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WHY' , ...--""""' --,,,,,.-on-1'-"- gk 5 ADMINISTRATIGN R C1 Pluemer J Pallace G Bledermann 1 'NIT' J Jagodzlnskl J, J . . . , . if A ,ata ' x -.Q 4 XX 'Q i lim. . . . . CJUR FACULTY STEPS UP 24 ""'-. H W: 'TSM . ' .wwf an . XV: A A . , Mrs. Z. Acton Ms. K. Bailey Mr. M. Barton Ms. Y. Boodhoosingh Mr. J. Albrecht Mrs. J. Bandzwolek Mr. M. Biedermann Mr. R. Brent Mr. J. Bailey Mr. R. Barnes Mr. R. Bielski Mrs. R. Campbell 17 ff' a if JA ,, ff M E ff W MM' W J. 5' F- J' A if w W' FUN C?D .f :Q j V3-35 QM 1 V :A I .,j,.i " I 15 y r , H wi? ,- '4' J ,,,, 2 :::: Q : :ig W :ii . . L Z, A, . ,,,k,,, , ,,,, ,,, . Q' 1 if M ' .6 J . 1 ky fy as f M -:Y .... I L,,, 2 ., 'Z fi, Y Mr. G. Donnelly Mrs. C. Edwards Mrs. C. Drotar Ms. M. Erhardt Mr. P. Dunkle Mr. S. Femiano ling 4 Ms. M. Fenneman Mr. I-I. Fitch Mr. J. Foertsch Mr. J. Folk Mr. L. Foster Mr. J. Gast 6 ,f . fr-I W 1 f' fa TAKING PRIDE f K xx 2 X K X :A U tth. K 'A L , sss M 'im 'M Mrs. J. Clieser Mrs. E. Gross-Bogia Mr. W. Clover Ms. S. Gundlach Mr. E. Gray Mrs. R. Guyther 20 ':5C'VCfl"f XX IN WHAT THEY D0 Mm rv 'Bw ,,,w,,A. , W. 1-... w ...W las IA if .mx y r X' M A J 'QT' 5 . I . 'ls' M 5 Ms. K. Hall Mrs. J. Harrell Ms. N. Hanlin Mr. J. Henry Mr. J. Harding Mr. P. Hester fi Eg , . ,V -an . .ffm Mr. W, Hopkins Ms. C. Ingalls Mrs. B. Horseman Ms. S. Kellum Mr. N. Hurdle Ms. R. Kimbrow J v W , 2 . SERVICE 8 ...W "1,,,m,-f, V? , . l . 2 ., , if .Q F9 ,A gag? f:f2K ' I Mr. J. Kimos Mr. E. Kinling Mr. F. Klee 22 Ms. M. Klein Mr. G. Malone Ms. M. Massey Ms. M. Kroon Ms. J. Mann Ms. B. McBee Mrs. J. Lindenberg Ms. T. Margolis Mrs. P. McCoach WITH A SMILE it AL? x . an N 5 ,jk - .Q i sf 5 J fx .K hz E..: .MMM Mr. R. McCubbin Mrs. M. Mojzisek Mr. W. McIntyre Ms. G. Moran Mr. W. Metzger Mrs. M. Muehlenkamp 25 LEARNING IS . . . Mrs. M. Nasuta Mr. R. Novasio Mrs. J. Pasourek Mrs. R. Ray Mr. E. Novalis Mrs. N. Null Mr. R. Quinn Mrs. L. Reitz Mrs. M. Novalis Mr. W. Oliver Mr. R. Ray Mr. R. Reitz 24 HEALTHY , 'auf' f ff' Mr. C. Roeder Mr. T. Sanchez Mr. J. Rothschilds Mrs. P. Scelsi-Taylor Mr. J. Salters Mrs. A. Schatz FACULTY AND Dr. R. Schott Mr. R. Shortt E Mr. A. Smith Mrs. D. Soukup Mr. D. Scrivener Mrs. M. Smardzewski Mrs. J. Smith Mr. W. Stacy Mr. J. Sheehe Mr. J. Smerowski Mrs. S. Smith Mrs. B. Stark 26 if FRIENDS 3 Q... 'H .3 wr "'62:g4af,,,Q -Eb 1' ff my Q .0 , J 2 M, ev 1 X a m A. W we My W W f .ff f , am . ' .g,'!: m,g , f T ,4C1:..M,' .,, t 7 +41 3 t w ,gf . W.. .... .. ,,,, W V... xl - .B M J w nw , Y J B' A I hp Z ' w Mr. A. Stamer Mr. J. Sushinsky Mr. C. Stevens Ms. K. Testoni Mr. J. Stewart Mr. E. Veit 0' l lf QW X F 02115: BIG HAPPY FAMILY 'Es - .R K, I 4-X. 1 X . x . X l ' 14 l' ess f l Q kk l gl F ,,L, X Q ff? Mrs. D. Waesche Mrs. L. Walker Mrs. E. Welch Mr. W. Wisel Mr. D. Wagaman Mr. E. Wallen Mr. J. Whelan Mr. P. Wooddell 'M Le X ff' 3 w.,MWW.,jg.Q ., 28 Ar W , jii jr Custodial Staff CL to RD George Wagner, Mrs. Irene German, Charles Moulsdale, Mrs. Ingrid Trappmann, Joseph Svach Q, W. Cafeteria Staff: CL to RJ Back Row: J. Wahner, P. Hollobaugh, B. Warnick, J. Kaskie, M. Riden, A. Durham. Front Row: C. Michael, E. Mills, I. Sofinowski, C. Harrison, R. Alt, M. Dorbert 29 M,0M,,,wm N,...,,, Q, - Xxx WX "'. . 4- 'r Z4 27-4- f fi APN. V4 ,r ,. .f ,,,L ,,, fy ,5 1 P32438 u ' N, .cw V 55 FALL CHEERLEADERS Cheerleading isn't as easy as it looks. lt takes lots of time and practice. This year's squad demonstrated much en- thusiasm and hard work dur- ing the season. The squad consisted of only two seniors, Deanna Saraceno and Mi- chelle Lindsey, who helped the incoming freshman move towards excellence. ln an ef- fort to add even more competi- tion to cheerleading, the team was urged to try out for the new winter squad at the comple- tion ofthe season. This activity is one of the favorites at our school. "' ' . Y. Z If Quan, 1 9 H4464 mezwzurlmifflla ff W il M Back Row: Michelle Lindsey, Stephanie Sellers, Jennifer Bamett, Garda Parlapan- ides Middle Row: Cricket Schaub, Kelly Podles, Joy VanArsdale, Cherie Curley, Kassie Boyce Front Row: Deanna Saraceno, Jenney Graf, Davm Nikitin, Kim Ma- hon 54 Top Left: Freshman Holly Horst poses fora picture. Middle: Cherie Curley cheers on the Mavericks. Right: Crarda Parlapanides and Davm Nikitin express enthusiasm during the halftime show. A 2 f l WINTER CHEERLEADERS Top Row: Jennifer Barnett, Stephanie Sellers 5rd Row: Kelly Podles, Mi- chelle Lindsey, Davim Plikitin 4th Row: Joy VanArsdale, Kim Mahon, Kas- sie Boyce, Jenney Graf Bottom Row: Canfi Wilhelm, Cherie Curley Left: Stephanie Sellers cheers the Mavericks on to victory. Above: Cheering the Mavericks on, Dawn Nikitin completes a cheer. Above Right: Watching the game intently, Kassie Boyce prepares for the next cheer. This year's Winter Varsity Cheerleading squad spent many long hours practicing cheers and working on accura- cy of maneuvers. They help our teams by cheering them on to victory. The cheerlead- ers exemplify the Mavericks stride towards excellence. This year the squad was ac- companied by a certain some- one -the mascot. For the first year EVT had a mascot that would run the gym cheering for our teams. The squad had only one senior, Michelle Lind- sey, who showed great leader- ship traits that helped the squad stay together and work as a team. GIRLS' VARSITY SOCCER - WINS "The season was a pleasant surprise. We were a very young team, with only one senior and four star- ters returning. The competition through the entire season was keen as attested to by the scores of our games. While l could pick one most valuable player sev- eral players can'ied the team, led by Tracy Walter, Jenny Pierarazia, Heather Wayland, Julie Nel- son, Cathy DiLegge, Christy Bierman, and Becky Schreck," stated Coach Bill Mclntyre. Seated: Clarissa Wagner, Natalie Ruppert, Christy Biemian, Patti Hollingsworth, Dana Curren. Kneeling: Lisa Kaminski, Julie Nelson, Lori Blume, Tracy Walter, Becky Schreck, Cathy Drillage. Standing: Beth Marschke, Michelle Smith, Jennifer Bock, Candy Greever, Jenny Pierorazia, Heather Soliczyk, Shelly Oliver, Becky Po- swiatowsky, Heather Wayland, Lisa Hans, and Mr. Mclntyre. Above - Shelly Oliver beats out her opponent to the ball. Upper Right - Cranking up, Tracy Walter gets ready to shoot. Right- Lori Blume shows off fancy footwork and determination - A trait that has made her a valu- able addition to this year's Lady Maverick squad. 56 Top Left - Lady Mavericks at- tempt to regain the ball. Top Right - Dana Curreri pur- sues the ball. Bottom Left - Lori fights for possession. Bottom Right - Outsmarting the opponents, Cathy Drillage prepares to cross the ball. Above - Shelly, again in pur- suit. VARSITY BADIVIINTON This year's Badminton team had a very successful season. Coach Moran commented, "Badminton is not only a high- ly competitive sport but is a very valuable lifetime activi- ty." Sending two girls doubles teams, Davm Dahlstrom and Denise Van Hoy, and Kathy Bearman and Ronda Mumford along with one mixed doubles team, Bubba Staten and Renee Thompson to the regional play offs this year was an unex- pected success of this team. Right: Renee Thompson retums her advesaries serve, netting another point for the Mavericks. Above: Kathy Beannan shows that winning form and that concentration that is so necessaly. 58 Back Row QL to RJ - Bubba Staten, Chris Clark, Brian Beckman. Third Row - Schuyler Butler, Traci Miller, Renee Thompson, Sharon Wheeler, Tam- my I-lall, Ms. Moran Second Row - Chrissy Willis, Denise Vannoy, Ronda i Mumford, Stacey Shuttlesworth First Row - Lisa Zomes, Kathy Bearman, Damm Dahlstrom. 4 1 1 Top Left - Denise VanNoy serves another as Damm Dahlstrom looks on. Top Right: Practicing his fonn, Schuyler Butler prepares for his match. Far Right: Chrissy Willis looks on as Lisa Zomes does the victory dance. Above Left: Brian Beckman follows through while keeping a stiff upper lip l Q VARSITY FOCTBALL "This team was one of the bet- ter teams we've had at EVT," Coach Salters commented. "Although they did not per- form up to their potential, they were a great group to work with." There were three rec- ords broken this season in- cluding, Chris Riddle with solo tackles in a span of three years, Chandler Ray, who broke the previous rushing re- cord of 1,092 yards set by John Amold in 1972 with a mark of 1,126 yards, and Chandler also set the single game rush- ing record at 207 yards against Patapsco in a 46-O win. The Mavericks ended their season with a 6-4 record. f af Upper Ri ht: Dale Franke recovers from a devas- Q tating blitz. Right: Scott Myers can dish it out as well as take it in. Above: Maverick defense chases the quarterback out of the pocket. 40 Bottom Row - L to R - Rick Ivey, Jeny Helms, Eric Bates, Troy Coppell, Richard DeJohn, James Reese, Chandler Ray. Middle Row - Brian Gifford, Greg Fisk, George Demers, Mark Baumgartner, Eric Owens, Doug Forrest- er, Chad Irloppert, Octavious Newbom. Top Row- Mgr. Renee Kolbe, Greg Greene, Dale Franke, John Stout, Kyle Broda, Scott Myers, Chris Riddle, Rich Borlie, Troy Bowings, Mgr. Noelle Massey. Top Left: Chandler Ray is knocked out of bounds after a big gain. Top Right: Brian Gifford and Scott run to Chris Riddle's aid. Far Right: Retreating to the sideline, George Demers takes a breather. Above Right: Making another grab, Eric Bates beats an Owings Mills defender. Above Left: Troy Coppell takes a breather after a long gain. JV FOOTBALL - DIVISION CHAMPS The Junior Varsity Football Team captured the division title. Coach Cxast comment- ed, l'This year's team worked extremely hard, were very dependable, and a pleasure to work with." Due to an entire team effort, the team had a 6-1 record, and were undefeated in their dixd- sion and unscored on in Bal- timore County play. Right- Mike Grecco relaxes while John Schott looks on in anticipa- tion. Far Right - Kevin Kessler goes to confer with the coach. Above - Tarodd Jacobs breaks through the defensive line. 42 Top Row L to R: Coach McCubbin, Freddie Elroy, Kevin Kessler, Mike Mur- phy, Ed Amadis, Milton Herget, Octavius Mewbom, Chad Hoppert, Mark Baumgartner, Kevin Smith, Mike McGilton, and Coach Gast. Middle Row: Tarodd Jacobs, Lany Jones, Ron Mastin, James Reese, Tom Bateman, John Capino, Dan McCubbin, Eric Owens, Alberto Fuentes, Chris Bishop, James Davies. Bottom Row: John Schott, Wayne Clark, Mike Grecco, Brian Wollschlayer, Kwang Kim, William Hicks, John Saraceno, George Bums, and Dave Linder. . JV SOCCER HAS POTENTIAL r '? SQT ffl STEP bu Back Row L to R: Jim McCabe, Rusty Pachilis, Phil Lumaro, Dennis Shaw, Bob Jackson, Jim Manfredi, John Schisler, Bobby Bellmand, Rob DeC1ori, and Mr. Foster. Front Row: Mark Cavey, Brian Sellers, Don Kick, Marino Gilamas, Kevin Wight, Jason Weyforth, Matt Bott, and Jim Westewelt. . . NW . .y . 1 Q "Avg" L ' X I . :Ia-EI' km-35 . 5 st was Q -. f f Aff' -"' i fi ts' 1-fl? sf . ,-view .... ---- f... -.., 'W . .. . . ..A, I . .. S ---'. . .,,, W X xl 1. .,,, as gifs M ,..- tg - - V' ' ' The Junior Varsity Soccer Team worked as a team to im- prove their skills. l'We had a successful and real sports- manlike team this year. l'm proud of them", comments First year Coach Greg Foster when asked about the season. Far Left - Practicing his pass- ing skills, Phil Lumaro wanns up for a game. Above - Marino Gilamas saves another one. Left - Matt Bott kicks the ball upfield. ll-5 The Varsity Soccer team end- ed the season with a winning record of 6-5-1. Displaying tre- mendous skill throughout the season, the team showed their detennination. Having four players, Dan Gunter, Scott Jor- dan, Phil Scott, and Kevin Drzwiecki, selected for the All County Teams also shows their excellent balance. VARSITY SOCCER Back Row - L to R - Tina Thomas, Michelle Lundgren, Carrie Auld, Kevin Drzwiecki, Scott Jordan, Matt O'Keefe, Mark Rinker, Todd Snyder, Craig Boccia, Kevin Baker, Kenny Hammond, Brian Smith, Coach Shank. Mid- dle Row - Glen Goff, Michael Reabe, Dan Gunter, Jeff Pfarr, Jeff Scholer, Rich Bott, Mark Evans. Front Row - Steve Williams, Phil Scott, Brandon Chaney, Dave l'luntt, Joe Rogers, Fred Hudnut, and Tom Maszczenski. Above: Brandon Chaney takes the ball into oppo- nent territory. Top Right: Beating out his Drzwiecki passes to a teammate. W Right: Senior Mark Rinker attempts to block the ball. I 44 ..,' 1 " 1' c rf. U ' 'AL ' "22- K A ,.., ,fr .. . - opponent, Kevin Top Left: Scott Jordan avoids a slide tackle. Bottom Left: Showing his en- durance, Brandon hustles to the play. Above: Jeff Pfarr and Mark Rinker start the "power play." Top Right: Concentrating on the play, Dan Gunter takes a breather. Bottom Right: Scott puts his all into the game. 45 VARSITY VGLLEYBALL The Varsity Volleyball Team ended the season with a 10-2 record, finishing second in the re- gional tournament. Coach l-lanlin stated, l'All members were extremely important to the success of our season." Being a very young team, with only one senior, Valerie Sonntag, Coach Hanlin has high hopes for next year's team. Top Row: Johnny Adams, Shavlm Reid, Stacey Shel- ton, Ms. Hanlin 5rd Row: Tonya Wollschlager, An- janette Wabnum, Amy Kozub, Katie Seiler, Priscilla Gaskins 2nd Row: Jennifer Dombrowski, Kim Sonn- tag, Angela Napolillo, Amy Fleiner lst Row: Cheryl Bromm, Valerie Sonntag fl, , , Q ,, J, V- , ,, ' 77 " , ' 'ft -'Z Q t? , 5, 1- Z. T1 tl 'Xffi . Above: Priscilla Claskins does her best to bump the ball. Right: Valerie Sonntag spikes another winner. 46 x Top Left: Coach Hanlin checks for injuries. Top Right: Cheryl Bromm shows her skill. Bottom Right: Saving a ball, Kim Sonntag is re- lieved. Above: Bumping it up, Amy Fleiner hopes to get a good set. Left: Angela Napolillo bumps after a sewe. l 47 JUNIQR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL The junior varsity volleyball team finished its season with a record of 5-5. Since most of the teams they faced had more returning players and were more experienced, this was more than expected. "Considering the level of com- petition we faced, l was pleased with our seasons out- come," commented Coach Klein. With the experience of the girls moving up to varsity, next season should be excep- tional. There will be shooting, rebounding, and ball-hand- ling. Far Right: Hoping for a perfect spike, Stacy Sanders sets up the ball. Right: Stacy tries to save the ball. Above: Kim Cierst plays the ball after being hit into the net. 48 Top Row - L to R - Jennifer Baker, Noell Pawlak, Kim Hillegass, Ms. Klein Middle Row - Stacy Goings, Missy Redsaul, Lisa Sagal, Kim Crerst, Lisa Byrd, Kim Bolton, Stacy Sanders First Row - Penny Kalathas, Chris Her- bert, Noel Frey, Pam lnches, Jennifer Krach, Amy Tonti, Yvonne Calligan l Z JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The junior varsity basketball team ended the season with a 5-11 record, and, although they did not always win, they gave it their best shot. There was steady improvement and the girls stuck together for the season. Since this is a very young team, and having played one full season togeth- er, next years' record should improve. wris- ...Naus- Right Brandy Rltterpusch looks for help Middle Noel of well wishers Above Sandy Freeman drives in for a lay up showing excellent form Frey shoots for'two in a'crowd J! ,..-I Back Row: Ron Mastin, Peccina Kelly, Anjanette Wabnum, Noel Frey, Mr. Clark, Tina Ruby, Missy Bedsaul, Deanna Cook. Front Row: Cindy Lem- ster, Stacy Myers, Sandy Freeman, Nicole Ali, Brandy Ritterpusch, Chris- tine Herbert. Q' 49 WOMENS VARSITY BASKETBALL ls winning really every- thing? If you would ask the Girls Varsity Basket- ball team they would def- initely reply, UNO," The Lady Mavericks struggled through an- other tough season. Be- ing a very young team, they faced opponents with much more experi- ence. With the loss of several starters from the previous year, the team is rebuilding again for fu- ture successful seasons. 5. V-T 51.1. qw QQ Zilla X Back Row: Johnny Adams, Shelley Oliver, Michelle Lundgren Lon Blume Val erie Sonntag, Julie Nelson, Coach Hanlin, Kim Sonntag Front Row Mary Gab riel, Amy Manouse, Angela Plapolillo, Heather Wayland. Al. cgi: K' Above: Valerie willjump to far heights to help the Lady Mavericks achieve a victory. Right: Valerie Sonntag fights opponent for the rebound. i 50 Top Left: Coach Hanlin helps plan strategy. Top Right: Rebounding, both offensively and defen- sively, is a major part of the game. Above: Lady Mavericks have that winning defense. Right: A win- ning shot by Lori Blume. 51 VARSITY BASKETBALL After one victory in 1985 and three the following year, the program turned around. The transition was due to the dedi- cation of the players who played in a summer league and worked hard to develop their skills. Rebounding im- proved with Keith Green, Sam Hanke, Robert Densmore, and Steve Green doing the dirty work on the boards. Offensive- ly, the Mavericks were better with senior Brian Thrift leading at the point guard, fellow sen- iors Kyle Broda and Eric Bates hitting timelyjumpers, andju- nior Tom Leon chipping in with long range bombs. Mike Greensfelder and Mark Huber were important in back-up roles. .L .-yi - . 'I Right: Driving through the lane, Brian Thrift slices through the Dulaney defense. Above: After the fast break play, Mark Huber drives in for a lay-up. 52 Q ,. xv ii' 35 Zi as has QL to RJ Cricket Schaub, Terri Burke, Brian Thrift, Mark Huber, Bob Den- smore, George Fabula, Keith Green, Tom Leon, Kyle Broda, Mike Greens- felder, Sam Hanke, Eric Bates, Holly Horst, Becky Schreck, Natalie Ruppert. Nnff Top Left: Tom Leon moves dovxm the floor against Pan- thers. Top Right: Mike Greens- felder looks for opening. Right: Eric Bates snarls at opponent. Above: Keith Green sinks an- other foul shot. Left: Kyle Broda shows classic 55 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Another year of improvement! The JV program continues to get better and feed players to the varsity squad. Led by point guard Jason Weyforth, post player Steve Green and solid games by guards Bateman and Jackson, the team won eight games un- der Coach McCubbin. Big men Johnny John- ston and Rick Tarbur- ton could lead next year. Top Row: Cricket Schaub, Mike Ritz, Doug Stark, Jeff Morton, Don Cullings, Coach lVlcCubbin, Steve Green, John Johnston, Brian Collins, Rick Taburton, Becky Schreck. Bot- tom Row: Natalie Ruppert, Phil Harris, Tom Bateman, Bobby Jackson, Jason Weyforth, Larry Jones, Rusty Pachilis, Lamar James. ,J ' .- Above: Bobby Jackson tries to outsmart opponent. Left: Dribbling dovlm court, Steve Green plans his attack. A Far Left: Jason Weyforth jumps for the rebound. JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING Standing: Susan Maszcenski, Mr. Ray, Jason Cochran, Octavius Mewbom, Max Waite, Richard Kanely, Ed Amadis, Richard DeJohn. Seated: Brian Beckman, David Catlin, Jay Cierst, Chris Coster, Shane Bailey. Kneeling: Matt Bott, Tim Bondura, Brian Burnham, Chris Weir, Don Dowell, Eric Gwens. This years Junior Varsity Wrestling team upheld the winning tradition with a re- cord of 8-O. The team was full of hard working and en- thusiastic young men. The talent possessed by these wrestlers promises the Varsity squad another win- ning season next year. style wrestling, Ed Amadis pins another. Bottom Right: Mav- ericks get another pin. Above: Top Right: Performing free Matt Bott takes the win. VARSITY WRESTLING This year's varsity wrestling team surprised many people. With the loss ofseveral seniors from last year, the Mavericks still had a record of 14-1. They also took lst place in the Here- ford Invitational Tournament and 5rd in the Gilman Duals. The Mavericks won their fifth straight Baltimore County Tournament and also finished second in the Regional Tour- nament. The Mavericks com- pleted the season by finishing second in the Maryland BfC State Tournament. Back Row: Gina Adams, Kevin Baker, Brian Gifford, George Demers, Rich Borlie, Duane Epps, Jeff Pfarr, Phil Testemian, Craig Votta, Keith McCona- han, Eric Clatterbuck, Debbie Felts, and Coach Gast. Front Row: John Bondura, Shawn Auffarth, Wayne Clark, Tom Peluso, Steve Romig, Jamie Potter, Kevin Kessler, Jeff Nicely, I not pictured- Chris Riddlel Top Right: Jamie Potter cap- tures another victory. Bottom Right: Duane Epps dis- plays his aggressiveness. Above: Craig Votta sets up his opponent for another take down. 56 its C L Top Left: Shamm Auffarth pins another opponent. Top Right: Brian Gifford concentrates on winning another match. Above: Showing his skills, Shawn gets away from his ad- versary. Middle Left: Jeff Pfarr sets out for another victory. Bottom Left: Junior Rich Borlie turns his opponent over with authority. 57 INDCQR TRACK AND FIELD Although small in number,the 1987-88 lndoor Track Team was relatively large in success. Each of the members showed great improvement as the sea- son progressed. Despite injur- ies early in the season, they managed to hold themselves together and provide stiff com- petition at each of the meets. The season ended with several team members competing in the State Championship meet. vet Back Row: Steve Biltz, George Blevins, Jeff Sefa, Brian McCarter, David Clark, Bruce Lancaster Front Row: Jennifer Dombrowski, Lequisia Mum- ford, Lisa Warwick. Above: Showing his endurance, Bruce Lancaster takes the lead in the race. Top Right: Freshman Lequisia Mumford gives it all she has to regain the lead. Right: Taking long strides, George Blevins glides in for the victory. 58 V A. I L 12 The Varsity Cross Country team was loaded with hard workers. Bruce Lancaster only lost one out of seven races, and that was to the county champ. Coach Clark commented, "This year was very enjoyable. All of our runners enjoyed running very much and I really got a kick out of working with them." On these pages: Brent Etzel fabovel, David Clark Qmiddlel, and Jeff Sefa irightb warm up for a meet. 60 CRCSS COUNTRY Back: Lisa Warwick, Steve Bilz, Bruce Lancaster, Jeff Sefa, David Clark, Coach Clark Front: Jason Miller, Brian lVlcCarter, David Hazarik, Brent Etzel, Chris Wein 4 4 Q! s i,f,J35,: R 1 P 2 Top Left: Bruce Lancaster leads the pack through a tough course. Top Right: Jason Miller, Brian IVIcCarter, and Chris Wein bring up the rear. Above: Jeff Sefa, Bruce Lancaster, and David Clark en- joy warming up before a meet. Right: Nature takes Jason Miller's course. 61 1 1 i 1 If N V w 65 V l g ,, 5, A , 1 , 1 ff' ":: H7 ' ug V Mr ' 5 s THREE STEPS TO CIC!" E EE E M 3- . L TU-X' EMHIEE E E Mk E l I 1 FRESHMEN , .hz . l The class of '91 advisors are Mr. Metzger and Mrs. Stark. The class officers are: Peccina Kelly, President, Roni Pollock, VP, Karrie Wilhelm, Secretary, Kelly Wicks, Treasurer, and Gene Eady, Historian. This class being at the bottom of the ladder struggles to show their class spirit to the upper classes. As they struggle through the days, they keep one thing in mind - graduation is only three years away, and there is plenty of time to enjoy those 'lthree steps to go." Alexander, Edward Allen, Dale Ajayi, Phillip Anders, Tracy Anderson, Heather Atwell, Robert Bailey, Shane Baker, Jennifer Barresi, Antonina Bathgate, Nicholas Baublitz, Michael Baylor, Michael Beatty, Christopher Beckman, Brian Beers, Kory Bengel, Brian Bentz, Christopher Bevans, Jenny Bierman, Jon-Daniel Bierman, Von-Joseph Biscoe, Jeffrey Bishop, Christopher Blankenship, Clary Mocciola, Tony to C, X WWF. :..w.+,. -az is .. cv X ,,:,,,I,, 5 N C X S J X 5 1. - . we 2 iiwwn' X -., l 4. l H I'IEN'S LUN .. :si .f . - .fx 5 i E gg ,. cz. 3 Q p 1,,.. X N is 3? R 'ix N r r xx Mi X A R X Q Q if 5 1 : Xi9'T,.,. .. - X . k v . X is x QA 5 CH? iii. 6? ' S in . s H W 'i!""" A . , ,, . F,- f i X..f ,IU will C it ,f , - if , A? ,lif MQ 140 1, "7 3i47i7W1i55i ff f , ' ,VS L' AWN f "wL?.vj"i,,,gz,1pfm,, ,. 1 , nl W I M - . ,,,,., H .W fr- , f A f f M. MM, , K 66 ,-4.1 f f ni LM U AT CH THAT THUIVIBV' -E WW, 1 r' X ra Wi' 'fa N we 3 ,ff Lf V, into ,Q , s I "s , f x , X Ag .turf N' 9 tg X it f 15' Nm 'R Q . Q we i . Bock, Jennifer Bolton, Kimberly Bondura, Timothy Bonner, Marlon Bomman, Raymond Bott, Matthew Bradney, Terry Bran, Charlie Brotzman, Jennifer Brown, Bryan Bromm, Doreen Brovm, Kathryn Bromm, Scott Buchanan, Jimi Bunch, Jeffry Burke, Norman Burns, George Burton, Michele Butler, Schuyler Cantow, Glen Buick, Micheal Bow, Carlie Butch, Jim Carter, James 67 SURE, I U DERSTA D Carpenter, John Carter, Joseph Casey, Rickey Catlin, David Ceo, Vonnetta Chisholm, Jacqueline Clark, Christopher Clary, Laura Cochran, Jason Collins, Brian Collins, Chad Conrad, Shane Conway, John Corkran, Raymond Corson, Erika Cosden, Deanna Coster, Christopher Couther, Dante Creswell, John Crites, William Crouch, William Culver, Kelly Cunningham, Jeffrey Davies, James 68 is . 5 -"L g'Q3'- ' Qifwfi-,. .7-qafr '- 1, ggytf-1 if i ' C' . ,M 1 f- X 4 X.- ul! PR , .,a .1 iw Kid? Yr Ak YF :-if 'XGIIVIIVIE A BREAK!" +mO"P"'Q' is 'QXXNX x X x WEN is E32 lx X X wx .,.. . i. N A I I.. -.,. - - -X, K . . 2i'..1f.Vi?51 ff- .Wt sa ' .. 1.31 - 4 Qi- '. : ' K ..,.,.. , Q A X X. ALLL V 1- rr 1 l as K .f t . , E ,,Lr- -:..LL N ss . .5 .K kk-- K 1 Q lv N:lTXi..?ifLjX'Q- , X is X . X. wb X Ulf .i -D6 Deickman, Dale Derka, Brian Vega, Karie Diehl, Charles America, Miss Dilegge, Kathleen Dimarco, Gina Dixon, Thomas Dorsey, James Douglass, Kirk Dowell, Donald Doyle, Michele Droneburg, Donald Durr, Paul Eacho, John Eady, Edward Elledge, James Emerick. James Ercoline, Chris Evans, Kevin Fazeli, Jeffrey Field, Troy Fike, Robert Frantz, Jennifer 69 Forwoocl, Brian Garrison, Thomas Gerst, Joseph Garbo, Carissima Gilland, Phyllis oillilan, William Glos, Michael Goings, Stacy Gorenflo, Tracey Gove, Michael Graf, Jennifer Graf, Robert Grecco, Michael Groncki, Stanley Grout, Kevin Harry, Kimmone Grover, William Hajek, Michael Hall, Tammy Hamer, Happy Hardesty, Darren Harris, James Harzalik, David Heck, Brian Heimback, Jenny Horst, Holly 70 'XLGOKI G STUDIOUSH 'J 4' K uw 'lj 'XI WASN'T MEA T FOR CARPE TRY" R E 1 Rx XX X qi? ' 'Q .. ::5.:f:-f:EEf:sflfE sissy A . , NESS ? , 5 4 N K 1- 3 rx, W L -sf K Q -fw- Q ..,. if . , Q xc, K, 'xt .. Hense, Pamela Hicks, William Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Michelle Hillferding, Melissa Hofmeister, Jennifer Hopkins, David Hill, Steve House, Glenn Howell, Michelle Huddleston, Wendy Hughes, Christol Hughes, Stephanie Humphrey, Kurt Idzik, Roy Infussi, Robert Jackson, Charles Jackson, Julius Jackson, Karen James, Lamar Jaski, Frances Johnston, Johnny Jones, Lany Jones, Melanie Jones, Michele Jorgeson, Mark 71 Kalathas, Peneolpe Kehl, Edward Keller, William Kelly, Peccina Kick, Donald Kile, Earl Killian, Brian Kim, Kwang Kitzmiller, Michael Klingelhofer, Mark Knox, Lisa Krach, Jennifer Kramer, Sheree Krankoski, Dennis Krs, Kellie Kutnik, Jason Laabes, Kim Laflame, Rodney Lancaster, Katina Lewis, Melissa Liberto, Michael Linder, David Linke, Alison Lockett, Anthony 72 e. is sqEss:st:c:: '- .. A 2 'Xl X 5 5 X X' K so L H E -r. , ,, .i K4 sg, QW' '--- : 5 Si 235 S was an , 4 is is .X , ,E ,, L W . Q MN MSX XS , 'L L Av 3 1- av 3' V7 U HAT A BGREI : ' s w as X-:Z i f g ,Q .. XE Vi xxx. wx Ng? W Q Q xi 'f is iii 5 , QE' W'5gXS'f'i:- 5 and-.ig 1 qw Q 'Q X 4 ,x r Q , R is 5 P gg . - Q 5 S Q 1 fi R Xi? r I NLJN 'X SPI' Q Q1 X X 55 N is X ' i E625 QR- X S-. fl Q--W mf . N L f N 1 3 l 1 . N m,,,,,,,,, ,,...,,, -W r.,,,,,, ,,,. . -. rs. Lovell, Shawn Lozon, Jeffrey Maddox, Davlm Maher, Albert Mahon, Kimberly Majer, Shelley Marin, Rachel Martin, Tonya Mason, Micheal Master, Tennis Mastin, Ronald Maczczenski, Susan Matzdorf, Denise May, David May, Robert McElroy, Fredie McBeth, Simon McGilton, Ronda McMillion, Beth McQuade, Jennifer Meckley, Jennifer Meekins, Nicole Meisenhalder, Jason Messenger, Robert 75 URIGHT THERE, STUPID!" M, Miley, Michelle Miller, James Miller, Jason Miller, Traci Mills, Steven Milton, Bruce Morton, Jeffrey Morton, Om1an Mosetti, Brian Mox, Kristy Mullins, Johnny Mumford, Leguista Mufiin, Vanna Myers, Tosha Neus, Nicole Newlon, Jeffrey Noble, Timothy Novak, Adam O'Brien, Lawrence O'Connor, Jennifer Ocampo, Robert Oliver, Garry Ortega, Yvonne Messier, Kenneth 74 tGr4y'1 Q11- ai 'VI r fi," rl s :Qi " l A jeg J' Q F X Q X xxf f 1 vt Wx as r it ,i,,, 3 F' X. X' f -:: t . Ms n, wma, .ft lime, XXQ X' ii gk X ... S ug w RQ E , N st S HLIKE THIS!" 5. map... 0"-hm, f""71'3"-L' 41097 fi E EQ, , 1 - Y A -rsagtgazggi X , 3 -, , .. . TQ -L.y it IO 5 ,F X is t , 3 -gsm Y l 5 , X, l X 1 5 mn. . t .gigs .Q xx ,af - X? X x Q Q ig X uf E S 'T ,C 'K S 5 s 'QM 3 2 i R F' fr X 'xg YS Xa l X x P X Y A X gf g s ,ws rs l a ! wi. M ,Q , . N-X N N, .- m.L 5 X A X X X 354 HR Q Q Q x X X RX 3' .X www- T R is gk .Q ,Q ,..,A I ,gf 1' 4 'ig is K 3 gk ww E553 .5 X .. , 4-.A .. Ortel, Timothy Osten, Madonna Owens, Kathleen Owens, Thomas Pachilis, Rusty Page, Gregory Parker, Nicole Pawlak, Noell Perdue, Jennifer Peters, Scott Petri, Joseph Pfadenhauer, Philip Pierorazio, David Plummer, Gerald Pollock, Rona Pope, Clarence Poswiatowsky, Rebecca Pals, Nylons Proffitt, Katrina Quarles, Della Rayner, Brian Reddy, Lisa Riley, Robert Ritterpusch, Brandy 75 Ritzel, David Robertson, James Robert, Jackson Roeder, James Rogers, Sean Romaniello, Kimberly Ross, ThOl'Y'l3S Roth, Pamela Ruby, Tina Ruppert, Natalie Russell, James Rutter, Mark Saraceno, John Sauer, Tina Shane, Conrad Schaub, Adrianne Scheidt, Diane Scheufele, Melissa Schisler, Lisa Schraml, Monica Scotto, Rosanna Sellers, Brian Sersen, Robert Shafer, Samuel Smiley, Sally Shertzer, Norman ,L , i.rr X. .... . , , K, , : L ::i-'5.'Eii?f:iF5:ii'5 5 err 3, Sri l H, X we QE -f X fm it S ,,r.. if ,f . S- ' dm RQ X X- 5 X xx S X , X Y x mf eyx J 2 I X if ' J I 54 f' 4 I 4 Qwxf vi ' X as R F - E S' -... i E. FX I Q Qkkk 1 Q Q . ' r . W1 - is 3 K si ' .lb 2' . fn g --1 X X 'S l U ORKI GHARDH l i 'QP x x xfx 'NX X 4 vw X3 . N S3 mia.: Lf J no zzhiy . at r . if i - f t I A ,N S A -iff ' 2 fsfssgszfs it ,sswgi , -fi. 3 ' rw'-X-:X-::::X-:f:::1- -fuzz. '-:saasbmaaswsss:mm-f,..' :,. ::...: X XXL ,Q , .J X s N ff ra X X XG X , X XX X W - w . W, . T ' . tt if - U Xt, .. X T it fe X E Q E Q Q E X lr s X X ., ,::, i Q 3. m J X, asa in ' A . .. T - :XX ss Q E xx Q N Shifflett, Shannon Shull, Steven Sickler, Theresa Simmons, Keith Sines, David Sines, James Skala, Candice Slike, Susan Smith, Kevin Smith, Michael Smith, Patrick Smitley, Carl Sobckak, Heather Sleepy, Sara Spangler, Stacy Spencer, Latonya Hardesty, Darren Spore, James Stafford, Mary Stanley, Stephanie Stealey, James Bengel, Bnan Stevenson, Lisa Stokes, Robert Slifker, Matthew Swanner, Kathleen 77 Tarburton, Richard Taylor, Tracy Thames, Melinda ThaVD, Scott Thiess, Bridi Thomas, Jerry Thompson, Anita Titus, Deborah Trott, Norman Turnbull, Dawn Turner, Jeremy Turner, Tracy Twigg, Anthony Upright, Michele Une, Gary Vanarsdale, Joy Vogtman, Bryan Wade, Taikecha Wagner, Clarissa Waite, Max Warwick, David Weeks, Matthew Wehner, Christopher Weir, Christian uYOU'RE GCI G TO EAT THAT!" . ,Ii :V QR gi X X it L ,Yap gg b . ff. 3. ab 9 ,. . T, ,K A .. ww X X NV C X X T? -nag as Q w .vf I ws X xl- xxx n 'x wmv- i Wk jg, 'QA A, , ,mf 77.1533 Q , ,,. ft' i, ...--9 W ok VLH! We X is 'ik' RQ wsu K . Wifi? T A-h- A .ff Q 1 - T . B ,, . ..Q ,- is X- . . ' ss: H 5 i g . Upright, Angie Taylor, Angela Wells, Myron Welsh, Rodney Westwood, Heather Weyant, Stephen Weyforth, Jason Wild, Bubble Wheeler, Sharon Wheeler, Victoria Whitby, Frances White, Shamee Wicks, Kelly Wight, Kevin Wightman, Brian Wilhelm, Carn Wish, Tongue Willnecker, James Wilson, Kris Ziegelheafer, David Watoosie, Smiley Synodinos, Christina Thomas, Billy-Joe Mania, Metalhead T 3 5 5 ..W,M,ls.. 79 l TWG STEPS T0 GO!" .2 ,STE A5 01-6 xi Y N - Q Q 0 ! Q 0 A 4 4 O . - K 0 Q Q . i YNS - SOPHCIVIORES The class of '90 advisors Cnot picturedj are Mrs. Massey and Mr Kimos. The class officers are - Michelle Kramer, President: Cherie Curely, Vice President: Becky Schreck, Secretary: Michele Smith, Treasurer: and Katie Seiler, Historian. As the Sophomore class struggles through their second year here at EVT, they show their spint by putting up a strong tight for first place with the senior class in the spaghetti dinner drive. UTHE BEST PART CF SCHOOL . . . LUNCH!" Adams, Jennifer Akers, Joseph Alatzas, Anna Ali, Nicole Altvater, David Amadis, Edgar Amoriello, John Anderson, Paul Appel, Brian Arribas, Cesar Anington, Tami Arrowood, Sandra Banz, Robert Barnes, Mark Barnett, Jennifer Barron, Robert Bateman, Thomas Baumgart, Eric Baumgartner, Mark Bedsaul, Melissa Bell, Richard Bellman, Robert Berk, Aileen Bert, Cherysse 82 avi, P 'gi":b,f.m, 3, W I mf ,,,.,,-w We Miiltsftw' , vw aww ,V my-, ,WY fl , , it mv- wr,- M if , fy X x f K 5 W , ii me , Q " if ?:, . M41 9 -. 4- ,,,,. 4' f Q, , v - H, ' .fr Q 2 ,, ' Per: "'mfMz .,,f ww , ,W f .. ' ,'i,, e, ,,gzg55A,' miymz t o M 7 f ww" :if ,,'. ll, tw ,I fm, 'ww gy, gg. ,,'.- .. ' Q, :fi W X, ww f M 5 ww, H ,,,, W ,f ,,, , ,,,, X it hx gmt.. '. A I ,EF-Q fa, .sm t ,,,, , , ,,,, W ,. I v- 3, 5-.1 U HATS SO FUNNY?" 1- 5, " : - 'T 'I' N CR X x. 5 C ik X if f N i gk Sk , X Q .5365 fi .sl I :Sl i . 5 . ' ,:.11,- 4, r. -X ' . 3 if.fQg, -, ' 1.1.1-f 3 ' f r :- . J 1 .Q i nt,-fi.. 1 li, - M st A - . , Mm... 5 ' " X J,,,.4--4 Bertorelli, Charles Blankenship, Cheri Bohns, William Bowings, David Bowlin, Roy Boyd, Kimberley Brooks, Christopher Brown, Timothy Brown, Tina Brzozowski, Angela Brinkley, Matthew Buckner, Christopher Burchett, Brion Burke, Ten'i Bumham, Brian Butler, Bart Byrd, Lisa Callanan, Christine Calligan, Yvonne Campbell, John Campbell, Brant Caniglio, Susan Capino, John Cavey, Mark 85 uI'D RATHER JUST EAT THEM!" , N, ,W , ,,,,,,,, ,.,,,----H Chance, John Chapman, Kimberly Chaudron, Gregory Clark, David Clark, Wayne Collier, James Cook, Deanna Coolidge, Carol Cooper, David Cosden, William Cowger, Kit Crone, David Crone, Kimberly CFOSSOIIL ThOIT'lElS Crowley, Cynthia Cullings, Donovan Cunningham, Stephen Curley, Cherie Custer, Jennifer D'Angelo, Jack Dailey, Daniel Danielczyk, David Davis, Alpha Cunningham, Stephan 84 M ,,,, T ii.. X .. X , X , gf x T My If ii . r'-:i is . .... 32.7557 -- i s .,l, W C R li- 1-f1.f,, , rg - '-Q i K ..r.C:: Q Q M i C ri --Q Q Q, Q ,.,,,,. .,,. i fi ,, 1 ss. ffgzf C- .i,.. ,,,.,N:, wx C T X k X Xx X v Sato x X N -. H Sax, X X is, 9:1 .2 , 'ii me Q -R. .2-gi. ,- H zzzw,-11: zzggggz ' .wx Q f - 4 ... 5 QW x an C 5 N . Xi, . ' if Q X , X 'Hx X it I Sr 52.5 f 5. '- We , gv Xm X x i S - .,,. f ff? K "i" : w X X XXX v,E t 1 i. : , ' ,, we 5 Q- gw "'?'y' ft Ki A i l . , A15 3' - V C S Es ' E inf -F V. I "YOU'RE KIDDI G, RIGHT?" sk 4, X J ...,, 3 fl 'Ex f X 'N 6' it va. N is X K t ,, , 3 X , . is - .. , 551' N Q ...., 1 N XX X t .Q Q Q X 'f' X at , N 'sf K it xl 3, -Lf.. it vw , :E N X an Q A- Q 1 3. gxc X F If-. F 5 w.,,s J . X .- 'ar 1 P SE. Sci t K .Q :YK K 1 fi , F J - r : - - fs: . -fs rs cs t .- .... ws . 11 fx was r .. - ' .. . ., .gil E a .X kkhh ,, ..,, in 5 AV ' .5 , .2 Q -im- c N L S X Q t X X Nik E gs - . - - ffiazw-r 1 X , MA X . K , M, cw , Wx at is Deems, Nichole Degori, Robert Deigert, Philip DeJohn, Richard Dennis, Keith Dieter, Kevin Dieterich, Robin Digman, James DiMattei, Larry Disalvo, Girolamo Douglas, Brian Dowell, Donna Dring, Todd Dudley, Kimani Eichhom, Erica Eikenberg, Timothy Etzel, James Ey, Lawrence Falkenstein, Robert Fischer, Kimberly Flaherty, Donna Fletcher, James Fortney, Douglas Fewkles, Bruce 85 A Freeman, Sandra Freund, Brian Frey, Noel Freyer, Thomas Friedel, Michael Fuentes, Alberto Gabbert, Amy Garrison, Stephanie Gaskin, Priscilla George, Jeffrey Fricke, John Gerhold, Keith Gerst, Kimberly Gialamas, Marinos Giggard, Theresa Glass, Shavm Glenn, Rachel Glotfelty, Tammy Gorenflo, Allison Gosnell, Duane Grace, Maria Grahe, Mary Gray, Brian Green, Ebony Green, Gregory Green, Colora "cXc , Q N k w .Q Sw- -.f- H .Q 1 as ,. L- -' -1 - f-J-415,-U, we V. f: :QP-1,9 iq 1 X - , . .13 9 s ' I' ",, i gg ' f Q ! 2 Q X 1' K f 1 . X XLUNCH IS SERVEDV' 'kkk ' I5 -.Q ' 'L :Q :.. , 3 .kv X 00 S., O 4' X Q s Nm. sm' ' - ' -2 X 4. ss pg QQ--. " 5 ':s2:E c. kfffff M' TY' ,Q f V ., Q.. . Q- ,ib ,..,, 1 -J - 3 ,1 'M-:ii ' f fs 'XDO 'T PUT DCWN THAT CONE!" sf-GJWZAV M mf.-f 'Kr- ,ia ' !3 t T A .si 'S - I f . 1,1525 '- N T , H f, . rf. - i . N Q R , A N- K if-fs :fm 255,225 ,liififi 'f:5'ii..ii L , :I K - -i K T, 1 ' t 3, K .. E E : F Q J 1 .. . , N .... ,,, f xi? .. . TTTT .. , , ' ,... - T - in Q- C C ' ffl it is fmll - T Q 1 -is- 'fse- . s. ter ra: X' ' L. -2- ni Green, Stephen Greene, Dwayne Greever, Candace Griflin, Brian Grubb, Robert Grzech, Philip Guido, Monica Hall, Todd Hamacher, Tina Hamilton, Malisa Hancock, Lisa Hans, Lisa Harris, James Harrison, Tammy Hartsel, Thomas Hastings, Craig Healy, Dale Herbert, Christine Herget, Milton Herrmann, Brandi Hess, Brian Hester, Karen Hettemlan, Rachel Hicks, Brian Hill, Tracy Hillegass, Kimberly 87 UDGES IT LOCK LIKE I' REALLY Hobbs, Samuel Hollingsworth, Patti Holmes, Michael Holt, Victona Homberg, Karla Hoppert, Chad Horrocks, George Horrocks, Krystal Hubbard, Tracie Huber, Eric Huber, Robert Hurley, Ronald Hynes, Jenny Inches, Pamela Jackson, Robert Jacobs, Tarodd Jones, Michael Rahl, Jeffrey Kaminski, Lisa Ranely, Richard Karavedes, Samuel Rarl, Richard Kasprzyk, Kenneth Kelly, Kimberly 88 42 " " , - - ff- if ,, , , ' 3,3 " N' if ,. , . if Y Tv- www ,W Wm 4 im 1 V JH in I E arl- , 'f1., 1 1 ff R J! li , + if W h X. Q . 'fifif WV :I fn 5 as , r 1' N. ' I LL. 1 1 an 1 ORKING7 I . 'vi Q ' V., rw ' -Q Q .., .. , 2 wx .ii 1 ls, r , . ii fum. l H, Nw, , . - a wa -rl 5, ,. H.- if , , N f M, X ,J "THATS PERFECT" ,f 2 lg Z Q 2, Eiitsxwl ,: 1-H3519 " ' ,Q 4 7' ' 5 I V nf al . A 5 1 S - .fw,,f,fwf' if 2 W "M if , .f,,,,,,, f- W 7 ,f new-,,,K ,f .11-,wer .,,,, . .,l,ff,W,,: 4, , I K W Y 9 sq F 4 N , 1 in , ' A1 , , ,, , V. ,,fL I 2 vw 5 , L-. 1 2 2 it p I i , ,WW W., rw f,-2,7 - K .J LL. fl: .,,' , ,z 0 J 5, ,' qi. . -.am -QW' Kersey, Jason Kessler, Kevin Kile, Craig King, Troy Kloss, William Kolodziejski, Joseph Kordek, Jason Koutch, Wendy Kozlowski, Brian Kozub, Amy Kramer, Michelle Krueger, Shannon Kruse, Betty Kruse, William Lagna, Sally Lang, Kevin Langrehr, Christina Lazzaro, Troy Lodford, Lonnie Lee, Robin Lee, Shenean Lemaster, Cynthia Lethcoe, Stacy Lewis, Nikole 89 Lipscomb, Victoria Lloyd, Susan Lotz, Loretta Ludwig, Jean Lumaro, Phillip Maddox, Ryan Malinowski, Mathew Manfredi, James Markley, John Marschke, Beth Marsh, Stephen Martin, Bruce Martin, Jeffrey Martin, Wayne Martini, Jason Macher, Larry Mason, Kimyotta McCabe, James McCallister, Eric McCarter, Brian McCubbin, Danny McNamara, Michael McNeil, N'Kele McNeil, Sandra 90 XCCIVIE C BUS I WANT TO LEAVE! ' 2351? 1 3' i U HAT'S THE ANSWER?" K - t 'kkk' 1- - ---' K l ' ' L My N i - . K pg -,Q Q .L . ' "EXP: ' Q--.W gi 'K K V ' ff P . 2 X - . . S S ' X N S -.F v ' , 2 " ' 2 - ti ww - XX S Sly Q , SE . we-3, 'S "" gi S ti . 3 X ,- fa , 3' Q. -X Q - , :.mff,,-..f...:, t .. ,. . .S cf- 'W M5 . S Mewbom, Octavius Milavec, Hope Miller, Brian Miller, Scott Miller, Sheila Miskimon, Kelly Miskimon, Vernon Monahan, Linda Morey, George Morris, Sean Mosco, Jeffrey Murphy, Michael Myers, Stacy Neal, Scott Neely, Andrew Newman, Jeffrey Nikitin, Dawn Nunamaker, Victoria O'Neal, Robert Oldaker, April Owens, Eric Owens, Ronnie Page, Stephanie Pazderka, Frank 91 Pierorazio, Jennifer Pietruszka, Mark Podhorniak, Gregory Polischeck, Chris Prevosto, Michelle Prochaska, Elizabeth Przybylowski, Betsy Psch erer, Elizabeth Putinski, John Rappazzo, Anthony Rayman, Nicole Razalan, Charmagne Reese, James Ripperger, Ronald Ritz, Michael Roberts, Patrick Rolfes, Bryan Rollins, Ian Rosenberger, Chris Rossman, Alonzo Rucci, Anthony Ruddock, Andrew Rushton, John Sagal, Lisa Salisbury, Melissa Sanders, Stacy 92 ---- .wg . . N mi Qt ' -RMI' - Farms f ' .N X A' . , t . trtig . 3 .Ig ks. ' t ' Q! . 8 .:. Xfk A ,,,, fs USAFET Y COUNTS" S ,. t ' .... cg- . ,X as fa. E Q A - A 3 A Q X V C -, Q Q., , , Q., K, X , v .... i A 'gk ' ' .ik ..., MW is . . Q K ik. 'X - --Q . .Q , 5 i .. A M si. N it Q - X. -. R ' - - . , Quzs .. .. I ,N ,V J . gi fi 5 S g as A - S X .Q f 1 ' ' ' x""' . R Q M 1- ' ' E r RQ i n . Q N Q .. S, K .. cs. Q- 'iYCU'VE GOT THE LOCK" . 'fi Iifiv: if .- f Q, Q li xr -C Q., .155 is , X Q 1 .... , i K .... , - 1 W , iILL 5 L5 - ,1..L N k,,NNN Wmwtw L.LL t S ,,L,. ,,,,,,,., F gwx H. ..1. :rm 1 . --.a x gy ,Q T S xx 2 my N Y " K wmx ,Q is V vs , s,f,,:-mf 2 ffifs gm iggwggfz' -22,-fa.-ff we - Qggf,-is it 1 f , X. , W S Q b ' , cccc f i .... A 1 'S ' i g, if ' if X 1 ' s "P: 3 , .: J 1 X f Sankey, Michael Saylor, Jeremy Schatz, Charles Schisler, John Schofield, Harold Schott, John Schreck, Becky Schroeder, Timothy Sedwick, Jennifer Seiler, Katherine Sergotick, Michael Sevison, Bruce Shafer, James Sheldon, Joseph Shelton, Stacy Sheperd, Sherry Sheppard, Eugene Shoemaker, Nicole Shumaker, Bonnie Sines, Jennifer Slagle, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Bryon Brian Jodi Michele Robert Brian 95 USTAY ITI'II THE LINES!" Smitley, Clarence Snider, Sarah Soper, Kimberly Spacek, Glenn Stachowski, Heather Street, David Synodinos, James Tart, Jason Taylor, Gary Taylor, Keith Testerman, Phillip Thomas, Donnetter Thompson, Chris Tolley, Richard Tomlin, Cynthia Stark, Douglas Tonti, Amy Torres, Angela Trott, Karl Truitt, Shantel Tumer, Michael Vanfleet, Timothy Villani, Lawerence Volz, Andrew 94 x , J? f -v- 'ii N 41 , Q on , ,TJ i X . Lf SIE? X Q A vs -Q st. 'i ,fs Q N .... . .i ,I Na y a, 5? If a G .A .sw f- 5 E 'qi N I 4,3 . .5 4-fl I f . L ,sy 'x .CN 5 X Y 'L y -t -cf' X .. K t 1 N ,g, ,C J "" X ' ii' T ' ., .. .. "' W X C if iw, v.... C. K. ' X if XX E, T O, THREE: T .,-and X li ' 1 Xx rw A-A max 'scare S flsgfgqgj gfziiizl WNY: 2552. ,,,. . G!" N x s X N Ns at F ai l 1 ' 7- XX: ' :Sig S "':' i Qi TTT - AI I ...,, e Q- '-h',, W we me 1: sm ,,,,T , mgyss. i if t ' , TTTTT ,,TT. Hwy :Z "fl-is ,vf , E X tai -Q . Q N ' - E 5 . it f 555555559 1 : .- f - 1. - W' E 'W 1-0 -XXX .... 7 , ,.., i , ..T. Q Pn.. .. 'E:.. X W' 4 Si 1 t S JN? r X X NWN 4 N xx X 5 X is RN - its -Q . - 'gitfift , f ,Q "' fm Q 3' X1 W K ff X x Q, Zeller, Anita Zimmerman, Lisa Deigert, Terry Holt, Vicky Peterson, T ammara Phillips, Craig Wabnum, Anjanette Warwick, Lisa Watts, Michael Watty, Shanel Wdzieczny, Wesley West, James Westervelt, James Westfall, Tina Whipp, Paul Whiteford, Mark Whitlock, Bobbi Williams, George Williams, James Willis, Chrissi Wilson, Keisha Wilson, Matthew Wollschlager, Brian Wollschlager, Tonya Wong, Bruce Wooten, Albert Wood, Damm Wyer, Clinton Yeasted, Monica Zeigenfuse, Michele 95 l ONE STEP T0 GC!" . U3 7 15 JUNICRS The class of '89 advisors are Ms. Kroon and Mr. Foster. The class officers are - Kelly Poddles, President: Julie Nelson, Vice- Presidentp Mary Gabriel, Secretary: Doreen Prescimone, Treasurerp and Shelly Oliver, Historian. The junior year is a year of looking forward to the junior prom and the becoming of a senior. The candids typify the spirits of both individualism and cooperation that are both so important in achieving success. The officers and students look confidently ahead to the Hone step to go." 97 Adams, Robert Altman, Tricia Ambrose, Walter Anoweck, Damm Anoweck, Robert Appleby, Jason Auffarth, Shamm Auld, Carrie Ayres, Richard Baine, Jeannette Ball, Curtis Balsamo, Jennifer Barbey, James Baublitz, Laura Beals, Geraldine Beannan, David Benda, Joe Bielatowicz, Gregory Biensach, Ray Biennan, Christy Bilz, Steven Blevins, George Bobletz, Charles Borlie, Rich 98 ' s xa Y is XX X x N 54, UUH OH! IT'9 VQPSIDE DOWN!" 'hzfsfw AWNYJQQQ , Nm C ,.,, , wr, , - is t P ,--- - - v g, . 5 If XX 'Rv tx www N K C x gp Qs ,Q to sg we A 925,55 , Y X , 55? xx TRW' Q., 5' uI'VE GOT ull' RE T" Q , X -cw... I M I - Bowers, Kendra Bowers, Kenneth Bowman, Robert Bowser, Michelle Boyce, Katherine Bradds, Kimberly Bradshaw, Matthew Broda, Mary Brown, Cheryl Brovxm, Daniel Bromm, Dean Bond, Raymon Broum, Mark Brzozowski, Stacie Buck, Kathleen Burton, Donald Callin, Kimberly Campbell, Steven Campo, Juan Carlino, Jeremy Carr, Randy Carter, Karrie Castillo, Angela Castillo, Christina 99 Cedeno, Stephen Chaney, Brandon Clark, Ronald Clatterbuck, Eric Cooper, Eric Cooper, Mark Coppell, Troy Corvin, Raymond Craig, Walter Crawford, Eric Crowther, Tracy Cruz, Cindy Cunningham, Cynthia Curreri, Dana D'Antoni, Chris Davis, Steven Demastus, Shelly Demers, George Densmore, Robert Derr, Robbie Dessecker, Kevin Dombrowski, Jennifer Donnelly, Michael Dooling, Ericka 100 UDO ' WCRRY I'LL FIX IT!" ix. MA xx EE is is Ii. JN, ' :ff is if X N N g ,g ,,, f lf? S- " ,G x Fi' 'Qi g 5" ff 5 . f S 1 My 55" '- fi?-', Q 1 tv 'f P 55 Fits., ,Ai d I x.: Sllol C fat. 'href X S Q I -, ., Q ., ,C A N NM- if -.1 .?w5'S555't 'Q X A i t a f U v5 A' -tl N 41. H WZ fl. 'L g W . , egg'-N.. , -x 5' ' , -- if s r A s.. Q 53- fs U GRKI GTOGETHERH N - 2 .X ,ki Q f A mf ycc X W c ss up G :asf if h , . :sb ef K ff" S X X Y if? -A rm' F - Q A--' E Xiiii , . K is f nw-me Dorer, Scott Dougherty, Kelly Dressler, Michael Drzewiecki, Kevin Eaton, Randy Eckloff, Mark Eliou, Carol Epps, Duane Ercoline, Ted Espey, John Evering, Wayne Fabula, George Fagan, Shane Farrell, Kimberly Ferguson, Tony Fitch, Robert Fleiner, Amy Floyd, Amanda Forrester, Doug Forwood, Sharon Franz, April Fuss, Charlene Gabriel, Maryann Ganovski, John 101 Garnette, Lisa Gerry, Melissa Getzandanner, Roy Giacubeno, Jennifer Gibbs, Tony Giggard, Lisa Glab, Tina Glenn, Judy Gluth, Pamela Goff, Glen Goocharan, Sherry Gorrell, John Gossett, Edward Graleski, Harry Gray, Chris Greaver, Rich Green, Keith Greene, Mean Greene, Gregory Greensfelder, Michael Grim, Randy Grout, Tracy Grove, Kerri Guido, Adam Hall, Stephen Hammond, Kenneth 102 UGIRLS DC ALL THE 0RK" 5 W ESR N X X 3. " X XI l if X l A lil if -' '- ' r S Six P' .t fam X -I gX 1 fe fl- ' , x N QN W KX X if -in wp K sg XT X . uI'lVI SO EXCITEDV' ' , ,1:,L.:::5 2 , in. X - 1 , QM X X . 'N . - H vw? ...,:u f if XXX X ugbx li is X X -1 Y ,lt W- ww N Q ,Xi . S A law Xt P 5 X wM Q langue X, K 3 Rc.. . i k g . A '- .... 4- , 9 zfpgiwve- X ' sf 'U i' .... M X XXX X X XXX X X N X X QSVEQ X ..,. X -S X- f l is is X N r ' 9 Eli? F Q Xia Q 1 N X xv Hanke, Samuel Hanlin, Robert Harris, Melinda Hartlove, Colleen Haviland, Mike Heidel, Keith Helms, Jerry Herold, Randy Hershberger, Robin Hester, Michael Hester, Paul Hewick, Gladys Hicks, Lan'y Hill, Lachelle Hohman, Nicole Homberg, Richard Holtz, Christopher Honchuruk, Fred Hubbe, Tammy Huber, David Hudnet, Fred Hughes, Philip Hughes, Sandra Hyer, Duane Ivey, Rick Jacob, Scott 105 Janowitz, Tracy Jenkins, Brian Jenkins, Michael Jester, Juanita Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Patrick Jones, Ralph Kapraun, Melinda Karle, Thomas Keene, Shamm Keller, Dennis Kidd, Jennifer Klapka, John Kolbe, Renee Krol, Helen Krout, Christopher Krug, James Kuhn, Pete Lagna, Anthony Lambert, Gregory Latosh, Rachel Lazarek, Raymond Leavel, Robert 104 XX 3' HIT THAT BIRDIE! . X . mfr? X. W: Q ss: X X i Q S C -- E. t . N X . X . XX '? Q ii 5' as i TTT y , sow sw 1' XXWNXX Eg Nxffwf N9 fi QS XX X ms . K yu- .iw zgj to . 4 X XX X wx 1 X Q X N 'Fai 5 X x .4 WG 135 C 1 E? Lee, Jack Horseman, Craig Lemmons, Randy Leon, Thomas Leonard, Deborah Lindenmuth, Carrie Lingg, James Linton, Dante Lively, Victor Ledford, Lonnie Luke, Lisa Maddox, Melissa Mann, Charles Mark, Paul Marszalek, Darin Martinak, Jenifer Mattheu, Jason Mattheu, Michelle Matten, Bruce McConneha, Keith McDavid, Ryan Meade, Keisha Meadows, Cynthia Miles, Andre 105 Miller, Aaron Miller, Melvin Million, Amy Morningstar, William Mox, Keith Moyer, Davlm Mumford, Ronda Myers, Carol Myers, Traci Napolillo, Angela Naumann, David Nelson, Julie Neudeck, Michael Neumann, Karl Newcomb, Wade Nicely, William Novak, Barbara Olin, Troy Oliver, Shelly Omdoff, James Osborne, Buckshane Osborne, Michael Packer, Marchelle Page, Todd 106 NDC E LCOK GOCD CJR HAT?" M , 'iff' . h e .,.. -'-' X .- Y M' '- K v 'xI'VE GCT THE IDEA!" 4 X 5 , A , , , .J H 3317 f vs ,M aw , if f "' 6- fl ' Q uv an QM E X -nv on M 1 W "Vs el ,ck ' am .,.A. A K ,, M 5 K 6 Mgt . I ii ?Zi ' ,R W A , H: , K f if J , ,. Wi. , 'fm . Q f 5 ff " .,, ' iv W, 9 Palczynski, James Parlapanides, Garda Paul, Timothy Pawlak, Francis Peeples, Brandy Peluso, Thomas Pennacchia, Perry Pennell, Sherry Petrovia, Chris Petrush, Lone Pettway, Chris Pielert, Amy Pike, Lynette Podles, Kelly Polanowski, Michael Poniatowski, Joseph Porter, Brian Powers, Davlm Prescimone, Doreen Preston, Lewis Preston, Verleen Raber, Tara Rappazzo, Gina Rappazzo, Jennifer 107 Rawlings, Greg Reinhard, Frederick Reinsfelder, Melissa Rigby, Glen Roberts, Tricia Romesburg, Tonya Ross, Gordon Rytina, Robert Sagal, Michele Sailer, Lance Santoro, Christopher Sauer, George Sauter, Brandy Schloer, Jeffrey Schmitt, Regina schultz, Michael Schultz, Timothy Schulz, Davm Scott, Phillip Sellers, Gerald Sellers, Stephanie Seltzer, Frederick Shanebrook, Rebecca Shaneybrook, Scott Shaw, Donald Sherman, Juatona 108 -. it WHS ' f if .L :- V :fm 52. ' E . l fig , , A 1 if .1 jfimi . -fi, f' -5 I . . Q .. . 1 N I fl "b:1,f,g. x , N. Y . Zi- fi? Q I , , .5 S . Q A if ,. . ,,, - - 'v K 5 QS,-. 1. ,J , 3 A 1. N A K f X W Q. Y ,, w W. aww. ss-X c-,.- 1.--:cr - xx,-:sw 1-Q,-a t --.- . K. S i --' rtfssgigsg , URCLL A D COME" ,Q 1' if --f..'. - 133 Q. V f ' t ' K A 'f' .Q xx? N C, .S L' Q ff' 1 A X'54!. .ala 4 Q X w W? ss X S X fi X I NDC 'T BLO US UP!" , , .. to mf w f is NX ,,, - S ..,A....,, .V CX Q C X Q at , Q X ff - X . 1 4 r W .W S X X X K 23 X si M E it W we X X XF W. , , gy, if? I Q E: "" xx fi.. ' 1 m S N ree.-fif::- -giffzfri 5 ::s:sEs5jigF' '-"1 - EEN ' .is11S'x"is ju fi .gs - S .... 1 W w QL Q . tim s X , X SEN ,e X K 4 Q55 l :'i:: f f Shivarain, Charles Shuttlesworth, Stacey sidler, Clement Snyder, Todd Sonntag, Kimberly Sowers, Michael Rupert, Jeffrey Seabrease, Chris Spenard, David Squires, Ronald Swann, Scott Szczepaniak, Tasha Talbott, Barabara Talmadge, Robert Tasker, Larry Taylor, Candice Taylor, William Thau, Dan Tinker, John Travagline, Jeffrey Trocki, Michael Tyler, Lawrence Vannoy, Denise Wagenfuehr, Timothy Wagner, David Walck, John 109 Wallace, Wally Walter, Kelly Walter, Tracy Wayland, Heather Weaver, Sharon Wedmore, George Wells, Terri Weyant, Daniel Wheeler, Heather Wheeler, Richard 110 M WM ff gf we X W7 J, , f 1 mi 0 , Q17 QM UHARD AT CRKH HCLEANING UP" W,-f M in f A ,uw '15 , W , ,,,, , W,,,,,,, 1" ff M.. -.. , xv W " in E . K' 5, Z ,, .,., X ,, , iii me M ww' 2f x X X X X eil N5 XX- 'IQ .. ji . , 1 :fl 1-f.as11ff5z,ffffv X Whitby, Dorothy Williams, Dancie Williams, Katherine Williams, Richard Wilson, Robert Winand, Carl Woland, Mick Yoke, Billy Zimmer, Kimberly Zom, Linda White, Tracy Titus, Debbie Grubb, Robert Huber, Eric 111 112 fwf- 115 BEST .f-T - Tracy Grebe Q . 'I A 1 f7,, 5 1 1, John Hoffmeister Brandy Sauter W 114 ,.....---v-5"""""""""' ik' 3 EX! xx. il? Yw ,Vxxg Bunn? GF THE REST Dave Longerbeam John Young Will Harris 115 4c iffX 116 FAVGRITES Our students are watching and listening to - Copposite pagej Madonna, the 'lWho's that girl," singer: the stars of the popular 'lCosby Show": Huey Lewis and i'Hip to be Square"p and the rap group RUN DMC. On this page we feature The Fat Boys and Dr. J who retired from basket- ball: Phil Collins, lead singer of Genesis: Bono of the rock band UZ: and Jon Bon Jovi of the rock group Bon Jovi. 117 PRIDE Chuck Tremper Joe Cianciulli Dean Hicks 118 .,.. - . ., f.. A J.,-' "MW-,, '- Hn a-,gi .,. ' X QF nw . Q if-555,52 S N., W, ... fi 8 JCJY Danny Creed Kelly South Gina Adams 119 TI-IE BEST GF TIMES A major part of student life is the friendship peo- ple share. During the school year friends are together at lunch, in class, and outside of school. Many friend- ships begin in the ninth grade and last through graduation and beyond. The memories friends share during their high school years will last for- ever. Friends become the steps we climb that lead us to full lives. 120 ARE ITH FRIE DS KA, 4- ' .qgf kv ad" ,104 1 - l Yq:"5g 1: ::s., '-xsiii -, f, 5 x 3? gi 4 5 K 'ms W., N, . 121 STEPPING OUT Terese, Dave, and Cindy demonstrate the styles from classy to trendy. Mark with his casual but fashionable look. John, Kelly, and Leah with the latest looks. Lower right we have seniors dis- playing the popular sweater look in the 87-88 year. 122 K m y , v 4 125 124 lin ,A,. ' Zvi l A YEAR wr'f f 9 ., .5 MSN f ix Q- V I b " , i'uT'CRHBTW3W T 0 REMEMBER FOREVER! 5 125 FBLA PIZZA PALS v ki Q 2 v i Mi 31" F. L A 1 X 126 3 'Ki Q A - , j H QAAA' 71. "--W. a Mi' ..-ff' Ar X S. sm., if kj 127 ,xy 5.- N I v-W 14 Y my QM 7745 'W 2? , ,,,,,f g A M ,qgywwk ,. M-A X1 Z- 'V 4 Q, Q ,',, , f, Vw QM :ff ,Q ,W f' -V ffm' 'V if A .Q 1 f ,A V, ff. I , 128 129 As All The Classes Cheer 'T Fa On this page, we show one of the many ways in which our school is a step above the rest. On October 25, the entire school gathered as one to show their spirit and recog- nize those who participated in the fall sports. Also, some students from each class participate in a pie eating contest and a toilet paper wrap. We also listened to the sounds ofOnyxx and watched the '88 male cheerleaders perform their tantalizing routine. 150 ,lb A MWMMWMMMWWM 12 2 WWE HAY-FEVER A -sf -mv? it VW J ii1'f'.'g',6':z . l Z 3312 Hg ,M zz W wr fanszewq ua 1 'Zig agua W va: in me ,,,f ?f twin 2523315 -ft. lkn 3Zgg,i1?lZ'51 If 22 ,fiinggg 3 Wazztitff to il FI' , ,ww , s, ' Q fa W' w ff Q' I , J , . .M Av 4 A y , , Q, H N I fw -1 Q? ,,'f"f It was that time of year again for the students to find their flannel shirts, put on a pair ofjeans, and show their spirit by coming to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. This year it was held on November 6, and the band was Prophecy. On this page we feature some of the students who attended and had a good time listening to the new sounds. We also feature the couple of Jimmy Lingg and April Franz, who took part in a favorite tradition, getting married by Mr. Pluemer. 151 WET. . I ,, 42 H 5 Q I 'i R This year the Music Carwash was held on October 10th. These students couldn't have asked for a nicer day to have some fun while raising money. On this page we show students giving their all to make sure those cars will shine. Thanks to Mr. Donnelly, and all of those who participated, this year's carwash was a great suc- cess. 152 ...th 'Hillin- Si WILD ...Av ,ir V On October 10th the Powderpuff Football game was held between the Junior and Senior Girls. Of course both classes had their sexy male cheerleaders to root them on. On this page we show the win- ning Senior girls proud with their victory of 14 to O. We also show the Juniors as they huddle together to make their attack plans. We can't forget those great cheers made by the male cheerleaders. They were a great support. All in all this was a fun day had by all who participated and attended. Better luck next year Juniors! 155 C L U B S 154 SADD - Students Against Drunk Driving is in its second year here at EVT. This group tries to make people aware of how dangerous drunk driving can be. Officers are: President, Michelle Krach, VP, Marleen Tauber, Secretary, Kelly Wallis, Historian, Marc Adkins, and advisor, Ms. Welch. FBLA - The Future Business Leaders hold many activities each year such as a Pizza Party, Type- A-Thon, and regional competitions. This group is open primarily to Business and Data students. This year's officers are: Chris Smith, President, Tom Maszczenski, Parliamentarian, Randy Her- old VP, Cherly Dishon, Corresponding Secretary, Brandy Peeples, Recording Secretaiy, Robert Adams, Treasurer, Bonnie Slike, Reporter, Paula Twine, Historian, and advisor, Ms. Walker. 1 uv L, W, 1 C L U B S DRAMA CLUB - The Drama Club works hard every year to produce a fall and spring production which this year were l'Ask Any Girl" and llLil' Abner." This year's officers are President, April Franz, VP, Jimmy Lingg, Secretary, Carrie Auld, Historian, Dana Curreri, Treasurer, Mary Gabriel, and advisor Mr. Hester. TECHNICAL CREW - This behind the scenes crew takes care of the sounds at all of our assem- blies. This year's members are Caeser Arribas, Larry Villani, Wayne Evering, Danny Brovim, Helen Krol, Nicole Deems, and Jim Synodinos. U L 155 C L U B S 156 VARSITYE CLUB - This club consists of athletes who have participated on a var- sity sports team. This year's officers are: Chandler Ray, President, Julie Nelson, VP, Jennifer Pierorazio, Treasurer, and Advisor, Mr. Salters. NURSING CLUB - Nursing students meet periodically to discuss fundraisers, and plan fun activities. Officers this year are Mary Aiken, President, Doreen Presci- mone, VP, Becky Boyce, T reasurerp and Mrs. Scelshi-Taylor, Advisor. ,gm xv . MA TH BUSTERS - With Mr. Smith as the advisor, this group calculates to help others who may be having difficulties in math and related subjects. Who said math can't be fun? JETS - The Junior Engineering Technical Society is composed of mainly drafting students. This group is lead by advisor, Mr. I-larding: President, Greg Shortt, VP, Kyle Brodap Treasurer, James Shaw, Secretary, Dave Liebau, and Historian, Ruby Hernandez. E - cg 1 ' X x M, Eg r Q 5, , ' P C L U B S 157 ' 1:': SGA The Student Government plays an important role at E.V.T. They plan dances, assemblies, blood dnves, and many other activities within the school. This year's hard working offi- cers are: Lawrence Staten, President: Bruce Lancas- ter, VP: Angelique Lom- boy, Recording Secretary: Randy Carr, Treasurer, Tina Smith, Historian, Cheryl Dishon, Parliamen- tarianp Heather Wayland, Corresponding Secretary. With the hard work of the advisors, Ms. Bailey Si' Mrs. Scelsi-Taylor, this year's activities have been a tre- mendous success. 158 C L U B S V L, ,, ., A . W 4 JR. LITHO - Furthering of new concepts and ideas in the area of Printing are developed through the meetings of this organization. The officers are Cindy Danna, President, Melody Paul, VP, Darren Wedderburn, Treasurer, Kim Caniglio, Secretary, and Mr. Klee, Advisor. VICA - The development of leadership skills and the gaining of knowledge is achieved by attend- ing this organization. Also featured are leadership conferences and skill olympics. Officers are John Funk, President, George Demers, Treasurer, Terry Ciiggard, Secretary, Kevin Forster, Parlia- mentarian, and Mr. Smerowksi, Advisor. ,,, , L A W A if V I ONS M , ?,7i,,lifU LHAHP W' W T 49 -EQ, 159 140 A HELPING HAND: 5 X xi XX' gs gg? Q ,,, t , g it ,,., 'UI GUIDANCE AIDES - These students help the Secretary, Ms. Smith, answer the phones, file, and type. They are Scott Tharp, Tracie Hubbard, Rodney Laflame, Michelle Pratt and Kathy DiLegge. OFFICE AIDES - Anyone who has been to the office often sees these smiling faces. Service with a smile from Tina Smith, Cheryl Dishon, Dawn Schulz, Michelle Krach, Kathy Buck, Tammy Glock, Shellie McCann, and Linda Monahan. it E5 MAKES THINGS EASIER MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS - Every morning we hear those pleasant voices of the announcement crew, who this year are: Fred, Mary, Michelle, Cheryl, Vickie, and Kellie. At 7:55 every morning, these stu- dents are there to bring the news to you. HEALTH SUITE AIDES - These students assume some clerical duties, as well as taking temperatures, and waiting on people by signing them in. This frees the nurse, Mrs. Nasuta, to take care of other important di- lemmas. The aides this year are Vicki Nunamaker, An- gela Brzozowski, and Pam Roth. 7' l 141 142 BAND 1 144 :xnxx 1 f.uvu V: :rn an swine: - ,,L, ,,, ar , , , , S5532 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY- To belong to NHS, a student must be on the honor roll three times consecutively. This year's officers are President, Valerie Sonntag, VP, Jennifer Dombrowski, Treasurer, Kim Sonntag, Secretary, Kelly Walter, and Advisor, Mrs. Novalis. MA VERICK EXPRESS - These members meet every day, and work hard to produce the school newspaper. They inform us of what is going on inside and outside of school. Members are Greg White, Toby Hall, John Bondura, Len Stewart, Steve Romig, Nicole Ridgeway, Angie Warnick, and Advisor, Ms. McCoach. YCU VE GCT THE LUCK -.Qs NAM ,K This year, EVT held its first fashion show. This show was produced by the Music Department. Many peo- ple got involved including stu- dents, faculty, and administrat- ors. Everyone who attended seemed to have a good time, and now have a good idea of what govm or tux they might be wearing to their prom. 145 HCMECGIVIING I 87 The '87 Homecoming Dance was held on October 23rd. This year our Homecoming Court was: Freshman, Tracy Turner, Sophomore, Mi- chelle Karmerp Junior, Julie Nelson, Queen, Patti Mclien- na, and King, Chris Riddle. Everyone had a wild time while dancing to the latest sounds of the band FRAG- ILE. While the attendance at some dances fluctuates from year to year, this seems to be the most popular. On these pages the bright co- lors, smiles, varied styles, and friendships, all reflect the theme of re-uniting and returning. 146 as at 147 On November 14, the annual Spaghetti Dinner was held and, as usual, it was a tre- mendous success. The Food Service students prepared the spaghetti for both school and local community resi- dents under the guidance of Mr. Pluemer. As 14-year chairman of the dinner, Mr. Reitz gave all of his time and efforts in making the dinner a winning tradition. 148 Godles Cf Noodles NURSES CAPPING '87 X Q-mu t 1 ,A ,. -AQ, f ' f 'L ff? ,,, r, ' ig: L ,Y " 4 r 1"if, - ' 4, N, ,- ' 23' 4 ' . - ' 1 I , - Jn, V ,,,A The Capping, held on De- cember 9, 1987, is a very im- portant ceremony for the nursing students. To be capped they must receive an 850!0 average or better in Pharmacology and must maintain a C average or bet- ter throughout their nursing program. Nurses stand proudly in their caps as they pass the first milestone in fulfilling their goal to help others. 149 A CHRISTMAS CCDLLAGE fy 1 e f 'K I 150 DECEMBER 25, 1987 E X 14 93? 2 I 1 - 151 ELECTRIC' Seniors proved that they are W1 again by winning the PTSA student membership drive. On February 8, the winning seniors along withjun- iors whojoined PTSA, attended a concert performed by the Naval Academy's Rock Band, ELECTRIC BRIGADE. lt was a tremendous success: people were dancing in the aisles!! 152 CHRISTMAS DANCE '87 'f ,., mhmvmv'-'J ' f On December 18th EVT students, present and past, flocked to our annual Christmas Dance to hear Onyxx featuring our own Carrie Auld, Tim Gregory, Jim Lingg, Paul Hester, and Alumnus Da- vid Lingg. As always it was a night to remember. 155 , J pf ff 1, ws 11 'M l " , N'fEv' ...Ls , 9' Q ,WA Wx w .zgw ' za .55 ,lf , L K 3-We fi: '14 ...+- .xifi ' z x :wi-4 gi, ' L4 Q ' 54, 1 l , be, 5 1 Q4 ,- m 1 , 5 fgfi "' Q , 3 .af-nf Je aff Q -4- . 1 A , :A ,Mai Vmfv., 5. ,.,. 1- H- J.. f 1 W f 1 'F Ag jjfffi 1 ,E 2 . guru ,, Q 28 If! , . 5 u 1 , HQ , ' Gf I . , '.3 in 2 fig 2 9 ,, ' l 1 ., Q ! ,ff X 3.1 9 ,ff A 1,6 - S a 156 wg, 157 158 AIR CONDITICNIN Ci-ri Bruce Huber, John Scurti, Bruce Meekins, Greg Fisk, Don Long, Scott Myers, Joe Perry, Mike Reabe, Dennis Dillman, Steve Skazis, Sean Ritterpusch, Larry Bates, Tony Farinetti, Michael Hart- man, Dennis Hock lnot pictured, Chuck Windischl AUTO fl-ri Brian Oxenrider, Lipman Woon, Larry Dougherty, Jeff Schoff, Mike Unfried, Nick Stamathis, Mark Hoffman. John Bondura, Rick Rayman, Rick Burd, Derek Maynard, Mark Huber, Chris Dwyer, Tom Coard Knot pictured, William Lancasterh . . 'z ' .J-""5'.A,,' '-'filling-'ekf 1' ,Eva A-ei -'ggi 5 BODY REPAIR Cl'rJ Scott Thommen, Brian Cosden, Chuck Tremper, Robert Younts, Sam Shoemaker, Jeff Hammer- backer, Richard Dietz il-ri Domenica Provost, Tammy Shanklin, Cheryl Dishon, Tina Smith, Terese Barber, Valerie Sonn tag, Kathy Bearrnan, Michelle Krach, Mrs. DiPietro, Shellie McCann, Carol Webster, Kristen Warwick, Angelique Lomboy, Leah Meyers, Kelly Fike, Tammy Glock, Patti McKenna, Barbara Branham, Mi- chelle Werner, Kelly Wallis, Amy Manfrecli, Marleen Tauber, Knot pictured, Carla Akersl 159 160 SENIUR IVIOODS , . ' 1' 42 'Y i I ff as W fn g W l rffiasi gi bi' , Sw ' z f ,J 1 " 1' x 'H' "LA 4' 5 5 1 'fi iii. ., 551-1 " 'ff 2 - 'G v "" 5 " i f .. Q 1, "-' ' -4? Tk 'I 5 we 219, A V V ' , "V, :Lil f,-,V Mi 1 "'L f Y f f ,W A.f V ',' i A Wfug " ',hf , he . , 5 x ,,.. VVVV Z If VVVVV A kryr VV,V'. J an V , 1"-"Ng 44 s ,Mil wg, -YW? ff' 3 NN ' Q -. ' ',.-f We V, , ' ' aff':. - H 'uma . l 55951 f I! , ,5,.,Yw m f V' 161 Q QM I N N 162 of CARPENTRY fl-rl Mr. Beiderman, Jef Pharr, John Rockstroh, Greg Cooper, Mark Dilworth, Dave Wentworth, John Young, Mark Rinker, Joe Onheiser, Eric Bates, Keith Wehner, Jeff Callanan, Scott Wehner, Joe Cian- ciulli, Chris Class, Steve Evans, Bernie Humphrey COSMETOLOGY Cl-rj Denise Schultz, April Woolfrey, Cheryl Butler, Valerie Lagna, Gina Dirlatale, Lori Watkins, Jackie Dyson, Patrice Tyler, Denise Henry, Linda Mason, Noelle Massey, Debbie Felts, Kim Laubach, Kim Dellaterza, Davsm Renner, Tracy Grebe, Stephanie Brewer, Annette Lloyd, Oreta Klapka, Julie Truong, Kashawn Smith, Mrs. Lindenberg, Amy Manouse, Gina Adams. COBOL ll-rl Jeff Sefa, Rich Bott, Dave Longerbeam, James Bryant, Chris Smith, Kim Daily, Jessica Eike, Mrs, Walker, Dan Gunter, William Harris, Bonnie Slike, Paul Klingelhofer, Barb Reider, Todd Bowings, Karen Cook, Tammy Paris, Randy Weyforth, Tom Maszczenski, Paula Twine, Lisa Zomes DATA - RPG Cl-rl Leah Adams, Alice Machovec, Denise Paulus, Lynn Sines, Julie Spellerburg, Dr. Shott, Kelly Robinson, Davlm Dahlstrom, Joan Graf, Steve Longo, Michelle Lundgren, Steve Romig, Patti Reeves, Jon Adrian, Shawn Reid, John Upright, Donald Ricketts ff X 165 1611- 47' I' Q1 A f. RQ WWW' ,ff AT WORK AND PLAY 1 . QE V3 1 25 , ii Q bf- ' ,7,'?,.1' V .,, ,TA , - ,J 165 166 DIESEL fl-rl Tim Brammer, Rob Wheeler, John Funk, Al Bienfnan, Eric Hedges, Kevin Forster, Jeanette Hof- meister, Steve Cunningham, Tracey Ciladfelter inot pictured, Jim Edwards, Allen Jacksonl tl-rl Ron Barrett, James Shaw, Kyle Broda, Brian Ude, Tom Knowlton, Greg Shortt, Ruby Hernandez, Mr. Harding, Dave Blankenship, Rick Heyman, Kevin Baker Knot pictured, Dave Liebau, Bruce Lancas- terl ELECTRONICS tl-rl Will Wright, Erik Ranieki, Mark Evans, Stacey Asbury, Toby Hall, Rob Persinger, Paul McNulty, Eric Kouch, Butch Franke, Ray Fisher, Chris Riddle, Jamie Potter, Angie Warnick, Jim Rrepka, Mr. Navasio Knot pictured, Debi Avaritt, Steve Fickusl ELECTRICITY fl-rl John Hofmeister, Chuck Stancliif, Doug Hoenig, Ben Curly, Marc Adkins, Brett Warner, Jim Brown, Roy Boyd, Eric Magsamen, Bill Rampmeyer, Brian Clifford, Dave Myers, Lisa Crider, Wayne Fertig, Rob tlimlin, Greg Goscinski, tnot pictured, Len Stewart, Larry Krepka, Bill Holman, Bryan Pinel l m 11,nk. m1,h ,l,l.llAlvml 167 168 UPSTAIRS, DUWNSTAIRS Z ?, - E 2 X . N-..f""' :M 'W vm' .Miz ,' -6 3 1 A , f..,'fiF1 -T ! 'Pwr' 'A' ,ggpgi ' 4? ,"M9f'V wk' Sv if ,,,,. eh ,' 169 170 Q Q-Q 4 L6 4 ,V A C , o o o'- b aio' 4 4 o g 1 J l 'Q 9 0 Q-Q95"l 'off-'0"1.' '-if H' 0.0.0 19 9-v-24:-4-its-5-G 4-bog ++av A P+-DLQQ -+41 t-vei 1, Q 4- 8 O ,- 45, 3 waffmroev ', ,,,,pi, Q 9 , l 3 K 9 5 5,465 tqiebt 9 9.1 , 13 ,YQSQOQQSQQ ' 0 3 A fs, , P63395 Qgx 4 "4,'f"nf -rljevrorgtgrn . gy V'.949'O. Q-R93 4 ff 3 4 . we 1 -Q4 .. - 'L 4 1"l"l-IWW ' O 5 9 'fx 6 ,7- o 0 O 1-iv 0.4.1 O Q O 1- ' Q 9 '- ,"'35.' F.Z.' f Q53 'of0f0fgvi'i. '?v'v"vZ' "a2'Qa' 0 Q 3.-sg FOODS ll-rl Johnny Adams, Shawn McCarty, Kenny Cottrell, Stormy Shook, Christina Thomas, Michele Myskiewicz, Jennifer Hubbe, Kelly South, Michele Pratt, Nicole Ridgeway, Ursula Trayham, Tanya Keats, Dawn Benoska, Leah Karoupis, Mr. Jack Sheehe, Jodi Paul, Laura McDonald, lnot pictured, Christa Lawrence, Mark Friemanj MACHINE SHG? ll-rj Wayne Corson, Chandler Ray, Paul Matchulate, Jeff Stromer, Mike Chromo, Matt O'Reefe, Scott Jordan, Danny Creed, Ralph Martinez, Henry Holton, Joe Rogers, Carl Sauer, Robert Swiger, Brian Thrift, Jay Fischer, Scott Burnham, Natalie McDaniel, John Stout. NURSING fl-rl Ms. Taylor, Angela Soth, Rebecca Youngbar, Tammy Manko, Laurie Creed, Sandy Kaberna- gel, Mary Bean, Karen Jansen, Jennifer Belcher, Melissa Elmore, Michelle Lindsey, Jackie Keen, Mrs. McBee, Becky Boyce, Deanna Saraceno, Tracy White, Lori Tobery, Lori Blume, Mary Aiken Karen Bielski PLUMBING Cl-rl Eric Herzog, Dave Huntt, Tom Murray, Lou Taylor, Craig Votta, Richard Burnham, Steve Wil liams, Troy Bowings, Beth Ripple, Tom Aversa, Brian Smith, Greg White Q 171 172 TESTS AND TRADES f gfffj "flag-,- X, V HW , Ogg lfifbf M ,,, , N 1 175 174 PRINTING ll-rl Chrissie Huddleston, Kim Caniglio, Cindy Danna, Tricia Schield, Pam Harper, Dawn Tawney, Melody Paul, Brian Dobry, Dean Hicks, Phil Goertz, Darren Wedderburn, Darrel Dorsey, Chuck Lin- kowich, Dale Wood, lnot pictured, Joe Bondura, Dena Meinschein, Jeannie Watson! SHEET METAL U-rl David Deurr, Jeff Eberwein, Craig Boccia, Todd Stachowski, Kevin Reed, Jason Rotondo, Tony lreson Knot pictured, Erich Marquardtl i. "Sf 175 UTHE FI AL STEP!" 176 f i X xv K ff ah S.. ,,...x 3 .xxx fwfr xl 3 The class of '88 advisors are Mrs. Waesche and Mr. Brent, who gave us a great deal of love and support throughout our high school years. The class officers are: Patti McKenna - President, Leah Adams - Vice President, Michelle Lindsey - Recording Secretary: Michelle Lundgren - Corresponding Secretary, Will Wright - I-listorian, Joe Onheiser, Treasurer. As we reach the final step, the senior class looks forward to the senior prom, graduation, and the future. l 177 'QF 7' is Gina Adams COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Mom -n-Dad, I love you, Dennisl U2 Great times wjANJE, DF, AM, CA, GD, SB, LK, TG, PT, TB, MO, SJ, AF, CV OC '88l 90' Johnny Adams FOODS, Mic, Teen Sr Carol and to all the others, it's been a happenin' year, THX FOR EVERY- THING - SPECIALLY SHEEHE, Let's get some butter from the fridge. Jonathan Adrian DATA-RPG, I love ya Julie, Thanks Mom Sr Dad Sr Sis, Great friends MA, LH, HS, TS, MM Sr Data class, '88 ffl, I finally made itl Stacy Asbury ELECTRONICS, Thanks Mom, Dad, Preston and Kathleen, WW, SC, LK, MTfHank, CDB, Redneck, H.D. 91. 178 '79 Mary Aiken NURSING, ILY Mom8rDadl Hey Nee lRodl, Best Bud, Luv U2, To KJ, JB: Be Nonchalant, Bag Lady '88l Miss ya: CV, BB, SK, Pioneer! 'ZF Debi Avaritt ELECTRONICS, V-Soccer, Thanx Mal Rock, Roll Sr Remem- ber, High Tymes wfMC, RK, TS, SD, KC, SL-BCF, CR, B8rL. PRESE- TI . . . .- -Qs X if I C x X XIX Nl. A 1 'S BAE, 458 I IXXQ X9 1 if n rf fslzrg ,RM Q XE , W rt fx wg X H ' z1f:+Xg -:- 3 - -' -ff.: f X 1- ?:. -f 5 Q' E' " K , Leah Adams DATA-RPG, Eah Eah, Thanx '88, Michelle, FastAlice, Patti, Mr. B, JC, JY, EM, PT, SL, JU, JA, DP, I Love You Mom, Dad, Ed, Neice, M8rR, Shell, Losl Hey Leo Main! Marc Adkins ELECTRICITY, V-Wrestling! States, JVFB, Love ya Mom 8rJR8rBob8rJC, Awesome friends are JR, TA, TT, LH, JN, KC, SC, HS, God Rules, Thanx CBC fami- ly. vs Carla Akers BUSINESS, Yearbook, Thanks to my family ILY, I love you Danny 11f28f86, Good times wjDM, DB, GA, DF, TG, O.C. here we come. Nix mx ,vs I Kevin Baker DRAFTING, ILY Mom8rDad, V- Wrestling Sr Soccer, Thanks for evelything, Good timesfLK, DS, GF, CR, EB, DF, BB, SK, OC here I come! Anjelina Allender COSMETOLOGY, I finally made it! Thanks Dad8rMom, Fun with Cos '88, Good luck Hunnies, GA, PT, SB, JD, LW, KL, DF, GD, TB. Therese Barber BUSINESS, FBLA, Love you Mom Sr Dad, Great times wfKD, TJ, BS, GG, OM, Mrs. D, MW, SL, Mr. H, Mr. K, GJ. THE CLASS OF '88 Ron Barrett DRAFTING, JETS, Gibson Gui- tars, Metallica Rules, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Good Times wf DB, JS, RH, DL, RP, OPIE, RR,SE, WW, TM, GS. ,dsss 1? Vit? fisi Katherine Beannan BUSINESS, Drama 84-88, V- Badminton, Thx Mom Sr Dad ILY! GT wj Becca, Mikki, Angie, Ronda, team, BD, M Sr L H, Sr E.V.T.!l Albert Bierman Jn Rosedale Gang. RH, TH, MC, GB, EH, KD. Thanks Mom Sr Dad, UCHEVY TRUCKS." Eric Bates CARPENTRY, V-Football, V- Basketball, VICA, Good times wj CC, SW, JC, ER, Thanks Mom :St Dad, I LOVE YOU, CYNDY, 2-12- 88 to FOREVER. '88 Rules. Jennifer Belcher NURSING, ILY Mom Sr Dad, TY MM, CR, PS, and BF - Karen Jan- sen, Good times wf Andrew and George, Best time at MB Sr LM. David Blankenship DRAFTING, Bug, Heavy Metal 41, ILY Tricia, Centerlines, Par- ties wf TM, CG, RF, JF, BW, TB, 8841. Larry Bates AfC-REFRIGERATION, Thanks Mom 8: Dad Sr family, GOOD TIMES wf TF, MH, SM, BM, GF, SR, WF, JF, BB, SLAYER, DESTRUC- TION, OVERKILL. O.C., Mosh! C.S.T., Jam. Dawn Besnoska FOODS, VICA, Great times at Riptide Millers Island, Thanx Mom Sr Dad Party wf CG, SS, SG, NR, UT, BA Oh Wilbur, O.C. Bound. ,vs Lori Blume NURSING, Nsg. Club. - Hist, V- Soccer capt, JV-V? BB, V-SB. ILY M,D, Sf DEN. GT wfFrierldS - Dee, JL, ML, JN, 8: Nsg Girls - Bugs! I Love U Randy. Thx for being there. if f-.P f'ZQE5 f:f'?G LA r fir f . s f f , ,......, C 5' , ' '.f5 . I ", A f N ,x A Y, we .X ,W r ,R ' sf 2 , X I? i AQ, s I w S WE! I mir X N W ,X ef' N vm Y + S s 9 1 4 x xi , 5- gi s I. -is ,gt SQ? Mary Bean NURSING, Nsg. Club,Thank ya Sr Luv ya Mom 8: Dad, Sisters, Granparents St Sharon. Luv Ya Jim! Good Times wf SS, LT, ME, RB, Get Righteous! Kaiyn Bielski NURSING, Thanx Good, MA, Dad, Lis 82 Al, Luv ya Kaly Lu, Pris- Sy Mems wf MF, AZ, LT, TM, JK, KS, RH, BY, VICA, Track, U2, Diz if 1 Still Luvin U B.V.Cl "AS Craig Baccia SHEET METAL, V-Soccer, La- crosse, THANX to Mom Sr Dad, Partying wfBT, RH, JS, BL, LB, MH, MR, JP. "BOSl'l" MAIDEN, METALLICA, O.C., '88, "WHlPPED." 179 SENIORS REMEMBER FRIE John Bondura AUTO, IBonel RUSH, Memories of NS, BL, OX, ML, TN, SR. Prom! A Toast to all the women out there. THANX Mom Sr Dad. I love ya!! Troy Bowings PLUMBING, Thanx Mom, Dad, Robbie, Rimmie, V-Football, WV, LW, BL, JC, TF, TC, GA, TG, FLEMP, PEAVEY PA'S, OC '88. Stephanie Brewer COSMETOLOGY, Jehovah lst, 2 my Fam, Joey - da own lay won Paul Sr yes TA Thanx Sr ILY - llever in Paradise! BTwjMA,AA,GA,AM Time 2 pioneer. 180 fur ,L . Joseph Bondura PRINTING, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, CHURCH LADY RULES, Good Times wfSB, BH, LW, AB, PM, CL, BD. Metalheads B.C., RICH Gui- tars, Class of '88 31. Colleen Boyce NURSING, "The Boyce Choice," V-Ball, GOOD TIMES wf BB, LC, SK, PM, GF, KB, MH, MH, LB, MA. ILY Mom Sr Dad. GOOD- BYE E.V.T. .Q-I...,, James Brown ELECTRICITY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I Love You. 'qrvfuv Richard Bott DATA-COBOL, Varsity Soccer, FBLA, ZAP, BUSTED! Good Times wf DL, JB, TM, JS, SL, Thanks MOM! x wr, ,f' Roy Boyd ELECTRICITY '88: Thanks to Mom Sr Dad: Friends like BR, GG, GT, LC. si .Es 'SJ Kyle Broda DRAFTING, F-Ball, B-Ball, Baseball, V.P. Jets, Thank You Lord, Mom :Sr Dad I Love You Both, Thank You. Mr. B., 'Sr Mr. H. Thanks BU. DS Todd Bowings DATA-COBOL, I LOVE TERESA STUNEY 9-15-85, THANKS MOM Sr DAD, WRESTLING, FOOTBALL, CAMAROS RULE! GOOD TIMES wfPK, RC, GF, JE, RD, BR. Barbara Branham BUSINESS, ILY MOM Sr DAVE, Thanx Bren :Sr Becky. To 1988: Be willing to grow Sr change as you follow life's path, knowing we be- gan together. ILY. James Bryant DATA-COBOL, Thanks every- body, Animal, Fun Times wfRB, JS, ZAP, Math Videos, Warriors are awesome, WWQ, Mr. Potato Head at Gumbamania. "GTWf" 2 'IGOOD TIMES WITH" Richard Burd AUTO, '68 Mustang, Led Zep- pelin, Partyin' times with DM, TC Sr everyone in general on the Tommy Lee, Wish it would never end,'88 111. 'ws X FN WQX " ' N4 as wi ,, ,- I- I ' .. ...... . W -A I a , Cheryl Butler COSMETOLOGY, KEITH, I LOVE YOU - Love Lasts Forever! Thanks Mom Sr Dad, '69 Camaro, Good Luck '88 Cos girls, Gonna miss ya lots! Joseph Cianciulli CARPENTRY, Thanx Mom Sr Dad. '78 Z28, Good Times with Dawn Sr Partyin' hard wfBill Man :Sr Buddies. I Love You Dawn, For- ever! -em., Richard Bumham PLUMBING, '77 Rabbit, LT, SW, Bill, TM, EH, Good times as a se- nior, Thanks Mom and Don. Jelfrey Callanan CARPENTRY, Carp Crew41,ILY Mom St Dad, Good Times wfDR, TS, CR, KR, BH, CC, GA, DF, HEART ffl, WHITESNAKE, O.C! was Christopher Class CARPENTRY, "The House," VICA, Party, wffriends SW, KW, JC, METALLICA, Thanks Mom and Dad, I Love You Michele! Stephen Burnham MACHINE SHOP. Kimberly Caniglio PRINTING, Canig, JV, V-S0fl- ball, Good times wfDT, PH, JW, CD, TA, MA, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, DB, RC, SC, ILY MATT! 2-8-87. Mark Comes MACHINE SHOP '88 fl, Love Ya Always Danielle, BMW Sports Cars, Thanks For Everything Mom and Dad, Good Times with JS, GS. John Burton CARPENTRY, Thanks Mom 86 Dad, '68 Mustang, Great times wj DR, EH, LD, BH, O.C. Michael Chromo MACHINE SHOP, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, I Love You Gina! Partyin' wj The Rosedale Gang, DA, RH, BT, JB, CB, JS, TH, GB, DF. RUSH Rules. Karen Cook DATA-COBOL, I LUV U HARV 9- 25-86, Good times wf TB, PK, JE, KE, GF, Thanks Mom Gr Mr. B, "COOKIE", "TI'IAT's CUTE", O.C. HERE WE COME!! 181 CLASS CLOWNS Greg Cooper CARPENTRY, "Coop," Mioque and the Marr go to the Ocean, THANKS MOM, The Carpentry Crew JO, MD, MR, JP, JC, JY. Brian Cosden BODY REPAIR, Iron Head, Par- tying in OC, wjBobby Bear, TI, CT, JS, KF, SS, RD, Thanx Dad Br Mom. Lisa Crider ELECTRICITY, Thanks Mom 8? Dad, Good times with DH, LM, BR, AW. OCEAN CITY '88 Here We Come! 182 Wayne Corson MACHINE SHOP, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I Love You, Millie. Good times with RD, AL, SB, SM, AND All My Other Friends. Kenneth Cottrell FOODS, Thanks Sheehe, I Love You Mom Sr Dad Good times with Nikki, DeAnna, Shel- lie, Steve, Alf. I love the Guitar. Steven Cunningham DIESEL, Concert Choir Pres., Thanks Mom, Lisa, Jim, I Love You. JESUS LIVES!! Thanks BS, Mr. Roeder. EVT if 1. Daniel Creed MACHINE SHOP, Thanks Mom 81 Dad for everything: I Love You. '76 Camaro, You're special Vic. Best times wfRM, SJ, MO, DC, JR, IMy Boysl Take care Brent. USM P'S 91. Ben Curley ELECTRICITY, Varsity La- crosse, Football. Good Times with CR, RB, CS, JY, AM, GA. Thanks Mom, Good Luck Sis iid' Laurie Creed NURSING, ILY BRIAN ALWAYS Sill-EVER! 5-22-87. Thanx Mom Sr Dad. Great times wjBB, KB, BB, SR, TN, TT. Dawn Dahlstrom DATA-RPG, Colleen Best Friends Forever. ILY Mom, Dad, Br Ted. ILY TODD. Badminton Co- Capt. FRIENDS: CB, KH, TP, LS, LZ, DV, PR, KR, DP, JG, SR, LS, JS, Miss Ya DP. Kimberly Dellaterza COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Sr ILY Mom, Frank, Mom Mom, Pop Pop, Steph. Good times wfMB, VL, KF, OK, DD. We finally made it!! Gina Dil'latale COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad,I LOVE YOU MIKE, Special times wfLK, DF, KL, KR, JH, RG, DS, RH, JB, JS. NF-TR. Genesis OC '88! Richard Dietz BODY REPAIR, Iron head, Thanks Mom 8: Dad. Good times with AD, LW, JS, and the Body Sr Fender class. Iron Maiden W1, OC here I come, Party, Bye Eastern! BEST ALL-AROU D . iv as , 1,' . . 1"ii , 5 1- F ssfis .., - ""." I y , 2 ig rl' ,i..... NL: Kimberly Dailey DATA-COBOL, I Love You Jim- my Lee! 12-12-86, TY Sr ILY MOM Sr DAD, GTwfBR, BS, COBOL BUDDIES, Quazy Wabbit Sr Silly Wabbit Forever!!! Cindy Danna PRINTING, Thanks Mom Si' Dad, ILY, Good Times wfJW, DM, KC, PH, DT. Party Time at OC! Class of '88 81. Dennis Dillman, Jr AfC, REFRIGERATION, ILY Mom Sr Dad, V-Baseball, Good Times with DL, JP,JS, BH, SS, SM, 88 41, I MADE IT! Mark Dilworth CARPENTRY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, ILY Monica, Best Times with JO, MR, JP, GC. OC '88 31. Cheryl Dishon BUSINESS, SGA Exec Bd-2, V- Chrldr, Choir-VP, Drama, FBLA- Sec, I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, RICI-I, TY. GTWf AL, CA, TG, TH, BS, TS, JR, ML, DV, SC, BL. OC '88 HIC!!! Brian Dobry PRINTING, Fishing, Camping, Junior Litho Club, EVT - Family, Thanks Mom Sr Dad. Darrell Dorsey PRINTING, Varsity Baseball, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, Darrell -n- Dee 4-6-87, Great times wfDean and the Printing Crew. 185 as Larzy Dougherty AUTO, Varsity Wrestling - Track '75 Camaro, Party wjfriends JM, DW, LT, LW, Thanks Mom, ILY Cindy, Look out O.C. here comes the "SPLASHER." James Edwards DIESEL, Lacrosse, I Love You Bridgie, Thank you for everything Mom Sr Dad, KIX, Whitesnake, IS THIS LOVE, Volkswagon Wabbit. ii .. .ui5'fv Debora Felts COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad ILY, I LUV U JIMMY 4-ever mem. wfJB, GD, CA, TG, LK, MO, DINKER, RH, MC, BT, CB, Party O.C. OH YEAH! 184 UTOGETHER FoREvER" David Duerr SHEET METAL, Thanks MOM, Looking Good DF, CH, DH, MH, LS, PS, especially TG, Best times wfAA, RW, 8: SP, MB wherever they are. Jessica Eike DATA-COBOL, "Eiker," "EIsie"g CAP, Best friends - TL, CC: Good times wfKC, TB, PK, I love ya NSF, OC - Here I Come! Randall Fertig ELECTRICITY, Wayne, l Made it, I Love Pam, Party Times wjMH, DM, MH, BW, SLIME, JAP SCRAP ANTHRAX, Celtic FrOSt, Time to Party Jacqueline Dyson COSMETOLOGY, Thanks MOM, Nickie, Kim I Luv-U Best of Times wfAndrea, JM, NM, SM, GA, GD, AA, PT, TG, SB, LW Jack- ie -n- James. Mark Evans ELECTRONICS, Soccer, Varsity E, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I have onlyjust begun, Great Times wf CR, JP, DF, SF, DG, DH, Guess Who? Steve Fickus ELECTRONICS, Football, The Dirt, Good Times with BP, PM, TH, ME, CR, RF, JK, JP Metallica Thanks Mom Sr Dad for every- thing, Jeffrey Ebemfein SH E ET M ETA L 'usb' NQ-J Tony Farinetti AjC REFRIGERATION, Thanks Mom :Sr Dad, V-Lacrosse, GOOD TIMES wfTC, SJ, MO, RM, LB, MH, GF, ALL THE PARTIES OF '88, JY's DAYTONA. Kelly Fike BUSINESS, FBLA, TY Mom Sr Dad, Good Times wfRH, KB, KD, LM, DD, TD, AE, PF, RS: "OKTOBER" Spaz! Love Kills. U2. SIX-N-NANCY. I Joseph Fischer MACHINE SHOP, The Best Times are still to Come. No one can beat the parties of '88, I LUV YOU JH Class of '88 rules! CUTEST COUPLE ' A... in Raymond Fisher ELECTRONICS, Well it's about time! Thanks Mom 8: Dad, It's been Killer party'n wfJim K. Sf Brian W., See Ya In O.C.!! S.M.D., METAL RULES!!! Dale Franke ELECTRONICS, Football, Base- ball, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Tracy - I LOVE YOU FOREVER! Mark Frieman FOODS, SGA, Mom, Dad, Boo, Joe, KC, J, RF, Vito Corleone, So- loflex, Hub, GM, EB, KS, MI, AS Thank You. Tracey Gladfelter DIESEL Rules, Party, Pink Floyd, Country Music, LUV YOU MOM, Mr. Swoboda Sr Granny THANKS, Mr. Folk John, Arm- strong's, Chris, JH, SS, DM, HC. 4 """' i f ,fi if :EI QI' F' 'if .,, , Q .A , fi Tammy Glock BUSINESS, Thanks M Sr D, I Luv Ya. Chorus li-yrs Memories with DL, RJ, TP, EJ, PT, CD. The Mem- ories will Iast forever! '88 is Fl! I LOVE YOU BILL! Gregory Fisk AfC REFRIGERATION, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Dave, V-Football, Party wjFriends, and those great times at the drive-in and with the Class of '88, NO PROBLEM. John Funk DIESEL, VICA VP, Thanks Mom and Pop, Powerhouse Trinity, Je- sus Above All, Jazz, Guitar. Kevin Forster DIESEL, VICA Parliamentarian, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, USAF, Party with BS, JE, SC, JF. Brian Gilford ELECTRICITY, Giff V-WRES- TLING STATE CHAMP, Thanks Mom 8r Dad, Great Times wf Eric, Lisa, Tom, CR, GF, DF, Sr the Class of '88. mmfmwiiifeim . . , is - A , .C FRIE DS REIVIEIVIBERED BY I ITIALS . . . Philip Goertz PRINTING, Thanks Mom Sl' Dad, 1966 Mustang 471, ALF, Great Times wfCL, DW, JS, WW, CH, DC. Thanks for the car! Ford Rules. Daniel Gunter DATA-COBOL, JV, and Varsity Soccer ICapt.I, Ski Utah, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Great Times wf WH, TM, GF, BL, GS. William Harris DATA-COBOL, '76 Malibu Clas- sic, Good Times wf Friends, OC bound! Thanks Mom Sr Dad. 186 Greg Goscinski ELECTRICITY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I made it. Let the good times roll, O.C. K.. fav Toby Hall ELECTRONICS, The Maverick Express, Class of '88 Rules, Me- tallikatz-Ek, BP, Great Times wf Friends - SF, JK, RF, BW. R4--cgi Michael Hartman AfC-REFRIGERATION, Fl, Par- ty wf Friends, Thanx Mom Gr Dad and Family, Great times wf LB, TF, SR, GF, MH, WF, JF, Mosh! CST, "OC look out", The Wild Life. Joan Graf DATA-RPG, Thanks Mom 8: Dad. John, I love you! 12 121185, Good luck class of '88! Jeliiey Hammerbach er BODY REPAIR, EVT Rules, 596 SS, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Thanks Mrs. Kellum for all her help. Had Good Times wf DW, BC, SP, CT. Eric Hedges DIESEL, Rulz, Cool Times wl AB, DM, CV, WF, LB, MH. slayer Rulz. I Love You Dottie, Thanx Mom Sr Dad Sr Mrs. Betty. Tracy Grebe COSMETOLOGY, Best times wj Cos girls. Love 8 thanks Mom Sr Dad Roy I LOVE YOU, to LOVE ME! Sweet A. The Best is yet to come, '88 Rules. Pamela Harper PRINTING, Rock and Roll, Mom and Dad I made it, Thanks I Love U, Wayne 2f7j86 and 4-ever. Good Times wf AW, DT, BR, Sr DH. Denise Henry COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Mom 8 Dad, I Love You Robbie, Good Times and Party wl Lyn, BR, AW, LC, DS, TG, MN, Cos '88 ffl. Ruby Hernandez DRAFTING, Indoor Track, SGA, JETS, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I Love You Chris, "Growl," Great times wfDR, DB, RH, PR, JR, GS, KF, RB. Robenf Himlin ELECTRICITY, Thanks for ev- erything Mom 81 Dad, DA, JB, OC, partying wfJS, CB, BT, MC, JB, DB, TH, DH, TB, GB, TG, GD, LR, DF, Butch. it ' ,,,,- 1, C X E C ...., .. . . ...I .. . Jeanette Hohneister DIESEL, I luv Troy, 10-12-84, Good times wfTG, BR, SR, CC, RM, BM, BA! Party at OC, Pink Floyd Sr Judas Priest, Thanks Mom Sr Dad. D FAVORITE SAYINGS Eric Herzog PLUMBING, BC Rich, Good Times, JB, CD, SS, SP, GB, MH, LB, Later Burry, Thanks Mom Si' Dad, Yngwie Rocks T.M. Dennis Hock AfC-REFRIGERATION, '68 GTO Tri-Power, Rock Hard Sr Ride Free, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, ACfR Warriors, 'Brew Crew," OC Party- time, Good times, SR, LB, BM, JS, GF, MH, KG, DP, BH. John Hofmeister ELECTRICITY, Football, Fun Times wfEM, BG, DL, LS, CS. Good luck Jen. Thanks 86 ILY Mom Sr Dad. OC here we come. '66 Mustang. Richard Heymann DRAFTING, Wrestling, SGA, JETS, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Party WfFriends, LP, WD, GS, PG, KJ, RH, SM, HM, TP, JJ, KH, RD, DP, JD, Jk, RA, DFTG dang. Dominic Hoenig ELECTRICITY, Thanks, Mom, Dad Sr Grandma, I Love You Den- ise, Good times with everybody, "Why Not" OC, Sleeping. William Holman ELECTRICITY, fDougl-Ford W1 - Mustang, Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa - I Made It!!! Dean Hicks PRINTING, Thanks and ILY Mom 8: Dad, '68 Camaro Rules! Good times wfDarrelI RL, CH, LW, RF, RD, DT, Never Say Good- bye, OC here we come! Mark Hoffmann AUTO, '88 31, Thanks Mom 8: Dad, EVT, '75 Chevy and all the best wishes to the boating party of tommy lee Il, OC Bound. Henry Holton MACHINE SHOP, Chevy 91, ILY Mom 81' Dad, I made it, Metallica, Good times wfJJ, RB, SS, CS, JF, O.C. Here We Come! 187 Bruce UIVIOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEDH -mm Huber AXC-REFRIGERATION, ILY Mom Sr Dad, Good Times WfDD, DL, JS, JP, SM, SS, EF. Chevy 4x4 W1 I MADE IT! Da vid PLU Wrestl Huntt MBING, JV-Var Soccer, ing, SGA. Thanx Mom - Dad - Steve. Great Times wf TM, DB, wg? Mark Huber AUTO, Chevy Sr Giants 131, Thanks Mom8rDad, Great times wjDD, PM, PG, KW: Party with WF, MH, LB, BB, DT, PH: OC Bound, Love You PM, BB, KW, DT. Anthony lreson SHEET METAL, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I Love You Leah Forever! Party Times wj KR, BY, BC, CT, DH, and Friends. PINK FLOYD, SS, LA, Class of '88 OC! LED ZEP, RUSH, and RANDY RHOADS. 5 f, ,. zf' . i rri ii' A - 'W 'it' C , W 188 r-V Q of X ,- f-N X . fr- 'T' S - ,., . 'Wx iii 1 f X I 2, , ,L 1 Al Us Christine Huddleston PRINTING, SGA, SADD, Thanx Mom, JSrW, SF8rPF FOREVER YOURS MARC - ILY! Good Times wf MK, UT, VL, KW, AM, PG, DH. Karen Jansen NURSING, NHS, Nsg. Club, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, ILY, Great Times wj Jennifer Sr Mary, The Golden Girls, See ya in five years! Sandra Kabemagel NURSING, TY 8? ILY Mom, Dad, Sr Bruce, Best of Times Wf CM, BB, BB, LC, PM, KIX, Toyota Trucks, OC, '88, PARTY!! Bernard Humphrey CARPENTRY, VICA, 'lHump- ster," Thanx Mom6rDad, Good Times wf JC, SE, JB, LW, SB, LD Carp., 'lCrew," Thanx Mr. B, OC Here we come! '88 F1 K . 1 Scott Jordan MACHINE SHOP, Thanks Mom Si' Dad, I Luv you Friends, Forev- er, PS, MO, RM, TF, DC, JN Varsity Soccer Sr Lacrosse, Remember good times, OC, Surburban Air. Erik Kaniecki ELECTRONICS, OPIEI Wres- tling, Metallica Moshs! Luv Ya Stef! Party Hardy, OC! Good Luck - DB, PM, TH, BP, RF, JK, KIM, TM. Tanya Keatts FOODS, Thanx Sr I LY Mom, Dad, 66 Grandparents LL Cool J. 41, Chillin' wfHomegirls MM, CA, KK, UT God Bless, I Made It! Sparky T. 'i88." "BEST BODY" Jacqueline Keene NURSING, Charles, I Love You. ASF - 5j18j87 FfF KS, KF, TW, AP, Thanks Mom 8: Dad, Hanoi Rocks, ACfDC, Def Lep, Led Zep, Poison. EVT F1 Turtle. Paul Klingelhofer DATA-COBOL, Thanks Mom Sr Dad. Leah, you are all I need, I Love You. Good times WfF TB, KC, GF, CS, BR, BS Stryper, "First Love," PK-N-LM. Cutest Couple! Michelle Krach BUSINESS, Yearbook, SADD. Thanx Mom Sr Dad, I Finally Made It. ILY Chuck. Good times wfCI-I, MW, TS, VL, PT, PK, TG, OC BOUND, 88 411. Thomas Knowlton DRAFTING, JETS, Thanks Mom 85 Dad, Sara G. Best ofTimes with the "Drafting Crew" - "I-Iey, It's Better Than Nothin, Really!" James Krepka ELECTRONICS, It's Been a Great Year, Thanks Mom 86 Dad Love Ya, Great Times with Ray F, 8: Brian W., See Ya in O.C.! vw Larry Klapka ELECTRICITY, SGA, Party wf Friends, Great times wfDH, SA, CS, BC, LS, and the whole elec- tricity class. Lemonia Kouroupis FOODS, Thanks Mom, Dad, Anth, Sr Mimi. I Love You Tony Al- ways! Good times wfGD, CL, DF, GA, CL, RH, MC. I Made lt! OC 88! Oreta Klapka COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Dad, MM, PP, Mom, JT, ILY, Good Friends KD, VL, JT and the rest of the Cos Gang, Cos '88 41 always. www. EHC Koutch ELECTRONICS, V-Wrestling, JV Baseball, BQVFD Squad 215, Wa- ter Skiing, Philmont, Ice Cream, Thanks Mom Dad Sr Wendy. S andy time Tom Murry UT HA KS FUR EVERYTHI " Valerie Lagna COSMETOLOGY, TY 8: ILY Mom Sr Dad, Rem. GF: KL, KD, NM, MW, TS, JT, OK - Partyin' 8: Gr. Times wf SL, KW, MH, PK, MM, DH, KB, SS, CH. Christa Lawrence FOODS, Yearbook, Thanks Mom Sr Dad Br GP's ILY. Special- times wf HL, GL, LL, - I Love You Jem Great Times wf LK, LM, TC, SS, PP, JP, AC, UD, SM, NH, MP. Annette Lloyd COSMETOLOGY, Thanx Mom, Dad, Sr Mom-mom, I Luv You Rich Good Times wj Cos Girls, AM, AP, GA, KD, WC, Good Luck AP, MC, 8: MJ! 190 Bill Lancaster AUTO, VICA, Thanks Mom Sr Dad. I Love You Felicia! Friends JB, NS, OX, LD, TP, ML. Good times at Pep Boys! qv. vw, .sv David Liebau DRAFTING, Tennis, JETS Car Wash, Thanx Grandmom Dad Sr mom, Fun With JS, GS, RB, PM. r Q . is 1 , Angelique Lomboy BUSINESS, SGA ExecBd 2, FBLA, Thanx - ILY Mom, Dad, J Sr C. I Love You JR - Happy! GTW! CD, LM, ML, ML, TS. Best Times With DUKE! OC Here We Come - Party Time! Bruce Lancaster DRAFTING, Track Sr cfc ffl, Thanks For All Your Support Mom Sr Dad, SGA, NHS, JETS. Tracy, I Love You Very Much! Michelle Lindsey NURSING, V-Cheerleader Capt, ILY Mom, I Luv You Rob ANF, NHS, RS '88, FF - DS, AL, ML, CD, CR. Don Long AfC REFRIGERATION, ILY Mom, Dad, Donna, Pop V-Base- ball. '72 Chevelle. I Love You Damm. GTW - SM, SS, JS, GF, DD, JP. Don -N- Dawn Forever. o o c Z. 0 'N L 5, , Z ,X Kim Laubach COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad. I finally made it. I Love You Charles, FOREVER, Good Time wf LW, GD, EK, AM, CS, VL, AA, PT, DD, BH, DH. Charles Linkowich PRINTING, Thanks Mom, Dad, Sr Michael. I Love You. Honda ffl, Great times with PG, JC, DC. Thanks everybody I made it. David Longerbeam DATA-COBOL, Bertone: Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Good Times wf SL, RW, TM, JU, RB, CR. Zap Alert! OC Watch Out!! Later East- em!! FLAB. Steven Longo DATA-RPG, Soccer, Lacrosse GT WfRPG class Randy, DL, JU,TM,RB,JA,DR,BL. Thanks Folks! ML, AM,LA Will Be Busted, Watch OutOC, Amy Manfredi BUSINESS, FBLA, SADD - Good times wfMT,VS,IiW,LF, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Good Luck Jim, OC here we come. Linda Mason COSMETOLOGY, I Love You Dennis Forever, Thanx Mom, COS '88 41. Great Times wf Dee,MN,AW,BR,LC,DS. Metallica TNT, PARTY! ... IVIOIYI Si DAD" Michelle Lundgren DATA-RPG, Class Sec., V-Soft- ball Thanx Mom Sr Dad, ILY. Great times wfTeen, Leah, Ali, TG, LB, ML, AL. SL Sr JV - Your Bustedl, 8841, OC WATCH OUT! Tammy Manko NURSING, Rick, I Love You A8rF 5f11f86, ILY MOM Good times wfLT, KB Goodbye EVTI I Made it! Do It Up, OC '88, PARTY! ,ww Noelle Massey COSMETOLOGY, Thanx Mom, Dad Sr Sis, ILY, VICA PREZ 11. V- FT B MGR. Best of Times wfCos Girls '88, SCOTT I LUV YOU FOR- EVER 5f12f8lI. Alice Machovec DATA-RPG, V-Cheerleader Sr Softball, I LOVE YOU CHUCKY - 6f19f87, BEST FRIENDS sr TIMES WfLA,ML,RW,CS,BC,JC, SL,JU -- BUSTED! Anna Manouse COSMETOLOGY, V B-Ball 8: S- Ball ILY Mom Sr Dad Hope I made you proud. Good Times wfAL,- GA,DF,BC,SB,LM. cos girls - ILY '88 Thomas Maszczenski DATA-COBOL, Soccer, Tennis, FBLA, Luv U Mom, Dad, Ches, Shar. I made it! Massive Times wf RW, DG,DL,RB,SL. Wench, Zap, Willie. Class '88 8: EVT W 1. Eric Magsamen ELECTRICITY, Corvette, O.C. '88. Great times wfGiff, Lisa, Tom, BC, MS. R, TS, LA, BF, CIF, GA, PS, MS, JR, TNK. Tim :St Jeff, WHY? Ralph Martinez MACHINE SHOP, Varsity La- crosse, Good Times WfSJ, MO,TF,DC,PS, Thanks Mom Br Dad. Skating, Lans, Luth, Tow- son, '88 ffl, OC Here we come. Paul Matschulat MACHINE SHOP, I Finally Made It! Thanks Mom Si' Dad. '76 EL Camino CHEVY Fl. Eighty Eight is GREAT! 191 Derek Maynard AUTO, Auto '88F1, LED ZEPPE- LIN, PARTY, 527 CHEVY, HEATH- ER WHEELER, TOMS' BOAT. ,am K -ts , Laura McDonald FOODS, yearbook, Thanks Mom Br Dad Mickey8r Mark - Peep :Sr Uncle Bill, Good times wf Beth, JP, CL, MR, AM, LK, OC Here we come! Dena Meinschein PRINTING, Thanxs Mom :Sr Dad, Good Times with BS, DW, CD, TS, JW Sr other friends, Good Luck Becky, I Love You, Mike Zwerin. 192 U HE FUTURE IS CURB" Michele McCann BUSINESS, Never forget DP, SJ, TT, MW, VL, RM, I luv you Mom Sr Mikey Always, luv you Chris, Best Bud Domenica, OC Here we camel, SM er CR 1lf25f87. Patricia McKenna BUSINESS, Love Sr Thanks Mom Sr Dad - TODAY, TOMOR- ROW Sr FOREVER - I LOVE YOU JOE! Class Prez - Memories ofMY BABY, LA, SK, BB, MH - OC '88 - LIVE YOUR DREAMS! P Gr J. x ig. SR 4 SY W Leah Meyers BUSINESS, SGA, Paul, you are my world, my heart, my life: the future is ours, I luv u Mom Sr Dad, Good friends BS, KW, AL, CH, KF, Good luck Todd8rTheresa! Shaun McCarty FOODS, Suzuki Samarai, Ice Sculpturing, White Water Rafting, Volley Ball, Photography, Thanks to all the Foods Girls. cf' Paul McNulty ELECTRONICS, Thanks Mom, Dad, and Grandma I dedicate this year to Andrew J. lsensee, my Grandfather, Good Luck E. Kan- iecki, BP, SF, TH. 1 if an K X J it Q is if Natalie McDaniel MACHINE SHOP, ILY Mom Sc Dad, Thanks guys in MS, Good Luck, TG, TB, CD, JS, MC, Friends forever Tina, '88 ffl. .,-A Bruce Meekins AfC REFRIGERATION, ACfR Fl, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I LOVE YOU NICOLE, Judas Priest, Party wfFriends, class of '88 Rules, Good Times wf TP, CB, LB, MH, TF, GF. Thomas Muny PLUMBING, I Luv Ya Shelly. Thanx Mom Sr Dad Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax RL, OB, RF, SW, BW, LM, KR, LT, PARTY! '88 OC I made it! David Myers ELECTRICITY. '88 Partying, Thanks Dad, ILY "APRIL" Good Times with friends SB, BW, WF, EH, MR, BM. I can't believe it! UREIVIEMBER THE GOOD TIMES" Scott Myers AfC REFRIGERATION, Varsity Football W1, VICA ILY Mom 8rDad, MM, l'll always Love U Noelle, Great times wfSS, DL, CR, GF, CR, Joseph Onheiser CARPENTRY, Thanx Mom Sc Dad, l LOVE YOU PATTI! J Sr P Treasurer, Mustang, Good times with MY BABY, MR, JP, JY, MD, GC, Mr. B - OC '88 41. Denise Paulus DATA-RPG, THANKS Mom, Dad Sr Phil, ILY, Good times wj Angie, KR, PR, DD, JT, OC here we come! Motley Crue Rules! '88 491. 49? Michele Myskiewicz FOODS, Luv Ya Mom 8: Dad, memories wf Jenn, Teen, Kev, JA, KC,BW, RC, GH, SH, NM, Scott Love Ya Michael, What's Kickin? Maggie Norman COSMETOLOGY, Thanx Mom 8: Dad ILY Paul, Best ofTimes wj JW, LM, AW, DS Party! Fade to Black. Matthew O'Keefe MACHINE SHOP, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, You're the best, EVT Soc- cer, Lacrosse, K.l.T. Dudes, SJ, RM, TF, PS, DC, Remember the Good Times, Class of 8831, OC, Skate. Brian Oxemider AUTO, OX, JV-V Football, Auto, Buzzard, The Boat Rules, Good Times with, NS, JB, RB, TC, DM, Thanx mom and Ron, OC Here l Come, Party. Dawn Perdue DATA-RPG, 41971-19875, "Gone, but not forgotten." Tammy Paris DATA-COBOL, FBLA 10-12, CONCERT Choir 9-12: '87 Prez, SADD, TY Mom 6: Dad, l Love You Scott 9-18-87, GT?W RK, CR, FM, PT, CS, GH, OC '88. -"LT-7 Joseph Perry AfC REFRIGERATION, ILY Mom Sr Dad 8? DP, JM, RM Good Times wjDL, DD, JS, BH, SS, SM, BC, SM Goliath '88 31 Motley Crue W1 Party wfFriends CC 31. Jodi A. Paul FOODS, VICA, ILY Mom, Dad, David, Joey, Good Luck in Wres- tling David, Good Times wf Mike, Louie, MZ, CT, THANKS SHEEHE. Robert Persinger ELECTRONICS, Thank God lt's Over! Good Luck PM, EK, DA, AW, SMF, TH Thanx Mom Sr Dad 88 Electronics and Metallica Rules Party in OC!. 195 CLASS PREP Barbara Reider DATA-COBOL, Babs, I LOVE YOU BILL ELLIOTT - 611185, TY Mom Sr Dad, Best Buddy RIM, Good Times wj PR, BS, CS, TB, KC, PT. 'Z Ng. ka. S-sv Christopher Riddle ELECTRONICS, V-Football, LBF55, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, ILU Cherie, Great times wf CR, SM, OX, BS, MS, RO, ME, DF, AW, ML Party wf RB, BG, BC, Senior Week. Sean Ritterpusch AfC-REFRIGERATION, '88 Rules, thanks Mom, Dad, Wanda, Grandmom Sr Pop. Party hard We made it Best Friends, MH, TJM, MR, LB, GF. 194 Dawn Renner COSMETOLOGY, Thank U Mom Sr Dad, ILU Rob Great times wj RH, CL, SR, RB, TR, LR, Sr Friends in WV, EVT Fl. ar Nicole Ridgeway FOODS, VICA Pres., VICA State treas. Thanks Mom for all your support. Thanx Mr, Sheehe, l'Il miss you EVT, EVT 91. Kelly Robinson DATA-RPG, "Silly goose," Good times wj Patty, Denise, Dawn, Dawn P, Chris, lt's Finally Over! Thanx Mom Dad YCSI, Par- ty in OC! Class of '88, Erik Ricasa CARPENTRY, OC bound, bash, trash, crash, Wild Parties, Metal- lica, Iron? Iron Ff Maiden, Snow- blind, Bf Hits, S 86 more S, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, See Ya! Mark Rinker CARPEHTRY, V-Soccer, The Femmes, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Garda baby, good times wf Carp Crew, GD, GA, LK, JO, JY, JC, CV, SB, RAISEN CHIN, OC TO LIVE! Donald Ricketts DATA-RPG, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, GTWf JS, CR, BL, JU, SL, RW, TM, best to come at OC! LATER! EVT 31. Elizabeth Ripple PLUMBING, Good times wf DH, LM, PH, AW, LC I love you Stan, with all my heart. Thanx Mr. Ma- lone. . i i . A ,I as -A 9 Jeffrey PFarr CARPEHTRY, Great Times with Carpcrew, JY, MR, JC, MD, JO, SuperScraps, DF, CV, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, V-Soccer 211, Party Hard at O.C. Chandler Ray MACHINE SHOP, V-Football 920-RB, V-Wrestling, V-Track, Yearbook. Thanks Mom Sr Dad ILY, Good Time with GF, TB, TC, SM, KB, BF, BG, CR, JR, SJ, MO, Rushing Record 1,126 yds. BEST DRESSED James Potter ELECTRONICS, Wrestling, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Whitesnake, Great Times wjfriends KA, SC, TB, PK, CR, GF, EM, CS, KB, BG. Here we come O.C. ILU Darleen. Richard Rayman AUTO, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Thrash Metal, '78 Trans AM, Rules Sr Friends, You're too young! M13 sr Gina' Michelle Pratt FOODS, VICA, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Great Times wfDM, KS, SS, LP, NR, DB. CRUE RULES. Michael Reabe AXC-REFRIGERATIOH, ILY Dad Sr Mom, Thanks for help, '88 Rules, V Soccer, friends f SW, IS, GF, ML, DH, All the Good Times. Time to Party. Patricia Reeves DATA-RPG, Thanks Mom Sr Dad Sr David, I Love You Dale, 81 25f85, KOP, Linda, Kelly, Dawn, Denise, Timmy B, Silly Goose. Domenica Provost BUSINESS, YBII editor, V-Ia- crosse mgr, GT wfSM TS TT JY KF EM CA MrMac, ILY Mom,Dad,- Joce, Rob: PsychFurs, 4-plays,1 of a kind! Kevin Reed SHEET METAL, I love Ya Mom 8rDad, Thanx Bren, Good times wfTonya, Tl, SS, JH, MIC, TEEN, BC, CT, BY, TM, LT, JO, LK, O.C. Here I Come ln My '66, A -.5 -..,,-: . -,'. .'.. , ,,,:, ,- ...1..--,s.,,,:: fliiiigsf f'if K - A lllii P. , .... A .. Shawn Reid DATA RPG, Band Pres, PTL, I Lov you Mom Sr Dad Carroll Sr Bonnie, Thanks Winna 81' Jason. Great Times wf TS, SS, JG, JP, CF, Teen Talent Fl. 195 ,-ns. John Rockstroh CARPENTRY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, OC Watch Out Fun wf SH, DJ, JN, MO, CARP. , ' '55 J fa., ' :fu Deanna Saraceno NURSING, V-Cheerleading, ILY Mom Sr Dad Sr J, MEMORIES Wf LOR, ML, JH, ML, CS, JS, BS nsg girls, BOLTE. Denise Schultz COSMETOLOGY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, I Love You Both, Best of Times wf Aw, DH, LM, Mn, Pn, LW, SA, Denise Sr Scott forever, OC here we come! 196 H RITIS" SENIO wx Joe Rogers MACHINE SHOP, V-Soccer, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Good Times wj SJ, CR, RW, MO, RB, CS, BV. O.C. '88. Carl Sauer MACHINE SHOP, Thanks Mom Sr DAD, Good Times wfJP RL, SJ, MC, MO, CR, LH,JR, AND THE MA- CHINE SHOP CLASS, I Love You Pam, OC Here We Come!!! John Scurti AXC REFRIGERATIOPI, Thanks Mom 81 Dad, Varsity Lacrosse, Great Times wf DL, SS, SM, GF, DD and all the parties in '88, HEAVY METAL. Steven Romig DATA-RPG, Wrestling, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Party Down, Great times wj SL, DR, JV, RW, PR, RR, DP, EB, TH, AM, LA, ML OC Here We come! ,X ,. ,... . L9 Patricia Schield PRINTING, "Trish," Thanks Mom Sr Dad, ILY! I made it! CHRIS, I LOVE YOU! 7115186 Good Times wf DS, JJ, SB, Print- ing Class. Jeffrey Sefa DATA-COBOL, X-Country, In- Outdoor Track - Half Mile, ILY Mom,Dad,Grandma, good times wfJC, RM, AS, DL,jd, Zero Boys KISS Zap, "SuperfIy." Jason Rotondo DRAFTING. Jeffrey Schoff AUTO, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Great Times wf BR, NR, MR, MICRY,DICKY,8rCRANR White Pigs, PARTIES OC 8: THRASH METAL, DK. Tammy Shanklin BUSINESS, Honor Society, SEM, ILY Mom Sr Dad! TY Family! Great Times wf MW, JT, VL, AS, EM, CV "Pinky" BYU 31, CU AT THE Y SHAWN! James Shaw DRAFTING, JETS, Thanks Mom 6: Dad, BC Rich Guitar Weekends at White Marsh, Good times wf BB, RP, TB, TB, GS, DL, RB, AW, PT, JR. Steve Skazis ACXR, ILY Mom and Dad, '71 Chevelle, I Love You, Erica, G.T.W.: SM, DL, JS, GF, Steve -N- Erica Forever. Christoph er Smith COBOL, FBLA Prez, Thanks Mom 81: Dad, Great times with PT, TP, BR, RH QYOJ, PK, KD, Mustang 41. CLASS FLIRTS Samuel Shoemaker BODY REPAIR, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Class of '88, The Good Times, KR, JB, TB. Bonnie Slike COBOL, Special Friends HO, SC, LM, PK, BR, KD, CD. Parties wf the gang from home. Thanx Mom 86 Dad. Good Luck, Sue, OC Here We Come! Kashawn Smith COSMETOLOGY, Powder Puff Football, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, ILY, Loni, Steph, God: CA, NP, TA, Great times wf the Class of 88 - We Made It Guys YEAH! Stormy Shook FOODS, Thanks Mom, Dad, Kev. ILY. Thanks DB, BA, NN, RL, DS, UT, JP + Sheehe, Memories ofDM + DPLookoutO.C., '88W1. Brian Smith PLUMBING, I want to thank all the people who helped me this year: CB, TH, KM, SM, OM, ICE, CR, TB, KW, SW, and my cousin RODD: Brian, BKA, Smitty, Thanks Mom 8: Dad Lynn Sines RPG, NHS, Thanx, ILY Dad, Mom, Jenn Sr James - you too Gram Gr Gramps. Fun thru the yrs wf Julie, PR, TS, MW, BS, PA, SL, JU, JA. GT at work wf ST, HT. Christina Smith BUSINESS, "Tina," SGA Hist., BCSC, FBLA, SADD, Off.fTY - Mom, Dad, Gram, God! GT wf Heav, LH, DS,JN, NM, EM, CD, AL, MS C, MS R, "Green Bomb," AZ- HIC. I I l V dw., W is-.... 197 Valerie Sonntag BUSINESS, V-VB, BB, SB, NHS Pres, ILY Mom Sr Dad, Thanks Sisters, Dubrokas, Ms. Hanlin, Great Times with Megan, AM, MT, AN, AF. Todd Stachowski SHEET METAL, Thanx Mom St Dad, Demented Times wjMZ, JG, TH, EM: RUSH 41, Celtic Frost, SOD, Nuke B-104, MOSH!! Leonard Stewart ELECTRICITY, Thanx Mom St Dad I love you! Senior Week '88, We finally made it! Seniors Rule, Good Time With Friends. 198 N W BEGINNING - , C .. . U . AAS:-:::! 'msivlx-X1:Kffs'il: ..-.. -Si Q ,K I ,...,.. -,WX,.. .. ,, . --' ,--- I ,. . dw qw, r . X MWF Angela Soth NURSING, ILY Doug! Thanx, ILY Dad, Good Times wf the NSG gang 8: friends MB CGet Righ- teousl, DK, LM, KC, SC Sr gang. OC '88, Nicholas Stamthis AUTO MECHANICS, "Slick Nick," JV Wrestling ILY Tracy - Mustang '77 - Great times on the boat wfTC, Ox, JB, TC, RB, DM. OC Here I come! John Stout MACHINE SHOP, V-Football, 324, Varsity E, ILY Stacey, ILY Mom 8: Dad, Good Times wf Friends, GG, MC, PG, CR, NM. Kelly South FOODS, Thanks Mom 8: Dad, FriendsfMP, UT, JK, KB, NR. T0 become a real estate Broker. '88 01. ,.,..u- Charles Stanclilf ELECTRICITY - Mom - Grand- ma, I love and Thank you both so much! Dad, you'll always be a part of me, I miss you! - It's been nice, John. Jeffrey Stromer MACHINE SHOP, Thanx Mom 8 Dad 8 Sue, ILY Christa! Good Times wfMC, JK, MG, BT, TC, BH, Iron Maiden, OC, '88. Julie Spellerberg DATA-RPG, Good times with! Lynn, DP, SL, JU, JA, JG. Thanx Mom, Dad Sr Yvette! I'll always love you, Jim! TBM H2-11-89" Good luck everyone 8: have fun! Lawrence Staten DIESEL, Thanks Mom Sr Dad For everything Thanks KB, ST, RC, Mr. Pluemer, I finally made it. '88 Diesel F1 Good times wj RL, JM, GB, Shelia, BA, ML Goodbye EVT. 'Qix Robert Swiger MACHINE SHOP, Thanx Mom 86 Dad, SWAG,'68 Camaro, Good times wf PM, RH, RB, JN, SD, MR, RB, 88 Rules. Marleen T auber BUSINESS, ILY Mom, Dad 8: Sisters! SADD V-Pres, Yearbook, FBLA, Special Si' Fun Times wfVS, AM, KW, MN, KW, TS, OX, :Sr DH. Scott Thommen BODY REPAIR, Thanx Dad 8: Mom, Good Times at OC. Sky- lark, Good Times wjJH, RB, RH, RL. Herbert Tremper BODY REPAIR, Nickname Chuck, GT at OC. Mopar "440," Tremper Racing Team ffl Thanx Mom and Dad. AFTER GRADUATIO ' Dawn Tawney PRINTING, Cheerleading, Vol- leyball, SGA, Party Hard, Thanx Mom Br Dad, Good x's wfJC, PH, TR, BV, LUV Joe 4 ever 10j11f86. ,, A was-wwe Brian Thrift MACHINE SHOP, V-Basketball, Thanx Mom, Partying wfFriends JS, JB, CB, BH, MD, TD, "You're the master of your own destiny." Tule Truong COSMETOLOGY, Great Times wfOK, VL, TS, MW, PT, KD, KB, Thanks to MN, PP, I Love You Xuong, Party wffriends Vi' "fY.:iE::f??1X!5'lrfz:mEi'' -' - ' .f,,-ij,-312 is 5 ' ii ff., 'f'.g',l,g5g,3'f ,YI -,,, - ..'. . Louis Taylor PLUMBING, I Finally Made It. '70 Nova, OC Here we come, Thanx Mom, Dad, Lisa, :Sr Pete, Great Times wj TM, KL, MG, TC, MH 88I Lori Tobely NURSING, ILY Mom Sr Dad, "Luv ya John." Good Friends TM, KB, SS, MB, S 8: I. "What 2 do?" Thanx God, I made it. I A 0 532 .-- 'K' Paula Twine DATA-COBOL, NHS, FBLA, TENNIS, ILY MOM Sr DAD, BOB MY LOVE NOW Sr FOREVER 8f17f 84, '85 IS STILL ALIVE, GOOD TIMES Wf TP, CS, TG, MK 88 Christina Thomas FOODS, TEEN, ILY MOM, HAH, Jessi, Dani, Tim, U-John Sr Jeff. Good Times Sr Laughs wfShell, Mic, Kev, JA, MD, JH, DP, Foods Goofs. THX Sheehe. Look out OC! '5ZEEr"' i' ' X W Asiiiwz K 7 .1 I.. ' O , if . X Kgs XFN eg' fig- - . K Ursula Trayham FOODS, Urs. Thanx Mom Br Sis, Good Times wf CH, KW, AM, LS, KS, KS, SS, SS, TK, JP, LM, Good luck Sherry OC '88, l made it! EVT. Patrice Tyler COSMETOLOGY, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, ILY Shakeisha, Good Luck Class of '88, Great Times wf AA, LW, KL, GA, LA, JT, PT, CM, JD. 199 MOST ATHLETIC -, , , K, 5 si . . wk., it. .1 John Upright DATA-RPG, Wrestling, La- crosse, Good times wfRW, SL, BL, DL, DR, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, LA, ML, AM - Will be busted, Heavy Metal Rules! Angela Warnick ELECTRONICS, I Luv ya Sweet- heart! ILU Sr Thx Mom Sr Dad, Mems - GA, TJ, JT, KB, BY, BD, JH, JR, JS, GS, DA, Never Surren- der! 200 Craig Votta PLUMBING, Varsity Wrestling, Thanks Mom Sr' Dad, party wjTS, AS, JP, MR, GP, Pink Floyd, Zepplin, 100 GRX, O.C. '88. Kristen Wamfick BUSINESS, I LOVE YOU MIKE NAPOLILLO! 10j22f85, Good Times wjLM, MT, AL, KF, RH. Track Mgr. I Love You Mom Br Dad, KISS 41 - Paul Stanley. Brian Ude DRAFTING, JV-V Baseball, Thanks to my whole family Great times with KB, JR Sr DFT Class, Thank you EVT. Kelly Wallis BUSINESS, YB, FBLA, SADD - sec., Thanx Mom 81 Dad. GXWj MT, MT, AM, CH, EV Sr palz. Pet Shop Boys, Duran 2, U2, Cure, echo BM, DM, NO, England. dk' ws Lori Watkins COSMETOLOGY, Botfw PT, DS, CB, LT, BW, AA, JD, ILY, Mom Sr Dad Sr Char, '88 COS girls, 31, Kim L, Friends 4-ever, Get it Girls. Mike Unfried AUTO, Thanks Mom and Dad, 70 Challenger R-T, Cro-Mags, An- thrax, Partying with my friends MG, MH, JT, JS. Brett Wamer ELECTRICITY, "Led ZeppeIin," 68 Camaro, Great friends, Tom A, RH, GB, DM, DH, LW, BR, WF, LC, EH, AB, O.C. '88, Love M Sr D, Kim Jeannie Watson PRINTING, Class of '88 31, Thank's Mom 8: Dad, ILY Good Times wjCD, MN, DM, PH, PG, DT, KC, Party Time AT, O.C. Sr HAWAII!! Carolynn Webster BUSINESS, I made it Mom 8: ILY, Best Friends wfTammy 4- ever, My best buddie Heather, Great Times wfTS, KI-I, VL. ILY Steve. OST SPIRIT ED Darren Weddenbum PRINTING, '88 Printing F1 al- ways. Thank you Mom 8: Dad, Good Times wfCS, SM, ci., ow, KC, TS, BD, ML, lB.L. next yr.J TJ, BSfO.C. Q Keith Wehner CARPENTRY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Good Times with the Laz- erks, CW, CC, Angie I Luv ya. Randy Weyfonfh DATA-COBOL, TM, DL, JS ar on ZAP! GT wf Longo, AM LA, ML, DR. Mom, Dad, Rob, Troll. I Love You Lori. LMW. It can't get any worse. COBOL BYTES! Scott Wehner CARPENTRY, VICA, Party wf Friends, R.Y.M.: TM, DB, BW, RF, CC, Thanks Mom 8: Dad, I Love You Pammy, Metallica 41. Robert Wheeler DIESEL, I finally made it, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, The best of times with my brother Chuck St my best friend Vince, Bob loves Faith forever. 'N David Wentworth CARPENTRY, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Great Times wfJW, LT, LD and Mr. Mike. Gregory White PLUMBING, The White Wolf, The Hackers Incorporated, TM 8: DFE, TFSG in '88. TPO '88, and IHIGAJWGM. Michelle Werner BUSINESS, Thanx Sf ILY Mom Sr Dad, Good Times wj VL, TS, JT, MK, BK, LS. O,C. '88. Tracy White NURSING, Nsg Club, ILY Mom Sr Dad, memories with JK, JG, SR, KB, MB, MJ, LZ, LT. I love you Larry 4-29-87. 201 Steve Williams PLUMBING, Thanks Mom :Sr Dad, Eastern Baseball Fl, I love you Jen, BS, CV, TB, BW, RB. April Woolfrey COSMETOLOGY, Love ya Mom 8: Dad. Party wfDS, PH, LM, MN, DH. Forever Dave! Pink Floyd, Zeppelin-Leather 8: Lace! Black Roses! Rebecca Youngbar NURSING, I love you Scott! Thanks Mom Sr Dad. Uljust died in your arms tonight" Sp. Fr. KB, AW, TW, KB, LT. Goodbye EVT. Hello Scott! Honk! Honk! 202 'X E MADE IT!" Charles Windisch AfC-REFRIGERATION, Thanks Steve, Mom Sr Dad, I love you Missy, Dragin' a Cecil, '70 El Camino, Good times with SW, DB, LS, BO, My friend BUD, See you at the Mosh! Lipman Woon AUTO, Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Chess, Fiero, Monster Trucks, Great times wfRD, SM, LD, RH, LW, RF, JB, AM, CH, S-N-W. Robeit Younts BODY REPAIR, Iron Heads, Great Times wfCosie Poo, Tl, CT, SS, RD, DW, Thanks Ma Sr Pa, I luv Janet, OC here I come, ACfDC ffl, Aerosmith. Bryan Wolinski PLUMBING, Thanx Mom Sr Dad, Priest, ACDC Forever, It's over and I made it. Good times with BW, RF, 8: JR. Time for OC. William Wright ELECTRONICS, Class Histori- an, Newspaper Photographer, PTSA Rep., School Publicity, Thank you Mom Sr Dad, Thanks Everyone! Bye. Lisa Zornes DATA-COBOL, Badmitton, NHS, ILY Mom Si' Dad, Great times wj PT, TP, CS, DD, KB, TW. l'll miss you all!! See ya in OC!! Class of '88 fl!!! int, if Dale Wood PRINTING, "Possum," Thanx Mom St Dad, V-Baseball SGA, JR Litho, Great times wfAIF, Franky, Lunch Crew, DT, SB, AZ. '74 Val- iant. OC bound. fi John Young CARPENTRY, Baseball, Thanks Mom Sr Bo, I love you and you too, Dad. Good times wjChuck Man, JC, MR, JO, JP, Chunky, Raisen Neck, JH Sr CH. wwf? MOST LIKELY TO BE REIVIEIVIBERED 'Y 'X S Johnny Adams Dawn Perdue , V? Debbie Felts Best Looking Doug Hoenig 205 , ii M N N Qs M. Q xx Q. 1 xv ,pw-if 1 204 5 ii M, , .x A,A, 1 .AA wwf' 5' S, I . :k.,, :W , I: VVV E ivgl .-1,1 3 . Z EZ, BABGXQ .M ,W x ' if 9' 205 G 0 'il ,,,.f' wr f L. 206 .1 'V L in TEST LITTLE BABY FACE 1 E !,1i1Qt4 -T s S A r 4 ff Tw Y w QF S 4 J X N K X Q FQ X X Q gil A EEA b . ' ' h bbi:5EE X Www , Q N-gun: 207 208 We NM .cw rnine?? Steph it's been great I! Much more to come - can't wait! Jo - member all the fun, all the lau- ghing and pics, make up buying-OO those great parks-IH-kill us! alley eat- ting-gas-and it went . . . I Fagers-swimming everywhere-giv- ing that PG look-to name a few-whew- thank goodness we have 4 Bill Sr Joyce Klingelhofer Mark Klingelhofer U-CON-Bowl KIMBO SKRUTSKI LUV YA ROBIN "ELECTRA" SKITTLES SKRUTSKI PEPPER SAYS ME TOO! NANA MAC Nana Klingelhofer Pop Pop Klingelhofer Hocky-Puck-Ron-Skrutski PROFESSlONALfMOM I LOVE YOU LEAH, PAUL ALWAYS RE- MEMBER LITTLE BUNCH "FIRST LOVE", LM8rPK STILL MY HALFPINT, SEXY CUTEST COUPLE - PAUL -N- LEAH I LUV YA WITH ALL OF MY HEART!! NEVER FOR- GET LM-PK CHRIS PASCOE, forever and ever til the end oftime YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MINE, 7-15-86. TRISHA SCHIELD Mr. Sr Mrs. James Schield Rob VA -N Michelle Rob VA -N Michelle Rob VA -N Michelle Rob VA -N Michelle Rob VA -N Michelle HEAV N GARY 8127 2 Verb Sr Scapl HS F.F. Natalie TS "What, Chuck?" Luv ya John Y. I LOVE YOU LARRY BATES Always Angel DeBoe Lou, I'm glad I met you I hope it lasts forever Through good times Br bad RANDY -n- TAMMY ll--21-87 METALLICA RULES THE WORLD TONYA, FRIENDSHIP IS THE BEST BET! LOVE, BRANDY TONYA -N- KEVIN 10-13-87 Jimmy, you've made a big difference in my life. Just remember,l'II always love you. I hope we stay together for- ever! LOVE ALWAYS, Colleen Tim, I love You, Michelle Leah darling, We've been through a lot, bad and good and you were always there thanx a lot! Love, Shell. Teen, welp it's over, Thanx for being there when I needed ya. I can't believe it's over. OC LOOK OUT '8842'1, Love ya, Shell. Gonna miss ya, Mr B. Michelle, CS,JY, Sr Me, Petey HIT THE SLOPES! Miss ya Cianciulli! LA Love Ya, Pattikins! EAH Thanx los Sr Sheil! ILY Michelle ILY, Aunt Karen Sr Uncle Paul Good Luck '91 ERHARDT Megadeath Grits Rule fish are the best Keith -N- Karie 4-ever Kathy loves Jeff Monica -N- Eric 4-ever Steph -N- Shane always Pinker loves Wayne Kevin Baker is a Fox Tosha loves Andy always l PATRoNs Love You, Bill '67 527 Chevelle Rules Fords are slow! Michele and Becky B.F.F. EASTERN GIRLS SOCCER171 Hey SKIbaIl!!! Becky Loves Gary Forever!! Stephanie loves Steve!! Roni Pollock -N- Wayne Clark I love Rob fsurprisell Do you know who? Joe, you are my world and I hope I nev- er lose you. I LOVE YOU, SEXY! Joe -n- Ang TOGETHER FOREVER Kimberly Jean Dailey LOVES James Edward Lee III 12712786 T.B,M. SOYABOYAWOYA, SWEETHEART? JULIE LOVES JIM JULIE -N- JIM TBM 2-11-89 Good Luck Lynn, T.S. JIM -N- JULIE "9-3-85" Thanks Mom Sr Dad, Julie Bessie Janet Sr Jimmy Laura -N- George Thanks Mitch Class of '88 Dale Kozub Elaine Kozub Marion Donnelly Joyce Kraft Amy Kozub WE + RD, TG BEST FRIENDS Ronda loves Pat Barb loves Walt Heidi loves Dave Fish are W1 I Love You Lindsay, Love Kim I luv you Mom Sr Frank Kim-N-Mikki, Best Buds 4-ever Oreta - Crazy times lluv you Dad 8: Deb Good Luck Dawn Luv Mom+Dad Good Luck Dawn D. Luv Colleen I luv u Dawn - BF Coll BEST OF LUCK DAWN I LOVE YOU TODD LOVE, DAWN Hey, Denise Paulus! You can Chris Gray KELLY PATTY DENISE DAWN Chris G. What a Babe! Dawn and Jake Bunny and Pumpkin Scooter and Binky "Babe, I LOVE YOU!" "Hi.little boy!" Good Luck Mike - Luv Ya MOM+DAD Pete and Linda Friedel Mike 78r Larry - Have a fun summer STRYPER ff 1 CHEVY 1? 1 Dawn Loves Rob 12-1-86 Love Grandma Renner Love Grandad Renner Good Luck Dawn, Mom8rDad LEEANNA AND RICK 1-28-87 Ruby Loves Chris GO NAVY!! Domenica Loves Rob! Florida - Here I come!! MARLENE -N- JOHN 4-ever MAR-N-SHEL friends 4-ever Michele -N- Tom 4-ever Your Friendly Teller Doti We love ya Shelly, Mom + Dad Bob, our love will last forever. I Love You, Missy Mark, We've been through so much. I'm glad we worked it out. I hope we stay 2gether. I love you so much. Love, Moni- ca Rob, my forever lover, D.P. Even though you're miles away, we're so close. I Love you. forever and ever! Rach Sr Sher Best Friends Allie + Stacy Best Friends forever! Rachel -N- Jeff 4-ever Sher - Remember African Rit! METALLICA RULES ARSIN Tom Loves Michele The engine is so parful SKWUSH!!!!!!!!! Might M does the BRAWNY Wayne's a Minnow Annette Loves Rich Terrie G. wuvs Scotty S. Carla Loves Danny 11-28-86 Kassie, sure do miss you hope to keep in touch forever love, Sarah Brandy Me still loves you and always will. S.S. Dishons Love You Cheryl Thanks Faculty + Staff Cramer + Rusty Dishon Carrie, EEEEE, Cheryl Duke, got any worm spale Chandler, Thanks for Everything! Good Luck. Brian Shelly loves Frank 4-ever Sexy Babette Morningstar Well isn't that special DEBBIE LOVES JIMMY ll-EVER JIMMY LOVES DEBBI 4-EVER BEST OF BUDS + MEMOS GINA JEANNETTE, GINA, CARLA, LEAH Scraps, Dink, Troll I miss Ya THE DINKER AND THE DOOBIE GINA LOVES DENNIS 4-EVER TROLL-WHAT ABOUT SAT. NITE? SCRAPPY POWER - LY Scraps Nicely, Where's the Guuch? Hey Troy-Boy LY Gina I LUV THERESA STUNEY - TODD TODD -N- THERESA 9-15-85 T.B. + T.S. TOGETHER FOREVER Kim Laubach-n-Charles Pictroszka till death do us part Good times wj Lori,Ann,Patrice Tony S. Sr David C111 STRIKE FORCE W1 MAGNUM TA 86 BARRY ARE NOT ROAD WARRIORS GYSTING ff 1 SUPER POWERS W' 1 ROCK-N-ROLL EXPRESS 0' 1 STARRCADE '87 P.A. Sr G.S. P.G.'s Best EVT PTSA ffl Mr. Bailey Len Hanson GM V1 Helper Shane Fagan U2 if 1 I Love You M. P. TODD -N- ROBIN '89 PRINTERS ff 1 I LOVE YOU DAWN JAKE -n- Dawn Pumpkin -N- Bunny J.T. Good Luck with everything Goodbye E.V.T. l'll miss you, Marleen Fun wj Eric Br John, Buddies forever Thanks Sr good luck Kelly. Amy, Val, Sr Kris To Mr. Hurdle, from, pd. 4 Cherl loves Rich Goodtimes wf "Mar", Amy. Chrissie, Urs, Michelle Ocen City - Summer of '88 The Church Lady G0 Mr. Viet Michelle Loves Jeff Eric Loves Cindy Shelly Loves Chuck Kim D. GOOD FRIENDS FOREVER LOVE, YA O.K. Best times wf KD, MB, VL, JT, KL The bad part ofgraduating is knowing that you've grown out of your high school days and all they are now are memories. - D.P. John Y.: l'Il miss all of our times to- gether, good, and bad. Even though you are 'itaken" don't forget about me. Love, Domenica Class of '88 - O.C. bound We love ya, C.L. Good luck V-VB, Valerie Good Luck Ang, Amy, Kim Best Friends - Megan, Val JENN,YOU'RE THE BEST SISTER ANY- ONE COULD HAVE, THANX FOR EV- ERYTHING - Lynn You haven't been such a bad brother! Thanks. ILY O.K. MADRE YOU LUSH, TEEN MOM, HEY I LOVE YA, TEEN MIKE D LET's PARTY, BOO! Timmy, You are so special to me 8: I love you, thanx 4 being there LOVE YOU, "FOREVER", TINA BUTCH YOU BIG NERD. love TEEN. JOHN HOLT - CHEAPEST GUY IN TOWN JEN, MIC, Sr JOHNNY, let's go 2 the movies. 51 night JEN, DID YOU GENUFLECT? Thanks Nan for everything, you're the best! Tina Trouse, work with me babe! Hey Leo Main! Love Patti Heather loves Him and so do I! Hey Ron: Hi - Lynn Ray-N-Stacy James - Good luck thru your H.S. Years Love you Gerald Jennifer, Good luck in your next 4 yrs. at E.V.T., Shelly JOHNNY WONNY Do Me TENNIE - WENNIE - YELLOW POLKA- DOT BIKINI Tennie Tornado, Hurricane Hubbe OOOWA!! OOOWA!! Dave, d0n't shave! Kev, Baby ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES. WE STILL LOVE YOU, TEEN, MIC, JEN. Party at Pam's, BE THERE Kev In the Popple tent Spoons wfKev. Mic, Teen, Jen Good Morning Viet-Nam! Silver Bullet Sr Our '66 '88 O.C, Crew 71st Street Kelly "Aichi" Wallis Love you Gail Heather Sr Bill Jim Sr Cindy Bobby Sr Paula 8f17f84 I love you, Tigger A 8: F Class of '85-'69 Firebird Bob W. 86 Paula T. 8717784 Thanx Tam for being there Love you. Babs RAY-N-STACY 211 Pea Q Q-tw 321 Leah back, I ll Cheeks Page 204 1 - Bernie Humphrey - "Caught A Big One" 2 - Patie Mcliennaii- "l don't want to go to school!" Z5 - Jim Edwards - WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE 4 - Joe Onheiser - Joe Cool 5 - Bruce Lancaster - He's thinking! 6 - Angelique Lomboy - "Send food." 7 - John Upright - BUSTED! 8 - Noelle Massey - UI want Scott for Xmas!" 4, 9 - JeffStromer - !'Mom, what do you mean I canjt 1 go hunting?" +10 - Mike Chromo - l'Thanks, Easter Bunnylf 011 - Michelle Krach - Story Time tttttc, 1 it 12 - Julie Spellerburg - 'lAhhh baby!" " 1 ff J T 1 206 1 Patrice Purtdiem up!" 2 Marlene! 5 Cheryl 4 wine Patty-cake, 5 - Flower 6 "Take '72, Ain t Santa Bed-time o did they ,, ? to tcttt t W -T Slnes Cri der Lori A- .www- ---msis-ig lf: " , ,bi Ri!! N t it S an - A .-c.- .X :BQ ,. - S: Gina - Kelly F - ta Ore Ruby to go!" Leah my 1 man as a tyke! SALVAJE SUPPLEMENT EM T. rn Voc-Tech High Sch l CIIS VARSITY BASEBALL The 1988 Varsity Base- ball team finished the season with a winning record of 11-7. The coach, Mr. Gast, was very pleased with the season, but wished the team would have made the re- gional play-offs. Several outstanding players were: Dennis Dillman, 5rd base and Daryll Dor- sey, shortstop making 1st team all county, Brian Ude, taking 2nd team all- county honors: Don Long, 1st base with hon- orable mention, and Phil Scott with his outfielding. Bottom Row, L to R: Ron Squires, Dennis Dillman, Daryll Dorsey, Steve Wil- liams, Dale Wood. Middle Row: Glenn Rigby, Bob Densmore, Phil Scott, Troy Coppell, Dale Franke. Top Row: Brian Ude, Chad Hoppeit, Don Long, Coach Gast. Junior Varsity Baseball The 1989 J.V. Baseball Team finished with a record of 10 wins and 6 losses. The team led the division for most of the season before losing the title to Catonsville. Fine pitching performances were turned in by Rich Karl and Steve Green, in- cluding Green's no hitter against Sparrows Point. Offensively, the Mav- ericks played very ag- gressively, stealing 108 bases. Leading hitters were Bobby Jackson, Tony Rappazzo, and Dave Catlin. 2 -wwf -w -v - -- K 1 J r Top Row, L to R: Phil T esterman, Brian Freund, Mark Baumgartner, Bobby Jackson, Tony Rappazzo, Steve Green, Chris Weir, Coach Scrivener. Bottom Row: Chad Collins, Wayne Clark, Jimmy Reese, Tom Bateman, Mark Cavey, John Schisler, Rusty Pachilis, Dave Catlin. Not Shown: Rich Karl, Brian Koz- lowski. Managers: Joy Van Arsdale, Sherry Shepherd. VARSITY SCFT BALL ,EDI .4 Back Row, L to R: Tammy Cxlotfelty, Kim Sonntag, Amy Fleiner, Mary Gabriel, Melinda Kapraun, Lisa Kaminski, Priscilla Craskins, Ms. Moran. Front Row: Anna Alatzas, Cheryl Brown, Valerie Sonntag, Lori Blume, Michelle Lundgren, Kim Caniglio, Kelly McNeil. The 1988 Varsity Softball team finished their sea- son with 5 wins and 7 losses. Coach Moran said 'xLearning to be a better player and having fun are right up there with win- ning! We were a ltogeth- er' team!" Outstanding players were: Lori Blume, 4 yrs. varsity player and Valerie Sonntag, 5 yrs. Varsity Players to make all county: Cheryl Brown lst team all county: Val- erie Sonntag and Amy Fleiner 2nd team all county. Junior Varsity Softball Bottom Row, L to R: Robin Dieterich, Rachel Hetterman, Jennifer Pierazio, Michele Smith, Clarissa Wagner, Stacy Myers, Amy Ciabbert, Renee Thomp- son. Top Row: Ms. Klein, Heather Sobozak, Heather Stachowski, Stephanie Cunningham, Penny Kalathas, Traci Miller, Stacy Sanders, Kim Gerst, Lisa Byrd, Susan Caniglio. The J .V. Softball team fin- ished their season at 6 wins and 5 losses. Ms. Klein was very pleased with the performance of the team as they tied for second place in the league. The highest bat- ting average was obtain- ed by Stacy Myers. Best defense play, Stacy San- ders. 3 The Varsity Lacrosse team had a fine season, with 4 wins and 5 losses. With very few experi- enced varsity players, they made a great deal of progress. The outstand- ing players were: Don Cullings in the goal, Matt O'Reefe with offensive leadership, Steve Hall in the junior attack, and Greg Greene at defense. Freshman coach Matt Biedemian led a frosh- dominated junior Varsity Lacrosse squad to a four win season that featured many promising players. A blend of aggressive de- fense and improidng stickwork kept this team in most games until the last minutes. l 4 VARSITY LACROSSE Lacrosse, Back Row, L to R: Bill Morningstar, Glen Goff, Dave Wagner, Don Cullings, Mr. McCubbin, Greg Greene, Shane Fagan, Mike Donnelly, ScottJor- dan. 2nd Row: Ray Lazerth, Jack See, Steve Hall, Steve Longo, Brian Porter, Ralph Martinez, Matt O'Reefe, Tony Ferenetti, John Upright. J .V. LACRGSSE N in an Q Eggfr as " alan: me ma I 5557595 1 sisfmm Rl 20 13,-S? gmt J YSE xssfs' 3 5 i 5 L iililfiilili J.V. Lacrosse, Back Row, L to R: Earl Rile, Mike Murphy, Doug Stark, Rich De- John, Milt Herget, Jim McCabe, Keith Simmons. Front Row: Sue Slike, Pa- china Kelly, Terry Bradney, Gary Taylor, Happy Hammer, Joe Carter, Horman Schwertzer, Andy Neil, Brian Forward, Dave May, Chris Beatty, Brian Heck. Rneeling: Roni Mastin. Back Row, L to R: Tim Eikenberg, Jason Miller, George Blevins, Rick Tarbur- ton, Mike Ritz, Coach Clark. 2nd Row: Greg Greene, Eric Owens, Chandler Ray, David Clark, Jennifer Dombrowski, 5rd Row: Nichole Deems, Jeff Sefa, Anjanette Wabnum. Front Row: Brandy Ritterpusch, Lequisia Mumford. VARSITY GOLF ffl? Q Viv .Q x if 3 iss 1 . Front Row, L to R: Mike Jenkins, Jason Mattheu, Dan Dailey, Middle Row: Da- vid Ziegelheafer, Robert Adams, Mr. Bielski, John Conway. Back Row: Brian VARSITY TENNIS Back Row, L to R: Tom Maszcenski, Paul McNulty, Bill Taylor, Todd Snyder, Scott Swan, Ms. Hanlin. Front Row: Heather Wayland, Jennifer Rrach, Rim Bolten, Angela Napolillo, Noel Pawlack. Killian, Jason. TRACK Every spring Coach Lou Clark gathers together a band' of track specialists, football players, and nov- ices and they go out and challenge the best in the county. This year's top performers were Dave Clark in mile and half mile: Brandy Ritterpusch with a 200m record, Jen Dombrowski, school record shot put and Chandler Ray school re- cord in long jump. The 1988 Varsity Golf Team teed-off on an im- proving season with ace player Robert Adams and his enthusiastic mates. The retuming players were Adams, John Con- way, David Ziegelheafer, and Mike Jenkins. Mr. Bielski has hopes for a super year in '89 with his new-found experience. Robert Adams finished in the top ten and won a match. Coach Nancy I-lanlin's tennis team also draws both specialists and ath- letes from other sports. After the large tumout is pared down, they go out to brave the wet and cold essex spring season. This year they featured Tom Maszcenski at 41 singles and Heather Wayland at women's W1 singles. 5 SCPHOIVIGRE DANCE This year's sophomore dance was unique in many ways. It featured the first light and smoke show with a sweet straw- berry scent wafting through the dance. 'iCome Light Up Your Night" was the theme and Danny Breeze was the DJ. Also, a bubble machine was used to augment the theme. Mr. Kimos and Ms. Massey at- tended, of course, and even took time to join in the festivities. 6 LIL ABIYER SPRING MUSICAL On April 14 the theatre department presented its spring musical, Lil' Ab- ner. Set in rural Dog- patch, the theme centers around Sadie Hawkins Day when the ladies in town set out to capture their men. On this page we see, upper left, Cheryl Dishon as Marryin' Sa- mantha as she leads the cast in the memorable lklubilation T. Corn- pone." Above, Michelle Kramer and Steve Shull are Pappy and Mammy Yokum. At left, Carrie Auld as Apassionetta tiles her nails while the cast takes care of busi- ness. At center, the cast joins in the finale, and Mr. Gray and Mike Friedel act as General Bullmoose and Lil' Abner. Finally, another Mammy, Stacy Spangler, has it out with Pappy. The play ran for three nights to enthusias- tic audiences. 7 JUNIOR PROM TIME 'w,.sW 1 , ft , X You turn your new ring for the first time at the Junior Prom. This year the theme was 'lThe Time Of Our Lives" and the band was Smile. The class colors of burgundy and white were in evidence everywherep even the balloons sported those proud colors. 8 Q My k,:,,V 5s mieraffril ,il-' - f W T ,L V2 :!V,V'k,fL!g In 'l m , g NA mf' ' WW 4 ,, , tyklg ffi iff' it 'ti MMV.- il y, it 3 to A A Ki Q uf' Q, ,V ., I 4. " 4 f v f A V - .4 .. . L 41" .nu SGA SPRING DANCE E.V.T. enjoyed their last dance of the school year wearing their summer jams and T-shirts. They all jam- med down to the latest sounds of the band Onyxx. On this page close friends show the friendship which has developed over the school year. The musical group features our own stu- dents who have played here successfully many times. xi 9 AWARDS ASSEMBLY 5 s s 5 5 EXCELLENCE IN ACT IDN Our Annual Awards Assem- bly in the spring rewards the efforts of those who get in- volved like: fopposite pagel Jeff Hammerbacker, Beider- man Family Award: Bruce Lancaster, Junior Engineer- ing Technical Society: Jes- sica Eike, Amy Manfredi, Tammy Shanklin, Joan Graf, and Deanna Sarenceno - ROTC5 yr. Scholarshipp fthis pageb Kyle Broda - Junior Engineering Technical Soci- ety: Lipmon Woon - Music Award: Lori Blume - Nurs- ing Award: Scot Burnham - Music Award: William Wright - obtains another awardg and Jennifer Belcher - Highest GPA in Nursing. More reasons why EVT is al- ways on top. 11 SENIOR PROM '88 The Senior Class of 1988 danced their Senior Prom night away at lVlartin's Eudo- wood on May 27, 1988. The Prom theme was Hldlello, Goodbye" by Phil Collins, a song with much meaning to the graduating Seniors. On these pages we have cap- tured the emotions, the laughs, the pride, the togeth- erness of the Class of '88. 12 J. UHELLO - GGODBYEH V, 1.69 fj':"':'y 3 1 5 f ww'-ww-N W O FAREWELL ASSEMBLY 14 K 5 X S X COLLAGE l li CCIVIIVIENCEIVIENT '88 A Q S E 3 AT ECC As the photographs on these pages reveal this Saturday morning gradu- ation was a day of mixed emotions. Mr. Pluemer, EVT's principal of eigh- teen years, is happy to see his graduates go on to their new experiences, but he usually fights back a tear or two as he is moved by the loss of an- other flock. In other pic- tures family members pose with pride: an in- structor is struck with the humor ofit all, friends say goodbye for what could be some time, and there are assorted Hwords of Wisdom" and best wishes all around. 17 .P- , SALVAJE STAFF 3951? ' ff 1 , fffk-WWW, V I7:z'.v"fr'.,3EZZi1h -' - ' " 'QW ' 'iw , :??.,Y .1 41. I . ff ...W I UThis was one of the best staffs l have had in eleven years with the yearbook," commented advisor J. R. Bailey. Behind editor Do- menica Provost, the only re- turning student, the team forged new ideas and retain- ed favorite features to pro- duce an innovative book. Here we see the class in ac:- tion in the classroom and at the historic breakfast when the books are first seen by the staff. 18 x.,.g.,-f .w""'i-5,9 -6 Sa Sean, Sometimes I Think You Don't Know How Much I Love You. I'Il Prove It To You Someday. - Love, Dawn Dawn Sr Sean-6-19-87-A8rF Cindy, Class of '89 Paul, It's been a year and you're the best. I Love You with all my heart. Love, Dawn Kelly Roglnson, You Goose! I Love You Chucky, Always-A.M. I Love You Chucky, Always I Love You Chucky, Always I Love You Chucky, Always Timmy Brown is a babe!! Confusion has struck Thanx for everything: Mr. Pluemer Senior RPG Rules Katie Love Jason Jason Loves Katie Kenwood '68 Rock -n- Cass ONYXX Amanda Renee Johnson Dorothy Crowley '90 Printer's are W1 Sharon Crowley '88 COBOL CREW KIM, BONNIE, PAUL, KAREN, TODD, CHRIS: Don't Forget The Great Times in Cobol. Bye, Bye COBOL Buddies! Dill, I'II cherish the time we had together, the warmth of your hug, St tenderness of your touch. Love You, Barb I do Love You, Babs! B-N-B FOREVER B. REIDER LOVES B. ELLIOT Babs -n- Billy 6-1-85 Jaki, I love you, forever Charles, I love you Charles -n- Jaki 5-18-87 We'II be together forever. AC1DC rules Varsity Volleyball 111 Val, I'lI miss you, AF Hi! Emiebirt Sr Oscar, AF I'll miss you a lot C.V. You're soo cute!! Bob, OUR LOVE IS AN EVER- LASTING FIRE THAT WILL NEVER DIE. I'LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS. '69 FIREBIRD RULES BOBBY Sr PAULA 8117184 Patti, I NEVER KNEW WHAT LOVE WAS UNTIL I FOUND YOU. I LOVE YOU! JOE Thanks for your help and support, Mr. Brent and Ms. Waesche - We'II miss you! Love, Patti 8: Joe The Best Class Ever - '88! Classiest Ladies Ever - Business '88-Thanx Mrs. D.! I'II miss you-Love, Patti Bye, Bye Mr. 8r Mrs. Novalis! FOREVER IN MY ARMS - PSU JOE-YOU HOLD A VERY SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART -THNX FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME - LOVE, PATTI NOW Sr FOREVER-THE FUTURE IS OURS JOE! MY FIRST LOVE - MY ONLY LOVE! WE CAN MAKE OUR DREAMS PATRONS '88 COME TRUE-TOGETHER! PATTI STILL LOVIN' YOU JOE- YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MINE! LOVING YOU FOREVER, PATTI WHEN I THINK OF YOU PATTI Sr JOE - LOVE CAN LAST Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES RAMSEY CHARLES BARNHART St' FAMILY BERNICE P. JONES PENROSE :Sr EMILY JONES CHARLES St' RENEE JONES . Candi Loves Scott Leight Hi, Kim and Jen-Jen Hi, Wendy and Diane ANTHRAX RULES GRITS RULE Carla-N-Kevin FOREVER Ursula, with love - Mom Urs talk - Ashley Grinage Ursula Sr Chrissie B. F. I like Lawrence - Ursula Parkville High ffl Maddie Loves George D. Maddie-n-George D. 6-29-87 George Loves Maddie 4-ever 6-29-95 can't wait G.D.-M.K. DON LOVES DAWN DON LOVES DAWN DON LOVES DAWN Gina D. Loves Mike C. Mike, it's me Sr you forever Carl Loves Pam FOREVER '88 SENIOR WEEK GOODBYE E.V.T. I Love Carl Pam Loves Carl Patric Luvs Gregory Patrice Lovs Gregory '89 Printers Rule Patrice Luvs Shakeisha Reesy Treesy U1 Lots of fun w1KlM, ANN, LORI Mr. Mrs. Gilbert Seiler Karen Loves Mike Forever Pink Flamingos Rule-Nasty Kevin, I'Il Never Give Up I love you forever, Katie DOMENICA LUVS ROB STONE ALWAYS 'Sr FOREVER LEAH-N-PAUL 1216185 - I LUV U, HONEY! LEAH PAUL, YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART! LOVE, LEAH PAUL, I LIVE FOR YOUR LOVE EVERYDAY! LOVE, LEAH ANGELIQUE -N- JR I LOVE YOU JR FOREVER!! THANX, CHERYL - ANG I LOVE YOU TONA Beth-n-Mike 4-ever Si' always Matt-n-Melanie Metallica Rules you're my baby, Rob S. Domenica Loves You! KAREY, Class of '96!!! Jason, Class of '95 Eastern Soccer W1 Brian, Class of '91 Stephanie-Class of '89!!! STEPH, I Love You! Paul Paul, I Love You! Steph Paul -n- Steph FOREVER!! Bill and Joanne Together Forever Pam and Dawn - Best Friends I love Randy H. Dawn thanks for being a friend Gladys, Sherry, Helen, Kim 2 Goodtimes Scott, thanx for being here EASTERN W1 - '91 . Mr. 86 Mrs. Sauer Tina + Nette Friends 4-ever Donnie's Hair Salon Michael - You have been with me for two years and you are the most important thing in my life 8:1 Love You - Kris Good Luck in the Navy, Rob. S. - Love, Domenica Good Times in my 68 SS JH AJ UPRIGHT-N-CHAD SKALA METALLICA, ANTHRAX, SLAYER THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MOM THANKS FOR EVERYTHING DAD Angie U. Loves Chad S. Tracy Lynn White I LOVE YOU, LARRY Jack Sr Jean White MARIE KRAEMER GEORGE 86 PEGGY BOGDAN I LOVE YOU, TRACY Onyxx Rules! From your W1 "Groupie" St Lead Screamer, M.G. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Angela N. Is Cool!! From Your Cool Friend In Dundalk!! Mary Loves Dave!! Carrie Loves John!! Carrie :Sr Mary 2 Wild Sr Crazy Girls!! Eric, I Love You. Dottie Dawn, Mr. En Loves Ya: Storm Mike and Jeff Albrecht EVT Concert Choir W1 BUSINESS '89 Dawn + Pam-Friends Forever Jim -n- Cindy 12-19-87 Thanx Mom + Pop, Luv Jean Nicole Ali + Jean Ludwig Friends For Life Jen 8: Amy, IT'S RIVETING! RENEE, AIN'T HE GOOD! FF LOVE YA, BRANDY CG. FISK GREG, THANKS FOR 5 GREAT YRS OF MEMORIES-GOOD LUCK IHIYEI LOVE ALWAYS- BRANDY TROY C., THANX F4 ALL THE GREAT TIMES! U R SOO SEXY I'LL ALWAYS LOVE U, ZEEK RPG GIRLS ARE IN THE MODE MOSH MICKEY LUV U FF ZEEK GOOD TIMES W1TONYA Go, Troy TC LUBS ZEEK Sr HER BUDDIES 2-TROYS DON'T MAKE A WRONG VARSITY FOOTBALL TC H50 THRASH METAL RULES S.HJ. RNL 918 Always there for Me Now 8: Always don't ever forget that lLY! You mean a lot to me. On The Go! Must-car, wbed, Sr fplace Let's play the OC game! CC-thanx for the memories! Go For lt! KAREN LUVS HARVEY 9-25-86 HARV, I LUV YOU FOREVER KAREN + HARVEY BAIR TODD + PAUL MY BUDDIES Amy loves The Little One Someones Watching BentonC. Look out we're our '88 June '88 Yearbook Staff W1 Bones Brigade Rules Shell, we made it, thnx 4 being there, we been through it all, it's been real. WATCH OUT O.C.: '88's coming Love ya, Teen, HEY NOW!! KELLY WALLIS PET SHOP BOYS NEIL TENNANT CHRIS LOWE U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 U2 ECHO Sr THE BUNNYMEN THE CURE ROBERT SMITH DURAN DURAN NEW ORDER ERASURE DEPECHE MODE INXS J8rM CHAIN ENGLAND KELLY WALLIS '88 Jeffi love u lots, Tina Dev, Never 4get the FUN We love ya, Mic 8: Teen SUBURBAN FUN AT ROCKY PT. Shell, It's over what now? Let's go win a dog at O.C.! Miss Ya Hobble Crew Mic + Mike I love U, Chris, Shellie Best Buddies: SM8rDP Chris Sr Shellie 11124187 Rob S. MEAGRH: You're Beautiful K.F.-Bono Vox- U2-Oktober War Bielski - Always my best buddy -K.F Most Unique '88-Kelly Fike KB, Business '88-Orville Rules! EASTERN SOCCER RULES '88 COS Girls W1 O.C. Here we come Juan -N- Lori Good times with Kim, Ann Patrice, Party Animals Particia Turner Robert Turner Dave -N- Kelly 91 is 81 The Fish Rule! Karrie :Sr Tona BBF "The Seals" Ton 86 Kar Best of times with TSYK Ton, Remember Stevens Rd. Good times with TB Sr PK Lynn and Julie BFF Thanx Dad,Mom,Jenn8rJames Runin RPG w1PR, SL, JU, JA Best of luck, Lynn 8: Julie Class of '90 is H1 CHEVY RULES! James Sr Amber Good Luck Lynn - James Trip to Europe! Good Luck Lynn Good Luck Class of '88! Jimmy - The feeling of love 85 the warmth of your hug I'lI Cherish forever deep in my heart. Our dreams! Love You, ALF Shetterly is neat Small in WS, But Great In SFIRlT!!- EVT Maverick Band. Thanx Mr. D. - US G. Leroy D. "ENTHUSIASM" Thanx Mr. Hester - Drama The Doors, The Who, Juan-N-Lori U2, 86 Charle Sexton BFF Cindy8rSandy, Good Times w1NiCh0Ie, Gladys, Kim, Kathy 19 Robin R. Go Joan Gr Tracy Lee Gre ' Ci t Daniel T. un Toby Lee Hall Jeffrey S. Ham Pamela Dianne Harper ' ' am William C. H Michael Jose Denise Ruby Ella YQXYTCY Eric Brian r bara Raflhel Richard Micha me An Larry Dean Hic le gwda S S Robert Michae es WI fiarri Brown Jr. Q. HOC Y W mes Edward Bryant Richard B Burnham Stephen Scott Burnham p Denise Butler J J M1 chael Callahan A Caniglio Cianciulli ass Coard Comes Cook Cooper Corson Jr. Cosden Cottrell e Creed ed urley Ill Dahlstrom Dailey Danna Dellaterza tz YJ o Jeanette seph Jennifer L Henry L. Bruce Wayne H ' ub Mark Davi d H Christine Huddleston Bemard Joh ' Hu David W. nt Anthony Karen Beth Scott Sandra Ann Erik Joseph Tanya Jacqueline Lawrence W. Oreta Jean Paul David Thomas Lemonla S Ench ,, 1 ,lf , ff, xx , K ,X i I - Y ' X : x f va - WX! .yvj CJ Y Q XK,,..- 1 x X LJ X A LJY N. X, ' XV' X 'Q Q A fij ' xxx! f- ' gf ' N Cfx - -X - wx x , V AJ fx ,ff 9 ff Q! ,N ff X Ky XJ A X J Q ' K X6 KJ wi? Ji? X 5 'XQWJ . L XC! QN XJ X'--4 fav 3' A V.,x , ' - f 5 Exim' f Jf f NR f ' ,,gg5 'C1 XO f T- Q f sffl AW f 'K eff LV ff, ,QV W ., , ,H P- f 1 Rx I ' , pf , lf 20 ws Yu ,N M ff -f M1-'Nf -f , - Ng 4 J x f X fffw BL X fffixx K KYB X ji 'H . . Af f , X. ,f ,JI gg Nix" lx ! . f , f M VN. 6 , I ,QR Av 1 4. gy , x 'Y Q i X Lf- 4Lq,gj X R MQ Q Q Xiax XX? V gf, X - x Xlqff Vwoo-flue C0 14293 lj N JZ! Kd ' V X045 -P655 ,JT Q05 Xfkf O! gf - -wi., AH, "' ig? VV" i-ef' atb ' . vgfwof UWAQNJP han. L WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY ELINI-3, MISSOURI. U s A 1' Vweiliiedmm TWUUZ M mag jew' ,llehagyfffygw gferg Q 'SVIOE Zillllawae. AM Ufgfg LW OQQEUA 9001? CCIDAQ yan Q j,fQ6,,i!f!t,!,C7f!fy5Q74 fffmffffbff iiyau fx bw mgfalgfw L4 mm TW Wwffclygfx M5012 Q frail iwwmwjf 59917 fdwggfwflkvgjpv wo? J xg HWY? H4Z2c,f3.ff.aQ JW K h W X N WWA QW""Q' A X . f ' ww W A , k X L gg wwf' W Haj Ov A. 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Suggestions in the Eastern Technical High School - Salvaje (Essex, MD) collection:

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1988, pg 195

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1988, pg 59

Eastern Technical High School - Salvaje (Essex, MD) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 177

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1988, pg 37

Eastern Technical High School - Salvaje (Essex, MD) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 114

1988, pg 114

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