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 — 1 % I mDEDICATION To all those in the armed forces who are fighting to protect our liberty, and to all those who are about to enter upon this training and in gratitude for their heroism, the "Echo's of '43", is respectfully dedicat ed. • .v. • - % - VXi SENIOR CLASS WILL Rene Meyers leaves his height and big feet to Gene Walker. Louis Penny leaves his hearty chuckle to Bub Jordon. Walter Bromell wills his ability to play basketballto Ernest Rhode. Kenneth Coppinger leaves his ability to stay out until early Sunday mornings with his girls from Stanfield, Nolin, Echo, and Pendleton, to Leon Reese. George Luciani bequeaths to Carl Stone his height and manly physique. Keith Middleton hereby bequeaths his ability to get in street brawls to Laffe Dallas. Bill Correa leaves his position of Student Body President to whomever is talented enough to fill it. Not insinuating that Bill is talented. Jiggs Bowman leaves his poetic ability to Irwin Reesa Dolly Correa leaves her waddle to Marlis Walker. Elsie Rauch wills her red hair and temper to Dorothy Farrens. Mary Jane Laurie wills her giggles to Louise Tolar. Ruth Vogler wills her ideas on how to "Get A Man" to Helen Young. Mary Carol Gorrell leaves her studious ability to fec±i Able. Dorothy Morrow leaves her height to Frances Correa. To the Faculty we leave but "Sweet MemoriesFACULTY The Faculty members of 1942-43 were the following. From left to rights Mrs. province 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Case 5th and 6th Grade Teacher Mrs. Reese 7th and 8th Grade Teacher Mrs. Spike Commercial Mathmatics Teacher Mrs. Roth English Speech Teacher Mrs. Laird 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher Mr. Larive Superintendent■ n  SENIOR HISTORY Four Years ago twelve world-wise (or so we thought) freshmen toiled up the stairs for their first day in high school-a goal long dreamed of, finally attained. At last we were in with the "big boys 1 (or so we thought). These disillusioned students were: George Luciani, Rene Meyers, Louis Penney, Bill Correa, Manuel Correa, Walt Bromell, Herman Bromell, Kenneth Coppinger, Maryann Bartholomew, Dolly Correa, Bill Able, and Mary Carol Thomson. Shortly after school started. Bill Greene joined us. During our sophomore year Manuel Correa left thedass and Elsie Rauch joined it. Then dawned our junior yetar and many changes in our class. Herman Bromell, left us that year. We had several members who atten-ed school for a short period of time and then leftus again. They were Claude Stamper, Jean pelky. La Verne Browning, Norman Young, Jim Meader, and Dick Walker. That same year our class was saddened by the loss of Maryann Bartholomew. When we started out our senior year the class had one new mej»ber, Dorothy Morrow. Bill Able and Bill Greene left shortly after school started. Jiggs Bowman joined us during the last half of the first semester. At mid-term we were joined by Ruth Vogler and Mary Jane Laurie"two former juniors who decided to hurry things up and finish in three years instead of the usual four. Now, after four years of getting our ears knocked down we've decided that maybe we aren't the smartest class in the world after all. At any rate we're ready to start out in the world on our own and learn more about this life we're living and the world we live in.NOW IT CAN BE TOLD The senior class left Echo about 8:30 the 28th of November. We immediately struck out for Walla Walla. Due to the ice and snow on the highways we did not get there until about noon. We had lunch in the Marcus Whitman Hotel and later decided to spend the night there. The rest of the afternoon was spent in shopping and we ended the day by going to a show. Sunday morning we went to the penitentiary at about 10:30. The penitentiary was located about a mile and a half out of Walla Walla. The guard took us up on the walls’ we could see down into the yards. ihere were about 150 men most of whom were around the age of 25 or 30 years old. They would not take us into the various buildings that day but told us to come back Monday morning during visiting hours. The Curio Shop seemed to take the eye of all the Seniors and several hours were spent there. Sunday afternoon we rode around looking at most of the town and the school houses. Later we went to a show. After the show most of us went roller skating. Monday morning we went out to the penitentiary during visiting hours. We were taken through their Mess Hall and through their theater. They have their own Band in the penitentiary, which was playing when we came in. We arrived in Echo Monday afternoon about 5:00 p. M. All the Seniors said that they had never put in a happier week-end in their lives. WC I Gill Co'r'r tA K vxvv 1 K .w Hi Jd I a w. I Cj s n O VaJ VW A Yv 1 VaJ ”L B VO vw 1 )THE SENIORS IN YEARS TO COME The time is now 1953. Ten years have passed and all the world is back where it belongs. George Luciani decides it's about time to get the class of "43" of Echo High together again. George has built a new hctel in Walla Walla and ran the Marcus Whitman out of business. The get together is to be in the form of a banquet in the Blue Room of George's Hotel. First to arrive at the Banquet are Keith and Jiggs. They are now partners in a big lumber outfit on the coast. The next guest to arrive is a dashing young man by the name of Maggie Kissme,known to us as Bill Correa. He is a movie star now; and flew up from Hollywood where he is making a new picture, "Gone And Forgotten". Who should now breeze in, but Elsie and Dolly. Dolly is now head nurse at St. Mary's Hospital in New York. Elsie is a very successful business woman employed by Meier and Frank in Portland. Everybody is surprised to see the next guest because they would not let him bring his wife. But he did come you guessed it, Walter Bromell. Walt is a probasketball player with the Lazy Bums and he's doing right well. The door swings open and in step Ruth and Rene. Ruth is still living on the ranch with her husband. Rene is now a very successful wheat rancher. They came together to save gas and tires, why doesn't somebody tell them the war's over. There is a loud horse laugh and in comes Louis Penney Louis is now on the radio trying to run Gildersleare off the air. Mary Carol now makes her entrance. She is now living in California, raising a family and making her husband a very good wife. Next to enter the laughing affair is the Old East Side Bus Driver—That's right, Kenny. Kenny is now living in Los Angeles where he is employed. That'snot ell----he also has a very large family. Dorothy Morrow is next on the sceneifollowed closely by Mary jane. Dorothy is now married and living in Portland. We can add that she is a very happy wife. Mary Jane is now employed by the Pendleton Bubble Bath Works as a secretary. She is also lecturing on how to grow tall. Now that everybody has arrived the meal is served. Everybody eats plenty because it is all on George After the meal everyone talks about old times in Ifcho High and how we used to dislike the Juniors (TheBums). It is getting very late so the banquet breaks up and a very happy bunch go back to their homes and jobs looking forward to 1963 when there will be another get together of the class of "43". SENIOR SONG (To the tune of "This Is The Army".) This is The Senior Class You See. We are the class of "43". We fourteen haven't much to say. For we are leaving the 13th of May. We have worked and worried before But we don't have to worry any more. We are so glad to get out of here Cheer I Cheer! Cheer 1 But all is fair in love and war So we won't be here any more.SENIORS President Elsie Rauch Vice President Elsie Rauch Secretary and Treasurer Dolly Correa Bill Greene, president,withdrew substitute president. from school, Elsie is Class Colors Class Motto Red, White, Blue In ourselves our future lies. Class Flower Red Rose Elsie Rauch Red Marian Correa Dolly Mary Carol Gorrell Tommy Mary Jane Laurie jannie Ruth Vogler Honoree Dorothy Morrow Slats Walter Bromell Dead Eye Dick Bill Correa Porky Rene Meyers Shorty Homer Bowman Jiggs Kenneth Coppinger Copenhagen Keith Middleton Shotgun Kid Louis Penney Grimes George Luciani Rajah William. Able Boone William Greene BillSENIOR DAY The Senior class of "43" decided to be a little different this Year and have a Senior Day. On this day all of the Senior Activities were read. It was held Tuesday., May 4th 1943. The Senior Day was composed of a program by senior members only. The program was as follows; Announcer---------------------Bill Correa Introduction of Seniors-------Bill Correa V Reading of Senior Will--------Keith Middleton Reading of Senior History-----Dolly Correa Reading of Senior Prophepy----Kenneth Coppinger Reading of Senior Nick Names-Elsie Rauch and officers Song- “Yours"-----------------Dorothy Morrow The Seniors each gave a short speech on their four years in high school.SENIOR BREAKFAST On April 20, of 1943 at 5 :00 a.m. the Senior class gathered at the school house to start on their Senior Breakfast. The group went up the river about two miles where they found an ideal spot. Then the cooks went to work. The menu was fried ham, potatoes, eggs, coffee, milk, oranges, buns, and butter, and the appetites were really large. Mr.Larive,Superintendent, accompanied the party. All present agreed that they had had a grand time.FRESHMEN CLASS Reading from left to right, top row, Veda Able, Carl Stone, Mary Lou Madison, Erwin Reese, Ina Rauch, Bub Jordan, Mary Ruth Tollar, Jim Meechan. Bottom row, Mrs. Spike, Frances Correa, Arlie Dabney, Burl Watten-burger, Frank McVitty, Ernest Rhode, Rita Rose Correa, Orville Buchanen, Bob Gorham, Gene Walker. Crow, Joe Correa, Helen Young, Frank Bowman, Wilma Brown, Bill Esselstyn, Mildred Penney. Bottom row, Pauline Rauch, Mary Arnold, Milton Dallman, Shirely Coleman, Bob ShiUer, Louise Tollar, patricia-Stought on. Missing from t picture are Dorothy Farrens,and Elsie Wilson. SOPHOMORE CLASS Reading from left to right, top row, Mrs. Roth, Mary ke S«pKow ort C ssFRESHMEN president-vice President-Secretary-Class motto-Class colors-Class flower- Gene Walker Ernie Rhode Frances Correa We learn not for school but for life Blue and Gold White Chrysanthimums Gene Walker Skinny Ernie Rhode Lumby Rita Correa Tate Frances Correa Boss Ina Rauch • Mae West Veda Able Hiker Jimmy Meechan Lard Carl Stone St oney Mary Lou Madison Snappy Arlie Dabney Tuf fy Mary Tolar Baby Sis Frank McVitty Nut ty Bob Gorham Snuffy Burl Wattenburger Squatty Bud Jordan Buggy Erwin Reese GreaseFRESHMAN NOTES The "Frosh of '43' decided to show their intelligence and ability to act by putting on three one-act plays. Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Spike directed them. They were very successful and the Frosh ended the year having more than any other class in their treasury. The plcys were as follows: TALK COSTS LIVES Sally Mary Lou Madison Kathy Rita Rose Correa Puddy Frances Correa Mrs. Hanley Ina Rauch Babs Veda Able Mr. Grant Jim Meechan Stranger Gene Walker Announcer Bud Jordan BILLY'S FIRST DATE Billy Baker Burl Wattenburger Mrs. Baker Mary Crow Mr. Baker Erwin Reese Judy Baker Frances Correa Myrna Cookley Rita Rose CorreaTeddie Boswell Ernest Rhode Barbara Brittan Mrs. Cookley Mrs. Britton Mary Lou Madison Veda Able Ina Rauch BE HOME BY MIDNIGHT Mr. Jones Mrs. Jones Paul Jones Mary Jones junior Jones Frank McVitty Veda Able Gene Walker Frances Correa Arlie DabneyFRESHMAN INITIATION With a lot of planning and excitement., that final day came. The Freshmen appeared all dressed up in sarong% bathing suits, nightgowns, clowns, bride and groom,and many other ways. When they got to school they were painted and fixed to suit their general public. First period they were marched around through halls and all school rooms singing their theme song "How Green I Am". They were also walked upstairs backwards. They got unruly several times and had to be "spanked" but otherwise they were good sports. At noon we paraded them through the streets, stores, and alleys. The Echo Hotel was picked for a special place to have pictures taken where they paused especially, for that purpose. Fifth period they were kept outside and did "cute" stunts for the Sophomores entertainment. The rest of the day everything went as usual but little study was accomplished among them. All through the day they were looking for the special event of a party given for them to entertain the High School. The president was crowned with eggs and others fished beans out of flour, walked through macaroni dunked apples in ice water, chewed string, sat on pots and sang and many other things. After this was done there was dancing and cider was served. The Initiation proved very entertaining and effective and we want to thank the Freshmen for being good spcrts in everything.SOPHOMORES Pres ident Vice president Secretary and Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Motto Joe Correa Mildred Penney Wilma Brown Milton Daliman Stepping up the Stairs, Not Staring up the Steps Flower Red Rose Mary Arnold Arnold Bill Esselstyn " Essie Shirley Coleman Coley Milton Daliman Milt Joe Correa Joey Mildred Penney Milky Elsia Wilson Elsia patrica Stoughton Pat Pauline Rauch Rauch Dorothy Farrens Blacky Wilma Brown Wi lly Louise Tolar Wigie • Helen Young Young Mary Crow GlamourANNUAL STAFF Editor.........................Bob Meechan Assistant Editor......................Dolly Correa Business Manager....................Mildred Penney Assistant Manager..............Wilma Brown Top row, left to right: Jim Meechanj Jiggs Bowman, Bob Meechan Second row: Kenneth Coppinger, George Luciani, Louis Penney, Walter B r ome11 Third row; Mary Jane Laurie, Mildred Penney, Wilma Brown, Dolly Correa, Mary Crow JUNIOR CLASS Top row, left to right: Mrs. Gregor, jack Correa, Ruth Vogler, Jerry Crow, Mary Jane Laurie, Jack Brown Second row: Bob Meechan, Marl is Walker, Leon Reese, Dorothy Madison Dean Robertson.£ Is i'e Rmh A) tr. A a. y s JUNIORS president Secretary and Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Marlis Walker Bob Meechan Leon Reese Colors Motto Flowers We're Bright Enough We're Good Enough We all are Marlis Walker Mussy Dean Robertson Fuzzy Robert Meechon Bob Leon Reese Legs jack Brown Frosty Gerald Crow jerry Dorothy Madison Dot johnny Correa ' jV r Jack Herman Ebsen HermGIRLS LEAGUE TEA The members of the Echo High School Girls' League held one of its annual activities on April 8, in the form of a Silver Tea. Tea invitations were sent to all of the women in the surrounding community. Red cross work was carried on by the guests which members of the Girls' League entertained. The entertainment consisted of a piano Solo by Doris Rauch, a reading by Elsie Rauch; two songs, "My Grandfathers Clock" and "Neopolitan Nights", sung by Mildred Penney, Ina Rauch, Mary Ruth Tolar, Mary Arnold, and Wilma Brown. Dorthy Morrow sang "There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere" accompanied by Ruth Vogler, completing the program. Small open-faced sandwiches, tea, and coffee were served. Mrs. Roth and Mrs. Coppinger poured. As usual the girls were excused from school to participate in this activity. The tea was managed well, and went off nicely due to the work of Mrs. Spike, Adviser, Pauline Rauch, Mary Arnold and Shirley Coleman on the tea committee; Marlis Walker, Rita Correa and Pat Stoughton on the entertainment Committee; and Mildred Penney, Wilma Brown, and Mary Jane Laurie on the food Committee.ActivitiesTHE PEP OLUfi DOIN'S The Pep Club girls mode their influence felt this year and made the sportsmanship of Echo greater too, by serving the basketball boys from long distances after the games. The first team we entertained was lone on January 14; we served cocoa and sandwiches. After the Irrigon game on the 20th we served the boys cocoa and cookies then we decided upon a change. After winning the Umatilla game on February 15, we served chili and crackers. The girls in the Girls' League prepared and served the food. We also wish to thank Mrs. Neil Robertson and Mr. Joe Middleton for their help and generosity. HERE'S TO DOCTOR GRAY Who, although not a member of the Echo Hi Pep club, was as peppy a team fan as any one could ask for; who contributed generously of his time and money whenever the Cougars were mentioned; who backed the team with a carload of rooters at almost every game; and who donated a beautiful trophy to the triumphant Cougars at the end of the basketball season. So we say here's to "Doctor Gray. We couldn't ask for a more enthusiastic fan team supporter, or school backer. Hats off to the Doc I GLAMOR ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS The girls started out this Year bY playing baseball, kick pin ball,, and archery. They then enjoyed months of basketball and playgraind games in the gym. That was followed by volleyball, tennis and finishing the archery they had started earlier in the year. The girl3 point syst that will receive awards this year from the em are as follows: Dolly Correa Dorothy Madison Marlis Walker Mary Arnold Mi ldred Penney Pauline Rauch pat Stoughton Louise Tolar Elsia Wilson Helen Young Mary jane Laurie Wilma Brown Mary Crow Veda Able Prances Correa Rita Correa Mary Madison Ina Rauch Honorary pin Letter with 3 bars Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Numeral Numeral Numeral Numera1 Numeral Numeral Numeral NumeralFeudin'-In-The-Hi1Is The Junior and Senior play "Feudin1 In The Hill8"was presented at the Echo City Hall, Friday, April 23. It was a three act hill-billy comedy which took place in the Kentucky hills several years ago when feudin' was still popular. Mrs. Roth directed the play and Mrs. Spike substituted for her at dress rehearsal. The characters were as follows: « „ -ft Grandma Martin, the feudin' type, -------Dorothy Madison Mr. Martin, her son and the last of his line,--------- - - Bob Meechan. Mrs. Martin, who is tired of it all------Dorothy Morrow Edna Mae, who is more educated than the rest of her acquaintance because of her fond acquaintance with Sam Pruitt----------Dolly Correa Zula, her sister, who likes to listen to fancy words but can't use them herself-----Marlis Walker Jed, their brother, who would rather sleep than eat (well almost) —--------Homer Bowman Sam pruit, who is well-educated and in love with Edna Mae--------------Dean Robertson Dina pruit, hi3 sister, who thinks Jed is the ideal man-----Mary Jane Laurie $£ -Ambercrombie, who has a weak heart-------Leon Reese le, his daughter, who writes books-------Elsie Rauch W' 'The Junior-Senior play cast their gratitude to Mrs. Roth cooperation and direction. woula like to express Mrs. Spike for theirBASKETBALL BANQUETS There were two banquets given for the A Squad Basketball players. The first was given by iirs. Coleman., at the Coleman ranch. The players enjoyed a lovely chicken dinner. They were later entertained by Mr. Coleman who showed them some home movies. The second banquet was given by Mrs. Penney and Mrs. Robertson at the Penney home. The boys this time enjoyed a lovely turkey dinner. They were later taken by their hostesses to the show in Hermiston. CARNIVAL The carnival was held the night of November 13, 1942 and what a night. The booths were taken over by each class and were as follows: The seniors had the con- fetti ana dart throw, the juniors had the bingo, the sophomores had the baseball throw, and the freshmen haa charge of the fish pond. The high light of the affair wa3 the crowning of the carnival queen who was Marlis Walker. The runners-up were Pauline Rauch, Dolly Correa, and Ina Rauch. Each of them received a gift for their efforts. The affair was wild and woolie, and incidently quite profitable . The class advisers who helped the classes were Mr. Larive for the Seniors, Mrs. Gregor for the Juniors, Mrs. Roth for the Sophomores and Mrs. Spike for the Freshmen.varsity teak The Echo Cougars, coached by Mr. Larive, won an undisputed claim to the Little Wheat League Championship winning all conference games played. The B squad played 11 games winning 8. The A squad was composed of Walter Bromell, Milton Dallman, George Luciani, Dean Robertson, Bill Correa, Louis penny. Bill Esselstyn, Bob Meechan, and Joe Correa. The three top scorers for the team were Walter Bromell with 266, Milton Dal-lman with 125, and George Luciani with 89 points for the year. Echo 37 irrigon 18 Echo 80 Stanf ield 11 Echo 33 Boardman 21 Echo 53 Lexington 14 Echo 54 Uma t i11a 31 Echo 40 lone 20 Echo 63 Irrigon 11 Echo 43 Stanf ield 22 Echo 29 Boardman 18 Echo 45 Lexington 13 Echo 34 Umat ilia 20 Echo 49 lone 23 The Cougars played 7 non-league games with the best teams available winning 4 and losing 3. Entering the district tournament the Cougars lost their first game to Umatilla 37-31.BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row, left to right:: Bill Correa, Milton Dallman, Walter Bromell, Joe Correa Bill Esselstyn Second row: Bob Meechan, Leon Reese, George Luciani, Louis penney Dean Robertson, Coach Larive BASEBALL SQUAD Top row, left to right: Manager Jack Neiland, Ernest Rhode, Leon Reese, Bob Mee-chan, Keith Middleton, George Luciani, Jim Meechan Second row; Bill Correa, Kenneth Coppinger, Jiggs Bowman, Louis Pen-nyj Bill Esselstyn, Walter Eromell-BASEBALL The Echo High School baseball team had one of the most successful seasons they have had for many years. They won five gamesj and suffered no defeats. They played Athena., Westonj and Pilot Pock. Echo 15 Athena 4 Echo 16 We s t on 1 Echo 8 Athena 1 Echo 12 Weston 1 Echo 15 pilot Pock 0 This team was composed of eleven player Larive coaching the team. Walter Bromell pitcher jiggs Bowman 2nd Base Kieth Middleton Catcher Bill Correa Short Stop Kenny Coppinger 3rd Base Leon Reese Left Field Bill Esselstyn Center Field Louis Penney 1st Base George Luciani Right Field Jim Meechan Right Field Ernie Rhode 2nd Base TENNIS TEAM Top roWj left to right: Gene Walker., Joe Correa., Dean Robertson., Jim Meechan, Bill Esselstyn. Third row: Walt Erome11, Bill Correa. Fourth row; Mildred Penney, Mary Arnold, Dolly Correa, Dorothy Madison, Patricia Stoughton, Llsia Wilson. GIRLS LEAGUE Top row, left to right: Dorothy Morrow, Elsia Wilson, Dorothy Torrens,Dorothy Madison, Helen Young. Second row: Ina Rauch, Wilma Brown, Patricia Stoughton, Mildred Penney, Louise Tolar, Mary Lou Madison. Third row: Mrs. Spike, Pauline Rauch, Mary Arnold, Mary Crow, Ruth Voglur, Elsie Rauch. Fourth row: Veda Able, Shirley Coleman, Dolly Correa, Marlis Walker, Frances Correa, Rita Rose Correa, Mary Jane Laurie.G irU V. T V W I 3 T TENNIS The Tenni3 Season of 1943, seemed to be a very successful year. The Tennis Team was composed of the following : Mildred Penney Singles Bill Essel8tyn Singles Dolly Correa 4 Mary Arnold Doubles Joe Correa 4 Jim Meechan Doubles Dean Robertson 4 Elsia Wilson Mixed Doubles Echo only was defeated once. The games were the f ollowing: Winner Stanfield at Echo 3—0 Echo Echo at Stanfield 3—0 Echo Pendleton at Echo 2-2 Tie Echo at Pendleton 3-2 Pendleton Heppner at Echo 4-1 EchoFORMAL The Girls League Annual Spring Formal Dance was held in the City Hall, Friday., April 30th. Elsie Rauch, president of the Girls' League., was chosen queen. Her court consisted of members of each class chosen by the Faculty which were the following: primeMinister, Bill Correa; Senior attendants., Dolly Correa and Kenny Coppinger; Junior attendants, Dorothy and Bob Meechan; Sophomore attendants, Patrice Stoughton and Milton Dallman; Freshman attendants, Ina Rauch and Jim Meechan. The patrons and patronesses were members of the school board and their wives: Mr. and Mrs. Homer Coppinger, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Coleman, and the Superintendent and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Larive. The theme for the Formal was "Victory In 43". The hall was decorated to carry out the theme. The 6ong was When The Light Go On Again. SCHOOL PICNIC The Annual picnic of 1942-43. Started their day off by leaving Echo at nine thirty going up the river, and eating their lunch. From there they started to Pendleton and finished the day out visiting points of interest. Then all had dinner at the expense of the Student Bpdy. Then followed a show and all came back to Echo and danced. Everyone said a splendid day was spent, w'e wish to thank everyone who took part in helping with the picnic.FRESHMAN RETURN PARTY After receiving a good trouncing at the Sophomore initiation party the Freshmen showed their sportsman-ship by giving a "return" party. It was held in the old school building in the early fall. There were games of every kind in the upstairs, cards, ping pong; anything to please anybody. The Freshman gms al ; spent days of back-breaking labor to wax and polish the downstairs floor to make it P088 to dance and it really was successful. The school record-player furnished the music. By the way . rs. Williams and the Rauch's helped by supplying the party with plenty of good records. The room where the dance was held was very patrioticaV 1Y decorated with red, white and blue and it was very original. Then after all the games and dancing were over, the Freshmen served cider and doughnuts. They couldn have ended their party better. JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The Junior-Senior banquet was held in the Pendleton Hotel, March 4, 1943 at 7:00 p.m. All Seniors, faculty, their husbands and wives, and juniors, were invited. The special guests were Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr..Vogler, Mr. Gorrell, ana Mr. Laird. We were honored by having Sargeant Roth as a speak . The toastmaster was Bob Meechan. The welcome was given by Marlis Walker, the Junior class president. e8P° 8® wis by Elsie Rauch, the Senior president. Speeches by all the Senior class followed. After the Banquet the junior class took all present to a show at the Revoli Theater.STUDENT COUNCIL Freshmen,... Student Body Senior...... Sophomore... Junior...... ..Gene Walker Jim Meechan ..Bill Correa ..Elsie Rauch ...joe Correa Marlis Walker STUDENT BODY Top Row, left to right: Burl Wattenburger, Orville Buchanan, Ernest Rhode, Leon Reese, Dean Robertson, Bob Meechan, George Luciam, Erwin Reese, Louis Penney, Clarence Jordan, Kenneth Coppinger Second Row: Mrs. Spike, Mary Arnold, Helen Young, Patricia Stoughton, Elsie Rauch, Mary Ruth Tolar,Ina Rauch, Dorothy Morrow, Louise Tolar, Veda Able, Mary Crow, Mary Lou Madison, Mrs. Roth, Mr. Smith Third Row: Marl is Walker, Ruth Vogler, Frank Bowman, jack Correa, Bill Correa, Walter Bromell, Bill Esselstyn, Milton Dallman, Mr. Larive Fourth Row: Dolly Correa, Francis Correa, Rita Rose Correa, Pauline Rauch, Shirley Coleman, Dorothy Madison, Wilma Brown, Mildred Penney, Mary Jane Laurie Mrs. Gregor, Jerry Crow, jack Brown, Fifth Row: Gene Walker, Arlie Dabney, Jim Meechan, Carl Stone, Frank McVitty, Bob Schiller, Bob Gorham, Joe CorreaCOUGAR GAB The Echo High School started a new adventure this Y®ar when they published their first "Cougar Gab". A High School paper has not been published in Echo for a good six years. The staff is as follows: Editor................... Asst. Ed................. Business Manager......... Class Reporters.......... Sports....... Social Editor Reporters.... Adv. Speech Features... Cartoonist. Typists.... Product ion Circulat ion Adviser.... .Dorothy Madison .....Bob Meechan ....Dolly Correa .....Elsie Rauch Marl is Walker Mary Arnold Jim Meechan Mary Lou Madison ..Dean Robertson .....Wilma Brown Mary Jane Laurie Marlis Walker Rita Correa Mary Jane Laurie ......Bob Meechan Leon Reese ......Bill Correa ......Ruth Vogler johnny Correa Kenny Coppinger ...George Luciani Kenny Coppinger Wilma Brown Pauline Rauch Dolly Correa . .. .Mi ldred Penney Marlis Walter ...... Mr s. Sp ke The Echo High School wishes to thank Mrs.Spike for her help and cooperation in publishing of the Cougar Gab.TRACK MEET There was an excellent crowd that gathered on the Ball Diamond to see the Track Meet for the Year of 1943 which was held Friday, May 8th. The weather was foir. The towns that took part in the Track Meet are as follows: Boardman, lone,, Stanfield,, and Echo. events that took place are as follows: ICC Yard Dash 1st . Elden Lily Boardman The Shotput 1st . Bob Hoskins lone Pole Valt 1st . Elden Lily Boardman The Mile 1st . Jiggs Bowman Echo Dicus 1st . George Luciani Echo 440 Yard Dash 1st. Billy Miller Stanf ield High Jump 1st . Rene Meyers Echo Bob Hoskins Boardman javelin 1st . Walter Bromell Echo 220 Dash 1st . Elden Lily Boardman Football Throw 1st . Walter bromell Echo Broad Jump 1st . Elden Lily Boardman Half Mile Relay 1st. Echa Echo was very successful in their Track Meet and won it with 62 points, Boardman coming second with 32 points, lone coming third with 18 points, and Stanfield coming fourth with five point3.ECHO'S OF "43" BOOSTERS ECHO Echo Meat Market Bernice Mudge Mrs. Cunha Spinning Mr. Coe STANFIELD Stanfield Hotel Will Sutton Jolly Inn HERMISTGN perterson's Food Store Burnham Burnham PENDLETON Pendleton Music House Swanson Gem Shop Good Year Market R. G. Rosinburg Taylor Hardware J. C. Penney Quality Shop Oregon Cafe Globe Cafe Union Oil Havanan Bonds Lee ' sf Rohrman Motor Co. jack Allen Hermistorij Oregon pendletonj Oregon Oregon Hardware Frazier Book Store Hermiston, Oregon pendletonj Oregon Safeway Stores Sprourse Ritz Hernistonj Oregon pendletonj Oregon Sam Nye Kathryn 1s Hermiston Oregon pendletonj Oregon Miss Brierley Downs Hermiston, Oregon pendletonj Oregon L. A. Moore Pendrome Hermistonj Oregon pendletonj Oregon Ford Motor Kennell Ellis pendletonj Oregon pendletonj Oregon Pendleton Hotel Wm. Roesch pendletonj Oregon pendletonj Oregon Buds Bootery Turn A Lum Lumber Co. Pendleton, Oregon Echo, Oregon Homely i Co. Echo Cash Grocery Pendleton, Oregon Echo, Oregon Dunlap Stationary Store Murl Berry Pendleton, Oregon Echo, Oregon M. Refvem Mrs. George Stanfield, Oregon Echo, Oregon The Tavern Bill Helmick Stanfield, Oregon Echo, Oregon , ■ Associated Service Station W. H. Crary Stanfield, Oregon Echo, Oregon Gamble Store Mrs. Williams Stanfield, Oregon Echo, Oregon Echo Flour Mill Dr. Gray Echo, Oregon Echo, OregonAUTOGRAPHS ® ® ® 9 9; iC x : THIS ANNUAL MADE BY LEO'S STUDIO - UNIVERSITY PLACE - SPOKANE ■ it ' ' m f .V. -V ■ , ■ — V- ' . . - - '. - J' -

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Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Echo High School - Echoes Yearbook (Echo, OR) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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