Eastern New Mexico University - Silver Pack Yearbook (Portales, NM)

 - Class of 1953

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1953 Silver Pack Foreword Two worlds live together on +his campus. There's a world ' of classes, ol sports and picnics . . . a world of 'rhe Day. And 'rhere's another world. When 'rhe sun sets and eyes brighten and laugh grow gayer, another world appears . . . a world of the Night. ln these 'rwo worlds we live, and in these pages we have 'fried 'ro capture that world of Day and Night . . . Wa' wa, Acknowledgments Bingham's, Aporfraif photography The Sfeck Company, publishers And a "thank you" 'lo the students and faculty of Eas+ern'New Mexico University for their cooperation through the year. Night and day throughout on incredibly Table of Contents Campus ...... . 5 Faculty . . 15 Seniors . . 29 Juniors . . . . 41 Sophomores . . 49 Freshmen . . . . 63 Special Students . . . 79 Graduates . . . . 81 Government . . 85 Honors . . . 95 Activities . . 107 Sports ..... . 141 Campus Carousel . . . 163 short year, hundreds of men, women of our world . . . Dedication Perhaps wiTh music we could express The purpose of This dedi- caTion. Surely noT in words-Tor HERMANN T. DECKER has gone beyond words in his service To The sTudenTs of This UniversiTy. Every man and every woman have TeiT his sinceriTy, his eagerness To Teach, and have been somehow improved. So wiTh This book we recognize a man who is Truly EIN MANN DER IDEEN . . . ia man of ideasi. . . live in a green and brow CAMPU n and gold and blue environment called 1 I Q in f' ,M 1 'ix 3 xl f JY if f aff "AW-'Y-W-f In M N - ' W - ..., new .. , I i - i 5 1 ' f ,f q v . K ,, W i ' ' 7 i Luxurious modern furniiure, air condiiioning, open siacics, Hprivefe ear" music, privafe sfudy areas . . . everyiiwing io convince Jrhe sfudenf fhai sfudy can be fun . . . Lef's Tour The Campus Student Union Woman's Hall Annex Hall Administration Building Church of Christ Chapel Baptist Student Center ,. f fi' e W -lfflam ifsfi ' ny, , ' fiifir 2 ,-" 1 . If - ' A ar - .VH , :Q Q 17 ,-' K Science Building Wesley Chapel University Apartments wwgwgrak Greyhound Sfadium Gymnasium Infirmary mf M Nj' naw well? Wann fm W -F n Q rr U gf 1 '1', 5 ,,-, ,V www 1' , rrrr , . it ffw r 'N . f MA ' ' 4 H . b:lflFJ75" W ' H rn'n'r jy ' ,, f r -W y . 1 -2-Ag., ' ,,- A W ' M , 1 X Q Q I W' , , . . A . g K 1,,315,5- V fl - ' X-' 44 V- - A r .' Ig' ?,,.f.. .. A x xr, 9 f . , 'Si , r, -, id, . - -is rr ,Z , - '..,,,, -.., ' ru. 1' '.'.' e f lb . 'mr . - ,- - : - ,Q - f. - 4 - + - - ,Q W, ' xi f , g 2. , H3 Mxgm, ill! m Museum Band Hall Music Cottage ff', i ef-'15 Www, x,7 ., he South Men's Hall Preschool Silver Pack Theatre North Men's Hall Quadrangle i lndustrial Arts Building is. . . . and their eager minds reach for the fruit tendered by those called FACULTY of knowledge Board of Regents EDWIN L. MECHEM Governor of New Mexico Ex-Officio TOM WILEY Superin'renden1' of Public Insfrucfion Ex-Officio GLENN STALEY, Hobbs Chairman CLARENCE WORLEY, Porfales Vice-Chairman T. E. MEARS, JR., Poriales Secreiary-Treasurer MRS. CLYN SMITH, Clovis NEIL B. WATSON, Ar+esia 1,,, ,,,, The President Dr. Floyd D. Golden ,As you yybrowsefjhroughiyfhe pages of your 1953 SILVER PACK, Vhope fhaf i+ wifllecall 'ro each cf you fhe manyhappy Hmes you have experienced during fhe year we have jus? complefed. H' has been another greejlf year fer Easfem New Mexico Universifyf-a year filed wifhh evenfs which heve made hisfory. I+ is fhe sineere desire of fhe adminisfiafion 'rhaf each of you feels fhe importance of your presence sen The scampuscf- nof only for your personal gain buf also for fhe confrihuhons you make +0 your campus communify. Our bes+ wishes go wiih our graduafe-s as fhey fake fheir places in 'rhe wferid --and fo you ofherlucssfudenfsw- l953+54 is undoubfeciiy going fo be iheybesi' ye+ and we'H be iooking for each of you nexi' fail. 4- ,ylc yMaYfg'Od biessyeach of You' 5 F!oyd D. Gofden u yy ycys of Hire Univepsify Dr. Jack W. Mears Dean of Personnel A. E. Hunt Business Manager Y1"'5d.T5l"'Z - if , 1973 f pf' ri K M5 . ., m, gQi E QE H 1 1 sq . 2- lfw 25? "A Q f r9"W?f W, E 2 .if 3 Q45 Q, W Dr. Martin L. Cole Academic Dean e -ah 4? Xizieil 1,5-55zl5if'3'i1 e X fl H 4f,44:Q., ,X ., ., 3, 'ffxbz f -. . ff:- The sfudenis of a- univeergify- e whefher SiHing in a librafy or affending a foofbalf gameeare gzdded by ,men h ifdined af: leaderi. . . meh who lbave Hia responsibilify of building men and women: of training you and-me and +housL5nds ,, like us. The men and wemen on these pages and Those Hfggf follqw, are ajuare of , V: fha? responsfbgixfy . . ,W ,5 aaa +hey 1sve bm... ' . It -all 1-, , 1 m. e .l Q 3 A. EUGENE MANN Direclor of Public lnformafion and Publicafions CLEO MCCRACKEN Counselor of Siudeni Affairs LORENE R. POPE Assisfanf Librarian G. WALTER SCOTT Direcior of Public Relaiions PEGGY M. TOZER Public Services Librarian R UTl'l WH EELER Regislrar 20 HUGH T. BRASELL Universily Physician W. EARL DAVIDSON Complroller JAMES P. DYKE Librarian A. D. GARTEN Direclor of Alhleiics RALPH R. BLACK TOWNES L. DAWSON School of Technology and School of Business Direclor of Universify Press and Economics ff BARTLETT T. DEWEY JOSEPH F. DICKSON Division of Maihemaiics Division of Physical and Nafural Sciences and Heallh Educafion HERMANN T. DECKER Division of General Educalion H. GRADY MOORE Division of Language, Liieralure, and Fine Arls DEWARD l"l. REED C. M. STOOKEY Division of Social Sludies School of Music and Psychology CLAUDE B. WIVEL School of Teacher Eclucafion Instructional Chairmen gi-I sn I B. L. ALLEN P. M. BAILEY WILLIAM E. BALDWIN 1 Insfrucior in Agriculfure Associa+e Professor in Speech Insfrucfor in Psychology and Tesfinq I msgs Q ALBERT A. BETTINA JOANNA BLACK ARVEL W. BRANSCUM Insfrucior in Indusfrial Arfs Assisfanf Professor in English Associafe Professor in Business and Economics M, VIRGINIA BRANSCUM GILLIAN BUCHANAN BERNIECE CAMP I 22 Assisfanf Regisfrar and Ins+ruc'I'or Associafe Professor in Music Visirinq Insfrucfor in ReIiqion in Se-cre+ariaI Science LELAND A. DOWDEN STEPHEN D. ECKSTEIN ARTHUR C. EVANS. JR. Insfrucfor in Business and Economics Visifing Assisfanf Professor in Religion Insfrucfor in lndusfriaI Aris IPI-,QI A . - ' ' - ' Y MARIA S. FRIESEN CLIFFORD E. HAMAR OSCAR M. HOFSTAD, JR. Assishanf Professor in Home Economics Assisfani' Professor in Speech and Drama IUSIFUCIOF in Science THOMAS FORD HOULT IRA C. II-IDE FLORENCE L. LANDON A55g5+5n+ Professor in Sociology Professor in Social Sfudies Assisfanf Professor in Modern Languages 23 I DEWEY F. LANGSTON l-IENRIETTA BEA LOCKHART LUELLA MADDEN Assisianl Professor in Physical and Insirucfor in Physical and ASSiS'f6ri+ Professor in Healflw Educalion and Assislanl Coach Heallh Educa+ion Secrefarial Science 652 Tl-IELMA MALl ORY JAMES S. MARTIN GLYNN PAGE Assisfanf Professor in Educalion Professor in Biology lnslrucfor in Music A bc., of 1 ROBERT E. PAGE W. NEWELL PAGE FLOYD P, PERRY Assisfanl' Professor in Music Direclor ol Farms and lnslruclor Associale Professor in Educaiion in Agricullure ERNEST A. PROPES THELMA REED C. PAUL RICH Associafe Professor in Mafhemafics Direcfor of Preschool and Visifinq lnsfrucfor in Religion lnsfrucfor in Home Economics CARL RICHARDSON JAMES E. ROWAN OLGA SAFFRY lnsfrucfor in Physical and Healfh Curafor of Museum and Associafe Associafe Professor in Home Economics Educafion and Assisfanf Coach Professor in Geography and Geology BECKY SHARP E. DEBS SMITH DAN SPALDING Professor in Secrefarial Science Associafe Professor in English Insfrucfor in Physics i JOHN M. STRAIT RICHARD E. STROUP BARON M. STUART Ir1s+ruc+or in Engineering Assisfanf Professor in Physics Associafe Professor in Business and Economics RUTH C. STUART GENE SUMRELL ELOREN THOMPSON Assishmf Professor in English Asisfanf Professor in Chemisfry lnsfrucror in Music MARY THOMPSON B. JUNE WEST PETER WETZLER Insfrucror in Music Ass3s+anf Professor in English Assisfanf Professor in Ar'rs and Craffs JAMES E. WHITSITT CARROLL K. WILSON Instructor in Music Associate Protessor in Mathematics ANNA KEENER WILTON Associate Professor in Art HAROLD L WOOLARD ANITRA L. LYNCH Visiting Associate Protessor in Religion instructor in Music r ' -M F 5. x aiggw' 'iff 11 lil: gf . -s-., A gl s"' a 'K 335: il- R A gf tg sr .HB-Q '.."' Student Assistants NINA JO HALE Student Assistant in Housing WARREN NEILL FRED NAPP BILL J. RQSIN ELGISE SHARP Research Assistant Director ot Student Student Assistant in Director ot Annex in Chemistry Work Program lndustriai Arts EMMA BARTLEY Assislanl in Preschool RUTH BLAKE Direclor of Caleleria ancl Dielilian JO ALICE BRACKNEY Secrelary in Adminislralion BESS H. CASE Assilanl +o Complroller DOUG GARRETT Manager of Sludenl Union KAY GUN N Secrelary in Adminislralion HARRY HITE Supervisor of Buildings DESSIE LANGSTON Direc+or of Soullw Hall for Men NELL MIRISE Secrelary in Adminisfrafion DELL MOORE Supervisor of Universily Boolcslore NELDA RICE Secre+ary in Regis+rar's office EVA ROSE Direclor of Norllw Men's Hall LOYD L. ROSE Direclor of Grounds JANE ROSIN Universily Nurse THELMA C. TINER Assislanl +o Complroller JESSIE WALDRON Direclor of Soulh Hall for Women RUTH WlLLlAMSON Secrelary in Library """l SENIORS X r 4. 5 1 RR if' ' .f-'MT X Am SETH ADAMS, JR. BILL ALFORD Hamlin, Texas Causey RAY ANN ALLEN BUDDY BELL ROSAMOND BOOTH Porfales Roswell Farwell, Texas 30 JIM BRElTENBACl-l WRlC5HT BUTLER JOE L. CARROLL POr+aleS Monumenl Roswell l 4 l Z Z 5 132 CARROL C. CATES GRACE CAUGHRON ELTA CHALK Hobbs Ellc Cily, Olcla, Porlrales CAROL CHARLES ELMER CHEEK, JR. BETTY JO CLARDY Porfales Causey Roswell PAULA COX JAMES B. DOBBS HARRY DORRIS 34 Porfaleg Levellancl, Texas El Paso, Texas Z T l l T E l I a i Z I l i 1 RONNY DURHAM DON FISHER Hereford, Texas Phillips. TGXGS fi DWYATT GANTT Hooker, Okla. J. D. GREEN 32 Porlales ALICE GOSSETT ANN GREEN Floyd Roswell KEITH GREEN LaVERNE CRUME GREEN Clovis Porlales BILLY D. ORIGGS W. MERVYN HALL ROBERT E. HAMBLEN Clovis Dora Albuquerque SX .,.-?:i QL, ff l Sr . . ,E 53 fl rmpsffbu 'M egg mm HARMON HANN, JR. NORMAN HATCH BOB HERRON - Hobbs Porlales Forresl CHARLES A. HESS l BlLLY HOLLAND DUANE HOWARD 33 S+. Louis, Mo. - Arfesia Clovis l.... ,,, ""1 smlons CLARENCE HUNTER RADEORD R. HUTCHESON lvlounlainair Clovis WANDA DELL JENNINGS LEWIS N. JCHNSON MARCIA ANNE JOHNSON Clovis Lubboclc, Texas Clovis MALONE KELTNER LEETY KEMPSON MARGARET KENNEDY Memphis, Tenn. Brownfield, Texas Clovis TROY KNIGI-ITEN JOYCE LAIN6 Hobbs Charifon, Iowa MARGARET LOVETT LEWIS IVICDANIEL Clovis Por+aIes CARL J. LINDHOLM I Eaols, Colo. 'I CHARLES MQLAUGI-ILIN Dumas, Texas I 1" I-wi -,I,zi:iuEeH:5es:e: 1. ,V . ,5s,jrv2,,f-YIIEEVSEEYE'T - ww .I-1'1wff'f I -has - -f fl' ' ' , I 1 CC s I Q I R. E. MEAD, JR. FREDERICK NAPP Odessa, Texas Carrizozo WARREN NEILL 35 Porlrales SENIORS in A STANLEY NEWTON lRVlN NUNN Carlsbad Elida TREVA OTTJES RICH OWENS CLARENCE PARR Porlales Por+ales Roswell MARY RUTH PETREE PARTHENIA PITT CALVIE PRATER Farwell, Texas . Rogers Por+ales f ,ffmwvsxzmsfzzfi :mm I si Al N... BILL REID EDDIE REYNOLDS BILL ROSIN Ranchvale Por'raIes Birmingham, Mich. ELAINE SANDERS MARSUARITE SPARKS JIM STEGALL Porfales Por+aIes E CIovis JANIE STURMAN PAUL SUIVIIVIERSGILL KATHY SUTTON 37 Elida RosweII Be-IIview --I SENIORS WILBUR TABCR BETTY ZANE TEAGUE Porfales Hope 5 CLARENCE THOMAS JUANITA TURNER JOANN EVANS VICKERS Melrose Texico Porfales , VVEE A R M 5 w S: Sh , BETTY WADE JOE MAX WHEELER NADA L. WILDMAN Me!rose Clovis Tafum CHARLES D. CLAIR Q ELVIN CRISWELL GLORIA DAWSON Farmingfon, N. H. Vaughn Porfales DON LEO WRIGHT Porfales , r .F 4 44" A World of Sfudy and Work T li , Nt, , Q W cz? Q u - . . Q J HEY?" JERRY AINSWORTH Por+aIes JOAN ALEORD Causey DOYLE BALKO Lingo RAND BAXTER Housfon, Texas HOLLIS BEANE CIovis JOE BEATY Arfesia RICHARD BENTZ Cbarifon, Iowa EAY BERNARD Hobbs WENDELL BEST Floyd LEO BERNARD Hobbs FRED BOATMAN Bard WALTER N. CASE Porfales GARLAND CAVITT PorI'aIes LAWRENCE E. CHAULK Por'IaIes EVABELLE CLARK Nor+hviIle, IVIICI1. CLYDE COLE CI'1IcIcasIwa, OIcIa. MAROUITA COLLINS Muleshoe, Texas DARLENE CONNELLEY Ra+on BONNIE COOPER Clovis KENNETH COOPER Porlales LEO C. CORNELIUS Clovis LAVERN CORDER Snyder, Texas MARY ANN COX Capilan DALE DOAK Hereford. Texas JOHN DECKER Porlales NANCY EVANS Hobbs DAVID ESTES, JR. Carlsbad WAYNE E. ERELE Rapeloe, Mont GRACE ERELE Billings, Monf. BOB FOWLER Carlsbad CLYDE E. FRAZER Porlales DELLA RUTH EREAR Clovis DOUG GARRETT Carlsbad WYNONA GOEE Floyd JEAN GREEN Morlon, Texas WANDA HEAD E+. Sumner JOHN HINTON Encino JACK HOLCOMB Porlales RUSSELL HOPKINS Roswell JAMES HOPKINS Porfales NORVIL E. HOWELL WILDA INGRAM Clovis La-:VER Arlesia EDWARD HUMETEWA Sanla Fe NE JACKSON Carlsbad MARIAN JOHNSON Roswell LONA MAE JONES Texico RALPH JORDAN Elida ANNABEL LEA Carlsbad CHARLES L. LEWIS Roswell MINNIE MAE LOTT DICK MAHLER Porlrales Elida HELEN MAHAFFEY Por-Jrales ROBERT MATHENY T or C NONA BETH MCDANIEL S+. Vrain W. R. MEADOR JaI JOYCE MILLER PorIaIes STANLEY MOORE Por+aIes DONALD E. MARTIN L, MOGFORD Midland, Texas DOYLE OGDEN FI. Sumner PECKHAM Bloomingfon, III. SAN DY PAWOL Clovis ELLEN JANE POCH AI'IanI'Ic, DAVID POLSTON Porfales MARIE ROD Por+aIes Iowa HELEN RUTH POLLY Johnson, Kans. ONA ROBINSON Porfales CALVIN RIPPEE - Elida DEN EVELYN ERWIN ROSS Porfales RUDELL SANDERS Porfales ELOISE M. SHARP Azfec ANNE SHIRLEY Por+aIes I, GENE SHIRLEY Portales 9-. 4+ 85 xx ALBERT SMITH Gallup DON SMITH Roswell FRED STOCKDALE Ivlorlon, Texas BEALE STEWART Texico G. W. SULLIVAN CHRIS TOYA Jemez Hobbs RODN EY TOON Alamogordo BEULAH TRAMMELL Porfales JOHNNY USSERY Borger, Texas FRANKLIN D. VENABLE T or C VIRGINIA WADDELL Monlello. Nev. W. FENDER WADE, JR BILLIE WALKER Portales Porlales TROY WALKER LILLIAN WHITE Deming Por+aIes JERRY WALLACE Clovis MARY LOIS WEST Ar+esia DON WILEY Por+aIes BU D CARPENTER Clovis JIM GRIGGS Clovis JUNIE RUSSELL Ar+esia SLICK WILLI Porfales ADA INGLE Clovis AMS VIOLA B. WILLIAMS Waverly, Penn. Frolickin' Faculty Jusf because 'rhey wear Hes and whife collars is no sign 'the faculfy doesn'+ lei' down . . . don Hue Ies+er's cap . . . play Hue pari' of Hue "fool" and join info slrudenf acfivifies . . . Q Sagciiffgmgnss 5 MILDRED ABBEY Alamogordo BOBBIE BATES Levelland, Texas T. C. ASHBY Clovis TEDDIE SUE ALLEN Roswell WALTER O. BAUSHN Porfales DAVID BAUM Jal WAN DA BENNETT Hobbs JACK L. BENTLEY Arlesia SUE BARNETT Clovis MARTHA BOYLES Porlales BOBBY W. BRACKNEY Porlales ROBERT T. BRACKN EY Porlales JEAN BRANSCUM Farwell, Texas GWEN BRITT Gary, lncl. DONALD J. BROWN Porfales NORA ANN BROWN Porlales LEAH ANN BRUNK Roswell JERRY LOU BURNETT Eunice DON BU RNEY Porlales MARION CATHEY Carlsbad DOROTHY CHAMBERS Deming BILLY CHARLES Porlales LEONARD CI-IENEY Roswe NAYLON CLEGG SELMA CLEMENTS Arrey BOBBY DAL Socorro E COLLINS Roswell PAT CONWAY' Porlales DAVE COLLINS Clovis MIKE COPLEN Porfales CAROL JEAN CRISWELL JERRY CROOK Clovis Porfales CI-IET CUNNINGI-IAM Dexier DON DARNELL Roswell JERE LYNN ARCI-IIE CURLEY Lawfon, Olcla. DAVIDSON ' Amarillo, Texas ANNA MARIE DUNN Arlesia UNA DILBECK Elida NORMA EALY Clovis GLENN ELLIOTT Eunice JOE ERWIN Porfales DIGGER EASTMAN Raion E. E. EOREMAN, JR Poriales ELISSA FRAZIER DexI'er DORIS JEAN FUNK Roswell COVA EURR PorIaIes DOUGLAS GALASSINI PorIaIes STEVE GALLEGOS Los Lunas DENNIE MAE GENTRY Pinon KENNETH GILBREATH PorIaIes BENNIE GILLESPIE Porfales SHIRLEY GLADMAN Aruba, Nefh., W. Indies ROBERT CRAVENS GLASER Odessa, Texas WAYMAN GRAY Por'raIes KATHIE GUTIERREZ Sanfa Ee NAOMI GOWDY HALL Dora NORMAN HALE PorIaIes BLAIR HALL Whifesboro, Texas JOE HARBERT Arfesia GENE HARVEY EI. Sumner MARIE HATCHETT Loving+on ULRIC WESLEY HENSON CIovis JOAN HEYING CIovis CICERO HOLLAND Arfesia IONA HUGHES Solano BEN NY R. JAMES Sacremenfo LILLIE JAMESON Clovis LEE ROY JOYCE Tularosa DONA KEELING Eunice JERRY KENT Hobbs ALEX KING Rogers BILL KINYON Clovis LORRAINE LANGBEHN Roswell EUNICE LOCKRIDGE Porlales ROBERT S. LOW Albuquerque BILL MARTIN Clovis NOEL MCKINNEY Porlales V RONALD MILLS Porfales JACOB H. MOBERLY Melrose JANIE MOBERLY SI. Vrain BILL MOORE Roswell NORENE MORGAN Porlales BI.LL MORRIS Tucumca ri CORALI E NELL MULLINS Rogers JACKIE MURPHY Clovis I I il I 14m I -, I GLYNE MYERS Porlales BONNI NOMA O'BRIEN Clovis E NEWMAN Clovis BARBARA JO OBERLIN Goshen, Ind. BEA O'NEAL Clovis NANCY PARRISH Rogers LOU ANN OWEN Hobbs LOLA PITTS Herefo TOMMIE LEE POPE Eunice JOYC San Jo JIM RICE Porlales rd, Texas JERRY POOL Farwell, Texas E PRICE se, Calif. KENT REED Denver Cily, Texas DENNIS RICHARDSON SARAH ROBINSON Hobbs Melrose NORA ROBERTS Arlesia VIRGINIA RUDOLPH YVONNE RUNYAN Mc:Alisler Hobbs BENTON RUMBAUGH Porlales DALE SAXTON Melrose KEN DALL OLIVER SCHLENKE Porlales GLADYS SHAW Mounfainair BOBBIE JO SHIPP Por+aIes STANLEY SLATEN PorIaIes RITA SLATER Coolidge, Ariz. BILLIE LOIS SMITH Porfaies CLARENCE R. SMITH Lubbock, Texas JAMES H. SMITH Poriales NORMA SMITH PorI'aIes UNIS SMITH , PorI'aIes HAROLD SNIDER Tucumcari R. 6. SNIPES Clovis CLAIRE STROW Clovis JOHN L. SULLIVAN CIovis BENNY TAYLOR BOB TAYLOR Carlsbad RosweII BILL TAYLOR Carlsbad RAMONA TIFFIN Portales ALBERT TILI INGHAST, JR Elida MARJORIE TITSWORTH Tinnie EVA TURNBOUGH Po rIaIe's ADRIENNE TURNER Por'IaIes ' '- If ' ' Q11 fel GEORGE UMBERSON T or C MARY ANN VAUGI-IAN Levelland, Texas SUSIE VAUGI-IAN LeveIIand BOBBIE VISAGE PorIaIes MARGUERITE WALBERG PorIaIes JIM WALKER CI'1ari+on. Iowa GERALD WATSON Floyd ROBERT WHITAKER Amis+acI STANLEY WHITE IvIuIesI1oe, Texas NEVILLE WIDNER MeIrose BARBARA JEAN WILEY Eunice JACK WINTON Clovis MAXINE WITCI-IER Por'raIes B. L. YOUNG, JR. Odessa, Texas, ELMER LEE I-IINTON JR. Encino ED KNOTTS Akron, Ohio BRUCE ELLIOTT House REUBEN JARAMILLO BeIen TROY L. KING PorIaIes LLOYD CALL Porfales BETTY JO TADLOCK CIovis ,,.f"N E S Xa xx 1 I-II 3 -Q E. 09 R63 5 if ff' 9 Y ,, ,, , -sf ' ,R -Q S-iv A. . 1 X, am - 57 Q5 ? 4, I sj cf R ,Lk Down on the Farm In The Soufhwesf, ranching is a Top indusiry . . . and in ihe soufhwesf corner of fhe campus. ranching is +he main inferesi. Here's a glimpse of whaf goes on Hou? back" of Jrhe campus ... ffl QL! ff I0 K- I f 'ff .fr. Q Q 1 , . Q SQ 8 W , V. 3. at ,yh iad fjyyrf .. W ,",QM1V : X g " ,Q 5 ' A' , J' H -' Q X? fr 3' 196, . ? b, A 2 i I 9, sm K -A M ig, . W-if Uggf .J ty 1 , if: ge N ij. v ,,-,x.,. ' ' . Wag-sw iiiwlw- 7 1 Candid Moments Everyone has his off-guard momenis . . . fimes when he is minding his own business. On many of 'rhose occasions, 'rhe camera cafches a glimpse of very human expression. So. in a spirif of fun- and sa+ire--we presenf PEOPLE AT THEIR HUMANEST! , 3 z,,, agus 434 A J 1 -U iii .1 - ,, 4 l . 'Q' .. up " ? 1 v f aka?" 'V - U. mgpii 1.12. ?xQg ,,. K' .,, f. i ww F5 32, -P 231 f f ff ., . :K X! 8 'E' 3 CORINNE AARON Arfesia JAMES L. ADAMS Clovis ERANKIE ALLEN Friona, Texas JANET ANDERSON Clwarifon, Iowa JO WAN DA AR MSTRON6 Clovis EVERETT BANNISTER Clovis DARWIN BARKER SaII Lake CiI'y, UIaI'i ANNA MARIE BARNES Crossroads DON BARNETT Mor+on, Texas MAX E. BARTRAM Skidmore, Mo. VALETA BEN N ETT Carlsbad EVELYN JEANE BENSON I-Iereford, Texas DONALD BERRYMAN Cedarvale BETTIE LOU BEVERLY Lovinglon KENNETH BLACK Sudan, Texas GARY BLAIR Arfesia ROSE BLANDEORD Porler MARTI-IA SUE BLEDSOE Melrose ANNA MYRTLE BOI-IN Sedan JAKE BROWN Floyd JAMES K. BROWN Por+aIes JOE M. BROWN Seminole, Texas MADGE BROWN Porfales BILL BRUCE Por'ra.Ies WAYN E BROWN Roswell DINZLE EDMOND BRYANT Porfales JENNY BUSH Roswell JOHN LEE BU RGESS Hobbs DIXIE CAMPBELL Rosedale ANN MARIE CARNEY Deming MAYO CAR ES Porfales PEARLIE MAE CARTER PorI'aIes REBA CAVEN ER Porfales MARY LOU CHAMBERS Deming KENNETH CHAPMAN Roswell DAVID CHILDERS Monumenf MARK CHARLES Bovina, Texas MARY CISSELL PorIaIes RICHARD COLE Por'raIes PATSY CO BBLE Arlesia RONALD COMER Spur, Texas PATRICIA CONWAY Morfon, Texas ill? - zsgsgglfszajgff-' ga. K. ' " 1. H 'W Q as ., ui , :I ' 'Ii' " I -.Fi is!! CLIFF COOK DimmiI'I', Texa s DONALD L. COOPER Eunice LAURIE COOPER Porlales ROGER COCH RAN Roswell LONNIE COOPER ELTON COX Hobbs Morlon, Texas KAY CORNELL Carlsbad MOZELLE COX Floyd LADEANE CRAVENS lvlorfon, Texas WAYNE CRIBBS Porfales ANN CROSTHWAIT Mosquero VERNON L. CROW Arlesia HELEN RUTH CURRY Hagerman SHIRLEY CURTIS Charifon, Iowa DAN DACUS Spea rman, Texas GLENN DAN FORD Arlesia EUGENE DARLING JESSIE DAV Porfales Porlales DEOLA FERN DAVIS Porfales IS PATTY DAVIS Por+ales ELVON DEVAN EY Coahoma, Texas MAX DICKERSON Whileface, Texas BOBBY DONHAM Melrose DON DORRIS T or C EULA DUNCAN E+. Sumner ILA MAE DUNCAN Dora JO ANN DUNCAN Talum LULA DUNCAN E+. Sumner WILMA DUNCAN Rosedale PAT DUNSING Hammond, Ind. LOIS DUNSWORTH Porfales GERALDINE EARHART BILLIE EASTER Porlales Eunice LESLI E EARWOOD Porfales PAT EDWARDS Maljamar LEE ANN EMMICK Roswell ' BRUCE DELMAN FARRIS Causey BILLY ELLIOTT l-louse DARRELL EVANS Hobbs GWENDOLYNN FAR M ER Edgewood AMELIA FLORES De ming JEFF FLOYD A Arlesla 65'- MARILYN FORD PorIaIes - EUGENE FOSMARK Carlsbad TRAVIS FOSTER Por+aIes JIM FRANKLIN House BETTY FRAN KS PorIaIes ROY FRANSE Porfales COLVIN FUGITT JR. San Gabriel, Calif. WAN DA GARDN ER Causey BETTY NAOMIA GIBSON RosweII JIMMY GONZALES Taiban DORA MAE GOODALE Spencer, Iowa JIMMY GOODLOE Por+aIes GEORGE L. GOODPASTURE Hobbs CHARLES GRAVES AIamogorcIo JOHNNY GREEN Mor'I'on,' Texas JOI-IN L. GREEN Arfesia JOYCE GREEN Roy MARGIE GREER Amarillo, Texas IMOGENE GRIGGS Clovis MARJORIE GRISAK RosweII JOE HACKER Hereford. Texas BOB HAHN Porlales NEAL HALE Porlales HAROLD HALLIDAY Clovis DARRELL RAY HALL Eunice ALTA HAMILTON Clovis JAMES M. HAWES Cameron CORNELIA HARTWIG Porlales BARBARA HAWKINS Farminglon PETE HALE Porfales MARY ANN HAYS Carlsbad MURIEL HILLIS Porfales AUDREY HOFE Albuquerque BOBBY HOBBS Porlales RONALD HOLCOMB Borger. Texas MURIEL HOPKINS Roswell BILLY HOOVER Spur, Texas JIMMIE HOWELL DimmiI'I'. Texas JIMMIE JAYROE Amarillo. Texas HILDRETH HUTCHESON Clovis DICK JENSEN Albuquerque BARBARA JOHNSON Odessa, Texas 4 DOLORES JOHNSON Belen LOYETTA JOHNSON Farmingron WENDELL JONES Porlales SHIRLEY JOHNSON Porfales HARRY JORDAN Por'raIes SUE KEEVER FI. Sumner BETTY JO KAISER Arfesia NAN KELLER Roswell AVIS KELLY Clovis KENNETH KELLEY Lovingfon JIMMY KENNEDY Porfales CARLENE KILGORE Carlsbad PAT KIZER Lovingfon DICK LANIER Porfales DANNY KEY Morfon, Texas JOHN LACY Carlsbad WILDA LASLY Oil Cenfer NANCYE LAWRENCE Clovis JOHN LATHROP Elida BARBARA LEBLANC Loving+on DOLORES LEWIS Melrose BENJAMIN MAES Ra+on JOE MASSEY Weed BILL MATTHEWS Arfesia THOMAS MCCLUNG Porfales JIMMY MCCRAY Por'raIes JACOUIE MCCULLOUGH CI'ovIs MAURILDIA M. MCGREW Lincoln KENNETH MCMASTER Morfon, Texas SHIRLEY ANN Deming DONALD L. MILLER Hobbs EERN MILLER CIovIs KERRY MIRISE Por'raIes NNE MITCHELL Ar+esia EDWARD LYNN MOON Colorado Ci+y, Texas GEORGE MOORE Ta'ru-m JOY MORGAN E oyd BARBARA MOOTS CarIsbad ALVA JANE MOSS Texico JOYCE MUNSON Sacramenfo ROSEMARY NANCE Causey CHARLIE NELSON Porfales DON W. NEWBERRY Claylon BARTA LOU NYM EYER Loving MARJORIE PARKER House LONITA PACK Carlsbad PATTY PEFFER Belen ALLENE PILLEY Dex+er REX POOL Fa rweII, Texa HOWARD POWERS Porfales ELLA PETERS Roswell s JACKSON L. POWELL Spur, Texas JANICE PRICE Tucumcari BETTY GEAN OUALLS Roswell PEGGY JO RANDOLPH Porfales BUD REID Greer GAYLE RICHARDSON Loco Hills JACK RINGGENBERG Win+erse+, Iowa LYLE THOMAS RISINGER Eunice CHARLES ROBERTS Porfales BETTY ANN ROBINSON Porfales DWAINE ROBINSON Arlesia DWIGHT ROBINSON ArI'esIa FREDDIE ROBINSON Clovis PATSY RO BI NSON Porlales GINGER ROGERS Melrose DON ROGERS Melrose BILL RUSSELL Eloyd LACEY E. SCOGGI NS Eunice THOMAS T. SANDERS Porlales ROBERTA SHAEER Eunice JERRY SHAW Roswell JESSE SHAVER Grady PAT SHIELDS Eunice JIMMY SIKES I-loblos VERNON SHIRLEY EI. Sumner KATHRYN SIKES Porleles LARENE SITTERLY Clovis GARY SIMMONS Winlersel, Iowa MARY BETH SKAGGS Clovis DICK SMITH Melrose KOLETA SMITH Texico OUITA KAY SMITH Porlales PEGGY SMITH Porlales I Dg,,x ldv? AK v:w.a c -xfawmmu vf WAYNE SMITI-ISON DimmIH', Texas BOB SOLLOCK Porfales JIMMY STARKEY CIovis EILEEN SPI-IOND Sedan BUD STEWART Melrose SUE SUDDERTH Arfesia PATSY STINEBAUGI-I Mosquero DON SUITS Levelland, Texas BILL SWINNEY MeIrose JESSIE SWINFORD PorI'aIes LOUISE TAYLOR Alamogordo DON TERRY Por+aIes LINDEL TERRY San Jon OSCAR TOLIVER Tafum JAMES D. TROWER Rosedale ZANDRA TROWER Rosedale VILA JEAN TUCKER Eunice RICHARD VARELA RosweII ORPHAINE VAUGHAN Por'IaIes JANET VESTAL BuIa, Texas WOODY VICKREY Corona SHIRLEY VINEYARD Melrose REBECCA WADE Albuquerque SUE WHEELER Levellanol, Texas VALENTINE Sanla Fe SUNNY WHITE Roswell MARTHA WALKER Hobbs WHEELER PEGGY WHITE Roswell JOY WILLIAMS Arlesia BILL WISEMAN Borger, Texas JUANITA WILLINGHAM Corona BETTY MAY WITTE Carlsbad HUNT ZUMWALT Arlesia MARILYN WRIGHT Porlales ALBERT P. BACH Arlesia GEORGE BARNETT Porlales PUG BAILEY Arlesia BERNARR BERRYHILL Talum DORIS ELAINE BOEHMS Roswell CON DY BILLINGSLY Farwell, Texas WAN DA COLLINS Carlsbad BILL CURRY Plains, Texas SHIRLEY CU RRY Plains, Texas BETTY ELLIOTT Floyd WANA BETH FOX Cedarvale LARRY GENE GOLDSTON Arfesia WENDALL HENDRICKS Clovis CELESTA HENRICHS Roswell DORIS ISBELL Porlales ORACIA R. LANE Clovis DON B. LEE Clovis LAWRENCE LUJAN Claylon VEDA MARKHAM Carlsbad GLEN N. MARTIN Comanche, Texas MORELAND L. MARTIN FI. Sumner JIM MATHENA Franklin, Ind. DONALD BRUCE MCGUIRE Floyclacla. Texas O'DELL PAR Arlesia GLENN MCDANIEL Lovinglon MAXINE NUCKOLS Elida HELEN C.OBERHOLZ Menclo+a, Ill. HAM MARILYN RUTH RICHERT Clovis BOBBY TESTON Dora MARGUERITE TILLINGI-IAST EIicIa GENEVA GAIL WALL EIicIa EDDIE Elida WEST DENNIS WILKS Floydada, Texas GERALD WILLIAMS Clovis H sgjiwy 4,41 L X Ahh, 41.1 lv Wx 4,111 '- 7, -vw mi. Special Students MADIE BAKER Por'raIes JO ALICE BRACKNEY Por+aIes EVELYN CARTER Porfales BESS CASE Porfales WAN DA GANTT Hooker. OIcIa. KATHRYN M. GUNN Por'raIes LAVERNE KING Por+aIes EDWARD McKAY CIay+on ' DOT MINTON Porfales BILLIE LEE NELSON Clovis NELDA RICE Portales BOBBIE JEAN SCARBERRY SpringfieId, Ohio EULA TAYLOR Por+aIes THELMA C. TINER Rorfales BETTY JO TOLIVER Floyd ANNIE LEWIS VARNELL Rogers ALICE WI-IITSITT Por+aIes , PARALEE WITT Amarillo. Texas HF 52 Kit, Unclassified l 2T - RITA DEC-SSE Abilene, Texas INEZ HUNTER Porlales YVETTE BOURDEIX Anlony, France NELL MIRISE Roswell GRADY F. CRISWELL Causey MARIA RITTER Kemplen. Germany .ll S sl! . . . and thoughtful, needful, still-thirsty one ARTHUR J. BARTLEY JERRY L. BLAIR LOUISE G. GOLLEHON MILLIE HARBURG Jenlcins, Ky. Clovis Poriales Porfales Lky. V . Y 5- , K R 3 x ' i x CHARLES INGLE MARGARET JONES CLARENCE L. KAY DUWARD LEE Esiancia Porfales Cleveland, Ohio LariaI', Texas FRANCIS M. lv1cCARTY LOWELL MCCOLLAUM FRED MORAN RUTH MORAN Azlec Carlsbad Porfales Porfales I .kb M 52-V - 'Q ELDON DEGGE JOHN E. GILLETT TENNIE PARTIN GEORGIA J. PHILLIPS Dora V Lovingfon Porfales Porfales BILLY D. PROWELL NICOLA RUSSO JEAN SETSER CIovis Pozzuoli, H'aly Porfales A in JANE HILLIARD EUGENE V. SOFEORD NORMAN L. WARREN Porfales Farwell. Texas Bula, Texas IGradua+e Assisfa nf in SociaI Sfudiesl I QQ u + 1 " J: ,, .,'4n"x', --QQ.,-. hum Q3 I . . . and they learn the democ GDVERN ratic ways of Ii e Mani? i Fred Ndpp President of the l Associated Students ,fa-w ' ' ' To ttie students ot ENMU: lt has been a privilege to serve the students ot Eastern New Mexico University. lt is tlrie earnest ltope ot the student council and myselt that we have in some small way merited the contidence and co- operation displayed bv students and taculty alike. My personal best wishes to all ot vou. Fred Napp President ot the Associated Students Mary Ruth Pefree Secretary-Treasurer Ray Jones Vice-President JIM STEGALI. Senior Represenfafive LEWIS MCDANIEI. Senior Represenfafive DOUG GARRETT Junior Represent-aIive SAN DY PAWGL Junior Reloresen'ra+ive Student WRIGHT BUTLER Senior Presidenf DOYLE BALKO Junior Presidenf I1 ' , I 'Sega : Q- W' gs-Q fry , mff.f,gfg :ig Council KENDALL SCHLENKER Sophomore Presidenf HUNT ZUMWALT Freshman Presidenf . , -fE,g:a'- . - V81 ANNA MARIE DUNN Sophomore Represen+a+ive STAN SLATEN 1 Sophomore Represen+a+ive REX POOL Freshman Represemafive EUGENE DARLINC-5 Freshman Represenfahve Board of Publications Bill Morris Miss B. June Wesl Kendall Schlenker Hal Marsh Mary Ann Vaughan Alex King Inferdorm Council Esfeen Tarry Jackie Murphy Malone Keifner, Chairman Margie Tirsworfh Anna Marie Dunn Miss Cleo McCracken, Adviser Barbara LeBlanc Par Kizer Social Committee Malone Kellner Freddie Robinson Sue Barnell Ray Jones, Chairman Noma O'Brien Bill Reid Ann Green Wilda lngram Ada lngle Darlene Connelley Miss Cleo McCracken, Adviser Margie Tilsworllw Sandy Pawol in 2 Z? V 1 V 1 Q 'Q J' L F ' Ri xdwwwk .,- Mw,,,,,..1f :Hn if, sw? , Q WH . ,.?. gd .fx :4 Q i: ,I -- ,.,,. X 0 L.. S :M 5. Q .1.- .,, - , x A ,fum 1, W, G., " ' QNRSQ N A 595141 ' if "I Q fy. ,gag K t , X ' W 12 3 ' ' 5' f wk 4, 6 R r 1 -. x ,-" f A nw L . .X ,YQ A iii .?,,1,:,t 5 1 .M . 3,35 U " .fQfk-l1 - -wr.-1. F ,M K. NK- NSE: Mu i. X Q' fx 124 , if mia Wx- -r A .2 X Mg 'xx' , fum an? f 549 .IV x ' -- f qv XXV 2 m, if v ' ,X-NJ 1, Q ' ,Q ,f ' x K K ,L" L31 X nn. ,K-mm 'J Q 3451 4 t K K xi: W " wif 1' s ' 1 'ff X Student Publications KEITH GREEN Edafor, SILVER PACK CORALIE NELL MULLINS Edifor, CHASE NGMA O'BR!EN Business Manager. CHASE 'Neg 'Ulf NGMA OBRIEN and NANCY EVANS . Business Managers, SILVER PACK s"ir-V ...andfo Ho'ili3'if W omen of their wo rld go L. Us 1, Q vbx re? 4 - -ff . - QQ fqggfig. 4-P . I Q, Ellen Jane Poch Junior Yucca Blossom Adrienne Turner Sophomore Yucca Blossom Mary Anna Hays Freshman Yucca Blossom 99 a 4 I Junior Candidates Sue Barnett Nancy Evans Norene Morgan Senior Candidates Billy Holland Joyce Laing Mary Ruth Petree L. Freshman Candidates Ann Carney Dolores Johnson Sue Sudclerllw IOO Sophomore Candidates Tecldie Sue Allen Norma Smith Bobbie Visage ix Yip- 4 -fm 7- U , f Y ' ,,. , I ?i,ss'5-M-afig. W ei, f21'2w5"f1 M ,P gy .M H L' 1V"'Z ,.w:1'5'? ' .. 2 M,-wr . , w:e,,. ,ff 14. ,,. V , . aggflgi-.1 ' 22241: if . ,- 4.1 1 . - W : . I Q' 1141- - - iff fa. x 5' -1. ','k':."- ' ' --A' IEA.. v w. "fm ' W A 'Q1gf41iQ?5f57+ 'zf:S ,,'i : 5. f'EVL X 'ffl- wwg . . .14 f, .. . ,,..bE,fQE:gi , Ks.gQ:g,fA.f.:w if -- A ...izfif ..,,. .,., . .. --flwni .13--Tfziw' .- J . Qa1f.avv,. f.j ' , . 1 5' 1, . Y- . '51-isfxvcfww? -L ,ff.4:fe-zysw , . '. ' J , . 1. ," vw:-f. 5 My ' Q35 kim .ay Gi! .135 L.L' f1-: .- 'if . 32, +y,,...?5..,. .. 'Il 2 :fi1ZZf53.f1x - M" 'f - .. Q i X nw? fzef.e,wz:x-'.. - 14, 1.31-'fa-ff -'Q 0 Jessie Swinford 1953 Rodeo Queen QQ. ","r9 lg ' e.,' s"" "o'n' Jil. Ju. Pc Bill Griggs Greatest Greyhound WRIGHT BUTLER ELTA CHALK .Y A .,, ENQML MARY ANN COX JOHN DECKER KEITH GREEN "': ' ' LAVERNE CRUME GREEN Wh In Ahhidrican Colleges and Universities ' RONNY DURHAM NORMAN HATCH R A nos A WILDA INGRAM MARTAN JOHNSON MARGARET LOVETT ' s , -," K, L 1 , fK'- L, Vg 2 . I -Efiwb' A 1 if RA , I .. ,g-, A N - 'NL if ' "i 5 FRED NAPP BILL ROSIN IO6 PAUL SUMMERSGILL BETTY WADE JANIE STURMAN MARY LOIS WEST ' ht and day they whirl through the XEQTIVITIES work and fun that a fe Q. Q ' ----. E 'sf f , N' i nf, 1? kv If X R --v- R N 'Ti f ' .1 mil " . AQ iw .gf J ww in N J . 1 Q , J J fs, ff 5 z ., .3 dxf? 'Wir ,L W S, ' -s?'4MQ 5 . Last .gk if in '17 W' A .48 figs HOMECOMING Napp crowns Wilda lngram as Homecoming queen ro open l952 aclivilies honoring The grads of ENMU. Cleo Wall, Alumni prexy, runs Jrhe show for The Alumni associalion. Dr. John Dale Russell dedicales new library HO Regislrralion comes firsf . . . The Homecomers lislen To library dedicalion Queen Wilda lighls pep rally bonfire as hundreds of sludenls walch Organizalional ge-+-+Oge+hefS . . . ...precede parade Queen Wilda rides a 1Cloa+...V ALV- ...and graces The Alumni loanquelr. Alumni allend rneelinqs . . . r ',e,r, an gp, 'Q fa',.-n The annual barbecue is popular. . .and so is The foolloall game . .. Fall Festival Every year The Home Economics Club Throws Greyhound gymnasium open To every organizaTion on The campus...The idea is To pry open pockeTbooks Tor The good oT Those organizaTions. In T952 Queen Anna Marie Dunn and King Benny Tayior reign over The TesTiviTies. BeTa sheriTT . . . and c:onvicT . . . More iaiibircls Tami it HAS Your Mistrgdi 44' Q ., J a Senior PresidenT WrighT BuTier crowns The royaiTy . . . HiT or miss? . .. 5 gp p ir fr N. Alf , rg A 1: 'I ir fi, fi ' Nj L I M'i1' L ii' ,iLQ 1 V: If i K f"i , Q O Fall Fes+ivai . . . Besides providing money, The nigh? provides enferrainme-nf, chances 'ro win prizes . . . All a parr of fhe make-believe world of Fail Fesfival . . . vi--W :XL ii, if I E All-Sorority Tea BTX SBX .,,,,....-.- Speaking of Greeks . . . Rush Week ...supplies fun and lauqlwier for siudenls. lnliibiiions iurnp oul ilwe window ancl everyone dresses lil io kill . .. A new syslem for sororily rushing slarls wills lea, proves popular... KDA TKT ASO I ,ji IQLM1, NJ. Elk, lL kg il., '-5, K 1.99: K .emzxmil 5, Christmas Formal As fha holidays roi! around, siudemfs shake ou'r fheir fuxedos and fcrmals . . . and dance fo 'rhe music of fhe Colfegians . , . Chrisimas has come 'fo ENMU . .. mf H 1 l , Y x , 1 I! 5 L ff' 1 2 I gi I ' QM, ,WA H 1 - SUB Soliloquy. . . And a guy called Doug Tells me whal 'lo clo . . . And l sell Things and buy lhings l'm bull sessions and Conga lines and arl' exhibils and people sluclying and people iorgelling sludies . . . l'm laughs and groans and ping pong balls . .. And sluolenls are always doing Jrhings io me-and for me. I'm wide awake al all hours lislening +o gossip and keeping lovers warm. I'm more Than a building . . . I'm The SUB! SUB Birthday Ball Once a year flue siuclenls oi ENMU gailwer ai fl-ie SUB 'ro honor if on Hs birfliclay. Wifh Pre-xy Golden blowing our ilwe candles on 'llwe calce. preiiy girls serving flue refreslimenls, and Collegians furnishing 'rhe music, if becomes gala affair of pleasani memories . . . rhe flwird anniversary is a success . . . QS ,"' F' lux." x ' F air 4 XT. 1 na, 3. 'V' Q --- ' kb in , - 'FJ 'iw 54 3 I D ,.-45" gi H... 4 P'4 desk. Q0 After I0 in Women's Dorm Final good niqhf fo 'Phe sweefhearfs . . . and Hwe Search for Hweir names af Hue Xie?-... , Qobbling Hwrougn cokes, popcorn, candy, and frui+ lwce. ,fi 120 Lady a+ Hwe phone . . . mus+ be him . . . she's smiling. What happens between "Goodnight, darling" and "go to bed, roommate" One third studies during These hours: the other ,. .lwo-lhircls Cul hair-sing--eat-ancl above all lhey gale and laugh inlo lhe wee hours of +he morning. After 10 in Men's Hall d CAnd - ugh! - sometimes before, Phone calls offen mean a nigh? wifh The ladies . . . or a niqh+ In 'me dorm . . . Bull session an occupaional hazard of dorm life . . . o-nel? Lf 'Q-......... A cha? wi+h Hwe dorm "mo+ner" is offen enligmeninq . . . Serenilry fabovej and unresf fbelowl . . . ' ,wma QV Wha+ some guys do af lO:3O Une lucky onesj . .. Chess is an inlelleclual game guaranleed 'ro dispose of several hours al a sillinq . . . Sludy is one way To spend Jrhose hours before and eller lO, buf coffee seems much more inleresfing . . . ! Leisure reading is l always relaxing . . . i -'l'- K - l 3 . .sw w J ' ' , Firsl a shower . . . . . and ar lasl +o bed. I23 First '52 Silver Pack Theatre Production 'The Curious Savage' Director .... Mrs. Savage Florence . . . Fairy Mae. . Hannibal .. Jettrey .... Mrs. Paddy. Dr. Emmett. Miss Wiltielmina Valeta Bennett .-, A 0 'ver Weme sity ll-U nn st r Rod Y skudq mpk ed PX Yxvskfsemeskev M616 o e ekudxl 'xs X'xapp'xN 'miev ve queeke off We armuaX and :Gov when skuderxis a smdenk cound Sfov We aXX-Uvfw evskw wdmev voaei 1 ... X ., M, T k E 1 Formula for a ,WC ry-0+a4m :jf-fdv Perfect Party .. 5, Si m" means music by The Collegians "pc" is The planning commiTTee . . . --- ' :F lil L L".- 1 "p," The publiclTy workers and "cl" means The clec:oraTors . . 0' as ET all means "QT" or gay Time and sleep and pleasanT dreams . . . ' i ,gee Su5Q5'b Six Coeds Turn a+l'1leHc and give ou+ wi+h a salufe +o 'Phe P. E. depar+men+ . . . . SOU9 Xn .Wah 5 , . to hem up dance ks X rx woofe hows bac - Dunn' Ssixne efme C ware an A095 X" . - ' Hear MY And "Three Le++ers" proved jusf +l1e righf number for Joyce Laing . . . h r Girls. Glamour. Gil'-fars i- . i. . ABOVE, J kR ' 'r' - H was a dark and dreary nighi . .. VifiHw Kem Reed finds buss . I ' hal ..I Wes? +0 ?ijln36eadL?r:g'?.en 'men Hwaf, Hwree grown-ups and a baby go info a rouiine Hiai brings down Hue house . . . The one in Hue middle sings "She's Too Fai for Me" . . and Hue ladies find a suiiabie reply . . . "Mr. Five by Fivef -use And Hue curjrain goes clown on Hue enrire chorus singing an original ENMU Hghi song by Direcfor Bob Page . . . The Chase "-A N l Q - . -. efg "lf you can'l spell I+, Wrifers, columnisfs, and edilors . . . all are neecled in pulling logellwer a newspaper. llve culos lupper lelll learn while more experienced sludenls carry llwe ball. Bul ever one musl' clweclc Y llwe asslgnmenl sl1eel . . . ex if E X' loolc il up." 'llwal means sfudenls' namesw-above all.. ai l Aller llwe press comes malllng, a duly for cubs .. :ML Gallner flue 'lads and fype llnem up.. . slep number one ln newspaper producfion The Silver Pack More picfures malce befler yearboolcs . . . Thal"s lhe lheory lhe slaff of The SILVER PACK lives by . . . l l When somelhing happens, Pholographer Hal Marsh loads up camera and flash and goes hunfing . . . Then spends long hours in lhe darkroom . . . Afler seleclion and layouf comes mounlinq . . . Heal ls applied, and a page ls finished . . . almosf. Afier a piclure is olcayecl, comes 'rhe queslion-"How do we use if?" And fhe layoul' sfaff fakes over. "Dummy il," savs lhe edlfor- and one Dane is complefe. Reneal lhis process 208 Hmes and vou have a yearbook. X 1-1 ,-,. km in Hundreds of piclures, a lhousand names . . . and every name has fo be checlcecl and double-checked . . . Akai Floren Thompson DIRECTOR Varsity Band Choir Roberf Page DIRECTOR Zflb' Schaolafjvlusic Eastern New Mexico University pgffazgg ,asaew ,.., -- ,vrcscnfs The Concert Band February Itinerary for 1953 Spring Tour 17 10:30 a.m. QCSTJ Denver City, Texas 1:00 p.m 2:45 p.m February . QCSTJ Seminole, Texas KCSTJ Andrews, Texas 20 10:00 a.m. Eunice 2:00 p.m 2:30 p.m February 8 240 3.111 2:00 p.m. 134 CCSTQ Kermit, Texas Ial 26 . Ft. Sumner Highland High, Albuquerque February 27 11:00 a.m. Los Alamos 2:30 p.m. Santa Fe 8:15 p.m. St. Francis Auditorium, Santa Fe fAuspices, Santa Fe Band Parents, March 4 10:30 a.m. QCSTJ Littlefield, Texas 1:00 p.m. KCSTJ Levelland, Texas 3:15 p.m. QCSTJ Brownfield, Texas March 23 9:00 a.m. 11:15 a.m. 1:45 p.m March 24 9:30 a.m. 1:15 p.m. 8:15 p.m March 25 11:00 a.in. 1:15 p,m. 8:00 p.m. Roswell Artesia Carlsbad Las Cruces Deming Truth or Consequences fAuspices, T or C Band Parents Alamogordo Tularosa Roswell ' ,, ,. .- 1-eflrf llre H l , f iw 3 1- .-if ,,,, ig... Maiors and Maioreffes Joe Beafy, Drum Malor R. E. Mead, Exhibifion Twirler Paula Cox Peggy Jo Randolph Sue Wheeler Valenfine Wheeler Pal PIH Cheerleaders 'QP' Sandra Pawol Ada lngle Ann Green Bob Braclcney Sue Sudderfh Marilyn Ford Joyce Price rw eylee e lyyy,lel of ' W " W .4 , l35 SHN XXKXXX N NEB WWW! EH XXXXXSYJ SYXXNX QR Tiibrllfttb AIC V L., L' w ,Q 71 L lcwlalz l nlltli 4 Q. ,Ll xmxxwxxa SW M Mm XXXK Q5 XXXNKYSXXB YXWXQXX MW Sxmdicg . 3 'OG K' xiwcffxmg gk.. Madrigal Singers Barbershoppers V Brass Ensemble Trombone Quartet Woodwind Trlo Clarinet Quartet String Ensemble Brass Quartet The Collegians Women's Choir I RODEO me we Q WN W-.3 . A yljff, s aw, X WN P iw, I 'iff' 'ffyfgs RODEO! Janie Ellioflr ffourfh from leff above, reigns as queen of ine Ag Club-spom sored snow and Wendell Bes+ lbelowl was named besf all- around cowboy. Bu+ rodeo means acfion-and Hwere was plen+y of if . . . fu! d some ploy, some talk about, some wa . . . an f re that is the glamorous war a PORTS ich '52 Football . . CONFERENCE C0-CHAMPS AL GARTEN, Head Coach NEW M Team ENMU Panhandle NMMI Adams S'ra+e NM Wesfern Highlands CARL RICHARDSON, Assisiani Coach EXICO CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L T 4 I 0 4 I 0 2 2 I 2 2 I 2 3 0 0 5 0 PCI. .800 .800 .550 .550 .400 .000 P+s. Opp. I05 60 I43 32 78 88 76 79 62 74 24 56 THE RECORD FOR I952 ENMU O I4 SW OIcIahoma I9 PanhandIe A8cM 2I Arizona SI'a're 7 McMurry CoIIege I2 Adams Sfaie 20 Colorado Mines 27 NM Wesiern 34 Highlands I3 NMMI I57 All-Conference Selections OFFENSWE TEAM, lefl To righl. DOYLE Ogden, Tackle, Lelly Kernpson, end: Pele l-lurs+, guard, Ecl. Knolfs, halfbackg Dale Doak. cenfer. DEFENSIVE TEAM, Benny Taylor, enclg Bill Engrnan, fullback, Junie Russell, guard. SETI-I ADAMS, Guard DON ASI-ICRAFT, End EVERETT BANNISTER, I-Ialfback ELVIS BATIE, I-Ialfback CLYDE COLE, End DICK COLE, End KENNETH COPPER, End MIKE COPLEN, Ouarlrerback EUGENE DARLING, Tackle I Grid Action Jerry Pool rams Highlands' line while Knolfs and Moon slancl by . . . Below, Coplen converls successfully againsl' NMMI: Ussery holds MAX DICKERSON. Ouarferback I ,A A 1,7 W L I 4k,h .. .. . "f'f:iffa A LI '71 . , an N ,, , fn A kr -If ., I V5.9 R . N I I s m ,Q I, I ,W I ,,-L...... -,iq Ekggh -T . I mx? A vwfziiy- N-,.:.,,3. K. -f i,7JisM+ xpi. . ., I ag 4 - I I 'Q lL'f .. L--. z -A ff -.fff -'f' fu: I-ww A "':55,f' .12 - 5-.- -f" F :jggxj--f., :ff wil 554' ' F - . 1,11 1. . . . . Q ' I 1 25 , , ,,f, . ' ' -Y 1-3 . 4 gg,-'37-'ff .. ,"" '1 ' '. Q.-. ... - ' -V , vw' "4 ' ' RONNIE I-IOLCOMB, Fullback GLENN MARTIN, End JOE I-IARBERT, Ouarferback ,L M L, ,M 4-asab -H Wg' gW'w ,QT W 1-if 5 I I , I H -5 N . 1 ' 15? H K- .. .I U. N. ,LN - ' e '-I ,Q 'YA Q 4 'Qi J E B. BILL MARTIN, I-Ialfback EDWARD MOON, Tackle JERRY POOL FuIIback 5 5- I 5 ,, W, ww., QI Z' ' + wi-ff' Sm' W I, W if: fffiujg ,gg R Q R Tyr-wa 4 'W' 1-..-H' If , ,tab X11 N: ,ag my-12.-If ,-Lf',:-- , - ,y1'4'Q"" ..fi.3,Q,,QL.',:af- . -- Q . ah, .Q 'Sf 4' 4- Q Q 'Lf 297' I' I TQ lf Q , 1-. M... K t sag , , -. ,af-1 f -'5 5" 'f-1, ' 123. 1 ,mv I. , tw .W ,.,-.W wg? f w.,,f Qu N S vfuf "W "'b KENDALI. SCI-ILENKER, Ce-n+er LACEY SCOGGINS, Tackle VERNON SI-IIRLEY, Tackle -I Egg,-aqg,g,.,,-,,: - - . . q - Ei 2:32 31:9 n " 'wfzaseffzfzff-f': , .. .,,..,,.,, .. I JAMES SMITH, Fullback WAYNE SMITI-ISON, Tackle DON SUITS, Guard JOHNNY USSERY, I-Ialfback JACK VERI-IINES, I-lalfback BILL WISEMEN, Guard Li ,lt I Kno++s runs: Kempson, Scoggins .-g, lead inferference . .. ' i N06 Xl YN Xadfxexg ' QQ . 55 XO WX OX A VO 59 Q Wav 0 655 9 wan .xosie Y C69 OV' OVGXO GS Red Kno++s boflrled up by Ins+i'ru're Tacklers Adams, Ashcraff wafch Verhines bulldogs Highlands Cowboy Verhines puHs in Harber'r's pass . . . E l DONALD COOPER Manager Behind the Team Dr. Dewey Langston takes up duties as assistant 'Football coach for his alma mater 'lor the tirst time in I952 . .. K IN -.1 "l"'1 sv--. Athletic Committee Albert A. Bettina Eugene Mann Baron Stuart Leland Dowden Oscar lvl. l-lotstacl John M. Strait sa xi-fi Vt f J' Junie Russell is named outstanding tootloall player tor i952 . . . an returns the honor with a presentation to Dr. H. T. Brasell . . . Track As your I953 SILVER PACK goes +o press, frackmen are working our for e second crack af The New Mexico conference crown . . . Under Coach Dewey Langsfon, Hue Hound 'rracksfers fook fhe New Mexico loop championship in '52 . . . f I WINS -- Hardin-Simmons iuniversify. 68-60: Wesfern Sfafe of Coiorado. 5I- 4-2. 60-56: Wesfminsfer cc-Iiege, 66-57: AdamsAj -Siifafe. 63-43. 62-531 SI. Mi- Cha.-4-ta'-.-ilyfg-arf,-ge, 76-64, High- MM coilegf-,iL72iSl5E?g 8 I .sbz NMIMLIQIQ3-6I. 74-61. LOSSES - Okiahoma A 81 Mg 70-38: Texas 68-48: Louisianafech. 76- 62: ILa.I 80-671 ILa.I bf 'Ihe AMC- Neesa -Icbiiege. 70-47: St:iEFII1wesI'ern Oidahbma, 64-53: Abiiene Christian coIIege. 54-53: REA Traveiers, 93-64: New Mexico Wesfern. 72-65, 46-45: Panhandie AEM. 66-57. n Ccnference Standings .OOO TEAM c NM Wesfern I2 I ENMU 9 Panhandle AEM 7 Adams SIaIe 6 NM Highlands 5 NMMI 2 S+. MicI1aeI's I BILL GRIGGS CenIer JIM GRIGGS Guard 750 575 500 425 ISO O83 DON BU RNEY Forward ALEX KING Forward X XX A 'ff ' lf P' vi' , lf! sf sv M ,.-...- ff ' '21?15?5if'1 - I ,wg :Q x . f sr DALE SAXTON Forward JIM RICE Guard Howard Powers makes an a++emp+ againsr Highlands. KENDALL SCHLENKER Ce-nrer Q H ff Q A gf ,lg 1 Schlenker, Poff, and Marhena qer noi' on defense +I'1e +arge+ is a Highlands Cowboy. N1 F' 1 5 xi 5605 44,4 f' QW, ' QB? ' :ijt X. SHIRLEY POPE Eorward N, ROY FRANSE Guard JACK MASTERS Guard PETE I-IALE Guard NORMAN HALE Cenfer HOWA Forward RD POWERS DON ASHCRAFT Guard JIMMY MATHENA Forward if its if lx rj l X Baseball Willi spring comes lunes like "Take Me Ou? ro 'flue Ball Game" . . . And llwe Greyhound laslloallers provide plenly of aclion. Bill Rosin, former profes- sional player, is welding an amlailious learn as llwe SILVER PACK is slwippecl lo llwe publisher . . Qi , X, 5 ,i V es 251 ,gg P' wr fg E3 Q ' as 72. U Independents Vefville HS? W , Nylyr 'pw'- " 1' ' s El 3 I ?s'0We' ' sb 4 O ' ' IAA.. 0' g. up A k, they see so that, in a final wistful moment of glancing bac littering nights, of a tremendous the sleaming daYS, the 9 CAMPUS CA l Alpha Sigma Omega E, F, Foreman, Presiclenl Lewis McDaniel, Vice-Presidenl l-larold Snider, Secrelary Sfanley Newlon, Treasurer Kennefli Gilbrealln, Se-rgeanl-al'-arms Bill Reid, lnler-fral Represenlafive Jol'1n lvl. Slrail, Sponsor lnferfraf Council Wanda Jennings, Presidenl Bill Reid, Vice-Presidenl' Paula Cox, Secrelary Ellen Jane Poclw, Treasurer Bill Kinyon, Parliamenlarian O. M. Holslad, Sponsor Kappa 'Delta Alpha Joyce Laing, Presidenl' Wilcla Ingram, Vice-Presidenl Virginia Rudolph, Secrelary Ella Chalk, Treasurer Pal Pill, Reporler Virginia Branscum, Sponsor Befa Tau Chi l-lelen Rullw Polly, Presiclenl' Grace Caughron, Vice-Presiden+ Marguerile Walberg, Secrelary Marion Callaey, Treasurer Bea O'Neal, Pledge Caplain Marian Johnson, lnler-lral Represenlalive Claire Slrow, Reporler Dell Moore, Sponsor 7517 Tau Kappa Tau lrvin Nunn, Presidenf Lelfy Kempson, Vice-Presidenl R. G. Snipes, Secrelary Doyle Ballco, Treasurer Bill Marlin, Reporfer Kendall Sclwlenlcer, Chaplain Dr. Dewey Langslon, Sponsor Sigma Beta Chi Ada lnqle, Presidenl Annabel Lea, Vice-Presiden+ Elaine Sanders, Secrelary Norna O'Brien, Treasurer Della Ruin Frear, Pledge Direcfor Paula Cox, lnlerfwcral Represenlalive Bea Loclclwart Sponsor L wa? 1-,ff ., , -.f Us -I " in Er ff! li i 1251. wi- in ' , ,K . -. .. , M If -1 1 ., , .. , it mm -mv, . .,. Nf .. pci- H -V' y ,D an A , Avy. f , c,.,r5 ..e?s+s-:faF:- 'i ' f. la 3 -Q il ia .- X, r 3 'fx K 'Zi 12 A S 1. l ff ,.-i W . ' i l , A ,r x I ef 5 i ,, ,,.. 1 ea i -M-w------rf TV if i ? i 5 Ag Club Wendell Besl, Presidenl' Russell l-lopldns, Vice-Presiclenl Pxllaerl Tillinglxasl, Secrelary Kennelln Cooper, Treasurer Calvin Rippee, Senlinel Wayman Gray, Reporler Don Burney, Reporler B. L. Allen, Sponsor ff? QPR Accounting Club E. L. l-linlon, Jr., Presldenl Donald E. Peckham, Vice-Presfdenl Mary Rullw Pefree, Secrefary-Treasurer Leland Dowden, Sponsor Baptist Student Union David Poiston, President Dick Mahler, Eniisimeni Vice-President Rudeii Sanders, Devotional Vice-Presideni Norma Eaiy, Secretary Esteem Tarry, Treasurer Una Dilbecic, Librarian Alpha Psi Omega Malone Keiiner, Presideni' Rose Booth, Secretary Dr. C. E. Harnar, Sponsor i , -, W Q , , .....ii.,-...Z .-i..l..,.,... ni as 1' ,wt 3 i ff Business Associates Walrer Case, Presidenf Richard Owens, Vice-Presidenf Nona Befh McDaniel, Secretary Elia Chalk, Treasurer Esfeen Tarry, Repor+er Book and Pen Club Mary Lois Wesf, Presfdenf Marguerife Walberg, Secrefary H. Grady Moore, Co-Sponsor Dr. E. Debs Smifh, Co-Sponsor l,:Z.. , El Club Pasafiempo Carol Charles, Preslclenl Richard Varela, Vice-Presidenl' Ben Maes, Secrefary-Treasurer Flovenee Lundon, Sponsor X? NT 'X "E" Association Leffy Kempson, Presidenl' Pele l'lurs'r, Vice-Presldenf Bill Engman, Secrelary-Treasurer Benny Taylor, Sergeanl-af-arms C. K. Wilson, Sponsor 1 ,i if' fig dim? 5.32: W-.lmigffl ,.., f, 1- .1.:,-ri, swf M. QSM 'M .. .. 'W L, . . Ngmixis 'Ir fs. Fufure Teachers of America Margaref Jones, Presidenlr Ruin Moran, Vice-Presidenl' Francis, McCar+y, Secrefary-Treasurer Marie l'lal'cl1eH, Librarian Margaref LoveH, Song Leader Thelma Mallory, Sponsor Engineers Club Dave Collins, Presidenf Don Darnell, Vice-Presidenl Ouifa Smiflw, Secrefary Jimmy Silces, Reporler John M. Slrail, Sponsor Industrial Arts Club Clarence C. Hunler, Presidenl' Bill Rosin, Vice-Presidenl' Benny Taylor, Secrelary-Treasurer Alberf A. Ballina, Sponsor Home Economics Club Wilda Ingram, Presidenl Grace Caughron, Vice-Presidenl Jere Davidson, Secrelary Cova Furr, Treasurer lvlarquila Collins, Publicily Chairman Sue Barnell, Social Clwairman Maria S. Friesen, Sponsor 1 ' -9, . X , '1 I H f A N -,kk A i m . iq W ,U x Risky f' L Q E x n fa ,Q iffgz , 'Jbiag K i 'v so . 3 I its 7 a'i , . f i,oo rf , c -4,,,:FEfw pg? g - A ls - lg., i,y,,, ,kj z,rL L, N , i:'E35'3,s?Sx,S.A ,K ,HK 2 A H C r wif. n Q ' oioi N f H C all if -if N , ., V, L H .Q 3 Q I . J wx, A . . J ,t .pdf-QP. , Y . 1 4' fi , 2,2 Kappa Pi David Esres, Presicleni' Jerry Wallace, Vice-Presidenf Jean-Seiser, Recording Secrelary Viola Williams, Corresponding Secrelary Reuben Jaramillo, Treasurer Kappa Kappa Psi Paul R. Summersgill, Presidenf James B. Dobbs, Vice-Presidenf Dick Benlz, Secrelary Jack Holcomb, Treasurer Floren Thompson, Sponsor Ronny Durham, Exhibil' Chairman Alice Gossell, Reporler Harmon Hann, Program Chairman Pefer Welzler, Co-sponsor Anna K, Willon, Co-sponsor Newman Club Sfephen Gallegos, Presiden+ Reuben Jaramillo, Vice-Presiden+ Sandra Pawol, Secrefary Marilyn Ford, Treasurer Peier Wehler, Sponsor b . Silver Key B. June Wesl, Presldenl Elia Chalk, Secrelary I Mm! Pioneer-Cacique Pal Pill, Presidem' Leo Bernard, Vice-Presldenl Ella Chalk, Secrelary-Treasurer Dr. Jaclc W. Mears, Sponsor Tau Befa Sigma PauYa Cox, Preside-nf EUen Jane Poch. Vice-Presidenf Mary Ann Vaughan, Secrefary Ray Ann Nfen, Treasurer Sefma Clemenfs, Hisforian Pa? PIH, Parriamenfarian Mary Thompson, Sponsor ,Al K if ll'- rmagagaa , 1. A -fa . -f ..-, pq fl, ,,-. -. . A.9,,,, W, , ,gf , ,wa ef ml' ,-Q f. sz 'nl' 4. f- A-lr2'f73?. "'-nu. ,N Am Wesley Foundation Clarence Parr, Presldenl Mary Ann Vaughan, Vice-Preslclenl Ella Chalk, Secrelary-Hislorlan Gary Blair, Treasurer Dr. Harold I. Woolard, Sponsor Young Married Couples' Square Dance Club Carrol Cafes, Presidenf Duane Howard, Vice-Presideni' Jane Rosin, Secrefary-Treasurer Joe Dickson, Sponsor Tr MQ- K A .. 4 , ii V N ' Mix ,,............i-nw Y K'-an ...... I HE C' EEE N Q -701 f -in x NZ l ail- , I 1 ,six . - . -: i' 4 fx -num i H. .. in ik' 1 --. A bw S. K.. I-f Ii ff 1 no , W 'f f 40 'FW'-'Z?"vgfLQg?f. ,-jg-Eljiyfilv .RQ LN.?. I ,594 ,-fy 1'wQQX ' Ji X A 5 ,S i S.. , 'Q Y Women's Athletic Association Wanda Bennett, President Gwen Britt, Vice-President Veda Marlctiam, Secretary-treasurer Valeta Bennett and Martha Boyles, Recording Secretaries Karlene Kilgore, Reporter Marguerite Sparks, Historian Euterpean Society David Polston, President Mary Ann Cox, Vice-president Margaret Lovett, Secretary Ray Ann Allen, Treasurer Joe Carroll, Parliamentarian Kent Reed, Historian Gillian Buchanan, Sponsor 3 s E 2 2 i di 3 ii? ..g I Q4 ' - ,Exile , :M-N x -Q-41 is i 4 L gs r N . 1 'fi' 1 W, r H, my 52:65 vi' 'fm bi' fankw E ,, .rw . , fix ---' sr-1 - W if f, , fi, in, 'Nm - i 3. E ,, K V, VJ, .,,k,.,,,,,. 5? 'fi .iii ,L .L L , Hr -7' X . J, E X 'ei A x .rw-W H Z 4' l W if ii J L 'I Q fin J X .gm , H-.xx Q , I E H ,N . ef' Tomonnow-shown above is guided missile tak- ing off from White Sands-New Mexico's natural 140,000 acre . proving ground for rockets and jets. I I IURUNTNGH ON THE RANGE-a healthy climatemeans healthy This strong, fat steer about to he branded is typical ol' thousands raised yearly on New Mcxico's grazing lands. cattle I .-- -....................-...i..................1.................... I I I I . I I . I l ,f I I T953-he's a modern prospector looking for I uranium ore. There's plenty of hidden wealth in mineral deposits . still awaiting discovery beneath New Mexiccfs vast ranges, I THE "GAl.LOWS" . . , in mining vocabulary refers to a mine I shaft headfrnmc, such as this one, pictured below, located at ' the modern U. S. Potash Mine near Carlsbad. I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I 1...n...........-.....-.................a....-....... YOUNG STATE . . .BRIGHT FUTURE From the Carlsbad Caverns in the southeast to the Aztec National Monument in the we srul-A 61' OA Q 7 5 115 M 1 5 5 ql'f0,,W,.w"a in this age of the atom. Rel. U. S. Pnl. Off. UNITED STATES POTASH COMPANY Carlsbad, New Maxlco northwest, New Mexico is a land of wide open opportunity and development. 47th State to join the Union, she has assumed her role quickly in keeping pace with progress Young citizens with new ideas are finding this truly a place Where opportunities are unlimited. As one of New Mexico's leading industries, we know that she lives up to her name, Sunshine State, in every reality . . . with the promise of an even brighter future. l l l l l PI S I1' VITAMIN D JAY B. THoMPsoN AGENCY I N S U R A N C E Phone 959 Portales, New Mexico lO7 North Avenue A 04 domfllgfg lam: of 9004 Saving Equipment l E N L I o H T W Cfzffee C0 - li 1008-I6 West Sixth Avenue ' Amarillo, Texas ' Phone 3-4277 QVE GLUVER PACKING CU. Beef and Pork Packers , Phone 368 Roswell, N. M P. O. Box 6609 Williams 8. Son Motor Co OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC - John W. Ballow Insurance - Notary - Bonds GMC TRUCKS Phones: Office-229 SALES 8. SERVICE "e'i"e"ce" '62 Phone 3463 soo Mean CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO Pete Howard SOFT WATER SERVICE CO. WHOLESALE DEALER PORTALES, N. M. Standard Oil Company of Texas 3l6 W. Fir-Phone 277J PORTALES, NEW MEXICO C""""ime"'s of Sexton's Seed 81 Nursery Co. "The Garden Supply Center of Portales" MUIR W, MINCH Corner Commercial St. and Ave. D Representative P. O. Box 831 I HEs1'ANo's rr.owERs C""""i"'e"'s"' "Only ZW blocks from the University Campus" 920 University Drive Phone 227 Phone 5541 Clovis, New Mexico Congratulations to the Seniors of 1953 from the Community Relations Fund Members of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce! Bryson-Tanner Furniture Co. Conway, Dr. John F. Dairy King DilIon's DunIap's Dura Bilt Products Farmers Oil Company Hill Lines, Inc. Home Lumber McGinnis, Fred, Co. New Mexico Chemica I 84 Supply Co., Inc. Pawol Pharmacy Phelps, Fred W. Pioneer Lodge Rowley 8- Davis Sally Ann Bakery Scl1ram's Shop Smith Abstract 8- In Snyder Furniture Co. s. Co. Southwestern Public Service Company Stagner 8- Son Thrifty Drug COMPLIMENTS of the BUILDERS OF YOUR NEW LIBRARY BUILDING C. H. LEAVELL 8: COMPANY EI Paso, Texas Pueblo, Colorado Camden, Arkansas Lincoln, Nebraska White Sands Proving Ground, N. M. Hollomun Air Force Base, N. M. ff I 3 7 AW mnmxituai N Sim zi56zi,s1sssss,i"2 i,. 5 .il i 5 , .wi.x.r".i: ,eq DRAINHBD , . CLUNQ . al In n. F. wlsvuuev Elle' A ... od Odor: ' " Can'FIalu'ld'Clhe'- .. H. L S a the P ,........w:z':::.t. ...I i..,....v ua. .r an 3 -. E iw... mug. at nl ni- W. .m ah ul rf urn bln bow an ti dwmultq nr ue lol ...a I ,".I.'.".1.f4.".f..r1L1 "' " "' W I S ll All V -el O l ll I6 Ill ,e:.-.::- . , --a-- -. -A - cl...-r:hL:u-.ici :ng . .. s,.....F. 1. Sl 4 er.S'mu f .na oem aqui Mum . ow. Soil ram Ruiuvuut srlcul. nun M9 5"Pl9' AIM um 3 M 0 car-mme-,gm In Anura- ,,,,,,, 9 .. w 4.r..r..nu.u. cu. ' R 'KM 1 r...i.....v .4 mmm. - nm. in . mg in uumummtoasauu enlx Audmg Lum: nd nh Mldvklvw'-lvv4'f nn.: musoc new CAMP Chemical Co., IIIC.BraeI:Iyn ls. N. v ROY S. WALKER OIL CO. Gulf Distributor "The World's Finest Motor Oil" - GULF PRIDE - 220 E. First St. Clovis, N. Mex. Shop at the D U N L A P S T O R E "The New Things First" PORTALES, NEW MEXICO wums EQUIPMENT co. "Ferguson Tractors and Equipment" P. O. Box 177 Portales, New Mexico CROZIER PIPE 8: SALVAGE Universal Turbine 8. Pressure Pumps - Tank Steel Well Drilling Welding PORTALES, NEW MEXICO Phone 699 Box 217 BECAUSE hors d'oeu- Flfuf I vres have been asso- ' G' ciated with gracious din- ing from time immemo- rial, Sexton searches the Sev Se t brin ou sf if en as o g y QQ the tinest, most delicate , - shrimp, lobster, sardines, ' f anchovies, tuna, smoked Q oysters and caviar. At ' the better independent food stores. an sm.-a os., Soma s... use-Q., m. INGRAM BROS. MOTOR CO. Dealership for Johnson Turbine Pumps Chrysler Industrial Engines Chrysler 81 Plymouth Sales and Service 321 West Seventh Phone 4212 CLOVIS Try our 6 - inch JUMBO ALL-MEAT HAMBURGERS 35C TWIN CRONNIES On Clovis Highway NORTHCUTT MOTOR CO. ROLLINS PACKING COMPANY "When Better Automobiles Are Built, Wholesale Meats Buick TheTn.,, Phone 700 E. 2nd St. Phone 717 216 Norris Clovis, N.M DOC'S TIRE AND PONTIAC CUYAN AND PURDY Goodrich Tires Mobil Gas and Oil "Pontiac Servicev The Home of Affordable Merchandise Phone 228 PORTALES NEW MEXICO C. S. LAMBIE SL CO. O O O O O Contractors-Builders I O O O I AMARILLO PORTALES W m POR TALES Q , ., , V -,fl:zsfe1eg,Lz M.:..1 fgimff?Qswffwawgimc. -Q f-mfaziwbi , ,p-,, . COMPTON'S The Man's Store "The Place To Go For The Brands You Know" Second St. at Ave. A Phone 151-R SPROUSE-REITZ PORTALES 5, 10 and 15c Store If It's In Portales, It,s At Sprouse's Your Business Is Appreciated H. CLEMENTS, MGR. B and J DRUG COMPANY "Serve Yourself and Pay Lessn DELICIOUSl REFRESHINCI f4?'E'x X 0 x l"F'f , Milk, Ice Cream, Drugs ' Sllndfies - Gifts and Frosted Foods Phone 130 Sold At A11 Leading Grocers and Drugstores F O R S O N ' S Ladies Ready-To-Wear 114 Avenue A Phone 710 PORTALES N.M. SKINNER'S BOOT SHOP "The Western Store' Portales, N.M. Phone 540-W COLLEGE CLEANERS "In Today - Out Tomorrowu Pressing and Alterations 1016 West 2nd Phone 257-R MODERN SHOE STORE "Portales, Only Exclusive Shoe Store" POBTALES N .M. Best Wishes to ENMU C gl T AUTO SUPPLY Funk Fooo STORE Phonego PORTALES PORTALES NEW MEXICO 5 The Citizens Bank of Clovis THE CAL BOYIUN Capital, Surplus, and Reserves I ' Completely over S700,000 Air-Conditioned All Deposits Insured Up to 310,000 PORTALES NEW MEXICO A. D. RIBBLE LUMBER COMPANY Sporting Goods CENTRAL HARDWARE Phone 295-W 124 S. Main Ave. KEMP LUMBER COMPANY Complete Building Supplies Lowe Brothers Paint Phunbing EEISL F1l'St St. Phone MAX MEADORS Anything You Need for Anything You Feed BUICK - CHEVROLET 2559 ' 24-Hour Wrecker Service FEEDS 301 Pile Phone 4466 EI Rancho Milling C0- C L O V I S Box 1123 Clovis Phone 4424 LILAC PARK CAFE Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cox, Owners "A friendly place where friends meetv. On U.S. 70 Portales Phone 755 CAMPBELL'S DAIRY AND ICE CREAM COMPANY 1400 Main Phone 3445 It,s Good If It Comes From Campbells ATLAS PEST CONTROL SERVICE "Better Health Thru Sanitation" Fumigating and Exterminating P.O. Box 1063 Clovis, N.M. Phone 6315 J A C K H O LT "The Clothierv National Brands for Men and Boys 304 Main Clovis, N.M RIDINGS MOTOR COMPANY Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Iob-Rated Trucks 204 East 2nd Portales, N.M. Phone 133 BOOTH PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Where Pharmacy Is a Profession and Not a Sideline 301 South Main Street Phone 571-I THE SILVER GRILL When in Clovis Make Us Your Eating Headquarters cc Serving the Worldls Best Plate Lunchv ALWAYS WELCOME Phone 5112 for Reservations GOLDEN WEST FLOUR NEW MEXICO MILL 8. ELEVATOR CO. Clovis, N.M. Millers of Fine F lours Massey Harris Sales 0 S eroice PORTALES MACHINERY CO., PORTALES WESTERN MACHINERY CO., CLOVIS Congratulations to students and faculty for a successful year in 1952-53 SECURITY FINANCE CO. 310 S. Main Ave. Phone 42 WALL 81 MORGAN REAL ESTATE "We Sell Everything" Serving Eastern New Mexico and West Texas ALEXANDER'S Wholesale Fresh Fruits, Vegetables Business Phone 5526 702 Reid St. Phone 697-M 116 S. Avenue A CLOVIS, N,M, JARRATT MUSIC CO. Home of Kimball Pianos and King Band Instruments Phone: Office 3-5821 -Res. 3-3278 203 W. Dunham Hobbs, N.M. H. A. Shipp Implement Co. Portales, N.M. Box 709 South Avenue C "Case Tractors and Seruicei' STEVE KENNEDY Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractor 1429 Lovington Road Phone 517 The Home Lumber Company A Complete Building Service PORTALES PHONE 400 Watson Motor Company Lincoln 0 Mercury Clovis, New Mexico 600 W. Seventh Phone 7423 GRADY'S FOOD MARKET "The Home of Good Beef, Phone 947 223 S. Ave. C on the Lovington Highway J. E. BOX 81 SONS, INC. Building Materials of All Kinds P. 0. Box 578 o Hobbs, N.M. 213 N. Leech Phone 3-4032 T E X O Dealers are to serve you. AL PRIEBE, Consignee 6OUT FRONT" A Southwest Organization Serving the Great Southwest Clovis, N .M. Phone 3226 SLONE GRAIN COMPANY Portales, N.M. "We're Always in the Market for Your Grainv Phone 102 AAA E! Paw! Male! 1130 West 2nd Phone 660 Member Best Westem Motels SIMPSON PUMP CO. Layne and Bowler Pumps Repair and Service Phone 560 or 618-R 305 E First Portales, N.M l Cars A0 Trucks 0 Used Cars SALES l Portales Motor Co., lnc. "Your Friendly Ford Dealerv Fred B. Bowker, Ir., Mgr. Phone 76 Portales, N.M. Farmers Co-Operative Oil Co. Portales, N.M. Gasoline - Kerosene - Lube Oil- Greases C. H. Cobb, Mgr. Phone 185-I 312 Commercial Eason Welding Supply Co. Phone 427-W Box 457 POHTALES, N.M. Poitales Valley Sweet Potato Growers Association Portales, N.M. M. v. SOUTH, MGR. rye my . . - 'm ,J X J M. K. HALL AND CO. HERB EDWARDS, JEWELER Distributors Diamond-T Trucks DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY Box 86 Phone 220 A PORTALES, N,M, 409 Main CLOVIS Dial 7015 K I C A Hosss CHEVROLET COMPANY 980 on your Dial SALES SERVICE MBS Always a great Show Phone 53 Portales SCHAEFER, MERRELL, AND ASSOCIATE ARCHITECTS Clovis, New Mexico Congratulations and best Wishes to the members of the faculty and the student body of Eastern New Mexico University for a fine school and for a most successful school year of 1952-53. We are proud of the University and the line Work it is doing and wish it continued success. Arthur F. jones, President Mrs. Bramlett Mayeaux, Asst. Cashier I. B. Priddy, Vice-President C. I. Foster, Asst. Cashier Charles Starkey, Vice-President C. M. Compton, jr., Director David Iones, Cashier R. E. White, Director FIRST NATIONAL BANK fMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? "Serving Roosevelt County Since 1902v Capital 8100,000 Reserve S100,000 Surplus S100,000 IN CLOVIS VV e are always glad to meet our student customers at our store at 417 Main. Whether you are on the campus during the school year or off the campus on vacation . . . or have successfully become graduates . . . we are always happy to ,see you. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Congratulations, ENMU on yet another fine class of graduates and on the completion of another year of achieve- ment. Your I . C . Penney Store in the home city of EMNU stands ready to cooperate with and serve you at all times.. IN PORTALES FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. BAYLESS INSURANCE AGENCY PORTALES, NEW MEXICO 204 Ave. A Phone 718 PORTALES FLORAL CO. "Flowers for all Occasions" Flowers by Wire Anywhere Bonded Member -- Florist Telegraph Association 301 South Avenue C Phone 120 THE VOHS COMPANY and SHOELAND 418 Main Street Clovis, N.M. Best Wishes to You - Now and Always PORTALES TH EATRES TOWER YAM KIVA VARSITY - Think of Us Sometime - "Good Printingv CHICK TAYLOR PRESS Publishing The CURRY COUNTY TIMES Clovis, New Mexico Phone 7032 MOTT'S VENETIAN BLINDS Clovis Tent and Awning N. COMMERCIAL WAY CLOVIS, N.M. FOR FABRICS CURTAINS AND DRAPERIES .DLL- FASHIOIX FABRICS ,owneif THE FABRIC STORE IN CLOVIS Magnolia Petroleum Co. Spence Hall, Consignee "Your Friendly Magnolia Dealef' PORTALES, N.M. CITY MOTOR COMPANY GMC Trucks and Pickups 701 South Avenue C I Portales, New Mexico Clyde C. Anderson Phone 666 TOMMY AND BROOKS' FOOD MARKET Tommy Hyatt Brooks Moore "The Store Where You Feel at Homev Phone 39 523 S. Ave. C ELLISON-BROWN ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractors "We Service and install anything HECK HARRIS Firestone Dealer Store Tires Home and Auto Supplies Electrical" Telephone 899 Hotpoint Appliances Phone 96 115 South Main St, 101 South Main Ave. Portales, N.M. George Implement Company Your John Deere Dealer "Always Boosting The Greyhoundsv Box 366 Phone 7 Portales, New Mexico COLLEGE BAKERY "Always Backing ENM U and the Greyhounds" CHARLIE LITTLE Phone 40 Portales New Mexico University Service Station "Serving the Greyhoundsv Phone 675 820 West Second Approved Sanitone Service Spic and Span Cleaners 500 S. Ave. C Portales, N.M. Factory outlet, unclaimed tailor-made suits . . . 829.50 C""""l""""'S"f ODOM OFFICE SUPPLY THE Remington-Rand Sales and Service cl.ovls, NEw MEXICO Q Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 225 South Main St. Phone 177 GATEWAY AuTo coMPANY 'N PORTA L ES and throughout the nation - Clovis More women C OO K with GAS . than all other fuels combined! F 0 R D lt's FASTER... BETTER...CHEAPER! lt'sMODERN! SALES AND SERVICE Southerg Union Gas ' NlkIl I Y lAY IOGNWIII I U 600 Main 501 East Third Portales WALL and SCN "Eltda,s Oldest and Roosevelt Countgfs Most Complete Storey, Box 7 Elida, New Mexico BISHOP'S CLEANERS "Sta-Nu Processing" 804 West Second Phone 750 PORTALES BUTANE COMPANY BUTANE, PROPANE, AND APPLIANCES 703 E. Third sheer Phone 8 Night Phone 362-M POWERS GROCERY AND MARKET "The Best in Meats and Groceriesl' 1022 West 2nd St. Phone 985 Best Wishes to ENM U MAC'S DRIVE INN "Thank You for Your Patronagev PORTALES, N.M. HARRIS' STORE FOR MEN Portales Quality Clothes Ideal for Campus Wear . . . We're Pulling for ENMU "Make Our Store Your Downtown Headquartersn Orville I. Harris, Owner Phone 295-I Best Wishes to ENMU from ALEXANDER'S , NEW MEXICO DRUG COMPANY "The REXALL Storen Congratulations to the faculty and the students of ENMU for the successful year of 1952-53 PORTALES STEAM LAUNDRY Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Miller and Sons Phone 20 PORTALES, N.M. 209 S. Main Ave. Phone 6 Selig- ' kat P'-'Uri-'M PORTALES HARDWARE co Better Furniture and H orne Appliances Phone 216 Main at Third Dr. Pepper Bottling Company PD RTALES NEW MEXICD FUSTER AGENCY 215 SUUTH MAIN AVE. FMUNE I SCHUMPERT ELECTRIC "The House that Service Builtv W. P. CBillyD Schumpert A Greyhound Booster WILSON CLEANERS BYNUM ULDS COMPANY 110 Years ROCKET MOTORS of P. O. Box 747 Experience On Lovington Highway Portales, Oldest Cleaners 414 s. Main Ave. Phone 97 PORTALES, NM' General Farm 81 Auto Co. 1408 South Avenue D Phone 569 PORTALES, N.M. PORTALES LUMBER CO. HLUMBERMANH Your Number For Lumber PORTALES - 10 UNIVERSITY FOOD MARKET WOW aim zlf to pleaye you" PHONE 70 FREE DELIVERY PEANUT vi - pf- EI IU, 65 fffg ff- 45 3 WA Qx in I . - .-3 In Munulacvuud By PQRTALES VALLEV MILLS mc, Pavvulegnu Mum PRODUCTS G A M B L E ' S "THE FRIENDLY STORED Home-Owned 304 S. MAIN AVE. PORTALES CHRISTIAN JEWELRY SILVERWARE DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES 207 S. Main Ave. Phone 574-I SCHUMPERT FARM SUPPLY 'LEADERS IN SERVICE' - - - - FARM SUPPLY E.N.M.U. BOOKSTORE AND SUPPLY SHOP "Serving the Students and Faculty" LI.-L Congratulations to the Class of 1953 of Eastern New Mexico University THE PURTALES NATIUNAL BANK PORTALES, N.M. I. S. CLICK, President R. C. BRYANT, Vice-President T. E. MEARS, Vice-President D. B. STONE, Cashier REX D. HUDSON, Asst. Cashier S. M. HANCOCK, Asst. Cashier I. S. CLICK, IR., Asst. Cashier Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve System ! To I.igI1ten I.iIe's Way 7am Zoe SOUTHWESTERN PUEUL' SER VICE 28 YEARS OF GOOD CI?I'I,ZnEf:SII'III'YAND PUBLIC SERVICE ROOSEVELT COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC. "Owned by Those Whom We Serve" FEED OKAY FEEDS 12 ' "Yi Manufactured by WORLEY MILLS 2 I , s Agyifwf Seii THE HARDEN HOTEL IN HOBBS, NEW MEXICO "Hobbs H eadquartersv Al's Drive In COMPLETE DRIVE IN SERVICE gs I 7th and Thornton Streets Dial 9960 CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO BOYD ENGINEERING SOCIETY, cflsafing, Qfsnfifafing ancl 0451 conditioning i' i"k ALBUQUERQUE EL PASO PHOENIX NEW MEXICO TEXAS ARIZONA I'I' ' - A E 5 A EIII ,f ' - K fi I ','.- IEEAA I fn ,, V,l I 31 ' V. ' 'N' - ' I 5 -IIV1,-.s.fQ,,safiL-ii Q 'I i '--' i I to II', I A, ' ' I I -fl? " -,.j,l'Q,Q!5j: i 5, . J gwzgyix x ' .ff 'A I It I I . . ""' Ei , f ' f' ' ' f H i' Q, - ' '--' i-Wx. Q I I 5 2 I Vi I'II I Y If ff" f e N' f, -si If I f 2 ' V1 ' It - Spf. ,FIA I zi 1 I, I , , A A 3' "Q 'W' -'E-- I F51 'O IEEI 1 41 , 9' f N -W' :Fd 'lfE'IlFi."' 'f.f 1 --'- "ff-I ' - . 1' if f- ,i . f 1- if-I -L: --.. ,f f ' " f I 9' ,E,,- zo w is . 1 ' W 'ni-',A - - 1 1.15 fy . f EE" "-EA E521 E Ii, IWW S D' New Mexico's School Service Institution NEW MEXICO SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. ALBUQUERQUE Oscor's Boot 81 Shoe Shop Expert Shoe Repair Hand Tooled Leather Goods Hand Made Boots Saddle Repair ' Phone 207-I 224 West Second PORTALES, N.M. llww 33' asloyfv 'frvek wg 753 573+ kwtsigl 9 9 '5 DAL343l ehamssrs Co swf Exlco 'SQ' 5. tV"5fi?fH6?5"'? ""'E1L"3z:h'H'lN . 'an' ma 4'-'f33:ra:gw,' ,.:,q5i1.2w -ga mf- wg ' -, ' , 'ff -4' wferf" -SMH' :li 'S P.?3fS.' -lr .Ev f ,'1 1,.,g .p PV 4' 5 gbeEj?9.+3s2?QQ35'f3.gQ':T1.o r xg, cages -,4-14 z..4. '11 A ' rf '- ,4 I - 'y, :SA ,fe-5':ggf5.gi,,jgg ' W 3 ,,-1,.f.1 - .A V 1- -A-Ae.'9.f4.w. .- :W1.f4K..e.,m.f f-.-We .J af . .- f W., Eli a! 3 55l iE5ff,5'ff3 giigj-'.w. "f . I -'ly 1 I N: ls: v:a:.Q- ' I I L VI , WM if PORTALES ABSTRACT CO. 207 South Avenue A PORTALES, NEW MEXICO Phone 72 MATTlE'S CAFE Best wishes for the coming years? 205 S. Main Ave. Portales Builders Supply Lumber Building and Plumbing Supplies Paints, Hardware ealfeqe Benq 422 S. Main Phone 99 520 Ave. C Phone 498-J PORTALES, N.M. D E A N ' S WHEELER MORTUARY AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ,, , , ,, STUDEBAKER Satzsfactory Serozce Car w Trucks A M B U L A N C E General Repair Steve Dean Phone 46 Portales, N.M. Manager 105 South Abilene Avenue Phone 698-I Aufographs Autographs

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