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 - Class of 1928

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F 1 1, K' I 1 Y 1 1 1 4 kist7k?i-1X3ff3.iRFXfQ,kKt73lN'Xf k3iRkPf3f,iXkXEfff.ilY32l4 QFQXXWIWH H212 HE.. fy C55 Zim oe Q Q0 z Ms P LQRQ :za 0 . S5552 EE CDF' "'fYiit" U Wfljku UJQEU U 4 O rf Cf E rn Z C1 E oc: rn FU '-B 2 O " 'J AUU?Pf 45? Y , 77, . XX , H R X J L4 xx ffl , i I A M 1, V 1:1-E 2 1 Q M51-an 1 . M. 5, R xxx' , San WM ,Q R f LR mg LM ff Q a wg im nm Wbli 1 VZ msmig ' MH SL? 1 fx fx L 'TZX xsToN HosP1 Ef 5 Eehicatiun We, the Class of 1928, dedicate this, our second annual year book of the Easton Hospital School of Nursing, to Dr. Frederick C. Roberts E Phyfician-in-Chief in appreciation ofthe interest and kind- ness he has shown in our three years of training. 5 Students of the Senior Class of the Easton Hospital Students are an interesting group, in fact, Shakespeare might have made them fourth, in his immortal group, I. The lunatic with his fixed idea. 2. The poet with his fine frenzy. 3. The lover with his frantic idolatry. 4. The student adame with the desire for knowledge. F the student is to be a devotee of hffinerva, the Goddess of learning, she must have a whole-souled determination, a steadfastness of purpose and great energy. The student, like the poet, is born, not made. The student is but an lover, courting a fickle mistress who ever eludes her grasp. It is here that the steadfastness of purpose is brought out. You have had teachers, oracles, pumping knowledge at high pressure into passive recep- tacles or possibly the teachers have been more like senior students anxious to help juniors and this type is what builds up a good spirit for the course you have been taking as a life work, for which the few years under teachers is but a small proportion. You can all become good students, a few may become great students and now and then one is found who will con- form to John Ferriar's definition of a genius. Thoroughness is the most difficult habit to acquire but is the pearl of great price worth all the worry and trouble ofthe search. Read, read, read that you may know what has been done and is being done elsewhere. The value of a really great student to the country may be equal to many great factories or a transcontinental railway. Think of Fulton, Howe, Wihitney, hfforsc, Jenner, Pasteur, Koch and Nightingale. VVe cannot tell where the next will arise, some 20th century Night- ingale or Edison may be pulling away at a Hygeia in the Children's YVard. A hffankind, the most complicated mechanism, will be the subject of your study and care. The new-born infant, the guileless child, the lad or lass of puberty or adolescence, the man in the prime of life, the woman in maternity, and the aged and worn out. Science and art of nursing and medicine may change but there will be no change in the essential features of life which will be the object of your care. Now for a little advice. Good humor, a breezy cheerfulness, a nature "sloping toward the southern siden, as Lowell has it, helps enormously both in the study and practice of nursing as well as medicine. 'It is unpardonable to go about among your patients with Z1 long face. If you don't understand something, look it up in books or work it out for yourself. Mix as much as possible with the outside world and learn its ways. Cultivate your Nurses' So- cieties and meetings and the social circles. Do the work of the day well. "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itselff, You who are Seniors of the Training School for Nurses will be graduates facing the stern realities of your profession. You have my very best wishes for your life's work. FREDERICK C. ROBERTS 6 E kwa- in E Q Em M a 'mf N E E w WW' m my we sim Eg I-su? H a E H B M -E N Ei mggmra M E WE X Q H H Www m ss 5' H QE Km -Emp P Sm gym in E .mm ,E sm- nm a ' F ss E V mfs -nm Q msg H mmm!! W E gg E H E 5 E ka wgw' be FREDERICK ROBERTS, M. D. Chief of Medifal D5136l7'1:?71E7'LZ I1zJ1f1'ucZ01' of Special Tl1w'czpeutic.r 7. 5 Florence Nightingale ' Pledge I solemnly pledge myseh' before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my lqfe in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is dele- terious and mischievous, and will not talee or knowingly ad- minister any harmful drugs. I will do all in my power to elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in conji- dence all personal matters committed to my keeping, and all family ajfairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. Pfith loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work and devote mysebf to the weUare of those committed to my care. 8 R E Q yfpsf 9 To tha Gmciuativig Class, Eczslon- Hospital: AND so, the endg the curtain descends upon the prologue of your lives. Your Alma Nlater, your instructors, your prompters-Wishing you God-speed-- are making their exits. But a short period and the stage will be yours on which to enact the drama of your existence. You are Well prepared and the transition will be so easy that you Will scarcely mark the change. The reason for this is that you have had the benefit of actual experience such as no other profession admits of. Contact with all phases of path- ological conditions has been yours because you have run the gamut from the infant blanket to the winding sheet. lvhile at times tragedy Will stalk across your stage, still the joy of being a factor in restoring health and relieving pain and suffering will compensate you. Welcome comedy to your sick roomg it Will act as a medicine. Be exacting in carrying out instructionsg be sympathetic to the highest degree. The epilogue to the drama of your life will be then ideal and a Worthy example to others. . Respectfully, B. RUSH FIELD IO 5 B. RUSH FIELD, M. D. Supey'inte1m'e1zt II E To the Gmolziativzg Class Of the Easton Hospital Training School: To you who are ready to go out and minister to suffering humanity, I will give a charge. Be loyal to your Horpizfal. This simple phraseology may mean nothing to you if taken unheedingly and Without consideration. Our Whole system of things is built up around the little word loyalty. There is loyalty to family, loyalty to friends, loyalty to institutions of learning, and loyalty to God. An analysis ofthe reason for these attachments shows that we are loyal to people and institutions who have done us a service. Your Hospital may be small and its building antiquated, but its scope of Work is boundless and the good it does is tremendous. lt is your Alma hdater and has given you your training to the best of its ability. Be proud of your Hospital. Wie of your Stall' are striving to better the institution in every Way. Help us by doing your bit and keeping in mind the fact that an institution can be harmed and dragged into the mire by indifference and disloyalty. Br loyal to your Hofpitczl. ' PAUL CORRELL. I E PAUL CORRELL, NI. D. S'IL7'gE07l-f1l-Cllfff, In.rr1"ucz'01' of S'lL7'gE7'y I 5 MABEL GRACE WILSON, R. N. Directrefx of N une: To the Class of IQ28 of the School of Nursing of the .Easton Hospital: You have "finished the course," and an even greater accomplishment is. that you "have kept the faith". In- crease your faith ever, and you will be good nurses and good women. Sincerely, NIABEL GRACE WILSON I4 i f fXLMA M. URFFER, R. N. I1z.r1f1'ucZo1' in Theory To the Class of IQ28.' Success comes not in gilded letters, ,Tis the result of faithfulness, hon- esty and unsellishness. May you always be honest, straightforward, trustworthy, upright women. Yourjourney is just now begun, so may you by your spirit- ual uplift, always "Look up, not down", and, after honest endeavor earn your well deserved reward, leaving behind only pleasant memories to your followers. Sincerely, ALMA NI. URFFER In 5 -s is-i if .s mi Mi ,s. H gag ss J, r SE ? 5 ui mg. .Eiga w 1 ! I l E l T MABEI. E. W'oLF12, R. N. Supervirof' of OPE1'dZ'li77,g Room To the Class of IQ28.' 'fNot at the top, but climbing" Bear in mind, the glittering, unlasting reward lies nearest the ground, but the one to which you aspire is attained only after ceaseless untiring efforts towards the goal. May you always remember 'tis not all gold that glitters, but it may be fartherest hidden from sight, offering more pleasure and richer rewards, following honesty, faithfulness, and sincere courage to carry on. Sincerely, RXIABEL E. WOLFE 16 R Board Of Trustees Term expiring 1928 NIRS J. NI. DREISBACI1 A NIRS R. S. :KNAPP MRS. S. ROLAND HALL ' NIRS FRANK REEDER, JR Tefm expiring 1929 ' NIRS. CHARLES P. AYERS NIRS. NIARK SMITH IVIISS ELIZABETH DAVIS . IVIRQCHESTER SNYDER HON. I'IORACE LEHR HON. HENRY J. STEELE MRS. W. H. IQIRKPATRICK MR. DAVID B. SKILLMAN MR. A. J. ODENWELDER, IR. MRS. E. R. YARNELLE U Term expiring 1930 MRS. G. S. BROWN' MRS. A. IQAI-IN MRS. FRANK IDEICI-IMAN fMRS. H. P. IQINSEY IVIRS. I. B. POORE Officers HON. I'IORACE LEI-IR .......... ........... P resident MR. DAVID B. SKILLMAN .... . . .Fiwft Vice-Prefidmt MRS. NIRS. E. R. YARNELLE ........... G. S. BROYVN .......,.......... Second Vice-Prefidenz . . . . .Recorcling Secretary Recording Secretary NIRS. S. ROLAND HAI,I, .... Affifzmzt MRS. FRANK DEICHMAN ...... . ..... Cowefponding Secretary MR. JOHN S. EVANS .... . ......... Treayurer 17 F Hospital Staff Major Staff Suvgery-PAUL CORRELL, NLD. Jl4'edicaZ+FREDERIcK C. ROBERTS, NLD. Obfzfetricy-YV. P. O. THONIASON, NLD. .dnefzfhefia-F.. S. HOFFMAN, NLD. Perliatrics-JOHN H. NVEST, NLD. I Ear, Nora, Throat-C. Pathology-R. A. FISH Opthalmology-TYRUS E. SWAN, NLD. Roentgmzology-F. A. SHERRER, NLD. Urology-B. NL HANCE, NLD. Associate Staff GLENN G. IKLOCK, NLD. VICTOR S. NIESSINCER, BLD. G. HARMON, ACLD. ER, NLD. Adjunct Staff K. W. IKRESSLER, NLD. FRANK ICESSLER, NLD. STANLEY LQREBS, NLD. H. E. RXLCCORMICK, NLD. L. R. BLOOM, NLD. LOUIS F. BURKLEY, NLD. LKENNETH KUI-IN, NLD. NVFILLIANI F. COPE, NLD. C. C. DAICLE, NLD. PAUL SCHXVARZ, M.D. JOSEPH A. STOTZ, NLD. HOBIER BLOOM, NLD. C. P. STRUTHERS, NLD. J. S. COIJEN, NLD. CHAS. H. BOYER, NLD. 'W. G. TILLMAN, NLD. Ivizferne-E. ACKERMAN, NLD. BECK, DR. C. F.. BECK, DR. S. G. COLLMAR, DR. CHARLES DAIGLE, DR. C. C. DARNELI., DR. S. L DECI-1, DR. E. DECH, DR. S. H. DILLIARD, DR. B. F. EVANS, DR. E. WV. FETHERHOLF, DR. J. A. FIELD, DR. B. RUSH FIELD, DR. G. B. YVOOD FRAUNFELDER, DR. J. A. Auxiliary Staff GAINES, DR. CARL LIAHN, DR. FRANK ELAPPEL, DR. VV. LIOCKENBERRY, DR. NLL. FLUMMEL, DR. C. D. HUNT, DR. S. LQELLER, DR. J. C. KELLER, DR. D. H. K.OCH, DR. NLICTOR KOTZ, DR. A. L. LYON, DR. CHARLES NLILI.ER, DR. IE. C. MORGENSTERN, DR. QI. A. IS Rffidevzt Szwgfovz-S. NLUSSBAUM, NLD OTT, DR. HOWARD PI-IILLIPS, DR. NL S. POHL, DR. ELARRY PURSEL, DR. VVM. DANA RAUB, DR. R. S. REASER, DR. BUDD RICIiARDS, DR. E. YV. RICHARDS, DR. G. NL ROSENBERRY, DR. E. S. SMITH, DR. C. B. SMOCK, DR. E. L. STOEIPLET, DR. C. F. LJHLER, DR. FLOYD E P- ww 5 ., nf. . ss ms mn mmwssn mn 5543!-ws mms ss E mu W M Q ,nm "Www awww mm yn Wim sm WTEQW mu M .E wh EUHR H mm EUGENE J.AcK13RMAN, M. D. Intervze W w E Q H I SH nga H H xl H H 3, H -W Pe H H HHH mx Emma ie. mwwmk .H E H f mf HZ.. E a E- in H: H H. as mg E . H H an 'Hs an an an ss ss m Q 3 a Bw a ss an a mn mn gamma Ewa L. R. BLOOM, M. D. Auociatf in Ped1faf1'icJ and I1z.vtrucl0r of Pediatric.: g + :HZOMER BLOOM, M. D. Surgeon-Adjxmzct Staj LOUIS F. BURKLEY, NLD Affociate in Obnfstricf Imtruczor of Gynecology O Em -Q J. S. CO1-IEN, NLD. Obxtetrzfciavz-lfdjunct Smjf W. F. COPE, NLD. Axfociate Opthalmologift 5 C. C. DAIGLE, NLD. Affociate in Otology R. A. FISHER, M.D. Patlzologifl and Ivzftructor of Bacteriology E , Q U H B. kd. HANCE, NLD. Urologift cmd I11.rZ1"ucl0r of Urology and ffevwreal Difeaim' C. G. HARLION, M.D. Clziff Otologift and Ivuzfruczfor of Olology Rlzinology, Lzzryngology 5 E. L. HOFFMAN, NLD. Anaestlzetiff and I 1z.vzf1'ucfo1' of Amfsthefia FRANK J. KESSLER, M.D Surgeon-Adjunct Staj' EE DQJ GLENN G. IQLOCK, NLD. Afsociate in Nledicivze, Ivzflructov' of CO?7l77Z'ZL7Z7:Cdb!6 Difeafff STANLEY IQREBS, M.D S1L7'gZ07'L-14Cij.'lL7'ZC'Z Sta-gf g K. VV. IQRESSLER, NLD. S1L1'geo1z-fldjfmzct Szfajr and Ivzxtructor of fzmior Surgery Y KENNETH IQUI-IN, NLD. Afxociate Otologifzf and I11.r15ruc1for of I M aleria Medica ' E H. E. BIICCORMICK, M.D. Swgeovz-.4dj'1z1zct Staff R. E. IVICLAUGHLIN, M.D Odontologifi and I11.fl1'uc1f01' of Oral H y giene E VICTOR S. NIESSINGER, M.D. Afforiate in .Medicine and Imtmctov' of Pyyclzology S. NUSSBAUM, M.D Resident Surgeon E 1- - ' "'1.5':' vim ', :1f.E':G. ,.::g-'":TE'.,,':j-1 2, ' VS- . ?.5f4?'iA ...au:.:E2-f..E:2-I-iff? ' 1 , ' ff Vfi47f'- 2 fee ... B be 1 wa 'f , 1 .::1'f--:-:'- --,::,.:.::1.: ew my I-1"-'1 'Dm' ' - 1 1 'f-l.4:::222:w4:: 7 ,lx Y H ,,, - .. ' I JL . " ' : ww. - wr- ' ' W W N3 .lf TPIEO. :REICI-IBAUM, NLD. Auociaif in .7ll.cfdicim' and I71J'f7'1'LL'fO1' in Medical Nurfivzg W Z 9 D. C. RICHARDS, NLD Surgeon-Adjuvzczf Sfaf HA E fs. H ,M ,ESSEX ' my 5 5 E . mga A H ww mga -an Q :Pam EES-E Q2 Q' ss Km Am E? Mm '5 m M kiss E., S E EW? 'E ss a n , 1 mama E Q N E F, .X mm. ss Qff? aiH?fk2,51 ' 884 SS H sa mummy ss Q sm nw:- ma, A 35, 2.1 P mm Q PAUL SCHWARZ, M.D. Su1'ge01z-Adjunct Staj I7Z.S'f7"lLCi01' of E77ZKTgK1ZCiK5 F. A. SHERRER, BLD. Affociaie Roevzzfgenologift l A L w A Q 5 3 JOSEPH A. STOTZ, NLD. I Sfmgeoviz-Adjzmct Staj' I1z.ft1'1aczf01' of Ahmzfomy and Phyriology C. P. STRUTHERS, NLD. 0bJtet1'ic1fa1z-fldju mt S ta J? 5 T. E. SWAN, M.D. Opllzalmologiyt and Ivzfzfruczfov' 0fOpt1zaZmoZogy VV. P. O. THOMASON, M.D. Chief ObJtezf1'ici11z, I7lJ'l'7'1l,Cf07' of Obflfzrirf ? H. C. UPDEGROVE, M.D. z4,S'.!'i.S'fd1ZZ SZL'l'gK07l-'ffl-Clliff and Imiructov' of Orzfhopedicf f JOHN H. WEST, M.D. Pediawiciavz and I1z:zf1'ucto1' of Infant Feeding E Class Officers President ...... ....,... M AE GOMMER Vice President . . . ..,.... ELIZABETH BADMAN Secretary ....,. .... M ILDRED BRUNSTETTER Trearurer ........ ,NIARY HARRIS Burineff .Manager . Hut. Bur. Manager. Editor ............. Ant. Editor ......... Photograph .Manager Ant. Photo. Jlletnager joke Editor ....... Advertifing Illeznager Class Motto NOT AT THE TOP, BUT CLIMBINGH Class Flower YELI,OW Rosa Class Colors GREEN AND YELLOW Year Book Staff .MAE GOMMER .E R. BADMAN .C. C. CLARKE M. E. SHUMBAT ........I.E.AUST ....K. SHAFER NYKAMP D. NI. RABICH Anirtant Advertising Ilflanezger . . . . . Nl. BRUNSTETTER X f mx A 1 W 1 R, ,EF "Senior Vilsions! AQ Q v I ? ll Xyl adam' M 5 N ', I W' U' . I Q 4 K 2 , 0 X Q i 1 45.6.15 l W' il I X X f I ig'- V 9179 1, . E 'QU ' - 1 A ,... ' ' A.,' f 1' N, ' .V :Az I V -A V x 35 M Q mv E Song of Class '28 Tune: "Auld Lang Sync." I WVe're here to-night to bid farewell To friends and teachers dear, The time is short, and wefve to dwell But few more minutes here. Cham: Oh, Easton Hospital, fare thee well To thee be always fame. And may we ever laud and sing The honors of thy name. 2 To our instructors we give our praise, For you we've often tried, And may you soon forget mistakes VVe made in days gone by. 'When trying tasks around us fly And all things wrong do seem, Then we'll recall with grateful hearts The lessons from you gleaned. 3 And now to all our classmates dear, We have to bid farewellg But may we someday meet again On that far shore to dwell. So bidding all a fond farewell We'll part with courage bold, And ne'er forget old twenty-eight, The class of green and gold. Chorur Dear classmates all, farewell to you Go forth with burning zeal, And may our alma mater say "Well done, thou gold and green." D. ZW. Rabich 36 im ma Our History---'28 IN the first week of January, 1925, twelve wide-eyed curious girls enrolled as Hprobiesn in the old Easton Hospital School of Nursing. Those first mornings were disappointing and encouraging, sorrowful and happy, weakening and strengthening. I Being encouraged by the sureness of our Seniors, twelve young girls followed carefully in the footsteps of our chosen profession. . Two of our classmates were unfortunate and followed other trodden paths after long periods of illness. The first class meeting assembled in one of the numerous rooms in the spring of "25,'. The officers were elected for a three year term. During our first year of work, play entered the field several times. First dis- guised as Doggie Roasts then as a Hallowe'en Party, dancing, games and good eats all around. These happy events gave us food for other thoughts than studies. A Christmas party, a New Yearis party, many class meetings and our first year in the nursing profession came to a close. A sleighing party and another Doggie Roast began our second lap in the track. This year soon sped by filled -with many happy days. A lawn social, a dance, more parties and several very business-like class meetings, gave more energy to the class. In this year one outstanding event shall be Written on the stone walls of time. Miss Mabel Grace Wilson came to grace our Mothering Halls with her kind sense of understanding, and her willingness to work for the girls has endeared her in all hearts. Miss VVilson is our Directress of Nurses. Our second year brought us greater responsibilities, more difficult studies, and with it all a happy sense of determination to climb that long tedious hill to success. Examinations over, all this was soon forgotten as vacation time came rolling around. Two weeks of rest or play and We were ready for more work. More and more work, more and more studies, more and more responsibilities and we roll on, to the third lap of our course. D Uur determinations, our willingness to learn, our readiness to follow on other trodden paths of the profession have been awarded highly. 37 5 VVhen as uprobiesv on duty without caps, gazing after those becapped heads, we often sighed. Only three months of this garb and we too, are capped. A new feeling steals over us, new ideas enter the willing grey matter of our heads and we are Juniors. - Our next honor is a little white bar pin with a little green cross, this is awarded at the end of our hrst year, a little honor helping the year spin by, and then we are Intermediates. At the end of our second year white oxfords shod our flying feet. These initiate our Senior year. Being told of our clumsy mistakes, laughed at by Doctors and Senior nurses, sorrows, disappointments, and surprises all make up the three years of a nurse's course. Three glorious, studious, workhlled years. Our Supervisors left behind, our instructors are biding us goodbye, our class, ready to leave the mothering walls of our dear old Alma Mater, are stepping one by one into this world of wisdom and courage. Our friendships have been many among our classmates and instructors. VVe have done our utmost to glorify the name of our school. VVe have done our best to merit the title of SENIORS. CHARLOTTE C. CLARKE H iftorian. "He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him. "He who knows not, knows that he knows not, is simple. Teach him. HHe who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Waken him. "He who knows, and knows he knows, is wise-Follow him." -From an ancient Arabic Apothegm. 38 5 IRMA AUST 4'AUsT1E,' Bethlehem, Pa. We Wonder how these Bethlemites incl and capture all the red heads? Austie isn,t going to college, she may say California-but We all know it's a cozy UD. Well Austie, We all wish you the best of luck. 39 E ELIZABETH BADMAN HBETTYH Nanticoke, Pa. Nanticoke seems to have nice girls even though it is a small place. Mae and Betty are cousins. Betty is our Vice Presi- dent, too. Our class sure has lirey tempered girls. The temper of Bad- man exceeds them all. She's a peach and all good things come in small packages. Well Betty, good luck! 40 i E .l.X4ILDRED BRUNSTETTER HBRUNNYU Easton, Pa. Brunny is liked by every one. VVe Wonder Where that person- ality comes from. But Whatever you do, donlt teaseiher. This is one thing Brunny can not stand. 'Tis said she is going to Col- umbia in a few years. A good place for good girls, Brunny. We all wish you plenty of joy and luck. 41 5 fi CHARLOTTE CLARKE I NCLARKIEM Easton, Pa. Clarkie is another Easton 'cHusky". Her favorite pastime is teasing sorneone. tease when your Work with us is thru? We wonder who he is. What say? She thinks Easton is good enough for her Well Clarkie, best o' luck. 42 VVhorn will you Cfor awhilej. 5 MAE GOMMER CCMAE77 Nanticoke, Pa. Mae is one of our long distance girls. She is our President, too. We think Maelikes it here, altho it's Cwe Wonder Who?j that's keeping her here. How about it, Mae? Well Gommer, may all your troubles be "little ones", and your future be full of happiness. 43 5 aff l.VIARY HARRIS NPOLLYH Columbia, N. J. Polly once Was a wall flower, quiet and sedate. After being here a short time she soon changed. Now she is one of our jolli- est number. Polly seems to be thinking seriously of something. Is it Col- lege, Harris? VVell, here's to your success and happiness no matter what it is. 44- 5 JEAN NYKAMP HBLONDIEH UNYKAMPH Nlilford, N. J. Blondie is one of our Jersey lassies. VVe are glad she is a blond and the only one in the School of Nursing at that. A "shy young miss" when we first knew herg c'Pep ,of ,the Party", we found out later. W'ell, Jean, here's hoping all your Wishes come true and hap- piness be yours always. 45 E or ,alll DOROTHY RABICH CCDOT77 Easton, Pa. Dot is a good egg, we must admit, altho We can always hear her above any one else. We must remember she supplies the Hospital With pretzels as she is the daughter of Easton's "Pretzel King". Well Dot, hereis hoping you don't forget us, and may you have luck in your chosen profession. 46 5 IQATHRYN SHAFER "sHAFER" "K1T'rY,' n Easton, Pa. Another home town girl. Her chief hobby is giggling, her chief Worry is men. Shumie and Shaf travel together a lot. VVe Wonder if Cleveland has any Work, or rather, interest for her! Well, best of luck wherever you go, Shaf. 47 5 MARY SHUMBAT HIMPN 'csHUMiE,' Easton, Pa. Shumie is one of our home town girls. A happy-go-lucky, carefree, imp of Satan, Whom everybody likes. Ma1'y considers Cleveland her field of Work. He1'e's How, Ma1'y, but what is the attraction Way out there? He is in Easton, We think. 48 E Our Alma Mater I Hail our Alma Mater, Staunch and tried and true, As we journey farther Praises we leave you. Friendships fast and binding, You have helped us make, As the days go gliding, Into memories. 2 Knowledge without ending, Duties day by day Pleasures, joys, unending, All have had their sway. Trials, troubles, sorrow, Each have had a share. Come each new to-morrow. E'er without a care. Tune:-Thanksgiving Song. J. L. GAY NOR 49 E Easton Hospital Nurses' Alumnae A Association The officers and members of the Easton Hospital Nurses7 Alumnae Association are to be congratulated on the success of last year's work and the wonderful progress the association is making. It is rapidly growing in size and influence. The association has for its chief purpose the advancement of the interests of the graduates of the Easton Hospital. The members of the Alumnae Association invite each and every member of the class of IQ28 Easton Hospital Nurses' Training School to become members of the Easton Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association. It is not only a privilege for each member of the class of 1928, to become a member of the Alumnae Association but it is also a duty of each and every member to join the Association of their Alma Mate1'. A The first social and reception to the graduating class Was held in june, 1926, and has become an annual event. Through these social features, the association en- deavors to bring the graduates into closer contact with one another. BLANCHE E. SNYDER, R. N., '18. JO E Nurses' Staff BZIABEL G. WILSON, R.N. D'i1'ect1'e5J of N urfef ALMA M. UREEER, R.N. Ivzftruclov' of Theory MABEL E. WOLEE, R.N. Ojbemting Room Superzfifor IRENE IQARCHER, R.N. , A2z.e.vthetiJt NAOLII BITZ, R.N. Rfcfiving Wa1'd EDJ D7:5j5E71fd7':y7 :NIARGARETTE S. LUNDY, R.N. Phyfiothemphy and X-Ray Technician BEATRICE H. SIIIEFER, R.N. Labomtory Technician DORIS SHAFERI, R.N. Supfrzfixov'-F'i1'5zf Floor Wa7'd: NIARGARET ELLIOTT, R.N. Supervifov'-First Floor Private General Duty Nurses NIABEL BEERS, R.N. IRENE VVAGNER, R.N. :ELLEN RUSSELL, R.N. ANN SLEEMAN, R.N. MRS. I'IERBERT C. KIDWELL NIINNIE BERG, R.N. HELEN IQLINE, R.N. IVIATILDA TEEL, R.N. EMILY RAITH, R.N. SI FLORENCE HOPE RN Supervifor-Second Floor Wavdf HELEN C. GRIM R N Supervisor-.!Watc1'11.iZy U Chzldren I Waval LAURA B. ILLICK R N Sujbnviyov'-Third F1001 , HEI,EN CUSI-IMAR R D Diflician HENRIETTA BANZE R N Night Superwsor , RN. 5 mama NAOMI BITZ, R. N. Supervifor of Difpemary and Reczivivzg Wa1'd If ss ss em, HENRIETTA BANZE, R. N. Night SujJe1'vi.vo1' of Hoypizal S2 .Q E ss gms .sm HRW! EN nau.,,, as a ss an Q 95 H? ' E HELEN CUSI-IMAN, R. D. ' Dietitian MARGARET ELLIOTT, R.N. Supzrvifor of Firxt Floor-Private 53 5 NIRS. FLORENCE HOPE, R.N. Superviyor of Second Floor--PVc11'rZ.f LAURA ILLICK, R.N. Supervifov' of Private Floor 5 IRENE ICARCHER, R.N. A .41ze:Zhei.vt LEE -' HE? amz.: mixing nmmmms E xm xmn m yiggmssii wa WHERE WH HEWQKEH' ,E Nwiwxsg A mms R M MIM maxim sg -m-mm-we 'mg-g?.w,LM , rwfw '-,mums mn K Q W, mm . f .WB"W.igM'sa. . migPSW:,E3ss?gQ1e1?m.?j?EmH, MARGARETTE S. LUNDY, R.N. Roentgeuology and Plzyxiotlzerapy TEClZ7'L'iCid7Z 5 DORIS SCHAEFFER, R.N. S'lLjJK7'?JiJ'07' of Firfzf FZOO7'-'Wd7'd5 MRS. BEATRICE SHIFFER, R. N Laboratory Techniciavz 5 General Duty Nurses TOP ROW: M1's. Daisy Kidwell, Ellen Russell, Matilda Teel, Ann Sleeman BOTTOM Row: Elizabeth Badman, Emily Raith, Mabel Beers, Irene lVagner 57 5 if 77 Angels of Mercy VVe are called "Angels of NIercy" A fact that is seemingly true, lVe come from far and near, To render care to you. Wfhen you are sick and disabled, And need a nurse's care, lVhen aches and pains are hiding, You'll always find us there. A doctor's order is our password. We are called to your aid. 'When you're passing a crisis, Or touched by a surgeon's blade, lVe heal with skillful methods And treat with texture fine, Those wounds that bewail you And cause your hearts to pine. VVe serve you with all sorts of medicines, And different grades of pills, This is done in our efforts - To dispose of all your ills. Gui' hearts long each day for "Home, Sweet Hornei' And aches beneath a smile, But weire here to do our duty, In life, that seems worth while. W'e strive each day, to cheer and say, Good Nlorning, Good Night, and Good-Bye Some cases we work on hopelessly And others cause us to sigh. Nfany times we are discouraged, But hold right to our task. And are glad when greeted with a smile, For that is all we ask. TOM CAREY, 242 Stewart St., Easton, Pa 58 E E L E i L 59 5 Class History---'29 FOR the past few years, we, the Class of ,2Q, have been endeavoring to continue with our work although quite handicapped, due to losing several members since last year. On the eve of Feb. I, 1926, four frightened girls were ushered into the Nurses' Home. One from Belvidere, N. One from Vail, N. And two from Easton, Pa. After a few months they became accustomed to the surroundings, and in June were able to greet another member, Cecelia Sar, of Easton. The class continuing to grow, added one more to their number, Noile Dennis, of Tatamy, Pa. After all is said and done, "We are only six". Our first attempt at raising money for our year book was begun with the new year and so far we have been fairly successful. Our Class is small but "We get there just the same". XfAN SYCKLE Probably our Class' financial success is due to Dot's"VVhere's that nickel you owe me F" CASE She is the puzzle of the class, no one seems to understand her, but she's a lot of fun, -And How! HOAGLAND Has a favorite-"God Love Him". YVe all wonder who he is. PARIS Would not be hypnotized, we wonder why? Still water runs deep. Anyhow since she strained her back, Dr. Correll is perfectly willing to strap it, following her monthly bath. SAR Wve wonder at the name "Cecelia" it is used so much, we'd like to know how it is making out on Third Floor. DENNIS Her chief pastime seems to be catching mice, and her traps have been a blessing to the Nurses' Home. However we wish to congratu- late Noile on filling the duties as Class Historian. SAYINGS OF INTERMEDIATES XKAN SYCKLE-ccGCCl I like my 'Kemmerer' ". CASE-ic0hiHC,S very wealthy". HOAGL.ANDiciDOD7t you say a word about him." PARIS-'fReally Fm not Scotch." SAR-:'Isn't it c-u-t-e." DENNIS-HI can't do that." 60 5 Class of 1929 l Ruth Hoagland, Edna Paris, Noile Dennis, Dorothy Van Syckle, Cecelia Sal' HOAGLAND, RUTH . . . .... Belvidere, I PARIS, EDNA ....... Easton, Pa DENNIS, NOILE ........ .... R . D. Easton, Pa VAN SYCKLE, DORO'I'PIY . . . ......... Vail, N. I SAR, CIECELIA ....... .... E aston, Pa 61 E Class History---'30 MOTTO He conquers who conquers himself. COLORS: FLOWVER2 Pink and Silver Pink Rosebud CLASS OFFICERS Pvfsizimt, M. Milliam Sec1'e1fczv'y, L. Anderson Vice President, E. Anderson T1'ea.v'zu'e1', NI. Dech Hiftoricm, P. Kirchgassner Elizabeth Anderson-Rave on, Bebe. Louise Anderson-Nfother Nature's Child. Nlary Dech-Nlolly dreads contamination. Madelon Nlilham-That Milliam girl! Thelma Mutchleit-Oui' sweetheart Thelma. Edith Petterson-5'Ain't that awful!" Nlargaret Sandt-Smiling again. Ma1'y Sclian-Wliat a nurse should be. hlary Scott-Tee! Hee! Hee! Pauline Kirchgassner-And how! Hello! Everyone! Here we arem-ten healthy, happy girls ready for work, study, Or play. Altho we have been here less than a year, nevertheless, we have learned many new and strange tasks, mastered new studies, and found many friends. VVe wish to thank all those who have so kindly helped us in this new world of Ours. To the graduating class We extend our heartiest Wishes for success and honor in the future. Clan Hinforian-Pauline Kirchgassner 62 5 Class of 1930 TOP ROW: Margaret Sandt, Elizabeth Anderson, lVIadelon Milham, Louise Anderson, Thelma lWutchler. BOTTOM ROW: hilary Schan, Edith Petterson, Pauline Kirchgassner, ANDERSON, ELIZABETH . ANDERSON, LOUISE ..... DECT-1, MARY ......... IXZIRCHGASSNER, PAULINE MILHAM, NIADELON ..... l.X4UTCHLER, THELMA .... PETTERSON, EDITH .... SANDT, MARGARET .... SCHAN, NIARY ...... SCOTT, MARY ...... Nlary Dech5 Mary Scott. 63 ......EastOn, Pa Phillipsburg, N. I ......Easton, Pa ..........EastOn, Pa VVashington, N. . .Sll1'OUClSbl.11'g, Pa . . . .Naza1'eth, Pa. .,....Easton, Pa ..... .EastOn, Pa Phillipsburg, N. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ N Q Q S x CQ Q 53 QQ ilu illllemnriam Q92 GI D Q CV "-Q Q Q-1 'I Q-4 LD N OD Z9 23 D B' 4-4 N U1 D C! 1-1 NS' 32 U1 In Q I3 N Q 3 v-I. 4-r CR a-4 22 N F" o-1 D 3 U3 'U e-. 4-1 IQ 25. 5 W Q 9 532 vo Q Qfter pears of ploooing, he has rearheh the goal. Qltho gg his place has heen taken ano the tnorlt goes on, pet there Q E is a hoio tnhirh only his presence roulo fill. More ano Q E more as time goes on, tnill tne miss his rheerp greeting, his altnaps lnilling ano helpful hano ano the inspiration Q Q of his smile. jan more fitting trihute can he founo for this faith: Q ful ano eourageous tnorker, than to paraphrase 3Kipling's 53 immortal lines zu: ,Q "bo if 35 meet you later on, Q C-A 3 I-7- vs- N 'cs 0? sn Pb N 5' vs- N Pt N fu D 2 N:- sr: cr N IQ D IIS P V QQ 33ou'll he ministering to the angels, 2 Quo tnheeling stretrhers thru' UEara's halls, Q 3l'll greet you then tnith outstretrheo hano, Q E Qno tnith all oue reherenre sapm E 3Eou're a better man than Ill am, Z8ill." gg Q Q Y Q 4 Q Q Q Q o+ cr, Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QX o Q fv o Q QBQQQQQSGQQQ I MQ 5 X, A fx .. Childrcrfs V Nursery O. B. Room No. IO 55 5 The Senior Dance auspices of Senior Class---Easton Hospital Christmas past, Parties over, New Year,s gone, extra late leaves, and all other surprising events are gone. VVe are tired. That is an old story. Still we have a small amount of ambition stored away for another happy day. It was voted upon and decided this excess energy be used in giving a Senior ':Semi-formal dance." The date was set for February the 9th, 1928. Saracenis orchestra engaged for the evening. A Arrangements made obtaining Seibert's Dance Academy. In the hustle and bustle of buying new gowns, slippers, scarfs and other feminine necessities, the punch was forgotten until the last minute. It was a rather hurried preparation, but tasty, everyone thought. Tickets being printed and sold, a large crowd of our friends gathered. Everyone having a pleasant evening. We wish to thank lVIiss YVilson, our Directress of Nurses, for her many helpful suggestions and the girls who assisted in the punch mixing, and other duties. We also thank the Doctors for their ready support, Doctors Klock, Kessler and Nussbaum for their personal interest and Dr. and M1's. Roberts for their careful chaperonage. Respectfully, THE SENIOR CLASS. 66 5 Last Will and Testament The class of 1928, being duly Sworn, found sane of mind, are willing to bequest their most precious and hard earned treasures to the persons here stated. Any person of this, our last will, disputing the soundness of our minds and our ability to give to whom we please, will be disinherited receiving only a small book- let entitled, "Minding My Own Business." Dedicated as follows :- Item Item Item I tem Item Item Item Item Item Item I tem IO. N0 I. No. 2 Ne 3 No. 4 N0 5 No. 6. No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 N0 No. II. -To Nliss E. Paris, lVIiss Rabich's much prized ability to start an argument and eat. -To Nliss C. Sar, Miss Brunstetter's calm, also cool mannerin con- trolling her temper ?? -To hdiss R. Hoagland, Nliss Shumbat's ability to laugh her cares away. Also all exams and tests. -To Nliss N. Dennis, lVIiss Gommeris uniforms and aprons, we are sorry to say, the bibs are too large, -To lVIiss R. Case, Miss Clarke's curly hair and Irish temper. CAS if her own isn't enoughj. -To lVIiss D. Van Syckle, Miss Shafer's men and giggles. -To Mary Scott and lVIary Dech, the power over a person or per- sons owning ucheviesv. -To Elizabeth Anderson, Niargaret Sandt and Edith Petterson, Miss Aust's ability to always look neat. -To Louise Anderson and Madelon Nlilham, Miss Nykamp's beaux, dates and lines. . -To all the people around the E. H. S. N. that are afraid to grin- W'e willingly give to them the always ready Smile of Miss Polly Harris. -To Wa1'd No. 5-a few more beds. To Ward No. 3-a little sunshine. To the Porch, Awnings and Radiators. 67 5 Last Will and Testament CContir1uedQ To the Qperating room, a ceiling guaranteed not to 4'sWeat" and drop water all over your sterile setups. To the Hospital, A New Nurses' Home. To the New Nurses' Home, a new Hospital. Last but not least, We hereby do give Nliss Nlabel YVolfe a two months, vacation with pay. A We the undersigned do hereby swear that the above stated are our most prized treasures, and do hereby appoint as executors of this, our last will and testament, Jilin rllczry Sclzrm and Jlfififrr Tl1.e'Z11za Zwutrhler, of Eamon, Pa. XVe trust, they will the provisions to the best of their knowledge. In witness whereof I haye set my hand and seal, this Izth day of May, 1928. , THE CLASS OF 928 a Pm' C1-IARLOTTE C. CLARK15,Ed1ftor NIARY E. SHUMBAT, 11551. Editor 68 5 -m mg-E mm sms mm m ssi- B QE w ss a ss gm E. um as mi 'G H 2 fm E . B Emi, Bs- W mg .W E B X E Kms 'waz 1 as , new f is xaxsmmg if-2 2 ,ME M wiwk my ,I mains K H aim-E . :L sis. W - H H i f - WH W H :mm am B X iw E-mfs W ' m ma, M awww- ww Wi wlamz ML.. , H ss xx X H' zz xx W H L N K ww an gm -nm mm kr E Laboratory X-Ray nm ss E 'mi w ss mx-' ss ks . mn Hmmm wa nm SW nm a ss K-mn Receiving Wfard 4:0 R J: 5 Can You Im agine Correll-Not razing someone?? Updegrove-Stumbling along? Roberts-Cross? Reichbaum-Taking his time? Hance-Bossing? Fislier'-Witliout a White coat? Stotz-Dumb? Thomason-Look serious? Burkley-Smile? 'West-Ordering for '5grannies', and 'lgrantlads Krebs-Not busy? lVICCormick-Operating in a short time? Klock-Excited ?' W. Bloom-Ordering Q. H. medications? Schwarz-Around in the A. NI? Nlessinger-Stiigf and formal? Harmon-fDoing a tonsilectomy in less than vo minutes? Daigle-Satisfied? Hoffman-Give a good anaesthetic??? Kessler-Ever Working? H. Bloom-Witliout a nurse on the floors? Kuhn-Hur1'y?? Kressler-VVork himself to death? Richards-Loolci any other Way than happy lVIcLaughlin-Do anything? ' Nussbaum-Witliout a green shirt or tie? Ackerman-'Without his chewing-gum? And the whole gang not playing pinochle? 70 ? if 71 5 Heard About-U DR. CoRR12LL:-falter a "dirty" op- erationj 'ihfliss VVolfe, may I please borrow a pair of your B.V.D's?', Bliss m7ILSON'CXVl1C1l angeredj. c'VVhy I cud spit fire lneverythinllu DR. FFHOMASON-CID classy 'iYou girls should marry a man at least ten years your senior." Cl-la! Hall DR. NICCORBJICIQ- "Rabich, answer me, you like to talk." DR. IqRESSLER1CID classj. 'WVhat,s a fracture? How many is itu? DR. I'lANCl2+ . CC Name the germ for Lues, and de- scribe the Spirochaeta Pallidafl ORDERLY- c'Can the patient in No. I6 have ice cream? 77 lVI1ss ELLIOTT- "Did he vomit all over the place Pl' ORDERLY1 "No, he just vomited in the basinli' BRUNNIE- "Bryson, Watcha gotta eat?" BRYSON- uNothin, nobody ever gives me anythin'.U fXUSTI-ccGOSl1, herels a big Word!" HARRISIi4LTllHt doesn't make eggs 6oc a dozenf' DR. ROBERTSZT6cX!X7ll3.t,S an Ern- menegogue? Youlinowl WVell,What's a Synagogue?" C3rOM1X'IERZiHil71U sureit's not in tlie line of pork." GRADUATE N URSESZLCLNOXN' in Ouv- I-Iospitalllln CGosh, we sure would like to see these hospitalsj NIISS YVAGNER:-CBefore her doc- tor arrives, having pain in abdomen and backj "Vell Nooivvvl-I know l've got Peritonitis, or a kidney condition, or a heart condition or a gall bladder obstruction, or a good case of Rheu- matiz or or or what else could I 7 7 77 have FF? hires BRUNSTETTERIiCNU1'SlI'1g an Erysipilis casej NI have an ear ache, maybe it's Ecu'-Jiybilifrllln VVe wonder! B E W F 1,1 1 hm m a LD ss nu my 1 0 . m m m z ms an iv, mf. -.4 'Q N Nm a mf ms 'o NXT' ka r sw: mm W ms game swag D M 5 ,QM ss s mx 3m 5 M as X r Swv, ms wr . x v v ma . ' t TQ. . A ' 'EQ-w' m 1 mf' 41, T an vs. is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is 1S is In is is E Know Your A. B. C'SP for Appendix-Something out of style. for the Belly-It aches all the while. for Candy-A luxury not for us. for your Darling who raises quite a fuss for Ether and Enema too, for Flowers, folks send you. for Gas pains, hurting like H .... for Hypo-helps us get well. for lncision-seems rather big, for Journey, on a funny old rig. for Kind, Nurses and Doctors too. for Luck-the reason you pulled thru. for Midiiiglit, and you're still awake. for Nurses, Cthey say "you're a falce".D for "Ops"-A minute to prepare, for Pain, beware, oh, beware- for Quicliness-ready are we, the Reason we hurry, you see, for Suffer, we're sure you do- for Tea and a little toast too. for Useless to grumble at night- for the Visions-they cause fright. for W'aterF-don't ask for more, arks the place old appendix was of yore. for Yesterday, you're glad itls past, for Zest you have back at last. That is how Nurses say their A. B. C's. 7-1- 5 I 75 ' RABICH BADMAN CI,AR1iE NYIQAMP HARRIS AUsT SHAFER BRUNs'rE'r'rER SHUM BAT GOMMER CASE HOAOLAND SAR DENNIS PARIS XLAN SYCKLE ANDERSON L. ANDERSON E. ZKIRCHGASSNER DECH SCOTT SAN DT NIILHAM NIUTCHLER SCIIAN E Oh, Ye Children God gave Ye a voice, Thou shalt use it, Cl willj. Henceforth Thou shalt wear Thine own, and Mine shall be locked in yonder clothes press, Cand they werej. Get thee behind me, Satan, Cbut, he wouldn't stay therej. If Cleopatra lived today, ????-Thou wouldst put her to shame. Bly child, do not mourn-Venus was plump. No boyish iigure ever graced those old halls of fame. If Ye olde carrotte tops were not so scarce, how many wouldst Thou have on Thine hooke and line? If twas said, 'WVhich Man wilt Thou haven? the answer would be, "Aye-BOTHH. "Canst Thou be good, like lVIE"? ' And He said c'Thou shalt be ticklishf' ls she? And Howl "Present and Future, as you have done in the past, Thou shalt obey h4E.', QCVVe did-NOTJ. lVhat maketh Thee so Happerish? The Gods graced Thee with a tongue quite sharp, hline own wee one. And He said to the tempest, uBe Ye Still."i The giant David sleweth-'twould be not a task for Thee. 'ihfleek and mild like a lamb Thou artu. Innocence is Bliss-Yea, Thou art blissful. , Dost Thou still forget Thine Goggles when on duty on first Hoor? Foolish. T-hy name shall he SPEED,-Thou art slow, but sure???? Laughter is a sign of tears. Yea, how many buckets dost Thou keep? Thou art worthy of a good hflan. Nlay you find Him some day. Not too soon. Crutches seem to be Thine hobby, why not try something new? A sling is easy to handle. A time for every thing, every thing for a time-Try and iind the time. Stick to Thine own way, if Thou art right, own up to it if Thou art wrong. Let not Thy foolish whims lead Thee astray. Thou art quiet now, but wait ...... FF. Piano-players are poor dish-washers, so the saying goes. Let's show them they are very much mistaken. 76 B Nurses' Prayer The World grows better, year by year, Because some nurse in her little sphere Puts on her apron and grins and sings And keeps on doing the same old things. Taking the temperatures, giving the pills, To remedy mankind,s numerous ills. Feeding the Baby, answering the bells, Being ,polite with a heart that rebels. Longing for home, and all the while Wfearing the same old professional smile. Blessing the new-born baby's first breath, Closing the eyes that are still in death. Taking the blame for a doctor's mistakes Oh, Dear, Wfhat a lot of patience it takes, Going olof duty at seven oiclock- IDEcouraged and ahnostready Undrop, But called back to special at SCVC11-HTYCCII? VVith woe in her heart, but it must not be seen, hdounngzuMlevmnng,noon andinghg just doing it over and hoping it's right, lVhen we lay down our caps and cross the bar, Oh God, will you give us our little star To wear in our crown with our uniforms new, In that city above, where the Head Nurse is You? SELECTED 77 E is for A is for 'C S is for T is for O is for H N is for N I-I is for ' O is for S is for P is for " I is for T is for A is for " L is for " E "Eats" Eatsn-few and far between, Applesu-very rarely seen. Steakv-We never, never eat Turnipsn-just a weekly treat. Onionsl'-served on lVeclnesclay night Noodlesv-never make 'em right. 'Hurryn-this We always do, Others"-the reason to hurry thru. Service"-We very rarely get, Pastryn-Cthey can't make it yetj. Irresistible"-good eats always are, Thirst"-but not drinks off a bar. Apple-pie"-another Weekly treat, Luck"-in getting a bite to eat. S0 Come join in the Chorus, Girls, Help us sing this song, Come! Shout the Chorus, Girls- Three years is not long. The Easton Hospital Dining Room Is a haven of hunger and thirst, Bringing joy, instead of gloom, "Wanna Eat?" Well-get there first. CHARLOTTE C. CLARKE 78 E 79 DR. DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DR. DR DR DR. DR DR DR DR E Wise Sayings by Wise People FIELD-'LYes, yes, yes, NO, NO, yes, YES, YES, NU, NON CAnswering some of hfliss Richard's many questionsj CORRELLZKKCOIHC on now, get a little pep inya nown. UPDEGROVE-4:AIlY pretzels today?" l1OBER'I'SiHlYOl.l71'C alright, alrightyw. STOTZ-KCNOI so F" ISRESSLER-H.Al'C you in my way?'l SCI-IXNVARZ-tcDld he treat you rough last night? You look all inf, RIZICHBAUM-t'W'hat are you going to do with it, now that you have it?" BflI3SSINGER+uIl17S up to the hdedical Profession, now". IS.I,OCK1ccNOW l Want you to get that". H. BLOOM'-uVVl'1C1'S are you going in such a hurry?" .liREBSiuXR7llC1'C7S Nliss lVolfe? YVhere's everybody?" IQESSLER-'HXfV'Cll, wie gehts heit?', VVEST"HPlC2lSC do not apologize, this Hoor is not run on an ethical basis any- how.'7 L. BLooM-"VVell where's the candy F" 'THOBIASON'H.N!lOtl1C1' Nature takes care, you just use common sensefl BURKLEY-c4A11d then let'er ride." CO1-IEN-"YVhen did your pains start?,' STRUT1-IERS1icGOOd morning, Cutie". I'IARMON-CP3.lllC11'E has stomach achej 'lRemove tonsils Saturday". DAIGLE-'4Some of those girls at the Easton Hospital" ????? IQUIJN-ccoll, it only takes about ...... lifteen minutes to do a Tonsil opera- tion, anyway" ??? NICCORMICK-CMORNING, NQON, and NIGHTQ "Good morning, my jew- ish friend." COPE-MXIOU have pretty eyes. Need glasses Fl' SWAN-"They may have business, BUT .... they don't have an eye to their business, anyhow". HANCE-"This is all now". RICI-IARDS-ccGOOd for another day, how about it?" S1-IERRER-"Steady now. Ready?" FISHERRNXKVC make the diagnosis, and they get the credit". So E S1 4.-5 me 5 A Caper Little Nliss Shafer Cfrom cutting a caperj 2 l Had Rheumatiz worsin the deuce, The which was prolific of anguish terrific, She found no specific of use. Her legs just insisted on getting more twisted, Her backbone was listed to port. Giving Ultra and Violet Ray, wouldnlt make it pass away And this was the final resort. Each newfangled ointment, on muscle or joint meant, A new disappointment for Kay- All pharmaceutics and all therapeutics Proved useless her health to relay, No rubs in conjunction with salve or inunction Would make her limbs function aright. No old-time physician or modern practitioner, Helped her condition a mite. She swallowed down oceans of pills and of potions And she Wallowed in lotions and dope, But still she had twinges in all of her hinges, To clip the last fringes of hope. The Harp of Life If we'd produce those harmonies which bless, These five strings must be on the harp of life: Love, vision, purity, unselfishness, Sincerityg for out of these no strife Or discord comes to make, A heart lament or ache, Provided-they are kept in perfect tune, And played for those who have an open ear, For those who make conclusions not too soon But Wait the finished melodies to hear. SELECTED. S2 E A Nurse's Duty Soothing aches and pains, seeing smiles and tears, Healing cuts and wounds, hunting ,scissors and shears, Giving medicines and pills, having frights and thrills, Buying caps and dresses, hosiery and frills. Gowns and pajamas, making dressings and beds, Giving ice bags for those poor aching heads. Losing Watches, pens, thermometers and charts, At the buzz of the bell, Oh! How she starts. Cutting bandages, gauze and cotton, breaking glasses, Airing blankets and pillows, going to classes, Filling Water bottles, cracking ice, burning papers and pans, Changing flowers, filling vases, opening cans. Carrying dishes and trays with meals and things Listening to lectures, sleep they all bring. Cheerful and gay, happy with smiles, Lonesome and blue, longing for styles. Answering Orderlys and Doctors, hunting safety pins, In the Wards with stretchers, then the fun begins, Taking orders for the day, and night reports, Listening to all the patients' snappy retorts. Doing lessons, taking instructions, reading books of rules, Cleaning instruments, giving hypos, dusting benches and stools, Showing visitors and Doctors to the big wards, One thing good, there a1'e no Land-lords. Ethics, Physics and the Study of diseases, VVhen this is over, she does as she pleases. Giving enemas, salines, making applicators and such Outside of these things-A Nurse doesn't DO NIUCH. Rerpfcgfully dedicated to the ZVu1'.ve5 0ftheGradua1iing Clair of 1928 THOMAS CAREY. 33 i s Jokes SPECIAL RATES EX-PATIENT-Discussing his hos- pital bill with a nurse :---'II didn't know they charged to have your bed linen changed, when you couldn't help itf' NURsE:'-'cWhy they don't, what's the matter with you?" PATIENT :-'WVell they did me, here it is on the bill.', Nurse looks at bill, and sees 555.00 for Laboratory Fees, which patient thought meant Lavatory. CROWDED QLIARTERS AT EASTON HOSPITAL Board Meetiiig was held in Class Room in Nurses' Home. BOARD NIEBIBERZ-ii.AH1 I allowed to smoke in here?" After I5 minutes or so, looking to back of class room, 'gAre you sure there's not too much smoke in here?" ANOTHER NIEMEER:-'LVV h y no, why do you ask ?" Ist MENIBER:-'5It might be too much for that patient back there." fPatient referred to is demonstra- tion doll.j BIRTH CONTROL LIARRY SNIITI-IZ1c:MiSS W' i l s O n, may I have OIT this afternoon to at- tend the lecture on "Birth Control." MISS X!VILSONZ1iiXlVhj7 it's only for women, besides why do you seem so interested?', I-IARRY:-'clVell another one of my pigs Cguineaj had nine young ones this morning, so I think I ought to do something about it, don't you ?,' A SPINE SONG CTO be sung to the good old pre-war tunej Call a doctor in the night time If your pulse is acting queer, For with him it's just the right time To remove your leg or ear. Chorus For it,s always fair weather W'hen Specialists get together, VVith your lungs full of ether And your fam'ly full of fear. Oh, it's always fair weather When Specialists get together, IVith a spine on the table And a good saw ringing clear. J. s. RAW! RAW!! RAW!!! Whfth ajaologief to ewryborly Oh, We can't partake of a juicy steak, Or a cut of Lemon Pie, If we should eat a piece of meat, Wliy, then we'd surely die. So We ain't gonna eat no meat, no meat, And we ain't gonna eat No Pieg We'll dine on slaw and food that's raw, And then we'll NEVER die. J. O. J. I Jokes V1cAR1oUs LEARNING Lateft howler reported by C. H. of Chattanooga. I was treating a member of a lady's family when she said to me: "Well, Doctor, I think her intestines are in- fiamed. You know that I am a pretty good doctor myself because you know my eldest daughter studied physiolo- gy last year in high school." PATIENT:-'cFor weeks I've been iighting a terrible desire to kill my- self, doctor." DR. MCCORMICK:-"Tut, Tut! PATIENT:-"But Iive decided that suicide is a sing so I've come to you." 77 THE INSPIRED ORDERS Nurrefr order noted in cz horpital Room Orderr 21 R Powders q 2 hrs. 22 Push Fluids 23 Last but by no means least I. Alcohol rub 2. Brush her set 3. Spray nose and throat 4. IVIurine in eyes 5. Hand her the fan and crispy wafers and a line of bunk and she's set for the night. Thanks. FAST VVORKERS NIr. and Ml'S. John Beverlin are rejoicing over an eight-pound daugh- ter, their sixth child, since last Satur-v day. CONSOLATION "Well, Mrs. Iohnsing, "a colored physician announced, after taking her husband's temperature, "A h h a s knocked de fever outen himf, 'gSho' 'nufI?" was the excited reply. "Am he gwine to git well, den P" "No'm," answered the d o c t o r. 4'Dey's no hope fo' him, but you has de satisfraction ob knowing dat he died cured."-Pickup. VVANTED A CHANGE "It's no good mincing matters," said the doctor. "You are very bad. Is there anybody you would really like to see "Yes," replied the patient, faintly. P77 "Wl1o is it? queried the doctor. "Another doctor, please," Whis- pered the invalid. FOOT NOTE "I suppose you started at the foot, and Worked your way up ?" "No, I started at the foot and stay- ed there. I'm a chiropodist. 77 NATURE UNADORNED SHE:-4'IVIy, but this orange juice has a peculiar Havorf, I-IE:-"Yes, itis genuine o r a n g e juice." A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men-Even Doctors. Anorzyrnozu 5 ' 86 5 Lest We Forget 5 Lest We Forget S E Lest We Forget 5 ADVERTISEMENTS f' HE firms Whose advertisements are shown on the following pages deserve our highest recommendation. They are representative firms of the highest order and We hope that you will give them favorable consideration. The deep interest of these firms in our Train- ing School is evidenced by their occupying space in our program, for which linancial assistance the Year Book Stall' is deeply grateful. 90 Complim enzif Q' Bauer Sz Black STERILE SURGICAL SUPPLIES and ALLIED PRODUCTS QL, , N1XON's BOOK SHOP I Stationery' B k ARCH--ELATOR OO S ,fl SHOES an Party Favors Take fhe .rirain Qf zfireaffeef + 356 NORTHAMPTON STRFET CENTRE SQUARE---EASTON EASTON, PA. J S City Ice Company MANUFACTURERS OF PURE ICE Identifred by its Scored Edges Op Dy STOTZ BROS New York Restaurant Food and Service Stoves, Ranges of Quality VVarm Air Furnaces Catering to Ladies . - and Gentlemen Plumbms Steam and Hot WHtC1' Heating W7 154-156 Northampton Street 48 Centre Square Easton, Pa. EASTON, PA. 92 Surgical Instruments d S Llfl Hospital Supplies fHARVEYILIUERCECXl PH1LADELPH1A,PA. N101-I-i50n'S E1eCtri.C Good Leather Surgical Bongo fall kinair Shop Q Electrical Appliances and Equipmenffor lvumledq Fixtures At Your Service Morrison's Electric Shop 506 Northampton St., Easton, Pa. Bell Telephone 56 ' 'A A gy mr ' ' ' - -I -l- h -fa.-eff-li' I .. njiliz- Y.- V .J - ,f.. - - EDWARD A. MERKEL HOSPITAL SUPPLIES IVIERKEL BLDG. 2013 Chestnut Street I PHILADELPHIA, PA. 93 Howe you ever tried 'Roche' in Cases of NERVOUSNESS Each cube coniains I7 gra-ins of sodium, bromide. 2 cubes In a cujqful of pip- ing hot 'wafer makes a deli- cious, 5 o 0111 Ii 11 g sedalizfe broih. Sold in boxes of IO, 30 and 100 cubes. NEURASTHENIA 7 SLEEPLESSNESS . ill f BY means of Sedobrol, brom- ide may be administered both pleasantly and effectively. From the patients' point of View it is simply a savory bouillon. They cannot taste the bromide which salts the broth in place of table salt. The cube is made of Veg- etable extractions-not beef. Unless you try Sedobrol you cannot appreciate the advan- tage of this unique form of med- ication, especially in the treat- ment of unmanageable, appre- hensive or neurotic patients. For .rimple i1z5o11zniet, ufe 2cube.f late in lhe aftervzoon. F01' nervozu ajectiom, 2 to 4 cubef a day. A trial Iupply will be Jem to reg- ixzfered 'l1f'Ll7'.fEJ' on reguefz. The Hoffman-La Roche Chemical Works 19-21 CLIFF STREET NEW YORK Weaver's Pharmacy Headquarters for Sick Room Supplies, Serums, Antitoxins, Etc. Complimenlir of James H. Badman, Sr. General Contractor Have your prescriptions compounded by usg we specialize in prescription work. Look jbr our "Trade ,1Iark" on the lube! WEAVER'S PHARMACY 45 CENTRE SQUARE 401 Jones Street Nanticoke, Pa. Bell Telephone 138-J 94 Szilagyi Contracting Co., Inc. Excavating and Grading Contractors 1820 East Third St. Bethlehem, Pa. J. M. Kiefer Hardware Cutlery Paint Seeds Sporting Goods Etc. 460-62 Northampton St. EASTON, PA. Kemmerer Paper Co fobbrrr and M1'ZZ Algevztf XN'rapping Paper Twines Stationery School Supplies 355-357 Hamilton Street ALLENTOWN, PA. Ungerleider Motor Company 10th 81 Northampton Streets EASTON, PA. -rw- sbp f ll i, lgzl 'als ll ' lb 'M QW N.-. DURANT 4's and 6's LOCOMOBILE C0'nPUmffnfL" ff Packard Taxicab Lantern Candy Shop and Auto Delivery Complimenzir Qf Wholesale Hosiery Stores 14 North Third Street 601 Northampton Street Day and AU-ghf Service Complimemif Qf H aron Mfg. Company Call Packard 1172 New York City 692 Northampton St. . 96 WHOLESALE RETAIL Edward W. Thatcher Sanitary Market FISH, OYSTERS and GLAMS Circle Arcade Market EASTON, PA. Established 1842 Telephone 4108 P. H. Barron Callone Sc 'Fishburn Electric REALTORS ' WELDING Oxy-acetylene Real Estate and Insurance Q -5. 684-686 Northampton Street 6135 East Fourth Street EASTON, PA. BETHLEHEM, PA. 97 Axle for Rabieh's Butter Pretzels mfr A a W s . Fmend Rabich's Pretzel Bakery 444 Line Street EASTON, PA. Ph 4751 Peter Stamus Prop " We Lofzf the Key" A4 PHILADELPHIA FrL'end RESTAURANT 66 Centre Square, Easton, Pa A. V " "f if'1:+'J'+'VL: Svc- 'afzwffw'-"YEtf1V3"'i'bp? F 1"'12f wif-f'rMf'Va 'tc' . 'v'1rY7iTP':fYi?'l'W'f"- v'7'1 a fiifW?'WT1'? 341,L57A1.A'--43i'ivQfU.V.L, 5 5'f"r!C,V,Lf. fly, n,1-ff,-,-V -'11-1,VLHjirQp'fb"5,'1,Vg5.:'-gVVEF -"g-55,15 Eg-'E' ':.V-Q-2: V ---- -jfbhlm-7,1r,f'V-ZAV-V: 1':1.:'f.1E.-fq2ai1'efk4EG3g.Vf1A-ifqgz-5,19-.,'j: fd 132' E-fm fy?-:L-.-Q V V r VJ- L15 V. 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Suggestions in the Easton Hospital School of Nursing - Ligature Yearbook (Easton, PA) collection:

Easton Hospital School of Nursing - Ligature Yearbook (Easton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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