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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1937 volume:

 S7A f f „ „... 1 ....Sue Thomson Chief Editor........... Berdina Bowman Administration.............T Hiatt 0- chief Reporter....;......----Leone ... Assistants.......... Senior Ne.vs...........Joye Coe Junior News..Peggy Kilkenny So phono re News..era ..mith Freshnan News.Wanda Roberts Athletics.......... ...Dor. Shopshirc Assistants...• • Bob Spike Tony Cunha , Bernice Mudge Activities..... .....Elna Pearson Society Editor..cue Thomson Advertisement Apr.....“....Vera Smith Staff Artist......till Assistants.......... Elna Pearson Tony Cunha Rita Cunha Dorothy Brown „ .......Blair Coleman Humor Edito ...... ......Bernice Mudge Typists..................... Joye Coe Helen Davis Leone Hiatt Sue Thomson Elna Pearson ....Rita Cunha Press Manager.............Helen Davls Leone Hiatt Tony Cunha £ £  • • • , . • • • 9 • • • • • • • I • • • • • • • P • • • N • • • . « • • r • $ • ■ v • • • • • • % t •  • • I • • . • • I j f I • t » • • .. • • . » • 9 4 • • % • • V • • t • •  wm n r 3 -Ji Pi J- ftj' I  • •f V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V The senior class held a food sale March V at the co’uicil roora. They served several kinds of sandwi .hes, chili oeans coffee, tea, pie and cake. 'The seniors o iserved their annual Sneak hay this year on Apr'.l 13, when they went to ' alia ’.•alia. They left at 6;OC a. . ,.oin , to Fendleton for breakfast. They arrived in 'alia :alla a out 10:00 a. n. where they went around the State Penitenciary 'rounds and through the park and residental districts. After eating lunch some went to the show. Afterwards everyone went to a certain creamery on dose Street where they pur ;h asea ice crear.i cones. They returned to Pendleton for dinner then went to r. show Uacculanreute will be held at the Jhurch, run ay, "ay 9, at 8:00 p.n:. with Reverend tardette officiating. The nro ,ra:.i xs as follows: Prootss-onal Invo Scriptux'G Piano 3o -Address Solo benediction , rs. Hawley ’’ean rs. Hawley ean Reverend 3ui'dette Reverend 3urdette ,'r3. Hawley Sean Reverend Hurdette John lunn Reverend lurdette ip V V V V V V V V V V V  • . . ' ft ft I • • The play given by the seniors will be very exciting and entertaining. It is entirely original Sue Thomson, Bernice Mudgo ar.d Leone Hiatt having been the originators. The plot of the story takes place in a court rocn; the charge is against the seniors for having an un-evon number in their class and having only one male. The affirmative have very good arguments and it locks bad for the seniors however, after a v rp exciting trial the jury aquits shea. The cast is as follows: The Judge---------------------Joyc Coe Attorney------------------Helen Davis Jury-------------------3 ;rdena Bowman ai d Dorothy Brown Witnossess----------------Sue Thomson Bernice Mudgo Leone Hiatt nob Spj.l:e and Rita uunha The Commencement Exercises will be held at the City Hall, Thursday, Kay 13, at 8:15 p.m, Mr. J. I. Kinrnan, president of the Kinrnan Business Unitversity at Sp okane, will be the speaker. Mr. Ted Roy of Pendleton will sing a solo and Mrs. Roy will play the processional. This year is the first year that a graduating class from Echo High has worn Caps and Gowns. 193 7 • • • • . - . . • I • • • • • • I • • • I • • % 9 s • v • • • • • • • • We, the class of 1937, . ' Kch Fir School, being sound of mine anc' -.ory do hereby make, publish, and declare-this to be our Last Will aid Testament, in manner end form, following, hereby re voking any will, or WLlls, heretofore ”iade by us. First: We direot that all our just debts and goodtine expenses be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as conveniently may be, after our departure. We, the Senior Class of '37 Do Hereby Bequeath our numerous .possessions . Thusly I,Bob Spike, leave my studiousness to Lester Murray with the sincere hope that Lester will use it to the best of his ability. mo IiLu°n0 Hiatt,leave my quiet voice to May Ashworth with hopes that next year think sje Sill? " “tlon. »hich I I,Joye Coe, leave my desk ask enn to Charles Hiatt with the opo thafhe always, during his stay in high school next year, fill and cherish it. Th°'nson,put my sweet "Sweet Nve next lelr clTrCu3a on» in High School, next year. Lay off him g rls. i,Rita Cunha leave all mv candv .-“Sit to anyono°no?atho taT0 to work so hard no t yaar 7 1V V V V V V V v V V V V V V w We, tho Senior Class of '37 leave to Miss Hawkins our devotion and thanks hoping she will have as easy a time with the class to come as she has had with us We, the Senior Class of '37 leavj to Miss Ogburn all our perfect grades in English,so that she -nay have them to dis tribute to all the classes next year. To Miss Bauer we leave our sincere appreciation and wishes for the future.. We do hereby make, constitute and appoint Mr. King to be our executor of his, our last Will and Testament in Witness Whereof. We the class of '37 have hereunto subscribed our name and affixed our seal, this 11 day of May, in the year of our Hdnry, one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven. bv seaie Publi ed and declared by the Class of 1937. CIA SS SONG (Tune: Boo Hoo) Let 8 8ing the praises of Echo Hi And when we leave here we'll trv To keep our standards oh so high And now that graduation is here vL LglV0°UT tcachers a cheer For they to us have been so dear We're out to make a go We're out to make a lot of dough And so goodby to old Echo HI Our parting with you is nigh And so to Echo High Goodbye -Leone Hiatt .. • V • • • • • • I have been requested fcr the sake of my fellow class .nates to predict the fu ture of each one present. It is necessary to do this in order to save the reputation and honor of our class. In looking through the records I found a Who's Who for the year of 1950. I am going to quote some passages from tV'is book which I think will be of vital case Upon opening this volume my eyes fell upon a familiar name--that of one of my old schoolmates from Echo, Helen Lucille Davis. Helen had written her way to fame and forture through every important mag-azine and at last had reached the height of ..or carreer, that of being chief editor of the Who's "ho. The outstanding phe tograph in the first few pages of this volume proved to be the Madame Berdena Bowman, leading madiste of the world.She lives in Paris and travels a great deal. °l wanen's apparel is much sought after by the great ladies of the Imagine my surprise on turning Dorothv It m0 PQS6S t0 See the name® Dorothy Brown the worlds greatest genius bor e thf18" ?lai'cr- mostly oei-ore the royal families of the old further ™ -pind Riif tiful music Gy aaf conipcser of beau one of the gi s £rl 1reaembor Rita as J°y? CC" c Unc JdinhJge tiful and gifted sculptress She b%'U a great deal of her time in the hi? "1?8 as she U303 many Japanese girls r- ■’ els. Leone Hiatt I find if in a famous • • « 0 % • • • • • . 1 • . ' • ' • s 'V • • 4 • • . • • • C • •  w V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V law office in •'h.. r l . Leone specializes in defending societies outcasts. We remember Leone as always living a good word to say for everyone. Bernice Mudge's name appears a little further cn as being owner and operator of the worlds most famous live stock far:. She specializes in beef stock. Bernice, we recall, even in our high school days was interested in the butcher industry. 3cb Spike we find is the owner of the worlds largest and most elite night clubs, and is now in South America on a hunting expedition. Sue TK ison still lives cn Butter Creek and raises a worlds famous brand of alfalfa seed. She is a second Luther Berbank. They call her Alfalfa Sue. -Sue Thomsen Class Poem Ad iou.' The class of thirty seven now Of dear old Echo High Should really ought to take a bow We won't say how but why. The numbers in our class are nine The numbers edd, you sec And being different is a sign Initiative have we. No; , "Well begun is halfway done," That's how our motto reads' And our group by comparison All other classes load. Wo cannot list cur glories her We've to our school been true We've kept our days fr. r. I i - - vr r And now we say adior. Helen Davis-- | • f V V V s V V V V  . • • % • • • • • • « • I • • 9 • • • I r • • • • • I • • • K • • • • . % .94 % • • « • V • ¥•• 4 • • • • • The officers of Ihe Junior Class are: Precedent, ,es"er' IV'b ever ( who was replace 1 yj ice-cre-xdent Blair Coleman) Secretsry-Treasvre E.'.ra Pearson Class Advisor- Miss Ogburn The Junior Class v as very glad to include in its mudsc two new students Don Shropshire from Pendleton and Kenneth Snyder from Pasco. A regret was expressed though at the loss of Lester Roberts. Wanda remained here for the rest of the year. Both are first string basket ball players, who have attended the Echo Schools for eleven years. A pie social vans sponsored in the gymnasium, after the backet ball game on December 16, by the Junior Class, J. C. San Nye proved to be a very . -cccr.sful auctioneer. The proc eels amounted to nine dollars, which was used in paying for the Junior Clejc play boon?-. "Look Who's Hero'- a three act farce by Charles George par presented by the Junior Class pril 16, at the City Hall. It was a lively farce, full of amusing situations and clever wise cracks, "Look Vho's Hers" dealt with the laugh provoking adventures of Lyman Winchell, who had been married for some time and was living on an allovvance, from his unt 41 ion, a spinster, who had been living abwoed. Aun - Alice was dead s?, against marriage, 'luvin? teen disappoint -! ;n life wh.n she was young, and one of her supersfitxons in her monthly a lowniicss tc xjymen, was that he remain single. An old pal of Lyman's Thomas Rotanah, paid him an unexpected visit and it developed that Thomas . as once engaged to Lyman's wife, Estelle, He had come to this town to visit hxs fi ancee, Grace 4 % • I Sterling, who was an extremely pretty girl. The two men were ignorant of these previous happenings. Then Aunt Alice suddenly decided to visit the United States on business and when she barged into Lyman’s home and found his wife there Lyman introduces Estelle as Tommy's wife. With the arrival of Grace to dinner that night both Tommy and Lyman were thrown into a panic as they had to keep up this deception in front of Aunt Alice. One funny situation developed after another until it was almost impossible to see how they would ever be straightened out. Jealousy and misunderstanding between the tv o couples ran riot but the ball of fun was kept rolling until all had been satisfactorily explained, but not before some of the funniest complications ever writ-en into a farce of this kind had ever been experienced. The cast included Tony Cunha, Lyman Winchell; Peggy Kilkenny, Estelle Win-chell; Don Shopshire, Tommy RotanahjElna Pearson, Aunt Alice; Blair Coleman, Duke Cornelius; Vera Smith, Grace Sterling; Clara May Cunha, Rose Stanford; Kenneth Snyder, Jimmy. The proceeds from the play was fifty some dollars. The Juniors treated the Seniors in the form of a bano.uet at Stephens Cafe in Pendleton,April 17, at eight o'clock. The toast were based on the idea of popular songs. Blair Coleman, toastmaster gave Boo Koo and introduced the follow-- ing people who gave toasts: Bob Spike, One in a Million; Rita Cunha, When My Dream Boat Comes Home; Miss Bauer, Where Are You; Elna Poarson, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Miss Ogburn, Rainbow on the River; Bernice Mudge,Good Night My Love; Tony Cunha, Empty Saddles; " Peggy Kilkenny, Pennies Prom Heaven; Joye Coe, This Year's Kisses; Sue Thomson, From Coast to Coast, and Mr. King, In My Solitude, Mr. King: "You missed my class yesterday didn't you". Tony: "Not in theleast, sir, not in the least." V V Charles H.: "Gee, this is a funny vvorld-to live in'.' Slden S: "Yes, and so few get out of it alive." Suzanne: "It looks like a storm you had better stay for dinner." Bob: "Oh, thunks but I don't think it's-bad enought for that."  K 7 W NM x VI M|Z|Nw tMf r M-xlM 5 Hit r NN 7 Ml V - NM $ MM MM 5 MM : M 4n W i«Tl ■ — Hr — ini -' Mm Rtt MR - Ml ff Rr j HX 7 MW f RM 7 RM RM ' Mt - Mi MN ‘ Ml- NM ■ MM - Mt M H Mi S Ml = M § Mi ? Mt § H • R 5 MM J N 2 it Mi Z W S M $ Mt c M S - MV Hi 2 N I--Ml . C«- ilR? Kk- H Mt? it?RR MM? NMf MMmNN£Nv4m NI MV MM MMiMM| tt MM g Mi SHI Ml § M jp MtT it £ HI 5 Mt Mi 3 Ml ? It IH IH 5 ft § M III S Ml S R ! M§MM Mi = NMfNRfMM NM MM=rlt IIM?Mt2NM%MtS|t5iMM£Mt- Ml i Ml = MR j ttSii?tlMigHi Hif i»£MMg MM IH it fMt Af HMlHTf MMgttfMMf Mt;M it Mt$ HI 5 NR § MM f Ml it MM i MM Ml § Ml ? Mi li Mt£ Mi § Ml ? Mt 2 HI Ml |M»MI li5itlMl=Mil- MI MtHii5Mt = MI - MM-HI-MlSHi2iiiMI = Hir Ml; Rl f Ms migRtf Hif ttf m t.m f mm fsttf mi f tt mm §mrmf Mt5tt§ mi Mt i m 3 IM?MlWHI HI?.fMSMt2Ml5Mt?litEHI 2|H " MM - MM MM Mt MlSMMiMMiiMa Ml 5 MR 5 m g HI E Ml r H f MR f IH 2 Mt HR Ml ? Ml ? Mt % HI NM MM 3 Mt Mt f RM MM1 -; IM y MM RR ; MR MR M I ! rlSTtii MR-?HI?MM = H I mm 2 MM MM= MM 3 I k | Al = M 5 ; RM : i»«| •Hi MM MM■? Mi MM WMrMMfiM M »M MM - MM r MM §Mt2MtiMM| MM MM ? MM s MM ‘ I BMRfMtf ttf m mi •- m NNf i '5 M i lliflli I M toJxJc t • • • • • • I • • • • I • • • V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V u The officers of the Sophomore Class are: President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sargent of Arms Bill Hearing John Henry Nye John Corriea Lc -.'.if ’folverton Bill Hearing mived away f.;er having attended this school for saver. years. They then elected Cira May Cunha' as president. At the beginning of the year those enrolled in the class were---John Henry, Nye, Bill Hearing, John Corriea, Marie Olson, Leona “olverton, Clara May Cunha Dorothy Jane Reose, Awilda Bleukney. Dorothy, Bill and Awilda moved away during the first semester. Most of the class has token part in the different activities. Those awarded letters are: John Henry Nye--for basket ball,John Corriea, for tennis-Leona Wol-verton, for basket ball--Clara May Cunha for basket ball. At one of the b. sketball games the Sophomores sponsored a Pop Corn sale. The Sophomores are to decorate the church for the Baccalaureate services at the church on May 9th. The ushers, will bo Elden Smith and John Corriea. • • • • tf • i • . % • r • • • 9 s • V • • • •' « • • • The Freshmen President Vice-President Secretary-Treas. Sargent of Arms Class officers are: Suzanne Nye wtaphanna Correa-Elden Smith C. arlts Hiatt The Freshmen Class entered High School in September to be initiated. A Freshmen Reception was given in honor of the Freshmen on September 12 in the gymnasium. Each Freshman had to periorm some stunt. One stunt that was performed was done by Estephanna orrea, May Ashworth, Suzanne Nye, who tried to blow beans out of a caucer of pepper and sneezing and blowing their noses.Charles Hiatt and Eldon Smith wiped water up off the floor with the seat of their pants Evelyn Charrier played a few tunes on the piano. Margret Krause made a short speech on what she thought of Doys.After the stunts refreshments were served. The Freshmen class sponsored a candy sale in order to raise money t have a Return Party. The Party was given on October 8 in the Echo Gym. Every was to be dressed in little child clothes and each one had to do some part in the progr-m. Several games were play ed and then refreshments were served. The members of the Freshmen Class who received letters this year were toy Ashworth and Charles Hiatt. « • • • • V • • » « • • • f • • % p • ' • ■ ' • • • A • • • V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V 3ASKETBALL Weston -9 at Echo -15 Echo -15 at Weston -20 Echo -19 at Heppner -25 Ukiah -9 at Echo -18 Umatilla-- -24 at Echo -22 Echo -17 at Hermiston- -83 -Irrigon -15 at Echo -29 Stanfield- -14 at Echo -38 Echo -21 at Lexington- -13 Boardaan-- -25 at Ecno -18 Lexington- -15 a t Echo -15 Echo -19 at Umatilla-- -41 Echo -25 at Irrigon -18 Echo -24 at Boardman-- -37 Echo -36 at Stanfield- -11 Hermiston- -45 at Echo -23 TOURNAMENT Stanfield- -16 Echo -48 Umatilia-- -35 Echo -SO Stanfield- -19 Echo--- -61 Umatilla-- -25 Echo -14 Players-Bob Spike, Blair Coleman, Lester Roberts, Charles Hiatt, Don Shopshire, Tony Cunha, Bill Hearing, John Henry Nye Elden Smith. All tournament players, picked were: Spike-----Center Roberts-----Forward Shopshire--iCuard Roberts was high point man of the tournament LIgi.. L'. ‘i'-s f r b'; s this Las ter Roberta---------------- Bob i5p.L e ----- — -- • ----- year were: --184 points — 1P.7 points ♦ t • • • i • • . • • • • • • 0 • . • - ‘ • • • . • •  Western Ulciah Umatilla Hermiston Stanfie Id Echo Echo Echo Helix Echo Leone Hiatt, Wanda Rober Cunha, Leona Woiverton, Vera Snith, and berdena bowman. High scores for girls this year were: Leone Hiatt---------------------------1 2 points Joye Coe------------------------------62 points Girls Tennis Hermiston at Hermiston Echo a Echo 27 Echo 19 Echo 35 Echo 19 Umatilla 45 Helix 37 Stanfield 35 Echo 10 Hermiston 34 a were Joye Coe ts, Clara May 14ay Ashworth, Echo won singles 2-6; Hermiston doubles Umatilla at Echo Echo won singles o-4: Echo won doubles Hermiston at Echo Echo w«n singles Hermiston doubles Umatilla at Umatilla Echo wou singles Echo won doubles 7-5; 6-3 6-4; 6-3 4-6; 6-6 6-3; 6-1 o-2; 7-5 6-2; 7-5 ; 6-14; 6-4 -1 O • • ' ‘ 9 6-1  •  « • • ft • • • • • - ft • • i ft • w . 9 •'¥ • • • •  V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V w. The annual Spring Festival was held on the Echo High School lawn April 30. The orogram. which consisted of dances by the grades representing various nations, took place in the morning. It started with the crowning cf Queen Helen followed by the procession of her attend ents, attired in costumes representing foreign nations. At 12 neon a delightful pot-luck dinner was served on the schools grounds. Starting at 1:30 P. M. the Umatilla-County track meet took place. Every near by town participated including Umatilla, Hermiston, Columbia, Stanfield and Echo. Umatilla received the most points of those competing, therefore, winning the ceunty meet 0f the West end It was grand weather for the oc-cassion. Everyone enjoyed themselves emmensely. STUDENT BODY PLAY The High School Student Body gave their first semester play, October 28, 1936, It was a three act comedy by Jean Provence conducted by Miss Irene Ogburn. The cast o characters were selected-fro.m the student body. The proceeds of the play was $40.15. The cast was Joye Coe—-Louise, a sophmore at college Leone Hiatt----Florence, her roommate Suzanne Nye--------Doris, a Freshman Sue Thomsen-------Catherine, a Junior Elna Fearsen--------Harriet, a Senior Tony Cunhr---Droopy, the colored janitor Bernice Mudge----Miss Watkins, the dean Johnny Uye'-Prof Crazier, instructor of English Bob Spike----Jimmy, stray Junior from State University  • • • • i • • • • % • • • •- • • • • • • I • • • . • • • • • • • . • • • • .• • » • V • •  :n;MXH ■ • • •= » »■» w sttf IWf M M Ftwf WtlMf IM £Ntf e - IM - MEMlf IMf M4 MtIM I' Ml? NfcSMt [|M = IRjMiH £||Hs|tH (Nf M r Mf Mf IM i IWTWH'BiBMIlMilWlliltWaWiWBi |W lWlM MlsM§MlM§ NMf MN f MR §'■ 1WSW $ wt S wg Sw8 WS W 2 » i N z in § jm i n § w I m m I m 51 »IM 5 Ml 5 MU ? M 5 MR Mt §W £ M ffl S M UN ■=« -: Mlf (MX M HNf Mf MsMi = taiI M UN t MsMl£|M : |Mx|M INtSM : KN-lM-i |r|»5 «, r Nd WfyiiH y Ml r MfNsHfM I llMI ■( MI5M = MslM§M5fl 51 Hmi Miin-Mimimim socitnes CLUM m E NN = WI = Wlx V  • • ♦ • • • • • • • •4 • • » . • • • • • • • t i • • • i • • • • • . • • • H « • 4 » . • • • • • • 1 ' V V V V V V V v V V V V V V V V v V V Instalation of the officers of the Girls' League was held September 28 in the sewing room. Mothers and friends were invited to the service which went off very effectively. Afterwards tea or coffee, sandwiches, and cookies were served. Music furnished the entertainment. The Girls' League made a Christmas box whic'h was distributed among the needy children of the vicinity. The box contained an assortment of toys and clothing. A silver tea was given by the Girls League in the sewing room to raise some much needed funds. It was quite success ful as about fifty attended. They were served tea, sandwiches, and cookies. Two songs were sung by Rita Cunha and one by the Girls' Trio, Joye Coe, Rita Cunha, and Leone Fiatt. Everyone had a "chatty" t i;ne. The Girls' League honored Dorothy-Brown, ho . as married in December, with a bridal shower on February 8 in the sew ing room.She received nany lovely gifts. Refreshments of jello,cocoa, and cookies were served. The Girls' League served dinner for the School Masters Club at its April meeting. The girls served 22 school men and managed the dinner with noteworthy success. The Girls' Glee Club attended the music festival which ,vas held xn Hermis-ton on May 7. The Pep Club is responsible for collecting most of our school yells. The Pep Club fed chili beans to the Lexington basketball boys after their hard game. It went off very successfully. • . • • • • 9 • • 9 • » • • • • • • • • • • j • • • - I • • • • • t • • ¥«• • • • •  f • • « •  a I 8 B 8 m a ■ i 8 » 3 «l M a I S 8 8 Ml! 8-mi 3 9 M |M| 8 ’ "I 1 mi 8 mm 3 9 9 2 8 8 ■ mi 8 8 1 3I M m if 5 1 1 « • 8 Sim: 3 Mui'BuTa ■IjflSI.Iw I' 11 ■ M r«S siisss Im-2nh«m| fiflf 8"" 8 ' Ififlll'I ,1,! i$v yl 18.1118.1 S4«8m;8 milfi 8 ■ gigl'MI 8 1 ' 8 M l 11 M| i8M«8""f Ml 8 1 f igifl f pf 1mm Imtf X •’ A 8mm8'» 18 Ml IlMi 8 8.t i mImmSimiIuhI.ih 8 in. 8 Hi llflfi ini Sum | IM Ml MMiiwCim IMl ‘N' • - 1 8 Ml I I8MII 8 m 8 mi 3 mi 8mm i lU'lMMl iMtSntiSiMi 8 im 8 8 MU I Mil filHlM't .5 gffl 8 Mm 8 Ml' 5 a j. 8-1 8«M 3 IUjViIU ITT, 8 • k HMl'lNlS ftkt M »44i 9 tin fr. 9 9L1 8 «8 13 Mi Sum S ! ! im m 2 in) 8 • i flglg 8 Mil 18 mm 8 :m iuf UKS tr-fmi ; nit 8 m-t Nil 8 Mil 8 M4 I .ml IH 8 m i C. m J7. . i»8um8 Hu 8 MM 3 MU 3 3 I; ( I t |' I tmlMlS r, ZmZmZmE t lUMiUKl illiSltiiSswSiM I tut 3 MU 1 |Kt 1 mi 8H'I 3 hi 8] M »8- 5""S» fl MM I m S • S •' I • ' 1 ft i MM i m i Ml 11.1111M •» «in 1«1» I g i M11£ 8 g I g 8 m 8 m I m 1 w 1 «, 1 m 3 !iW!Wlw3Wsas »a StfiaSSS ill m U| a • t B«8 8 8'M'8iMi8 t ! 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(✓' V ? n ■ N— r Cl V (I v Oi c -«« C« C « « C • • • I «  ♦ t ♦ . i • t • »V V r. ARfc A! rvfcAK you a A'; v y v v v v v v v v v V V V V 7= i Vi c Doc: "I'll exa-n In you for ten dollars". Bob £.: "I'll split with you if you find it." Elden Snith was taking a test and the firct question was, "State the nu-nber of tons cf coal chipped out of the United States in a,ay given year." ----14UP---none. V  % t • • • • • • . • • • % • » • « • • • 7UW- A-LurA c £CHO MAGYAR! • • • • • 9 ► I • « • • I • 9 • • • • • t I » • • • 9 4 • • . ‘ V • • V V V V) V V V V V V V V UiseqanqS ! j ""Sv " 7'' I iTiaiMtt I W ! V' ,-i'rr i nj y'77i ■ Vipafc Sl ---------crlJi ., t ( Hi r c Sl I ’ il )cS Kiss Hawkins: "’.Vhat do you mean by coin- ing to school with your hair in that condition?” Lester If.: "No comb, miss!" Hiss Hawkins: " Use your father a co .10." Lester: "Ho hair, miss I ” "Lina, are you 'nukin'- your lit ole brother cry?" "No mom, he du£ a hole and he's crying bec.use he can't brinr it into the house I • • « « DEMAND MORE THAN PRICE FROM YOUR CAP AND GOWN RENTAL COMPANY National Guild of Academic Costumers (An organization for the promotion of improved Cap and Gown Rental Services)OUR COMPLIMENTS To THE GRADUATES --To THE UNDER GRADUATES --To THE SUPERINTENDENT --To THE PRINCIPAL and TEACHERS -- We hope that our cooperation has enabled you to enjoy a better Year Book than would otherwise have been possible. HOOVER BROTHERS Kansas city mo. DISTRIBUTORS FOR MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, MASS.V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V AM.Collins Manufacturing Co. PHILADELPHIA, PENN. MAKERS OF AMERICA'S FINEST BOOK COVER PAPERS The Cover of Your Year Book is Collin's Book-Craft. V V V V V V V V V V V V V V  ’ i - • • • ft • . • ft • « • • . I ft • • -• ft . 9 4 ft V • • • • • • • ft FOR 76 YEARS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Milton Bradley Co. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. DISTRIBUTORS — Boston - New York Chicago - Philadelphia Atlanta - San Francisco Hoover Bros. Inc., Kansas City, Mo. I-C-P LOOSE-LEAF PROJECT TRACK MARK YEAR HOOK Patent Notice U. S. PATENT APPLICATIONS FULLY COVER METHOD OF COMPILING. OEM ERAL ARRANOEMENT AND DCS ION ALL RIGHTS RKSKRVKO. MADE AND SOLD ONLY BY I NTER-COLLEOI ATE PRE9 KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI  4 u

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