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✓DEDICATED TO ECHO MEMORIAL FIELD In Remembrance of Those Who Died in World Wars I and II We Listened to Their Words WARREN M. CENTER, Supt. MURL BERRY We ore deeply indebted to the members ot the school boord ond faculty who hove worked unceasingly for our betterment. Murl Berry, choirmon of the school boord, is o prominent businessman of Echo He groduoted from Echo High School ond now runs Berry's Signol Service in Echo Representing the formers on the school board is Joe Romos, graduate of Echo High School He is always on hand to do onything he con for the school. Morion George represents the women on the school boord She graduated from Echo High School and went to Whitman College ond Oregon Stote College Loter she took graduate work ot the University of Michigan She is olwoys willing to help the boys ond girls At the heod of the faculty is Worren M Center, school superintendent ond also clerk of the school boord He groduoted from Bethany College ond is teaching his fourth year in Echo He teaches oil music classes ond is director of the bonds ond pep clubs. He has signed for three more years here, ond we hope he stays moreGeorge DeLop, our cooch, hoodies the boys' physicol educotion closses in oil grades, ond teoches sociol studies in high school He is o graduote of Woshmgton Stote College ond hos tought two yeors in Echo A groduote of University of Konsos, Mrs Wilkerson teoches history ond English classes in high school This is her first year in high school ofter teoching in the grades here lost yeor Teoching science ond mathematics is Miss Eotwell, graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University, who hos been here for the post two years The sixth ond eighth grade teacher, Mrs Moreland, olso teoches commerciol subiects m high school She is a groduote of Oregon College of Educotion, and s teoching her fourth year in Echo Mrs. Laird, fourth ond fifth grade teacher, graduated from Mr Angel Normal She also teaches girls' physical education to oil closses During her teoching career she has tought five different years m Echo Mrs Weltzin graduated from Eostern Oregon College of Educotion and is teaching her first year in Echo in the seventh grade Mrs McElroy, groduote of Eastern Illinois Stote College, teoches the first grade This is her fourth in Echo In the second ond third grare room is Mrs Bennett, teoching her second yeor here She is o araduote of Nebraska Normal Training School, ond hos credits in Eastern Oregon College of Education ond University of OregonWe Labored and Learned JUNIOR CLASS NEWS Nine Juniors come flying up the stairs with the thought thot offer two years of striving, they were ot lost upper-classmen A meeting wos colled to elect class officers They were os follows: President ........................... Donald Reese Vice-President Homer Bowman Secretory-Treasurer.................... Mary White Class Advisor Miss Eotwell Just offer we hod settled down to our hoppy thoughts of returning to school, here came flying in, our class rings They are beautifully engraved in rose ond white gold with a background of yellow gold Everyone wos well pleosed We end this happy school yeor with the thoughts of coming back next year os seniors SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWS The Sophomore class elected the following officers ot their first meeting President............................. Kaye McAtee Vice-President Adell Graham Secretory-Treasurer ................... Barbara Vohs Mrs. Wilkerson wos our class advisor About the most fun we hod all year was when we had the odvantoge to moke the Freshmen come to school all dressed for initiation At noon we marched them through town and thot evening gave them a deligtfhul party, which was enjoyed by all, even the Freshmen Hallowe'en night they gave us o return party, attended by the whole high school A good time wos enjoyed by all We end our yeor with the thoughts of coming back next yeor as upper-classmen.FRESHMAN CLASS NEWS ly Mary White September second found fifteen little freshmen standing oround, not knowing just what to do next, but we soon found out when we sow the sophomores coming after us with those big paddles They even mode us come to school dressed os everything from "'hullo hullo boys" to bobies, including farmers, girls in long underwear, convicts, boys as cowgirls. South Sea Islanders, bathing beouties, sondmen, Indians, Negro women, boys os backward girls, and above all o bride ond groom They even gave us a nice walk from the slaughter house bock in, very nice of them we oil soy We hod our first class meeting ond chose the following officers President ........................Swede Romos Vice-President Billy Spann Secretary-Treasurer Charlotte Laughlin Our able class odvisor is Cooch DeLap SIXTH AND EIGHTH GRADES There were 14 eighth graders and 20 seventh grode students to begin the year Donald Meyers and Dar-lyne Saures left us early in the year Fred Wilson, on eighth groder, transferred from Pendleton in March The seventh grode moved to o separate room early m the year The sixth grode |Oined us We hod fun at our Christmas, Valentine, ond Eoster parties The boys hove token bosket doII, baseball, boxing, footboil, trock, ond tennis The girls tumble, play volleyball, basketball, tennis, bodminton, softball We hove three sixth groders in the Junior Pep Club Joonne Ramos, an eighth groder, is in the Senior Pep Club Mrs Moreland has been a swell teocher ond we wish we could corry her into the high school with usSEVENTH GRADE In the seventh grade there are 24 students, 11 girls, ond 13 boys Two boys come from different schools Roy Bourque came in November, and R. C Winks came in January We hod a wonderful party at Christmas ond olso exchanged gifts. John Romos, Daniel Bowman, and Mary Lou Mills liove attended every day this year The girls gave a surprise party for the boys on Vol-entme Doy They probably give o party later on in (he year The class officers ore: President ................................. Gory Bohms Vice-President ............................ Elmer Berry Secretary ................................. Gary Dorn Treosurer ..........LeWord Collinsworth FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES In September! class enrollment in the fourth grade was 16, ond in the fifth there were 15. Class representative and room treosurer is Lisle Young Our teacher is Mrs. Laird Students withdrawing from our oass were Hanette Brunell, Dorene Meyer, ond Jimmy Lydo In December llo Lee Anderson |omed the fourth grade bringing our clossroom enrollment to 29. Class parties were Holloween porty when we hod a peanut shower for Mrs Laird On Valentine Doy we hod a porty For Christmas we hod o Christmos partySECOND AND THIRD GRADES Sixteen boys and girls enrolled in the second grade lost September In November we increased our number by gaining 14 third graders, but lost five of our second groders to Mrs McElioy, leaving us o totol of 25 The following month Beverly Anderson from Pendleton joined our third grade, and in February, Doris Sadler and Rex Boggett entered the second grade At the present time we have 28 with rumors of two more A Hallowe'en party was enjoyed We invited Mrs. McElroy and her first groders to have cider and doughnuts At our Christmas party we hod o gift exchange and were treoted with a little red plostic boot filled with condy A similor porty was held Valentine Day ond we received little baskets of candy ofter handing out our many valentines FIRST GRADE This year we started school with only the first grode m our room and with an enrollment of seventeen After hovmg thirty-eight lost year, we felt a little lonely. Then about the first of November a change was made in our school program ond five from the second grode come into our room Three of our first grode hod moved away so we now hod a total of 19, and it has been nineteen through the rest of the school year In October we hod our mothers come to visit us one ofternoon, ond on Hollowe'en we had fun at a party. We also hod a Christmas party with a gift exchange In February we hod a Valentine party, and ate op-ples, cookies, peonuts and condy hearts We hod two big boxes of valentines At Easter we mode paper-moche eggs and painted them pretty colors for our Easter nests At the porty we each rec?»ved a little straw basket filled with candy eoqsWe Had Fun, Too To stort things off this year of 1947-48, the Freshmen gave a return party to oil upper-classmen They decorated the old gym with corn stalks, piles of hay, and stacks of straw The walls and ceiling were covered with black and orange streamers. Everyone had a good time dancing, eating, playing games, etc. The Hollowe'en party was held in the old gym by the Freshmen girls It was decorated with black and orange poper, lack-o'-lanterns, and witches They had doncmg, refreshments, games and o lot of fun was hod by all The Music Club heid a porty in the new gym for the music students. They had o coke walk, eats, card games, ond oil sorts of entertainment When everyone went home they were full of food and happiness Mary and Bob White held a party at their home for o few students of Echo High They hod refreshments, games, and ended up going to the show in Hermiston or Pendleton Every once in a while a few Echo students would go for o long hike, and end up eating wieners by o big bonfire somewhere along the Umatillo river Cold or not they enjoyed themselves Anyone can safely say that this is one of the rnost successful yeors Echo has ever had GRANDPA'S TWIN SISTER The ploy was given Monday night, March 29 Eoch part was corned well and the play was a success The play cost owes much to the patience ond instruction given them by Mrs Wilkerson, who was the director Granda ... ...................Charles Daly Maggie Bessie Young Betty .......................... Dolly Sparks Adam Billy Ray Mariner Louise..........................Lois McElroy Clara Mary White Ralph ................... Mark Cotton Edgar Irwin Wilkerson Collins . . Dean Rohde Widow Williams Annabel VohsftCrHT HO- ' WORKING Sc 9 Svsztut CO AC Jhp VAfk7 LOWe Made Music Over half of the students in Echo schools ore members of some bond—grade bond, high school bond, junior or senior Pep Club. Altogether there is o total of 100 students that ploy in the bond This whole music program is under the oble direction of Mr Center, and with his patience and constont efforts to improve us, we feel thot so for it is the best the bonds hove ever been HIGH SCHOOL BAND Includes oil high school students and some of the grade students who ore advanced enough to belong There ore 53 members in the bond. The bond hos been one of the most octive orromzotions in school this year performing ot alarge percentage of home games, and during both tournaments. Every Wednesday over the radio program, the band has furnished most of the entertainment. During the winter the bond received on invitation to go to the Chief Joseph celebration which will be held ot Joseph, Oregon, July 30, 31 and August I. A letter of appreciation was received from the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce for the bond's part in the '47 Round-Up parade, and we are planning to take part ogain in 1948 The Veterans m this district have osked the band to lead the parode in their celebration in Pendleton, June 16 The school board hos generously budgeted the band money to buy new white gaberdine slacks which will complete our uniforms The success of our band this year lies in the fact that all of the members ore willing to find enjoyment in playing for these various functions One doy last winter Mr Marty, an accomplished musician ,ande one of the world's greotest French horn players, gave us a demonstration on his horn, ond directed the band Before leaving he stoted thot our bond was one of the finest school bands he had ever directedSENIOR PEP CLUB Although the Pep Club has been originated for only one and one-half years, it has taken part in so many school activities, we feel that it is only right to give an account of the busy year it has had They were asked to play at the Eastern Oregon College-University of Oregon football game in Pendleton, at the Veterans Club in Pendleton, a Farmers Loan Association in Pendleton, the Pilot Rock-Rogue River game in Pendleton, several games in Echo, during the sub-district and district tournaments, at a benefit V. F W. dance in Echo, basketball games, a basketball game in lone, a veterans' meeting in Her-miston, and several formal dances in the spring The Echo Community Program was originally started by the Pep Club, and they have played every Wednesday until the close of school. Along with the High School band, the Pep Club was asked to play at the Chief Joseph celebration and plan to enter the dress-up parade in Pendleton next fall. MAJORETTES Dolly Sparks and Adel I Graham lead the high school band and display ocrobafic twirling They led the band at the various parades and performed during the district tournament Many people agree that these two girls can give one of the finest performances of twirling and tumbling that they have ever seen, and the high school feels that they are very fortunate' in having such talented performers. Barbara Lieuallen and Dorothy Wiglesworth, the freshman maiorettes, should develop into excellent performers with more experience Their work this year.hos been very sotisfoctoryJUNIOR PEP CLUB Was organized the middle of the year consisting of seven little girls ranging from 8 years to 12 years old. Three play trumpets—Cathy Center, Jeanne Ramos and Molly Esselstyn. And three play drums—Carol Meechon, bass drum, Kathy Bennett, snare drum and Carol Wiglesworth, snare drum The group is led by Merelyn Dorn, maiorette. They have all white uniforms identical to the Senior Pep Club, with majorette boots and bell-boy caps and white sweaters and skirts. The group has appeared during the tournament, on the radio, and at Hermiston at a Veterans meeting GRADE SCHOOL BAND The members of the grade band range in classes from the second to the eighth grades with a total of 47 in the band The grade band has performed over the weekly radio program, and several times for the Music Club Although they have no uniforms, at performances members dress in white blouses and shirts and dark skirts or pants.We Went to Press Annual Staff Editor .............. Assistant Editor .... Business Monager Class News........... Grode News Seniors.............. Sports Dean Rohde Letterman's Club Girls' League Community ............. Mork Cotton Bessie Young Homer Bowman Mary White Shirley Cunha Dolly Sparks and Bob White Chorlie Daly Katie Marl nee Adell Grohom PUBLICATIONS This year we hod a new class in the High School The Journalism class under the direction of Mr DeLap The closs put out both the school paper, "Cougar Tracks", and the onnuol, "Cchoes of '48 " Eessie Young was editor of the paper, and Mork Cotton, annual editor, had a good staff to work with and the write up assignments come os school work in the class PAPER STAFF Editor............................... Bessie Young Assistant Business Monager Bob Hale Business Manager Mark Cotton Assistant Editor Mary White Senior Reporter Bob White Junior Reporter Billy Marlnee Sophomore Reported Katie Marlnee Freshman Reporter . Barbara Lieuallen Society and Fashions...................Dolly Sparks Boys' Sports Reporter . Swede Ramos, Dean Rohde Girls' Sports Reporter.........................Lois McElroy Town Reporter.........................Shirley Cunha Humorist......................... . Charlie Daly Typists .............. Lots McElroy, Bessie Young Advisor .............................. Coach DeLapWe Competed With Our Neighbors CHARLIE DALY, captain of the football team, and winner of the coach's trophy for the best blocker and most valuable player. Voted by the team, fans, and coach. COUGARS POST SUCCESSFUL SEASON The Cougars won six, lost one, and tied one for the season, piling up 285 points to their opponents 80. The Cougar first string was especially strong on defense with only 28 points being scored against them. Only two touchdown passes were completed and the Cougar opponents only netted two first downs via the aerial route. Tne gomes and scores for the year of '47 ore as follows: Pilot Rock .... 12 Echo 12 Weston 0 Echo 33 Athena ... 19 Echo 21 Irrigon . , 20 Echo 48 Umatilla .. 7 Echo 0 Hermiston 18 Echo 76 Boordman 6 Echo 54 lone 4 Echo 34 The second string completed their seoson games and scores are as follows: very successful Pilot Rock 0 Echo 14 Hermiston 0 Echo 32 lone 6 Echo 20 Umatilla .. 2 Echo 0CHARLIE DALY MARK COTTON BOB HALE BOB WHITE IRWIN WILKERSON DEAN ROHDE HOMER BROWN DICK SNOWWe Won Our Share of Championships Honors won were the Umotillo County B League with 1! wins and one loss Pre-seoson dopesters hod picked Umopine ond Stanfield, but the Cougors finished three full gomes cheod. Echo also won the Sub-District Tournament, winning oil three gomes by o comfortable margin. If you keep on playing one team often enough old man percentage is going to catch up with you That is the story of the District Tournament when Alexander sank the free throw that gave Umopine their victory over Echo in four starts by a one point margin. The next night's victory over lone for third place was an anti-climax. From this year's team, five men will be lost Wilkerson, Rohde, Cotton, and Daly graduate in May and Hale graduates next January One regular, Dick Snow, ond six lettermen reserves will form the nucleus for next year's team. The reserves defeated every league second teom at least once so shouldn't do too bod as regulars next year This yeor's learn wos marked by the fact that it wasn't a one mon boll club with at least four different boys being high men on different occasions.lone ......... Umatilla lone .......... Helix ........ Stanfield Arlington Powder Valley Bay City Umapine Weston Pilot Rock Athena Heppner Helix ......... . 32 Echo......... 34 heppner 37 Echo ?6 Echo . 35 Stanfield . . .... 30 Echo . 32 Echo . 30 Umapine ... .... 30 Echo . 26 Echo .. 49 Weston 23 Echo 41 Echo 32 Pilot Rock 40 Echo 47 Echo . 32 Umatilla 28 Echo 33 Echo 28 Athena 30 Echo 35 Echo 26 St Joseph 23 Echo 32 Echo 34 Athena 21 Echo 31 Echo 40 Umapine 34 Echo 25 Echo 26 Dayville 22 Echo . 24 Echo 31 Umapine 35 Echo 13 Echo 34 lone 42 Echo 36 Echo 52 36 55 Other Sports SPRING SPORTS Boxing wos started March 1st with fifteen boys two years, turning out. The smoker with Pilot Rock wos com- Track will start April 1st Pilot Rock will hold pleted with three wins and three losses. good prospects for this year's track team. The Baseball olso started March 1st. Most of the County frock meet will be held ot Stanfield boys were freshmen ond sophomores with o few Tennis started March 1st, with several boys-and juniors ond seniors turning out This is mostly o girls out to ploy, build-up teom with very good prospects for the next GRADE SPORTS The grade school boys hod o very successful bos-ketboll seoson, winning eight out of 10 gomes Things look goad for next year's season, os most of the teom are experienced os seventh graders The line-ups for the first two teoms ore: First Five Second Five Collingsworth, 7th ....F............. Young, 8th McAtee, 8th ...........F............. Berry, 7th Bowmon, 7th ...........C.............. Crow, 8th Dorn, 7th .............6............. Rohde, 8th Ramos. 7th ............G............ Grohom. 7th The scores of their gomes ore os follows: Hermiston ............ 2i Echo 27 Umatilla ............. 12 Echo 24 Stanfield ............ 14 Echo 43 Hermiston ............ 14 Echo 19 Pendleton ............ 33 Echo 23 Heppner .............. 15 Echo 19 Pendleton ............ 17 Echo 19 Heppner .............. 13 Echo 49 Stanfield ............ 14 Echo...............30 Umapine .............. 30 Echo 10 In the foil the boys ployed football, ond in the sorina bosebollGIRLS' SPORTS First on our sports calendar for the year was softball. At the weather was stiil worm our gomes were played outside and teams were mode among all the girls in the closs After the softball seoson we moved into the gym ond were taught folk doncing. This was very interesting and greatly enjoyed by oil the girls. Next came basketball and we can see why it is one of the top sports. The Freshman girls took honors in this sport. On March 20th the girls went to Heppner where eight schools participated in o full day of volleyball The Echo girls put on o tumbling exhibition during the afternoon session. This spring we were taught archery, tennis, and bodmmton, all of which will go toword eornmg our credit in P. E. as well os our letters and stripes for our sweaters In April a demonstration will be given by the gym class consisting of girls through every grade in school. This program will include stunts tumbling, volleyball, folk doncing and other sports and activities taught during the entire year. We ore sure all who have seen cur performances this year have enioyed them and they reolize the important part played by our girls in grode schoolWe Enjoyed Our Clubs LETTERMAN'S CLUB With the purpose of promoting better sports-monship and building morale in school and sports, the Lettermon's Club was founded. In this respect we have done exceptionally well. We have a reputation for sportsmanship which we hope the coming lettermen will uphold. Officers for the yeor of 1947-48 are: President .......................... Charlie Daly Vice-President .................... Bob Hale Treasurer and Secretary...............Mark Cotton The athletic plant of Echo hos a brand, spanking, new, automatic washing machine as the result of the Lettermon's Club and Closs of '49 GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' League hos hod o very seccessful yeor The first meeting was to elect officers, for the coming year. President ......................... Bessie Young Vice-President .............. Lucile Wattenburger Secretory ............................. Lois McElroy Treasurer ....................... . Shirley Cunho Installation and initiation for the freshman girls was held October 24th in the new gym Annabel Vohs sang two lovely songs entitled, "Peg o' My Heart," and "Marie." The services were as follows Annabel Vohs os Service; Groce Abercrom- bie os Leadership; Katie Marlnee asScholarship; Betty Bowman os Conductress, Barbara Vohs as Character The freshman girls looked very lovely in pastel colors, they were given white cornation corsages, and also Miss Eatwell, our adviser, was given one by Bessie Young. We were very successful in selling Chirstmos cards ogam this year, os we were last year Miss Eatwell fold us about the cards ond Adell Graham was in charge of the selling The girls sold Eoster Lilies for the Cripples Children and Adults.We Gained Our Goal Lois Me Elroy G A A 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 3, 4 Pep Club President 3, 4 Science Club, 1 Girls' League I, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League Secretary 4 Closs Secretary I, 2, 4 Class Treasurer 3 Student Body Play 2, 4 Student Body Treasurer 4 Paper Stoff 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Editor 3 Annual Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3 Dean Rohde Football 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Boxing 3 Baseball 3 Class President 2 Student Body Vice-President 3 Student Body Sergeant 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Lettermen's Club President 3 Science Club 1 Student Body Ploy 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Annabel Vohs Girls' League I, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2 Science Club 1 G A A I, 2 Bond 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4Charlie Daly Band 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Lettermen's Club President 4 King of the Swat 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Bosketboll 3, 4 Boseboll 3 Boxing 3, 4 Student Body President 4 Student Body Sergeont 3 Closs President 3 Closs Vice President 2, 3 Closs Treasurer 1 Student Body Ploy 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Poper Staff 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Dolly Sparks Transfer 2 Pep Club 3, 4 Bond Mojorette 2, 3, 4 Closs President 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 Annual Staff 2, 4 Girls' Leogue 2, 3, 4 G A A 2, 3, 4 Student Body Play 4 Student Body Secretory 4 Student Council 4 Mark Cotton Class President 1 Closs Treasurer 2 Class Vice-President 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Bosketboll 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3 4 Lettermens Club 3, 4 Lettermen's Club Secretory 3 Lettermen's Club Secretory-Treosurer 4 Student Body Ploy 4 Annual Editor 4 Paper Stoff I, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1 Student Council 1Bob White Transfer 2 Footboll 3, 4 Boxing 3, 4 Boseball 3. 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 King of The Swot 4 Student Body Ploy 3 Bessie Young G A A I, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Leogue Vice-President 3 Girls' Leogue President 4 Student Body Ploy 3, 4 Class Secretory 3 Closs Treasurer 4 Glee Club I, 2 Science Club 1 Pep Club 4 Bond I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3 Annual Staff 2. 3, 4 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 Poper Editor 4 Irvin Wilkerson Transfer 3 Footboll 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Track 3 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Student Body Play 4We Are Proud of Our Community LAIRD'S DRUG STORE—Cosmetics - - pens ond pencils - - gilts - - jewelry - - condy - - tocobbos - -You get the best of service of Loird Drug Store. BERRY'S SIGNAL OIL CO.—Gas - - oil - - welding - - new tires - - batteries - - Modern Signal Oil Station - - hove your cor checked - - Berry's gives the finest of service.ECHO MEAT MARKET—Meat - - groceries - • frozen foods - • cold storage lockers - - good foods— good service - - Stop in at the Echo Meat Market - - You'll save time and money TUM-A-LUM LUMBER CO.—Lumber - - building supplies - - paints - - fuel - - hardware - - sporting goods - - furniture - - Courteous ond prompt service - - Phone 221 Echo.NEILANDS SERVICE STATION—Gos - - oil - - repair services - - parts - - installations - - good service, low prices ROBERTSON'S MACHINE SHOE—Welding - - repairs machinery - - form equipment repairs - - prompt and reliable service. ECHO HOTEL—Rooms - - luscious sodos - - delicious ice ereom - - economicol - - A swell place to meet the gong after the show - - prompt service, truly the "Place to go " PARK'S SERVICE STATION—Pork's one woy service - - gas - - oil - - new tires - - prompt ond efficient service - - Will put your car in its best running order - - Phone 571 Echo.BEAUTY CLINIC—A beauty shop specializing in first closs professional work and featuring the lovely Circlette heotless permanent which will curl all hair, bleached, dyed ond normal You con hove o beautiful curl regardless of your health DR. C. L. GRAY—Best wishes to Echo High SchoolECHO CASH GROCERY—One of the finest ond most modern stores in Echo - - fresh fruits ond vegetables - - finest quality of foods - - the friendly store that gives prompt service - - All this and more at the Echo Cosh GroceryECHO CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.—Electrical supplies - - lumber - - boled hoy - - Let the Echo Construction Co build your future homeBRICK'S PLACE—Prop. Mr ond Mrs. Clarence Berry - - It's the hang-out of the high school - - always ready to serve its patrons - - Swell place to meet the gong at lunch - - not hord on the purse. Two prominent high school girls—Shirley Cunho and Adele Graham are modeling "Lil Alice" cottons from the GEORGE AND MILLER COMPANY. Keep cool ond comfortable as you "swish and swirl" m these nationally advertised dresses. And men1 Levis and bright socks are a perfect combination. We have them for you—other things too Come in any time—we are alwoys glad to see you.We Are Proud of Our Hermiston Boosters DRES-WELL CLEANERS Reliable Service Phone 491 WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY Auto Accessories - Tires - Batteries - Household Appliances DODD INVESTMENT CO. Real Estate and Loans THRIFTY MARKET The Best in Foods OREGON HARDWARE Our Best Wishes DAIRY CO-OP ASSOCIATION Milk Products Phone 3571 HERMISTON VARIETY STORE Phone 2271 REAL ESTATE J. C. 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Suggestions in the Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) collection:

Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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