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1958 EASTONIA PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS EASTON HIGH SCHOOL EASTON, MAINE BEA R'S DEN THE STAFF wk g Editor ------ Associate Editor - - Advertising Manager Business Manager - - - - - - - - Assistant Busines Class Editors: Seniors - - Juniors - - - Sophomores - - Freshmen - - Eighth Grade - - Seventh Grade - - Sports Editors: Boys' Sports - - Girls' Sports - - Photography - - - Activities Editors - - Alumni Editor - - Exchange Editor - - Circulation Manager EDITOR FOREWORD The Class of 1958 wishes to express its appreciation to the facul- ty, the underclassmen, the advertisers, and the townspeople for their help in making this yearbook a success. Our theme this year is centered around our emblem, the Easton Bear. By following him, you will find a record of the school activi- ties in which the students have taken part and have so thoroughly en- joyed. We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we have en- joyed working on it. Gloria Hagerman THE STAFF - - MARGARET PATTEE - - - - - -CARL MILLER - NORMAN WOLVERTON - - - - LAURA FRASER - - -MYRNA FLEWELLING and EILEEN AMES - - - - - - - - - - NANCY WOLVERTON - - - - GEORGE TODD - - CAROLL DINSMORE - - BEVERLY HUSSEY ------ -- ---NANCYORFF - - BARRY TAPLEY and RICHARD WHEELER - - - - IRMA FRASER and JANICE HOYT - - SHERRILL LARSEN and PETER LADNER - - KAREN MILLER and JEAN SHANNON ------------- GAILSMITH - - DELoREs WCRTMAN - - - - ----- DALE GRANT Sponsored by: RIDGLEY LODGE NO. 108 I. O. O. F. MEMORIAM ofaclassmate Neal Fuller, whose warm and frlendly ways wrll never be forgotten The class of 1958 sets aside this page in memory DEDICATIG The Senior Llass r tl p ou ly dedicates this the 1958 Eustoniu to our fuculty Xs 1 group our teuchers h ive been our leudcrsrind guides through moat of our High school d rays As individuals, they have been our friends, and have put no limit on their time or effort in our benefit. Our sincere gratitude an d thanks to each of them. PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE 5 It seems rather d1ff1cult to belreve that we are and that we must sen.l you the Class of 1958 from these halls of learnrng It rs hard to oelreve because ume goes by so qurckly And rt 15 drffrcult to do because the school wrll slncerely mxss your sprrlt of cooperatron the 1n1t1at1ve and your htgh level of scholarsh1p rt rs however just 1 step rn the rrght drrecuon We now expect and need your help rnfluencrng local and world affalrs You have the abrlrty to lead and wtth contrnued study wrth moral and soclal growth you w1l1 make thrs a better v-orld to ltve IH It has been a pleasure to have you wrth us and we w1sh you conunued success rnd happrness ROBERT S WELLS Y 5 What you have done for your school will be remembered fondly for many years: THE FACULTY Subjects Biology American History P. O.D. College Springfield and University of Michigan MRS, GLENNA J, SMITH Subjects: Home Economics Activities: F. H. A. , Senior Play, Assistant Cheerleading Coach College: University of Maine Degree: B. S. , Home Economics CLAIR E. CARTER Subjects: Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping Activities: Athletic Coach, Yearbook Advisor College: University of Maine Degree: B. S. , Commercial Education Q3- STUDE T COUNCIL C, Mu Cl S Ho I B Tapley dd Seated lett to Flght D Frost tin D Connors M Pattee G T0 Standmg D Flewellrng N Wolver The 1951 38 btudent Councrl wrth Mr Wells as advrsor experrenced an espeerally aetrve year The Councrl elected IIS offlcers at rts frrst meetrng Presrdent CARL MILLER beeret rry Treasurer GLORIA HAGERMAN The Student Councrl presented an assembly to explarn school rules to the student body It also ap pomted a permanent commrttee to encourage and promote more and better assemblles Named to the commlttee were Glorra Hagerman as charrman Marjorre Drnsmore Nancy Wolverton Suaanne Hoyt Myrna Flewellrng Sherrrll Larsen and JJCRIC Barnes The Councrl presently h as plans for the purchase and rnstallatron of a publrc address system for the school and a Sprmf, Formal Another of IIS dCI1V1I16S has been the supervrsron of the noon hour program -I 1 1 M., .,-, . Vice President ---------------- BARRY TAPLEY . . y , OFFICE ASSISTANTS Seated Norman Wolverton Standmg from left to nght M D1nsmore D Wortman I Fraser G Hagerman S Hoyt G Sm1th K M111er W fv- CUSTODIANS Q""""Sw A Adonis Ladner and Howard Clark f 5 fo ..The Bi ' g Six Plus Omen Sponsored by FOSTER'S SERVICE STATION Fort Fairfield 3' YJ Imax "Let's take over" -' Ah! Spring! v""""g"""" E, 953 CLA SSES 1959 60 1961 EILEEN IANICE AMES "A smile is like an echog it always comes back to you. " Commercial "Apples" Student Council 1, 3, Class Office 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball l,2,3,4g Band 2,4g Office Girl 3, Junior Ex. 35 Senior Play 4, Eastonia 1,4g Easton Star 1,4. JOHN FRANCIS BARNES "Work hard, but plan be- fore you work. " Agriculture "Jackie' Basketball 1,2,4g FFA 1,2 3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 4g Junior Ex. 3: Senior Play 4. ELECTRA AMANDA BUCKINGHAM "Be silent and safe, silence never berrays you, " General " He ctra " Mixed Chorus 1,25 Girls' Glee Club 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 53 Librarian 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4g Easton Star 4. GARY RUSSELL COREY "Hold the fort I'm coming, " General "Boob" Student Council 45 Basketball 1, 2, Glee club lg FFA 1, RICHARD ROY CULBEIGON "l-lorseplay and horsepower are a bad team. " Agriculture "Cub" Class Officer - Secretary 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 2, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Senior Play Manager 4. X . 1 4 E -w , . rj, X i Z, ,- DOROTHY ANN DESIARDINS "If you can't say something nice remain silent, " Home Economics "Dot" Softball 1,25 Glee Club 1,2g FHA 1,2,3,4g Librarian 2, 3,45 Senior Play 4, Easton Star 4. DALE ARDEN GRANT "Here's to myself, good men are scarce. " College Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Baseball 1,2, 3,4g Glee Club 1, 2, FFA 1, Senior Play 4. MYRNA ELAINE FLEWELLING "Brown eyes full of mirth. " College "La Verne" Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Softball 1, 2,3,4g Glee Club 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2g Band 3,4g FHA 1,2, 3,43 Office Girl 35 Librarian 4, One-Act Plays 1,2, 3, Junior Ex. 3, Eastonia 2,3, 4g Easton Star 1.4, Cheerleaders 2,3,4g Captain 2, 4, Curtis Campaign 3, Girls' Captain 4. IRMA ARLENE FRASER 'Full of vim, full of pepg good at athletics, you bet. " Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Softball 1, 2,3,4g FHA 1,2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Office Girl 4g Li- brarian 2,3,4g Senior Play 4: Eastonia 3,4g Easton Star 4. " Dale " Commercial "Burma' GLORIA JEAN HAGERMAN "They can who think they can. " College Student Council Member 3, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Class Officer, President 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Softball 2, 3,43 Glee Club 1,23 FHA 1,2, Vice President 3, Song Leader 43 Office Girl 43 One-Act Play 23 Spear Regional Speaking Contest 3: Junior Ex. 3: Senior nG1on Play 43 Eastonia 3,42 Cheerleader 2, 3,42 Curtis Cam- paign 4. JANICE HOYT she's little and she's wise she's a terror for her size. " College "Jan" Class Officer, Vice President 4 Secretary 13 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3,43 Glee Club 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1,23 FHA l,2, 3, Historian- Reporter 43 One-Act Plays 1, 2, 3,42 Junior Ex. 33 Senior Play 43 Eastonia 43 Easton Star 43 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE SHELDON HULL "Thou shalt not study lest thou acquire the habit Agriculture Louie FFA 1, President 2, Vice President 3 Secretary 4 Junior Ex. 3g Senior Play Manager 4 Basketball Man ager 1, 23 Baseball Manager 1, 2 MAURICE BENJAMIN LINT "Bashfulness is an ornament of youth." Agriculture FFA lg Sentinel 2g Reporter 3,4. General PETER WARREN LA DNER "A little wit had pleased me more by half, I didn't come to learn, I came to laugh, " "Pete " Basketball 2, Boys Chorus 1, 2, High School Chorus 2, Junior Ex. 3: ACL 3, Senior Play 4, Eastonia 4, .. Ted.. SHERRILL B. LARSEN "Do the right thing and you will please some people, astonish others. " College "Snoopy" Student Council 2: Class Officer 2, Basketball 1,2,3g Softball 1, 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2g FHA 1, 2,3,4g Librarian 45 One-Act Play 3, Junior Ex. 3, Senior Play 4, Easton Star 1,2g Eastonia 1, 2, 3.4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Ora- torical Contest 2, Junior Class Queen. CARL ROBERT MILLER "I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future." College "Buddy" Student Council 3, President 4g Class Offices, Vice President 1, President 4, Basketball 1,2, Manager 3,4g Baseball Manager 3,4g Volleyball 4g Glee Club lg Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2g FFA lg One-Act Plays 3g Senior Play 4, Eastonia 3, 5g Dirigo Boys' State 4. GAIL LOUISE SMITH "In living, learn and in learning, live." Commercial "Maud" Class Offices, Treasurer 2, Sec- retary 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Soft- ball 1, 2, 3,4g Glee Club 1,2g FHA 1,2,3,4g Office Girl 3,4, Librarian 4g Senior Play 4g East onia 3,4g Easton Star 1,4g Dirigo Girls' State 3. BARRY VICTOR TAPLEY "lt takes a cool head to win a hot game. " Student Council Member 1, 2, Vice President 4, Class Offices, President 1, Vice President 45 Basket ball 1, 2, 3,4g Baseball 1, 2, 3,4g Volleyball 1,2,4g Glee Club 1, 2g All Aroostook 2, Senior Play 4, East tonia 2, 3,4g Boys' State 3g Curtis Campaign 2,4, College "Tap" Q51 , he ws. ei we 1 , . if 5'f"a'E,1'i?, W4 "4 RICHARD OWEN WHEELER "I have nothing to declare except my genious. " Agriculture "Sam" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, Glee Club 2, FFA Sentinel 1, Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, President 4, Senior Play, Eastonia Staff 4, Boys' State 3, Curtis Campaign - Boys' Captain 4. NORMAN PAUL WOLVERTON "Leave it to him he can talk Ma Rand - - Susie - - - Milt - - Johnnie - - Willie - - Joe - - - Stanley - - Howie - - Bunny - - - Pat ---- Shirley - - Jeannette - - Caroline - - Sally ----- Miss Jameson - - - his way through. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1 2, Volleyball 2,4, Band 1, Or- chestra 1, Office 4, One-Act Play 2, Easton Star 1, Eastonia 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Marshal 3, SENIOR PLAY CAST ------------ -----IRMAFRASER - - - MYRNA FLEWELLING - - RICHARD WHEELER - - - - CARL MILLER - - JOHN BARNES - - - BARRY TAPLEY - - - - - - -DALE GRANT - - - - - - PETER LADNER - - ELECTRA BUCKINGHAM - - DOROTHY DESIARDINS - - - - - - GAILSMITH - - SHERRILL LARSEN - GLORIA HAGERMAN - - - - JANICE HOYT - - EILEEN AMES General " Wolf' YGU "A Gift for the Coaches" KISS CAROLINE CAN'T Hold That Tiger" "He Did It" "The Girls' 'The Whole Gang" " The Heroes" B305 :gm 0? 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'a JUI OR CLASS X drow Hussey Secon Wolverton B th B C1 Ik Shannon N Mrs Sml A Hayden I Standrng G Perry M Pauee K Mrller C Oldenburg R, Hersef' E Johnson Frrst row seate S Brown M Dmsmore M Cham D Flewelhng Fraser M De Cf B Brown L k w Foren Ku-kP3U1C D Dnscoll F JUNIOR E n rw' XHIBITION Danny's Little Tin Soldiers ------ The Secret Life of W Pledge Court ---- The Sch alter Mitty --------- - - - - - - - fFirst Prizej The Tomboy --------------- ---- A Very Busy Woman The Lord ool Program ---- 's Prayer - - - - - - - fThird Prizej - China Blue Eyes ---- - - The Snow Goose - - - - - - - fThird Prizep - - fSecond Prlzej - SALLY BROWN - - - - - GARY PERRY MARGORIE DINSMORE RIS COLL ELIZABETH D NANCY WOLVERTON - - -DELIA DRISCOLL - - - ANN HAYDEN - - -LAURA ------- FRASER TheCreed -------------------------- --- Sponsored by AMERJC AN LEGION AUXILIARY Pattee-Page Unit No. 187 MARGARET PATTEE - - - WAYNE FCREN EEMOH3 bug 4 H802 H05 5Em0Qm RU HOHOOQ 30533 Hgwdsm 305 4 525 :Dm 3:6 2:22 44 0:30303 VUEEEQ 252 gm UEEM swim NE SERS SEUSPH 5033 m Umm g8EOm S3039 WOENESQ Eanmdm m5n5EOw U32 EO Bwqzw can ma 44:5 wwaqmodm HOHEOQO 203209 H2230 205205 EEHBOUUQ EOEQE 332 53203 05232 BE-sm 2:32 6:8 U43 OEEOUE EES 0.35 W EBSQ NAHSOHOUW H3502 H0653 w5EOZ 223502 520:32 mm OH WHZ43 :Oy 9 ig main? mov! mga XE Ea :G MOOSOW 53 DEOQAOEOZ Em buogim 02 gsm DO? 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H m l R A gm Q2 SOPHO GRE CLASS ll D drow E Dusco dson Labbe SCCOU es B Rlflhaf p Fraser E I Cleav ht F Gardner R Mluei l Buckingham Thud Img Dodge W Holmes K First row left 10 '15 lsrer T Dervlerchan D wortman 5 Hoyt Dodge P Fostef A BO G Todd standmg S Cummmg C rter D Spellcer I MI 3 Fraser P Corey K Bolste Ai g class meeting of the year, the Sophomores elected the following slate of officers: President, George Todd: Vice President, Suzanne Hoytg Treasurer, Dolores Wortmang and Secretary, James Cleaves. On September 13 the annual Freshman Reception was sponsored by the class. The Freshmen were very good sports about the stunts they were required to do and in wearing their costumes. It was a very successful event. Fred Gardner and Suzanne Hoyt were Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. the openin Sponsored by ICE STATION Easton DODGE'S SERV wgdgd Q Eng zmegmg wg vga w KO: HOW ww 63: M625 wE:Om wa EEF bam 5:5 ESM OH wismmgg wiggm M538 EO M5304 O82 EX U5 2:3 E Q OO m :N UEOI Umar sm wggm 323 wgigm wsza w 5530 :N 2534 AE em Q 8003 2: E was E wgigk Q05 seg Us E ZH-M H93 MEHQOQEH ram 82 H534 A36 ENE X36 3:0323 HOOD SLE OU : Ki EOD M553 EOEEEEQ Em NEEOAWQNOUO V5 Emu U32 MO I go Em wigs 25 QSO QOOO OL HSEQEOU 82 msg C MW BAN: V35 MNHGONEO U5 ZOHZEO wigi Ein Ewsm 5:34 :Baird 323: 32 QESEWH ESU CO m:25xmS 305230 midsgw 2026 NQOM E6 m GOEOU 6:33 EOOH MES M503 33032 ENE Em V325 Ei 550 32550 wwgsgu E6 KNEE MDE? X235 mga 1500 Mwawo EB?-2 S! E235 no HOVAUOAQOOZ SOO? WSWOM RAOM :gan NAUSN :SME agua 5:32 ESQ MWEAOLW A523 xdzgqm GOEON, 9:5 Egwam C3502 3 E Z NEHUGMQIU EEO:-E E3 S32 QEEEDU D3 SEO: :BOM OHE955 3502 X322 is EES HOOtmwZw btw MPEOPQHN THE W W 53:03 WEOEQ UUCP UMHOOU 5053 :ESQ HOWEEOE 5:5 5:32 EEOE 333 Ugma HRAOI gsgw Sp MOE 25:5 Bingo Dui Swim Mugs 5:2 EEE :OOEQ EBMNHE OMJUOQ m2w5OD Uwgm N-:Bam EEOSEUQ 559 wEEE3U :Saw 5-HOU 2532 SZBU SES E2MmE203m S3 Egg ESM EZOQ 5:64 H212 H A I , H. Q 1 V ,M X - M. L h t K A U 5 h V -L m H E X H4 A 1 H 5 wniogmwnz Ewa? 3506 2:9520 SSE maimed! . . - - x x N L - - l ' P I D U . H U E - H F V , 5 l - . H F . V5 FRESHMAN CLASS R,Q"95'6I'V'P dr 11 1- Secon C Foster D Frost S Fu e C A 5 P Ames ft torrght L Fleweumg glfrom 19 F1rstrOW SWR UIC drow rung Thu C011 C Flewe M chant C Drnsflwfe M Dm De 61' C nors P B Page R F Sprague 5 SPHSW Mr Beaulieu on Curk C Cleaves Standing 5 Clark L S Mahaflel' D vwaughofd nds Gardner Hamm FRESH na Fluts Contrnually J E S Doroth Lo FC Da B Hammond F Largxey K Kennedy HOIIUCS muh L Gdmson A MAN INITIALS John Eats Sa y ves Foreigners M C Chrrsy Moves Cauuously I Carolyn jumps Furlously F Susan Loves Food A G S uerkraut K Y K Kathleen You re Kool C M F Carolyn Makes Friends W W P William Wov es Presque Isle A E H A haron Acts Good M D Carroll the Mad Detective R. nnie EnJoys Houlton R G W Ronald Flirt s Wrllrngly L W C LaVerne Wanders Constantly Larry Rates First M W D Maurice the Whistllng Dynamo Paul the Horse Doctor F C S Freddie Cuts Sh Linda Drgs Gumdrops Frances Arn t in Love oestrings P L A P atty Laughs Always D . - Bonnie y . .M. - Brenda s Al .A. S. - Darlene Ate S Giggles Happil oap C. R. A - ways Mad J. L. C. - Joan Lik Sponsored by LRY STORE BROWN S JE WE Presque Isle Maine . Carolyn Likes ACI es Cookies --t.. GRADE Presxdent Vlce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Presldent Vrce Presuiem Secretary Treasurer - Q Q. 5 5 5 R -Q K tx ,V 5 .J 5, . JP1 x 3 is A J' i W, ! V QI, , 1 X hx . ,. y ' f ww bglffmww ' v E f K' . M sm. gf , . W . Q A' if M. 56531, lg . -'I GX :rv 's fx we f 4"7 - I .Cc wi ,X x C.. 1 K 1 1 ,, 0 . e E 4 I I + 5 'Z' midi-1 h s ' af' . Q 1,3 Q wx V 2 1 K Rf- if fi, M S192 'sf' ? l I 'tx 1 i,73?.T .V X Q X A 'Y W C ..gg4m, www , N W ,, ,, , A yds - . 42 s. 4 aw ,iff ,af Q ' '5 5, 5 V A '. L i . ,I 'S we-5 ww 4: wig ' 'E X K4 ig? " fs ,. ,f" , 5 ,R nf. , 3 U I 1 1352 I ,V w ACTIVITIES Q FUTURE FARMERS ll 5, 14, Bol- Wheeler, I- Bama l 5 Hull. R' Lint L. Flewe R. Cu1b6IS0l'1, - h nt, T. ' ' hr. D. ConI10Y5' W' Fore: w- C. Dinsm0fe' P' DSMM5 je B. Page. A- Bolster' FUSY 'ow' left tolilg Smith Advisor, SCCOH 3 drow- F Gardner. F- SPI g ' - r. ' 14 T H ' ' gter, R. Miller. Waugh, L. Clar . I Buckingham' R' DrisC0u- ling, - d and M- HarnfUOn , 1, Sprague' L' The first week of November the F. F. A. and F. H. A. sponsored a dance which was successful both financially and socially. In December the Mapleton F. F. A. put on an impressive candlelight Green Hand initiation. The F. H. A. girls served lunch and acted as hostesses. We have put on two assemblies- one in which the Green Hand degree was given and the other in which the Chapter Farmer degree was given. With their advisor the following boys have attended F. F. A. banquets at Limestone, Washburn, Presque Isle, Mapleton, and Caribou: Richard Wheeler, Richard Culberson, Sheldon Hull, Wayne Foren, Fred Gardner, and John Barnes. Our own Parent and Son Banquet was held during the last week of March. At the first district meeting, December 7, at Washburn we scored 494 points out of a possible 600 which gave us 5th among thirteen schools present. All the members present took part in leadership training and the teams took part in rifle shooting, identification of shop tools, and identification of shop supplies. January 18 we traveled to Limestone where we scored 313 points of a possible 400 in animal breed and potato varieties identification contests. We have a candy store again this year under the capable management of Sheldon Hull, assisted by Richard Culberson and John Barnes. Sponsored by EASTON FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Easton FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OFFICERS IRMA FRASER LAURA FRASER JEAN SHANNON BRENDA HUSSEY DOLORES WORTMAN Presrdent Vrce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Parhamemanan Song Leader SUZANNE HOYT Execuuve Board Freshman Sophomore Jumor NANCY WOLVERTON Senior EILEEN AMES MYRNA FLEWELLING MRS IRENE TURNER MRS ELIZABETH HOYT Advrsor MRS GLENNA SMITH State Pub11c Relauons Commuree KAREN MILLER Sponsored by ZEPHYR REBEKAH LODGE 44 Easton Marne PATTY AMES PA ULETTE COREY Chapter Mothers 'v 'Vi ,Q nw? LF , .Q 'X x, 1 gm. nl Reporter ----------------------------------- ------ I ANICE HOYT Eighth Grade Captains - - - , M 0 CURTIS CAMPAIG ,s-'Y ,r Q -f. A x T' '43 ' it Y' sg., Lf . I' 1 RTL" ja Easton High School surpassed its quota and collected 5913. Curtis Magazine Campaign. Campaign Business Manager Girls' Team Captain ---- Boys' Team Captain ---- Senior Class Captains - - Junior Class Captains ---- Sophomore Class Captains - Freshman Class Captains - - ,Rx-K 25, with a profit of95342. 93, in the annual - - - BARRY TAPLEY - MYRNA FLEWELLING - - - - - - - - - - RICHARD WHEELER - -CARL MILLER and GLORIA I-IAGERMAN - - - - BRENDA HUSSEY and GARY PERRY - DOLORES WORTMAN and GEORGE TODD LINDA GARRISON and PAUL DeMERCHANT - - - BEVERLY I-IUSSEY and LARRY CLARK Seventh Grade Captains - - - - STANLEY FROST and GLORIA HAYDEN Beverly Hussey won first prize in the Curtis Campaign, selling 3366. 75 worth of magazines. Margaret Pattee was second and Myrna Flewelling placed third. Sponsored by ABC BAKING COMPANY Presque Isle LIBRARIANS 1 G. vu M. Palteil, . , I' N, Wolverton, K Miner, A Hoyt, 1, I-rase 'harley ji Hoyt. ' .d 1 welllflgi 5' , , B. NU ' t. Thu ' to right: D. Wortman, M15 6 Second Tow: S' Gdrdiiihimond, F, Dodge' MIS-EHcl?5hckin8' First row, WN , , nnedy, F. 12193 Yf C Cieaves, B. ' 1 Her C. Ames, - Smith K Fraser. lx' kepiewelling L, G.m1S0ll' 'F ost A Hayden, 5- Fu ' ' ' C. ' - D. Y ' ' -, 5, HUSSSY' lm P, c0rCYf 3. Llark, Q I D, Sriii . P Xrnes 5, Larsen, row: . A .1 dim. ham and D- Desjiu The Librarians elected as their officers this year the following: President, Margaret Patteeg Vice President, Nancy Wolvertong Secretary, Irma Fraserg and Treasurer, Gail Smith. Two Librarians are on duty in the library each period. During National Education Week the Librarians put on an assembly, They had a book review and a skit showing a typical day in a school library. Every two weeks some of the Librarians prepare a bulletin board in the library emphasizing something that has to do with the library. This year the Librarians started publishing the school paper, the Easton Star, which was inactive last year. Janice Hoyt was Editor-in-Chief. Sponsored by WEINBURG'S Presque Isle fvii , M qx I , ' ' if . I U 'BQ' fi' ' lx ' il SENIOR BAND JUNIOR BAND Sponsor ci by R. W. NIGHT A SON Presque Isle All Smith 5 Fuller L Flevwclllflb I SEASON S RECORD OPPONENT arts. D- "' Stauul-lb' ' Seated left to right l Fraser BLCENSQL E. ,xrnesyv S, HOYQB V 5. Gardner. G Hdberrnan Shannon, rx, Kerltl Y 6073 5- If 1 Limestone ' Ashland jx' Limestone . A- ' Ashland 1 -, L' Bridgewater Ki. Alix' Bridgewater 'I 4-Ulf xmqlk Andover f' A. C. 1. A. C. 1. Andover The girls h rd 1 fairly good season this year with Captain, Irma Fraser, racking, up P51 points Janice Hoyt with 106 points and Laura Fraser with 90 points. Dorothy Frost led the Freshman girls The guards were led by Gail Smith, Gloria Hagerman, and Eileen Amesg each doing their share Sponsored by TOWLE'S TEXACO STATION Easton M, o N CHEERLEADERS Larsen Back Left to ugh! P A Nh J mes L Garrlson S Hoyt S Gardner B Sponsored by J NEWBERRY CO Isle Mahaney andD Wortman Presque VARSITY B SKETBALL . sm, ww tr-8 ff tsrof, 'Q 4 1. ww, 'x,W0:' I3 QSTU4 I d 6' D Grant R Culberson. D- DO g K eehng M agar. B Richardson. ' S and D Flewelhflg H T , an ' ' 1 Barne . ' d n leftto righu C' Miner wheeter, M. DeMCYCham' I Stan I gCoach' N. Wolverton, RE: ter Carte ' d p, os - F Gardner B- Tapley' an SEASON'S RECORD EASTON OPPONENT EASTON OPPONENT Van Buren Ashland Washburn Ricker Madawaska Mapleton Lrmestone Bridgewater Ashland Limestone Ricker A. C. I. Madawaska Mapleton A- C- I- Van Buren Bridgewater xvashburn REGIONAL TOURNEY Elsron Sherman Easton IL Mattawamkeag EASTERN MAINE TOURNEY Easton East Machias 44 Easton 65 St. Martins Easton 56 Mount Desert 91 Sponsored by EASTON LIONS CLUB Easton, Maine VARSITY BASKETBALL The Easton Bears faced the 1957-58 basketball season a bit doubtfully, having lost three of the first five from last year's State Class "S" Championship team, and under a new coach. But with a good deal of hard work, practice, and co-operation, they developed into a fast, good-shooting team. Opening the season with an impressive win over Van Buren, the Bears ran up five straight wins before dropping a close decision to Ricker. Quickly jumping back into the win column, they won their next eleven in a row before bowing to the Washburn Beavers in the final game of the regular schedule. The regular season was completed with an impressive record of 16 wins and 2 losses. Entering the Regional Tournament at Houlton, Easton was again the top-seeded team for the third year in a row. After defeating Sherman in the semi-final round, they prepared to move to East Milli- nocket for the final round. Here they defeated a good Mattawamkeag team, 'ltr to 54, earning the right to enter the Eastern Maine Tournament at Bangor for the third straight year. ln the first round of the Eastern Maine Class "S" Tournament, the Bears defeated Washington Academy of East Machias, 66 to 44, after a close first half. ln the semifinals they downed a gallant St. Martin's team, 65 to 41. This win pitted them against the Mount Desert Mustangs in the Class "S" finals. Easton just couldn't seem to stop the Mount Desert team, with its height, and accurate shooting. Mount Desert walked off with a 91 to 56 victory to win the Eastern Maine Class "S" Title, and later went on to win the State Title. Easton did win the Good-Sportsmanship Banner, which is awarded annually by the Bangor Chamber of Commerce. lt is symbolic of the good sportsmanship deisplayed by the Easton team, cheerleaders, and fans, Barry Tapley was selected on the All-Tournament first team, while Douglas Dodge was picked for the second team, and Darrell Spencer was given honorable mention. The over all record, including tournament action, was 20 wins and 3 losses. Barry Tapley was the leading scorer for the season with 399 points for a 17. 3 average, followed closely by Dale Grant with 379 points, good for a 16. 5 average. J V BASKETBALL Connors 1 D Demerchani Drnsmfvfe T Coach K Bolster Manager C h h MI 511111 d G Todd E Labbe an I I C1eaV65 Left mug t C Gardner L Flewelhng P Foste Buckingham SEASON S RECORD EASTON OPPONENT EAST Van Buren Washburn Madawaska Limestone Ashland Ricker 39 35 40 Madawaska 58 52 50 27 A. C. I. 38 34 58 35 51 Bridgewater This year the Easton Cubs wo w. . n eight games and lost inning one by three ' ON OPPONENT Ashland Ricker Mapleton Bridgewater Limestone A. C. I. Mapleton Van' Buren Washburn ten, We had several very exciting games: points, and one by one point. We lost two games by two points each. Outstanding for the Cubs were Phil Foster in scoring, Eugene Labbe with his outside set shots, and Fred Gardner was outstanding on detense. George Todd, a sophomore, added rebound strength. Dana Connors and Lawrence Flewelling, freshmen, gained a great deal of experience and next year should be capable scorers and floormen. Keith Bolster did an exceptionally good job as manager. Sponsored by PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Easton 59 53 57 52 57 61 1 , i 5 Q W N Rx wg Vg fx 21. W . 5 A i' ' 1 - 3 3 3 . 1 f A,:. , n uf' '-3... .k I QQ' 'y KAW. F N 1 N. Y' O , 5 I aa, .5 ' . fs., . , Sa' V X ' , f YL 5 9525.1 f 'AF' tux .n .st . '..f'7f 'V ,R X' , gf Q - 55, .9 .O X x 3 NV f ' ' 1 Al na' . yi f x 5 E j15,"" i . LITERA RY POTATO PICKING TIME The tlme of year that l like best of all is potato prcking t1me I thmk II is mainly because I see the sunrise which IS something l seldom do The place I tlunk of when somebody mentions potato picking IS the freld back of home As you top the h1l1 on a clear cusp morning in late September the smell of potato v1nes are sharp on the breeze You can see off 1n the distance two mountarns standing majesucally against the pale pink sky while below them in the low lands l1es the forest wrapped in a cloak of white mist The bright red gold and orange of the autumn leaves peers through to hold the viewer in wonder Just as you thmk you are seelng the most beautiful spectacle in your life the sun breaks over t e mountam and bathes the whole scene 1n glorious warm ray This is my Aroostook IH the fall Janice Hoyt 58 LIFE What is life? A race? A picnic? A punishment? It IS a race It has 1ts incentives and they in turn cause drive and give motive It IS a picnic It is filled with happiness laughter and rewardmg experiences It is to enjoy to the capacity It is a punishment It hold pain sorrow hardships and sickness and these are possibly punishments of some sort for some reason Life IS every adjecuve you want to call rt wonderful crazy sad hard desperate beautiful but Every day IS Christmas on Earth The sun shines down upon the children rn the parks the women hanging out their washes the lazy clover in the flelds It feeds the hungry and strengthens the weak and gives hope for the new commg day Rain IS another miracle that goes wlth the gift It gives us drink when we are thirsty grows all the plants sails a small boy s boat down a swollen gutter and washes a little girl s scraped knee A person could go on and on naming the things that would be wasted if not for the final golden touch Life But themes l1ke spools of thread and pencils must end as I do now And as lend there 1S another thought within me whrch I cannot answer with a satisfying statement It IS th1s God must be truly tmagtnatrve for giving and loving to grve us such a gift but when will mankind completely un questroningly realize and accept the realization and be thoroughly thankful for his life? Gloria Hagerman 58 IF WE COULD READ EACH OTHER S MINDS If we could read each other s mlnds what would we see there? Look around the room See the expressrons on your classmates faces Some are sad some are happy some are full of emotion and others are expressionless What are these people thmkrng of? Are they thlnkmg of next week s harvest? Is the boy beside you thinking about that cute g1.rl he met last night or of tomorrow s ballgame? Is the girl across the room thinking of that dress she is makrng or of tomorrow night s dance? Have you ever stopped to look around at your friends to see the expressions on thetr faces and to wonder what IS in then' minds? If not do so You will be surprised how much more rnterestrng your friends become to you Dolores Wortman 60 . , . . . l h . . . ' S. most of all, Life is a gift, a supreme effort of our Maker, a final glorious touch to complete our world. WHAT I SEE FROM MY WINDOW Now and then I get a notron to stand before the large wrndow rn our home and just stare for hours The beautrful landscape the green tmglmg aroma of the flowers make me fill wtth Joy Sometrmes a car wrll go by and then l start thmkrng of the ways machrnery has rurned the earth s beauty One day I saw two lrttle rabbrts playrng rn the grass buds flutterlng l.l'l the tall beautrful pines at the s1de of the road The potato fields corn frelds and tobacco flelds gave the au a smooth rrch smellmg aroma Then all of a sudden I turned my eyes to the sky the clouds were blg fluffy and had a very deep robrn egg blue color Then there was a rose off to my left In the horrzon were what seemed to be m1l11ons of planes fighters tankers transports and even carrrers The chrlls went t1ng lrng up my back Then I realrzed that rf rt weren t for them some foreign country would probably be rultng us Now I have told you the thrrll I get from looking out my wmdow Maybe you have done the same thmg Norman Wolverton 58 EVERYONE NEEDS FRIENDS Have you ever thought what tt would be hke 1f you had no friends? Frrends are a very rmportant you They take an rnterest rn you and you rn them A good frrend rs a trustworthy person To be a good friend you must prove your qualiues You should take an mterest 1n other people s problems and try to help them I once heard a small boy say that a friend was a person who knew everythmg about you and strll liked you When your friends are around you you have a sense of securrty and confrdence When you need help they seem to be there always True frrendshrp was a gift from God to help broaden the mterest of man Dorothy Frost 61 SPRING Small leaves turned green Cold brook strll screened Wlllow tree bent Wlnter s spent Small mouse creepmg Lrttle bubbles seeping Children krtmg No cold brtrng Air IS pure Spring for sure SUMMER Heat IS thxck Crops to prck Moss cool and furry Colts hurry and scurry Farmer s son plowing Little cat meowing Moon ts a slrce Prckles cold and ntce Want to go swimm1ng Nrce to be lrvlng FALL Crops are stored Light rs lowered Leaves turn red And wmd has sped Cool new dawnmg Frost on the awmng Pumpkm pre Turkey s thrgh Clmstmas commg Stockmg stuffrng WINTER A bank of white A star rn the nrght Cold cusp wrnd Hung a bear skm Frosted panes Strrped candy canes Prnk cheeked, laughmg Grandmother's talkrng W1nter's song All too long part of everyone's life. We look to them for their opinions. They are people who notice you and like Sherrill Larsen 58 CLASS OF 1957 Carl Clark U S A New Jersey Elarne DeMerchant Presque Isle Chnsttna Drtscoll Easton Gerald Flewellrng Easton Judtth Foren Rrcker College James Hayden Easton Evelyn Holmes Easton Stanley Jordan Presque Isle Delores Keegan Marne Medrcal Center Russell LaPomte Easton Thomas Lynch U S A F Texas Milton Perry U S A F Texas Loomrs Scott Easton Glenda Strckney Easton Danrel Wathen Rrcher College Sandra Wortman Easton CLASS OF 1953 Shrrley Krrkpatrlck Shagnon N H Molly Foster Melcolm Lemenrster Mass Judrth Dodge Day Easton Dawn Nlcholson Doak Easton Avxs Kneeland Whrte Easton Mary Kennedy Lyford Presque Isle Mary Ladner Armstrong Forestvrlle Conn June Freld UCLA Calrforma Pauline Hoyt Easton Everett Cronkrte Easton W1ll1am Hames Navy Dale Ames Eastem Nazarene College Mass ALUM Marvin Mllbury Eastern Nazarene College Mass Clayton Murchlson Easton George Suckney Easton Srdney Bradley Easton Gaylen Wortman New Hampshtre Ronald Lloyd Easton Eugene Hammon U S A F Scott Fuller Easton John Doak U S A Llewellyn Whrte Easton CLASS OF 1948 LeRoy Kennedy Baltrmore Maryland Mary Hoyt Wells Chatham Mass Irene Fuller Kmg Presque Isle Ray Lamoreau Presque Isle Clayton Kennedy New Hampshire Paul Mahaney New York New York Dorothy Fuller DuBo1s Presque Isle Connre Ferris DeMerchant Presque Isle Rrta Gray Domberk Mrchrgan Verla Larsen Courey Manchester Conn Thelma Morrell Mallowes Chatham Roland Shaw Campton Mass John Trask U S A F Vernon Cleaves Sherman H S Cordon Ames Deceased Crystel Ambrose MCGIBUHIH Presque Isle Joyce Mahaney Srster Mary McAuley Farrfteld Geraldrne Flewellrng Lawerence Smyrna Mrlls CLASS OF 1943 Kathleen Mahaney Nessbrtt Mrllmocket Ol1v1a Gray Paturkdonley Boston Mass Mearl Clark Presque Isle Max Smrth Easton Pat Brown Easton Vera Kmney Cullrns Easton Beulah Scrrbner Markee Easton Wendall Perry Presque Isle Ernest Barton Clara Flewelltng Rhode lsland Anna Cumming Barnes Fort Fairfreld V1v1an Perry Nrchols Connectrcut Earl Bowers Easton Mrlton Barnes Presque Isle Donald Fuller Plttsfteld Mass Pat Mahaney Arkport New York Joyce Corey Clark Presque Isle CLASS OF 1938 Mona Foren Mahaney Exeter Mary Kennedy Shaw Presque Isle Almon Johnston Auburn Maunce Towle Easton Beulah Grant Gxandler Castle Hill Boyd Curtls Honeyfalls New York Neal Wortman Easton Perley Kennedy Mars H111 Jean Cumming Tobm Hempstead New York Rena Curtis Rlchardson Easton Glennice Johnson Rupe Californla Agnes Smith Stoddard Norrldge Wock Gretchen Corey Hussey Easton Gordan Beyea Harold Bean Alrce Clark Krnney Avoca New York n - - - 1 . 1 1 , n , , , . ' 1 , .... . , . . V . . I , . . . I Paffifiia While SUUCF, Presque Isle Grace Turner Nassar, Fall Rivers, Mass. , . , . Y . ' I n ' , ' I , .... ' ' . l , . . . . , I U , I I I Y I ' 9 0 I 9 , . I I . - I I ' I Merle McKay Fort Falrfreld Margaret Page McLaughl1n Brewer Donald Hogan John Hoyt Easton CLASS OF 1933 William Bolster Portsmouth New Hampshue Nell Sawyer Bangor Leland Page Baton Rouge Louisrana Erma Frost Adams Caribou Madeline Dodge Webster Castlne R.1ta Macwhumie Benn Fort Farrfreld Gladys Budrow Calrforma Marlon Perrigo Moore Stanly Moore Vincent Page Carrbou Leslie Cahxll Portland James Oldenburg Easton Darwm MacPherson Easton Alrce Gagnon Boadway North Edgecomb Glenna McKay McEachern Presque Isle Verna Johnston Miller Deceased CLASS OF 1928 Basll Watt Madrson Ethel Curtrs Watt Madison Helen Dane Todd Easton Elsie Brown Dickey Easton Ltlhan Bud Mars Hill Mrldred Farrer Florida CLASS OF 1923 Ada Bolster Mack Westerly Rhode Island Louise Cogswell Corey Naples Delra Dodge Boyd Mars H111 Carman Erskin Camden Glenn Todd Easton Benjamm Fuller Fort Fa1rf1eld Laura Hersey Tackitos Presque Isle Rachael Hoyt Carlbou Ellery Mahaney Dnscoll Portsmouth N H Lllllan Rackhff Smrth Easton CLASS OF 1918 Hazel Clark Rediker Presque Isle Pearle Dorsey Perry Easton Glenn Dudley Hartford Connecticut Florence Flewelllng Lamoreau Easton Davrd Hoyt South Portland Beryle Kneeland Barnes Utlca New York Lourse Mahaney McKinney Fort Farrfreld Luman Mahaney Easton Mary Mahaney Srster Mary Mercy Portland Mary McKmney Fuller Easton Beatnce Manzer Chase Presque Is e Vrola Manzer Jewell Chapman Kenneth Stevenson Easton Hope Towle Daggett Easton Henry Knight New Hampshtre CLASS OF 1913 Edna Towle Deceased Barbara Cummmg Lyons Presque lsle Eunice Bowers Bernard Thompson Washburn Zrlla Pattee Clark Somers Conn Florence Smrth Deceased Katherrne Bigelow w3Sh1Hgl0H D Thomas Cumming Houlton Myrtle DeMerchant Deceased John Randall Deceased CLASS OF 1908 Bermce Stanchfield Black Easton Harold DeLa1te Ellsworth CLASS OF 1903 Sadie Duncan Jewell Orono Elzena Towle McKay Easton Nellre Greenlaw Junkrngs Presque Isle Cora Grant English Deceased Clarence Adams Deceased Abbre Dtckey Crabtree Dover Foxcroft CLASS OF 1898 Wrnona Fulsom Wheeler Presque Isle Verna DeLa1te Hoyt Deceased Roy L1bby Deceased Grace Sprague Wrght Presque Isle Maude Brrdges Gibbs Los Angeles Calrf Frank Hoyt Deceased Ella McLaughlin Jones Seattle Washrngton Clrnton Racklrffe Deceased . ' 1 . ' . . , . , I C. Inez Kinney Miller, Easton Verna Shaw Harlow I 6 . Q H 3. 1, 6' g ,cv W , ff f ,XL 1. 3 1 X ' 1 .Mx M' 25 1 xi .M 111. Z ii, 4' l 'T M 4 YfAS7 ' I ,, aa V la Am, I was Congratulatmns and Best Wxshes for Success 1n the Future To the Members of the Class of 1958 of Easton I-hgh School TI-IE TSIQST NATICNAL EAN K 370 Interest Pa1d on Sav1ngs Accounts Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on Fort Fa1rf1e1d Ma1ne Compllrnents of col.E'C.-3 EXP 1235 se. Malne People Se rv1ng Malne 40 Years of Free P1ck Up and Dehvery Best Wlshes to the Class of 1958 THL ofiacfwq MLMORIAL FUNILRAL PIOML Mars H111 Mama Street T 5711 Member of I n 1 el. N,F.D.A. M,F,D,A, AaF,D,S, VVESE5 RADIO Sr TELEVISION ,fsftfffvfxff-C N SQVICE I ol J cf IS OUR FIRST ESQ THOUGHT Q D1aI 9 4722 687 IVIa1n Street Presque Isle Malne WASA POTATO HARVESTER COMPANY D1StT1bUtOTS Manufacturers Potato Harvestumg and Handhng Eqmprnent Dahlman Harvesters Seed Cutters Lobee Potato Washers Brushes Conveyers Snowplows Mar s H111, Malne I L V wg O92 :V J vvljbll ,OEHr' Qfsx- vii? 0 I f N A K 47- I-I INC. VAJ-I LSIIXIS Good Luck to the Class of '58 H. ADELMAN 8: SONS Mars Hill, Maine Potatoes - Fertilizer - Spray Materials I Late st Fashions I A H B GREEN 8: SONS lb 4, . . 485 Main Street far I A X- g Presque Isle, Maine Compliments of ALLEN'S BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Utility Gas Dial 2-3217 Presque Isle, Maine RUSSELL'S LUNCHEON BAKERY Homemade Bread - Baked Beans - Doughnuts Open 5 a.m. to l0 p,m. 120 Main Dial 2-0791 Fort Fairfield M. G. MORISSETTE 81 SONS, INC. Local and Long Distance Moving and Storage Agent for North American Van Lines Pre sq ue Isle Bangor Waterville 9-2191 2-6771 Tr. 2-2742 XXX ' A Main Street ' V ARMY at NAVY -' -i 5:g1:.!" h-"" 2753.--'if-.'ff:" STORE In Presque Isle, Maine f V G , N., ,xgxxm Y W I' Compliments of O'DONNELL'S EXPRESS CO. Tel. 9-2.641 Presque Isle, Maine MARS HILL OIL CO. Distributors of Esso Products Tel. 4882 Mars Hill, Maine Com liments P RA fl of O 'X ff' PRESQ UE ISLE STAR HERALD . M. S. JOHNSTON az SONS Buyer and Shipper Certified Seed and Table Stock Potatoes Lookout Brand Fort Fairfield, Maine Are You I I I TRADE MARK I ff' ,Q G9 L O rf Lf o F ll I Oll"I'I-'CWI I? 'P Of U of W Con ou roast our roast or toast our toast wlthout blow Y Y Y mg fuses or cuuslng hghts to dum? Does your TV picture shrunk ever tume the refru erotor oes on? Are ou won Y 9 9 Y denng where to plug an your next new electric applrcnce" lg If you have these wlrmg worries you need more HOUSEPOWER Why not call your electncaan for an estl mate on REDDY WIRING so that you too can ig. All elec ric luances enhlf 'affix-V-ng MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY or comfort giving. "GroW1ng W1th Aroostook" , . 1 aw! . - , I f . ' ' , 3 8 , if fw .H J V J ' : .o:':: : .io 2:5 X I Q 'ff Hnh fgezffiaefg. Q V 0 U 9 . - yy 1 F . I I I 0 I g ' IU ' s Qy gf . . . .- I ' , , . . . . LIVE BETTER . . . Electrically vvooL.vvo12-V I-Vet. COMPLIINAENTS OF K 9 '3 LET USDO YOUR egllRYl WW Www, INSURANCE fwl X KZ X LZ f J f'X ,FQ General Insurance Offlce Equlpment 18.1 2141 1 3171 E aston Malne AGENCY Tel. 3066 ,Q WQWQVZM Mgr? Local Representatwe 9' 51 4' Z W 4 H! Q H Easton, 1VIa1ne ,JQ , L, i? ef" X I 11471 'J ., A rx L! KI? Shi , K fk D' - 221 - I 1 'QN X I Q f,fl,Ah8lPIl1g hand I9 WORTH REMENIBERING XJR M KV, ,,,.- 0 It ns wuse to form a preference for a funeral dnrector In advance of need Judge us by our repu tatuon complete facllltles experienced personnel moderate charges GRAVES FUNERAL HOME X ofhcf 11 1 ft: I S I rt rl 'Ho hrmn 1 f high :I I I lp u t1 mv' bu nu. mt g, :ty Presque Isle, Malne I. , f . , , Xxx 'K mr ,fx W N rx I ' r 11, v X I F r 0 X - ' xx x Ky ! X s 1, X, , - ' 17 ' i - . , . . . ' . , ol -S ,iwilf -17 Y Y' If ? .5 Z in 1 tv ' 3? ' Q ' Q5 . I ., - 9 We re' nwnllwrs ff XVI 'vnu few, e' 4 1' ' ' S, rm 1IiW7t'fflf,'-UI 0f','u,'z1'ral ri1'1'c'1'lors 0 'f 1 ml Q, e'f1i'4'r1 r L' Irvs 1 . 5' 'ss ' Ulf' Compliments of STREET'S MEN'S SHOP Clothing and Footwear for Men and Boys "The Home of Adam Hats" Presque Isle, Maine T UR NER 'S TV SALES AND SERVICE Sales and Service Tel. 3652 Presque Isle, Maine Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK Sz COMPANY Pre sq ue Isle, Maine CNE STOP Ssuzvnce DON'S my SERVICE Main Street TE 0 uv' - A ' Presque Isle, Maine MODERNE CLEANERS 81 FURRIERS Refrigerated Storage Vaults Fur Cleaning - Repairing - Remodeling Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 315 Main Street - Presque Isle, Maine Q - - i . , 7Zatz6z'c'au4 e , Q 3- 3 E 1 P ..el2?,,' A 1 - Am- ,ny -A DAIRY PRODUCTS "A -1-- s, X' C ARoosTooK Q, FARMS DAIRY "Horne of Quality Products" Tel PI 7741 Presque Isle, Maine gif giy S- AR oosTooK GAS COMPANY 5 -:Q ,rg INC. 46 Industrial Street F 47 Lk TV I .T- Presque Isle, Maine ILA? - Compliments of ALBATROS GRANULAR FERTILIZER Professional Building Tel, 2-1034 Caribou Cornplindents of GLENN'S BAR BER SHOP Easton, Maine Satisfaction Guaranteed for Your "Hair" Refunded, Cornplirnents of AR OOSTOOK GR OWERS INCORPORATED Phone 4211 Presque Isle Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 GEORGE T. FOWLER FRONTIER FERTILIZER, INC. Fort Fairfield, Maine JACK'S TASTY SNACKS CORP Cheese Twist Popcorn Products Cheddarettes Bacon Rinds Dist. by U. J. Hedrich Co, Presque Isle, Maine SMITH 'S HAR DWARE Main Street Mars Hill, Maine Hardware and Sporting Goods Telephone 3261 ARCHIE BISHOP Sz SONS, INC, Tel. Z-3792 or Z-6051 631 Main St. and 6 Allen St. Pre sq ue Isle , Maine Compliments of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO. Presque Isle, Maine Cornphrnents of GRAVE S MARKET Mars I-1111 and Car1bou Ma1ne Presque Isle G FERTILIZER Cornphrnents of SHUR GAIN INC Phone 5791 Cornphrnents of JOHN WATSON CO INC Fort Fa1rf1e1d I-Ioulton 1VIa1ne I NEWBERRY CO Department Store Mars H111 1VIa.1ne Aroostook's Finest NOR THEASTLAND HOTEL Presque Isle, Maine Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 MAC BR IDE 8: HOYT INC. Easton, Maine THE FASHION SHOP "The Store of Fine Clothing" Tel. 5801 Mar s Hill, Maine Best Wishes to the Class of '58 C. A. POWERS 81 CO. Fort Fairfield, Maine .IIMMY 'S VARIETY ST ORE Groceries Lunches Sundries Easton, Maine ROY C. THOMPSON COMPANY .Iohn Deere Farm Equipment and Repairs Fairbanks-Morse Water Systems Hardie Sprayers - Homelite Saws Agrico Fertilizer - Goodyear Tires Dial 7331 toil' Dilig- I P I Presque Isle, Maine Compliments of E. R. CREW AND SON Telephone 4941 Mars Hall, Maine Compliments of DR. S. A. BUNNELL Telephone 4121 DR. K. I. BUNNELL Telephone Z- 1471 Family Dentists Fort Fairfield Maine O PERRY 8: SON COMPANY All Types of Insurance Fire Auto Life Bonds Fort Fairfield Maine FOX TRAILER SALES We Have the Largest Selection of Quality Eight and Ten Feet Wide Mobile Homes in the Northeast and Lowest Down Payments Dial 9-2481 Presque Isle, Maine HORACE G. EVERETT 8: SON Contractors and Builders Building Supplies Dia12- 1261 Presque Isle St. Fort Fairfield Compliments of BOTTLING COMPANY OF AROOSTOOK Presque Isle, Maine 740 flu .Mutt with I , I yQ5N , , Compliments of LOC KW OOD GRADERS Pre sq ue Isle , Maine Compliments of FLOYD L. HARDING Attorney-at-Law Presque Isle , Maine ' V Y GOULD 8m SMITH, INC Compliments of 0 Farm Machinery Telephone 3211 - 4131 Presque Isle, Maine M. C. LOCKE DIST. CO. X Recapping - Vulcanizing G0onF?zAn .IIRES Tel 3191 Fort Fairfield , Maine MAINE POTATO GROWERS, INC. Serving Every Farming Need Farm Machinery Farm Supplies Marketing Service - Potatoes - Eggs - Grain Phone 5611 Pre sq ue Isle , Maine Complirnents of BION HARTFORD 8: SON INC. Burner Service Fuel Oil Kerosene Tel. 9-2931 Presque Isle, Maine PHILIP A. CHRISTIE POTATO DISTRIBUTOR Tel. 3521 Pre sq ue Isle , Maine The SWEETEST, FRESHEST MILK You Ever Tasted! Drink GRANT 'S MILK Available At Your Store---At Your Door For Home Delivery Call GRANT 'S DAIRY Caribou, Maine MAINE FARM SUPPLY CO., INC. Distributors of Calso Products Tel. 6321 Caribou Road Presque Isle, Maine iv X XXX XIX X Q Xgxx f X j L X X Z' v," U4 iff ' 'T ',.d 1 L,. lSHOPPING 'i A' N FOR 1 VJOBV ' A 1 CHECK WHAT YOU WANT Good staitzug salary uzth regular razscs Pleasant Zl07lx uzth other girls and young mm P1estzge of a oesponszble yob uzth a uclllmoun and 1es'pffcted company If your 11st shows three checks then you should check 1nto what the Telephone Companv has to offer you Smart glrls are domg lt now before they graduate from hlgh school Come ln and see our employment mtervxewer soon Youll enjoy talklng wlth her Act now and you can say w1th prxde Im all set' Im gomg to work wlth the Telephone Company' See the Guldance Counselor at your school, and talk first w1th her about when and where to apply NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 1958 Easton Hlgh School Best W1shes to All Undergraduates Thanks to the Faculty Wlmbiw NATIONAL BANK MRS. MARGARET TOWLE Manager Checklng Savlngs Installment Loans Member FDIC We Appreuate the Bus1ness of Our Customers We Sol1c1t the Bus1ness of Our Customers Fmends Ak . 7 Y Easton Office AND .2514 cf PROGRESS AND SERVICE Benn s Garage Achorn s Avrs Style Shop Ayoob Brothers Guy Belmarn Sc Sons Buxton Jerry L Drugs A F Cook The Fort Fwrrfleld Revrew Dr Robert S George Adelman s Departmen Store Al s Drner Campbell Clean rs Hussey 81 Hussey Josh s Cracker Box Al s Barber Shop Berry Motors Barker Insurance Agency Dr Blackstone Blotner Trarler Sales Inc Carroll s Xuto Sales f rty Drug Store CLASSIFIED ADVER TISERS EASTON Easton Garage FORT FAIRFIELD Norma Goodhu e Florrst Goodhue s Dr Robert Graves Ellrs Green Co Johnston Furnrture Co Jones Hardware Dr H C Krmball Mars Mars 'vlars VIARS HILL Hlll Motor Co Hrll Pharmacy Hrl1RaCllo 8a TV Center Rrdeout s Market PRESQUE ISLE Cook Florist Etscovttz Garage Co The Hayden Company Kmney s Men s 8a Boys Store Marne Mutual Group Presque Isle Memorral Works Wwe Hfrfwwvy fm Mwwcb we Mlllre s Specralrty Shop Robbins Garage The Modern Shop Paramont Theatre Walter M Reed Sr Sons Roberts 8a Roberts Dr R H Skofreld Slrpp s Flower Shop Western Auto Assocrates F W Woolworth Co C A Strt am Hants Whrte Wrlson s Jewelry Store York 'SL Fenderson Rathbun Co Roy s Army SL Navy Taylor Sundtal Shoe Stores Thrbodeau s Shoe Store Wrlkrns Zayre 746 ' , , , . , . , 5 ' - t - Mars Hill Lumber Co. Dr, W, B. Somerville ' ' ' . . . ' h ' l AUTOGRAPHS 4 TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO MJ L ff XX X

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