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 - Class of 1952

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DONALD STAHL I1I1U'IlLUSx Il ..!JIEil"IIDIl TO THE ONE VVHOSE SPIRIT-LED MINISTRY meets the tremendous challenge of college and communityg WHOSE REGAL DIGNITY Wins the admiration of all who know himg WHOSE WILY WIT is the spice of each sermon and lectureg WHOSE GRACES GRAND are as sure as the mid-day sung WHOSE GODLY INFLUENCE Will live forever in the immortal souls of the thousands he has humbly served, We respectfully dedicate our NAUTILUS for 1952: UH. J. BLEIIII BDULD "And they that he wise shall shine as the bright- ness of the hrmamentg and they that turn many to right- eousness, as the stars forever and eoerf' Q4.:-1L-Q- .Q.rk'Q- -1' - 4 L T' f-Q4'- fly PHD Into life's treasure chest of memories, Our hearts hide quietly away .... Such gems as these: Sparkling moments, jewel bright, Made more precious by His light, Shining hours - now memories, Happy days at E. N. C. But, swiftly time has spent our stay, The call has come to rise, obey, We leave to live where faith is dim, And lead a darkened world to Him. The Living Word our lives repeat, Known and read of all we meet, The power of God - this is our might, Our motto, a charge: "Ye shine as lightsf' Our prayer: so bright may be the flame, Benighted men may glorify His name. LDSJU 'I .. xl i .AV fgxixg g M firf ff f ff .uf ,,. ff F Rv 3 X, xxlf xxx f if AX 1 1 4 71 Q7 if 'f ' flff lf A I ff ,ff f g :I ' ' fly rx K f 2 m X XE? V X Y -fl DUB PBESIDEIIT SPFHISJ Those of you who are students at Eastern Naza- rene College can say with the Psalmist, "The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, yea, I have a goodly heritagef' You are the recipients of the labor, the faith, and the traditions of other days. The sacrifices of faculty members, administrative officers, and thousands of loyal constituents are yours. The vision, zeal, and accomplishments of former students are yours. The message of truth, for which your Alma Mater was founded, is yours. You have a goodly heritage, and also a 'tremen- dous responsibilityl It is yours to uphold the glorious standards which have been realized in the past. It is yours to determine Whether the labors and sacrifices of your predecessors were in vain. It is only through you that the splendid traditions which you have inherited can be passed down to another generation of college students. And it is through your lips and your lives that the precious message of truth must be channeled to a World in confusion and darkness, among Whom "ye shine as lights." ZAMWM DUB TBUS' EES Sharing in the administration of E. N. C. and backing her with their prayers are the trustees, who meet semi-annually to formulate plans for the progress of the college. At their fall meeting, the trustees re-elected President Mann for a three-year term and authorized the erection of a library extension to the administration building. The annual faculty-trustee banquet was in honor of Dr. Shields, professor emeritus. During their visits to the campus, these consecrated men challenge the stu- dents With their chapel greetings and inspiring testimonies. 3 Front Row Cleft to rightl: VV. G. Angell, M. R. Emery, L. M. Spangenberg, O. L. Benedum, Edward S. Mann, E. E. Grosse, I. C. Albright. Second Row: O. I. Finch, A. C. McKenzie, F. D. Ketner, R. F. Heinlein, I. W. Turpel, R. F. Wbocls, R. D. Smith, L. W. Durkee, E C. VVolf. Third Row: R. M. Ingland, E. S. Harris, D. D. Palmer, F. E. Young, H. B. VVard, T. E. Martin, J. Z. Andree, H. R. Olson, M. E. Wilson. AKRON DISTRICT NEW YORK DISTRICT WASHINGTON-PHILADELPHIA O. I. Benedum O. J. Finch E. E. Grosse J. VV. Durkee H. R. Olson A. C. McKenzie D. D. Palmer ONTARIO DISTRICT F. W. Kettler F. E. Young T. F. Martin E. C. Wolf ALBANY DISTRICT R. F. Woods ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES R. D. Smith PITTSBURGH DISTRICT VV. C. Angell M. F. Wilson R. F. Heinlein H. B. Ward NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT Z. Andree PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE I. C. Albright M. R. Emery Edward S. Mann 5,5-754 F. S. Harris R. M. Ingland L. M. Spangenberg I. W. Turpel 1 I 1 !3UI1'l'EI1'l'S if Q4 ' X 3. Q ' QV" . Ei bUlDlI1b rx 7l'lkf X L , N... nf -1- ... 2511 ,ff , UW . A., . 'N " ' Q X . X N ,x ' 'w f -A .W X .1 . I xx axuly X , , ,, -... ,--.M - X N L. "E, A, w"'x.., ' . H rig 5 ' , 'K Y L X, I 1 - - . ' - ' 'H-! X Nl"-', -.,:':, W. . K7 was Q 5 "v f A , '-"2--M--Wm V , -V A V I K w- . 'Q v Y 2 " N 5' x-fgyi M y---1 Xqiflgfwvh M 'k ' Q, . . u Ln .ug 'ww ' M A M. . fa LW: Q. 1 A . Ni-iw... M- , , A W, 1: M -m--.N . - l ., mm, , 'X , w A ' ' A V . if-W"'lQan,...'5'0w.,, Q -M -, A "W" 'Wf- .qy , ,, , 4 ,K l v':s,x J W M, A F V A KN u, 5 V' ' I , , ' Ax W ' 4 V , W. . ,.,,', fum av-.'.a..,..q,..' L, x - - w Mxvmi . A -Q. .' ' Q ,. bg. ' . .,-"1f,f'- YEA - A' ' ' W- A ' ' ' ' '- ' ,L ww, if M., T1 ,fM.,,.,.f- """fI ff k ,N "N-1 W, Na Q, W H -1XN':v,.,. A wh M.. "aaa 'Wana will B cons to mark the Way . . . luminous flares, burning with the challenge of uiding signals like unfailing bea- the timesg . . . incandescent sparks of Wisdom, truth, and humility illumi- nating our livesg . . . radiant candles that to us give light and learning- together to form a brighter flame of human understanding and divine service. Your wisdom the path we followg Your truth resplendent our creedg Your faith in Him a guiding light To point the way . . . and lead. BERTHA MUNIRO A.M. Dean of the College Literature "The righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Fatherf' Honor is such slight reward for one we love so much. Teaching truth from experience, vicarious or personal, is the beauty of her life. As dean of the college, profes- sor of literature, author, and per- sonal counselor, our Dean lives for her students, to see in them the ful- fillment of her devotion to the Master. Sparkling smile, brilliant mind, and saintly service have endeared her to us as one of the truly great in the kingdom of light. ilDIIlIIlli3TBi1Tl VE MADELINE N. NEASE A.B. Registrar "Truly the light is .sweet and II pleasant thing it is for the eyes to heholcl the sun." Thanks to our registrar for her inestimable service to E. N. C. It takes a great servant to he faithful to the endless little tasks that are her lot. Throughout the year she is peaceful in the perplexity of a Hood of applicationsg calm in the continual conflicts of schedulesg gracious in the groanings at grades - always sympathetic and untiring. The glow of her devotion is warm in our hearts. , P ,M 3 Q CLAUDE C. SCHLOSSER A.B. Business Manager "A light that .shineth in a dark placef, Tribute as pay and as praise we give to our business manager. Sys- tematic in financial affairs and prac- tical in Christian living, he is wholeheartedly devoted to E. N. C. and her high ideals. Although bearing continually the concern of the material burdens of our college, his greater ministry and deeper burden is for the spirit- ual vvelfare of the students, In volleyball, softball, or any contest, he is skillful and admired as a grand sport. Whatever the en- terprise may be, his light is steady and strong. KENNETH H. PEARSALL A.B. Executive Field Secretary "The Lord is my light and my salvationg whom shall I fear? The Lord is the -strength of my lifeg of whom shall I he afraidf, Praise to whom praise is due. With the sincere admiration of stu- dents and full confidence of the administration, our field represen- tative travels thousands of miles yearly spreading the good will of E. N. C. and the gospel of Christ. Stalwart and energetic, he in- spires us with challenging chapel messages, and finds many oppor- tunities for us in active Christian service. To the Class of ,52 he and his wife have been tops as pals. To all he is a shining light. EDITH F. COVE KENT COODNOW I. GLENN COULD Mus.M. A.M. A.M., D.D. Music Classical Languages Theology, College Pastor German, Spanish VERNON T. CROVES MARY K. HARRIS Ph.D. A.M. Psychology French, Spanish JASPER R. NAYLOR FRED J. SHIELDS JAMES H. SHRADEP. B.S., A.M. A.M., Ed.M., D.D. Ph.D. Dean of Student Life Professor Emeretius Chemistry Mathematics of Psychology and Sociology ALICE SPANGENBERC VVILLIAM J. V. BABCOCK HARVEY I. S. BLANEY A.M. A.M. A.B., B.D. English Biology Biblical Literature FS LOUISE A. DYGOSKI OLIVE B. MARPLE A.M. A.B., B. Mus. Speech Music ROLLAND W. PARSONS ANDREW F. RANKIN HELEN F. ROTHWELL M.S. A.M. A.M. Education Economics Spanish Con leave of absence? SIS!! MEL-THOMAS ROTHWELL TIMOTHY L. SMITH EVANGELOS SOTERIADES A.M. A.M. A.M., B.S. Philosophy History Librarian DUB ESTHER D. WILLIAMSON CHARLES W. AKERS Dean of Women A.M. Voice History GEORGE J. DELP WALLACE DIXON WARD M. HUNTING A.B., S.T.M. A.M. M.S. Greek, Church History Biology Chemistry HADRIAN B. LECHNER WILBUR H. MULLEN EDITH P. GOODNOW A.M. Th.B., A.M. A.M. Physics Theology English j. HENRY KNOWLES MARY S. LECHNER A.B., B.D. A.M, Psychology, Sociology English Con leave ot absence? ROBERT H. MAYBURY STEPHEN W. NEASE FRANK GERY, IR. B.S.,iA.M. A.B., Th.B. B.S., M.B.A. Chemistry Theology Economics Director in Physical Education NfSd'Nn e ,. 5 x J FRANCES ALLEN J. GREG LARKIN, JR. ALMA WASHBURN B.S., A.B. A.B., Th.B. B.S. Chemistry Director of Orchestra Music Assistant in Music Elizabeth Young George Allen Frank Bowers Mary Rankin Audrey Ward Emily Fliger Sec. to President Supervisor, Maint. Food Service Mgr. Service Manager Bookkeeper Ass't. Bookkeeper Muriel Weston Charles Djerf,M.D. Mary Bruey Roberta Hunting Elsie Ziert Ass't. Librarian College Doctor College Nurse Secretarial Ass't. Secretarial Ass't. Fred J. Shields, A.M., Ed.M., A F ATHERLY GENTLEMAN with radiant smile and twinkling eyesg A SYMPATHETIC FRIEND with soft-spoken but sure counselg A DEVOUT CHRISTIAN with a sincere spirit of humilityg OUR FIRST PRESIDENT of E. N. C. and p1'0feSSOr emeritus Who, though retired, will ever be loved by those he served. H14 leaning ancf a. 5741" 'T , "wg, 'f"41- '-L il-,Y '- ' D.D , N T H " ,,.. V lotg YH' . . , . - 3' A v J S S' ' .. Q3 ' . A .. I - pm , a. ' ,min ln,- Q v. s Q fp ,s ' Yife- " L.-9 EQ" .1 ' gig - .fm 7 g i 9 ',, '11 qc, P vx 'X Pye! ii WN, A ,V ass. . f.-. my ,fp 1 -Q... -..- 'J' P 1 1 4 x Q y Q 'wl"'NWl'oml?'c .' ' ' ilw- "'- ' ' - ,mm .' 9 .h , 93 "1 1 1. 'N W. -Qui yi n J -4. .T 3 r ,xv Q K sry: nf: .riffiv . N-A ""' V . N' l.. - ,rr- . ss - 4 I w . - -ok , f 1 "' cf f4'f"'.' '5 -ff WJ 152 , 1 I 6,15 ,V , ' l . 1 X e- if-j -v ,5- 1,mf"x, ,L X' ' - Nl, 1 .""" . Q 4' - ' x Q . sn ,,-.. . x W M n in 1 A P 5- J ' f, vw Q SY' ,. . 5.1 55-iv: 1 '. W v, 1 L ffffflf Lgf 5 014- A y 4 , 'IP 'I N yy? -fr 31 1 ' 1 A Ov 1 ,,,.. ... me na ,,-1 -u. ,,, nv: 's 1 sf 4 1 4, 9, X 'WZ 9' T251 ,fa 1 I A lf? , up ,Q .W ., f,,, , .wp 4 wr in A. , 5,4 ,, I ggi ,. A' 3 C.. im? ,"' fs fl , s 5 ,ff ,. 'www-. A ,VN w-w..,..,. m ww, , we fy .. fm, ILQLI' - ,v we.- .-1-1 VA M. -. V! .Q 7-f f .ss ' Qffxfi Mg-?bgw , A ,W www , 'f nl? x V 14 .1' A-f' 44 W A ,Q-M '-1. -,g j ' 1 A k W-jw . 0 a x I-fr w-,AM Wi-4, f -- I S x. QQ , I 2:52 if ' Q ,fag fm, , -ag. ' - -i X 'VN ,Q H-4,..,,4,,, Q , Y pk 'K U x V Y , 'W ffgffiwx Q, ,,A. ,Q . ,, i f ' if z A W . ihQ2x,.,A Q G Vxgyffa 'A 5? N , 5531- x 4 M Quik ,'ffj'1.' A X xg' , 3 I1 x.'-QQ' FW" Q K 1 Rl 3 brflnr-an 1 5'-'J' ' fi? .' A A SEHBBHIIIB ,ui V l I I y 5 if . 1- H "Jfeaeuea.feffaffzecfeepmuf4eM.el' ' gi I" Lzxamined lives that have found their worth in living the life of loveg . . . Spirit-illumined minds inspired by fearless faith, searching, searching - not to acquire but to understandg . . . humble hearts through which may flow truth "to redeem the human mind from errorug .... serious stu- dents cultivating a refinement of spirit that is ever sensitive to the gentle leadings of the Lord of Light. Thy Word, a Lamp to guide our feetg We Search it for the paths of rightg And when the rays of reason fail, The flames of faith shine bright. . . . We cannot always walk by sight! me za aw .zwaa waz, Jfimf' gr.. QE. A 'Q V 1 Fi? qw, L4 ' :W 1M WW? uv ,, I M 1 +L me M Q' 1' 1 :vin KERMIT C. CLINGERMAN EDDIE M. FLIGER Desiring to be vessels "meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work," seven members of the class of '51 returned to E. N. C. for post-graduate studies. The Bachelor of Theology degree will be conferred upon four of these this year. By taking thirty hours of advanced theology and philosophy, these young men EDWARD D. CRAMER ROBERT E. SAMPSON have become better grounded in theological doctrines. They have received a clearer vision of the work involved in the salvation of the souls ofvmen. To be consecrated and intelligent servants of Christ carrying forth the glori- ous light of the gospel is the utmost desire of the E. N. C. graduates in theology. resu, E. Henck, Sec, fx Yeabody, Ymye 660, Ytes. d V. Y ding-. . ' Ps. O XM at , L-stan Yxep Bow S C LC.eutedX'. E. X Second Yucke Yxow , , vieot. or-, YK Meetm hom Yeaisok, A6 , ' gCo-oxdifmk -Enthusiastically we plunged into the traditional senior activities: prayer meetings, the winter escapade, ucompsf' senior privileges, the big banquet, and commencement exer- cises. But we knew this year was different, We couldnit escape the nos- talgia that went with doing many of these things for the last time together. It was then that we realized how we had changed in just four years. Our thinking has been broadened and our ideals have been grounded. E. N. C. has changed, too. Weive seen the dedication of Me- morial Hall, the opening of the new Dugout and bookstore. Then, ours was the first class to hold the Thanks- giving chapel program in the new church. Freshmen . . . seniors all too soon . . . and now alumni . . . but al- ways E. N. C.-ers. RUSSELL A. BAILEY A.B., History Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 4. Math Club 1, Vice-president 1. Music Club 2. "N', Club 2, 3, 4, President 4. A Cappella Clzoir 1, 2, 3. Ambassador Quartet 2. Crusader Quartet 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Steady Glow: Heartiness. Rays: Basso profundo. A call - transfor- mation. Boanerges. Irrepressible subdued. Deaconess Road. Beacon Light: A dispensation of the Gospel committed. JEAN E. BLOYE A.B., English Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Green Book 1. Campus Camera 1, 3, Feature Edi- tor 3. Historical Society 1. Music Club 2, 3. Fine Arts Club 4. Evangelistic Association- 1, 2, 3. Student Missionary Society 1, 2. Ontario Scliolarslzip 1, 2, Honor Society 1. Steady Glow: Persistence. Rays: Canada, Library desk, piano, re- search. Well-planned schedule, achieving through faith. Beacon Light: Childrenis librarian-"teach ing the young idea to shootf, RICHARD B. BARRUETO B.S., Chemistry Florida Southern College 1. Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Campus Camera 3, 4, Photographer 4. Nautilus 4, Plzo- tographer 4. Las Estrellas 1, 2, 3, 4, President 1, 2, 3. Clzemistry As- sociation 3, 4, President 4. Society Praemedica 2, 3. Astronomy Club 3. C. C. U. N. 4. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, E ns e rn b l e s. Scliolarslzip 1. WV. E. N. C. 3. Steady Glow: Courtesy. Rays: Elec- tric, Chemical, Photographic, Flash bulbs. Man-about-campus. General illuminator. Beacon Lights The ministry of healing. CHARLES N. BOURNE A.B. in Theology, Theology Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic As- sociation 1, 2, 3. Bowne Pliilosoplii- cal Society 4. Ministerial Associa- tion 4. Steady Glowz Consideration. Rays: Beaming smile, Winsome daughter, cheerful integrity, quality Work. Beacon Light: A living Gospel. PAUL W. BOWLBY A.B. in Theology, Biblical Literature Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Music Club 2. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 4. Ministerial Association 4. Orchestra 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, Emmanuel Trio 2, 3. Basketball 2. Steady Glow: Spirit Undaunted. Rays: Transliguring smile, trom- bone, Evelyn. Preachers, English. Beacon Light: A ministry of Love. CHARLES L. BRODHEAD, IR. B.S., Biology Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-ordinator 2, President 4. Campus Camera 2, Sports Editor 2. Nautilus 3, 4, Spoits Editor 3, Advertising Mana- ger 4, Music Club 1, Biology Club 2, 3, 4. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Heralder Quartet 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Base- ball 1, 2. Sophomore Class Presi- dent. Rover Crew 3, 4. "Ni, Club 3, 4, President 4, Steady Clow: Tireless Energy. Rays: Rising-sun smile, quartets, Sigma Special. Open, frank when it costs. Beacon Light: His merry heart doeth good like a medicine. GLOMA BRACKETT B.S., Elementary Education Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Psychology Club 1, 2. Future Teachers of America 2, 3. Steady Clow: Cheerful Faith. Rays: Clear-voiced testimony, irradiating smile, childlike simplicity. "I live and love in Godis peculiar lightf, Beacon Light: To guide small steps that follow. MARY V. BRUEY B.S., Nursing Salem City Hospital. Delta 2, 3, 4. Psychology Club 2. Las Estrellas 3, 4. House Council 3. Steady Glow: Intelligent Serviceg sympathy plus knowledge, sensible kindness. Rays: Prescriptions, need- les, office hours, faithful study. Beacon Light: The light of thought. A wholesome influence. ARDITH E. CALHOUN B.S., Elementary Education Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Mathematics Club 1, Secretary 1. Psychology Club 2. Chemical Association 3. Biological Association 3. Fine Arts Club 4. Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4. Meistersingers 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2. Steady Clow: Hopefulness. Rays: Littlest Angel. Grit. Conhdence achieved. Ardent testimonies. Bea- con Light: Scattering sunshine. ROBERT P. CHARLTON A.B., Psychology Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Providence Bible Institute. Steady Glow: Clearcut Kingdom Ambition. Rays: Language with a purpose. Asia ahead. Delayed, but undeviating. Beacon Light: "A light to lighten the Centilesf, BETTY I. CHALFANT A.B., Literature Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Green Book 1, Literary Editor 1. Nautilus 3, Per- sonality Sketch Editor 3. Campus Camera 2, 3, 4, Reporter and Col- umnist 2, 3, Editor 4. Speech Club 1, Las Estrellas 2. Literature Club 3, 4, President 3. Evangelistic As- sociation 1, 2, 3. Meistersingers 2, 3. House Council 2, Secretary- Treasurer 2. N. Y. P. S. Council 3, Representative-at-Large 3. "Wl2o,s Whov 4. Steady Clow: Consecrated Efli- ciency. Rays: Sterling character, genuine leadership. Executive. Un- self-seeking. Sound judgment. Strength where it ought to be - within. Beacon Light: The Light That Never Fails. ROBERTA L. CRAMER A.B., English Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Campus Camera 2, 4. Las Estrellas 1. Miriams 1. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Volleyball 1. Basketball 1, 2. Steady C l 0 W: Extrovert. Out- spoken. Rays: Rhetoric grading to home kitchen. "Ed.v Minister's Wife in-training. Lit sufferer. "No super- Huous leisure." Beacon Light: "The heart of her husband doth safely trust in herf' . i s i i i I i 1 i i i 2 1 I i GLORIA L. CRAWFORD - A.B., Literature Salutatorian Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 4. Nautilus 4, Associate Editor 4. Campus Camera 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 2, Religious Editor 3, Col- umnist 4. Biology Association 1. Las Estrellas 2. Literature Club 3, 4. 'CNN Club 4. Evangelistic Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Meistersingers 2, 3. Volleyball 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Scholarship 1, Akron Scholarship 2, 3. Honor Society 2, 3, 4. "Whois VVl1o', 4. W. E. N. C. 3. junior Class Vice-President. N. Y. P. S., President 4. Steady Clow: Originality. Friendli- ness. Rays: Unpretentious ability. Honors laughed off. Everybodyis helper. f'Time Marches Onf, A student, a joy. Beacon Light: Church childrenls worker-bearing others' burdens gaily. FRANK R. DeBAR A.B., Psychology Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Green Book 1, Business Manager 1. Music Club 3. Band 1. Orchestra 1. Psychology Club 2, 3. Asaph Choir 1. Meister- singers 2. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2. Steady Glow: Brains plus Fun. Rays: From non-curricular to psy- chology. From playboy to student. From free lance to near wedlock. Beacon Light: Clinical counsellor - light-bringing to darkened minds. ELAINE CUNNINGHAM B.S., Elementary Education Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Nautilus 3. Campus Camera 2, 3. Las Estrellas 1. Psychology Club 2. Future Teachers of America 3, Vice-presi- dent 3. "N" Club 3, 4. Student Council 3, Iunior Class Represen- tative 3. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Miriarns 1. Meistersingers 2. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Honor Society 4. New Eng- land Scholarship 2. Faculty Schol- arship 3. Steady Clow: Constancy. Rays: Faithful testimony, good grades. Sunday School children. "Chuck.', Faith and works. "Ringlets of lightf, Beacon Light: A pastoris guiding star. CHARLES L. DeREMER A.B., Philosophy Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philo- sophical Society 1, 2. Campus Camera 1. VV. E. N. C. 3. Steady Clow: Philosophical Inten- sity. Rays: U. S. Service. Married man. Reserve of manner. 'iSilence is the fence round xvisdomf' Bea- con Light: Clear sight. MARION I. DOLLINGER A.B., Literature Cliicago Evangelistic Institute. Del- ta 2, 3, 4. Psychology Club 2. Literature Club 3, 4, Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4. Future Teaclz- ers of America 4. Steady Glow: A Sense of Vocation. Rays: Loaded schedule. Anti-sci- ence complex. Gently positive, or positively gentle? Miracle of grace. Beacon Light: Reflected from the Sun of Righteousness. VIOLA L. ESHLEMAN B.S., Elementary Education New England Deaconess Hospital. Gamma 1, Delta 2, 3, 4. Green Book 1, Evangelistic Association 1 2, 3. Student Missionary Society 1 2, 3, 4, Secretary-treasurer 4 Bowne Pliilosopliical Society 1, 2. Literature Club 3, 4. Future Teaclz- ers of America 3, 4, President 4. Y. VV. F. M. S. 1, 2, President 2. N. Y. P. S., President 4. A Cap- pella Clioir 1, 2, 3, 4. Kauffman Sclzolarsliip 3. "Wli0's Wl1o" 4. House Council 3, President 3. As- sistant Dean of Women 4. J 9 Steady Glow: Devotion to Christ. Rays: E. N. C. - Deaconess de- tour - Munro Hall big sister and special consultant. Patience, pray- ers, strong soprano. Beacon Light: To the praise of His glory. PAULINE M. ELLIOTT A.B., in Theology, Theology Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Ministerial Association 3, 4. Steady Glow: Independence. Rays: Fervent prayers, hard work. Girl theologian. "What is that to thee? Follow thou Mef, Beacon Light: A ministry of glad sacrifice. ANNE M. ESSELSTYN A.B., Chemistry Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2. Bi- ology Association 3. Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. Prae- medica 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4. Stu- dent Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary -3, Prospective Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. House Council 2, Vice-President 2. Honor Society 4, Vice-P-resident 4. Alumni Scliolarsliip 2, 4. Steady Glow: Quiet Force. Rays: Labs - Library workroom - Doug. Missionary Society encyclopedia. Long views and steady drive - and a dash of fun. Beacon Light: Heal- ing for dark Africa. JANICE E. GAVETTE B.S., Elementary Education Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Liter- ature Club 1, 2, 3. Steady Clow: Serious Cayety. Rays: Choir, Lit-Ed courses, pas- tor's secretary. Impulsive. "Hill Ditlicultyf' "Can't afford to worryf, Beacon Light: "Teaching? I love itlv HAROLD L. HARRIS A. B. in Theology Biblical Literature Middle Georgia College 1. Sigma 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 2, 3. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Steady Clow: Whole-souled Chris- tianity. Rays: G. I., earnest wife, unfailing testimony. Beginnings and endings, books and life. All for Christ. Beacon Light: A live-wire ministry. NIARY RUTH GRAY A.B., Biology Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Green Book 1. American Nature Study Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Future Teacliers of Ameri- ca 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1. Miriams 1, Meistersingers 2. Steady Clow: Cay seriousness. Craciousness. Rays: Gentillesse. VVholesome charm. Wife of a Christian dentist-to-be. Queen in her own right. Beacon Light: Sweetness and light in the ofiice. DEANE R. HARDY A.B. in Theology, Theology Beta 1, Kappa 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Basketball 1. Foot- ball 4. Softball 3, 4. Steady Clow: Vision of the Coal. Rays: Family, work. Big brother. 'LWhen the long pullls over -U Bea- con Light: S'How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that publisheth peacef, -N EUNICE L. HENCK A.B., Literature Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Campus Camera 4, Reporter 4. Washington-Philadelphia Scholar- ship 3, 4. House Council 3, Senior Class Secretary. Steady Clow: Quiet Fire. Rays: Unpretentious devotion. Faithful: lit classes - Sunday School - pray- er meetings. Keen lit critic. Trans- parent spirit. Beacon Light: "How far that little candle throws its beams" - in classroom and beyond. BEVERLY HEBRINGTON B.S., Elementary Education Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 1, 2. Astronomy Club 3. Literature Club 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Meistersingers 4, Volleyball 1, 2. Basketball 4. Albany Scholar- ship 3. Steady Clow: Eflervescent Calm. Bays: Twinkling eyes, far-away look. Irrepressible optimist. "Hitch your wagon to a star, Keep your seat . . Beacon Light: Sunlight in the classroom. ROY M. HENCK A.B., Philosophy Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Campus Camera 4, Religious Edi- tor 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Ministerial Associa- tion 4. Student Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. N. Y. P. S., President 3. Bowne Philosophical Society 4. The Kingis Men. 2, The Heralders 3, Meistersingers 4, President 4. Kaufman Scholarship 3. Sopho- more Class Chaplain. Senior Class Treasurer. Steady Clow: Practical Enthusiasm. Rays: Y. P. S., Missionary Society, Kitchen. Africa ahead. "Every- where, everywhere, Christf' Bea- con Light: "The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lordf' ELSIE M. HILYARD B.S., Elementary Education Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 2, 3. Green Book 1. Campus Camera 1, 2. Nautilus 2, 3. Las Estrellas 1, 2. Biology Club 3. Speech Club 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Student Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. "Who,s Who" 4. W. E. N. C. 4. junior Class Secretary. Senior Class Vice-President. Steady Glow: All-round Compe- tence. Rays: Dr. Shrader,s right hand. A sparkle of mischief. Al- ways Ktheref, Beacon Light: 'They that be teachers shall shine as the Hrmamentf' JOHN H. HOLSTEAD A.B. in Theology, Theology Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Pros- pective Missionary Society 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4. Steady Clow: Diligent in Business, Fervent in Spirit. Bays: Kitchen, Lit, Theology, Natalie, Bible read- ing. X-ray look and X-ray preach- ing. Beacon Light: i'Light is sown for the righteous." RICHARD B. HUTCHINSON A.B., Chemistry University of Pittsburgh. Zeta 2, 3, 4. Nautilus 2. Future Teachers of America 2. Biology Association 2. Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4. Praemedica 2, 3. Rover Crew 2, 3, 4. Steady Glow: The Ideal. Rays: Test-tube and Leyden jar. Non- chalant reserve - earnest spirit. "The cool draft of a perpetually open mindf, "Which star make rninel' - Galen or Solon? Beacon Light: Lantern-Beareris. ROY R. HUTCHEON A.B. Philosophy Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophi- cal Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Steady Glow: Sights Set. Rays: Chancel and Chalice, Nazarene- Anglican. Religious forums. Cool head - Warm heart. Beacon Light: "O Master, let me walk with Thee in lowly paths of service freef, ROBERT M. INGLAND A.B. in Theology, Theology Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Nautilus 3, Statistics Editor 3. Student Ministerial As- sociation 3, 4. Evangelistic Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3. Mathematics Club 2. Bowne Phi- lcsophical Society 3, 4. Pittsburgh Scholarship 1. Steady Glow: Sturdy Honesty. Bays: Evangelistic activities, phi- losophy to theology. Everybodyls neighbor. Beacon Light: Blessing as he goes. ROGENE JACKSON B.S., Nursing New England Deaconess Hospital. Beta 1, 2. Biology Association 1, 2 Steady Glow: Helpfulness. Plays: Vermont - Deac - commuting winning smile. Patient continuance. Arriving. Beacon Light: Lady with a Lamp. FLOYD I. IOHN A.B., Mathematics Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. Green Book 1, Editor 1. Campus Camera 4, Sports Editor 4. Bowne Pliilo- sophical Club 1, 2, 3. Literature Club 4. Rover Crew 1, 4. "Ni, Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 4. Football 1, 2. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2. Faculty Sclzolarslzip 2. "Wlzo,s Wlzov 4. W. E. N. C. 2. Student Council 3, 4. Steady Clow: Philosophical se- renity. Bays: Lord Chesterfield manners. Socratic method-Sphinx expression. Sports writer - "tris- kaidekaphohiaf' Constitutional re- forms. "Dry light is bestf, Beacon Light: "In the light of truth, Thy bondman let me livef' LLOYD IEWETT, IR. A.B., Philosophy Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Biology Associ ation 3. Asaplz Clioir 1. Steady Clow: Cheerful Christianity Rays: Philosophy schedule, domes- tic interests - equal to demands Personal home missions. Colden- haired lady fair. Beacon Light: "They that turn many to righteous- ness shall shine as the stars forever and ever." MARGARET H. KEMNER A. B. Biology Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Biology Associ- ation 3, 4, Librarian, 4. Honor So- ciety 4. Wasliington.-Pliiladelpliia Scliolarsliip 2, 3. Steady Clow: Unassuming Excel- lence. Rays: No fuss, but the goods. Biology Lab steady. Ready smile. A Siamese twin. Beacon Light: "Walking in the beautiful light of God." IOYCE S. KNEPPER B.S., Elementary Education Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Biology Associ- ation 1. Evangelistic Association 2, 3. Prospective Missionary Society 2, 3. Honor Society 3, 4. Scholar- ship 1, N. E. Scholarship 3. Steady Clow: Self-Reliance. Rays: Unvaryingly, good work. Far-West mission. Home-making. "As unto the bow the cord is . . V Thmlgh she bends him she obeys himf' Beacon Light: "Be a star in some- onels skyf' IRVIN E. KOELKER A.B., Philosophy Cleveland Bible College. Sigma 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 4, President 4. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Evangelistic As- sociation 4. Steady Glow: Confidence. Rays: Speech - Philosophy - the lady - the work. System. Workman un- ashamed. Beacon Light: "The en- trance of Thy word giveth light." RALPH H. KNEPPER B.S., Elementary Education Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 1. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3. Prospective Missionary Society 2, 3. Steady Glow: Modest Strength. Rays: 'KA manis a man for ai thatf Soft voice, good heart. Spanish - present trial and future tool. Bea- con Light: Expendable for Christ. 9 ALLARD W. KUSCHNER A.B. in Theology, Theology Kent State University. Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2. Steady Glow: Emotional Warmth. Rays: That high soprano. The glowing face - the laugh explosive - singing with the heart. On his way, no time to lose. Beacon Light: "Arise, shine, for thy light is comef' ERNEST S. LEMIEUX A.B., History Boston University. Sigma 1, 2, 3. Bowne Philosophical Society 3. Steady Clow: Straight Thinking. Rays: Philosopher historian, "graduate materialf, Student and husband - both par excellence. Friendly manner. "Truth is truth to the end of reckoningf, Beacon Light: "Let there be lightf' RUSSELL J. LONG A.B. in Theology Biblical Literature Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic As- sociation 3. Student Ministerial Association. 4. Steady Clow: Smiling Consecra- tion. Rays: Sears first. NVedding bells. "My Son, my Son!" Greek, etc. Sermons. Beacon Light: 'Salesman of Faith." PAUL S. LICK B.S., Music Alpha 1, Delta 2, 3, 4. Biology Association 1, 2. Evangelistic As sociation 1, 2, 8, 4. American Nature Study Society 2, 3. Fine Arts Club 4, Vice-President 4. N. Y. P. S. 2. Scholarship 1. Steady Glow: jovial - and Earnest. Rays: 'KRhythmical creation of beauty." "Concord of sweet sounds." Piano a-dazzle. Smiling eye and set jaw. Beacon Light: "Not Somehow, but Triumphantlyf' MYRTLE L. MacLEOD A.B., Literature Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 1. Literature Club 4. Steady Glow: Resolute Enthusiasm. Rays: Determined to know. Class- room spontaneityg hail-lady-well- met. Generous sympathies. Poems. Tennyson versus T. S. Eliot. "My candle burns at both ends, but it gives a lovely lightln Beacon Light: mln this world of darkness, We must shine." VELMA I. MASTERS B.S., Elementary Education Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Las Estrellas 1, 2. Speecli Club 2. Future Teaclzers of America 3, 4, Secretary 3. Biology Association 4. Evangelistic Associ- ation. 1, 2, 3, 4. Meistersingers 4. Student Missionary S o c i e t y -1. House Council 3. Volleyball 1, 2. New Matamoras Scliolarslzip 3. Steady Glow: Constant Evangel- ism. Rays: Beside all waters: the Indians, Quincy Hospital, Wollas- lon. Smiling testimony, agreeable Ways. Moonlight and-. Beacon Light: "As ye go, preachf, VESTA I. IVIULLEN A.B., Literature University of New Brunswick 1, 2, 3. Zeta 4. Literature Club 4. Steady Glow: Lovely Intelligence. Rays: 'The light of a dark eye in womanf, Career girl turned house- wife plus. Double E. N. C. lineage lDunlop-Mullenl. Late lit exposure, inquiring mind. V Beacon Light: aith's uplifting Gospel of the staff' SARAH E. MORALES A.B., Modern Languages Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Associ- ation 1, 2, 4. Las Estrellas 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, 2, President 4. C. C. U. N. 4. Meistersingers 3, 4. Foreign. Missions Scliolarsliip 1. Steady Glow: Centleness over strength. Rays: Nuestra amiguita with the speaking black eyes. Rain- bow luster. Unoifending and un- offended. Desire to serve. Beacon Light: Shining through pages of El Heraldo de Santidad. MARIE MUSNUC B.S., Elementary Education Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Las Estrellas 1, 2. Psychology Club 2, -3, 4, Vice- President 3. Future Teaclzers of America 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Pittslaurgli District Scliolarslzip 4. Steady Glow: Good VVill. Rays: Puckish gleam, words in flood. Helpful Waitress, front-seat wit- ness. Kind - loyal. Beacon Light: A mission of cheer. HARVEY C. NICHOLSON, JR. A.B. in Theology, Theology Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. American Nature Study Society 1. Rover Club 1, 2, 4, Football 1, 2, 4. Basketball 1, 4. Steady C-low: Cooperative Noncon- formity. Rays: "Against the pricksf, Unwilling, absolute convert to E. N. C. Nazarene-Methodist. Rover, Delta, spelling reform, ath- letic daughter. "A wife - a good thingf' Beacon Light: "A spark falls from heaven, the individual catches it and spreads itf' LORETTA M. NUZUM B.S., Elementary Education Indiana University 1, 2. Delta 3. Campus Camera -3. Future Teaclz- ers of America -3. Literature Club 3. Steady Clow: Friendly Poise. Rays: late comer - indispensable. Indi- ana U. to E. N. C. Ais and no B's. Choirs and children. Beacon Light: "Not under a bushelf' JOHN S. NOFTLE A.B., Philosophy Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic As- sociation 4. Student Ministerial Society 4. Bowne Philosophical So- ciety 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Base- ball 1, 2. Steady Clow: Sincerity. Rays: Seri- ous smile. "The silent man is the best to listen tof, Athletic - phi- losopher - commuter. B e a c o n Light: 'The heavenly visionn-"not disobedientf' ANTHONY V. ODDO A.B., Literature Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. Creen Book 1. Campus Camera 1, Photographer. Nautilus 1, 4, As- sistant Business Manager 4. Litera- ture Club 3, 4. Praemedica 1, 2, President 2. Chemistry Club 1, 2. Rover Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Evangelistic Association 3, 4. Stu- dent Ministerial Association 4. American Nature Study Society 1. Asaph Clioir 1. Meistersingers 2, 3, Vice-President 3. A Cappella Choir 4. junior Class Treasurer. Senior Class President. VV. E. N. C. Steady Glow: Creative Energy. Rays: Chem, Lit, Fun, WENC, Call, President of the Immortals. Climax of concentration. "He1'od.,' Pre-Seminary. Puzzles and prob- lems. Beacon Light: "Gods minis- ters a flame of iiref, WAYNE G. PARKS A.B. in Theology Biblical Literature Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Las Estrellas 1. Student Ministerial Society 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Steady Clow: Positive, Unswerv- ing. Rays: His English lass. His classes. His preparation. His re- sponsibilities. His beliefs. Beacon Light: The light of firm convic- tions. ALLISON M. PEABODY B.S., Elementary Education Vermont State Teachers College. Sigma 2, 3, 4. Literature Club 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4. Student Missionary Society 2, 3, 4. Steady Glow: The Heart Aflame. Rays: Vermont classroom. Good humor, flashing smile. "Room- matef, Spirit-touched pray e rs, faith. Willing response. Always on hand when workers are needed. Beacon Light: Christ's the pre- eminence. QP' . MARIAN S. PAULI B.S., Elementary Education Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice- President 3. Campus Camera 2, 3. Speech Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 1, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3. Psy- chology Club 4. Evangelistic As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4. Future Teach- ers of America 4. Miriams 1, 2, 3, President 2. Meistersingers 2, 3. A Cappella Choir 4. "N" Club 3, 4. Basketball, Volleyball. "Who,s yVho,' 4. Student Missionary So- ciety 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3. Vice-President Sophomore Class. Vice-President Student Council 4. Steady Clow: A Radiant life. Rays: Everybody's friend. Universal V.P. Testimonies aglow. "Possessed with inward lightv - radiations outward. Beacon Light: Poised for service. L LLOYD E. PROSPERI A.B., Philosophy Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Bowne Philosophi- cal Society 3, 4. Student Ministerial Society 3, 4. junior Class Chaplain. Steady Clow: Practical Goodness. Rays: B e a m i n g countenance, spreading grin, energy for the right. Day-by-day Christianity. "Follow me as I follow Christ." Beacon Light: Evangelist-to-be. "A light from heaven." GENE B. RICE B.S., Secondary Education Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Las Estrellas 1 9 2. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 3 Steady Glow: Genuine Earnestness Rays: "Daddyf' ex-G.I. Fine wife Merry eyes, business administrator In the Steps of an elder brother Just himself. Beacon Light: Follow- ing the Gleam. HOWARD L. RIGKEY A.B. in Theology, Theology Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. "ND Club 2, 3, 4. Las Estrellas 1, 2, Treasurer 2. Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Bowne Philosophi- cal Society 4. Evangelistic Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Council 1, 4. Football 3. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Most Valuable Player 3, Steady Glow: Willing and Ready. Rays: Society and team. A faithful ministry. 'That I may apprehend . . ul follow afterf, Beacon Light: "Send the light, the blessed Gospel lightf, HARRY A. RICH A.B. in Theology Biblical Literature Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3. Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. Student Minis- tcrial Association. 3, 4, President 4. Honor Society 2, 3, 4. "Who's Whov 4, President Freshman Class. Steady Glow: Evangelistic Fervor. Rays: Testimony, prayer, Gospel teams. Glowing eye, illuminating smile. Amen Corner, good chapel- listener. Flag-hoister. High stand- ards. Beacon Light: "A burning and a shining lightf, RODNEY G. RUPERT A.B., Mathematics Northeastern University, College of Engineering. Zeta 4. Football, Baseball. Steady Glow: Tolerance. Rays: Un- used power. "Where more is meant than meets the eye." Good nature- many dimensions. Desire for right. Beacon L i g h t: Engineer-to-be. "Euclid alone has looked on Beau- ty clearf' The Light of reason. PHYLLIS C. SABEAN B.S. Nursing Central Maine General Hospital. Zeta 2, 3, 4. Speech Club 2. Psy- chology Club 3. Volleyball 3. Bas- ketball 3. W. E. N. C. Steady Glow: john - and Iohn. Rays: PLN., Maine to Mass. Eyes slight, appreciative, thorough stu- dent. Fortunate class seating. Per- petual honeymoon. Beacon Light: Light in the Manse. ARTHUR F. SEAMANS A.B., Literature Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. Green Book 1. Campus Camera 2, 4, Nautilus 3. Evangelistic Association 1, 4. His- torical Society 1, 2. Literature Club 3, 4. Astronomy Club 3, 4. Rover Crew 3, 4. Albany Scholarship 4. W. E. N. C. 3, 4. Steady Glow: Questing. Eager. Rays: Benders and Cbull sessionsj Charles Williams. Writing fan, much in little. "Much more the bet- ter for being a little badli' "Light seeking lightf, Beacon Light: "The Truth shall make you freef, EDWARD A. SARDELLA B.S., Secondary Education Boston University. Suffolk Univer- sity. Kappa 3, 4. Campus Camera 3. Nautilus 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Meistersingers 3, 4. Evangelistic Association 3, 4. Music Club 4. W. E. N. C. 4. Steady Clow: Dynamic. Rays: Poems, Practice Teaching superb. Class d i s c u s s i o n spark-plug. Growth in grace and knowledge. Beacon Light: "They that Walked in darkness have seen a great lightf, R. DONALD STAHL A.B., Philosophy Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Campus Camera 2, 3, Business Manager 3. Nautilus 4, Business Manager 4. Evangelis- tir' Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Student Ministerial Society 3, 4. Rover Crew 1, 2. Bowne Philosophical So- ciety 2, 3. Literature Club 4, Asaph Choir 1. A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Steady Clow: Unexplored Re- sources. Rays: Ten talents: a cap- pella, quartetsg math, philosophy. Alternating current. In at the fin- ish. "Das ewige Leben in meiner Seel', Es kommf vom Himmel he-rf' Beacon Light: "Hold high the torchv and pass it on! MARILYN F. STAPLES B.S., Secondary Education Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Future Teacbers of America 1, 2, 3, 4. House Council 4. Steady Glow: Dependable. Rays: Amused eyes, Yankee twang, Math steady. Project treasurer. Flashes of Maine dry wit. Beacon Light: "Living for Iesus - the light of His smilef, F. L. MARY WALLACE B.S., Elementary Education Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Nautilus 4. Literature Club 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Student Missionary So- ciety 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Honor Society 3, 4. Future Teaclz- ers of America 4. Meistersingers 2. A Cappella Choir 4. House Coun- cil 4. Ontario Sclzolarslzip 2, 3, 4. Steady Clow: Conscientious. Bays: Capable, thoughtful. Little-girl look, twinkle of mischief. Regis- trar's otlice - helps E. N. C. to tick. Co-operative. Missionary - minded. Beacon Light: "Whatsoever . . . to the glory of Codf' WANDA L. SUTHERIN B.S., Elementary Education Gamma 1, 2, Zeta 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3. Miriams 1. Literature Club 1. Psychology Club 3, 4. Steady Clow: Fortitude. Rays: Sweets to Beauty - Brighamas to Carroll's. Interrupted. Endurance. "Excelsiorl', The spark that dis- turbs. Beacon Light: "Singing as they shinef' LOIS E. WANNER B.S., Elementary Education Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2. Biology Association 1, 2. Future Teachers of America 2, 3. Miriams 1. A Cappella Clzoir 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. Ladies, Trio 1, 2, 3, 4. Washington-Philadelphia Sclzolarslzip 1, 3. Vice-President Freshman Class. N. Y. P. S. Vice- President 4. Honor Society 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Steady Clow: Holiness in Action. Rays: Brothers and bass. Trios and Trumpets. "A face like a benedic- tionf' Beacon Light: "Angelic light, . . . yet not too good for human naturels daily food? MUREL-FAYE WILLIAMS B.S., Elementary Education Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. Las Estrellas 1, 2. Psychology Club 3, 4. Future Teachers of America 3, 4. Evangel- istic Association 2. Steady Clow: Courage. Bays: Ma- donna face, sunny smile. Self-con- trol. "A little nonsense now and then-" Beacon Light: "Hold thy lighted lamp on highf' OAKLEY E. WOODWARD A.B. in Theology, Theology Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4. Evangelistic Associ- ation 1. Student Ministerial Associ- ation 3, 4. Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4. Steady Clow: Married, Soft-spoken Dynamo. Rays: A call. Marie. Mounting grades. "Useless each Without the other." Beacon Light: "We shall this day light such a can- dle as shall never be put out." WILFRED L. WINGET A.B., Philosophy Valedictorian Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2. Campus Camera 2. Nautilus 1, 4, Editor 4. Bowne Philosophical So- ciety 2, 3, 4. Speech Club 1. Stu- dent Ministerial Association 3, 4. Literature Club 4. Evangelistic Association 1, 2. Asaph Choir 1. M eistersingers 2, President 2. A Cappella Choir 3. Heralder Quar- tet 4. Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3. "Who,s Who" 4. Scholar- ships 1, 2, 3, 4. W. E. N. C. 3. junior Class President. Steady Clow: Dedicated Talents. Rays: Accompaniments and pos- ters. Iunior-Senior banquet en- gineer, Nautilus pilot. "Ever pre- cise in promise-keepingfl Scholar, artist, Christian. "Daylight in the mindf, Beacon Light: A charge to keep, a place to fill. Seam Mu' Pzcamd.- E. DORCAS BAILEY B.S., Nursing ERNEST B. BAILEY A.B., Biology ROBERT C. DILL A. B., Literature I T E! wi 'I P x 15 I E 1 1 S Q b Wm IVERSITNQS Am COLLEGES SEIIIDB ilE!3I'Ii1LlSTi3 PAUL S. LICK In a very delightful speech recital this spring, Marian Dollinger interpreted several enchanting portraits of our Lord taken from Kahlil Cibrarfs Iesus, the Son of Man. She also read selections from Cibran's Tears and Laughter and The Prophet. Assisting Marion were Paul Rund- lett and Doris Rylander, pianists, and Grace Iessop, violinist. , Q. Climaxing their intensive training in the Department of Fine Arts, the senior recitalists this year presented inspiring pro- grams of musical or literary Works of art. Representing the Department of Mu- sic, Paul Lick gave a piano concert of modern and classical music. The audience was captivated by his zestful rendition of MacDoWell's Rigaudon. Favorites by Bach, Mozart, and Chopin completed the skillful performance. Paul was assisted by joe Parker with the trumpet. In his interpretive reading of The Iesteris Sword, Roy Hutcheon vividly por- trayed the great truth that one may be victorious in spirit despite bitter misfor- tune. Assisting in the recital were Barclay Wood, organg Paul Rundlett, pianog and John Wahtera, clarinet. 5 'f ff - 1 l ' F' L, fi ps-jx? l .: ,Q , ' MARIAN J. DOLLINGER ,K if Ror R. HUTCHEON rf, A,,., .1 1 A. P A L , ., ix 1 152 in, V 1 V, W ., 3 BW l , 5 s XX. 3 A " - f ' 4' Q. . M l xxx . ' 'i It .,.m-ws. add -1218. sb- Q? 1 . X Q 4 52: if' . , if I xi if AS Q ffl., Q ,Liz ,. Q, Trout nd Bo Yres.-, E 69 v Y YX ., wh, A6 BBQ., , Chap., Y Oi. Sm HDQN. D. Yo Yx. 666669 .Ytesq 1 Qioee 63059-. vm V Yxow W kstan Essekst Seco Y oxmg I urs will be the best jun- ior class yetf we boasted last Sep- tember. Now we have a yearls memo- ries instead of a goal. "Cornucopia," "Calling Dr. Kildare for senior sur- geryf, "What a surprise for the sen- iorslv - words that bring us a smile of satisfaction as We remember the hard Work put into our Thanksgiving chapel program, the reception for the seniors after their trip, and the junior- senior banquet. The "grown-up" feeling that came with the title of uupperclass- menu soon disappeared as we faced new and trying situations. How thank- ful We were for our class prayer meet- ings Where we committed our prob- lems to the Lord and shared one another's burdens and victories. 11 fl , . J,-. ',, ,.,. ,.. ,A ,.. DOUGLAS ALEXANDER Inspiring song leader . . . missionary vision . . . Cana- dian son . . . self-confident speaker . . . missionary daughters. CHRISTINE APPLE 'Tennessee drawl . . . creative ability . . . Zeta all-star . . . "Wouldn,t that be fun?" . . . original opinions. VERA BAILLEY Sigma high scorer . . . earn- est witness . . . chuck-les . . . persevering overcomer . . . through Him . . . loves children. JAMES BAKER ' Dormitory M.P .... theo- logical debator . . . Bible Christian . . . solid convic- tions . . . good humor. MARY JANE BOWERS Radiant countenance . . . Pa. accent . . . "tea and coffee?" . . . consistent Christian-l.iv- ing . . . class prayer meet- ings. RACHEL BRUCE Abounding sports skills . . . affable tease . . . sauntering gait . . . collegiate attire . . . Eve with red hair. IEAN BRYAN Kansas drawl . . . ingenious . . . laundry queen . . . off- campus housekeeper . . . statistics enjoyment . . . ex- clamatory. GENE BRYN ER Printeris ink . . . Mem. hall benders . . . Munro hall rendezvous . . . girl on the brain . . . laughter in his heart . . . fun-loving. ROBERT CLARK Quarteter . . . enthusiasm for life . . . gusto in bull ses- sions . . . "the Ialopyn . . . outside interests. ISABEL COGHILL "Belle" . . . hearty laughter . . . 3rd floor chatter . . . dinner conversationalist . . . loves literature. NORMAN COPELAND Dignified reserve . . . whole- some attitude . . . serious philosophy of life . . . con- scientious student. JANE COPP Quiet manner . . . twinkle in her eyes . . . poised . . . studious . . . Christian depth. ROSS CRIBBIS Philosophy major . . . speech classes . . . rings for Gloma . . . Canadian visa . . . hard worker. ALICE CRON IN Bay Stater . . . pleasant manner . . . Hair for dress . . . veterinary interests . . . consistent . . . ambitious. ANN CUBIE Daveis little sis . . . fun- loving eyes . . . accent on Scotch manner . . . Master- plots . . . "Cubie,, doll. DORIS DAISEY Letters to Uncle Samis army . . . rapid math computa- tions . . . sedate . . . prompti- tude . . . quiet. RAY DINSMOR Busiest man on campus . . . full-time scholar with a staggering work schedule . . . M.D. ambition . . . Ray jr., Freddie and the Mrs. IIERBERT DODGE History Whiz . . . impromptu debates . . . cultured inter- ests . . . all kinda cool . . . good analyist. ZJUIIIUBS JOANNEA DURKEE Small lady with lots of chatter . . . delicate type . . . giggling laughter . . . fun-loving . . . ringing testi- mony. GRACE EBY Minute maid . . . miniature from the sunshine state . . . adept seamstress . . . accele- rated service . . . sincere. GRACE ELIADES Domestic creations . . . ar- tistic flair . . . committee meetings . . . high school reminiscence . . . bender fun. BETTY ELLIOTT Baltimore belle . . . for sports and fun . . . inde- pendent thinker . . . class- room opinions . . . Christian approach. WES ERBE Determined perseverance . . . rugged ways . . . intelligent thinker . . . member of a quartet . . , liked by all. ELEANOR ESSELSTYN Gentilesse . .f. thoroughness . . . glow of health . . . soft- spoken . . . genuine sincer- ity . . . Io-vial. JOHN FRIEND Military bearing . . . quar- tet reminiscence . . . lasting friendships . . . laughter Supreme . . . always a buddy. BEULAH GARDNER Impeccable neatness . . . rosy glow . . . eyes that shine . . . imperceptible mischief . . . light hearted, but loyal. CARLOS GONZALES Caballero smile . , . bright red shirts . . . nobleman deportment . . . speed en- thusiast. LORENA GREY Overwhelming enthusiasm . . . organizational abilities . . , highly creative . . . many gestures . . . Brooklyn. CHARLES GUSCOTT XV.E.N.C. director . . . ac- tive . . . Kappa booster . . . relaxed manner . . . record of achievement. DON HARDINC XVould be medical techni- cian . . . basso . . . singing buffer operator . . . Maine twang , . . friendly shyness. NORMAV HEDDEN Cooperative Delta . . . cut- up urges . . . impersona- tions a specialty . . . decora- tive ability. ROBERT HEDDEN Student council prexy . . . well-modulated voice . . . talkative eyes . . . spiritual poise . . . thoughtful laugh- ter. l l DONALD HENNEN I Future preacher . . . major- ing in theology . . . firm testimony . . . companion- able friendliness . . . original interpretation of life. l I CLIFFORD HERSEY l Affable personality . . . 1 'domesticated benderism . . . ' ping-pong unexcelled . . . wide grin . . . sincerity of l I purpose. 1 l i i BARBARA HICKMAN i Literature glory . . . friend- ly helping hand . . . quiet - librarian . . . depth of spirit . . . "My Sunday School classf' L F 4 v 4 I I i ESTHER HICKS Orders from the comman- dante . . . roguish eyes . . . unseen driver . . . always busy . . . flash bulb fiend. I CHARLES I-IOLMAN Pres. of Evangelistic Associ- ation . . . ideal Christian living . . . gentlemanly de- portment . . . rich store of ideas . . . reliable. ROBERT JANACEK Centlemanly virtue . . . full- time scholar, part-time prankster . . . gifted spirit of truth . . . medical mis- sionary. LLOYD JOHNSON A Master in his field . . . to tease and be teased . . . hearty Nova Scotia gentle- man . . . activity-minded. EDBIUND JONES "A Visit with the Ionesesn . . . Pitt . . . progressive ideas . . . good humor . . . life in 2000 A.D. FLORENCE KELLEY Prompt classroom response . . difficult assignments made easy . . . future teach- er . . . Gene devotee . . . alert . . . ambitious. FRANK KELLEY Happily married Irishman . . . two little girls . . . worker for the kingdom . . . declaring Christ and Him only. ZJJIIIUBS FRANCIS KETNER Kappa president . . . sports star . . . serious insight into college life . . . humorous expectancy . . . emphatic in opinions, COY KUYKENDALL Friendly warmth . . . straight-forward sincerity . . . cordial ease . . . biology student. IRVINC LAIRD Lit. fan . . . censored col- umnist . . . Harvard evening classes . . . master of cere- monies . . . on the go. EARLE LANDERS Retired humor . . . dry wit . . . P.E.I.-er . . . casual manner . . . bass . . . Chris- tion living. DONALD LANTZ Early morning commuter . . . from Dorchester . . . lightheartedness . . . busy schedule . . . Marie. MILDRED LARSEN Versatile fingers . . . domes- tic capability . . . "Oh, Johnny" . . . Swedish con- noiseur . . . the Lord's will. ROY LAUDERMILK Homespun philosopher . . . treatment of the opposite sex . . . married "Copper- headv . . . good-natured . . . devoted life. HAROLD LONG Sigma Sam . . . basketball whiz . . . broad grin . . . friendliness unparalleled . . . gentlemanly. FRED LORENZ Family man . . . many tow- heads . . . vocabulary elo- quence . . . incorrigible optimism . . . station wagon. ROBERT LOVELESS Representing King George V . . . ice-skating incident . . . intent listener . . . Christian life as the highest service. CORNELIUS MacPHERSON True Christian living . . . future minister . . . in family tradition . . . hard worker . . . Betty's man. ARCHIE MCCURDY Refined features . . . unex- celled conversationalist . . . Canada's Einstein . . . un- hurried approach . . . po- tential. MARGARET MEREDITH W. Va. charm . . . small autos . . . assistant nurse . . . droll humor . . . all-star Kappa . . . friendliness. ELSIE MEYER "Istic,, vocabulary . . . well of original ideas . . . "Tide', to the washers . . . living by faith. . JOYCE MILLER Band-box appearance . . . . . . petite . . . flashing smile . . . dainty femininity . . . loyal. IRENE MONTGOMERY "The great West H. . . lady at the switchboard . . . es- sence of mirth . . . precise speech . . . personal under- standing. ROBERT MONTGOMERY Drugstore clerk . . . first tenor . . . bull-session sched- ule . . . refined breeding . . . understanding friend. JANE MOORE Dell-lightful . . . suppressed classroom giggles . . . "My brother Paul" . . . off-the- record mischief. LILLIE MULLEN Reticent wit . . . practical living . . . taciturn . . . good- natured interest . . . unruf- fled teaching. MARGARET MYERS Warm, brown eyes . . . spon- taneous lauglr . . . pranks- tress . . . busy schedule . . . devoted heart. ADEBISI OTUDEKO The U.N. on review . . . re- fined manner . . . worthy ideals . . . political inter- ests. JOSEPH PARKER Ready trumpet . , . on the spot humorist . . . imita- tions . . . "it sounds all right" . . . Parker "51." RONALD PARSONS All-star athlete . . . Prof's son . . . academic serious- ness . . . good-natured ease . . . Christian devotion. ELSNER PEARSALL "Red" . . . deep baritone . . . quartet veteran . . . mature scope . . . consistent living. ftiaglf ll . get L1 sl A if CLIFFORD PERYEA From the Adirondacks . . . a friend in need . . . "C0d's willv .... serious discussions . . . light-hearted humor. ALVAN PYNE Outdoor Pyneer . . . an- nouncer unexcelled . . . happy moments . , . jovial bounce . . . guitar melodies. DOROTHY REINHART Education major . . . equa- nimity . . . loyal Canadian . . . laughs when daunted . . . "Crumb-i' THELMA ROBERTS Need we say more? . . . golden tresses . . . com- panionable smile . . . beau- tiful soprano . . . sweet spirit. HERBERT ROGERS Library scholar . . . exact speech . . . married . . . lanky . . . expressive vo- cabulary . . . ardent testi- mony. JOHN SABEAN Marital contentment . . . happy-go-lucky manner . . . student of ideas . . . care- less grin . . . Jesus first. FLOYD SCHLOSSER Academic interest . . . jour- nalistic flair . . . scientific methods . . . full-time sched- ule . . . thinker. IOHN DEE SCOTT Unruffled way . . . light humor . . . night foreman . . . serious student . . .mar- ried . . . good convictions. RAY SEVER Sunshine boy . . . good-will ambassador from the south . . . year-round Florida tan . . . lab assistant . . . natural. VERNON SHANKLE History major . . . Christian approach . . . timely humor . . . practical way of doing things, LUCILE SHELLITO Little girlish features . . . "still watersi' . . . engaging dimples . . . my utmost for Him. DOROTHY SHENE Correlating lit and life . . . moderato . . . melody in liv- ing . . . imperturbable . . willingness. ALICE JEAN SHOFF "A, I." . . . resounding laughter. . . after-hour duets . . . "Where's Pat?" . . . spontaneous conversational- ist. CATHERINE SMITH Modern language major . . business office employee . . . reserved friendliness . . . neat . . . Christian effective- ness. GENE SMITH Philosophy major . . . Mary- land groom . , . business office regular . . . conscien- tious discipleship. DORCAS STAUFFER "Silence is goldeni' . . . nim- ble fingers . . . prim . . . assiduous secretary . . . from Michigan. PAUL SUTLIFFE Pleasing smile . . . quick- witted . . . keen appraisal of human nature . . . surpris- ing humor. GEORGE TALBOT Hails from W. Va .... schoolboy appearance , . . native drawl . . . scholastic qualities . . . good-natured. ELISHA TIKASINGH "Tikki,' . . . ardent biologist . . . keen oriental wit . . . English leanings . . . "That's typically American." ROBERT WANNER Sincere friendliness . . . con- fident living . . . half of an industrious pair . . . tri- umphant trumpeteer. IJUIIIUBS HARRY WEST Psych. major . . . musical interests . . . U. V. M. transferee . . . mature reflec- tions . , . congenial air. DONALD WHITE Level-headed disposition . . . polite manner . . . friendli- ness and humor . . . opinion- ated . . . "pretzel?', CHARLES YOUNG Pysch. and lit. student . . . scholarly schedule . . . Delta president . . . future teacher . . . Christian principles. DONALD YOUNG Unassuming human ency- clopedia . . . I.Q. to ring the bell . . . dry humor . . . "chip off the old block." HAROLD YOUNG Dugout chef . . . tutorials . . . vision for the future . . . Kappa supporter . . . grin and bear it. dvisox , ng A 9, Yves. unix , mwso mi. 9 VXI YY6S.g Y ec.g X new , V . muon, S 006 3. Sx iigxxkz C1 S. C. Yxep. Lek to W etmoie C-. DUPHD il ow could we climax fresh- man initiation? Everything had been going tops, but We Wanted something novel. Then came the idea of a minia- ture Niagaral Half the sophomore class joined the bucket brigade. What fun, from beginning to end! In September we liked to say, "We,re the sophomoreslv with just the slightest boastfulness, as if the mean- ing of that title were not actually "Wise foolf, But We look back and chuckle for now, "We're the juniorsll' Yet pranks and studies were not all. Each Monday evening found us in our class prayer meeting. Our goal was set: "The Class of ,54 one hundred per cent for Christf' HDBE? TQ?" I . c il'-6' 44' x x x xx X X x xx x X KN xy XT I f N WN ff :J Q. x NJ RQ XY fx xx x Q XX N , xx NX , X X X , X X X XXX N A xxx xx f X xi 1 xl xl A Xxx XY 7 N j, x X 4!! If 0 Ab x lv I fy X X'x 1x5vQ! I f A N - , Mrllan Freema Ruth Freese lohn Glennre Rose Handloser William Hardin Hasellon Edgar Howard Gerald Huff lohn Graf Helen Johnson leonard Johnson BU Frank Lovejoy Kent MacMahon rren Maleer Wrllram Maxwell Dons Mellon Marjorie Miller Paul Miller Ralph Monlemuro Beth Goodnow leon Hatch Hrsws Belly Jones Donald Macllerl Robed Merkr wth Elwin Moreau Gordon Hal Harry Hall Richard llemlern Marlhella lack Donald Kerelurk MaeNerll Marjone Memtls Vernon Morse 'ET Jackson Kem ZSUPHUIIIUIIES Rose Mary Marlin sell Metcalfe Harold Musgrave Albert Naranan Allen Ray Jeanne St Pierre Beulah Ray Thorpe Williamson JW Robert Neeley Frank Oxenford Eleanor Reddish Gerald Riggleman Thomas Skidmore Hrsayo Sasao thomas Stames Phyllis Stoner Wavelrne Troul John Watkins Eula-Adine Carol Wordsworth Phillips rl Peabody A Arland Romberger Nola Skrlhngs he Carroll Smith Harold Pmkston . Doris litylander Faith Smith n Stratton Robert Thatcher Gordon Wetmore Jerome Wetmore AW' 'Herbert White Elizabeth Yencso Dons Young James Young M. CLARK D. HAZELTON A. MATHESON L. POOLE A. RICH T. SCHWEICKERT W. STINSON R. WHITE D. WISE Rapid chatter "en Espanola, . . . liver and onions skillfully devoured with clicking chop sticks . . . hand-painted ties from Trinidad . . . exciting tales of adventures in distant lands - just a few indications that our students are from many countries of the World. Coming from Africa, British West Indies, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, japan, Canada, and other lands - all End a happy home and Warm fellowship at E. N. G. Front Row Cleft to rightj: E. Tikasingh, S, Morales, M. Smart, D. Reinhart, E. Mullen, C. Gonser, S. Sasao, V. Moore, F. Watson, E. Mallon, M. Wallace, M. Bye, E. Esselstyn. Second Row: H. Stetson, D. Kereluik, A. Otudeko, R. Steeves, D. Daniels, C. Gonzales, R. Barrueto, D. Brice, D. Alexander, A. McCurdy, L. johnson, H. Bye, I. Hughes, B. Symonds, L. Mullen, A. Esselstyn, Yogi Akashi, S. Goddard. 42:2-kz53Nq,,: fLeX,L,'--X' fx --. f- - o' 'lsr ' KL Koko, SQL., Tteas. vfmey 7 6? '6 M953 . ei , Chap.-, X U av x semey Yiesg Px. He Bergen, C. Yxep. XUXXQ 1 'S . nog, S. ek Ko 1 0 H3510 r' r r' fl YY ..g XN ugguex LU hat a wet start! - not only on initiation day, but also every Sat- urday that we tried to have a break- fast outing. Learning the "ins,' and uoutsv of college was a little difficult at first, but by january we considered our- selves veterans, ready to welcome the new second-semester students. We en- tertained them with a party and ju- diciously warned them not to pay any attention to sophomores. Entrance exams, the Green Book, rhetoric themes, and western civilization assignments are all Hn- ished now. We may sigh with relief, but we must admit that we enjoyed every minute of it. il III E I1 FBESEIIIIEIIZ S... Belly Adams Anderson WN lune Barton lvalene Bonnallie Paul Burkhart ame lane Conser Phyllis la Dwight Campbell Martha Cook Yon Akash Anderson Norma Bass loAnn Brogan adeline Qin tors Alhm lohn Anderson 3 fi ,X 1-Q'-v Margaret Albright 1 Virginia Arnold lohn Allison Dorothy Austin Bergers Marian Blackmer il lee Anderegg, lrllran Azevedo Mag john Bmkley David Mabel Brown H! Annjurdett Barbara Church Charlotte Claylor Ouenlr Phyhls Collins Mary Cook Robert Crew Daniels Do nna lee Ellll Samuel ,f F x jf' X k mf x Q K fvjgj c, N I S- if f ,mffffm Wil! 'fi' L L? Um ff R X ff , , ll K Ta' QE. H III Georgianna Spalle Wayne Speakman Roberl Sumner Donald Paul lust lohn in Mildred Whil elm Wheeler Barclay Wood Courlland Wood Gloria Stiles Glenn Stover Belly Symonds June Thomas Uri' 'bww lberl Wakelrel obert Walters Florence Walso Floe Wrllsa loretia Vhllra Wlllw Walt we , Woosler lean Yenrso Wx N ,Z M 'g N A l X X Wil? 1 I : 'Qi W A ll W M1 'W Se i il ll ' Mill Front Row Cseatedl: Prof. Rothwell, V. Smith, C. Spuite, A. John, B. Shields, E. Mullen, Editor. Second Row Cstandingjzj. Yeneso, C. Smith, C. Oulton, C. Pulella, B. Milstead, S. Smith, Business Manager, C. Conser, J. Allison, D. Campbell. Front Row: H. Linton, E. Burdett, C. Vfard, P. Stojanov, D. Shaffer, I. Hamann, E. Gower Second Row: R. Ibecheole, A. Kosty, P. Zeigler, K. Gibbs, H. Sumner, A. Tikasingh A new Bible Certificate Course was added to E. N. Cfs program of study this year. Designed to assist those who wish to prepare for Christian Service, the program has been arranged to meet the requirements of the course of study for ministers. New opportunity has thus been opened to provide the means for serious preparation to more who feel upon them the constraint of the Masteris service. Front Row Cleft to rightl: F. Randall, H. Ewart, Dr. Shields, E. Mallon, H. Steevcs. Second Row: R. 'Wirth, L. Fair, J. Evans, D. Olson, A. Smith, L. Miller. Sn . s1.YYeQxQvQ YK S Qgmibfice' AWD -csXxV- f -ai. lmefog kt to ggcfxlefl Ca XJ? 1 '-1 - qos- . Y YW-4 HV' - in 5 After a year of fellowship and good times, we are convinced that this yearis academy is "Not the biggest, but one of the best." What fun we had last autumn at our breakfast at Faxon Park! The morning air certainly does something for a persoifs appetite. Quan- tities of eggs, bacon, apples, doughnuts, and coffee disappeared in no time. "Exciting, best describes the North Quincy-Arlington football game we attended in the fall. The Christmas party at Mrs. Nease's home was another high- light of the year. Exchanging of gifts, carol singing, games, and refresh- ments made the evening complete. We had our serious moments, too. Our Monday night prayer meetings were forty-minutes of blessing that enriched our daily living. D. BRICE E. FIELDS G. MCFALL C. OXLEY MADELINE N NEASE Principal EDWARD DELL History RUTH CAMERON English, French JAMES CAMERON Algebra, Social Science ESTHER BLANEY HESTER SHIELDS fNot picturedl D. RANDOLPH S. TRUITT F. VVENCER SENIORS UNrDERCLASSMEN Front Row: M. Goodnow, G. Black. Second Row: E. Simpson, H. Reeves C. Pierce. funn- 7 fi-'..fP'r 'P "Rqfecfia7aAam4?ua lashing flares that give to life its sparkle of fung . . . energetic enthusi- asts learning responsibility, fairness and courage, self-control and self- expression - to live in harmony with othersg . . . keen candles that search for the best in every sphere of activi- tyg . . . molded models of the majestic Creator that mirror His glory. VVe are like pebbles, Cast in the pool of timeg Each concentric ring . . . Part of a great design . . . A reflection of our lives, Spreading endlessly, . . . Encircling an eternity. flow GMM ff-W" ROBERT HEDDEN, President OFFICERS ROBERT HEDDEN MARIAN PAULI PROF. ROTHWELL President Vice President Faculty Advisor REPRESENTATIVES EULA-ADINE WINGET N autilus, Secretary HERBERT DODGE QUENTIN CASWELL FLOYD JOHN THOMAS BOATES JAY BERCERS GRACE ELIADES STERLING SMITH DONALD DAVIS HOWARD RICKEY DONALD YOUNG GORDON WETMORE ROGER YOUNG ROBERT LYNCH Sigma, Treasurer Campus Camera Delta Kappa Zeta All Clubs W. E. N.'C. Graduate Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Academy Front Row Ckneelingln G. Eliades, fseatedl: E. Winget, C. Wetmore, R. Hedden, M. Pauli, H. Dodge, D. Young. Second Row: F. john, S. Smith, H. Rickey, I. Bergers, R. Lynch, T. Boates, R. Young, Prof. Rothwell. FALL PARTY CHRISTMAS CANTATA BOB HEDDEN, MRS. MANN, DR. MANN ERNO BALOGH College life - tops in every way this yearl The haunted house with Gwendolyn and Marmadrake chilled us at Halloween. Christmas brought a beautiful presenta- tion of the story, "To Them Who Sit in Darknessf, and a Cantata by candlelight. Cupid was busy at the delightful Valentine's party, but not overworked even in leap year. Revision of the society point system, the distribution of Campus Cameras to the community, and the framing of a Wollas- ton map for the ofHce of Munro Hall were several of the council projects. A joint student-faculty committee revised the "Red and Whitei' handbook. Erno Balogh, famed pianist, was presented in a benefit concert to raise funds for a new Steinway grand piano for the College Auditorium. We often chuckled at the amusing after-dinner announce- ments of our council prexy, but serious and capable leadership Were his highest qualities. His chapel messages inspired us to deeper and more humble devotion to the Master. EDITORIAL STAFF WILFRED WINGET Editor-in-Chief GORDON WETMORE Associate Editor, Layout GLORIA CRAWFORD Associate Editor, Script BARBARA HICKMAN Literary Editor RUSSELL METCALFE Religious Editor HELEN IOHNSON Club Editor DONALD YOUNG Society Editor IRVING LAIRD Photography Editor EDWARD SARDELLA Personality Sketch Editor EULA-ADINE WINGET Secretary to the Editor MIDGE HICKS, IRENE MONTGOMERY Assistants to the Editors RICHARD BARRUETO Staff Photographer DORIS YOUNG Staff Artist BARBARA MILSTEAD, ' MARY STUDLEY, MARY WALLACE Typists MRS. EDITH GOODNOW Literary Advisor BUSINESS STAFF DONALD STAHL Business Manager WILFBED WINGET, Editor and CHARLES BRODHEAD Advertising Manager DONALD STAHL, Bus. Mgr. ANTHONY ODDO Assistant Advertising Manager SHIRLEY MARTIN Secretary to Business Manager C, G. SCHLOSSER Business Advisor Front Row: E. Sardella, B. Hickman, G. Wetmore, G. Crawford, W. Winget, D. Stahl, Prof. Goodnow, E. Hicks, H. johnson. Second Row: N. Hedden, C, Brodhead, I. Laird, D. Young, R. Sever, R. Barrueto, A. Oddo, E. Winget, S. Martin. CHARLIE IANNELLO IRVING LAIRD GLORIA CRAWFORD GORDON WETMORE Dear Students: The NAUTILUS is for you - this has been our guiding star from the first to the last step in its creation. Flashing bulbs, chattering typewriters, sticky lingers, tired eyes - all are symbols of our constant aim: to bring to you a book that would make en- during cheerful memories and inspire you to look ahead in faith. To us the NAUTILUS is more than design and composi- tion. It is the tangible embodiment of a great ideal. An ideal that pounds in the hearts of our president and each professorg an ideal that has gripped the thousands who have sacrificed to pro- vide an E. N. C. for students and students for E. N. C.g an ideal that has inspired our theme, each line and wordg an ideal that We have learned to live While at college - "TO SERVE THE PRESENT AGE? If our annual serves to bring enjoyment to those who gaze Within its pages, and is a faithful ambassador of our E. N. C., We shall ever be happy that We have been the staff of the N AUTILUS for 1952. CAMPUS CAMERA STAFF BETTY CHALFANT Editor-in-Chief BARBARA HICKMAN, JOSEPH WILLIAMSON Associate Editors QUENTIN CASWELL Business Manager GLORIA CRAWFORD, IRVING LAIRD, DONALD LANTZ Columnists FLOYD JOHN Sports Editor DOROTHY AUSTIN Associate Sports Editor ROY HENCK Religious Editor HELEN JOHNSON Feature Editor ARTHUR SEAMANS Headline Editor JEAN YENCSO Artist RICHARD BARRUETO Photographer PROF. ALICE SPANGENBERG Faculty Advisor JUNE BARTON, PHYLLIS DAVIS, LEORA MCGEE, BETTY SYMONDS Typists CHRISTINE APPLE, JEAN BLOYE, HARLEY BYE, GRACE ELIADES, NORMA HEDDEN, BOB JANACEK, FRED LORENZ, IRENE MONTGOMERY, LORRETA NUZUM, FLOYD SCHLOSSER, DORIS SHAFFER, DOROTHY SHENE, DON STAHL, WAVELINE TROUT, JERRY WETMORE Reporters QUENTIN CASWELL, Bus. Mgr. and BETTY CHALFANT, Editor Front Row: N. Heddon, D. Austin, I. Laird, B. Hickman, Prof. Spangenberg, B. Clialfant, J. VVilliamson, O. Caswell, H. Johnson, F. Jolm, R. Barrueto. Second Row: E. Henck, M. Blackncr, I. Montgomery, L. McGee. R. Henck, A. Seamans, H. Bye, G. Crawford, D. Slienc, B. Symonds, L. Nuzum, XV. Trout. IOE WILLIAMSON MARILYN STAPLES, ELSNER PEARSALL ELSIE MEYER, PHYLLIS BROWN BARBARA HICKMAN NORMA HEDDEN Thinking editors, roving reporters, clicking typewriters - early September indications that the 1951-52 c'Campus Camerav was in the making. In their endeavor to portray a complete picture of college life, the stall urged students to share their opinions by writing "Letters to the Editorf' Prof. Cove,s trip to Europe, Canterbury panorama, pie testing, "craminations" - these were a few of the varied subjects featured in the "Camera,' this year in harmony with the editor's purpose to publish a newspaper with greater reader appeal. "What do you think constitutes an 'ideal man,?,' Several student polls were conducted by stait members to investigate and reveal student ideas, opinions, and reactions. Vital deadlines had to be met. But those with a "nose for news" were right on the job. Their conscientious Work and co-operation produced this yeafs "Student Voice of Eastern Nazarene College." CLeft to rightjz Dean Munro, Honor Society Advisor, Professor Smith, V. President of Phi Delta Lambda, Mrs. Lechner, Pres. of Phi Delta Lambda. "And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to every man according to his several ability . . Realizing and using the talents that Cod has lent them, the members of the Honor Society have accepted the responsi- bility that is theirs to get the best that E. N. C. can offer them scholastically. They are a credit to the college in that they help to maintain its high educational standards. But more than that, they are a credit to the Kingdom of Christ, for they have "given of their best to the Master to join in the battle for truth., Fifteen per cent of those graduated each year may be elected to membership in the Phi Delta Lambda, national honor society of the colleges of the Church of the Nazarene. Front Row fleft to rightD:H. Johnson, Sec.-Treas., F. john, Pres., Dean Munro, A. Esselstyn, V. Pres., E. Cunningham. Second Row: R. Merki, R. Parsons, J. Williamson, H. Rich, B. Hickman, M. Kernner. ASTRONOMY CLUB "Andromeda will be seen at 10:18 tonightf, Announcements like this prompted the "star-gazers" to leave their studies in order to observe a constellation through the telescope. Besides visiting the planetarium at Science Park in Boston, the group toured Harvard University at the spring Open House and made telescopic observations of different celestial bodies. February sky maps obtained at the planetariuln provided interesting material for study. Front Row: L. Ezold, M Boshart, S.. jackson, G Stiles, Prof. Hunting, Dr Shrader, H. Bye. Pres. K Clingerman, V. Pres., F Wfilliams, Sec.-Treas., B Adams. Second Row: C Smith, M. Cook D Kereluik, I. Hughes, A Seamans, D. Penny, A McCurdy, I. Duncan R Hardin, D. Matmueller D. MacPherson, C. Clay tor, M. Parsons. Front Row tleft to rightl: 1. Yencso, P. Kenmer C. Eliades, Sec., Prof. Babcock, A. Pyne, Pres., E. Tikasingh, Treas.g VV. Erbe, Chap. Second Row: A Esselstyn, C. Oulton, C. Brodhead, M. Ferguson, R. Ibecheole, I. Bonnallie, E. Jackson. BIOLOGY ASSOCIATION Outdoor life? We love it! Biting cold, snapping twigs, and ever-ascending slopes were no obstacles to these nature lovers. Clad in sporting togs, members of the club Went to the Blue Hills for their annual dinner cooked in aluminum foil over fiery hot coals. Charts, terrariums, plaster models, and Delineascope slides were done by the members in project work or as hobbies. BOWNE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY Think, think - philosophers must, and this year the problems of minority groups Were investigated in thought-provoking sessions. Several speakers were sponsored by the club to present their philosophies. Prof. William Cousins, a Negro sociologist from Wellesley College, lectured to the students on "The Race Problemf, A Catholic priest and a jewish rabbi lectured to the group on modern human relations. Front Row: D. Andricg, R. Merki, Treas., A. Esselstyn, Sec.. Prof. Hunting, Dr. Shrader, R. Barrneto, Pres. C. Eli- rides, E. Burgess, C. Pal- lellzl. Second Row: C. Gonzales. K. Hardy, R. Hardin, R. Hutchinson, D. Harding, N. Cope- land, R. Sever, J. Larra- bee, R. Bradley, A. Otudeko. CHEMISTRY CLUB Front Row: W. Winget C. Bourne, H. Rich, Sec.- Treas., I. Koelker, Pres. R. Hutcheon, V. Pres. L. Prosperi H. Rickey D. White, L. johnson Second Row: O. Wood- ward, I. Parker, H. Pink- ston, E. Lemieux, N MacPherson, R. Hezlden F. Ketner. J. Friend Prof. Rothwell. Programs sponsored by the Chemistry Club this year ranged from discussion of T. N. T. to demonstration of delicate Contact lenses. The cyclotron at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the basic heavy chemicals at the Monsanto Chemical Company were studied by the group. Members also visited the State Food Laboratories and Medical Research Centers, and attended meetings of the Northeast Chemical Association and the Inter-collegiate Chemistry Club. C. C. U. N. Which way to world peace? Purposing to investigate and dis- cuss contemporary world events, the Collegiate Council for the United Nations was organized this year. Students representing ll countries were challenged to present new ideas on world affairs. Mr. Hans Schultz of the Danish Embassy lectured to the group. Through the work of the Council, foreign students were helped to adjust to the American way of life. Front Row: C. Smith, N. Monet, C. Wood, E. Coodnow, Sec.-Treas., M. Larsen, Pres., Prof. Cove, P. Lick, V. Pres., P. Col- lins, A. Calhoun, J. Bloye, C. Eby. Second Row: A. Burdett, I. Merriman, M. Bye, L. Ezold, E. Sardella, A. Rose, E. Shields, A. Wakefield, M. Cook, E. Winget, J. Mil- ler, R. Handloser, L. Albin, I. Yencso. Third Row: T. Wooster, J. Wetmore, K. Knudsen, M. Bigelow, M. Shene, M. Downes, B. McCut- cheon, M. Miller, B. Sy- monds, A. J. Shoff, R. White, E. Mullen, D. Driggs. Front Row fleft to rightl: Prof. Smith, A. Chand- ler, A. Esselstyn, A. Otudeko, Pres. Second Row: S. Morales, Y. Akashi, Pr. Ibecheole, J. Anderson, E. Tikasingh, E. Jackson. FINE ARTS CLUB g Lovers of Mozart and Michelangelo pooled their talents and interests to form the newly-organized Fine Arts Club. Regular meetings alternated with music and art. However, 21 combination resulted when two students sketched their impressions in pastels while listening to one of Handel's water suites. A concert by the New England Conservatory orchestra and Miss Cove's 23 'fha ha,s" are among our favorite memories. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA To be friendly or stern - which is better for the beginning teacher? Questions and problems encountered by former F. T. A. mem- bers now teaching were presented to the club. These E. N. C. graduates corresponded with the association by means of edited bulletins. Colored slides of her recent trip to Great Britain and Europe were shown by Professor Cove. A member of the New England Dairy and Food Council presented educational materials on health. Front Row: A. Chandler, E. Front Row Qkneelingl: li. VV i n g e t , M. Wallace. Second Row: fscatedl C. Apple. See.-Treas., R. M. Martin, B. Hickman, Pres., D. Shene, V. Pres., R. Freese, E. Meyer. Third Row fstandinglz R. Henck, M. Miller, Prof. Williamson, M. Staples, J. Baker. HOUSE COUNCIL Hicks, M. F. Williams, E. Hilyard, M. Wallace, M. Mu- snug, E. Henck, V. Eshleman, Pres., Prof. Parsons, Dr. Groves, I. Montgomery, V. Pres., A. Finch, Sec., V. Mas- ters, M. R. Gray, B. Herring- ton, A. Calhoun, R. Hand- loser, M. Copeland, J. Moore, F. Kelley, R. Loomis. Second Row: E. Goodnow, T. Roberts, R. Mull, E. Mullen, M. I. Bowers, R. Hysong, E. Cun- ningham, C. Oulton, J. Strat- ton, V. Bailley, L. Mullen, D. Reinhart, I. Gavette, M. Sta- ples, M. Miller, P. Harvey, M. Pauli, A. Peabody, M. Myers, M. McLeod, M. Dol- linger, L. Nuzum, R. Freese, I. Thomas, M. Insco, M. Bye, M. YVeimer, S. Hazelton, S. jackson, W. Trout, D. Mack. Third Row: B. C-oodale, L. Albin, E. Blake, B. Hickman, B. Adams, C. Hersey, R. Miller, K. Knudsen, C. Rice, A. Pyne, A. McCurdy, B. McCutcheon, E. Peabody, D. Young, C. Smith, T. Chris- tianson, H. Young, J. Wet- more, E. Sardella, D. Kereluik, N. Hedden, G. Stiles, G. Spaite, I. Bloye, G. Eby. Social etiquette at E. N. C.? For a new project this year, the House Council sponsored a series of lectures dealing with proper social etiquette for girls. Mrs. C. B. Williamsonis talk was outstanding. New drapes? Bedspreads? Candy? These were popular questions last September when plans for Open House were being made. In the fall, three cackling witches scared all girls to the spooky parlor for a Halloween party. The Council also planned for prayer meetings. LAS ESTRELLAS Senoritas and senors enjoyed their siestas after the early morning breakfast at Squantum Point. To better acquaint the members with our neighbors south of the border, a film on Mexico was shown. Singing carols in Spanish and Paul Rothwell,s reading of his piece were special features of the Christmas party. This year the club purchased new records of Spanish songs for the language department. Front Row A. Pruden, L. Azevedo, M. Brown, R. Free-se, V. Pres., S. Morales, Pres., Mrs. Rothwell, C. Gonzales, Treas., C. Hersey, Chap- lain, S. Bias., Sec., E. Reddish, E. jackson, R. Loomis, D. Nylon. See- ond Row: M. Weimer, F. Williams. J. Allison, M. Bigelow, A. McClung, R. Barrueto, A. Moore, A. Halberg, B. Milstead, W. Speakman, I. Binkley, 1. Thomas, D. Mellon, L. Reed. Front Row: B. Chalfant, E. Hicks, N. Hedden, V. Pres., A. Cubie, I. Moore, Sec.-Treas., I. Laird, Pres., Prof. Spangenberg, D e a n Munro, Prof. Coodnow, I. Montgom- ery, A. john. Second Row: B. Herrington, M. Blackmer, C. jessop, M. Wallace, V. Eshleman, B. Hickman, C. Craw- ford, D. Shene, L. Nu- zum, I. Coghill, M. Mac- Leod, M. Dollinger, V. Moore. Third Row: E. Esselstyn, I. Mullen, S. Chase, W. Winget, D. Young, S. Morse, A. Sea- mans, F. john, R. Par- sons, ll. Hedden, A. Oddo, A. Peabody, E. Henck. LITERATURE CLUB i'Litf, enthusiasts enjoyed groping their way through the secret passage in the House of Seven Gables and wandering through Whittier- land when they toured literary shrines near Boston last fall. Club members also circled the globe vicariously as they met each month to discuss European, Oriental, Negro, and contemporary literature. For a project this year, the club purchased a record player and several Shakespearean records. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB A catatonic schizophrenic or a senile psychotic? Various types of abnormal individuals were observed by the students who made the an- nual trip to the state mental institution at Danvers. "Psychology in Religion" was the topic of the lecture given by Prof. Henry I. Knowles to the club. Two films illustrating child psychology were observed by the members - '6The Quiet Onev and "The Angry Boyf' Front Row: H. Norris, I. Laird, C. Elsey, A, Otudeko, H. Pinkston, D. Kereluik, E. Tikasingh, W. Erbe, A. Oddo, D. Wise, C. Cribben. K. Clingerman, R. Hedden, A. McClung, VV. Speak- man, W. Hardin. Second Row: C. Brodhead, F. Ketner, C. Smith, H. Brake, D. Sunberg, T. Skidmore, R. Barrueto, R. Hutchinson, I. Hughes, I. Williamson, H. Rogers, H. Reeves, I. Binkley, D. Brumagin, F. john, D. White, R. Par- sons. Third Row: H. Young, G. Homberger, I. Wetmore, K. Knudsen, W. Hysong, P. Knight, W. Becker, H. Bye, Q. Clingerman, R. Hysong, R. Lynch, A. Seamans, A. McCurdy, H. Nicholson, A. Pyne. Front Row: D. Austin more, M. Musnug, P Stoner, E. Jones, Treas. E. Meyer, Pres., Dr Groves, S. Hazelton Sec., F. Watson, J Bryan, M. Copeland, B Stanford. Second Row M. F. Williams, P Brown, M. Pauli, A Otudeko, R. Hardin, A Christenson, P. Tustin West, M. Merchant, E Mallon. . ' ' X " IT' 4. N". Vw..r:.1:f.. ROVER CREW Campfires . . . straw ticks . . . meals cooked in aluminum foil. These words epitomize memories for the "Rovers', who liked aroughing itv in E. N. C.'s Blue Hills Camp. Building an igloo in the White Mountains was their winteris escapade for these outdoor men. In contrast to this cold job was a yacht cruise in the spring. Several members, advised by Dr. Gould, worked to attain the "Cod and Country Award." M. Meredith, B. Gil- 1 J. Glennie, N. Copeland, R. Ianacek, C. Smith, H. S P E E C H C L U B MacArthur's four-point program . . . Faust . . . Dickens, Christmas Carol - these Words reveal the varied activities of the Speech Club. Debates, skits, informal discussions, and discussions on parlia- mentary procedure were participated in by members. A study of children with defective speech habits was made by the group. As a project for this year, the students recorded and ana- lyzed different types of voices. Front Row: E. Sardella, E. Hilyard, C. Apple, C. Wood, R. Sever, C. Gus- cott, S. Smith, S. Hazel- ton, C. Wordsworth, Q. Clingerman. S e c o n d Row: H. Brake, E. Thompson, A. Krutenat, A. Seamans, I. Glennie, I. Watkins, R. Walters, A. Pyne, W. Speakman, I. Wetmore. W. E. N. C. Front Row: C Smith, I Copp, D. Anderson, E Hilyard, I. Stratton, Sec.- Treas., L. Io li n s o n Chaplain, Prof. Dygoski M. Clark, Pres., C VVordsworth, V. Pres., M Merritts, C. Spaite, A Chandler, M. Hoff Sec- ond Row: M. Cook, R Mull, D. Couture, D Draper, T. Starnes, H Rogers, C. Cuscott, Q Clingerman, I. Wzitkins W. Becker. H. Pinkston I. MacNeill, L. Shellito F. VVilliams, WV. Trout. H660 on your dialf' Broadcasting several times each week, the campus radio station presented new and varied programs. "Showers of Blessings," recorded by the Nazarene radio league, and "Guest Starf, the U. S. Treasury Department Defense Bond program, were both supplied to the station without cost. A record library was started this year for the immediate bet- terment of W. E. N. C. and for the use of music students. m 2 4' it Q ' ' s K, x 'X xv- ERNO BALOGH Balogh . . . Farnsworth . . . Wilflnger . . . and the magic of music. A deeper love for great art in- spired us as we listened to the prominent Boston soprano, the world-renowned composer and concert pianist, and the accomplished violinist, youngest member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Then, how delighted we were when "Mae- stro" Greg Larkin directed E. N. Cfs orchestra in its fourth annual concert. The Wa1'saw Concerto with Professor Olive Marple pianist was the featured work ALICE FARNSWORTH and thrilled all who listened. In the spring, the college presented Mrs. G. B. Williamson in an interpretive reading recital which will be fondly remembered as a truly fascinat- ing rendition of The lfVlzite Clifs. The Bible-reading contest, senior recitalists, society programs, and student council parties brought inspiration and fun for all, filling out a year in which 'cdate nightsi' were wonderfully enjoyable and re- laxing for the students. GOTTFRIED WILFINGER AUDREY WILLIAMSON CLeft to rightjz S. Blaclily, Chap.g E. Esselstyn, Sec., R. Sever, Treas., N. Hedden, V. Pres., C. Young, Pres. With disregard for the usual ballyhoo of Rush Day, President Chuck Young substituted for ha- rangue a hearty invitation to join the Deltas, "the friendly societyf, Thirty-nine new members, sign- ing up at "Ye Olde F ellowshippe Innf, were warmed immediately by coffee and doughnuts. In the society program, in ball games, and in prayer meetings, the unity of fellowship was the keynote of all activities. The month of May crowned Delta activity for the year with the traditional Delta-Zeta boat trip. CHEERLEADERS E. JACKSON A. IOHN B. ROSE D. AUSTIN L. ALBIN FOOTBALL Front Row R. TAYLOR H. NICHOLSON R. METCALFE R. WORTH Second Row CRIMM, Co-ordinator W. ERBE R. LYNCH R. CLARK H. NORRIS BASKETBALL Kneeling F. JOHN D. YOUNG Standing R. LYNCH G. AUSTIN F. DeBAR D. CRIMM VOLLEYBALL Front Row B. MILSTEAD D. ANDERSON B. HICKMAN Second Row D. AUSTIN E. IACKSON R. MULL P. ALBRIGHT L. ALBIN A. JOHN BASKETBALL Front Row E. IACKSON P. ALBRICHT A. IOHN Second Row D. AUSTIN D. ANDERSON B. MILSTEAD B. HICKMAN L. ALBIN Deltas showed a determined spirit throughout the year. The football team won two games and lost six, tying the record of the Kappas. Cheered by Paul Lick's megaphone squad, the boys' basket- ball team thrilled the crowd by edging out the Zetas in the last minutes of a close game. In volleyball the Delta girls worked to a second place tie With' the Sigmas. Their basketball team, strengthened by newcomers, boasted a fast-passing, high-scoring offense. "Il B .x..,,,,t P . 9 No' 0' -.M gg, .. 235255, as it ' r 12 fe ...,. Q o 9 4' f rw Postr' is N15 fl ' CHARLES BRODHEAD, P1-es. I' -.n The honor society for E. N. C. ath- letes organized this year with nineteen out- standing players selected from the four societies. In football, softball, tennis, ping pong, volleyball, and basketball, they have proved to be tops in sportsmanship and athletic ability. To serve the school sports program by improving gymnasium equipment, the club initiated the "W-Wi, program - Wood for rebuilt backboards, and Water, or a drinking fountain, for the players. The sale of season tickets was suc- cessful enough to finance both projects as Well as pay for the regular appearance of Harold Wallace, our favorite areff, Front Row Cleft to rightl: R. White, M. Pauli, M. Meredith, R. Parsons, C. Brodhead, Pres.g Prof, Naylor, Advisor, B. Hickman, E. Parsons, V. Bailley. Second Row: C. Apple, C. Crawford, F. john, M. Clark, F. Ketner, H. Long, J. Friend, J. Parker. l 1 Front Row Cseatedlz B. Gardner. V. Pres.: F. Ketner, Pres., E. Henek, Sec. Second Row: T. Boates, S. C. Rep., C. Holman, Chap. Ah-oo-gahl The raucous horn on a 1915 Model T Ford drew flocks into the Kappa corner of the gym on Rush Day. Selling his society as he would sell a new car, President Fran Ketner led a Kappa drive for members which resulted in first place rank with fifty-one new Kappas. Outings, sports, and weekly prayer meetings rounded out so- ciety activity. Never to be forgotten was the Kappa program, The Korean Letter, which reflected clever planning and outstanding co- operation. CHEERLEADERS C.SNHTH D.ROBERTS P. COLLINS I.YENCSO FOOTBALL Front Row D. DANIELS H. STETSON D. MCSAVANEY R. YOUNG R. PARSONS Second Row CCLUNG, Co-ordinator J. BAKER D. LANTZ D. DRAPEP. H. YOUNG BASKETBALL Front Row D. MATTMUELLER R. PARSONS Second Row F. KETNER I. BIGELOW R. YOUNG H. YOUNG ,, 1 VOLLEYBALL Front Row B. SHIELDS M. MERIDITH Second Row I. BONNALLIE M. SMART L. WILLIAMSON P. COLLINS M. BYE BASKETBALL Front Row E. REDDISH L. WILLIAMSON Second Row M. MERIDITH E. ZIERT B. SHIELDS M. SMART C. SMITH Kappa sports this year showed a spirit which refused to be beaten as the football team tied the record of the Deltas. The boys, basketball team, Well balanced and polished, entered zestfully into the fight for first place. Although they were in fourth place in volleyball and were slow starting in basketball, the Kappa lassies gave all opponents a taste of their aggressive playing. Lusty lungs and the perennial cowbell faithfully supported blue and white games. theft to rightl: F. Ketner, Cuard: T. Starnes, Forwardg I. Wagner, Forwardg D. Heinlein, korwardg F. DeBar, Centerg C. Wood. Centerg D. McSavaney, Forwardg R. Walters, Guardg R. Parsons, Forwardg T. Christiensen, Cuardg D. Grimm, Forward. From the first blast of the whistle our boys in red played deter- mined, aggressive ball, but they were unable to achieve their goal of two wins over Cordon College. Coaches Nease and Naylor were able to start first-class basketball talent, and they had on hand plenty of capable reserves, but lack of game experience together robbed E. N. C. of the split-second timing and co-ordination necessary to beat decisively a winning Cordon team in the middle of its successful season. The girls' team was decidedly improved this year. New additions to the squad from the freshman class produced the passing and scoring attack necessary to crack the rival defense and match their offense. At both games there was the best in sportsmanship and enthusi- astic cheering from the loyal supporters of the All-Stars. Front Row: VV. Trout. Sec.: R. XVanner. Chaplaing H. Long, Co-ordinatorq C. Brodliead, Pres. Second Row: M. Larsen. V. Pres.g R. Bruce. Co- ordinatorg Prof. Naylor, Advisorg H. Dodge, S. C. Rep.g Q. Caswell, Treas. c'Cli1nb with the Sigmaslv On Rush Day this slogan was sym- bolized by a red and black rock- et. Forty-eight initiates secured for the Sigmas second place in the scramble for new members. Enthusiasm in society activi- ties characterized the red and black. There were outings. the usual games, meetings, the Sig- ma program, and Well-attended prayer meetings. President Chuck Brodheads recruiting speech shows the Sig- ma spirit: "You can be happy with any society, but if you Want pure bliss, join the Sigmasf, CHEERLEADERS E. BURCESS F. KELLEY R. BRUCE A. CUBIE V. SMITH FOOTBALL Front Row G. HORNBERGER R. WALTERS C. SELLARS H. REEVES Second Row H. LONG, Co-ordinator C. BRODHEAD I. WILLIAMSON W. SPEAKMAN BASKETBALL Front Row R. WALTERS F. LOVEJOY T. STARNES Second Row H. REEVES C. SELLERS K. EDWARDS C. BRYNER W. SPEAKMAN H. LONG VOLLEYBALL Front Row A. CUBIE S. TRUITT Second Row A. I. SHOFF E. SMITH R. BRUCE C. IESSOP BASKETBALL Front Row S. TRUITT A. FINCH Second Row A. CUBIE R. BRUCE E. SMITH A. I. SHOFF G. IESSOP Strength in reserves and a determined offense won for the Sigmas a tie with the Zetas for iirst place in football competition. Lacking tall boys, the basketball team was forced to rely on speed and traditional plucky playing to be constantly dangerous. Teamwork and faithful practice gave the Sigma girls a second place tie with the Deltas in volleyball and a successful basket- ball season. X x,Qf 4 if may Q35 Y I f gb ,M , if 1' T'-Www x'9! " 'T E ,ii 4 gr.,i'?" ' -V .4-,gl Front Row: I. Bergers. S. C. Rep. R. Phillips, Chaplain. Second Row: II. Brooks, Co-ordinatorg C. Crawford, V. Pres.g Prof. Dixon, Advisorg D. Shene, Sec.g R. Bailley, Pres. In the far right-hand corner of the gym stood the Arch of Tri- umph on Rush Day, symbol of leadership in s o c i e t y activi- ties. Twenty-nine new students marched through it to sign with the Zeta society. Fielding the team to heat in sports, the green and gold main- tained a reputation for heing tops. The Zeta program and the Fri- day after-dinner prayer meeting reflected the spirit of the society. A boat trip with the Deltas capped the Zetas, activities for the year. CHEERLEADERS B. GILMORE R. WHITE N. NEILSON B. HERRINGTON FOOTBALL Front Row W. HYSONG J. BERGERS M. SHENE D. ALEXANDER Second Row R. RUPERT R. HYSONG H. PINKSTON BASKETBALL Front Row C. WOOD J. WAGNER Second Row M. SHENE R. HYSONC K. RETTER W. HYSONG H. BROOKS VOLLEYBALL Front Row C. APPLE R. WHITE Second Row C. FARLEY M. BROWN C. CRAWFORD T. ROBERTS N. NEILSON BASKETBALL Front Row C. FARLEY N. NEILSON Second Row R. WHITE T. ROBERTS C. CRAWFORD M. BROWN C. APPLE The green and gold again was able to produce talent which made the Zetas the team to beat in every sport. A powerful football squad clicked OH scores to tie for Hrst place, and a big accurate basket- ball team gave every opponent forty minutes of trouble. Zeta girls, teams Were every bit as good as the boys'g they produced the outstanding scorer of the campus in Mabel Brown and won Hrst place in volleyball competition. F I J..UBlr!lI1b NNN., 2 v Q1 1- v'i'm..5 ".L'eZyoaali7JzJ4a4!zine...an ,Z . owering torches for spiritual freedom, feeding the fires of revival . . . blazing beacons in a day of moral gloom, leading men from the perils of confused thinking and chaotic liv- ing, . . . glowing candles glorifying the Father, burning sacrificially upon the altar of life. Lift high thy light, Send out thy beam Above a world grown dim, That men may see, Where falls its gleam, . . .A path to Him. m0z4alfzM.wfubfaidinfaeauen" REV 1 GLENN GOULD, DD The theme of th1s book Ye Shrne as Lrghts echoes one of the most daung of St tlans at Ph1l1pp1 to constancy 1n the1r devotlon he hkens them to the very stars IH the1r courses These heavenly bodles are so predrctable rn the1r movements that manners may safely steer by them through the trackless sea And 1n the mldst of a S1Ul'11I'1g world velled by deepen1ng shadows we who know Chrrst must sh1ne as l1ghts Your year at Eastern Nazarene College has helped you better to understand the world 1n Wh1Ch you l1ve the soc1al order of wh1ch you are a part and the greatest mystery of all yourself But we hope 1tS rna1o1 contr1but1on has been a better knowledge of Chrlst and a clearer rellectlon of Hls beauty From thlS day on make thls your Hrst Concern Paul's inspired insights. In exhorting the Chris- N. Y. P. S. COUNCIL Double or Nothing . . . Talent Scout Night . . . Let,s Be Different . . . Here Comes the Postman . . . Twenty Questions . . . Stump the Experts. These were the titles of a few of the most outstanding programs. "Miss N. Y. P. S.? Never! I would be sure to miss something special!" A program that was different, but one that was inspiring awaited the students who attended the Young People's services this year. We were thrilled by Dr. Groves, chalk draw- ing of Sallmanls Head of Christ. The testimony of Al Brickner, a converted Jew, inspired us. Each Sunday night brought surprises and blessings. "Wonderful Savior, my heart is filled Front Row Cseatedjz B. Hickman, Sec.-Treas., C. Crawford, Pres., R. Parsons, V. Eshleman, V. Prs. Second Row fstandingl: I. Laird, Chorister, J. Allen. with praises to theef, STUDENT MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Student Ministerial Association is to acquaint future ministers with practical problems, and to stimulate interest and action even during the busy years of in- tense study and preparation. The membership is made up of upperclassmen who are minis- terial students, and meets monthly to hear guest speakers. Harry Rich, president of the Associa- tion, delivered an inspirational message in the annual chapel service given by the student ministers. "We,ll work till Iesus comes." Ercnt Row Cleft to rightjz Parks, C. Peryea, L. Prosperi, F. Oxenford, C. Bourne, P. Elliott, H. Rich, Pres E. Lanaers, Sec.-Treas., W. Winget, I. Laird, R. Long, P. Bowlby, A. Oddo, V. Morse, I. Koelker, L. Fan' Secongl Row: H. Brooks, C. Cunningham, H. Ewart, R. Ingland, O. Woodward, R. Steeves, I. Holstead D White, C. Holman, pF. Ketner, E. jones, V. Sliankle, D.Hardy, R. Hedden, 1. Friend. Third Row: J. Baker D Hennen, R. Metcalfe, D. Alexander, D. Wise, H. Rickey, F, Randall, H. Nicholson, L. johnson, R. Clark H Rogers, N. MacPherson, R. Henck, W. Summers, L. Miller, 1 W Rev Roy F Stevens Rev T E Martm Rev Raymond Brownmg Rev G B Wllhamson DD Rev Paul S Rees DD D! i 4 5, . . . . . . . . . , . . Y A l 1 W X1 wi, A li R J I 3 I R I , 2 . . , . Q K l I :V .Q Rev. A. H. Kauffman Rev. E. Stanley jones, D.D. "How marvelous, how Wonderfuli' - this melody of praise We shall ever sing for the blessings received this year in both revival and chapel services. Inspiration and challenge came from visiting missionaries and evangelists, pastors and Christian laymen, professors and students. The keynote of obedience rang early in the opening convention With Rev. Roy F. Stevens. Other revivalists were Rev. T. E. Martin whose warm-hearted, practical preaching Was blessed of Cod, Rev. Raymond Browning, in the mien of a patriarch of old, who won the hearts of the students by his vivid illustrations and profound understanding of young peopleis problems, former president General Superintendent C. B. Williamson who presented the Iohn Could Memorial Lectures on the subject, "Preaching Holinessf, which was of remarkable benefit especially to the students preparing for the ministry. Beginning a new series of lectures this year, Rev. Alvin H. Kauffman, veteran missionary to the Holy Land, de- livered iive challenging messages on An Evangelical Approach to Catholicism. We Were thrilled during the Spring Missionary Convention as Robert Chung told of his miraculous escape from Communist-captured Seoul, Korea. Dr. E. Stanley Iones, author and missionary, Thomas Sugrew, World traveler and news analystg Dr. Paul E. John- son, professor of psychology at Boston Universityg Dr. Paul S. Rees, and many other outstanding guests will be fondly remembered. Paul E. Johnson, Ph.D. Thomas Sugrew Student Missionary Program ESTHER WILLIAMSON, Director GREG LARKIN, Organist OLIVE MARPLE, Pianist From the shimmering strains of the orchestral overture to the thundering chords of the "Amen" chorus, We thrilled to hear again the immortal message of The Messiah. Handel's great oratorio has been a growing part of the Christmas season at E. N. C. since 1934 when it was Hrst presented here. KENNETH AKINS, Tenor GRACE ODDO, Soprano DONITA DAVIS, Contralto COURTLAND WOOD Bass This year capacity audiences of stu- dents and guests enjoyed this musical master- piece presented by the combined college and church choirs and orchestra, under the direc- tion of Esther Williamson. In the memory of this immortal music we will long see the radiant Christ who "shall reign for ever and ever." . ,.. . . V.--A N.t...W-fm.-,nu-uni HALLELUIAH! G. F. H gnclel ibn? w' if91swvsvsswsvil H Hal- - le - lu - Jah! Hal-le - 1u-Ja.h! Hal-le-lu -jah! 1- .B Q61 bb ffm! if ,AgmQ4wmap+a4 TENOR .s 1-ra.1-1e -xu-jan! Hal- 15 T 1 34 fi3-f-ji, """'m gm4QLHi4 . i M i E 3,, xii' gf'a4'E1EjUV:Qy.,f,gz-,E rwH'3QjEQp1gUg gjggyg A CAPPELLA CHOIR Smgmg to the Lord At rehea1sals 111 the Canterbury as well as at pubhc COIICCIIS to large COllgl6gat1Ol1S the A Cappella Cholr sang a IGSIIIHOIIY from the healt In the spung, the Cl1011 1nade an e1gl1teen day lZOll1 of the Eastern Educahonal Zone Slllglllg the Gospel to thousands App1ec1at1ve dlld16IlC6S thr1lled at heaung A M1ghty FOIIICSS Is Olll Cod and were deeply moved Whell MIS Esther VVIHIHIIISOII d1 rector jomed the cho1r 111 smgmg He H1deth My Soul MEISTERSINGERS Front Row Cleft to rrghtj Pro VI lll1dIUbOI1 S Goddard D Rylander Ash B Jones Pauh I Thomas I St P1erre M Wallace S Chase H johnson I Vloore N Wlthrow Sec ond Row V Eshleman M Copeland I Mont gomerv T Roberts D Shene Sec Treas I CoUh1ll D Roberts Thlrd Row E Landers A Pyne T Boates Bus Mgr I Lalrd H Stet son W Erbe Fourth Row R Metcalfe C' Wetmore Pres N Mac Pherson C Guscott K Edwards C Wood W Sunberg I Glennle T Starnes R Bradley Llb R Montg,omcry Not 111 plCtllI'6 D Hardmg N Hedden lx Ixnudsen D M1ttmueller L Poole R Tlylor F c et Hat on the H001 POSIUIG LICCI song books 1d1S6d These ldlllllldl wolcls WGIG hea1d each Monday mght by the Me1sters111gers who l11tlllllllV practlcecl lol the11 two lT'l3jO1 performances The group asslsted 111 the presentat1o11 of Tl1e Messlah and Front Row Llc-ft to r1 htl B Glll1lIJf6 S Hlse ton E Wlnget P Brown S u er S Monles nntl E Mever Mullen B Herr1ng,,ton M Cook D Nyl1n I Yencso D Mellon Sec ond Row Prof W1ll1 un son B H1ckman N Blss L Albln S Martln P 'vlyers D AUStlH VI Insco E Jackson X MlSt6fS C1 Ehades C NVordsworth S B11s Sec Treas V Snnth B Symonds G Eby R Handloser A Calhoun Th1rcl Row D MacPher son P Rundlett Anderson F Randill D NILSAVIDGV D Pcnny D Hardmg XV Becker A Moore D Mattmuel ler H Plnlcston I Baker Sec Treas Ix Knudsen H NOIYIS L Vllllcr ISIISIIC ot tl1e lXI61bt6'lSlllg6lS lll tl1e sprmg, rendered The Redemptlon a sacred t11lOgy by C-ounod A loxe fo1 Slllglllg because He gave a song to me IS charac 1 . f 7' '1 1 . , . a ' 7 P. , . , M. , 1 , . 1 , . , 1 Q ' : ' I , . 1 ' 1 . , T , .a ' 7 ' , .' ., . U . . 1 - 1 . , . , 1 ., . 7 1 " , . 1 I 1 ' , J. . .1- , ., . s ' 7 ' 1.1. 1 as . 1 ' 1 1 , 1 , 11. 1 1 1 11 . I , 1 , 1 . 1. .1 . , l 7 .7 7 1 . 7 A . ' . . , . 1. 1- 1 - , . , . W 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . , ' ' . 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 1 . 1 . .1 as . 1 1 - 1 1 . - 7 V ' 7 . 1 1 1 1 1 ac 1 sp , 1 11 . as .1 1 1 1 1 3. 1 11. 7 3 ' 1 1 - - 1 - 1- 1 ' ' ' 1' 1 1' - '- ' - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 'ca 1 as , 111 1 , 11 , ' 7 1 . cc 1 as .1 1 . ' ' 7 ' 7 I 1 1 cc 9:1 . V ' -1 ' - . , . Z 1 7 . .1'.' I .v -. - . , . , . . 1 1 'll - - 1 , . ..,1 S 'l E v ' . H ' T , 1 1 . , . , .1 '. , . 1 . ' I 1 9. ' ' , . ' ', . l 1 . , . , . 1 , . , 1 1 1. 1 7 - , - a ' if Q, . ' 1 . ' , . Z., ..- ': . , . 1 - H - , . . . , . ' 1. . A 1.12. 1, I ,1 r - s l- 1 . , . ' , . , . , 1' ., . , L 1 1 L, 1 1 CHURCH CHOIR "He Cannot Failln The choir's beautiful rendering of their theme chorus made this promise increasingly meaningful. All felt a spiritual uplift in the Sunday morning services as Creg Larkin led the choir in singing such anthems as, g'The King of Love My Shepherd Isf' Hearts were blessed in the evening services and in revival meetings as the choir sang the "blessed story." Front Row Cleft to rightlz L. Nuzum, M. Larsen, N. Newton, M. Could, D. WVard, F. Oldo, 1. Scholsser, E. Collins, P. Ash, L. Allen, C. Larkin, Director. Second Row: C. Hawk, M. Downes, E. Young, O. Marple, QI. Coghill, A. Ward, E. Schlosser, E. Collins, P. Bow: I. Baker, Mann. Front Row tleft to rightl: R. Taylor. VV. Sunberg, K. Edwards, R. Metcalfe, R. Mont gomery. VV. Erbe. Second Row: E. Simpson, Q. Caswell, C. VVetmore, E. Pearsall, R. Henck, A. Pyne. MEN'S CHORAL GUILD "Iubilee,', "O, The Bitter Shame and Sorrowf "Cideon,s Bandv - how We were thrilled at hearing these and many other sacred numbers sung by the Menis Choral Cuild organized this year by Creg Larkin. The idea for a menis chorus originated last fall when the four E. N. C. quartets were combined to represent the college at the Park Street Educational Conference. They "sing for pure enjoyment,', but have been a blessing in many services. Cavette, C. Allen. Third K Clingerman, B. Smith, I Duncan, D. Blaney, B Rose, E. Simpson, V Croves, R. Marple, B Young, Naylor, E V , , - u R L I C, .. , .,:, Yzff, , W" 1. ,. f-zz,-:.,"':12-A-74.1 'gi' - V 14- . A L f ',f?IiS'1 ..,gm Q " , , W . 4. ' 2 . ' K me .V N- ,LQ 1 flywvxc 4, 5 '3' Q X 42 U ' . W 54,12 " " 'R W' ' " wg, ' ,ig ' 'gk ' J Qjvgwg-,QE X 2, - , ,QE ' 'f N' Q6, " Q,, V A 211331 iw?" wxffk fv- " wwf 5 X x 'Z' if-gm 9. -X W -. -b A if '2 fgs?v4gaf5.fff"f fi ,. x sz " 'LZ131 VAETY: f.K'mf1'N SN-if X - 5' . 'E ' - 'Y .9 111333127 1 .x x g , -vw, '- .2 V -, . ' 'W e, aww- veawgzw -' ' -YM-r P' iii' - ' . SS? QS i' ' 23550 2 2-i' iq -' . '- , 5 a 'SJW' , " fs-11 H IM ' - WEE? 5 V' ' 5 L -QQ 1 , 3' :hs-1 1 Q' I .-2 'H' 'ivy 22 Q 5 1-A, s 1" 4 ii' 3 V LRE , wi ,em fi rm 9391: , -UW? ' s A is" X . .Q -3 xx K .V X 7, .Q , 5 fl pp , V I . - V. I 4-. , ' Y Y VV -:V 15: , 'f, R ,S y . I x pwff 'h .A. --I 1 i f -:il ! 1 A gli.. "'1"Q:-17 M X S4 23 ,SQSSEYQ ggi., I i 2444! ,. ,mt gg, , ,. , ,,,. my ,421 J, , Y' Wk 7 I I , 5 ,,:f "?f'k' 1 . :jf V' ' '2'V2,,g?,7 I J , ' I 4-'2-293, , 4 wwwf 'f , ,. ,A '. my -fx fi in J 0 ,f , ,A .,,f1,,f.gfQ2+ f , , vga 2 .- K? ' Vfqygyb' 'iff' MQW ', ' Q ., ' W ff? ' f,MV,5, ,.:, ,f VW! ,ZW , .,:-,fm Z' wx x . 4 K 4 ff: , , , I , Zfy R H, vw c A - S I ' 1 V5 1 fLeft to rightlz V. Eshleman, Sec-Treas., Prof. Rothwell, Advisor, M. Wallace, V. Pres., H. Bye, D. White, Pres. COLLEGE MISSIONARY SOCIETY COUNCIL "Into all the Worldn have gone many devoted missionaries from E. N. C. Students preparing for this work and others vitally in- terested make the Weekly meet- ings of the IN1issionary Society informative and inspirational. During the annual chapel service, the needs of the foreign lands represented in our student body were graphically presented by the students dressed in their native garb and speaking their native languages. 6'Send the light . . . and let it shine from shore to shoref' PROSPECTIVE MISSIONARIES FTUUIT ROW Cleft I0 Tighfll S- Sasao, F. Smith, M. Jack, M. Brown, R. Collins, Ray Sever, Treas., S. Blachlv Pres., D. Alexander, E. Blake, Sec., L. Shellito, A. Esseltyn. S. Goddard, V. Masters. Second Row: M Whitehorn, L. McGee, P. Harvey, I. Copp, C. Peryea, I. Hughs, R. Henck, L. johnson, H. Bye, H. Pinkston E. Morgan, I. Holstead, R. Merki, V. Bailley, S. Fuller, H. Ellis. COUNCIL Front Row fleft to rightl: R. Merki, Treas.g I. Al- len, N. MacPherson, V.- Pre-s.g C. Holman, Pres. C. Peryea, I. Stratton Sec. Second Row: D White, G. Hall, R Henck, H. Bye, I. Baker E. Landers. al s - This year the Evangelistic Associa- tion Was a real factor for Christ in Boston. With two hundred members, organized in ten groups, thirty-five student preachers, and the new Chevrolet carry-all, the or- ganization Was stronger than ever. "Our emphasis is SOULS," stated President Charles Holman, and with Cod's help, many souls were Won in the seven missions regularly served. The Association also serves the Quincy Colden Rule Bible Class, conducts weekly services at the Mid- dleton prison farm, and choirs visit local hospitals each Sunday aftemoon. . .So bright may be the Hame, Benighted men may glorify His namef' FROM THE STAFF OF THE NAUTILUS FOR 1952. . H SIHCEHE HTHHHH UUUH C TO THE FAITHFUL CHURCH CONSTITUENCY who by their support have helped make possible an outstanding NAUTILUS. 0 TO THE CO-OPERATIVE COMMERCIAL CONCERNS whose generous response indicated a spirit of interest and good will. 182 CHURCH A Akron Arlington Akron District Akron First Akron Kenmore Albany District Allentown Alliance Annapolis Ashtabula Baltimore Barberton Bath Bel Air Bethlehem Bradford Bridzeton Brockton Butler Cambridge B C tMass.l Cambridge, tOhiol Canton Circleville Cleveland Coatesville M Hagerstown Marine Biological Laboratory Collingdale Cumberland D Deepwater Dover E East Liverpool East Rockaway Elmira Everett F Flushing C Gardiner Grove City H Hamd en Hamilton H anover Hollywood 1 .Tamestowrr Jefferson K Kingston I . Lansdale Lisbon Livermore Falls Lowell Lynn NI Malden Maritime District M ed ford Melrose N New Bedford Newburgh New Castle New England District New Milford 1nd,eX to Advertisers 162 159 167 160 153 141 160 143 164 142 160 137 146 145 148 145 136 156 132 164 162 149 165 143 140 146 146 157 163 158 154 138 156 133 149 140 138 150 138 138 154 166 156 142 166 135 133 135 134 152 154 ' 132 132 156 149 130 157 New York District Niagara Falls Nichols tEvangelistl Norristown O Ontario District Orbisonia Ottawa Oxford P Painesville Pawtucket Pine Glen Pittsburgh Ponce Potsdam Providence Peoples R District Beading CMass.D Reading, CPa.l Richmond Hill Rio Grande Royersford S St. Thomas Salisbury Sebring Skowhegan South Portland Stoneham Syracuse T Toronto Toronto Toronto Trenton First Main Street St. Clair U Uhrichsville Uxbridge W Xvaltham VVarren fOhioJ VVarren CPa.l VVashington CD.C.l VVashington fPa.l Washington-Philadelp VVest Chester NVest Grove West Somerville Wilmington fDel.l VVilmington fN.Y.l VVollaston WVorcester Y Youngstown hia District COLLEGE C College Bookstore D Delta Society Dugout E Eastern Nazarene College K Kappa Society S Sigma Society Z Zeta Society -1129 il. rf- 1711 162 143 150 141 151 144 164 137 142 147 149 152 134 152 140 158 144 145 151 144 164 133 135 135 155 151 151 150 142 166 154 135 161 148 144 148 139 143 141 137 141 152 131 133 166 172 170 169 168 170 171 171 COMMERCIAL A Antonelli Iron XVorks B Babson's Reports Beach Tailors Beacon Cleansers Betsy Lee Shop Bill 81 Iinfs Blacker 81 Shepard Blackwood Pharmacy Blanchard. Paul K. Boates, T. Thomas C Carriker Motors Coca-Cola D Dcware E Enterprise Stores G Gallagher, john L. Gormanis Jewelry Granite Chevrolet H Harris Co. Harvard Studio Hatch Optician Hendrieis Tse Cream Hicks 8z Hodges Hood, H. P. Sc Sons Howard Johnsonis 1 AIohnson,s Filling Station K Rarl's Auto Body Shop L Lahue, VV. C. Laineis jewelry L. G. S. Lisk-Savory Corporation Mass. Heating Corp. McLaughlin's Service Metherall 61 McCausland Mid-Town Radio N Nazarene Publishing House New England Altar Co. North Quincy Garage P Patterson's Flowers Pemberton, Norman VV. R Remickis Roberts Engraving Co. S Sexton Oiuality Foods Sheppar s Standard Bottling Co. Supreme Market W Webster-Thomas XVelch's Camera Center XfVeymouth Gazette Press WVhittemore Wollaston Tailor 181 175 174 176 176 176 187 174 194 187 174 183 173 180 180 180 181 195 186 188 182 188 189 178 186 177 174 178 188 184 187 174 178 174 175 176 188 186 181 180 179 178 183 184 184 186 176 189 185 184 EW E GIA D DI TRICI Congratulates the Class of '52 and appreciates the excellent ADVISORY BOARD I. Glenn Gould H. Blair Ward Wesley G. Angell Herbert H. Pyne Richard Howard District Secretary Herbert H. Pyne District Treasurer Work of the administration and faculty. I. C. ALBRIGHT District Superintendent C. L. Arnold Chairman, Church School Board William A. Taylor President N. Y. P. S. Ann K. Stead President W. F. M. S Mildred Maybury junior Director Robert Carleson Camp Manager Praying for a Great General Assembly june 22-28 - DISTRICT ACTIVITIES Annual Assembly Wollaston, June 4-6, Dr. Samuel Young W. F. M. S. Convention Wollaston, Iune 2-3, Rev. and Mrs. Paul Hetriclx District Camp Meeting North Reading, Mass., July 3-13 Workers: Dr. T. W. Willingham, Rev. R. N. Raycroft, Bob and Madge Killion District N. Y. P. S. Institute Camp North Reading, Iuly 28-August 2 Boys, Caravan Camp Idlewild, N. H., August 25-30 Girls, Caravan Camp Wilton, Maine, August 25-30 "A Revival in Every Church - A Church in Every Cityu 'I 130 CI' mullantnn Qihurrh nf the Nazarene VVOLLASTON, MASSACHUSETTS Serving the Community of Wollaston and Eastern Nazarene College Ru. tl. CLILNN COULD, D.D. Pzzstor 'E MR. GREG LARKIN Mlll16tCl of Muszf, Dr. Gould Mr. Larkin Maintaining a dynaniie program of Worship and evangelism. I Bearing an uncomproinising Witness to the truth of full salvation. The lilfollastorz Church Choir 'll3ll' FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Spruce 81 Smith Street NEW BEDFORD, MASS. O Stanley Brown S. Supl'- Stanley Sylvaria N. T. P. S. PVCS. Nlrs. Dorothy Crew XV. F. M. S. Pres. REV- C- NEAL HUTCHINSON Minister CAMBRIDGE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 234 Franklin Street Cambridge, Massachusetts S. S. Szlpwirzterzcleizt john S. Burgess N. T. P. S. President George NVaterman XV. F. M. S. Prcsiclent Mrs. Maude Brigham OUR BEST VVISHES and PRAYERS TO THE CLASS OF ,512 CLARENCE L. ARNOLD, Pastor CLASS OF 1952 . . CONGRATULATIONS and MAY COD BLESS YOU! MELROSE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE R. E. HOWARD, Pastor Students Always Welcome to Visit Our Services! 132i Q .I il. fi TIT' 'f-T A '-..-,.,,1Je ISL lx ,151 , L- 5 Ab, I I L,,,,. , 1 A .f?'r '!'..f W fr h . - . , mu .. Mei, , -.Q4Nl9 3-: :- . g .--'14-' ' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Gardiner, Maine I. VVARNER TURPEL, Pt1Sf0l' THE "H1LLTOP" CHURCII CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Cor. North Ave. and Leavitt St. SKUWHEGAN, MAINE "Ever Loyal to Eastern Nazarene Collegcv SUNDAYS: Church School 10:00 A.M Devotional Service 11:00 A.M N. Y. P. S. 6:30 P.lNI Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M XVEDNESDAYS: Prayer and Praise 7:30 P.M i'XVhe11 in All'lt'l'1Cil,S XYilCilf10l1lLlllC1 EXTENDS 1Vorship with the S1i0XVl1Cg2lllC1Cl'Sl, CONGRATULATIONS to the ERNEST R. BRADLEY, Pastor CLASS OF 152 135 Main Street Numbers 6:2-1-26 Matthew 5:16 Phone: Skowheguu 957 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF F52 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 51 First Street l0WEll, MASS. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see Godfi Matt. 5:8 R. N. RAYCROFT, Pastovr Parsonage: 247 Beacon Street Telephone 2-9342 : rw Q - GREETINGS from the CHURCH of the NAZARENE 146 Burncoat Street WORCESTER, MASS. 'l 133 l' Best Wfishes from . . . NlAlDEN CHURCH Back of F.. N. C. with Faith and Funds to Publish the Timeless Message in a Timely Manner Church Minister Iuclson Sq., Malden, Mass. Anthony B. Sampson l CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF ,522 PEOPlE'S CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Marching Under the Banner of "Holiness Unto the Lord" "A Friendly Church Where Since 1887 Christ Is the Center" ' Ashmont and Plain Church Of the Nazarene PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Lmden Street A. LEWIS PAYNE, Pastor STONEHAM, BIASS. AVCIIUC Ph0l'le Pastor 'l 134 l' I CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE LIVERMORE FALLS, MAINE Wishing Godspeed to the Class of '52 and Praying Gods Best for E. N. C. The College WVhose Center and Cll'C'llI11ll6l'ttI1C'6' is Christ AUSTIN H. VVRICHT, Pusrtor "That in all things H0 might have the IWC'-C'I7IlllUIlC6.,, Colossians 1:18 outh Portland Church of the Nazarene I ,va POQ7. s O 446 L ON CA CO BAY X I Q . Ll 1 0 - S T' Q 1 0 lv TC roumoso 5 I '90 Mnwcue, r9oo Vg' OF K-X il' 176 Sawyer Street l South Portland, Maine P' THE X H. B. XVARD, Minister Class of '29 When in "Vacationland" plan to stop by and worship with us. FIRST CHURCH GREETINGS OF THE NAZARENE from 233 EaSte"g4AVenUe CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ynn ass. REV. ROBERT W.,CARLsoN, Minister 33 MYftle Street 10:00 A.M. Sunday School Waltham, Mass. 11:00 A.M. Morning Worship 6:00 P.M. N. Y. P. S. 7:00 RM' Evangelistic Service W. EMERSON CHAPMAN, PIISIOI' Thursday, 7 530 RM, "Specializing in Holiness Mid-Week Prayer Service and Friendliness -l135l' 1 - l "Tho Voice of Comfort" IVR A NK OXEN FOR D, Pastor RADIO MINISTRY Sunday, 9 to 9:30 A.M. VVHCB, Hzurishurg, Pu. "THE SUNSHINE HOUR" Daily, 6:55 AAI. XVHCB, Harrisburg, Pu. "THE VOICE OF COMFORT" Sunday, 9:30 to 9:45 A.M. WBET, Brockton, Mass. "THE VOICE OF COMFORT" "Be Kind to Someone Today" E Brockton First Church CONCRATULATES C LASS OF '52 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 169 Pleasant St., Brockton, Mass. "The Church with u Futurev john 15:7 - If ye abide in nie, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be clone unto you. "THE SUNSHINE FAMILY" Rev. and Mrs. Frank Oxenforcl Lois 9, Susan Kay 2, Linda Ann 5 This Ad Sponsored by a Friend of the Radio Ministry 'l136l' Compliments EMMANUEL CHURCH OE THE NAZARENE Smithfield Avenue at Francis Avenue Pawtucket, Rhode Island E. G. LUSK, Mini.s'fr'1 507 Power Road Phone PA 5-1867 "Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom in Greater Boston for 51 yearsv Greetings to the Class of '52 JOHN B. NIELSON Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Davis Square WEST SOIVIERVILLE, MASS. W CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '52 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE BATH, MAINE CURTIS L. STANLEY Pastor 'T137l' CONGRATULATIONS and Cocls Best for You, Class of '52 The New Haven Church of the Nazarene "The Cl111rc71 with a VVGICOITIPU 79 Lawrence Street New Haven, Connecticut Phone: SP6-0610 Palrsonagcz 136 Helen Street Hannclen 14, Connecticut Phone: 2-6695 GOD BLESS YOU COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CLASS OF ,52 HOLLYWOOD, MD. TRINITY I CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Hanover, Pa. YOUTH COUNCIL President David Crosse Vice Presidcfnf Rutlmnnu Plunkert Secretary Rachel Campbell TfC'f1.S'llI'Cl' Kay Kunkel REV. JOHN L. PARRY M in isfw' "Preserving Our Youth Potential" H. I. BASHAM, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE EVEREII, MASS. 'I138 I' C. E. HUDSON District Treasurer C. A. SMITH District Church School Chairman -- OUR SALUTE TO THE CLASS OF 1952 -- WASHINGTON-PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT CHESTER M. WILLIAMS I District Secretary MRS. NELSON HENCK District YV. F. M. S. l President ERNEST E. CROSSE District Superintendent DON R. HOFFMAN, District N. Y. P. S. President ADVISORY BOARD E. N. C. TRUSTEES F. D. Ketner E. E. Crosse A. C. McKenzie F. D. Ketner G. E. Hudson Earl C. Wolf Robert Radcliffe DISTRICT CENTER CAMP MEETING GROUNDS - North East Maryland CHighway Route 40D Annual District Assembly Annual District Camp Meeting july 30-August 1 August 1 to 10 Animal District N.Y.P.S. Institute Annual Dist. Preachers' Convention August 25 to 30 October 6 to 8 at West Chester, Pa. Dr. Roy Smee, Speaker Boys' Camp- Iuly 7 to I2 Girls' Camp-july 14 to I9 District Slogan: UUNCTION FOR ACTION!" 11391- Church of the azarene MacDade Blvd. COLLINCDALE, PENNA. h REV. F. D. KETNER Pastor 212 MaCDade Blvd. FArragut 9-7845 Collingdale Church - - 0 Congratulates the Class of 1952 O Sends largest group of students - Fall of ,522 0 Plans expansion program - New S. S. unit - Larger Church auditorium 0 Supports E. N. C. with prayers and gifts 0 VVeleomes visitors to the Philadelphia area CALVARY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE WORSHIP WITII Us Center Avenue 81 Fourth Street , . . when in Reading, Pennsylvania SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday Bible School 9:30 A.M. XVorship 10:30 A.M. M I N.Y.P.S. 6.45 P.M. ary and Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M. OUR RADIO PROGRAM 5 "Echoes From Calvary" over VVEEU READING, PA., 850 on the Dial. Every Sunday morning, 8:30- 9:00. Sustained hy the Hawley Broadcast- ing Co. XIID-XXIEEK SEIKVICE West Ave. and Church St. Prayer Meeting VVednesday 7:45 P.M. REV. C. THOMAS SPIKER, Minister 1209 N. Fifth super, irmdang, Pa. PWD" Parsonage Phone - 2-9890 Church Phone - 2-9785 REV. FREDERICK M- HENCK Ad purchased by the N-Y.P.S. 811 Salem Avenue Phone 3l79W Marjorie Campbell, Pres. 11401- " in ' t "xml ' 'r" -Compliments of- Zggiff-.I fiffffffj FIRST CHURCH ff A if 535 A 4 + OF THE NAZARENE I 11th 61 Wyoming Sts. . g I -I LEQAEVTQ Allentown, Penna. ,E E 1 .-.g . EEF 'fa . . ' 1Q'Z.'-.El L- G, GQRDON, pas,-of New Pill'-S'UlI!I,LfL' and Sunday School Annex Now Under Cmlstrzzctiorz An increasing ministry in the Queen City of the Lehigh Valley COD BLESS YOU CLASS OF A52 Congratulations Graduating Class of ,52 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE PA' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CON Route 17 Fifth Ave. near Maryland Ave HAROLD A. PARRY, Pastor W I I- NI I N G 'I' 0 N ll6 Murray Ave. D If lA W A R E S. S. Supt. AI. L. Frank N. Y. P. S. Pres. Richard Kinclerman W. F. M. S. Prusr. M1-5. F1-.mis Frank C' ADRIAN WAY' Pastor Visit "The Friendly Churcliv FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ORBISON A., PENNA. REV. GEORGE L. WOLF, Minister Class of '42 "The Full Gospel to the Whole Worldi' 11-111- Compliments of FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Euclid and Hampton Streets IRENION, NEW JERSEY BOYD M. LONG, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1952 PINE GLEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Mattawana Pennsylvania REV. ROBERT L. .IONES Pastor The Lively Church with the Living Spirit" Baltimore First Church "A LIVE CHURCH with A LIVE MESSAGE" 520 Whitmore Avenue Baltimore 23, Md. C. A. SMITH, Pastor 710 Walnut Avenue "G0cl's Promises Are Always Broader Than Our Prayersv CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1952 Immanuel Church of the Nazarene LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA NELSON G. MINK, Minister ales-us Has N ever Slept for an Hour While One of His Disciples Watched and Prayed 'l142I' CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '52 First Church of the Nazarene Dean and Darlington Streets WEST CHESTER, PA. DON L. HOFFMAN, Minister CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '52 . Greetings 51 .O CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE tl Pine and Freedley Streets le . Giuduates Norrlstown, Pa. of OFFICERS 1952 S. S. Supt. Donald V. Retter N. Y. P. S. Pres. Edwin Bean W. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. Walter Hoopes Secretary Mrs. Alice Keehn COATESVILLE, PA. Trea.s-urer NValter Hoopes CHLTRCH OF THE N AZ ARENE CHESTER M. WILLIAMS Pastor GEORGE W. ANDREWS, Pastor In all tlzy ways acknowledge Him, and He slzall "When Near Philadelphia . . . Visit Usv direct thy paths. 'Proverbs 3:6- When Visiting Historic Annapolis CONGRATULATIONS and the United States Naval Academy CLASS OF You Are Invited to Worship at the 1952 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Severn Ave. just off Sixth St. Annapolis, Maryland Nazarene Young Peoples Society Annapolis, Maryland GEORGE M. SHIFLETT, President REV. WILLIAM W. RESTRICK, Pastor 'I143 I' H First Church of the Nazarene 13th and Crittenden Sts., N.W. Washington, D. C. A Center of Holiness Evangelism In the Heart of Our Nations Capital Sermons That Inspire Songs That Bless Music That Thrills Fellowship That Lifts cc Tl1c're's rr Nfelcome Here for You" ROY F. STEVENS, Pastor "The Singing Pastori' CONGRATULATIONS to the CRADUATIXC CLASS fra, irir the RIO GRANDE, N. I. N. Y. P. S. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE johnson St. Salisbury, Md NV. M. BAKER, Pastor "Worship Him That Liueth Forever" Congratulations Class of 1952 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Oxford, Pennsylvania EARL. C. WOLF, Minister "In the Heart of Towne to Serve the Townis Hearti' 'l l-141' THE FRIENDLY CHURCH h ln 1 FIRST CHURCH of the N A Z A R E N E 305 South Avenue Bridgeton, N. I. FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Edgar Adams Szmday School Supt. Annu Lou Conrad Young Pc'0pIc".s Prcns' Annu Butcher IVUIIIUIIIS Mi.9.s'i0nary Oliver Garrison Clzurclz TFCCIS. Mildrecl Saul ClIlll'C'll S012 YVILLIAM H. BINKLEY. Minister VC'-S' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Church of the Nazarene JOHN THOMAS DONNELLY Pastor Compliments of the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Nazareth Pike and 'Woodlawn Avenue Bethlehem, Pennsylvania REV. A. C. MQICKENZIE, Pflstof' 'I 1-15 I' CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF ,522 from the YOUNG PEOPLES SOCIETY Mrs. Edward Hansrote, President First Church of the Nazarene H. E. HECKERT 503 Old Town Rd- Min istcfr Cumberland, Maryland ,r :7"?'3 4 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Conowingo Road BEL AIR, MD. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,52 Deepwater, N. J. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Broadway 6z Clark IOHN E' NORTILI, Almisfw. ,Q i MiniSt61' Phone 6:29-XV Congratulations to the Class of '52 'l146I' WV. F. M. S. Convention N.Y.P.S. Convention District Preacliers' Meeting District Assembly October 20-22 Iuly 14 - I8 Pittsburgh District CHURCH of the NAZARENE REV. R. F. HEINLEIN, District Superintendent E' N' C' TRUSTEES 0 ADVISORY BOARD R' F- Hvilllvill XV. Gordon Graves X John Z. Andrco iii' A. II. EISCE' MUU1'iCC' R- EHWYY s Maurice R. Eineri' R0b61'f M- Ingllmd Q Robert M. Ingland DISTRICT CAMP MEETING N.Y.P.S, INSTITUTE ALAMEDA CAMP GROUNDS AUGUST II - I5 BUTLER, PA. JULY 3 -1:3 -' ---A - ' --W I 'I 1471- I nidiiiir 'Hui' ' ' ""' ' if 'ur' ir' " " 7 H '- '-- 'ii ' " hr CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1952 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 28 E. Wheeling St. WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Clarence E. Neiderhisel Minister "VVhen in. Washington Attend Church with Us CONGRATULATIONS ctmss cw '52 FIRST CHURCH of THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 0 ln 55 N. Bennett St. . , Warren, Pennsylvania Bradford, Pennsylvanra CONCRATULATES W. GORDON GRAVES, Pastor THE CLASS 114 N. Bennett Street OF '52, Sunday School Supt. john Truby JOHN Z. ANDREE N. Y. P. Mrs. VViIlis Vietz P I , clstoi IV. F. M. S. Plus. Mrs. IIzu'ry Miller 'l148lI- Circleville CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE R. D. No. 1, Irwin, Penna. A Church That ls Spiritual A Church That Is Growing A Church That is E. N. C.-Minded with Five Members Attending Now Our Prayer: "Lord, Keep E. N. C. Spiritual at Heartv REV. THOMAS S. FOVVLER, Pastor jesueristo Us el misnzo agar, y Img, if por los siglos.-Heh. 13:8 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1952 PRIMERA IGLESIA EVANGELICA del NAZARENO de Ponce, Puerto Rico 12 Intendente Ramirez St. REV. JUSTINO MORALES, Pastor Our Prayer For Eastern Nazarene College Spiritual Young People Called of Cod Trained to Serve Sunday School Sapt. Ray Williams Young Peopleis Pres. Paul Elsey Missionary Pres. Elberta Phillips Teen-age Director Ray Campbell I unior Supervisor Kate Fry Music Director Irene Sai-ber CHURCH of the NAZARENE FALLS at BEAVER New Castle, Penna. G. R. SARBER, Pastor Phone 3968-R CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 250 North Center Street Grove City, Penna. I ROBERT FREDERICK, Pastor 'l149l' GREETINGS to the STUDENTS OF E. N. C. zuicl tho CLASS OF '52 from Ontario Dlstrlct REV. THEODORE MARTIN District S11perintc'ncIc'nt CONGRATULATIONS Class of ,52 Hamilton, Ontario CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 92 Ottawa St., N. ROBERT F. VVOODS, Minister WHEN IN TORONTO BE SURE TO VISIT Sl. CLAIR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1277 St. Clair Ave. West L. GUY NEES, Minister "Tim "ON THE AIRI' The St. Clair Revival Hour CKFH Slmclay, 7-8 RM. Only Sunflay Evening Cliutrclzl Svrvicrr Now on the Air in Toronfrf' ELDON B. LEHMAN, Music Director 'l l5Ol' i CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS '52 i I-I-I-P .-.' Ii" "QP: 'I'I'I-I-I-If-I-Q I Q TORONTO'S First Church of the Nazarene 55555555 55535.k:5sififi2i25i25:5 5255252525252 , fiiiQf252iE55555rQi" P 25555 0 x 4 Cowan Ave. at Melbourne T H- lfhmfW'N WHEN TN TORONTO . -S' 'I' T VISIT FIRST CHURCH CONGRATULATIONS MAINTAININC FOR GOD to the Class of '52 from St. Thomas, Ontario V CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE l Kains and Flora Street 'V' if 4 I a 3 T , Aj li f 1 y, ll I ' Q ,T Q? Hams ,ga 1 ,' -f' 1 i T . l i Compliments of REV. HALL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE i E. VV. Ryckmau S. S. Superintendent T l Mrs. T. L. Marelle TV. F. M. S. President Oronto i Miss Fae Millard N. Y, P. S, Pras-irlent REV. T. P. MURRAY, Pastor T i VVhen Visiting Canaclas Capital Worship at the OTTAWA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fourth Ave. -East of Bank ROSS P. COWHERD, Pastor 475 Bay Street, Phone 5-4227 'T 151 T' Congratulations! DEAN R. HARDY ancl Class ol H152 WILINIINCTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE VVilmingt0n, N. Y. and Her E. N. C, Stnclents SHIRLEY A, HASELTON KEITH HARDY NEIL Nl. KILICPHERSON DAVID L. lNIacPHElJxS0N l A XVCICOING Awaits You in the Heart of the Aclironclaclcs NVALTER Mac-PIIERSON, SR., PII-STOI' Maritime District CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF' ,52 "Loyal and faithful service to God and man Brings rich reward In time and Eternityf, I. H. MacGregor, Dist. Supt. 555 Havelock Street Amherst, Nova Scotia READING MASSACHUSETTS CHURCH ot the NAZARENE YVolmurn Street 'Behind E. N. C. with our prayers" REV. .IAMES KELLEY, Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of Market and Cottage Sts. Potsdam, New York 'KA Friendly Church with a Gospel Messagev CONGRATULATIONS and Godis Blessing Upon the Class of 1952 ROY E. CARNAHAN Pastor 'l 152 l' Albany District CHURCH of the NAZARIENE RENARD D SMITH Dzsfrzct 911pc'rir1fCnc1C11f DISTRICT OFFICE and PARSONAGE 229 W. Pleasant Ave. Syracuse 5, N. Y. Phone 4-4848 I153-I Prather Avenue by Fenton Park CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF ,52 Church of the Nazarene Jamestown, N. Y. REV. JOHN W. POOLE Min ister BEST WISHES GREETINGS TO THE SENIORS from f, o mm Uxbridge CHURCH of the NAZARENE MASSACHUSETTS Medford, Mass. CHURCH of the NAZARENF Legion Hall Colonial Hall SALEM STREET DOUGLAS STREET Medford Square Uxbridge REV. MEL-THOMAS ROTHWELL REV, JOHN NOFTLE, Pastor Pastor ' . 1' I ' .-.--...I :. CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE 4124! Gfumch UF THE NAZAHENE e ere r t re eeer or t , A A A eww, New We ff STANFORD E. ERNEST. PASTQR A reverence for the past- B13 SOUTH BROADWAY A program for the present- TELEPHONE 2-2124 A 1Ji.S'i01'L for the future. " .-' fl' , EW 6 .-270' -f5EQiQif25E5E5E . . . 'zggzgigz 27513 - :jEjE5E5 523112 E22-:g:5E5E3E1E1 -g2:i1 "' -. w a " '5535525555l525E5E?i5E:5:z:' .. 32127: i21-fiE2ETE1:2S.NE?."- :2:f':.rf:s-12. f ' ff ffZ:fff:-:Q525235251515-". 'k'?f7:3:2:3:2:bY'5:1:5:3:3l :,::1::,:::::::y , :::::-.gg--,.i '-rv:-1-3511!-,-31.3, :-' 3:5:a:s:s:5:fe ef-i.z:z2:i-2 2e:me6Q:I:1:-:1:21?2:e- 51313231-X44 4-15: "-- . .-:-21.51952-'-14 ':::3::.g.g2g :I-':1 ,ai '5 'EPT:f. -:I:5:4:1:1:f:f:' A 125112155 1??W:1:1:221 :12sf2Ss5sEsEsE32s ri- 1 '1:1:P1ff -'5231E'ff' :fc-:7E1595 ,f '22 f1::2:2:2:2:1: f' -r:1:513:1:5:,.'f-r1- -xrzrzif -V ' xwnrirfrfrifir s' V- "11ias55?5?5?2::. . :" ' f ,f:i.EIi112?:EsEs :'E" ":15E5E2z2r fifi ff ' 'wffisii f.-mc, . - '.'..:1g.g4.g4 .. 4 V 1. jgsgaziszzegrs:2:2:i:2:a:::. Z3g2'?,3g22:i:22i:ss2--fy. "THE SINGING CHURCH OF ELMIRAU 'I154l' CHURCH of the NAZARENE Ninety-First at Read Niagara Falls, N. Y. PAUL S. CILMORE, Pastor XVe Are Proud of Eastern Nazarene College XVe Are Proud of Our Students at E. N. C. Everybody Comes to Niagara F alls! Attend Service WVith Us VVhile You Are Here """ First Church of the Nazarene Cannon and West Newell Streets Syracuse, New York WE CONCRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1952 OUR CHURCH IS CLAD TO SUPPORT E. N. C. JOHN D. RHAME, Minister 11551- GREETINGS to the CLASS OF 1952 Butler Church of the Nazarene Butler, New jersey REV. HOWARD R. OLSON, Pastor x ff"F'fT If X F WHEN IN NEW YORK CITY VISIT THE ff I' "M-H1171 X T QC FIRST CHURCH f K- by SQWEFE I fi .1 IX Rf Q 6i?3zIfLQwE,Qq OF THE NAZARENE CJ i1f6.9'3lI? 'l571i-fl . y H . ' Rx 45-55 Bowne St., Flushing, N. Y. hi Irll Ag - ' R c 55 E R l E H H H 5 CHURCH OFFICERS -If .Q M T - r ' - I ur- 1 IUWIQHHL ,N 25 S. S. Supt. Mrs. Florence Cornell 'f ' "l: Im g,g' :::: llllwllli E FEI . .2 5 5555 VV. F. M. S. Pres. Miss Hazel Wertman 4333 .5 sv , , I .1f!'g.:3.3:1c5'-fi ll N. Y. P. S. Pres. Anthony Campisi fCl1lll'Cl1 to be completed in late '52Q PASTOR CONGRATULATIONS Rev. lay W. Patton from 41-12 147th sneer KINGSTON, NEW YORK CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Wiltwyck and Elmendorf FREDERICK F. FIKE, Pastor Flushing, N. Y. Phone: FL. 8-6693 Sunday Services: 9:45 and 11:00 A.M. 6:45 and 7:80 P.M. Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 8:00 P.M. Compliments of CHURCH 0F THE NAZARENE First and Prospect St. Newburgh, N. Y. REV. MAURICE D. LAURIE, Pastor 'l156'I' From AMERICA'S GREATEST HOME MISSION FIELD come the NEW YORK DISTRICT OSCAR I. FINCH, D.D., Superintendent COMPLIMENTS OF Community Church of the Nazarene 126 California Avenue NEW MILFORD, NEW IERSEY REV. RAYMOND M. HEDGES Pastor Church of the Nazarene DOVER, N. J. H. E. MCCLAIR, Pastor C Edward Danielson S. S. Supt Mrs. Mildred Pace N. Y. P. S. Pres Mrs. Mary Haynes W. F. M. S. Pres "We Appreciate E. N. C. and Our Six Students" Robert Hedden and Iohn Allen, Ir. Norma Hedden and Mildred Larson Wilfred and Eula-Adiue Winget 'l 157 1. A FIRST ' CHURCH of the , NAZARENE LYNIAN P. XVOOD Bob Clark, Milton Clark, Frank DeBar Pastor Bill Hardin, Marilyn Insco. 1O8tl1 Street and 95th Avenue RICHMOND Hlll, NEW YORK Greetings to Our Six Students and the Class of ,52 l'l'lu'n you are in New York City, come and tem' our welcome. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Ocean Ave. and Garfield Place EAST ROCKAWAY, L. I., NEW YORK LONG ISLAND'S HOLINESS CENTER Watch for Our Signs on the Sunrise Highway -""""'7M"mTl-REQ. WE BELIEVE IN E. N. C. REV. DONALD H. STRONG Minister An E. N. C. Graduate 'l 158 l' Akron District CH RCH OF THE NAZARENE O. L. BENEDUM, District Superintendent E. N. C. TRUSTEES: O. L. Beneclum D. D. Palmer L. VV. Durkee Frank Young ADVISORY BOARD: D. D. Palmer C. D. Taylor L. VV. Durkee VVillis Roush G L O R Y C. B. XVood District Secretary Ruth Hanks District Treasurer Mrs. D. D. Palmer YV. F. M, S. President Carl B. Hanks N. Y. P. S. District President "For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them. hrethrenf, -Hebrews 2:1 1 'I 159 l' KENMORE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Iona Ave., at N. Twelfth St. AKRON, OHIO - WVhen in Akron Visit With Us - "" --N.--4-I-:-112-I-F Q2-?i:2:2S:mX '?e'Y:::---:Q-,-.-. 'trf:,.., . r: .. .- ' + -'-' ,,.. -4--1-.4--.:-:-'::.:':sf::1:r:r:r:2:wr::'-':'-r-:.:-:,,f:-1-A:-:, '-':':':-:.,:--':1.1:+:1:-:-f ,., 4:-4115 . -.-,-. .:::1::::.:.:: N . 'XH' ,... f 3 fir A " sg. , ..., --'Qr:2- ' - Q :- ...- 1 ,,1:':'if :-:-:. - -:f'1:'.'.:-:+:.:---':::.r.r,.:r.':r '. " y a ' ""' ' - . + 4 KK" S V 'V - ' .' , I -- , . :gag 3:5 +:-::1f.5:2:2..---"-'-f,,:5,:,:1':::,:...: :wr ' YQ Y f V . ' -' I:-. N -N - ,f qa111:x'-rf?kirzii-2:2:r::::::s.-., "ls """1::::1:2-22:1 - , -,:::-V.: .9 . . -. . .. ' I - - 02.9 -, -3:f:"- -. .,1 11LO11 Li. DUHRG1 . ' 5 , A' 1' ,ggafgeg .. A 'Es-Q 4- ' . . -11:1zse21+f -1rf2f1- AI ' ' , , . Af- ,Nagy-11--2,911 . - ' E1E1E23512Ei5E5E5L'4'5'"' ' 3. "U-53' ,,,, J - 11 ..., ' ' iii '- fail?" A -' Q -N We Collglatllla-tt' , ' ,... -' ff::1:-1- ..sie:m:1:::::1:::1:1:1:s.r:5:am:5:s:::.:-1 xmas -- . .11 '5::saw1:-Q:sswrewr-sR2az:s:s::f:::1::::::m. 5s:2:::m:1:-gel:ae-1s5:2:5:efm1ss .. - , ---' I .' the Class ot 52 f . ,s,.. f5i"'i:I25?f2'r3'rE13E5E5S52E1S5EE5E5:. '-S4-fat.. Sfffewi 4"A4A f .LlQ.:.1.1.:.:::.::.--:fz-5.52:si2.2.15?fi2i5E2E2aE2i:-was:ir.5:size15511355:15,1555515,-.raw--1' ' ' and Pledge L ig? -,:. . - , . -11-1: 1 1- 1 :5:5:5:5:2:EEEz22q:-3555Q53555555113555555gggggggg5g5gg555g5g:3:1:1 1'1"""A Q C Ontin U E, d 1:-af -me-s::5f ' ,.g , , ..... , , ' "" - ''I'-'2'I-I+22-I-fri:-.1:1:1:ff2:1:-22:Grew L-:2:z:f:xsF: :z:2:s:a: :32e22Ez:2:z:z:z:egzgsg2z2e222'f1 ..,, , ...,, , Support PAST and PRESENT STUDENTS for Ruby Betts Calvin Hareline Jack Mc-Clnng E. N. C. Stella Betts Opal Hickerson Joe Parker Evelyn G. Bowlby Kenneth Hill Helena Shelley Leland Davis Thelma R. Hoffman Phyllis Stojanov Richard Gibson Alberty B. Langley SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS t GRADUA o thc TING CLASS CON GRATULATION S! of 1952 CLASS OF 1952 from the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE E. Summit at S. Linden 465 Hopocan Ave. ALLIANCE, OHIO BARBERTON, oH1o ROBERT S. SHOFF, Pastor Darrell Allsgood, S. S. Supt. C. B. WOOD, Minister 'l160l' -v-....f""r HRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Buckeye and Mulberry WARREN, OHIO CONCRATULATINC FACULTY AND STUDENTS AT N. C. OF YEAR 1952 XVE PLEDGE OUR CONTINUED SUPPORT an .gawk Pze , CSSUCCUU W, .... . .. . -:-:-:-:-. ' :- .-: . -'-'-:-14:11-zo:-.':v:4:4 -.5-I 2354" . ':3 55321.2:Y:3:7t5!575'f:f:-:7:51""i 1 145, '-'vi-xi:-: V APPRECIATION .-: I-I-I-I-Z-I-I-I-.-. . ..-.-I-C-:- . 51-:Zn 1-,.-1ii- , . . 9 d K xi va 3? . , ..,.. fl O ww-f T eg ,wx v T D. D. PALMER, Pastor -'if - . -:-:1:5:3:5:5:i:3:f:3:5:i:5: :f:Q:f:5:f:f:Q:f:f:?: " ::2:5i:f:2:2:f5:2:Z:: " Q EEEEEEEEEFEEEFEEE :1E5E?2E5?iEiE3E5E5E51:'ii ' "1 1' I ff' 1 QEQEQEQQEQEQEQEQ: ,:5EQE2E2Eg1E1E1EfE151E2gil: 1 -' I .ISI :7:5:3:7:5:3:5:3:3. .-:5:7:3f3E3:-. Eififfifffffffiflfi ' V ' 55353: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4:-:-:-:-:-:-:'cc-:-xc-I-:-z-I-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:- . . . . .3.Q:2:2:QIQ1Q:Q1Q:f:Q:f:f:E:f:Q:2:f:f:ZE:3":E:f:E:f:f: , ' . -:f:Q:Q:2:2 :E E E212121E2ESE?EIEIEIEIEIS2EIE2E2E2???E25IEgi51E1E5F .-FEIEIEIE-E2 . , .g2i5if5if5555:'Q551i:.If1If.1i2:'Q1.1?f51E :if 1"-lf' QV'5-E-53:5..-5355-1 : :f:Q:g:g:f:1:3:::.:2:::: 3:3155 . . 1 'l 161 ,I' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52! DORRANCE and ESTHER NICHOLS CKCCDHTIIIISSIOIIGCI Evungelists - Akron Districti' 849 Poplar Street Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania c'EV21llg6iiStS, Musicians, Singers with Housetrailern I I if J ,Vail -' f X 3 if " . fe ITE I If is I 11 Q b f' f, 4 rm rr A f -A 13193 r K J U-n....U..EJ.zv L-U Zliiwt Glhnrrh nf the Nazarene Third St., and Herbruck Ct.5 N. E. Canton, Ohio JAMES H. JONES, Pin-for A Missionary-Hearted Church - Visit Us When in Canton CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1952 CLARENCE I. HAAS, Minister ARLINGTON STREET Church of the Nazarene, Akron, Ohio 11621- East liverpool, Ohio FIR T CHURCH of the NAZARE IE C. L. BODDA, Minislcr Lf' X' oxrff-J .i ff-lx f-1? . .Lg "J fafgi?-O ,fibre f.-:-:--. -95-r----if Z 5:-2421 I f Y, J zfifxi AL , 5:25 1 :ii-FH-E23 X -Q f , -K ,J FS " 25412:-33165 ' . ?3213jE11'i 25 - X' - ' .' A - ' 3 '--: 555 1--ol: :'f-f i mi ' L 1 f ' o,.. , ..,, , ...., .A iss 3 i f so omwwmwfmgmmwi fwmsimgmmgp, -2123550 .351,-'Fizrvhggfv-,j-Mgggsogl-,KiU!4:1?1-g,yI""f?2?1hxifieif-qfAg:i5kb5::t?p Qi- 1- T igglg: I 5 5 X '-32.15-'oil-5.-'1E'.QiJf4i'f'LYfofni,,k:.'.'Sfg::'jQ,!ifgfTi"flf3!":m,jxqef-,m':fif:Al?iQE'fl7L2Q5f Ill 5 1:33 E Y Sf' ' iii ' ' A ,f:fg.,-342-41-9 cg -"' -ifi'-haffln-ii2w'1 iii Q 59 NVe VVCICOIHC You to: Sunday School Morning NVorship Radio Broadcast N. Y. P. S. "Moments of Melodyv Evangelistic Service CONGRATULATIONS 9:30 A.M. 10:-15 A.M. 1:00 1-HM. 6:30 P.M. 7:20 RM. 7:30 P.M. CLASS OF '52 'l l63l' Cambridge, Ohio, Church of the Nazarene AKRON DISTRICT RAY E. BANKS, Pastor Extends Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of '52 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1952 .. H CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Liberty and High Sts. PAINESVILLE, OHIO CHURCH OFFICERS S. S. Supt. William Pritcharcl A N. Y. P. S. Pres. Ruth Hungerford IV. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. Nellie Hoffman REV. DANIEL C. HOFFMAN Pastor I 2:24 Liberty Street Painesville, Ohio l ' Phone 2:2560 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ASHTABULA OHIG A IfVarm. Wfelcome Always Awaits You ' 9 T ' " Cl 'I FRANK and HELEN LEHMAN, Pfisfm- at 'HS F'w'1d'U mm GREETINGS FROM Sebring Church of the Nazarene 17th and Maryland Avenue SEBRINC, OHIO REV. JOHN T. DONNELLY, Pastor 11641 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARIENE Hayden Avenue at Claiborne Road East Cleveland, Ohio JAMES E. HUNTON, Minister Congratulations to the Class of ,521 ,v -,, 5 f xxx I A 2, lag 5 """'w-1.-.awww-. .-..a...:..,.... ,, 4, . .... .. mv' O I -I I Broadcasting VVednesday - Friday - Sunday W SRS - 1490 PRESENTING FULL SALVATION in the BEST LOCATION IN THE NATION VESY STEMM Minister of Music 11651- CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SUPPORTING E.N.C- Washington at Jefferson St. L1sRON,OH1O CARLETON D. JONES, Pastor with our PRAYERS and FINANCES! gliirst Gllyurnh uf the Hztzzxrene 3300 Hudson Drive Youngstown, Ohio "THEY SAY WERE FRIENDLYV, Edward S. Barton, Minister 3035 Hudson Dr. Youngstown 11, Ohio CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,52 Satin Street fl , rom Your jefferson, Ohio UNAZARENE NEIGHBORSU N. Y. P. S.P".. M'.'.B W"h "Y is my Hg t CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE W'. F. M. S. Pros. Mrs. Grace Park S. S. Supt. Rockford Moore Dawson at First "Draw Nigh to God, and H e Will Draw Nigh to Youf, I. A. RODGERS L. L. KOLLAR, Minister Eklfit Sllfill Street 720 N. Uhrich Street Telephone 217 Phone 1411 -I166i' FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Tallmadge Avenue at Howard AKRON 10, OHIO We congratulate the Class of '52 Our church is glad to support E. N. C. with our money and our youtli. , Standing: Herb Norris, Ru' 5 l Taylor, Russ Metcalfe, Joe Dun- Q? can, Roy Laudermilk, Henry Reeves. Sitting: Loretta Nuzum, Ioanne Durkee, Helen Iohnson, Lennie Laudermilk. REV. C. D. TAYLOR i Pastor 41671- STRONG SCHOLASTICALLY SMALL NUMERICALLY SOUND SPIRITUALLY EASTERN NAZARENE C0llEGE "Clear her vision, high her purpose, Lo, she stands sereneg And her faith is sure, uncluunted, Eastern Nazarene. We will prove our strong devotion, Loyal We will he, True- to Cocl nncl Alma Mater, True to E. N. C .... " FIRST FRESHNIAN CONVOCATION SEPTEMBER 10, 1952 "There Is No Substitute for Christian Educationv 'l168l' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1952 YOUR DUGOUT Appreciates Your Patronage Invites You to Use Its Facilities Strives to Give You the Best for Less - FRANK H. BOWERS Food Service Manager of E. N. C. -l1691' The D E l T A Society Victory setteth free the essuyer From the struggles griefsf' Ode. t 1 i I f XXX fl 'xx f X0 fiff .X x N r I yff X' I I ff' ,,f' I -ff lj fx X xxx UUPABF yourself cage u 3 our The Sigma Delta Kappa Society extends congratulations to the Class of 1952 11701- CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1952 6 .3 CLHWB with SIGMA! lf lf! M f Sigma Delta Sigma S A M 2500121 S ' ' ' V7 'iff 5 Society a Ia Zeta 7 lbs. society spirit 1 good program 7 lbs. friendliness 2 memorable outings 1 bu. fun 36 uplifting prayer meetings 5 lbs. co-operation 4 winning athletic teams Mix ingredients thoroughly. Bake in E. N. C. oven. Plenty of servings for all new students. 'l 171 l' Film Service Bus Tickets College Bookstore CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS OF 1952 Student Supplies Bibles Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK, and COMPANY 1591 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE I 179 I ' if ' "I-1' Y ' QUINCYS LARGEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL EUNERAL HOME AND CHAPEI DEWARE BROTHERS Donald KI. Deware md RODCIE NI Dew ue Telephone GR 2-113 576 Hancock St., Wollaston, Mass. REGISTERED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND ENIBALMERS lIr3l i 51"--- BEACH TAILORS 31QLil'GI-HJX 5 SERVICE and N S Cl.ExYSE.RS 610 H321-oak Street Wi-g3.g2:ii: IQ x "1 CQi'.I'.:i'.'l H QU 2:12011 ' -31'-f 5 3? 5 fl' W- 1-13 Beach St. YToI1aSt0n i,-5 33 l,g.i' GH 2-1652 'K'i if fp Ili, S-51 'KTLTLQEQS-C141 BABSOXS REPORTS. ISC. lainfs jewelry G'Q"fP:' LYCS -'Q' 'EE SiX'IC'l-if A Ziff: F DJIA-. 667 Hancock St W Fig Vmollaston B1-1,CKW00D PHQIDLACY BHD-TOYVS IHDIO SERVICE F -.----. -,,, -1,,,.W Z' -.Lf -- ,, - Q. ,. , - -.. ' N ---...- - A -.-.- ,,,,,------- - .- .,,-.-,,--- .-, ,,- S-. fad, EELS Helm:-c-k Staff 649 H k SI I 12.511 - Tel. PB 3-T235 YVoIla'ston. Mass. 4- Y E I Q I Illl IN THE WQRK OFTHECHURCH 4. Q 5 3. i 12?z , 51 252 E?i22E? a2'5EfQ::Z3"" 53fg:,:?EaEE 1 -1-3 f in-Y R- 5 :gx 73? E2Ei??2:2gF5 4i A Y Lfff?,,siFfeff 2f'fEQ Vf55i f f,-ff ,,,. ' 1 'J' , fl -62 ffx 1 1 W xl ggi Q fql 1 -Q P 1' - rf' xf ,,lE11,Li- 2 - ll- "1-1-7, 1 -lg ""-'--"' mf J 2-5: 5 if Q21 ff! E!! SEE E!! ' ' ! -'Sri' E122 vrz'-'I' ' 112 sv: :rr egg ggi assi v 1 I EO . 'iefid - F: E3 Y 2 35 F125 ' 5 2 36? '3L, ,gig fg,giIig:L L r " , Lf43 ,' , f, if ? . i i- i Q-:sr W , , 17 .IE Wi' ,V if .1 - ig? -- -ff? ' fi -A: ggi, is- 'Q n q -7 Sir! d Cgleges Elgvigi Z ii- ff, 'A - 1 I I ! llET:c:Ema.RxEI'I::xsIE7lIFisxr: WEitg::::E:sf ?::is:"Cdi::: Compliments of BETSY LEE SHOPPE 11 Beale St. Wollaston CR 2-5032 aNVlll:'l'6 Classmates Meetu BEACON CLEANSERS AND DYERS 624 Hancock St., Wollaston Tailoring-5-Hour Service-F ree Delivery Phone PR 3-7400 Discount to Students Zffefcfz '4 CAMERA CENTER Everything for tlie pliotograplier including helpful advice . . Photo Equipment Movie Equipment Developing and Printing Color Films Creeting Cards 680 Hancock Street, Quincy 70, Mass. PResident 3-6077 Compliments of NEW ENGLAND ALTAR CO. Specializing in Church Furniture and Builders of Your College Church Pews 41 Baxter St. Quincy, Mass. Telephone MAyflower 9-3426 DeSOTO PLYMOUTH IM'S BILL audi CARRICKER Moron oo. ATLANTIC STATION Carrickerized Used Cars Service On All Makes k S W ll t 596 Hancoc h'eet o as on 68 Washington Street on 2-9208 Quincy, Mass. GR 2-4730 A. C. Carricker C. J. Johnston 'l 176 l' W. C. LAHUE, INC. 1 4' Tpub X . O 0 4 . . "' J : :': T: GENERAL CONTRACTORS Lowell, Mass. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.' -Psalm 12711 1177 I' I-ll I I- -I I , Iii ,.,i., i,' 'ii H BEST OF LUCK- SENIORS J0hns0n's Filling Station INCORPORATED 700 Hancock Street Wollaston 70, Mass. Compliments L. C. S. -write us-P. O. Box J. S., Chicago Sexton METHERALL 84 MCCAUSL 676 Hancock Street Wollaston 70, Mass. Plumbing and Heating Estimates Furnished GR 2-5468 AND 11781- 1903 0 EXTRA L y ENGRAVINGS Ufffw ,J llwffw W ,JW WW wwf! ygdflnfgfijif ,MM fgflff am! ffw J' WW f ML 11 fl! f f fa Jiffy! PHUTO-ENGRAVERS W RUBIERTFS IENG MNC. CUMPANY V THEvSOURCEOF" VIQI KH: f . qv -, ' gpggtsnsnnvuugz 115 SAGAMURE STREET NCY 71.MASSACHUSETTS 'l lT91' ' H I ' ' RICHARD GORMAN "The Jewelry Store on Bczllc Street "Jackie" Gagnon serves Ruth Vfhite ut Gormunis DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS From 5560.00 up X'ViltClICS Gifts Pzlrker '5 I 23 Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. Conlpliinents of ENTERPRISE STORES Quincy, Mass. The Friendliest Store South Shore on the Quincy, Mass. j0HN J. GALLACHER, Inc. Building Materials and Hardware General Oitices und Main Yard 100 Federal Avenue Quincy, Mass. . -1-i Retail Store and Branch Yard North Quincy, Mass. Telephones Pltcsident 3-2360 PResideut 3-8180 'I180I' Agent for WVolverine Porcelain Roofing Tile NORMAN W. PEIVIBERION, Inc. Sheet Metal VVork - Slate Tin and Gravel Roofing 141 Newport Avenue Wollaston, Mass. Office Tel. GRanite 2-5078 America's Best Buy The 1952 CHEVROLET 24-Hour Towing Service Night Repair Service BARGAINVILLE for OK USED CARS 540 Southern Artery GRANITE CHEVROLET 383 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. PR 3-2310 Wlzere Our Customers Send Their Friends WHEN IN NEED OF . . . Hardware Packard Paints Kitchenware VVull Paper Garden Supplies Glass THE NEW MODERN STORE "Easy Parkingn Call GR 2-0041 NI2lCFARLAND'S 11 Brook Street Wollaston, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS . . . L ANTONEllI IRON WORKS, Inc. Manufacturers of STRUCTURAL STEEL - ORNAMENTAL IRON all BUILDING SPECIALTIES 177 Willard St., Quincy 69, Mass. Mayflower 9-3600 'l 181 l' 7 - 1294 Telephones, CApitol 7 - 1295 7 - 1354 HICKS 84 HUDGES COG. 45 South Market Street Boston 9, Mass. 2- 0392 Telephones PR 3-205-1 PATTERSONS FLOWER STORE 1283 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. CURSAGES Girls Who Care Say "Gel My Corsagc' ul' PuHm'.s'm1 s ELSIE M. PATTERSON THE HARRIS COMPANY 188 Commercial St. Portland, Mainc Marine and General Hardware Paints and Varnishes Marine Electronics Pfoprigtgf 'I182'I' S 91717 ardis IIFATINC ijx-L4 Q NEW CITIES ENGUXND SERVICE COKE OILS on So -1' If 1' C0 Av GENERAL IIIIEJTORS U H E GENERAL ELECTRIC HEATING EQUIPMENT OIL BURNERS - 85 Years of Dependable Service 1355 Hancock St., Quincy 6 Commercial St., Weymouth Tel. PR 3-7200 Tel. WE 9-2700 'I183I- GREETINGS TO OUR FRIENDS SUPREME MARKET 605 Hancock Street, Wollaston ENJOY BRAEWOOD BEVERACES Richardson Root Beer Squirt Standard Bottling Co. 435 Adams St. Quincy, Mass. 'WOLLASTON TAILOR AND CLEANSER 690 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. PR 3-2428 Reduced Rate for E. N. C. Students Comp liments of SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole, Mass. 'T 1841- WHITTEMORE Associates, Incorporated 16 ASHBURTON PLACE Boston 8, Mass. CA 7-6866 STAINED GLASS WINDUWS Exquisite stained-glass windows designed and executed to suit the architecture of your building. Prices vary according to the size and intricacy of detail. Imported, antique glass and ex- pert craftsmanship assure unsur- passed beauty. Send for your copy of our brochure, "Stained Glass." CHURCH FURNITURE Our church furniture is distinctive and beautiful, in authentic period designs. Superb hand carving and expert craftsmanship make our communion tables, seats, pulpits and other eccle- siastical furnishings well suited for their high purpose. VV e can plan our arrangements to match your present furnishings. Send for our free catalogue on church furniture. 'l185l- ERNEST C. HATCH BRAIEID i' Office CR 2-1910 Home PR 8-5388 1 H S S P Prescription Optician CREETING CARDS WEBSTER-THGMAS CO. for Wholesale ALL OCCASIONS Food Distributors 25 Beal St. Wollaston 221 State Street Boston 9, Mass. -2 E 4 il E GR 2-8100 ' Iii. i E, Refresh. .4 l dial KARIJS AUTO BoDY ZBSI To Il - REPAIR Co.,1NC. In K l Established 1920 23 Greenwood Ave. Wollaston 70, Mass. l - Insurance Appraising - Karl A. Karjalainen Il President Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Dorchester .l' 186 C mpliments of T. THOMAS BOATES AUTO Bought ' Sold ' MOBILES 'changed 216 Robbins Street WA 5-1332 Waltham 54, Mass. Compliment of MASSACHUSETTS HEATING CORPORATION Jompliments of CR 2-86 BIACKER 84 SHEPARD IUMBER CORPORATION 10 North Q uinc Newport A y, Massachusett I I' 102 Years of EXPERIENCE TO HELP US SERVE YOU H. P. HO0D 818 NS MILK CREAM NORTH QUINCY GARAGE CO. Duggan Brothers 131-133 Hancock Street North Quincy, Mass. CHEVROLET Sales and Service PR 3-1100 LISK-SAVORY CORPORATION Canandaigua, New York ENAMELWARE and CALVANIZED WARE . 9 erm' M 5 N ICE CREAM U VISIT OUR DAIRY BAR Delicious Foods - Nicely Served Attractive Surroundings Appealing Prices Business Men's Luncheon Special Dinners Open Daily Until 7 p.m. H. M. W. Brigham Maine, N. H., Vt., or Mass. Central Avenue and Eliot Street H. M. NV. Brigham, jr., Eastem New York Miltgn, Mags, Elmer C. Brigham Western New York BL 8-7350 -l188I' HOWARD JOHNSON'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM in 28 FLAVORS VV e extend our cordial and sincere BEST WISHES QUINCY LUMBER Co. TO THE CLASS OF '52 WEYMOUTH GAZETTE PRESS Q 610 Southern Artery Printers ot Campus Camera WE 9-0145 18-22 Station Street Qumcy 69, Mass' East Weymouth, Mass. Compliments ALVES PHOTO SERV ICE, IIC of A FRIEND 14 Stores Avenue Braintree, Mass. '11891' 1952 Sponsorships BEALE STREET PHARMACY Russell S. Keene, Ph.G., Mgr. 661 Hancock Cor. Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. W. H. BEARD, D.M.D. 1011 Beacon Street Boston, Mass. Telephone BE 2-1563 BLACKWOOD PHARMACY 663 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. BOSTON CHINA CO. 80-88 Portland Street Boston, Mass. BOSTON HEATING 81 PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. 579 Atlantic Ave Boston. Mass. CARROLL CUT-RATE PERFUMER 19 Beale Street VVollaston, Massachusetts DEPENDABLE LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS 63 Beale St., NVollaSton, Mass. Telephone PR 3-8922 DEVOE'S DINER HANCOCK PAINT 61 VARNISH CO. 53 West Squantum Street North Quincy 71, Mass. HEUSSI'S Texaco Service 634 Hancock Street., Wollaston GR 2-9686 JOE'S BARBER SHOP Wollaston, Mass. Try Us for Haircutting to Fit Your Features LINDA'S RESTAURANT Specialist in Southern Style Chicken 770 Gallivan Blvd. Neponset 9, Mass. LINCOLN PHARMACY Hancock 81 Elin Sts. Wollaston, Mass. DR. JOSEPH MCDERMOTT Optometrist 665 Hancock Street VVollaSton, Mass. ROBERT L. MICHELMAN 97 Fenno St. Wollaston Mass. MA 9-4480 'tl ' f vi. r '. N01 I Qumctr L Q58 Insurance of All Kinds Open 24 Hours a Day EASTERN SHADE S1 SCREEN co. QUINCY TY Shades, Screens, Venetian Blinds S0ld'Rented'RePa11'ed 104 Park St., Hyannis, Mass. On? Maple Street 20 john St., North Quincy, Mass. QWUCYJ M355- GREETING CARD SHOP QUINT'S GREENHOUSES 15 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. We Specialize in Corsages The Most Complete Line of 1258 Hancock Street, Greeting Cards on the South Shore Quincy, Mass. -l19Ol' PEWRITER SERVICE REAL ESTATE Sl INSURANCE Walter R. Forbush GR 2-7121 78 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. RICH'S SHELL STATION 707 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. RICH'S TAXI SERVICE 53 Billings Road North Quincy, Mass. GR 2-5352 RUSSELL FUNERAL HOME Harold A. Thurston, Director 644 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. WILLIAM 1. SHEA 12 Beale St., NVollaston, Mass. Beal Estate and Insurance Realtor - Notary M. STROLL az co., inc. Established 1863 Wliolesale Grocers Boston, Mass. DR. EARL STONE Dentist 7 Elm Avenue Wollastoii, Massachusetts WM. WESTLAND 81 CO. Equipment for Every Sport Baseball-Golf-Tennis-Archery Softball-Fishing-Baclrninton WOLLASTON F LORIST 679 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. WOOD,S HARDWARE CO. 673 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Y. M. C. A. 61 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. Cornpliinents of A FRIEND 'l 191l' ESPECIHLLU FUR UUU. 0 The making of College Annuals takes far longer than you think. 0 The co-ordination of photography, art work, engraving, printing and binding was entrusted to our skilled craftsmen who have been making college annuals for nearly a quarter of a century. 0 Together with the staff who have served you so well, we too share in the satisfaction of completing this book . . . Especially For You PM! ff. fgfmmwi Jw. College Annuals 669 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS 11921- Wm 4:55 PHUTUIIHAPHEH . .. The responsibility associated with such a title is no small task. A College Annual without photographs would indeed be dull. Therefore, we have tried to fulfill our photographic assignment with the careful attention necessary to assure you a pleasant and lasting memory of your days at E. N. C. MHA VAHD il UDIU Ufficial Plzofograplzer 1947 if 1948 N 1949 1950 if 1951 and 1952 669 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS 'l 19Sl' Allen, John NV. 215 Franklin Pl., Grove City, Pa. Akers, Charles VV. Allen, Frances Babcock, YVm. J. V. Blaney, Esther Blaney, Harvey I. S. Cameron, Ruth Cameron, james Cove, Edith F. Dell, Edward T. Delp, George tl. Dixon, XVallacc C. Dygoski, Louise A. Gery, Frank XV. Goodnow, Edith P. Goodnow, Kent Gould, J. Glenn DIRECTORY FACULTY A 243 Marlboro St., XVollaston Mass 97 XVillow St VVollaston Mass B 114 XVillet St XVollaston Mass 232 Beach St XVollaston Mass 232 Beach St XVollaston Mass C 21 VV. Elm Ave., NVollaston, Mass 21 XV. Elm Ave., VVollaston, Mass 124 Phillips St.. NVollaston Mass D 23 E. Elm Ave., YVollaston Mass 21 XV. Elm Ave XVollaston Mass 14 Beach St., XVollaston, Mass 9 Landers Rd XVollaston, Mass C 9 Landers, Rd., NYollaston Mass l58 XVaterston Ave XVollaston, Mass. 158 XVaterston Ave XVollaston Mass 29 Dunbarton Rd., XVollaston Mass Mann, Edward S. Marple, Olive B. Maybury, Robert H. McFarland, Elizabeth M 41 W. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass 98 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass 16 Winslow Rd., Brookline, Mass 15 N. Maine St., Ambler, Pa Groves, Vernon T. 98 Phillips St YVollaston Mass H Harris, Mary K. 90 Franklin Ave XVollaston Mass llunting. NVard M. 30-A Cleaves St., NVollaston M1155 K Knowles, 1. llcnry 143 llomcr St., Newton Center Mass L Larkin, Greg 98 Phillips St., NVollaston, Mass. Lechner, Hadrian B. 23 Ehbett Ave., XVollast0n, Mass. Lechner. Mary S. Adams, Betty I. Adams, Carolyn 1. Akashi, Yoji 23 Ehbctt Ave., XVollaston, Mass. COLLEGE A Box 251, Twin Rocks, Pal. 49 Lawrence St., Bridgeton, N. I. No. 5, Mita Koyama-cho, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, japan Albin, Lois L. Albright, Margaret L. Alexander, Douglas R. Allison, Beulah V. Allison, John B. Allison, Beulah C. Anderegg, Donna Lee Anderson, Dorothy D. Anderson, john VV. Apple, R. Christine Armstrong, Doreen M Arnold, Virginia E. 188 XVashington Ave., Beacon, N. Y. 10 Fleetwood St., Portland, Me. 1858 Aird Ave., Montreal 216 S. Morris St., Dover, N. I. Mullen, Wfilbur H. 30 Copley St., Wollaston, Mass Munro, Bertha 90 Franklin Ave., Wollaston Mass N Naylor, jasper R. 97 Willow St., VVollaston Mass Nease, Madeline 92 Franklin Ave., Wollaston Mass Nease, Stephen 23 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass P Parsons, Rrolland VV. 102 Hamden Circle, Wollaston, Mass Pcarsall, kenneth 57 Ellington Rd., VVollaston Mass R Rankin, Andrew F. 30 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston Mass Rothwell, Helen F. 21 Bromfield St., Wollaston Mass Rothwell, Mel-Thomas 21 Bromfield St., Wollaston, Mass S Schlosser, Claude G. 68 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass Shields, Fred I. 100 Hamden Circle, Wollaston, Mass Shields, Hester 100 Hamden Circle, Wollaston, Mass Shradcr, James H. 30 Copley St., Wollaston Mass Smith, Timothy L. 59 Davis St., VV0llaston, Mass Soteriades, Evangelos 105 VVillow Ave., Wollaston, Mass Spangenberg, Alice 22 Gay St., Quincy, Mass W Washburn, Alma R. 34 Thornton St., Wollaston, Mass W'cston, Muriel 539 Runnymede Rd., Toronto, Ont., Canada XVilliamson, Esther D. 23 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass Ash, Patricia A. 551 California Ave., Chester, W. Va. Austin, Dorothy M. Gillett, Pa. Austin. George E. Azevcdo, Mary L. Bailey, A. Russell Bailey, E. Dorcas Bailey, Ernest B. Bailley, Vera 876 Broadway, 118 Power Rd. B 18 Russell St., S. Portland, Me. , Pawtucket, R. I. Waltham, Mass 607 Grand Ave., Lamar, Mo. 41 Fairfield St., Boston, Mass Box 874, Irwin, Pa Baker, james E. 341 Center Ave., Butler, Pa. 215 Franklin Pl., Grove City, Pu. Uhrichsville, R.D. No. 1, Ohio Rocks, Md. Barrueto, Richar Bartch, Paul E. Barton, june M. 206 Grant St., Warren, Pa. 3920 Baxter Ave., Nashville, Tenn. . 28 Beresford Ave., Toronto, Orlt. 1309 Wilbur Ave., Akron, Ohio Bass, Norma L. Beck, Norma J. Becker, Warren 11941- 11 Patterson St., Dorchester, Mass dB. 118 3rd Ave., South, Guatemala City, Guatemala 9 Cushing St., Wollaston, Mass. Route 2, Albion, Pa. 3649 Highland Ave., Shadyside, Ohio R.D. No. 1, Neubargh, N. Y. H. 79 Edgemont Rd., Katonah, N. Y. Benelli, Gerard V. 43 Rodman St., Quincy, Mass. Bcrgers, Doris D. Frankford, Del. Bergers, jay A. Box 260A, R.D. No. 1, Mc-Kees Rocks, Pa. Bias, Shirlee I. 2620 Highland Ave., S. XV., XVarren, Ohio Bigelow, john C. Monument Beach, Mass. Bigelow, Myron C. Monument Beach, Mass. Binkley, john G. 207 South Ave., Bridgeton, N. I. Blachly, Samuel D. 44 Martin St., XV. Haven, Conn. Black, Geraldine V. 1102 Glengrove Ave., Toronto, Can. Blake, Evelyn T. 97 Dearborn St., Manchester, N. H. Blaekmer, Marian L. Shoreham, Vt. Bloye, jean E. R.R. No. 1, Little Britain, Ont Can. Boates, Tilbury T. 216 Robbins St., XValtham, Mass. Bonnallie, Ivalene M. 22 Congress St., Fitchburg, Mass. Boshart, Marcia A. 516 Fulton St., Carthage, N. Y- Boume, Charles N. Bowers, Mary jane Bowlby, Paul XV. Brackett, Gloma 1. Bradley, Robert XV. Brake, Harold M. Brodhead, Charles L., Brogan, Io-Ann Brooks, Howard N. Brown, Mabel S. Brown, Phyllis E. Bruce, Rachel A. Bruey, Mary V. Brumagin, David R. Bryan, W. Iean Bryan, Marylou E. Bryner, Gene P. Burdett, Ann B. 14 Mayfair St., Roxbury 19. 169 Pleasant St.. Brockton, 603 Broadway, XX'ellsville, 55 Victoria St., Lowell Mass. Mass. Ohio Mass. 135 Main St., Skowhegan, Me. 5201 Samuel Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio Ir. 11 Union St., Richlandtown, Pa. 766 Oakwood Rd., Chas., XV. Va. Altona, N. Y. Ranberry, XVestminister, Md. 523 Cottage St.. New Bedford, Mass. Florence, Vt. 333 E. XVashington St., Lisbon, Ohio S. Myers Rd., R. 1, Geneva, Ohio Scranton, Kansas 30 Mead St.. Cambridge, Mass. R. 1. Claysville, Pa. Nurses Home, 775 Trapelo Rd.. XValtham, Mass. Burdctt, Mary-Esther Nurses Home, 775 Trapelo Rd., XValtham 54. Mass. Burdette, Elva I. Burgess, Ellen M. Burgess, june E. Burkhart, Paul R. Burkhart, Paul R. Bye, Harley E. Bye, Mildred M. Monrovia, Md. 1 Percy Pl., Cambridge, Mass. 9 Garfield St., Cambridge, Mass. 15 Ridgwvay St., XVollaston, Mass. 15 Ridgeway St.. XVollaston, Mass. Annan, Ont. R.R. No. 1, Annan, Ont., Can. C Calhoun, Ardith E. 4107 First St., S.E.. XX'ashington, D. C. Caldwell, james R. Saltcoats, Sask., Can. Campbell, Dwight L. 114 XVillow St., XV. Acton, Mass. Caswell, Quentin C. 47 Ryder Ave., East Rockaway, N. Y. Chalfant, Betty I. Chandler, Ada S. Charlton, Robert P. Chase, Sarah F. Christensen, Tom 471 S. Osborn Ave., Kankakee, Ill. 46 Roberts St.. XVoonsoeket, R. I. 247 Farrington St., XVollaston, Mass, Kingfield, Mc. Altona, N. Y. I Church, Barbara I. L. Fulling Mill Rd., Villas, IN. J. Clark, Milton E. Clark, Robert E. N. Y. 138 XVeirfield St., Brooklyn, 138 Weirfield St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Claytor, Charlotte P. 341 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio Clingerman, Kermit G. R. No. 1, Poland, Ohio Clingerman, Quentin S. R.D. No. 1, Calla Rd., Poland, Ohio Coghill, Isabel 246 Chisholm Ave., Toronto, Ont., Can. Collins, Norman S. 509 Flint Rd., Brighton, Mich. Collins, Phyllis A. 8914 Baltimore Pike, College Park, Md. Conser, Carrie I. Cook, Martha H. Cook, Mary E. Copeland, Marie E. 156 5th Ave., N. Y. C., N. Y. 38 Russell Park, Quincy 69, Mass. Phoenixville, R.D. No. 2, Pa. Rt. No. 3, Box 93, Portsmouth, Va. Copeland, Norman E. 53 Philli s St., Wollaston, Mass. Copp, Iane E. Cousins, Ivan E. Couture, Darlene A. 100 Valley St., Endicott, N. Y. 182 Sawyer St., S. Portland, Me. 79 Myrtle St., Watertown, Mass. Cove, james R. XVilbraham Academy, Xvllbflllllllll, Mass Cramer, D. Edward Cramer, Roberta L. Crawford, Gloria L. XV. Crew, Robert Cribbis, Ross R. G. Croley, john Cronin, Alice tl. Cubic, Annie Cugini, Ennio T. 104 XVillow St., Wollaston, Mass 104 XVillow St., XVollaston, Mass Rt. No. 1, Chester VV. Va 291 Ivy Pl., Akron, Ohio 359 Main St., Toronto, Ont 750 Congress St., Portland, Me R..F.D. No. 1, North Adams, Mass Graniteville, Vt 7A Memorial Dr., XVeymouth, Cunningham, Cloyce C., Jr. 18 Greene St., VVollaston, Mass Mass Cunningham, Ruth E. 18 Greene St., XVollast0n, Mass D Daniels, David 'l'. R.R. No. 3, Stone Church Rd., llannou, Ont., Can Davis, Donald Il. 15 Maple-shade Ave., E. Long, Mass Davis. Phyllis A. 18 Leland Rd., Brookline, Mass Dt-Bar, Frank R. 99-22 67th Rd., Forest Hill, N. Y Deliemer, Charles L. 3 Allston Ct., Cambridge, Mass Dill, Robert C. 139 Atlantic St., N. Quincy, Mass Dinsmore, Raymond E. 10 Grand View Ave., XVollaston, Mass Dodge, llcrbert V. 610 E. Main St., Lancaster, Ohio Dollinger. Marion J. 5010 N. Paulina St., Chicago, Ill Downes, Madeline E. Rt. No. 1, Box 244, XX7oodstock, N. Y Draper, David D. R.M., Gloversville, N. Y Driggs, Donna Lee 1246 E. 22nd St., Erie, Pa Duncan, joseph XV. 2535 Vine Ave., Klamath Falls, Orc Durkee, Joanne L. 1558 Delia Ave., Akron, Ohio E Earl, Nancy XV. Ebv, Grace N. Edwards, Kenneth Eliades, Grace O. Elliott, Grace E. Elliott. Paulenc M. Ellis, Helen C. Elsey, Glenn D. Erbe, Paul XV. Erbe, Samuel M. 72 Prospect Ave., XVollaston, 5524 Cumberland Dr., Car. Hts., Ohio 2830 N.XV. 19th Ave., Miami 42, Fla D. R.D. No. 2, Centerville, Pa XVestridge, Groton, Mass 406 Church St., Baltimore 25, Md Mass R.F.D. No. 1, Skowhegan, Me 1059 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa Robbinsvillc, N. I Robbinsville, N. J Eshleman, Lillian V. 312 Highland Ave., Downingtown, Pa Esselstyn, Marion A. Eastern Nazarene College, XVollaston, Essclstyn, Eleanor S. Eastern Nazarene College, Wollaston, Ezold, Lura J. 302 Temple St., New Haven, F Farleigh, Carlie H. 728 Edgewater Ave., Ridgefield, Ferguson, Margaret B. R.D. No. 1, Sprakers, Finch, Arlene D. Fliger, Edward M. Freeman, Millan A. Freese, Ruth I. Friend, John T. Fuller, Shirley R. 27 VVilson, Bacon 3 Neilon Pk., Malden, G Gardiner, Ruth M. Gardner, Beulah E. Gardner, John M. Gavette, Ianice E. Gibbs, Kenneth L. ia. Na 2, Box 739, Aubumj Mass Mass Conn N.,l N.Y N . Y Calif Mass Tunnel Hill, Ohio Acosta, Pa 80 Mt. Vernon St., Gardiner, Me 89 Myrtle St., XfValtham 54, Mass Island Pond, Vt 508 Cove Rd., Weirton, XV. Va 459 Preble St., S. Portland, Me Rt. No. 4, New Philadelphia, Ohio Gibson, Richard L. 68 President's Lane, Quincy, Mass Gilmore, Bonna-Vear M. 2830 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, N. Y Glennie, John I. 11 Lincoln St., Merrimae, Mass Goddard, Shirley M. 317 North St., Halifax, N. S., Can. 'l195l' Gonzales, Carlos A. 12 C. O., Number 12, Guatemala Goodalc, Eleanor B. 96 Cedar Ct., Bangor, Me. Goodnow, Elizabeth j. 158 Xllaterston Ave., VVollaston, Mass. Gower, Ena L. Beals, Me. Grate, Charles S. R.D. No. 1, Lisbon, Ohio Gray, Mary R. 21 Bromfield St., Wollaston, Mass. Grey, Lorana C. Hampton Bays, N. Y. Gribbcn, Lucille II. VVarrcn, Ohio Grinnn, Duane E. 453 Iowa, Warren, Ohio Guscott, Charles E. 121 S. Elm St., jefferson, Ohio H jackson, Gilbert j. Rogene jackson, jackson, Ruth E. Sara A. jackson, james, Betty j. jessop, Grace E. jewett, Lloyd W. john, Aldine M. Edensburg Pa s. Milton: vii 85 Willowdale Ave., Montclair, N. j. Ebensburg, Pa. 205 E. Southern Dr., Bloomington, Ind. University Park, Iowa 6 Bromfield St., VVollaston, Mass. 801 jefferson St., Gary, Ind. Halberg, Allen S. 82 NVebster St., North Quincy, Mass. Hall, Gordon D. Hall, Harry F. Handloser, Rose R. Hamann, Eleanor j. 1 Hardin, William D. Harding, Donald G. Deane R. Hardy, Hardy, Keith VV. Harris, Doris M. Harris, Gordon R. Harris, Harold L. Hart, Marian L. Box 63, Morristown, Ohio 82 Vinedale Rd., E. Braintree, Mass. cfo V. XVilliamson, Bridgeville, Del. 1 Marjorie Court, Rochester 20, N. Y. 88-22 186th St., Hollis, N. Y. Bridgewater, Me. Mass. 30 XValnut St., North Quincy, A Wilmington, N. Y. 41 Bromfield St., VVollaston, Mass. R.F.D. No. 1, Concord, N. H. 41 Bromfield St., VVollaston, Mass. R.D. No. 4, Ithaca, N. Y. 1332 Kohler Ave., Akron, Harvey, Priscilla E. 15 john,s Hue, Lynn, Mass. Haselton, Shirley A. VVilmington, N. Y. Hatch, Leon S. 102 XVestern Ave., Lynn, Mass. Hayford, Catherine M. 70 Coleman St., Springfield, Mass. Hazelton, Daniel j. 39 California Ave., XV. Quincy, Mass. Hedden, Norma M. Box 110, R.D. No. 1, Dover, N. j. Heddon, Robert E. 233 Chrystal St., Dover, N. j. Heinlein, Richard B. R.D. No. 7, Butler, Pa. Henck, Eunice L. Darlington, Md. Henck, Roy M. 811 Salem Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Henck, Samuel H. Darlington, Md. Hennen, Donald H. R.D. No. 1, Wfashington, Pa. Herrington, Beverly F. 635 james St., Syracuse 3, N. Y. Hersey, Clifford I". 34 XVarwick St., VVollaston, Mass. Hesemeyer, Alfred A. 101111, Idwal F. 801 jefferson St., Gary, Ind. ,l0lm50n, Carrol L. R.D. No. 2, Seagerstown, Pa. johnson, Helen 2434 23rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio johnson, Lloyd S. Upper Economy, Col. C., N. S., Can. jones, Betty j. 4763 jefferson St., Bellaire, Ohio jones, Edmund C. 3141 Raleigh Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. jordan, Albert R. 9325 Gaylord Ave., Cleveland 5, Ohio K IQCGH, Bassha L. 501 E. Dubois Ave., Dubois, Pa. Kellev, Florence A. 134 Garvin Blvd., Sharon Hill, Pa. Kelley, Frank O. Kelley, George R. 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Glenn, ll. R.D. No. 5, Bloomshurg, Pa. Howard, Edgar R. Iluff, Gerald E. Huff, Margaret L. Hughes, john A. Hutcheon, Roy R. R.D. No. 1, Cambridge Springs, Pa. 24 South Central, XVollaston, Mass. 52 Lees Ave., Ottawa, Ont. -15 North Central St., Peabody, Mass. Hutchinson, Richard B. 316 E. Horner, Ebensburg, Pa. Hysong, Ralph L. Hysong, Ruth M. Hysong, XVayne XVillow St., Wollaston, Mass. Willow St., Wollaston, Mass. 217 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 1530 E. 2nd St., Bethlehem, Pa. Kosty, Anthony L. Krutenat, Richard C. Brockport, N. Y- Kuhn, Ferne L. R.D. No. 1, Scottdale, Pa. Kulm, john C. R.D. No. 1, Scottdale, Pa. Kuschner, Allard XV. Burton, Ohio Kuykendall, Coy F. 301V2 N. 19th St., Corpus Christi, Texas L Laird, Irving NV. Grovesville Park, Beacon, N. Y. Landers, Earle VV. Sanford Yar, Co., N. S. Lantz, Donald j. 31 Maxwell St., Dorchester, Mass. Larrabee, joseph C. Box 212, Bath, Me. Larsen, Mildred j. 254 Chrystal St., Dover, N. j. Laudermilk, Lennura 1931 E. 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Lundgren, janet E. 152 Glendale Rd., Quincy, Mass Lundgren, Nelsine 152 Glendale Rd., Quincy, Mass Lynch, Robert L. 1818 Oakridge Dr., Char eston, XV. V. Armstrong, Ruthirene E. Evans, John C. Ewart, Herbert N. Fair, Loris VV. Mallon, Edith M. Miller, Lyle E. Mc-Fall. Gladys L. Parks, Sylvia M. Pearce, Carlton J. Pritt. Ralph XV. Randolph, Dayton Reeves, Henry H. Sc-hlosscr, ,lane C. Stetson. Harold A. Truitt. Shirley A. XVenger. Fred G. M 301 Graham St., Belle Vernon Pa. P R.D. No. 2, Belle Vernon, Pa. 39 Rawson Rd., YVollaston, Mass. 42 S. 7th, Cambridge, Ohio R R.D. No. 2. Lisbon. Ohio 829 NVall St., Akron, Ohio S 68 Davis St., XVollaston, Mass. 26 East 6th St., Hamilton, Ont. T 419 Smith St., Salisbury, Md. W 309 SO. 27th St., Camden, N. I. BIBLE CERTIFICATE COURSE A O Cortland, Ol1iO Olson. Dillard L. T38 Grant Street, Missoula, Mont. E R 203 Greenkill Aye., Kingston, N. Y. Randall, Frank E. 174 Magazine St., Cambridge, Mass. 24 So. Central Ave., XVollaston, Mass S F Smith, Alan D. Rt. No. Box 383, Cumberland, Md. WVinfield, Pa. Ste-eyes, Ronald C. 513 Keele St., Toronto, Canada M W 19 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, Ont. Waner, Lawrence D. 116 N. Main St., Spring City, Pa. 27 Grant Street, Union City, Pa NVirth, Ronald I. 41991- Hurley, N. Y. 1.4 .wr 'pw-u-.. ',' 1 u r. ,L - 5 , - - p u 1.- 15. 'F I 4. 0 o v fi" ,I ..1rf ..i Q Ama'-If v -' ' 'I ., , U A.. 1 'K 4 .1 4' . 2 I ' W ,V y 'J Z n! 0 in - - ' ' I . 49 ' 9 J 1 X ,H ..-11 .15 5'--'..:'4 ,A " 3 .1 .1 , 4, ' V . '. L35 .r ' 4 f"u , M' '. .v .---" L - Vx 4 J QQ... ,. . .f Q A , ', J' .,'..x4, .,.. " ff , I. ,ll .X 'fl - '35-Arm 11, g I, y.,- . 1 v " .. z-' ' L" ':.u f' W, 1 . ' ' ' ."' rt? .col , . v. -1.-if :ir ..,p .1 .3-+I, 1. '41 ,xxx ,.,"lf ' Yqflfg' I ,., x.! 4 A-A: 1 , ,,,,.'..-:Ur , . . I I , M5 5 1 -. - N' Ex il' 7..,:-"' x .' 1- 'Tb' M-v .J 5 .-x . Q - , .vw n ., r 24 N in f 44 -L. fd'-, f WWA? .-'-..-Q," ' 4' ' .U ' " -'-A. 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Suggestions in the Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) collection:

Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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