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'WW ,. v 4 .Mm 'mn .num .Ma 1 551 --1 . WW. . M-ww.-aidasa.w-...,4.-new-ww... .. . , MM. W 4, 5 'gr il 5 ef M: 'gg Q 'W I .K A .-,ww PM 0 ' I s if ,Q ' e , f Qi: ' 7 w 0 an ' X Nb Q X S N X Xu: Q -4 ,A X 3 .Q- -.. at . Y' ...- -Q ,X Q NV A wfkam A -5 .NAM V 1 1 4 Ip. N. iw xxSx.x - 1' 'lx ,Q- go J S N " N 12:-. JN, --J , wi 1 1 . x up 1 f Q ' 1 ye auf 'M- V XM ,Y xi-0 ,. w as -qt' ,K-1-ahh X 1- fs . - ' s - TS ' , N sg . , x - l . . A ,, x . - M 3 N 5 S Q , .um . - - f K ' .. ' - xiii, ' 'Q I.: . X 1 4 X mil l x N, I , E.A5Tl4,AmPTOTf +4-ak SGML QQQ 4' Q Q xo fo as Q W ., S Q.: 4' la. 1 1 x 1' Y c . K X p I A - 1 - ' gh J ' 4 ixx- .5-' fb K 'V A , f"" 1-"xii ' wi 'L X , 7. - v - ' rid ,W .A AJ. A Q X!! k I Lf 1 231.2-x, fx 'Q Ifw fy KN-F V '-A 'A '- 1 'l ' F S' ' A ' K if--rzgli W A- 1 Q f- -T f if-S 1K Q f.ffQ , 'E'--"-""" ef.:---1 1- I gi iga f'E , 5 .if f-r ' Y .- xx? V - A - , -1- ' "T .-JT, Th Ki 4 lr f' f i , 1 ECHO STAFF Editor-in-Chief ........... ,,.,.,,. N ancy Mackie Associate Editor .... ........... S ally Breyer Business Manager ............., Donna Mitchell Advisor .,.,.,................,............................,,...............,....,....,..,,,,,,,..,,................ Miss Charlotte Pettee Lillian Lajoieii Margaret Duryee Deann Lebeauii Lucille LaPlante4i Beverly Graham Pauline Lukaszkiewicz Donna Mitchcllii Elodie F lcury Rosalie Parsonsii Carole Bridges Christine Marciszii Carol Borowski Mary Sandcrsii ii Chairman SENIOR FEATURES Irene So ja Joanne Gendreau ATHLETICS Marion Szumowski Virginia Riel TYPING Joyce McCarthy Carol Krawczyk Josephine Slater ADVERTISING Carol Schmidt Dorothy Stempel PHOTOGRAPHY Bernhard Kober Christine Skrzyniarz Mark Scott ART Barbara Zuzgo Pat Tourville ALUMNI 2 Theresa Ceberek Alyce Geryk Bruce Craig Corinne St. Martin Patricia Couchon Frank Skrzyniarz Ann Kapelcwski Christine Jankowski Cecile St. Martin Judy Watson Arlene Peabody To ble of Contents Administration ........,, Faculty ..t..,, Seniors, Class of l956 ..,..... .. Juniors, Class of 1957 .......... Sophomorcs, Class of 1958 Freshmen, Class of l959 Activities ....... Athletics .....,. The Your in Pictures Washington Trip ,,......... Our Advcrtiscrs ......,., ., MPTON HIGH S fQrXAN,0, HIGYX FOREWORD In this past year we have collected many wonderful and amusing incidents to store in the cubby-holes of our memories. In order to call them forth in days to come, we have endeavored to catch and reproduce some of these moments in this, our 1956 Echo. We have chosen the circus as our theme this year, for the lively spirit and good nature of the circus folk is not unlike that of our own friends here at E. H. S. It is easy to stretch our imagi- nations a little and draw some accurate and amusing comparisons between our acquaintances and activities here and those under the Big Top. We too, have our clowns, our acrobats, our star performers. This book, like the star's scrapbook, is our record of successful times, fun times, work times, all of which have been a part of our daily lives in Easthampton High School, and are here presented to you as you read on. . 5 We, the class of 1956, gratefully dedicate this page to Mr. Howell K. Thayer as a token of true recognition of his ever-ready help and patient efforts in behalf of this school and us through thirty-f1ve active years. Our school's excellent reputation is due, in large part, to his wisdom and alert, successful planning. Always interested, anxious to please, and willing to help not only the faculty, but also the students, realize their plans to the fullest extent, Mr. Thayer will always be remem- bered fondly and respectfully by all who have known him. 6 FWWWUW From o UI' Superinfendenf K. 4 P, FIX 9 H3 'W 324 Dr. James A. Bernard School Commiffee Arnold A. Wild, Chairman Albert A. Lussicr, Secretary Stanley F. Popiclarczyk William Lossone Raymond Shepard .132 THE CHALLENGE Students who are graduating from high school today are going to live in the most exciting period of civilization the world has known. The Class of 1956 will live faster, will need to accomplish more, will meet more people, will go more places, and will work at more complicated jobs than any people before us in all history. The "know-how" and the 'gknow-why" that equal accumulated learnings are now at your disposal, regardless of the road you may decide to travel. The Challenge is set. Accept it, Live it, and life will be meaningful to you. Godspeed and good luck. Q2,c,6.,,.,,., Lgfiuwae 8 Miss Bertha Voigt Secretary to the Superintendent Once more it becomes my pleasure and opportunity to wish the senior class God- speed and express the hope that the money and time that has been spent on them within these four walls has not been wasted. It is essential that we be prepared not merely to give all the brain-power we have, but to continue its cultivation in the future. Never before has eaeh item of knowledge been so potentially useful - so necessary for our survival. It is my sincere hope that the eharaeter and knowledge you have acquired will benefit you and the community in which you live so that peaee and prosperity may come to both of you in generous proportions. Bliss Ethel Voigt sw-' . fig? Guidance Department Mr. Kissell and Guidance Gffice Aides If you haven't met Mr. James Kissell, our new guidance director yet - even if you have met him - come along with me, and we'll get an interview - - Mr. Kissell was graduated from New Hampshire National High School, and then he went on to college. Before World War II he taught algebra, and with the coming of the war, he entered the service as a counsellor organizing task forces. Later, in his overseas work with the counter intelligence, he made use of his knowledge of the French, German, and Russian languages. Back in America again, while studying for his master degree, Mr. Kissell worked as a counsellor at the V. A. Hospital in Northampton. After receiving his master's degree, he returned to the public school system as a guidance director. Mr. Kisscll's goal in life is not only to give counselling to high school students, but to those who drop out of school, to unemployed and disabled people in the community, and to former graduates who are ready to move on to better jobs. From Mr. Kissell come these ever so true words for the youth of today, "The door is always open." 10 . x ' 4 11 To the Faculty We, the class of 1956, desire to express our heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and loyal assistance during our four years of high school. With your generous contributions of time and patience we have been successful in all our various endeavors. We now understand more fully the role our teachers play in these achievements and sincerely hope to prove our worth to you. 12 We, the Class of '56, dedicate this page to Mr. Alvan R. Lewis in sincere appreciation of his thirty-three years spent in patient under- standing, counsel, and instruction. We, who were fortunate enough to have been in his classes, realize more and more as time goes by how well he has prepared us. We shall always remember how he gave up many a week-day night to greet us at the door and take our tickets at basketball games. Friendly and helpful, Mr. Lewis is a former faculty member of whom Easthampton High School can always be proud. 13 WJ? 'Weir Cl-QCELIA H. BARANOYVSKI New York IlHiUI'l'.Slly Shorthand l, 2: Typing 2: Business Lawg SCCl'Cl2lI'lill Oflice Practice Advisor: Sophomore Class ARNOLD V. CLEARY I'nion C0llf'g'l',' Boston University Chemistry: Physicsg General Science Advisor: Fzlrully Manager of Athletics Advisor: Cheerleaders LIQOCADIA T BARNNOYVQKI Iirzrigewater .State Teachers Collegeg Springfield College Biology, World History KIQNN ETH XV. DOLLOFF New England Conservatory of Music Boston Universityj College of Music Music Supervisor 14 MRS. MARNIORIE E. ISEEISI-1 ill11s.s'1lr'l1usrlts S1'l1ool of Art Art Supervisor Advisor: The Charm Club HAZEL M. EAMES Franzinglzam Slate TCllflll'fS, College Household Arts Supervisor MARIAN S. GOODWVIN Salem Teachers' Collfffc College Typing Bookkeeping l, 2: Typing 1 it CLAUDIA M. FLEMING EDNA H. GRAHAM Our Lady of Elms College American College, Chicago, Illinois 3051077 U'm'f"'5'tY World Geography, Problems of English 1,2 Democracy: Driver Education Advisor: Senior Class HOWARD M. GRAHAM Springheld College General Science: Consumer Training: Physical Education Coach: Soccer: Baseball MARGARET LEE Middlebury College' Latin l, 2: English 4 Advisor: Student Council 15 Advisor: Dramatic Club Advisor: Freshman Class 4 5' 4 fl E s . se l x ttf? 'Z I x if v 45, jf . JS! LOU M. LYMAN Smith College l'uited States History: Civics Advisor: Good Government Day K S -IOSHPII NLXNNING l"ii!'lliHlI'g' Slnlz' 'l'rr11'l11'rs' Collwgz' Cllllllllbill l'ni111'r.sily xilllilllli Trnillilig CH.-NRLO'l"I'li E. PETTEE Colby Collwgvg l'11im'1'sity of Maine English l, 3, 4 Advisor: Ecllo LOUISE F. MISNER Boston Imivzfrsity l'11iz1crsity of Marburg, Germany Frcllcli l, 2, 33 English l ROLAND E. REED Fniversity of Massachusetts Business Trniningg Cmmucrcial .'XI'ilill1lCliCQ liconomics Couch: Buskcllmllg Tennis 16 PETER OKULSKY Michigan State Normal Physical Education Advisor: Tllmlmling ll 'WY' HILDA S. SMITH l'r1i1'1'rsily of Vf'l'H10lZf Ki2lfli1Cllli'lIiCS Advisor: Pro Nlcrilo r. 17 Senior Class Officers - ef, QL- gif Lffjlii JT? br 'L'.L,LQtAV8USu l s X. K 1 ,Q L y V wg, l. gm M I , t A es fn, X- e M'- L . f 'I W' 1 ,r,f,,,,fT W gi? Smeciil S fix V " I Q X ffmw. fL,:f,..L,,F L sr ik Lili, -fy -+ Tl - L x K ' if M. htwz f' or A W L s f L A L - UWL Q 559, Q-p:f1Lfm,2f EA ,1-1 ng: z ,L . iw. mam- W' V 1 Lfg 'L ,L 1 gk A 'V un.: ' ,nm LL V Wjf, " lm., - K is J 7 if ' ,X K ML L L L Q' ' L, 4 f ' f QL ya Q President ............,... ........L. T homas LaPlar1te Vice-President .....L. ............. E mclie Racicot Secretary .,.......... ......... J oannc Gcndreau Treasurer ...... ..L...L.LLLL P atricia Tourville Advisor ........ .L.L.... lN Iiss Claudia Fleming The School Song Wc'll always bc Easthampton High School Loyal and true, Three cheers for you, All through our schooldays, We pledge our hearts And when we are through. And ourselves to you. 18 gl 'X THERESA BALDYGA Tessie Sweater hend - Dick - mind on those wedding bells - peppy cheerleader and majorette - flitty - "Heyl" Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club l: Scribe 1, 23 Echo 3: Majorette 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Home Room Oflicer 1. Birthday: October 3 Plans: Marriage DONALD BASHISTA M0056 Our farmer - good looking, but bashful - cow puncher - Oh, that chem! - Southampton chaulleur. Baseball 3, 4, Pro Merito 3g Driver Education 3. Birthday: October 25 Plans: Stockbridge MARY L. BOBER Mania Helpful - a pizza eater - pranks with Berta - "Are you kiddingP?"- Mrs. Coolidge - dark complexion - never serious. Glee Club lg Echo l, 45 Party Committees 1, 2, 3, 4g Driver Education 3. Birthday: March 25 Plans: Secretarial Work W7 CAROL BORDYVSKI Cal Beauty contests - rosy complexion - the opposite sex - always has a gay time - music and art - seems in a hurry. Band 3, 43 Art 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Scribe 2: Echo 2, 3, 45 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Delegate 2: Driver Education 3. Birthday: December 12 Plans: College 19 WILLIAM BREYER Bill Dashing leading man - girl shy??P - studious - one of the quiet members - good ideas - surrounded by sisters. Pro Merito 3, 43 Driver Education 33 Senior Play 4. Birthday: August 12 Plans: College CAROL BRIDGES Busy clerk at McGowan's - youthful - "I don't know!!" soft spoken - quiet in school-but after? - photography. Glee Club 2, 33 Art 13 Echo 3, 43 Driver Education 4. Birthday: July 24 Plans: Piedmont College QGeorgiaj JOHN BROTHERS On the quiet side - a slow, but winning smile - If you have a question about guns, see john - ardent sportsman. Driver Education 4g Class Ofhcer l. Birthday: February 17 Plans: Air Force THERESA CEBEREK Ziggy - fashion plate - active cheerleader and majorette T. j's favorite cousin - vivacious - her own drawl. Glee Club 13 Dramatic Club 13 Echo 3, 43 Basketball 23 Majorette 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Party Committee 3, 43 33 Student Council 3, 43 Home Room Officer 23 Town Good Government 1, 23 4. Driver Education Otlicer 3, 43 Class Magazine Captain Birthday: October 3 , Plans: Holyoke junior College 4, f' 20 'Lt KQQWQF, 'ht PATRICIA COUCHON Pat Loquacious - petite and effervescent - easy to get along with - Lou's ticket-selling assistant - Anchors Aweigihl Echo 45 Party Committee 3, 43 Driver Education 3. Birthday: january 23 Plans: Secretarial YVork I . , , BRUCE CRAIG Brucer History whiz - mathPP? - J. D.'s 1, 2, 3, 4: "Oh yeah?" - competent captain - movies with Donna - neat dresser. Echo 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 43 Pro Merito 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Room Officer l, 2, 33 Town Good Government I, 2, 3, 41 Massachusetts Boys' State 33 Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. Birthday: September 4 Plans: College MARGARET DURYEE Maggie Our Veronica Lake - French accentP?? - stage femme fatale - troubled expressions - loves philosophical discussions. Band 2, 3, 4: Pro Merito 3, 4: Echo 3, 43 Dramatic Club lg Senior Play 43 Home Room Oflicer 25 Party Committee 2, 3, 4. Birthday: February 28 Plans: College jr ,- f!i',l , yu X Y., . , Y ,K RICHARD FAPPIANO Dick Tall, dark, and handsome - jo - that wellrtyped theme - "Don't worry about it" -- National Guard. Devil-may-care attitude. Basketball 1, 2, 3: Home Room Officer li Class Oflicer lg Driver Education 1. Birthday: july 23 X Plans: Air Force . A ,l , A V , K 21 CAROLE FINN Finny June bride - onyx ring - "Really" - astounding ability to memorize - Italian food - a quiet redhead? - "Yes ma'am." Glee Club I, 2, 33 Charm Club 1, 25 Scribe l, 23 Echo 2, 3, 43 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Delegate 2: Pro Merito 3, 43 Party Committee 1, 23 Driver Education 3. Birthday: March 2 Plans: Marriage ELODIE FLEURY Deedee Park Hill Orchards-family trips-hard worker-serious- return to Caesar - "What's the homework for tomorrow?" Glee Club 2, 33 Charm Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Echo 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Party Committee 2, 45 Driver Education 3. Birthday: February 8 Plans: Nursing , , JOANNE MARIE GENDREAU One of the gang - Dick's gal - "Oh, noi!" - ready with a smile - committees - "Insurance, anyone?" See jo. Glee Club l, 2, 3: Charm Club lg Scribe l, 25 Echo 1, 2, 3, 43 Pro Merito 3, 4g Student Council 3, 43 Home Room Officer 3, 43 Class Oflicer 3, 43 Town Good Government 1, 3, 4: Graduation Marshal 35 Party Committees 1, 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 3. ALYCE GERYK Alcia Shingle hair cut - green gym suit - Hamp boys - "W-H-A-TP?"-"Cut it out, you kids!"-snappy cheerleader. Glee Club l, 23 Scribe l, 23 Echo 1, 2, 3, 41 Cheerleader 3, 43 Class Officer lg Party Committees l, 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 3. Birthday: March l Plans: Holyoke Junior College 22 Birthday: September 28 Plans College BEVERLY GRAHAM Bev Norman - articles for hope chest - Emy's side kick - fifth period gossip - plays a mean horn - terrific personality. Glee Club 2, 33 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Home Room Oflicer 23 Town Good Government l, 33 Driver Education 3. Birthday: December 13 Plans: Secretarial Work DONALD HICKS Don The point system - interested in mechanics - allergic to homework - indifferent - active National Guarclsman. Soccer 2. Birthday: February 26 Plans: Air Force DAVID JAYES jazz Enthusiastic salesman for bargain days at Ed's - a great pal - likes to gah - catchy grin - wise cracks - junior girl. Band l, 23 Echo 43 Basketball 3, 43 Soccer 3g Student Council 3, 4: Home Room Officer 23 Town Good Government 2, 43 Good Government Day Committee 43 Party Committees l, 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 3. Birtllday: March 10 Plans: College DONALD R. JOHNSTON Don Automobiles and P? - Fishervman - that real gone mustache - tall - demerits for chewing gum - tardy room. Student Council 13 Home Room Ofiicer 2. Birthday: january 29 Plans: Air Force ,lf 2 3 Qg--rf' JEAN KAEPPEL jeannie Flirtacious - sorrowful eyes - pony tail - "That's great!" - cheering squad - always ready to give a hand - Bob! Glee Club l, 2, 3: Charm Club l, 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Scribe 1, 2: Echo 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Home Room Officer l, 2: Party Connnittee l, 4: Driver Education 3. Birthday: November 23 Plans: Secretarial NVork CHESTER KANIA Chet . "Those borrowed test tubes" - lo al E.H.S. fan - winter , . .. Y . . sportstnan - especially skiing - conndent - quick thinker. Tennis 3, 4: Pro Merito 3, 4: Town Good Government 3, 4: - Good Government Day Committee 4: Massachusetts Boys' State 3. Birthday: january ll Plans: Aeronautical Engineering 5 ni i' "'f"5 M, we ,., My ' ir ' .s ANN KAPELEWSKI Annie On the quiet side - never utters an unkind word - enjoys baby sitting - "Holy Catfish" - studies hard. Echo 4: Nurses Club 4: Driver Education 3. Birthday: April 15 Plans: Nursing CAROL KRANVCZYK Tootsie Bill - double dates - etticoats and more etticoats - . . P , P perpetual motion - nnnd of her own - ' Who, me?" Charm Club 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 1: Scribe 1, 2: Echo 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Pro Merito 3, 4: Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: Driver Education 3: Magazine Captain 4. 'QW' Birthday: December 19 Plans: Secretarial Work A 24 JAMES LACROIX jim Quiet, but friendly - takes flying lessons - interested in Civil Air Patrol - black Oldsmobile - likes to hunt. Driver Education 3. Butlzdax june 7 Plans.' Undecided THOMAS LACROIX Tom Chews toothpicks - enjoys arguing with Miss Lee - "Got an extra pencil?" - jim's "little" Brother - also likes to hunt. Echo 2. Birthday: August 28 Plans: Apprentice Course LILI IAN LAJOIE Lil Argumentative - changeable - blushes easily - long hair gone-middle man between Arlene's and E.H.S.-A-a-a-choo. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4g Charm Club l, 2: Scribe 2: Echo Board 3, 43 Pro Merito 3, 43 Nurses Club 43 Party Committee 1, 2. 3, 4: Driver Education 35 Town Good Government 4. Birthday: April 12 Plans: Boston University School of Nursing GLORIA LALIBERTE Glo joe, a steadying influence - fife player in drum corps - cooked the egg that Berta laid - H002 - cheerleader - crazy mixed up bangs. ' Glee Club 1, 2: Band 3, 45 Charm Club 1, 2: Echo 1, 2, 3, 45 Tumbling 1, 25 Cheerleader 3, 45 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3: Town Good Govemment 1, 2, 3, 4g Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. Birthday: February 12 Plans: Doerr Academy 25 SJ. A WVALTER LAN KARGE Walt Tic-tac-toe champ - Hatfield, Jessie, and the little green car - a born tease - oh, those jokes - 6' 2" - eyes of blue. Art l, 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Scribe l, 23 Echo 1, 2, 3: Party Committee 4g Columbia Scholastic Press Association Delegate, Driver Education 2. Birthday: March 30 Plans: Holyoke junior College LUCILLE LAPLANTE Lou Dimples -ticket selling at basketball games - "There's always room at my house" - laughing eyes - pleasant disposition. Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Charm Club l, 25 Scribe 1, 22 Echo 2, 3, 4: Student Council 23 Home Room Officer 2, 45 Driver Education 3. Birthday: July 23 Plans: Secretarial Work THOMAS LAPLANTE Tom Aggressive - born leader - bound to succeed - enjoys teasing girls - sharp dresser - all-around student - champ sax player. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2: Basketball l, 2, 33 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Pro Merito 3, 45 Student Council l, 2: Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Town Good Government 1, 2, 33 Party Committee 2, 3, 4: All State Band Representative: Graduation Marshal 3. Birthday: July 22 Plans: Air Force Academy ROBERTA LAPRADE Berta Giggles - natural curls - white Ford and Stacy -laid a hard boiled egg - enjoys life - NoP? Noll Glee Club 1, 23 Charm Club l, 23 Dramatic Club 2: Pro Merito 3, 45 Student Council 43 Home Room Officer 1: Town Good Government 33 Driver Education 33 Magazine Manager 43 Party Committee 2, 4. Birthday: April 21 Plans: Secretarial Work 26 LEONARD LAROCK Lennie Long and laughing - quick with an answer - argumentative - genius at work - Bobo's stage beau - politician. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Town Good Govern- ment 3, 45 Driver Education Representative 4. Birthday: july 9 Plans: Armed Forces DEANN LEBEAU Bobo Not too fond of studying - extracurricular activities - tin books - basketball whiz - carefree - Miss Lee's despair. Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Scribe 15 Echo l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Tennis l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council l, 25 Home Room Officer 1, 25 Town Good Government l, 2, 3, 45 Party Conl- niittees 1, 2, 3, 45 Driver Education 2. , Birthday: June 13 Plans: West Virginia Wesleyan NAN LOWE A valuable friend - never loud - Southamptonite - "Are we going to have a test today?" - helpful - likes to write letters. Charm Club l, 25 Dramatic Club 15 Scribe 1, 25 Driver Education 3. Birthday: February 16 Plans: Undecided PAULINE LUKASZKIEXVICZ Paula Gift of gab - Mr. Kissell's pal - can be found in study hall - inquisitive - contents of pocketbook - from soup to nuts! Glee Club 35 Echo 45 Driver Education 4. Birthday: August 9 Plans: Ofhce Work 27 lin NANCY MACKIE Nance Diets - '11 new one every day - portrait artist - "jane Eyre" - Homework?P - hI2ILl11Il1C'S despair - walking dictionary. Glee Club l, 2, 33 Charm Club l, 2, 33 Art Club l, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43' Senior Play 43 Scribe 1, 23 Echo 2, 3, 43 Editor-in-Chief of Echo 43 Columbia Scholastic Press Convention 23 Pro Merito 3, 43 Class Ofhcer 1: State Good Government Day 3, 43 Town Cood Government Day 3, 43 Contest 33 Driver Education 3. CHRISTINE MARCISZ Chris Moody - willing to help - Long "redl' freshman - "YVhat? XVho?" - hot rodder - her scrapbook - Echo Artist. Clee Club 2, 33 Art Club 23 Echo 2, 3, 43 Home Room Oflicer 2, 33 Cood Government Day 3, 43 Party Committees 2, 3, 43 Cood Government Committee 4. liirllzday: August 17 Plans: Burbank Hospital, Fitchburg, Mass. JOYCE MCCARTHY Party Committees 1, 2, 3, 43 American Legion Oratorical Birtlulay: October 12 Plans College Sophistication - Surprise! Hair cut -always neatly groomed JOYCE MCNAMARA Midge Helpful waitress at Mae's - square dancing - boys, boys, and more boys - good student - easy to get along with - AttendanceP?P? Clee Club l, 2, 33 Charm Club lg Pro Merito 3, 43 Student Council lj Driver Education 4g Magazine Manager 4. Birthday: August 13 Plans: Undecided 28 - quiet in school, but out??PP - seamstress - Fur collars. Glee Club 2, 33 Charm Club 1, 23 Echo 43 Party Committee 13 Driver Education 3. Birthday: December 20 Plans: Holyoke Junior College gi. S DONNA MITCHELL Beaming smile - natural leader - a twin - likes to study - admired by all - loads of clothes - will go far. Glee Club 1, 2: Scribe 1, 23 Echo Board 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 33 Pro Merito 3, 4: Student Council I, 2, 3, 43 Home Room Officer I, 2, 33 Town Good Government 43 Massachusetts' Girls' State 33 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 3: Magazine Captain 43 D.A.R. Pilgrim 4. Birthday: October 23 Plans: College WILLIAM MULLEN jerry Our A8cP representative - deep voice - likes to ski - drummer boy - that cozy corner in E. H. - Tootsie. Band 43 Soccer 2: Tumbling 2. Birthday: April 29 Plans: Air Force RICHARD NADOLNY Spike Displays ability in all he undertakes - table tennis champ- one of the gang-Coach Graham's pal-an all-around good guy. Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer l, 2, 3, 4: Pro Merito43 StudentCouncil2,4g Town Good Government2,3,4. Birthday: March 12 Plans: Holyoke Junior College ROSA LIE PARSONS 4-H rooter - musically inclined - ambitious - a brain and a half - "Oh, yeah, hey?" - eats apricots for red hair. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Band 4: Orchestra l, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 3: Scribe 1, 25 Echo 3, 45 Pro Merito 3, 45 Home Room Oflicer lg Party Committee 2, 3, 43 Eastern States Exposition Representative 43 Driver Education 3. Birthday: july 17 Plans: University of Massachusetts 29 STANLEY PARZYCH Stan Religious ed chauffeur - instigator - Paul Bunyon behind the saw - - John's Fine Foods' handy man - sly twinkle. Basketball 23 Baseball 1, 23 Soccer l, 2: Town Good Govern- ment 2, 43 Party Committee 2, 35 Driver Education 3. Birthday: March 4 Plans: Holyoke junior College EMELIE RACICOT Emy Tiny and energetic - Andy - Bev's loyal friend - French horn - active band president - an outdoor gir1-speeches- on any subjectl Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 33 Tumbling l, 2, 35 Pro Merito 3, 4: Student Council 33 Home Room Oflicer 2, 33 Class Officer 45 Town Good Government 2, 3, 43 Party Committee 2, 35 Driver Education 3. Birthday: November 5 Plans: Oflice lNork THELMA ROUKEY Newest member - anxious to settle down - Gil - sincere - fascinating hairdos - expressive eyes - more bounce to the ounce. Basketball 45 Tumbling. Birthday: May 14 Plans: Marriage EDWARD ROUTHIER Ed Civil Air Patrol - spare moments in a certain freshman homeroom - "Where's my crutches?" - hot rod? Town Good Government 4. Birthday: July 17 Plans: Electronic Engineering 30 MARY LOU SANDERS Her dog Noodles - dig that crazy English Ford - Holyoke - swimming instructor - not still for very long. Clee Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 33 Scribe 23 Echo -lg Town Good Government 33 Party Committees 2, 3, 45 Driver Edu- cation 3. liirtlzday: April 10 Pl1u1s.' College -F gig riii ' S S ,.,., t K V il CAROL scmnnr lslomzff vii A Natural blonde curls - Southamptonite - steady dater - L 2 5 whistle bait - conscientious - Nan's side-kick - future Q - beautician. . N' Charm Club lg Echo 4: Tumbling 3, 43 Pro Merito 33 Home . we A ,Q Room Ollieer 13 Driver Education 3. , , ,ji Birthday: December 26 Plans: Doerr Academy r. . XVILLIAM G. SCHUMANN, JR. Bill Shortwave listener - neat appearance - uXVllZll'S that?" - the silent type - dark, wavy hair - Jin!!! Dramatic Club l: Pro Merito 3, Al, Driver Education -lp Driver Education Convention -l. Birthday: April 10 Plans: Secretarial Work ROBERT SKROCKI Bob Fun-loving - "Oh-No!" - Happy-go-lucky - l'auline's man! - tennis whiz - patronifes all school dances. Basketball 33 Tennis 2, 3, -lg Student Council 3g Party Committees 35 Driver Education 4. Birtlzdrly: August 30 Plans: Radio and TV or Barbering 31 Wi ...A-f X97 FRANK SKRZYNIARZ Slide rule genius - the classics - the gray Chevie - Falls delivery man - haunts the Majestic - tall 'n lanky. Pro Mcrito 33 Home Room Officer lg Town Good Govern- ment l, 43 Massachusetts Boys State 33 Driver Education 4. Birthday: July 9 Plans: Engineering JOSEPHINE SLATER jo Quiet and reserved - perfect secretary - likes dramatics - good cook - indifferent to boys - China blue eyes. Charm Club 13 Art lg Dramatic Club l,2, 3,43 Senior Play 43 Echo 43 Pro Merito 3, 43 Driver Education 4. Birlllzlay: November 6 Plans: Undecided X f., CECILE ST. MARTIN Sis Mischievous - never a dull moment - broken eye glasses. T good longshots in basketball-doesn't seem to Yk'0l'fY-"DCN'll. Dramatic Club 1, 43 Scribe 1: Basketball 3, 4: Party Com- mittee 33 Driver Education 3. 1 Birthday: March I4 Plans: -Army CORINNE ST. MARTIN C0131 Cheerleading, co-captain with Theresa - Miss Lyman's study hall - Kenny - vivacious - horses - "Baby. Echo 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 23 Home Room Oflicer 23 Class Ollicer 13 Party Committee 1, 23 Driver Education 3. Birthday: September 22 P10115-' OWCC Work 32 DOROTHY STEMPEL Dolly Springheld College and Tommy - "1'm perturbed." - the role of grandma - a friendly way - witty - telephone hend. Glee Club l, 21 Charm Club l, 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 43 Scribe 2: Echo -lg Party Committees l, 2, 3, 41 Driver Education 3. Iinllzdax April 19 Plans: Holyoke junior College JAMES STONE jimmy Pastel-colored shirts - happy-go-lucky - a friend to all - good sportsmanship - oral talks - 'l'.j.'s pal. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Room Oflicer 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Ofhcer 2, 33 Town Good Government l, 2, fl, 4: Party Committees 2, 3,43 Driver Education 33 Graduation Marshal 3. PATRICIA TOURVILLE Pat Sweet smile - Patsy and Ratsy - sports fan - wonder why - likes to doodle - active - more giggles. Glee Club 2: Charm Club 23 Art l, 2: Scribe l, 2: Echo 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Pro Merito 3, 4: Student Council 2.4: Home Room Otbcer 2, 3, 43 Class Ofbccr 3, 43 Town Good Government Day 1, 2, 3, 43 Party Committees 1, 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 33 Graduation Marshal 3. Birthday: April 5 Plans: Holyoke Junior College Birthday: April 24 Plans: College THOMAS WALSH T. j. Our jerry Lewis - llirtatious - inlluential member - the long way home - class politician - will try anything. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 1: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 43 Home Room Oflicer 1, 43 Town Good Govern' ment 3, 43 Party Committee I, 2, 3, +3 Driver Education 3. Birthday: February 17 Plans: Armed Forces 33 W .f GAIL XVOLFRAM Woolly Fun-loving - that asthma - "Oh, my goodness!" - her "Honey" - Got a cold?-Sec Gail for Kleenex - party giver. Glee Club l, 2, 33 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Echo 2, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Student Council 33 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Driver Education 3. Birthday: February 27 Plans: Nursing STANLEY ZAXVACKI Stan jo's cousin - Civil Air Patrol - shutter bug - outvdoor type - cabin in the woods??? - Someone mention POLKASP Driver Education 43 Senior Play 43 Soccer 3, 43 Dramatic Club l. Birtlzdoy: May l8 Plans: Aviation Class of 1956 34 Pro Merifo Society The Pro Nlerito Society is composed ol students who, through conscientious study during their years of high school, have maintained an average ol I5 or hetter in their niajor suhjects. This honorary society isa state organization with chapters in about fifty high sehools. Our Pro Merito advisor is Bliss Ililda Sinith. The following nineteen menihers of the Class of ,56 have worked hard to maintain the necessary high grades for Society membership. Yvlllllllll llreycr Joanne Cendreau lhonias l,aPlante Donna Mitchell lYilliain Schumann Bruce Craig Chester Kania Roherta Laprade Richard Nadolny Josephine Slater hlargaret lluiyee Carol Krawezyk Nancy Mackie Rosalie Parsons Patricia lourville Carole Finn Lillian Lajoie -loyce lxIi'Nl1IIllll'2l Enielie Roscoe At the end of the Sophomore year a student with a B average becomes a junior Pro Kierito. Seven students front the Class of 1937 have achieved this goal. Sally Breyer Richard Erush Charles Patterson Blarie Waltz Olga Dailvde jacqueline Girouard Irene Soja 35 H . V ,fm Long, Long Ago A H A , v V xZf,e2wy,f, , XM' as Hu I fr, 1 2 ' M7 1 Q mi N 'ff i XM Q N 'dw' 4 xx M 0 XX W 1 QI. 4 y Ol Khvnw v-Ax Lkuvkw N' 4 -A - sw if vu r K. K Y L.. ,,, '24 A KT - A YY F . Theresa Cchcrck Leonard LaRock My i 'K W' ' A .L is? l W Ahbb , TX . Mm' 5 ' if Stanley Znwzlcki "W Joanne Cclldrcalu if V' 1' Q Thomas Walsh Donald Hicks Thomas Lal'l:mte k if :md Crahrnn Q Gloria LaLihcrtc X ig fi rr X r "l -'iixhfhi ' . l ' l rl ,,. 5 I 'YN . - MVVLY iwiiuxcs f ..,,, 1 if 7 A ,xv '- Wag- .S K lf William Breyer Carol Borowski - Q., "" Q I lg ' li., QQ - . A . f W s ,Ag ' r Q L71-A7 - 151111 XV . h X' W W "0 'ik' ' CS and T i KHPCXCWN hon . . A Ann Us L-lffroix 36 1n,,,w 4 Long, Long Ago .LU-ev Pzxulinc I.llk1lYlixi4'WiCl Tom LaCroix Gail NVolfrnm I Robert Skrocki Mary Bohcr 5 I Q aff i 7" Roberta I,aPmdc x QQ k 3, E , X: i - W .tw ' ' :Q-If, " xw, Q ' A , ' K mmm. A ' i Carol Schmidt Richard Fnppiano iim Laiirmx .ICJIII 37 49 .,, i ,W " Xwasxcg XC clay 0 tal? K Bill Schumann, jr. A, 1 ' , X A ' an Q 5,2 ' :wily 1 , - S-A Walter Lnnknrgc i 1 KHCPIJQI Long, Long Ago 611 Lowe Tom LaCroix Mary Sanders 1 7 ! 1 I ,M Nancy Mackie s l i., W l james Stone Donald and Joyce McCarthy Lillian 1.31016 Frank Skrzynlarz ' , W I f-. l V f 'Z ' ' .M ,, ,yy ,, , f 3 exe .'l," Xogx A, A . , V ,Lk Joseph inc Slater Dorothy Srcmpel ah 6 ac,- pylc co, 38 ue' H, , A, X' EM 9 W Elnelie Racicot Corinne St. Marlin Beverly Graham Thomas LaPlanle Da 11011 Recognize William Schumann jean Kaeppel Josephine Slater Joyce McCarthy Carole Bridges Mary Sanders Lucille Lal'lante Robert Skrocki W . KM N' 4 wg. Joyce McNamara L Bfllfff Craig Rosalie Parsons 39 F ,L SENIOR PLAY Havin' fun, fella? With sincere apjlrcciation . . . I Plzew! We made it! 'cWish on the Moon," the annual Senior play, provided delightful entertainment for an appreciative audience on Febru- ary 3, 1956. Jenny Latimer fNancy Mackiej is a shy wren of a girl who has trouble making friends in a new town until Tess QDeann Lcbeauj and her brother Eddie QStanlcy Zawackij make her feel more at home. Pat fW'illiam Breyerj a popular boy at school, steals Jenny,s heart without her knowing that Barbara QMargaret Duryecj is Pat's girl. The situation causes Gran fDorothy Stempell and Mrs. Latimer fjosephinc Slatcrj a great deal of worry before the plot reaches its satisfactory ending. Carol Borowski and Leonard LaRock played Tess's sister and boyfriend, respectively. The play was directed by Principal Howell K. Thayer. 40 Om Most Popular Girl JOANNE GENDREAU Best Looking Girl CAROL SCHMIDT Best Actress NANCY MACKIE Most Musical Girl GAIL WOLFRAM Wittiest Girl ROBERTA LAPRADE Best Athlete - Girl DEANN LEBEAU Best Artist - Girl NANCY MACKIE Aflost Likely to Succeed-Girl ROSALIE PARSONS Most Flirtatious - Girl JEAN KAEPPEL Best Example of School Spirit - Girl JOANNE GENDREAU Most Popular Boy JIM STONE Best Looking Boy DICK FAPPIANO Best Actor BILL BREYER Most Musical Boy THOMAS LAPLANTE Wittiest Boy THOMAS WALSH Best Athlete - Boy BRUCE CRAIG Best Artist - Boy THOMAS LAPLANTE Most Likely to Succeed--Boy THOMAS LAPLANTE M ost Flirtatious - Boy WALTER LANKARGE Best Example of School Spirit --Boy BRUCE CRAIG Reviews of the Posf Four Years 1952 - 1953 Entering the halls of E. H. S. we were ably guided by our class advisor, Mr. Reed. Amid the confusion of plans for our first big project, the Freshman- Sophomore Party, we elected as class officers: president, Alice Gerykg vice-president, john Brothers, secretary, Corinne St. Martin, treasurer, Nancy Mackie. Much to our joy, Margaret Duryee won the Urban-Fleming Memorial Prize for outstanding work in General Science, and Nancy Mackie was presented the Helena C. Evans Art Award. 1953 - 1954 September found us again in these familiar corridors. Leading us was Miss Lee, followed by James Stone, president, Richard Fappiano, vice-president, Theresa Ceberek, secretary, Thomas LaPlante, treasurer. Being "old hands" at high school life, we participated actively in social, athletic, and academic iields. The year passed rapidly, and much to our astonishment it was June and We were eagerly looking ahead to our Junior year which was in sight. 1954 - 1955 There we were, on the third lap of our journey. This year found as our class officers: president, Thomas LaPlanteg vice- president, James Stone, secretary, Joanne Gendreaug treasurer, Patricia Tourville. Our indispensable advisor was Mr. Lewis. With his help we sponsored the Junior Party. We were proud to learn that Bruce Craig was awarded the Susan M. Mullaly Prize in French, and also the History Award offered by the International Relations Committee of the Woman's Club. Chester Kania re- ceived a prize for outstanding work in Physics. Representing E. H. S. at Girls' State was Donna Mitchell, and at Boys' State were Bruce Craig, Frank Skrzyniarz, and Chester Kania. 42 1955 - 1956 Full of excitement, we entered E. H. S. in September for the last lap of our journey. To lead us through the year was Miss Claudia Fleming, giving us her willing assistance whenever we needed it. As class officers, we elected: Thomas LaPlante President Joanne Gendreau Secretary Emelie Racicot Vice-President Patricia Tourville Treasurer Representing us at Student Council were Bruce Craig, James Stone, Richard Nadolny, David Jayes, Roberta Laprade, Patricia Tourville, Donna Mitchell, and Joanne Gendreau. Our magazine campaign proved to be very profitable. High seller for the Crowell Company was Lillian Lajoie, and Donna Mitchell took honors for the Curtis Company. Pictures, pictures, pictures! Yes, the months of February and March proved to be quite exciting ones with all of us rushing about gathering Senior pictures of our classmates. The Senior play, "Wish On the Moon", was a tremendous success. The cast, under the direction of Mr. Thayer, gave a superb performance. One of the outstanding features of this year was our annual Senior Class trip to Washington, D. C. This, indeed, was a thrill- ing experience. As chaperones, Mr. Arnold Cleary and Mrs. Marjorie Beebe did a line job. In June, along with the Juniors, we put on the Senior Prom. This was a gala affair. To wind up this, our final year in E. H. S., we are all looking forward to Class Night and finally the big step, graduation. We will leave behind us many pleasant memories of these past four years at E. H. S. Joanne Gendreau Secretary 43 Hlass Will The last will and testament of the Class of 1956, of the town of Easthampton, County of Hampshire, State of Massachusetts, made and published this 15th day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred Fifty-six. We, the Class of 1956, being of sound mind and body do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament in manner following: First: to the entire school we bequeath the spirit of the Class of "56." Second: to the Juniors-our exuberant spirits and good sportsmanship. Third: to the Sophomores-our best wishes for luck and success. Fourth: io the dFreshmen-our wealth of friendliness and our enthusiasm or stu ying. Fifth: our individual bequests: 5 Theresa Baldyga leaves her engaged status to Carol Mimitz. Donald Bashista leaves his good nature to Red Gwinner. Mary Bober leaves her seriousness Q???J to Marilyn Green. Carol Borowski leaves her dignified walk to Carol Cooper. William Breyer leaves his acting ability to Alan Novak. Carol Bridges leaves: her sister remains. John Brothers leaves his quietness to James Coopee. Theresa Ceberek leaves her majorette uniform and dented baton to Holly Osborn. Patricia Couchon leaves her letter writing to Arlene Newton. Bruce Craig leaves his pitching arm to Ralph Benham. Margaret Duryee leaves her uncovered eye to Carol Kinlock. Richard Fappiano' leaves his curls to Bob Nace. Carole Finn leaves her red hair to Joan Barbour. Elodie Fleury leaves her studying techniques to Peter Wild. Joanne Gendreau leaves her friendliness to Jackie Girouard. Alyce Geryk leaves her blue eyes to Larry Truehart. Beverly Graham leaves her quick temper to Marjorie Morrison. Donald Hicks leaves his morning parking spot to Judy Fisher and all the others. David Jayes leaves his spot on the warm up bench to Ronnie Bouchard. Donald Johnston leaves his parking place to Winkie Krawczyk. Jean Kaeppel leaves her bouncy pony tail to Betty Schott. Chester Kania leaves his broken seat in Doc's room to Max. Ann Kapelewski leaves her helpful waysto' Marie Waltz. Carol Krawczyk leaves, much to Miss Baranowski's dismay. James LaCroix leaves with his little brother Tommy. Thomas LaCroix leaves with the school's supply of pencils hidden only the Lord knows where. Lillian Lajoie leaves her king-sized sneezes to any underclassman who wishes to enliven a dull class. Gloria Laliberte leaves her weekly place at Mae's to Carol Poudrier. Walter Lankarge leaves his height to Richard Bernier. Lucille LaPlante leaves her winning ways to Christine Golas. Tommy LaPlante leaves his leadership ability to Bob Graham. Roberta Laprade leaves still arguing with Tommy LaCroix. Leonard LaRock leaves his dry humor to Donald Amlaw. Deanne LeBeau leaves her trumpet to Joanne Schmidt. Nan Lowe leaves her smile to Beverly Carter. Pauline Lukaszkiewicz leaves her talkativeness to Anthony Nadroski. Nancy Mackie leaves her acting ability to Mary Pat Daley. Christine Marcisz leaves her moods to Eddy Fondakowski. Joyce McCarthy leaves her quiet reserve to Irene Soja. Joyce McNamara leaves her accent to Christine Jankowski. Donna Mitchell leaves her wardrobe to Dot Lagowski. William Mullen leaves his Tootsie's hand-holding corner to Richard Hatch and eanie. illichard Nadolny leaves his good intentions to Richard LaPlante. Rosalie Parsons leaves her industrious ways to Eileen Hefferon. Stanley Parzych leaves his warm personality to Joe Watson. Emelie Racicot leaves her sports ability to Pauline LaFlamme. 44 Edward Routhier leaves his girl - but not to anyone. Mary Sanders leaves walking her dog Noodles. Carol Schmidt leaves her natural blonde hair to those who have to use peroxide. William Schumann leaves his wireless to all who are interested in listening to people talk on the telephone. Robert Skrocki leaves his sly remarks in English to David Mitchell. Frank Skrzyniarz leaves his studious ways to any under-classman who feels like studying. Josephine Slater leaves her speed in shorthand to any junior who can do half as well. Dorothy Stempel leaves her extensive vocabulary to Charles Patterson. Jimmy Stone leaves his admirers to Bernie Kober. Cecile St. Martin leaves her weird laugh to haunt the halls of E. H. S. Corinne St. Martin leaves her cheering uniform to Carole Kinlock. Pat Tourville leaves her chemistry ability to Barbara Klekotka. Tommy Walsh leaves his "snap courses" to any freshman who may need the credits. Gail Wolfram leaves her mischievous ideas to Maryann Parrow. Stanley Zawacki leaves his love for the outdoors to Carol Landry. The foregoing instrument was on the date above given and in our presence, signed, sealed, published, and declared by us, the Class of 1956, the testator, named therein, and as for our last will and testament, hereupon we, the under- signed, at our request, and in our presence, and in the presence of, each other, have hereunto signed our names as witnesses thereto: ft? .Ma ?1,',.'.,, 45 Wkfiwyv was 9'?K"'A""r' Mf wifi? amgzwfga W A 3 MW W, Mfwv I . jg , 34593 W M wx' W MW A EY J S1 Mfg! 95' Jglz 5 H15 ,M My ii KQMOQQLMV Qiyfwyi , W 3 :W QS Class Officers President ...,..,................................... Charles Patterson Vice-President .......... .....,.........,., R obert Craig Secretary ..,........... ........ A llen Howland Treasurer .. ............... Marie Waltz Advisor ..,..... ......... M iss Lou Lyman Junior Class History We had an exciting and successful year with our advisor, Miss Lou Lyman, who helped us with the problems and pleasures of our Junior party and other social events in which we were partners. With our able and helpful class officers, Charles Patterson, president 5 Bob Craig, vice-president, Allen Howland, secretary 3 and Marie Waltz, treasurer, we all took part in many school activities - the Student Council, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, and ever-winning school teams. We were pleased to join in and help the seniors in their graduation exercises and to take part in Boys' State at Amherst. We are pleased with our new vocational advisor and other teachers for whom we labor long and hard. We shall live to see new changes in administration and students come about with each new year, but the heart and spirit of the school are changeless. 48 Donald Amlaw ,I Carol Cooper Robert Craig judith Fisher Edward Fondakowski Joanne Baceski Ralph Benham Sally Breyer Olga Dailyde Richard Erush al 3 wt if ' . if Jacqueline Girouard A Marilyn Green Richard Hatch 49 Eileen Hefferon Allan Howland Carol Kinlock Florence Kmwczyk Richard Krzanowski Eileen Labrie Dorothy Lagowski Barbara LaMere Beverly Mercer Carol Mimitz Linda Mitchell Marjorie Morrison 50 Anthony Nadroski Arline Newton Howard Newton Walter Niemiec Hollace Osborn Charles Patterson Arline Peabody Carol Poudrier Betty Schott Irene Soja Richard Suleski Marion Szumowski Marie Waltz 51 W is Oclda cmd Pretty Who said a-y+-Q--1-v-Q--.-1 Hiya, Teacher! The Terrible Tom M X , XX K 3 V I 'F' N is , Y. . ki ..... K .V I Ls .ls , hr-Q M ig ggtvk I H: ffx uf A A 1 lg, .J ,, Q XL . Crowning Glory Angels in the outfield 52 Class OFFicers Prcsidcnt ...,.......................,,..,........,,.,.,........ Virginia Riel Vice-President ..........,. .......... B arbara Klckotkzm Secretary ...,..........,. ...,...... C hristinc Skrzyniarz Treasurer ..,...... ..........,,,,.,....,........,. j oycc Parsons Advisor .......... .......... M iss Cecilia Baranowski is ii . Ay, .V -if - vr 53 I Sophomore Closs History Time certainly flies, for here we are at the end of our second year at East- hampton High. Memories of our past two years will always be near to our hearts. Last year our class officers were Robert Nace, president, Richard LaPlante, vice-president, Marie Pratt, treasurer, Christine Skrzyniarz, secretary, and Irene Marcisz and Robert Graham as our Student Council representatives. Miss Goodwin was our Freshman Class advisor. Barbara Klekotka won the General Science Award for the Class of 1958. In the spring we helped sponsor the Freshman-Sophomore Dance which proved to be a great success., At the close of our Freshman year we were looking forward to our Sophomore year. Miss Cecilia Baranowski was appointed as our Sophomore advisor. We elected Virginia Riel as our president, Barbara Klekotka as vice-president, Christine Skrzyniarz as our secretary, and Joyce Parsons as our treasurer. J. Dempsey, I. Marcisz, R. Laplante, and G. Dion represented us in the Student Council. Virginia Riel and Barbara Longto did a great job as second team cheerleaders. Bernhard Kober played a good game of basketball this year. We are very proud of his playing in the basketball tournament. We are looking forward to our remaining years at E. H. S. 54 Karl Adamski judith Beebe . David Bergeron Richard Bernier Barbara Besko Jean Bouchard Ronnie Bouchard Gloria Boyle William Brooks Joyce Campbell Beverly Carter Beth Cooper Patricia Cybulski jeanne Czamecki Janet Dempsey George Dion Robert Faivre Wayne Fowles 55 S 5 A dial. Jacqueline Geoffrey John Glowacki Florence Goral Robert Graham feapfxh ,J gl David Huntley Janice Jackson Christine Jankowski Daniel King Barbara Klekotka Bernhard Kober Judith Kober Joanne Kulikowski Pauline LaFlamme Sidney Lancto Richard Laplante Carole Lawnicki Barbara Longto Linda Lyman 56 wp' Carol Marcimyk 5 t Q73 Cecile Pariseau Virginia Riel VN inf' P Lawrence Truehart 2 ig -s- nest-Qs. i x Q ' fqxfxyigf tt sseiftse-Sw .. Y 5 5, 5 f Peter Wild Irene Marcisz Mary Parrow Mark Scott Louise Vescovi f , 'flfi-if' 24" nift y K Q' - in 1- 1 .Q ..:.,., ,,.. 1 .-.. .,,,,:...... ...., . I Maureen YVrisley agar' .-I Peter McLaughlin Robert Nam A W gys ms fm inn' r WW!i' Joyce Parsons Marie Pratt ss 'V5 1 : if Y w joan Senecal Christine Skrzyniarz ,gr " y an fff f, ' , N il , ff' gg fqg ,r W x Q , .,,., J tg' 4 A 4 Q Qt-' J Judith Watson Barbara Wiemasz Thomas Zabek Barbara Zuzgo Brrrrr! Look out ahead! BITS cmd PIECES Don. Frank, Bob and Tom 1,39 V: How many, please? ,J Who arc the smiles for? 58 Don't shoot ! ! ! Fomml and Frilly QS f A I I Q 1 YVh0 said that? Class OFficers President ,..... .....,...... ,.,,,... ..... ,,..,...................... G i I b crt Sena Vicc-Prcsidcnt .......,... ,,...,...... H cnry McDermott SCC.-Trcas. ...,, 4........,.....,,....... J oan Barbour Advisor .. ......,,. Miss Edna Graham Freshman Closs History The Freshman Reception was the first exciting event for the Freshman Class. We enjoyed our initiation in which we all tried to be good sports, afterward, we were treated to a dance and refreshments. We elected Gilbert Sena as our class president, Henry McDermott, vice- president, Joan Barbour, secretary-treasurer, and Chester Malinowski and Joan Rozycki as Student Council Representatives. Miss Graham was assigned to us as our advisor. Several of our boys were on the soccer, baseball and junior varsity basketball teams, and we were very proud to be represented by Edward Gwinner and Adam Worpek on the Varsity Basketball team. Many of us took part in extra curricular activities, such as tumbling, Glee Club, and -Band. Charles Emerson took part in the State Good Government Day contest. A good percentage of our Freshman Class made the honor roll. Changing our representatives for the second semester, we elected James Coopee and Carol O'Kulsky to represent us in Student council. In the spring, we sponsored a F reshman-Sophomore Dance which was enjoyed by the many students who attended. . We have enjoyed our freshman year at E. H. S. and are all looking forward to many more delightful experiences in our future years here. 60 Freshman Home Rooms QQQQ 99 First Row, left to right-T. Adamski, Adams, R. Briere, M. Chase, P. Rorowski, Bishop, P. CCSHBT, Bednarz. Second Row-D. Bielanski, D. Bernier, A. Cormier, L. liootli, M. Bassett, J. Carenzo. Third Row-M. Baca, P. Bergeron, Coopee, D. Cernak, llator, Barlmour, A. Berry, L. Bridges. 1 Gin First Row, left to right? Gingras, A. Dion, BI. Fortier, M. Kania, Coyle, C. Golas, M. Daly, V. Czelusniak, A. Crepeau, E. Frennier, C. Kosier, G. Frazier, E, ClXVlIlI'1L'f. Second Row' YC, Ernerson, E. Kapinos, E. Kagan, Kowalezyk, F. Kingsley, M. Ethier, James, O. Fislix C1 'l' I ' -' mr, mc,C.fmcrm, J. lxleliszek. 'I lurd Row g C. Helllwell, E. Kelly, C. DeDeuwarder, li. Dewey, R. Kowalski, Doyle, P. Ilnieky, H. Kulon, K. Davies. 61 Freshman Home Rooms me-5, First Row, lviit to right-WS. IJZIIJZIII, V. LCschcw'c'r, Lumontzignc, KI. LziR0c'k. E. Nfoynihgm, G. Mc'rt'vr, CI. Limdry. Smworid Row--C. L2iF0llIlt2liIl, C. hlzxlinowski. A. Nowak, I,. I,zilN1vr0, R. Laxvigiu-. G. I,:1Roc'k. R. Novak, Third ROW4 Ii. Nforin, C. LnPrz1d0, H. lN1CUOrmott, T. Nizircil, S. hlillvlg hi. Nfusizll. Q SU FT' .V ......... First Row, lvft to right-S. Pctccn, B. Timm-tt. M. Scott, NI. Pctccn, Southnrd, D. Sullivan, G. Sona, S. Rockcy, Rozycki. Second Rowfj. Schmidt, S. Oalmixry, A. Tcwicr, P. lilldiL'iOI1L', U. Russvll, F. Stzlsz, A, Prvss, Sclfzm, C. Sulzywki. Third Row-f1XI. Rogowwki, li. Pcgihocly, Pcltivr, C. Okulsky, A. Schwartz, R. Struthvrs, R. Pzlwlikoski, G. Stgiplcs. 62 Freshman Home Rooms A A l First row, left to right-K. Skrzyniarz, A. Vcillcux, N. Tourvillc, H. Wing, A. Worpck, R. Von Huscn, D. York. Sccond row+P. Wfing, Turgcon, C. Yamilkowski, P. Ziclvnski, E. Young F. Thouin, R. Thibcault, Tcssicr. Third row S A. Turcottc, A. Zawacki, A. Wroblcski, U. Vinum J. Tcssicr, R. Tcssicr, R. Wrislcy, R. Trudeau. OHicia1 welcome gi ug The Lineup Peck-a-boo! I x I iw -1 5 f , Q,. 3? -A 6 A.. . ...ia m y .E , V . ...i ' W Bread line! ,Aff , if 2 f wake: Whose knees? So I said to him Sportsman 64 gn, Trapped by a - - - 4 Stand back now 'RW -This - - - and women X JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1955 "Mardi Gras," the theme of the Junior-Senior Prom, provided the decoration committee with an abundance of inspiration. The E. H. S. gymnasium seemed transported to New Orleans with its gay balloons, streamers, and original mask decorations. Lovely girls in lovely gowns, and boys handsome in tuxedos, swirled around the floor. The most thrilling event of the evening was the choosing of the queen and her court. The queen, Luanne Bergmann, was crowned by her escort, Walter Root, in the presence of her court: Mary Weidhaas, Carol Godaire, Cynthia Thouin, Marlene LeBeau, Kay Breyer, and Marilyn Graham. Everyone agreed June 3 was one of the most delightful evenings of the year. i In-Q as 'ff if 66 X t a g ff 5 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of representatives from each of the four classes-four girls and four boys from the Senior class, three girls and three boys from the junior class, two each from the Sophomore class, and one each from the Freshman class. The homeroom presidents, who are invited members of the Council, have no vote on issues, and report to their homerooms the happenings and activities of the Student Council. The purpose of the Student Council is to bring forth the problems, projects, and to promote activities for the good of the school. This year the Student Council sponsored the annual Freshman Reception to welcome the new members of the student body. Some of the projects and activities undertaken during the year were: the selling of banners and bookcovers by the homeroom presidents to raise money for the treasury, the attendance at the Western National Student Council Associations, meeting in Greenfield by a group of dele- gates froln the Junior class, the cleaning and rearranging o'f the trophy case, and the working of a committee with Mr. Thayer on a food project. The Student Council had a successful year under the capable supervision of their advisor, Miss Lee. 68 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES After a great deal of preparation on the part of the Student Government Day Committee, a rally and election of our representative to Boston for the State Good Government Day took place on December 2. The speeches, given by Robert Craig, Charles Emerson, Robert Graham, Eileen Hefleron, and Emily Roscoe were all interesting and informative. They indicated a tremendous amount of work and the speakers did an excellent job on their delivery. The student body then selected Robert Graham to represent us on March 9. THE COMMITTEE On March 23 we held our mock town meeting with Robert Graham presiding as moderator. The meeting was carried off very smoothly with several bills passed and some defeated. Much credit is due to Miss Lou Lyman, the committee, the precinct members, and the moderator for the splendid job they did. In April the Town Good Government Day was held. The students took over town management and school administration for the day and gained a better idea of how our town is run. 69 FUTURE NURSES' CLUB After speaking to several girls who are interested in nursing, Mr. Kissell, the guidance director, thought it would be a great help to the girls if they organized a Future Nurses' Club. Although the attendance was very low at the first meeting, it was almost doubled at the second, so that now there are approximately 20 members. The club is open not only to those who are definitely sure of their future profession, but also to all students who would like to do anything connected with the medical field. There are some members representing every class, and both college and commercial courses. The aims of the club are to prepare high school students interested in the medical profession for their careers, to help them find out if they are qualified for that career and to give them a general picture of nursing. Some projects of the club were: sponsoring a public food sale, writing to the different hospitals to inquire about speakers, seeing movies on nursing. For the 'following year, the club will be sponsored by the Easthampton Women's Club which will also give a scholarship to a senior girl entering the nursing profession. At one of the first meetings of the year the following ofiicers were elected: President Lillian Lajoie Vice President Judith Watson Secretary-Treasurer Marion Szumowski Next year's program has already been started, so that the club will be ready at the first weeks of school. Speakers have been asked to give their services, and most are very co-operative. Movies are being scheduled, and the rules and regu- lations of the club will be enforced. Because some members have written to other Nurses, Clubs in the country, ideas have been obtained as to the procedure of their meetings. The E. H. S. Nurses' Club has the distinction of being the first Future Nurses' Club in Massachusetts. 70 DRAMATIC CLUB Drama Uf 1880s Ably Done By High School Thespian EASTHAMPTON-"Jane Eyre" as dranratized by Marjorie Carle- ton from Charlotte Bronte':: novel is not the usual fare -pro- vided by a high school dramatic club and the Easthampton High School Dramatic Club under Miss Edna Graham's direction is to be complimented for its courage in attempting this and to be con- gratulated on- the manner in which it was presented, with the participants entering into the manners and the thinking of the era of the 1880s, with the cast costumed appropriately and with the setting in keeping with tha times. Nancy Mackie and Robert Gra- ham- drew the leading roles oi Jane Eyre and Rochester, master of Thorndike, respectively, and did an outstanding job with their parts. Graham had a strenuous role as :tar as his lines went, in- cluding some long discourses which he got through without faltering. u Mary Pat Daley was convincing as Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper, another important character in the play. Another ot, the high- li hts was the portrayal cf Blanche Ingram by Margaret Duryee, who entered into the sev- eral moods of her part with un- derstanding. Leonard Larock was capable as Mason, the friend and brother-in- law of Rochester, and Judy Koe- ber immediately gave an impres- sion of her character even though her lines were limited. Linda. Mitchell was well cast as Lady Ingram and Charles Emerson played the role of the clergyman naturally. The play was longfr than the customary high sc ool vehicle but the cast ended with as much vigor and sincerity as it started and carried the lighthearted moods at the opening through the tragic end with the necessary approach. Miss Graham did a fine 'ob of directing. The E. H. S. Dramatic Club under the direction of Miss Edna Graham had a busy year. The members elected the following oihcersz Nancy Mackie, president 5 Deann Lebeau, vice-president, Dorothy Stempel, secretary-treasurer. On November 18, 1955 the Club presented its annual One-Act Play Competition. The Seniors captured first place with "Just a Little Mistake" with Deann Lebeau winning additional glory for the Seniors by being chosen Best Actress. The Freshman plays, "Aunt March Settles the Question" and "Tom Sawyer Whitewashes the F encef' won the second prize jointly and Allan Novak, a Freshman, was chosen as Best Actor. The Juniors presented "Moron's Delight" and the Sophomores, "By the Beautiful Sea." The Seniors gave a repeat performance of their prize-winning play for the Golden-Agers Club. On April 13, 1956, the Club presented "Jane Eyre," a three-act drama. The cast, stage crew and director worked very hard on it and did an excellent job with a truly difficult play. 71 CHARM CLUB The members of the Charm Club can look back at a very memorable and successful year. Like last year, some of the girls were chosen to represent us at the local DAR meeting. We are grateful to Mrs. Johnson for letting us use her old-fashioned dresses. The middle of March was the date for our annual trip to Hartford to see a fashion show at G. Fox 8: Company. Many of the girls made purchases after the show and, when we had our fashion show, they were modeled. One of the most vivid memories was that of a spring-summer fashion show which was given in the latter part of May. The clothes were modeled by the girls of the Charm Club and our audience was an all-girl assembly. It was enjoyed by all who attended. Most of the other meetings were spent teaching the girls the proper way to walk, talk, stand, and sit. Also they learned proper hair styles and the proper make-up that should be used. Each girl has a vote of thanks for our instructor and supervisor, Mrs. Beebe. 72 GLEE CLUB This year the Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Dolloff, presented two musical programs. The Club has been divided into two groups this year so that Mr. Dolloff may give each more individual attention. At the school's Christmas assembly in December, the choral group sang "Shepherds Rejoice" by Mansfield, "Gesu Bambino" by Pietro A. Yon, and 'AO Holy Night" by Adoph Adam. At the school concert in May, the group per- formed "One VVorld" by O'Hara-Bratton, "On- ward Ye People" by Jean Sibelius, and "Hello, Young Lovers" by Rogers and Hammerstein. This group also assisted with the graduation program. Members of the Glee Club Joanne Baceski Theresa Baldyga Joan Barbour Barbara Besl-to Jean Bouchard Joyce Campbell Beverly Carter Beth Cooper Janice Coyle Janet Dempsey Barbara Dewey Arlene Dion Olga Fisher Jacqueline Girouard Christine Golas Christine Jankowski Eileen Kelly Carol Kinlock Barbara Klekotka Constance Kosier Florence Krawczyk Eileen Labrie Pauline LaFlamme Patricia LaFountain Dorothy Lagowski Lillian Lajoie Virginia Laschever Carol Lawnicki Barbara Longto Linda Lyman Carol Mimitz Ellen Moynihan Arlene Newton Hollace Osborn Mary Ann Parrow Joyce Parsons Rosalie Parsons Arline Peabody Barbara Peabody Judith Peltier Mary Petcen Marie Pratt Virginia Riel Betty Schott Joan Senecal Christine Skrzyniarz Irene Soja Marion Szumowski Anita Tessier Joanne Turgeon Antoinette Veilleux Donna Vincent Marie Waltz Barbara Wiernasz Ann Wrobeski Elaine Young Barbara Zuzgo Eosfhompfon High School Bond The brass choir, a special treat for all listeners, was kept quite busy during the holidays. It played for all the public schools in Easthampton and for the Easthampton Congrega- tional Church broadcast. Also, the choir entertained at the Rotary Club Dinner. The combined band and choir played for the Christmas special assembly. In February, four representatives were sent to Springfield to audition for the All State Band held in Pitts- field. They were Thomas LaPlante, Deann LeBeau, Peter Wilde, and Gail Wolfram. Because of Tom's fine musical ability on the saxophone, he was chosen to represent the band. To excite enthusiasm and school spirit the band performed at all three games of the Small School Tourna- ment. During the month also, the band played for the scho0l's annual town meeting. May was an exceptionally busy month with the Spring Concert and the enjoyable YVestern Massachusetts Music Festival, held this year in WVestf'ield. Also on May 30, the loyal members were found marching for the Memorial Day Parade. With the hnc co-operation of the members of the band and the ex- cellent supervision of Mr. Dolloff, the band had a very successful year. The band made its first appearance this year under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Dolloff on Armistice Day, November ll. It also performed splendidly for the Senior play and thc Dramatic Club plays. Officers President .....,.........,......,. Secretary-Treasurer Stage Manager ........,.... Assistant Stage Manager TRUMPETS Deann Lcbeau Nancy Tourville David Cernak Gloria LaLiberte Florence Kingsley Joanne Schmidt HORNS Beverly Graham Emelie Racicot Carol Landry TROMBONES Bruce Magliola Donald Sullivan joseph Bednarsz BASS Kenneth Davies BELLS Rosalie Parsons BARITON E HORN Peter Wild Emelie Racicot Gail Wolfram Gilbert Sena Paul Borowski CLARINETS Margaret Duryee Catherine Wiernasz Gail Wolfram Suzanne Petcen Virginia Laschever Ardith Berry Mary Pat Daley Joan Senecal Mary Petccn Qbassj SAXOPHONES Tom LaPlante Gilbert Sena Paul Borowski Carol Borowski Sally Breyer DRUMS Howard Lussier William Mullen Theodore Marcil GYMBALS Judith Becbe JUNIOR BAND MEMBERS Kathleen Hitchcock Donald LeBeau Lawrence Gaudette Theodore Mesh Kenneth Parczyck 75 Ari Class 63. ' 'Fe .mu rs mmm Q Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon the art class meets under the supervision of Mrs. Marjorie Beebe. The students in this class learn the various techniques of painting and some handicrafts. The activities this year included making papier mache dolls, copper jewelry, decorating gifts with Amazart and silk screening. As usual, the girls provided the other organizations with many, many posters for their presentations. Again the class took part in the Western Massachusetts Small High Schools Basketball Tournament poster contest. Carol Borowski's poster was chosen to repre- sent us in the contest at the Cage. The class provided the makeup crews for the Dramatic Club and Senior plays and did a splendid job. The members were delighted spectators at a Spring Fashion Show at G. Fox and Company in Hartford as guests of the Charm Club. As their last project of the year Mrs. Beebe and her group painted the backdrop for the Senior Class Night program. 76 Driver Education The Driver Education Course, supervised by its able instructor, Miss Edna Graham, has had over 200 students since it started, with a very large enrollment each year. This course has proved to be very successful in Easthampton High and has produced some very capable drivers. Many exciting and humorous incidents occur while driving. Miss Graham, with splendid nerves and control, is able to produce drivers from every one of her students. This year, for the hrst time, the town and school worked together on the Driving Roadeo. Miss Graham was an active organizer and advisor for this. 77 Household Arfs This course, taught by Miss Hazel Eames, is indeed an essential part of our curriculum. Much favorable comment is heard today from educational authorities regarding subjects such as household arts, which actively aid the student of today in becoming the capable homemaker of tomorrow. Here the girls may ready them- selves for duties they are sure to be called upon to perform in future years. During one term the fundamental techniques of cooking and meal preparation are taught, as well as special diet planning and table setting. In additon, the pupils are familiarized with the proper procedures in using and caring for modern kitchen equipment. As a new term begins, the girls are instructed in the basic principals of sewing. Here again, modern machines are available for their use. They learn the essential facts about many kinds of materials, and their suitability for various types. of clothing. Very proud, rewarding moments are theirs upon completion of clothing, they have chosen as their projects. I Also included in this course is interior decorating, which provides helpful hints and creative situations, which the girls may use in making plans for charming future homes of their own. 78 For those boys who wish to engage in the art of woodworking, the Manual Training course, under the guidance of Mr. joseph Manning, offers an excellent opportunity. The first few weeks are devoted to the instruction of the various hand and power tools, and after sufii- cient training, the student selects his first project. These projects range from lamps to modem desks. Another inter- esting aspect in this course is that the furniture made costs a great deal less than it would if purchased in a store. For future engineers, a course in mechanical drawing is also included in the Industrial Arts curriculum. This course offers the basic fundamentals of engineering and is considered to be the most important subject in the engi- neering field. These two courses are perhaps the most interesting in a young man's schooling, because they show him the importance that is laid upon the use of manual dexterity. WE STUDY... -VIXIICII Ilezll Five Minutes Over 21 Low lflaune. 'Xny Minute Now- ai wi Strange l:1lSCill1lli0ll The l,Cl'PCIllZll CllSIlIl0Vll Our Heroes Sink It. Sister sus . Rzlll, Rall. 'l'C21-nl! The Paddy wagon 80 BUT SELDGM Peck-n-boo NIC Next! w. -4 i ,F gi T ,Ns T- ' X s 'l'I1c Line 'K ,S iv .. 5 'HP A M575 , Waiting for Something, Boys? S0pl1iSliC2llCS Hoppin' Bobo I -'X Dol Ilclps Her Who Helps Herself. 81 Oh, Yummic I P. T. A. This year the Easthampton High School P.T.A. continued in its accustomed pattern of service to the school. During Education week in November, a food sale was arranged in the study hall for our traditional Parents' Night. In December the association once again sponsored a gay and festive Yuletide dance for the com- munity teenagers. When Dr. Paul Mather, President of the University of Massachusetts, ac- cepted the invitation of the group to speak on March 20, an outstandingly interesting and informative evening was provided for all who attended. All of the grammar school P.T.A.'s were invited, forming a large and appreciative audience. Dr. Mather stressed, in his speech, the importance of all phases of education from grade school through college. In our competitive modern world, he stated, a college diploma is as essential to the economic and personal welfare of an individual, as was a high school diploma, just a single generation ago. Following this event, two enjoyable public card parties were given. As has been its custom in past years, the organization purchased tapes for the school recorder. It also awarded the two science prizes, for outstanding achievement in physics and chemistry respectively. Also given at graduation was the P.T.A. Group Council Scholarship to which each of the individual local P.T.A. contributes, in order that a senior entering the teaching profession may be aided and encouraged in career preparation. The officers for 1955 and 1956 were: President ..................... ............. M rs. Thomas J. Hefferon Vice-President ............ ................... M rs. Ellwin Fowles Secretary ............... ........ M iss Lou Lyman Treasurer .......................................................................................... Mrs. Arnold Wilde freplacing Mr. Emerson Bridges who submitted his resignation because of ill health.j Committee Chairmen: Ways and Means ......... .......... M rs. Peter Mularski Refreshments ......... .......... M rs. Wilfred St. Martin Publicity ........... ............ M rs. Margaret G. Lyman Legislative ............ .......... P rincipal, Howell K. Thayer 82 Q' fx 5 ll. if A6152 QA 4 -I 462523 Baseball The boys all played well last year. Many of the games that they lost were close ones and could have been anybody's ball game. Players returning this season are james Stone, Bruce Craig, Thomas Walsh, Richard Nadolny, and Donald Bashista. 6 winsg 9 losses Amherst 8 Ludlow 8 South Hadley Ware 2 West Side 2 Enfield 3 Agawam 6 Palmer 0 South Hadle Ludlow 3 Ware 5 Agawam 2 Enfield 1 Y They gfi West Sprin Palmer 3 3 O eld 84 at at away away at away at at at away at away at away away We Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton 0 3 4- 3 0 2 5 2 1 1 6 5 6 1 1 S 52 5 3-M11 SOCCER Wx: .1 .l' PLAYERS Seniors: Bruce Craig, Richard Nadolny, James Stone, Thomas Walsh, Stanley Zawaekig juniors: Ralph Benham, Allan Howland, Sophomores: Karl Adamski Bernhard Kobcrg Freshmen: Edward Cwinner, Adani Worpek. GAMES Easthampton 4 Hopkins 1 Easthampton 1 Smith Academy 0 Easthampton 3 Holyoke 1 Easthampton O Smith School 3 Easthampton 0 Hopkins 5 Easthampton 4 Smith Academy 3 Easthampton l Holyoke O Easthampton 0 Smith School 1 Easthampton 0 Technical 6 13 20 85 The Easthampton High School soccer team, under the leadership of Coach Graham, finished the season with a record of Eve wins out of nine. Eastham ton will be losin fivt of our players, . . p . g 1 James Stone, Bruce Craig, Richard Nadolny, Thomas Wlalsh, Stanley Zawacki. Those remaining, look promising so Easthampton may have team again next year. Richard Nadolny looked good this year, the scorers with six goals. James Stone was though, a good leading next hest for the Eagles with three goals. Stanley Zawaeki, another senior, helped the Web-towners with two nets. Bruce Craig and Thomas Wlalsh, not found in the scoring column, displayed brilliant defensive team- work. Bernie Koher, who is only a sophomore added another two points to bring the total goals for the season to thirteen. Basketball 7955 -56 We are all proud of our boys this year for winning the Western Iwiass. Small High School Invitation Tournament. In the regular season, they ended third in the Valley Wheel. To Coach Reed, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful work he has done with the boys here in the past, as well as this year. We're sorry to see him resign, but we wish him happiness. Easthampton ........... 49 72 .....,..... 41 ........,., 52 74 56 53 .....,..,.. 67 60 ........... 81 56 59 38 ........... 69 ......,.,.. 66 71 42 ........... 66 ........... 64 52 fffff' l 86 Hopkins St. Michael's Northampton Hopkins St. Michael's Agawam Enfield Ware Ludlow Agawam Enfield Ware Wfest Springfield Ludlow West Springfield Northampton Smith Academy Searles Williamstown St. Mary's Lost Won Lost Lost Won Won Lost Won Won Won Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Won Won Won VV on Won Player Stone Craig N adolny Kobcr Gwinncr Worpck Ziomek Walsh Jaycs Howland Benham Totals Opponents Player Ziomek Worpek Howland Zabek Watson Adamski F ondakowski Benham Laplante Bouchard Dion Truehart Totals Opponents Vorsify Team Games Baskets Fouls 17 113 47 17 72 50 17 78 33 17 63 37 17 44 32 10 5 9 8 8 2 8 3 7 11 3 4 7 0 3 1 1 0 17 390 224 17 328 263 .lumor Vorslfy Team Games Baskets Fouls 17 70 37 17 62 50 17 31 25 17 19 22 8 22 14 5 9 6 10 5 1 11 4 1 8 3 2 8 1 2 6 1 0 2 0 0 17 227 160 17 206 133 Pts. 273 194 189 163 120 19 18 13 10 3 2 1004 919 Pts. 177 174 87 60 58 24 11 9 8 4 2 0 614 545 Ave. 16.0 11.4 11.1 9.6 7.0 1.9 2.2 1.6 0.9 0.4 2.0 59.0 54.0 Ave. 10.4 10.2 5.1 3.5 7.2 4.8 1.1 0.8 1.0 0.5 0.3 0.0 34.1 32.0 SPORTS On Wednesday, March 7th, Easthampton entered the Western Massachusetts Small High School Basketball Tournament, held at the Curry Hicks building, University of Massachusetts, in Amherst. The first game was against Searles High, an early tourney favorite. Easthampton entered as the underdog and was at the tail-end of a 16-10 score at the end of the first period, and left the floor at the half still trailing with a score of 39-33. After the rest period, Easthampton caught fire and out-scored Searles 17-7 by the combined precision shooting of the whole team. In the final period, Searles made a gallant bid, but this was more than offset by the scoring punch Easthampton possessed in Bruce Craig, Jim Stone, and Richard Nadolny. The final score was 66-65, and the team left the floor while the fans attempted to recover from the shock of this upset. With this first victory under their belts, the team went home to rest up for the game against Williamstown. On Friday night, Easthampton was leading by a score of 31-30 at half-time. Again every member of the team contributed to the scoring. In the third quarter, Easthampton out-scored Williamstown 22-13 to build up a 10-point lead of 53-43. In the last quarter, Bill Paradise of Williamstown caught fire for 10 points, but the scrappy Easthampton five made their lead stick and went on to win. Easthampton, who had entered the game a slight favorite if they could repeat the performance against Searles, won by a score of 64-60. In the finals on Saturday night against St. Mary's High School of Westfield, Easthampton, playing increasingly bigger clubs, played without the services of Bernie Kober. He had suffered a bone injury to his ankle in the game against Williams- town, but had 7 points to show for scarcely more than a half of playing time. Easthampton trailed by 1 basket at the end of their first and second periods with the score-board reading 11-9 and 22-20 respectively. Easthampton slipped to 7 points behind at the end of the third quarter with only Stone and Gwinner hitting. As the game went into the 4th and final period, things looked pretty bad for the Easthampton quintet. Easthampton, refusing to accept defeat, fought back with an attack spearheaded by Nadolny and Craig who hooped 8 points each and Jim Stone hitting for 4, with Easthampton outscoring St. Ma1y's 21-6. This was made possible, largely by the fine re-bounding of Ed Gwinner. With the final score reading 52-44, Easthampton had done it again. Stone and Craig were tied for scoring honors with 13 points each with Rich Nadolny close behind with 12, and Ed Gwinner and Dave jayes with 7 each. A vote of thanks goes to the cheerleaders, tumblers, majorettes, Mr. Dolloff and the band, and the fans for their loyal support and outstanding sportsmanship. ss Corinne St. Martin, Captain Theresa Baldyga Jean Kaeppel Alyce Ceryk Cheerleaders ... Ar' ' H-0" LM if First Team Cheerleaders Roh! Roh! Team These vivacious girls, with their lusty cheers and exuberant songs and dances, furnish the spectators at our basketball games with many enjoyable moments 'md the players with plenty of inspiration and encouragement. They have eapahlycled the students with good spirits and good sportsmanship, whether our teams were winning or losing, and did a splendid job cheering our team on to victory at the Cage. In assembly they were presented with certificates in recognition of their participation in the 29th Annual Small High Schools Basketball Tournament at the L'niversity of Massachusetts. Our cheerleaders, along with the team, were the guests of lN'Ir. Anthony Baldga at a spaghetti dinner at hlels' in Holyoke and hir. Ed LeBeau at a steak supper at Orchard Grove as a reward for tl1e team's hard won victory. We all owe a vote of thanks to Mr. Arnold V. Cleary whose line leadership and supervision helped make this group such a sparkling incentive to our champion- ship team. Theresa Ceberek Co-Captain Gloria Laliberte Carol Poudrier Carol Kinlock -C l Second Team Cheerleaders Irene Soja Virginia Riel Barbara Longto Hollaee Oshorn Arlene Newton Florence Krawczyk 89 W e 29 7 3 3 3 2 2 3 45 43 36 Girls' Basketball l Cooley Dickenson They 18 NVilliamshurg Smith Academy St. lN1icihaels NVilliamsburg Cooley Dickenson Smith Academy St. Michaels 16 27 22 34 16 26 23 The girls had a good season playing ten games and winning eight. The team was almost com- pletely made up of veterans. They were Deann LeBeau and Cecile St. Martin in the for- ward position, and Beverly Graham and Elodie Fleury as returned guards. Ably filling in as subs were Joyce Parsons as forward and Barbara Klet- kotka as guard. The team elected as its co-captains, Elo- die Fleury and Deann LeBeau. 90 Individual Scoring Record Player Baskets Fouls Points Deann LeBeau 53 l2 ll8 Cecile St. Martin 28 4 60 Joyce Parsons fll 2 64 Pauline Lalflamme 7 'l 15 Ardith Berry 3 l 7 Virginia Riel f l l Thelma Roukey 6 2 14 as " X 3' iris Boys' Tennis -X .23 ri, - , 'WE' ar L s img rw Q is N fri. N. is A X Girls' Tennis We They 5 Greenfield 1 5 Greenfield 0 LETTERMEN Carolyn Godaire, Deann LeBeau, Pauline Lafiamme, Virginia Riel, Joyce Parsons. The girls had a perfect record this year with a two and O record. This year they hope to have more matches scheduled. There was only one senior on the squad, so the outlook for this year is a favorable one. We They 1 Turners Falls 5 4 Tech 3 3 Greenfield 3 1 Tech 6 1 Greenfield 3 4 Turners Falls 3 LETTERMEN Thomas LaPlante, Robert Skrocki, Bcrni Kobcr, Robert Craig, Chester Kania. The boys were in there fighting all the way and the scores were close. This year Coach Recd will have the entire squad back. We are looking forward to a good season. J. . 6 E 'Sf ,R ji. . 5 ,. cami! .su M 91 Tumbling Team Ever Foifhful 92 INFORMALLY YOURS r Springtime, Singximc All Right now! Sm-mmi Verse Sunshiny Smilvs Holy Mzlckcrcl! l'1LlSlhZlllIIJlC 111 High Rvlm 1 'l'l1c Iflzlpmioomilc Pause that Rcfxcshcs 93 YCDU ARE THERE NI one Argues with THIS Umpire Everybody Happy? A Momcnfs R See Any Fclmilior Faces Here? 94 O - Q Q xi XYIU' lllc Cm Luck, Ju? Gvpsics ,, MW' Cluixlm lx tllmruw Why So Lilum, Clmm? fnl2llIlUlll' C-als V, ul Illlbklll I ul u l'u1'pmci' -. ' g ,L , ,Xin't llc? 95 Scmnd IT. Eosthompton High School Washington Trip Itinerary 1956 Monday, April 30 6:45 A. M. Leave Northampton, Mass. on the B8zM RR. Carry a box lunch and enjoy a "picnic on wheels." 11:45 A. M. Arrive New York - Grand Central Station. 12:00 Noon Transfer through Lower New York City by motor coach. Ferry ride across the Hudson River, seeing Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and New York's famous skyline. 12:45 P. M. Leave New York fjersey Cityj on BSLO RR. 4: 15 P. M. Arrive Baltimore, Maryland. Board buses for sightseeing of city of Baltimore on way to National Capitol. 6:00 P. M. Arrive Washington, D.C. 6:30 P. M. Hotel Hamilton Qlflth and K Streetsj. Assignment of rooms. Dinner at hotel. Tuesday, May I 7:30 A. M. Breakfast 8: 15 A. M. Buses leave for guided tour of Bureau of Engraving and Printing, seeing processing of paper currency, the Washington Monument, White House, and Pan American Union. 12:00 Noon Lunch at the hotel. 1:30 P. M. Motor Tour to Annapolis, Md. for a guided tour of the grounds and buildings of the United States Naval Academy. " 6:00 P. M. Dinner at hotel. 7 :30 P. M. Night tour with stops at Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, Archives Building, and Congressional Library. Wednesday, May 2 7:30 A. M. Breakfast 8:30 A. M. Visit Franciscan Monastery, the Smithsonian Institute, the Mellon Art Gallery, and Museum of Natural History. 12:00 Noon Lunch at hotel. 1:30 P. M. Guided tour of the United States Capitol Qgroup picture takenl, The Supreme Court Building, and Folgar Shakespearean Library. 6:00 P. M. Dinner at hotel. Thursday, May 3 7:30 A. M. Breakfast 8:30 A. M. Guided tour of F. B. I. Building. Proceed to Arlington National 12:00 Noon 1:30 P. M. 9:00 P. M. Friday, May 4 10:00 A. M. 2:15 P. M. 3:00 P. M. 5:05 P. M. 8:56 P. M. Cemetery, Marine Iwo Jima Memorial, changing of the guard at Tomb of Unknown Soldier. Lunch at the Penn Daw in Alexandria. Visit to Mount Vernon. On return trip stops will be made at Washington National Cathedral and the Zoo. Dinner at Casino Royal and see floor show. Leave Washington, D. C. on the B810 RR. Arrive New York Qjersey Cityj Arrive Grand Central Station Leave New York Arrive Northampton, Mass. 96 Robert Barkowski Richard Beebe ................ Graduates of 1955 Becker Junior College University of Massachusetts Luanne Bergmann ............ ............. W estfield State Teacher's College Claire Bessette ................................................................................. Pauline Boulanger Lois Bovat .........,.................... American Maidg Nort House of Providence Nursing Course Northampton Commercial College hampton Commercial College Qnightsj University of Massachusetts Kay Breyer ............................................................................................................... Elizabeth Cernak .....................,..............,........................... Frances Chmura ......,.... Donald Cykowski Sandra Damon ......................... Smith College Hampton Company Northampton Trade Boston University Joyce Dennis ..................................... .......... N orthampton Commercial College Maryann Dombkowski ............ ............................. S pringfield City Hospital William Duryee ........................ ...................................... H olyoke Junior College Carol Godaire ............... Carolyn Godaire ........... Marilyn Graham .......... Joan Granger ............ Gayle Green ................... Patricia Hayes .............. Elizabeth Herrmann Nancy Howland ......... Ted Hughes Rachel Joly ............ Dale Kaeppel ............. Janice Kaeppel ........ Alma Kieszek .................... Stanley Home Products Company House of Providence Nursing Course Springfield College Dickinson Hospital University of Rochester American Maid Westfield State Teacher's College Matthew Kinlock ............... Thomas Krawczyk ........... Virginia Krzanowski Constance Kulon ....... Robert Lash ...................... Marlene LeBeau .......... Samuel Lilley .....,........ Earl Lizotte ............. June Martin ........... Ruth Mesh .................. Donald Molloy ............ Albert Morrison ...,........ George Naylor 1 .....,.......... University of Massachusetts Hampton Company Kane's Furniture Company Working in Connecticut Springfield City Hospital Carpenter, A. W. Weidhaas Hasting's, Northampton Stanley Home Products Company Westover Air Base fsecretaryj Springfield College Northampton Commercial College Training at Weather Station QIILJ Holyoke Junior College Smith College foliicej University of Massachusetts Phil's Market Holyoke Junior College Holyoke Junior College Westfield State Teacher's College Maryann Niemiec ............. ........... Thelma Pendergast ........... Edward Popielarczyk ..........,, Gloria Poudrier ....,...... Elizabeth Ramsey ......... Shirley Raymond ......... Rene Routhier .......... Hampton Company United States Army Married to Alphonse Dupre Westfield State Teacher's College American Maid United States Navy Northampton Commercial College Christine Scribner ......... ...,...... Nancy Sena .................... Ruth Sheldon ............. Myrna Sheldon .......... Kenneth Smith ................ Dolores Staszczyk .......... Cynthia Thouin ......... Ronald Tolson .......,........ Northampton Commercial College Colby Junior College Springfield College Hampton Company Hampton Company Northampton Commercial College Mechanic, Tolson's Garage Northampton Commercial College Frank Tomaszewski ......... ......... James Trudeau .............. Alan Truehart ................ Mary Weidhaas .....,....... Judith White ............... Arnold Wild ........... Helen Zielenski .......... 97 Hampton Company United States Navy University of Massachusetts Old Colony Envelope Company Holyoke Junior College Clark Motor Company SENIOR WASHINGTON TRIP 1956 f 4 W sw S s -is f gt - 5Pf2aaa:2t,,5gs,a- as I 1 N r Wassa matter Fellet? 1 NO g 1 1 g Whistle Bait Best B1bA3Hd-TllCkCf f What have we here? Sharpie! -A eI I ASQ vw ,M mf5:,2:'-2- -i.m':' use sk b E. I. I, 6 .5. I "f its I 1 I L., tfxfw eeee I iff ., -" ,K ,. K x 18 KVLV ky I1 NM V fi?E2,,S!W,ig ea ,W I 3f?Z5M2'1sw. Ii IIEIIII f ff! IHZIWI IISIII -' .I , 1,551 1 Pin-up Sightseeing Countin' on your Fingers Boho? 98 SENIGR WASHINGTON TRIP 1956 Lazy Daisy 'T s 'v Happy XVLIIILICTCYS Pal, Donna, Chris, Gail, and Bev nw Dues She Do Il? No CCllllC.!llCll Around Here? Ladies of Leisure Palsy and Ratsy Enjoy an Annapolis Parade . ,, .Nm 1 -6 Alone at Last Q ff.. ,, H, if M . . , if in George and Friends Waller and His Harem 99 SENIOR WASHINGTON TRIP 1956 'fyw,.fas,5f, 4 , --tv I ' if .gi5M' :" , ' ' W' .v " I, as rw Shame on You, Joyce! uv ..- XY1lSIIIIlgl0Il Monument LICIIICFSOII Mcmorizll The Morning After .f""! XYQ Xkhlk Along the Dissipalcd Donald Slrzlight and Narrow vga Guy Gz1I! And Away We Go Comfy, Kids? Huh? 100 1 -4 -1- - - -n - -1 nh-Kg QQ 1- an u-Q-QQ -n 1-in :ich-lglnh-lnlnQunlsh-Ku -nl KQK1-Kai:-it ukulhl-411 1 1 l K K K C speciality Us 215 Main Street Phone 2940-W Northampton Massachusetts Important: PORTRAITS make fine gifts Flash: ARLENE STUDIO sends Si' Best wishes to Class of 1956 Scoop: PORTRAITS at our studio CANDIDS everywhere Please patronize our advertisers and support the organizations whose financial help has made possible this record of our years at E. H. S. In f 101 'LY-1"3-I-3-l-3-3 -1-3-I -1-1 'Y-1 -3-I-3 -H"l : A "l'1-3 A -YQ -3-0-3-3'1-3-5'3'X-3' - -1-3-3 3 3 I 3 3 3 Q K-K-l-K-K-l-1-l---K-lst--K-K-K-K-h-K-l-h-1-. v W q,.r. g.Q. Q.. Q.Q. .. Q Q Q Q Dalton-LaVa1lee Post No. 224, Inc. THE AMERICAN LEGION Easthampton, Massachusetts Compliments of John Moriarty Furniture American Maid Footwear, Inc. 55 Union Street Tel 215 Easthampton Massachusetts Easthampton Compliments of Union Service Station Tel. 300 107 Union Street Cottage Pharmacy JOHN T. LAGOWSKI, Reg. Ph. Proprietor 108 Cottage Street Tel. 717 The Best In Service 1 yung-q-as-sx-yn-y-ju-j1y1j13i,1x1313151x1 iyzx cj-my Q-3 -3-3 '-!'1 3-3"l"i-Y' -3-1-1"3 I I 3 3 I im 5.11551 crwzvmcn ' BEST WISHES FROM STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS, Inc. WESTFIELD, MASS. Factories in Easthampton, Mass., and London, Ontario STANLEY LEADS with more than 150 Quality Plus Products to save women time, work, money: C15 Polishes and household cleaning preparations C21 Dusters, mops, brushes, etc. CSD Products to improve personal grooming. ORIGINATORS OF THE FAMOUS STANLEY HOSTESS PARTY PLAN T 1 Y 3 3 3 3 5 I-l'3"3'H"1-3-3-1 1-"3"3'3-3"3-3-3-H-X"'3-3--3-39'-3'3-3-313-3 3-'i"I'3"'3'3'1"'1 103 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q-Q-QanKu-K-K:KoK-K1l-ll1ll-Khl-ilQfFK-ll1la-Ql- 9-l-SSX-K-if-ltl-K-K-ll-K-K-I1-110-KI-K IQK-IK-0-K K K g..g.t.g.g.g..q.g. - ..g.g.1...1.g.. g.g..1.- g.. W W , l-h-l- l-l-K- K-l- E -k- -K- Compliments of FRARY MOTOR 51 Holyoke Street Tel. 260 Ford Sales and Service Easthampton Massachusetts EASTHAMPTON MOTOR SALES, INC CHE VR OLE T SALES AND SERVICE Home of Flawless Reputation Courteous Sales and Service Personnel For Exacting Automotive Service TRY US ONCE YOU WILL ALWAYS COME BACK Compliments of the Easthampton Firefighters' Association Bolduc Pharmacy 28 Pleasant Street Easthampton Massachusetts DANIEL BoLDUc, B.S., Reg. Ph. Compliments of New City Pharmacy 80 Parsons Street Tel. 987 x-x-x-x-x-m-x-x-x-m-x-x-m-n-x-x-x m- - -x-'x-x-x-x-m-x-x 104 Midtown Service Centre Specialized Automotive Service 97 Union Street - Tel. 423 Easthampton Massachusetts "Bus'rER" Rov J. Mvmcx, Prop. We Give S8sH Green Trading Stamps -3-0-1-3-1-19-3-1-3-3-3-3-3 3-3"!"i-3-3-5'1-3-3"!-1-3-5 K K-K-l-l-l-K- -1- 1- -HK-lbK-K-K-lr-K-K-In-itl-klluiz-ink-Quin THE CAMERA SHOP A Complete Photo Service Kodak Keystone Argus Sawyer Revere Vlewmaster 0-l-K-K-lK-l-Knlnl-K-K-K-K-K-K-0-K-K l-K-l-lr-l-K-l-ln1- Complrments of A. Sr M Sena Bros. Park H111 Orchards Ffulf Produce Rust Craft Greetmg Cards Toys Nove1t1es G1fts 83 Union Street Tel. 1180 H. B. LYMAN CO. Sheet Metal Work Southampton Massachusetts Compliments of PLEASANT SERVICE OIL CO. LAMONTAGNE BROS Props Easthampton Massachusetts GEORGE E RUSSELL PHARMACY LEO Scl-u.xNsxY Reg Ph SYDNEY W RUSSELL Reg Ph DR C E GODDARD Optometrist 49M Umon Street Easthampton Mass Tel 221 R Compliments of ERNIE'S BICYCLE SHOP Home of DBIICIOUS Mxlk Shakes Hot Fudge Sundaes Ice Cream Sodas MODENA'S SODA 8 CANDY SHOP Complzments of JONES' NEWS ROOM Compl ments of MOUNTAIN VIEW BAKERY Breads Pastry ROMAN R SKIBISKI, INC Tractors Farm Machmery Refrxgeratxon Northampton Street Easthampton Mass Tel 1460 SOUTHAMPTON CASH MARKET JOHN J SOJA Prop Meats and Grocerzes Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Southampton Tel 1324 Massachusetts O ., . , e o s , . . , . - 5 - . . i Q s T . T . . , , , 54 , . - 1 yuygnxggyix1113131513-13151313-11 -I 131313-xtjny-313131,-.31 ygygxy-3-3-113-51, 1-3-cj-9,131 1315-11x-5-I-x-3-. 105 iK-K-K-t-k-k-l-t-t- - -t-K-l-k- -l-1-l-wt-K-bl-int-K-bb h-t-t-t-t-t,-t- 1-Q-1-. 1-Q.. 1,-Q-Q Q.. g.g.g-Q 1 1 1 1 .1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 -E Compliments of Ll Compliments of . 1 Easthampfon Council No. H16 1 1 Maple Electric KNIGHTS or coLuMBus 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 . 3 Alllster S. Graham 1 1 1 1 Edmund B. Mitchell I u wg Arrow Shxrts--Crlcketteer Sport Coats 1 1 ,E 21 Center Street Easthampton, Mass. 36 Cottage Street 1 1 Tel- 456-R We give S. 65 H. Green Stamps 1 1 1 1 .1 1 -L Compliments of -E Compliments of 1 Smitty s j Landau"s 1 .1 i 45-47 Umon Street College Highway I Compliments of Men's Clothing Funeral Home Gramercy Park Suits 9 Package Store -t Southampton Massachusetts 1 1 1 106 I 3-y-315-3-3-3-3 13 111 3- ' 1-y-1 -pq "-' njqnj-3-3 1 -1 3 A -5-31 -3 -q-3-3 - m 12? ejfQz!we5 -A mf Q3 fhowr Ea 'I' Compliments of Harrls Radio Service 120 Union Street K K K K l 1 K K K --l-l-K-K-l-K-K-K-lu-1:1-ink-in-K-K-U-ln ln-l-K-K-l-!1-l-l-l-K-lui-K-K-K Q-1-K -K-K- ln -ll- 0 fo 7' O Congratulations Graduates We extend a sincere wish for success and happiness to each member of the "Class of '56" WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS ELECTRIC COMPANY Phone 278 Compliments ol RUBY'S FURNITURE STORE Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 Easthampton Savings Bank A. J. Kienle Coal Company Coal and Heating Oils Union Street Easthampton Massachusetts George's Music Box For the Finest in Television - RCA VICTOR Compliments of Fleury Lumber Company 231 Main Street 24 Cottage Street Tel. 774 Easthampton Massachusetts 1 y-yxj1x1,1j15-51311 13 ' 7 jx ' 107 ' ' gym:-3 13 131, xx 1,-dizjx 1,1111 1,1,1j1 l -l-l-i-l-l-l-K- -K-l-K- -K l-1-K-K-K-K--ki-K-K-K-ln 111111113110-K1111111-KGKSU-KS-ll-l-111111-:K 1 K K K K Presenting the all-V8 Buicks Buick, the Beautiful Buy in Four Great Series C E R N A K B U I C K 102 - 104 .Northampton Street Telephone 34 Easthampton Massachusetts Be Sure to See the New Buick Tel. 2010 In Cgmpjinqenfs of Office SUPPHCS - - - Stafifmefy SAVOIE FURNITURE STORE Greeting Cards . . . Gifts , 110- 112 Union Street Royal ...... Smith- Corona Portable Typewriters Tel' 1187'R Compliments of Compliments of BAIUS SHOE SERVICE PARC CLEANERS Shoe Repairing--We also sell new shoes 121 Main Street 67 Main Street Easthampton, Mass. Easthampton Massachusetts Tel. 1062-W Clark Street Florists Compliments of John Cernak, Jr. Flowers for All Occasions Heating Oils and Gasoline 14 Clark Street Tel. 321-W -1-m-1-m-3-x-x 3-1-'m-3-m-x -x-x -x ' -'r : -'m-3-3 -1-H -0-1-3 -1-x -x-1-- -3-x x x x 3 xl 108 K K-l-l-K-i-l- -ln - -K-lhl-1-l- K- -1- , - , , II-l- , -K-K-K- l-l- K-K K- -l- K- -4- K K-I4-K-in -k-K-Ku!-K-l-W -KI-K-K-l-nh-IK-I-Isl'-K-K-In l-lnl.-Qg -QgQgKnKn1nl-Azlnlq11111-Kg 1Qgnl-nlxQ-KnKnl-Q.-KqQgQ1lnKnlgKnQu-Q1 QQQQ-lnln1zKmQu.l1Ig Knkn y-y-qnypy-3-,nj-q-y-3-y-3 Jeffway-Hatch, Inc. Electrical Contractors Radios - Television - Electric Appliances J0sephine's Restaurant Home-Cooked Foods Tasty Sandwiches Fountain Service 87 Union Street Easthampton, Mass. 82 Cottage Street Tel 51 Next to the Majestic Theatre Falls Provision Company Cc B I K S 99 Manufacturer's of "Fine fashions for everyone" ine quality sausages 29 Union Street next to the Post Office Compliments Of EASTHAMPTON HARDWARE COMPANY JANIK'S 70 Cottage Street Cottage Street Easthampton Massachusetts Easthampton Massachusetts Kyanize Paints - Hardware - Imperial Wallpaper HALLMARK GREETING CARDS Compliments of For all occasions W. T. GRANT HEALY'S NEWS ROOM Easthampton Massachusetts 28 Cottage Street y-3-3-3-5-3-y- -3-3s,-3-3-3-3-3-3g3- 3-3-3-1-'I-1"3-3-113-I-513-3-J" i i 131,zxxxzjujigijcxzxxyxynjuy1313131311 13:-xxx: B I I' I 4 I B I 1 I I I I i i fl I .I .I .I .I .I I I .I .I I I I .I .I .I I .I .I .I .I .I .I I I .I .I I, .I .I nd I, I .I I. I, V .I .I I, , .I .I J ZF l -Q-1-b -k-l- - -l-b-k- -K K-k- -K-K-R-K-ht-K-L-K-K-l-Q-Q-1-Q-g.t-1,-Q-. - ...Q-L-Q-Q-rpg. -Q-Q-1.1-L.t.1..g..g..g.g L L . L Hampshire Market Comphments : of L- Vegetables - Provisions L' L I 69 Parsons Street i I L L L L L L L L I Compliments of i I Compliments of I: I L L 64 Parsons Street L' T Tel. 637 T L L I Meats - Groceries Czelusniak Funeral Home A-G STORE 5 Hampshire Street Telephone 446 Easthampton J' Trytkds Market Cantin Gardens I i' J0hn,s HOLYOKE STREET MARKET L Fine Fggd Market Groceries - - - Meats - - - Produce 5'- I We Specialize In NATIVE POULTRY i MEATS and GROCERIES I T W E H A V E " 49 Parsons Street Easthampton, Mass. the answer to the problem of better appearance. I' Visit our shop frequently. Tel- 695 KITSON,S BARBER SHOP i I T Easthampton Massachusetts f L I 71 Cottage Street L L Compliments of BERGMANN'S BAKERY a- THE COTTAGE STREET Bread and Pastry In CASH MARKET 16 Briggs street L L Tel. 390 L- L L Compliments ol L' EVERETT STREET MARKET L' PISKOR'S MARKET 1' Tel. 332 1' I L Telephone 1095 Easthampton Massachusetts Compliments of -5-3'3-3-1"H 3"Y""l 'H-1'3 'Y-3-3 A -3 "3"'i "5"5-3-5"5-Y?-5"1"I-H"3'1"'1"3"1-3"'1" " -3-1-5-3-3-I-3-3-Y-" 110 K K-K-l-ld!-K-K-W--1-A-K-is-K-K-K-ISKQKQE-K-19111-0-in 0-l-l-K-l-!i-l-l-K-l-K-K-K-K-KI-U-ln-l l-K-l- K K K-K FIRST-HAND ADVICE We're not in the second-hand business, and neither are you. So why buy suits that lose all their life and sparkle . . . and look older than they are . . . just a few months after you first put them on? Come in for Timely Clothes with scien- tific Balanced Tailoring. They keep their new looks a long, long time. Exclusive at CHARLES BURNS, INC. 87 Main Street Easthampton Compliments of DeBARBIERI'S Schrafft's Chocolates-Hood's Ice Cream 42 Cottage Street Store Hours - 8 A. M. to 11 P. M. Best Wishes to The Class of 1956 Dr. Robert J. Daniello Compliments of LUCHESSPS CAFE 80 Cottage Street A. B. Brouilette Bus Transportation Tel. 456-W 1 y-qxynx1,qx15111y13111x1,1j13 gy: 11513 -I-1,-3 qsgzj 111 GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF '56 LE CERCLE NOTRE DAME 'H-1-3'3"'1-1 3"3-3-'B-1-3-3-3-3'3 9333! Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 Leo L DeGrandpre jeweler - Optician Tel. 630-W 20 Cottage Street Easthampton Massachusetts Chlck s Cafe, Inc 96 98 Cottage Street Easthampton Massachusetts Steaks Chickens Sandwiches Grinders Seafood Chops Oldsmobile for Rocket T 350 Engme Clark Motors, Inc All Models Compliments of Maple Street Market 35 Maple Street Tel. 1219 Easthampton Public Market Carl and Edward Kortes, Props. Fresh Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Tel. 386 Daily Deliveries Compliments of M. T. O'Brien Sr Son Cohen Bros. Apparel and Accessories Easthampton Massachusetts 1 Q-1-m-x-Q-x-Q-h - -1-1-Q-Q-1-Q-Q-x-1-ms-s-l-u-1-s-o-s.- 1.-1- r....r...r. r..t.g. 1.1. t.g,..t v g..g..g. 1 - 9 I O ' '56 I X X-X"l-X-I-H-X"3-1-3'3-3-1"'3"Y "3" - "3-3-5 'Y-I "'1"l-Y "'l"l'3'3-I-Y"Y-1"3 1-3"l"!-Y-3'T-1'1"3"3'1-X-3 K K K l-l-K-KsK-K---1-RhKr-l-l-K-K-l-l-K-l-b-K-ink-K-K-inn ln-K-KnK-K-K-K-Khl-K-K-1-K-K-K-0-l-K-K-K-K-in-l-l-1-in-l Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 ALBERT A. WEIDHAAS Contractor 91 Holyoke Street Tel. 429-W Compliments of The Woman's Club of Easthampton Best Wishes to the Class of '56 El Greco's Restaurant MERRIGAN PHARMACY JOHN F BEHAYLO Easthampton Massachusetts THE REX ALL STORE Complzments of A FRIEND Complzments of Natlonal Floor Coverlng 88 90 Cottage Street Call Easthampton 1540 Best Wxshes to the Class oi 1956 from Ted s Boot Shop 74 Cottage Street Easthampton Massachusetts I I U Co. 9 X 1 5"-3'3"3'5'T-5'3'3-3"5'3'3'3-3'""'3"T'3"'3-T-T-3"5-3"l"'3"3"3-39"1'3-X-X-3-X-3 1"1"1'I-3'1-1-3"3"1""3-1-3-I-3 113 -i9-9-9-l-l-C-l- -4- - -5-l- '-l-l- - l-K- - - l-K- , , in , Rub- K-k- li-1-K 0-l-K-K-ln! ul 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Compliments of EASTHAMPTON LUMBER CO. Telephone 126 79 Union Street 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I Clarence E. Lamoureux Donald P. Lamoureux Associate Insurance - Real Estate 101 Main Street Easthampton Massachusetts Tel. 405 Pioneer Valley Accordion Center 59 Union Street Easthampton, Mass. Tel. 1560 Eighteen Years of Teaching Experience Instruments Loaned to Beginners -L WALTER J. KUZMICKI, Director 1 1 1 Compliments of THE LIONS CLUB LIBERTY - - - INTELLIGENCE OUR NATION'S SAFETY Ed's Foodland The Store That Gives You More 11 Union Street Easthampton Massachusetts DEARING'S JEWELERS 67 Union Street Tel. 1533 x Easthampton, Mass. McCARTHY MOTORS 47 Cottage Street Easthampton, Mass. Tel. 660 Complete Automotive Service Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Accessories 11-yuqxyxx1,1,13-l,1313un,13i,u-yu-ju-3111 1 zjxynjnuxzjzj-my-juujnqzx 1,-Q13 1311 13 x 11-1,13 zjxjzxi,-qqj 3 114 K K K K K Q K K-K---K-ink-K-K-K-IKGK-lnK-K-Q-l-K-K-K-K-in WI-K-K-K-K-l-WISK-K-K-K-K-l-Ksb-KI-K l-K-K- K-K-K-LFS? I' I I' L I T T I' L I F I f I I B I EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL T T STUDENT COUNCIL T T T L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L I Compliments of g- T I The i I EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL I ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION L L L L I I L L I 1 y y y y I 3 5-3-3-W my-guy-3-3 3-1 -3-311-5-x-ygy-3-3-ai-.3-. -q-,QQ -y-3-3-3-I1-1 5- -q-5-q- - -3-yu -q-3- -, 115 1-Q-Q-K- -1-K-K-l-K-Q-1-K-l-Q-Q-l-L-Q-K-Q-K-Q-K-K-1-K-L-l-1-l- K-l-Q- L-Q- -1-Q-l-l-l-Q-l-l-Q-Q-K-Q-K-Q-l-l-Q-K-Q-Ksnl:K-K-l-Q-Q-K-l-Q4-Q-Q-I-Q-Q-l-l-1- Q..g...g-1-Q-1.1. .g.. - - 1-X-X-Y-3-D-1"1-I'I Compliments of MANCHESTER HARDWARE STORE Compliments of Hampton Mills, Inc. 69 Union Street Easthampton Massachusetts Easthampton Massachusetts Compliments ot M 81 M SERVICE STATION Parsons Street STASZ MARKET Meats and Groceries Tel. 610 43 Parsons Street Easthampton Massachusetts AUBUCHON HARDWARE CO., INC. Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Paints' - - - Hardware 51-53 Union Street Easthampton Massachusetts SIDIS 81 LORRAINE'S Home of Good Foods Dinners, Sodas, Sundaes Patronizing us is like making love to a good-looking widow You just Can't Overdo It Compliments from your R4 Manager and Clerks I 6 !. I I lf qu I 1 ti' I I 4 'I in 5 Ai' ll AI ll 'I I I. I 4 I I ll Al I I I' A I I I I I. I I -3-y-3-3-3-3-j-3- -3-3-5-3-3- -3-3-3-3-,I 3 - - - - - - -3- -y- -3-,-3- -3-3- - - - - - -3-5-3 -3- -3-3 3' -3-3 1---y- -x-x-3-,-1 -3- ' -3-x- -j-1-3 -my-3-3-x-X ' -x -3-x -1 5-3 -Q-5-n -1-1 1, .gin I csss .z- 5+ NNW. '-11 , fg 55:1 Q0 rv NN W .! .I I, I, ' 333 3 3 333333 3 3 3 333333 3 3 X . - ' ' . n 4 ,..-f""""" 40" .,.'-""" YQ 1' I e - -MNQAVM 5, , , ' i ,MH .. 1-I A R, JM .: ,, ,M ,Q-ag! 4- 95 fa RW ,AM .N-'AQ' V .' - A as tg Q h A 4. ,, "' bmw f ffmwwff' . , 'fqziigiff X ww , 1 . ' A M , 'P 1 Masq I www 4 M-vu -0-on SN av-an gp.. ""' S. 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Suggestions in the Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) collection:

Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 30

1956, pg 30

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