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E 2 2 5 ! 'J EATONIAN I 9 3 9 N? Published by EATONIAN STAFF of EATON I-IIGH SCI-IGOL Grafton, Ohio THE SCHOOL BOARD .... L. to R.:- Lewis Grills, George Steggman, Bayard Osborn, Clarence Brush- President, Carlton Blaine, Ellsworth Hawke-Clerk, QXVFJ Without the foresight, common sense, thoughtfulness, and good pllanning' of these men our school would not be the well kept, up-to-date, enjoyable in- stitution that we have. They meet the second Monday of each month. Mr. Clarence Brush is president. Mr. Ellsworth Hawke, clerk. We appreciate their efforts and sincerely thank them. The Eatonian Staff To Mrs. Leiby .... f mow . . . . we, the staff, dedicate this annual, To her w'ho put forth such untiring efforts we wish to express our gratitude and our thanks. She has encouraged us and has kept our interest as attentive as hers throughout the making of it. Through her constant guidance we h-ave made our annual what it is. OUR PRINCIPAL .... W. E. KESSLER Five years ago Mr. Kessler came into our midst as our principal and teacher. x .i, His quiet way and good natured disposition has won in his way into the hearts of his pupils. The Man Who's Square There is something in the twinkle Of an honest fe1low's eye That can never be mistaken, And can never be passed by. Be his station 'high or lowly, There's that dauntless, upright air That convinces all beholders That the man they see is square. Heaven gives to such men influence Over those they daily meet. If they see a fallen brother, They will help him to his feet: Make the sneaks a bit uneasy, Ma-ke the false act kind of fair, For the greatest rogue on record Will respect the man who's square. OUR TEACHERS .... REAR-Miss Charlton, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Kessler, Mrs. Leiby, Mrs. Preston Mrs. West. FRONT-Mr. Snook, Mr. Salisbury, Mrs. Haskin, Miss Jackson, Mr. Petersen Mr. Sakola. NOT PICTURED-Miss Dickey, Glee Club, Miss Harrison, Art. MR. KESSLER - Principal General Science Plane Geometry Sociology MR. SALISBURY Biology Physics Chemistry Algebra General Math. MR. SNOOK Economics American Government Industrial Arts MRS. COOK English Home Ee. MR. SAKOLA Sih Grade Arithmetic Business Law Salesmanship 8th Grade Science Civics Bufiness Education Bookkeeping MRS. LEIBY 8th Grade Geography History and Geography of Ohio Latin French Xih Grade English MISS CHARLTON-6th and 7tli Grades MRS. HASKIN--5th Grade MISS JACKSON-3rd and 4th Grades MRS. PRESTON-lst and 2nd Grades MRS. WEST-Piano Department MR. PETERSON-Orchestra and Instrumental L1 ssons N H BADE .... Eaton High School has had several janitors in its history but one of the most friendly and likable of them all is Cleon Crowell, better known to his friends as "Bade." He has been here three years and has done fine work both inside and out to keep the school looking nice. The School Busses .... r- A5 7.54 f Our school board has provided these modern busses for our safety and convenience. As they appear above left to right:-No. 2 is driven by Elton Hill, No. 1 by Louis Munn, No. 3 by Robert Grills, and No. 4 by Leland Durkee. These men have proved themselves very capable drivers. Parents and pupils may place the utmost confidence in them. We want these drivers to klnow we appreciate their services. The Eatonian Staff Class ol I939 Class Flower Red Rose and Lily-of-the-Valley 49173 Class Motto "Not finished, just begun" les' Class Olillcers PRESIDENT , ,,,, ,,.., ,,A, , . , ARTHUR RICE VICE PRESIDENT ...,,., ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , A MELIA BALOGH SECRETARY ,,A.. ,,,, M ARGARET STRANAHAN 'TREASURER . ..., ,,,,,.... ,,,,,, , B ETTY LYONS REPORTER ,,,,,,, ....,... M ARY MCALPIN ADVISOR ,,,,,,, ,,,, M R. JOHN SAKOLA CAG Calendar BACCALAUREATE . , .. , IVIAY l-1, 1939 COIHMEINICEIVIENT ., .. ,,,,,Y.,,.. MAY' 16, 1939 SENIOR CLASS PLAY ,,.., ...... M ARCH 30 zlml 31 QLV3 Class Colors Royal Blue and White ARTHUR RICE "Art" President Athletic, Popular Likeable AMELIA BALOGH "Schmultz" Vice President tempermental, likeable Straightforward MARGARET STRANAHAN "Margie" Secretary dainty, winsome joyous BETTY LYONS "Sis" Treasurer independent, neat songstress, tiny PEARL ANDREWS "Pear-lie" maidenly, silent conservative ERNEST BASSETT "Ernie" earnest, mischievous witty MA RGARETE BOX "Marg" scholarly, merry generous nW.C' AMY CHRISTENSEN "Chris" jolly, robust companionable DAVID COOK uDavesr athletic, unpunctual carefree EUGENE CORNISH "'Crifhbag'e" athletic, amusing generous EMILY ERTL npipn sweet, shy, meek petite LAVORA HAWKE "Hawkey" f1'iend'y, pleasant well-tempered CLE-O HO-SKINS "Red" vivacious, natural, determine-d redhead GEORGE KOMM Clyetzll sleepy, hearty, light-hearted MARY McA,LPINE "Butch" sportive, fun-loving d-evilish MAsR1C ELLA M c.KElA N UCe1eryH democratic, bashful serious EVELYN OLLDAG HE VY!! versatile, earnest genial DONALD PHELPS "Don" musical, industrious genial JACK RULE "D1roop" teaser, daring larkislh REGINA SHUSTER "Gena" mo-dest, friendly mannerly PA.UL S-IEVERT "Slim" romantic, playboy j oc-ular BETTY ZIEHM "Busby" tiny, sunny friendly SENIOR ACTIVITIES Arthur Rice, "Artie" Emily Ertl, "Pip" Class Pres.-2, 3, 4 Glee Club V. Dramaties-l Volley Ball-1 V. Pres.-1 Pres,-3 Home lie.-l Intramural Sports- Glee Club-2, 3 Dramatic- Club- Girl Reserves-l 3, 4 Orchestra-4 1, 2, 3 Trac-k-2 Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4 'I'1'aek-121 I 2 4 V. Pres. Athletic Cass IHSIFP --, . as u Assn'-3 mass Play-3 Lavoia Hafwke, Hawkey Pres. Athletic' Staff-2, 3, 4 Glee Club-3, 4 Intramural Sports- Assn.-4 Mixed Chorus-4 Mixed Chorus-4 l, 2, 3, 4 I'gnS,tball-3, 4 Dramatic Club-Il Class Minstrel-3, 4 Amelia Balogh, "Schmultiz" Class Pres,-l Basketball-I Intramural Sports- I, 2, SI, 4 Track-1 Offim-e Girl-2, 4 Staff-l, 2, fl, 4 Class Minstrel-3. 4 Glu- Ulub-l, 2, 3 Dramatic Club- 1, 2, 3 Margaret fStranahan, 4 Give Vlllll-l, 2, 3, Dramatic- Club- l 2 '4 I,ib'rai-aim-4 Staff-2, 3. 4 Orchestra-2, Il, 4 Betty Lyons, "Sis" 4 lllee Club-1, 2, il. Mixed Chorus-4 Dramatit- Club- l, 2, il Class Treasurer- Il. 4 Pearl Andrews, "Pe Gym-l, 2 Glee Club-il, 4 Dramatic Club-II Swimming'-1, 2 Monator-I wnnmereial Club-2 Comme-rvial Club-l, 2. 3 Class V. Pres.-3. 4 Clu-erleader-Il, 4 Class Play-Il Athletie Club he-in-.l. 4 Athletlt' Club- l. 2, 3, 4 Glee Club Pres. and Reporter-2 "Margie" Class S'et"y-3, 4 Class Play-3, 4 Commercial Club-3 Offic-e Girl-l Mixed Chorus-4 Staff-4 Class Play-3 Class Minstrel-3, 4 Librarian-1 Basketball-l Commercial-3 arlie" Diff. Schools Attended: Chester, W. Va. Cannonburg, Pa. Taylor Alder- diee, Pittsburg ltenvrew. Pa. I'18luIl Margarete Box, "Margie" Offit-e Girl-1. 2 tllee Club l 2 'S 4 Dramatic Club I Treasurer-Il Dramatit- Club Asst. Director-fl Dramatic-s-l. 2, 3 Class Play-3 Class Minstrel-3, 4 Class Reporter- 1 Librarian-3, 4 Intramural Sports-2, 3, 4 Piano Contest at Clearview-2, 3, 4 Piano Student- 2. 3, 4 WCLE Radio Broadcast-4 Athletic Assn.- 1, 2, 3, 4 Amy Christensen, "Chris" Athletit- Assn. - 1 Avon High Class Secretary - 1 Avon Hiliih Librarian-2-3 Ofllve Girl-2, 3, 4 Dramatie Club-2, 3 llramatit- Club Play-2 Class Play-3 David Cook, "Dave" Class Minstrel-3, 4 School Paper-3 Commercial Club-3 Glee Club-l, 3 Intramural Sports- l, 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader-3, 4 Athletic Assn.-2, 3, 4 Athlvtit' Club-l Cleo Hoskins, "Red" tilee Club-l, 2, 3 Basketball-1 Alumni Editor-4 Circ-ulation Mgr.-3 'Frat-k-I l-'eatule Iflditor-4 Librarian-l. 2, 3 Vive Pres. lllee Class Minstrels-3, Club-3 4 Athletic' Assn-1. 23. Office Girl- . 3 4 3, 4 Dramatit-s Club-1, Intramural Sports 2 'I I 2 'l 4 , . '-..v George Komlm, "Yetz" Basketball-l, 2, 3, Athi:-tif' Club V. 4 I r 4 Glee Club-l. 2, 3 J es,- Commereial Club- 'l'rm-k-l. 2 Il. 4 Dramatic Club-2, 3 Class Plav-3 Class V. Pres. - 2 Dramatic A Club Y. Class Minstrel-3. 4 Pres.-3 Mary M,cAl'pine, "Butch" Basketball-I Class Reporter - 2. In tra mural Sports Sports-l, 2, 3. 4 Track-I 3, 4 Sports Reporter - 3. 4 Athletic Assn.-1, 2, Class See, - Treas- 'l 4 l 2 Dramatic Club - 1, Asst. Treas.-fl 2 3 ' - llass Minstrel-fl, 4 Marcella McKean, "Celery" Glee Club-2, 2, Librarian-3 Evelyn Oldag, "Evy" 4 Dramatie Club - 2, -1 .1 Dramatic Club - 1, Eatonian Stat?-1. 4 2 'I I b 7 .i rarian-l, Z., 3 Glee Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play-3 Girls' Basketball Class Minstrel-Il 4 Mgr.-l Class Historian-1, 2, 3, 4 Donald Phelps, "Don" Commf-reial Club-3 'Frat-k-1 Mixed Chorus-4 Basketball Mgr,-3. lllee Club-2. 3 4 Mixed Chorus-4 Dramatic Club - 1. Musir-1, 2. 3, 4 2 3 VY 4 I I '. '. ,. C, Radio Class Minstrel-3, 4 Broadcasting - 4 Jack Rule, "Dr-oop" Glee Club-2, 3, 4 Dramaties-2, 3 Class Minstrel-3, 4 lflatonian-4 Basketball-2, 3 Regina Slhuster, "-Gena" Dramaties-2, 3 Paul Sievert, "Slim" Office Girl-3 Basketball-1. 2, 3, Class Poem-4 4 Staff-4 mass Pmy,3 Gym. f71ub.2, 3, 4 Track-1, 2 Boys Glee Club-2, Class Minstrel-3, 4 Glee Club V. Pres- Baseball-3 .Il Class V pn.S.,1 2 Dramatic Club Mixed Chorus-4 Staff-2,'3, 4 one Club see.-3 wPlay-2 Dramatic Club - 1, Edltor-in-Chief- 2, Commercial Club-3 Llass Pll8.Y'3 . 2, 3 I 3 Athletic Assn.-2, 3, Class Minstrel-3, 4 Commercial Club - Dramatic- Club-2, 3 4 Class PN-'DhffCy'3 3- 4 Dramatic Club V. Basketball-1. 2, 3, , Pres,-2 4 Betty Zlehm "Busby" Drfwwllc Club 'lgiifllgfi-f 4 on-e Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatic Club-2, fl Pl21Y'2, 3 dst il " Cgrchesga-3,q 4 Intramural Sports- , . ass ay-. l, 2, 3, 4 Gene -Cornish, "CrzJbbage" Class Minstrel-3, 4 Athletic A S S n. ,V , 11.1, 2' 3, Q- m-1 Staff-2, 3. 4 Treas.-3. 4 Bkqkdba Atllhletlc Assn.-I Editor-3, 4 Commerrlal Club-3 The Prophecy ot the Class of I939 .... It was quite late one Sunday afternoon when I left the Yacht Club for a sail in my trusty "Dream Ship." I was drifting slowly through the quiet waters enjoying the peaceful solitude, when I was suddenly startled by a human voice. Had my ears deceived me? I was positive that I had been alone on board, yet someone had spoken to me. I distinctly heard the words, "You, who listen, are still among the living, but I, who speak, have Long since travelled into the mysterious regions of the future." Terrified beyond expres- sion, I turned slowly in the direction from when-ce the sound had come. And lo! There stood an aged man ---just a dark shadow, formless, vague, indeflnite, yet lplossessing a voice. I stood petrified as the blood froze in my veins. Then again the voi-ce came in its hollow guttural tones. "Sit down and forget your fears. I s-hall not harm you. This afternoon, be- fore I appeared, you had been idly specu- l-ating on what the future held for your wonderful class olf 1939. Let me tell you by reading from the Book of Time in which men's future destinies are prophe- sied." My fear having somewhat abated at these strange words I sat down as I was commanded to do. It was then that I not- iced a large book tucked under the Phant- om's arms. He opened the pages slowly with long stealthy fingers and fbegan to read. The words came slowly but distinct- ly. "The first name I see here is that of Evelyn Oldag. Her vocation is classified with the Fine Arts. Daily she is seen flitting through the -woods, teaching her aesthetic dancing class the art of 'beauty and grace. 'Closely connected with this art is that of the musical comedy, vrhere we find Eugene fCornish's "Suppresseid Desire." It is a super-musical review featuring the "personality lad"- - - Paul Sievert- - as the leading man. Starring against .him is that delightful lady who has sung and danced -her way into the heart of Broad-way --- Pearl Andrews. In the field of Literature we find two prominent men. The first is none other than Donald Phelps. His claim to a place among our fo1'emost writers is due to -the fact that he is the editor of America's best seller, "The Rambling Stories." Our second literary genius has just finished a book that contains invaluable informa- tion for ambitious students. This great author has taken the name of "Alibi Da", and the title of his latest work is "A Com- plete Collection of Excuses and A"ibis Suited for All Occasions." Just recently it has been 'discovered the author's real name is none other than our own Dave Cook. In the field of science I find many names. Ernest Basset, a noted New York psyvchologist, has discovered seven kinds of love-one for each day of the week. A notable discovery declared the leading women scientists---Regina Shuster an-d Marcella McKean. The next classification I .find here deals with the professions. One Jack Rule, Di- rector of Efficiency for the government PZYDXM Program, is studying the great "One Woman Talkie", Margarete Box. He believes that he will have her jaw patented because in it he has discovered perpetual motion. The call of the open road and the spirit of adventure have woven their spells around the lives of Emily Ertl and Betty Ziehm. In the course of their journey around the world they met Mary McAlpin in Alaska selling refrigerators. Anoth-er time while travelling through Turkey, they were very mu-c'h impressed 'by the fact that the women had very few privileges. Imagine their surprise when one day they saw one very young American woman standing on a soap ibox in a public square, orating on "The Freedom and Independ- ence of Woman." They were further' astounded upon learning tha tthe woman was an old classmate of theirs--Amelia Balogh. They often .tell the strange in- cidents they heard while traveling in Egypt. A man named George Komm, as the story goes, was known to have spent hours out in the desert telling the Sphinx what he thought of Prohibition. Amy Christensen and Lavora Hawke, 'who succeeded Mrs. Maxwell and Martha Lee, are now giving consolation and ad- vice to needy students olf Eaton High. Recently they received letters from Cleo Hoskins and Margaret Stranahan. Cleo wondered if she could be .happy and suc- cessful leading a "High Life." I presume she meant living at the North Pole. Margaret wanted to know if she could be happy spending her life on a lonely west- ern ran-ch, darning her husbanld's socks. One we almost overlooked was the head- line taken fr-om the local bleet. We still can remember the days when his name was in the papers consistently, and now he - - Art Rice, as a successful lawyer, is defending one Betty Lyons in a Breach of Promise suit against a lover who wishes his to remain u-nknown. With the reading of this last name, the shadow slowly raised his head and watched me for a long time. I slat still and pon- dered upon what he had revealed to me. It was strange. "Man in all his greatness must bow beforc this higher power." The silence between us was finally brok- en by the voice of the shadow. "Dear listeners, I have revealed to you the fut- ure's secrets. I hope I hav-e answe1'ed all the questions that were crowding your mind. If so, I have completed my mission and I must return to the region whence I came." With these .parting words, the sha-dow closed the Book of Time. The pale, ghastly glow from the illuminated pages died away in the fold of the enveloping velvet cloak of the approaching night. Again I was alone, Still under the spell of what .had been revealed to me, I slowly turned the "Dream Ship" and sailed into the darkened secrets of Human Life. -By Mr. Sakola CLASS HISTORY FRESHMAN CLASS 1935-1936 We entered our Freshman year with the following memlbersz Amelia Balogh, Glade Box, Margarete Box, Jesse Brokaw, Agnes Bu1'ke, David Cook, Cleo Hoskin, George Komm, Betty Lyons, Mary McAlpin, Mar- cella McKean, Evelyn Oldag, Donald Phelps, Arthur Rice, Paul Sievert, Marga- ret Stranahan, and Regina Shuster, After a hearty initiation we all settled down for tried tol. During the class year Betty Ziehm from Cleveland and Amy 'Christensen from Avon joined our class and Jesse Brokaw moved to Cleveland. Class Officers: President-Amelia Baloghg Vice President-David 'Cookg Secretary- Treasurer-Mary McAl:pin. Class Advisor-Mr. Carl Mesnard. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1936-1937 During our summer vacation Agnes Burke moved to Lorain. In Septeniber when we returned to school, we found that we had four new members. They were Earl Weekly from Oberlin, Jack Rule from Belden, Ernest Bassett, and Russell Reed. This brought us to the grand total of twenty-one members. We, in turn, initia- ted the new Freshmen. At the end of the term Russell Reed left us. Class Officers: President-Arthur Rice: Vice President-George Kommg Secretary and Treasurer-Mary McAlpin, Class Advisor: Mr. John Sakola, JUNIOR CLASS 1937-1938 Upon entering our Junior year we found four new members in our class. They were Lavora Hawke from Columbia, Pearl An- drews from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Emily Ertl from Chardon, and Eugene Cornish from Grafton. This made a total of twenty-four members. We gave a min- strel with most of the members participat- ing and a class play, "Crashing Society." Instead of giving the Seniors a send off with a prom, both Junior and Senior class- es took a trip to Washington, D. C. 'On our way there and back we stopped to see Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the Naval Academy at Annapolis. Class Officers: President-Arthur Riceg Vice President-Amelia Balogh, Secretary- Margaret Stranahang Treasurers-Betty Lyons and Mary McAlgpin. Class Advisor: Mr. John Sakola. ' ' ssmoa CLASS 1938-1939 Twenty-two members reported for school in September for the last time. Two memlbers had left our school. They were Earl Weekly, who went back to Oberlin, and Glade Box, who moved to La Grange. The Senior class sponsored a cafeteria every Wednesday during the school year. It was the first one in the school. Instead of a 'Senior class play a minstrel was given. We also had the honor to be the first class from Eaton High School to graduate in caps and gowns. 'Class Officers: President-Arthur Rice: Vice President-Amelia Baloghg Secretary- Margaret Stranaihang Treasurer-Betty Lyons. Class Advisor: Mr. John Sakola. -By Evelyn Oldag SENIOR WILL .. We, as Seniors, do solemnly swear That one of the Juniors will be our heir. As we make this, our last testament and w ll, We hope none of you are treated ill. But we'll do our best, and you can bet, That this is all you're going to get. So just sit tight, Chilluns, And don't think us vil ains, 'Cause you know, we're not dead yet, Solemnly swears does Jackie Rule, That he isn't any'oody's fool. And what he's got. he aims to take When from Eaton, his departure he'll make. Margaret Stranahan, all her boy friends left behind Will be willed to Alma Box. We're sure she won't mind. Then Georgie Komm, always full of happiness and joy, Leaves his fun to Bofb Shuster, the Junior "Glamour Boy." And Miss Betty Ziehm, strange as it may seem, Wills her freckles to Mr. Buse's daughter, Mary Jean. Paul Sievert, the Senior "Man about Town," Wills suit No. 13 to Jamieson, the "Fresh- man Clown." Lavora Hawke says "I'll solemnly swear, and I don't mean cuss, My basketball ability, I'll leave to my brother, Russ." Gene Cornish, who gets nothing but A's, Leaves those grades to Joe Stritzel, who's in something of a daze. "In this, my last testament," sayeth Amelia Balogh, "I'll leave Mr. Salisbury a 'bottle of Coca Cola." Donal-d Phelps, it must be said, Will give to Bade Crowell his hair of red. And Cleo Hoskin says tha any of you That want red hair may have hers, too. "I'm going to leave my physics book," says Ernie Bassett "To Leroy Cowley, maybe next year he can pass it." Those big hazel eyes owned by Marcella McKean, S-he'll leave to Marion Bott, the Junior queen. Says Arthur Rice, "For basketball I like to train, But I'll leave my ability to next year's center, Martin Blaine." Amy Christensen, the prettiest girl in the Senior Class, Leaves her beauty to you and you and every other envious lass. Mary McAlpin, the Senior's prize tomboy, Leaves her horse to Alan Munn, the lS'oph- omore Cowboy. Betty Lyons, whose high school life has been full of joy, Leaves ibehind, but be careful, girls, one handsome Junior boy. Pearl Andrews, who is always neat, Wills to Doris Yost her dainty feet. Margarete Box, tri-ed, trusted and true Leaves that trust to a Junfior, Alice Drew. Emily Ertl, who is coy, beautiful and petite, Leaves to Susan Wargo a smile that can't be beat. Evelyn Oldag, the newest Senior thrush, Leaves her voice to Doris Brush. Shuster, again it may seem Regina strange, But she won't leave to you, a rboyfriend from LaGrange. Last, but not least, is the author of this story, Dave Cook, if h-e had anything to leave, he'1d be in his glory. So all he'll say is "Best iwishes to you" And, from Jimmy Fiddler, "I do mean you." The End It's the end of All our school days, It's the end of all our fun But it's not the end by a long Ways, Of the many friends we've won. Yes, it's the end of all our school days, But our lives have just begun And we're pioud to think that always, We'll gain from the knowledge Won. It's the end of all our school days, May We rise as the rising sun And be glad and thankful always, For the help from everyone. -By Paul Sievert JUNIORS .... REAR-Merle Smith, Leroy Cowley, George Smith, Bob Shuster. SECOND ROW-Alice Drew, Helen Osborne, Eleanor Taylor, Jesse Cerlan, Joe Stritzel, Martin Biaine, Irving Austin, Dirk Reidel, Russell Hawke, Cletis Pillivant. THIRD ROW-Jeanette Ligas, Doris Yost, Alma Box, Betty Garretson, Marian Bott, Betty Mezurek, Doris Brush, Virginia Stegman, Helen Shuster, Susan Wlargo. NOT PICTURED-Bonnivere Andrews, Mary Jean Buse, Virginia Smith, Rich- ard Han ke, Lewis Kolb. We have been quite busy this year and have sponsored a few activities in- cluding our Class Play, "Aunt Tillie Goes to Town"g The Eaton Music Hallg and the sale of the Junior's 'iLife Blood,"-Chocolate Milk. We are quite proud of our class sweaters. Our class colors, Dartmouth Green and White, are carried out with a green sweater and white numbers. CLASS OFFICERS President ,, ,,,,,,,7,,,7,,,,..,,,..,,, ,,....,,.., M artin Blaine Vice President , H ,,,, Helen Shuster Secretary ,, ,, .. ,.,,.... Jesse Cerlan Treasurer , ,, ,,,,,,,,, Bonnivere Andrews Assistant Treasurer H ,. ,,.i,.. ,i..,...... A lma BOX Class Adviser ,, ., ,, ,,,, Mr. Salisbury IN MEMORIAM WAYNE CALE Died January 17, 1938 SOPI-IOMORES .... REAR-David Hawke, Carl Ziehm, Lyle Horton, Nyal Yost, Nelson Reisinger, Wayne Tite, Steve Balogh. SECOND ROW-Anthony Piscola, Jack Kennedy, Alan Munn, Dorothy Rice, Velma Leiby, advisor, Earl Graham, Glenn Sievert, James Smith, Jack Strong, Milis L-iptak. FRONT ROW-Emma Hales, Mary Cook, -Myrtle Smith, Florence Tarnoske, Anna Smith, Geraldine Blaine. Three of our members are in the school orchestra. They are Emma Hales, Glenn Seivert, and Carl Ziehm, Wayne Tite and David Hawke have starred on the Basket4bal1 squad. Steve Balogh and Carl Ziehm played on the Reserves. Dorothy Rice has done her p-art as a cheerleader. CLASS OFFICERS President .......................................... Jack Kenn-edy Vice President .,..... ...... G lenn Seivert Secretary .......... ....... E mma Hales Treasurer ..,...,... ....... G 'eraldine Blaine 'Class Reporter ..... ..... F lorence Tarnoske Class Advisor ...... ........ V elma Leiby FRESI-IMEN .... REAR-George Box, Dale Hahn, Robert Rothel, Sterling Tite, Albert Cramer, John Schuehrer, Billy Cerlan, Raymond Rice. THIRD ROW-Donald Schneider, Anthony Ertl, Robert Jamieson, Gene Sie- vert, Isabelle Traxler, Elsie Mate, Mary Cornish, Rolbert Smith, Arlene Austin, Rose Balogh, Marion Baker, Harold Tompkins. SECOND ROW-Junior Horton, Ralph Beebe, George Chapman, Shirley Hawke, Irene Buse, Louise Cale, Mrs. L. Cook, advisor, Ruth Taylor, Howard Smith, Joseph Wargo, Norman Schmidt. FRONT ROW-Anne Blitch, Thelma Spitzer, Garnet Phelps, Eleanor Hawke, Anna Keller, Mary Keller, June Reisinger, Doris Stegman, Arthur Supers. NOT PICTURED-Donald Bott, Doris Rader. The Freshman Class is much larger than previous years having forty-two members. Five of our boys are on the Reserve Basketball team. All have done very viell. They are: Gene Sievert, Tony Ertl, Harold Tompkins, George Box and Bob Rothel, Two Freshmen girls, Mary Cornish and Elsie Mate, are among the three new Cheerleaders. Sterling' Tite, Norman Schmidt, and Robert Jamieson are in the Orchestra. Freshmen Initiation and a Roller Skating Party were two high spots of the of the year. CLASS OFFICERS President . ...................................... Don Schneider Vice Pres'dent .... Mary Cornish Secretary ,........,. .,......... I rene Buse Treasurer ..,.... .............. D Onald Bott Cas Adviner .... .. Mrs. Lenore Cook Class Reporter .... ......... A Une Blitch EIGI-ITI-I GRADE .... FRONT-Donna Pillivant, Willie Mae Farr, Helen Graham, Jean Strong, Ethel Petroff. SECOND-Genevieve Tarnoske. Rudolph Balogh, Helen Balogh, Mrs. Lienore Cook, teacher, Junior Lyons, Joseph Stanislawski, Grace Balogn. REAR-Robert Johnson, Norman Cramer, George Drew, Kenneth Oldfield. SIXTH and SEVENTH GRADES .... REAR-Kenneth Smith, Amil Smith, Nyle Hahn, Richard Kennedy, Howard Stritzel, James Toth, Roy Reichard, Francis Moran. THIRD+Ioan Wargo, Linda Cerlan, Ruby Cornish, Mary Visnick, Shirley Grills, Mae Reisinger, Wilbur Shuster, Albert Baloeh. SECOND-Robert Grills, Faith Smith, Lucille Martin, Jean Bassett, Betty Rader, Dorothy Buck, Donald Terrell, Marian Meyer, Virginia Maurus, Bernard Kidney. FRONT-Lois Tompkins, Margarete Wargo, Merrill Hawke, Charles Rox, Charles Spitzer, Irvin Rothel, Roibert Reidel, Miss Charlton, teacher. if E if if , M ' F z gg B 'S 2 K, I t ' 3425" fx 'ax l AMR? 'ag 3 I 'III' ,Z jf, V my A v X 7-? :J W 5 qu ' g J,5j Q . I ii V E. , N 9 K. 1 ki my uv 'ffiifwiff J GW G55 If 35 :sq K in 1 . Mpgxql Q Q Wx i -'L 4 In . ,gfff ,Lf, . U EATONIAN STAFF .... REAR-Richard Riedel, Glenn Sievert, Cleo Hoskin. David Cook, Amy Christen- sen, Jack Rule, Amelia Balogh, Paul Siievert, Merle Smith. SECOND--Florence Tarnoske, Arlene Austin, Emma Ha'es, Donna Pillivant Ve'ma Leiby, adviserg Betty Mezurek, Mary McAlpin, Many Cornish Evelyn Oldag, FRONT-Alma B-ox, Mary Cook, Anne Blitc-h, Betty Lyons, Margaret Strana- han, Betly Ziehm, Betty Garretson, Editors ,,,.,......,..,.....,,..,......i....,,..,,............ E. Hales, M. Stranahan, B. Ziehm Business Managers ..., ..,. P . Sievert, B. Mezurek, M. Stranahan Boys' Sports ' A. Rice Girls' Sports .... M. Orchestra ,,,. ..... B. Garretson Mixed Chorus ..,, .......,,, D . Cook Feature ..,,........ ..,,. ' C. Hoskins Exchange .. ,.,.,, A. Balogh Jokes .,,. ....,,,. .,.......,,,... .... P . S ievert Alumni . .,.,..,. .,...........i...,.... ......,.,. M . Cook C.ass Reporters, Senior ....... .... lN I. McAlpin Junior ........ ....,. R . Riedel Sophomore ,,.. .,......... ....,,...... .,,.., ,,..e,,.,..... F . T a rnoike Freshman ........,..........,..,,.,....,.....,,... .,,...,.. , ...l...,,,, . . A. Blitch Mimeograph ....,,,....,..,.,,,...,.,. ,.., ,,., A . Rice, A. Box, M. Cornish, Merle Smith, Cook, E. Mate, Glenn Sievert, Amy Christensen Typists ..,,.... .............. ,.........,. A . Christensen, B. Lyons, E. Oldag, A. Rice. J. Rule, D. Cook, A. Balogh Artists .......,.....,.,...... Glenn Sievert, A. Austin Adviser ,,.., ............................i.................................... ..........,...,...,,. V e 'Ima Leiby The Eatonian Staff is composed of students from all classes in high school. Five numbers are edited during the year. By means of advertisements the Eatonian has been self-supporting. This year for the first time in the history of the school We have attempted an annual. We have enjoyed this endeavor and sincerely hope that it will bring' pleasure to its readers. We wish to thank our advertisers and subscribers for their cooperation. v v ORCHESTRA .... REAR-Mr. Petersen, teacher: Robert Jamieson, accordian, Betty Ziehm, accordian, Emma Hales, piano. FRONT, left to right-Sterling Tite, saxophone, Alma Box, saxophone, Jesse -Cerlan, French horn, Betty Garretson, trombone, Martin Blaine, drums, Glenn Sievert, trumpet, Margaret Stranahan, trumpet, Art Rice, trumpet, Norman Schmidt, trumpet. Not pictured-Carl Ziehm, clarinet. Jesse Cerlan, accompanied by Margaret Stranahan at the piano, took part in the 'Solo and Ensemble 'Concert at Clearview, Jan. 28. The members of a brass quartet were Margaret Stranahan and Glenn Sievert, first and second trumpets, Betty Garretson, trombone, and Mr, Salis- bury, trombone and vocal. Emma Hales and Margaret Stranahan sang with us. Helen Shuster did splendid work as an accompanist. PIANO STUDENTS .... REAR-Doris Stegman, Donald Phelps, Helen Shuster, Susan Wargo, Jeanette Ligas. Leonarda Taylor, Clarissa Brush. SECOND--Gordon Hales, Thelma Spitzer, Ruth Taylor, Mary Visnich, Marian Myers, Linda Cerlan, Doris Blaine, Linda Lou Yost, Doris Yost. FIRST-Delores Reisinger, Margaret Rice, Lois Fullmer, Evelyn Leach, Lila May Pauly, Beulah Hawke, Betty Box. The piano students range from the first grade to high school. We are proud that some of these folks have had the honor of broadcasting' from W. C. L. E. Cleveland, This was made possible by Mrs, West to whom these folks feel grateful. We appreciate her work in our school programs. Those who broadcast from W. C. L. E. were Helen Shuster, Donald Phelps, Doris Yost, Susan Wai-go, Doris Stegman, Linda Cerlan, Jeannette Ligas, Ruth Bassett, Ruth Taylor, Margarete Box, Clarissa Brush, Lois Yost, Linda Yost, Delores Reisinger, Beulah Hawke, Leonarcla Taylor, Betty Box, and Gordon Hales. THIRD-Elsie Mate, Anna Smith, Margarete Box, Mrs. West, teacher, MIXED CHORUS .... REAR,--Donald Phelps, David Cook, George Komm, Jack Rule, Jesse Cerlan, Richard Hawke, Martin Blaine. SECOND-Anthony Ertl, Miss Dickey, teacherg Margaret Stranahan, Evelyn 'Oldag, Susan Wargo, Anna Smith, Betty Mezurek, Mary Jean Buse, Evonnivere Andrews, George Smith, LeeR0y Cowley, Paul Sievert, Joseph argo. FRONT-Richard Kennedy, Lavora Hawke, Emma Hales, Betty Lyons, Betty Garretson, Alma Box, Margarete Box, Doris Brush, Dona.d Terrell. GIRL'S GLEE CLUBS .... REAR-Geraldine Blaine, Alice Drew, Evelyn Oldag, Lavora Hawke, Elise Mate, Isabelle Traxler, Mary Cook, Ethel Petroff, Donna Pillivant. THIRD-Miss Dickey, teacher: Susan Wargo, Emma Hales, Eleanor Taylor, Doris Brush, Pearl Andrews, Mary Jean Buse, Bonnivere Andrews, Arlene Austin, Rose Balovgh, Genevieve Tarnoske, Willie Mae Farr, Alma Box, Betty Garretson, Mary Cornish. SECOND--Helen Graham, Marcella McKean, Anna Smith, Florence Tarnoske, Doris Stegman, Thelma Spitzer, Anne Blitch, Ruth Taylor, Virginia Stegman, Betty Ziehm, Margarete Box, Betty Mezurek, Shirley Hawke, Grace Bal-ogh, Helen Balogh. FR4ONT-Margaret Stranahan, Betty Lyons, Jean Strong, Garnet Phelps, Eleanor Hawke, Anna Keller, Mary Keller, Louis-e Cale, Irene Buse, Ruth Bassett. HOME ECONOMICS .... REAR--Elsie Mate, Mary Keller, Louise Cale, June Reisinger, Isabelle 'Traxler Ruth Taylor, Mrs. Cook, teacher: Shirley Hawke, 'Doris Stegman, Rose Balogh. FRONT, left to right-Irene Buse, Shirley Hawke, Garnet Phelps, Doris Rader. INDUSTRIAL ARTS .... REAR, left to right-Gene Sievert, Junior Lyons, Harold Tompkins Robert F Rothel, Dona-Id Bott, George Chapman, Joseph Wargo, Robert Smith. RONT-Junior Hoiton, Donald Schneider, Kenneth Oldfield, Albert Cramer, Arthur Supers, George Box, Bill C-erlan, Howa1'd Smith. ORAIN COUNTY CHAMPS .... Wayne Tito, David Hawke, Richard Hawke, John Sakola, coachg Arthur Rice Paul Sievert, David Cook. Art Rice C-enter Total Points 239 David Hawke Guard Total Points 102 Paul Sievert Guard Total Points 8 1 1 1 : Dick Hawke 1 y 1 Forward 1 Total Points 201 1 1 L 1 o I 1 1 1 David Cook 1 Forward X Total Points 151 1 1 1 1 1 Wayne Tite Guard Total Points 13 T MANAGERS .... Donald Phelps, Irving Austin, Merle Smith Team managers are required:- to care for all equipment to take rosin, towels, and lemons to boys at time out at games to keep the 'Coach's room clean to keep weight records of p'ayers at practices to take suits to games and distribute them to take first-aid-kit to games to come to practices an-d go to games with team to keep score at tournaments to care for floor burns, bruises, etc. on the team VARSITY SCORES Home Team Score Opponent's Score Eaton .....,,....Y, .. 67 LaGrange .,.. ..,,.. 2 6 Eaton .... ,. 42 Ridgeville ..e. 30 Eaton ,... .. 59 Grafton ..,,... 37 Eaton .... ,. 58 Avon Lake ..,,, 23 Eaton .t., .. 45 S. Amherst ..,. 32 Eaton ..,. .. 29 Avon ,,....., .. 18 Eaton .... .. 69 Belden ,t.... 31 Eaton ..,. .. 52 Columbia ..., .. 31 Eaton ..,. 56 Penfield ...,.... ., 28 Eaton ,... 76 Brownhelm .... ., 16 Eatoni ., 58 Ridgeville .. 32 Eaton .... 89 Brookside .. 31 Eaton .... 60 Henrietta 38 T0tal ....... ....,... 7 54 Total ........ ..... 3 73 Average ....v......... 58 Average 28.69 'F Not League Game ,!, ll-iq!!! CHEERLEADERS .... Amelia Balogh, Elsie Mate, Betty Mezurek, Dorothy Rice, Amy Chilstensen TOP CENTER-Mary Cornish Amy Christensen Betty Mezurelk Amelia Balogh Dorothy Rice Elsie Mate Mary Cornish Senior Junior Senior Sophomore Freshman Freshman GIS FAVORITE YELLS Yea Team, Say Team Victory, Victory Train Horn and Hoof E-E-e-e-e When You're Up, You're UP A Basket, A Basket 1-2-3-4 years years years year year year RESERVE SQUAD .... REAR-Donald Phelps,Mg'1'., Georgie Box, Gene Sievert, Tony Ertl John Sakola, coachg Irving Austin, mgr., Robert Sihuster, Merle Smith, mgr. FR'OiN'T-Harold Tompkins, Carl Ziehm, Martin Blaine, Rob-ert Rothel Steve Balogh, George Kornm. RESERVE SCORES Home Team Sco Eaton .7,..,....... .. 32 Eaton ..... .. 49 Eaton .,,.. .. 40 Eaton ,.... ,. 20 Eaton ..... .... 2 8 Eaton ..,,, .. 20 Eaton ..,,A .. 42 Eaton .,,.. .. 26 Eaton ,.... .. 37 Eaton ,.,.. ., 43 Eaton ..... . 36 Eaton ..... ,. 33 Eaton ..... .. 24 .Total ..... .... 4 36 Average .... 33.54 Pe O,pponent's Score LaGrange .,,,, .. 20 Ridgeville ..... .. 19 Grafton ..,.., .. 1 1 Avon Lake S. Amherst 16 ,. 12 Avon A.,.,,w... 1. 26 Belden .,.,. .. 11 Columbia ..., .. 18 Penfield ..,,,,,,, A, 15 Brovvnhelm ..,.,, .. 18 Ridgeville ..... .. 24 Brookside ....... ,, 3 Henrietta ,, Total .1,.... Average v... . .. 18 211 16.23 RESERVE CO-CHAMPS OF LORAIN COUNTY . . Zh 351 I we t'1ow1iwgex,g y ,X T, . ll NK Harold Tompkins, Carl Ziehm, Martin Blaine, John Sakola, coachg Robert Rothel, George Komm, Steve Balogh. GQVE The Reserves had a successful season this year. The boys Won every game except the Avon quintet, the score being 26-20. In all other games the opponents were never within ten points of Eaton's score. The Reserve's hero for high scoring was Bob Rothel, a Freshman, with a total of 155 points for the league season. Though the total points of the boys vary by a wide margin they have what it takes- teamwork. SNAPSI-IOTS . . . . TOP-Q11 Sterling Tite, Irving Austin, Robert Rothel, 125 Jack Rule, Mar- guerite Swan, fill Florence Tarnoske. SECOND-ill Ruth Taylor, Q21 Garnet Phelps, 135 Ireta Wilson, Marion Baker. THIRD-HJ George Smith, Merle Smith, 121 George Smith, 131 Ruih Bassett, 14p Geraldine Blaine. FOURTH-Q11 Juniors 1938, C21 Paul Sievert, 131 David Cook, Paul Sievert, Art Rice, C41 Donald Phelps. BOTTOM--ill Jean Strong, Q21 Betty Ziehm, Q33 Virginia Stegman, Q41 Louise Cale, Q51 :Betty Ziehm, Q61 Velma Leiby. -1... TOP--IU Arlene Austin, Betty Garreison, Marion Bott, Lavora Hawke fill Robert Jamieson, Q31 Ha1'ry Salisbury Q41 Cleo Hoskins. SECOND-111 Eleanor Taylor 125 Betty Mezurek 135 Amy Christensen Q45 Kay Austin, Clinton 'Carpenter Q55 Helen Osborn, Alice Drew Q61 Bon- nivere and Pearl Andrews. THIRD-ll5Doris Yost, Virginia Ste-gman C21 Gene Sie-vert, Glenn Sievert, Q31 Betty Lyons, Q45 Eleanor Streving, Marion Bott, BOTTOM-f1JMartin Blaine, Jesse Cerlan C25 Ann Rule 131 Hugh Graham Q47 Eve.yn Oldag. Phone 2132 CAREK FLORIST INC. , - Sie xiii , if? ,va ' L af-"' 322 Broad sr. 0' n X 'ESQQG' .f . Hongfscis glial-dlvggolicy Order Corsages Jeweler for Cash or charge No carrying 'tharfge 49 East Ave. Elyria Commencement Automobile, Health, Accident, Life, Fire KARL PLOCHER All Lines of lnisurance Surety Bonds 901 Lorain Co. Bk. Bldg. Eiyria, O. VOGUE BEAUTY SALON 529 BQ W. Broad' All Lines of Beauty Work Operators: Olga Mate - Frances Kuhl Margaret Mate Phone 3412 Phone 2137 Carpenter's Budget Beauty Shop Over New Rivoli Theater Elyria The O'Donnell Paint 8: Wall Paper Co. Distributors of ACME QUALITY Paints and Varnishes Wholesale and Retail Elyria, Ohio STUDENTS efs E10 st-,hog 5:9 0:9 6 Yo uiaxe 'podab e' ixfbtwotaic Rovgiasxevf have S . ii Efegufn und ofe . W' 'me' , i111'f:"', , c12H??f?lZff..'wk ' X, 25 . Y sAsY Y M ' PAY PLAN 'l'IllC llililill 'I'YPlCYYlll'l'lCll SALES AWD SICIKYIFIC UO. Phono 3478 Middle Ave. 'Elyria N , ., -7- --We -7-2,7 Hn- -- Puig Broad sr. Phone 2801 r J w. F. ELDRED PAPER co. Compliments of Wholesale MAYTAG y Elyria, Ohio WASHERS 8: IRONERS 2 Paper Paper Cups Elyria, Ohio 1 Twine Food Containers 3 Bag' Toile' Palfe' Ph. 227 228 Middle Ave. 1 Paper Towels School Supplies T T I THE BELL COMPANY C0mP'i"1e'1fS of Elyria, Ohio YEARCRAFT SUITS Elyria's Foremost Confectionery and Restaurant FRIEND DR. T. C. PENNINGTON To Dentist FRIEND 551 Broad st. Ewa, on FARMERS SUPPLY co., Ltd. Telephone 28314 yria, Ohio Phone 2527 NICHOLS FUNERAL TATTERSALI.. CREAMERY Cream TopbMilk Ice Cream - Bars 11 Creamuicles - Fancy Centers ELYRIA OHIO For All Occasions STANDARD PRODUCTS T ypewriters Tires, Gas, Oil Route 57 Royal and Underwood Otto Richert also A. B. Dick Stencils Compliments f h 0 t e LOOMIS CO. DAIRY 134 Middle Ave. Ely Photograph, Are You A Good of Ballroom Dancer? Elton High School Learn correctly, quickly, cheaply were made by STAGE ARTS STUDIO DAYS STUDIO no Middle Ave. Third Flo Middle Ave. Elyria Phone 2866 THE OBERLIN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Member of the American Association of Junior Colleges Invites your inquiry about these courses: TWO-YEAR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ONE-YEAR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TWO-YEAR SECRETARIAL COURSE ELEVEN OR NINE MONTHS COMBINED COURSE NINE MONTHS STENOGRAPHIC COURSE CIVIL SERVICE WORK For further information, write to the OBERLIN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Oberlin - Ohio f L - .H Y YY--- -1, GEO. G. SPITZER Hardware - Harness - Seeds ROTHGERY MOTOR SALES Chevrolet 1 Hudson BuiIder'a Supplies - Coal Studebaker Lumber Allis-Chalmers Tractors I l " 1 GRAFTON OHIO Phone 5lJ2 Grafton N l THE PAUL J. BECKER CO. I THE GRAFTON LBR. dz COAL CO Johns Manville Building Products Lumber Roofing - Heating - Sheet Metal BuiIder's Supplies - Coal Electrical Supplies Ready Mixed Concrete I Forest City Paints and Varnishes Phone 59X Grafton Main Street Grafton l Q THE QGRAFTON SAVINGS BANK co. llnvites your Commercial 8: Savings Accounts Member Federal Deposit Insurance VOLUNTEER FOOD MARKET Hi-Grade Foods V l , l 4 Exchange Truck Delivery Service Banking Hours: 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. I Saturday 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Closed Wednesday Afternoons Phone 61X Graftbh Phone 50-X Grafton, Ohio DRINK Compliments of ' 1 THE C. B. FINLEY MOTOR CO. Sales FORDS Service IN BOTTLES The Elyria Coca Cola Bottling Co. Grafton, Ohio Phone 3479 1349 Lake Ave. . Elyria, Ohio Xl ' iiiv' ' if T PATRONS' MR. GERALD FRANKS MISS EMMA GLEASON DRS. BACKUS 8: MARKHAM 2ncI St., Elyria, Ohio PAGE DR. C, J. MILLER, Optometrist 500 Elyria Savings 8: Trust DR. WELSEY SUHR, Dentist 502 Elyria Savings 8: Trust DR, HANCOCK 703 Lorain Co. Bk. Bldg. 605 DR. H. M. FORBES Elyria Savings 8: Trust DR. FAUCETT 703 Lorain Co. Bk. Bldg. DR. L. L. BOURQUIN 706 Elyria Savings 8: Trust DR. L. H. HARRIS 314 Elyria Block DR. 722 C. L. VESSY, Dentist Elyria Savings 8: Trust DR. B. HUBBELL 403 Elyria Block 802 DR. W. H. HULL Elyria Savings 8: Trust DR. B. McDONALD, Dentist 202 Savings Q Trust 817 DR. R. E. JACKSON Elyria Savings 15 Trust DR, C. M. ACKERMAN Optometric Specialist 402 Elyria Savings 8: Trust Bldg. DR. L. C. IVIEREDITI-I Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat 1003 Lorain Co. Bk. Bldg. C. L. SOTHERDEN 8: SON 601 Lorain Co. Bk. Bldg. COZY BEAUTY SALON 602 Lorain Co. Bk. Bldg. Compliments of SHAFER BARBER SHOP Court Street, Elyria, Ohio DR. S. .I. BIRKBECK 215 Court Street, Elyria, Ohio MRSJWARYWDLDAG KNECHTGES 8: GORMAN Phone 4-R-2 Grafton Ohio MRS. WILLIAN KRIEG For Parties 326 West Ave. Elyria Ohm J.H.LANTZ EDWARDS FOOD STORE HEMSTITCHING Gasoline and Oil Phone N- Eaton 3l'R'2 Route 82 Eaton Center Tel. N. Eaton 44 1 ROTHELS GROCERY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE GENERAL MERCHANDISE PIIODB 35-R'3 Eaton Station Automobile, Fire Travel Accident Windstorm and Life Insurance LEVATOR EATON E Agent: N. J. HOSKlN ARMSTRONG at NOAH GRAFTON, R' D- 1 I Phone 35-R-2 Columbia Station Tel. North Eaton 8-R-2 ENGRAVINGS BV CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CJ CLEVELAND 0 PRINTED BY GEAUGA LEADER BURTON O E 2 2 5 ! 'J

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Eaton High School - Eatonian Yearbook (Grafton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 6

1939, pg 6

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Eaton High School - Eatonian Yearbook (Grafton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 6

1939, pg 6

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1939, pg 9

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1939, pg 19

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