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1977 Beaver Tales Presents: Up Close and Personal Table of Contents (1 VozLd of c f Woztcl of Ui 456{2Jks 2oom J2s.ni 2 xoi in on tfis Jtfi (2[ois an A iPszionaH }satuxsi of £acfi dJndioiduaL, and £ jsnt; and Jl [afzsi Jl any ( l VozCdi of Jl {any J sofJs 7Miss Eau Claire 19779Little girls were made of dreams of being Miss Eau Claire as that theme was carried through the Miss Blossom- time event for 1977. Cheryl Arnt, Cindy Dudas, Renell Kliemchen, Pam Kublick, Christine Levey, Ruthie McAfee, Felicia Murphy, and Elaine Zielke all had dreams of representing their community. After the balloting, Ellen Newsome, Miss Eau Claire for 1976 gave the 1977 crown to Renell Kliemchen. First runner-up was Cheryl Arnt, 2nd runner-up was Pam Kublick. Pam was also chosen Miss Congenial- ity. 10Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was the theme for the 1977 Miss Sodus Contest. Contestants were Maxine Stover, Nancy Palis, Kris Mckie, Mary Edinger, Judy Leitz, Sharon Dukesh- eaer, and Lisa McGowan. When the judges final decision was announced, Maxine Stover became Miss Sodus, Nancy Palis was 1st runner up and Kris Mckie was 2nd. Mary Edinger and her '’bull" finished by being selected Miss Congeniality. 11Homecoming week, sponsored by the Student Senate, was a big success this year, despite temperatures of below 20. Candidates for Homecoming Royalty were Sue Hass and Kevin Burbach, Maxine Sto- ver and Mike Fields, Cindy Dudas and Joe Simaz, Elaine Zielke and Jeff Hamer, Ruthie McAfee and Mike Cochran, Cheryl Reimer and Dale Ostema, Lori Dohm and Kevin Rodell, and Felicia Murphy and Alan Eisner. Homecoming Queen was Sue Hass and Homecoming King was Kevin Burbach. Junior Homecoming class representatives were Marlene King and Tim Weber, Sophomore representatives were Daryla Hunter and Ronnie Tipton and Freshman representatives were Melinda Flowers and Jeff Jewell. t 12"Fairytales of the Future” was the theme for this year's Homecoming in which the Sophomore class was the winner of the float competition with a space view of Alice in Wonderland! The one disappointing part of Homecoming week was the game itself, in which the New Buffalo Bisons beat the Beavers. After the game the Student Senate ended the successful week by presenting "Felix,” the rock band for Eau Claire's Homecoming Dance. Felix played mostly rock songs, but Sue and Kevin danced a few songs together, one of which was Peter Frampton's "Baby, I Love Your Way.” 13Slaves, Snow and Smash-Em Eau Claire's Homecoming week activities included a Battle of the Sexes, Smash-Em Crash-Em Day. Crash-Em Day was followed by a Slave Auction on Tuesday, Slave Day on Wednesday, and Costume Day on Thursday. Homecoming Day, Friday, November 5, was a busy one with activities including Decoration Day, the Float Parade, the football game against New Buffalo and finally the Homecoming Dance.Faculty A WoAD FRom ouR SponsorsEau Claire Schools Have New Superintendent A yearbook is really a memory book. I have many wonder- ful memories of my first year as a superintendent, just as our seniors have many wonderful memories of their last year in high school. One challenge that the staff has had all year I pass on to you: Don’t have problems, look at them as opportunities! One thought: The best is yet to come. Work hard and good luck will come your way.BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Chisek. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Young. Mr. Laskarides has been principal in Eau Claire for seven years. His goal while principal is to create an academic atmosphere and to make the students happy. His interests outside of school include sports, cars and motorcycles. Congratulations to the class of '77. This Senior Class has distinguished itself as the most academically gifted class to graduate from Eau Claire High School. Continue your efforts toward self elevation and achieve- ment and rewards and success will be yours in the future. 19Board of Education Mr. Dustin, Mr. Simaz, Mr. Nichols, Mrs. Murphy, Mr. Ferry, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Renbarger 20Counselors A ct as Problem Solvers Mrs. Jewell has many hobbies such as swimming in her pool, embroidery, taking care of her two ponies and interior decorating. She doesn’t intend to go into professional deco- rating, but does help friends and thinks it is a challenge to decorate different types of houses. Besides coaching in Eau Claire High, Coach Kime has taught throughout his nine years, psychology, biology, chemistry, ecology and he is also a guidance counselor. He enjoys all kinds of hobbies, especially restoring old houses, landscaping, camping and canoeing. Mr. Kime was voted "Teacher of the Year" this year for the fourth year in a row. TOP: Mrs. Jewell. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Kime. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Popke. 21TOP LEFT: Mrs. Hum. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Goldner. BOTTOM: Mr. Sager. Mrs. Hunt, who has been teaching shorthand and typing in Eau Claire for over eleven years, enjoys traveling and cook- ing. Throughout her life she has traveled to Europe, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, Texas and Mackinac Island. Mrs. Hunt travels to become familiar with the cultures of different countries and hopes to travel to South America someday. Mrs. Goldner, whose hobbies include sewing, ceramics, bowling and art, began teaching at Eau Claire because the school was located close to her home. Besides enjoying art, which she has a minor degree in, Mrs. Goldner and her hus- band hope to develop a business for themselves someday. Mr. Sager, who has been teaching math in Eau Claire for seven years, chose Eau Claire because it offered him a better teaching position than any other school. Coach Sager's hob- bies include basketball, softball, tennis and other outdoor- indoor activities. His major goal while at Eau Claire is to hopefully teach something of value to his students and also to learn from those he teaches. Mr. Sager’s goal in life is to enjoy life and have fun. 22Besides teaching Spanish, Government and Social Prob- lems, Mrs. Hahn enjoys sewing, traveling, reading and hand crafts. In her seven years here, Mrs. Hahn has tried to make her students aware of our government and how it is different from others. Miss Schilling, who has been teaching in Eau Claire for five years, enjoys sewing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, read- ing, and motorcycling. While she is here she hopes to get her students more interested in school. RIGHT: Mrs. Hahn. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Jessup. BOTTOM LEFT: Miss Schilling. 24TOP LEFT: Mr. Sawatzki. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Fern-. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Gray. Mr. Sawatzki is a U.S. and World History teacher who feels he will stay in Eau Claire as long as he can do an effec- tive job, but hopes to teach at a junior college someday. Mr. Sawatzki’s outside interests include traveling, going to con- certs. reading . . . things that are basically fun. By travel- ing, he gains knowledge of our country so that he may teach more effectively. Mr. Ferry, when he’s not in school teaching physical edu- cation or health, enjoys football, wrestling, track, hunting and farming. Coach Ferry is undecided about what his major goal in life is, but since he’s been teaching here for four years, his goal is to become a successful high school coach. When Coach Gray isn’t coaching basketball or teaching history at Eau Claire, his hobbies include waterskiing, pho- tography and music. He got interested in music when he was in Viet Nam and someday would like to build up a really good collection to pass on to his son, Jason. Mr. Gray hopes to teach at a junior college, if he has the opportunity. Pres- ently he occupies his time building a good basketball pro- gram for the E.C. system.TOP LEFT: Mrs. Snyder. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Flagel. BOTTOM: Mr. Brauer. Mrs. Snyder enjoys needlework, gardening, swimming, and traveling, when she’s not teaching physical education and health in school. She also plays on a volleyball and soft- ball team. She says she developed most of her interests in 4- H and in college. Coach Snyder is very satisfied with her job; she just hopes to achieve a level of happiness and inner con- tentment with her family, friends, and in all areas of life. Teaching driver’s education and typing for almost three years at Eau Claire High, Mr. Flagel chose Eau Claire because he had student taught here and also because he lives in the area. While teaching here Mr. Flagel hopes to make Eau Claire a better school by helping students with their problems as well as their interests. Presently, Mr. Flagel is taking a course in School Administration, and his other inter- ests include golf, softball, basketball, and being involved with the church and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which he enjoys very much. Mr. Brauer’s main hobby is golf and his goal in this area is to play in the Western Amateur Golf Tournament. He also enjoys traveling and is planning a trip to Europe this June. 26LEFT: Mr. Peiersen. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Down. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Hal- gren. Mr. Petersen has been teaching in Eau Claire for eight years. He enjoys photography, traveling, camping, bowling, tennis and singing. These interests are all combined as a main goal for him which seems to play an important part in his life. Mr. Down has been with the Eau Claire School System for eight years. He enjoys working with cars and motorcycles, and in college he minored in mechanics. Mr. Down would like to further his education and hopes someday to get into product design. Mr. Halgren has been a teacher in the Eau Claire School System for seven years. He coaches and likes athletics in general. His goals are to help students get more involved and also he’d like to teach in college in the areas of genetics or ecology. 27TOP LEFT: Miss Hudson. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Richardson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Gregory. Miss Hudson chose to teach chemistry and physical science at Eau Claire because of the small school atmosphere. Her hobbies include swimming, sailing, painting and sewing. Miss Hudson's goal in life is to be happy and wise and to make others happy when she can. Mr. Richardson chose Eau Claire High because it was a new school in a nice area. He enjoys most sports, mainly tennis and golf. His goal in golf is to break 75. Mr. Richardson would also like to be a school administrator in the future. 28Mr. Holm. Mr. Shoop, Mr. Pica Mr. Holm chose to teach English in Eau Claire because of a teaching vacancy. His major goal in life is hitting a lottery number. He does, however, attempt to teach students an understanding of the basic structure of the English language necessary for vocational and social success. He attempts to guide students in acquiring the ability to communicate their ideas to others, in both oral and written form, with coher- ence, unity, and fluency. Mr. Holm also tries to teach stu- dents to develop their ability to understand and criticize what they have read. Mr. Shoop, who has been teaching English and Speech for six years in Eau Claire is interested in boating. He owns a 27 foot cabin cruiser which he docks in Lake Michigan. He has been navigating on his own for about nine years. Someday he hopes to own a marina of his own in the south. Mr. Pica, who has always liked Eau Claire because of it being a small school system, enjoys farming, golf, tennis and traveling. His goal in life is to teach at the college level, to have his own business and become a millionaire. 29TOP: Miss Annis. BOTTOM: Mrs. Crimando. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Greenhaw. This is Mrs. Crimando’s first year at Eau Claire. She enjoys teaching but plans to have a family and go back to school in the future. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling, skiing and sailing. Mrs. Greenhaw decided to accept her job offer here at Eau Claire, since her husband is Principal of our Middle School and also because she had been substituting and teaching on and off for the past twelve years. She has many hobbies which involve crafts, some of which are ceramics and macrame. She also enjoys boating, hiking, etc. Mrs. Greenhaw’s goal is to live a life of service, first as a Christian, then to her family, students, friends and whoever else she might come in con- tact with to help. Miss Annis’ hobbies include anything related to the outdoors . . . walking in the woods, skiing, growing plants and sports. While she is here in Eau Claire, she hopes that her students would learn to think more highly of themselves and become more knowl- edgeable of their abilities. 30MIDDLE LEFT: Mrs. Bowerman. ABOVE: Mr. Como. Mrs. Bowerman starred working in the Elementary School Library twelve years ago by volunteering her services when she learned that the library was closed. Then she applied here four years ago when the new high school was built because she wanted to work with high school students. Her hobbies include gardening, growing flowers and swimming. Mr. Conto enjoys hiking, bike-riding, camping with his children and accounting, which he has been doing for 30 years. He says he is interested in many different areas because he believes a person shouldn’t limit themselves to one area of life. r —— - fjtfl .V - - 32We Couldn’t Do Without Them COOKS: L to R: Mrs. Adams. Mrs. Bekizo. SIT- TING. L to R: Mrs. Burbach. Mrs. Franks. Mrs. Karn. Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Westlake. Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Blighton. CUSTODIANS: L to R: Mr. Gon- zalez. Mr. Woodruff. Mr. McDaniels. Mrs. Malloy, Mr. Blighton. 33Left to Right: Mrs. Kerstetter, Mrs. Stolfo, Mrs. Fryer, Mrs. Weatherly, Mrs. Churchill. Mr. E. Wright. Mr. Crowder, Miss Harper, Mr. Vicini. Mrs. Bishop. Mr. Preston. Mr. Fikes. and Mrs. Micheals. Not Pictured: Mr. W. Wright, Mrs. Haskins, and Mrs. Faher. Drivers Travel Many Miles for Eau Claire Students 34A WoRO F'nom ouR 3pooso2SADAMS, L. C. - Pep Club 1, Homecoming Representative 2, Basketball 1-2, Co-op 4, Afro Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Prom Committee 3. ARNT, CHERYL - Band 1, Yearbook 4, Teacher’s Aid 4, Prom Committee 3, Newspaper 3, Co-op 4, National Honor Society 3-4. BAILEY, MIKE - Co-op 4, Football 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Basketball 1 - 2 - 3, Track 1-2-3, Varsity Club 1-2-3. BELL, LARRY - Co-op 4, Afro Club 4. BLAYLOCK, RHONDA - Co-op 4, Cheerleading 1. BLUNIER, TERESA - Girls Basketball 1, Pep Club 1, Track 1, Volleyball 1-2-3, Prom Co-Chairman 3. BONE, RICKY BOONE, APRIL - Prom Committee 3, Pep Club 2, Track 3, Volleyball 2, Girls Softball 1. BRODERICK, WILLIAM BURBACH, KEVIN - Varsity Club 2-3-4, Class Treasurer 1, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming King 4, Football 1 - 2 - 4, Basketball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Baseball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Newspaper 2, Class President 2. CAHOON, MARY ALICE - Band 2-3, Choir 2-3, Volley- ball 2. CHEATHAM, JAMES - Football 3. CHRISTY, JAMES - Newspaper 3, Varsity Club 3, Football Manager 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Wrestling Manager 4, Basketball Manager 1-2-3, Prom Committee 3. COCHRAN, RICHARD - Newspaper 2, Baseball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Basketball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Cross Country 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Prom Committee 3, An Club 3, Varsity Club 3-4, Prom King 4, Homecoming King Candidate 4. DAUGHTERY, ROGER - Track 1-2-3, Class President 3, Math Club 2, Varsity Club 3-4, Class Vice-President 2, Cross Country 2-3-4, Football 1, Prom Committee 3, National Honor Society 3-4. DEWEY, LARRY - Baseball 1, Wrestling 1-2-3, Football 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Varsity Club 2-3-4, Yearbook 4. DOHM, LORI - Girls Track 1-3, Volleyball 2-3, Band 1 - 2, Prom Committee 3, Class Secretary 2, Class Treasurer 4, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4, Co-op 4. DOUGLAS, ELLEN - Pep Club 1-2, Prom Committee 3, Wrestling Cheerleader 2-3-4, Yearbook Co-editor 4, National Honor Society 3-4. DUDAS, CINDY - Class Secretary 1, Prom Committee 3, Volleyball 1, Basketball 1, Pep Club 1, Office Aid 2, News- paper 3, Student Senate 3, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. DUNN, DIANE - Drama 2. DURHAM, DENNIS - Wrestling 1-2-4, Football 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Track 1-2, Varsity Club 1-2-3. EDINGER, JEFF - Basketball 1-2-3, Football 1-2, Base- ball 3-4. EDINGER, MARY - Basketball 1-2, Softball 1 - 3 - 4, Vol- leyball 2, Varsity Club 1, Pep Club 2, Prom Committee 3. EDWARDS, RICHARD - Prom Committee 3, Co-op 4. ELSNER, ALAN - Co-op 4, Choir 1-2, Prom Committee 3, An Club 3, Bowling 3, Class Vice-President 4, Homecoming King Candidate 4. EMHOFF, RANDY - Co-op 4. FERNEY, KATHY - Band 1 - 2 - 3, Choir 4. FIELDS, MIKE - Baseball 1 - 2 - 3, Homecoming Represent- ative 3, Yearbook 4, Prom Sophomore Representative 2, Varsity Club 2-3-4, Homecoming King Candidate 4, Football Manager 2, Wrestling 4, Prom Chairman 3, Class President 4. FLOWERS, BRIAN - Choir 1-2-3, Pep Club 1-2, Basket- ball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Student Senate 2-3, Band 2-3, Baseball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Prom Committee 3, Class Vice-President 3, Varsity Club 3-4, Cross Country 3, Football 4. GALTZEW, CHRISTINE GEISLER, LORI - Pep Club 1, Volleyball 2-3, Prom Com- mittee 3. GRANDBERRY, RANDY - Class Vice-President 1, Track 1, Yearbook 3-4, Football 1-2, Afro Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Varsity Club 3, Basketball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Drama 2. HALL, SONIA - Drama 2, Co-op 4, Prom Committee 3. HARNER, JEFF - Homecoming Representative 1, Football 1 - 2-3-4, Basketball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Band 1, Varsity Club 2 - 3, Homecoming King Candidate 4. HARRISON, JIMMY - Senior Graduate from Dowagiac 4. HARTE, LAWRENCE - Football 1, Track 1, Co-op 4, Varsity Club 2, Prom Committee 3. HASKINS, LINDA - Class Treasurer 2-3, Band 1-2, Vol- leyball 2-3, Prom Committee 3, National Honor Society 3 - 4. HASS, SUE - Volleyball 1-3, Prom Committee 3, Softball 3, Prom Queen 4, Homecoming Queen 4. HEMINGER, MICHAEL - Band 1-2-3, Co-op 4. HORJE, DOUG - Track 4, Cross Country 4, Choir 4. 36HUNTER, DEBBIE - Band 1, Yearbook 3-4. JUROFF, KATHLEEN - Pep Club 1-2, Yearbook 4, Wres- tling Cheerleader 2-3, Prom Committee 3. KLIEMCHEN, RENELL - Student Senate 1, Prom Committee 3, National Honor Society 3-4. KRAKLAU, DENNIS - Bowling 1 - 3, Choir 1-2-3. KRUGH, EDWARD KUBLICK, PAMELA - Girls Track 1, Band 1, Cheerleader 1 - 2-4, Wrestling Cheerleader 3, Prom Committee 3, Home- coming Representative 3. KUBLICK, ROBIN - Band 1-2-3, Office Aid 2. KUNST, TRACY - Band 1, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook 4, Co-op 4. LEBAN, JOSEPH LESLIE, ANNETTE - Softball 1-2, Pep Club 2, Prom Com- mittee 3, Volleyball 2, Choir 3. LEVEY, CHRISTINE - Yearbook 4, Co-op 4. LOVELL, PAULA MASON, LINDA - Girls Basketball 1-2-3, Student Senate 1, Volleyball 1, Pep Club 1, Track 3, Afro Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Cheerleaders 2. McAFEE, RUTHIE - Girls Track 1-2-3, Cheerleader 1-2 - 3, Afro Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Homecoming Representative 2, Volleyball 1, Softball 1, Pep Club 1, Student Senate 1. Bas- ketball 2. MERRILL, LYLE - Football 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Wrestling 4, Class Secretary 4, Prom Committee 3, Art Club 3. MORRICAL, LINDA - Prom Committee 3, Volleyball 3, Yearbook 4. MURPHY, FELICIA - Student Senate 1-2, Cheerleader 2, Pep Club 1, Afro Club 1, Basketball 1-2-3, Track 1 - 2 - 3, Softball 1. OSTEM A, DALE - Basketball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Baseball 1-2-3 - 4, Football 3, Yearbook 4, Drama 2, Prom Committee 3, Homecoming Candidate 4, Varsity Club 3-4, Art Club 3. OTT, CAROLYN - Nurses Aid Training 2. OTTE, FAITH - Track 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Class Secretary 3, Band 1-2, Cross Country 2-3-4. PALIS, NANCY - Band 2, Track 2-3-4, Cross Country 4, Drama 2. PIKE, MALCOLM - Wrestling 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Varsity Club 2, Football 2-3. REIMER, CHERYL - Prom Committee 3. RICE, RICHARD - Football 4, Baseball 4, Office Aid 4. RODELL, KEVIN - Basketball 1, Prom Committee 3. RODGERS, DAVID - Varsity Club 3-4, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Yearbook 4. ROSE CLAUDE - Newspaper 3. Bowling 3, Yearbook 4, Wres- tling 4. SCHOENE, EDWARD - Wrestling 1, Football 3, Band 1 - 2 - 3, Varsity Club 3, Co-op 4. SIMAZ, JOSEPH - Student Senate 1, Football 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Wrestling 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Track 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Varsity Club 2 - 3-4, Homecoming King Candidate 4. STOVER, MAXINE - Band 1, Drama 2, Prom Sophomore Representative 2, Wrestling Cheerleader 2, Prom Committee 3, Majorette 3. STRASSER, SANDRA - Nurses Aid Training 3, Library Aid 3. STRUBLE, PAULA - Prom Committee 3, Wrestling Cheer- leader 3. TEICHMAN, LYNNELL - Basketball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Band 1-2, Drama 2, Prom Committee 3, Student Senate 3, Track 1-2 - 3 - 4, Art Club 3. THOMAS JEFFERY - Newspaper 3, Prom Committee 3, Track 2 - 3 - 4. UMPHREY, LINDA VLADIC, TAMMIE - Softball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Basketball 2 - 3 - 4, Volleyball 2, Band 2. WAITS, WENDY - Wrestling Cheerleader 3. WALKER, CHERYL - Prom Committee 3, Office Aid 4. WILLIAMS, BRUCE - Band 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Prom Committee 3, Student Senate 2. WILLIAMS. REV A - Volleyball 1-2, Afro Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Pep Club 1. WRIGHT, MONROE - Track 1, Prom Committee 3, Basket- ball 1-2, Varsity Club 3-4, Yearbook 3-4, Football 1-2 -3-4, Afro Club 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. YACKLICH, JOSEPH - Band 1. ZIELKE, ELAINE - Volleyball 2, Track 1, Wrestling Cheer- leader 3, Band 1-2. 37TOP TO BOTTOM. Left to Right: Cheryl Walker, Dale Ostema. Bill Broderick, Kathy Juroff, Chris Levey, Bruce Williams, Tracy Kunst, Pam Kublick, Wendy Blankenship Waits, Lori Dohm, Roger Daugherty and Doug Horie. -o m • • •i • • • • 38TOP TO BOTTOM, Left to Right: Nancy Palis. Mike Fields. Cheryl Amt and Debbie Hunter. Diane Dunn. Robin Kublick. Claude Rose. Ellen Douglas. Tammie Vladic. Rick Rice, Cheryl Reimer and Lynn Teichman. 39 142CHERYL ARNT MICHAEL BAILEY TERESA BLUNIER LARRY DEWEY LORI DOHM ELLEN DOUGLAS WILLIAM BRODERICK CYNTHIA DUDAS DIANA DUNN JEFFERY EDINGER MARY EDINGER RICHARD EDWARDSSUE HASS SONIA HALL LAWRENCE HARTE DOUG HORIE KATHLEEN JUROFF MICHAEL HEMINGER DEBORAH HUNTER LINDA HASKINS zf iSSL • 8 ■ 8 8 • RANDY GRANDBERRY JEFF HARNERRENELL KL1EMCHEN DENNIS KRAKLAU PAMELA KUBLICK ROBIN KUBLICK 47 LYLE MERRILLLINDA MORRICAL NANCY PALIS CHERYL REIMER CLAUDE ROSE DALE OSTEMA MALCOLM PIKE MAXINE STOVER EDWARD SCHOENE JOE SIMAZ 48SANDRA STRASSER LINDA UMPHREY WENDY WAITS BRUCE WILLIAMS PAULA STRUBLE % • LYNNELL TEICHMAN Noi Pictured: L. C. ADAMS LINDA BAILEY LARRY BELL RHONDA RICK BONE APRIL BOONE MARY ALICE JAMES DENNIS KATHY CHRIS GA RUSS ED MONROE WRIGHT JOE YACKLICH N JEFF THOMAS TAMMIE VLADIC CHERYL WALKER ELAINE ZIELKE 49HARDEST WORKERS - Faith Otte and Jirn Christy MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED - Lynn Teichman and Roger Daugherty CLASS NIGHT OWLS - Kathy Ferney and Toby Harte 50MOST GULLIBLE - Linda Mason and Bill Broderick BEST DRESSED - Sue Hass and Bruce Williams CLASS HARD GUYS - Mary Edinger and Dennis MOST HAPPY-GO-LUCKY - Ellen Douglas and Kevin Rodell Durham CLASS CUTIES - Teresa Blunier and Dale Ostema CLASS GABBIES - Cindy Dudas and L. C. Adams CLASS FLIRTS - Maxine Stover and Mike Cochran 52CLASS SOCIALITES - Pam Kublick and Kevin Burbach MOST SHY - Chris Galizew and Claude Rose BEST ALL AROUND - Nancy Palis and Jeff Harner MOST ATHLETIC - Tammy Vladic and Joe Simaz 53VALEDICTORIAN — Lynn Teichman Lynn Teichman, the valedictorian for 1977, finished her four years with a 3.95 grade point average. Besides her academic excellence she managed to participate in many extra activities including athletics, band. National Honor Society, and Student Senate. Next fall Lynn plans to attend Kalamazoo College. 5455 The salutatorian for 1977 was Linda Haskins. Linda compiled a 3.928 grade point average in her four years at ECHS. Linda plans to attend Michigan Tech University in the hopes of becoming a surgeon.56 5758Underclassmen A WORD from ooR sponsorsClass ’80 Freshman Class Officers: Left to Right: Bonita McAfee, President; David Dustin, Vice-Presi- dent; Pam Bergan, Secretary; Frank McCain, Treasurer. Adams, Sally Akright, Keith Aldrich, Jeffery Ames. Donna Anderson, Tina Becht, Wayne Beilman. Lisa Bennett, Bobby Bergan, Pam Bishop, Edith Blunier, Beth Bolton, Curtis Cahoon, Carol Clem, Andrew Cochran, David Collins, Rosemary Corzine, Jim Collins, Rebecca Cowan. Linda 60Cummings, J. T. Deaton, Rhonda Demski, Patricia Dewey. Linda Dohm, Anita Douglas, Theodore Durham, Kim Dustin, David Eaton, Tina Edwards, Merry Eichler, Rebecca Emhoff, Ronald Engle, Karen Estep, William Feldten, Lori Flowers, Melinda Fonseca, Tony Frazee, Bob Froeber, Shirley Garland, Sherd Geisler, Donald Glassman. John Gonzalez, Norma Gurley, Charlene Hanko, Joe Hanners. Mark Hardin. Kent Harner, Brian Hauch, David Hawkins. Theresa Hicks, Debbie Hopkins, John James, Charles James. Lorreen 61Jewell, Chuck Jewell. Dennis Jewell, Jeffery Karn, Kim Kam, Rosalie Kiggins, David Kirby. David Kremers, Mike Krieger, Kay Ladd. Eddie Lambrecht. Louri Lamp. Billy Lancaster, Brenda Lange, Eric Lanier, Dale Lay, Douglas Leitz, Mike Line berry, Peggy Lively, Trudy Loraff, Richard Masterson, Wayne Manner, Jeffery McAfee, Bonita McCain, Frankie McCarthy, Mary McKie, Shari Michael, Leslie Midkiff, Ruth Ann Miles, Mark Miller. Joseph Milliken, Kelly Nash, Pattie Nash, Susan Newman, Mike Oliver, Berry Not Pictured: Ball, Frank Brown, O'Dell Burton, Robert Butler. Mike Cervantes, Jesusita Davis, Larry Dominquez, Virginia Hughes, Tony Jackson, Ola Mae Mix, Jim Molina, Silvano Morales, Reticia Roberts, Tammy Rodriquez, Anna Jewell, Gary Mata, Miguel 62Osby, Reggie Palis, Regina Post, Robin Prillwiiz, Sherri Rankin, Denise Rathgeb, Valerie Rice, Kevin Ricketts, Jeff Rogers, Darla Rosenberg, Robyn Roth, Lori Sawyer. Richard Sayre, Joyce Schaus, Darrel Schoene, Dan Sebastion, Randy Simaz, Judy Souers, John Spletzer, Marlene Statler, Joann Stolfo, Diane Stover. Jamie Strasser. Phyllis Teichman, William Tillstrom, Val Uphues, Laura Walker, Joy White, Eldon Whitman, Melody Wolske, Deborah Wright. Joyce Ziems, Natalie 63Class Sophomore Class Officers: Left to Right: Sheri Osborn, President: Louann Costanza. Vice-Presi- dent; Randall Rowady, Secretary: and Brian Rat- ter, Treasurer. Adams, Jackie Adams, Yvonne Aldrich, Carol Aldrich, Terry Ames, Robin Andres, Kathy Basly, Yvonne Baughman, Gary Baushke, Doug Becht, Kileen Becker, Therese Beilman, Mark Bennett, Vicki Bishop, David Blackwood, Kristi Blankenship, Debbie Blough. Joan Brant, Jon Buchhom, Conni Burrow, Dawn Butler, Lori Carlson, Kim Casper, Brenda Cheatham, Leona Chesnutt, Jana Clem, Leon Costanza, Louann Cowan, Paulette Cuthbert, Brian Davis, Darryl Dustin, Lori Elston. Donna Ertman, Jon Faher, Andy Faher, Nancy 64Fairbanks, Kerion Fecho, Mike Foster, Steve Garland, Jeff Garrison, Tim Gatchell, Tamra Gilson, Chuck Gomez, Isa Gurley, Judy Hahn. Carla Harasewicz, Nancy Henson, Becky Hicks, Beth Holt. Judy Horie, Wendy Hughes, Ken Jarvis, Karen Jinkins, Tammy Juergensen, Jeff Juergensen, Jody King. Eileen Krugh, Marlene Lamp. Rond a Leban, Frank Leitz, James Leslie, Edward Mason, Sheila Mata, Lupe McCarthy, Pat Merrill, Jay Miller, Clifford Miller. Sherri Miller, Terri Millis, Julie Mitchell, Kevin Molter, Pam 65Moore. Linda Moill, Dave Murphy, Pai Nash. Reba Nichols. Sieve Nowman, Eric O’Hara. Denis Okay, Angela Oliver, Karen Osborn, Sheri Price, Ivan Probsi, Lonny Pullins, Bambie Quinn, Pal Ratter, Brian Reed, Kevin Reimer, Cindy Reschke, Ken Rodriguez, Walt Rosenberg, Michelle Rowady, Randall Rumbaugh, Kim Russ. Debbie SanCartier, Rhonda Schlipp, Robin Sempert, John Shearer. Karen Simaz, William Skibbe, Darlene Steinke, Andrew Stockman, Bane Stover, Justine Strasser, Mike Trowbridge. Laurie 66Turbyfill, Wayne Umphrey, David Vladic, Mark Westerhoven, Jill Wier, Kathy Wolske. Kathy Zielke, Ken Not Pictured: Anderson, Mike Armstrong, Matthew Bailey. Bryan Bearden, Randy Conrich, Debbie Dickerson, Anita Dickerson, Ann Eaton, Carl Gonzales, Cathy Grandberry, Rosie Hill. Steve Jenkins, Gloria Karn, Linda Kinchen, Randy Lyons, Theresa Milliken, Jimmy Mix. Mike Rodgers, Donald Sanchez, Noel Sanchez, Tito Salinas. Mary Ann Weaver. Paula Williams, Diane Young, Paul Molina, Mary 67Class °f 78 Junior Class Officers and Prom Chairmen: Left to Right: Dana Kunst, Prom Chairman: Missy Stolfo, President; Susan Collins, Secretary; Mary Haskins, Treasurer. Not Pictured arc Markay Vladic, Vice-President, Marlene King, Prom Chairman. Akright, Mark Arent, Calvin Armstrong, Ed Ball, Melinda Bandurski, Lyle Becker, Joe Bishop, Larry Blackwood, Kathi Blankenship, Laurie Blaylock, Patricia Boers, Louis Bone, Pete Bonebright, Jerry Bowerman. Sandy Bowers, James Burkle, Bonnie Cardenas, Manuel Churchill, Kent Clem. Wanda Cluster, Randy Collins, Sue Cook, Sharon Costanza. Santo Davis, Doug Demski, Carolyn Dohm, Bryan Douglas, Debbie Dyrcz, Joe Dyson, Trelas Elliott, Tammy Elston, Pam Enders, Lori Engle, Sue Faher, Gary Fecho, Rick Fentress, Richard 68Froeber. Larry Froehlich, Linda Gilliam. Debby Gonzalez. Gilbert Gonzalez, Joe Gonzalez, Teresa Grajauskis. Joanne Gray. Donna Hanko, Shirley Hardin. Rhonda Harte, Cyndee Hartlerode, Craig Haskins. Mary Holt. Joyce Kerstetter, Jim King, Marlene Kremers, Cindy Krone, Don Kunst, Dana Lange. Shawn Lay, Beth Layman, Anita Layman, Karen Layman. Kevin Leitz, Judy Lowe. Karen Masterson, Debbie Mata, Sara McAfee, Chris McKie. Kris Meister, Anna Michael, Shari Millis, Janet Newman, Dan Newsome, Eric 69Osby, Carol Pcpplc, Inge Renbarger, Will Rice, Perry Ricketts, Mike Robinson, Mary Rodell, Kathy Rosenberg, Steve Sartin, Debbie Schemenauer, Mike Schulz, Judy Skaggs, Wayne Smith, Tammy Stolfo, Missy Teichman, Cindy Thomas, James Tillstrom, Allen Vladic, Markay Ward, Pam Weber, Tim Whitaker, Dan Wilson. Bettye Wright, Marie Yircott, David Not Pictured: Bailey, Terry Boers, George Burkett, Susan Dehring, Kenneth Fellner, Mike Goldstein, Michael McAfee, Doris McAfee, Shirley Murphy, Larry Pendleton, James Ramirez, Irma Reynolds, Keith Sawyer, Randall Sutherland, David Tennison, Willard Tony, Aaron Vernon, Andy Wclcher, Susan Whitehead, Steve Young, Betty Young, Steve Tillman, Eric Hunter, Chuck 70The ECHS Junior Class started the year by selling more magazines in their annual than any other class in the history of the school. The money earned in this drive was used for the Junior-Senior Prom. Other events were money-making projects such as selling concessions at the basketball games. A willingness to work and a sense of class responsibility characterized the class of ’78.7274Organizations A WoR D faom ouR 6ponsoiSWe’ve Got Spirit! How About You? The Pep Club sold pins, megaphones, and stickers as money making projects. They helped raise the school spirit since last year. The Pep Club has 66 members this year. It was sponsored by: Mrs. Young; President: Sandy Bowerman; Vice-Pres- ident: Doris McAfee; Secretary: Cyndee Harte; and Treasurer: Joanne Grajauskis. SITTING, L to R (Front): Pat Murphy, Chris McAfee, Doris McAfee, Linda Moore, Marie Wright, Bonita McAfee, Norma Gonzales, Rebecca Eichler, Beth Blunier. KNEELING, L to R: Robyn Rosenberg, Jackie Adams, Mary McCarthy, Rosie Grand- berry, Yvonne Adams, Annette Leslie, Patty Nash, Judy Simaz, Pam Bergan, Pam Elston, Betty Wilson. STANDING, 3rd ROW, L to R: Joyce Wright, Dawn Burrow, Jodi Juergenson, Tereasa Gonzales, Ellen Douglas, Debbie Douglas, Brenda Lan- caster, Joan Blough, Louann Costanza, Lori Dustin. 4th ROW, L to R: Jill Westerho- ven, Linda Cowan, Isa Gomez, Debbie Wolske, Kristie Blackwood, Carol Aldrich, Shawn Lange, Cyndee Harte, Sandy Bowerman, Kent Churchill. NOT PICTURED: Sally Adams, Kathi Anders, Terry Bailey, Laurie Blankenship, Lori Butler, Lori Enders, Russell Griffin, Carla Hahn, Shirley Hanko, Jim Harrison, Judy Holt, Kathy Juroff, Marlene King, Cindy Kremers, Pam Kublick, Judi Leitz, Chris Levey, Kris McKie, Anna Meister, Michelle Rosenberg, Laurie Trowbridge, and April Boone. 76STANDING. L lo R: Kevin Mitchell, Larry Bell. Felicia Murphy, Dale Lanier. Paulette Cowan. James Thomas, Alfred Dyson. Reggie Osby, Carol Osby. Cunis Bolton. Sheila Mason. SITTING. L to R: Linda Mason. Bonita McAfee, Chris McAfee, Marie Wright. Joyce Wright. Bettye Wilson. Linda Cowan. KNEELING, L to R: Reva Williams, Yvonne Adams. Rosie Grand- berry, Shirley McAfee. Linda Moore, Patricia Murphy. NOT PICTURED Monroe Wright. L. C. Adams, Ruthy McAfee. Afro Club Doing Their Thing This year the Afro Club is sponsoring roller skating for everyone at Ramona. 77Athletic Achievement Reflected in Varsity Club Members 1st ROW. L to R: Mr. Brauer, Monroe Wright. Randy Grandberry. Dave Rodg- ers. Mike Fields. Dale Ostema. 2nd ROW. L to R: Alfred Dyson. Jay Marrill, Walter Rodrigues, Kevin Mitchell. Kevin Burbach, Jeff Hamer. 3rd ROW. L to R: Jim Christy, George Boers, Gilbert Gonzalez. Daniel Newman. Jeff Juergenson. Santo Costanza. 4th ROW, L to R: Perry Rice. Steve Rosenberg. Eric Newsome. Brian Dohm. Joe Simaz. Lyle Merrill. 5th ROW. L to R: Larry Dewey, Louis Boers, David Yircott, Mike Cochran. 78Fernwood Studies Outdoor Life Fernwood is an advanced outdoor biology class, in which ecosystems, ecology, outdoor plant life and horticultural specimens are studied. L to R: Cindy Telchman, Nancy Palls, and Faith Otte. 79Many Seniors Work Co-op Jobs FRONT. Left to Right: Joe Simaz, Dave Rodgers, Dale Ostema, Rick Rice. Mike Cochran. Lawrence Harte, and Joe Yacklich. BACK, Left to Right: Cheryl Amt. Pam Kublick, Rcnell Kliemchen. Elaine Zielke, Christine Levey, Maxine Stover, Kathey Femey, Robin Kublick, Tracy Kunst. and Sandy Strasser. NOT PICTURED: Christine Galtaew, Rhonda Blaylock. James Cheatham, Lori Dohm, Mary Edinger, Richard Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Alan Eisner, Randy Emholf, Lori Geisler, Sue Hass, Deborah Hunter, Edward Krugh, Ruthie McAfee. Paula Struble, Linda Umphrey, and Sonia Hall. Art Club Expands in 1976-77 A trip to Detroit during spring break and bake sales highlighted the activi- Kristie Blackwood. Marlene Spletzer, Kathi Blackwood, Diane Stolfo, Lynn lies of the Art Club. Members this year were. Left to Right: Claude Rose, Teichman, Edith Bishop, and Paulette Cowan. NOT PICTURED: Isa Gomez. 80Office Aides Help With A ttendance and Errands The office aids pick up absence slips, sort mail, and run errands to make the office more efficient. Joe Simaz, Rick Rice, Kevin Reed, Cheryl Walker, and Sandy Bowerman. E. C. Offers Nurses Aid at Berrien General The nurses take care of old people, watch surgery, and many other things. L to R, BACK: Debbie Masterson, Rhonda Hardin, Kathy Blackwood, Irma Ramirez, Beth Lay. FRONT, L to R: Joyce Holt, Karen Lowe, Patricia Blaylock, and Lori Blankenship. 81f Yearbook Makes Memories Last Yearbook class really worked hard to prepare the Beaver Tales. They sold ads and had a bake sale to pay for the book. This year's editors were Ellen Douglas and Lori Enders. We offer a special thank you to Mr. Brauer for all his support. FRONT SITTING, L to R: Cheryl Arnt, Debbie Douglas, Ellen Douglas, Kevin Reed, and Lori Enders. 2nd ROW, L to R: Marie Wright, Chris Levey, Kathy Ferney, Renell Kliem- chen, Janet Millis, Don Krone, Mike Fields, Debbie Gilliam, and Shirley Hanko. BACK, L to R: Linda Morrical, Sandy Strasser, Teresa Gonzalez, Tracy Kunst, Brian Dohm, Dale Ostema, Larry Dewey, Jim Kerstetter, Mike Cochran, Dave Rodgers, Dave Yircott, Claude Rose, and Mr. Brauer. NOT PICTURED: Perry Rice, Sandy Bowerman, Monroe Wright, Randy Grandberry, and Kathy Juroff. 82Newspaper Staff Issues Beaver Bark The Newspaper class issues Beaver Bark every other month. The students learn to write stories, read and correct errors, and understand communications. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Craig Hartlerode, Baric Stock- man, Jerry Bonebright, Dennis Durham, and Terry Aldrich. 2nd ROW: Mr. Brauer, Santo Costanza, Joe Yacklich, George Boers, Beth Hicks, Lori Dustin, Ed Armstrong, Kris McKie, Tammy Smith, Randy Rowady, Nancy Harasewicz. BACK ROW: Jeff Harner, Joe Simaz, Kevin Rode 11, Steve Hill, Carol Demski, Joanne Grajauskis, and Shawn Lange. NOT PICTURED: Linda Froehlich.Senate Sponsors Many Student Activities This year the Student Senate put on dances. Homecoming, and some assemblies. STANDING, L to R: Darryl Davis, Nancy Palis, John Glassman, Cindy Kremers, Lynn Teichman, Linda Froehlich, Cindy Harte, Marlene King, Alan Eisner, Judy Holt, Beth Hicks, Missy Stolfo, Judy Leitz, Cindy Dudas, Doug Davis.The National Honor Society in Its Fourth Year. . . The Honor Society sold calendars as a money making pro- ject and held a series of dances, featuring the Kruiser and Lake Michigan Catholic Polka Band. The group also sold baked goods at athletic events. Honor Society induction was held on April 20th. FRONT SITTING, Left to Right: Cheryl Amt. Tammi Vladic. Mary Haskins. Edinger, Marlene King. Cindy Kremers. Anita Layman. Nancy Palis. LAST Faith Otte. Cyndec Harte, Linda Froehlich. Linda Haskins. 2nd ROW: Sue ROW: Roger Daugherty, Mike Hemminger, Brian Flowers. Jeff Thomas, and Collins. Ellen Douglas. Lori Enders. Rcnell Klicmchen. Debbie Douglas, Lynn Teichman. Pam Elston. 3rd ROW: Theresa Blunicr. Cheryl Walker. Claude Rose, Jeff 8586Library Mini-Plays Highlight Drama Club 88ECHS Fine A rts Presents “Charlie Brown ” A lot of hard work and time went into the Eau Claire Spring Musical, "You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown." Its success was due partially to the directors, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Shoop, and to the students for their hard work and ability to perform. The main characters were John Glassman as Charlie Brown, Diane Stolfo as Lucy, Marialice Cahoon as Snoopy, Doug Horie as Linus, and Dan Newman as Schroder. Our compliments to Mr. Down and the choir for making the scen- ery and providing the background music. You did a Great Job! 8991“Stairway” to Heaven The 1977 Prom was held on May 7, at the Benton Harbor Ramada Inn. The theme, "Stairway to Heaven," was carried out with a stairway through the clouds as a picture setting. Prom favors were glasses with the theme inscribed on them. The theme song was played throughout the evening. Entertainment was provided by the Bruce Carr Band. Co-chairmen Marlene King and Dana Kunst made it an enjoyable eve- ning for the Seniors, including King and Queen, Mike Cochran and Sue Hass.Queen Sue Hass and King Mike Cochran 93FIRST ROW. L to R: Linda Haskins, Linda Froehlich. Cyndee Harte, Tammy Jinkins. Eileen King, Becky Eichler, Carol Aldrich. Kay Krieger, Laura Uphues, Robin Schlipp. SECOND ROW, L to R: Karen Engle, Jackie Adams, Vallerie Rathgab, Mary Haskins. Tammy Vladic. Robin Kublick. Eric Lange, Dave Dustin, Dave Mottl, Don Geislcr, Laurie Roth. THIRD ROW, L p4to R: Brenda Lancaster. Karen Jarvis. Lauri Lambrecht. Kim Carlson, Val Tillstrom, Melinda Flowers, Kim Durham. Rosie Karn, Wayne Masterson, Bill Simaz, Steve Nichols. Patty Deinski. FOURTH ROW. L to R: Becky Col- lins, Denise Rankin. Dan Schoene, Lori Dustin. Dave Sutherland. Louann Costanza, Dana Kunst, Bruce Williams, Norma Gonzales, Regina Palis, Sally Adams, Cindy Kremers. BACK ROW, L to R: Ken Reschke, Darlene Skibbe, Joe Miller, Kim Rumbaugh. Bambi Pull ins, Lorreen James, Mike Heminger.The Eau Claire High School Band had a very busy, but suc- cessful year. The Concert Band put on excellent perform- ances during their Christmas, Spring, Pops and Awards Con- certs. They supported the basketball team at home games with a crash of symbols and a spirited blare of trumpets. The Band also participated in the Blossomtime Parade and the farewell to the class of 1977. 95I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing FIRST ROW, L io R: Karen Shearer, Karen Jarvis. Nancy Faher, Dawn Burrow. Carolyn Oil, Bonnie Burkle, Marlene Spleizcr. SECOND ROW, L io R: Dana Kunsi, Tracy Kunsi, Kaihy Ferney, Wanda Clem, Janei Millis, Inge Peppel, Tammy Jinkins, Anna Meister. Terry Parks. THIRD ROW. L io R: Kristie Blackwood, Beth Hicks, Anneiie Leslie, Debbie Sartin, Judy Holt. Susan Nash, Brenda Casper, Kim Karn, Joy Walker. FOURTH ROW, L to R: Brian Flower, Bruce Williams, James Thomas, Jim Harrison. Jamie Stover, Claude Rose, Jerry Bonebright, Doug Horie, Dennis Kraklau. 96The Eau Claire High School Choir took part in the Winter and Spring Concerts. They also participated in the school play, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown,'' in which they worked very hard and for many hours with the Drama class to make it the success it was. The choir also sang three selec- tions for baccalaureate. For the most part the Choir had a successful year. 97Assemblies M«(tt 98 X woADlfl) iFRorn ouRl (I I 6ponso SjrBad weather, inexperience, inju- ries, and a tough Red Arrow Confer- ence schedule all led to the Beavers 1- 8 record for 1976. In his first year as head coach, Tom Ferry relied on sen- iors Joe Simaz and Jeff Harner to lead his team of one freshman, five sopho- mores, four juniors, and ten seniors. Jeff, a seasoned quarterback, led the team well all year. Joe, a senior half- back, was named to the Red Arrow Conference team on defense. Joe was also honored as a high school All- American. One of the major drawbacks of the 1976 football season was the bad weather. Much of the season was played in the mud, rain, and snow. 100BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Mike Bailey, Dennis Durham, Kevin Burbach, Lyle Merrill, Larry Dewey, Joe Simaz, Jeff Harner, Rick Rice, Monroe Wright, Russell Griffin, Coach Ray Deja. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Jeff Juer- gensen, Gilbert Gonzalez. Kevin Mitchell, Dale Lanier. Louis Boers, Walter Rodriquez, Dave Yircott, Santo Costanza, Tim Garrison. Steve Rosenberg, Jay Merrill, Coach Tom Ferry, Manager Jim Christy. 101103KNEELING. Left to Right: Richard Loroff, Kevin Rice. Eldon White. John Glassman, John Hopkins. Jeff Rickets. Frank McLain. Dave Kirby. Barry Oli- ver. Larry Murphy. David Bishop. Frank Beilman. STANDING, Left to Right: Curtis Bolton, Reggie Osby, Leon Clem. Andy Clem. Kent Hardin. Mike Kremers. Wayne Beck. Bill Teichman, Brian Harner. Kenny Hughes. Mark Beilman. Eric Lang. Dan Schoene. Ron Tipton, and Alfred Dyson. 1041976 Beaver Harriers TOP, Left to Right: Ronnie Emoff, Bill Simaz. Bryan Dohm, Mike Cochran, to Right: Joan Blough, Judy Simaz, Becky Eichler. Faith Otte. Nancy Palis. Eric Newsome, Dan Newman, Charlie James, Coach Gohlke. BOTTOM, Left Anita Layman, Lori Dustin and Debbie Wolske. 1976 Beaver Golfers TOP, Left to Right: Mark Vladic, Steve Nichols. Brian Ratter. Wayne Turby- Dustin, Dana Kunst, Markay Vladic, Keith Akright and Jeff Jewell, fill, John Souers, Mike Leitz, BOTTOM. Left to Richt: Wayne Skaggs, Dave 105L to R: Tim Weber, Dave Rodgers, Dale Ostema, Mike Cochran. Eric New- Hunter, Kevin Burbach, Bryan Dohm. KNEELING: Manager George Boers, some, Brian Flowers. Joe Leban, Randy Grandberry, Jeff Harncr, Chuck Coach Dave Gray, Manager James Bowers.This season's team, informally dub- bed "Gray's Gang" provided an excit- ing year for followers. Chosen to finish last in the conference, the Beavers fought themselves to within one game of third place. Included in the high- lights were the defeat of ranked Wat- ervliet, a FIVE game winning streak, two overtime victories, and two all conference selections in Randy Grand- berry and Chuck Hunter. "Gray’s Gang" were a proud bunch of hustlers who continued the tradition of pride and respect for the basketball program at Eau Claire while compiling an 11-9 season. Individual Award Winners Defensive standout------Dave Rodgers Offensive standout --Randy Grandberry Most Rebounds---Brian Flowers Best free throw %-Randy Grandberry Most Assists----Randy Grandberry Mr. Hustle------Kevin Burbach108STANDING, L lo R: Steve Nichols, Mark Vladic, Dan Newman. Jerry Bone- Ratter, Reggie Osby, Roland Haynes. KNEELING, L to R: Kevin Mitchell, bright. Ken Reschkc, Jon Ertman, Dale Lanier. Jim Mix. Jeff Garland. Brian captain; Coach Dick Sager. Will Renbarger. captain. Beaver J V s Win Red A rrow Championship The Beaver Junior Varsity finished the season with the first Red Arrow Conference Junior Varsity championship since 1969. Led by the play-making of Dan Newman, the shooting of Jim Mix and Mark Vladic, and the rebounding of Will Renbarger, the junior Beavers had a 12-7 season record. Cap- tained by Will Renbarger and Kevin Mitchell the Beavers fin- ished 10-3 in the Red Arrow Conference to give Coach Sager his first championship. 109FRONT ROW, L to R: Dave Cochran, Wayne Masterson, David Duston, John Coach Jim Rundborg, Mike Kremers, Dave Hauch, Bill Teichman, Don Geis- Glassman, Kent Hardin. Keith Akright, Mike Newman. BACK ROW, L to R: ler. John Souers. Brian Harner. Great Expectations From Young Beavers The 1976-1977 Beavers led by the scoring of Don Geisler, Mike Newman, and Mike Kremers, came up with an 11-2 record. The Beavers only losses were to L.M.C. (51-49) and Berrien Springs (55-47). These losses were avenged later on in the season with 20 and 13 point victories respectively. Bill Teichman led the Beavers in rebounding along with Geisler. This Beaver team could bring much attention to the Beaver court in the next few years. — 1 ,mm — ----- , — — noFRONT ROW, L to R: Managers: Carol Aldrich, Jackie Adams. BACK ROW, L to R: Coach Anne Snyder. Kathy Rodell, Karen Layman, Shawn Lange, Joanne Grajauskis. Lynn Teichman, Kathy Blackwood, Cindy Kremers, Tammy Vladic, Asst. Coach Larry Ulcry. NOT PICTURED: Terry Bailey. Felicia Murphy. Varsity Girls Have Best Conference Finish Ever. The 1976 Girls Varsity Basketball team, coached by Anne Snyder and assisted by Larry Ulery, finished third in the con- ference with a record of 10 wins and 6 losses. Kathy Rodell was top scorer for the season. Karen Layman was top rebounder and Cindy Kremers was voted most improved player. Seniors this year were Lynn Teichman, Team Captain; Tammie Vladic, most valuable player; and Felicia Murphy, Outstanding Defensive Player. 11112FRONT ROW, L to R: Manager: Jackie Adams, Lori Roth, Diane Stolfo, Norma Gonzalez, Shari McKie, Bonita McAfee. Patricia Murphy. Manager: Carol Aldrich. BACK ROW, L to R: Coach Anne Snyder. Carla Hahn, Marlene Spletzer, Lori Butler. Kristie Blackwood. Melinda Flowers, Darlene Skibbe, Sally Adams, Kathy Wolske, Isa Gomez, Asst. Coach Larry Ulery. NOT PIC- TURED: Becky Bennett, Coach Alta Garrelts. Junior Varsity Girls Play to .500 Season Under the direction of Alta Garrelts coaching, and Larry Ulery assisting, the 1976 Girls JV Basketball team finished the season with a record of 8 wins and 8 losses. Marlene Spletzer was captain of the team. Melinda Flow- ers was voted most valuable player, and most improved player was Lori Butler. Second year players were Kristie Blackwood, Carla Hahn, Darlene Skibbe, Patricia Murphy and Becky Bennett. 113Shout, Scream Back Our Teams Varsity Squad Is Young, but Experienced The Varsity Cheerleaders backed the Varsity team with great pride and enthusiasm through victory and defeat. The Cheerleaders held pep assemblies and contests to help build up the spirit. The only senior on this year's cheerleading squad was Pam Kublick who has been a cheerleader for five years. During those five years she has showed great support for the athletic sports at Eau Claire High School. The squad not only tried to help build up our school spirit, but also wanted us to show it by selling maroon and white stocking caps. L io R: Pam Kublick. Jackie Adams. Judi Leiiz. Linda Froehlich. Marlene King, Cindy Kremers. 115I 16Who Helps Promote Our School Spirit? “Junior Varsity Cheerleaders” The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are a great asset to our school in adding to help build our spirit and pride in our school. They gave their support in cheering at the games and they also supported their team members. 117Spirit and Enthusiasm Demonstrated by Freshman Cheerleaders L to R: Norma Gonzalez. Rosalie Karn. STANDING: Lorreen James. ON SHOULDERS: Bonita McAfee. Denise Rankin. Pam Bergan. 118Wrestling Cheerleaders Show Great Support for Their Wrestlers The Wrestling Cheerleaders did a great deal of work with a lot of spirit and pride. They cleaned the mats and helped at the Eau Claire Invitational besides cheering. The Wrestling Cheerleaders showed great enthusiasm and school spirit in backing the wrestlers at the State Wrestling Tournament in Middleville. Ellen Douglas was the only senior on the squad this year. She has been on the wrestling squad for the past three years, and has showed great support for the wrestlers at E. C. H. S. TOP: Kay Krieger. CENTER. L io R: Judy Simaz. Aniia Dohm. Debbie Doug- Douglas. NOT PICTURED: Becky Eichler, Isa Gomez, las. Lisa Corathers. BOTTOM. L to R: Pam Elston. Brenda Lancaster. Ellen 119120Youth Blends With Experience Wrestlers Finish 14-1 The E. C. Wrestlers established many impressive individual and team statistics during the 76-77 season. Several of their accomplishments were a 14-1 record in dual matches, 1st place in Berrien Springs Invitational and Novice Tournament, the Decatur Invitational, and the Eau Claire Invi- tational. With seven Regional qualifi- ers and 2 Regional champions. They also won the Red Arrow Conference. Not only did they excel on the mat, but 14 out of 24 had 3.00 or better grade point averages. 121TOP ROW, L to R: Coach Richard Farkas, Coach Tom Ferry, Wayne Becht, Curtis Bolton. Lyle Merrill. Louis Boers. Dennis Durham, Coach Juan Mata, Coach John Simaz. MIDDLE ROW, L to R: Dave Yircott, Dan Schoene. Perry Rice. John Hopkins. Andy Clem, Alfred Dyson. Joe Simaz. BOTTOM ROW. L to R: Dan Pike, John Sempert, Frank Ball. Frank McCain. Kevin Rice. Bill Simaz. Richard Loraff, Mike Fields, Ted Douglas. 122FRONT ROW, L to R: Kathy Rodell, Tammie Vladic, Carla Hahn. Kathy Wendy Horie, Lori Butler. NOT PICTURED: Kim Rumbaugh. Weir. BACK ROW, L to R: Coach John Jessup, Cindy Kremers, Lori Geisler, 124Hardwork and lots of spirit made this year’s Varsity Volleyball team excit- ing. They finished third in the Confer- ence Meet. Mr. Jessup was the coach for this year’s Varsity team. His knowledge and help improved the techniques of the team vastly, from the beginning to the end of the season. The only seniors on this year’s Var- sity team were Lori Geisler and Tam- mie Vladic. These girls showed a lot of enthusiasm and support for their team. 125FRONT ROW, L io R: Sally Adams, Pam Bergan, Norma Gonzalez, Val Rathgeb. BACK ROW, L 10 R: Coach John Jessup. Debbie Sariin, Kathy Wolske, Lori Dustin, Judy Holt, Eileen King. Manager: Rosie Karn. NOT PICTURED: Beth Blunier, Isa Gomez, Betiye Wilson. Young Volleyballers Gain Experience The Junior Varsity Volleyball members had a great deal of spirit for their team. They showed a lot of enthusiasm and worked with unity. Coach Jessup guided the Beavers through the season and helped the young Beavers to gain valuable experience and skill. The manager for this year’s J.V. Team was Rosie Karn, who helped out the team by scoring matches and taking care of equipment.The 1977 ECHS girls led by the relay team of Bonita, Doris, Ruthie, and Chris McAfee, finished the 1977 season very successfully. Establishing themselves as a power to be reckoned with in the future, the young tracksters also got fine performances from Lynn Teichman and Faith Otte who are the only seniors on the team along with Ruthie McAfee. The team was coached by Mrs. Anne Snyder. 127129TOP ROW, L to R: Coach Eric Gohlke, Bill Simaz, Joe Simaz, Curtis Bolten, Alfred Dyson, Dale Lanier, Kent Hardin, Jeff Thomas, Doug Horie, Lonny Probst, Chris McAfee, John Hopkins, Ruthie McAfee, Richard Fentress, James Thomas. Coach Anne Snyder. MIDDLE ROW, L to R: Carol Cahoon, Val Rathgeb, Anita Dohm, Louann Costanza, Jean Blough, Lynn Teichman, Pam Bergan, Natalie Ziems, Paulette Cowan, Tammy Jenkins, Rosie Kam, Ter- easa Gomez, Anita Layman. BOTTOM ROW, L to R: Leona Cheetam, Kim Karn, Linda Cowan. Bonita McAfee. Shirley McAfee, Doris McAfee, Norma Gonzales, Faith Otte, Becky Eichler, and Judy Simaz.Young Beavers Send Four to State From a very unimpressive beginning, the Beaver track team ended the season very impressively. Coach Eric Gohlke took four young tracksters to the State Track Meet on June 4. Leading the Beavers was Rich Fentress, who qualified for the finals in the 100 yard dash and also ran on the state qualifying 440 yard relay team. Also running on the relay team were freshmen Dale Lanier and Curtis Bolton and junior Alfred Dyson. The outlook for Eau Claire track seems much brighter with all of these young men returning next year. 131132TOP. L io R: Coach Dick Sager, Dave Rodgers. Brian Flowers. Rick Rice. ers, Jerry Bonebright, Brian Ratter. Will Renbarger. Jeff Juergensen. Dan Dale Ostema, Kevin Burbach. James Bowers. BOTTOM, L to R: Mike Krem- Newman, Jeff Edinger. 133Watervliet Win Highlights Season The varsity baseball team, led by seven seniors, fin- ished the season with a 5-15 record. The team was led in hitting by senior Mike Cochran who hit .323. Flay- ing their last year for the Beavers were seniors Mike Cochran, Dave Rodgers, Dale Ostema, Rick Rice, Brian Flowers, Jeff Edinger, and Kevin Burbach. Captains for 1977 were Dave Rodgers and Brian Flowers.STANDING. L to R: Don Geisler. Dave Hauch. Andy Steinke. Kevin Mite- Rich Loraff. Kevin Rice. Wayne Masterson. Dave Cochran. "Butch Price hell. John Souers, Manuel Cardenas. Coach: Mr. Flagel. KNEELING, L to R: Don Rodgers. Mike Newman.FRONT ROW. L to R: Mary Edinger, Kathy Rodell. Carla Hahn, Karen Lay- man, Markay Vladic, Linda Froehlich. BACK ROW. L to R: Coach Denton Kime, Kathy Blackwood, Reva Williams, Cindy Kremers, Marlene King, Tammie Vladic. Shawn Lange. NOT PICTURED: Bettye Wilson. Kime’s Klan Runs Hot and Cold in 1977 The 1977 Varsity Softball Team, coached by Denton Kime, finished with an overall record of 12 wins-15 losses and a conference record of 8 wins-6 losses. The team fin- ished fourth in the Red Arrow Conference with a lot of hard work and pride. Karen Layman was selected first team all-Red Arrow Con- ference outfielder and Tammie Vladic was selected second team all-Red Arrow Conference infielder. The only seniors on the team were Tammie Vladic who was a 4 year letter winner, Mary Edinger a 3 year letter win- ner and Reva Williams a 1 year letter winner. They all did a great deal of work and gave a lot of spirit for their team. Karen Layman selected as 1077 all-Red Arrow Conference. 136137Young Beavere tt’s Finish First Season for E. C. H. S. The young Beaverettes have a promising future for them in the years to come. They worked hard this season with a record of 1 win-3 losses. The Junior Varsity Team was coached by Denton Kime. A lot of help also came from Alta Garrelts and Jim Rundborg who helped as Assistant Coaches for both teams. From playing, working, and practicing on the Junior Var- sity Team, Sally Adams, Melinda Flowers, Kristie Black- wood and Debbie Masterson moved up to the Varsity team at the end of the season. FRONT ROW. L to R: Tina Anderson. Lisa Beilman, Lori Roth. Sally Adams. Kime. Kristi Blackwood. Melinda Flowers. Denise Rankin, Loreen James. Kay Krieger. Shari McKie, Kim Durham. BACK ROW. L to R: Coach Denton Rhonda Hardin. Debbie Masterson. NOT PICTURED: Beth Blunier. 138Eau Claire Fields First Tennis Team The first tennis team in Eau Claire history played a junior varsity season in 1977. With wins over Cassopolis and Coloma, the young netters performed admirably throughout their initial season. Coach Mike Richardson looks pleasurably to a good future with John Glassman, Kevin Reed, Mike Lietz, Diane Stolfo, Marlene Spletzer, Kathy Weir, Jeff Garland, Sandy Bowerman, and Lori Butler all coming back. Also a member of this year's team was Alberto Gherini, a foreign exchange student from Brazil.BACK ROW, L to R: Jeff Garland. Kevin Reed. Coach Mike Richardson. lene Spletzer, Kathy Weir. NOT PICTURED: John Glassman, Lori Butler. Alberto Gherini. Sandy Bowerman. FRONT: Mike Lietz, Diane Stolfo, Mar- 140Football WE THEY Frankfort 7 26 L.M.C. 0 49 Hartford 6 50 Galien 28 22 Bridgman 0 34 Berrien Springs 6 30 Watervliet 0 66 New Buffalo 8 28 Bloomingdale 8 30 Cross Country WE THEY LMC 35 20 Constantine 35 21 Decatur 40 19 Hartford 35 21 Berrien Springs 35 22 Buchanan 41 19 Galien 16 47 Watervliet 45 18 Constantine 40 21 Fennville 17 42 Benton Harbor 37 21 Coloma 29 26 Watervliet 44 19 Covert 15 50 Girls Kalamazoo Central 25 25 Fennville 23 32 Fennville 23 34 Fennville 15 48 Wrestling Basketball WE THEY WE THEY L.M.C. 66 6 L.M.C. 50 46 New Buffalo 76 0 Edwardsburg 65 63 Watervliet 45 21 New Buffalo 47 56 Bridgman 60 15 Watervliet 54 71 Hartford 72 6 Hartford 59 71 Berrien Springs 40 17 Michigan Lutheran 29 47 White Pigeon 41 18 Galien 50 49 Bridgman 57 18 Bridgman 41 75 Berrien Springs 31 24 Berrien Springs 72 69 L.M.C. 73 0 L.M.C. 72 46 New Buffalo 76 0 New Buffalo 71 67 Watervliet 43 18 Edwardsburg 60 57 South Bend St. Joe 14 39 Watervliet 68 61 Hartford 62 12 Casso polis 58 80 Constantine 39 21 Galien 54 48 Springpart Tour 3rd Place Bridgman 56 72 Berrien Springs Inv. 1st Place Bloomingdale 62 45 Berrien Springs Novice Tour . 1st Place Berrien Springs 61 90 Decatur Tour. 1st Place Gobles 70 60 Eau Claire Inv. 1st Place Brandywine 69 80 District 3rd Place Track WE THEY Watervliet 32 122 Berrien Springs 32 132 Bloomingdale 53 78 Fennville 54 100 Bridgman 57 95 Galien 84 69 Hartford 45 4 110 4 Covert 47 88 New Buffalo 70 82 Tennis L.M.C. WE 0 THEY 6 Benton Harbor 0 7 Casso polis 5 2 Berrien Springs 0 7 Coloma 0 7 Casso polis 3 4 Coloma 6 1 Berrien Springs 2 5 141 4th in State Girls MeetBaseball L.M.C. Galien Covert Berrien Springs New Buffalo Hartford Bridgman Watervliet Michigan Lutheran Michigan Lutheran L.M.C. Galien Berrien Springs New Buffalo Dowagiac Dowagiac Hartford Bridgman Buchanan Watervliet WE THEY 0 2 0 4 5 2 2 9 8 7 0 7 4 5 8 0 0 1 1 10 0 2 12 7 2 5 12 13 2 12 3 5 8 3 3 9 1 11 4 5 Golf WE THEY L.M.C. 222 175 Coloma J. V. 198 196 Bridgman 173 173 Dowagiac 185 183 Bridgman 174 186 River Valley 188 171 Niles J. V. 173 174 L.M.C. 170 154 Gobles 203 172 Schoolcraft 181 172 Buchanan 176 166 St. Joseph 215 185 Class C Regional 397 Buchanan 214 179 Girls’ Basketball WE THEY Edwardsburg 21 48 Covert 55 15 L.M.C. 23 42 Hartford 35 33 Galien 41 34 Bridgman 33 28 Berrien Springs 17 65 Watervliet 31 37 L.M.C. 26 54 Hartford 32 28 Galien 38 14 Bridgman 23 18 Watervliet 37 26 New Buffalo 47 24 Volleyball Brandywine Lost Sturgis Lost Watervliet Lost L.M.C. Lost Galien Won Bridgman Lost Bridgman Lost Galien Won New Buffalo Won Hartford Won Berrien Springs Lost Watervliet Lost L.M.C. Lost Galien Won Bridgman Lost New Buffalo Won Hartford Won Berrien Springs Lost Benton Harbor Lost Brandywine Inv. Lost Red Arrow Conference Inv. Tournament 3rd Place Girls’ Softball WE THEY Dowagiac (8-4) (6-6) Galien 10 9 Benton Harbor (5-7) (7-15) Berrien Springs 3 12 L.M.C. 6 17 New Buffalo 17 7 Loy Norrix (7-12) (9-8) Bridgman 13 3 Hartford 22 12 Watervliet 9 10 L.M.C. 10 11 Lakeshore (19-8) (15-9) Berrien Springs 9 20 Galien 8 9 New Buffalo 18 6 Hartford 18 8 Buchanan 8 15 Bridgman 18 6 Brandywine (3-9) (13-20) Watervliet 9 6 New Buffalo 16 6 Edwardsburg 7 8 Girls’ Track L.M.C. Lost Covert Won Watervliet Won Bridgman Lost Bloomingdale Won Berrien Springs Lost New Buffalo Won Galien Won Hartford Lost r 142Closing K WORD pRom ouR SponsorsSee it for yourself.Know your rights as a useless fuel JAZZ UP YOUR BLUE JEANS146147We the editors of the 1977 Beaver Tales, would like to thank the following people for contributing their time and talent to the production of this year's book. Photography Redman Studios — Mike Carey Hafer Studios — Dennis Hafer Herald Palladium — Paul Morgan Candids — Kevin Reed, Larry Dewey Understanding The Eau Claire Board of Education Dr. William Horie, Superintendent Mr. John Laskarides, Principal The Eau Claire High School Faculty Hard Work The Beaver Tales 1977 Staff Taylor Publishing Co. — Jim Bell, Rep. Finances Our A dvertising Patrons The Students of Eau Claire H. S. Mr. Brauer, Thanks for being so patient and understanding. You're a great teacher and a special friend. Take Care. Love, Lori and EllenUp close and personal, as the zoom lens of the cam- era sees our lives, we realize that each of us lives in a world of our own. Like the intersection of sets our lives are influenced by the lives of others. No one exists as the null set, void of influence by some other person. We have a choice. Will our influence be positive or negative? My life has been influenced by my work with the staff this year. I hope that my set of experiences with them has been as positive for them as it has been for me.Call 926-7545 PLAZA ONE • HOUR MARTINIZING Bobbie and Clem Hardin — Owners 101 5 E. Napier Benton Harbor Across From Fairplain Plaza152The FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Wa+ervliet Compliments of Watervliet, Michigan GOSNICK CONSTRUCTION CO. 3042 Pipestone Rd. Sodus, Michigan 49126 EAU CLAIRE FRUIT EXCHANGE, INC. Phone - (616) - 926-6331 Complete Farm Supply Center Post Office Box 327 Eau Claire, Michigan 49111 THE ANTIQUE TRUNK SHOPPE Phone: 461-4571 Area Code 616 in Owner: Mary P. Weidner Gifts, Craft rp r ; Supplies and Classes k 106 W. Ferry Street Berrien Springs, Ml Telephone: 471-1178 CURRY'S FARM GARDEN SUPPLY, INC. Red Arrow Highway RIVERSIDE PACKING CO. Basket Makers Compliments of Sam Pecararo Coloma, Mich. 49038 153Best Wishes Class of ”77” Good Luck Graduates From SIGO CONSTRUCTION SCHMIDT HOUSE Benton Harbor, Mich. ROGEL'S Since 1946 320 Main New and Used Wateruliet Complete Engine Repair and Body Work on All Makes and Models of Cars Expert Registered Lincoln Mercury Mechanics Staff Our Service Department Complete Parts Department Wheel Aligning and Frame Straightening Complete Transmission Overhaul Complete Financing - Town and Country Charge MARK IV CONTINENTAL Congratulations to the Class of ”77” Eau Claire, Mich. M E R C U R Y Call 463-3167 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1977 COOPER CARLSON HEATING 6964 Jericho Rd. Stevensville, Mich. Compliments of BERRIEN TOOL DIE E. Main Street Eau Claire, Mich. OTTO SALES SERVICES Main Street Watervliet, Mich. 154Congratulations to the Class of " 1977." From SILVER MILLS FROZEN FOODS, INC. Processors of Quality Frozen Fruits. Located on Old Pipestone Rd., Eau Claire and at 535 Russell Rd., Hart, MI Best Wishes Graduates TRUX GROCERY Riverside, Mich. 49084 Good Luck Seniors Indian Lake Hills Golf Course R 2, Box 158 Eau Claire, MI 49111 155 Bill and Gertie Johnson 8918 First Street Baroda 49101 Good Luck to the Graduating Class of 1977 Congratulations Class of "77" RON'S SUPERMARKET KMART 2235 Red Arrow Hwy. Benton Harbor, MI Riverview Dr. Benton Harbor, MI K-Mart is your savings store. Good Luck to the Class of ”77” Compliments of HENRY'S SPINKS FRUIT EXCHANGE CUSTOM DOZER SERVICE Benton Harbor, MI Old Pipestone Rd. Eau Claire, MI Congratulations to the Class of 1977 CAPOZIO'S TAKE 'EM OUT Benton Harbor Pizza Fairplain Plaza Spaghetti 925-1188 Ravioli Italian Sandwiches JOHN M.GLASSMAN Stevensville John Beers at Cleveland Open Daily Eau Claire, MI 429-3259 4Pm ' 12:30am 156 St. Joe Sundays 4pm - 11pm Niles Ave. 983-7149 Closed MondaysADCOCK INSULATION Complete Insulation Service Blown in Cellulose Fibre or Mineral Wool and Batting Installation Cooler in Summer Warmer in Winter Fire Resistant Licensed and Insured Free Estimates Pipestone Rd., Eau Claire Congratulations Class of "77" HERMEL DIE CASTING CORP. Zinc and Aluminum Die Casting Dies - Jigs - Fixtures Phone (616) 461-4481 Phone 925-6633 Eau Claire, Mich. FARMER'S MARKET M-139 Benton Harbor 2936 Niles Ave St Joseph Michigan 49085 • 616' 983-5670 157Phone 926-2146 FENNER ROOFING SHEET METAL, INC. P.O. Box 115 Harwood H. Fenner Sodus, MI 49126 (616) 461-6125 EAU CLAIRE SPORT VEHICLES, INC. 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Napier SAFETY RACING EQUIP. CO. Benton Harbor, MI P.O. Box 72, Eau Claire, MI Be Wise Read KLUG FARM EQUIPMENT John Deere Sales and Service WILDER'S WORLD OF BOOKS M-62 Eau Claire, MI Ph. 461-4721 "We Are Happy to Special Order" John Soos, III - Owner 926-2052 Lake Michigan College Campus 983-3440 511 Pleasant St. Joe "STOP ROOFING LEAKS" EAU CLAIRE Insurance Work Free Estimates State Lie. 35774 Reasonable Insured Prices LUMBER Shingles A Specialty COMPANY New - Repairs Slate - Wood Shakes Eaves Trough ONE-STOP BUILDING MATERIALS Phone 461-6981 Eau Claire, MI macc ROOFING n SIDING • Residential • Commercial • Farm Hillandale Rd. Eau Claire 159401 1 1 Sm (ZlaOte P zc6iK fantfrcuuf ---- PHONE ---------------------------------------- — AREA 616 - 461-3341 " ■ — £au (ZleUnc. TtticAifA TO THE CLASS OF 1977: It is a strenuous age in which we live. Everyone seems to be trying to get ahead of someone else. Ideals are forgotten in the mad rush to acquire material possessions. The greatest need today is for more old-fashioned charac- ter, honesty, integrity, kindness, and love for one's fellow men; a slowing down of the rush long enough for us to realize that we are not here for so very long a time. To be able to take life as we find it is the key to whole- some living. It is the desire of everyone to find success and happiness. Often it is thought that the acquisition of wealth will insure happiness, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Happiness comes from within, and rests securely on simple goodness and a clear conscience; with accepting life as one finds it; in giving his best in everything he does; in the realization that no matter what one's lot in life, each one of you is important. As the most of your days in the future must of necessity be spent with work, carefully choose your vocation, and work at the work you enjoy doing; for only when you do will you be truly happy. Our best to all of you in the Class of 1977. It is our hope that all of you find happiness in the years ahead. Sincerely, EAU CLAIRE PA KING COMPANY Wheel Alignment Specialist SKINNER'S FRAME BODY SERVICE V Mile So. of Eau Claire Box 310 Phone 461-5221 BLOSSOM LANES Good Luck High School Bowlers! 2305 M-139 Benton Harbor, MI WA7-3174 Congratulations Class of 77 Heading for college...see your nearby F M banker about free college student checking, student loans and complete banking services. FARMERS MERCHANTS NATIONAL RANK GREAT BANKS BRIDGMAN BANK STEVENSVILLE BANK SAINT JOSEPH BANK FAIRPLAIN BANK BENTON HARBOR BANKS (2) RED ARROW BANK HAGAR SHORE BANK Member F Die Michiana Publications Publishers of BOWERMAN TRADE LINES Shoppers Guide The Mighty Midgets of Advertising Over 40,000 Copies Weekly FUNERAL HOME Eau Claire, MI 115 Main St. Eau Claire, MI Phone 461-3241 161Your WALGREEN AGENCY Serving Berrien County ’’Service for the Sick” Registered Pharmacists SCHUG DRUG STORE 100 W. 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Benton Harbor, MI Sales, Parts and Service Phone: 461-6911 7235 1st Street Eau Claire. Michigan 49111 Congratulations Class of "77" Our Best Wishes to the Class of ”77” Ferguson and Walsh Main St. Eau Claire, MI 164 Congratulations to All Eau Claire High School Graduates of 77 It’s an old cliche, but it's true: The future of America will be guided and shaped by you and the millions of other high school graduates all over the nation. You will take your places in the business world, politics, education, labor, science, the professional field and many others. To help you, perhaps, get a little better start, your Eau Claire Inter-City Bank has a graduation gift for you. It's a 72-page booklet called,"How to Manage Your Money.” It's full of professional advice from financial experts, and is easy to read and understand. It covers the eight, basic money-management elements that can influence your lifestyle. Again, congratulations and the best of luck...and don’t forget to come into our Eau Claire office for your graduation gift. INTER-CITY BANK TKMBaHK 165 6534 Main St. Eau Claire, Mi.DOLORES SHEARER DANCE STUDIO 5290 Lincoln Ave. St. Joseph, Mich. 49085 429-4912 D Cf "Specializing in Every Phase of the Dance." HELAINE'S, INC. 1855 M-139 Fairplain Plaza Benton Harbor, MI 49022 "Good Luck Seniors! ” Congratulations Class of "1977" LONDON PRIDE CLEANERS Best Wishes Class of "77" 723 St. Joseph Dr. St. Joseph, MI Phone: 983-2432 Pipestone Creek Golf Course Tennis Courts and Driving Range 6768 Naomi Rd. Eau Claire, MI 49111 FOX JEWELERS DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTS CLASS RINGS HEADQUARTERS Fairplain Plaza Benton Harbor 166BIG BOY RESTAURANT BREAKFAST • LUNCH DINNER • LATE SNACKS 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM Fairplain Plaza - M-139 Benton Harbor, MI I I | Hasnbusg+r Just a Minute Away From 1-94 Motels EAU CLAIRE BEER -WINEI ’.LIQUOR • GROCER eS: Keg Beer Available 461-3251 RIDGE KRAMER MOTOR SUPPLY CO. Distributor of Automobile and Truck Service Parts and Supplies 221 W. Main St. - Benton Harbor 2061 M-139 - Benton Harbor 813 Highland - St. Joseph LaGrange at Aylworth - South Haven 6978 Red Arrow Hwy. - Coloma 5790 St. Joseph - Stevensville Television Stereo Appliances With Good Service ItCJl Felicitation to the Class of '76 PATTON BROS. 200 Empire Benton Harbo Congratulations to the Graduating Class of "77" JENO'S INC. 4125 So. Pipestone Rd. Sodus, Mich. 49126 S. A. Ebbert General Phone: Manager Benton Harbor (616)925-1163 We Would Like to Thank All of Our Advertisers and Patrons for Contributing to the 1976-77 Beaver Tales Patrons Hal's Clothier U Rent-All Rohring's Riverside Grocery Millborg Red White John E. Piedt Sons Trail's Zephyr Service Harry Johnny's Foursome Barber Cuthbert Tractor Sales Stylecraft Upholstering 167 W 1 mp r. « m- + IHV VJ'fi 2007 jLUCL 07£ aXt fCLCECl vjLtfi a ntvu anA Aifftztnt .uJoxiA. cAt vjozCA tvitfz moxt txciLincj ctiaCtznyzi f A many nzvj facti. !But tL 070 2 't,CrCoc(z oux fiatfi fi» , (lays, [taxntA t acctfit cfianyt anA czzatz t Afaznzqny amony ouxitCv r J T r - l P I + n4lm -JlziLXz a 2 5.jngUiy yjox w' I 751 - E! .ai mZTi a ima j v £ ’i i v 7t1 ' 

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