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," X 141 ,J A N .v'f X, K4 4' Xi' Y I W W 69 6, ix X ' x 5 3 k 1 . ' L . I I V L ' , X U --1 A - . .. . . FMT1' ' :X -n Q . an mv: - .- H U .. . . I . .. -r- . 2 N- h ..: . .. N . , Q I . ,,, , . Q X Q w . 1 I 1. ,. ql hi P I Y it Y .'a - 1 J-..- ,..- . '1 Lv . ...r , . -WJ ! . 1 -i l ff f 1 X If 1 N I Q J X M f x lx. . nw, -if , X I fm as ' ' Tv ' Tv ' 'Y' 'T " .. si QL' Ti' L. V. a ' 1 I-If 2 we S " , Pg ' S ' , X -- - x 11 I f nf E5 GI ... -1.-q 1 - , A n au... -an 0 un... nu Q NIO 'Q Y 4.v,.. -.f Jw ' f ,Y , ' N A LI T PLANS FOR PROGRESS ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF the Student Body of EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE WOLLASTON PARK QUINCY 70, MASSACHUSETTS Cinda Lee Gilchrist, Editor-in-Chief Donald P. Hammer, Business ,Manager FOREWDRD Progress, inspiration, cleclieation f- tliese forces linve united to innke Eastern Numirene College 21 paut of Goals blueprint for tlie worlcl and for our intliviclual lives. BNC. is not tliirteen acres witli eleven lmuilclings. nor elins :incl side- walks and flowers, If slie were only tliese. slie would not exist. Slie is inure tluin eye eztn see. inure tluin inintl Can inuigine. and inure tluui liezut ran feel. Slie luis been built not on zieretige but on lioly qrouncl wliieli God in His innrvel- Ous ways luis pmvicletl tlirougli tlie inspiration of ll few cletlieutecl nien of Goal, Slie luis liei' foundations not in ezutlily' soil. but in tlie Solid Rock. Ciluist Jesus. Slie was Once only Ll clretun: 41 tlregun wliieli lieegune gi plain nncl Soon lieezune Z1 reality. Tmlay slie is exen inure tluin ll regility :is gi Ciliristixin enllege stguicling in tlie nge nl' Sputnilts. Cmlless pliilosnpliy. iincl wnilclwicle unrest, Slie luis been cletlicxitetl to Cod .intl Ilis Service by pmxitliiig at mlm-tltizility lilueixil zuts ecluexitinn for young Cfluistinns Ol' tnclqiy -A young Cfluistigins wlin will lie- Coine tlie le.1clei's of toinnrrnw guicl nn wliuin rests tlie spregicl- ing' of tlie gospel to "every Cl'C11llIl'l'.n E.N,C. is :in iniporuint part in Gnclis liluepiint fm' tliis itqne. PLANS FOR PROGRESS 2 ' l ,d ,-I ---1 A Pllq Mental Achievement Introduction 1 Administration 14 Faculty 26 Classes 38 Who's Who 95 Spiritual Growth College Church 106 Chapel 112 Religious Organizations 114 Social Life Student Life 120 Organizations 136 Physical Development "N" Club 162 Society Sports 164 l I l ' l ' . i . f-of 'H fs. ff so " in M N -- J i PA WX.. i x KX ' ' gb X J I Af ,.f' ' . - A K '. ,Q , - L 5-.. .1 NJ - '- .. Y' 4 -H of TELLE TU LLY Dave Blachly explains the process going on in the test tube to Bob Cubic. Members of the Spanish Class go over the day's trans- 'Z lation after completing a vocabulary test for Miss Balwit. As a college. E.N,C. strives for truth: as a Christian college, she places no limits on the search for truth. She is not as an atheist or an agnostic who gathers up truths to support er- roneous theories. Ve as ENC. students are taught to have open minds to all evidences of truth and to search for the depths of truth. lnevitably we arrive at one conclusion: there is a God Who is real. He has revealed Himself in His Son. Christ can dwell in our hearts and make us new creatures. There is no proof more valid to the individual than his own personal experience. A building rises behind the Nfansion in testimony to intellect- ual progress this year, Other evidences are seen in an increased teaching staff and revisions in courses offered to students. Two previously part-time professors have become full-time instruc- tors this year: three new professors have joined the staff, Dr. R. lVayne Gardner, Dr. Harold W. Darling and Mr. Donald L. Young. Our entire chemistry department has been changed, Courses have been revised and laboratory requirements altered in order to produce well-equipped BNC. students who will take their place as Christian scientists in this age of Sputniks and Explorers. Most of the departments of the college have been expanded this vear in some manner. Dr. Akers has announced a bigger-than-ever debate programg many literature courses have been revisedg compulsory foreign language exams have been initiated. E.N.C, has progressed intellectually this year 4 not blindly, but toward a goal: the goal of graduating high calibre Chris- tians able to efficiently serve the world of today which so des- perately needs doctors, lawyers, scientists, nurses, teachers, housewives, and preachers who are stable, ambitious, honest, dependable, and sincere - citizens who are grounded in the Rock, Christ jesus. -' 134' It li' P E S i ,"X J X g'V'N I, I, iq xx rl! fff t x' , L -..L 4,-e.,, M 2-X472 Q, 1474 K fgrrfgf v ,Q lj ' Q "4 X 'xff Y A rl, ."':"-. , 1""'-N, Xxfl'f,f"?, qiifiiix. Y s ,X k ' -'Y -Q--I-in-Q yr ,ly 4. - Y ,Y ,yr , Al, X , at ,,, , ,N ,'f' 'X ' ,7,- '1--1Q'f'TI,' ,vw 5 , If Q Q" " 'N'iQJ"'lf -"'t,f.-f, "rx uf-44, I 'N---s-Q., PIRITLIALLY . l ' 'I B wr i l lm ft Beth Albert kneels in the quietness of the prayer room and evening for a few moments of meditation. Grant Swank directs the hospital choir accompanied by Clara Shaw as they bring cheer to patients in the hos- pital nnd nursing homes. Dr. Jessop brings another inspiring message to the stu- dents in chapel. Foreign students bow their heads in prayer to show the united spirit of our religion. This part of the Junior Class's Thanksgiving program was especially well re- ceived by the student body at the annual Thanksgiving Chapel. Religion: a big word to a child. an indifference to the majority. a life to our forefathers. a reality to a Christian. ES. Bright- man says: "Religion ought to be characteri7ed by a feeling of dependence on a personal God and dominated by the will to cooperate with God in the conservation and increase of value." iVealth. fame. fortune F they are the obsession of the contem- porary man and woman. and college student. Peace of heart and mind. a goal with a purpose. a lile of hope - these are the heartbeat of the Christian college student. While the secular university strives for an answer for a generation in peril. the Christian college answers. "Jesus Christ. the lVay. the Truth, and the Life." Evidences of spiritual progress on E.N.C.'s campus this year have been seen in the increased interest in church activities. school religious organizations. and most important. in students' lives. The N.Y.P.S. adopted a new idea in programs this year calling for more student participation. A deep spiritual conviction has rested over many full-house services at the college church as our new pastor. Rev. lN1artin. brought forth the YN'ord of God in forceful language. Campus indications ofspiritual progress are displayed by the great increase in the number oi mission teams. and the new iervor for the children of South Boston in Boston Chapel. But real spiritual progress came not by the outward signs .but by the inward inspiration. concern. and consecration of stu- dents as individuals. As the songs rang across campus after- hours on Tuesdays. as a student took refuge in the prayer room to Hnd the answer to the overwhelming problem. as the con- fessions eame forth after the altar service. as students went from door to door telling the Good News. as courageous hearts testified to employers. as consistent glowing lives sought a better understanding of today's world eh then we saw real spiritual progress. M PLANNING FOR PROGRESS ffl, ci? R 1: .If wi Y r i 1 3 A group of students rclnx in thc corner of the Dug out. a favorite spot for relaxation. recreation and so cial intermimzling. Girls from Munro Hall wait at midnight to welcome Carolyn Lnnphcr from ai big date, 8 Life: an existence to the destitute, an unalterable to the newly- weds, a challenge to the Christian. Bailey said: "It matters not how long we liye, but how." Social progress is a progress toward the fullest and most meaningful life. "No man is an island." He lives with others, he shares with others, he depends on others, he must learn to get along with others. Life at college can be hectic or it can be serene: it all depends on you and your relations with others, your atti- tude towards others. and your love for others. The end of the day, .-X lingering 'Kgood night" on the steps of Munro Hall parlor ends another day for Dick Mann and Yonnie Woods. X. Students of a Christian College are challenged constantly with social problems. What others think, how it ellierts my lille, what God thinks, whether or not it makes me a better person - these we must think of each time we make a social decision. 'l'he cowards back Ollt and seek refuge where one dictates to them: the valiant meet these problems sword in hand and come out courageous citizens. Eastern Nayarene College presents this challenge to her students. ENC. has progressed socially this year. Family-style meals provided a compulsory way of meeting and understanding many very different people with diflerent attitudes from different countries and from diflerent types of homes. Encour- aged Class discussions lead to new insights on popular social problems. E.N.C.'s new counseling system provided an inviting place to unload our social burdens, Our Vice-president did an outstanding job this year in heiglitening interest in our three annual parties. Friday nights were scenes of the most thrilling of all the social successes. the date. A couple pause on the steps of the romantic Man- sion before hurrying in to beat the ten o'clock curfew. Genuine, inner-satisfying social progress comes from the clut- tered mailboxes, the chatter between classes, the "no" when you had to study. the full sign-out book, the Friday nights, the pina or donuts. the class ring, the rustle of taflieta, the ex- citement when opening the corsage box, the midnight "per," the shadows on the walks just before Yklestminister called ten. the Dugout, the "sparkle," the wedding plan, the tear at grad- uation, the anxiety for the fall, the deep. serene calmness that this has been another year and we have won. PLANNING FDR PROGRESS jack Smilh jumps through the Crusader hoop to opcn .mn vxcitiuq lmskvthull svnson. Fred Bodvu Gres .1 pass down hold in one of the strongly coutcstcd Qumcs of thc football series. Relaxing: a life to the lazy, an answer to the frustrated. a dream to the occupied, an essential to the college student. Good said. "Now happiness consists in activity: such is a constitution of our nature: it is a running stream, and not a stagnant pool." Physical progress is a progress toward en- ,IA joying life to its fullest extent. Jimmy jones serves a spinning ball over the net to help him and his partner, Dr, R. XYayne Gardner. place second in the tennis championship. 5:09 Everyone needs to relax - s especially a college student. Even a few minutes on a baseball held can do wonders for a frus- trated. dejected college student. Forty minutes in a class never made a Robin Hood out of anyone, bttt it provided a means for release of built-up tension, In a sense each team wins in any game for they have won something much more valuable than a trophy. They have won a new start and gained a new determination to fight just as hard in the game of life. Eastern Nazarene College has experience physical progress this vear. One of the most outstanding' exam iles are our new foot- , 7 ball rules designed to interest more students in our intramural program, Remember the Delta-Zeta game in the rain? There was no clapping: one hand firmly held an umbrella handle. Basketball has been better than ever this year, Our freshman class brought with them bundles of enthusiasm and passed it all around. Attendance and interest at society games was at a Betty Harris attempts to put another serve over the net for the Zetas. Volleyball was one of the most highly contested of the sports for this year. high and records were set as the spectators cheered the drib- bling Crusaders on to continual victories. The real evidence of physical progress were displayed on the athletic Field during spare periods as the fellows met informally for a scrimmage: and in lXIunro after ten as the girls did their beauty one-two-three-four's. Y, , ,WH , .Mi .......-L. 1 i l 'K In 'QE -l 0 , -N-0 ""' -1 5. . , .. - 3 5 1 1 I f 'I' . -H E! r . 0 ' .X f 5 ' E . f 4' l 4 I 1 ' Q -2. Q 0 S m I 5 ff K., H - .df-'L . 1 Y if Q51 .- SQ P -..,, I 4 , DEDICATIO To One Whose Life Testifies of Planned Progress . . . ln his career in industry . . . He has been an outstanding figure in the Field of milk technology and in this area he is considered an international authority. That he was editor of the journal of .llilk Tl'C'llIZf7I0lQj' and has re- ceived national awards for his work indicates his pro- gressive achievement in chemical research. In his devotion to Christian education . . . He has given the later years of his life to the education of Christian youth. In the spirit of progress he built the Department of Chemistry to one of the strongest in the college so that scores of graduates in the de- partment have gone from his tutelage to successful careers. Hlith his eye on the future he has not only urged that everything possible he done to achieve accreditation of this college but he has also played a vital part in securing that accreditation. In his classes, his lectures are thought-stimulating and mind-challenging. One notices that his keen mind is alert to find better ways of teaching. In his Christian endeavor . . . He ever seeks a closer relationship to God. His life exhibits a spiritual sensitivity rarely seen. He was founder and for many years the editor of The Christian Scholar. He now edits his own publication, The Religious Inquiry, which' is devoted to the interrelationship of religion and science. His is a mind willing to face every fact and consider the consequences of each fact as he continues to progress to- wards his Creator. Wie, the staff, dedicate this, the 1959 Nautilus . . . to an administrator and educator, to a true Christian Scholar, to Dr. James Houston Shrader. 13 Eugr-r, inquiring minds impatiently await the comple- tion of thc- nrt-w scic-nrff building. ENC. students will ht- ht-ttcr 1-quippr-cl to lm-mn to sc-zirch for the Onlifghtcn- ing doors to IlZllllI'l'iS UlySlCIilOUS unity. A lcarnvd indi- vidual is zz thinking individuzil and thinking individuals llzivc- ht-t-n tht- hzickliom- of our faith, our Country. and our frm-cloni. cillill' pvitvption, truth, and furts are the wvzipons with which wc' arm 0u1'Sclx'f's for the future. : sv 1 I .J 14 .gul- ,-N' V s 4. ,,, v O 'Vs- n , --A I ' Sa. M -new V ' "'i"'in -.. , ...V . ' J vu ,Q ,Q '4A, ' 3 -',. v. .-L " . :Q-n... ' -'iq' in M f , , -r,p, ' J , f-"5 - Q -'- ' 1- .13-v ""- ",'o... .YH- A U ' :,,:. rf 1 A-A J-mr . H M., Ma X"TxTry .. 'ft '74, --, " .X . -H3-3-A-1'E! 'fran x L y-"',f ,hnnf '61 I RA ' in wgf- uf' Qvr , I sn 1.4. 'w 4 -.wuuaaup,.,- , I" 4 'Ml' :'!mQ.a,,'f'n.'+nl 'QR' .: , fa i HB9 G 1 1- fm ,- N- Q5 1 U . . M?-4 iff!- '9 sffww wihu um- llln 1 E S! FACULTY DMINISTR TIO i AND I I l BX T .li ' -- Clockwise: W. G. Angell: H. B. YVard. L. D. Durkeeg J. C. Albright: C. D, Taylor: M. E. Wilson: L. M. Spangenbergl M. R. Emery: E. S. Mann: R. M. Inglund: E. E. Gross: L. G. Grosse, L. G. Gordon: J. L. Parry: H. E. Heckertg B. D. Powell: BCVHNDCDF E. N. C.'s progress lies in the hands of faithful, dedicated businessmen, pastors, and general superintendents across the zone who serve her as members of the Board of Trustees and the Development Council. These able men are entrusted with the responsibility of the control of our college. The last Wednesday of each September finds the Board of Trustees on the campus discussing the vital issues of the com- ing year. The meetings are called to order by the chairman, Dr. E. E. Grosse. Also serving as ofiicers of the Board are Mr. Leonard Spangenberg as vice chairman, Rev. Renard Smith as secretary, and Mr. Maurice R. Emery as treasurer, Representatives from each district, all district superintendents, two members of the Alumni Association, and the President of the college, Dr. Edward S. Mann constitute the roll of the Board of Trustees. The comerstone laying ceremony on September twenty-fourth was the highlight of this year's annual meeting of the Board and the Council. The A Cappella choir sang and the student body looked on as various items of significance were placed in the cornerstone to be perserved forever as a mark of E. N. C.'s progress. 17 T . A. Brown: R. I. Goslaw: XV. C. Allshouse: C. YV. Williams: H. lXI. Smith: B. T. Taylor: D. H. Strong: R. D. Smith: R. B. Achesong J. R. Bell: H. R. Gray: NV. H. Benson: R. YV. Blachly, A. C. McKenzie: R. F. Woods: J. Z. Andree. TRUSTEE i FTW , I 6 ,I I I .Jr I v, A ss. Rev. E, E. Grosse places a Bible in the chest to be enclosed in the cornerstone of the new science building. G. B. Williamson, R. B. Smith, and L. G. Pasqualucci. contractor. look on. 4 l 1 l 4 u"i ,4 -Q -41 THE l PRESIDE T In an editorial in the Hrst Naufilut published thirty-seven years ago, it is explained that the staff for the new yearbook has selected "a name redolent of New England atmosphere, aglow with the inspiration of noble purpose . . . The lesson of the nautilusf' the editorial states, "is the eternal necessity of growth . . . The records of history are not com- plete. Much has been achieved, but much remains to be done. In engi- neering, in business, in the arts, in the professions, in philosophy, in Christian statesnianship and Christian missions, there is room . . . to develop individual talents and satisfy loftiest aspirationsf' The passing of time has vindicated the prophetic tone of that first editorial. The years have produced growth in enrollment, in faculty ad- ditions, in course offerings, in degrees conferred, in educational recogni- tion, in buildings and facilities. But even those accomplishments, as significant as they are, do not satisfy the prime objective of E.N.C. It is only when the individual student catches the vision of the possibilities of intellectual and spiritual growth that the true aim of Eastem Naz- arene College is realized. The student himself must "build more stately mansions" for his own soul if he is to become the fulfillment of the dreams of the editorial writer of the Nautilus of 1922. 51525 41492-focff. 18 DE EMERITUS Dean Munro has been an essential part of making E.N.C. what it is today. Our Dean since the founding in 1918 and now our beloved Dean Emeritus, Bertha Munro has by her consistent, God-fearing life been a testimony to our motto: "Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life." She is especially dear to her Sunday school girls as a model of true Christianity, and to all who read her books as a woman inspired by and used of God. She teaches her literature students to formulate their own criticisms of great writings. She is stern and ob- servant, but kind and fair. Making us think about life is her aim: reading endless numbers of our papers is her dedication, and leading us into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior and Sanctifier is her goal. xi?" new DE The intellectual progress of a college depends greatly upon its academic rating. Our efbcient Dean, Dr. Alvin H. Kauffman, keeps E.N.C.'s curriculum well organized as well as serving as chairman of the Com- mittee on Academic Policy. Many students also know Dean Kauffman as an ex- cellent teacher and philosopher. as well as a counselor on schedule problems. He understands students' ques- tions and always can find five minutes to discuss a classroom problem. Dr. Kauffman ably serves as E.N.C.'s representative to various conferences on academic policy and keeps our scholastic rating equal to that of the very best insti- tutions of higher learning. A versatile man. Dean Kauffman does outstanding art work ee everything from illustrated chapel talks to sketches of our new science building. He is often called upon to give talks and his position makes fre- quent demands on his writing ability. A competent advisor to the .Yazzlfhzv stall' for years. he never runs out of new ideas. His quiet, practical. Llhristian life and his personal devotion to the Saviour make him an important part in Gods blueprint for BNC. 'sf' ga-in ingi- 065104. - -5 -? Much-Iiuc N. Nc-asc. Regixtrar jasper R. Naylor. Direftor of Admissions EIIAIIJI-III Yo1111Q.Szc'u'f11m In llza Pnwfdf-nf S. 'D- 1'IJ.II',' I-.1l1II'iIl1'l'. Srfrrf tw the Dum uf tlzf Cullfge OFFICES related to ACADEMIC AFF IRS ,R Jo.In Essc-Istyn. :IuzXrmz! to the Reghtmr Marilyn Teal.Serretary1o the Direflor of Admissions 20 ' :Q if v, -' .,, R, lVayne Gardner, Dean of Studentx Esther XvllllZlH1SOI1. Head Counselor for Worrzen CFFICES .W related r IU DE FFAI RS A Carroll F. Bradley, Head Counselor for Illen Q ll " P' -I 7 ' -..du , -, ..-. , Dorothy A. King, Librarian Harold W. Darling. Director of Guidance and Placement 21 n' -gg 14 'lf -K , Welfy-I er' lv EFA. ,hill 8 l 5 a Gcnc Rive. Awixtrznt C0ll7ZfF1f'PI for fllrn Clam llillvr. .-lwiftrznt Counwlor for Ifumen Bvatrirv Plant. Home Jllother, Willow House Mary Harper. Houve Alolher, Jllanrhester if QFHCES fi Jrxln llluxv, jlwwlvkftlllf I.1l1n1r111rz E 1? 22355 -1 ,!, Clmrlvs I. XYillwvx'tl1. SIAf1t'VI7lfc'7lI1l'7lf of Buifrlmgl and Gmu llllx t. I 9. related to Rolwrt XY. Harding. F0011 Srrrirr 22 .Unnnger Kcnncth Sullivan. Printer .54 Charles Djerf, M.D., Head Phy,vician--1- TLIDE T FFAIRS r i Paul Ossen M D Associate Phg szczan "Doctor" Clark Gregory tries to get Mary Harper. Head Nurse an accurate measurement of tientf' Bob Porter. Ada Jones Asszstant A urse ' w P4111 F. Vvllx. lm lm' 1 .x!zIVlllLz! Nl.u'y R.mkin. .-lx wmn! llmwffw 'ff .Yfuflrrrt .-1111 QIIVVXVJXQI.n11vWl,1.!'t'f7t'7 lun' Mm' Qllllxxlxl. qlwzxfflrzt Iin.1l.M'rjn'f Av 0 Umm- Tc-nl. Serretary to the Business .Uanngfr OHH E of HNANC Hvuhlm YN'illwvr!h. Cashrrr and Re- frptinnnt - Q., 4' . ,d'- ..:.,j, . - 'rgx I 1' ' fi? . 'W . Q., . ...I 5, . I H R X- R xx? . K VAX 2, XX,-f X A""k-9' -L s 'NAIS Stephen XV, Neuse. Director of Dereloprnent Donald L. Young. Diredor of News Bureau CFFICE of DE ELDPME T and PLIBLICITY Alice Vfhiting, Secretary to the Director of Development 25 AX XX: Katherine Buckley, Assistant, Ojice of Development xgkxv Kp 1-'Ns -X? Hive" ' KP' , ini' lo lllllllx ilwr" IN no Qllkllvl xiilm-, XM- 'L l'l.iio .xml .-Xiixtollv. .'Xmluiii.u. l.llIlll'I'. 11ml Clilxin to lm-.un lioxv grunt numls lmxm- lliouglit. .incl xvlmt . i . . 1 - Soil .iml ilu' xvoilnl, 'llw Division of I7llil1TNUI xml R:-lluloii. umlvi' ilu' Q-ll.lll'lll.lIlillllJ ol Pio evo: Nlulli-.1. .mlx uv in nlrgming up our on plulovoimlix ol life' .iml will oun ilu-ologv. i 'X 1 4 'l'lie Elifubeilnfm Age. the Rei-fomizition. abnormal children, llim- liezillien and im'orne tax returns are but Z1 verv few of tlic' inginv l-L1CClS of study in the Division of Social Science, Professor .-Xkcrs. Ciliaiimmn. To help us to understand people. ilu- wav lliev act. the wav tliev govern themselves, giml ilu- may to lezxcli the-in - ilu-Se are the purposes in the liegirtx ol' tliew earnest professors, fb 4: Ili Yimis .llona Lila and Picassds Tlirm' Alusirianx in-wi' look quite the same after an intensive course in Fim- Arts: nor do Yi-rcli's Aida or Copland's The Ca! ami Ilia' .Uouw sound the Same. 'lilie l-Llflllly' of the Division of Fine Arts. whose Chair- nigin is Professor XN'illwerth. have guided our minds io npprvciau- the fine arts and guided our voices and our lingers to sing and play beautiful music. Odysseus becomes a real person and T. S. Eliot's XYastelaml becomes a reality as we study literature from Professor Munro, Chairman of the Division of Letters. To teach us poise and confidence in our speaking, to teach us all the exceptions to the rules in English. French. Spanish and Gennan, and to teach us about life - these are the aims of these dedicated professors. DIVISION CHAIRME Our new science building is the heartbeat of the Division of Science and Mathematics, under the leadership of Professor Shrader. It stands as a testimony of E. N. Cfs faith in the future of her students, as they take their places in the world of the Nautilus, the Sputnik, and the Explorer. Teaching us to learn, to think, and to apply what we have learned that we may better understand the mawelous world God has created is the goal of these able professors. ELEANOR EMRRY .-XKERS. .-XM, l7Z1fV1lIfL'7 111 .N'jfre'4'f: WlI.I,l.XNI AI X'HRXl1RB.XBi1OQil-Q. I J. ' , ,' . 1m,f...,r1ffB..,f.ugL II.-XRYEY J, S. BIMXNEY. .-X B.. S.T.INI. .fixwfrufu Pwfawur n'fI?z'1'IQ1-071 .X M ACU LTY 51,1-fl' RUTH B,XI.WIT. .V lr1X3':nfNf :v:.Yfw:r1:fz XM T .1 As FACU LTY JAMES REESE CAMERON. A.M. Assistant Professor of History A, 11 . xxx I A Q. CARROLL FRANCIS BRADLEY. M,Ed Assistarzt Profvssor ofEduc11fion,' Hea1lCounsclorfor Alen DONALD PAUL BRICKLEY. Mid.. Ph.D. A-'sistant Professor of Sofiology PATRICIA JOSEPHINE CONNOR B.F.A., M.A. in Mus. Ed. Assistant Professor of Voice EDITH FRANCES COVE, fv1us.M. Pmfewor uf .Music II,XRUI.D XX'lI,I.I.XNI D,XRI,INC. Ph D, Damwf wfffllirfalfifc' f17Zl1I,l'IlI'l-7'1!'7lf GEORGE JOSEPH DELP. .-X B, ST M Aww Irlfz' P' fn-or nf RIIIQJVYI I f -Q1 YJ! LOUISE A. DYCOSKI. .-XM. .-ixvorifxtf Profuuur of Spvcfh M011 lrarej -i' ROBERT XV.-XYNE GARDNER. .-XM., D.D. Dean of Students: Professor of .Hathenzatics FRANK YN'ILLI."xM GERY, fXI.B.A. Ph.D Assoeiflle Professor of lfrorzonzirs EDITH PIERCE GOODNOW. A.M. Assistant Professor of English Literature KENT GOODNOXV, A.M. Professor of German 39 'Q lb S l".:.'T.1 , "-'11 K JOSEPH GLENN GQLLD. .-XM.. D,D Pmfmxm Of1X,E'l1AgfU7l GRACE WHITE HALL. AM. Avmta1ztPr0fcvwr OfP11.j'XifS KLLXRY KISLR IIXRRIS. .XXI Prnffwwr.rffu'!14'f2 GEORGE ROLAND HORNER. ABI., Dr. UL. Avviftnn! Profmxor of Sociology ALICE NIELSON KAUFFM.-KN. A.B. A.m'stant Instructor in Violin DOROTHY ANETTA KING, A.M., M.L,S. Librarian ALVIN HAROLD KAUFFBIAN. Ph.D. Dean of the Collage: Professor ofPl1iluv0fIhy JOSEPH HENRY KNOWLES, A.B., B.D., AM. Assistant Professor of Psychology 0 X MARLIN BOOKS KREIDER, Ph.D. Assistant Profewor of Biology JAMES GREGORY LARKIN, jr.. .-XB., Th.B. In ffruftor in .Hunt 2 1 Ml..-"' ' ' x X., GWENDOLYN IiX'.XNGEI.IXE NIANN M Ed , , . D , .kfwnfanf Imfe ww of lfrflufxtxurl OLIX E BX NOX NIARPLL. :X BM Kills B. .imprints Pmffwor of .Uufic PA L' L CALVIN MAYBURY. Axsociate Profemor of Chervgiftrg ROLLAND WEBSTER PARSONS. Aygociate Professor of Education Ph.D, JASPER ROSS NAYLOR. B S . A NI Drvefmr M .4f:"'r:. :mfg Pmfe ,fn of .Uczfixewfzfsm MS. ALICE SPAXGENBERG. AM. Profemf of Engfz h wx ..,u ax ,ev ..A X -ff If fft M? I Z X? xl N '!- , .r , x ,- Qi .qu 'Q , ,, x 5 ILLI ABI LLOX D TAX LOR Ph ESTHER D. XVILLIAMSON Associate Professor of Voice Head Counselor for Women 4Y5Isff17lfPf0 essor 0 Clzenzzstrj 'x BARCLAY FREDERICK WOOD. B.KIus. Instruclor in Organ pw-nl DONALD LEROY YOUNG. .-NM Assistant Professor of English DORIS KELLY. A.B. Assistant Instructor in Economies 36 JOHN BECHTOLD NIELSON, AAI.. B.D. Instructor, School of Practical Arts and Letters V I HELEN MULLEN SULLIVAN, A.B., M.Ed. Instructor, School of Practical Arts and Letters VVILLIAINI A. TAYLOR. A.B., Th.B. Director, School of Practical Arts and Letters 37 JF" IRYING STANLEY JQNES, AB. Instructor,Scl1ool of Practical Arts and Letters SARAH SOMMERVILLE PARKER Instructor, School of Practical Arts and Letters I 5 : I i , 4 1 f 2 4. s 1 E I 'E Yu-I rl!! Tig.. 4' . 5, " S milf- 1.15-QV' :YI .:,2 ' I ti. if V. . ., a . .4 . s 3 f'.-4, ., V 'Y-v X5'Z ' f, ,Y I 9 n . . ' p , ' .' "s- v . : ' A ..-1' 5, . F , , , ,J u- x ' ' ' an A. 7- ' - ' -Q v f "1 .V ,PS 1 ,lv . A .- ' . - in 1 ,,,-. :..'.--'V I fi- ,7,.. 't dn...- .a f N .,--vwwnoful YC' W: 4. Aa, 1,-.vu . L, 4 -'vw ' !' ' " ' 1. - , 3 '- 5-nr -'- -.. .' .I - lg :W Q .,1n"Qf- x 1 --5 -wg 4.5 g H.'N'1,ig"5i7S,, iff, 518 A ' " " - .arf 9: 5 --mea-14' Sm-.--.1 , f . S ,- flsiif '1 "g 3 "'?'f." ,faq 4',-y- X il' IV' ,,:,. ' A .f--I, v--'- ---f N- .H f' - , '- " r jj, I '-- ".b1s'f -3 -l, 1' . I 'N ," - -f ' , 1' N,-4,3 ?": 'V .i A .ff -Y 'L t A , -, .' 1 ' fl , 8 9, ,vi f K ,ii ,,' 4 ,r ,' I nr '- ' .Aff-f' 4 :,,A. 'O x1-I' ,ilbhh In ,' .. 1 K 4 ' '- " . ', , ', 3'1" 1 .,, , X ,, S . Us EQ, I . .. . R. H ' Q - 0 r .. - u Tl, 151 114' lpn' ,. Q: VP I-:XV5-!1d'., , - .D ld. - V LUN-L' U Y q n , . ' -g .5 AQ, ,: ,5"f "Q'If,x'f' -1? 2' , , .1 ., -.5-, -P1-gr' 1 1, ' - 'x"" S' " 'T-1-311.3-. ,, ,.., u bv I " "Z--L f'A'ff-.'-1 - Z..l--t - ,sq 1 .L .- ..'b- -,.4 , ' 0 ..-NI ...,- - ,Y... . 3 .. -QKXNN--Qf sf- rig., -1 h S, ,- :-',5-3' 'V'-. ' l'1-I "K -.QA ,, w""' 'il , if -' 1 ' - 'E-.f non 1 -xy -. - 123 'S-.' - 1 w.'1 111 -Qxg XQN '-.a 1 -, Sf QL . '- ,T-uh' Q4-7-fl, ' --r." X--.Q -r-- QQ- xg -- 11 xx,"-,jx ,, X -" . 'ix -' -5 - , 00021 5 xx- - x - -Lge -Jig 5- S - if '- ' .lsf-s -' . ' ' 1 111' Ni-5:7 .f,,f'f'-, -:'-11- Txf-xfiix'-N 11 's..Nsi-X:-5.x -.H -H-. V 111 ,xx --. wp -, ' -QL, -Q. .,--.gk-.3 ' I - -gnu: Ijkitti L.,-: ' I 'fn-' 'Xsi-- 'X---E- . """ " ' ' 1 -N .. ' ,--. - "11. N' - L"--,'-lx N' . J11 x 5 Q-WA- K- 'X 'C "Eb -'--:S X , X -., N -.,,x- X. -X L,-'-:xf'XKQ.f. I-. A X .D -,K , Axx-..5 . I li' -fI"- '-.XN - ' LJ- F ,- F V . f..L -lg, ., --T,".-- ' - - 11 -D fgf 4- '- . l '- ' xx TN., ' ' f A , ,W - Ar . L I -A -Ng- Qh! ll ' .1 ld Y , - ' ' 1 I' , I W V Q-, 'Nw - 1 .. v-- 4, X k - . - 1 -H., :fi A 1- ,h , ,- -- A ,- - V----v-'T 'suv' 1 ' ' - . 1-1 1'L,'l'2j +- .- ' S 1 rt - 1 -- M-L 1 . 1, , ' F T 1'f",1, ' 1,1 1, . ff -Hi,-J-.LW ., 1-1 V-fJ'1"'1,'--- Irulllvf-,' ' ,1'.,.i'i5'C ' - ' ' A --v ., ,A 5- , 'v.'f1TTa"c'r5 -'Ni3j,1:'.'IiL.-1, 'f',L7:7,g ,uJ ,.1.--- T-13.1 g-l,-1,1-7 -- -I ' Ir'1 I I ' --1,1 f L,--v-J" -v- "f'f' A xv'y'1v-,I . 7, W ' 'il 721,-xi cl L I v , Af, A'irIfI,,i1i--'13 - "'x ,..- Tr- 1: QA.- ., A - . Jf- f ' 1 u l1T:',,'.1.,l:rl-'Jw-"I'f Y.. L. -1-fl TL' - 1? -ll-L w y L -.,'.,--V'---"'71L4E. TI-I -1-I-11 , YA - ' 'N ' 'V 11,1rx..g.- 41211, 7111111-111917 ""' .- ' . - 1 W" ' "I ' ' T, '1- L ffl Vf S - - ' Ss Im," - ?: ,ff " .'--.111-f"., Y ."' .. , L'- - ' - . "' , . '-,si ' ' L' M' x Y " v-,',v - Q ,Tw ' 1 '. 1 "V "- . hi . YS , I -..v ,nga . ' - 's gil. . ii '.' v P -- ' 1' l tv:-.nw --4.1--. .-, Y V' N 4 L I CLASSES ALA I . Q i 1 L M em?" Merrylm Bryner Phyllxs Dancy X xonnc Moreland Stanley Ross Graduatm 9 9 SCHCOL of PRACTICAL ARTS and LETTERS 417 Jx I' Francis Andrews Anne Bedell Arlme Berry Beverly B15,s Bmbaru Bryan '1 Lyle Christensen John Cokkmxs Damel Erbe Regma F1rnsworth Raymond French . . , . , - 1. o o J -f:nwfn f-f.1, . . X mu, I ,ffl-L r' 5 I - , ' ',- .2 ,. ,. A 'vt H12 .mg - T K '- 4:.x--HM 3. I ' T, ,N -.,,x.. .., ' , Ln. : ' , . TTU. , , A U, , I ,ef- ,A M "J 4 I' "vi . A of fl 4 . nm + ', ' ' ' ' ' '51 . N C 'L 'Q'-H ' Jqqaj.-f a.f.'1.5, - ge T I ' JI ','...w-Fq'.'1 5 fly ' . Q " r"f'i.'VI ' .Y-Q all f V' 1 ,I ,.l:,,,4 V , If-V, ,xl XT .. ,LVL A . L LM.jH,'. , ,-im , . 1 , . 9 fy' , . N V 4 . x AL N , , ,, , Y 'll , , l . ', T' r' ' 1 wwf, W , , ' x ll 4 v . L.. , N7 . Q A M- Aw, ' '. -' f -- -5: 11, bf 1 . A , , fy, . ' K .' l ' T -...,,,,., 'Y' K' Robcrt German Annette Gould Yictorinc Hinson Jonrmc Hitchr-ns 1- Clgxrk Grcqory Durothy II11g.1r Ngxnry Hltv Betty Huduc .- N- ,fngf.sv4 Ll '15 1' , .llllAiK'l' Hullg V : QA Bvlty Inu lI.u'Il4'y jnmnn H1-llrlrh - . wllon nmld Ilolsimn-r nd Ruth Hinklm' T!1lPIll.lS Howard Ruth Hudnall I 'Nu Niurlvl ohnson Rubs ohnson B1rb1r1 NI IIN ss Stephen XIJFOHIJH I .,,. --gg 1 .gif-T3'TfF' 1' 1 ' fifsf' l.'4y.,'i'Egi 1'- n l Ti' 49.6- Ihlnn oms NI xr 1rLtL1P1c'rrs udlth NI utm Ted 'wimott Shirley Powell S C onmc' Lmemm Dnnc Lloxd C Irol Perm Bonnu Peterson Grice Lloxd C lrolxn NICLQ-in Edward Phxlhps N111 1retPh1pps 41 4 :Y:,..9lQ1 .ff .7 'fy' '+'r54'r " ' 'xg '2 . gbi ss 5' 0 L ' 1' l. X ' ' . ! , r s. 11: . I I g " s j X K I if Us -lv Q Q RY A . 1 s v 9 L I ' 'A Cf- "W sf Q-w' --""'1 '14 ' In -- 1 A 1 Q mill 6' ..... O 'Q s'g . 3' 1,3 3 . a,. .14 ' G - r - f '7' MMT! - ... flfl' I5 U55 A HUGH I.OCillHE.Xl7. l':'. . -Pr. A: :'. - INN SIFFERD. Tr.f1x1n.r.' BETH .XLISIIR IQ I 7 : lain: DAVE XYELLS. Pr. 4.1. nf: HELEN INEX BI-IRG. s.ff.'fmy.- Rox XNQXIQIW. Sffaclv- 1 V 1 1.- R4'fJf1'Sc'lIl0li1'4'. Herbert Aalpocl Clifford Bifkel Mary Billcrt "9 R' ddr A xv' r 5 'si Q , . f d . , 1 'X Q0 x bt - i, i QNX , fin A Q if Lisbcth Albvrt Raymond Allshouse '71, Donna Altic Ronald Altic XN'illizun Alworth Mona Birkheimer Priscilla Blaisdell 45 Q . David Andi-rscn Joe Andrews Blanche Armstrong John Borgal had Il' Richard Barr Gerald Beard Esther Beckwith Joyce Bender t pw- "".'f .f ' , v in . ' nd -.l -if Rubscll Brwxlcx Rmlph BICMNILI mmtt BIOSSI1 Charlotte Boshart Carlton Bowden Lxftlllll' Bowen Alan Brady .xxx Helen Chilcotc Tw X 'If'-nr' fz , w t ,fl . Wm nv' 'ar' Ronald Corbett Clara Flowers Shirley Fluharty R Q4 ,, -rf , .. l., ,..'p,- . . lp img' ' lgllffflik ,L Q l Y ' 5. f" Jr, . -Vx Al 5 3, . bllwzli Donna Cowherd Robert Cox Robert Davidson Denver Deeter Cirole Dickey Dan French Tom Freysz 'il 'V 1' 'f""4l' 'hp",l" udith Donnelly P1ulDufley Robert Fwlke Roy Fryberger im' W. .Kilim Q 47 2- jonn Farley Frederick Farrar Nancy Fee Margaret Ferris I 1 Howard Guard Paul Gunsalus Gaytha Gutshall ri bv 'if' N y Q , 1 as ii l u f 'I r " V , ,V S ,+"' '1 L' " 1 4, 1' ' " in ' "Q P 1-fs: 7l"'ll , u ...'4-,',3,5" W I N ' W ' 'X All ' F1 K .-.dx ' Robert Gardner Sharon Hampton Barbara Harding jj, pl ' ' ' Q -S .Q .l pe, x Q . f f x . sf ' .ai 41" Y v 4 Jx'f.4 6' A v Suznnnc Gardner Larry Gt-rdcs Mllclre'-d Hnrrison it .u'S I A 48 Q ll Ruth Gilbert Gvorgc Glover Dm id Gluskvr Slmron Hatrlxvr Q ' - - . 15" Carl Gold Charles Goodman Muriel Gordon Janice Grennon Barbara A. Hayes Barbara R. Hayes Patricia Hazel Judy Hcberle 1 , .' 1 - i. - . 4 ..,..: ..x , . rn, 1. - Q Virginia Hoekman Patricia Hvckcrt Grace Hcnck Clarence Hildrc-th A Q Chauncey Hofacker Sherman llill Judith Hissom , iv gi' ' 23, fav! 1 .fi ,' ,,., . ., 5' 3 .. .51 . . ay. .- , :M 'gy' - . ,g ?" if vp' f1,f:,'?-A. ',.'. A - , 1 - - "' L 3? Q ' it-' 49" if! 49 lib If I X' iii S ,1,-AJ K Richard Holbcrt Heather Hook Carol Hobson QA if ,f . 1 ' . x, X 1 X. -X 1, f i W Sally Hughes Bcrcletta Hulbert Faith Hunter I-. an i H46-. I 'sth n 'wr . 1.4 f'f"l 411 40 1' 'WN "':-v' -1- a Clliflornl Ilursr . ,xg xnl , 'VW '1v"'f bf ' 1 , , gL.',f,,.-'A .V '-QU 271, 4 nu, l , , . Q, :.. 3. .'.1':wlf l., '1 13' 'W' , , 'awe-..K ' " 'll ls. 5: .iff ,. -3 'Y li- -Ltiix.: .nlllvg-2 fS5I1,ak .MIG T irsfffriil Sll1'l'I'lll .lL'll4'IN fnl'l'.ll'll l1'llll'2.lll YN 1ll1.lm ,Imu-s .'Xl.1n King I . s-Q.. l I1 Y.'0h+" V lx ff plllll Juv l,c114 he-llwqu 1'IlllY'lll lx'-rn af llc-lvn Kr-rr C1.nml Kvwlvr l'cu!3' Kinsr-3' T1-d Klincfclrvr 3, 4 ,-', 1" ON o.Xmx llyl,1c1'tson Jllllllly' 'l.lf'lKSOI1 Bldim' kI.u'clim- fs :PMS V C-'tl A I K . y 'H Q-an-. lx 50 Gloria Kimball judith Lambert jdrk Lgxuclcmlilk .V ,. . ..v: .,S 'YLS ' lv' U. 'Av J-' . Q Q2- ': ..,. Ronald Lineman Esther McMinn Ernest Miller , eg! ,.'t- , ,L 'G Hugh Lochhead Paul Lutes Gordon Miller QK W J David Lynch John MacLeod Nancy MacLeod Edward Mitchell tr- .s 1 51 V. 1 unpgfqe v X M sa M HAI' 1' lu w 4- , - I',1 sw. A-. in Y- '- Q I vii' Donald MacKay Robert Mahood Charlene Manley Hazen Mellish ll . ,S UK Betty Manna Sydney McCloy Marlene McDermott Hugh McKnight JLlIT1C'SCJIliLlH Ric hard Cjiiflhlll D Lormim- f.1tr'l1 I 46 in a""" 'if D Tv?- S Q 5 E V . X . r. I , Kfildrmd :NIfJl51'l.1-ll -1.11114-s l'.1x ml' 1' X 1'l HHH PLAN QC' A! a.4:'J' X qi: :Il 113' x . N in 'N --" rv ' X X xi,ll'N XIII! xilllnf' Tlxr'z1..1N xilll-" Xl1ll"l.CNlli'll1l x ' X 14 -.1 52 ,ln-4 Kg I ,fm'.il4,,j, 34.5 lsr, Md , 4 U1-11.110 Xiwlhflcl li' 'lx 514'IIlN I.m::.:Xi1'11.- R4'lll'l'l I,Ul'I1'l .Xudn-x Xfushvr 51.11111-s Sims:-r .lumix Ni1'dcx'hiSn'r Sylvia Nirkrrson - I-' 51 15111 A r' .-15 2' J 5 Q Xvillillfll Porter Roger Raiscn Joseph Rapaljc Lanai Redcyc l " A ' gr 1-1 if-- , V. 1, nr i ., V. ,N 'iv ini' 'ip Mnrrclla Rousf' Cnrolyn Rvynulds Marilyn Rivclcr Warren Rolcr ...si f 4 414' 4...- Alwyn Royull N Q..-Af "x ' we 1-x 1 'i TwIQ11'ilynRuhl .Im-fry Rutlccluc 6.4 44" ' ' Y Dmmld Ross I,von.ird Rosc- f .J-, ,. , 1 , 4 1 'sh G' Patricia Rose 53 Beverly Ryder Kathryn Snbins Edith Supp W p W Kathryn Savage David Sififcrd William Sittig Vincent Slaka "'Y?'vff Stanley Summvrson Clarence Swartz llvlcin Spcuxrc Carol Sorvnsc Il Joan Suri-mon gp lb 54 . Sr gqqf'-yy-'-ss"a w --v in 54" Q S'-Q ' Alice Tatton Pauline YN'cbstcr Richard Welch X ix .' 'ffl png .,.i,.' l,f,, i .1 I li l V .' MNH . , 'I-V5 Q-1 ', .ii ' 1 Qu -'-E16 wi: 1'f:':,.w :Y i - ' w . '7 wg" 1. ' ' ' Marilyn Teal 'T' I 1 ,H b ., David Thatcher Qi , A Y. . m 1 L -imp. - : ,TC A . "iff K ' YA. , -will ."! E -in l , -, - f Gcrcn Thomas Joyce Tolzda Brucc' Tracy A n na Traut Paul Trcyz Suzzina Urns-r Thomas YVeller David Y'Vells Edison Weslow 55 U 4- I fu-fx, 'LQ Nun! Robert Yr-ccliionc Carol lY11clc Norma Wal-:vin Ronald Ward 7'-"' 'Griggs Wi ffgf' Qian ' " Iii! 5 Joan White Howard Williams Yonda Woods Anna Woodward Fred Woodworth Linda Worth David W'uori Allen Yacubian Robert Zollinhofer David Whippo Clara White Ronald White Priscilla Wliiteliead Robert Whitiiie Rudy YN'idm.m Jklyff' lN'hitmQiii William Wilhoyte 5' QL.- 1 Q1 ,fi vw 'I H . is f K1 up Q5 , Q ig A - if l 56 l 3 41" 'll' Q I .,,M.N mx' 44 W". . lk-, 'M 'J 1.1-'i:,'f,' ' .f ,I , I .95 r- H ' . C4 5 'L 04-ll 0 h 5 . ' I 7 . . , fc .J Y . ' .25 I. 8 I , 10: kb '.,A.QL": : 4. 9 , .L . I ' v ' 1 Q F -I f., ' ic -'1 nf . ' ' It 'ff' 'f PN ol, ' - f -3' . . , 'R I 5 usb' I 'I f 6 -2 of ' 3 'Y AQ ' "x il' - ,ggi 1 I J , v U 1 xx, "-- 14,55 '- 'Zinn 9 5- L. .. M-L. -Q- ',.,Qf-' ' -un. .-.-.- VJ l.f..-.- 1- --1-12 - .1 rH,.,9,f..- sr'-Y 1-.4 , 3 hi.: Wim li - l -'X o Q -M " -D , T . Qi i'- . . " eg,-mf? I, 6 5' n SGPHOMORE ,-I A 155' 'fa HN. A JM , ,vt . ' nf ' F N. X , S I 3575.12 1 'F- Q' 5 T., -' "": A s' ' . 53: I ' F ' SHIRLEY CASYVELL, Trz'aszu'vr,' Dr. DAR LING, Atlvisofj ESTHER SCHYVANKE. Sfmt' taryg DICK MANN, Presidcnt: ELAINE LYNCH ,.' t . Vice P7'l'5idt?7lf,' GRANT SXVANK, Studcnt Coun- cil Representative. Q Sue Allen Lois Armstrong Charles Baldeck Marvin Balwit Carolyn Batchlet Elizabeth Bowers L Dorothy Bausrnan Samuel Bowman in- William Butler Janice Byers 'fi 'few ',. ."v.'.a-I 91. ' ' fw'.'wQ' 'I'4"' I 'sw ,sv ' 1 v:xlL.Ks,w o,w.,x ' :sq fu- ' v' '-pw .qw .,c,s. M.: , . 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Vg 3 Q, 1 . , joan Hcmxan Verna Hall 1 Helen Haselton Robert Hebets Charles Howard 15' Willa I-Iersman Fern Huff Grace Hoekstra James Huggins 61 ag, Barbara Jacobs Al" Ann .lohnston Carolyn Keith Judith Kinsey X .K ll , iff! .r g"' F, Gerald Klumas Carolyn Lanpher , .- wuz . ff, -lk , , 1 af .RR I ' S 1 . f fi or 4 -..b,f I iff' F' E7' J ,: ,W Eileen Liggett qw , 'K X of David Lindsay , X- xy rw' ' 133 4 Q -21. Arthur Mc:Kcnz1e Patricia Lockwood John Meisner I 'E Dc-an McPhee Donald Long Raymond Millard Katherine-jvan Mann Lawrence Mc.-Xllastcr Elizabeth hfinott Richard Mann Irene lwlCCarty Ronald Nor-rnan l 62 11 George Porter Richard Parker Virginia Penha Marnn Price Stephen Riedel' Chirlcs Ritchie -.. .w' , lit. .ln ..---,, ' '. 'lf'-, fi7o"? ,,,, were 7 Charles Pillsbury ' 1'-X. james Rae Dorothy Peterson ix X Bruce Reeves Mary Lynn Sanborn il. Donald Schlough Esther Schwomke Cliy ton Shifler Hn 9 'A 5, 4. q jack Shankel X191 Raymond Sharpes , . l v f .m Clara Shaw B fs., Jann,-s Swartz Dorothy Ynuqhan Yrnllix XN'or'flf-rl j Y f 45. 'W 1 'ind Elnorn Sommer XN'znrncr Stanford Elsie Stauffcr Cmnt Swank 3 S .N Gs i 1. Qi.. jurnf-s Tnskcr Bonnir- Thrmrpwrx Xg1my'Thurpa- M,grigmn,1 L'rnqf A2 "4 - Q Hlsiz' Wfalkcr filmiw Wullmrm Glenn XN'o0ds .-'K nd rr-.1 NYuods 's ' 0 Y ' f , f ,,' , Louis Ynuvr Bl'Vl'TlY Ziffllvf Elimln-Ill Zollinhofvr 64 X v ' - 7: 'F 0 - ' Y , ' I ' ' v Y u ' 'K Q I -p F 'Q'-. X " .- ' . N .!,. . I -4 ' Ji A z WQQQ-kxqm. .1.Q,,5Q'xlJi .wagibkv 1 - . . l . -W, I Q Y' 1 f 'N 1' 5 . if X3 - 4 1' ' - I " V, ' 'M , , . s 4 vi I 'x 'l "fl :V 2- J". '.'3'si'.'.. mf ' -E Px'. fr ?Q.4 h 1 . r- 1' -, ' H- 'Q 1 cy".-1 IH- .2-.. ' ' U , Q.. l - 5 . ,h 0 - f 1 . s h ,' ji. . ' , F ' TIM ' '.'K'b,.-Ahhtllv xa 4 .rr-.1 M." 4 u ',' if-' ,a ff."-,7 u,-bf " I-JY. -J '-,"5":-'fffv' 455 n 8- . 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JU IORS if ruff if O ul ll : -.7- 1-:Hi J , - Z- f'5C.A'I"-1' -, I 5- I ks '99-.. 1' .'Q,v, :, , , , -IO.-XX zmczlna. m.Q-P,-Uff1.,,f.- .'X1.FRl2IJ sw.-xlx. f.'1,f,,.1m.- xcmxm 1:1c:m1ox1n. .sn . r'1'!ar.x'.' .XXITREXY P.-XNCTARIK. 'l':.11w1n1r.' NIL XYELLS. Fflblllfj' .'ifl:'i-fm' ROHIZRI' XIANN. Sludf nl f.'OIll1l1.! R.jw.x.11fafi:'.'.' .IIXI Iilillililill. Pnisirivlzl. I , 4 N N" , , ll..., x W4 .gy I' 1 1' X I ' f ,M Ruth Coons Melvin Couchenour Kenneth Alcorn Priscilla Anthony Thomas Boates K x x David Clifton Barbara Clingermar Marianne Colcsar 'Q 1,5 ,Wh in ' James Brivkcr lYilliam Brivvs PD William Couchcnour Jerry Buckley lValte1' Cla-in -'f i J! xxK ' 'X 955.4 E' 1" ,Q . 4. ffl . i i, no A315044 Sarah Fuller Paul Garron Colin Daniels Adelard Everton Barbara Finch Gerald Hilyard acl Elliott Grifliths "viii , fit .. , . 'fgnlwriau' rf, lg , l In Dax id Hall Sharon Hammer Betty Harris Susan Hodgkins 1.3-s ls :arf 2 t f. ll-ix? ' 1.4 ., .W 9' .1 551 .I A Mc., t V., 6' v , . Mary Hatcher Robert Helfrich Robert Henck Richard Hover Esther Hunter Walter Irons Larry Klumas Meguerditch Jamgotchian Francis Jarvis lNilla jenkins S , v .M vivli 1 ,gd if ..- 4, S Richard Lambert Philip Koury jean Keeler Betty Keller Jack Kizirian james Jones 3 Q ik , V 1,3 f .gf Thomas jones Herbert Keeler K ' C i f .J - 1 1 , 2 '51-T?' ANP' 145. X 'V Orvxllc- Bhson NI21l'X'iI1 Milluury' Jcssiul Klilslnzxd Ruth Mingiu Deborah McDonnell Norma Mac'I.cod Robert Mann M.1rsh.n Parry Pnl Ncwlcn Walter Olson Andrew Pancgxrik Richard Parry Clifford Patnode Calvin Poole Robert Scheidly Lillie Rogers Gwen Savage Jane Scheer Robert Poole Thomas Rawlings Norma Richmond ? F Branson Roberts i .X V i L'-'.u6. .1 201 1 .4 fi .IQTSUI Virginia Schlouqh Ruth SK'ilNN'1DkE' vf l A ,, fa a i K .. f. ': W Q Isaac Shahicd lljn Y A Q...,.,' X v 'H' is ' ,iF a .Fi .'xI'iL'NC' Shzimiori Larry Sinqvll X Rav Stark Rifhgird Sli:-fvi ., 4- Xlfrrri Swllill David XY.:yii..ii1 luiii Zviulvr J 'x 1.1 NN .n'iii.in XI.ii'y Lou XYi1l'1'il'f .sry Hiiiipplf- uyfr Zurfhvr u I ......-suv, .YYY. ...,--Q-sr 31 P- ,-f 5 uv , fl 'X . ', V .r.,, - ,. pf -- V Q "',',' x 4' . . F - I , . I . . ..:- ,,- Q . ' . Q Q .H Tfff, ,Q FH . 1 Y 21' 'fivi ' 1 ax' 41 'Y 7 ,fl N'i.,'i. .. tx. A U, SENIDRS 1 5 A ,.. 'ST .' .ul 1 :xl ' M l Q an if l ,l 1 9 'WW , , ,. 4, - 5 . N' N ' fi. if "l4':fo Ib' 46- S .,. 6, is X .17l?T,f,' 4 ,f -- ,K I ', 5 5 f 5 Professor R. Naylor. Fafulry Ad:'isor: Aclricnnc Anthony, St'l'l'l'fHI'J'.' Lo Rae Recd. Vin' Pnwi- dvntg lVilliam Webb, Prrsidvnt: -Lowell H. Hall, Student Council Rrpr'r.fn1tatiz'z'.' Dick Clifford. Clzaplaing Merritt Mann, Trvaovzzwr. 'Q SENIOR PROSPE TU SENIOR BIOTTO: Hit ll'ifl. -ll-1' Liif: Pt'rft't'! Plat: Senior Sketches by Dean Emeritus Bertha Klunro . i ' vw "'S....:' KENNETH ALCORN AB. HISTORY Foundation: Sincere Devotion. Trial Sketrliex: Thunderous bass. "Cod save the Queen." Earnest witness. "His hiq manly voice1" Blueprint: Student minister par excellence. Hieh N-Y's. "Dottie," "Old Reliable," Deepen- ing life. Seminary ahead. Haute Beautiful: "First he wroghte. and afterwzttrcls he tauehtef' Delta l.2.3.4: Evangelistic Association l.2.fT:l1 S.F.KI.S. 41 Student Ministerial Association 2.3.4. Vice President 43 .X Cappella l.2.3g Clee Club 1.2: Quartet 3: Hand 1.21 Basketball l Football 1.2: Greenbook l, Treasurer lg Nautilus 2. .-Xssistant Business Manager 21 Lit- Speech Club l: Bioloqy Club 1.21 Nlountaineerine Club 3.41 Physical Culture Club 2.3.4. ADRIENNE ANTHONY B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Foundation: Happy Seriousness. spreader. Blueprint: TVilling helpfulness. Llissionary workshop: One VP. that is not "gt spare tire. Rounding up the strays. "Little nameless acts of kindness and of love." House Beautiful: Under-shepheicling, 75 Trial Sketches: 'KA garden in her face." "Her voice was tver soft, gentle and low." Sunshine Sigma 2.33: Student Council 4: Honor Society 3: Evangelistic Association 2.391-3 S.F.M.S. 3.4. Vice President 43 Lit-Speech Club 3: ETA. 41 TVho's XVho -ll Honor Scholarship 2.3,-l, FRED BODEN AE. SOCIAL SCIENCE Lt. Foundation: Sturdy Good Humor. ll' Q' Trial Sketches: Infectious grin. Tease, Athlete. Quartet faithfuL',l3janet." "He who hesitates is lost." .ffff Blueprint: Much married, Classes incidental. "Can't keep a goodqgilj clown." House Beautiful: Social Welfare. illfftltfl Delta l,'2,3,4. Society Representative 2. President 43 Quartet lQ22l"N" Club 2.3.41 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3.4g Baseball 1.23.41 Greenbook l: Crusqk' 2: Freshman Class Treas- lt urer l 3 Canada Central District Scholarship 2. ' v E I ll Jovcls BRADLEY 2 Bs. MUSIC EDUC,xT1oN F0ll71IlflfIl071.' Grave l?'i Diunity W- with eruptions. Trial Slfefrlzetf Voice of a hircl. Lowell week-ends. Library lapses -- first-period fatalities. Charm of her smile. Bluejzrinlx "Rainbow ronntl her shotiltlerf' "lf music be the food of love --E ' , Houte Bfllllflflllf TFJll'lllllQl1llISll"f with a cliantfuncl, Sigma l.2.3.l: Exanqelistit' Association lg A Cappella 12.33 Meistersingers 1.21 Clec Club t IQ: Yollevhall lg Clreenbook lg Nautilus l.2.3g Campus Camera 12,35 Lit-Speech Club 2,33 F.T..'X. 2.3.41 Psycllology fllnlm lj. St'm't't'tLtry 2, C.' . 4 f 1 .Ill ' AMY BR B' rl ,' . B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 1 .jf l' YTVS-fv4 4 f Foundation: Quiet Faithfulness. ""' ,fl Trial Sketeher: Brown eyes. Serious face. Unobtrusive fun. Nl .-" 'ers 1 Blueprint: Clarinet. Friends and friendly. Regular with assignmel oston Chapel. House Beautiful: In Evangeline country? if 'wif Delta l,2,3,4g Evangelistic Association 1.2.31 Band 1.2.31 ibyball 2: Cheerleading 23 F.T.A. 2 3 4 Secretary 3. N l C LAWRENCE BU SCIENCE B.S. DIVISIONAL MAJCQL it Foundation: Steady. j",2-if Trial Sketches: Talent-nighff A overy. "Down -- down - down -- down." Blueprint: "Praise Him with! g." Chaplain regular. Mountain climber. Persistent purpose. House Beautiful: Christian er of science - to boys. Kappa 1.2.3.-1. Chaplain Qgfgvangelistic .Association l. A Cappella 1.2,3: Biology Club 3.4.5. Vice President 5g.lphemistry Club 23 F.T.A. 3.4.5, Chaplain 4. Vice President 5: Mountaineering Club 4.5. Tldsurer 5: Chaplain junior Classg Biology Scholarship Award 5. JOHN CHAVIER Bs. EDUCATION Foundation: Simpatico. House Beautiful: Shaping men for the future. Spanish Club 2,3. 1.x j, ll'J 4 . RICHARD currono AB. LITERATURE . Foundation: Guided Intensity. 'f"' Trial Sketches: Submarine "Silent Service." Transformed life. Burning spirit. "This one thing I do." Blueprint: "Instant in seakn and out of season." Sin Problem in Lit. Senior class dominie. Other-self wife and Warehain parish. "A minister but still a man." "So many books thou readestf' ggi u' House Beautiful: "Much The world for Christ. Sigma 2,3,4g Honor SocieQMA': Campus Camera 2g Lit-Speech Club 45 Class Chaplain 4: Elizabeth Herrschaft Scholggghip 31 Kauffman Christian Service Scholarship 4: Houghton 1. R, wa-- Trial Sketches: Sudden smile. Live-wire brother of a live-wire preacher. Blueprint: All sports. Incurable optimist. His "clouds cast no shadows." Zeta 1,2,3,4g Student Ministerial Association 2g A Cappella 23 Glee Club 35 N Club 2 34 Basketball 1,2.3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4: Biology Club 33 Psychology Club 2.31 'Qgjjf 1.'i-- .. th... J W 77 "I-nav JOHN CROLEY A.B. RELIGION Foundation : Consistent. Tria1.S'kf'tclzes.- lwlziine. Faithful testimony. Bzishful? "Bnrlmra." v Blueprint: Anti-Coeurrieular. The "single eye." Steers right onward. House Bfllllflflllf Christ's ninn wherever. I Zeta 12391: Evangelistic Association 1.2: Basketball 1.2: Football l. ,S if' 1 Live.,-v,,f DOROTHY DINSMORE A.B. I,l'I'ER.X'I'I'RI2 l"oun11f1!iin1: Wliole-Smili-cl Iiorthriulitnz-ss. Tim! Sl.i'ti'lzn.' "I wall! to lvziing I w.int to lKIIflXk '." Ilulilirrspiiitecl 'ADU you not know .un .i wrnimn? lYll4'Il I think I must s mek " Nlonotoximis .Ns B!Ill'flVI'71f.' True lmlue. "My liusln.intl" Hniy boys' f "my lmuoltsf' f-f "lf l rest. I rust. Values stixiiqht. llwuw' l?i'r1urifzil: The Ilouie- Btniutiful ilu' World Btxiutiful, Dl'lI.l l.2.1l.l: llonor Smitty ffl.-l. lfx.inei'listic' .Xswiintioii li c',,,,,,,1it cifllllflll l: I.i - . V i WILLIAM DYMENT Fourzrlrzlimz: Ifnillusionecl, Sp:-i-1liC.li1lwl.3.l. r Yi Trial Skftflzei: Intelligent reader of unrequii-ed hooks. Wiy smile. New.-r lets studies worry him. "Masked feelings 1 disciplined inaction," Bluejirinh Crusader against tradition, 'ZX great observer, and he looks Quite through the deeds of men," House Beautiful: Rabelais' "Abbey Free-NVill," Delta l,2,3,4. I 1 eweler in the yellow pa ts Thou ht tunulitin questions. Blueprint Sturdy chuactcr xndepmnclcnt thinking. Partner wife and personality-plus dau hter Y alerie Xnalxst of Qlll itions incl people "For every why. a wherefore." Zeta 1934 Bowne Philosophital 1 Xfcisttisingers 1.2: Basketball l: Football 1: Biology Club '73 Chemistn Club 1 Psxcholo Club 3.4: Business Club 4: College Freshman ROBERT EDWARDS B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUC ATION Foundation: Practical Christian. Trial Sketches: Korean front lines. l'Your young men shall see visions." Boy with a Cart lYriter from rich experience. Something of a poet. Blueprint: Honor to whom honor is due: his wife. Steady eye. Speaks his mind. Endures testing. "A man of inward light." House Beautiful: "Sight to the blind." Delta F.T.A. 2. Trial Sketches Finest flower of American civilization: the salesman." Ten jobs at once. 1 X.: or lf JOAN ESSELSTYN B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION F0ll7Zlllll1.071.' Gracious Competent . Trial Sketches: Never too tired or too busy to help. Right-hand to registrar. to dean emeri- tus. to Ted. to confused students. Blueprint: Speaking smile. "The music of her face." f'Ready to go, ready to stay, Ready my place to fillg Ready for service. lowly or great. Ready to do His will." House Beautiful: Africa. with Ted 7 and God. Zeta 12.3.43 Evangelistic Association Secretary 3: S.F.M.S. Secretary 2 Meistersingers 15 Biology Club 2.4: F.T.A. 3.-lg Psychology Club 2. Secretary 2: Susan N Fitkin Missionary Scholarship 3.4. 79 ig iw ,SE ROBERT GARLAND A.B. PHILOSOPHY Foundation: Committed. Trial Sketches: Soloist. Philosopher. Treasurer. Summer evangelist. Platform poise. Blueprint: "Reasoning high of providence, foreknowledge, will and fatefl Preacher-singer. "1NIany read a song who will not read a sermonf' House Beautiful: "Even so send I you." Zeta 12.3.45 Evangelistic Association 1.2.33 S.F.M.S. 1.2.3. Treasurer 35 A Cappella lg De- -V bate 2: Estarl Scholarship 2.3.43 Zeta Scholarship 1. 'x 'V CIN DA GILCH REST AB. MODERN LANGUAGES Founzlation: Versatility. Trial Sketches: Ten talents half-used: some scattered. Eleventh-hour new major. Colden apples. 'WVhich star?" Blueprint: 'LVariurn et Semper inutabile feminaf' Language lightning express - Nautilus - N Club. "A woman can change her mind" - to reach the top. Response to challenge. House Beautiful: Height still to find. Zeta 1.2.3,-4, Vice President gl Student Council 4: Honor Society 33 Evangelistic Associa- tion 15 Meistersingers 1,21 Glee Club 33 N Club 2.3.41 Basketball Volleyball 1.2.3,43 Nautilus 3.4. Typing Editor 3. Editor 4: F.T.A..2.3.41 Psychology Club 3.4: Spanish Club 1,2.3.4g Who's Who 43 Zeta Scholarship 1. Freshman Scholarship. Akron District Scholar- ship 1.3. ...l-ii LGWELL HALL 2125 B.S. CHEMISTRY 1 5 , 4 Foundation: Mm of Good win. ,gi l Trial Sketches: "Outstanding freshman." Scholarly reputatioif aptitude. Easy achieve- ment. Science specialist - Longfellow lover. Vocal columnist. .ll-zu. Blueprint: Community-minded. "A square deal." All activiti peak the speech." "The .wt he play's the thing." "Excelsior!" hlfany inventions" - consecrate ' 'ii' House Beautiful: Humanity-drenched chemistry. Delta Student Council 3.4. Treasurer 3: Honor Socie i i ,3.4: Evangelistic Associa- tion 2.3.4. Mission Group Leader: Meistersingers 1: Basketbafii .3.4: Football 4: Baseball 1.2.3.-41 Greenbook 1, Editor 1: Nautilus 2.4. Associate Edith: 'Q Campus Camera 1.2.3,4, Editor 3g Debate 1.2: Lit-Speech Club 1: Chemistry Club 12124, President 33 Freshman scholarship: Akron District Scholarship 2.45 Outstanding Fresljggi Awardg Who's Who 4. .i,. v. so 1 2-fl 5 .7 i 1 1, F ' Q. iq. ,. , ,. DONALD HAMMER A.B. CHEMISTRY Foundation: Public Spirit. Trial Sketches: "Shining moming face." Good taste in girls. Skill with the blue book. Blueprint: Business manager typical, No ivory tower - no lab mouse. Socially creative. House Beautiful: The magic ofthe test tube M communicated. Zeta 12.3.41 Evangelistic 1,2g Nautilus 4, Business Manager 4: Campus Camera 2.3, Cir- culation Manager 2, Business Manager 3: Chemistry Club l,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3g A F.T.A. 3.4: Who's Who 4. "iff KENNETH HARDY Bs. BIOLOGY Foundation: Ambition for God. Trial Sketfhes: Delay across the border. Quiet reserve. Lightening face. First-year house keeping. Blueprint: Sunday school boys. Blonde wife. Flora and fauna 7 vertebrate and invertebrate Following the gleam. House Beautful: A teacher's unseen harvests, NANCY HASLETT -we A.B. LITERATURE Foundation: Fire of enthusiasm - pro or con: Trial Sketches: Angel face. Flowing speech. Poe devotee. Mercurial. l'Gusto" vs. "disgusto." Lit in large doses. Blueprint: Singing voice. "A dream in her eye." Candle lighted in her spirit. Equal to the -av f challenge. House Beautiful: "All my being's ransomed owers' - used p . Sigma l,2,3,4g A Cappella 4g Meistersingers 13 Volleyball lg Creenbook lg Nautilus 12,34 Campus Camera l,2,3g Lit-Speech Club 4. FRANKIE HEBER Founzlutimz: Deliberate. Trial Skvrfliet: Ensygoing. Slow speech. Mischief in her eye. A bender now and then. Horse- lover. Florida. BlZl6f77'I'71f.' Magic of words, Artist 4 with posters and pen. Beauty spots of nature. Lit critic. Bmtlicri Krmimrzzocu Hours Beazztifulf Yet to choose. Sigma l.2.3.41 Basketball Q,3,4g Volleyball 23.4. LOUISA HINES BS. NURSING SCIENCE Foundation : Illuminated. Surprise smile, Ii 1 Home Beauliful: Civitns Dei. Who 4. DAVID HUTCHINSON A B CIIENIISTRX FOIIVIIZIZIIOYI Confidence Tim! Tlftrliz Five spttth ll htn sou re out of luck speik louder thin usuul President of the Nwtiontl 'X use Alntcnlent Council Rox il stituie 1nd strength Blueprint Ixin of Ciustders Self discipline self mught SAM Mediml School his finish ing school Home Btllllflfllll Tilents dexeloped for God api I 7 4 P sclei 3 A C ippell 1 xI6ISI6I'S!DCfCI'S Glee C u 'N Club '7 Bislxetbdll 1 5 W 4 Ciusiders 2 '3 4 C ptain 'l 4 Football 1 '7 3 4 Basebill 1 7 3 4 Nautzl 5 I -I Campu Cen cm I '7 Bioloizs Club 3 Chemistry I 2 3 4 New Bedford Alumni Scholuship 1 Ptnnsxlx inn Senate Scholarship for Medical School -I L19 Trial Sketchrt: Egypt - Brockton 1 N.1l.lFPlIf'. "ll.inclm.nicli'n of tht' If-rd . 1 K the wiscst hooks." Quiet dynamo. "Ou-rcoine :wil with Quotl " Siinzwii inn: liiiulr. gf-"" uv L.IIXS'.lX'PI'll'IQ kmn 2.3,-lg llonor Society 3g Spanish Club 3. Pl'1'Sltl1'lll 'lg liutilty Stholusliip 33 Whos '--9 Blucfwint: "Her clzxily lift- n temple." "The fairest unrclcn in hvr looks. .Xncl in hcr min RGBERTA JARVIS B.S. NURSING SCIENCE Foundation: Iron Will. Trial Sketrhes: Eliicient ENC. nurse - retired. Flu heroine. Self-directing. LARRY HYBERTSON AB. HISTORY Foundation: Christian Poise. Trial Sketches: "Every inch a king." Good mind. well used. "Beverly" "Can be trusted with an education." Blueprint: Unvarying excellence. "Deep-versed in books -- wisest of men." "Tower of strength." "Living faith is a rock with roots." 'lSpeak to our hearts," - his prayer. House Beautiful: A thoughtful ministry - opening before him. Kappa l.2.3.4. President -lg Honor Society 2.3.41 Quartet 2.3,4g Evangelistic Association 1.2.3.-4: Student Ministerial 2.3.45 Psychology Club 2.31 Greenbook 2. Editor-in-chief 2g F.T.A. 2.3.4. Basketball 12.3.45 Football l,2.3.4: Baseball l.2.3,4. Blueprint: Scholars ambition f- pre-medical missionary vision. Solid worth. Dependable. if Hou se B6'I1I1fliflll.' Keeping the faith. Zeta 2.3.43 Evangelistic Association 2.31 S.F.M.S. 2.31 Basketball 3. Psychology Club 2.3.4. Mountaineering Club 3.41 Pre-Nfedical Association 4. Campus Nurse 2.3. -Ww- KENNETH LOTHROP Bs. CHEMISTRY Foundation: Straight-Shooting. Trial Sketfhes: "Feed me the facts." Scientific method. Blond Viking. Blueprint: Open mind. "No down-curve in science." No non-essentials. No nonsense. House Beautiful: Chemistry in Industry. Boston University lg Sigma 2.3.43 Chemistry Club 2.3.4. President 4: Mountaineering Club 3,4. 83 'AWUQA 7-of 14.-of .-11 FRED MCCORMACK ta s sEeoND.xRx' EDt'cxT1oN v r Fu t in lx'f.ti.r.--.Xt-I. . . , , . MERRITT MANN A B. XT XTHEHIATICS FUZIVZFTCIIOYZ' Serious under Xiasl-A of Lightness - or vice versa? Trial Sl:a!rhe.: Math heredity? Reserved. Contradirtions -f Stlf-fiuhter. A mr and a Con- science. Leader. Bfui-prz'nt: Confirined Varsity player. Trusted with the dues, Sports dictator. Intense deeps. Takes responsibility. ll"7llVA' Baautifuix Whatever he does - with all there is of him. Sigma l.2.3.4. President 3. Coordinator 4: Evangelistic Association 2: A Cappella 2: Bfeis- tf-rsinsers l. Metis Clee Cluli 2: Quartet 3: N Club 2.3.4. President -lg Basketball l.2.3.4' Crusaders 1.13.41 Football l.Z,3.4: Baseball 1.23.41 Grefrzboolg I, Business Manager l: Nauti- lus l.2.3. Assistant Business Manager 2, Sports Editor 3: Campus Camera 1.2. Sports Editor 21 Chr-rmstry Club 3: Spanish Club 2. Chaplain 2: Class Treasurer 4. T N ' ' f "if'rliY.I skill Cree' lvl 's' it' X l t t l x 1 i.. .t'.e. . B iwm-rg. Hrtfs l rirlifmrl 'lfi""' I-tr H11 V 1- ..i Sul' l' -s, ,it -v,. P ' i' Tll- flf"f'l'7 is the rose till, il. is .ish "'1tZ'.' 1.-I , A-11,1 . .1 fmt - . . to Clair QP? Q4 I s..,. Q -:T WILLIAM MERKI .XB SOCIAL SCIENCE Fflllfidflfl-OYII Oblieitts Humble. '7 Triax' Slpetfhfx: A good name. All-over grin. Foreeful testimony. t.,,v-iv, Bl'zirpr:nt.' "I have sf-en the future -- and it works." Outgoing sympathies and serviee. ' ' 1 Hoare Beatztrftil: A brave new world. The Call Of Cod. if Sigma 1.13.43 Evangelistic Association 1.2.41 S.F.M.S. 1.2.-ig Student Ministerial Associa- R-,A tion l.2.3.4: Bowne Philosophietil 2.3: Football 23 Baseball 3,4g Chess Club 3.4: Biology Club 2: Psyehologfy Club 2: Xfotintaineerinl Cluh 41 Physical Culture Club l.2.3.-l. Vice President 3. President 4. 84 RICHARD MORRIS A.B. LITERATURE Foundation: Staunch. Trial Sketches: Late comer, soon at home. Husband and father. Church-attending daughter. Blueprint: Sound principles. Responsive spirit. "Shocked at the right things." Good thoughts his friends. A2 House Beautiful: A Kingdom that cannot be moved. l' . Westem Reserve University 1,25 S.F.M.S. 43 Student Ministerial Association 43 Lit-Speech gf mv Club 4. v .-5. CHARLES NOVY B.S. CHEMISTRY Foundation: Undeviatihgm MELVIN MOSGROVE Foundation: Conscientious. Trial Sketches: Flower of the Mosgrove clan. Redhead - not fiery. Kind eyes. Blueprint: Man of few words. Trustworthy. 'joan S." House Beautiful: Christian home and Christian influence. Sigma 1.2.3,-1. vs-f iwwsqva' f Trial Sketches: Ohioan. Pleasant manner. Retiring. Cooperative. Blueprint: General reading. Intelligent grasp. i'The plain way of truth." House Beautiful: Anyw Qiiexof chemistry's many lures. Zeta l,2,3,4g Evangeligtiq .Association 1.23 Football 31 Nautilus 2.3.45 Campus Camera 'l,3,4g Chess Club 33 Chemijlgylflub 2.3.4. Secretary-Treasurer 4. v ., mi, u'.,.,' 4',.--s Y, .. X ..1 ., 85 f.. Y r-- quu - , It it 'lt ,ti . 310- M nik' -A lsliiglfl 1-I ,An .M. - EUG EN E PARK AB. BIOLOGY FOZl7IdHf1-OH.' Straightforward. Trial Slsefclzfa: "Hostages to fortune." Ml-Iis face the map of truth." Blueprint: A heart untaintedf' 'fPlain and uncoined loyalty." Home Beautiful: Gods way found and followed. Sigma 1.2.3.-l. '93 LO RAE REED B S. MUSIC EDUCATION .,, Foundafionx Gift of Song. Trim' Siietclzf-' Late hours. late 4 . Artist in lwiitlf-rs gii.d kfillllV'll.lllifAl'N Tall uiil. "Son wf without words are bf-st " Hizieprrnt: Time unlimited. Music' hath chamis. Diamtx' of ofhf Hniiig Bmutiful: "Gods singers shall have ht-lp of Him not last." EVERETT RICHARDSON AB. RELTCTOY Fozzndafzi-f,n.' lndustry. Trias' Slflflzfi: Preacher son of preacher ancestry, Family man. New England District in- vestnient. Blueprint: "It's clogged as does itf' Eyes on the goal - no detours, f'YN'ont to speak plain and to the purposef' House Bea-ur:ffuI.' "As ever in my great Taskmastens eye." Kappa l.Z.'ii.-lx Student blinisterial Association 12.3.42 Bowne Philosophical 2.3: Biology Club 3: Psychology Club 2, College Scholarship lg New England District N.Y.P.S. 2.3.4, Klppa Evangelistic Association l: A Cappr,-ll.i l.Z.3.4. Clif-ral Vnion l.2.'l.'l'j Band 1.21 Volleyball 2.ix.'iI.X'l1llflIllY fp xiOlllll.xlll0f'Ylll! Cluh ll.-lg Class Yii e' Presiclf-nt fl i JOANN ROBERTS B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Foundation: Sensitive Spirit. Trial Sketches: Third of a sister trio. "There's language in her eyes, her cheek. her lip." Shy pleasure. Blueprint: "True as the dial to the sun." Hard worker. Music lover. A tall man in her life, House Beautiful: "He is my home of love." Zeta 1,2.3,4, Secretary 2: Evangelistic Association 12,33 A Cappella 2.3. Librarian 33 Cheer- leading l:Nautilu5 3: F.T.A. 2,4. ABRAM ROSE AB. PSYCHOLOGY Foundation: Artist Heart. l 3? Alix 'B Trial Sketrlzet: Interruptecl college career, G.I. Courteous manner - direct approach. Speerh-drama addit. Majors in clubs! Bluefrrint: No warmed-over, second-hand philosophy of living. Looks for the principle. Straight to the point. Home Beautiful: The beauty of holiness. Delta l.2.3,4g Evangelistic Association 21 A Cappella 2: Cheerleading lg Greenbook lg Q-59' Nautilus 2.31 Campux Camera 1.2. Cartoonistg Lit-Speech Club 3.4g F.T.A. 2, Treasurer 23 'T Psychology Club 3.4. President 4: Physical Culture Club 41 Art Club 4, President 4. 3' ELIZABETH ROSENBERGER ? B S ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Foundation Winning personality Trial Sketches General faxorite Intense eyes Blueprint Spontaneous smile 'ind 1 streak of fun Rosie House Beautzful P1rson'1 e queen , , Nqb 5131" .-1 ARCHIE SANCHEZ B S EIOLOGY ..,k A ,..,., ..,, . U, ,,A, H..- ..., ETHEL ROWE B S ELEMENTARY EDUCATION F J L f ,:',:::: 1 : Hgppx'-hearted T':gf S4.ft:51i5: Briclit Definite .U F -'Y-are B.Lf.5':i:' Cc-Q-Q'-3:12115-Zi, Pgzthfu vifrk. "Green" paihs Staid wife-K0-bi' :nf Bf,::.:."g.f PQ:51CI"Sh?:?f!' ZIV . - - , ,v,-g .,,,x ...lg x.3.', FTA l.3.4. Pltiidt-11: 41 SIfRoi:.ild Scholar- ':,,g ..-5.?. ER.:..g: -,.. Arun.. 1 S111 i .. L...i- T.- . i. A... N Bfaf'-5' V Q.i1:'1..:1'. T.'.Q.f1 '- ' Q .' Huw 1 YW- li C.1:'.Q.Q Ziff kl,.1'.QfI' C jg- - X Q g' ,. - Ei . :'- .V 4 L21-':1,.si:1 xff..f'.f.'.LIfr ul: Q L - ' . I Y , 5 4 A N RICHARD SCHUSTER AB LIT11R. xTL'Rr F':.r::::'1-G-27.11-2:11311L':'...fr f 1"'::.' Slftxif ' F-:rfzpal f'T'.f. ,-"rs M'-t:'.:1f1',1, ..fc,ir:icy', "I will R brief "The more you , the Er1:?.'f' :Q ,.j-'ff' "CQl.1r.. 15:1 lr-6-:1,.tifulnamc" E.1.e'Af'?YT Ciristrc jxrid R'f'."i-rffr.:, Clhrist-ccmscious pmyert. "Ever prcfise in promise' i.'f9:1I'.QM Iidg'.iCQ:.zI: - g.:f's1ii:irfr c E NCI. conformityi Cosllqloliian vision. Hip 'Q' Bf'::.f:"p.': Tfzqhff fr. 5 XY3'fI'f'X'f'fIl1f' need ig greguegl, Zim QQ F41 Eirxrgflistff .xSil'1Izf,",'H 3 Lit'SpQ0fh Club l.2,3,4, Treasurer 4. ROBERT SEYFR p Asa. HISTORY V- ,.'1 ' Foundation: Thoughtfulndf! Trial Sketches: "The milhih manners with the bravest mind." A-plus in Types. Nfhank you" I in the cafeteria line. Arch6blbgical evidence. f Blueprint: Unparaded excellence. Philosophy of history. Enlarging horizons. "TO think is to ' differ." 4. A ' H House Beautiful: "Life, lightg love. liberty." if '." flifi- Q Philadelphia Bible College 1,21 Zeta 3,-lg Honor Society 33 Bowne Philosophical 3: Basketball li,-lg Baseball 4: F.T..-X. 3.43 Mountaineering Club 4. Jef- JOHN WESLEY SMITH AB. PHILOSOPHY Foundation: Constancy. Trial Sketches: Star athlete. Chooses E.N.C. and finds Betty. lYholesOme face and heart. Blueprint: Top sports-man. "True as the needle to the pole." Favorite poem: "One Girl." "Shes pretty to walk with. And witty to talk with. And pleasant, too. to think about." 'hw' . 'N'-..-F House Beautiful: 'APhilosopher's faith - tested in action." Sigma 1.2.3.-1: Freshman class vice presidentg Evangelistic Association lg Student Ministerial Association 2: "N" Club 2.3.4, Vice president 33 Basketball 1.2.3.-lg Football 1.23.41 Baseball 1.2.3.-l. EMMA SOULIA B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Foundation: Unsellish Loiieri Trial Sketches: "Hand irxilihdtid together we stand." Radiant smile and life. Blueprint: Husband's inspifkation. Big heart and stretchable home. High-quality work at home and at school. . House Beautiful: Kindnesgibuilt into others' lives. "Perfect woman, nobly planned." Plattsburg state Teacherfflig Zeta 2.3.ii Volleyball 35 Albany District Scholarship 4.5. gi OX' ,' ROBERT DAVID SCU LIA AB. RELIGION Foundation: Transparent Spirit, r Trial Sketches: Plugger. Appreciative student. "She was a phantom of delight." "Hand in hand." if K Blueprint: "Education to courage." Brave smile, "Tackled what couldnt be donei' -M and did -. , it. Sturdy son - houseful of brothers. F W House Beautiful: "Sweethearts forever together" - in His service. QVUU4 ! Zeta 1.2.3.-li Evangelistic Association 1.2.32 Student Ministerial Association 1.2.3.-li Band l. 6, af' ' - fbi at-ff ELWOOD SPEAKMAN B.S. Mnnmtsrtczs Foundation: Family Tradition. Trial Slqetrhesx These brothers. Trumpet Outdoor lover Blueprint: Equations. tangents, loggirithms. .md runes of probability. The gridiron, "The silent note which Cupid strikes. ' House Beautiful: Modern math. Sigma 1.23.41 Student Council 2, Basketball 31 Foothill 1.1.3.-l. B.1seh.ill 74, Psychology li Spanish Club 1.2. WILLIAM TAYLOR B.A. SOCIAL scnzxce Foundation: Incorruptible. T7I21lSk6lCh6S.A Democratic spirit. Thrifty planner, Personality released. Blueprint: 'lHis life was in the right." 'LO'er a' the ills of life victoriousfi House Beautiful: "Fear God, and fear naught." Kappa 1.2.3.-lg Washington District Scholarship 4. ll' fix? Q-'rT"fT' JOHN OLIVER WESLOW B.S. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Foundation: Business Sense. Trial Sketches: "If John says verily. there is no altering him." Editor-in-chief. Garnut of the extracurricular. Physical culture. Blueprint: Efliciency plus. Strong for gmnts and privileges. "Nowhere so busy a man as he." House Beautiful: Freedom of the press. Kappa l,2,3.-I: Student Council 3.4: Evangelistic Association 1: Football 1.2.3.-I: Baseball 2,3,4g Greenbook l: Nautilus 2,3: Campus Camera l.2,3.-In Editor-in-chief HI-1 Biology Club -I-1 Physical Culture Club 2: Business Club 4. WILLIAM WEBB B.S. MATHEMATICS Foundation: Good Nature. Trial Sketches: "Bill" Redhead. Presidential cares. "That not impossible Shefl Blueprint: Christian sportsmanship. Extrovert. Sparkplug. Rising to responsibility - faithful to trust. House Beautiful: "The mission that the Blaster chose." Delta 12.3.41 Treasurer 2. President 3: Student Council -l: "N" Club 2,3.-I-,5: Chaplain 4.5: Basketball 1.2.3.-l.5: Football 1.2.3,-l,5g Baseball 1,2.3.4,5: Nautilus 3.-l.5g Sports Editor 3 Editor-in-chief 45 Campus Camera 2: Who's Who 4: Sportsmanship Award from "N" Club -I ARTHUR YACU BIAN B.S. MATHEMATICS Foundation: Congenial. Trial Sketches: Tall, dark. distinguished. Sociable. At home in the browsing room. Blueprint: "Easier to square the circle than to get round a mathematician." House Beautiful: "Good-neighbor policy." Delta l,2,3,4g Honor Society 2. 91 GERARD BENELLI Foundation 5 Eager Intensity. WILLIAM BRIGGS BS. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Trial Sketcliex: Born again. High power - flutter of the engine. Foundation: Honesty. uRidinq off in all directions." Blueprint: Open-handed. Married sion service. Don Quixote in action. House Beautiful: Gospel dynamo. Delta GERALD CASWELL Founalation: Musical. Trial Sketches: Open face. friendly eyes. Indiviclualistic spelling to Biargaret. Hospital and IT1iS- expert. Boyish ways -- old married man. Blueprint: "Business tomorrow." K'Thc antitoxin of laughter." "Donna" Houxe Beautiful: Golden Rule in business. ROBERT W. CUBIE A B. IIISTORY Trial Slqetelzess Family gift of song. "He wears the rose of youth." Ffrunrlatian: Skilled Negligence. Happy-go-lucky? Trial Sketches: BNC. ancestry. History-minded. IN'ell-informed. In Bluepririt: Quartet tenor. Choir director. Cheerful Beltedift. SOHINI his blood: Scottish Border and .-'tinerican Revolution. at the core. "Have voice -will travel." Blueprint: Touch of the rebel. "Be adx'is'd. -4 I am, and by my House Beautiful: Public school music with a merry heart. fancy." UBL-gone. dull Care. Thou and I can never agree." But Sigma 12.3.41 A Cappella lg Quartet 12.3.43 Band 2.3: Choral underneath? Union 3.41 Evangelistic Associatior '.2.il.4, Brass Ensemble 4: llmitf Beautiful: Graduate study -4 and beyond? Baseball 2.3.4. ROBERT NOVACK Foundation: Intellectual curiosity, Kappa l.l.3.4: Club 3.4. Business Manager 43 Basketball 3.4g Football 1.13.41 Baseball COLEMAN ROGERS BS Srtzoxoftkx' EDL'c:.tTIox Trial Slcetcliei: MIT, transfer. Manual skills. General iiiforiiiatioii. Fiizmdatifrrig Determination, chemistry focus. Trial Sl.rtrliff: Another Maine-iac. Those three minors! "Nancy" BIWPVHU-' Xrafled lnwfeslii Hlflh 3mblI10lT5- F-ir views, Bliifprint: "The lirzht that lies in womans eyes." "Where there's a Home Bfaufllul: Y Ia Ph.D. will there are twenty ways." Delta 2.3.41 Physical Culture 3.4. Yice President 4: CiI'N'IlllSU'X' Club f1U,,i,- B,,a,,,,f,,15 pn55im: on the torch. 2.3.4. President 4. Zeta l.!.3.4g Evangelistic Association l.2.3.41 Basltetball 2: Base- ball 2. FT..-X. 3: Psycholom' Club l.2.3: Spanish Club 1.2.3. Treasurer 2. RAYMOND WOOSTER BS. MATHEM.-KTICS Fouridatiori: Honest XN'orlt. Trial SliFlt'llc'.V.' Steps of a bis: brother. GI returned. Lone-distance commuter. Blueprint: Questionnaire-shy. "He that fincleth a wife House Beautiful: "Xlath - the spirit of eternal youth." 92 - I ' i ,jf J lf' in JM!! David Brumagm Howard Chambers Theodore Esselstyn Walter Mullen GRADUATING IN I959 BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY CANDIDATES Once in a while on campus. and especially in the library. one will see an BNC. alumnus carrying a brief case, He is not here representing the firm which employs him. but has returned to work for another degree. For young men, and women too, who are planning to go into the ministry or who just like theology courses, ENC. offers a Bachelor of Theology degree for one year of graduate work, Niany of E.N.C.ls potential preachers take this equivalent to the first year of seminary here and spend only two years in Kansas City. Most of our Th.B.'s are married while they have somewhat less interest in campus affairs. They are part of our total student body - a part of which we are very proud. Nevin Crouse Donald Green Donald Schnepf james Sheets Ronald Whittenberqer 93 . X IN MEMORIAM .Z RUSSELL VERNON MYATT L. " He-nccforth . . . a crown. I1 Tin1o!lzy4'8 SPECIAL STUDENTS APRIL 2, I929 JUNE II, I958 'S iii- Bryant Anderson B E t Rachel Gray I 94 BQ lvl' IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES uicafooda Qfafama November 21 1958 Mi s Adrienne A Anthony Ea tern Ivizarcne College Wo11aston7O Massachu etts Dear M1 s Anthony You have been recommended to us from your campus for recognition in the 19:8 59 Edition of WHO S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UINIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES It is a pleasure to tell you that your nomination has been accepted The students recognized by this organization each year are nominated from approximately 750 colleges and universities Caxnpus nominating committees are instructed to consider in making their selections the student's scholarship, his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, his citizenship and service to the school, his promise of future usefulness. 3 .E"' , , X ans.. and iw.. tw 1' s i X y X I , Ol 1.1 '1-.. DA L . .Q . X , I , 4 x X x S L x I . Nl! . v- Q- Q v o ao: aaa .D , , l 5 ' . 3 .Y J . , 5 1 's' : . E , - . . , , . . u I ' 0 . I I The organization awards each member a certificate of recognition, presented on the carnpus either at graduation or earlier in the year. Also, it provides a placement or reference service to assist members seeking employment, scholarships or fellowships, etc. There is no cost to mem- bers for inclusion in the publication or for any of the services rendered by the organization. Before you fill in the blank forms that accompany this letter, please read the Instruction Sheetg this sheet explains the nature of each form and the purpose for which it will be used. It is your responsibility to complete your forms carefully, particularly the two biography blanks and to mail your completed forms to this of.fice'prblip'tly. One of the Employment Forms should be returned with your other formsg and the other along with your requests for recommendation. Try to return your forms within ten days at the latest so there will be no chance of omission. Our staff wishes to add its compliments to those you have received on the campus and to extend you a cordial welcome. We ho e ou will con P Y - sider this recognition a small reward for work well done and an encourage- ment for the future. . fa - f , Sincer y you , ' 'X l HPR:mw H. Pettus Rand 1 V, Em: 9- Editor ' WHO'S WH 95 1' 'x al 1 I vu AQ' .1 . ,- '- ll' , f'a1,.:J, ' , .3 1 I ,fl . . . 'W-5' 4 ' ll' ,x 'K , 'sv , + K ' N rx .4 ,msn " Q ' " 1 . 1 5,- K f W 5 lb, Yu? 'ws S 1 4 e 7 :' X I 1 r . 1 u, af 1, 9 f J ' ', V 1 Q. ax X X- 931, x ' 'sa 1 L '1 S. K lr f 'f . A Y 5 t .r ss , 1 1 1 "' x , - A ik QE. ,uv , Nea Cf?" s xy' V. -5, ' 1 V . V.- f I I I 'f:'4 I f' 5 ' 11 'l"J. T- rw . x -, x WT 1 4 TF' -1 8 . . - x' I U ' ' s . 1- Y Q ' fgrfiy 7. ' I g , 4 I 9 I Q 'x law X , Mu f 5 U 1' ' a , iff? x C J 4 9 DONALD HAMMER ALUM BANK, PENNSLYVANIA ,4 4' '-iff? B 1 in Y l Q, Axis V Q ,Y Y ' '.:v.t , s "'A' b ' , ,Q 1 X s ! 1' Q 'K ', . , ' 'A' AH , A , - - 4, lv --Q ---mf .-5 ...T ' F--,g H A '- H 4'4-----F1-L - x .. ...- , ,,,,,,,.- A A , Q ,fl , , , ,,. A444 A AA A 4 44444444 A A I A W- AM U A A A A 1 A A -vfif 'in , . 2. , 'ff 1 -N 'ML f A " sl A ' ' ' I - i P' PM 1 Q- ana W -4 I W , l I I 1 4 g ff' V, x , 1 'C , ,- x , v . . 1 I, l l l v r. ,g . 2' 9 5 'S . 5 lll v l L , IL lb' . r 14' 5 S 1 ' ' , , . . vt ss Q 'Q ' . X x 1 w s U The inward inspiration, the concern and the consecra- tion of individual lives toward a goal were visible signs of spiritual growth. Through the consecration, students learned the meaning of the words of the Ruhaiyat of Omar Khayvam: 'The moving finger writes: and having writ, moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it." 4- -tw- , l 104 "S, .,4. vb' A, ' I. ,X ,N J Q .4 - '1 . 12' PIR PLA FOR ITUAL GR WTH 105 15' vs up ingandvaliae infeveryt' ma mmnsapotterndteGod'sawn An old g.yQpg in mlm 4.1 1 washore and dn wind bbwl1Ulj.hlw1it'11Ilx' 111111111-tl Nn.11w around him. Aiilymuliglfdft' xml. "XXX-.111-. 101111: lIl.Hl.H So he went M will .Kll tl.1x lung lit- mm- Ll pntu-rn the best llbllind anal l1m'.11't nvnltl pimlltfm-, .Xt 1'x1'nit12. wa-.1ry'. he lay dbwh In rut .tml tlie- uiml 1'.111ie-tl .ill lllt' lmm- Gtraw awiy. 'fn ilu- imwning, ln- .ixsulw to timl unl1 tln' l.lIN'NllX lic htxcl x1'nx'1'11 I'l'I1l.llIllI1Q. XN'l1.1t XY0llLlt'l'l-llllX l11illi.1nt NlI.lIlClN tliv uimls ol titm' pile .nnnml ml Only lflnixt i'.lIl gin' 111 llll' I1.lllt'l'I1 wnrtlt tliv wt-gixiiig. lint II1- 1'.1nY Kilt-.1mi11: tht- guilt .1ml wt.1in of sin. Ilv gin-Q mu .1 clt-.1n l1t'.l!'l .1ml ll nt-w lifv. lntu our surren- Clt'l't'Ll l11'.11't .1ml CUIlNt't'l4.lIl'Cl niiml. Ili- pntx His alviiun. 'l'l11' Holy Spirits IJl'l'S1'I1CQ' .ind Imuxwt' is .1 l'l'9llK'S9 vnifc nl- w.1ys vying. "XN'1'.1x 1: 1nung lll.lIl.h .Xml lit-fniv wc rt-.ilifv or wixli it. tlic 1-xcniiig Coxiivw Qlllkl tln-n tlu- l'll'l'H.1l niorning. Fm' all ulio li.1x 1- l.llxl'll ullll' uns." tl11-11' l'l'lIl.llllN in 1111- light of ll lll'Yl'l' st-ttinu l'li'l'I1.1l sun ilu' I1.lIll'II1 of God? plan .1ll lllflllllll 11ml bright. r lx tGooCl:os C B .Q , 577' gina ,- ' fb' U N, l ,x 'A 'f' Q - - J? M Strands of song are woven together into one big beautiful carpet of music as the organ rolls and the choir sings. Mtisie has a ministry of its own, not to be paralleled by any other form of communication. Such strains as "If NN'ith All Your Heart" and "The Nfercy Scatv bring us close to God and are an essential part of church worship. Prof. Willwerth again this year was in charge of the church choir accompanied by the church organist, Mrs. Patricia Foley, Something new was added for Sunday nights. A committee of four conferred with the pastor on special music including mixed choirs representing various college and church groups. HURCH Professor Willwerth Dirct tor of the Church Choir M u S I C The church choir rchcmrscs for the Sunday services. 4 7 15 31" 91' -f .nf " 'A a v,:'o4'G-'id 'Iva a,w.'Q ' gh r- A H Ax X I S 1, 'Eg . Sf Q-'4 H' J x Rolland VV. Parsons, Superintendent of the Sunday School 39,1 la.: Doris Clineernmn, Suntluy St html Su r1't.it1' The Wollaston Church of the Nazarene has the important task of providing a home Sunday School for five hundred students away from home. Contests added new spark this year and resulted in increased interest and attendance in Sunday School. The upperclassmen realized defeat in the September fight, but came out carrying the banner in November. And the presidents of all the classes enjoyed a delicious meal at Rev. Martinls expense. Classes are provided for all ages in the Wollaston Sunday School. College students assist with the smaller children who meet in the church wing. Various college classes meet in the Ad Building and Canterbury and students have a choice as to what class they wish to attend. To be remembered most will be the Sunday morn- ings at nine when the ambitious ones pounded on doors and called for everyone to rise and shine. Freshman Sunday School Classes combined. to become contest winners. ' ll0 .Y.P. . , ,2n.Wiw,'i. 3 - ' . w T i ga tl S., Miss Esther Schwanke. N.Y.P.S. Pianist. R 0 tl, re fs Cve? L.- RON' ONE: Byers. E. Sthwanke. N. Borden. P. Anthony. ROI1' TIVO: G. Swank. C. Hildreth. D. Waytnan. R. Stark. H. Crew. A panel discussion group. D. Mann. B. Albert. G. Gutshall. J. . , s nies NIL David lNayman. N.Y.P.S. President. lll Kinsey. spoke on "Heritage of Gur Religious Freedom." The Nazarene Young People's Society of the XYollaston Church of the Nazarene seeks to provide spiritual enrich- ment for the students of our college by promoting Christian fellowship through our weekly Sunday eyening service. bi- weekly singspirations. and weekly prayer cells. A membership committee was organized for the first time this year. The newly initiated "Programs with a Purpose" diyided the society members into four groups. each group being responsible for one Sunday eyening program each month. The year was climaxed by our annual N.Y.P.S. lX'c-ek-encl Revival in the spring which gaye a personal challenge to each one of our hearts. y I I r ' L1 W- Q. x Yr A 1 I 5 " F x V u KAUFFMAN LECTURES Dr. V. H, Lewis CHAPEL SPEAKERS BIBLE EMPII.-XSIS WEEK Dr, Harry -If-ssop 112 Q Rev, Estelle Crutcher REVIVA S AND CO VE TIONS OPENING CONVENTION Rev. W. R. Lanpher SPRING REVIVAL Dr. Ralph Earle 113 FALL REYIYAL Rev. Iwiaynurd James ROW UNE: B. Hayes. I.. yxflllillilllg. SI. Rivah-x. J 'I'.Iylm'. Ii. M- CI. Ifinxwy. P White. IIyI'n-rtsun. IIerm:1n. Keeler. M. john- berl. C, Gutslmll. R. SCIINV.lIII'it'. B. I'1-lvxsml. I". IIIIIIIVIQ If Supp, son. P. X1-wlvn. L. Kvllogu. C, Parry, A. Bedell. Helfrich, E. hffar- R. F.llIIbXN'UllII, E. C014-5.111 I2. Petty. CQ. I.lcvyLl. .X. Could. N. C1.ux:-1, tin. P. l'I1ippQ. NI. Tc.1I. E. Schwgmke. II. Isenbcrg, TOIZCIL1. S. A rwoslwf. R. Gilbert. B. mam. R. lrufimlu, s. 11.Im,mm. R. fi1n'f1fn'f- In WWII- NI- Milne- R. Jnhnsnn. D. Vnnehan. E. Mc- alkgrq B, Bryan' In Lfifjdrlyl V' Smufmd. A' grown. M. p,.Ol-ml: Minn. P. Anthony, Y. Munn-l.xr1d. C. Bausman. D. Snyder, E. X PC-nhn. C, wade. M, Inlpgc.,-H.. E4 If-,,,q1u',n' A' wwdw-H.dA U. IIllI1I1.'I'. Ii, I.igs:f-rr, II. Ilase-lion. M. Rouse. ROM' THREE: C. White. Hebcrle, B. Hayes. S. Hughes, P. Rose. HOU' TIVO: SINW- R Birnf- M- DCVIIIV- W- Jcllkins- K' Slwllge- B- Sommer- EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATIO J .2 lllf' Q ' " Q - I 'fha ra ' - It . 'Q' , 4 . ,yi 4 A ,Z - 1 ,Q , f 1 W I EYANCELISTIC ASSGCIATION COUNCIL. ROI1' ONE: M. Devine. E. Schwanke. ROW TIVO: Rev. Nease, Adrisor, A. Swain. C. Hildreth. 114 B. Biggs, S. Powell, E. Zollinhofer, M. Gordon, J. Ziegler, A. An- thony, D. Peterson, M. Collins. G. Savage, S. Jeffery, L. Bowers, G. Henck, V. Woods, J. Bender, A. Shannon. M. Colesar, S. Ham- mer, L. Patch, E. Beckwith, M. Billett, D. Hagar, J. Milstead. M. Price, A. Baxter, C. Hobson, D. Thatcher. ROW FOUR: S. Fuller, C. Flowers, W. Stotler, G. Porter. B. Roberts, P. Treyz, R. Fryberger, A. Everton, D. Hall, O. Mason, D. Holsinger, S. Swain, C. Gregory, The Evangelistic Association of Eastern Nazarene College exists with a twofold purpose guiding its activities. The As- sociation upholds the very principles upon which our College was founded, endeavoring in all of its activities to honor God and assist in the propagation of holiness. Of no less impor- tance is our purpose to provide an outlet for Christian service to all of the students of E.N.C, With every opportunity comes a responsibility. Our responsibility is to God and the men and women of Boston and Quincy who need a personal Savior. The Association's members comprise fourteen evangelistic teams which go to six Boston Missions and the Massachusetts Prison Farm in Danvers. The Association's three hospital choirs sing at two Quincy hospitals and three nursing homes in the Quincy area. These experiences not only offer experi- ence to future ministers and laymen, but provide glorious op- portunities to win souls for the kingdom of God. of service which the Evangelistic Association Another area has entered this year is a program of assisting the churches of the New England area. This assistance takes the form of f-ill-in preachers, special music for Sunday and week-end services, youth meetings and short week-end revivals. God has blessed us with these opportunities for service and we are happy that we can be 'gfellow helpers to the truth." 115 E. French, D. Welch, R, Good, R. Stark. T. Frcysz, A. Swain C. Bowden. M. Fetter. W. Stanford, R. Allshouse, S. Ricder, J Borgal. ROW FIVE: WV. Porter. B. Mann. J. Huggins, N. Politi C. Stevens. T. Howard, T. Boates, T. Milne, R. Verbisky, S. Som- mcrson. R. Davidson. C. Thatcher, C. Hilclreth, D. Long, R Sharpes, D. Wayman, J. Shankel, R. Millard. R. Falke. D. Hover D. lVells, Paynter. H. Lochhead. D. Glusker. Rutledge. Grant Swank directs one of the choirs in a Sunday Service. 4' I llIl'l i 11 75,43- c:"fi'.."'-giif - .viii- ROIV ONE: R. Jarvis. N. Borden. lvl. Rouse. BI. AIOl1USOI1. P. An- Ilursl. D. Hall. YY. Rolcr. l..iud1-rinilli. A. Brady. D. Clifton. thony. M. Colesar. G. Savage. B. Sonnner. E. Petty. D. Peterson. lluzuins. D. llovvr. UI. Milslr-acl. L. Kellogg. B. .Xl'IllSIl'OIlQ. P. White. A, Anthony, C. W'hitc. S. Powell. l'lCbC1'lC'. B. IILWCS- 31. L- E. Mthlinn. llunsworth. D. NU-lls. G. Porter, D. Blachly. O. l'Vheeler, Sorenson, L. Redcyc. C. Sorenson. ROI1' TIVO: C. hl.1stn11,lS,Xf1-rki, TUDE TFOREIG MISSIONS FELLGWSHIP "A church without missions is a church without a mission." The Student Foreign hlissions Fellowship has attempted this year to make the cause of missions more real to ENC. students. Those who attended the Thursday evening prayer meetings were reminded of the urgent needs on the mission fields by missionaries' prayer requests. Among this year's projects was the collection of one hundred and twenty hypodermic needles for a mission hospital in Nic- aragua. In October the S.F.M.F. conducted the Alabaster Box opening service. At Christmastime greetings were sent to all the missionaries. February was the high point of the S.F.M.Ffs year, when the Fourth Annual Missionary Workshop was held. Our mission- ary guests for those few days were Rev. Ronald Denton, Uru- guay: Rev, and Mrs. Howard Grantz, Perug Rev. and Mrs. Paul Herrick. Africa: and Miss Agnes Willox, India. Many students responded to the call of missions as a result of their talks in chapel and classes, and individual conferences aimed at individual needs. ROW ONE: D. Long. B. Roberts. T. Freysz, D. Hall. G. Porter, E. Richardson, O. Mason. D. Green. R. Stark, J. Shankel. R. Hel- frich, A. Everton, R. Sharnes. ROW TIVO: II. Laudermilk, J. Hug- gins, D. Yfells, YY. Roler, D. Erbe, D. Holsinger, B. lNIcKim, D. Clif- ton. K. Alcorn. W. Mcrki. TUDE TMINISTERIAL ASSOCIATIO "That we may be better prepared to tell them" is the aim, purpose, and desire of the Student lXIinisterial Association. At one of our monthly meetings we were privileged to have as our guest speaker D. John Beek. an Old Testament scholar from Boston University. Our own Dr. Gardner and Rev. Mar- tin were also among the speakers for this year. YVe were thrilled by the promise of the ministry as those of our student ministers shared their approach to the gospel with the student body at our annual chapel series. The highlight of the year was our tour through YValpole State Prison which was conducted personally by lVardcn john Gavin who gave us an inside look at crime and sin. Our fellowship banquet climaxecl the year with a good dinner, excellent after-dinner speaker, and the installation of the new ofhcers for the coming year. - 1 A , up , . ix-,M .,..1- O .V ..,, 1..L K .... ,.. Q h . 0'1"CI'Q. Hag ..,.. -. ...- 4,.,.. w 3: ki U11lf"!'i fl X 1... .. V.-::1?1:11a tw C'Q'f2f!Y11IlC wlietlxez' or N -1-,g.-f -vc v--,N .w'f'.vw--',7.v .ye ..,, .L ..., . ... .. .... N.,.. ... , fini. If 118 U1 7 PLA FDR SGCIAL LIFE 119 I I I I I I I - . - ' Student Leaders gather to discuss the issues for the coming year. i I I Dr. Curdner. Chairman of the work- I shop. retognizecl c-:uh speaker. i I UDE l LE DERS' WORKSHOP I I - . Q4 1 - . 4 - f f' ' I Gene Rice. Dr. Harold Darling. Dr. Gardner. Branson Roberts and Harry Foster present a clisrussion About the honor system. . . ' ' ' ' ' - Student Council President. Branson Roberts. left. reports on his recent trip to the Student Congress held in Colum- bus. Ohio: as Harry Foster listens ' 120 intently. REGISTRATIO -In Nautilus business staff members and class treasurers collect fees from students. Beth Sommer waits while student assistants cheek her registration booklet. Students spend hours waiting in the registration line checking and recheeking schedules. 121 f-Y .,.,,f' ,0' A Q Xi Frc'shnicn. B.irh.ir.i Manvss. Nancy NIa1CLe0d .md Lihnrlvm- M.mlt-y pay homage' to :x Soph- onion'-, FRESHMAN INITIATIO Freshmen begin their initiation by enjoying Il brvztkfast with no silvcnvarv. . ,A 1 'T ...- Dclta soriv-ty ruvruhfrs invirf' Fri-iiriif,-ri If vhf-ir hi-xr K.lf1f11 Pr--siflf-fit, Lurrw H',hf'rY10.i, ffrlfl f,i:If'i'-fi Lvfhn-r Delta outing n'J I u O 91 wa- Sigma storybook chuuuers try to irjhifgmc- Fri-shmfn no join the Sigmas in F.mt.1syl.1nd. Cinda Gilchrist and Sfnry Whipplv mal-ze 1 wish thai ,311 the freshmen might have their wishes Come ima wiih Ze tas. L, L. n D1 Cl L r an '.-.f-ii nrgr.: 'Iv Prf--V 'f 'fl 'HD lx . Y ,.,, ,v , ., , fhfmrof, L. :Pm Ky- - "d1'.1i-1, RUSH DAY N P' 4 1- Bi'l x-"iw-im +4 'f - 'V' "F, ,A .. 1. P-p, 'f' r'f -Pa :rf 1- r lF..O . i , ,CI1 .4.'.'t. 'rii,1no..e . 1 I l ulnluuarn i Pegg' 1x:11s1,-1' 511195 11C1' 90011-1'1yf: :11 H.1w.111 .1Q S111' .1115 1111 1111411 11 ,l . I 1 3 I s f'I'O111J cc-1110 10 1111' L'11111,c1 51.111-5. So'wr.111o, N.1m-y I I11l1l'1H'.S1I1ES of 110r 11.111x1- 13111111 111111 T11111"1.:'1. 511 .' . i P01111 .11111 1J.111' 1X.1x1z1..:. L .1 11.11.121 15111111111 . , , H, , .. E1,1111f' C,111111,i ,111c1 11112111 RUM- 111.11 11111 1111- 1 11 1'1'1.!. '11!11 S11.111f, 1,11-11111 11.'11.1E111111: 1111- 11114 11114 1 C1 ESL. It - Q AUTILU .X 9111: 11111. 11-111 511111 1111111 . . 1- Bmsffri .111c1 J:-.m SII.111l ll"IlN'1 -1' I1,1111w1111N1x111111'1 xdb- ' 15 Joan Sorenson charms a snake as a flute trio representing Persia. play "In a Persian Market." The Irishman. Ronnie Carter. sinus an old folk tune. TALE T i IGHT 1 A genuine Scotchman. Hugh Lochhead sings to his agent. Elizabeth Zollinhofer. Steve Moronian. a na- tive of Lebanon plays his violin and sings a Performers and agents join in the final number. 'lGive Me Your Tired. Your song of his count,-yi Poor." in appreciation for the Statue of Liberty and what it stands for. Ill'll4' fglrlllll pun Ull .A Ixpihal l'.1lmx.xlrl Jail fm' Ihr' 1vl'rv:1'.1111, A',Xul11rlm .xlilikin Rn FALL PARTY 01 I " UTLIM A TICS" T110 l.xdi1-S trim-. Shixlm-x' Cmswvll. Ruth Smlmwunkv. .md Fithvr Snhxmmkr' singing "Nu- umm I.u.1xwf' xms um- of ilu' wm-ll-ru'cixwd xulxxllw-11 wt' llll' !'i'U!l.lIIl plmmvd by nur XICC . .. I. m -. , --171+ -Q CSP joic .Xndrcws trics to lu-lp his tvuni win us c-x'ci'yoiiu joins in sonic I'L'ldy races. Pgnulinc XVc-lbstcr. lNIoonyc.in Devine :incl Ciirolyn BLlllll1lL't posc with Bill T.ly'lO1', Clnick llowurcl and Lninbmt Bznncles who wvgir thi- girls' piimf-winning vcgv- table corsngcs. 'A J s,-. Larry Singcll. Suznnn Lll'I1l'l'. Peggy Kin- sey and Ron YN'z1rd put on 21 skit for thc annual full cvcnt. 1 I s. College band performs under the direction of Prof. Willwerth Roger Yoisin. Boston Syinphony Orchestra incl Prof, XYillwerth. FIE Bc-sion Sxinphony Buss Ensemble pose with their accompanist. Mrs Parris i.i Cilvson Foley, The A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mr. Greg Larkin. Roland Hayes, Tenor. oseph H. Silverstein. violinist iff, I . E nv jd Q 'YQ THE SCIENC BUILDI President fNI.uin turns over the hrs! Klayor llella Chia-s.i mixes his best wishes to the sfoop of dirt for the new stieuce watthinu student hotly. building. -W "' - ' x . ' ' 15 ..-ff 55' WOOL i p-p QI xi Dr. Gould. Dr. G. B. lN'illiamson. Dr. Mann, Mayor Della Chit-sa, Dr. II Shrader. Rev Grosse, and Contractor. Pasqualeucci pose at the groundbreakinq ceremony, The part of our campus lying between the Can- terbury and the church, the Mansion and Wen- dell Avenue was once simply a plot of ground. But what was once grass and trees has been transformed this year into a miracle of masonry, piping. wiring. and tile. Construction of the new science building got well under way in May, 1958. The needs of the science division had been translated into de- tailed specifications by the science faculty and the architects. 4 The first earth is moved for the four hundred thousand dollar project. 45 . " The finished science huil Each of the three Hoors of the new 65 loot by 105 foot brick structure contains laboratories. ai - - -.q- -l ggi ,,:' i QQ 'K .'7-' .,' 'ilk 1'-nfs' W A . .'. ".wr"r.. ' -A ding will be an ever present symbol of the progress of our college. offices, and lecture rooms for one of the three science departments - biology, clieinistry. and physics. Adjacent to the building will be a large ultra modern greenhouse to replace the present one located beside the Manchester. The purpose of this great undertaking is to provide facilities with which to help all of the students of the college to take their places as citizens in a science-conscious world. .MZ I . 4 .,, k'. 1 ' QQ ' hlany hundreds of rnan hours went into the interior finishing of the building. The actual construction of the Science Build ing began in mid-july. 131 1 v fy y V ' 1 . v - -. - L.ol.n-sc Tmrzkz .1x.c: .X l,.1ppcUJx IHOLI' P!'t'St'YlI f,hX'1SfIIi.i4 131.11101 1 l 1 4 THE 4 CHRISTMAS 1 i , s Asc i 1 1 Y i i w I 5 y CQYVQ a 'H Thi" L-Elvlf' , . , , . I ill K L LI'1f'l Nlfll I S I I l l' I' . gxf x , ay? V EE 7 NVL4 jlw- c Zur-31:-rxi frumrr-d .xs Soloist. "1 izx ?1.zp'w-' pf---ph vrzjuv!he'C'Y1riSIrr1.1sh.xn qucx SENIOR TRIP SONG Tune: "Down by the Station" OIT to the Elm top, Early in the morning, See all the Seniors Raring to go. Salt in the coffee. Salt in the fruit juice, Packed up, toot toot. Off we go. At our destination, No need of inspiration. Mountains. icy slippery. Alcorn sets the pace: Hardy follows after Sliding on his after Banged up! Slap, slap. At the base. There go Fred and Janet. And Edwards on his stomach. Larry, Bill and Donna FOll0w witll Z1 lJl0w1 Bouncing Prof. Naylor Riding on his saucer. Mrs. Naylor. Hoot! Hoot! Go! Man! Go! I-Iaslett took Krutenat In a game of ping-pong Nine out of ten Games in a row, Uncle Ed the busdriyer. Supper was so yummy, Felt good in our tummy. Cake for dessert, With ENC. on top. Skating in the evening, Ethel. Bob and Amy. Bob's head cracked ice, Bang! Oueh! Bop! Night hawks XN'ebby. Dyment. Blerki. Taylor Didnt start for sacky 'Till twelve-thirty. Reed and Bradley Sleeping oh so soundly All of a sudden -4 bed broke. Down they went. Early next morning Greeted with a snowstorm Sleepy seeds in XN'ebby's eyes I-Ie pours cofIee in his juice. Flying down the ski slope, Soulia went on skates. XN'hile Emma watched with fear. O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh! Skating. bruises. broken necks Meals and all are ended. Oil' to get our luggage. To pack on the bus. Now a bumpy bus ride Singing. sleeping. hurting. Here we are juniors! 57 Lv 4 t4 Nl Everton .tt Watching television. Bud. Gene and Verna. ShufIle! Deal! Throw! Home for repairs! Please hx us up! :w' :Ei . ,: WW" 1 I SENIOR SNEAK Joyce Bradley tries to move the pounds and pounds of snow from the skating rink. Lo Rae Reed joins other Seniors in clearing the skating rink. tempts to pttll Prof. Naylor along the ice J.. A . ..:"'1f"-ln' ' . ,IW-2.-liao. 4 . janet Stpes tells of her experiences on the tu. to Gene Park and Bud Rose. The Naylors relax around the dinner table to chat with Gent Park. fi.. !,I fx Q- '1 gin' , ' s 1 X 131 111 111'11x 11.1115 .'!1L1 f11111" .X1I1Z'111.1I1'N 11'X -l.z!,f 11 ' NXK4'1'1l X"l1Y1" XN1'HL1x -111.1Z1 1 I1 111 .11111 R11111 Sk1lNN.lI11il' g11'1w1111'111.1'1 1111' .11.1111,11 11111r1 11" 11 ' " 1' 1111111 111.111-1x 911111 1-.111 11111 1.1111- 11111111 1111 1 1 . .11,1 XI.1-11:1 H I N 1-1.1::. 1:1 .11 ?'.11:Q u.111111'1'11:111111-51.111115 111 1111 K111' 1111 1.111 .1.1. .111.111 Z 1i11v1-'. X111.: 1",Nl'K I1111'1n.1- 1 1111- Q 12:1 x11 l11k1 ,Il .1 1.1111 .1-1. :S 111 11.111111 111-111111: 1-x .1 mort' 11114 Xx 11 1111 117 -I ll: E 115 1Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ,C 1 1 1 U11111'1N 1-I 111 X111::111 ,X-w11,1 1, 1. 111'I1 1" x "'1'j'11-1 1'111-1111'11'1" 1 t."f...- ' fl, '35 N X11-5111' 111'w'1' Xxl11l1 ' -1 1i '- w.11'11 R111111' XN1ll1l' 1,.kN1' 181111111 .11111 C1'11'11x L M11- 1111111 IOIRKLIXK ' A X11'1:11-vrx 1-1 1111' R11111'11S YN1's11'v.1n 11-.11:. .111c1 111' l'1"1x,1111-rx llklkl' .1 :guard 11:.1- 11-r 1111- .1111-1:1l.1111. Miss Mary ,I.1111- l,ll!lSh'l'l'11l .1Q Q111- .1ppr11.1111c's tha' thrcmr 5, gr.. ,Ili ' Md' if 'ff' Q I J l J r ' Q ' iv " I " J. i ,Si nv JS N ICU!! UNI: l, lI.nll, XI KI lluxmmwlwim. I5 llwlf'-lm. R Xhun HHH' TIIYPQ Dr, Brifklvy. .-lrfxf-M, H. I'4vNIl'l', 15 Rz'r'xm'i, li. Clllmlnixt .X l,.!IM.1l'lLx. .X .Xlzllluwy Minion. U Su.1!1k. R Wfmlnl, THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE TLIDE T BODY GRC-ANIZATIO 136 Serving as the voice of student opinion not only to the student body but also to the faculty and administra- tion. to the YYollaston-Quincv-Boston area. and to other colleges and universities. the Executive Council of our Student Body Organimtion was active in all areas of student life this year. Under the capable leadership of Branson Roberts and various committee chairmen. the codification of campus rules and regulations was accomplished. OIT-campus students were brought in closer touch with the campus by being better informed on campus activities. Niem- bers of the student bodv were invited to present special problems to the Executive Council at its regular weekly meetings. The beautiful new pine-panelled office located in the Recreation Hall became the scene ol manv committee meetings as our able veep. Marv Jane Dunsworth. directed plans for our three annual Student Council parties. Through its membership in the L'nited States National Student Association. the Council promoted student interest in events on other college campuses and in national affairs throughout the vear. The Council supported and promoted campus religious activities bv encouraging attendance at chapel. special services. and Boston Youthtime. supported the athletic programs of the college bv encouraging' attendance at society games and providing transportation to nearbv Crusader games. and promoted interest on the cultural level bv encouraging attendance at the newlv initiated Artist Series. resident. Branson Roberts. confers with A111 zftor Bricltlev about the calendar of coming events, . M' 1 -'x . an .1 Treasurer. Lowell Hall goes over the budget with Secretary. Janie Dunsworth. Vice President, pauses in the midst ot hti Robflt Bunn- planning for the Spring Party, 137 R 4r4.'f.p.igtfe.--i 'jx 'Q V iw it ltr, R . 5 if 'l. tl l l l -fu . Q."- l The Editor, Cinda Cilrhrist. plans the layout for the 1 1959 edition. : Cinda Gilchrist Ifllliffll'-ll!-flllff i Donald P. Hammer Bzuizzms .llarmgt r Dr. Alvin H. Kattllman Adzimr Carolyn Finney .4um'1ia!1' I-fdilor l Dwayne Byers Bzuirzrw xloitlarzt A Arlene Shannon Lifrmry l:'d1'tur Lilnfzry Staff: Carolyn LL1IlIJlll'I', .lack Guard. Carol Hobson, Barbara Harding. lYilli:1n1 Porter. Rolwrt Porter, Grace Hovlastrzt. Eliyahvtli liowws. Sjamft vmff: David Hutchinson. Bill Jones. ESllll'l' lluntvr. Katlitwim'--It-an Kiann. Tyjiizzg tlafft Klart' llL1ll'l1l'l'. Dorothy Sonnnvr. xlucly Ilissont, lit-tty Hodge. Iflifaht-tll Zollinholer. Bzzximwt- ttajf: Shirley Caswell. Sharon Hannnvr, Marvin lialwit, Janie llunsworth. Arlene Shannon. Literary editor, shows staff reporter the position of I their layouts. The staff members are Carolyn Lanpher. XN'illiam Porter, Carol Hobson, Robert Porter. Libbic Bowers, and Jafk Guard. THE .faq ' Dr. Kauffman. the advisor, edits copy for final publishing. AUTILU "' -" li 'HNVJ I' I fit!-, .. - .r4'.5 E .QW f 4 ., img I .,l:Q,wl,,f,1 s ff- ' ,,.,ws: p 9- lfibtl- ",'ggftt4'fi . l"d1-rf " "SH -' isa.--N f -. . 1 . w'ty,1t6 fi vw, ' -WJ-lv.:-r,-.'. .-,',Ag.:,..,'.py'.. Associate Editor, Carolyn Finney, lets Business Assistant, Dwayne Byers, in on some future plans. y""1. , - iff. wr--" Business lvianager. Donald Hammer, checks to see how many ads he must get in before the next deadline. Each year at E.N.C. we all acquire new mental pictures of fond times spent with friends and classmates. XVe have tried to capture these memories and present them to you in tangible form - the l959 Nautilus. With a new publishing company, a capable photographer, and a cooperative and dependable stall, we began the big task of planning. writing, checking, and rechecking. We finally saw through the hea as of layout sheets, co f sheets I 5 1 t 7 pictures, and proofs and produced this yearbook for you. Even under the added pressures of securing pictures after chapel and obtaining advertising from churches on the districts, we kept uppermost in our minds the goal of creating a Nautilus which would represent the goals of our school and the progress of our church, as well as a collection of your memories. We have tried to produce a high quality yearbook that will be of value to you and one that you will be proud of and will cherish in years to come. XVe hope you enjoy it. Photographers, Chuck Novy and Dick Barr discuss picture quality of their latest photos. Mary Hatcher, Typing Editor, shows her assistants, Betty Hodge, F. Hunter, Dorothy Sommer, and Barbara Harding the correct way to type copy sheets. 1 I l -.-out ' 1-4 i Y 4' itor. -lrvliii lYiwloxv. lliulv .1 l1I'l'YlUlli issue for IJOS- bilnle clmiiuig or .iplcliliuns CAMPLI The sports stall. George Day. Esllivi' llimtf'r. .2 Miss Soingenlverq. .-1n':1-in rr-.ids copy for Cor- tm ref! details. Dave Viells. Lgiriy Klumns. .incl I".iiIli lliin '. r ' look Over the SPOIIS sevtion in xi new issue. The Editorial Staff: ROI1' ONE: Lowell Hall. ROIV TIVO: N. KI.icI.c-od. L. Worth. Bill jones. Carole Hobson. Jessica Mil- stend. Arlene Shannon. Warner Stanford. jack Guard. Judy Neider- hiser. and Carolyn Lanpher. CAMER Car -- advertising for the next issue. john YN'eslow .. Larry Singell . ...... . Katlierine-Jean lwfann .. . Prof. Alice Spangenberg .. Larry Klumas . ...... . Pat Lockwood .. Howard Guard . ......... . Larry Klumas, Lowell Hall .. Nancy Fee ................ Richard Barr, Charles Novy . . Paul 'lireyz ........... . . . . . Shirley Fluharty . ...... ....... . Dave Congalton. Larry Klumas . .. C.arl Gold ,........ .. .............. . .. Business staff members, Carl Gold. Alan Duck- worth. and Dave Congzilton tell typists. Judy His som and Nancy Fee how to type their advertising. Both creative and persuasive elements are required to produce an interesting . Canzput Camera every other week. Creatively. students from the course in college news writing and students who simply enjoy writing express the feel- ings. opinions, and thoughts of the student body by reporting on campus events. XVriting news and feature stories gives the staff members valuable experience in expressing their originality, Sports writers had an excellent chance to apply their vocabulary of sports terms on page four. Featured on page two this year were letters to the editor. book reviews. the cartoon which was always new. and occasionally poetry, Interesting columns expressing personal opinion provided for stimulating reading. Having the paper delivered and paid for is as important as having it printed. Selling advertising space. promoting circulation, and distributing the papers developed the talents of the business stafl. To bring you the well-written campus and world events as they happened plus many features has been the aim of the Campus Camera staff this year. XVe sincerely hope you have enjoyed it. George Day. Orville Mason. Linda Worth. 1. Si 3 t Y' t-'tida l-.2', ., i an Business lxfanager, Larry Singell. adds up the inches . .. . Editor-in-rhief .. Buxiness Manager .. . A tsociate Editor .. . Faculty Advisor .. Sporty Editor .. Feature Editor ... Copy Editor .. . Columnists .. . Head Typist . .... Photographers Cartoonist Cirrulation Manager . . Butiness Assistants Advertising Mflnager llessitgi Kfilsteacl. Larry Singell. Billy Jones. Chirolyn Lanpher, .Klan Dutkworth. Ricli.irtl Svliuster. LaRue fir-hinan. Faith llunter. Dave YN'ells. Esther llunter. Judy Ilissoin. Carol Hob- son. Judy Xt-iderliiser .Xrlene Shannon, Nancy MacLeod. as of Pat Lockwood. K. lkfann. Paul Treyz, and ' Dick Barr confer about the layout. copy, art C and photography for the next issue. 1 kat U-v Q". .,.-vs ...fa -14 ,Au .ru tw .Au .M v .1 ss.- W1 1 -4 .--... --.4 -4- .-ng S 141 l l i :I 'I LI fl I I I I I RUN' LX!-f S Pwgxv-II, E H,2srfif1t'. H Ilgsffii-ri P I. f'-f' kxwwd. ,I F.:.r.'v I. Kffffvau B Hn-'s. S jc-fT0rv. C S.:x'.1qf-. D. 3ICDOnneIl F.'.:'Qf-.. B XI.17.r..1 .K B':rr..I XI'C,f,1rt'.' D Ps x"- rs-41. H Bzrlf.-.:i.f-r II xI4'r1'-S -I Km-ffr. Y XX'hxtc-CI. Donnelly. B. Thompson. C A f'f+1.1f, V1 IQ 4'-'. i, NI Pin- S Aff'-r, ,I S fx Hr-ur.. B If-I'.v-ri 5 Y1IIE.:r'Y. E I.YT1fh. J Xhrtin. H. Spcarv. ROI? XI.:gf,.'::. Xi XI. Dfrwigg-11, Y H.r.f.f:. I-Z"I1' TIS 1" f, Kuff .QQ L' THl:f.'f.' X1.1m:1i.m. Cl Rztvhiv. D, Byvrs. G. Thomas. G Porter I SIGMA DELTA I -I i.fj'l' .' I' 2 W I Ei?-' . ,ft If I I I I DELTA COKXCAIL: RON' ff7.YF: B. Thonzpsozm.. S Fluhiirtjc, S. Jeffery. ROI1' TIVO: D. H411 F Euler. HGH' THREE: B. Rc-exes. 142 I I I , , C. Gregory, L. Rose, D, Hall, S. Nickerson. P. Smith. Smith. K. D. Brotherton. RON' FIVE: D. Lynch. L. Singell. B. Tracy. R. Savage. ROW FOUR: D. Mann. D. French. R. Raisen. K. Alcorn, McCurdy. C. Cold. j. Laudermilk. C. Howard. G. Woods. W. Krute- V. Slaka, W. Jones. F. Boden. D. Clifton. R. Vechhione. D. MacKay. nat. L. Hemphill. C. Hildreth. R. Corbett. A. Brady. J. Meisner. I DELTA SCCIETY Fred Boden. Delta President. Free hot dogs lured twenty-nine into the Sigma Delta Delta society as the Deltas presented "an outing in the Blue Hills" at Rush Day. New additions to the society proved valuable as the Black and Gold fought hard to win a gridiron victory. Excitement was at its peak as the dribblers ran neck in neck with Sigma Sam's team on the basketball floor. The girls came through to tie for second place in the volleyball Fight. U'ith old material, a few practices built a basketball team that made a hne showing for the eager spectators. Some students are just a member of a society. but the Deltas this year showed fine society spirit in their loyalty to the Greek which they had chosen. The annual spring outing crowned another year as a loyal Delta. While some looked back with only memories. others looked ahead to a few more years as a Delta. ? 'sd ROI1' l7.Ylf.' N. Ilirc. 15. Pctcrsorl. fl. llulslmll, Cf. I..nny1hn'r. lf. Rflllill li tl-HUIJS. li xx-.llkl'l'. NI. CfUllinS. NI. Culvsar. D. Vaughan XVLICIC,I".llllIlll'l'.1i. llinlxlv. S ILIIIIIPIUII, NI. Bl'yl1l'I'. .X Xicvslwri lf- l.i2:f'Il. ll NK'-42-ll. Y. PVIIII-1. S, C.lSWl'll. D. BAUSIIILH1. P R. lIud11.1ll, C. l5.1t4hl1'tl. E. Rmmvlulu-1'gv1', P 1s1..N1.w11. D. Llmnl. m1iI'I'g lfflli' 7'Hlx'1'fl'. D .XltiC. C. Sh.xw. L. Recd. P. Wvhitc X. Tuul. D. LillXN'hK'Ili. B. Zivxlvl, ll Smlmpullw. R S1lm.xr1kr. IQ, hzzul. .X l'l'llXNitk. M L. xvh1'L'll'l', D. Tlmuhrr. Y. Niorvland. J Popp. lftf7li' TIVUJ If. llumew. ll. lihiluftv. ll llfrm-Mil... XI Hxlwllaml. I' Kiln:-y. S. Xfmllloy, Kinsvy. B L. Il.lI'I1l'f'. K. J SIGMA DELT KAPPA COUNCIL: CLOCKIVISE: L. Bums. E. Hunter. C. Pillsbury. L. Hybertson, R. Schwnnke. H. Foster. P. XYhitchc-ad. D. Glusker, 144 Mann. ROW FOUR: R. Stark. j. Paynter, D. Glusker, R. Mahood, B. Roberts. ll. Foster. G, Calberg. R. Good. T. lYeller, R. Ossman D. Blachly, A. Everton, Klumas, R. Carter. E. French. ROI! FIVE: R. Ilebets. S. Ilill, ll. Williams. R. XN'idman. Rae. L K Hybertson. R. Cox. R. German. YV. Alworth, D. Lindsay. C. Shaf- fer. C. Pillsbury. ROM' SIX: W. Porter. E. We-slow. D. Johnson. D. lVhipp0. D. Congalton. I". Butler. R, Cubic. L. Burns. A, Ya- eubian, R, Lambert. KAPPA SQCI ETY Larry Hybertson. Kappa President. 145 The Sigma Delta Kappa society began this year on the right foot by taking first place in the Rush Day displays. The Kappa display featured a foreign car showroom complete with signs urging the freshmen to join the Kappa society. lVhen Rush Day was oyer we discoyered that thirty-two hne fresh- men had joined our growing society. In the fall the men of the gridiron proudly displayed new football uniforms which were partially paid for by the sale of ball point pens to society members. Throughout the year. the Kappas displayed excellent sports- manship as they actively participated in the various in- tramural sports: football. boys' and girls' basketball. girls' volleyball. ping-pong, tennis. and track. During the year some of the boys bought jackets displaying the Kappa colors and Greek letters. The girls. not to be out- done. purchased blaxers identifying them as loyal supporters of the Blue and YYhite. Another wonderful year with the Sigma Delta Kappas was Crowned by our annual spring outing which will hold fond memories for all of us f- especially the seniors. 5 s S 7 L1 If ll f K 1 O i X w U 9 'f'?r uf' v 4 ?? KOH' U.N'l'f: .N B1-fl:-ll, V XYomls, .N XYumk, N Rhhnuvml, B Qtrm1u,l IIl'F1H.llI. Br.ulI4'v, .N .-Knthonv, R. Bizqs B Nf1n0ss Biggs CH:-nruu1,.X Slkllllllill. F NIm'l'ix X1 l"C'I'I'iN. X1 N1f'twl.1.n'. R1-vluflds If Bmw'-rw. N M.uI.1'0d. B Hardinu. Dunwuort , E 1NIc'1NIil11l,-I. Z1-iulvr. NI f:UI'ilUII. P, I7.1r1+v, P. .Xlmllurmg ll Olson, H.ul1'tI ICUH' 'l'lllx'l'fI'f.' P I..xPi1'rrm', C. Pvrrj N 'lhorpc N H. In-mln-ru, Nl. Smith ICUII' 'I'I1'l7: A 'I'.nlIun, .X .luhnw-n. B lluriwn. QI Hiuhvm, F K1.nrtin.B. Morrial. .'xFTH9IFI nz D nw Hullwrl, I.. lxugm-rs. li Clullim. 'I Wlxilxmm. ll C'Iirx:vrm.m, H Xrm' mlm-r. .X -lun:-Q. S H.mh4-r. M lI.mhc-r. S .-Xllvn, M Ruhl C Ixvss SIGMA DELTA 4 1 SIGMA COL'NC'TII.: ICOI1' l7.N'Pf: .'x. .fXnthom'. N. fr' TIVO: NI, M.x1m.R. XIA1111. Dr. T.1ylm'. jun- s. II C ..,l fi 146 Rir fxvxx. hmond. Zirglvr. R. Bigss. ROI! FN PAS' 'J L. Hines. ROIV FOUR: L. Patch. P. WVhitc. C. Henck. C. Manley G. Williams. D. Gravenor, M. Teal. ROH' FIVE: J, Bender. j. Mus- ser, F. Andrews, M. Mosgrove, D. Srhlough. D. Thatcher. Jones T. Minott. G. jcrnegan. B. Mann. M. Balwit. J. Andrews. R. Ward. E. Speakman. Cokkinis, C. Hurst. ROW' SIX: YV. Stotler, R. Zol- linhofer, C. Swank, R. Esper, R. Johnson. P. Cunsalus, S. Sommer- son. L. Christensen. YV. Wlilhoyte, D. Stahl. R. Whiting. ROI-1' SEVEN: A. Sanchez, K. Kern, R. W'elch. R. Sharpes, M. Mann. SIGMA SGCIETY , . Jim Jones, Sigma President. Fifty-nine greenies were charmed by story-book characters on Rush Day as the Sigwna Delta Sigmas were off to another excit- ing and eventful year as a leading society on campus. Late September and October found a group of our husky young men fighting in the mud to come up with second place in the inter-society football fight. November found our enthusiastic young lassies selling homemade tarts, cookies, and cake to earn money for new cheering equipment. December began another successful Sigma year as our boys drib- bled to many victories on the basketball Hoor. Near spring Sigma jackets could be seen on campus, as well as pins and emblems identifying the members of the Red and Black. The year was climaxed by a "good time by all" on the annual society outing in the spring, and many freshmen were glad they had joined Sigma Delta Sigma. 147 Fifi' sl' L AQ' RUI1' UXE: H1-lwrlv. Y, Ili-1-km.m. Ii. Sxpp. N XN'.1kPm. P XN'mvdw.nrd. X1 Xlilm-. 'lA.xyl0r. C. Yfhiiv. I.. R1'dc'j-'1'. Zurfher Huvl. E. c'Ull'S.ll, R. -Lumix. Y, Suhlmluh. R. flxllwrt, B Hmlzr. XY, jf-uhm. S Ikzllfx. H Smn1:1f-r, D Smmw-r, CI Hobwn. P. Rose S, lluciukins. F. Rmw. N C.11xw'1', B l'n'v.m. F. l'1xrx.Y St.11.I1'1Lf. S II.m.1:.f-xi ,I xillNI".Hi. XI P11-1: R ,luhrx-mm. M hlohmun. E R. l7.1ruiuo1'rl1. XI. T.u'r, ii 91,11-rw,wr1.XI Wlmigqvlf -I Hr-lfxhh, H Szmlfffr. I. K.:-h:z..m. Ruin-ri, M. Billvtt. I.. XN'0rlh. H, KIC- N H-IYFS, S, XY.13'Ix1.x11. XI, Rif'si:'r. SwI'1'IM'!1. S H iulvw, T-'lfLl.1. Kruufmr. I7 XM-l-Fx, U Urvm-n, ll, Baird. L, KIllIl1.!4. E, Frvnfh K. T.1Yl01'. Pm ,Xlbvx'l. S cl.llLlHl'lA IIUU' 'ICIIVP' ll llilxhrlxt. .X II Xfvll:-lm. D l.wt,:. R Xl.:-f'hv'1'sm-I1 HHH' Tllnlflf' .X Swain SIGM DELT w ZETA COUNCIL: C. Noxy. D, xYl1yIH.lU. .-X, I".mc.1rik. XY, Smnford. Zurchcr. S. Fuller. 148 C. Bowden, M. Fetter, D. Barr. G. Hilyard. L. Hamilton. S. Swain D. Hammer, O. hlason, YV. Gorman. L, Yagc-r. R. Fryberger, P Treyz. D. Deeter, W. Stanford, R. Allshouse, C. Daniels. H. Keeler. B. Garland, H. Poole. Borgal. F. Woodworth, Rutledge, K Brierley, BI. lNIilbury. ROW FOUR: L. Rines. P. Lutcs. T. NVCI- ler, D. lNells, G. Day, R. Soulia, R. Verbisky, D. Wayman, S. Rieder. D. Holbert, R. Davidson. R. Falke, D. Andersen. C. Novy, F. Farrar, D. Schuster. A. Pancarik. C. Stevens, R. Seyfried, S. Stein- metz, G. Swartz, D. Hover, T. Howard, T. Milne, R. Altic, E. San- ford. Huggins. ZETA SCCIETY Wamer Stanford, Zeta President. Every new student at E.N.C. is Hrushedn to join one of our four Sigma Delta coed societies. Zetas wished the Frosh well as they urged the greenies to "join Zeta and your wish will come truef' And seventy-four newcomers liked their suggestion. With the new material, Zeta became an up-and-coming society this year as they showed their skill and cooperation on the gym floor and the football field. The females of the society captured second place in volleyball to give honors to their chosen group. During the year, the Zeta girls donned sharp green blazers and new members purchased triangle-shaped pins bearing the Greek letters of their society. Spiritual refreshment was provided by the all-society prayer meetings held each week. Zetas will be remembered this year for their enthusiasm and their bright outlook even when near defeat. Many look back with fond memories on that last Zeta outing which was memorable in many respects and not only to the seniors. 149 'E RUN' UNE: fl. Ki111l1.1ll. -I Smith. I., Bowf-rs. Cf Boshnrt. lhsll-11, B 'l'r.uv, IJ Frm-1ul1.D. Bl.ul1ly'.R Pwrlvr. W Porter 1' P. l.cul-Qwmuul. ll lhtnlllvt. NI IJ.-Bow. C2 xi.llllQ'f' Rlrlli' llx-lu-1'1s1.111, l. Rvvll lff'll1'I"OI'I6'j Zllr1l11'r'.L Cgxslvr 7 TIVO XI. Xlt'lNVl.l.ll'. li lN'1llu.1yte-. R .XllSllfDll9!'. IJ jwulxnsun. S Alle-11. M ll.1t1l1v-r. f,lllUIl.I..xN,Ufll1.-I B51-ri H Sw.11'If. R CI.11A1z-r. Smith. P. KlIlSl'y', RUI1' THREE. N I ff 1 , 1 B 1 A CAPPELLA l 1 llc-ami we-1-v 1l11ill1-nl mul 9IJll'llS w1-1'1- lifufcl as tlu- l .-X Cl3IJIJt'll11 Cilumir mug 1lu- xx-ry 1-llll-Clixv "Al.1cul1R I..ul- l all-1' 111.-111y lllllL'9llll'OllQl1OllI ilu- Yl'.lI'. . l7f11'1x' fllllllf xoiu-s lull-xuln-cl lll'Qllllll-llllf' 111ul1-1 llu- clixvc- 111111 Of l'1'of. G11-Q l..11'lxi11 112 tlu- 1'lu+i1' p1'ox'i1l1-Ll ilu- ' 1111146 fm' 1lu- cc11'111-1'xlrv111- laying. ilu- llfvlixu-sx Cll'LlS.lLlL'. . 111-ui1lu-Cil11is1111.1N 1 l1.1p1-l. 1, 'lxlu-xv 1.1l1-1111.-cl SlllCll'IllN lHllI'lllt'lK .xpplim-d tlu-ir ability l lu' lu-lpinq in 1lu- Iwo flll0lXll Lvllllill IJl'L'91'I1IilllOHS of Il1l.'Yl'L1IA. f' l .Xll Ullli'I' IIlQ.'ll1Ulll'9 lgulm- into ilu- l5llCliQ'I'0llIlCl at ilu'- il 11u-1111011 of tlu- spring If-111' ulu-11 llu- cluwir luulnlcfl ilu- -I f21'1-jllu-1111ul mul 11'.1x'1-lm-Ll LIYIAUSS tlu- Zone. ' XXX- 1111- prmul of 1lu- .-X cl.lIJIJl'll.l as ilu-3' I'l'I7l'1'Qt'Ill f - X: 4 l',.X.C.. 1:1 tlu- c'0111111111111y c'1x'u5 f11'Q11111fg111c111Q and Ulll' Crm: 'Nubuk A Cdppvllul Dirmwr w KlllIIL'lll'i 111 tluf E.1s1. 1 l '- 150 l Organized Izut fall. the Art Club has provided an outlet for stu- dents interested in painting and the other arts. Would-be artists set up their easels and tried their hands at their favorite hobbv. The most painted building in the world in Rockport. Massa- chusetts. was the object of the October tour. The group s.iw the seven motiphes and enjox--d meet- ing many well-known at tists. In the spring. the club was abh- to Secure an artist to cr-me in to give lessons. since EN C . his no active art dep.1rttm'nt this xfnir. When students uhm eztfm tim same things get :eq--ther. .i grwd time is sure to be the result RUN 'Af C Hoe'RsZr,a. E XITNILI1: .T Sit-er. D X.3.g::1.ari. E Nil , U . . . U-f xt K1 mfr B 1 in r life' xt B-ww ART LITERATURE A D SPEE LLIB "o-V I"'lL R. in RON' ONE Xir Y-.-1:25. Mrs .XR-Ts. Kiss NI .7 :' .4 1' ' L I. :J D IRIFYT "Y H Y' E B I'-ilifh. KITS li-.-otfim. Xlgss Sgy.f1g' if t T4 .41 ' f.'t 'ii' T11 N' L Y ,A,,, . E B .s .A LZ, N B. xT.lIlfZ.l, J D'.i:1snor'1i1. .X kix"i1T.ii- lx I NIA' 1. XI K.: 1-K E X1.r:,:'.. Lf U.--47. ty 5.3- NWN C.. C. 1, age. ROM' THREE' R. Morris. A Bmdv. R Cox. R C lftirrd. D Schuster A A .-., f"' x ' fi 5' V-X' , ,..t. fi 13- f, ..t. Q i rv-fl Q K K ...,L. f'II'.'f'i G-I E: . . .... W xt... CLUB L 1, Ir... t ,'.- K K ..e, ,..g.. . - ,,s .AiC'f'ff. .xii i sf C.1if': f. wv N .f,w vs- Tlzis sjvzfzig im. Q-:tied .Es .... . :Or fwrofet viii' . 'ii.'.- :'f-gitiizi' "A RPI :ici His Llizszf' ' the 111 .-:'s ff, , .,.', K ..., N ""': X Rf if, I ':- 'I'lu- Ilmw- il-uuuil, uvmlum-cl nl I4Q'IHl'N4'Ill.lllX4'N llfllll xilllllfl Hull, NI.lIlllll'Nll'l, .uul lhllms lluuw, in :ning uf xnmlv- tlu- clfvrxxxitmif-s 41 lu-lu-r pl.u1- in xxllimln in lin-. IIll"'I xxltln ilu- lu-uw uuntlu,-rs and our lu-.ul u-urxv-lm lf' llmlu- llIl1'S :mal vnlmu- ilu- rm-uulmirvrh flf ilu- 1 ll4r!'ll.lIm-Ilvx Smxu- 4-l rlu-xp,-11.11 pw-pm tx of nur Ilfuuf- Ciruuuil llzlx 31-.u imludf-ci our .llllllhll Hin-xx ll'-uw 1-.ulx HI ilu- I.1ll, l',wrxf-1u- um mxm-rl ur , lll.ll-J' .111 ixuiu-wif-xl tum rvf tlu- almrxu. xu-ning 'llXlll'Ill.N mouxs :uul px.1u-1 IUUIIIN llu- vu-nlnu um mlirrmxv-nl ln .1 lluu- of fun. prix:-N, .mul l"lVll'Nl.llll'lllN in tlu- uvllwgf- nlizairm-4 lz.lll, 0.11 llf- N- CF-nruil .dw-.1rr.111ue-Ll . . .. .. . . , l ,, t Nl-Al'!AZN 1- 1.l.- al.ug- ff ICU!! UN lzi lxum-xy NI. D4-x'1ru-, R Sflmurllu-. F lulllulwfr-r. I3 l'--I--rw-2. lU"l1 lllf' .M . -U - l lvl l 1 l . . .. . Ny '- 1 - l' - - x- - 1 D. IS.u1mx.m.C I-xl-1Il1.l5 llruh. l'. Ill-ilu-11 Ii Il arms AI ll--1:11 In 'll llll""'l'l"' ""'l l'lm"l llldul :lu-1-firms 1-.u ll Surulny U1 tlu- I pull-x lllzrlrmg Ilu'll.1l-'Huw v-.N-11. ilu- llf- N- 1 4-'ilu 1. all--1-r.x'1-cl Ilu' Ixu- lf-1 .mul 11-lil,-. wl Xlwrm- Hull. HGLISE CQLINCIL F.lk'll xl-.11 Nlmulm-rm inu-rl-Nu-cl in mlu- Slxmixlx l.lllQll.lQl'. in SIJ.lIllNll pm-uplv. .xml m Ilu- KWINTUIIIN ul our lll'lQlllN'lN IU ilu- Solzlll 01'g.111l,fm' I0 ll-.nn IUQn'll1l'I, 'lllli xl-.xr ul- ww t:.1xm-lwgxu-x ul' Slhllllill up-.1lXi11g l'UllIlllI'lW, mul lim-ru-nl I0 llmiwlurmrll-X XXl'Il-xlllf uiill Sll.H1lNll spa-.xlxiug immi- QIXIIIIN. .Xl C-llIlNIlI1.1N 1111112 uv g.1!lu-11-el urouucl fl pin.1t.1 uw 1-1-lvlmmlv Cl1l'lNI1ll1li ne our l.0I'Q'lQ'I1 fru-mls would Cclvbmtc it. By Q1'g1ClL1ntion limo, wc all lmpv I0 lmw clvvclopccl L1 lwttcr uu- ClL'I'NlQlIlLllIlQ of l-0!'0lQI'1 knowlcclgc in Suu-lm Ll way as to prm-vent bins Smal prcjuclicc in our judgnxvnt of mankind. SPANISH LUB K' frllxllflill tv Ulwn, C' l.,u1pl:-'r, H B1-xs1'rK Min Halwr' .-ldv--'. Clr'-Drum, H E. ll.ml.-fu. l. .xl.I.NlIt'..1, N ll,::z.gvi1-rx ll Srzul-1' KWH Iliff ll Nlulw-null lx S.n.n2r, E Klwrrxs, K2 ll-wlwZr.1.l9 X'.n1:l1.m. ll I-if-1ml1,P lrvxz The Pre-Mfrdifal Awniaiiffr. i- organifffd to .tid Qtudf-rm suri- ouslf. CfvI'14idf,'FiHQ' sf-nm brnrfi. of mfg-dicinf: an 3 car '," Q -r. Iii :frm- be-rship incilxdvf- I'xgi1'rf- df-uflrk nurses. Inboratf-ri. 7'-c?.r.iciarn, : L O and ww-ral rn-:iw-r'-d r. .rs-fs. ' Q - Thu wars Y!'.f'T1ff.ni. rm-ffizry lr- . Cludffd Spf-0.11 kp'-:1lg"r- ' ,X and trims iff l.f-mink ,img ::.f'fiif,11l schc-f-is Arnfbnl Q . . 1 J Sptillxilifi 171 i',Lf2"I'-. UPC 'r and int'-mai rn"-:fic inf: Calm: tm: .1r.r. .-1. f :.r -'7:..n Jar- Img. L--.4 '- ' hvrzxf' iff x -41 .1,1f'r. OUP' ". TP," .u'1'.1 f f 1 f., , IQ A 11.1-dit f1!.fi If 1 N13 1 fwfjg ffvk-fl' f N R lj-L-..,l1,V,5-1 P XXQLE .7 R fLEDrtA R Ilrlig E L22 if B T tru: c f'.nir'. If!! fffp. -r I P: f. E5 X! fr.. 1. P. R xiii .,1, 5,' Tffrr, D p,,f,.f. Q pf, , M J Of f-LY E1Yf'jP'1'f'." Cf'-, .zffl I Pi I ff ' -' NI 'f Tflf.. E Zjgii. ' 7 5. BQ:-iff f-I Pri? Vw' Hirii-: T I3 nurqwv 'J if-C l X I i-fs r'.' 'ii' 7'f:'F X. 'fry-'r S Sift rspri. V: ferfsggr. Q5 -' Z' .:' f' f P.:r-.Q IJ B L ?. -. D 3.75-r: V-' 51,15 . The Hiifr S-iiietj. ' '15 RON' OXE Cf. Shgw. I- Hirf-s D D1T,17..'7f 'T D 5.2.-.iri?. E H411-?r H F:?l:Q'll P AF.- Lhony. A, Arttlionv, XI.f5fEuCi, E L'-T. F. if fi' TIVO Dr Kg-frT.gf.. :!:':J:', L Hliid- son. R. Helfrich. R Sf"-fried. -I Effie: I. Bfgijfs D XILZT.. I. HQQ G S'-'ilflll 15' "I1"".1"?' 1".'.l ' F-.-,Y '----f-- -V--.-f-- -v ,f..---. ,.. -- .., ..... ..- -,. ..- 2..-., IT. E' 'III Iff 'ffff 172135 TF4,.: l,.L i L..l,.,.:. -fg-.-fig, ITl1,.f1?? E-Ziff. 1211 'iff ciirffrs Ti: .11 if: 5.1 lf:VQ:i'C f 1' 1Q?C1f.lf.i . 1,.,.. -,.': .- . L:,,,.,.Y. L. dy M, . .. . . . E-'?1f1if'. ff fliifllifi If' :ji ,.:,1,- .- z.,,.,--..--L.. ., ,,. f -1.., -I ....---- , .A.... , ... - .- Cfi'-,L gg.---,z 1- L-.-f ---.1 .,-,j4-..,,. 'l..-, ,1 -'f-.....-,. if iriitiiiil Hiitr S-2-ii Mmm., ,A,,, A., H N .- g.,, r:L1-,.,,. -,. .. -..,. . --.,.:-,. ,,. ,-:-.',.,...,.- 1, gl-f-.----.v-.-' 1,--.... - ,-- ,.... The Chemistry Association is or- ganized to stimulate interest in the many helds of chemistry and to promote activities which may increase the student's knowledge of the various branches of chem- istry. Practical and vocational ap- plications of recent advances in Chemistry are emphasized in our monthlv meetings. During first semester our associa- tion rnade an afternoon field trip to the new M.I.T. Nuclear Re- actor and invited Dr. Robert Eddy of Tufts to give a lecture- demonstration on "l.avosier's Mistake." Second semester found the club visiting the Monsanto sulfuric a.. . . acid plant. Ur. Rachow of Har- vard and Boston L'niversitv's Dr. RON' ONE: Dr. Taylor. Allrisor, C. Novy. D. Siflerrl. E. Liuuett. B. Jacob. E. Hunter. XY. Iyiklbr U.,u.L, iufm-I fliys 1-.ct H-,Q Stanford. A. ts,-me-r. Ron' Tivo- T. Batt.-S. rn. xisim. R. Nm...-r. n. B1.t.my. B. Reeves. 1 is I 'mn Q L H L K ,Othmp BA Kmtemt on ll'll'lI' on n work in chemical research. HEMISTRY ASSOCIATIO BIGLCGY CLUB RON' O.N'L': Cf. Flowers. ll. Esselstvn. Keeler. D. tlraxenor. B. Mauna. E. Liggett. Y. Penha, E. Pertv. N. Carver. LI. llohson. HHH' THY7' QI. Poole. R. Parker. L. Burns. M. -Iamgotchian. Mr. Babcock. Ad: itor, Klumas, P. Trevi. A Sanchez. R. Millard. The Biology Cluh was founded to promote the interest in the hio- logical sciences. to provide outlets for this interest. and to luring ahout. through science. a richer realization of the Creator of the universe. 'l'he cluh activities for this vear included the regularly scheduled monthly meetings. cluh projects. and field trips. Students registered lor Central Biology were espe- ciallv invited to take wart in field , I trips for part ol the course re- quirements. The Future Teachers of America are organized on our campus to aid the large numbers of students who are planning to become pub- lic school teachers. Programs at our monthly meet- ings were varied and very inter- esting this year. September brought back three alumni, John Bigelow, Eldon Rosenberger, and Gladys Caldwell, who gave us their impressions of teaching and related some of their classroom experiences to us. The November program consisted of a speech demonstration given by Miss McElroy of the Hingham schools and eleven fifth graders. Other programs for the year in- cluded an interesting talk given by a local high school guidance director, project work, and club trips. 1 6 ROW ONE: Mr. Parsons. Adwimr, S. Urner, N. MacLeod, S. Hammer, B. Clingerman, M. Colesar, I. Styers, B. Ziegler. Hissom, S. Caswell, J. Scheer, E. Rowe, A. Brown, E. McMinn 7 G. Olsen, L. Rogers, J. Dunsworth, D. Vaughan, J. Sorenson. L. Redeye, M. Collins, C. Gil- christ. J. Hemian, Miss Mann, Advisor. ROH' TWO: R. Verbisky, L. Patterson, K. Alcorn, L. Burns. D. Hammer. P. Newlen, D. Sommer, L. Reed, B. Thompson, Zurcher, M. Hatcher, P. Whitehead, J. Bradley, J. Keeler, D. Erbe, D. Lindsay, C. Novy, B. Seyfried, J. Laudermilk, W. Roler. FUTURE TEACHERS OF MERICA ROW ONE: C. Shaw, C. Gilchrist, E. Colesar. S. Gardner. J. Milstead. S. Hammer. C. Keith D. Vaughan, C. Finney, E. Bowers. S. Urner. B. Clingerman, P. Anthony, N. Richmond, P. Whitehead, Donnelly, R. Biggs, G. Hoekstra. K. J. Mann, L. Reed, M. Hatcher. ROW TWO. B. Roberts, S. Hill, L. Brandes, F. Woodworth, L. Yager, H. McKnight, D. Rose, A. Rose, D. Wayman, B. Porter, D. Lambert, G. Hilyard, M. Milbury, D. Long, E. French, B. Tracy Dr. Darling, Advisor. To students preparing to be teachers, ministers and doctors. one of the most important aspects of learning is in developing an understanding of the human in- dividual. With this in mind, students organized a group which would foster this idea and pro- mote their desire to learn how to cope with situations as they might arrive. Movies, lectures and discussion groups brought out the ideas, theories, and modern trends in the field of psychology. Our fall trip to Danvers Mental Hospital last fall gave us special realistic application of the prob- lems of the psychologist today. Seeing these patients as our guide talked with them showed us all the value of a rational mind and helped to raise our interest in this field. ' v MCIQIXI Lffulw .EI1HOL1!lCCH1t'Zl14 giixvaxs lwrou-fait A lapwli in tlxv tlnunf' 'Q 1 .iw-t af' .- . . . lull.. ot.. tix tuimxxa AIC 1.0, ROI1' ONE: KI. H.itCli0r. B. Tltoznpsuiii L Rt-cd. S L'i'ii'.'r. fi IIm.'l4Str.i. -I Kirzvv. P YN'l1itm'- lat-Ad. C. Holison. Xi. IM-xfiizc-. S. Puwt-Il. S. YY.tyzi..ui, B. Rii'.n". Plf'lvaii". B Iluvs. II Flc.1g.1l. E. Ligsvtt. B Zim'-ulvr. D. Srixtlvii NI L. XN'lnrfvr. KI. Pnrttt-it. C Llmtl lf' 'll' THU- D. Blgiclilv. D. W.'zvii:.:n. B. Rrutc-zulu, D. llt-wr. I. Buns. KI. Bnlxsil. AX Bmtlu P 'l-ww. H B.il.wt'ogk. ,-X. Swain, I- Yam-i'. I.. Hvnzpliill. I., Klunus. B Kit-rlti. .X XliKfi.fi': I5 S.tlf-xml. X. Politi. D.C11it'wn. RUI1' THREE: R Lfulwiv, llusuzizs. Q1 St'-xfzs. Cf Nui, R Win: 1: .-X. Collar. R. Porter, D. I,lIlClS.1Y. D. Byers. R Yt'i'2i1Ql,x. D Xhllfs R Si-tfzh i MCU TAI EERI GCLLIB PHYSICAL LILTLIRE LUB "R:tppcl' '..,' 'ln-lay" . . . "piton" have fi dcfiniu- nu-:ming to 21 group of f.'flIl1llQiZl9llC Studi-nts who began tliix ye-Lu' of tlici Club with training claw-Q in Ixfifli Climbing and niountninm-ring tt-Clmiquc-S. Tliankigivinq again found us back :it Pinklinni Nutcli ffninp at tlic foot of bc-atitiftil Kit. lYash- inqton. L'nfoi'fc'ttgihlc wt-ro our fcxv days spent in liikinf. climb- ini' and Skiing. Spring found our fluh uniting with tlit' Providvnce B.H'Illl2'IOI1 Bihlc Cfollvgt' Outing Club to clirnb in tlic- Bit. Chi- cmua I't'g'lUI1. Mountain climbing lui toxin' to lmw: Ll xvonclc-rful invginin! fm' inziny xtuclcnts who Iiivcl it fm' mlm first tiint- tliiQ yvar. 'I'l1t- t-.ill of tlu- liiglizfi' liills ii uvct' lwfwit usf RUN' UNF D Bur. 'li Klzzwf'-ltrr. D, Clifton. B Kivrki, J Klunms. R Wfird. RON' Tl1'O.' P Trmf. P l..it:-Q, U Shlifil, IJ Mlmigvpo. B Ninlitwtl, Rutlffdzv. F Woodworth. P. Cun- BY fl- I1 X KY-v DQ' xlmh wn viii s.iluS lfflll' THREE: K Ihritv. .X Bmdy, R Zollinliolicr. R. Dale. L. Ygigvr. H. Xfcknight. I .1 it Manu . X. 1 tial. B Kmuvmt. pus. tlic Plix's1c.il C uliuic C Lzglw A., Ki 5t. i 1. inctnbcrs in top pliwitxil uititli- .n . nun. Eiglii l1'.1:1c.i'vcl jwuzmx ot uciglits c-zmilmvcl our lt-nmw iw ni.ilQc ft line Qlxouing inn xxxii' .imiinit HAH .ircl Antl XI.l T. in tlxc .utnuail nice.. xNt'1Q'lEI-lllflllf l311l.ClQ .ind twin-Q sq Qqtllcq !!i1.iClm'i. liL'O'li!Z"' rlzt- XxlEOlt' lWOLlX gem W . Q. I in X H qqtk lil in conciition lm' .in Qjwiiis tl-L lwcvzi j:'0'.'ccl tint :lic lm-at co- wzitlizzgtml .itixictt-Q XXO:ix ox.: ttizlx . . . . , x . . Y A .,, :.vg.ctung one oi :lic Q-wt-:1:1g1.s Qqslllq . 1 . . , , Q gm OI 1.10 pcrion liii 'wl13'Qic.1i lnocty. 114 - UC For the second vear. interest has produced an organization of stu- dents who want to promote a game of skill and concentration. Some members began as novices with little more than a knowl- edge of which men were pawns and which were crowns. Qthers carrie from families who plaved chess everv winter night, What- ever our skill. we enjovecl the challenge of a competitive con- centration. Although we did not have enough members for an elaborate tourna- ment each member soon plaved all other members until we knew who was the uncrovvned champ Competition had been keen: ue had practiced manv hours with the Qoal of enjoying competition as well as developing our power of concentration for future use: we have enjovt-d the fellowship that an organized group ollered. GLEE CLUB HOU' OXE: Y. Slaka. C, Novv. D. Lynch. R, Davidson. N. Politi. ROM' ONE: C. Flowers. B. Haves. Mrs. XYilli.imson. R Gilbert, HOU' TIVO: S. Sholto, Y. Moreland. Bi Manna. J, Helfrich. ROM' THREE: J, Petk. Penha. L. Redeye. R. Johnson, P Rose, E Haseltoti. FZOI1' FOFR Y f HESS CLUB The YYotnen's Glee Club gives girls interested in singing a chance to develop their abilitv and in- troduces them to public per- formance. The repertoire of the Glee Club this vear included secular and sacred music. He girls will never forget the hard practice on our favorites. "Grace" and "Have Ye Received the Blessing." Activities for the vear included a trip to the Cambridge Xazarene Church for a Sundav morning service and a performance for the XYollaston Church on Sunday' nights. We have become a closelv-knit group as we have en-ioved our- selves through expression in music this year. k 'I'l11- goal of our dr-liguiug u-:un rliisyr-in liars In-1-ri log.1iIl Llklllllfll 1347114 U.Yl:" Ur .-Xlwu. I'.uul1..I Kurwx. ll llutxlmll. F I.xn1l1. lf l..ll1IVill'l .X lirrixvirk 1n'r'im-rin' us possilmlv in thx- ws of building Ll tx-gun for fu- turv yi-.urs 'Hu' tm-.un. Cornpou-cl :mire-ly of fre-slunvn and sopho- wrmw. rum this soul by pilrllfl- llLlIiHQ ill lXYt'lYt' lUlIl'llillHl'l1lS. 4-1-ts look ilu-sv llIlill'l'C'lQlS9lllI'll to lufls. X e-iruont I riiu-rsily, St. Kim-lim, H.ux'.ircl, XI.I.'l'.. and wut to l,.ll'IlIlUlllil. NU!'lilXN'l'9U'I'I1. ind Notrv llunv, Our dr-hnlvrs irc' ur.1u'iul to Ui. .-'xlu'r'i :ind Prof. Clunm-ron for tlrvir invalu- llnlv rulxiu- :ind lilvil' xwlcoiuvd lIl0l'.ll support. Iihis xaxu' wgrx fliriinxvcl bv the Fingil District Right Tourna- rnvnt lu-lcl All uhm- Ilotvl Nvw Yorixvr in Nm-xv York City. It was .h ,,.. .., ., RUN' 'I'll'U: R YY.rrd. Cf l".irrz'll. B f.Ullll'li, B ll.llX. N Pulitr. .X Urukxuurlx. XII' c.llH- 'I ulhlt VM And inoxldld fo! J 'UHliNiI1QiAlllllI'1'. vrun 1 .unix IN "So UIill'lN II1.lX Immun our tliouziilf' ix ilu- 1wur1wow of lin 1939 URIQFNIEOUK. ilu- .1unu.il 1mNiu.r1io1i ut' our iiIk'Ni1I11.ilI DEBATE GREE BCOK r'o1111ms11i1w11 1-IAM,-Y lf1'l1b f'.Yl' I5 H..a1.u1l XM-r!?1 P NNW?-slr-r', I, Rricivw, S Mrlfloxg Nl! Ruhi Rf7i1' TIVO: L, iw I X xl' I, 1 3 V- I B KN-:.i.1oX1f' lf .X.iw1'2.I'. CMT'-wr' Xi IQ--rd--n .X lrxrutlul .Hrl1f'rl1'.f Humor. YN C.1r'N'l'r. HRH lu 'UIUINUV Ut I-11111111 IINH llllfll -I Huxun- I Rl'N'I1i"'Il4xI S fi.lHiIll'!'. 5 lin:-r. B H.rrdmE. N MacLeod, XYl'l'N1l'1'-YiN'l'!i!il1-liU'1l1j'0NiiiU!1N ip liulaimll. IJ .1.11ms.m, rm W.-Ili iliie x1.1rl:.nvlwv11o1g.i1ii.fmlinio four wrtiom: I.ixing iiuuuglr fi f Gxki, a'xi1lx'.1llU11. IIAlVIuiii111vx, 11,1- luiv. Hn- In-si sriulvrn cuiiipoxi- Iiwlli. .IN illkillli in PlUIim'wUl'S SD-Hltrtilwig. Young. .ind Good- zzou. uv riixidml inio ilu'-v wc- IIOUS R-in.i.1i XX'.11J. Tm-iiivw I!l.1Il.lIl'l'. ix in rlmrgv of ixxjwr. xvixoiogrg- ping .ind binding www. .X nvu 111-Yiix ik-.iiizig uitiz Ifiwlz- nun -'.jwx'T.1:ixw ini- In-vn initi- .itcd :Tun war. 'liiiv nvu .inw- znvnz -.au 131.1 1-nv or-rwz: mn , Fin-fd no izwr-' 131.112 onv -u1u-1I.1- IIX1' The Student-Faculty Wives As- sociation of Eastern Nazarene College is organized to provide fellowship for the married and unmarried women associated with the college. Under the leadership of their president, Sue Rice, the Association had seven very inter- esting programs throughout the year. The Qctober meeting was held in the form of a get-acquainted in- fomtal tea. In November the fac- ulty couples invited students to their homes for a time of games and fellowship. Decernber pro- vided HERALD THE SEASON to help the ladies in their Christ- mas buying. A White Elephant sale was held in January and a surprise Valen- tine's Party in February. The wives donned new spring styles for the style show in March. Breakfast in the Dugout with election of new ofhcers brought to a close a year of much fun for all the women. l 5 -'L + I S., ijt i- 45.40 Stud'-nt Faculty wives pause in the middle of one of their meetings to liave their pirturr: t.ikf'n. Nlrs. Martin is shown pouring. TUDE T-FACULTY WIV S BULLS AND BEARS ROW' ONE: L. Klumas. L. Singell. F. Butler. C. Gold. A. Panfarik. YN'eslow. . yv-I One of the two new clubs organ- ized at E.N.CZ, earlv this year is the liulls and Bears. representing f 5 : k respectivelv the optimists and ' pessimists of the stocl: marlzf-X, The objectives of the liulls and Bears are to provide a means of Contact between college students and the business CfJII1YIll1I'ilZf.'. pro- vide students with infom'ta'.ion about vocational opportunities and employment possibilities. ami promote and ptzblieive the eco- nomics and business adrniniszra- tion rttrticulvzrn at Eastern Nax- arene College, This year we have had spealiers in several fields. including sales- manship. niatlzfftinf. real "a'1if". law insuraric.f: and niartazetftv-:1'. at our ITHOf1Il'lliv'H1f.'f'flI'igi, ga.-M ! - , WI.-1 1-1 ' W L.. ' 'Z' ii! F-'2 : ,'.rZ"- ,lfQ1q,T ,'..,,,, 71 I , 1 , -!,' 4 1. l 'Y ' .- I 0, Q ,I P ,- 2 'A - ff I, . YN 9 f V ' f XXX, f 7, 'A Xgmx in Q 6. x M t Ji 'ag '4 I fg IM A 7 AI' I Q an ' Q HQ, , . N N- M 5 ,E 1 if 'X Xwyail' 4 A 4 f -Q 5' 3 ll t 1 , . , 134' 1 f ' I" "l it , ,LN mu l BI'it'lu't'. RUN' Tllillj Wi. Sl.tttl'0l'C.l. F. BlDll!'ll. B Rolwrk. l R. Nurtirtii, TNI. Matin, lil, Hutt ltiiisott, .N P.tttt .it'ilt. ROI1' O.YIff B. KI.ttm, E. lluntvr. Zivulcr. S Fttllf-t'. R. B iuqe. G. S.iv:tQc, C. Gilchrist. j junvs. B, Wcbh. Prof. Naylor. .'Xclx'isur, Smith, I.. Chislvr, C. Pillsbury. LIli.ixit'r. RUN' TllRlfl'f.' L. Sinqcll, R. Sharpcs, u 99 'l'ht' Cfhih. l1I1Clt'l'llll'CLlIJJl3lt'lC'L'lCll'l'9l1lIDOl- l't't'Siclt'nt. Nfvrritt Nlatnn. 1' highlightvtl itx .trtixitit-s this wilt' hx' spmiwiitig' tht- CTi'tixgitlt'1' sports. 'liiClit'lN to tht- QJIIIVN lmw' lwvti wld hy itiviiilwix nl' tht- chih. ffi'i1Q.itlt'r ' IN xx't'i'i' wltl, gtml Qin ufliCi.1l fTrt1w.ttlt't' tug clay was lit-ltl to iptiw iiiuticy to ht- ll9!.'ll lim'Cl1't1H:ttlt'i't'ltt't'tit1g'ttnif0t'mS. :X now rtcltlitiwti to tht' CYi't1Q41tli'i' Qtitiitw this yvgtr was tht' t-lt-mimi of ivll- ': ' 'Q with tht- K'lll't'l'lt'llCl1'l'S tit tht' gaitivs and php t'.tllit'S. 'liht' " " Cltih also pt'm'itlt'tl yt'll-lt'.itlt'rQ tinil'urtttQ. At t'1iCh Q.t1tt1'. tht' uliilw S i WIlY0l'CCl C llll'l'SYlUll9 giml Collt't'tt'cl ticlwtx. Thi- Cfltth also ptm'itlt'tl pritttvtl ITl'UQl'.llllY for salt' nt tht- cil'l19L1Cll'l' 4 gt ttvs, ' 'xt' lwlTtllll'l'il picttirtw of tht' ttutm. tht' Ciltih. tht' Girl! .E .' -Star ll'lll1. c'lit't'tlt'gttlt'rQ xttitl ycll-lt'gitlt'i's. zu ut-ll its tht- tvgtm i'mtt't'N. 11 1 the Stxtwii Qt'lit'tlt1lt'. . . . . '. wx ' ' - .1 Lic 'wr 'gf " 4 'gs v' 4' w " 't 'i t' 1 t'x vt 1" i t ' C0 'g' mo' ' rig: . M . ' ' ' . ' I 'X' T. hm' 'tw' i 'tm . "4 ff' 1 ' ' vw" T 'Q' " g 4' otiivcotiii g wvcltcticl. A t'tttht't'Qliip to tit' " ' " ' " ' A' 1 ' " gihi i xx . wtsiiintisltip. 'Clmlmtit' tam inf. if iris 'Q ' 1 'L ' 1 uit 'i ' . l'llll5l'l'S 1iii1't ht' ' 'r ' A ' 'Q' ' i 'L 'Q ' 11 - Q 'tiiw t' . ig it't'i'f fm' 110 .fi -.'. Q 'g ew i ' ' 'Z . 4' A 'i . 4 . "5 t' 1 1. tt" l - - Y . , - . Z Htlt' I '. ' '- r ' 1 - 1 1 ' ". " ' ' 'l.tl'y'1 lub itihiv. l7llSlI1CSS tunn- . . fm' 'L nm Bi ll' u J. rlinp giitt. t 'P E N lifs first malt' rhm-rlc'.1dt'rs. Bob Zollinhofer and Ron Ward wvrv in :ivtion during cztrh game. - 'YPEI 'H' ' .. Uv 'Q ,J i 1 Crusader fans and cheerleaders. j. Hissom. C. Reynolds. J. Zeieler. and S. Gardner, whoop it up during the game with Curry. Action on the court draws attention from the Crusader bench during game with Curry College. Billy Clyde prepares for halftime fun while Dad. Coaeh Bradley, and scorer. Prof. Cameron. go over scores. Pretty Linda Nease advertises for il halftime rake sale during Ll Society came, Crusader Captain. Dave Hutchinson, swaps basketball talk with two referees. vfvi 'Tift -'N ROW ONE: L. Singell, L. Hall, D. Clifton. G. Woods. C. Gold, R. Mann, B. Reeves, b. Webb. ROW TWO: F. Boden. W. Briggs. V. Slaka, D. French, A. Royall. J. Bricker, B. Jones. IGMA DELTA DELTA The Deltas, after finishing in sec- ond place for the last two years, came up to the fall classic this year with a different idea in mind. The determined Black and Gold swept through the season unde- feated and captured the elusive football crown at last. The outstanding Delta defense was unscored upon and the of- fense struck quickly and ac- curately under the steady passing arm of senior quarterback, Fred Boden. This was also the final season for Bill Webb, who for four years has been among the fastest runners in any team, and Lowell Hall, a hard charging end, who will also be graduating. SOCIETY 8 ... v v Delta and Zeta Football players clown in locker room after a Fred Boden. ace Delta quarterback, in typical statuesque pose muddy. rain-drenching 6-0 contest which found Delta the searches downfield forareceiver. victor. 164 The Scarlet and Black Sigma footballers showed their usual brilliance at the season's offset by whipping the 357 champion, Kappas, but due to ineligibility and injuries, their vaunted of- fensive punch was hindered by a weakened defense. The Sigrna's best team effort and the finest game of the year was a 0-O tie with the champion Del- tas in a mud smeared rough-and- tumble battle, which saw two determined defenses hold for the entire sixty minutes of play. This was the final season of play for ends, Merritt Mann and Jack Smith who have consistently starred for the Sigrnas for four years. FOOTBALL w ROW ONE: R. Sharpes, J. Smith, R. Mann, R. Johnson, G. Jernegan, NV. Wfilhoyte, R Esper, lvl. Blann. ROW' TIVO: WV. Couchenour, R. YVard, E. Speakman, Jones, R. Zol- X linhofer, K. Kern. SIGMA DELTA SIGMA Sigma's Bill C0l1ChCI10Ur rl1nS iI1ICrf6l'6rlCC fOr Sigma's charg- Ronnie Norman stops Sigma's Jim Bell as he charges through ing offense as Kappas, John Weslow and Allen Yacubian, the K11PP2llif1C- prepare to stop the offensive play. 165 Last yt-ar's championship Kappa squad came back hqhting to re- tain their title but tht- new eight- man type: of gamt' did not seem to fit tht- Bic Blue-'s usual pattern of play. The Kzippai although lming four grunt-Q were thc only tczun to score on thc champion Dcltae. Nvxt it-ar's Kappa tcarn will be lacking thc 9f'I'X'lCf'9 of two of their stars with Daw- Hutchinson and Bob Cubic grncluating. Tho pass Cillfllllll of "HutCh." which WZLS at tiint-Q plivrimiif-nal, and the duzil mlc' Ol' hloclting back and kiclwr played by Bob Cubic will bc wivly miiicd ncfxt YPZIT. SIG A DELTA KAPPA lx ,i lt i ltl ind Kon Kern, Sigma end. pursue Bob ll, . Bogged deeply in the cellar for the second straight year, the Ze- tas, nevertheless, were in there fighting for the entire grid season. Although they received a fine crop of freshmen, their inexperi- ence and lack of scoring punch hurt them considerable. The Green and Gold is looking foreward to next year with much optomism, hoping for another op- portunity to win the elusive crown with one year's playing experi- ence behind this new talent. The Zetas will be hurt oflensively next year by the loss of star end, John Chavier, who has been the backbone of the team for four years. ... ., Q1 ,-if -4: .5 CQ Qu .1 ROW ONE: YV. Roler. S. Rieder, E. Gonsalves, Ghavier. ROW' TWO: T. Milne, P. Lutes, E. Sanford. A. Paucarik. P SIGMA DELTA ZET t . .1 -'rw Y l Q 1 1 r 1 Cliff Bickel blocks Z1 grirnacing Delta end while Eddie Gon- Quarterback, Phil Bryner. receives snap from center. George Day salves, Zeta halfback prepares a passing attack. in ai tense Delta-Zeta game, 167 I F! Divk Mann Jack Smith Co-Captdiri. foi'w.ird V . ly" l0' lg if! av," if -5 ,Q 'K l ll 5 jim Bricker Bmnson Rolmcrts xt Bill Webb THE CRU l l E 3 4 Bill NN illioyt ADER Dave Hutchinson Co-Captain, center Mc-rrmtt Mann Ray Sharpes. Manager Howxc xxl1llZ1UlS Charlxe Pxllsbury ruce Reex es Ron Norman CDL CHEER LE DERS C. Reynolds, S. Gardner. j. Hissom, B. Harris, J. Zeigler. J GIRL ' LL-STAR TEAM ROW ONE: E. Collins. E. Zol- linhofer, B. Hulbert. M. Whipple. L. Rogers. ROW TWO: C. Gilchrist. L. Redeye, D. Sommer, S. McCIoy, B. Thompson, S. Fuller, S. Urner, L. Gehman, E. Hunter, F. Hunter. YELL LEADER R. Zollinhofer. R. Word KOH' UX1: fi uluullx, lb l.Kli4ll, l.'1fH"l'l1'f1 XY' ,lHIi"N, N.ixiiil. Sllluvll. ll, Lflilluii. l' limlflii SIGMA DELTA DELTA ll' Ll lliullo ui .1 xlf-g.iii um in lui- Qin-ii TH1l11'5l'gIIl.iNlll1llIl2 l"iw.liiiii'ii, Nil lx Piiliii, ,Inu Ali-i'm':.iii. Ilia lx ENIN'I'IlI1d Bob tliis Swfivly ll.1xlx.i'ili.ill smaiwii. ii iwiiiil lu' Milli- ii-.xiii IH fiilliiiliiifi-i, lliiiiiig rlii- xi-cuml xi-iiii-xii-il ginmlii-r frvsh- lu-gitlu .'XNll.lNlN'1'll ilu-ii IR-iiiiiiv iii ilii- 11.10 I'-xx Ni-.iv-:ix ill iii.iii. llill Willimti- violin-il ilu- :iniiii uliili- -lun' ,-Xmln-ws pl.i5'. oiiu' -lQ.llll ilivy iil.iu-ll .1 xiiwwili. x--ixiiilv .iiiil vilw- ll.ix Slniiimiw, .iiiml Iiill i'uiillic'iiuiii lvl! in pl.iy fiI'Ll9.lLl0I' ball I 1ii'1'f'fl1'f1fiU' ull'-ul "ll llll'f'll"l- Orin- again, ilu- lie-lm silmial iiiguli- .iii .litvlilpl to pull out l Ifml l75' Alfie- .Xiiclivux llill Klf'lllll4'll4'llI- ,lim .l'lll"N .iiicl lim of ilii- u-ll.ii. 'lliv pcm-iiii.il um ilii-ii-. lm! tlim- Ili-lt.u found Slizirpvs. llivi ciiiiclxly uwiiiiiili-al lm-iii xii.ii-glii xiiiiiiif-N lui-low il flilliciill ii- ivlmiiii .i xxiiiriiiiu uviiilniiimiuii l.:1Clx of ll 1 tlivy wvif' slcilmiii-ll ln' tlii' Ili-lim iii rlgi- Iilfli g.iii:f' ul Maw-ii gwml iil.ixiii.il.1-i. .iclal--al in ilii- luv In iiiriiiiy of iliq- U'LH11.5 711137 llul Ulllxlflf' Nllfll. limi XIQIQKJX. .iumixitml fm ilu' lc-:im's l'0 livlp tliv lil-cl .iml lilmlx iii iliv l"'vf'3-3" Niuiwii xwii' Iwiiwlirmiiiu l..iriy Siiiuvll l.iys one up dur I i B X ll.iym-5, Xi-i1lri'liviwi', B 'l'limiiiimii, ll S.ix,ig1-. Siiiilli .luliiiN.nlui'uur1'S.iunllhl ilu' K.ipp.iQ HIE K.ipp.i q.inie' 1l' RON' 0.VI:'.' G. jc-rneq.1n. P. Cnrron. N. Politi. ROI1' TIVO: Couch Munn, ll. Mosgrove. R. Zo11in11of1-r. jones. R. Xl.1n11. YV. Nierki, XV. Couehcnour, Andrews. R. Sharpes. SIGMA DE However. 111e D1-1141s did 111.11111Qe to win 1111 upset x'ic1o1'y over the Soeiety 1'11:1111pi1w11 513111119 rlllll' IJ1-11111 were 1111111310 to find 111e rnngfe in 1111'i1' l1'IllLll11lI1g QQ11111-s. losing 1111 of them. This gave 1111- IDL'l1Q1S Ll sez1so11 lll'COI'C1 of 1wo wins and four losses at the time of l111Q Xk'!'l1lIlQ. 101111 Ngiylor. 131111-1- Reeves, Glenn XX'oods, 171111 BIz1CK:11', l.Lll'l't' Singell. IJLIXI' Clifton. Iiiwayne Byers. and 15111 jones l4Ul'Ill1'C1 1111- list of returnees. Fl'CS11Il1CI1. Dave l,1'n1'11. 111111 s1'eond s1-1111-s11-1' s111- dents, Ricky Br11s11e11 and Colin c1l1l1lIJ171'l1 111-lped to coni- plete 111e 58A 59 squad. Paul Garron goes high off I111' lloor 11.1 Ray Slinrpes connet' control Z1 tipoff. Sigma points. LTA SIGMA The 11ppe1'c111ss111e11 I'C'1ll1'I11Ilg to round o111 t11e 131111 team were: PC1111 GIll'I'0Il, Bill lNI1'1'1i1, Klelvin lXlosg1'ox'e, and Bob Mann. The Sigma "S11111s" in Zlffllllflllg 111e bnslxetball Crown boasted of n Eve wins and one loss record at 111e time of 11115 writing. rliop-scoring i11dix'id11a1s were Joe Andrews, Jim Jones and B111 COl1Cl1l'Il0LlI'. 1s for two ROH' O.YI'f: G. Olsen. ROW TIVO: B, I1:1rc1inQf, Ci Henfk. Ilissoni, B, 1xl.lI1f?SS, N. Mvflleod, C. Reynolds .4544 . -ff-1..a-5,.f ,f fr' A 1 1--f -. . . Y .Lui If . II, ii 41, -W ' f L 7 I I QI? ,I' II. III I fI IHQU-1 I q I I II 7' f ' I I I , I JW! I HOU' U.Vlf: H I'I1iIips, I, IIyIN'1IwII, ll XXHIIILIII ICHII' 'l'II'II R CIIIX, ID LIIIIIIIQIIII. ll MIIII-r, KIum.Is,R MNINNNI. IJ I.NNIN.Ix ll XNIIIIIINI I I I I, JI' I I I UIIOIIII Qin- up IIN' NIIIIJH Sl'I'IIH'lI In IN- IIII' K.lllIl.lN' IIIIIIIU um-Iv IIIIJIIII' In l'.lIPIlll'I' IIN- IIIII- .UNI NYUHIIKI up in NI-Cond IIS IIN-y YI-ry xIwN'Iy SI.ll'Il'lI IIN- sa-.INUII 'lun NN-NI, .II IIINI pI.N'I- XXIIII .I IIllI'I' uinx LIINI Ilum- low-N Immci QII IIN' tim: QIAIIICI' IIN- Kgxlmlxu IINIIN-II :IN if IIIIW' NI-Iv IIUI Quin-4 In I1.Ix-- III IIIIN IHIIIIIIIQ L' il strong II'.llIl .II QIII. IINI xlrmly IIIIUIIQII IIII' I'XIII'lll'IlII' 'HW ,,.m,m...N fmm LN U.tu'x Hum Xu.,-1. pmh COX. Dau b ggum-II IN- II-I-QIIIIN-II. lJ.m- WIINIINI. RUN AIIIINNI-N. IZII 1'i,H1,M. HMI, 51-,l,1,,,l1. 'HHH lgyI,,.,-N,,,.am1 Bop, gjuhil PIIIIIIII5 -'WI RIIIII' IWI1114111- III-W "I-'I'-'2"fI I" NI'I'I I"III'I9 .-XINIIIN-I' IN-xx' IIN-IIIIN-I .NIIII-LI In IIN- RIIIIJLI uns .-XIII'n Ya fyllfl' CIINIIIN- I'illsImI-yi IIIINN- NYIIIi.Ims ,UNI .lim II.lXIlII'I' m'I1Ivi.1x1 NINI I'QlIIIII'lI IIN- u.IIxN- Ivy Ininm-If LIQJIIINI IIN' Sigma l'l'Illl'IN'QI dxnrinq IIN- sm-I'oINl Sl'lIll'4Il'l, IIN- IIIIII' .llIlI NYIIIII- IIIH1'-4' i1NIixiII11.IIx I-vm-Iling in ll'!llI.ll' svgnwn play xwI'I-lJ.1x'c- SI-riolxslx' CIIIIIII-IIgI'cI IIN- SIQIIILIS Im- IIINI lII.ll'I' INNNNX Im! XYIIIIIINI, l'II.1III1' I'iIIsIN1I'x, .NNI Hcmin' XYIIIIQIIIIQ. I , I Ihn- N'IIipINn Inu l'IlI' III IIP- Il.IxI- I.llllIN.lX grws .lIlUXl' .l aluslvr J, I..llHIJUI'l, I". Hunlm-r. P. IN'IlIlI'III'.ItI, Ii IIIIIYILIII. S xgulv'IIN'1'IIulINwIIlI'II.uI..nIIN K.Ipp.I .md Dm-II.: playa-rs Io I-.npxurc , INiI'CIuy, E. Ilunlvr. I". Kinwy. SIIIQVII .IIILI IJ.Iu- IJIII II rm-INNIINI, ' l l -' I I --- I I ' I Ig! ' W if I 'bt'-' ...'. fu p ROW ONE: A. Pancarik. L. Rines. D. Anderson. ROW 'I'l1'O: R. Falke, L. Casler, L. Klumas, R. WyroH', R. Holbert. J. Chavier. J. Huggins. The characteristic word. or motto. describing the Zetas in their bid for the first division was "almost" The Green and Gold, after starting off on the right foot with an opening night victory, lost the next four games be- fore they could Finally pick up a win. This delay kept them from a chance at the crown. Their regular season record ended with two wins and four losses at the time of this printing. The Zeta g'Zekes" have quite a number returning from last year's team which gave them almost a complete veteran squad. Those returning were: John Charier, Larry Casler, John Huggins, Larry Klumas, Dave Anderson, Phil Bryner, Andy Pancarik, and Jim MacLeod. New talent also helped to comprise the team. They were: Larry Rines, Bob Falke, Dick Holbert. and Dick Wycoff. Indicating real talent on the court this year were Andy Pan- carik, John Chavier, and Freshman, Larry Rines. According to Coach Charles Caldwell, the team had plenty of potential but started working together too late for the victory. John Chavier, Bob Mann and Jim Sigma. Nick Politi. reaches the Huggins move into a position to take ball first despite the efforts of ROH' ONE: L. Worth. L. Redeye. D. Summers. ROI1 the rebound during a Zeta-Sigma game. Zetas Casler and Pancarik. TIVO: N. Carver, V. Stanford, J. Sorenson, S. Gardner '- 'aww Ai 9 fi F 'Pf1'. 1, t X D. Altic. S. McCloy. P. Phipps, C. Wade. F Hunter. E. Walker. M. Bryner, E. Hunter, D Thatcher. P. YN'hitehead, K. Mann. B. Sommer, D. Sommer. NI. Johnson. S. Card- ner, E. Sapp. B. Hodge. B. Hayes. L. Redeye. C. Gilchrist. M. Price, S. Fuller. A tip-over from the front player. Elaine Lynch. should mean another point for the Deltas. Featuring an exceptionally even distribution of both ability and spirit, the volleyball season this year witnessed many close, tense games. Losing only once to the Deltas, the Kappas managed to retain that extra push which enabled them to take the championship. Although the Deltas were tied for Hrst place throughout the earlier part of the season, the Zetas steadily worked their way toward the top and in the end, tied with the Deltas for second place. After four straight years S. Umer, N. Fee, P. Anthony, L. Rogers, L. Zol- linhofer, N. MacLeod, L. Bowers, B. Harding, B. Biggs, R. Biggs. Hrv- in first place, the Sigmas slipped into last place collecting only one win over the Deltas. As the season progressed, the Sigmas and Zetas in particular showed much improvement. In the last few games, it would be very diFFicult to say which team was the better one or the more enthusiastic. Regardless of the score, each girl en- joyed the privilege of clean fun and good sports- manship. CU 'f S. Jeffrey, V. Whitecl, Smith, H. Speare, M McDermott, S. Fluhart, J. Byers, E. Lynch, G Savage, K. Savage. Zeta teammates wait to see if the spike of Cinda Gil- christ goes over the net. I l1C.lCl, S. lXIcCloy. Al. Kinsey, P, Phipps. ROW ONE: M. MeDermitt, E. Lynch. ROW TWO: H. Speare, J. Smith, B. Thompson. K. Savage, G. Savage, S. Jeffery. ROII' ONE: E, Hunter. E. lN'.1lker, C, Cut- shall. HOU' TIVO: F. Hunter, P. lN'hite- Peg Phipps and Sully Fuller struggle for .1 rebound dur- ing .i IQJDIJJ-Zl'l.l game. Laying aside the volleyball and net for an- other year, the girl athletes of E.N.C. turned their attention to basketball. As was expected. the addition of promising freshmen strengthened the teams of all four societies. Throughout the season. the Kappas enthusiastically led the way. Close behind. the Sigrnas and Zetas struggled for second place. Although the Deltas were unable to BASK I'BALL ROW ONE: B. R. Hayes, J. Heberle. P. Rose, S. Gardner. ROW TWO: L. Redeye, D. Sommer, S. Fuller, B. Sommer, M. Price, C. Gilchrist. win consistently, they were not lacking in enthusiasm. Each of the games provided much excitement and recreation. Most of all, the spirit of good sportsmanship was evident to all. Each of us were assured that we were not only develop- ing habits of good sportsmanship but we were also taking advantage of an opportunity to develop physically. ROW ONE: Ziegler, B. Hulbert. ROW TIVO: G. Henck, S. Urner, B. Biggs, A. Iohnston. K. Naylor, Coach Biggs. Joan Ziegler tries a long one from the corner P ff f"4'H'v- al' H ... Lili., ll fix '? H- 1 -'Q""""' +2 AD ERTISING NAZARE E EA TER COLLEC A Christian College of Liberal A rts A TVVO-YEAR TERMINAL PROGRAM of Practical Arts and Letters with courses in Biblical Studies. Christian Service General Studies. and Secretarial Science. A FOUR-YEAR PROGRAM of Liberal Arts leading to the degrees A.B.. B.S.. and Mus.B. Majors are offered in the following fields: biology chemistry. eco- nomics. education. English. English and speech, history. literature. mathematics. modern languages. music philosophy. psychology. religion. natural science. and social science. A FIFTH-YEAR PROGRAM IN RE- LIGION. PRE-PROFESSIONAL training for ca- reers in engineering. journalism. law. library science. medical technology, medi- cine, the ministry. nursing, and social service. BASIC PREPARATION for careers in biology, business. chemistry, Christian service, government. the ministry, music, and teaching. EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE Wvollaston Park Quincy 70. Massachusetts .MII I , G I, THE ALUMNI ASSGCIATIO OF EASTERN NAZARENE CCLLEGE A UNITED ALUMNI MAKES E.N.C. STRONG -4" 17" F GRANT CROSS Exec Secretary JANE LOCKXVOOD President I-1XRCIL"I'IX'E COUNCIL: I ine Lockwood. pu sidcnt: :X dn xv I'4mkin. II4l'l'lSllI'l'I 1 Cmnt Chose. I-xvc'1nlix'v S1111- 'ustusz IVQSIL5' G. AIIIUQII XXX Thy IIIQNQIIIQ ANDREW RAN KIN Treasurer I'll'Y irectorsi Divid Bliney. 2' vpn IM Illmigm. -Iolm Cfolf-umm. 'IUSUIJIT Songvr. Ben Stahl. Auclrvy IN 'u'd Associite Diuctorsz Suphnu Iind. A vlm XX'g1r1'c11. IzIIIIl'I'Ii1lllI.IIITTHIl P.C A. Rep1'esQnt'1tive: Clydn Summ 1' V- , K Homecoming Banquet 2 , 'I ,MII EIQI VII II! WI! ,III ,VI Iii II II ,II , II aI I I igI ,, II III, I III .. 'ilI II' , -III -N ,- II I- II I III- I,' 1 II I II I IHS , A I +1 'X ' IIVI xxx x I III , ,IIIIIII , ,' 'wb I MII 'IIIIIIII III ,P I .II XII s If If III e ,I III'- I .I IIIIIQ . X X n ' x I III A T, H . . QM ... M 3 D . I .1 ' w ,V IIEI III, . . - . H 1 . If 'II A ' , , . I III IA 4. II4 IIII- rII - . I I I II I' LII :YI I-3 I II 'lij III- I ' II I I vi' III 'Ig . A. I .. IITII 3 .Ii -I 18 I I I I u 1 ,I MII, 1959 5"MUSIC YEAR" D X e rr ' CHURCH or THE NAZARENE ,xxx BURGIN, PLATNER 8. CO., INC. lnsuronce L ws xx 1A Y 1 Y - " fir: -3-:WV - V f I 1 "'-'-f' 'Q 1 rj r +.- e-fe w 0 ' '-wa , .N - r' - 1-Pai? 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Discount Prices Depenfletliility - Guaranteed N14-rcliamlise - "You name it- lre hare it" AGENTS Wally Cornian II"e1l1l1'ng Spee1'ulz'.sI Everett Richardson RPll.IQ'I.0Il.9 Goods Marx' Balnit Srh 001 Supplies Larry Hyliertson Tailored Clothes WAYNE A. EDWARDS ASSOC. 37 SVLIIIIIVII Rugiel I Ramlnlpli. KISS-. TOLL HOUSE WHITMAN, MASS. TEL. - WHITMAN 100 - II. M GRANITE CITY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALERS 19 Quincy Ave. Quincy. Meee Telephone cmeeite 2.6500 HOWARD JOHNSCN'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM IN 28 FLAVORS Nature's most nearly perfect food! Q W e los. 0 THAT MILK" DEWARE BROTHERS South Shorf-'S Must Beautiful HOMES FOR FUNERALS with Home-like:Xl r11f1 sphere Sen-Ives Corzrfuelerl From Our MEMORIAL CHAPELS If Desired 1 NON-SECTARIAN f SERVICE ANY DISTANCE 9 Donald M. Deware Robert M. Deware Registered Embalmers and Funeral Directors I Hingham j Quine. l 179 Lincoln St. , 576 HanCoCk St. Rt. 3A opposite Hingham Police Station lf G,-. 2-1137 l Ri. 9-2698 I YI ll ll lug Fa L, l j l 1 1 1,4 WQLLASTON L. ANTONELLI IRON MUSIC SHOP WORKS, INC. 19a Beale St. Wollastonq Mass. 177 Willard Street, Quincy 69, Mass. Records, Phonographs, Radios FabriCai0rS of Terms Ufdesired Structural Steel, Metal Stairs and Fire Escapes Q l 3 Bridge Rails and Miscellaneous Iron ' tn Manufacturers of - Long Span and Short Span Open Web Steel Joists We also stock Steel Roof Deck Telephone GRanite 9-9333 GRanite 9-3600 -3' C Tailoring 81 Fur Storage 3 ' L- -1. ' Pickup and Delivery iw . 'fa' HOUR PLANT SERVICE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS 624 HANCOCK ST. WOLLASTON, MASS. PR 3-7400 3 Q CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I959 to I I I I L E I . t , W 1 , I ' . I jr' l . I . .-,I I. .' It ,rw -4 OFFICIAL NALITILLIS PHOTOGRAPHER South Shore's Foremost Photographers 37 Cottage Avenue QUINCY 69, MASSACHUSETTS KARL'S AUTO BQDY REPAIR CO INC. ESTABLISHED 1920 The most famous brands of food INSURANCE APPRAISING products are packaged or bottled on machines made here in Quincy by 23 GREENWOQD AVE. PNEUMATIC SCALE CORP., Lid. WOLLASTQN, MASS. Quincy, Mass. GRANITE 2-8100 ERNEST C. HATCH Prescription Optician GREETING CARDS for I ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of 25 Beale Sl- BLACKER 81 HOLLAND Wollaston R rr J' ?-7i""F-' ff' ' wp than .. x K QM' t- f 10 NEWPQRT AVE. 1' 'T I North Quincy. Massachusetts GR 2-8660 l l I I It I! II ,t I I t EVERYTHING FOR THE CHURCH l l H I I STAINED GLASS MEMORIAL 'i i, 3 ui WINDOWS , , Q IQ Made to Your Specifications I I - CHURCH t I- All Styles, Shapes, and Periods it FURNITURE i ll Any Subiecf rnoffer Con be Our church furniture is distinctive and beauti' i ful, in authentic period designs. Superb hand I I lreoled or Odopled carving and expert craftsmanship make our l l communion tables, seats, pulpits and other ec- l Clesiastical furnishings well suited for their high l purpose We can plan our arrangements to D match your present furnishings, Send for our tree catalogue on church furniture, W ' To furnish guidance to church building committees, donors, and architects we have re- cently prepared a filmstrip of 56 natural color photographs of stained glass windows portraying the life of Jesus Christ These windows were created in our studios for I churches of many denominations all over the country, and are representative of a wide l price range. This hlmstrip with an interpretative guide is available on a loan basis or X it can be purchased outright for S600 Ask for No 5000 The Lite of Jesus Christ as Portrayed in Stained Glass f wt-ttrretvtotzts , Associates, Incorporated I6 ASHBURTON PLACE it Boston 8, Mass. it CA 7-2150 Gt, t. i. it l x lll, tll i I , I I ,- ,i Q f WeIch's CAMERA CENTER Q1 Everything for the photographer Q including helpful advice I t Photo equipment l Movie equipment Developing and printing Color films it tu 680 Hancock Street, Wollaston 70, Mass. ,t, I l X 'i ,i 1 WHEN IN NEED OF Hardware Glass Kitchenware Wallpaper Garden Supplies Packard Paints THE NEW MODERN STORE "Easy Parking" Call Gr. 2-0041 MacFARLAND'S 'l'l Brook Street Wollaston, Mass. I ' THE WINFIELD HOUSE OFFERS YOU The finest foods served anywhere Steaks -- Chicken - Chops - 1 Lobster Sandwiches g ' . U i Y Desserts 853 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. Rt. 2 Gr. 2-9452 Youf fashion Center PREslnENT's CITY MOTEL on the south shore Finestiirziigoeggggoiions Rt. 3, Quincy, Mass. Ma. 9-6500 Remickfs THE DAIRY KREME "ci home when away from home" OF QUINCY l 7-1294 Telephones, CApitol 7-1295 7-1354 HICKS 8. HODGES CO. PURVEYORS OF FINE FOODS 45 South Market Street Boston 9, Mass. i 1 I Compliments of QUINCY MOTOR CO. South Shore's Oldest and Largest FORD Dealer Leo Darr - President -iz? 85 Quincy Ave. funn Quincy, Mass. I 'Q PR 3-6500 Home of personal service BETSY LEE SHOPPE ll BEALE ST. WOLLASTON Gr. 2-5032 The Most Complete Bra and Girdle Line on the South Shore llUlllCU'S FHSHIUII Cflllfll W"e'eC"'m'e5Mee' Compliments of THE HARRIS COMPANY Ship Chandlers Marine Hardware General Hardware AND HARRIS OIL COMPANY General Electric - Heating Equipment Cities Service Fuel Oils tl, ,lil 5 ll I if hz i lill 'N t , 'l l ll ll l - l li I l l 1' ft i l t iv v-'i I itll ti Al ti, ' li lf I lil i i lf l it ill R 4, lsll iw 'infill' I ill' Jw xpslift .V i.l ,llll1 illlli lil, it l. fri ill' :Nl Vlig lil ll I i 1 til kl 1 i it w"i P p i 1 14' li I fi 3 la ,' ,Mt Ili ti Qilllt ill? t llu l l : CLOTHlERS TO MEN and WOMEN Budget accounts for students of ENC 1446 Hancock Street Quincy Mass Mac Gordon Mgr Granite 2 2948 SALLINGERS MODERN BEALE STREET FORMAL SHOP PHARMACY TUXEDOS CUTAWAY5 Russell S. Keene, Ph.G., MGR. FULL DRESS FOR HlRE 649 Hancock, Near Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. 1639 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. WESTLAND'S WEYMOUTH GAZETTE PRESS PRINTERS OF CAMPUS CAMERA ED. 7-0145 18-22 Station Street East Weymouth, Mass. S SPORTING GOODS EQUIPMENT Fore EVERY SPORT Greater Boston's Most Complete Sporting Goods Store WESTLAND'S 11 Revere Road - Tel. PR 3-1133 At Hancock Parking Area I 1 LOUIS PASQUALUCCI 8. SON INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Qumcv, MASSACHUSETTS DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS WE LOVE OUR STUDENTS AND PRAISE GOD FOR A HOLINESS COLLEGE TO PREPARE THEM FOR LIFE AND SERVICE J. C. ALBRIGHT, Superintendent M ry Lou W WOLLASTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WOLLASTON, MASSACHUSETTS Poul I. Willwerth, ' 11' Pofricio Gibson Foley, Choir Director Orgcmist REV. THEODORE E. MARTIN The College Church Ka 1 L .fg Q. ., 'I fig. it '4 -" OUR PROPOSED COLLEGE CHURCH BUILDING A HOUSE OF PRAYER AND WORSHIP FOR ALL, WHETHER RESIDENT OF THIS COMMUNITY, STUDENT, OR TRAVELER, WHICH OFFERS TO BE FOR THEM A CHURCH HOME CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE rv fi' ZX Crusadung For Chrnst an the Cnty of Village Charm 236 Mann Street Manchester Connectucut C E Winslow Mlnlster Tame as Lute s Greatest Estate Share nt wuth God The Only Lasting Investment SOUTH PORTLAND lglzur A offke Wazarene 176 SAWYER STREET S0 PORTLAND MAINE A Spmlual Lzgjhthouse on Casco Bay CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '59 .. I lx - - 1 "f --1,-1- N . I v-V . . , ' is 0 ' I I T . . T - H l 4 ' l , cc . . . xr f R. E. Howard, Pastor V I .l r I :I THE FIRST I I l 20 Stone Street T. AUGUSTA, MAINE SALUTES E. N. c. Its ofTicials . . . Q Its faculty . . . I Its student body Q THE CLASS oF1959 I Robert L. Smith CHURCH I I I I It Congratulations to the Class of '59 FIRST CHURCH OF CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE THE NAZARENE GREEN AND SHORT STS. MELROSE, MASS. Congratulations to the class of 1959 F. GRANT CROSS, Minister 394 E. FOSTER ST. MELROSE, MASS. WHEN IN BATH, MAINE, WORSHIP WITH US AT THE Fiiifffi-l"'i7ii7'f':'I """"""m""'?EfE1-15553E7:7:Ef5"E5Z?f?FfFT:-?:1:":F7-. t:5R?15'?515ffE ' ' 1' ' H 2' ""' .AI'..551313E'iE33E5EE5?lg1.,.:- '-'rE5E5E5E51:RS 1533, ..., OF THE OF THE t TF NAZARENE , tt NAZARENE .... - 2 R 2 Winter Street '.,, Haverhill, Massachusetts CENTRE AND UNCOLN STREETS, BATH, MAINE gf .... 'AFIII HARRY E. TRASK, JR., MINISTER REV- ROBERT R- FOWLER' PASTOR "GOD BLESS E.N.C." WE APPRECIATE YOU AND PLEDGE OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '59 GOD'S BEST to the Class of TTTfT - 1959 2,2 ci-lunci-I gt, it , , 4 1 OF THE g, 1 p T fri ENAZARENE f A I CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Elm St. at Davis Sq. 161 Elm Street West Somerville, Mass. Newport, Vermont CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WALTHAM, MASS. CoNoRATuLATuoNs TO THE cLAss or 1959 I--1 it A CHURCH WITH YESTERDAY in its traditions TODAY in its grasp TOMORROW 2 in its plans g l - svggsnncv I l i as. ' Rev. Jones LOWELL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 51 FIRST STREET LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS Rev' Emesl R' Bradley' Pastor A spiritual Church with a vision. A musical Church with a song. SERVlCES A friendly Church with a welcome. Sl-'nd0Y School Ol 9145 A-M- A Church with a message for this generation Devotional Service at lO:45 A.M. Evangelistic Service at 7:00 P.M. Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday night at 7:30 P.M. NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 1' ' 4 ' ?35't." Lewis T. Corlett Kansas City, Mo. Mendell Taylor President Dean THE WASHINGTON DISTRICT SALUTES THE CLASS OF 1959 ERNEST E. GROSSE District Superintendent BLAIR MCKIM CHRIS FARRELL DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS i I J I I I I I I gl Congratulates THE CLASS OF 1959 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE BEL AIR, MD. John E. North, Minister TWIN BOROUGH CHURCH of the NAZARENE Fifth and Washington Streets Royersford, Pennsylvania R. E. ZOLLINHOFER, Minister CLAIR E. UMSTEAD, Minister of Music "We are witnesses . . . we ought to obey God." Congratulations to the Class of 59 from the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE B...-Lai "IN BEAUTIFUL EDMONDSON VILLAGE" BALTIMORE, MARYLAND JAMES R. BELL - Church Pastor N. E. HIGHTOWER - Minister of Education I l FIRST CHURCH FAITH CHURCH of Ihe NAZARENE of the NAZARENE ELEVENTH AND WYOMING STREETS 537 ADDISON RD. SEAT PLEASANT, MD. ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1959 OUR STUDENTS GEORGE L. WOLF, Pastor E"'l"e Lynch A hearty and friendly welcome awaits you CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Richard Barr William Jones CLASS OF 1959 Jerald K. Jones Pastor WASHINGTON FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE I6th ond Webster WHEN IN THE NATION'S CAPITAL- Woshington, D. C. WORSHIP AT THE NATIONAL CITY CHURCH Wilson R. Lonpher, Postor iili -. ii -. iigli . .1- FIRST CHURCH OF THE . l CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '59 .T- .l .71 11. .11 .1- NAZARENE 2 l NAZARETH 1 - - WOODLAWN AVENUE BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA l 4 - -1, 4 - -iilgif l . . i- -14 1 1l1... 1- 1 1. i .711 PIKE AND i -1 1- .-1 .1 -1. -- ..- A. C. MCKENZIE, PASTOR GOD'S RICH BLESSING FOR THE CLASS OF 1959 IS THE PRAYER OF WEST GROVE, PA. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 130 PROSPECT AVENUE Paul E. Kauffman Minister 116 Murray Avenue Phone UNderhill 9-3841 S.S. Supt. Otis Graybeal N.Y.P.S. Pres. Alden Schetrumph N.F.M.S. Pres. Mrs. Frances Frank 1 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF T959 Pine and Freedley Norristown, Pa. Chester M. Williams, Pastor "Minutes away from Valley Forge and the Turnpike" IMMANUEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Derstine and Richardson Avenues Lansdale, Pennsylvania L. G. GORDON, Minister CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 59 Believing Praying Giving to E.N.C. OXFORD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Penn Avenue and Locust Street Oxford, Pennsylvania Henry R. DeShaw, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 AND TO E.N.C. Harold A. Parry, Minister Washington Avenue and Chestnut Street Ephrata, Pennsylvania CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF l959 1 4 3 THE CHURCH WITH A ' REVERENCE for the Past ' PROGRAM for the Present ' VISION for the Future 4 1 COLLINGDALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MacDade Boulevard Collingdale, Pennsylvania Rev. F. D. Ketner, Pastor Congratulations Class of 1959 I CONGRATULATIONS SINCERE GREETINGS CLASS OF '59 TO THE CLASS OF FIRST '959 CHURCH MAIN STREET OF THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE NAZARENE S. Pine St. ond Springettsbury Avenue 363 Main Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA , Toronto, Ontorlo, Ccnodo W. M. BAKER, PASTOR J. H. MacGregor, Postor Poul E. Heindel Mrs. Wm. D. Kettler I7 Peord Roczd S.S. Supt. N.F.M.S. Pres. Toronto I6, Ontorio Mrs. Poul Stottlemyer N.Y.P.S. Pres. Sponsored by the N.Y.P.S. T l THE MARITIME DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE REV. BRUCE T. TAYLOR SUPERINTENDENT "Meeting the challenge of Canadds Atlantic Provinces" CANADA CENTRAL DISTRICT ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING POPULATION AREAS IN THE WORLD A TREMENDOUS HOME MISSIONARY CHALLENGE District Scholarship Winners Clarence Hildreth Leonard Hemphill H. Blair Ward, District Supt. 42 Ellendale Drive, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. CONGRATULATIONS to our College, which has enriched, blessed and trained our youth for vital Christian service. OF THE NAZARENE TORONTO, CANADA Arnold E. Airhart, D.D. Minister NEW YORK DISTRICT DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNER t 1 LAMBERT BRANDES REV. ROBERT I. GOSLAW, District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICERS N.Y.P.S. President - Rev. Herbert Rogers N.F.M.S. President - Mrs. Mariorie B. Goslaw Church School Board Chairman -- Rev. James Collom ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Donald Strong Rev. Jay Patton Mr. John Carlson Mr. Stephen Lind FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 70 HUDSON STREET DOVER NEW JERSEY Joy W. Patton, Pastor "Dedicated to the preaching of Scriptural holiness" EAST ROCKAWAY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK CLASS OF 1959 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SUPPORTS E.N.C. VALLEY STR EAM, ' Administration NEW YORK ' Faculty 9 Students , .-.,,. REV. SAMUEL N. SMITH, REV, DONALD H PASTOR class of 1.938 -,tgfi ALBANY DISTRICT CHURCH or THE NAZARENE DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS EMMA SOULIA DOROTHY BAUSMAN Renord D. Smith District Superintendent DISTRICT OFFICE 5216 S. Solino Street Syracuse, New York CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kiel Avenue Butler, New Jersey James L. Collom, Pastor Congratulates the Class of T959 and salutes our E.N.C. students: EVERETT SANFORD WILLIAM BRIGGS RONALD NORMAN WE BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE FLUSHING, NEW YORK FL 8-6693 HI 5-l738 The heart of Residential Queens Borough, in N. Y, City F. C. CORNELL CHARLES NEWMAN N.Y.P.S. President NATHAN CORNELL Chairman, Board ot Trustees ROLAND STANFORD, MINISTER Visit us when in the New York City vicinity 20 minutes from Grand Central by l.R.T. SUbwOy Sunday School Superintendent CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ninety-First at Reed Niagara Falls, N. Y CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 Everyone comes to Niagara Falls! - Attend services with us while you are here. Paul S. Gilmore, Pastor TRINITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 859 LONG POND ROAD ROCHESTER, NEW YORK MORRIS E. WILSON, PASTOR "I WAS GLAD WHEN THEY SAID UNTO ME, LET US GO INTO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD." l 1 SYRACUSE, N EW YORK FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE "Presenting Christ for Every Crisis" C PASTOR VERYL W. JENKINS '- l.-., . :icq I .. nh. -55 John Houghtaling - Sunday School Superintendent Mrs. Helen Fry - N.F.M.S. President Mrs. Margaret Houghtaling -- N.Y.P.S. President Charles Ritchie - Our E.N.C. Student CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '59 CHURCH ADDRESS 2929 MIDLAND AVE i BEST WISHES FROM . . MALDEN CHURCH Back of E.N.C. in faith and funds to Publish the timeless message in a timely manner Church: Minister: 236 Hawthorne, Malden, Mass. Harold Stetson Judson Square, Malden, Mass. Anthony B. Sampson Parsonage: Minister of Music: PITTSBURG DISTRICT APPRECIATING E.N.C.'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE SPREADING OF SCRIPTURAL HOLINESS THROUGHOUT WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS . I MERLE FETTER MOONYEAN DEVINE DISTRICT OFFICERS ADVISORY BOARD R. B. Acheson, Superintendent W. Gordon Groves Maurice R. Emery, Treosurer John Z. Andree Russell E. Lewis, Secretory Robert M. lnglcmd, Sr Irene Sorber, N.F.M.S. Pesident Maurice R. Emery Dovid Aldridge, N.Y.P.S. President Russell Merrimon, Church Schools Chairman DISTRICT OFFICE - CASTLE HEIGHTS, BOX 367, BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA BRADFORD PENNSYLVANIA W Gordon Graves Pastor The First Church of the Nazarene Warren, Penna., who this year gave to E.N.C. one per cent of its enrollment, pledges its prayers, finances and its youth. .lohn Z. Andree Minister , . M. AKRON DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Q. U., 1 'v e' 'J13?7f3T,v. I Lowell Holl DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP WINNFPS Cindc Gilchrist I C. D. TAYLOR, oasmcf superinfendem Robert Helfrich BEST WISHES from MARIETTA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Marietta, Ohio Congratulations Class of '59 Rev. N. W. Shirkey, Minister CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF T959 from ARLINGTON STREET CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HIGH AND BRousE DRIVE wADswoRTH, oHlo AKRON, OHIO CONSTRUCTION COMPLETED IN l958 William R. Thompson, Pastor OUR BUILDING COMMITTEE Hanford Gunnerson S.S. Superintendent Kenneth Wilson Miss Evelyn Clayton N.F.M.S. President EQ,-I Taylor Miss Charlotte Clayton N.Y.P.S. President TUYIOV Dawson h R' Arza Baker Church Treasurer 'lo n lizmon "A Warm Welcome Awaits You" Come Visit Us. LLOYD D. MORGAN Lowell Maggard Congratulations Class of 1959 KENMORE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Ionci Ave. ot N. Twelfth St. AKRON, OHIO Milton L. Bunker, Minister We Congrotulote the Closs of '59 ond Pledge Continued Support for E.N.C. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Worren, Ohio Clorence J. Hoos, Minister ALWAYS A LOYAL SUPPORTER OF E.N.C. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1959 FIRST CHURCH 0F THE NAZARENE CLEVELAND Fmsr CHURCH Wholeheartedly Supports ENC in the Great Cause of Christian Education Hayden Avenue Clairbourne Road East Cleveland Ohio -.. , 4'5- Wm. P. Wilhoyte, Minister Robt. Witbeck, Minister of Music FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE .St. Clair and Walnut St. East Liverpool, Ohio James E. Hunton, Minister Congratulations to the Class of '59 f'- -"2-ew - 'er .-.-.Q '3-'-Y:-I-'-'-I 3'-.v.-123:5'3:5:f:3:5F:-5:-'-:4-:- :-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4:-.s-.-:-:--.- .. 2-:-:-.sz-14:-x-I-.-..X.-. ' 'Q' ' ' ,5.5.1.:--.w,N.5.q Qs, ..,:.5Nx.x.4.:.,NN4.5.,.5, :f:I:2:':1::f53- " ?" "1'f:f,'. ' 'Za' 'WS-:-:W-"' .-:-.:-if-'-:-:-:-:'-:'t-:-:' 1:-:vz-:"-:g::::::::' K:5:b't:'- 4.,"-:Al-"1" E".-' .- --. P'-I-H. ze,-14:-'-XM:-nee.b.-.-'-:-'V'--N:-, -1-2:-ze:-1:-:-:cs:-:-:-:1:g:54.g::3:5:Q'::5:5::,g,3g:5:f:-g.,:. 'ff'-?:':' ' x 2:f:5:2:3Q::q:5:::gfQ:-S:-'45-5XXX 'A . 7'f'gQ'i:5Sg:gQ'-Xgfzgz11:55155-:5:5g:::5:::5:g5:5:::5 " T "'-' ' 1-"5:f:f:"t5SkS:2:1:ifi15"X 'QEIQG'-Q33:Q35?i1:N:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- -:iz-:-:g-:-:-:-NFQPN ix "'- ,--:V.V:-is-:Q-N:-:-:-gk:-:-:6:-:-:V:-:-:lvazegz-z-:5-gg 2,1 C' fII-212:ifP1r"31rI'N"'i5x W- - X -1-'1ESr:2I'sI'22iS'f222E2f2E13 1E1E1SrE1E2Ef3:ff:5'Ef-S '- f ""ff'fi 5'-.-.--'r2:2NYg--E-E-Ir2sEfIrE:Zr11ErEfE1'- ''-'E'2232Ekifxrfriiririfiriligfg gfg-1221535 X .,':'ss:3: '1:Qzr5:'-'- " ,.:,'-5:5-'-g5:-r-r-'---:-"'5:5:g1:5:r5:g. , -:sf-'-Q2-rr: x--Kmat:-T'Nr:-22131-T?1Ex1:-"2'YjrE1S:SrsE2-ki35:2-2212:-Erglirzrirp,-.-1 ' "'s" f:f:Q:f:Qf3'x' ."f'E'E'.:Q' " '-2:2-' ' " FSoi-E Nw-if135155s.::sf152sff:3:5:sf's'2s:2s:hs511sws5N:2:asx::5:eff-f'2 .f , -5-sais:Fyws5E:s:3:1:2f:ff:2:a:ss'z'2-iazsi X 'vw 1EIEIECE1:!.3:f" ' ' i "'x?ENSS5?53S?ifEEQ:-i3132109512-EiELv:il?2E2?E151Eif'EIE-3':iFIESiI:IE23'123? 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A - '-:"?'4f'3' C-"' ' ' NA:-QQ. ,:1:5:-Q . , Q - 4 za. V , -. ,H 4.1. . ,NqXB:.,g4, if 5 'sq A-.4-1 '-: '-: - 'i"'-5'-ri':":i" E .,. ""'+:"l " xi """'Qw'fv2'l"f1 -x""Q" -'li if' Y "I-,Rini t zz -SEIU.. , in-W, V. A yo. 1. ' ,I 5. -. t . if xg' .r gzj Af- :ir-V,-5.1, N Q, I E K ' W5 sw f r 'N - " V l Q i C--r ' ik :'- :-.' " ft' gg X .- -X' V " " B5 4 M TT t 1 4- ' FE EC li? iw 3 ' ' ' i ,-:W f -I k. 2. N-5-vi .f -RQ:-2-:Q W k ' wq: '- 4: Y r' :I C., ' ' . '-Iv " - +V" u '.-:.-:'-:.. 2 +1-'PX f ' U ,...g.-' 5' I" 1 1- Q.-. 5 i ', " :II F' '- :-, , ' :-15:2 'E :, .:..- is " 5.1:-fir, A 1 ' ANS 3 2 fi 2 is Sf: 'i ' i M ' 21rF11'-gj-'---,sg- , ' ' ' '?rE55'?Z5iir32:-1 :- . ,Ml , , ,, l ,, N fi -Q"45q.Q:2: E31 rg -3 -'ga ' -V H E555 :EE:E:35:5.g-'1E:E:gg,gEQEQifSqE:f:-. X Nvn ,:f::. jiri- Ag., Q:-1 XSLQQEE q.TQS,i' lQ:QNgQ,g 'ff ' Y . 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A' --elt 5 f'-3:iz1:I:Q1:35'3:T1311:55:51"""'?f""NlT:1r3:'1:3:5:3F3:':-:-.-Iif-.-,--:-'-'2.-'-'f-.--,vw '--1: , 11,-, QNX.-5X 'EE-ikvg-9393.595323: 1 x1f'..i..':r::f+f:1:f--:- . . - 112- '1f'If':1.1.a.-A-wfff1f-'-'2f15s:sf'm::2i:--'sv''rsz-2:i:2:::::,new-.'.f-.,:Qs:s:af:e1f:e.2:e:a::2::::-'1sf::fffr-2:22.:iii-Q-7-Z-""i"ii:Yiis'tI:IfQti2Qigg.rt2,t::,fs-f-f-ff-'-'rf--'1'1'ff.: I I I I I I I I ,I W, I I I II II I KI ISI I I I FI RS I QILYIJE CT. IDAWSON Pastor 5 IMMQDURKEE l SS. SlIIJCI'IIIlCIICIK'IIl I fI KHXQJUARAXYEBB I N.F.x1.S. Pm-sidcnr II gg I '1'cmP1:.a'1'11E11 II X.Y.P.S. Prwiclc-nl IH N, III I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I ' I III: I III Ig I III I -II I III XI I , I IXI I III I I I I II OURSTUDENTS M hmMHhUH4HhhHMw I nmummIwmuwmw A I Nancy I Ig1sI1-It I I ' Jack I,llllCIl'I'Il1III'i C. C. Dawson 737 I I I I A I CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Congratulations to the 79 Lawrence Street New Haven, Conn. Graduating Class of 1959 Rev. G. Emery Pratt P f CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE as or RU55ell Mollica Liberty Street at High Sunday School Supt. PAINESVILLE, OHIO Ruth Hathaway N,F,M,S, Pres, CLYDE B. WOOD, Pastor Betty Mollica ' A Warm Welcome Always Awaits You N.Y.P.S. Pres. at This Friendly Church from Cdltfdlt Ma dffuldd Me W ,, MLW . , V rrlt s . 1. it .s f .f-- ififilififfffili , .., 2.1, l A 3 : C 222155 112 sf X' t t A K QQ ? W- .e V ' "N fi t..- 132 V555 .uvc ' , , , ,f , A F- l 7fEif25f 57515 1232? i'.':.i- l f x: ll it - rt.r 1 r gli 1 V . 4"t.f A ll17i5'3f'5'3l155352135 'Li . X . N . -W N A 1 A l , il Lg M ily Sl S 5 3 Sl y EES S , I, , -Ls, 5'-if-' 3,4 TI 4 ff'i-'??P-'gmc afls-L11-bf,-n,.:s9i ll?" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 250 FRANKLIN ST. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Spruce and Smith Street NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Congratulates The Class of 1959 Nathan A. Adams, Jr., Minister Dwight A. Cunningham, Minister of Music Congratulations from the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cedar and Holdridge Streets ELMIRA, NEW YORK Thomas Younce, Pastor 813 South Broadway Congratulations Class of 1959 THE SINGING CHURCH OF ELMIRA" CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SPLENDID EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1959 Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene Charles Coller, Minister Interboro and Rodgers Pittsburgh 7, Pa. WHEN YOU COME TO PITTSBURGH, PA., WORSHIP WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND CLASSMATES AT THE FRIENDLY LINCOLN PLACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 5 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Eleventh and Wyoming Sts. Allentown, Pa. l A FRIENDLY CHURCH IN A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Congratulations to the Class of 1959 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE RYOT, PENNSYLVANIA Rev. Luke M. Light, Pastor Rev. George L. Wolf .... ,,.. P astor CHURCH Rev. Howard T. Stahl ..... ..... S ecretary OF THE Mr. Herbert C. KaufTman ............., Treasurer GLORIOUS HOPE Mr. Albert Oates ...... Organist 8. Choir Director "A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU HERE" MV- Rlchcfd Slmons ---------- --------- 5 -5- 5UPf- sycemofe sneer Rev. Donald McKough0 Mrs. Harold Marcks ..... .... N .Y.P.S. Pres. W' Somervme, MOSS' P0Sf0f Mrs Richard Galusha--- .... -N.F.M.S. Pres. Congratulations to the Closs of l959 508 OLD TOWN ROAD CUMBERLAND MARYLAND FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE H. E. HECKERT, MINISTER METHERALL 8. MCCAUSLAND 676 Hancock St. Wollaston Mass. GR 2-5620 HEATING AND VENTILATING CONTRACTORS FOR THE NEW SCIENCE BUILDING xtlff X 1 , C- N 1 .v xy LAlNE'S JEWELRY STORE 667 Hancock St. Wollaston Mass. PR 3-7800 QUlNT'S GREENHOUSES II87 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. FLOWERS WIRED ANYWHERE X x N N R X X W N Compliments S of a FRIEND 0 1 N U s 1 I in '31 5' ,ING QUINCY OIL COMPANY Our ocean terminals and up-to-date facilities, sec- ond to none, and efficient organization, have been a never failing and continuous source of supply through War and Peace, Panic and Prosperity, to our ever increasing number of customers. YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE I I i I Rev. William C. Allshouse District Superintendent Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Mrs. COMPLIMENTS OF THE PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT - ON THE MARCH FOR CHRIST IN 1959 - FRIENDLY - COOPERATIVE - BOOSTERS OF THE I Best Wishes l to the I I 959 DISTRICT OFFICERS I G. Thomas Spiker - Chairman, Church School Board George L. Wolf - President N.Y.P.S. Mrs. Christine L. Henck - President N.F.M.S. L Chester M. Williams - District Secretary Lloyd G. Gordon - District Secretary Ii. Boyd M. Long - Camp Manager ll F. D. Ketner - Editor, the "Philadelphian" A. C. McKenzie - Chairman, Church Extension League W. C. Allshouse - President Pastor's Wives' Fellowship - WHOLE PROGRAM OF THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE - l I l l l Class of f I I Congratulations GREETINGS from From the FIRST CHURCH CHURCH OF THE OF THE NAZARENE 1 NAZARENE Euclid and Hampton Streets TRENTON, NEW JERSEY OF Boyd M. Long, Pastor COATESVILLE, PA. HA HEARIY AND FRIENDLY Robert L. Jones, Pastor WELCOME AWAITS YOU" 1 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE IO8-O3 95th Avenue x RICHMOND HILL, NEW YORK Clarence L. Arnold, Minister WE CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1959 AND When Visiting in New York City PLEDGE CONTINUED SUPPORT Worship an Richmond Hill T0 E-N-C , I-' , .,.. , - Qf A . I ' Cofnpliments -Ns' I New 9- ' "EfTifj.i3i:.ffIf54' V A of if'i.fz'f'4f'3- .". THE SELF SERVICE DEPARTMENT STORE III I J 285 HANCOCK ST. u I I, N. QUINCY, MASS. FOR EVERLASTI NG PLEASU RE MAKE HARTS YOUR JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS STERLING SILVER BY: HARTS Jewelers 1422 HANCOCK ST. QUINCY, MASS. gy TOWLE . GORMAN . WALLACE . A1555 EX. . L REED ond BARTON . HEIRLOOM 0455 . . INTERNATIONAL . LUNT I Join our silver club e a I Pay only Sl.OO per week CAMERON 5200.00 Also SIOO to 2475 Wedding Ring 512.50 for one 6-piece ploce setting, etc. CASH, CHARGE OR BUDGET rtcarved WEDDING RINGS Guaranteed for u lifetime Beloved by Brides for Over l00 Yea A . fwfg' A Us S9 A X gx 1 ,'4+gx X' . A T' E .ff I xg ' .Y ff.. 'TT i n AX . I Limit. max Paula : A 4 - 'if 'I T fl f'f'g"' A it 'L.. , fi.. ' T - .R - B LI.. Mx,..,.v' .- ' R . Largest selection of Artcorved wedding bond in New Englond I I T 1 il 1 T For Sale or Hire SPECIAL RATES TO EASTERN NAZARENE STUDENTS M T T. ' Est. T929 hh.. 17 QUINCY AVE The Right Fit ' The Right Look ' The Right Price 0 The Right Service . QUINCY, MASS. GR 2-6510 QOpposite Fire Heodquortersj FOR DINNERS OR SNACKS CHICKEN, SHRIMP OR FISH CALL CHICKEN DELIGHT FOR DELIVERY HOT AND TASTY CHICKEN DELIGHT, INC. The FIREPLACE Corner of Newport and Beale St., Wollaston f--T.-'fi if X -I-fffff X 25" ff ee GR 9-8714 W ' , C ,-ug-5 'ff' 'f' W' f r -----7 Y- - 1111 ,,. ,J-ff , f 1-1111 "" f' ' " 'f -'2- 'em-3 E' 233'- :uv 1 ur V, -- .. 1 S tu ' ' 'WM' W TQ THE MAYFLOWER DINER -l, Ji- :ug :anim lllllll llll ' :-n -5. -lSl2I::::: 2222322 Ill! 111: it-I :-- I II... ::::::llIllllIl' ri- I' Welcomes you to came and dine -I E 1 .Flin E I 5 in EEEEEEIEEEEE .f J- -1 A-"C"""' .l.'- Ill'-A IZZ1 at 473 So Arter Quinc 11:1 E :i" ' Y' Y -Zig: 1-fr:5L-I -- E -st . . f ff' ff f-- X' P Xf 242 ' ' See Peter Calamerls there T ZX XR. - f ff ff ff 1' - i ' ' FOOD FIT FOR A KING CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I ..59.. Edward G. Zapski I DELICIOUS CHARCOAL BROILED FOODS CAR TABLE SERVICE COUNTER PR 3-9378 Juncvuon RTE. s AND 3A GAT:wAv 'ro THE sour:-I suom-: 461 WASHINGTON STREET QUINCY, MASS. helen and iolln lrallis owner-managers SPONSORSHIP THE SMITH 3, PHILLIPS "ABOVE ALL . . . You NEED LIGHTNING Roos" COMPANY 401 Washington Street East Liverpool, Ohio FURNITURE Pianos 8- Musical Instruments HAMMOND ORGANS WARREN LIGHTNING ROD CO. 475 Dayton Ave. COLLINGSWOOD, NEW JERSEY COllingswood 5-7000 CLAPP ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractors You owe it to yourself to eat at the new HANCOCK DINER 100 Terry Road Syracuse 4, N. Y. "PETER'S Raymond H. Clapp GR 9-8000 Raymond D. Clapp 381 HANCOCK ST. NO. QUINCY WOLLASTON FLORIST 679 Hancock Street Corsages - Bouquets - Gifts and Wedding Flowers FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE Alice E. Gorman, Prop, BARTHEL'S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Local and one-way trailer service Hancock and Elm Avenue Wollaston Mass. CROCKER CORP. Aluminum Storm Windows 8- Screens 725 Concord Ave, Cambridge, Mass. UN 4-1232 NORFOLK FLOWER SHOP 287 Hancock St. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GRanite 2-7100 Best of Luck, Seniors Compliments of JOHNSON'S FILLING STATION MONROE COMPANY Incorporated , of Quincy 700 Hancock Street WoIlOSIon 70' MOSS. 20 Raymond St. Quincy 69, Mass. LINCOLN PHARMACY Hancock 8. Elm Sts. Wollaston, Moss. ROGER W. KENT 8. CO. BROADLOOM Ruos a. CARPETS uNoLEuM a. TILE nooks WOLLASTON BEACH awo. QuiNcv, MASS. 11 .Q- .,,...-, . Y- Y . SPO SORSHIP Dedicated to the development Compliments of of the mind, body, and spirit of our youth A FRIEND Y.M.C.A. QUIVICY Mass. R. E. FOY 81 SONS INC. WOOLWORTH'S ' lI27 Hancock St. of Quincy, Mass. Wollaston, Mass. Robert E. Foy Ill Richard F. F y CLAIRE MARKLE Dresses and Accessories FRATUS PONTIAC 400 Hancock St. No. Quincy 29A Beale St. Wollaston GR 9-859I For the finest in GLAS d IR O S WOLLASTON FABRICS S an M R R See 681 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. H' Co' 'I96 Washington St. Quincy GR 9-4400 SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY HEUSSI'S TEXACO STATION 37 Beale St. Wollaston 634 HUUCOCI4 Sl- GR 9-3216 Wollaston, Mass. JOHN -'- DUANE BAIzIzY's DELICATESSEN BUILDER WRECKERS Wellman' Mass. - P W 8:1 ZLLASTON Do NUT SHOVIZOIEISM WITHERELL'S CANDIES ' CARROLL GR M806 CUT-RATE 21 Be I sr w Il I "HOMEMADE Assomo ooNuTs" PERFUMER 0 e " 0 as on McLAUGHLIN'S SERVICE DOTTIE DUNBARS 610 Hancock St. Wollaston Hancock Shee, GR 2-9427 I9 Beale sI. w llaston Q l "CITIES SERVICE" I umcy .L ,, ., ,. , , -,,,,,,.,.,. q- -- - f . ,,- H I BOOSTER CLUB Rev. G. Lindley Adams Rev. N. A. Adams Rev. Thomas E. Akester Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson R. Anthony Scott Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bausman Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Beard Mr. and Mrs. Biggs Keith C. Boates Rev. J. H. Boggs Elmer Bowen Rev. Ernest R. Bradley Mr. Rev. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Briggs Roy E. Carnahan and Mrs. C. Winfield Caswell Raymond H. Clapp Clark Faith Clark F. E. Dickey Peter Egnet and Mrs. E. C. Farrell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fee Clair Fenwick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Ferris Church of the Nazarene, Fredrick, Maryland Alfred R. Freysz Jackson Gardner Mrs. John Garron Rev. Paul S. Gilmore Mr. and Mrs. William I. Gold Rev. William P. Gray Mrs. Helen Gunsalus Rev. and Mrs. Clarence J. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Lowell H. Hall Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Hammer Harold H. Harding R. J. Harris J. P. Hartley Mrs. Allie Haselton Mr. and Mrs. Wilard Haselton Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Haslett Rev. Dudley C. Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haury Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hebets Mr. and Mrs. C. Hildreth Earl G. Hissom, Jr. Daniel A. Hitchens Mrs. Ella Hodge Vernon E. Hover Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Howard Mr. Hulbert Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hunter Andrew M. Johnson Harold Johnson Moody S. Johnson Mrs. Howard Johnston Rev. and Mrs. James H. Jones Mr. Robert H. Shaw R. W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs BOCSTER CLUB John G. Keeler Robert Kinsey E. Klinefelter Paul Krynicki Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Lanpher William Laudermilk Mr. and Mrs. Francis Liggitt Rev. and Mrs. Luke M. Light Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lind Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lindsay Jean McCallum Benjamin P. McCarty Rev. and Mrs. Ralph A. Mickel John W. Mills Harvey Milne J. Woodrow Milstead Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Morris Mrs. Ruth Newlen Myrvil K. Nickerson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Norman N.Y.P.S. of Csage, Ohio Rev. Chester W. Parmley Mr. and Mrs. Nelson D. Pearsall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Perry Mr. and Mrs. Edilo Politi Carl 0. Proctor Warren A. Roler Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Schlough Edward H. Schwanke Ben Schuster Mrs. E. A. N. Seyfried Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert M. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Rufus C. Smith Rev. Robert L. Smith Rev. Clarence Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sorensen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Spicher Raymond Stark Mr. and Mrs. Webster J. Taylor A. P. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Turner Malcolm H. Vaughan Rev. Joshua C. Wagner The F. Walsh Family Myron C. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Walton Mr. and Mrs. Walton G. Webb Samuel Wein Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Weller Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. White Newton Whited W. B. Whitehead Rev. and Mrs. Chester M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Max L. Woods Edwin A. Wuori Chester Yager AALPOEL, HERBERT 45 350 Plymouth St., Bridgewater, Mass. ALBERT, LISBETH 6, 44, 45, 111, 114, 146 945 N. 12th St., Sebring, Ohio ALCORN, KENNETH 67, 75 142, 155 24 Botsford St., Moncton, New Brunswick ALDER, SARAH 142 P.O. Box 447, Rising Sun, Md. ALLEN, SUE 59 146, 150 78 Samoset Ave., Quincy, Mass. ALLSHOUSE, RAYMOND 45, 114, 146, 150 Box 148, Clinton, Ohio ALLWORTH, WM. 45, 145, 166 ALTIC, DONNA 45, 107 145, 176 809 Third, California, Penna. ALTIC, RONALD 45, 148 809 Third, Califomia, Penna. ANDERSON, BRYANT 45 Highland St., So. Easton, Mass. ANDERSEN, DAVID 148 500 Everitt St., Westwood, Mass. ANDREWS, FRANCIS 39, 146 Country Club Road, Royersford, Pa. ANDREWS, JOE 45, 127, 173 Country Club Road, Royersford, Pa. ANTHONY, ADRIENNE 74, 96, 114, 116, Peterson Rd., Vernon, Conn. ANTHONY, PRISCILLA 136, 146 67, 111,, l14,1l6,127,1-46,153,155 Peterson Road, Vernon, Conn. ARMSTRONG, BLANCHE 116, 146 100 East Valley St., Endicott, N. Y. ARMSTRONG, LOIS 45, 59, 114, 146, 152 Rt. 4261, Leavittsburg, Ohio BABCOCK, HAROLD 156 114 Willet St., Wollaston, Mass. BAILEY, EARL 5 Elliott Pl.. Newport, R. I. BALDECK, CHARLES 59 2281 Dewey Ave., Rochester, N. Y. BARR, RICHARD 45, 139, 141, 156, 188 707 66 Ave., Seat Pleasant, Md. BALWIT, MARVIN 59, 138, 146, 151, 156 2245 Helderberg Ave., Schenectady 6, N. Y. BARCLAY, JAMES 27 Mull Ave., Port Glasgow, Scotland BATCHLET, CAROLYN 830 Park Ave., Meadville, Pa. BAUSMAN, DOROTHY 13919 Lauder, Detroit, Mich. BAXTER, ALICE 59, 127, 139, 145 59 59 35 Lippincott Ave., Pennsville, N. J. BEARD, GERALD 532 Sterling, Norfolk, Va. BENDER, JAMES 45, 146 5431 Jonestown Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. BENDER, JOYCE 45, 114, 153 5431 Jonestown Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. BENELLI, GERARD 43 Rodman St., Quincy, Mass. BERRY, ARLINE 39 195 Ripplewood Dr., Rochester, N. Y. BIGGS, RUTH 59, 114, 146, 155, 177 58 Cheriton Rd., Quincy, Mass. BIGGS, BEVERLY 39, 114, 146, 177, 179 58 Cheriton Rd., Quincy, Mass. BILLETT, MARY 45, 114, 146 Route 34, Cambridge, Ohio BIRKHEIMER, MONA 45, 142 R.D. 45152, Atwater, Ohio BLACHLY, DAVID 116, 145, 150, 153, 154, 156 1 Forest Sr., Pittsfield, Me. BLAISDELL, PRISCILLA 45, 145 11 Middle, Augusta, Me. BOATES, THOMAS 67, 114, 154 Melvern Square, Anna Co., Nova Scotia BODEN, FRED 10, 142, 143, 164, 172 74 Queen St., Newmarket, Ontario BORDEN, NANCY 76, 111, 116 124 Douglas, Uxbridge, Mass. BORGAL, JOHN 45, 114, 148 87 West, Hyde Park, Mass. BOSHART, CHARLOTTE 516 Fulton, Carthage, N. Y. BOSHART, DEAN 46, 415 Fulton, Carthage, N. Y. BOWDEN, CARLTON 46, 114 5 Buck St., Danielson, Conn. BOWEN, ARTHUR 1 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. BOWERS, ELIZABETH 39, 59, 124, 138, 146, 151, 152,155 4300 Hillside Rd., S. E. Washington, D. C. BOWMAN, SAMUEL P. O. Box 27, Essex Jct., Vt. BOWN, JOHN 23 Highland, Easton, Mass. BRADLEY, DORIS 32 Ferndale Rd., Town BRADLEY, JOYCE 76, 133, 146 247 Beacon St., Lowell, Mass. BRADY, ALAN 46, 116, 142, 151 164 Vermont St., Warren, Ohio BRANDES, LAMBERT 59, 153 229 Pennsylvania, Paterson, N. BREWSTER, RALPH 12 Bellvale St., Malden, Mass. I 114, 1 BRICKER, JAMES 66, 67, 162, 164 236 Clay Pike, Irwin, Pa. BRIERLEY, RUSSELL 46, 148 44 West Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. BRIGGS, WILLIAM 67, 164- 24 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass. BROOKS, STANLEY 94 Caswell, E. Taunton, Mass. BROTHERTON, DONALD R.D. if 1, Beloit, Ohio BROWN, AMY 77, 114, 142, 5 Clinton, Haverhill, Mass. BROWN, JANICE 26 Burns, Fairfield, Me. BRUMAGIN, DAVID 142 155 234 St, Nicholas Ave., Worcester, Mass. BRUSHETT, RICHARD 46 Eversfield, Toronto, Ontario BRYAN, BARBARA 39, 114, 23 Grove St., Scottdale, Pa. BRYNER, MERRILYN R.D. if 1, Claysville, Pa. BRYNER, PHILIP R.D. if 1, Claysville, Pa. BUCKLEY, JERRY 25 Clinton Place, Metuchen, N. J. BUNTS, JEANNETTE 5 Evans St., Binghamton, N. Y. 143 59, 167 BURNS, LAWRENCE 144, 146, 154. 155, 156 156 Mystic Valley Pky., Arlington, Mass. BUTLER, WILLIAM 59, 145 150 Hindman Lane, Weirton, W. Va. 237 BYERS, DWAYNE 46, 138, 139, 142, 156 10394 Maplelawn, Detroit, Mich. BYERS, JANICE 59, 111, 150, 151, 10394 Maplelawn, Detroit, Mich. CAMPBELL, COLIN 29 Bansley Ave., Toronto, Ontario CAMPBELL, DAVID 57 Murdock Ave., Quincy, Mass. 177 CASACELI, VINCENT 67 135 W. Elm Ave., Quincy, Mass. CASLER, LAWRENCE 59, 150, 175 25 Cedar, Warren, Pa. CASWELL, GERALD 47 Ryder Ave., E. Rockaway, N. Y. CASWELL, SHIRLEY 58, 59, 126, 138, 145, 155 47 Ryder Ave., E. Rockaway, N. Y. CARTER, RONALD 46, 125, 145, 150 Box 172, Rt. 2, Atwater, Ohio CARVER, NANCY 46, 114, 148, 154 1334 Greeby St., Philadelphia, Pa. CATON, THOMAS 130 Connell, Quincy, Mass. CHAMBERS, HOWARD 93 2nd St., Port Elizabeth, N. CHAVIER, JOHN 77, 175 117 Grinnell, New Bedford, Mass. CHOE, IK SEONG Seoul, Korea CHRISTENSEN, LYLE 39 100 Chestnut, N. Syracuse, N. Y. CLARK, ROBERT 60 4916 Stewart, Cincinnati, Ohio CLIFTON, DAVID 67, 116, 117, 142,156,164,172 134 N. Union St., Middletown, Pa. CHILCOTE, HELEN 46, 145 296 Bolivar Dr., Bradford, Pa. CLIFFORD, RICHARD 74, 77 Depot St., E. Wareham, Mass. CLINGERMAN, BARBARA 67, 146, 155 635 E. Calla Rd., Poland, Ohio COCHRAN, GARY 46 Box 196, Heckman Rd., McKeesport, Pa. COLESAR, ELOISE 46, 114, 148, 155 Box 146, Braeburn, Pa. COLESAR, MARIANNE 67, 114, 116. 145, 155 Box 146, Braeburn, Pa. COLLER, ARTHUR 156 1121 Margroy, Pittsburgh, Pa. COLLINS, ELAINE 46. 124, 146, 171 126F-1, Route 2, Zephyrhills, Fla. COLLINS, MARILYN 60, 114. 145. 155 54 Redland Ave., Rumford, R. I. CONGALTON, DAVID 46, 141, 145 40 E. Cardott, Ridgway, Pa. COONS, RUTH 67 172 Spruce St., Manchester, Conn. COKKINIS, JOHN 39, 146 41-35 45th St., Long Island, N. Y. COKKINIS, STANLEY 41-35 45th St., Long Island, N. Y. CORBETT, RONNIE 47, 142 P. O. Box 41, Fairview, Pa. CORNELL, ROBERT 60 642 Clintonville St., Whitestone, N. Y. COUCHENOUR, MELVIN 67 Box 231 Cherry, Waterford, Pa. COUCHENOUR, WILLIAM 67, 165. 2nd Sc Cherry, Waterford, Pa. COWHERD, DONNA 47, 475 Bay St., Ottawa, Ontario 173 145 CREW, HAROLD 60, 111, 146 291 Ivy Place, Akron, Ohio CROLEY, JOHN 78 69 Wendell Ave., Wollaston, Mass. CROUSE, NEVIN 93 24 Beach St., Wollaston, Mass. CRUICKSHANKS, MARY 52 Grafton Ave., Milton, Mass. CUBIE, ROBERT 4, 64, 145, 166 20 Mansfield St., Lynn, Mass. CUNNINGHAM, PERRY 60 1263 Monroe St., N. E. Washington, D. C. DANCY, PHYLLIS 39, 146 125W East Cleveland Ave., Newark, Delaware DANIELS, COLIN 68, 148 Advent Christian Church, Pownal, Ver- mont DAVIS, BREWSTER 476 Main, Hingham, Mass. DAVIDSON, ROBERT 47, 114, 148, 152 Rt. 42, Box 3513, Edinburr, Texas DAY, ELLAN 325 Newport Ave., Wollaston 70, Mass. DAY, GEORGE 140, 148, 167 48 Bowdoin Ave., South Portland, Maine DEBOW, MEREDITH 60, 150 Sullivan Road, North Billerica, Mass. DEETER, DENBER 47, 148 113 69th St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. DEVINE, MOONYEAN 60, 114. 127, 152, 156 4848 W. 20th, Erie, Pa. DICKEY, CAROLE 47 43 Ridgeway St., Wollaston, Mass. DINSMORE, DOROTHY 78. 151, 153 64 Bromfxeld St., Wollaston 70, Mass. DONNELLY, JUDY 47, 142, 155 226 Arlington St., 1Nollaston 70, Mass. DUCKWORTH, ALAN 60, 141 South St., Townsend, Mass. DUFFEY, PAUL 47 1575 Virginia Lane, Mansfield. Ohio DUNCAN. CAROLYN 26 Lyme St., Weymouth 89, Mass. DUNN, SUE 5 Park Vale. Brookline 46, Mass. DUNSWORTH, MARY 116, 126. 136,137,138 142,146,151,153,155 4958 Grayton Rd., Cleveland 35, Ohio DURKEE, ARTHUR 140 Greene St., 1Vollaston 70, Mass. EAD, ARTHUR 94 EDWARDS, ROBERT 79 Port Murray, N. Y. EDWARDS. WAYNE 79 37 Scannell Rd., Randolph. Mass. ENTIN, BERNICE 94 37 Woodward Ave., Quincy, Mass. ERBE, DAN 39, 117, 155 ESPER, RICHARD 60, 146, 165 9 Atwood Ave., Norwood, Mass. ESSELSTYN. JOAN 79, 154 1574 Collier Ave., Carnegie, Pa. ESSELSTYN, THEODORE 93 26 Mourse St., Discovery, Transvaal Union of South Africa EVERTON, ADELARD 68, 114. 117, 145 591 Morton St., Mattapan, Mass. FALKE, ROBERT 47, 114, 148, 175 R.D. if 1, Seneca Falls, N. Y. FARAH. ROBERT 66 George, Rockland, Blass. FARLEY, JOHN 47, 142 FARNSWORTH, REGINA 39, 114, 148 7th Ave., LaCroft, E. Liverpool, Ohio FARRAR, FREDERICK 47, 148 175 Oak St., Randolph, Mass. FARRELL Jr., ESTOR 153 222 Midvale, Falls Church, Va. FEE, NANCY 47, 141, 170 5541 Mahoning, Warren, Ohio FENWICK, ANNE 60, 145 Climax, Mich. FERRIS, MARGARET 47, 146 44 Apthorp St., Quincy, Mass. FETTER, MERLE 114, 148 Kylertown, Pa. FINCH, BARBARA 68, 151, 152 4731 Cleveland, Kansas City, Kansas FINNEY, CAROLYN 39, 60, 114, 138,142. 151,152,155 349 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohio FISCHMANN, JAMES 2425 Romis Rd., Akron 20, Ohio FLEAGAL, HELEN 60, 145, 153, 156 R.D. if 1, Friedens, Pa.. FLOWERS, CLARA 47, 142, 154, 157 Chester, W. Virginia FLUHARTY, SHIRLEY 47, 141, 142, 177 191 Samuel St., Beaver Falls, Pa. FLYNN, JOHN 72 Brook St.. Wollaston, Mass. FOSTER, HARRY 60, 120, 136, 144, 145, 160 FRENCH, DANIEL 47, 142, 150, 164 270 McRohc-rts Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada FRENCH, EDWARD 114, 145, 148, 155 176 So. Soknson Rd.. Sebring. Ohio FRYBERGER. ROY 47, 114, 148 Route ii' 1. Reading, Pa. FREYSZ. THOMAS 47, 117 Rd. 112. Mount Airy, Md. FULLER, SARAH 68, 114, 148, 171, 176, 178, 179 Easton, Me. GARDNER, ROBERT 48 3061 River Ave., Camden, N. GARDNER, SUZANNE 48, 114, 148, 155,163.171,175,176,179 15 Loefller, Bloomfield, Conn. GARLAND, ROBERT 35 William St., Kittery, Me. GARRON, PAUL 68 447 So. 2nd St., Millvillc. N. J. GEHMAN. LARUE 66, 166, 171 327 W. Walnut St., Kutztown, Pa. GERDES, LARRY 48 26 Rochelle St., Rochester 12, N. Y. GERMAN, ROBT. 40, 145. 148 GILBERT, RUTH 48, 114, 148, 152, 157 Sunset Drive. Davidsville 4, Pa. GILCHRIST, CINDA 80, 97, 123, 136, 138, 148, 152, 155, 171,176, 179 Mc 22, E. Liverpool, Ohio GILLILAN. BARBARA 39 Newbury Ave., N. Quincy 71, Mass. GLOVER, GEORGE 48 108 Granges St.. Wollaston 70, Mass. GLUSKER, DAVID 48, 114, 123, 144, 145 85 Hurd Ave., Saugus, Mass. GOLD, CARL 48, 141, 142, 164 55 Faxon Park Rd., Quincy, Mass. GOOD, ROGER 60, 114, 144 GOODMAN, CHARLES 48 418 W. Annsburyst, Philadelphia 40, Pa. 238 GOODWORTH, JOHN 112 Sagamore St., Quincy 71, Mass. GONSALVES, EDWARD 146, Moraine St., Marshfield, Mass. GORDON, MURIEL 48, 114, 146, 419 Derstine, Lansdale, Pa. GORMAN, WALTER 60, 536 Mountain Ave., Revere, Mass. GOULD, ANNETTE 40, 114, 126, Winslow Mills, Me. GRAVENOR, DOROTHY 61, 146, Route 2, Lauren, Del. 167 153 148 142 154 GRAY, RACHEL 94 R. D 2, Warren, Pa. GREEN, DONALD 93, 117, 148 Whiteford, Md. GRENNON, JANICE 48, 146, 152 50 Willard Ave., Bradford, Pa. GRENNEL, RICHARD 48, 146, 152, 173 Mile Strip Rd., Irving, N. Y. GRIFFITHS, ELLIOTT 68 New Bedford, Mass. GRUBER, ALAN 153, 154 10 Dennison St., Roxbury 19, Mass. GUNSALUS. PAUL 48, 156 422 Lincoln Ave.. Ogdensburg, N. Y. GUPPY. MARJORIE 328 Belmont St.. Wollaston 70, Mass. GUTSHALL, GAYTHA 48. 111, 114, 145, 174, 178 135 River St., Madison, Ohio HAGAR, DOROTHY 40, 114 Route 34, Freeport, Me. HALL. CHRISTOPHER 85 Bluehills Pkwy., Milton 87, Mass. HALL, DAVID 68, 114, 116, 117, 142 2430 15th. Detroit 16. Mich. HALL. LOWELL 74, 80, 134, 136, 164 172 2006 Germaine St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio HALL, VERNA 61 14 Piper St., Quincy, Mass. HAMILTON, LOWELL 3 Dossey St.. Springuah, Me. HAMMER, DONALD 81, 138, 139, 148, 155 Alum Bank, Pa. HAMMER, SHARON 68, 114, 138, 148, 155 Alum Bank. Pa. HAMPTON, SHARON 48, 114, 144, 152 1509 George St., Fair Lawn, N. J. HARDIN. WILLIAM 33 Yardam. Quincy, Mass. HARDING, BARBARA 48. 138, 139, 146, 173, 177 37 Upland Rd., Malden 48, Mass. HARDY, KENNETH 81 55M Hawlark St., Amherst, N. S. HARPER, MARY 22, 23 153 Meade, Kansas HARTLEY, BETTY 40 144 4205 Van Buren St. University Park, Md. HARRIS, BETTY 68, 152 402 South Ave., Bradford, Pa. HARRIS. ROBERT 39 Cummings Ave., Wollaston, Mass. HARRISON, MILDRED 48, 146 Hylas. Va. HASELTON, ESTHER 40, 114, 142. 157 Wilmington. N. Y. HASELTON, HELEN 61, 114, 142, 152 Wilmington, N. Y. HASLETT, NANCY 81, 146, 150 978 Oakland Ave., Akron, Ohio HATCHER, MARY 68, 99, 138, 139, 146, 150, 155, 156 119 Prather Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. HATCHER, SHARON 48, 146 119 Prather Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. HAYES, BARBARA ANN 49, 114, 142, 148, 157,172 404 Garfield, East Prairie, Mo. HAYES, BARBARA RAE 49, 114, 116, 156, 176 1153 Oakdale Road, Johnson City, N. Y. HAZEL, PATRICIA 49, 148 247-66th St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. HAZELTON, LINDA 39 California Ave., W. Quincy, Mass. HEATHER, HOOK 49 131 Cherry St.. Malden, Mass. HEBER, FRANKIE 82, 151 35 San Carlos St.. St. Augustine, Fla. HEBERLE, JUDITH 49. 114, 116, 148,153.156.179 515 Tremont St.. N. Tonawanda, N Y. HEBETS. ROBERT 61, 144 Rd. 1, Spartansburg, Pa. HECKERT, PATRICIA 49, 152 Cumberland, Maryland HELFRICH. JOANN 40, 114. 117, 147, 157 7th Ave. LaCroft, East Liverpool, Ohio HELFRICH, ROBERT 68 7th Ave. LaCroft, E. Liverpool. Ohio HEMMINGS, BARBARA 133 Marlboro St., Wollaston. Mass. HEMPHILL, LEONARD 61, 142, 156 Ceylon, Ont. HENCK, GRACE 49, 114, 146 153, 173, 179 Rt. 2, Box 256. Darlington, Md. HENCK, ROBERT 68 Rt. Box 256, Darlington, Md. HERMAN, JOAN 61, 114, 146, 152, 155 46 Coolidge Ave., So. Portland, Me. HERSMAN, WILLA 61. 153 R. D. 1, Polk, Pa. HERST, CLIFFORD 50, 116, 146 Hardwick, Vt. HILDRETH, CLARENCE 49, 111, 114, 142 Rt. 4 Dundas, Ontario, Can. HILL, SHERMAN 49, 144, 155 6 Walnut St., Waterville, Me. HILYARD, GERALD 68, 148 Clinton, Me. HINKLE, RUTH 40, 144 Allentown, Pa. HINES, LOUSIA 82, 100, 146, 153 196 Pleasant, Brockton, Mass. HINSON, VICTORINE 40, 142 St. John's Rd., Pembroke West, Bemiuda HITCHENS, JOANNE 40, 146 109 Glen St., Salisbury, Md. HITE, NANCY 40, 144 Route 3, Bedford, Pa. HISSOM, JUDITH 49, 138, 141, 155, 163, 171, 173 2524 Penna Ave., Weirton, W. Va. HOBSON, CAROL 49, 114, 138, 148, 154, 156 53 Vienna St., Halifax, N. S. HODGE, BETTY 40, 114, 138, 148, 176 Box 484, Arkville, N. Y. HODGKINS, SUSAN 68, 148 499 Nash Rd., New Bedford, Mass. HOEKMAN, 1-:VELYN 49, 6532 Alexander Rd. Mayfield Hts., 24, Ohio HOEKSTRA, GRACE 61, 138 151, 152, 155 218 Ridley, Sharon Hill, Pa. HOLBERT, RICHARD 49, 148, 171 9 Harvey St., Norton, Mass. 148 144 156 146 175 HOLMES, SYLVIA 64 393 Belmont, Quincy, Mass. HOLSINGER, DONALD 40, 114, 117 1320 3rd. Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. HOUSER. ROBERT 61 Norristown, Pa. HOVER, RICHARD 69, 114, 116 146, 156 1323 Youll St., Niles, Ohio HOWARD, CHARLES 61, 127, 142 Route 1, Lucas, Ohio HOWARD, THOMAS 40, 114, 148 R.D. 4, Martin Rd., Alliance, Ohio HUCK, RUTH 12 W'ater St., Warren, Pa. HUDNALL, RUTH 40, 114, 144 294 South Pine, Bridgeton, N. J. HUFF. FERN 61 R.F.D. 1. Skowhegan, Me. HUGGINS, JAMES 61, 116, 117 148, 156, 175 R.D. 2, Bloomingdale, Ohio HUGHES, SALLY 49, 114, 148 925 N. 15th St., Sebring. Ohio HULBERT, BERDETTA 49, 179 114 Maple Ave.. Adams Center, N. Y. HUNTER, ESTHER 69, 114, 140, 144, 153, 154, 171, 176, 178 Route 6, Augusta, Me. HUNTER, FAITH 49, 114, 139, 140, 144, 171, 176 Route 6, Augusta, Maine HUTCHINSON, DAVID 82. 166, 169, 170 933 Linden, Bethlehem, Pa. HYBERTSON, BEV 11 Middle St., Augusta, Me. HYBERTSON. JOANN 50, 114 150, 164 Madison, S. Dak. HYBERTSON. LARRY 101, 123, 144, 145, 153, 174 Madison, S. Dak. ISENBERG, HELEN 40, 44, 114, 146 17 3rd. St., College Park, Md. JACKSON, JIMMY 50 Brownwood, Texas JACOBS, BARBARA 61, 144, 153, 154 101 Crane St., Warwick, R. I. JAMGOTCHJAN, MEGUERDITCH 69, 154 713 Nor-Marash Bourj-Hammsout, Lebanon JARDINE, BLAINE 50 , 151 298 Mitchell Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Me. JEFFERY, SHERRILL so, 114 142, 177 515 Lynn Fells Pkwy., Melrose, Mass. JARVIS, FRANCIS 69 16 Labadine St., Wollaston, Mass. JARVIS, ROBERTA 83, 116, 148, 153 R. D. 3, New Philadelphia, Ohio JENKINS, WILLA 69, 114, 148 Wayland, Ky. JERNEGAN, GERARD, 50, 146, 239 153, 165, 173 30 Holyoke, N. Quincy, Mass. JOHNSON, DAVID 144, 146, 150 174 207 Main, Ridgway, Pa. JOHNSON, MURIEL 41, 114, 116 148 23 Warren St., Beverly, Mass. JOHNSON, PHYLLIS 3 Delman Rd., Salisbury, Md. 5 7 JOHNSON, RONALD 114, 148, 157 105 Ivy Rd., Shiloh, Ohio JOHNSON, RUBY 41, 146, 165 3711 Yellow Mtn. Rd, S. E. Roanoke. Va. JOHNSTON, ANN 61, 146, 151, 179 206 Ritchie Ave., Wierton, W. Va. JONES, ADA 23, 146, 153 R.F.D. 4361, Bel Air, Maryland JONES, JAMES 11, 69, 146, 147 165, 173 Box 150 A, R.F.D. if-'1 Bel Air, Maryland JONES, THOMAS 69 Box 127, Allenport, Pa. JONES, WILLIAM 41, 50, 142, 164, 172 537 Addison Rd., Washington 27, D.C. JOY, PAUL 50 11 Main St., Bryantville, Mass. KELLER, HERBERT 69, 114, 148 556 Cabot St., Beverly, Mass. KEELER, JEAN 69, 142, 154, 155 Orange St., Pennsville, N. KEITH, CAROLYN 61, 152, 155 6 Wheeler St., Livermore Falls, Maine KELLER, BETTY 69 R.D. :111, Nazareth, Pa. KELLOGG, LOIS 50, 114, 116, 142 Box 166, Vienna, Ohio KERN, KENNETH 50, 146, 165, 166 R.D. i753, Lebanon, Pa. KERR, HELEN 50 85 Common St., Quincy, Mass. KESSLER, CAROL 50, 146 Route 2, Halifax, Pa. KILPONEN, MARY Box 9, Farmington Falls, Maine KIMBALL, GLORIA 50, 142, 150 R.D. if 1, Brooktondale, N. Y. KINDT, CHARLES 137 Main St., Bangor, Pa. KINDT, JANET 610 Market St., Bangor, Pa. KING, ALAN 50 R.F.D. 51751, Franklin, Vt. KINNE, BARBARA 156 4 Fensgate Close, Yorkshire, England KINSEY, JUDITH 61, 111, 144, 151, 152,153, 156,178 Box 507, E. Liverpool, Ohio KINSEY, MARGARET 50. 124, 127, 144, 150, 174 Box 507, E. Liverpool, Ohio KLEIN, EARL 2336 Vadeli St., Pittsburgh, Pa. KLINEFELTEN, THEODORE 50, 156 Route 1, Sanbom, N. Y. KLUMAS, JERRY 62, 144, 154, 156 594 Grand Ave., Lindenhurst, N. Y. KLUMAS, LARRY 69, 140, 141. 148, 156, 175 594 Grand Ave., Lindenhurst, N. Y. KOURY, PHILLIP 69 895 Quincy Shore Blvd., Quincy, Mass. KRUTENAT, WILLIAM 142, 154, 156 7726 Ridge Rd., Brockport, N. Y. LAMBERT, JUDITH 50. 151, 174 9756 Whitmore, El Monte, California LAMBERT, RICHARD 69, 144 15467 Mansfield, Detroit, Michigan LANDERS, ROBERT Sandford, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia LANPHER, CAROLYN 8, 62, 123, 138, 151, 152 1316 Iris St., N. W.. Washington 12, D.C. LA PIERRE, MARGARET 41, 114 Pleasant St., Freeport, Maine LATFORD, JAMES 80 Teeple St., Woodstock, Ontario LAUDERMILK, JACK 50, 116, 117, 155 1931 Bailey Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio LIGGITT, EILEEN 62, 114, 144, 153, 155, 156 Box 1, Westland. Pa. LINCOLN, RODGER Liberty Road, Hingham, Mass. LINDSAY, DAVID 62, 144, 155, 156, 174 14 Hood Road, Danvers, Mass. LINEMAN, CONSTANCE 51 114 Willet St., Wollaston, Mass. LINEMAN, RONALD 41 10 South 3rd St., Bradford. Pa. LOCHHEAD. HUGH 51, 114, 125 18 Myres Road. Glasgow, England LOCKWOOD, PATRICIA 62, 141. 142, 150 62 Royal St., Wollaston, Mass. LONG, DONALD 62, 114, 117, 148, 155 461 Hemlock St., Johnstown, Pa. LLOYD, DIANE 41, 144 Main St.. Cardiff, Maryland LLOYD, GRACE 41, 114, 142, 156 22 Gillette, Rochester, N. Y. LOTHROP, KENNETH 82, 154 11 Roselin Ave., Quincy, Mass. LUNDIN, ROY 6 Milton Lane, Norwell, Mass. LUTES, PAUL 51, 148, 156, 167 816 Archer St., Millville. N. LYNCH. DAVID 51, 142, 157. 172,174 1818 Oakridge Drive, Charleston, W, Va. LYNCH, ELAINE 58.64, 142. 153. 177 1839 15th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio MCCARTY, IRENE 62, 114, 142 419 Franklin St., Endicott, N. Y. MCCLOY, SYDNEY 51, 144, 171. 174, 176, 178 2420 Greenhill Rd., Broomall, Pa. MCCORMACK, FRED 84 111 Copeland St., W. Quincy, Mass. MCCURDY, ROSS Ramsayville, Ontario, Canada MCDERMOTT, MARLENE 51, 177, 142 178 31 Falstafl' Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Can- ada MCDONALD, BRUCE 43 Ridgeway, Wollaston. Mass. MacDONALD, WILLIAM 117 Sachem St., Wollaston, Mass. MacDONNELL, DEBORAH 70, 154 Granite St., Quincy, Mass. MacKAY, DONALD 51, 3042 Burdette. Ferndale 20. Michigan MCKENZIE. ARTHUR 62, 1530 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. MCKIM, BLAIR Douglasville, Pa. MCKNIGHT, HUGH 51, 64, 148, 155, 6 Elm St., Yarmouth, Nova Scotia MQLEAN, CAROLYN 21 Clark St., Saugus, Mass. MacLEOD, JOHN 142 142 156 117 156 41 51 33 Forest Hill Ave. Lynnfield Center, Mass. MacLEOD, NANCY 51, 122, 146, 155, 173, 177 33 Forest Hill Ave. Lynnfield Center, Mass. MaeLEOD, NORMA 70 44 Common St., Braintree, Mass. McMINN, ESTHER 51, 114, 116, 146, 151, 155 MCPHEE, DEAN 62 47 Hamilton St., Quincy, Mass. MacPHERSON, RAYMOND 148 50 Dominion St., Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada MAHOOD, ROBERT 51, 144, 156, 174 45-47 215 Place, Bayside 61, N.Y. MANESS, BARBARA 41, 122, 146, 173 225 Louise Drive. Morrisville, Pa. MANLEY, CHARLENE 51, 122, 146, 150 126 Scarlett Ave., Kennett Square, Pa. MANN, KATHERINE-JEAN 141, 144, 151, 155, 176 Highmeadows, Waterville, Vt. MANN, MERRITT 62, 84. 146, 165, 176, 179 35 YV. Elm Ave.. Wlollaston, Iviass. MANN, RICHARD 9, 50, 58, 62, 111, 142,146,153 154.162, 164. 165.170.173 35 VV. Elm Ave.. Quincy, Blass. MANN, ROBERT 66, 114, 136, 137, 146, 153, 175 35 W. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. MANNA, ELIZABETH 51. 142, 151, 157, 158 614 Webster, N. Hanover, Mass. MARONIAN. STEPHEN 41, 125, 142 Box 25417. Beirut. Lebanon MASTROBUONO, RAYMOND Putnam Pike, Chepachet. R. I. MARTIN. ERMA 114, 146, 151 1829 Penrose, Cleveland, Ohio MARTIN. JUDITH 41, 142 12 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. MASON, ORVILLE 70, 114, 116, 117, 148 24 York St., Springfield. Mass. MATHENY. CHARLES 64 Rt. 1, Bridgewater, Virginia MEISNER, JOHN 62, 142 2644 N. Bonnie Bark Lane Waukegan. Ill. MELLISH. HAZEN 51, 148 257 1Ninter. South Side Prince Edward Island, Canada MERKI, WILLIAM 84, 116, 117, 156, 173 431 Perkiomen Ave.. Lansdale, Pa. MILBURY, MARVIN 70, 148, 155 Easton. Blaine MILLARD. RAYMOND 62, 114, 154 1334 Greeby, Philadelphia, Pa. MILLER. ERNEST 51, 174 19 Lorna Ave., Pembroke, Mass. MILNE, MARY ANN 52, 114, 148 1138 Penna. Ave., Monaca, Pa. MILNE, TOM 52, 114, 167 1138 Penna. Ave.. Monaca, Pa. MILSTEAD. JESSICA 70, 114. 116. 148, 153, 155 Route 1, Box 23. Bryans Road, Maryland MINOTT. ELIZABETH 62. 142, 146 477 Lowell St., W. Peabody, Mass. MITCHELL, EDWARD 51 20 Parkview Terrace, Malden 48, Mass. 240 MOGHADDAN, MOHAMMAD Bazar-Saraye-Khodaiy, Tehran, Iran MORELAND, YVONNE 39, 114, 144, 157 Lothian, Maryland MORFORD, DONALD 52 1041 Elm St.. Franklin, Pa. MORGAN, ELWIN Danielson, Conn. MORRIS, BETTY 52, 153 R.D. 1952, Box 29, Kane, Pa. MORRIS, EMMA FAYE 52, 146, 151, 152 Jefferson, Pa. MOSGROVE, MELVIN 35, 146, 173 Somcenter Rd., Willoughby, Ohio MOSHER, AUDREY 52, 144 3 Richardson Ave., Aubum, N. Y. MUIR, JAMES 10 Calvin Rd., Quincy. Mass. MULLEN. WALTER Easton, Digby Co, Nova Scotia, Canada MURPHY, RICHARD 94 Knollwood. Quincy, Mass. MUSSER, JAMES 52, 146, 151 York, Pa. MYERS. ALMA 100 Scotch Pond Place, Quincy, Mass. NAYLOR, KAYE 179 Route ,T,i'3. Mt. Airy, Maryland NEIDERHISER, JIQDITH 52, 142, 172 1405 Fifth St.. New Brighton, Pa. NEWLEN, PATRICIA 70, 114, 155 1760 Vemon, Warren, Ohio NICKERSON. SYLVIA 52, 142 143 Washington. Weymouth, Mass. NORMAN, RONALD 62, 165, 166, 179 Tintle Rd.. Butler, N. NORTON, A. Chilmark, Mass. NAYLOR. JOHN 179 97 Willow St.. Wollaston, Mass. NOVACK, ROBERT 154 266 So. Artery, Quincy, Mass. 85, 139, 141, NOVY, CHARLES 148, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157 1772 Rlaywood, S. Euclid, Ohio OLSEN, GLENNA 64, 146, 151, 155, 173 319 Andbew, Newmarket Ontario, Canada OLSON, WALTER 70 144 Train St., Dorchester, Mass. ONION, JAMES 52, 150 RD if 1, Jefferson, Ohio OSIBODU, JULIUS 153 P.O. Box 245, Ibaden, Nigeria OSSMAN, RICHARD 52, 144 Ashland, Pa. PALANZA, RICHARD 30 Coughlin Rd., North Easton, Mass. PANCARIK, ANDREW 66, 70, 136, 148, 175 Sellersville, Pa. PARK, EUGENE 86, 133 Route 41, Jefferson, Ohio PARKER, RICHARD 63, 154 74 Willow St., Wollaston 70, Mass. PARRY, RICHARD 71 94 Pleasant St., Quincy, Mass. PATCH, LORRAINE 52, 114 144 N. Hudson St., Johnson, City, N. Y. PATNODE, CLIFFORD 71 Keeseville, N. Y. PATTERSON, LOWELL 153, 155 Box 6, Dix, 111. PAYNTER, JAMES 52, 114, 144 624 Oak St., East Liverpool, Ohio PECK, JOAN 157 121 Summer, Kingston, Mass. PENHA, VIRGINIA 63, 114, 144, 154, 157 39 Wareham Ave., Onset, Mass. PERRY, CAROL 41, 114 3204 White Ave., Baltimore Md. PETERS, ANDREW 193 Washington, 1fVeymouth, Mass. PETERSON, BONNIE 41, 114, 144 7911 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, Md. PETERSON, DOROTHY 63, 114, 116, 142 152 60 Rockwell St., Malden Mass. PETTY, ELIZABETH 114, 116, 149, 154 43 Breck St., Rochester, N. Y. PHILLIPS, DONALD Hootzdale. Pa. REEVES, BRUCE 63, 136, 142, 154, 165, 179 Olivet Nazarene College, Kankakee, Ill. REYNOLDS, CAROLYN 53, 144, 146,163,171,173 201 S. Clifton Ave., Wilmington, Dela- ware RICE, STANLEY 381 Palmer St., Quincy, Mass. RICHARDSON, EVERETT 86, 117 60 So. Main St., Danielson, Conn. RICHMOND. NORMA 66, 71, 146, 155 801 Jerilyn Dr., Charlotte, N. C. RIEDER, MARILYN 53, 114, 148 R.D. -1362. Warren, Pa. RIEDER, STEPHEN 63, 114, 148, 167 R.D. 32, Warren, Pa. RINES. LAWRENCE 42, 148 295 Electric Ave., Lunenburg, Mass. RITCHIE, CHARLES 63, 142 126 E. Cheltenham, Syracuse, N. Y. ROBERTS. BRANSON 71, 114, 117,120,136,137,144,155,166,179 121 Marsile St., Bourbonnais, Ill. ROBERTS, JOANN 87, 148 121 Marsile St,, Bourbonnais, Ill. R.D. 95126, Mercer, Pa. SCHEETZ, SANDRA 35 E. 4th St., Lansdale, Pa. SCHEIDLY, ROBERT 71 73 B Trumbull Center, Newton Falls, Ohio SCHLOUGH, DONALD 63, 146, 152 2311 Hay St., Easton, Pa. SCHLOUGH, VIRGINIA 72, 148, 152 2311 Hay St., Easton, Pa. SCHUSTER, RICHARD 88, 148, 151 1610 Ritchie St., Hamilton, Missouri SCHWANKE, ESTHER 58, 63, 111, 114, 126, 144 521 Coleridge Rd., Painsville, Ohio SCHWANKE, RUTH 72, 114, 126, 144, 152 521 Coleridge Road, Painsville, Ohio SEYFRIED, ROBERT 153, 155, 156, 189 37 S. Main St., Nazareth, Pa. SEYMOURIAN, GREGORY 154 Rice Rd., Wollaston, Mass. SHAFFER, CLAYTON 29 W. Greenwick, Bethlehem, Pa. 63, 144 SHAHIED, ISAAC 72 6 Port Ave., Port Said, Egypt SHANKEL, JACK 63, 114, 117 PHILLIPS, EDWARD 41, 166, 174 211 Roberta Ave.. Collingdale, Pa. PHIPPS, MARGARET 41, 114, 144, 176 178 56 Kerr Ave., Paincsville, Ohio PILLSBURY. CHARLES 63, 144 166. 170, 179 R.F.D. 4122. Farmington. Maine PLATT, VERNON 52 170 Old Schuylkill Rd.. Spring City, Pa. POLITI. NICHOLAS 52, 114, 156 157 Butztown Road, Butztown. Pa. POOLE, DONALD lvashinton St., Sherborn, Mass, POOLE. GEORGE 804 Central St., Stoughton, Mass. POOLE, JAMES 148 804 Central St,. Stoughton, Mass. POOLE, ROBERT 71 Washington St., Sherborn, Mass. POPP, ELIZABETH 144 Castile, N.Y. PORTER, GEORGE 63, 114, 116. 117, 142 106 Hillcrest Drive, Munhall, Pa. PORTER, ROBERT 23, 52, 124 138,150,155,156 620 Carolina Ave., Chester, W. Va. PORTER, WILLIAM 53, 114, 124 138, 144, 150 629 Carolina Ave., Chester, W. Va. POWELL, SHIRLEY 41, 114, 116 142, 156 114 Second Drive, N.E., New Philadel- phia, Ohio PRICE, MARIAN 63, 114, 148, 153, 176, 179 30 Lennon Drive, Wilmington, N. Caro- lina PROCTOR, MARJORIE 42, 114. 142, 156 427 Clay Pike, Irwin, Pa. RAE, JAMES 63, 144 143-15 Quincy St., Flushing, N. Y. RALEY, EDWARD 7115 Jonathan Place, Pittsburgh. Pa. RALSTON, MARTIE 1937 Jacoby Road, Akron, Ohio RAPALJE, JOSEPH 53 39 South Prospect Ave., Patchoque, N. Y. RAWLINGS, THOMAS 71 Box 66, Riceville, Pa. REDEYE, LANA 53, 116, 148, 155, 157, 171, 175,176,179 Route 1, Salamance, N. Y. REED, LO RAE 74, 86, 133, 144, 150, 155, 156 36 Rector Court, W. Englewood, N. J. ROGERS, COLEMAN 12 Day St.. So. Portland ROGERS, LILLIE 71,155, 171, 177 150 Mayflower Place, Milford, Conn. ROLER, WARREN 53, 116, 117, 155, 167 5421 Florida Ave., Bethel Park, Pa. ROSE, ABRAM 5, 87, 124, 151 45 Hempstead Rd., Spring Valley, N. Y. ROSE, DONALD 53, 155 45 Hempstead Rd., Spring Valley, N.Y. ROYALL, ALWYN 53, 164 Pefierlaw, Ont., Canada RYDER, BEVERLY 56 Walnut St., North Quincy, Mass. ROSE, LEONARD 53, 144 R.D. 1. Annesley Road East Liverpool, Ohio ROSE, PATRICIA 53, 114, 148, 157 Route 5, Box 132, Roanoke, Virginia ROSENBERGER, ELIZABETH 87, 144 28 Russell St., No. Quincy, Mass. ROSENBERGER, JOYCE R.F.D. 42, Farmington, Maine ROSS, STANLEY 39 R.F.D. 42, Strong, Maine ROUSE, MARCELLA 53, 114, 116, 144 Island Pond, Vt. ROWE, DAVID 148 Route 2, Spring Road, Augusta, Maine ROWE, ETHEL 88, 155 Route 1, Vassalboro, Maine RUHL, MARILYN 53, 146 Box 305, R.F.D. 5, Cranston, R. I. SABINS, KATHERINE 53 R.F.D. if 1, Fairfield Maine SANBORN, M. LYNN 63 50 West St., N. Attleboro, Mass. SANCHEZ, ARCHIE 88, 154 1241-A Carolina St., San Francisco, Cali- fornia SAPP, EDITH 53, 114, 148, 176 Box 35, Hockessin, Delaware SAVAGE, GWENDOLYN 71, 114, 116,142,151,172,177,178 1431 N. E. 9th St., Homestead, Florida SAVAGE, KATHRYN 54, 114, 142, 177, 178 1431 N.E. 9th St., Homestead, Florida SCHEER, JANE 71, 142, 151, 155 241 Rosamond, California SHANNON, ARLENE 72, 114, 138, 146 R.F.D. :fi 1, Box 18 Phalanx Station, Ohio SHARPES, RAY 63, 114, 117, 165, 169, 173 1141 S. High, Harrisonburg, Virginia SHAW, CLARA 6, 64, 114, 144, 153, 155 Box 946, Brandon, Florida SHEETS, JAMES 93 R.D. if 1, Clarksville, Pa. SHOLTO, SYBIL 42, 157 Trinidad SIFFERD, DAVID 44, 54, 117, 153, 154, 156 6510 Lexington, Shreveport, La. SINGELL, LARRY 72, 141, 142, 146,164,172,174 1389 Addison Road, Cleveland, Ohio SITTIG, WILLIAM 54 286 Dill Ave., Frederick, Maryland SLAKA, VINCENT 54, 142, 157, 164 113 Clarendon Drive, Valley Stream, N.Y. SMITH, GLENNA JEAN 54, 124 142, 150, 172, 177, 178 405 Dwight Ave., Endicott, N. Y. SMITH, JOHN 10, 89, 162, 165, 170 Glen St., R.F.D. 45, Salisbury, Maryland SMITH, JOYCE 54, 124, 146, 150 5 Holmes Run Rd. Falls Church, Virginia SNYDER, DORIS 54, 114, 146, 152, 156 137 Clearfield St. Freemensburg, Pa. SOBER, FRANCIS 2958 Plant St., Hopewell, Va. SOMMER, DOROTHY 42, 138, 139. 146, 155, 175, 176, 179 R.D. 2fi'2, Dillonvale, Ohio SOMMER, ELNORA 64, 114, 116. 121,146, 176,179 R.D. 95352, Sillonvale. Ohio SORENSEN, CAROL 54, 114, 116, 148 R.D. if 1, Box 317, Warren, Pa. SORENSEN, JOAN 54, 116, 124, 148. 155, 175 R.D. if 1, Box 320, 1Narren. Pa. SOULIA, EMMA 89 122 Rawson Road, Wollaston, Mass. SOULIA, ROBERT 90. 148 122 Rawson Road. Wollaston, Mass. ff '-1.-iilr-0 - IDE A Cappella 150 Homecoming Administration 16-26 House Council Advertising 180-236 juniors Basketball 168-171, 172-175, 178-179 Messiah Business Contacts 1911 Nautilus Chapel Speakers 112 Nautilus Talent Night Campus Camera 140-141 HN" Club Cheerleaders 172-175, 171 NYPS Christmas Chapel and Party 132 Organizations 114-117, Church Choir 108 PAL Classes 38-94 Revivals and Conventions Clubs 151-159 Rush Day College Church 104-111 Seniors Contents 3 Senior Trip Debate 158 Sigma Delta Delta Dedication 12-13 Sigma Delta Kappa Evangelistic Association 114-115 Sigma Delta Sigana Faculty 26-37 Sigma Delta Zeta Fall Party 126 Sophomores Fine Arts Programs 128-129 Sports Football 164-167 Student Council Forward 2 Student Foreign Missions Fellowship Freshmen 43-57 Studcrlt Index Girls' Basketball 178-179 Student Life Girls' Volleyball 176-177 Student Ministerial Association Graduate Students 93 Wh0,S 111310 Greenbook Staff 158 lV0fShiP Honor Society 153 Without the wonderful cooperation of each member of the stafi, we are certain we could never have produced the thirty-seventh volume of the Nautilus. However, in addition to the staff, we wish to extend our gratitude to Ed, Jack, and Bob of Miller Studios, Tom McHugh and Harold Gilbert of American Year- book Co., Dr. Alvin H. Kauffman, our faculty advisor and to all the advertisers who made the 1959 Nautilus financially possible. Cinda Lee Gilchrist, Ea'z't0r-in-Chief Donald P. Hammer, Bu.virzz'v.r flflanager The NAUTILUS is a member of THE ASSOCIATED COLLEGIATE PRESS ASSOCIATION and The COLUMBIA SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION 243 134-135 152 65-72 109 138-139 124-125 162-163 111 136-159 39-42 113 123 73-91 133 142-143 144-145 146-147 148-149 57-64 160-179 136-137 116 239-244 120-135 117 95-103 104-118 LITCGRAPH l I I W1 7-4' Q 49 X lb- J f .4 X , ff . Y 6' x v 1 Q I x , X XX 'n -" - Le... 1 - .-.. . 4 k ,X , f .. nu.. - J . TT . ' " I ,n f u V I 'I f, . X f, X f X fl f , f , , I, X V ' V 4. P . X n ' S Z . X 4 rf VV ' f - f' ww 7 - ,g,x X -,VV , 'A ':, F . "NA f , -, f 1 H.. S' - --, -,IQ H Q-H I . X , L . . MZ-.. I Q . C w- s . r " ' ww . I '- ' 1 .I Thi, 5 ,Q ' - 5 ' 3 1 - ww . . .4 . fu ' A 1 . Q ,X 5 , ,Z V. I . ,Nh , , . . A 'Q af- - , -' , 1 ,f ' ' Xf u. ' Q 11 ' H 1, f :M H I n ., -.... T i - , .... , l fr me -.vnu .- .5 --nn.. ,A "'f ' L ' fi 1 xr A f . ' ' W..- ' 4 GA 7 Atv , K: n Zf- if 1 '52""" 'K ' 'iup:':.:.' ,,- .QQ -4: su- no . 1 GB 1 I., -4'

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