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i V Y I 5 Y r i I P w i P w l P I i 4 X I 1 . Q 5 5 EASTERN NAZARENE CCLLEGE Wollaston Park, Quincy, Massachusetts Pershing Parker, Editor-in-chief Gordon M. Young, Business Manager Annual Publication of the Student Body, Volume XXXIV MDMENTS T0 REMEMBER We came to E.N.C. "to get an education." We left our homes, our friends, and our parents to adopt new homes, new friends, and new parents-our "Alma Mater." Foremost in our minds was a desire to continue our studies in preparation for Christian living. We took courses from many different professors. Some inspired and awakened us, some just added ob- scure facts. We realized that the classroom did not give us everything that an education requires. To- gether with our classmates we shared the experi- ences of college life, planned and attended parties, went with our dates to Boston, the Friday night pro- 3 grams and to the Dugout. Not only did we go to church "twice on Sunday and once in the middle of the week" but also en- ioyed chapel services and personal devotions which created a Christian atmosphere on campus. We watched the society football games and the varsity basketball games. We went into "town"v Wollaston or Quincy to shop or "goof-off." Now our college days are over but "the laughter we were glad to share will echo through the years." And when we've gone our separate ways we'll have these "MOMENTS TO REMEMBER." x r "i. 1 H 177- 'E - 'I I7 'T' n gf, . . ll' if.. ' 4 -. : I xt 'A 4 - . ' 'E 1 1 1' in I J- ,, f. ,r 0 -Liens h .Q -' Ige' Q hy, .. . n . -Q , Our-,Q-1 A v' 7 VY. LW. 21-11 .AL-' -- I -ff" Q , , . x. . I. .1 .xl nh. D .,. -, , . n '-'-'-:zzzpfi " 75.1 ' 7 jjufi ' r. " ,'?"'Q. . , LA' .. I , ,ff V ' F - A .D . lr,:2"M'?-fr , , " ' LB.:-I'L'-1' .1 v- -ff 2 ,.-e ' , 'fi , 4 '.f. 1: 'A ' 1 .:' .. -"'. 7 '. .f '- , , 4 -. - '... f 0 25, - '-,f'Aj.' ,- - '.I ,fl Jffx ina, .. .f - ' 'if' . f In I ' 9 A pgjc- 'D' I 1 I 4 W-V, . I .1 4 v Av A I A ""'ah.g'- -fi .' "1 Q. Hi' 'T "' - 'o 4-' 44'-Iv' ' 'h at - ' 3 r , - A .4 I A '.. ,l",,1,--:I . as 'I "'.d f 0 Q I W, -2 5.15. -f -'gg f- .guv va, Af 4' a - ts.-5 - 'Z n, V "4 lf Q '-' .,'I 3 A I. - A x . 'W ,Q S 0 cy.. 'S ,I rw- -C' .,. U' -C". . .7 - , ,, - I , 0 0 t . ' - Q' wall 3 N i, M ,g,S -13 V .A , ts- .. 5215381 'Q' , ,, ,',.V'-'14, v4,,fl 'V f . ,J"n?X1 N . . : A 1 ' f . " I' .x X , E , affx,,,,' . ,.ffJ-ang .UQ-.gg i . ,. 'X-'i K A I Q . sl 3 x,H 5 Q A g- mi., , Z' I .Q - N' W-""'f. X 1 fx .Q Qvxbf 4-2 ' - x ' w -1. - - 3.53, , XM., fiif i Q.. ..- A N1 1: n-'.-""'-.V Y r X ,'u - ' D: x -as w gui . D' x Q "asia S' Ry H. -' ' ' ,," - "fi, Q. f , . we . , '. I ra a'7 w I' .I s-- N. 'Q' 2-v Jn. 5 , .H , l ,Q I ,Ai Q 5- U . H UI, f, ,fC""- Q N 'WK I .,C dohlf r- JR 4 auf-, I y - A A .N , '53 . ' lv" -0 , ,' , . -1- lx. ,Q lg. H ""'w?"l-?-'amgg' "' -1 - gif, 3, Le 1 . ,a-5 . , 4 JN, , - - - -., ,gras , - Mrs- I.: 4 . -X. .:X,,:Ln:Q,'-J. A ' l ' 1 V p - ',g.,s':-.Ag ,, , , - ' ' -Ig , --. ' V I- 9 fx -' 1 .. x. - - e., g,.,g. --- W L A I-if I '. ' V" . , ' ' LE ' .r-4' ., . .1 V 1 --.L A 31.9, H Q -,f -fn 2 - 1 5 5' "y. 1 A . ' Q' 3 . '11-4 .l , vu, 'xii K . - 1 4' ' . " ,, 7 ,Af 1 I SN. ,:- - -T-.',.,'.g-.Ms-. -' ii 1 77'-x -.M--, . L-If-.Q' , Q.. 3 -.K ru yalx - --x -'-1' -1:2 . f Q . ,. an ' ' ' Q Q .,.,Y. NV! f' ' vw -' . A -A A N -v-...,,,..., .. A .x 5 51 ,R , , , I. J 'W 35" -' v . ' ' e -- , r K L, av vg. if 3 -Hu y. - .. M Q . .w .1 A Q - -jf, -'--f-. -f-- 4-.-L.. ei -. . -A -L . O 9 yr-.- Q, ,! ici.. 1' . 4 1 Qyi . 1 .Lg . ---"',..,-"j,.-f-f , . ,:i4-,. - , A'...-,.. ,- .,...f 4 , '- -.,.-ff' Lal -., ,L-.1 1 if, f ,ff 1 Il. , " ,uf QT - Q ,I --fff , 1-, ,,.---"W, , ,, "' ,,- f U ,,1-' ..f J 1.- 5, ,..-- 4,341 ,,f- -v Wx, N: 'Y-tx V rl A-, ' ' -- 2' "ZW- 4-' ,. lv,-,,:x. li 54.-1 .1 ff-t"l-,3 U, ,, "iw ,..q- ,...--- 1-' ,..f 'iii ,,...- .4 3 ,,.+-- , M NYM . 2 I , x JW.: - 'I '41 'fl 1" ' 'J . w 0 1 , . Q - I ' -4.4 -6 ' 9, 'T U fax I Y X -l .... ihau. x . . 5 '- Q if 1 . ' - -3. , w ' I Q' . . Y --LA. in Lg I 'lzyvz I x K i! ' ' 1 x J" x -H 'X ' 'V' "A - :X v .- ' - 4 2 xr "Q, I-'iliqfnk' ""r- 13' '45 ' - ' T J R -1-s n -Q,-, ,-. . A ' - - ' i ,U 'n 'Q ' L ,..-s I I xi- P 5' fx -F :H-E fl i , . G X V n :'f"!! 4 A Q 1 if f 1 9 I I .fl Sf" ....,pn7-v-v ix x 4 -I 5 'r 0 Y..--1 . 5' 3 F 3 , . 4 I 1 1 n '..4 5 4.21 1 ,,-A ..,xh I ' xx , f H , . f5 5 31. n, FGA ' . '.o. ' 1 x-L W1 . at v- 4 ' 1 I , ' ,'. rg I I 'J 4 .fn '. Ll Li .1. i IVQ -01' I WJ .bl in , I DEDICATION We will always remember the professor who opened our minds to the world of history, and who inspired some of us to make history our cic- ademic career. We will always remember the historian who won the Brewer Award in American Church History and who is iust now writing a history of the Church of the Nazarene. We will always remember the man who was able to take us soaring in thought through the orator's art, the practical Christian who carried his Christianity into the class- room as well as the pulpit. We will .always remember the thinker and leader who was not afraid to set the standard, the man to whom this TIMOTHY L. SMITH book is respectfully dedicated, Dr. 6 affgwy: 1 A. , SZ: f?' g ' e 'f C' Twiff fad ,. ,At ,1X4'3'aI " ' bv V 554 ,Iva ' fa. MAX fn .fd N222- ft llv QL ' it Q vw' ' "3 Q X 4 g , k , A .rgrqfi T 1.15.9 N' 6 ' 'rv H' 4 x k 9 I -Q, i g . T T 'JQXT Snow laden branches etch their tracery over a mid-winter blizzard. TABLE 0F CONTENTS . fl if A ,A, at ,M"'g T f, W, til F ri? - ,-5 'IY ,-' rl C i 1 Y, .W X 1 v 133 L Jr 1.- 4: 1-1 ill' 41: .4-afg, N.. Administration and Faculty I0 Classes 26 "The laughter we were glad to share will echo through the years." Religious Life 90 O Student life l02 The parties, the noisy fun, the quiet times together. The games we watched or participated in. Advertisements The downtown stores and the hometown churches. 'Ny ..- 9 k 1 L 47 'Sf ,Q V f .gy .. . , x "Zak" -Ju Y . ,. 5 V 4 1 O .Nw-' i , .JI i I E Q . 1 . 1 ' x k 2' Q. 4 , ,f . ,, Y 2 iff . , g i .1 5 M L P A r , ' w w I! - 1 4, ' 525: . ' wkxlfk, :E W . ,V if I W.. us' 'P kk' K 2515- gd ' ay 4 .ij .3 -- ,. Ek As the autumn turned to winter the school year progressed. We remember the classroom scenes, the days when we did not have our assignments prepared, and the exams we called "hard," but, most of all we remember our instructors, their faces and their personalities. The FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION rep- resented our purpose in attending college, our desire for academic instruction. THE AUTUMN TURNS T0 WINTER , f KX k E--,X ,Q , ff'-fx. Args' f ff g 'v '2 I 9 3 8 4 .azz . 6 L '--L s X -LYM, X X , X- -WY T VYVV if ,Yi THE PRESIDENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES l i T 'Y .. l 1 l 1, +,g I I 31 - i ga I rl Illl I ' ,sl lllll I ' Q ., 4 -of . ,. - .,. - A - ,421 ur ., , , X' ' ., Seated: J. H. MacGregor, J. C. Albright, M. R. Emery, Treasurer, L. M. Spangenberg, Vice-Chairman, E. S. Mann President of the College, E. E. Grosse, Chairman, R. D. Smith, Secretary, R. F. Heinlein, C. D. Taylor, L. W. Durkee Second: R. M. lngland, F. Gordon, A. E. Collins, C. Williams, H. B. Ward, W. G. Angell, K. H. Pearsall, J. R. Bell D. Powell. Third: D. Frye, J. Z. Andree, R. J. Godlse, A. B. Sampson, D. H. Strang, R. Clapp, H. R. Gray, M. E Wilson. Presiclent's Message There are no more vital years in life than those which are spent on the campus of E. N. C. And if these are years of effort and progress and accomplishment they will provide a multitude of pleasant memories throughout all the after-years. Some memories will be of the campus, glistening white after a January snowstorm or fragrant with spring in the morning sun after a night of rain. It will not be easy to forget the green lawns bordered with flowers, the magnolia tree in full bloom or moonlight filtering through the lacy fingers of overhanging elms at Commencement time. Then there will be the atmosphere surrounding a society football game on a brisk October afternoon, those tense moments when the basketball score is tied, and the daily fellowship of the dining hall and the Dugout. But memories of E. N. C. would not be complete without being able to recall the idio- l' syncrasies of a favorite professor, moments of illuminating inspiration in the classroom, times of thoughtful reverence in the chapel or of rich blessings in a prayer hour or revival meeting. Life at E. N. C. is the stuff of which memories are made. And if this life allows for the birth and maturing of a vital Christian experience all memories of E. N. C. will have added richness and meaning. EDWARD S. MANN 13 Paul E. Wells, Business Manager. X 0,5 Why.,-55, Carroll Bradley, Dean of Men, Director of I KM: if Q BG, 'lures Physical Education. Mrs. Madeline Nease, Regisfrar. Tl I4 Mrs. Esther D, Williamson, Dean of Women. Stephen W. Nease, Executive Field Secrelary 9 . n A . Ava,-Q Bertha Munro, Dean of the College, Chairman of Division of Arts and Letters, Professor of English Language and Literature. ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVES Alvin H. Kauffman, Assistant Dean ofthe Col- lege, Chairman of Division of Philosophy and Religion, Professor of Philosophy, I5 l.Jl'-'L.J QI.. 'M 5 Edith F. Cove, Professor of Music, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. ,gl f"'4"9s .j'CI:' M. 4' F A !'s,.bi-W, We will be forever thankful to our faculty for their guidance and the understanding they have shown us both scholasti- cally and spiritually. Their faithful devotion to their calling and their high ideals have influenced the trend of our lives. lt is a great pleasure to pay tribute to the men and women who have made possible the growth of this college. Kent Goodnow, Professor of German and Spanish. l 4 l - ,-' X i -L! J. Glenn Gould, Professor of Theology. FACULTY lo Jasper R. Naylor, Professor of Mathematics, Director of the School of Practical Arts and Letters. I7 ,.,, -,..,..i. l 5 4 Mary K. Harris, Professor of French and Spanish f .'i'5fi5' ' XS K s'E.,i'f A 3 d Ygrl! Alice Spongenberg, Professor or English. 4 5- hi i! 5 " :ff fffcwvdf' lnf:7'gg ,- I8 James H. Shroder, Chairman of Division of Science and Mathematics Professor of Chemistry. ' r , , X .K , , ,sir n , X ac? A it " , ,fl.,J fl -- . r s Liga, 4 l ,ff ,in IVY ,. C " 1 Q P is 'e+"' 3 Charles W. Akers, Chairman of Division of Social Science, Associate Pro- fessor of History, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. William J. V. Babcock, Associate Professor of Buology. .3 P - Harvey J. S. Blaney, Librarian, Associate Professor of Biblical Literature. 'vvrg . lk l Ai'f ' rrxmj -N,' Us Louise A. Dygoski, Associate Professor of Speech, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. l9 Z? 4 I fi 'vs f"'1'N i-igx l Wilbur H. Mullen, Associate Professor of Theology. Mel-Thomas Rothwell, Associate Professor of Philosophy. ' N il Olive B. Marple, Associate Professor of Music, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. 'sl X X .,n-v y " P' i!k x I r-'v""' Rolland W. Parsons, Associate Professor of Education, Supervisor of Ele mentary Education. 20 ii Helen F. Rothwell, Associate Professor of Spanish, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. -, Q-. jlllll Timothy L. Smith, Associate Professor of History, on leave of absence. N . ,i..,. .1 c..1... Esther D. Williamson, Associate Professor of Voice, ln- structor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. 21 f f 5 XIXPS ' mmm., vm ll, Rl 1 i1rmx-,u,H tl llROl'lflX :iw K . l.l. Uilymu ix rt 'pm U 0 J. f . George J. Delp, Assistant Professor of Greek. i Q T QIK4 nf' "' fqn5NH"f, Frank W. Gery, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration W- ...U an Ward M. Hunting, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Director of Audio-visual Aids, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. I , 4 Marlin B. Kreider, Assistant Professor of Biology. Hadrian B. Lechner, Assistant Professor of Physics. lf: Joseph H. Knowles, Assistant Professor of Psychology. Paul C. Maybury, Assistant Professor of Chemistry I., 5 I James R. Cameron, Instructor in History, Instructor Edith P. Goodnow, Instructor in English Literature, Grace E, Jessop, Assistant in Sociology. in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Let- ters. Irving I. Jones, Instructor in the School of Prac- tical Arts and Letters. Alice C. McEachern, Assistant in English, Instructor in the School of Practical Arts and Letters. Y Y I 4:91 l as 1 I William A. Taylor, Instructor in the School of Alice Whiting, Instructor in the School of Practical James Young, Director of the Band. Practical Arts and Letters. Arts and Letters. 24 Business Office Staff- Faye Painter Mrs A Crawford Audrey Ward, Doris Kelly, Alice Whntmg. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS ,, Registrar's Office SMH: Joan Kehm and Betty Shields. LJ I Miss Elizabeth Young, Mrs. Mary Rankin, Robert Harding, Food Service Manager Secretary to the President. Director of Employment Bureau. 25 ' +A'v 1 1 :S H' wr ...xx .A 1 , ' fl" A. V . '31 H F1'1. W W "f'wl,w':f:L'... A , ,, ' 1' u 117'-we W5 5-Q4 Qvzmfff- .lz'y,-5' , , :ffm Syl. d""H3-,.",, "3 ', 5':,,i1 ll1,.i.,L 1! 5, if- :"M, 2- 'my X , M7 '. ,r "J-." ,,"'3'f' ' k 1-411 'ff 1 ' 1 , K"-4A 1 ""'-'1+if?5sf44Qi'1, w"'1'wf" ' ' '--1 '1"vf:11,,?7,m5 ' 1 -, ing,-13-,ggs V V www ,4 ---,-gm,.94,,1-3 ,a 1 'Eff-f , - fx ' 57,1 -nf.,'Q:??7' I ':.:1:,- .,.,' '1vfu4xg1"Q,g11,:EffZN:"'14f13Y. ' .--rfufvx. 'wsgfh I 'f ' - 5 hw! :- W v 1 if J. A fir H.. ,, ,.,,. ,V 1 , .5 124 4 ' , ,I cm 1-5,4 .4 ,5,1,' L 1. bg L- -- :me -M. 1, dig: 'iifigzgiim Qfmrww 1 . ,F-4"" -'Ham . ,nr , vary, PM 4 V xii' H ' :""' 2? . -.-' 3-'V -.-f .f- -:"""1-f J, ,,,,hf W ' , vm, . - . ,.vgn,-: -Y : gnzji. ,f ,, '- - .L ,4.',m': I M -f:4.1fS,,,,1,- 1,. 1 Q E . if 1 f I I i' k -- "The laughter we were glad to share will echo through the years." We re- member our friends and classmates with whom we lived for four years. We remember the "old and wise" students who were higher in class standing and the "green newcomers" below us. Of course, we made friends with fellow students from all the CLASSES. "THE LAUGHTER WE WERE GLAD T0 I'IARE" wh' I, I- ill , i ,XX If l .lr i , .41 iv A ' l f ii .' V 47 HT! Y'-iv 34 ll. I l ,U Nm 3t L41 4 L -i , njv, L . xr "'l xy ' N 4' l li Q - F ' - 3 7 ha Y. ,-.K i5""Z , 1. -45...- ' '-ms ' I Mmh may - 'J' 2 'rv 1.w'g',j'2agw. vi- V '51, .. P, ' K f1f:..z,,w'fQ'iS1 17 gf, N ,MH ' M X, if GQ -,ggyf-211. , V 2 f""' xv .' GA , '- S: 3 . N, A " f iff' awwfwf Jay Bergers Frank Ha rvey Anthony Kosty an ff? 1 I 'Inf Q' P IY5 rvx Qi Dovnd McSaveny Walter Woodbrndge William Yeager GRADUATES IN THEOLOGY Seated: David Grosse, chaplainp Robert Crew, presidentp David McPherson, treasurer. Standing: Jane Schlosser, secretaryg Prof. Gery, advisory Dallas Mucci, S. C. representative: Beverly Ashline, vice president. SENIORS Registration lines . . . initiation . . . classes . . . chapel talks . . . football games . . . basket- ball games.. . prayer cell... Friday night dates . . . revival campaigns . . . society outings . . . pillow fights . . . Junior-Senior Day . . . Senior trip . . . Commencement Day . . . When we entered the E. N. C. campus in i952 we didn't know what the future held for us. Now our college life is behind us and the last four years of our lives hold memories that we will carry with us and cherish forever. We have formed lasting friendshipsp we have learned invaluable lessons in livingg our Christian faith has found a sure and solid foundation and we now hold our diplomas and face life eagerly. 30 in ".5Po , -ull ' 1 ,I as 'rf-. The seniors pose for their class picture. I Senior Christmas Party at Prof. Gery's Phyllis Collins and Betty Shields try out the toothpick game. CLASS MOTTO E "'.1-r -Qi -'mf ? sefe S ' L . E71 Class President Bob Crew presents host Gery's with c Christmas gift from the class. 31 yd .. ,fi AMW , M BONNIE ADAMS B.S. Elementary Education Way: Of Friendly lndustry. Proposed Route: Facing the Light. Landmarks: Even-tempered. Wholesome. Dormitory pals. "ln small proportions we just beauties see." Paving Stones: Regular front-seat chapel. Boston Youngsters charmed. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Association 2. Psychology Club 4. Future Teachers of America 4. Evangelistic Association I, 2, 4. Prospec- tive Missionary Society l, 2. Student Missionary Society 4. Meistersingers 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Campus Camera 2. Honor Society 3, 4. jk F tx: E H .QVX BEVERLY ASHLINE A.B. English Way: Of Steady Quality. Proposed Route: ln step with the Laird of K.C. Landmarks: Brown eyes, expressive smile. Penchant for "Vice"-ships. Paving Stones: "Flowers spring to beauty where she walks the careful ways of duty." Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3. Litera- ture Club 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 2, 3, President 2, Secretary 3. Evangelistic Association I. Meistersingers 2. Band 2, 3. Greenbook Editor l. Nautilus 4. Campus Camera 2, 3. Who's Who 4. Sophomore Class Vice President 2. Senior Class Vice President 4. BEVERLY BLAISDELL B.S. Elementary Education Way: Reliable. Always "There." Pro- posed Route: Ways of pleasantness. Landmarks: Dark eyes. Eloquence of silence. That knight in shining armor! Pav- ing Stones: French prof's right hand. Jewel for promptness. Delta l, 2, 3, 4. Psychology Club 4. Future Teachers of America 2, 4. Evangelistic Association l, 4. Meis- tersingers 4. Campus Camera 2. House Council 3. New England District Scholarship 3. JOHN BIGELOW A.B. Psychology Way: Of Grinning Determination. Pro- posed Route: "All l ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by!" Landmarks: Find- ing his field. Bachelor converted-scholar developed. Paving Stones: Hard work plus cheerful spirit plus simple faith: good mixture. Kappa l, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 2, 4. Meistersingers 2. Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Band 3. Basketball l, 2, 3. Baseball l, 2, 3. Tennis l, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS -., E S . 32 ' I i v ' A 'A V' e yds els W ID AVID BLANEY 1A.B. Mathematics fWay: Electrical-Musical. Proposed lRoute: "Constant as the Northern star." Landmarks: Musical Apollo. "Out upon lit! I have loved three whole years to- gether!" Paving Stones: Quartets lhe- reditaryl. WENC. First aid electrique. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. A Cappella Choir l, 2, 4. Quartet 2, 3. Band 3. W.E.N.C. 4, Technical Director 4. Freshman Class Treasurer I. 17 l YW-W fit MARY ELLEN BOSHART A.B. English Way: Unaftected-Animated. Proposed Route: "A road that leads away to pros- pects bright and fair." Landmarks: Bright eyes. Temperamental alarm clock. Fox-y. Musical aide. Paving Stones: Looking on the bright side. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4, all-star 2, 3, 4. Fine Arts Club l. Literature Club 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2. Trio 4. Volleyball 3. Campus Camera 3, 4. W.E.N.C. 2. Albany District Scholarship 3. .15 :J DWIGHT CAMPBELL A.B. Philosophy Way: Serene-Deliberate. Proposed Route: Sky-pilot. Landmarks: Honest smile. Even keel. Deferential manner. Paving Stones: Gentleman unafraid. Kappa l, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 3, 4. Stu- dent Ministerial Associatian 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4. Meistersingers 2. Greenbook l. 1...--Z' 'fa 33 ll 'if' C' JOHN CARLSON A.B. Biology Way: Of the Christian Leader. Proposed Route: "To set the cause above renown, To love the game beyond the prize." Landmarks: "Moose," Car-shiner to pres- ident. "Cooperation!" High-hat quartet man. Beaming smile. Paving Stones: Op- eration Steinway. Operation Campus Morale. Delta I, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3. Evangelistic Association 3, Hospital Choir Director 3. Student Ministerial Association 4. A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4, President 3. Quartet 2, 3. Band 2, 3. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Football I, 2, 3, 4. Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4. Greenbook I. Nautilus 3. W.E.N.C. 2. Debate 3. Who's Who 4. Freshman Scholarship I. Student Council President 4. '59 "iv ALICE JEAN CLARK B.S. Elementary Education Way: Singing. Proposed Route: "Ot all the airts the wind can blow I dearly love the west." Landmarks: "A. J." "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece." Letter lNl well earned. Paving Stones: Fun. Cheers. Dining hall steady. Faithful in absentia. Delta I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Cheerleading 3, 4, all-star 3, 4. Psychology Club I. Future Teachers of America 4, President 4. Evangelistic Association I, 2. A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Meistersingers I, 2. Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, all-star basketball 3, 4. Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club 3, 4. Campus Camera 4. House Council I. iv. 9 X P v 1 x . , r 5 'We-hx-.., s-u--........L gin., 4-r' slope. 'hm -4 s' .9- VIL, PHYLLIS COLLINS B.S. Elementary Education Way: Sunny. Proposed Route: "All the way to heaven she makes a summer's day." Landmarks: Happy iokes. Parties. Missions. Posters. Paving Stones: "As sugar, making the hard way sweet and delectable." Kappa I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2. Fine Arts Club 2. Psychology Club 4. Future Teachers of America I. Evangelistic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Prospective Missionary Society I, 2. Student Mission- ary Society I, 2, 3, 4. Boston Chapel 3, 4. Volleyball I. Cheerleading I. Nautilus 2. House Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3. Washington-Philadelphia Scholarship I. Student Council Vice President 4. Some brave seniors decide to try out the ski ESQ 34 I 8 ,. ,J Mm '? is-.5 1 JOHN CRAMER A.B. Social Science Way: Trustworthy. Proposed Route: "Heading for the stars." Landmarks: "The law of truth in his tongue." No cheap religion. Clear eyes-calm spirit. Paving Stones: Evangelistic Association steerer. Consistent living. Zeta I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Evangelistic Association I, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Student Ministerial Association 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Meistersingers 2, 3, Pres- ident 3. SENIORS E-ss is 3-. ROBERT CREW A.B. Biblical Literature Way: Of Goodness. Proposed Route: "The force of his own merit makes his way." Landmarks: The gavel. The reins of government. That good girl. Paving Stones: An upward climb. The newest Immortals brought safely through. Sigma I, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4. Evangelistic Association I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Pros- pective Missionary Society I, 2, 3, Vice President 2. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, President 3. Football 3. Baseball I, 2. Junior Class Chaplain 3. Senior Class President 4. OSCAR ELLER A.B. Biblical Literature Way: Independent-Orthodox. Proposed Route: "Walk not on the main-traveled roads." Landmarks: The reverent "Why," "Good man and true." Glutton for Bible courses. Paving Stones: "Speaks plain and to the purpose." Zeta I, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association I, 2, 3. Foot- ball I, 2, 4. 'qs EMILY EARNHART A.B. Mathematics Way: Of Self-Reliance. Proposed Route: "Every path has a puddle, I see stars in mine." Landmarks: South to North. Type- writers, ledgers, and differential equa- tions. Positive speech. Paving Stones: Dorm morale. "My church." Sigma 3, 4, Secretary 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4, President 3. Basketball 3. House Council 3, President 4. Queens College I, 2. John F. Danker Scholarship 4. Et., D-v' 35 F . WILBUR El.l.lSON A.B. Philosophy Way: The Right. Proposed Route: "He keeps the noiseless tenor of his way." landmarks: Quiet mind of his own. Seri- ous face-deceptive? One of E.N.C. tenors. Paving Stones: "Every Why lts Wherefore." Summer quartets. Kappa l, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Prospective Mission- ary Society l. Student Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4. Q galppella Choir 4. Mesitersingers 2. Quartet 'ws- Nr- lf:- 4. LOIS FLICK A.B. Biology Way: Of Excellence Well-Earned. Pro- posed Route: Choosing the best. Land- marks: Bird-bright eyes. Biology note- books. High Q.P. Third floor. Practical planning. Paving Stones: Standards maintained. No lapses. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 2. Chemistry Club 2. Biology Association 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. N.Y.P.S. Vice President 3. Meistersingers l, 2. Greenbook l. Nautilus 2, 3. Who's Who 4. Honor Society 2, 3, 4. Freshman Scholdrship l. Pittsburg District Scholarship l, 2, 3. Faculty Scholarship 2. Sophomore Class Secretary 2. Junior Class Secretary 3. WILLARD GRACE A.B. Biology Way: Lighthearted Seriousness. Proposed Route: "Current of fresh ideas." land- marks: "Up! Up! my friend and quit your books." Infinite humor. From free lance to near wedlock. Paving Stones: His merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. Psychology Club l. Astronomy Club 2. Spanish Club 3. Historical Association 3. Future Teachers of America l, 2. Biology Association 4, Chaplain 4. Chemistry Association 4. Evangelistic Association l. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Band 2. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Football l, 2, 3, 4. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Nautilus 2, 4. Campus Camera 2, 4. W.E.N.C. 2. JAMES FOX A.B. Philosophy Way: Of Cheerful Godliness. Proposed Route: "Ever the trail held true." Land- marks: Good loser-and finder. Sober face-a smile that gathers and overflows. "My Mary Ellen." Paving Stones: Good conscience. Song. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Student Ministerial Association 4. Quartet 2, 3. Band 3. SENIORS ,gl M V J, 1,55 Q4 l 1 if yr l 7 X . 36 l 'li QV, is DAVID GROSSE A.B. History Way: Ministerial. Proposed Route: "Herein the only royal road to fame and fortune lies: Put not your trust in vinegar- molasses catches flies!" Landmarks: Easy speech. Poise. Confidence. Famous Philos- ophy thesis. Paving Stones: Christian activity. "Faith of Our Fathers." Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Spanish Club l, 2. Historical Association 3. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. N.Y.P.S. Council 2, 3, President 3. A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Quartet 2. Baseball l, 2, 3. Greenbook l. Nautilus 3, 4. Who's Who 4. S. C. Representative 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4. Freshman Class President l. Soph- omore Class Chaplain 2. Senior Class Chaplain 4. JOHN HATHAWAY A.B. Biblical Literature Way: Straightforward. Proposed Route: "Paths can't be made without feet." Landmarks: Teasing humor. Flashes from flint. Merry eyes, serious work. Paving Stones: Duxbury Church "Labor Omnia Vincit." Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. Kqx ESTHER HENCK B.S. Elementary Education Way: Of the "Heart Untaintedf' Pro- posed Route: "Silence, the perfectest herald of ioy." Landmarks: Golden curls. Bird voice. Prayer-meeting faithful. Paving Stones: A good name worn well. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 2, 3. Evange- listic Association 'l, 2, 3, 4. A Cappella Choir l, 4. Meistersingers 3. House Council 2. ti 1' The Gerys and the Quanstroms enioy one of the fabulous meals that the lodge provided. ,GZSMM . 37 l G:-' P C' HENRY HENDERSON A.B. Social Science Way: Of Honor Undeviating. Proposed Route: "You cannot be lost on a straight road." Landmarks: Vacuum cleaner in registrar's office. Education in the blood- collegiate family. Sterling character. Pav- ing Stones: Goal unforgotten. Practice teacher summa cum laude. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. S. C. Representative 4. Future Teach- ers of America 3, 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2. Football 3, 4. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. R6 fvv V'-I-"" DELYSLE HENRY A.B. Biology, History Way: Original-His Own. Proposed Route: "Every road leads in two direc- tions." Landmarks: Ten talents, two ma- iors-almost. Restless ambition. Something doing. Wit skirmishes. Time to spare. Pav- ing Stones: Keeping things lively. Sports writer. Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Speech Club l. Spanish Club 2, Treasurer 2. Biology Association 3, 4. Historical Association 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 2, 3. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Quartet 3. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Football l, 2, 3, 4, All Star Football I. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club 2, 3, 4. Greenbook I. Nautilus 4, S. C. Represent- ative 4. Campus Camera 4. a ALFRED HESEMEYER A.B. Philosophy Way: To Truth. Proposed Route: "Built in such a logical way." Landmarks: Philos- ophy club. Questions and answers. Greek! "A great man-nobody can read his writing." Paving Stones: High standards. Sturdy character. "The Meaning of Meaning." Kappa I, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, S. C. Representative 2. Biology Association 2. Bowne Philosophical Society 4. Evangelistic Association 2. N.Y.P.S. President 3. Basketball 3. Football l. "N" Club 2. Freshman Scholarship I. New York District Scholarship 2. Freshman Class Chaplain l. 5 A K' E 51. -1 N. nf Emily heads south the hard way Q I x as 1 J Ri 38 NY?--"'-.: Qf f'-'. , --x -:fi lr x A - ' -ee A EDGAR HOWARD B.S. Chemistry Way: Retiring. Proposed Route: "Pa- tience finds the way." Landmarks: Chem Lab permanent. Petite dynamo wife. Paving Stones: "Men of few words are best." The courage of faith. sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. chemistry club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. Evangelistic Association l, 2. Basketball l, 4. Football l, 2. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Greenbook I. SENIORS is GERALD HUFF A.B. Philosophy Way: Of Active Consecration. Proposed Route: Valiant-for-Truth. "Better the world with a blow in the teeth of a wrong." Landmarks: The chapel and the forum. Worship and debate. Understanding wife. Paving Stones: Practical thinking. Philos- ophical analysis. JEAN MERRIMAN JOHNSON B.S. Elementary Education Way: Of Charm and Good lmpulses. Proposed Route: "Being royal, took her own way"-yielded. Landmarks: Blonde. Preferred seat in chapel. Trays expertly balanced. Quick speech. Long lonely se- mester. Paving Stones: Friendly frank- ness. "My boy friend." Kappa l, 2, 3, 4. Fine Arts Club l. Psychology Club 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Basketball 3. Volleyball 4. House Council 3. 105 BARBARA IRWIN A.B. Chemistry Way: Pleasantly Secret. Proposed Route: Career woman domestic. Landmarks: Dean's List-Chemistry queen. "My books obedient to my hand." Paving Stones: Scholarship challenge. Tranquil strength. Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Psychology Club l. Chemistry Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Evange- listic Association l, 2, 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 4. Meistersingers l, 3. Trio 4. Basketball 2. Volleyball 2 Campus Camera 3 Freshman Scholarshi l . , p D Washington-Philadelphia Scholarship 2. MacRonald Scholarship 3. bfi! .swf .,s. ., f., . 'F nf 5515! .: I i I.: 39 115. 'Nong 'tzvrl s JERROLD KETNER A.B. Social Science Way: Of Muscular Christianity. Proposed Route: "Strong and content, I travel the open road." Landmarks: "A merry road, a mazy road." Then Sue. Gentleman's grades. Paving Stones: Marriage rec- ommended. Lady from the South. Teen- agers' guide. Kappa I, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3. Evangelistic Association 3, 4, Hospital Choir Director 4. Student Ministerial Asso- ciation 3, 4, Hi-N-Y Leader 4. Quartet 3. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Football I, 2, 3, 4. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club 2, 3, 4. Nautilus I, 4, Sports Editor 4. Campus Camera 3, 4, Sports Editor 3. QA .6. as. KARL KNUDSEN A.B. Mathematics Way: Hearty. Proposed Route: "I would double my Iife's space, He that runs well runs twice his race." Landmarks: Broad smile. G. I. interlude. One of these hus- bands-of good cooks. Paving Stones: Balance for living and giving. Zeta I, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association I. A Cappella Choir I. Band I. RICHARD KRUTENAT B.S. Chemistry Way: The Long, Hard Way of Chemistry. Proposed Route: "What was but a path shall now become a highroad." Land- marks: Boyish grin. Good heart. Har- mony-minded. "Dick" and "Ann." Paving Stones: Sockets and light-fixtures. Tra- dition of sound work. Sigma I, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Club I, 2, 3, 4. Audio Visual Aids Club 4, Vice President 4. Evangelistic Association I. W.E.N.C. 3, 4. :f u C so 4 CHARLES KOHR A.B. Philosophy Way: The Rough Places Plain. Proposed Route: "Path hewn out of the Rock, the living rock of God's eternal word." Land- marks: Big brother. Father heart. Tests passed and hurdles taken. Paving Stones: "Patient continuance in well- doing." Zeta I, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association I, 2. SENIORS G 4, .1-. 1 H -I' U 'i' 9 . U .,. gg -:- H- 4, .1 3 -:- rx I --- ' r 'G 4. ij AN t,l,,-gy -1- I' -:- Q ',-3, '.. 1' t ' x 'o -if Ek Y.,-1 L-w V ' 1 - vs tv. Iii t 'lifts 40 JOSEPH LARRABEE B.S. Chemistry Way: Skill-Built. Proposed Route: "The best way out is always through." Land- marks: Shrewd wit in unexpected flashes. Father's son. Five-year plan. Paving Stones: Master-carpenter. "New look" in Ad Building. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres- ident 2. Shirley gets ready for the shot while Roy watches. SHIRLEY LYNCH B.S. Elementary Education Way: Of Simplicity. Proposed Route: "The young ask much of life-they ask but this, To fare the road together to its end." Landmarks: "lf you love me as I love you-." Little girl. N-Club. Paving Stones: Sincere testimonies. Living for Jesus. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 4, Vice President 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4. Pros- pective Missionary Society l, 2, 3, 4. Student Mis- sionary Society, Secretary 2, Vice President 4. Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4. Greenbook l. House Council 2. Freshman Class Vice President l. ,qyx BEVERLY MACNEIL B.S. Elementary Education Way: Of Modesty. Proposed Route: Paths of peace. Landmarks: Dark curls. Blushes. Basketball. Red pencil. Paving Stones: Faithful work-on time! Delta l, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 3. X. IIS 7 xl! 5 T L -SQ". L , 'X TTL' ' V. ' 'I " we - - Rf. "' 0 Q ,.,'-.. 5 r. 'N 4 Q '5-.?, . l l i ' F07 'a .. .-Q . nm 'iLl..g -., . . . ,3 ...- U24 4l I. nf' iii 5 5 DAVID MACPHERSON A.B. Philosophy Way: Of Responsibility. Proposed Route: Highway of holiness. Landmarks: Station wagon. Mail bag. Family tradition-tops! Those MacPhersons! Paving Stones: Mr. Dependable. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3. Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Psychology Club 2. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Student Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4. Quartet 2, 3. Albany District Scholarship 3. Senior Class Treasurer 4. 435 QQ'- ORMAN MARSH A.B. Philosophy Way: Of Good Nature. Proposed Route: "The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, the way to be happy is to make others so." landmarks: Smile and good hopes. "Eyes still dazzled by the ways of God." Paving Stones: Evan- gelistic zeal. Optimism. Kappa 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 2. Band 2. Trevecca l. 1 1 l' F. i . ck l if ' . ii A I we f S' 4. av E 42 U? CHARLES McCALLUM A.B. Social Science Way: Of Faith. Proposed Route: "Forth to the wilderness the chosen start, content with ruin, having but the Word." land- marks: Global-minded. Trusting God's timing. Paving Stones: Missionary talks. Heaven in his face. Delta l, 2, 3, 4. . The famished seniors shovel in the food. ,b lf" F- .1 'Q pls' fi.. ,.5,,,g,, .. . . K t 'arm -Qi'-V. vff" W... is ww : :Nr t JAMES MCCLOY A.B. History Way: Cheery. Whole-Souled. Proposed Route: "Play up! and play the game." Landmarks: Scot. Wesleyan Presbyte- rian. Friendly greeting. Religion in daily lite. Paving Stones: Captured by Christ. Kappa l, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS JEANETTE MOREHEAD A.B. English Way: Of Concentrated Energy. Proposed Route: "The skyline is a promise, not a bound." Landmarks: "E.N.C. Queen." Debate laurels. Obligations met. Scholar- ship steady. Paving Stones: Revivals, debates, Sigma travelog, etc., etc., etc. Versatility plus-Christ-centered. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Speech Club l. Literature Club 4. Evangelistic Association 3. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. N.Y.P.S. Council 3, Pres- ident 4. Meistersingers 3. Basketball l, 2, 3. Volley- ball l, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club 4. Greenbook l. Nautilus 3. Campus Camera 3, 4. Debate l, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4. Honor Society 4. S. C. Representative 2, 3, Sec- retary 3. Akron District Scholarship 1, 3. Christian Service Scholarship 2. DOROTHY MOSBAUGHER A.B. Elementary Education Way: Matter-of-Fact. Proposed Route: "Though pleased to see the dolphins play, l mind my compass and my way." Land- marks: Her car. Her sufifusing smile. Attention to business. Paving Stones: Practical Christianity. Zeta 2, 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4. Missionary Society 2, 3, 4. Indiana State Teachers College l. if vu--1' JOHN MORI A.B. Philosophy Way: Committed. Proposed Route: "Those who walk with Him from day to day can never have a solitary way." Landmarks: Border visa troubles. Suki- yaki suppers. Grave cheer-thoughtful laughter. Paving Stones: Keen thinking. Mission awaiting. Far East educator. Sigma 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4. Prospective Missionary Society 2, 3, 4. Student Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Bible Agricultural School Japan, l, 2, 3. A-. 'L' 'YQ X K . x L X , -. i 'l?'T.,N r:' " --.1 ' .Ti rfiv . 2' A91 K.,- .4 . .t 'Wir A 43 'QF RONALD MOSGROVE A.B. Philosophy Way: Of Trust and Trying. Proposed Route: "Books are paths that upward lead." Landmarks: Dignity with a twinkle. Watching his points. "Never takes No for an answerf' Paving Stones: Ambition for good. Study habits. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society l, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 2, 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Meistersingers l, 2. Band l, 2, 3. Track 2, 3. Scholar- ships 2, 3. 'Vx , Wy. T' DALLAS MUCCI A.B. History Way: Of Achievement. Proposed Route: "A broad and ample road, whose dust is gold, and pavement stars." Landmarks: "Long, long thoughts." "Many inventions." Patriot-Ledger correspondent. "Sandy." Paving Stones: A new Nautilus. SOS Camera. Audience with Princes. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, President 4. S. C. Representative 4. Speech Club l. Historical Association 3, President 3. Evangelistic Association l, 2. Student Ministerial Association 4. Basketball l, 4. Football l, 4. Baseball l, 4. Greenbook l, Associate Editor l. Campus Camera l, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor l, Editor 4. Nautilus l, 2, 3, Associate Editor 2, Editor 3. W.E.N.C. 2. Debate 2, 3, 4. Who's Who 4. GLADYS PANKOW A.B. History Way: The More Excellent. Proposed Route: "Those about her from her shall read the perfect ways of honour." Land- marks: Class offices. Girl historian. Stand- ards of dress and conduct. Serious smile. "A garden in her face." Paving Stones: Discriminating taste.ThoughtfulChristianity. Zeta l, 2, 3,4. Spanish Club 2. Historical Association 3, Secretary 3. Future Teachers of America 2. Evan- gelistic Association l. Meistersingers 2. Volleyball 2. Greenbook l. Nautilus 4, Associate Editor 4. Campus Camera 4. House Council 2. Who's Who 4. Junior Class Vice President 3. 5- BETTY NELSON B.S. Nursing Science Way: Of Uncommon Common Sense. Pro- posed Route: "To smooth the rough and thorny way where other feet begin to tread." Landmarks: Wise chuckle. Florida flavor. Nursing arts. Psych of Adiustment. Paving Stones: Lit conquest. Unselfish cheer-unpretentious quality. Kappa 3, 4. Psychology Club 4. Evangelistic Asso- ciation 3, 4. Student Missionary Society 3, 4. Band 4. College Nurse 4. Trevecca I. Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing l, 2, 3. SENIORS ' .J 'X V- 'L .ein V If ,- vw' s. Q 44 1 N r I X 2 J HAROLD PARKER A.B. Philosophy Way: Of the Scholar. Proposed Route: "Sailing uncharted seas." Landmarks: High intelligence. Packed schedule-top- level performance. "Nancy Lee." Nurses preferred. Epistemology. Paving Stones: Philosopher's stone. Consecrated intellect. Delta l, 2, 3. Bowne Philosophical Society 3. Evange- listic Association l, 2, ,.3. Student Ministerial Asso- ciation l, 2, 3. PERSHING PARKER A.B. History Way: Road of High Renown. Proposed Route: "The best and only way of manag- ing this complicated world." Landmarks: High-powered. Pen of a ready writer. "Wouldst thou be nothing? Then, my son, be a conservative." Paving Stones: The Nautilus. First undergrad grant. Zeta l, 2, 3, 4. Speech Club l, 2. Historical Asso- ciation 3. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Student Ministerial Association 4. Meistersingers l, 2. Quartet 3. Band 2, 3. Greenbook l. Nautilus 3, 4, Editor 4. Campus Camera 2, 3, 4, S. C. Representative 4. W.E.N.C. 2. Debate 4. Honor Society 4. Freshman Scholarship T. Undergraduate Research Stipend 4. "S, DAVID PENNEY A.B. Biology Way: Of the Lover of Nature and Teacher of Good. Proposed Route: "Tongues in trees, books in the running brooks." Land- marks: "One Girl." Biology Lab. Still a trailblazer. Paving Stones: Babcock aide. En route for a college chair. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association l, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Astronomy Club 2. Future Teachers of America 4, Treasurer 4. Meistersingers l, 2. Basketball l, 4. Baseball l. New England District Scholarship 3. Department of Biology Scholarship 4. "Deadeye" Young can not miss. .... lil 45 IL Y 3-P' 5 ROY QUANSTROM A.B. Mathematics Way: Practical Expedient. Proposed Route: The friendly man's. Landmarks: Open face-winning smile-agreeable ways. Football all-star. Junior-Senior ban- quet. Paving Stones: Basket thrower. Math-Philosopher. Delta l, 2, 3, 4. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, All Star Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Football l, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club l, 2, 3, 4. Junior Class President 3. 'C' JOHN RIGDEN B.S. Chemistry Way: Endless Road to the Top. Proposed Route: "Hitch your wagon to a star, Keep your seat, and there you are." Land- marks: Organic Chemistry et al. Married. Dignity with responsibility. Paving Stones: Quality service. John Hopkins scholar. The best for God. Delta l, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Vice President 3. Debate 2. Honor Society 2. Akron District Scholarship 2. s PAUL RUNDLETT B.S. Music Way: "PiIgrim's Way." Proposed Route: A Ministry of Music. Landmarks: Rolling drums, pealing organ. Grandfather preacher heritage, mother music heritage. Interruption, and a valiant fight. Paving Stones: A gift invested for the Kingdom. Sigma 2, 3, 4. A Cappella Choir Director 2. yt Mas. . f .- N M ' fa ts a+ -:L is r It The skiers climb up for another try. 1 A 'lg '-v I A Q ETP' Q'-irq., Wat 46 Q-nv-' NANCY SANFORD A.B. Chemistry Way: Ot Melody and Song. Proposed Route: Lover's Lane. Landmarks: "She hath a way, Nan hath a way-To be her- self Nan hath a way." High E solos. Pav- ing Stones: A consecrated voice. Type- writer service. Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3. Speech Club l. Chemistry Club l, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 4. A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3. Volleyball T, 2, 3, 4. Green- book l. Nautilus 3. Campus Camera 3. W.E.N.C. 2. SENIORS JANE SCHLOSSER B.S. Elementary Education Way: Ot Quiet Competence. Proposed Route: "Manners are the happy ways of doing things." Landmarks: Mistress of many situations. The magic touch. Un- trumpeted filling of gaps. Gracious. Pav- ing Stones: Fidelis. Parsonage Queen Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading l, 2, 3, 4. Captain of All Star Cheerleaders 4. Sigma Secretary 2. Speech Club l, 2, 4. Literature Club 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Secretary 4. Meister- singers 2. Basketball l, 2. Volleyball l, 2, 3. Green- book l. Nautilus 3, 4. Alumni Scholarship 3. Senior Class Secretary 4. BETTY SHIELDS B.S. Business Administration Way: Business Woman's. Proposed Route: "Figures don't lie." Landmarks: Q.P. calculated par excellence. Punctual. Slightly sceptical? Paving Stones: Cheer to Business Ad prof and Registrar. Ka a l 2 3 4. Fine Arts Club l, 2. Psychology pp I 1 I Club 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4. Basketball l, 2. Volleyball l, 2. Greenbook l. Nautilus 2. -913 ' WILLIAM SEVER A.B. Philosophy Way: Ot the fixed Heart. Proposed Route: "Lord of the upward path, my will be Thine, Where Thou has set Thy foot,' may I place mine." Landmarks: "Carlie." "His face the map of goodness." Paving Stones: Earnest prayers. "Allured to brighter worlds, and led the way." Delta l, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Student Ministerial Asso- ciation 2, 3, 4. N.Y.P.S. Council 2. Student Missionary Society Council 2. Basketball l, 2. Football l. Base- ball l, 2. W.E.N.C. T. S. C. Representative l. 'ft' 47 lb -1 7 x 5 f DORCAS SILVER B.S. Music Way: "Lover of all beauty, Treads the ways of duty." Proposed Route: "A road that is an ordered road, like a nun's eve- ning prayer." Landmarks: "As unto the bow the cord is-." Silence is golden. Lighting smile. Paving Stones: "All life is music, it's only a question of hearing it." Delta I, 2, 3, 4. Scholarship I. 'Rv . I W, ,. ,AP JOHN SIPES A.B. Economics Way: Legal? Different. Proposed Route: "The beaten path grows no grass." Land- marks: "Bud." Good brain capital. Re- serves, yet to be invested. Everybody's favorite. "Nice sharp quillets of the law." Paving Stones: Winning personality. "Leisure to make good." Sigma I, 2, 3, 4, S. C. Representative 3. Speech Club I, 2, 3. Literature Club 4. Evangelistic Asso- ciation l. Quartet 2. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, All Star Basketball 3. Football I, 2. Baseball I. Washington- Philadelphia Scholarship 2. CHARLES WAKEFIELD A.B. Philosophy Way: Resolute. Proposed Route: "No road so level as to have no rough places." Landmarks: "Benedick the married man" -and Dad. North-of-Boston daily drive. Paving Stones: "Upright as the cedar." A breeze of cheer. Delta I, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association I, 2. Stu- dent Ministerial Association I, 2. , 'f l li 3 I ' I f J il fs... 48 X , was E i 'Y-Ti ' t i GLEN STOVER 1 A.B. Theology T Way: Of the Just. Proposed Route: "l'II find a way, or make one!" Landmarks: Gear works. Family man. Christian in shop Q and class. Paving Stones: Integrity. Alertl mind. The impossible achieved. : I i SENIORS l i i i i il l i l l l l 5 n l Q l l . T GAIL WEISCHEDEL A.B. English 1 Way: The Writer's. Unconventional. Pro- posed Route: "Best of all I love a route ' that leads to God knows where." Land- l marks: A's with no notes. Twinkling eye. l "Concise." Winter sports. "Oh, well." l' Paving Stones: Literary critic. Thinking for oneself. Inner peace. 4 Kappa T, 2, 3, 4. Las Estrellas T, 2, 3. Literature- Speech Club 4, President 4. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Meistersingers 3, 4. Greenbook l. Nautilus 4. Campus Camera 2, 3, Editor 3. Freshman Scholar- I ship l. l Dave Grosse uses his camera to capture the fun. v I i i I TYLER WOOSTER A.B. Biblical Literature Way: Of the Gospelwright. Proposed Route: "The straight path of conscience." Landmarks: Skillful hands. Stout heart. Thoughtful of others. Paving Stones: Perseverance. "lt's dogged as does it." Sigma l, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 3. Psychology Club 2. Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Prospective Missionary Society T, 2. Student Minis- terial Association l, 2. Baseball 2, 4. QR 'Y' 'nun-. Z GORDON YOUNG A.B. Mathematics Way: Collegiate. Thoroughbred. Pro- posed Route: "The strength a man has he should use." Landmarks: Nicknames outgrown. On his own. Personality plus. Growing vision. Paving Stones: Varsity ace. Business acumen. Choice for God. Delta l, 2, 3, 4. Student Council Treasurer 2. Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Football l, 2, 3, 4. Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. "N" Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Nautilus 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4. S. C. Representative 2. Junior Class Treasurer 3. 4- .,,. v- . f i l l l 4 . I W1 s,f:L . 5 ., l I l H . 5.504 QV i 'Aff 49 ff W RICHARD ANDERSON A.B. Philosophy Way: Sturdy Christian. Proposed Route: "Sidetracks are rough, and they're hard to walk,Keep in the middle ofthe road." Landmarks: South Shore commuter. Brockton Baptist. Cheerful co-operation. Paving Stones: Strength of purpose. To the glory of God. 1 fi! IU5 John Carlson WHO S WHO 4' Qin-v,,. Davld Grosse I Each year a committee of students and fac- ulty members chooses seven students to rep- resent Eastern Nazarene College in Who's Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges. Those chosen this year are considered outstanding in academic and extra-curricular activities. 'fm Jeanette Morehead l""9 are R0 ff? Dallas Mucci Gladys Pankow N l ff ,fs- COUNCIL. W. Chambers, President, William Kelvington, Chaplain, Ronald Mickel, Student Council Representative, Doris Brown, Secretary, Professor Timothy L. Smith, Faculty Advisor, Joan Stetson, Vice President, Doris Biggs, Treasurer. We remember the many activities which made our iunior year at college the best one yet. The Thanksgiving Day chapel was our special opportu- nity as a class to present a program which would be enter- taining and devotional. The night we welcomed the seniors back from their trip to New Hampshire, the Junior-Senior banquet, and our parts in Commencement highlighted our relations with the "high and mighty" seniors. We enjoyed our outings and especially the evening at Prof. Smith's house. Through our class meetings we learned more about the running of an organization. Through our prayer meetings we met God as a class as well as individuals. 52 JUNIORS We-.ii-i., ef-W Class President Wes Chambers gives a short talk. JUNIOR CHAPEL The Juniors singing a Thanksgiving hymn during their Thanksgiving Program. The motto for the chapel is "Now thank we all our God." Doris Brown, Clyde Haas, and Beverly Fountain sing a trio number. W of yye- ,p W . x 5 Rl!! E f, , 2,4 ll' 'L George Aubrey Doris Biggs Doris Brown Wes Chambers ' . . X.- M J ' 4 V ' A-0 A- 45' fo. A,,!"..b R , ' .f- l lf Q.-l L , C' rx' 'Q b Q: . Q ,L flbx gf Robert Clark Howard Cogswell I 'l 9" - 4' X. .ef We Q I . 1 -9 1 A ' My ll 'N-. V Ruthie Metcalfe and "Dutch" look at periodicals while Q 2 W, ' our Jim McCloy and his friend study. A A" -ff A rf if W- fs. nf- 4 K -' H5 W L , - , Q Q' ri , D ,540 v ' X' X l I fl ,. ll J gfsl fl f lu, , l I If Y e- 6 an l f A. J - us' Millie Coffie John Costley Charles Crofford Nevin Crouse JoAnn Deem 54 P ,Q : xt' E 'E-5 ' 'E- Stewart Ffell Janice Gidney Edith Gontero Hazel Goodwin AR' 0.7, ' ,-ar -nz:-' i ,fi f- ?-' T -25 E. R C.-1 H n-K a i XX X f f X' "f WX x ii. ' X X Sam Erbe Beverly Fountain 2. , ,- I A X X -J Freida looks very intent in the library. Nevin Crouse in ff' 31 'f I F the background is day-dreaming. fl 6, in in, . - , 5 K " 1 .V X- if .1 'E ' li 5 " l A l f nl! 5e0"9e GYESSCW Clyde Haas Sandy Hamlin Barbara Hemmings 55 if Al John Hodgkiss Ramona Hodgkiss Wayne Hysong Janice Insco Jim lfWif1 4906 'Fir 3: fr 1 If 1 l . 1 1 T ' A- .M-sail. ' Q ' "' ' 'W-arl. ' gc F - , tif- i C' I fe if 5 z A. ":: , Richard Jarvis Lois JONES E 5 K x Z , Y ,1- fl , -U ,L . .. 1 Students enioying a free period reading in the library foyer. L E it I r, his l tv QA - " V 1 L. 1, 1. 'H ,M , if If 1 X 1 ' Ken Kelm William Kelvington Stewart Kimball Gregory Kottis Anthony Koury 56 R l l Q L Bill Krufenaf Robert Landers Gloria Lantz Gerald Lashley Douglas Laurie l Richard Lehto ' 56 f 1- ? 154. 411-355. LZ. ll S-X ,pr--ws. Y 5 Y"' Fran Oddo and Dave Blaney are engrossed in a game of Chinese Checkers in the Parlor. Don Littlefield 3 , if f gr- , f R uv f. RWE' .1 vu, A .. . I gt . L s 5 5, '05 Rm Doris Maffmueller Ronald Mickel Jean Moran Russell Myalf Pat North Edwin Patmore Muriel Pyne Clara Riddle Brad Robinson S wt- ' B x 9 ff' av' X Ff"' Clara Mae Riddle studies her lit, even when she is walking. Janet Shinault lk 1 4 i ' L.: 5-1-3. -. f lf- E5 vi xXv.', Q3 ,b X A. R 'ca V T 2 -' . ,X ix- I l. Ouzfxl Q' Af! ga 'af 1 J, K Q xx-7 Q' X I X R .. lrva Stanford Joan Stetson June Sutton AI Wakefield 58 .""'5Q Connie Skillings 'TQ lred Wenger Bill Whitehead Normq Wilgon Beatrice Wycofl Thomas Young is l l l l Bill Whitehead and Tony Koury looking serious in the chem. lab. liadys Zeigler t 1 l V 1' ,A 1 .Rn sn ' ' uni' . .. .. :.- ' F131 1 "1 f' l . "-1i'1iH':1li.i'y..,gl A ,ali . , ",,,i,',',l11,f!Yg- .11lu.'.1 ',,' , ' 59 , - f T fiflzii l 3 Ib' -1 I " ir? jf f"f 2 - tt. Q iiifff .Lf ' .1 if-Y . "1 ai nz tf3iwff-fi,y- 'r 5542. f z gm wg gwfj- 4 , , , ' ' -WN f' - M41 ' ' A 5' "H -.235 , I-a QW ., ellie 4. s w Q ,, ' , .-,. . , . ., ' -s'g.Q"s S' U. f . i, -4,43 as t , fa . 4. .ect v.."' ft if ' , '.f9.f'1r' fi,1 . 'Z' ' ft' ' .say :M 1 Q- 'lliwllzl-'vii r..1. 4 T A pt r W' ' 1.52, ' Mi t ,ge i Af vi, K 9 Q AXE!! Q V X A 5 fi ff X ' rf f 1:1-if ' . -, Q Q ' WI -121'-IT'f 415-2, IN MEMORIAM William Henderson Davis, Jr., a ministerial student in Eastern Nazarene College, died October 29, I955 after a long illness. The epitome of courage and faith, Bill bore a strong testimony to the last. His last witness was given about two months before his death, at a prayer meeting in his home church, Manchester, Conn., when he said: "I began to live in heaven the night Jesus saved my soul. Life for me began then and will last through eternity. I praise my Lord for His boundless love and I know that my future is secure in Him. Praise His name." Bill was born in Bloomsburg, Pa., the only son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davis. He had lived in Manchester about I8 years. He was graduated by Manchester High School in the class of I948, and then attended the University of Connecticut as a student in engi- neering. Following his conversion, he enrolled at Eastern Nazarene College to prepare for the ministry, where he was greatly loved and respected as an admirable person and Christian. The church of the Nazarene in Manchester, which he loved and served so faithfully, named its youth building for him. Bill had served as chairman of the building fund com- mittee. His faith was a source of inspiration to all who knew him. Members of his church said that the influence of his life and the courage which characterized his death were felt throughout the church and community. 60 F me Prof. and Mrs. Gery take time out from chap- eroning to do some skiing. SENIOR TRIP The Lodge. xl' -.T ' x ,c- . ,sa , EEF! To the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas." At five one frosty morning, We tumbled out of bed, And all dressed up like Eskimos Our boots they felt like lead, We headed for the dugout Where Henry, Em, and Sam Were busy making breakfast For all the hungry clan. At six we left the campus On a brand new bus we flew To Woodbound inn, a lake resort Just eighty miles from school. Tobogganing was super, The hills were mighty steep And if you don't believe it- Just look at Gail's front teeth. Esther and Bev. Blaisdell Were first to try the ice, And Gery's kept us all straight With parently advice. The skiing was terrific, John Cramer was the star: Crew, Grosse, and Betty Nelson Were also up to par. Adams, Morehead, Schlosser Were piled on sleds six high, Guess who was on the bottom, Fox, Young, and little Tye. None were more game than Betty To try the sleds or skiis: And Parker with his topcoat, Came down the hill with ease. Emily made room checks, Old Moose lost all his clothes: Bev's head hit on the bus top, MacNeil fell on her nose. .lohn Mori with his camera Snapped Bob Crew's big bear hugs, Behind a tree MacPherson, Hid from a skiing thug. At night the weary seniors, Sat down to play some Rook: The sharks were Shields and Boshart, Roy Quanstrom was the crook. While Dot and Paul watched T V, And Sam and Phyl the same: Emerson sat by A. J. The party wasn't tame. They had a little playbarn Where shuffle board was played: The Penny's played the Fox's, The Penny's had it made. And Bigelow the pool shark, With Flick the lady star: Did their best to make the rest Misque their only par. So, from this song you'll gather Our class had lots of fun, But now the trip is over, And classes have begun. -, . jf., i .-lf' , f l .141 Paul Rundlett in a rare skiing pose, standing up. L -3,19 '9- The ski instructor expounds upon the primary points of the sport. Joe Andrews and Paul German clown It up during NAUTILUS Talent Night. Sophomore girls taking care of some Frosh for initiation. N. Merritt Mann and Ralph Parry take another luckless freshman out into the night. 62 ,pw ,- ,,,-un-anulv"',.-" SOPHGMORES We started the year by giving the freshmen a rousing welcome. More fun . . . We enioyed several activities as a class this year. Outstanding among them was our skating party at the Blue Hills and the Sophomore outing held at Babcock's Lodge at Ponkapog Park. Prof. Babcock acted as chef and we all had a tremendous time. Under Dick Shubert, our President, and Ronnie Calhoun, our chaplain, we enioyed a good year scholastically, socially, and spiritually. Now we are upperclassmen and look foreward to the next two years as the best and most profitable of our college career. fqpvw-' w A-x -. -. , - .5 g ,Qt 3 . ...Hi fi ,. ,Q-... - ,f' S 4 1 ,. 4,.....LA.. COUNCIL: Sarah Cleckner, vice president, Ronald Calhoun, chaplain, Richard Schubert, president, Howard Chambers, student council representative, Hubert Mickel, treasurer, Dorothie Crispell, secretary, Professor Mel- Thomas Rothwell, faculty advisor. v .. Q! , 1 C. Burgess 3 V rv Q, V. Burgess 3 R. Burke CP' i fm., ' r , 1s I N l .4 l 6 ' ie 3 M. Burley 0 as L. Burns cv E 'Q Lid . h -C K. Buffs 36 4 C. Caldwell " A ,l -W, C. Allen , by , ez' f 141' N f lwlizz. ll X . ' gs, ' N01-aww' K-N' 'f A --w-H-up-v FRY 1 ia, 'V ' R. Calhoun gs - f 6.51 1 Af, G. Caswell .A Q Q - J. Andrews 'V' fb Q 51' . k I if C. Bagshaw l :ix f"" x , Q, U 'Y-',..',k, M - A - I-JN XX K l 'Y R -K . H. Chambers - yi' ' A nqmq E. Bass Q :fx Q .QD D. Benner U iw V ' ,f X B - l X 1 G. lg G. Benelli V. R. Bigelow l , 'A KN , xl, ' V 73 'I-g D. Bosharf R J. Bradley V ' 'Q' D. Brumagin , F , 64 . , All-1. - S W 5 I vs Q G- J. chuvaef S- CQ t I S. Cleck.ner N Q ' M. Corrie A- X biliix I ' gl . X .1 J ' 9 A X H T., a A 'Q fi. J. Couchenour vs 'I ix, N M. Couchenour 3. TJ' 1 w x..' if ,l. ,1 F. Crczndell is JJ" SQ D. Crispell D. Dube 1' 375. fu I V J. Croley . 1 T 'J ' R.cubie -N . ii Y- E4 1' ' X ' ' . I. Duvall 1 is 2 W. Dyment .1 J. Dcvns J--Y--f----1 f' W. Edwards C. Emery R. Eve rho rf 'F' , R. Fa xon , I A' 1 x , Q J. Fischmann W - P. Fleogol .Q " 'fl :si S. Fretz 5 J, sv . S' -J N . Tr Q.. fy. r Y X " ni Q I 13 .1 fa 5 TT' x X n x 65 7' QR' 'Q wk wr 'Y' -: Q LI, I X f. fy , Rf , .' ff A 1 6. I P. German A Q' 4, E. Gery -Il v . X ' I ' A' , I ' A 5 . N 1 A . . ' mm Q. .A 1 TM J. Glass X I ' E. Good A tr- X: x A5-f x 1 ca' GM , 3 .xr .mf M. Goodnow 9 'A D. Green . , flag Y R WY -.,,... if 4- TIP - .-uf I . N. Grinrod Vf R. Huck W. Hysong P. Jonccek C. Gailey L. Gander P. Garron A. Hogerup D. Gunsclus . 43 M. Hassel .Q K 'S-X Ts U R. Houck 'X R. Hersh :- ' ,ui Af. X D. Herron ' R. Huck , M., N' R i w Rx 1 T- . .3 , ffl X fyxwx ,- cc l bf' 'TS X I Qx x x 1? 3, BL 1' 6 Gs ss., V "'-n- ,x an Rev D. Long Q 3 'I Rt. B. Loveless R. Mccoonuld .ff LT.: 'F' ji F. MacMillan 3 M. Manchester . if a 5. , ' 5'- vssfl' 1 5 X ll 5 1 1 . M. Mann 'M as ' 55 U aus.,-fxwx J. Marino f A dm, -N 1'-M F' Y" Ki I x V E. Johnson 'M' A LSA, 'rv N-I V. Mcsfrobuono Q1 Qs 1, R. Metcalfe 1, K -M-3 as S. Joines ,.,., 5' J. Kehm . gr" bv X M, X ' W V. Q I '- .,.. . Iv. - gl-is ,I 1 1 -' - ' , 5 fi? . 1 Q, ,wg .j E S. Klmball pi 11 f , ' -F j w. Kirkpatrick T. ' ' YT." 1' I 1 " 7 T ,V 4 a 'c YQ: v- '. ' .fil I .35 'P' B. Koehling - K. Kunkel Q... I nr 4 'N R. Larson Q-' J. Latford W. Laudermllk 'X R. Parry Q 1 , x Q 6 . C. Pearce K ' -5' D. Peoples 5125 t I. A P' H " . 4 ' ' 2 E fx 4 X . P. .. , -..X R. Poole 3 F. PTON leivl H fl f M. Rice mt, C. Rogers wr- K 1'5- l 'W Q so 498' H. Mickel ve Q. Q l R. Miller ' v 8' M. Moore Q 451 N. Mucci 5, W. Mullen I ' it 7, e " L. Music Q P. Nash 'Fo 1' . . N 44, 'f'i'l 3' E. Rosenberger J. Sanford R. Norman C. Owens R. Parker n f x K ", ff-'ff as H els 68 Ur I 1 if iv--X S.. 1 X X S. Sasao Qi? 'SLB - , . ,MI ' -- .f':'1w 'U Q- x -X ZZ' Q ,MAX ' 4' as 4... 1 -er' ' - , A . ., ' 4 .J X 'X B. in. I ' X f' fb f 'fi 40- v q, , -s tfgsf, Q fx, . N ' x X ' .wr .I -'35 .3 1... am? K D. Schnepf , Q ' R. Schubert R. Schuster 'I g . J. Sheets E. Sims '25 5' D. Slaughenhoupt 1 J. Smith L. Sta rck f NX , Ap X X 'U 3- - s 5. hf'5v J. Smith -- H ..,,- R. smith 'M , L. Starnes , ,' W V -,Q H. Steele 46 '-A - R. Speokmcan 5 l., q S 1 5llS!efel 3 I 'Qi ,wk 5 1 . tier f S. 0 J 4 1 X Q' A ' X E J E 5 f H. summon A Nl, A ss J. Strong : . I'? A. Straw Y ij' q 1- Q I. Styere .D rj mb ' H. Tattrve T- ' fi ,K 5 . 4 . 'A Q , 15 X5 ' Q- 4 mv . : neg 8 .- 9-J s ..- Q Ile . 5. qu... 5- 1, T- 'SZ E. woods s pg n 49 4 ff' bf Party Poopers M. Buell J. Loudermilk J. Rose F. Rugg B. Wright R. Wrighl S. C 'X In "f x 'Q 1- - H. White -:A L R. Wlmiltenberger n R. Walluams K . E. Wilson G. Wischerman U, 11.9 W0 "Babe" Chambers seems to doze over a game of checkers in his room in the Mansion. Tharp Vecchione Ward Webb Welzel X Mary Burley shows an age old symbol of affection to Larry Burns. Joyce Strang and Beth Loveless acting as usherettes at the Balogh Concert. Bill Webb finds a comfortable way to study- with his shoes off. 71 Freshman gurls wecurung stockung caps and sugns readung "l am a The frosh gurls are told what to do on Fresh man Day. 2.0 XT, Q-'s lowly freshman are herded unto Iune for unspectuon by the sophs. FRESHMAN DAY H , 4 The evenung before Freshman Day the frosh guys get their instructions. Dave Burley gets a fake roughing up. 72 N x Arlene Grey and Janet Sipes are directed by sophomore Roger Speakman. Dave Poole and Dave Hutchinson display typical Freshman regalia. 'hs gf FRESHMEN COUNCIL. Professor Jasper R. Naylor, Faculty Advisor, Fred Boden, Chaplain, David Poole, Vice President, Sylvia Wayman, Secretary. Our first year at college-it was different, to say the least. Dorm lite, living away from home, college classes such as Western Civ. and Rhet- oric, classmates, all helped to provide one of the most interesting years in our lives. We remember the class outings to the Blue Hills and with the Sopho- mores. The class meetings, prayer meetings, and class duties such as raising the flag every morning and welcoming the caravans provided us with instruction and practice. We never quite got over Freshman Day when the Sophomores "hum- bled" us. Clean-up cletails, outlandish costumes, singing the "Alma Ma- ter" for anyone who asked were really fun although we did not admit it to our superiors. Treasurer, James Jones, President, Arthur Roebuck, 7 s ,.,,-.i gk 5 Q F an lf A i if' l gf-F' Q. 5. ,, K. Alcorn J. Allen L Altic J. Anderson R. Bombling B. Bedell T. Bergdoll D. Blcchly Q 4 ' 4 t ' fx' ' A is fx , 'N X '51 ef F9 , K tx T1 I rf " A , l ,, 'il X A J J . , 4 L l . x ' it E. Blowers F. Boden S. Bowers E, Bown A. Brown D. Burley M- ChC'Pm0n L. Chilton 1. ,. A 5 Q.. Us 'pb . vu N. ' 'P ' ":-lf ..-D ... I If N V "" ' L ' llP"""'1+'f'f'r1lwv'r- ' 'fwfffvwg X ' xwnwmwf 9 - s Q 5 , . to - ui 1 f A fl 'l N" "f t 'H wife.: X -A Vw. , 'H in JY Ani 3? ff' -tv 4 Q .tv I x , ns. J G ' xg' "".ka 4 A f J G. Allen C. Ames 'bw- A ,. R t' ' ? we , A Vg. ED- , All wwf. Jack and Ronnie ore ready to start the day after break- fast in the Dugout. M. Boardman A ' M. Bonner B. Clingermcn J J. Dickson .XA V. Cogswell J. Dreifort in YS' O. Cone L. Driggs tg as -0- 'A 4 ,X '1 L Q A L' Q C. ' X, '-s-N r l . I x f . i A t K 'K ' W Y B. Ellwood J. Emerson T. Esselstyn A. Everton J. Ezold A. Fernandez J. Gleason l W. Gorman B1 VN X 41' 1' fl f -I K, Dugout manager Twining waits for business. N. Ha slett 'Xl . K. Hedrick of f ix s-Y ,A 'VR if-3 I 5-Q it 99x M. Fetter W. Fuller L. Good M. Grant mi ' 00. neo A It Pia 'W-. Q J. Green D. Hammer M. Hatcher R. Henck T. Fowler D. Frye R. Garland C. Gilchrist I X i in 1 W 'F N- ' Q13 ,-.5 A. ' bis: .5 vs x t-. , . hu... ' ' D It 1 . Z I 5 . M , I N l 1- 4 S. Hadiian L. Hall K. Hardy 8. Harris -X Amd. -N - 'Y v ll . - -Y' - I i v': 'ty sw - 'j .f . NNTP' I A1 ' ik Q nr A PX . , ' Q' " L :Ts . 'Q , X A. L ' x Y . .- G. Hilyord M. Hunter L. Hybertson J. Jones .N Q14 if 1:53 t E D. T. ur:-9 5. 4 Hutchinson Hones H561 A9 N 'xr' 5 ZH nr-v X.- D. Lewis R D. Lupton JW . .. is 'ss , A 5 V x fr t ,L 1 X f 'fl' - f .1 ' x 1 Y 57 tg t P. Knapp F. Knight J. Koehling F. Landers H. LuPierre E. Lovin E. Long M. McLean A, 'SZ' V ,x if X ' S . ,, A WV is - . .H 3 "gig, J Dove's teaching her how. lu V ' x. D. McPherson S. Mennendez R. Merriner An M. Milbury L. Moron Y. Moreland ix A T , 423 N Us Fw M. Mosgrove M. Murphy A A L' I ws., 1 oi' L A 9-r' .,-...N X -I- 76 J. Mote C. Novy 'R - 1 in . Y? Q '49 W. Olson C. Pafnode .I ' .Jim If must be a big night forthe boys. 4 1 1, Q1 5. Q. Gs Q , ll We gg -1 UK- 27. X, xl 'Mes 'X 'Q-fg, E. Park L. Paterson C. Poole D, Pogle D- QUOIIS J. RadcIif?e a QQ . :Q 'X an Y Q e 1 f X Q We 1 if ' 8 'rs js' I . ,. -1:ff.'-'R S f cf-'f. K- e S S V I. Pres! B. Ra mstea d +3 f A 'Q 1113 D. Shea J. Sipes L. Read A E 5' Rice E. Richardson G. Ricketts A- Roebuck S, Rogers C. Ross 5 R. Schwanke P. Schwartz 5- ROSS E. Rowe J. Scheer L. Shoemaker L, Shumqker ' 1 I is 4' H-i , 'X U K 5 QQ 59 YN ' ' W A R vffjy, z :fv ' b U . 1 YJ! X A r 3 ' A 4 X ,. N Wx 4 Q, 5 , - X v N- X I 1' 1 ,- ' S 'S v-R V? l mg. Y X- ,1 Afwc, l f . Wwe - uf. W Q ,-f fe- Bin '2- ,wb-, E kk A T -' G: 51, 'S '15, lqirn .61 1 'K as 1- 5 fam: 1 7' 1 '. QJ Q E. Usher D. Von Skiver D. Wayman S. Wcyman GQ . .HA lx , l Q ,- L. Smith P. Snell A. Snyder R. Soulic E. Sova R. Speakman W3 W V53 hwy! I 5. T. Weaver J. Weslow J. Wessel M. Wheeler S. Whelpley P. Whitehead 'N 45 C rr 1, . Q , Y' ml H. Stetson T E- W. Stanford 6, D. Swartz I 1 L . ul. l 's W. Taylor N -, . Q .X f'1 V E. Tiah g ' it A Q' ' ' X uv V 7 R A. Torsey 7 ' . ' bf E 4' I A M- 9 7.4 ,I 1 Dick Schuster and Barbara Ellwood share c "twirp special" during Twirp Week. I E K Q' R. Wooster x ' A. Yacubian '-dl 41 K , if I5 .. if 95 B. Yager . Zircher J: 1 R .1 J , xx I ,l::l.::l't'-Q' ..- gg., l 78 x J Party Poopers Z' , 3, fc! The Dean gives Dave Hutchinson some pointers on baby care. R. Barcelo E. Cairns J. Constantino W. Couchenour E. Dailey C. Daniels R. Edwards H. Marr E. Mellinger R. Robbins J. Scheer R. Scheidly l. Walls , -Mxxsl ls X! ' i:..1'i1Ti ii L. F 11' 9 A r A 5 l l li" 2 5 YT I 1 Arlene Snyder checks the mail l A familiar scene-lhe lunch line in the Dining Hall. 79 ,1'M. ,. W . 1 U 1 , . L . Mn...-4 w as A ,J ' in UQ' 6. .1 R '14 U , ya., z .. f ,rv- 1 Q"'T7 ri. SCHODL For several years Eastern Nazarene College has been in- creasingly aware of the need for a two-year program of terminal studies which would provide high school graduates with an education more immediately practical than the full four year college program and yet include the cultural and spiritual opportunities which the college program offers. To meet this need Eastern Nazarene College has inaugurated the School of Practical Arts and Letters. The PAL course, as it is known, stresses those subjects and skills which may help directly in the pursuit of a livelihood and the development of Christian service. M. Alder C. Ames S. Ashline N. Boetti D. Boggs B. Bowman R. Bowman S. Bowman G. Brown B i f s. clark f . R. Coreia mu D. Brumagin gf. . B S. Dillon D. Dunmeyer l la 5 K S.. ik v 1 1 A fl ffl-s 80 1 G. Faile f 'W B. Faulkner I E. Fields L. Gomes . G. Grant xt A. Gray R. Gray M. Hall OF PRACTICAL ARTS AND LETTERS Robillard Stanley Stein Stiles Watkins Ziegler G. Parsons E. Peryea R. Plunkert R. Ricketts J. Roberts Q aa, N f W. Lord J. Lowery F. Milligan J. Parker i ' N 1 Sr. I A .2 3 '1 ,- 7 1 4 2. . I-1 fig Z' 3 I Q .4 -. .11 I. .w Q-v I X, v 'I FRONT: J. Dreifort, K. Alcorn. Second: M. Boardman, L. Patterson, L. Hall, editor, R. Merriner, B. Bedell. Third: P. Schwartz, E. Mellinger, D. Frye, B. Ellwoad, M. Hunter. Fourth: N. Hoslett, E. Sims, J. Zurcher, J. Emerson, A. Roebuck, S. Bowers. GREEN BOOK Every year the freshman class produces the Greenbook which is a com- posite of outstanding freshman themes. ln it every phase of E. N. C. life is covered. It also contains pictures, special features, public opinion polls, and other items of interest to give us a permanent record of our fresh- man year. Under the able leadership of Lowell Hall, editor-in-chief, and Prof. Spangenberg, our faculty advisor, we have compiled our record, which in the future will be our memory of the past. 82 Freshmen Sam Bowman, Warner Stanford, and Dove Burley entertain at the NAUTILUS Talent Night. Freshmen are entreoted to ioin the Sigma society by President Dallas Mucci, on top of the steps. 83 un' -ul ,,,. W . 1. 5' 1... I n. 14 .,,.: 61' .1 4 '21 in L+ . vf - vs. ? . F 5D Q Jaw. l Q ' 22, A, si! ? v M v 1. 'LI x .rx-I 5f.7Z,"f ...-I .4 Pb 121163 73. r .1 k. .nw-.m..,. A...--vw.. .- . , X . , 4 0 X . . X . 3 ',5 'fu 2 , . l , .xr 1 ',v, .. A ..., , X N , .. 1 X , r N 1 , N x ' ' N . 5' . f'j!. . . . -A f W ' 1. V 1, . ,K f ', ln. 31.1 - f -. 1 ., . If -, r-ir ,-' Q' PZ- A, HL V . -4 1 ' Qin 351252 Eg .,:j 'L' ' , -V ., w.-F5 " ' ' A - ' 1f-in f 1' - ft ,'-101 :' , " ' war- ' V ,- ,.,Lm.,,,.-2, , 1 I ,I . Q ,www V Ji, ' 22.1 ' , A lg -Wx ' i'?y,:2iJ Hy 0, . ' ' 'V'-.QM A H ! 1 A ' 4 9 - , - " f ggff fvf wfmm 4, f ZLEL5- , . , .x .,, 1-rf X S WA 4 "J-'f' - f ' ' " WED! 1:73235 WW7"2. Uf' JY ' fbi. ' 5 J' A -,hu ff came, .:- ff., J . ,1y,,." ff,,f-ff1-,K fx qw. ,, ,Mann 4 v , 1 HW? A. I ,U , igjjiwi' Nui, A , 2,5391 . MA' 3.3, .4 , V , A 6 . A wif ' W f Q an V f 7 ., ., N, 4154 ' xy -f-,, 4 ' ini?" Rulh Andrews hides fo avond bemg hut by a snowball. Bs. itfiir' . 'lv' -,,oS-4' .gr- ,ov-n 17' Clara Mae Riddle, Shirley Clark, and "Honey" Marino all set fo tobogganing along the Furnace Brook Parkway. Gladys Pankow tries a unique pose forthe middle of winter. 87 V Gu if I X 1 ,QF- L V 5 Valk Yu. fi V ,V 1:-. . V ' fi V: V,-f' Xi Q.-.. ! VVi L VV.. mV V GV, 5 1 V V,, .,V,VV. 4 J- n',VVE'i? v N. , LV: I V 2' f . gf.. X " ' ni' fa-5 V VV. X X . 15.3.-'+V " VV Q ,A y, 11,45 li M5 ge? X '.-, 'far V 1 ' ,1jiz."" 'H L. T ii' t 'L'.5r. QF V, ..-we. "s. V vt :"' ' M 7 -'S' "'v if-it V 1 13.11. -V' X, XWEJQI 1h 'XX V , ff .,, JV S '-Q-1 X ' 1. " 1 . If , fy Q IAQ, 119' I A 4. . .4 if, x fl 'We f V. ng' -gm H 91 . N 'X Q 'Pm r . um- '. rl ' V.,, AZ- X . A X . ,AX - .. V. .V ,,.. .V ' V .. X . A .V-. , I X '11-V ' I , ' XX VVVVVVV ,',,, V X X H .Q ev. X ' V. X X ai x":V .V..V, M-V1 V - VV. .V V. VV .,,, . V , X Q ' V 1 . ' V X .VV X ,X Q N 1: CL I X V V 3. ""VjJ3V5'VV " f ' W - ' ' V V,V,4," V. 2-'fp' 'f'45f?'4,ifg,' ' 'VV - V .r p X X XX X'XXX.V,'f'f,V V'fVp,:V: -VV:zV!fVV.--Vw... VV J ' . .,, V X5 r-"':'.',,,, XyV-V. , VV V V'V VV V . Vw MQ .MV he '-.7'7fVfi1l'i4v4f'r-X Hg., - W., V1 .V ' 3 " ' X V' , ,V v V V V .,4..,.-VM . VVVV- , ,, ,. V -r f im... 'U'-V491 , . . . V ms , . V - - , , . ., VVVQVV . " V - -V! 1-5 ' ' Vf'5Hg25ifr.iEgfV'Y.V' 'H Vw-VA. ' V -,X.. ' it 1 V - 8 V. ' ' V A nfV'Vi?f7v"?,: ,V w wr 'f M any .. uw' - X :V-A mfg W "lv , , V V , XZXXQXVVVXXV-VXV.VV"X.VXVXaXX W - 'M V .V -1 5. . V P V, """ V 'fVL"v5':Vi3ffP1'fVw5.VV - I ' ' ' "V ' ' . ' z. , V.y?:.,:V X Vu' ' - 'N A V ' V V' A ' Hr . . - V . V .V V V. H if 'V f -4,1 M F u -4 ' , ' . A V v. X VV..' V "VX . V' V 37 v X ga. .mv X ' V V 1 V an VV , VX V ' X Q39-V V VUQ 'J5f,V'fVX 1 ., ' ,VW': f- V V 4 A.,,V.,X V V, ,X V V V V X X .- - V ,X V V A, 'VVV V 'Vif -A AVVWVQ 'X ' ,VM "" H if ,dr :fVVV.1:fyV ' -VVXX , VV, X ,. XX ..., 'WX V "5 X .V gg AX VX. . XX V. MX- V V.1"V,,JV .QVL A ,Q V. ' ' -4' 4:1 . 'w,'XX V' Hg: ww- '- .f-,L-F' pf: V1 ' 'f ' XX , X. VXZ. X V :XV M ,X X VAX 1 XJ. X J- VV V XX ,ASX V .W V ' V Am, 3 .V.'AV,XVg1"ii'95f,5,, X 'V X'yg,fr VV , V . VK? V V r , ,:-+ ".. 'f'm1t!".'5'd' 1 ' ' -'W , " -' ,V " , fa., .V 7 e,.1g-if V x V. - ialfv' " 1 'K' 1 :Vw-1, r '--4 V fs, uf-,VX4 .lm A . 'Amwa- I '- ' -Qw?"VfV ' V1y,Vf:"V'1"V 1 'V V HV A Vg VV-gg, Vg.. V V ,,... I 125 4 -V W. , ff V X..VVVX Vu-, Q. VX. ' ' . e, X' -.VU 'v V. VL-V -in ...".V, 'L .Aw .-V ' Y-, V- At, -3 , I I I ' 1 , V . 1 , X X '. . K1 . . , 1 'A i QE. . xi ' ' ' ' - VT' V VX , V -1, i 4 .J , V x V' X V.,gj? V Vhfrh -. The times of meditation and worship were central in our college life. We remember the Sunday services, the revivals, the intimate prayer meetings, and the chapel services which provided a break in the middle ot a busy day. We remember the many opportunities for Christian service on campus and in the community which made our RELIGIOUS LIFE fruitful as well as instructive. TIMES OF MEDITATIUN MID WORSHIP ii - i , 'J :fl li 4 h i l g ,Ss l l l it '74 ti l if i t l A ' l i i l i i i i ll l l l l l i X , lx I I I fx X , 34 ' ii'?L'4?'3i1'iii: To ' I s r y l Xi so ill ,Q 'li l l WX i . , S l lN7' -I l l K l ft ll N i S i i 6.- Dr. J. Glenn Gould, Pastor. PASTOR'S MESSAGE Dear Friends: This is your book of memories, and doubtless you will cherish it deeply. There is a song which has become quite popular during recent months, en- titled "Memories Are Made of This." lt is a lovely, nostalgic song, and it points out that memories have a content. What are yours made of? College memories are made up of adventures in learning, the discovery of new and thrilling truth, the satisfaction that maturing years bring, friend- ships that are deep and abiding. But E.N.C. memories have one ingredient which gives tone and zest and a greatly enhanced worth to all the rest: the memory of blessed and hallowed seasons of fellowship with Christ. Perhaps it was a time of peculiar inspiration which came to you in solitude, or in the company of a prayer group. Perhaps it was in a service of wor- ship, where hitherto unseen vistas opened before the eyes of your soul, or a revival service where your burdened prayer for some fellow-student was graciously answered. Perhaps it was a moment when there came to you from God a mighty accession of strength which made you under Him equal to the burden given you to bear. These memories add meaning to the whole flood which sweep over you as you turn these pages. lt is my prayer that memories like these will continue to hallow your days while life shall last. Your pastor, J. GLENN GOULD 90 ?"'! r...- . . Rev. Floyd O. Fleming, Assistant Pastor. COLLEGE CHURCH The Wollaston Church ofthe Nazarene, which is the college church, provides complete facilities for the spiritual life of the campus. Although it serves the community as well as the school the Wollaston church is considered the home church to many ofthe students during their four years stay. Stu- dents may become associate members of the church while keeping their home-town memberships. The regular church services, the Wednesday evening prayer meetings, the Sunday School, and the several revivals during the year all provide ample opportunities for spiritual development and well being. This year the Wollaston Church obtained an Assistant Pas- tor, Rev. Floyd O. Fleming, in addition to its regular pastor, Dr. J. Glenn Gould. Rev. Fleming makes it his job to minister especially to the college students. CHURCH CHOIR The choir at its regular Wednesday night practice. At the right is James Young the director of the choir and the Wollas- ton Church's Minister of Music. Seated J Ketner W Mullen, B. Wycoff, J. Cramer, president, D. Long. Standing: H. Cogswell, S. Henck, J. I Sutton, S. Fretz, B. Merki. ln order that our students have an exercised Christian faith, the Evangelistic Association was organized to provide opportuni- ties for soul-winning and experience in other types of religious activities for the Kingdom. The Association attords a means for Christian workers to effectively reach needy souls in many areas that would be otherwise untouched by the gospel of salvation and holiness. The Association has thus provided spir- itual exercise for the Christian youth at E. N. C., becoming the largest and most active organization on campus. This year's program has provided five areas of service: lll The Hospital Choir which sings in the Quincy Hospital and four nursing homes each Sunday. i2i Visitation groups which serve in four communities in- cluding Wollaston, South Boston, Quincy Point, and Holbrook. These visits are made chiefly in the interest of building up the surrounding Nazarene churches. i3l The Boston Nazarene Chapel which is not only dedi- cated to the task of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to men and women and boys and girls of Boston's South End, but also in attempting to establish the first Church of the Nazarene in Boston. l4l Mission group workers who hold services in the various missions of Boston, striving to bring Christ to many of great need. l5l The Army missile base of the 5l4th battalion, a new area opened this year to minister to approximately one hundred and fifty men who are without a chaplain. We of the Evangelistic Association thus believe that "The Fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he that winneth souls is wise, and they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever." Hospital Choir E. N. C. EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATICN l ,. an "rw--I Jerrold Ketner Ileft, bottom rowl director of the choir leads a group on a Sunday after noon. The choir visits nearby hospitals and nursing homes bringing cheer to the sick. 93 . 'Iff X f-SXT", ' f 1 4- , A ll fig. 1. a. cj tt'- 'VA Jeanette Morehead, president of the N. Y. P. S. The aim of the Nazarene Young People's Society this year has been to become a channel through which God could speak to us students, and an avenue through which we could serve Him. All students were given an opportunity to participate in their own District service during the first semester. Second semester the services were planned by groups like the professional women's Sunday School class, the professors and their wives, and the young married couples. One of the greatest contributions of the society this year has been in the administration of three courses: "Personal Evan- gelism" for future laymen, "Practics" for future preachers, and "The Queen of the Parsonage" for future preachers' wives. This was a year of "firsts" for the N.Y.P.S. It was the first year N.Y.P.S. services were held during the summer, the first year the Wollaston N.Y.P.S. took an attendance banner at a zone rally, the first year that bi-monthly singspirations were sponsored, the first year that "student pastors" were appointed on campus in coniunction with organization of the prayer "cells," and the first year in which a Lamp Lighter's League was organized. Again this year the society sponsored the spring youth re- vival. Reverend Kenneth Pearsall of Akron, Ohio, was the special worker and presented messages of challenge and in- spiration to us all. God blessed the N.Y.P.S. this year with larger attendance, bigger offerings, more activities, and a keener vision of the society's purpose here on campus. NAZARENE YOUNG PEDPLE'S SCCIETY Barbara and Ray Bowman presenting a message in song while Doug Peoples, the N. Y. P. S. song director, looks on. Hubert Mickel at the piano. d,s Seated: D. Ames, L. Shumaker, W. Kelvington, H. Chambers, W. bertson, W. Ellison, D. Henry, B. Koehling, R. Larson, R. Crew, J. Mullen, W. Chambers, D. Brumagin, A. Roebuck, W. Merki. Second: Ketner. Fourth: D. Mucci, D. Schnepf, K. Hardy, R. Merriner, F. Mac- C. Pearce, G. Hutt, R. Mosgrove, W. Sever, H. Parker, G. Stover, Millan, C. Patnode, D. Herron, F. Wenger. J. Fox, R. Soulia, M. Millbury. Third: L. Starnes, J. Carlson, L. Hy- Seated: G. Brown, R. Calhoun, J. Cramer, N. Crouse, President, Green, R. Mickel, D. Long, J. Jones, G. Benelli, C. Poole, T. Kosty, J. Morehead, M. Chapman, K. Keim, J. Fischmann, R. Everhart. C. Daniels, S. Fretz. Fourth: T. Fowler, A. Fernandez, F. Pratt, W. Second: O. Mason, A. Everton, W. West, W. Gorman, L. Chilton, Woodbridge, D. Grosse, M. Hassell, D. McPherson, D. Campbell, J. Mori, R. Scheidly, H. Stetson, E. Richardson, R. Parry. Third: D. R. Jarvis, W. Grace. MINISTERIAL ASSCCIATION 95 The Student Ministerial Association is composed of all those who have a call to the Christian Ministry. The meetings of the association are for the purpose of helping young men and women to be better prepared to serve God and their fellow men. Realizing the seriousness of their calling and the vast opportunities that lie ahead, this year the association's aim has been to encourage personal spirituality. Faculty members and visiting ministers have brought challenging messages and led discussions in which members participate. Howard Hamlin CHAPEL fl bf' y Q -i' so-Q ltllfl llllll llllll Students entering chapel. S ix", ntl' t 4. Dr. Mendall Taylor. J. Sutherland Logan, evangelist. 97 N STUDENT FOREIGN MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP i . rf, Je 553' F3 1455. 'n, sl ' 1 4. W p 4 .Ax .v.....-ir - If If Seated: J. Rose, F. Pratt, J. Kehm, Prof. Hunting, B. Kelvington, president, S. Lynch, E. Bass. Second: P. Fleagal, B. Nelson, R. Richetts, D. Biggs, P. Nash, J. Shinault, S. Sasao. Third: O. Mason, E. Cairns, J. Mori, T. Esselstyn, W. Gorman, B. Merki. Fourth: R. Mickel, R. Jarvis, R. Bigelow, D. Long, A. Everton. Fifth: P. German, W. Mullen, C. Gailey, H. Chambers. The Student Foreign Mission Fellowship is a chapter of lnter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, which is a national organization. Membership in the society consists of active and associate members. The active members are those who feel God's call on their lives and are preparing to answer the call. The asso- ciate members are those who promise to give missions its right- ful place in their lives. The purpose of the society is three-fold: lil To spread the knowledge of the foreign mission field to the students of this institution and thus helping them to fulfill their obligation of making Christ known in all of the world. l2l To help Christian students to realize and carry out their missionary responsibility, and to help students who are praying about the missionary call to know God's will for them. l3l To promote the close association of Christian students who are looking forward to foreign missionary service through fellowship, prayer for missions, and active service. This year we have been active in collecting, packing, and sending used clothing to our missionaries. We have cooperated with the local church missionary programs and offerings. This year for the first time we sponsored three missionaries who lectured in various classes so that the students might better understand the work of the missionary. This we have done "THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW HIM." THE MESSIAH Pianist Patricia Gibson and Organist Olive B. Marple. SOLOISTS: Frank Harvey, tenor, Betty J. MacPherson, soprano, 9 Esther D. Williamson, contralto, Director of the Choir, James Young, bass. 1 W T The Mansion I OO .I L ' S QQ I r ' .f 'H t J. . . A , SW' 3: , , fl ' I 3 " .' --if W 5 x 5, 1 ' if "y, 6 O: L, 2 an iQ E x A Z MQ. '7 EAM K, E gq .ap-.QQ--Q , 1-,Q--rv e 2 3 M K fx v ...,, .31 The parties, the noisy fun, the quiet times together all contributed to our days on campus. We remember the programs, the dates we had, and the inevitable snacks in the Dugout. The fail Sadie Hawkin's Party and the Spring Formal highlighted our SOCIAL LIFE at E. N. C. NOISY FUN MID OIIIET TIMES TOGETHER if '4 ll l in I 3 It IOQZ r fx 9 ,..q-1-1:E'9f3i ,riiiylmi ii it 4 4 I ff ,Hi-'We . 6 :lik-P-if HW Midi iliffff' vi HA iyf'1:E. qWQ Y i it Vwxx R- N-,giAjw'XVf'f ' f it m wx - .J a XX xi 'I ,A .ix fr' -, ' I 'x'4'i.1 X ,ffl fg:-11'tl1Q3 J :' lli QD l Val' J Dallas Muccn and Ruchard Schubert + Sarah Cleckner and Jeanette Morehead. .,..,.a'A-' CDLLEGE DEBATE Coach Charles W. Akers. Lowell H. Hall and Pershing Parker. Ronald Mickel and Hazel Goodwin. X1 O F ffl ff!! King and Queen of the Mardi Gras NN Our sidewalk cafe. The Macbelhs, recreated by Persh and Gladys Could it really be music? l O6 fl " f fe .3r,Q'7 1 x .Y r. 25 , rn v f I What next? Don'f worry, Donna, it's only a game. . Xl' ' U1 Some girls have all the luck. A rv ' s .Nui E' 01.37- :jiwfi QT S S, 1 ,N Man or beast? FALL PARTY lt's TWIRP WEEK, with girls running to and fro, climbing in windows, hiding behind trees, borrow- ing cars, securing small loans cmd finally cornering some unfortunate male. Having once been sub- dued most of the gentlemen quietly awaited their fates. "Mean while, back at the ranch" lMunro Halll the scavenger hunt was on. The girls begged, bor- rowed and basted costumes for the Mardi Gras, the climax of TWIRP WEEK. The excitement of New Orleans came to our gym with multicolored stream- ers, a sidewalk cafe and creole melodies. Can- died apples, cider and popcorn were devoured with drooling appetites. Hs lk i -ix, 1 is - Q 4. O Q ,-3 5 Q T ,293 ,,.i .-n-...'f7 he Who's the dummy, "Moose" or Bill? Dick Shubert sings, "l'm Yours." DeLysle and Carolyn give a toast to the Gay Nineties. , T 'N 5g:",x uv: . I no can marry both of them, so what l gonna do? Officer Marino arrests Will Grace for stealing an apple lO7 A meeting of a student faculty ioint committee. Q "Veep" Phyllis Collins checks the Calendar of Coming Events. lO8 Professor Naylor, student council advisor. TUDENT COUNCH illlllllllllilsrrvmg 1 Qy?i fijj C' ' 'M 4: n .lohn "Moose" Carlson, student council prexy. The first meeting of the student council this year was a dinner and conference at the home of President Mann. After the evening's work was finished, Presi- dent Mann remarked that he had never known a student council that had gotten more accomplished in ia single evening. This is significant of the accom- plishments of the council. The council felt obligated to be a sounding board for the students and to be a more active force in helping to formulate the rules and regulations affecting the student body. Besides sponsoring the usual Fall, Christmas, and Spring Parties, the council sponsored refreshments after the weekly Singspiration, films of general interest, and the piano concert given by Erno Balogh. The council obtained many improvements such as lights in the parking lots and a water cooler in the gym. The members of the l955-56 Student Council were as follows: Jay Bergers, graduate students, John Carlson, president, Howard Cham- bers, sophomore class, Phyllis Collins, vice-president, David Grosse, Sigma society, Betty Harris, freshman class, Henry Henderson, Zeta society, DeLysle Henry, Nautilus staff, Richard Lehto, Delta society, Ronald Mickel, junior class, Dallas Mucci, senior class, Pershing Parker, Campus Camera staff, and Richard Shubert, Kappa society. U ' 1 y nr Ronald Mickel, secretary, takes time out for some study. David Grosse, treasurer, checks some statistics. IO9 Social Editor Delysle Henry plans lay-out assisted by S. Rogers, B. Bedell, Editor In chief, Pershing Parker, prepares copy in order to meet deadline, The NAUTILUS has brought you these MOMENTS TO REMEMBER from the school year and from life at E. N. C. At times the iob seemed dittiicult, but after the deadlines were met the staff members realized that they had actually enioyed doing the book. The staff hopes that the i956 NAUTILUS is even more interesting than you had anticipated. IW' J. Schlosser and N Borden prepare write ups for Sports Editors Gerald l Ketner and Dave Benner NAUTILUS 'HF2 ., if i -1 l i Business Manager, Gordon "Pee-Wee" Young, relaxes at his desk. Faculty Editor, Willard Grace, and R, Metcalf, C. Riddle, and J. Morehead discuss yearbook ideas. Religious Editor, David Grosse, shows -fi-. . plans to B. Hemmings and E. Gery. .,, , sig., 'i lg inf' .. l -.' ' Tllilf 'V ll ll . if ' -1 7 Hutchinson. g M. Zitsmann, M. Boardman, and B. Loveless check prints with Photographer, Clinton Bagshaw. -cf c l f l Photographer David Burley chats with Artist Albert Wqkefleld, lll Class Editor, Beverly Ashline, instructs l.. Hybertson, D. Blachley, and D. 4 -S R' .3 Us . I f 1 X Q' ff' -s av- ,I X t I t i si Barbara Hemmings is pleased with this week's edition. CAMPUS C temp cgwii J K l .I 4 7- 1 I Y. Many willing hands. Dallas Mucci gets inspiration for a new story. To the students at E. N. C. and to their parents and friends at home the Campus Camera is a bi-weekly report of past activities, coming events, personal glimpses, and student opinion. To the editor and staff members the college newspaper is the product of varied tasks: planning, reporting, rewriting, typing, and preparing layout and headlines. Through these activities students gain practical experience in iournalism. Sharing ideas and working cooperatively to produce a newspaper which merits a high rating by the Associated Collegiate Press and the approval of its readers, is a chal- lenge to every stat? member. CAMERA Editor-in-chief: Barbara Hemmings was editor until she was forced to resign due to illness. A student vote elected Dallas Mucci to be editor for the remainder of the school year. '17 Business Manager: Dick Lehto. VV' Staff: G. Aubrey, L. Hall, G. Ketner, M. Boardman, J. Morehead, S. Cleckner, P. Parker, D. Hutchinson, C. Riddle, R. Bige- low, A. Clark, M. Moore, C. Galley, D. A x Henry, M. Mann, P. North, D. Crispell, M. i 1 soshoff, B. Bedeu, B. Euwood, J. Little. l Advisor: Prof. Spangenberg. Business manager, Dick Lehto, checks his records. Prof. Spangenberg, Advisor. . me if Q CWI if l -N, V at ijt' 5 ' Last minute typing. Staff members check galleys. l I3 - . 4 in W Y Seated: R. Parry, W. Edwards, F. Wenger, J. Mori, A. Hesemeyer, F. Pratt, D. Campbell, R. Mickel, F. Boden. Second row: W. Chambers, W. Sever, R. Cubie, G. Hutt, J. Fox, D. Mattmueller, R. Crew, H. Chambers, Professor Rothwell. Third row: R. Jarvis, W. Kelvington, R. Speakman, W. Ellison, A. Fernandez, R. Burke, R. Myatt. BOWNE PHILOSOPHICAL The Bowne Philosophical Society is organized for concentrated study in philosophy and theology. The proiect of this year was the study of liberal- ism. Guest speakers of various minorities presented their views on the sub- ject and discussed them with the Christian's point of view of liberalism. CHEMISTRY CLUB interest in the chemical field and fur- thers the knowledge of this science by visiting various laboratories such as the Eastern Gas and Fuel Association, Mon- santo Chemical Company, and the Esso Refinery. There were several informa- tive lectures sponsored by the associa- Q tion this year. 1' Seated: C. Skillings, L. Loveless, N. Sanford, E. Bown, W. Whitehead, E. Patmore, R. Landers, H. Marr, S. Cleckner. Sec- ond row: L. Burns, W. Stanford, R. Henck, A. Straw, L. Hall, E. Howard, J. Latford, W. Edwards, H. Mickel. Third row: O. Mason, D. Hammer, A. Koury, W. Krutenat, R. Krutenat, D. Penney, D. Blachly, L. Driggs. ll4 PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Seated: N. Borden, R. Swanke, S. Sasao, C. Gailey, Professor Knowles, J. Kehm, J. Bradley, B. Adams, B. Nelson. Second row: M. Pyne, P. Nash, C. Burgess, J. Merriman, A. Snyder, D. McPherson, E. Mellinger, L. Good, Y. Burgess, S. Cleckner. Third row: J. Scheer, J. Moran, B. Shields, C. Ward, M. Murphy, D. Crispell, G. Zeigler, B. Blaisdell, E. Johnson. Fourth row: S. Fretz, E. Speakman, W. Edwards, R. Burke, J. Chavier, J. Jones, A. Rose, R. Parry. Fifth row: W. Merki, R. Cubie, R. Speakman, D. Schnepf, J. Ketner, F. Boden. The primary object of the Psychology Club is to arouse interest in Psychology both in the department and the student body. Highlighting the year's fall program was a tour ofthe State Hospital at Danvers where diagnoses and various types of therapy were observed and studied first-hand. Films deal- ing with Psychological problems of marriage and childhood were viewed in the lecture hall, and speakers from various institutions in Boston were en- ioyed by the club. Seated: J. Kose, N. Mucci, A. Fernanaez, J. ueem, Protessor KO!hWell, B. Wycoff, C. Rogers, B. Bowman, D. VanSkiver Second row: H. Steele, E. Woods, H. Marr, B. Bedell, S. Wayman, P. Nash, M. Wheeler, B. Ramstead, L. Good, L Gomes.Third row: J. Anderson, R. Hersh, J. Radcliffe, G. Lantz, C. Gilchrist, E. Gery, M. Corrie, D. McPherson, A. Snyder, E. Sova. Fourth row: L. Driggs, J. Koehling, R. Parry, M. Bonner, M. Hatcher, J. Zurcher, D. Lewis, P. Whitehead, W Grace, E. Speakman, O. Mason. Filth row: S. Bowman, R. Cubie, J. Glass, R. Speakman, M., Mann, J. Ketner, L. Pat terson, D. Grosse, J. Chavier. SPANISH CLUB Los Estrellas, "The Stars" Span- ish Club attempts to give a definite purpose and meaning to the study ofthe Spanish lan- guage. The club centers its ac- tivities around the purpose of the promotion of a better un- derstanding with their Spanish American neighbors. This year there was a panel discussion on the new teaching ideas pre- sented in Spanish elementary grade schools. Travelogues, films, and a special party with a guest Speaker are all part of their program. ll5 Seated: R. Wyatt, L. Chilton, J. Radcliffe, G. Aubrey, R. Larson, R. Krutenat, K. Kunkel, B. Ellwood, L. Shoemaker. Sec- ond row: D. Laurie, C. Owens, L. Patterson, D. Schneft, H. Henderson, W. Fuller, M. Millbury. Third row: R. Burke, D. Brumagin, W. Edwards, R. Taylor, E. Blowers. AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB The Audio Visual Aids Club has a three-fold purpose as a service club. It is the first club of its kind at the college. The members sponsor the showing of films for the school programs. They teach those interested how to use visual aid equipment. The use of films, slides, and film strips are greatly encour- aged by this club in the classroom. E. Earnhart, C. Allen, S. Sasa Shinault, E. Bass. Cleckner, C. Skillings, M. Goodnow, B. Wycoff, J. Marino J HOUSE COUNCIL '- Il6 -IFF 4 . '..!J 42 LITERATURE AND SPEECH CLUB The Literature and Speech Club is organized under the auspices of Dean Munro and Miss Spangenberg to further familiarize students with con- temporary writers. lncluded in the club's activities are visits to Concord and Lexington and all points of literary interest in the vicinity of Boston. ln an in- formal atmosphere, the group enioys reading and discussing various aspects of literature. QQ CI Seated: J. Stanford, B. Wright, M. Boshart, J. Schlosser, E. Bown, J. Gidney, B. Ashline, S. Cleckner, D. Dinsmore. Second row: N. Sutton, C. Ward, M. Murphy, C. Gailey, L. Hall, R. Parry, J. Stetson, N. Haslett, G. Lantz. Third row: F. Boden, P. German, R. Schuster, R. Cubie, K. Alcorn, E. Speakman. FUTURE TEACHERS or AMERICA dents to promote their interest in the field of teaching techniques. The mem- bers have formed an F.T.A. in one ofthe local high schools. There are special speakers sponsored each year by the association, which have proved to be very interesting and informative. Seated: O. Cone, G. Kottis, S. Lynch, D. Penney, Prof. Parsons, A. Clark, P. North, J. Schlosser, E. Bass. Second row: L. Flick, B. Adams, V. Mastrobuono, L. Good, N. Mucci, M. Boshart, S. Sasao, D. Brown, S. Clark. Third row: J. Merriman, S. Rogers, J. Deem, C. Gilchrist, M. Moore, N. Wilson, E. Sova, J. Scheer, A. Hagerup, E. Woods. Fourth row: D. Mos-' baugher, J. Sanford, D. Biggs, E. Gery, B. Hemmings, M. Corrie, P.Whitehead, B. Blaisdell. Fifth row: B. Loveless, H. Henderson, K. Alcorn, J. Zurcher, L. Patterson, M. Murphy, L. Reed, E. Earnhart, C. Crofford, H. Cogswell. A J' CO Q.. 40 P . C ' .Q 7 Bl0LOGY ASSOCIATION Seated: B. Usher, W. Grace, M. Pyne, D. Penney, Prof. Babcock, J. Moran, S. Hamlin, L. Shoemaker, L. Flick. Second: B. Bedell, L. Starck, K. Kunkel, D. McPherson, B. Wycoft, J. Radcliffe, F. Tysinger, J. Scheer, F. Landers, D. Slaughenhaupt. Third: W. Gorman, D. Green, M. Corrie, E. Gery, J. Kehm, N. Sanford, D. Crispell, L. Moran, E. Johnson, E. Tiah, R. Parry. Fourth: A. Everton, D. Lupton, R. Whittenberger, D. Henry, D. Schnepf, P. Garron, D. Herron, D. Benner, J. Carlson, J. Latford, H. Mickel. The Biology Association provides an excellent opportunity for students in- terested in Biological sciences to further their study. The members have been very instrumental in the campus appearance this year. The Biology Associa- tion has sponsored many field trips such as mountain climbing, fishing, over- night camping trips, and visits to the museum. Students have acquired a great interest in this science because of the activities of the association in Seated: F. Landers, N. Wilson, M. Moore, M. Grant, B. Loveless, G. Grant, C. Burgess, l. Stan- which they can participate. ford. Second: B. Landers, S. Hadiian, T. Esselstyn, J. Latford, W. Stanford, R. Burke, F. Boden, R. Kyer. Third: E. Tiah, E. Cairns, M. McLean, K. Hardy, F. MacMillan, C. Owens, W. Mullen, K. Alcorn, J. Mori. E. N. C.'s foreign students are significant of the fact that the college's influence reaches beyond the shores of our own country. Although many of the foreign students are really Canadians who live closer to Boston than students from Ohio, some come ,,,,. from as far away as Japan, Nigeria, and Ireland. , dl 1 v 5 f Front: Prof. Williamson, F. Oddo, D. Mattmueller, R. Andrews, J. Roberts, J. Bradley, A. Clark, R. Metcalfe, M. Moore, N. Wilson, P. North. Second: D. Brown, N. Mucci, R. Swanke, M. Burley C. Ward, L. Jones, D. Lewis, J. Zurcher, B. Fountain, L. Reed, J. lnsco, E. Mellinger. Third: D Warner, P. German, D. Peoples, W. Krutenat, M. Mann, D. Lehto, J. Jones, S. Erbe, R. Calhoun Fourth: L. Burns, R. Garland, D. Blaney, W. Ellison, W. Whitehead, J. Carlson, J. Andrews, K. Alcorn, D. Grosse. The general purpose of the A Cappella Choir is to give students a chance to sing some of the choice selections of music and get acquainted with its literature-the old as well as the new. Much eFfort cmd hard work go into the singing of the Messiah which is given each year by the choir. The tour of the Eastern Educational Zone taken during E. N. C.'s Spring Vacation is a climax to a busy year of rehearsing. New York, Maine, Massa- chusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and Rhode Island were the states covered. schedel, R. Plunhert, B. Adams, S. Rog i s MEISTERSINGERS ers, Prof. Williamson, C. Burgess, V. Burgess, L. Shoemaker, E. Fields, J. Rose, l. Stanford. Second: L. Good, J. Sipes, B. Ziegler, E. Bown, S. Parker, D. McPherson, A. Snyder, S. Wayman M. Hall, J. Scheer, B. Yager, E. Woods Third: J. Radcliffe, B. Blaisdell, G Grant, J. Scheer, L. Moran, V. Cogs- well, E. Gery, C. Gilchrist, M. Shap- man, M. Lavin, Y. Moreland, S. Dillon Fourth: C. Daniels, W. Gorman, N Haslett, M. Grant, D. Johnson, M. Murphy, M. Hatcher, G. Ziegler, J. Sanford, L. Smith, O. Mason. Fifth: -44, A. Torsey, E. Blowers, R. Schubert, M. Y Millbury, G. Aubrey, J. Dreifort, W. Edwards, C. Poole, D. Long. Sixth: R. Soulia, L. Hall, C. Caldwell, L. Hybert- son, D. Hutchinson, B. Landers, R. Speakman, A. Straw, W. Stanford, i D. Blackly. I ilu A CAPPELLA CHOIR ml LQ .r- ,N ,, I ,ss John Dickson brings some refreshments to the party at Mr. Wells' ' l , 5 house which is portrayed on stage. The various talent numbers are 1 brought in as party participants. 44-,L Joyce Zurcher was the soprano soloist at the , ,il willll lll'ill Emcee Paul Wells congratulates pianist Hubert Mickel for his prize winning "Warsaw Concerto." TALENT NIGHT Muilytk Barbara Bowman, accompanied by her brother Sam, singing her second prize selection "Remember Me." Persh Parker, Fred MacMillan, Will Grace, DeLysle Henry, Dave Qualls, Jerry Ket- ner, and Dave McSaveny form a combo which provides comic relief in the middle 120 of the program. 2..- N '1 'fi 'Z 1d,xf' WW " 6 1 . , 'ri Q '-P 5'-IQ-w. '.'lT""' 1 1. .. ,Jf I 'e 5' ' ' ' Iv H ' " v -H nf .Q Q 1 v ' , ' ' -, 1 M! .3 I 1 '. 1, 1:91. 'wg' W-1 H7 -.17-'aa ' " " . ' 1 I 1 U ' ., 1 ' yy - xx - -- A 1g - I , . U . ' ik 1 is mi: ' 1, fb. 33 '4-1' 5' 57 .1 Q' ,fi 4 1- 1 1 1 1' 1-1 if ,1e1"1- '1'-1 '11 '.-'f '- .1 at-112 1 11 , 1, , N1 498 .4 V7 x Q . , , ' fiwf ' W1 '11, 1, 11" 1.01, .-'Oc ,' 4 ' 1' 1' -.M . 'AQWQ' H1--' 1, ,' . ' ' 1 ' - Q 1 111 M " 159 ' Q, ,LW ... X If Ysiffuqfv' Q. ' gn A 1 A !tIa 'x 'U . .j. ,H ' ' , . .A ,1 1 ' fr ', l .l 1 1 1.15. , .1 - . , --f, .1 ,, 1.1.15 L,-1, - 1 3 1 1.1 1 ' 12.-. "' ' '41 1 'iz -' r" 1 ' 5' v-'z 11. ' . 4 , . V AQ? J ', E -1 V V -v.-,I-in Y' 1 4. LI, .Q4 1 1" ' ' -" f - . " s -" '1 f' J 6. 4 A 1' 4' -. 'I ' . , I 'I ' Fug 'F Vx 3' Q , .- 1' ., ' 1 ,za I ' 1 b 1 A ' , 1 vu V S 11- X V.: '.,1TQ. R,"1 1 t' K 1 ff' .. , ' 1 10, , 'fxx wmv.-1 1 411.1-1 1 1 xv' 1 1 ' ' . - , Q ., J I 1 1. i V., ' , L, ,D 1 s ,. , xx yptdlf 1? . x, " 11 , 4 W 51 1 X fm x XQXVI , M' ' . , jf....m.1 , 'i , , 1 - 'S , 11.119 vw 1 ,f' T 92 ' 'sf qfhgya. H M11 ' ,MAVMWHCAMV 51.11 M I V I W ' A. .' A Xe. n A ,. ' . ' . . lZ,flw'?,L11- 751W -K .xv ,w',, I CW11 V iw., F J Y 'NW fs -.I H . ' 11111111' 1 'efJ"511f111 11 1 1' 1 T3 3, 12:1 11.4 .:- QQ, - W1 "M-11",' 113,11 "" 1 if",1, ' 1'11 "" 511, "1 ,351 ' W1 -11 H '47 ,. 1 1 J 1 1. X 11, X 1 . I My M 'X QAIZW l lt, W , . , V 111111111111 '12, I 1.1 ' 1 1 152, J' 11, 531311 ., . 'H 11. 1, 5' 7 1 1 14,1 ,um -F172 ,L Q, 1 1 FA '1, V1',,1:: 'V -.,' .11 '1 H .1 -4 11 W 1, W mf' , It wwyf ,6'w" "' ,, .-1' "' Z- 1 .. 'V 'fu ' is '14 W ,. - . 1. '-' -1 ' 1,1 . 1 15 u"'1'W "H: '1' . 1 WN. 5? 1- rl 1 iv ' , ,v .. 1'171' an-,m 1 1 11 1 11, 1, 1,,1 1,1 1 11,11 11 4 , ' , V, .1 ,-A Xa i I ,1. .5 1.. . ij,- 111' 11, - 1 1 , I ,-:1--A'r23'1'11. 'Sf' '-ff,-1.r,12fwz1 11+ 11 1- I' U V 3. E 1 11111 11' 1, ' M311 if 6 U - A ,.,.1:sff11 ,L 1 1 11 A 1163: ' lg: 1 1 1 , . ,f ,11-111, QQ,-91432. .-.r1.,6 0' ,,,1,,1,11,., 1?4AzbfQf .- 111, v u. -.ff-11, 11, mqqyi ,o.o,,::4h3f' P 4--'- , f Q ,1'1'11"k1lyff - n'7y"'5"4t'?11'1'.1, 1 - -2' ,1 '1 ,xr 1 f c, , 111111 - ,1 'WJ' 1 11111' ,1!y,1J " ' "WW, , 1 1 ,,1111111111111'1141711,1 11:1'1f1Q1, , 191W-'?Z111, 1 1 1 ,1111111111111,11,111H1111511114311 1,111,111,111 .1 1 1- 11 11 1 111111111111'11111111:1111,Q,.1W1g!11111'111411111L"1?-F111122121111111 11 1 11 11,41 i12:11W11111,11-li!1'Z'f11551"1 1111+115 j,11111111fJfWf' 'W'51f13311Wv?Q'j1'f3ff4?f'151 ' 1111' "111-N111 1 111111 1-1111 1'1 1 -"fn ' 111 1 1 1111 'WW11 1 1 1f11111111111111,111lZ11 1111 11 1111111111 1 111111211 1 1,1 1,1 111111, 1,, 1!,,.1,1,111.111111,,1,,1. 111,11,11 1111,1f ,W ,W . 11, .11 141.1 " ,11f 'f'111"CUQf'111i!1,11-1,1g,1LQ111'g'f' f'L"11 ':1-1 ",,1kj1i1fQf19 1 !!112f11,1111,,f1,-1:11 f11q511',114f1W 1111 1 My 11,5411 n. 1,11 1j11,,,,-,11 111, 11f141,,11, , 1:11151 1111 -1 , , 11' ' .-+1 1' " .4 I l R .., JA -' . .H . I John Weslow works on the painting of the Mansion l'J', 11,1 'F.::x :Cs IJ 5-n1i'. lg' Y., --.fum 'lpkl.0 o"'O-L !0 ' 'gl 'WA Hap' elf? .E . , .,.. mls. 'Illi- 'lllllllfi Q- 's ::,.,52', U., lrzl-I 1' ,,".-,. xv John Costley examines some plants in the greenhouse. John and Professor Babcock make E. N. C.'s campus blossom with thou- sands of flowers each summer. Tom Jones and Tom Fowler rake leaves on the lawn. l 22 vs W WJ.. 0 F WORKING STUDENTS Most of the students at Eastern Nazarene College work part or full time while attending school. Many work on campus as ianitors, caretakers, kitchen help, Dugout help, and secretaries to the professors. Others get iobs in the stores and factories in the prosperous city of Quincy. ""1ugF,,! E335 ,, 3 ,.- .,.,,w' Paul Garron cuts Bob Lynch's hair in the Garron-Burley bclrbershoo. Secretary Sylvia Wcyman gives material to printer Art Roebuck in the campus print shop. 11.5.-4 in 111 As UE gf , c-fox N L. "Moose" Carlson takes cleaning and delivers it for a discount as his way of earning spending money. Roger Speakman processing clothes in Beacon Cleaners' plant. 123 , Jack Smith and Betty Harris demonstrate an old E. N. C. custom-sitting in the Dugout. ,gg -- 4 tiff, WSW? Fw CAMPUS LIFE 4 Ps 325159 Q 100, L f-, .rt '.'1f:1,fgl1A-1',.f1Xl Joan Stetson and Wes Chambers listen to the Dugout's new record machine. Bill Whitehead and Tony Koury work in the chem lab. l 24 Q- i V X N 5'Wiwi i 'X i 16. E ' M41 Q." ive"'I.ff? 9. :nf in " Us , ,- af-w4,,5jQ -,,,,,m3 LQ mf, N 's , ii 'P-, K' W 1 35? MMM , 'i "Ma -A , " 33" Q sv. uwfgqt Wifi- ' 'ei . 5 gig: 73? 4' I if 1 i fl 'K Persh Parker is being initiated into "the cIique." V, f 5' A . 3 l J A5a ? . W- ,.., WM... ,nerr gg 1. , 4 1 . fm- W 4 J H .gi I ui 1,4 Q3 NY? , - i 1 'ici gg, Q ' . 8 Mi? ' 'A 'i . 1 ,.a,, ' Wit is , g4'7'y1 gl' i pw ,. n H 5 J.. is 'an A i'g,,j,g,,i-f -gg Margaret McLain peers out the window of her room to see who is outside. 1' iib Virginia Burgess, Sarah Cleckner, and Carolyn Burgess all dressed up for a party. Dallas Mucci keeps his dignity even when being caught outside with his bathrobe on. ,, th " , 'Lili . - .a' in be .mugg- An unlikely visitor In the Parlor. Professor McEachern at work in the entrance hall Munro Hall. fr '41 A I 49 i 2 -cl' 3' W I - 4 This year for the first time the Parlor in Munro Hall is open to all the students all the time. I. l The Student Council has purchased many games and placed them in the Parlor. The students 'fl Y l l above are playing "Sorry." I , L ,Q Mrs. Hiller, the Assistant Dean of Women. Mrs. Bowers helps prepare lunch in the dining hall. Mrs. Allen cleaning up in the college laundry in the Manchester. I2 7 5, 1 1 6' In the dish room ofthe dining hall. 4 .., 4-4'f'x K 1 ' "'! 34"-Lf L, I XT Q--1 Deltas putting together their "Delta Creme" Rush Day display. SOCIETIES I28 The four Greek letter societies provide one of the most popular bases for organized campus activity. Since each student ioins either the Delta, Kappa, Sigma, or Zeta society he has an opportunity to participate in the programs, outings, and prayer meetings of one of the societies. The societies solicit new members each year on "Rush Day" through displays and programs. The intra-mural sports are organized by societies. The societies are competi- tive, a trophy being given each year to the society which has accumulated the most points by winning at sports. The pictures on these pages are repre- sentative of the activities in which all the societies participate. Delta Council: Seated: Fred MacMillan, Chaplain, Margaret Goodnow, Secretary, Jim Laudermilk, Co ordinator, A. J. Clark, Vice-president, Dick Lehto, Stu dent Council Representative. Standing: Bill Webb, Trecs urer, Bill Sever, President. 495. Doug Peoples leaves to help solicit Freshmen on Rush Day. EAA Sigma Delta Delta Xl 1 I29 lb. I 3 fx if 1 ff lp W '2 ' J. fn ' ' A.. f 1. l Z1 i ,grin- l 1-1 9,1 W M ug, -tn. v 4 fa , :W 4"'v v . fi i . ?.,L:.." 1882-fM?"+' R ,Q-A-L ,jnsunuus lf' 6 Q 1 S , A lx, , Chai , .mil - 4:11 1: - f l , lf' .iif , I? " " ' ' 1 Az, 515245. UO U lf' TT , . f f G I l .J The Kappa Society held the society trophy for the i955-56 school year. Kappa Council: DeLysle Henry, President, San- dra Hamlin, Vice-president, Nancy Vecchione Secretary, Connie Skillings, Girls' coordinator Francis Pratt, Chaplain, Paul German, Treasurer Standing: Dick Schubert, Student Council Repre- sentative. l 31 1 A-Q5 5 f 1 ' f Q . U l 2 , Sigmos waiting to leave on the outing to the Blue Hills. The Sigmas went to the lodge on Ponkapog Pond where they had a big hom dinner. Ruth Andrews helps paint the Sigma Rush Day display, Paul Revere's Ride. A scene from the Sigma program "I Hear America Singing." ll vi pg., 4 'f 4? l32 3 pill SAE Sigma Delta Sigma ,,, jg , 32115, 'Y Sigma Council: Seated: Wes Chambers, Chaplain, Dallas Mucci, President, Howard Chambers, Men's co- ordinators. Standing: Jeanette Morehead, Vice-presi- 'V' fu' 4"'a'4 ,f dent, Clyde Haas, Treasurer, Emily Earnhart, Secretory, Vi' ' V' . U, V... . ,. an , . . . f, ' 25 " 5' ' . ' 'wif ,!yf,"v'. nf- Davnd Grosse Student Council Representative. ,- ' '.,,,.vQ I ,V -.Q Q. . 11, . ,' 1' - , .k - 'YM I "' ff'-, - V . Haj. "Qs" ,:.v -, 1 Za, 'lvl' I I33 Q 1 l E 1 'L x Beth Loveless, Betty Harris, and Mary Ellen Boshart rehearse a new cheer. 21573 Sigma Delta Zeta C? M 134 Zeta Council: Henry Henderson, Student Council, Hubert Mickel, Treasurer, JoAnn Roberts, Secretary, Jim Fox, President, Don Long, Chaplain. N'f' "Dean" Boshcrt and Jean Scheer working on the Zeto Rush Day display, the ZETA-TV television studio. 135 . Wy, . ,, ,wig . . 3 4 1' 1 'I 'T 5 1 The staff ofthe Nease Memorial Library 1 Q A ' . 5- . . ,,,. , 'Y W Y , Q -N- d '-...M --.. ......- ----M ,......... ,.......... - Q-., x , fl k 1 75' . , 4 .xr , V ll g 5 I . ' is ik ' ' ,Qs 1 V' Ge M T-., x 'Xl 1: S if Emerson Twining makes a sale in the Dugout before going tothe gym to hawk potaio chips and ice cream to the basketball crowd. I 36 Mi is -will A crowd gathers on the back steps of the Manchester to watch the brief fire in the heating plant. Student Council President Carlson gives the COUFICII gm to President Mann at the Christmas Party. The dining hall during the Christmas Party. fu, if S U- 5 'Q mf' 'U I37 1 Yi D0 :Wo A c, ,Q The games we watched or participated in were ci part of E. N. C.'s growing athletic program. We enioyed the inter-society football games. The entire student body thrilled when our basketball team defeated that of Gordon College. SPORTS were an integral part of college. THE GAMES WE WATCI-IED si ,P . .jg U Q x ltI?Q'l Q .: Q. lp. r 's Q4 FOOT E. N. C. football season came to a cli- max with the Red and Black on top with an undefeated record. The introduction of the two platoon system was adopted for the first time by all four squads, which made for stiffer competition than in years past. Mother nature was around with plenty of wet weather which added extra thrills and spills throughout the season. Chambers tries an end run. Grace goes up for pass as McSavaney rushes. BALL As the "55" season approached, all eyes were focused on the Kappas and Sigmas as the teams to beat. But, as the season progressed, the Deltas and Ze- tas made their bids for first place hon- ors. As the final whistle sounded, and all games were tabulated, we found the earlier prediction becoming a reality. Lashley looks for receiver Henry closes in on Jones ,' xg .Ag 4 44,-. if . " Q ' 1"f'4f'5n' f rf JA, imp ,4- nw Wes Chambers kicks of? to begin a Sigma Kappa game. 142 DELTA Front Row: E. Blowers, J. Carlson, J. Lauder- milk, D. Peoples, E. Sims. Back Row: K. Hedrick, F. Boden, G. Young, W. Webb. SIGMA Front Row: H. Chbmbers, C. Haas, W. Dodge D. Poole, M. Mann, J. Smith, W. Chambers Buck Row: Paul E. Wells, Coach, D. Qualls, J. Jones, W. Couchenour. Peoples for the Deltos is about to be appre- hended by Sigma Fefter. .fl-K ' 3 in" -L-'E .-bl. -.Q,!. ,Q-3, ,,:?,'4 -Q34 an-..1:.ifp. fr-ul? V 6 Q '1f""f..p 5,-'agar "hm W4-'32 - Dave McSaveny swerves to avoid a would be Sigma threat as he runs around right end. E, , 1. L1 - rt? . J.. , 5' vw P , W - " . ' L .. , ,,, . , . i,5"nt'4-vveiffngtai s - 1 x 'n Lashley pulls down Blowers in a Delta-Zeta game. A 4,42 y sl s 5 S' .4-m yan :ws 143 DELTA G Ricketts J Constantino, D Mattmueller M Zntzmann, E. KAPPA: P. Whitehead, E. Gery, E. Sova, N. Boetti "'I'l' NN" CLUB "N" CLUB Seated: D. Mattmueller J. Morehead, S. Lynch, D. Biggs, M Corrie. Second: W. Chambers, Pres- ident, G. Ziegler, J. Stetson, A. J Clark, C. Skillings, G. Young. Third C. Haas, C. Caldwell, Prof. Naylor Advisor, D. McSavaney, J. Sheets. 144 Willard Grace Delysle Henry SENIOR THREE LETTER 'ETP' ATHLETES These are the senior athletes who have played for all four years of their college career in each of E. N. C.'s maior sports -football, basketball, and softball. Jerrold Ketner Gordon Young Roy Quanstrom '55 - l an-,x l r l T lf E. N. C. Q X t Clyde Haas Gordon Young COACH: Carroll Bradley I46 Bill Webb Jerry Lashley Charles Caldwell E. N. C. added Nyack College in New York State to its schedule to make a total of three inter-collegiate games this year. Besides playing Nyack in Quincy, the E. N. C. All-star squad played Gordon College twice, once in Quincy and once in Beverly. The star of the season was big Dave Hutchinson who scored thirty points in the first game against Gordon. Dave is pictured on the Division Page. BASKETBALL x s Y Roy Qucnstrom .lack Smith Jim Jones Merrm Mann 47 Dave Hutchinson Howard Chambers -X ng.. x V 'in L 2 4 V , xxuia 1 N x- .. -e N . if 44 f ff 5- A .wr ,P ' .- 1 ifx g ' P, .. . Y' ' 3 1 it," QSM-w .iY.,, 1 ,1g .J,, U - Y 8 f ,291- A .' 'Y -.'1... S , . .- I , 5 t V , ff "5" ',,?.I--4' " l ' 1 . 'V Q ,. ' ,..s'1i' in. 'Q 1: ' 1 x' L if In 1' -l -f- v- K fi Bottom Row R Everharf W Groce F Shles J Wetzel Top Row: J. Chovier, C. Caldwell, T. Young, Coach Zeta Delta udermilk, W. Webb, E. Blowers, Coach Jim Cameron. 41 Q S 'WJ BASKETBALL Sigma Kappa Botfom Row: D. Henry, J. Couchenour. T Row: D. Benner, J. Sheets, D. L. Hybertson, Coach Jim Green. E 12 T ' '1- ,.. . . 1 . ' 1 Wllllll g..ff A A H , I ,A rw' , 5 i J 2 Q W L '.,AfZ, W E, A " VX "tax P' "1 M Bottom Row: H. Chambers, C. Haas, M. Mann, J. Smith, W. Couchenour Top Row: W. Chambers, J. Jones, D. Quolls, G. Gressett, J. Andrews, D. Penney, Coach Paul Wells. 97 an LA 1h , 1 ff v f w ,,d lit' 151 i Sigma Bottom Row: Paul Wells, coach, J. Radcliffe, S. Truitt, J. Long, L. Good. Middle Row: B. Fountain, J. Koehling, R. Andrews, D. McPherson, S. Cleck- ner. Top Row: M. Grant, N. Sanford, J. Morehead, J. Gleason, D. Biggs. Bottom Row: Fred Boden, coach, D. Mattmueller, M. Goodnow, J. Constan- tino. Top Row: A. J. Clark, M. Pyne, J. Shinault, R. Ricketts, C. Ward. VOLLEYBALL Delta Bottom Row: C. Skillings, coordinator, J. Mote, J. Rose, B. Ramstead. Top Row: E. Mellinger, J. Merriman, J. Stetson, P. Whitehead, N. Vecchione. Bottom Row: B. Harris, E. Wilson, C. Emery, Williard Grace, coach. Top Row: E. Good, G. Ziegler, C. Gilchrist, M. Corrie. Marylou Zitzman pushes one across in the tight Delta-Kappa game as Carolyn Ward and Joanne Constantino stand by. Kappa Zeta 'R ,M 'igni- 4. Q! C DELTA: J. Shinault, E. Goodnow, A. J. Clark, F. Boden, Coach, G. Ricketts, R. Ricketts. :.,. ZETA: B. Yuger, M. Hunter, C. Emery, J. Chavier, Coach, M. Zurcher, M. Corrie, E. Hcll. QQ! , o , 0 Rx f N, ' o X A X I "WP Af n, , 154 elta eta Sigma SIGMA: S. Lynch, D. McPherson, D. Biggs, M. Grant, R. Andrews, S. Joines, C. Allen. GIR ,xnxx ,auf I Ili I Ili L'S BASKETBALL Kappa KAPPA: B. Usher, E. Gery, J. Stet- son, D. Hutchinson, Coach, M. Mon- chester, C. Skillings, N. Vecchione. Doris Biggs makes a iump shot at the close Gordon-E. N. C. game. I r , fy f ...silk -4' ' avg, I ll I UIQ, If 1 4 ',.,.. .J- N: 1 4 fa vf . fi. 'Y ,1 XJ giw ai , f W i f ,J K 4 ag x 'W v 1 .9 I A 1 az' 'Q' E 1 ' s 4. va SN, x ' auf. " ,144 fx' 1 fn "?"92-' r , 551.-5 ,, ff- " "f5ff,3""h yswvfig fi-fi, ' TA few- , , f ., ,f ,,V N , lik. i,,j,,w, M mgmakyy , , A , .,,,g, , ,, ,D ,, , , . if v"+f , , , 1 u5?fg9fM,A:35.. W , fe ' 1, l 'A Q' ff : V f Q "gg, f ,,:.:,5 Uikzfif ,vga-:Q , k ' ' 4 v :Q-IW, Mtklrhyw , 1. f,f,, , 5,4 V , ' Q fu: . 1f:fm-:4- '- , f ,f P V, ,J-A f , 4 , , f, , A , mfg., WW- NE. gf' ' L . 5f?F 1 'R . wr. ff mmm- uv' ', ,wt f, , 'iefkf ww , 'fi' 'f A -X ,, ywf.. 1 , 7 q ipzr. iw ,' w , - ,,g,g,.A - A, The downtown stores and the hometown churches represented our constituency. We were able to come to E. N. C. because of the support of the churches. The yearbook stat? was able to put out a better NAUTILUS because of the stores. The ADVER- TISEMENTS in this book represent this constituency. nnwmuwu TORES Ann HOMETOWN CHURCHES f I i E35 Q Q D 7-71 Q 4 g1i3Y?,,i - 5 XXX, I I -1' 1 I 1 "The Mansion" EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE I MEMBER INSTITUTION OF NEW ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS f I MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN COLLEGES I FIRST FRESHMAN CONVOCATION SEPTEMBER 6 "Study to show thyself approved unto God . . II TIMOTHY 2:15 1 I58 f I Congmtulatiom to the Clan of 56 SIGMA DELTA DELTA SCCI ETY KAPPA SOCIETY CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1956 159 I . , Y . ,I it ll I E e 4 Congratulations li ! to the ! Student Supplies , Class ! Film Service Bus Tickets of ' Bibles 1956 . '1 THE DUGOUT EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 Emerson Twining, Mgr. 160 EEA F ' -E. .:,':-3, IH E 2? fdlafe! ide 4? 14' f rg W. 'X , T' j IIT YU? IIGSHIZYO IJWJU' 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 6 ...-.. -11 - p gi?-'l WHEN IN NEED OF Hardware Glass Kitchenware Wall Paper Garden Supplies Packard Paints THE NEW MODERN STORE "Easy Parking" RING CLEAR HOSIERY ca11Gf.2-0041 Quincy's Only Hosiery Speciolty Store MacFARl.AND Mrs. Naylor, Mgr. . , 11 Brook Street Wollaston, Mass. Congratulatlons to the Class of 56 YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED EOR MILK l H. P. HOOD 81 SONS Quczligl Dairy Product! Since 1846 I L l l s l A t l I. Ml l l 1 l l t V 4 SEE PETER AT THE Compliment! MAYFLOWER DINER 473 Southern Artery of Route 3, Quincy WOLLASTON 1 -1 MUSIC SH 19a Beale St Wollaston, Mass. CLOTHIERS T0 MEN AND W01VlEN Budget accounts for students of ENC 1446 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. Mac Gordon, Mgr. Granite 2-2948 OP BEALE STREET PHARMACY Russell S, Keene, PILC., Mgr. 649 Hancock, Near Beale St. WOLLASTON, MASS. SALLI GER . . LAHUE I C. BE 7- if 4, K 4197-Rub 5, -I GENERAL CONTRACTORS Lowell, Mass. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it --PSALM l27:l 164 HQWARD JCHNSON' FAMOUS ICE CREAM IN 28 FLAVCRS C liipiiliiclnts of UH 25 Bl!-XCKER 84 HOLLAND LUIVIBER COMPANY, Inc. 10 Newport Avc. North Quincy, Nl2lSS2lChllSCttS 'A' Your favorite household-brzuids of food products are packclgcd on, equipment HlllllllfllCflll'Cd by PNEUMATIC SCALE CORP., Ltd. Quincy, Mass. 165 MODERN FORMAL SHOP TUXEDOS CUTAWAYS ff G FULL DRESS 3 FOR HIRE 1639 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. I.-1.63 TEL. PR 3-7213 I I I I I G 1 I E. N. Cfs own waitresses - Dee, jane, Nancy I Congratulations from SALLY and FRANK ONTHANK Serving you from MEN's cl.o1l-:ING , FEATURING THE DoTTlE DUNBAR LUNCH GGG GG . Hammonton Park suits Baracuta raincoats I O 4 H k St 'r 1 5 ancoc ree ' Qumcy Hathaway shirts Jarman shoes Manhattan shirts Esquire socks 1538 HANCOCK ST. PR 3-9720 LODGEN'S MKT. INC. 32 cottage Ave., Quincy KARL'S AUTO BODY REPAIR CO., WHERE YOUR NEIGHBOR TRADES ESTABLISHED 1920 INSURANCE APPRAISING 23 GREENWOOD AVE. WOLLASTON, MASS. C. P. CARDINER 8: SONS GRANITE 2-8100 GENERAL CONTRACTORS Ready-Mixed Concrete Power Shovel Excavating GR 2-7706 99 Myrtle St. North Quincy, Mass. 166 v .--' QEBEQEGNEEIQEQEQSIQS xx i , "' fl "5 XL 'N 4 if 5.54 f A Tailoring 8: Fur Storage Pickup and Delivery SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS HOUR PLANT SERVICE 624 HANCOCK ST. WOLLASTON, MASS PR 3-7400 7 ,rf I 'lli:'n 'I'I'I , 1 U V' 19-' , .3 , Aa . 1 Y in V: :I I, PURITAN D0-NUT C00 WDLLASTON Fiomsr 141 OLD COLONY PARKWAY Geneva 6-8887 1- VISIT US AT OUR NEVV LOCATION QUINTS CREENHOUSES 1187 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. "Flowers Wired Anywhere" 679 Hancock St. Corsages - Bouquets - Gifts and Wedding Flowers Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere P. J. GORHAM, PROP. WO0D'S HARDWARE 81 SUPPLY CO. 673 Hancock Street Wollaston 70, Mass. TEL. MAyflower 9-1770 PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES BAY STATE and VARNISHES TOOLS - GARDEN SUPPLIES - KITCHENWARE S8cH GREEN sTAMPs We extend our cordial and sincere OFFERS TO YOU The Finest Foods Served Anywhere Steaks - Chicken - Chops - Lobster Sandwiches Desserts 853 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. Rt. 3 Gr. 2-9452 THE DAIRY KREME Soda Fountain - Dairy Kreme Ice Cream Hamburgs - Frankfurts - Sandwiches Luncheon Plates - French Fries Onion Rings - Fried Clams Fried Scallops - Fish Sticks Hamburgs From U.S. Choice Steer Beef Pure creamery butter used on grill Come to see for yourselves BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 WEYMOUTH GAZETTE PRESS Printers of Campus Camera ED. 7-0145 18-22 Station Street East Weymouth, Mass. WESTLAND'S SPORTING GOODS 1-3QU1Px115N'1' 1-'on EVERY SPORT ll Revere Rd. Quincy PR 3-1133 KA stone-'s throw from Searsl nssoro Pl.YMou1H SLYVESTER MOTOR CO. -INC- Local Owner Used Cars 68 Washington St. QUINCY, MASS. GR. 2-4730 Q. -HX Wm. F. Slyvester, Pres. Peter j. Harrington, Treas. Roncl Service Batteries McLAUGHLIN'S SERVICE 610 Sm 11 BEALE ST. WOLLASTON Wollaston Gr. 2-5032 "CITIES sERv1c:E', Tune-up CR 2-9427 Where Classmates Meet ERNEST C. HATCH Prescription Optician GREETING CARDS 1l-i NORTH QUINCY GARAGE CO. Duggan Brothers 131-133 Hancock Street North Quincy, Mass: for ALL OCCASIONS CHEVROLET 25 Beale St. Wgllagtgn SatleS amtl St'l'vit'c PR 3-1100 1 fn" 1--gr---P--1----e cc -e Qin F? 7 m-Q7-1' - K -, . sw-1: --.- -. P.---,-K 1-"'-Q7"'fi" N N965 ' 'f ff. 'ff' N' 1,12 IZ i 'P' 7 I v ffmnplimt-nts ol! v-,,...,-su-1 . --Q3-R, ,,,,,,.- QUINCY MOTOR CO. fl Soutll Slmrt-'S Olclt-st :tml I.zu'gm-st ' FORD llcntlt-r JL 85 Quincy Ave. Quincy, Mass. PR 3-6500 Y. . - ' .4t'l'x'it'c' on alll rnatlwx ul anus ' f nv XX I69 DEWARE BRCDTI-IERS South Shore s Most Beautiful HOMES FOR FUNERALS with Home-like Atmosphere Services Conducted From Our MEMORIAL CHAPELS I f Desired NON-SECTARIAN SERVICE ANY DISTANCE Donald M Deware Robert M Deware Qumcy Hmgham 576 Hancock St 179 Lmcoln St Rt. 3A opposxte Hmgham Pohce Statlon Gr 2 1137 H1 62698 170 Compliments of THE HARRIS COMPANY PORTLAND, MAINE Ship Chancllers Marine Hardware General Hardware 7 - 1294 Telephones, CApit0l 7 - 1295 7 - 1354 AND HARRIS Oll COMPANY General Electric- Heating Equipment Cities Serviee Fuel Oils HICKS 81 HODGES CO. 45 South Market Street Boston 9, Mass. 171 YQUR FASHION CENTER Complimentf OF ENTERPRISE M' STORES Q ON THE SOUTH SHORE BARGAIN CENTER 2 Wfashington Street Quincy Gr. 2 1414 Quincy, Mass. Cgl T1Llt56 Af 1 QUINLX S FASHION CLNTER 172 T T Best of Luck Seniors .l0l'INSON'S FILLING STATION Incorporated 700 Hancock Street Wollaston 70, Mass. MLM Everything for the photographer including helpful advice Photo equipment Developing and printing Movie equipment Color films 680 Hancock Street, Wollaston 70, Mass. PResident 3-6077 173 4 1oHN 1. CALLAGHER, Inc. Building Nlaterials and Hill'C1XX'ill'C General Offices and Main Yard 100 Federal Avenue Quincy, Mass. O Retail Store and Brancli Yard North Quincy, Mass. Telephones Pliesident 3-2600 PResident I3-8180 RICHARD GORMAN "Tim jewelry Store on Beale Sfrwff' WOLLASTON, MASS. DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS from 60.00 np Hamilton WATCHES Elgin Sheager Snorkel Pen STERLING: Wallace, Reed and Barton, Heirloom, Watson 9':'.:: I. L: GRANITE CITY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALERS 'I9 Quincy Ave. QUIYICYI M955 Telephone GRanite 2-6500 v i ALVES PHOTO SERVICE Braintree 6- 5 5 5 5 Agent for VVolvei'ine Porcelain Roofing Tile NORMAN W. PEMBERTON, Inc. SHEET METAL XVORK - SLATE TIN and CRAVEL ROOFING 141 Newport Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Office Tel. CRanite 2-5078 Associates, Incorporated 16 ASHBURTON PLACE Boston 8, Mass. CA 7-2150 STAINED GIASS WINDOWS Exquisite stained glass windows designed and exeeuted to suit the arehiteeture of your building. Priees vary according to the sive and intrieaey of detail. Imported, antique glass and ex- pert eraftsmanship assure unsur- passed beauty. Send for your Copy of our brochure, "Stained Class." CHURCH FURNITURE Our ehureli Iurniture is dislinetive and beautiful, in authentic period designs. Superb hand carving and expert eraltsmanship make our eommunion tables, seats, pulpits and other eeele- siastic-al furnishings well suited for their high purpose. We can plan our arrangements to mateh your present furnishings. Send for our free catalogue on ehureh furniture. I75 I I BEST DRESSED MEN I ON CAMPUS l Rent their formal wear it rl at Std? QQ Ei Freshly cleaned and pressed Tailored to fit you perfectly " The accessories are included .' at a nominal cost 4 i t r i Formal Wear for Every Formal Occasion TUXEDQ SHOP H 17 Quincy Ave. Quincy, Mass. GR 2-6510 5 LAI N E'S JEWELRY STORE I SERVING E. N. c. STUDENTS 667 Hancock St. Wollaston ? PR 3-7800 FOR OVER 25 YEARS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 1 nm. an 4' l IX 'AIA v 5 13 w 0 40 PEDIGREED runs og HUDSON coAl. Q NEW ENGLAND coke Q5 CITIES SERVICE HEATING on.s eb Q39 NATIONALLY FAMOUS HEATING EQUIPMENT GENERAL ELECTRIC WINKLER LP "VIRILIUM" LIQUID FERTILIZER A BEAUTIFUL LAWN WITH THIS NEW AND AMAZING PRODUCT SHEPPARD COAL Gu. 0IL C0 1520 HANCOCK ST. TEL. - PR 3-7200 opp. Remick's 177 SPONSORSHIPS EASTERN SHADE AND SCREEN CO. 104 Park St. Hyannis, Mass. 20 john Street North Quincy, Mass. PR 3-6889 HY 1895 ... -. . QUINCY TYPEWRITER SERVICE SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED One Maple Street Quincy, Massachusetts CREETING CARD SHOP 15 Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. The Most Complete Line of Greeting Cards on the South Shore WILLIAM I. SHEA 12 Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. Real Estate and Insurance Realtor - Notary Y.M.C.A. 61 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. Duane Building Sc Wrecking Co. Heussi's Texaco Gas Station Dr. Earl Stone, Dentist Wollaston Do-Nut Shoppe WESTERN AUTO Associate Store RALPH S. BISSETT, Owner-Manager Auto Parts and Accessories Sporting Goods - Toys - Hobbies Radios - Television 31-33 Beale St., VVollaston Ma 9-5550 i-1--1-1 .. LINCOLN PHARMACY Hancock Gt Elm Sts. Wollaston, Mass. . 1..l.1. COMPLIMENTS OF POWER'S DAIRY BAR Wollaston Beach For that late snack after study hours Copen 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.j . EDWARD T. DWYER CONTRACTING CORP. 55 Elmwood E. Braintree, Mass Telephone BR 2-1 1 ll WOLLASTON TAILOR AND CLEANER 690 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass Reduced rate for E. N. C. students 600 So. Atery Quincy 634 Hancock St. Wollaston 7 Elin Ave. Wollaston 17 Beale Sl. Wgllaston 78 ROGER B. LYONS ' QIIZYICIIAI, CO'Nl'l'RAC'l'UHS ,. 2 MN i 1 K - For Three Generations "X Iinilding NIllIIllCIlllIlCC Telephone 213 YVEST SQUANTUM ST PResitIent 3-5089 QUINCX rl MASQ BEST WISHES FROM L. ANTONELLI IRON WORKS INC STRUCTURAL STEEL - ORNAMENTAL IRON - LONG SPAN JOISTS BRIDGE RAILINGS - BUILDING SPECIALTIES 177 Willard St. lXIAyflower 9 3000 METHEREII 84 MCCAUSIAND 676 Hancock Street Wollaston 70, Mass. Plumbing and Heating I":5IIIII2lIl'S I"lll'lnisIlt-cl fill 2-5468 NEW HANDS How grateful we are to acknowledge another evidence of the Lord s guidance in the leprosy ministry. Crippled 1ingersT the "claw hand" - may now be made straight again We are thankful, too, for the continued support of the faculty and students at Eastern Nazarene College. AMERICAN LEPROSY MISSIONS Edward R. Broad, Northeastern Secretary 14 Beacon St. Boston 8, Mass. The cooperating agency of all boards UGO- ' -a"'f1feaf"" tiac n c , Q rajfe-i s w a 1 h 'ne 0 O 0 you and your Publishing House are in the world's greatest business -that of winning souls to Christ. We are yokemates in disseminating the full gospel to the whole world by the printed page. With one mind in beliefs and objectives and loyalty to our church, we can do much for the Kingdom. Let's keep strong ties within our church family. Noza rene PUBLISHING HOUSE ,PASADENA ,KANSAS CITY ,TORONTO 180 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 REMBRANDT STUDICS OFFICIAL SCHCOL PHOTOGRAPHER Q NEW ENGLAND J. C. Albright GOD BLESS OUR STUDENTS DISTRICT District Superintendent ADMINISTRATION, 81 FACULTY AT E. N. C. 183 ,Mr if , BEST XVISHES FROM . MAlDE CH RCH Back of E.N.C. with Faith and Funcls Publish the Timeless Message in a Timely Manner Clzurclz: Judson Square, Malden, Mass. Parsonage: 236 Hawthorne, Malden, Mass. Ministw: Alltllilllf' B. Sampson Minister of Music: Harold Stetson Congmmfpzfzbnf Clary of 56 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE EVERETT, MASS. Rev. Alton H. Swift, Minister For Christ, the Church, and the College CAMBRIDGE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 234 Franklin Street Cambridge, Massachusetts SS. SIIjIf'l'lIlfl'lllIC'llf john S. Burgess .N'.Y.I',S. Prz'.s'i1Ic'l1f Cr-urge NV4itcr1nni1 .N'.1"..lI.S. Prz'.s'illc'nf MTS- Mable Randall Our B4-st NVishcs and Prayers to tht- Class ol 1956 tfL.-XRENCIE L. ARNOLD. Pastor Congratulations Church of the Nazarene 51 First Street LOWELL, MASS. SERVICES: Sundays: 10:45 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. S.S. 9:45 a.m. - Y.N.P.S. 5:30 p.m junior Society, 5:30 p.m. GOD'S BEST to the Class of 1956 WEST SOMERVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Prayer Meeting Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Elm Street at Russell "A welcome to all who attendv HC211' Davis Square ERNEST R. BRADLEY, Pastor W6SfS0mefV111f,MaSS 247 Beacon Street Lowell, Mass. NEW HAVEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 79 Lawrence Sf. New Haven, Conn Rev. John Gardner, Parlor 1 C'ocl's best to the Class ol' 1956 185 .tm ' x Q' CONGRATULATIONS from X'- ' ,. uf' ' if -5 iliffi'-1:-. , ' I:"':.I, -5425522523 F. 32554 50 "E 4 ':" X, -I ""' I 33, ., ff. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3' .rf Ac ' .1 :1fa:E2:s f 25. 42535 ..f'5fZ.':f.. .'IQ?5?3ii5553?fS -- 5:51-' -2-5 'Q-Y -jf- ':5:g-,.3. " -623-::jZ555E2.,1":g.:., BATH MAINE A' -: .:::- f f ,gi 5: A ya '- 'ff:f:q.,.., .in f"-12:21, 'V W -"ff -33.-1? 2112 fzi:--.-:-:H -"TrErE2T'E2-. 21,234 1 X -:-q:+- '35-. .1 '-:-:-:' -Q-r,S-:?gEE43:3:-V. , .. , si 2' fs2s22E2f1:-., " ' 3?'7:5:"'i3"-.: " ?5iZ'7??f "'3QEigs:1..4.gj I" ,A ggi ,Q fzfzfi .. ' f M -2j' w- "3 '97, "7'f:fE:3:f:f:3.1. . '39QQ.g- ,iiggtfzitfz-,. '-1:E::5,5 .. .. .. ' 51' 'zfgff'-.': 'JF' f'5:rxf:Qv 'V .-ffvhtf 55:55552555555251:-.-Q.. if "-.,Z:'ig3'I-.-:iz-zz..2152 R .I L I C P Wwszr, 1 "1..'3v51.fi ' Ei2z2ssf2ze:ff2s2a2ef:2212222221. ev' - Ya 3 OUU, 35f0l' .. gf- ,. ".1g:qfgQf A HN- ,.f- 15522551552 " 'z:3:z'ev2:2:s:s.1..:z:s:. r 7275 '-'q:::::.. , 231. ., -4 1513:-' '':1:1'1:5:i:2:1:54:?:-H. Q' q1:1zs.- f I... ...3,..g. .-4. . - --.-..,-gg., . . , , Az, 5. 5-.g.g.g.,.g.5.g.3.4 143. 713,14 Q1 We 'N . .. V' ' if ,,.. 9 , 0 . ...... it ass 0 "7ffgQfE::.,XE:ffff?if:Q:f.Qf f E 322, H i jyf 4 2-,, -M ., ' if, iQi5g2Ef2EQiE5ZEiE5E,. , ei' 15" 5ii:E?5fr55' :-,.:.-La '-?iii2.E::fSQ?i25'1 :?Z?1 f.+zf.fC ff fi? f i- ig? rf' 1-. az -:f'-:4 ' 2-:-:Q "lb:-:-sr. ' ""S+":?:1:"' 55: '31 1:2 52:5 : Ig? ig:5:g:g2g:g:g:-:5:g:55t5:::: a ,:3. : Pl ,:-,jLi:3::::2:::2:Q55Q5 gg? 1,1 41:3 5:gg1: ::t,,, Q52:E:5:E:f:? "" Eugene B. Oulton, S.S. - ' 3,1511 -: :gv:g:-.-.I Eggs! . Q12 Egg- 5-Z.. J. ,Il 4. 71 D :::f:f:f:2:I: SN 0 gig: 3.4.3, 5554- YW-i:.,I5,',M-1 V VV 4-,.:.' .-I . pigs. ' Q CW ...?3:2S 1-2. 1 122. 512ii,:I'-.7'Q:f.1.1.. X. ' ::.5 s:1 sE3S..i'f. 1-1: .- ,?90l:1:?EI1f5?E'EI-' A- ' "5 fiiff :'EGff:2'fE-E-'f. - . . .-.Q25filE:g5:fg:2:fEf5Ef22?5fff'f1:"':l1 ,-213355: 215152522515151ffE1EZ2I:121Ei1?351f - I -.3---3:-2'-55:-' -- . " 1:f'f:2rQ:f'f:f'f:Q--gf-.,.,:-.1glgrgrn,5,2-'g',:g:ff3, 3. H 3.1.5:f:Q:f5'5Q:f'2'2134:15 2gggf5:g:g:3:::g:315:55:5:45 1 3 Harold Ricker, N.Y.P.S. Pres. , a515:5s:1:,fr,-rlzgrtf, ' Q' ,gziE5f'?fE2?5Eff39555355551 "21E535P:3jE5:, . IV" ir?iirIrE:fmerri?gs:'S5:: 0 . " ' 'W":?"-'3" :'2ff 1 f - 1r :1:z-Si.-.?.3.:Z35.,..'.rf:35?f??Yi1:w2S', .. . . uf. "fl" ' - Mrs. iWatt1C Cornish, N.F.M.S. Pres ' 'we ' If -.ff A" , -15 fQ'W'?'F5121:if3if11'iii?132322if'iff'Ei?f??Z?2fI?E1iEf-f?5I55fffZEEf3"9'i"'e 1" as ' ' ' - - 1 . W Building with V1s1on" . 'Wm C107'lg1'Zlf1fll6lfl.07'l.f 1"01'l'l Sunday School 10:00 A.M. N.Y.P.S. 6:00 P.M. WALTH M Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evangelistic Service 7:00 P.M. of the 33 Myrtle St. Waltham, Mass. NAZARENE C. 1. WILLWVERTH, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLASS 0' '56 Haverhill, Mass. from the R . B. H. M b ev at my CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Hearty Congratulations Are Hereby Extended to the D, Valient 1956 Class of Eastern Nazarene College Rich in Tradition Holy in Purpose Inspirer of Youth Loyal to the Bible Light Bearer of the Truth Irving S. Jones GREETINGS from the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MANCHESTER, CONN. IN LOVING MEMORY Rev. C. E. Winslow, Pastor 'of Q-3, XVillian1 QBillyj Davis jr., who passed away triumphantly November 29, 1955. Farewell words to parents: "I am tired, when I go to sleep l'111 not going to wake up. I'll say goodbye now. I'll meet you in heaven and we will walk the golden streets together. Goodbye!" " "'-.vg: -, '--,,-,-.f---- . 1' , 11- .-. , - H C 187 SOUTH PORTLAND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ,f' ,-rf' dxikx A '+A - -'ix AHS -H41 H Ik - II 1 L g TO oun HouNEss confer . 75' - YT 9 A QQ Q . we PLEDGE oun Love AND l.oYAl.TY 8, " I f 'i.XY H-if 5 5 la 'WN ' I I QFn?v7Wif2'l?m5HI hx i g M IESUIQQE3 SQ a mfg A CHURCH lg Sv ,.,,I.,, M : R. E. HOWARD, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1956 CHURCH OF THE NAZAREN E 250 Franklin St. Framingham, Mass. 176 SAWYER ST. SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE 188 DEDICATED TO THE SAVING OF ITS YOUTH PAUL S. KAUFFMAN Pastor W0llASTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE W0llASTON, MASSACHUSETTS The College Church a s' ,i ,""w Our Proposed Church Building THE STUDENTS' CHURCH N'-' HOME AWAY FROM HOME 4239 Rev. J. GLENN Goum Rev. novo o. FLEMMING Assistant Pastor P0907 james R. Young, Choir Director Miss Patricia Gibson, Organist A Dynanzir Holiness Ministry the Year 'Round T89 AKRO DI TRICT C. D. Taylor District Superintendent Congratulates the Class of '56 E. N. C. TRUSTEES ADVISORY BOARD Rev. Kenneth Pearsall Rev. D. D. Palmer Rev. C. D. Taylor Rev. Clarence Haas Mr. L. W. Durkee Mr. L. W. Durkee Mr. Dale Powell Mr. Harold T. jackson District Office and Parsonage Nazarene Center R.D. 1 Louisville, Ohio l9O 'inn , QK-,ag , I H.. AKRON FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE W. Tollmadge at N. Howard on Route -if 18 Kenneth H. Pearsall, Pastor .ai Z Y Z N f"1R Z CONGRATULATIONS Quentin Caswell T0 THE Assistant Pastor CLASS OF '56 - 43 Q l . 191 lu CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS from from ARLINGTON smear Church of the Nazarene CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE S. Linden at E. Summit YVILLIAM R. THOMPSON, Pastor . . 1. A. RODOERS Ralph Music S.S. Superintendent I , Pastor Miss Evelyn Claytor N.F.M.S. Preszdent Hanford Gunnerson N.Y.P.S. President Charles Shickley Sunday School Supt AI'ZZ1 Baker Chu1'Ch T1'6clSuT6T Hilda Williaiilson N YPS P1 eszdent The Church With a Warm Welcome Wikia Foley NI MS Resident Mrs. C. R. Flitcraft Chznch Semetary john Loomis Church Twaszuer Hilton L, Bunker KENMORE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Iona Ave. at N. Twelfth St. AKRON, OHIO A- XVlun in Akron Visit with Us , .. .qz Minister .s2.I ,.., A " 'M' .T 1' , . .:.-w rv 5. fy :Ir . VVC I '::EE , ' ,.., , ,Qgffdff X 1 ty an 1 'fy' -"T-gggggw 'E "'f:':.' .' W"""W if " V I .. JI. . ff " - 4? Q ' 'J ,,qe2'ggiE2E:11e Congratulute .2 ' f ' 2 " 2. 2' ' 2 ' - ., . ' wi 4 zz.. -wff -1-I-.-fy. - 1--4f,s.s:f,.'agar- 1. ,1,.:,...11,:..- the Class of 1956 HH:-+1244 451'-.. 1' "2 f':sI-21e11:s2eM53f4 Mfcwil-:asif222:.-:a:a2a2zZ12i'1ai:2:':2.2.::.-1--f-Zs2s2':1:11 ,I....:1 2. .. . . fa in. 6. V 1512.5 .E ......, 1 v,....1,.tH I 6-15: 1- ,,,,..gE and Pledge ,O if 'iaisafiigfi M.. C - if I K ' H " jriglgigigiz. 5532535221: 11:v:5v155ki,"Ij2fg1j ,,,, ff'-" 'rw'77:.ggiE5131!5E5E5E3EEE5E5E5EEEZ55 -Z:Ef'::.-:Z'E:E4:5E3? " , 1 ,On tin ned i115.5f2Q5Q5fsif'EET -A1-- ' 4' . 1 i xx - ' N-L SllPP0lf 1" lf-' .2 122122223.if:1r:1ssz2:ff..s2i'212i"1252-11: ' -' --5 ' 30' HEY- 'WZ 'ifiiiiigir "" :':I5:f:I5IfI 1--I f'Zg2,. f5'r2r2f"' . E?E21355552555555553-:F'ff "-' ilEE55525:5EQj:rE5i5E5::1:1:-. i .5525Egi5S5E:E553E- -' E5E:E:3'5fE5E3EH:g:Qff253 'I' 522125 f01 ' J '2" E.N.C. ' A. 'ulhli 4 - """ .,,.....5:f:a2e2e2i2Qflii? I ' " ' - '- ..,..., I, """"" l92 GREETINGS T 0 FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY OF E. N. C. CANTO FIRST CH RCH OF THE NAZARE E 1 55:22 1 Q.f.2QIE1212121253:11I1:I:3171?:Ti:5:7:ZZ2:Etf3fEi:E:f:5:52:f:Q:3f:2:f:2:Q:fi:5:2:5:3:3:j575'3t5:32:3. 1 ,. :'12 .1. - A.I.1,,g-v- - H " - r'-.fgi:23:3:53:53:51:25:-35:59:13:3:5:,:,:3.3:3:3:3:3,f 11 " 1255235525525QEQEEEZEZEQEQEQQ :E1f3i323:::5. 'LEZE:Q1ZZE:E:2:E1E222EZE2E'fi2fE. . , '-'-2I-'4'-I-I-I-I'f'Z'I-I-I' I I-I-1-l-I-I-I-.C .3-:gQ:QL::f:f:g::f:i:1:3:3::::t. 3:3:1:I:::::5:3:::3'::::1:,:g:, ' 1 " . ...':'1':'1'Z'1'I'T-:I-I-DI-I-"'- ' -.i:f:11f:2:fi:f:Q:22' "1':Jf:2:Q:E:Q:Q:f:Q'f:2:k2q 3 . ,?g:::5:5:4'Q.-L-:g:gry.-353:-:::g:5::fg5:Qgg1:, .5::.f::::Eg -Z w.- m 4'-' "-I-5:-:-9:-:-.A.-.-,+ .-5: , . ,- :Ag-5. 4.-:5g:g:g:g:g:3:g?:g:f:,.,:- :3.:,.3 3:,:1.:.:::.:.k ..g.:.yg.g.g.g.g.g.g.5.-4.- -:-::-:-:-:+. :-,-:-:-., :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:4:- . ,,.13:,-4,:,1:::3:- .1:1:- -- -'QQ2:5:f:5:2:2:E:fg:5:S:5 A 1-,EIT-2:2"":1.I:'i:f:1:2 ,:Q:f:Q:f' '- qgtglglglgtgigig:g.gtg:gC- -- 3?-I:?.3:3:5.' Q:f:3:f:Q:2:I ' jjzyzgjzj:1:Z:1rI1I111Z2-. A A It 11" "1 fr: 1.11195 , . :2:s:s:s:ez:z:5:z: ,2111115-I'1:21aa:a:2:a:a:s:s::.1... f: i . ' -2:25:2523Z:Ig2:ZjZgZ:2:25I:2:?- ,3I:I3'II:I313I52:23Z:1gZgIjIgkZ:C:1gZ:Z:lj f l- ' . 14:-:-:-14:-:A:-:-:-:-:':-:-, 'g'.g:51g:gig:g25:31-:gg:5:5:g:':g:g:g:g:g:::g:g:: :Q " ' ,. .::1:5:2i5Ej "5fE1EFiiiigifiififiiirgl QI211I215IE15IEI555525SEIEZEQEEEEZESSZESZEZQ , A 5' ... :7f5f5f5f3f5f5f5fCfff- -zlzfzf' " 35321-,-lifififlfifiiffififf:f2SfZf:Z2:Q2:2:2:f2:2:E1 ,.,.3.3.532525257:725Z5E5S5Z5E5Ef25E5.-:-.553E55':" :EE5E535EEEQEQEQEQEIIEEEEl5E231?:!SE5ISi25iE5255E2f1 ,. " ,4:55:5:5g:::::,:2?5::g:5::5g:g5g:Q35gpg-' ,.f:5:2:5:2:5:5g:g:g:f9:g:::::g:W "5:3:g:5::: 1. ........ ........ . V -1: ,ln 4 ....... , -, , :f:-:-.-.- v:g.5,g4.f .- 1: . :-:-:-:-:-:-:-: mag- -4.-M' -4. j.5'f 1" z35:3:Q55512:5132111151:1:l:2:1:Z?:5:2252:f.g2:2:g:2:E:E:2:222:2:f .4 A, 5.g.5.:.g.:.5.:.- .4.g.- - , -. 1,:3:::f ,:::::3:- ,.g:1:g:5:::5:g:-'-'::::::-'-:::g:-:- g.,,.5.g.-.5.:.:.5.3.5.g.:5.:. 1? i ' -1f:1:fr21r1952S1E1Efs:1?QZ-itkiszrfs12-255'1121111:r:1:1:1?Es:r:1?Er:r:51?-'.::Qi3:5:5:51g:535:,:5:5 1. 1:15:1:2:1:1:5:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:43:g: :53:Q:-:,:535:555:35xg:515315::g:g!:2:1:1:5:22:2''.fy-14-zgbzgz::,:g:5:::5:- -1 ' .1'5'j:2:-:5:E:2:2:f:Ev2:2:1'5'j:- 515:-:3.5:-:I-,:,:5: 125:-'5:1:::5511.-'-'::g:5:g:g:g:-gr' 5- '.5':5:2:1:13.g:::-'5:::g:5 11, ,M 25:52:E2:r21:rs:1:r::Eir?:r:':1 11::i3:fff?Qg:gi:3:3:5:3:35ZEf: F:?1,g53:5Qig:g1g:gE:--1:55:53 REV. D. D. PALMER, Pastor CANTON FIRST IS BACK OF OUR SCHOOL AND PROGRAM 1007, Congratulations Seniors of '56 BARBERTON JEFFERSQN CHURCH 0F THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ""P"C"" of New" St E.N.C. Are letters that challenge our youth along educational and spiritual lines. Barberton, Ohio PAUL E. BAXTER jk., Pastor 193 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Hayden Avenue at Claiborne Road East Cleveland, Ohio JAMES E. HUNTON, Minister Congratulations to the Class of '56 .r X w ,' X L ,X X . E5 "fi--' - -, , . ad- - PRESENTINC FULL SALVATION in the BEST LOCATION IN THE NATION 194 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE St. Cloir and Walnut Streets Eost Liverpool, Ohio Lloyd D. Morgan, Minister CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 A , .. gb f, f y 0712 aw? ,.Ma:4.1:f.wf- - ,gm 4 N A My ffff ,Ky f , . , , "f'f4'7 I f ,. f gg, wh 5.-,3g..,gQ5yzgf,,64.,1,,2 ,aiijgywg ,A . ,Q ,, I - an-,M ,gf .- ff . , ,, C' 401, W- . 7 f , M A 1 X if f , f ff ff ff ,W , , ,., -J f , , -ly. -,4y,'.,.n.,3,: jQ gf, f V :I , I 3756215 QP 4 ,Q ,V .341 V, . .Q t -r A ' " f .. ', 'V"f"LQ2,2-if W'g7'2'yZz?'.,, ,Nc -2 , , -. ,r ,V f,w,,,f,f,v, WW, 4 f I E W 'f-gf, 65, ffWfffk?m, , I A v mAY,,..,--v""""Fn0 ,mw- .. is .ra- BOARD OF TRUSTEES Charles Edwards, Ch. S. S. Bennett fy., , 'rr I' 5 FE ti W rw I J J rg, We fr' I 3 '- -xiii 4,m..f1z,3 irf . William Greenwood Nat McKinnon T. Rice Lloyd Bowlby Qdeceasedj B. H. Bucher Stanly Rice Charles Dunlevy l 95 CONGRATULATIONS from FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO J. D. POOLE, Mmmer Congratulations ana' Sincere Prayers CONGRATULATIONS AND SINCERE PRAYERS for God's Blessing on our TO THE CLASS OF 1956 AND TO E.N.C. Class of '56 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SEBRING, OHIO Riddle at Meridan St. George O. Cole Pastor You will enjoy the spiritual atmosphere and friendliness REV. H. V. KYER Pastor of the Sebring Nazarenes. I96 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cor. N. Lyman and Maple Streets WADSWORTH, OHIO Rev. Carl Hanks, Pastor Norman Collins, S.S. Supt. Lloyd Shue, N . Y.P.S. Pres. Lola Dawson, N.F.M.S. Pres. Mildred Durigg, Church Secretary Paul Krabill, Treasurer "A Small Church With a Large Vision' FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Warren, Ohio Buckeye at Mulberry, N.W. CLARENCE I. HAAS, Minister GOD Our People Are Loyal To You l97 BLESS E.N.C ALBANY DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Renard D. Smith District Superintendent District District District District District DISTRICT OFFICERS 'I956 CALENDAR Morris E. Wilson -Church School Chairman N.Y.P.S. Convention April 5-6 n ' y G Mrs. Harriet Smith - Nazarene Foreign Missionary Society Convention May 14-15 Missionary Pres. Assembly May 16-17 g Roy Carnahan - N.Y.P.S. Pres. Canipmeeting July 20-29 Arthur Fallon - District Treasurer Preachers' Meeting Oct. 1-3 Morris E. YVilson - District Secretary DISTRICT OFFICE 106 W. Warrington Road Syracuse, N. Y. 198 Congratulations from the 4014! Qhwiclz of Me IV Cedar and Holdridge Streets glnuha, New Weak A reverence for the past- A program for the present- A vision for the future. STANFORD E. ERNEST, Pastor 813 South Broadway Telephone 2-2124 THE SINGING CHURCH OF ELMIRAH Congratulations from FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Euclid and Hampton Streets TRENTON, NEW JERSEY er e,,o o , Boyd M. Long - PASTOR A hearty and friendly welcome awaits you. CHURCH OE THE NAZARENE Ninety-First at Reed Niagara Falls, N. Y. Everybody Comes to Niagara Falls! - Attend Services With Us While You Are Here 1 We congratulate the Class of '56 - Paul S. Gilmore, Pastor LAKE AVENUE CHURCH 0E THE NAZAHENE 99 Stonewood Ave. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Congratulates her E.N.C. students Richard Krutenat Walter Woodbridge William Krutenat MORRIS E. WILSON, Minister CONGRATULATIONS from the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cannon and W. Newell Streets SYRACUSE, N. Y. Where No One Is Ever a Stranger IOHN D. RHAME 200 Minister ALTONA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Little Stone Church of the North Countrv Wishes to Congratulate the Class of 1956 'I ' I' ' y ' 1,1 xxx . I. ' S: f JIVIKILND WNFR. 'C -. - I ir- " . . ww 4 az ' 4-1 Z Q . i ' . '51 mf Rav. H. H. WILLIAMS, Pastor .J "' CHUQCH AND QECTOFZY Fi ' THE F'll25T CHUQCH OF THE NAZAQENE AT ALTONA N.V - We welcome you to -- Sunday School 10:00 A.M Morning Worship 11:00 A.M N.Y.P.S 7:00 P.M Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M 201 NEW YORK DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Robert I. Goslaw oisfrm Superintendent YEAR AFTER YEAR . . . E.N.C. Serves Our Youth, Our Church, Our God. . . New York District sends their best youth and supports E.N.C. with all their might. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 27 Wilson St. Beacon, New York 202 The First Church of the Nazarene 108th Street at 95th Avenue RICHMOND HILL, N.Y.C., NEW YORK Y 0. C. fh ji 'f' ' f CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE A NAurn.us STAFF AND CLASS OF 1956 1 A MOTTO r "Forward With Christ" WATCHWORD V "Holiness Unto the Lord" r 1 Merwyn Hassel, Marilyn In Jean Parker, Janice Insc J h C I A When You Are in New York Ciw Come and T wt Our VW'lfo1m P r M THOMAS J. CRAWFORD, Minister 203 BEACON, N. Y. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Congratulates the class of '56 and salutes her present E.N.C.-ers Cliff Patnode Doug Peoples John Glass "A Friendly Church with a Redeeming Message" Teller Ave. at Henry St. Beacon, N. Y. Albert D. Stiefel PASTOR CONGRATULATIONS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Kiel Ave. Butler, N. J. Mrs. Jacob Miller S.S. Superintendent Mrs. Harold Dolen N.F.M.S. President Miss Pearl Anderson N.Y.P.S. President JAMES L. COLLUM MINISTER BRIGHTWATERS CHURCH CF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OFFICERS S.S. Supt. Donald Fields N.Y.P.S. Pres. Miss Anne Marie Bedell N.F.M.S. Pres. Mrs. Susan Duryea Peters Blvd. and Seneca Drive Brightwaters, N. Y. 204 REV. HERBERT F. BEDELL, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 70 Hudson Street DOVER, NEW JERSEY 1 Congratulations to the Class of '56 L CHARLES FINNEY, Pastor BEULAI-I Congratulations h 92-94 Utica Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Gmdlznrwe dass of 1956 I.EVI A. FRANKLIN, Pdsfor 558 Jefferson Avenue CHURCH OE THE NAZARENE Brooklyn 21, New York Liberty Street at High SUNDAY Morning Worship 11:15 A.M. 1:30 P.M. Church School 6:00 P.M. N.Y.P.S. 8:00 P.M. Evening Service WEDNESDAY 8: 30 P.M. Mid-Week Service The Little Church with a Big Welcome O PAIN ESVILLE, OHIO CLYDE B. WOOD, Pastor A Warm Welcome Always Awaits You at This Friendly Church Rev. Sc Mrs. R. F. Heinlein DISTRICT PROGRAM PITTSBURGH Rev. R. F. Heinlein District Superintendent ADVISORY BOARD R. F. Heinlein W. Gordon Graves Maurice M. Emery Robert M. Ingland E.N.C. TRUSTEES R. F. Heinlein John Z. Andree Maurice M. Emery Robert M. Ingland District Camp - June 28-july 8 ,. U N.F.M.S. Convention - July 16-18 -- District Assembly - july 18-20 ....... a CAMP wolucsns Q Martin Brothers: Ted 8a Paul, Preachers d 5 MOTTO "We can if we willy We can and we will" VICTORY 206 DI TRICT N.Y.P.S. MOTTO "By My Spirit Ser-ne" DATES TO REMEMBER General Convention june H-16 Y.P. Activities at Camp june 28-july 8 Institute Aug. I3-18 Boy's Sc Gir1's Camp july 30-Aug. 10 REV. F. F. WISE District N.Y.P.S. Pres. i'EE. e x 'F' I . 9'-. - , ...,:.-gf! '7""QQ?7"7'Y7' ,1 1 207 w""f Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Wiley and Greely Sts. Homer City, Penna. Services: SUNDAY 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship 6:30 p.n1. N.Y.P.S. 7:30 p.rn. Evangelistic Service WEDNESDAY 7:30 p.rn, Prayer Service A Cordial Welcome Awaits You F. FRANKLYN VVISE, Pastor 26 Grant Street Horner City, Pa Phone 9-2910 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3600 Fourth Ave. Beaver Falls, Pa. Wishing E.N.C. the Very Best for 1956 and for the Years to Come. RUSSELL I. LONG, Minister Phone 5946 20 SERVING CHRIST AND COMMUNITY FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Lincoln Place Interboro at Rodgers Pittsburgh 7, Pa. REV. RUSSELL E. LEWIS MINISTER Crusading for Christ Now CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '56 Church of the Nazarene 55 North Bennett St. BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA M. M. Lineman, S.S. Superintendent Mrs. R. Carpenter N.F.M.S. President Mrs. V. Kramer N.Y.P.S. President W. GORDON GRAVES, Pastor 114 North Bennett Street Phone 7297 8 CIRCLEVILLE cnuncl-I or THE NAZARENE 110 Clay Pike, Irwin, Pa. a friendly church in a lively, growing community When crossing the Pennsylvania Turnpike, pause and visit us. Our church is located three miles from the Irwin toll gate toward Pittsburgh, just off U. S. Route 30. REV. A. ALAN GILMOUR, Pastor Phone UNderhill 3-7822 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WARREN, PENNA. Hail to the Class of '56 and to the E.N.C. family The city church in a small town on U.S. Route 6. Don't pass us by, but stop and enjoy the warmth of our friendly church. "Holiness Becometh Thine House, O Lord Forevef' 209 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS UF '56 West Grove, Pa. Church of the Nazarene 40 Miles West of Philadelphia on Route No. 1 For Christ and Holiness lllllfi Boosters fm' E.N.C. REV. F. T. BENNER f REV. J. Z. ANDREE Minister WASHINGTCN ADVISORY BOARD E. N. C. TRUSTEES Henry E, Heckert Ernest E. Grosse G. Thomas Spiker JHITICS R- B611 Dr, Neel Price Lloyd G. Gordon Robert Radcliffe Chester M. Williams E1E122E1522251212122222-we-:Er-1e2f1421:1:1:f: - -.-.-.:.,:4.m1.:.,.,,v F.: -. . .:f1-:f:-144.-, - 5 . .3 :r.-.-.-.-.-.-.4.1.-4.5.7.f:Q:2:E:5,5.1.:.,.,.5.54. 5:3:5:3:72515:gig:55.3.54.g.:.g.:.g.14.5.g.g.g.g.g 55:-F:-L-:-:g:g:5:5:g .-.-.3.5.595.5.5.5.'.5.54.54.g.g,g.g.g.g.5.7.g.:. 4 1:Zz3zz.I,5.:4.:.-,:.4'-:-:-'-:-- :-:-' we-:-11: . .-sz V. 1, f ':Piziizkizizizi:1:1:iL3:f: I cr:-.-.4-.4 V. - f f +f.w- -, - '-1-:V ' 1:-:5:3:?45:i:1:1:1:521:51 5:g:::::5:5::::-:-'2:9':rf 7- .rf ,fr ., -: 2:Mg-:::5:::::,:1:,:5:::::,.:.3.,.,. .E:7:?E:?"" 'A , 4 I :' Q' . "I'f' fr?'1:f:3E:2:2:2:2:E:5:2:2 . ,- . . . , .... -- .- 1 -' 1-:v:-.-'-::'- 1" -, , 4, -- -- "7-',-1+ H 1'y1.5.1.:.3.:.mU iiffigisw 1" ' " 1i' fY -' r "Ei-Z1 ' 5 'ff 5 ' "W :Elf :V V221 '-fiiiiiiiiiiimi 1? , . "i -1 if --52319 ,,,, , if . 115 ia- " ' .. --E-E24 'jE:5:5:5:5:5:ErE:Sf Czi' ,X -'liz-:,. , ' I2-32:' 4:-:5:1:E2:1'5'5'5t5 I, 'lsfiiiifg ' - , .-5351? f':55E5E1E1E :ff 1 a:s:zgi:1g...i 'v :2:5-'-'-112:e:e:sgsgsgsge""z1gzgsgf,., 2a1'f'1si22:s ge-Q 1.Z:::f:.g.g..1 715 vo:-z-:V -'.-:f-:ax-'-xr' -V:-253,154 1 :-.-'g"g:g: 2:5:f:'. f,..4 f-:-:-:::5:3:5:3:g:1 ' 3. '- X- 6:s:z:z:s:s:2 e:s:a:z:2:s:z:s:s: 4:::s:z:e:z:s:3:5 gsyfigz. ig. C153-91-'EF A. 1gs:5gzgsg.g?gsg252, 2252252522555 .':'-Ig.-11151: fb: - Z5-A-:xl L, I 'A l:f:2.::::2:2:f: :::5:g:5:1:g5g2:f:j1: :gQ:Q:2:f:Q:2:f:Q:2: as. VWg.e.-f '- fsgzg 2325252525Eszsfi.:s:s:?2:s:2:z:sgsgsg2gz:a ugzf. -" 'rfj:j.,, zrzg., ' '- .elziil ,QEIL-3:,.,4.,., 2:5:5:3:5:g-j.::g15f5g5: .-:25EgE5EgEg:5:5:5:355 'Q -v::::f -':-:- V:-1 9 . . V:-.---'I-4?-:I :'. :':-:-:-:-.-z-'.':-:4-:gzgfg 4H57"'1' .Zf:f:5'. -I-2:'uif:f:ff59:-F:-: -: --:':-:-..12-rizf:-:g.:.f.f Ernest E. Grosse District Superintendent Henry E. Heckert District Treasurer Chester M. Williams District Secretary Harold M. Parry District N.Y.P.S. President Mrs. Christine H. Henck District N.F.M.S. President james R. Bell District Church School Board Chairman joseph D. Biscoe District Director of junior Society Boyd M. Long District Camp Meeting Manager DISTRICT CALENDAR Annual District Assembly, May 10-12 District Boys' Camp, July 2-7 District Girls' Camp, .luly 9-'I4 District Camp Meeting, August 3-12 District N.Y.P.S. Institute, August 27-31 District Preachers' Convention, November 5-7 210 PHILADELPHIA s 3 , C f FA I ! FM his V121 YQ- "' District Motto Unction for Action 211 COLLINGDALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MacDade Blvd. fBy-Pass 131 Collingdale, Pa. Congratulations Class of 1956 NEW EDUCATIONAL UNIT Dedicated-March 18, 1956 "BuiH To Save Our YouH1" REV, F, D, KETNER 212 Pastor THE CHURCH WITH A REVERENCE for the Past PROGRAM for The Present VISION for The Fufure CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BEL AIR, MD. REV. JOHN E. NORTH, Pastor GREETINGS From the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE of COATESVILLE, PA. Robert L. jones, Pastor 'ii 'T ' . -fri .I A. e"fg 5 1 W? 4, , V I --w .1 1, r ff, A rrt,.t1t11ltmI eff- 32 , ' 'ff I rf? Wi1jri"'jQl ,f-vixrlgggl , ---!.h- - Et' L r 'e4TrL :T:.j-- V - ifgixi .L Vyrus Miller S.S. Superintendent R -- - fj lti ,-:Q--i , 33 , , , . 24, Y '-T 1 . :,-.Q 12 , I X T - ' , W1l11am H. Reed N.Y.P.5. Preszdent -llggj -Lt ,Qt QQ., K, 1+-L-'J M, ' '35 I f Vkffyi 'f' "LLM : . A,--LE" 1 L-f"A '4l 7 4' ff. . , . ' ' fp . ev If m g-fag:---,1e,'i4 Mrs. Hester E. Srmth N.F.M.5. Prestdent 4 -an ef" , -Q9 M v A 1 Wt tr iff q W PS 5 395-feiifit' WP 5 , 255 FYI 1 3 + 'L ' E ' -:--- " f a -' -f " 'Tk f RX S- 1 " xr' ,.,:f -, -fr K N W' H " ' izagnza ei?-755: .QA-:.:.J V62 wnnayea . . l'e+aZ'ZJfLM-, Qwvna. 1' "Try Our Welcome" fOur future completed churchj FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 508 Old Town Road Cumberland, Maryland CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 'I956 AND TO E.N.C. H. E. HECKERT, Minister 213 CONGRATULATIONS to the i , . V i cLAss oi 1956 To EMC' F l T0 me FACULTY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pine and Freedley Streets To THE GRADUATES 0' '956 . l oun HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS i , O AND BEST WISHES CHESTER M. NVILLIAMS, Pastor OXFORD ' Donald V. Retter .S.S. Superintendent . Edwin K. Bean N.Y.P.S. President Mrs. Walter H. Hoopes N.F.M.S. President l Mrs. Clarence H. Keehn William E. Schubert "When Near Philadelphia . . Smmry Oxford, Penna. Treasurer ' NELSON G. MINK, Minister . Visit Us" Our interest in youth is manifested in i The salvation of their souls, 4 The cleansing of their hearts, l Their Finding God's will for their lives, p Their attending our Eastern Nazarene College. l 'Xn Eastern Nazarene'er will always find a warm welcome at Q l CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE i 445 Washington Street l Royesford, Penna. 214 Congratulations Class of '56 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Nazareth Pike and Woodlawn Avenue Bethlehem, Pennsylvania A. C. IVICKENZIE, Minister Charles Hobson Mrs. Doris Reiss Mrs. Rachel Gray S.S. Superinteizdent N.Y.P.S. President N.F.M.S. President One of Bethlelzenfs Friendliest Clzurrhes CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Eleventh and Wyoming Streets ALLENTOWN, PENNA. George L. Wolf, Minister Secretary Treasurer Organist Pianist S .S . Supt. N.Y.P.S. Pres. N.F.M.S. Ad Howard Stahl Herbert Kauffman Albert Oates Pauline Hoch Richard Simons Richard Stahl Ruth Galusha purchased by the N.Y.P.S. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 from Nazarene Young People's Society of the First Church of the Nazarene 616 Severn Avenue Annapolis, Maryland "THE CAPITAL CITY OF MD." Arthur Musick President Dorothy Wood Vi1'e-President Wilma Terry Serretary George Slnflett 'I-mam Vw. REV. JOIIN VV. INIAYBURY, Pastor Phone COloninl 3-2183 CANA A CE TB L DI TBICT TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY ORGANIZED JULY 14, 1936 Twenty years of continual growth in one of the greatest areas for Home Missionary work in our denomination. ADVISORY BOARD Rev' W. D- Eckel PRAY that God may bless IVE h. G d 2 k Rev. C. P. Gleason G t in O m ly Wm SEND your men that there may be Workers E' Boden in this great harvest Held K. I. Olsen 42 Ellendale Drive, Dorset Park Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 'Phone, Plymouth 5-5066 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 . C O ,fl Elf , 'QA' -, E. N. C. TRUSTEES Rev. A. E. Collins Rev. H. B. Ward Rev. J. A. Crites, Secretary Miss Ruth Lewis, Treasurer if X- ij J v1s1T Us WHEN IN TORONTO .rs CHURCH or THE NAZARENE ii? E 363 MAIN smear gr Q il if ..- WEEIB eff I J gig E L3 M GOD , --.Lx . -, Illl-'ivy - .- A-S E XY si BLESS I-ITE. 49 5- -C H7H?'?g-, E.N.C. ROBERT B. FOWLER, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 92 Ottawa Street, North, Hamilton, Ontario REV. R. FLETCHER TINK, Minister 216 Maritime District CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1956 XfVe believe in E.N.C. I. H. MacCREGOR, Dist. Supt. BOX 234 OXFORD, N, S, PARK STREET CHURCH Boston wonsmp ssnvmss 8:30 A.M. 10:30 A.M. 7:30 P.M. TOLL HOUSE WHITMAN, MASS. TEL.-WHITMAN 100 217 FRANKLINAV U5 J 65, 'If 'V Sc 0,49 A Qs f, f Z , 1 v, . -,f. X 7 FOB fm I ' XII I B 5 5 L ffm Xxx Wx 614 I W 1' VI Q .2 Fwy .- Ln, ,X , 9 f" W- V Proposed Alumni Field THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE Cougratulates the Class of '56 Welcomes this year's graduates as members of the Association Works for a better E.N.C. "A United Alumni Makes E.N.C. Strong" 218 COMPLIMENTS +4-+ m am welll' NAZARENE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Kansas City, Mo. Lewis T. Corlett Mendell Taylor President Dean H SIHCEHE "lHHIlH HOU" ' T0 THE FAITHFUL CHURCH CONSTITUENCY who by their support have helped make possible an outstanding NAUTILUS. ' TO THE CO-OPERATIVE COMMERCIAL CONCERNS who generous response indicated a spirit of interest and good will. ' T0 THE PARENTS OF STUDENTS who by their contributions to the Boosters' Club have greatly added to the success of this book. Pershing Parker Editor-irz-Clzivf Gordon M. Young Bzzsincss Alumzger Allen, Mr. 8. Mrs. Willis Ames, Mr. Vere Anderson, Rev. 8. Mrs. A. Anderson, Mrs. George Ashline, Mr. 8. Mrs. Erwin F. Aubrey, Mr. 8. Mrs. Edison Bagshaw, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Barcelo, Arthur F. Bedell, Rev. 8. Mrs. Herbert Benn, Mr. Lewis Bergers, Mr. 8. Mrs. Jay A. Biggs, Mr. 8. Mrs. C. W. Blachly, Rev. 81 Mrs. R. W. Blaisdell, Mr. 8. Mrs. Clayton Boardman, Mr. 8. Mrs. L. S. Boden, Mr. 8. Mrs. Ernest Bowman, Mr. S. W. Bradley, Rev. 8. Mrs. Ernest Brown, Mr. 8. Mrs. Sylvester F. Caswell, Mr. 8. Mrs. C. Winfield Chambers, Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard Cogswell, Mr. Leon E. Collins, Mr. Willard Constantino, Mrs. Iona Cooper, Mrs. Elsie Cove, Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry E. 220 BOOSTER Crew, Mr. 8. Mrs. Harold A. Crofford, Mrs. Evelyn M. Crouse, Mrs. Carrie B. Cubie, Rev. James M. Davis, Mr. Bert Driggs, Mr. 8. Mrs. Herman Everhart, Mr. Philiptt Faxon, Mr. 8. Mrs. Leon M. Gailey, Mrs. Charles Garron, Mrs. John Gery, Mr. 8. Mrs. F. W. Glass, Mr. 8. Mrs. Wesley G. Goodnow, Mr. 8K Mrs. Kent Good, Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Gray, Mr. 8. Mrs. Oren Hall, Mrs. Chester B. Hall, Mr. 81 Mrs. Lowell H. Hamlin, Dr. 8. Mrs. Howard H. Haslett, Mrs. Helen L. Henk, Mr. 81 Mrs. John M. Henderson, Mr. 81 Mrs. L. Elmer Hersh, Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Hesemeyer, Mr. Alfred Insco, Mr. 8. Mrs. Martin Jones, Rev. 81 Mrs. Claude Kiem, Mrs. Edna CLUB Kimball, Mrs. Franklin Knapp, Mr. Paul Krutenat, Mr. 81' Mrs. Carl Lewis, Mrs. Ben D. Mann, Dr. 8. Mrs. Edward S. Marr, Mr. 8. Mrs. E. Marsh, Mr. 81 Mrs. Willis G. Martrobuono, Mr. Elviro Mason, Mr. 8. Mrs. O. D. McCloy, Mr. 8. Mrs. James McPherson, Mr. R. K. Metcalf, Mr. 81 Mrs. Russell F. Merriman, Rev. 81 Mrs. R. R. Merriner, Mr. 8g Mrs. Clyde Mickel, Rev. 8. Mrs. Ralph A. Milbury, Mr. 8K Mrs. Edward Mosbaugher, Mr. 81 Mrs. George Murphy, Mrs. Harry P. Pankow, Mr. 8g Mrs. Kurt M. Parker, Mr. 8t Mrs. Don H. Parker, Mr. 8. Mrs. Opic Patnode, Mr. Henry Pyne, Mr. 8. Mrs. Herbert H. Qualls, Mr. Paul Ramstead, Mr. Earl E. Reed, Mr. 8. Mrs. Raymond Rigden, Mr. 8. Mrs. W. P. Roebuck, Mr. Warren R. Rowe, Mr. Charles, W. Sanford, Mr. Ralph L. Schwanke, Mr. 8. Mrs. E. H. Sheets, Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry P. Shinault, Mrs. Mary Sipes, Mr. 81 Mrs. J. C. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Snow, Mr. William Snyder, Mr. F. H. Starnes, Mr. 8. Mrs. Grady D. Stover, Mr. 8. Mrs. Hugh Sutton, Mr. Herbert A. Tattrie, Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard Taylor, Mr. 8. Mrs. Webster J Tyler, Mr. Herman R. Tysinger, Mr. 81 Mrs. E. E. Watkins, Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward Weischedel, Mr. L. G. White, Mr. 8. Mrs. Ernest J. Wright, Mrs. Catherine Young, Mr. H. E. Young, Rev. 81 Mrs. Samuel Ziegler, Mr. C. Vernon Zitzmann, Mr. Louis A. CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Center Ave. at Fourth St. READING, PA. REV. G. THOMAS SPIKHR, Minister 1209 N. 5th St., Reading, Penna. SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday Bible School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. N.Y.P.S. 6:45 P.M. Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M. OUR RADIO PROGRAM MID WEEK SERVICE OUR CHURCH GAVE 6 PERCENT OF ITS INCOME TO E.N.C. LAST YEAR We stand Solidly Behind Our College Its Faculty Parsonage Phone 2-9890 Church Phone 2-9785N CONGRATULATIONS from CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MELROSE, MASS. WITH BEST WISHES Its Students from Its Mission THE COMMUNITY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 30' A'LA""C A"""" East Rockaway, New York FREEPQRTI NEW YORK Riav. DONALD STRONG, Pastor EDWARD W. LEVIN, Pastor An E.N.C. Graduate 22 Ronnie and Luther cut up during half time at the E. N. C.-Gordon game. ' li 'z v. Y 5 ,I J - '11 , ull- oo' ff N U 'Cf '-W' 1 f 3 ' I Q 4--1' sri 1 "' i 1 ..l"'. ."", The Kappa cheerleaders during o game. Referees Jim Green and Jerry Ketner. 223 AUTOGRAPHS AUTCGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS DIRECTORY Akers, Charles, 243 Marlboro St., Wollaston, Mass. Adams, Nathan A., 19 Hampshire St., Everett, Mass. Babcock, William J.V., 114 Willet St., Wollaston, Mass. Blaney, Esther M., 65 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass. Blaney, Harvey J.S., 65 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass. Bradley, Carroll F., Memorial Hall, Dean's Apartment, E.N.C. Cameron, James R., 1 12 Sagamore St., Quincy, Mass. Cove, Edith F., 1 19 Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Delp, George J., 21 West Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Dygoski, Louise A., 9 Landers Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Gery, Frank W., 1 1 West Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Goodnow, Mrs. Edith P., 158 Waterston Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Goodnow, Kent, 158 Watertown Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Gould, J. Glenn, 29 Dunbarton Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Harris, Mary K., 90 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Hunting, Ward M., 74 Willow St., Wollaston, Mass. Jessop, Grace, 130 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. Jones, Irving, 72 Chapel St., Norwood, Mass. Kauffman, Alice, 121 Willow St., Wollaston, Mass. Kauffman, Alvin, 121 Vfillow St., Wollaston, Mass. Knowles, Joseph Henry, 171 Harvard St., Brookline, Mass. Kreider, Marlin B., 81 Central St., Auburndale, Mass. Lechner, Hadrian S., 23 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston, Mass. McEachern, Carolyn, 57 Ellington Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Marple, Mrs. Olive B., 75 Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Maybury, Paul C., 158 Arlington St., Wollaston, Mass. Mullen, Wilbur H., 30 Copley St., Wollaston, Mass. Munro, Bertha, 90 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Naylor, J. R., 97 Willow St., Wollaston, Mass. Parsons, Rolland W., 10 Grandview Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Rothwell, Mel-Thomas, 21 Bromfield St., Wollaston, Mass. Smith, Timothy L., 84 Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Spangenberg, Alice, 22 Gay St., Quincy, Mass. Whiting, Alice, 1 1 W. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Mann, Edward S., 41 West Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. COLLEGE STUDENTS - A - Adams, Bonnie M., Box 251 Twin Rocks, Penna. Alcorn, Kenneth M., 24 Botsford St., Moncton, N. B. Allen, Cynthia C., 18 School St., Lisbon Falls, Maine Allen, George, 39 Beacon St., Islington, Mass. Allison, Beulah, 205 State St., Grove City, Penna. Allison, Richard, 315 Center Ave., Butler, Penna. Altic, Lois E., 809 Third St., California, Penna. Anderson, Joyce E., 215 S. Chestnut St., Barnesville, Ohio Anderson, Richard J., 19 N. Bassett Rd., Brockton, Mass. Andrews, Joseph W., R.D. alll , Salisbury, Md. Ashline, Beverly J., West Chazy, New York Ashline, Shirley M., West Chazy, New York Aubrey, George C., Box 1 1, Champlain, New York - 3 - Bagshaw, Clinton W., Box 96, 1018 Court St., Prosser, Wash. Bambling, Ronald H., Burke, Virginia Barcelo, Richard A., 149 Quincy Ave., E. Braintree, Mass. Bass, Evelyn M., Chestnut St. Pl., East Longmeadow, Mass. Bedell, Elizabeth A., 40 Seneca Drive, Brightwaters, New York Benelli, Gerard V., 43 Rodman St., Quincy 69, Mass. Benner, David M., 1 16 Murray Ave., West Grove, Penna. Bergers, Jay A., 1 133 Freemont N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Bergdoll, Thelma V., Route 3153, Valley Rd., Cumberland, Md. Bhatt, Batuk J., 86 Ghoadbunder Rd., Santa cruz, Bombay 23, India. Bigelow Reuben J., Wyman Ave., Monument Beach, Mass. Bigelow, John C., Monument Beach, Mass. Biggs, Doris E., 58 Cheriton Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Biorkstam, Marjorie J., 5501 University Wy., Seattle, Wash. Blachly, David H., 1 Forest St., Pittsfield, Maine 226 Blaisdell, Beverly L., 1 1 Middle St., Augusta, Me. Blaney, David H., 65 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass. Blowers, Eugene L., 3007 N.W. 36th St., Miami, Fla. Boardman, Marion C., 2211 11th St., Niagara Falls, New York Boden, Fred K., 3 Basset Ave., Toronto, Ont. Bonner, Marie, Box 146, Atlasburg, Penna. Borden, Nancy B., 22 Pumpkin Hill Rd., Levittown, Penna. Boshart, Dean A., 516 Fulton St., Carthage, New York Boshart, Mary E., 516 Fulton St., Carthage, New York Bowers, Stanley W., 4300 Hillside Rd. S.E., Wash. 19, D.C. Bown, Eunice C., 1032 S. Bradford St., Dover, Del. Bradley, Joyce A., 247 Beacon St., Lowell, Mass. Briggs, William, Toboggan Trail, Fayson Lks., N. J. Brown, Amy E., Atkinson, N. H. Brown, Doris L., Three Springs, Penna. Bruce, Ralph W., 20 Arnold Rd., North Quincy, Mass. Brumagin, David R., 660 Wash. St., Weymouth, Mass. Brumagin, Dorothy G., 660 Wash. St., Weymouth, Mass. Buell, Marvin L., Miltonvale, Kansas Burgess, Carolyn M., Oxford, Nova Scotia Burgess, Virginia M., 1 Percy Place, Cambridge, Mass. Burke, Richard E., R.R. 9952, Campbellton, New Brunswick Burkhart, Paul R., 1045 Jacoby St., Johnstown, Penna. Burley, David S., State Farm, Leesburg, N. J. Burley, MaryAnne, State Farm, Leesburg, N. J. Burns, Lawrence H., 156 Mystic Valley Pky., Arlington, Mass Butts, Kathleen M., Route till, Waynesburg, Ohio - C - Cairus, Edward, 39 Rawson Rd., Quincy, Mass. Caldwell, Charles E., 99 Francis Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. Calhoun, Ronald C., Forest Hill, Md. Campbell, Dwight L., 428 Norris Ct., Centerville, Calif. Carlson, John S., 102-06 Remington St., Jamaica, New York Caswell, Gerald S., 47 Ryder Ave., East Rock, New York Chambers, Howard E., 2nd St., Port Elizabeth, N. J. Chambers, S. Weston, Port Elizabeth, N. J. Chapman, Mariorie L., Bible Hill, Claremont, N. H. Chavier, John, l 17 Grinnell St., New Bedford, Mass. Chilton, Lester A., 1401 Friedensburg Rd., Reading, Penna. Christensen, Tom, R.D. 53, Clay, New York Clark, Alice J., 108 Maple Ave., Odessa, New York Clark, Robert E., 1 16 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass. Cleckner, Sarah E., 123 Ohltown Rd., Youngstown, Ohio Clifford, Richard M., 3172 E. Waterloo Rd., Akron 12, Ohio Clingerman, Barbara H., Calla Rd. R.D. 51, Poland, Ohio Cogswell, Howard, 16 Brown St., Fort Fainfield, Maine Collins, Phyllis A., 605 LaMarre Dr., Fairfax, Va. Cone, Olive C., 35 Baker St., Hanson, Mass. Constantino, Joanne, Clarksville Hills, Penna. Corrie, Millie V., Broad Top City, Penna. Costley, John R., 75 East 41st St., Hamilton, Ont. Couchenour, James R., Box 231, Waterford, Penna. Couchenour, Melvin R., Box 231, Waterford, Penna. Couchenour, William A., Box 231, Waterford, Penna. Cowan, George W., Thurber Ave., Attleboro, Mass. Cramer, John S., R.D. 52, Homer City, Penna. Crandall, Francis G., 36 Gordon St. N. Quincy, Mass. 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Y. Parsons, Gerald A., Jefferson, Penna. Ricketts, Ruby l., 679 Kearsarge Way, Portsmouth, N. H. Roberts, Fred H., 92 Sachem St., Wollaston, Mass. Roberts, Joann C., 507 Market'St., Scottdale, Penna. Smith, Richard A., R.D. Q32, Mifflinburg, Penna. Stein, Luine, ffl Hartwell Place, Woodinere, N. Y. Ziegler, L. Beverly, Broad Rd., R.D. ilf4, Syracuse, N. Y. Mun x 'i 'x x, X A PRIZE-WINNING YEARBOOK QQ I ,, .. M! if 1 3 5 ,f ' ff. 1- 'W y , fe 1 1 ,,. , 'V . ' f , , xx 'I ff 1- f' f. 5 X ,1 X . ' ali? 4 A 'A 4 x- ' ' .N N , --.p f. f ' -,, Y J ,. r X 'S' . Wx 1 1 ' I -'e -Ls. Q THE THINKING STAGE Long-standing customers, both yearbook staffs and advisors, are enthusiastic over the Keller yearbook program because experience has proved that application of its various services has made the job pleasant, easy, and gratifying. Our intimate method of yearbook counsel and assistance, based upon continual service, is governed by a sincere desire to main- tain the reputation that every Keller book is distinctive and custom-built. Many, as a result, win top critical awards. WD Kehr fm Publishers of Finer Yearbooks 33 Clarence Avenue Buffalo l5, New York AT l Q F I 'J ,W IN sf' rv .,' r 1 Q P x Lv x I 51 if :. In i. I ll 3 I. Ln 1, I I r 'I i 1 v ' s if L 5 . A . 1 f H I 5 1 K . A f I 4 I 1 ! 5 L, I I ? I r 1 i i 1 i Y I

Suggestions in the Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) collection:

Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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