Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA)

 - Class of 1960

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Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 268 of the 1960 volume:

I D F anti 115 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF the Student Body of EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE WOLLASTON PARK QUINCY 70, MASSACHUSE'l"I'S Carolyn Finney, Editor-in-Clzicf Andrru' Pancarik, Bzlsirzvss .Uanagn l-J OREWURD "That ye, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend . . :chat ix the breadth, 07ldll'71Qf,1,!171l1' depth, and licightf' Philosophers, Scientists, Theologians, Educators, Poets -A all men, learned and simple we have sought for a complete understanding of the complex experience called living. They have chased it through the labyrinth of their own minds. 'Iihey have called upon the myriad thoughts of their predecessors. They have looked into the tiniest of the earth's creation and away to the largest. They have tried to explain the abstract in terms of the concrete and the concrete in twins of the abstract. Yet they keep on searching. 'lihev are not content to rest. The frontiers of earth have shrunk and those of space ex- panded. An aspect of the mind appears thoroughly searchedg and vet we know we have not grasped its total essence. XYhy? Because we have not captured the whole and crammed it into one sentence -e-- one phrase e - one word? Because we have not seen the end nor found the beginning? Must all of life l lfphesiant 3.'17,l8. remain but a fruitless, unanswerable quest? No. Life is a process of growth. It is the development and maturing of life through our everyday contact with personality, human and divine. This will have meaning to us individually when the Golden Rule becomes our standard. lVhen we let the love that passes all understanding - God's love for man - control our life as a guide. So we have chosen our theme. A fleeting opportunity to develop Scholastic Height. Athletic Length, Social Breadth, and Spiritual Depth at Eastern Nazarene College. It would seem to us that this year has expanded our lives in an overwhelming measure. as fragments of the puzzle of purpose and life have Htted into a meaningful and satisfying picture. f l HAT Chrixt may dwell in your hearts by faithg that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length and depth, and heightg Ephexians 3: I7-I9 mf? TO TO TO TO Elf viliraiinu I Mrs. Geiy with Daryl and Sondra Sue a gentleman who has held service and guidance to college youth above his personal desires. one who has set a precedent for upholding a high standard of intellectual honesty in the study of his field. one who is conscious that a consecrated Christian life is the paramount joy for full devotion to God. a man whose strength, drive, humor, and gift of giving stands tall in the eyes of Administration, Faculty and Students alike. l'Ve, the Staff, dedicate the Nautilus for 1960 to you, DR. FRANK WILLIAM GERY, JR. . . O' 'Ni . si A 5' A' 8 X Z pu Nl- "' ' v 1 V .qs . k 1 4 tx' . H ., A - - 'W 1 ' ". l ,FL , ' Q A ' ' Q: - 5 4"'j . 33314 Q 0 " , ff' ," " A- 'L to 4 0 f. "A '- ' - -91 . .:., 7 1 ' ' . ' I m, W' I ' . -' A 'J v 'Q' ?- 4 ..,- af ' 'il I f. -ii. ..:I,,. gf'- ' V- .4 . ,.. ' - . . '- - R .L l c. ' .5 f - Q ,' ' . k 1 . x V ' I ,. ' 3 1 . v-'Uni ,..,W ',,,: A -9 - 4" ,-31 3'-Q Q I . , ', if "X 'K' 1'9" ' n :nity f 5 , Jn L. Sl ...,iai',fx'i" 1 'N- P' ."." M... .'w . I 14 ,l. 1 ' V an ia, WN., . U4 ' ' . if 1,4Q5,q.u. 5:4 1 -V. ,if ,Lf ,A -v - .. fx' -f " " ff' ' ' N 'S ",' 4 " 1' :' -"- - r ."1 x - u Q ' I .- 1' L ' 1' a Q J il - Q' . I I. 1 ' Q - 1 -. A l X. Ax -Q' .. "3 - - ' 29' 1 - - , -2 fi' nf " r f . , ,. A x Ir. . 'A 'I 4 , -v I. is ff' is '9 3 - .' " , - ,, 4-f ' Xl: . Q5-am 1 K . 4 W xx x " J, 1 P. dv. Q s 9 Y: . 4. g Q! , N b . . I qv , up I ,Q Q' . J 1 ' 1 tn ,X . 4 Ilia' gait 4 Sir. W wa fig' gig, Fifi? ll ia .. .....,.. -A 'HJ '.1J,. 0 l 'Y' f' , iz . -,fl buf.- -vr' - 4 . ' if . I I 7 9 q,. .41 :L 1,1 .'s,9'. 4 5, f, -, . ,-' ff., I ,-J' ' 1- --kt I I I v . ,J .. '-ki' ' Yr' V ' 1.5.5, ,Lf ' ' I I ' n If A 1' 1 4 ,KVI 1: 'Intro f" - V4 '-p I 'Lili f T' if. ff .-:ff4f' lf.. J' 62' 4 4" ". f, 4' . -, u.:pU 'at Q 'rvj .f -. ,. .'. My ' 3 . 35? ,- ' rf.- P- ,'1,.f ly" v- " -a:-rx-J -wg'- - , 5 ' ' r ' v L- - u , ,li ' -'jf-If ' A ' ml.. u 1 -' w ,N 'Q5f.71' , TIS'- .. K , , ' .cLo' A . vw - ' 3. .s N l .5 , 5 ' 4 - 9 Qs 'O--fag. O gr.. D '. , - .Q 1 - 0 Q H . - S' - 4, ' 'xl' I 1 ll... Q ' 1. 'll' 1 . , ,RCAMPUS ,. , W 6,0 . s ..' -1 , u . f 1- -, f -"-"'- g - 0 . .' I 4 . . nl 4. s 1 . s Q I I 'b A 1 lx ' -. I .Q f Q I Q Xe' 1 ,Q 1 1 6 . - O I 5 to ' r . Q - . . .. Q fi 4 .X 'YQ 'QF I ' , 4 -. -4 P -Y .' . . -1"f':: " .M WP" Q,,QQQ,.. . -,. , -.Qy -J.-' , ,uw v Q Q. A .M-V. X bil. .he-A '-1 M55- '-"f . . " 1,.ag.m-- V -'QW-F'rsf - 'ff Ax nr. ik vogpgryqn .J QQ Q .,, J-f ' .f --- 4. 1 -4 - ' - ' 'n.f" 'wi 13 ,r -' -. nw. ..-,M f'if'w- "-7?'15- -Emp- ,, Ox 'N' - VT.-IQ -0 H 1. P'-'S' ,,s' 4. M .- , - . Q. .. av- .Q ig .- N .QQ Q. . QQ,. Q Q.,tI..:s,A 1 x Q Q . V -' -s 2 -f' ff.:-1, --' -N ' ' """- 4ru'45'v-,. ' 4:-.R -Jrw P Q., QQ Q ' . Q s.Q .QQ -P Q -1, sq v-,QT QQQQQ!-QQ.Q Q Q 4..--QQ.QQ.Q Qs . .tank . Q 991, -. v , in ' I ' - 'bl A - 'A ' M .J A 4,Q.::, dl 157- 'Q Nivrw? X"-nm , .- Q . .1 .vc 'Q AL'Qbi4 . g H ol: ,. ,Q-' ,' 1 1-1 - .' frm., x N I 4' .. .4 x v., - Q "i V-.. 'V '.'-L. X -' -- 'F Wu- .... .,vL, P f.- ,' 1 .vs P. . -.cur 'Am . 44- x Q' 'rs N-ff VV! -5 ' - ' . -i , . fx -- . ,- ' ,- J... x 9- 1--, MWA' WTI- - 51.34, . '- -I.. -Q: 1 X, ' - '-' Q N J-:gd . of .. ,S Q QQ, Q QQX ., . , Q57 -4, 'QQ 1.4 I ,- QQ, ,X Q -1 ...S Q!-QXJAQ QQ 'tvs Q .A...Q 'Q - ' .aaiwlxllfw "f - 4-I"9.1's--5 -'--Q, . .Q, KF, r frm .QA ,Q QXQ . Q Q LQVAQ. - ' , - Cx -'Q . v' , - A Q ' - D Q X -Q . ' Q Q v 'o,QQQ ,NKQ 1 QQQ ,g.:QJQ.Q .L ww is -Q, -. ' '7' Q ,Nz Q 1 5 Q I , Q. ls, 1 '- , QQ " .L 5.LNX ' v . - , . . N- ii. .' 'f - E . Y ' xfwa- - .' - ft' wr' Q.Q ...u , 'x mn ir. 'l A 9 1 - guy , s ' ' P " u ' . ix 1 Wi.. " . .-1-'-"---. X .Q ,Q 5 ' QQ -,Q 'Q 'ff' . .Q Q . . 'fgsisx .74 Ki" . .., X - -,' N N" ,' , fe. Q' Y . 'QQ 'I . ' ., '. ix . wg?-3 'SE' 3 'L s " '21 'fi' Q.. , .. K - . . , ' 'Q X JN 'vx 1151.7 .. X . f, 4. I, . - x 1 'X ' vi 1 5' rf'- NQ .. x ' wi. --J 1- iuxur-.. " . , 1 '. V- - aff.:-.i. .9 I Qisx -',QQ, - in - ,gtk , LQ 1, s . ruin . Q . A. x O , Q ..Q,, .Q ,151 I - P. ' Q A , 'xi , -, . r,',g1ff-'IIN - . .ni-v 1' ."' 'N , . . ' wr 54 f - Q, 6'1s 9-rw Q-.413 1 'Y - X I ,'.'jQYgaXi4f. -ff - 1 - . 7 . Ax .-5. -Q .fr gf., me, Q,,hQ,:.1"-,A f , .vc V' 'Q1Qf'1 4-Q.. . ,F ,ffm ., -, Q .Q , QQ ggi, ,T 4, . 'n- 'Q ,Yi-,wx fl ::, LH . N-77 ' N. 1'-5. ..' ' . 7f""'-'W-L". Hz- -, u' Ax - ellfif' Q - - - , - ' " -.'."' , , , . ru- ' - .5 p ,..,: . - -2 P -L rj, jg 'Q'L..iQQ Q Q, N Q QQ Q frilly- . . ,- , . , -, - . Xa' . - 1 " .' ' ' ,f ru S' ' 'Wf Z4 N -.., "' . 4-.. --- .wa Q - k AF 1 Q : vs Q ' Q -f .9-J' w xl .K - LQQ1 . ' J . ' - 'X X'.ai.- X . 4 "v '-519-..':: . .- . - j -..Z-Yr -' H -Ng' .LN LC! Q Q ... ,Q 5 ui.xQQ,Q,,Q. , n, -1 , 1 -faq., .-S' ' 1 '-ks-9.-, ', ' ' ,lf 1 tl , N., Q - . vg- , 1 ' .H , ' A P- rv, .' -3 v Q., ' +A" - -,'. M - if f - .. rail' - - A' ' ' ' .43-1'-I' ' 1 'u ' '21 A - 1 41 . , ' . I 1 . , V . ' 1 M. w -mf. wx A uw M v , . ' .gs .4-A Q . ,fs-. Q, f .QSM I . I ..-W - . , ' "rj "N-A Q. . 'L--'fr,,ifQ"1 ' M qerv- ---J, 4--Ji" - -.T "-Hg ' .- 1,51 .5 , . . QS, - . -11? '1 ' M- . ---. -.... -.YA , - ,f - .-. 1 -.,o- - ., "i"-S123-1 ' .,,..... - k J'--.M .-..Q Ar... - -Y . ' ' "' '5Z"4.'-ld., A .jv1'TrP+2i' '- , :-- L,-Al 1, w. , AQ N ,-.JM-5 - J . - .QP . Q .-. 7---,,,---m -5' ' . 1 ' x ' .x -A 2'--f 'f-74. ., - . 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W -4 ' V V. - A-C I .. - 4"" I' '.?"..!f .-- s.,,-.,, + 3 .mt Y J' ' " J' .,.., .. ... W iw Q L -- "'V 'Q . I ' 0 v '-"'1"'i..'V' h ,. - -far-vw I . V . 5 .T O , 'I .', . K., A7, ' Q. F ' . I r ".l.,.5 fi' A, N '. ,. 5 . mfg J' ' I' sqf- Y . ,1 -U AL- V, In - K' , , '. 1 - if ' , 4 t . . --Qu N1 K .--.l , ?f?:fgL-'xr A ' Tffidvgif ' ' f ' gf X " . 71 '. 71 AEifls':"' ' I -uf' " ' f +A'-,, . . I I f- A it R 4'-E f -nur , f ny F x .- ,I .- x " ' "' ' '-ma r -' ,q,'0h'rf' q . g. ,. . - , . - . -" ', ' K V ,J . r . ,. Tr. Q, o 1' Y .1 Q' X.: , "".-,X ' . -', v. W, 1 , ,iv '11 ,-'VN' .K I 'UN - ' Q 1 -V.. ..w-amy v l. 5 . 1 '," ' J- - -.1 I v 1 y ' "E, . , f 1 5. ' ke :Sl " 4-1 - ---f v.: insulin D . . 9 '.-- . N A P 3 r 'lc -. ,, 4 , .X- 1 ',, W' 1 ' 'K v 4 '51, .541 .. . .- t K 114. 4 A- 9 41 5-' N u 4. Z. :- .5- J 1 .,: 1 I W' - ' ' X-lx. I F. 9 . , A W f w 1-. fnlws K .- - .1 ' n Q 1 Q ,.. ' , A. ' . . 2 1 . 1 -,k nf 1.. ., . 1 , , -:Q u n I 1. P " rf, .F 4 , 1 A 5. 57' X . A . '- . l' 1 .fc ' I v Q ' ,T , . x I , 1 1 . I 'I -f. ,Q . ha. .iz I I J, . ', 1. ..,. ,,. . -14.1-4A Q 1 1 , .1 v .,.. .1 'J y V vm 5954. le.. Xw - in r . 1 I 'K ,. . ' f., ' .jol A , ji 161 ,. 'qi Jr ws . 'alflg' 'v ' :A , f , .' 1158-' 1 1 . " f 1 1. .I I 4 . 1 .l 1 M . 03 li' 1 u 5 .C i . ..'x if , 0 1 I D N I I . I' Q. E Q 'A I 1 -' .L 1 A P f . -' - v--f--1 W '. . f H 1 ' 1 x U ' I 13,7535 Y Q-'-nn -fif- -e- .CA I . lg . I' 1. F. Q, ww - ' va Q L I E 611 'fi'- . -v-I '- ' -3 4 IYVFK1 "- . - ' ' - I ... 01- f':..":.- .fs - A'o'c.-- 5' ..- f' 'I xx-gr ww-unw- .Qu- a r I -1 C -. 6 . . - it D'iQ O ,v , ,fx N , .- - ':f, "i'8,"'-' '. Y' 'j'.' -IVBQL V ' v D .P n A 51 if ' 'x . . -l ' 1 . Q 1 . X ' l, . ' . o f . "1 '- 'x - wx.. 5 Fr' .y - - 4 ' - ff,-, . , . Qp. n v 'rm 1 ' 5 1" . . " 4' 6 5 Q, V 1 1 .-V1-. 1 D ,414 Cs ug-A 1 1 '- - , Q'-'4 3 n.Y""- n 1 ' f J - F I - mp x , F ' I.,-f' 7 44, . IM., ,. , , , 1 I I ! I I Y - ,L u ' g . . I J 2 , tt. 1595 A ffl vga-1,7-w' , ' . 1 i , I , , . V x -QL f I V ,Q .4 gl x N 5 1 . 5, 5 .. ,J 1 xi IP Y. 1,-gd.. Lf v-.J I E Q' A 1 1-' Q 1 ,Q-x ff? 3 , ,' 'lv ."7v.'. , .Ax 1-Ei ' .f g vga, 1. A '- 1 .v -'-, -5, 4 4 .Q qgegijl., Q- -Jiifil ,. ff' :gil--f, K 1 . TE Q: 'Jii',l:lig 2: 'fn' 25? 3 2113 ' W' 1 5' '-wx-.aan V ,..: X I :-. Y' I:- 'ci N 1 Q U , B 1' , 5 . 'Jinx-.Ii Pvt!!! 7 X 4 -' I1 . ' 4 'wb .A ' 'I' F' . r ' 4 ' I y l 8- st If I-'itll - V ,l A. W'-4'-"' f' A1V"'x'.l'j '. - 1 , . -,fqiu ling- . - Y' ' 3,51 A . -- .J r .-S . ' qfx-In QQ . .u , A X "- ',- ' 1- . . , ,Q ,113 .N-Ex .,,. wi I- . , I I 1 ' ' W ""-'f'.,r . . 0 'F N ff ' qs .,. ' .5-'xv v' -- .L X YA . A ,pst na w n 0 .' ' , , 'vwhw A. . . , , 1 I N Y vi, f w ax .45 - f 2-I-K-' '. -44-4 9. g ' Nfl. :qu-xl' ', 1- ', -' - '5-A . , U , wb. ,N ,wg p I l. s.,. ' 1 44 ov- ' 4 ,. ' Q N7 '4 ' 1 i' I K , -, A- , ' fir.. ,' - If X 'sm I. t 1 t If ,LA ,I xl L D 4 , . ' 1 . - ' 'Q ' V v D !. 1 -"ln x J' . fu" -it . 'Q' ' u ' - ' .- - c 'UN'-1 'NA 'ug V 3 N. t Q", " z ' K l 1- I' - -varmx'-5, - , . , t... . - -if : X X B . . A ' 5 Q 7' I. .K 3, ' 'I W f ',- WE WELCOMED THE FRESHME You have seen our Campus and now we would like to show you some of the events in which every Freshman participates during his first few weeks on our Campus. Frosh girls are assigned rooms by our Head Counselor for Women, Mrs. Williamson. I I 'x ,fi . 'L 5 Welcome to E.N.C All the comforts of home! .'-v X5 Xl 'X I ' 'P . Q-' il f V Q1 A I- -- -- -1' l I will Kan, -. , i v 4 X 'fn . , X ' I 'LT N' 4 l 'I 3 ' C ' 7 E 'si ' v ""- V.. he J ' Sue enjoys a frappe in the Dugout after a long day of registering. First letter home. Now to thc BLISUILSS Ofllcc. ' 41'-N. - yx ,- A NIL Parsons helps Sue get ready for hcr first clay of classes 1,1 D' m P x F" X' F L - Q., use -Sv ' 1 33 :J ..n, ll ill!! nun 'lk,.wtl1.1cl1c? Nu. just Silllll' lmsly l"rv5Ixr11vn lwinu initiatcd by thc' Sophomorcs. ,. - .. . , . Dr. Ham welcome the Failma ki Thv Student Council acquairzts the Freshmen "lln- Inum' that l'l'1I'k'5Ill'i .xl ilu- Num-m luumxl Rf-vm-p11 Il tn-r xhf Frm-shnzrxm with Rhcir Ars! Blue Bogk Eygml L- 's r ' Z I xx "But Mrs. Williamson, do I really have to cut some off the bottom and put it on the top?" V. Y w I A l I 5 E.N.C.'s Boy Scout Troop. Yogi Gerheart does a "Beat" ver sion of the Gettysburg Address. W THEN WE I TRODUCED FACULTY A D IN ISTRATID CLOCKIVISIC: Bell. R. Blarhley, C. Douglas. C. Taylor. H. XN'.nrtl. l.. Spangenlierg, E. Mann. Albright. R. Shoflf Andree. W. Benson, ll. llerkert. L. Cordon. A. McKenzie. B. Powell, R. Fill -...N 1 Goslaw. W. Lanpher. H. Smith, H. Parry, E. Grosse. B. Taylor, R. Woods. R. Smith. A. Sampson, D. Pringle, R. Ingland, C. Brown, R. Aeheson. BO RD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees of the College is com- posed of ministerial and lay members elected an- nually from each district on the Education Zone. This group meets each September at the College to hear the Presidents Report and to transact busi- ness for the College. Four members are elected from each of the following districts: Akron, Pitts- burgh. llashington. Philadelphia, and New Eng- land. The Albany District sends three members. Two members are elected from each of the fol- lowing districts: Canada Central, New York, and the Maritimes. Two representatives of the Alumni Association are also elected. The success of the promotion work of E.N.C. is due in large part to the advice and assistance of the Development Council. Forty outstanding business and professional men of our Educational Zone to- gether with the Board of Trustees compose the De- velopment Council and meet each September to discuss and plan for the future of the College. Ha 1 W , A standing ovation for Dr. Shrader at the official opening of Shrader ll. 'Q ROW ONE: C. Greany, E. Blaisdell, G. Reed, R. Dick, W. Fawcett, A. Shinn, J. Carlson, R. Clapp, E. Kauffman, H. Ward, N. Price. ROW TWO: H. Pyne, E. Harris, A. Tracy, S. Lind, 1 J. jones, R. Mann, R. Blann, F. Johnson, R. Spencer. DEVELOPME T COUNCIL 5? 'vc' Shrader Hall Professors of Science and Religion are presented with the portrait of Dr. Shrader to signify the correlation of science and religion. eff' 4 v t "' u. N, 4- -- 1? .I ,L f Q' it ,ft Q r :JY EDWARD S. MANN Rllfll Colle-Qt' yvnt' lmngi nt-xx' Slll1flllUI1S. ncw pmhlt-txls, now t'l1gtllt-ngvs .-Xt il Cln'iStinn mllt-gc cgxfh ycar also brings ncw faith to fart' liftfs 5itnnti0ns. new wisdmn to sulxt ln: s pmhltlns . . . ntxs cmn.1Q0 to ttccvpt Inca Chal- lt-ngv. It N tht' Conhtlvnu- that c4lll'l5Il1lI1 lnqlmcr educa- tmn has 21 tlvcltlvcl HIPIUN wlnrh nnltvs fncultv IIICIHIUCIS and Stntlvnts III L1 Connnunity of Conc't'rnt'cl svvkvtx for tlntlm. hun unix of LOUSCIKIIIIOIIS llklllllf. nxmtnt duo- txon to bud, .ind t.nt-ful pc1wn.1l hung Cannot tml to ex- THE PRE IDE Dr, and Mrs. Mann with thrir sons Robert. Merritt, Edward .md Richard, , pand tht' rnvusnrz' of the- mind and stretch tht' Soul to nvw clnnt-nsxom oi cilllklillilll llfc and umdtxct. . 0 ts opt- .t t. 1 num er o Class oi 1960 may lmxt xtnchcd new hughts and depths. and lvngtlms and lm-Adths. dLlI'1I1g font' vltal years at ENC. BERTHA MUNRO DEA Dean of the college, professor and Christian ad- ministrator . . . challenging . . . thoroughness . . . As a professor of philosophy his complete lectures and unwavering logic stand out . . . As the in- structor for freshman orientation, college and its way of life becomes less a grind and more a pleas- ure . . . A Nautilus adviser who always remedies problems of policy-layout-copy and art . . . The college's academic guide for scholastic standards and institutional standing . . . Exemplified Chris- tian dedication. DEA ERITUS Dean Emeritus, Chairman of the Divi- vision of Letters, dedicated scholar, au- thoress and Christian witness .... A pio- neer - during the early growth decades of Eastern Nazarene College . . . An aca- demic backbone - for higher standards in an educational world that tolerates slack- ness . . . An inspiration f for students struggling with literature A witness for Christ and his love. and what it means to live for him. Above all, her life has echoed and re-echoed the dramatic testi- mony "Not somehow. but triumphantlyf' " N19 I ALVIN H. K.wrFs1..xN f N U f:-H--X S 3.-.lvl Q f . N 4 ffl" an 1 hfaclclirmc? N. Neuse Jasper R, Naylor RFAQIIAXYVIZV Director of Admiyvionv CFFICES RELATED T0 A vs ,X ACADEMIC F F AIRS Tr' -wx Q 'D 'I I y B.1rb.1r.1 Faulkner G! " 'fv Serrrtary to the Dean of the College Dorothy King Librarian Vu I" 63 ki. ., 4 Marilyn Teal Secrefary to the Direclor of Adnzinvions in 'SAA Joan Huddelston A uiftant Librarian 9' 'SQ K '5 7 iffy 'LNL v f ..- . X A -.WEA . 'JEXRL 1 , 'Ji bw . -J hi 3 Q f-7,52 .5 r ' , ' iff ' -- -1 ' ' 4 V 1 "M 5 74" A 35' ,,v,.. . - . - X, f ,4 .M - ,X I PR 7 B , - Q- Q , , I nhl. JN' V, " N V 'N' lj 4V A L . .,.,- f 'j, ,f-Q J- . , - ' ' 1 -'. .f' 'Y 27 V A 1 - ll'-' if v m 3 K . A 1 ,t ,AQ V I OFFICES RELATED TO STUDE AFFAIRS Fu 'P' I R. YN'aync Gardner Dean of Students Harold W. Darling Dxrector of Guidance and Placement gg., .argl 1-as-. V'- qw? Esther VN xllmmson J-,,.,- Head C0un.seIor for Women :HT I 1,1 S xv w 1' ' fm Paul E. YN clls l .'v ' 5 1 S Business Alanager and Director of Student Azd CFFICE CF FI NCE Q . ,.,.,.-v ,M 5-ern Mary Rankin Amktard Direelm of Xs- SflAIfF7ll.'11d Audrey NN ard Freda M. Stevens Secretary to the Business Manager 6 'PBA Beulah VYillw6rth Caxhzer and Receptzonzst Bookkeeper 14 ! 1 Pxff ' Lucy MacCallum Asxistant Bookkeeper , . ' A ,' 1 I--r H., ,guru X .,'. Q, fl K ' . , ,-an, CF F ICE OF DE ELCPME D PUBLICITY ,,,,q,,., v'l, Katherine Buckley Assistant, Ojice of Development "Qu, Donald L. Young Director of News Bureau Q -1 l ,1 '- mi 1 1"ff.v Steven W. Neasc Director of Development 4 "1-A .- I, ,Q Alice Whiting Serretrzry to the Director ofDe'1'eIoprm'nl -5 Elizabeth Young Secrftag to Prriide nt 25 Clara Hxller House Mother Willou House 'Q f gr," Gcnc Rice '-:Wil b 03 -A If " X I Q f E - " ' -JA-lg! 1-54' Amllarzt Counlelor for Aff!! Rolwrt YN' Hzxrmling Food Service Jllanager l Myra Palmer Axmran! Counselor for Women CTHER AD IN ISTRATIVE Kenneth Sullivan Printer ' l I N Lilmrll-el NN'illwr'rlh Y, 4 1 Superznrrndfnl ofHu1lr1'1ngl ann' Ciroundf . X 3 ' I - 4 rx - N . , , N f l P3 'F' X lf X 1- r an K4 'JL-9 L- 1 tin- 'im-sr ,Q 1' I 7 '. QI I J I s X Qu- " ' ff' "' . Donna Bowers .n Ant. Cook jf 'ir-""', Af" T" Charles Djerf. M.D. Head Phyxician ASSIST TS Mary Harper Head Nurse House Mother, Manchester i .ml Ossen. M D :ate Pkjhzczan Nflrgaret Goodness' .-1ff:J:e'z:.Yu'5e NS 831.5 . yi., if-JJ. " If fi-' . I fn l' . I ,QA NJ 3, - 'C ' 4 k s, I.: 'Yr' ' DIVISIO DIVISION OF LETTERS "Do you know, if you read this, that you rannot read that? WWII you go and goxxip with your stable boy when you may mlk zrirh king5?', - Ruskin Professor. BERTHA NIIQNRO. Chaimian of Division of Letters. DIVISION OF SCIENCE AND M.-X'I'HEN1ATICS "fPurej vrifnfzfr ruriovily if a pnvvion for on ordered intfllntzzrzl rikion of the fonnvftion of ezentxfi - Wh itehcud Professor JAMES H. SHRADER. Chairman of Divi- sion of Sfivimcc and IxI.1IIIf'I113IICS. 'Q .Q- Q., . I ' v I nlv . , 'N-J DIVISIOIN OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Human mzpro ement is from zrifhzn outln d ASSOCISIC Professor FRANK W. GERN Actmg Chairman of Dnxsxcn of Social Science 4 I X . 'R X' N I' L-1" DIVISION OF FINE ARTS Who hear: 77211116 eels hi.: xolilude peoplrd at once Professor PALL I WILLWERTH, Charmnn of D1 .l G Pm t or of Hu IC J ,, . FACULTY JOSEPH GLENN GOULD, AM., DD. Professor of Religion MARY KISER HARRIS, A.M. Professor of French ALICE SPANGENBERG, A.M. Professor of English 'Q KENT GOODNOW. AM, Professor of German and Spanixh 9"-" 6 , . - NS x ' lux -1, x J Y. Q ' J Ain V' 'igult JASPER RUSS NXYLUR, B S. .AX Ni DI'z'i'f.'Y .-' :Hz- , 4 . Iw'f-A-w n' .l!.::m-'-:.:::.v 9 JAMES REESE CAMERON. AM.. .4HOI1-Ilft' Professor of History 4 A A .J 4 V -Q 1 . 5" ' 1" X' . .-Ak Al., 115' PWS! .N M Ph.D. 1 A4 - ni' 1 HARVEY J. S. BLANEY, A.B., S.T.M. Associate Professor of Religion HAROLD WILLIANI DAR- LING, Ph,D, Direclor of Guidanre and Placement Assoriate Professor of Psychology ' Jn' ' 4 1 'fri' GEORGE JOSEPH DELP. AB.. s.T.M. 'QQ Assofiale Professor of Religion I Y OLIVE BYNON NIARPLE. A.Ii.. Nlusal Associate Professor of Aluxic LOUISE A. DYGOSKI, A.M. Axsociate Profexsar of Speech fOn leavej PAUL CALVIN MAYBURY, Ph.D. Axsociate Profesxor of Chemistry ROLLAND WEBSTER PAR- SONS, M.S. Associate Profesxor of Education u ' Q, 1 V Q 9,4 " -Q.. -f'4?'98U-. Lqnaqa 1- A I I J' . r, ' Q V b ,tx ' ESIIIER D. IN' I I,I.I.-XNISON Avsociafe Proffuor of Voirf Head Courzxelor for Worrzrrz ,. mf Q pun 'ff' 'tnnilf' ,. I I VIOLET RUTH BALWIT, A.M. Assistant Profeysor of Spanish .wan ' x I LI NIJ IL" - , , 1 DONALD PAUL BRICKLEY. M,Ed., Ph.D. A,vxistant Profexxor of Sociology FACULTY I I V 'If Phi A- CARROLL FRANCIS BRADLEY, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Education Head Counselor for .Wen I I PATRICIA JOSEPHINE CONNOR, B.F.A., MA. in Nlus. Ed. Assistant Professor of Voice . . -x. - ." ' 9,74 v - , , 4- ff-Y - Q-. psf? - ' -Lk 'Q' fra- '--o ' A "', wr ., . Q-. fi., V -I- -- - -1-, . , .J 1-..'. .Afl- rv , Ii -A . 74. 'N -Y -. nop: 'FTS Q 'YWl"f"gPi1f A-'K-'Je FACULTY "" fs.. "' '-Q ,- ,M fat' --4' 'AN if ' 't,9,,-0' GRACE WHITE HALL, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physics JOSEPH HENRY KNOWLES, A.B., B.D., A.M. Assistant Professor of Psychology I X. EDITH PIERCE GOODNOW, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Literature y GEORGE ROLAND HORNER. A.M.. Dr. L'.L. Assistant Professor of Soriology GWENDOLYN EYAXGELINE MANN, M EC, ,-1fgf::.:n: P'fJ6,'.7." :J Edufcriwl ',1,4r QR' -- 1 ' . .-z Q' X ' Y"""7 Y K CN BI.-XRLIN BOOKS KRIEDER. Ph.D, A.f.fi5tan: Pfafeffor of Biology WWNALD LEROY YOUNG. A KIA 117311 fi Enghql: fm!! 'e2-""- I N' ' n..',.i-nr' B' ' E ki, WILLIAM LLOYD TAYLOR. Ph.D. .45fi,ftant PV0f'E5S07 of Chemistry ' 1.1,-, sl. A q . ,.- aJ"5, ' BARBAR.-X F.Xl,'I.KNHR Y I . Instructor in History ELEANOR EMERY AKERS. A.M. Instructor in Speech -PU Uh-4? 1 JAMES GREGORY LARKIN. Jr.. A.B,, 'I'h.B. Instructor in Music B.'XRCTI,.XY FRFIJFRILTK YYUOD. B Xius IrlstructorinOrg11n bm, WV A' ALICE NIELSON KAUFFMAN. A.B. Assistant Instructor in Violin f lx c ,, 4 FACULTY ESTHER BLANEY Imtructor, School of Practical Arts and Letlerx IRX ING STANLEX JOIN ES. AB. Instructor, School of Practical Arts and Letters FACULTY SARAH SOMMERVILLE PARKER Instructor, School of Practical Arts and Letters JOHN BECHTOLD NIELSON, A.M., BC. Instructor, School of Practical Arts and Letters I SQ, - 1, ff' Director, School of Practical Arts and Letters WILLIAM A. TAYLOR, A.B., Th.B. ,x ..,- 44 -A BQSTON PUBI ,IC LIBRARY Q Q T 44 uns- 4155 ,Afi.ET- 'F y .afi 7: :J 2 QU' r '-'fi 1L-1,.L..1.JT1f x . 5 My 1 ,JK 2 I '1.T.,L?f-1,1'g1:C'7 x.-,,. ' My K,.:.--,...:,'t ::,xr'1',r Q. t , . U. . i. -f...,C.wxl,L I. ' ,'- ,Q11f-N44 Icfv-xxx.:-.'..xyl x ,- L.-- x --..'..-. M. I E" ",, ':-r,"r'r -rfb ' '- - -- -"'N4-sfS.-4v..-s'i:.1-f W- -. .,-. 5.x.-Nx --.1-fx... x. -y.x.Nx-x,.,,,,, - - -- X -,,.- ....N.x,,..1-y...1....x.x... -.. - x.Y x. ..-.., ,xx .., ,,,, ,.,, 4. AA ang .Q. sq sg. sq -A. lug' -44 Q.. THE. f'L.E?,:C.A LiBRAFxY-OF 'ffil CFIQ 'VT I '1 1 Y- K x rdf.- I x .,., S. ,q . 1-, 3.24 4-D 4 -uv..- 3g1s.ON BALI. L 12 Srhnlaziir QZN .xxn fvlxC5lNl3l'.l7 IN mx:-.. x1. xx' ma .XI4l,l-I 'ro vmwm-1- MJ IHA!! XXIII! .x1Al. sums xx'H.x'1' IS 'l'llli 1sl:1c.w'1'r1. .xxlw I.I-INCQTII. Axxn lJlfl"l'll. xxlw lIIiIiIH'l':" 4I PRESENTIN G WHO'S WHO sv v I l I R WI N, PENNSYLYANI A --vQ,' ' X L . Lex if arf? 45 . .k ,eff P ,vm ' A 94" - ' ,7 ll ...v Q. . F .96 .L r il- ,' f.f,,1fn, I A-.gq.,fw ,f,' '.f . f Quik. J' 5.1 1" 13' fr. PQ f,f f n gt-F N 'i n.4u' , 41 AUGUSTA, MAI I ,nm x Q F! 1 . . ' gv- I Nnrr-.f- , is-. 4' PENNSYLVANIA , HA 1, .VI 1L'n I nl ..Q".. T QQ '11-., rains. - '. t -:F M' N" Qi-: :ffl '-ig mbsf, -gy '. It 'f - 'Fix wr: 1 :jf iq, . - ' :Rig I 1' oma- Paul Wclls, 1:-ian: Dick L-mben, P ' joan Zviglcr,' Stud nr Council Reprcxenluliz HHH' 7'l1'U: Uwefiislvaga Srrrctaryp Branson Rohn-ns. Clmplaing Roller! Mann, Tnulrng Mary jane Duns- wm uh. Vice Pllifdflll ' ' Qsla Tfmli: .X library in his head and home niusic in head and heart, Bryon profile - - English gait. l 7IY,ilUf,' Beutnilx pose .ind "f.usi.il forestry" T S. Eliot .ind C S, Lewis. l Botuiiy-IIistorw'-l.itatripli--ply 4-duc.ition. lndividu.il ideology .ind orthography. SENIOR SPECIFICATIONS SENIOR INIOTTO: 'lb .S'wrz'r Tliii Pri tfllfAQt'..I1j'C.'l111I7IqQ. Senior Sketches by Iilean Emeritus Bertha Nfunro I'I.'XROI,D B.-XBCUCK .X.B. I.l'I'ER.-XTVRE 7'l1ll'7lf.' Genius .Xll Ilis Own. 7.5771-fllflf ILr.itlu.iti- ri-seuri h .ind lf-1 ture pl.itforni. "IYords trip about him at corntnanclf' Kappa l.Q.'i.l: Bowne Philosophical QL llc-b.ite 23 I.it-Speech Club 2.3.41 Biology Club 1.2.3. Mouiituirieeririg Club 1.3.41 Vice President 2: Spanish fflub lj.Xrt Club 'ill 1.il4'r11r1 IUUYVIIIT 4. L 5 DAVID BI,.MZHI,Y 1 A.B.tIlIEN1IS'I'RY 5 , Talent. Klonsidi-r.ite. 4 'llmli' iioocl Bl.ishly f.ui- .Xlunini brothers. Clear call. NIission.iry friends. 1 ' .X steadfast purpose. I Triuut: "I,ong. long thoughts." "Faithful in that which is least." "Keeping l up with the Llont-ses" ihiizh level M l 'lkrrituri' N11-dicine in .-Xfric.i. ' 5 Kappa l.J..i.4.5: Evangelistic Association 1.13.51 Student Foreign Mis- 1 ' sions Soni:-tv 2.fi.4.5. Tre.isurer 41 .-X Cappella 4.51 Football li Nautilus I2 Biology' Club 13: Chemistry Club l.2.4.5. Vice President 2: Mountaineering Club 2.13.-4.5: President 4. Vice President 51 Pre-Medical Association 2.3.-4.5. President 1. Vice President 3. NANCY BORDEN lPs BS. ELENIENT.-XRY EDUCATION Talent: Earnest. 1, Toolf: Soft voice. singing heart. Air-force background - Uxbridge pull. Y'-W1 Values straight. "Ounce of sweet." Trynut: Seeking v finding. Christ real. 'I estimony of words and of life. "The exact word?" Territory: Vermont schools - for a while. Kappa 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 1.2.3.-4. Secretary 3: S.I".M.S. 2.3.4. Secretary 4: A Cappella 2.3.41 F.T.A. 4. Class Vice-President 3. 56 DEAN BOSIIART A.B. BIOLOGY Talent: Even-Tempered. Tools: Sister pal. Good loser on occasion. Native assets. " Tryout: Native assets partially exploited. Double French survival, "Ile that K , planteth a tree is a servant of Cod." Territory: God's creation. "Teach Transmit. Transmutef' Zeta l,2,3,4g Biology Club 3,43 Chemistry Club l,'2. JAMES BRICKER B.S. CHEMISTRY Talent: Leadership. Tools: Fine family line. Courtesy. "Absolutely responsible." Good citizen- ship medal, Tryout: "Renee," Paterfamilias. Junior President. K'No holes, no streaks, no poor end slices. Territory: The space age. Penn State University, Delta l,2,3,4, President 21 Class President 3, Glee Club I, President 13 "N" Club 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4, Crusaders 12,33 Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 3,45 Nautilus 2, Associate Editor 'Zg Chemistry Club l,2,3,41 National Science Foundation Award 4g Who's Who 4. . 14. . 1 '.. "L ' VI '.'Y'.9iI-Z' .' JERRY BUCKLEY A.B. HISTORY Talent: Independent Judgment. 52 Tools. Severe face but a smile escapes. OI his marriage. NN hy scttlt for a Ford when you can get a Cadillac? Tryout: Vocabulary of two words, "No" and "W'hy?" Superb church head usher. Southern chivalry - kind deeds by stealth, no thanks allowed. Terrztory. New England, we hope, Deep South, he says. Man is not yet a guided missile." Centmary College l. BARBARA QLINCIERMAN B. S. ELEMENTARY EDL'CA'I'ION 'I alent. Lheerful. Tools: Big Little Sister. Friendliness. Interest in livinq. frgout. Smiling. 'I ht luxury of doing good. Territory: A happy schoolroom and home. Siqma I,..,.I,i, Exangclistu .Xssouatiou I.-. Baskttl all . , Lit Si it ub 2,3g Biology Club IQ: I".'I'.A. 13.-lg Psvrliology Club Lliyl. Vive Presidt nt 5, Spanish Ciluh I. ,Q MARIANNE COLESAR BS. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Helpful. Tools: Suflusing smile and blush. Tender conscience. Christian influence. Tryout: Strong to do right. Thoughtful of others. Friend to the friendless. Territory: Some world of lost. lonely "kids" Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Kappa 2.3.43 Evangelistic Association 2.3.43 Treasurer -Ig S.F.M.S. 2.3.41 F.T.A. 3.4: Mountaineering Club 2,341 Secretary 4: Pittsburgh District Scholarship 4. MARILYN COLLINS BS. EI.ENIEN'I'.-XRY EIDIQCATION ,. Tzllentf Quiet Poise. . uri. F.-.N UWVPYWT Tools: Hard work. Unforced smile. Sees the joke. I Vtwutf Amor PIAVIII-I omnia f amor und Bob. "How long till June?" Terrliforjp 5 A tlorloris Offlct' and l1Omt'. 77 N 'C 'J to 1 is . JJ: -4- F7 4 5 'E 5 R. LP K0 Ch O Tl, 5. .I 'I 2 'T --1 7' fl ?" Tl' -.Sr vc J- MARY JANE DUNSWORTH AB. I,ITERATl'RE 7l!1lt'Vlf.' lfonhdence-Inspiring. Toolv: Dark eyes rf- flashing smile. Thoughtful look. "The magic of a face." "A golden mind " '1'ryout: Our "jamie " Parties and lit. A persistent call. "What else?" Under- standing others. Territory: Spreading the Good News - Christ-trusted. Sigma 1.2.3.-I: Student Council 3. Vice President 3: Honor Society 3.4: Evangelistic Association l.21 S.F.M.S. 1.2.3.-lf: A Cappella 1.2: Gfeenbook lg .Ynuzilui 1.23 Lit-Speech Club 2.3.43 F.T.A. 3.-4: Class Secretary 2.4: Homecoming Court 3: Honor Scholarship 1.2.3.-11 Who's Who 4. ADELARD EVERTON AB. RELIGION Talent: Hearty. Tools: Spreading smile. Inner push. "Rescue the perishingf' Tryouts Boston missions. Long view in choosing a Princess. Territory: Parsonage clinic for soul, mind and body. Kappa 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association I.2.3: S.F.M.S. 1.2: Student Min- isterial Association I.2.3.4. Vice President 3: Football 13 Biology Club I. 58 PRINCESS EVERTON B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: "Much in little." Tools: Deaconess RM. Silence. "The heart of her lmsliand cloth safe-ly trust in her." Tryout: Corner-front chapel seat. "O mv lacldie, my laddie, I lo'r- yr.-ir very plaidief' Territory: The woman's end of the family team. Kappa 1.2: Evangelistic Association l.21 Bowne Philosophical l 2. MERLE FETTER A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent. Resolute. Toolx: Existential emphasis. "Christian bias." "What is the wherefore of man ?" Unfettered class discussion. Tryout: Philosopher-theologian, Sin problem in Lit f Carlyle and Euri- pides. Attraction at City Hospital. Territory: "Servant of the Eternal lNIust." Zeta l,2,3.4: Evangelistic Association l.2.3.4: Student Ministerial Associa- tion 2,3.43 Bowne Philosophical 2,31 Physical Culture Club lg Pittsburgh District Scholarship 2,3,4. - :-t'.' 1:-,,-' Q '- X ,K .fri 'Q 1-Affrtk A-" N. -ut' - '. tbg.y.?.g2l,1w,M.,fifvbtgqitIx,. A .,1.ri':.rfff .Q diff.. ity.: : , . .. .fu W 9F'uf'Cff'i-r-ianffiy--'., . ".'Q5.yZL ight' 'ilk 4 'llli .1 54' HJ" ,'-,If3,4' La 1 let!-QP -24 P5lit3l5QEicf2,2: l:.tQ :aka 1 . , 1 fl. rr'-I .L yF"q.'f' . 2,-I -, ' '11 t 1:7-4r'it'3'l"fQ11'. ff' Pillar..-' ff' 1 ,'- - '. i 4. 8 .. A I i . i 4 it ....-..' - - 13" 1 . ' lyf -fl lt if A ' , f BARBARA FINCH A.B. LITERATURE Talent: Generous Giving. Tools: Top level lit critic - born researcher. Happy and good. Warm heart - keen mind - sensitive spirit. Tryout: Right hand Department of Letters. "Books are friends - - come. let us read." And write. Builder of lives. Territory: Lit and life. "Will not alone he saved." Kansas junior Collegeg Delta 2.3.43 Evangelistic Association 2,31 Lzternry journal 4: House Council 2.3, Secretary-Treasurer 3: l,it-Speecli Club 2,3,4g Vice President 3, President 4: Christian Service Scholarship fl: Cross- man Scholarship 4. JAINIES FISCHMANN A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent: Practical. Tools: Cheery smile - business-like manner. Watchful eyes open to needs Tryout: Kitchen. Church janitor. Teen-.igers Cap-tillinq. Lixes his sermons - climbs his mountains. "WVhy taste the wormwood when the prunes .ire wholesome, sweet. and cheap 2" Territory: Wherever the need. -3 5' if i Kappa l,2.3,4g Evangelistic Association l.2.3.4: Student Nlinisterial :Xs- sociation 4. SARAH FULLER AB. CHEMISTRY Talnitg Genuine. Tooli: Maine Methodist A all-round girl. Sports - studies -- reading. Expert waitress. Tryout: No time waste: kitthen -- elass room -- gym floor f- lab. Every- body likes her, and believes in her: Double awardi girl athlete and Christian serviee, 7'rrii!ory: Medical missions. Zeta 1.23.41 Evangelistic' Society 1.23.41 Club 2.3.4. Secretary' 3: Basketball 1.23.42 Volleyball 1.2.3511 Chemistry Club l.2.3.4: Nloun- taineering Club il.-1: Cood Sportsmanship .-Xward 2: Best Athlete Award 3: Kaullinan St holarship 4 1.ARl'EtLli1lX1EN ."x13.1iNf9I.lSH 'liIllt'Vlll.' ililll' 1.ie1ii'1'oiit-h Tonli: illiclcli-ni song. piano. aveordian, Sup:-rm.irket cashier. Serious fare. breaking into smiles 7'71'Ulll.' Nurse lost to the profession Charles l.anib -- Creative writing. Deeps unplutiilietl 'l'rnirnry.' ilif'I1t hing with lighted eyes. Zeta l.2.fl.4g Fxangelistie .tkssotiation 1.2: Basketball 3: Cheerleading 1.2: Cfrmipui Caniem 11.41 l.it-Sp:-eeh Club 4. Psvehologv Club 4. A ' lNl.'XRC.-XRE'l' COODNUXN' B S. Nl.'RSlNtQ SClENCE Talrritf Consistent Timli: Missionary' atmosphere inhaled early fr- never lost. ENC. teen-ager. "Funv" to "Marty," Trivul: De.it:oness hospital. College nurse - "needles and pills." Demure- ness with :1 spark. laiwavering testiinonv f "always there." Tfrrifori .' The world of pain 7 with a seeret Of healing. New England Deaconess Hospital Il: Delta 1.2.41 Evangelistic Assoeiation 1.2.43 Kleistersingers l: Basketball 1.2.41 Volleyball 1.2.41 Cheerleading 1.21 Cirrnibool lg House Council 2.4: Secretary-Treasurer 2: Psychology Club 4: Pre-Nleclieal Club 43 Yiee President 4. DAVID H.-XLI, .-XB, HISTORY Talent: Positive Christian. Tooli: Resonant voice. Treasurer-Chaplain material. Contagious enthusi- .lSlTl. Tryoiit: Missionary workshop. "Faith of a historian." "Minister-of-praise at large." Tenitory: Gospel challenge. Olivet Nayarene College: Delta 2.3.41 Evangelistic Association 2.3.43 S.F.M.S. 2.3.41 President 31 Student Ministerial Association 2.3.-4: A Cappella 2.3.4. Treasurer 2: Quartet 2.3.41 Band 2.3.41 Basketball 2.4. 60 SHARON HAMMER B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION is Talent: Good Nature. Tools: Tranquil motion. Mischief in her eye. CI:-.purity for God. Tryoul: K'One must give way to gaietyu --- at times. King-size Army man. Territory: Uncertain -4 see above. Zeta I,'Z,3,4g Evangelistic Association l,2.fSg .Yautilui 35 Campui ljamera 2: F.T.A. l,'.Z,3,-lg Psychology Club 33, Secretary 3. Vice President 4. BETTY HARRIS B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Modest Grace. Tools: "Youth is a habit of hers." Quiet adequacy for living. "So young and fair and debonairf' Tryout: Queen of the king of sports. "Wealth for daily gladnessf' Loyal. Territory: Always with jack. 1 'Shin ROBERT HARRIS B.S. CHEMISTRY Talent: Mind of His Own. Tools. Cherub face. That Presbyterian crew . . . true blue. period. Territory: Chemical engineer. Geneva lg Chemistry Club 2.3.4. MARY HATCHER A.B. SOCIAL SCIENCE Talent: Buhbling Good Spirits. Union l,'l,3.-1. Tryout: Ivfind meets mind. "Cupid hath clapped him on the shoulder" Toolx: Subtle sense of humor .intl the sp.ii'lx to kindle others "lI.itch Tryvuti Clean fun A "clown of third lloorn serious untlcrcurreut Territory: People who need cheer. Sigma l.Y.3.'l1 Evgingclistic .'xSSOt'l.lIlUIl l.l, S PM S l.f. :X lf.ippell.i i l Ivfeistersingers lg Glee Club 1.23 Ilasketlmll l.l.-l. Yollexlnill l,f.il. .Yi:nr:ln- fig Lit-Speech Club lg Psychology Club l,f.1l. Sp.inish Club ll. k'hoi.il X.. ROBERT HELFRICH ' A.B. RELIGION Talent: Gods Man. . Toolr: Faith and patience. Promises to inherit. ' Tryout: "As thy day. thy strength." "No attachment to useless things." Territory: "Serviceable to God and to His people." Zeta 12.3.41 Honor Society 3.4g Chaplain 41 Evangelistic Association 1.2,3g Student Ministerial .Association l.2.3,4, President 43 Akron District Scholar- ship 'l.31J0hnson Scholarship 4. GERALD HILYARD A.B. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: Deliberate. Toolv: Second-generation E.N.C.-er. Like father. like son. Slow smile. sure to come. Redhead a-typical. Tryout: "Sidelong looks of love." "XN'inding the watch of his wit." Territory: "Get thy tools ready: God will assign the work." Zeta 1.2341 Band l: Psychology Club 5. A ,- 2. j,ggg23ii5gf'Ig?f.fj,.-4 RICHARD IIOYER A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent: Quiet Depth. Tools: Broad background, Debate -4 joumalism - Sports. Revolutionary divine call, "Youth camp in Haiti." Tryou'- Wedding of science and religion. Platform poise. Territory: Men in missions. Zeta l.2.fi.'l'Z Evangelistic Association 12.3.43 S.F.M.S. l.2.3.4. Treasurer 3. President 4: Student Ministerial .Association 4: Bowne Philosophical '21 Bioloqy Club 23 Mountaineering Club 2.3.42 Honor Scholarship 1.2: Zeta Scholarship 21 Fitkin Y Memorial Scholarship 4. ESTHER HUNTER A.B. MATHEMATICS Talent: Unparaded Competence. Tools: .Appetite for hard work. Unspoiled. Thorough. Tryout: "I had a pleasant time with my mind, for it was happy." Success well earned, One recreation - jerry. Territory: Pure Science - Math and Music. Kappa l,2,3,4, Vice President 3. Secretary 4: Honor Society 2.3,-4g Evange- listic .Association l,2,3,4g S.F.M.S. 3,41 Band l: "N" Club 2.3.4. Vice President 3,43 Basketball l,'2.3.4: Volleyball l,2,3,4: Cheerleading 3,43 Nautilus 3: Campus Camera 3g Biology Club 11 Chemistry Club 35 Honor Scholarship l,2,3,4g Who's Who 4. 62 WILLA JENKINS B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: Encourager. Tools: "The steady confidence whose name is Faith." Bit of sparkle. All activities. Tryout: E.N.C. Nurse Emeritus. Basketball. "Though the vision larry, wait for it." Territory: A math man's star -- shining together. Zeta l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association 2.3,-ig S.F.M.S. 2.3.4g Biology Club 2 , Psychology Club 2,3,4. ADA JONES B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: Common Sense. Tools: Speaking black eyes. Jimmy's sister. A spark oi fun. Tryout: Aspirin, blood pressure, pulse. "Stars in her eyes." Occupational therapy forgotten. Territory: It looks like Africa - M.D.'s first assistant. Sigma 1,2,3,4g Meistersingers I 3 Basketball 15 Volleyball l,4. JAMES JONES A.B. RELIGION Talent: Enthusiasm. Tools: Extravert. Interest in everybody - enthusiasm for everything, Beam- ing smile. Tryout: Everybody's man. Trombone, Tennis, Teen-agers. "Love-thirty, love-forty" - matrimony. Ministry. Territory: Captured by Christ. Sigma l,2,3,4g Student Council 45 Evangelistic Association 12,33 Student Ministerial Association l,2,3,4g A Cappella 1,234 Quartet 2,33 Band 1.2, 3,45 "N" Club 2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Football l,2,3,-4,3 Baseball l,'2,3,41 Grossman Activities Scholarship l. HERBERT KEELER B. MUS. Talent: Youth. Tools: Music. Precocious -- Latin a first love. "P.K." Indixidualistic sense of humor. Tryout: Sets his own pace. Growing up. Organ key. Brahms and Beethoven. I' Territory: "The world before him, where to choose, and Providenre his 7,5 Guide." 1 Zeta l,2,3,4g Honor Society lg A Cappella gl tirnnbook lg Honor Scholar- ' ship l,2,3,4. i rs Fliplllllltfllli and somethin: to sax' Deeper than he some- ifs sr ui cls Poetry is talkitis: on tiptoef' T 11 lx Vazzi- -W his own IDM-sift mind slit'-tkinu - Beatnik diction inf: rrmcl trim," Slmkm-sp:-.tre, 'ZX pl:-asure in poetit pains." F oriomits columnist, 1 ret 1. Zeta 11.3.-4. President -l. Basketball 1.23.41 Football I l tl Bit' ill l.I. .Yuzifzlzw 4, Associate Editor 4L Campus Camera forts Fc itor li, Pswlioloozv Club 21 Business Club 3.4. Vice President 1 Prtsiclt n l Danker Scholarship 1. I urzlmi The order of Schweitzer. 1 ma 1 4 Chemistry Club l.2,3,4. JEAN KEELER BS. ELEMENTARY EDTQC.-XTION THlt'!1I.' Trustworthy. Tools Sell'-discipline. Eyes on the goal - courage to work for it. Tryouts Baby-sitter specialist. Life above reproach. "Simple service simply given." Tflfliffffjf "Ample service amply given." "L'selul where thou livestf' Delta 11.3.45 Evangelistic Association l.i.3: Basketball 1.2: Volleyball 1.2: Grernbffffl. 1: FTA 1.1.31 President 41 Philadelphia District Scholarship 2.3,-l. BETTY KELLER BS. MUSIC Talent: Ciooperative. Toolu The wittherx of he-r fingers. Musit setond nature, Clad to please. Charm tri spare. Trt'ffut: Ev:-r-rvnidy' .ittonip.inist. Thr-v call he-r "Melody '." Lit postponed and conquer:-cl uratimisly. T-t'VVIlI'V',' Harmony Zeta LIB.-43 A Cappf-ll.i I: Clhoml L'niun 1.1.-lg Psyt hology Club 23 Honor Scholarship l.J,3,-4. IAXNRENCF lxll'NlAS B Q ISL BINFQS .XlbNllNlS'llR,'XTlON ii. ni: Philosopher PHILLIP ROL RY X B CHEMISTRY Talent Strit tlx Professional. I l Chtmit tl. Not afraid of work. Tackles a new job to master it. 'Imfmt Stunte in the upper chamber 1 common sense on the ground 4 3""n- 1 .zfffff ' f 5 ,-'v WOLLASTON MASSACHL'SE'l'I'S QD I r s 4 'W fav 4' V---Q n 5. PENNSYLVANIA I g it sr o i -29 l l Kenneth Alrorn ffl' '.R.,..1" I IQB Rirhard CliH'ord Charles Cailey Edward Sims GRAD ATING IN 1960 ACHELOR DF THEDLOGY CA DID "3 l 1 n Bernice Entin fs, -'Ii lf l if 'N-s..,,.f r .N- I John Smith Robert Soulia Ronald Whittenbergcr 55, Q LFE: Fi' , ,RS ' - Y 3- ,if -' 1' 'I i- " S,-'A - I it I . I -r, - ., -'3 ' 1, ,,-llilh--i n 1 f trim Francis Crandall SPECIAL STUDENTS Ca Margaret Bailie Doris Bradley Kathenne Buckley Janet Carlson Suzanne Dixon Carolyn Duncan William Franl-:man Rosalie Gabel Barbara Gilliland Faith Hall Jimmy Jackson mera S hy Roberta jones Barbara Kinne Helforcl Mosquitta Robert Mitiqieg Alma Myers Norma Skoler Sheila Sullivan Elizabeth Taylor Muriel YN'a.rd Roger XN'right TES . s sis' f, ,w 4 . Y 1 " 1'-ff?- x ' g , I I Q ll! :.l"v nl 'ii ,-,S ,I XY , S ' Q Efilf- ' .Q Kalmiln ' ' " "'m'Pf-ff '3 fig, I "tm M .os Ax: . .M ,, 251211 I-Wx: . +--vw 'vi' --. rg vs zu-.,w. ma, - 3 'CM-' ' fa s' 1' .. ' ,, 'r . ,. ,. ' -'sv A " wWf:,Q':5f'ff ' 5 , md?-'.',g . ' ' . , X T... ,-lag, , 1' 0.'N'lf: Paul NN'clll. . 1:11015 Did! Llmbeno P'. . ', ' QF? " .Q x J U jnnn Zriqlcr, Shu! nt Council Rcpnullnh A '53, '-A-if'-bv ' '.'ff,'g"3'5' mm' Tim: czweisnvnu- -Vfrvmvr: Brmwh R0"""S' . Q:.'4f -j',QH,.-5',- TG ' 'Mc A c:1.,,,.1..mg Robyn Mum. Tvwlfv: Mm' Jam' Dum' .R ,l,,""R 's,.tg,f,- u , QQ., 1' ""'L',' ' wmlh, Vit! Pltifdlif. - x .-H. '- ,. -' 1-rf.-'. , ,5 :I--A' 1 ' ,".f. 1 M .- - f ,. ,. k ,JF K-1'f!MN , 1. B' .fun-xx Q f ' . ss nv. - v , .,, .' s -'I-f 1 in SENIOR SPECIFICATIONS Senior Sketches by Dean Emet ttus Bertha hlunro HAROLD BABCOCK A.B. LITERATURE Talent: Genius All His Own. Tools: A library in his head and home - music in head and heart. Bryon profile Y English gait. Tryout: Beatnik pose and "facial forestryu 4 T. S. Eliot and C. S. Lewis, Botany-History-Lit-triple-ply education. Individual ideology and orthography. Territory: Crqiduate research and lecture platform. "Words trip about him at command." Kappa 12.3.43 Bowne Philosophical 23 Debate 2: Lit-Speech Club 2.3.41 Biology Club 1.2.31 Mountaineering Club 2.3.41 Vice President 2: Spanish Club 1: Art Club 3.4: Literary journal 4. l DAVID BLACHLY fi 'Qs 1 AB. CHEMISTRY Talent: Considerate. j Tooltf Good Blachly fate. Alumni brothers. Clear call. Missionary friends. A A steadfast purpose. Tryout: "Long, long thoughts," 'IFaithful in that which is least." "Keeping F up with the Jonesesu thigh levell, Q Territory: Kledicine in Africa. Kappa 1.2.3451 Evangelistic Association 12.3.51 Student Foreign Mis- V sions Society 13.4.51 Treasurer 4: A Cappella 4.5: Football 1: Nautilus 1: Biology Club 3: Chemistry Club 12.4.51 Vice President 2. Mountaineering Club Q.3.4.5: President 4. Vice President 51 Pre-Medical .Association 2.3.-4.5. l President 2. Vice President 3. I NANCY BORDEN B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Earnest. Tools: Soft voice. singing heart. Air-force background - Uxbridge pull. Values straight. '1Ounce of sweet." Tryout: Seeking - finding. Christ real. 'Testimony of words and of life. "The exact word?" I Territory: Vennont schools -- for a while, Kappa l.2.3.4: Evangelistic .Association Secretary 3: S.F.M.S. 2.3,4, Secretary 4: A Cappella 2.3,-lg F.T.A. 4, Class Vice-President 3. 56 DEAN BOSHART A.B. BIOLOGY Talent: Even-Tempered. I Toolr: Sister pal. Good loser on occasion. Native assets. ' Tryouts Native assets partially exploited. Double French survival. "Ile that I lr , ltnttth tree is I scrw xnt of f'od " 2 - a 1 ' 'Q 1 . p 1 Territory: Cod's creation. "Teach, Transmit. Transmutef' Zeta Biology Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 1.2. JAMES BRICKER B.S. CHEMISTRY Talent: Leadership. Tools: Fine family line. Courtesy. "Absolutely responsible." Good citizen- ship medal. Tryout: "Renee" Paterfamilias. juni-or President. "No holes, no streaks, no poor end slices. Territory: The space age. Penn State Universityg Delta 1,2,3,4, President 2g Class President 3, Glee Club 1, President lg "Nu Club 2,3,4g Basketball, Crusaders 1,2.3g Football 12.3.45 Baseball 3,4g Nautilus 2, Associate Editor 25 Chemistry Club l,2,3,4g National Science Foundation Award 4: Who's Who 4. ', 'f-fvgtgsffipwqnivf - rg. ,-,.,, ,.,,..,,f. . . F? . "I:3. J+',i'4'. yep- 4:f:ix','i.':: ' '. ' .h v . Yhlgk' ','J,A ' at .L. . . JERRY BUCKLEY A.B. HISTORY Talent: Independent Judgment. R Tools: Severe face - but a smile escapes. Of his marriage: "Why settle for a Ford when you can get a Cadillac? Tryout: Vocabulary of two words. "No" and "Why?" Superb church head usher. Southern chivalry - kind deeds by stealth, no thanks allowed. Territory: New England, we hope: Deep South, he says. "Man is not yet a guided missile. Centinary College 1. BARBARA LLINCIERMAN B. S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent. Cheerful. Toolx: Big Little Sister. Friendliness. Interest in living. Tryout: Smiling. "The luxury of doing good." Territory: A happy schoolrooln and home. Si ma 1.23.41 Evan elistic Association L21 Basketlmll Zig l.it-S weevli Club 2.3. Biology Club I.-. PT .A. -,.l,4, Psuhologx Lluh -..L I. X nt President 33 Spanish Club l. 57 su. rl. -.Y-r 'Alun-Of' MARIANNE COLESAR BS. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Helpful. Tools: Suffusing smile and blush. Tender conscience. Christian infiuence. Tryout: Strong to do right. Thoughtful of others. Friend to the friendless. Territory: Some world of lost, lonely "kids" Indiana State Teachers College: Kappa 2.3.41 Evangelistic Association 23,43 Treasurer 41 S.F.M.S. 23,43 F.T.A. 3,45 Mountaineering Club 2,3,4g Secretary 4g Pittsburgh District Scholarship 4. f'4,1'IT'?F51I ' Y' '-'H MARILYN COLLINS B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Quiet Poise. Toolt: Hard work. Unforced smile. Sees the joke. Tryout: Amor ziincit omrzia -- amor and Bob. "How long till june?" Territory: A doctor's ofhce Y and home. Kappa l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association 11 Volleyball Ig F.T.A. 4. Pl, , '11 t 'tl ra iF y . . . ' '.'4X1lrue.Lil"6l'- MARY JANE DUNSWORTH A.B. LITERATURE Talent: Confidence-Inspiring. Tools: Dark eyes - flashing smile. Thoughtful look. "The magic of a face." "A golden mind." Tryout: Our "Janie" Parties and lit. A persistent call. "What else?" Under- standing others. Territory: Spreading the Good News - Christ-trusted. Sigma 12.3.41 Student Council 3. Vice President 31 Honor Society 3.4: Evangelistic Association 1.2: S.F.M.S, 1.2.3,-4: A Cappella 1.21 Greenbook I: Nautilux 1.2: Lit-Speech Club 2.3.41 F.T.A. 3.4: Class Secretary 2.4: Homecoming Court 31 Honor Scholarship l.2.3,4: Who's Who 4. ADELARD EVERTON A.B. RELIGION Talent: Hearty. Tools: Spreading smile. Inner push. "Rescue the perishingf' Tryout: Boston missions. Long view in choosing a Princess. Territory: Parsonage clinic for soul, mind and body. Kappa 1.2.3,-4: Evangelistic Association 12,33 S.F.M.S. 1,21 Student Min- isterial Association l,2,3.4, Vice President 3g Football lg Biology Club l. 58 PRINCESS EVERTON B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: "Much in little." Tools: Deaconess R.M. Silence. "The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her." Tryout: Corner-front chapel seat. "O mv laddie, my laddie, I lo'e your very plaidief' Territory: The woman's end of the family team. Kappa 1,25 Evangelistic .Association 1.21 Bowne Philosophical 1.2. MERLE FETTER A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent: Resolute. Tools: Existential emphasis, "Christian bias." "What is the wherefore of man ?" Unfettered class discussion. Tryout: Philosopher-theologian. Sin problem in Lit - Carlyle and Euri- pides. Attraction at City Hospital. Territory: "Servant of the Eternal Must." Zeta l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association l,2,3,4g Student Ministerial Associa- tion 2,3,4g Bowne Philosophical 2,3g Physical Culture Club lg Pittsburgh District Scholarship 2,3,4. . 1 . U ,341 1.7: , 14 tit.ff92vmgq,fffi' - 4?12,555.9,gQl:5wWf,S.,?,f.gllff,1f y . 'fiwfkqgyb N'-f,i.eirm.ffi1 vw .tv as,-. s .. .14 s -'3y'.':5'1 ' 1 -.JQP!Yi"Ilff""d'l1-if' :-ff' Isle- it rf-me . . H-, 1.f,-Bla Y-f1,w'd:.Ng,ic'fg. s it- F31 if +R' eg rf 1!f.J'a. :V "SQ ',1'f"',Qai . yet t 3. . .4-' .fini . 'fv-"W1S'l1..Iiil'-" '91iX'.if,"5" . " 'I . .y ,rfp2f's4.f'o , as, 2 .F .,.x4,,.,:w,-..k.., ' QrfJ'Etg,1". 54" 1 457:43 'YE iga 12524: ig' ,ie.'f-"1Q5'g?Zlfi445'f1'QglQ?sS"Q''-.. w' . 1'i+4+s'J. . agifxgayffgigifsyii. if-ifttltf :-P' L 'Q 9-fiittfiszif'wigg-I-521471 15-Lg.. r- .1 -2 .-,S K' w. -4 .' 1' i - 'A.g.,-fs., ' ,H 1, ,I ' fl! yt - -'H W .f-ite I , -Aa Y, :F .if louis,-gihh rfb ' iff' .-peg.-:grw",'E'.4-.'xa.gg.frt I wt.-'2' 'o ' . 2 ,, 1. I . I , -.--w-,fro '- 'i ' 4 1 A 1:ff.f"-fe.55f.2Vaff:? able: f . lf' -e?A+'s:?..'Ii?aitti'.gef3x:-42 g2'Yl'g-' BARBARA FINCH A.B. LITERATURE Talent: Generous Giving. Tools: Top level lit critic - born researcher. Happy and good. Warm heart - keen mind - sensitive spirit. Tryout: Right hand Department of Letters. "Books are friends - come, let us read." And write. Builder of lives. Territory: Lit and life. "Will not alone be saved." Kansas Junior Collegeg Delta 2,3,4g Evangelistic Association 2,33 Literary journal 45 House Council 2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 31 Lit-Speech Club 2,3,4g Vice President 3, President 4g Christian Service Scholarship 3: Gross- man Scholarship 4. JAMES FISCHMANN A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent: Practical. Tools: Cheery smile -- business-like manner. Watchful eyes open to needs, Tryout: Kitchen. Church janitor. Teen-agers. Gap-filling. Lives his sennons -- climbs his mountains. "Why taste the wormwood when the prunes are wholesome, sweet, and cheap?" Territory: Wherever the need. -6' 5' in-f' i Kappa l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association l,'2,3.4g Student Ministerial As- sociation 4. SARAH FULLER AB. CHEMISTRY Talent. Genuine. Toolt: Maine Methodist -- all-round girl. Sports f studies -- reading. Expert waitress. TV.1'01lf.' No time waste: kitchen -- class room -f gym floor f - lab. Every- body likes her. and believes in her: Double award: girl athlete and Christian service. Territory: fxledieal missions. Zeta 1.2.3.-lg Evangelistic Society Club 2.3.4. Secretary 3: Basketball l.2,3.43 Volleyball 1.2.3.-4: Chemistry Club l.2.3.43 Moun- taineering Club 3.4: Good Sportsmanship Award Qi Best Athlete Award 33 Kauffman Scholarship 4. LARLE CEHNIEN AB. ENGLISH Talenlig 'I'he Light Touch. Toolif lHiddeni song. piano. accordian. Supermarket cashier. Serious face. breaking into smiles. Tryout: Nurse lost to the profession. Charles Lamb - creative writing. Dt-eps unplumbed. Territory: Teacliinq with lighted eyes. Zeta 1.2.3.-4: Evangelistic' Association 1.2: Basketball fl. Cheerleading 1.23 Cfzzmptu Cfarrierrt 3.43 I.it-Speech Club 4. Psycholoey Club 4. L INIARCARET COODNONN' B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: Consistent. TTOUIIY Missionary atmosphere inhaled early f - never lost. ENC. teen-ager. "Fuzzy" to "fNIarty." Tryout: Deaconess hospital. College nurse "needles and pillff' Demure- ness with a spark. Lnwaverinz testinionv if "always there." Territory: The world of pain f with a secret of healing. New England Deaconess Hospital 33 Delta 1.2.43 Evangelistic Association 1.2.43 Meistersingers 13 Basketball 1.2.43 Volleyball 1.2.41 Cheerleading 1.2: Greenlmolt 13 House Council 2.43 Secretary-Treasurer 21 Psychology Club 43 Pre-1NIedical Club 41 Vice President 4. DAVID HALL A.B. HISTORY Talent: Positive Christian. Tools: Resonant voice. Treasurer-chaplain material. Contagious enthusi- asm. Tryout: Missionary workshop. "Faith of a historian." "Minister-of-praise at large." Territory: Gospel challenge. Olivet Navarene Collegeg Delta 2.3.42 Evangelistic .Association 2.3.43 S.F.M.S. 2.3.43 President 33 Student Ministerial .Association 2.3.43 A Cappella 2.3.4. Treasurer 2: Quartet 2.3.41 Band 2.3.43 Basketball 2.4. 60 SHARON HAMMER B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Good Nature. Tools: Tranquil motion. Mischief in her eye. Capacity for God. Tryout: "One must give way to gaietyy' - at times. King-size Army man. Territory: Uncertain -- see above. 'Q Zeta l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association l,2,3g Nautilus 33 Campus Camera 23 F.T.A. l,2,3,45 Psychology Club 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4. BETTY HARRIS B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Modest Grace. Tools: "Youth is a habit of hers.' Quiet adequacy for living. "So young and fair and debonairf' Tryout: Queen of the king of sports. "Wealth for daily gladnessf' Loyal. Territory: Always with Jack. -5 . fig. N , ,rs 1:f'T5p1fs.,:e, .wf.Tjft4ief'fef'i 'iw T' .ma it 4 5 Mig, W 5 :N f i ltfyfff f31"f -, 1 . . ,qt i ga iff! . gAw.:...ffff We .A-',J..1:1? ., : -:amiga We ft .im 2-Vw' a f --'2 ROBERT HARRIS B.S CHEMISTRY Talent. Mind of His Own. Tools: Cherub face. "That Presbyterian crew . . . true blue." Tryout: Mind meets mind. "Cupid hath clapped him on the shoulder" - period. Territory: Chemical engineer. Geneva lg Chemistry Club 2,3,4. MARY HATCHER A.B. SOCIAL SCIENCE Talent: Bubbling Good Spirits. Tools: Subtle sense of humor :ind the spark to kindle others, "II.itch." Tryout: Clean fun - "clown of third floor" serious undercurreut. Territory: People who need cheer. Sigma 12.3.43 Evangelistic Association 1.23 S.F.M.S. l,2g A C.ippell.i 15.4. Meistersingers lg Glee Club l,2: Basketball 1.2.41 Volleylmll 1.2.-4: .Yuurilut 35 Lit-Speech Club lg Psychology Club l.2,3g Spanish Club l.lL Choml Union l,2,3,4. agp di ROBERT HELFRICH ' AB. RELIGION A ,jf " Talent: Gods Man. ii- h Tools: Faith and patience. Promises to inherit. 17. . I Tryout: "As thy day. thy strengthf' MNO attachment to useless things." ' Territory: k'Serviceable to God and to His people." ' Zeta l.2.3.4g Honor Society 3,41 Chaplain 4: Evangelistic Association 1.2.31 Student Ministerial .Association 1.2.3.-l. President 41 Akron District Scholar- ship 2,3g Johnson Scholarship 4. GERALD HILYARD A.B. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: Deliberate. Tools: Second-generation E.N.C.-er. Like father. like son. Slow smile, sure to come. Redhead a-typical. Tryout: 'Siclelong looks of love." "Winding the watch of his wit." Territory: 'iGet thy tools ready: God will assign the work." Zeta 1,2,3,4g Band lg Psychology Club l,2,3,4. -sg 412: ' V"-"1" If..f:,-its - 'WTQIY - . .,f2'c?-1.:1?ff2':i't- .' X-it ' we . -' 3 ffm: . , I ' ,yi . I 1 .1 1 V 4-. RICHARD HOVER A.B, PHILOSOPHY Talent: Quiet Depth. Tools: Broad background, Debate A journalism - Sports. Revolutionary divine call. "Youth camp in Haiti." Tryou" Wedding of science and religion. Platform poise. Territory: Men in missions. Zeta 12.3.43 Evangelistic Association l.2.3.4: S.F.Nl.S. l.2,3.4. Treasurer 3, President 41 Student Ministerial Association 4: Bowne Philosophical 2: Biology Club 21 Mountaineering Club 2.3.41 Honor Scholarship l.'Z: Zeta Scholarship 23 Fitlsin V Memorial Scholarship 4. ESTHER HUNTER A.B. MATHEMATICS Talent: Unparaded Competence. Tools: .Appetite for hard work. Unspoiled. Thorough. Tryout: "I had a pleasant time with my mind, for it was happy." Success well earned. One recreation - Jerry. Territory: Pure Science - Math and Music. Kappa l,2,3,4, Vice President 3, Secretary 4: Honor Society 2,3.4: Evange- listic Association 1,2,3,4g S.F.M.S. 3,4g Band lg "N" Club 2,3.4, Vice President 3,-lg Basketball 1,2,3,-lg Volleyball 12.3.41 Cheerleading 3,43 Nautilus 3g Campus Camera 33 Biology Club 1: Chemistry Club 35 Honor Scholarship l,2,3,4g Who's Who 4. 62 WILLA JENKINS B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: Encourager. activities. wait for it." Territory: A math manls star --- shining together. Zeta 1,2,3,-43 Evangelistic Association 2,3,41 S.F.M.S. 2,3,4g Biology Club 2, Psychology Club 2,3,4. ADA JONES B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: Common Sense. Tools: Speaking black eyes. Jimmy's sister. A spark of fun. therapy forgotten. Territory: It looks like Africa - M.D.'s first assistant. Sigma 1,2,3,45 Meistersingers 1, Basketball lg Volleyball 1,4-. JAMES JONES A.B. RELIGION Talent: Enthusiasm. Tools: Extravert. Interest in everybody - enthusiasm for everything. Beam- ing smile. Tryout: Everybody's man. Trombone, Tennis, Teen-agers. "Love-thirty, love-forty" - matrimony. Ministry. Territory: Captured by Christ. Sigma l,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Evangelistic Association 12,33 Student Ministerial Association l,2,3,4g A Cappella l,2,3g Quartet 2,35 Band 1,2, 3,45 "N" Club 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4,g Baseball l,2,3,4g Grossman Activities Scholarship 1. HERBERT KEELER B. MUS. Talent: Youth. Tools: Music. Precocious - Latin a hrst love. "P.K." Individualistic sense of humor. Tryout: Sets his own pace. Growing up. Organ key. Brahms and Beethoven. i Territory: "The world before him, where to choose, and Providrnrv his .ti Guide." 1' Zeta l,2,3,4g Honor Society lg A Cappella 3: Crnnbook I: Honor Scholar- ship l,2,3,4. 63 Tools: "The steady confidence whose name is Faith." Bit of sparkle 'kll Tryout: E.N.C. Nurse Emeritus. Basketball. "Though the tision tarry Tryout: Aspirin, blood pressure, pulse. "Stars in her eyes." Occupational AE off. tr' JEAN KEELER BS. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Trustworthy. Tools: Self-discipline. Eyes on the goal 7 courage to work for it. Tfj'0lll.' Baby-sitter specialist, Life above reproach. "Simple service simply given." Territory: "Ample service amply given." "L'seful where thou livestf' Delta 1.2.3.-1: Evangelistic .Association 1.2.31 Basketball 1.21 Volleyball 1.2: Greenbonlg 1: ETA. 1.2,3.4. President 4: Philadelphia District Scholarship 2.3.4. BETTY KELLER B.S. MUSIC Talent: Cooperative. Tools: The witcherv of her fingers. Music second nature. Clad to please. Charm to spare. Tryout: Evereready accompanist They call her "Melody," I.it postponed and conquered eraciouslv. Territory: Harmony. Zeta 1.23.41 A Cappella 13 Choral Union 1.3.41 Psychology Club 2: Honor Scholarship l.'2.3.4. LAWVRENCE KLUMAS BS. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Talent: Lauxzhing Philosopher. Toolt: Author's aspirations and something to sav. Deeper than he some- times sounds. "Poetry is talkine on tiptoef' Tryozd: Klzfi l'ie:t'i - his own. Dot-snit mind shockinq A Beatnik diction preferred. "Nancy," Shakespeare, "A pleasure in poetic pains." Territory: Economics columnist. Hofstra College 11 Zeta l.2.1l.4. President 4: Basketball 12.3.41 Football 1.13.-lg Baseball 1.2: .Yautilut -1, Associate Editor -lg Carrzpus Camera 2.3.-1. Sports Editor 3: Psvchologv Club 2: Business Club 3.4. Vice President 3. President 4: Danker Scholarship 2. PHILLIP KOURY A.B. CHEMISTRY Talent: Strictly Professional. Toolf: Chemical. Not afraid of work. Tackles a new job to master it. Tryouts "Science in the upper chamber - common sense on the ground floor." Territory: The order of Schweitzer. Sigma 12.3.-l: Chemistry Club 1.'2,3.-l. 'E WILLIAM KRUTENAT A.B. GENERAL SCIENCE Talent: Fighting It Through. Tools: Capable in many areas. One of tht-se Far-West inte-rluclt-s. Big brother ahead. Tryout: "To think is to differ." "I sat talking with my mind." "A why for every wherefore." Territory: Room at the top. "Laid hold of by Christ." Delta l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association l,2,-lg A Cappella Al-3 Meistersingers l,'2g Biology Club 3,45 Chemistry Club 12,31 Mountaineering Club 3.4: Physical Culture Club 3,4-. RICHARD LAMBERT A.B. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: Standard of excellence. Tools: Christian motivation. Challenge of ability. Noblesre oblige. "So little fuss about such a big thing." Tryout: Unwavering. Senior presidency, Thomas .IefIerson's "splendid misery." "True as the needle to the pole." Lady from the South. Highclass cover designer. Territory: A layman's "call.'l Psychology of holiness. Olivet Nazarene Collegeg Kappa l,2,3,41 Class President '23 Student Coun- cil 33 Honor Society l,3,4g A Cappella lg Glee Club lg Quartet 1: Base- ball 2,33 Greenbook I. Art Editor lg Carrzpuv Camera l,2, Art Editor: Psychology Club 3,4g President 43 Art Club 3,43 Faculty Scholarship 33 W-ho's Who 4. 'WWW "'- 1'2e1'Wf'f A K A tt... M Yr 1, , ,1 rig, 'trawl' r 'Sf-At at Av K DONALD LONG A.B. RELIGION Talent: Cheerful Perseverance. Tools: Song leader. Satisfied smile. Engineering to ministry. Tryouts Front-seater. Home-lover. Marriage-recommender. Territory: "Follow Me . . . fthenl Hshers of men." tion l,2,3,4, President 2, Vice President 43 Meistersingers 1.2. NORMA MacLEOD B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Talent: Sunny Determination. education. New England Baptist Hospital, Ilonor Society li. ri.g,'ir.5,,-g'tl-Q M 1+ I Zeta l,2,3,4g Evangelistic .Association I,'2,3,41 Student Ministtri tl Xssotn Tools: Grit and grace. Voice of Il bird. Ccncrous .tpprttti to operating. Tryout: Achieving. Night supervisor church soloist, I 1 inc uit it sleep. Settling for A's, "A brain is known bv its fruits." Territory: "Face tht- sun, and all the shadows will fall behind xox it 1 i BLAIR NHKIM AB. RELIGION Tnlentf Happy-Hearted. Tootli: Never rufhed - - always equal to the situation. "Redeeming the time," A good burden-bearer. Tryuutx "OI all the home remedies n good wife is the best," "First he wrought. .Ind afterwards he taught," Tw1i'mr3.' .-X Ngwarene parish, Shippensburs Teachers Colleee 1: Kappa 2.3.41 Evangelistic Association 2.3.43 Student Ministerial Association 1.3.41 Washington District Scholar- ship 3. ROBERT NI.-NNN AB. CHEMISTRY T1ifer11:Alert, Too!-: Mun of nitinjr interests. N.itur.tl friendliness Eaqernc-ss to aid. Notic- inq needs. Trlmuf: A'Yt.-tt-saver to lift '." "Friend of .tll the world." "OutQoinsz :ts a trom- bone." Fills Lips exerywhere. Tnrifrtry NIf:tlicinr- - - gill branches tpillitiql "Younu m.in. get a hobby. Ptrferablv net two." Sigma I.J.'i.4. 'I're.tsurer fi. Presidf.-nt 41 Student Council 3. Secretary 3: Evangelistic Association 1.2.4. SESIS. Q31 A Cappella 1: Cllee Club I: Quartet l.l.fI: Band .Ii Cflub 4.4. B.isketb.ill 1.25.41 Football l.f.r5.4L Baseball l.L.3.4: Cirefttbooi. lg .Yaufiltzi lg Cmtrpu- lfzzmera l.Z.41 Biology Club 2.31 Llhemistrv Club l.l.3.41 N11-titit.iineerinQ Club 3.41 Physical Cul- ture Club lg Pre-Med Club 1.2.3.-4. President 3. Whos Who 4. if ri 4' is E - : lrgtljll' ' i' -o' 'vhvklsq S 9 RAYMOND Nl.f'xSTROBI'ONO B.S SECIONI'7."xRY EIDIQLLAXTION Talent: Spontaneous. . .tilt- Trtout' New Nazarene -A Christ real. Optometry to education. Tfvrzfori. "And SZl3dlX'.ITI.1dlS', tezith N L'nix'ersitt-01' Mississippi. Sigma l,f.3,43 ETA. 4 MARVIN MILBURY AB. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: Energetic. Tools: "The smile that does you good." Habit of doing his best. Triouti "A man of cheerful yesterdays and contident tomorrowsf' Agricul- ture to ministry. "He that getteth a wife. . . a good thing." Territory: "Approved unto God . . . workman not ashamed." Letourneau Technical Institute: Zeta l.2.3.4: Evangelistic Association 1.13: Student Ministerial Association 12.3.41 Nfeistersingers 1: Basketball 1: Psychology Club 12.3.41 Physical Culture Club 11 Skelton Scholarship 4 JESSICA MILSTEAD A.B. SOCIAL SCIENCE Talent: Over-Talented. Tools: "Arrow-swift mind." Favorite diversion: adding q,p,'s, Tryout: Librarizin's joy. Minerva yields to Venus. "Nt-ver doubt I lovr-.' Top-limit unreachcd, unknown? Territory: Which to choose? 2.33 Greenbook lg Campus Camera 2,3g Debate 1,23 Lit-Speech Club 2 Psychology Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Honor Scholarship PATRICIA NEWLEN B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Responsible. Tools: Steady eye. Capable of self-direction. Knows teen-agers and sub teens and - Tryout: Hasn't forgotten. Unchanged F,T.A. goal. fThough temptedj Territory: The youngster Church-to-Be. trict Scholarship 4. ALAN NORTON A.B. RELIGION Talent: Friendly. ' Tools: Congenial. Good Methodist. Trumpet - tenor - temple. Humani- ties background. Tryout: Minding own business. Approachable. Reading -- creative writing. No girls. Territory: Author's world - serious fiction. Kappa l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association 3. is-I WALTER OLSEN A.B. SOCIAL SCIENCE Talent: Family Man. Toolx: True to the heavenly vision. Courtcous. One of "Greg's boys' Tryout: Warm smile. Charming offspring. Steady course. Territory: "Of them that praise the Master best. For that they st-rw His world. Kappa l,2,3,4g F.T.A. 2.3. Zeta 1,2,3,4g Honor Society 23,45 Evangelistic .Association 1.2.35 S,F.NI.S. Sigma 1,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association l,2.3.4g F.T.A. 12.3.41 Akron Dis- M -8 Il- . AQ 'QT RICHARIKJ PXRRY .-KB. RELIGION Talenlx Sincerv. I YQOOIM' Fzirc Mind lifvr :ind upcn liuol-Q. YP. "Com of Lfl'Y'll1IY1f'Ilf'SSl Tryoul: "The lscst way out is always Ihruiiuhf' Smi.1l stuclii-Q HINIHFSIIZ1-T found. Territory: "IYhc-rr long thv IWIIIIIIIIICICS IO sf-cf. Thr- swm-L roinpnssion of . rsi s fgu-rf' Dvlta l.Z.3,-I3 Exuiiiqf-listic' .Xssofifiliciii lg Studi-nt Ministc-rial Assoriatiuii . 5 ,Y 'v .-. 1 . 'Q' 1.1 CI.IFI"ORlD P.iX'I'NOIDE .XB PIIILOSOPIIY 7,I1I!'7lI.' Clciiiemiit 7'uiii'I.' lliunitv Ilczvp uviu- Ifvw words. Init vvviulilx' "Clrr'.iin UI Ihr- jc-sl 'I I Tr5i1u!: Ili-clilntn-cl -- incorruptilili' "'l'Ii4- clvplh. and nut Ihr- txiinull UI Ihr- l soul." "II:-lcn 4' I 'l Teirifliryx Nlilie- XUTY1'Ill'I'EVflI'IITHUUIIIU li Zvta l.J.ll.-I1 Honor Suri:-Iv II, I-lxaiim-listiv .'kQsm'i.iliun l.J.'I. Siu- ' dont Nlinislvrial Asmliaiicmii l.J.ll.I1 Q,3lhlfI!'l I. -Iulinsun Scholarship flg i i Kauffman Scholarship -I. fl , I I l I I s I I I I I DOROTHY PETERSON .-XB. BIOLOGY Talent: flcntlv. I Tlmlu "Thr ui'n.iine'iit ol' .1 quivi Qpiiil 'A 'A X limiirt ti- wutliv and win- pathizcf' I Tryon!! Cloiiiiiiutinu Dutx with .1 sinili- Pulling ww-cle .Incl planting I Ilowvrs l Terriilury' .X iiiission Iivlcl wliri'c'x'n'i' Shi' qcws Ik-lm l.l..I.-I, Evgxiiuvlisllm' .Xisoiidliwil l.i. Ynlli-xlI.iIl l. Ilmisc' Coumril .lg Bioloqx' Cluh l,I. PM-simlviit I. 'F CALVIN POOLE .-XB. GENERAL SCIENCE ' TaIer1t:HopcIul. Toolfi Entfirprising. "Too husy to studvf' Brains lO1'IH'!'y' him, Triuuff Confcrn-noe-prone. Prv-Med leader. "No inlclligence test like matri- monyf' TTCVVIIOVIIH' B. L'. Med School First stop. IHONIAS RAWLINCS A B RELIf ION Talent Sturdy Integrity. Tools M in of his word in business." Fx S S Superintendent Tryoul Straight to his goal. No side-shows Terrztorg The Ministry. "True servant s title he may wear Exangelistic Association 12.3.43 Studt nt Nlinistt rial Assoc lation 9 5 4 STANLEY RICE B S ELEMENTARY EDUCATION -T-' Talent Strength of Endurance. Tools Faith in God. Good mind bullet proof Cool headed warm hearted and courage to spare." Trgout A change of trouble is as good as a vacation Cheerfulness the best healerfl "Best good, and understanding wife Terntorg Cocl's choice for him - those teacher s unseen harxests Kappa I 2 3 45 Band 23 Physical Culture Club 2 5 7' L . . i' Ti' "u'w"i'.:Z2l',"'.r .. -I. " I -.f i-,It-.wlnlf NORMA RICHMOND A.B. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: Quality. Tools: Serious dignity. High ideals Southern aristocracx Tryout: "Not so variable a thing in nature as a lady s hairdress other wise, unvarying, steadfast true Poise Patterns Printess umor Thanksgiving program. Territory: King Richard s Sigma l,2,3,41 Vice President 'I C reenbook I ssocnte Editor I Speech Club 2,31 Psychology C lub 3 4 Secretan 4 BRANSON ROBERTS A.B. PSYCHOI.OCY Talent: Leader-by Charat tu Tools: Three older sisters Pin: soul filnr S lslllxt it ts Tryoul: Ex-president. ' out R 1, it pl ut it ti une main thing." Listener to lu S trit N orilt I in ct Territory: "Bly sheep know Nlx xoitt intl thu follt ts Kappa I.f,3.41 Student Count s t i nt gelistic Association l.2. N S ' I sitlt nt I S e 1 Association 3,-lg A Capt ni t 2.3.41 Basketball I.2,fl.l C rns s o i Baseball I,2,fl,41 Noun ut su to om a 1 i Scholarship lg Carmen Nlinistt ri il Sthol irshtp I ff' 'f 'QE .,- 'sv YITTV' ' x P' N.. Y I LILLIE ROGERS BS, ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Athletic-Agreeable. Tools: Yellow-haired doll. Easy to get along with. Tryout: Mermaid - swimming instructor. All sports. Dormitory friends. Territory: Teaching - loving it and being loved. University of Bridgeportg Sigma 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 1,21 Bas- ketball '2,3,41 Volleyball 1.23.43 F.T.A. 2.3.-11 Psychology Club 3.4: Moun- taineering Club 21 Spanish Club 1.2. GWEN SAVAGE B.S. SECONDARY EDUCATION Talent: Confidence. Tooli: Iron system. International background. Nfona Lisa face. Try-out: Appointment-keeping. Assignments always on time. Two perma- nent hobbies: athletics and missions. Territory: Here or overseas - doing her part for the teacher shortage, Delta 12.3.43 Evangelistic Association 1.2.3.-1: S.F.M.S. 1.2.3,-13 "N" Club 3,41 Basketball 1.2.31 Volleyball 1.2.31 Cheerleading 12,31 Lit-Speech Club 33 Chemistry Club 2. JANE SCHEER B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Staunch. Toolv: "A conscience as clear as good flying weather." Clear-eyed smile. Still waters. Tryout: A lost twin. Through thick and thin. "Just that quiet kind, whose natures never vary." Territory: "James the First" A and last. Delta 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 11 Meistersingers 1: Basketball: Biology Club 13 F.T.A. 1.2.3.-11 Art Club 3. VIRGINIA SCHLOUGH A.B. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: Girl of Her Wlord, Tools: Passion for anonymity. Unassuming reliability. Tryout: "On the dot" with punctuality and promises. Knitting and fudge on occasion. Territory : Physical therapy - patient and expert. Zeta 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 11 Cheerleading 21 Psychology Club 2.3.4. 70 ARLENE SHANNON A.B.ENCLlSlI Talent: Whole-souled. Tools: Clear voice, speaking eyes - responsive spirit. Fresh rt-at tions. "Her smiles are lightning." Tryoul: Adventuring with books. lmpressionistic llity critit. fir-nuinv Christian. No stereotype. "Al." Territory: Pastor's wife with a plut. Sigma 132.3511 Evangelistic .Association l.2.3,Al: S.F.Nl.S. 4: A Cappella 1,21 Creenbook lg Nautilus l,2.3: Carnput Carnera l,2.f5,Alg Lit-Spef-th Club 43 Freshman Scholarship: Lillian Sperry Davidson Scholarship. RAYMOND SHARPES A.B. RELIGION Talent: Ethical Strength. Tools: Strong face and strong purpose. K'Steel-true and blade-straight." Tryout: Wesley and Tillich -- Whitehead and William James. Territory: The school of Christ - learner and under-teacher. Sigma l,2,3,43 Evangelistic Association 1.2.3,-lg Student Ministerial As- sociation 3,41 A Cappella 1.21 "N" Club 2,3,4: Basketball 1.23.41 Football l,2,3,43 Baseball 33 Psychology Club 4. RUTH SHARPES B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Sociable. Tools: Likes the crowd - and crowd likes her. Golden hair. Lady with a voice. Tryout: Midnight oil - all on books? Name changed - still RS. Trio steady. "Her brow shades frowns although her eyes are sunny." Territory: Where Ray goes. Kappa l,2,3,4Q Evangelistic Association 1.23.41 A Cappella 12,31 Girls' Trio lg Cheerleading 13 House Council l,'2,3. Vice President 2. President 33 Psychology Club l. !"l'Y!""""X""" "R" 7 "Y'F'VlE'f' LAWRENCE SINCELL A.B. ECONOMICS Talent: Social Conscience. Tools: lnquiring mind-analytical bent-inner urge to get the right thing done. And a "brown-eyed maid." ' Tryout: Campus lead articles. Presidential status, student council euter- prise. National student leader conventions. 'ASt.ttistics keep my feet on the ground, my head in the clouds." Territory: Where influence counts most. Delta l,2,3,4Q Student Council '23-l, President All Ev-uqelistit' Association l,2,3,43 S.F.lNl.S. l,23 "N" Club 13,43 Basketball l,2,Il,'l3 Football l,I.1i,-lg Baseball l.2,3,4g Crnnbook I: Nautilus l: ffurnpm lfomrm 1.3.3.-l. Busi- ness lvlanager 33 F.T.A. 2,33 Business Club Il.-l. President 'lg Akron Dis- trict Scholarship 23 Danker Scholarship 33 Who's Who 4. 'X- ei' '4L'IL" Bt" WARNER STANFORD AB. CHEMISTRY Talent: Atnbitious for Cood. Tools: Family tradition. Redhead. Out-door man. "I met the Master face to face." Tryout: Loyalties established A honest testimonies, Hockey star -- so- ciety honors and cares. Multiple pulls. Measles. Territory: l'More hills to climb. and strength for cilimbintzf' Zeta 1.23.-1: President -13 Evangelistic .Association 1.2.3.-1: Student Minis- terial Association Eg A Cappella 11 Mesitersingers 2: Clee Club 3: Club 3.4. President 43 Football 12.3.41 Biology Club 2.3.41 Chemistry Club 1.2. 3.-1: Psychology Club 2.3. Pre-Med Association 2.3.-1, Vive President 2. President 3. RAYMOND ST.-XRK AB. HISTORY Talent: Solid Goodness. of the brains." la, .-' i Trlyout: 'fiive me the hand that is honest and hearty." The one Mt. Wash- ington casualty "Fishing-rod in the I,ord's hands." Territory: Seminary First -- then wherever the "fishing" is best. Kappa 1.15.11 Evangelistic .-Xssotialion 1.2.3.-1: Student Ministerial As- sociation 1,213.41 Psychology Club ll: Philadelphia District Scholarship 4. RICHARD STIEFEL A.B, ECONOMICS Talent: Steady lYorlt. Toolt: Bold on football held reserved at receptions and class. YN'0rld War survivor -- I.ohenarin casualty. Tryoul: Business his interest -- surprised by lit. "Man is the head. but woman conquers it." Territory: Uncle Sam as employer. Sigma 1.2.1341 Honor Society 2. Business Club 13,41 New England Scholar- ship 15. ALFRED SWAIN A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent: Sensible Christian. Toolt: All campus religious organizations. Versatile thinker, ready conver- sationalist, easy speaker. "I give you this ring," Territory: Where Kingdom-building is to be Clone. Zeta 1.13.43 Evangelistic Association l,'2.3.e1: S.F.M.S. 1.2.3.-1: Student Ministerial Association 12.3.43 Noenr Philosophical 1,23 Greenbook 13 Chess Club 2: Biology Club '21 Psychology Club 2: Mountaineering Club 2.3: New England Distriet Scholarship 2. Tools: Ifnaffected piety. prayers. and push "The daily. nitzhtly rael-time R DAVID WAYMAN A.B. PSYCHOLOGY Talent: True Idealist. Tools: Deliberate decision. "Better surc than scrryf' "We needs must love the highest when we see it." Tryout: N.Y.P.S. problems and the E.N.C. mail. Never to be hurried. An active conscience. "Constance" Territory: The known will of Cod. Zeta l,2.3,43 Student Council 33 Evangelistic Association l.2.3.4. Presi- dent 3g Student Ministerial .Association 43 A Cappella 1.2.33 Quartet 1.2.33 Psychology Club 2,3.43 Nlountaineering Club 3,43 N.Y.P.S. Presi- dent 4. MARY WHIPPLE B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ' Talent: Duty of Happiness. Tools: Butterfly spirit. Song and the out-of-doors. L'Allegro. Tryouts: Comes for two years 4 stays. Activities, Co-ed: "a girl who also goes to collegef' Territory: Progressive education. Zeta 1.2,3,4g Evangelistic Association 13 Basketball 33 Cheerleading 1.2: F.T.A. 4. :X Y V I it' A4 I 52'vi:...'.Li?5 'iz N3tilis1.f,i'5f72siXiK.'Zxl4,i'-.. R . ANDREA WOODS B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Dependable. Tools. Serious face. warm spirit. Studious and friendly. Is fair and wise and good and gay." Tryout. Campus Queen, by ment. Captain of the Crcw. Supreme Job. Territory: "The daily following of the truth. which is the greatest gift to youth." Teaching. Sigma 12.3.43 Evangelistic Association 1.21 Class Secretary 11 Homecoming Queen 4. JOAN ZEICLER B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Talent: Loyal to thc Best. Tools: Gift for hard work. Nt-vcr lets .i person down. "Snnbright pcrsonalitv " Tryout: Recognized ability. Ex-Presidents magnet. Varied activities "Bmw- ing a man's soul armor." Territory: W'inning through with him. Sigma 12.3.43 Class Vice President 33 Student Council 'lz Serra-mrs 4. Evangelistic Association 1.2.33 S.F.NI.S. 1: Club 13.4. Baskctlull 1.1. 3,43 Volleyball 12.3.43 Cheerleading 1.2.33 Fflf.-X. 2.11.43 XN'ho's Who 4. BEVERLY ZIEGLER L goes. problems. RUTH COONS A.B. SOCIAL SCIENCE Talent: Industty. Tools: Black hair and eyes. lleteptive slow motion -W Southern? A dash of helter-skelter? Tryout: Spelling champion -4 good thinking. Laclcadaisically busy. Dixie Christmas diamond Territory: About. doing good. XYILLIAM COECIIENOLIR B.S. BUSINESS .-'kIllN1lNlS'l'R.-XTION Talent: lN'Iarried or Reserved? Toolv: Shy? Sports loxer. "Ruth," Holiness heritage. Tryout: Ilard-working when necessary. "Hilfe and children - hostages to fortune." "Plain facts for me." Territory: "The best client is a sat red millionaire." :Then remem ber E.N.C.ll Sigma 12.3.43 Evangelistie .-Xssociation 1.23 "N" Club 2.3,-1. Bas- ketball 2.3.41 Football 1.2.3.-4. THOMAS JONES A.B. PHILOSOPHY Talent: Self-Contained. Tools: High principles. Thinking for himself. Living by the truth. Tryout: Married harmony. Ex-IOOF. Shrewd evaluator. "No noise and no nonsense." Territory: The realms of thought W- logical! Zeta 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 12.3.41 Student Ministerial Association 12.3.41 Bowne Philosophical 12.11.41 I.it-Speech Club 1: Biology Club l. B.S. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Talent: Vivacious Career Woman. Territory: Business executives world. Tools: Statistical mind. One of the "Supreme girls." Enjoys life as she Tryout: Something doing where she is. "No sex in brains." or in labor Kappa 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 1.2.3.-lg Nfeistersingers 1: Clee Club 11 Creerzbook 1: Campus Camera 3,41 House Council 2.3: F.T.A. 1.2: Mountaineering Club 2.3.-1: Business Club 3.4. NANCY LOCKWOOD A B. I.l'I'ER.-XTL'RE Talent' Iliscritninating. Tool-i Mayflower stock H California pull - American independ- ence "Explosions " Nonchalant manners - hidden intensities. Tryouts Love of the challenge We keen for the point. "East is East. and West in heaven" Apologist for the naturalists. Anti- dullness "Does things with a pen." Caustic? Ttrrttori 5 "Make me anything but neuterl" P.tsaden.i Nazarene Collegeg Honor Society 11 Meistersingers 1,21 Baskt-tli.iIl 1.3. Volleyball 1.21 Crunbook l: Campus Camera 1,21 I.it-Speech Club 41 Faculty Scholarship 1. ROY LLNDIN B S. ELEMENT.-'RRY EDEC.-XTION Talent: Sane Perspective. Toolv: Theology. Preaching experience. True reverence. Good listener. Trynuti College pilgrimage ending at ENC. "Proves all things, holds fast the good." Not afraid to change his course to reach the same goal. Territory. Ministry of the classroom. ROBERT POOLE .-NB PHILOSOPHY Talent: Business a Pleasure Tools: Supplies the grit for God to give the grace. Half-rtoguish smile. Merry eves. Private speller. Triout: "All things come to those that wait - provided they work like thunder while they are waiting." Mom fun to do it in pairs. Territory: Good churchmanship. Zeta 12.3.41 Evangelistic Association 1.2: Meistersingers 2. ' jx 4 ID M MOBIHM M S2s QeQ f ,x,' ,as 25,22 -Ln.. N my f " xi 'Liu ' ' sf- f. . jf: hnx . . u ibn' -.. I n EVERETT KSKIPJ GARFIELD SANFORD, JR. May 21, 1939 june 21, 1959 , -4- 2 fr-225' elevlz. 'wx wi' J' . ,v,.'bg,:4 vig-4' is C. "5 L1 Y 2 55 I 74 7 xg . .'?32i4Q5 rl U, N em? c' 4 , 'gy- I IB 'SY , 3" ' 55.75 , 7 KKK . I V :ff r 8 . 6 QQ' -W , .9 i'Q?4 XV, 6 ff s,,,.:N " s RQ-Hf-ctions smi'lcT back ,Q has gc ntlc spmt -X' ig' . ' 15" Nv- and kmdcr xx olds. I 75 I Ki! - JN f v ' - I ' ,. .- , . S li ls F. 1 rl ':'-.QM Y X WH!!-' 5 3 "blP'l.M aw" I In A .'f Lim! , " was PM JI' ..i , Q I ,fini 's ' ' - " 9 if-1--.N Z - 'fm--. 1 I 'tr - 0 an iq ' I B in J , , pe! Shirley llaswcll. Secretary: Dr. Harold Darling. Adriver, Elaine Lynch. Vin' Preu'den!,' Alan Duckworth. Trenc- urfrg Richard Munn. Student Council Rrprewnlatire: Grant Swank, Previdenlg Arthur MCK1-nziv. Chaplain. 1464: l O fvv' iii' 5 ? 41 Grace Balwit Marvin Balwit Charles Baldeck Susan Allen Prisrilla Anthony Lois Armstrong Thomas Boates Lambert Brandes Phillip Bryner 'EP Carolyn Batchlct Dorothy Bausman james Bender Q 1' if ll Rolwrl Clark David Clifton Robert Cornvll PP Q: 1 if Janice Byers Vincent Casaceli Shirley Caswell lN1oonyvnn Devine Alan Durkworth Chris Farrell Harold Crew Perry Cunningham Donald Darrow Nancy Fee Anne Fenwick Helen Fleagal . 4 ' A .Y , 5 Shirlev Fluharlv Carl Gold Walter Gorman Verna Hall Helen Haselton Leonard Hemphill IT. "Q-...J-k Robert Houck Joan llcrmnn l xm o 5 Fern Huff Ann Johnston Carolyn Keith I faei- - a,"a'33 G MD 4 Carolyn Lnnpher Eileen Liggctt David Lindsay fit janet Kind! Judith Kinsey Gerald Klumas Ellen Liu Patricia Lockwood Elaine Lynch sw 'momh Kluf lJf r Arthur Mr lXf'lllllJ Dc-sm Nlc'l'l14-L' Robert Mahood Katherine jean Mann Richard Mann if rx.:- "'fs.,', R Edward Mitchell Glenna Olsen Kaye Naylor Orville Mason Charles Kl.llllCl"lY John Mcisncr .Qu QQ? Glq Y '1- .. iii LQQ. i it T' A-ani' i Ronald Nornmn Ria hard P.xl.mza Andrew Pamarik Yiruirlia Pvnha Lmlla Pulnns Chgxrls-s Pillaburv -nn ,ar v 'T' G- ff, Steven Rivdvr Lynn Smmhorn Robert s. rmdly Si v, Ruin-rt Poole 5I.1rx.m Prif 0 Brux L' Ru-vm-5 .- vffv P' I , l Esther Schwnnkc .. A Q javk Shankcl Elnoru Sommer i 5 N- i f light i N I gi 9 ' Elsie Stauffcr Robcrt Sullivan V V CE? Grant Swank L Q A. i' sign! -5 - 'fag not, . 'Asa ..., ' "-Jw. '. .n'! ,J '04 in Q' A ,,. James Swartz 9' ' James Tasker 1' Bonnie Whittcmore 7' 1 1 1 . l Camera Shy Q k I tn B1 nr Rn land lfspvr Uotxwtlty X guughan IL-xt-tin 1-x,t'.f'7:t'1 1- Louis Yc.tut'r Ntllngxzx llntizrx I Q .'l 'J i Q I . . ' , I . 'lf 55- 1 ll ,H V1- if '. 1 . ' '. f 1 - 'W ' 'Ku . ,- -' .,a ' 1: t 'fv'gQ , K., , 5.7: I ,. 3 'Hn . fx. , 4- 2 -, Qu 1- 6 ' . Qg 1 u '3 'Q -1" n I 1 - 4 .v I - 4 or: I q . l S 1. 2 -3. iii RQ ' '7- 1 ' f I R . , n ,sg J if , , Nu I1 A nu v 1 'au me xxllJSlCl'. Vice Pruzdrnrg judx ll lv-.nl in tary Llsbeth Albert. Chaplmn. , 'W f ggfqyg .,..W1Iw. Larry Casler Thomas Caton Donald Chapman 'Q ' A, , A-ll? "1.-gr , fly.- 'jigs' , , i1 .55U1y,. J, E21 P. .. I ,'d'g.t1' 'KS' , Q ."v. 'n r- ..', . , ' ll:-rlu-rl .Nznlpm-l 1 I, 4,- lkScong Choc 5, Blanche Armstrong Mary Blllctt Priscilla. Blaisdell john Boxgrxl Arthur Bowen Libbic Bowers Donald Brothcrton Ronald Carter ff' all M., lnslwlll .Nllu-rl Rnylmwncl :Xllxlmmm .wid .'Xmlf,-rson ,as m... 4 N ,TS- .5 W ,X l N 2 A S 'l'A ' Joyce Cokkinis vu? Eloise Colcsar El.iiiiC Collins David Cunqalton tj? 1 ' ,H --,. EX 7 auf , av- J Nlim li.1e'l Crynin Colin lliiiivls Bn-wstvi' Davis Nic-ri-clilli lli-lnqw sv 3 59" 1 , . a N 1 Cnnilv Dick:-y jualitli Ihiiiiif-lly Xb IQ! Rulwri l.1r.ili Sh' M.ii'u.1i'i'i Fortis 9' T ,W A a Geraldine Gantert Carolyn Finney Daniel French Thomas Freysz l n -iq.. 'Q Mildred Harrison Barbara Rae Hayes Judith Heberle Clarence Hildrcth '1..! i-.- -Q. is 'za ..,,,' lA ,T -sh , - Muriel Gordon Richard Greer Caytha Gutshall Dorothy Hagar Donald Holsinger Christopher Hall Sharon Hampton Barbara Harding ar L- Rolierl Gardner J? ' l - Joann llylwrtson George Kilmer Charles Cioodiniin '9"'v Ri Sl1cx'm.xn lllll Judith lliwom Riahluml llollncrt 0 X'iruim.1 llovkman -" L.h.ulns llmmrd Z ' jnnxcs lluugins Sa 3 lluglus lla.. IDU! BCI'f.lk'llLl llullmrl fikllh Hunter '1 in .. X . Shcrrill -Ic'fl'm'ry Gerard jcmegan David johnson Phyllis johnson William jones William MacDonald Donald MacKay Harriet MacLeod Raymond MacPherson VU I Alan King Margaret Kinsey Sydney MCCl0y Irenv IXIc'Carty Max-lvnv McDermott Hugh McKnight 'ff' Nfgmry Niilnv Ell1.1lu,-th Nfinolt Elwin Muruarm Enuxm Morris .'xllKll'l'N Xicvshvr Rivhnrd Human l-UIAl'.liIl!' PAM h Juan Pcmk K W Xa'X 2-'VF' Sandra Scheetz David SifTord can Smith 9 7 - .44 Joseph Rapalje Patsy Reedy Charles Ritchie Joyce Rosenberger Roht-rt Porter Williaxn Porter Rohm-rt Putn.un Martha Ralston , lil Marcella Rouse ' Sandra Sampson 9 Edith Sapp Kathryn Savage I N ,, 1 is Doris Snyder Helen Speare William Stotlcr V! Curtin Stcuns I Stanlcv Sununvrson c..l.lI'f'll1'l' Swartz C1c'r.1ld Svhxrlz Kathlvcn Taylor Graco Teal ' '. .' I , '. ,' ,u Brut P Trac' y . ,ji 4' K 4317 Helen Traur Mariana Umer Norma Wakem Elsie Walker Naomi Wilbraham William Wilhoyte Gladys Williams William Willis Patricia Ward Ronald Ward Pauline Webster Fred Woodworth Linda Worth Elizabeth Zollinhofer Robert Zollinhofer Ronald White ii-.. ff K o 1 Q' Rudy Wiclman ' Camera Shy hi ' v' '1 'I .Q llv :? J Ralph Brvwstvr Paul Duflcy Barb.1r.i llnrdinsz B.lI'l7.ll'.l .N ll.1yes Joyu' llollmnn Phillip llufl Rotlgvr l.int'oln Rl1'l1l1l'll xlllfllllf' john Nnylor Stvplivn 'liownt Gorclon lst- Sp! 5 Don Kc ton Sue 'Kclams C :rl Xllmrlglmt William Alworth Nancy Baird Betsy Balentine x, ef'- xi-M Gerald Beard Raymond Beecroft Glenn Boden jasper Barefoot June Barner Cynthxa Boas Charlotte Boslmrt .-Xngclcv Bownmn Danivl Brvwcr l C- N Paul Calbvrq Colin Campbell David Campbell Richard Christiana r.-1 B.u'lmr.1 Briglmun jerry Baumgzxrtner A nn Bycrs ' 1' I v. mai ,v Dwayne: Byers Tum Cahill v 5 J: I !i "':.1" ,4 I.-."l if Frank Darrow Carol Cow Glenn Cunninghzun Donnld Ciuomhs David Crane Mildred Comrie .rff Sy l e F' fd - whvfy.-,gy 0 I A I v- .-f .V 'Nw-, MJ, -V1 J . j '1 au- .- l Mary Coleman Gary Cochran I 1. William Clemens Laurel Duryea Claude Diehl Richard Dxffenderfer Patricia Dutton John Ellingwood Charles Elofson Carnelia Ercolani Robert Falke fr ,N ' .1 - fbi Carolyn IJl'2l!'lJOFIl Denver lJ!'ClL'I' Donald lhllnrlnne Fred Farrar Ruth Fettcrman Thomas Fiala Raymond Foster john Free Elmer Frylneruer Diane Fullerton lk Q X klk! 5' E' ,ffm X :Ill X lv sv 'N LGU' 'P X ' v ' . g,N -, 'C' Lawrence Gerhart YYilliam Gerrish Ruth Gilbert Arline Gillingham Alan Gruber pi David Gilpatrifk Elizabeth Gould Dale Gilroy Lloyd Gregory Tohn Goodworrh Janirv llrvnnon Martha Hinkle Carol Hobson Daniel Hobson Lowell Hamilton v o I I Murlin Hammond Grace' Hcnck Ralph Henck Y 'K' ' I Dick Humbert Carlene Humphrey 6? vw Janet Irish Ruby Johnson Helena Jordan 1 yx I' L Jack Laudcrmilk Carol Lenfestey Arthur Lomlm jamcs Lumlvn Thomas Lou F I Y 3 Paul Lules a 5 .AXudrcy XI.1cKay , y John BL1cl.4-md NJI11 X xiqn LQ-Qd Q Rin lmrd NI.u'Leod Y Xfohuullud XIuQh.1dd.1n1 Q.h.!lAll'IlK' NI.1n1a'y' XI.11'tl1.x Xinrlin D.u'id xI.lSSilIli - J ' EsIl11'l'XI.xlf1c'IlN' LUN Nfuzmuv rlxlblll Nixlnc john Kiuuru I' 'J B.u'1'y Xfuhrlty' lJUn.nid Klux!-Ural II:-mx XIULHII j.um-s Muir ' I VA, Elizabeth Myers fi 4' - ' ,a-:ily ' vi , YI ' 6 I 'ar YEL .fx 100 -H 4 ,-Y rr '47 9 '9 1, Ruth Oertcl si . ,F I I - A Kenneth N4-lson Q llr-lr-n Num-r Q Janne Otis Jim Onion George Osborne - ,N X " X Arthur Oberg Elwood 0'Dell Charles Overholt Jim Paynter Carlos Pereira ,J ls2uif,,.f23lS..Q L -41 fXe X Stephen Perry Elizabeth Petty Jim Phillips Piiul Pif'rc'C cil.llllll.l Piuriolf' Dormlcl Poole ililim-lm.i Poole heh. i gi fig '5 'R Qwk s. U 2 P 4 , :- . J i' Y T Robvrt Pynn Roger Raiscn Ed RAIN' Lana Rvdvvv 60 I 1 P fa G.n'y Robbie H.1r'Yvv Robbins 1 wg, Patricia Rr-rd Sandra Rxrh S.lIl1lll'l Rr'i:h.x1'fl Nfqnribn Rumifr Cnrolvn Rfwmmldx l,.1Nl1'Il1" Rm'-Q Donald Scblough Amd Sb.1w Iva Shoff BM 1-1 lv Rx dvr K.ilrlf,'fi11C Snbins fa . fi, I , ,L AQ-KB Mc-lvys Roberts Edwin Simpson fy 'P--V Kenneth Sipes William Sittig Shirley Skidmore Nancy Smith Joseph Smith - 1" Norman Snyder Marie Somerville Karen Spedkmun ez J QS 'E' Rirhrird Stahl Holly' Stoner Vera Stanford limes Stark john Stark Patricia Stutlcr 5 at. Marilvitii 1 tail Charles Tltatrlwr Ihx id 'l'li itt licr l03 Nxmfy Thumgxs Roger Tilton Iudith 'Ilvcld l v I1zr.vXNv':x.lw'L1 llnlcl YX'm'llQ Null V Xlvlls R Bm-x'iA1'lv 'IxI'l'l'l'fv' Phyllis Xfxlc- .Xnrw KN lmm: Kcrmerh Whitclu-.nd Q' Z' '?G 1 Anna Woodward Carolyn Wooster ' N. 3' ,N K ii Vallis lYorden David Wuori Q.. Richard lYycof3f Mary Yeager Kfziry Ziegler AAL joan KN ood Lon YN oods Yondzi Woods F , .,,, Rlfllf1VfllN1,.l,xI!.V Camera Shy Carlton Bowdvn Pdul Bntnsr Donna Con herd Raith Cgllwi-rt Dix-id Ciiipltripk Br-ttv Hr-dl-" .1- . 1 .u Ar...i.r Ho:.M- Rf-:pifd K'-:iii Tliozixis Liricfs -. .'Xif'!"'rl l-r"' lN'ilii.i:t1 Xlf.-Xilx Riilmrrf Nl.. l.-'f Dormld Xlilz-w ' lirtmsi Kill- :A Dorirn P41712 Pau, P4 .af Enfxs11'..aRrYv1:. ,Xl1"rT5"1TN Yu 1-ir Sinf- X. .. . 1:1-f':1t 5. ie. BM?-1r,i 5:11115 R-41 -tif ll- fi lhxzif 'limit ll aZ':'x YN ' AX" lY:::Qt-1:1 YN zzz" SCHCCL OF PR CT ICAL ARTS A D LETTERS if .JL , 1' GRADUATIN G 1960 X '9 FRANCIS ANDREWS B.XRB.'XR.X BRYAN NIERRYLIN BRYNER JOHN CTOKKINIS FS l'HFR HASFLTON NANCY HITE RICI-INRD CQRENNELI. JO,-XNN HELFRICH MURIEL JOHNSON P.-XL'I. l'QL'NS.XLL'S ,IOANNE HITCHENS MARY KILPONEN 9' 1? Uh 7 "LZ" Kr Qi' Wi Diane Lloyd Dorothy Sommer Joyce Taylor Ross Verbisky Donald Phillips Samuel Swain Suzana Umer Yiolct Whited Camera Shy Iolm Bown .Mary Cll'l1lK'liSl1.'lIll'iS Loren Adams S Earl lxlz ll! Albert Araujo Wnlbur Bvrr Ric'h.1rd Blnclcs 0 ll OXN , if 1 S S... u N KY, nv! X Bri ii '16 gl J K G' gy! v ,ws 5. X .rv "' 1 -"xv i Wnlclvii Cfliincllrr Lois Coulson Xxlilylll' Cllill' Stanley Cokkinis YVilli.nn Cornoliiis 5' is' s 04-IF' if l'.itriri.i l7.iilm'x' Rulwrt Aloiivs Sliirlcy Colilc 'l'ln-mlurv Kliiivtl-livi- .'XlliPi'! llmlwx' lliiwwl Kilgmtiii li Tmry K.ilin.i Rulu-rl Lunqsliorc 'IwllOIllilS lluw.irCl -1.111105 l.mv AIo.in l,ox'r'im' Dvlorrs NIc'I,v.ui I lilll ii Mvllisli Tlivlrim Miller S.1ndr.i N1-wlivrt Donna P.iintc'r Sharon Parker B.irlw.ir.i Prtvrsrri Lowell Peterson Nhrnzgirct Phipps I 1 l u i i 4 Si ir I, A-' ., ..'1'f-- , "F ', F, A fiffif r ,f4'::: .-: 1.1-.:','r ,.:4,.., - -ff H. ' ,'l'41x4'J". -fiffffi ' H ff'-2'.. 5L'iF'!Yf-iii .1 . - f ,. 1 ' f , -4 .,- ' lg -.Q - .354 .3 1 5. '! l 'H Llp,-. V, I- ff Elf I, ,if -3 Carl Porter Donald Rawlings Sheilla Riley Robert Ritter Cecelia Rogers Irene Rogers Beverly Ryder Tresezi Sehgike Herbert Shroyer l'sTllIll'l'S Sober I: s Justine Solmers Calvin Spurr BI.u'y Swain XN'iIm.1 'lierry Dom 'lihoiiipsmi ui Janice Thorpe Niarjorie Tongren Robert Tripplett rp 2 Q-I T je S Q. 4 Q I, :fa -Ya. 3 itch- . f 'l ' 'A.. Garfield Nfitson Ernest West Rnyriimid YYiIli.imS Camera Shy: NY.iyne ciI't'XUlil'I'.ll Phoebe IjllX'.lii Ris'i1.irLi lIllIl1iKt'I'i XYilli.im Risnlen Ernest Stutler XI.irilyn Nfirci Ueixiltl Hfiv P.iiriri.i White 109 OLD NORTH CHURCH SPIRE. BOSTON ff ,F "H . ' 1 . 1' , , 1 ff ' jfs f. M' ' nf 'A "r J f ' ,."'f if MJ 3.4. W pirfiiua '1'1 1.-x'1'x'I-1 1amxc:1uuo'1'mu AND fvlxful mann IN 1.1 .. QI-X xi.-xx' nr: .'XI4I.Ii 'ro crmwun- kj mzxn WITII .-xu, S.-XIX'l'S .xr IS 'mia IKRIZ.-XIYl'II. .xxn 1.11xc:'1'u. .ww IBIZPTII. .-xxn HIilGlI'l"': V ,. U 111 .'i ' 1 vs 'V 'P 3 ug. l I ,A -' 5 X N. X PASTOR'S ESSAGE To be forward looking in ones mind and upward looking in one's heart is not always easy. There are some who think these things are mutually exclusive. YVe have believed and have tried to act on the premise that they can not only comple- ment each other, but must. Uur times demand courageous thinking and lives aflame with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no area of our life and witness that can not be improved by honest reflection and analysis. There is nothing we do or are which does not constantly need Gods power and grace to make it meaningful and sufhcient. The commitment of the heart comes first. however. If I am fullv committed to God. then I can think clearly and come to a knowledge of the truth. nik """""1 Treasurer, Frank Geryg Secretary, Kent Goodnowg and Music Director R. T. Williams go over some new ideas with pastor Rev. Martin. ti: ' 'U Mr. Carroll Bradley, Superintendent of the Sunday School Dr. james Lnuneron, N.F.NI.S. President Branson Roberts, President i "Ti vi. if xm- ff sei N. Y. P. S. Provides youthful and inspirational program interpre- tations for spiritual blessings unsurpassed . . . Co- ordinator for the weekly prayer cell - the mid-week pause of soul comfort and heart relaxation with domii- tory neighbors and friends . . . Leads monthly Singspira- tion - for music groups, specials, group singing and prayer . . . The yearls finale - N.Y.P.S. Revival with Rev. Paul Martin. The Hospital Choir under the direction of Ronald Carter. .. h ff'1."'-.Q W I.. Rev. Roy Copelin from the Philippine Islandsg Rev. and Mrs. Reginald jones from Swaziland. South Africag Miss Jean Darling from Basim, India. 1960 MISSIO ARY CON VE TIO Rev. and lvfrs. Jones and Miss Darling examine one of the num souximrs on displav in the parlor of the various countries represented. "'- '?"f7"s Wu I com: f 'Of me GNL Nl!-fn nrfld' In Ulf Effflll If frwwf I 1Afi.rf,f-m- ,- '0'f-IWYJ ,tatfonm ' .. Kimi. tnnen, my ,Q 71.10 Av' wmv now n-ul The church choir practices for the Sunday services. Rev. R. T. Williams, Director of the Church Choir. THE CHORAL UNION Eastern Nazarene College will present Paul I. Willwenh, Conductor DEL? SSI H Sunday and Monday evenings December 13 and 14, 1959, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern 23 East El Patricia Co I-larold Stetst 'dltorium incy, Mass. mson, Contralto well, Bass Cfickets required for Monday evening performonce only. These moy be obtained, free of charge, by writing or calling the business office of Eastern Nozorene Collegej J! 1' 'v o, --3 - YI ,. , .I I ,f , ,-I -fnqf -....... I I SPECIAL SPEAKERS i OPENING CONVENTION Rev. E. I-Iunton BIBLE EMPHASIS WEEK Dr. Harry E. jessop KAUFFMAN LECTURES Mr. Gordon Olsen FOR 1959-60 X .fir 1q'..!.. A. l -.Qi . 1 Unk . 'QD x ',,, -" ' v 7 iz", A fs! xl J' I 1' ,' c5. ,, L. . LIL ' " ,Q -.-. ,Y ,-,TN --...,, 1 HL! i"l.Ni T env FALL REVIVAI, Rev. Eugene Stowe GOULD LECTURES 'W' ' Rev. Jack Ford 'QQ l YOUTH REYIV.-KI, Re-v. Paul Nhrtirm Dr. lwwls I, l.m'lvlt, President N.u.1rm-m' 'lxhvolnminynl Svxnixun 9 'f L 1 FW' gr-D' y v ,Q S. - ' ROW ONE: J. Sobers: J. Barner: H. MacLeod: T. Miller: M. Comrie: P. Reed: V. Stanford: M. Swain: E. Sapp: K. Sabins N. lYalls: C. Gantert: P. Yale. ROW TIVO: S. Parker: S. Riley E. Lynch: C. Kimball: M. lXI.irtin: P. Stutler: YN'ittke: C 'Woosterz N. lN'illhrah.un: E. Schwgmke: E. Collins: C. Lanier RI. Coleman: BI. Yeager: M. Milne: C. Hncolani: B. Smith: M Bryner. ROII' THREE: D. Fullerton: M. Rouse: L. YVilliams: J We-ischedel: S. Ireton: C. Boaz: S. Sampson: B. Peterson: B Brigham: XXI. Sommewille: M. Billet: E. Hunter: F. Hunter J. Hybertson: Lambert: L. Bowers: L. lYorth: R. Johnson. ROW FOUR: F. Hicks: B. Pynn: S. Fuller: V. Penha: M. Ziegler: C. Y l 1 A 'I '41, F 4 it Roeers: K. Speakman: B. Albert: P. Phipps: B. Hutchinson: S. Gardner: C. Henck: C. Reynolds: D. Painter. ROW FIVE: J. Elingwood: T. Cahill: J. Stark: C. Bowden: J. Swartz: M. Hammond: A. Swain: G. Swain: A. Duckworth: D. Clifton: C. Stevens. ROW SIX: C. Overhaltg D. Diffenderfer: B. Gardner: W. Crevciserat: R. Whittenberger: B. Helfrich: D. Wayman: R. Sharpes: D. Wells: R. Widman: N. Politi: R. Verbisky. ROW SIfl'E.N': T. Milne: P. Pierce: D. MacKay: YV. Stanford: R. Allshouse: I-I. Robbins: B. Cornell: P. Huff: Huggins: B. Porter. COUNCIL: M. Colesar: J. Heberle: Rev. Nease: R. Carter: L. Hemphill. vo, 5. 'Bi'-'il . V.. , . ,,,,L .,,,. ,. . x.v,.3-.1-f.-41-vs-un.--af .X 'C I 0 "Cx-4' ,,.,,,v , - J.-Q - , Q ":4 ' -rats". ibbvv- - lr l 1 I . I l 52? its lit flip ,Nl ROW ONE: I. Rogers: B. Bryan: B. Petty: E. Colesarg M. Ral- stong S. Hampton: R. Gilbertg B. Gouldg J. Woods: V. Woods: R. Ortellg A. Bowmang G. Gutshall. ROW TWO: M. Riederg M. S. Kilponeng J. Taylorg A. Shannon: P. Antony: M. Colesarg J. Heberleg R. Sharpesg A. Whiting: L. Duryeag J. Bowman: P. Farleyg C. Wadeg C. Pignoletg S. Skidmoreg L. Patch. ROW THREE: C. Humphryg Otis: E. Myers: E. Mathneyg M. J. Dunsworthg G. Teal: E. Haseltong A. Woodward: M. Johnson: C. Keith: N. Baird: C. Cane: I. Shoffg T. Kalinag M. Gordon: S. Adams. ROW FOUR: H. Nutterg A. Shawg L. Coulson: N. Smith: P. Newlen, P. Ward: K. Savage: S. Perry: N. Snyder: B McKim: O. Masorig R. Wanser. ROH' FIVE: I.. Hemphill: T Loveg T. Rawlings: S. Rieder: D. Traufferz T. Frola: B. Stotler J. Stark: Klumas: D. Brotherton: B. Seheidly: R. Carter. ROM SIX: Shankelg B. Roberts: T. Howard: C. Thatcher: I.. Woods J. Phillips: D. Brewer: D. Blades: B. Mann: S. Surnrnerson: D. Sehloughg T. Freysz. ROW SEVEN: H. Loekhead: B. Yeechonie J. Rapaljeg S. Cokkinisg K. Kern: C. Diehl: G. Boden: W. lilmntl lerg B. Jones: C. Hildreth: D. Hover. E A GELISTIC ASSOCIATIO The Evangelistic Association is a highly influential group at E.N.C. With its two-fold purpose as an outlet for students to evangelize and an opportunity for them to be active in Christian service in and around the local area. this association has become well known to college and community people alike. Their activities center around hospital choir. and an evangelical program carried on in Boston missions. 121 STUDE T FOREIGN MISSIONS FELLOWSHIP ROI1' ONE: A. Traut. S. Ireton. T. Kalina. L. Coulson. S. Riley P. Stutler. lN'ittke. M. Yeager. I.. Duryca. P. Reed. KI. Nfartin C. Cantert. B. Bryan. E. Colcsar. M. Ralston. B. Peterson. S Hampton. Moods. ROI1' TIVO: Stark. P. johnson. C Reynolds. J. Hitchins. M. Milne. I. McCarty. M. Ricder. S. Skid more. N. Baird. I. Shoff. B. Hutchinson. N. Wilherham. Heberle. M. Dunsworth. E. Hunter. C. Teal. P. Anthony. I. May. M. Teal M. Colesar. J. Irish. B. Albert. C. Mihite. B. Popp. M. Rouse. I Sabers. ROI1' THREE: D. Schlough. il. Boreal. R. Mnnser. BI Coleman. H. Nutter, C. Linier. M. Gordon. P. Phipps. K. Savage POI1 OYE: N. Bordon. P. Anthony. Hybcrt- son ROW TIVO: Cameron. A. Swain. D. Hoxer D. Hall. M. Price. J. Peck. B. Sommer. G. Savage. J. Hybertson, E. Hasel- ton. M. Swain. J. Weischedel. B. Williams. C. Cove, M. Summer- xillc. C. Encolani. C. Boas. R. Fetterman, N. Snyder, C. Overholt O. Mason. D. Hall. ROIV FOUR: P. Pierce, W. Porter. B Cornell. j. Huzuins. T. Howard. R. Widman. D. Hover, D. Wells H. Lochhcad. D. Brewer. B. Mann. R. Allshouse, B. Falke. D Clifton. S. Rieder. j. Ellingwood. A. Swain. R. Christiano. D Trouffer. G Watson. T. Fiola. R. Carter, S. Cokkinis, L. Hemphill KI. Stark. The Student Foreign Missions Fellowship purposes to make the cause of missions more realg not only to those who are going to be our future missionaries, but also to those who are ir1 terestetl in missions as future laymen. The Special programs for the year included the Fifth An nual Missionary Convention with missionary guests: Rev. Rox E. Copelin, Rev. Ronald Bishop. and Miss Jean Darling. In addition to other activities. the Fellowship sends Christmas greetings to missionaries and helps conduct the Alabaster box opening service. STUDE T MIN ISTERIAL ASSOCIATIO ROW ONE: T. Martin, L. Hemphill, R. Carter, A. Everton, C. Bowden, C. Stevens, D. Long, T. Howard, D. Brewer. D. Hover B. Scheidly, O. Mason, T. Rawlings, B. McKim, D. Wayman, J. ROW THREE: W. Porter. J. Huggins. B. Roherts. P. finnsalus Shankel, A. Swain, R. Stark, B. Pynn. ROW TWO: R. Sharpeg, B. Vecchonie, G. Boden. C. Diehl, R. Widnian. R. Wlntienlnmger D. Wells, B. Helfrich, J. Tasker, B. Soulia, D. Schlough, T. Cahill, The Student Ministerial Association has as its purpose "to supply fel- lowship, inspiration, practical knowledge, and preaching experience for all students who feel the call of God to preach the gospel." This year the president, Robert Helfrich and the adviser. Rev. Stephen Nease worked together to provide practical pulpit experience hy plan- ning services throughout the New England District. Members of the faculty were the main speakers during the year. Dr. Mullen, Rev. Nease, and Dr. Darling gave a series of lectures covering the subjects of the preacher as an administrator, a counselor, and a man of prayer. In addition to this series, several of the associations' own student ministers took charge of the groups' annual chapel sessions. MLNSELK1 01" NNE .'Xll'l'S, BOSTON MW"--v... 'w--.- r -rf K M . n ' ,' rv ' " , ,, ' xl I ix 1-, .NY-.H L J! ' ' IX' :IKE-' 'I' I 94,3 Q-I' :Ml A Q.. I '.,.- 1" ' hav- .....L ,......, .-,Q -..Q I 'Xt' Q, , .,,,,,.- 1..,,n- use , 4- 'TAO Pi' E1 .," - '4 "-"'.3f." 'N-" I ...- .na-T N.-W lb V.y'jiE,l.dia,5,.g.q - , l,,.L,,,Q'1 113, 5 A V., gr! ,,. .-L:E'iYgF" -- 'f' v I 4 -uu- 14: 1,1 use 1 i na- N -I -,iw . ' --7 1' A- ' T.. . V 5 ,tx M . if--+3 -x- .f-,.5.......,. ' "-Q-...NN-a 'Hn ""'w,.. iq.,-qu.. .lX7b?Q' 1' A' . . A , - wp j,'-nj' -W Q fgg. ' 1gi' v l 9 A 7 me ' ' 1 ' , -I l' M3jW fii52' H ' J-1,1 i h , N3-f!'x--PQ. vb' ., ', ?f'fQ5fnP - , , - ' , ff 1 ' . X . . 'l'H.AX'l' wi, BlilNi fx lwcmuzlm .-xxn c:1umL'xm1n IN 1.ox'r:, MA-xx' me .xnmz 'IU QZUNIPRIQIIHNID XN'lAl'II .- , NXIN I5 XXII.-X . BRI-,'.'llJ'l'll, .-XXII I,IiNC2'I'Il. .NNI IJl"l"l'll NND IIl"li'll I' " A . 4 . A l 1 's 'Q -1, 15 ei ls 's I Dean of thi- fifillf-uf! Dir lx l.IiriilJf'rI. Sm rclary, 2 Mary jdnf: Dunsworih. l l Director of Dvvelopmf-nt 1 on:-si Ser rc-t.iry CI.irol Kessler I. FACULTY RETREAT President. Larry Singell. 'f i l ll SQ . L Business Manager. Chris Farrell. CPEN HOUSE .fix W , ' X x ,..g I , 3 . -u 1 5 lk' , 115. 1 if if 'V K.. V A X , E , 1' . an 4,1 ofthe.. one room schoolhouse . 'wif 6,1 Aqf ff" 4 1 Q3 FALL PARTY Mrs. Williamson and Dr. Gardner reminisce to the days Bicycle Built For Two V X s km fm ' v val' ki f I I u F L moonlight walks . . courting in the parlor. i Grand finale of a successful performance. 19 Dr, Mann prc-sents Student Body President. Larry Singell with gzivcl for Faculty and Administration Retreat. Dr. Mann honors Mrs. Williamson for lwvnty-Five ycars of scrvicv to the college. juniors prcsont Thanksgiving Chapel. iff ,T- SPECIAL CH PELS l Roger Voisin. solo trumpeter. Boston Symphony' Orchestra. and Professor Paul YN'iIIwerth. F I RTS PRQGRAMS 3 Q 3 fs r ACA . -Af-1 :A x -A---4' T. A r ': Aim: Nhsgf' rf' -L' '- ' " joseph H. Silverstein. xiolinisz fi uv", ua f 3 I .IL J 5 4 1 b ,,, -0 EY-I f . Esther Hunter .ilk ' '1 l l ll I . Lisbeth Albert Elaine Lynch t 1 I w . '.40 Former Queen, Betty Harris, crowns Homecomxng Queen Andrea ALJ Woods as Co-captains Branson Roberts and Dick Mann look on. Judith Hissom HOMECOMIN G fn- 'Z C 'V- 7 xi 'Wu XX 'iff 0UR HOMECQ! NG QUEEN MISS ANDREA WOODS f 2 l THE CHRISTMAS P RTY ' Vice President Janice Byers present Dr. and Mrs. Mann with a Christmas gift. Santa! toys sing about the "Sleigh Ride" they are about to take. , - f' ND W., 1- -1 'l a f The scene closes in the Work Shop as X- Santa checks his list before embarking on his 9 ,' long journey. ' LS . an i ' Dave Congalton as Santa's helper gets the Toy Soldiers in working order while Ron i Ward and Woody O'Dell look on. S51 The Seniors arrive amid plenty SENIOR SN EAK Senior trip has come and gone Pinkham Notch was lots of fun Rustic lodge with fireplace warm Made a cozy mountain dorm Snow was falling on the trail Down the slopes our skis did sail Plentiful and scrumptious fare Of sports we had our share. We went skiing everywhere Flying feet up in the air Dean and Phyllis skiing pro's Ooopsie! there poor Phylis goes jimmy Jones without his wife Found that skiing was the life Swain came flying from the top But found he could not stop. Dave and Ada were a pair Their daring feats gave us a scare Mr. Wells sure had the hitch But always landed in the ditch Mary Whipple ripped her britches Hatch she kept us all in stitches Only casualty was Ray A rock was in the way. Tune: "The Chipmunk Song" Dick and Norma they did skate Pat and Betty thought it great Nancy practiced all the clay Skating backwards while we prayed The big six reached the very top Six more on Snowshoes had to stop Harmonica duets by Al and Bill WVith song the room did fill. Waitress. waitress. can't you see? Ray wants lemon in his tea Mrs. Wells woke with a shriek Water bottle sprung a leak Janie fell and humped her noggen Sliding down on a toboggan glean and Ginny had a spill Hiking down the hill. Willa and Marty on the slope Ski instructors gave up hope joan and Branson were versatile Skied and skated all the while LaRue and Lillie - how they flew Flying saucer great fun. too We came squealing down the hill Toboggans were a thrill - Nfiflniglit on the HLUIHXV un Ylfif' Turned our thought in find on li Starlight splenflnr thrilled us all Singing liy the waf"rf.ill 'lihen to lied we made mir wav Thanking fiml fur our grind 'fav Tir:-ti and happv as we wf-ri' Our day was so well spent Three filllflnil' rhf-v-rs for ill who Our Senior Trip that was v- gran Frank. our driver. he was tops. Vfziitr-d for our rnanv stops EN C. we tonie again And our studies wf-'ll hr-gin One semester more have we And we'll he history Camp sides on snowshoes. v, p.'.f1'-' Others, like Joan Ziegler. just sat around the fire and relaxed. Mr. Paul YN'ells assisted hv Nancy Borden and Mars' Hatcher entertain the rest of the group with some old familiar songs. The lodge at Pinkham Norh Some of us explored the hill "+4"fr I ,I I-5 i i t , J W ,mm ROW UNIC: Ze-igler. Byers, l,. Singell. Dr. YV. Gardner. C, Farrell. ROW TH'O.' Nl. h't'.l!l"I'. CI. lfinnt-y, jones, D. Mann. R. Allshouse. B. Jones, B, Albert. E. Lynch, THE EXECUTI E COUNCIL OF THE STUDE T BODY ORGANIZATIO The students' government . . . Powerful voice of opinion for the students' campus welfare . . . Pub- lications. societies, classes represented . . . Inaugural September Student Leaders Ulorkshop produced theme for this year, 1959-60 - "A More Collegiate Atmosphere' '... Chairman for many exciting and stirring chapel services . . . Sponsor of three suc- cessful parties . . . Fall Party, highlighting Twirp Week . . . Christmas Party '... And elegant "Spring Formal" - paramount conclusion to the school year. Q2 I AP-J Larry Singell, President Chris Farrell, Treasurer msng.. fs Janice Byers, Vice President: Dick Mann. USNS.-X Represematixe 1 x ozxn Zviglvr. Secretary Editor-in-Chief. Carolyn Finney. relaxes upon the completion of another deadline, Editor-In-Chief . . . ...... Carolyn Finney Business Manager .. ...... Andrew Pancarik Adviser ......... . . Dr. Alvin H. Kauffman Associate Editor .. ...... Lawrence Klumas Business Assistant .. ........... Alan Duckworth Literary Editors . . . ..... Nancy Fee. Pat Lockwood Literary Staff ..... . . . Bob Porter. Becky Hutchinson. Claude Diehl. Lois Monroe Sports Staff .... Katherine-jean Mann. Dwayne Byers. Esther Hunter Typing Editor . . . . . . ....... Dorothy Sommer Typing Staff .............. Pat White. Betty Hodge. Barbara Harding, Faith Hunter. Lana Redeye Business Staff ............ Rlargaret Ferris. Carl Gold lx Lowell Peterson. Bill Porter Photographers . . . Dave Congalton. Larry Casler. Lowell Hamilton Class Editors . . . . Nancy Fee. Muriel Cordon. Elizabeth Bowers Feature Editor . . .... Cerald Beard THE "Through God we shall do valiantly . . ." Relying on this promise, the 1960 Staff set out to give you a yearbook that would capture some of the highlights of the year and present them to you as a rec- ord of our college activities. There were many times when the stafT wondered if anything could evolve from the mass of pictures, proofs, copy sheets. and numerous coffee breaks. But we had determined not to entertain Hmediocrity'g so we con- tinued to channel our energy into worthwhile and crea- tive activities. it ,qqf S X ' Business Manager. Andrew Pancarik, checks the adver- Associate Editor. Lawrence Klumas. consults yearbook representative Mr. Toni McHugh, tising contracts. The Business Staff. .-Klan Duckworth. Andrew Pancarik, and Carl Gold. display the smiles that won the advertisers. Q" lui 2155. ... AUTILUS Working toward each deadline we kept uppermost in our minds the goal of creating a Nautilus that would represent our activities, thc goals of our college, and the ideals of our Church. It is our hope that not only have we done a job, but that "through God" we have done our task valiantly. With pleasure we present to you the 1960 Nautilus which we hope will prove valuable in recalling many pleasant memories. Dr. Alvin H. Kauffman, Adviser. 'ii' , . I 5 ll " U' ,S F It i- 1-11- Class Editors L Bowers Nl Cordon and B R Hncs plxn laxout as the Typing Stiff F llunttr D Qcmrmr d l t i no P. copy. Girls Sports Editor, K. J. Mann, explains layout to stat? members, W Porter, E. Hunter, D. Byers, and R. Porter. CAMPUS 'I'he Campus Camera, the col- leges bi-weekly newspaper, dedi- cated to the reporting of all church and school events. It carries a spe- cial emphasis on future events. It is the students' newspaper, wherein their opinions, views, and ideas are expressed. Keeping in practice with the other colleges throughout the na- tion. a new "Ivy League" humor feature was added. To extend its coverage. more and better pictures -QL' Editor-in-Chief. William jones. 'omniends the staff on a job well done. -,,,...-- Business Manager. Robert Cornell. closes the hnal contract for his seventy'-tixe inches of ads. l I Tvpists. Muriel Gordon and Barbara Harding slaxishly dedicate themseixes to the art of "Hunt and Peck." Miss Alice Spangenberg. .-ld: iser. Editor-in-Chief . . . . . . . William jones Business Manager . . .......... Robert Cornell Adviser ......... .. Miss Alice Spangenberg News Editor . ......... Linda Worth Feature lfditor .. .. Pat Lockwood Associate lfditor ...... ..... G hris Farrell Copy and Proof llditor .. Carolyn Lanpher Sports lfditor ........ ..... J oe Rapalje Circulation Manager ........... Lana Redeye Columnists ........ .. Lawrence Klumas and Grant Swank Photographers .. .. Dave Conglaton and Larry Gasler Cartoonist .. ........ Charles Goodman Reporters .......... A. Duckworth. C. Hobson, F. Hunter. P. Webster. D. Mann, V. Woods, B. R. Hayes. L. Gehman. D. Hagar, G. Gut- shall. E. Miller. D. Gilroy. W. Wilhoyte, R. Allshouse. Typists ...... B. Harding, M. Gordon, Smith, T. Miller, C. Manley. ' 4 QE E A Q Q - 7 7 Kf- CAMER capture E.N.C.'s social and sport- ing events as well as the noted visiting speakers. Throughout the year student re- porters are kept busy with raw copy, galleys, layout, proof reading correct information and proper punctuation. Along with the job of hunting typists with the light, royal touch to type copy, getting ads, meeting deadlines, taking pic- tures - the Campus Camera office held many fond memories. Carol Hobson and Dale Gilroy check final gal- leys as reporters, D. Hagar, G. Cutshall, B. R. Hayes, V. Woods, and F. Hunter look on. The Editorial Staff. Rapalje, P. Lockwood, C. Farrell. L. Worth, and C. Lanpher, discuss new ideas for the next edition. 's Taflw The Business Assistants. Lana Redevc. Carl Cold. and Alan Duckworth. take time from a busy schedule to accommodate Photographer, Dave Congalton. 'T l I s l -ur-vfurvgnrf -Z. A ' ' 0.4 - 1 . t Y o E- . 1 -"mil i'- - al, I .QVYXL '-ef v H.. I I OO 'O V5 Nl . fl" :ui 56 G9 1 vt it Q5- ' Fa .L .gb -. ROW UNE T Scltake. 'I Martin. P Stzztler. E. Lvnch. C Spurr, D Humbert. I. Woods. I. Sinzell. Bender. XI MiDer:t1ctt. N Wells. sl Todd. bl Wittke. P. Dui- B Pxnn. X' Siaka. D Bvers. ROH' FOUR: D. Gil- tor. P17114 THF' B Ni..:1ri.i. A Niailiiai. .X B'-ers. grairzck. E S1::.gisf.tn.j NIe1s::f'r.j Free. D. Williamson. xl Sr.-'-er. K S.1'.1:e xl. Irish B Briziarti. P. Ward. Y. B C15-rzzellr B Krutr-11.12. D Manzz. C Howard. W. Cor- Xx-?.:f-3C- lf, Sa'-.rin nl Uj:i:'.ff1'-'. P Meister. bl Keeler rxeiius. HGTV THREE NI H1 "" nd. Lurzdert. D. Clifton, SIGMA DELT DELT '-. :X -' "Tec off with the Deltasv . . . Third place theme . . . Spiritual society . . . Rush Day saw upwards to forty-six freshmen declaring their allegiance . . . Started the year with a double victory - boys' football, girls' volleyball . . . Ably led . . . Enthusiastic members . . Spiritually devoted. 043 1-W ROW ONE: B. Minott, S. Sampson. H. MacLeod. I McCarty, B. Ryder. T. Kalina, T. Miller, D. Peterson C. Kilpatrick. ROW TWO: C. Lanier, S. Jeffery. C Finney, J. Smith. H. Stoner, C. Keith. M. Coodnow E. Haselton. G. Kimball, H. Speare. C. Humphrey. B Hayes, J. Thorpe. ROH' THREE: C. Poole, C. Camp- DELTA COL'.N'ClL: A. Duckworth. NI. McDermott. E. Lynch. D. MacKay, President. Smith. S. Jeffery. C. Ritchie. D. H.1ll. n "'2 .. I., ..' r F , .ge f . , jg: 5' '. sites?- vii 'K ROW ONE: B. Balentine. P. Blaisdell. V. Penha. E. sey. Peck. J. Sobers. ROW FOUR: D. Blachley. R. Sehwzinke. C. Baehelet. N, Thomas. G, Gntshall. F, Williams. fl, Robhle. B. Roberts. C. Pillsbury. D. Hunter. RUI1' TIVO: C l,anpher. P. Kinsey, P. Phipps. Darrow. R, White. ID Gilroy. D. Ossman. B. Mahood. D. Bnvzsinan. S. Caswell. S Slxidrnwre, B Ziegler. J Rapalje. RUI1' FIVE Love. fi. Osborne. B. Heb- C Rouers. R. Sharpes. SI. Collins. S Rich, ROW r-ms. ll Shroyer. Tasker. L Brandes. D. johnson. C. Tl-IRILAILA: Lziniliert, S Slflilny. K, Mann. K. Speak- llirrell, IJ. Lanihert. YV. Crex'oiscer.it. XI. Xloghaddam. man. B llutchinson. Hylic-rtson. C Piunolet. Kin- SIGMA DELTA KAPP yv 'NE Yiee Presiclent assumes yaeant presidential position . . . 'SA Collegiate Atmos- pherefi the Rush Day theme . . . Combining the talents of new freshmen and upper classmen clriye, sus- tains Kappas loyalty and determination . . . Consist- ency in sports and activities . . . Society outing - an al- ways happy memory. 'F l c oo. VY we QQ on 1? " N' sf '---J S' ROW ONE: P. Reed, A. Mosher, M. Ralston. D. Cow herd, S. Hampton, E. Walker, J. Woods, A. Whiting. ROW TWO: M. Rouse. E. Liggett. Bowman. C lNade, A. Traut, D. Lloyd. S. Parker, P. Farley. N. Hire ROW THREE: G. Teal. M. Colesar. E. Hunter, H jordan, D. Vaughn, B. Popp, A. Shaw. M. Coleman KAPPA COZXYCIL: SEATED: -I. Payntcr, E. Hun- ter, E. Schwankv. E. Wnlker. D. johnson, C. Farrell. STA.N'DI.N'C: H. Williams, j. Tnskcr. J. Rosenberger. ROM' FOFR: C. Pere-tis. ,I Stork ,I Klumas. B. McKim. C. Gverholt. B. Mohnef-. D llorlh'-. R. Widman. W. Porter. ROM' Fll'I:'r S Pa-rr-.p B i'Q.1r,s? R. Carter. G. W.1y. R. Ritter. CL Liomrhs. R Ftrstfr N Hill, H. lYilli.1ms. K. Mm-Lcod. sl I . 5 " U '-14 Y . -. , - ' I --, e I , ' L I . in .- fm me ' 'l .4 libs Elf 40 .S .2 ROW ONE: M, Gordon: C. Wooster: Barner: E Mathney: L. Coulson: L. Monroe: R, Ortell: L. Ami strong: E. Collins: L. Rogers: S. Newhert, ROH' TWO. C, Reynolds: S. Goble: S. Riley: D. Painter: Ni. Som nierville: B. Hulbert: J. Hissom: C. Olsen: D. Gravenor A. Shannon: P. Newlen: NI. Ward: H. Nutter: ROM THREE: D. Fullerton. B. Trefry: R. Fetterman: XI X x Yeager: L. Williams: J. Weischedel: S. Ireton: V. Woods: M, Teal: G. Henck: C. Bianleyg G, Vfilliamsg S, Adams. ROW EOLR: B, Beerroftg D. VVest: Phillips: W. Clements: B. Mann: B. Longshore: B. ' Gardner: S. Surnmerson: B. Triplett: C. Watson: ROW FIVE: Barefoot: P. Huff: E. Raley: C. Diehl: D. Stahl. SIGMA DELTA SIG I .Li l l l .5 : ' O O I ..-...nb Dignity . . . Freshness . . The Red and Black . . . seventy-two freshmen attracted . . . Emphasis on the four points - spiritual, social, scho- lastic and sports .... A worthy theme . . . Society memories - skating parties, Chief Spring Guting. fun-times . . . We are proud to be the S-S-S-Sigmas. SIGMA COUNCIL: D. Stahl, L. Zollin- hofer, A. Johnston, C. Reynolds, B. Mann, President: J. Jones, K. Sullivan, N. Politi, emegan. I An --L. 1 ' -- s. ' I Y .. .2n,JE ! fir' 'V - - Z- Q' ROW ONE: P. Vale: L. Sanbom: M. Swain: B. Peter- son: M. Martin: I. Rogers: J. Lovejoy: W. Terrv: B. Gould- A Gillingham' D syndef Row TWO' ' ' s - I - .' Lenfestyg N. Fee: E. Myers: A. Bowman: D. Thompson: C. Boaz: P. Anthony: M. Dunsworth: Zeigler: B. Clingerman: A. Jones: M. Comrie: F. Sober. ROW THREE' L. Perkins: E. Bowers: J. Herman: N. Baird: I. Shoff: P. Reedy: P. Ferris: P. Johnson: J. Hitchens: L. Patch: B. Harding: N. MacLeod: M Tonereng C Cove: M. Hatcher. ROW FOUR: D. Blades: B Sxot lcr: T. Freysz: K. Kern: R. Wanserg B Schcidley. D Dilfenderferg L. ficrhgirt, B. Zollinhoflcrg D. Thatcher: E. O'Dell. ROH' FIVE: Jernegzinz R. Sharpesi Y Chandler: Ellingwoodi CI. Slathney: D .-Xctori. L Gregory. ,171 29" 3 I lffifli' UNF K Tavlor. NI Milne. N, Wakem. N Klinefelter. T Howard. D, Wavman. Boreal. R. Y, .V .f-.-,. '14 . .. . -. , . lx 5.1 .Lx Ii ET-.:.. li Q.ff.'s.zI'. X firmly! 'I xsll I ll' 'i"'fvr' .Nr "YH ' it rrlfcrtqr-r. S Rif-der. D Traufier. RON' FOl'R: f1...f.., r H' I. 711 X S ...... .rr S Il..:..r.,f r. XI. ll Poole. 1. Pt-tc-rson. fl. Sherry. R. Allshouse. Smith. -mer. D V1-ils. B Helfrich. K. YN'hitehead. T. Pnl". l- Rei"-f' KI lirlfrii-, K. Pirtrlaxi, NI Rircif-r B IJ Dt .Xnf-rt. Ii Hfwk, S l".Q'-r B S+f::1::.f-r HHI1' Till-IKEA Holwsorrj Huggins. P. Pierre .X .Xr.1'.'fi I ll"a:'c.f l. Kimzus T l'i1tfi?1.fQ Sxsmri. l. SIGMA DELTA ZETA lit gn '. N'-F 1 I V MQ' :SKK Their "Key to Opportunityu found favor for first-place on Rush Day .... -X growing So- ciety . . . Outings. Dugout dis- play - social successes . . . An unfailing spirit . . . Year round fervor in sports, activities and spiritual eoneem . . . Friendli- ness . . . Opportunity . . . Ac- tive members . . . On the up- ward road. ..'sQ3 ROW O.VE: L. Duryea. N. Willberham. B. Hodge. V Schlough, R. Gilbert. G. C-antert, C. Dearbome. M Kil ponen. 1. Ouis. ROW TWO: J. Milsread. j. Taylor Edith Sapp. Deloris xfCL63..'1. NI. Johnson. A. Wood ward. B. Hayes. C. Hobson. L. Worth, A. Lornba. RON THREE: J Stark. C. Bowden, F. Woodworth YN' ZET.-l C0l'.N'ffIL' RUN' ONE 5 Lkxrd- ner. L. Klunms. Prflrdentf Huggins. ROW THU C Hobson. S Fuller, B. Albert, T. Bones. A CAPPELLA Gospel kfessengers of Eastern Nazarene College . . . Excellence in program and voice . . . Delightful and entertaining in arrangements of negro spirituals and in- spirational hymns . . . lwlonthly concerts presented in neighboring communities . . . Two week tour in the Spring visiting the Eastern Zone churches highlights activity for the yeai '... Members of choir comment 'Gwonderful privilege of singing for ENC. and God." ff' Greg Larkin, Director , l l 4 ROW ONE: M. Hatcher, C. Boshart. H. Speare, Byers, P. Kinsey ROW TWO: L. Worth, G. Kim- ball. S. Dunn, E. Haselton, C. Manley ROW THREE: L. Redeye. J. Heberle, J. Smith, E. Sapp, L. Bowers, J. Peck, P. Lockwood ROW FOUR: B. Rigden. S. Allen, E. Collins, L. Casler, E. O'Dell ROW FIVE: I. Choe, K. Kern, A. McKenzie, Onion. R. Allshouse ROW SIX: D. Byers, F. Wicks, B. XVilhoyte. B. Krutenat, C. Kindt ROW SEVEN: B. Porter, J. Steifel, B. Porter. '-4 .. . M. , If .L A is J ROW ONE: R. Orlell, C. Albright. Moore, G. Gutshnll. E, Lynch, P YN'ard. R, Xkhrd. K YVhitchcad. Dr. Cameron. Coach Dr. Alum, C.o.u h I H1 DEBATE tvx,.. .Nllx . . W K X XKINIIX . . xx ,.,-1 .md Ninn , , . Nmxu xqmxmlx vu. 1 lf Buxton lmmmu .Xwxxntxurm . .. Top qlmlilx iIlNllllI1'HIN.lHkl iHf1'!'l'NY PRE- EDICAL ASSOCIATIO Tomorrowis need - sup- plied by today's determina- tion . . . Active four years . . . Ever consistent striving to bring an agenda of im- portance . . . Speakers - "The Vanishing Country Doctor" or "Todays Spe- cialty Surgeon" - each to his calling - pediatricians, haematologists, lab techni- cians and nurses find the Pre-Med Association con- cerned for the best prepara- tion possible for the student in his chosen field. W ' ,twflffif .. ,. , . Q .D , J C. Poole. Prefident. ROW ONE: D Blafhley. A. jones. Xl fioodnow. P. XN'eh ster. B. Mann. ROW TIVO: N. MacLeod, L. Worth. W. Terry. C. Farrell. J. Kinsey IJ. Sifferd. ROH' THREE: J. jernegan. H Lochhead, M. Yeager. M. Price, R. Wid- man. G. Cochran, E. Liggett. L. Zollinhofer ROW FOl'R: D. Clifton, S. Fuller. K. Sa bins. S. Rcighard. G. Coombs, S. Summer- son. R. Allshouse. Dr, Taylor. Adviser. ROH' UNE: C. Farrell, Kinsey, T. Boares. B. llgirris. R. VVidman. RON' TIVO: D. Mann. Y. Woods. B. Reeves. B. Mann. R. Allshouse. C. Baldeck. ROW THRI:'E.' D. Blachley. i j. jernegan. ll. Lochhead. E. Liggett. Sf Price. S. Fuller. D. Clifton. ROH' FOl'R. E. Myers. E. Nlathney. Y. Slaka. Todd J. Free. S. Reighard. S. Summerson, D. Sif- fercl. P. Cunszilus. l CHEMISTRY CLU Recent afiiliate to Amer- ican Chemical Society . . . Instilling further interest and creating stronger sci- entific emphasis . . . Direct- ing group projects of chemi- cal importance . . . Plan- ning enjoyable and enlight- ening tours plus the per- sonal touch of dedicated speakers highlight the Chemistry Association's ex- panding role on campus. STUDE ATIO AL ED 0 W :HjIi1"i1f1i.H'i'- I I tc-aching profes- I .Illia ' I sion fincl varii-cl l I activities in thi- N.l...X. . .. l'..N.C.. s organi- fz1tio1lln'I14'flIs from its National parent in bring- ing current education "' policies and prolilvms into their own spheri- ...Special speaker - Dr. ROW ONE: M. Gordon, G. Olsen, S. Caswell, E. Collins, E. Seliwanke, V. Woods, R. Sapp, Louitta XICI-Iugh J. Keeler, G. Mann, R. Parsons, H. Hook, J. Smith, B. Hayes, S. Adams, G. Gutshzill, P. f,2l.llIlCy l'ilt'lT1t'Il- Phipps, S. McCloy, S. Gardner. ROW TWO: R. Ward, M. Milne, J. Herman, P. Ni-wlen. Huw. Rmldinq B. Clingerman, B. Hulbert, A. Bowman, L. Rogers, P. Vale, S. Ireton, F. Hunter, E. Walker, , ' ' G. Kimball, M. McDermott, J. Martin, N. Wakem, M. Dunsworth, A. Byers, G. Bztlwit, N. Consultant' McLe0d, N. Fee, C. Keith, L. Armstrong. ROW' THREE: B. Veeehonie, Klumas, R. Wid- man, C. Hall, R. Mastrobuono, P. Lutes, K. Whitehead, J. Lunden, W. Cornelius. R. White, K. Speakman, M. Ziegler, M. Coleman, A. Shaw, B. Sommer. C. Gantert, M. Teal, S. llam- mer, C. Hobson, B. Harding, J. Peck, M. Sommerville, S. Skidmore, M. Billet, C. White, B. Popp, J. Rapalje, B. Wilhoyte. ROM' UNH: A. Duckworth. I.. Klunizis. C. Ritchie, li Ziegler HHH' THX? I-' Farrar, B. Cornell, YV. Chandler, C. Farrell, E. Haselton, C fioltl, Kinsey I. Singell, B. Bryan. A. Panearik, G. Swain, R. Norinan. IJ, Gilroy. Another new club formed ee--'-f , 1- " -"""" - to meet growing student needs . . . Interesting panel discussions, noted manage- ment and industrial person- nel as speakers . . . Tours through banks and industry . . . Current economic condi- tions analyzed . . . "The Bulls and Bears" represents the optimistic or pessimistic stock market spcculators. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ROM' ONE: H. Darling, Martin. B. Clingerrnan. NI. McDermott. C. Hobson. N. Richmond. L. Rogers. E. Walker. C. Olsen. B. Hulhert. N. McLeod. S. MCCIOV ROM' TIVO: D. Lambert. 1. Lamhert. S. Hammer. I.. Worth. J. Donnellv. Mill stead. B. Popp. G. Kimhall. L. Patch. XI filoodnow, R. White. ROW THREE: D. Gilroy. H. Lothhead. D. Sirlerd. B. Yr-rflionie. I.. Bowers. P. Phipps. C. White. R. Johnson. Peck. I3 Snyder, N. Wakem. W Hardin. Tasker. C, Swartz. C. Gold. HO OR SOCIETY The Psychol- ogy Club em- phasizes pro- grams of group, career, and individual dy- namics . . . The understanding of psychological concepts and terms in our complex modern society - presented, challenged, and interpreted. ROM' UNE: B. .-Xlhert. E. Lynch. D. Mann. A. Kauffman. B. Munro. J. Tasker. M. Price. P. Webster. ROM' TIVO: S. Summerson. C. Stevens, S. Holmes. N. MacLeod, J. Milstead, A. Fenwick. j. Hennan. E. Hunter. H. Fleagal. L. Brandes, B. Tracy, D. Lambert. Scholars all . . . The Honor Society values the universal ideals. Yia-Yita- ......, Veritas . . . Its continual aim of higher scholarship and enthusiastic studs' lcd , , .,.. this years Honor Society to LJ ' initiate and assist a new l 'I' student project. the Student Co-operative Study Pro- gram - elevating study habits and conditions. Snow covered, wind-whipped Mt. Washington, conquered during the Thanks- giving Holidays . . . Mt. Sunapee and a change from the bleak, cold rocks to an afternoon of sunny skiing . . . Beginners and experts alike breath- lessly angle and skim the slicked mountain slopes . . . The Mountaineering Club - chal- lenge and adven- ILITC. ROW ONE: P. Anthony J Penha, M. Goodnow. . . , . . 1 -' K., 1, .5- ' 4 MOU TAI EERING CLUB ROW ONE: A. Johnston. Lambert, S. MC- Cloy. F. Hunter. N. Thomas. Kinsey. G. Bal- wit. C. Ercolani. P. Reed. E. Colesnr. ROH' TWO: M. Gordon. P. Phipps. B. Hayes. S. Gard- ner. D. Hagar, A. Byers. M. Sominerville. M. Mar- tin. C. Lanpher. C. Pignolet. ROW THREE: B. Kinsey. A. Johnston. RON' TWO: l. Shofl. M. Swain. Y. XN'ilhoyte. Rapgilje. C. Hull. C, Perf-tis. J Smith. P. Lutes. B. Sittig. D. XN'ells. 'li Love. R YN'idinan. R. YYhite. D. Conuqilton. .X Xlm'Kvn- zie. H. Babcock, D. Wyroff. R Ward. Klnnus J. Stark. D. Stahl. HOUSE COUNCIL Ofhcial student govern- ing Council for the girls' clormitorics . . . Re-vx'.ili1.it- . . i ing outinoilvtl social rules . . . lfmphgisifinq tloi'initorx' IAl'Q'lllLlIiOllS . . . Nlvctinq with the .-Xtliiiiiiistixition lm' enfoi'ct'ini'iit policies . . . The Home Cinuiivil pei'- fornis these functions to benefit .ill gills cloi'tnitui'im's . . . 'l'ht'ii' highlight for .1 job xwll mlont' .in .XII- Ciirl Spring B.tnquvt. FOREIGN STUDE TS ROW ONE: P. VVard. G. Teal. G. Olsen. C Kf-ith. Y. Stanford. D Cowhf-rd. C. Gantvrt. H. Spf-are. T. Miller. H Nigiflmod. H. Mr-llish RUN' TWU. X' Wordvn. D lN'cllS. G Bodvn. R. .-Xllshousr: B. Nfann, l, Hvrnpliill, hlouhaclflarn RUM' THRl:'l'.' YN' Stanford. T. Bontvs. R. MacPherson. H. Lochhc-nd. B. Pynn. F YN'icks. B. Koh. LITERATURE D SPEECH CLUB Klnntlily nivvtinqi pziclwcl with litvrairy' :incl Cntfrrtaininq values fg Poctrw' rcaflinqs and Critical cwiziii . . . Firit yvzir to produce a I,itc'rary journal f A Colle-c'tinri of the best in suiclm-nt cir'cg1tix'm- writing .... -X n annual Spa-1-cli Fr-Qiixal in Ilia- Spring Sn Pflllkllffil inclivirlirnl rvziclinqi in cmnpvli- lion for liormrs. ROM' ONE: B Allwrl. E Lvnrh, Mrs. E. Akers. Dran Emeritus Munro. C. Keith, G Balwir RUM' 7'H'f'?- H Bihcm-k. F. Humor. M. Dunsworth. B. Finch, Prof. Young Advisor, F. Jarvis, A. Johnston, A. Shannon. D. MacDonnell, B. Popp, V. Hall. Q! l BIOLOGY CLUB Typical field-trips and individual study projects . . . Promoting a new variation in Great Books in Science' as a special year report . . . Several Saturday excursions - for collection in paleontology ffossilsl, marine Zoology and ecological studies reaching from Provincetown - Cape Cod to the Berkshire, White Green and Adiron- dack Mountains. SEATED: C. Lanpher, J. Huddleston, H. Speare Crennon A Shannon XI Dunsworth, A. Whiting, S. Hampton. 2 I' AI TE NCE , ITORIAL CREW ROW ONE: J. Moore, E. Weslow, T. Milne L. Gerhart ROW TIVO: R, YN'illiams. C. Diehl L. Hemphill. B. Clemens. B. Trnry ROW 1 THREE: H. Williams. R. McCurdy, J. Klumas J. Lunden. F. Wicks. B. Porter. DINING H LL ROW ONE: H. MacLeod, R. Johnson, T. Miller. J. Hybertson, N. Hite. M. Johnson, N Smith. S. Jeffery, E. Lynch. C. Dearbom, J Bamer ROH' TWO: E. Walker. K. Sabins, S Fuller. H. Hook. B. Pinn, S. Hill, D. Brewer E. Colcsar. D. Diffenderfer. B. Sommer, M Ralston. Student-Faculty Wives Valentine Party. N O - . Dr. and Mrs. Mann enjoy the cruise along with Rev. R. T. Williams, Mrs, l."Y 'Dr' Williamson and Mrs. Stetson. ,Live HOCKEY TE E.N.C. Crusaders Hockey Team . . . twelve Ca- nadians - one American . . . second successful year . , . enthusiasm not dulled by early morning practices . . . games with Boston L'niversity, Merri- mac College, North Eastern L'niversity, Gordon College, lYollast0n Nierchants, North Quincy High School . . . outstanding record. I E 1 si' - .- 21: . ST DE .k-I 1 I I Q y gp sr, . Mr. and Mrs. jim jones purchase their trk s f SS, Valentine from Mrs Taylor FACULTY WIVES RON' 0.N'E.' F liicks. D Fri-nth. XV S'.lr.lord C C F' l TFVO: R, Brushett, D Wells, B Pynn. C Boden. F Woods-c-rrh Y Cliff. E Mann. Coach. I . - "' A N l li l 'i I I 43 Q. l l ,L WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB ROI1' ONE: If. hlvvrs. VYm'isclic'cl:'l. Nl. Whiincl. ll. lN'00sl1'r. H phru-y. lN'ilIlu- RUN' Tllffffff' S. Snnipsun. P. Reed. B. Trefry. Gmilcl YS. Rilcv. Cl, Iianivr, li. l.4irlxin. IJUI1' 'I'll'U. C l,vn- ll llriulmiii, I. llurv-.i, ll Nlziclmml. S P.irlu'r. P. lNard fcsty. A. Clillinqlizuii. C. Dr-arhuiii, ll.irne-ig R. c,l'll'll. C. lluni- N ,S GLEE CLUB f N' ix 2 ROH' ONE: R. jones, T. Frcysz. R. DifTvml0rfvr, YY. Crcvoiscrat. Onion, Klumas, R. Hfard. ROW THREE: R. Allshousc, G. Larkin, H. XN'eikel. E. O'Dell, R. Ilcnvk. C Diehl RON' M. Balwit. I.. Pct:-rson. P. Cunningham, R. lN'idman, D. Trauf- Tl1'Og C. Alhrigflit. G B.iuniu.irtner, Phillips. S. Perry, fcr.IJ. Kilpatrirk. "Cheekmate" . . . another game is over . . . A single, thought provoking game, and interest draws the highest club mem- bership ever . . . Tournaments set up each semester stimu- lates competition . . Keen interest, in- tense matehes pro- vide hours of enter- tainment for every member. CHESS CLUB lr YY, Crevoiserat. C. Bowden. R. Gardner. R. Widmari. T Fiala. -I Stark Rudy Widman, Joanne Hitchens. Donald Acton, Dick I,.miht-rt. 6' ing." "Now horizons liix ., opened" . . . 'l'xpit'.il to ments ot riiviiilwis ot the itceiitly' oi'Q.iiiifvtl .Xrt C li IiiCi'e.isiiiq stut - trips. .mtl iiitvrvstiiig mit ings . . . Special .ifhi ments Cmnt' ulivn paints spixxiil UX't'I'C.lIlX.1Q ilvlitxm lx ' n Clixitivitx. Stimulating." "Chilli iii 'st 'wg " 4's.tt nxicllx. to loini .ili. li XYENTWORTH BY THE SEA. NEW HAMPSHIRE -1 in S-A I 1 QS 41111115 df lxfXTlI',l7 .mn . N LUX lu. MAX Blu .Xl3l.l'. IU L UNI- x.j llxl.lll,NlH XXIII! .Xl,l. NXIXIN. XNHAI I5 llllz lSIllz.XlJlll. ANN!! l.l'.Nl.lH. .-XXII lilzl' IH IllilCJllAl'g" XXI! F wi- ,- ' 'Q , I , fl , . ' A l - , cl I . , ,I lg. ,Q F pg- 'cw 1 rl fi fw ..-.,,f'3f Q u lx' N f, J . 1 H H? .1 xx! 1 ffxlw' r . I jfisxglg I '1 H4 M -f Q. ' il lillf l ' ,ff v. Q' ROW ONE: L. Singell. W. Stanford, E. Hunter, S. jeflery, T. Johnston, E. Lynch. j. Zeigler. G. Savage, S. Fuller, C. Pillsbury Boates, Prof. Naylor, Adviser, B. Roberts ROW Tl'1'0: A. Pancarik, D. Mann. WV. Jones. B. Mann. R. Norman. B. Reeves. Jones, C, Hildrc-th. R. Sharpes, D. MacKay. A. - - Q' ?lf4 M A 'Q r- - -' Q 1 - -p.. .. .,,-..-,L..W,M - ..-T4 1 .4 .. .- - - -A A A- .ze .. .1 --4 -- -. . U1 -5- . N. C. CLUB E.N.C.'s honorary athletic organization . . . Membership earned through Christian Character, athletic ability. scholastic standing and leadership . . . Throughout the year their purpose - Provide financial support for the athletic program by selling refresh- ments and programs during Crusader home games . . . Sponsor of all intersociety athletic programs. I 4 V . -' 'U -l' i".Qv'H '. M . '- " iv' .ll I .. E lv is ? ,,,A l-lfwk. ns :v 1-L. l 'l -Q Q." I Dick Blades Glenn Boden Paul Lutes Dick Mann Larry Casler Denny lic-rrlvr 1 'M . -W.. sr-A - "U"-Q 'Q Bob Mann Ron Norman Andy Pancarik Charlie Pillsbury , ,, re, . , , , -IQ ir, ivy! . ., - The 1959 version of the All Star Football 'Ile-mn is comprised of four Zetas, three Siqumi. 'l'hrvv Kappas. and two Dcltns. The All Suns gm- chown from the society teams hy' the Qociz-my C0-0l'Lllll.'il0l'9 with the aicl of Dean llrncllcy. Branson Roberts Bill Wilhm u I6 ROW ONE D. Byers, B. jones. K. Sipes, Lundcn ROW TWO C. Ritchie. D. Clifton, D. Freneh. SOCIETY Sigma Delta Delta The Deltas for the second straight year Captured the society football crown. They fielded a team tough in spirit and clever in offense. Retuming veterans provided a solid backbone and new fresh- men added the final talent for a season record of four wins and two loses. 1 N 7'5- X X. :vb ROW ONE - R. Norman. D. Congalton. H. Shroycr. D. johnson. C, Piffsipiirv RUM' TWO - W. Crevoiserat. B. Roberts, J. Rapalje. ff LL if lm Sigma Delta Kappa A costly tie held back the Kappas in their bid for the championship. After a slow start they climbed quickly' to second place, but could not take first. Their final record was three wins. two losses and one tie. Zeta end. Larry Casler. catches touchdown pn s for sci ' .-:. Signus. Wftlli ,x if f -:fs -.wff 8 I i' - 'J-mf , H Q , - ,NFQ li' 'V' ' '- .""' ROW ONE 4 C. Dir-hl, B. Wilhoytc, jc-megan, J. Moore, j. Barefoot ROW TWO - L. Cerhart. B. Clemens. D. Blades, B, Mann. SIGMA DELT SIGMA The Sigma squad for many years captured First or second place in the hrst division. This year they slipped to third place. They fought hard and tough, but finally settled for a season record of two wins, three losses and one tie. The Green and Gold were victim of three one- touchdown losses. These losses put them in last place. However, they showed they were not the team to be beaten easily. At the close of the foot- ball race the Zetas posted a two win, four loss record. SIGMA DELTA l ZET ZA ROW ONE - T. Klinefelter, L. Klumas. D. Deeter. A. Arujo. L. Casler. K, Whitehead ROM' TWO - T. Milne, P. Lutes, T. Howard, L. Peterson, S. Reider. v ,Y Me v ,,. Af' X. be mai, -1 ! --IC .... 'T ' N ld Co-faptaxn Duck fwiann Jlm Hugglns KU' L Co-Captain Branson Roberts N Don MacKay . . C. CRUSADERS im Barefoot Ron Norman E.N.C. E.N.C E.N.C E.N.C Charlie Pillsbury hlid-Season Record 115 ENC. 79 ' 74 ' ' 76 -M -is ,,, 4 1 05 Q as--1 J- 'mx if f?1""' If . I1 Msxfff E it Q' A -7 N141-g - vi.. fn! A 4 'Nfl I if 72 I! ,ij - ,aff-x, I Q. I A f QW' ' S m.,1': A ' We Ai 1 f I I i f - ., .P K ' f 'I y . , Q A ' 0 as! n V Q ,I A QQ 'Sf ' f g U 1' f Y if 2 ' -'M 3' L' .f" -wink ffl h 5 I " ' H N f 4 x X A W ww if :L I. i 5, LJA. " M - - :fr ' ' xi BV on court to start warm ups Sm .f 'N f I 110' ,4 . :K 'Nr lfimfff g , , ' 'X -,N ,. X ,i , l' u l .V Nix' 1 2 xv . ln Crusader Cheerleaders Hissom, S. Gardner. C. Reynolds, NI. Mc Dcrmou. N. 'I'hOIIlAS R. Ward, B. Zollinhofer Cmsader Nhnaqer, Bob Shun Time Out! Y ' T QEL7- gk i 21 X lr 7 'Z Q uc 'Ui ,A 1 25 'Q r J Z2 H J i fl! . x l n -N is 1. xx Q' X -- -X' ' . 9' y xx X: N x. Q 62 ggari D Hcfifr rs Ia'-'2...T.SI diff'r.CQgr.g Kappas D john- S' s T S X x L. su XxQ , SIGM DELTA KAPPA F. 05 like Q Q,66Nc"' Q-A Q AK ' v- v-f- rf, fv- sc.. au, R B.-w,.. Left to right: G Guzshall. F Hunter. K. Speakman, J. Lambert, ,A Y S McCoy. E Hunter,N Thomas. f . '.,.v-0 X I L . ir- f fb., , 1 ' if 1: iaf ,yr I Whited. K. Savage, S. Jeffery, Smith. SIGMA DELTA DELTA ROW ONE: N. Wells, -I. Todd, P. Dutton, T. Miller, B. Minot ROW TWO: P. Stutler. V. GIRLS' 'l'li4- 1959-60 volleyball season featured high society spirit among the players and sp:-ctatore as individual brilliance and team co-operation liiglilightc-d some stiff Cotripvtition, Although there was a remarkably even tlistrihtitiori of talent the lleltas managed tri dt-feat last yt-ar's champion Kappas and Kappa. Faith Hunter tries for a tip over during a game with the Dvltas. ""f SIGMA DELTA KAPPA ROW ONE: A. Traut, M Bryner, Ia, Walker, P. Reed. F. Hunter ROW TWO.' E. Hunter, R. Hutchinson, K. Speakman, Lambert, S. McCloy, C. Pignolet. SIG DELT SIGMA VOLLEYBALL the Sigma winners of two years ago leav- ing the Black and Red in second place and the Blue and White in third place, The Zeta team placed fourth as they failed to make the grade and dropped to the cellar from their second place tie with the Deltas last season. fin ROW ONE: Hissom. A. jones, C. Wooster, j, Barner, E. Zollmhofer. I. Rez-rx RON TWO: C. Boaz. N, Fee. N. Baird. S. Adams. N, MacLeod. G. Olsen. -I Ziegler if Q '1 L. Rogers makes a successful retum for Sigzmas as Zeta team wait expectantly. ROW ONE: B. Hayes, L. Duryea, E. Sapp. S. Gardner ROW TWO: C. Hobson. M. Price. S. Fuller, D. Sommer, L. Rcdeye. to -1 SIGMA DELTA ZETA - 1 1 . i V' ROH' ONE: B. Mmott. J. Smith. S. Jeffery. ROW TWO: Todd. E. Lymrh. K. Savage. M. McDermott. F. Hunter scores for Kappa against Sigma Baird. ' 180 rr, GIRLS' ROH' ONE: A. Traut. E. Walker. G. Gutshall. P. Reed ROW 'I'M'O,- M, Coleman. B. Hutchinson. E. Hunter, F. Hunter, P. Phipps. The elimination of the varsity team from the girls athletic program this year focused more attention on the intramural games. Sigma captured the lead and held their own throughout the season. i ! BASKETB LL ROW ONE: L. Redeye, E. Colesar, S. Gardner. S. Fuller, ROW , TWO: D. Sommer. B. Bryan, M. Price, ROW THREE: B. Hayes. B. Sommer. Both Kappa and Zeta threatened, but could not overtake powerful Sigwna. Al- though statistics do not speak too well for Delta, they were unmatched in team- work and improved Continuously. KOH' ONE: NI. Yeager. D Thornpsun. RUM' TWU ll Nntrfrr N. Baird, S. Adams, Sigma S .-Xd.uns rexeals her defense x ll ts aqzunst Kappa P. Phipps -I. . 1.1. PW' 'S-r i. ff K' f D -Q v--C"""" ' ADVERTISING Director of Admissions EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE - WOLLASTON PARK, QUINCY 70, MASS 8 THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE A UNITED ALUMNI MAKES E. N. C. STRONG 3 6: W" .sv Q, if ARION TURKINGTON '48 ANDREW RANKIN '34 Vice President Treasurer DIRECTORS: F GRANT CROSS 45 Dovid Bloney '56, Zoven Dohonion '5I, John Colemon '38, Joseph Songer '48, Philip Trocy '36, Poul Kirklond '47 ASSOCIATE DI RECTORS: Florence Hedmon "28-'35, Stephen Lind '40-'42, John Worren '30 P.C.l. REPRESENTATIVE: Clyde Sumner REPRESENTATIVES ON THE COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Weslev G. Angell '28, Wesley Blochley '50 ALUMNI HOMECOMING don Young .lock Smith D h LNG' Sl Corroll Bradley, Dr. ond Mrs. E. S. Monn 184 Bill Webb, Mann, feve Neo 7 I TUXEDOS For Scale or Hire SPECIAL RATES TO EASTERN NAZARENE STUDENTS QW-A T551 I. xi , 1 I qi 'H I ' THE RIGHT FIT ' THE RIGHT LOOK ' THE RIGHT PRICE ' THE RIGHT SERVICE I7 QUINCY AVE., QUINCY, MASS. GR 2-6510 IOpposife Fire Heodquorter 'NG LCUIS PASQUALUCCI 81 SCN INC. GENERAL CONTRACTCRS oumcv MASSACHUSE1TS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T960 OFFICIAL NAUTILUS PHOTOGRAPHER South Shore's Foremost Photographers 37 Cottage Avenue QUINCY 69, MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Congratulations to the Class Of i 1960 Student Supplies Bus Tickets Film Servive Bibles BURGIN, PLATNER 8. CO., INC. Insurance I ff' 'X 3- ' Ql uinq A .i QSS5' E K A I C' lvl V' is ' we wb fi w Lg1y1CEU3.m1ml:Ewma Us UI ff-1 E Ill lll il C' ' "lil ills lil ni 4 Ig l EXRXQN lp l l if Se- l ' Y, R1 ll 1 fir' " QA - ' - U Q -Q 1 "The Doorway to Protection" QUINCY SQUARE GR 2-3000 Lowsu. 33 CHURCH 0F THE NAZARENE 51 FIRST STREET LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS Rev. Ernest R. Bradley, Pastor A spiritual Church with a vision. A musical Church with a song. A friendly Church with a welcome. Sunday School at 9:45 A.M. A Church with a message for this generation Devotional Service at 10:45 A.M. Evangelistic Service at 7:00 P.M. Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday night at 7:30 P.M. NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY L ' T. I . M d II T I ewis ' Cor ett Kansas CIW, MO. en e oy or President Dean 9 I li' Z C CAMERA CENTER EVERYTHING FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER INCLUDING HELPFUL ADVICE Photo Equipment Developing and Printing MOVIE Equipment Color Films 680 Hancock Street, Wollaston 70, Mass. SHEPPARD COAL Sm OIL CO. "aa YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE" TRADEMARKED FUELS HEATING EQUIPMENT ' "Blue Coal" ' General Electric ' New England Coke ' Winkler ' Cities Service Oils ' Delco I520 Hancock St. Tel. - PR 3-72CD Opp. Remicks 190 I WW YOUR FASHION CENTER ON THE SOUTH SHORE REMICK'S OF QUINCY THE WINFIELD HOUSE OFFERS YOU The Finest Foods Served Anywhere Steaks - Chicken - Chops Lobster Sandwiches Desserts 853 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. Rt. 3 Gr. 2-9452 PRESlDENT'S CITY MOTEL FINEST MOTEL ACCOMODATIONS IN GREATER BOSTON Rt. 3, Quincy, Mass. Ma 9-65613 THE DAIRY KREME THE NEW MODERN STORE "EASY PARKING" MacFARLAND'S Il Brook Street Wollaston, Mass. Call Gr. 2-0041 WHEN IN NEED OF Hardware Glass Kitchenware Wallpaper Garden Supplies Packard Paints "A HOME WHEN AWAY FROM HOME" GRANITE CITY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALERS I9 Quincy Ave. Quincy, Mass. Telephone GRanite 2-6500 I9 DEWARE BROTHERS South Shore's Most Beautiful HOMES FOR FUNERALS With Home-Like Atmosphere Services Conducted From Our MEMORIAL CHAPELS If Desired NON-SECTARIAN SERVICE ANY DISTANCE DONALD M. DEWARE ROBERT M. DEWARE Registered Embolmers ond Funeral Directors QUIVICY Hinghom 576 Horwcock St- 179 Lincoln St. GR 2-I 137 Rl.-92698 11 i'Vi. ' 2 -1, .-1 iff V ' 'I K ,- g4. J, .U - - 1 I, Ill 4 9. ' I ' I 8111315 lvl:-' Carolyn Finney fi?-SS: T Larry singeu Jonico Byers it .1 Slim Chris Farrell Dick Mann 1 N Q . l Bill Jones Elaine Lynch Roy Allshouse Mary Yeager JIU' JOHN X91 wlmssslusfx 1 Ann I Numa THROUGH me Pmureo PAGE .4 Y PUBLISHING HOUSE THE HARRIS COMPANY Portland, Moine SHIP CHANDLERS MARINE HARDWARE GENERAL HARDWARE AND HARRIS OIL COMPANY GENERAL ELECTRIC HEATING EQUIPMENT CITIES SERVICE FUEL OILS To furnish guidance to church building committees, do- nors, and architects we have recently prepared a filmstrip of 56 natural color photographs of stained glass windows portraying the life of Jesus Christ. These windows were created in our studios for churches of many denominations all over the country, and are representative of a wide price range. This filmstrip with an interpretative guide is available on a Ioan basis or it can be purchased outright for 56.00. Ask for No. 5000. The Life of Jesus Christ as Portrayed in Stained Glass. WHITTEMO RE ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED I6 Ashburton Place Boston 8, Mass. EVERYTHING FOR THE CHURCH STAINED GLASS MEMORIAL WINDOWS Made To Your Specihcations All Styles, Shapes, and Periods Any Sublect Matter Can Be Treated or Adopted CHURCH FURNITURE Our church furniture is distinctive and beautiful, in au- thentic period designs. Superb hand carving and expert craftsmanship make our communion tables, seats, pulplts and other ecclesiastical furnishings well suited for their high purpose. We can plan our arrangements to match your present furnishings. Send for our free catalogue an church furniture. P Y. s CA-7-2150 COMPLIMENTS O. TOLL HOUSE A FRIEND Whitman, Mass. Tel. - Whitman IOO IGS METHERALL 8. MCCAUSLAND 676 Hancock St. Wollaston - Mass. GRanite 7-5620-5621-5622 PLUMBING, HEATING 8- VENTILATING ELECTRIC 8- GAS WELDING KARL'S Auto REPAIR co., INC. Established T920 INSURANCE APPRAISING 23 Greenwood Ave. Wollaston, Mass. GRanite 2-8100 WOLLASTON MUSIC SHOP ERNEST C. HATCH PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN I9 Beale St, Wollaston Mass, GREETING CARDS for RECORDS PHONOGRAPHS ALL OCCASIONS RADIOS 25 Beale St. ll - . Terms If Desired Wo aston Mass x I I f Ai 1 x ' V5.7 coMPuMsNTs or vf LAINE'S JEWELRY STORE 667 Hancock St. Wollaston Mass. PR 3-7800 NAUTILUS BUSINESS STAFF FOR OINNERS OP SNACKS CHICKEN, SHRIMP OR FISH CALL CHICKEN DELIGHT ' FOR DELIVERY HOT AND TASTY I C CHICKEN DELIGHT :Nc L,-3 The most famous brands of food products are packaged or bottled on machines mode here in Quincy by Corner of Newport 8. Beale SI Wollaston 4-II p.m. Weekdays - Open Sunu 8. Holidays GR 9-8714 PNEUMATIC SCALE CORP., Ltd, COMPLIMENTS or QUINCY MOTOR CO. Qumcy' Moss' SOUTH SHORE'S OLDEST AND LARGEST Pano DEALER LEO DARR - Proprietor filirx 85 Quincy Ave. Quincy, Mass. PR 3-6500 HOME OF PERSONAL SERVICE Nafure's most nearly perfect food! WHITE BROS. "THAT MlLK" THE DUGOUT Extends Best Wishes To The Closs of T960 MRS. BABCOCK, Mgr. WHERE ALL THE STUDENTS GATHER HOUR PLANT SERVICE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS 624 Honcock St. Wollaston, Moss. PR 3-7400 TAILORING 8- FUR STORAGE PICKUP AND DELIVERY COMPLIMENTS OF DEPENDABLE CLEANSERS 8. LAUNDERERS ONE-HOUR CLEANING 8- SHIRT SERVICE Convenient Drive-Thru 27 Adams SI. Quincy Other Convenient Store 57 Beale St. Wollaston QUlNT'S GREENHOUSES II87 Hancock St. Quincy, Moss. FLOWERS WIRED ANYWHERE IIlIIIlCU'S FHSIIIIIII CEIIIEII WESTLAND'S SPORTING GOODS EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT Greater Boston's Most Complete Sporting Goods Store WESTLAND'S II Revere Road - Tel. PR 3-II33 At Hancock Parking Area I539 H MODERN FORMAL SHOP TUXEDOS CUTAWAYS FULL DRESS FOR HIRE oncock St Ov "2 THE WEYMOUTH PARLEE FASHION SHOPPE GAZETIEPRESS sxciusivs ofzsssss a. FORMALS PRINTERS OF CMM A Q E3 7 C' 5 SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNT A Maple St. Quincy, Mos I8 2? S'o' T' Eos' h'ev"':.f' 1il V BETSY LEE SHOPPE "WHERE CLASSMATES MEET" II Beale St. Wollaston GRonite 2-5032 "The Most Complete Bra and Girdle Line On the South Shore" CONGRATULATIONS TO TH E CLASS "1 96o" EDWARD I ZAPSKI 'XE QW P-CX' att DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BROILED FOODS CAR TABLE SERVICE COUNTER PR-3-9378 Junction Rte. 3 and 3A Gateway to the South Shore 461 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. HELEN and JOHN KALLIS Owner-Managers L. ANTONELLI IRON WORKS, INC. I77 Willard Street Quincy 69, Mass. Fabricators of Structural Steel, Metal Stairs Fire Escapes, Bridge Rails and Miscellaneous Iron Manufacturers of Long Span and Short Span Open Web Steel Joists WE ALSO STOCK STEEL ROOF DECK Telephone GRanite 9-9333 GRanite 9-3600 il i 'Ugiglgxl -A ,Q " A ,Y ', - '- -'J-ll, .---F", n r" "i"1?f-,'.Q' ' , " - ' u ,' 1 , a'.-' -'. -, A ' .1- ,-,,-r-frjtx,,sQ1-4.1!:'-3',:Ll- .:.yS-l,l,gy!!,g.,f-- iaffgaq 'A -:5.,:gjff"', , , x kg V , Y- X, .5 1' . ,,1-f,,4,u,,'1-1q,f,l.,...f.,-. , .311 ,qi , , 1 -V Q, ,,1-,..,l X . ,, , .Jil-Ill.-ll: N -lt .5 1. 't---fl . - -1 -.w -. N, - 4 . fl 1 4 4 ,ni . . , T , , .T . . T , X2 M wiv 1. .. K.-ul, ,km w,A1:'f.., W . .Hn . , , . -, l J V ,i I , Q, as ,II " 'is 3 If-'Fe Q" 'iff' wt- 'lf " 4.. H - T .4 ' "' ' , ', -f . ,. ., .. ,. qvk, , V A M ,, T' fa-, " lf 'nfl-'Q Y- rf, V 'fi . ' ' n '- . ' , T . T .. ' ' ' 1, ' " fl'-V. ,Mi-. 4- l"9,1v,:, .-.' ,Q-4 'ZITI Us . ', 4: , , V- -. '- S , ' - '. " -+174 "fP'lI"ll1!l'.'l' w W' ' all - - 2" l V V l ' ' 1 ' ' - H " 'ffl gm'.a:w1,.l9g'f' WY: .wwf-'.Q -V. ,kt ng,-.. - - C - 1' - . . . A ' 'H t:,.4.',, A-I in I --, - I -' vi 'L,.4, -1 . - I , . . Eklxlyi I I, -. 'ls ben pflfl, fgkyglvrq lull, " Y - Y , , Y W N 4 - : lm L ' 1 In Richard Stieffel if MQW' Sl S DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS 43, '- i Dorothy Hagar J. Hartley Poole Robert Faxon We Love 0ur Students and Praise God for a Holiness College to Prepare Them for Life and Service J. A. ALBRIGHT, Superintendent 6 WOLLASTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WOLLASTON, MASSACH U SETTS REV R T WILLIAMS KATHERINE BUCKLEY REV. THEODORE E. MARTIN The College Church 9 1 . - 9. .- -bw! Our Proposed College Church Building A HOUSE OF PRAYER AND WORSHIP FOR ALL, WHETHER RESIDENT OF THIS COMMUNITY, STUDENT, OR TRAVELER, WHICH OFFERS TO BE FOR THEM A CHURCH HOME CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CRUSADING FOR CHRIST IN THE 1 I "CITY OF VILLAGE CHARM" f 236 Main Street Manchester, Connecticut REV. C. E. WINSLOW, Pastor TIME IS LIFE'S GREATEST ESTATE - SHARE IT WITH GOD - THE ONLY LASTING INVESTMENT" sourH PoRrLANo Church of the Nazarene I76 Sawyer Street So. Portland, Maine "A Spiritual Lighthouse on Casco Bay" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 REV. ANTHONY B. SAMPSON, Pastor SEE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE STANDS WITH E. N. C. IN PROCLAIMING THE TRUTH THAT MAKES MEN FREE MALDEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE In Historic Judson Square DONALD H. STRONG, Minister HAROLD W. DARLING, Minister of Music Class of I938 Class of 1950 TO THE CLASS OF '60 .... CONGRATULATIONS! I I I ' 2 f, X J ,, 1, 240 Main Street Binghamton, New York REV. FLOYD O. FLEMMING, Ministe ST ROCKAWAY ISLAND, New Yom: THE NAZARENE INDIAN HEAD NAZARENE CHURCH FIRST CHURCH OF Indian Head, Maryland THE NAZARENE New Bedford, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS NATHAN A. ADAMS Minister CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF T960 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Liberty at High Street Painesville, Ohio FIRST CHURCH REV. CLYDE B. WOOD, Pastor NAZARENE A WARM WELCOME ALWAYS AWAITS New philadelphia' Ohio YOU AT THIS FRIENDLY CHURCH Fair Ave. 8. 2nd Drive REV CHAS G FINNEY CONGRATULATIONS TO pogo, THE CLASS OF T960 THE WASHINGTON ERNEST E. GROSSE Disfricf Superintendent SALUTES THE CLASS OF 1960 ld W M y Wh'ppl Congratula Class of T960 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE "IN BEAUTIFUL EDMONDSON VILLA BALTIMORE, MARYLAN JAMES R. BELL, church Pastor N. E. HIGHTOWER, Mini I f Ed t tions to the ii GE" D FIRST CHURCH Ileft OF THE NAZARENE 16th 81 Webster - Washington, D. C WHEN IN THE NATION'S CAPITAL - WORSHIP AT THE NATIONAL CITY CHURCH WILSON R. LANPHER, Pastor TWIN BOROUGH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fifth and Washington Streets Royersford, Pennsylvania ... Y.- - ,..-.- 1 ' 'V T' , . . 1 V .5 .4 - 4- s., :- V .fI"'2 -'g'- 1- 'P - "" 1'-' , 5 ' 4 in MJ.,-:f . gf i ' . , . : 1 -920' -r T If L R. E. ZOLLINHOFER, Minister R. E. DIFFENDERFER, Minister of Music OUR STUDENTS Larry Gerhart Mariano Urner Robert Zollinhoffer Suzona L. Urner Elizabeth Zollinhoffer "We Are Witnesses . . . We Ought To Obey God " IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THI: NAZARENE Derstine and Richardson Avenues Lansdale, Pennsylvania L. G. GORDON, Minister Believing - Praying - Giving To LQ '12 ,x ,f,45g. b CONG RATU LATIONS TO t '- AfIQQ:eg5,f,s X TH E CLASS OF '60 .Am-:"f-3, it ,A ,, .i,.. . i.-, .5 .lifififfi-'i A-"jiM?'5 -- ,::.-'icjz g3'fif.'2Y51' .-"iw, ' - 1 -Rl"'ffZgg'-'ff.H1u'?5''Nlxl X , K?-ff -""Wi'i'2? ui. : 3 Y-2-'iftilf 'Et Jlthfiwrfv iv' Q iaiglig gft f.t:i-51:0 54 ,gl fi h W Sr. 5 'ijzin 3. Tiff? -LQ - w 311 gi. :-iTQ.s38",Y.f21 gf gig L15-5.5 N.C CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 60 OXFORD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Penn Avenue and Locust Street Oxford, Pennsylvania REV. PAUL COOK, Pastor '. -2 . ' v 4 , 4. ' V lv REV. HAROLD A. PARRY, Postor Washington Avenue ond Chestnut St. Ephroto, Pennsylvonio or THE NAZARENE ., 2 'TNQ -3. 'V 5' F ' mx ' ' 4 , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 THE CHURCH WITH A 0 Reverence for the Post ' Progrom for the Present 0 Vision for the Future B , . COLLINGDALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MocDode Boulevord Collingdole, Pennsylvonio REV. F. D. KETNER, Postor Congrotulotions Closs of 1960 THE PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA 0 A Growing District 0 Loyal to the Denomination I ' Rich in Fellowship I ' A Vision for the Future I IOOW, SUPPORTERS OF EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE WILLIAM C. ALLSHOUSE District Superintendent I 'I .I I I I I I .I Il II, :I I G. Thomas Spiker A. C. McKenzie , Secretary of the Advisory Board Chairman of Church Schools I Chester M. Williams Lloyd G. Gordon District Secretary District Treasurer II Mrs. Christine Henck Dale M. Hilkert N. F. M. S. President N. Y. P. S. President I Boyd M. Long F. D. Ketner, Sr. In Comp Manager Editor - Philodelphion II II III CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1960 I I I I I I , I I I I I I 210 III--. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SINCERE GREETINGS TO THE CLASS Kiel Avenue Butler, N. J. OF l96o JAMES L. COLLOM, Pastor CHURCH OF THE CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1960 We Believe in and Support Eastern Nazarene College We Salute: Ronald Norman THE MARITIME DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE "MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF CANADA'S ATLANTIC PROVINCES" 363 Main Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada J. H. MGCGREGOR, Pastor I7 Peard Road Toronto 16, Ontario , .., 1, 4 - lore-rc.. ,T . 1, 1... 'A , V 4 ..f,-wif' , -,,:x'f,.f .'. , 5' I "f rf-.',--f Ltv: ' ,-A li? 1-,-.2-.Lf T. 5 - 'P I .. ,- h. ... , A ., I . 4 'fgfyillq' yup-,,,' " v' - by I v 5. . rffl' ,'.-93TJAjj.Y5'1-I.. 'fl 1 J-l :. 'VA 3, I I - wfafte-f m wf'gf""e" 'F ut, ,I 1 'Q' .f ' 3.' flfil' tj ,.jn1l,", --,UM-,A -,2 1"Z'flLXf.4'., D I., V NAZARE NE REV. BRUCE T. TAYLOR Superintendent CANADA CENTRAL DISTRICT , INCLUDING THE PROVIN Approximately One Mill Two-Thirds of f A GREAT HOME .fi NTARIO AND QUEBEC - I I Miles of Territory, and T Ion of Canada. Si r A I I RY CHALLENGE xQ . ' ... gt I 'I " JD J " I 1. J 5 " . I- 'qw' 4 3 Pl' 16' . 0 4- ,-1 - I T V' QITLK I A X I '1 . ,I A Y J DIST. OFFICERS N. Y. P. S. Pres. ' Mr. Jack Dobbin N. F. M. S. Pres. ff ', Mrs. Florence Woods Church School Chairman Rev. David Morrison SCH I -R ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Fletcher Tink Mr. Kenneth Olsen Mr. Clarence Whitmore 11, I . - . I . -IP, . 1 ERS I ' r I' 5. M ' i:v'L""'. H. BLAIR WARD, Dist. Supl. 7- ' . 42 Ellen Dale Drive, Scarborough, Ont Dr. Arnold Airharf, Sec. NEW YORK DISTRICT DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNER 44" .aff Lambert Brcndes REV. ROBERT I. GOSLAW - District Supf. DISTRICT OFFICERS ADVISORY BOARD Sec. Rev. Joy W. Patton Rev. Clarence Arnold Treos. Rev. Edwin A. Potmore Rev. Joy W. Patton N. Y. P. S. Pres. Rev. Herbert Rogers Mr. .IOI1r1 Carlson N. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. Moriorie Goslaw Mr. Stephen Lind Dist. Choir. Church School Boord Rev. Jomes L. Collom CONGRATULATIONS "CLASS OF 1960" SYRACUSE NEW YORK FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 "Presenting Christ for Every Crisis" I ' m....ii... Postor, VERYL W. JENKINS .9 'e-, ts A . Church Address i Fa 2929 Midlond Ave. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE IO8-O3 95th Avenue Richmond Hill, New York CLARENCE L. ARNOLD, Minister WE CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1960 AND PLEDGE CONTINUED SUPPORT TO ENC l-I PITTSBURGH DISTRICT Appreciating E.N.C.'s Contribution to the Spreading of Scriptural Holiness Throughout DISTRICT OFFICERS R. B. Acheson, Supt. Maurice R. Emery, Treas. Russell Lewis, Sec. Irene Saber, NFMS Pres. David Aldridge N.Y.P.S. Pres. Russell Merriman, Church School Chairman Western Pennsylvania DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Merle Fetter District Office Marianne Colesor oonyeon Devine Donald Holsinger ADVISORY BOARD W. Gordon Graves John Z. Andree Robert M. Ingland, Sr. Maurice R. Emery Castle Heights Box 367 Butler, Pennsylvania DOVER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 70 Hudson St., Dover, N. J. IHeort of the Mountoin-Lake Areo of Northern New Jerseyj A CENTER FOR HOLINESS EVANGELISM! 'fiolhmse linio E112 funk' F JAY W. PATTON, Postor 3 Myrtle Ave., Dover, N. J. FO-6-T588 KARL WARD, Minister of Music DONALD DARSCH, S.S. Supt. JAMES COCHRAN, N.Y.P.S. Pres. MARY HAYNES, N.F.M.S. Pres. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ninety-First ot Reed Niogoro Folls, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 Everyone Comes to Niogoro Folls! Attend Services With Us While You Are Here PAUL S. GILMORE, Postor "I wos glod when they soid unto me, let TRINITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 859 Long Pond Rood Rochester, New York MORRIS E. WILSON, Postor ug go into the house of the Lord." -Q. mann - X 'S A5 Ka 'NZ V ,Q ' S ' ' . 6 4 of Q 7 ' 'J W: , "Q Q CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SPLENDID EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE GRADUATING CLASS OF T960 LINCOLN PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHARLES COLLER, Minister Interboro ond Rodgers Pittsburgh 7, Po. WHEN YOU COME TO PITTSBURGH WORSHIP WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND CLASSMATES AT THE FRIENDLY LINCOLN PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CONGRATULATIONS FROM FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARE NE Euclid ond Hompton Sts. TRENTON, N. J. BOYD M. LONG, Postor "A HEARTY AND FRIENDLY WELCOME AWAITS YOU." CGNGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD'S CLASS OF RICH BLESSING TO 1960 THE CLASS OF 55 No. Bennett St. BRADFORD, PA. W. GORDON GRAVES Postor 1960 WEST GROVE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE T30 Prospect Ave. West Grove, Po. Poul E. Kauffman, Pastor Otis Groybeol, S. S. Supt. EIbert Groybeol, N.Y.P.S. Pres. Mrs. Ivan Sapp, N.F.M.S. Pres OUR STUDENTS Lindo Worth Norman Snyder THE E.N.C. PRESS K. E. SULLIVAN, Manager Serving the College and Church in printed publicity, pamphlets, I programs and posters through Lithography and Letter Press. SPECIALIZING IN: A I. Promotional materials for the church 2. The MIDWEEK MILESTONE, and personalized Sunday Bulletins 3. Church and revival meeting advertising 4. Letterheads, envelopes and calling cards 5. Orders for business and personal needs "QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE RATES" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I960 FAITH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 537 Addison Rd. Seat Pleasant, Md CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 OUR STUDENTS Elaine Lynch William .I es JERALD JONES, Pasto VALLEY STREAM NEW YORK REV. SAMUEL N. SMITH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T960 WILMINGTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pastor Wilmingt N Y "A WELCOME AWAITS YOU IN THE HEART OF THE ADIRONDACKSH CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '60 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Elm St. at Davis Sq. West Somerville, Mass. REV. WILLIAM H. BENSON, Pastor Phone: PR 6-4212 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. F. GRANT CROSS, Pastor I I J"'1.7'-v ' n' QR' Iv' ILM it f QEIEZQS is . V A .Q-4 2-111 L-- rr' - "1" N wly Proposed Sanctuary, Ready In I960 THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 20 Stone Street Augusta, Maine Its ofhcials . . . Its faculty . . . Its student body . . . THE CLASS OF 1960 f REV. ROBERT L. SMITH Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2 Winter Street Haverhill, Massachusetts REV. HARRY E. TRASK, JR., Pastor OUR STUDENTS AT E.N.C. Carol Wade Sherrill Jeffery Betty Minott Jerry Way GOD'S BEST TO THE CLASS OF T960 Green 8. Short Sts. Melrose, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 Congratulates THE CLASS OF 1960 John E. North, Minister FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Bel Air, Md Congratulations To The Class of 1960 FA 508 Old Town Road Cumberland, Maryland H. E. HECKERT, Minister FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARE NE AKRON DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE C D. TAYLOR, District Superintendent I I FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Buckeye and Mulberr ree s ySt t W Oh EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE: Buildings Books Blessings WE ARE WITH YOU REV. CLARENCE J. HAAS, Pastor 43736 EU FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLEVELAND FIRST CHURCH WM. P. WILHOYTE, Pastor Hayden Avenue at Clairbourne Road East Cleveland, Ohio Wholeheartedly Supports ENC In the Great Cause Of Christian Education GOD'S BEST TO THE CLASS OF '60 224- FIRST Q-"'. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 OUR STUDENTS Jock Loudermilk Pot Sfutler Robert Longshore CLYDE C. DAWSON Postor L. W. DURKEE S. S. Su pernntendent MRS, LEONA METCALFE N.F.M.S. President TOM PRATHER N.Y.P.S. President REV. C. C. DAWSON 1' FLETCHER SPRUCE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CANTON, OHIO P t X -' I, ,- 'I - Mir! on I I it -itil ' s. s. supf., HAROLD T. JACKSON I s, Q ,.L L if I N.F.M.S. President, JANE CULP I , Im P D rlq .1 1 ,1 3 I iM -M 1, s L - + - - N.Y.P.s. President, GORDON YOUNG Qff' 45, ':1.f-T-,kenaf-.W-I , fe.. -.1.fI5-M. 4--O--1--fe S- ---'f'f?""" W Pastor's Assistant, LOUIS SHAFFER Future Location: 30th St. N.W. and Yale Ave. I,OOO Third Street, N.E. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. JAMES E. HUNTON Pastor DELMAS SANFORD S.S. Supt. HARRY GREENWOOD N.Y.P.S. President HAROLD HARDY N.F.M.S. President EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO St. Claire and Walnut St. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 l S i l In , KENMoRE l CHURCH CF THE NAZARENE Corner Iowo Ave. ot N. Twelfth St. Akron, Ohio ' f MILTON L. BUNKER, Minister 1 We Congrotulote the Closs of '60 ond 1 Pledge Continued Support for E.N.C. . QUINCY Y.M.C.A. WM. l i. li -i Ei 1 T Dedicoted to the Development of the Mind, Body, ond Spirit of Our Youth 5 . I 1 Quincy ii ,i ,l i l Moss. ,. ,,,,- .Ll.li. ..Q HOWARD JOHNSON'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM IN 28 FLAVORS COMPLIMENTS OF BLACKER 8m HOLLAND LUMBER COMPANY INC 10 Newport Ave. North Quincy, Moss. "SUDDEN SERVICE" CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1960 CIRCLEVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 101 Clay Pike Irwtn, Pa. THE MAYFLOWER DINER WELCOMES YOU TO COME AND DINE at 473 So. Artery, Quincy See Peter Calimeris There FOOD FIT FOR A KING Established 1922 GR 2-1987 THE GREETING CARD SHOP 15 Beale St. Wollaston IOpposite Theoterj COMPLETE SELECTION OF OUR STUDENTS: Hallmark Norcross Rusmratt James Bricker Cords and Wroppmg Gary Cochran AH Types of Pnmmg 8 Engmvmg Kennem Whneheod Calling Cards e Informa, Loren Adam s Robert Brown Wedding Invntations -f Napkins etc 7-1294 Telephones CApitol 7-1295 7-1354 HICKS 84 HODGES CO. PURVEYORS OF FINE Eooos 45 South Market Street Boston 9, Mass. For Everlasting Pleasure . . . MAKE HARTS YOUR JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS - HARTS JEWELERS 1422 Hancock St. Quincy, MOSS, A gwz. X 5 STERLING SILVER BY A " TOWLE ' GORHAN ' WALLACE ' gf REED AND BARTON ' HEIRLOOM jj INTERNATIONAL ' LUNT ' STIEFF l S et eave if . . xx: L Join Our Silver Club "1- PGY Of'lY 51-00 Pe' Week CAMERON 5150.00 For One 6-Piece Al 51001 2475 ' Weddings' Ring O 512.50 Place Setting, Etc. CASH, CHARGE REGISTERED -1EwELERs AMERICAN, GEM SOCIETY BUCSZET 228 NATIONALLY ADJERTISED rtcarved WEDDING RINGS Gunronlcpd for a lifetime I loved by Brides for Over 100 Yea A f ll 'U W 1 : - f Q .1E N Z,-j T' S gl ff T f gf- . fi -6 ' MA I ,U-R' " ' X ' Largest selection of Artcarved wedding band in New England W. C. LAHUE, :Nc 1 . Q Tpub fn RW ii GENERAL CONTRACTORS REAL ESTATE Lowell, Moss. 'Prepare thy work . . ., ond moke it HT . . ., ond ofterwords build thy house." Proverbs 24:27 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SKOWHEGAN, MAINE JOSHUA C. WAONER Minister CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 "When In Cenfrol Moine Worship With Us" 230 WALTHAM, MASS 76l Main Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 A Church with Yesterday - in its traditions Today - in its grasp Tomorrow - in its plans CHURCH CONGRATULATIONS OFTHE NAZARENE CLAss or 1960 Highland Ave. at Ninth Street Chester, Pennsylvania CHESTER M. WILLIAMS Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 "Near the Heart of Delaware Valley, U. S. A." l"l I CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pine and Freedley Norrustown, Pa. REV. HENRY R. DeSHAW Pastor "Minutes away from Valley Forge . Gnd the Turnpike" I 211 F I CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 257 Concord Street Frominghom, Moss. ' Supporting the denominotion ' Supporting the youth CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I960 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 907 P SUNG. Worren P , EDUC Ave. Eost JOHN Z. ANDREE Postor ' Supporting E. N. C. ALAN P. PFAUTZ Postor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1960 FROM ARLINGTON STREET CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE AKRON, OHIO WILLIAM R. THOMPSON Postor "A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU 232 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PATERSON, NEW JERSEY REV. ROGER M. WILLIAMS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF T960 CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF T960 HOLLYWOOD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HOLLYWOOD, MD. "Standing for the Purity of the Gospel "Striving for the Unity of the Saints" "Seeking the Lost for Christ" JOHN M. GARDNER Pastor FREDERICK SALUTING HER YOUTH Charlene Manley Ralph Henck CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dean 81 Darlington Sts. West Chester, Penna. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF T960 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND W. 7th St. at Fcirvietd Ave. "CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1960" WM D MOWER Pastor EAST PALESTINE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T960 E Puleyting Ohio ROBERT SHOT? PUITUI YOUNOSTOWN FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE .. V , . ,-Mgq.-1: - . :-., Z A , . .... , 'L+'?. ' ' " 'I I x ". . I . .,. I - A.,,,-1--"' 3300 Hudson Drive Youngstown, Ohio "A CHRIST-CENTERED CHURCH IN A STEEL-CENTERED CITY" J. D. POOLE, Minister B. Dole Powell Sundoy School Supt. Alice Frost N. F. M. S. President Deon DuVoII N. Y. P. S. President 234 CONGRATULATIONQ TO BLOOMSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 260 East mt sf. You Cannot Bu Y Bloomsburg, Pa. A we Love E. N. c. Better Gasoline AND SUPPORT IT Anywhere NELSON H. HENCK At A Better Price Pastor THE CLASS OF '60 SPONSORSHIPS SHIPS HAVEN WOLLASTON FLORIST RESTAURANT AND sooo SHOP U37 Hancock Street Qu mv '- 679 Hancock Street Corsages - Bouquets - Gifts and Wedding Flow Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere ALICE E. GORHAM, Prop. 400 Hancock S' NO Q- DOTTIE DUNBAR'S WOLLASTON DO-NUT SHOPPE 1054 Hancock St, I7 Beale St Wollaston OR 9 IO86 Quincy "HOMEMADE ASSORTED OONUTS MCLAUGHUNS SERVICE HEUSSVS TEXACO STATION am Hancock sv wouumvon on 2-mr 63' H""'Of' 5' .CITIES SERVICE.. Wolloxton Mun WITHERELL'S CANDIES OLD CORNER DRUG VOUR MMM NUC, von 21 Bgqlg Sl, Wollaston H cod L Booch Wy J,-N. oi 3 My CARROL CUT-RATE PERFUMER JOHN J' DUANE I9 Beale St. Wollaston Buwivfi wit 1 lf it 235 SPONSORSHIPS SZATHMARYS DISCOUNT TO E. N. C. STUDENTS Lay-away Plan Norfolk Charge Brides and Millinery Shop, Inc, Brides and Brides Maids Gowns, Formals l375 Hancock Street Quincy, Moss. ' I ROGER W. KENT 8- CO. BROADLOOM RUGS 8. CARPETS LINOLEUM 8- TILE FLOORS Wollaston Beach Blvd. Quincy, Mass. JOHN H. SETTLES CO. WOLLASTON FABRICS FOR THE FINEST IN GLASS AND MIRRORS SEE 1096 DBCOUNT To ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS 196 Washington St. QUINCY 681 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. SR 9-4400 WOOLWORTH'S of WOLLASTON, MASS. PRESIDENT PRESS IOI Adams Street Quincy, Mass. NORFOLK FLOWER SHOP 287 Hancock St. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS MONROE COMPANY OF QUINCY coMPuMsNrs or 20 Raymond si. Quincy 69, Mass. BARTHELS suNoco SERVICE STATION LINCOLN PHARMACY LOCAL AND ONE-WAY TRAILER SERVICE Hancock and Elm Avenue Wollaston, Mass, "E N. C,'s FAVORITE DRUG STORE FOR 30 YEARS" Corner Elm 8. Hancock St. 1 I l R- E- FOY 31 SONS, INC. BARRY'S DELICATESSEN H27 Hancock Sr, Quincy, Mass. ROBERT E. FOY III RICHARD F. FOY 2 DELICIOUS, LIGHT LUNCHES TO SUIT EVERY TASTE Wollaston, Mass. , A ENC CLA SS of El CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 FROM THE CLASS OF 1961 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1960 FROM THE CLASS OF 1962 QF' -' Nix. ,v K, x q WQ. Jem 1 I , X-X BOOSTER The Rev. R. B. Acheson Kfr. Scott Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bausman Faith Clark The Rev. Booth Clifton Blrs. Xiao' E. Colesar Carrie B. Crouse Sir. and Mrs. XY. E. Duckworth Bfrs. Melvin Fee The Rev. and Mrs. Chas. G. Finnex Mr. Wilson M. Fretz Sir. jackson Gardner Nfr. Elton Gehman Mr. and Mrs. Lowell H. Hall Mrs. Sadie M. Hall L. G. Hammer Mr. Harold I.. Hampton H. H. Hardinfl Mrs. Alice Haselton Mr. Louis Hehets Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hildrcth Rfr. and Xfrs. C. G. Hinson Mr. Vernon E. Hover lfr. James Huggins Hulbert Boat Works Sir. and Kfrs. S, G. Irving Rfrs. Howard Johnston lNIr. John Keeler Mr. Robert Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Klumas CLUB Mrs, Walter Lambert Mr. William Laudermilk Mr. and Mrs. Francis Liggit Mr. Rex McDonald, Sr. North jackson Church of the Naz Mr. and Mrs. john Pancarik HFCHC Philip YY. Smith Construction Companx Inc Mr. and Nirs. Edilo Politi Mrs. W. C. Raisen Mr. Ben Schuster Mr. Edward Schwanke Mrs. E. A. N. Sevfried The Rev. Robert Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sommer Mr. Matheu H. Sprague Mr. and Mrs. R. Stark Mrs. Mildred Stotler Mrs. Lillian L. Taylor Mr. and Mrs Webster Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Myron C. Walker D. Blaine W'atts Rudolph P. W'idman The Rev. Roger M. W'illiams Etta C. Woods Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Vaughan Birs. Yager Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Young Young Peoples Society Cumberla Sr nd AALPOEL, HERBERT 350 Plymouth St., Bridgewater, Mass. ACTON, DONALD 212 E. Bloss St., Titusville, Pa. ADAMS, SUE 171 Oakdale Road, Johnson City, N.Y. ALBERT, LISBETH 945 N. 12th St., Sebring, Ohio ALBRIGHT, CARL 503 Old Annapolis Rd., Glen Burnie, Md. ALCORN. KENNETH 24 Botsford St., Moncton, New Brunswick ALLEN, SUE 78 Samoset Ave., Quincy, Mass. ALLSHOUSE, RAYMOND Box 198, Clinton, Ohio ALWORTH, WILLIAM Box 143, Braeburn, Pa. ANDERSON, DAVE 500 Evenett St., Westwood, Mass. ANTHONY, PRISCILLA Reterson Rd., Vernon, Conn. ARMSTRONG, BLANCHE 100 E. Valley St., Endicott, N.Y. ARMSTRONG, LOIS Rt. 1 g Leavittshurg, Ohio BABCOCK. HAROLD 114 Willet St., Wollaston, Mass. BAILIE, MARGARET 202 Middle St., Braintree, Mass. BAIRD, NANCY R.D. 5. Salem, Ohio BALDECK, CHARLES 2281 Dewey Ave., Rochester 15, N.Y BALENTINE, BETSY R.D.. Highgate, Vt. BALWIT, GRACE I Ebbet Ave., Wollaston, Mass. BALWIT, MARVIN 1 Ebbet Ave., Wollaston, Mass. BAREFOOT, JASPER 1724 N. Park Ave., Norfolk, Va. BARNER. JUNE R.R. 1, Box 50, Liverpool, Pa. BATCHLET, CAROLYN 830 Park Ave.. Meadville, Pa. BAUMGARTNER, GERALD 1800 S. Crescent Blvd., Yardley. Pa. BAUSMAN, DOROTHY 13919 Lauder, Detroit 27, Mich. BAXTER. ALICE 35 Lippincott Ave., Pennsville, N.J. BEARD, GERALD 532 Sterling St.. Norfolk, Va. BEECROFT, BRUCE 10 Fayette St.. Concord, N.H. BENDER. JAMES Pitman, N.J. BILLETT, MARY Route 4. Cambridge, Ohio BLACHLY, DAVE R.F.D. 2, Brandon. Vt BLAISDELI.. PRISCILLA 11 Middle. Augusta, Me. BOAS. CYNTHIA Box 25, Mooers, N.Y. BOATES, THOMAS Malvern Sq. Anna Co., Nova Scotia BODEN GLENN 74 Queen St., Newmarket. Ontario BOOMER. MARGARET 518 Main St., Hingham, Mass. BORDEN. NANCY 124 Douglas, Uxbridge, Mass. BORGAL, JOHN 87 West, Hyde Park, Mass. BOSHART, CHARLOTTE 516 Fulton. Carthage, N.Y. BOSHART, DEAN 516 Fulton St.. Carthage, N.Y. BOWDEN, CARLTON 5 Buck St., Danielson, Conn. BOWEN, ARTHUR 1 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. BOWERS. ELIZABETH 4300 Hillside Rd. S.E., Washington 19, D.C. BOWMAN, ANGELEE 309 4th St., Williamstown, W. Va. BRADLEY, DORIS 32 Ferndale Rd., Wollaston, Mass. BRANDES, LAMBERT 229 Penna Ave., Paterson 3, NJ. BRENVER, DANIEL 137 S. Alling Rd.. Talluiadee, fI1tio BREWS'I'ER,RA1.I'II 12 Bellvale St.. Malden -1B. Mass. BRICKER. JAMES 236 Clay Pike, Irwin, Pa. BRICIIAM. BARBARA 44 Kingsley Rd.. Rochester 12. N.Y BROTIIERTON. DON R.D. 1, Beloit, Ohio BROWN.JAN1CIE 26 Burns, Fairfield, Me. BRYNER. PIIILLIP R.D. 1.C1aysvil1t-, Pa. BUCKLEY. JERRY 14 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass, BUCKLEY, KATHERINE 14 Beach St.. YVollaston, Mass. BUTLER, PAUL 12 Danube St., Dorchester, Mass. BYERS, ANN 10394 Maplelawn, Detroit 4. Mich. BYERS, JANICE 10394 Maplelawn. Detroit 4, Mich. CAIIILI., THOMAS 1205 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. CALBERG. PAUL 73 Harmon Ave.. Springfield 8, Mass. CAMPBELL. COLIN 29 Bansley Ave., Toronto, Ont. CAMPBELL, DAVID L. 57 Murdock Ave.. Quincy, Mass. CARLSON, JANET 42 Ocean St.. N. Quincy, Mass. CARTER. RONALD W. 2997 Porter Rd., Atwater, Ohio CASACELI. VINCENT J. 135 West Elm Ave.. Quincy. Nlass. CASLER, LAWRENCE D. 25 Cedar St.. Warren. Pa. CASWELL, SHIRLEY R. 47 Ryder Ave.. Lynhrook, N.Y. CATON, THOMAS L. 130 Connell St.. Quincy, lVIass. CHAPMAN, DONALD D. 1Vest Chazy. New York CHAVIER. JOHN 799 Dexter St.. Central Falls, R.I. CHOE. IK SEONG 392-22 Ahyohn-dong Mapo-Ka. Seoul, Korea CHRISTIANA. RICHARD YV. 67 Millers Lane. Kingston. N.Y. CLARK. ROBERT O. 4916 Stewart Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio CLEMENS. INILLIAM H. 26 North 8th St., Lemoyne, Pa. CLIFFORD. RICHARD BI. Depot St.. E. 1fVareham. Mass. CLIFTON. DAVID B, 13-1N. Union St.. Middletown. Pa. CLINGERMAN. BARBARA H. 635 E. Calla Rd.. Poland. Ohio COCHRAN. GARY A. Box 196 Heckman Rd.. lNIcKeesport. COKKINIS. JOYCE A. 18 Montclaire St.. N. Quincy. Mass COLENIAN. MARY Box 47. Burton. Ohio COLESAR. ELOISE Box 146, Braehurn. Pa. COLESAR. MARIANNE Box 146. Braehurn, Pa. COLLINS ELAINE E. 126 I7-1 Route 2.2enhvrhi1ls.F1a COLLINS. MARILYN E 54 Redland Ave. Rutnford. R 1. COMR1E.M1I.DRE17tI Box 53-1 Pampkiu Ave , Gales Iferrv, Conn. CONGALTON. JOIIN D. 403 E. Cardott St . Ridszwav. Pa COOMBS. DONALD C. 1423 Mill St. Pittsluirql1.I":t. COONS. RIITII R. 109 1NIain St.. INI.inchester. Conn CORNELL, ROBERT II 6-12 Clintonville St . 1N'11itestone. N Y 239 fIOl'fIIIENO1'R kN'11.1.1XX1X kvtlffkllltl N1 t'.Y':t: X11--. fiI11A'III'iRII IJIJNNN ff H31 Ifllitf- Xue 1N'1r.r.1gwx,' NI'- fff1N'I'i C1-XRHI. I. 1251m1i:inN'-11 'kat' 111 lI,1'v1'1 Ihr! KIR XNIDXLI. I"R'tN'l'1S1L 213I'r1-siflfA:tts1.inf- Ifwzru '. Nlvs CIRNN1-2 IPXYIIJ 11 '17 I,lI1flV'IlSl llfltklaml Ma-. CREW IIXROLD I. V 291 Ixv I,1l'f' ALLIYVII film, IIRYAN. NI1fi11X1'.1. 1 I Burma Rd , t.1if-lsfvi Nlass CLNNINILII XXI I-'.lJXN'X1i1t I' L lf: X1 nr St NI IN 1 ' III 2711 , In ul- ,i ,' 7, 'At-.p "vm KZVNNINILIIXNI fLI.1iNN1.N' 1264 N11rrirof-St N I'. NN 15111 f-fa III DANIEI.S.ffOI.1N Church St . Pownal Vt IJ,-XRROW.IDON.X1.1J R I1 , New Nlillftrfl Ila DARROXV. FRANKLIN R II 2. Fulton N Y DAVIS. BREINSTER 476 Alain St . IIIIIUIIIIID, Nlass DEARBORN. ff,XRO1.YN 37 Court St. Ilovf-r-Iioxt rv-It. Me DeBO1N',NIERED1'I'II Sullivan Rd . IN' Bill:-rit .i, Mass DEETER. DENVER 113-69th St . Ni.iuar.i Ifalls, N Y DETTERLINE. DONXLIJ Dt-Kullt Pike R11 3. Norrivown Pa DEV1NE.MOONYE.XN 41118 XV 20111 St . Erie. Pa DICKEY.CIARO1.E 43 Riduewav St , 1N'o11aston, Mass D1E111..fII..-XVIJE 1734 North Blvd . Bethlehem. Pa DIFFENDERFER. RICIIARD Box 131. R.D 1, NIifI'1in'own, Ri DIXON, SIQZANNE 615 Sea St.. Quincy 69. Mass DONNEI.I.Y.JL'lD1'1'I1 226 Arlington St.. Wollaston, Mass, DUCKWORTH. ALAN South St.. Townsend. Mass. DLFFEY. PA1.'I. 1575 Virginia Lane. M.ins6t-ld, Ohio IJLINCAIN. flARC7I.YN 26 Lyme St., 1N'exnuuttl1. Mass DUNN. SUE 175 Rugqles St . Boston. Mass DL'NSWOR'1'II. MARY JANE 11800 Brookpark II 63.1111-xt-l.iritl 30 Ohio 1JI.'RYEA.I.AI'RE1. 4 Park Plaza, BaxShore. N Y DIVIATON. PATTY 1543 1N'as1iinuton St. Bath. Me EI.I.1NflWU011.,l.XtiK Box 43. 1N'est Ilututvsttxid, N 11 EI.OFSON.tf1I.XR1.ES 1516 Chillutu Rd Apt 101.l1v.itteti11t Nld. EN'1'1N.11ERN1tTE 37 1N'oodward Axe , Quinn 69. Mass , N. . h , - iHt't.l. . t, . ES1'ER.R1ti11.XR1t 9 Atwood ,Me . N-,rw--t-tl, X1.iss EYERTON.A111-'.1..XRD 11 Illakt- St.1Noll.isti-n,M.tss EYERTUN.PR1Nt'1-TSS 11 Blake St , Wt-llaston, Mass I-'.X1.KE.ROl11iR1' R 11 1, St'11t'l.l 1".il1s, N Y lf.-XR,X11.RU111'R'1' titi George St Rm ltlaud XI iss I"RR XR.1"R1"111f.R1t'K 1 :Unk 5t.R.iuil--lg'1i,N1nss 1"ARRli1.1.,t'11R1Sl1S 23251111116 ST.I'i.lll-1.12111-lt,N'.l I'.XXON.RUl11'R1' 126 Ketto.'.t Xu' llut-:hill N1 iss ERCO1..-XN1.titJNN11-1 'll Ilrt st t S 18 irr n I I 1"1'1-'MN XNVY -1511 NI.tlit-uint:St,1S'irrrti,Oli:u I"EN1N'll'K XNN1-f tlltttux, N11-11 FERRIS. M.ARG.ARET 44 Athi-op St.. Quincv. 51355. FETTER. MERLE Kxiestown. Pa FIALA. THOMAS '4 Belford Ave . Bay' Shore. N Y. FINCH BARBARA 4'31 Clevelatid St. Kansas Citv. Kansas FETTERMAN. RUTH P O Box If Heilwood. Pa FINNEY. C AROLYN 349 E IILLI1 Axe . New Philadelphia. Ohio FISCHMANN. JAMES 145 Ronzis Rd Akron ffl. Ohio FLEAGAI.. HELEN R D 1. Friedens. Pa FLUHARTY. SHIRLEY .9. Santxzel S: . Beaver Falls. Pa FLYNN. JOHN 'Q Brmks. St , Wollaston. Mass. FOSTER. RAYMOND Q11 Washincton St . Concord. N C FRANKMAN. WILLIAM '36 Hanrock St.. Quiney. Mass. FREE. JOHN P O Box 523. Homestead. Fla. FRENCH. DANIEL 149 Donald Ave . Toronto 15. Ont FREYSZ. THOMAS R D I Ix1'Drixe.LanC:uter. Pa FRYBERGER. ROY Route 1. Readins. Pa FULLER. SARAH Easton. Me FULLERTON. DIANE 99 Kavntar Dr. Rofhester 16.N.Y. FULLERTON. JOANN 'f' Wehster St . W'h1tn1an. Mass. CABEL.ROSAI.1E 49 Thornton St . Wollaston. Mass GAILEY. CHARLES 9 Landers Rd.Wo11aston. Mass GANTERT.CERA1.D1NE R.R I. Sptinehzll. Nota Sfotia GARDNER ROBERT 3961 Rit er Ax e Camden, NJ GARDNER. SUZANNE 15 LoetBer Rd . Bloomfield. Conn GEHMAN. LaRUE 31' W' W'al:t'.gt St . Kut7town. Pa GERHART. LARRY Ro-.ite 271. Pottstmvn. Pa. GERRISH. WILLIAM Devo: St . E Wareham. Mass GILBERT. RUTH Sunset Drive. Davidsxffle 4. Pa GILLILAND BARB AR A 39 Newliurv Axe . N Qtxncs. Mass GILPATRICK. DAVID Route 1.W'esf1irook. NIe GILROY. DALE 795 Mohegan St Birminchani. Mich GLOVER. GEORGE 108 Granzer St. Wollaston. Mass GOLD. CARL 55 Faxon Park Rd. Quxncv. Nfass GOODMAN. CHARLES 415 W Annshurw St . Phila. Pa. GOODNOW. MARGARET 65" Brorntield St . Wollaston 90. Mass. GOODWORTH. JOHN 112 Sagamore St.. Quinn' Tl. Mass. GORDON. MURIEL 419 Derstine St . Lansdale. Penna. GORNIAN, XVALTER 536 Mountain Ave . Revere. Mass GOULD. ELIZABETH I5f Htch St.. Waltham 54. Mass GRAVENOR. DOROTHY Route Q. Laurel. Del. GREGORY. LI.OYD Mr. Hernion Rd.. Salisburv. Md. GREER. RICHARD 39 Old Colon' Ave.. Quinev 69. Mass GRENNON. JANICE 59 Willard Axe. Bradford. Penna. GRIFFITHS. ELLIOTT 1332 Main Rd , Westport. Mus. GRUBER. ALAN If Dennison St . Roxbury' 19. Mass. GUTSHALL. GAYTHA 135 River St.. Madison. Ohio HAGAR. DOROTHY Route 4. Freeport. Me. HALL. CHRISTOPHER 85 Blue Hills Pkwy.. Milton 87. Mass. HALL. DAVID Detroit 16. Mich HALL. FAITH 59 Nantasket Ave.. Hull. Mus. HALL. VERNA I6 Piper St . Quinev. AIMS. HAMILTON. LOWELL 3 Dorset' St.. Sprinevale. Me. HAMMER. SHARON Alum Bank. Pa HAMMOND. MURLIN South Livonia Rd . Lit onia. N.Y. HAMPTON. SHARON 16-09 Geortze St. Fair Lawn, HARDIN. WILLIAM 33 Yardarinln St . Quinev. Bfaxs. HARDING. BARB.ARA 3' Upland Rd. Malden. Kfass. HARRIS. BETTY 4172 South Aw , Bradford. Pa. HARRIS. ROBERT 39 Cuttzitzinss Ave . Wollaston. Mass. HARRISON. MILDRED Hzlas. Va HARPER. MARY Meade. Kansas HASELTON. HEI.EN Wilniineton. N Y HATCHER. MARY 119 Prather Axe . Jamestown. NY. HAYES BARBARA A 1683 Central St . Detroit 9. Mich. HAYES. BARBARA R 1153 Oakdale Rd .Johnson Citv. N.Y HEBERLE. JUDITH 124 W Main St . Brocton. N Y HEBETS. ROBERT R D I. Spartansliurg. Pa HELFRICH. ROBERT 'th Ate I-aCroft. E Liverpool. Ohio HEMPIIILL. LEONARD Cexlon Ont HENCK GRACE Route Q. B-W Q56. Darlington. Md. HENCK. RALPH R D 4. West Chester. Pa. HENCK. ROBERT Rottie J. Box 136, Darlineton. Md HERMAN. JOAN 46 Civ.-lzdce Axe. S Portland. Me. HILDRETH CLARENCE R R 4. Dundas. Ont HILL. SHERMAN 6 Walnut St . Waterville. Me HILYARD. GERALD Clinton. Me HINKLE. MARTHA 34' W 3rd St . Lehizhton. Pa HISSOM. JUDITH 1524 Penna Ave . Wieirton. IY.Va HOBSON. CAROL 337 Btllinzs Rd. Wollaston 70. Mass HORSON. DANIEL 337 Billinzs Rd . Wollaston. Mass. HODGE. BETTY Box 494. Arkville. NY. HODGKINS. SUSAN 499 Nuh Rd.. New Bedford. Mass. HOEKMAN. VIRGINIA 6532 Alexander Rd.. Mayfield Hts. 24. Ohio HOFFMAN. JOYCE 217 S Cummincrs St.. Pitman. HOLBERT. RICHARD 9 Hanev St.. Norton. Mass. HOLMES. SYLVIA 393 Belmont St.. Quincv 70. Mass. HONKONEN. ARTHUR 22 Connell St.. Quincy 69. Mass. HOOK. HEATHER 131 Cherrv St.. Malden 48. Mas. HOVER. RICHARD 1323 Youll St.. Niles. Ohio HOWIARD. CHARLES Rte. 1. Box 278. Lucas. Ohio 240 HUFF. FERN R.F.D. 1. SItowhegan.,Me. HUFF. PHILIP 12 Walnut St.. Portland. Me. HUGGINS. JAMES R.D. 2. Bloomingdale. Ohio HUGHES. SALLY 925 N. 15th St.. Sebring, Ohio HULBERT. BERDETTA 114 Maple Ave.. Adams Center, N.Y. HUMPHREY. CARLENE 540 S. Main St.. Orange. Mass. HUNTER. ESTHER Rt. 6. Augusta. Me. HUNTER. FAITH Rt. 6. Augusta. Me. HUTCHINSON. REBECCA 933 Linden St.. Bethlehem. Pa. HYBERTSON. JOANN Madison. S. Dalt. IARRERA. ARTHUR Montreal. Canada IRISH. JANET East Barre. Vermont IRETON. SANDRA 18 Whitford Ave.. Pawtucket. R.l. JACKSON. JIMMY Brownwood. Texas JARVIS. FRANCIS 16 Labdine St.. Wollaston. Mass. JEFFERY. SHERRILL 515 Lynn Fells Parkway. Melrose 76. Mass. JENKINS. WILLA Box 149. W'avland. Ky. JERNEGAN. GERARD 30 Holvoke. N. Quincy. Mass JOHNSON. DAVID 207 Main St.. Ridcrway, Pa. JOHNSON. PHYLLIS Delmar Rd . Salisbury. Md. JOHNSON. RUBY 371 1 Yellow Mt.. Roanoke. Va. JOHNSON. ANN 206 Ritchie Ave.. W'eirton, WL. Va. JONES. ADA R.F D. 21. BelAir. Md. JONES. JAMES R F D. 221. BelAir. Md. JONES. ROBERTA 245 Park St.. Stoughton. Mass. JONES. THOMAS Box 127. Allennort. Pa. JORDAN. HELENA R FD. 22. Easton. Maine JONES. WILLIAM 537 .Addison Rd.. Washington '27, D.C JOY. PAUL Box 168. Bevantxille. Mass. KEELER. HERBERT 556 Cabot St.. Beverly. Mass. KEELER. JEAN Oransze St . Pennsville, KEITH. CAROLYN 6 Wheeler. Livermore Falls. Maine KEITH. RONALD 82 Vinedale Rd.. Braintree. Mass. KELLER. BETTY R.D. ::1. Creseo. Pa. KERN. KENNETH R.D. 113. Lebanon. P1 KIMBALL. GLORIA Brooktondale. NY. KINDT. CHARLES 28 N. Baltimore St.. Dillsburg, Pa. KINDT. JANET 610 Market St.. Bangor. Pa. KING. ALAN R.F.D. if 1. Franklin. Vt. KINSEY. JUDITH Box 507. E. Liverpool. Ohio KINSEY. PEGGY Box 507, E. Liverpool, Ohio KLUMAS. GERALD Evergreen Motel. Lincoln Beach. Ore. KLUMAS. LAWRENCE Evergreen Motel. Lincoln Beach. Ore. KOH. BYOUNG EUN 255 2-KA Yong Dong Po-Dong, Yong Dona Po Ku. Seoul, Korea KOURY, PHILLIP 895 Wm. T. Morosey Blvd., Quincy, Mass. KRUTENAT, WILLIAM 7726 Ridge Rd. Brockport, N.Y. LAMBERT, RICHARD 15467 Mansfield St., Detroit 27, Mich. LAMBERT, .IUDITH 9756 Whitmore St., El Monte, Calif. LANIER, CAROLYN Kenansville, Ala. LANPHER, CAROLYN 1316 Iris St. N.W., Washington, D.C. LAUDERMILK, JACK 1931 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio LEE. ALFRED 96 Wendell Ave., Wollaston, Mass. LENFESTEY, CAROLYN Beals. Maine LIGGITT. EILEEN Box 1, Westland 4, Pa. LINCOLN, RODGER, JR. Liberty Road. Hingham, Me. LINDSAY, DAVID 14 Hood Rd., Danvers, Mass. LINDSAY, THOMAS 170 Safford St., Quincy, Mass. LIU, AN TUNG 4, Lane 58 Min Han St., Peito, Tamien LOCHHEAD, HUGH 18 Myres Rd., Glaseow, Scotland LOCKWOOD, PATRICIA 15 Bromfield St., Quincy, Mass. LOMBA, ARTHUR 52 Ocean St., New Bedford, Mass. LONG. DONALD 461 Hemlock St., Johnstown. Pa. LOVE. THOMAS R.F.D. 51154, Gouverneur, N.Y. Lunden. James 116 Durland Ave.. Elmira, N.Y. LUNDIN. ROY 6 Milton Lane, Norwell, Mass. LUTES, PAUL 816 Aruher St.. Millville, N.J. LYNCH. ELAINE 1839 15th. St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio MCALLISTER, WILLIAM 64 Turner St.. Brockton, Mass. McCARTY, IRENE 419 W. Franklin St., Endicott. N.Y. MCCLAY, SYDNEY 2420 Greenhill Rd.. Broomall. Pa. MCCURDY, ROSS Ramsayville, Ont. MCDERMOTT. MARLENE 31 Falstafi' Ave., Toronto 15. Ontario MacDONALD, WILLIAM 117 Sachem St.. Wollaston. Mass. MacDONNELL. DEBORAH 154 Granite St.. Quincy 69, Mass. MacKAY, AUDREY 183 Orchard St.. New Bedford. Mass. MacKay, DONALD 3042 Burdette St.. Femdale. Mich. McKENZIE. ARTHUR 1530 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. McKIM. BLAIR Douglassville. Pa. McKNIGHT. Hugh 6 Elm St., Yarmouth, Canada MacLEOD. HARRIET R.R.I. Ellers1ie.P.E.I. MacLEOD. JOHN 33 Forest Hill Ave.. Lynnlield, Mass. MacLEOD, NANCY 33 Forest Hill Ave.. Lynnfield, Mass. MacLEOD, NORMA' 44 Common St.. Braintree. Mass. MacLEOD, RICHARD 81 Cranch St., Quincy 19. Mass. MCPHEE. DEAN 47 Hamilton St., Quincy, Mass. MacPHERSON. RAYMOND 50 Dominion St.. Sydney, N.S. MAHOOD. ROBERT 54-47 215 Place St., Bayside 61. N.Y. MANLEY. CHARLENE 126 Scarlet Ave., Kennett Square, Pa. MANN, KATHERINE Hizhmeadows. Waterville. Vermont MANN. RICHARD 35 West Elin Ave.. Quincy 70. Mass MANN, ROBERT 35 YV:-st Elm Ave . Quincy 70. Mass MANNA. ELIZABETH 614 1Nehster St.. N. Ilanover. Nfztss MARTIN. ERMA 5362 Broadwav St., Cleveland. Ohio MARTIN. JUDY 12 East Elin Ave.. Wollaston. Mass MARTIN. MARTHA 223 Franklin St.. Camhridtge 39, Mass MASON. ORVILLE 24 York St.. Springfield. Mass. MASSIMI. DAVID 54 Fourth St.. Cambridge 41. Mass. MASTROBUONO, RAYMOND Chepachet St . 1Vest Glouster. R.I. MATHENY. CHARLES Rt. 1. Bridgewater. Va. MATHENY. ESTHER Rt. 1. Bridgewater, Va. MEISNER. JOHN 2644 N. Bonnie Brook Lane. 1Vaukeqan. Ill. MESQUITLA, MELFORD 6 Sevcr St.. Plymouth. Nfass. MILBURY. MARVIN R.F.D. 1. Easton. Me. MILLER. ERNEST 19 Lorna Ave.. N. Pembrook. Mass. MILNE, MARY 1138 Penna Ave., Monaca. Pa. MILNE. TOM 1138 Penna Ave.. Nfonaca, Pa. MILSTEAD. JESSICA Rt. 1. Box 23, Bryans Rd.. Maryland MILNOTT. ELIZABETH 477 Lowell St., W. Peabody. Mass. MITCHELL. EDYVARD 32 Linden St.. Brookline, Mass. MITIGUY. ROBERT 75 Cliff Road, Milton. Mass. MOGHADDAM, MOHAMMAD 2 Short Lane, Massapequa-Park L.I., N.Y. MOHNEY, BARRY Box 32, Hawthorn, Pa. MONROE, LOIS 82 North Main St.. North Easton. Mass. MOORE. JOHN 5421 Beechwood Road. Ravenna. Ohio MORFORD. DONALD 1041 Elm Street. Franklin, Pa. MORGAN. ELYVIN 21 Quadrant Circle, Quincy. Mass. MORRIS, EMMA Jefferson. Pa MORRIS. RICHARD 52 Marlboro St., Wollaston. Mass. MOSHER. AUDREY 3 Richardson Ave., Auburn, N.Y. MOUNT. HENRY 15 Memorial Dr.. East Weymouth 89. Mass. ML'IR. JAMES 10 Calvin Rd.. Quincy. Nfass. MURPHY. RICHARD 94 Knellwood Rd., Quincy. Mass. MYERS. ALMA 100 Scotch Pond Place. Quincy Mass MYERS. ELIZABETH Route 5. Box 211, Harrisonhurz. Va. NAYLOR. JOHN 97 Willow St.. 1N'oll.tston. Mass. NAYLOR. KAYE 97 1Villow St., 1Vol1.tston. Mass. NELSON. CLEMENT 42 Maypole St.. Quincy, Mus. NELSON, KENNETH 126 Hitzhland Ave.. 1Vo1l.tston. Mass. NENVLEN. PATRICIA 1760 Vernon St ,1V.trren.Ohio NORMAN, RONALD Tintle Rd.. Butler, NORTON. ALAN Chilmark. Mass. N1'TTER, HELEN Leonardtown. Md O'DE1.I..E1.WO0D Nfain Sl.. Altona. N Y. 241 OERTEI., RI"I1I 40 SJILIUIIY' Dr N all'--. S'r".t::. N Y OLSEN f.I.I'.NNA 110 Andrew St Nl'VVIIt.lfl."' On' OLSON. WAI.'1 ER 111' II'.l1I1Dl.I,'JY'l."N1"f AIAA UNION JAMES R I2 3 J"fI"fKlIIt 1,1110 OSISORNE. t,F1uRf,tL 1f1SurnntuSr Iirtstul ffomt OSSMAN R1f.lIARD ll NN I'.ltu Axe XNr,l..n'on. Nfass OTIS. JANE Rt 2. Oak St . Oakl.tr,fl Mf- OX'ERIIOI.T. C11-kR1.I'.S -H111 Rtvtf-nhouse. RI'-"F'1.llf' Md PALANZA. RICHARD '10 Coutghlin Rd No Eztston Mus PANKIARIK. ANIJREW' R D ::1.Qua1o-rtown. Pa PARRY. RICHARD fi! firanite St. Quinfy 69 Xian PA'1'CIII.I,tJRR.-NINE 1-11 N Hudson St , Jnhnvin Cli'-. N PATNODE. CLIFI-'ORD RI" D 31. Kev-sf-villf-, N Y PAIQLSEN, PADI. 14 Ilatnilton St . Quint jr 70 Mast PAYN'I ER. JAMES 624 Oak St . E. I.itf-rponl Ohm PECK, JOHN 99 Surntnt-r St. Kinzston. Mans PENIIA. VIRGINIA 39 Wareham Ave , Onset. Mass PEREIRA. CARLOS 26-1 E. Cottage St , Don hester. Mass PERKINS. LIQELLA Box 55. Kipton. Ohio PERRY. STEPHEN Tvler Ave . East XY.t1'f'l1.1!11. Mass PETERSON. DOROTHY 60 Rot kwell St. Malden. Mass PETTY. ELIZABETH 43 Breck St . Rochester. N Y PHILLIPS. JAMES 310 Mahoninv St . 1N'a.rren. Ohio PICLNOLET.CL.'-.L'1J1A 747 Kinqstown Rd . Peat edale. R 1 PIERCE. PAL'I. 720 Livlth St . Beaver Falls. Pa PILLSBLRY, CH.'tRI.ES R.F.D. 222. Farminzton. Me POI.1'I'I. NICHOLAS Butztown Rd . Butltown. Pa POO1.E.C.-XIXIN 804 Central St.. Stouizhton. Mass POOLE. DONALD Box 66, S Yarmouth. Mass POOLE. JAMES 804 Central St . Stoumhtou Mass POOLE. ROBERT 215 Presidents 1..t . Quint xy Mass POO1.E.THEI.MA Box titi. Yartnouth. Mass POPP. E1.1ZABE'I'11 R I1 , Castile. N Y POR'1'ER.tiEORtQE 1116111111-rt-stDr Mzznhall Pa .Y PORTER. ROBERT R D ."!2.Box 111,ff.tfst11xf-rg-1--1 Ol POR'1'ER.W1I.I.1.XN1 R I7 I-'2.1IoXl12.E.LstI.:Xv'rZ'-Mi 111 PRItZE.M.XR1.XN 1717 RolunstittIlr.J.tikHot1x:lic N 1' P1"I'N.XM.RO11ERl' 185 Jew:-tt St I..-W-ll Mass PYJNNR ROI!!-fR'l' H til Northridge Xu- Ion- -- 'i Ori? RAISI-IN RWLFR I v 115 18 Brtuhtou Mt- S rt iv' 1 N Y RAI.E-Y, EDWARD .111 Jou.ttlt.tt1 In, Izttslttzrqlt -i 1.1 RA1.S1'tilN.MXR111X 191. Jato'-x Rd Xkn-1: 11.O?1:o R.X1'Al.-11-i. ,lUS111'11 U1 S Pnvspet! Xxx' I'.ttt It--Q if' N Y R Xl'1I.1f.1.N1t5 Box 5-R Star Rt'1l1t',1It'fNtIt'1l I'.t RAWLINCS. IAIIOXI XS Iltw hh, R11 ex:.tr'. I'.t REDEYE, LANA Rt. if 1. Salamanca, N.Y. REED, PATRICIA 36 Recton St., Bergenfield, N.J. REEDY, PATSY Rt. gli 1, Box 98, Hollywood, Md. REEVES, ROBERT Olivet College, Kankakee, Ill. REIGHARD. SAMUEL 302 Woodland St.. Ebensburg, Pa. REYNOLDS, CAROLYN 201 S. Clifton Ave., VVilmington 5. Del RICE. STANLEY 381 Palmer St., Quincy, Mass. RICH. SANDRA 26 Pine Ave., Livermore Falls, Nle. RICHARDSON, HELEN 23 Copley St.. Wollaston, Mass. RICHMOND. NORMA 801 Jerilyn Dr.. Charlotte 5. N.C. RIEDER. MARILYN R.D. ii2, VVarren, Pa. RIEDER. STEPHEN R.D. ii2, VVarren. Pa. RINES. LANVRENCE 295 Electric Ave.. Lunenburg. 1N'Iass. RITCHIE. CHARLES 126 E. Cheltenham Rd., Syracuse, N.Y. ROBBINS. HARVEY East Baldwin. Me. ROBBLE. GARY 630 Wilma St.. Endicott, N.Y. ROBERTS. BRANSON 121 Marsile St.. Bourhonnais, Ill. ROBERTS. MELVYS 2024 S. Glehe Rd.. .Arlington 4. Va. ROBINSON. EDNVINA 223 YVinthrop St.. Quincy, Blass. ROGERS. LILLIE 150 Mayflower Place. Milford. Conn. ROUSE. MARCELLA Island Pond, Vt. SABINS. KATHERINE R.F.D. ii1.Fair6eld. Me. SAMPSON, SANDRA Elmsclale. P.E.I. Canada SANBORN. LYNN 50 Hlest, No. Attleboro. Mass. SAPP. EDITH Box 35, Kockessin. Del. SAVAGE. GNVENDOLYN 1431 NE. 9th Court. Homestead. Fla. SAVAGE. KATHRYN 1431 N.E. 9th Court, Homestead. Fla. SOHEER. JANE R.D. 36. Mercer, Pa. SCHEETZ, FRANCES 35 E. 4th St., Lansdale. Pa. SCHEIDLY. ROBERT 73 B. Trumbull Court. Newton Falls. Ohio SCHLOUGH. DONALD 3211 Hay. Easton. Pa. SCHLOUGH. VIRGINIA 2311 II.1y. Easton. Pa. SCHUSTER. RICHARD 610 Ritchie. Hamilton. Mo. SCHWANKE, ESTHER 521 Coleridge Rd.. Painesville. Ohio SEARS, ALBERT 127 Plvtnpton. Middlehoro. Mass. SEYMOURIAN. GREGORY 154 Rice Rd.. Quincy. 1N'Iass. SHANKEL. JACK 660 Washington St.. 1N'eytnouth. lNIass. SHANNON, ARLENE R. 1, Box 18. Phalanx Station. Ohio SHARPES, RAY 1141 So. High St.. Harrisonburg. Va. SHARPES. RUTH 521 Coleridge Rd., Painseville, Ohio SHERRING. VICTOR Trimtown Rd., Scituate, R.I. SHAYV. ANN Box 946, Brandon, Fla. SHOFF, IVA R.F.D. 4, Salem, Ohio SIFFERD, DAVID 6510 Lexington St., Shreveport, La. SIMPSON, EDVVIN 26 Ford St.. Trenton, Ont. SIMS, EDWARD 356 Whiton St., Jersey City, N.J. SINGELL. LARRY 1389 .Addison St., Cleveland, Ohio SIPES. KENNETH 25 S. Elm Ave., Aldan. Pa. SITTIG. WILLIAM 286 Dill Ave., Frederick, Md. SKIDMORE. SHIRLEY 1000 Ephriam St.. East Liverpool, Ohio SKOLER, NORMA 31 Miles Drive. Quincy. Mass. SLAKA, VINCENT 113 Clarendon Drive, Valley Stream, N.Y. SMITH, BARBARA 2338 VVestside Drive, Rochester 24. N.Y. SMITH. JEAN 405 Dwight Ave., Endicott. N.Y. SMITH. JOHN 206 Federals St., Snow Hill. Md. SMITH. JOSEPH West Creek Road. Burt, N.Y. SMITH. NANCY R.F.D. 1. Newport, Me. SNYDER. DORIS 137 Clearfield St.. Freemanshurg. Pa. SNYDER. NORMAN Box 209A R.D. 1. Oxford, Pa. SOMERVILLE. MARIE 609 Wlashington St.. Salem. Ohio SOMMER, DOROTHY Route 2. Dillonvale, Ohio SOMMER, ELNORA Route 2. Dillonvale, Ohio SOULIA. ROBERT 80 Farrington, St., Wollaston, Mass. SPARANO. JAMES 95 Monroe Rd.. Quincy 69. Mass. SPEAKMAN. KAREN 424 New York Ave., Sebring. Ohio SPEAR. HELEN 31 Falstafl Ave. Toronto 15. Ont. STAIIL. RICIIARD 42811 N. Fulton St., Allentown, Pa. STANFORD, VERA R.D. 2. Dover. STANF1 PRD. WARNER R.D. 2. Dover, STARK. JAMES 1547 M.inatu1'k Blvd.. Bay Shore. N.Y. STARK. JOHN 1547 N1anatuck Blvd.. Bay Shore. N.Y. STARK. RAY 316 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata. Pa. STALFFER. ELSIE R.D. AI. Bloonishurg. Pa. STEVENS. CURTIS 403 Parker St.. E. Lonemeadows. Mass. STIEFEI.. JOYCE 8 Ehhett Ave.. Wollaston. Mass. STIEFEI.. RICHARD 8 Ehbett Ave.. Wollaston. Mass. STONER. HOLLY 41 Barham Ave.. N. Quincy 71, Mass. STOTLER. WILLIAM 74 Preston St.. Bedford. Pa. STLTLER. PATRICIA 795 Dennison St.. Columbus. Ohio SULLIVAN. KENNETH 35 Rawson Rd.. 1YolIaston. Mass. SLLLIVAN. ROBERT 24 Seattle St.. Allston 34. Bfass. SULLIVAN. MARIE 12 Algonquin St.. Dorchester. Mass. SLMMERSON. STANLEY R.D. 1. Box. Conemanugh. Pa. SWAIN, ALFRED 75 Cottage St.. Manchester. Conn. SYVANK. GRANT 5200 Palco Place. College Park. Md. SXVARTZ. CLARENCE 1015 Furnace Brook Pky., Quincy 69. BIass. SWVARTZ. GERALD 17 Meadow St.. Duquesne. Pa. SYVARTZ. JAMES 17 Meadow St.. Duquesne. Pa. TASKER. JAINIES 205 Hugill Ct.. Akron 4. Ohio TAYLOR, ELIZABETH 108 Beach St.. Wollaston. Mass. 242 TAYLOR, KATHLEEN 2 Sewall St.. Wollaston, Mass. TEAL. GRACE 55 Havelock St.. Amherst, Nova Scotia TEAL. MARILYN 55 Havelock St.. Amherst. Nova Scotia THATCHER. DONALD 7-2 Research Rd.. Greenbelt, Md. THATCHER, DAVID 7-2 Research Rd.. Greenbelt, Md. THOMAS. NANCY 121 Clay St.. Wollaston. Mass. THOMAS. RONALD 107 Fulton St., New Milford, TILTON, ROGER 33 Roberts St.. Braintree. 1NIass. TODD. JUDITH 72 No. Fulton St.. Aubum. N.Y. TOWNE. STEPHEN 125 Lincoln Ave.. Wollaston. Mass. TRACY. BRUCE 113-36 202 St.. St. Albans 12. N.Y. TRAUFFER. DAVID 121 Grant St.. Warren. Pa. TRAUT. ANNA 60 Furnace St.. Danielson. Conn. TREFERY. BEVERLY 22 Rr. Lothrop St., Beverly, Mass. TSE. GORDON 2172-65th St.. Brooklyn 4. N.Y. URNER. MARIANA Eeypt Rd.. Oaks. Pa URNER. SUZANA Egypt Rd.. Oaks. Pa. VALE. PHYLLIS 9 Hill Ave.. Esmond 17. R.I. VAIQGHAN. DOROTHY 173 Campbell St.. New Bedford. Mass. VECCHIONE. ROBERT 50 Depot St.. E. Douglas, Mass. VENA, TONY R.D. 33. Meyersdale. Pa.. WADE. CAROL 4 Essex St.. Greenwood. Mass. WAKEM. NORMA 7 Avore St.. Skowhegan. Mc. WALKER. ELSIE 116 Avenue A.. Danville. Ill. WANSER. RANDY Box 112, Wiscasset. Me. WARD. MURIEL 44 So. Central Ave.. Wollaston 70. Mass. WARD. PATRICIA 42 Ellendale Dr. Scarborugh. Ont. WARD. RONALD 2210 Pleasant Drive. Baltimore 28, Md. WARREN. CAROL 273 Country Way. Scituate, Mass. WAYMAN. DAVID 1208 Elwell St., Pittsburgh 7. Pa. WEBSTER. PAULINE 70 Bestick Rd.. Braintree, Mass. WEIKEL, HARRY 61 Apthorp St.. Quincy, Mass. WEISHEDEL. JUNE Box 17. N. Juniara St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. WELLS. DAVE 13 Queen St.. Amherst, Nova Scotia WELLS. NANCY 265 South St.. Concord, N.H. WESLOW, EDISON Route 2. Box 95. Frostburg, Md. WHIPPLE. MARY R.D. 2. Shippensburg, Pa. WHITE. CLARA R.D. 1. Millerton, Pa.. WHITE. JOAN 1819 Limestone Rd., Wilmington 4, Del. INHITE. PATRICIA 1427 Akron-Youngstown Rd., Kent, Ohio WHITE. RONALD 1819 Limestone Rd.. Stanton. Del. WHITEHEAD. KENNETH 104 Highland Ave, Fairmont. Irwin, Pa, WHITING. ANNE R.F.D. 1. Johnson. Vt. WHITNEY. WINSTON 139 Harvard St., Wollaston. Mass. WHITTENBERGER. RONALD 17 Pembroke St., Kingston. Mass. WHITTENMORE, BONNIE 357 Newport Ave., Wollaston 70, Mass. WICKS, FRED 11 Plewes Rd.. Downsview, Ont. WIDMAN, RUDOLPH 1208 Brownsville Rd., Trevose. Pa. WILBRAHAM, NAOMI R.D. 1. Box 33. Perropolis, Pa. WILHOYTE. WILLIAM 13708 Claiborne Rd.. E. Cleveland 12 Ohio WILLIAMS. GLADYS 962 North Rd.. Warren, Ohio WILLIAMS, HOWARD 155 Eastern Ave.. Augusta, Me. WILLIAMSON, DICK 73 SW. lst. St.. Homestead, Florida WILLIAMS, LILLIAN 134 South Third St., Millville, N.J. WILLIS, WILLIAM 747 Tremont St., Boston. Mass. WITTKE. JACQUELINE 709 Garry Rd., Akron. Ohio WOOD. JOAN 302 Oak St.. Shrewsbury, Mass. WOODS, ANDREA R.D. 1. Phalanx Station, Ohio WOODS, LON R.D. 1, Phalanx Station. Ohio WOODS. VONNIE R.D. l. Phalanx Station, Ohio WOODWARD, ANNA 1069 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. WOODWORTH, G. FRED 146 Hughes St., Fredericton, N.B. WOOSTER. CAROLYN Fisk St.. Carlisle, Mass. WORDEN, VAL Meductic, N.B. WORTH. LINDA Balt. Pike. West Grove, Pa. WRIGHT, ROGER 59 Trmont St., Braintree. Mass. WUORI, DAVID 95 Twon Hill St.. Quincy, Mass. WYCOFF, RICHARD 3849 Central Ave., Shadyside, Ohio YAGER, LOUIS R.D. 1, Littlefield Rd.. Camden, N.J. YEAGER, MARY ANN 4213 Tuckerman St., University Park, IN ZEIGLER. JOAN 110 E. 4th St.. Lansdale, Pa. ZIEGLER. BEVERLY Broad Rd., RD. 4, Syracuse 7, N.Y. ZIEGLER, MARY Broad Rd.. R.D. 4. Syracuse 7, N.Y. ZOLLINHOFER, ELIZABETH Royersford, Pa. ZOLLINHOFER, ROBERT Royersford, Pa. .A.L. ADAMS, LOREN 1357 Gleensburg Ave., E. McKeesport, Pa. ANDREW, FRANCIS Royersford. Pa. ARAUJO, ALBERT 71 Dexter St., Cumberland, R.I. BEER, WILBUR Lyndonville, Vt. BLADES, RICHARD 51 Willow St., Laurel, Del. BOWMAN, JOYCE Route 3, Newport 3, Vt. BOWN, JOHN 519 Centre St., Brockton, Mass. BRYAN, BARBARA 23 Grove St., Scottdale, Pa. BRYNER, MERRYLIN R.D. 1, Claysville, Pa. CHANDLER, WALDEN W. Rockport, Me. CLIFF, WAYNE 234 King St.. Fredericton. N.B. COKK1NlS,JOIlN 41-35 45th Sl.,I,on1.g Island, N.Y. COKKINIS, STANLEY 41-35 45th St.. Long Island, N Y. CORNELIUS, NVILLIAM 1322 N1orrisAv1'.. Bronx 50. N.Y. COIILSON. LOIS Colora, Md. CREVOISERAT. YVAYNE 2 Beatrice Place, Patchouqe. N.Y. CRIIICKSIIANKS. MARY 52 Grafton Ave.. Nfilton 86, Nfass DIINLOP ROLAND Route 4, Showheqan. Me. DuVALL. PHOBE 7 Bass St.. Wollaston, Mass. FALEY, PATRICIA Mt. Ivy, Pomona. N.Y. GILLINGIIAM. ARLINE 87 Morrison Ave.. Somerville. Mass. GOB1.E.S1I1RLEY R.D. 2. 1Vaverly'. N.Y. GONSALUS. PAUL 422 Lincoln Ave.. Ozdensburq. N.Y GRENNELL. RICHARD RIIQDEN WILLIAXI llflli X1.ufliv:r. Auf' I'.t.ttf' .fm fil Rll.EYSllIQ1I.lA '13 if Stlrrixnr1S' I1i1l,f'r'ff:. N141 Rl'1'l 1-lli Rfllllilfl R 17 J ll:tl1irmfr.r1s,nfr? N N RfJf,l'iRS fQIfIIl'iI,lA lllhfl I'lfw1:.' SY kh".!14i.'l1 ll' A1 ROGERS IRICNE Rfnitr- 1 Sparl.iml.iiru IH IUJSIiNI1l'iIU.l".R JfJYl.I'. R l"1J J l".ir'rmrtumi. Mr' RYDER. l1LX'1lRl.Y lll SJUIIIIIHFF' 1Aollastor. Mass SCi1IAI4E.'lRESS.XA 1111. L Ro1,irisoriSt l1.irlwr'u!. 117. SIIROYER. IIERISI-1R'1 211 Oak St 11-rome Pa SMl'1'lI.W1l.I.1.XM 11111 YY.tll S1 . .'AlH'Yltl lll, 1211111 SOB!-IR. FRANKIES 29511 Plant St Ilopvwvll Ya SOBERS.-Jl'S'1'lNE 20 Rutland Sq . llmtori. Mass SPl'RR,tZA1.X'lN Perrvsburz. N.Y. 30 Martinack Aw- , I'v-.tliody Mass HASELTON. ESTHER S'I'0'I'I.FR. ERNEST Vvilminqton, N,Y, RID 1. Sltwstovvrt, P11 HELFRICH, JOANN SWAIN. MARY 7th Ave. LaCroft, East Liverpool, Ohio 75C1ottaqt-St.. x1.lI1411f'S1"f. ffonn HITCHENS. JOANNE 109 Glen St.. Salisbury. Md. HITE. NANCY Route 3. Bedford. Pa. HOLSINGER. DONALD 77 Doane St.. Quincy. Mass, HORKEY, ALBERT 148 Brookside Blvd.. Newark, Del. HOWARD. THOMAS R.D. 4. Alliance. Ohio HVMBERT. RICHARD Box 20. Greensboro. Pa. JOHNSON. MURIEL 23 Warren St., Beverly, Mass. JONES, ROBERT 11 A-Madison Ave., Jersey 4, N.J. KALINA, TRACY Route 1, Orwell, Ohio KILPATRICK. CAROL R.D. 3 Cider Nfill Rd.. Nfanchester. Conn. KILPONEN. MARY SUE Box 9, Farmington Falls. Me. KLEIN. EARL 2336 Vodeli St., Pittsburgh. Pa. KLINEFELTER. THEODORE Stoelting Rd.. Sanbonn. N.Y. LLOYD. DIANE Main St.. CardifT, Md. LONGSHORE. ROBERT 54 Evans Ave., Akron, Ohio LOVE, JAMES 351 Garfield St.. Valparaiso. Ind. LOVEJOY. JOAN Route 5. 1v'Vatcrville, Me. MELLISH. HAZEN 257 Winter St., Surnmerside. P.E.I. MILLER, THELMA 2595-A Eglinton W. St.. Toronto 15, INIcLEAN. DELORIS 21 Clark St., Saugus. Mass. NEWBERT, SANDRA YVa1dobor. Me. OBERG, ARTHUR 33 Randlett St., 1Vollaston. Mass. PAINTER, DONNA 300 Grandview Ave.. Indiana, Pa. PARKER, SIIARON 102 Birch St.. Bangor. Me. PETERSON. BARBARA 16 Russell St.. Cfarnliridqc, Mms PETERSON, LOWELI. 7911 Garland Ave., Takoina Park 12. PHILLIPS. DONALD IIoot1dale, Pa, PHIPPS. MARGARET 56 Kerr Ave.. Painesville, Ohio PORTER. CARL R.F.D. 2 FIl1"1l11l1llI1.H11. Me. RAWLINGS DONALD 80 Ifrvenian St., 1N'oll.iston, Mass. 243 Ont. Md SYYAIN. GEORGE 75 Cottage St , Mant hr-str-r Conn TAYLOR. JOYCE Box 12. Me-rm-r 'l, Mr- TERRY, WILMA Rt. 3 Wimbledon Farms, Annapolis THOMAS, RAY 107 Fulton St . New Milford NJ THOMPSON. DORA Hollywood. Md THORPE. JANICE R D, 1,St.in1e-v.N 1 TONGREN. MARJORIE 2611 I,11lKt' xI.!I1ll1f'SIl'Y'.flfr!1n TRIPLETT. ROBERT 2311 ILtnt'oc'k St. Peoria. 111 VERBISKY. ROSS Bow 2. R.D. 2. Brownsville, Pa YVARD. MARILYN 133 Phipps St . Quinrv. Mass NYATSON, GARFI ELD Hebron. Md IYAY. GERALD 150 Fl0I't'11l'l' SI . BIl'lI'USl'. N1.tss YYEST. DLANE 109 Brooklvn Aw- , S.ilisburx. Md W1l1'I'E11,X'IO1.E'1' 21 John St.1N'estminstr'r. M41 IYILLIAMS, RAYMOND -10331Yilliamsl1rixt'. New Cftstlf-, Pl Z ., .. V. -,... ,., .-.gg v QV' H ui, .V ixgfvgvfviil-WR,:m,r5::,ig,z,gx3, ir, , ',,.,+13i"'i.,,V'm', ftffiy .-N, .4534 1 5.-J i , ,.4:q,:, ,qi ., yvenf: f rg. V. ' 5' ,tin lf' K' ,fx 5, flw , ,' A fl: Ll- 113- fvkh 'iff' 'qu .AQ .L V-up -, . L3 3 V- I ,- .- ,N l -, x",J,Qf!. , . 'r 1 r-fn., 'r L, , .-if uuuqn This is where the 1960 Nautilus was pulilishrd. The Amerifan Yearbook Plant at Hannibal, Missouri. 'liliv lllirly-viqlitli xriliiiiic' of ilu- Naiitilux fmilcl ric'x'e'r hmm' lwcn pi'ml1ic'm-cl wirlimix Ilia- uoiicli-i'ful umpvixirioii fll- vgifli nu-nilwr of rhi- mill. In Qiclclizion iw wwulnl lilw to tlmnk Ed. hI.u'lx, and llolm of Miller Stuclios. 'liom Kfcllugli and Harold Gillwrt of Aiiivrican Yom-book Cfoiiipgiiiy. llii Alxin ll. Kmitliiigui. our fncultx' gulxiwr :incl to all tliv nclxvrtiwiw who mzicln- the lfllill Ngiutilui hnnnm'i.illy pmsilmlc. had 1' - -,' .. 4- -will lil u 'A V F f? Y Q

Suggestions in the Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) collection:

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