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We, the Annual Staff, are proud to present to you our 1958 BEAVER TALES. This book has caught glimpses here and there, so that in years to come the activities of this school year at Eau Claire High will not be dimmed and will not fade from memory. In later years, while turning these pages, if you should recall the many smiles, sorrows, and dreams of '58, we shall be content, knowing that we have done the thing we were called upon to do. MARY FREEHLING Sales Manager JUDY BUTZBACH Copy Editor TERRY MOLTER Advertising ManagerWilliam Shakespeare wrote: "O! What men dare do! What men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do! " No sentence could describe Clifford Mc- Neely any better. A busier, kinder and more generous individual would be hard to find. He was considerate, helpful and pleasant in all school contacts he made. We remember best his cheery smile and the wave of his hand, and think of him continually as we say, "He is not dead, he is just away. "With respect and sincerity, we dedicate the 1958 BEAVER TALES to our teacher and friend, Mr. Tom Kennedy, who has encouraged us throughout our high school years. a 7 WOFFICE SECRETARY Mrs. Elmira Young BOARD OF EDUCATION: Gilbert Eastman, Treasurer; Alfons Wier, Superintendent; John Burbach, Trustee; Ed Holle, President; John Schadt, Secretary. Not pictured: Jay Staley, Trustee. P. T. A. OFFICERS, Seated: Mrs. Frank Prillwitz, Jr., Treasurer; Mrs. Ed Holle, Secretary; Mrs. Stewart Lehman, President; Stand- ing: Charles Hirsch, 2nd Vice President; Clois Pecheu, Parliamentarian; Ray Russell, 3rd Vice President. Not pictured: Robert Rhinard, 1st Vice President.2 'jJ 7?LeA4 zf •o° »c VO Cf o »‘ ,Ce e. t ; e ' A .CV°° rC ,v «S» P V ,c«- V A e v 6 °° A «tf Otv® %v ' «LvX V Xj - •»£ VO 6 A 6 je V 0 ' vo A»"0 - ° y ■ % ° nH°' . 6 ’ «s? VO a v 6 • c » e 'JOHN VUCICH B. S. , MSU Agriculture Chemistry ETHEL WILLIS B. S. , MSU Home Economics MARY SHULL B. A. , EMC English Library Speech MARK GREEN B. S. , Hillsdale Mathematics ALLENE HUBBARD B. S., Radford College Radford, Virginia Business Education Journalism DAVID ROSE B. S., WMU History Basketball Coach Baseball Coach KARL YATOOMA B. S. , Winona STC Winona, Minnesota Drivers Training Sociology Government General Business NOEL WINN B. S. t Stout Institute Menomonie, Wisconsin Industrial Arts TOM KENNEDY B.S. , WMU English Football Coach ELEANOR STUMP B. S. , WMU English Biology Physical EducationDAVE REYNOLDS B. S., WMU Social Science Track Coach Football Line Coach LAVINA KAMRADT B. A., WMU 7th Grade DEWAIN ZERBE B. A., Albion Institute of Music Band EMILY McNEELY Murray State Murray, Kentucky 7th Grade ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Left to right: Mrs. Beverly Sopher, 5th Grade; Mrs. Mildred Kirk, 4th Grade; Mrs: Ida Axelson, 3rd Grade; James Terkos, 6th Grade; Mrs. Nellie Rittenhouse, 2nd Grade; Mrs. Beulah Lybrook, 1st Grade; Mrs. Sylvia Coy, Kindergarten and Grade Music.BUS DRIVERS Mel Murphy Wilford Zimmerle R. D. Jewell Gene Michael T. L. Merrill George Seymour Guy Churchill Wm. BartelsValedictorian Myrth Eber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Eber, was born in Benton Harbor, September 12, 1940. Myrth has always lived in the Bainbridge area, and first attended Bainbridge Center Grade School. She spent all four years of high school at Eau Claire. Through the four years of high school, Myrth majored in English and Social Studies and minored in Commercial, Mathematics, and Science. Her extracurricular activities include two years of Commercial Club, two years of F. H. A., member of Choir for three years and in the Operetta her Freshman year, four years of Band, President of Senior Band her Senior year and Student Council Representative of her Sophomore and Junior Class, was Distribution Manager of the Eager Beaver Junior year, and a member of the Junior and Sen- ior play casts. Myrth's future plans are to continue her musical education at Western Michigan University. Salutatorian Judy Butzbach, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Butzbach, was bom in Benton Harbor, June 10, 1940. Judy has lived in Bainbridge since she was a year old. She attended the Byers Grade School through the 7th Grade. Judy has been a student at Eau Claire for the past five years. Judy’s four years of academic work consisted of majors in English,.Commercial and Social Studies with minors in Science and Math. Her extracurricular activities include two years of Commercial Club; two years of F. H. A.; Secretary of the Student Council her Senior year; four years on the Eager Beaver Staff serving as Assistant Editor her Junior year and as Editor her Senior year; three years of Choir, serving as President her Senior year; three years of Band serving as Secretary her Junior year; a member of the Operetta cast her Freshman Year; four years as a Cheerleader; member of both the Junior and the Senior play cast. Judy also served as Copy Editor of the Annual, Vice President of the Freshman class and Reporter of the Junior class. Judy's future plans are to attend Michigan State University as a Commer- cial and English major.Senior Class Officers TOM KENNEDY.............................Advisor JAMES POLASHAK........................Treasurer JIM ROBINSON.....................Vice President CHARLETTE SANDERS......................Reporter MAUREEN PARTRIDGE...................Secretary HENRY MILLER........................President HOWARD CHRONISTER---------Assistant Secretary- TreasurerGISELA ADAM "Cheech" "Little people may have big am- bitions. " ALTHEA ARENT "Al" "Sweet and fair she seems to be, but quiet. ROBERT BARTELS LARRY BISHOP "Bud” "Bishop" "He's certain to be seen wherever "A quiet man, he does not snore fun and mischief beam. " in class. " JUDITH BUTZBACH "Judy" "With her ability success has an easy path. " HOWARD CHRONISTER "Howie " "Take good care of me; Good men are rare." BENNY DOHM "Ben" "He is little, but, Oh my! RODNEY DOHM "Rod" "All work and no play isn't the life for me. " BETTY DOHM "Bet" "Chattering always and-giggling too, when you're around 'Bet, you can’t be blue." RONALD DOORN "Ron" "He’d rather catch a ball than a girl. " MYRTH EBER "Ebe" "Pretty and sweet and always neat. " JOHN GARNER "John Henry” "The days of our youth are the days of our glory. " CHARLES GEORGE "Chuck" "You can never tell what I '11 do next. " CHESTER HAHN "Chet" "He may not be a ford, but he sure can rattle on. " ROSALIE HERMAN DAVID HASSETT "Rosie" "David" "She rows, rides, dances, admir- "Like the wise old bird, often ably done - Delights in each and seen but never heard. " yet depends on none. "WILLIAM KANIZAR "Bill" "Generous with his time and tal- ents, Bill is never too busy to help. " BERNARD KREMERS "Bernie " "Athletic, witty and full of fun. He's made a friend of everyone. " RONALD KUBUCK "Ron" "A man not after every woman's heart. " SHIRLEY LATISLAW " Shirttail" '1 chatter as I go and I go on for- ever. " LOUISE MERRILL "Lou" "Mirror of all courtesy."MAUREEN PARTRIDGE "Mo" "Once locating Maureen's giggle, you have found a very happy-go- lucky girl" THOMAS MICHAEL "Tom" "Small in statue, but big in heart" HENRY MILLER "Hank" "Try to argue if you can, I can beat most any man" TERRY MOLTER "Tuna" "With his sense of humor, he brings sunshine to the darkest day" PEGGY PARRITT "Polly" "Between laughing and talking her day is well spent"TERRY PETERS "Peters’' "His wisdom will give him fame" JAMES POLASHAK "Jim" "He’s a quiet worker that succeeds" MARTIN PRILLWITZ "Marty" "Never worry, never hurry" DANIEL RAPP "Dan" "All that I’ve learned. I’ve forgotten; and all that I know. I've guessed" JAMES ROBINSON "Pinky” "Have a good time while you’re liv- ing, you'll be dead a long time"DUANE ROSENTRETER "Duane" "Cool, Casual and Crafty" CHARLOTTE SANDERS "Charlie" "My mind is here, but my heart is elsewhere" RONALD RUSSEL "Ron" "A young man who blushes is better than one who turns pale" WALTER SK1BBE "Wally" "Every man has his devilish mo- ments" CAROLYN SCHAUS "Carol" "Her heart was kind and soft" BARBARA SMITH "Barb • "Her friendly ways are the roots of happiness" HAROLD SMITH "Smitty" " Where words are few and seldom wasted" BRUCE WALDROP "Bruce" "When there is mischief brewing- he is doing the stirring" PHILIP TOLLAS •Phil" ”1 enjoy hearing other peoples views, but of course they're wrong" DAVID WHEELER "Pete” "Some men are born lucky, some receive it later, and then there's me" SANDRA WAKEFIELD "Sandy" "An all-around girl who radiates joy, her only weakness is a blond- headed boy" ROBERTA WILLIAMS "Bobbie" "Her face is like the sun, always shining to everyone"A group of seventy freshman youtns, In 1954, Boarded the Eau Claire High School ship To sail to a distant shore. But some have left our gallant crew, Dismayed by fears untold, While forty-six sailors have smoothly sailed And now the honors hold. As pleasant thoughts come wondering, I sit back and try to recall, The day when we as shipmates chose Our colors silver and green. Remembrances will never fade Of scenes so vivid once, The dances and spreads mid happy days We shared through all these months. In memories our school day pranks And scenes of which I tell Shall linger still in after years When we have said "Farewell. " My thoughts turn now to present times 1 wonder what fate Can hold for this happy crew of 1958. We now have safely steered our ship From the honored Eau Claire shore. Where shall we anchor it? How use The silver we have in store? Although our journey now is over, Our crew is only few. We want to thank our faculty; Bid all a fond adieu. Barbara SmithSenior Wills 1, Jim Robinson, will my student council ambition to Don Schegal. I, Terry Molter, will my way with A women to Ron First. I, Henry Miller, will my bow legs to Virginia Herter. 1, Thomas Michael, will my managering ability to Ed Robinson. I, Benny Dohm, will my ‘39 Chevy to Bruce Rakauski so he can take Sandy Kimball out. 1, Charles George, will my big nose to Pat Partridge so she’ll stop teasing me. I, Duane Rosentreter, will what I've learned in physics to Micky Hart, I, Phil Tollas, will my ability to attended all Coloma receptions to people who stay home on Saturday nights. I, Harold Smith, will my curly hair to Tom Martinic . I, Larry Bishop, will my 34 waist to August Root to cover his skinny ribs. I, Bruce Waldrop, will my weight to James Crowder. I, Ronald Doom, will my football ability to Tom Robinson. I, Bill Kanizar, will my car to Chuck Marquis because he needs it. I, David Wheeler, will my hot Chevy to Bird Beilman so she won't have to walk home for dinner. I, Myrth Eber, will my voice to Jerri Winney so she can stay in Choir. I, Maureen Partridge, will my recipe for ham cooked in wine to Bob Handy. I, Judy Butzbach, will my pony tail to Sandy Kimball. I. Betty Dohm, will my hot Ford to Janet Hill to use. 1, Bobbie Williams, will my ability to drive, to Earl Dohm because he doesn't drive. 1, Bud Bartels, will my glasses to Delbert Schlipp. I, Rosalie Herman, will my eyebrows to Charlene Wakefield. 1, John Gardner, will my nearness in appearness to Ernie Bain. I, Martin Prillwitz, will my money to Bill Smith to buy his sister a car. I, Ronald Kublick, will my muscular build to Richard Bradford. I. Terry Peters, will my ambition to be a doctor to Walter Davis. 1, Ronald Russell, will my date book to Gary Easton. 1, Dan Rapp, will my brains to my brother. I, Howard Chronistet, will my brains to Sonny Schuh. I, James Polashak, will my Math book to Seth Wagner. I, Chester Hahn, will my scrap-iron to Bob Robinson, to get rid of it. I, Rodney Dohm. will my success in catching a Partridge to Bill Weber. I, Diana Adams, will my smallness to Nancy Freeman. I, Peggy Parritt, will my shortness to Lucy Peachy. 1, Shirley Latislaw, will my Senior trip to the Juniors of "58. ” I, Louise Merrill, will all my A's to anyone who needs them. I, Mary Freehling, will my shorthand book to Nancy Peters. I, Sandy Wakefield, will my red hair to Jean Merritt. I, Carolyn Schaus, will my soprano voice to Doris Forrester so she can be heard. I, Walter Skibbe, will my voice to Beverly Dickson. 1, Darlene Garlenger, will my V-neck seater to Carol McClure at her request. I, Barbara Smith, will my black hair to Nancy Hart. I, Charlotte Sanders, will my height to Joyce Crowder. I. Don Ertman, will my happy go lucky nature to Jeanne Froelich. I, David Hassett, will my quietness to Patsy Church. I, Bernie Kramers, will my leadership in disturbing others to Mary Khrone.After spending our grade school days at many different schools, we came together as "Greenhand" Freshmen in 1954. Mr. Rhinard and Mr Arter sponsored us with Darlene Garlanger, President; Judy Butzbach, Vice President; Bobbie Williams, Secretary; Shir- ley Latislaw, Treasurer; Judy Butzbach, Student Council; and Jim Robinson, Reporter. After getting through our first year, we entered our Sophomore year with more ex- perience of what high school life was like. Miss Hokanson and Mr. Law were our spon- sors; Jim Robinson, President Terry Molter.Vice President; Bob Francis, Secretary; Henry Miller, Treasurer; Myrtb Eber, Student Council Representative; and Darlene Gar- langer, Reporter. The high point of the year was getting our class rings. With our high school years half over, we entered our Junior year with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Vandergeest as our sponsors; Jim Robinson, President; Terry Molter, Vice Presi- dent; Maureen Partridge, Secretary; Henry Miller, Treasurer; Myrth Eber, Student Council Representative; and Judy Butzbach, Reporter. The high lights of our Junior year were sponsoring our Junior Play, presenting the Junior-Senior Prom, "Tropical Paradise, " and choosing our class colors and motto. Now we have reached our last year of high school with Mr. Kennedy as our sponsor; Henry Miller, President; Jim Robinson, Vice President; Maureen Partridge, Secretary; James Polashak, Treasurer; Howard Chronister, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer; Tom Micheal, Student Council Representative; and Charlotte Sanders, Reporter. We worked real hard to make money for our Senior Trip. During our school career we have made many friends whom we will hate to leave. We have a lot of pleasant memories to look back on in future years. Even though we are very happy to reach graduation, we are a little sorry to see it come. "Now we launch, where shall we anchor?"Senior Prophecy In 1978 we jumped into our Kanizar, a new sports car made by Bill Kanizar, Inc., to visit the Eau Claire graduates of '58. We became low on gas so we asked a friendly policeman. Chet Hahn, where we could find the nearest gas station. He directed us to the station with the help of the dog warden, Charles George. When we arrived at the station, to our surprise, we found Larry Bishop working there. We had to be getting along because we needed to find a hotel. We saw the sign of a hotel and it read: "Maureen Partridge's Hotel. " As we approached the desk, we found Judy Butzbach as the hotel clerk. Rod Dohm, the bellboy, took our suitcases. That evening we went to Phil Tollas's night club. For dinner we were served some of Chef Benny’s delicious pineapple upside down cake. After dinner we were entertained by the sen- sational comedian Bud Bartels. We danced to the music of "The Hungry Three," Dan Rapp on the guitar, Don Ertman on the trombone, and David Wheeler on the baritone. We were happy to see Myrth Eber sing- ing with the Band. The next morning we were driving through the country when we came to a herd of cattle; as we slowed down to pass, we saw Henry Miller milking an old cow in the middle of the herd and Althea Arent was holding the halter. Driving on, we saw a sign, "Mary Freehling Teachers College. " We stopped to get directions, and there we found Howard Chronister, Professor of Math, and James Polashak, Professor of Science. Bruce Waldrop was still there trying to get his diploma. We heard that Carolyn Schaus was leading a "Mens'Glee Club, " at the college, too. Just then, we heard a loud noise. It was Betty Dohm piloting her airplane. Apparently, Sandy Wake- field and Bob must be going on their 2nd honeymoon. Just then we saw paratroopers. Harold Smith and David Hassett, parashooting out of the plane. Again we started on. As we chugged along toward our des- tination, we came to a railroad track and we saw Martin Prillwitz, hobo, jumping off a passing train. As we entered the industrious city of Eau Claire, we decided to do a little shopping. The first place we went was to Jim Robinson's sweater shop. Terry Molter, Jim's salesman, showed us some "John Garner" originals. Across from the store we saw a sign saying, "Rosie Herman's Beauty Shop. "We entered and to our surprise, we found Bobbie Williams giving Walter Skibbe a manicure. We decided to do a little more shopping, so we went into Charlotte Sanders's dress shop. Diana Adams was showing Peggy Parritt some of her original dress designs. Across the street from Charlotte's dress shop was Barbara Smith's Nursery, where she cares for her ancestry. We started walking down main street, where the circus was in progress. The first tent we saw was that of the "Fat Man. “ inside was Ronald Russell, who weighed about 700 lbs. As we were walking on down the midway we heard a man shouting, "Come see the bearded lady who sings and dances." As we came closer we discovered Ron Doom was doing the shouting. We bought some tickets from Louise Merrill and went inside. As we approached, a fat woman was dancing and singing, she gave a shrill scream and we looked up into the face of Shirley Latislaw, who had lost her beard. The next tent was that of the tall man, Tom Michael, he was seven feet tall. Also, in the same tent, we found Ron Kublick, the great ant trainer. After coming out of the tent, we went to a stand to buy some taffy apples. Duane Rosentreter was working there and told us that Bernie Kremers was selling pop corn at another stand. At the first aid tent, we found Terry Peters as the doctor and Gesila Adam as the Nurse, After seeing many friends. I started homeward and was very surprised to see how the '58 Seniors had succeeded. Darlene Garlanger Barbara SmithJunior Class Howard Chronister Myrth Eber Louise Merrill Darlene Garlanger Maureen Partridge Judy Butzbach Charlotte Sanders Barbara Smith Mary Freehling Althea Arent Henry Miller Bud Bartels David Wheeler Carolyn Schaus Jim Polashak, Ben Dohm Dan Rapp, Rod Dohm Jim Robinson Paw Belsnickle Maw Belsnickle Ceelie Belsnickle Bonnie Mae Belsnickle Juney Lou Belsnickle Four Belsnickle Five Belsnickle Six Belsnickle Obeey Upschlager Chiz Upschlager Ronald Maxwell Lucy Maxwell The Reverend The Cousins Cousin Zeke  Senior Class Play Seventeenth Summer Angie-------- Margaret - - Lorraine - - Kitty------- Mr. Morrow Mrs. Morrow Jack------- Tony-------- Fitz-------- Margie------ Jane------- Martin------ Art--------- - - MYRTH EBER, DARLENE GARLANGER ■ - CAROLYN SCHAUS, LOUISE MERRILL ...............CHARLOTTE SANDERS .................JUDY BUTZBACH .....................BUD BARTEL ..................BARBARA SMITH • HENRY MILLER, HOWARD CHRONISTER ...................HAROLD SMITH .....................JIM ROBINSON ..................ALTHEA ARENT .................MARY FREEHLING ...................DAVID WHEELER • ..........................PHIL TOLLAS The Senior Class presented the three-act comedy, Seventeenth Summer, on February 20 and 22. Mr. Tom Kennedy was our director.Phil Myrth Martin C? Mary Bobbie AltheaCUTEST Bobbie Williams Benny Dohm MOST ATHLETIC Judy Butzbach Bernie Kremers1C 9G BEST ALL-AROUND Betty Dohm Jim Robinson WITTIEST Maureen Partridge Bruce Waldrop MOST TALENTED Myrth Eber Bud Bartels LUJEAN SEDON Reporter ALVIN HASSETT Vice President SANDRA KIMBALL Secretary ED ROBINSON President BEVERLEY BEILMAN Treasurer Not Pictured First row: Beverly Beilman, Dan Bennett, Donald Bodtke, Bonnie Bradford, Leslie Briney, Robert Chandler, Second row: Patsy Church, Larry Churshill, Franklin Conkin, Josephine Cooks, James Crowder, Carolyn Curtis.First row: Richard Dickson, Allen Disterheft. Second row: Bill Epple, Ronald First, Robert Flagel, Jeanne Froehlich, Don Goldner. Robert Handy. Third row: David Hart, Joe Hyde, Neal Janke, Patsy Kendall, Peter Korelich, Janet Kramer. Fourth row: Mary Krohne, Ishmael Livingston, Charlie Marquis, Tom Martinic, Joe Massie. Jean Merritt. Fifth row: Christine Miller, Fred Miller.First row: DeWayne Mitchell, Kit Molter. Second row: Maragaret Pagels, Lucy Peachey, James Price, Ronald Radke, Bruce Rakauske, Robert Robinson. Third row: August Root, Duane Sapp, Donald Schlegel, Delbert Schlipp, George Seymour, Robert Shannon. Fourth row; Jean Smith, Terry Smith, David Timmrech, Seth Wagner, Max Waldo. John Warsko. Fifth row; BUI Weber, Polly Welche, Frank Wheeler. m m IB mCarol McClure Vice President Virginia Herter Secretary Gary Easton President Ruth Ann Billings, Treasurer Nancy Peters Rep. First row: Sue Alexis, Joyce Baiers, Bailey, Clarence, Jerry Bennett, Carole Bingham. Second row: Stan- ley Bishop, Walter Briggs, Clarence Brinkman, Jack Brooks, Marie Chronister, Ronald Churchill. Third row: David Dewey, Gary Eastman, Melvin Enders, Jimmy Ertman, Barbara Freehling, Nancy Freeman.First row: Allan Fietz, Donna First. Second row: Doris Forrester, Leroyce Forrester, Faye Gahus, Allan Grieser, David Hartwig. Third row: Donald Herman, Ted Herman, Frank James, Robert Kanizar, Collins King, June Kniebes, Kenneth Little. Fourth row: Jack Martinic, Frank Moore, Lewis Nace, Pat Partridge, Terry Paul, Donald Paustian. Fifth row: I iane Peterson, Lois Porphir, Ronald Reed.First row: Janey Reyes, Thomas Robinson. Second row: Janet Rodell, Deanna Rosentreter, Diana Rosentre- ter, Roland Schram, Louis Schuh, Ken Scoggin. Third row: Victor Sells, George Skibbe, William Smith, Claude Street, Virginia Tilly, Walter Tucker. Fourth row: Charlene Wakefield, Charlotte Weaver, Fred Weber, Ronnie Weber, Pearl Welche, James Whisenant. Fifth row: Henry Wright, Sharon Zielke, Larry Zielke, Linda Zimmerle.Joyce Crowder, Rep. Douglas Scnlipp Vice President Beverly Dickson Secretary Threase Warsko Treasurer Richard Bradford President First row: Diane Adams, John Adams, Karen Anstiss. Second row: B. D. Archer, Martin Bailey, Ernest Bain, Dennis Baird, Velma Benson, Larry Boelcke. Third row: Mary Byrd, Harry Chronister, Carol Clauss, Sue Coffinger, Walter Davis, Earl Dohm. Fourth row; Joann Douglas, Roy Farmer, James Faulkner, Harry Fla gel, Ronald Friske, Joan Guertel. Ahfnt wtl0ft picfvro w«r« mod First row: Nancy Hart, Melody Hartline, Carol Hartwig, Connie Hewitt, Janet Hill, Vernon Holle. Second row: Juanita Howard, Paul Ivory, Carole Kaiser, Eugene Kesterke, Ruth Kesterke, Neil Kuhns. Third row: Carolyn Lakey, Wanda Layman, Carol Martin, Willie McAfee, Joan McCarth, Larry McLaughlin, Mar- ian Merrill. Fourth row: Glen Moore, Ruthann Ober, James Osterman, Joel Patterson, David Peppel. Fifth row: Larry Polaskak, Mary Preston, Sandy Prillwitz, Dean Radke, Marilyn Radke.First row: Micheal Rapp, Carol Rock, Robert Rodell, Sharon Rosentreter, Delores Ruff, Dickie Russell. Second row: Eugene Sapp, Werner Schleppler, Lois Scott, Dave Scroggs, Rachael Shannon, Mary Siera' dzke. Third row; Lynn Smith, Judith Smith, Larry Souers, Vem Stubelt, Billy Taylor, Judy Thalmann. Fourth row: Lanny True, Carol Uebler, Alice Waldrop, Jim Waldrop, Lucille Walker, Paticia Weaver. Fifth row: Karen Wedel, Jerilynn Winney, Delbert Wolf, Sally Zech, Linda Zielke, Melvin Vandgriff.First tow: Sharon Barker. Sonnie Baughman. Second row: James Billings. Tommy Bingham. Lois Braathen, Bill Church. Harold Church. George Cole. Third row: John Deaner, Larry Dunckel, Margaret Freehling, Diane First, Arlene Grayam. Fourth row: Charlene Grayam, Joe Hoffman, Marilyn Holle, Leon Ingleright, Shirley Kendall, Margaret Lehman.First row: Marilyn Mace, Mattie McAfee. Second row: Kay Merritt, Donald Miller, Joyce Molter, Donna Moore, Peter Paul, Larry Prilliwitz. Third row: Dennis Radke, Heidi Reipert, Kenneth Snow, Gloria Statler, Robert Street, Emma Taylor. Fourth row: Helen Tilly, Valerie Vicine, Mike Vladic, Eddie Walker, Gary Word, Victor Wenzloff. Fifth row: Ida Mae Wilson.Left to right: Sharon Easton Secretary-Treasurer Rita Kesterke President Joy Disterheft Vice President First row: Susan Andres. Charles Archer. Second row: Deatre Arter, Eugene Bailey, Sterling Bailey, Larry Braathen, Janis Briney, Alan Brookins. Third row: Burlean Brown, Peter Dejanovich, John Dejanovich, Roy Disterheft, Sandra Dunckel, Sharon Faurote.First row; John Grabemeyer, Victor Gray. Second row: Judy Haditz, Cherry Hartlerode. Charlie Hoffmann. Grace Holtz, Tom James, Micheal Jones. Third row: Sharon Keene, Jack Kesterke, Donna Kimball, Ka- thryn Kurtz, James Lawrence, Danny Marquis. Fourth row; Kenneth Martin. Pat McLaughlin, Daniel Mitchell, Bobby Ober, Connie O'Dell, Charles Pagels. Fifth row: Geraldine Pack.TOO tUlY PHOTO Not A First row: Kathy Paul, Carol Polashak. Second row: Charles Porphir, James Rakauski, Junior Rogers, Lee Savich, Lynn Schadt, Janet Schaub. Third row: Robert Schilling, Duane Sells, Donald Skibbe, Stanley Souers, Chuck Tollas, May Walker. Fourth row: Jerry Wedel, Carol Wier, Norlan Wolf, Zettie Watson, Bill Martinec, Mavis McAfee. Fifth row: Selena Vickery.Cheerleaders Junior High Basketball Standing: M. Jones, E. Bailey, L. Prilliwitz, R. Schilling. Kneeling: J. Wedel, K. Marin, D. Miller. Standing: D. Marquis, R. Street, D. Radke, M. Vladic, J. Rakauski. J. Deaner, L. Sch- adt. Kneeling: E. Walker, L. Dunckle, C. Tollas, J. Mitchell, L. Ingle right.Sitting, left to right: B. Beilman, Treasurer; S. Coffinger, Reporter; C. Wakefield, Secretary; B. Brad- ford, Historian. Second row: F. Ganus, P. Church, S. Wakefield, Vice President; Mrs. Willis, Sponsor; B. Smith, President; L. Zimmerly, J. Merritt. Third row: N. Freeman, M. Radtke, T. Paul, R. Willi- ams, M. Hartline, J. McCarthy, K. Waldrop, C. Weaver, R. Herman. Sitting, left to right: L. Forrester, Reporter; R. Reed; R. Radke, Secretary; T. Michael, Vice President; Henry Miller, President; J. Warsko, Treasurer; T. Molter, Historian; R. Dohm, Student Council Rep.; J. Vucich, Advisor. Second row: B. Taylor, D. Paustian, D. Radke, J. Patterson, L. Soures, C. King, D. Scroggs, W. Davis, L. Boelcke. Third row: V. Sells, B. Smith, R. Bradford, R. Farmer, J. Adams, J. Osterman, E. Sapp, B. Dohm, V. Holle. Fourth row: J. Price, E. Dohm, K. Molter, R. Friske, A. Fietz, L. Zielke, S. Bishop, 1. Livingston, B. Flagel. Fifth row: N. Janke, E. Bain, R. Kanizar, D. Bodke, D. Timmreck, A. Root, T. Martinic, R. First, W. Skibbe. F.H.A. and F.F.A.First row, left to right: C. Sanders, D. Garlanger, J. Frochlich, T. Molter. Second row; S. Wakefield, M. Partridge, M. Freehling, D. Adams. Third row: R. Herman, B. Dohm. C. Curtis, A. Arent. Fourth row: B. Smith, R. Williams, G. Adams, C. Schaus. Fifth row; J. Merritt, D. Hassett, N. Peters, B. Dickson. Sixth row; H. Smith, J. Massie. . . insert Judy Butzbach, Editor. Standing: Mrs. Hubbard, Advisor. Commercial Club First row, left to right: D. Garlanger, Vice President; S. Kimball, President; J. Froehlich, Secretary. Second row: F. Miller, P. Parritt, A. Arent, L. Merrill, M. Freehling, C. Curtis, M. Krohne, J. Sedon, S. Latislaw, D. Wheeler. Third row; P. Welch, L. Peachy, B. Bradford, M. Partridge, M. Eber, C. Hahn, C. Sanders, C. Schaus, C. Miller, B. Dohm, Mrs. Hubbard, Not pictured: Margaret Pagels, Treasurer.Library Club Left to right: Pat Partridge, President; Mrs. Schull, 1st Semester Advisor; Joyce Baiers, Rep.; Rosalie Herman. Seated: Carol Bingham, Secretary; Carol McClure, Treasurer; Janet Hill, Vice President. Not pictured: 2nd Semester Advisor, Mrs. Neuser. First table, left to right: Instructor, Mr. Terkos, Judy Smith, Diana Adams, Diane Adams, Kay Waldrop, Philip Tollas. Second table: Melody Hartline, Robert Rodell, Sharon Zielke, Patsy Kendell, Bobbie Will- iams. t) a Art ClubStudent Council Seated: M. Freehling, Parliamentarian; M. Eber, Reporter; D. Schlegel, Vice President; J. Robinson, President, J, Butzbach, Secretary; G. Adam, Honorary Member; Mr. Rhinard, Advisor. Standing: M. Michael, R. Bradford, D. Schlipp, E. Robinson, R. Schram, H. Miller, P. Partridge, S. Wagner, T. Molter, J. Waldrop, R. Dohm, G. Easton, H. Flagel. Not shown: Darlene Garlanger, Treasurer. Varsity Club First row; B. Kremers, J. Garner, Reporter; B. Robinson, Vice President; T. Molter, President; B. Handy, Secretary; R. Doom, Treasurer; B. Dohm. Second row: J. Warsko, F. James, C. Marquis, S. Wagner, Mr. Kennedy, Advisor; H. Miller, B. Epple, J. Robinson, E. Robinson. Third row: D. Rapp, G. Easton, R. Kublick, D. Schlipp, F. Wheeler.Eau Claire First row . M. Eber, C. Kaiser, J. Kramer, G. Eastman. Second row: S. Zielke, C. Weaver, V. Vicini, R. Kesterke, B. Kanizar, J. Faulkner, L. Polashak. Third row: K. Antiss, J. Schaub, L. Smith, M. Mace, J. Dunkel, M. Lehman, B. Shannon, D. Wheeler. Standing: B. Bartel, J. Polashak, J. Kniebes, C. Miller.First row: D. Arter, H. Reipert, R. Ober, R. Kesterke. Second row: B. Epple, L. Boelcke, D. Schlipp, D. Goldner, S. Andres, C. McClure. Third row: V. Holle, R. Schram, D. Peppel, R. Shannon, M. Chronis- ter, J. Hill, A. Grieser, S. Coffinger. Standing: M. Holle, S. Prillwitz, D. Rapp, R. Doom, Mr. Zerbe. Not pictured: M. Prillwitz, M. Pagels, D. Ertman.Twirlers JOYCE CROWDER SUE WEDEL LOUISE MERRILL SHIRLEY LATISLAW, Assistant Majorette Majorette MELODY HARTLINE Letter Carriers Left to right: Sandy Kimball, Janie Reyes, Doris Forrester, Carolyn Curtis, Judy Butzbach, Sue Alexis, Carol Bingham, Pat Church, Darlene Garlanger, and Bonnie Bradford.Mixed Chorus First row, left to right: L. Barlow, C. Martin, M. Sieradzki, C. Rock, D. Seymour, B. Scheffler, D. Sapp, R. Russel, C. Hewitt, S. Kimball, D. Forrester, N. Hart, C. Curtis. Second row: N. Peters, R. Kesterke, L. Scott, B. Bradford, B. Dohm, G. Easton, B. Shannon, D. Schlipp, T. Warsko, C. Bingham, P. Partridge, Reporter; J. Baiers, Vice President; J. Winney. Third row: S. Zech, P. Weaver, L. Zielke, R. Herman, R. Shannon, B. Kanizar, J. Ertman, L. Zielke, C. Kaiser, M. Eber, M. Part- ridge, Secretary; J. Frochlich, C. Schaus. Fourth row: D. Garlanger, M. Merrill, A. Arent, C. Lakey, D. Rapp, M. Rapp, A. Grieser, R. Dohm, R. Dickson, J. Hill, J. Merritt, J. Rodell, B. Smith. Not Pictured: J. Butzbach, F. James, E. Robinson, N. Kuhns, C. Uebler.Theme - TROPICAL PARADISE ruor Place - HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUMSenior Prom Time - 6:30-12:00iJRPH Cherry Cie Baking Winners CAROL MARTIN School Winner of 1958 MAUREEN PARTRIDGE 3rd Place County 1957 Wi Sif Honor Winners All-Conference Football County Driver's Roadeo Winners BONNIE BRADFORD KIT MOLTER JIM ROBINSON, Tackle BERNIE KREMERS, Halfback County Soil Judging Winners Left to right: Mr. Jelnik, Mr. Vucich, Advisor; Frank James, Leroyce Forrester, Ron Radke, Ron Reed, Ishmael Livingston. HOMECOMING - NOVEMBER 8-9 CAROL McCLURE - - — Sophomore Attendant JUDY BUTZBACH.............Senior Attendant MARY KHRONE................Junior Attendant JIM ROBINSON..............Football Captain ROBERTA WILLIAMS....................Queen BEVERLY DICKSON-----------Freshman Attendant JAIL1£ i e UM 7 fr 95 7Standing: H. Chionister, J. Hauch, R. Doom, B. Rakauski, B. Kremers, P. Alexis, E, Robinson. Kneeling: R. Dohm, D. Rapp, D. Rosen tie ter, F. James, C. Marquis, B. Epple, J. Rosenbaum.Tales oj the Baseball Games The 1957 Beaver baseball team under the able coaching of Bob Rhi- nard with strong-armed pitching of fireballer Bob Rakauski and even balance of the rest of the team made Eau Claire's pre-season outlook very good. But due to bad weather and a lack of time for practice ses- sions and many other unpredicted problems, the Beavers emerged with a mediocre season of three wins and four losses. After awaiting a long delayed opening of their season because of in- ferior weather, the Beavers jumped off to a very good start by whallop- ing Edwardsburg 10-3. But after such a good start the Beavers dropped the next two games to Stevensville and New Troy. Then the Beavers fired back to take the next two games from New Buffalo and Bridgman only to lose their last two games to Baroda in a no-hit shutout, and to Three Oaks, the Conference Champions. Last year’s starters were: Catcher, Jim Rosenbaum; Pitcher, Bob Rakauski; First Base, Jerry Hauch; Second Base, Rod Dohm; Shortstop, Phil Alexis; Third Base, Dan Rapp; Left Field. Ron Doom; Center Field, Bernie Kremers; Right Field, Howard Chronister.Tales of the Track Meets BERRIEN SPRINGS BLOSSOM TIME RELAYS Placed 9th scoring Hi points CONFERENCE TRACK MEET Placed 3rd scoring 35i points CONFERENCE MEET RESULTS SCHOOL POINTS NEW BUFFALO 45 NEW TROY 37 EAU CLAIRE 35 i EDWARDSBURG 23 GAL1EN 19 THREE OAKS 17i STEVENSVILLE 15 REGIONAL TRACK MEET Placed 7th scoring 12 pointsStanding: D. Mitchell, R. Guertel, T. Robinson, D. Van Orman. P. Korelich, J. Warsko. Kneeling: B. Dohm, B. Robinson, B. Kremers, H. Miller, F. Grant, D. Schlipp, R. Reed.Front row: Mr. Reynolds, T. Robinson, J. Garner, G. Easton, D. Rapp, B. Robinson, K. Molter, J. Warsko, J. Robinson. T. Molter, R. Kublick, D. Schlipp, R. Reed, B. Dohm, L. Forrester, R. First, D. Mitchell, Mr. Kennedy. Second row; E. Robin- son, N. Kuhns, R. Farmer, R. Bradford, L. Souers, E. Bain, F. James, B. Eppie, S. Wagner, H. Miller, B. Kremers, R. Doom, J. Ertman, L. Zielke, B. Kanizar, R. Shannon, M. Vandgriff, T. Martinic, E. Dohpi- Coaches: MR. REYNOLDS, MR. KENNEDYBOB SHANNON End SETH WAGNER End FRANK JAMES GARY EASTON Quarterback DELBERT SCHLIPP Halfback JOHN WARSKO Guard BILL EPPLE Tackle Guard RON REED HalfbackTackle Co-Captain 957 Football Team Quarterback Co-Captain JIM ROBINSON Tackle Captain Big 8 All-Conference Halfback JOHN GARNER TERRY MOLTER HENRY MILLER Halfback Center EndFootball Cheerleaders Left to right: Ruth Kesterke Sue Alexis Sandy Kimball Jean Sedon Doris Forrester Judy Butzbach Left to right: Ruth Kesterke, Sue Alexis, Sandy Kimball, Jean Sedon, Doris Forrester Judy Butzbach.BOB ROBINSON CHUCK MARQUIS SETH WAGNER RON RUSSELL and BOB HANDY ISHMAEL LIVINSTON BRUCE RAKAUSKI and RON RADKELeft to right: Carol McClure, Sandy Kimball, Lujean Sedon, Judy Butzbatch. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Left to right: Sandy Kimball, Carol McClure, Judy Butzbach, Lujean Sedon.Left to right: Sue Alexis, Carol Kaiser, Lydia Barlow, R«th Kesterke, Doris Forrester. Reserve Cheerleaders Cheerleading Advisor MRS. McNEELYCould this be Mr. and Mrs. Bartels? ? ? Always first and last to eat. Did you say you liked my dress? ? ? You mean you're going to take our picture??? The frosting is always best. Oh, you great big beautiful doll! Which is Elvis? ? ? Takes two to tangoWhere's that ball? ? ? Rakauski's revenge! Lone Ranger and Tonto. Stop it, Cris, that tickles! What's new?}? Just getting a tan, that's all. It's right up here, somewheres! Bottoms up !Alumni CLASS OF 1957 Don Pica---------------— ■ Barbara Alexis----------- Phil Alexis------- - - - ■ Donna Schilling- - - - - Arvon Arent ------- Donald Baiers ---------- Edith Barber-Paustain - - Judith Briney ------- Charles Chronister-------- Joyce Coon - ----------- Jane Dickson------------- Virginia Dillon------- - Hershall Dunatez-------- Ella Fleming-Lidberg — Charlett Forrester-Neeley Betty Freehling--------- Phyliss Gerlach--------- Fredrick Grant - -------- Robert Guertel----------- Gerald Hauch - ---------- Jerry Hill.............. Donald Hirsch ----------- Ella Jarvis-Dillon------ Loren Kniebes ----------- Carol Latislaw------------ Robert McClure --------- George Mitchell----------- Myrna Mitchell --------- Nancy Nace -------------- Burton O'Dell----------- Blaine Olney------------- Karron Paustain--------- Robert Rakauski -------- Margaret Rock------------ James Rosenbaum---------- Donna Russell ---------- Douglas Schadt---------- Sandra Schadt-Kniebes - Elizabeth Schuh---------- Francis Smith-Betts----- Janice Tillman-------- - Doyal Van Orman---------- Robert Wenzloff---------- Marianne White - - - - - Mary Ann Winney--------- -------- — College -------- - - College ........ Home -------... -College ------- - -Farm - - --------College ----------Married ------ - - College ------- ----Home Eau Claire State Bank -------- Whirlpool - - - ---------Home - - - -Armed Services - -------- Married - - - ----Married -------Hugh Plastic - --------Whirlpool - - - Armed Services ----Armed Services ....... College . . -------College Sodus Fruit Exchange -----... Married ------- - - Farm ---------Whirlpool --------------Farm ----Armed Services - - - County Hospital ------------ Home ----- - - - College -------------Home -----------College ------- - College ----------Married -----------College --------- - - College - - - ----College ------- - -Married ------------Home -----------Married ---------------Home ----Armed Services --------- - - College ---------Silver Mills - - - ----CollegeAutographsAutographsAutographsThanking Those Who Helped to Make This Annual Possible Special Thanks to the AdvertisersMILLBURG RED WHITE FEEDS GROCERY Millburg, Michigan WAlnut 5-4351 NAP51 AN A LIVESTOCK AND POU LTP2V' DEEDS Napiana Feed for Every Need - Concentrate - Pellet - Krumetts Feeds - Hay - Grain - Groceries Custom Grinding and Mixing Red White FeedsBest Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1958 MOLTERS MICHIGAN NURSERIES "Growers of Quality Nursery Stock" Ph. WA. 6-6914 1500 U. S. 12 Benton Harbor, MichiganCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduation Class From EAU CLAIRE PACKING CO. Eau Claire, Michigan Compliments of QUALI TV STORE CHET AND RUTH TILLSTROM Hobart 1-3251 Eau Claire, MichiganCongratulations From GARDNERS, INC. Bridgman St. Joseph Benton Harbor Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1958 From ASH LEV FORD SALES New and Used Cars and Trucks Ho 1-4401 Eau Claire, MichiganBest Wishes to the Class of 1958 From KEDMAN STUDIO Phone WA 5-6721 Benton Harbor, Michigan For Your Convenience For Your Pleasure and For Your Good Health Hobart 1-4811 Eau Claire, MichiganCongratulations From L-OUIS GELDER X SONS Millburg, Michigan M. SmcM INSURANCE AGENCY For You - Your Home - Your Business Phones WA 5-6657 and WA 5-4241 Territorial Road Benton Harbor, Michigan RIMES AND HILDEBRAND "Make This Your Store" St. Joseph, MichiganBest of Luck Class of 1958 Bainbridge '0 Michigan BISHOPS Phone HO 1-3841 General Repairs Eau Claire, Michigan Compliments of FARM BUREAU OII COMPANY HO 1-3531 Eau Claire, MichiganHere Is to Your Continued Success STEVENS Apparel for Women and Children Quality at Prices You Like to Pay Pipestone at Wall Street Benton Harbor, Michigan Compliments of NILSON JEWELERS Watches - Silverware - Diamonds - Clocks - Jewelry 322 State St., Saint Joseph and Main Street, Watervliet Congratulations to the Class of 1958 From PAXTON BROS. Your Complete GENERAL ELECTRIC Stores Benton Harbor Saint JosephCompliments of wedeLs TAVERN FOXY AND PAULINE WEDEL Eau Claire, Michigan Insurance for Every Need TILLSTKOM INSURANCE AGENCY Where Protection Tells and Service Sells Berrien Center and Eau Claire Phone - Eau Claire Hobart 1-3811 or 1-3251 DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods - Shoes Clothing - Gifts Household Appliances Phone Hobart 1-5821 Eau Claire, Michigan Compliments of TROOST BROTHERS Furniture - Carpets - Draperies 69-71 Wall Street Benton Harbor, MichiganBest Wishes From the Sodus, Michigan “Everything for the Farmer and Fruit Grower” Compliments of HILL'SM1 - L-ATDY's SHOPPE Compliments of KLI N1ES DEPARTMENT STORE Foy Your Lovely Things 136 Pipestone 133 E. Main Street Phone WA 5-9212 Phone WA 5-7491 Benton Harbor, Michigan Benton Harbor, Michigan RHOR 1 NIG CLOTHING CO. ANCHOR BARBER BEAUTY SHOP Strike It Smart in 76 Wall Street Varsity Town Clothes Open Every Day 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Benton Harbor, Michigan Benton Harbor, Michigan VI LOCO MACHINE COMPANY THE ENDERS COMPANY Manufacturing Machinists Main Through to Water Street and Engineers Benton Harbor, Michigan Benton Harbor, Michigan Wise Spenders Shop at Enders OLSEN A NO EBAN JEWELRY COMPANY Your Key to Greater Values 70 W. Main Benton Harbor, Michigan Smart Women Apparel 122-124 Pipestone St. Benton Harbor, MichiganCompliments of n a . Aren-f you Coke? •onue i «i «Man o» on (OCMOU •» Saint Joseph, Michigan 3 Great Stores TERRYS The Home of Advertised Styles as Seen in “Seventeen Benton Harbor Saint Joseph A EAU CLAIRE STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Biggest - Little Bank in Michigan ■BAND BOX CLEANERS Finest in Cleaning Sudden Service in by 10 - out by 5 Phone GR 1-5011 Berrien SpringsSew and Save the FABR 1C SHOPPE WILLSON HARDWARE AND PLUMBING Phone GR 1-5311 Benton Harbor, Michigan Berrien Springs, Michigan Compliments of schug's HAL'S DRUG STORE CLOTHIERS '‘Service for the Sick” Sharp Styles Always Available Formal Rental Phone GR 1-4611 4 Corners Benton Harbor Berrien Springs, Michigan WILLIAMS THE journal- 7 ERA Printers and Publishers JEWELERS OPTOMETRISTS Phone GR 3-5421 Corner of Wall and Pipestone St. Benton Harbor Berrien Springs, Michigan Compliments of Compliments • RICHARDSON‘S of OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY LaDONNA 169 E. Main BEAUTY SHOP Phone WA 5-2101 Everything for the Office Many Things for the Home Phone HO 1-3772 Benton Harbor, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan139 Pipestone Benton Harbor Suits - Coats - Dresses Sportswear - Lingerie OPEN MONDAY NOON ‘TIL 9:00 P.M. Compliments of SO HRADER'S SUPER MARKET ‘‘Where Every Cartfull Always Costs You Less” Berrien Springs, Michigan Compliments of CY-LOU FARM Telephone HObart 1-5950 or 1-5954 Eau Claire, MichiganSKIMMER'S PAINT BODY SHOP Complete Collision Service Custom Styling Phone Eau Claire HO-1-5221 Eau Claire, Michigan Best Wishes of EAU CLAIRE LOCKER Have Your Meat Thermo-Glazed Compliments of FERGUSON SO MS FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 103 W. Ferry Street Eau Claire, Michigan Phone GR 3-1141 Berrien Springs, Michigan Compliments of LOVE MANUFACTURING The Finest in Implements for Farm and Industrial Use Eau Claire, Michigan Congratulations to the Compliments of FIVE Class of 1958 CORNERS DEANS GARAGE DAIRY CARL SCHLIPP Eau Claire, MichiganGAMBLES McLaughlin STANDARD SERVICE “The Friendly Store” Dial HO 1-5321 STANDARD Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan KLUG FARM EQUIPMENT bowerman's APPLIANCES John Deere and John Bean Farm Equipment Sales and Service Phone HO 1-4721 Eau Claire, Michigan RICHARD AND WANDA BOWER MAN Phone HO 1-3243 Eau Claire, Michigan Compliments of BOWERMAN FUNERAL HOME Serves You Always at the ROYAL BARBER SHOP ERNEST LEATZ, Prop. Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Best Wishes of TOON'S SHOE STORE Smart Shoes for Gals and Guys Phone WA-5-8423 Benton Harbor, MichiganZinc and Aluminum Die Casting HERMEL DIE CASTING CORPORATION Eau Claire, Michigan HERMAN ZELMER Dies Jigs Fixtures Compliments of CHANGE KRUGH Eau Claire, Michigan Compliments of STRONG INSURANCE SERVICE For All Your Insurance Needs Phone HO 1-5964 Berrien Center, Michigan - r — • 5 ' • m m — — • • V « .—V— ’ + ' , —»" « - •«•'' j,. . — ‘r -• " - ■ ’ ►- j r - '♦• w r— ♦ • - -■+ ■ ■ “ ' -4 ‘ ■• • ■ --- v "' '”--- 'v “-— . -. •-.- - ' — -.i- v ’' -r» ►- '.--s 0 •- ' - "'• “ » ' -- ’■ — ■ '-i ••♦ — ,- . ' ‘ VW - V-V - v’ ..-- -. .. -■ - r « v • -v- - i S V V T 'V f 7 “ % % r • 4 -- • •- A.. w— •• A -V ‘T'.- r v'-»' '—- •■ ■’ ' -' ’» T - r ‘—' t—' fr.' “ •+ ’■—% ‘ r- y’ -• v -•.- ’. - .— ••' ■ ' •■“ r ' f " 'J ” • • ■ ' ''•m' .• -y Jf - -» r- M •--«. er- e' ' • »• " ► A -' •«•• ' ' ‘ - 'r’ r ' • ■“ '7 ' ■ '’. X • «- - - r ♦. '•''o - - " •• '-•' •»'■ »— ' ■ —- r -•.. , ' V-r|•• -r -•3 .- v- - ;-v ’-V.. --------------------------------------------v'-«r f.. •'--•• • ? “ -- , .-v- «- - . -.«- . . —- - ’ ‘ •. ,‘ V» A ■ • •• - . . ■ A -t ’ rf f f ♦ ' •-»• ■- T • -. «• ' r- - • -t r V Jp - • • « V '• ' -• A w - ■ r- A' . ‘V «1 •■ - " «•• — • v.-‘ a -- •- - V-? ’• • A w » - % . »•• -a ; —• + + m Z % • - — j • r «0 • r • , • • - • •» — -- -- -. s ?- - -• •V —A A- • ■+ r' -w + -• » m+ r— r- - -.vr r . m A • m •+ . • A V - A -a - ”• 01 -v • . - ’»a W r “ A • • v ‘•f'. — A A V ' • — • •- A ' A ‘A • •V- 1 • — — • - • “ — ' - • -A «. — ••• 9 • — •■ r ' r «• • ‘ •V •• -• — ’1 -0 —-4 • 19 y ’ ■ -• — - A r • • - - • -; i-- -.«• -• '- - ‘ - - - -- A -«• a - • «• «4 ► A • » • ' 'V A • — dt' A a f % ( t 1 • m — - . 4l' % m t iV 1 • M • -•• I • • A % W A— • A 0 V. ✓' 0A- f A 4 " A 4% A • " • - • v » .i A .«A 1 A —• — • ' . -• + ..+ • ' % • . - A «« « A • - a • • - s - • - - ' - ++' ' «r • • •A- -■• • " • % ■ • ?! W - . " «• mk 1 ■• •» V » -' - ' -- i + ■».•- - — V - A • - A • • • ,, V ' .» • • mr 0— • a • •• -• — - - - - -• . • + — % • .. 4» -. • V •. • ■ - -4 » A ar- 4 ... •- A" — « m.-. - • + r — sr—- .- •' »-' - • - — • V .- - 1 • j ;- . -.- " • • •"m % •- . i • - • ' V ♦ • 0 4 •' J - X. - A. A « 1. -» ■ •’ ‘ »v r- 0 J. — ' . , : w’ 7 A a V- 5 • » . - -v -V •— — V • A ' • . ■- • r' r" “ A ■ ► X. , ■ l • •’ — • - '•X • A 4 A - 1 • rr A ■'A •Af • a’ • •“ A A A gr -jp-" • • ♦ 7 A -m •» 'T ’ •» •»• A A -" V ■ •» ■ • •» 1 ' A • . • -A -A • - •Ta 9 • ■ r A- A • j A • - ' -- A ’ • - A - ' i •A- J» - — - » ’ t + • — AT A - -- r» a • 4 m - • a v' ’ - — • ✓ «• A 9. • A -« • ■ • 1 A ■» A - 4 r— •’ A v« »• «- -• - • - - • - A A ■ A A • •- r «« ‘ • • • • -A • •4 »• —A 4 - c- « •• - A -x A A A A A — A - . A - A • A . -4 • 4 - 1 —- . — - • •• 4 - - A - A A . % -» A - 4. A - «•‘«a ' "• + • 4 - n •• 4 -X A A a. A - — - - -A. « A ‘ « A- . J« 0A -A — - - «- 4 " %- % A A A a • A A « A .'A ‘ A « ' '4 A A % 1 4 A •• «0. . 4" ' • . y ' ► -4 A - A» — X- - -A A A A A A . A A 0» «A a f A • - A .A - A ■ - A. A ‘ V • • A -- «A A - • y v • ■- A - - A • «' % • f • X A • A « - A " — a' f. - • • - • •4 •• A %» jm • • • A - 4 — —„ ' t - w ‘0 a a M • 0 •“ • m+ 4 - « - - •- - -A - A A A A 4 4$ - —4 - A A A A y v — V A % A 0 • x %», — - • • A •♦ - A r — ,- - - A- .- 4 - «% - -4a 0g A - 4 4fc A ►4k' W -—A ■ • - ••s- r A •» — A • '-k A A • 4 - . • V "♦ , •v ’ 4a.. • A' - A ▼ A A A • ■ A « A - — • 4 • - A „ + + • — - v r '2 • f± •« “ 'A -' S , ✓ r A • •“ — • r • T

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