilot Rock . . 34 Echo . 42 Umapine .. 35 Echo . 34 Athena . . .46 Echo . 25 Stanfield .. 26 Echo . 32 Arlington ...24 Echo . 43 Weston .. .31 Echo 35 Pilot Rock ...32 Echo . 41 Umapine . . .40 Echo . 40 Helix ...32 District Tournament Echo . 42 Mt. Vernon . . . ...14 Echo . 31 Pilot Rock . . 25 Echo . .... 37 Umapine . . 53GRADE SPORTS The grade ream of "49" hod a very successful basketball season, winning eleven out of thirteen gomes. The first five were made up of eighth graders, whom we hope will be all-stars in high school some day. This short-fast team won most of their games by speed and fast ball handling. After winning their county league they went to Portland to the state grade school tournament held ot Hill Academy. They won their first two games fairly easily but as the tournament went to its last days they lost out. We all think they were a good team ond hod a very successful season. The scores of the gomes are as follows: Dec 7 Echo 27 Heppner 24 14 Echo 32 Heppner 10 17 Echo 32 Hermiston 3 Jon. 12 Echo 19 Pendleton 17 Feb. 9 Echo 23 Pendleton 13 18 Echo 24 Helix 18 Mar 4 Echo 23 Condon 17 9 Echo 14 Jefferson 12 10 Echo 19 Grande Ronde 15 11 Echo 20 Seaside 21 12 Echo 27 Oregon City 33 The first five had a very good scoring overage which is as follows: John Ramos ......................... 64 Gary Dorn .......................... 65 LeWard Collingsworth ..............116 Buddy Graham ....................... 46 Elmer Berry ........................ 29 tiGIRLS’ SPORTS The girls' sport year started with the bock breaking task of doing calisthenics (ugh!) trying to get in shape for the many sports to come. The first of these sports was tumbling. Tumbling has been o favorite sport among the girls for many years. We worked out some drills ond did them ot basketball gomes and on different occasions. After the tumbling season passed Mrs Laird orgonized some bosketball teams, one in high school and one in grade school The grode school team ployed the Mission team of Pendleton, but were defeated by o few points. The high school team ployed the lodies' town team ond they were also defeated. There were many girls who ore outstanding in this sport. Softball was next; many girls turned out for this sport. Our large athletic field was quite a help in this sport, it gave the Bobe Didrickson's o lot of room to bot. The girls also hod a lot of volleyball. This is one of the most common of oil girls' sports. Although we didn't start tennis until later in the season, we hod o swell team and a lot of fun. Badminton finally come around and the girls really went to it. This gome was quite popular among all the girls. We surely appreciate the help ond understanding Mrs. Laird hos shown when we couldn't get the drift of things. She's been a swell teacher ond a great sport. r-Robertson's Machine Shop WELDING FARM EQUIPMENT REPAIRS PROMPT RELIABLE SERVICE Phone 332 Echo Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co- FUEL HARDWARE GOODS SPORTING GOODS LUMBER FURNITURE PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 221 EchoEcho Construction Co. Building Contractors Retail Dealers —In— G. E. Appliances Sherwin-Williams Paints Building Supplies Phone 391 Echo Berry's Signal Service Gas Oil Welding New Tires Batteries BERRY'S GIVES THE FINEST SERVICE Phone 421 EchoBrick's Place Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Berry, Props. GOOD EATS FOUNTAIN SERVICE SWELL PLACE TO MEET THE GANG AT LUNCH1 "Not Hard On The Purse" Phone 461 ECHO UNION SERVICE STATION Oil Gas Repairs Service Good Service Low Prices Phone 332 EchoLaird's Drug Store Cosmetics School Supplies Gifts Jewelry Candy Beauty Clinic SPECIALIZING IN First Class Work Circlette Heatless Permanent You Can Have A Beautiful Curl Regardless of Your Health Phone 51 I Echo Echo Cash Grocery FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fancy Staple Groceries “The friendly store that gives prompt service” Mgrs. Wattenburger Gorrell Phone 161 EchoDres-Well Cleaners ALTERATIONS REPAIRS DYEING AND FUR STORAGE Pick Up and Delivery Every Wednesday and Saturday in Echo and Stanfield Phone 491 Hermiston Sigman's Food Store WHERE PRICES ARE LOW AND QUALITY IS HIGH OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 12:00 Noon to 6 P. M. OPEN WEEK DAYS 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Phone 3351 Hermiston Umatilla Auto Co. WE SERVICE ALL MAKES BODY AND FENDER REPAIR Painting Your Friendly Kaiser-Frazer DEALER Phone 450 Umatilla Neill's Realty REAL ESTATE "Protect What You Have HOMES - FARMS - BUSINESS FIRE - AUTO - CASUALTY Phone 560 UmatillaRohrman Motor O o • Piersol Cleaners SALES SERVICE QUICK SERVICE Headquarters For DONE The BY Ford Tractor EXPERIENCED WORKERS Phone 2041 Hermiston Phone 3291 Hermiston Barber Beauty Shop HAIRCUTS and PERMANENTS Phone 791 Stanfield J. J. Cafe NITE DAY Phone 935 Hermiston Gudgel's Grocery COMPLIMENTS OF Bob Allstott Phone 921 Stanfield HERMISTON Elmer, age 16, was puzzled over the girl problem and discussed It with his pal, Joe. "I've walked to school with her three limes," he told Joe, "and carried her books. 1 bought her ice cream sodas twice. Now do you think 1 ought to kiss liar?" "Naw, you don't need to," Joe de- elded, after a moment of deep thought. "You've done enough for that girl already.” A deaf woman entered a church with an ear trumpet. Soon after she had seated herself, an usher tiptoed over and whispered. "One toot, and out you go."Oscar Schultz Foster Agency, Inc. Motor Co. Chevrolet - Buick Cars All Known Forms of Insurance Chevrolet Trucks Real Estate • Farm Loans COMPLETE ONESTOP SERVICE 1 34 S. E. Court Ave. Phone 49 Phone 74 335 S. E. Court Pendleton, Ore. Pendleton, Ore. Sherwood's Ben W. Burnett Appliance Radio Metal Weather Stripping Rock Wool Insulation Eastern Oregon's Largest Appliance Company Featuring the following lines: Kenvinator — Potpoint — Philco Maytag — Fowler Water Heaters and many other nationally known lines Venetian Blinds Metal Frame Screens Roofing Siding Complete Service Department FOR EVERYTHING WE SELL Free Estimates No Obligations Branches in Pendleton and Athena 101 S. E. Court St. Pendleton Pendleton, Ore. 320 S. E. Court Phone 1767 Box 596, Pendleton, Ore.OREGON TITLE Congratulations INSURANCE Bud Smith O O • Radio Clinic COMPLETE TITLE Phone 1677 SERVICE Pendleton Pendleton, Oregon Echo Flour Mill The Taylor GRAINS Hardware Co. ROLLING WHEAT Shelf and Heavy STORING WHEAT Hardware Crockery and Glassware DUTCH BOY PAINT 24 S. W. Court Ave. ROYAL COAL 2 19 South Main St. Pendleton, Oregon Phone 412 Echo PENDLETON, OREGON Nirschl Brothers Sprouse-Reitz Co. Chrysler - Plymouth 3 13 Main St. Expert Service Mo-Par Parts and Accessories Pendleton, Ore. Pendleton, Ore. Phone 600 Veterans Club Good Housekeeping Shop Chicken, Sea Foods Pendleton ! Complete Applience Store SALES SERVICE Delicious Steaks REFRIGERATORS VISIT OUR FAMOUS RANGES HOME FREEZERS SMORGASBORD WATER HEATERS 40 S. E .Emigrant Pendleton AUTOMATIC WASHERS KITCHEN CABINETS Phone 881 147 Main St. PENDLETON, OREGON Congratulations Best Wishes WESTERN AUTO GARAGE Pontiac Sales Senior Class and CUNNINGHAM SHEEP CO. Service Phone 1 34 Pendleton, Ore. Corner Main and Byers Phone 530 Pendleton, Ore.UMATILLA TRACTOR CO. Walla Walla-La Grande Highway "Y" P. O. Box 76 Pendleton, Oregon WE Allis-Chalmers Tractors ARE Farm Equipment PROUD Industrial Equipment TO Logging - Construction BE Pump Units AN NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT ECHO HI BENHUR DEEP FREEZERS BOOSTER Oregon Cafe Congratulations to Chinese Foods American Foods Class of "49" EAT and BE MERRY Pendleton, Oregon Alfred Cunha Attorney at Law Pendleton, Ore. Phone 713Simpson Auto Electric DO YOUR BUYING HERE AND SAVE 227 S. E. Court Phone 860 Umatilla Sales Co. Distributors tor Montee's U.S. TIRES, WINSLOW FILTERS Shoetorium WILLARD BATTERIES CABLES Combine Implement Finest in Shoe Rebuilding Handmade Boots and Shoes Tire Changeovers to Rubber a Specialty See MURL BERRY ORTHOPEDIC SHOE BUILDING FAST, COURTEOUS SERVICE 123 S. E. Court . orner S. E. 1st 4 Byers. Phone 22 . Pendleton, Ore. Pendleton, Ore. Phone 2883 Dr. Wm. C. Stram OPTOMETRIST Main Street Pendleton, Ore.Comrie Motors Oldsmobile - Cadillac - G. M. C. Trucks SALES SERVICE We Are Proud To Be An Echo Hi Booster 511 S. E. Court Ave. Phone 101 Pendleton, Oregon Pendleton Canning Frozen Foods Co. "Protect What You Have" ARE BE SAFE AND INSURE PROUD WITH TO Bert Jerard BE AN Agency ECHO HI Pendleton, Ore. BOOSTER P. O. Box 287 Pendleton, Ore. Carroll Meyers Texaco Station Equipment Co. TEXACO PRODUCTS OLIVER FARM HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL IMPLEMENTS FIRESTONE TIRES HOT POINT APPLIANCES GENERAL FARM and HOME SUPPLIES Lubrication-Washing-Polishing THAT SATISFIES Phone 610 I8I9S.W. Court 212 S. W. Dorion Ave. Pendleton, Ore. Phone 2303 Pendleton, Ore. When in Pendleton Stop and Shop At Jim's Market Nalls Cafe The Store with the STEAKS - HAMBURGERS Friendly Atmosphere FISH and CHIPS For Groceries - Phone 1092 1048 S. W. Court Meats - Produce Pendleton, Ore. 126 S. E. Court St. Phone 126 Pendleton, Ore. 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Everything for Your Car Phone 804 Pendleton MARSHALL-WELLS STORE Phone 819 Pendleton TEMPLE HOTEL Phone 680 Pendleton PURITY BAKERY Decorated Cakes for All Occasions Phone 131 Pendleton PAYLESS DRUG STORE Phone 410 PendletonCOTTAGE BAKERY Phone 1102 Pendleton TOT-AND-TEEN SHOP Phone 547 Pendleton DAWN'S For Your Wearing Apparel Phone 777 Pendleton HARTMAN LONG Bicycles and Keys Phone 193 Pendleton PENDLETON BOWLING LANES Phone 1523 Pendleton KATHRYN'S Women's Clothing Phone 28 Pendleton HAPPY HOUR SPORTING GOODS STORE Latest Sport Equipment Phone 539 Umatilla HERMISTON VARIETY STORE Hermiston FARM BUREAU CO-OP Feed - Seed Petroleum Products Phone 3021 Hermiston DR. WM. L. MORGAN. 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Phone 171—Echo Echo Meat Market GRADE A MEATS GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS COLD STORAGE LOCKERS GOOD SERVICE YOU’LL SAVE TIME AND MONEY Phone 341 EchoI calls for “tops’ in fins graduation cards. Of course that means Hallmark Graduation Cards from Sheaffer Pen and Pencil Sets Engraved in Gold FREE for Graduation. BEST WISHES TO ECHO HIGH SCHOOL DR. C. L. GRAY On behalf of the annual staff, we wish to thank all of the business houses for making this annual possible by putting your ads in our Echoes of '49. We appreciate your contributing very much and hope in later years our annual will be as successful as we hope this one to be. The Annual Staff of '49 

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