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EATONIAN ANNUAL A' wf W 1 L Published by Senior Class 5 ' ' l of Eaton Rapids High S FROM STAFF TO YOU Our purpose has been to present to you a plcture of our school llfe 111 the war effort The admmlstratlon has attempted to change our school l1fe1n order to make the students better htted to serve our country There fore our selectlon of the war effort rn school ab the theme for our Annual was due to the successful accomplishment of these changes Our gratltude goes to Mrs ZBVIYL for her advlce and wrllmg help superusrng, the productlon of thxs book to Mrs Duffey who so graclously asslsted wlth the art work and to the countless others wlthout whose Our desrre IS that you wlll enjoy readme the Eatonlan as much as we have enjoyed preparlng ut YOUR EATONIAN POR 43 V Pettll I:.d1 or H V'1nAl-ten Busmess Mlna er W Punch Co Ed1tor J Squ1res Asslstant B Krumm Co Edltor C Baldwln Asslstant Photography Powell Studlo Prmtlng Stonr. Prlntmg Co Engmvmg, Colorplate Co f V . 1 1. . I . . . in cooperation many diffmculties would have been encountered. s ,F I 2, N sh 4 F N W L I y . 0 o 0 0 0 oi if! 4 Q QOIIILHIN Ill it 1AxC1IN1INSII'dIlOI1 Semor Class Hxstory Q Prophegy law Wlll Ulucluplawwrnul Sportx Agtlwtlcw Ariurtlxuucrltx CONTENTS Q:-D 3 'B ff Q 5 0 .K G f 'O 96, St: IJ Yr Ll llc' 1' 'Q ion Our School in the War EHOH C1LSs ' C js A A sr A '16 DEDICATION Our country xs engrossed ln an all out war effort to preserve t e essentxals of Amerltan demoeraty In order to uphold the rlghts of free Amerttans It has been neeessary for many of our fellow students to leave school To these fellow students who have so fatthfully responded t Untle Sam s tall to arms we proudly dedleate thls Our Eatontan Semors O Champod R Fmch M Jowett C Knowles H Ohver G Puntet R Ray C Robbms G Seafort J Snow W Stoltz R Stone jumors and Sophomores G Bxddle S Bostlck G Hendrlckson M Wrtght PgN I Q C' 0 cp. b .,A4 ' 2 Y K, i 'I Q Q 5 A s f M 9. E' V' W. TQ Q fi it 1 - B Q 7 QQ, 9' ' t J Q - tr 'Q 4 az. ' T. if' Q 1 N 5 ' SX 'K Y . V Q 1 . 1 4 h f ' . ' ' ', ' A S O 11 r f xx RECORDS 5 ADMINISTRATION Page Scvcn BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to Rxght W Webiter M Hansen H Nelson A Llttlefield K Maupm S Hutton BOARD OF EDUCATION In every lnstltutlon there must be orvanlzatlon people at the head of lt and people behmd It Behxnd thls CHIICICUI smooth runnlng orgam zatxon of our sehool operates the Board of Edueatlon We take thus opportunlty to thank them for havlng devoted so much of thelr tlme and energy to making thu the best lxttle sehool ID Mxehlgan 1 lll b l - v ' ' . . i M . x . . X . ,, Lyn- 21-1' FACU LTY Durlng the four years of our h1gh school career our faculty have devoted thelr tlme not only to our educatxon but to our personal problems as well We feel xndebted to the teachers who have been our frlends and counselors Now that It IS tlme for us to say goodbye we reallze what grand sports they have been FACULTY Seated H Sucker R Harrls S Thompson M Evans D Merrltt M Harrell L Flmk K Frles A Warmg H Sterllng Standmg A Nlcholson D Sackrlder J Slmpson A Alford D Gillette L Schmldt H Nelson W Swank R Gulllver D Palosky A Zavltz Page N ne AL Me 'nw Evuuce uvm 6 65 Ned? 'll' di ovce S Q all E' mdh uf Sc 00 15 PGH Ca e Ind to make u n ne-xo c. anq an our cuvvaculum mm u uns Y o v av menfs o ace ow we' we due Sevuecl xfg .. of 5 ' D C' 'Hx P i t We ln . f cl u. fo H 'ICI 11 of- OL weuis os' 'lie . Ouv . I1 I he ki ll cl uluoh Yo asslsl' wilh seuevcml esc'hulh'e5 c 16 Li 'u ' v K1 cs, . ' . We ' 'fe L10 'fo ' l u de? X 4' lm l in I 4 E1 1 M A Slap ul' Ure Tap: Iwi Sho? 015- X vw av 'LX S o4 ve JV.: "H'elfs K1 fhe Fvmrnen '77 oxqwx Sffa enonauk-:S X955 Page Eleven Ce 11.8, VCI Qs , 1 H F, . ,M - Y R io i q 0 L9 'J' I I . VW Nu L . I-Qi,-'O VN 1 YA . VT . 0 , . "5 -- 5-f-A, 4 '71 ix y .A' ..-- Y 4 ' A !V rv' 'x ,n r 4? . . .Q , x' IQ . Pl, NOOAW e i Q' V A I -Q - Q INSPECTION THE WAR PROGRAM IN OUR SCHOOL Total war has made lt neeessary for us to adapt our sehool eourses to the demands made bythe Army slnee so many of our boys are leavln for the Armed lorees Cheerfully and whole heartedly we haxe Purehasecl war stamps and bonds Sold defense eorsages Orgamged the WECS Partlupated m the serap metal and tm can drlves Ofg3Hll6d physxeal fitness glasses and an aeronautles Sponsored a Bond Rally He ped ln the harvestmn of sugar beets apples inc potatoes Had more athletle eompetltlon wxthxn the sehool A mole extenslxe Loursc Ill Chemlstry and Physles 10 The Glrl Reserves have sent kms to the soldmers and strap hooks to the UQO kllllil . ' g 3 . - 2. ' 3. " . 4. ' A- ' ' -. class. a home nursing class, and a nutrition class. 6. 5 . 7. l ' g Q 1 z l Q' - V .A , t V., ' ' SENIORS GUY HOLWIG he u d 1 mam' Thxs handsome fellow gnc them a break Pres1dent of Scn1ot Class Baseball 3 XBTSIIY Cluh 4 LITA CLARK She 1s w1nsome and WISC And good she IS trle Chorus 1 Class T easurer 3 4 Honor Soc1ety 4 L1brary Staff 4 WILMA PINCH My oh my you can hear t em say Why 1n thunder does she always ge A Chorus l Teachers Assxstant Z 4 Gr Reserxes 3 4 Annual Staff Valed1ctor1an JANET SQUIRES IS petty m1ss vs1th golrrn ha1r Is as sweet as s e 1s a1r B nd Z 3 Honor Soc1ety 3 4 jun1or Play Senlor Play Secretary of Class 4 r R strxes eslrlent of tn S t1 Annual Stat? Ofiite Chargt 4 Sa ulatr r1an 'T' Z' ff Class Colors Blue and Wl11tc Class Flower Red Rose Llass Motto Ours IS the world to rebuxld lag: Ft urteer' CAROLYN BALDWIN es the l1fe of the par r Reserves 1 rary Stat? 2 3 un1or Member at Large Honor Souety 3 4 Chorus 4 Presldent of Student Commnssmn 4 Annu1l Staff Ofhte Charge VIRGINIA PETTIT Qtuet to those who know not olly to those who do Student Comm1ss1on 'Feathers Assxstant 4 Annual Stal? nur Hull Asslstan S-tlutatortan el "Allt gxrls wo l l kc to A 4 I .. - ,b N ash ,A . tyr.. H5 ' l - Gi I -2-344 Y I t A Libv - -4 I . ' L I , N. s. .l uid Af! E " . h t ?" L l I 1 1 K ' - - Honor Society 4 ff .ll "Th'l r " l a - - .. . - J ' I, - - v l I -4 s Gil on-. ,Q ju Y 5 t l:'l1tot 3 Pr .' H4 or ,vt ety 4 ef ' l 1 A 1 f 1 HARRY BELLOWS Harry why the twinkle in your eye' ulltll ejoeben bye Hall Monitor 3 Baseball 3 4 A I Student Commission DELL BRAMBLE Y u can tell him y the twist he doesnt make nd l junior Play Hi Y Student Commission Shop Secretary 4 ELLA MAE BUSH A friendly heart with many friend Chorus 3 4 Session Charge 3 President of Home Economics Club in Mason 1 OSCAR CHAMPOD We know that this jolly at making a good marine rary Staff I 2 otball I 2 Baseball 2 Track l Glee Club l- 2 Annual Stal? Varsity Club Student Commission Senior Play CHARLES CLARK "Here is a little boy with nothing to do, just having fun all the day through." FFA 1 - 2 Hall Monitor 3 4 Page Fifteen JOHN BIRD H s a born scientist Michigan State College 1943 BETTY BRAINARD Good nature and good sense must ever 4lOlll WALTER BUSH Hts flashing smile is seen by all As this tall boy passes through the hall Mason 3 nd 2 3 Y l ANITA CATERINO Fair as an Egyptian gorltlcss Student Commission l Class Secretary 3 Girl Reserves 4 Hall Monitor 4 untor Bun Staff 3 PHYLLIS CHARLEFOUR "Spreading pep, enthusiasm, and laughter where ever she goes- that's Phyllis." Band l- 2 - 3 Chorus 4 Honor Society 3-4 Annual Stahl' Vice President of junior Class Girl Reserves l- 2 - 3 - 4 Hall Monitor l Senior Play junior Play DAISY DOBSON "Her sparklxng trf'h aw! rvwllllc name Wrll lead her surc 1:1 We ww! to fame." ,lunnor Play Senior Play Honor Society 4 Library Staffl' l 'Z-3-4 Teachers Assxstant Annual Staff NETTIE DOBSON umet and sweet pleasant mcet c us l Stadent Commlsslot 3 l Mon tfnr 3 Teaehcr s Asststant 3 DORIS EBRIGHT Rather somber anr qulet ste seems to be t after 3 l fool me Pattengmll l orus l 2 Hall Momtor 4 Student Commxsswn 4 Girl Reserxes l FLOYD FOWLER Fllled oll 5 For he s ll ltxerl e X nd l skethall 7 3 Varsxtv Club I hrarv Start Stt1rlcr'tC mrntss U K 'li MAR-lANIz GARRISON ll! K lvluc RS F ff I-astcrn Hxg Chfmrus 4 Iv rl Rcserx s llall Monitor 4 Ofhtc Charge y- FRANCES CORBETT J 1 vrrv gnnfl spurt Aufl llkcs athletics OI C'-'PW' Hall Mftnzmr 4 Stnflcnt Cgmmisslon 2 DAVID CORBIN 6 Thls lad ts very quxet they say Unless the teacher looks away Chaxrman of Salvage Commtttee 4 AUDREY EKINS A ready and wtlltng worker ts Anrl just as mee as she can be Ixhrary Stal? 3 4 H lMon1tor 2 4 Tnathers Assistant 3 MARGIE GILMAN A gtrl wtth a smile Can be happy all the While Hall Monttor 2 'Feathers Assistant 2 3 Sessxon Charge 3 Page S xteen CHARLES GULLIVER tr: r ml splrt met rhuslasm u without him 'uc A xtuflert C mmlssxor I PFA l 'll a rster Club 4 enrrus 4 bc mr P WENDELL HATHAWAY Hrs hats and tres of varxous hucs Help to keep away the h u s Y 3 Basketball 3 orus 1 2 Teachers Assrstant 3 Annual Stal? AUDREY JEFFERY ay this m ld w n smxlc bright and for all right President of Class 1 Chorus l B nd 3 4 LEONA JOHNS Her very foot has music t ee Club l 2 Hall Monxtor l MORRIS JOWETT R C A F Thus lxttle Englishman woulr'nt be left Hrs wlngs are f om the R C A F sketball l 2 Y 1 seball 2 3 Varsity Club 4 lunror Prestdent 3 orus l 2 Teachers Assistant 3 4 DOROTHY KENYON Qunet sympathetrc smcerc ou could lt or no bet r frrend Hastmgs 1 Grandvllle 2 Page Seventeen CLAYTON GUNN This kind and helpful larl wrll someday be a great screntnst Hall Monitor 2 La Ass1stant3 4 EVA HIGGINS Every artist was ftrst an ama teur ee Club Z 3 ake up Atlst for r ar Senior Play Annual Staff MAYNARD KAYLOR A little nonsense now and thcn relrshed by the best of men Basketball Z 3 Y 2 Chorus 2 3 MARIE KEEHN e seems to grow happxer every day Is that pretty rung responsible tn a y way, Chorus Z 4 CALVIN KNOWLES Army Hes rn the Army now Chorus 4 Lvbrary Stan' 3 4 T casurer of Student Commlssxon 4 Senxor Play Hi- - 4 A W ' I b. ' - Ch 1 - - ' 4 "M A ' aA it' .' ' so "' . , ' G1 - - 4 St A t'1at s just zznzl M . I '- Junlg vl 3 . i v x EH " ' in i .. - Gl 4 - - 3 - 4 Is - Hi- - 3 A I 2 Y N i lash . ' Ba - - 3 - 4 ' ' ' ' Hia - 2 - 3 - 4 n H -- Ba ' - - 4 . Ch - -Q A- ' . - . - H 1 Y A as f te 5 .. - V ZITA KOPOLOUS If you see a hug hroarl srnule ull see a small gurl t vuhule Cheer Leader 4 Hall Monutor 4 Booster Club 4 Chorus 3 4 Scnuor Play DON MILLER Im wullung to be convunted but show me the man that can do ut Lubrary Stal? l 2 A PHYLLIS O MARA r heart us kc there s a man un r Reserves 1 2 ndl 2 Student Commussuon 3 Cutuzenshup Commuttee Senuor Play Teachers Assustant 4 HAROLD OLIVER Marunes Always happy and xery gay Wullung to help un any may Football 2 Presudent of F FA 4 Senuor Plav A ELOISE PHINNEY F of xugor and er axorute sayung Hum Office Charge 3 Library Staff 2 l Monitor 1- Sessuon Charge l- 2 - 3 Chorus 4 oouu Only ww 1 Q! Page Eighteen BETTY KRUMM re us a gurl with c llt grun unk fuull ol n an as neat as a n nfl l ur Rescues l junuor Play Teaxhers Assustant l 2 Annual Stal? Booster Club 4 Atlxcrtusung Chaurman for Senuor Play STUART MILLER Some day I shall do somethung But what ut us I know not Last Lansung Hugh 1 2 Band 3 Hall Monutor 4 CARL MORRIS Nothung us umpossuhlc to a rleter muned heart Basketball Manager 3 4 Teacher s Assustant 4 Shop Assustant 4 all Monutor 4 DONNA PECKHAM Thus luttle gurl we do not know About herself or her beau ntl l GEORGE PUNTER Navy st as the paper mad vsent my luv. teayher looked up cxen en .uc lookerl unuuocenuf' ntl l- - a l M lruutor BILL PUFFENBURGER quxet t e boy wth a quxc llttle way A nfl 3 ROBERT RAY Army Full of pep and always gay Is thxs boy Robert Ra Football Manager l otball 2 3 Hall Monitor 3 sketball 1 2 B Seball l 2 T achers Assistant l 2 4 DOROTHY REDFIELD those I tell you a e ll es best joys mustc and danclng movnes yes and boys rary Staff l 2 3 Office Charge 4 Honor Society 4 Annual Stat? Reserve Cheer Leader 4 Secretary Treasurer f Booster Club 4 ARLENE ROYSTON Now the nnghts are long I have to stay at home Student Commlsslon l Chorusl 2 B nd 3 4 CAROLYN STIMER 'Always a twtnkle tn her eye as you pass her an the hall Chorusl 2 4 Vice Presldent of Class l Hall Monitor 3 Page Nxneteen ELMER POHEHNA Sulence ns golden Vxce Prestdent of I' FA 3 Prestdent of F F A 4 A 2 PHYLLIS PUFFENBURGER Phyl rs full of humor and wtt Once she begins shell never qult Annual Staff Student Commxsston Curl Reserves 4 Hall Monitor 2 Booster Club 4 CLAYTON ROBBINS Navy Ah most glorious night thou wert not made for slumberxng Y orus 2 3 Track 2 Chalrman of Advertlslng 3 LILLIAN RYDAHL Always happy never glum A cheery pal a peppy chum orus I 2 Goodwln Hugh JEANETTE SCHNEPPE It rs better ro be slow and exact Than fast and Inaccurate Hall Monntor 2 . 6' Y A "A ' li fl i ' Q ' ' f'3 -- - 4 F,F..l-ZA-3-4 , Y 1 7 Ba - 4 f' I 3 F.F. . - 3 - 4 f F0 - - 4 s ' Pl Football Captain 4 enror ay 3 Ba - - 3 -4 ' a . 9 ' ' . . "And t I r 'lf' Lib - '. . .4' ' ' Hi- le 2 ' 5 Ch . -4 I' ' O . A ' ' Ch V - V A 3' A 3 . WILBUR STOLTZ Army "He was first to leavc the senior class. To serve his country's call." Track l - 2 Football Z - 3 Vice'President 4 sketball l- 2 - Football Manager 4 GRANT SEAFORT Army Air Corp A good sport a likeable lad hut Lord help the fellow who gets him mad otball 1 2 T ack l 2 Student Commission 1 President of Class 2 RAY STONE Army Air Corps e a like him e us! tan help it Track F otball 2 3 4 B sketball 2 3 4 junior Play Teachers Assistant 3 Student Commission 4 Honor Society 4 JERRY SNOW Army A merry heart is he best f company RICHARD TONCRAY H s reful s stur its careful not to do Y Chorus 4 Pag Tu c it ELLEN SMART "Ellen is very quiet hut her friendship is worth having: try it." Library Staff 2 LILLIAN STOLTZ ll the girls of the sen or class The quietest of them all is this little ass Honor Society 4 Annual Stah' Editor of junior Buzz 3 THELMA TORRENCE She lives to be loved Session Charge 3 4 Library Charge 4 0Hice Charge 3 Junior Play 3 Hall Monitor 1 Teachers Assistant l Booster Club 4 NINA VAN NOCKER A little miss with pretty grey eyes A heart s desire ot' all the guys Lansing Everett l Class Treasurer 2 Gr Reserves 2 3 4 Student Commission 4 HERBERT VAN AKEN G r s he s not so h Take a look then give a sigh Student Commission 3 otball l F F A 2 Honor Society 4 Annual Staff RICHARD VINSON Navy Air Corps In sports he dxd not excel But hrs frrendshxp well nexer se luntor Play Senior Play Chorus 2 Football 3 MARY WALDRON She IS qutet throughout the day And has a very pleasing way BEATRICE WALLING ts fooltsh to th nk lets t Hall Monitor 3 Chorus 4 Office 4 Annual Stat? Az: AUDREY WEBSTER Dependable and everyon frlend nd l onor SOCICIY 4 Reservesl 2 Teachers Asststant 1 rary Staff Z 3 Gxrls Athlettc Team Senior Play LOUISE WILSON s e wr s e wx rf s e wont she won t and theres n C to I Ofhne Charge 3 junlor Play Honor Souety 4 WANDA ZYNDA She doesnt seem fond of boys But thtnks more of her poise Marys Orchestra I 2 AMBER WINN She has a charmtng smile and pretty black hatr So far as looks are concerned she has her share C orus 2 4 3 L 'L .TA 0 G f 'I 96, Page Twenty-one CLASS HISTORY Remember that memorable day rn the fall of 1939 when we stepped upon the threshold of our htgh school career? Never was there a greener group of freshmen but who could tell us that' We shall never forget that first great occaslon our xnxtlatlon and party gtven us by those gay young Sophomores Richard Toncray wrth his smgmg of Roll Out the Barrel quite brought the house down and all the rest of us performed nobly whatever the Sophomores requxred Mr Yarger Mxss Thompson and Mrs Harrell gulded our faltermg footsteps and under the leadershlp of Audrey Jeffery we managed our few class affalrs durlng our Freshman Year Grant Seafort stepped forward as president ln our Sophomore year and kept the ball rolllng We now had our lnnmgs and took revenge on the mcommg Freshman for what the Sophomores had done to us the year before As usual the xnxtlatlon was followed by a party glven by us m honor of the Freshmen Thls year we settled xnto our strxde and thxngs went along smoothly lf somewhat uneventfully As Jumors we started tn the whlrl of affaxrs wxth Morrxs Jowett presxdent Phyllis Charlefour vxce presxdent Anxta Catermo secretary and Lxta Clarke treasurer Most of the people managed to choke down our suppers a few people attended our numerous dances the cxrculatxon of our Jumor Buzz was as good as could be expected Dear Daffodil our Junlor play wxth an all star cast was one of the hlts of the year The theme of our prom whrch was Sprmg was suddenly at the last mlnute changed to that of a blackout when the tall end of a tornado swept through Eaton Rapids everyone admxtted that xt was really unxque wxth a few candles and Flashlights serving as slight tllummatlon At commencement season we made the usual cedar rope and served as guard of honor to the Semors at thexr swmg out parade and class nxght exerclses Here agaxn we were frowned upon by the weather smce a ram broke up the processlon At Baccalaureate and at Commencement we served as ushers and kept our eyes open to see what would be expected of us the next year Then came our last year we were finally Semors It was the one thmg we had looked forward to wxth great zest and now that the txme had come II seemed mcredxble Our first reallzatlon of our approach to the end was our ordermg of name cards pxctures and lnvxtatlons Suddenly that dreaded dlsease of Semor classes which Mr Schmldt mforms us lS Senlorltls swept down upon us This year we lost Mr Yarger and Mrs Harrell and Mlss Thompson took over the full burden of advlslng us ln our affairs Guy Holwxg president Wxlbur Stoltz vxce president janet Squxres secretary and Lnta Clarke treasurer made up our executive committee Up untll November 1942 only a few members of our class had dropped along the way the war hadnt touched us much but full reallzatlon of tt came early ln our Semor year Before we knew lt more than a dozen boys had left our ranks to enter those of Uncle Sams armed forces We Jomed enthuslastlcally ln the Scrap Drtve feelmg a personal Interest m gettmg needed ammumtlon to our soldlers We saved our nlckels and dimes to buy War Stamps and Bonds we wxlllngly sacrxficed that much dreamed of Semor trrp Our Semor Play Almost Exghteen came off on schedule ln December ln splte of many dxffrcultxes such losmg part of the cast to the army and a blg bltzzard on the nlght of productlon Thus we approach the clxmax of our stormy career war and the weather have done their worst but we go overcomxng all these obstacles Though our paths are soon to go m separate dlrectxons we wtll never forget the fun we ve had the friends we ve made and the thxngs we ve learned during our years together as the class of 43 We also apprecxate the efforts of Mr Poor Mr Staebler and ln our last year Mr Nelson Mr Schmidt and of the facultv ln making our Hugh School days ones whxch wlll always brlng happy memorles D REDFIELD L STOLTZ 'A lage Tvs nty tw . v ' ' . . v V v - . . ' 1 v T 1 ' . . - ' v v V , . . . ! I ' , . - . , . on, . , 1 .C v ,U SENIORS IN KINDERGARTEN Standing F Fowler M Jowett W Hathaway M Kaylor R Fmch G Seafort Gulliver H Oliver Webster B Krumm B Walling E Higgins L Johns V Pettit D Bramble Baldwm KINDERGARTEN All of these seniors have come through the trials and hardships of twelve years together in fairly good shape Some of us wish we were back there some of us wonder how we ever got out and some of us wonder how we even got in But all in all we held together and strode through those twelve hard working fmm'j years of school coming out ready to face whatever the world might offer us Page T enty three C. ' , . ' . Seated: J. Squires, L. Wilson, W. Pinch, P. Charlefour, D. Dobson, A. Caterino, C. ' . THE PROPHECY Bzz zz Bzz Crackle Zrppppppppppppppp we re off streaklng mto the stratosphere at 5000000 000000 ulp' mxles per hour Say' Maybe we ought to tell the folks where we are Well nt s 1953 and we re rn the Gulltver chicken coop oops' the Gullxver Punter Rocket express Destmatxon wouldnt you lxke to know? Gxve that televlslon screen a charge of atoms Chuck and well look thus old earth over Say there s a lot domg ln Chicago tonxght lets head that way Well we ve landed and are rrght downtown but wnats all that commotxon ahead? A bug truck that says somethmg about Miller 8: Polehna rs parked m the mnddle of the street As we watch Stuart emerges carryxng a pxano and followmg close behmd comes Elmer wxth the bench They re gomg mto a theater lets follow practlce xs taktng place for the evemng show starrmg Dalsy Dobson 8: Rlcnard Vmson tn Lrfe wlth Father The ballet troupe IS now on the stage and at eac'1 mlsstep thelr xnstructor goes through agonxzlng contortnons tearing his haxr and wrnngmg hls hands We recogmze htm now as Specks Seafort and h1s leadmg artxst the nlmble footed Lxta Clarke As we leave the tneater whom should we bump mto but R H Toncray mounted on a palr of motorized roller skates and carrymg the most beautxful bouquet of forget me nots you ever saw Whxle remlmscmg Dxck stated that only yesterday he read m the paper that the famous men s clothing deslgner Loulse Wxlson had a new sensatlonal hut a strapless tuxedo also on the same page was a four column account of how Audrey Ekms super detectxve outsmarted fifty gangsters and captured them slngle handed Leavmg Rlchard we step 11110 a car and whlz through subterranean passages to come out at Say' Wnos that drxvtng? Well' Red C'1ampod Dldnt know htm wtth a cap on We stop off for a few mmutes at the Miller Nursery managed by Deke Mrller who always dxd ltke them young Soon we arrlve at the Crown Prince the worlds largest nxght club The owner and bouncer Bull Puffenberger has just left the stage and the two famous movre stars Rita Glamour and Ntfty Ztppy known to thelr schoolmates as Wxlma Punch and Clayton Gunn are making a personal appearance The gamblmg house 3dj0lhll'lg rs the world famous Casmo It IS rumored that t'1e notorlous Weasel Morrls made hrs mnlllons here After a bite to eat we step mto a car and cross t1e cxty to xntervxew the Reverend Calvm Knowles To quote Mr Knowles Satan finds somethmg for ldle hands to do Help me fold these bullettns wlll you? Back to the Rocket shlp and mto space we go Next stop London England Upon arrxvmg we are mter viewed by a Hamtng reporter recogmzable as Donna Peckham She has been asked to mtervlew us by her boss Dave Corbm chlef edltor of Prxme Mlnxster Morey Jowetts ofliclal newspaper Clt seems they had to have someone they could call WIHSIOHJ After the mtervlew we have a wee droppe of tea at the Tally Ho club when whom should we run mto but our old frlend and Semor Class Presldent Homer Holwlg from whom we recelve a very generous offer to attend a fox hunt at hls estate but much to h1s regret UD we refuse After leavxng the club we speed for the axrport when Tweet Tweet a Br1t1sh Bobby CCharles Clark to you guys? stops us Pull over to de colb IS hrs authorltatnve command Aw come on boys wont you please pull over? Upon recognlzlng us he lets us go reallzmg anyway we dont know enough to drlve tn the left atr tube The traffic IS very heavy ahead but the reason IS we find because say Stuart wlll you get that piano out of here? We re OFF AGAIN Well here we are rn New York Our first stop ns the Metropolxtan Opera House where we llsten mtently to charmlng Lady Warblebucket formerly Leona Johns smgmg that classlc Three Bugs ln a Rug by the famous composer W1ll1e Stoltz You ll recall Mr Stoltz also wrote Two Beetles on a Needle We step next door to the former Elolse Phmneys exclusxve exterlor decoratlng shop very famous for barn pamt Eloxse mforms us that Bebe Wallmg IS now employed by Rmglmg Brothers Barnum 8: VanAken cxrcus as chief barker Also featured as trapeze and trght rope artnst IS angelxc Betty Bramard whose daring and d1FF1cult feat of a somersault over Betty Krumm IS sweeplng the entertalnment world We leave Elolse to l-er barns and arrrvmg at our shxp take off for the world s largest clty That fascmatmg place of galety muslc and romance of thrxvmg factornes and enterprxsxng busxness of art worldly thmkmg and culture Eaton Rapnds As we pass down the street a large Hlckerlng slgn readmg Ella Maes Bakery Shoppe looms before us Thls bakery was made famous by the Great Marme Sergeant Harold Olxver But where IS the Mascot? Could lt be that large bullet shaped structure overlookmg the beautlful Grand Rxver? That xt IS wxth 1ts new proprletor Wank Hathaway who by the way just contracted three well known entertamers They are smgmg as we enter and look mrghty good Of course you recogmze them they re the famous Mldget Trno wxth Conme Baldwm Bud Bramble and Walter Bush All around us are famlltar faces Over ln that corner are Ray Stone and Txdge Torrence stlll gomg together but he might pop the questnon anytxme now and over there a very famous column m the Eaton Rapids journal entntled Advice for the love lorn or how to puck your mate xn sux easy lessons The all g1rl orchestra led by Audrey Jeffery and starrmg Phyllxs O Mara and her trumpet strlkes up a Rhumba rhythm and after watchxng a very exotic South American dance rendered by Znta Kopolos we step outsxde A large crowd has gathered led by mayor Harpo Kaylor to celebrate our 9999th consecutxve Hlght Among the congratulatnons comes one from Baldy Fowler manager of Mxllers Datry Farms wnth 1ts new subsldlary Fme Famous Fertlllzers Inc We understand that xt IS through Mr Fowler s experiments that thts new product was added Janet Squires has also been promoted and IS now ln charge of all the barns Movlng downtown we meet Mr Jerry Snow Dlrector of Super Studios located on the 499th floor of Wests Sandwlch Shop whlch you wxll recall surpassed the Empxre State bulldmg about three years ago He extends us an ll'1VlI3fl0l'1 to come up and vnslt a broadcast but before we can answer h1"n an ambulance goes screechmg by Investtgatmg we find much to our surprlse john Btrd wxth a few broken legs It seems whxle at hls occupatlon of dnggxng dntches he Jumped from one dltch to another wlthout usmg hrs parachute Whlle we are talkmg to John who should come ln but nursle VanNocker wlth a glass of mrlk However seemg her patxent she leaves and soon re appears wxth a cow From Nma we obtam the followmg xnformatlon Amta Catermo IS now llvlng ln the East where she owns a chaln of exclusive beauty shops Her motto IS very msplr Ing Come ln drlppy go out zlppy Phyllls Charlefour has just dlvorced her f9thJ husband I lS s d her alimony surpasses even the mcome of Ford Conme Stxmer xnspnred by a movxe has gone to Arabna where she lS supposedly engaged to a shelk CYes she made hxm cut his beardb From the Hospltal we head for Hotel Corbett bullt through funds from Franntes mventxon pool ball shp covers where a reception ts taklng place sponsored by club woman Dorothy Kenyon for a newly returned Polar explorer On the way over some of the better known places we see are the Robbms Ray laboratorles run by partners Clayton and Rxbs whose new dlscovery Yehudl JUICE renders one mvxslble the large Dunder slung rink starring Eva Hlggxns and her sllver skates the vaudevllle show where Wanda Zynda puts talking fleas through thenr paces St1ll farther on IS the Brtng Dobbm to Dobson blacksmtth shop where Marte ns not so Keehn about workxng as she used to be By the way speaking of horses brmgs to mmd the Smart Triple R Dude Ranch Lets see besxdes owner Ellen Smart there xs foreman L11 Rydahl top rxder Arlene Royston and that ornery Gunman Dorothy Redfield Between them all they dude xt fConrmued on Page Forty fivej Page Twenty fou . , . . ' - 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . , , . . . . . . , . . , ., - - 1 . . . . , . , . . . 1 1 . . - 1 , 1 , . . , . . 1 1 . . . , . . . . , . . , I ' 1 . . . . . . . . . H . . ,, 1 - 1 . . . . . . . . U ., . . . - 1 1 - . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . , 1 1 . . . , . . 1 . . A . . ' 11 vr - - ' , . ' 11 - 11 1 - - 1 - 1 1 1 1 , 1 ' ' - - rr - 11 - ' at 11 - - H . . . . . , . , ' 11 . , , . - - 1 . . . . . 1 , .1 1 1 - ' - ' , 11 11 1 1 , . . . . H ,, . . 1 ns f av - - - - 11 1 11 ' v 1 1 1 - , . 1 1 1 - , . . . T , . . . . . . . M 1 1 1 - 11 f - 1 rr , . . ,, . . , . . . ' 1 . . . U ,, . . . 1 - 1 - 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . , H , , . . ,, . . . 1 - 1 - - 1 1 1 1 . . . . . , . . , U . . ,, . . . . . , . . 1 - - 1. - n - rr - 1 1 . . . ,, . - . ' . . , . . . ' ' - .1 11 1 1 . 1 ' ' ' 11 on 1 1 - 1 . , . . . . . H . . . ,, . . , . . . . . . , 1 - 1 , . 1 A 1 . , , . 1 . , . . , - . 1 . M . . . ,, . . . t . ai . , . . . . . , . . . 'r . . - , 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . M . . ,, . . . . . . . , , 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 41 11 - , . The entlre Senlor Class feels that the success of the play was due to the most able dlrectlon SENIOR PLAY CAST Standing H Olxver S Thompson Dlrector J Squlres R Vmson Seated C Gulllver P OMara P Charlefour P Puffenberger O Champod Z Kopoulos C Knowles D Dobson A Webster ALMOST EIGHTEEN It was on December 2 that the Semors presented Almost E1ghteen a three act comedy by Dana Thomas Desplte the bllzzard ragmg outslde the play Almost Elghteen was a howllng success We were not only handlcapped by the weather man but several of our characters had to be replaced when they were called by Uncle Sam Chuck Gulllver Almost Elghteen portrayed the part of Eddle whose ambxton was to become a second Bmg Crosby Opposlte hlm played Phyllls OMara as Ann Sherman h1s pretty ldeal As Eddle s parents R1chard Vmson and Dalsy Dobson played the parts most reallstlcally Mr Barry as the successful but somewhat gruff small town busmess man surprlsed even hxmself at the d1s covery of sentlment ln hxs soul Along wlth the hard work every rehearsal proved to be most enjoyable Almost E1ght6CH, wxll long be remembered by every member of the cast as a hxghhght of thelr semor year of Mlss Thompson Wllllam Barry Grace Barry Beatrlce Mable Warren Mrs Granvllle George Ann Tommy Sally M r Merritt Mlss Dalrymple CAST OF CHARACTERS Page T my Ev Rlchard Vmson Daisy Dobson Phyllls Charlefour Phyllis Puffenberger Janet Squlres Charles Gullxver Harold Olxver Phyllls O Mara Oscar Champod Zlta Kopolous Calvln Knowles Audrey Webster - - 1 - 1 1 - 1 - 1 . ' ' . . , . , . , . , . , , , . , . , . . - tl - 11 1 1 . . . . H . ,, . 1 1 - 1 . M . ,, . . 1 1 1 . . . . , . . . , . . , . . . . . 1 1 - , - . ' ' u - 1 , . Eddxe H, . ,, , ..,,, , ,,,,, ,, ,, , .. .., ,,, ,., - 1 we - e OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT BE IT REMEMBERED That We the Senror Class of 1943 of Eaton Raprds Hrgh School berng of sound mrnd and memory but knowrng the uncertarntres of thrs lrfe do hereby make execute and declare thrs to be Our Last Wrll and Testament rn manner followrng Connre Baldwrn leaves her skrll of shootrng paper wads at teachers to Donald Brrd John Brrd leaves hrs screntrfrc mmd to Dorothy Towers 1-larry Bellows leaves hrs parts rn the plays of Publrc Speakrng Class to Jeanne Rogers Betty Bramerd leaves her quret ways to Alrce Drllrngham Dell Bramble leaves hrs bachelor technrque to Nrck Carpenter Walter Bush leaves hrs herght to Mona Belle Hrll Ella Mae Bush leaves her love for under classman to Ed Donnelly Anrta Caterrno leaves her captrvatrng ways toward college boys to anyone who would lrke to rnherrt them Oscar Champod leaves hrs red top to Mr Nelson Pnyllrs Charlefour leaves Eaton Raprds and heads for the Navy Chuck Clark leaves hrs perfect attendance rn school to Tom Carr Lrta Clark leaves her posrtron as treasurer of the Senror Class to one of the next year s Senrors Frances Corbett leaves her good behavror rn type to Jane Hansen Davrd Corbrn leaves hrs affectron for Janre Garrrson and grves rt back to the Arr Corps Darsy Dobson leaves her grggles to Jrm Wrlson Nettle Dobson leaves her numerous boy frrends to anyone who thmks she can get as many Dorrs Ebrrght leaves her love for the Navy to Betty Wrllrams Audrey Ekrns leaves her blonde tresses to Bruce Carr Floyd Fowler leaves hrs Jrtterbuggrn to B111 Breakey Marjane Garrrson leaves her romantrc lrne to Dolly Cheney Margre Grlman leaves her darrng ways to Arlene Punter Chuck Gullrver leaves hrs energy for cheerleadmg to Drzzy Slate Clayton Gunn leaves hrs camera craze to Mr Swank Eva Hrggrns leaves her long frngernarls to Dean McConnell Wendell Hathaway leaves hrs lrkrng for dark hatred grrls to Bud Nerbaur Guy Holwrg leaves hrs dates wrth Dorothy Dobson to Johnny Colgan Audrey Jeffery leaves her Jolly laughter to Barbara Myers Leona John leaves her abrlrty to hrt hrgh C to Ed Wrckman Morrrs Jowett leaves hrs flrrtatrous smrle to Mr Hodges Maynard Kaylor leaves hrs foolrsh ways to Bobby Fowler Marre Keehn leaves her' farthfulness to the Army to Suzre Lrttlefield Calvrn Knowles leaves hrs efficrent ways to Betty Hatt Betty Krumm leaves her abrlrty to blush at the word Gabby to Wrndy Canfield Zrta Kopoulos leaves her dark entrancmg ways to Janet West Deke Mrller leaves hrs lrkrng for Drmondale to Phrllrp Grbbs Stuart Miller leaves hrs polrtrcal vrews to Mr Schmrdt Carl Morrrs leaves hrs frrendly attrtude to people who could proht by rt Harold Olrver leaves hrs lock of curly harr to Dewey Coffey Phyllrs 0 Mara leaves her technrque to Frank Bonta Donna Peckham leaves her brards to Jack Webb Vrrgrnra Pettrt leaves her sweet ways to Ada Srmpson Elorse Phrnney leaves her country grrl charm to Nerl Smrth Wrlma Pmch leaves her studrous ways to Lee Herrrck Phyllrs Puffenberger leaves her rnnocent ways to Patty Fowler B111 Puffenberger leaves hrs knowledge of quret country lanes to John Swank George Punter leaves hrs abrlrty to argue to Jrmmy Catalrne Elmer Polehna leaves hrs posrtron rn the F FA to Harold Callre Robert Ray leaves hrs abrlrty to tease the grrls to Bruce Hall Dorothy Redfield leaves her smooth appearance to Grlda Caterrno Clayton Robbrns leaves hrs musrcrans harrcut for the Navys G I Arlene Royston leaves her love for Charlotte to Blanche Krumm Lyllran Rydahl leaves for the Army Jeanette Schnepp leaves her dark eyes to Dorothy Lambert Grant Seafort leaves hrs perfect corffure to Imogene Stone Ellen Smart leaves her lrkrng for the undertaking busrness to Lors Jean Bennett Jerry Snow leaves hrs good marks rn Probs to Lours Cerra Janet Squrres leaves her posrtron rn the office to Merle Olrver and Erma Belle Smrth Carolyn Strmer leaves her abrlrty to bluff to Jeanne Van Ark Ray Stone leaves hrs oprnrons rn Government class to Mary Johns Lrllran Stoltz leaves her quret ways to Walter Bearman Wrlbur Stoltz leaves hrs wrnnrng grggle to Mrss Frres Rrchard Toncray leaves hrs boots to Douglas Beach Thelma Torrence leaves her portrayal of Casanova to Ida Squrres Herbre VanAken leaves hrs taste for lrttle country grrls to Brll Puffenberger Nrna VanNocker leaves her quret ways to Audrey Sherman Mary Waldron leaves school for the box office at the Caprtal Theatre Bebe Walling leaves her abrlrty for findrng fault to Sara Jane McDonald Audrey Webster leaves her Sweet Ways' to Pearl Wrtherow Lourse Wrlson leaves for Detrort Amber Wrnn leaves her dark enchantrng looks to Jean Paddock Wanda Zynda leaves her determrnatron to Mrlford Jones Rrchard Vrnson leaves for Bob Smrth hrs devrltry CAROLYN BALDWIN PHYLLIS CHARLEFOUR Page Twenty srx , : ' As if I ' Ll lv ' I . . 1 1 . l 1 - rw- - yn - ' 1 u .1 1 - ,, l ' ' it ' I! . ' Li !! ' . . . . H ,, .' ' ' rr ' ' ' an ' Dorothy Kenyon leaves school for work at Haffner's five and dime. ' ' .ll I! ' . , . ' tt il ' l ' 1 . .4 1 Q ,, 1 , I ' at ' V1 . . . H . . . ,, . . ' W9 CLASSES is ev-Si Q""NAQ6ex9 it JUNIORS KGIRLSJ First Row M H1ll M Bothwell E Peterson R Mock C Holcomb J VanArk B Schwartz A Sherman Littlefield L Sharp J Nicholas M Hall Second Row Mlss Merritt G Coffey I Davis M Davison M Grlmes J Hansen B Whlttum G Thuma Carter B Cribley B Smith R Heath D Dobson N Paquette M Johns C Bartlett Mrs Waring Third Row B Smart L Walters S McDonald S Wells I Squires J Caldwell J Caldwell P Childs Craun B Church B Wiseman M Abbey A Walsh L DeV1ew J Oliver JUNIORS Jolly Juniors most aptly applies to the members of the present class of go getters They have always displayed originality and topped records contributing this year more than their share of football and basketball players Their act1v1t1es have shown the results of their enthusiasm They made more money on their directed by Miss Merritt was equally successful The sponsors CMr Gulllver Mrs Waring and Miss Merrittj d1d their share behind the lmes The same zest for action led three of our gallart classmates Gordon Biddle George Hendrickson and Max Wright to go into the servlce of our country' JUNIOR BOYS First Row Kenneth Umbarger Donald Riddle John Colgan Max Wright Glen Canfield Dick Winters Ira Stone R B Wllloughby Leon Hendrickson Warren Potter Gordon Biddle Lester Ray Paul Rardeen Bill Puffenberger Second Row R Gulliver Harold Hovey Dean McConnell William Barendgreht Bruce Hall Bob Earl Floyd Slate B Ferguson B Johns B Carr L Heaton R Morris D Serrells J Webb O Johnson D Blackwell Thlrd Row K Carr D Bird L Cerra R Flrebaugh T Walters K Simpson N Smith F Bonta B Breakey T Rexgel J Swank J Redfield R Hawley D Coffey P Gibbs R Toncray lie - S' - A I! 1 l chicken and turkey suppers than has any other class heretofore. Their play, "Ever Since Eve," A 4 - n .Q 4 Q 'A Twenty-eight 'av'- ,4-'IV SOPHOMORES Fxrst Row D Knowles C Nlcholas E Torrence B Ball H Church 1 Patterson W Bearman Boatman J Catalme V Shlnaver L Herrlck E Lloyd Second Row Mrs Zavrtz E Carpenter B Meyers L Dxsler A Slmpson D Edwards B Hitt S Cusson Prlest M Rardeen M Brxstol L Harrell M Heaton J Swank Mr Swank Third Row Mr Glllette N Locke B Manchester P Wltherow V Hall G Fmch M Florlan A Carson Smlth N Burllson P Fowler V Morrls I Stone A Sharp Hansen A Stahl G Catermo C Claflm B Wllllams Q l SOPHOMORES Flrst Row H Smlth H Campbell J Pratt S Mxllhorn K Cheney D Gibbs R Stahl T Mxller N Smart Polehna M Coffey I Barendregdt Second Row D Beach L Gruesbeck I Isbell H Wood -I Paddock D Dralle M Casler H Canfield Punter E Smlth C McVey D Ward B Wllllams B Jardot Mr Swank Thlrd Row H Callle D Snow N Carpenter R Fuller D Graham G Whxtehead M Olxver L Tanner Nelbaur E Wlckman R Blddle C Hovey Fourth Row J Duffy F Cleeves D Atkmson F SQUIYCS P Gertonson B Nickerson M Jones T Carr Montle S Bostlck D Lockwood F DeWaters R Colgan Page T ty 0 E' ' V I : . .",. v t, . ' V I , v . . r , . , . , . . . Fourth Row: L. Riegal, M. Royston, A.'Dillingham, L. DeVeau, R. Smart, E. Breakey, L. Bennett, J - A . - l wen anin FRESHMAN GIRLS Fxrst Row L Larson Patsy Lardxnols Blanche Krumm Cora Lee Idella Clark Frances Sweet Ruth lvms Martha Holcomb Janet West Patsy Hutton Ruth Robmson Elame Hawley Second Row L Flmk Advlsor Betty Clark Anlta Bouts Beverly Spear Charlene Whlttum Vlrgmna VanArk Ruth Bryde Maxme Sterly Katherme Southwell Phyllls Webb Maxme Larkms Georgla Chadwlck Verna VanNocker Marjorle Curtls Mlss Nlcholson Advlsor Thxrd Row Alxce Hendrlckson Beverly Morse Ione Park Phylhs Hlggms Donna Carson Martha Burllson Mary Puffenberger Lols Htgdon Florence Austln Vlfglnla Harper Ann Wlnslow Patty Webster Fourth Row Elleen Edwards Barbara Hyatt Betty L Dornan Patrtcla Adams Mary Mllbourne Vonda Eckard Darlene Sherman Marlon Schwartz Beulah Bryde Esther Ballard Rhea Heath FRESHMAN BOYS J Harmon J Plmneke J Champod T Krawczyk Second Row John Slmpson Advmsor P Smlth G Johns J Hldenfelter Nell Bowden L Schnepp R Iliatterson E Wrxght R Hovey D Bothwell J Earl C Crxbley G Gemalskx J Cam G McGeachy O xerson Thxrd Row D Sanford M Harshey J Harrls J Bennett N Ward C VanAken J Torrence T Maupm J B Foote R Reynolds B Whltehead M Odlorne D Bowers Fourth Row G Bellows E Rexger R Chapman B Feasel K Hexntz D Hawkins J Stoltz P Waldron H Ball H Squxres F DeRose E Donnelly S Hlggms lgc , . FM' fl- First Row: K: Cleeves, J. Squires, A. Hughey. McCullough. K. Goodnoe. D. Adams. D. Pettit, G. Canheld. Ja Tknrtu' SPORTS Page Tmrly-one l 1 FOOTBALL Fxrst Row F Bonta L Hendrlckson J Colgan I Stone R Ray G Seafort M Wrlght M Jones Champod L Ray Second Row D Sackrxder G Blddle K Carr S Hlggms M Montxe jr Redfield R Stone H VanAken Carr R Frrebaugh T Walter J Snmpson Thxrd Row D Serrels S Bostrck C Gulllver K Slmpson E Donnelly T Rxegel R Hawley P Waldron F DeRose B Carr FOOTBALL The Eaton RapldS Cardmals had a very successful season under the new coach john Slmpson They won 5 lost 2 tled 1 In the conference the Cardmals won 4 lost 1 tled 0 and finlshed ln The Cardmals opened the season by tlemg East Lanslng on the Cardlnal Fleld 6 to 6 Then they entertamed Everett by beatmff them 14 to 0 On a game not scheduled the Cardmals traveled to Lanslng to play the Vocatlonal School and beat them 40 to 6 Then CCITIIVIU' back home for the next game the Cardmals whlpped Howell ln another Conference game 26 to 0 The next game another Conference and final home game the Cardmals stopped Grand Ledge by beatmg them 6 to 0 In a Non Conference game the Cardmals traveled to Battle Creek where Lakeview played host The Cardmals lost thelr Er t game of the season 26 to O Contlnulng on the road the Cardmals played a Conference game at Mason The final score was 20 to 0 an favor of the Cardmals In the Fmal game of the season also endlng the Capxtol C1rcu1t League schedule the Eaton Rapxds team traveled to Charlotte Thls game meant hrst place ln Conference standmg and the Llttle jug whxch stood for the rlvalry between the two teams Charlotte won the game 13 to 0 and left the Cardmals ln second place 1n the Conference and relleved them of the ug In total pomts Eaton Raplds led thelr opponents by scorlng 112 pomts to the enemys 51 g Th O. , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , , . second place. , . g . , . .g , ' 1 L Q . - 3 . , . , . ' - ' . ' ' ' 44 ' 'V ' '- . . Pat ufty-r Z Seated J Simpson L Hendrlckson F Bonta M Jowett R Ray R Stone - Standmg S Hlggms G Bxddle F DeRose T Carr E Donnelly B Feasel M Wflght I Stone R B Wllloughby M Montle T Maupin BASKETBALL The Cardmal basketball squad went through an unusual season th1S year because of the lack of materlal and because of the fact that many of the boys have left for the servlce Although the boys won 2 of thelr 12 games you can be sure they played then' hardest The outstanding game of the Cardlnal schedule was the game wlth our rlval Charlotte Eaton Rapxds came out on top of thxs spectacular game 30 29 The boys who left durlng the season were Ray Stone Bob Ray Morrls jowett and Steve Bostlck The Eaton Rapxds Reserves were fa1rly successful by wmmng 6 of thelr 12 games A Hendrxckson M Thomas L DeVeau C Gulllver Z Kopoulos J Harrls CHEERLEADERS To our cheerleaders goes the credit for keepmg up the pep and mterest at the football and basketball games They never fall to ralse the crowd s Splflt no matter what the score We have had several new cheerleaders thls year, and they have done the1r Job very well Page Thxrty three v ' - . 1 F. Fowler: T.. Reigel, jones, L. Ray. ,D. 'Sackrider. I ' 1 ' I ' Y 1 X .Ava I-xox 5 KK 51 X Qucxh A gfker gps' x . V IQ! ' VD 1 ,gn 5 Knox v""'N Vac Q S N PP 'DYXP Own Love ..i" 1- X. kxnvmd Y M, v ms? Yan! Q ,-,xx wh Y X' 1 NATNNM. H ONOR Somew fr? Y N-v ACTIVITIES PXTUOWA F 'Q A X X O lt - Q4 Seated: D. Ebright. L. Schmidt, J. Redheld, C. Baldwin. M. johns. C. Knowles, S. Higgins, F. Bonta. Standing: J. West. N. VanNocker, P. Gertanson, H. Canfield, O. Wright, N. Smith, P. Norris, F. Fowler, J. Hansen, D. Bramble, D. Coffey. D. Haynes, B. Williams, THE STUDENT COMMISSION The Student Commission IS an organtzatlon made up of students elected by the student body Each year a person from the unior Class is elected by popular vote and automatically becomes vice president of the commission The junior Member at Large as he IS called becomes president in his senior year The Commission discusses school problems has charge of assemblies and enters into various other activities connected wtth the school and its functions .la Wells Seated D Redfield P Charlefour D Dobson C Baldwin W Pinch landing Carkc ison tone Squires H V1nA en L SIO 1 Wcbstcr HONOR SOCIETY One of the highest honors a student may obtain in hi h school ls to be elected to the Honor Society Leadership character citizenship and scholarship are the tour principles for which it stands This year the Honor Society gaxc a dtnnct for the boy who were leaxinv tor the Armed Forces It was a xery successful dlnner party s. . s Q' 1 IL. 1 l, L. wi .R s' .JF I' ik . ', " ie. A. 5. Q fi Standing C Claflin J Hansen E Duffy Advisor J Hansen B Williams J Pratt Seated L Harrell M Bristol J Swank M Heaton M Florian G Caterino A great project was started when a group of volunteers began to make defense stamp corsages Through the guldance of MISS Stirling and Mrs Duffey they worked out other ideas to increase the bond and stamp sales of Eaton Rapids Public Schools On February 16 1943 this group of twelve girls formed an organization called the War Effort Club or the W E C s During the few months of history this club has made the school and community more war con scious Under their leadership rallles and programs have been sponsored Plays and informal talks have been given The W E C s have done a truly great job and will continue in their war effort until vlctory has been achieved BOOSTER CLUB First Row J Harris T Torrence Z Kopoulos G Chadwick Second Row Nicholas B Morse Thomas, L Reigel, Redfield, J. Hansen, Gulliver, J. Hansen, Caterino, R. Robinson. J Finch. Third Row: H. Sucker Advisor: A. Sherman, A OQCJZO Hendrickson, S. McDon- ald, P. Puffenberger, L DeVeau, J. Swank, J Nicholas, B. Krumm, J Pratt, M. Heaton, M Florian. L. Flink, Advisor A new organization in school this year is the Booster Club. Already this group has proved its worth by getting cheerleaders' uniforms, taking charge of several assemblies, and helping out at sports events by taking tickets and supervising the cheers. 1 "' x fl.. -'K gr on-M. X BAND First Row: B. Krumm, J. Nicholas, C. Hovey, N. Ward. D. Pettit. E. Lloyd. M. Coffey, K. Squires, M. Abbey. A Punter Second Row R McCormxck E Breakey M Montxe D Lockwood A Royston J Stoltz B Palmer J Nlckerson K Mlller H Canheld E Torrence A Jeffery D Peckham G Wh1tehead K Southwell Thlrd Row J Hansen D Bothwell R Hovey M Gertenson F Slate B Puffenberger P Gertenson E Donnelly B Breakey D Palosky B Nexborn B Nickerson C Gulllver M Bothwell H Ladergerber A Squlres The Eaton Raplds Hlgh School Band has completed another successful year wlth tts varlous marchmg and concert 3CtlVltl6S Durlng the year the band took part ln numerous school and communlty actlvxtles Whenever the band made an appearance stxrrmg patr1ot1c muslc was the mam theme Hlghllghts of the year were the Chrxstmas Communlty Smg the C1v1l1an Defense Banquet and a Concert gwen Aprxl 30 at the hlgh school Thls Includes the band s program up to the prlntmg of thls annual but thelr appearances wlll contmue untll the Semors are happlly graduated ,sa GLEE CLUB Seated A Dtlllngharn L DeVeau D Dralle B Wxllxafns C Stlmcr P Charlcfour B Walllng M Garrlson Winn C Baldwm E Phlnney E Bush econd Row Z Kopoulos M Casler M Florlm H C nhcld T Mxllcr R Stihl D Glbbs L Grucsbc Keehn N Dobson D Ebrlght L Hlggxns D Palosl-cy 1rd Row I ser lmpson D Ward C. McVcx P ow cr ood o n ls e Wltherow A Sharp B Myers Fourth Row L Cerra M jowett R Hawlcy In Donnelly B Nlckcrson C Knowlcs W Hathaway R I-mch Wxckman B NCIDBUI -I Snow Following the natlonal trend for more patrtotlc YULISIL tn our school the chorus has contrxbuted greatly to assembly smvmv th1s year Thts group comprtsed of fifty xoxces made the1r hrst appearance H1 the new choral gowns at a Concert gtven April 30 f i y 1 ' Tj f . S ' 3 . . .' . . 'z . . a V . . ' A. . . . ' . A. uk. Th' I ., Di'l .A. S' ' . . . '. ' . F l', H. VV . L. .I h . R. lvtns. l. fb ll. - D -4 5 I 1 ,I . - 'T'- W .xr r me L www Sai' xvw VX wah Qx'CCRS Nd' as ckemume cn She looki- ,yx ea' " ,fx knew? en adn V c,1'on-youu when Page Thirty nine f'h wil, f- Q 5 f f E , -- f Pg Q Q6 W3 . Y is woe R c""oQkr A If '17 ,H S .. 5 1 f 1 "' .V 'LI V u 6 , Ngo V V H , Flrst Row G Flnch M Heaton A Webster A Eklns L Gruesbeck J VanArk Littlefield J Pratt H Canfxeld Second Row L Clarke D Redfield L Bennett C Baldwln D Dobson Walters L Sharp C Holcomb Mlss Sterlmg L1brar1an Thlrd Row G Blddle J Colgan J Redfneld F Fowler J Swank O Champod Knowles B Carr LIBRARY STAFF The L1brary Staff IS orgamzed for the purpose of axdmg the llbrarlan and bexng of servlce to the school Each member IS glven a speclal task WhlCh IS hls duty to see to every day The L1brary Staff serves both the Junlor and Senxor lxbrarles Thls makes a total of about 1000 students served The staff elected Oscar Champod as president but he lS now 1n the Marmes leavlng our secretary Suzanne Llttlefleld and our treasurer Audrey Webster as our only officers The hxghllght of the SOLIBI actlvltles was a Thanksglvlng Party at WhlCh we were allowed to brlng guests DA Seated B Whlttum M Casler J Caldwell A Catermo J N1cholas C Holcomb VanArk Z Kopoulos Standlng N Dobson M Garrlson D Ebrlght F Corbett A Eklns S Mxller Fowler L Ray C Morrxs L John M Brlstol L Harrell A Punter HALL MONITORS Under the leadershlp of Floyd Fowler hall monltor captaln these students have malntalned order 1n our school It IS the duty of the Hall Monltors to keep the halls and lockers neat and see that classes pass ln order l g I' y JY .Sat RFJ A1 qi ,4 5 - Y - . - . - . - v - . C. . . . , . v 1 F 1 C 1 S - S v . , l 4 g 'Jr 'mt' Seated J Harrls F Slate M Jowett N Smlth R Fmch Sam Hxggxns F Fowler D Bothwell Standing T Maupin W Hathaway Mr Gillette J B Foote D Bramble I Webb K Slmpson R Toncray B Feasel H Y The H1 Y IS aHf1l1ated wlth the state and natlonal Y M C A and recognlzes the same standards and rules Members are selected by 1nv1tat1on by some member The members seek to become better cxtrzens of the future by dally practlce of the platform Clean Lxvmg Clean Speech Clean Scholarshlp and Clean Athletlcs Members enjoy plng pong and other competltlve xndoor sports durlng the wmter months ln the excellent club room whlch IS provlded by Mr Horner .L West C Holcomb F Corbett M Holcomb A Wlnslow Second Row A Webster B Krumm R Mock J VanArk J Squlres I Squlres j Hansen A Caterlno P Charlefour C Baldwm K Frxes P Hutton Thlrd Row M johns N VanNocker P OMara M Garrlson P Puffenberger W Pmch S Lxttlefield J Hansen M Florian G Coffey A Punter GIRL RESERVES To find and g1V6 the best IS the purpose of the Glrl Reserves the younger members of the Y W C A The local club IS part of a natlonal and mternatlonal orgamzatlon mterested nn develop mg the mental physlcal and spxrltual sxdes of glrls llves Page Forty on First Row: V. VanNocker, C. Whittum, V. Eckhart, P. Webster. M. Milbourne, l L. l OFFICE CHARGE Standmg J Squxres P Charlefour S MacDonald L Schmldt Seated B Wallmg M Garrxson C Baldwm B Schwartz D Redfield Th Office Charge students have galned actual busmess experxence by helplng Mr Schmxdt 111 the ofhce These students are glven many responslbllxtles Every day they must collect the absence sllps and check moreover lt IS the1r duty to take the announcements to each classroom They help take care of the tardy sllps mark report cards and aSSlSt Mr Schmldt whenever help rs needed SESSION CLIARGE cated M Hlll Wood A Stahl M Coney Standing F Slae D Glbbs B ohns D Dobson L Heaton The SESSION Charge carrxes Vvltll It a tull mme respons1b1l1ty ot trymv to keep the sesslon room quxet and takmv roll All the sessxon charges agree that xt requlres a lot of patlence and self control whzle try1n to et the old sess1on hall 1n order and down to busxnesx l l 5 - . - . - . - - - - S x . S . . . h W . - , : l l . I l . . - A A - - l . .niql ,. . ,v . S : . . H, . , S ... . ". . tj , . A 1 -5 N. S A' . T . T S - - y G U " . .- .' B- B-,- YN b S " 1,1 " "x 'yn wb 'HW TT-ck ,K CNY L. L QW f 49- Q w,xe'1'X N QBLOQ- Q gm ax La ua Y Y' an 5 so ww 1 v4w4.'?4 W Lofwsf, dz' fx ,K P Ks uf v Ckuck 7 get-4 9 Page Forty three - l L - 4 .. , Seated B Morse D Dobson M Johns A Sherman L Relgel J Hansen Charlefour S Littlefield B Krumm M Florlan Standlng R Ivans D McConnell C Morrxs R Ray J Colgan J Swank Gunn F Bonta M Wrlght I Stone O Champod E Torrence V Pettlt TEACHERS ASSISTANTS The Teachers Assnstants are a group of students who spend some of thexr extra tlme helpxng the teachers They correct papers take charge of class when the occaslon arlses and help ln many other ways tandmg Jardot R Fuller L Herrxck B Barendreght F Cleeves Slttmg H Olner R Hawley P Rardeen FFA The busmess of farmxng lb the keystone of the arch of mdustrles under whxch all tlme must pass The purpose of thls organxzatxon 18 to develop leadershxp scholarshlp and c1t1zensh1p among rural boys The work of our hlgh school chapter thls year has been the sponsorlnv of an avrxcultural show Parent and Son Banquet and the sponsorxnv of an assembly prohram K I S ' 1 B, . . . . ' . . , , -, H. Vanifken, B. Puffenberger. B. Hall. G. Boatman. R. Gulliver, Advisor. ' 5. . X . ' , L- N- N- V 6 C tw I . - ' . f 1 b Q U - In It lf- r'v-I l lg Not mcluded in picture Editor Vlrgmla Pettlt Seated P Puffenberger E Higgins D Redfield B Krumm P Charlefour W Plnch A Zavltz Standing B Walling W Hathaway M Jowett D Dobson J Squires L Stoltz O Champod H VanAken C Baldwin ANNUAL STAFF The hard worklng members of the Annual Staff are working towards the objective of having a 1000f,, better annual than ever before Because the senlor class cannot go on a trrp the class lS not making an annual for profit but taking what profit we expect and turnmg it rlght back mto the maklng of a better annual We all hope that you agree that it IS a better annual than ever before THE PROPHECY ffontmued from Page Twenty foulj Arriving at the hotel and making our way past the regrstratlon desk where Widow Garrison sits hummmg and knitting we come to the dining hall where explorer Bellows rs oratmg but it seems for some reason he cant hold the attention of his audience Could xt possibly be the competition he is receiving across the hall from reception room the directory states that on the 47th floor in room 000 one would find the fortune teller Lillian Stoltz who knows all sees all and tells nothing Cpretty good buslnessb Way up in the penthouse we run mto Society with Amber Winn She has a Peklnese dog butlers and even her own surte Cnot suit sweetj Crossing the street now to the Recreation Hall we find a grim battle in progress The whole room seems to vibrate as the two figures bounce from rope to rope As the bell sounds who should head for their respective corners but two 43 grads Gxnme Pettit and Jeanette Sc'-mepp People say rt s all over the same man and they want to fight It out ln a lady like manner Leaving the Recreation Hall we seek out our dear old High School where Mary Waldron is earnestly at work teachmg science and algebra She wouldnt be at it except for the fact that yesterday Mr Swank tripped over his beard and will be laid up for awhile Also hard at work in the social sclence department is teacher Doris Ebrxght It is from her we get the pathetic story of how poor Audrey Webster decided to follow the Fleet back in 43 and hasn t been heard from since Having Just about covered Eaton Rapids we step in an underground Taxi and speed for the alrport While climbing into our Rocket Well what in the world' Lrsten Stuart for the last time get that piano out of here' Come on shove uggggg-over on that side thats it a little more now' Quick' Close that door wheewwwww Boy' am I glad that s over get me a Bromo I'm going to bed' CHARLES GULLIVER GEORGE PUNTER Page Forty hve "The Woman's Temperance League," organized and headed by Margie Gilman. Farther down the hall in the e com lmmenl' e ff an qou one men Une b s en ance mo a sevuce, e Nui A a I-mea H f'N N! W Hou on Un r 'rm H cfu OL' Pvefmavaf ni for tv 0 I QXIUG 1 'A h a mincl em Ll bod ' are necessavn' fiom' cl ciood soldie CWA ,M 44 YEL? 25 Q I .9 6 RI. il' X , 1 1 1 1 EUULATIUN I5 THE BEST DEFEN55 vielgfsgap at QA! X J I QR " 'X of D B , X I d X 'Q 'Wt L I e . Q 1. X 7 hx 'fb ROUSE S REFINERY STATION I' :ton Rapids 111Lh1Ld11 n 'D' rrth I llx FARMERS WAREHOUSE mx I ov I'I'1'DS SPFDS IPRTII IIFRS GRINDING AND MIXING Phone 5611 liI"l'l14RIlN11lI4K XNIIIOXI K N0 XDDI'l10NXl COST EATON LUMBER COMPANY Phono. 6761 H P WEBSTER Sz SONS lhone H21 DOXTADER GROCERY NPRIPS 111' NIS S Phone 1031 Congrfztulatlons Semorg WESTS MOTOR SALES SUMERIX GROCERY D11 XS IND I Phone 44811 FOOTE Sz LUSTER The Best Gas Starzon IH Mich: an bv a Dun Suf- , I .' . fi A 'IIC-.'I,.'-'I ,',,.' :Z . 0 N1-. .1 N1 " n' Limits " I"I ,K I '.,.1'l' - x v y 1 in O O ICE - UOAI, - l,l'N1l!ER -I y I I F' ' n H ' 1 w 1 GRI 'I If -4 If 'K' - GAC - 011, I Y G01 Gl'l,1" G., .' .-1' JILS -- , . ' - .W .g U I . ,, 1.'1-':V'--gm :fat LONG BEAN 6 GRAIN COMPANY SMITH S SERVICE HEATS d I ROC ERIES 9 Gulf Super Servlce Washburn s Greenhouse lil' I'TI'R IIOVSPRS AT HATHAWAY AUTO BODY WORKS IFAR PR-UIF no ul F SERXILF 5121 WILLIS FEED MILL I -XIOY R Xl IDS 3281 Stewart Chevrolet Sales l h I' lll BROMELIN G 6. FOSTER Von r ulations. Seniors , . . .' an 5 ' .' Call . 191 , Congratulations, Seniors N0 A1m1T1oN.u, cosr MORDEN'S GREENHOUSE 341 1 A, Jig? A4V,, 54 " L I J L' K A Phone Phone Best Wishes. Class of '13 ' one 1 Best Wishes. Vlass of 'III MCNAMARA FRED HUNT'S USED CARS and AUTO SALES nomar: ANU l'l.YMol"I'H SEIQVIUE HARRIS OIL COMPANY KROGER SUPER MARKET V KONI RXFII XIIUNS IXSS OI' H1 ZEENERTS BEAUTY SHOP THE PIKE STUDIO YOUR HOME PHOTOGRAPHER W I I CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I ACK THOMAS BARBER SHOP LILA MAY S BEAUTY SHOP Ih 1 1 h 'lhe Natlonal Bank of Eaton Raplds A L. anNocker I' ni If ' 5' 3 I ho s ntc-rested in You "Put not y , ' money. ' but put your money 1' :t.' Wit Us I 1 . ' ' one T52 l TYLER S BEN FRANKLIN STORE KONI Rklll AIIONS MAUPIN S RI' l All SAI ES ROONI ADAMS CLEANERS CATERINO BROS WEBB S DEPARTMENT STORE BOICE BAZAAR sc H001 sm 1 1 Irs LYON S HARDWARE SIORIINK moons WEST S CAFE DI I 1 xl- HANIBI RI s Compliments of VIHSS of '43 9 5 and I0 1 . '-' . Compliments. Hass of 'Iii SUIJAS AND SVNIJAES I .' ' , .' ' ' . If ' 1 A ' 1 , Vongrzntulutions. Class ot 1.3 men Marr' I mp' Q T I L ." nfl? .' 'I,'.'I .. ' if H O R N E R WOQLEN MILLS Co. CGHQFZIUIHIIOHS Flags of 43 Phone 2321 H0urS 9-5 ' 7 A , A L n Congratulations Seniors I L L E R ' S DAIRY FARMS Home of Farm Made Ice Cream SQUIRES BRGS CONGRATULATIONS AND 3 BEST WISI-IES XI I IROI I' RIPS IRISH IRI IIS XI-I Iulklil E18 3 FD1y Ph 3371 BLACKMORE S DRUG STORE V C Qlf- .I'I' ' XII-1A'I'S I 1 1. 1. . 1 I . 1 . 1 e iver .... one . ,A NII"Ri'II.XN 4' A1 L " q .. L. ' A ' L'zzl Vaughn Ragsdale Sz L0 ' IRI' FVUNON Y ', ' THE GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA CO MEATS GROCILRIES MARIES STYLE SHOP HPRES FOR A SUCCPSSFUL FUTURI' XIII RIIVNS KN I-'N R P NOXIQS IIINIIRI XNIJIIIIS Iournal Publlbhlng lo IIICI'I.NII XIII II , IIISI, WWII 'I 2 , I Rl I Hb ower Prmes L!! A mic Bc-zu-r 6. P01 .1 1 0 Less Lie. 1 A ' Sam Sage, Manager HEA'I'ON'S DRUG STORE SIII- I" "IC ' 1 .'II II I.'l'II,S ' ' ' Compliments of n o A L L 1 - w--, -, - , 5 . W, . Q I . 'I 'I , . . I ' I Q . L F BALDWIN PIBIIQ MCOINT-XXI C J MOORL IMPLEMENTS AND TOOLS I EST WISHES E I FRENCH BARBER SHOP Compllments f DeR0se Landy Kltchen W -XREHOUSL I OODI OLKILRS Your Local Food Bank oodrlnh St Ihonn 1 1 Stormg In Season Foods for Out of Season Use GAMBLE STORE lungr liul ltnms and but W 1'-has AI T LI OTHINC Q0 The Store for Men and Boys m Eaton Raplds Compllments of TOM WIINC I S Fztter ot Feet SHOPS VND HUSIPRH CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HAFFN ER S mc 10 S100 SFORI' 'Ni O O - . . , . . -N J 4 4 A - A J I l 1 1 . 1 1 1 .' O 4 l 1 - T15 G " .'. ' -V-4711 ' "2 2 A S2 ,'.' 'H mM.R,x ll LA 1 uns. smlolcs To our Fmmls-The 4-,EN of -13 1 1 1 A J A I . . 4 . 1 Y Y L I J 9 S. I.I.". Pgk Ffyffw A M SMITH ' O e-half tu y lil"l'll1R AND lfff BVSINPSS ASK FOR li.-XSII,'S en Buying Yo r BREAD AND PASTRIES BASIL S PASTRY SHOP h me 'P 3' I' atm Rapid: KNAPP 8z TWILHLII HF ITS VND IROC FRIFS Pho e 2611 PETTIT AND RICE FUNERAL HOME Mllbourn s Drug Store FOUNTAIN SERVICE WINDOW SHADES 'IHF REXAII STORI' JOHN B DAVIDSON WOOLEN MII I S INC f ool a M o I non R xpxd Nllchlgm C pl t f STEWART FUNERAL HOME X I I IXN HARDWARE PI UMBING HEATING BROMI' I INC AND PETTIT . . Wh u 'Over n Cen r " 7 A A A I 'I L A JL L I' 4 ...Isl I 1 S I Y N J I . , . . . A Af k I A I A Ak n ' 9 I 1 4 , . WALL PAPER Spinners o W en nd erin Yarns - v . - iz 2 ' S I ' ' 2 J 4 A 1 A K J I'II,I'X"I'RII'Al, I I' ' . .V .'I'I'IS om imen S o 1 y w 1 A 4 I I 4

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