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Mrs. Ferris and Mr. Miller who have been our sponsors these last two years of our High School life, and who have been so co-operative and patient, we, the class of 19 9, dedicate this annual. ! I { I 1BOARD OF EDUCATION R. W. Keigley-President Wm. J. Likes-Secretary Edward Holle-Trustee Jay Staley-Trustee Mrs. Helen Kaiser-Treasurer FOREWORD - The 1949 BEAVER TALES staff proudly presents this annual as an hon- est endeavor to portray the ideals, aims and achievements of the past school year at Eau Claire High School. May the mem- ories it recalls be happy and everlasting. itT. M. MOMANY. SUPERINTENDENT I am the Master of my Fate. ! am the Captain of my Soul. MRS. W. CARTER Home Economics 'WRh malice toward none. L. PENNINGTON. PRINCIPAL 5BEAVER TALES STAFF Standing: Activities Editor...... Art Editor............. Advisor.................. Photography Editor ... School News Editor . .. Sports Editor.......... Advisor................ Assistant Sports Editor .. .. Donna Souers .... Ethel Hoover Mrs . Helen F erris .... Gloria Briney . Eunice Thalmann .. . Arthur Kalinas . .. Mr. Don Miller ....Ronald Karn Sitting: Alumni Editor................................. Enders Assistant Business Manager.........................pat LaVanway Editor..........................................Carole Welcher Business Manager..........................Rosalea Kirk 68CAROLE WELCHER Glee Club I. 2. 3, 4 Band 4 Vice-President 1, 4 Secretary 3 A. A. President 3 Junior fc Senior Play 3» 4 F. H. A. 1» 2. 3. 4 Editor o4 Eager Beaver” A. A. Secretary 4 ROSALEA KIRK Glee wlub 1.2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3. 4 F. H. A. I. 2. 3. 4 F. H. A. Parliamentarian 4 S. C. Vice-President 2 S. C. President 3 Ath. Assoc. Secretary-Treasurer 3 Cheerleader 2. 3. 4 Vice-President 3 President 4 Junior and Senior Play 3, 4 GLORIA BR1NEY Band 1. 2. 3. 4 Glee Club 1.4 Reporter 3. 4 Junior and Senior Play Prompter3, 4 F. H. A. 1. 2. 3. 4 Treasurer F. H. A. 2. 3 Chmn. of Pep Squad 4 Business Manager ”E. B. 4 Treasurer 4 PAT LAVANWAY Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4 Band 1. 2 Junior-Senior Play 3, 4 F. H. A. 1. 2. 3. 4 F. H. A. President 2, 3 S. C. Secretary 4 F. H. A. Secretary 4 Secretary 4 A. A. President 4 Treasurer 3 Associate Editor E. B. 9ARTHUR KALINAS F. F. A. 1» 2. 3, 4 F. F. A. Secretary 1 F. F. A. Vice president 2 F. F. A. Treasurer 3 V. Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4 Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4 President 2, 3 Secretary 1 A. A. Rep. 4 S. C. President 4 Junior 11 Senior Play 3 EUNICE THALMANN Cheerleader 3 4 Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4 F.H.A. 1.2. 3. 4 Editor of J. E. News’ 4 Junior li Senior Play 3. 4 Band 1, 2. 3. 4 Vice President F. H. A. 3 JOANN ENDERS Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4 F. H. A. 1.2. 3. 4 F. H. A. Secretary 3 Play Prompter 3 Junior k Senior Play 4 Associate Editor ”J. E. News 4 S. C. Representative 3. 4 RONALD KARN V. Basketball 2. 3. 4 Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4 Junior It Senior Play 3. 4 F.F. A. 1.2,3 Glee Club 3 10ETHEL HOOVER Glee Club 1. 2. 3. F.H. A. 1.2.3. F. H. A. Reporter F. H. A. Treasurer Art Editor E. B. Junior and Senior Play DONNA SOUERS F. H. A. Reporter 2 F. H. A. 1.2.4 Glee Club 1.2 Band 2 DELORES AVERY . H. A. 1.2.4 Glee Club 1. 4 RUTH WALDO Glee Club F. H. A. DONNA DURHAM President at S. O. 1 Typist •‘Bakersfield 3 Glee Club 1. 4 Cheerleader 1. 3 Freshman Play 1 Basketball 2. 3 11 We started high school in September 19 5. The enrollment was thirty- two. Class members were: Jack Blake, Art Kalinas, Raymond Jahnke, Ron- ald Karn. Frank Bell, Wayne Thumm, Rich. Keigley, Douglas Wendzel, Fred Sells, Richard Mattner, Jim Watson, Clifford Arent, Bill Kunst, Gloria Briney, Joann Enders, Pat LaVanway, Rosalea Kirk, Ethel Hoover, Eunice Thalmann, Delores Avery, Ruth Waldo, Donna Souers, Carole Welcher, Anna Bell, Joyce Wade, Ruth Flugrat, Shirley Valutis, Ester Goins, Georgia Murphy, Phyllis Collins, Anna Mae Lloyd, and Lillian Atkinson. Class Officers that year were: President, Douglas Wendzel: Vice President, Carole Welcher: Secretary, Art Kalinas: and Treasurer, Jack Blake. In September, 19 +6 we started our second year of high school with twenty members. They were: Gloria Briney, Joann Enders, Pat LaVanway, Rosalea Kirk, Ethel Hoover, Ruth Waldo, Eunice Thalmann, Delores Avery, Donna Souers, Carole Welcher, Anna Bell, Joyce Wade, Ruth Flugrat, Jack Blake, Art Kalinas, Raymond Jahnke, Ronald Karn, Jack Aubill, Frank Bell and Johnny Creighton. Class Officers for that year were: President, Art Kalinas; Vice Pres- ident, Ruth Flugrat; Secretary, Johnny Creighton; and Treasurer, Jack Blake. In September, 19 +7 we started our Junior year in high school with fifteen members. They were as follows: Gloria Briney, Joann Enders, Pat LaVanway, Rosalea Kirk, Ethel Hoover, Eunice Thalmann, Delores Avery, Ruth Waldo, Donna Souers, Carole Welcher, Jack Blake, Art Kalinas, Ray Jahnke, Ronald Karn, and Jack Aubill. The Class Officers of that year were: President, Art Kalinas; Vice President, Rosalea Kirk; Secretary, Carole Welcher; and Treasurer Pat LaVanway. In September, 19 8 we started our Senior year in high school with thirteen members. They were: Gloria Briney, Joann Enders, Pat LaVanway, Rosalea Kirk, Ethel Hoover, Eunice Thalmann, Ruth Waldo, Delores Avery, Donna Souers, Carole Welcher, Donna Durham, Art Kalinas, and Ronala Karn. The Class Officers for the year were: President, Rosalea Kirk; Vice President, Carole Welcher; Secretary, Pat LaVanway, and Treasurer, Gloria Briney. uCan't see why they picked ue for grumblers after we hare been trying to be euch little angele, but It look like now we'll hare to ehow our feelings and stop pretending. I can't understand why all the teachers send their work to the typists when our hands are so cold we have to wear gloves. Now that we have our new boiler It seems like we could have Just a little more heat on chilly mornings. Why can't we have our old typewriters back so there won't be so many tall, dark and handsome repairmen around distracting the SENIOR girls from tnelr studies? It seems to me that we should have some librarians so that the SENIORS could read the magazines before they are torn to bits by lower classmen. Why can't the school buy some pencil sharpeners so every one can get A's In Chemistry? It seems as though we could have at least two eresers In the science room so we wouldn't have to hear Mr. Miller and Mr. Penn- ington griping. Why Is It that Mrs. Carter expects all of us to starve Just because she Is on a diet? I wish Christmas trees were Just a little, yes even a little cheaper. It seems as though we'll be working forever paying Interest on that eight dollars. I still can't understand how the policemen can be the first to the cafeteria when they are supposed to be watching the halls. I don't understand why the lower classmen won't sponsor more dances so the seniors won't have to loose their money. Why Is It that the teachers can talk out loud in study hall and tne students can't even whisper without the added remark lts getting too noisy In here I ? Why doesn't the school board make It possible for the seniors to have a room for class meetings with lounging chairs, nice soft music, and sound proof walls? Then we wouldn't have to worry about the lower classmen capturing our Ideas. It seems like we could have Just a few more assemblies with movies, oh, educational of course, after all the work the alumni put toward the projector. It seems to me that the lower classmen don't give the sen- iors enough seniority. Why can't the SENIORS have their own private lockers In the halls so we won't have to stack our coats up when we arrive late. Also why can't the girls have a key to the upstairs lav for basketball gemes or have some mirrors downstairs wo we don't have to be ashamed of our school when we have guests. Can't see why the SENIORS can't have half hour classes after three years of hard studying. Why can't we have a bigger platform for the study hall desk so we won't have to worry about Mr. Miller falling off and Injuring him self. You know we would all hate to miss those Chemistry TESTS. How about these teachers and their special privilege of having tnelr alnners saved for them.. Shouldn't It be the SENIORS ? ? ? ? ? . 2, -r Jr' S Ruth Waldo 7SCL 13Senior Class Poem ach and every Senior iThat passes through these doors, Has knowledge, pride and memories Which he forever adores. Although we've had to work and strive, Our goals are most complete And into the fast and moving world We have joys and sorrows to meet. o nusual as this class really is We're not always as good as can be Now take Arthur, our athletic man, The nickname of five has he. C arole is the studious one, Her marks were always high As an English instructor she sees herself As she gazes into the sky. et's say a few good things about Pat Who was always warm and true, Accompanying for Glee Club, printing our paper What more could we ask her to do? » A. gal with ambition we like to see L JSo Joann has been selected To giggle or laugh and yell at the games, Her cheers were to be expected. En studies, activities or with the gang Or out on the basketball floor, Rosalea Kirk as cheerleader proved, Our friend forevermore. uthie Waldo, so timid and shy, Or so it has been said When an out of the ordinary question is asked What makes your face so red? m thel with her artistic hand Drew covers for the paper this If the dress designers attract In California she'll appear. year, her enougheov about Ronnie, our second 'lone boy, With eleven girls in the class? In sports he starred, in studies worked hArd, So in college we know he'll pass. n the spring, summer or fall of the year On the farm she's busy as a bee She worked awfully hard in school too, Her name, Delores Avery. loria is next upon our list In this school known very well, She's been here from the 'ginners grade on Her many friends think she's swell. 0ere's the girl that's like a hug Short and sweet, but you see, Donna Durham doesn't like it a bit, You can all look down on me. Sewing, cooking and baking too |Queen of the County was she It was Eunice who baked that Cherry pie, But a Beautition she plans to be. [Confident, casual and carefree 1 ) |We describe Donna Souers this way As humorous as you can find them, She kept us happy alJ day. eappily all of us gather This class of ' f9 Today we're all together. Tomorrow, some are behind. Our lessons and duties we've had to do, The troubles and Joys we've shared, The happy mem'ries we gathered here Will remain with us for'ere. Our parents and teachers thoughtful ; Have rendered much of their time To help us through our early life To prepare us for the climb. 0ook at the halls we used to walk, The stairs we used to tread, Eau Claire High we see in gladness What we used to see in dread. 15■ We, the class of 19 9» about to pass out of this sphere of education In full possession of a crammed mind, well trained memory, and vast under- standing, do make and publish this our last will and testament. To the class of 50 the senior class wills Mr. Miller as a sponsor. To Mrs. Ferris, our wonderful commercial teacher, we will the chanoe to be a sponsor of a class as nice as the seniors. Ruth Waldo wills her figure to Lottie Ward. To Arbeautus Hartwlg, Donna Souers wills her ability to keep a man. Donna Durham wills her size three shoe to Beverly Hewitt. To Marilyn Awdukewlch, Eunice will her the ability to sing and find pages In Glee Club, without going Into spasms. Rosalea wills to Bob Mattner her gracefulness so that he can run down the basketball floor without tripping over his own feet. To Walt Peachey, Donna Durham wills her shortness. Gloria Brlney wills to the little midget, Jeanette Walters, her chub- biness. To Mr. Pennington, our coach, Art and Ronnie will some more basket- ball players like themselves. The senior girls leave to Mr. Pennlnsrton a few bobby pins to keep the hair out of his eyes. To Mr. Momany, the seniors leave the ability to run the school after the 49'ers leave. Delores Avery wills to Marilyn Awdukewlch the ability to keep her mouth dosed. To Francis Jackson, Ronnie leaves his slim physique. Pat leaves her musical ability to Mary Enders on the condition that she use It when no one Is listening. To the History of the School, we leave our famous names, whose auto- biographies would fill volumes, and also the honor of producing the first annual since 1930. Ruth wills to Clara Mattner, her bashfulness. The seniors will to the Janitors, two lounging chairs for the boiler room. Rosalea wills her ability In cheerleading to Jane Smith, maybe that will make her look more petite. Eunice wills her cheerleading ability to Delores Heppler, think she will get It this time? Carole wills to Ronnie Murpny a few more freckles. To Mr. Mortorff, the seniors will the ability to discipline his stu- dents. To the basketball team—a few more trophies. Delores wills her glasses to Bob Peever so that he won's always be stepping on someone's feet. : Art wills his Line when talking to girls to Frank Hoover. To Lottie Ward, Eunice Thalmann wills her ability to wear a sweater. To Mrs. Ferris, we dedicate the memory of our BEST BEHAVIOR. The senior boys leave their splendid spirit of stubborness to the mules from which It originated. Ruth Waldo wills her ability to keep slender to Adele Kaiser. To Donald Schllpp, Ethel wills her natural curly hair, so maybe now he won't have to get a tonl every six months. Art wills his exceed weight to Ronald Kelgley. IkTo Willie Brown, the aeniore will a seat next to Jane Thomas so he can get better marks in his studies. Pat wills to Cora Ruff her ability to get her Bookkeeping done. Eunloe wills Joyoe Classman her long finger nails, so now maybe she will have something to ohew on. Gloria wills her ability not to blush to Harry Stockman. To the sophomore girls we will our sparkling halos. The senior class wills to Earl Paustlan and Sam Waldo a girlfriend. To Mrs. Carter, the seniors will the ability to drive oarefully like Vernon Peachey. To Mr. Miller, our wonderful advisor, we leave a modern ohemlstry room with oomplete facilities and some Intelligent students. To the Juniors we leave only one skip day with a sponsor because the senior girls took the other one this year. To the entire school we leave our sweet dispositions, the oo-oper- atlon we have given our teachers and our aolllty to Oe trustworthy. Signed, sealed and published by the above named class of 19 9. Rfl and for tnelr last will'and testament In the presence of us who have neretofore suoeoribed our names and witnesses In the presence of tne said testators and of each other. Signed----Class of 19 9 Witnesses-Ethel Hoover Donna Souers Pat LaVanway MOTTO— If we rest—we rust. COLORS—Peach and light green. ADVISOR—Mr. Don Miller. FLOWER—Talisman rose. 17SENIOR Hame Nick Name 1 Joann Bndera Jo 2. Gloria Briney Briney 3. Eunice Thalmann Eunie U» Donna Souers Speed 5 Donna Durham Nubbin 6. thel loover Myrt 7» Carole Welcher Puggy 8. Patricia LaVanway Pat 9. Roaalea Kirk Red 10. Ruth Waldo Katie 11. Arthur Kallnaa Lover Boy 12. Ronald Kara Ronnie 15» Delores Avery DeDe FACULTY 1. T. M. Momany T. M. 2. Loren Pennington Penny Whistle 5. Don Miller Don I4.. Winifred Carter Winnie 5« Helen Ferris Slavedrlver Sure To Be Favorite Son Florist Until Nurse Because Beauty Operator Symphony Private Secretary Hankerln Stenographer Tree in the Meadow Designer Till Then Teacher Stardust Music Teacher Dizzy Fingers Interior Deoorator Always Airline Stewardess We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye Coach Stardust Lawyer You Can't Be True Dear Farmer Far Away Places Doctor Beautiful Ohio Music Teacher Jerry Concert Pianist Stardust Glee Club Director Peg 0' My Heart Attorney Bless This House HOROSCOPB Pot Saying Characteristic Hobby Oh Shoot Dimplea” Seeing Movies Oh Boy Stubborneaa Writing Letters Thero Ooos a Man With a Head” Haver Mind Figure Peraonality Sewing Dancing My Ooah Shortneaa Cooking Oh Plah Long Curly Hair Drawing Isn't it Precioua Pug Noae Reading Oh Crlpe Rosy Cheeks Talking to Merritt Really Dark Brown Byes Dancing If You Say So Baahfulness Sewing I Can Lick Hi® Wolf Girls Oreat Oah Ooah Temper Sports Oee Whit Chewing Oum Farming Take Your Booka and Oo Hone A Paltry Old Sum Sternneaa Hair in Eyes Pitching Horse-ahoe Traveling Oo See the Boaa Crooked Smile Playing Sports and the Piano Are You Out of Order? Always on a Diet Studying the Piano Oh, You Seniora Skipping Class Reading 19 Eunloe- Hallo, I'm from NBC atudlo . I'd like an Interview of your reoent tour around the world. How long hare you been with the Metropoli- tan Opera Company? Joann- Oh, two yeara after I graduated from Eau Claire High, when a aohool ohum Ronald Earn took over Arthur Godfrey ahow, I appeared on hia talent ahow and from there went to Hollywood for an audition in moving pioturee and then oame to New York and have been ainging here and abroad ever ainoe. Euniee- Ronald Earn—aay that aounda familiar, ao are you—aren't you Joann Endera? Joann- And you're Eunice Thalmann.'.' How long have you been in New York? Eunloe- Bob and I have been living here for two yeara. I went to radio achool after I graduated and atarted working for the atudloa aa 80on aa I finished. Bob ha8 a large oontraot with the New York MerohantB to build their new atore building. Joann- Well, aay, you remember Roaalea Elrk, don't you? I met her at the hoapltal a few daya ago when I had a throat Irritation. She la a nurae and top dletltion there. I didn't get to talk much but I'm aure ahe'll be at the party tonight------------here ahe la now. Roaalea-Hl, Jo. Sorry I'm late but I was called in on a special oaae Just before I left the hoapltal. Why Eunle, I've heard your broadcast over the air but never expected to aee you here. Eunloe- Did you hear the broadcast about Donna Souers winning the academy award in Hollywood for playing the moat dramatic part of the year? After Bob Young flniahed hie Geologist oourae they were married and moved to California ao that he could study the soils and weather conditions there. Donna la awfully busy with pictures—and of oourae housework. Rosalea-Speaklng of pictures, Donna Durham la a photographer for a men'» magazine. Her latest assignment was to get picture of a ranoh and ahe happened to atop at a sheep ranoh out in Arizona and you can't guess who owned the place—- Joann- Not Art??? Ro8alea-Yee, Arthur. He's raising sheep for wool ao that he oan keep up his Eager Weaver Rug Company. Joann- Wasn't it he that went out to California right after aohool let out for the Gold rush? Too bad he was 100 years behind time. Eunice- Juat like him. He was always getting hia dates mixed.Joann- About a month ago when I was In Florida, I aet Gloria. She's a Powers Model, can you believe It? Ronnie has the management of the Powers Company in Florida as a business on the sideline. Gloria was named Model Mother of the year in 1958, she and Gene have three children. Rosalea-She has? Why, you know, Pat La Vanway won the Miss America Contest back in '51. Merritt was pretty proud of that. Euniee- What is she doing now? Rosalea-She's a Home Ec. teacher at Michigan State. Carole and Pat went to college together. LeDair is a salesman for the Singer Sewing Com- pany. and Carole is a sewing instructor at the company Those four children of hers keep her busy sewing at home too. Joann- What ever happened to Delores Avery? Is she married? Eunice- Yes, I believe she is. I don't remember who it is though, the name slipped my mind. I do know though that she is a ballet dancer in Chicago. Rosalea-By the way, I got a letter from Ethel the other day. That big law firm she has established in San Francisco is coming along fine. Eunice- Did she marry that lucious muscle man, Dale Downing? Rosalea-Yes, he won that Mr. America contest both last year and this yean Joann- Remember Ruth Waldo? I met her on the boat while I was going over seas. She is an Ambassador to Africa. With the Republicans in power, everybody is getting good jobs!! Eunice- I read in the paper the other day that Mr. Miller was giving a lec- ture on atomic research at some big dinner. He sure was hard on us in Chemistry. Joann- Yes, Chemistry. Remember all the 5's Art used to get for doing something that wasn't his fault or else nothing at all? Most of the time it was nothing, tooJl Rosalea-Its been so nice reminiscing that I almost forgot I was supposed to meet Bill. Joann— I noticed you were engaged. When are you and Bill being married? Rosalea-Sometime within the next few years if I can find time to do so. Eunice- My, how time fliesi I'd better be leaving. I'll have to type up this news before tomorrow morning's broadcast. Its been so much fun finding out what happened to all the kids we used to know. Rosalea-WE'LL have to have another party in »69 and see what changes have been made. Good-bye Jo—bye Eunle. Jo and Eunie -bye. 2124TOP ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: JUNIORS (Left to right) R. Murphy; P. Hibbs; W. Peachey; V. Peachey; S. Waldo. J. Thomas; D. Heppler; W. Brown; J. Classman; C. Ruff. E. Paustian; H. Stockman; Mrs. Ferris; B. Mattner; H. Hoover. SOPHOMORES TOP ROW: (Left to right) O. Street; R. Peachey; H. Harner; A. Celia; K. Leach; S. Zech; R. Keigley; S. Dohm; E. Allerton. SECOND ROW: B. Peever; M. Enders; R. Gustafson; M. Zuhl; L. Scroggs; E. Wright; R. Bellman; D. Haught; Mr. Miller. THIRD ROW: V. Billings; L. Ward; A. Hart wig; J. Waldo J. Howard; S. Repar; S. Grant J. Waldo. ISTOP ROW: FRESHMEN (Left to right) H. Stockman; J. Davis; F. Stover; T. Menchinger; C. Duncan; V. Cuthbert; T. Davis; F. Tollas; F. Hoover; F. Jackson; SECOND ROW: D. Durham; D. Ward; J. Smith; M. Prill wits; M. Bennett; D. Van Orman; B. Fecho; E. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: C. Mattner; A. Kaiser; M. Awdukewich; B. Hewitt; M. Harrington. J. Walters; Mr. Pennington. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES TOP ROW: (Left to right) S. Duneats; J. DeGear; B. Frank; B. McVay; J. Kremer; T. Tidey; B. Herman; G. Glenn; SECOND ROW: V. Thalmann; R. Knoth; E. Jones; B. Blaylock; E. Street; S. Tidey; E. Paustian; J. Grabowski; L. Duncan; Mr. Mortorfl. THIRD ROW: L. Frank; N. Grant; D. Air good; M. Karn; M. Kasischke; J. Rock; E. Merrill. BOTTOM ROW: D. Schlipp; B. Tollas; M. Scott; E. Merrill. 26JUNIOR SENIOR PLAY CAST STANDING: Left to Right; Mr. Pennington, director: Glori» Briney, Bob Mnttner, prompters; Pnl LoVnnway, Ronald Morphy. SEATED: Ronald Kara, Paul Hibbs. Myron Freedman. Joann Coders. Eunice Tbabnann. Joyce Classman. Rosalea Kirk. Carole Welcher and Vernon Peachey. THE ADORABLE IMP On Tuesday and Wednesday, November 23 and 24, the juniors and seniors gave their annual play called, The Adorable Imp directed by Mr. Pennington. The cast was encouraged by the support which the community gave them by their hearty laughs and expressions of approval. Myron Freedman very ably played the part of an elderly gentleman and Paul Hibbs played the part of his grandson. Pat LaVanway was the maid who saw all, heard all and blabbed all. Carole Welcher played the part of “The Adorable Imp.” She was trying to discourage the men from the city from marrying her mother, played by Rosalea Kirk. Joyce Glassman played the part of a snooty but wealthy girl and Vernon Peachey that of a young college student. Ronald Murphy was the next door neighbor of Rosalea and loved Rosalea. Ronald Karn was an elderly man from the country who was in love with Joanne Enders who was Rosalea’s mother. Ronald Murphy and Ronald Karn got a lot of laughs when they disguised themselves as a butler and a cook. Hortense Hostetter Betty Lou Gordon Mrs. Abby Simpkins Brian Barela Malvina Barclay Pamela Gordon Clint Purdy Winston Pickrell Dilworth Pickrell Imogene Van Ryndon Ross Waldron Pat LaVanway Carole Welcher Joann Enders Ronald Murphy Eunice Thalmann Rosalea Kirk Ronald Karn Myron Freedman Paul Hibbs Joyce Glassman Vernon Peachey 29GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: (Left to right) P. La Vanway; R. Kirk; E. Hoover; J. Enders; J. Glassman; S. Grant; R. Gustafson; E. Thalmann; G. Briney. SECOND ROW: D. Avery; M. Awdukewich; C. Mattner; M. Prillwita; J. Smith B. Hewitt; J. Walters; C. Welcher. BOTTOM ROW: V. Cuthbert; D. VanOrman; V. Thalmann; Mrs. Mosher; F. Jackson; D. Schlipp; L. Duncan.. TOP ROW: BAND (Left to right) N. Laberdy; R. Kunst; J. Grabowski; E. Thalmann; D. Var Orman; V. Thalmann; P. Kalinas; D. Schlipp; V. Peachey; E. Miller; R. Kirk; G. Briney; C. Welcher. BOTTOM ROW: D. Heppler; J. Mitchell; F. Stover; J. Gustafson; J. Glassman and Mr. Clark. HOME ECONOMICS AND F. H. A. TOP ROW: (Left to right) L. Scroggs; G. Briney; D. Souers; R. Kirk; E. Hoover; P. LaVanway; J. Enders; E. Thalmann; C. Welcher; D. Avery. SECOND ROW: C. Mattner; M. Prlllwitz; J. Smith; M. Bennett; S. Grant; M. Endera; R. Gustafson; J. Howard; J. Waldo; M. Zuhl. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Carter; Advisor; C. Ruff; D. Heppler; E. Wright; S. Repar; L. Ward; V. Billings; A. Hart wig; BOTTOM ROW: J. Waldo; A. Kaiser; M. Harrington; M. Awdukewich; B. Hewitt; J. Walters. AGRICULTURE AND F. F. A. TOP ROW: (Left to right)E. Allerton; D. Van Orman; J. Davis; P. Hibbs; W. Brown; A. Kalinas; W. Peachey; V. Peachey; R. Keigley; S. Zech; S. Dohm. SECOND ROW: Mr. Miller; O. Street D. Durham; F. Stover; V. Cuthbert; A. Cells, B. Mattner; B. Harner; F. Hoover; R. Beilman; R. Murphy. THIRD ROW: T. Menchinger; C. Duncan; E. Paustian; H. Hoover; T. Davis. R. Fecho; F. Tollas; R. Peachey. BOTTOM ROW: B. Peever; D. Ward; H. Stockman; F. Jackson; S. Waldo; H. Stockman; E. Miller. 31STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING (Left to right) J. Enters; M. Zuhl; B. Frank; V. Billings; M. Bennett; D. Van Orman; L. Duncan; R. Kirk; W. Peachey; W. Brown; D. Schlipp; SEATED Mr. Pennington; Advisor; P. La Vanway; Secretary A. Kalinas; Pres- ident; R. Murphy; Vice-President; Mr. Miller; Advisor; H. Hoover. CHEERLEADERS 1948-1949 Eunice Thalmann Rosalea Kirk Shirley Grant Freshmen Initiation On Friday, October 15, the Sophomores gave a party In honor of the Freshmen class members. The purpose of this was to welcome the new students Into the hign school. This has been an annual affair for many years at this school. The initiation consisted of funny faces and signs reading 'Kick me worn by the Freshles which the Sophs obeyed all evening. Records were played for dancing and refreshments were served at the end of the evening. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, even the Freshman, considering-----------. F.H.A. Initiation On September 30, the new members were initiated into the F.H.A. In their modernistic dress and painted faces they were taken by the offi- cers and old members through the main street and public buildings of town. After returning to school, the new members as happy as could be, prepared their own supper, consisting of pop, hamburgers, cup-cakes and Ice cream. Installation of Officers An Impressive candlelight ceremony was held in the Eau Claire High School auditorium at 8 o'clock, Friday evening, November 12th. Miss Rosalind Gustafson Is the new president. Other new officers are: Mary Enders, vice president; Pat LaVanway, secretary; Ethel Hoover, treasurer; and Rosales Kirk, parliamentarian. The retiring officers were; Pat LaVanway, president; Eunice Thal- mann, vice president; Joann Enders, secretary; Gloria Brlney, treasurer; and Carole Welcher, reporter. With the new president, Miss Gustafson presiding over the meeting, Mrs. Leo Kirk was elected chapter mother for the coming year. The meeting nad previously been called to order by the retiring president, Miss LaVan- way. At the opening of the program Mrs. Winifred Carter, High School Home Economics Instructor and club advisor, was presented with a corsage of red roses by tne retiring president. New officers were presented a rose by retiring officers and visa versa. The girls were In formal dress and tne ceremony occurred before a stage banked with seasonal flowers. Following the ceremony, the evening was turned over to the program committee. Group singing was led by Eunice Thalmann and a skit The Tr.ree Bears' was given by Rosalea Kirk, Carole Welcher, Pat LaVanway and Joann En- ders. The girls of the chapter and mothers who attended the affair de- scended to tne nome economics room where fruit punch and cookies were served. 33The Flag Dedication With quiet thoughtful respect the student body as a whole gathered around the flag-pole In front of the school Wednesday, October 13. The students and teachers were presented with a flag-pole by the Parent Teach- ers Association. It was formerly presented by Mrs. Clifford Brlney, President of the P.T.A. Mrs. Lybrook expressed the school's appreciation. A group of students played the National Anthem as Art Kalina Pres- ident of the Student Council, and Mr. Easton, our Janitor raised the flag. After this we were led In singing our National Anthem by Mr. Clark. Mr. Richard. Skinner, Vice Commander of the American Legion, told us the respect we should give to our flag, after which he led us In the Pledge of Alle- giance. Halloween Dance The Junior Class sponsored a Halloween Dance, Saturday, October 30, In the high school gym, which was decorated In orange and black crepe pa- per, and the entertainment was provided by Don Schllpp and Vernon Peachey. Refreshments were cider, do-nuts and popcorn. The turn out was so great that the grand total of the profits were $6.25. Roller Skating Party The Skating Party sponsored by the sophomores turned out to be quite a success. Fortunately there was only one casualty out of all those who took long trips to the floor. Gloria Brlney, one of the seniors un- luckily fell and broke her hand. Everyone had a good time but ohl! those aches and pains the next day! Valentine Party Everyone In the Junior and Senior class that could make It went out to Art's for a Valentine Party on February 14. We started the evening by listening to the radio and reading comic books, but then someone men- tioned dancing and that started a gay evening of learning how to polka. Even those bashful Junior boys tried to dance. And with the GIRLS!.' Refreshments were served later In the evening by Mrs. Kalinas. Man, did we eat! The girls had to diet for a week. Everyone went home In good spirits. Valentine Dance The Valentine Dance sponsored by the sophomores was rather a dull affair. No one came, maybe that's why. However the few that came enter- tained themselves by playing cards and listening to the soft orchestra music----on record. Great fun!!F.F.A. Initiation The meeting of the 19 8 F. F. A. was called to order by last years president, Vernon Peachey. flew officers were elected before any business was discussed. The Officers are s President; Floyd Slatton, Secretary; Herbert Hoover, Treas- urer; Roy Peachey. After the officers were elected, a meeting was held for initiation for the new members, which were mostly freshmen. As we all observed, the initiation lasted a week a d on Thursday night they completed it by having a parth and then a snack, that consisted of hot dogs. Christman Program Thursday afternoon, the 23rd of December, the high school had its Christmas program. The Glee Club sang two songs, and The band played Carols. The fifth and sixth grade room presented a play which was directed by their teacher. Mr. Hibbs. Of course we had a visit from Santa Claus who brought many gifts and fun. HAIL AflD flOW GOODBYE (Tune-Far Above Cayuga's Waters) We, the Eau Claire High School seniors, Class of ,l+9, We must leave our dear old high school, Leave it far behind. We have many dear, sweet memories, Gathered then and now But the time has cone for us to Proudly make our bow. But we'll love thee, ever always Even by and by Hail to thee our dear old high school Hail aid now goodbye. 35SCHOOL CALENDAR September L—School bells rang! 1+-23E very body working. 23—Eager Beaver staff elected. 30—First paper Issued. F.H.A. initiation an supper. October 1—Record dance given by Seniors. Good turn-out. 13—Dedication of flag and flag pole. 15—Senior pictures taken. Ten senior girls missing, great fans of Babe Ruth. 22—Election of Cheerleaders. Rosalea and Eunice re-elected, Shirley G. elected new, 27—Slumber(?)party at Welchers. 36—Halloween dance sponsored by Juniors. Guess everybody was out trick or treat.1' November 1—Hot lunches started. Mrs. Gustafsons third year as cook. 12—Formal initiation of F.H.A. Even photographers! 18—Mr. Pennington played the drums in band. That's one thing he excels in. 23—First night of play. Lot of fun. 2 —Second and last night of play. 30—First basketball game with Stevensville. Lost 39-12. December 3—Magician show in assembly. 6— No school, Hurray! Installing new boiler. 7— School had a terrible odor from boiler. No heat. 9—First snowfall. 10—About four inches of snow. Game with Berrien Springs. 13—Mr. Micheal sick. Couldn't drive the bus. Gus Birtsas, former teacher, visited school. -Disapointment at Cass game. Ahead until the last quarter. Lost by 8 points. 16— Senior pictures came. Oh! Those Bills! Put up Christmas tree in assembly. . . 17— Three Oaks over here for game. Why does everybody beat us? 19—Second snowfall. Shore is purdy outside. 21—Mr. Momany's son visited classes. The girls didn't mind a bit, no 22—Grades Christmas program. Very good. 21—High school Christmas program and gift exchange. Yippii Vacation.! 28— Christmas Tournament. 29— Christmas Tournament. Lost both games. 37SCHOOL CALENDAR CON'T January 3—Back to school. 7—Senior class meeting. Picked annual staff. 12— Started Semester Exams. 13— Gulpi More examsj Don't teachers ever get tired? 1h—Freshman Home Ec. girls preparing egg dishes. No wonder the kids are all using hankies today. 26—Ruth Waldo's birthday. February 1— Pete left for Army. 2— Ground Hog saw nis shadow all afternoon. 7—Ethel and Eunice took part in County Cherry Pie contest. Eunie plac- ed 1st. 9--Party at Caroles to celebrate Art's, Rosalea's and Carole's birth- days . 11—Eunie placed l8tn at State Contest in Grand Rapids. 11+—Everybody had a Valentine Party. 16- -Mr. Franks nere to take pictures for the annual. 17— Seniors started working hard on tne annual. 21—Mr. Momany back after two weeks absence with back ailment. 25— Last basketball game tonigat, with Bridgman. March 26— Student Council Dance. May 13—Junior-Senior Prom. 15—Baccalaureate. 17— Class night. 18- -Graduation. Signed Diplomasi1??? A BIT OF ENGLISH A kiss is always a pronoun, because she stands for it. It is masculine and feminine gender mixed, therefore common. It is a conjunction because it connects. It is an interjection; at least it sounds like one. It is plural because one calls for another. It is singular jecause there is nothin else like it. It is usually in apposition with caress; at any rate it is sure to follow. A kiss can be conjugated, but never declined. It is a preposition because it governs an objective case. However, it is not an adverb, because it cannot be compared, but it is a phrase that expresses feeling.1. Dopey Sophomores 2. Rah! Rah! 3. Tomatoes 4. The Thinker 5. Pretty Boy 6. Strong Woman 7. Sailor Jack 8. Nuts 9. Twosome 10. Gloria 11. Finery 12. Who's That? 13. Oh Boy! 14. Slavedriver at Case! 15. Chums 16. ’’Monday Morning Look 17. 6 o'clock in the Morning. 18. Glamour Girls 19. Seniors ‘48’’ 20. Wow . : 21. Two Timing, huh! 22. Favorite Spot 23. Gloria and ????’ 24. Pretty------huh? !5. My! '. 26. Our Look Out 391. The Ball Z. The Cook 3. Old Home Town 4. Skip Day 5. Clowning! 6. Tired? ? ? ? ? 7. Sweethearts 8. Picnic 9. Mr. Clark 10. More Fun! 11. Grand Canyon 1Z. Guess Who! 13. Janitors 14. The Hick 15. The Wishing Well 16. Soft Seat 17. Jump Ball 18. IndiansVARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: (Left to right) S. Dohm; R. Karn; A. Kalinas; W. Brown; S. Zech; B. Mattner; R. Keigley. FRONT ROW: R. Beilmaa; E. Faustian; T. Menchinger; Coach Pennington; C. Duncan; R. Murphy. • B TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Pennington; E. Miller; R. Peachey; F. Hoover; H. Harner; T. Davis; H. Hoover; P. Hibbs; J. Davis; F. Tollas; A. Cells; W. Peachey. 43'yoAfXAA !TAME G. Q. F.G. F.T.A. F.T.M. PCT. P.F. T.P Karn 16 63 29 5 25 4 7% 46 83 Dohm 16 30 3 4 1 25% 13 7 Kalinas }) 58 53 93 46 49S 57 152 Keigley 14 53 1° 20 6 30;' 17 26 Brown 12 46 59 49 22 kp 42 100 Beilman 11 31 3 11 2 18% 12 8 Duncan 9 33 11 32 11 32% 15 33 Mattner 9 10 1 1 0 1 2 Murphy 9 10 0 0 0 4 Blake 8 25 1 18 3 17% 17 5 Menchinger 7 17 6 7 4 57% 11 16 Zech 4 9 2 3 1 33% 5 5 Paustian 4 4 0 0 0 0 o Peachey, V . 2 2 a 0 0 0 0 Cells 14 15 27 9 20 39 Hoover, H. 14 12 27 11 21 35 Peachey,W. 14 5 29 8 22 18 Harner 13 7 32 10 12 24 Hibbs 12 3 21 10 15 16 Davls,T. 12 0 9 4 o L. Tollas 11 4 11 2 12 T 10 Peachey,R. 11 1 7 3 0 5 Paustian 8 1 2 1 15 7 Miller 8 0 1 1 o i Hoover,F. 7 0 0 0 1 o Murphy 6 4 26 10 16 18 Menchinger 5 7 22 5 13 19 Bellman 5 2 13 7 10 7 11 Rock 3 0 0 0 0 0mm m' Bill Hollatz V Raymond Jahnke Donna Menchinger Gene Slatton ,— Merritt Kirk — LaVern Harner Dick Heppler Rita Likes Francis Kerstetter Ruth Fecho Donald LaVanway Phyllis Flamm Eleanor Dohm Mary Ellen Thomas Ruth Thalmann Janet Hoover Gerhart Stockman Jean Prillwitz Richard LaBaumbard Virginia Micheal Dale Waldo Bonnie Bodtke John Sommer Shirley Welcher Bob Fields Clare Thuan Marian Micheal Betty Yetter Leona Jahnke John Zick —■«= Donald Young Shirley Huffman Roma Worick Dorothy Micheal Jeanne Layman Allen Briney Marvin LaVanvay John Glassman Shirley LaVanway Ruth Prillwitz Lucille Mattner - Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Air Force Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Air Force Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Air Force Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Berrien Center, Mich. Berrien Center. Mich. Eau Claire, Michigan Benton Harbor. Mich. Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan V6 Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Mt. Pleasant College St. Joseph, Michigan Berrien Center, Mich. = - Chicago, Illinois Berrien Center, Mich. Berrien Center, Mich. Sodus, Michigan Alma College Benton Harbor. Mich. — Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire, Michigan 4546 48r.‘- Compliments of Eau Claire Packing Co. “Producing Quality Canned Foods, From Reliable Growers For Discriminating Customers” BOB PAYNE, Owner Eau Claire MichiganPaul Frank SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER Phone Dowagiac 6023 Sister Lakes Michigan Congratulations Eau Claire State Bank Biggest Little Bank in Michigan Capital and Surplus $125,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationCompliments of Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company Dowagiac Michigan Compliments of Rose Laundry “THE WIFE SAVING STATION” Picked Up and Delivered to Eau Claire Cleaners 805 Spruce Street Dowagiac, MichiganCompliments of Sterling Farm Implements, Inc. REX J. WELCHER RAY INGLERIGHT Eau Claire, Michigan Eau Claire Lumber Company Your Complete One Stop Building Service Sparks Lumber Company BUILDING MATERIAL and HARDWARE Berrien Springs MichiganCompliments of HILL’S I. G. A. STORE Eau Claire Michigan Compliments of FARM LIFT EQUIPMENT COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors of Lift Type Implements for Ford and Ferguson Tractors Eau Claire Michigan Compliments of DEAN’S DAIRY INCORPORATED Pioneers in Paper Containers in Berrien County Phone Berrien Springs 4651 Phone Benton Harbor 5 - 1786 Compliments of DOWAGIAC NATIONAL BANK Dowagiac MichiganJ. L. WHETSTONE Body Service Painting Radiator Service Electrical Service Phone 5121 Berrien Springs Michigan Complete Insurance Service EARL SPAULDING Active Realtor Phone 3701 Berrien Springs Michigan EAU CLAIRE SUPER MARKET Groceries - Meats - Electrical Appliances Chief Brant Rhine Lippert Phone 3211 HOLLYWOOD GRILL “Always Good Food Plate Lunches - Sandwiches - Short Orders Nick Birtsas Gus Birtsas 216 South Front Street Phone 21132 Dowagiac, MichiganCompliments of JACK’S PURE OIL SERVICE Pure Oil Products and Tiolene Motor Oil “Be Sure With Pure” 807 Spruce Street Phone 366 Dowagiac, Michigan BERRIEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU OIL COMPANY Gasoline, Kerosene, Tractor Fuel, Distillate Fuel Oil, Motor Oil, Grease, Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Spark Plugs, Antifreeze, Paints Your Purchase of the Products Effects An Opportunity for Savings to You Eau Claire Bulk Plant Watervliet, Michigan Phone 3531 Phone 352 KOLBERG’S SUPER MARKET Fresh Vegetables and Choice Meats Phone Eau Claire 2721 PHILLIPS SUPER SERVICE General Repairing Parts and Accessories Herman Klug, Proprietor Phone 3841 Eau Claire MichiganCompliments of SODUS SUPER MARKET C. B. Hill, Proprietor Phone Benton Harbor 7-1145 Sodus Michigan GWILT’S PAINT SHOP Paints Wallpaper Glass Mirrors Decorator’s Supply Venetian Blinds Linoleum Shades Phone 4731 Compliments of SKINNEY’S BARBER SHOP Best Barber Shop in Town EAU CLAIRE GARAGE There’s a Ford in Your Future Cars - Trucks - Tractors - Implements Thirty-six years a Ford Dealer William Puterbaugh, Proprietor 111 Commercial Street Dowagiac, Michigan Phone 3641 Eau Claire, MichiganCompliments of TED KRAUSE Eau Claire Compliments of EAU CLAIRE FRUIT EXCHANGE Farmers Supplies - Cold Storage Michigan Eau Claire NEWMAN’S GROCERY Quality Groceries and Meats Phone 2021 Michigan Compliments of BOWERMAN’S FUNERAL HOME and APPLIANCES Eau Claire “Everything for the Home” Ambulance Service MichiganThe Fair DOWAGIAC’S DEPARTMENT STORE Dowagiac Michigan Compliments of Compliments of FAY MOTOR SALES FERGUSON and SON Kaiser-F razer “Everything for the Lawn” Phone 4521 Eau Claire, Michigan Berrien Springs, Michigan O. H. ASHLEY BERRIEN AUTO SUPPLY FIRESTONE DEALER STORE Auto Accessories - Sporting Goods Best Today, Still Better Tomorrow” Repair Parts - Fishing Tackle 204-206 South Front Street Shelvador Radios and Ranges Dowagiac, Michigan Your Crosley Dealer At Your Service-- STILWELL’S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SODUS FRUIT EXCHANGE Texaco Products Greasing - Battery Charging Everything for the Fruit Grower Towing Service and Farmer Phone 5653 Phone Benton Harbor 51163 Corner of M40 and M-62 Sodus, Michigan Dowagiac, Michigan■  VMS 'AN • • . .- K. . — . fc • «4. • ’ - j» ,. ‘ . V ,•. aa «•; 'W , -7»i . V. , . .,- •: ..' •; ‘- :. •• A. 4ur v'. 0w' •; V✓ ' • A' X - • V S V, V ' •-v- . . . -:• V -• . - . v ’ - - . .0.■ ; - ’. W -. . - V. ■ - . ■-•;:• ■ - A • w ■ -. v . v -,-.• a . ky«'.......... . •-• :.. : ■??•+'• .. ••v. — • . ‘ • '■•■.; -S ■.— - „ • •—, v v v »y 4« — • ' • r 4«t '' 5if a . • ... • . , a . v ■• T • • 3fi - 2k ? • • Av.y?v .v ' .i , • ' r k r »vv ’ % Av- -V- ' v ■•• v -'-• ••' . S' jZd'fi + ‘ v ' Vyw. y r jS - . ' ••.. '•'■; ' . r-v 4 • • 2 Avt A • v . A % . --i' • v y. A y r y. . . - - . A -v • ■ - ■ • “ • «-N . , -- - M ... -V . - « . .- .'V ' ' . . 'vv . ' •' . . ••-• . - • - • r r ••' ........ 'M M'M—-. • -s vv «-' -- J' - • r-v -'c. .v. . v ' w - ': M % •' — ' « o --.■ V'N 's . V i 'S' .J4. • • ■ r » •' -v k . ''vr -C '- . 'V' -— 'r ■''•x-w- ' ... - - • , -px « .mX .a 1 ir • ■ r ' - . T ' •• ' ' •.. .,-•■ . • ■. ' J Z -.?''—•' '-'' A-- ’ ' .v ,’-' .''' ». ■ •. ' - ''A.. .'■'• - M K • . , v:. v . m. - M v-: .r- • 'r—a - -yrr-A .... . • , '-. N 4' “ A jlfr‘ 'V S(- ' S V . -. . „ ' .- x C • ' • V -a « .-A FU ' «. W A M » » A • T V «A ' •„ Y «. . ■• . •’ ;. -' 'V ‘ ■ r iv A v «.; •. . . .- « AC?. . • v ». -T v, --:. -iA. • • a-- A . — -A. «% r 4 s. V . A ,.' ••'.V V — AS A

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