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KINNIKINICK Published annually by the Assooiatpcl Students of the STATE NORMAL SCHOOL CHENEY, WASHINGTON Volume Thirteen of the Annual To Dr. Kaipn Jlarle 1 ie ' e whose assistance and cooperation have made possible the publication of THE KII I IKII ICK the staff of 1935 affectionately dedicates this volume. Jiunnp spates; an6 stabp bcptfjsl of tfjt front tampus in summer ■ 2?are rumcb tfjoirs, tofjerf late tfjt gtOEEt birbs sang, anb tijc long, long trail totfjEtitis anb railroab stations KiNNIKINICK 1935 JOEL E. FERRIS JAMES P. DILLARD RICHARD S. MUNTER To the Trustees, appointed by the Governor, and responsible to him, is entrusted the task of formulating a continuing school policy, and of managing the financial and other liusiness con- cerns of the school. Clarence D. Martin, Governor — 6 — FACULTY 1935 Administraitioii RICHARD T. HARGREAVES, A.B. President Eunice Nelson, A.AI. Dean of Women George W. Wallace, A.M. Registrar; Dean of Men KlNNIKINICK Emily J. Craney School I urse Frances Wilson Director of the Dining Hall George E. Craig, A.B. Director of the Placement Bureau — 7- KiNNIKINICK 1935 WILLIAM LLOYD ROWLES. Mus. M. HrtuI of the Department Daryl D. Daylon, Mus. B. Margaret Ellon Daylon, Mus. B. Evelyn CoodsoU. A.M. Marian A. Lawton, Mus. B. 1935 KlNNIKINICK of Ediicdtioni OBED J. WILLIAMSON, Ph.D. Head of the Department Raymond F. Hawk, A.M. Samuel F. Shinkle, A.M. David A. Barber, Ph.D. George W. Wallace, A. M. KiNNIKINICK 1935 Dcpartmeiiit of Pliijsical Eduicatioin ARTHUR C. WOODWARD, B.S. Head of the Department Flora E. Davidson. A.M. Antoinette Dustin. B.A. Mary W. Porter William B. Reese, A.B. — 10- 1935 KiNNIKINICK JDcpartmeiit of Fliijsical Sciemccs OTIS W. FREEMAN, Ph.D. Head of the Department W. Harold Tallyii, M.S. J, Lawrence Bolsforde Ph.D. Robert Kirk Dahlstroin, Ph.D. ■ 11 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 artmemt of HistorM cmd Social Science CE TON S. KINGSTON, A.M. Head of the Department Mary E. Barton. Ph.D. Hush M. Blair. M.A. David ;. Cobb, A.M. L. V. Tyler, A.M. William E. Haeseler (Deceased) — 12 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK Dcpartmeiit of amd LitieratmriE RALPH EARLE TIEJE, Ph.D. Head of the Department Virginia Dickinson, A.B. H. E. Holmquist, A.B. John P. Gruber, A.B. Ralph K. Allen, A.M. Marie HoUingshead, B.S, Mary A. Snyder, B.S. iQ ft, ' — 13 ■ KlNNlKlNICK 1935 Dcpoirtmcmt of Applied Sciences JOSEPH W. HUNGATE, M.S. Head of the Department Louise Anderson, B.S. Edward L. Dales. B.S. Mary G. Swerer James S. Lane, B.S. Richard J. Hochtritt Nancy Kate Brodnax, A.M. Edith Manchester Esther Gingrich, M.A. — 11 1935 KiNNIKINICK Department of Teaclaer Trumiitigj CLAKK M. FRASIER, A.M. Director of Teacher Training Omer O. Pence, A.M. Principal of the Junior High School Margaret McGrath, A.M. First Grade Eleanor Joy Carman, M. A. Second Grade Evelyn Peterson, A.M. Third Grade Edith B. Brown, A.M. Fourth Grade Margie Persons Fourth Grade Hazel West, M.A. Fourth Graile Leila Lavin, A.B. Fifth Grade Ethel Schneider, B.A. Fifth Grade Charlotte Lang, A.M. Sixth Grade Cecil Dryden, A.M. Junior High School Marie Haas , A.B. Library — 15 — ' Tfje brooping bircljcs aiib tall, Straight piitfS of tijc sibc=tampu£i, tottlj „ enior Clfall pcEping tijrougl) tf)e trees in tf)e bacfesi ' ounlr GRADUATES 1935 KiNNIKINICK Williamson. Daiiielson. SrliiMer. Prince. Stannartl. Burch. Henry. Baker Vander Meer, StiMwell. Baker. Trefry. Miller, Collins. Stillwell. Morse, Wasmund, HoMoway First Bdclhelor of Arts Class By act of the Legislature of 1933 the teacher-training institutions of the state were empowered to grant the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Education. Since, however, the laM ' did not go into effect until June of that year, the first class officially to receive degrees at commencement was that graduated in May, 1934. To the first of Cheney ' s Bachelors of Arts, all hail. Bernice Vivian Baker Myrtle Baker Bethene Burch Josephine E. Collins Mae M. Danielson Lucille Garnett Betty Henley Josephine M. Henry Thomas Russell HoUoway Meryl Melvin Houston Charlotte G. Jurgenseu Inga Louise Devola Aleen Miller Mrs. Rosalie Z. Moore Helen A. Prince Philip F. Ruidl Helen Marie Schiller Gerald Moody Stannard Mrs. Florence Little Stillwell Stanley M, Stillwell Iva May Trefry Ahrani Van der Meer Carl T. Wasmund Williamson — 17- Dorothy Ashworth Foster Clark Audrianna Allen Josephine Burley Dorothy Bailey Dorothy Barnard Louise Bower Belty Chase Lois Crall Helen Baker Robert Anderson Aileen Champlin Nadyne Allen Mary Carey Josephine Clack Alberta Crawford Floyd Cook Ruth Davis Marjorie Boyd Earl Dalquist Mae Caley Margaret Forcuni Robert Chainbers Margaret Fisher Madeline De Prekel Gayle English Ula Fox Winifred Churchill Charles Dann Helen Geraughty Miriam Gunning Maude Garr Betty Claire Brislawn Yvonne Grove Alvis East Dorothv Eisenman i Ml i iLr Elizabeth Gibbens Jabez Gibson Ethel Greene Grace Hammer Ruth Gordon Claire Harris Elsie Hill Thomas Hubbard Laura Hoefer Elizabeth Ingrain Millard Hester Carolyn Hurt Bernard Iverson Mary Kelly Walter Kegel Frances Keller lola Jack Isabel Kienitz Johnaniia Mathers Hazel Jarvis Louise McCoy Lorraine Littleton Violet Lane Olive Lowrr IVornian Mikalson Grace Koller Howard McNew Evelyn Myers Jack Moore Martha Nuetzmann Leona Lamb Charles Nelson Cora Mead Doris Mende Merton Poole Margie Persons Hortense Pease Marie Ryan Callie Riddle Dorothy Ochs Dorothy Norton Odell Ransbottom Maude Slelhnan Georgia Sabin Lorene Rufer Dollyanna Robinson Jean Strickler Wanda Spencer Olga Rierson Antonia Koppes Betty Synions Mildred Scrinisher Ward Sorrels Jeanne Sharp Maxine Steinke Melvina Williams Doris Van Alstine Leta Marie Wolfe Thyrza Sperry Anona Wilson Jean Scott Ruth Seaton Marcelle Young Helen Nourse Tieje Del Walker Genevieve Tatton Rosemary Van Amburgh Edward Wulirnian Alyce Wolfe Helen Marie Zeller Helen Sperry Isabelle Scrimsher KiNNIKINICK 1935 Muriel Wells Hazel Sclirock Rosa Vehr OTHER GRADUATES Alma Arness June Benson Helen Edith Bessey Arthur Big gs Dorothy Bir e Mrs. Clara Carlson Joseph Cavanaugh Glen Click Robert Coinegys Raymond Cronrath Violet Curran Raymond Danekas Ray Darnell Doris Deterinjg Kathleen Gerking Arnold Hagen Marijane Halliday Grace Hammer Ron Helton Howard Holmquist Gordon Johnson Vivian Johnson Raymond Lamb Russell Larsen Kathryn Lehn Elaine Livingston Ivan Lloyd Irvin Long Kenneth Long George Marker Lydia Marks Laura McGinley Irene McKiernan Mrs. Gertrude McNicholas Kathryn Mohs Mrs. Elizabeth Monnastes Edythe Moothart Marjorie Mottern John Norby Dorothy Oliver Evelyn Olson Edythe Palmquist John Pilik, Jr. Mrs. Bessie Rees Henry Reimers Elbert Roberts Pauline Robertson Mrs. Grace Rood Vivian Runyon Mrs. Ethel Schneider James Scott Mildred Setterland Lora Sherwood Joe Shriver Claude Simpson Leora Somers Josephine Storment Cyril Thompson Hope Weitman Edna Withers — 24- ORGANIZATIONS M iK Wj : i:i± ' !: ' i UiaiifJ3,Jb±KiJL yi ix onroE Cfall ijibes befjinD its ma£(k of sljrufjberp, anb tf)e Sprtnklcrst plap on tfje open stretcijES of laton as summer Spreabs Ijarst Sunlis t olicr tfjc campus KiNNIKINICK 1935 •-» ▲ " M i«« ' i Madison Brewer The Clarence D. Martin Oratorical Contest has been conducted each year since 1920. Three prizes of $50, $30, and $20 are awarded by Clarence D. Martin. The contestants in 1934 were Madison Brewer, first place; Milletl Kellrr, second; Mari- jane Halliday, third ; Wanda Mustard, Catherine Spedden, and Elwyn Butler. ■26- 1935 KlNNIKINlCK CLARENCE DANIEL MARTIN SCHOLARSHIP Elbert RoborLs RALPH EARLE TIEJE, JR., MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Ruth Seaton TAWANKA SCHOLARSHIP Katherine Ben ion WOMEN ' S LEAGUE SCHOLARSHIP Margaret Hansen and Virginia Murphy Spring Quarter, ' 34 Audrey Gross Smumor Quarter Alice Rhodes Fall Quarter Charles Berkey Fall Quarter EUPHOMA SCHOLARSHIP Cleo Fry Winter Quarter Harry Nottingham Spring Quarter THE VIOLIN DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP Awarded by Mariau A. Laivlon Irene Bye Winter Quarter — 27 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 Julian Eugene Buchanan Head of the Department of Science and Mathematics, 1901-1934 Resigned, December 19, 1934 1935 KlNNIKINICK L ■ t id i i ' i Top row — Foster, Oliver, Wolfe, Comegys, Mead. Simpson Center — Mikalson, Scott, Danekas, Rebensdorf, Hubbard Lower — Peterson. Harris, Larsen, Nelson, Keller, Gibson icers FALL James Scott.- President Norman Mikalson Vice-President Claire Harris Secretary Harold Heinemainn Finance Chairman Ralph PetersonJWeirs Athletic Chairman Cora Mead --.-Wonien s Athletic Chairman Dorothy Oliver Social Chairman Claude Simpson Ploy Hour Chairman Russell Larsen Program Chairm an WINTER Raymond Danekas ...President Claire Harris Vice-President Frances Keller Secretary Norton Wolfe .Finance Chairman Raymond Cronrath Men ' s Athletic Chairman Laura Hoefer Women ' s Athletic Chairman Robert Comegrjs Social Chairman Fred Gall Play Hour Chairman Foster Clark Progrant Chairman Jabez Gibson Lyceum Chairman SPRING Phil Rebensdorf President Ray Darnall Vice-President Norton Wolfe Secretary Charles Nelson Finance Chairman Louise McCoy Women ' ' a Athletic Chairman James Scott Men s Athletic Chairman Tom Hubbard---. £nrerrnin nenf Chairman Madison Brewer Play Hour Chairman Arvid Anderson Program Chairman Marjorie Millar Social Chairman — 29 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 Bennett, Heinemann, Smies. Fine, Hailey, Hess, Reeck. Eftedal B. Johnson, Metcalfe, Goodsell, Grouse, Mathers, Clark, Shinkle, Hartung, N. Johnson PI™ Hour Orclaestrci Larsen. Wolf. Millay, Hess. Bennett. Henning — 30 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK ire Burley, Gordon. Withers. Votaw. Lyman. Frelwell. Bessey. McCoy, Ganders. Morasch Gall, A. Wolf. Moos. L. Wolfe, Manchester, Lakin. Clemens. Dailey, Rehn EUcm H. Ridiards Van Alstine, Sooy, Parker. Churchill, Anderson, Moothart, Withers, Jorgenson, Steinke, Carey. Gordon. Wolfe. Hunt. Brodnax. Tatton Schrock, Brown, Fretwell, Votaw, Sperry, Robinson, Dailey. Lowry. Greene, Johnson ■31 — KiNNIKlNICK 1935 Brewer. Harris. Seaton, Stickney Burley. Larsen. Barnard. Simpson Kimnikiiiick Board Lane, Comegys. Tieje. Earnarcf. Harris, Stickney. Steinke, Dann Larsen, Bardwell. Burley, Pence, Seaton, Murphy. Brewer ■32- 1935 KiNNIKINICK kA Simpson, Comcgys, McNew. Scott Danekas, Peterson, Dann a aiiqima Fox, Burley, Mende. Davis, Lane, Norton, Allen. Hurt Gordon, Kalkwarf, McCoy, Ryan, Ashworth, Steinke, Conley, Bardwell ■33- KiNNIKINICK 1935 Keller, Votaw, Taylor, Rhodes, Oliver. Forcum. Pence Zeller. Kennedy. Setterland, Ashworth, Brodnax. Mathers, Sharp, Lake, Batley. Neutzman »e Donovan. Van Amburgh, Halliday, Gibson Swanson. Stickney, Larseii. Cavanaugh. Brewer 34- 1935 KlNNIKINlCK Roberts, Harris, Anderson, Lane, McNew Scrimsher, Hammer, Steinke, Neutzman, Sharp, Bailey E: ,lli mJ Brewer, Lake, Forcum, Siiarp, Bailey. Taylor, Comegys Brislawn, Zeller, Tatton, Scaton, Clark, Neutzman. Mathers, Kribs — 35- KiNNIKINICK 1935 C. T- Bessey. Meyers, Churchill, Lyman. Dailey. Bailey. Carey, Keller Davis, Lowry, Cheyney. Sharp. Green. Chase. Noonan im £ » 9 jLm Schraeder. Gordon, Wilson. Tate. Wolfe. Poulscn. Crawford. Stage, Troutman. Bonner. Scrimsher, Green. Wood, Rehn Hale, Williams, Norton. Bucher, Evers, Jarvis. Van Alstine, Oberst, Margie, Morasch, Dwyer, Clemens — 36- 1935 KiNNIKINICK uc Hodge, Wooltnan, Pence, Burrow, Forcum. Li tlelon, Murphy Drill Team Woodward. Chittick, Chase, Robinson, Millar, Williamson, Hailey, Sperry. Poynter, Davis Tatton, Marple, Comegys, Metcalfe, Van Alstine, Weber, Fletcher, Kelly, Hudkins. Brodnax 37- KiNNIKINICK 1935 f ' WJ s i rf-nm ° x ' S ' Iverson. Bartol. Norby, Vedrine, Walker, Dann. Brewer. Chambers, Pearce Simpson. Darnell, Buck. Larsen. Wolf. Nelson. Comegys, Hester mnpius piii« ssf3;;ia? fsc 1935 KiNNIKINICK Keller. Ryan, Hoefer, Lake, Harris, I, Kienitz, Oliver. J. Kienitz, Divine, Kalkwarf Scott, Hammer, Forcum, Zeller, Terrell, English, Burrow. Forcum, Setterland lis worn — 39 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 Alice Lake PRESIDENTS Tliyrza Sperry Helen Kalkwarf DIRECTORS Kate Brodnax Edith Brown ■40- 1935 KiNNIKINICK Siattoe Hall PRESIDENTS Raymontl Danekas Ralph Peterson Frank Stickney DIRECTOR Joseph Wynne Hungate — 41 KiNNIKINICK 1935 emior PRESIDENTS Marjorie Burrow June Benson Vivian Johnson DIRECTORS Flora Davidson Evel3Ti Goodsell -42 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK MM ANDERSON FRESHMAN PRESIDENTS Mell West, Jr. Vern Moss SOPHOMORE PRESIDENTS Arvid Anderson Madison Brewer Freuvh Club Symons, Keller. Champlin. Fleschig, Rehn, Elliott. Comegys Votaw, Hurt, Littleton, Pence, Erwin, Myers, Gunning Mohs, Clark, Meyers, Johnson, Horn, Hammer, Harris Crall, Runyon, Sullivan, Bonner, Kienitz Anderson, Bower, Murphy, Clark, Rhodes, Johnson, Rebensdorf, Freema -43 - KiNNIKINICK 1935 Gieoqra The Geography Clul is one of the oldest organizations on the campus. It sponsors lectures and brings in several outside speakers each year. The cluh officers must be majors in geography, but the lecture programs are open to everyone. During the Spring and Summer the Geography Division runs an excur- sion to the Grand Coulee which attracts many. During the Summer of 1934 a trip was taken also to the places of historic interest near Pasco. Walla Walla and the Steptoe battlefield near Rosalia. Other shorter trips were to the Hole-in-the-Ground and to Mount Spokane, the latter being an all- night excursion. At the close of the Summer s ession Dr. Otis W. Freeman conducted thirty- four persons on a tour to Alaska that lasted two weeks. The party traveled on the S. S. Alaska. They visited Victoria, B. C., and its Buchert Gardens; Ketchikan and its cold storage plant; Petersburg and its canneries; Wran- gell and its totem poles; Taku Glacier; Juneau, with a side trip to Menden- hall Glacier; Skagway, with a railroad trip over White Pass; Sitka and its Indian school. At the close of the Summer session of IQSIi an excursion will be made to the Cascade Mountains from Mount Rainier to Larsen Peak. It is hoped to offer a trip to Hawaii in 1936. ■44- t y- ' ' ■ ■45 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 Dorothy Barnard EDITORS OF THE JOURNAL Dorothy Barnard, Lucile Hawley, Velnia Moos Comegys, Champlin, Sherwood. Harris. Holmquist. Barnard. Hawley. Douglas Anderson. Pease. Moos. Clark, Seaton. Olson, Bailey. Dann -46- ACTIVITIES 1935 KiNNIKlNICK Oliver, Sherwood. Hodge, Hammer, Wolfe, Allen oma Keller, Gerking, Lake, Setterland. Mathers, Sharp -47- KiNNIKINICK 1935 a Ivan Lloyd Charles Nelson Tom Huhbard Fred Heineniann Ralph Baker Mell West, Jr. William Lloyd Rowles Robert Richardson Lynn Ratcliffe Jean Hess Harry Nottingham Edwin Crooks James Goodsell Mildred Conley Margaret Lederer Anna Laura Hawk Janet Collins Ingman Maxine Steinke Dorothy Oliver Ruth Hill Minnie Heinemann Kathleen Gerking Violet Curran Arlene Stine Virgene Hess Johnanna Mathers 1935 KiNNIKINICK Elijali An Oratorio by Felix Mendelssolm-Bartholtly WILLIAM LLOYD ROWLES, Conductor CHORAL GROUPS Normal School A Capella Choir Normal School Chorus Federated Church Choir St. John ' s Cathedral Choir (Spokane) SOLOISTS Elijah Linn Fyhrie, Basso Obadiah Percy Lockett, Tenor Angel Mrs. Robert Jones, Contralto Widow - Mrs. Paul Hull, Soprano Youth Mrs. Paul Hull, Soprano ACCOMPANISTS Normal School Orcliestra Frances Bailor, Pianist Arthur H. Bi ss, Organist -49- KiNNIKINICK 1935 tniici OmartcttiE Modge. Selterland. Gerking. Lane Strimgi Trio Bailor, Freeman, Slierwood ■50- 1935 KiNNIKINICK Smie-., Brnin ' tl. fUailnT , Kcnnrily, ll.iili i. Alliii, H.uiiing. Sliinkhi, Larscn, K.-. ' ik, N W.ill Knutson, Watson, Olson, Bye. Poynter, R. Sherwood, Johnson, Bcrkey, Buckley, Hess. Millay. L. Sherwood Berkey. Buckley, Young. Olson. Povnter. Hawk. Bye. Setterland. Cunningham Taylor. Hodge, Freeman, Lake. Sherwood. Lawton, Burton. Lane, Davis. Johnson ■51 KlNNIKINICK 1935 Miss Mary A. Snyder, director of dramatics, is a constant source of inspiration to those who appear before the footlights as ivetl as to those who ivork behind the scenes. ■52 — 1935 KlNNIKINICK Burrow, Scaton, Kienitz, Mohs, Persons. Dann, Symons, Comegys, Ashworth Mcrs The Masquers produce and manage school plays under the direction of Miss Snyder. Students heconie eligihle for mem- Ijership through distinguished and intensive work in acting or production. 53 - KiNNIKINICK 1935 MASQUERS PRESENT By Noel Coward MARY A. SNYDER. Director CAST Judith Bliss - Mary Elizabeth Forcuni David Bliss Curtis Rudolf Simon Bliss Harold Stevens Sorel Bliss Jean Liedloff Myra Arundel Patricia Hollaway Sandy Tyrell .George Werner Richard Greatham Thorsten Berggren Jackie Coryton Clara Claypool Clara Jean Munns Acts I, II and III — Hall of the Bliss ' home at Cookham. -54- 1935 KiNNIKlNICK reiuer July 26, 1934 — 55 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 Homecoming Play By John Van Driiten MARY A. SNYDER, Director CHARACTERS Leonora Perrycoste Margie Persons Florence - Mildred Conley Dwight Houston -.. Harold Stevens Peter Walmsley ..Frank Stickney Scene — Leonora ' s sitting room in a flat in the West End of London. -56- 1935 KiNNIKINICK |S dJiaiiet Homecoming, October 26, 1934 — 57- KiNNIKINICK 1935 Vr ■ 1 B s 1 B I HIpV B a I ? I H ■ r Iti HHW ■kJv 9 1 K-- ' 1 K i l l ■ K K r ' sjj iJ 1 HHMH H — i: .■ . :;: " . " IJU •1 ..V ' SS THE CHILDREN ' S THEATRE Presents Tlie Blue Bird By Maurice Maeterlink MARIE HOLLINGSHEAD, Director 1935 KiNNIKINICK The Children ' s Theatre Cheney, Washington Presents The Pool of tlic Wilful Princess AND Thee Kino ' s Grccit Toe By Alice C. D. Riley MARIE HOLLINGSHEAD, Director CHARACTERS The Pool of the Wilful Princess Princess Francis Boyer Minstrel .- -.- Zola Cossalman Wise Old Man Irene Heinemann Rameses - Virginia Hendershot Towser Marian Cooil Jeremiah (a camel) Clare Findley, Phyllis Haas ISip Vir ginia Ross Tuck - Lucille Billeshach The King ' s Great Toe Beggar -. Roy Guertin Grand Vizier R. Soderherg King - - Jack Pliilleo Lackey.. G. Galhreath Lackey-. Donald Horn Kim - Leo Pierson Kani - - - - Billy Bryan Dr. Pills - - Donald Gordon Dr. Squills Glenn Conley Chairbearers : John Cohagen, Donald Lilienthal, Elmer Matney, Raymond Bernard ■59- KiNNIKINICK 1935 The Children ' s Theatre Cheney, Washington Presents The Rackettij-Pcickettii House By Frances Hotlgson Burnett MARIE HOLLINGSHEAD, Director CHARACTERS Cynthia Berneta Woodruff Princess Virginia Ross Queen Crosspatch Maxine Carr Old Nurse Phyllis Haas ISew ISurse.... Evelyn Folger Flip Joyce Moothart Trip Esther Nell McCall Peter Piper Donald Horn Gustibus Billy Bryan Meg Marjorie Cutting Peg. Marian Cooil Kilmanskegg Lucille Billesbach Ridicklis- Margaret Hair The Duchess of Tidy Castle Lois Harr Lady Patsy.. .Virginia Hendershot Lady Doris ....Madeline Morse Lady Muriel Elizabeth Mickey Lady Gwendolyn Clare Findley Lord Hubert John Heath Lord Rupert Frances Lee James Jack Philleo John Glenn Conley ■60 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK ion CrcuDS Much of the credit for performances is clue those who work backstage — the production, lighting, and make-up crews. •61 — Wl)eve tf)e smokestacfe, siilr nt fienti nt (, anb the toteping tuiUotoS guarb tfje tDomcn ' g gpm classes at outboor plap 1935 KiNNIKINICK A. C. Woodward, head of the Department of Physical Educa- tion, has for his motto ' Athletics for everyone ' , and it is through his efforts thai intramural athletics have become popular. ' Woody W. B. Reese came to Cheney Normal in 1930 and has consist- ently turned out winning teams. During the past year Red ' s Savages have won two tri-normal championships and tied for the third one, which is an impressive record in itself. MINOR COACHES ■63 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 » ?? i. i| i» i K t (ft Front row — Poffenroth, Heinemann. Parry. Barnes. R. Anderson. Gall. Wolsborn, Mooers, Scott. Cross Back row — Danekas. Peterson. Cronrath. B. Anderson. Blair. Mikalson, Taylor. Pollard. Bannon. Sorrels. Kittel. Helton, Hibfas, Darnell. Walters, Fine MANAGERS Wolsborn and Carney won their awards in footljall and basketl all, re- spectively. Mustard is to be football manager next Fall and Boyer is to man- age basketball. — 64- 1935 KiNNIKlNICK PETERSON HEINEMANN McNEW Peterson completed his fourth year of varsity competition during the past season. He was named on the all tri-normal f oothall team for four con- secutive years and was proclaimed l y the sport writers as one of the hest hacks in the Northwest. He was the winner of the Scarlet Arrow Inspira- tional Award for foothall, Heinemann completed his varsity competition this year and is given the title of the hest little man on the squad. He was chosen as end on the all tri-normal team. McNew was a unanimous choice for the position of all tri-normal quarter- back. He finished his four years of competition in great style hy catching the pass that defeated Ellensburg. The shoes of these three men are going to be hard to fill next year. T jr Scnrlpt Arroiv Inspirational Aivard is given every year tn the man on the football sqnad ivho furnished the greatest inspiration to the team. — 65- KiNNIKINICK 1935 - ■ ? ' T ' P ..J, • - .- -. 4 |ir Back row — Bunielt. Hibbb, Cfunralli. Kittel, Pullard. Det ' li. Clark, buhillein. Blair. Daimkab. Katbch, Hesselniait Middle row — Telecky. Hutchison. Barnes. Borck, Peterson, Crutcher. Green. Bauman. Anderson, Moss, Aim Front row — Pierce, Gall, IVIcNew, Mooers, Heinemann. Burbank, Poffenroth. Schmidt, Cross, Mikalson, Worthington. Liefer A resume of the best season a Cheney football team has ever had finds Cheney with six wins and one loss. The battle in whieh the Savages tore the Wiklcat jinx to pieces on Home- coming day is one that few Cheney alumni will forget. Starting with a rush, the Savages fought Ellensburg to a standstill with a real brand of football. The Bellingham game was hard fought. Clieney, heavy favorites, had to put up a real fight to overcome the determined Vikings on their home field. The W. S. C. and Idaho Frosh games were battles, but Cheney ' s consist- ent smoothness won both games very handily. The Whitworth and Lewiston games were good warming-up exercises for the power displayed throughout the season by the Savages. — 66- Unoer left— Kittel guard. Upper right— Bellingham holds Cheney on their goal ' in«- er. left to right-Poffenroth, guard. Blair, tackle. Hibhs. end. Lower nght-Barnes, halfback. — 67 UpDer — Anderson. Green, Mooers Center — Moss Lower — Mikalson, Danekas — 68 — FOOTBALL RECORD Cheney 63 WhitMorth Cheney Gonzaga 31 Cheney 26 Idaho Frosh 6 Cheney 33 Lewistoii Cheney 8 Ellensburs Cheney 6 W. S. C. Frosh Cheney 12 Bellinghain 7 Upper left — Bauman, guard. Upper right — Gall, half. Center left — Cronrath. tackle. Lower left — Ratsch. end. Lower right — Poffenroth, guard. — 69 — KlNNIKINICK 1935 Baskctlbdll Front row — West. Korns, ruslacc. Jones. Rebensdorf. Danekas Back row — Patterson. Porter. Helton. Anderson, Giles. Clifford The climax of the basketball season was reached when the Savages defeated Ellensburg to tie for the tri- nomial championship. The Savages were defeated only four times, losing two games to W. S. C. one to the Dessert Hotel and one to Ellensburg. U. of I., Gonzaga. Washington State Frosh and the University Frosh were defeated by the Savages. Cheney piled up 791 points to their opponents 465 in 20 games, which in a way expresses the power that the 1935 champions portrayed. PAPOOSES Front row — Haller, Barnes. Bannon, Cross Back row — Scott, coach; Kittel. Hibbs. Pollard. Walker. White The Papooses turned in a very successful record by losing only two games out of nine. Spokane Junior Col- lege. Coeur d ' Alene Junior College and Whitworth were among their victims. — 70 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK REBENSDORF PETERSON DANEKAS The climax of the 1934-35 season was reached when Cheney defeated Ellensburg to tie up the tri-normal championship. Cheney offered to arrange for a playoff, but Ellensburg gracefully declined the challenge. The Savages averaged nearly 40 points per game throughout the season, against an average of 23 points for their opponents. Four defeats show on the record, two by W. S. C. and one each by Ellensburg and the Dessert Hotel team. U. of I., Gonzaga, Ellensburg, Bellingham, W. S. C. and the University Frosh were among the victims of the Savages. " Hats off " to Coach Red Reese and his squad — one of the best basketball teams that Cheney has ever produced. ■71 — K LEADING SCORERS Rebensdorf 155 Eustace 138 Kerns 137 Helton 133 Peterson 130 Danekas 50 Anderson --. 32 Upper row — Anderson. Tall and Short of the Cheney squad. Clifford Middle — Jones, West, Patterson Lower — Giles. Porter -72 ■ i v i BASKETBALL RECORD W. S. C. Frosh 66 Cheney 64 Idaho 95 Cheney 35 Bellingham 45 Cheney 85 Upper — Blair, Walter. Green, Danekas, Gall Middle — Haller. Prttman. Mooers, Whiting. Giles, Soderberg Lower — Keith. Beyersdorf. Managers Caryl and Hanly — 73 — KiNNIKINICK 1935 TOMAHW K TROPHY The award is presented each year lo the team winning the tri-normal bas - kethall championship. In case of a tie the teams are to share the trophy. This year Ellensburg will have possession of it for six months: then it will be returned to the Chrney trophy case. Any team winning the trophy three consecutive years will have permanent possession of it. HOLLAND HELTON With the completion of his last year of varsity competition. RoUand Helton won the Scarlet Arrow Award for furnishing the most inspiration to his team-matts during the basketball season. Helton was a consistent scoring threat and would do his best work when the going was tough. His loss by graduation will be seriously felt by Cheney next year. 1934-1935 During the past year Cheney Normal has witnessed one of the most suc- cessful sfasons of athletic contests in the history of the school. Winning the championships in track and football and tying for the championship in basketball is a feat which Coach Reese and his men have acconiplishe l by courage, perseverance and stamina. The student body wishes to compliment Reil and his men on their achieve- ment. 1935 KiNNIKlNICK Keily. Sullivan, Freeman. Pilik. Olsen. Baker Peterson, Caldwell, Hubbard, Wolfe Golf Class — W inter Quarter JOHN PILIK, Instructor ■75 ■ KiNNIKINICK 1935 WofflKem ' s W " Club Back row — Barnard, Steinke, McCoy Front row — Van Alstine, Horn. Mead. Harris, Hoefer Summer ' ' W " Clial) Back row — Maimer, Porter. Appel. Dustin. Sawhill, Olds Front row — Kennedy. Colyar. Renz. Taylor. Moothart, Ryan ■1 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK High School Girls tit Play Day Higjli Sdaool Plaij) Dci m The annual High School Play Day is sponsoretl and direcled hy the Women ' s " W " Quh. The Play Day this year, held during winter quarter, was the second one, and there was a total of 114 visiting girls. Coaches at Play Day ■77- KiNNlKINICK 1935 Archery Archery, once the skillful achievement of medieval foresters and the mainstay of the British armies at Agincourt, is now the sport of modern Amazons and the recreation of the socially elite. Yep Kanuin and " IF " Hikers Gross, Freeman, Wilson. Woolman, Bolyard, Bucher, Williams, Grouse, McCoy, Pease, Hartung, Anderson, Alien. Schroeder. Watson, Fletcher. Houck, Koppes, Conley, Charles, Davis, i. Jolinson IVIillard, Kunz. Lane, V. Jolinson, Newton, Harmon, M. Johnson ■78 — 1935 KiNNIKINICK Harris, Mead, Hoefer. Dustin Chase, Charles. Horn Dustin, Pierce, Conley, Robinson Hodgson, Lauff, Forcum ■79- KINNIKINICK 1935 PJrrce, Hodgson, G Washington. Kucera. Dustin Lauff. Harvill, Johnson, R. Washington Dustin. Horn, Hliodcs. Sttinki. CunUy. Forcum Bardwell, Charles. Divine. Hoefer — 80- ' VC yv ' v-? Hockey Tennis Finalists — 81 — -82- 1935 KiNNIKINICK AP OF CnmiY State Normal School ' ' h ij... g..s ' i -83 ■ KiNNIKINICK 1935 NOVEMBER The light of November twilight Paints the eity. And the far hills are white. Smoke from November fires Falls on old walls. The must of dead leaves Drifts like the odor Of steeping tea; And the trees hold gaunt arms Up to God. November ' s come, And we grow old. — June Armstrong. — 84 — •85 ■ — 86- KiNNIKINICK 1935 Christian Studio Kuhn Building, Sj okane, official photographers to the Kinnikinick. Spokane -American Engraving Co. Chronicle Building, Spokane, engravers of this volume. Inland -American Printing Co. 706 E. Sprague, Spokane, printers of the Kinnikinick.

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