Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1959 volume:

x ,ix 44 i24g2Q. j1inf"? f . "9 P' +I X Q , ."'3"x 8 X glib xv I 2? 5' VG ,Sli :ff A 4 N ,. , fl . ima. Q fw- xxw ,fad X 1 pulp, nlluuuluul In In I Il ,f V , A J, .S ,nw 'V Mx ,--,gy A A r ,X Mm ' W n 1 ., K ..k. ,..,, N .,,. ,V W! SHELTER FOR L Q "f""-le'-www X- , . K fx WW W-, X H M ' V M 1- vm- ,-wmwew 'HW' -if-mmm . N gk 4 xr MX FUTU--E THE S H I E L D .Q K5 Sm Q 9 I f,f1,,pgbss so QR 1 1 7 U U' 1 2 UI Q l an M240 Nw .. 4, U 1 -,1 ,. I i N , gy A Wg on 5' ' 'iQ Q!! ! , I ww, mf Q iixa 1 k ull? A Q., ,fx He - J 5 w I, Q, A-M In - 514, wnfwiwkxmfg , ,M . 3 is '-Eff, ss U - 'KE 'QQ N . V A Q we +4-w S Ns Q 29 E 5 S S S E 5 5 S x X 3 i 5 L il SE IH 3 X, E 55 S E i 4 2 S Q-,iii 'if '25 X ' Oufdoor consiruciion was speeded along in a battle against iime . . VOOYYXS . . . and soon finishing iouches to class- complefed a. new and beautiful school able To accommodate 1500 students. Eastmoor Warriors anxiously ob- served construction work on the football stadium . . . which was completed in time for the 1959 Home coming activities . . . Q E z E 5 i i E 5 'S E Q E if F 16 v 3 A J f ,yy ,diff ,X 4. ,pf z 1 .f 1 f Y f X W 'Y . , fb WQQ -wg ies x ,X me QL if' QQ A 1,4-X , 1 i My g gi . NM, . -.m:1..-.-MP- --.. my 4-14,g,:wsf:. , 5. . S dw ,., . K .1 nv ., , ,r " f' Wi' Y M T. H. MAYER Principal ADMINI TR TIO NORVAL GOSS Vice-Princi pal ff:--x FACULTY GEORGE AGGAS Capital University Mathematics, Science Senior Hi-Y VERRILL W. BARNES Ohio University Industrial Arts Printing, Sales Tax Stamp Collections WILLIAM E. BARR Bowling Green State University Driver Education Camera Club, Tigers Basketball CATHERINE BARTLETT Ohio University Ohio State University English, History Red Cross BARBARA G. BELK Wayne State University Capital University English JEAN F. BELL Ohio State University Business Education Future Teachers of America SAMUEL G. BUCK Evansville College Indiana University Chemistry Chess Club DONALD E. BURNS Ohio State University Industrial Arts JOHN M. CONDIT Ohio State University Biology Senior Science Club ROGER CONOVER Miami University Ohio State University Mathematics Student Council, Student Court WILLIAM E. COURTNEY JR. Ohio State University Science, Physical Education Basketball Coach, Golf Coach RAY G. CRANE Ohio State University History Junior Hi-Y SUZANNE M. DAY Ohio State University French, General Language Stamp Club GARY L. DIXON Ohio State University Mathematics ALPHONSE M. FOOSE Ohio State University Marshall College Business Education Outdoor Club BEVERLY M. GLASER Morningside College University ot South D Physical Education English akota Junior High Cheerleaders Dance Club WILLIAM J. DISBRO Capital University English PAUL G. ECKELBERRY Capital University Ohio State University Physical Education History GERALD P. FRY Capital University Asbury College Ohio State University History Warrior Club Junior High Track Coach MIRIAM GLESSNER Capital University Indiana University Histor En lish Y' 9 - Senior Future Teachers of America ROBERT N. HEINTZ Ohio State University Social Studies Warrior Club RUTH S. HICKS Ohio State University Capital University English The Shield DAVID C. HIGBEE Ohio State Fine Arts Art Club University ELEANOR HIGH Ohio Wesleyan University History, English Senior Red Cross MARY LYNN HONNOLD Ohio University Horne Economics Lunchroom Manager ANNE JACKSON Ohio State University University ot Southern California Librarian BETTY JOHANNES Victoria College Texas Lutheran College Science JERRY KAYE Ohio State University Instrumental Music JAMES E. KEISER Ohio State University Drarnatics, English Dramatics Club Stage Crew PAUL KIMMEL United States Merchant Marine Academy Ohio State University industrial Education LUCILLE M. KNUPKE Capital University Business Education DEAN LEWIS Findlay College Ohio State University Physics LOUISE LINCOLN Capital University University of Michigan Latin Book Room DOROTHY MARMET Ohio State University English BETTYE MARTIN University of Michigan Science ELEANOR MECHLING Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University History MARSH E. MOBBERLY Capital University Physical Education Mathematics Varsity Baseball Coach Junior High Basketball Co Assistant Football Coach PAUL MORRIS ach Pennsylvania State University Muskingum College Ohio State University Vocal Music Bel Canto Music Club ROBERT A. OROSZ Ohio State University Spanish, German Spanish Club MARY C. PRYOR Muskingum College English Junior Red Cross C. W. PURSELL Columbia College Columbia Teachers College Problems ot Democracy Faculty Athletic Manager HAROLD J. SHURLOW Capital University Ohio State University Mathematics Math Club INA A. SINGLETON Bethany College Ohio University English Junior Y-Teens CATHARINE SINGER Capital University Ohio State University Ohio Wesleyan University Home Economics Stage Sets, Costumes ROBERT STUART Ohio State University Physical Education Football Coach Wrestling Coach Reserve Basketball Coach RAYMOND TATA University ot Missouri Ohio State University Mathematics Trig Club JAMES THARP Georgetown College French, Spanish French Club ELFRIEDA WALTZ Alma College Ohio University Ohio State University Mathematics MARTHA B. WARFlELD West Virginia Wesleyan Mathematics SAMUEL WEBB Capital University Biology Track Coach VICTORIA MILLER Ohio State University Counselor, Physical Education Girls' Athletic Association Director of Cheerleaders JEAN CASEY Ohio State University Counselor Senior Y-Teens Guidance is provided for students by their homeroom teacher. In addition to this, special counseling services are offered by these four teachers. This program otters students help with their questions about educational, vocational, and per- sonal needs and interests. DONALD MURPHY Wilmington College Ohio State University Science, Attendance Teacher Science Club j ROBERT HOWARD Ohio State University Counselor, Geography Audio Visual Club s Q f 5 CAFETERIA STAFF First row: Janet Greathouse, Mrs. Honnold Clunchroom managerl, Peg Pflaumg Second rovv: Ruth Pettorini, Mary Jay, Ruth All- spaugh, Helen Heizes, Dorothy Wooldridge CUSTODIANS First row: Albert Buehler, Kathleen Mullen, Bobby Boyclg Second row: John Defourney, Sr. Cl-lead Custo- dianj, Horace McQuinllen lFire- manl, Leroy Cobb, Lorenzo Ha- mill SECRETARIES June Lamp, Pauline Whitaker IN MEMORY OF JUDITH ELLEN KooNcE On Wednesday, October l5, 1958, Eastmoor's students and faculty members assembled on the school lawn to honor the memory of one of their teachers, Miss Judith Ellen Koonce, who heroically met her tragic death this summer while attempting the rescue of a young child. This memorial service was conducted to dedicate the planting of a red bud, Miss Koonce's favorite tree, as a symbol ot her love for the outdoors. Students contributed to purchase a bronze plaque which was placed at the toot ot the tree. The inscription reads: "ln memory of Judy Ellen Koonce, Eastmoor Teacher, T957-58. Died on July 77, 7958, in the swollen waters of the Little Miami River while attempting the rescue ot an eleven-year-old camper." ln honor ot her bravery she was awarded the Carnegie l-lero Medal posthumously. Judy Koonce taught science and art to Eastmoor students. She was an active member of the faculty and sponsored the Outdoor Club. The October Fifteenth dedication Linda Stuart and David Gettys, president of last year's Outdoor Club, are kneeling in front of the plaque. I Fo 5 ff ,f f if 'Q , W-A ,S X f , my VHF I KW ,WWWMW . A ff' Q fi? ' , m+ Q W' , ff Sf a M fi! if , L,,L, J M QM F gf LLw K 1 ,li , ,W ,fair W , JL ef 1 ,Ly 4 4 ff. 1.:g21A5AQ ' Q 5 . .Ei Q A X N Q55'523waY'z x W Q, fs- 1 N +x ov X 3 WR w 9' .+A ng K f -f Q13 ill -: ' X i-ii Q A, ,, yzggr i .,,I QQ, .L - ygi, Aga. y L Z , 1 ig, fig? 1 F1 113525355 Q S. gf'5",1 'W1E:,.::f f -' " 3511 fi?-Q11 ' 'X N 'I 15 1' ,gnu 'S I R 3 . 'V 13 kv? 1 2. W ,Qi 31 I W5 V K 1252 -'fa r ! ' , A 2I ROOM lll - GIRLS First row: Judy McKinzie, Diana Susan Davis, Marilyn Solomon, Terrie Rose, Vicki Vaughn, Jennifer Foley, Bonita Shoults, Second row: Connie Francesone, Karen Olsen, Linda Krinn, Judy Price, Susan Smith, Sharon Coombs, Barbara Barash, Carol Hildenbrand, Anne Lowy, Karen Culver, Third row: Sharon Schecter, Sue Kauffman, Barbara Doyle, Jacqueline Slay, Margaret Gipple, Mr. Barr, Sarah Lou Clark, Judy Denney, Betty Mills, Sharon Allen TH GRADE ROOM 111 - BOYS First row: Mike Feuer, Tom Klug, Rusty Hannon, Doug Shepeard, Jack Alexander, Norbert Bogle, Benny Braun, Ricky Feinstein, Dennis Townsenclg Second row: Gary McCoy, Gary Minadeo, Mike LePogtia, Charles Coker, Mike Pinto, Harvey Newpoff, James Beightler, Gale Sibole, Bill Duftey, Mike Bogle, Charles Becker, Third row: Richard Eisenstein, Don Clark, Ed Lowe, Mike Andrew, Larry Peterson, John Trunnel, Stan Ross, Mr. Lewis. ROOM 124 First row: Mr. Barnes, David Henderson, Gary Martin, David Hickey, Dolores Huffman, Gail Fran- cis, Mary Hilliand, Second row: Dick Highman-, Ronald Stewart, James Hawkins, Barbara Mills, Susan Simpson, Third row: John Voneida, Marty Feinstein, Barbara Linden, Linda Hay, Fourth row: Larry Carlisle, Harry Clark, Karen Crosier, Fifth row: Dave Hillenbrand, Robert Eisenstein, Delphine Bai- ley, Diane Borden, Sixth row: Robert Griffin, Gary Johnston, Jim Schirtzinger, Phil Wilson, Sandy Cook, Marla Greenfield ROOM 201 First row: Donn Kreutz, Art Turner, Carl Lowe, Terry Powell, Steve Feazel Mike Devlin Mike Nathan Steve Hutchinson, Bob Leifert, Kirt Keple, Second row: Ann Schrock Carol Doak Judy Tuggle Sandy Ball, Sandy Allen, Karen Faulkner, Linda Blue, Judy Curry, Vicki Morehart Sue Hatcher Marlene Eiseman Third row: Ambernice Bullock, Sharon McMahon, John Whipple, Gary Young Karl Mills Craig Bush Tom Moore, Roger Byerly, Roy Arnett, Mrs. Bartlett, Linda North, Janice Ogier Carol Narcross ROOM 203 First row: John Gurtz, Dick Tracy, Dave Schuler, Eddie Life, Mike Bullen, Mike Baetens, Second row: Carol Meyers, Shirley Beckett, Patty Wood, Paula Knepper, Andrea Russell, Deanna Brown, Sandy Brown, Rita Welch, Barbara Edlesteing Third row: Pam Levine, Sandy Brown, Roberta Hiser, Diana Thomas, JoAnn McFarland, Margaret Bland, Claudia Davis, Rosalee Billingsly, Karen Hiller, Fourth row: Mr, Fry, Don Dickson, Dave Cook, Tom Carafiol, Dallas Jackels, Rick Billow, Tim Davis, Rick Betzler ROOM 204 First row: George Peck, Tom Rinehart, Terry Ranclles, Don McCaughan, Don Wray, John Koetz, Bob Schleppi, Glenn Martin, Jim Krull, Ronnie Golden, Second row: Andrea Gorenstein, Karen Quinn, Nancy Butterworth, Linda Hill, Judy Kuchler, Hedi Hirschberg, Patty Kitzmiller, Janet Dennison, Mary Chit- tenden, Third row: Mr. Heintz, Tara Jackson, Lynn Balthaser, Jack O'Conner, Frank Shannon, Jack Blair, Mike Sosey, Bill Wells, Bob Nease, Diane Northrop, Sharon Kinsel, Marcia Miller ROOM 205 First row: Jack Fillinger, Bruce Jones, Bill Boggess, Paul Naumoff, Bob McBride, Steve Orcutt, Bob Van' Schepen, Danny Kravig, Jim lles, Steven Hillman, Second row: Linda Bower, Susan Rosenauer, Ollie Mae Thies, Annette Katz, Bonnie Kemple, Rose Long, Sandra Bergmann, Candy Bergmann, Jerry Malone, Beverly Kaufman, Third row: Daisy Borders, Barbara Marriott, Elaine Greenwald, Bill Myers, Robert Mark- wood, David Howard, Sharyll Marcus, Pat Perkins, Leslie Williams, Miss Belk ROOM 206 First row: Bob Straten, Tim Brackett, David Thomas, Mr. Crane, Ben Schneider, Tim Strapp, Charles Coates, Tom Randles, Howard Ferguson, Second row: Ellen Long, Theresa Perry, Sharon Ely, Karen Ross, Sandra Carroll, Ellen Strause, Carol Harrison, Helen Schulz, Frances Thrash, Pat Murdock, Rita Napier, Third row: Harold Davis, Paul Houseberg, Ronnie Hatcher, Gary Barton, David Kapp, John Smith, Charles Little, Steve Baer, Carl Beall aim? gg, 5 1 . Aim Q, 5 ASQ Y, , sf! 1' 73" Jw 6 QNX ,ff ff 5 352. 'x 26 s K mixwzw ,wg J +2 ,ff gg 1 'Q ,A ,Q 9.- xsc Y K Lu. s' 5? xi 3 2 .N , , Vi xg A I ' I sf, ,ZA1 1 A 1: Q ' 'X Jig fi -M 3? Q xr M AQ , , 2 1 K m is N ,fiwfgzgmgg fi , A v 2 5 v Qs. I 3, X 4 ? vs i 5 E f .,z1S1+.42ffi' My 11:1 LJ,1,,4,i If ,Z ,,..,, , . gffg -'Jw win . Q - ,.L,.1 - .Q aSi.:5v'ff :'k- 'fI-: 5 L' ' ' f V ' , E -A .- : .,: ' I I if gif i , I A- N , -r gif ' . - if ' K' ,. . Jim i K A, A I m , j3'Q::: g,f 'Q W5 we f N A. i f ff' W . M - . S vi Q 1 -- f a m b A ' M' X Z A ',A. A A A meg .fzxsxa " 'Hg ,, , ,. ROOM 101 - BOYS First row: Bill Shick, Mike Bozin, Tom Middleton, Ray Corbin, George Pilkington, Bob Nacdimen, Ronald Boster, Bill Juhrs, Bob Nedblake, Second row: Ray Minnear, Barry Cohen, Ronald Rice, Frank Stavroff, Bill Staten, Don Wook, Melvin Dymond, Phil Shear, Ron Craven, Paul Jones, Gerald Bohaneng Third row: Bob Brown, Tom Webbster, Tom Merritt, lra Heartman, Mike Briggs, Jim Dains, George Magastalvi, Mike Kohar, Bob McKisson, Frank Weiderholcl, Bob Weiss, Delmar Jones, Abie Denight, Mr. Courtney FRESH N ROOM 101 - GIRLS First row: Darla Schafer, Joan Miller, Elaine Wernick, Patty Ward, Lilia Smyth, Konnie Kirkman, Renee Harmel, Charleen Upiohn, Second row: Mary Hawk, Connie Barr, Pat Conner, Carol Neesham, Donna Kay Robbins, Esther Gutter, Dixie Ewing, Penny Deering, Donna Lee Griffin, Gloria Bull, Third row: Nancy Fisherbaugh, Susan Titus, Lynn Kremer, Karen Marshall, Carol Weber, Mrs, Singleton, Barbara Jasques, Karen Norris, Terri Trager, Linette Brissey, Linda Rugh, Connie Wilson ROOM 116 First row: Steve Stellman, Mike Palestrant, Terry White, Allen Ross, Bob Blanton, Ken Ramsey, Tom Short, Gary Garshelisp Second row: Linda Stuart, Patty Prisk, Terry Brazeal, Kathy Wightman, Diane Hall, Vir- ginia Marsh, Peggy Alrich, Sue Armour, Jackie Cohen, Patty Hoffman, Third row: Miss Singer, Sharon Campbell, Betty Becker, Georgette Goldberg, Jim Hawk, David Gettys, Allen Donahue, George Maroney, Bill Cohen, Ralph Young, Kurt Mundschenk, Lencar Biddle ROOM 118 First row: Bill Lutsko, Mike Hansen, Dick Hiegert, Steve Craig, David Howard, David Crouse, Second row Cheryl Aldhizer, Anita Topson, Patricia Slatter, Pam Smyser, Sandra Price, Martha Jarvis, Judy Thomas Christine Francis, Becky Parks, Sue Hoffman, Jeanette Duffey, Third row: Nancy Fife, Sharon Sanborn: Sharon Hoskinson, Steve Seymour, Ronald Harper, Miss Martin, Carl Rogers, Tom Minor, Paul Wright, Lois Boesch, Sharon Wilson if Mahi W4 K 1 -an ? 1w 'QMN-pq . A . ,M VV k,, .,. I V : : ,:, A VH at V: I I .V Y. K mr... if 5 2 'ij Mm 1 X , if. , Q vi 1' X., mmh V ROOM 125 - GIRLS First row: Nancy Cohen, Elaine Lernley, Janet Gray, Sonia Brantley, Donna Harlan, Sylvia Harris, Virginia Thomas, Patricia Uren, Mary Jane Eyster, Kathy Phillips, Barbara Dearth, Second row: Connie Long, Helen Lombardo, Julia Wood, Barbara Nagel, Mary Wiederhold, Donna Saesock, Ellen Dula, Jennifer Miller, Judy Millar, Sharon Strappy Third row: Sandra Hellrud, Judy Geichrnan, Barbara Alfant, Kristy Mi:- Clintock, Lynn Hanawalt, Mr. Howard, Carol Martindale, Ruth Konkle, Marla Thornton, Pamilla Tucker, Rosalie Palmer, Diane Reid ROOM 125 - BOYS First row: Steve Williams, Rodney Bratcher, Michael Kempke, Tom King, Rodney Hoff, Torn Patten, Bill Shankman, Ron Darong Second row: Steve Cornils, Harold Shrock, Mike Moline, Roger Reynolds, Bill Strick- lin, Gary Compton, David Georgoff, John Ogden, Art Lukas, John Pizzurog Third row: John Gerlock, Mike Kristy, Ken Davis, Rod Steward, Alvey Gussler, Mike Hines, Jerry DeMolet, Jim Jacques, Barry Hiltons, Russell Fallon, Bob Woods ROOM 202 First row: Larry Border, Bill Snow, Richard Pearce, Mike Richman, Owen Meier, David Solomon, Mike Gibbons, Second row: Verna Chapman, Ann Pitt, Sharryn Bellomy, Rosemary Hill, Gloria Study, Pam Sherman, Jane Radabaugh, Third row: Mr. Dixon, Gilbert Metcalf, Glen Bolon, Don Sprague, Ed Kelly, Pete Arthur, Larry Gohring, Nick Miller, James Travis ROOM 207 First row: Richard Knapp, Charles Weir, Bill Gallick, James Pace, Harold Roach, Jim Kuhn, James Reid, Second rovvf Levon Harrell, Annette Whitaker, Sharon Tevvell, Carolyn Noble, Carole Joseph, Sandy Smith, Sharon Stagakes, Virginia Schott, Third row: Joan Smith, Carolyn Cohagen, Penny Dawson, Kenneth DeLong, George lkimis, Jim Dixon, Steve Justice, Mrs. Pryor, Jenny Capuano, Sandy Eads Y. Q 1, I 714 we - , 5 :Q- 'M 2 W, Q 53 ,.r, 2 A al' .N , x 4 . H: 4 3 'Af 1., f g ip 412 5, L, f?k?k 5 1 .fi E Ei Wx , f Q Q K ,, X www' ,NM .Ax mx,-mm' X aw ff' fm .www W' 4, ,ww .. ,M .,,,, 3 r L SB xv: Q X 5-41:31 ,Af x an xgw fs Til , 'A X 52. 3 X 'Ta .N A 6 is 'Q 45524. x E fi fsfkv 525 ,S gx Y wi af? lglmyg 5 Q , 1, T .. J 5 ff' rf Qs. -- --K '::: My .f X 1-,:-- wwf. ' -- .g.:,: Q rf. ,,::' -, as 563263 S. if 5 91 Q' if 1' Wg in 3 W ...M-u ,J A-v. 3 5 3 , . Q 1 QQ ' 'w e f A ', ' l W , , 41 f , . , iw in if V '3 'V .9 5, 3 '95 .5 ,.. , ,V RQ , .L 4 12 wk Q L1 z.M,ik ,, 4 -6 Vy. 3::. k iffy , if ,A .,-' fam-an A I-,gf s,,k,, 15i':f,fZ.j':, 5'1- , f A Ns., ,T - ' ' K K V . , if V 4 1 Q1 2 'Q A ,Q , gy S 3 g if X Ie x L S 1 ' s x 2 1 5 1 A , I - .P S , 2 , r K , , -, 1 E E 1 5 , - All Q www , 4 A WWW ,gg M A , YZ mv, 0 re. El jaws 3 ,E sir' M iw, . ,V 025- ,. f ky.: Q, -,,k k L, Jqwm ,LL,WL Q YKKL aa. A + 2 ' 1 A. , ,, iff. if S 9 A W1 lZ 2 M gf A 3 Z, ,, J 4 E235 . 1i W it .,,' 1 VA,- W if ,fs AA Qi . g WE 5 4 . , lei 34 1 a I QQ, Q Q '21, E? Ref xp 1 Mum V ff 'Y' F fi.: , 'STG E sf .4 rg 4 x ygis.::?f ROOM 107 First row: Clifford Siegel, Eric Snider, Danny Fleming, Jack Radcliff, Gary South, Paul Colgin, Larry Nichols, Stephen Foster, Jerry Diller, Second row: Bev Finke, Karen Kinney, Sharon Rosenbaum, Pat Car- ruthers, Sandi Katz, Rita Zweier, Peggy Trout, Delene Burrows, Sue Wilson, Barbara Walls, Third row: Susan STrobach, Sharon Smiih, Barbara Schecter, Sandy Levine, Sharon Reich, Dona Sowalsky, Carolyn Moore, Carol Patchen, Donna Brown, Mrs. Day ROOM 108 First row: Roger Thomas, Kelly Turner, Ralph Wilson, Charles Walz, Second row: Karen Marquesen, Sue Gerharr, Joan Williams, Sally Harrison, Dianne Phares, Becky Kelly, Judy Williams, Sandra Ferguson, Carol Patieng Third row: Miss Marmer, Karen Wilkins, Sue Kirkbride, Sandy Maxwell, Ken Morgan, Fred McVay, Don McKelvey, Carolyn Farkas, Arlene Mara ROOM 112 First row: Mrs. Johannes, Martha Brasketi, Sharon Cooper, Sue Staggs, Karen Comeras, Joyce Maguire, Diane Gay, Hermine Margulis, Sherrie Teater, Sharon Young, Marsha Feuer, Second row: Elizabeth Leupp, Glenna Layman, Kenneth Huffman, Dave Hoon, Dave Grossman, Bob Uhl, Dorsey Armstrong, Morrie Exstrom, Gerry Shoemaker, Karen Reno ROOM 114 Firsr row: Jerry Seckel, Don Allen, Louis Bever, Tim Steelman, Frank Levi, Richard Seymour, Monroe Ler- ner, Second row: Sharon Cheesernan, Barbara Pursell, Margaret Jones, Loretta Fuller, Billie Rogers, Peggy Posron, Ann Goldfhvvaileg Third row: Mr. Aggas, Cheryl Spencer, Carole Brown, Maureen Nimz, Mari Werlin, Susan Laird, Carol Adams, Fourth row: Paul Turner, Roger Nalley, Jim Casserly, Richard England ROOM 119 First row: Don Day, Steve Belhorn, Steve Svyofford, Norman Grossman, Melvin Finke, Paul Wright, Bob Myers, Second row: Linda Young, Virginia Rose, Donna Doak, Betty Layne, .loan Whitt, Jeri Bobrof, Suzanne Wolfe, Wanda Jo Schmokey, Mary l-leftron, Marcia Klug, .loan Needs, Third row: Dorothy Mc- Donald, Nancy Lattimer, Bonita Akers, Beth Amstutz, Rhoda Reese, Diana Orem, lnes Chancey, Bernie Napier, John Stricker, Steve Cohen, Mr. Keiser ROOM 210 First row: Sharon Maury, Dale Alexander, Sandy Jones, Virginia Young, Judy Roderick, Mary Forster, Second row: Irene Zelko, Lois Oberg, Wanda Davis, Sandy Ludwig, Lin Clark, Lynn Coate, Betty Miller, Carol Donner, Marilyn Jay, Third row: Mrs. High, Richard Siegel, Dick Doughty, Jerry Singleton, Jim Siders, Charles Narcross, John Lane, Ken Price, Malcolm Hicks 1 hi 1 -- X 'mzflf-:.,. i - - sky . fi if: ::,.. Q. 'Q if 521 ,535 - SW fy ifzgfw www . eg ,ww ., . wewvy., we QQ ' 153 W A5 2, 5525 Q LD iw, 5 , m Si' 'zz' -2 ' kg. ,f , 5 4 Q5 f m w VE V Q W? wwf ., In - ,vw--. I' 'sis' Q if L x " Bfsmmw ,i gi QS: C35 ' L. lifts 'S' i 35533 if: q L 2? Q,,,,,,f 3 fi ' ' , Q fi 1 if 2 ww , X K , ' f Qi ,. W , -wx ' A fag- ,K 'K Qs -af af I Q xv 3 E A P- f in . Q X Vw .mx , may Q SK .mb M5 W: , q kgagf -we :gg X U Q: up 'l ' if N xg,--.ww ff: ' 4,55 . 2 3 2-V, ,pm ,gf mu . f f nf if A gg 1 f Y , 'Q Q F, it W' . h New fm QL j A mv g S s x 6, :S 99" wif' V A 3 'ig QT 5+ gb 5'?? ,g X , ,gp v is , Hsu ww . A ' A ' W ,m.. X . ' ' QQ 3, fi ,XA ,H f A , r ,fx ff. , . A il 5 p ff, iAY SQ - x i 9 ' M- - ff? I wx NQLaLLX XVLL k fp , -fsgzfv. 1. Q5 .wx 'f UL f k Q! as M M? f An 5 1 H1 ,L QS? :W I 5 1 5 S ,af i .iv y - .iv 1 W lg is Q , 'iff is FV, , M945 . ,Ng Ax... .5 f 1 v 3 if :sv i' 5 :wzi -J 2 'X I4 B X-, A QQ fa 25? ROOM 103 First row: Jim Rogers, Jerry Murchison, Emmet Pearson, Jerry Perkins, Charles Einhorn, Buster Mills, Steve McDowell, James Mullen, Second row: Neva Lowe, Beverly Krinn, Rosanne Maker, Kay Martindale, Mildred Mercurio, Gretchen Voltz, Mary Kelly, Sharon Jarvis, Linda Jacklesf Third row: Dianne Ortlepp, Libby Wells, Mariorie Cuba, Nelson Freeman, Denny Tracy, Larry Golden, George Snow, John Russin, Judy Kelly, Kay Johnston, Miss Bell ROOM 105 First row: Stewart Israel, Alan Levine, Mike Gleim, Frank Raisen, Robin Bowers, Jerry Patchen, Charles Jones, Second row: Joy Henry, Rosalyn Greenburg, Andrea Powell, Sandy Chambers, Nancy Hilden- brand, LaRita Gantz, Peggy Colegrove, Kathleen Ewing, Judy Glassburn, Barbara Smarty Third row: Marlene Fenster, John Braulick, Roy Kollmer, John Thomas, Linda George, Ann Schlaak, Dave Kautz, Gary Clark, Art Rhodes, Frank Levstick, Mr. Foose ROOM 109 First row: Ronnie McDonald, Tim Miller, Jim Huffman, Bill Hoffman, Bill Gillam, Stan Bobrof, Bob Raver, Bill Munyang Second row: Barbara McKelvey, Barbara Edge, Carol Dreizigacker, Margrit Bauer, Carolyn Radich, Edith Harris, Kathryn Wright, Sandra Eiseman, Dixie Hopkins, Barbara Gibson, Cynthia Husted, Dorris Wim- mer, Third row: Loretta Forte, Roy King, John Riddle, John Baker, Barton Zaner, Ken LeMaster, Curt Taylor, John Roope, Jim Vannoy, Leonard Block, Ken Franklin, Lee Siegel, Mr. Shurlow, Nancy Welch ROOM 110 First row: Gary Rutledge, Mark Topolosky, Richard Smith, Roger Seckle, Floyd Snyder, Gary Shoults, John Krecsmar, Second row: Jeannine Moneymaker, Linda Ramseyer, Martha Prince, Dolores Mize, Karen Ree, Carol Murphy, Dottie Myer, Sandy Reed, Nancy Cooperrider, Gwen Strawser, Sandy Parks, Third row: Jack Turner, Dave Shupe, Lanny Orem, Ron Boyers, John Matera, Jerry Yoli, Mr. Condit, Tom Smith, Harvey Seigelman ROOM 115 First row: Gary Fisherbaugh, Jim Winnestaffer, Steve Zwelling, Jeff Gordon, Tim Doughty, Dick Min near, Second rovv: Judy Ramey, Eileen Collins, Lana Sentt, Rachel Egbert, Jennifer Douthit, Alena Davis Phyllis West, Joyce Bachmann, Deborah Dolezal, Barbara Corbin, Third row: Michael Gorski, Jim Hicks Lynn Hanover, Bill Elliot, Paul Tracy, David Gardner, Cleon Harlan, Walt Wilke, Richard Gatlin, Tim Wil liams, Jim Singleton, Mr. Tata ROOM 209 First row: Mike Bougher, Tim Nease, Lewis Longcoy, Keith Kalb, Mike Forrester, Larry Kolman, Don Schrock, Dale Fry, Second row: Alexis Jacobs, Pat Day, Pat Winslow, Sally Sacks, Janet Wiese, Claudette Corbett, Cathy Hiser, Karen Devore, Nancy Hayner, Marilyn Rumbold, Linda Borden, Third row: Barbara Hoffman, Mike Walsh, Walt Grelle, Susan Hallmark, Mr. Webb ADDITIONAL JUNIORS First row: Elouise Schaefer, Barbara Moltenberry, Nellie Allmon, Launa Carafiol, Linda Kay Peters, Joyce Speakman, Saundra Bland, Linda Shaw, Nancy Brown, Second row: David Kuhn, Frank Oakley, Mike Swinger, Bill Burton, Harold Stahr, Jim Herd, Ry Poole, Mic Fishking, Beasley Patrick, Dale Barton, Dick D'Angelo NOT PICTURED EIGHTH GRADE: Cheryl Barry, Dennis Bauchmoyer, Delores Dickey, Ted Dickey, William Ekdahl, Leo Harper, Helene Heller, Robert Kochenderter, Karel Kreiselman, Don Lingo, Bob Machler, Peter Miller, Richard Podkin, Barbara Share, Greg Siple, Sandy Thorn, Ray Walton, Dick Weemhoft, Don Whited NINTH GRADE: Karen Allen, Dick Anderson, Jean Braulick, Michele Bulger, Carl Chander, Ezra Clark, Orval Coates, Don Dell, Richard Dorman, Steve Geer, Sharon Haynes, Jack Higgins, Betty Hobson, Rod- ney Hoft, Ray Hurst, Richard Knapp, Evelyn Loudermilk, Geraldine Manson, Marvin McCann, Bob Mo- reen, Ray Mullen, Mike Parker, Jerry Radcliff, Phil Shear, Donna Smith, Joan Smith, Rebecca Smith, Anne Steele, James Stevens, Mary Thompson, Ron Tomamicheal, Shirley Weenhoff, Earla Wiley, James Wingler, Woody Wolfe, Don Wook, Jim Young TENTH GRADE: Joy Commeras, Barbara Curtis, Richard D'Angelo, Larry Darroe, Charles Doeskin, Ted Guyton, Wanda Harper, Patti Holbrook, Charlene Johnson, James Knapp, Ron McCarty, Darlene McKenzie, Jan Parkemer, Jack Pyle, Loretta Ratcliff, Ted Reed, Carol Robbins, Jack Rosenfeld, Robert Rountree, David Scarberry, Alice Shenker, Gerald Stentz, Malcom Stricklin, Margaret Tracy, June Young ELEVENTH GRADE: Shirley Baird, Sam Conner, Steve Drake, Sandy Edwards, Gary Friedlinghous, Jerry Kelley, Larry Koepke, Linda Leach, Paul Miller, Gary Munyan, Peggy Nelson, Norman Osborne, Doris Parks, Jay Perler, Tom Peters, Bruce Ross, Margaret Royer, Linda Shaw, Harold Stahr, Ken Strickrod, Gary Tiktin, Sidney Townsend RQ? f W,,f' ffxiw f, ,ff ,f- .W ,, vw' :nm .w :ww V ,L , f wx SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SUE DOSE, Vice President JIM ANDRE, Treasury MACE 'WDA Pfeeidfmf MARJORIE HILLSON Secretary MARY JANE BALLARD "Jane" A soft answer turneth away wrath. Hebron High School, Hebron, Ohio l, Y-Teens 2, 3. PHYLLIS ALENE BAUGHMAN "Phil" Silence is the healing of all ailments. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Library Staff l, 2, Office Helper 2, Hall Monitor 3. EDWARD PHILLIP BELL "Phil" Boys will be boys. Baseball 2. RICHARD ALLEN BENEDICT "Benny" There is mischief in this man. Warriors Club 3, 4, Slide Rule Club 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Honorable Mention All-City 4, Track 3, 4. JAMES CARL ANDRE ri-I-rapper,, If a man desires to move the world, let him first move himself. Slide Rule Club 4, Senior Class Treasurer 4, Student Council Treasurer 4, Football 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4. DIANE JEAN ANTHONY HDV, Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows. Warriors Club l, 3, Y-Teens l, 4, G.A.A. 4, Office Helper 2, Hall Monitor 4. CAROL ANN ARLEDGE "mileage" What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. Roosevelt Junior High School, Columbus, Ohio I, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 3, 4, Sales Tax Stamp Committee l, Office Assistant 2, Hall Monitor 3. DANIEL EDWARD BAKER ,,Danny,, I could get along in my own individual way. Taft Junior High School, Washington, D, C., l, F.T.A. 2, Hall Monitor2. STEPHEN BENNETT "Steve" One of the quiet kind, a better fellow is hard to find. Hialeah High School, Hialeah, Florida lg Warriors Club 4, Slide Rule Club 4. MARSHA BERMAN "Marsh" She has a mind of her own. Y-Teens ig Warriors Club Treasurer 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Audio Visual 2, Office Helper if Hall Monitor T, 2, 3, Shield Staff 4, Curtain Going Up 2, Best Foot Forward Assistant Student Director 3. SHARON BETHEL "Sharon" Modest and sweet, the kind of girl you like to meet. Senior Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. PHILIP W. BLACK "Phil" Ever loyal, ever true, 10 the task he has to do. Bookroom Staff 3, Slide Rule Club 4. ROBERT BOGGESS "Bob" A good heart is worth gold. Hall Monitor 2, Bookroom Assistant 2. BERNARD BORNSTEIN "Tiger" A foke's a very serious thing. French Club 3, Treasurer 4, Hi-Y 4, Chess Club 3, Audio Visual 23 Marching Band lp Junior Shield Staff 4. ROBERT OLAN BROWN "Bob" Slow to offend, a darn good friend. Central High School, Peoria, illinois, 1, 2, 3. DONALD CARLEY "Don" Mirth, admit him as one of your crew. Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, A, H.M.S. Pinafore 25 Best Foot Forward 3. DEAN COIL "Dean" Inches do not make the man. Warriors Club 2, 3, Science Club I, 2, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 4, Basketball Manager 3, 4. JOHN DOUGLAS COOPER Hcoopn Study-that's the least of my worries! Warriors Club 3, 4, Science Club 2, Slide Rule Club 4, Audio- Visual 2, 3. LINDA DAVIS "Linda" Peaches and cream and intelligence, too. Yokohama High School, Yokohama, Japan I, 2, G.A.A. 3, Y-Teens 3, Slide Rule Club 4, F.T.A. 4, Homecoming Court 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Senior Choir 4, Science Seminar 4, Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 4, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow School Con- test Winner. DANIEL WESLEY DEHAYES HDBIWH He does easily what others find difficult. University High School, Columbus, Ohio, Hi-Y 4, Warriors Club 4, Math Club 4, Buckeye Boys' State 3. DONNA DIANE CASKEY "Dee" A smile is the same in any language. Lima Senior High School, Lima, Ohio 2, 3, Y'Teens 4, G.A.A. 4 Warriors Club 4, Girls' Basketball 4, Girls' Volleyball 4, Girls' Base ball 4. RONALD CASSERLY "Ron" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of mon Whitehall Yearling High School, Whitehall, Ohio I, Football 2, 3, 4 All Independent 3, Track 3, Warriors Club 3, Treasurer 4. LARRY CEPEK Hurry., Far may we search before we find a heart so manly yet so kind Warriors Club 3, 4, Student Council 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3. SHERRILL LYNN COHEN "Sherry" The best of us are the quietest. Shawnee High School, Louisville, Kentucky I, Y-Teens 2, 3. JOYCE DOAN H-,Cyn Some are naturally nice. Girls' Glee 1, Warriors Club 2, 3, Red Cross Club 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4. SUSAN DOSE USUCH Blessed with beauty, brains and brilliance. Senior Class Vice-President 4, Y-Teens 3, G.A.A. 3, President 4, Student Council Vice President 3, Student Court Chief Justice 4, Homecoming Court 4, Buckeye Girls' State 3, Girls' Glee 2, 4, Girls' Quartet 4, Choir 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Masquers Vice President 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, Office Helper 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Best Foot Forward 3, Variety Show 3, Shield Staff 4. JUDITH LYNN DOTY , "Doty" She's not very large, in fact very small, but it's quality not quan- tity that counts after all. Y-Teens 3, 4, FTA 3, Hall Monitor 1, 2, 3, Office Helper 1, 2, Bookroorn Assistant 2, Shield Staff 4. GARY GENE DOZER HGSVYH He will not be overcome by overwork. Columbus Academy 1, Audio Visual Secretary 2, 3, Science Club President 3, Cafeteria Worker 2, 3. 50 VERONICA DEPRISCO "Ronnie" Busy as a bee and honey sweet. Grosse Point High School, Grosse Point, Michigan 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 4, Hall Monitor 4. PATTI ANN DEWITT Hpafn Sugar and spice and everything nice. Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, Y-Teen Club 1, 2, Red Cross 1, Warriors Club 1, 2, Spanish 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Office Helper 3, 4. JOSEPH DIVITO woe., A combination hard to beat-handsome, friendly and an athlete. Reserve Football 2, 3, Varsity 4, Track 3, Varsity "E" 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4. RONALD LEE DIXON nRonu Success is VZ, inspiration and 992, perspiration. Hi-Y 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Varsity "E" 4. JANET LORRAINE EVANS "Jan" Kindness is to do and say, the kindest things in the kindest way Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. JACK FEAZEL "Feazel" Happy is he who from care is free. Audio Visual 3, 4, Bernardine 4, Radio Room 4, Hall Monitor 2, 3. PAUL A. FLEMING "Paul" Handsome, happy, and justly proud, always joking but never loud. Reserve Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, Varsity "E" 3, Hall Monitor 4, Shield Staff 4, Radio Speech 4. DAVID FOOTE "Dave" An ounce of enterprise is worth a pound of privilege. Audio Visual 3, 4, Bernardine 4, Band 4. NELSON FREEMAN uNelu Men of few words are the best men. Hi-Y 1, 2, All City Football 4, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball -2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3, Gym Assistant 2, 3, Warriors Club 2, 3. IREEN JOYCE FRIEDMAN .i-nnyn Here's a devil in disguise, mischief hides behind those eyes. G.A.A. 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, Glee Club 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Christmas Play 3, Student Director of Bernardine 4, How to Propose 4, Hall Monitor 2, Student Court 4, Office Helper 4, Shield Staff 2, 3, Cabinet 4, Secretary of Choir 4. NINA ELIZABETH GANT .iaenyn Good nature is one of her virtues. Northside High School, Atlanta, Georgia l, 2, 3, Girls' Glee 4 SHARON GIBBONS "Sherrie" The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 4, Variety Show, Head Maiorette, Sl ROBERT LEE GLOECKN ER llaobll Gentle in manner, strong in performance. Holy Rosary High School I, 2, Warriors Club 4, Spanish Club 3. JOSEPH GERARDI Hoe., We have here a man, the kind we'd like to know. Slide Rule Club 4, Football 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 3. KENNETH GOODMAN usoody.. Girls chase me-l'm full of fun. South High School, Columbus, Ohio I, 2. KAREN LEE GROVES "Karen" A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, a charm of friendship all the while. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Girls' Glee 4, Office Helper 2, 4, Gyfn Assistant 2, Hall Monitor 3, 4, Cafeteria Helper I, Shield Staff 4, Sales Tax Committee I, F.T.A. 3, Warriors Club 2, Columbus Citizen Youth Page Reporter 4. BRUCE GREEN "Bruce" Ever ready, steady, and loyal. Roosevelt Junior High School, Columbus, Ohio I, Hi-Y 4, Warriors Club 4, Hall Monitor 2. PATRICIA JEAN GUARD ,rpatsyn Contented as a kitten, pleasant as a purr. Baldwin Jr. High School, Montgomery, Alabama I, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 4. JAMES HANN "Whitey" Napoleon wasn't a giant-eithers Greenville High School, Greenville, Michigan, 2, 3, Warriors Club 4, Basketball 4. JAN ICE ROSE HATCHER ujanu Her heart is kind, her voice is sweet. Fort Gay High Sdiool, Fort Gay, West Virginia 1, 2, Y-Teens 4, Cafeteria Helper 3, 4. PRISCILLA ANN HESKETT "Priscilla" Nice to look at, nice to know. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Gym Assistant 2, Marching Band 2. FRANCES ANNE H I LLER "Fran" The heart to dream, the skill to do. Pensacola High, Pensacola, Florida 3, Senior Choir 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Ensemble 4, Quartet 4, Y-Teens 4, GAA 3, FTA 4, Library Staff 3. MARJORIE ELLEN HILLSON "Mariie" Honor is her stanclarcl, perfection is her goal, Roosevelt Jr. High School, Columbus, Ohio l, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 2, Student Council 3, Student Court 3, Senior Class Secretary 4, Shield Stall Co-Editor 4. ALBERT STANTON HOSTER ,,A,,, When duty whispers low, thou must, the youth replies, l can. Columbus Academy, Columbus, Ohio l, Warriors Club 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4. JERRY HAWK uHairy,, Be not something good, be good for something. Warriors Club 3, 4, Audio-Visual 3, Football 2. STEVEN HAYN ER "Atlas" True to his work, his word, his friends. CURTlS HAYWOOD HBUHH Life is far too important a thing to talk seriously about. Warriors Club 3, 4, Science Club 4, Varsity "E" 2, 3, 4, Foot ball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Track 3, Hall Monitor 2, Gym Assistant 3 NANCIE MAY HERRELL "Nan" The measure of a vvornan is what shr' has clone lor otlrr-rs Warriors Club 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL JAMES JEFFERIES "Mike" Friendly and tall, a grin for all. Audio-Visual Club 4, Slide Rule Club 4, Warriors Club 4, Hall Monitor. JUDITH ANN JONES njudyn Kindness and consideration in every action. G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Girls' Glee Club 2. WILLIAM RUSSELL JONES "Bill" Music is the universal language of mankind. Bel-Canto 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Drum Maior 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Trumpet Trio State Superior Rating 3. SANDRA LEE JORDAN "Sandy" Her big blue eyes and winning grace set men's hearts at a faster pace. Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, Ohio I, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, Homecoming Queen 4, Bookroom Assistant 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. 54 SONNIE HOUSEBURG "5onnie" Happiness is the only good. Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, Ohio I, Dance Club 4. NORMAN HUBER nNormu A saxophone player very fine, and character very kind. Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3, Gym Assistant 3. MACE IKIRA ISHIDA "Mace" Noble actions characterize the great. F.T.A. 4, Hi-Y 1, Varsity "E" 2, 3, 4, President of Senior Class 4, Vice-President of Student Council 4, Baseball 2, 3, Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4. ROSLYN AN N JACKSON uRozu Why ask questions, just have fun. Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, Ohio 1, 2, F.T.A. 3, Spanish Club 3. SALLY ANN KALL nsallyn She's musically inclined, a new "him" she's always able to find. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. T, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Bel Canto 2, 3, Dra- matics Club 2, Student Council Treasurer 2, Drum Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Dance Band l, 2, 3, Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, Girls' Glee 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 3, 4, Variety Show 1, 3, H.M.S. Pinafore 2, Bernardine 4, Oklahoma 4. SALLY ANN KAPP nsauyt, Whether gentlemen prefer blondes or not, they prefer her. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, F,T.A. 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Office Helper 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 4. BARBARA LEAH KAUFMAN "Barb" Short she may be, but every inch counts. F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4, Office Helper 4, Shield Staff 4. JAMES LYNN KLEINHANS "Jim" I am not fond of uttering platitudes. Audio Visual 3, 4, Science Club 3, Photography Club 3, Hall Monitor 3. JEAN ANN KOHAR "Jeannie" As sun colors flowers, art colors life. Forty Fort High School, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania 1, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, Girls' Glee 1, 2, Hall Monitor 3, 4, Cafeteria Helper 2, Shield Staff 4, Sales Manager, Ohio State Journal Youth Page Reporter 4. LORELYN DORIS KUCHLER "Laurie" Lovely to look at, delightful to know. Whitehall Yearling High School, Whitehall, Ohio l, 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Library Club Recorder 3, Homecoming Court 4, Cheerleader, Varsity 4, Student Council 4, Student Court Uudgel 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Senior Choir Treasurer 4, Library Staff 3. DAVE KUHNS "Dave" I suppose school is a necessary evil. Roosevelt Junior High, Columbus, Ohio I. JAMES RICHARD LAWTON "Jim" O give me a man that sings at his work. Chess Club 1, Senior Choir i, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 'l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Ensemble 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club l, 2, 3. 55 MARGARET LEU iipeggyn Her modest answer and graceful air, show her wise and good as she is fair. F.T.A. I, 37 Warriors Club 27 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 37 Slide Rule Club 47 Science Seminar 3, Aj Girls' Glee 47 Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 47 Hall Monitor 47 Student Council 2. FRED EDWIN LEUPP ,,Fred,, Success is by acting7 not by wishing. Roosevelt Junior High School 'I7 Warriors Club 3, 47 Hi-Y 27 Slide Rule Club 47 Senior Band 2, 37 Football 2. HAROLD DAVID LEWIS "Louie" Laugh and the world laughs with you. Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth, Ohio I, 2, 37 Warriors Club 47 Football 4. ROBERT JACK LEVENSON "Bob" A leader, not a follower. Mumford High School, Detroit, Michigan 1, 27 French Club 47 Warriors Club 37 Junior Shield Staff 37 Shield Staff, Business Manager 4. PATRICIA B. LIND "Pat" Good nature is the very air of a good mind. White Bear High, White Bear Lake, Minn. I, 2, 37 Slide Rule Club 4. TIMOTHY LAN E LOWER "Buckwheat An all-round good sport is he, and just as modest as he can be. Linden McKinley I7 French Club 3, 47 Football 2, 37 Basketball 2, 3, 47 Track 47 Gym Assistant 3. NANCY ANN LU KACS "Lukie" And all that's best of dark and bright meets in the aspect of her eyes. G.A.A. 37 Y-Teens 47 Warriors Club 47 Senior Choir 47 Girls' Glee I, 2, 37 Girls' Ensemble 47 Office Helper 47 Gym Assistant 37 Shield Staff 4. HELAYNE JOYCE MARGULIS "Gu-Li" Dark hair, shiny eyes, merry humor, she's a prize. Warriors Club 2, 3, Secretary 47 Hall Monitor 47 Varsity Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY KAY McCLU RG HBSVH A sweet and friendly lass is she, full of fun and follity. Warriors Club 3, 4, Dance Club 4, Hall Monitor 2, 3, Library As- sistant 2, 3, Gym Assistant 4, Best Foot Forward 3, Bernardine 4. KAREN LETA MCCOY "Sharen" Judge her not by her height, but judge her by her inner light. FTA l, Y-Teens l, 3, 4, GAA 2, 4, Warriors 3, 4, Library Staff 2, Hall Monitor 4, Office Helper 3, 4, Student Court Judge 3, Shield Staff 4, Sales Tax Stamp Committee 2. SHAREN RETA McCOY "Karen" She's friendly, sparkling, cute and sweet, a combination hard to beat. F.T.A. l, Y-Teens I, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Warriors 3, Library Staff 2, Hall Monitor 4, Office Helper 4, Student Court Judge 3, Shield Staff 4, Sales Tax Committee 2. NUEBERT CHARLES MCDONALD "Noela" lt's the mind that makes the body rich. Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, Slide Rule Club 4. JAMES W. MARTIN "Jim" To all the world I give my hand. Hi-Y l, Football 2, Baseball 2. JAMES MATYSKELLA HMMYH Quality, not quantity is what counts. Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity "E" Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, 3, Gym Assistant 3, 4. PATRICIA LOUISE MAYFIELD "Pat" Oh, I am stabbed with laughter! GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Bel Canto 2, Secretary-Vice President 4, Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 'l, 2, 4, Treasurer 4, Best Foot Forward 3, Variety Show I, 3, Oklahoma 4. DELORES KAY MARX HKBYU Not very tall, in fact small, but her good nature is liked by all. Roosevelt Jr. High School, Columbus, Ohio T, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, FTA 3, Gym Assistant 2, 3, 4. KAREN JEANNE MILLS "Kare" To be of use in the world is the only way to be happy. South High School, Columbus, Ohio 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Warriors Club 4. JOEL MIRMAN rrjosen Wit is the flower of the imagination. Scott High School, Toledo, Ohio -1, French Club Vice-President 3, Hi-Y 4, Chess Club 3, Hall Monitor 2, Tennis 4. THEODORE JAY MOCK H-I-edu To argue is his great delight, and he can do it wrong or right. Warriors Club 3, Science Club Secretary I, Slide Rule Club 4, Basketball I, Golf 3, Track 2, Student Court 3, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet I, 2, 3, 4, H.M.S. Pinafore 2. JOHNNY PETE PAUL MOKAS "Johnny" He's witty, he's shy, there's mischief in his eye. Ashland High School 2, 3, January I959. 58 JOHN H. MCGRIFF rrjohnu Not even a genius compares with grit, because a man can't lose if he won't quit. Hall Monitor 3. GRACE ELIZABETH MERCER "Dimples" There's a cheery face above and a gentle heart inside. Central Junior High, Newark, Ohio I, Junior Red Cross 'l, 2, War- riors Club 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Hall Monitor 3, 4. DAVID MERTZ "Dave" Only the just man enjoys peace of mind. Whitehall Yearling High School I, 2, Warriors Club 4, Camera Club 4. MARY JANICE MILLER "Miller" Neatly attired, she's always admired. G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band 3, Librarian 3, Drum Maiorette 3, Girls' Glee I, 2, 4, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, H.M.S. Pinafore 2, Variety Show I, 2, Student Court 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Office Helper 'l, 2, 4, Gym Assistant I, 2, 3. JAMES RONALD MORGAN "Ronnie" Character makes its own destiny. Gahanna Lincoln High School, Gahanna, Ohio 'l, Chess Club 2, Science Seminar 3, 4, Marching Band 2, Concert Band 2, Dance Band 2, Senior Orchestra 2, Football 3, Track 3. BETTY JEAN MOREHART "Betty" The best of us are often the quietest. Dance Club 4, Red Cross Club 4, Hall Monitor 2, Stude cil 2 JOYE JANE MOYER "Toots" Speech is silver, but silence is golden. nt Coun- Senior Red Cross 3, Warriors Club 4, Shield Staff 4. NANCY JEAN MURPHY MANY.. l'm sure care is an enemy to life. Y-Teens 4, Warriors Club 4, Hall Monitor l. BONITA MURRAY "Bonnie" The hand that made you fair has made you good. St. Joseph Academy, Columbus, Ohio l, 2, 3, Y-Teens 4. SHARON ANNE MYERS "Marni" Life is full of fun, enjoy it with me, everyone. South High School, Columbus, Ohio 2, Y-Teens 3, 4: Warriors Club 3, 4, Office Helper 4, Hall Monitor 4, Shield Staff 4. BALGORI NAUMOFF "Bobby" Give me the outdoors and a sport to master. Warriors Club 3, Football l, 2, 3, Co'Captain 4, All City 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Baseball l, Varsity "E" l, 2, 3, Student Court 4, Student Council 2, Hall Monitor 3. AMELIA ANN NEELY .,Amey.. She has a smile, a look, a winning way. Y-Teens l, Music Chairman 3, Secretary 3, Pres. 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Bernardine 4, Hall Monitor 4, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Quartet 3, 4, Office Helper l, Mixed Ensemble 4, H.M.S. Pinafore 2, Curtain Going Up 2, Senior Choir l, 2, Treas. 3, Assistant Secretary 4, Varsity Cheer- leader 2, Reserve 3. 59l ROBERT LEE NOBLE llsobll Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. Chess Club 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 2, Junior Shield Staff 3, Shield Staff 4. MARIANNE OGG 1,1-foggy Just like sugar-refined. G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 1, Dramatics Club 3, Warriors Club 3, 4, Hall Monitor 2, 3, 4, Gym Assistant 2, Shield Staff 4, Y-Teens 2. JANIS EILEEN OLIVE "Buckie" A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find. GAA I, Warriors Club 3, Senior Choir l, Audio Visual 1, Y- Teens 4. CAROL PADGETT "Blondie" Tall, blonde, and terrific. GAA 1, 2, Y-Teens l, 3, 4, Warriors Club 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4, Shield Staff 4. JAMES MONTGOMERY PATTERSON "Pat" What's the use of worrying? Whitehall Yearling High School, Whitehall, Ohio 'I, 2, Senior Choir 4, Football 4. VALERIE PEARSON "val" They can succeed who believe they can. Y-Teens I, GAA I, 2, Spanish Club 3, Warriors Club 2, Office Helper 3, 4. GARY PHILLIPS MGM., A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. Science Club I, Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Hall Monitor 3, Book Room Helper I, 2, 3, 4, Track 2. LINDA PHILLIPS "Linda" Small and neat and very petite, a combination-how unique. Y-Teens I, 4, G.A.A. 2, Warriors Club 3, 4, Hall Monitor 2, 4, Shield Staff 4. Picture Available 5 JANET ELAINE READ ujanu Still waters run deep. Y-Teens 'l, 35 Warriors Club 25 F.T.A. 3, 45 Slide Rule Club 45 Library Staff l5 Offioe Helper 2, 3, 4. MARIA CHRISTINA REINOSO "Nini" Dainty and delightful. Y-Teens 45 Red Cross 3, Secretary 35 G.A.A. 4. DUANE EDWARD REYNOLDS "Eddie" He doesn't have acquaintances5 he has friends-lots of them. Warriors Club 3, 45 Slide Rule Club 45 Gym Assistant 35 Student Council 45 Reserve Football Manager 35 Tradc 3, 45 Varsity "E" 45 Football Manager 4. MARCIA WAYNE RHODES "Marcia" A golden personality topped by golden locks. Y-Teens I5 G.A.A. 25 F.T.A. I, Vice-President 25 Dramatics Club 2, 3, Secretary 45 Slide Rule Club 45 Sciena: Seminar 45 Girls' Glee l, 25 Senior Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Office Helper 4. ESTHER GLADNEY POWELL NESS., She is as fair as a rose in May. Nuttall High School, Lookout, West Virginia 2, 35 Dramatia Club 4. JULIANNE RADICH ".lulie" Ambition to attempt and skill to win. Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, Ohio l, 25 F.T.A. 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Hall Monitor 4. JERRY M. RAINEY "Jerry" No really great man thought himself so. Concert Band l, 2, 3, 45 Danoewliand l, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4. DAVID RAY ttnavett Life without sports is not life. Mifflin High School, Columbus, Ohio5 Warriors Club 2, President 35 Varsity "E" 2, 3, 45 Audio-Visual Club 35 F.T.A. 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, All City Honorable Mention, Co-Captain 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Hall Monitor 3, 45 Gym Assistant 2, 35 Shield Staff 45 All City Football. JAN IS LOU ISE ROGERS "Jan" She who wants to sing will always find a song. Y-Teens I, 3, Treasurer 4, G.A.A. 2, F.T.A. I, Secretary, Dra- matics Club 2, Warriors Club 3, 4, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Girls' Glee I, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Mixed Ensemble 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4, Girls' Quartet 3, 4, Bel Canto Club 3, President 4, H.M.S. Pinafore 2, Variety Show I, 3, Hall Monitor 2, 3, Office Helper 4. JOHN ROSE "Jack" Opinions have no chance to survive when there is no opportunity for argument. Whitehall Yearling High School, Whitehall, Ohio I, 2. JACQUELINE ROSE "Jackie" She is so mischievous that even her friends watch her out of the corners of their eyes. Whitehall Yearling High School, Whitehall, Ohio I, 2, Y-Teens 3, Secretary 4, Warriors Club 3, 4. RUTH ROSE "Ruth" Sweet and serene. Central High School, Columbus, Ohio, 2, 3, F.T.A. 4. 62 KENNETH RICKARD ,Kennyii The only way to have a friend is to be one. Warriors Club 2, 3, 4. SUE ELLEN RILEY "Susie Q" Brown hair inclined to curl, just a very charming girl. F.T.A. President l, 3, 4, Y-Teens Treasurer I, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Girls' Glee Treasurer 2, Bel Canto Club 2, President 3, Secre- tary 4, G.A.A. 2, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, President 2, 3, 4, Marching Band President 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Office Helper 3, Gym Assistant I. LINDA SUE RINGER "Lyn" Beauty is the smile of God, music, His voice. G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club I, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Quartet 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Variety Show I, 3, H.M.S. Pinafore 2, Curtain Going Up 2, Hall Monitor 3, ALVIN lVl. RINKOV "Butch" Why should the devil have all the good times. South High School, Columbus, Ohio I, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Warriors 3, 4, Varsity "E" 4, Basketball 3, 4, Gym Assistant 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3, 4. STEPHEN RICHARD ROSEN "Steve" To insure peace of mind-ignore the rules and regulations. Jamaica High School, New York City 2, 35 Shield Staff 4. DAVID RUGH HRUQ., None knew what he could do until he tried. Handcock High School, Zanesville, Ohio I5 Warriors Club 3, 45 Audio Visual 45 Hall Monitor 2, 35 Track 25 Football 3. SANDRA KAY RUGH Hsandyn You like her, because she's always herself. Warriors Club 45 Senior Red Cross Club I, 2, 35 Hall Monitor 45 Book Room Assistant 3. JACK CLIFFORD RUSSELL "Jack" The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well. Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 4. JILL CECILIA RUSSELL "Jill" Her actions are as sweet as her face. Y-Teens 'I, 2, 3, 45 Warriors Club 'I, 2, 35 G.A.A. 4. MELICENT ELLEN RUSSELL "MilIie" Live, love, laugh, and be merry. Bexley High School I, 2, 35 G.A.A. 45 Hall Monitor 4. SYDNEY LOUISE SCOTT nsydn Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, nothing there is that bothers me. F.T.A. 'I, 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 Y-Teens I, 45 Dramatics Club 25 Senior Choir 2, 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 45 Mixed Ensemble 45 Girls' Glee 2, 3, 45 Warriors Club 35 Office Helper 35 Hall Monitor 2, 3, 45 H.M.S. Pinafore 25 Variety Show 35 Girls' Quartet 4. RICHARD WILLIAM SCHULZ "Dick" An athlete and a mighty one who plays the game until it's won. Walton High School, DeFuniak Springs, Fla. I5 Warriors Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity "E" Club 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 All City 35 Football 3, 45 Ohio Lineman of the Year 45 Gym As- sistant 3, 45 Hall Monitor 45 All Independent 3. 63 1 PHILIP JAY SCHWARTZ "Phil" All great men have defects, I have a few myself. Science Club President I, Chess Club 2, 3, Slide Rule Club 4, Dramatics Club 4, Student Council 2, Bernardine 4, How To Pro- pose 4. SUE ELLEN SECKEL "Sue" Beauty is the virtue of the body, as virtue is the beauty of the soul. Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4, Girls' Quartet 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, lVice'Presidentl Y-Teens 4, GAA 2, Student Council 4, Office Helper 2, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, H.M.S, Pinafore 2, Variety Show I, 3, Best Foot Forward 3, Bernardine 4, Dramatics Award 58-59-3, Contest Ensemble 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL PATRICK SHAFER "Make" Clever and quiet, with little to say. JAMES SHANNON "Maverick" He has the rare gift of being faithful, thoughtful, and considerate. Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, Varsity "E" 3, 4: TFBCIY 2, 3, 4- BEVERLY SUE SHARPE uzebn How far this little candle throws its beam. GAA. 1, 2, a, 4, Y-teens 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, shield staff 4. WILLIAM GRANT SHOENER "Bill" To write well is to think well. Marion Franklin High School I, 2, French Club 3, Math Club 4. DICK LARRY SHOVER "Dick" The less I know, the less I forget. Science Club 2, Slide Rule Club 4, Warriors Club 3, Boys' Ensemble 2, 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 2, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, H.M.S. Pinafore 2, Gym Assistant 3, Library Staff 2, Hall Monitor 'I. Pl-IYLLIS SIBOLE "Tiny" Speech is great-silence is greater. Red Cross Club I, 2, 3, F.T.A. I, 2, Warriors Club 3, 4. DENISE SNIDER "Deni" If talking were electricity, she'd be a powerhouse. G.A.A, I, 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Bernardine 4, Office Helper 4. DIANE MARIE SNYDER "Snyder" She walks in beauty, like the night of clouclless climes and starry skies. Y-Teens 4, G.A.A, 2, 4, Warriors Club 3, Office Helper 4, Hall Monitor 4, DOUGLAS BRUCE SPOHN "Doug" Know thyself. Science Club 2, Slide Rule Club 4, Boys' Glee 2, 3, 4, Boys' Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Mixed Ensemble 2, 4, Student Council 2, Varsity "E" 3, 4, Hall Monitor 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Variety Show I, 3, H.M.S. Pinalore 2, 9th grade Choir. .IUDITH LEE STERLING "Judy" They know enough who know how to learn. Dramatics Club 2, 3, Slide Rule Club 4, F.T.A. Club I, 2, Secretary 3, President 4, Science Seminar 3, Best Foot Forward 3, Junior Shield Staff 3, Co-Editor Shield 4, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 4. CLARICE SMITH "Rice" Out of her mouth often come gems. University High School, Columbus, Ohio I, Dramatics Club 2, Senior Choir 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Girls' Glee 3, Variety Show 3, Hall Monitor 3. CONSUELO RAE SMITH "Connie" A winning way, a friendly smile, in all a girl worthwhile. G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Pho- tography Club 2, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 3, 4, Variety Show 3, Library Staff 4, Best Foot Forward 3. GEORGI DAWN SMITH "Zeorgi" Neat as a pin and twice as sharp. Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, Ohio I, 2, G.A.A, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4, Office Helper 4, 'Shield Staff 4. SALLY SMITH "Motz" Full of fun. Reynoldsburg High School, Reynoldsburg, Ohio I, French Club President 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, Gym Assistant 3, Office Helper 4, Hall Monitor 4. KATHRYN MAXINE STIRES 1fMaX1t A smile to delight . . . Y-Teens I, 4, Red Cross Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Spanish Club 3, Tax Stamp Committee 3, Chairman 4. RICHARD DEAN STROSNIDER "Richard" The best way to be happy is to have a good time. Science Club I, 2, 3, 4. DAVID FRED THOMPSON "Dave" The mind, the manner, the will to succeed. Science Club I, 2, Vice President 2, Slide Rule Club 4, Senior Band Manager 4, Student Council 3, Science Seminar 3, 4. HELENE IRIS TOPP "Lani" Laughter is the voice of angels. Dramatics Club 2, 3, French Club 3, F.T.A. 4, Science Seminar 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, Hall Monitor 2, 3, Curtain Going Up 2, How to Propose 4. JUDITH RAE TURNER Hjudyu If God can love all boys-surely I can love a dozen. Whitehall Yearling High School I, 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, Warrior Club 4 Hall Monitor 4, Gym Assistant 4, Shield Staff 4. BERNARD ROGER VAN HOOSE "Roger" Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Audio Visual Club 3. GLENN FREDDIE VITITOE "Glenn" An honest man is the noblest work of God. French Club 3. STEVEN BARRY WARFIELD "Tiger" His shy and boyish smile is irresistable. Bexley High School I, 2, 3, Warriors Club 4, Hall Monitor 4 Football 4, Basketball 4, Golf 4, Varsity "E" 4. MARY IRENE WHITTEN 1iMaryii She's always there with a friendly smile, the kind of girl that makes life worthwhile. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 2, 3, 4, Library Assistant I, 2, Shield Staff 4. SONDRA PEARL WHITTLE iisandyii Sweet thoughts are mirrored in her face, and every motion is a grace. Munich American High School, Munich, Germany 2, 3, F.T.A. 4, Y-Teens 4, Office Helper 4. JUDY KAY WILLIAMSON ,,JUdy,i Quiet persons are welcome everywhere. G.A.A. 2, Y-Teens 2, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Or- chestra I, 2, 3, 4, Brass Choir I, 2, 3, 4. JOAN LOUISE WINTERS moan., lt's the little things in life that count. Worthington High School I, 2, 3, Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4. JULIANA SUE WARNER "Jun" There is magic in her dancing feet. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Warriors Club 4, Student Council I, 4, Bel Canto Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 2, 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 3, 4, Drum Maiorette 3, 4, Office Helper 4, Variety Show I, 3, Homecoming Court 4, O.S.U. Music Clinic Scholarship 3. DONNA WEED "Weedie" God gives us all some way to set the world rejoicing. Y-Teens 3, 4, G.A.A, I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4, Office Helper 4, Gym Assistant 2. ALAN NEIL WEISS "Alan" A brain well furnished, a tongue well taught. Chess Club 2, President 3, Slide Rule Club 4, Warriors Club 2, French Club 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4. CAROL JEANNE WERLIN "Jeanne" Oceans of pep, with laughs on every wave. G.A.A. 4, Y-Teens I, 2, Warriors I, 2, Office Worker I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor I, 2, 3, Library Assistant I, 2, Girls' Basketball 2, 3. RALPH WOOLDRIDGE "Rick" The world belongs to a patient man. Warriors Club 3, 45 Stage Crew 45 Shield Staff 4. RONALD PONTIUS YOUNKIN uRonn Justice without wisdom is impossible. Hi-Y 45 Warriors Club 45 Golf 3. MARY KATHRYN ZINDEL HKBYU Friends are born, not made. Whitehall-Yearling High School 15 Y-Teens 45 Hall Monitor 2 DENNY TRACEY .,Denny,, Everything is humorous when it happens to someone else. Franklin Junior High School 15 Warriors Club 3, 45 Track 3, A Georgi Smith, Karen McCoy, and Julianne Radich are admiring their collections of senior pictures. Bernie Bornslien, Jill Russell, and Dan DeHayes are checking the senior bulletin board tor information on colleges and careers. Marianne Ogg and Carol Padgett consider the arrival of class rings a high point of their senior year. SE IOR LIFE Gee, l thought that last period bell would never ring! The girls are Sally Kapp, Sandy Jordan, and Judy Jones. May I have some too? 51 .. kg' W ...YQ My K M ,if ww? , -gf if , g ...ff ,mf Q My K., ,. ' 'N M? .L f . S m:.',,,,NfW' Z A . A,AQ, - , . V AKAA ', ,f .. . . .V J' J sf J' uw' ' ' X' , I pf fx J if K.. if K9 9 YZF' ff , ' -3 f , A .if . V5 .A . .,,.L:- MA ,.L .7 K , X ,Q A 51, .. .. N51 gf yi" 5' f ff 'A . , fir A, ff ,ff 5,,r.s,wM' A .K K . . , f -Vff .mf Q "ff 'N K- Y'-- ..,, -I . , A . " MW 'W .,.gfa,...,N. is V 7 ' ' '. Q fi. ff ZF? , f,g,.f,, L,1 f A K in if V,,1 'S , f i X K Qii-ff '-V,. 1' f -fi!! 1, ,ff 5 lsif Q Ayyr J , M'-w . , . f .fm,f f f ' 4' f' ff ' if , ' f 5 K' E ,Q W J , Xt V Ay! fr I , :K A. .yy .,-- ff if ff K Wife! A KWV, U x f X . ff First row: Sue Riley, Judy Sterling, David Thompson, Helene Topp, Juli Warner, Second row: Helayne Margulis, Theodore Mock, James Morgan, Duane Reynolds, Marcia Rhodesg Third row: Priscilla Heskett, Mariorie Hillson, Sally Kall, Jean Kohar, Margaret Leu, Fourth row: Linda Davis, Dan DeHayes, Sue Dose, Betty Gam. All Eastmoor seniors who attain a scholastic average of 3.2 are candidates for membership in the National Honor Society. The T959 members were tapped for membership at the Honor Assembly held in the auditorium in the spring. In addition to high scholarship, they qualified on the basis of worthy character, constructive leadership, and purposeful service to Eastmoor High School. 72 HO OR COMES TO EASTMOOR This is a representative body of the honors that have come to Eastmoor students this year. CYNTHIA HUSTED Third Runner-Up-Ford Motor Co. Journalism Contest , il LINDA DAVIS Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Contest Honorable Mention in Ohio State General Scholarship Contest First Place at Eastmoor in Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest DICK SCHULZ City, District, and State Football Honors Central Ohio Lineman of the Year State All-Star Football Team Selected All-American by the Sporting News JENNIFER DOUTHIT District Second Place in "Hiring the Handi- capped" Essay Contest F, fgllllliji STEVE STELLMAN First Place Junior High School Spelling Bee Twelfth Place in Regional Finals JUDY STERLING Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Contest Honorable Mention in Ohio State General Scholarship Contest 73 First row: Nancy Cooperrider, Judge, Karen De Vore, Clerk, Laurie Kuchler, Judge, Sue Dose, Chief Justice, Ireen Friedman, Judge: Joy Henry, Clerk, Second row: Mr. Conover, Advisor, Bob Naumoff, Judge, Ray Bland, Bailiffp Bill Gillam, Judge Student Court at Eastmoor is as the name suggests, a iudicial body. It not only punishes the misguided student, but also helps him adiust to school routine. This group tries such cases as running in halls, chew- ing gum, littering school property, and writing on desks. The punish- ment for committing such misdemeanors generally fits the offense. For example, a student found guilty of chewing gum might be asked to rid the drinking fountains of all chewing gum. The offenders are tried by seven judges, three juniors and four seniors, which are elected by the students. The court also has three appointed members, two re- corders and a bailiff. Student Court, under the supervision of Mr. Con- over, works for good citizenship at Eastmoor. 74 STUDE T COURT . fi ' LX.. J- '. S' QI. , Q , 4 M- I aa E S lg?-fs, ef-A 'emi :L 'Z' ' A' sa? .2 J 2? J mga? 'V . ' wa:-'51, X522 2 if . J ww. ..,, J ' r:fv':, f, I , :., .. ,q., I Q E ww' ,.' TM rv, .. L iw pf 4 , f , , L p 'Mfr -- I ST" ' . N., K 7 W 7 i Q M E X A Av we gf is me Wu, X . J -L 1 , A ,A , L J? AL, K 5 23.52F - .lj ' Ni 'J D rf SQ xy? ,aj K' . :,,, Q :Leia in J L I k,., if' V A ' ' ' - 1 m.i..M 1. zz: 43..gi.h.K -5 : . WSH, , " 5,y1ljgi', , l ,,,1'g,,Qggja2g2.z ,gg :gi me X mug, .2 .. we-Q ,t2:,gg5Eg-fn , WMM, v ee we av Sw Q iff yiggfif ,QQI A F K . I mg L V-Vk 2, krrk I ' ' " 5 'gkv' f , lk' ff ' - J' of f W, W :,v vamggigiy Q , I or lla L 7' I 5 Il Q I I Q" I ' 3 L ' I ffl esislgf JM .-,, K l? . efQi,'u'lf'f5fiVH A 1 if ' ufgs4.Jfl'1'f? x. .1 "mY Kgsigggggrfetgp isra- Frrsf row Loss Clmgman, Bev Fmke Ann Lowy, Lynn Balihasar Annette Katz Barbara Barash Pat Murdock Dlxae Ewmg Judy Ann Thomas, Barbara Dearfh Janlce Molienberry Judy Kuchler, Holly Talley Second row Lynn Balfhaser Cath: Hnser, Darlene Marhn, Phul Paul Phxl Jones, Rlchard Dorman John Vonenda Jnm Andre, Bull Grllam, Judy Wlllnams, Jackne Rose, Sharon Jarvrs Jul: Warner, Thrrd row Mr Conover, Jeamne Moneymaker Llnda George Jerry Shoemaker Rncky Brown Duck England Paul Semones Ron Wolletf Duane Reynolds Jeff Gordon Mace Ishxda, Sue Seckel, Laurie Kuchler : . l . I l I I I I 'I . I I l 1 7 5 I ' . L ' 1 1 , , , , , , , 75 v . xg x S 43 , A sw B' X2 5 3 M X X N F 'W ,J 4-1 aff xf ., - ww XF . 4, my W 1 A Q,.., 3 A gm R 3 -v 5 1 QQ 1, vi? ww Q, 4 ,gg 5 Af ff it ,R J Q, x 4? . Wk Q mr' sm YW Q :av 3 -f .nb 2, 5- 18: fi X 4 - 3 17 X sk' 0? Z g 1 Q 4, if ,iq in .W 1 I 5 ., L N1 a9,Q1f,.1fs:.. My Q 77 ,m,,,,n .... , . , SENIOR ORCHESTRA First row: Sue Riley, Rachel Egbert, Joan Miller, Barbara Curtis, Barton Zaner, Roslyn Greenberg, Mike Swinger, Sharon Bethel, Second row: Rose- mary Taylor, Sherrill Cohen, Mike Bozin, David Crouse, Mary Beth Thompson, Kelly Turner, Barbara Moltenberry, Mary Heffron, Pat Mayfield, Bob Lewis, Norman Huber, Ted Guyton, Steve Stellmang Third row: Sarah Parker, Betty Becker, Jack Russell, lra Sutton, Ted Reed, Donna Weed, Saundra Bland, Judy Williamson, Don Sprague, Mr. Kaye, Connie Smith, Ann Goldthwaite, Sidney Townsend JUNIOR BAND First row: Terrie Rose, Charleen Upiohn, Carol Doak, Warner Moore, Margaret Sipple, Cheryl Barry, Lois Klingman, Marla Greenfield, Linda Krinn, Marcia Miller- Second row: Dean Ishida Carl Lowe, Linda Whittier, Paula Knepper, Sarah Clark, Mike Korbel, Susanna Huffman, Bill Boggess, Larry Border, Patty Stark, Sandy Cook, Sandy Eads,,Jerry Malone, Lynn Stanley, Sandy Brown, Jack Blair, Third row: Pam Levine, Gene Christiansen, Steve Baer, James Beight- ler, Steve Bless, Richard Wetzel, Sharon Stagakes, Mr. Kaye, Carol Narcross, Roy Arnett, Tom Klug, Carl Andre, Tim Davis, John Rosemond, Tom Rinehart, Bonita'Shoults rg flx "Q-X 'ck '12, '23, 'ffm Tm '22 ,, il Qwwer DANCE BAND First row: Jeff Portman, Norman Huber, Pat Mayfield, Sandy Edwards, Frank Oakly, Ted Guyton, Dean Coil, Danny Reynoldsf Second row: Jerry Rainey, Mike Swinger, Jack Russell, Third row: Bill Jones, Ken Stickrod, Jim Herd, Mr. Kaye, Ira Sutton, Pat Bus- sard, Sidney Townsend Sandy Edwards is brushing up on her music before a performance E IOR CHOIR Our Senior Choir under the direction of Mr. Morris has performed in many of our school assemblies. The choir added to the Christmas spirit by participating in the Christmas assembly and carolling through the halls. Some of the choir members helped the Kinder Keys project by Christmas carolling. Eastmoor's Senior Choir was one of many city choirs that sang in the Christmas Program at Central High School. First row: Sharon Bethel, Joy Henry, Diane Phares, Amelia Neely, Doris Wimmer, Sharon Jarvis, La Rita Gantz, Juli Warner, Virginia Young, Angel Burnette, Bev Krinn, Marcia Rhodes, Janis Olive, Sharon Rosenbaum, Marilyn Stevens, Mr, Morris, Second row: Sandy Parks, Margrit Bayer, Patti DeWitt, Sydney Scott, Peggy Leu, Barbara Moltenberry, Valerie Pearson, Laurie Kuchler, Bobbi Robin, Sherrie Gibbons, Linda Davis, Frances Hiller, Sue Dose, Sue Riley, Diane Caskey, Mary Jo Flowers, Third rovv: Gerrie Shoemaker, Clarice Smith, Carol Heizer, Bobbi Kall, Janis Rogers, Salli Kall, Mary Miller, Pat Mayfield, Q gf S 8932? zh' ,mmA W . A I A I , ,i ia, 44, ,K . - . M gx S5 Q Q 'Q 'ly It EIGHTH GRADE CHOIR First rovv: Mr. Morris, Carol Myers, Peggy Cullman, Janet Dennison, Sue Steffey, Delores Huffman, Juli Walls, Sue Douthit, Lyn Balthasar, Judy Pilzer, Jennifer Foley, Vicki Vaugn, Gail Frances, Sarah Welch, Second row: Linda Hill, Mary Cutshall, Judy Kuchler, Bonnie Kem, Patty Kitzmiller, Bonnie Kemple, Johnny Rosemund, Don Kreutz, Barbara Doyle, Sharon Coombs, Helene Heller, Sharon McMahon, Deanna Brown, Third row: Karen Hiller, Leslie Williams, Geraldine Webster, Helen Shultz, Ellen Long, David Schluer, Warner Moore, Marty Feinstein, Roberta Shaw, Joanne McFarland, Sue Rosenauer, Karen Olson, Carol Harrison, Fourth row: Sharyl Marcus, Andrea Gorenstein, Elaine Greenwald, Karel Kreiselman, Mary Morris, Rick Betzler, Bill Myers, Dallas Jaekels, Roy Arnett, Diane Northrup, Mary Strobach, Margaret Bland, Barbara Share J A f . Yi gi -.-Q f as F Q A i i i 2 ir N V s i - W 5' '- ii i D I ig f Q 2 s J fr i V QQ - A , , , , , so if K ' ' f S Q, ' Z, - ' I if sir' M , L K Lk h' x . Qijaayx is 'L 1 af' ' sr C if , s Qi 'D D ,. i , fi ,, i W ,,ai,f L . ' J! JT NINTH GRADE CHGIR First row: Carole Hovvdyshell, Judy Millar, Sandra Morgan, Pafly Ward, Lynn Kremer, Jim Blackwell, Dave Cabit, Tom Middleion, John Ogden, Jean Braulick, Micki Franklin, Karen Foreman, Penny Dearing, Bonnie Venook, Mr, Morris, Second row: Virginia Marsh, Konnie Kirkman, Dixie Ewing, Judy Denning, Sue Armor, Gene Christiansen, Don Dell, Phillip Paul, Richard Dorman, Ann Goldfhvvaiie, Carol Peterson, Margaret Rathbun, Rulli Tarcov, Schafer, Third row: Mary Beth Thompson, Donna Griffin, Joan Miller, Lynn Lanavvol, Sieve Cornils, Lcncar Biddle, Bob Moreen, Art Lucas, Connie Barbara Alphant, Elaine Cook, Karen Marshall, Fourfh row: Sharon Evans, Connie Wilson, Carol Martindale, Janice Younkin, Janet Grey, Janet Raymond Mullen, Bill Clark, Curiis Munshank, Carolee Hemmerly, Jackie Cohen, Marcia Davis, Pam Pennington, Pam Smyser ,,., fa - ,. M . 1 3 v ,. , . 5, L .. . ,- ei L ' f f J pi' i 1 A 5. ,Y 5 4 A . - 1:4 . . 5 " an Q, V K s. 3 C s we W? f , , Darla Long, Stout, JUNIOR ENSEMBLE Seated: Miki Franklin, Dixie Ewing, Lyn Kremer, Standing: Bobby Moreen, Steve Cornils, Pam Smyser, Linda Davis, Jean Braulick, Richard Dorman, Lencar Biddle MIXED ENSEMBLE "Music hath charms, to soothe the savage beast" . . . and the Eastmoor Warriors, Ensembles pictured on these pages add a delightful musical touch to our programs throughout the school year. These groups displayed their First row: Amelia Neely, Sydney Scott, Sally Kali, Sue Seckel, Juli Warner, Sue Dose, Bev Krinn, Second row: Mr. Morris, Jim Lawton, Gary Shoults, Janis Rogers, Dick Shover, Doug Spohn, Cindy Husted, Ted Mock, John Braulick, Floyd Snyder i i 4 1 X. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE First row: Sandy Parks, Amelia Neely, Lynda Ringer, Frances Hiller, Barbara Moltenberry, Arlene Masch, Diane Snyder, Angel Burnettep Second row: Clarice Smith, Sally Kall, Janis Rogers, Nancy Lukacs, Mary Miller, Sue Seckel, Juli Warner, Sydney Scott talents at our successful Pop Concert and provided en- tertainment for our Homecoming Dance. Bringing honor to our school these "merry music-makers" have par- ticipated in many local and state contests. BOYS, ENSEMBLE Gary Shcults, Ted Mock, John Braulick, Dick Shover, Doug Spohn, Floyd Snyder, Jim Lawton, Juli Warner Caccompanistl BOYS' GLEE Front row: Floyd Snyder, Steve Bless, Dave Hoan, Frank Levi, Jon Ewing, Steve Foster, Ken Huffman, Ben Rose, Back row: Doug Spohn, Larry Nichols, Charles Narcross, Dave Armstrong, Don Carley, Ted Mock, John Braulick, Barry Friedman, Pat Cook, Dick Shover. GLEE CLUBS GIRLS, GLEE First row: Sandra Parks, Amelia Neely, Joy Henry, Nancy Brown, Joan Winters, Karen Davis, Carol Brown, Linda Borden, Carol Adams, Loretta Fuller, Joann Emerick, Janis Olive, Linda Sullivan, Connie Brown, Rita Zweier, Mr. Morris. Second row: Mari Werlin, Sally Harrison, Patti DeWitt, Sandra Minkin, Joyce Maguire, Mary Jane Borders, Jan Parthemer, Linda Schaedel, Ginny Young, Bobbi Robin, Mary Jo Flowers, Sharon Rosenbaum, Debbie Dolezal, Bev Finke, La Rita Gantz, Sydney Scott, Diana Petty, Valerie Pearson, Third row: Bobbie Kall, Rhoda Reese, Betty Gant, Sally Kall, Nancy Lattimer, Mary Miller, Judi Williams, Beverly Krinn, Juli Warner, Sherrie Gibbons, Sue Dose, Linda Davis, Margaret Leu, Karen Groves, Lin Clark, Diane Swords, Fourth row: Carol Heizer, Joyce Koltun, Sharon Jarvis, Carol Murphy, Jerry Shoemaker, Wanda Schmokey, Sue Strohbach, Sharon Smith, Diane Ortlepp, Jennifer Douthit, Sue Seckel, Laurie Kuchler, Carolyn Radich, Diane Snyder, Sally Kapp, Pat Mayfield,Rita Kastl. 'Wx aff? ,rw 'fini K E! Qbwynigg 'wx I A '53 5 , . QT V ,fm , v ' Ol Hu 'U 4 ,. r V . fx v-Af f, v SN x . X, 1, 'Y xfvtyzubyiijyqn . M' Pi' .W,l,:.iff lj, 'E' vu .gn Q' 5 N ij! Q. .fl 1 Jx - Q, N93 5-'X' 3 Gif 'Q f'rf?'5f5f?"vQ.W..,.,, ' My, 1959 SHIELD STAFF Judy Sterling and Mariorie Hillson, Co-Editors. Bob Levenson, Business Manager and Mrs. Hicks, Advisor. Firsf row: Sandy Chambers, Georgi Smith, Jean Kohar, Karen Groves, Bob Noble, Barbara Kaufman, Karen McCoy, Sharen McCoy, Marsha Berman, Sue Dose, Jim Huffman, Second row: Roger Seckel, Judy Turner, Bob Levenson, Jackie Rose, Bobbi Robin, Bernard Bornstein, Ellen Appelbaum, Margrit Bauer, Cynthia Husted, Jennifer Douthit, Lana Sonft, Alena Davis, Bill Munyan, Harvey Siegelman. 38 FUTURE TEACHERS GF AMERICA Future Teachers of America has a dual purpose-to stimulate the interest of high school students in the teaching profession and to serve the school. Miss Bell is the advisor for Junior F.T.A. and Miss Glessner is the advisor for Senior F.T.A. SENIOR F.T.A. OFFICERS-First row: Sally Kall, Secretary, Judy Sterling, President, Laurie Kuchler, Vice President, Sally Kapp, Treasurer, Second row: Julianne Radich, Assistant Program Chairman, Miss Glessner, Advisor, Sue Riley, Program Chairman. x l JUNIOR F.T.A. OFFICERS: Sharon Pierce, President, Sharon Strapp, Vice President, Mary Jane Eyster, Secretaryp Janet Gray, Treasurer, Miss Bell, Advisor. Bafbafa Corbin, Denise Snldeff and R05lYn JBCRSOH afe eamlng their 5ef1l0" These Junior F.T.A. girls are counting the profits from their bake sale. F.T.A. merit points by grading test papers for teachers. 89 Y-TEE The purpose of Y-Teens is ro grow in knowledge and understanding of other peo- ples. Mrs. Singleton is ad- visor for Junior Y-Teens and Miss Casey is the advisor for Senior Y-Teens. SENIOR Y-TEENS OFFICERS: Miss Jean Casey, Advisor, Sue Riley, Vice President, Amelia Neely, President, Jan Rogers, Treasurer, Jackie Rose, Secretary. At the Hobo Convention Juli Warner and Sherrie Gibbons sang "Slap Her Down Again Paul." Christmas caroling was one of the Junior Y-Teens proiects. Pictured are Donna Swaney, Gail Francis, Terrie Rose, Tara Jackson, Sharon Tewell, and Cathy Phillips. L i The tattered clothes worn by Jan Rogers, Jennifer I Douthit, Sandy Bland, Amelia Neely, and Mary B 'H I x W- Y l Hettron certainly added to the spirit of the Hobo Convention. JUNIOR Y-TEENS' OFFICERS: Joan Miller, President, Sharon Coombs, Vice President, Tara Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer, Terrie Rose, Co-ordinating Chairman, Mrs. Ina Singleton, Advisor, Susan Titus, Service Chairman, Sarah Welch, Social Chairman, Judy Kuchler, Music Chairman, Connie Long, Pro- gram Chairman, Mary Beth Morris, Worship Chairman. HI-Y The purpose of Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend higher standards of char- ader Wwoughoutthe home, school, and community. Mr. Crane B the Juniorl4LY ad- visor and Mr. Aggas is the Senbr HLY advhon This is a typical Junior Hi-Y meeting. A 3.: 1- SENIOR Hl-Y STEERING COMMITTEE: Dick Gaflin, Ray Bland, Jim Hicks, Ron Boyers, Mr. Aggas, Jim Herd, John Braulick, Bill Gillam, Jim Huffman. 51-Y T x SENIOR Hl-Y BASKETBALL TEAM-First row: Charles Walz, Paul Turner, Jim Herd, Lee Siegel, Dan De Hayes, Bill Gillam, Second row: Stan Bobrof, Ron Boyers, Jim Martin, Mike Bougher. JUNIOR Hl-Y OFFICERS: Ed Lowe, Secretary, Ronnie Golden, Treasurer, Mike Kristy, President, Nick Geldis, Vice President, Ricky Feinstein, Council Representative, Mr. Crane, Advisor. 9I WARRIORS CLUB The Warriors Club is the largest organization at Eastmoor. The group is advised by Mr. Heintz and Mr. Fry, The purpose of the Warriors Club is to create more school spirit in sports. A committee from this club makes posters to promote attend- ance at games. These girls, Cindy Husted, Claudette Corbett, Amelia Neely, and Sharon Cheeseman, are members of the Warriors Club poster committee. WARRIORS CLUB OFFICERS: Robert Helntz, Ad- visory Helayne Margulis, Secretaryp Ron Casserly, Treasurerg Curtis Haywood, Sergeant-at-Armsg Dick Wilson, Vice Presidentf Nelson Freeman, President. DAN CE CLUB A new club has been added this year. The Dance Club with its advisor Mrs. Glaser promotes interest in dance. Girls from this group were chosen to be in the Warriorettes. The group sponsored one ofthe sock hops. Dance Club Officers from front to back: Ellene Appel- baum, Secretary, Bev Reynolds, Presidentg Rita Zweier, Vice Presidentg Nancy Lattimer, Drum Mastery Rita Kastl, Business Managerg Glenna Layman, Treasurer: Judy Wil- liams, Costume Mistress. Charlene Johnson, Mari Werlin, Maureen Nimz, and Judy Williams are practicing a dance routine they learned during one of the Dance Club meetings. ART CLUB STEERING COMMITTEE: Marcia Davis, Georgette Goldberg, Sandra Price, Vir- ginia Thomas, Don Gussler, Michael Kohar, Richard Dorman. DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS-First row: Karen Bennett, Vice President, Emmet Pearson, Presi- dent, Second row: Frank Raisen, Sergeant-av Armsg Rita Kastl, Treasurer, Alice Sheriker, Secretaryg Mr, Keiser, Advisor. ART CLUB 2 The Art Club, under the supervision of Mr. T Higbee, serves to increase the students' knowl edge of the arts. It is responsible for the attrac tive decorations we see in the show case win dows. This display of artwork is a sampling of the Art Club proiects. Pictured are Virginia Thomas, Marcia Davis, Michael Kohar, Georgette Goldberg, and Don Gussler. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club's goal is to further the interest of students in the field of drama. Entertainment is presented at each meeting. This group, under the advisorship of Mr. Keiser, sponsors the drama award and promotes the school plays by selling tickets. "Keep looking. We'Il find it yet," Pictured are Cindy Husted, Alan Ross, Frank Raisen, Stan Bobrof, Phil Schwartz, Emmet Pearson, and Marcia Rhodes. aging wig . X X stage-X 4, LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club serves as a meeting time for all library assistants. During this time they organize the annual Book Fair and take li- brary inventory under the advisorship of Miss Jackson, school librarian. STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club, under the advisorship of Mrs. Day, strives to develop an interest in stamp collecting among Eastmoor students. The club members exchange stamps and study them during their meetings. CHESS CLUB The purpose of the Chess Club is tvvotold. Not only does it stimulate interest and de- velop proficiency in the game of chess, but it gives students a chance for a friendly game at each club period. Their advisor is Mr. Buck. 94 This is a typical library club meeting. The officers of the group are Gary Fisherbaugh, President, Jerry Diller, Vice President, and Kathryn Wright, Secretary. '.' .lerry Falabella, Vice President, David Cabit, President, John Lane, Mike Gorski, Paul Tracy, and Mrs. Day, Advisor. Not pictured is Peggy Alrich, Secretary-Treasurer. Joe Burker and John DeLong are the Chess Club champions. J I A .. lt . 3 N G.A.A. OFFICERS-First row: Dianne Phares, Treasurer, Sue Dose, President, Neva Lowe, Vice President, La Rita Gantz, Secretary, Second row: Miss Mil- ler, Advisory Nancy Welch, Social Chairman, Connie Smith, Sergeantvat-Arms, Judy Williams, Publicity Chairman, Mary Miller, Intramural Chairman, Karen Rea, Parliamentarian. GIRL ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Associa tion is to encourage interest, appreciation and participation in girls' sports. The group planned the Hi-Bye Dance which was held in March. A few of their other activities include a Mother-Daughter Tea, a spring pic- nic, and intramural sports. Basketball intramurals are a very important G.A,A. activity. Sue Decker, Holly Talley, Sharon McCoy. and Judy Williams are making posters for the Hi-Bye Dance. W -at ' viffizfiiz Z E ' Ci SPANISH CLUB Learning about The people and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries is the goal of the Spanish Club. Their advisor, Mr. Orosz, tries To accom- plish This aim Through movies. Ricky Brown, Ben Rose, Karel Kreiselman, Marla Greenfield, and Jerry Singleton are examining some Spanish posters. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Ricky Brown, President, FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS-Front row: Joyce Bachmann, Presi- dent, Sally Smith, Program Chairman, Back row: James Tharp, Advisor, Bernie Bornstein, Treasurer, Joe Mirman, Vice Presi- dent. Marla Greenfield, Vice President and Secretary, Karel Kreiselman, Treasurer. FRENCH CLUB Mr. Tharp, advisor of The French Club, aims to develop The interest of French students in subiects related To Their studies. To accomplish this, speakers have given informative lectures on various French-speaking countries and club members have been encouraged To visit art galleries To become better ac- quainted with French art. Here is our "roaring '20's" chorus line performing at the French Banquet. They are Julia Walls, Janice Molton- berry, Sharon Pierce, Janet Gray, and Bernie Bornstein. JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB "Aiding the needy" is the goal of Junior Red Cross Club. Their activities this year have been till- ing overseas boxes with toys and educational items and making placemats and wall decorations for Franklin Village and Children's Hospital. The advisor for this group is Mrs. Pryor. June Hoover, Bill Munyan, Linda Leonard, Mary Lou Case, and Gwen Strawser are making Easter baskets for Children's Hospital. SENIQR RED CR055 CLUB QFFICERS: Bill Munyanl vice pfesidenf, JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB OFFlCERSfFirst row: Konnie Kirkman, Presi- Gvven Strawser, President, Betty Layne, Secretary, Mrs, High, Advisor. deftlf MBVQGVET Bland, VlC9 Pfesldenli PSQQY Cullman, SCCFSVBVYJ Second row: Mrs. Bartlett, Advisor, Mrs. Pryor, Advisor, Lynn Stanley, Repre- sentative, Roberta Shaw, Representative. SENIOR RED CROSS CLUB The Senior Red Cross Club and its advisor, Miss Holtzman, have taken on the responsibility of helping those handicapped by illness. They've accomplished this by bringing baked goods to the hospitals and by decorating the hospital walls with colorful posters. QCANJKQ' I l S' 6 4 I7 The wall decorations the Junior Red Cross Club made for O '1 . . . . . - fo pda Franklin Village and Children's Hospital are being dis- C played here by Mrs. Pryor, Linda Whittier, and Roberta Shaw. 97 JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS: John Moore, Vice President, Dave Thomas, President, Rosalind Moore, Secretary, Mr. Murphy, Advisor lstandingl. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB The Junior Science Club strives to stimulate the members' interests in fields of science. This year together with their advisor, Mr. Murphy, the group went on a field trip to Battelle Memorial Institute. David Thomas, John Moore, Dave Hillenbrand, and Steve Stellman are examining the project by the physics class, proving the velocity of free fall. SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS-First row: Bonnie Ma- kar, Secretary-Treasurerg Bill Gillam, President, Second Gerald Stentz, Barry Friedman, Kelly Turner, and Bonnie Makar row: Richard England, Vice President, Mr. Condit, Advisor. are Observing a globe of The heavens- SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Senior Science Club is to increase the members' scientific knowledge. Mr. Condit, their advisor, is helping them as they prepare their projects for the Science Fair. OUTDOORC1UB The Outdoor Club, under the direc- tion of Mr. Foose, took a field trip to the Ohio State Historical Museum. They've planned swimming parties and hikes forthe spring. 'WN an OUTDOOR CLUB OFFICERS Sandra Price Program Chwir man, Bob Beniamin, Trois Richard Dorman and Dixie Ewing are ex- amining the telephone exhibit at the O.S.U. Historical Museum. urerg Steve Bless, President, Linda Stuart, Vice Presiclentg Virginia Thomas, Secretary: Sandra Hellrud, Program Chairman: Mr. Foose, Ad- visor, The pioneer exhibit at,the O.S.U. Historical Museum is especially interesting to these members of the Outdoor Club. SLHDE RULE CLUB Mr. Tata serves as advisor to the Slide Rule Club. The purpose ot the group is to become more adept in using the slide rule. Janet Read, Margaret Leu, Ted Mock, help of the slide rule. at L 1 L and Jim The Light bulb exhibit at O.S.U. Historical Museum is fascinating to Dixie Ewing, Renee Harmol, Judy Mc- Kinsey, Lynn Kramer, and Betty Mills. Andre are working out a mathematical problem with the , . Q-4""W X ,- vn- AUDlO VISUAL CLUB OFFICERS: Harold Stahr, Vice Presidentg Roger Seckel, General Managerp Robert Howard, Advisor, Bill Elliott, President, Denny Tishroft, Secretary-Treasurer. The Camera Club members are liarnang how to use a slide proiector. The boys are John Russin, Rusty Hannon, Dennis Townsend, and Mike Pinto. af -we-vm CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS: John Vcneida, President, Dorothy Mertz, Secretary, Ronald Stewart, Vice President. ....1...u...n-.....-.....W,,,..a ..,,, , , . . , . . In ,. e,,, .A . .,.,.sc. AUDIO- VISUAL CLUB "Service to the school" is the motto of the Audio Visual Club. They aim to promote interest in audio visual aids and to attract stu- dents in careers in this field. The members with their advisor, Mr. Howard, took a trip to see South Pacific and visited Hunt's Cine-Stage to observe operating techniques and to see the audio visual equipment. These boys are learning to operate a film proiector. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club is a group ot photography enthusiasts. Through actual experience in picture-taking and group discussion, the members with the help of their advisor, Mr. Barr, are gaining knowledge in this field. First row: Curt Haywood, Nick Cooper, Jim Huffman, Dick Schulz, Second row: Ray Bland, Mark Topolosky, Al Rinkov, Dick Wilson, Bill Hoffman, Morris Bloom, Third row: Coach Robert Stuart, Coach Paul Eckelberry, Ron Casserly, George Snow, John Matera, Coach Marsh Mobberly, Coach William Courtney. First row: Penny Deering, Pai Winslow, Donna Dailey, Ruth Tarcov, Jackie Cohen, Carol Howdyshellp Second row Miss Miller, Darla Schafer, Pat Greaver, Carole Joseph, Barbara Edge, Judy Turner, Kay Marx, Mrs. Glaser. i STAMP COUNTERS Arclesk: Dave Henderson, Dave Hillenbrand, Ar fable: Joyce Maguire, Karen Davis, Mary Lou Case, Bev Finke, Mary Forster, Befh Amsfuiz, June Hoover, Not pictured: Maxine Srires, chairman RADIO ROOM ASSISTANTS First row: Roslyn Jackson, Bev McClurg, Second row: Jerry Hawk Bill Hoffman, Marsha Berman, Jack Feazel, Third row: John Winters Tom Smiih, John Russin, Jim Kleinhans BOOK ROOM ASSISTANTS First row: Irene Zelko, Pat Poster, Carol Kelly, Suzanne Wolfe, Second row: David Solomon, Mike Kohar, Emmit Pearson, Dan DeHayes, Jack Alexander, Ronnie Golden, Third row: Gary Phillips, Jim Murtz, Ken Huffman, Mike Baeiens, Tim Davis 1 PRINTING ASSISTANTS Bob Nacdimen, Mike Devlin, Mr. Barnes, John Kohar, Jim Young STAGE CREW Bob Myers, Larry Kolman, Ralph Wooldridge, Don Day LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First row: Karen Norris, Kenny Mick, Judy Puckey, Lencar Biddle, Lin Clark, Lynette Brisey, Sally Sachs: Second row George Pilkington, Harvey Newpoff, Judy Pilzer, Jerry Diller, Tauna Fife, Sandra Eads, Carol Neeshaw, Kathryn Wright Sandy Chambers, Miss Jackson, Third row: Phyllis Baughman, Susan Brown, Tara Jackson, Bob Markwood, Bill Muryan Susan Hallmark, Harold Stahr, Gary Fisherbaugh 1 f ,,., . ..: VL i V.. 7 sz. E x 5 - ' H g ' ie .. V ' x-'241vzg1f:?,,.g.if MM 1-- f V WWW 'ww S, -3 f .-4 X .. my 5 fif' ...Q ,N I W 1 J' ax .Q ,Q . ,ff . mf af 5 A if 3 , ,N . ef 5 ,f , Q1 Q f f f Smgivj.. JJ , fy' A WW M , , ' W' V x if . ,ff wma? fy xg . 'W f' I fi ,J ,W ,, 4.,,.wSf gy 3, , 75 fl I I ' .Ay 'W fi 4496 ' fb f X' ' A . .W xv l 4 49 if gg' .W , . .. ff ff y - ffl! , 'lf 3 if , ,,:. VV gy I. a , .gf ff f ,,,, KV.: - . K. .45 , K ft s' -M ' f ' f bg Af - ,J . . ff V r ,NE My -M kg. if is Af' pf .ff .5 , ff ,fe :if f J Af, ,Z , ,- ,M W N, WM, A 3. , 2 ff .ff f .W I 55 W e if H? ff , ' ,i 'f-a.g.-ff J 1 L K . 1 4,1 1.5 f . f J f' ' ' ., ,Wiz Z o J. i 1 , 5 5 332 ff E 'ny 11 ' fa EQ' 2 5.5 gg! in ik 'Sv i ,.-,f f 4, tm? X 2- Q3, , . Z -i '21 km ' .V nfs. M12 ,, .k,,V: A :mr fi 'iii n K '- A 54 , ek? 2 5 22 . ? 7 i 3- Qw: X.f. ik . Q, V. 79? -Q vi , if S 1 as GPM 2 kfyy,,gg,,w-W. 1 Lfj4g5xwyJ+" 5 , ,,'j.::Q2l:Zfri. ' .y ' X 'N -,ij Ji - ,. , - K 1 1 , 1 M ,155 , , X. . 1,511 K ..-wwf Nia- Ifyyfs:-'fxlsww km PTE S3532 is f f Q If 1 lv '95 ll 1-W "by 'Q I ADVANCED CLASSES Eastmoor began a program for the academically talented students three and one-half years ago with one self contained classroom of gifted students selected from the seventh grade. Today, while still very much in a developmental stage, this program for able learners has grown to involve mathematics, science, social studies, English, and foreign languages. There has been added to these special selections a rapid read- ing course. ln order to qualify for this course each student must maintain a 12th grade level of reading. Each special class has its own criterion for selection. This makes it possible for a person especially capable in one particular area to be selected for a certain class, even though he may not qualify for others. Generally speaking, however, most indi- viduals gifted in one academic field are superior in others. Out of the total student body there are 21 'MQ who are involved in this advanced program. Contrary to common belief, gifted children when placed with others of like ability, are less likely to get an exaggerated notion of their superiority. This is due to the fact they are aware tha-t others also do well. The advanced plane geometry course includes surveying. Dick England, Sandy Eads, and Danny Fleming are learning how to use a hypsometer and a sextant. "Wit , . A THE SCHOOL IN ACTIO Ireen Friedman and Stan Bobrof are re-enacting a scene from a play fha? ihe Dramatics Depart- ment presented before the student body on January 20. Jerry Diller, a library assislanf, is helping Bill Lutsko find the book he needs. Seniors in the English Literaiure class look on approvingly as Ron Casserly and Marsha Berman enact a Tender love scene from Macbeth. A Y DRAMATICS ENGLISH X T f I MA'rHeMATicS Sc I ENCE Janet Read, Alan Weiss, and Barry Warfield are conducting a demonstration in physics class in which the results of sound wave energy can be detected on the scope. Phil Schwartz is examining some of the photographic equipment in The dark room. This chemistry class is engaging in a laboratory experiment on Zilch. IO9 THE SCHOOL I ACTIO Nw .1 ... rms Ants Busily sketching with chalk in the ninth grade art class are Marcia Davis, Georgette Goldberg, Richard Dorman, Jackie Cohen, and Mariorie Cuba. , VOCATIONAL Marla Greenberg, Judy Geichman, Terrie Brazeal, Ja- nice Younkin, Barbara Williams, and Marcy Rueben are performing one of the acrobatic stunts they learned in physical education this year. ATHLETICS Beasley Patrick and Susanna Huffman are putting their instruments away after a band rehearsal, MUSIC H OME ECONOMICS OURSES From left to right are Linda Leonard, Karol Paget, Sally Mangold, Dotty McDonald and Pa tricia Holbrook working on their sewing proiects in the high school clothing class Working on their proiects for meta are Bob Raver and Mike Shafer. BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL A933 I class This first year typing class is busily working on a Clan exeruse Susan Dose HOMECGMING QUEEN AND COURT Sandra Jordan Ten girls were selecTed from The Senior class as candidaTes for The homecoming courT. The five girls on The courT were elecTed from The Ten b The T d b y s u enT ody. In a final eIecTion The queen was chosen and The resulTs of The elecTion were announced aT halTT' T h h :me o T e ornecoming game. Sandy Jordan reigned as queen aT The h nighT. omecoming dance on The following . 4 Q II Q4 LefT To right are Linda Davis, Ted Mock, Sue Dose, Bob Naumoff Sandy Jordan, Terry Hall, Laurie Kuchler, Dave Cook, Juli Warner and Doug Spohn. 1 Under the direction of Nlr. Kaye-'s son, Salli Kall, Sherrie Gibbons, Bill Jones, and the band members are performing on the football field during halftime. FALL Book Week, an event sponsored by the Children's Book Coun- cil, is an annual proiect at Eastmoor. ACTIVITIES time. Miss Glessner's eighth grade history class is reliving the Pil- grim's t'irst Thanksgiving, These ghosts, Neva Lowe and Ellen Appel- baum, participated in a skit presented for the neighboring elementary schools by the dra- matics department to promote the Fun With- out Destruction proiect. Judy Williams, Jackie Rose, and Ron Wollett are boxing the food collected by Student Council to give needy families in our community at Thanksgiving Senior Y-Teens sponsored the Thanksgiving Assembly with Rabbi Folkman as guest speaker. Here Miss Casey, Eileen Collins, and Rachel Egbert are talking with him after the program. CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES The gifts collected by Student Council for needy families are being put under the Christmas tree by these two girls. Eastmoor's Student Council sponsors the nually. These three scenes from this year's dance reflect some of the evening's festivities. Roslyn Greenberg and Harvey Siegelman designed Santa's Workshop, a delightful, mechanical display, which added to the Christmas spirit in our library. Mistletoe Ball an- The seniors in our choir filled our halls with strains of Christmas music the day before our holiday vacation began. Il5 The gang, Dave Foote, Phil Schwartz, Tom Smith, Steve Foster, Emmet Pearson, and Stan Bobrof, are trying to arrange last-minute dates. BERNARDI The hilarious two-act comedy Bernar- dine, written by Mary Chase, depicts the escapades of a "gang of teenage boys," searching for the girl of their dreams. Ber- nardine was presented by the Dramatics Department, under the direction ot Mr. James Keiser. Student directors were Ireen Friedman and Amelia Neely. The waitress lKaren Bennettl suspectingly says to Morgan lSteve Fosterj and Beau lPhil Schwartzl, "Yeah? Let's see your draft cards." "You can't bring home a 35 in a math exam and run around over the weekend," VVOVVTWY lEmfT1ET PSBFSOYU SSYS to Enid l5'-19 Seflfellf "YOU'fE B Mrs. Weldy CSally Kalll scolds her son, Wormy lEmmet Pearsonl. dream and l've been waiting tor you all my lite. Shall we go . . . doll?" edit t V ,X J w I V. 1 A, gg. -..IA 'fr ' s s Q f if Y - Q. J V K 1 w, . M- K , ' - I " 7 .. nl WML V f , l . F 'ffl "' it 1- N " " . , . I . - if "Lady Errnintrude! O maid of infinite beauty, wilt thou grant The a99"e55lV9 Elaine fpal Nl'3Yfl9ldl tells The l6?CTUY6I' thine humble suppliant but one boon?" "lt's leap year. Let's cuddle up a little closer HOW T0 PROPOSE This delightful one-act comedy by Conrad Seller was presented by the dramatics classes under the direction ot Mr. Kaiser. The narrator CFrank Raisenl lectured on the history of the art of proposing. Colorful scenes illustrated the techniques ot propos- ing as they developed through the ages. A caveman CPhil Schvvartzl chases and catches his woman CRita Kastll, a knight CStan Bobrotl asks tor the hand of his lady fair Clreen Friedmanl, and many other people from ditterent ages propose to the men or women of their desires. Between sketches the stage hand CBen Rosel amuses the au- dience vvith his antics as he changes the props and scenery. After father CSteve McDovyellJ leaves the parlor, the shy you Fisherbaughl proposes to giggling Miss Vera tEllen Appelbauml. Pleasure-weary millionaire fEmmet Pearsonj proposes to bored heiress Hoy Henryl at a fashionable country club. V19 man lGBTY "What you t'ind of dat old ball-and-chain stuff?" Butch tPhil Schwartzl asks Cookie CHelene Toppj. Z' E 5' W r , 1 :Et A 41 "' 1' iid I To give cupid a hand the Eastmoor student body elected Dick Schulz and Angel Burnette king and queen of hearts. They were crowned at "Cupids Capers," a Valentine's Day dance sponsored by the Senior Y-Teens. I s Jan Rogers honored the king and queen of "Cupid's Capers" by singing "l'm in the Mood for Love." She was accompanied by the North High School Dance Band. JPIDS 17' I PEE? WI TER ACTIVITIES The Warriorettes and their advisor Mrs. Glaser are both new additions to Eastmoor this year. About 15 girls were selected to be part .of this dance group, These sopho- Many sock-hops were held in the Eastmoor gym after football and basketball games. These girls are doing the bunny hop at the dance sponsored by the Iournalism classes. mores and juniors were chosen by ten judges, students and teachers. They were selected on the basis of general appearance, rhythm, and timing. They will perform during half-time at football games and in other activities such as variety shows. LATDJBAN LTI l On April 21, the legendary date of the founding of Rome, the Latin classes held their annual Latin Banquet. These pictures were taken at last year's banquet. This'Roman patrician is really Miss Lincoln, the Latin instructor. COLLEGE College Night, an evening devoted to helping students examine possi- bilities for higher education, was held February 9. All students and parents were invited to attend this PTA program, Below: Mr. and Mrs. Paul E, Swinger and Mr. Mayer are talking to Dr. Harold Yochurn, presi- dent of Capitol University, and the guest speaker of the evening. 0 Here stands the victorious gladiator, Jon Ewing. His prize for surviving this most bloody battle was his choice of the slaves. Jon chose Pat Carruthers. IGHT After Dr, Yochum's excellent speech on "Opening the Way to Higher Education," representatives from ten Ohio colleges and universities met and discussed their schools' programs and advantages with interested students and parents. Below: Francie Hiller, Miss Miller, and Stan Bobrof are looking at pamphlets and folders about Miami University. II9 V- 1 jgfs g ' Two thrifty students, Tom Merrit and Donna Weed, buy carnival tickets in advance at a reduced Albert Greaver, parent of an Eastmoor student, is per- rate from Mrs, William Kirkman and Mrs. Richard M. Riley. E t This interesting group of thespians CMiss Singer, Miss Jackson, Mr. Barr, Mr. Conover, Mr. Dixon, and Miss Lincolrii are taking a curtain call after the charming melodrama they presented in the variety shovv. The gym is filled as "young," as well as old, show off their muscles. forming in the variety show. WINTER CAR IVAL One of the highlights of the school year was the Winter Carnival. This fun-filled event, held February Qi, was the Parent-Teachers Associa- tion's big money-making proiect of the fear. Students, parents, teachers, and friends came to the carnival. There children and adults both found activities that amused and interested them, The game rooms were packed as young and old tried their luck and skill. Housewives and future homemakers shopped for bargains in the country store and in the white elephant shop, and the men in the family tested their athletic prowess at the games in the gymnasium. All stopped for snacks at the canteen or for a meal in the cafeteria. A must for every carnival- goer was the variety show in which parents and teachers were the feature attractions. These and many more activities made the day both profit- able and enioyable. George Riddle delighted the audience at the variety show with his accordion music. .rw 'F "But, why shouldn't I kiss you?" Miss Wilhelmina "We were fostered by a werewolf-every Savage son of us!" screams Lily Belle fMarcia Rhodesl CDiana Friedmanl asks Jeffery CTom Smithl. as Mrs. Savage fSally Kalll bites her. THE CURIOUS AVAGE A TltreefAct Play Directed By By JOHN PATRICK JAMES KEISER Mrs. Savage, a rich widow decides to do all the foolish things she has ever wanted to do and to establish a fund to help other people do the same. Her stepchil- dren have her committed to "The Cloisters," an exclusive mental institution, because she is fast depleting the Savage fortune in what seems to be an insane manner. The pleasing atmosphere of the institution and the kindly disposition of the other patients makes Mrs. Savage feel that the people in "The Cloisters" are really sane and that the busy money- and power-grabbing people of the outside world are the insane ones. Finally she is declared sane and consents to leave the institution cnly because she feels she can do good in the outside world. S.. 40" Florence lSusan Brownl, Hannibal CBen Rosej, Fairy Mae Uudy Wulliamsl and Jeffery fTom Smithl anxiously await the arrival of Mrs. Savage Mrs. Paddy lCY'llllla Huslecll who llasnll answered 3 ClU95ll0f1 in 20 Yeafsf In a magical moment Florence CSusan Brownl is seen with her son John is admlflng her CBYWGS- CJerry Rosel who has been dead for several years. 'MQ ,J""1A,-,3'N'W , , , ' N 1 WV U A ' - my . if if 4? Q. ix :J fy 54,85 f fi L' nf H' ly" ' N,-ff , A M., 1 :WMM K is .. ,' . If , jf, A512 ff I L J f X. , ' j ,if f 0 ff fi. .jf ,J ff 5 K.. if ff? ff' mmf f LW 705520 wif ! q Af L 6 FOOTBALL First row: Ray Bland, Tom PeTers, Dick Benedict, Bob Naumoff, Cco-capTainD, Larry Golden, Ron WolleTT, Tim Miller, Dick Wilson, Curt Haywood, Nelson Freeman, Tim Doughty, Barry Warfield, Second row: Dave Ray, ICO-capTainJ, Dick Schulz, Nick Cooper, Al HosTer, Ry Poole, Ken Franklin, Mace Ishida, Ron McDonald, Tim Lower, Brad Hull, Frank Oakley, Third row: Dave Grossman, Bus ArmsTrong, Cliff Siegel, George Krull, Jay Perler, Charles Doeskin, Bob GRIDIRUN SUMMARY EasTmoor's T958 football season was Their firsT year in The CiTy League. IT proved To be The besT season so far for The Warriors. Under The coaching of Bob STuarT, The Warriors finished wiTh a fine record of four wins, Three losses, and Two Ties. EasTmoor's fooTball season began wiTh The "kick-off" preview aT WesT High School. AlThough The War- riors failed To score againsT EasT or WesT in The preview, They came ouT first in yardage and downs. The firsT game of The season was wiTh Whifehall. We handed The Rams a 22-O defeaT, which promised a successful season. Looking for Their second win, The Warriors nexT invaded Delaware, buT They ran up againsT a very high spirifed Team. The ouf- come was a Tie. EasTmoor's CiTy League debuT vviTh WesT was very successful. Backed by a powerful ground aTTack, The Warriors grinded ouT a T8-O vicTory over The Cowboys. Aquinas visifed our sTadium for The firsT home game, Down by Twelve poinTs, our Team showed Their fighTing spiriT by scoring a T6-T2 vicTory. This puT us Top in The CiTy League sTandings. The Warriors homecoming game wiTh Norrh proved To be a real Thriller. BoTh Teams foughT hard for vicTory buT The game ended in a T2-T2 Tie. For our next game EasTmoor Traveled To Linden for The CiTy League game of The year. While The Warriors were winning 6-2, an unexpecTed fog seTTled over The field. When iT had lifTed Linden had bagged a TO-6 vicTory, louT only afTer a real baTTle. A defensive-minded EasT Team Traveled To EasTmoor and downed The Warriors in a 6-O defeaT. AlThough The Warriors were defeaTed, They played hard all The way. Anxious for a win, EasTmoor invaded Marion-Franklin for The lasT CiTy League game of The year. Our Warriors came ouT on Top vviTh a booming 38-O vicTory. EasTmoor's League record was Three wins, Two losses, and one Tie. This placed our Team Third in The CiTy League. On November 7, EasTmoor played hosT To Greenfield-McClain. Because iT was Dad's NiTe our Warriors especially wanTed a vicTory. BUT They were defeafed 20-6. This broughT EasTmoor's T958 fooTball season To an end. l24 QAD Lerner, Gary South, Alan Donahue, Bob Uhlg Fourth row: Tom Reich fmanagerb, Jim Mertz, Pat Cook, Biil Tomamichel, Larry Kolman Kmanagerl Gary Compton Cmanagerb FOOTBALL SCORES Eastmoor 22 Whi1ehall' Eastmoor 6 Delaware Eastmoor 18 West Easrmoor I6 Aquinas Easfmoor 12 North Eastmoor 6 Linden Easfmoor O East Eastmoor 38 Marion-Franklin Eastmoor 6 Greenfield McClain w- , MR. STUART MR. ECKLEBERRY V6fSify Coach Reserve Coach RYE xv LFE f-me ww? N-...,f" gy, 31.5 N. JAMES BUSSARD President of Athletic Booster Club 1958 Co-Captains, Dave Ray and Bob Naumoff NELSON FREEMAN, Guard i 1959 Co-Captains, Tim Doughty and Ray Bland CURT HAYWOOD, Fullback DICK BENEDICT, Guard FGOTBALL BA Q ET The Warrior football team was honored at the annual football banquet sponsored by Eastmoor High School Boosters Association. It was held November 20, 1958, in the school cafeteria. The invocation was led by Reverend John Lewis. Toastmaster for the evening was Chester Pursell, athletic manager. Reserve awards were pre- sented by Coach Paul Eckelberry. Letters were awarded to the varsity squad by Coach Bob Stuart. CHESTER PURSELL Athletic Manager FOOTBALL NICK cooPER, Halfbaek TOM PETERS. End KEN FRANKLIN, Guard VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD ioifh Courtney, Jim Hariri, Barry Warfield, Al Rinkov, Tim Lower, Bob Naumott, Doug Spohn, Tom Peters, Dick Schulz, Ron Wollett, Dick Wilson. Jim u man. The Warriors basketball team did not have the best "win-and-loss" record in the city, but it did have a fine squad with tremendous confidence and team spirit. They won one league, and two non-league games. Eastmoor got their league victory over South. They defeated them in an overtime 68-64. This was the first game of the year and, without a doubt, the most exciting. The tirst non-league victory was over Big Walnut 74-70. The War- riors had to come from behind to win this one. The other non-league victory was over St. Charles 73-59. This was an- other exciting game, and Eastmoor's best performance of the year. The basketball season came to a close when Grandview defeated Eastmoor 83-52 in the tournament game played at the fairgrounds coliseum. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Eastmoor South Eastmoor Central Eastmoor West Eastmoor St. Charles Eastmoor East Eastmoor South Eastmoor Aquinas Eastmoor West Eastmoor Gahanna Eastmoor East Eastmoor Big Walnut Eastmoor Aquinas Eastmoor Marion Franklin Eastmoor Utica Eastmoor North Eastmoor Grandview Eastmoor Linden l30 RESERVE BASKETBALL SCGRES Eastmoor Eastrnoor Eastmoor Eastmoor Eastrnoor Eastmoor Eastmoor Eastmoor Eastrnoor, A 7, Eastmoor Eastrnoor Eastnnoor Eastrnoor Eastrnoor Eastrnoor Eastrnoor South West East , Aquinas Gahanna Big Walnut Marion Franklin North Linden Central , St. Charles , South West East Aquinas C Utica RESERVE BASKETBALL S First row: Larry Mason, Kenney Franklin, Ray Bland, Mark Topolosky, Ken Lellllasterg Second row: Homer McKnight Morrs Bloom Make Fnke Bob Agnew Nick Cooperg Third row: Gary South, John Matera, Jim Siders, Bill Toma-nichel, and Coach Stuart. 0006 JIM HUFFMAN DICK SCHULZ 59069 TOM PETERS RON WOLLETT BARRY WARFIELD AL RINKOV TIM LOWER DICK WILSON JIM HANN 808 J N 40440K JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM First row: Ken Ramsey, Bob Lewis, Frank Stavrotf, Bob Beniamen, Don Clark, Second row: Gary McCoy, Coach Marsh Mobberly, Dean Ishida Paul Naumoff, Nick Geldis, Mike Korbel, Jack Connell, Jim Hawk, Jim Dixon, Roy Rice, Stan Ross, Ricky Feinstein. Eastmoor Eastmoors ,e,,o I Eastmoor Eastmoor Eastmoor Eastmooraw ..A, E, Whitehall 20 Eastmoor ..,,.e I EEE4-41 Bexley 7 ,77, 23 Eastmoor oeoo EEEI7 Barrett I I oeoe 42 Eastmooro ooo.oo Eo 5O Hilltonia , W W , 36 Eastmoor ,Y,7 W 57 Starling A is 15 Eastmoor ,,,,,- ,,,A,7 5 3 West ,, ,,,, ,A , 38 Eastmoor ,,,,,, ,,,,,,57 EIGHTH GRADE TIGERS First row: Gary Minadeo, .lohn Koetz, Bob Schleppi, Dick Weemhoff, Pete Miller, Rusty Hannon, Second row: Mike Feuer, Mike Andrew Dennis Bauchmoyer, Charles Coker, Mike Korbel, Andy Powell, Mike Bullenf Coach Bill Barr. Dominion ,, I Barrett Franklin , Mohawk o,o, , , Roosevelt ,. ,,a, ,E Marion Franklin Nick Cooper adds two to fhe cause. "Rebounding Dick" Schulz reaches high in The air. Surrounded by Wes? Cagers, Dick Schulz looks for a way out. xr. W, Tim Lower attempts a rebound in hostile territory I35 . ..,, 1: xg -V1 :,,m,zN fmwi:-f i 9 . , my ,,,,,,x4 A, v,..,, D M ,W . . 'k" . -. - ,,.- -, fiaggi-nf I IL' L ' ' A 5 Af I 1, i f as ' 2 WW X 7 ,M X x I iw E ff- ff" 5 'NN . P 5 MX M3555 fi 2 99 iw as 63, sf' T? "' W ff A. 'gi x V A if Q53 if 1 X W x 5-Ek K if '52 ,AN Qui- XX I37 5 Volleyball is one of the girls' favorite sporis. This is Eastmoor's firsl year for hockey. The girls are Mary Jo Flowers, Judy Williams, Karen Duhon, Nancy Murphy, and Launa Carofiol. Sherry Teeter, Margaret Tracy, and Sally Harrison are trying their luck af badminton. Cathy Hiser and Barbara Edge are,trying their hand at shuffleboard. SPORTS Shirley Weemhoff, Darla Schafer, Nancy Welch, and Joyce Baughman are playing a friendly game of table tennis. Good reflexes are an essential in basketball. The girls pictured are Arlene Masch, Sharon Smith, Joyce Maguire, and Linda Koetz. SENIOR HIGH BASEBALL SQUAD First row: Ron Dixon, Jim Martin, Jim Matyskella, Dick Benedict, Ron Wollett, Dick Wilson, Ron Cohen, Dave Wil- liams, and Al Rinkov, Second row: Frank Levstik, Mr. Mobberly, Bob Naumoff, Dick Schulz, Ry Poole, Ed Bloom, Gary Marqueson, and Don Coate. Curt Haywood goes up, up, up, and?? 1958 BASEBALL SCORES Easfmoor ,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,, O Central ,,,, ,. Eastmoor ,,,... ,,,,, 3 North fff..V. Eastmoor ,,,... ,,,,, 8 Aquinas ....f,fff Easfmoor ooooc, ,,,,, 0 WSST ,f7.Vo.voo----,---. Easfmoor ,,,, W ,,,, , 3 Easrmoor ,,7,,,, --c,cccc 1 3 Watkins Memorial CTournan'1enfJ Eastmoor ,,,,.. ,,,,. 6 Souih fAffff--,f Eagtmoor -,,,,, ,,,,, 4 Grandview ..... CTournamentD Ea51'm00r K,,,,- Y,Y,, 6 VVl'1lTel'1a'll .... Eastmoor ,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 Central .,,.. Easfmoor ,,,,.. ,.... 2 EEST .-ff---, Easfmoor ...... ...Y. 6 Linden ----- Easfrnoolr ...,c 1 North ...,AAo Eastmoor -,-,,, ccc,. 3 Aquinas oA..Vo Eastmoor 7 West PRI G 19 9 8 1 3 9 Marion Franklin ......,.,. 7 13 5 3 12 5 . 8 -- 7 1 2 - 8 aPORTS i SENIOR HIGH TRACK SQUAD First row: Terry Hall, Dave Ray, Curt Haywood, Jim Huffman, and Albert Hostery Second row: Tom Peters, Ray Bland Bill Jones, Norm Osborn, and Tim Lower, Third row: Jim Shannon, Paul Fleming, Mace Ishida, Ron Morgan, and Ron Wollett. The T958 track season saw Terry Hall, the team's lead- ing "point getter," and the Warrior thinclads make their mark on more tracks than any previous year. Being easily Tabbed as the outstanding star, Terry blazed to a hard-fought fifth place in the state district track meet. When the mile race at the City track meet started, there were about twenty runners bunched together and all their minds were on one thought-victory. After two laps our Terry was fighting to stay above water follow- ing a bad start. When it was over that lion-hearted little guy carried the red, white, and blue to a strong third place finish. Dave Perkins puts on steam to win the 880 sw. ' 23 f 4 W ' fffmefad " f 6? A f fm fg?f'f f f pf M . ' ff V, ! M 9 WW'ATmj5wQx"iiV,-3 Fl 'S' J? ,f A ,,.., A Vwfk 4i,,3-qxilqyff A,,, J Nggl N"'Lk' in Wifmf , Af .f 'fm -4, Wx V I i ,- f f , ,, if , k . , .. 4 L- , 1? ,Y , an f QQ fg if , X g V, .fs , ,fiyd L '-Ay 1 1" i I ,Q fm' ,,m,AL W A M, M I 'J Q H 1 f Qvff if SECKEL'S MARKET 3l53 E. MAIN STREET COLUMBUS I3, OHIO "Always QualH'y Foods and Mears" "We Are for +he Warriors All rhe Way" K5 N5 'XG TowN 8. couNTRY RESTAURANT Noon Luncheon and Steaks 53 Coun+ry Road BE 7-I IOO "THE HEART OF TOWN 8: COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER Wishing Success and Good Luck Io I'he Class of I959 C. H. LEPAGE DECORATING I056 E. I8I'h AVE. AX 9-7363 BEVERLY MANOR APARTMENTS 374 Nor+h Virginia Lee Road Wes? BE I-9566 THE KING-EICHENLAUB CO. Manu'facI'urers of Approved Concrefe Blocks 600 NORTH JAMES ROAD COLUMBUS, OHIO BE I-3683 Complimenfs of EMIL'S STEER INN Drive In Sandwich Shop and Res+auran+ 4484 E. MAIN ST. U.S. 40 Easi' "The Finesi' in PasI'ries" LOUIS HAIR DESIGN "Hair Styles of DisTincTion" 283I E. Main S+. FAR EAST BLDG. BE 5-84I3 JOANN'S HOLLIDAY BEAUTY SALON 3249 E. Main SI'ree+ COLUMBUS. OHIO BE 5-6790 CompIimen+s of CHARBERT'S DRIV 4352 E. BROAD sr. E EASTMOOR PHARMACY 2946 Easi' Main S+ree+ BE I-I572 COLUMBUS. OHIO v Zmgrafulafims WRX JX m aniac.- , , I fs 4519 In' D II I , AN UT IO ELEC flfwgafi GlNNY's BEAUTY SALON BARBER SHOP BE 7-2230 280I E. 5+I1 Ave. 40 S. James Rd. COLUMBUS. OHIO GERMAIN MERCURY - EDSEL I , N 2935 E. Main S+. BE 5-864l I 5 C. Columbus. Ohio SpeciaIis+s in Permaneni Waving, Hair Coloring and S+yIing For Appoinimenis CaII CL 2-886I HELEN HARPER - LOUISE LAMNECK GINNY GIBBONS NEW ERA POTATO CHIP CO. I I 2692 AGLER RD. COLUMBUS, OHIO AM 8-3265 Complimenls of BROOKSIDE TOUR-O-TEL 3020 E. MAIN STREET BE 5-23OI SHEPARD PHARMACY GLICKS 2259 Eas+ FIHI1 Ave. CL 2-9I7I 2986 E. Livings+on Ave BE I-0225 FAIRPORT PHARMACY I90 Sou'II'1 HamiI'ron Rd. Free Pick Up and Delivery BE P3436 YOUR PERSONAL PRESCRIPTION CENTERS IN SHEPARD AND FAIRPORT 24 Hour - B 81 W Film Service Columbus' Newesl and Mosl' Modern Drug Sfore COOPER PHARMACY I506 Sou'II'1 I'IamiII'on Rd. BE 7-4236 "IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH!" BEN FRANKLIN 5 8: I0 90I S. JAMES RD. A Modern Self-Serve VarieI'y S+ore KUENNING'S RESTAURANTS IMidI'ownI I9 N. HIGH sr. ISuburbanI IS9u1-hem, 30I5 E. MAIN sr. 3795 s. HIGH sr Wishing Success and Good Luck to the Class of I959 EASTSIDE NURSERY, INC. cooK FURNITURE MAIN LANES 8: APPLIANCE COMPANY Columbus' Newes+ and Largesi' "Furni+ure of Dis+inc+ion" 2862 E. Main S+ree+ BE I-3636 407I E. Main S+. COLUMBUS 9, OHIO BE 7-3723 40 AMF Au+oma+ic Lanes, 40 M. E. WARNER In+erior Decorafing oauARn oe-snson'f CO"+'aC+0' 2890 CLERMONT RD. E. BROAD AND JAMES RD. BE 7-4335 "Neares+ +o You" HIGH-MITHOFF PHARMACY c. M. HENRY, R.Ph. lI42 s. High S+. HI 4-9142 Prescripfion Pharmacisfs A SUMMERS 8. SONS A Everyfhing Musical NORTH BEXLEY BARBER SHOP OUR 89'rh YEAR Modern 6 Chair Shop 3962 E. Broad S+ree1' 503 N- CaSSadY Road BEN GOLDEN, Prop. CL 3-7804 JAY DEE EMILE RESTAURANT HAIRDRESSERS 860 N. Cassady JOSEPH R. PICCIONE, Manager CL 2-0569 2679 E. MAIN ST. Be I-55II YOU! TIOIIILII g hx wulllll AE:-CgVEPiIIl:.S REXALL DRUGS is WML, Com Iefe Line of QT New -FIJsed - RebuiI'I' ' Au+o Pa s I if I 4:10 S. BROADWAY H GROVE CITY, OHIO TR' Prescripfion SpeciaIis+s BE' H7965 S TA TLE Y'S BROAD AND JAMES TOWN AND COUNTRY SULLIVANT AND HURON Town and Country Shopping Cenfer FINE FEMININE FASHIONS TAT EAST SIDE CARRY OUT WEST SIDE CARRY OUT 34 N. JAMES RD. 3858 SULLIVANT AVE. BE. 5-8633 BR. 6-266l JAMES CORRONOVA Prop. Serving The Fines+ in American and Halian Foods PIZZA, SPAGHETTI, HOME-MADE ITALIAN RAVIOLI, SEA FOOD, STEAKS, CHOPS, AND CHICKEN ISO CompIimenIs of CAPITAL UNIVERSITY The worIcI's besi' people deal here. Why don'+ you? Ez, 3 AL. HALLAS SHELL SERVICE 4479 EAST MAIN STREET wr-IITEHALL Ia, on-no Complimenrs of W. T. GRANT 946 HAMILTON RD. 250I E. Main S+. KRISPY KREME King of America's Doughnurs 3923 E. Broad S+. Open 24 Hour BE I-5I20 HI-HAT DRY CLEANING Three Hour Service a+ Our PIan+ 3I63 E NAAJN ST. CCDLUhABUS.CDHH3 BE I-5659 Complimenrs of STAPLETON'S AUTO SERVICE 3380 E. MAIN ST. BE 5-8657 Prescrip+ion SpecialisI's CompIimenIs of LACEY'S REXALL DRUGS REWEAVING BE 5-6680 I2 E, TQWN ST. CQLUMBUSI OHIO 40-42 S. Robinwood, Town and Coun+ry COLUMBUS, OHIO TRENT'S BARBER SHOP Open 8 A.M. 'Io 6 P.M. Closed Wednesday CL 2-2444 2l90 Easi' Fif+h Ave. COLUMBUS, OHIO MEADOWBROOK INN 4785 E. Broad S+ree+ BE I-I228 AERO LAN ES sowuNe Bowl in Air Condifioned Comforfl 24 BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS 3650 E. Fi'F+h Avenue BE. 5-5040 FARMCREST BAKERIES I826 E. Livings+on Ave. COLUMBUS 9, OHIO CL 8-9533 BEXLEY GOODIE SHOPPE IEIIEFICIIII BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. of Columbus HOWARD L. SWONGER, Manager 4005 Easi' Broad Sfreef Town and Counfry BE I-2776 WHITEHALL - COLUMBUS I3. OHIO Make MOGOL'S Your Headquarfers for Your Smarl' SUITS SPORT COATS JACKETS SPORT SHIRTS SLACKS LEVIS For Men and Boys 858 S. HAMILTON RD. OHIO PACKING CO. Harvesl' Brand Meals Buy Wi+h Confidence- Serve Wilh Pride SINCE I907 McNALLY LUMBER CO 2020 LEONARD AVE. CL 3-748I Lumber, Millwork and Building Ma'I'eriaIs THE BARBER SHOP 3I69 EAST MAIN STREET BROADMOOR MARKET 352I E. BROAD ST. BE I-2924 Complimenls of SNIDER MEMORIAL CHAPEL 3230 E. Main Sfreel' BE 5-I229 or BE 5-3232 CEDARHURST LUMBER 84 SUPPLY CO. Building Maferial BE I-4558 3540 E. MAIN ST. Congra'rula+ions, l959 Cvraduafes f f "OI'IlO'S GREATEST SCHOOL OF BUSINESS" l3I E. Sfafe S+. Columbus I5, Ohio CA 4-4l I2 DAY SCHOOL NIGHT SCHOOL Norge Admiral LAING'S REFRIGERATION SERVICE 246 Cleveland Avenue COLUMBUS, OHIO OFFICE EMERGENCY CA mm AX I-4697 l54 I 'I in H 33, I wa ,wJ,,xXS:sQm,g, '53, by,-a":l,,.q'l"Ziag,1g1l'll"" 'Qui' games ,maxim Q-ywfiwahiy -rs1h'lF" H1 lvl! -31 'taxa Qmyfwki . K .. at hui 54 mga . gumlhx'-l ?X?-tim ia' mwxi m93""'umL xy ', ,.','g4"a""'68ymwf4'rK nut- ,l 'Wigan ,uw .tum W K ' ,- wzgqwzzsafu ' . I , X it 'K Q 3 +A 5: I K 4 t it u 1 ,Q ' u 15 rm' D U is in Kg. 1 5 In 1 ?'.u"'n 'u 'iw' . it 2 , u is Na in ' 55 , an ' ' ' as H " ' S 3 I l an A?g?gfMM,, .M ls I B .-E5 H qubu H ru , , , ,X 2 W W l u . h ' g Qi 1 . 1' if .sn 6 1 4 mf 19' ' A ' ,WZ l . xg., L ' . ' I 5 a sg ' SN-ttyl A ff, 3 -H . ' , " ' 2 i Q, ' ,H 0 f j K ' g .M 1' 4, up A ' L A as x 4' In ,V K M ,V . ' W L k f ,f ff! , K 35, I .1 is Q wk 'fag fr H ' J A , . L. L .wr Y Q V A A QV. ,ii Li 5 .Ay I. R Q A , f x - ' I u H - if Q gif? h' 7' 'F xx fw W 'QNX fps. JK X . Q ,J x 'Q If if ij X ,NR . I Q FR BEXLEY CAMERA COMPANY Cameras - Proiec'rors - Phoio Supplies H Tape Recorders - Accessories Color Processing - Phorofinishing Renrals and Repairs 273i E. MAIN ST. BE I-7400 JP CD J. CONFECTIONARY 2l68 E. FiHh Avenue HOURS DAILY 8 A.M. - ll P.M. THURSDAY 8 A.M. - I P.M I34 STORES COAST TO COAST We invi+e you +o open a junior charge accounf Pay as liH'le as 50c a week. EICHHORN'S A SU PER-MARKET l20O S. James Rd., Columbus, Ohio i 3370 E. BROAD ST. TOWN AND COUNTRY BERRY'S DRUGS 3396 E. Main S+ree+ BE I-0289 0 ll, I" Q DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST PLAZA PHARMACY 935 S. James Road James Road Shopping Cen+er QUALITY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY BE. 5-2426 ACKERMAN DRUGS BE. I-7668 2270 Eas+ Main S+ree+ Columbus, Ohio Fine Mea+s and Groceries FruiI's and Vegefables ERFURT'S MARKET 333 Easi' SI'uarI' HI 4-I I97 WE DELIVER PUB STEAK HOUSE 38 W. Gay S+. GOOD FOOD SERVED IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF OLD ENGLAND DUTTON'S INN I7I4 ZeH'Ier Road SOUPS AND SANDWICHES CONNELL'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for AII Occasions X Efjw-55 '61, ,,,, 1,0-" 2385 E. MAIN ST. BE. I-457I- I57 SLANE 81 JOHNSON MILLER'S GARAGE TEXACO I353 Lockbourne Rd. HI. 3-I I79 2906 E. MAIN STREET BE. I-0326 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '59 Complimenfs of Complimen+s of A FRIEND BOND BREAD Complimenfs of +I1e CLASS OF '59 COLUMBUS VEGETABLE PACKING CO. 3850 E. FIFTH AVENUE BE. I-I587 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DONALD J. HOSKINS D. J. ALSPAUGH, M.D. ATTY. RAYMOND L. SPOHR. D.D.S THOMAS R. CURRAN. M.D. JOHN F. KITCHTON, D.D.S. J. W. STRICKLER, D.D.S. ROBERT R. FREDA GEORGE w. Kwox, o.D. BERTRAM A. THALL, D.D.S. ATTY. PAUL W- H IDT D.D.S. R. G. WARBURTON o.D. ca-AMERTSEELDER. o.D. ROBERT R' SC M ' ' Compliments of GANDOLF FORD SALES, INC. 1 , FU n n L 5 2800 E. MAIN STREET BE. 5-347I I59 INTERNATIONAL LQUIL5. Scrum ' QUILL AND SCROLL members of I959: Mariorie Hillson and Judy Sferling, Co-Ediiorsg Sue Dose, Copy Edirorg Karen Groves, Class Ediiorg and Jean Kohar, Circularion Manager. QUILL AND SCROLL is ihe infernalional honorary sociefy 'for high school iournalisfs. The honor of membership in QUILL AND SCROLL goes ro Ihose who have shown high scholarship Iupper one 'Ihird of fhe senior class in scholasric srandingl, iournalisiic achievemeni' of superior qualiiy, and service fo our school. The Eas+moor Chap-Ier was charfered in I958 wiih Mrs. Hiclrs as advisor. Homeroom I09 was again firsf wifh one hundred per cen'I' enrolled as subscribers 'Io Ihe I959 SHIELD. Siaff member Dave Ray poses wri+ing up subscripfions for Barbara Gibson, Mr. Shurlow, Curi Taylor, and Dave Ray. Give Karen Groves a pai on fhe back for ihis achievement She was 'Ihe ac+uaI salesman assigned +o Homeroom IO9 who helped 'Ihem come in firsf again. THANKS MR. JOHN CONDIT ,.,.,.,,,,,,,,, ..,.,,,, ,,,,, P h qfography MR. HIGBEE .... .... A rl' Deparlmenl' MR- LEPPERT ......... Ed Lepperf S'I'udio MR- MCCORMICK ................. ..,. ........ .,,.. P u b Iisher's Advisor TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY ,,,, .,,A,,. .AA,,,AA, P u bligher TAYLQIIN ICDMIANY pf U X. ,X ,Q 4" ,I Q x 1? su H: ' "iii ki, in 5? 5, QA sq J , 'la I I ew , V ,2iiE, X 6. A Qg MW' j,g:Q,i, N kjlw ,ig 5 .54 fefgfg "' .f'.4-"Iwi-M M1 WIS f "':" W1 'F A 14' mqwfgf Q 2 A , 9 J 1. gp i Q .Q V,.,e N93 KW' , 3-'QQQQQI 5.3W?Zg'.-5? W3 MW 21 fa, 1, f If Q - Q1 . 3, bf 4' ,H 'R ' 'I1 -' :V ' I , , - W-.. , . , .. .MQ 1 Y I 1 s

Suggestions in the Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH) collection:

Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 38

1959, pg 38

Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 75

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Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 62

1959, pg 62

Eastmoor High School - Shield Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 129

1959, pg 129

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