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Sunlight through a prism ... a spectrum of united diversity. The 1176 Nautilus An annual student publication of Eastern Nazarene College Quincy, Massachus« .etts Faith E. Woodend, Editor-in-Chief Sue L. Collier, Business Manager 76923 2 IN DEDICATION To one whose keen eye of discernment is focused on the goals and ideals of Eastern Nazarene College; To one whose mind and fluency of speech have brought honor to self and to this College; To one whose hand has penned a variety of public a- tions; To one whose heart embraces the home, the Church, the community and the lives on this campus of to- day and past days; To one whose life finds expression in commitment and service through community leadership and as advisor to campus organizations; To one who has been a friend to students and a caretaker of student interests; To one who in 25 years of teaching has inspired his students to achieve their fullest potential; To one who will never be forgotten by those students he advised and by those who have grown to respect, admire, and love him; With grateful hearts and deep appreciation for his commitment, his example and his love, we dedicate this Nautilus to the ENC Superfan of 1976 — DR. JAMES REESE CAMERON 5 b Sunlight, a white beam, a single unit of brightness, yet when seen through a prism, its many colors are revealed — the spectrum of united diversity. Herein lies its singular beauty. With- out each color in the spectrum the light beam is not complete. 6 i| rhe 1976 Nautilus is a prism through which we can see the IJ dimensions of the spectrum of Eastern Nazarene College. These combined dimensions which make it unique, give it singular beauty and, like sunlight, united diversity. I " p astern Nazarene College iH has a deeply rooted past located in the historical setting ofQuincy. Rich in heritage, it was founded by those dedicated to Christian values . This dedi- cation is still evident today in the quality of persons making up our community. People— the timeless dimension. I ach person, in himself unique, has something unique to contribute. Then it happens: the gradual change from stranger to friend the chance for growth through in- teraction. Interpersonal rela- tionships offer lessons in life and make memories for life. I aster n Nazarene College upholds a high standard of education. The dimension that makes it d if fere nt is the combination of the best in edu- cation with the best in Christian faith. Through the cirriculum and worship services emphasis is placed on the relationship of Christianity to the various dis- ciplines and on the answers it provides for the needs and ques- tions of mankind. 13 Cnvolved in the liberal arts pattern of education is the development of the whole person as preparation for the responsi- bilitiesoflife. This type of education includes the final di- mensions of the arts and athlet- ics . The arts encourage s e I f- expression and aesthetic appre- ciation while athletics provide for the development of the body. Together these dimensions pro- vide the school spirit — a sense of oneness be twe e n performer and audience, player and fan . 14 V I he dimensions of ■r our college: people past and pres- e nt , academics, reli- gious life, the arts and at h letics, are diverse parts of the spectrum that converge into one bright beam. Without each dimension the school is not complete . Herein lies the singular beauty of Eastern Naz- arene College — united diversity. .FRESHMEN SUBJECT TO INEVITABLE RITES Novices undergo an intensive week of matura- tion, shed of extraneous roots, eighteen years of preparation compact themselves into a 12 x 14 foot cubicle. Sophomores help speed the ripening process in the hothouse of humilation. At last, triumphant in the trial by teasing, a new class is ready to face the first of many registration lines. HERSTORY Tradition and innovation combined in this year ' s AWS ' activities. A lllb 191b bi- centennial party first brought big and little sisters together. The group ce le brated annual Pixie Week w i th a Thanksgiv- ing dinner. Christmas caroling and a special communion ser- vice with Dean Helfrich rounded out the season ' s events. PL4NNING FOR THE FUTURE SHOCK Eastern zone high school students visited the campus during three weekend motor- cades. Besides the usual col- lege tours and unplanned week- end excitement, the new sounds of The Archers, Truth and Dave Boyer concerts provided enter- tainment. The Archers 26 " A JOURNEY INWARD ...A JOURNEY OUTWARD The fctH semester had great sprjtkftial e ' m p h a s i s under the ministries of Dr. Louis Evans intheSialey Lecture Series and Rev. Mel McCul lough in the fall revival. Theirmessages focused on the eight Covenant relation- ships between believers that are achieved on the spiritual journey outfrom ourselves, only after we have made that same journey inward. 29 WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE Raindrops kept falling on the deck whi le E NC couples viewed Boston after dark during the boat cruise through Boston Harbor. Af- ter a buffet supper the Homecom- ing semi-finalists were announced. 32 ' ' nomecoming 1975 was a time for reflection. Visiting alumni rem- inVsced around p i cture s from pi d yearbooks. At the pageant, members of the court recalled incidents from their own childhood while anxiously awaiting the crowning of the Queen. Featured singer, Tom Netherton ap- peared in concert with popular songs past and present. Homecoming 1975 may never come again. But the memories: the puddles, the reunions, the beauty and pageantry will always remain. Sue Hersey The Queen and her Court. AWS Representative Donna Chappell Senior Representative Bonnie Smith Sigma Representative CIRCLE K SPIRIT HAUNTS GYM iouls, hunchbacks, goblins, and a hangman were the sights of the Circle K spook walk in Lahue Gym. This spine-tingling event topped off the evening of fun at the annual Halloween party. A BIT OF LIVING HISTORY It was an evening of living history as the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John W. McCormack addressed students, faculty, and commun- ity residents in Shrader Lecture Hall, that brisk November eve- ning. The aging but sharp poli- tician from Massachusetts took a youthful generation back to the days of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman; to the days of World War II, Hiroshima, and Korea; to private conversa- tions between himself and our Nation ' s leaders. It was a his- torical perspective to say one thing: America must return her strength ... She must never fall prey to the mistake of appease- ment. The Speaker left to a standing ovation, admired and respected by those who had heard a historical lesson in for- eign policy in this emerging day of detente. If I don ' t go he Missions Blitz was a week of awakening to world missions . Students enjoyed displays and an international banquet of foods from a! I over the world. Guest missionary speakers, inspiring and challenging, reminded all of their responsibility to missions -- if you don ' t go, who will? A WINTER EDEN WHERE ' S CHRISTMAS? The Student Council Christmas party involved a search — a search for Christmas. The buffet supper . . . Santa Claus ... presents under the tree — but where ' s Christmas? The star . . . the manger bed ... the Great- est Gift -- there ' s Christmas. For a while, itappeared that the budget deficit would pre- vent the Crusaders from partici- pating in the 1976 King ' s tournament. But determined players and fans staged a va- riety of f u n d-r a i s i n g events: gym nights, dinners, a coffee house, a male " fashion show " , and even the institution of pass- ing the bucket for a buck during games. It worked: on March 3, the Big Red Machine rolled to- wards King ' s college with the budget in the black . Lefs do it again! Lthe school spirit at its peal ffle Crusaders did it again and won the King ' s Tourney by placing firstin women ' s volleyball and chess, second in basketball and table tennis, third in cheer- leading, fourth in bowling and fifth in barber shopquartet competition. Itwasthis combined excellence in ev ery area that left ENC victor- ious again. SPRING CLEANING aah mpus clean-up day provided recovery from winter dullness, escape (temporary) from studies, and the con- solation of fresh green and the chance for new, growth. MORE THAN l UST ANDRAE The second performance of An- drae Crouch and the Disciples drew capacity crowds . This Student Coun- cil sponsered concert featured songs from many of the group ' s albums in- cluding the latest, JUST ANDRAE. 52 FABULOUS FIFTIES FLASHBACK Looking back to the days of their (ear ly) youth, AMSandAWS members recreated some of the looks and sounds of the 1950 ' s era. Pony-tailed girls with bobby socks and " greasers " in white T-shirts were reminded of the fads of the Fifties: goldfish-swallowing contest, dance marathons, and the hula hoop. Later the " NaShaSha " entertained the malt shoppe group with the music of that decade. POLITICAL AWARENESS Eastern Nazarene Col lege was honored to have Senator Birch Bayh, Democratic candidate for President of the United States as a speaker in chapel on the day prior to the important Massa- chusetts primary. In his speech he pleaded for young people throughout the nati on to overcome apathetic attitudes toward the political process. Active student participation followed in a lengthy question-answer period that helped replace apathy with political awareness. 56 JOHN CHAPTER 17 The High-Priestly prayer of Jesus (John Chap- ter 17) was the text for the messages of Rev . Reuben Welch, evangelist for the spring revival. This text, whether presented in chapel or in the gym due to Tuesday ' s reversal, provided valuable insight into what Christ desired for all disciples. YROTCRID 6731 srotsap: hmlliw rcbmjccm dlanoo sivao 8EMAJ ELPPOC YELNAT8 MAILLUf NYUIIAM KRAT8 SS STPUS: NVtNIAM OMA 8tMAJ SMMN 9£nr. WLnmc wliao SPYN SERP; fillWAt. NETAAfit MIATS YAOOT RtOHC EcrrcAiv -yrautcnas YRE8RtM-0NS mOLF XENNA EUBIB YDUT8 ROF LLA SEGA CNtNROM nHSROV .W. ' RESMUCCM, " EHT QNITEEM-EtfT SNITRAP " GNINEVE nHSROIR( E.M.RE8MUCCM, »EM08 ENO OEHCUOT EM " TUES - 57 ANOTHER CAMPUS CORNERSTONE Another campus cornerstone was laid at the dedication of the new married students dormitory -- a com- plex of 58 apartments. Trustees as well as Quincy officials participated in this ceremony that marked another year of campus growth. WE ' VE ONLY JUST BEGUN IniorClass prepared the way for i.ior procession at the traditional yiior Day C n voc a t i n . The ),arges were given and Professor vs addressed the class of 1976. Nostalgic and reflective, the Senior choir sand their class song and realized they has only just begun. 64 PIECES OF APRIL Junior-Senior Day culminated with a formal banquet at the Copley Plaza Hotel. Seniors enjoyed re- flections of their years at ENC as portrayed by the Juniors before hear- ing the announcement of the most outstanding Se n i ors: Greg Niblett and Betty Gardner. The elegant evening concluded with the musical talent of Danny Taylor. ' I ' VE GOT PIECES OF APRIL AND IT ' S A MORNING IN MAY. " ENC HOSTS NAZARENE STUDENT LEADERS Boston and Qui ncy: Where the sights and sounds of the American rev- olution were born 2 00 years ago; Where in 1976 the ENC Student Council played host to the Nazarene Student Leadership Conference during the American Bicentennial Celebration. Nazarene Student Leaders and Admin- istrators from sister col leges across the continent gathered to hold work- shops and business meetings. There were discussions on leadership ... management seminars ... campus min- istry and Bible study emphasis ... a business meeting at the State Capitol ... a visit from Governor Dukakes . . . touring Quincy ... " 1776 " ... ice cream social ... seeing Boston in one day ... old presidents teaching new presidents ... old friends sharing good times ... new friendships being made. And after all the e n d I e s s airport and motel shuttles, and 15-20 hour days, it was worth it. Delegates from the 10 other colleges saw E NC at her best . . . and we were proud . ENC STUDENTS HAVE THEIR SHARE OF UPS AND DOWNS Lincoln Park out- ing was aday of ups and downs, of r 1 1 e r coasters and cotton candy, of friends and fun. ENCS HALL OF FAME vCrusader sports banquet honored all r ' thletes of the 1915-1 b school year. The most coveted awards went to Brenda Henley, Best-all-around Woman Athlete and to Gordon Wetmore recipient of the Carroll F. Bradley Award. Even Crusador spectators didn ' t goaway empty handed as Dr. James Cameronwas named Super-Fan of 1976. 1 GRL SENIOR LUNCHEON 74 A SENIOR BENEDICTION Seniors worshipped tog ether along with parents and friends in the Bacca- laureate service. It was a senior bene- diction thanksgiving for the past four years and a blessing for the future. A NEW BEGINNING TBb OTty-fourth annual Commencement marked the end of four years of study and a new beginning for all the graduates. Dr. Edward S. Mann, former President of ENC, challenged the Seniors to utilize all that their education has given them through their studies, their faith and their friends. ACCEPTING THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDALLION The Inauguration of President Irwin Soccer Statistics 1975-76 E.N.C. Opponent Opponent ' s Score The King ' s College 4 Framingham State College 2 2 Salem State College 2 1 Rhode Island College 2 1 Southeastern Mass. University 3 2 Nyack College 1 Barrington College 3 3 New Hampshire College 2 7 St. Francis College 4 Nasson College 2 3 Northeastern Bible College 1 2 Gordon College 3 ■AX ' 83 [■. ■ ■ f . • ' , V. ' , 89 VOLLEYBALL 1975-76 Season Record: 15-0 Women ' s volleyball had another ex citing season in ' 76 ending up with a per- fect record of wins. Their victories did not stop there for they went on to win at King ' s Tournament. In four years of play the volleyball team has won 46 matches and lost only 4 . Coach Detwiler and the team are to be congratulated for their dedication and skill that again proved ENC to be number one. 90 91 Gordon College 100 - 55 St. Francis College 102 - 83 Western New England 99 - 77 Babson College 69 - 67 Nasson College 88 - 57 Barrington 94 - 67 St, Francis College 80 - 73 Roberts Wesleyan 81 - 80 Rhode Island 85 - 87 University of Maine 103 - 71 (Portland-Gorham ) Curry College 75 - 62 New Hampshire 70 - 74 Suffolk University 75 - 93 King ' s College 85 - 97 Nyack 73 - 85 Bridgewater State 75 - 60 Gordon 88 - 65 Nasson College 91 - 66 St, Francis 74 - 69 Nyack 75 - 68 King ' s College 97 - 92 Curry College 90 - 75 Southeastern Mass. U. 79 - 93 Barrington 80 - 74 Gordon 81 - 69 Southeastern Mass. U. 86 - 100 King ' s Tournament Philadelphia College of the Bible 76 - 50 Nyack 103 - 89 Messiah 70 - 84 92 B f A r Coach Smith, P. Ribeiro, M. Cox, J. FIfnner, G. Wetmore, D. Ed- monds, B. Jones, M. Barefoot, J. Perera, K. Harri- son, R. Ward, IVIgr. IVI. IViifler, Not pictured: D. Rouse The Basketball Crusaders were a pleasant sur- prise to everyone this year, including Coach Smith, finishing the season with a record of 21 wins and 8 losses. Three veterans and a host of new comers com- bined to give our enthusiastic fans a shouting good year. Co-captain Mike Cox scored his 1000th point during the final game of his career and co-captain Gordon Wetmore had another good year with a 14.96 scoring average. Mike Bare- foot led the team in scoring with a 19.68 aver- age. Two newcomers joining Cox, Wetmore, and Barefoot in double figures were Peter Ribeiro, 12.25 points per game and Kevin Gibson, 11.86 points per game. The season highlights were a 1st place finish with an 8-0 record in the Naismith Basketball Conference and a second place finish in the King ' College Tournament. Players receiving special recognition were: All -Conference, Peter Riveiro (CO-MVP) Gordon Wetmore, Mike Barefoot and Mike Cox; Nazarene Athletic Association All Stars, Mike Barefoot; National Christian College All-District, Mike Cox and Mike Barefoot. 95 Th e young and unexperienced team this year fought to overcome the depth of their opponents. The strength and improvement of the team and the use of 6 ' 2 " Donna Fandel, one of the leading re- bounders in New England, will prove that E.N. C. is a team to be reckoned with in the future. In its thirteen year history, the women have suffered only three losing seasons. Front Row: J. Stin- so n , H. Girting, R. Yates, J. Lilja, M. Barefoot, B. B r e n- naman, G. Orsolini, L. Ranstrom, Back Row: Ass ' t Coach Bradley, G. Wet- more, D. White, T. Cnossen, S. Parks, G. Stinson, M, Cox, L. Thibodeau, Coach Smith. 103 BASEBALL STATISTICS 1976 E.N.C. 3 - Nasson 2 E.N.C. 7 - Curry 9 E.N.C. 8 - Bridgewater 17 E.N.C. 9 - Bridgewater 8 E.N.C. 9 - Suffolk University 7 E.N.C. 13 - U. Of iVl. Farmington 10 E.N.C. 7 - Curry 13 E.N.C. 3 - Barrington 2 E.N.C. 4 - Barrington E.N.C. 1 - Southeastern Mass. U. E.N.C. 1 - Southeastern fVlass. U. 8 E.N.C. 19 - Nasson 20 TENNIS STATISTICS 1976 ENC 4 - 5 Bridgewater State ENC 7 - 2 St. Francis ENC 1-8 Gordon ENC 7-2 Roger Williams ENC 7 - 2 St. Francis ENC 1-8 Southeastern Mass. Univ, Coach Benson TEAM MEMBERS Peter Brooks David Freese Tim G rosse Frederick Munroe Gary Peterson John Roler Dave Trout T. R. Benson, Coach 107 Senior Class Council: Dr. and iVIrs. Glen Keys, Advisor; Mark Frauman, Chaplain; John Reil- ly. Student Council Representative; Betty Gardner, Treasurer; Donna Chappell, Secretary; Sue Collier, Vice President; Garry Orsolini, President. HONOR GRADUATES SUMMACUM LAUDE: David R. Douglas, Laurie J. Braaten, Lorraine A. Gill, Mary Lou Parrott, Phillip A. Coy. MAGNA CUM LAUDE: William T. Gardner, Dale B. Wolf, Caria M. Errichiello, Alan S. Mikal, Elizabeth Getchell, John E. Cunningham, Nancy S. Shute, Joyce E, Emigh, Robert A. Cornell, Leo V. Sarkissian, Carol Temm Wish. CUM LAUDE: Lana M. Stadler, Deborah Romeo, Sarah F. MacPherson, Susan E. Vin- cent, Floyd T. Cunningham, Robert M. Jack, Shirley R. Johnson, Davelyn M. Ross, Penelope J. Stoddard, Sarah L. Reedy, William C. Mierley, Heidi A. Muller, Suzanne L. Collier, Marjorie J. McKillop. SUE COLLIER JOHN CUNNINGHAM STEVE DAVIS WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BETTY GARDNER DAWN HECKMAM BRENDA HENLEY ALAN SCOTT GARRY ORSOLINI DAN WEST SERVICE TO THEIR SCHOOL v.; REBECCA J. WISEMAN B.A., Social Work ELIZABETH L. GETCHELL B.S., Music Education RICHARD L. PARKER, JR B.S., Biology DE BORAH D. GARDNER B.S., Elementary Education JEAN E„ ACKER B.A., Psychology DAVID C. BALL B.A., History BRUCE L. SINCLAIR B,S., Music Education LORINDA A. WARRICK B.A., Psychology DIANA L. SCHAEFFER B.A., Psychology DAVELYN M. ROSS B.S., ELEMENTARY EDUCATIOI PAMELA S. LAWTO B.A., English JAMES L. CARTER B.S., Elementary Education LYNNE A. BRENNAN B.S., Elementary Education PI - ' 4 CARLA ERRICHIELLO B.S Music Education DEBORAH G . WETZEL B.S., Elementary Education JAMES G. LINDSAY B.A., Religion JOHN F. EVANS B.A., Business Administration DAVID R. DOUGLAS B.S., Physics CAROLYN B. GREENE B.A,, Religion JOAN D. JURY B.A., Economics ROGER L. PARROTT B.A., Psychology MARY LOU PARROTT B.A., English, French JOY E. TUCKER B.A., Social Work ALAN S. MIKAL B.A., English DEBORAH E. COLLINS B.S., Elementary Education, Special Education STEVEN P. DAVIS B.A., Mathematics J CRAIG A. UMSTEAD B.A., History STEPHEN R. CARNAHAN B.A., Psychology GLEIMDON A. WILLS B.A., Religion LOU ANN MESZAROS B.S., Elementary Education NOAH A. THARP B.A., Religion BARBARA EDWARDS B .S ., Music Education 1 ■ AMBER E. ROBERTS B.S., Elementary Education IVE-YEAR STUDENTS GRADUATES OF 1977 SENIOR INDEX Acker, Jean Adams, Peggy Alley, Charles Almquist, Karen Arey, Donald Baillie, Pauline Ball, David Banfield, Stephen Bilyou, Elaine Braaten, Laurie Brennan, Lynne Cale, Christy Caley, Susan Campbell, Roberta Carnahan, Stephen Carpenter, Matthew Carter, James Chandler, Rebecca Chappell, Donna Chase, Barbara Christensen, Yvonne Christie, Bonnie Collier, Suzanne Collins, Deborah Conklin, Kathy Constant! ne, Sharon Corkery, William Cornell, Robert Coulter, Linda Cox, Janet Cox, Michael Cunningham, Floyd Cunningham, John Cunningham, Sandy Darrow, Eileen Davis, Steven Douglas, David Dunham, Ernest Edwards, Barbara Emigh, Joyce Ennis, Dawn Errichiello, Caria Evans, John Fell, Glenn Fenn, Terrel Finniev, Ann Finnie, Gail Fisk, James Frauman, Mark Frederick, Stafford Frens, James Gabel, Francine Gagnon, Donna Gardner, Deborah 116 Gardner, Elizabeth 124 Gardner, William 136 Getchell, Elizabeth 116 Gill, Lorraine 123 Greene, Carolyn 130 Grosse, Rodney 121 Hardin, Carole 135 Haskell, Scott 121 Hastings, Deborah 139 Hathaway, Joy 138 Heckman, Dawn 135 Henley, Brenda 121 Hennen, Wayne 136 Hersey, Clifford 126 Hersey, Sue 126 Howard, Sharon 122 Hughes, Brenda 141 Jack, Robert 134 Johnson, Shirley 131 Jury, Joan 130 Kahler, Timothy 140 Knapp, Christine 133 LaLone, David 132 Lanham, Timothy 124 Lawton, Pam 123 Lazowski, Robert 127 Lindsay, James 127 Lindstrom, Nancy 129 MacPherson, Sarah 126 Marshall, Mary 141 Mazzacone, Diane 143 McKillop, Marjorie 140 Mezaros, Lou Ann 133 Mierley, William 134 Mikal, Alan 131 Miller, Michael 122 Moore, Stephen 137 Muller, Heidi , 128 Mulkigian, Movses 12 1 Myrick, Rick 117 Nemcovich, Ken 135 Niblett, Greg • 136 Oliver, Kathy 132 Orsolini, Garry 135 Paige, Diana 142 Parker, Richard 116 Parks, Stephen 127 Parrott, Mary Lou 130 Parrott, Roger 130 Pearsall, Linda 138 Peryea, Richard 139 Pfautz, John 125 144 We hope that within these pages you will find the photographs and words necessary to recapture the spirit of this year. And after the book is on the shelf, don ' t for- get that it is your only permanent record of this memorable year. 1 t Use it again — -to remember a face -to recall a place -to relive a game -to remember a name THANKS for purchas- ing this yearbook. Its value will increase with the passing years. Enjoy the memories! @mmm [ ' . J A CELEBRATION OF HISTORY It was Braintree then. A community that was already 150 years old. A community that had sprung from Mount Wollaston ' s earliest settlement to become a pioneer of American independence. In 1776 " a strong citizenry and positive leadership " had developed in Quincy to pave the way for a revolution that had already occurred in the hearts of the local colonists. Quincy gave America leadership: The persistent and courageous leadership of John Adams to see a dream realized; the fearless and active leadership of John Hancock who joined Adams early in fighting for liberty; and the local leadership of Josiah Quincy who played host to the leading statesmen of the day. From the hearts of American patriots everywhere there was a call for revolution and leadership -- Quincy answered the call. m Y 1: Elm Avenue in the 1800 ' s " Quincy ' s history is a story of change. " By 1876 Quincy had matured even more and by right was officially called Quincy. When the turn of the century came the people had turned to the sea for shipbuilding, trading and fishing. But it was granite that brought fame and wealth and people to this community south of Boston. With the dawn of America ' s centennial, Quincy was an economically thriving community which had survived the maturing experience of Civil War and was on the threshold of becoming a modern city. The Quincy Mansion that stood on the ENC campus as it looked in 1876. " It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shews, games, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forever more . " -- John Adams, July 3, 1776 It was July 3, 1976 and hundreds of people crowded Wollaston Beach to see John Adams prediction come true. There were bonfires and fireworks. There had been parades and shows and there would be many more. And in the same street and the same area, 2 0th century resi- dents of Adams ' nativity absorbed the good that had had been inherited from the past. The old farmhouses in West Quincy were still there; the Adams mansion and the Josiah Quincy home- stead still stand firm as reminders. But with them stand 2 00 years of growth and construc- tive change modern buildings and high rises — paved streets and telephone wires — auto- mobiles and modern shipbuilding. J So Quincy has changed and modernized. " Change has always been its strength enabling it to i eep in time with the times. " And as it faces the future and the problems of today and tomorrow, Quincy will continue to grow and develop in the same spirit that spawned the American Revolution. 187 AN EVENING WITH 188 CHARLES DICKENS — f ' p Von Kropf POCKET MIME 190 192 THE MESSIAH As Presented By The Choral Union 193 MAN, CHARLIE BROWN SENIOR RECITALS Caria Errichiello Piano Betsy Getchall Piano Clifford Hersey Speech Sue Hersey John Pfautz Piano Voice Chuck Sinclair Penny Stoddard Piano Organ Kathleen Fleming Brenda Hughes Junior Recital Junior Recital Trumpet Cello Karia Kent Beverly Waltenberger Junior Recital Junior Recital Piano Piano A CAPPELLA CHOIR 202 CONCERT BAND THE ANNUAL STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL COUNCIL Jim Carter, President; Sherrie Keys, Vice President; Pauline Bailey, Secre- tary, Tim Kahler, Treasurer; John Reilly, Chaplain; Linda Russell, Wo- men ' s Sports Coordinator; Lowell Vaughn, Men ' s Sports Coordinator; Barry Purdy DELTA SOCIETY Delta . . .Determination . . . Enthus- iam . . . Laughter . . . Togetherness . , . Action . . . These characteristics all combine to make Delta a truly great society to be a part of. This year we have made an effort to reach out to all members of our society. For those interested in sports, our Tigers placed first again in basketball and soccer and second in Softball, vol- leyball and bowling. For others, we have had prayer break- fasts including a special one with former Delta, Dr. Donald Young and pizza sales . For the benefit of the student body as a whole, we have sponsored a pumpkin carving contest; a fund raising program for the Bethany Hill School for Multi- hanicapped and Aphasic Children, and the sale of Carnations for Valentine ' s Day. We have tried to make our society mem- bers proud of our society, involved in it and enthusiastic for what we as a group can contribute to the student body. In that we have tried, we have succeeded. KAPPA SOCIETY People having fun . . . people going places . . . people enjoying different activities together . . . this was Kappa 1975-76. A synthesis of the old and the new best describe Kappa. This year new ideas sparked an interest. After the usual Kappa Banana Split night during Rush Week it was team work between Circle K and Kappa Society who enabled all students to en- joy Halloween 1975 by way of the Spook Walk. Next was Kappa ' s first Thanksgiving feast featuring turkeys galore with all the dressings . . . Travel with Miss Janes who took us to Africa and Ireland VIA her slides . . . all- society talent night. Kappa ' s concern for students was shown by the Kappa Spirit Contest ' 76 . To sum up the year we congratulate those Kappa MVP ' s in their respective sports, salute those who made it possible to win 1st place among the societies in academics and thank every Kappa for being a part of a good society. COUNCIL Alan Jones, President; Artie Magnuson, Vice President; Colleen Peterson, Secretary; Mark Pauley, Treasurer; Dan Calcaterra, Chaplain; Marna Colestock, Women ' s Sports Coordinator; Harry Girting, Men ' s Sports Coordinator BASKETBALL TEAM Steve Parks, Bob Brown, Harry Girting, John Roler, Mike Shene, Ron Yates, George Stinson 211 212 BASKETBALL TEAM Tim Shetler, Rick Giove, Rici Gressett, Mark Fife, Bill Corkery, Steve Rhines, Lorne Ranstrom, Tim LaLone SIGMA SOCIETY S.T.O.P. a year of people places and events combining into a year of happiness and memories . . . The ice cream social and Mark Spits skit of rush week . . . the tennis matches and soccer games ... the beard growing contests and the United Way Drive ... the volleyball games ... the prayer suppers and the Sunday School classes . . . . . . and then came Sigma Spirit Week prayer supper, Sigma night at the movies, Sigma Color Day, elections, and Sigma bowlers took 1st place. Basketball games and donut sales for Guatemala and King ' s ... the talent show and ecology day. . . the awards banquet and induction of new officers and the new year begins. S.T.O.P. Sigma Thinks Of People ... in their services, sports and spiritual life. Sig ma is on the way up — ' 76- ' 77 the year of the Sigma Stallion! -m 1213 ZETA SOCIETY Women ' s tennis and society soccer . . . Thanks Coach Davis . . . first place in co-ed volleyball and fun In girls volleyball . . . United Fund Drive . . . men ' s society basketball with Wetmore coaching an exciting play-off for first place. Coach Mclnturff and the 1st place women ' s bas- ketball team . . . society bowling that sent two representatives to King ' s and stirred up lots of enthusiasm for the teams . . . all-night skating with donuts in the Dugout afterwards . . . Coach Metcalfe ' s society Softball team , . . 1st place Ecology Day and $50.00 . . . Zeta Awards Banquet Zeta . . . pride . . . Zeta pride continues through every day . . . Zeta . . . a pride that Proud To Be A COUNCIL Scott Mclnturff, President Regina Warner, Vice President Diane Falvo, Secretary Linda Whitling, Treasurer Jan Kilpatrlcl , Women ' s Sports Coordinator John iVletcalf, Men ' s Sports Coordinator Oral Clements, Chaplain Betty Gardner, Member-at- Large David Wilfong, David White, Jody Unstead, Dave Willoughby, Rich Si- mons, Steve Wolf, Brian Brenneman, Garth Davis 215 SOCIETY SPORTS COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Tim Lanham, Ken Nemcovich, Betty Gardner, Bob Jack, Amber Roberts, Greg Niblett, Faith Woodend, Dr. James Cameron, Advisor. GENERAL COUNCIL Brenda Keys, John Reilly, Bobbie Neff, Rick Myrick, Sue Mersey, Bonnie Sm ith, Scott Mclnturff, Alan Jones, Jim Carter, Ken Nem- covich, Betty Gardner, Greg Nib- lett, Dr. Cameron, Amber Roberts, Tim Lanham, Faith Woodend, Bob Jack It was a great year ... it was a year like so many others, but it was a special year too. Getting to know six close col- leagues and working with them as friends and advisors. Sharing together our triumphs and our failures. We had our successes: good representation at the Faculty Retreat . . . All-School Outing ... a new pool table ... a new and bigger office . . . Putting CLS in the Stuco Office where it belongs . . . John McCormack . . . 1776 , . , The Artist Cultural Series . . . Pocket Mime . . . Winter Formal . . . Andrae Crouch . . . Raising money for King ' s Tourna- ment and the tennis team , . . Guatamala Relief Drive . . . Christmas Party . . . and endless hours of administrative work, letter writing, and meetings. We did not get a Physical Education Major yet ... we ran out of time on the Faculty Review proposal . . . and the foreign language requirement will be discussed again next year. But we did allocate money to remodel the conference room and Stuco Office . . . and it was an outstanding financially successful year. But Student Council was more than hard work and successes ... it was students and people . . . serving and getting involved . . . building new relationships . . . strenghtening old relationships . . . working with a concerned advisor . . . relying on faith when anxiety set in . . . helping organizations, students, and the school . , . realizing everyone ' s value . . . growing spiritually . . . working with Brenda, Doug, Mike, Rich, Beth, Pat, Becky, Vicki, Fran, Bobbie, Dawn, and countless others who work behind the scenes and receive no credit . . . yes it was a year of people ... a year of 100% ... a year ended but not forgotten . . . how can I say Thanks? 219 A CAPPELLA CHOIR A Capella Choir: E. Goodwin, T. Larkin, D. Heasiey, J. Umstead, S. Mersey, D. Felir, L. Witling, C. Umstead, C. Cove, L. Purta, J. Helm, L. Shevel, S. Hoffman, D. Colman, B. Marks, J. Wakefield, T. Rearick, N, Larkin, B. Doody, R. Buckley, B. Evans, D. O ' Donnell, W. Hennen, J. Laudermilk, J, Ross, D. Ward, M. Tuori, M, Marshall, C, Sinclair, B. Kierstead, G. Titus, Y. Hawk, B. Widdowson, S. Caley, L. Schmidt, D, Poutre, A. Smith. AFRO-AMERICAN CAUCUS Afro-American Caucus: R. Doane, N. Yarborough, C. Bur- gess, L. Bullock, M. Montrond, L. Nichols, M. Marshall, L. Holloway, C. Prescott, J. Catherwood, T. Simmons, D. Edmonds, C. Lane, S. Frederick, G. Thorns, L. Warrick. 220 AMS COUNCIL AMS Council: R. Myrick, President; R. Grosse, Vice President; M. Cox, Treasurer; T. Sands, Secretary; M. Pauley, Judicial Board Chair- man; A. Jones, Judicial Board Vice President. AWS COUNCIL AWS Council: S. Andre, President; C. Ingland, Vice Presi- dent; D. Middleton, Secretary; B. H il- derbrand, Treasurer; S. Reedy, B. Keys, Social Chairmen; F. Gable, Judicial Board Chairman; L. Raker, Judicial Board Vice President; K. Almquist, Off Campus Representa- tive; C. Burkey, Chaplain. I BRASS ENSEMBLE Brass Ensemble: D. Coleman, M. Tuori, D. Knowland, B. Sever, M. Keys, G. Brennan, Mr. Rizzetto, F. Garland, L. Ranstrom, T. Larkin, K. Fleming. 221 222 CONCERT CHOIR Concert Choir: T. Shetler, R. Cres- set, B. Durham, J. Ross, D. Bowen, R. Hutt, V. Mullen, M. Mulcahey, D. Cox, V. Wilhelm, W. Williams, D. Cramer, F. Munroe, D. Freese, D. Dixon, M. Mitchell, L. Holloway, K, Hutchinson, J. Cresswell, J. Rice, J, Cappadona, B. Purdy, G. Titus, C, Reidle, L. Mclnturf, C. Kemmerer, C. Burkey, M. Sylvester, C. Grono, B. Allen. Concert Band: T. Larkin, J. Umstead, T. Shetler, M. Tuori, W. Shanahan, B. Marks, A. Smith, Mr. Howard, L. Reed, M. Marshall, G. Brennan, S. Collins, K. Fleming, B. Sever, K. Knowles, L. Shevel, D. Kent, M. Checkley, L. Nichols, R. Brown Jr., C. Umstead, A. Watkins, C. Baily, F. Munroe, V. Russo, M. Hayward, B. Waltenberger, E. barrow, P. Corbin, S. Caley, C, Daub, C. Grono, M. Keys, C. Mason. CIRCLE K Circle K: D. Restrick, M. Barefoot, J. Stinson, G. Orsolini, G. Davis, H. Girting, B. Jones, S. Smith, R. Wil- loughby, D. West, A. Jones, A. Mag- nuson, 0. White, J. Roler, S. Davis, D. Calcaterra, J. Flinner, J. Lilja, J. Cappodona, S. Mclnturff, G. Stin- son, G. Wetmore, R. Ingland, R. My- rick, M. Pauley, R. Pritchard. CAMPUS CAMERA The year is now over. . .a year of surprises and routine. . .dis- appointment and jubilation. . . reflection and projection. . . From the many vicissitudes of ministration evolved community J. Steenson, B. Jack, M, MiUer, M. Keys, K. Foley, S. Newhall, L. Sarkissian, W. MiMer, D. Ross, P. Lawton, Missing : S. Moore, P. Baillie, B. Corkery, D. Gagnon, H. MuMer, L. Bul- lock, B. Haskell, D. Graham, B. Julian, B. Bradeen, L. Stanton, J. Yoder. 223 CYF COUNCIL CYF COUNCIL: B. Evans, T. Rear- ick, B. Borsos, G. Jackson, M. Keys, G. Wetmore, D. Restrick, P. Meyers, A, Scott. HISTORY CLUB: A. Houston, J. Maybury, F. Lowe, P. Lagasse, G, Wetmore, K. Griswald, J. Simon- son, G. Orsolini, L. Ranstrom, R, Peryea, Dr. Cameron, Miss Faulk- ner, T. Martin. EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION Dave Conrad ' s Team, D. Madtes, K. Richy, R. Boothe, S. Rog- genbaum, D. Conrad, B. Dur- ham, D, Falvo, D, Hamby, L, Holloway, V. Mountz, L. Het- rick, C. Vantol, J. Maloney, D. Shwankel, D. Wooster, M. Trice, D, Gra- ham, G. Metcalf, T. Heimbach, D. Bowser. Frank Lowe ' s Team, G. Wills, P. Lagasse, F. Lowe, G. Arnold, G. Jipson, J. Hunter, i l. Moyle, M. Wil- lette, B. Christie, M. Becher, M. Konrad, S. Varsa- lone, D. Ennis, L. Perkins. 228 KARATE CLUB KARATE CLUB: B. Willoughby, B. Caley, D. Flack, J. Cappadona, S. Doxy, D, Ray, J. Helm, C, Gardner, E. Miller, K. Carney, B. Jack, B. Julian, C. McCallum, R. Melton, S. Gordon, J. Maloney, L. Hunter, L. Weir, K. Gagne, B, Bowen. ocsc OCSC: D. Warren, D. Gagnon, M. Frauman, G. Cheung, R. Caley, M. Tuori, P. Coy, A. Ho, S. New- hall, F. Nemeth, P. Lawton, J. Steenson, D. Poutre, J. Cather- wood, B. Lampert, C. Russell, J. Stanley, M. Slyvester, C. Temm, T. Simmons, l l. Yarborough, B. Jack, L. Sarkissian, K. Foley, D. Ross, T, Ramsey, W. Miller, T. Sands. I NAUTILUS Faith Woodend, Editor Sue Collier, Business Manager Section Editors: Myra Campbell, Student Life Debbie Collins, Faculty Amy Watkins, Sports LuAnn Hetrick, Underclassmen Vicki Mountz, Underclassmen Chuck Sinclair, Art Photographers: Stafford Frederick like Rundiett Leon Blaise Marty Trice Assistants: Steve Roggenbaum Dave Bowser Dean Moser PHI DELTA PHI DELTA: D. Wilfong, R. Sim- ons, B. Gardner, F. Lowe, A. Mag- nuson, K. Constantine, T, Lanham, L. Sarkissian, A, Houston, S, Mc- Inturf, R. Taylor, T. Blandon, D. Wanner, E. Cooke, F. Nemeth, G. Orsolini, T. Ramsey, P. IMyce, W. Miller, J. Cox, D. Scott, D. Troup, C. Gonzalez, L. Shevel, J. Cress- well, J. Cunningham, J. Disciullo, P, Coy, P. Madtes, D. Fehr, F. Barksdale, B. Hildebrand, B. Keys, L. Gill, Dean Young, Advisor. SASW S.A.S.W.: T. Lanham, D. Poutre, T, Morris, B. Bradeen, S. Marlett, S. Darsch, L. Whitling, D. Brickley, L. Schmitt, K. Phillips, S. Reedy, D. Heckman, L. Stadler, D. MIddleton, J. Macchi, A. Bowen, J. Tuck- er, B. Wiseman, K. Alm- quist, L. Stadler, R. Beau- dry, L. Coulter. S.I.A.: T. Sands, A. Jones, B. Kier- stead, M. Herstein, P. Hoffman, T. Lanham, E. MacRitchie, D. Mar- ville, D. Mattmueller, S. Roggen- baum, B. Willoughby. 230 SNEA SNEA: S. Moore, D. Romeo, J. Scott, D. Sammarco, B. Trumbauer, B. Neff, R. Emery, S. Rhodes, J. Hall, H. Hoser, D. Marshall, M. Checkley, D. Scott, D. Kitchen, D. Bleh, B. Hllderbrand, P. Miller, L. Pearsall, J. Reilly, E. Syska, L. Messaros, D. Hastings, D. Wetzel, D. Bogart, D. Ross, J. Clark, D. Dellorusso, J. Emigh. wsos WSOS: R. Parker, A. Miller, C. Vantol, D. Hamby, D. Bleh, V. Mountz, R. Boothe, J. Cox, L. Russell, D. Mar- ville, T. Heimbach, B. He- berle, P. Myers, R. Lavigne, P. Cox, 231 SUMMER MINISTRIES ONE FOUNDATION Jan Malony Lora Stadler Ray Buckley Jim Ross SMC Dawn Heckman Robin LaVigne Calvin LaVigne Bill Taylor HARVEST Linda Nichols Diane Ward Jon Helm Jody Umstead CAT Diane Bieh Flo Barksdale Arlene Miller Janie Newbert DISCOVERY PLAYERS Layne Mclnturff DAYBREAK TRIO Cheryl Burkey Dawn Heckman Calvin LaVigne On May 26, 1975, the former New England District Superintendent, the Reverend Donald Irwin accepted the Presidential Medallion to assume his roll at Eastern Nazarene College. Rev. Irwin began his ministry at the age of 18. He has pcistored in several cities in Florida, California, Tennessee, and Illinois. He has served on many advisory boards dealing with education and home mis- sions. He continued his interest by traveling in over 40 countries and visited nearly 300 missionaries. He graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary and has done graduate work at the University of South- ern California. On May 31, 1976, Rev. Irwin will receive his honorary doctorate from Asbury College. President Irwin has witnessed major changes in E.N.C. during this year. The spiritual emphasis has been an overwhelming factor that has brought the campus and community closer together. He is also encour- aged by an upturn in enrollment for second semester and applications for the fall of 1976. He is working toward providing more career majors at E.N.C; career counseling and beginning next fall, a new major in Christian Education is being offered. The challenge of surviving financial difficulties is one of President Irwin ' s major concerns. This need is met by the support of our local churches on our zone and the increase in our enrollment. His wife, Lillian, adds extra warmth to the campus and community. She is involved in activities and sharing with students. The Irwins have two children. Their daughter, Linda, is a teacher at Massachusetts Field Elementary School in Quincy. Donald, their son, is a senior at Olivet Nazarene College. President Irwin must be commended for his vital interest in each and every student as an individual. He is readily accepted as administrator and friend by the student body. It is in this regard we welcome Rev. Donald Irwin, President of Eastern Nazarene College. STUDENT SERVICES CARL AND RHONDA WINDERL Resident Counselors, Spange- Williamson DAVE FLACK Resident Counselor, Shields MARY JONES Switchboard BARBARA MCBURNIE Nurse DICK PRITCHARD Resident Counselor, Memorial 238 The Department of History emphasizes the importance of human and Christian values in the affairs of men and of nations. Through a study of the decisions and actions of men, the historian examines a spectrum of values and the results of their implementation. I chose to major in history for three reasons: (1) I enjoyed the study of history. (2) I did well in history courses. (3) I was attracted to two outstanding Christian scholeu-s who exemplified the ideals that I sought to emulate. In graduate school, I found the same type of individual cuid that is why I majored in English history. One day as an undergraduate, standing by the water fountain outside the office of the dean of the college, I felt distinctly that I should pre- pare to teach history at Eastern Nazarene College. With this year, I conclude twenty-five years of teaching on this campus. Over the years, the Lord has indicated that I should reject attractive offers of other positions. Today I strive to maintain the ChristieUi and academic ideals of such predecessors as Dean Emeritus Bertha Mun- ro and Professor James H. Shrader. James R. Cameron PHILOSOPHY RELIG10N1 WILLIAM E. MCCUMBER, A.B., Professor To my mind philosphy is something you " do " , which, of course, includes thinking. The department of philosophy ad- dresses itself to the conventional problems which constitute part of its subject matter; and encourages students to engage in the practice of critical thinking; the analysis of ideas and truth-claims; the actual working with hypotheses, deduction, and induction in problem-solving; the very practical attempt to relate reason and revelation. I chose the field of philosophy because it seemed to give me precisely the kind of logical a and speculative tool I needed for a synoptic understanding of my own faith and life. There was never any question about the primacy of faith, but my faith sought understanding, hence philosophy. That the philosophical quest became my " work " was a very satisfying second blessing. A dedicated philosophy teacher at EIMC inspired my search as a student, and later the college provided the opportunity for my in- spiration to find expression in teaching. The basic motif of my teaching over the years has been my commitment to the belief that a warm heart and a clear head should ever be in dynamic juxtaposition. In my opinion the department of phi- losophy fulfills a basic function in a Christian college if it can help keep these two, faith and philosophy, in creative tension. Wilbur H. Mullen RELIGION PHILOSOPHY SOCIOLOGY CHARLES R. GAILEY, A.B., A.M., PH.D. Professor R A U s T s H o c C. i a B t U e L L P r C o K, f e A. s B., s o M. r S. W. DONALD P. BRICKLEY, A.B., A.M., PH.D Professor The purpose of the Department of Sociology and Social Work is to assist the student to develop an understanding of man in time and space within a Christian frame of reference; to find a future of satisfying employment in social work practice, edu- cation, or research; to provide a sound foundation for graduate studies. I chose the field of sociology and anthropology because God called me to be a missionary while I was in high school, and I felt that this field would best provide me with the education- al equipment that I would need to understand and communicate with people of another culture. I am fully convinced of the value of Christian education. To me there is nothing hackneyed about the phrase, " the best in education combined with the best in the Christian religion. " Charles R. Gailey GWEIMDOLYIM E. MANN, B.S., M.ED. Professor DONALD E. REED, A.B., B.D., A.M., PH.D. Associate Professor ROBERT E. NORTON, B.S., M.ED., PH.D. Associate Professor ROY E. HOLLIS, A.B., M.ED., PH.D. Assistant Professor The purpose of the Education Department at E.N.C. is to train young people to go out into the public schools and influence their students to enter into useful and dedicated lives in whatsoever field th ey eventually choose as a vocation. With the great variety of winds that are blowing throughout a confused world today, there is certainly no greater challenge for a young person than the class- room. For it is here that the opportunity abounds for a teacher to help bring about order out of chaos in the thinking of the young people of today and instill the basic Biblical precepts as did our earlier educators. My profession seemed to unfold for me in the development of natural sequences. For from my earliest recollec- tions I have always loved children and young people and have wanted to be of service to them. Teaching at E.N.C. was a door that opened and one through which I definitely felt the leadership of God. Eeistern Nazarene College was not my choice but God ' s choice for me. It has increasingly become my destiny. I have found my teaching at E.N.C. to be both rewarding and fullfilling as I have discovered avenues through which creativity could flower and Christian ideals be instilled within searching and receptive minds. Gwendolyn E. Mann CHARLES L. OWENS, B.S., B.ED., M.B.A. Assistant Professor JACK MACCRACKEW, A.B., M.B.A., J.D., LL.M. Lecturer , PHYSICAL EDUCATION JAMES SMITH, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor NANCY L. DETWILER, B.S., M.ED. Associate Professor ALICE WHITING Library Secretary LIBRARIANS DOROTHY A. KING, A.B., A.M., M.L.S., M.ED. Librarian . . . 252 SUSAN J. WATKINS, A.B., M.L.S. Assistant Librarian STUDENT AID REGISTRAR T. RAY BENSON, A.B., LL.B. Director of Student Aid BARBARA C. FINCH, A.B., M.S. Registrar CHARLES L. OWENS, M.B.A. Assistant to the Registrar PATRICIA A. LARKIN Assistant to the Registrar,! , 253 PUBLIC RELATIONS, RECRUITERS GARY JONES, M.B.A., M. Div. Director of Recruitment and Communications RICHARD PRITCHARD, M. Div., M.ED. Associate, Office of Recruitment and Communications GORDON FORWARD Recruiter J. HOWARD BRIGGS Recruiter WILLIAM MCCUMBER, D.D. Pastor, Woliaston Church of the Nazarene JAMES COPPLE, B.A., M.Div. Associate Pastor COLLEGE YOUTH BUILDINGS GROUNDS WALTER HEDBERG Maintenance Assistant IVIARIOIM IVIACLEOD Housekeeper, Spange- Williamson OLIIM KLOCK Mechanic ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The position of NAUTILUS editor is not a job it is a life style. Most of one ' s waking hours (and some sleeping) are consumed with thoughts of the book ' s detailed planning and production. There were difficult times when the pictures of an event didn ' t turnout, or when you found out your " great idea " for a certain section cost too much or when every photo- rapher thought someone else was shooting an event. But then there were those times when things worked out just right. It was those times and those special people that made them possible that made serving you this year a rewarding experience. The concept that God is interested in every area of our lives is not a mere statement but has become a vital part of my faith. I want to thank God for His assistance with and interest in my job as editor. In those times when overwhelmed with responsibility and feelings of inadequacy God responded with a calmness out of which came many ideas for the book. So if there is anything of value in this book — the praise belongs to God. The 1976 NAUTILUS is the result of a joint effort. I especially want to thank my Business Manager, Sue Collier for all her hard work done so efficiently for and her friend- ship and support beyond the requirements of the job. Thank you, Stafford, Mike Marty, and Leon for your faithfulness to the photography of the book and your patience with me after giving you so many assignments. To the section editors Myra, Amy, LuAnn, Vickie and Annie a special thank you for your job well done. I wish to thank the rest of the staff, Steve, Chuck, Debbie, Dean, Dave, Jeannie, Eloise and Lerae for your various contri- butions as well . The Student Council and Dr. Cameron were also very supportive and we as a staff would like to thank you. A special thanks to Greg for his assistance with some of the copy. We appreciated the cooperation received from Josten ' s American Yearbook Company and our area representative. Bob Murphy. He gave us the special combination of excellent technical advice, encouragement, and friendship. Rappoport Studios and Mr. Bottlestone provided us with efficient service and beautiful photographic results as evidenced in the Senior Section. Credit also belongs to Larry Yerdon and the Quincy Historical Society for the use of their files and photos in the research for the Bicentennial section; to Taylor Publishing Company for the use of their tree design (TAYLOR TALK, ISSUE 3, 1975); and to Fred Cawthorne for photographing the prism and spectrum for the cover. FEW ABBATE, DENNIS J. 12 Brookhill Ave. Edison, NJ 08817 ACKER, JEAN E. 27 Hayes Lane Lexington, MA 02173 ADAMS, PEGGY S. 7429 Hardy Raytown, MO 64133 ADAMS, TIMOTHY R. 7429 Hardy Raytown, MO 64133 AHONEN, LISA M. 506 North B St. Lake Worth, FL 33460 AKELEY, COREY J. 7 Conewango St. Russell, PA 16345 ALDRICH, FRANCES 21 Dixwell Ave. Quincy, MA ALLEN, BECKY C. RFD 1 Allenville Rd. Bellows Fall, VT 05101 ALMQUIST, KAREN E. 58 Mt. Vernon Rd. W. E. Weymouth, MA 02189 ANDERSON, JACQUELINE L. 232 Colwell Dr. Dedham, MA 02026 ANDREWS, JAMES K. ANDREWS, LOIS J. Rd. 1 Morgan Dr. Williston, VT 05495 ANNIS, DEBORAH 16 Long View Yarmouth, 99 02675 ARMSTRONG, KENNETH D. 636 Alpha Brownsburg, IN 46112 ARNOLD, GEORGE W. Box 185 RFD 4 Skowhegan, ME 04976 ATKINSON, ROBERT T. Beaver Ave. Pennsville, NJ 08070 AVERY, MARY F. 126 Whitman Rd. Waltham, MA AVILA, ENILDO D. 82 Ellinwood Dr. Rochester, NY 14622 BACHERMAN, DONNA 36 Grenwold Rd. Quincy, MA 02169 BAILEY, CAROL D. 201 Ceylon Rd. Carmichaels, PA 15320 BAILEY, KENNETH E. BAILLIE, PAULINE R. 258 S. Main St. W. Bridgewate, MA 02379 BAKAYSA, DENNIS R. 502 99th St. Niagara Falls, NY 14304 BAKER, BYRON 168 Marlboro Quincy, MA 02170 BAKER, JOHN S. 92 Crescent St. W. Bridgwater, MA 02379 BAKER, KENTON L. 168 Marlboro St. Quincy, MA 02170 BAKER, SUSAN D. 1 Berrywood Ln. Beverly, MA 01915 BALENTINE, BECKI R. Highgate, VT 05459 BALL, DAVID C. 1261 Belmont Ave. West Chester, PA 19380 BALL, KRISTINE K. 1261 Belmont Ave. W. Chester, PA 19380 BANDONI, PAUL C. 2 Crosby Lane Hanover, MA 02339 BANFIELD, ANNETTE J. 533 Swede St. Norristown, PA 19401 BANFIELD, STEPHEN W. 533 Swede St. Norristown, PA 19404 BAREFOOT, MICHAEL L. 1724 Rokeby Ave. Chesapeake, VA 23325 BARKSDALE, FLORENCE E. 1410 Purchase St. New Bedford, MA 02740 BARTLETT, SUSAN J. 140 Gillette St. Rochester, NY 14619 BAUSMAN, MARTIN J. 130 James Ave. Solvay, NY 13209 BAXENDALE, KAREN A. 36 Orchard St. Medfield, MA 02052 BAXENDALE, KATHY S. 36 Orchard St. Medfield, MA 02052 BEAN, JOANNE A. Box 94 Jordan Rd. Skaneateles, NY 13153 BEARCHELL, DEBORAH J. 443 Great Plain Ave. Needham, MA 02192 BEAUDRY, RUTH A. 90 Scotch Pond Place Quincy, MA 02169 BECHAR, MARTA 51 Adella Ave. W. Newton, MA 02165 BECK, GENEVIEVE 3325 Tally Ho Lane Madison, Wl 53705 BECK, STEVEN K. 715 Oak Bloomsburg, PA 17815 BECKER, DIANA J. 7 Penn Dr. Wallingford, CT 06492 BELLE, COLLEEN E. 126 E. Cheltenham Rd. Syracuse, NY 13205 BENSON, JEAN G. BENSON, T. R. BERARDINELLI, MARYANN 23380 Clifford Dr. N. Olmsted, OH 44070 BERGERS, DAWN E. RD. 2 Box 236 Red Hook, NY 12571 BILYOU, ELAINE N. 47 Linderman Ave. Kingston, NY 12401 BITTERS, CYNTHIA M. P.O. Box 322 Snug Harbor, MA 02332 BLAISE, LEON E. 952 University Place Schenectady, NY 12308 BLANDIN, TERYL R. 21 Winding Ct. Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 BLANKENSHIP, TERESA D. 1904 Bennington St. Roanoke, VA 24014 BLEH, DIANE L. 222 E. Chickasaw Rd. Va. Beach, VA 23462 BOCCHINO, DONNA L. 8 Paul Drive Succasunna, NJ 07876 BOGART, DEBRA J. 38 Bowlby St. Hampton, NJ 08827 BOOTHE, RITA A. P.O. Box 57 Fawn Grove, PA 17321 BORSOS, BRIAN, D. 144 Third St. Atlasburg, PA 15004 BOSSMAN, STEWART C. 203 Brown St. Waltham, MA 02154 BOWEN, ANNA M. 8 Guyer Rd. Maynard, MA 01754 BOWEN, DAVID F. 10 Carson St. Weymouth, MA 02188 BOWSER, DAVID W. 118 Schaeffer Ave. Centre Hall, PA 16828 BRAATEN, LAURIE J. 157 Gleason Rd. Centralia, WA 98531 BRADEEN, BARBARA M. Medford Rd. Milo, ME 04463 BRASWELL, BRUCE W. 1729 Lawrence Ave. Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 BRASWELL, GARY N. R.R. 1 Lawerence Ave. Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 BRENNAN, GARY M. 23 Winslow Gray Rd. W. Yarmouth, MA 02673 BRENNAN, LYNNE A. 12 Ebbett Ave. Wollaston, MA 02170 BRENNEMAN, BRIAN A. 3921 Seaton Rd. Winston Sale, NC 27104 BREWER, EDWARD A. 1043 E. Washington St. Hanson, MA 02341 BRICKLEY, DONNA P. 144 Shore Ave. Quincy, MA 02169 BROOKS, PETER H. Box 27 Paris, ME 04271 BROWN, GLADYS J. BROWN, JEFF S. 1100 E. Indiantown Rd. Jupiter, FL 33458 BROWN, JOHN E. 807 Madiso n Ave. York, PA 17404 BROWN, ROBERT E. 21 Ferndale Rd. Quincy, MA 02170 BRYANT, KAREN R. BUCKLEY, RAYMOND A. 603 S.W. 128 St. Seattle, WA 98146 BULLOCK, LILLIAN M. 51 Spencer St. Dorchester, MA 02124 BURDICK, MICHAEL E. Rd. 1 Messenger Rd. Girard, PA 16417 BURGESS, CHERYL Y. 3 Dandridge Dr. New Castle, DE 19720 BURKEY, CHERYL A. 2604 Suffolk St. Hopewell, VA 23860 CALCATERRA, DANIEL P. 24225 Greenbrier E. Detroit, Ml 48021 CALE, CHRISTY D. P.O. Box 1712 Salisbury, MD 21801 CALEY, JUNE E. CALEY, ROY S. 17 Canton Rd. N. Quincy, MA 02171 CALEY, SUSAN E. 17 Canton Rd. Quincy, MA 02171 CAMPBELL, MYRA J. 618 Blandford St. Rockville, MD CAMPBELL, ROBERTA J. 76 West 7th St. Apt. 364 South Boston, MA 02127 CANNATA, CHERYL M. 51 Princess Eve Dr. Wollaston, MA 02170 CAPODANNO, JAMES A. 3 S. Woodward Ave. Wilmington, DE 19805 CAREY, RUSSELL G. 26 West S. Weymouth, MA 02190 CARLTON, BARBARA J. 125 Bolton St. Manchester, CT 06049 CARNAHAN, STEPHEN R. 2509 Jonathan Rd. Ellicott City, MD 21043 CARNEY, KEVIN G. 18 Berlin St. Quincy, MA 02170 CARPENTER, MATTHEW L. Box 226 Winchendon, MA 01475 CARPENTER, STEPHEN L. 90 Ridgewood Lane Gardner, MA 01470 CARTER, JAMES L. Rd. 2 Box 239 Dover, PA 17315 CATHERWOOD, JAMES E. 1990 Columbus Ave. Roxbury, MA 02119 CAVANAUGH, JEAN M. 4 Adams Ave. Peabody, MA 01960 CHAMBELLAN, NANCY L. Fisher Ave. Washington, NJ 07882 CHAPPELL, DONNA S. 737 Winchester Rd. Bromall, PA 19008 CHASE, BARBARA J. RFD 3 Skowhegan. ME 04976 CHASE, CINDY K. 183 Canal Rd. Wurtsboro NY 12790 CHASE, KATHY L. 183 Canal Rd. Wurtsboro, NY 12790 CHATFIELD, BEVERLY M. 53 Birch St. Braintree, MA 02184 CHECKLEY, MARION L. 627 12 Av. Bethlehem, PA 18018 CHECKLEY, TERRI G. Box 2042 Blue Mt. Rd. Sauqerties, NY 12477 CHEUNG, SlU-HAY B. 62 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116 CHRISTENSEN, YVONNE 23 Faxon Rd. Quincy, MA 02171 CHRISTIE, BONNIE L 50 Wright St. Stoneham, MA 02180 CHUBBUCK, STEPHEN D. 184 Hillcrest Rd. Needham, MA 02192 CLARK, JACQUELINE D. 6 Palmer Rd. Foxborough, MA 02035 CLEMENTS, ORAL D. 84 Gatehouse Trail Henrietta, NY 14467 CLEVENGER, PEGGY L. 655 Roberta Ave. Dover, DE 19901 CNOSSEN, MICHAEL W. Quaker Highway Uxbridge, MA 01569 CNOSSEN, TIMOTHY D. Route 146 Uxbridge, MA 01569 COCHRAN, ROYCE 5612 Heard St. Jackson, MS 39206 COFFIN, BRUCE P. Sugar Hill, NH 03585 COLEMAN, DEBORAH G. Rt. 117 South Paris, ME 04281 COLESTOCK, MARNA L. 1407 Hardingway East Gallon, OH 44833 COLLIER, SUZANNE L. 2470 Seneca Dr. York, PA 17404 COLLINS, DEBORAH E. 8 Collins Lane S. Windsor, CT 06074 COLLINS, STEVE L. 174 Park Blvd. Painesville, OH 44077 COMEAU, ANDREW J. 38 Cedarcliff Rd. Braintree, MA 02184 CONKLIN, DAVID E. 3462 Yellowtail Dr. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 261 CONKLIN, DIANE J. 285 W. 16th St. Elmira Hts.. NY 14903 CONKLIN, RONALD F. 285 W. 16th St. Elmira Hts., NY 14903 CONRAD, DAVID K. Apartado 3977 Costa Rica 99 CONSTANTINE, KENNETH B. Lakevlew Rd. Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 CONSTANTINE, SHARON R. 129 Beach St. Wollaston, MA 02170 COOKE, ETHEL R. 34 May St. Jamaca PI., MA COOKE, ROBERT S. 21 South St. Braintree, MA 02184 COOPER, TIMOTHY D. 810 Shirley Dr. Aberdeen, MD 21001 CORBIN, PAMELA 0. 505 June St. Endicott, NY 13760 CORKERY, WILLIAM J. 27 Phelps Ave. Bergenfield, NJ 07621 COULTER, LINDA M. 770 Taintor St, Suffield, CT 06078 COUSINS, DOUGLAS J. 4808 Lolly Dr. Monroeville, PA 15146 COUSINS, JOYCE K. 115 Elm Ave. Quincy, MA 02170 COVE, CHARLENE K. 199 Kendrick Ave. Quincy, MA 02149 COVE, NANCY J. 12 Melrose Pkwy. Auburn, NY 13021 COX, DEBORA A. 126 Stateline Rd. Wilmington, DE 19803 COX, JANET E. 2233 Knox Ave. Reisterstown, MD 21136 COX, JANICE A. 232 Wolfenden Ave. Collingdale, PA 19023 COX, MICHAEL L. 1313 Mitson Blvd. Flint, Ml 48504 COX, PHYLLIS J. 2233 Knox Ave. Reisterstwon, MD 21136 COY, PHILLIP A. 66 Sherbrooke Ave. Braintree, MA 02184 CRAMER, DANIEL S. 9457 So. 29 Mile Rd. Cadillac, Ml 49601 CRESWELL, JULIA G. 409 7th Ave. N.E. Glen Burnie, MD 21061 CRIMMINS. MICHAEL P. 77 West St. Randolph, MA 02368 CROFFORD, DAVID C. 254 Southrigde Dr. Rochester, NY 14626 CROSSLEY, LU ANN M. 1440 Willow St. Allentown, PA 18102 CROWL, DEBORAH L. Rd. 3 Box 238 A. Oxford, PA 19363 CUBIE, CATHERINE C. 17043 Glen Rd. Mt. Vernon. OH 43050 CUNNINGHAM, FLOYD T. 221 Hutton St. Gaithersburg, MD 20760 CUNNINGHAM, JOHN E. 704 Cleveland St. Decatur, IN 46733 CUNNINGHAM, SANDRA L. 1001 Furman Rd. Pine City, NY 14871 CURE, JOEL K. 4414 Old Mill Rd. Alexandria, VA 22309 CYR, JAMES M. 5 Parmenter Rd. Hudson, MA 01749 DADGAR, ANOOSHIRVAN Foreign Iran, 99 AN DARLING, KATHRYN P. RFD 2 Box 250 Brunsw ick, ME 04011 DARLING, VERONICA H. RFD 2 Box 246 Brunsw ick, ME 04011 DARROW, EILEEN B. 2 Sea Ave. Quincy, MA 02169 DARSCH, SUSAN A. 9 Fred Terrace Dover, NJ 07801 DAUB, CHARLENE K. 906 Derstine Ave. Lansdale, PA 19446 DAVIDSON, JEFFERY A. 15765 11 Mile Rd. DAVIS, BARBARA E. Ownes St. P.O. Box 73 Bingham, ME 04920 DAVIS, DONALD DAVIS, FAITH L. 7 Willow St. Rockland, ME DAVIS, GARTH 99 Woodland Dr. Hampden, MA 01036 DAVIS, STEVEN P. 99 Woodland Dr. Hampden, MA 01036 DEAN, RUTHANNE C. 203 Main St. Wellsburg, NY 14894 DELGARDO, ELIZABETH A. 1956 Plymouth St. Middleboro, MA 02346 DELGARDO, GLORIA L. 1956 Plymouth St. Middleboro, MA 02346 DELLORUSSO, DONNA 37 West St. Foxborough, MA 02035 DERBYSHIRE, HOLLY E. 45 Eagles Crest Dr. Lake Oswego,- OR 97034 DEROSA, MARJORIE K. 2807 Monroe Topeka, KS 66605 DEWEY, GLENN D. Box 717 Westbury Pk. Colchester, VT 05446 DEZOTELL, STEVEN G. 160 W. Main St. Newport, VT 05855 DILLINGHAM, CHARLES 68 Pilgrim Ave. Fairhaven, MA 02719 DIPERRI, SARA J. 347 Princeton St. E. Boston, Ml DISCIULLO, JEANNE M. 30 Second Ave. Lowell, MA 01854 DIXON, DEBORAH D. 5920 John Adams Dr. Camp Sprgs., MD 20031 DIYAOLU, JOHN 0. Nigeria Foreign 99 02115 DOANE, PETER G. 190 Fays Ave. Lynn, MA 01904 DOANE, ROSEMARIE Rd. 3 Muncy, PA 17756 DOODY, BETH A. Box 313 Woodland Rd. Caribou, ME 04736 DOODY, DANA R. RFD 3 Box 313 Caribou, ME 04736 DOODY, DONNA 49 Grove St. E. Weymouth, MA DOREAU, KATHLEEN L. DOUGLAS, DAVID R. 95 Quincy St. Quincy, MA 02169 DOWNS, DANNA L. 13 Pleasantdale Ave. Waterville, ME 04901 DOXEY, STEVEN E. 2017 Lisbon Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23321 DOYLE, JOHN H. 1105 Washington St. E. Weymouth, MA 02189 DULING, SALLY A. 61 Hillandale Rd. Westport, CT 06880 DUNHAM, ERNEST E. 5 Bradley St. Dixfield, ME 04224 DUNLOP, KEVIN C. Rd. 2 Beardslee Ln. Owego, NY 13827 DUNLOP, MARY H. 11 Wilson Skowhegan, ME 04976 DUNN, JAMES R. 1102 W. Lake Rd. Conesus, NY DURHAM, BARRY W. 102 Eril PI. Charlottesvi., VA 22903 EASTMAN, EVA M. 4 Cedar Dr. S. Easton, MA 02375 EDMONDS, DARRYL 227-18 112th Ave. Queensvillag., NY 11429 EDWARDS, BARBARA 6 Gallagher Dr. Randolph, MA EMERY, REBECCA A. Route 1 Fairfield, ME 04937 EMIGH, JOYCE E. 199 3 Degree Rd. Butler, PA 16001 ENNIS, DAWN R. 118 Deforest St. Schenectady. NY 12303 EVANS, JOHN F. Rd. 2 Box 226 Oxford. PA 19363 EVANS, PAUL R. 405 Dwight Ave. Endicott, NY FALVO, DIANE C. 1944 Helderberg Ave. Schenectady, NY 12306 FANDEL, DONNA M. 94 Grand View Ave. Quincy, MA 02170 FEHR, DAVID M. 703 E. Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 18103 FELL, GLENN T. 75 Brentwood St. Springfield, MA 01108 FENN, TERREL L. 101 S. Magnolia Apt. 5 Millbrae, CA 94030 FENNELL, KIM M. 28 Hazel Ave. Scituate, MA 02066 FERREIRA, LAURA A. 87 Ballard St. Tewksbury, MA 01876 FIFE, MARK J. 1165 Winter St. Elmira, NY 14905 FINNEY, SUSAN E. 262 Water St. Hanover, MA 02339 FINNIE, GAIL I. 4525 N. Hampshire Youngstown, OH 44485 FISH, DOUGLAS E. 116 Cider Mill Rd. Bolton, CT 06040 FISH. RANDALL K. 116 Cider Mill Rd. Bolton, CT 06040 FISH, JAMES D. 592 Avon- Beldon Rd. Avon Lake, OH 44012 FLEMING, KATHLEEN J. 17 Milford Lane Suffern, NY FLINNER, JAMES C. 2829 Brentwood Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15227 FLOYD, HERBERT E. FOLEY, KEVIN P. 131 Wildwood Ave. Braintree, MA 02189 FOLEY, STEVEN K. 61 Ellington Rd. Quincy, MA 02170 FOWLER, BRUCE L. Providence Ave. Claremont. NH 03743 FRAUMANN, MARK L. 230 20th St. E. Moline, IL FREDERICK, STAFFORD C. 4 St. Joseph Rd. Trinidad 99 FREESE, DAVE D. 6113 Summerhill Rd. Cp. Springs, MD 20031 FRENS, JAMES E. 21 W. Elm Wollaston, MA 02170 FULLER, MYRNA L. Fuller Rd. Easton, ME 04740 FULLER, PAMELA J. Apt. 6 1050 Eagle Lan Camillus, NY 13031 GABEL, FRANCINE C. 129 Lake Dr. Downington, PA 19335 GAGNE, KATHLEEN I. 65 Adams St. Fairhaven, MA 02719 GAGNON, DALE A. 1693 Amberlea Dr. N. Dunedin, FL 33528 GAMAGE, RICHARD A. Sunset Terrace Trail Rockland, ME 04841 GARDINER, HARRIETT C. 27 Walnut St. N. Quincy. MA 02171 GARDNER. CHARLES A. Rd. 1 Leslie Rd. Valencia. PA 16059 GARDNER, DEBORAH D. 326 W. Holmes Rd. Lansing, Ml 48910 GARDNER, ELIZABETH 17 Loeffler Rd. Bloomfield, CT 06002 GARDNER, WILLIAM T. Rd. 1 Leslie Rd. Valencia, PA 16059 GETCHELL, ELIZABETH Cedar St. Randolph, MA 02368 GETTEL, DOUGLAS J. Box 825 Scott Ave. Kauneonga La., NY 12749 GIBERSON. KARL W. Church Street Canada 99 GIBSON. KEVIN K. 559 Ashmont St. Boston. MA 02122 GILL. LORRAINE A. 38 Woodbine St. Quincy. MA 02170 GIOVE, RICKY L. 221 Eastern Ave. Lynn, MA 01902 GIRTING, HARRY L. 115 Washington St. Beaver, PA 15009 GLAZER, GARY W. Zero Emeline Rd. E. Weymouth, MA 02189 GOBELI, MELVIN L. 64 Lanning Ave. Trenton, NJ 08618 GOMES. LONNY E. 1004 Pleasant St. New Bedford. MA 02740 GONZALEZ. CARMEN J. 2 Hamilton St. BInghamton, NY 13905 GOODWIN, ELAINE J. 92 Wenham St. Danvers, MA 01923 GORDON, SANDRA Virgin Islands Foreign 99 00820 GOUGH, ROBERT E. 621 Berry Lane Media, PA 19063 GOWER, LEROY S. Rd. 3 Box 129 Bangor, PA 18013 GRAHAM, DIANE L. 46 Keith Hill Rd. Grafton, MA 01519 GRAY, WILLIAM K. 133 E. Cleveland Ave. Nework, DE 19711 GREENE, CAROLYN B. 1729 Lawrence Ave. Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 GREENE, RAMON E. 120 E. Wendell St. Endicott, NY 13760 GRESSETT, G. RICHARD Maplecrest Dr. Danbury, CT 06810 GRIDER, JOSEPH 5740 Grand Kansas City, MO 64113 GRIPPES, SHARON L. E. Charleston, VT 05833 GRISWOLD, KEITH E. 241 Sheppler St. Rochester, NY 14612 GRONO, CHERYL A. 69 Whitman Ave. Whitman, MA 02382 GROSSE, RODNEY L. 43 Estrella Way Novate, CA 94947 GROSSE, TIMOTHY W. Rd. 3 Salmon River Rd. Plattsburgh, NY 12901 HALL, DORLA D. 93 Willow Ave. Quincy, MA 02170 HALL, JUDITH A. 68 Dennett Rd. Kittery, ME 03904 HAM, PAUL S. 17 Murray Rd. S. Ashburnham, MA 01466 HAMBY, DIANA L. Port Rd. Rd. 4 Binghamton, NY 13901 HANINGTON, DEBBI J. 13 Colony Place Millinocket, ME 04462 HARDIN, CAROLE E. 262 Purchase St. S. Easton, MA 02375 HARRIS, JANE E. 33 W. Elm St. Yarmouth, ME 04096 HARRISON, KEN J. 722 Palo Verde Pasadena, CA 91104 HASKELL, BETH M. 898 Pa. Ave. Bx. 193 Binghamton, NY 13903 HASTINGS, DEBORAH L. Box 367 Railroad Ave. Hebron, MD 21830 HATHAWAY, JOY L. 212 Robert Treat Pkw. Milford, CT 06460 HAWK, YVONNE L. Rd. 1 Orwigsburg, PA 17961 HAYES, LLOYD M. Poreign Canada 99 HAYNES, JANET S. 165 Hingham St. Rockland, MA 02370 HAYWARD, MAVERET G. Star Route Box 77 Oriskany Pis., NY 13425 HEASLEY, DIANE D. 1646 Andrew S.E. Grand Rapids, Ml 49508 HEBERLE, BETH S. 2315 Genesee St. Utica, NY 13501 HECKMAN, DAWN I. 801 Muldowney Ave. W. Mifflin, PA 15122 HECKMAN, JEANINE R. 801 Muldowney Ave. West Mifflin, PA 15122 HEDBERG, JOYCE W. HEIMBACH, TAMMY J. 89 Morris St. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 HELPRICH, ROBERT W. HELM, JON W. RED 3 Augusta, ME 04330 HENLEY, BRENDA C. Rt. 2 Box 173 Hollywood, MD 20636 HENNEN, WAYNE C. 156 N. Mam St. Albion, PA 16401 HERSEY, CLIPPORD B. Box 257 Rt. 2 Brandwine, MD 20613 HERSEY, SUE A. 21 E. 5th St. Oil City, PA 16301 HERSTINE, MARCIA L. 118 Pranklin Dr. New Brighton, PA 15066 HETRICK, JACQUELINE S. Box 237 New Galilee, PA 16141 HETRICK, KAREN P. Potchefstroom S. Africa 99 HETRICK, LU ANN Box 237 New Galilee, PA 16141 HIGGINS, SUSAN J. 15 Wilgus Rd. Quincy, MA 02169 ■ HILDERBRAND, REBECCA L. Rd. 2 Box 327 Philipsburg, PA 16866 HO, AMY B. Poreign China 99 HOCKEY, FRANCES G. HODGE, DEAN P. Mill St. W. Pairlee, VT 05083 HOFFMAN, PATRICIA A. Rd. 2 Long Run Rd. Sch. Haven, PA 17972 HOFFMAN, STEPHEN R. 102 Mifflin Blvd. Reading, PA 19607 HOGAN, BRUCE E. 200 Burncoat Worcester, MA 01606 HOLDER, COLIN S. 107 Columbia Rd. Dorchester, MA 02121 HOLLOWAY, LYNNETTE L. 184 State Ave. Wyandanch, NY 11798 HOOPER, FAITH J. 3013 Sheffield Dr. Norristown, PA 19403 HORNBERGER, STEVEN G. 3024 Patio Dr. Erie, PA 16506 HORNER, CHARLES A. RED 3 Garden Homes Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 HOSER, HEIDI E. RED 2 Jenkins Rd. Saco, ME 04072 HOUGHTALING, NANCY A. 319 Dickerson Dr. N. Camillus, NY 13031 HOUSEMAN, RUTH 6 Army St. Randolph 02368 HOUSTON, ALLEN P. 200 North Clinton St. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 HUGHES, BRENDA P. 906 Harrison Blvd. Boise, ID 83072 HULT, RACHEL H. 65 Phillips St. Wollaston, MA 02170 HULT, STEPHEN E. 65 Phillips St. Wollaston, MA 02170 HUNTER, JEFFREY A. 5 Moody St. Skowhegan, ME 04976 HUNTER, LINDA J. 227 Droms Rd. Scotia, MY 12302 HURD, MARK A. 73 Toner St. E. Providence, Rl INGLAND, ROBERT L. 2202 Hawthorne Dr., Frederick, MD 21701 JACK, GREGORY G. 21 Derrick Rd. Bradford, PA 16701 JACK, ROBERT M. 26 Taber St. Quincy, MA 02169 JACKSON, CANDACE L. RFD 2 Brandon, VT 05733 JACKSON, GEORGE S. RED 2 Brandon, VT 05733 JACKSON, IRENE E. 994 Ardmore Rd. Baldwin, NY 11510 JACKSON, RONALD E. 1 Nazarene Ave. Brockton, MA 02401 JACKSON, SUSAN E. 794 Leesville Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24502 JAYMES, GLENN L. Star Rte. Shade Gap, PA 17255 JIPSON, EUGENE E. Box 99 Medway, ME 04460 JOHANSEN, LARRY W. RED 1 Box 181 Bath, ME 04530 JOHNSON, EDWARD J. 344 Strawberry Hill Norwalk, CT 06851 JOHNSON, PATRICIA M. 18 Bright Ave. Pennsville, NJ 08070 JONES, ALAN 0. 110 Sky Lane Titusville, PL 32780 JONES, BARRY A. 280 Margaret Ave. Orwigsburg, PA 17961 JONES, DEBORAH L. 2425 Cheswick Troy, Ml 48084 JONES, FAITH E. 1628 Lilac Ln. Troy, Ml 48084 JONES, MARY E. JORDAN, DEBRA J. 198 Old Town Way Hanover, MA 02339 JULIAN, BARBARA E. 20 Port Norfolk Dorchester, MA 02122 JURY, JOAN D. Rd. 2 Box 685 Leechburg, PA 15656 KAHLER, DAVID J. 21 S. Central Av. Quincy, MA 02170 KAHLER, TIM OTHY J. 209 Rathton Rd. York, PA 17403 KALISH, KATHLEEN S. 314 Richfield Blvd. Mattydale, NY 13211 KEMMERER, CHERYLEE 2540 Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 18104 KENT, DAVID W. 14 Mclelland St. Halifax, MA 02338 KENT, KARLA M. Box 33 Peru, NY 12972 KERN, BRIAN A. 50 S. White St. Brookville, PA 15825 KERN, DIANE L. 422 Lincoln Ave. Ogdensburg, NY 13669 KEYS, BRENDA J. 71 Elm Ave. Wollaston, MA 02170 KEYS, CHERYL L. 71 Elm Ave. Wollaston, MA 02170 KEYS, MICHAEL R. 6723 Holford Lane Springfield, VA 22152 KIDNEY, NEAL W. 22 Houghton St. Barrington, Rl KIERSTEAD, BETHANY J. Rt. 102 Derry Rd. Hudson, NH 03051 KILPATRICK, BRIAN N. 100 Concord Rd. Manchester, CT 06040 KILPATRICK, JANICE M. 402 Compton Ave. Laurel, MD 20810 KINDLER, KENNETH E. 414 Knickerbocker Av. P1T5RS0N Nl 07503 KITCHEN, DEBORAH B. 31 Calhoun Ave. Everett, MA 02149 KNAPP, CHRISTINE D. Rd. 3 Box 36 Pottstown, PA 19464 KNIGHT, LORA I. 78 Plymouth Ave. Milton, MA 02186 KNOWLES, KATHERYN E. 400 Blue Hills Pkwy. Milton, MA 02187 KOHR, BETTY J. Box 298 Rd. 2 Brookville, PA 15825 KOHR, DAVID B. Rd. 2 Box 298 Brookville, PA 15825 KONRAD, MELISSA H. 476 Green St. E. Weymouth, MA 02189 KRUITHOFF, SUSAN L. 24 Plymouth Rd. Hingham, MA 02043 LABELLE, DELBERT A. 42 Ocean House Rd. Cp. Elizabeth, ME 04107 LAGASSE, PETER J. Box 202 Gray, ME 04039 LALONE, DAVID A. Cordova, MD LALONE, TIMOTHY D. Box 208B Cordovia, MD LAMPERT, BEVERLY D. LANDERS, DWIGHT E. 52 Old Main St. Lakeville, MA 02346 LANE, CAROL L. 48 Louise Court Rising Sun, MD 21911 LANE, P. ELIZABETH 18 Gregory Rd. Wallingford, CT 06249 LANHAM, TIMOTHY S. 117 Queen St. Leesburg, VA 22075 LAPE, JOHNNIE L. 43 Amesbury Rd. Rochester, NY 14623 LARKIN, NANCY L. 122 Willow St. Wollaston, MA 02170 LARKIN, PETER 122 Willow St. Wollaston, MA 02170 LARKIN, TIMOTHY 122 Willow St. Wollaston, MA 02170 LARLEE, JOAN 245 Pratt St. Watertown, NY 13601 LARSEN, GLENN F. IIW. Elm Woilaston, MA 02170 LAUDERMILK, VIRGINIA G. Rickard Rd. Skaneateles, NY 13157 LAUGELLI, LUANN P. 219 Beechwood St. Cohasset, MA 02025 LAVIGNE, CALVIN T. 311 Terry Rd. Syracuse, NY 13219 LAVIGNE, ROBIN G. 6700 Robinia Rd. Camp Springs, MD 20031 LAWTON, PAMELA S. 112 Wilson St. Norwood, MA 02062 LAZOWSKI, ROBERT C. Rt. 22 Annandale, NJ 08801 LEMIEUX, ROBERT J. 18 Menio St. Brockton, MA 02401 LILJA, JEFFREY A. 4377 Willow Heath Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15234 LINDSAY, JAMES G. 36 Blantyre Rd. Maiden, MA 02148 LINDSTROM, NANCY E. 11 Gibson St. Maiden, MA 02148 LOETTERLE, CHERYL A. Rd. 1 Lakeshore Rd. Fulton, NY 13069 LOGAN, JOYCE A. 2 Sherman Dr. Garnerville, NY 10923 LOGAN, ROBERT 5 Jones Dr. Garnerville, NY 10923 LONG, BONNIE J. 4525 Freemansburg Av. Easton, PA 18042 LOWE, FRANKLIN L. 29 Pottle Rd. Norway, ME 04268 LUOMA, DONNA J. Young Rd. RRl Bx. 80 Ashburnham, MA 01430 LYLE, JOHN M. 43 Martin Rd. Kittery, ME 03904 LYNCH, TIMOTHY J. 16 Glenview Rd. Quincy, MA 02169 MABUNDZA, LOUSKIN F. Manzini Swaziland, 99 MACCHI, JEAN M. 277 Whitewell St. Quincy, MA 02169 MACLEOD, MARION MACPHERSON, SARAH F. Box 234 Corner Brook Newfoundland 99 MACRITCHIE, ELOISE 45 E. Hobart St. Nashua, NH 03060 MADTES, DENISE W. Box 91 Rd2 Orefield, PA 18069 MADTES, PAUL C. 419 Carew Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071 MAGEE, MICHAEL J. 110 Holtshire Rd. Orange, MA 01364 MAGNUSON, ARTHUR C. 74 Plain St. Franklin, MA 02038 MALONY, JANICE C 9209 Ox Rd. Lorton, VA 22079 MANCHESTER, CARROL J. PO Box 27 Johnson, VT 05656 MANN, GWENDOLYN E. MARKS, BRYAN E. Lake St Kingston, MA 02364 MARLATT, SUSAN J. 3664 Venago Ave. Munhall, PA 15120 MARSHALL, DONNA L. 18 Griffin Terrace S. Weymouth, MA 02190 MARSHALL, MARY M. 75 Harris Ave. Freeport, NY 11520 MARTIN, THOMAS S. 306 Ardmore Ave. Trenton, NJ 08629 MARVILLE, DEBORAH J. 26 Dunlap Ave. Pennsville, NJ 08070 MARVILLE, PATRICIA L. 26 Dunlap Ave. Pennsville, NJ 08070 MASON, CHRISTOPHER C. 167 Maine Ave. Millinocket, ME 04462 MATHER, GEORGE A. MATTMUELLER, DIANE J. 16307 Gales St. Laurel, MD 20810 MAYBURY, JAMES P. 10607 Carrollbrook Tampa, FL 33618 MAYS, GERALD W. 122 Tapawingo Vienna, VA 22180 MAZZACONE, DIANE M. PO Box 128 Beacon, NY 12508 MCADAMS, SALLY E. 704 Walnut St. Urbana, OH 43078 MCAFEE, JO-ANN V. 291 Sconticut Neck Fairhaven, MA 02719 MCBURNIE, DENNIS L. MCCARTHY, DARLENE L. 14 Sagamore Park W. Medford, MA 02155 MCCOLLISTER, STEPHEN G. 3651 S. Lakeshore Dr. Baton Rouge, LA 70808 MCCUMBER, JEAN E. 12 E. Elm Quincy, MA 02170 MCFARLAND, RALPH J. 320 40th St. SW Canton, OH 44706 MCFARLAND, RAND! K. 61 1 Carnwise S. E. Canton, OH 44707 MCGRATH, SHARON M. 165 Presidential Cr. Marshifield, MA 02050 MCGROARTY, KEVIN J. 75 Chestnut St. Rochelle Pk., NJ 07662 MCILWAIN, BRUCE A. 1103 Kings Cove Rochester, Ml 48063 MCINTURFF, LAYNE M. 310 Crescent Pk. Warren, PA 16365 MCINTURFF, SCOTT D. 310 Crescent Park Warren, PA 16365 MCKILLOP, MARJORIE J. 7 Clyde Terrace Arlington, MA 02174 MCLAUGHLIN, ERIC P. 138 Main St. W. Newbury, MA 01985 MCLEISH, PAMELA S. 19 W. Main St. Dover, Foxcro, ME 04426 MELLO, MICHAEL A. 4542 Grantwood Grand Rap., Ml 49508 MELTON, WALTER L. 21 Bromfield St. Woilaston, MA 02170 MERCHANT, JOANNE 91 Glendale Rd. Quincy, MA 02169 MESSANA, RICHARD J. MESZAROS, LOU ANN RFD 1 Glenfield, NY 13343 METCALF, GERALDINE M. 6444 N. Swede Rd. Rhodes, Ml 48652 METCALF, PAULA E. Box 362 New Eagle, PA 15067 METCALF, JOHN D. 394 E. Foster St. Melrose, MA 02176 METCALFE, STEPHEN P. 394 E. Foster St. Melrose, MA 02176 MIDDLETON, DIANE E. 35 Gould Ave. Maiden, MA 02148 MILLER, CAROLYN J. 21 Kemper St. Apt. 17 Woilaston, MA 02170 MILLER EDWARD J. 36 Jefferson ST. Leonardtown, MD 20636 MILLER, G. MICHAEL M. 12 Pond Lane Arlington, MA 02174 MILLER, PETER T. 9 Live Oak Rd. Norwalk, CT 06851 MILLER, PHILIP F. 608 Lee Dr. Broomall, PA 19008 MILLER, RUTH A. 101 Crafton Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014 MILLER, WESLEY E. 66 Oscar Ave. Brockton, MA 02402 MICHELL, MARCIA J. 146 West 22nd St. Chester, PA 19013 MOBERGER, SUSAN C. 24 Donald Rd. Burlington, MA 01803 MOCK, JILL A. 415 Washington St. Royersford, PA 19468 MONTILIO, RALPH P. 69 Quincy Shore Dr. N. Quincy, MA 02171 MONTROND, MICHELLE A. Tyler Ave. E. Wareham, MA 02538 MOORE, ROBERT A. 16 Macon Dr. Rochester, NY 14623 MOORE, STEPHEN L. 16 Hodges Street Mansfield, MA 02048 MORIN, PAUL G. 17 Holmes N. Quincy, MA 02171 MORRIS, LAURA J. 106 Nash St. New Haven, CT 06511 MORRIS, TIMOTHY W. Westwind Rd. Rd2, Bx29 Kane, PA 16735 MORRISON, REBECCA A. 10 Springhouse La. Media, PA 19063 MORRISSEY, MICHAEL W. MOSER, DEAN R. 3402 Perkiomen Ave. Mt. Penn, PA 19606 MOULTON, DEBRA J. E. Charleston, VT 05833 MOUNTZ, VICKI L. Rd. 3 Dillsburg, PA 17019 MOYLE, NANCY L. 136 Elmhurst Dr. Philiipsburg, NJ 08865 MUCCI, JUDITH A. 5601 Library Rd. Bethel Park, PA 15102 MULCAHY, MAUREEN C. 235 Elmwood Ave. Woilaston, MA 02170 MULLEN, PETER J. 21 Bromfield St. Quincy, MA 02170 MULLEN, VIRGINIA M. 24 Winthrop Ave. Woilaston, MA 02170 MULLER, HEIDI A. Rt. 4, Box 182 Washington, NJ 07882 MUNROE, FREDERICK G. 11 Academy Lane Milton, MA 02186 MURRAY, LILLIAN M. 30 Margin St. Cohasset, MA 02025 MYERS, PATRICIA C. 1222 Keyes Ave. Schenectady, NY 12309 MYRICK, RICKY W. 2216 Jamaica Dr. Wilmington, DE 19810 NEFF, BOBBIE N. Box 2175 Waynesboro, VA 22980 NEFF, LARRY L. NELSON, SERENA L. NEMCOVICH, KENNETH A. Box 315 RR. 1 Sunapee, NH 03782 NEMCOVICH, LOIS E. RR 1 Box 315 Sunapee NH 03782 NEMETH, FRANK J. 1292 Broadway Hillside, NJ 07205 NEWBERT, JANE E. 744 Hathaway Rd. New Bedford, MA 02740 NEWHA LL, PRESCOTT 66 Madison Ave. Everett, MA 02149 NEWMAN, MELANIE R. 1681 Oneco Ave. Miami, FL 32789 NIBLETT, GREGORY R. 402 Woolview Sq. Apt. G Salisbury, MD 21801 NICHOLS, LINDA A. 62 Claredon Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140 NOFTLE, JAMES T. 35 Pleasant Dr. Londonderry, NH 03053 NORDSTROM, SHEILA V. 216 Ash St. Waltham, MA 02154 NORTON, ZOLA M. NOWLAND, DEAN E. 102 W. Main St. Norton, MA 02766 NYCE, PAUL G. 365 Chapel Ave. Allentown, PA 18103 ODONNELL, DULCY J. 703 Longview Dr. Catonsville, MD 21228 OLIVER, JAMES W. 346 Crofton Dr. Vinton, VA 24179 OLIVER, KATHY E. 20 Plymouth Rd. W. Peabody, MA 01960 ORCUTT, JANET R. 410 Englewood Ave. Syracuse, NY 13207 OROURKE, PATRICIA A. 45 Beechwood St. Cohasset, MA 02025 ORSOLINI, GARRY S. 1572 Halsey Ave. San Leandro, CA 94578 PAIGE, DEBORAH A. 2134 Oaklawn Ave. Schenectady, NY 12306 PAIGE, DIANA J. 2134 Oaklawn Ave. Schenectady, NY 12306 PARKER, DEBRA L. Rd. 3 Bath, NY 14810 PARKER, RICHARD L. Rd. 3 Bath, NY 14810 PARKES, LOWELL D. 24 W. Roland Rd. Parkside, PA 19015 PARKES, LYNNE M. 24 W. Roland Rd. Parkside, PA 19015 PARKS, STEPHEN L. 3475 Lynn Dr. Franklin, OH 45005 PARRY, MARCIA L. 86 Windsor Rd. So. Weymouth, MA 02190 PAULEY, MARK W. 228 Greenwich St. Reading, PA 19601 PAYNE, RANDY W. Box 87 Mooers, NY 12958 PEARSALL, LINDA 2031 Freennan Ave. Bellmore, NY 11710 PERERA, JEROME K. 1076 N. Mar Vista Av. Pasadena, CA 91104 PERKINS, LINDA L. Box 201 Molunkus Skowhegan, ME 04976 PERKINS, STEVE A. RFD 4, Box 201 Skowhegan, ME 04976 PERYEA, RICHARD L. Rd. 2 O ' Neil Rd. Port Bryon, NY 13140 PETERSON, COLLEEN 29 Harvey Circle E. Brunswick, NJ 08816 PETERSON, GARY A. 130 Sportsmens Tr. Whitman, MA 02382 PFAUTZ, JOHN S. Rt. 1 Hermon, NY PHELPS, JOHN E. Route 109A. Cr. Tuftonbor, NH PHILBROOK, BARBARA J. Fort Fairfield Rd. Caribou, ME 04736 PHILLIPS, KAREN K. 680 Kircher PI. Boswell, PA 15531 PIRES, ROBERT J. 135 S. Second St. New Bedford, MA 02740 PITCHFORD, JUNE A. 222 E. 17th Ave. Homestead, PA 15120 PIZZANO, ANNA T. POCIUS, RICHARD A. 55 Summer St. Middleboro, MA 02346 POMPEO, NANCY L. 15 Lincoln Ave. Wollaston, MA 02170 POST, DEBRA J. 297 Lake St. Waltham, MA 02154 POST, WILLIAM G. 93 Gilcrest Rd. Londonderry, NH 03050 POUTRE, DAVID A. 140 Hollis Ave. N. Quincy, MA 02171 PRAHL, RICHARD K. Andrews Star Rt. Crapo, MD 21626 PRESCOTT, CYNTHIA S. 63 Cameron Av. Somerville, MA 02144 PRICE, DEBRA L. Rd. 2 Box 479 Shamokin, PA 17872 PUJALTE, VINCENT J. 84 Freeman St. Wollaston, MA 02170 PURDY, BARRY M. 3314 Birchlawn Ave. Roanoke, VA 24012 PURDY, MARGERY A. 136 Upland Rd. Sharon, MA 02067 PURTA, LORETTA A. 166 Belmont Dr. Leesburg, VA 22075 RAHAIM, DONNA M. 39 Sand St. Gardner, MA 01440 RAKER, LUCY L. Rd. 1 Mifflinburg, PA 17844 RAKSASAT, MAXWELL V. RAMSEY, THOMAS D. RANDALL, NATHAN D. 7 Swan Rd. Winchester, MA 02171 RANDALL, ROGER H. 165 Crabtree Rd. Squantum, MA 02171 RANKIN, PEGGY L. 412 N. Center St. Grove City, PA 16127 RANSTROM, LORNE W. 7 Leonard Rd. N. Weymouth, MA 02191 RAUDSEPP, ANNE M. Seneca St. Irving, NY 14081 RAY, DAVID L. 205 Fulton St. Hanover, PA 17331 REARICK, ANDERSON M. 20 Elbert PI. E. Rockaway, NY 11518 REED, DONALD T. 1 Dunbarton Rd. Quincy, MA 02170 REED, LAWRENCE P. 1 Dunbarton Rd. Quincy, MA 02170 REED, VIVIAN L. Rd. 2 Box 194 Townsend, DE 19734 REEDY, SARAH L. 24 Beach St. Wollaston, MA 02170 REILLY, JOHN F. 25 Beers Ave. Norwell, MA 02061 RESSLER, SANDRA L. 1648 N. Little Cr. Rd. Dover, DE 19901 RESTRICK, DOUGLAS P. 18 Gregory Rd. Wallingford, CT 06492 REYNOLDS, ROSALYN S. 201 S. Clifton Ave. Wilmington, DE 19805 RHOADS, SUSAN K. 2020 E. Orvilla Rd. Hatfield, PA 19440 RIBERIRO, MARK P. 89 Oesting St. New Bedford, MA 02740 RICE, JANET E. 413 Hartford Ave. Bellingham, MA 02019 RICE, PATRICIA J. 8 Jeanette Dr. Pembroke, MA 02359 RICH, LINDA A. 47 Vernon Rd. Scituate, MA RICHARDS, HOY B. RICHEY, KATHRYN S. 350 West Park Dr. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 RICKEY, RICHARD N. 3140 Shakertown Rd. Xenia, OH 45385 RIEDEL, CYNTHIA L. 6040 Boxer Dr. Bethel Park, 15 102 RINES, STEPHEN W. 413 S. Cummings Ave. Glassboro, NJ ROARK, REGINA E. 4 Laurel Ave. Newark, DE 19711 ROBERTS, AMBER E. 200 Taffrail Rd. Apt. 3 Quincy, MA 02169 ROBICHAUD, RANDY A. 5 New York St. Worcester, MA 01603 ROBINSON, GEORGE A. 63 Highhaith Rd. Arlington, MA 02174 ROBINSON, ROBERTA E. 348 Buck St. Bangor, ME 04401 ROGAN, REGINA B. 123 Rice Rd. Wollaston, MA 02170 ROGGENBAUM, STEPHEN D. 269 Douglas Dr. State Colleg., PA 16801 ROLER, JOHN C. 5421 Florida Ave. Bethel Park, PA 15102 ROMEO, DEBRA R. 131 Pine Knob Dr. S. Windsor, CT 06074 ROSE, ANTHONY S. Rt. 3 Box 205 Confluence, PA 15424 ROSS, DAVELYN M. 29 Brook Rd. Quincy, MA 02169 ROSS, JAMES P. 4940 Lake Rd. Avon, NY 14414 ROSS, VALERIE M. 30 Lee St. Lincoln, ME 04457 ROUSE, DAVID E. 1291 Main St. Wakefield, MA 01880 ROUSE, RICHARD A. 501 June St. Endicott, NY 13760 RUDOLPH, VICKY L. 1605 Whitfield Blvd. Reading, PA 19609 RUMMEL, DOUGLAS A. 532 Smedley Ave. Media, PA 19063 RUNDLETT, MICHAEL J. 11 Adams St. Watertown, MA 02172 RUSSELL, CYNTHIA A. 109 Burnett Street Providence, Rl 02907 RUSSELL, LINDA K. 417 Fairview Rd. Springfield, PA 19064 RUSSELL, LOIS J. P.O. Box 105 Timblin, PA 15778 RUSSO, VALERIE A. 302 Fenno St. Quincy, MA 02170 SAINSBURY, JAMES M. Kingston Rd. Rt. 2 Box 37 Plaistow, NH 03865 SAMMARCO, DEBRA L. 140 Chatham Pkwy Buffalo, NY 14216 SANDS, THOMAS T. 21 Dewey St. Mohnton, PA 19540 SANGER, DONITA E. 100 Phillips St. Wollaston, MA 02170 SARKISSIAN, LEO V. 56 32 210 St. Oakland Gard., NY 11364 SCHLOSSER, PATRICIA A. 2617 128th S.W. Everett, WA 98204 SCHMITT, LORELEI R. 516 Long Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15241 SCHUTZ, MICHAEL H. 1 14 Nicodemus Rd. Reisterstown, MD 21136 SCHUYLER, SHEROLYN R. 548 English Rd. Rochester, NY 14616 SCHWANKL, DIANNE M. Rd. 1 Hopeland Rd. Stevens, PA 17578 SCOTT, ALAN W. Center St. Bath, ME SCOTT, DEBORAH L. 2714 Alderwood Rd. Baltimore, MD 21227 SCOTT, JOANN L. 10 Riddlewood Dr. Media, PA 19063 SCOTT, LEON H. 95 Compkins St. Cortland, NY 13045 SENATORE, MARIANNE E. 24 Oakdale Ave. Weston, MA 02193 SEVER, WILLIAM D. 544 Oneawa Kailua, HI 96734 SEVERS, CYNTHIA A. 1213 Chambers St. Trenton, NJ 08610 SHAMLIAN, LINDA M. Lakeshore, Rosedale New York Cit., NY 10512 SHANAHAN, WALTER K. 33 Browning St. Weymouth, MA 02188 SHATTUCK, DONNA M. 26 Division St. Braintree, MA 02185 SHELP, PAUL A. 2707 Robin Rd. Glen Burnie, MD 21061 SHENE, MICHAEL D. 3 Drawbridge Dr. Albany, NY 12203 SHERMAN, JUDITH E. Rd. 1 Watsontown, PA 17777 SHETLER, TIMOTHY J. 1119 Cedar Rd. New Lenox, IL 60451 SHEVEL, LAUREL S. 364 Arrowhead Ln. Barrington, IL 60010 SHEVEL, LYNN A. 364 Arrowhead Lane Barrington, IL 60010 SHEILDS, ALISON R. RFD 1 Groton, VT 05045 SHUGRUE, CHRISTIE J. Brown Terr Box 205 Uxbridge, MA 01569 SHUTE, NANCY S. 86 Beacon St. Hyde Park, MA 02136 SIDES, MICHAEL W. 956 Main St. Hanover, MA 02339 SIEFKEN, CARL W. Rd. 3 B6X 91 Egg Harbor, NJ 08215 SILVA, MANUEL 15 Chaffee St. Rumford, Rl 02916 SIMMONS, THOMAS S. 331 Concord Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 SIMONS, RICHARD J. 1625 W. South St. Allentown, PA 18102 SINCLAIR, BRUCE L. 836 Robin Circle Chester, SC 29706 SLOWE, THERESA E. 49 Bicknell St. Quincy, MA 02169 SMITH, ALLEN C. 7759 54th St. Pinellas Pk., FL 33565 SMITH, BEVERLY 75 King Ave. Weymouth, MA 02188 SMITH, BONNIE Foreign Canada 99 SMITH, DEBBIE 16 State St. Ashland, MA 01721 SMITH, SALLY A. 655 W. Main St. Avon, MA 02322 SMITH, SHARON R. 68 Main St. Eliot, ME 03903 SMITH, STEPHEN B. 796 Jerusalem Rd. Cohasset, MA 02025 SMITH, SUSAN J. Route 1 Box 92 Middletown, MD 21769 SMITH, SYDNEY 57 Timson St. Lynn, MA 01902 SMITH. THEODORE M. 219 Oxford St. Hartford. CT 06105 SORENSEN, KRISTINE A. Rd. 1 Russell. PA 16345 SOUZA. JOHN R. 593 Old Country Rd. Westport, MA 02940 SPRAGUE. MARYANNE 26 D Central Dr. Stony Point, NY 10980 SPRUANCE. DAVID M. Foreign Argentina 99 STACEY, DALE E. 69 Beaconsdale Lane Newport News, VA 23601 STADLER, LANA M. RFD Acton, ME 04001 STADLER, LORA A. RFD Acton, ME 04001 STANFORD, KENNETH 163 Oakdale Ave. Pawtucket, Rl 02860 STANFORD, LIANNE R. 24 Beckwith St. Etobicoke, 99 04530 STANLEY, JOHN C. 113 Wildwood Ave. Bramtree, MA 02185 STANTON, LERAE S. 521 E. Front St. Owego, NY 13827 STEELE, KAREN S. 1904 Bennington St. S.E. Roanoke, VA 24014 STEENSON, JEFFREY A. 118 Doane St. Quincy, MA 02169 STEENSON, WALTER 118 Doane St. Quincy, MA STEVENS, KAREEN G. 139 Whiting Rd. E. Hartford, CT 06118 STEWART, LEE H. 720 S. Franklin St. Holbrook, MA 02343 STILES, STEPHEN J. Box 64 Altona, NY 12910 STINSON, GEORGE E. 355 Marshall Rd. Bethel Park, PA 15102 STINSON, JON R. 6 Meadow Lane Rd. 3 Saratoga Spr., NY 12866 STOCKWELL, GWEN H. Hidden Valley Rd. Perry Hall, MD 21236 STODDARD, PENELOPE J. 5345 Clinton St. Lowville, NY 13367 STOVER, GENE 1420 Chapman St. Akron, OH 44305 STRYKER, SHEILA M. STUBE, PETER B. Indonesia Foreign 99 SULLIVAN, MICHAEL B. Box 247 Parishville, NY 13672 SUMITRA, JOSHUA K. 61 Broad St. Walpole, MA 02081 SURGENS, BETH A. 413 Spring St. W. Bridgewate, MA 02379 SWEIS, HASHEM M. SYSKA, ELIZABETH J. Hannaford Cove Cape Ehzabt., ME 04107 TANSKI, MARK E. 66 Tracy St. Thomaston, CT 06787 TATE, JAMES J. TAYLOR, BILLY J. 812 N. Front St. Reading, PA 19601 TAYLOR, MARY BETH 180 Adams St. Quincy, MA 02169 TAYLOR, RUTH A. 1837 Dorrett St. Woodlyn, PA 19094 TAZZIA, IMAD A. 143 Westmoor Rd. W. Roxbury, MA 02132 TEAGUE, BARBARA A. 3050 Hickorymede Dr. Elhcott, MD 21043 TEMM, CONSTANCE J. 207 Westminster Rd. E. Weymouth, MA 02189 THARP, NOAH A. 106 N. Front St. Georgetown, DE THEW, DANIEL W. 173A Peach Tree Rd. Kickerson, MD 20753 THIBODEAU, LEON E. 29 Cooper St. Manchester, CT 06040 THOMAS, SUSIE THORNS, GREGORY F. 86 Davidson St. Wyandanch, NY 11798 THURLOW, CHRISTY K. PO Box 75 Military Lincoln Cntr, ME 04458 TIETZE, TAMRA M. 3068 S. Patton Court Denver, CO 80236 TITUS, GREGORY D. 375 Campville Rd. Rdl Endicott, NY 13760 TOROSIANS, FARHAD S. Aliabad Foreign 99 TRACY, MICHAEL 72 Wychwood Heights Littleton, MA 01460 TREFRY, KATHRYN J. 65 Madison St. Maiden, MA 02148 TRICE, MARTIN L. Templeville, MD 21670 TROUP, EBRA L. 23 Jenness St. Quincy, MA 02169 TROUT, DAVID M. 56 Cedar St. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 TRUMBAUER, BRENDA L. Romig Rd Rd 1 Gilbertsvlll, PA 19525 TUCKER, JOY E. Rd 1 Hornell, NY 14843 TUCKER, LINDA M. 5 Osage Rd. Canton, MA 02021 TUORI, MARK R. 34 Mill Pond Rd. Pembroke, MA 02359 UMBEL, WILLIAM T. PO Box 229 243 Market Mifflinburg, PA 17844 UMSTEAD, CRAIG A. 147 Prather Avenue Jamestown, NY 14701 UMSTEAD, JOSEPH D. 147 Prather Ave. Jamestown, NY 14701 VANDERHOOF, DEBBIE G. 212 E. Bloss St. Titusville, PA 15042 VANDERVEER, KATHLEEN R. 48 Red Maple Ln. Levittown, PA 19055 VANTOL, CHRISTINE E. 17 Stone Root Lane Sudbury, MA 01776 VARSALONE, SALVATORE J. 413 Fairmont Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306 VAUGHAN, LOWELL D. 3853 Old Fed Hill Rd. Jarretsville, MD 21084 VAUGHAN, STEPHEN L. 3853 Old Feleral Hil Jarrettsvill, MD 21084 VEIGA, MANUEL S. S. Meadow Rd. RFD 5 Carver, MA 02330 VINCENT, SUSAN E. 332 High St. Randolph, MA 02368 WAKEFIELD, JENNIFER S. Wakefield, Rd. Hollis Cntr., ME 04042 WALLACE, CAROL J. 49 Carolan Ave. Hampton, NH 03842 WALSH, NANCY A. 30 Governors Rd. Milton, MA 02186 WANNER, DAWN C. 439 E. 4th St. Bloomsburg, PA 17815 WARD, DIANE L. 4458 Rowland Ct. Stone Mtn., GA 30083 WARD, RICHARD L. 5001 Jasmine Dr. Rockville, MD 20853 WARNER, REGINA K. 628 S. Queen St. York, PA 17403 WARREN, DONALD C. Wilmington, NY 12997 WARRICK, LORINDA A. 38 Larchmont St. Dorchester, MA 02124 WATKINS, AMY J. Box 113 290 College W. Farmington, OH 44491 WEIR, LAUREL J. 23 Meridian Lane Ballston Lk., NY 12019 WEISS, ROBERT J. 633 Fornsworth Ave. Clairton, PA 15025 WELSCH, BEVERLY L. Rd 1 Box 62 Windsor, VT 05089 WEST, DANIEL C. 18 Gardenbrook Lane Willingboro, NJ 08046 West, Patricia L. 18 Gardenbrook Ln. Willingboro, NJ 08046 WETMORE, ARNOLD G. 5116 Pebble Lane Columbus, OH 43220 WETZEL, DEBORAH G. 1350 Telegraph Rd. W. Chester, PA 19380 WETZEL, KATHLEEN A. 1350 Telegraph Rd. West Chester, PA 19380 WHEELER, JOYCE R. RR 1 W. Charleston, VT 05872 WHITE, DAVID J. 15 Rainbow Ct. Scituate, MA 02066 WHITE, OWEN L. 32 Ryder Ave. E. Rockaway, NY 11518 WHITEFORD, MARTHA E. General Delivery Cardiff, MD 21024 WHITLEY, GREG E. 2534 Villanova Dr. Vienna, VA 22180 WHITLING, LINDA J. RD 1 Seneca, PA 16346 WHITNEY, MARK M. 1 1 Algonquin Rd. CP Elizabeth, ME 04107 WIDDOWSON, BRIAN D. Box 266 Rte. 50 Mardela Spr,, MD 21837 WILFONG, DAVID E. RD 2 Beechwood Dr. Kennett Sq., PA 19348 WILLETTE, MARJORIE A. Box 2467 S. Portland, ME 04106 WILLETTE, PAUL A. 16 Crescent View Ave. Capeelizabet, ME 04107 WILLIAMS, CARLTON L. 331 Longfellow Dr. Lancaster, PA. 17602 WILLIAMS, FALINA R. 8138 10th Sw. Seattle, WA 98106 WILLIAMS, JOHN H. 113 Roselawn Rd. Annapolis, MD 21403 WILLIAMS, KENNETH J. 70 Howard St. Braintree, MA 02184 WILLIAMS, WARREN L. Rd 1 Box 63 Pine St. Oxford, PA 19363 WILLINGHAM, LINDA J. 4227 Willow Dr. Annandale, VA 22003 WILLOUGHBY, DAVID R. 813 Venice Dr. Silver Spr., MD 20904 WILLOUGHBY, ROBERT K. 813 Venice Dr. Silver Sprin, MD 20904 WILLS, GLENDON A. Rd 1 Box 298 Norridgewock, ME 04957 WILSON, JANE E. 18 Buckingham Rd. N. Andover, MA 01845 WINSOR, DIANE R. 2 Mt. Pleasant St. Alton Bay, NH 03044 WISEMAN, REBECCA J. 60 Back St. Seeonk, MA 02771 WISH, CAROL T. 207 Westminster Rd. E. Weymouth, MA 02189 WISH, KENNETH B. 3806 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204 WOLF, STEPHEN N. 10832 Fuller Kansas City, MO 64134 WOLFE, GEORGE D. WOLOWICZ, GEORGE S. 12 Hope St. Brockton, MA 02402 WOODEND, FAITH E. 4104 Warner Ave. Hyattsville, MD 20784 WOOSTER, DAVID B. 314 Lake Shore Dr. Duxbury, MA 02332 WRIGHT, RONALD W. 39037 Gardenside Dr. Willoughby, OH 44094 YANKUS, NORMAN V. 9 Mt. Ash Rd. Hyde Park, MA 02136 YARBOROUGH, NELLIE C. Box 236 Dorchester, MA 02121 YATES, RONALD V. 1902 Riverland Rd. Roanoke, VA 24149 YIP, SAMUEL M. 3 7 Hopedale St. Allston, MA 02134 Young, Robert A. 13 McCusker Dr. Apt. 8 Braintree, MA 02185 9We 9rcc! , ENTERPRISES Raymond, Maine C$sS5a8fion Congratulates the class of 1976 and welcomes them to full membership In the worldwide fellowship of former ENC students. PRESIDENT Merritt H. Mann, ' 59 IBM Corp. VICE PRESIDENT Gary Jones, ' 66 Director, Communications ENC BOARD OF DIRECTORS Patricia Ward, ' 62 Newell Smith, ' 69 ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS James Marlowe, ' 68 TREASURER Barbara Finch, ' 70 Registrar, EC TRUSTEE FOR ENC Richard F. Shubert, ' 58 Vice President Bethlehem Steel Corp. Wesley G. Angell, ' 28 Janice M. Brown, ' 61 Glen A. Boden, ' 63 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Richard Pritchard, ' 67 Editor, Publications, ENC William Webb IBM Corp. Donald H. Strong, ' 39 Harold A. Parry, ' 48 Fran Oddo Blaney, ' 56 7 " [ 1 s u R c e 1 evRCiM I THt DOORWAY TO PMOTCCTION 1357 Hancock Street, Quincy 472-3000 (617) 111-6011 675 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass Robert S. Freeman Certified Gemologist E.A.R. Lambert W. Brandes EASTERN AUDIO RECORDING , EASTERN AUDIO RECORDING AND MEDIA Post Office Box 173 North Marshfieid Massachusells 021159 Phone: 617 «:i4 Kill Compliments of FRANK ' S SUBMARINE SHOP Congratulations, Seniors Record Produclioi Casselle Tapes On Localinn Recording Tape Duplication 479-1350 479-9510 COLONIAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF QUINCY Incorporated 1889 MEMBER FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM WOLLASTON OFFICE: 15 Beach St., Wollaston Tel. 471-0750 HOLBROOK OFFICE: 802 South Franklin St. Holbrook Tel. 584-1776 WAREHAM OFFICE: Cranberry Plaza, East Wareham Tel. 295-1776 Congratulations upon your graduation and sincere best wishes for a meaningful, satisfying, and happy future. GRANITE CITY HARDWARE CO. Industrial Building Maintenance Supplies Benjamin Moore Paints " EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE " 1617 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. Telephone: Granite 9-5454 HOUSE OF PRAISE CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE 681 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. JAMES K. MACPHERSON LINCOLN A.R. MURPHY, JR., R.PH. 716 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. Tel: 472-4246 WASHINGTON WORKS HERE. SO DOES JEFFERSON, LINCOLN, HAMILTON, JACKSON, GRANT, FRANKLIN, MCKINLEY, CLEVELAND, MADISON, CHASE Quincy cooperative bank Main Office: 1259 Hancock Street, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 Branch Offices: Braintree, Cohasset, Hanover (617)479-6600 QUINCY Y.M.C.A. QUINCY, MA. Dedicated to the Development of Spirit, Mind, and Body of our Youth Congratulations to the Class of 1976 PATRIOT LUNCH 1348 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. 472-9263 ' Flowers for All Occasions " 49 Beale Street Quincy, Mass 472-7100 WfeVe here tDneip. And we da 5 convenient locations in Quincy: 1200 Hancock St. 1374 Hancock St. 371 Hancock St. 138 Franklin St. and 46 1 Washington St. Quincy, Mass. 02 169 273 diamonds -- watches -- jewelry 1402 HANCOCK ST., QUINCY, MASS. 02169 Congratulations To The Class of 1976 1508 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. 149 South Main St. Fall River, Mass. 471-1616 Open: Mon. thru Fri. 9-9 Sat. 9-5:30 Look Young Fashions For Young Men of All Ages. Famous Brand Names at Affordable Prices. WORLD WIDE TRAVEL AGENCY CORP. INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP TRAVEL SPECIALITIES Air — Steamship Cruises — Tours 664 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. 472-2900 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK OF « U I N C V Everything in Clothing and Sportswear for Juniors and Young Men 274 1976 NAUTILUS PATRONS Beale St. Fish Market Mr. Mrs. Harry W. Bleh The Carney Family Cobblers Hut The George Collier Farnily Barbara Gregory Constantine Granite 5(f 10( Mr. Mrs. James E. Henley Rev. Mrs. Cosier A. Johnson Mrs. Elva Jury Mr. Mrs. Jack Mclnturff Dr. Mrs. Peter Mason Verriel Parkes Family Mr. Mrs. Aadu Raudsepp Mr. Mrs. John T. Reilly Mr. Mrs. Carl W. Roggenbaum Mr. Mrs. Roland Wakefield Wollaston Music Center Mr. Mrs. Robert Woodend Mr. Mrs. Tyler S. Wooster DISTRICT ROSTER AKRON Painesville, Ohio MAINE Cape Elizabeth Eliot Millinocket Skowhegan NEW ENGLAND Cambridge Emmanuel- Wareham Fitchburg Manchester New Bedford Springfield St. Albans Wollaston NEW YORK East Rockaway Fishkill Loveoneanother Paterson Poughkeepsie Vassar Road Yorktown PHILADELPHIA Allentown Bloomsburg Bristol Collingdale Easton Ephrata Glenside (Pennsvilie) Immanuel (Lansdale) Lancaster Norristown Oxford Port Elizabeth Reading Calvary Schuylkill Haven Sunset Road (Burlington) Trenton Twin-Borough West Chester PITTSBURGH Albion Bradford Butler Curtisville Erie Franklin Hart Ave. New Brighton Oil City Pittsburgh-Lincoln Place Scottdale South Hills UPSTATE NEW YORK Bethel Endicott Jamestown Plattsburgh Rochester Trinity Syracuse Vermontville Watertown Wilmington VIRGINIA Charlottsville Martinsville Fort Trial WASHINGTON Baltimore First Chestertown Frederick Gaithersburg Hanover Hollywood Marley Park McConnellstown Melwood Newark, Del. New Cumberland Orbisonia Petersburg Salisbury State College Washington First York 275 CHRISTIAN ACTION TEAMS SUPPORT TEAMS STUDENT MISSION CORPS CAREER MISSIONARY SERVICE LOST AND FOUNDS DISCOVERY PLAYERS Department of World Missions Jerald D. Johnson Executive Secretary for information write Richard Gammill Department of Home Missions Raymond Hum Executive Secretary + for information write Roger Bowman Department of Youth Melvin McCullough Executive Secretary " frfor information write 6401 Paseo Lane Zachary Kansas City, Missouri 64131 (816) 333-7000 276 MAINE DISTRICT Rev. J.E. Shankel District Superintendent 1040 Riverside Drive Augusta, Maine 04330 DISTRICT OFFICERS Secretary Jon K. Gray Treasurer Mr. Sherman G. Irving N.Y.P.S. President Church Schools Chairman Rev. Wayne A. Crevoiserat Rev. Paul D. Basham N.W.M.S. President Mrs. Dorothea Brown ADVISORY BOARD Rev. J.E. Shankel Rev. John C. Evans Rev. George W. Whetstone Mr. Raymond A. Hunter, Jr. Mr. Sherman G. Irving TRUSTEES TO E.N.C. Rev. J.E. Shankel Rev. John C. Evans Mr. A. Fletcher Wright Mr. Elery Harris NEW YORK DISTRICT Rev. M.V. Scutt DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent P.O. Box 179 Secretary Treasurer Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598 Rev. Arthur Hughes Mr. Raymond Reed George Gressett, at large Rev. Clarence Jacobs, at large 279 PITTSBURGH DISTRICT Dr. Robert I. Goslaw District Superintendent 175 No. Road Butler, Pa. DISTRICT OFFICERS Secretary Rev. Kenneth L. Akins Treasurer Miss Lucille Rush N.Y.P.S. President Church Schools Chairman Rev. Barry V. Mohney Rev. Mayne Minich, Jr. N.W.M.S. President Mrs. Marjorie Goslaw . . » • t • . V v.. ADVISORY BOARD Dr. Robert I. Goslaw Rev. Wayne H. Acton Rev. Jack Christner Lauren Cousins Willis Whitling TRUSTEES TO E.N.C. Dr. Robert I. Goslaw Rev. Dallas D. Mucci Lauren Cousins James Hetrick UPSTATE NEW YORK DISTRICT Rev. J. Wilmer Lambert District Superintendent 400 Longmeadow Dr. Syracuse, N.Y. 13205 DISTRICT OFFICERS Secretary Rev. Morris E. Wilson N.W.M.S. President Mrs. Vera McKim N.Y.P.S. President Rev. Paul Wehr Treasurer Rev. Blair H. McKim Church Schools Chairman Rev. Elmer E. Wilson ADVISORY BOARD Rev. J. Wilmer Lambert Rev. Roland Dunlop Rev. Clarence Hildreth Mr. John Bodine Mr. Bud Woodcook TRUSTEES TO E.N.C. Rev. J. Wilmer Lambert Rev. Morris Wilson Mr. Henry Henderson Dr. Samuel Henck VIRGINIA DISTRICT Rev. Gene Fuller District Superintendent 3704 Prosperity Fairfax, Va. 22030 DISTRICT OFFICERS Secretary Ralph Ahlemann N.Y.P.S. President George E. Stevenson N.W.M.S. President Mrs. Gene Fuller Treasurer William Ballew Church Schools Chairman C.V. Spaulding, Jr. ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Gene Fuller Rev. William Ballew Rev. C.L. Thompson Raymond A. Carr J. E. Fox TRUSTEES TO E.N.C. Rev. Gene Fuller Gordon Young James Ahlemann Raymond Carr 282 WASHINGTON DISTRICT Rev. Roy E. Carnahan District Superintendent 2509 Jonathan Rd. Ellicott City, Md. 21043 DISTRICT OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer Rev. George Teague Rev. G. Lindley Adams N.W.M.S. President Mrs. Roy Carnahan N.Y.P.S. President Kenneth W. Murray Church Schools Chairman Rev. E. Verbal Williams E.N.C. graduates are cordially invited to seek secular employment and full or part-time Christian service on the Washington District. For placement opportunities, you are invited to call the District Superintendent for further information and assis- tance. ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Roy E. Carnahan Rev. J. Weston Chambers Rev. Tom Nees Kenneth Creswell L. Keith Peck TRUSTEES TO E.N.C. Rev. Roy E. Carnahan Merritt Mann Paul Freese J. Weston Chambers WESLEYAN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Orchard at Pearl Street Albion, Pa. Pastor: Rev. Donald H. Hennen Students: Mike Burdick Wayne Hennen — Graduate FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 11 th and Wyoming Streets own, Pa. Pastor: Phillip Chatto Associates: Allen Tricia Frank ENC Student: Rich Simons i BETHEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Outer Dayan Street Lowville, New York Pastor: John E. Alder Student: Lu Ann Meszaros B R A D F R D FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 55 North Bennett Street Bradford, Pennsylvania Jack Christner, Minister Greg Jack, Student 284 BALTIMORE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 8801 Rogers Avenue, Ellicott City, " Maryland " Get thy tools ready; God will find thee work to do. " Browning 285 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ith Nanlicoke Avenue Endicott. New York Pastor: Rev. (j!enn Evans OUR STUDENTS: Pam Corbin Bob Evans Ramon Greene Rick Rouse Greg Titus Peggy Titus ERIE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE GEORGE L. WOLF, PASTOR Congratulations to the 1976 Graduating Seniors! FIRST OlIMl© Ocean Avenue at Garfield Place East Rockawav, New York Rev. Arthur Hughes, Pastor ENC STUDENTS: Doris Drage Irene Jackson Linda Pearsall Anderson Rearick Owen VV- ' hite EPHRATA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE North Academy Drive at Dawn Avenue, Ephrata, Pa. William D. Mowcn, Minister Ron W. Richmond. Minister of Youth Education Clarence E. Sweigart, Minister of Music G. Thomas Spiker, Mini.ster of Pastoral Visitation RNC STUDENT Diannc Schwankl HKILL CHUR( F THE NAZARENE nt Swank, Jr., Pastor STUDENTS ( !,. R) Linda Shamlian Diane Mazzaconc CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE !436 Nev land Avenue Jamestown. New York Rev. Ciair E. Umslcad, Pasi , ENC Music Group Craig Umslcad Graduating Si GLENSIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 172 Churchtown Road Pennsville, New Jersey Rev. Paul F. Knight, Pastor Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1976 OUR ENC STUDENTS: Robert Atkinson Debbie Marville Pattie Marville HART AVENUE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 205 Hart Avenue Washington, Pa. Rev. Mrs. W. G. Williams Each Lord ' s Day we gather at 10:00 in the morning and 6:00 o ' clock in the evening. If ever you pass by at these hours, please stop and worship with us. LOVEONEANOTHER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE no Westfield Ave. East, New York Rev. Dennis Alan Miller. Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 601 E. Second St. Oil City, Pa. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Students: Sue Andre Hersey Linda Whitling 764 Hathaway Road New Bedford, Mass. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev. C. Leonard Newbert, Pastor Rev. Jesse Fisher, Associate Mr. Donald Arey, Jr., Youth Minister N. Marshall St. Burrowes Ave. Lancaster, Pa. Rev. Chester M. Williams, Pastor OUR STUDENTS: Yvonne Hawk Carlton Williams ENC STUDENTS: Flo Barksdale Betty DeCastro Kathy Gagne Janie Newbert John Souza ■ Congratulations Class of 1976 ' Where a warm welcome awaits you. " 291 MANCHESTER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 236 Main Street, Manchester, Conn. Neale McLain, Pastor Donald Kauffman, Associate STUDENTS: Barbara Carlton Debbie Collins Douglas Fish Randall Fish Betty Gardner Brian Kilpatrick Debbie Romeo Leon Thibodeau Rev. McLain STUDENTS: First Row: Debora Cox Rosalyn Reynolds Second Row: Regina Roar William Gray Pastor: Rev. Loren W. Gould FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 357 Paper Mill Road Newark, Delaware 292 MEL WOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 6906 Woodyard Road Melwood, Maryland Lee McCleery, Pastor We are backing Eastern Nazarene College with our prayers, finances, and students Students Dave Freese Robin LaVigne Graduating Seniors Faith Woodend Bart " Sonny " Hersey NEW BRIGHTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Penn Ave. at Fifth St., New Brighton, Pa. Rev. Kenneth L. Akins, Pastor Student — Marcia Herstine Congratulations Class of 1976 PAINESVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 6235 Chestnut St., Painesville, Ohio Dale E. Hilkert, Pastor NEW CUMBERLAND Rev. Ouentin Caswell, Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 294 FIK6C CfoUKCfo of the DRZRRene 408 Knickerbocker Avenue Paterson, New Jersey Pastor L.E. Tucker Student Ken Kindler 295 SALISBURY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PITTSBURG — LINCOLN PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev. Chesley Perkins, Pastor STUDENTS: Dawn Heckman — Senior Jeanine Heckman — Freshman Susan Marlatt — Junior June Pitchford — Sophomore Congratulations Graduating ClasS ' of 1976 800 Johnson Street, Salisbury, Md. Rev. A. Ralph Montemuro, Pastor Rev. Ellis Horton, Visitation Outreach Rev. Gerry Wood, Youth Music STUDENTS Christy Cale Debbie Hastings Greg Niblett Brian Widdowson STUDENTS: Karla (Barror) Kent Mike Shene Tim Grosse Rev. Elmer Wilson Senior Pastor PLATTSBURGH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 187 Broad Street Plattsburgh, New York SERVICES: Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Praise Mid-Week Fran Patnode Associate Pastor Calbarp Cfjurcl) of tJje Centre Avenue and Fourth Street Rev. Clair H. Fisher Pastor Thomas Sands ' 76 Graduate 5 " Strengthening America in her Bicentennial Year 1776-1976 by renewing our Faith in God. " s SCHUYLKILL HAVEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 220 West Main St. Pastor; Rev. Rose Hoffman ENC Student: Pat Hoffman Congratulations i Graduates ' of 1976 SUNSET ROAD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Burlington, New Jersey Rev. James F. Mahan, Minister OUR STUDENTS Dan West Patty West WILMINGTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Wilmington, N.Y. Pastor: Rev. Leonard Suhr ENC Student: Donald Warren " Get Wisdom Get Understanding " Proverbs 4:7 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2929 Midland Avenue Syracuse, New York Rev. Newell D. Smith, Pastor Federal City Road Trenton, New Jersey Pastor: Rev. Ronald M. Adams Students: Cynthia A. Severs Thomas S. Martin Congratulations 1976 Senior Class ' We believe in ENC " W. astor ice Giles, ksst. Pastor Our Students: George Arnold Barbara Chase Mary Helen Dunlop Jeff Hunter Linda Perkins Steve Perkins Glen Wills I 4401 Sixteenth Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. Rev. Samuel N. Smith, Pastor Congratulations upon your graduation, and sincere best wishes for a meaningful, satisfying, and happy future. TWIN-BOROUGH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fift h Ave. and Washington St., Royersford, Pa. " Located near historical Valley Forge. " SOUTH HILLS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dallas D. Mucci, Pastor Thomas E. Rockrohr, Assistant 5601 Library Road Bethel Park, Pa. Rev. Mucci STUDENTS AT ENC: Ken Bailey Debbie Criss Jim Flinner Jeff Lilja Paula Metcalfe Judy Mucci Cindy Riedel John Roler Lorelei Schmitt George Stinson 301 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE E.N.C. Students: Kris Ball David Wilfong Congratulations to our Graduates: David Ball Francine Gabel Rick Myrick Jay Peters " Greetings from Northern New York ' s famous Thousand Island Summer resorts. Congratulations to our graduates. Be sure to visit the Watertown Church when you visit the Thousand Islands. " 9i?olla5ton Church, of the ' Dlaiatcnc 37 East Elm Avenue — Wollaston, Massachusetts «-.v,l,. , Pastor E. Verba! Williams FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 805 S. Pine St. York, Pa. Springettsbury Day Care «fe Nursery School for Children 3 — 5 years " The intelligent man is always open to new ideas, In fact he looks for them. " (Proverbs 18:15) Congratulations Class of 1976 Our Students John Brown Jim Carter Sue Collier Tim Kahler Regina Wamei The NAUTILUS Staff wishes to thank a very special per- son for her contribution to the production of the 1976 yearbook. Her timely support has brought to completion many of our endeavors. 304

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