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Q: -J' . -ll ' 1 fffaig .LFL4 ' ' - TET3 fit' -fzi jf? f ,-3.2211 , 1512? N . N QQ QQ i, 5 ' L Q -HPR.. f , in. .. M--, ,A ,, .1 . wf ' .. .F V ., , ,,:...f,, ,.. .wywl ,-N-M - 4,7 31 'lfiitli ,N , 'ffm f ' ' 3: f . ,'1,':1:?Qf.7' .. ' '-1' 11' , .. . , 1 L- .A wc. . - ' . -- . ' Q, - .,. . , -. A :E L.,-r".'-: 'V "-'41-ff "-I. -- . V '-K. 1. y , 3.32 :'- V 212.-r '-.. :+:fg, . . "1 , g 1 ' f4i1fIE:11?-1 2 -'fri 1 iii ff' . :wc 5 ' ---1' 1' if Sifiilaq - 545, I?1l'ie?Q1 . fi-gtg Zi ,,j1f1,fi fb-gs ,-521,53-41' f 4 Yf.,,. , :ggi-':1 ,..,,, ,, , "xW"5'ei9lf5ai,f,1g?fl'3Ei?f'5'f??: -" ' ' - 1 "- 'gy"5.a'F-:lv , 44- '.pjy'.,g'- igyya' -Q . ' 4.5 E354 f"?.:!iHH58?1E.::' Q ' ' 4' ' 21 ' ' , ,- .: '. 9 LZ 1'nQ.Ei1i3ff5L.- f .4-gg, tffzj-3 1- mi .s.f5.:,x:f4?a?t5QffQ" if' if Qsesaaff-QHV-Slrridm ,- L1. Q-. -, . ' ' as-,Q1:-fwiff-:L-'mgwif'-3, 1 . -qu . , Q5 'ij-ui ffxzqi-'giiln-I ,,,- , ,A V J.:-. pr V ., I 4 wr 4 .1-. ,Q -V 1. 4. .4 ,-.1 ,, 1 gps-5,:g'9e4-, "' Si g-,'::-Aw W1-fa.'4, , ' 'n' ' Q, ' .ia - Q, A. ..g ' The Echo 1955 YEARBOOK OF EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL EASTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS Sf 1 , - 1 f r X 64+h Edi+ion I , 7 V A ij! W V3 JL! i A f f QW if 1 .,,1 ' if . ,f I X 1 Tx Q 1 f if SENIOR FEATURES 96 ECHO STAFF Editor-in-chief Associate Editor Business Manager Associate Manager Feature Editor Advisor Marilyn Graham Nancy Mackie Richard Bcebe Donna Mitchell Earl Lizotte Miss Louise Burke 'X'Lillian Lajoie Margaret Duryee Gayle Green Claire Bessette L'9Earl Lizotte Rene Routhier fConstance Kulon Marlene LeBeau Dale Kaeppel +Richard Beebe Donna Mitchell Betty Herrmann aeR0salie Parsons James Trudeau Robert Barkowski 'Christine Marcisz Carol Borowski Patricia Tourville 9eChairman Nancy Sena Ruth Mesh June Martin Mary Sanders ATHLETICS Deann LeBeau Elodie Fleury TYPING Kay Breyer June Martin Janice Kaeppel ADVERTISING Claire Bcssette Richard Hatch Carole Poudrier PHOTOGRAPHY Sandra Damon Deann LeBeau 'Christine Skrzyniarz Olga Dailyde Thomas LaPlante Arlene Peabody 2 Mary Weidhaas Betsy Ramsey Cynthia Thouin Maryann Dombkowski Edward Popielarczyk Thelma Pendergast Shirley Raymond Albert Morrison William .Duryee Elizabeth Cernak Irene Soja Howard Lussier Gail Wolfram Carolyn Godaire ALUMNI floan Granger Carol Bridges FOREWORD To perpetuate in our hearts the many pleasant memories of happy high school days, this 1955 ECHO, edition 64, is published, that as the years roll on We may, through the ECHO, return to dear old E. H. S. and recall and relive the days that used to be. This year--1955 -has been a Wonderful year. We of the ECHO staff have tried to capture and preserve in words and pictures on the following pages as much as We could of High School 1955 The Story of Easthampton Q ,Qui Wwe! ,A We should like you to meet f and who represent the school spirit at E. H. S. and Whom We have employed to take you on a tour of the 1954-1955 school year. Follow them closely and you will hear the echoes of laughter, gay and carefree, resounding through the halls of E. H. S., echoes of voices, not so merry, responding in the classrooms, echoes of our failures and successes, echoes of our classmates at Work and at play in Easthampton High School. 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Admmlsirahon ...... ........,... .,.,... Faculfy .,4,.. ....,.,....,.. . .,..,....,.,, 4 ., Seniors, Class of I955 ..,...... Juniors, Class of I95b Sophomores, Class of I957 Freshmen, Class of I958 Aclivilies .. .... . ...,.., .,..., ,...... . , . . Allmleiics .,.,.,.., ...,....... . . The Year in Pic+ures .,.. .,.,.., Echoes of I954 .,.,..... . Our Adverfisers . 51.22 ZS' L ii jg fly.. L AHA! Y' -traw- W milk -n I LU .L A Message from our Superintendent .. William A. Dexter School Committee Stanley Popielarczyk, Chairman William Lossone, Secretary Albert Lussier Raymond Shepard Arnold Wild The Class of 1955 will soon terminate its formal education in the Public Schools of Easthampton. For most of you graduation means the completion of a session of work, play and study. You should be looking forward to opportunities for further achieve- ment and more worthy self-expression. You have, during the past four years, made new friendships, cultivated new tastes and ac- quired fresh visions of truth. With these tools you face the opportunities of a glorious age. It is your pathway into which you must enter. Whether this glorious age is made or marred will depend on habits which you have acquired in the home, church, and school. In addition to the education you have attained in school, take into the future friendship, co-operation and service, and your glorious age will be transformed from a vision to a reality. Miss Bertha Voigt Secretary to the szgberintendent And one from our Principal .. 'Tis education forms the common mind: just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined. -Pope And so as the members of the Class of 1955 graduate into the activities and the problems of the outside world, I sincerely hope that they will retain some of the wisdom and wholesome character that we have tried to formulate in them during their high school days. Only in this way can they enjoy the happiness and security of a life well lived and bring to a troubled world the blessings of peace and prosperity. Q-ufc6l71'Zk mf l Miss Ethel Voigt Howell K. Thayer SECRETARY TO TH E PRINCIPAL To the Faculty YVC, the Class of 1955, wish to express our sincerest appreciation to the faculty for their advice and assistance throughout the past four years. We are especially grateful to them for all the time they have so kindly contributed to help make our various undertakings successful. Aided by their understanding guidance and tireless efforts, we have happily achieved our goal, and now realize the important part our teachers have played in this achievement. It is our hope that some day we may make our beloved E. H. S. and its loyal faculty proud to have had the Class of l955. 8 ' FILLE A" 2 'K H, o : WAT E R Q09 S! ,WW ABRAHAM LsNcon.N ON Q0 xx iw A4 I" I I I I ...I Wt CECELIA. H. BARANOWSKI New York University Shorthand 1, 25 Typing 2, Business Lawg Secretarial Office Practice LOUISE F. BURKE Boston University University of Marburg, Germany French l, 2, 33 English l Advisor. Ecuo LEOCADIA T. BARANOWVSKI Bridgewater State Tearhers' Collegeg Springheld College Biologyg World Historyg Geography ARNOLD V. CLEARY Union Collegej Boston University Chemistry: Physics: General Science Advisor: FHCIIIIY Manager of Athletics 10 MRS. MARJORIE E. BEEBE Massachusetts School of Art Art Supervisor Advisor: The Charm Club KENNETH YV. DOLLOFF New England Conservatory of Music Boston University. College of Music Music Supervisor HAZEL M. EAMES Framingham State Teachers' College Household Arts Supervisor EDNA H. GRAHAM American College, Chicago, Ill. English lg Problems of Democracyg Driver Education Advisor: Dramatic Club "K-. CLAUDIA M. FLEMING Our Lady of Elms Collegeg Boston University English 2, 3, 4 HOVVARD M. GRAHAM Springfield College General Scicnceg Consumer Trainingg Physical Education Coach: Soccerg Baseball Advisor: Sophomore Class 11 MARIAN S. GOODWIN Salem Teachers' College College Typing Advisor: Freshman Class MARGARET E. LEE Middlebury College Latin 1, 2, 33 English 4 ALVAN R. LEWIS Fitchburg Normal School 4 year course Algebra l, 29 Salesmanshipg Civics Advisor: junior Class LOU M. LYMAN Smith College United States Historyg World History Civics Advisor: Good Government Day 4 to 1 tif L ,-, K Lgih In b ,lzf I vl Y - ,-rw A , t,t,l A it it A A fm ffivww PETER OKULSKY Michigan State Normal Physical Education Advisor: Tumblingg Cheerleading ROLAND E. REED University of Massachusetts Business Training: Economicsg Commercial Arithmetic Coach: Basketballg Tennis Advisor: Senior Class 12 JOSEPH MANNING Fitchburg State Teachers' Collegeg Columbia University Manual Training HILDA S. SMITH University of Vermont Mathematics 3, 45 English 3 Advisor: Pro Meritog Student Council l N X Moy 2, 1938 - July 21, 1954 We, the Class of 1955, dedicate this page in loving memory to Robert Bilski who was with us for our Hrst three years in Easthampton High School. Quiet and reserved, Robert was a faithful friend and loyal classmate, ever ready in his modest way to participate in school and class activities. We recall his helpful cooperation as a member of Student Council, his active work on committees for social affairs, and his good performance as a trumpet player in our band. A classmate who reflected credit on his home and his school, Robert will always be remembered as one whom we were glad to have in our midst. 14 Class of T955 Senior Class Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor: james Trudeau Edward Popiclarczyk Nancy Sena Carolyn Godaire Mr. Roland Recd 15 ROBERT LAWRENCE BARKOWSKI Bob Our outdoor man - an accordionist in green ranch wagon - ever seen his shirts? "Anyone need an extra garage door?" See Bob ECHO 43 Talent Show 2: Home Room Oflicer 4 Birthday: May 13 Plans: College RICHARD WARREN BEEBE Dick Our Dexter - "Holy Cow" - class politician - active tuba player - always busy - "Quiet, Genius at work" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Art l, 25 ECHO 3, 43 Scribe 1, 2, 33 Party Committees l, 2, 3, 43 Talent Show 1, 23 Senior Play 43 Magazine Captain 43 Student Council 23 Good Government Day l, 2, 3, 43 Massachusetts Boys' State Birthday: July 5 Plans: Business fix 3 f ' NORBERT DAVID BENHAM Anything for a laugh - happy-go-lucky - Oh, that French Class! A George Gobel fan - "Anchors Aweighn Soccer 3, 45 Basketball 33 Home Room Officer 3, 4 Birthday: March 7 Plans: Navy LUANNE SIGRID BERGMANN Lou A peppy cheerleader - French fries and steak - a book worm? Natch! Wally's Ford - swimming - blue Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 23 Party Committee 2, 3, 4: Play Usher 33 Student Council 2: Birthday: September 16 Plans: College 16 CLAIRE THERESA BESSETTE Bessie Parlez-vous francais - likes to sleep late - "anyone for a game of tennis" - or maybe bowling? - "More spaghetti, pleaseJ" Glee Club 3, 43 ECHO 4: Party Committee 3, 4: Good Government Day 3 Birthday: july 6 Plans: Nursing PAULINE E. BOULANGER Polly "French fries and coffee?" "Yeah," A weekend patroness of the Calvin - Leeds?? Bob0's baby brother - another late sleeper Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: Graduation Usher 3: Senior Play Usher 2: Home Room Officer 2: Student Council 2, 4 Birthday: January 23 Plans: College LOIS JEANNETTE BOVAT Lo Very flitty - "Where's Lo?" - here one minute, gone the next - likes anything blue - "Hip Hip" for calisthenics Dramatic Club 2: Girls' Basketball 15 Tumbling 1: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3 Birthday: December 24 Plans: Undecided KAY ELLEN BREYER Ever seen Kay's flower garden? Fond of square dancing - a good cook - graceful on skates - steadfast ECHO 3, 45 Party Committee 2, 43 Pro Merito 3, 4 Birthday: january 8 Plans: Stockbridge 17 ELIZABETH CERNAK Lizzie A tree climber - likes to drive, especially Buicks - Big dogs and horses are Lizzie's friends - giggles - Westfield Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club lg Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3: Home Room Officer 2, 33 Pro Merito 3, 4 Birthday: July 20 Plans: University of Massachusetts FRANCES CHMURA Fran Likes to curl up in a chair with a good book - seamstress - semi-classical music - tangos - quiet?????? - Roller- skating enthusiast Busmess Manager for Magazine Campaign 43 Pro Merito Birthday June 14 Plans: Bookkeeping DONALD CYKOYVSKI Cy Not too fond of study - a collector of guns - the color red - unlimited gum supply - excuses, excuses, excusesxll ECHO 3: Soccer l, 2: Party Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Good Government Day 2, Senior Play 4 Birthday: june 4 Plans: College SANDRA DAMON Sandy Long tresses - musically inclined - sophistication - baseball?????? - versatile dancer - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 23 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: ECHO 3, 4: Party Committee 2, 3, 43 Talent Show 1, 2, 33 Home Room Officer lg Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 4 Birthday: April 6 Plans: Boston University 18 JOYCE ELEANOR DENNIS Can be found behind McGowan's counter eating hot fudge sundaes - "I'm here again, you lucky people" - natural curls - Agawam -- swimming Glee Club l, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Party Com- mittee l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball l, 2: Home Room Officer 3, 43 Class Officer 23 Graduation Usher 33 Senior Play 33 Pro Merito 3, 4 Birthday: November 8 Plans: College MARYANN DOMBKOWSKI Collecting stamps - yellow - ambitious - quite a dancer - clarinet - reserved Glee Club 23 Band 3, 43 ECHO 43 Basketball 23 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3, 43 Student Council Convention Delegate 3: Home Room Officer 2, 3, 43 Good Government Day 2, 3, 4 Birthday: May 23 Plans: Springfield City Hospital is tftify WILLIAM DURYEE Wild Bill An outdoor man - ever see his old guns? - traveling - Alaska, here I come! - wise cracks - our A GP clerk Birthday: january 17 Plans: College CAROL GODAIRE - one of the letter writers - baby sitting Petite, but when she's around you know it - Oh George Glee Club 2, A43 Dramatic Club 23 ECHO 4 Party Com mittee 2, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 33 Home Room Officer 1 Birthday: April 4 Plans: Secretarial Work 19 CAROLYN GODAIRE Lynn Angel in disguise - active and witty - "Who, me?" - whiz on the tennis court - Chopin and "Polonaise" Glee Club 29 Ecu-io 45 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl's Basketball 2, 33 Party Committee lg Home Room Oflicer lg Class Oflicer 45 Student Council l, 4 Birthday: April 4 Plans: Nursing MARILYN RUTH GRAHAM Marl Big blue eyes - bubbles over with enthusiasm - lots of friends - "Oh, golly."' - a librarian Girls' Basketball 1, 25 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 45 ECHO 3, 45 Editor-in-chief of ECHO 45 Graduation Usher 3: Girls' State Representative 35 Student Council 3, 49 Home Room Oflicer l, 25 Class Officer 15 Good Government Day 45 D.A. R. Pilgrim 4 Birthday: july 20 Plans: Springfield College JOAN ELAINE GRANGER foanie "Oh, that English class" - model "T" Ford - old time movies - square dancing - a W0olworth's girl Band 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Party Committee l, 23 ECHO 3, 45 Scribe 1, 2, 43 Columbia Scholastic Press Convention Delegate 35 Talent Show 2 GAYLE ANN GREEN G-G A Southampton sheep raiser - horseback riding - one man gal? - "my sister's shirt" - oral talks! Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Eci-io 4 Birthday: February 5 Plans: University of Rochester 20 PATRICIA HAYES Pat Giggles - Carefree -- Italian grinders, yummm! - record lover - Navy?? - sweater girl Glee Club 1, 43 Party Committee 3, 4 Birthday: April 24 Plans: Secretarial Work ELIZABETH HERMANN Herm "Majestic sister" - Willistons?? - Kap's side kick - chocolate milk shakes - a pianist - oh, those eyes!! Glee Club 3, 45 Charm Club 1: Art lg ECHO 41 Graduation Usher 3g Good Government Day 35 Home Room Officer 3,4 Birthday: May 5 Plans: Westfield State Teachers College NANCY HOWLAND Nance Willing - Ted's girl - like to sew - active in Southamp- ton - ambitious - "That Chem" Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Art l, 2 Birthday: March 22 Plans: University of Massachusetts TED HUGHES Ted Likes to hot rod - Nancy! - friendly smile - Brown wavy hair - Oh! that history! Birthday: August I5 Plans: Navy 21 RACHEL JOLY dancing - quiet and sincere Party Committee 45 Tumbling 4 Ray The perfect secretary - chicken and mashed potatoes - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Charm Club l, 2, 45 Scribe 2, 33 Birthday: September 10 Plans: Secretarial Work DALE KAEP PEL Bermuda shorts - our blonde car hop - good intentions - "Holy Cow" - record collector Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4g Charm Club 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 33 Scribe 33 Girls' Basketball 33 ECHO 43 Good Government 3 Blrthday Aprill Plans: Undecided JANICE KAEPPEL Kap Majestic's other sister - Herm's pal - Queen of the female bachelors - strawberry milk shakes - Her antiques Glee Club 3, 4: Charm Club lg Art lg ECHO 43 Graduation Usher 35 Pro Merito 35 Home Room Officer 1, 2: Good Government Day 3 ALMA KIESZEK Skieziks "Who ate all the spaghetti?" - Basketball and Tennis - good friend - a senior boy? - Do you have laryngitis? Glee Club l, 33 Party Committee 45 Girls' Basketball 35 Home Room Officer 3, 4 Birthday: june 18 Plans: Nursing 22 MATTHEW RICHARD KINLOCK Dick Black curls - "Dad, can I have the car tonight?" - Tessie - sports -- Southern fried chicken Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council lg Good Government Day 2 Birthday: May 20 Plans: Electrician THOMAS KRAWCZYK Tom 2-6 A clrPj 7-10, Orchard Grove - blond curly hair - "What was today's English assignment?" - guns - sports Glee Club 45 Student Council 23 Party Committee 3 Birthday: August 24 Plans: Undecided VIRGINIA KRZAN OWSKI Ginny Long lashes - flirting eyes - those boy friends!! - expresses herself with actions - loves to dance Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Charm Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 2: ECHO 43 Scribe 2, 3: Girls' Basketball 2 Birthday: December ll Plans: Secretarial Work CONSTANCE KULON Connie A greeting smile - blue - Crocheting hats - private secretary - which boy today? Glee Club 43 Band 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Charm Club lg Party Committee 1, 21 Scribe 1, 2, 3: Ecuo 3, 45 Graduation Usher 33 Delegate to Columbia Scholastic Press 2: Home Room Officer lg Class Oflicer 2 Birthday: February 7 Plans: Secretary 23 E ,af- , K 555555 its 1 ft-its t,,.,.,t. ,r eggygiqtar E, E if 'P fl S fm 'lf i R 3 1 is bw Qt, if is ,, f ,ii Lbkm . ,i35fi4fbe9f53-'iifliffkira , Jiwfiifu e dzzfyiwffgwgyfwiygff Mfg? VW ROBERT LASH Ox Deelp voice and nice smile - 1. D.'S - good athlete - HW . . ,, . at did ya do in P. D? - friend to all Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4g Soccer 3 4' Home Roo i i U1 Officer 35 Good Government Day 3 Birthday: January 15 Plans: Springfield College MARLENE LEBEAU Marl "Oh, Gee" - mischievous - light blue - wants to travel - her favorite - Tommy.' Glee Club 43 Charm Club 1, 23 Dramatic Club l, 2, 33 Scribe l, 2,.3g Ecuo 3, 45 Party Committee 2, 4g Usher for Graduation 3, Talent Show 25 Delegate to Columbia Scholastic Pre C ' - Birthday: September 1 EARL LIZOTTE Studious - enthusiastic hunter and angler - our Torn Saw er - l I - ' ' ' y p ays st trumpet indispensable - everybody s friend Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 43 D1'21lTl21fiC Club 2, 3, 42 Scribe 33 ECHO 43 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4' Home Room Officer 43 Class Officer 33 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Good Government Day Program 1, 2, 3, 43 Massachusetts Boys' S . ' . ' tate 3, Graduation Marshall 3, Pro Merito 3, 43 Senior ss onventlon 2, Good Government Day 1, 2 Plans: College SAMUEL CLARK LILLEY Bud Neat dresser - that two-toned Chrysler!! - individualist - I I . - . . st c ass mechanic friendly smile - restless Birthday: February 11 Plans: A. I. C. Birthday: january 27 Plans: Holyoke junior Colle e E Massachusetts College of Optometry 24 W,-A ,T t 1 ,rgggfggiigp is T' JUNE MARTIN Marty Shorthand whiz - keeps busy - lots of fun to work with - Hillbilly music - did somebody mention Westover - good. natured - those Health cookies - talkative Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Charm Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Scribe 1, 2, 3: ECHO 3, 4: Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Room Oflicer l, 35 Good Government Day Program 3 Birthday: june 2 Plans: Secretary RUTH MESH Ruthie Quiet and reserved - W. P. I. - Mother's apple pie - sliding down hay stacks - wading in brooks Glee Club 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 13 Dramatic Club lg Scribe l, 2, 3g ECHO 3, 43 Party Committee lg Student Council 35 Student Council Convention Delegate 35 Columbia Scholastic Press Convention Delegate 23 Eastern States Exposition Representative 4: Home Room Officer 1, 23 Pro Merito 3, 4 Birthday: February 16 Plans: University of Massachusetts DONALD MOLLOY Honey Mischieuous - helping Rene sink the ship in Miss Lymarfs room - Gail - Aw, Gee! - drumming Glee Club 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Soccer 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Good Government Program 3: Senior Play 4 Birthday: january 22 Plans: Undeceded can be found at 1145-R or 1336-W3 Club 1, 2, 3: Home Room Officer l 25 ALBERT MORRISON Alie Russian authors - cycling to Southampton - Carol - Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra lg Dramatic Birthday: june 14 Plans: Holyoke Junior College GEORGE TIMOTHY NAYLOR Tim Calvin - girls - pizza - Little Italy - grey - indijerent - water skiing Birthday: February 5 Plans: Holyoke Junior College Birthday: February 14 Plans: Westfield State MARYANN NIEMIEC Tap dancing - playing piano - friendly and easy-going - May I help you? - giggles galore Glee Club 35 Charm Club 15 Scribe 1, 2, 35 Party Com- mittee 35 Talent Show 2, 31 Magazine Captain 45 Girls' Basketball l5 Student Council 25 Home Room Otlicer 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 35 Good Government Day 25 Graduation Marshall 3 Teaehers' College THELMA PENDERGAST Verv original schemes - photography - roller skating - talking machine Glee Club 2, 45 Band 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3: Charm Club l, 2, 3, 45 Scribe 2, 39 ECI-Io 3, 4g Tumbling 3, 45 Basketball lg Tennis 25 Student Council 45 Magazine Captain 45 Good Government Day Program 3 Birthday: June 9 Plans: Secretarial Work EDWARD POPIELARCZYK Pop Everyone knows "Pop" - Miss Goodwin's buddy - 1. D.'s - Clark Street - steak Glee Club 45 ECHO 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Party Commit- tee 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4: Home Room Olhcer 15 Class Officer 45 Good Government Day Program 2 Birthday: October 31 Plans: Army 26 GLORIA POUDRIER Glo Sweet - our acrobat - swimming and summer months - Buddy - wedding bells in june Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Charm Club l, 3: Tumbling 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council l, 25 Talent Show 3: Gradua- tion Usher 3: Home Room Officer l, 2 Birthday january 21 Plans: Marriage ELIZABETH JANE RAMSEY Betsy Cheerleading captain - more weekends and summer vacations!! - Chevy - clothes fiend - Dick's buddy - "Oh, that's fine .' !" Charm Club l, 25 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 43 Scribe l, 2, 33 ECHO 3, 43 Basketball l, 2: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Party Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Talent Show 2: Graduation Usher 33 Magazine Captain 4: Home Room Ollicer 3, 4: Good Government Day Program 35 Senior Play 4 Birthday: July 17 Plans: Westlield State Teachers College SHIRLEY RAYMOND Shifl Soft spoken - look out for her - pranks with Thelma - skating - athletic - always good for a laugh Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Charm Club 2, 3, 4: Scribe 3, 4: ECHO 3, 4: Party Committee 3: Tumbling 2g Girls' Basket- ball 3, 4g Good Government Day 3 Birthday: March 20 Plans: Waves RENE ROUTHIER easy to get along with One of the gang - lady's man - J. D.'s - sinking the ship in Miss Lyman's study hall - A Yankee fan Glee Club 4: ECHO 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 45 Home Room Oflicer 2: Party Committee 3, 4 Birthday: March 16 Plans: Navy 27 CHRISTINE SCRIBNER Chris Quiet, pleasant - can be found at basketball games - cowboy music and square dancing - "I'll take ice cream" Charm Club 4 Birthday: june 20 Plans: Secretarial Work NANCY SENA Nan Likes members of the opposite sex - "Ho'nestly!1" - Welsh rarebit - classical and jazz - playing piano - active - "She was here a second ago" - antique buttons Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Charm Club 23 Senior Play 45 Scribe 33 ECHO 45 Party Committee 3, 45 Talent Show 25 Usher for Graduation 35 Usher for Charm Club Fashion Show 25 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 45 Class Officer 3, 43 Good Government Day 3 Birthday: October 31 Plans: Undecided RUTH GAYLE SHELDON Gayle Shy??? - 1:15 an Friday - studious, but nice to know - active band member - chocolate meringue pie - swimming Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 45 Party Commit- Council 1 Birthday: April 28 Plans College MYRNA SHELDON Mym Pleasing personality - "Don" - playing piano - studies hard - Southamptonize - oh, that 4th period study hall! - quiet??? Birthday: October 29 Plans: Springfield College 28 tee l, 2: Usher for Play 25 Class Oilicer 15 Student KENNETH SMITH Ken Crew cut and side burns - sports enthusiast - not a care in the world -- indiferent - Corey - "Hot Rod" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Party Committee 2, 3 Birthday: june 12 Plans: Undecided DOLORES STASZCZYK fingernails - Alma's pal CYNTHIA THOUIN Cyn "Don't know, do ya?" - Westfield and Bob - vivacious - hamburg specials, yum! - peppy cheerleader Glee Club l, 2, 3: Charm Club 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Scribe 33 ECHO 43 Cheerleader 3, 4g Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show 23 Usher for Graduation 3: Magazine Captain 4 Birthday: September 13 Plans: Commercial College 29 Dutchy Amherst - large and varied wardrobe - excuses - long Birthday: December 10 Plans: Secretarial Work RONALD TOLSON Ronnie Candv Bar kid - bookkeeping whiz?? - mechanic - good natured - Chevy convertible Glee Club 2 Birthday: july 19 Plans: Northampton Commercial College FRANK TOMASZEWSKI Smiley Friendly smile - interested in mechanics - that red car! "plenty of time to be sad when you're old" Student Council 4 Birthday: july 16 Plans: Northampton Commercial College JAMES TRUDEAU jim Ne'er to be tied down - Canadian motor trips - pizza - speaking acquaintance with Lady Luck - "Romeo" Glee Club 43 ECHO 2, 43 Student Council 2, 4g Party Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Talent Show 23 Graduation Marshall 3' Massachusetts Bo s' State 3' Home Room , y , Oflicer l, 23 Class Officer 1, 2, 43 Good Government Day 3 Program Birthday: November 17 Plans: Air Force ALAN TRUEHART Ace Argumentative - dificult to please - a member of the gang - record breaker at tournament - a junior gal Basketball 4g Soccer 43 Baseball 4 Birthday: March 6 Plans: Navy MARY WEIDHAAS Easy to get along with - nattily groomed - horseback riding with Gayle - studious - musically inclined Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 1, 23 ECHO 43 Party Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Graduation Marshall 33 Pro Merito 3, 43 Elks' Flag Day Essay Contest 33 Student Council 13 Home Room Officer 23 Class Officer 33 Good Government Day 13 State Good Government 3 Birthday: March 6 Plans: University of Massachusetts 30 JUDITH WHITE judge Southamptonite - photography - twin - steady dater Glee Club 3, 49 Charm Club 2, 4 Birthday: September 22 Plans: WAF's ARNOLD WILD Tall and lanky - outdoor sports, especially fishing - whiz at table tennis - reading Glee Club 2, 45 Dramatic Club l, 2, 3 WALTER WOZNICKI Walt Corned beef and cabbage - grave-digger - jellydonuls - keep the party hot.' Dramatic Club 25 Soccer Manager 3: Basketball Mana- ger 2, 3, 4: Birthday: December9 Plans: Undecided HELEN ZIELENSKI Gena Wazry tresses -'domineering men - bikinis???? - roller skating Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show 25 Class Officer 2: Home Room Ollicer 2, 33 Party Committee 2, 3 Birthday: September 5 Plans: Commercial College 31 ECHOES OF THE PAST V 3, 2.5: "QQ Qi? -c-' L, T 'otigvoifto Q' Hark-do you hear it? Listen intently--in the distance a faint murmur, a sott echo, the voice of our freshman year, awakens our memories. As it becomes more distinct, we envision a time when we were eighty-seven bewildered, confused students. Long will we remember our first year, when we were ofiicially initiated into the school student body, honored by the Freshman Reception. With the aid of our advisor, Miss Lee, we ventured upon our Hrst big project, the Freshman-Sophomore Party. To aid us to find our way in the sea of confusion we elected as class officers: president, James Trudeau, vice-president, Edward Cabana, secre- tary Gayle Sheldon, and treasurer, Marilyn Graham. Although we sorrowfully bade the seniors goodbye at their graduation, we were joyful that Frances Chmura had received the Urban-Fleming Memorial Prize for outstanding work in General Science. , Amid the confusion of voices, we now hear another echo, growing more clearly and steadily, still carrying us back to the past. Now it echoes the return of eighty-one students who have progressed to the second year of higher education, one year closer to the goal. Our class president was Joyce Dennis 5 vice-president, james Trudeau, secretary, Constance Kulon, treasurer Helen Zielenski. Guided by Miss Fleming, we were active participants in school activities. Many of us were important members of clubs, others were gaining recognition in sports. Our Sophomore Dance was a gala affair. This sophomore year proved to be one filled to capacity with memorable events. The vociferous echo of our junior year reminds us that sixty- seven confident scholars returned for the acquiring of more knowledge. Echoes of other environments had induced some of our students to give up the search for studies. To help our advisor, Af: 'I i I5 I ...f- 'f L 12' I, tl. W Miss Burke, and our class, we elected as our president Maryann Niemiec, vice-president, Mary Weidhaas, secretary, Nancy Sena, treasurer, Earl Lizotte. Richard Beebe, James Trudeau, and Earl Lizotte had the privilege of attending Boys State, while Marilyn Graham was our delegate to Girls State. Ruth Mesh was chosen to serve in the governor's escort at the Eastern States Exposition. At the 1954 graduation two of our members received prizes: Earl Lizotte, the Susan M. Mullaly Prize in French, and Ruth Mesh, the History Award offered by the International Relations Com- mittee of the Woman's Club. 32 A reverberating sound announces that we are seniors, engaged in a year overflowing with exciting happenings. In September 1954 we elected these leaders: president, james Trudeau 5 vice-president, Edward Popielarczykg secretary, Nancy Sena, and treasurer, Carolyn Godaire. To our advisor, Mr. Reed, we owe many thanks for his patience and guidance. September-We began raising money for our Washington trip by selling rest period refreshments to hungry students. October- Seniors rang doorbells! Frances Chmura was business manager of the magazine sales campaign. Captains for Curtis Company were Maryann Niemiec, Richard Beebe, and Elizabeth Ramsey. Captains for Collier Company were Thelma Pendergast, Donald Molloy, and Cynthia Thouin. November- We dubiously undertook a completely new project, with favorable results for our treasury, we sold Christmas trees. Qtr or P 1 J X ,1 NVQ-ifgxb f 4, v,: ll fe? LJ Our boys, with that well-groomed look and our girls, poised and charming, proudly posed for their pictures for The ECHO. f December-All of our efforts were put into the Senior Dance, an appropriately festive party for the Christmas season. January-One big sigh of relief was heard as our thousand J, word themes were finally handed in. February -- "Holy Cow" echoed through the halls in preparation for the Senior Play, "Meet Corliss Archer." Marilyn Graham was selected as D. A. R. Pilgrim. March-A general stir of excitement between political parties s . was underway as each candidate tried his best to be a winner. f V ff :L :I u rf' fa N: il fx s j 1 h f Wx? May-Oh! the bustle of the nearing graduation, the gliding of dancers at the Junior-Senior Prom 5 fellows stiff in their tuxedos, girls beautiful in their gowns. June-So happy, yet so sad! So very much to do: meetings, rehearsals, class night, and finally, graduation-the long-awaited achievement of our goal. As we now leave the halls and classrooms of Easthampton High School, we hear, as we shall always hear, the echoing memories of four wonderful years. 33 April-A new experience: we were able actually to view our capitol at Washington, D. C. The Washington trip will always be one of the permanent pictures in our gallery of memories. Y' 9, 1 I 4,03 60 5 A ,. jf IW md c All s s Q, I s I YA! Fl - 1. 1 45 5 1 Cb C58 Qi Q5 'Q' Most popular girl Most popular boy Prettiest girl Handsomest boy Most flirtatious girl Most flirtatious boy Most musical girl Most musical boy Most aggressive girl Most aggressive boy Class actress Class actor Most cheerful girl Most cheerful boy Most likely B Betsey Ramsey Don Molloy Sandra Damon Bob Lash Connie Kulon Eddie Popielarczyk Nancy Howland Earl Lizotte Gayle Green Dick Beebe joyce Dennis Earl Lizotte Nancy Sena Dick Kinlock ff ig- Most charming personality -- girl Most charming personality - boy Best Dressed girl Best Dressed boy Most loquacious girl Most loquacious boy Class scientist - girl Class scientist - boy Most optimistic girl Most optimistic boy Class athlete - girl Class athlete - boy Most versatile girl Most versatile boy Best example of Cynthia Thouin Eddie Popielarczyk Mary W eidhaas jimmy Trudeau Thelma Pendergast Norbert Benham Luanne Bergmann Dick Beebe Carol Godaire Alan Truehart Carolyn Godaire Bob Lash Mary Weidhaas Albert Morrison to succeed--girl Ruth Mesh school spirit- girl Marilyn Graham Most likely Best example of to succeed-boy Earl Lizotte school spirit-boy Rene Routhier ......-Y ,X ' A f E . use -,,,,..s ,., Q a C' ,A -. 3 , 52 - -Gin a f M -A ' 34 Q19 l The Senior Play is over, but the "holy cow" of Dexter, fRichard Beebej lingers on. The play, directed by Principal Howell K. Thayer, was "Meet Corliss Archern, adapted from the radio and television series. The mischievous Corliss, played by Joyce Dennis, succeeded in leading her parents, Earl Lizotte and Sandra Damon, around by the nose, while completely bewildering Aunt Agnes, Luanne Bergmann. Maid Louise, Betsy Ramsey, was wise to Corliss and her antics, as was friend Mildred, Pauline Boulanger. The rest of the cast included Gayle Sheldon and Donald Molloy as Dexter's parents, Donald Cykowski and Cynthia Thouin as doctor and nurse, .and Nancy Sena, as Betty. Each one became involved in the topsy-turvy plots of Corliss which provided an evening of enjoyable entertainment. for everyone. UGET THAT BOY OUT OF HERE! NOW GET HIM OUT!!" -'Y wuo s DAYDKUX UfJA1'H BED? "' flllzxss ll The last w1ll and testament of the Class of 1955 made and publ1shed th1s lOth day of June 1n the Year of our Lord One Thousand N1ne Hundred F1fty FIVC We the Class of 1955 declarmg ourselves to be of sane m1nd and sound body do hereby and herem present th1s document as our last w1ll and testament To the faculty we leave our gratltude for the1r adv1ce not always followed for the knowledge 1mparted but not always absorbed and for the patlence rendered tho not always apprec1ated To the Class of 56 we leave all the opportun1t1es of wh1ch we have not taken advantage To the Class of 57 we leave the rem1nder that work 15 not all pleasure and pleasure IS somet1mes work To the Class of 58 we leave the challenge to reach the goal of graduatlon R1chard Beebe leaves h1s sc1ent1f1c expenrnents wh1ch he so fondly makes to Peter W1ld Robert Barkowskl leaves h1S garage doors to M1ss Grahams dr1v1ng class to replace the ones her class knocks down Luanne Bergmann w1lls her front seat 1n chem class to some unsuspectlng jumor Cla1re Bessette leaves her sunny French ways to R1chard We1bel Paullne Boulanger leaves her roles as an elderly lady for at least Hfty years she hopes' Lo1s Bovat leaves her fhtty ways to TCSSIC Baldyga Kay Breyer leaves her 1ndustr1ous ways to Judy Flsher Ehzabeth Cernak leaves her w1nn1ng sm1le to Mary Sanders Frances Chmura leaves her m1dn1ght Oll to any lazy Jumor who needs the ue to study Sandra Damon leaves her long tresses to Carol F1nn oyce DCHUIS leaves her job at McGowan s to any one who wlshes to be IH contact Wlth the W1ll1St0H Donald Cyk0WSk1 leaves h1s supply of gum to help to keep the school together Maryanne Dombkowsk1 leaves her tap danc1ng ablllty to the stag l1ne of E H S W1ll1am Duryee leaves h1s muzzle loaders to the faculty who have the urge 111' ' Carol Godalre leaves her letter wr1t1ng to Carol M1m1tz Carolyn GOdH1fC leaves her rn1sch1evous 1deas to Chf1StlH6 MHFCISZ Mar1lyn Graham leaves her wealth of fr1endl1ness to oanne Gendreau oan Granger leaves Engl1sh st1ll confused Gayle Green leaves her sheep to Mr Thayer to count on h1S sleepless nlghts Pat Hayes leaves her myster1ous personahty to Carol Borowskl Betty Hermann leaves her descrlptlve facxal expresslons to Tom Walsh Nancy Howland and Ted Hughes leave hand 1n hand Rachael oly leaves her pleasant d1spos1t1on to Luc1lle LaPlante Dale Kaeppel leaves her favorlte saymg Today Im go1ng to study hard to be pa1nted on the walls of room 17 Jamce Kaeppel leaves her short ha1r cut to George LaRose Alma K1CSZCk leaves her basketball ab1l1ty to Al1ce Pluta R1Chafd Kmlock leaves but TCSSIC rerna1ns Tommy Krawczyk leaves h1S seem1ngly qu1et ways to Robert Cralg V1rg1n1a KfZaDOWSk1 leaves her perplexmg ways to L1ll1an LEIJOIC . mt 9 r . , A . - n 7 n , . n , 7 D 7 , . , . cc- - -as 1 fl . I ' 1 J . . , . . tok' ..! J .,. Q p n is , I . s , , 3 . .g 36 Conn1e Kulon leaves her good mtentxon to Donald Johnston Robert Lash leaves h1s all around sports ab1l1ty to anyone who can equal lt Marlene LeBeau leaves her helpful ways to Rosahe Parsons Clark L1lley leaves 1n a cloud of dust Earl Lzzotte leaves h1s ChCII'11Stl'y abxhty to Mary Sanders une Mart1n leaves her love for shorthand homework to Luc1lle LaPlante Ruth Mesh leaves her messenger serv1ce to anyone who s1ts between two frlends Donald Molloy leaves h1s Honey Gall Wolfram Albert MOFTISOH leaves wlthout a tardy sl1p Tlm Naylor leaves h1s happy go lucky ways to Jrmmy Stone Maryann Nlemec leaves the test tube w1th the hole ln the bottom to Mr Cleary Thelma Pendergast leaves her we1rd laughter to haunt the halls of E H S Edward Poplelarczyk leaves h1s fllrtatrous ways to Benue Kober Glona Poudrxer leaves the knack to hand work 1n just on t1me to anyone who can make the deadl1ne ' V ' Betsey Ramsey leaves her pos1t1on as head cheerleader to anyone who can do half as well Shlrley Raymond leaves no one can take her place Rene Routhler leaves h1s ab1l1ty to get along Wlth glrls to Walter Lankarge Chrlstme Scrlbner leaves qu1etly Nancy Sena leaves her abxhty to get along w1th the opposlte sex to ean Kaeppel Gayle Sheldon leaves her unexpected comments to Joyce McNamara Myrna Sheldon leaves, but Don stays Kenneth Sm1th leaves h1s sales book to anyone who wants It Dolores Starczyk leaves her w1ll1ngness to supply refreshments to some w1ll1ng Junlor who can afford lt lm Cynth1a Thouln leaves Mr Lew1s second per1od study hall much to lns rel1ef Ronald Tolson leaves and takes h1s candy bars w1th hlm Frank Tomaszewslu leaves h1s smxle to Pat Tourvllle ames Trudeau leaves h1S tltle of wolf mn she1k s clothmg to Rxchard Fapp1ano Alan Truehart leaves h1s ab1l1ty to get 1nto arguments to whoever w1ll get Mary We1dhaas leaves her red pl halr to Corlnne St Mart1n udy Wlnte leaves her corner for Nan Lowe to stand 1n Arnold W1ld and h1s flshmg equ1pment leave together Walter WOZH1Ck1 leaves lus management of the team to T1ger Benham Helen Z1elensk1 leaves the tw1nkle 1n her eye to Theresa Ceberek The 4th perlod trlgonometry class leaves M1ss Sm1th plast1c helmets to stop Intel' COII11'I'1U.I11C3.t1OI1 The second perlod Engllsh Class leaves w1th one quest1on st1ll unanswered' How d1d we do ltp The Semors leave fond memor1es of what IS laughmgly known as sxxth per1od study hall to M1ss Sm1th The Class of 55 ennched by the past four years and gladdened by hav1ng reached 1tS goal leaves Easthampton Hlgh School The foregomg document was on the date above g1ven and IH our presence s1gned sealed publlshed and declared by us the Class of 1955 as our last w1ll and testament We the undersrgned at our request and 1n our presence and 1n the presence of each other, have hereunto s1gned our names as w1tnesses to th1s w1ll . ' GG ,, ' . . .. . , . , . ' ' - cc ' as ff ' ' 99 9 ' ' , . . , . 7 9 , , J 7 , ' 7 3 3 AJ 4 37 WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG XNK 6050 9011 6 Carol and Carolyn Godaire .lea IJ , 0,8 ,Ig G1- Maryanne Dcxmbkowski 5: nE.E ,A 5 i Awww VL Richard Beebe Nancy Sena , , :f'v7,L if mfm- f 3? rf -W 'N .. 2 N 1 Eg' W .i :,L l M 1 S WY E. V ,a ry lin fl k i? A I . Pauline Boulanger Joanne and Judy W hxte FZ! ,., We W ff' , .. 'A -his 1 J, I AI 31- 17171 0,0 ,Ya '11 Sandra Damon Ruth Mesh 38 ' o ww we Mar! C116 LQBCHU Janice Kaeppel Ellzabeth Cernak Gayle Green Q E Elizabeth Henman n Earl Lizotte . emxec nn N' NWYYB Elizabeth Ramsey 39 Cynthia s l . ywle Ynxiloa Thouin Gayle Sheldon E Frank T0m?'5ZeWSki A4 Dale Kaeppel , 1. 1 , X xi' M g lan , Ex x X X W 1 mf we su A X fu Y . ,L ., A, ,, ,w.,x, Q, X. X' 3 'fl7'f1. -Y XWW mxgw., X X I . Hx a Y X 'U ' " - , f-Milf? EFS, lo -A X 1 fl ' r , y rZYk D o essta 6 NQKXCY an Kay Breyer owwixd e113 ow 6 f Helely X55 and .Ilan Norbert Benham 1: - SW UQ my , L L A r.,,g'-jiigj -- K 'af' y ra ga ff is Q Q i , 1, H7 i - K if 3, 4' 2 1, 2 f 1 A A JR 1 in . is his :E in if 'Sw 1 L W S? m 5 A., ,gfii xi' Y Br M Y S 'on 2 lehhski Myrna Sheldon Constance Kulon Gloria Poudrier Alma Kieszck Luanne Bergmann Virginia Kl'l2lllUiVSki -. Bessfrfle I Ciaue Christine Scribner Mary Weidha 40 HS Joyce Dennis REMEMBER? CAN YOU FIND. f Lois Bovat 7 Ruth Mcshxl- o7fDonald Cykowski X0 Albert Morrison X? Joan Granger 1 I Elizabeth Rarnseyfl.-M yfjanice Kaeppel f ,5LShirley Raymondl- 'N k5fRichard Kinlock 1 3 Nancy Senaq. 6 Constance Kulon 14 James Trudeau f Earl Lizotte Q? !O'Alan Truehart Xjune Martin 1 Cv Mary Weidhaas 41 I7 Helen Zielinski PRO MERITO SOCIETY Pro Merito is an honorary society composed of students who have acquired a general average of "B" or above in their major subjects. It is a state organization with chapters in about fifty high schools throughout Massachusetts. Miss Hilda Smith is Pro Merito advisor in Easthampton High School. Seniors Twenty-one students from the Class of 1956 have been so rewarded for their outstanding scholastic work. Donald Bashista William Breyer Bruce Craig Margaret Duryee Carole Finn Joanne Gendreau Chester Kania Carol Krawczyk Lillian Lajoie Thomas LaPlante '14, -k . gg., My-lg At the end of two years a student becomes a Junior The following students of the Class of 1955 have studied conscientiously during the last four years and attained the grades necessary to become a member of this society. Kay Breyer Elizabeth Cernak Francis Chmura Joyce Dennis Janice Kaeppel Earl Lizotte Ruth Mesh Mary Weidhaas Pro Merito. Juniors Roberta Laprade Nancy Mackie Joyce McNamara Donna Mitchell Rosalie Parsons Emelie Roscoe Carole Schmidt William Schumann Frank Skrzyniarz Josephine Slater Patricia Touwille 42 e922 H5-Z an xff UM ' VJj'j,iQqf W WM JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Thomas LaPlante Secretary: Joanne Gendreau Vice-President: James Stone Treasurer: Patricia Tourville Advisor: Mr. Alvan R. Lewis 43 Ns JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY To lead our class of ninety-nine freshmen we elected as class oflicers in 1952: President, Alice Gerykg vice-president, John Brothers, secretary, Corinne St. Marting treasurer, Nancy Mackie. Our class advisor was Mr. Reed. Joyce McNamara and James Stone ably represented us in Student Council. We participated in numerous extra-curricular activities, and many of us were on the first and second honor rolls. Margaret Duryee won the General Science Award for our class and Nancy Mackie received the Helena C. Evans Art Award. Guided by Miss Lee, we chose the following Sophomore Class officers: presi- dent, James Stone 3 vice-president, Richard Fappianog secretary, Theresa Ceberek, and treasurer, Thomas LaPlante. Donna Mitchell, Joanne Gendreau, Bruce Craig, and James Stone were elected by the class to represent us in Student Council. Again we took part in' many school events, including Good Government Day activities. Although a few of us slipped academically, we still had an honor roll record to be proud of. We indeed enjoyed our sophomore year. Our junior year has been crammed full of exciting events. Now at the tiller we find Thomas LaPlante as president 5 James Stone, vice-president, Joanne Gendreau, secretary, Patricia Tourville, treasurer. To Mr. Lcwis was given the task of advising us, while Donna Mitchell, Gail Wolfram, Theresa Ceberek, David Jayes, Bruce Craig, and Robert Skrocki spoke for us in Student Council. On Junior Pro Merito we had the impressive number of twenty-one members. Again we participated actively in nearly every function at E. H. S. Bruce Craig, Chester Kania and Frank Skrzyniarz were chosen as Boys' State delegates with Thomas LaPlante as alternate. We were proud to be represented by Nancy Mackie in the district and regional American Legion Oratorical Contest and at State Good Government Day in Boston. After a wonderful junior year, we look forward with great anticipation to the all-important senior year. 44 lllll lang' 4' I 1 l Bashista, Donald Bober, Mary Borowski, Carol Breyer, William J Wi-WM if will ' WM Bridges, Carol Ceberek, Theresa WU f 'li' I Couchon, Patricia Craig, Bruce Duryee, Margaret Fappiano, Richard Finn, Carol T' 6' I ' Fleury, Elodie Gendreau, Joanne Geryk, Alice Girard, Stephen 45 ,LM 4 r "r"7"' iw ' !'. -ami ' Graham, Beverly Hick Donald ' J yes, David Johnston, Donald DQJW3' A. .dw M Jail". MMA, Debut ,MWy? af? Fw l""L"'7 ,,,w""'7 aww gba W M Kania, Chester ak' Kapelewski, Ann 'I X LW' 1 onww, ' ' :-,. pm! Mwaxv z wwf WWW MWWWQW K W S 94 if We ff? N aa also ,F fwjo SV' fa ,A Uwiwjmf YRS? ffm , of 1.9 OJ K cyk,C l W L Croix, james LaCroix, Thomas 5 , X, W 10 -efgfff' r Mi ,515 WU' Q Eff' ' ff D M Qjjifzffjjjiw ZMWWMD W WK7 ' xy Lankarge, Walter LaPlante, Lucill LaPlante, Thomas Laprade, Roberta . l 46 L Rock, L n rd ' aA 0 MA W M . MW ilfipwlll WMM Iliff-mzari ' ,- Qdiiafw we --'qw g r 7 mglaz mq-wg:m,v,r K ,ww if 'awe L Beau De nne Marcisz, Christine Lukaszkiewicz, Pauline lf? t McCarthy, Joyce Milli, MJ MIL' va 1' X, U McNamara, Joyce Mitchell, Donna Mullen, William l if Mffiff WQ35 UMW e x . I NWS Mil' dl M xwwffgg MMM jj? MMWWV fwgl Nadolny, Richard ir eiiiflfi Parsons, Ro a ie P3fZYCh1 Stanlel' ROSCOC, Emelie Routhier, Edward u Ulf iw .ref U3 d CLI, S 7 W My W0 WQL D56 0:Wff f 1 gy M fy W Y M25,fM Slater, Jo Tourville, WW A my 48 JW' W' I I cl-595 Q' H57 V155 SOPHOMORE CLASS GFFICERS , President: Ralph Benha Secretary: Alice LaFountaine Vice-President: Robert Craig Treasurer: Charles Patterson Advixor: Mr. Howard Graham 49 A,-1 Q is H SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Time flies, we are told, and it certainly does, for here we are at the end of our second year at E. H. S. Our memory book is already half completed with records of these past twomyears of events very dear to us. We were guided along our freshman path by Mr. Arnold Cleary. Class officers were: president, Robert Craigg vice-president, Carol Kinlockg secretary, Carol Poudrier, treasurer, Linda Knowlton. We were proud of Robert Craig when he was elected an alternate for Good Government Day and represented our school in the district American Legion Oratorical Contest. Olga Dailyde won the Helena C. Evans Art Award, and also a prize in the poster contest at the University of Massachusetts Small Schools Basketball Tournament. Linda Knowlton won the General Science Award for the class of 1957. In the spring we helped sponsor the Freshman-Sophomore Dance, which was attended by many of our schoolmates and proved to be a splendid success. At the close of our First wonderful year at E. H. S. we were already looking forward to our sophomore year. With Mr. Howard Graham as our sophomore advisor, we elected the following class oflicers: president, Ralph Benham, vice-president, Robert Craig, secretary, Alice Lafontaineg and treasurer, Robert Patterson. Carol Poudrier, Irene Soja, and Carol Kinlock did fine work as second team cheerleaders and our majorettes, Holly Osborn, Carol Mimitz, and Irene Soja gave a commendable performance at the basketball tournament. We all look forward to many more good times in the next two years to fill the remaining pages of our memory book of E. H. S. gulf, 50 Amlaw, Donald Baceski, Joanne ly'ga, Theresa Benham, Ralph K' JA I if Lo Breyer, Sally Brothers, john Cooper, Carol Craig, Robert Dailyde, Olga Doiron, Arthur ' .. ,4 V Erush, Richard Ewing, Ruth Fisher, Judith Fondakowski, Edward 1' . is ,,, iw awww' was Eiitfisii flat fm L illeho ti, Girouard, Jacqueline Graham, Gladys Green, Marilyn Hatch, Richard 51 ., -'. ., 7. yy. H, '- .55 . ' f iler' ' ,S WA ,. E5 w at ,. .ff 1 s X222 i 4 1 fm 3' Q? ur ki 1 S! .K Q W 3? M M 2 x in fr r mf - V+' Heffcron, Eileen Howland, Allan Kaeppel, Jean Kennedy, Cynthia Kinlock, Carol Knowlton, Linda Krawczyk, Florence Krzanowski, Richard 'fu 1--'Wifi-2? ' ' hii1'fif'4S2fe'W ' wr gf ,V ' .sr , we .513-if . , ia :?'mX' f' ' 'fQSstlIt2:.j. 2. . -50" ,...,,, . , .,., . V ' Yi f, i - A ' r Lafontainc, Alice i 'l . .-l QI 1 3 1: ig -5,3551 Z9 Elk-2 ' isfsgzfsiagg .y A9341 t .yigfssifwr 1 SQKSQQQ ,, il., mast? . at 3 if?" 'f rm 65 lg X 5 at wf f ,Q 4 if ,P l fx if 1 14- Ft Q ,ki W ra K x fn JG R' 4 ' 2!f'.ff-,if Lagowski, Dorothy LaMere, Barbara MW X Lussier, Howard Malanson, jane Lafrenniere, Patricia Lamoureux, Richard Martin, Diana . wig - K I :.. . Mfg. it . " 2: :P- Q . xl- ' tr L , at , fs R ig. I L, A I ffr QV, Q' A A .,.,.Q,. 3.1, Weary-iq .wk Q aiggfi, . - if Lowe, Nan - -i,1fm.w If ' K 1-fi, as st, tr. 5 ,V it N a sf ms? ,NF lim wi' 'X 'X ha gi, ,gf Q., ga UT i. 5,3531 ' 'V Iliff ' ' 7 A . Martin, Ernest PM M I Q 1, Ai Mercer, Beverly at Q , A Q -rs. a- ,el YM' - 7 ' 3 iz.. , Q L,l,: , , A, ,' i LN: g 5 Nadroski, Anthony ,g,m T .-X M Q,- if it ff 3 'Q 2 gk M 1, my im ' ' img., A J w 23233 F l?fsff- 1 44' i5 .. N iw., .7 ,M , or 1 mg.. 19 , , W .nf " ,af ' I ,L , Mimitz, Carol Mitchell, Linda is S,v,Z,.ll -3 ., -,ri 2 W I qw-KS x Y, S ?x rg li ,,, swf K lx, Q 3 it - ., 3, s ag , ,ft v ll 1-S K E 1, ,'2tE,,, 536 M ,J Y P r f . rf . is Newton, Arline Newton, Howard , ffm, W., t ,ttl , Osborn, Hollace W- ., ,- , 5 5,5 ,, 15,5 55? B , Za H, fe-f I H iff- ii If a A Wi, Fin t l 421 W, Lt 1-l its 1' it E , M. if U51, M . f x -,..,...1,x!: M 5 ff-'w 1"'.,-',,.,r- X Af , 4 F t Patterson, Charles Poudrier, Carol Ieabody, Arline ,jfiaf p , . ' ,. y' ,353 '. sit , i - - . r '-51 A t 3535+ M N , a i fi saint H5 ts, W 419' W 5 1 masfww' ' 1 , f E Morrison, e Marjorie M ,S i ssl 1' gym I . afaiw is ' ?sffz54fr.:, , '1 Q tm : -fs t, mx fn T., -ks" l e i ? Q f s . mtl 1 -. ,fm-it .S-f-3 a ge-my , f 1, I , . , fi' .1'5. ?4?pfl f. -'7 1. ri - ' fE1ff:sa,. 1f!f Q' 1 -V in K , , .fi V' ,viii iw M I Niemiec, VVz1lter V 3 , ,ga t M. 1' ' ,J , it " 5 L. ' ' if Paluca, Carol Schott, Betty . gg A K L ,551 , '- zmgffgiffz . .,,. ., I - ,Melina-E5 ,i r f J . be f is , at mt fm N Soja, Irene Suleski, Richard Xvaltz, Marie Watson, 53 Joseph FRESHMAN INITIATION . ill This year's freshman class survived the customary hilarious initiation into the high school student body to enjoy the delightful reception given them by the Student Council. October 8, 1954 saw many quaking freshman strolling through the halls of E. H, S. wearing weird and fantastic headgear. During assembly a parade of hats around the auditorium aflorded upper classmen an excellent opportunity to judge the imagi- native and creative powers of the incoming class. Bird cages, egg boxes trimmed with chicken legs, overturned lampshades, all sorts ol' amazing articles were used to fashion hats such as would cause modern designers to turn green with envy. To the most original artists were awarded copies of the 1954 Echo. 54 1'-I w e . FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President: Robert Nace Secretary: Christine Skrzyniarz Vice-President: Richard LaPlante Treasurer: Lucy McHone Advisor: Miss Marian Goodwin 55 4,4 I9 15- FRESHMAN HISTORY The first exciting event for the Freshman Class was the Freshman Reception. We enjoyed our initiation in which we all tried, to the best of our ability, to be good sports. Later we were honored with a dance and treated with refreshments. We elected Robert Nace as our presidentg Richard LaPlante, vice-presidentg Lucy McHone, treasurerg Christine Skrzyniarz, secretaryg and Irene Marcisz and Robert Graham as Student Council representatives. Miss Goodwin was assigned to us as advisor. The freshmen were represented on the soccer and basketball teams by Bernhard Kober. Many of our classmates also participated in girls' basketball, band, tumbling, and various other school activities. Robert Graham entered the Good Government Day contest and tied for second place in the American Legion Oratorical Contest in this district. A good percentage of our freshmen class made the honor roll. A change in our officers for the second semester saw Marie Pratt as treasurer, and Richard LaPlante and Irene Marcisz representing us in Student Council. During the spring we sponsored a F reshman-Sophomore Dance which was a delightful aHfair. We have enjoyed our year as freshman at E. H. S. and are looking forward to an even more enjoyable year as sophomores. 56 Ill -4. -. 'O Dv Adamski, Karl Bernier, Richard Brin, Shirley Carter, Beverly Cybulski, Patricia Allard, Dianne Besko, Barbara Brooks, William Charbonneau, Leo Czarnecki, Genevieve Baca, Martin Beebe, Judith Bergeron, David Bouchard, Jean Bouchard, Ronnie Boyle, Gloria Burgielewicz, john Campbell, Joyce Cooper, Beth Cullen, Lois Dempsey, Janet Dion, George Doiron, Lucille Ducharme, John Duda, Mathias Faivre, Robert Ferrara, Emilie Fowles, Wayne 57 Gawle, Bernard Hahnl John Klekotka, Barbara Geoffrey, Jacqueline Glowacki, John C-oral, Florence Huntley, David Jackson, Janice Jankowski, Christine Kober, Bernhard Kocber, Judith LaFlamme, Pauline Lafountaine, Donald Lafountaine, Patricia LaPlante, Richard Marcisz, Irene Lawnicki, Carole McLaughlin, Peter Longto, Barbara Nace, Robert 5 8 Lyman, Linda Pariseau, Cecile Graham, Robert King, Daniel Kulikowski, Joanne Lancto, Sidney Marcinzyk, Carol Parrow, Mary s Parsons, Joyce Riel, Virginia Skrzyniarz, Christine Taupier, Gerald WVeibel, Richard Yell, Frances Pluta, Alice Sawin, Violet Smith, joan Truehart, Lawrence lviernasz, Barbara Zabek, Thomas Pratt, Marie Randall, Herbert x . ' X - Scott, Mark Senecal, joan Swinkoski, Micheline Vescovi, Louise Wild, Peter Worpek, Margaret Ziomek, Richard Zuzgo, Barbara 59 Richardson, Barbara Sherburne, Joan Szumowski, Marion Watson, Judith Wrisley, Maureen Zuzgo, Dawn SNAPS AND SCRAPS IJ C465 Yi ' . . . . ' Oils Scllior-ilus The Latest Duncc News Senior NN'inrl mhfmm 1.0 ng A Wai f0cl 60 Need 3 Ya C383-9 we gi is :ge il uh. 4 1 , J' 'Ill Un. sn Nu ' GJ ii D WW U 5 V CN 0, o 'C' QE? STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of representatives from each of the four classes -four boys and four girls from the Senior class, three each from the Junior class, two each from the Sophomore, and one each from the Freshman class. There is also an assembly of the presi- dents of the home rooms who report back to the home rooms on whatever takes place at a meeting. The Council brings up for discussion problems of the school and promotes various activities that help to make a better school. This year, as in past years, the Student Council sponsored the Freshman Reception which proved to be an entertaining successful affair- The home room presidents sold book covers and school banners to raise funds for the treasury. Some members acted as ushers during National Education Week, directing parents and guests to the teachersg others sold tickets at all the home basketball games. A committee of Student Council representatives selected the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders. Another committee assisted Mr. Thayer in selecting a new school ring. Delegates from the Council attended conventions in Ludlow and Westfield. Toward the end of the year the Student Council directed a tribute in the form of a party for those seniors who achieved the distinction of Pro Merito Society rating. The Student Council of 1954-1955 was happy to have Miss Smith as advisorg it was with her helpful advice and suggestions that the Council enjoyed a successful year. Student Council Officers FIRST SEMESTER President Marilyn Graham Vice-President Gail Wolfram Secretary Thelma Pendergast Treasurer Robert Craig SECOND SEMESTER Prexident Betsy Ramsey Vice-President Bruce Craig Secretary Carolyn Godaire Treasurer Carol Poudrier l OUR GOOD GOVERNMENT PROGRAM A proclamation by the Governor of Massachusetts designated March 11, 1955 as Student Government Day. On this day students from throughout our state assembled at the State House in Boston and conducted proceedings in the same manner as the General Court. On December 3, the day set aside as Election Day, at a special assembly held in the auditorium, six students campaigned by discussing important bills, many of which were brought before the legislature in Boston on March 'll. Nancy Mackie, a junior, was chosen as the delegate to represent Easthampton High School in Boston. Roberta LaPrade was named the alternate. On local Good Government Day, March 23, the students of E. H. S. assumed the duties of town offices and took over the town for a day. Sworn in at 9 o'clock by Town Clerk Frank Janik were the following elected oflicials: Moderator, Beverly Graham, Selectmen: Bruce Craig, James Stone, and Thomas Walsh, Town Clerk: Deanne LeBeaug Town Treasurer: Christine Marcisz, Tax Collector, Richard Nadolny. The appointed ofhcials, who were required to take a Civil Service Exam included: Police Chief, Patricia Tourvilleg Fire Chief, Joanne Gendreaug Civil Defense Director, Richard Beebeg High School Principal, Emilie Roscoe, Supt. of Schools, Thomas LaPlante, Supt. of Highways, Gloria LaLiberte, School Committee Members, Donna Mitchell, Roberta LaPrade and Leonard LaRock. The program concluded with a simulated town meeting held in the E. H. S. auditorium on Friday, March 25, at which the whole student body was present. Twenty-six precinct members represented the thirteen home rooms and drew up a warrant of eleven articles which they discussed and voted on at the meeting. Town Moderator William Lossone instructed the precinct members as to correct procedure. We sincerely thank the American Legion for sponsoring Good Government programs in Easthampton High School. We are grateful also to Mr. Lossone, lvlr. Janik and the town oflicials for their kind help and cooperation, to Miss Lyman and the Good Government Committee for the time and effort given to all the planning and to the students who enthusiastically entered into these activities. It was the cooperation of all these together that made our Good Government Program such a success. Good Government Committee THE DRAMATIC CLUB With knees knocking and stomachs churning Joyce Dennis, Pauline Boulanger, Earl Lizotte, and Richard Beebe set out for Gardner in the school car with Miss Graham, their capable director, at the wheel. The occasion was the Western Massachusetts Drama Festival in which Easthampton was presenting "The First Dress Suit", the opening production of the year. Following this performance, Earl Lizotte was awarded a nomina- tion to the all-state cast, a nomination he richly deserved. On April Fool's Day, promptly at 6:30 p. m., a group of tense and nervous actors reported to the high school for the presentation of the inter-class competitive plays. Many were sure that they would not be able to go on, however, once on stage they all turned out excellent performances. Each class had its own efficient stage manager, with Dick Beebe having over-all supervision. The freshmen had two plays, "Father,s Day Ona' and "Our Aunt from California". The sophomore class selected 'SLittle Yellow Ticket" as their presentation. The juniors chose c'Mystery Mansionn, and the senior class contributed uTruant Husbandsu. First prize went to the seniors, second prize to the juniors. One of the freshman plays, "Father's Day Onn, received honorable mention. Beverly Carter, a freshman, and Betsy Ramsey, a senior, were named best actresses, and Peter WVild, also a freshman, best actor. Cynthia Thouin received honorable mention. Despite the before-presentation jitters, not one of these young participants would give up the fun that goes with the Dramatic Club. One of the most enjoyable aspects is the annual participation in the Drama Festival which entails either a day-long trip or a week-end jaunt. On these trips many new friends are made and a delight- ful time is had by all. Three cheers for the casts and the coaches who have given so unselhshly of their time and effort for the enjoyment of so many! President Joyce Dennis Vice-President: Earl Lizotte Secretary-Treasurer Dick Beebe Gardner Troup: Dick, Joyce, Earl Pauline Qabsent when picture takenj ill all y il , , 1 05 'L J 66:9- MMR :PED 3 sq .11-T. 4 .. -.. DRIVER EDUCATION fi A course which has become very popular since added to the school curriculum a few years ago is the Driver Education course, supervised by its competent in- structor, Miss Edna Graham. The purpose of this course, and similar ones which are given in schools throughout the nation, is to lower America's extremely high accident rate. Ours is a half-year course consisting of bookwork, laws, fundamentals of driving, movies, safety talks, and actual roadwork in the dual-controlled "driver edi' car. This course has proved so successful that 150 students have obtained their licenses through it, and the insurance companies have reduced their rates for these trained drivers. There are many humorous incidents, usually in the car, which give this course the enjoyment ordinarily assumed to go with outside activities. With nerves of steel and a handy foot near her second brake, Miss Graham sits placidly by while beginners miss trees and curbs by seemingly narrow margins. How about a ride in the school car? 65 ART CLASS The correlation of art to other school subjects is one of the aims of the art department, supervised by Mrs. Marjorie Beebe, who endeavors in this way make the art work more meaningful. Art room at E. H. S. is a very busy place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, especially when a holiday or major school event is imminent. For Christmas this year the art class designed and painted a display on masonite of pajama-clad figures hurrying down a curving stairway to a Christmas tree which was also decorated by the class. The students cut aluminum foil pie plates and painted them to make the tree decorations. High school pupils again participated in the Western Massachusetts Small High Schools Basketball Tournament poster contest. Also, in- numerable posters were painted for school affairs, and a back drop was done for the Senior Class Night program. At the invitation of the Easthampton lfVomcn's Club members of the art class displayed some of their work at the out-door art exhibit in Cctober, and received much favorable comment. Food sale? Dance? Scouts? Need a poster? Help on sketches for the Echo? Call on the ever obliging art department and you will receive gracious assistance. l 66 CHARM CLUB The members of the Charm Club can look back to a very successful year. One of the most vivid memories will be that of the trip to the Children's Study Home in Springfield. Toys to be distributed during this visit were brought in to school by the girls, and any that were damaged were repaired. Clothes were made for the dolls. Another project was a food sale to finance the clubis trip to G. Fox Sc Company in Hartford. It was a fascinating experience to see the new spring styles on parade and the girls obtained many ideas for their own spring wardrobes. These are but two of the many projects organized by the club. Other activities included the recording of voices, the practicing of walking, and the correcting of posture. New hair styles were tried out on different club members. Much helpful information on the tech- nique of applying cosmetics was acquired by the girls in an Avon demonstration conducted by Shirley Brin. We all remember with delight the charming fashion show presented by the dainty little misses from the first, secand, and third grades of Center School. ft' NE' N.,i X- ml Charm Club girls who acted as junior hostesses for the D. A. R. Open House enjoyed wearing cos- tumes of older days donated to the high school by Mrs. Johnston. Each member of the club is grate- ful to Mrs. Beebe, who made all these projects possible, for her kind and considerate advice on how to be a young lady. 67 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Finishing Touches For boys who enjoy working with tools, Industrial Arts, taught by Mr. Joseph Manning, offers excellent training in the use of both hand and power tools. The boys also acquire a knowledge of the different types of wood and put this knowledge to use in the making of various articles of furniture. The handsome finished products bring many an envious glance and exclamation of admiration. Instruction in mechanical drawing is also offered to boys interested in this important phase of industrial work. Havcn't we any future engineers and builders among our girls, Mr. Manning? The Beauty of Wood 68 Future Engineers HOUSEHOLD ARTS The purpose of this course, with Miss Hazel Eames as instructor, is to teach the basic principles of household management. One term may find the girls preparing themselves for the tasks that will face them in later years-such tasks as the planning and cooking of meals, the planning of proper diets, and the correct ways of operating the devices used in modern kitchens. In another term the girls may concentrate on the 'fundamentals of sewing. They learn how to operate and care for a sewing machine, study different types of materials and the selection of suitable material for various articles of clothing. The finished garments turned out by th'e girls in this course are articles of which they may indeed be proud. Interior decorating is another phase of home-making which adds fascination to the Household Arts course and helps the girls to plan for future attractive homes of their own. 69 EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Easthampton High School Band, under the leadership of the new Supervisor of Music, Mr. Kenneth Dolloff, made its first public appearance of the year in the Pulaski Day parade. On October 12 our band greeted the members of the Connecticut Valley Antique Railroad Society on their fall excursion to Easthampton. For this community service the Town of Easthampton rewarded the band with a banquet. Veterans' Day found the members again loyally performing in the public observances. , y 5 . ft sw!" My . M- Among school activities in which the band participated were the Christmas programs and the Senior Play. ln February the band played at one of the home basketball games, and in March 1 supported the team at the Class A Basketball tournament held in Amherst. May was an ex- ceptionally busy month with the annual Spring Concert, the popular lfVcstern Massachusetts Music Festival, held this year in Chicopee, and the local Memorial Day Parade. On June 6, the band enjoyed playing for Alumni Day at Williston Academy. This year several members of the band formed a brass choir which contributed to the Christmas programs in the public schools and played for a radio broadcast. It is hoped that this new feature, which met with enthusiastic audience response, will be continued next year. Eastharnpton High School is proud of the fine appearance of its band and of the splendid work, done under the direction of Mr. Dolloff. 70 Trumpets: Horns: Trombones: Basx: Bells: Baritones: JUNIOR Paul Borowski Kenneth Daires Virginia Leschener Bruce Magliola Theodore Marcil OFFICERS President: Secretary: Treasurer: Stage Manage1.' Edward Hughes Deann Lebeau Earl Lizotte Mary Weidhaas Beverly Graham Emelie Roscoe Robert Craig Nancy Howland Richard Beebe Rosalie Parsons Albert Morrison Peter Wild BAND MEMBERS Kenneth Parczyck Suzanne Petcen Gilbert Sena Nancy Tourville Katherine Wiernasz 71 Earl Lizotte Mary Weidhaas Deann LeBeau Peter Wild Clarinetx: Saxophones: Drums: Cymbals: le 1.1 Elizabcth Gernak Margaret Duryee Maryanne Dombkowski Gayle Green Ruth Mesh Gail Wolfram Gayle Sheldon Sally Breyer Carol Borowski Thomas Laplante Helen Zielenski Eileen Hefferon Judith Koeber Howard Lussier Joan Granger I x l A " 1-XX " 097 1-. E. H. S. ORCHESTRA The orchestra meets under the direction of Mr. Dolloff on Wednesday mornings during the activity period. This year the orchestra has been rehearsing, in addition to the usual classical selections, some new dance band arrangements of well known songs. These arrangements are better suited to our small orchestra, making it sound fuller and more complete. The where it presented its new selections. orchestra appeared in the spring concert Violin: Alto Saxophone: Rosalie Parsons Mary Weidhaas Lois Cullen . Clarinet: Trumpet: Gayle Green Earl Lizotte Gayle Sheldon Deann LeBeau Gail Wolfram Edward Hughes Horn: Tenor Saxophone: Thomas Laplante Trombone: Nancy Howland Bass: Richard Beebe Drum: Judith Beebe Howard Lussier Joyce Campbell Piano: joan Granger 72 Beverly Graham Emilie Roscoe GLEE CLUB This activity is open to all members of the school who like to sing and gives them an opportunity to develop their voices in group singing. This group is often divided by the supervisor of music into a small or special glee club to prepare some special concert or program. One half credit is given for participation in either of these groups. At the Christmas concert, held on December 22, 1954, the Easthampton High School Glee Club sang the concluding number of the programf HO Holy Night." On May 19, 1955, the Glee Club participated in the annual spring concert and sang, among other numbers, 'The Desert Song" and "Hallelujah.,' Several girls from the Glee Club will sing at the graduation ceremonies on June 17, 1955. MEMBERS OF THE GLEE CLUB Luanne Bergmann Claire Bessette Pauline Boulanger Elizabeth Cernak Sandra Damon Joyce Dennis Carol Godaire Carolyn Godaire Gayle Green Patricia Hayes Betty Herrmann Rachel Joly Dale Kaeppel Janice Kaeppel Alma Kieszek Virginia Krzanowski Connie Kulon Marlene LeBeau Ruth Mesh Thelma Pendergast Gloria Poudrier Shirley Raymond Nancy Sena Gayle Sheldon Myrna Sheldon Mary VVeidhaas Judy White Theresa Baldyga Carole Bridges Ruth Ewing Carol Finn Elodie Fleury Joanne Gcndreau Beverly Graham Jean Kaeppel Lillian Lajoie Gloria Lalsiberty Lucille Laplante Roberta Laprade Deanne LeBcau Pauline Lukaskiewicz Nancy Machie Christine Nlarcisz Joyce McCarthy Joyce McNamara Donna Mitchell Rosalie Parsons Emily Roscoe Mary Sanders Patricia Tourville Gail WVolfram Dianne Allard Joanne Baceski Carol Cooper Jacqueline Girouard Gladys Graham Marilyn Green Eileen Helferon Cynthia Kennedy Carol Kinlock Linda Knowlton Alice Lafontaine Jane Ann Malanson Beverly Mercer Carol Mimitz Marjorie Morrison Arlene Newton Holly Osborn Carol Paluca Arlene Peabody Carol Poudrier Barbara Richardson Betty Schott Irene Soja Marion Srumowski Marie Waltz Barbara Besko Jean Bouchard Beverly Carter Beth Cooper Patricia Cybulski Jean Czarneski Janet Dempsey Emily Ferrara Jacqueline Geoflrey Christine Jankowski Barbara Klekotka Patricia LaFonntaine Carol Lawnicki Barbara LeMere Joyce Parsons Alice Pluta Marie Pratt Virginia Riel Christine Skrzyniarz Barbara Wverniez Margaret Worpek Barbara Zuzgo Dawn Zuzgo Martin Baca Dick Beebe Richard Kinlock Thomas Krawczyk Donald LaFountaine Howard Lussier Donald Malloy Albert Morrison Rene Routhier James Trudeau Arnold Wild SENIOR DANCE JUNIOR DANCE 74 iii JUNIOR-SENICR PROM 1954 xXlXl On June 5, 1954 the E. H. S. gymnasium was en- ehantingly decorated in accordance with the theme, 'lliivening in Paris." The girls in their frothy gowns and the boys, proud and handsome in their tuxedos, danced beneath silver stars and before famous Paris landmarks. Between the dances the couples were gathered around the festively decorated tables of famous French sidewalk cafes. The highlight of the evening was the choosing of the queen and her court. Queen Ivy Isherwood was crowned by Lowell Duval and attended by the members of her court: Shirley Lehr, Joyce Ingenito, Phyllis Jordan, Dolores LaPlante, and julie Geryk. All too soon midnight arrived and the glamorous Evening in Paris was over. I w ,'. lg, SNIPS AND B ' , Atmmcs 44 o11k1our, Madzuu Miguel. M-Wham L-6... HHN" I-'oum at thc mouth XVill wc ever Iinish?? IJOIl'lf Look! ilight Side of the fence 76 SNAP VW. Why so glumP Four Aces l XVhistlcr's Sisters We all have 21 classmate from Southampton Danger Ahead - Eilicient Sisters 77 God's Children nik .X Going to Held for practice? Mothers Mularski and Helferon P. T. A. With the enthusiastic support of parents and the unflagging energy of committees and officers, the East- hampton High School P. T. A. continues its activities in behalf of the school. In addition to its regular programs the P. T. A. sponsors two special events each year-the auction in November, and the card party in March. It is hoped to make the Christmas dance, so successfully inaugurated this year, a third annual event. Our P. T. A. also plans to provide some new tapes for the recorder which was purchased a few years ago. Two prizes are awarded at graduation, one in chemistry and, this year, one in physics. The Scholar- ship sponsored by the P. T. A. Group Council, and contributed by the four P. T. A.'s, is given to a senior who is planning to enter the teaching profession. OFFICERS 1954 - 1955 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN President Mrs. Thomas J. Hefferon Membership Mrs. Earl Lizotte Vice-President Mrs. Ellwin Fowles Refreshments Mrs. Wilfred St. Martin Secretary Miss Lou Lyman Ways and Means Mrs. Peter Mularski Treasurer PTA Council Scholarship Winner 1954 Julie Geryk Mr. Emerson Bridges Legislative Principal Howell K. Thayer Publicity Mrs. Margaret G. Lyman Who's Winning? 78 WWW!-:- lp N29-V" aff VM YK go! U gym gall ...A Ziflx ,v W 'Sl I ' 6 3 12551-5: slr? K 5.-v,v 0 N 7 f 5 Y IXEQQG I 5 1 W' J 5 r fm lr! BASEBALL 1954 --AX: -- 4 .L-gjag"'x.f .-..f-Nga-NMA... .e-4:-1 4-as -fs...-ve - -W-531.2 illiasthampton 1 Stone, Wernik , V Had 7-7 Mark Paced Hitters EASTHAMPTON -Eastharnp- , ton High School's baseball nine 1 under Coach Howard tBabeJ Graham enjoyed a good season comin u w'th a 9-7 e ll g p 1 ov ra ' record and splitting in Valley 1 Wheel games with a 7-7 record. l In Valley Wheel games they 1 defeated West Springfield twice, I split with Enfield, Agawam, Palmer, Ware and Ludlow, and dropped both Wheel games to South Hadley. The Eagles' other ' two wins were independent garves defeating Amherst High of h H hi L 'I e amps re eague and , St. Michael's of Northampton. The charges of Coach Graham had a season's batting average ,L of .270 in 16 games, getting 99 hits ln 367 times at bat. Among their hits in the extra base de- partment were ten doubles, five ,g triples, and two home runs. I , , EASTHAMPTON - J i mm y Easthampton High School Eagles in the hitting department for . the season just closed. Jimmy Stone led the hitters with an , even .400 while Sig Wernik came up with a .389 mark. 'Four of 4 the Eagles were over the .300 mark with Dick Golas having a Lash closing with .308. Sig Wernik led in the extra b h't d 'h .333 batting. average and Bobby 'Ii I 1 r triples, 35 home runs, 1. Stone ' was next with most base hits, 20. ' Stone scored the most runs with 13. Dick Golas was second in doubles with four, while Paul 1 Godaire had one. Golas also had a triple to his credit as did Bruce Craig. Stone also had a home run for the season. Wernik also led ln RBI's with 11. Paul Godaire came up with the 1 best pitching record having a 4-2, while Bruce Crai h it h d 1 i g, w o p c e more games finished with a 5f5. 4 Craig led in the strike-out depart- if ment with 50, to 39 for Godaire. 11 Craig walked, av. while Godaire ,i issued 30. 1' H 1 -.YNY Y Y,gT'.v.,,, .F--.,,,,v.V.,b-N,-,, ,Q-r"X.W gkfgvfxzgl The Easthampton High School baseball team of the Valley Wheel. Front row- Rene Routhier, Paul Godaire, Tony Thibeault, Spike Nodolny and Don Molloy. Second row-Tom Walsh, Zig Wernik, Jim Stone, Dick Andrezejczyk and Dick Golas. Third row-Ed Novak, Bruce Craig, Ed Popielarczyk, Steve Girard, and Bob Lash. Back row-Coach Howie Graham and Manager Jerry Mullen. Batboy Howie Graham, Jr. in front. Eastharnpton High School's baseball nine under Coach Howard Graham enjoyed a good season coming up with a 9- 7 overall record and splitting in Valley Wheel games with a 7 - 7 record. In Valley Wheel games they defeated West Springfield twice, split with Enfield, Agawam, Palmer, Ware and Ludlow, and dropped both Wheel games to South g ab r h rbi pc Stone 16 50 13 20 6 .400 Wernik 16 54 9 21 11 .389 Golas 16 48 11 16 6 .333 Lash 16 52 10 16 8 .308 Popielarczyk 16 47 7 13 8 .2 7 7 Craig 16 52 11 12 2 .230 Godaire 15 38 5 8 2 .211 Routhier 16 31 3 4 3 .129 Novak 8 8 2 1 0 .125 Molloy 15 35 4 4 6 .1 14 Thibault 2 1 0 0 0 .000 Nadolny 1 2 0 0 0 .000 Hadley. The Eagles' other two wins were independent games defeating Amherst High of the Hampshire League and St. Michaelis of Northampton. The charges of Coach Graham had a season's batting average of .270 in 16 games, getting 99 hits in 367 times at bat. Among their hits in the extra base department were ten doubles, Five triples and two home runs. P Stone and Sig Wernik led the 4 ase 1 epartment wit most ,V hits, 21: most doubles, 55 most i. SOCCER 1954 Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton Easthampton The Easthampton High School soccer team, under the leadership of Coach Graham had an excellent season. In league competition the Eagles won five games out of eight with one tie. GAMES Smith School Holyoke Smith Academy Hopkins Smith School Holyoke Smith Academy Hopkins 22 12 Q .- Seniors Norbert Benharn William Duryee Robert Lash Don Molloy Rene Routhier Alan Truehart Sophomore Alan Howland 81 PLAYERS SCORERS Kober .......,................,...., 14 Stone ............ ....,.. 2 Zawacki ....... ....... 2 Benham ....... ...,... 1 Craig ............... ,,..... 1 Nadolny ......,..... ....... 1 Routhier ........,... ....... 1 juniors Bruce Craig Steven Girard David Jayes Richard Nadolny James Stone Thomas Walsh Stanley Zawacki Freshmen Bernhard Kober 1954 - 1955 Won 12 - Lost 9 BASKETBALL 1954 - 55 The Easthampton High School Eagles winged their way through another successful season, winning twelve out of twenty-one games. March first saw the Eagles battling Turners Falls at the Western Massachusetts Small High School Tournament in the U. of M. cage at Amherst. To the keen disappointment of the hard- E. H. S. Opponents E. H. S. 77 ..................... St. Michael's ........................... 38 Won 50 ........ ........ H opkins ................ ............. A Won 56 ........ ........ H opkins ..................... ............ L ost 41 ........ ........ N orthampton ......... ............ L ost 55 ........ ........ D eerlield ............. ........ W on 39 ........ ........ N orthampton ...... ............. L ost 63 ....... ........ S t. Michael's .... .,...,.. W on 78 ........ ........ D eerfield ........,. ............. W on 50 ..................... Agawam ........ ........,... if Lost 100 ..................... Palmer ........................ ....... li Won 70 ........ ........ W are ..,..,....................................... 9f'Won 52 ....... ........ W est Springfield .................. l'Lost 55 ........ ,....... E niield .......................................... 'kLost 66 ........ ........ L udlow ,....................... ....,........ 'W Won 48 ........ ........ A gawam ........... ............... 5 Lost 99 ........ ........ P almer ........................ ............. le Won 85 ....... ........ W are ................................... ....... ll Won 61 ........ ........ W est Springfield .................. 1'fWon 45 ........ ........ E nfield ....,...................................,. 'eLost 79 ........ ........ L udlow ........................ ........ 49 Won 58 ..................... Turners Falls ...... ........ T Lost 1327 1116 T - Tournament Game 5 1' - Overtimeg 'K - Valley Wheel Games working team and coach, and the loyal Easthampton fans, the game was lost to Turners Falls. For their enthusiastic efforts and the splendid spirit shown throughout the season, Coach Roland Reed and his team were rewarded by a splendid banquet given in their honor by the Easthampton Lions Club. 63.1 Average points per game 53.1 Opponents average points per game f Nm I 1 f s 5 N, VARSITY PLAYERS No. of Player games Baskets Fouls Total Average played Alan Truehart 21 397 18.9 James Stone 20 284 14.2 Rene Routhier 21 228 10.8 Robert Lash 21 180 8.5 Bruce Craig 20 175 8.7 Richard Kinlock 21 Robert Skrocki 13 Bernhard Kober 12 Kenneth Smith 12 Richard Fappiano 5 1327 JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Baskets Fouls Points Kober, Bernhard 42 38 122 Fappiano, Richard 43 31 117 Nadolny, Richard 45 20 110 Sprocki, Robert 38 26 102 Laplante, Tommy 40 19 99 Walsh, Tommy 25 30 80 Jayes, David 10 12 32 Girouard, Steve 2 11 15 Kinlock, Dicklw 4 1 9 Smith, Kennyfli 2 4 8 Ziomek, Richard 2 2 6 Trudeau, Jamesx' 2 0 4 Adamski, Carl 0 4 4 Truehart, Alan 1 0 2 Laplante, Richard 1 0 2 Weibel, Richard 1 0 2 Baca, Martin 0 1 1 Bouchard, Ronny 0 0 0 Zabek, Thomas 0 0 0 258 199 715 I9Played only the first game on Junior Varsity 2H'Played on the varsity for the rest of the season Won 13 Lost 7 FIRST TEAM CHEERLEADERS Betsy Ramsey, Captaing Lois Bovat, Cynthia Thouin, Luanne Bergman, Sandra Damon, Corinne St. Martin, Theresa Ceberek, Theresa Baldyga. "ALL SET PM This is the familiar ery of our cheerleaders at every game. In anticipation all eyes focus on the vivacious members of the cheering squad in their attractive uniforms of maroon and white. Many a new cheer and song, skillfully worked out, met with enthusiastic response to the girls' exuberance, vigor, and pep. "YOU BET lf' These qualities, combined with the good spirits of our leaders, were reflected in all our students in their display of good sportsmanship at the disappointing outcome of this year's tournament. Well symbolized in that small but greatly valued emblem received at the tournament Mthe finale of this year's performance of our cheer- leaders - was the fine caliber of school spirit and sentiment. SECOND TEAM CHEERLEADERS Carol Poudrier, Jean Kaeppel, Irene Soja, Alice Geryk, Gloria LaLiberty, Carol Kinlock. JUNIOR VARSITY The junior varsity also played well, winning two out of three games. Pauline Laflamme was high scorer for this team. Forwards Points Guards Pauline Laflamme 32 Barbara Klekotka Joyce Parsons 14 Pat Tourville Gail Wolfram Carol Krawczyk Christine Jankowski Jean Czarnecki Holly Osborn 9 Margaret Worpeck 4 85 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Much enthusiasm has continued for girls' basketball, coached by Mrs. Peter O'Kulsky. The 1955 Girls' Basketball Team had a good season, winning five out of eight games played. The girls defeated Smith's School twice with scores of 48-37 and 53-32. They were victorious in one of the two games played with each of the following: Smith Academy, Williamsburg, and Northampton School for Girls. Donna Mitclfell was high scorer for the varsity, with Deann LeBeau second. We They Smith School at Easthampton 48 37 At Smith School 53 32 Northampton School for Girls at Easthampton 24 15 At Northampton School for Girls 31 34 Smith Academy at Easthampton 22 21 At Smith Academy 50 55 Williamsburg at Easthampton 30 21 At Williamsburg 28 43 Forwards Points Guards Donna Mitchell 118 Beverly Graham Deann LeBeau 105 Elodie Fleury Cecile St. Martin 48 Barbara Longto Virginia Riel 10 Barbara Klekotka Holly Osborn 5 TUMBLING Our thanks go to the tumbling team for an excellent performance at the tournament and our congratulations to the four members who have been awarded letters this year: Jane Malanson, Gloria Poudrier. Jacqueline Geoffrey, and Gladys Graham. 86 -1,----A . ,V.. ,W GIRLS' TENNIS The 1954 Girls' Tennis Team had a successful season scoring two victories over Greenfield 6 - 0. One of these games was played out of town, the other at Daley Field. The services of Marie Nace and Edith Sheehan were lost through graduation while Carolyn Godaire and Deann LeBeau returned to serve in 1955. Record of Games Opponents Easthampton Greenfield Won Greenfield Won Standing: Coach Reed. Edith Sheehang In front: Marie Nace, Carolyn Godaire, Deann LeBeau A1 eff I 'v HH I J'1 A I 'I -? . - BOYS' TENNIS The 1954 Boy's Tennis Team played six games with three neighboring schools. Though no victories can be claimed by the team, their fine eiforts are appreciated. Returning players .of the 1955 team are Robert Craig, Thomas Laplante, Albert Morrison, and Robert Skrocki. Record of Games Opponents Easthampton Holyoke Lost Turners Falls Lost Westfield Lost Turners Falls Lost Westfield Lost Holyoke Lost First Row: Thomas Laplante, Albert Morrison Raymond Magdalenski, Standing: Robert Skrocki Coach Reed, Robert Craig I E 7 ODIBS A NNN Whcrc's Dean Marlin? One Big, Happy Family Olll I' 15111011 Plate NX. 1 3 gg 31111 X" .W . . A 'vi 5 1 ,ji 12' Sllldez U C011 - nc11 Confercm-6 vw, X1i11utC . G0 Words 21 1 111 Ludlow Kia 325.1111 ., W 114. 1 U ' . 1 h v WW kv 11. ax 31251 ,Sex 11 1 1 qgqgxxmiww as QUXQ 'A 'A W M , 1 1 1 1 X A .,, RV- vw 5 11 539 ,, . xi ,UA Mi, , A X fx gl, K 1 1 mfgwkau Q ,Og K , ww Q W iv i f , 4 3551 A. R+ A 7 A W Wy 1 f 1 U 1 S5 13215, X' x- ? IST!! 1 ! 1 K , y , ,,-, a 'high f , sw I fx., , W 6. 'EEK' 1 1' H , 'Wi1g1231 ' v: 1 A 1 ,Ftp X --Y H me ' - H - 14, - - o yogi Molloy Dcstmauon 88 ND.. EN DS Qwow H-11111 c 5' S wgcxxxfb poctf, ,ms X W H2lX'Cl1'l Eaten in Years The Strength of the Nation Sleepy Tlmc C115 O9 ICU I de 89 CVO gk Our Clock XVZIS Slow XX'l1:lL's Flllilly, Boho? Is a Penny Elliillgll GRADUATION MARSHALS -1954 v ii OC . 1 MHYY , jim am Ezlfl and A 1: w , U5 A1111 90 " X EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL Washington Trip Itinerary April, 1955 MONDAY, APRIL 25 6:54 A. M. Leave Northampton, Mass. on the B8zM NH RR. Carry box lunch and enjoy a "picnic on wheels". 11:25 A. M, Arrive New York-Grand Central Station. 12:00 Noon Transfer through lower New York City by motor coach. Ferry Ride across the Hudson River seeing Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and New York's famous sky line. 12:45 P. M. Leave New York Qjersey Cityj on the B 8: O RR 4: 15 P. M. Arrive Baltimore, Maryland. Board buses for sightseeing of city of Baltimore on way to National Capitol 6:00 P. M. Arrive Washington, D. C. Hotel Hamilton f14th and K Streetsj Assignment of rooms 6:30 P. M. Dinner at hotel. TUESDAY, APRIL 26 7:30 A. M. Breakfast. 8:15 A. M. Buses will leave for Tomb of Unknown Soldier Memorial Amphitheatre and Mount Vernon. 12:00 Noon Lunch at Penn Daw Restaurant, Alexandria V1rg1n1a 1:30 P. M. Visit United States Capitol Building for a guide lectured tour and see Congress 1n session. Visit Supreme Court Building, Pan American Union, and Smithsonian Institute. Picture of group in front of Capitol. 6:30 P. M. Dinner at hotel. 7:30 P. M. Night tour with stops at Congressional Library, Archives Building, thence to impressively illuminated Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 7:30 A. M. Breakfast. 8:15 A. M. Buses leave for guided tour of Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Visit Washington Monument, White House, Mellon Art Gallery, and other places will be visited as time permits. 12:00 Noon Lunch at Hotel. 1:30 P. M. Motor Tour to Annapolis, Md. for a guided tour of the grounds and buildings of the United States Naval Academy 6:00 P. M. Dinner at hotel-evening open. THURSDAY, APRIL 28 7 :30 A. M. Breakfast. 8:30 A. M. Tour through territory famous in Civil War History and for scenic drive over Skyline Drive, overlooking Shenandoah Valley 12:00 Noon Lunch will be provided on the Drive. 1:00 P. M. Visit to Skyline Caverns. 9:00 P. M. Dinner at Casino Royale and floor show. FRIDAY, APRIL 29 10:00 A. M. Leave Washington, D. C. on the B 8a O Lunch will be served in the dining car. 2:15 P. M. 'Arrive in New York fjersey Cityj. 3:00 P. M. Arrive Grand Central Station. 5:00 P. M. Leave New York. 8:55 P. M. Arrive Northampton. 91 ECHGES Richard Andrzyczyk ............ ......... W illiston Academy John Anisko ................... ........................ U nited States Army Patricia Baldyga .................. Lamoureux Insurance lofficej Armand Champigny ........................ United States Air Force Evelyn Ciaglo ............... Norman Coopee ........... Joan Delane ......... Lowell Duval ........... Thomas Erush ......... Northampton Commercial College Norrn's Cycle 8z Marine Mart United Elastic foflicej United States Air Force Hampton Mills Jeanne Facteau ....................................................,, Telephone Ollice Julia Geryk ....................... . Westfield State Teachers College Alfred Girard .................. Worcester Polytechnic Institution Richard Golas ......... . Carolyn Gwinner ...... University of Massachusetts Northampton Commercial College Joseph Haber ........... ............................... B ecker Junior College Barbara Herrmann .,....... Westfield State Teachers College Audrey Humphriss Joyce Ingenito ......... Ivy Isherwoodi ........ , Phyllis Jordan .......... Marjorie Kaeppel University of Massachusetts Stanley Home Products Coflicej Westfield State Teachers College University of Massachusetts United States Air Force Jane Kosior ..................... Northampton Commercial College OF 1954 Dolores Kowalczyk .............................. Hampton Mills loflicej Jeannette LaFontaine ...... Stanley Home Products Coflicej Roland LaFrance ...... Northampton Commercial College Ruth LaLiberte ..............,... Hamden Specialty Coflicej and Northampton Commercial College fnightsj Dolores LaPlante ......... Prophylactic Brush Co., Florence Sylvia Laprade ........ ......................... S ecretary, Lang Motors Martha Lawson ............... Westfield State Teachers College Shirley Lehr ............... Edgar's Warehouse foflicej Holyoke Raymond Magdelenski ..................... Holyoke Junior College Daniel Morrison ............ Westfield State Teachers College Marie Nace ............... House of Providence Nursing Course Edward Novak .................. American International College Doris St. Sauveur ............ F. W. Woolworth Qin Vermontj Patricia Sniado .................................................................. Smith College Edith Sheehan ......... House of Providence Nursing Course Joan Sofinowski Anthony Thibault Robert Wagner Sigmond Wernick Westfield State Teachers College American Maid Footwear foliicej United States Navy Holyoke Junior College Stella Zielenski .................. Prophylactic Brush Co., Florence 92 Engaged to Gerard Belisle L be 'W qhank M u. To you our adyertrsers we wrsh to tor your support extend our thanks s we suggest tha To y your patronage ot thes estabhshrnents wut resutt rn satrs taotron and benetrt to you as wet! as to them Giumneao fwlcmaqen fthe E O ' O ' 0 ou, our reader , t e business 95 Abs Compliments of 1-:ASTHAMPTON COUNCIL No. 1116 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Pioneer Valley Accordion School Compliments of 59 Union Street Easthampton Tel. 1560 Maple Street Market Seventeen Years of Teaching Experience 35 Maple Street Instruments Loaned to Beginners Tel. 1219 WALTER J. Kuzxvncxx, Director Compliments ot UNION CASH MARKET "Choice Foods for Good Eating" 65 Union Street Tel. 511 or 512 vpveqsv 94 dmnin acbafxivaexin :sin ainnbs Compliments of E The EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Compliments oi MAPS SNACK BAR CERRUTI JEWELERS Mt' Tom Highway Engraving, jewelry and Watch Repairing N h M h 4 Pleasant Street on ampton assac usetts Northampton Massachusetts eqgvwfv wiv wq'Nsr,5ve.r,fvv.fvwpvq1,ver.5ve.r,1.vw1vwfw ROGUES GALLERY "HOTEL EASTHAMPTONU 95 , cubscx91:A!nA!nN!hA!nA!nm'kncx!nexskna!nA!ncx!nfx!nax!nA!n cxincxeb 2553 t' - M62 at 3 k"hQR'f . f'4 Congratulations Graduates We extend a sincere wish for success and happiness to each member of the "Class of '55" WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS ELECTRIC COMPANY H. B. LYMAN CO. Sheet Metal Work Southampton Massachusetts Compliments of NOBLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Haydenville Massachusetts Compliments of DeBARBIERI'S Schrafft's Chocolates-Hood's Ice Cream 42 Cottage Street Store Hours - 8 A. M. to 11 P. M. CIQNJCIQNN-YQND AIA Nbsaxinnlas The Camera Shop Kodak Dealer, Gifts, Toys, George's Music Box For the Finest in Television - SPARTON Cameras B Photographic 24 Cottage Street, Easthampton Tel. 774 Supplies MILK Dragonvs Dairy Compliments of CREAM M. T. O'Brien 81 Son Easthampton Massachusetts Tel. 1018 Easthampton Public Market Carl and Edward Kortes, Props. Fresh Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Tel. 386 Daily Deliveries "Dress well and succeed" We extend to the high school students our congratulations and best wishes lor success Harry Daniel Associates Tuxedo Rental Smart Wearing Apparel For High School Students 16-18 Main Street, Northampton Compliments of Cantin Gardens Compliments of Arthur G. Couchon General Insurance 22 Pleasant Street Easthampton Massachusetts wfvsqnrwgsr wiv Alhasinmbscxinnilssivaninmtaszxinaxinaincxinnincxinaiza BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1955 EASTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION '4N' C pliments of MAPLE ELECTRIC Compliments of ComP1imeUf-9 Of MANCHESTER FRARY MOTOR HARDWARE STORE 51 Holyoke M T 1. 260 69 U 'on Street F d Sal and Service E h Massachusett E h Massach :qv Ain esbadnAh Compliments of Hampden Specialty Products, Inc. sqm elsubaaxinnbs 4'N,5fi5'd'5 S RAI-4PH,S SHOES PROSPECT HILL DAIRY R. A. LYMAN Br SoN Shoes for the Entire Family Our Ayrshire Milk is produced and pasteurized Tel. 951-M 22 Cottage Street on our farm. It's fresh daily. Clean . . . Wholesome Easthampton' Mass' Call 330 today for a trial bottle BILUS LUNCHEONETTE Compliments OI WALTER NOVAK'S BARBER SHOP 66 Parsons Street Cottage Street Italian style Grinders Easthampton Massachusetts Compliments of Josephine's Restaurant Home-Cooked Foods Tasty Sandwiches 7 J' Trytko S Market Fountain Service 64 Parsons Street 82 Cottage Street 5 Tel. 637 Next-to the Majestic Theatre Mary Ann's Dress Shop I Easthampton Co-operative Bank Infants' -- Ch1ldren's - Teen-Age Apparel and Accessories for the Entire Family Easthampton Massachusetts 32 Cottage Street Compliments of the Compliments of Easthampton Sch0rtmann's 0 . Flreflghters' 6 McKinley Avenue Association f4fW'79ffN'7GfDQW3fnffW7G4QNPC159GtfS7 10 1 Ala cxinmb-:Ain Clark Street Florists Flowers for All Occasions Compliments of Lang Motor Sales, Inc. 138 Pleasant Street 9 Northampton Street Northampton, Mass. Easthampton, Mass. 14 Clark Street Tel' 321-W Phone Northampton Phone Easthampton 3092 241 Compliments ot Compliments of LORRAINE'S BEAUTY SALON SAVOIE FURNITURE STORE 3 Pleasant Street Easthampton, Mass. 110- 112 UI1i0r1 Street Tel. 108 Tel. 1187-R ALBERT I. CARTLEDGE Office Supplies . . . Stationery Greeting Cards . . . Gifts Royal ...... Smith - Corona Portable Typewriters BERGMANNS BAKERY Bread and Pastry 16 Briggs Street Easthampton Massachusetts Tel. 390 Compliments oi EVERETT STREET MARKET Tel. 332 Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY S E 10 cent store FERRY STREET PACKAGE STORE, INC. Quality Liquors, Wines, Beverages Tel. 340 64 Ferry Street Easthampton Massachusetts We Deliver Malone Service Station and Hardware Southampton Road, Westfield Telephone Westfield 2488-W3 RED ROCK DRIVE-IN THEATRE College Highway Southampton Massachusetts ViVViV'f'F"' V'FV'fiV"'5V'fFV"flN"'F""'FV ggineulnasilb A59-.usinaxin L i Presenting the all-V8 Buicks 5 Buick, the Beautiful Buy in Four Great Series -- CERNAK BUICK 102 - 104 Northampton Street Telephone 34 Easthampton Be Sure to See WFVWFV 'feF"'f1F"""f" Massachusetts the New Buick eqverfvwgwverfwvwfxv wgsrwivcrgvwivsrfw 103 Operations at STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS 5 LO I 5 I 35 43 5 5 -5 1 O O o O Q Easthamptonites at work in the modern chemistry laboratory at Stanley Home Products, Inc. 1 6 2 6 E E if Q 4 104 QnQnaQnAbaQnAbcdnakQneQaQnaGn:l-aAbcQn4l1AbaAb5A!n4QnAkcxk. 2 fxinabaaiau ninmelwaain it ff.:-:grin cn: IH no " BEST WISHES FROM STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS, Inc WESTFIELD, MASS. Factories in Easthampton, Mass., and London, Ontario STANLEY LEADS with more than 150 Quality Plus Products to save women time, work, money: CU Polishes and household cleaning preparations Q25 Dusters, mops, brushes, etc. Q31 Products to improve personal grooming. ORIGINATORS OF THE FAMOUS STANLEY HOSTESS PARTY PLAN wiv wiv vqvwqawwfveefv 105 exbsaxlnnba Ain axinaulva Compliments of Graham Coal Company Compliments oi The Madsen Insurance Agency Southampton, Mass. Cotton BAGS Burlap Main Street Service PRODUCE - MOBIL CARE - J0hIl SIli8d0 317 Main Street Easthampton, Mass. Telephone 8919 Park Hill Easthampton, Mass. I ' , , I Mobil Gasoline and Oil - Lubrication Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Accessories Tel. 622-W PAUL V. WODICKA, Dealer John's Fine Food Market Compliments of We Specialize In NATIVE POULTRY FLEURY LUMBER COMPANY MEATS and GROCERIES 231 Main Street 49 Parsons Street Easthampton, Mass. Easthampton, Massachusetts Tel. 695 Easthampton Compliments oi JANIK'S Cottage Street Massachusetts Compliments of A FRIEND 1 06 Falls Provision Company Manufacturers of line quality sausages "'FVViVVfTN "iV"ffV"WNWiV adv: cxincxiws William C. Fickert General Insurance Real Estate 41 Union Street Easthampton, Mass. Tel' 202'W Metro Oil Burner Co., Inc. Telephone 1100 Easthampton "Everything for your Heating Comfort" Installations Maintenance 4 Fuel Oil Service Hx Congratulations Students! May your future be filled with promise and success... .Me CCLQQMQ of Northampton Phone 1310 Free Delivery The Store Where Students Shop! CLOSED MONDAYS OPEN THURSDAYS 9-9 "BE HAPPYH "GO METRO" EASTHAMPTON Moron SALES, INC. 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Gqny wgezs - C4123 time Campus Taxi Service 73 Main Street Easthampton Massachusetts JAMES MISNER Phone 1 7 1 7 Compliments of the National Felt Company 'flV"'FV"i' Compliments ot PLEASANT SERVICE OIL C0. LAMONTAGNE Bkos., Props. Easthampton Massachusetts McCARTHY MOTORS 47 Cottage Street Easthampton, Massachusetts Tel. 660 Complete Automotive Service Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Accessories Kaiser-Frazer . . . Sales and Service ergsverqnvcqveqxvwgvergnveqrvwgsvvfwwqna zxlnninaxinrslnaxincxlnexin Ain cdnadnexbafxbscdh Compliments of Compliments of THE STYLE SHOPPE M sf M SERVICE STATION Women Aww, Parsons Street 33 Union Street Easthampton, Mass. JOHN STASZ DR. HENRY W. 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Elastic F 8b1'iCS Tel. 561 Easthampton Massachusetts wiv 112 fuhneeknfutnauln lN!J'3 lNQl5l'k!lSli'34'k,J'54i'5l Cl cub-:eden Midtown Service Centre MERRIGAN PHARMACY Specialized Automotive Service 97 Union Street -- Tel. 423 J ol-IN F. BEHAYLO Eastharnpton Massachusetts Easthampton, Massachusetts "BUsTER" Rov J. Mvnrcx, Prop. THE REXALL STORE We Give S8sH Green Trading Stamps Best Wishes Clarence E. Lamoureux to the Class of 1955 Insurance - Real Estate from 101 Main Street Ted9S Bgot Easthampton Massachusetts Tel. 405 74 Cottage Street Easthampton Massachusetts Best Wishes Compliments of to the Class of 1955 The Woman's Club Easthampton Savings Bank of Easthampton Congratulations Class of 1955 Best Wishes to the Advertising Corporation Class of . 115519 of America Easthampton Massachusetts El Gl'8C0,S Resfallrallt N wiv 113 Nba Best Wishes to the class of 1955 Albert A. Weidhaas CONTRACTOR Telephone 429-W 91 Holyoke Street Compliments of Easthampton Lumber Company Telephone 126 79 Union Street 114 Compliments oi Compliments of A FRIEND American Maid Footwear, Inc. BOULANGER and FINN Easthampton Massachusetts Meats and Groceries 86M Cottage Street Phone 485 Compliments of Compliments of Lyman Insurance Agency fsophie N- Janikb Williston Apartments 103 Main Street Furnished Rooms Easthampton Massachusetts Raynor Door Sales of Western Massachusetts . Compliments of Overhead Garage Doors Mill Work CHARLES L. BARKowsK1 IN I WEE I GO Exclusive Distributor House Doors Hardware 65 Lyman St., Easthampton Tel. 627 Compliments of Compliments of A. 8: M. Sena Bros. Easthampton Grange if 27 Park Hin Orchards Fruit-Produce ViW'Vi""f"'fFV"F""'F" "i""'WN'-'i""F" 1 1 5 Ckflllkfhlil Compliments of Tubed Chemicals Corporation Compliments of BOSCO CLEANERS Musical Variety Hour 11:35-1 Every Saturday Morning over WI-IAI 1240 K. C. am 98 K. C. fm The Mitchell Funeral Home WALTER B. MITCHELL, Director 58-60 Union Street Easthampton, Mass. Tel. 184 Jeffway-Hatch, Inc. Electrical Contractors Radios - Television - Electric Appliances 87 Union Street Easthampton, Mass. Tel. 51 Compliments of National Floor Covering Co. 88-90 Cottage Street Call Easthampton 1540 See the NEW OLDSMOBILE for '55 Way Ahead in Every Way New Go Ahead Look-Sparkling New Colors All New Rocket 6202" Engine Some Models tor Immediate Delivery Open till 9 Monday through Fri., Sat. till 5 p.m. CLARK MOTOR CO. 32 Union St., Easthampton Tel. 461 Compliments of New City Pharmacy 80 Parsons Street Tel. 987 SOUTHAMPTON CASH MARKET JOHN J. SOJA, Prop. Meats and Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Southampton Tel. 1324 Massachusetts Compliments of the MAJESTIC THEATRE "FW""i'N"'FN '-'rw'-www :sin Compliments of EASTHAMPTON RUBBER THREAD COMPANY EASTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of Ann August 8: Company 108 Main Street Northampton , Complrments from For Women's Apparel 189 Main Street Northampton your For Children's Apparel ff . M-x' J 212 - .... - ",e Bolduc Pharmacy ' 28 Pleasant Street Manager and Clerks Eastharnpton Massachusetts DANIEL BOLDUC, B.S., Reg. Ph. wpvwfvwfv 117 esiuanelasuulas fsiuafulue ,tgy5,,gy, COCA-COLA BOTTLIN6 COMPANY OF NORTHAMPTON 366 N. KING STREET NORTHAMPTON, MASS. Old Mill Sandwich Shop Compliments of Hot Dogs - Hamburgers and Fountain Service E. 8z J. Cigar Company Old Mill at the Top of the Hill Northampton Massachusetts Tel- Holyoke 9238 Easthampton Massachusetts Compliments of AM AM 1400 1400 Edmund B. Mitchell W H M P Funeral Home Listen to 21 Center Street Easthampton, Mass. "CAMPUS FAVORITES" Tel' 456'R every nite 9:00 - - - 11:00 and 011 Saturdays Allister S. Graham 8:00 - - - 11:00 Men's Clothing W H M P Arrow Shirts-Cricketteer Sport Coats AM AM Gramercy Park Suits 1400 1400 36 Cottage Street We give S. 65 H. Green Stamps wivwfvv-ffvGqivwqsvv5ww.fweq.veqsww,fverq.vv5wv5w 1 1 8 Ainculnaxfwa axia-.usivsexin A. B. Brouilette Bus Transportation Tel. 456-W GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF '55 LE CERCLE NOTRE DAME exia-.uxin Compliments of LESNOW MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Easthampton Massachusetts Compliments of A FRIEND Best of Luck to the Class of '55 Your Mobil Heat Distributor Pepin Fuel Company Tel. 513 Compliments of Cote's Market 44 Pleasant Street Easthampton Massachusetts Tel. 1470 Cottage Pharmacy JOHN T. LAGOWSKI, Reg. Ph. Proprietor 108 Cottage Street Tel. 717 The Best In Service John Moriarty Furniture 55 Union Street Tel. 215 Easthampton .wfvwfwvfv wiv cx9Juul'nA!nax4v:csdv:.css.lncss.!n fxdvscxiwaeslnexeknaxinaxincxinasin BUSINESS EDUCATION ON A COLLEGE LEVEL Outstanding One- and Two-Year Programs cel:-IN.b-I EXECUTIVE SECRETARIALH' ACCOUNTING SECRETARIAL4' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STENOGRAPHIC FINISHING' JUNIOR ACCOUNTING "'Specialized secretarial subjects may be elected. Superior Guidance Program Lifetime Placement Service Write for latest catalog Our 59th Fall Term Commences September, 1954 NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Founded 1896 Easthampton Rotary Club MOUNT TOM FIRE DOOR. INC. 3 Manufacturers of METAL COVERED DOORS, Etc. UNDERWRITERS' LABELLED DOORS EASTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS 120 aseinasincxih EASTHAMPTCN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 Leo L. 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New England Association American Medical Association of Colleges Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York United States Office of Education Degrees offered in: Liberal Arts Business Administration Business Education Elementary Education Cboth day and eveningj Also, a two year program leading to degree of Associate in Commercial Science Many opportunities for part-time employment A I C the college where "An Individual Counts" wp: 122 ,fuknex9'Js:ssb:ax!nAel'ncs'!ncwl'Aed!r:ex!2:s4xel'Ja 4-xslnexivs eulraeukh E I s 2 Compliments of PHILIPP MANUFACTURING COMPANY HOLYOKE STREET MARKET EASTHAMPTON HARDWARE COMPANY Groceries - - - Meats - - - Produce 70 Cottage Street Easthampton Massachusetts Easthampton Massachusetts Kyanize Paints - Hardware - Imperial Wallpaper Compliments of th t th W Eb? A Xi Eett 6 BIISWEI' O E PTO em 0 el' apPeaI'a1'lCe. THE COTTAGE STREET Visit our shop frequently. 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Tel. 763 f-QV wiv 12 femumuln ARLENE STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS 215 Main Street Phone 294-O-W Northampton Massachusetts il Scoop: PORTRAITS at our studio CANDIDS everywhere Bulletin: WEDDINGS are a speciality with us 4? Important: PORTRAITS make Fine gifts Flash: ARLENE STUDIO sends Best wishes to Class of i955 wiv 125 April 25-29 1955 . 'Yum YW v Q' ed 533 Recognize the faces? 'Ula' 1151 IJPCIIC-dp Inn route home 1 Linwln Meluoriul A B rd V HSI HCV I i . aka, mfhc whok Raffle Ak 126 R011 Senior Class Trip Washington, D.C. Mal ilyn Guard A K lo yuh oi V Nm 'xx 503636 mx I Op lf Yoyxhilx . B5 in '11 Balldlhlb in Light uneks 1 Q, 'AXXC3 Y eyxon N S1 , reef Cleaners ais H20 and Tom V . . cg sxcfcvv "mi NO' 209 127 Senior Class Trip-April 25-29, 1955 w . . MIOUO M xss sm, Om Cmpcf OH Washington, D. C. Busses O UI' Chauff Phgw L - Lean back I ellfs slo-0-0-0-ly! Cl' azy 111 ixe d Up New Xolk IN X . , Q orUL0 0 North P white HUUSL View Weddmg Bells for "Echo" advisor Skykine 128 from lshjngto n H1011 lllnent NQHCY, L Yfln gc Betsy d J, ,x. J.f, 'xl . " ' 'f- f .. Z. j4:w"Z,l iv , V, .MJ Ax ,,.:":, J L- e .rar -' - . g-1-fm - . - lm , K 3,1111-5 1 I 1 -, 3, L ',,1.- .L -5, . Y. X - 1. H .f '11 'T-4' ' Pl, 'L xx ' 2' j Fin,-V .. ', E , 1555:-:Tg,: 31' . J .ii . 'ye' ,a ,qu ,. ... ,.,,.- x .. .. K. ,-kf V. ., ,- ' :- , , M214 , ,kg '2 ,, 1 is- .f ':'fQ3f:5:"ri1."f5 -if ,, .,,f,-"rl A r ' 9 . ,W V xx. v :-A 5-is

Suggestions in the Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) collection:

Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


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Easthampton High School - Echo Yearbook (Easthampton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 51

1955, pg 51

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