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n e d i e j T i ojmIs Dedicated To Cur Dream The hew Echo Gymsun JUM T £ jN D£ M T F to r lrS B e h h c't Ai -s tr r% M £(" 1, Aw« U«4. Ctvs ” ■ « -5° flV AOk Co tf»h, A A -r cS'rr -Srf «PS 4' iys. . ..11. " A cA Mu £ f fo fie5 9 YC z e isfi !! 6E P II HISTORY OF JCHO HIGH 1906 found the first senior class graduating from the "old building." In this first graduating class were four students. Two years later the new school building was finished and the high classes moved in and took over. Recreation then was limited to short recess periods in which baseball, basketball, horseshoes, and handball were played. In the fourty years following great strides of progress have beer male at old 2. H. S. Early in the 20 3 a gymnasium was built and physical education introduced. Cur school colors became blue and white and our nickname became "Cougars." As the years have rolled by, books have been added to the library and the equipment to the science room, along with sports equipment to the gym. A few years back the gym shower rooms were enlarged and were re-equipped. 1945-46 has proved to be a very succesful year in which two basketball trophies were added to an already large collection. The voting for a new gym has aroused the highest hopes in everyone for a new gym in the near future. FACULTY OF "45-46" vte students consider ourselves very fortunate in having such a grand group of teachers to guide us and help us with the three "R s". Miss Briggs came from her 3rd and 4th grade post of last year to teach us just where to place our comma’s, how to appreciate Shakespeare and to read and understand poetry. She is indeed a swell person. Mr. Cotton is a person we all admire for his patience and his ability to make us see the principles of Science, History and Geometry. Miss Peterson, vfco han dies our Commercial subjects and advises the Paper Staff, has been accepted by all of us as a grand person with whom to work. Soon after Mr. Centers appearance in Echo High the faint sounds of a band began to be heard. He has made out of a group of what seemed to be hopeless musicians, into a very fine band. Under Mr. Center’s supervision the basketball and football teams went to the top. The Baketball Team took the District B-7 Tournament at John Day and went on up to take 3rd place in the State "B" Tournament. The Football Team came in second place to Pilot Rock’s 1st place team. Mr. Center is now pushing for our new gym—Good Luok, Mr. Center and thank you for the many deeds you have done for the Echo High Sohool. r-N k  . Class “ley—1 S. 1. Floy— 2 Tennis-1-2-3-4 Conner Gab—3 Cougar Track—4 annual Staff—4 Volley Ball—1-3 3a nd—4 Glee Club—1 Class Play—1 S. B. Play—2 Paper Staff—1 Cougar Tracks—4 Editor Annual Staff—4 Glee Club—1-2-3 Bi-Fhy-Chem.—3 Band--3-4 Volley Ball—1-2 Librarian—1-2-3-4 Pep Club—2 Class Flay—1 S. 3. Play— 2-3-4 Class Sec.—2-3 Yell Loader—2-3-4 Band—1-3-4 Tumbling Team—3-4 Volley Ball Team—2-3-4 Girls Lea ",ue Pres.—4 ii-Phy-Chem.—3 Cou y-.r Tracks—3-4 Annual Staff—4 Glee Club—1 Queens Court—4 Pep Club Leader—2 Senior Escort—3 Cla3s Vice Pres.—1 Class Pres.—2-3-4 Class Play—1 S. B. Play—2-3 Cougar Tracks—3-4 Annual Stsff--3-4 Baseball—1-2 Football—2-3-4 Co. Capt. Football—4 Basketball—3-4 CO. Capt. Basketball--4 Basketball Capt.—3 Band—3-4 Queens Court--4 Senior Escort—3Cla9s Play—1 S. B. Play—fi Girls League Vice Fres.—2 Viajorette—3-4 Tumbling--3-4 Volley Ball—3-4 Paper Staff--2 Glee Club--1 Queens Court--2 Pep Club--l-2 Glee Club—1-2-3-4 G. L. Sgt. Arms—2 Class Flay--1 S. B. Flay—2 Class Sec.--4 S. B. Treas.--4 Volley Ball—3-4 Tumbling--4 Annual Staff--3-4 Cougar Tracks--3-4 Queens Court—1 Tep Club—1-2 Heppner H. S.—1 Glee Club—2-3-(4-Fres. ) Queen--4 S. E. Flay—2-4 Class Trees.—2-3-4 Band--3-4 G. L. Troas.--4 G. L. Sgt. Arms—3 Cougar Track Zditor--4 Annual Staff—4 Tumbling—4-(3-Pres.} Volley Ball—2-3-(4-Capt.) S. B. Vice Fres—3 Class Play—1 S. E. Play—2-3 S. B. Fres.—4 Class Vice Fres.—1---3-4 Annual Staff—1-3-4 Baseball—1-2-3-4 Tennis—1-2-3-4 Basket ball-- -3-4 Band--3-4 Paper Staff--1-2-3-4 Track—3-4 King of Formal--4 Weiser Idaho-1 Payette Idaho-2 Scho High—3-4 Marshall Is. and Guam--4 U. S. M. C.-Cpl.—4 bub jord; :: cradu .Taj ..ith THa CLoo OF . Ha LSFT IN MARCH TC NTSR THa oaKVICa Class Flay—1 S. B. Flay—2 Football—2-3-4 Basketball—3-4 Track--l-3-4 Baseball—2 Band—4 Cougar Tracks—3-4CLASS PROPHECY Time —1904 Place—An old Man's home Introduction--By the fireside in sn old mansion a very old man is sitting with his family, fifteen in all talking over old times The old man is speaking as 4 enter "Now when I was a kid war beck in ”46" we really had the timesr Like that day in May when we "graduated.” Believe me that was the happiest day of me whole durned life. I kind a wonder at tines what the rest of the gand is a doing. I can't remember to good but I'll try an tell ya a little bit about 'em. Last time a heard from Ina Rauoh she was herdin' sheep for Cunhas up on Battle Mountain. She aald it was kinds rough up there but she's got her old man trained into one of the best sheep dogs you ever saw. He doesn't particularly relish the idea but Erwin said he 19 kinds getting uaed to it Yeah, son we had gals in that class too. Well lemme see; there was Rita and Frances Correa, now their names are Bowman end Branstetter, but anyhow they were a pair. They are little housewives now trying to make the best out of life. Rita has thirty acres of land flooded over by the Umatilla River and Frances and her gang entertains the farmers in the vacinity with her orchestra that travels up and down the river in a boathouse. But this will top it all; one of our gala, Mary Madison by name, she's traveling with a circus back east somewhere. Well, what are ya laughing about? Somebody had to feed peanuts to the elephants. And then there was Veda Able. Last time a heard she had just bought a dairy in Portland. I heard the other day in a round about way that James Meechan was running Jimmy's Tavern in San Francisco. He has one of the best floor shows in the country where Veda dances when the dairy doesn't keep her busy. Oh, yes, incidentally the paper said last week that Jim's fourth wife is in Reno, Nevada on a business trip. I got a letter from Fances Finch the other day and she says her tumbling classes are going over big in Portland. Her advanced class has Just completed a new at.unt which I doubt if you've heard about yet but they call it the forward roll. That stunt is the main event of the show. Frances hasn't married yet because she say9 the men have heard how she eats and they won’t even take her out. I heard from my aunt the other day and she said she saw Burl Watt-enburger and his wife in Florida one day not long ago. She said Burl has grown quite a bit since I had seen him last; he was quite a bit heavier than hia wife now. And that little Edward Burl 111 was an adorable child. She also stated that Ethel seemed as happy now as she wae when she used to sit in study hall with Burl. Burl told my aunt that Bob Schiller was now married fcb a trick rldmr and living in Texas on a big cattle ranoh. By the way thi trick rider a name happens to be Adell Graham Schiller. Bob has won oaAy honors in calf roping and last year won first at Madison Square Garden. Ernie Rohde now Las an air field Ju9t out of Echo where he teaches flying and rtiere he also makes model airplanes. Ernie was married ten years ago to Janey Center whose father is still Superintendent of Eoho School. Ernie is teaching hia oldest 9on to fly now so he can have a chauffeur. In case you'd like to know Arlie Dabney is still in the Army and Just go promoted to P.F.C. last week. Arlie still has a girl in every town but hasn't landed one completely yet. Jack Brown is now married and has a traveling basketball team which he calls the "Dribbling Chicks,” incidently its a womans team. Kis wife is captain! Well. I hear Maxine calling me to dinner so guess I had better let the olass of "46" take care of itself on through the rest of their years. SENIOR CLASS WILL (This will develop your will power) We, the Seniors of 46. haunted by the thought of leaving E.H.S. in its present deplorable condition, do hereby will and bequeath the following, for the proper enlivenme-it of school activities in the coming years. (Also to thwart the old saying, "Echo won't have a thing next year.") I, Veda Irene Able, will my flirtatious smile and assortment of sailor's adresses to Ellen Westfall if she will use them as I did. I, Jack Frost Brow, will my ourly hair any my thorough knowledge of intoxicants to Dale Wilson. I, Rita Rose Correa, will ny ability to catch a man to anyone in need of it • I, Frances Eda Correa, will my yell-leading Job to Patty Finch, if she'll promise to go throu i all the motions. I, Arleigh Dabney, will my love for cattin' around to all hours to anyone who thinks he can survive the rigorous life. I, Francis Marie Finch give my friendly attitude toward the men to Dolly Ann Sparks. I, Clarence Edward Jordan, will my woman attracting qualities to my yound brother, who will probably make better use of them tten I did. I Mary Louise Madison, give my lady-like manners to Black Bess, please take good care of them, they're precious. I, James Charles Meechen , will my many feminine acquaintances to Charles Daly, the only other man who could possibly handle them all. I. Ina Viola Rauch, leave my ability to filch money from the treasury and still make the books balance, to sister Doris Just to keep it in the family and maybe get a little cut-in on the deal. I, Erwin Ralph Reese, will my everyready excuses to Dick Pelletier, who can use them, but not as well as 1 did. I, Ernest Fredrick Rohde, leave my car to Pedro Stone, if he won't wear it out to quickly. My sweet trombone tone I leave to Lois McElroy. I, Rober Custave Schiller, will my initials to Gene Berry for a permanent nickname. I, Edward Burl Wattenburger, leave my man-made waves to Dona-1 Reese. I leave Ethel in the safe hands of Junior McVicker, who, I'm sure 6an be trusted, We, the Senior Class will our wholesome, smiling, truthful, honest little characters to next year's Freshmen. To the Faculty, dear loved-ones, one and all, we leave at their nerves end, looking forward to three glorious months of vacation. The Student Body we leave in tears. The Seniors of '46.' Izzy Gootoh Notary Public Witnesses ♦Quatation from the book "Words of the Wise", by the Honorable Edward Aberorombiel Bach Row: L to R. Frances Correa, Ina Rauch, Burl Wattenburger, Veda Able, Bob Schiller, Rita Correa. Front Row: L to R. Bud Jordan, Frances Finch, Erwin Reese, Mary Madison, Jim Eeechan. Back Row: Fatty Finch, Junior LcVicker, helen Lronell, Doris Rauch, Eugene Berry, Dale .Vilson, Eenny Jordon, Ethel Crow.JjOPh o(v orcs I Back Row: L. to R. Robert '•Lite, Bessie Youn-j, oward Stone, Annabel “ohs, Lean Rhode, Dick Felliter, Dolly A: n Sparks, Charles Daly, Lois I.'cElroy, t.'ark Cotton. Back Row: L. to R. i;ary V.hite, Homer Bcwman, Audrey Whitman, Donald Abercombie, Billy ilarlnee, Elsie Boyer, Jim Lily, Ellen Westfall, Front Row: Dick Cook Lucille Wattenburger, Donald Reese, Charlotte Mauldin, Alvin Stone, Edward Abercombie. 4 + , VClass of " 48' Nine Sophomores tramped up the school steps on the first day of school. They neither spoke nor looked at the poor green Frosh who were so far below their notioe. Our first task, initiation, was accomplished with fun, and satisfaction. After a few weeks of school, Dolly Sparks Joined us from Houston, Texas. Howard Stone entered with us at the beginning of the year. In early spring, Bob White came from Hermiston. We now have the enrollment of twelve. Our offioers for the past year have been: President----------—Dean Rohde Vice President------Charlie Daly Secretary----------—Lois MoElroy Treasurer-----------Mark Cotton Sgt. at Arms—-—-—Diok Pelletier During the basketball season we sold pop and hot dogs at the games, making quite a profit. Our olass has been very active this year, and next year we hope to make it even more so, when we will be "quite the things" as upper classmen. Class of "47" Early one September morning, eight girls and boys walked into the front study hall with a superior air, thinking at last were upper class-men. We held our first cla s meeting a week after the beginning of school, to elect class officers, they are as follows: President------ V. President-- Treasurer---— Sgt. Arms------ Class flower Class oolor-Class motto •—Eugene Berry ----Kenny Jordon ----Doris Rauch ----Dale Wilson ■Red Rose ■old rose and silver ■"Carry On" As the year progressed we managed to accumalate the total of $102. of which some will be spent for the Junior-Senior picnio held on April 20, 1946.Class of "49” It was a bright sunny morning on Sept. 4, 1945 A. D., when eleven Proshies were added to the Soho High School. Me came slowly up the atairs wondering where we should go next. After a hard day we found the different rooms we were to ocoupy for the rest of the year. After a few days of getting settled we elected our class officers. Ifias Briggs was our class advisor. The class officers are as follows: President----------------Homer Bowman Vice President----——-Donald Reese Secretary---------------Elsie Boyer Treasurer---------------Lucille Wattenburger Sgt. at Arms------------Edward Abercrombie A short time had elapsed when the Sophomores honored us with our initiation. Homer Bowman was a bathing beauty oalled Miss Echo. Donald Reese was a Hawaiian hula girl. Kathryne Bollm came in a union suit and night cap, holding a candle. Elsie Boyer was a farmer in typical overalls and straw hat. Billy Marines came flying up the atairs in oape and red flannels as!!-you guessed it—SUPERMAN!! Alvin Stone came carrying a bucket of rooks and dressed in a burlap sack as a cave man. Luoille Wattenburger wore a hat, overalls and logger's boots as a logger. Ellen Westfall was an old lady wearing a hat, wig of gray, and carrying a oane. Edward Abercrombie was in a large dress carrying a suitcase and was aoting as a sales lady. Jimmy Lilly wore high-heeled shoes, a dress, and a lady's hat, posing as an opera star. Donnie Abercrombie was a tap-danoer wearing a skirt and blouse with tap shoes. At noon we were marched through town followed by the Sophomores with their paddles. In the evening we had to come back to the gym for more of the same torture. Later came the Freshman return party. We had many different amusements including games, danolng, etc. Everything one did oost a penny. We made 14.83 that night. Refreshments were served to all. Alvin Dawes entered our class from Oklahoma in the latter part of September, but left after a few weeks of school to return to good old Oklahoma. During the year we also had four other students join our class; Charlotte Maudlin from Montana, Mary White from Hermiston, Audrey Whitman from Pendleton and Dick Cook, also from Pendleton. Diok only stayed for a few weeks, then returned to pendleton. We completed the year, 1946, with seven boys and seven girls,and having a successful, enjoyable time their freshman year at Echo.Fifth and Sixth Grades During the past year we have hac a very active room, consisting of eight sixth graders and twenty-two fifth graders. »Ve had a Halloween party, playing games and having cider and doughnuts for refreshments. At Christmas time we were participating in the Grade School Operetta, "Where was Santa", until it was canceled by the flu epidemic. We had no Christmas party for the same reason. In February our hearts turned to love, and we topped it off with a grand Valentine Party, with fourteen pre-school aged children as our guests. The Valentine Box was gaily decorated and full to the top with Valentine Greetings. For refreshments we had ice cream and cake. We had an Easter egg hunt on the lawn which was enjoyed by all. Several members of our room have been very active in the Grade School Band, some of which were promoted to the High School Band in the spring. Eighth Grade Will I, Betty Bowman, will my rea hair to Edna Lee Morrow in hopes that it will make hers a little brighter. I, Katie Karlnee, will my earrings to Charlotte Laughlln. I, Adell Graham, will my popularity among the boys to Carol Vohs because I am sure she can use it in the years to come. I, Barbara Vohs, will my good voice to Joe Ramos in hopes that he uses it to serenade the girls. I, Argel Collinsworth, will my ability to play basketball to Glenn Rohde. I am sure he will need it when he becomes an "All Star". I, Dick Snow, will my "ten-gallon hat" to Elmer Berry. He will need it to keep the freckles off his face. I, Betty Stevens, will my Hermiston boy friends to Donna Miller in hopes she will enjoy them as much as I have. I, Edgar Bloom, will my ability to play tennis to Donnie Moses. I, Shirley Cunha, will my sun-suits to Lily Crow as I believe she can fill them as well as I. I, Lawrence Berry, leave all my blue shirts to John Madison in hopes he will discard his green ones for the blue. I, Billie Miller, will my tumbling ability to Mary Lou Mills. I, Wayne Meyers, will my note book of 8th grade answers to Allen Young for he will be needing them. I, Marcine Vohs, will my big brown eyes to Marlene Helms. I hope she will make a catch. I, Joe Ray Tolar, will my big smile to Dale Cambell in hopes he uses it as much as I. I, Harold Pointer, will my height to Bob McVicker for I am sure he will need it. I, Grace Abercrombie, will my clarinet to Jesse Boyer in hopes that 3he learns to play. I, Dorothy Long, leave all my books to Frank Young, in hopes that he will give up tennis for books. 71 T Cr rnoE£PRIMARY ROOM W® started the year with an enrollment of twenty-nine. There was a total enrollment of thirty-five during the year ending with twenty-nine. Halloween we had fun with a parade and a party in the afternoon. Christmas was a disappointment, hut we had an especially nice party for St. Valentines Day with games and plenty of valentines in our big box. We had cookies and ioe cream. We plan another party for Waster with oolored eggs and candy. We found our new south outside door very convenient anJ feel perfectly safe in case of fire. Records show that George Graves and Delbert Hampton have not missed a day of sohool all year. Our Rhythm Band has been a great pleasure to all of us. We love to plan and we even like to appear on the stage. Our new capes and caps make us feel we were really an important part of Echo School. We have worked hard all year. Our motto is: "Learn something everyday." THIRD and FOURTH GRADES If you oan imagine thirty-three happy, alert, cooperative youngsters about eight and nine years of age, then you have a very good pioture of the Third and Fourth Grades of E.H.S. They have worked hard and accomplished much; and some day in the future when sohool days for them are over, we are certain to hear of many fine reports from them. The first party was held Halloween. It consisted of games and a peanut hunt. Their Xmas entertainment and party was interrupted by the flu epeddmic, but I'm sure they'll remember the nice gift exohange anyway. Then along came Valentines Day and with it a huge box of greet-of greetings, games, eats and all the trimmings. Tea! It's been fun working and playing together and now as it nears an end, eaoh one is wishing that when sohool again calls next fall the same group of olassmates will be here for another term of lessons and pleasure.V 770(7 “l M H ; o8 m w ,6 V sJ d vu s 5. 0 Viit buuyyd w .,? »„ do S3lno i '• 1?vV 3- "A I fv — ♦ h IOOH j "■ Girls Physical Education Class Oar Physical Education Class this year consisted of 34 girls, including the 7th and 8th grade girls who Joined us later in the fall. Our instructor was Miss Briggs who has taught P. E. for two consecutive years here. We began our program with Oregon Cal., which is a required subject in the state. Next we started volley ball and the first string was picked by Miss Briggs; it consisted of Frances Finch, Captain, Ina Rauch, Doris Rauch, Patty Finch, Ethel Crow, Dolly Ann Sparks, Bessie Young, Lois McElroy, Franny Correa, and Rita Correa. We oompeted with only two sohools Heppner and Athena, winning both games. We then began tumbling; the class consisting of 24 girls and 4 boys. A Tumbling Exhibition was given March 22, and turned out to be a great success. Catherine Tsiatsos from LaGrande contributed to this by doing individual stunts. Following tumbling, a tennis and badminton course was taken up. Our tennis squad was made up of the following: Veda Able, Franny Correa, Doria Rauch, Kenny Jordan, Dean Rohde, Bessie Joung, and Mark Cotton. We closed the year with tennis and badminton play-offs by means of a Round Robin Ladder in the latter. Band E.H.S. Music Makers, started the year by practicing faithfully for the Band Concert. By adding new members -nd taking members from our Grade School Banc we found we had quite an organization. .. •?e gave a Band Concert January 25, at 8:00. Our audience was spellbound. This bought to a close one more successful program. Mr. Center's untiring efforts played the biggest part in making tfiat seemed to be hopeless musleans into a fine band. s , ji J' J G J f E Ci-17 «GIRLS LEAGUE Our Olrl't League has been a very busy organization this school 7aar At tbs beginning of the year it was neoeasary to move our League too from its happy home upstairs to the bottom floor of the "old building." Early in the spring a tea was given for our mothers. Entertainment was provided by members of our organization. April 12th a Queens Ball was given. The theme was "Hawaii" Frances Finoh was Queen of the dance, and was crowned Frances 11 by Jim Meeohan, our Student Body President. Our offioers for the year have been as follows: President--------—Frances Correa Vice President----Doris Rauoh Secretary—-———Ethel Crow Trees ure—--------Frances Finch Sargeant at Arms—-Patty Finch We hope the Senior girls have received benefit and lasting memories of this past League activities. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club has helped provide entertainment for many of the activities this year. Mr. Ootton has so willingly given his time to aid the girls in their stride for "more and better musio at E. H. S." Early in the sohool year offioers were elected as follows: President-—-—•—Frances Finoh Secretary-————Bessie Young Spring oame and the girls gave a splendid Glee Conoert. Eaoh girl was attired in a lovely formal. The stage was deoorsted to carry out the air of Spring. All and all the year for the Glee Club was very successful.ji tu ire.TiGSp Back Row L to R: Veda Able, Dean Rohde, Doris Rauch. .ront Row L to R: Mark Cotton, Bessie Young, Kenny ordan, Frances Correa. Eack Row L to R: Homer Bowman, D-vid "festfall, Kenny Jordan, Bob Schiller, Front Row L to R: Gene 3erry, Erwin Reese, Burl Wattenburger. ♦ lAnciv, Faa c tfsuU a rr . fifth h e j t ff rh r V 'de a d si fftid. ’ oseBasketball loho High Sokool'e Cougar fi e oompleted a very auooesaful sea-■on on the maple oourt. After e slow start in the Uaatllle County League, they started a winning stretoh and in a beautiful finish defeated Helix and Athena in final games to o°p thj °hampi°nship. This qualified Coaoh Warren Center’s team for 8 ° ment held at John Day. Eoho turned back PrairieJttll game. Umatilla met the Cougars in the semi-finals Same out on top by 15 points. In the finals Eoho met Pilot Hock end barely nosed out a determined Rocket squad by the score or 2b to £3. qualifying them to represent dlstriot 7 in the State Tournament. Rogue Hirer met the fast Cougars on the opening eight and was defeated by Eoho 40 to 27. The following night orth State Runner-up team. Swamped the Cougars by 16 ctatw final night Eoho stopped St. Paul to cop third plaoe in the State Tournament The season’s reoord is as follows: ECHO 43 Pendleton B 27 38 Boardman 33 47 Irrigon 31 25 Boardman 31 17 Stanfield 25 33 Helix 26 42 Arlington 44 34 Athena 23 55 Irrigon 28 40 Stanfield 27 16 Pendleton B 24 55 Weston 28 57 Pilot Rook 28 61 Umapine 32 61 Weston 16 31 Pilot Rook 35 62 Umapine 29 33 Helix 27 42 Athena 35 DISTRICT 7B TOURNAMENT Echo 46 Prairie City 14 « 37 Umatilla 22 " 25 Pilot Rook 23 STATE TOURNAMENT Eoho 40 Rogue River 27 « 24 North Powder 40 52 St. Paul 41 In thh dlstriot tournament C. Jordan, E. Rohde, and J. Meechan were chosen on the All-Star Team. Bud Jordan was plaoed on the State All-Star Seoond String. Jordan came within one point of breaking the state's reoord for points made in a eingle game. The rooord stands at 34 points, with Jordan making 33 points. This was Eoho's most suooessful season but with a new gym we expeot to hold our own in the future. + - r) zJicr (Y «tC Kfttf 6tu»a Z6.) Rljtk+ithturr ( Cr WA rd K t y Hovdcfi C foUURO) e ?wic f?o »dc (foRW d) SECOND STRING C«t+on [M t Wil «n, Cogent tferryjJ'dx ' « Fettltcr, P vid h LtF«d) fog?hi iuhUe. o r District CAA f7''o« bjv Tropky %W UIHhiUI 'O'Cto+iP" Ship — V ' «i tt £RW C 0 If IjUt Is© ijp £,0jehe. fferryj n vi« «ccA Nf i-l iUhttch Coryctj n y {Jordon, ar? (V ptK Coftocf. LUi'notfJnj Oofch's T ropl y V Football Echo completed e very successful football season. Playing 10 games and losing only to 1 Hot Roc. the Umatilla-borrow County champions. ' mv p ouirars slaved an 11-cljii game with Stanfield on Thanksgiving Day. Stanfield hSdpifyed ll lln fSotbull a!l season. Echo although, handicapped by injuries d doped to lose w 3 touchdowns, toppled Stanfield 13-6. The prospects for next year s team looks good, although seven players completed th«ir hiPh school career this season. c Echo scores 253 point., to their upponer.ts 98 making a game average of 5 t 1 points per gcine. Season s Record Echo 27 33 m 34 w 45 n 14 tt 32 tt 24 m 32 tt 14 i 13 (11-man) Echo 18 tt 14 Second String lone 0 Athena 7 Eelfx 14 Umatilla 6 Pilot Rock 34 Irrigon 6 Prescott 6 n 20 Stanfield 0 n 6 Pilot Rock 12 Pilot Rook 20 Track Boho High's ardent track lovers set out for Helix “% s su “S' — 3 1° Theaplacesdand the points earned by the Echo Thinclads are following: Event. 70 ydT High Hurdle Mile 880 yd. Run Low Hurdle 440 High Jump Shot Put Javelin Pole Vault Discus Broad Jump Relay Place !• 1 2.3 2.4 1.4 1 4 2 Person Wattenburger Berry, Jordan Bowman Vattenburger Berry, Stone Wattenburger Reese, Sohiller Meeohan, Jordan Wattenburger, Jordan Meeohan Wattenburger SohoLCh 0-13-STA(rf EL[) L r on ft Ti o cy tr ? €• L-to-A icfi. -low n. St on , K. Jordon, D.Roose, D. Aberoorbie, 3. Berry, J. lllfOO . 7» J« Lilly f )• eter Mag , E. Abercor ie, Front Row: L-to-R. D. Ilhode, B Sciiiiler, 3. Rhode , C. haly, 3. Heese, J. L.'eeci xa , 3. Jordon, 3. ‘Vattenb r and Lurk Cotton. r fW: .©, AY Elroy, Rit Colrr A, F " s Corrt , 0C Si'e l0o t . 0 , C K "■ Paris utlt; ?0- r F.mcK, KR 1 , Fr fthc.'s Finch; OoMy Sp b ►KS, F Kel Cro . r ir.iee, ;Uta C r. , ;.lvlii n , ITanny Correa, e, Jud Jordon, De n Roh e, ■ - •» ratty Pinch, Lily Crow, Charlotte L ' , rlotte . uclin, Donna L'iller, he ie Toung, Dolly Sparks, Audrey Lt m, Pranois Finch, Jithel Crow, „dell Grata .:vuch» Gra0® Abercombie, Uary hite, Ina Rauch, Katie Marnlee silly L.xix » c f r7 'I 1 % % % % % t 7 7 7 Si 7 7 « 7 7 7 7 4JTDVe'RJTI SIJJG-’PENNY USE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Phone 147 - Pendleton, Oregon "BE WISE SHOP PENNY WISE" "NATORALIZERS" The Shoe with a Beautiful Fit For Women BUSTER BRCWN SHOE STORE "ROBTEE'S" A Shoe to Fit Every Nan. 237 S. Main Fendleton, Oregon PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSE "Latest Hits In Records and Sheet Music for every occasion." t Pendleton, Oregon FOR CHILDREN'S WEAR Go to the E. H. Shop on 126 E. Court Street Pendleton, Oregon Minnie Henderson Prop, ftoth tyt's Distinctive Apparel For Women 208 S. Main Pendleton, Oregon Cr U Of T k e « s Formly Leonards and Specializing In Good Food At Moderate Prices... Try Our Home Made Piesl 137 South Main Street Pendleton, Oregon. OSCA R Wide World Scko|-t2 O t o O, Travel Service East Oregonian Bldg. Pendleton, Oreg. FOR TOP SERVICE JOBS AT GOOD PRICES Pendleton, Oregon• • • i: . jf . Ss : % P h L, l € 9 Cco»fc. ft j 9 fcKos, Ov« %v 7Tm-p - Lwk Spo»t«h« r v(vU ;».l H vJwrvc fe El.cU; »i Aff l AMces. Bauz£ £ Uu , 6 ° ' • • fcho C isA | • • JoeKiMUU • tcVo. Ove 4 o h. C V14 J I X J0, (UsJLt LJJ fJjuvUj. jlu jL dcX», r 1 • . . . • ii C feciph Jfed' — 4' ® i CctJvCcXt-sCs p ft u . i TU f O U'JffH; 6 r t • » -L 0 A w ’Ladies Apparel Ready to Wear' Whert, Smart Women Bay Smart Clothes Phone 777 Pendleton, Oregon £ B wo V i Y "Fine Shoes for the entire family 25 S. £• Court St Pendleton, Oregon It Pays To Shop in mE ffrM co First Furniture Hardware Fuller Paints 425 S. Main Phone 116 Pendleton, Oregon Pool Tobaooo SHEEHANS For Soft Drinks Lunches Prompt fit Courteous Service Pendleton, Oregon Phone 462 339 S. Wain Order Tour Needs By toil Fro PATLESS DRUG STORE We pay postage!!:: 304 S. Main St. Pendleton, Oregon LEE’S CAFE FOUNTAIN MEALS SANDWICHES Phone 1812 417 S. Main Pendleton, Oregon J Pi N V Pendleton, Oregon -COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS" Frazier Book Store Homer E. Waggner, Prop Phone 54 or Residence, 1071---- 227 Main Street Pendleton, Greg I J I V V77 ' ' ! I K l i VTT !i l y ax W y r. V ( - '' r x ■ ! 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A « - -' X — 4 £ £ yf Oc o u m 4 ( X dJjtiryy (3hxAffX Polity bxKtty tt url Betty's (RbfUl IS Of Sundays "S,}»pl %} 4 t« Wa, ii r K ULV 391 J. U!!i» V te fltnJIeioh, («. 6« -rCtK»0vt 4 Echo Mo fe (3U-A d?a •5 Soft D»-;h S ‘— Caddie 5 — Q - aZay ff ■ $f r c( oj'.c he 5 B (ShijJd Xjdm liiXhisusyuL, % jjt uuyc, Xd iXLaapij e CffFe dUryycL .r1 c MJL V 9 2 4, •a fl«»HC$ iC (ftUhdfrto P£Hi It fan. Q. mXk , Zlt S.tiyuin. A |% 4 J X | r v » Jr Jr Jr

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