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NAUTILUS 1968 Volume 46 The Annual Student Publication of Eastern Nazarene College Wollaston, Massachusetts Richard H. Ward, Editor-in-Chief Leroy W. Harding, Business Manager we 'rua-ff. ,Q-ft-Q3 -40 ,421 i'CM.':7' ,' X ' , ",f""w 3' vc vfrg sf' arf - vivo V' V. -'iw in h K Q ,. eh- A . , - - -f-- x , '-xr V-4,1 r W so '3' . :Q4g2f3'Zi" ' ff xg Q l eeee f ew fl Q. li - I ' H - -' ei gm 5 V, slr! gi lf Ag if I Il vu ,dx 1 A g,,,-AJP, ,gn 1 - sg ' J we A if I Q: K Aw ' li . irc- 4 ' ikzlrj,-g,' t , ' 9, " Q-,, 1 t ii! .JZ xgwg, , I : ,H V fx My 'A LMA . ,V V ,. .N 'mlkk-Arn A if -Q' if - L ., 44 ' ' 2: V' , ' . DEDICATION In recognition of: His awareness and concern for the welfare of the students of Eastern Nazarene College. His dedication to the academic welfare of the college as shown by his fifteen years of service as professor of Philosophy, Assistant Dean of the College and as Dean of the College. His consistent Christian life as exemplified by his concern and service. His service as advisor to the Nautilus. We the staff of the 1968 Nautilus dedicate the annual to DR. ALVIN H. KAUFFIVIAN -v. Q .1 ..- 1fS. il v i Sie AWARENESS AND CONCERN in the Past AWARENESS AND CONCERN in the Present AWARENESS AND CONCERN for the Future 1 Q 1.5A1 . 5 H Lp .0"'l:"7.'m 1 1 X K Q XX ii aiu 2 5 21' 1 'QEW EA E Q wh l H It, ,Ei . l V 1 I i' v - 5 T 1 PRESENTATION OF THE THEME As each of us entered this world we began a search which would last a lifetime. This search has been the basis of nearly everything that we have done and said. lt was in this search that we spoke our first word, asked out first question, burned our fingers, or got our first electrical shock. This search, of course, is our quest for knowledge, an awareness of ourselves, the world that we live in, and its problems. This awareness has been developed in a number of ways. We have become aware by our own experiences, as well as by the experiences of others. As a col- lege community each of us has sought to further his awareness through formal education. In our studies of the humanities and the social sciences we have be- come conscious of human needs. In our study of the sciences, we have found meaning in the physical world. Therefore our entire formal education has been an ever-widening awareness. However, to be simply aware of the world and its problems is not enough. We have realized our need to be concerned and then to be involved in an effort to find solutions to these problems. Each of us, as aware human beings, has been given opportunity to display concern: concern that will lead to lives of action. It has been found that in concern the true purpose of Christianity shows itself. That is: a selfless love for others which motivates us to action. ln this the fiftieth year of Eastern Nazarene College, the staff of the 1968 Nautilus has taken for its theme the words AWARENESS AND CONCERN. Cer- tainly this has been and continues to be the purpose for the existence of this col- lege. E.N.C. in the spirit of Christianity exists to help students to become aware of the world in which he will live and work. Along with awareness the college and its faculty have tried to show the need for an active concern for the welfare of those people which the student will encounter in his lifetime. Without awareness this concern is inactive, and without the Christian love which motivates it, con- cern cannot exist. 6 PRESENTATION OF THE SYMBOL This year the 1968 Nautilus has chosen the radio telescope as the symbol of our growing awareness of the unknown which lies beyond. The reason for our choice of this particular instrument is first, that it represents a product of our science and technology which has become a basis of our culture and second, that it illus- trates our search for knowledge and understanding in all fields. The radio telescope emits radio waves which like visible light waves may be ab- sorbed andfor reflected. The radio telescope, however, is mainly a receiver such that signals from outer space are focused at the focal point, recorded, and com- pared to a calibrated standard. Many telescopes of this nature have been placed in strategic locations on earth so that a complete map of the sky can be obtained. We, as students, might be said to be miniature telescopes. Each day thoughts are radiated to us by "stars" four professor, experiencej. Some signals are re- corded in our minds and calibrated against our own standard of values and mean- ingful ideas, others of low intensity are lost. As telescopes we may only be able to scan a small region of space at a time, yet, information Cacademic, spiritual, and socialh is added daily to our lives. Like the telescope we also emit thoughts and ideas. Some are reflected andfor absorbed by others, some are reflected back to us again, others are lost. For a while we will be confined to a small area of influence but soon we will face the entire sky. We are taught to specialize yet we must not overlook the total per- spective gained from various positions which a liberal education provides. In collecting our data we must be certain that the clouds of prejudice, which may distort the signal, do not appear in our sky. Let us discern carefully the fre- quency of our activity so that Truth may be amplified and not hidden in the noise. For it is only when we focus on Truth that we become fully aware of our mean- ingfulness. But after all we are more than telescopes, we can change our world but only through concern. A flame, a symbol of glowing concern, is placed in the center of the telescope. Like the telescope it also emits light but this light is seen and relevant to each and everyone of us. The flame might also symbolize the Holy Spirit which is reflected in our lives and by our example and witness. lt is through the flame of the Holy Spirit burning in our lives that endows us with the awareness and concern to meet the challenges of the world. 7 lt was fifty years ago this year that Pentecostal Collegiate Institute was rechartered Eastern Nazarene College and moved to Wollaston, Massachusetts. This event began a period of growth that is still going on. lVlany changes have taken place over this period of time in the campus as well as in the academic structure of the college. ln this section of the yearbook we would like to show some of the changes and honor the people that were responsible tor this growth. First we have dedicated a section to the Mansion which has stood at the center of the campus throughout this fifty years. Dr. James Cameron and Dr. Alvin Kauffman have helped to prepare the section on the history of Eastern Nazarene College. '93-, .5 4 fx! "AN 1 4 - 1 51 1 I ' - Y. : 1 'Q .B K gif 3-U .1 dy S' 'Qi' Lb 11 ' 5 . ,iii ,. Af- ' , 4' wx., I 1 QQ, f'Bt5lff.1-fd.: ' if Nl q, .Q-I ,J PIQ QD I' '. Wag"-i-4-l-., h '.'T,-5 :J --lg, 'Sha gi YN-'xx 'gE.,v,f ,'j'z-.,!,g,:f 176-f .L-.' ,Q '- 2 Q aw- , 1' -1 , f'- .P 4 S '-'8Q,,v,1,f ' AE- ' H Q 145 .Q-4, Y' X 3 fl ', -Q46 A 4+ it X ' ' ., . Xrjfhztilz pf' "-' ' " - a. ' ' THE MANSION !!'Rf'- - f " "'4': 1--,, .. f- -- , -Q54-1-.8 3' f"-J 5 : 'xl n .11 3 --v , A E ' h 1 F pw-In '4'-Hd 'f-' - f f.. ' - ji A .'1"f'.u" .' ,fur ' Y" 'Qc 'I 1' .7 9 Q :qs- C vvvn is a Rf' W 1 If L3 , uf- 'E ' , .- 113, ! ' K I' " 1 1 +7Nk'f" s ' I I iff! ff' V' 5 M 1 Iblx E f A- f T' -l " V ' ' , 3, "l,. ' X ' ' n.um1-11"-"mt "rf, vi ' 4 ffff. tytdlft fy , ,,,x - -4 'K nunnmi "vo, ' Q . rw. . A - A 'Y " A ln? . Q J? Fl E - ' ' Y, ... -.v.4- - -' - -'wg-Q-'-'1'-'PE"',1.-.-N .4 ,A -N. ., V, Y 4 10 'iv- -,. R. -411' 7 I K f . M", f .' 4 . n ."' fi ! f .' I -'?ff,f ' , ' 5 .5 ' , . 47 ' A ,. -4 mf- ,I If 'W Q N. fwgam , iii! 11 am, dum.-a-Manx was lv ,Q-.q,,. ar 4, V 4 D li 1 V- ...fp .....'.-,aa-Q.. ,,,, it .f , iss-in-au. 4 M " 1 fx' .' 4 df" , ' , ' .A wk N1 -Gif? bye ' 8 A-,s nys t gg.. mmf i?!"1E,f.4V5: V: 'ya yg Q ' X Q M ,fc ,QA . K x X in f: .. f- ' 'K . ,X ' Q .51 X ' A W ,W , , in 5 . L' , . - 'I x 1 x X 5 , ue.. 1 . .. 1 'Y A .Q , . lr. 9' 4 ' X ' Kwff iw 4 '-"' X 'fi N -4- ' I ' , ' 1 . ' x , H Ljwife' if A ,ff . Ehefx, A.: , 'Q 'ff Q' g 5' ' I ,2 ' -- , .H gy f , V, 1 ' . QA. f Q,-. T :QA-' ,ay- .' .1 f 'S' Y' f 'A av'g'- . QV- x'f"'-W Q X' 9 A- 'Aft' if X 314- .igvi I, .N be g 5 .- 3411- v - . ,..v Y .V .. 4 , 4, . V .. 4,-1 44 , I 2 .,...,'4. Wg,-2.l53 ,, iff ,ww--, 45 ...V 2, 'Y -1 4' iff? if' f x X , - . .31 f f- . . A'--v -f eff- ,.,. V sph ' ' , 1 cf? "ff T A f s 1 , E ,' 0 K F ' , "- .5 s V x, 'ws'-, 4 1 - . T A Q , V 'JC 4 x 1 ' , lvknrg ,Q A i f FAQ 14.f.:.2i , x-4 , xl. , a , J I' fl 1- f" I 'c:..l 3 1 A Qi, , s lid I 8 P 0 9 " K' 1 "0 4 ' N' as o Xp 'ids QQ-15" .4-C. Q 'I I -L '..-al, c -v vy.-b """'i 4 5, 5 K x 'Q xN 4 Q 21.-I R' Q? -is Q tx. I , 'Qfffa A 4 ' ' df! - -K - . H f K - A' ' J 0 . .gf gy, " if Q o ,, If ' 14" af 'Q I - ' . . .' fl ? if :J-2 fir. I . ,fy -1:74 I ' 4 4 ' I' :Agp J' '-'A 1' Y N 3 . ff O e 'q 4 -f. Y ,Y , .4 I f' ' - 2' -' 1 f do 'N 1" ' I cf' . ,I is 1 KO r A J s ,J U 1 s La x Q I EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE THE LAST FIFTY YEARS James R. Cameron n 1918 the Nazarene school in the East was re- chartered as Eastern Nazarene College and the fol- lowing year was moved to Wollastoii, Massachusetts. The administrations of Presidents Fred Shields and Floyd W. Nease span the decade of the l920's. Alumni of Pasadena College, with graduate training in the Wfest, these men molded a college from what had been an academy and Bible school. Before accepting the presidency of this eastern col- lege, Shields who was at the time acting president of Northwest Nazarene College. insisted on recruiting a faculty of college caliber and relocating the cam- pus. His first appointments were Miss Bertha Munro and Floyd Wf Nease. They were later joined by R. Way'ne Gardner, Hugh C. Benner, and Ernest E. Angell. Shields set forth three reasons for moving the school: Qlj to secure a more collegiate environ- ment, f2j to provide better facilities for graduate study for faculty members. and Q35 to secure work opportunities for students. During the first two years that the college was in Wollastoii the students operated the dining room. In November, 1920 they took over the publication of the school paper and called it the Advance. Campus cleanup was a volunteer project of the students. The first annual, the Nautilus, was published in 1922. Most of the students were active in the evangelistic association and many more were passively involved in the missionary society. For several years enroll- ment in the academy exceeded that of the college but the focus of the institution was clearly on the upper division. The first college class was graduated in 1923: Madeline Nostrand Nease, Alice Spangen- berg, Beatrice Maclienney. and Howard Herrschaft. Having achieved his initial objectives for the college, President Shields left with the first graduates. Floyd W. Nease brought to the office of president a charisma which attracted both students and fac- ulty. Though lacking the authority to grant degrees, the college grew both numerically and qualitatively. After Business Manager C. Henson secured pledges to underwrite the campus debt of fifty thou- sand dollars. Nease launched a campaign for new buildings. The student-get-student program resulted in enrollment increases of twenty-hve per cent a year and these were in the college rather than the academy. 14 Rev. Fred J. Shields president 1919-1923 Approach to the new campus in Quincy, Massachusetts View of Mansion "Parlors" 1, ., Dr. Floyd W. Nease. Dean Bertha Munro president 1923-1930 bottom: Chapel in Canterbury. top: Dining hall in what was later known as the Cardboard Palace" 59 - - - - - .L. AL. - - .L. .l. .LA .,. .J .,. .,a A,. A,. .,. .,. A,. A,,- -e- 49. 4, A,. A.,- A... A,,. A,. A,. AJ 'I 3 l f a 1 a Gymnorium 1 5 , 5.5. - -1. Munro Hall erected 1926 as a women's dormitory. In l926 a new women's dormitory and a campus heating plant were erected. Earth from the excavations for these buildings was used to Fill and grade an athletic held whichf had been purchased by the alumni association. Catching the enthusiasm of their president, the students undertook to raise money for a combination gymnasium and auditorium-the gymnorium. This building was completed in l928. The ath- letic and social programs were completely transformed by the students in the late twenties. President Nease and Dean Munro led the academic thrust of the college by en- gaging in doctoral studies while carrying on their duties. It was apparent that a new library and science laboratories were needed to gain collegiate recognition. The For- ward Movement was launched for a new classroom and administrative building in l929. The 19305 E ,gs 'V v xcv he decade of the thirties began in dramatic fashion-stress. hope. achievement, and tragedy. To be or not to be-a college-that was the question. President Nease challenged everyone connected with the school to make E.N.C. a college in fact as well as in name. The faculty and student body were de- veloping satisfactorily. The big issues were facilities and finances both of which were criticized by the state department of education in refusing to recom- mend degree-granting authority. The trustees agreed to the construction of a new administration building and President Nease promised to raise the money for the project. The erection of this building per- suaded the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to grant Eastern Nazarene College the authority to award the Bachelor of Arts degree in l930. A month after the dedication of the new build- ing. President Nease died in Pittsburgh. The depression had struck. the leader had fallen, and the college was engulfed in debt. R. Wayiie Gardner accepted the thankless task of trying to keep the ship afloat. Students worked on campus for lack of other jobs but this did not bring money to the college. Faculty received food allotments instead of salary checks and many had to earn money for rent at secondary jobs. Deprivation produced faith and friendship. There was much prayer and little com- plaint. 16 A - .Cian:Ct-.Ac.,c.g4,..:,.,c...gs:,.c..-..,,,...,A.A,-J.A.Mw-'va-. -V---a svffwfs'v-.fV-.fwfrsCv-.Av'?4v?wqvfvv-Qi:i-vfvfvf-v-vhvfvfY-.effv-v-v1-vfvnv-vf-ve:-v ve A Dr. Gideon B. Williamson, president 1936-1944 In the Gymnorium. YQ PEYENQ The first Dugout mt qgAMPugm,mpAmtnA mliifgej Headlines from the CAMPUS CAMERA Meals were often the results of miracles. Quartets began to tour regularly for the college. Under the circumstances President Gardner achieved notable success in gaining certification of graduates as teach- ers in many states. Financial crises in 1932. 1934. and 1936 threatened to close the college but each time it was spared. Enrollment had doubled, the annual budget was nearly in balance, and the grip of the depression was relaxing when Gideon B. lvllll2llllSOll succeeded Gardner as president. The new president droye him- self and others in launching an assault on the debt. The results of his Hrst year in oflice inspired courage and confidence in his financial leadership. Rum- blings in Europe and the approach of war primed the economy and pumped money into the college which would ultimately enable it, for the only time in its existence, to be totally debt-free. The Campus Camera appeared in 1936 and the following year the Dugout opened for the First time. An employment bureau had been established on campus to find work for students in the community. Practice teaching was instituted on a modest scale but the rush into education did not come until after the war. 1938 was the year of the hurricane. Forty large trees were downed and twelye thousand dol- lars' damage was done to the campus. Mr. Babcock demonstrated his ability to augment nature in the beautification of the campus. Mrs. Esther XVilliam- son directed the A Capella Choir but its impact was still largely on the college community. Library is used by students and faculty. Chapel in Canterbury ,c,t,vc...,...g..i. - ,.i.,.c.,.,c.i...a,-c - c - - - - M - Ac...i.,. The I 9-40's is . . . . . . . . . . . . - Dr. james H. Shrader Science laboratories cademic respectability, new degrees, and free- dom from debt were the goals of the early war years. Professor H. Shrader brought new industry, acu- men, and academic ambitions to the college. E.N.C. should prepare graduates for Christian service, ca- reers in education, and positions in industry and the professions. To meet this expanded challenge, new curricula, new facilities, and new degrees were needed. In 1940 authority was granted to award the B. S. and Th. B. degrees. The chemistry and the- ology departments witnessed significant strengthen- ing and growth during the following years. Thou- sands of dollars were poured into the library and laboratories. At the end of 1943 the college was voted into membership in the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and in early 1944 into the Association of American Colleges. In this year the mortgage which had hung about the neck of E.N.C. like a millstone for so many years was publicly burned as a symbol of the emancipation from debt. The establishment of the Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1945 had many repercussions on E.N.C., the most startling of which was the resigna- tion of President Williarnson. Samuel Young, pastor of the college church and head of the theology de- partment, was named to succeed President William- son. Drs. Ralph Earle and Albert F. Harper were lost to the college while Dr. Glenn Gould was gained in the ensuing interchange. A total of four- teen new faculty members were added in the fall of 1945. Many of these were promising young scholars who were engaged in graduate work. As they earned their doctorates, the faculty gained in strength. During the war, enrollment remained relatively steady although there was a great increase in the ratio of women to men. Times were prosperous but there were privations. Twenty-five members of the record-sized class of 1944 became ministers and three more missionaries. Twelve members of this class be- came teachers. The return of the veterans after the war resulted in a burgeoning enrollment and a de- crease in the percentage of working students. Profes- sor Spangenberg had corresponded with hundreds of servicemen from the college during their period of military service and this was undoubtedly a major factor in their return to E.N.C. Climax of fourteen years of sacrifice-the burning of the mortgage. J V... ...tm YV, V.. I AU-9: Gov. Saltonstall signs bill 1 'SSS authorizing new degrees. j , . ... X..-...'..,..i 1 College receives full ac- ' creditation. IHJ v.iL,1JJ.f1.l' --fi ww .. ...'...., , xufwmy., '9-H 4,-... mn. --. ..... X- 15:1 " 35 X. Dr. Samuel Young, president 1944-1948 Dr. J. Glenn Gould President Young was faced with inflated student enrollment and the pOSt-WEII' monetary inflation. In 1945 a wing was added to Munro Hall. In addition to new housing facilities for women, a new parlor, and a greatly enlarged dining room were made pos- sible. Two years later one hundred and sixty stu- dents were renting rooms off campus. Plans were made and funds gathered for a men's dormitory to honor the servicemen. Memorial Hall, opened in 1948, housed more than a hundred men. Vfhen war- time price controls were lifted, inflation set in forc- ing the college to raise the rate for board in the mid- dle of a term. Tuition climbed from sixty to one hundred dollars per semester. Dr. Young instituted a meaningful program of scholarships to help offset the increased costs of a college education. After the war the A Capella Choir began to make tours over the educational zone. As many as four quartets traveled for the college during the summer. Dr. Shrader edited The C11 ristian. Scholar which was sent regularly to patrons of the college. The Gould lectures on holiness were inaugurated in 1945. VVith the return of the veterans the strict parietal restric- tions were gradually eased. The expanded intra- mural athletic program resulted in a reorganization of the society system. The number of organizations increased from two to three and then to four. lVith about five hundred students, E.N.C. was still a small school where it was possible to know practically everybody. Men's residence, Memorial Hall, built. A new wing is Munro Hall Q as X x.. 1 EHl1Ihl'HX SIIHIILAH Alice Spangenberg Student enrollment soars following XVXV I1 as G.I.'s return to a remolded chapel and church in the Gymnorium. 1-S C 4 -ifLc-.-MaK-gf.-ifv--V--v- '-u- 1 J-A1--V-J -- -----J h I9 5 0' T e s firrum mr 'A'f" 'Wan' 'A"' W ""' 'n'A'A'A' T "'T's'T's"Q5 he decade of the fifties begins with the elec- tion of Edward S. Mann to the ofhce of college presi- dent after Dr. Young became a general superin- tendent in the Church of the Nazarene. After wor- shiping in the gymnorium since the end of the war, the college church moved into a new basement sanc- tuary on the corner of the campus in l950. Samuel Young, when college pastor, had begun the fund for the erection of this building. The Nease Library was erected in l953 and the Shrader Science Building in l959. A new chapel, library, and science building sym- bolize the balanced growth of the college. Veterans had been ambitious and the G. I. Bill had provided opportunity for graduate education. Increasing numbers of students were aiming for doc- toral programs after college. Some of these men went into college teaching. others into medicine and scien- tific research. The vision of E.N.C. students was lifted and the faculty was setting the pace. Competi- tion made higher education necessary and prosperity made it possible. In 1956 a professional program in music leading to the B. Mus. was added to the curriculum. The academy was closed out and a School of Practical Arts and Letters leading to a certificate instead of a degree took its place. Dr. Edward S. Mann, president 1948- The college church . , rf .cg I 14 Periodical room in the new library 20 Nease Library erected in 1953. This enabled the college to offer an educational program to Nazarene young people who could not qualify for college work. In 1958 the college was re- accredited by the regional association. The pace of student activity increased and the college began to look out rather than to turn in upon itself. In 1950 Handel's Alessialz was performed on two evenings to enable friends from the community to hear the performance. Intercollegiate debate was begun in 1952 and six years later a team qualified to participate in the YVest Point Tournament to select a national championship team. ln 1955 basketball expanded to intercollegiate competition with a full slate of games. In 1959 the college won the Kings College Invitational Basketball Tournament. President Mann was elected to the Quincy School Committee in 1957. l-le was active in civic functions and led the faculty and administration into profes- sional and community activities. In 1950 the Messiah was performed with the purpose of reaching the com- A popular spot in the 50's munity. was the "Dugout". . v 1 'L-L. . 1 6 1 Research Labs in Shrader Hall. Professor Calvin Maybury secured several govern- ment research contracts and was issued two patents for his discoveries. Professor Timothy Smith won the Brewer Prize from the American Society of Church History for his book. ffF1'fZ'flf?-.SHI and Social Reform. Provincialism gave way to professionalism as a new cosmopolitan concern came to permeate the campus. Robert Harding. with both military and institu- tion training and experience as a chef. joined the staff in 1952. Three years later Paul 1Vells with two degrees in business administration and experience with a large corporation became business manager and began to operate the college according to stan- dard business procedures. The following year Bliss Dorothy King, with degrees in four disciplines. in- cluding library science. became the college librarian. ln 1958 Dr. R. lVayne Cardner brought his experi- ence at two other institutions to the new ofhce of dean of students. An oflicial office of guidance and counseling was established. ln this decade the foun- dation was laid for further institutional growth and development. ' 9 ""!"'R Y v, 1. H-' P S ' l s ,i lil . 2, KA-vi-11, v il 5 if 's "" H l as 5 or X s , lxi 1 5 - - r v-rr' , I!! 2 ,, I xv MA N X lfrg s ffl s Q91 Shrader Hall 21 vi I yn px? 1TglUZ7jLag.e43.s:g41.u.,::.,::.l e::-LJ:a:-eJJ- -V-L-J-1-v-iv -V--V-V' if rs s K Si as . f I lla 1960 s T es G lg? is -ffvfff-MV ff'A'f'i"f?f"f" 'ff"Ne"W"""""""n""'l' "'T"'T""q l he patterns of growth and development begun in the fifties were accelerated in the sixties, as the college enjoyed the longest administration in its history. The most important single factor has been the impact of the federal programs upon higher edu- cation. Four buildings were erected with the aid of government loans at a cost of about two and one-half million dollars. Another gift made possible the con- struction of a new athletic field. Alumni who came back to the campus after an absence of a decade could hardly find their way around the campus so great were the physical changes. Even more important were the non-visible changes which resulted from government largess. National Defense Loans have revolutionized both campus and student life. At least one-half of the students former- ly worked for much of their college expenses. Stu- dents had been given preference in every type of campus employment for which they could qualify from heating engineer to kitchen scullion. YVith the advent of the loan program and the more recent pro- gram of outright grants. it became almost impossible to secure students to perform any tasks. The campus community has had to hire fulltime staff for most maintenance, custodial, and secretarial services for- merly performed by students. The cost of higher education has climbed steadily during the current decade. Many Nazarene students who in other years might have attended their church college are now commuting to state supported insti- tutions. Conversely students who in other times would not have known about ENC. are now com- muting students. Because the government offers par- tial cancellation of loans to those who go into public education. a relatively large number of graduates are teaching for at least a few years. Even many whose ultimate goal is the Christian ministry are preparing to teach. YS. Z 2 Alumni afield Alumni field constructed through gifts of former students 1' li A I ff' The newest dormitory Hlilliamson Hall 'Ss la sq Spangenberg Hall If xv The parlor of Spangenberg Hall Shields Hall, dormitory for men. - .ff :T "i- -, .. . . 1 V .wk 4425'- - 'M-.J 3 fi? 1 I 5'4 f"" '-n ' '-ITIS fm' "' ' L51 tft TFA . 'u Members of the faculty listen to Commencement address. The Crusader Club built to replace the Dugout. ln 1962 a commission was established to examine the curriculum. Major revisions were recommended and accepted by the faculty. Required general edu- cation courses were spread out over all four years rather than being concentrated in the first two. The new program gave greater emphasis to religion and philosophy and to the liberal arts. ln l965 a one- month winter term was introduced to provide for both variety and intensity of concentration. The net effect of curricula changes has been the virtual elim- ination of elective courses and the intensihcation of academic rigor. As the faculty has grown in size and academic stature there has been an increase in mobility. E.N.C. faculty have received research appointments and visiting professorships in other institutions and scholars from other colleges and universities have joined the faculty. This same mobility is reflected on the student level as some students spend a term or year in residence on other campuses and the inci- dence of transfer students has increased. The Peace Corps. VISTA, the Nazarene Ambas- sadors and comparable programs have claimed the services of students and alumni. Social work has be- come an attractive academic major. Many students serve in social welfare agencies and community service organizations. A Kiwanis Circle K Club has been established on campus. Christian commitment has taken on new dimensions but it has not replaced traditional forms. Many of the best students are still training for the Christian ministry as well as volun- teering for overseas service as missionaries. S " I t w ' l ' ' - ., " - -V - 4. -Z., X5- 1. gg ' 5775. ' ' A .' y N hw? ll ' ' 'CZ' ' tivl ' ui:-1 T""-'sf "'- " ll if-.91-' 'S .'..-'una -. 'I' - ' ' ..-.rs '- -9. A . .' gtk u , fs.. ,. ..,-gg, ' gn- lu, . . A 1 . Q . aa.. Q. " 'e .- 'rfhg sa-13 - S' y 7-- ut' .-!.',' -V ,,, . L wsC..f.-I - X . . -- g .qv . an fr 1 6 y I ' I 1"fi'.'-rl' ' '- -if ti il: Zi? Qtr, ,gn,s.,-fu - J . -Lv , -gag '.4..,-.-1 . 1 - i ,, - Q ' , - - ' W . s x - '. -tl., -- i v 454 .v 1- un ib. 'K i 'QS 2 ' ' ' . ' ff- lE"'i.-. .-91. ' 2 1 -s xr- . .ll,,w-4,'f- -.. ,pf 69" 34 Q' - 3'-'-ftvk' ,gifflff - ' a --,':A5:. K , v thu v fi' -41.-Q JF Q ' ,. ' Ti.-' if 'TT " 5 Y 1-47' ivy -. -. - ' -Q: 3, ,. Ap' -6' '-Ay , V , F .Y -" s - if 1. 5 -' s ..-ef. --4--'r . Q. 11? -'J 'l ' .-. 'lf ' , . as w- ef --i - ' - V C '-.. T . 1' 4 xg' Q ',"'j': 'L' - " iff, . A- ea- fi' 13- v IE- The Mann Student Center. HE lm 'fkjfi P!u,,,,- The student is the center of the college. It is for the student that the college exists, and what the student does is the college. The students life is a varied chain of activity. lt is sports, social life, religious life, and most important of all it is his academic life. ln this section of the book we would like to show you a year's activities. This is some of what the students at Eastern Nazarene College did during the academic year. lst Line 2 1- 1 v 5 . .LT ,NL-.Q -5.45, 13: , , , ,,'.Y. I . .l, I. .--. A J w u 1 61.4. 5 0 'wa 1 .. . . :I-ff' . ff :Z if ' . 9-'A f-04:4 ' -.7'g ,.f., i 5:4 'n-, 11, I nc' H , - 1.1 Q H Hzlgfi ' .. 1 A 3 , l , , V 1,'!a1C""'-'Vw ,"' M, '. J in r' :H f fd! : f ' " A 1 V0 , -V .lr " '41 V VQg x U Q .K f , Q AJSW' 5 Nl ,p A' . l 5: 4 1 N! QU' 'Lx A - ,' , ,,,,- A-:Y - ga? ,V -X ,--1 I I . 2 f ' ..,k ' x A. ,.... ga... v , . , ,,.l' ,I- "' 'v .-.,.1i-7.LJJ Q -47-. ..,4. . .., ' W... JI. 6-- 'r 25 f 1 ,n . ,- ,' .-ffi 15 5, x ur-.1 , .va . tp, tix. H Ml? ' ide!!- l R NE? ff -:EL 'Q l T-i113 .ag 455234 . si , 4 fl!! V' . .,1 Y -mb ,I 4.133 Williamson Hall u 1 I 'T 30 CF? Q S " .s 1 1 L s 2 Wi' 4 if? I 1 1: 1 A it 1. .- L' Mann Student Center J 7 'Q an I 'l 1 N Six NNN XXX Sw: .X xg X, X Xxx rl -'W ,-. Xxx Siis XSS , xg X 'W nl., Y S Q w xg.-1 x,, E""" aw! 33 4' -1 ,qi 'ffm- 11 S NI ! Q-, College Church rfki h 5 Hi' Q.:f'fQk1" -0' -,, I ,za , N, '--v .- P---p - ' -. ' '-'4 '-f"N:.a1f43:+'1r"f f. H Q h . .- :vw .- I - f , . ' -- ,-pf ' -MHA sr-'-Qf,-Wim:-r ul--:.. .'-ff -. . 'ff' .f.-. -a-H w-zufxvv Y -.... 1- . "" F1-f55"2'2Ql"+!1".:J'1 'QQ' +.-"r -'fa """' -'W w"'F5wQ9"L'W?'zf-P" - ' 'S'f?"- ' 'Y':',', 52" -.'x fff' I Q ' " 'A I ' -A--u"f' "av-f' 1.7, N4 - . ' r, -.',11.-fL1-j,Q'x1'm-Ffh'-JP- v.. , .. .-Q, ,. 'A'-' 3'?w',a.-:.'.- 11 .M 1 I '-13.231, -. ,yr -- ' 3 - -'W .,,,Fm,x.' . . 5.ev4.1' ff -. ,,, -" x ' - . X 1 ' I A. nv. . - "'l:"u" --f- ' V ' 5'-" -'. ' - . '." , - f' . 57k-,M K' 15-5-fx.. :fu A..-...xi "s4-'- "' 1 x. K ,-5 41-J" . Qxxf'1'J - .1 , , ' X , .v 1 X. "N",'i',.-4,'- . . , Y .-' ' . 4,-.31 V ,f '. V . P , . - .5,.v,'.-f- . f"- T-4,-5 "lsr:-f'y. Q., , yu ,,',.. ' 'M ' '.,' 1 'jim-J' ' .. v. ' f it . f- -'- ..A 'ff'--+244 - A .1-M ,- .-f . f K 1 'HH --rx' .' . 't' ' I ,. - ' ' . - 1 , - .. f. V fA f- - 1:-.,1"f,. - -Y P ' ' ' A ' " f. v 'kf '-!'9":'.' -fn." NX: f 1 '51, f """""" " ,,.a-' ' 'P , ' I, . -X 'I .I -. " yy '-: .",,' --Y. fs " ' ' " -' ' " .i I, ,ha it .fgy ,-vig .l , - ' , , ng, I , ., .I ui 'iv -A .,-1 R. f.kdy,.,. . -- - I ,L w ' 5- -w . ,' . K ' s, 1 o , V., - ,,..l,,, a ix 1, 4 . 1, , ..u.,vQ -g-'-V . ' -lf, f .- rf s f. N, -x4 " lv ' , ' Q . ,- ' .. Yip- YK jrgm , "-' 'Q , J ' N " . vw- ". , ' A " .5-3 ', Y - ' -av, , --...r-A . ., . -N 'Q. '- 1' gftz 1" . ' . '- v . .. TW' . ,,f' -N5 . J .V '.. : - .L , Wg-. Q. .-- V-3.4 X rm ' '54 xi .1 il. Y I , ,v X vfgff, Bl- L - K I W'-x ,. A A ' ' ' " fx- :. J . ' jx,-f .' . . - 5' , . s ly' 'fy' ' ' 7 5 . , 'F gi - ' "w- S, ,N 1". . H ' - , 'r- - ,, ' ','-. '-'W K' " D I I . A ,W I . 'ff' A ' " ' 1 f - . ' ' m -in-n -- -. --Q., -21'-. f A 1 4 3. A, . . v .--- 'ff' '. -fse, - ,. -, . .. A l .1 ' V0 k ' .1 w :lyk 'I '. , . - -Q 'v .. ""'9 'RUG f. 'P fr 1 1" f fi-'P " 1 'L' K . f V " ' l Q"N H , .wh ffl . Q, f' ,'hlx?'l"-'U' , I 1 f lg 1 u, Q T A - TI' I " : ' A 'X'-' A ' 1 :-- l . . .4 -2 ' ' . --v .'-lqk., 5- -ff'-,1,,Ff ggtni ' '.,4, 313. ,' , - - - A ,, .41 :. P -J -.s J-, I 'J .'a'-'1l'-'-51-tw " ':"Xl"'.':-Y' 7 ' YF." ".'-fn' A s1'?H"' r '12 - . ,,..,gn.'. nr, . - Milk- -th.-a.. v ,qu Fi .54-.4 if, .fun -fxb-xl S:-4 -r -- i 4 f to r ..- --,' .1 1' ,ff g.-vw -' ff- 'radii-gg ,,-:b,,,gx .ze-1. 'gg-1 :f -4 if .1,,,:f.-. 2- ' .4 .5 ..4. '-. A- -- 'z' '.fz- .-v-' ',f--"p..gv , J, gr,-QS' -ng 4-.S-1 ' 1 g' ,' 45154 f L-,-5.-81-4 . -,ag-3,4 .5-:gyl-Rf 3.9- ' 'Kuff' v 4-T IW" L '-f,g"rf.. 'Q .711 , ' r-.2 -if 'N- . ?.f'.:'-'F kv -v:.' . :'P,, '.G-v :L+-U ,,' -f-f , - ' X'-"N ' -f-2 h'--' -v-"' ' ' 'f' ,-,WF L - "" in Q 'F ' . ,Il 'Q' , K K 1 v. 4- Cyl 'JLLI y - K A A 'L 1. I Q 5 n. 'x Na o ..- 1 1 n 1 L, 4 K 'F 4 ? I! - w if 3 X 1 . 7 - ' ' '- 'K -rf ',' - , r .x- ' XA I -x '-aa f ' -aiv Q5 --.L N , .. wax, -tf',.,fJ x 1. qu' Kgs . , ,flpt - -5 ,f s ll 1 5' K 1 J, xx-' Tff': rvfi - f A V ,1 . ri , , .' V -,, Q .'f4,. S., . f,. ,Rf-' FJ' .- ' if r 1 p'! ,',' - l xy: . Q V XX, g' ' 0 f . 'of' ' .' , - V X 1 , . SXCVQC Y h' Q. ' x - -vxfifk ' . 'fvff-5' ,Q : 5' NL, k ' tw-y 5 I 'wi - UW: ' ' s v. X 9 .J A N- I .' nw 1, . D I - ' I' . VAN . 'i ,gl ' , V' 1 - - J' . V' F , 3' - ' V? . L Q ' ' ' S- -. Q, - A 'NL A A, f.'4' 1 xfk I I v "ft Skt. ' - 4 ' '. N I E '- I l'1 al. - f'x 9 ' - if '.f - 'X X A NI' -' . Q A - .' ' Y .ii ff , -A E 5 v A . A x ,tl Ll . " gl -M , .' E " j' . -. . , , ' If - . I in ,516 ' - I ' 1 V - . V 1 1 I q -if .Vf ,1.. x. -" 1 HL 'll ,113 a 'Y 'X 1? N mv! r "' 3 5954 S K 1,0 J 1 ...,,gNi. A I- . A 4' Opal ' S. '-,4, . . z ibx ' 'H ,r , T. Q i. i. ,NR iw af , 'C' 1 v -" '." -7 Q: -A-,Q 11- 1,-f. M ' . - 'L--I' "A-'25'p' H9 5ff, A if FQZQA - yep A 1 fx,-111. ,"..-- . ' . ff-1 -'Z' ",'.. .- f 'ff,'1..z.:ff" --- ' ., " 3 ,,-1, 1 1 ,' Aja: -- I if., ,.".1':L2, ' 3. '- I, 'ii' 511, .. 1 ,ff-A-' ,f'-,,' -rf. ,- -. A' ,z -,Y 1.' .,. V ' .,- . f ,ai--uw y.. , 1 t I.,-,V 'xl .. 4. . . ,. ,c -I . , ' . rf 44, " w?z1f't7':fi -" - 1 5'.f ' . f", I 1 ' r ' ! 1 ' - . 1- K . , , - uv - .. if' ' ' ' ' ' r , J gf: 5,13 'Q ' - '-4 .I ,..l .. I"f-i4gfsQ+' .1L1 ':.'9-'ri 1 ' -3 , 3 ' f mx ' "fr .1 fpr..- , -r , . 5 as ,- . 3 - PF, "f. , Kef'f4' ' .3f.', ' ,255 F- ' 5 T ,P 'P' . I f 0 A v . - '. ' '- ' " Ls r A- .. A 'p- , . 'X - - 'A .-" 'aft 4 :..g f- -Ek ,fx .-:'N -x-.- ---fn if M --- -.,'1:'-f,,-I, 1 1'. fv- -'ff , ' YV ,Y-:?g.gfTT1f - -Q -. :ff A, -,. -, "5 ,"Q,4- ,.-.2133 Y 'P'-if "' 7 . ' ' Q . - w -,n ,f. - Kg554. . jy.53p.wh - --f V . f rw gifl -V 5:96L!':i,r- - -Y. xl ' ' '." -r-- ' '- . 1 ' I 1 .-Q' QQ, al 4-u uw ?IE7:1:.r..L 38 3. fi ' . .TI V1 'Q s .nl ' Y' w -Jill ,f r xx D I 'QM ,--K, Q A students day includes a variety of events from sports to chapel. 40 A-:gn ii , X Nr PL A I I v fe I i ,-135295 nr, I ' '9 x-52" -if' 'XV 44 ff-ff Q. . 45 !l'S12"""'f41 f v I Q 1, 2 i 3 5' 4-6 11 if wqamwl. l L 'P' x F 5 L., ,ul 'iv N QI! U I s V is . fl +3- xu- -R' I JI" F rv ' gdb' eff n n 1 nn vb s'KuYsYtY1Yiw r F . Q.-"P: ' 'bfi 59' 'IJ ,ff 4 515.2-' 4 2' :aff fa' :gm 55,74 il 0 4 a " 'av 4 'ff f I 19494 913' .. .az , vga 4 H, ,, A ' V I if ,, , , -.... . 'T 4 - Q , . . mrvg, " , A'F 'XPff'T 5: W. 1 ' R ,- o. fn x , . , ' '. ' . . ,, 5 I ,-, 1 xy +x E. U'-'L.E X 1, OT. ,Q 'Lal- N. . - K ' V ' ., .,i6.L?fN. Y i 4 'N mfzgfe if 1-6-f ?9E5l. fy mls TTONUWN HTS mm Umm T064 BY THE ' T' GRAVITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION ROGER W 5 F .fx Cowuwc RR T OT . THE .-A 1 s,x- " 'J-.- kgaeeii OUNOER -. -' . E O gumims 4 . Q QTY ti- ' - Qi 51 ID Q' NYY' " r 52 ...ali 4 as .Qs 1 .Rig I ur, Nu ',., gr. A . sr' 4 A ' A I H A 971 N., M "MM ' ' "v ' " ..x 'l, x .ml-ff! J rdifnii' .J X XX Y.. """:l id 'A '.4 N -'I' at r E' A..- 54 g"'l F' Q.: ,- 5 x ' rf' gill' s I I . 5 ,f' 1, 'A lui . addr' 4853... an V af, niihu fi i 1 4 1 . , 4 is j Pg' 454' JW' lk 5 fr fi .3.,. - a K Q .,F,3 ' ' ' 1 4,5 'Q ya, ,nf A, s Q nys B- GM lk . vs u M15 4 14 2: M. xl . If GM f 2, fx! A, ,rf 2-f-.f ., JR " Y i --fu' . . , W , 211 .1 gm ' V 5-J -k gg' Mk it :.-Kg1,.wy, , v. "' Shy VW. ' .Ig N ,Q 'ff V' . -im...-1-1 1 'fi' l 1 H 1 W..- ,,., , nur-In .-n-P W . .. n,wrzng'whn- r Q , ' A I 56 ,K E U "Www 21151 A ,iw My vi 'E ' fhsfnllvllv .-:Jig REGISTRATIGN Registration means filling out forms, paying bills, starting bills at the bookstore, and the beginning of a new academic year. "You forgot to order what books?" As classes begin activity increases. X The library, the labs, and the class- rooms are in constant use by students looking forward to a good year. - . h 1 A- CLASSES BEGIN B . cab- 4 s A-v . t FRESHMAN WEEK M if fe' eff. 1 'Gini . 4.1 an Freshman week means new faces. new friends, and a new situation. But for most it is a re warding time which begins a new chapter in their lives. g I F -av 63 . . iv A 0542 1 'if H' 15 ' 2341- if, -A 5 " x: . . I Tl- 2 jfllfg- Q-gm -F35 K.: A lf'?""2?f'sG-1' ga' I 56,2 ' ,gf Q' 1' ' -I P 7' Ai ' ' is ' --..- , v--Y a.,,v 4,5 ,y '4.,,,s,X.V3 s - ' If ,, sql' .. Ol'Q".. I 0 ol' I . . lc ....lg.. C ..g. . Og 'ec 1' 'CE f ! f-fix . s S if IN 1 9 NAUTILUS ARRIVES AND PICTURES BEGIN The arrival of the Nautilus turned out to be one of the most interesting events of the year. The 1967 annual was the center of many hours of discussion, and, when it was all over, work was begun on the 1968 Nautilus. 1 'lie -is. ,, . ,PQQ Nxjx QQ N7 if 'Fx' s :EQ If! .-nlflvkk' I M 5 I 1, 1 Ii", I fig V , QQL N 'Q 'Q . 'tv' ' 1 I W ' . 2 Xi-'M' " , 'v' -L ,"t"5324f x 1 sq za '- ,S Q .. N' -lf v 7 A R-ir, ' , x , J ?':..f z' O Dr. R. Wayne Gardner FOUNDER'S DAY "lVlan of Resilience", Dr. R. Wayne Gardner, was honored at this year's Founder's Day by the rededication of the Administration Building. The building is to be known as Gardner Hall. f Sf' 7- 68 X is S. QL' T3 . il V A l v "-' 1 Y 2 4 1. M Q. A . iii-v 'W T j1,i gear ?sT..4 x 5 'f' lv 1' . " - -4' :,'- Efu 'na' -. L.- . , - . 1 --A f -.1 iv-115 -1 4., E ..:L--1 gf' Eff:-T s, ,af .. -HC vu' " .Q- l l l l SOCCER 1968 ln its fourth year of being a varsity sport soccer has become a favorite pastime of ENC'ers. This year the CRUSADER soccer team played a twelve game schedule. They won four, lost seven, and tied one. The high point of the season was the Gordon game when ENC ruined Gordon's homecoming by tying the great Scots. ENC OPPONENT O Farmington State . . . 1 O Oneonta State CN.Y.J . . 13 O 4 New Hampshire College. . 1 SNITI ....... 5 1 Windham College . . 3 2 Gordon . . . . 2 O New Haven . . . 7 4 Mass. Maritime . . O 2 St. Francis . . . 1 1 King's College . . 7 O Barrington . . . 2 2 Nasson . . . 1 ,Wt Cm -K 'u- -1' o '1 ,Q lzfgmi' . .!' , 1 , , 1 !-:sul - .J.as. 3. 5, ff' ,154 3 J' 5' Y" .wx "fs: ,Tu 11X 4-1-N ' . ..--- , if "Ili 'S' ,-.,I, , rg D , AQ.--4 . J",-rd g-liz, -4' g" K V 8 V 0 ... o '13 s W ' all 'Si 3 "f'3Q.a'lfiQ, W -.1 0 13 U I, ' -638 I e ' ,df--ff' 1, I '..-- , ,agfi I 7 . f Y .F s..-.bg 1. ." ' x A Wu 'V ,L 5 A ui ., X, ' .. li" ' P 1 fV7'a':, ' 1 Q? .. ' ' . -Q. - ' , 1 P AQ-.. 'V -, 5 x xiii 1k..f.,i 3 fi? 'Q . . , A L? . f1"?J"""- -- is . . v . ,J I , y . Q 1 f , . ,, 3 "". ...ffl-ilr ', 'Z"f44. '- ' .,-'J ' ,' f 1 'lf I zu! 9 5 I, : 15" 1 L Z1 6 6.3 4 1 76254. 'K .V ,Q N. fl o 'g V ' ' . 'pg'-1 ' 5 .fr . . ' gl - Q . , 1' j 1 ' 'W I, I l lv X f H' If ,:, ' 5 4: 3 gf'- I I ' 4 11 J -f - u ', H. 3 .r"-F ' F- 2 j 5 - 2 4- - 1' V .r"AAv ' - sa .fav L 2 gr E' W U'u.l-Q 111, ig: 1... ., R' Q i. . X 14,1.,,' t 1 ,FVQ , xi 13313 l i ,, h LL, :rom 1' E T' A ,-..-.4 , I P-H - unl- X K A f 72 rl., 4.3 Y J"' f' 73 - , 9 ,f ry . ' 1 asf , :m f r 1 W fx' Q I Q., ei-4 ' .- A . ,, , Y, . ,,, -:M , .14 ,:v:E:g.if1',:,?v,:.. "ref""'-f. gig, ff-a"'4'1" " u- gf"..lQ V L1 'L - W' -ff. ,QA fy ' af- far -. II. .igv lv-fr .M 1 Q i k: H -3',g,,,g,,.gg,g ,rvl-'F-11:5 th. , . ' xl fk. up.-e ,!A.av6 - .:,,A,,A ,- ., , xii YK,- 'V R15 W 4- ju H W, g ,, M a. n , 3, W.. 5 A-1" , 491 ' slag' 1'-Y" -ZTx:"..2,v""""'1,,.,""5"f'ti5:k2" . s 'i71':'iJfsfA ,,,,1f- 11,-,4-vrf. ..,. 3,'f,,A-g.,--H -..... dl ws- TEE". "WT . w-814+ '3,.,fT.,. '--.: 91" . i.-Il-'QS' g":"e5 'L fiqigisii ffl'?5rT , A . 55, .Al ,- K. Aki, AA L ,,.i g,.!i,,,4 ln gf,-af,-,,.-.,,,,,' Jw 4 .qfwvvrv sa mf-.vm ...QQ Q- .ffm-T' 'wt ev .-ik " 1-we 1- -zfffk-effff. A -fi -A 'f"'a.-L .-..,...f:+f V Elmer Wilson Bill Weber Fullback Halfback Reggie Clark Newell Smith Halfback Fullback . A nw ww i 74 x-1 Andy Satta Fullback Ed Gardner Wing Q'fMv 1 ry. 4 . :- re 1 v' 1 f ' --r,, 5' .9 fe -a1.4n J-- 7 Q v 11 0 , --- - '.' r-'V f Q-1 af ' v,,,'D Q x aw - . --.4 " -' , , .uw 50 5 'V G ' ,,-uf Q- , . . Zi-f-f"'-1 ' f-:hr rf A'-,Af , ,sgezff-ff 91 PS' Se ' 's"fff..w. 75' Dave Garrison Halfback Bob Ellenberger Erlc Melder Farren Pillsbury I I .. Ov ,AJP 'N 11 9,5 . 13, W' --f--1--hr . 3 A 9 :J - 1 Dave Cherry Halfback Coach: Glen A 4 n Boden L-A .xDlQn 1" John Golden Ernie LaBeIIe Dale Whitman Forward Forward Fullback 1, Q 4: 76 11 .Q-' SOCIETY SOCCER 1968 fl- 1? 78 . ,IJ 1- . f 1 41' 1' . , ' 4 Lea' 'G V 'ff' . . , - . wfd.. L . 3 i'3f2'UF""" ' - ' " . -f1,.,,,,.h.m, ji W A A ' " 1 ' ' " . Society soccer found the Sigma society on top at the end of a full season of activity. Thanks to the fine playing of Jim Baughman, Jack Willy, Jim Cubie, Jim Jones, and goalie Bill Mauger, Sigma was able to score 18 goals against the other societies. At the same time the other societies were only able to score 4 goals against the strong defense of Sigma. Zeta society was secondinthe standings. With a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. Here again their success was due to the playing of the front line. Kappa was not as successful as one of their players: Lee Haas. Kappa scored 16 goals during the season and Lee scored 5 of these in one game. Delta was not the same team as last year. With an unblemished record no wins and 6 defeats, Delta found itself at the bottom of the pile. won lost tied goals for against Sigma 5 O 1 18 4 Zeta 3 2 1 14 14 Kappa 3 3 O 16 13 Delta O 6 O 4 19 At the end of the season the four societies sent their best players against the varsity. The varsity came out on top in a close game. A Golden goal was responsible for the varsity's win, but the society team proved themselves to be a fine group of players. The All-Star team consisted of the following players: Sigma Zeta Kappa Delta Jim Cubie Bill Wheeler Don Shook Ccoachj Rick Baumgartner Jack Willy Rick Stengle Walter Welch Stan Oliver Jim Baughman Herbert Lau Jim Haney Marvin Gough Pat Greco Bill Mowen Jim Jones Ralph Johanson Dennis Schaffer Joe Knox Bill Mauger rv Vg" l I 4,44 ' , . .Z '::. ,Ln+ff"""'- 'rt' fi, -'T ,r. A A- -' 5 " ' D ' . ' .. FALL PARTY we 5 Q 5' gift. pt, Ll: ff- 4. .W 1 ? f . Y. eu Aix 5 1. ' 512: .V it' K Y . " A S v .. , ly , . fr - Y - .1 TWIRP Week was the occasion of this year's fall party, and for one night the gym became Dog Patch U.S.A. 'R 81 1 has-it f A Af QQ s 'uni' f 91 v x Q4 U 4 l S ,LQ Y ,.K-,. N-nw - ,igqquv-A Last year's queen Dianne Albright Queen Sona Arukian .V f ' 1,7 WW yas h an 4 Phylhs Johnson Bethany Parsons 84 J udy Gard ner Sharon Post sv H IN 'iii x ,X k. X fx xfff-F Y v, 'f ax :I ' ' L90 'K . ' - --x x ' Q X 51' J' a . . i f Y .a ' .... , 'bv -ia, 1 ' ni -"s..,1"". Zi- 'str Queen Sona smiles during homecoming game. Dianne Albright, last year's queen, sings. 143. ge. V il, .-v vo- Dusty Dianne Platt directs memorial to a dead grasshopper. 'ff 2 aw 'UANHHI L A F i i 5 I i X in i The Christmas Party was a pleasant beginning to the Christmas season. Both stu- dents and faculty enjoyed a fine meal and the exchange of presents, as well as a visit from Santa Claus. axe., li. i"'a-as fi in xl f -.41 Tris' '32-it d i"'nf" 4' -L. 1 a , Q- KI T H v STUDENT BODY ORGANIZATION .fi-:M ,spy -' : aiiyw-" 5,5 1 QJI-""""v,gsw ..g',.s'.r M.: 4 me-I4 f l'PFif.-.ig vig -LEU, ,. ,-, f f",L,:m ' li-cj-,T-"?Q"i,".'f F- "T , , - 36 'Y' I I I As the voice of the students, the Student Council spent much of its time this year developing new and better means of communication between the administration and the students. Through cooperation on both sides many effective lines of communication were established. The Council also spent much time strengthening new organizations such as ANIS-AWS. lt was responsible for many all-college functions such as the All-College Picnic, the Fall Party, the Christmas Party, and the Spring Formal. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President Stephen W. Smith Vice President David Anderson, Lloyd Dreibelbis Social Chairman Donna Younce Secretary Jane Brown Nautilus Editor Richard Ward Campus Camera Editor Timothy Thomas Delta President Dale Whitman Kappa President Lee Karker Sigma President Jack Willy Zeta President Steve Gunnerson Senior Class Representative Esther Sehleeger Junior Class Representative Larry Jenkins Sophomore Class Representative Keith Kleppihger Freshman Class Representative William Nielsen Advisor Dr. Wilfred Winget I 100 QS, v tiff' . 'QW wphiy- CAMPUS CAMERA The Campus Camera took a new form this year under the editorship of Tim Thomas. The purpose of the paper was to stimulate and be a voice of student opinion. A large number of letters and articles were received from both the students and the faculty. Because of the large response the paper was a great success, and students and faculty looked forward to its publication. CAMPUS CAMERA STAFF Editor Timothy Thomas Business Manager Bill Turner Associate Editor Linda Fligg Advertising Manager John Ward Office Manager Carol Wright Copy Editors Vonica Case Joyce Tice Circulation Fred Beckwith 101 Self Study Proposal September 26, 1967 Dr. Donald Young, Dean of the College, has recently proposed that "the E.N.C. faculty undertake in the next eighteen to twenty-four months a major self-study which shall be devoted primarily to an evaluative review of academic programs and policies." ln his Self-Study Proposal which was read at the first faculty meeting Dean Young listed the reasons for such a program to include finding the strengths and weaknesses of our academic program in order to make improvements of which he believes the school is capable. Our accreditation is scheduled to be reviewed in the fall of 1968 by the Commission of institutions of Higher Education. lf this review becomes a reality the faculty proposals will be a great help. In looking into the specific plan of the program Dr. Young states that the main approach should consist of "each curric- ular department and academic-adminis- trative unit prepare its own analysis of its current strengths and weaknesses and a list of concrete proposals designed to take us where we want to go, as deter- mined by a consensus of the departmental members or staffs involved." ln addition to departments this re-evaluation is to include the library, registrar's office, ad- missions and the Dean's office. The group to which department self- studies should be directed is the Commit- tee on Academic Program CCAPJ which will split into two working groups. One com- mittee to be responsible for policy and procedure and the other for program. lt is this joint committee which will set the timetable and give directions. Dr. Young sees the student as necessary in his new proposal. He seems to agree with Dick Martin of the Center for Re- search on Higher Education at Berkeley who has said, "The university is a center of learning, and consequently, what is heard in class is as important as what is said. No one is a better authority on what is heard than students. Because we want to improve the educational experience, and because we have no accepted way of evaluating the classroom effectiveness of professors, there is merit in structuring academic committees so that those who learn can work for change along with those Sponsored by Campus Camera i: A Bl-WEEKLY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED BY C3'.A.JNIETJ'S Bti tb T CJ 7' THE STUDENTS OF EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE who teach." The Dean steps out on a limb when he distinctively states, "lf we can- not use students in the evaluation process, we can't use them anywhere that matters, it seems to me," and admonishes the faculty, "l'll leave it up to you to decide whether and to what extent evaluation will be designed into our work." -Linda Schmidt Wgtmgfg- August 11, 1967 The College Church This article is the result of a discussion between the Rev. Gordon Wetmore and the Editor. The Rev. A. Gordon Wetmore who has served as Dean of Students at E.N.C. and as Associate Minister of the College Church has been called to be the pastor of the Wollaston Church of the Nazarene. He will assume his duties in this capacity in mid-August. The history of the Wollaston Church goes back to the time when it was es- tablished as a center of Christian fellow- ship for the faculty, staff, and students. However, the concept of the college church and its many responsibilities has been greatly broadened over the years. The Wollaston Church is essentially a local church with a need for a normal outreach. Because of its close connec- tion with the college, it was requested by the Board of Trustees of E.N.C. to offi- cially assume the role and responsibilities of being the college church. ln an attempt to understand the philo- sophical basis for the college church as well as the moving forces involved in the 102 v campus situation it becomes necessary to evaluate the church and its influences so that it may best fulfill the spiritual needs of those attending. Mr. Wetmore says, "A church is healthy in direct pro- portion to its ability to speak as a church to every facet of the community." The church should truly be a com- munion of believers and as such leaves little room for the false dichotomy that exists in a "town-gown" situation. Mr. Wetmore sees the dynamic interchange between the college and the college church as potentially constructive and healthy or on the other hand as destruc- tive and neurotic. He sees the people of the college capable of mixing with and in the various agencies of the church in an interaction which could produce stu- dents that have really become a part of the church and a church that understands the students as a part of the meeting of believers. There continues to be a great need for students to become involved in the work- ings of the church. It would seem that there develops a gap in the development of a student who for four years attends a church nine months out of the year and fails to become a part. The student thus becomes a critic of the church-college situation and its apparent inconsistency and thereby transfers his feeling of guilt and apathy to the church that does not speak to him. Thus the student fails to contribute and thereby fails to gain the joy and fulfillment that comes from working for God in the church. The college, says Mr. Wetmore, is the friend of the church and the church is a catalytic instrument in the college com- munity that must motivate an atmosphere of spiritual sensitivity. Editorials December 1 5, 1967 Tempered Conviction In a recent class prayer meeting, the problems that the student faces upon his return to the local church situation were discussed. Viewing the church in an evaluative mood, the college graduate may feel discouraged and frustrated at the apparent lack of development on the part of the average attender. The aware and concerned collegian may feel that the change in his own thinking, aspira- tions, and methods of functioning, is without parallel in the life of those who have not just completed four ivy-covered years. This problem is not only evidenced in the church, but also in the school, the business world, and in society in general, causing misunderstanding wherever people The Argus Christianity and Nationalism Christianity must conflict with national- ism if it is to be true to its biblical and apostolic foundations. This does not mean that Christians cannot be good Ameri- cans, but it does mean that Americanism must not be equated with Christianity. The Christian must realize that his highest loyalty is to God, and not to the state. This has always been a problem for Christians because the Bible also ad- monishes us to obey the authorities. How are we to understand this tension? First of all, let us look at the idea of the covenant which was the Hebrew idea of the correct relation of Church and State. ln the covenant relationship, the state or the Kingdom of israel was judged by the laws of God and not vice versa. Hosea warned Israel and the gov- ernment specifically CHosea 5:11j, against idolatry. Amos condemned the government for permitting injustice. Jeremiah even had to endure being known as a traitor in order to fulfill his prophetic role. He called lsrael an apostate Cchapter 29 for failing in its moral obligation to God by entering into a foreign commitment with Egypt. In summary, the prophets found it a neces- Sponsored by Campus Camera come into contact with one another. The non-collegian stereotypes the col- lege student as one who accepts the new as the better, while the student finds the non-collegian as one who insists on main- taining the status quo or older traditions. This concept is of course oversimplified, but it helps to bring out the point. There is a great need for a balance between accepting either the new or the traditional. Both the old and the new must be evaluated and the incorporated thought applied to our lives and institutions such as the church. Once away from the atmosphere of challenging thought, it is easy to seek out routine and familiar paths to follow. The college experience can be viewed as an end rather than a part of the total educa- tion of the individual. But if approached correctly, one's education should be a never completed project. College is merely an attempt to teach the individual how to learn and in this context his life after graduation becomes an urge to satisfy sary part of their calling to oppose the nationalistic aims of their country when it conflicted with the nation's moral obli- gation to God. In the New Testament there are three major passages dealing with the Chris- tian's relation to the state. First, is Christ's command: "Render therefore to Caesar things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" Clvlatt. 221213 CThe emphasis should be on the second part of this versej. The second is the statement of Peter to the Apostles in Acts 5:29, "We must obey God rather than men." The third section is Paul's statement in Romans 13:1, "Let every person be subject to the governing author- ities." Paul urges that we pay taxes and respect to those who are in power. How can we understand these three seemingly contradictory commands. The answer lies in Christ's statement. "Render therefore to Caesar things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." But what do we owe to God and what to the state? First of all we are bound to God to proclaim his love for man and to preach his message. Thus Peter and the Apostles said, when com- manded not to preach, "We must God rather than men." But what obey does this imply, what do we owe to God that Caesar cannot command? Let us look at 103 the desire to know-"an intellectual itch, which must be scratched." In our society the orientation toward the group tends to stifle creativity and encourage a collective state of mind. There seems to be little worth in the single individual who does not submit to the accepted values and norms. He is considered irresponsible, rash and radical. The social pressure of our culture must definitely exist for without it the resulting normlessness would be devastating. How- ever, this social pressure should not be final or closed. There should be room for creativity and development of individual thought which can be tempered by guide- lines of society while maintaining an open- ended atmosphere. As individuals we must think deter- minedly, responsibly and courageously, while maintaining our commitment to others. Finally, in our world today there is a definite need for conviction which is tempered by compassion and acceptance. Tim Thomas what the primitive church felt. The early Christians, as the noted historian Roland Bainton has recorded in his book Chris- tian Attitudes toward War and Peace, felt that they could not fight in the lm- perial armies. They felt that Caesar as the state could not command them to kill or to be idolatrous against their wills and their obligation to God. The early Christians fulfilled the obligation of Paul by paying honor and their taxes to the state, but they did not feel that the state had the right to make them kill against their consciences. Today, we must not make the mistake to think that we are fighting a Christian war. As Christians, we cannot be willing to fight a war simply because the state demands it. We must not call traitors those Chris- tians who feel that the government is wrong in this war. Should we condemn Hosea, Amos and Jeremiah? We must change the draft law so that those Christians who feel that they can- not kill in the war in Vietnam will not be forced by the government to fight in that war. Finally, as Christians, we must approach the war in Vietnam as a moral problem, a Christian problem, not simply as a poli- tical problem or a hindrance to graduate studies. .lim Cubie fi 'K xy , gf I v 11 af' 10 61 .ffl J! 'fi .. ii :nge z I S ig.- Jack Harshman Junior 6'91A" center I r i llKiplI Willy Senior 6' guard Dell Smith Junior 6'2M" forward Tommy Helm Junior 5'9" guard .4 1 42..- i Ron Jack Newell Bartholomew Willy Smith Junior Junior Junior 5'9" guard 5'11" guard 6' forward RL 4' . , u Reggie Jim Gary Clark Fisher Shetler Junior Junior Junior 5'11" guard 6' forward 5'1l" forward 109 Jack Schmitt Sophomore 6415" center Tom Dixon Freshman 6'1" forward 1 gr -QJQYF' 1 "1 15 ir r""- xx. -P -X it 113 Sn.,-, L .3 The Crusader Basketball team went down to Kings Tournament deter- mined to win and came home with the first place trophy in basketball, men's table tennis, Barbershop singing, and forthe entire tournament ENC placed first. 'iss I ggi ,.l' A much improved J.V. Basketball team brought home a number of significant wins this year. There is hope that they will be able to improve their record next year and become a supply team for future varsity players. 115 1 'riff x 'il af! f' 44' ,..,,.l...-...-. ....i..... ,......-.. '. e dl J.V. BASKETBALL El +2--., i..-1-' 2' -gr-, W -' 'W' ff C ., fadff' "' r 5 F4 ' i SOPHOMORE CLASS-Pres. Bill Wheeler, Vice Pres. Dan Murphy, Sec. Joanna Trask, Trea. Donna Pope, Student Council Rep. Keith Kleppinger, Chaplain Carol Silva, and Advisor Dr. Paul. I 5 v f lf' 'csv -1-"' lf? FRESHMAN CLASS-Pres. Dale Parry, Vice Pres. Ann Harvey, Sec. Toni Dubbs, Trea. Marilyn Chessa, Student Council Rep. Bill Nielson, Chaplain Barry Weiss, and Advisor Mr. Wells. 117 SENIGR SNEAK ke '7 - . -- - ..- l sa 'f l "Which way did they go?" "I sure wish they won't push me like that!" In early spring the seniors left their books and pencils, and took oft for the mountains: The Inn at East Hill Farm, New Hampshire. "' No, Doug! That's the toboggan shed. my s X , "' fm Some people watch and other tried to ski. 8 45 'V' x .. 'HM' ' .,,,,. am , - Q: if ' V .,.n 4?.w, - ' an I3?T'f,""' ' ' 45-91, "ST .,,'-r.,Tf'f" "l ig 43- 4 tg 4 W A H 7, -A V, . I-..7s..wL.d5.-I ah., . N. F 1 dis ,I ,wk in ,. ,,:,,, A M, ,ii A ,, ,NV A .-,,,,, ,W M W D f . . 1 ' o '. ,JL 'wp Sf. -Jbfama.. ' "L 11. ' ' The fObOggaI'I YUFI. And away we go, Because of the extreme cold only a few hardy souls were seen outdoors. Many could be found hre. -5 3 1 4 I mia, if rf M lf .. .fy-W Qi, :"' ,. l o W "Sure we have ice in Oklahoma. lsn't this ice?" Stanley on the move, 119 near the SOCIETY COUNCILS 4 A. '5'.j-si' ,n if .. g 'Jil 1 . , ' Litnig-4-V. .- ,- - " " .5 Q ji 3736? Q 5 DELTA COUNCIL Dale Whitman, president Paul Whittemore, chaplain Sona Arukian, vice president Everett Kaufman, men's coordinator Kathy Krutenat, secretary Nancy Whitman, women's coordinator John Schrader, treasurer 'N 'X KAPPA COUNCIL Lee Karker, president Wendell Jones, chaplain Kathy Gough, vice president Bob Ellenberger, men's coordinator Joanna Trask, secretary Maylo Mann, women's coordinator Neil Nicoll, treasurer 120 J- . 4..- E :.-hw Q3 . 7, SIGMA COUNCIL Jack Willy, president Jim Baughman, chaplain Lloyd Dreibelbis, vice president Farren Pillsbury, men's coordinator Diane Jones, Secretary Paula Gagnon, women's coordinator Bob Barnes, treasurer 'lm iv' 41' l ZETA COUNCIL Steve Gunnerson, president Charles Carder, chaplain Judy Gardner, vice president Ron Bartholomew, men's coordinator Sharon Savage, secretary Mary Ellen Nies, women's coordinator Keith Kleppinger, treasurer 121 SKIN DIVING CLUB-Cleft to rightj Dan Butz, Ken Greathouse, Jim Clifton, Pete Carlson Davld MacCuush Richard Gar land, Paul Babcock, Fred Doornebos, John Ward. DRAMA CLUB-Pres.--Carol Johnson V.P.-Tom Evans Sec.-Martha Miller Advisor-Dr. Dygoski 125 SPRING PARTY nl '- 'U I 1 1- , l I ' 1 '. ls -- 'X , .r N- fi," . f Food at the Lynnfield House and entertainment by David, Della Rosa and Brooks made the Spring Party one of the highlights of the year. 1.4 -., G if s ,, to , 'S 12 6 rg' V, 'L -ZW N 'L X X N ..a,' 4 ff' A ? .A u-X! MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION-Pres. Terry Phillips, Vice Pres. Robert Pulkkinen, Secretary-Treasurer Chris Larson, Advisor Rev. Youngman. COLLEGE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP-Pres.-Charles Taylor Vice Pres.-Rodney Linger Sec.-Carol Silva Trea.-John Ward Members at large-Joanna Trask Bob Barnes 129 xv fl Q 'IY"-77" Ar, -uf 'bis . J. y ,,.,.. ., hug' , ,,k,,,...sf' A 4?--.. -,... , nf 'Z an ' 'n-.wvv1nw--f-'hve-- Jian-.Qui , ,K MY. ff,,., -4... 41 S gs .. f .4 1' av.- 1 -,1 1 I 131 1 ,u . Q ' gnmiu -4 , ,D 1 r' P' rs , N Jvftgfff ' if 4 u 1 If, I' -1 Y, i-Lg I ,. wk 'Q 5 ,en 'FY , , CRUSADER BASEBALL ENC OPPONENT 7 University of Maine 2 4 Ricker 1 4 Farmington State O 4 University of Maine O O Husson 8 O Barrington 3 10 Barrington 4 11 SIVITI 1 . A' -a . xi ' - 4.22 1 . ,.V,,,,,,g Qiaisqgf' rg- 4 1 L 4 I. ,,, Q , Antii ta v '- ' . JV: xkji V 131' , . . 1 ,Qi 'ills TA 5 6. K I , . .7-K+:-'fa he ,V If I ' GMT- 1 dm' J . , 1 ' n ,I . H., .7 hw -i'-f'- Y H. A. X x ig, -rv v , 5 ' -' ,w . facie, ms.-Y-1 fi 8, 1-5' I 1 Q ' Qs 'Q1.t O New Haven 1 3 Nasson O 2 Nasson 6 9 Curry 3 2 King's O 5 King's 2 5 New Hampshire 4 8 SNITI 7 55' .yn i..,. N . ,w.',4, 1'9- 'ax :fits L .v i ,. ' - ' I .F ,f - i 'I QGIFJS I " 'yup "V Q. ,if 2 4 5 .4 A 'P -N 1. if x vi r' A v is H Q . - F: f .fl Q K . Q 'K 4- 1 'v , pal. 'S f . Q.. A. , 1. ..0- -5 N . .. Q A - 's 11 , 8 4 ' nhl' 4 AX,-fl! A 5 l I i E ' S ml H +I Z -. ,na ,I I T' QQ 1 we. J fig I4 ' 34 , ,Y Y. as ,Q-1.9-hu. -1 ,rf JV," ui -4. www :gh fl. -a-W uf'-. ,mi- . vQn'v,iv X . H11 If ' r' rif .A .o x 136 n v Semor class president Everett Smith guves dass charge to Jumor class president Newell Smith Ol Sophomore class offncers recelve charge from Jumor class ' J I D 4 f ge-1,1 .Ri - o xx ,vu-. 966 E "Are you sure its all right to drink this stuff?" The reception line. -1 A 1 in I IF: ' fk "Please move right along!" l H, 14 lsn't that piano player great?" L. at fun?" A "1-. M. A ,N 1,0 -Wlmpenvw ,1 kiss if ' Q, H 144 W -tiff 1.1, x - HRK. ahiblg l'f ws' 1154 fr ffwt "iff Tfff t ' 7 P V : . ' 1 i 14 I I 5' 2 if L L 1 , . A I -511. s l F 1 '3i','5 s. . 1,43 rfq A. , , gdv .,4',1l' I I 8... . , 'yi x 4' , , -,h l t,.x 1 1 ' 5' -.:' 1 -. P - 4 Ii 'L -E 1' . ,.g.xvi-f1?Q1- , .-1 ,Jw .' 1 4, .--ws 4 .. ?,. , R J THE MADRIGAL SINGERS-Prof. Brown Cdirectory, Mr. Cantwell, Steve TenEyck, Sue King, Larry Yerdon, Lynn Nelson, Dickinson, Wayne Drake, Linda Sively, Steve Burns, John Post, Dottie Poole, Verna Saffle. x . In K . V , L K Gail Strong, Sandra I lvl I' 145 All 44 i ' ,.-135 'P nga, 9' "l lil-q vm, -nll iraq, 'S-..,, ,eh 'llOllmsnmj. as-B52-H 3 Q .--u, N., no 1 100 5 15 Q hx QQ .L STUDENT CGUNCIL ELECTIONS r 4 A T T W ,. . N 3 NEED ou sz? UoTE T-23 I 'I SOUA'-CuA1'EM,ANl NAZARENE ' STUDENT LEADERSHIP CGNFERENCE Tix f' U In early Nlay student leaders from the eight Naza- rene colleges met at ENC to hold the annual Nazarene Student Leadership Conference. Under the leadership of President Duane Clinker, the student body officers discussed many areas of student life. At the close of the conference a paper was published which contained resolutions pertaining to the stu- dents' stand on racial problems and other topics covered in the conference. 1 i!lll"""t NX. N.. President, Duane Clinker COMMENCEMENT F 5 i av, , s4'-Q, PP l f 1- I-9,129 L44 ' V The processional begins the graduation ceremonies Qing 'Mx r QV. Q ,Q.::.1,,N- ' 2, 5,15 irv' 'fwf!"3 -5 1-5' -if 'L+ 'NVQ f, ,Q f eovg V ' , 1 1 f' Q vu. 33 " fx ,,l.,hrW5' iw iff The class of 1968 5 sq 'Yi rf v 5 -.rf A 152 Nl As seniors listen, commencement speaker Dr. Howard Hamlin gives a challenging address. Then Dr. Hamlim is conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa. ......., A' E . v Lkqvxvss. S' l 154 Lf' U f all r Senior girls receive flowers with diploma. F 2 5 wr Nr, I A"-1 1. ', v ...n' I. J, Dr. Nlann presents diploma to all seniors .pd 1 56 S"'-. ,sid 4 w X. .'-' .. X YD 154' -F Q1 'z Qw,s,' 3 . W 0.-gg . Q - W .,Q5T. A P X12 Aix 1? 95-2' ff. 1 5'4" With mixed emotions seniors listen to Alma Mater song by the choir. Then seniors sing class song. 5 7 -,-40' J' I shi' g if? r "fx A E' Q 9- Bw Yxscx HO'S' WHO AMO AME2lCjlN UNIVERSITI UDENTS IN QA COLLEGES V 5 1 vi fc , ' V. V z lx ! ffiii ' Hag' v g 1 x ' It ' -af". , 1 2. P, u A XX ' Qflfif' . , K S. 1 3 1' 4. .V f 1 v 1 9 1 N- ,,,- v. M9 1' -1- 'lp - I' 4 ffg 'W' N v gi fp.. IL -'S 'Z- X: ,I fe- - , . -A-fs. gm: A ' ' dd" .w-A'-1-' 4 vm. '-1. xm"4... ,Q . , ' 'N'-,, ' Ik- "uf is , KLJIQQ'-TI-',3L::? N . -, -- . -' .N ,-, :"Q"-.- ,, xf-ig . '. - -'r '- ' - ' F j- ' fc , W1 . ":..i..-nf K:'7-30I.'!'Fe'1' x '.""7"-I - ' fififfv 4. 'WJ' Iva-1 --y ' ""',,, ,Q-V"',p ' u0"'s. . -'W 4 -,. .W -gm Mfg, , 1,1- .- V -. "-,- 'Y 'L-"ff, f ,sK""u-' ' N.-'nf-" ""' .J H 4... .,, 7, .t A M, llvwi wx . . .L-y.. As A . . ?"" 'ff ""-'- ' ' 2 "V 4- Q.. ., ' I-.vu Q - 'M-1wi fg,vg.. panqlififf , ' V- .--4, ' - .f " ' 1 f , Q A"- - 1 ' 'Q - ' 4-'x .CJ " 'X ' ,--"1 'fr' " - .V .ff ' f .N M-. " 'JJ , .- N, , . 1 .,,,gf1r4 v.-o,,' .l I , " ... I . .kbs-gg., 44 . 'M 9 -Sv, 101' 'G "'f-sd' w:"1JKp"-vi' Q' D '-Q 1 - ..- A- An- A ' - ,-'--'A - A w ' . 1- ' 1 ' , ' , -f .- ,, ,1 fy, ,..,. ..w'-ff - 4 .. ,, - may I ' .'4"ng..,..:' vw Q- 1' . ,J . . , . ,. 'VA .,f.1f,4.f,-7,1 , JJ,-fxpunl ,ww .L llvyl ,hr 4 -, v--,, - ,. ,-- y- 4. -5' ' , ... ' , -' -I 'If wwf-.-fz,-1.1-41 , 'ard -:tm - A , - .30 - , ..-an " It ' 's ' 1, ,1--'f A a 5 A, . .1 'D I f 1 1 F n'1t'-' ' Y I lie. 'i V 2. .V .,. ., Yi: x .xi , 1' ,. 6- ' ' a R' ,,' 5 x,',,- ", Q .,-1 1 1, -1 A 1. . v E. 1 f g. .Jn- 1 A . 1 -xi W 4 J ,fx :A If stil '3- 595-vu Y-1 Sl' .-.vial 1' 44443- 1-unsung, "H-irrwzefsnv ,f .- A w r 5 ' 4. gf' 'T ' 'f 1 YE 1 we ,f Kg, ,A I If . J- 1 I l J, 1 , n, I y 0 f"""1 -inns, 5 its-4 H 1'4'!il1 , r r r n 1111 i I I 11 ' T ,K 'fi-2 , 4 I New Ji fr I I 1 r A r V 4 g . f .qu vii NX Y lf ,. , ' Q r V 1 ,Q ,, i W X 1 , ' I new ,. X 5 r ik I James Crutcher Chemistry rj if 67 FX ' X X ' i 1 'ff 18 , X if , Q Xi NY VJ'-Q 1, ...ti if 5 ,, -ig? Z. 4 Leroy Harding Physics 167 Roy Hollis History 168 4.. 'll 5 , 'S HH Qc' X ' ff? Phyllis Johnson Mathematics 169 ,I , 6' wg 2 m i x. f. ,il 'ijt as i , '10 ' .. i-1 - ?'?T.,m-W , J A - f ' ,Q ,I gmfliig 1 .. M -fu If fi ' '- Eng . . 4 4 KN'-.uv--4' Neil Nicoll History 172 O. U 0 Oo 0 1 , 9 , r?i,ff7. NR. X q Q N' f 1 '. Q , 0 'lr C. J' . . Q . O :4 . i D 5 v l ft? H" ! :Wu V, -A I1 0' ., , NA 4 E N Q 1 1 l li 5 a W A I . . i '1 I 'in 5 . s x . C i . V I i' "'4' ul I 1,1 , .I N .1 4 '.,L' ,. I ."".. Q D' .fm 1 'glen . . .lf bstf'-1' . ' Q'l'V1?'..l P Y' , I l 4 -' I' o Q f , 45" Q' vff?lf:1xL.::l,' 'I tn ' 2 'ffifffcbl my H ' - ' rl' ','.a "A ' , . lm is A' Lin -1 . Qs.-wr. -rf 5, -- ' . ' ,' A! .fv.":" ' L' 1 : ' . 145-Q 111- ', . J, 'g,," ' - 'rfb'-4"":'v."'f,' 1'- ' AH 'Qgclfm' ' I I I' ' ' . I f . N"-,",4."'HIf-fi-1 -' ,- - ' ,,,.v.Q,',,.,- ,,,,.-' fff'-."" '.,'-.'.' ' "T -, -. .' ' ' -f ',A, 'ifff'-',.,rJf" ' .- 1,,- I ", -15"-, 1' , fn -f'.,f,1"f'1 ' , Vx."-'I' f ' .' ' -7 -ff' ' - . " ar ' ' , , 'VW ' , . f K .A ,. fl '."f ' I., I-.ilu 4 All .A A lla... 1 . -l, V., , , ,I , -l 1 xi L .nf . r A 'IAN'-1 'V ,fl 5 if.'1.',QQ'x . K' 4. . rl , 4 ' 'filzfi . -Q-Q03 ,141 ' ' . .A , '. Awnfh Aw - . '. as :2L1fnt,LQ,,1' tw. jf.-y.Jf'd',r v-.'J-1 . 1 V "'f ' 'Xf4'l'XXCf4J'- N ' - N, '. il f-.L r ff' ' N ," -Xt '11 -xx I. rxksu l, 51 .'.....4' ' '1.". ',',' ' f- :'.-48 ""fff -1 f .- 'Lf'-f "H v' -Kg.: Kyyyksglmf ff-.'f. -,"- I' ,M w 4 jfv . 1- '1-IQXXW Q. ,5,f-g,,'- 1.'-.'-3 .ff','4'.' 'JQ '- A .-f.- . r. J, .I af.,-.'.r, .s', A-,y ,1'... . 1, ,.l'A.,,1 '1,w,1-.fn ,I .I 1 ,r',f"Ag'1"'fQ"':"',:l-fE"i' ' "M .3 , " ' I YQ, ,,,f,,' - '. ,,,,, V,",' -url. bf, 11 -k+14wfwA,Mf' ,llny .'-J All . ff, I- d l ,, Q W- "W ' I-" f . ' , . :X """v '17-". 1' V6 ' . . , . L. 1 ll'-.a I., 1 L., lr. L 1 is 5 ,, K .J-!4.'x3'l,I'f.' ry , I 'f!9A,-s.. 'lf Q In . f, 9 ,r , r , 1 . 1 Q Q .HQ 14 ! 1,"',r, , fl,y,::.k- I v . v r fffxl ig ,lg , I l , 1 xt. ff' '1.7J,.S.'f.l:".' 'I' N., .',' ,Q f"' 1.'-' "1" A "- af' 'N.,A ,'fA,,., I .,.A- 4 Aw.',g.'5 1 4, fs' . M x . ' ' pf .'1'., -'J - ,H .' 'f ' A446 f." . ,, , f. . . . 4- f-' X,',',4 rf.. g,..n,.- A fy, '! ' " "4 5 4' Lwimv '-12' 1 .' ,I ' I 'N , Q- xr,-I, ' ' I 1. '- 1 'r' 'hu "I , ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 178 T CD Jb- 7D U O 'Pl E gil mm U3 'U 7U "Pl 'Q U "Pl Z T' lf? FW CD C Z 0 i: sign .3 .- CD li -xl-Zio CFront row left to rightj K. Akins, E. Grosse, E. Mann, R. Goslow, F. Spruce, A. Ardrey. QSecond rowj E. Harris, S. Henck, R. lngland, J. Hunton, V. Littrell, S. Erving, J. Parry. QThird rowj J. Brown, A. Hughes, J. White, R. Cousins, N. Hightower, H. Grey, J. Wagner, L. Gordon. CFourth rowj L. Pierce, J. Tice, K. Peasall, B. Ward, N. Masters, L. Humrich, C. Williams, A. Fallon. CSeated left to rightj T. Benson, G. Cross, C. Bruse, J. Warren, A. Tracy, R. Gunsalus, C. Arnold. CStanding left to rightl R. Dunlop, E. Cox, H. Heckert, G. Gressett, E. Caspell, Nl. Mann, A. Wright, G. Constantine, E. Kauffman, W. Gough, W. Mauger, H. Jones, R. Can nell, E. Blaisdell, F. Gery, J. Golden, J. Humphreys, R. Hess, D. Fry, A. Harris. 179 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT . , . ., . y - . President 180 OFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DONALD YOUNG, Ph.D. JASPER R. NAYLOR, AM. Dean of the College Director of Admissions 9"-. DOROTHY A. KING, M.A., Nl.L.S., Ed.Nl. ALICE M. WHITING, B.S. Librarian Registrar 181 OFFICE GF STUDENT AFFAIRS DONALD P. BRICKLEY, Ph.D. REV. A. D. STIEFEL, A.B., B.D., S.T.IVl Dean of Students Director of Guidance 2 EVA , 9: K""Z1""' JOSEPH A. RAPALJE, AB. MARY H. ARNOLD Head Counselor of Men Head Counselor of Women 182 GFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT RUSSELL D. GUNSALUQ D D Alumni Secretary Director of Development Development Aesocle e and Al mn: Secretar 4 ,as - . .x- 'jr 'YQ 7':.f ji' I I' r fy 'Wiewl HENRY E. HECKERT Development Associate OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AFFAIRS PAUL E. WELLS, NLS. Vice President for Financial Affairs ci' Ida- i L S 'E AUDREY M. WARD, A.B. Bookkeeper ROBERT F. BOLLINGER, B.S. Comptroller 7:1 If X i I I CLARENCE L. ARNOLD, A.B., B.D. Bursar ' 'i i -V 84 f ASSISTANTS ,- 9, , , . GLADYS M. SICKEL Assistant to the Registrar Library Assistant BOOKSTORE if a 4 K, X -X , V ,. ..-. Qu... - -"' ROLLAND W. PARSONS, RUTH H. PARSONS M.S. Assistant Manager Manager HEAD RESIDENTS fl il, DONALD MacKAY, MARY E. JONES A.B., B.D. Willow House Shields Hall MARY P. RANKIN, A.B. X l ,ill L S M A 85 ff f ,Z 'J fi, fo -mA""i 61 di- QJQVUI' i RICHARD L. SCH USTER, M.L.S. Assistant Librarian PUBLICITY 51' KENNETH E. SULLIVAN, A.B. Manager, ENC Press . -- .f 0 ' 1 -wt K, ,Q 1 gf ,, ,. . . .:',t . Q, . . 3: 4 ,11,53:"f2 N .. , .s,13'. .. -115 gg' 234- '- " Mr 1 CLARA KYKER Spangenberg Hall R. LUCY HAMILTON Assistant Bookkeeper GC MRS. A. D. STIEFEL Director News Bureau Q L LILLIAN G. WILLWERTH Munro Hall SPIRITUAL AFFAIRS ia, tw GORDON WETIVIORE, AB., B.D. WILLIAM H. YOUNGIVIAN, AB., B.D. FOOD SERVICE 'N ,Q 1, X 1 by I L Y AAAA fi L. A f Ip' I. II I ROBERT HARDING DONNA L. BOWERS Manager Assistant HEALTH SERVICE CLARA IVI. I-IILLER CHARLES DJERF, IVI.D. Assistant Head Physician 186 IVIADELINE N. NEASE, A.B. Advisor to International students 4' 4- LOIS IVI. HARDING Assistant 3 cf. PAUL I. OSSEN, IVI.D. Associate Physician RALPH I. MARPLE, A.M. Postmaster f-'S-. . . u... a -""" "' ,,, I-W' , . ,Q.nv"S:'-W' "' f ' , " - . ,- ,.,-'3-.':'..f5"f..sf.- THELMA I. SPENCER Dining Room Hostess BETTY A. MOLLICA, R.N. College Nurse BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS RUSSELL R. MOLLICA Director of Physical Plant LAWSON D. SAUNDERS Custodian MARION E. JANES BE'I'I'Y JO COX G. EMERY DANIEL J. WILFRED E. OLIN A. KLOCK PRATT HASELTON DUCKWORTH Maintenance Head Custodian Carpenter Heating Engineer Assistant S H ENRY S. CONSTANTINE Carpenter SECRETARIES OTTIE B. LUTES EIVIIVIETI' D. DOROTHEA C. Custodian NELSON ZINK, AB. Custodian 1 7 S BEULAH B. WILLWERTH r I LINDA CANTWELL SHARON PARKER SHIRLEY J. SEITZ RUTH W. MYERS u 1- N -2-If TH EO DORA GOSS 187 I . I' 3' .Q-YEQNG A A ' I 35.551 f 3 .1 ,f. 1955 BARBARA A. SODEMAN MERNA T. MacCALLUM ol , '-4,,,.- '. f 9 Q ff . .A 4.. , 3, , Af" . wg Ckgj'-Qi 1 dd P 5' A' A A DIANNE MARILYN M. ALBRIGHT WRIGHT EMERITI ESTI-IER D. WILLIAMSON JAMES H. SHRADER, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus of Voice Professor Emeritus of Chemistry BERTHA IVIUNRO, A.M. Dean Emeritus MADELINE N. NEASE, A.B. Registrar Emeritus fi .tx -Z MARY K. HARRIS, A.M. Professor Emeritus of French fav 'gf'-45 2 I . 188 fini. , his F .I I www-- I Q ' 1-G 9 43 Q , 1 'S . 1 - A S W. J. V. BABCOCK, A.M. HARVEY J. S. BLANEY, TH.D. JAMES R. CAMERON, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Professor of Religion Professor of History QR .9 ' EDITH F. COVE, Mus.M. LOUISE A. DYGOSKI, Ph.D. KENT GOODNOW, A.M. Professor of Music Professor of Speech Professor of German QQ J. GLENN GOULD, A.M., D.D. GEORGE R. HORNER, Dr., U.L. ALVIN H. KAUFFMAN, Ph.D. Professor of Religion Professor of Anthropology Professor of Philosophy 189 WILBUR H. IVIULLEN, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Qc? -bt I . DONALD P. BRICKLEY, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology qw ,ln ,FXJ GEORGE J. DELP, S.T.Nl. Associate Professor of Religion JASPER R. NAYLOR, A.M. Professor of Mathematics ..i 1. WENDELL J. CALEY, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics I MARVIN J. DIRKS, IVIus.IVI., B.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Speech 190 ALICE SPANGENBERG, A.M. Professor of English B. KEITH CLINKER, ED.D. Associate Professor of Education ! 1 BARBARA L. FAULKINER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History 3 F P Q, G 'U' Q? 1' 4:-v W 5 . PHILIP A. FITCH. Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education LOWELL HALL. Ph. D. Associate Professor of Chemistry I? GWENDOLYN E. MANN. M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education OLIVE B. NIARPLE. A.B.. Mus.B. Associate Professor of Music g-JT " F, I A- 3 ., L 2 H 9 ,iff 15.5 . ' 'W XXL y LEROY A, BAKER. NLS. VIOLET R. C. BALWIT. A.IVI. Assistant Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Spanish 191 GERALD E. LASHLEY, A.I.I. Associate Professor of Mathematics ,vw ' BRUCE E. PHILLIPS. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry CAIL E. BECK. PhD. Visiting Professor of Biology -.1 CARROLL F. BRADLEY, lVl.Ed. ROBERT E. BROWN, lVl.S. J. LYAL CALHOUN, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Music Assistant Professor of English Physical Ed. RUTH A. CAMERON, A.lVl. Assistant Professor of English . .41 ALAN R. GRUBER, lVl.S.S.S. Assistant Professor of Social Work DAVID L. CUBIE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion A P'-I-3,1 X Wir fi ANNA D. GULICK, A.M. Assistant Professor of French 192 , A 495 Sri: tr... , . sf, , Av. f O' lr' f 1 '. v . ' Q 'L' a 1' f. le LELAND ERNEST, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology GERALD D. HILYARD, A.Nl. Assistant Professor of Psychology LARRY D. HYBERTSON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History . 7 'is ...f ,, of ga i. . WALLACE S. POLLOCK, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English DAVID ATKINSON, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics J. HENRY KNOWLES, A.lVl. Assistant Professor of Psychology A ,Q " ' s. i' All PAUL E. WELLS, MS. Assistant Professor of Bus. Adm. KEITHR. BELL. A.Nl. Instructor in Spanish 193 CECIL R. PAUL, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology WILFRED L. WINGET, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religion N ,G GLENN A. BOWEN, BS. Instructor in Physical Education af- ? .A"' Xu: I, .." " ' . I -- .: ff 1 ,. .Quay , v-. Qu , ' ,' - -:y"a:: -:Q - 1 Q' ..9 1. A I :Kin Y -.. . ,,"' . . coo' Q ,'0b .- 0-ood -,r Q: '30--H '-ii DOROTHY L. BAUSIVIAN, IVIus.IVl. Instructor in Music BARBARA C. FINCH, A.B. Instructor in Secretarial Studies .f tl ""'9 V t I JEAN S. IVIULLEN, A.B. Instructor in English .ll MI OX ROBERT F. BOLLINGER, B.S. Instructor in Bus. Adm. PAUL GOSSARD, Ph.D. Lecturer in Education ALETHA IVIUNROE, Mus.B. Instructor in Voice 194 LAMBERT W. BRANDES, Mus.B. Instructor in Music f .. ALICE N. KAUFFMAN, A.B. Instructor in English DOROTHEA C. ZINK, A.B. Instructor in Secretarial Studies Thug, vw 1 1 SENIORS ,ai I " ' .....,,,.-MW lv ' he H '.. :Qs-Q i 5 L X u ,, X if . K' Q,gf?.R,,,4 ' 1 A on-...N- , .., -lu , e --... . ' n i ll a " K 1 'Q s 1 ft W :. 'I' .N w 41? A E n ix U v - X -fa : env? 'T' xv Senior Class gift. "f"-..., 95 -43. 0' 315 Mary Doreen Adams A.B. Psychology Calvin Arthur Alexander A B Religion Carolyn Phyllis Anderson A.B. Sociology Manuel William Aran A.B. Religion 'riff Sona Aruklan A.B. Biology Douglas Fred Atkinson 196 A.B. History JQ "' as l Paul Gregory Babcock A.B. Psychology Eloise Ann Baker B.S. Elementary Education Paul Louis Barresi A.B. Sociology Daniel Abraham Bazikian A.B. History Y... Jean Benson Bishop B.S. Elementary Education Ru by Joan Benson B.S. Elementary Education Karen Elizabeth Bolles 197 A.B. Sociology il, 4 f Sandra McClister Borden Linda Gail Brigham Jane Marilyn Brown A.B. Sociology B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Math Wilma Jean Cardwell Vonica Faith Chase Robert Keith Clemens A.B. History B.S. Elementary Education A.B. Math 1 . may NAA ,f-as 63 198 X . i X XJ ,A Q auf , fx , -'-1 M, 1 'H ' it 'vi A P: fs 01 qw ,' i t Y I , ,gf f, Q , 111 diff 5 , Duane Douglas Clinker John Coleman Frances Anne Cove A.B Religion A.B. Anthropology B.S. Elementary Education Gladys Marguerite Craig James Edward Crutcher James Murray Cubie A.B. Religion A.B. Chemistry A.B. Religion l 199 Bruce Byron Culmer A.B. History James Henry Delp AB- Chemistry Barbara Storey Denstad B.S. Elementary Education Royal Watson Dimond A.B. Nlath Douglas Grant Dickson A.B. Anthropology 200 Jack Winston Dow A.B. History Gary Ross Durling A.B. History John Paul Ellingwood, Jr. A.B. Anthropology N 'Lit !, V Sharon Joy English A.B. Sociology Joyce Phillips Estabrook B.S. Elementary Education at .4-E.-if ai' Mary Elizabeth Evans A.B. Biology 201 Janet Leslie Erikson B.S. Elementary Education Paula Marjorie Gagnon B.S. Elementary Education Glenn Richard Galusha A.B. Psychology Richard Carlton Garland A.B. Biology Barbara Ellen Girard B.S. Elementary Education Glenn Lawrence Goslaw A.B. Biology 202 Shirley Ann Green B.S. Elementary Education Marcia Elaine Grube B.S. Elementary Education ,elf N xx 4 Rosemarie Guivens B.S. Elementary Education Robert George Hale A.B. Chemistry Karen Lee Hamlin B.S. Elementary Education Richard Kimber Hamlin x In ,Aw wg. vii? A.B. General Science 203 James Calvin Haney A.B. Religion Leroy Wesley Hardmg B.S. Physics Raymond John Harshman A.B. Chemistry Kandace Lou Haugh B.S. Elementary Education James Woodrow Havens B.S. Math Ralph Nelson Henck A.B. Sociology Ruth Elizabeth Hetrick A.B. Religion 204 Roy Estes Hollis A.B. History Brenda Joyce Houser B.S. Elementary Education Lawrence Paul Jackson A.B. History Barbara Kay Jacobs B.S. Elementary Education Phyllis Eileen Johnson B.S. Math James Warren Jones 205 A.B. Biology i i Arthur Lee Karker Sharon Lee Kilpatrick James Lee Kinder A.B. History B.S. Elementary Education A.B. Literature I i I I l Susan Jane King Joseph Donald Knox Luane Pringle Knox B,S, Music A.B. History A.B. Sociology 40 Lf"""' l 206 Ernest Herman LaBeIle Henry Christian Larsen, Jr. Stephen Wesley Lind, Jr. A.B. Sociology A.B. Religion B.S. Elementary Education Rodney Royce Linger Dorothy Anne Magee Elizabeth Keller McEIman B.S. Math B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Elementary Education x if 'fr .Q I,,...q--A 207 0-Q .gal Skinner Chavez Melo B.S. Music Mary Coralee Moneypenny A.B. Biology K? Edward Woodrow Morrison A.B. Math Neil James Nicoll A.B. History Judith Gardner Oliff B.S. Elementary Education 208 Betty Jean Oliver B.S. Elementary Education 'L w. Stanley Douglas Oliver B.S. Elementary Education John Arthur Ortman A.B. Literature Sharon Post Oxenford B.S. Elementary Education Bethany Gail Parsons B.S. Elementary Education j Raymond Lee Patch A.B. Religion 209 Loraine Patriquin B.S. Elementary Education 'S' Dianne Susan Platt B.S. Music John Bruce Post B.S. Music Robert Dennis Pulkkinen A.B. Religion 75 F15 Verna Saffel B.S. Music Andrew Maurizio Satta A.B. Religion 210 Aleta Jane Savage B.S. Elementary Education Esther Jean Schlosser A.B. Literature 71'-7' Linda Miller Schmidt Barbara Ann Schurter A.B. Anthropology A.B. History "9-ni Carolyn Sue Seaton A.B. Literature Lloyd Gilbert Shannon A.B. Psychology 211 Merle Elwood Sinclair, Jr A.B. Psychology Harry Everett Smith A.B. Literature B.S. Linda Miller Smith Elementary Education Stephen Walter Smith A.B. Psychology Charles Darrel Taylor A.B. Chemistry 36. fm... M. Kathleen Tenny B.S. Elementary Education 212 Esther Anne Thomas A.B. General Science Lionel Stanley Thomas B.S. Math Martin Rees Thomas A.B. Chemistry Timothy Lloyd Thomas A.B. lVlath Joyce Louise Tice A.B. Chemistry Barbara Ann Walter B.S. Elementary Education Richard Hughes Ward 213 A.B. Chemistry Susan Louise Whalen Richard Charles White Clifford Northcote Willy, Jr A.B. Speech A.B. Religion A.B. Psychology Elmer Morris Wilson Sharon Esther Wilson Lawrence Alan Woods A.B. Religion B.S. Nlath A.B. History 214 'Z l 1 l 7 .E ' "rv- ..- .4 J Lorraine Marie Woods Alice Louise Yotter Donna Sue Younce B.S. Elementary Education A.B. Biology B.S. Elementary Education Bernard Harry Zilinskas A.B. Psychology 215 GRADUATE DIVISION GF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES in Q !"""5 in ,T X, "'-23 7?"-?ffEf I 555 n , 5 6- . F5 ' 2'4" fvfv ' ' s e"Ff' XT 5, fp: 1 BSR' . ',E . 4 if ij Judith Louise Hixon Wylie Cleveland Rudolph Lynda Jean Wiensenburger -I lVl.A. Religion lVl.A. Religion lVl.A. Religion l 216 ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAM ,.fl"9 v ' Q A". ,W - .. -Q, ,ig , X ,, '27 ig 4-Q1 N A --N X Robert Neal Bames Mun Sheung Mak Associate in Arts Associate in Science Roberta Mae Shackleford Maxine Dawn Verrill Associate in Science Associate in Science ' 1 .J , , ,,,,.a " J i . f I nxt, JA. N-, '51 at , i v . is . . A' f 217 IN MEMORIAM DANIAL SULEIMAN RIZEK February 2, 1948-May 25, 1968 ..-5' 1ifQv ' -' 4 1, 'f -3, 1 if Y-.Av af l 1 its Q - A," 1 . 4 W, -.'j7,f V ff, -.f kv y. W' l 1 Q 1 5-Y fwf an 595, ti: f ., .x Wi? ?12r'W' i.?!'.t.fi7 ' f .. ' .VFQJ ' 1 'WR A . K K Bu ...l P ' 1 A4 I n 1 ,N Q- : " gt 9'--"'1 wi I know not what the future hath Of marvel or surprise, Assured alone that life and death His mercy underlies. -John Greenleaf Whiffier an s .Fyor v 5 45' 4" x 1 ' 1 -,.xl- -ni 79 , ,V fv . 1. 1. .-4 5. 4--fr "5 '. ' NL WX1 'il' JH I ' of V ,, , A 1 'Ne -1 is 1 St ' '. 'Y 3' - g ,. I , H- Q-, r A '. -- . +:g,:3Q 1 '.,' Ag ' f i 'M ' ' ' 'WS Q4 '21, , fq , ' -.V N f iff .i 9 ", Q QQACEIAM an u gi, 4 J' ,'nfi',:" 'T' .., 4 K , K. 51,3- Q 'Y' in .. 1 Adm. s' ,115 aff Q N1 i A'1 bi '41 'r . ,",l .,..," . ',.'F'13'7'x-f"':' n ff: 4- .,'3"+ A Z xA' .5 , at 'ln-Q-if T' 1' an K ' r A- ' I ,. I. Z he Q s FFQ vs v x. '5IiuA.p,,,4,., kip 'X +1 5 E' , Q, 115 ,M -., C In 6' JUNIORS ,-s J- ft Q -1 ,i -v ar! . , Carol Anderson f' if Elizabeth Best .jf A -'vu Robert Brenner Lynda Cerrato 1 Helene Arden Rebecca Bezant Don Brotherton Elaine Clark 10 -A ,- 5 'AP Linda Atkinson William Baker Morris Badoud A 4-A mrs' ,, X . .p " vi - 4 Q- , , jgdf57!'4, 1.!ia?"" ' f. fs, H, 93 A 'i Donald Bish Alfred Bishop R. G. Blakely 'mv 2.5, Q. -:Q Steven Burns Daniel Butz Larry Calhoun X X.. ! 1 'v ' ,-5. 9' 1. I Y . 1 f I ' if ,- - Reginald Clark Jim ClifiOI'I 1 Richard Collins James Baughman James Bliesner Peter Carlson "7 Darlene Cornell K' 'Rx ,. f-' ' f"a - J v f In I - ' B?-' ,5ff...-2:1 ff ' .swzff-1 1 ' ip: 2123 V I -"I f .57 . ' . V 7 Q A 1' .U -I ' It - 5 ' , i 116.224 . " 9 ' -: . - """-v4 N .'f:' xf'-'::f""- Paul Dever Sandra Dickinson Lloyd Dreibelbis Clinton Eastman Charles Eldridge R. Ellenberger is 'l - A- 1 53' -al' '---rv I- , - fl! ' . I W l ,ve ,J .- -fail ga H i 5 f fix Wi !!- George Emmitt Dale Fallon James Fisher Virginia Fisk Elizabeth Foote Kenneth Goss 220 l Stephen Bellinger Kathleen Bordewieck Russell Carlson John Cress Lawrence Eller Donna Gough .A 1-9 Kathleen Gough 1' Becky Helm Paul Johnson Susan Lind Faith Mariano David Narlee - ii '-1 I A ll-f1m Pat Greco Stephen Gunnerson 1 'O -.d' -.F Shelton Hogan Richard Hook , 6 N 1 4 i 1 xx Robert Johnson James Johnston 'Q 444 ' - 1 4 i- Robert Livingston David Lott Kenneth Hans Melder McConnell v"'Z'! I' i , 4 E 4 in Q 41 I , 3 it l,f Deborah Hale Margaret Donald Hannah I X Q N . Hambly 3 4 42 sl Jyi .fir Nancy Houghton Everett Kaufman s...:f James Luce --. 1' --Q Stella Hult - f. Q .- li ' x 'V , l I f ' 3,14 1 F Ai' 1 if. ,fi Sr' . J , 1' Biff' cl - . HN . Q 55 1 1 -f . 54 . , 1 is Barbara Jacobs 'ri , :N " str 'X i , 15' 1 Marianne Knight Kathryn Krutenat Dave MacCuish 4"'T X 2 William Magnoson ----Y-sv----wfwma ax S. 'ax -6 -A- - .a M , A Catharine Mihill Joyce Morgan Charles Melton ul I In , .1 Qi A' ' 1- L I 2 , J 4 Gayle Nickerson Mary Ellen Nies Wayne Oliff Loretta Ours Thomas Nichols 22 '7 Wayne Hassinger -I Si. Lawrence Jenkins f"'P Dennis Levin David Mann fo ' -I ' 's Y we I J Mary Mott ,i 'O' Q11 X 5 2, is . William Oxenford l l l 1 -A ..... Ron Parker Steve Patton - ft. ., 1 ' -x 4 ,M- LQN-,, X A ---- -i I. 'r n .2 ' " " - f-J r 4 1 Q 'C Barbara Rhodes Sharon Rouse I d 'tr Gary Shetler Don Shook Stephen Smith Sheryl Steele Q17 F 5 XA --., Allen Tassinari John Thompson vw' ,,,.q4 1' Ba rba ra Perry ,.. Robert Rowlands 'FQ XX' 2 ..,.,If David Perry Farrne Pillsbury S. Polemenakos Dorothy Poole 9 V J-P 4 Sharon Savage John Schrader Sally Schwanke Dennis Shafer f. Sharron Helen Sickel Linda Sively Elaine Sloan Newell Smith Shumway Carol Steinmeyer 4-:gr if Q gan. Richard Stengle lfv . 1 ' lll' Donna Tinkham Marjorie Toms 6 r-'YY J: , '- A " -,ue .1 il, , asf? '- gi , YM, in Fred Stone Sharon Townsend Gail Strong Timothy Tarr rf' Veora Tressler David Van Hoewyk 1 vi K Carolannviccione D. Von lderstein Nancy Wallace John Ward Ron Warfle Marjorie Watson Bill Webber 222 Larry Wetzel Dale Whitman Clifford Willy MaryAnn Winters Carol Wright Judy Wright 4' . I Wesley Wright Alice Yeo Susan Young 223 SOPHONIORES if i s ,.. f a 'A n' fb, -,t r -' ..,. ie' I I I I .loan Adams ...no Shirley Barnes lah. 1' 01195 Ii Diane Bowden Charles Carder ,wr ,X Sa ndra Colflesh Chris Crofts f f , . 4, I ' 9 ,I , 1 Ronald Allen Thomas Allen Linda Alverson Ronald Ralph Bausman Pall' Beane Bartholomew l l Betty Bowen Stephen Brenner Judy Buch ...- Phyllis Carlson Paula Carrier William Casey Donna Collins Cathy Cook Nancy Cooter 3 Robert Armstrong Robert Beckwith Wanda Burns Edwin Clare Bettina Copp l Margaret Bailey Barbara Baker Linda Bell June Bosworth '49 -Ili!" t X il Althea Calhoun Patricia Campbell l James Coleman Linda Colflesh f-Q Shirley Cornell Peggy Cress -13" f "' 6 Q 1- 'fs I 5 'M 0' 'il 334 5. U .ibfim f ff: lp' W qftvia -??"ji3'.5f'f'r, ' ' Corally Crothers Russell Crouse Garth Curry Pearl Davis Ruth Douglas Rosalene Dunlop 224 Kenneth Eash i Robert Gagnon Linda Hamilton Darla Hoffman Nancy J. Johnson Kathleen Eckmeyer Edward Gardner Nancy Harlacher ' u Betty Holland l Paul Johnson lg -0 -f's Karl Ely p- 0" gf , ,Y , A rl Linda Gardner Barbara Hart l Terrance Hopkins Thomas Johnson - 'N ,Q U- i l S 'rf f 'I ,gf 93 Donald Keen Charlotte Thomas King Kierstead ' ." .. EA Thomas Evans Joyce Fern Lynda Fligg Larry Freeland P" ,.-.. "" Q fm ri -4 l W 1 Charles Gates Olive Girard Lynn Gleason Janice Hall iv QI ,4 4-'Y J' 1 v lr 0, A . Thomas Heim Sandra Hine Mary Hobensack Sandra Hobson f' 'x l . " n s, -I I J 1 , , 2 - Darlene Hosner Patricia Hurless Linda Iverson Carol Johnson 'TD ft' f I a Diana Jones Wendell Jones Everett Judkins Eloise Keefer Keith Kleppinger Nancy Knapp Sarah Ko Herbert Lau 225 at 'rv 1 .JM Faye Lear Rachel Lopez Jeanne LeGrand Brenda Mank ga -N 1 jf, , William Mauger Kenneth I"f.. Daniel Murphy ,-I, Y as-K IJ' Brenda Pillsbury h f , ,AZ Don na Reid McConnell John Naile Linda Piper 0.45 --1 . 3 -H' ., ., In Q, Martha Reilly "-6 C -1. Y ., F. K P ,,-5 4' ...L I : la L A Kathy Leta Kenneth Lewis Linda J. Lewis Linda L. Lewis -11 1 Tiff -' Muriel Mann I Anil 1 i. ,. 1. Pat Lockwood Anthony Manna Jane Manson John Marcks lv' '73, s 'fx Linda Markola I, T. I i - 2' , x 5 V53 Q1 1 .. A 129' X' ' l l Q Sandra McMahon Linda McNutt Dara Miller Janice Mitchell Beth Morgan D X 5 3 "' - as, its - Lynn Nelson Miriam Nielson Karen O'Donnell -K x", JA,-ai Jeanne Polley Donna Pope Robert Powell 4-v me 'Wh 1 . Frar1CeS ReStfiCk Marilyn Rice Carol Roberts 226 Linda Pendleton John Ragonese John Ryan June Pierce Barbara Rapalie Sofia Sarkissian 11 'Q .1 Jack Schmitt Stephen Small Bradley Thompson ,fav 4 Sharyn Turner David Wensel Rona Schmitt Paul Spetz Paul Thompson Gaston Vilaire Harold Wheeler Bonnie Schneck l Linda Steele ,-Q Sherry Thompson Tom Vorhauer William White -J ,ar Ardean Selke 'S Tun Tan 1 I Joanna Trask Sue Wade Paul Whittemore 227 'J ,H , Michael Shahan Anita Shoff -71 .-Q1 l 0 l' .s NA- Wai L. Tan ...a Richard Taylor Linda Tribou La rry Tu rcott Nancy Watson Mary Williams T 'O 'I Terrance Wayne Lawrence Yerdon 1 6 1' Carol Silva 4,49 Carol Thomas wa Penelope Webb FRESHIVIEN Randolph Abel James Ackerman Stephen Bosquette Donna Bennett Nancy Bragg Francine Brower Rachel Champion David Chapman Nancy Clark Cathy Cleckner - 0. :ll I ,. 1 f 4 N' . -' L fy!-'aj . - arf' l fif- A Ralph Cresswell Judith Cross James Allen pf I, Elden Bosworth David Brown Helen Chapman Priscilla Coe William Dalesio June Andreotta 'Q ,. I MN Sharon Bowen Na ncy Brown Dana Cheney Joan Cole Jackie Davis 228 9911 . A .r Sandra Anderson Karen Bowley flu f Ai' 'f 3 r' , y A 1 X Audrey Carvell '11-J, Dorothy Appleton Robert Bradbury .-as up I x , Marilyn Caswell David Cherry , -nv 1" 1 S. Christopher Kenneth Copeland Q.: '.Y -.- Milca Costas Celis Diaz Ellen Dickson James Bell Suzanne Bradford Karen Cefaratti Ka ren Christy 1 George Costello I L I I l 1 Darlene Dillingham F. Doornebos in JE 1113 4 ' , y Q . 5 I 5 I Toni Dubs Susan Dunlop -gig ' X '1' 1 A .WA , , fr. 'mf , ,gh f .. Q: , JK 0 . We u at A 4 -.-' . ., X Y US Lois Enck John Estey John Flannery .eff TQ fr' ix ,Q .V ,6 ' Q '91 a. fr' A . K. Christine Frens Gerald Fuller Wilfred Gagnon 'lil wr 1 1'-2 ,- . -.3 -I I -5. 'x r b ,4 N vw "Jig, 2 . - , , if , .Nl 1 " if l 5 P Q . Alberta Gillespie Cheryl Girton Janice Gleason Charles Greenwood Gayle Haskell , . Ab ' I-Q 1127 f Llari Donna Griffin Darlene Grote Lois Hassinger Myrna Hayes Nelson Eagle is . ,S 'IQ--r Af 1 Leah Fletcher Kathleen Galford -49 ,rv Sandra Gould 9-A 'I N x , Susan Groves Keith Hemmings 229 fs-'ss 'F 1" 7: - Ev: ,. . J -M if .3 i L f Paul Eddy Lester Eldeen 5 ,x rv F5 ,.. I 0 Mary Frantz Katheryn Frawley P X. X. ll, A ra VI' Donna Garland James Garrison Bertram Grant Sandra Gray X xi" , A .-kv il ' i l. EX Xi 3 l Susan Guppy Steven Halterman 'L' 4 f Q, xxx," qfziww ' i 2 , !- M9 - Coleen Hepa Sandra Hetrick Dennis Eller '..i - D 1' -uv J I' f fllqf-Q"4ff, 1 l ' e fig Sharyn Freed Peggy Gibson Ken Greathouse Anne Harvey nf: is James Hinman 'fo x x 5- 2 Dawn Hollis 1 It 7 . 1 57 J Nancy Holt Htl Rita Jennings ' .l Elizabeth Keen ral ff' Barbara Lincoln - ,A 0 , 5 - V ' Eric Melder - 5 In 4 , . ' '1 i X J ' 5 B' -:J I if ' f..V i 2, Q - .Y zy. ' . Rebekah Nichols like f? ,..., Eleanor Johnson Donna Keene as f ig' A A Russell Long ,3 gb Dale Moore William Nielson Glenn Houseman Leon Johnson l""n 4 Carol Kinder Kendall Lord .. ' . Ruth Moore Ruth Nixon 230 l IQ Grace Hsu Nancy Johnson 'f 'rr Marilyn Kish Mary Mahoney Sha ron Murphy 'Cv Shirley Nortz Carole Hubbard Rosanna Johnson Gary Krlin Ba rba ra Ma riano Raymond Negley Sheredith Oliver F .V , O .37 Henry Huke Theresa Jacobs Joyceanne Jones Daniel Joyce X Faith Lawrence Bradford Lawson f-r Ruben Martin Joseph Matus .V - Y J I Anne Nesse Marilyn Newman 4 S. Oliver Gail Overton 'Z .,,, --ui W BF-' Q Dale Parry Greg Peck Arthur Peters N f a iv w. 5 I , 'Q , 1 - I: 'vs . is I 'i tx 'rl --v Q-'7 I i Jack Preston Donna Raabe Cathleen Reed Anthony Rooks Silvia Silva Kathy Snow Mark Stinson ,IQ -v .,,, -Q 9 v Z Kenneth Sacchetti S , Maxine Simmons David Spangler Gene Stover ,ik Ca rl Satta Betty Smith dk! Q-6 .. ,at Glenn Stahl J E Peter Petraitis l Evelyn Rightmire 72' -X27 John Dee Scott Brenda Smith Thomas Stanford .gi .4-I Louis Plank Eileen Platt ,Q -. Ph ,J 5 -A -0 ..-.J Anthoula Rizas Daniel Rizek i :A gs Leslie Shinaberry Jerry Shotts z.', , .K , - j i 4 Catharien Poydar F ' . Daniel Roach if ..? Donna Shugrue 1, fi- , L f". " ' 'n r '5 i Qu- 2 'V Candace Smith Timothy Smith Karen Snell .0 -9' ..,- Ronald Stanley Ann Steffler if Y'7""T 1' ilrf K A: .IJ K' fj Donald Straite Nancy Swan Arles Symonds 3 I. H. - i 25 f A Bee Cheng Tan ,-'dig 9 . ,N ' . 15 7' Pamela Sterling f William Tarbell 4 X 1 5 l W. ll A NL' x Karen Tenny Phyllis Viccione .! .- ,-Au Lois Whitney l Jeffrey Therrien -ad Judith Warren Joyce Widowfield F Fi' Donald Thomas Kenneth Thomas Barry Weiss Walter Welch Ted Wiggs 12" J Ni, 'e new Barbara Wilkinson Lawrence Woods Gillian Yeats Margaret Yeo Sally Zellers 232 Carolyn Titus Julius Werbner Kathryn Williams Barry Zimmerman l Susan Vecchione ,. ffl X Mary Wheeler Hayley Wise Michael Vetros Patricia Whitling David Witherow Q ' ADVERTISING NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT REV. FLETCHER SPRUCE DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent .... District Secretary . . . . District Treasurer ..., District N.W.M.S. Pres. . District N.Y.P.S. Pres. . . "O my soul. thou hast said unto the Lord. Thou art L d ood d h h b my or : my g ness exten et not to t eeg ut to the saints that are in the earth, and to the excellent, in whom is all my delight." CUNGRATULATIUNS T0 THE CLASS UF 1968 Psalm 16:2 Rev. Fletcher C. Spruce . . . . . .Rev. Ross R. Cribbs ...Mr. Paul Wells . . . . . .Mrs. Fletcher Spruce . . . . . .Rev. Kenneth Alcorn 234 was GAMMA fi INQUISITIVE COLLEGE STUDENTS, alert to living in an awesome time, probe issues ancient yet perennial: "What is man?" "Know thyself." "What ought I to do?" matters perplexing, profound, disturbingly personal. They need a ministry alert, responsive and supporting, prophetic, also probing, articulate in the issues of today, even innovativeg mindful always that so awesome a takes all there is of us- and God. n assignment WOLLASTON, MASSACHUSETTS Nlinisters. Gordon Wetmore, pastor William Youngman, associate Robert Brown, music 235 . ff! V T .,-f LX! I f . , A f ASX, 5 1 ., J f U X ' H I Y,, . fungi,- i 5 A A S A IES! P I E HH ILE - Q 'Q QQ 1.gQ2- u FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 764 Hathaway Road, New Bedford Massachusetts H. Warren Mingledorff, Pastor 'Where a warm welcome awaits you." OUR STUDENTS AT E.N.C.: Carol Silva CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 236 Andover Street Peabody, Nlass. Rev. Ross R. Cribbis, Pastor SUNDAY SERVICES: Sunday School-9:45 Morning Worship-11:00 Youth Fellowships-6:00 Evangelistic Service-7:00 Congratulations to the class of 1968 WEST SOMERVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 259 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE sTunEN1swELcoME TO FELLOWSHIP WITH US. Elm and Russell at Davis Square SERVICES: . Sunday School -10:00 am West Somerville, Massachusetts Worship Hour -11:00 am NYPS - 6:15 pm Presenting the Christ of the Cross! Rev. Adelard P. Everton, Pastor 15: 'il' .4 nl. r " Evangelistic Hour- 7:00 pm Pastor: Deane R. Hardy '52 Student: Dale Hardy CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1968 "Wishing the Class nnn, , of 1968- CAMBRIDGE CHURCH ii - OF THE NAZARENE Clear vision ,ld 'IL 234 Franklin Street and 'I Central Square Pure hearts." I ,.,. 'C" MRM Cambridge, lVlass. ,i I ,bls Rev. R. Fletcher Tink, Pastor 236 CHURCH UE THE NAZARENE 236 Main Street Manchester, Conn. Rev. William A. Taylor, Pastor Congratulations to the Class of 1968 Students at E.N.C.-1967-68 Robert Beckwith Phyllis Carlson Edward Gardner June Andreotta Sandra Hetrick Anita Shoft Graduating in June, 1968 Ruth Hetrick Sharon Kilpatrick Judith Gardner Dianne Platt Oliff .ff 3, glib. CHURCH UF THE NAZARENE 390 Court Street Keene, New Hampshire Rev. Alan D. Smith, Pastor Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Graduate Lorraine Marie Woods and the class of 1968 "Presenting a Warm Welcome in the Heart of New England" CUNCURU, NEW HAMPSHIRE CHURCH UF THE NAZARENE Rockingham and Donovan Sts. Rev. Jon K. Gray, Minister Mrs. Marion Wells, S.S. Superintendent Mrs. Nancy Gray, N.W.M.S. President Mr. Mike Duquette, N.Y.P.S. President Winner of Growing Church Achievement Award in 1967 Preaching Christ in the Capital City. 237 "Trust in the Lord with al.l thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding" Proverbs 3:5 DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent District Secretary ..i,.i. District Treasurer ,... District N.W.M.S. Pres. District N.Y.P.S. Pres. MAINE DISTRICT X...z ' REV. JOSHUA C. WAGNER District Church Schools Chairman c c Rev. Joshua C. Wagner ..,....,..Rev. John Noftle ......Mr. Sherman Irving ,....,..Mrs. Ruth Wagner ......Rev. Roland Dunlop ...,Rev. Jack E. Shankel CUNGRATUIATIIINS T0 THE CLASS UF 1968 238 , I SOUTH PORTLAND CHURCH of the NAZARENE 179 Sawyer Street South Portland Maine Pastor Rev. George W. Whetstone Congratulations to the Class of 1968 "Since from His bounty I receive Such proofs of love divine, Had I a thousand hearts to give, Lord, they should all be Thine." S. Stennett SKOWHEGAN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Skowhegan, Maine "We pledge our loyalty" OUR STUDENTS Elden Bosworth Rosaline Dunlop Sandra Dickinson Dale Moore Darlene Dillingham Merle Sinclair FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 20 Stone Street Augusta, Maine 04330 Maine's Capital City Church Salutes E.N.C -g A. . , - f. . nf."-f f .-f -76:64-1 t 'W :.'x": 4 tifgfg.-1 f X iiiw,-' ' x X . 1 , . , -,,,,,. R 1,11 g Rev. J. E. ,I I W , Shankel, fsguf f Q Minister lzfvfefi' rx. T Af, ,,, ,,, " XV 'i i' N A95-T!! . L5 . - : 15 Il Q E 25 li' f .' If J ' . 'g ,sl - Q , , H " Gr: ,.., ,.g,..E..-, ' . ..,l ff ,Hewitt-reaavsucaesgqam- -- Congratulations to the Class of 1968 239 ALBANY DISTRICT "For the love of God is broader Than the measure of man's mind: And the heart of the Eternal Is most wonderfully kind." F W Faber DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent District Secretary .... District Treasurer .... District N.W.M.S. Pres. District N.Y.P.S. Pres. REV. KENNETH PEARSALL District Church Schools Chairman . . . .Rev. Kenneth Pearsall Rev. Morris E. Wilson . .Rev. George Douglas . . . .Mrs. Ruth Tyner . . . .Rev. Donald Shelp . Rev. Everett Kaufman CUNGRATULATIUNS T0 THE CLASS UF 1968 240 CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 285 E. Henrietta Rd. QRoute 15AJ Rochester, N.Y. Russell E. Lewis, Pastor Present students: Bonnie Schneck Alice Yotter Linda Lewis Congratulations to the Class of 1968 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 500 N. Nanticoke Ave. Endicott, New York Rev. Jay Patton, pastor 211 STUDENTS FROM ENDICOTT Sharon Oxenford Stephen Patton Sharon Rouse Carolyn Titus Marjorie Watson Peter Theodore Congratulations, Class of '68 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ninety-first Street at Read Avenue Niagara Falls, New York 14304 CHURCH of the NAZARENE 12th gl Spring Garden Streets Easton, Pennsylvania REV. ROBERT D. CHEW Pastor Congratulations-Class of 1968 First Church of the Nazarene 609 Canton Street, Ogdensburg, N. Y. Rev. John D. Scott, Pastor Our E.N.C. Students: Stephen Bellinger John D. Scott Congratulations to the Class of 1968 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2929 Midland Avenue Syracuse, N. Y. 13205 'Sr "I Love Thy Church, O God" George E- TGGQUG Our E.N.C. - Nancy Cooter Students - Larry Woods Pastor - - ' 1, 6 -.,. . , Y, 4.8 - .W , . , .1 1 . . - 1 f as ,,-A Www -S H 2, V W' f gr.: LL, ,:YQs3,v, W . 4 I 1-:ff--'f "f'4ff'11x'2-Tffnlffsw' i f ' I .1 : 'QA "1 if 5' f'.,Af.LQ'?'Wf:.j' 4 , ' EJ, N52 A--4-fs-aye 'ny-.:.,, -' "dl tiff. K " ' A v .. :I ' tl 13'-,.' :Tit-n'..! ,, ,f ,sh . - 'Q - 'Y' "Zigi " X it ahffvp R .V , A271 -... , of ' , tiff 'F 1 .lgwilsse ' al t , fs' 5 'Y' " .M -' .- ejgf-'jgn'-, ,- . 2 w, ire, ,, 3 ,.,,,5,.,V. an V 4. n f We if., Y. ' ".'f3'2"' "1 L, -- 1 f9":: ' .7 ' I HW.: fzfl -.-.- '- ' 1 -s-- "-' 5 Sanctuary . s f Rev. John S. Cramer, pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 187 Broad Street Plattsburgh, New York Our Students Stanley Oliver, Bernard Arnold Congratulations to the Class of 1968 242 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHAMPLAIN ZONE OF THE ALBANY DISTRICT DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT REV. KENNETH H. PEARSALL Lake Placid Pastor-Rev. Merle 78 Main Street Lake Placid 12946 Fetter Congratulations to the Class of 1968 Vermontville Pastor-Rev. Blair McKim Route 3 Altona Trinity Pastor-Rev. Thomas Thomas Main Street Altona 12910 Tzigff Vermontville 12989 Ei Malone Plattsburgh Pastor-Rev. John Cramer 187 Broad Street Pastor-Rev.A. N. Christensen Route 11b Malone 12953 Boquet Chapel Pastor-Rev. Wilbur Cassick STUDENTS- Lake Placid: Charlotte Mihill Vermontville: Arles Symonds J. Plattsburgh: Bernard Arnold Stanley Oliver Altona: Martha Gordon Lionel Thomas Timothy Thomas Wilmington: Paul Johnson Gregory Peck Jackson Preston Karen Trumbull Plattsbur ri 12901 Wilmington g Route 22 Pastor-Rev. Dale Wanner Essex 12936 Route 86 Wilmington 12997 AMI WJ 1 --n 243 NEW YORK DISTRICT 11 7 I "Let the words of my mouth, And the meditation of my heart, Be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemerf' Psalm 19'I4 REV. J. H. WHITE DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent ri...., ,........, R ev. J. H. White District Secretary ,,,,,..,. .......... R ev. Arthur Hughes District Treasurer ,, ..,....... Mr. Raymond Reed District N.Y.P.S. Pres. . ..,..... Rev. David Wayman District N.W.M.S. Pres. ,..,....,...., .......... M rs. Phyllis Stanford District Church Schools Chairman ..,,., ....,.., R ev. R. J. Cerrato IIIINIIRATULATIIINS T0 THE CLASS UF 1968 244 EAST ROCKAWAY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE EAST ROCKAWAY, Li., NEW voRK R. J. Cerrato ..... Pastor J. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1968 OUR E.N.C. STUDENTS Keith Hemmings Robert Brenner Linda Iversen Stephen Brenner Mary Mott Lynda Cerrato Sixteen former E.N.C'ers in our church. "I WILL LIFT UP MY EYES . . " Psalm 121:1 SOUTH HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ITHACA, NEW YoRK Our Pastor and Church Officers are ENCers, boost- ing our Alma Mater, serving Christ and His Church. JAMES C. TASKER, PASTOR Evelyn Ganoung, Organist Rev. William Chase, Pastor Emeritus COME SEE US! CLASS OF '68 TAKE THE HIGH GROUND! 245 DOVER CHURCH of the NAZARENE 70 HUDSON ST., DOVER, N. J. Mountain-Lake Area of Northern New Jersey Congratulations to the class of 1968 Rev. Neale McLain Rev. Neale McLain, Pastor Mrs. John Lynch, Director of Music Mr. James Cochran, S. S. Superintendent Mr. David Jayne, N.Y.P.S. President Mrs. Donald Darsch, N.W.M.S. President Mr. Donald Darsch, C.S.T. Director FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE VERNON AND KNICKERBOCKER STS. PATERSON, NEW JERSEY Arthur Hughes, pastor Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 'I968 246 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE P. 0. BOX 5278 City and Bull Run Roads TRENTON, NEW JERSEY REV. CARLTON P. GLEASON, PASTOR 1 "A Church with a Welcome that you Feel" "May you discover your true selves in Christ and be lifted to your highest possible plateaus of creativity. May your minds be wide open to all truth and your hearts fully opened to the love of God!" May you find from experience that, "As many as are led by the Spirit of God . . . they are the sons of God." OUR STUDENTS AT E.N.C. Richard Baumgartner Kathy Frawley Janice Gleason Joyce Lynne Gleason Brenda Houser Charles Hunter Faye Lear Deborah Schubert Barbara Schurter Congratulations to the Class of 1968 247 A Growing District Rich in Fellowship A Vision 'forthe Future -7 DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent District Secretory .. ., District Treasurer . District N.Y.P.S. Pres. District N.W.M.S. Pres. . PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT REV. JAMES E. HUNTON . .. M Rev. Jomes E. Hunton Rev. Chester M. Williams ,.M.Rev. Lloyd G. Gordon , . ......,,.,,.,..... Rev. Robert Fciulstick ...Rev. Mrs. Christine L. Henck IIUNGRATULATIIINS TU THE CLASS UF 1968 248 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Myron E. Richey, Minister CONGRATULATIONS . . . . . To ENC for 50 years of Christian Service Myron E. Richey Class of '46 . . . To the graduating Class of 1968 . . . To our church students of the Class of 1968 Lee Haas Glen Galusha FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LINDEN AND WOODLAWN ' I ff Q BETHLEHEM, PA. Ei ' I 1 ' The Christmas City of the U.S.A. CHESTER M. WILLIAMS, Pastor Our Student: Daniel Butz Congratulations to the Class of 1968 249 EPHRATA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE North Academy Drive at Dawn Avenue Eph rata, Pennsylvania William D. Mowen, Pastor Congratulations to the Class of 1968 -1 r l l i ! A Q X4 f Q Qs, Wm. D. Mowen ami: M- .---.-!..!- - 1 I-,v 1 ,l I il., -f- Our ENC Students Judy Buch Audrey Carvell Lois Enck Charles Gates Vici McGowen William Mowen, Jr Donna Nlowen Mary Ellen Nies David Spangler Our Graduate Marcia Grube 250 READING, PENNA. CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Centre Avenue at Fourth Street CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD'S BEST TO THE CLASS OF '68! Our representatives at E.N.C.: The Dining Hall Hostess: Mrs. R Our Students: Carol Steinmeyer, oyce Spencer Dale Fallon Graduates: Barbara Walter. Paul Herschel Werner Rev. Arthur M. Fallon Pastor "Echoes from Calvary" Each Sunday 8:30-9:00 A.M. over WEEU, 850 on Your Dial FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Dean at Darlington Streets, West Chester, Pa. Rev. Robert S. Faulstick, Minister Our Students: Anne Harvey, Arthur Peters Congratulations to the Class of 1968 ff ' I fi afar. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 260 EAST SEVENTH STREET BLOOMSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 17815 Nelson H. Henck, Pastor Congratulations to the Class of 1968 251 PITTSBURGH DISTRICT J-""L ts-1' lr" DR. ROBERT I. GOSLAW DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent .... District Secretary ..I.. District Treasurer . . District N.Y.P.S. Pres. . . District N.W.M.S. Pres. . ........ . . "Oh, the height and depth of mercy! Oh, the length and breadth of love! Oh, the fullness of redemption Pledge of endless life above!" F. J. Crosby Dr. Robert I. Goslaw . .Rev. Russell Lewis ..,Dr. C. C. Brown . . . .Rev. Dale Bissell , . . . .Mrs. Elsie Neiderhiser District Church School Board Chairman .... ...... R ev. Russell Merriman BUNGRATULATIUNS T0 THE CLASS UF 1968 252 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pennsylvania Avenue East at Irvine Street Warren, Pennsylvania lf OUR STUDENTS AT ENC: Douglas Dickson Susan King James Clifton Barbara Baker Paul Spetz Nancy Johnson Ellen Dickson IIUNIIRATUMTIUNS TU THE UlASS UF 1968 "Holiness becomefh thine house O Lord." ix Rev. John lVl. Gardner 253 gf::':ET'7-?""T'T3 ' Sanctuary Educational Unit CIRCLEVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Circleville, Pennsylvania Rev. George Anderson ......r .r.,r........,....r...., P astor Elwood Vandiver ..,..l.,.... ,,...., S .S. Superintendent Corine Leasure ......,..,,,...r. ...,r..ll N .Y.P.S. President Mary Hannah Ehrhardt ......l, ...,.... NI issionary President Our Students at E.N.C.: Bonnie Sypolt, Sandy Colflesh TWIN BURIIUIIH CHURCH IIF THE NAZARENE the friendly church with the forward vision ROYERSFORD, PA. PASTOR: ARTHUR BROWN MINISTER OF NIUSIC: FRED WICKS N.Y.P.S. PRESIDENT: ELAINE BORING N.W.IVI.S. PRESIDENT: PAUL KEIIVI S.S. SUPERINTENDENT: JOSEPH BEAN Our Students at ENC: Lloyd Dreibelbis and David Brown 254 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 2624 German Street Erie, Penna. 16504 Rev. Nl. Minich, Pastor Our Students at ENC: David Pe-rry David Wensel Denny Eller Larry Eller BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 520 North Center Street Grove City, Penna. Congratulations to the Class of 1968 Rev. W. G. Graves CONGRATULATIONS E.N.C. ON 50th ANNIVERSARY YEAR FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BRANST AVE. AND 16th STREET NEW CUMBERLAND, PENNA. Robert M. lngland, Jr., Pastor , ' .. . -il " - , -nf ... -A ...,.., WE ARE PROUD OF OUR E.N.C. STUDENTS: CONGRATULATIONS .... Robert Clemens . . . Class of 1968 Nancy Harlacher . . . Class of 1968 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 601 East Second Street OIL CITY, PA. Rev. O. C. Rushing, Pastor Our Students in E.N.C.: Pat Whitling Hayley Wise william oxenford . . . Class of 1970 Tim Tal' 55 DR. E. E. GROSSE "The tear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." CPsa. 111:1OJ We will prove our strong devotion Loyal we will be True to God and Alma Mater True to E.N.C. Washington District DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent .,.,,.. District Secretary .,.. .. .. District Treasurer ..l. . District N.Y.P.S. Pres. .. District N.W.M.S. Pres. E. E. Grosse ....,.,..Wilsie L. McMillan ,..,......Rev. Kenneth Akins ...,......Mrs. Christine Bowers Weston Chambers BUNGRATULATIUNS TU THE CLASS UF 1968 256 "A Lighthouse Near the White House" FIRST CHURCH UF THE .NAZARENE Robert W. Crew, Pastor Mrs. Lois Keys, Director oflVlusic Supporting ENC with Prayers, Students, and Finance Our Students at E.N.C.: Neel Price, Jr. Fred Stone Margaret Bailey Catherine Nlihill Robert W. Crew Congratulations to the Class of 1968 257 BEL AIR CHURCH of the NAZARENE Bel Air, Maryland 2 Q 5 Wb'igs,.Af Always behind Eastern Nazarene College with our prayers and participation in college affairs. The pastor and people extend our best wishes to the administration and student body. Rev. Clair Umstead .......... Minister of Music ' Charles Deisroth .... . . . S. S. Superintendent yi Earle Crowther ....... . . N.Y.P.S. President Mrs. Clifton Simmons ...... N.W.M.S. President Rev. Neil E. Hightower Pastor Situated on the well-travelled first national highway-U.S. 1- we are frequently visited by E.N.C. students passing by. We delight in this opportunity of worship service. Students during 1968: Joyceanne Jones Linda Smith Everett Smith "Success in Service to Class of 1968" 258 ?i1-At Church of the 714 arene . . . ,, -. vw- N' ,, - iQ 4301 Woodridge Rd., Baltimore. lVld. 21229 .at Edmondson Village shopping center. 2176 miles east of Beltway exit 15 on U S Route 40 West Faithfully Supporting E.N.C. Rev. Richard G. Diftenderfer Associate Minister npr-- Roy E. Carnahan I "'f"'-""" 'H Pastor , ,Z Office phone C3015 945-5133 Home phone C3013 945-5297 Congratulations to our students: Sharon Bowen Peggy Gibson Lynn Nelson Prospectus Sunday School .... Worship Service . Youth Services .... Evangelistic Service . . Mid-Week Service QWed.j . College Park Church nl the Nazarene 9704 Rhode Island Avenue College Park, Md. 20740 Phone 935-0516 . 9:45 . 10:50 . 6:00 . 7:00 . . 7:45 P.lVl. P.lVl. Congratulations to Eastern Nazarene College on your Golden Anniversary If ul"'Y G. Thomas Spiker Pastor 259 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BROOKLYN 1309 Bay Ridge Avenue CHURCH or Tl-IE NAZARENE Amponsl Mmm, Audrey Ave. and First St. . HARRY E. GRIMES, PASTOR BG"'m0'ef MQ'Y"'nd 821 SPRINGDALE AVENUE ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND "To known Christ better and to make Him better known Philip Neeley, Pastor FIRST CHURCH of 'The NAZARENE Montieth and Wilson Ave. Kittanning, Pennsylvania 16201 Ray Schermerhorn, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS Our Students: T0 THE Alberta Gillespie CLASS or 1968 MY SWS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 'I968 SALISBURY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 800 Johnson St. Salisbury, Maryland John L. Parry- Pastor W.., STUDENTS: Greetings from Salisbury, Md. Nazarenes Steve Smith Paul Johnson Jr. DEPARTMENT HEADS: BCll"l3Gt'CI Wilkinson Donna Onyon - Carol l'lUbl9OVCl Norma Johnson - NWMS Dale Parry Daniel Hitchens - Church Schools John L. Parry "Since from His bounty I receive Such proofs of love divine, Had I a thousand hearts to give Lord, they should all be Thine." S. Sfenneff DISTRICT OFFICERS District Superintendent . . . District Treasurer .... District Secretary .... District N.W.M.S. Pres. . District N.Y.P.S. Pres. . . Dr. V. W. Littrell Virginia District CUNGRATULATIUNS TU THE CLASS UF 1968 .Dr. V. W. Littrell ....W. F. Masters . . . .L. E. Humrich Mrs. V. W. Littrell .David S. Radcliffe 261 l ot SOUTHSIDE CHURCH of the NAZARENE 2305 Concord Ave Richmond, Virginia 23234 SAMUEL PICKENPAUGH, Pastor Congratulations to ENC on the 50th Anniversary and the Class ot 1968 :KNAW ff' CHURCH of the NAZARENE NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE RICHARD M. HOVER, '60 PASTOR Ross Kierstead Jr., S.S. Supt. Mrs. Mariorie Chase, N.W.M.S. Pres. Howard E. Williams, NYPS Pres. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 'I968 BUTLER, NEW JERSEY CHURCH of the NAZARENE 188 KIEL Ave. Supports E.N.C. Congratulations Class 1968 Rev. Myrwin D. Gray Pastor Our ENC Student: Bill Dalesio CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE R.D. 2 UHRICHVILLE, OHIO CLARENCE HAAS - Pastor Congratulations to the Class of 1968 262 Vw! . , K K - I A x -4- -Y-- 9 S0 GQ . .1v?4"Q-tiff, 4 lxxx 'fibilf' Zvi?" A E I, 122, - ' 'Y liisi : f ' C - f ' ' 1 " X' T?jfl T is A f I 1' 0 Mc W . - ' A - 1- . 5:5- 'D l:lIl.LLt 5 S..S.ii..5.-E.. 'ia:i-E 5 -21 fg- ,uM--- - '7"'l1+- I l""""' "I" '- Mggrf' ' " f ' ""' "' -- Rev. L. O. Rist CHURCH of the NAZARENE Chestnut Street at Lindmar Drive Painesville, Ohio . . . We appreciate our college, its faculty and administration . . . We congratulate the class of 'I968 . . . We are proud of our students who are attending ENC Carol Anderson 0 Sharon Murphy Ronald Murphy 0 Sally Schwanke Dan Murphy 0 Karen Snell Carol Wright FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE MALDEN, MASS. "NOW WORSHIPPING IN THE FORMER SANCTUARY OF THE CHRIST METHODIST CHURCH, 787 SALEM STREET, MALDEN, MASS QROUTE 60, T74 MILE WEST OF ROUTE U BECAUSE OF THE FIRE WHICH DESTROYED OUR CHURCH BUILDING." Students at ENC: SERVICES: Roddie Peterson 9:45 a.m.-Sunday school William Magnusson 'II:00 a.m.-Morning worship Dick Hook 6:15 p.m.-Youth hour Roy Harding 7:00 p.m.-Evangel. hour Fred Stone, Minister of Music CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1968 263 ef -.. EF'-" XA ' . 7 , 5. ,,. -1 sq- ' ' - ' 1 at , alan., - Z gi 15, , 1.1 s ,Aa 1. if K , ?f.f?-STL '- 1 ,E 1.1. f. - f ' 'xv ' ' , , 5 f 1141. Kg! Q . 1 ' .um ,Q K3 x Si 731.3 yn' x JL' .' ' X ., ' G: .5 ' A. nf- +551 .Sr '- -if L Wt. I, ,EJ .ff ...f is 5 . x , . - ' v 4. f 11. 4- 'H K 4 qv 'Q' .. -' x- ' 3 ,fi9.'15-, ' -, '- '13, 1 ' 1 ,- .,, I df uf74"l'0--' if :L ::mL1'.: 'rt' h 4 .1 ' 'Lx' i 5 .fg Quai 3, ,.,.1?'E?f',""-" 35 , 1, .. K", , - -. ' if--1. '. f -. l 'Sf 1:23 1. 4 x6x'w.f..W.5f Y,g.,,.., .., Q A my-. 4, Q .J -531.-"am X- 0 . ,X .4 , 1,5 TT, ,gh -kq1-75. 1 5 svn K - Mt.: ff, L ,- - .A -' P' Efwg ,-:- '15, - Qi 'V V 1. GA ' -' i , JFK' wiv- whiff 3, k 1. .5 .,',A-5.-.gs . , . : i. V .1 t Q"".' '1'.,-Qi' X 'HA 'ff QJA5 ' A fx'-ff f '. . All, x., A sz. ,gm 4, ,. , . ' Nr gg "ff"--'-'., I , J. f gui.. v 4' Uk? ...I - .f- WA.-4' -Q ,.-,. ,,, Pr 2 ', " , 2: - -f 185' f 5' ew., 5.1 4 1-gf' F. , Q 57 g J' .ff wifi.. .'+. VZ 38-23, p , eq, M.-' .- A 1 .t1:3'vji1,Y'. , Q 5 L5 15.9 fx: -,- '- 4 K :N .i"'fv"" 'fn 'tl-5-fax I R 5 N9 55"-ug, 4 p ,.1',,g,:yf4'..,,YQ,f.f' fg- -1. -9 lv . ' A :,." fx-5.1w'Q- ,ia -, .. ' ,f 1. -,Q . 1.-gf - mf af- in . "2 , A , ',f"r"7,?'.f' 5' A 'Q ' Iv 5, 1 A ., . , , ,A . I. ,,v.,,, .,5 ,r E f L:.-?5'j:sS- 1, f' i,35Qg,5-if ,5f,,'f.,4. fl., , 5 ' Y V ga, .1 , -, -vi ..el,f.. V -L. riff' ' 'V' ' . ' 7643? 'h1.f-"'.f- Y? Q1-W 4, . V 5.1, , tu - -'ifq.,1J'lLJ.. 5. :T Q , .f .- ' - 1 v, kg, -f: rx, ' . Nw fm' M., - 'igolgfiwl ffl' ' .fi 1 p.."'. . - -wiv: ,' ' P . 1 J' . , H- f .M '- - f v r, - - , .4-B.. ,, AM -s ,v: , 3.5 9:-4,8 3 ,rf 15,3 g,f,.,f':ffg ' 2... . , .V P 1 gg ' , A, , 'rgf-.s.z4-N.:-.,:f fr,,. ' H-Twrsc::s - Ig J L ,A F, 1? i 1Y',gM.y5jIQm .,1gfa s ' 3' .JJ E -L '.fi 4. 'g' , X .5311 2.5 Q i 9 ns, -- i 'Ilia' -3,11 w xxx 5 , . ,- Q ji 15- .A -., ',-rv s ' f -,sr ., ." . M -Q 4 . ,411-f.h,,,,w, , x -4 ,..':4 1. -, , lx 9 - . v ' -A - , -'1 A .. : 1,1-, fm. . Mu' Wa- -Q 'Y' f la:-rg ' f Av- -- ' v- , -N ,gli -1 , 5. y, 4 f- h-FQ' I' -N .'. 5-..?'s-wx, ' .r '- ',:w"' 'fr ' 'Sq' ef- ? ?':'. q..'2"i.-1"s'15 fm 1 2- - ' . -- :Vg '7A"'.f'wL3' , 1 ' . 4 X -- IA .YZ1 'W an ,a- w " , u Qfvt iw ' 5, . . , , fs. I , -'Q lx p ' ff. x fs 1' as I . .' 4 4 'vi ' ,I -. .ff 4 K L 1 .4 , X , 211--. , lm Y, I'-ff. N ..., .- 1'-'.v'fw 1 .4 L I , r 4: X., A - - , v. A v, aug' - ,Ll:','.,-!g'.' ,A : ,T 'lfafiflfz ga Q - .4 Xffn' 5 x fi ',,.2- '4-'wsjl a-'L J. F 5 4- ' 7 Q. i t ,I J 5 V ,, "6 'r E ,gs 3'. -if -3 , .Wx .A ,a-r, H...-W , . pf. 3 vi. 'fl - ,W ' 4.- , - x y J. ' 1l""2" , Q 3, gtg' 1. . .- .., ." .4-fy W ' . '-f, gui. ,J ,W fl ,- f 3 ' ' Q." -.-'Q Ziyi." ': f' 'F Ziff. K HW ' '.-- -4 'hwy . ' 5 A '- a ' ' ' ' Q 'J' ' QV 4- F33 24", ' v 3:74 1, . j-'Q' ' fps-i'f' -,-:M ,' .9 "Xl 3 "1 7- .2 N 4' olji w'.I'-X499-he . .." '17 -,W '- 1 ,:3,,,AVqJ ,,- ,iff 21: .I ,Lf '13-c f 414, ' .f .. -I 44dQffg". ,N ,1-z., -,,f1 .-. X dk- -KL, J ' , -, '13 if K. 9 V-., , -. . ' 1 ' N ,vi Yoiz: 'F-..'n it v ,lv .1 V 5 Y, , M '., JJ- 2 ,190 ,auf 1 , " 'it' ' . .- 'v',-. f , 1. g 'er-jgf., f l ."'f:'fA 3,2 :T - f , E 'ima A ',s,Ai nz-. . Q . .V . . ., X ,gs-a' N-,sfgl-7.','. l my g'rf"f .. ii' 4' Y' 1 . QQVXUH 'I-'IQ It LM" 1. , Y r . -- ,M - , , J'- ,A .1 F , . V . 0. , 4 9-'1' T V K ,f 5 PA: r 3 . 'Q V ':"'vf,:',,:g :'."gJ's 3 6 1 . , ., , 1, 1 + flv, ff . HH' ,, 1, 15? ,fi ' M . .44 "' ', .4" A 4 ' , WL gg dxf, 3.-, N .,3, I 4' Q -, ,fri VM .1 ,ff-9 -f-i , 3 .- I ,,, - nl. G va., .1 ' ' V .NMI .-' n 1.1 YQ, 3,11 I U 7 1 V. 1 , Af, f ' H N . " :X v ' J: . ' ' .- 'L 'fr r . F' L' D - - mrs A 5 f ' 2 ki - Y. x., 4 . ' . ,z A' Sf fc? -gr, ,rio -,.'. if .1 .4 I 1 4 ffl, 'ifrlii Llll I sand WSP! HNEIEJDEI 3MO.LS "I SVSNVBI HOSSIW 'A.LIO 08 1959lN 1993 OOLI I'l'l -I l'll I' ,- x . V -. Y .IQ ...N IE? iifl: IH IEI179 .5 -"- W , , , -, 5, . ,sy It '.' 'f"1'x,. ,,, -. . M, -.,-Ma. g,:,4.d2?5l' -QQIL' .9"" , Q- Q' .- U CD as : NEI 2:lO'IAV.L T130 O p1eAaln I' GD l'l'I Chesferfown Church of the Nazarene On ROUTE 213, 3X4 Mile South of CQNGRATULATIQNS T0 Chesferfown, Md. at Kingstown THE CLASS OF 1968 CHURCH Ch I OF THE NAZARENE ores W' Fraser phone 773-3763 850 soufh Pine sf. Pastor York, Pennsylvania PASTOR: KENNETH AKINS Terrace Church of the Nazarene 1815 Worton Blvd. wesf Maman, PQ. 15122 Sfudenfsf James Baughman PHILIP N. METCALFE, Pasfor , Tom Dubs LAUREN COUSINS, E.N.C. Trusfee Elwood Negley "A people who have a vision and a mind fo work." 265 CONGRATULATIONS EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE HER GOLDEN ANNIVERSAY FROM FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 51 First Street, Lowell, Mass. REV. ALEXANDER ARDREY Pastor "A spiritual church bringing Christ to others through personal witnessing and visitation." .l , We propose to keep gl :nl "Religion at the Heart of the Campus" A Building by faith for tomorrow to train youth for Christian Service 266 Mrs. George H. Allen Miss Esther Anderson Mr. 84 Mrs. Wesley G. Angell Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert H. Barnes Dr. 8t Mrs. G. E. Beck Mr. Lawrence D. Benner Mr. 81 Mrs. Herschel Billingsley Dr. E. R. Blaisdell Dr. 84 Mrs. Harvey J. S. Blaney Mr. Paul Blaney Mrs. Donna Bower Dr. 84 Mrs. Charles L. Brodhead Mr. Charles Elmer Brown Mr. 84 Mras. Thomas M. Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas M. Brown Miss Barbara Bryan Mrs. Arabelle Bunting Mr. 81 Mrs. Bill Butler Mr. Si Mrs. Charles E. Caldwell Mr. 84 Mrs. William E. Caldwell Rev. Roy Carnahan Miss Isabel Coghill Miss D. Louise Connolly Mrs. Barbara Constantine Mr. Norman Ellis Copeland Mrs. Marion M. Crosby Dr. 81 Mrs. E. Perry Cunningham Mr. R. Beryl Dalton Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Deware Mr. 84 Mrs. Douglas Dickson Mr. 81 Mrs. W. E. Duckworth Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Kirkland Mr. 81 Mrs. Russel A. Kleppinger Mrs. Ethelyn Kowal BOOSTER CLUB Mr. Warren C. Lahue Mr. 84 Mrs. Curtis Lickliter Mr. Si Mrs. Stephen W. Lind Miss Enid Lubarsky Mrs. Evelyn Snow McLaughlin Miss Laura McKinney Mrs. Beneita Marquart Miss Bertha Munro Miss Ruth Myers Mr. 84 Mrs. Jasper R. Naylor Mrs. Madeline N. Nease Mr. 81 Mrs. Roland W. Parsons Mrs. Tolbert A. Poston Mr. Frank Pote Rev. St Mrs. G. E. Pratt Dr. 84 Mrs. Neel Price Mr. Clarence Richardson Dr. John E. Riley Mr. 84 Mrs. William Scarff Miss Alice Spangenberg Mrs. Edna Springer Rev. St Mrs. Fletcher Spruce Rev. 84 Mrs. Albert D. Stiefel Miss Holly D. Stoner Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph C. Tassinari Mr. 84 Mrs. Roy E. Tenny Mr. 84 Mrs. Timothy Thomas Mr. Allen Eneola Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard A. Fish Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph H. Fligg Miss Anna C. French Mr. Edward B. Gaines Mr. gl Mrs. E. Boyd Gardner Dr. 84 Mrs. G. Wayne Gardner Mr. 84 Mrs. Floyd Garrett Mr. 81 Mrs. John H. Golden Mr. gl Mrs. Robert Gess Mr. Curtis Greany Mrs. Nellie Enrick Grubb Mr. 84 Mrs. Handford L. Gunnerson Rev. 8t Mrs. R. D. Gunsalus Miss Carol Ann Hamilton Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold H. Harding Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Harding Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard F. Hauck Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas Hopkins Sr. Dr. St Mrs. Floyd C. Jones Dr. St Mrs. Harold S. Jones Mr. gl Mrs. Walter B. Thompson Mr. 81 Mrs. William J. Toms Mrs. Gertrude P. Tracy Mr. A. Philip Tracy Mr. John E. W. Turple Mr. 84 Mrs. Karl H. Ward Mr. Frank A. Warren Mr. gl Mrs. John M. Warren Miss Muriel A. Weston Rev. 8t Mrs. Gordon Wetmore Mrs. Gordon Wilhelm Rev. 81 Mrs. Chester M. Williams Mr. 81 Mrs. Clifford N. Willy Dr. St Mrs. Donald L. Young Mr. 84 Mrs. Gordon Young Miss Christine Zwick Mr. 84 Mrs. James M. Cubie Miss Gladys Moon Miss Helen Rideout Mercury Coin 81 Stamp Shop Wollaston Church of the Nazarene 267 N Eastern Nazarene College X 268 CHARLES CALDWELL ALUMNI ASSUCIATIUN IIUNGRATULATIUNS TU THE CLASS UF 1968 n 3 F. GRANT CROSS President Executive Director ROBERT CREW GERALD LASHLEY Vice President Treasurer DIRECTORY OF ALUMNI OFFICERS 1968-1969 Term Expires President Charles Caldwell '58 1969 Vice President Robert Crew '56 1969 Executive Director F. Grant Cross '45 1970 Treasurer Gerald Lashley '57 1969 Trusteees to E.N.C. Wesley Angell '28 1970 Richard Schubert '58 1970 Directors Merritt Mann '59 1969 Eldon Hall '48 1969 Howard Chambers '58 1970 Dallas Mucci '56 1970 Bruce Reeves '61 1971 William Caldwell '50 1971 Associate Directors Steve Lind '38-'42 1969 Dee Haas '52-'56 1970 Doris Bradley '53-'54 1971 P.C.l. Representative Hervey Brown PCI Immediate Past President Floyd Flemming '50 1969 1967 HOMECOMING 1967-68 QUEEN AND HER COURT ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIPS Judy Gardner, Bethany Parsons, Dianne Albright, Sharon Post, Phyllis Johnson, James Cubie, Kathleen Eckmeyer, Iseatedl Sona Arukian. Elaine Sloan, James Coleman. EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE 269 E. N. C. PRESS THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE ro . an rs. arsons 20 years o serv c CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1968 THE CRUSADER CLUB 2 Compliments of EDeuuzmefE3mos. Flbmenail iiovuef 576 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. 1 'i 4724137 t Serving Any Distance Donald M. Deware Robert M. Deware Directors 272 DINNER BELL RESTAURANT asa HANCOCK sr. woLLAsToN, MASS. 02170 TEL. 472-9671 CARROLL CUT RATE 19 Beale St. Wollaston Cosmetics THE DISCOUNT STORE Zfresidcnf Zfresaz ina OFFSET AND LETTERPRESS PRINTING FOUR COLOR PROCESS 101 ADAMS ST. QUINCY 617 773-2240 SWIFT 81 BACHMAN, INC. South Shore's Oldest and Largest IMPERIAL - CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH VALIANT DEALER 330 Hancock Street, No. Quincy, Mass. Tel.: 472-5400 Lovely Things Deserve Expert Care BRITE CLEANERS AND TAILORS Complete Cleaning and Tailoring Service 6 Beale Street Wollaston, Mass. Call 773-0016 Biiniwfu q,4,A 1350 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. WORLD WIDE TRAVEL AGENCY 664 I-lANcocK sr. woLLAs1oN, MASS. 01270 WOLLASTON DO-NUT SHOPPE Serving Hand-Cut Donuts Lunches - Coffee 'I7 Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. 01270 Phone 479-1806 27 Welch A CAMERA CENTER INC EVERYTHING FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER INCLUDING HELPFUL ADVICE Photographing Equipment: Snapshot Slide Movie Tape Recorders-Radios-Portable Television Developing and Printing of Black cmd White and Color Films 680 Hancock Street, Wollaston Mass 02170 773-6077 QUINCY Y.M C A Dedicated to the Development of S irit Mind and Bod of our Youth QUI NCY P 1 Y 274 I G 6'0lMANIf 5p0RTlNG GOODS ' ,, 11. UI SUBURBAN sosToN's LEADING I .ww H' COC' Q C' g E FASHION STORES Dresses - Coats - Sportswear - Lingerie Corsetry - Beachwear STu QUINCY "IT TAKES JUST 5 MINUTES TO OPEN A BUDGET OR CHARGE ACCOUNT,-. oPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT 1454 Hancock St. South Shore Plaza Quincy Braintree OPEN EVERY EVE. TILL 9 - SAT. TILL 6 ACME PAINT and SUPPLY INC. "Where Quality Costs Less" 96l Morrisey Blvd. Dorchester, Mass. Dealers in Top Quality Paints Dutch Boy Valspar U. S. Gypsum Paragon Columbia 5-l722 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 275 NAUTILUS PHOTOGRAPHER 1968 A. J. WEINER TI 961-3590 276 KEENE'S BEALE STREET PHARMACY. INC. Donald R. Keene, B.S., Mgr. Tel. PR 3-7I I7-PR 3-4I I4 649 Hancock, Near Beale St. Norfolk Flower Shop and NURSERIES 287 Hancock Street No. Quincy, Mass. 02I7I Flowers For All Occasions 472-8889 472-7'I 00 MODERN FORMAL SHOP QUINCY MOTOR CO. Leo Darr, President Tuxedos - F O R D - Cutaways SALES 81 SERVICE Full Dress South Shore's Oldest 8K Largest Ford Dealer F H' or Ire - Thunderbird - Mustang - Ford - I586 Hancock S+. Quincy' Mass. 85 Quincy Avenue, Quincy 773-6500 IF You DON'T KNOW DIAMONDS Above AH 7 You Need Lightning Rods" - KNOW YOUR JEWELER RICHARD J. GORMAN WARREN LIGHTNING ROD CO. 2 R' h A . JEWELER and wATcl-:MAKER Collingzvfgodfil, J, 23A Beale Street Wollaston 70, Mass. I. Lighting rods for any structure. Phone PR 3'503I 2. Industrial chimney maintenance. Compliments of PILGRIM BLACKER 81 H LLAND LUMBER coN?PANY ELECTRONIC SUPPLY INC. CORP. I0 Newport Ave. North Quincy, Mass. "Call the4I9m.5m5:fgONumber" 26-30 School Street, Quincy, MQSS. 02169 479-8300 "Big Red Trucks - Little Green Drivers. 277 BURGIN, PLATNER 8. CO., INC. Insurance pf Emu' I I il ,, I BU Q6 ECM ilu f 4 1 :E ... ', . g l ,, ef ' H ggg v 'l.A'.,..,,,.. , ,,,A. N H .YR R, l-L, . 0, .... ,.... ..---- D X I mg. Il ! w ' A me Q V , , yn' M rw W I T - ITT M Vw T T ' Nix N KI TIT I . A. M r M hs J ' lM'XE ' ZV, I gg M 4 - -V--Y-. V v xi' , ml' f 'cus' U :: i il- -1 s iQ 'The Doorway To Protection" 472-3000 LOUIS PASQUALUCCI 8. SON NC. GEN ERAL CONTRACTOR Q uincy, Massachusetts 278 "THE KING OF THEM ALL" E, l ' cAu. """'e y 479-4406 THE NEW MODERN STORE Orders '-1 1 Readyin 0' "EASY PARKING" I5 minutes -"5 ' H 4794407 Mac FARLAND'S INC CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 'll Brook Street Wollaston, Mass. Th f Unk You O' can 472-0041 Your Patronage WHEN IN NEED OF 0 "THE NAME THAT MADE PIZZA FAMOUS" O Hardware Glass 25'Ma DISCOUNT TO ALL STUDENTS Kitchenware Wallpaper iPizza Onlyl Garden Supplies Packard Paints 54-I SOUTHERN ARTERY, QUINCY SHEPPARD Oll CO. "Making Warm Friends for over 99 Years!" CITGO Your Authorized . Dealer for Fuel ons The Supreme Fuel Oil "' Fast Friendly Automatic Degree Day Deliveries "' 24-Hour Radio-controlled Service plus Delivery Vehicles "' Complete Coverage Service Policies Available I520 HANCOCK STREET, QUINCY 773-7200 279 cunsnmuumnus rn THE cuss nr was MAC-GRAY CO.. INC. Esfablished l935 22 Wa+er S+. Cambridge, Mass. MAYTAG COIN OPERATED WASHERS 8: DRYERS - I Where Friends in Search of 5 Fine Fashions Med" QUINCY 8. SOUTH SHORE PLAZA fre gsm JEWELRY COMPANY 1470 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. mgc HEADQUARTERS FOR: Diamonds 0 Watches 0 Jewelry 0 Gifts 0 China 0 Sterling Silver 0 Repairing 0 Diamond Remounting 0 Engraving 0 Appraising 0 Special Jewelry Work Boit, Dalton 81 Church Incorporated INSURANCE SINCE 1865 Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc. 1424 Hancock Street Quincy, Massachusetts 02169 479-5665 MacGregor H. Hill Congratulations To The Class of 1968 DOYLE 81 LONG, INC. Oil Burners and Fuel Oil 630 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. 02170 472-4800 Compliments ot SEARS ROEBUCK and CO 1591 Hancock Street Quincy, Massachusetts Phone 479-6000 Open every evening til 9 p.m. PRESIDENT CITY MOTEL A HOME AWAY FROM HOME 479-6500 WINFIELD HOUSE RESTAURANT THE HOUSE OF GOOD FOOD 472-9452 853 HANCOCK ST. QUINCY, MASS 282 QUINCY SAVINGS BANK 1374 Hancock St., Quincy BOB and RAY'S 371 Hancock St., No. Quincy SUBMARINE-SANDWICHES "Quincy's Only Mutual Savings Bank" Congratulations to the Class of 1968 1622 HANCOCK ST. Free Delivery GR 2-9202 Open 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. - Across from Sear's GRANITE CITY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALERS 19 QUINCY AVE. Telephone 472-6500 HARTS JEWELERS 1422 Hancock Street Quincy 69, Mass. Member American Gem Society 91 Diamond Headquarters for: Orange Blossom Keepsake Artcarved Easy Student Payment Plans Available 283 WOLLASTON FEDERA AVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 7zc02f0wlQaf 7696309 MEMBER FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM 15 BEACH STREET Tel. 471-0750 WOLLASTONJ MASSACHUSETFS 02170 CUNGRATULATIUNS T0 THE CLASS UF 1968 Congratulations to the class of diamonds -- wa+ches -- jewelry 1968 I402 HANCOCK ST., OUINCY MASS OZI69 284 GRANITE CITY , HARDWARE co. Indusfriai 81 Building Mainfenance Supplies F Q ll I I C Y 0 Beniamin Moore Paints 1617 Hancock Sfreei YOUR FASHION CENTER Quincy 69, MGSS- ON THE SOUTH SHORE GRanife 9-5454 I Designers and Manufacfurers of AUTO REPAIR CO., INC. Packaging and Bohling Machinery Esfablished 1920 PNEUMATIC SCALE CORPORATION Insurance Appraising Quincy, Mass' Serving The Industry 25 Greenwood Avenue . Wollaston Smce 1895 Massachusefrs 472-8100 285 Compliments of the SHERATON MUTUR INN DONALD D. WILT General Manager Your Host on The South Shore .47 - l.t.i n 0 '-it . -.1 wg w wifgifini El Beale St.g. Wollaston, Masks. 286 Compliments of the new Hancock Bank cmcl Trust Co IIUNBRATULATIUNS Tll THE CLASS UF 1968 Roger W. Kent 61 Co. Broodloom Rugs 8g Carpets Linoleum 81 Tile Floors Morrisey Blvd. Quincy, Moss. BUNGRATULATIUNS TU THE CLASS UF 1958 287 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR ALMA MATER ' ON 50 YEARS OF SERVICE AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 FROM THE CLASS OF 1931 "ln His will, our peace." Class Officers Warren Lahue .......... . . President Edwinna Wilson Ward . . . . Vice President Elisabeth Earle Deal ...... . . . . Secretary Russell Hawley ........... . Treasurer Professor Munro, Adviser Graduates Warren C. Lahue Anna C. French Carlton R. Hawley Estelle Gardner Tirri Edwinna Wilson Ward Naomi Kunze Lahue William A. Hueghins Anna K. Orth Annie S. Allen Marion Peavey Grittin Esther Mosher Blaney Elisabeth Earle Deal Mary Pavlowa Rankin Oscar C. Griswold 288 OOTE 8a DAVIES POST OFFICE BOX 1000 - DORAVILLE, GEORGIA 30040 IVISION OF McCALL CORPORATION Creative Yearbooks . . . A result of professional service, personal attention, superior production flexibility and quality printing 289 I ,Lx 5, acgigggopamsmsws I PRESIDENT , - CHEVROLET, INC Q2 1' I dp. N-241 .1 " 1, 540 50Ufl16I'fl Affefy, Quincy 624 Hancock Street Wollaston Mass O2'l7C Beacon Phone 773-7400 Superior Phone 472 0929 PR 3-5050 vAuLT ON PREMISES ll NIGHT SERVICE cusfomizscf cleaning foi ig gnamfccu am 5 clays per week 'til 9 P.M. COMMUNITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 301 Atlantic Ave Servmg Freeport, New York the South Shore PATCHOGUE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 278 Schoenfield Blvd Patchogue, N. Y. 1 'I772 GERALD C. EDDY, Pastor The following organizations sponsored a page: CLASS OF 1968 .. page 118 CLASS OF 1969 .... page 67 CLASS OF 1970 .... page 116 COMPUMENTS CLASS OF 1971 .... page 117 DELTA SOCIETY .... page 120 ol: KAPPA SOCIETY .... page 121 A SIGMA SOCIETY ,..... page 7 ZETA SOCIETY ..... page 79 STUDENT COUNCIL ..... page 100 CAMPUS CAMERA .... ..... p ages 102-103 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ...... ..... p age 84 EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE ,.... ..... p age 152 HARRY'S SHOES on or oft the campus 40 Billings Road Norfolk Downs Save S2-S7 at Harry's. Quincy Music Center, Inc. 27 Beale Street Wollaston, Mass. C. A. COX RAMBLER Sales - Service Est. I934 SOUTH SHORE BUICK CO. 50 Adams Street Quincy, Mass. FIRESTONE STORES 2 School Street Quincy, Mass. Tires, Brakes, 81 Front End Work EARL'S BEAUTY SALON 672 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. Phone 472-9229 QUINT'S GREEN HOUSES 'II87 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. Flowers Wired Anywhere FASHION QUALITY - Cleaning - Pressing - Alterations - 67 Billings Road Quincy, Mass. CLEANERS, INC. WOLLASTON FLORIST 679 Hancock Street Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere Alice E. Gorham, Prop. Fisher's Cycle 8c Hobby Shop "Everything for your Hobby" Raleigh - Schwinn WOLLASTON GULF STATION 724 Hancock St. EAGLE FLAG CO, INC. 319 Newport Ave. Quincy, Mass. 472-8898 Wollaston, Mass. 472.3242 HUGO'S BEAUTY SALON TURNER HARDWARE . 4 Beale sf, 471 Hancock Street Derrmger the Florist Wollaston, Mass. Ed Denneen - Bob Denneen H f H U Phone 471-9720 Tel.: 472-1 167 owers or a occasions 389 Hancock Street WOLLASTON BARBER SHOP QUALITY SHOE REPAIR No Quinc 694 Hancock sf. 666 Hancock sf. ' Y Wollaston, Mass. Wollaston, Mass. 773-0959 Tel. 472-9748 Biagie Salvatore, Prop. j 17 Compliments 'Z I E' 4 x Hn of f7 3 J I X e 2 ' .A Cl I-gif " - 2 E D5 E 2 E a BUSINESS S S X "From Charms to Diamonds" T515 Hancock Street 4797990 Quincy, Mass. FIRM 291 SENIOR DIRECTORY MARY ADAMS Lakeville, New Brunswick, Canada Psychology, S i g m a, International Sec.-Treas. CALVIN ALEXANDER 30 Lee Street, Lincoln, Maine Religion, Delta, Society Council Chap- lain, Evangelistic Assoc. Pres., Stu- dent Ministerial Assoc., Honor Schol- arship, Carmen Scholarship. CAROLYN ANDERSON 20 Sachem Street, Wollaston Social Work, Zeta, Evangelistic As- soc., Society Cheerleader, Elks Schol- arship, Mass. Scholarship, Mahar Teachers Assoc. DAVID ANDERSON R. D. No. 7, Mercer, Pa. Psychology, Kappa, Student Council Vice-Pres., Class Council, Society Council Vice-Pres.-Chaplain, Dorm Council Pres., Basketball, Softball, AMS Activity Chairman. MANUEL ARAN 1307 Randolph Ave., Milton, Mass. Psychology, Kappa, Grossman Schol- arship. SONA ARUKIAN 37-16 65th Street, Woodside, N. Y. Biology, Delta, Society Cohncil Vice- Pres., Society Cheerleader, Biology Club. PAUL BABCOCK 1639 Main St., So. Weymouth, Mass. Psychology, Zeta, Greenbook, Psy- chology Club. ELOISE BAKER 374 Shore Road, Monument Beach, Mass. Elementary Education, Zeta, Dorm Council, Evangelistic Assoc., S.F.M.F., S.N.E.A. PAUL BARRESI 133 Keayne Street, Revere, Mass. Sociology, Sigma. DANIEL BAZIKIAN 3 Eldorado Place, Weehawken, N. J. History, Delta, Circle K Charter Mem- ber, Society Treasurer, E.N.C. Facul- ty Scholarship, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship. RUBY BENSON 58 Bromfield St., Wollaston, Mass. Elementary Education, Zeta, Society Council-Sports Coordinator, Crusader Basketball, Society Volleyball-Basket- ball. JEAN BISHOP 57 Wendell Avenue, Wollaston, Mass. Elementary Education, Zeta, Dorm Council. ROBERT BLAKELY 14 Robinwood Rd., Norwood, Mass. Sociology. KAREN BOLLES 47 N. Beach Avenue, Bourne, Mass. Social Work, Zeta, Evangelistic As- soc., S.F.M.F., Honor Roll, Gross- man Scholarship, Faunce Scholar- ship. LINDA BRIGHAM 237 Old Niskayuna Rd., Latham, N. Y. Elementary Education, Zeta, Class Council-Vice-Pres., Nautilus, Evange- listic Assoc., S.F.M.F., Women's Club, Trios, Society Volleyball-Basketball, S.N.E.A.-Vice-Pres. Activities Schol- arship. JANE BROWN 3541 Oakmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Mathematics, Kappa, Student Coun- cil Sec., Evangelistic Assoc.-Treas., Trios, Orchestra, Phi Delta-Sec.- Treas., Brass Ensemble, Who's Who, Student Life Committee, Honor Schol- arship. WILMA CARDWELL 68 Presidents Lane, Quincy, Mass. History, Zeta, Society Volleyball-Bas- ketball. VONICA CHASE 111 Benton Ave., Port Allegheny, Pa. Elementary Education, Sigma, Green- book, Campus Camera, Dorm Coun- cil Pres., Evangelistic Assoc., S.N.- E.A., Grossman Scholarship, Honor Scholarship, District Scholarship. SKINNER CHAVEZ Calz. San Simon 47-A, Mexico 3, D.F., Mex. 292 Music Education, Zeta, Dorm Coun- cil, A Cappella Choir, S.N.E.A., Music Educators Club-Pres., ENC Interna- tionals-Vice-Pres., Sec., Treas., Choral Union. GLADYS CRAIG 176 Billings St., No. Quincy, Mass. Religion, Delta, Evangelistic Assoc., Student Ministerial Assoc. JAMES CRUTCHER 27 Randolph Avenue, Dover, N. J. Chemistry, Delta, Student Council, Class Council Rep., Lit-Speech Club, Debate, College Youth Fellowship Pres., Brass Choir, Alumni Scholar- ship, Angel Scholarship, District Scholarship, Who's Who. JAMES CUBIE 67 Lynnfield Street, Lynn, Mass. Religion, Sigma, Student Council Pres., Class Council Pres., Chaplain, Greenbook Editor, Campus Camera, Crusader Soccer, Society Soccer, De- bate, Alumni Scholarship, Honor Scholarship. BRUCE CULMER 325 N.W. 56 Street, Miami, Florida History, Zeta, A Cappella Choir, His- tory Club, Choral Union. JAMES DELP 21 W. Elm Ave., Quincy, Mass. Chemistry, Delta, Campus Camera, Evangelistic Assoc. S.F.M.F., Society Football-Soccer, American Chem. Af- filiates, Ski Club. BARBARA DENSTAD 10 Marshall Rd., Hingham, Mass. Elementary Education, S.N.E.A., Zon- ta Club of Malden Scholarship, Dean's List. DOUGLAS DICKSON 6 Dahl Street, Warren, Pa. Anthropology, Zeta, Student Council, Class Council Treas., Society Council, Greenbook, Nautilus Editor, Evange- listic Assoc., Biology Club, AMS Pres., Circle K Club Pres. Activities Schol- arship, Who's Who. ROYAL DIMOND East Wallum Lane Rd., Pascoag, R. l. Math, Delta. JACK DOW Box 393 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada History, Kappa. GARY DURLING 31 Donaldson Avenue, Halifax, N.S. Canada History, Kappa. JOHN ELLINGWOOD, JR. 40 Willet Street, Wollaston, Mass. Anthropology, Sigma, Evangelistic As- soc., S.F.M.F., District Scholarship. SHARON ENGLISH 1377 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio Psychology, Sigma, Society Council- Sec., S.F.M.F., Crusader Basketball, Society Volleyball-Softball, S.N.E.A., AMS Treas., Honor Roll. JANET ERIKSON 5 Rockview Road, Quincy, Mass. Elementary Education, Sigma. JOYCE ESTABROOK 17 Pleasant Street, Quincy, Mass. Elementary Education, Delta, S.N.E.A. MARY EVANS 9333 Valley View Rd., Macedonia, Ohio Biology, Zeta, Evangelistic Assoc., S.F.M.F.-Treas., Society Volleyball, Softball, Biology Club, Honor Schol- arship, Hanson Scholarship. ANN FREELAND 6916 Forestview Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. Elementary Education, Kappa, Class Council Evangelistic Assoc., Trios, S.N.E.A., AWS Vice-Pres., Kauffman Scholarship. PAULA GAGNON 40 Calumet Ave., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Education, Sigma, Soci- ety Council Women's Coordinator, Crusader Basketball, Society Basket- ball-Volleyball, S.N.E.A., Di strict Scholarship. JUDITH GARDNER 17 Loeffler Road, Bloomfield, Conn. Elementary Education, Zeta, Society Council Vice Pres., Greenbook, Nau- tilus, Society Volleyball, S.N.E.A., AWS Judicial Vice-Chairman, Student Council Publicity Chairman. RICHARD GARLAND 8 Willard Street, Braintree, Mass. Biology, Delta, Biology Club. BARBARA GIRARD 49 Puritan Rd., Buzzards Bay, Mass. Elementary Education, Kappa, S.N.- E A SHIRLEY GREEN Box 72, Whiteford, Maryland Elementary Education, Sigma, Evan- gelistic Assoc., S.F.M.F., S.N.E.A. MARCIA GRUBE R.D. 2, Ephrata, Pa. Elementary Education, Delta, Wom- en's Glee Club, S.N.E.A. Choral Union. ROBERT HALE 33 French Ave., Braintree, Mass. Chemistry, Kappa, Crusader Base- ball, American Chem. Affiliates. KAREN HAMLIN Box 14, Manzini, Swaziland, Africa Elementary Education, Kappa, S.F.- M.F., Orchestra, Society Cheerleader, S.N.E.A. RICHARD HAMLIN Box 14, Manzini, Swaziland, Africa General Science, Kappa, Student Council Class Council, Society Coun- cil, A Cappella Choir, Quartets, Or- chestra, Pep Band. JAMES HANEY 855 Summit Ave. Monaca, Pa. Religion, Kappa, Class Council-Chap- lain, Dorm Council, Quartets. LEROY HARDING 37 Upland Rd., Malden, Mass. Physics, Sigma, Class Council, Nauti- lus Bus. Manager, Dorm Council, Society Softball, Ski Club Pres., AMS Vice-Pres., Who's Who. KANDACE HAUGH 314Johnson Court, Uhrichsville, Ohio Elementary Education, Zeta, Evange- listic Assoc.-Sec., S.F.M.F., Women's Glee Club, Trios, Society Softball- Cheerelader, S.N.E.A., Drama Club, Honor Scholarship. RUTH HETRICK 16 Walker Street, Manchester, Conn. Religion, Sigma, S.F.M.F.-Vice-Pres., Internationals-Sec.-Treas., AWS Rep. ROY HOLLIS 6 Ivy Road, S. Weymouth, Mass. History, Kappa, History Club. BRENDA HOUSER 413 W. Palmer Street, Morrisville, Pa. Elementary Education, Kappa Society Council Sec., Society Cheerleader, Basketball, S.N.E.A., Crusader Bas- ketball. 293 GRACE HSU 24 Lane 66 Min-chuan E. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan Music Education, Canterbury Scholar- ship. BARBARA JACOBS Tower Road, Enola, Pa. Elementary Education, Delta, Dorm Council, S.N.E.A. PHYLLIS JOHNSON 17521 71st Ave.. Tinley Park, Ill. Mathematics, Delta, Class Council Vice-Pres., Society Council Girl's Co- ordinator, Greenbook, Crusader Cheerleader, Society Volleyball, Phi Delta, Honor Scholarship, Most Out- standing Freshman Award, Dean's List, Honor Roll. JAMES JONES 426 Harvard, Swarthmore, Pa. Biology, Sigma, Class Council Pres., Society Council, S.F.M.F. Pres., Cru- sader Tennis, JV Basketball, Society Football-Soccor, Softball, Biology Club. ARTHUR KARKER Beirut, Lebanon History, Kappa, Student Council Rep. Class Council Pres., Society Council- Pres., Treas., Debate, Phi Delta, Drama Club-Pres., Honor Scholar- ship, Grossman Scholarship. ELIZABETH KELLER 5 Elmira St., S.E., Washington, D.C. Elementary Education, Delta, Nauti- lus, S.N.E.A. District Scholarship, Dean's List, Honor Roll. SHARON KILPATRICK 100 Concord Rd., Manchester, Conn. Elementary Education, Sigma, Evan- gelistic Assoc., Society Volleyball- Basketball, S.N.E.A. JAMES KINDER 4709 Floyd St., So. Charleston, W. Va. Literature, Sigma, Crusader Basket- ball, JV Basketball, Society Football. Lit-Speech Club, S.N.E.A., Spangen- berg Scholarship. SUSAN KING RD ii5 Mercer Road, Greenville, Pa. Music Education, Zeta, Class Council- Sec. Dorm Council, Evangelistic As- soc., A Cappella Choir, Trios, S.N.- E.A., Spangenberg Scholarship. JOSEPH KNOX Burnham Rd., Pittsfield, Maine History, Zeta, Student Council, Class Council Rep., Society Council Rep., Crusader Soccer. Society Soccer, His- tory Club, Honor Scholarship. ERNEST LABELLE 42 Ocean House Rd. Cape Elizabeth, Maine Anthropology-Sociology, Kappa, Dorm Council, Crusader Soccer, Society Football-Softball. HENRY LARSEN 10 Beverly Court, Braintree, Mass. Religion, Kappa, Society Council- Chaplain. Greenbook, Evangelistic Assoc., Student Ministerial Assoc.- Sec.-Treas., S.F.M.F., Circle K., Kauff- man Scholarship. STEPHEN LIND, JR. 21 Cardinal Way, Wayne N. Jersey Education, Kappa, JV Basketball, Biology Club, Ski Club. RODNEY LINGER RD 1 Box 284, Cortland, Ohio Math, Zeta, Evangelistic Assoc., S.F.- M.F., S.N.E.A. DOROTHY MAGEE 36 Bolton Street. Hamden, Conn. Elementary Education, Sigma, Class Council-Sec., Evangelistic Assoc., So- ciety Cheerleader, S.N.E.A., Debate, History Club, Society Basketball, Soft- ball. SANDRA McCLISTER 91 N. Delmorr Ave., Morrisville, Pa. Social Work, Delta, Campus Camera, Archeaology Club, Debate, Ski Club. MARY MONEYPENNY 3153 Lyndale Avenue, Quincy, Mass. Biology, Sigma, Biology Club. EDWARD MORRISON R.F.D. 52, Uhrichsville, Ohio Mathematics, Sigma, Class Council Vice-Pres., Society Council-Treas., Evangelistic Assoc., JV Basketball, Society Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Honor Roll. NEIL NICOLL 47 Miller Street, Braintree, Mass. History, Kappa, Society Council Treas., Crusader Soccer, Society Soft- ball, Student Life Committee. BETTY OLIVER 120 Fishkill Avenue, Beacon, N.Y. Elementary Education, Delta, Evan- gelistic Assoc., S.N.E.A. STANLEY OLIVER 171 Oak Street, Plattsburgh, N. Y. Elementary Education, Delta, Class Council Rep., Crusader Baseball, JV Basketball, Society Soccer-Softball, S.N.E.A. JOHN ORTMAN 178 Michigan Ave., Paterson, N. J. Literature, Zeta, Campus Camera, Crusader Baseball, Society Football. BETHANY PARSONS 9 Kernwood Drive, Lynn, Mass. Elementary Education, Delta, Society Council Vice-Pres., Evangelistic As- soc., Society Softball, S.N.E.A., Ski Club. LORAINE PATRIQUIN P. O. Box 114 Oxford, Nova Scotia Elementary Education, S.N.E.A., Choral Union. DIANE PLATT 122 Baldwin Rd., Manchester, Conn. Music Education, Sigma, Campus Camera, A Cappella Choir, Spangen- berg Scholarship, Honor Scholarship. JOHN POST Hamilton, Mass. Music Education, Zeta, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Honor Roll. SHARON POST 333 Midland Drive, Vestal, New York Elementary Education, Delta, Society Council-Girl's Coordinator, Green- book, Evangelistic Assoc., S.F.M.F. Sec.-Pres., Society Volleyball-Basket- ball, S.N.E.A., Choral Union, District Scholarship. LUANE PRINGLE 1019 31st Street N.E. Canton, Ohio Social Work, Zeta, Drama Club. WYLIE RUDOLPH 124 Summer Street, Duxbury, Mass. Religion, Zeta. ANDREW SATTA 112 W. Ashdale St., Philadelphia, Pa. Religion, Sigma, Evangelistic Assoc., Student Ministerial Assoc., S.F.M.F., Quartets, Crusader Soccer, District Scholarship. 294 ALETA SAVAGE 808 L St., Mt. Lake Park, Maryland' Education, Zeta, S.N.E.A., Honor Scholarship, Grossman Scholarship, Spangenberg Scholarship. ESTHER SCHLOSSER 3 S. Concord St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio Literature, Zeta, Student Council Rep., Class Council Sec.-Rep., Society Council Sec., Greenbook, Campus Camera, S.F.M.F., Women's Glee Club, Society Volleyball, Lit-Speech Club, S.N.E.A.-Pres., State Sec., Phi Delta, Honor Scholarship. BARBARA SCHURTER Allentown, Clarksburg Rd., Allentown, N. J. Social Work, Delta, N. J. State Schol- arship. CAROLYN SEATON 1154 Northwest 80th Street, Okla. City, Okla. Literature, Sigma, Campus Camera, Lit-Speech Club, S.N.E.A., AWS Chair- man of Judicial Board, Pres. Span- genberg Scholarship, Honor Roll. LINDA SCHMIDT 5407 Fredanna St., Pittsburgh, Pa. History, Zeta, Campus Camera, Wom- en's Glee Club, Society Volleyball, Lit-Speech Club, S.N.E.A., History Club, Choral Union, Grossman Schol- arship, Fitkin Scholarship. ROBERTA SHACKELFORD 838 Grady Avenue, Warren, Ohio Medical Secretary, Zeta, S.F.M.F., Secretarial Club. LLOYD SHANNON RD 352 Box 304, Southington, Ohio Psychology, Sigma, Society Council Sports Coordinator, Crusader Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Society Foot- ball, Soccer, Softball, Psychology Club. MERLE SINCLAIR 57 Hilda Street, Quincy, Mass. Psychology, Kappa. HARRY SMITH 96 Wendell Avenue, Quincy, Mass. English, Sigma, Class Council Pres. Campus Camera, Evangelistic Assoc., Society Football, Softball, Lit-Speech Club, S.N.E.A. LINDA SMITH 96 Wendell Avenue, Wollaston, Mass. Elementary Education, Sigma, Dorm Council, Evangelistic Assoc., S.N.- E.A., District Scholarship, Dean's List, Honor Roll. STEPHEN SMITH 123 N. Waldinger St., Valley Stream, N. Y. Psychology, Delta, Student Council Pres., Dorm Council-AMS Judicial Board Chairman, Psychology Club, New York State Regents Scholarship, District Scholarship. CHARLES TAYLOR Box 305, Allison, Pa. Chemistry, Delta, Society Council Chaplain, S.F.M.F. Treas., College Youth Fellowship Treas., Pres., Honor Scholarship, Lillian-Hyde Scholar- ship, District Scholarship. KATHLEEN TENNY 83 Free Street, Hingham, Mass. Elementary Education, Kappa, Or- chestra, S.N.E.A., Grossman Scholar- ship. ESTHER THOMAS 234 St. Nicholas Avenue, Worcester, Mass. Psychology, Sigma, S.F.M.F. Sec., Trios, Society Volleyball, Softball. Cheerleader, S.N.E.A., AWS Council Activity Chairman, Choral Union, Spangenberg Scholarship, Honor Scholarship, District Scholarship. MARTIN THOMAS 114 Whitwell Street, Quincy, Mass. Chemistry, Sigma, American Chem. Affiliates, Ski Club. TIMOTHY THOMAS Box 93, Altona, New York Mathematics, Delta, Student Coun- cil, Society Council Treas., Campus Camera Editor, Evangelistic Assoc., S.F.M.F., S.N.E.A., Choral Union, Activity Scholarship, Grossman Schol- ship. JOYCE TICE 912 Chamberlain Street, Elmira. N.Y. Chemistry, Sigma. Greenbook. Cam- pus Camera, Evangelistic Assoc.. American Chem. Affiliates Sec.. S.N.E.A., Phi Delta, CYF Sec.. Honor Scholarship, Grossman Scholarship, District Scholarship. NANCY WALLACE 34 Main Street, Princedale, Pa. Medical Technology, Delta, Nautilus. Orchestra, Society Volleyball, Biology Club, American Chem. Affiliates. BARBARA WALKER RD No. 2, Box 296-B, Mohnton, Pa. Elementary Education, Kappa, So- ciety Council Girl's Coordinator, Dorm Council, Evangelistic Assoc., Crusader Basketball, Society Volley- ball. Softball, Basketball, King's Vol- leyball Team, Pa. State Academic Scholarship. RICHARD WARD 116 Sandywood Drive, Doylestown, Pa. Chemistry, Delta, Student Council, Nautilus Editor, Men's Glee Club, Society Softball, American Chem. Affiliates, AAES Coordinator, District Scholarship. SUSAN WHALEN 33 Homer Avenue, Braintree, Mass. Literature-Speech, Delta, Lit-Speech Club, Ski Club. RICHARD WHITE 95 Bromfield Street, Wollaston, Mass. Religion, Delta, Dorm Council, Stu- dent Ministerial Assoc.. District Scholarship. LINDA WHITMAN 893 Peck Road, Hilton, New York Education, Sigma, Class Council Vice-Pres., Crusader Basketball, Cheerleader, Society Cheerleader, S.N.E.A., Drama Club, Choral Union. 295 CLIFFORD WILLY, JR. 49 Mount Vernon. East Weymouth. Mass. Psychology. Sigma. Crusader Basket- ball, Baseball. Society Soccer. Psy- chology Club. ELMER WILSON 859 Long Pond Rd. Religion, Sigma, Class Council Treas., Evangelistic Assoc.. Student Ministerial Assoc., Crusader Soccer. Society Volleyball. Softball. SHARON WILSON Warner Hill Road. Stratford, Conn. Mathematics. Zeta. Greenbook, Cam- pus Camera, Dorm Council, Orches- tra, Society Volleyball. Basketball. Lit-Speech Club, Honor Scholarship. Development Scholarship. LAWRENCE WOODS 29 Fletcher Circle, Hanover. N.H. History, Zeta, Debate. LORRAINE WOODS 250 Elm Street, Keene, N.H. Elementary Education, Zeta, Campus Camera, Evangelistic Assoc., S.F.M.- F., Society Volleyball. Softball, S.N.- E.A. ALICE YOTTER 3696 North Ridge Rd.. Lockport, N.Y. Biology, Sigma, Biology Club, Evan- gelistic Assoc., S.F.M.F. DONNA YOUNCE 54 Wiltwyck Ave., Kingston, N.Y. Elementary Education, Zeta, Student Council, Class Council, Society Coun- cil-Pub. Chairman, Greenbook, Evan- gelistic Assoc., Women's Glee Club Pres., Choral Union, S.N.E.A., Honor Scholarship. BERNARD ZILINSKAS 931 E. 4th Street. So. Boston. Mass. Psychology, Zeta, Greenbook, Stu- dent Ministerial Assoc., Crusader Soccer, Society Football, Softball, Psychology Club. STUDENT DIRECTORY RANDOLPH ABELL, 227 Pleasant Street, Lunenberg, Mass. JAMES ACKERMAN, 368 High Rock Street, Need- ham, Mass. DOREEN M. ADAMS, Lakeville N. B., Canada PHILIP ADAMS. 28 Leland Road, Whitinsville, Mass. JUDIE AGLER, 6110 Lawn Ave., Cleveland, Ohio JAMES AINSWORTH, King Street, Warehouse Pt., Conn. PAUL ALBRIGHT, 205 Fulton Street, Hanover, Pa., CALVIN ALEXANDER, 30 Lee Street, Lincoln, Maine JAMES ALLEN, RD 1:2 Foulks Dr., E. Liverpool, Ohio RONALD ALLEN, RD 113 McCoy Ave., E. Liverpool, Oh' THOMCAS ALLEN, 11931 Union Ave. N. E., Alliance, Ohio RONALD ALTIC, 154 Lake Shore Drive, Duxbury, Mass. LINDA ALVERSON, 38 Pierrepont Ave., Potsdam, N. Y. CAROL ANDERSON, 744 S. State Street, Painesville, Ohio CAROLYN ANDERSON, Box 461, Rockland, Mass.. SANDRA ANDERSON, 1116 S. Anthony Street, Lewis- burg, Pa. E 4 JUNE ANDREOTTA, 1383 Sullivan Ave., Wapping, Conn, DOROTHY APPLETON, 610 E. Washington Street, Hanson, Mass. Q MANUEL ARAN, 1307 Randolph Ave., Milton, Mass. HELENE ARDEN, 108 Beach Street, Quincy, Mass. ROBERT ARMSTRONG, 8105 Burholme Ave., Phila- delphia, Pa. BERNARD ARNOLD, R.R.D. 33, Plattsburg, N. Y. SONA ARUDIAN, 37-16 65th Street. Woodside, N. Y. DOUGLAS ATKINSON, 371 Newport Ave., Wollaston, Mass. LINDA ATKINSON, 371 Newport Ave., Wollaston, Mass. LOLA AUGUST, 292 Syme Street, Sharon, Pa. PAUL BABCOCK, 1639 Main Street, S. Weymouth, Mass. MORRIS BADOUD, 137 Overlook Ave., Beacon, Y. MARGARET BAILEY, 4509 Gridley Road, Silver Spring, Md. BARBARA BAKER, 205 Darynouth Street, Warren, Pa. ELOISE BAKER, Shore Road, Monument Beach, Mass. WILLIAM BAKER, Box 49, Enosberg Falls, Vermont ROBERT BARNES, 1 Klinger Drive, Westminster, Md. SHIRLEY BARNES, 1 Klinger Drive, Westminster, Md. PAUL BARRESI, 133 Keayne Street, Revere, Mass. RONALD BARTHOLOMEW, 102 First Ave., Chap- mans, Pa. VIOLET BATES, 2 Apex St., Quincy, Mass. JAMES BAUGHMAN, R.D. 4-14, Dover, Pa. BERNARD BAUMAN, 59 Holmes Street, N. Quincy, Mass. SUSAN BAUMAN, 59 Holmes Street, N. Quincy. Mass. RICHARD BAUMGARTNER, 1800 S. Crescent Blvd., Yardley, Pa. RALPH BAUSMAN, James Ave. R.D. tl, Solvay, N. Y. DANIEL BAZIKIAN, 3 Eldorado Place, Weehawken, N.Y. PAUL BEANE, 154 Errol Road, Brockton, Mass. ROBERT BECKWITH, 12 Lynn Drive, Vernon, Conn. JAMES BELL, R.D. 4142, Knox, Pa. LINDA BELL, 234 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. STEPHEN BELLINGER, R.D. 41, Hevvelton, N.Y. STEPHEN BENJAMIN, 665 Mammoth Road, Nlan- chester, N.H. DONNA SUE BENNET, 5605 Hampshire Road, Har- risburg, Pa. ROBERT BENNETT, 19 Worthington St., Dedham Mass. JOAN BENSON, 58 Bromfield, Wollaston, Mass. ELIZABETH BEST, 621 Harrison Ave., Canton, Ohio BARRY BEVERAGE, 18 Flushing Rd., Saugus, Mass. REBECCA BEZENT, 170 Rockland Street, Hingham Mass. MICHAEL BILLE, 254 East Ninth Street, S. Boston Mass. DONALD BISH, 3494 Lower Nlt. Road, Sanborn, N.Y. ALFRED BISHOP, 51 Wendell Ave., Wollaston, Mass JEAN BISHOP, 51 Wendell Ave., Wollaston, Mass. ROBERT BLAKELY, 14 Robinwood Road, Norwood Mass. DOUGLAS BLANCHARD, 262 South Drive, Bridge- water, Mass. JAMES BLIESNER, 85 Grandview Ave., Wollaston Mass. 296 GARY BLUME, 5 Nash Square, S. Weymouth, Mass. KAREN BOLLES, 47 N. Beach Ave., Bourne, Mass. DAVID LEE BORDEN, 506 Fayette St., Fayette, Ohio KATHLEEN BORDEWIECK, 221 Grove Street, Brain- tree, Mass. STEPHEN BOSQUETTE, 135 Anthoine Street, S. Port- land, Maine ELDEN BOSWORTH, R.F.D. aifl, Skowhegan, Maine JUNE BOSWORTH, Kings Highway, Wareham, Mass. BETTY LOUISE BOWEN, 9218 Orbitan Road, Balti- more, Md. SHARON ANN BOWEN, 1810 Colonial Road, Balti- more, Md. KAREN BOWLEY, 201 Ash Street, Waltham, Mass. DONNA BRADBURY, 27 Edwards Road, Braintree, Mass. ROBERT BRADBURY, 27 Edwards Road, Braintree, Mass. SUZANNE BRADFORD, R.F.D. gil, Turner, Maine NANCY BRAGG, R.F.D. 411, Box 925, Madison, Maine CAROLYN BRENNER, 151 Beach Street, Wollaston, Mass. ROBERT BRENNER, 151 Beach Street, Wollaston, Mass. STEPHEN BRENNER, 18 Lee Ave., Rockville Center, N.Y. ROBERT BRICKLEY, 144 Shore Ave., Quincy, Mass. LINDA BRIGHAM, 237 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham, N.Y. ALAN BRINTON, 105 Narragansett Road, Quincy, Mass. LARRY BROOKS, 10609 President Dr., N.E., Minne- apolis, Minn. DONALD BROTHERTON, 12 S. Beloit, Beloit, Ohio. FRANCINE BROWER, 24 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass. KENT BROWER, 24 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass. BRUCE BROWN, 53 Cleaves Street, Wollaston, Mass. DAVID BROWN, 445 Washington St., Royensand, Pa. JANE BROWN, 3541 Oakmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. NANCY BROWN, 3541 Oakmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. WILLIAM BRYANT, R.D.qli1, Monongahela, Pa. LAUREL BURNHAM, 347 King Street, East Hartford, Conn. STEPHEN BURNS, 29 Eustis Street, Quincy, Mass. WANDA BURNS, 29 Eustis Street, Quincy, Mass. DANIEL BUTZ, 111 W. Main Street, Bath, Pa. CAROL LEE CALDER, 12 Illinois Ave., Somerville, Mass. ALTHEA CALHOWN, 2123 Greenwood Drive, Ports- mouth, Va. ROBERT CALHOUN, 42 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. PATRICIA CAMPBELL, First Street, Trenton, Nova Scotia LINDA SUE CANTWELL, 21 Kemper St., Apt. 21, Wollaston, Mass. CHARLES CARDER, R.D. 41, Columbiana, Ohio PHYLLIS CARLSON, 126 Porterbrook Ave., E. Hart- ford, Conn. RICHMOND CARLSON, 16 Paomet Road, N. Wey- mouth, Mass. RUSSELL CARLSON, 44 Ardmore Street, Hamden, Conn. MONICA CARPENTER, 679 Kearsarge Way, Ports- mouth, N.H. PAULA CARPENTER, 25 Queen St., Worcester, Mass. AUDREY CARVELL, Route 41, Leola, Pa. JAY CASE, 115 E. Kimberly Drive, Syracuse, N.Y. WILLIAM CASEY, R.F.D. aIf1,Waldoboro, Maine. MARILYN CASWELL, 82 Willow Avenue, Sommer- ville, Mass. KAREN CEFARATTI, 303 Wynthrop Road, Syracuse, N.Y. JOHN CENCI, 21-12 24th Road, Long Island, N.Y. LYNDA CERRATO, 15 Donald Place, E. Rockaway, N.Y. RACHEL CHAMPION, 801 N. Leavitt Road, Leavitts- burg, Ohio HELEN CHAPMAN, Park Street, Trenton, Nova Scotia VONICA CHASE, 111 Benton Ave., Port Allegany, Pa. TSAI HVA CHEN, 26-14 210th Street, Bayside, N.Y. DANA CHENEY, Main Street, Monticello, Maine DAVID PAUL CHERRY, 84 Oak Street, Walpole, Mass. MARILYN CHESSA, 739 Lisbon Street, Lewiston. Maine RACHEL CHILDS, Box 187, Troy, New Hampshire CURTIS CHRISTOPHER, 6 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston. Mass. KAREN CHRISTY, 25101 Ynst-Wislon Road, Ransom- ville, N.Y. EDWIN CLARE, 194 Central St., Mansfield, Mass. ELAINE CLARK. 43 Lovell Road. Melrose. Mass. DOUGLAS CLARK. 35 Quincy St.. Holbrook. Mass. NANCY CLARK. 497 Power Road. Pawtucket. Rhode Island REGINALD CLARK. 6 Pamer Road. Foxboro. Mass. CATHY CLECKNER. RD. 22. Box 509. Columbiana. Ohio ROBERT CLEIVIENS. 26 North 8th St.. Leymoyne. Pa. PAUL CLEMONS. 27 Pine Tree Lane. Pembroke. Mass. JACK CLIFTON. 10908 Oasis Ct.. Apt. 112. Shawnee. Kansas JAMES CLIFTON. 12 Plum St.. Warren. Pa. DUANE CLINKER. 65 Elm Ave.. Wollaston. Mass. PHYLISS CODDING. Box 231-G. R.F.D. :1. Thomp- son. Conn. PATRICIA COE. 300 Tremont St.. Peekskill. N.Y. PRISCILLA COE. 300 Tremont St.. Peekskill. N.Y. DOROTHY COLE. 51 Richfield Rd.. Scituate. Mass. JOAN COLE. Rt. :2. Box 377. Federalsburg. Md. JAMES COLEMAN. 13792 W. Center St.. Burton. Ohio JOHN COLEMAN. 13752 W. Center St., Burton. Ohio ROGER COLEMAN. 5 Edes Street. Plymouth. Mass. LINDA COLFLESH. Box 87. Ursina. Pa. SANDRA COLFLESH. 743 William Drive. Trafford. Pa. DONNA COLLINS. 151 Beach St.. Wollaston. Mass. RICHARD COLLINS. 11352 Evans Trail Apt. 102. Beltsville. Md. PAUL COLLOM. Ferndale Ord Road. Page West. Berk muda CATHY COOK. 633 Service Avenue. Sharon. Pa. BRENDA COOKSON. 630 3rd St.. N.W.. New Phila- delphia. Ohio NANCY COOTER. 331 W. Ostrander Ave.. Syracuse. N. Y. KENNETH COPELAND. 11 Powell Circle. Chesapeake. Va. BETTINA COPP. 237 Old Town Way. Hanover. Mass. JOAN COPP. 41 Hamilton St.. Wollaston. Mass. JAMES COPPLE. 17829 S.E. 108th. Renton. Wash- ington DARLENE CORNELL. 746 S. Fairfield Ave.. Elmhurst. III. SHIRLEY CORNELL. 7 Russell Lane. Esmond. R.l. MILCA COSTAS. 1022 Boston Ave.. Bridgeport. Conn. GEORGE COSTELLO. 64 Dike Road. Columbus. Pa. PHILIP COVE. R.F.D.. Dunstable. Mass. GLADYS CRAIG. Houlton Rd.. Fort Fairfield. Maine JOHN CRESS. R.D. 23. Box 134. Grove City. Pa. PEGGY CRESS. R.D. 23. Box 134. Grove City. Pa. JUDITH CROSS. 74 Albion Road. Wollaston. Mass. RALPH CRESSWELL. R.D. 24. Mercer. Pa. COROLLY CROTHERS. 4 Fowler Rd.. Whitinsville. Mass. RUSSELL CROUSE. Box 230. Route 1. Severn. Md. JAMES CRUTCHER. 27 Randolph. Dover. N.J. GENEVIEVE CUBIE. 58 Winthrop St.. Taunton. Mass. JAMES CUBIE. 67 Lynnfield St.. Lynn. Mass. FRANCIS CUCCHAIARA. 329 Elmwood Ave.. Quincy. Mass. BRUCE CULMER. 325 N.W. 56th St.. Miami. Florida GARTH CURRY. 252 Main St.. W. Newbury. Mass. WILLIAM DALESIO. 14 Ogden Terrace. Butler. N.J. JACKIE DAVIS. Hq. Co. U.S.A.G. Camp Drum. N.Y. PEARL DAVIS. 1008 Buckeye St.. Warren. Ohio WAUREEN DAVIS. 93 Lawnview Drive. Braintree. Mass. DAVID DAY. 191 Newbury Ave.. N. Quincy. Mass. JAMES DE COSTE. 446 Neck Street. N. Weymouth. Mass. JAMES DELP. 8 Winthrop Ave.. Quincy. Mass. KATHRYN DELP. 8 Winthrop Ave.. Quincy. Mass. BARBARA DENSTAD. 10 Marshall Rd.. Hingham. Mass. STEPHEN DENTON. 46 Eden St.. Chelsea. Mass. DAVID DETWILER. 116 Phillips St.. Wollaston. Mass. PAUL DEVER. 845 Monticello Court. Cape Coral. Florida CELIS DIAZ. 21 Hickory St.. Danbury. Conn. SANDRA DICKINSON. Route 1. Skowhegan. Maine DOUGLAS DICKSON. 6 Dahl St.. Warren. Pa. ELLEN DICKSON. 6 Dahl St.. Warren. Pa. DARLENE DILLINGHAM. Star Route. Skowhegan. Maine RCJYALCIDISMOND. R.F.D. Box 126. Pascoag. Rhode san RAYMOND DINSMORE. 1411 McKinney St.. Boise. Idaho GEORGE DIXON. Box 573. East Port. N.Y. Y FREDERICK BOORNEBOS. 6 Rollins Lane. Framing' ham. Mass. RUTH DOUGLAS. 147 Prather Ave. Box 187. James- town. N.Y. 297 JADK DOY. 11 :yt it ei I C-r'.C I'..AYNE DP!-KE 42 H:.'.ar: St Bra 'tr LLOYD DREIBELBS 276 Cereen. S' P TONI DUBS RE 25 rock RE. ROSALENE E,Il,Jx'iLC':' P F C 21 Har' a SUSAN DUHLOP 92 Ffav ' Ae .IC a GARYDUPLING 'fedsstic ' 7. Can: a NELSON EAGLE 720 340' St Bea.-3' Ea RITA EAGLES. RE 22 St:'re::':. Pa. KENNETH EASH. Fcuf' Street Jerome Pa. CLINTON EASTLTAA 1 king Pnl it P 'N Mass. JOSEPH ECHEVAPPIA 31 Firceft St. Qsincy .css KATHLEEN ECKTIEYEP Pa.enha O'o PAUL EDDY. 278 Sfrsenreld Bud Patcrccue Tl Y .rc 3. a,"'. LESTER ELDEEN 12 CLlV"TCE'3?,TO R ace Sict a NY CHARLES ELDERIDGE. 287 Ho'rea'd Drne '.'.'it mar 'Sass ROBERT ELLENBEPEER. PCI. Bc.: 631. '.a'de':i3t Pa. DENNIS ELLER 2333 E. 27tr St Eve Pa. LAWRENCE ELLEP 2333 E. 27tn St. Erre Pa JOHN ELLINGIZOOD. 40 Ilet St.. Lollastcn. Mass KARL ELY 478 E. '.'a.' St.. Kutztown Pa. GEORGE E7.Il.1lTT 149-13 Ha.-.trsrne Are F -smng N LOIS ENCK DD. 21 Steers. Pa. SHARON ENGLISH. 1377 Brcad.-.ay Bedford. Ohio JANET ERIKSON. 5 Rockrie.-. Rd.. Qcincy' 'r.Iass, JOUCE ESTABROOKE. 17 Pleasant St. Hyde Park Mass. .Y. JOHN ESTEY. 67 Andrews St.. Lowell. '.Iass, JOHN EVANS 75 High St.. Fairfeld fylaine MARY EVANS. 9333 Valley Irie.-.' Rd.. '.12C'30C'IlB Ohio THOMAS EVANS. R.D. 22. Flnleyville. Pa. LORETTA FAIRBURN. 239 Summer St.. Bridgewater Mass. DALE FALLON. 1534 Farr Rd lkyomissing. Pa. JOHN FANNING 45 Richmond St.. Brockton. Blass RUTH FELL. 25 Brentwood St. Springfield. Mass. JOYCE FERN R.F.D. 21. Dexter. Tilalne CAROLYN FETTERMAN R.D. 22 Clymer. Pa. PETER FICKETT 15 Belmont St.. Weymouth. Mass LEON FIGARD. 24 Standish Ave.. Wollaston. Mass SHERIAN FIGARD. 24 Standish Ave.. Wollaston Mass JAMES FISHER. Route 21. Uhrichsrilie. Ohio VIRGINIA FISK. 592 Center Rd.. Avon Lake. Ohio JOHN FLANNERY. Gen. Delivery. Floyd. Va. MABEL FLEMING. Box 74. St. Petersburg. Pa. LEAH FLETCHER. 102 Greenwood St.. Rockland Mass. LINDA FLIGG. 10000 Midothian Pike. Richmond. Va ELIZABETH KAY FOOTE. 356 E. Main St.. Gnaden huttern. Ohio MARY FRANTZ. 42 McA'.'oy Ave.. Jacksonville. N.C. KATHRYN FRAWLEY. 27 Corson Ave.. Trenton. N.J. PAUL FRAZER 145 Standish Rd.. Quincy. Mass. SHARYN FREED. 302 W Broad St.. Souderton. Pa. ANN FREELAND. 6916 Forestview Drive. Fcrt Wayne Indiana LARRY FREELAND. 6916 Forestview Dr.. Fort Wayne Indiana CHRISTINE FRENS. 1104 Rockwood Lane. Schenec tady. N.Y. GERALD FULLER 17A Clinton St.. Woodburn. Mass KEITH GAGE. 1247 Dorn Highway. Pulaski. Va. PAULA GAGNON. 40 Calumet Ave . Worcester. Mass ROBERT GAGNON. 40 Calumet Ave.. Worcester Mass. WILFRED GAGNON 104 Owen Are.. Pawtucket Rhode Island KATHLEEN GALFORD. Box 298. Dogwood Rd.. Mil lersville. Md. GLENN GALUSHA. 645 Hanover A.e.. Allentown. Pa WILLIAM GAMBOA. 557 Hancock St.. 'Wollaston Mass. EDWARD GARDNER. 17 Loeftler Rd. Bloomfield Conn. JUDY GARDNER. 17 Loetfler Rd.. Bloomfield Conn LINDA GARDNER R.D. 24. Slippery Rock. Pa. DONNA RAE GARLAND. Durham Rd.. Freeport. Ma ne RICHARD GARLAND. 8 Willard St.. Braintree. l'.'ass JAMES GARRISON 1310 Garrison Dr.. Vrilliamsourg Va. IRA CHARLES GATES 8 N. Conestoga View Dr. Akron. Pa. PEGGY GIBSON 919 Victcry Ave Ba tmcre. T.ld VERNON GIBSON 628 King St.. Hanover. Blass. ALBERTA GILLESPIE. RD. 22. Krttannmg. Pa. BARBARA GIRARD. 49 Puritan Rd.. Buzzarcs Bay Mass. OLIVE GIRARD, 11 Warren St., Esmond, R.l. CHERYL GIRTON, Box 5, Shenango Forks, N.Y. JANICE GLEASON, 15 Royal Oak Rd., Trenton, N.J. JOHN GOLDEN, 1239 Chanteloup Dr., Henderson- ville, N,C. JAMES GOODHUE, 18 Dysart St., Quincy, Mass. CHERYL GORDON, 172 Churchtown Rd., Pennsville, N.J. MARTHA GORDON, R.F,D. 41, Mooers, N.Y. GLEN GOSLAW, R.D. 45, Butler, Pa. KENNETH GOSS, 43 Kensington Rd., Weymouth, Mass. ALAN GOTLIEB, 176 Summit Ave., Quincy, Mass. DONNA GOUGH, 122 Highland Ave., Wollaston, Mass. KATHLEEN GOUGH, 631 Berry Lane, Media, Pa. MARVIN GOUGH, 621 Berry Lane, Media, Pa. SANDRA GOULD, 12 Grant St., Plainville, Mass. BERTRAM GRANT, 810 Wells Ct,, Sistersville, W. Va. JAMES GRANT, 96 Vassall St., Wollaston, Mass. JOSEPH GRAY, Route 2, Box 154-0, Brandywine, Md. KENNETH GREATHOUSE, R.D. 4:41, Crescent Hghts., New Brighton, Pa. MALCOLM GREAVES, 142 Rice Rd., Quincy, Mass. PAT L. GRECO, R.F.D. 42, Farmington, Maine MICHAEL GREEN, 586 Lakeside Park Dr., Port Huron, Michigan SHIRLEY GREEN, Box 72, Whiteford, Md. WILLIAM GREEN, 151 West E, St., Wollaston, Mass. CHARLES GREENWOOD, R.D. 44, Box 154, Bell Vernon, Pa. DONNA GRIFFIN, R.F,D. 1941, Brandon, Vt. DARLENE GROTE, 99 E. Main St., Marlton, N.J. SUSAN GROVES, 220 W. Main St., Alliance, Ohio MARCIA GRUBE, R.D. 42, Ephrates, Pa. ROSEMARIE GUIVENS, 15 Berlin St., Wollaston, Mass. STEPHEN GUNNERSON, 901 Hanford Ave., Akron, Ohio RICHARD GUNSALUS, 42 W. Elm St., Wollaston, Mass. SUSAN GUPPY, 328 Belmont St., Wollaston, Mass. DEBORAH HILLES, 121 Main St., Hingham, Mass. ROBERT HALE, 33 French Ave., Braintree, Mass. JANICE HALL, Livermore Street, Wilton, N.H. CHESTER HALTERMAN, 50 Channing St., Wollaston, Mass. STEVEN HALTERMAN, 4308 Chickahoming Ave., Richmond, Va. MARGARET HAMBLY, 10 Oakworth Cres,, Scarboro, Ontario, Canada LINDA HAMILTON, Prince's Point Rd., Yarmouth, Maine KAREN HAMLIN, Box 14, Manzini, Swaziland RICHARD HAMLIN, Box 14, Manzini, Swaziland JAMES HANEY, 855 Summit Ave., Monaca, Pa. DONALD HANNAH, 68 Brackett St., Quincy, Mass. LEROY HARDING, 37 Upland Rd., Malden, Mass. DALE HARDY, 26 Longview Rd., Framingham, Mass. NANCY HARLACHER, 505 4th St., New Cumberland, Pa. GRANVILLE HARRIS, 98 Philips St., Quincy, Mass. RAYMOND HARSHMAN, 24 Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. BARBARA HART, 604 Andrews Ave., Collingdale, Mass. ANNE HARVEY, 1203 Cavalier Lane, West Chester, Pa. GAYLE HASKELL, R.D. 432, Binghampton, N.Y. LOIS HASSINGER, 2668 Broad St., Bethel Park, Pa. WAYNE HASSINGER, 2668 Broad St., Bethel Park, Pa. KANDACE HAUGH, 14 Ebbet Ave., Wollaston, Mass. JAMES HAVENS, 246 Shaw St., E. Braintree, Mass. GERALD HAYSE, 1615 Dutch Ave., Sharpesville, Pa. MYRNA HAYSE, Millstream R.R. srl, Kings 60, New Brunswick, Canada THOMAS HEIM, 116 Stambaugh Ave., Sharon, Pa. REBECCA HELM, Box 37, Lancaster, Ill. KEITH HEMMINGS, 122 Oceanview Rd., Lynbrook, N.Y. RALPH HENCK, 451 Jefferson Ave., Downingtown, Pa. ROBERT HENNING, 1329 Manitow Rd., Hilton, N.Y. COLEEN HEPA, 42 McAvoy St., MCAF, Jacksonville, N,C. YOUN SIM HER, 598-1 Sin Dar Bang Dong, Seoul, Korea RUTH HETRICK, P.O. Box 16, Manzini, Swaziland SANDRA, HETRICK, P.O. Box 16, Manzini, Swaziland DAIFSIIEL HILLER, Little Pond County Rd., Cumberland, ,l, SANDRA HINE, 11 Hill Plain Rd., Danbury, Conn. JAMES HINMAN, R.D. 444, Fulton, N.Y. MARY J. HOBENSACK, R.F.D. -2941, Fitchville, Conn. 298 SANDRA HOBSON, 21 Powere St., Norton, Mass. DARLA HOFFMAN, Boot Jack Rd., Ridgway, Pa. DAVID HOFFMAN, 127 Atmore St., Harrisburg, Pa. SHELTON HOGAN, 75 Florence St., Worcester, Mass. BETTY HOLLAND, 28 Oak St., Kingston, N.Y. DAWN HOLLIS, 327 Bellwood Rd., W. Mifflin, Pa. ROY HOLLIS, 6 Ivy Rd., S., Weymouth, Mass. NANCY GOLT, 113 Lambert Ave., Weymouth, Mass. RICHARD HOOK, 131 Cherry Street, Malden, Mass. SUSAN HOPCRAFT, 411 Beach Ave., Rochester, N.Y. TERRANCE HOPKINS, Star Route, Johnsburg, N.Y. KARL HORNER, 206 Henry St., Cambridge, Md. DARLENE HOSNER, 1318 Northmoreland Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio NANCY HOUGHTON, 46 Turhane Ave., Branford. Conn. BRENDA HOUSER, 413 W. Palmer St., Norrisville, Pa. WALTER HOUSEMAN, P.O. Box 208, Cologne, N.J. ROY HOWARD, 7901 N.W. 28th Terrace, Bethany, Okla. GRACE HSU, 24 Lane 66 Min-chuan E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan CAROLE HUBBARD, Route 3, Delmar, Delaware JANELLE HUBBLE, 25 Sea St., N. Weymouth, Mass. HENTY HUKE, 90 Hobard St., Wollaston, Mass. STELLA HULT, 94 Dixwell Ave., Quincy, Mass. CHARLES HUNTER, R.F.D. 441, Winterport, Maine KAY HUNTER, 9011 2nd Ave., North Bergen, N.J. PATRICIA HURLESS, 1015 Lillian, S.W., Canton, Ohio CYNTHIA HVOSLET, 73 Colby Rd., Braintree, Mass. LINDA IVERSON, 2095a Brookside Drive, Baldwin, N.Y. LAWRENCE JACKSON, 140 Fort Point Rd., Wey- mouth, Mass. BARBARA JACOBS, Tower Rd., Enola, Pa. THERESA JACOBS, Tower Rd., Enola, Pa. HERBERT JENKINS, 30 Gordon St., Quincy, Mass. JEAN JENKINS, 15 Cynthia Circle, Weymouth, Mass. RITA JENNINGS, 2921 Libwood Ave., Richmond, Va. RALPH JOHENSEN, 87 B Joseph Fern Ct., E. Wey- mouth, Mass. CAROL JOHNSON, 32 Eustis St. Saugus, Mass. ELEANOR JOHNSON, Abbott Run Valley Rd., Cum- berland, R.I. GILBERT JOHNSON, 934 Ash St., Brockton, Mass. JAMES JOHNSON, 109 Jay St., Uhrichsville, Ohio LEON JOHNSON, 112 Wilson St., Norwood, Mass. NANCY JOHNSON, 104 Pleasant Dr., Warren, Pa. NANCY JOHNSON, Birchwood Drive, Peru, N.Y. PAUL JOHNSON, Delmar Rd., R.F.D. 36, Salisbury, Md. PAUL JOHNSON, 7th North St., Liverpool, N.Y. PHYLLIS JOHNSON, 17521 71st Ave., Tinley Park, III. ROBERT JOHNSON, 1022 47th St., N.E., Washing- ton, D.C. ROSANNA JOHNSON, R.F.D. 45, Box 294, Gales Ferry, Conn. THOMAS JOHNSON, R.F.D. 45, Box 294, Gales Ferry, Conn. JAMES JOHNSTON, 20 Prospect Ave., Wollaston, ass. RUTH JOLLS, 43 Parkside Circle, Braintree, Mass. DIANA JONES, Oak Drive, Spencer, W. Va. JAMES JONES, 5019 Margarita, Canal Zone JOYCE JONES, 2406 Minnick Dr., Forest Hill, Md. WENDELL JONES, Fish St., Fryeburg, Maine DANIEL JOYCE, 23 School St., Bowdoinham, Maine RUTH JUDKINS, Box 83 Rumford Point, Maine ARTHUR KARKER, Box 2328 Beirut, Lebanon EVERETT KAUFMAN, 813 Broadway, Elmira, N.Y. ELOISE KEEFER, 209 Columbia St., Schuykill Haven, Pa. DONALD KEEN, 75 S. Broadway, Pennsville, N.J. ELIZABETH KEEN, 75 S. Broadway, Pennsville, N.J, DONNA KEENE, R.F.D.i9t1, Gray, Maine DONALD KEITH, 82 Vinedale Rd., Braintree, Mass. JAMES KELLER, 900 Main St., Reading, Mass. MEILODY KERN, Box 416 Route 442, Chambersburg, a, SHARON KILPATRICK, 100 Concord Rd., Manches- ter, Conn. CAROL KINDER, 4709 Floyd St., S. Charleston, W.Va. JAMES KINDER, 4709 Floyd St., S. Charleston, W. Va. SUSAN KING, RD 45, Mercer Rd., Greenville, Pa. THOMAS KING, South James St., Carthage, N.Y. MARILYN KISH, 7711 Darel St. SE, Washington, D.C. KEITH KLEPPINGER, 1069 N.E. 109 St., Miami, Fla. NANCY KNAPP, 953 W. Balley Rd., Pottstown, Pa. RONALD KNEE, 519 Courtland St., Fairport Harbor, Ohio MARIANNE KNIGHT, RD aI42 Box 112 McLean Rd.. Owego, N.Y. JOSEPH KNOX, Burnham Rd., Pittsfield, Maine SARAH KO, 13 Haven St. 2fF, Hong Kong CLYDE KRIKORIAN, 215 Blue Hill Dr., Westwood, Mass. GARY KRLIN, 511 Liberty St., Elmira, N.Y. KATHRYN KRUTENAT, 1264 Lake Rd., Webster, N.Y. ERNEST LaBELLE, 42 Ocean House Rd., Cape Eliza- beth, Maine SUSAN LaPLANTE, 26 Ronan St., Dorchester, Mass. JEAN LAMBERT, 2511 Coles St.. Richmond, Va. DAVID LARSEN, 16 Martha's Lane, Scituate, Mass. HENRY LARSEN, 10 Bevery Ct., Braintree, Mass. HERBERT LAU, 308 Lyttelton Rd., Hong Kong PORTIA LAU, 308 Lyttleton Rd., Hong Kong LESLIE LAUDER, 67-4th Ave., Haverville, Mass. FAITH LAWRENCE, 1286 North Ave., Stratford, Conn. BRADFORD LAWSON. 1111 Warren Ave., Brockton, Mass. FAYE LEAR. 1814 Pennington Rd., Trenton, N.J. JEANNE LEGRAND, 26 Yarmouth Rd., Hyannis, Mass. KENNETH LEHMAN, 580 Bridge St., N. Weymouth. Mass. KATHY LETA. 73 Nokomis Dr., Washington, Pa. DENNIS LEVIN, 236 Hawthorne St., Malden, Mass. KENNETH LEWIS, 1115 Woodrow Rd., Staten Island, N.Y. LINDA LEWIS. 1584 Liberty St., Braintree, Mass. LINDA LEWIS, 293 E. Henrietta Rd., Rochester, N.Y. BARBARA LINCOLN, P.O. Box 205, Cardale, Pa. STEPHEN LIND, 21 Cardinal Way, Wayne, N.J. SUSAN LIND, 21 Cardinal Way, Wayne, N.J. CONSTANCE LINEMAN, 42 Davis St., Wollaston. Mass. RODNEY LINGER, RD eil Box 284, Cortland, Ohio ROBERT LIVINSTONE, 123 Bay St. Rd., Melrose, Mass. DEBORAH LOCKWOOD, 15 Bromfield St., Wollaston. Mass. PATRICIA LOCKWOOD, Tyler Ave., E. Wareham, Mass. JOHN LONG, Box 134 Pleasant Plains, Staten Island, N.Y. RUSSEL LONG, 394 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohio RACHEL LOPEZ. 49-11 Smart St., Flushing, N.Y. KENDAL LORD, 14 Sachem St., Wollaston, Mass. DAVID LOTT, 1225 Magnolia Ave., Akron, Ohio RAYMOND LOW, 102 Branch St., Scituate, Mass. JAMES LUCE, R.F.D. 41, Nashua, N.H. DAVID MacCUISH, 24 Ardelc St., N. Quincy, Mass. ELIZABETH MacDONALD, 2 Buttonwood Lane, Cohas- set, Mass. ROBERT MacFARLAND, 67 Summit Ave., Wollaston, Mass. WILLIAM MacLAUREN, 1 Belmont St., Quincy, Mass. NANCY MacLEOD, 189 Billings St., N. Quincy, Mass. SANDRA MCCLISTER, 91 N, Delmorr Ave., Morris- ville, Pa. KENNETH McCONNEL, 39 Blanchard Blvd., Brain- tree, Mass. DONALD MCGLINCHEY, 8 Crockett Rd., Raymond, Maine SANDRA LEE McMAHON, 182 Main St., Yarmouth, Maine LINDA McNUTT, 37 Ruth Ellen Rd., Chelmsford, Mass. VERAPEN MADREY, Friendship, East Bank Demerara Guyama, So. America DOROTHY MAGEE, 36 Botton Rd., Hamden, Conn. WILLIAM MAGNUSSON, 27 Hanover St., Malden, Mass. STEPHEN MAHLER, 85 Rindge St., Weymouth, Mass. MUN SHEUNG MAK, 79 Wongnei Chung Rd., SfF, Happy Valley, Hong Kong SUSAN MALLARD, 421 Hancock St., N. Quincy, Mass. BRENDA MANK. FRD 5642, Union, Maine DAVID MANN, Highmeadows, Waterville, Vt. MURIEL MANN, Highmeadows, Waterville, Vt. ANTHONY MANNA, 614 Webster St., Hanover, Mass. JANE MANSON. 119 Oak St., S. Weymouth, Mass. JOHN MARCKS, 1002 S. Howard St., Allentown. Pa. BARBARA MARIANO, 1 Maple Lane, Bethel, Conn. FAITH MARIANO, 1 Maple Lane, Bethel, Conn. GREGORY MARKEL, 1415 Yale Ave., Canton, Ohio LINDA MARKOLA, 18 Wesson Ave., Quincy, Mass. CYNTHIA MARTELL, 92 Brewster Ave, Braintree, Mass. LOWELL MARTIN, 252 Columbine Ave., Akron, Ohio RUBEN MARTIN, 4113 Grant Lake Rd., Richmond, Va. JOSEPH MATUS, Box 3041, Butztown, Pa. WILLIAM MAUGER, 516 E. Vine St., Stowe, Pa. JOSEPH MAZZEI, 22 Appleton Rd., Wakefield, Mass. 299 ERIC MELDER, 168 Cedar St.. Fitchburg, Mass. HANS MELDER. 168 Cedar Et, Fitchburg, Mass. CHARLES MELTON, 1312 Amherst St., McKeesport, Pa. VERA MENSLAGE, 11 Walnut St.. N. Quincy, Mass. CATHERINE MAHILL, 3602 Hamilton St., W. Hyatts- ville, Md. DARA MILLER. Box 84, Friedens, Pa. MARTHA MILLER, 17649 Idlewild Ave.. Lake Milton. Ohio GEORGE MILHN, 1006 Hilton Spencerport Road. Hilton,N.Y. THOMAS MILNE. 125 Harvard St., Quincy. Mass. JOHN MILOSEVICS, 140 Elm St.. Quincy, Mass. ANN MITCHELL. Route 2, Potsdam, N.Y. JANICE MITCHELL. 146 W. 22nd St., Chester, Pa. DEARLIE MOLINE. 585 Granite St.. Braintree, Mass. RUSSELL MOLLICA. 61 Ellington Rd.. Quincy, Mass. KARL MOLNER, 705 First St., Northfield, N.J. MARY MONEYPENNY, 3153 Lyndale Ave., Baltimore. Md. DALE MOORE. 208 W. Front St.. Skowhegan, Maine RUTH MOORE, 5 Winter St.. Plymouth, Mass. BETH MORGAN. 139 Crescent Dr., E. Hartford. Conn. BEVERLY MORGAN, Hurlbut St., Arkport, N.Y. JOYCE MORGAN. 115 E. Elm St., Quincy. Mass. EDWARD MORRISON, RED. W2. Uhrichsville, Ohio ALAN MORVAY, 407 Madison Ave.. Fort Washington, Pa. MARY MOTT. 667 Park Lane, Cedarhurst. N.Y. DONNA MOWAN. 116 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass WILLIAM MOWAN, 865 Dawn Ave.. Ephrata, Pa. DANIEL MURPHY, 113 Woodworth Ave., Painesville, Ohio SHARON MURPHY, 113 Woodworth Ave.. Painesville, Ohio LOWELL MUSIC. 4 Figurehead Lane, Quincy, Mass. JOHN NAILE, 81 Valentine St., New Bedford. Mass DAVID NARLEE. 114 Greenfield Lane, Scituate, Massi JANICE NARLEE. 114 Greenfield Lane, Scituate. Mass. RAYMOND NEGLEY, R.D. 43 Hoff Rd.. Hanover, Pa. LYNN NELSON, 311 Seward Ave., Baltimore, Md. ANNE NESSE, 160 Pleasant St., Fairhaven, Mass. MARILYN NEWMAN, Orlando. Florida REBEKAH NICHOLS, 354 E. 8th St., Bloomsburg, Pa. THOMAS NICHOLS, 17 Webster St., Middleboro. Mass. GAYLE NICKERSON, R.F.D. srl, Strong, Maine NEIL NICOLL, 47 Miller St., Braintree, Mass. MIRIAM NIELSEN. 6 Jessie St., Swampscott, Mass. PATRICIA NIELSON, Postfach 109, 8201 Schaff- hausen, Switzerland WILLIAM NIELSON, Postfach 109, 8201 Schaff- hausen, Switzerland MARY ELLEN NIES, 2132 Main St., Rothsville, Pa. RUTH NIXON, 906 Whittier Ave., N. Cape May, N.J. SHIRLEY NORTZ, Lonville, N.Y. CHRISTOPHER O'BYRNE, 54 Warren Ave., Whitman, Mass, KAREN O'DONNELL. 211 Reese St., Sharon Hill, Pa. MARY ODENDE, 56 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass. WAYNE L. OLIFF, 6004 Hope Dr., Washington. D.C. BETTY OLIPHANT, 125 Hawthorne Rd.. Braintree. Mass. BETTY OLIVER, 120 Fishkill Ave., Beacon, N.Y. SHEREDITH OLIVER, 46 Grand St., S. Portland, Maine STANLEY OLIVER, 171 Oak St.. Plattsburgh, N.Y, JOHN ORTMAN, 178 Michigan Ave., Paterson, N.J. LORETTA OURS, Box 356, R.D. intl, New Brighton, Pa. GAIL OVERTON, New Jersey Ave., Sewell, N.J. WILLIAM OXENFORD, 32 Rawson Rd., Wollaston, Mass. BRUCE PAGE, 6814-110 St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ROGER PAINE. 69 7th St.. Stoughton, Mass. CLEO PAPAVIZAS, 245 Morrissey Blvd., N. Quincy, Mass. RONALD PARKER. 120 White Church Rd., Brookton- dale, N.Y. DALE PARRY, 801 Johnson St., Salisbury, Md. BETHANY PARSONS, 9 Kerndale Dr.. Lynn, Mass. RAYMOND PATCH, 325 Newport Ave., Wollaston. Mass. DAVID PATERNO. 30 Wilmington St., Brockton. Mass. LORRAINE PATRIQUIN, Lower Main, Oxford, Nova Scotia, Canada STEPHEN PATTON, 405 Dwight Ave., Endicott, N.Y. GREGORY PECK. Wilmington. N.Y. LINDA PENDLETON, Aldrich St., Uxbridge, Mass. LEON PENNINGTON, Route 47, Frederick. Md. MICHAEL PERROW, Howe Rd., Cohasset, Mass. BARBARA PERRY, 302 Whedon Rd., Syracuse, N.Y. DAVID PERRY, 25 W. 29th St., Erie, Pa. ARTHUR PETERS, 227 Center St., Kennett Square. Pa. RODERICK PETERSON, 60 Rockwell St., Malden, Mass. PETER PETRAITIS, 742 Pleasant St., Norwood, Mass. ALTON PHILLIPS, 181 Essex St., Quincy, Mass. PHOEBE PHILLIPS, R.D. 344, Alliance, Ohio TERRY PHILLIPS, 12 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston, Mass. JUNE PIERCE, 5315 Craig Ave., N.W., Warren, Ohio BRENDA PILLSBURY, R.F.D. 4142, Farmington, Maine FARREN PILLSBURY, R.F.D. 112, Farmington, Maine LINDA PIPER, 30 Shaw St., Newport, Maine LOUIS PLANCK, R.D. 53, Bath, N.Y. DIANNE PLATT, 122 Baldwin Rd., Manchester, Conn. EILEEN PLATT, R.D. 1, Box 258, Ridgeway, Pa. SOTIRIOS POLEMENAKAS, 93 Linden St., Salem, Mass. JEANNE POLLEY, 42 Stevens Rd., Melrose, Mass. DOROTHY POOLE, 3535 Altadena Ave., San Diego, California DONNA POPE, 12209 Tinkers Crk. Rd., Valley View, Ohio LANA PORTER, 174 Pine St., Holbrook, Mass. JOHN POST, 24 Donegal Circle, Danvers, Mass. SHARON POST, 333 Midland Dr., Vestal, N.Y. GARRETT POWELL, 422 Glenn Woods Ct., Youngs- town,Ohio REBECCA POWELL, 29 Common St., Tewksbury, Mass. ROBERT POWELL, Box 392, Beaver Falls, Pa. CATHERINE POYDAR, 23 Hillsdale Rd., Dedham, Mass. JACK PRESTON, Wilmington, N.Y. NEEL PRICE, 24 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass. LUANE PRINGLE, 1019 31st St., N.E., Canton, Ohio ROBERT PULKINEN, R.F.D. 9642, Livermore Falls, Maine KENNIE PUTMAN, 565 N. Buhl Farm Dr., Sharon, Pa. SUSAN PUTMAN, 565 N. Buhl Farm Dr., Sharon, Pa. DONNA RAABE, 322 Grant St., Phillipsburg, N.J. THEODORE RAABE, 322 Grant St., Phillipsburg, N.J. JOHNATHON RAGONESE, 5088 Bear Rd., North Syracuse, N.Y. THEIL RAMSBEY, 15 Harbor Villa Ave., E. Braintree, Mass. BARBARA RAPALJE, 14 Harrison St., Clinton, N.J. LARRY RAPER. 3025 Francie Ave., Canton, Ohio CATHLEEN REED, 220 W. Lake Shore Dr., Rockaway, N.J. DONNA RIED, 3100 Dennison Rd., Bethel Park, Pa. MARTHA REILLY, 1 Martha's Lane Scituate, Mass. FRANCES RESTRICK, 592 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, Mass, BARBARA RHODES, 151810 Turney Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio MARILYN RICE, 8 Phillips St., Hanover, Mass. KEITH RICHARDSON, Box 72, Easton, Maine EVELYN RIGHTMIRE, 77 Seventh Ave., New York, N.Y. ANTHOULA RIZAS DANIEL RIZEK, Syria-Masta-El-Holo DANIEL ROACH, 4 Roseland Ave., Thompsonville, Conn. CAROL ROBERTS, R.D. 4941, Huntingdon, Pa. HECTOR RODRIGUES, Casilla 3926, Lima, Peru MARIANELA RODRIGUEZ, 670 William St., Bridge- port, Conn. DAVID ROGERS, 1735 Carlton St., Philadelphia, Pa. EDWARD ROTH, 114 Pembroke St., Boston, Mass. SHARON ROUSE, Box 132 Day Hollow Rd., Endicott, N.Y. ROBERT ROWLANDS, 605 Reccowan Rd., Scar- borough, Ontario, Canada FRANCIS ROY 33 Plainfield Rd. Marshfield Mass sTEvEN RUOOLPH, 152 cedar sif, weymourhl iviassf FRANCIS RULL, 391 Beale St., Quincy, Mass. JOHN RYANS, 24 Clifford Ave., Stamford, Conn. KENNETH SACCHETTI, 68 Church St., Milton, Mass. VERNA SAFFEL, R.D. JH, Muncy, Pa. ORVILLE SAPP, Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, Dela- ware SOFIA SARKlSSIAN, 53-41 194th St., Flushing, N.Y ANDREW SCATTA, 112 W. Ashdale St., Philadelphia Pa. CARL SATTA, 112 W. Ashdale St., Philadelphia, Pa. DOROTHY SAUNDERS, 27 Blake St., Wollaston Mass. ALETA SAVAGE, 808 L St., Mt. Lake Park, Md. SHARON SAVAGE, 808 L St., Mt. Lake Park, Md. ESTHER SCHLOSSER, 3 S. Concord St.. Mt. Vernon Ohio 300 LINDA SCHMIDT, 5407 Fredanna St., Pittsburgh, Pa. JACK SCHMITT, 123172 Temple St., Owega, N.Y. RONA SCHMITT, 184 Center St., Waverly, N.Y. BONNIE SCHNECK, 146 Colwick Rd., Rochester, N.Y. JOEN SCHRADER, 10 Balmfourt Ave., Danforth, onn. DEtBBlENS,CHUBERT, Box 173, A1 R.R. al41, Penning- on, . . BARBARA SCHURTER, Allentown-Clarksburg Rd., Allentown, N.J. SAEIEY SCHWANKE, 6543 Coleridge Rd., Painesville, io JOHN SCOTT, 611 Canton St., Ogdensburg, N.Y. CAROLYN SEATON, 1154 Northwest 80th St., Okla- homa City, Oklahoma STANLEY SEATON, 1154 N.W. 80th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. ARDEAN SELKE, 538 Glenview Court, Webster, N.Y. ROLBIERTA SHACKELFORD, 838 Grady Ave., Warren, io DENNIS SHAFER, 507 Fitch St., Elmira, N.Y. THFQZIIAS SHAFER, Rte. 1545, Box 312, Westminister, MICHAEL SHAHAN, East Middlebury, Vt. LLQJID SHANNON, R.D. 9942, Box 304, Southington, io SUISAAN SHANNON, 2 Brewster Circle, Hingham, ass. RONALD SHEHAN, Box 124, Robertsdale, Pa. GARY SHETLER, 1219 E. Green Dr., High Point, N.C. LESLIE SHINABERRY, Rte. 4542, Uhrichsville, Ohio ANITA SHOFF, 232 Main St., Manchester, Conn. DONALD SHOOK, 213 W. Sunbury Rd., Butler, Pa. JERRY SHOTTS, 1046 Wilson Ave., Kittanning, Pa. DONNA SHUGRUE, Brown Terrace, Uxbridge, Mass. SHARRON SHUMWAY, R.F.D. 4541, Saranac Lake, N.Y. HELEN SICKEL, 23 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. CARL SIEFKEN, 11 Blethen St., Lisbon Falls, Maine HAROLD SIEFKEN, 11 Blethen St., Lisbon Falls, Maine CAROL SILVA, 32 Morris St., New Bedford, Mass. SILVIA CILVA, 62 State St., New Bedford, Mass. MAXINE SIMMONS, 81 Albertson Ave., Bridgeton, N.J. MERLE SINCLAIR, 57 Hilda St., Quincy, Mass. LINDA SIVELY, 146 John St., Bedford, Ohio ELAINE SLOAN, 411 Glenpark Dr., Nashville, Ten- nessee STEVEN SMALL, Cider Hill Rd., York, Maine BETTY SMITH, 98 Kemper St., Wollaston, Mass. BRENDA SMITH, 161 North St., Dalton, Mass. CANDACE SMITH, P.O. Box 508, Hurry Hill Rd., Put- nam, Conn. DAVID SMITH, 23 Muirhead St., Quincy, Mass. HARRY EVERETT SMITH, P.O. Box 141, Bel Air, Md. JOHN SMITH, 21 W. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. LINDA M. SMITH, 101 Crafton Rd., Bel Air, Md. NEWELL SMITH, 890 Peck Rd., Hilton, N,Y. STEPHEN C. SMITH, Regency Dr., Salisbury, Md. STEPHEN D. SMITH, 264 S. Cadillas Dr., Youngs- town, Ohio STEPHEN W. SMITH, 123 N. Waldinger St., Valley Stream, N.Y. TIMOTHY SMITH, Rte. 3, Grassdale Rd., Cartersville, Georgia KAREN SNELL, 5266 Alfred St., Mentor, Ohio JOAN SNOW, 39 School St., Berwick, Maine KATHY JO SNOW, 44 Ferncrest Dr., Cumberland, R.l. GARY SORENSEN, 414 Cobbam Park Rd., Warren, Pa. DAVID SPANGLER, 41 E. Second Ave., Cititz, Pa. DAVID SPARKS, Old Route 99422, Pawling, N.Y. PAUL SPETZ, 121 Dartmouth St., Warren, Pa. ELIZABETH SQUAREY, 32 Batesville Rd., Dorchester, Mass. SHARON STAFFORD, 132 Long Hill Rd., Oakland, N.J. ROSEMARY STAGG, 7025 W. Silver Spring Dr., Mil- waukee, Wisconsin GLENN STAHL, 75 Bron Ave., S. Braintree, Mass. THOMAS STANFORD, 34 Stedman Ave., Pawtucket, R.l. OTIS STANLEY, 510 N. 9th St., Lebanon, Pa. RONALD STANLEY, 5904 Osborne Pike, Richmond, LINDA STEELE, 29 Newton St., Braintree, Mass. ANN LYNN STEFFLER, 1240 Cascade Rd., Monaca, Pa. CAROL STEINMEYER, 221 Bradley Ave., Cornwall Ter., Reading, Pa. RICHARD STENGLE, 45 W. 6th St., Collegeville, Pa. PAMELA STERLING, 19 Richard Dr., Munroe Falls, Ohio CHARLES STEVENS, 101 Elmwood Ave., Wollaston, Mass. ROBERT STEWART, 3901 73 Ave., Hyattsville, Md. ROBERT W. STEWART, 1 Church St., Hanover, Mass. MARK STINSON, West River Rd., Uxbridge, Mass. FREDRIC STONE, 133 Marlboro St., Quincy, Mass. GENE STOVER, 124 S. Lincoln Ave., Barnesville. Ohio DONALD STRAITE, 18 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston, Mass. GAIL STRONG, 5021 N. Williams, Portland. Oregon JANET STRONG, 10 Bayview Ave., Hingham, Mass. NANCY SWAN, 28 Birch Hill Rd.. Melrose, Mass. LYNN SYKES, 75 W. Main St., Merrimac, Mass. ARLES SYMONDS, R.F.D. 41, Saranac Lake. N.Y. BONNIE SYPOLT, RD 564, Ridge Rd.. Irwin, Pa. BEE CHENG TAN, St. Francis Bazar, Tabaco Albay, Philippines TUN SEIN TAN, 171 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass. WAI LEE TAN, 171 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass. WILLIAM TARBELL, 249 Arlington St., Quincy, Mass. TIMOTHY TARR, 102 Glenview Ave., Oil City, Pa. ALLEN TASSINARI, 217 Sandwich St., Plymouth, Mass. JOEL TASSINARI, 217 Sandwich St., Plymouth, Mass. CHARLES TAYLOR, Box 305, Allison, Pa. CHARLES W. TAYLOR, 105 Granite St., Quincy, Mass. CYNTHIA TAYLOR, 102 S. 10th St., Millville, N.J. RICHARD TAYLOR. RD 4643. Box 119, Millville, N.J. DAVID TAYLOR. 165 Granite St., Quincy, Mass. STEPHEN TEN EYCK, 1727 18th Ave. North Palm Beach, Fla. KAREN TENNY, 83 Free St., Hingham, Mass. KATHLEEN TENNY, 83 Free St., Hingham, Mass. JENNIE TERMINIELLO, 15 Bryant Ave., Quincy, Mass. PETER THEODORE, 3 John St., Binghamton. N.Y. SHELDON THEROU, 143 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass. JEFFREY THERRIEN, R.F,D. 445, Farmington, Maine CAROL THOMAS, 536 Clearmount Dr., Youngstown. Ohio DONALD THOMAS, 536 Clearmount Dr., Youngstown, Ohio ESTHER THOMAS, 234 St. Nicholas Ave., Worcester, Mass. KENNETH THOMAS, 212 Clay St., Wollaston, Mass. LIONEL THOMAS, Box 93, Altona, N.Y. MARTIN THOMAS, 599 Northdale Dr., WDSK, On- tario, Canada TIMOTHY THOMAS, Box 93, Altona, N.Y. BRADLEY THOMPSON, Nelsen Rd., Scarboro, Maine LAWRENCE THOMPSON, 105 Mondort Ave., Beckley. W. Va. PAUL M. THOMPSON, Deer Isle, Maine SHERRY THOMPSON, 2718 Columbia. Easton, Pa. NESTA TIBBETFS, 15 Cynthia Circle, Weymouth, Mass. JOYCE TICE, 912 Chamberlain St., Elmira, N.Y. DONNA TINKHAM, R.D.alf1, Apalachin, N.Y. CAROLYN TITUS, 375 Campville Rd., Endicott, N.Y. MARJORIE TOMS, 423 Moore Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. SHARON TOWNSEND, 6654 Merril Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. JOANNA TRASK, Box 613, Dixfield, Maine VEORA TRESSLER, 221 W. Ave., Jerome, Pa. LINNDA TRIBOU. 60 Pierce Court, N. Weymouth, ass. VICTOR TRUMAN, Rte. 4963, Hastings, Mich. LAWRENCE TURCOTT, 69 Willard St., Quincy, Mass. EILEEN TURNER, 40 Mayapple Lane, Willingboro, N.J. SHQRYN TURNER, 732 Neshaminy Ave., Warrington, a. WILLIAM TURNER, 40 Mayapple Lane, Willingboro, N.J. PHILIP VACEK, 810 Tolland St., E. Hartford, Conn. DAIXQID BAN HOEWYK, 30 Russel Rd., Brockton. ass. DANIEL VECCHIONE, 50 Depot St., E. Douglas, Mass. SUSAN VECCHIONE, 50 Depot St., E. Douglas, Mass. MAXINE VERRILL, 163 Highland Cliff Rd., R.D. alfl, Westbrook, Maine MICHAEL BETROS, 45 Fitch Rd., Clinton, Mass. CAROLANN VICCIONE, 508 Hundred Acre Rd., Or' ange, Conn. PHLYLLIS VICCIONE, 508 Hundred Acre Rd., Orange, onn. GASTON VILAIRE, 12 Speakman St., Quincy, Mass. PAUL VODOLA, 66 Royal St., Quincy, Mass. DOUGLAS VON IDERSTEIN, 109 Cornish St., Wey- mouth, Mass. THNOMAS VORHAVER, 6730 Barrett Rd., Falls Church, a. SUSAN ELLEN WADE, 1716 Hazel Ave., Bristol, Pa. NANCY WALLACE, 34 Main St., Pricedale, Pa. BASBARA WALTER, RD 4542. Box 296-B, Mohnton, a. 0 JOHN WARD, 116 Sandywood Dr.. Rt -'22, Cafes town. Pa. RICHARD WARD. 116 Sandy.-food Dr , Pt, 322, Ccyes town. Pa. RONALDWARFLE. Millerton Pa. JUDITH WARREN, 50 Allison St.. Concord NH MAJORIE WATSON 117 E. Wendell St., Endicctt N.Y. NANCY WATSON, 79 Eastland Ave.. Millinocket. Maine TERRANCE WAYNE, 156 Mull Ave., Sinking Spring. Pa. THOMAS WEAVER, 331 Para Ave. Akron. Pa. PENELOPE WEBB, 218 Rageant Lane, Willingboro. N.J. WILLIAM WEBBER. 137 Lynn Dr.. Shreveport. Louisiana PAUL WEIDENBACH, 4754 Sherwood Dr.. Pittsburgh, Pa. BARRY WEISS. 3113 Washington St.. Bethlehem, Pa. WALTER WELCH, Rt, 422. Box 265. Waldorf, Md. ROBERT WENMARK, 1 Riverbank Rd, Weymouth. Mass. DAVID WENSEL. 5650 Cherry St., Erie. Pa. JULIUS WERBNER, 54 Warren Ave.. Wollaston. Mass. PAUL WERNER. 139 Madison St., Mohnton. Ra. LARRY WETZEL. Box 121, RD -43. Reading. Pa. SUSAN WHALEN. 33 Hoover Ave. Braintree. Mass. HAROLD WHEELER, 3314 Brandy Court, Falls Church, Va. MARY WHEELER, 3314 Brandy Court, Falls Church. Va. DONALD WHITE. 3 Fredith Rd.. E. Weymouth, Mass. RICHARD WHITE, 60 Lind St., Quincy. Mass. WILLIAM WHITE. 120 Howard St., Saugus. Mass. PATRICIA WHITLING. RD ffl, Seneca. Pa. DALE WHITMAN, 616 W. Fork Rd.. Hamlin. N.Y. LINDA WHITMAN. 893 Peck Rd.. Hilton. N.Y. LOIS WHITMEY, R.F.D. 4541, Box 149. Union, Maine PAUL WHITTEMORE. 1 Prudence Way, W. Dennis. Mass. CHARLES WHITTINGTON, 1017 Nimck Ave., Monaca. Pa. JOYCE WIDOWFIELD. 728 W. Main St.. East Pales- tine. Ohio TED WIGGS, 425 Calvin Blvd., Seymour. Ind. JOSEPH WILEY. 337 Harvard St.. Boston, Mass. BARBARA WILKINSON. 2302 Meadow Dr.. Salisbury, Md. GERALD WILLIAMS, 6353 Ward Rd., Sanborn. N.Y. GLADYS WILLIAMS, E. 46th Lane, Cape Coral, Fla, GLENNIS WILLIAMS, 709 Crowley Cres. Peter- borough. Ontario, Canada KATHRYN WILLIAMS, Valley Road, Rt. 33, Cumber- land. Md. MARY WILLIAMS, R.F.D.iIf1, 273A, Berlin, N.J. CLIFFORD WILLY, 49 Mount Vernon East, Weymouth, Mass. JOHN WILLY, 49 Mt. Vernon East, Weymouth, Mass. ELMER WILSON, 859 Pong Pond Rd,. Rochester, N.Y. MARIE WILSON. Hampden Rd., Somers. Conn. SHARON WILSON. Warner Hill Rd., Stratford, Conn. MARY ANN WINTERS. 490 Wood St., Harrisburg. Pa. HALEY WISE, R.D. sifl, Box 140. Oil City, Pa. DAVID WITHEROW, Rt. slf6. Gettysburg, Pa. BARBARA WOLFRUM. 15 Johnson St., W. Roxbury. Mass. JOHN WOOD, 302 Oak St., Shrewsbury, Mass. LAWRENCE WOODS, 116 Glenwood Ave., Syracuse. N.Y. LAWRENCE A. WOODS, 36 Fairview Terrace. White River. Vermont LORRAINE WOODS, 250 Elm St., Keene, N.H. JAMES WORTHAN. 3331 Neely Court, Wichita. Kansas CAROL WRIGHT. 39037 Gardenside Dr.. Willoughby. Ohio JUDY WRIGHT, 706 S. Linden Ave., Alliance. Ohio WESLEY WRIGHT, 1165 Shore Rd., Cape Elizabeth. Maine GILLIAN YEATS, 127 Fairview St., Dollard Des Or- meaux. Quebec, Canada MARGARET YEO, 103 Main St., Groveland. Mass. LAWRENCE YERDON. 200 S, Jensen Rd., Vestal. N.Y. RUTH YOUNG, RFD 541, Greenberry Dr., Gaithers- burg, Md. SUSAN R. YOUNG, 733 E. Lake Rd.. Penn Yan. N.Y. ALICE YOTIER. 3696 N, Ridge Rd.. Lockport. N.Y. DONNA YOUNCE, 54 Wiltwyck Ave., Kingston, N.Y. SALLY ZELLERS. 32 N. Early St.. Mymmelstown, Pa. BERNARD ZILINSKAS. 931 E. 4th St.. S. Boston. Mass. BARRY ZIMMERMAN, 4th St., Jerome. Pa. ORGANIZATION DIRECTORY STUDENT COUNCIL President-Stephen W. Smith Vice President-David Anderson Lloyd Dreibelbis Social Chairman-Donna Younce Secretary-Jane Brown Nautilus Ed.-Richard Ward Campus Camera Ed.-Timothy Thomas ASSOCIATED WOM EN STUDENTS President-Carolyn Seaton Vice President-Ann Freeland Secretary-Eloise Keefer Treasurer-Carol Silva Judicial Board Chairman-Kathy Gough ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS President-Doug Dickson Vice President-Bob Johnson Secretary-Bob Barnes Treasurer-Steve Gunnerson Judicial Board Chairman-Wayne Hassinger SENIOR CLASS President-Everett Smith Vice President--Linda Whitman Secretary-Susan King Treasurer-Elmer Wilson Student Council Rep.--Esther Schlosser Chaplain-James Cubie Advisor-Prof. J. R. Naylor JUNIOR CLASS President-Newell Smith Vice President-Kenneth Goss Secretary-Carol Wright Treasurer-James Baughman Student Council Rep.-Larry Jenkins Chaplain-Chuck Nlelton Advisor-Dr. W. lVlullen SOPHOMORE CLASS President-Bill Wheeler Vice President-Dan Murphy Secretary-Joanna Trask Treasurer-Donna Pope Student Council Rep.-Keith Kleppinger Chaplain-Carol Silva Advisor-Dr. Cecil Paul FRESHMAN CLASS President--Dale Parry Vice President-Ann Harvey Secretary-Toni Dubbs Treasurer-Marilyn Chessa Student Council Rep.-Bill Nielson Chaplain-Barry Weiss Advisor-Paul Wells SIGMA DELTA DELTA President-Dale Whitman Vice President-Sona Arukian Secretary-Kathy Krutenat Treasurer-John Schrader Chaplain-Paul Wittemore Women's Coordinator-Nancy Whitman lVlen's Coordinator-Everett Kaufman SIGMA DELTA KAPPA President-Lee Karker Vice President-Kathy Gough Secretary-Joanna Trask Treasurer-Neil Nicoll Chaplain-Wendell Jones Women's Coordinator-Nlaylo Mann lVlen's Coordinator-Bob Ellenberger SIGMA DELTA SIGMA President-Jack Willy Vice President-Lloyd Dreibelbis Secretary-Diana Jones Treasurer-Bob Barnes Chaplain-Jim Baughman Women's Coordinator-Paula Gagnon lVlen's Coordinator-Farren Pillsbury SIGMA DELTA ZETA President-Steve Gunnerson Vice President-J udy Gardner Secretary-Sha ron Savage Treasurer-Keith Kleppinger Chaplain-Chuck Carder Women's Coordinator-lVlary Ellen Nies lVlen's Coordinator-Ron Bartholomew 302 COLLEGE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP President-Charles Taylor Vice President-Rodney Linger Secretary-Carol Silva Treasurer-John Ward Members at large-Joanna Trask, Bob Barnes STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION President-Bob Johnson Vice President-Herschel Werner Secretary-Ann Freeland Treasurer-Mary Mott Librarian-lvlarjorie Toms Elementary Education Rep.-Stan Oliver Secondary Education Rep.-Jim Kinder Advisor-Dr. Philip Fitch DRAMA CLUB President-Carol Johnson Vice President-Tom Evans Secretary-Treasurer-Nlartha Miller Advisor-Dr. Louise Dygoski HISTORY CLUB President-Roy Hollis Vice President-Linda Schmidt Secretary-Bruce Culmer Advisor-Dr. Barbara Faulkner PSYCHOLOGY CLUB President-LarryJenkins Vice President-Allan Tassinari Secretary-David Perry Treasurer-Esther Thomas Advisors-Dr. Cecil Paul and Prof. Gerald Hilyard E.N.C. INTERNATIONALS President-Glennis Williams Vice President-Herbert Lau Secretary-Treasurer-Doreen Adams Chaplain-Linda Weisenburger Advisor-IVlrs. Madeline N. Nease STUDENT LIFE COMMITTEE Dr. Donald Brickley Prof. Keith Bell Prof. Carroll Bradley Prof. Robert Brown Dr. Louise Dygoski Rev. Al Steifel Dr. Wilfred Winget Steve Smith Donna Younce Phyllis Johnson Jack Daniel Neil Nicoll Jim Cubie Faye Lear STUDENT FOREIGN MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP President-Sharon Post Vice President-Ruth Hetrick Secretary-Esther Thomas Treasurer-lVlary Evans Reading Secretary-Paula Carrier Editor of Publication-Alice Yotter PHI DELTA HONOR SOCIETY President-Jane Brown Secretary-Treasurer-Bonnie Schneck Advisor-Dr. Donald Young CAMPUS CAMERA Editor-Timothy Thomas Business Manager-Bill Turner Associate Editor-Linda Fligg Advertising lVlanager-John Ward Office Manager-Carol Wright Copy Editors-Vonica Chase, Joyce Tice Circulation-Fred Beckwith NAUTILUS Editor-Richard Ward Business Manager-Roy Harding Layout Editors-Faye Lear, Ruth Douglas Secretary-Sha ron Savage Assistant Business Manager-Steve Polman Advisor-Dr. Alvin Kauffman CIRCLE K CLUB President-James Baughman Vice President-Wayne Griffin Secretary-John Naile Treasurer-Dick Dever Advisor-Dr. Philip Fitch EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION President-Jerry Hayes Vice President-Wendall Jones Secretary-Kandace Haugh Treasurer-Carol Silva Advisor-Dr. David Cubie MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION President-Terry Phillips Vice President-Robert Pulkkinen Secretary-Treasurer-Chris Larsen Advisor-Rev. William Youngman I Dear Reader, In designing a yearbook the editor must not only have an eye for the present, but also for the future and the past. T 1968 Nautilus was designed with this in mind. The purpose of this year's Nautilus is to show the events which to place during the academic year 1967-68. But it was also my purpose to give you an album which will bring back me ories of what I hope was a great year in your life. Because this is the fiftieth anniversary of the college I have also i cluded a section to show some of the significant events of the history of the college. The book is candid in nature because in this way you are seen in your everyday surroundings. Some picture m not be as flattering as you would like them to be, but the pictures are of you and your friends as you were even if o for one second. However, it is not possible to show everything and everyone, so some selection was made by necessi If you are missing I apologize. ln putting together the book l must thank many people for their assistance. lVlr. Weiner, the photographer has been tl person behind developing the candid approach for the yearbook at ENC. I would like to express my appreciation for h help and the pictures which made this book possible. Next I would like to thank Roy Harding for the raising of t money which was needed to make the book possible. Because of a set-back Roy had to work especially hard to raise tl needed amount, and he deserves a great deal of credit. I also must thank Dr. Cameron for his part in the history sectic of the book, and Dr. Kauffman for the help he gave in locating the pictures used. Dr. Kauffman was also responsible fi the art work used on the divider pages and I appreciate the time spent on this. Also of great help was Don Doyle I the Foote and Davies Co. Finally l would like to thank the members of the staff who helped in preparing the book: Sharon Savage and Kathy Goug for their typing, Faye Lear and Ruth Douglas for their help with layout, and Steve Polman for his help with the cop As for myself, putting together this book has been a challenging and exciting undertaking. I am sure that next year editor would appreciate your comments on the book. These comments are always of value in preparing a book, ar since this is a student publication, you profit from this help. The 1968 Nautilus is printed on j.-t8O Velvo Dull and has 304 pages. The type is News Gothic except for the histoi section which is Baskerville. The book was printed by the Foote and Davies Co., Doraville, Georgia. The covers wei supplied by S. K. Smith Co. of Chicago, Illinois., Richard Ward Editorsin-Chief, 1968 Nautilus 304 I I i I l I i V I ! I T I i u 4 i 1 Lf Av J '. .-I .rl 1 .,i fi KL, - -ff ff Q I I .15 .,. . icy .DS sia- - :un I 1? .Y f Q4 'if ii E.. 3. ,J i 1 .1 fl 0. sJ.' N as I , In X., FY 'Di IS ,.r, ' 1 I . -5 .,r H. ffl x A r - ' 5 . .'.":'. ,L , . , L5v,- ns .j x-. 4 -H.. Agua,- W f-RFQ, 3 ' ',- f .r .yxjaj-f't V lxg-gpg 3 ,:fVf,,':?4' . ., I w 1 x, . c v. V, 5 Y o S 1 1 1 Y ng, I ui- r , , gr in J: ,Y 'fc -J "' u s - o " - v ,ol .41 .5 qs. 'iff - Q- V . QQ . 4' 1'V,I',i"N.QA31'i, L- -- - Y : vf 1jbg'aN ' , ,,,.-Y" 4g 'f"i1 R f QW ., .A'.3,f'. ' ' 5'fT -f"r:r 4 1 V ,N 4 'Y -1-1 .- . --5 I , YN, -, 1z,Q . M10 : .Yi :V If.. S-rw ,wut Q It 111' ' " -.:-51, 'ggrfy' 4:1 J- ,irq ?' jg, , , 4'-2 'IYLJ v AVC-"'4"'1.-it J'-jfv' A 1 -, , ,-5.w' -yi'-..4,'. . .3 --2-1 Zeifff -21 7 -4 . ., ' 'Lsf'-kfm-1 fa A. , .. ,z, 1 'nr-f., Aff", wl- 1 5, f' - ' x5A ' " ---. 'ic' sit-r 1' f-4 ' V -' '- M'-5 'Q-!'+': -.'xi" ' arf' L Y .v?5A?"f, x ig r. S.. - :Q I ' 1 's iffffgf' 1.41. -' .- . --,-.- .fgh : 2--r,.. .g A:...:g"!.Jx-1. ir.: K , f .,L9pfy.,33,,,-.. A g W 'M -5.,I,y zic' ,ALJ - U, . . . -4ff4,,1f.L , C, A ,. k -,':.'0-JV,-""X'--X x . x. ,d-5225, . - ,ag-5 ' K .1 Us - 1 A, Q- 33:-'E ,Lf-f:,'? H--' fi-' 13- 'J .fi -vu V. +L 1 - F' If -'1'1'l?1" F. C 1,1 1 7.41-,fl-,,,,v - ,,. V,'7"- e,-,-i,j,12,3'2,, . --,I , 3 l -V -'Q ,. .sf . ' -"Y - '41 ni T it 7 T, mf 5:14,-f'f1f: N' ' Z wh- - - -' f- Qfup.. is 1 - 535- .A?5Y..-r,y- . Q, .Q ,Q A 'Q 5'j"'i' - .- 1 . f'-ff, A ' ii,-2.5. J., - Q ,,,-1g,:- .rj I, A ,f., ff A. ' L A , - ,' ..'- , l ' I - "v ' I G V1 9 ' " f p-- . f ' '-Q' ,-'J-, 'xv ,5 fi ' , ' ' . in . 4 ' J.-',fl,f4 . , I .,.' -.3-'fyikvc L- ni ' ' I, VV' -'Aff -J 5 nf. .. - 1---r .,'J,. V ' -A f fur- 1 1 ,-fbi., , -':'fQ?fi'5i 'L' A Y. x5gL,,Vr.fp .f Y- :aff-lk J? gli. Q. "Q .L" ,"3:m' -"J, ' 1 fr- -.sf-g ..-, P ' QA C '. .- 'iff .. fl --if 5 ., :.. Q 1 an ff V 3,-,,'s' Y . -Y , I YQ! f' ' f , - ., 7 J, U..-ii' . fi 'Q'--v 1"- . A V',',',' ' ' Y. --. 'i-3 :""" , , :wx .-'ivy Qi- ? A-f, ni A' ,--. . 1' ,.g,". ' u nA?":l ' .'lY,,' ' f- 4 4 g',y,1,j., A! N . if fa- 4,-1' 1' ' J' 'if' ff-'ix ' QA 'ff L .' 1 ,Q 442 -f-iff-A . 9, ' IJ.. I ag I Q ' 'wg' ' ' 3: Yi '. 3'--1.1 f -4- Q-,, , 54, Q W A 1 ', - 4421 , s Y 'V' R eg - H, 41- . . " 1 'z J 2 , E 4 -Y A 1

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