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Respectfully dedicated to All Former Echo High School Students Now in the Armed Forces UOliUUlSIUllUOUE. H. S. HISTORY Soon after the turn of the century—in 1906 to be exact the first high school classes in Echo were held in the upstairs hallway of the present "old building." There were 25 students with two teachers in charge. Tv o years later the new school building was completed, and high school classes moved into roomier surroundings. Four students formed the first graduating class, the Class of 1910: Charlie Hoskins, Ruth Godfrey, Vina Houser, and Ruth Clark. During these early years recreation was limited to short recess periods. Sports were varied, including baseball, basketball, horseshoes, handball, and "shinny." In good weather basketball was played on an outside court, at other times inside the old city hall in the center of the city block. In the 39 years that have elapsed since those first school days, many changes have cone to E.H.S. In the early '20's a gymnasium was erected and physical education introduced. Somewhere along the line we became Cougars with blue-and-white for colors. From year to year equipment was added to the science lab and books to the library. The typing class was moved from a midget room upstairs to the present commercial room, and their former headquarters became the "council room. In 1943 the gym shower rooms were enlarged and re-equipped, and the Girls League began the decorating and furnishing of a Girls' League Room in the old school building. Now in 1944-45 a high school band is in action with new blue and white uniforms; the "council room" has become the "cougar Den" for the publishing of the school paper; and a football trophy has been added to an ever-growing collection.FACULTY The school year of 1944-45 Started out with only one remaining member of the faculty from last year, Mr. Earl B. Cotton who patiently labors over us trying to get us to see through the x squares and the mysteries of Newtons laws, Pythagoras, and relativity. Miss Peterson was initiated with the art of teaching this year and in her quiet manner won the hearts of all the students. Then there is Mrs. Alberding who always did so much worrying. She was worried for fear we would not get our work in, she worried because our grades were low and worried because we didn't worry. Everyone's pal and liked by all. VY. M. Center, who says he sure was lucky to find a school with such a swell student body and such an efficient faculty, is ambitious for E.H.S. and our students, is very optomistic concerning the future of the school. We are happy to learn that all members of the faculty will -be with us next year, and we wish them much luck and patience.Bethany College 25 Athletics and Band Gladys Alberding r-lizabeth L. Peterson University of Washington '41 University of Oregon '44 English and Music Earl u. Cotton Commercial Subjects Willamette University '18 Mathematics and ScienceShirley Golem.n % G.L. V.Pr33. 4 v 01 • 3 Ssc-Tre,3 4 - Voll-yb 11 4 jr Tennis j-4 Cougar Tr cks 4 Annu il 4 '.tumbling 4 Glee 2-4 S.B. Play 2-4 Bill hsaelstyn S.B. Pros. 4 o.B. V.Pres. 3 S.B. Pl-iy 4 Bond 1-4 Track 2-4 Baseball 2-3 Pootball Capt 4 Football 3 Basketball2-3-4 Tennis 1-2-3-4 llary Crow Rathdrua H.S. 1-2 G.L. Treas. 3 Yell Le ider 3 Majorette 4 Annual 2-4 Cougar Tracks 4 Volleyball 3-4 Tumbling 3-4 S.B. Play 3 Glee 2 • Louise Tolar m Band 1-4 Volleyball 3 Glee 1-2 3.A.A. 3-4 9 ♦ Janey Center Joseph H.S. 1-2-3 Class Pros. 3 O.L. V.Pres. 3 League Council 2 Band 1-2-3-4 Glee 1-2-3-4 S.B. Play 3-4 Class Play 3 G.L. Pres. 4 S.B. Sec. 4 Class V.Pres. 4 Amual 4 Cougar Tracks 4Joe Correa Class Pres. 1-2 b.B. Play 4 Paper Staff 4 B ask Jtb-11 2-3-4 Tennis 1-2-3-4 4 Baseball 2-3 Track 2-4 U-JV Lois Cotton Fossil H.S. 1-2 Song Leader 3 Cougar Tracks Assist. Ed. 4 G.A.A. 3-4 Paper Staff 2 Bi-Phy-Chem Secret-uy 4 Volleyball 3-4 Basketball 2 Tumbling 4 Annual 4 S.B. Play 3 Glee 1-2-3-4 Band 4 y.'ilma Brov.n Payette H.S. 1 Class Sec-Tre-.s 1-2-3 G.L. Sec. 3 G.L. Treas.4 Bi-Phy-Chem Treas. 4 G.A.A. Sgt-at-Arms 3 Annual Bus. Manager 4 Paper Staff 2-U Pep Club 1 Annual 2 3 .B. Play 2—3—4 Band 4 Volleyb.ll 3-4 Pauline Rauch Dorothy Farr jns Band 1-4 Glee 4 Volleyball 3-G.A.A. 3-4 Milared Penney Class V.Pres.1-2 Class Pres.3-4 G.A.A. Pres. 3 S.B. Sgt-at-Arms 3 Cougar Tracks Editor 4 Paper Staff 2 Annual 2 Bi-Phy- Chem Pres. 4 Capt. Volley Ball 3-4 Tennis 1-2-4 Band 1-4 Glee 1-2-3-4 S.B. Play 3-4 S.B. Treas. 4 G.L. Sec. 4 S.B. Sec. 3 Paper Staff 2-4 Annual Ed. 4 ueen's Court 1-2 Volleyball 3-4 G.L. Sgt-at-Arms 3 Bi-Phy-Chem Librarian 4 Glee 1-2-3-4 Band 4 G.A.A. Sec. 3SENIOR CLASS HISTORY One bright September morning four years ago, fourteen freshmen galloped up the stairs. They were Mary Arnold, Joe Correa, Bill Esselstyn, Dorothy Farrens, Mildred Penney, PauLine Rauch, Bob Schiller, Chester Vohs, Frank Bowman, Dale Eliason, Patricia Stoughton, Louise Tolar, Helen Young, and Shirley Coleman. Vfe were a very eager group then but we found about four weeks later that we were just "green freshmen,11 and that the sophomores would hold us in our places. In our sophomore year. Dale Eliason, Bob Schiller, Chester Vohs and Frank Bowman left, but we v ere benefitted by the entrance of Milton Dallman, Mary Crow, and Wilma Brown. Being sophomores we were able to show the freshmen who was boss. At the beginning of our junior year we really felt important until the senior class made us realize that we v ere just members of the Student Body. We remained subdued for the rest of the year. Milton Dallman moved away, Mary Lois Cotton joined us, and Patricia Stoughton changed her name to Dick. For our senior year we gained Janey Center and Maxine Nofsinger. We lost Mary Arnold to Hermiston and after two months Maxine moved to North Powder. The class now stood with Joe Correa, Bill Esselstyn (our men), Dorothy Farrens, Mildred Penney, Pauline Rauch, Patricia Dick, Mary Lois Cotton, Wilma Brown, Mary Crow, Janey Center, Louise Tolar, Helen Young and Shirley Coleman. In this year vie discovered that we were really "the ones" as we had no higher class to dictate to us. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY It is 1965, and it has been a long time since we've heard the thunder of war around the v orld. No, no more do we hear the thunder of guns but the thunder of a divorce trial in Reno, Nevada. This great emancipator of women is none other than the one and only, incomparable Joseph Paul G. Correa. Joe is giving Tommy Manville rough competition in seeing who can end up with the "mostes" wives. Although Tomny has eleven to Joe's nine, Joe has the advantage of his youth over Tommy. Those chaps must like wedding cake. Our Joe knew he was going to need all the witnesses he could possibly get to testify to his "sound" character. So, he wired all of his old classmates of Echo High School, class of '45, to come to his aid. He had at hand a certain concert pianist who plays his favorite funeral march to get him in the mood. Ah, yes, one with very brilliant red hair, by the name of Madame Maria L. Nottoc (that's right, turn it around and it's Cotton), our own little Mary Lois. Of course, her recent 250 pounds has nothing to do with my calling her "little". She was dismissed from the stand because the witness chair was incapable of taking care of her wide range. They had to chase the second witness down over in India. It was Vfilma Brown on one of her snake hunting expeditions. She is trying to find the ones with the most personality for her side-show business of charming her charming little pets. Her testimony was of little value because she said Joe was just another snake in the grass as far as she was concerned.SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY (Concluded) The next witness was Congresswoman Shirley Eleanor Coleman. Miss Coleman has just completed an exhausting four-day "filibuster" to keep the Republicans from passing a bill for the new Redeal Plan. Her testimony about Joe's upstanding character (whenever anyone is near to hold him up, or hold him back, I might add) was convincing, but not half as convincing as Mary Crow, the next witness. Mary is Editor of the new fashion magazine, Milady. Her snappy clothes caused quite a sensation in the courtroom. Next came "Bettem High Wild Bill" Esselstyn, a very old and dear friend of our pal Joey, "Bettem", the fixer for all sports where a bet can possibly be laid, is little known in these Reno parts, so far be it from me to run down his character. If only he could fix this trialJ Next was Louise Tolar, a professional lady-tramp, who after an exhausting hike (to say nothing of the swim) around the world went into seclusion for a long rest. She came out only because for her dear friend Joe she would do anything. And now a person ot v orld fame. She hears from people all over the world. Bringing their sorrows to her, they come from every direction. She irons out people's lives through her newspaper column, and brightens their horizons with her "Is Your Heart Lonely?" Club. Most people know her as "Dry Your Tears, Everything Will Be All Right" Jaijey Center. Her testimony was received well because she said Joe was one of her most respected members. The next witness was the energetic assistant to the assistant vice-president of the W.C.T.U., Miss H. P. Young. Her testimony backfired because Joe came to court smelling of alcohol, only it seems it turned out to be rubbing alcohol. Joe was feeling rather low at this period because he wasn't getting as many "you-poor-man" glances as he felt were necessary for the good of himself and his bank account. Next, in bounded gymnastics director of the Bend-Down Club, Mildred Penney. Her testimony was of excellent value, but after the court had done fifty sit-ups their resistance was gone and they had to accept it. Joe found all but two of his dear old (how we hate that word) classmates. He found the Pauline Rauch in Cheyenne at the annual round-up. She makes it her habit to be where the money is, and helps the people get rid of it with her slight-of-hand tricks. Yes, that gal knows her marked cardsi It seems the judge knew Pauline previously, so her testimony was of little use. Joe's last chance was Dorothy Farrens, a most respected citizen and Democrat, but it seems that the warden couldn't possibly part with her. She's the best button-hold maker in the whole prison. Well, Joe's cause was lost and he had to part with some of his money, but he is consoling himself with a cute little hat-check girl. Undoubtedly she will become the tenth Mrs. Joseph Correa.SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of '45 being neither twitterpated nor cow-eyed, will and bequeath our following assets to the slick chicks and glad lads of Echo High School: I, Mildred Fern Penney, will arid bequeath my ability to play volleyball to Katherine Wilson, especially ny one-handed smash. I will my saxaphone to Patty Finch. Please treat it kindly as it is getting old. I leave all my slacks to Bessie Young as I know she will do her best to fill them out. I,Shirley Eleanor Coleman, will and bequeath my bow legs to Doris Rauch to give hers a little shape. I will my love for and support of the Republican Party to Jim Meechan in the hope that he will get over his ignorant ideas and become a good Republican as I am. I, Wilma Jean Brown, will and bequeath ny very treasured sign collection to Mary Lou Madison, in hopes that she will be able to keep the dust off them. I leave the dimple in ny chin to Frances Finch as she doesn't have any dimples. I, Pauline Alice Rauch, will and bequeath my ability to get around to Hazel Alberding. Have fun. Hazel! To Annabelle Vohs I leave ny sweaters. I, Dorothy Allean Farrens, will and bequeath ny collection of classical music to Ina Rauch in hopes that she will learn to appreciate them. I leave ny black hair to Veda Able in the hope that it will make hers darker. To Kenny Jordan I leave ny ability to milk cows, and I am glad to get rid of it. I, Jane Irene Center, will and bequeath ny job in the office to Arlie Dabney and hope he can get along with the office boys as well as I did. I leave Ernie to Lois McElroy. Take good care of him, Lois. I will ny place as first trumpet player to "Rosebud’ (Eugene) Berry. I, Vara Louise Tolar, will and bequeath ny ability to get ny man to Helen Bromell, as I know any girl would be glad to know how. I leave ny temper to Bud Jordan because I believe he needs it. I, Helen Princess Young, will and bequeath ny middle name to Judy German and I hope she gets as much use and benefit from it as I have. To Mary Ruth Tolar I leave ny singing voice in hopes that she will enjoy it as much as I. I leave my wasp waist to Ernie Rohde as he needs it. I, Mary Lois Cotton, will and bequeath ry blush to Frances Correa, as I know she will have the occasions to use it. My graceful tumbling ability I leave to Ethel Crow in hopes that she doesn't break any bones. To Erwin Reese I leave my typing speed as he seems to lack in just plain speed. I, Mary Frances Crow, will and bequeath ny baton to Rita Correa on the condition that she will learn to twirl two at the same time. I leave ny ability to "love 'em and leave 'em" to Charley Daley, knowing that he will use it. I, Joseph (Paul G.) Correa will and bequeath ny expression "hey-say-hey" to Burl Yilattenburger on the condition that he uses it as much as I did. I leave ny ability to be a P.C. and apple polisher to Bobby Hale in hopes that he will get by as I did. Last of all I leave Doris to Eugene Berry knowing that she will be in safe hands???? I, William Hale Esselstyn, will and bequeath ny smile to Dale Wilson in hopes that he will smile more. I leave ny height and manly physique to Dean Rohde and Mark Cotton as I think there is plenty for two. The faculty we leave exhausted. To the eight graders who will be freshmen next year we leave our seats on the gravy train. To each and every person in school we leave our very pleasant memories.Class of '45 A wonderful senior year started off with a weiner roast in September in Tony Cunha's grove. When the hilarity around the camp fire had died down, the girls gathered at Brown's for a slumber party. In the morning Mrs. Brown and Barbara served a delicious waffle breakfast for the class. Class officers for 1944-45 were: President ................... Mildred Penney Vice-President ................. Janey Center Secretary-Treasurer .......... Shirley Coleman Advisor .......................... Mr. Center Our first attempt at making money was a food sale and lunch in the church basement. Chicken and noodles was the main dish. On Valentine's Day the seniors bought ice cream and cake to treat the student body. The senior class spent a delightful week-end at (censored) from (censored) to (censored), 1945. Baccalaureate was held in the Echo Methodist Church on Sunday, May 6. The seniors came down the aisle wearing suits of every shade and style. Finally the great night arrived. On May 11, ten girls in pastel formals, and two boys in suits marched up the sidewalk, around the fountain, to their places on the school lawn. Janey Center gave the salutatory address and Mary Lois Cotton, the valedictory. We were fortunate in having Dr. Roben Maaske, president of the Eastern Oregon College of Education at LaGrande, for the commencement address.Class of '46 The junior class of 44-45 started the year with §100 in the treasury. Gradually they picked up and gained §125. Then more was added by the selling of hot-dogs and pop at basketball games. This year the first string football line-up was composed of four juniors and two seniors and had a very successful season. Also the basketball squad was composed of three juniors and two seniors. Since many of the regulars this year in athletics were juniors, prospects for next year look excellent. The officers this year are as follows: President ................... Ernie Rohde Vice-President .............. Jim Meechan Secretary ................. Frances Correa Treasurer ................. Frances Finch Sgt. at Arms ................. Bud Jordan On March 24, the junior class gave their annual banquet in honor of the seniors. Twenty-four juniors and seniors and the faculty members and wives were served a delicious turkey dinner in the Pendleton Hotel. After-dinner speakers were: Ernie Rohde, toastmaster; Mildred Penney, president of the senior class; Jim Meechan, student body vice-president; Shirley Coleman, senior secretary-treasurer; and Franny Correa, junior secretary. Following the banquet, the juniors and their guests were entertained by a movie at the Rivoli Theater. We, the members of the junior class, wish to congratulate the senior class of "45" for their successful term in Echo High School.Left to right, Seated: Mildred Tenney, Mary Lois cotton, oill Esselstyn, tielen Young, Mary Crow. Standing: Fauline Rauch, Louise Tolar, '.'ilma Brown, Toe Correa, Dorothy Farrens, Janey Center, Shirley Coleaan. Left to right, Seated: Arlie Dabney, Rita Correa, Frances Correa, Bud Jordan, Mary Tolar, Jim toeechan. tending: Mary Madison, Burl "attenburger, Frances Finch, Erwin Reese, Veda Able, Ernie Rohde, Ina Rauch, Bob Schiller. Left to right, Seated: Ethel Crow, Kenny Jordan, Judy Serman Standing: Doris Rauch, Eugene Berry, Hazel Alberding, Dale Wilson, Patty Finch. Left to right, Seated: David Westfall, Katherine Wilson, Charles Daley. Standing: Dean ohde, Annabel Vohs, Bessie voung, Lois I.'cElroy, !!ark oottonClass of '47 The Sophomore class elected its class officers at the beginning of the year. They are: President ................ Patty Fineh Vice President ............ Ethel Crow Secretary ................ Doris Rauch Treasurer ........... Hazel Alberding Arms .............. Judy German One of the highlights of the year for the Sophomores was Freshmen Initiation. They told the Freshmen how to dress for the occasion. Much courtesy and consideration weis shown the Sophomores that day by the lowly Freshmen. The climax of Freshmen Initiation was that night when the Freshmen were entertained by the Sophomores at a party in the gym. A few days later much to the delight of the sophomores and upper classmen the freshmen shined the trophies. We held a party at Mrs. Alberding's home, December 10. Yfe played games, made candy and pop corn balls. The Sophomores, too, helped the war effort by purchasing a War Bond and selling chances on it. The bond was given away on Thanksgiving day at the football game between Echo and Stanfield. Helen Bromell again joined the sophomores in January and Gene German left. This made three boys and six girls in the class. The Class Colors are .............. Silver k Old Rose The Class Motto is ......................... "Carry On" The Class Flower is ........................Y hite RoseFRESHMAN CLASS The first day of school it was apparent to the upper classmen that eight froshies were added to their group. We stood amazed in the halls, wondering where to go. Finally after searching through the halls, we bumped into the Orientation room. We must have looked rather seedy. Anyway Miss Peterson gave a look of disappointment when all eight of us rolled in. A few days later vie elected our class officers. They were: President . ...........Mark Cotton Vice-President...........Dean Rohde Secretary ............. Lois McElroy Treasurer ............. Charles Daly Sgt.-at-Arms. ..... Bessie Young Much to our objections came initiation. For one day, Charlie Daly was a bride, and Bessie Young ms the groom. Katherine Yfilson carried the train, and Mark Cotton ms the preacher, barefooted at that. Annabel Vohs rode a stick horse and carried a bottle of milk. Bobby Hale wore a hose collar around his neck, and a very attractive sarong ms wrapped around Dean Rohde. Lois McElroy, stuffed with pillows, ms a Negro mammy. At noon we were marched through town, then back to school where the sophomores (those cruel, cruel sophomores) threatened us with paddles if vie wouldn't have our pictures taken. In the evening we paraded back to the gym where the sophomores finished the initiation with a party. A few minutes after the stunts, everyone left, so we Froshies plodded home, feeling beaten, trodden upon and unrespected. At one class meeting we chose our class colors which are purple and white. Our flower is the rose and our motto is "Traverse the foothills, the mountains ahead." . Later a return party ms given for the sophomores. Yfe had many games, and the room ms decorated in class colors. There ms plenty of food, and altogether everyone had a good time. In October we gave a candy sale, which added to our small funds. At Christmastime we had a class party. Mr. Cotton, our advisor, generously offered his home for one evening for the party. Everyone brought something to eat, and we exchanged presents. Yfe topped it all off by going to the grade school operetta together. At the first of the second semester, a new boy, David Westfall, entered our class, making five boys and four girls. During the year we became accustomed to high school rules and were promptly notified if we made an error. Our freshman year has drawn to a close, and we have come to this decision: It ms fun being froshies.Fifth and Sixth Grades 1944-45 At the beginning of the school year a class club was organized. Meetings were held each week to appoint monitors and to discuss business pertaining to the class. New officers were elected each month. The boys have a basketball team which resolved to do much better next year and perhaps return the beatings given them this year by Adams. It was fun, anyway, eh, fellows? Agile yell leaders Donna Miller and Joe Ramos kept the spectators "on their toes." One project during the year was buying war stamps to build a large paper flag of the United States. John Madison had the honor of purchasing the first bond to "kill a Jap." At Christmas many parents and friends enjoyed the Operetta "Christmas Time in Mexico" which was presented by all the grade school pupils. Much fun was had at the Halloween, Christmas, Valentine and Easter parties. Seventh and Eighth Grades 1944-45 1944-45 was a hectic school year for Echo's twenty-eight seventh and eighth graders. Early in the fall their first teacher. Miss Freeman, resigned. Mrs. Cleaver took over for a time, but the illness of her husband forced her to leave also. Then came Mrs. Vaughin. After a short while she in turn left and the year was completed under Mrs. Moreland's supervision. This year for the first time, the seventh and eighth grade boys and girls had regular physical education periods each day. Under Bill Esselstyn, a senior, the boys developed a and began to learn techniques in track. Shirley Coleman, also a senior, was in charge of the girls training. Their sports included volleyball, tumbling, badminton, softball and tennis. Two holidays were celebrated with parties. At a Christmas party gifts were exchanged and refreshments of ice cream and cookes were served. On Valentine's -Day, there was a Valentine box filled to the brim with greetings for everyone.r' “VI JrJ ri J r.First and Second Grades 1944-45 We started the year with an enrollment of thirty-one. There were sixteen in the first grade and fifteen in the second. Although we have enjoyed every day of school, a few days will always be remembered as especially pleasant. On Halloween we had a party in our room with games and refreshments. We all put on masks and had a Halloween parade through all the rooms of the school. That was funj At Christmastime we took part in the operetta and entertainment. We had a tree in our room and a gift exchange. Mrs. Williams sent ice cream and cake for our party. Carol Meechan and Gail Madison celebrated their birthday ap school. We had peanuts, candy, ice cream and cake generously donated by Mrs. Tolar. We are just the small fry of Echo school, proud of our room and our school. Nov we are building the foundation for all of our future education. Most of us are permanent residents of the community and from our classes, in later years, will come the junior and senior classes of Echo High. The future star athletes too, will rise from our numbers. So, we will climb and look ahead. Third and Fourth Grades 1944-45 E. H. S., have you thought of your new freshman class of 1949 and 50? They are excellent students and in a few years will be the outstanding senior of this school. The third and fourth grades are efficient and cooperative; they possess initiative and have made much progress during the past year. At the beginning of the year, the room consisted of thirty-three students; now, at the close of the year, there are thirty-eight progressive students of the third and fourth grades. Some, coming from other parts of Oregon, from Idaho, Washington, and California, have added interest and variety to our class discussions all year. The first of our several social functions was our Halloween party. We invited the fifth and sixth grades who accepted with this original little ditty written by Frank Young It was such a grand invitation. Well how could we refuse? We'll come ringing bells And bearing all news. Games were played and refreshments were served. Christmastime was a gala affair with the Operetta, Christmas Eve program, and our Christmas party. And remember the good times we had at our Valentine and Easter parties? The boys enjoyed a varied program of physical education under the able leadership of Eugene Berry. How are the 1949 and 1950 prospects? ACTIVITIESSTUDENT COUNCIL Left to right. Seated: Jin Meechan. . Student Body Vice-President Mildred Penney. . . Senior Class President Ernie Rohde .... Junior Class President Patty Finch • . .Sophomore Class President Standing: Pauline Rauch .... Student Body Treasurer Bill Esselstyn. ... Student Body President Janey Center ..... Student Body Secretary Mark Cotton .... Freshman Class President "COUGAR TRACKS" Staff Editor.......................Mildred Penney Business Manager. . . . Jim Meechan Sports Editor....................Joe Correa Poetry and Humor. . Shirley Coleman Society Editor. . . . Pauline Rauch Artists....................Ina Rauch Lois McElroy Typists....................Mary Crow Janey Center Distribution. .......... Helen Young Mary Ruth Tolar Advisor ...... .Miss Peterson Assistant Editor. .Mary Lois Cotton Assistant Manager . . . Ernie Rohde Echo News .......... . . Wilma Brown "We Wonder"..............Ina Rauch Reporters: Senior.................Mary Crow Junior ...............Veda Able Sophomore ........... Doris Rauch Freshman ...........Mark Cotton Production............ . Wilma Brown Shirley Coleman Bill Esselstyn ANNUAL STAFF Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Senior Reporter Junior Reporter Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter Typists Advisor Pauline Rauch Ernie Rohde Wilma Brown Frances Finch Shirley Coleman Jim Meechan Doris Rauch Lois McElroy Mildred Penney Mary Lois Cotton Mr, Warren CenterBFM'SISBAND The E. H. S. Band was organized early in September under the shade of the trees on the school lawn. Felling a little more advanced in a few weeks, we moved into the gym where class was held for some time. Still unsatisfied, we moved to the old school building where we have a room exclusively for the use of the band. On December 19, we gave our first public performance at a basketball game and from that time we played at all home basketball games. Everyone was thrilled the day Ur. Layman, representing Oswald’s of New York City, came to measure us for our uniforms. It would have been impossible, however, to purchase uniforms without the generous donations of school patrons. On Harch 9, our Band Concert was presented in the City Hall. The program included marches and overtures by the band and instrumental solos, trios and quartets by various members. The highlight of the evening came when the three majorettes appeared. Each of us is proud to be in the band, and grateful to Mr. Center for his excellent instruction. He has given us self-confidence in our ’’trying" moments and has made us feel as if we were real musicians. The Student Body successfully presented "Birds of a Feather", a three-act comedy, to the community on November 29. The gross proceeds were $96, the largest amount ever taken in by a school play. The cast was as follows: STUDENT BODY PLAY Mrs. Franklin John Wingate Tony Gardner Iris Franklin Rosie Mildred Penney Bill Esselstyn Jim Meechan Shirley Coleman Officer O'Mahoney Patsy Franklin Hortense Daniels Cecelia Jones Mrs. Johnson Martin Hischa Taylor Patty Finch Ernie Rohde Janey Center Wilma Brown Frances Correa Katherine Wilson Joe Correa The play was ably directed by Mrs. Gladys AlberdingGLEE CLUB Under the leadership of Mrs. Alberding, this was a successful year for the -chorus. Members of the glee club have formed entertainment at many of the programs throughout the year. In the spring a music festival was held and songs of every description were sung: Irish ballads, Indian songs, Negro spirituals, love songs, and favorites from World War I and II. The girls were picturesque in formals of many shades for the performance. BI-PHY-CHEM On January 5, 1945, a science club was organized under the direction of Mr. Cotton. This club was later given the name of Bi-Phy-Chem to stand for three branches of science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Twenty-two students enrolled in the club and dues of fifty cents were paid for the year. Every two weeks interesting classes were held in the science room. After each business meeting, discussions and experiments were presented by the students. Bi-Phy-Chem officers were: President ......... . Mildred Penney Vice-President .......... Ernie Rohde Secretary ..... Mary Lois Cotton Treasurer.................Wilma Brown Reporter .............. Lois McElroy Librarian........... . Pauline Rauch GIRLS' LEAGUE During the year the Girls' League had many activities, the first being a tea given at the City Hall for the installation of the new officers. Those elected were: President . ............. Janey Center Vice-President. . . Maxine Nofsinger Secretary ............. Pauline Rauch Treasurer.................Wilma Brown Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Frances Finch Later Maxine Nofsinger moved to North Powder and Shirley Coleman took over as vice-president. New couches and rugs were made for the League room by the girls. oV s isa 194 5 W59Bob Schiller Position-Left and Age-17 Height-5'7" '"eight-150 lbs. Years played-l Srwin Reese Position-Center Age-16 Height-6'1” ■Weight-185 lbs. Years played-1 Bud Jordan Fosition-Right and rtge-16 Height-5'11” Weight-168 lbs. Years played-2Jim J.'eechan Fosition-Guard Bud Jordan Tcsition-center Age-16 Feight-5'11" ".’eight-168 lbs. Years rlayed-2 Ernie Kohde, Captain Fosit ion-Forward Age-17 Height-5 8” height-150 lbs. Years Flayed-1 Erwin Reese Position-Substitute Height-6 1" ’'’eight-165 lbs. Years Flayed-l Bill Esselstyn Fosi tion-Guard ngre-17 Heisht-5'11" 'Veight-192 lbs. Years played-3 Joe Correa Position-Forward Age-18 eight-5'7j" ’•'eight-140 lbs. Years played-3 A 9-16 Height-5'11" "'eight-178 lbs. Years Flaved-2FOOTBALL Football was a success this year although no football team has been organized here in previous years. Our boys got in and worked to tie or win all games except one. New equipment and suits were purchased by the student body for the six-man team. However, we played two 11-man games with Stanfield. Our aim is to have an 11-nan team schedule eventually. One senior and five juniors made up the team, so prospects for next football season look good. Captain Esselstyn was the only senior. Good sportsmanship was shown by all the boys and encouragement from Coach Center and the yelling section aided in piling up score for Echo. Schedule and scores for this season were: Date Echo Visitor Sept. 21 32 Helix 19 Sept. 28 6 Umatilla 6 Oct. 13 0 lone 0 Oct. 18 39 Irrigon 6 Oct. 26 27 Stanfield 3 Nov. 2 12 Athena 18 Nov. 11 20 Stanfield 7 Nov. 16 27 Weston 13 Nov. 23 14 Stanfield 0 Total Points 177 96BASKETBALL Two regulars from last year and 3 new men made up our basketball team this season. Echo virtually lost the County Cup by one point. The Athena game here decided who would receive it. We did, however got second place in the County B league. The only team to defeat us at the John Day tournament was John Day. Echo got 3d place after defeating Umatilla, the Morrow County Little Wheat League Champions. At Weston tournament Echo again received third place by winning 2 games and losing one to Umatilla. Echo has indeed had a successful year in basketball and all sports this year. Good sportsmanship and cooperation characterized the team and the coach. Scores in basketball this season were: Echo 13 Helix 11 Echo 23 Kennewick 21 Echo 43 Pilot Rock 23 Echo 48 Stanfield 28 Echo 53 Helix 28 Echo 43 Adams 29 Echo 67 Umapine 21 Echo 57 Pilot Rock 20 Echo 23 Stanfield 33 Echo 48 Athena 49 Echo 45 Weston 29 Echo 33 Helix 30 Echo 43 Athena 37 Echo 20 Pendleton 31 Echo 34 St.Josephs 14 John Day Tournament February 22-23-24 Echo 43 Boardman 34 Echo 25 John Day 39 Echo 36 Umatilla 24 Weston Tournament Echo 61 Umapine 39 Echo 35 Umatilla 39 Echo 44 Hel ix 30 837 609 Total7 7, r. r r.TRACK TEAM The following students turned out this season to participate in tracks Bed Jordan, Capt, Joe Correa Kenny Jordan Dean Rohde David Westfall Bob Hale Jim Meechan Eugene Berry Charles Daly Mark Cotton Erwin Reese Bill Esselstyn Dale Wilson Arlie Dabney Ernie Rohde Burl Wattenburger Meets were scheduled as follows: Echo-April 5, Mac Hi-April 13, County- April 27, District-May 5. Helix, Athens, Stanfield, Umatilla, Boardman, Irrigon Arlington, and lone were invited to the meet at Echo on April 5. Results of the meet were: EVENT 1st Place 100 yd. dash Lilly Boardman 220 yd. Lilly Boardman 440 yd. Crowder Arlington 880 yd. Berry Echo Mile Jordan Echo 70 yd . H B. Scythe Arlington 110 yd. L. H. Raymond Helix Shot Esselstyn Echo Discus Gilham Umatilla Javeline Scyth Arlington Football Throw Lilly Boardman 880 Relay Arlington High Jump Wattenburger Echo Broad Jump Lilly Boardman Pole Vault Sheard Athena High School Track records up to March High Jump 585 " 50 yd . dash 5.8 Discus 100' Shot 38.5 Broad Jump 19.4" Pole Vault 8 7 " Mile 5.18 880 2.15 440 59.5 220 24.5 Football Throw 146 Javelin 129' High Hurdle 11 sec 2d Place 3d Place Time or Distanc Raymond Brogoitti 10.5 Helix Helix Raymond Brogoitti 23.8 Helix Helix Cooney Berthold 56.8 Umatilla Arlington Redmond Doran 2.23 Athena Hel ix Curtis Lockett 5'18.5 Arlington Athena Brown Gilham 11 sec. Helix Umatilla Ball Vfettenburger 13. 5 Boardman Echo Lilly Drake 38'9" Boardman lone ' Esselstyn Sosey 96 7" Echo Arlington Pierce Meechan 13 7'2 " Arlington Echo IJrake Jordan 154'4" lone Echo Helix Umatilla Scythe Brown 5'4-g" Arlington Stanfield Correa Brown 19'9” Echo Stanfield Vfettenburger Dorran 10'8" Echo Helix 1945: Wattenburger Correa—100 yd. dash 10.5 Esselstyn Esselstyn Correa Wattenburger B . Jordan Berry Berry Jordan B . Jordan B . Jordan Vfettenburger—L. H. 14.4 r r + r TUMBLING Our tumbling team this year consisted of about twelve girls. Forward and backward rolls, diving, head and hand stands, cartwheels and pyramids made up their performances. They won loud applause from the crowd when they performed at the basketball games. Miss Briggs coached these girls and helped them toward good coordination. VOLLEYBALL Volleyball headed the list this year in girls' physical education. Those turning out were divided into a first and second team. Under our able coach. Miss Briggs, the first team had a successful year, losing only two games. We played Stanfield three times, winning by a 2-1 score each time. Umatilla defeated us twice on their floor, and we won one game from them on our own floor. The second team played four games during the season. Captain Mildred Penney of the first team deserves praise for promoting good teamwork. TENNIS Tennis started out in the spring with a bang, after the rain and wind had subsided. Four boys and four girls played at our matches this year with Pendleton and Kennewick. Only two girls turned out at the first of the season but two more were added to the team to give us boys' singles, girls' singles, boys' doubles, girls' doubles, and mixed doubles-. A county tournament was scheduled by Echo and Stanfield. All teams in the county were invited to compete. A cup was given to the winning team.0UISI1H3A0UCONGRATULATIONS C 0 U Dr. C. AND GOOD LUCK... Alfred F See your Seeing Specialist Vfa. C. Stran, 0. D. Strain Optical Co. Pendleton, Oregon R T E S Y 0 F L. Gray Give to your RED CROSS . Cunha♦ ECHO CASH GROCERY Joe Middleton ECHO HOTEL Lockers and the Best Meats in Town Echo MEAT MARKET Ed. Leisigac M P A Kathryn Williams Echo, Oregon Marion GeorgGOOD LUCK TO THE KENNELL ELL I S SENIOR CLASS OF '45 132 S. E. Dor ion Avenue Hanley and Company Pendleton Basil Ellis Pendleton Audrie Ellis Phone 533 PENDLETON MUSIC HOUSE DUNLAP STATIONERY Latest Hits in Sheet Music Band Instruments 335 S. Main Street Pendleton Phone 11 Pendletor FRAZIER BOOK STORE "Complete Office Outfitters" 227 Main Street Phone 54 Pendleton WARD'S STUDIO Pendletor Pendleton PendletorThe ' PHEASANT r" Cafe • • • Fair Prices 24-hour Service at P G CAFE Hermistc % Hermiston • For your Drug and Cosmetic Needs - • HERMISTON DRUG COMPANY BEAUTY NOOK • Hermisto HERMISTON DRY CLEANERS BEAUTY HAVEN Next door to the Post Office Hermiston m Hermisto m OSCAR SCHULTZ • BRIERLEY’S All known forms of Insurance and 5-10-15 Cents Store Bonds-Real Estate-Property • Management. Hermiston East Oregonian Bldg. Pendleto:  BUD'S PAYLESS DRUGS BOOTERY Order your needs by mail. Vfe pay the postage! Pendleton Pendleto La Fontaine's Y hen in Pendleton, call at the PURITY BAKERY Pendleton Pendleto STONE'S GROCERY A R P N L 0 A L C D E S Pendleton Pendleto • PENDROME N A L Sandwiches Soft Drink L .Sandwiches Milkshakes V Ice-Cream s The last place in town ™ Pendleton PendletonWatches Diamonds THE GEM SHOP DONNALLYJ S Pendleton Jewelry Silver MOSETTE'S Pendleton DAWN'S "PENDLETON'S DIAMOND CENTER" Diamonds, wedding rings Ladies' and Men's fine watches Custom Jewelry and Gifts 228 S. Main Phone 11 KATHRYN'S Distinctive Apparel for Yfomen p e-.; : - c J. C. PENNEY Pendleton Congratulations to the Graduates! C. C. ANDERSON STORES Inland Empire's Largest Department Store Penile c BUSTER BROWN Naturalizer—the shoe with the beautiful fit.THE GLOBE CAFE Pendleton BERRY'S SIGNAL SERVICE Murl Berry- Echo Meet your friends at Leonard 1s Restaurant in Pendleton CONFECTIONERY Stanfield GAMBLE STORE See our new Easter line. Many other new items. Stanfield Men's Wear Dry Goods BURNHAM BURNHAM Hermiston Shoes Ladies ' Ready-to-wear S A Y L E R ' S Hermiston 4$ OREGON HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Hermiston ■c

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