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 - Class of 1951

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Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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A3 .....:::.... 1. 3' H6315 "1 J! -- 0 4 Z .5 QQ : ., .IE 4 43 53' 3 Z! 57' f : K 1 Q '41 'SQ :El , I ! Q? - : V? -"' .f - 1 A- 'Av :aj 11 l i 1 Q 3 11H" Jn' yt W . ' il bf.. My .1.. 41 1.11 3.11113 ' Fffffi, 'f 1 's' 1 1.., -1.1.53 ' '.51!1 111' 1,, ' 111"'l- ' "' " w..5,"1 1 1 1":'r . f3. ,LI 1 N , .,1, . '. 1 "7 " 1.'1. I ,1!,.fx , I 1' '11.5.v"'. ' ' 1 4e.W,'f' 1 . L, ,M "1 1 1 . 1 V 1 3' -51 I-"iff: X ', ,V 1 ,- gl -1: ' f -. 1 1 1' I 1 1 34+ "1-G! j, A X. 1 1 VV V 1 ..,, 1 X.. .. V ,. 1 . I ' . 1 Wg 1 ' W .1 .1 1 1 1 A .1 W ' , 111.1 wif ' 1 Q " 1 - - ., 1 1 .1 ,.".'1. 1 111 ' 1 1-"' '.?,1"..u1.f1'1 L ,- , X.. ,.. ,.11 111 fl f '11 ' , ,' 1 V ' J , 1 N px., - -T L .5 '1.. ' 1 'fif- -. 1.15,-,"' 1 ?,1:,'Q,111x.23'x,Q'1, 'g,:J,J1F5f,,.L- gg . N :,:7.Cr,-.Y','L1 ,1 f . . 1 '.'.1,g1eMf- wf 1 I . 41 1 - ' ""11' ' -1.1! 2955452-'?-l . 'I' ,, 1, If 1' ,5Lbi'1'i' , V 1 X' .' 1 1 ' x 1 2. 1 1 ' 1 1 V1 1! Q 1 11, " 1 1 '-rl' 1 1.13-F ' 'N 1 . ' 111 'S 1 11j'15wz,5f 1 1 1 11' ' " ' 1.1: 11 M115 l, .L I V M ,X :' 1 , 1 1 ' . X, - ,ng ii! .1 Wm. . . if 1 .1xv1. 'p"!', 1 WQQ '17, 1:.:1 . 1 f , 1 1. 1. 1 .M 1 ,, . , , , 1!f'!..,'N'.'1 - ' ' 1 1. .V 1 Q W , ' 7-'1 :Xl H1 , XLRUI' , ,." 1 , fi.. A ttf-YA ga , 'X .11 . 1. 1 . - W W jx' .f ,,,,11 - 1, 1 1 ,AI 11,51 1' 1 -V 11, xl' ".1"Q'-Ga.-1. ' 1 1 Vg", J , 1431.1 111- ,Nj ' ' A I "4 .ffl X' 'g'1:'f' " '7'1"" k J N 111'1 :Riffs '1 13 'j '.', -V135-'HUA rv' - 1.4 '1 1' 1.i ' , Y' 24.11111 "1" .".3. . .1 ,1 1 .11. 1 , ,- 71 1 - ' ' ' ' .1 ' 1 " wi'--1' ' s , L1 " .UW A X .. 11' 1 1 .1 1' .1 fr.. ' ' ,V - 11,..m' '- .qi .1 1. 1 "".7l? 1'. 1' ' , -' 3' '13 H, 1' ,. ",A"' "fl '1 1":,1'1 1 ' '- L 1'- .. 1-'.", f ' A..-, ,: X. 1 X A , 31,1 :J 1 . 1,1','. ' , '-'f -X" "' 1" 1114 ,J , .1 u ,U 1 1- 1.,,1., Q. 1 . 1.1111 . .' 111. 1.1 1'1- ,1 , , 1 -, 1 1 , 1 1 1.., ' " 1 ,. -1 ' 1, ,1 1: lip" .. , 1. gg .'1 ,, L,'1j1g.11J' ., ' ' 1'. J' PX' . uf ,'1's,'1"'M f T51-' 1 T1 .9'1"e.-'7:V3fI!'1 ':f -1'. " ,z ' 'I11'1'7 "Mb .X 1. 1 X 1, Y 3. W',y.,1.,.l1,v,-.- 1 1, 1 M 1 .1 .,.-1:11. 1, 1 1 41-.W51 , ' ,V 1 111 '.1.g:-'1'i.2,111111,:11 , , 1 .'1.,,1,5 .1 ,, 1 '-2.11.11 ,Y .. 41 , , 1fK,f.3fx.11g1. 51' , ,. . , 1 j 1'g-. 11g! 1 . ' .4 '.yg'1., , , 11- - -1'?12,r,1 8,11 , .1 .rw , xy 1... 11, -11,,,?,,1 , , ' ' 21,7:',. 1. .1 ,,111: .3 111.1 : , , 41,111.1 1 1 1 , 171 .x,.- .. ., - - WH 1.., .1. , 11 HV' ' 1 3r"f'1.' " " 1 " ':f1.72l'1l1 11. .' , ' ' 'J 1 Q11 '1 , A- '. '1 TTY "J -'1' 1- 1' 1 f 4 . - 1 - H, 1. , ,,! 1. X M ...LV ' ' "3 1 4' 1. 51 11.1-11 1 .' 11' 151111-rg 1 .,' 1 ' " ,- w. 1 1 '1 'S - ' '-11 1.4.!k,, ., 9:1111--.5p'!'f' 1 1 :K 1 MDN, W 1 ,1s1- , 11 -v,Mhk11k3 5:1 - -"1 . iq, 1 14.1-rt - " li' . 11. 7 ' ' ' 1 ' f 1 .11 . 1-1 " 1'-' ' ': ' . ' 1 - . . 1 . 1 . L . 1 ,1 , . 1 . 1 1' . 1 . 'ff 1 4 ' -'15 'f' ,424 .1lf..:?,5,:1A-1. , 1 1 ,1 1 Q 1' 1'1."1 1 1 M,11?'.3E, . 1f1e.,'. 1' f ' 11 -. '1' 1 2 1 '31'-,Wm , - " N111-13 1 1 N: f ,yx 1 " 1 'Qgf' ' -g'.. 1'.:15 9" " ' '1 N Y.,1.MN'H j. ' , ' , '1'.1.1'!u 1,,,ug!, 2,1 ,Trix 11- ' My .f,,15H,1'zj1 1111.1 Q . 1 . ,, 1. f 11 1151 ,z g I 11, V1 -q1,..g 1 1 1111. . f1..111 M 1, 451, Q 1 ,U 1 , 1- 1 K 1 X111 , M , ,1 .Um 1 1 1 -1 1 - 1, 1 .,.1'U....m,.iq1,11l .1 ,1!1 W N 1.11 I, 1 ,. ,L .1 NLM- E12 wif. ' "' " 1- L 13111, ' Q If: , X' -' ..p1Jh'1 "'c1fl'q 1.13 X ,1 1: , 1 - .517 1 A . 1 11, , 1 1 ,.,,f..5.11u,,.d 1v1V 1. 1 1 1 ', '1!11- - 1Vfy., ' ' W X V1 1, ' 1 X ' . 111111.-jv,' .1 . 9.0 1 1 -1 fx 1 ' ' 2'1" " ' 11 . L' 7 fu' ' " . '. 1217 1,1 4 -15',1- V X. J, 1' .1 . '31,--11.12, ,K . ,-1. -4, 1' '71 '1 'll' " .111 ' '1: 'n . ' "'L- ,'1'1 C .fx 'X '11.1-5 1-5 -1h xg . -.1,..1 1.. ' , 11 . .,F gg., 41-5 ' 1 , 1: ' ,1 1 , 1 .11. 1 U . J '1' A L .gN1.1 r 1 1 Y 1,1 H 11,4 fem :' ' .11 W1'-u11'fg 1'-1.21. " 1 ' ' f31', 1 g"1':11'.?5'1' 'YM IQ, ,1.j,Q,1s'q'V',- 2655" , 11, 1 - .1 .Nj 5- 1 ' ,Q 1 11-33 'fwl ,1 2.1'1"1i1q,1zZ:g'5Q 1. ,Ifgf!i?1'.f"Q11yEf" 1 ' ' 1.i'-,1f'F',,1.'q1'i1f11.5.-if A11 ,T-.jx ,if-1VlQm.11 111' ,1. .11-,1,."1g . ju , 1. 1 .+11,1.1'11' 'fl '- '1 - ""5'Q'.'fg-1"1' 'I 1 17'w,i."i3+.,f11 1 "1'1-11 -. "k1y,1111"a Vx- . V. 1, , I , ., .i1,,,1.1,,,, , ,,11 51.1, , 1 4 A51L,..1- 3.11 ,1 .1 Q 1 -- 1 X 5... L -, ML1,,.11!i.:.5n Wil "1 A r ,1 5-15" " i 1-1. l..k11'.fq' . .-1'f1- 1, .' . ' A .,L:. 91 ' 1+ 1 1 1 151 gj' ...TJ 1, ,A1w1.Y. ' 1 ,1 .1 f N'.,.:. , I l.A,y.1,V-A..-, 3 A nil- .- .ll N W. . .i1:.:,:.Y:74 JL, R1 vu ,. S A .1 A11 .,,- ' 11 ' '-'1 11 ,f-11 15,1 L-r ...x 1- 1,' W , , .111-1 , 15, -,. 41,-..4,,J1,. J1, - 1 ". Q . .1 - ' ,Q X ,' s 3 3.21115-:.-. 1g' . 1, YYY' . -1 ' 1 FY 1 15 vw. 1:1111-'1 Nl 1'- N. .sr ,I .111 V-fff3v.jA.m,82 lHv1 MH . ' 1 .. -'W 5 '1-'.'111.'.,1f N' '1 --..6fn,,1? 1 11, 1 1 -11 , -1..-r..-wr ' 1. 1 '1 1 - 1 , 1 1. 4 11. 1',w111 111-.5-121' , 1 1, 11 11 ,,11,, 11,5111-11.1. 1 1, . 1 ,1,yv.,.H4m, .. 14.5 1 K, 1,1I.1-M. 11,1 V ,.11,.'.11 .1 1 , 1 11: 41 if ' 1.' '1'. A N U 1 -j451'1'2u: . V, 1 . 1-111+ f,h1.f.1 ",?1.?.", .dhq Y ,121 11,-N NN. Wlvwil I 1' 11 'A '1- 1 1-: .'--vwu' .1 M 1 .N X 1. ,my . .f V 1. . 1. .A 11 '.'.1,11', FU ':'1 1 1 11 1 Q 1" H1 iillfl, . 1 - 1"lfi'lf5f, ,V 311. M, 131113,- Q :1-if ,Q .WB 1.. "1 1.1.iT 1. 1 '1 Y' l1L'F fLl" 'v'-1 '.l!.g.I1-4331! - Y-ff ' 1 1 'I-:H -. ' -".'f1' .111,.'+U A'-5.-viuwg N.-sw., . 1. K --1, -.-, 1-1. HHl,?,1g,:'- 71 fi :xiii ig illllld 6' ll-I P S 7 WOLLASTON, MASSACHUSETTS VOLUME xxlx W, ,sy V V ag w t l. .umm ,Q W. V' 3 ' fm Q 1 Q, 9-2 v E.. fi H I ..,. . - Q- . vim' , L, I--f misiw, T"'g1'.??"',, , pm, ,- cw '- " ' ' ' 5 2 ' , - , -1 . .wqkyg-.1f4uf,ffx-ft. rf- , - . - , - gf -I M A ' ' 31,-,sflfl ' fx ii ""' Wifii- -- ' X- 'fi ' -' 'wif'-fffwe ' " '1 " ' 'P 'f , ' wh , . ,. ., f 'QI -- - . A 'fc M A . N' -- ',J?M'2,",g2g -11- 1 ' ' - Q' ' 4 . ' f L Q ti. . . 4, 95 - W' . - P . H , as 5,29 , W. .,., -9, . dy. xl.-... , ., ,. 4.1 1. -gf... --,,. QE, . , , -,ff m "' - , lf '- x 1 f- 1 ,f , v - ',f:3:sl7f'r.-EWS: . , . E' ZF' g?'i5" ,.A1Z. '- '. .L..'. K'-H' fi' '5 . ' ., r ' :r " l,,, ' A fy:-"-Q77 . ,V 4, 'X ' ' 1 " V- 2 1 - 1 S .. .- f ' - -2 wfxgf-'fs , U.. .if '- f. 4 .- -i my V if - Q if 1 . - , f-.f f 7554 ....-.w'f- Wh- W: 'f ' J '.fr1wL'vu w ifi f ' M. :- -,, n6g-,-:ff w a...-.,. , , -14 4' WH.. Y 14.3-Q f gg.. '..?',?".A.. , - N52 ' V ff .-..5224?.1.-2 fb " , ,I , 9' - f m ' "VH J-1 k s 'ef5'K:f j :v 12.01 t ww- ' V- .:""'h' -6 7.1 7. .fix 75' . f ' ' A V, ., . f th " 1 gf' - .55s2QJM'5. f 42, 15 A -41 - , 125.4 .I ,, My f A A 1 -Q if 'Y V '55' , ff Q iff' f,g5Sf'19' "" 1I'5l",1 , 'Q QQ P-" ,. X31 -Eff :' Q mu - Ziff- " . . ff' - ' ' T- ' W- Tw?-.ef W -41. ff- f 'mf' flu nuff 2 -- A .iw-7 ffl ,..,,.,,..,. 1. - -V. .1x.fee.4 . M... .44 , 4- fs' J Ham. .. . - , . . . , f.. . M , . '..". -s"'."x H i. Y. '1 Mya "X J' ' -2' 'J-,J,1'4 -V, , , ,. .72 . ' 'nfl 'wJZV,f' ' wil 5, ' " H" ,"' M' Z ' wwf-' I 'ia ,, - sw 5 ik T., " GF? 1 . 1.:, e .rj " -, , " ,..-ffm -K1 2-0 f - ix.1,J,f--wg-ff'5x?g f - -A ,.. 5 ffm 1, - .9-5 V AZMZ,-If-A, N., ,.L, ,J c- I U . V v - ff-ZA--,M . f S f l A f, '15 -gf' Z' "JSR ' '23, ,. 465. -f1:f..yf5f.,.-1 - . Q . . ,-wi '.Q'5w,:- if If Q5-.3g, .gf .., W -v.. . , Wwf.-1 Q., JQ.-48. is Az fm f Ir. "H", f f' l flff 0 ' f"f'Si' Q? ' ' 41 L 1 .. 1 - ' fw-IW' .N94-M ? ? -' 7 -' fix, ', ,, - - - - '44mf'f" . , .--- J. f ,, .4 1 .v 5. .. ,Q X ,, u ' Mmqqg-.-4,, , N A , - M - . - ,Q-1 5, v,jj,f::-V-if 'J 'Q ,'4'2.g599f ,,, ,, y M. if .Sf ,,f.- , ,e ,. 6 ...., -., - . - may A ,W ff ,gmwffw ug . 1 , , f , .. M ..,,,. ,,,, . J A , g.g,.Q-5 -,Y sv. ' A -my-L - 2 ,wfzgjfw - gf 4-? X -' .f 2 i.,W,A ,Q1 ' , if 4, ., 4, I, V A ' if f . ...,, 4. ,- . -.5 Q -AF, .. 4-. ffi , 4 Zf0S'3'5"vi ,Q n' 541. ' 4.1.-Q , wyr .fi .gym 3 'Q Q E fv ' - fi 6 . , KH? . X ,, ,cp I,-1 Q? ITP? .ie aff nk' " 2 N ff ' JEL , Q '3 " .. A 1' ,. 1155 Tw",-"',53, -" SS Hg 4'-Q yy, ,,,'a.:,' ,Maj Y V '.',m,. q.ji'kfiXg-af, f. ' 1 . we ' 44:2-1QHv?4s9 ' Eg' .Ui-9 O , . ,. Editor-in-Chief - - JOHN F. BRICKER Business Manager - - CLAIR E. UMSTEAD .,W,,.m.,.,,.WMwi S 24 ,J X x .gf UEDICHTIUH To one whose courage is a challengep whose gentleness, a comfortp whose God-dependence, an inspiration. To one of that aris- tocracy of goodness who thinks on the virtue and praise of others. To a quiet builder of the King- dom whose life has consistently reflected her Master as the Way, the Truth, and the Life - we af- fectionately dedicate the 1951 ' Maw ' Jfafwid 3 f f THE MOTTO on the official seal of Eastern Nazarene College - "Via, Veritas, Vita,"- has real significance. These are the words of Jesus. lt was He who said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." The motto has further meaning since it epito- mizes the faith of the founding fathers of E.N.C. The college has sought to be true to her heritage and to make this motto effective in the lives of her students. Each student is urged to find the "Way", to accept Christ, to develop a Christian philosophy of life. Christian faith and thought are given a place of prime importance and are the unifying influence of the entire curriculum. A reverent appreciation of "Truth" is essential. The quest for truth must ever be made fearlessly and with humility. The ultimate aim is the "Life," the attainment of Christian character. This is most effectively accomplished through constant, intimate association with the members of our faculty. lt is our fervent hope that the motto of E.N.C. will be written in the hearts and lives of our students forever. gcfwafzcf S. Mann President PRESIDENTS MESSAGE BOARD OF TRUSTEES AKRON DISTRICT O. L. BENEDUM Box 54, 1863 Lisbon St., East Liverpool, O. L. W. DURKEE 1558 Delia Avenue, Akron, Ohio W. F. HAMMAR 81 Wilda Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio D. D. PALMER 91 Buckeye Street, Warren, Ohio ALBANY DISTRICT R. D. SMITH 229 West Pleasant Ave., Syracuse 5, N. Y. M. E. WILSON 26 Rochelle Street, Rochester, N. Y. MARITIME DISTRICT J. H. MacGREGOR 55If2 Havelock Street, Amherst, N. S. NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT J. C. ALBRIGI-IT 19 Keniston Road, Melrose, Mass. E. S. HARRIS 169 Harriett Street, South Portland, Maine L. Nl. SPANGENBERG 178 Quinobequin Road, Waban, Mass. J. W. TURPEL 62 State Street, New Bedford, Mass. NEW YORK DISTRICT O. J. FINCH 27 Wilson Street, Beacon, New York H. R. OLSON Box 227, Butler, New Jersey ONTARIO DISTRICT T. E. MARTIN 1592 Bloor St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada R. F. WOODS 83 Ottawa St., N. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada PITTSBURGH DISTRICT R. F. l-IEINLEIN R.F.D. 7, Box 367, Butler, Pennsylvania M. R. EMERY 25 Franklin Street, Warren, Pennsylvania R. M. INGLAND 322 Meadow Ave., Charleroi, Pennsylvania F. A. WYCOFF 514 West Penn St., Butler, Pennsylvania WASHINGTON-PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT E. E. GROSSE 528 Barr Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania F. D. KETNER 212 MacDade Blvd., Collingdale, Penn. J. Z. ANDREE 905 Pennsylvania Ave., Warren, Penn. E. C. WOLF 1412 Markley St., Norristown, Penn. ALUMNI REPRESENTATIVES W. G. ANGELL 16 East Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. H. B. WARD 239 Harriett Street, South Portland, Maine PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE EDWARD S. MANN 41 West Elm Avenue, Wollaston, Mass. SEATED: H. Olson, M. Wilson, L. Durkee, O. Finch, E. Mann, M. Emery, O. Benedum, E. Grosse, J. C. Albright, F. Wycolt, R. Ingland, F. Ketner, E. Wolf. STANDING: D. Palmer, R. Smith, J. Turpel, W. Hammar, T. Martin, W. Angell, H. Ward, R. Woods, R. Heinlein, E. Harris, J. MacGregor. IN MEMORIAM Orval John Nease, D.D. 1891 - 1950 General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, one-time president of a sister college, loved brother of our former president, Floyd W. Nease, true Christian and impassioned preacher of the Word of God, tender and dauntless in spirit, broad in sympathies and Christ- like in attitudes, counting himself expendable for the cause of holiness - his influence lives on to challenge us all. REWCDRD A diploma, a degree-and, ever increasing in value, a host of college-life memories you will take with you from E.N.C. There have been moments of spiritual inspiration when a consecrated altar has opened the "Way", moments of intellectual challenge as your teachers have led you in the quest for "Truth", moments of recreation that have helped you to maintain the well-balanced "life." We have endeavored to capture for you some of the familiar moments that exemplify the ideals of Alma Mater-ideals embodied in the motto found on her official seal. Recorded in these pages is a college. But as you who know her examine your NAUTILUS for '5'I, we hope that you will realize more than the apparent. For here unwritten, unphoto- graphed is the true spirit of E.N.C.-Via, Veritas, Vita! v N -3 0 15 gm4,9..n50 " In ' U1 o mf VICI 0""'s 0 1g,"7'r:' ...the way A. 1916 0 Ve rlfcl 2 mv! 'I- 17, "' ...the truth A. 1915 I I1'CI 'mms 0 eg 6-Ek F ..fhe life "2af .,f5' 1915 2 " Q I-1 2 -- 'im f 7 Q +P41R'T4sN0 2' P' 7 il - L ri O CCDNTENTS Vla MM JM My My Wm 1 4 Qi f av f M Q .Vps 'Q EZL ., A, V 1' K M Wim ?ff .iff 7 W1 3 ,ge 371 5 "' Qlkrirxv 'FW fa , , ff' gy vw. ' if ww .-,f 2 A xmvk V ' Q M3 Q -V ix Q: y N in 43? 0 P Q M 2, as ,M Q " A 'Mi if V ' X R , Mm 1 ' , NH ' W f " fx if 0 fv. A V E? 47 K, QW '19 ,X fan, 1-4 " 1 fm' X1 x ' Wi , wi "WMA ' "" , . L, f, Mfig, - W ' 'W' ' ,M , M I My " J j, W 3 f,'y,,gr:X - W I if 'Mk K X kb , ', jg ,je ,mlm Y 45,1 , 0 ,I ,W f J,-.RA A rg 5' Q.4N.,xlW,lwywxwgyxwgg ag YY . W W 2 W x UWM 'M' . W .f ., V ' A , , . 8, , - , , . X sw if Q 5 ffm' A'-' -' A ' X A V 1 1. . X 11, Egg-f ff--A5 W , , , X '2 3 1 Q " f ,,,,, E" 0 f X ' A Q' S' .::H- ? V 557 ' Aw'if,:":b ,fm 3 5 ,S f f Q fm x M' Ml , 7,255 ,W , .V ff xi, , f f f 1 G ,XZ 413 N' E 54 awww- YM' i! M 'M - f i M45 ,, wifi ,av HM,-vw" 3943 1 ,M-5 QW Ag, ff f f J f " ,X M ,,,. ff X , My 77? fl, Wx, , f . ' ' fm ' T X M "" ' Lf 'M X A xx N x 'Q fm XEQSQX 's Rf? x X XX X sw RN X134 X wQ X A WAN?- Mx Ov A x , Awww 'vw '. ' 'Q-'Wada' 44 K, www Vw . X y ,ga 4: - 'A Q. 4? ., V K Qi wx Q' f Q 5 3 'L fv V 4 if 1 1, f Q? A sy, in ? , m f ' x , , Aw' Mglilius-H ew, 'ef-' fa H, .L.. Zwfwwvw Mimqyf, I A ,fvifra DR. GOULD'S MESSAGE , OU are to be congratulated on your wisdom in selecting for your college course an institution like Eastern Nazarene College, a college avowedly committed to faith in the Christian Gospel and the Christian way of life. ln a very real sense the motto of our College expresses the meaning of this com- mitment. It is based upon the words of our Lord in John 14:61 "I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Our motto thus becomes a frank acceptance of Jesus Christ as Re- deemer, Saviour, and Eternal Lord. In seeking to make this commitment a real and personal one in the heart and life of each student, the College Church has come to occupy a strategic position. Not only do we meet in chapel services in the church auditorium, but it is under the week- by-week ministry of the Church that great issues are faced, great decisions made, and great experiences entered into. It is our earnest prayer that the meaningful words of the College Seal - "Via, Veritas, Vita" - will be stamped forever upon our hearts as We leave these halls. Fidelis Class Mr. S. W. Nease, Sun- day School Superintend- ent, Dean Bertha, Teach- er of Fidelis Class. Church Quartet LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Clark, Greg Larkin, Don- ald Stahl, Gordon Wet- more. N.Y.P.S. Council SEATED: L. Andrews, V.- Pres., B. Chalfant, A. Lawhead. S E C O N D ROW: R. Henck, Pres., J. Bruce, R. Metcalfe, Chorister. 2, f f if ,Q 'f . , S ' YJ? .ex ix CA- ., REV, KENN ETH COLEMAN REV. SIDNEY W. POWELL, D.D. CHAPEL "Thirty thoughtful minutes" were those spent in chapel each day, as students paused during the morning's busy schedule to listen to missionaries, educators, visiting evangelists and pastors, C'1rIsti2n laymen, and faculty members. Universal truths and mzxims for life were brought to us with freshness of thought and piercing insight by speakers who have walked the way that lies yet be- fore us. Truly, "'the organ prelude be- came a veil dropped between everyday life and the sanctuary," and though we entered chapel with our burdens and problems, we returned to our duties with the promise ringing in our hearts, "My grace is sufficient for thee." WZ' REV. SAMUEL YOUNG, D.D. REV. D. I. VANDERPOOL, D.D. "My desire, to be like Jesus" was the challenge which inspired many of us to seek God's bless- ing in The revivals and conven- tions held throughout the year. E.N.C.-ers and friends from the community filled the new church night after night to listen to the vital sermons of outstanding Christian leaders. The special spiritual emphasis began in the opening convention with the timely messages of Rev. C. L. Rodda. Other revivalists were General Superintendent D. l. Vanderpool, whose illustrations and messages will never be tor- gotteng Rev. Guy Nees, who chal- lenged students at the opening convention ot the second semes- ter, and General Superintendent Samuel Young, who with keen insight delivered the Gould Me- morial Lectures and conducted the spring revival. REVIVALISTS l REV. C. L. RODDA REV. L. GUY NEES KENNETH AKINS, Tenor GRACE ODDO, Soprano ESTHER WILLIAMSON, DONALD DAVIS, Bass MESSIAH A true source of religious inspiration and hope, Handel's immortal "Messiah" was presented by the combined A Cappella, Meistersinger, and Wollaston Church choirs of more than one hundred and fifteen voices. This year for the first time the ora- torio was rendered in the new college church which vvas filled to capacity for both performances. Assisting in the presentation vvere Mrs. Olive Marple, pianist, Mr. Greg Larkin, organist, and the college orchestra. Mrs. Esther D. Williamson has an- nually directed the presentation of this ora- torio since it was first given in 1934. Some of the selections loved and remembered by hundreds include "And the Glory of the Lord", "Every Valley Shall be Exalted", "For Unto Us a Child is Born", and the "Hallelujah Chorus." The "Messiah" is more than just a presentation made by the choirs. It is a testimony sung from hearts that have ex- perienced that "His Yoke is Easy, and His Burthen is Light." Contralfo ESTHER WILLIAMSON Director GREG LARKIN Organisf OLIVE MARPLE Pianist FRONT ROW: H. Rich, Pres., M. Wallace, Sec., Mr. Pearsall. SECOND ROW: G. Hall, D. White, Treas., R. Metcalfe, N. MacPherson, C. Guscott, A. Lawhead. Evangelistic Association "Lead me to some soul today" was the emphasis ofthe Evangelistic Association during the past year. Under the leadership of Harry Rich, a mission program of wide scope was carried out in the rescue missions of Boston. Hardly a night passed without a representative mission group proclaiming the gospel to the lost. Along with the mission work, the Quincy Bible Class continued with noteworthy success. Student Ministerial Association Called by Christ, the student ministers banded together under the leadership of Wesley Stinson. Through lectures and discussions, the group endeavored to gain information and inspiration that would be of value to them in gospel work. Outstanding among the meetings was that with General Superin- FRONT ROW: A. Law- tendent D. I. Vanderpool, whose practical suggestions will long be re- head, R. Grosse, L. Pros- peri, C. Umstead, Prof. Smith, W. Stinson, Pres., J. Theodore, Sec.-Treas., C. Cunningham, Z. Do- hanian, H. Rickey, W. Varian, B. Naiarian, H. Harris. SECOND ROW: P. Elliott, W. Parks, J. Bruce, O. Woodward, H. Rich, D. Hennen, D. White, R. Lutz, D. Hardy, D. Cubie, F. Kish, R. Sampson, J. Holstead. THIRD ROW: R. Phelps, W. Graefiin, R. Hood, W. Holloway, R. Smith, L. Jewett, M. Clark, E. Fliger, D. Stahl, D. Alex- ander, W. Winget, R. Clark, D. Wise, P. Neal, l. Koelker. membered by the ministerial aspirants. -f N , K s ' , , ' .1 ' e Prospective Missionary oeiety "One thousand dollars for missions." By selling Christmas cards and sponsoring various other proiects, the members of the Prospective Missionary Society' worked steadily toward their goal for the year. Those students who are now preparing for future service on the mission field met once each week, under the leadership of Rosemarie Ballard, to share news from the fields, to pray for the needs of others, and to receive helpful instruction from special speakers. FRONT ROW: E. Hicks E. Hall, R. Ballard, Pres. D. Alexander, Treas., R Hood, A. Esselstyn, V. Pres., C. Dobson, Sec. S. Blachly, E. Esselstyn SECOND ROW: H. Sasao C. Sawyer, L. Shellito J. Copp, E. Ramsey, J Knepper, M. Bruey, M Haselkamp, K. Richard son, F. Dodson, M. My ers. THIRD ROW: R Merki, H. Pinkston, R Lutz, H. Knepper, M Shurtliff, K. Clingerman E. Morgan, J. Holstead B. Naiarian. SEATED: E. Esselstyn Sec.-Treas., A. Esselstyn STANDING: G. Hall, M. Pauli, V.-Pres., D. Cubie, Pres. College Missionary Societ The College Missionary Society presented foreign missions in a vital way under the leadership of David Cubie, president. Weekly prayer meetings featured special speakers who were either directly connected with missionaries or who were keenly interested in the work. Incorporated into talks were actual letters from missionaries on the field. This close contact with foreign workers promoted a real interest in missions. ef? 4 -M ,S -ZX 'Q S .fm ,M if W A sis me mg 4'S mf Q- f f iv' SN Mx R as Q x Q Q 3 HERALDER QUARTET f , 2 Z ff f R. Montgomery C. Brodhead E. Pearsall Q. Caswell KlNG'S MEN Seated: W. Standmg-R. LADQES' TRIO L. Anderson B. Feil L. Andrews m X, 3, lm EVANGELISTIC ASSCDCIAT ION -I ,,,. 5 5 1 5 A Q Veritas lea! JM hz My Zu!! ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY EDWARD S. MANN A.M., l.l..D. President Commanding appearance . . . vital chapel Talks . . . poetic expression . . . "a manly man" . . . worthy of his task . . . unexpected wit . . . definite aims . . . "Little Men" . . . good-natured. BERTHA MUNRO A.M. Dean of the Collegep Literature "Noble ensample" . . . lady par excellence . . . appreci- ative . . . understanding and considerate . . . "called unto Holiness" . . . whole- hearted . . . deeply spiritual . . . industrious . . . yen for the precise. KENNETH H. PEARSALI. A.B. Executive Field Secretary Versatility . . . "ful ples- aunt" . . . Judy and Jackie . . . my relatives . . . gen- erous . . . E.N.C. spirit . . . sense of humor . . . quartet travelling . . . cheerful dis- position . . . gets things done. CLAUDE G. SCHLOSSER A.B. Business Manager Hearty chuckle . . . ener- getic . . . "amyable" . . . efficient . . . iolly . . . "Sure, we can do it!" . . . cordial friendliness . . . positive approach . . . enthusiasm plus . . . family man . . . gestures. MADELINE N. NEASE A.B. Registrar "Wonder diligent" . . . stu- dents' preview of E.N.C. . . . long hours . . . proud grandmother . . . self-sacri- ficing . . . conscientious . . . heart of gold . . . under- standing confidante . . . lists - and lists. EDITH F. COVE Mus.M. Music Reminiscent lectures . . . decisive "there" . . . prac- tical interest in student wel- fare . . . indefatigable . . . unparalleled enthusi- asm . . . "and wel koud she laughen . . . inspiring tes- timony. U'- KENT GOODNOW A.M. Classical Languages, German, Spanish Periodic outbursts of laugh- ter . . . brown suits . . . accuracy . . . "in his tech- ynge discreet" . . . "ia- wohl!" . . . deep-seated Christianity. . . quaint man- nerisms . . . brilliant lin- guist. J. GLENN Goum A.M., D.D. Q Theology, College Pastor Gracious dignity . . . schol- arly . . . gentle humor . . . "riche he was of hooly thoght and werk" . . . thorough and systematic . . . time for everyone . . . "Holiness unto the Lord" . . . genteel reserve. VERNON T. GROVES Ph.D. Psychology Sympathetic friend to all . . . eager to do even the smallest iob . . . unassum- ing manner . . . "l'll have to look that up" . . . droll humor . . . "he was a lerned man" . . . sincere person- ality. MARY K. HARRIS A.M. French, Spanish Petite mademoiselle . . . challenging classroom quo- tations . . . soft-spoken . . . "partit charitee" . . . grow- ing plants a hobby . . . "Standing on the Promises" . . . sound philosophy of life . . . courteous. JASPER R. NAYLOR B.S., A.M. Dean of Student Life, Mathematics Frankness . . . "ful pacient" . . .ready smile. . .deeply sincere . . . basso protundo . . . analytically minded . . . humility and charity first . . . democratic . . . genuine interest in others. FRED J. SHIELDS A.M., Ed.M., D.D. Psychology, Sociology "Don't believe anything I say!" . . . twinkling eyes . . . translations ofthe Bible . . . "sownynge in moral vertu was his speche" . . . well-known jokes . . . inval- uable advice . . . loving approach. "' """"'-'-M'---J--1---f " -- JAMES H. SHRADER WILLIAM J. V. BABCOCK LOUISE A. DYGOSKI AM AM Ph.D. Chemistry Biology Speech "Young folks" . . . affec- tionate grandfather . . . practical prayers . . . "Chris- tian Scholar" epitomized . . . dignified . . . "a verray, parfit gentil knyght" . . . milk authority . . . perfect gentleman. ALICE SPANGENBERG A.M. English Correlates literature with life . . . aware . . . "If you answer you will get A" . . . faith unshakable . . . "Prof. Span" . . . discrimi- nating . . . missionary zeal . . . eye for color . . . "noon ydel ese." "The basic, fundamental, underlying principle" . . . civic affairs . . . Blue Hills expeditions . . . definite opinions . . . "he was a philosophre" . . . thorough . . . God in everything . . . hard worker. HARVEY J. S. BLANEY A.B., B.D. Biblical Literature Distinct way of speaking . . . unusual insight . . . "littIe Paul" . . . down in Maine . . . theological dis- cussions . . . quartet anec- dotes . . . "wys was and obedient" . . . preacher at heart. Precise . . . deep interest in students . . . fastidious taste culinary artistry . . . poised . . . "she spak ful faire" . . . aspiring pianist "That's right!" . . . gra- cious lady. OLIVE B. MARPLE A.B. Music Loves people . . . practical advice . . . "ful glad herte" trips to the Conserva- tory . . . devoted wife and mother . . . never too busy ine. aesthetic appreciation warm smile . . . genu- M449 ROLLAND w. 'PARSONS M.S. Education lmpartial . . . classroom anecdotes . . . "bisy in servyse" . . . reminiscent . . . "Podunk" . . . faithful . . . bookstore executive . . . Wisconsin . . . sports enthusiast . . . fishing, camping trips. ANDREW F. RANKIN A.M. Economics Q Ready counselor . . . effi- cient . . . "It's a problem" .. . records . . . books . .. ". . . A Workman that needeth not to be ashamed . . ." . . . factual lectures . . . well- read . . . "G-ladly wolde he lerne." HELEN F. ROTHWELL A.M. Spanish "Kepte wel her folde" . . . congenial . . . charming hostess . . . poised . . . one ambition-to visit a Spanish- speaking country . . . ideal housewife . . . thoughtful eyes . . . "my little boy." MEL-THOMAS ROTHWELL A.M. Philosophy High spiritual standards . . . "unto logyk" . . . thought- provoking sermons . . . dis- criminating insight . . . philosophical preacher . . . deep thinker . . . keen wit . . . understands students' problems. TIMOTHY L. SMITH A.M. History Inspiring before-class pray- ers . . . zealous preacher . . . "ful of honour and of curteisye" . . . "my wife" . . . duffle-bag over one shoulder . . . well-prepared lectures . . . radiant living. EVANGELOS SOTERIADES A.M., B.S. Librarian Conscientious to the minu- test detail . . . "Check with the card catalog" . . . fre- quent trips to the Quincy library . . . "others" . . . ready for suggestions . . . gardening an avocation . . . "servysabIe." ESTHER D. WILLIAMSON Dean of Womenp Voice "My girls" . . . millinery creations . . . singing that inspires . . . "lady deere" fun-loving . . . "He hideth my soul" . . . unruffled com- posure . . . courageous . . . deluxe salads. GEORGE J. DELP A.B., S.T.M. Greek, Church History Master of many fields . . . "Our Boarding House" . . . mellow tenor voice . . . "I'll have to call you late" . . . schedule-maker . . . always a briefcase . . . "of studie took he moost cure." WALLACE DIXON A.M. Biology Unexcelled lectures . . . practical Christian . . . pho- tography his hobby . . . regulates his time com- mendably . . . notes on cards . . . "nought o word spak he moore than was neede" . . . research work. WILBUR H. MULLEN Th.B., A.M. Theology Spiritual stability . . . well- planned courses . . . firm beliefs . . . practical . . . "first he wroghte and after- ward he taughte" . . . social poise . . . informal discus- sions . . . reverence counts. CHARLES W. AKERS A.M. History Scholar . . . thorough-going . . . "my day with Eleanor" . . . stimulating class-room discussions . . . persistent . . . "Ever heard of Jonathan Mayhew?" . . . "and gladly teche" . . . dry humor. EDITH P. GOODNOW A.M. English "She was a worthy wom- man" . . . self-forgetful . . . "That's it exactly" . . . Mil- ton and Browning . . . co- operative . . . busy mother . . . rapid speech . . . sweet smile . . . missionary-mind- ed . . . deep. WARD M. HUNTING M.S. Chemistry Patient . . . thoroughly sci- entific . . . helpful . . . from Houghton . . . "grounded in astronomye" . . . deliberate . . . ingenious . . . humble dependence upon God . . lab coats . . . church choir HADRIAN B. LECHNER A.M. Physics A Expressive . . . carpenter, machinist, radar man . . extremely helpful . . . ap- preciates the beautiful . . "of greet reverence" . . methodical . . . quick com backs . . . "for it was Mary." MARY S. LECHNER A.M. English "Tendre herte" . . . literary affections . . . bicycle com- muter . . . church choir so- prano . . . intense student interest. . . pianist. . . Phi Delta Lambda prexy . f . proficient cook . . . "books are friends." ROBERT H. MAYBURYW B.S., A.M. Chemistry Conscientious . . . persist- ence personified . . . B. U. studies . . . "God loved he best" . . . undaunted by hard work . . . thorough . . . beloved family . . . planning for the future. t' Leave of absence ELIZABETH McFARl.AND B.S. in Pub. Sch. Mus. Music Artistic . . . interested in Abbott's . . . "ful blithe and glad" . . . feminine . . . a friend outside class . . . the "Green Room" . . . "Bettie" . . effervescent laughter . . genuine. STEPHEN W. NEASE A.B., Th.B. Dean of Meng Director of Physical' Education See you in Sunday School" . . not the second fiddle . . holds down volcano of Memorial hall . . . "he was a shepherde" . . . tropical fish fan . . . "only five exer- cises today" . . . made-to- order husband. S FRANCES ALLEN B.S., A.B. Chemistry Stoic perseverance . . . duty first . . . "gentil herte" . . . the Willow house . . . Southern background . . . lab experiments . . . kind to the utmost . . . dean's table. FRANK GERY, JR. B.S. Accounting Unmistakable accent . . . Kappa All-Star . . . student and professor combined . . . "caIl me Frank" . . . no cof- fee, iust Tee . . . "knew wel labour" . . . one of the boys . . . 6' 3" . . . consistent. J. GREG LARKIN, JR. A.B., Th.B. Director of Orchestra "Novvher so busy a man as he ther nas" . . . rehearsals . . . vibrant personality . . . "That's so absurd!" . . . grey pin-stripe. . . facial expres- sions . . . choir conducting . . . animated. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS ELIZABETH YOUNG GEORGE ALLEN GRACE BANHAM FRANK BOWERS MARY RANKIN Sec. to the President Supervisor of Maint. Sec. to Field Secretary Food Service Manager Service Manager CHARLES DJERF, M.D. RUBY FRIEND AUDREY WARD LAWRENCE MOORE College Doctor College Nurse Financial Clerk Bookkeeper Paul D. Basham Manuel Chavier Frank G. Kish Robert P. I.uTz Berge S. Naiarian GRADUATES IN TI-IEOLCDGY E.N.C.'s GRADUATES IN THEOLOGY are seeking advanced preparaTion for a life more useful and purposeful. For Them CommencemenT was only The beginning. Having recognized The message of ChrisT and The Church To "Go . . . inTo all The world . . .", They are sTriving To incorporaTe iTs challenge inTo Their per- sonal lives as well as Their preaching and Teaching minisTries by a hearTfelT response - "Here am I, send me !" MARY LECHNER, President VERNON T. BUGH, M.D. PI-It DELTA LAMBDA The Beta Chapter ot the Phi Delta Lambda, national honor society of Nazarene colleges, exists to encourage scholarship among the graduates and undergraduates ot E.N.C. Vernon T. E-ugh, M.D., a psychiatrist from Boston, was the speaker this year at the annual chapel program sponsored by the organization. A panel discussion on "The Christian in Graduate School" and a banquet tor the undergraduates in the Honor society were other protects ot the group. Scholarship loans are granted by the society to worthy students doing graduate work. Miss Dygoski, Secretary-Treasurerg Mrs. Lechner, President Mr. Smith. Vice-President -w For The TirsT Time in The hisTory of Nazarene colleges an Educational Confer- ence oT adminisTraTors of The colleges of The Church oT The Nazarene was held on The E.N.C. campus OcTober ll-T3. Purposing To discuss meThods, prob- lems, obiecTives, and TuTure plans of Naza- rene colleges, The presidenTs, deans, and business managers meT in separaTe groups during The sessions proper. MeeTings of presidenTs wiTh deans, and of presidenTs vviTh business managers were conducTed also. RecogniTion oT The common obiecTive and direcTive oT all The colleges represenTed aT This gaThering marks The beginning oT Tangible inTer-school co-operaTion in The educaTional work oT The Church oT The Naza- rene. SEATED, Leff To RighT: BerTha Munro, L. T. CorleTT, S. T. Ludwig, Thelma Culver. SECOND ROW: H. W. Reed, C. H. Ripper, W. T. Purkiser, R. H. CanTrell, L. P. Gresham, L. W. John- son, J. B. DeisenroTh. THIRD ROW: C. S. Mc- Clain, P. T. CulberTson, C. G. Schlosser, A. B. Mackey, E. S. Mann, C. L. Henderson, H. C. Benner. SEATED: BerTha Munro, Thelma Culver. STAND ING: C. S. McClain, P. T CulberTson, C. H. Rip per, L. P. Gresham. LEFT TO RIGHT: W. T Purkiser, R. H. CanTrell, E. S. Mann, L. T. CorleTT, A. B. Mackey, H. C Benner, H. W. Reed. I EDUCATIONAL CONF RENCE FRONT ROW: J. Schlaitzer, V.-Pres. SECOND ROW: J. Cameron, Pres E. Fliger, Treas.g C. Umsfead, S. C. Rep. PROP. MULLEN, Adxiser Demobilization, peace talks, United Nations-this was 1947, and we '51-ers worried about initiation, not headlines. The Freshman-Sophomore outing lin- gers in our memory, we forgot rhetoric and European history, the course which is no more. We saw the campus grow with the building of Memorial Hall and the basement unit church. "Jaunty Juniors", we ambushed the seniors as they stepped from the Greyhound bus. But we became more serious as we made our motto, "ln His Steps." Our senior year has been a climax of class activities. We stepped into inevit- able comprehensives, wore our gowns proudly for the first time, paraded, played and ate on Junior-Senior Day. College life ended with "Alma Mater" in Quincy High School Auditorium. Mobilization, war talks, Korea. We go out into it all "ln His Steps." LOIS E. BAILEY A.B. in Theology, Biblical Literature Luthcr Collcgc l, Alpha l, Delta 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3,4, Volleyball 2, 3, Music Club l, "N" Club 2, 3, 4, Prospective Missionary Society 2, 3, 4., A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Libra- rian 3, "Campus Camera" 2. Steps: of Spontaneity. Gait: Hearty. Route: Waltham, singing, Bible courses. And noise? Goal: A Christ- ian witness. A. RUSSELL BAILEY A.B., History Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Math Club l, Vice-President l, Music Club 2, "N" Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, Ambassador Quartet 2, Crusader Quartet 3. Steps: of the Whole-Hearted Gentle- man. Gait: lrrepressible. Route: Quartet bass. A call, a transforma- tion. Boanerges. Goal: "Woe is me it I preach not-" LOIS E. ANDERSON A.B., Psychology Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, Vol- leyball l, 2, 3, Kappa Cheerleader i, Junior Class Secretary, Evangelistic Association 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Las Estrellas l, Psychology Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Ladies' Trio 2, 3, 4, Miriams 2, House Council Vice-President 4. Steps: ot Practical Good Sense. Gait: Nonchalant. Route: Speech, song, secretaryship -training for pastor's aide. Goal: Duo for life. PAUL E. BARTCH A.B., Philosophy Delta 2, 3, 4, Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, Vice-President 2, Band 2. Steps: of the Deep Thinker. Gait: Serious. Route: Logic, Metaphysics, Epistemology. Goal: Chair of phil- osophy. il' l NORMA-FAYE BEACH EMILY M. BIGELOW JEANETTE M. BRAKE B.S., Elementary Education B.S. Music A.B., literature Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Future Teach- ers of America 3. 4, Las Estrellas 1, "N" Club 4, Psychology Club 2, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, Orchestra 4. Steps: of Simple Faith. Gait: The steady glow. Route: Sigmas, Sunday school, friendly ways. Goal: Noise- less place-filling. JOHN F. BRICKER A.B., History Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Presi- dent, Student Council 3, Future Teachers of America 2, 3, History Club 2, 3, Literature Club 4, Evangel- istic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Pittsburgh Scholarship 2, 3, Honor Society 2, "Nautilus" 3, 4, Editor 4, "Who's Who" 4. Steps: of Unparaded Ability. Gait: Courteous. Route: Junior-Senior Ban- quet 1950, History tutorial, "Nau- tilus"-then Skid more! Goal: History prof. Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Vice-President 4, House Council 3, Literature Club 3, Music Club 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 2, 4, Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, "Campus Camera" 3, 4, Proof Editor 3, Headline Editor 4, Faculty Scholarship l, "Who's Who" 4. Steps: of Sunny Accomplishment. Gait: Smiling. Route: Talents more than her share. Organ, Eddie, good grades. Goal: June? Parsonage queen. Marion College l, Delta 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 2, 3, Literature Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 3, Evangelistic Association 4, Meistersingers 3, 4. Steps: Ways of Gentleness. Gait: Convictions with sweetness. Route: Speech secretary, Fidelis president, all-round helper. Goal: God's place at God's moment. 'l l l l 1 i l i e 'i l l A4 JOHN E. BURTON A.B., History Alpha l, Zeta 2, 3, 4, 5, Baseball l, 2, 4, Football l, 2, 5, Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class Treas- urer, Biology Club l, A Cappella Choir 3, Ambassador Quartet l, 2, 3, Honor Society 3. Steps: of Happy Matrimony. Gait: Deceiving youthtulness. Route: G.l., quartets, Althea, "my son," ping- pong. Goal: Professorial. JAMES R. CALDWELL A.B., Philosophy Canadian Nazarene College l, 2, 3, Sigma 4, Bowne Philosophical So- ciety 4, Evangelistic Association 4. Steps: of Reasoned Faith. Gait: Logical. Route: Presbyterian Naza- rene, syllogisms, Tolstoi. Goal: A philosophy of holiness. JOHN W. BRUCE A.B., Philosophy Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Psychology Club l, Rover Crew 4, Evangelistic Associa- tion l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, N.Y.P.S. Council 4, Emmanuel Instrumental Trio 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 4. Steps: of Contagious Christianity. Gait: Positive. Route: Girls fsisters et al.J. A Charge to keep-and kept. Goal: God proved. ARDITH E. CALHOUN B.S., Chemistry Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Math Club l, Secre- tary l, Psychology Club 2, Chemical Association 3, Biological Association 4, Meistersingers 3, 4. Steps: of The Littlest Angel. Gait: Hopeful. Route: Math, Chem., ardent testimonies, grit. Goal: Scattering sunshine. l JAMES R. CAMERON MIRIAM A. CARNOBAS JOHN T. CHECKLEY, JR. A.B., History Ohio State University l: Kappa 2, 3, 4: Football 4: Junior Class Treasurer: Senior Class President: Evangelistic Association 2: MacRonald Scholar- ship 3. Steps: of Reliability. Gait: Energetic self-discipline. Route: Dugout chief: History and toboggan star? another happy Benedict. Goal: A Master's degree - first! KERMIT G. CLINGERMAN A.B., Biology Gamma 'l, 2: Kappa 3, 4, 5: Speech Club l: Biology Club 2: Literature Club 3: American Nature Study So- ciety 4, Chaplain 4: Biology Associa- tion 5, President 5: Rover Crew 2, 3, 4, 5, Patrol leader 5: Asaph Choir 2, 3. Steps: ot Conscience. Gait: Sincere. Route: Lit, then Up Higher: summer camps, scouting, spiritual aspiration. Goal: Christlike service. A.B., Modern Languages Zeta l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: Volley- ball 3, 4: Future Teachers of America l, 2, 3, 4: Las Estrellas l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4: Meistersingers 3, 4: Quincy Hospital Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Washington-Philadelphia D i strict Scholarship l, 3. Steps: of Determination with a Smile. Gait: Systematic, cheerful-silk over steel. Route: Don Quixote, Rozi- nante and Sancho. Goal: Pennsyl- vania school system. B.S., Mathematics Delta l, 2, 3, 4. Steps: of Unflagging lndustry. Gait Llnvarying. Route: Calculus, Jean schedule-bargaining, a stout heart Goal: The genuine. ELIZABETH E. CROUCHER A.B., Philosophy Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club i, 2, Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4, College Missionary Society 3, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3. Steps: of Lively Intelligence. Gait: Vivacious. Route: D.V.B.S., valiant girl-philosopher. Goal: Religious education. DAVID l. CUBIE A.B., Philosophy Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Litera- ture Club l, 2, 3, 4, College Mis- sionary Society I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Asaph Choir I, 2. Steps: of Sincerity. Gait: Whole- souled. Route: His father's faith made his own. fReading plus thinkingj Debate and discussion. Goal: The will of God on earth. D. EDWARD CRAMER A. B., Philosophy Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Bowne Philo- sophical Society 3, 4, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Student Ministerial Association 3, 41 Meistersingers 4, Pittsburgh District Scholarship 3. Steps: of Prayer. Gait: Tranquil fer- vor. Route: Gospeller's ambition, studious ways, iudgment in girl friends. Goal: A life outpoured. CLOYCE C. CUNNINGHAM, JR. A.B. in Theology, Theology Kent State 1, Kappa 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Psychology Club 3, Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Steps: of Positive Commitment. Gait: "Constant as the Northern star." Route: "Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable, Elaine-." Goal: A parson. ROBERT C. Dlll. A.B., Literature M.I.T. 1, Cambridge Junior College 2, Zeta 3, 4, Literature Club 3, 4. Steps: of Geniality. Gait: Undis- turbed. Route: G.l. reservist, apathy for "papers", lit pilgrimages, "my friends." Goal: Congregational min- istry. EDDIE M. FLIGER A. B., Philosophy Pasadena College 1, Zeta 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Treasurer, Bowne Philo- sophical Society 2, 3, 4, President 3, Rover Crew 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, "Campus Camera" 4, Headline Editor 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4. Steps: of Modesty. Gait: Steady- and arriving. Route: "Go East!" Fiddler, Philosophy, Emily-worth crossing the continent for! Goal: Seminary-en route. ZAVEN DOHANIAN A.B., Philosophy Zeta i, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Presi- dent 3, Baseball l, 2, Basketball l, 2, Football l, 2, Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4, College Missionary So- ciety 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Asso- ciation 3, 4, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Gospel Heralder Quartet I, 2, Crusader Quartet 3, 4, "Campus Camera" l, 2, 4, Editor-in-chief 4, "Nautilus" 2, House Council 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Treasurer 2, WENC 3, "Who's Who" 4. Steps: of Efficiency. Gait: Commu- nity-minded. Route: Channeled en- ergy-Zeta, "Camera", Forums, etc. etc. Goal: To serve the present age. BEULAH M. FEIL B.S., Elementary Education Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Cheerleader l, 2, Future Teachers of America l, 3, 4, Las Estrellas l, Psy- chology Club 2, 4, Evangelistic Association 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Ladies' Trio 2, 3, 4. Steps: of Song. Gait: Serene, with a smile inside. Route: "A cappella", gym tioor, dormitory pals. Goal: "And gladly teach." H. THEONA FRY A. B., Biology Beta I, Zeta 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary 4, Vice-President 5, Cheerleader l, 2, Future Teachers 'of America l, 2, Lit- i erature Club l, 2, Biological Associ- ation 4, 5, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, 5, "Campus Camera" 4, Albany District Scholarship 2. Steps: of Graciousness. Gait: "Frank," Route: Fidelis Class, Choirs, Dugout, E.N.C. White House, Biology Lab. Goal: The right thing. ELINOR J. GARDNER A.B., Biology Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 4, Psychology Club l, Biological Association 2, 3, 4, Libra- rian 3, Future Teachers of America 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Miriams l, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Faculty Scholarship l, N. E. District Scholarship i, 2, 3, 4. Steps: of Quiet Excellence. Gait, Unatfected. Route: Scholarship, star athlete. Goal: Tops in biology teaching. RUBY FRIEND B.S., Nursing Presbyterian Hospital School of Nurs- ing, Sigma 2, 3, 4, Girls' Co- ordinator 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4- Volleyball 2, 3, 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Psychology Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Societas Prae- Medica 4, President 4, Evangelistic Association 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, "Green Book" 2, "Campus Camera" 3, "Nau- tilus" 3, Outstanding Girl Athlete 3. Steps: of Friend-ship. Gait: "All- round", "A merry heart." Route: Signing sick excuses, athletic prow- ess, dormitory spreads. Goal: Ameri- can Indians. JOHN M. GARDNER A.B. in Theology, Theology Otlerbein College l, Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club l, 2, "N" Club 3, 4, Speech Club 3, 4, Asaph Choir l, 2, Band i, 2, Meistersingers 3, 41 House Council 2, 3, 4, WENC 3, sportscaster 3. Steps, of Confidence. Gait: Preacher- and-Puck. Route: Eloquent prayers, poetry critic, Adonis in gym shoes. Goal: Pulpit. GEORGE E. GOODWIN WALTER G. GRAEFLIN ROBERT E. GROSSE A.B., Philosophy Beta l, Delta 2, 3, 4, 5, Historical Society l, Bowne Philosophical So- ciety 4. Steps: ot Faithtulness. Gait: Stick- to-it-iveness. Route: Biblical-theolog- ical-kitchen steady. Goal: New Eng- land ministry with a parsonage pal. WARREN O. HOLLOWAY A. B. in Theology, Theology Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Las Estrellas l, 2, Chaplain 2, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Steps: of Unfeigned Love for Christ. Gait: A constraining purpose, Route: The kind of wife it takes, resolute pluck. Goal: Fisher ot men. A.B., Philosophy Cleveland Bible College l, Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Baseball l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, 4, Sophomore Psychology Class Vice-President, Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Vice- President 3, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Evangelistic Associ- ation l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, King's Men Quartet 4, Trumpet Trio l, 2, 3, 4, WENC 3, 4, Program Director 3, 4. Steps: of the Pioneer. Gait: "Sans peur et sans reproche." Route: WENC trumpeter "par excellence", "Donald Duck," etc., etc. Goal: World Gos- pel radio. A.B., Philosophy Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club l, 2, Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4, President 4, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, WENC 3, Announcer 3. Steps: of Firmncss. Gait: Unwaver- ing. Route: Logic, the philosopher's stone, a good testimony. Goal: A worthy son of a worthy father. ROBERT M. INGLAND A.B., Philosophy Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Math Club 2, Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4, Evangel- istic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Student Ministerial Asso- ciation 3, 4, Prayer Meeting Co- ordinator 3, "Nautilus" 3, Statistics Editor 3. Steps: of Sturdy Honesty. Gait: Un- sophisticated. Route: Evangelistic activities, philosophy load, transtigur- ing smile. Goal, Blessing as he goes. PAULINE A. KEITH B.S., Elementary Education Kappa i, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Volley- ball 4, Psychology Club i, Future Teachers of America 3. Steps: of Conquest. Gait: Resolute. Route: Home church ties. Difticult hurdles taken triumphantly. Goal: Teaching the underprivileged. W. RUSSELL HOOD, JR. A.B., Philosophy 'Kappa-i, 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club i, Future Teachers of America 2: Bowne Philosophical Society 3, Pro- spective Missionary Society 4, Asaph Choir 2. Steps: of Cheerful Piety. Gait: Un- swerving. Route: All assignments met-and Dottie. Goal: The mission field. ALVIN S. LAWHEAD A.B., Philosophy Kappa 2, 3, 4, 5, College Missionary Society l, 2, 3, 4, 5, President 4, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, 5, President 3, N.Y.P.S. Council 5, Stu- deat Ministerial Association 3, 4, 5, Honor Society 4, 5, Washington-Phila- delphia District Scholarship 3, 4, "Who's Who" 5. Steps: ot Consecration. Gait: Consist- ent. Route: "AIl kinds of service with a noble ease", "Who's Who" for personal merit. Goal: An impress for Christ. PRISCILLA M. MacPHERSON B.S., Elementary Education Alpha l, Sigma 2, 3, 4, Future Teach- ers of America 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club l, 2, 3, College Missionary So- ciety l, 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Associa- tion l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, Albany District Scholarship 3, 4. Steps: of Faithful Service. Gait: Na- tural. Route: E.N.C. dining room. Liv- ing up to a big brother and sister- successfully. Goal: Herself - for Christ. BETTY R. NORRIS B. S., Elementary Education Concord College l, Bob Jones Uni- versity 2, 3, Kappa 4, Future Teach- ers of America 4, Psyihology Club 4, Evangelistic Association 4, "Cam- pus Camera" 4. Steps: of a Friendly Visitor. Gait: Breathless, Cordial. Route: Late Comer. She came, she savv, she con- quered . , . Goal: "Design for gracious living." JOHN R. MICHAEL A.B., History Wheaton College l, 2, Providence Bible Institute 3, Sigma 4. Steps: of Pleasant Forcefulness. Gait: Undeterred. Route: History concentrate. Quincy census-taker. Goal: A teaching ministry-classroom or pulpit. PAUL A. NEAL A. B. in Theology, Theology Beta l, Zeta 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Chaplain, Psychology Club 2, Chap- lain 2, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, "Campus Camera" 3, Student Council 2. Steps: of Evangelistic Passion. Gait: Good nature. Route: Boy preacher. Extracurricular-religious, dormitory, social. Late lit fan. Goal: The world his parish. RUTH B. OXLEY B.S., Elementary Education Trevecca Nazarene College 1, Kappa 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball 3, American Nature Study Society 2, 3, Secretary 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, "Campus Camera" 2. Steps: of Animation. Gait: EFFer- vescent. Route: Southerner wel- comed, basketball tan. Flow of speech. Goal: An everyday Chris- tian. .ra M AUDREY B. PARKER B. S., Elementary Education Cleveland Bible College l, 2, Zeta 3, 4, Literature Club 4. Steps: of lndividuality. Gait: Clever, friendly. Route: Penna.-Tenn.- Mass.-. Original thoughts and speech, merry eyes and words. Goal: To seek and to save-by effec- tive teaching, GRACE R. ODDO A. B., Biology Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3C Junior Class Vice-President, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Carolettes 1, 2, 4, "Messiah' soloist 2, 3, 4, "Green Book" lf Nautilus 4, Akron District Scholar- ship 3, Honor Society 3, Vice-Presi- dent 3. Steps: of Melody. Gait: Co-operative. Route: Prima donna voice with Christian's humility. Solos, duets. trios, quartets, chorus-plus. Veep. Goal: An opening path. WILLIAM L. PARKS A.B. in Theology, Theology Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Base- ball i, 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Chaplain, Literature Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Music Club l, 2, Ambassador Quartet 3, Asaph Choir l, 2, Orchestra l, 2, 3, WENC 3. Steps: of Enthusiasm. Gait: Quick step, uninhibited. Route: P. K., the fair sex, convert from lit to theology, care of all the Sigmas, Goal: A dedicated lite. 1 RICHARD E. PHELPS A.B. in Theology, Biblical Literature Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Steps: of a Purposeful Man. Gait: Eager. Route: G.l., wife and fairy daughter. Paternity lightly worn. Goal: Evangelist. MARY E. REMMY B.S., Elementa ry Education Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club l, College Missionary Society l, 2, 3 4, Faculty Scholarship 2, Akron Dis- trict Scholarship 4, Honor Society 3. 1 Steps: of a Student, Plus. Gait: Witty. Route: Honor Society, every assign- ment completed, merry eyes, time for fun. Goal: the Navy4the farm. GRACE l.. PHIPPS A.B., Psychology Hunter College l, 2, Columbia Uni- versity 3, Sigma 3, 4, Future Teach- ers of America 4, Psychology Club 3, 4, House Council 4. Steps: of Social-Mindedness. Gait: Reflective, discriminating. Route: New York social service, "fourth floor", Psychology courses. Goal: Richer service for humanity. EVELYN M. RAMSEY B.S., Chemistry Valedictorian A. B., Trevecca Nazarene College, Kappa 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Societas Prae- Medica 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, "Nau- tilus" 3, 4, Literary Editor 3, 4, Faculty Scholarship 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Phi Delta Lambda. Steps: of Versatility. Gait: Brain speed. Route: Registrar's right hand, unofficial lab expert and encyclope- dia, general consultant. Goal: Medi- cal missionary. ROBERT E. SAMPSON A. B. in Theology, Theology Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4. Steps: of Concern tor the Lost. Gait: Persevering. Route: Family life, Concentrated endeavor. Goal: the manse and the mission. HELEN E. SCHINDLER A.B., Biology Alpha l, Kappa 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Astronomy Club 4, Biology Association l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Future Teachers of America l ,2, 3, 4, "N" Club 3, 4, College Missionary So- ciety l, 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Associa- tion l, 2, 3, 4, Albany District Scholarship 4. Steps: ot an Out-Door Girl. Gait: Lightqhearted. Route: Every sport available-plus hikes and field trips. Goal: Biology teacher. ELAINE A. RUDOLPH B.S., Elementary Education Alpha l, Zeta 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball 2, Volleyball l, Biology Club l, 2, Las Estrellas 3, 4. Steps: cf Optimism. Galt: Un- troubled. Route: Single-mindedness. Change of name but not of calling. Goal: South America. JANET SCHLAITZER A A.B., literature Houghton College l, Delta 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Vice-President, Speech Club 2, Literature Club 3, 4, Meister- singers 2, 3, 4, "Campus Camera" 3, 4, Feature Editor 3, Associate Editor 4. Steps: ot Grace. Gait: Tranquil. Route: "A clark ther was", pink and white, "Jan" without "Joan", Goal: Journalism. COLLEEN B. SHATTUCK A. B., Literature Beta l, Zeta 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Miriams 2, Faculty Scholar- ship 3, New England District Schol- arship 4. Steps: of Genuine Scholarship. Gait: Her own. Route: Vermont, "Pete", "Three Musketeers", dialectic, "sem- per parata". Goal: Newfoundland- and 'points beyond. HADLEY E. SMITH A.B., Economics Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Class President, Student Body President 4, Biology Club l, Psychology Club 2, Bowne Philosophical Society 3, 4, Asaph Choir l, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, "Green Book" l, Associate Edftor l, "Nautilus" 3, Business Manager 3, "Who's Who" 4. Steps: of an Administrator. Gait: "U.1perturbed pace." Route: Maine agriculturist sweeps to Presidency. Ten thoughts to one word. New England in essence. Goal: Business executive. REBECCA J. SKIDMORE A.B., literature Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Freshman Class. Secretary, Biology Club 1, 2, Chemistry Association 2, Literature Club 4, Vice-President 4, College Missionary Council 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Meistersingers l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Secretary 4, "Who's Who" 4. Steps: of Earnestness. Gait: Deci- sively deliberate, firmly mild. Route: Convert from Chem. to Lit, sacri- ficial-giving spark plug, poet, the hospitable heart. Goal: to "make reason and the will of God prevail." EVANGELINE A. SMITH A.B., Literature Salutatorian Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Lit- erature Club l, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Miriams l, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Carolettes l, 2, 4, "Green Book" l, Editor-in-chief l, "Campus Camera" l, 2, 3, Associate Editor 2, Editor-in-chief 3, "Nautilus" l, 2, 4, Club Editor 2, Associate Editor 4, Faculty Scholarship l, 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, "Who's Who" 4. Steps: of Perfection. Gait: Thor- oughness. "Clair"ity. Route: Trio "a cappella", Dean's List steady, edi- torial genius. Scholastic conscience. Goal: "Which star make mine?" JOSEPH R. SONGER A.B., Biology Morris Harvey College lp Kappa 2, 3, 4: Football 2: Biology Club 2, 3, 4, President 2: Societas Prae- Medica 2, President 2. Steps: of Honor. Gait: High-prin- cipled. Route: Betty Lee and Joseph Glenn, faithful usher, winning smile. Goal: Nature study specialist. RUTH C. SPECHT B.S., Secondary Education Provincial Normal College I: Kappa 2, 3, 4: Future Teachers of America 4. Steps: of a Lover of Study and of People. Gait: "Happy." Route: Nova Scotia teaching and Christian work: "all" E.N.C. courses, and E.N.C. spirit. Goal: Canada revisited with fresh equipment. RICHARD H. SMITH A.B., History Delta I, 2, 3, 4: Football I: Student Ministerial Association 4: Crchestra I, Honor Society 2. Steps: of the Illuminated Life. Gait: Alert. Route: Backstairs theology forums: student pastorate: pretty wife and live-wire "dacl." Goal: Reality. EMMA J. STEPHEY B.S., Nursing Philadelphia General Hospital: Kappa 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 4: Volleyball 2: Student Council 4, Vice-President 4: Societas Prae-Medica 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4: Speech Club I: "Green Book" l, WENC 3, Classical Music Director 3. Steps: of Healing. Gait: Kind and understanding. Route: God's tim- ing, Golden Rule in action. Goal: A vision of larger service. WESLEY W. STINSON A.B. in Theology, Theology Alpha l, Delta 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, Math Club 3, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, President 4. Steps: of a Minister-to-Be, Gait: Un- worried, unhurried. Route: Con- firmed husband? speaking eyes, fixed purpose. Goal: A call fulfilled. RUTH E. TAKALA A.B., Literature Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Las Estrellas l, Literature Club 3, 4, Psychology Club 2, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, Miriams 2, Orchestra 4, "Campus Camera" 4. Steps: of Sincerity. Gait: Coura- geous, grateful. Route: Twin turned Kappa lit maior, 26-hour working day, telling testimony. Goal: A Christian first. ROBERT W. SUTTON A.B., History Providence Bible Institute l, Gordon College 2, Sigma 3, 4, Historical Society 3, 4, "Campus Camera" 4. Steps: of Adoniram Judson. Gait: "Reverend" Route: Provocative class questions, absence record, history paragon, French "enfant terrible". Goal: Evangelical ministry. ELAINE A. TAKALA B.S., Elementary Education Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Secre- tary, Future Teachers of America 4, Las Estrellas l, Psychology Club 2, Speech Club 3, Vice-President 3, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, 4, l-louse Council 3, A Cappella Choir 4, Miriams l, 2, Akron District Schol- arship l. Steps: of Sisterliness. Gait: Thought- ful. Route: Twin turned Delta Ed maior, unobtrusive good deeds. Goal: Shaping lives. GLORIA B. THOMAS A.B., Biology Sigma l, 2, 3, 41 Las Estrellas l, Biological Association 2, 4, Societas Prae-Medica 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Evangelistic Association l, 2. Steps: of Busy Reserve. Gait: Wholesome. Route: Keeping her own counsel, filling her days full. Goal: A place of usefulness. LAURA M. TOKARSKI B.S., Elementary Education Beta 1, Kappa 2, 3, 4, 5, Future Teachers ot America 3, 5, Librarian 5, Psychology Club l, 2, 3, College Missionary Society l, 2, 3, 4, 5, Evangelistic Association 2, 3, 4, 5, Meistersingers 4, 5, Quincy Hospital Choir 2, 3, 5, "Campus Camera" 5, Honor Society 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4, Kauftman Scholarship 4. Steps: of Deep Devotion. Gait: Missionary-minded. Route: Set pur- pose, reliable student-every good work. Tender-hearted. Goal: The Master's "Well done." LEWIS H. THEODORE A.B., Biblical literature Asbury College l, 2, Kappa 3, 4, Basketball 4, Bowne Philosophical Society 4, Student Ministerial Asso- ciation 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Steps: of Honest Endeavor. Gait: Straighttorward. Route: Two full- t'me iobs. No sidelines. One of these "young" married men. Goal: The Great Commission. GARNET G. TRIVETT A. B., History Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Historical Society' l, 2, 3, Literature Club 4, Asaphs l. Steps: of a Keen Thinker. Gait: critical idealist.'Route: Combat hero, G.E.D. prodigy, class enlivener, eco- nomic theorist. Goal: Enlightened living. MARTHA A. TYLER A.B., History Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Las Estrellas l, Historical Society 2, 3, President 3, College Missionary So- ciety i, 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Associa- tion l, 2, 3, 4, Miriams l, 2 ,3, Vice- President 2, A Cappella Choir 4, Hospital Choir i, 2, 3, 4, House Council 4. Steps: of Adventure with Christ: Gait: Buoyant. Route: Cheerleader, in gym and elsewhere. Enthusiastic practice teacher. Goal: A full life. A. LYNETTE WAGNER B.S., Elementary Education Gamma l, Zeta 2, 3, 4, Future Teach- ers of Amzrica l, 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club l, 2, College Missionary So- ciety l, 2, 3, 4, Evangelistic Associa- tion l, 2. Steps: of Unpretentious Loyalty. Gait: Demure. Route: Maine, yellow curls, and a black eye, steady life. Goal: Christ in the schoolroom. CLAIR E. UMSTEAD A. B., Philosophy Kappa l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Football l ,2, 4, Student Council 4, Senior Class Rep- resentative, Bowne Philosophical So- ciety 3, 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Evangel- istic Association l, 2, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4, Trumpet Trio l, 2, 3, 4, King's Men Quartet 4, "Nautilus" 2, 4, Business Manager 4. Steps: of a Good Man. Gait: Depend- able. Route: Trumpeter superb, extracurricular executive. "People called Smith." Goal: The work of God. WILLIAM E. VARIAN A.B., in Theology, Theology Sigma l, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, Base- ball l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Softball 3, All-Star Basketball 3, All-Star Football 2, 3, Student Council l, Freshman Class Representative, Bowne Philosophical Society 4, "N" Club 3, 4, Speech Club i, 2, President 2, Evangelistic Association l, 2, 3, Student Minis- terial Association 3, 4. Steps: of Abundant Living. Gait: Quick motion. Route: All-star- enthusiast. "Young" wife. Goal: Results in the ministry. . , - ..,.. Y A-, ALMA R. WASHBURN B.S., Music Gamma T5 Kappa 2, 3, 4, 55 Music Club l, 4, 5, President 4, 55 Speech Club 2, 35 Miriams l, 35 Secretary- Treasurer lg Meistersingers 45 A Cappella Choir 55 House Council 3. Steps: of Precise Harmony. Gait: Sosteriuto. Route: Finest E.N.C. tra- ditions in her blood5 "Not Somehow, but Triumphantly"5 controlled en- thusiasms. Goal: Music-communi- cated. ALEDA M. WATTS B.S., Secondary Education Beta l, Delta 2, 3, 4, 55 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, 55 Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, 55 Cheerleader l, 2, 35 Future Teachers ot America 35 Music Club 35 "N" Club 4 55 Evangelistic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Miriams l, 2, 3, 45 Meistersingers 4, Librarian 45 A Cap- pella Choir 55 "Nautilus" 4. Steps: of the Happy Christian. Gait: A spring in her step. Route: Front seat, victorious testimony, whole- souled singing, good sport. Goal: Spreading cheer. WILLIAM WALLACE A.B., Philosophy Zeta l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent 45 Bowne Philosophical Society 2, 3, 45 Student Ministerial Associa- tion 35 Asaph Choir 2, President 25 A Cappella Choir 4. Steps: of a Loyal Canadian. Gait: Distinguished. Route: From electrical engineer to preacher. Mellow voice. Preference for nurses. Goal: A Wesleyan ministry. HOWARD F. WELLS B.S., Chemistry Kappa l, 2, 3, 45 Music Club l, 2, Vice-President 25 Chemical Society 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 "Campus Camera" 45 Photographer 45 "Nautilus" 4, Photographer 4. Steps: of Scientific Aspiration. Gait: Strong, silent tvs. "H. G."J Route: Pendulum swing between Chem. Lab. and clarinet5 upward climb, Goal: Industrial chemistry. NATALIE G. WHEELER A.B., Economics and Sociology Alpha l, Zeta 2, 3, 4, Biology Club l, Literature Club 3: Evangelistic Association 2, Prospective Mission- ary Society l, 2, 3. Steps: of Quiet Intensity. Gait: Trust- ing. Route: Brave girl economist, lit lover, genuine testimony, opened doors. Goal: India, with John. R. BRUCE WHITNEY A.B., Economics Beta l, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 4, Baseball 2: Student Council 3, Junior Class Representative: Histori- cal Society lg "Campus Camera" 4: "Nautilus" 4, Photography Editor 4, WENC 3: Honor Society 3. Steps: of Truth Seeker and Truth Spreader. Gait: Challenging. Intelli- gent. Route: Class discussions and unscheduled forums. "Current of fresh ideas." Goal: A Christian economy. Seniors not pictured: Donald P. Darsch, Donald H. Davis, Carlton Gleason, Elaine G. Hall, Dorothy V. Wells. B. S. in NURSING PATSY M. SHOPE NORINE E. ROTH Elected to membership in "VVho's Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges" for 1950-51 are seven seniors from E.N.C. Of the seven, two are philosophy majors, two, literature, one, his- tory, one, music, and one, economics. The basis on which these students were selected was character, scholastic achievement, leadership, and potentiality for future usefulness to business and so- ciety. This organization recognizes out- standing students from six hundred colleges, printing a brief biography of each member in their annual publication, which serves as an official directory for personnel managers and business executives. Summing up all honors scholastic and social, election to "Who's Who" is the recognition of a well-rounded college career. KN PM s fm 4 i uihwi B 5 lima NWN I Rib hlxl is UNNER lewis Q? ' If 3 4 I EMILY M. BIGELOW 2 JOHN F. BRICKER 3 ALVIN S. LAWHEAD 4 ZAVEN DOHANIAN 5 HADLEY E. SMITH 6 EVANGELINE A. SMITH 7 REBECCA J. SKIDMORE 5 6 EMILY M. BIGELOW JOHN Nl. GARDNER SENIO RECTTAT.. ISTS Talent and persevering practice combined in the senior group of music and speech students to produce a series of outstanding performances. Emily Bigelow's piano and organ recital is well re- membered, especially her playing of the third movement of Men- delssohn's "Concerto in G Minor" and the "Three Fantastic Dances" by Shostakovich. Lois Andrews assisted with readings. Shakespeare's HAMLET came to life in John Gardner'S performance of soliloquies from this great tragedy. Appropriate organ accompaniment created an effective background. "Lo, Hear the Gentle Lark" with flute accompaniment was outstanding in Grace Oddo's voice recital. Her listeners were stirred by Handel's "I Know that My Redeemer Liveth." Assisting at the piano was Mrs. Olive Marple. Varied selections were well interpreted by Audrey Parker. The dramatic monologue, "A Tale," and the humorous story of "The Third Ingredient" appealed to her listeners. Alma Washburn's rendition of "Impromptu" by Schu- bert was excellent in her piano and organ recital, as well as the second movement of Mendelssohn's "Concerto in G Minor." Professor Edith Cove accompanied at the organ. GRACE R. ODDO AUDREY B. PARKER ALMA R. WASHBURN SENIGR SNEAK FRONT ROW: E. Hilyard, Sec.g W. Wingef, Pres.g G. Crawford, V.-Pres SECOND ROW: E. Parsons, S. C. Rep.g A. Oddo, Treas.g L. Prosperi, Chap l95 fix-ve IUNIORS B MR. PEARSALL, Adviser Restless, collegiate iwe thoughtl, untamed, we '49-ers rushed on campus with the expectancy of the century-old gold- rushers. Freshman week was guinea-pigged on us and we made it work. That first week we were kings, the next, pawns to the lofty Sophs. But we had our chance in our Sopho- more year as we led the Freshman class by the nose through initiation and the Blue Hills outing. "lntroducing Miles Standish", "Let's go over that march again", "Party at the Pearsall's", "I never miss Junior prayer meeting"-these were the signs that we were upperclassmen. "Ye shine as lights," our motto, is the answer we give to a shadowing world. N. ADAMS Friendly Framingham pastor . . . winning song leader . . . per- severance . . . father- son trio . . . keen. D. ALEXANDER That "foreigner" from Canada . . . library in- terests . . . unwavering in God's call. .. .. . L. ANDREWS Understanding c o n f i- dante . . . trumpet de- votee . . . genuine . . . deeply spiritual. R. BARRUETO P. BOWLBY Guatemalan senor . . . "Gibby" . . . distinctive cellist . . . future-medi- laugh .' . . long trom- cine . . . Hobby? eat- bone . . . sincere in ing! . . . accommodat- service to Christ. ing. J. BLOYE G. BRACKETT North ofthe border . . . Winning smile . . . in- keyboard and classics dustrious . . . Lowell . . . consistent Christian meets Toronto . . . utter walk. Christian sincerity. C. BOURNE C. BRODHEAD "Daddy's little girl" . . . "Chuck" . . . Sig m a music appreciation . . . throughout . . . grin and amicable . . . glorifies blush . . . "that my all God. might glorify Him." M. BRUEY Efficient R.N .... re- served . . . diligent . . . yen for poetry and music . . . earnest. B. CHALFANT Never too busy . . sparkling personality . . . creative ability . . . "Lit" enthusiast. R. CHARLTON lndividualist . . . chuckle . . . brilliant linguist . . . 'My wife" . . . call to Asia. y X .www M. CLARK "Milt" . . . obliging friendliness . . . "Every day with Jesus" . . . tall, blonde, and Betty's. R. CLARK Jan...theChev... choir director . . . Wes- leyan tenor . . . "Real- ly?" . . . friendly. N. COPELAND Quiet reserve . . . perse- vering biologist . . . conscientious . . . takes life seriously. R. COVE Unique conversationalist . . . winning ways . . . love for people . . seeker of truth. G. CRAWFORD Capable Junior "veep" . . . bubbling good hu- mor . . . helpful . . . of many talents. D. DAISEY R.N. to-be . . . Pitts- burgh interests . . . musical moments . . . quiet Christian testi- mony. D. DAVIS Rich baritone . . . every inch a Christian . . . taught by Betty . . . daily consecration. F. DeBAR Tall, dark, and Delta . . . studious . . . psych . . . 'Yeh?" . . . frequent ioker . . . debonair. C. DeREMER Silent dignity . . . hus- band deluxe . . . mental acuteness . . . philo- sophical comprehension. Nm .1 F. DODSON THATCHER Mischievous giggle . . . deep convictions . goes BOBbin' along . . mission worker. P. ELLIOTT Eyes that twinkle . . . persevering always . . . loyal . . . Bethel Beach S. S. teacher. W. ERBE Reserved friendliness . . . depth of personality . . . witty reply . . . diligent worker. V. ESHLEMAN "Honey" . . . twinkle in her eye . . . big sister . . . House Council prexy . . purposeful. A. ESSELSTYN Character depth . . . contagious giggle-ex- cept in the library . . . true to Africa's call. W. FADER Traveling tenor . . . "Facts Fader" . . . score- keeper . . . big tease . . . sincerity. J. GAVETTE Expressive eyes . . humorous outbursts . practicality . . . compe- tent secretary. C. GONZALES Petite senorita . . . viva- cious charm . . . loathes frogs . . . resourceful expressive eyes. C. HANCE Girl with a iob . . "Kate" . . . those Smiths lute. gay laugh . . . reso- D. HARDY Good-natured friendli- ness . . . mountaineer .. . devoted to call . . . diligent. A. HARRIS Unruffled good nature . . . "Who, me?" . . . chuckle all his own . . auto interests. D. HAZELTON Unaftected worthiness . . . latent influence . . . creditable . . . "a soul that followeth God." E. HENCK Maryland miss . . . smil- ing gentleness . . . 24- carat genuineness . . . "l'll do it." R. HENCK N. Y. P. S. prexy . . . Africa calls . . . ready smile . . . boyish man- ner . . . sincerity. B. HERRINGTON Never a care . . . little girl manners . . . "l would be true" . . . hopefully undiscourage- able. E. HILYARD Equestrian interests . . . loyal friend . . . Nlainiac . . . likes fun . . . always competent. J. HOLSTEAD Intense blue eyes . . . fervent . . . a one- Wheeler . . . effective Bible interpretation. R. HUTCHEON Personable . . . agree- able dissenter . . . un- feigned interest . . . ecclesiastical purpose. R. HUTCHINSON Aloof but not unfriendly . . . collegiate attire . . . pre-med . . . independ- ent. L. -JEWETT "Ah, marriage, 'tis a good thing" . . . blush- ing laugh . . faith invincible. F. JOHN Straight-faced vvit . . . Delta . . . rambling con- versation . . . versatile . . . devotion. M. KEMNER "Peggy" . . . quiet voice . . . gentle manners . . . biology brain . . . settled purpose. J. KNEPPER Untiring in perseverance . . . clever . . . domestic . . . Christ to the Ameri- can Indian. I. KOELKER Unobtrusive . . . church choir . . . merry and wise . . . "no legacy is so rich as honesty " A. KUSCHNER Wholesome expression . . . "She sang her wav into his heart" . . . im- pulsive laughter. C. KUYKENDAl.l. Statue-like silence . . . capable of warm friend- liness . . . a non-verbose gentleman. I.. LaVIGNE An esteemed member of the Junior Class who met a tragic death as a result of an automobile accident, March 3, 1951. Bereaved by all his classmates. P. LICK Animated humor . . . sincere . . . "Lickovisky" piano capers . . . con- quering determination. H. LONG "lke" . . . everybody's friend . . . staunch Sigma ...broad grin.. . devoted daily living. R. LONG "Russ" . . . local preach- er . . . "My boy John- nie" . . . amateur chef . . . Sears rug salesman. M. MacLEOD Youthful spirit . . . help- ful . . . poetic flair. . . spontaneous . . . Chris- tian worker. V. MASTERS Overcomer . . . depend- able in the least . . . American Indian call . . . co-operative spirit. B. MIKULEC Gestureful . . . enthusi- astic . . . Kappa prexy . . . bow-tie . . . accom- modating usher. S. MORALES Petite Puerto Rican . . ping-pong enthusiast . . . eyeslthat sparkle . . searcher for truth. M. MUSNUG Obliging . . . loquacious "scavenger" waitress . . . eager to render Him service. H. NICHOLSON Hearty laugh . . . pleased papa . . . do-or-die Delta . . . Rover crew worker J. NOFTLE English sense of humor . . . well-groomed look . . baseball enthusiast . . sincere. A. ODDO "Andy" . . . dinner-table humor . . . likes a chal- lenge . . . teaser . . "A charge to keep." M. R. ONEY Laughter in her voice . . . good taste . . . loyalty . . . Paul's Oney valentine. F J. PARKER Hail fellow, well met . . . ready for fun . . . tricky trumpeteer . choir maestro. W. PARKS Exacting . . . obliging . . . Peggy from Eng- land . . . likes an argu- ment . . . dependable. E. PARSONS Versatile . . . Chuck's favorite cook . . . hair of gold . . . tender wit- ness consistently. M. PAULI "Tickets, please" . . captivating laughter . . . capable .- . . inner radi- ance. E. PAYNE Quick with a quip . . . imaginative . . . reserved Washingtonian . . . test- tube interests. A. PEABODY Vermont humor . . . poetry lover . . . former school marm . . . tender, heartfelt testimony. '. 'gm s ., gltv , HSI' A L. PROSPERI Freckles and grins . . . mental calmness . . . disarming . . . following Christ consistently. G. RICE Retired prankster . . . business ability . . . proud papa . . . earnest, unassuming manner. A. RICH Unflinching . . . quick comeback . . . deep con- victions . . . former Maine pastorate. H. RICH Front-row Christian . . . zealous . . . "my Ford" . . . leader . . . brilliant . . . frank. H. RICKEY "Rickey" . . . energetic Kappa . . . a go-getter . . . perpetual tease . . . all for Christ. R. RUPERT Reserved-at first . . . after-math . . . prankster . . . home-town boy . . . desire for truth. P. SANBORN An R.N. who cares for Johnny . . . studious . . . outbursts of laughter . . . fervent for Christ. E. SARDELLA Quiet-until you know him . . . musical im- provisations . . . voca- tional guidance . . . alert. A. SEAMANS Bender-boyish . . . easy- going . . . original ex- pression . . . seeking God's best always. H. SHELLEY Little girl expressiveness . . . school marm to-be . . "tea and coffee?" . . . consecrated. A. J. SHOFF "A. J." . . . a song to remember . . . peals of laughter . . . unflinching in God's will. D. STAHL Optimistic . . . big grin . . . Pennsylvania Dutch . . . quartet man . . . conquest for Christ. M. STAPLES Poetic and witty . . . candid . . . resolute in faith . humility . . . teaching plans W. SUTHERIN Loves life . . . discrimi- nating taste . . . profi- cient salad tosser . . . unswerving faith. G. THORNE Business-like tendencies . . . track star . . . aggressive . . . fun- loving . . . consistent. J. WADE Conservative . . . dent ist-to-be . . . from Ala bama and Cape Cod . . amicable. M. WALLACE Maple leaf forever . . pin-like neatness . registrar's records . . "my roommates." R. WALTON Dugout confidante . . animated chatter . . Ed's little girl . . . Chris tian character. O. WOODWARD . . . "Oakey Doakey" . position triumphant good sense quick Listen doc Jenny pleasing speech . . . overcomer yen for of comprehension true fervent Maine woodsman . . . un teacher to be discriminate devotion to interests. sincere disciple of Christ. .Un Memoriam LEON S. LaVlGNE 1928 - 1951 "That such have died enables us The tranquiller to clieg That such have lived, certificate For immortality." Dickinson FRONT ROW: H. Young, V.-Pres.g M. Larsen, Sec. SECOND ROW: R Hedden, S. C. Rep.g C. Guscoff, Chap.: J. Sabean, Treas. i953 PROF. SMITH, Adviser SOPHOMORES Despite our Threatened rebellion against initiation, we bowed to the tradition of the elders, the Sophomores. After a few weeks on campus, we became genuine E.N.C.-ers. It was fun to enter into all the activities of the college, taking advantage of each opportunity that E.N.C. afforded us. Sophisticated sophomores, we watched a little enviously as the upperclass- men left for their Junior-Senior Banquet in the midst of shouts and the blaring of horns, but anticipated the following year when we as upperclassmen would be part of the an- nual excursion that climaxed the excitement of Junior-Senior Day. We ended our sophomore year with a deeper appreciation for E.N.C. - not only as a college but also as a spirit. f 1 'Qu G. Albert R. Allison C. Apple P. Ash V. Bailley J. Baker S. Betts J. Bigelow E. Blake R. Bruce J. Bryan G. Bryner M. E. Burdett E. Cliff I. Cliff B. Conser J. Copp G. Couchenour R. Cribbis A. Cronin A. Cubie I.. Cummings B. Dammes D. Davis D. DeShields R. Dinsmore C. Dobson H. Dodge M. Dollinger J. Dorothy J. Durkee H. Edgington G. Eliades B. Elliott N. Ellis E. Esselstyn M. Eto M. Flewelling J. Forquer M. Freeman J. Friend B. Gardner Carlos Gonzales L. Grey C. Guscott D. Harding H. Harris M. Haselkamp R. Hayden N. Hedden R. Hedden D. Hennen C. Hersey E. Hicks I C. Holman J. Homsy G. Hornberger J. Houghtaling B. Ingalls R. Jackson R. Janacek L. Johnson F. Kelley F. Kefner I. Kline H. Knepper I. Laird E. Landers D. Lanfz M. Larsen Wu-N SW- W. S. 2 ...N- 3 X . ,M 'fl 1' 4 " . , l In 1 f 'V ,Q M ' , fi: 9 gmc- Wal, , Q .M Aw ff f A fi :pw V Al .H , M35 Y: S .. if if . f MQ .5 . , . ag N N f W Y i ..,g.,.A.e..,. . 3 X ,A ., x 4 1 9 me 1 xg 4 f Q 56:12 , A. 'fx N tv X xxx x V 'W V was 'f R. Laudermilk S. Lemieux C. Lillibridge F. Lorenz R. Loveless A. McClung A. McCurdy M. MacDonald R. MacDonald C. MacPherson W. Maxwell M. Meredith R. Metcalfe E. Meyer J. Miller l. Montgomery R. Montgomery J. Moore V. Morse L. Mullen M. Myers A. Neal W. Oxenford R. Parsons E. Pearsall G. Perry R. Phillips A. Pyne D. Reinhart T. Roberts H. Rogers F. Rugg J. Sabean C. Sawyer F. Schlosser J. Scott R. Sever V. Shankle l. Shellito D. Shene H. Simmons W. Sloan W. Smith l. Spinney M. Studley G. Talbot E. Tikasingh P. Vangel R. Wanner J. Wetzel D. White D. Wilson R. Wirth E. Woodcock C. Young Donald Young Doris Young G. Young H. Young J. Zuch ff ff .. ,,x .... .,,. , ., ,I ,,,,,,,. g s. 55 X , fi if fi- Q4?,S1,gfe+ 4 ff A 1 .'.,' ' , . V ' - - ' .V 3 . t rw., ' . N i954 FRESHMEN MR. NEASE, Adviser Somehow we managed to arrive at the campus this fall despite Korea and high school weariness. Ours was a memorable tin-can, cold-cream, and Model T initiation Rush day baffled us, for never be- fore had we been teased, pampered begged, or mauled so much. I Uncertainty yielded to an air of con- fidence as we resolved the perennial prob- lems that never fail to perplex a Freshman Week novice. We realized a sense of belonging when we shared our first chapel service. Anxiety replaced our characteristic exuberance as final examinations drew ominously near. Move-up day proved to be one of personal inventory. We had all but com- pleted the first year of our college career - a year marked by spiritual growth, scholas- tic achievement, and loads of fun! J. Adams J. Allen D. Armstrong R. Armstrong D. Austin G. Austin R. Ballard W. Becker M. Bedor G. Benelli M. Bigelow S. Blachly T. Boates l. Bonnallie M. Boshart R. Bradley H. Brake S. Brooks F. Brown P. Brown N. Bruce R. Bruce J. Burgess B. Burt H. Bye Q. Caswell A. Chandler S. Chase A. Christensen M. Clemmons I. Coghill R. Coombs M. Copeland I. Cousins E. H. Cramer B. Davis G. Downs H. Dunning N. Earl K. Edwards A. Finch B. Fleming Nl. Freeman R. Freese L. Gage E. Gan! D. Garrison R. Gill J. Glennie H. Glick R. Glover IB. Goodnow M. Griffith D. Grosse . N. Hagan G. Hall H. Hall R. Handloser W. Hardin H. Harris S. Haselfon l.. Hatch E. Hedden R. Heinlein B. Hickman J. Higgins E. Howard T. Howell H. Howland L. Hudson G. Huff J. Hughes R. Hysong G. Jackson K. Jambazian C. L. Johnson H. Johnson B. Jones F. Kelley D. Kereluik R. Kern P. Knight P. Kurbs M. long B. lowers M. McCallum F. MacCormick K. MacMahon D. MacNeil B. Machleill D. McSavaney W. Mateer D. Mellon R. Merki M. Merritts J. Miller l. Miller P. Miller R. Montemuro E. Morgan H. Mosgrove A. Naiarian F. Oxenford H. Pinkston E. Potter E. Pritchett F. Ransom A. Ray R. Raynes E. Reddish K. Retter K. Richardson G. Riggleman D. Roberts A, Romberger W. Rudolph S. Rycroft J. St. Pierre H. Sasao R. Shaw T. Skidmore N. Skillings A. Smith F. Smith H. Smith R. Sorenson B. Stanford V. Stanley T. Starnes R. Steeves I.. Stiles P. Stoner C. Stowell J. Stratton D. Sunberg B. Taylor R. Taylor J. Tebay R. Thatcher H. Theodoras Wa-, GREENBOOK FRONT ROW: W. Trout, A. Finch, H. Johnson, H. Dunning, J. Burgess, R. Handloser, E. Winget, J. Stratton, B. Burt. SECOND ROW: T. Skidmore, T. Christensen, T. Starnes, J. Williamson, Editor, G. Huff, J. Watkins, Business Manager, G. Wetmore, T. Boates. R. Thorpe W. Trout P. Tustin C. Valdez W. Voshell J. Watkins M. Weaver A. Wetmore E. Wheeler H. White J. Williamson E. Winget W. Woodbridge M. Woodcook A. Wool R. Wooster C. Wordsworth J. Wyman W. Yeager J. Young SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS FRONT ROW: M. Hill, I. Styres, M. Hoff, J. Watts, M. Ferguson, B. Goodale, L. Bennett, L Laudermilk, J. Reeves. SECOND ROW: B. Haxton, D. Brice, J. Duncan, J. Bergers, Q Clingerman, J. Anderson, E. Jones, C. Grate, F. Loveioy. HOW NOT TO STUDY Hard at it "l'Il just rest my feef' "This bed is so soff' z z z z z MADELINE NEASE Principal ELIZABETH DAVIS English, Latin LAURENCE MULLEN Bible History RUTH CAMERON English, French EDWARD DELL History, Social Science KENNETH YODER Algebra HESTER SHIELDS lNot picturedl Though smaller than ever, the acad- emy group again enjoyed many good times -Tuesday evening club meetings, a Christ- mas social at the home of Mrs. Madeline Nease, Monday prayer meetings led by chaplain Lorne MacMillan. Who will forget the fun at the annual Merrymount break- fast? There was plenty of good food - and hearty appetites to take care of the eggs and bacon! President David Taylor and Vice- president Margaret Davidson, under the guidance of Mr. Laurence Mullen, faculty adviser, led the group this year. ACA in-A B. ANDERSON D. COUTURE R. FERRIOLI M. SMART F. WATSON T B. CASO R. DOUSE L. MacMIllAN K. STEWART R. WHITE DEMY Underclassmen FRONT ROW: S. Truitf, D. Brice. SEC OND ROW: K. Prenfice, E. Francis, I Styres. V w P24 Vita 455 WMM!!! Student Council HADLEY SMITH, President FRONT ROW: R. Hedden, B. Skidmore, H. Smith, E. Stephey, J. Young. SECOND ROW: C. Urnstead, B. Caso, F. John, E. Parsons, Prof. Rothwell. A glance Through the new Student Councll files reveals that the year was a busy one for the group who represented E N C s student body organnzatuon The councils protect for the year was the reconstruction and extension of the raduo studio Equlppung the councrl office and revlslng the constrtutnon of the student body organrzatlon along wlth countless other odd robs kept the councrl on the In order to establnsh a closer rela tlonshlp between the mann student body and the council a bulletin was Issued bl monthly keeping students Informed about council business Under the enthusiastic leadership of V1cePresldent Emma Stephey the Hiram and Mnranda fall party the open house Chrrstmas party and the formal sprxng party were socually successful OFFICERS HADLEY SMITH EMMA STEPHEY BECKY SKIDMORE ROBERT HEDDEN CLAIR UMSTEAD FLOYD JOHN PAUL BASHAM ELAINE PARSONS JAMES YOUNG BARBARA CASO PROF ROTHVVELL Fall Party Councnl ID Action Presadent Vnce President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Parlramentarlan Representative Representatrve Representatrve Representative Faculty Adviser , . . . , . I ll ' ll ' II I go ll I - 1 . . ,, . ' 1 ' Il ll Il I . I The Nautilus 1951 CLAIR UMSTEAD, Bus. Mgr. and JOHN BRICKER, Editor FRONT ROW: M. Studley, E. Blake, B. Whitney, D. Young, Mr. Schlosser, J. Bricker, C Umstead, E. Smith, E. Hilyard, B. Skidmore. SECOND ROW: C. Brodhead, H. Young, R Parsons, A. Seamans, C. Guscott, R. Hedden, J. Stratton, B. Hickman, J. Gavette, E. Parsons The NAUTILUS oftice is precisely neat now. But somehow the bare desk tops and empty files remind us of other days . . . First came September conferences, meetings of high secretiveness when maior decisions were made. Soon a surge of can- dids, write-ups, and ad contracts flooded the office. Rewriters employed red pencils un- sparingly, typists pounded away until their fingers were numb, the proof-reader fer- reted out cliches, the business staff counted its pennies closely. The Book began to be a personality, we coaxed it along and watched it as it grew. And even at four a.m. - still typing, sorting snapshots, developing film - we worked willingly, knowing that the Book was your E.N.C., 1951. The once-stacked desks are bare now, but in each corner of the NAUTILUS office lurks a memory. We will always treasure the hours spent in making for you the 1951 NAUTILUS. Clair Umstead and Mr. Blanchard, Printer NAUTILUS STAFF JOHN BRICKER Editor-in-Chief CLAIR UMSTEAD Business Manager EVANGELINE SMITH Associate Editor fScriptJ DONALD YOUNG Associate Editor Clayoutj CHARLES HOLMAN Assistant Business Manager EVELYN RAMSEY Literary Editor BRUCE WHITNEY Photography Editor BETTY CHALFANT Personality Sketch Editor ELAINE PARSONS Feature Editor BARBARA HICKMAN Club Editor CHARLES BRODHEAD Sports Editor CHARLES GUSCOTT Religious Editor ROBERT HEDDEN Statistics Editor EARLE LANDERS, GRACE ODDO, ARTHUR SEAMANS, BECKY SKIDMORE Assistants to the Editors LEONARD JOHNSON Staff Artist HOWARD WELLS Staff Photographer and Darkroom Technician JANICE GAVETTE, ELSIE HILYARD Staff Secretaries CHRISTINE APPLE, EVELYN BLAKE, JOAN STRATTON, MARY STUDLEY Typists RONALD PARSONS Advertising Manager HAROLD YOUNG Assistant Advertising Manager MRS. HELEN ROTHWELL Literary Adviser C. G. SCHLOSSER Business Adviser Evangeline Smith, Donald Young and Bruce Whitney Campus Camera ZAVEN DOHANIAN, Editor FRONT ROW: E. Parsons, J. Bloye, C. Guscott, D. Stahl, Prof. Spangen- berg, Z. Dohanian, H. Young, J. Schlaitzer, B. Whitney, G. Crawford, B. Chalfant. SECOND ROW: L. Tokarski, E. Bigelow, M. Pauli, B. Hickman, R. Parsons, I. Laird, E. Fliger, R. Hedden, J. Stratton, R. Bruce, C. Lilli- bridge, R. Takala, H. Johnson. , ,fr ff' , ., f x , 'V L. , - .sp N S - x . xy is Km E wi n A? few? 'ati 5: ' : , "'A..x.f-.-s-f'-':',Q.+Aa:-.- --r' -4" . :: 1. -. - , ef, - - ff' '. ' K I l J 4 f Co-sponsoring a current events forum, adding new equipment, renovating the office, and all the time maintaining a strong student voice were achievements of the 1950-51 "Campus Camera." Active reader interest and participa- tion were stimulated by the addition of a "Letters to the Editor" column. It enabled students to air their views and gripes about campus situations - and the "Camera," Another new activity was the co- sponsoring of a monthly current events forum, with the purpose of creating among the students a more intelligent reading and thinking about world aftairs. CAMPUS CAMERA STAFF ZAVEN DOHANIAN Editor-in-Chief JANET SCHLAITZER HAROLD YOUNG DONALD STAHL CHARLES GUSCOTT BETTY CHALFANT, ELAINE PARSONS Associate Editors Business Manager Circulation Manager BRUCE WHITNEY Columnists EMILY BIGELOW, EDDIE FLIGER, Headline Editors RONALD PARSONS Sports Editors RACHEL BRUCE Associate Sports Editor RUTH TAKALA Proof Editor GLORIA CRAWFORD Religious Editor JEAN BLOYE Feature Editor CHRISTINE APPLE, RICHARD BARRUETO, ROBERT HEDDEN, BARBARA HICKMAN, HELEN JOHNSON, IRVING LAIRD, WILLIAM MAXWELL, MARIAN PAULI, ROBERT SUTTON, LAURA TOKARSKI, JOHN WATKINS, JOSEPH WILLIAMSON Reporters The entire Staff worked CO-opera CHARLOTTE LILLIBRIDGE Secretary . . . I Ph h tively and diligently to produce a worthy HOWARD WELLS ologlap er , , . EVELYN BLAKE, NANCY BRUCE, addition to the files in the form of Volume BETTY NGRRISI JOAN STRATTON Typms XXI Of the "Campus Camera-" Pnor. ALICE SPANGENBERG Faculty Adviser anet Schlaitzer, Zaven Dohanian and Harold Young Mr. Ralston, Printer, Zaven Dohanian and Donald Stahl Awww WALTER GRAEFLIN Program Director FRONT ROW, P. San- born, G. Crawford, E. Hilyard, R. Hedden, W. Graetlin, J. Stratton, B. Norris, E. Winget. SEC- OND ROW: A. Oddo, J. Sabean, H. Young, A. Seamans, M. Clark, J. Watkins, W. Winget, H. Rogers, S. Blachly. ROBERT HEDDEN Technical Director WENC "Be as similar to standard broadcast- ing as possible." This, the golden rule of WENC, is achieved through four obiectives -first, to give a practical application of academic knowledge in a student program, second, to present both educational and en- tertaining programs, third, to make worthy use of leisure time, fourth, to elevate the social, academic, spiritual, and cultural standards of E.N.C. WENC, in its remodeled studios and through its energetic staff, presents seven' teen hours of broadcasting weekly. .sig J. - r l x 1 1 1 i 1 A i 3 TEN EASY LESSONS fAround the clockj 1. "It'sadate!" 2. Primping. 3. Five minutes to go. Jhgflff S yfl ff A if W ff Us X ff! X 7 f X 1 4 f J G wh tif X gf ,gy KW 4 I if WIP' 7 'vie af y , is ma' 7 Z yf l , ,J if V XW Xi mf ...J 4. "Two shorts on eleven, please." 5. "Seats for two?" 6. Balogh interprets Chopin. 7. E.N.C. tradition. 8. 10:59 p.m. 9. "l had a wonderful time." 10. That far-away look. zz DELTA The "oId-salts" rallied the second largest number ot freshmen to sign at the Delta Wharf. The get-in-there-and-tlght spirit did not win all the games forthe Delta lads and lassies, nevertheless it gave them a year ot plucky sportsmanship. A dash of color was added to the games by the cheerleaders' new iackets. Down, down, down to the land ot seaweed and mermaids, the Deltas led E.N.C.-ers to Davy Jones' deep sea locker on program night. In the spring, the Delta-Zeta boat took campus landlubbers away out into the ocean as a gay finale to the college year. "ln all thy ways acknowledge Him" - was the mood of the Delta prayer meet- ings. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Metcalfe, Chap., F. John, Pres., D. Young, V. Pres., M. Freeman, Sec. R. Hedden, Treas. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Guscott, Treas.g E. Hilyard, V. Pres.1 H. Rich, Chap., M. Davidson, Sec., W. Mikulec, Pres. y This year the blue ribbon society showed its colors. The Bluebirds tied with the Sigmas for the football championship. Convinced that to be a Kappa, is to be something spe- cial, the team distinguished itself on the shiny new gym floor. Ever patriotic to society and country, the Kappas sang in a panorama of American sectional history. The winter outing was all sport for the active Kappas. Beginning by "Dutching" the Fresh- men at the blue and white windmill, the Kappas have seen a year marked by suc- cess -in sports, fun, and prayer meetings. KAPPA T 2 A iiiixiiiiillll SIGMAS "Plenty of surprises with the Sig- mas." Smiling Sam had the most new stu- dents at his Jack-in-the-box. Every Sigma was busy throughout the year - that's Sigma policy. The Sams tied with the Kappas in the pigskin fight and the Sals kept pace by win- ning the volleyball championship. Memorable moments were the initial appearance of the enthusiastic cheerleaders, pepped up by new outfits and catchy yells: and the surprise showing of the fellows' new basketball uniforms. The prayer meetings in the church "L" were lively and varied with a large turn- out of society members. Another year the Sigma organization has been everyman's society. FRONT ROW CSeatedl: M. Wallace, Sec., G. Oddo, V. Pres. SECOND ROW QStandingl Prof. Smith, Adviser, D. Cubie, Chap., W. Parks, Pres., A. Oddo, Treas. LEFT TO RIGHT: Prof. Dixon, Adviser, B. Whitney, Parl., J. Gavette, Sec., W. Wallace, Pres, T. Fry, V. Pres. The Brahmins of the campus fell from their first estate this year. But the champion zest is still in the green and gold. "The Greatest Society on Earth" at- tracted a score of hardy Freshmen to the "big top." The new blood gave the Zetas a loud cheering section - something new. Popular music - or classical? Berlin or Brahms? The Zetas tried to improve cam- pus taste in their unique musical program. Despite frequent trips to the rail, the Zetas agreed enthusiastically that their spring boat excursion was a never-to-be- forgotten experience. Interest in the society prayer meet- ing mounted during the year to help the spiritual tone of the Zetas. The Zetas have shown they can lose games without losing their natural royalty. ZETAS 'Way' J - S r--"mtl ...mf DEAN MUNRO H nor S ciety FRONT ROW: C. Shat- tuck, M. Wallace, E Ramsey, E. Bigelow, V. Pres., Dean Munro, W Winget, Pres., L. And rews, Sec.-Treas., F Dodson, E. Gardner, E Smith. SECOND ROW: A. Lawhead, J. Knepper, F. John, D. Young, E. Fliger, B. Whitney, H. Rich, G. Crawford, B. Naiarian. Personal Thanks from the Dean of the College to the students whose names appear on the Dean's Honor List. The Dean, so they say, is "the person who tries to make the college, scholastically speaking, halt as good as the President says it is!" These stu- dents help her. Thanks, too, from the college. For the college also has its responsibility, to uphold educational standards at the level sanctioned by accrediting associations throughout the country. These students help. And thanks from every E.N.C. student who takes pride in attending an accredited college. These make it possible to offer courses of standard quality. They have not asked our thanks, we believe they have looked higher. We know them pretty well. They are, in the main, young people who have taken seriously the obligation of two - or tive - talent stew- ardship, and have resolved to love God with all their minds. They will not give Him for His use 5O'9 or even 755 of the man or woman they can be - they will give lOO"2. -x FRONT ROW: E. Hicks, B. Hickman, Sec., B. Skidmore, V.-Pres., Prof. Spangenberg, D e a n Nl u n r o , B. Chalfant, Pres., E. Smith, R. Takala. SECOND ROW: J. Brake, M. MacLeod, V. Eshle- man, D. Shene, G. Crawford, A. Peabody, l. Coghill, J. Schlaitzer, J. Durkee, E. Henck. THIRD ROW: M. Dol- linger, R. Ballard, A. Pyne, J. Houghtaling, R. Dill, A. Seamans, D. Cubie, l. Montgomery. i . . ' b ,, t , ' " Literature Club Ezra Pound or Edgar Guest? Modern poetry or modern verse? The Literature Club sought to appreciate the best in current writings under the leadership ot Betty Chaltant, president, and Evangeline Smith, program chairman. Keeping the bulletin board filled with timely articles and conduct- ing a tour of local literary shrines were activities enioyed by the group. Music Club Flute duets and piano selections from Chopin introduced the musical ability of new members at the talent program. The "Bachs" and "Haydns" strove to encourage an appreciation of good music at E.N.C. High-lighting the year's activities was an evening program given by Mrs. F. Addison Porter, wife of the composer of several New England Conservatory piano books used at E.N.C., and former instructor of Protes- sor Edith Cove, who was a Conservatory student. FRONT ROW: J. Wat- kins, T. Starnes, E. Bige- low, V.-Pres., Prof. Cove, A. Washburn, Pres., L. Cummings, Sec.- Treas., Mrs. Marple, L. MacMillan, G. McFall. SECOND ROW: E. Good- now, M. Freeman, K. Richardson, P. Ash, H. Dunning, N. Hedden, E. Winget, F. Smith, J. Bloye, J. Miller, M. Long. THIRD ROW: J. Burgess, S. Betts, J. St. Pierre, Ruth Freese, R. Bradley, H. Pinkston, E. Morgan, Myron Bigelow, B. Simmons, M. Larsen, B. Jones, K. Prentice. rf ' , , , , fw ,ww i f ' I FRONT ROW: C. Um- stead, R. Hutcheon, J. Theodore, J. Bruce, V. Pres., B. Croucher, Sec.- Treas., B. Grosse, Pres., Z. Dohanian, L. Prosperi, F. John. SECOND ROW: O. Woodward, H. Pink- ston, H. Rich, L. John- son, M. Clemmons, D. White, J. Sabean, Prof. Rothwell. THIRD ROW: W. Wallace, R. Hood, N. Fmith, J. Caldwell, E. Fliger, W. Winget, W. Variaw, R. Hedden. ., . , ,f ,M . ,f -, ,f ,, . ,, : fr :f ,. wwf, 3 'fra W.. ,, . W 4 .. A .,.. ,Ma .1 L. X. 1, Bowne Philosophical Society To learn truth, live truth, and speak truth is the motto of the modern Platos and Aristotles in the society. To help discover principles ot correct thinking about life's true values, club members presented meditation reports on religion and philosophy. At one of the meetings, Professor George Delp spoke on the rela- tion of the church to philosophy in history. FRONT ROW: D. Arm- strong, F. Kelley, D Grosse, B. Yeager Treas., M. Clark, Pres. Dr. Groves, M. Musnug V.-Pres., E. Meyer, Sec. C. Young, P. Brown SECOND ROW: G Phipps, B. Elliott, B Norris, L. Mullen, J Wetzel, L. Anderson, B Feil, M. Flewelling, I Kline, J. Bryan, M. F Williams. THIRD ROW: N. Earl, C. Hersey, E Cliff, N. Ellis, P. Knight l. Laird, H. Rickey, Q Caswell, D. Daisey, l Clift, P. Keith, P. San born. F i Psychology Club In connection with a study of abnormal individuals, the club sponsored a trip to the state mental institution at Danvers, atter which members reported on diFterent patients whom they had visited in the clinic. As a special speaker for the club, an E.N.C. graduate now teaching in a Quincy elementary school presented typical psychological problems ot second-grade children. ,WAN I ,x gzgaw. I . -- - ,C ff ww wh, fe Us Y., juz .4 7 I L ' J I , A s , 0 X, C Q., , 4 - . las Estrellas Senors and senoritas corresponded with Latin American pen pals this year through the co-operation of three Guatemalans and a Puerto Rican in the club. Among other activities, members viewed a film entitled "South of the Sun," which showed the habits and customs of our friends across the border. Leading Las Estrellas were two Spanish-speaking students, Carmen Gonzalez, president, and Ricardo Barrueto, vice-president. Astronomy Societ North Star ar' Dog Star? :.z-ip3..:1, L., FRONT ROW: B. Taylor E. Landers, Chap., V Bailley, C. Holman, Sec. C. Gonzalez, Pres., Mrs Rothwell, R. Barrueto V.-Pres., H. Young Treas., C. Valdez. SEC OND ROW: M. E. Bur- dett, R. Handloser, M Carnobas, C. Sawyer, S Chase, D. Mellon, M Weaver, A. Finch, W Trout, M. Engstrom THIRD ROW: C. Lilli bridge, T. Roberts, D Tustin, D. Hennen, D Harding, E. Pearsall, M Bruey, D. Davis, G Couchenour, S. Morales E.N.C.'s newest club was organized this year in order to further the knowledge of those interested in the sciences immediately related to the celestial universe. Among other activities, the society attended various lectures at Har vard University, observed phases of the lunar eclipse, and studied the outstanding constellations in our solar system. FRONT ROW: A. Cubie H. Schindler, L. Cum mings, H. Bye, V.-Pres. J. Forquer, Sec.-Treas. Dr. Shrader, R. Jackson Pres., B. Herrington. SECOND ROW: I. Mont- gomery, R. Ballard, K Clingerman, A. Oddo, E Gant, H. Edgington, J Baker, D. Kereluik, H Dunning, L. Spinney THIRD ROW: J. Hough taling, A. Seamans, A McCurdy, J. Glennie, N MacPherson, D. Harding D. Lantz, H. Rogers, J Hughes, R. Barrueto, J Moore. 1 Future Teachers of America At the Christmas party, class was called to attention by a typical schoolmarm in a country schoolhouse. "Pupils" traveling from Munro hall warmed themselves in front of the pot-bellied stove. The Future Teachers was the first group to see Professor Dixon's slides of National Parks in the West. Special interest in promoting a closer friendship among teachers led the club, as a project for this year, to form an organization of E.N.C. graduates now teaching. Biology Association FRONT ROW: B. Fell, M. Carnobas, W. Trout, A. Finch, E. Hicks, J. Adams, Chap., C. Young, Treas., Dr. Groves, Prof. Parsons, L. Anderson, Pres., E. Parsons, V.- Pres., V. Masters, Sec., L. Tokarski, A. Calhoun, M. Musnug. SECOND ROW: L. Cummings, E. Takala, R. Takala, E. Henck, M. F. Williams, H. Schindler, L. Wagner, G. Phipps, M. MacLeod, V. Eshleman, A. Pea- body, R. Specht, I. Mont- gomery, M. R. Oney, M. Myers, M. Tyler, J. Moore, R. Oxley, P. Mac- Pherson, E. Hilyard. G. Brackett. THIRD ROW: E. Gardner, F. Kelley, B. Herrington, J. Durkee, M. Remmy, P. Keith, B. Hickman, E. Sardella, G. Rice, R. Gill, M. Staples, V. Morse, H. Shelley, B. Elliott, A. Washburn, M. Pauli. An arrangement of cattails, fall leaves, and various moss-grasses won first prize in the centerpiece contest conducted by the club. Natural specimens were gathered from Merrymount Park in connection with the association's purpose to cultivate a deeper appreciation of nature. Making anatomical and botanical charts was a project of the club FRONT ROW: B. Stan- ford, T. Fry, G. Oddo, H. Schindler, Sec.-Treas., W. Erbe, V.-Pres., K. Clingerman, Pres., E. Esselstyn, Lib., A. Cal- houn, S. Haselton, E. Hilyard. SECOND ROW: E. Gardner, M. Kemner, M. R, Oney, E. Tikasingh, M. Eto, R. Janacek, A. Pyne, H. Brake, J. Doro- thy, B. Gardner, G. Thomas, A. Esselstyn, THIRD ROW: C. Brod- head, D. Alexander, I. Laird, D. Wise, R. Hutch- inson, L. Jewett, D. MacNeil, P. Miller, R. Parsons, H. Pinkston, R. Sever. FRONT ROW: A. Oddo, P. Sanborn. SECOND ROW: T. Skidmore, G. Riggleman, R. Sever. ocietas Prae- eclica Purposing to acquaint themselves with the nature and problems of medical training, the pre-medical students viewed films on surgery and listened to an interesting discussion on public health. Early in the year two local physicians presented a review on the pro's and con's of socialized medicine. E.N.C.'s nurse, Ruby Friend, and her assistant efficiently directed the activities of the club this year. Chemistry Club Especially desirous of gratifying their interest in chemistry as a science and an industry, students visited the food research "Iabs" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Monsanto Chemical Company, and the Lowell Institute. Lectures and discussions for the benefit of the group were Con- ducted at M. I. T. by a branch of the American Chemical Association, at which time members saw a cyclotron. FRONT ROW: E. Ram- sey, Sec., A. Esselstyn, Pres., Prof. Hunting. SECOND ROW: A. Cal- houn, A. Cronin. THIRD ROW: G. Jambazian, R. Merki, E. Howard, R. Loveless, R. Barrueto, T. Skidmore. Rover Crew 'Be prepared" - FRONT ROW: H. Brake A. Pyne, C. Brodhead, A. Oddo, Prot. Babcock K. Clingerman, H. Ro- gers, E. Gant, H. Pink- ston. SECOND ROW: J. Allen, W. Becker, R. Sever, I. Laird, Q. Clingerman, A. Sea- mans, R. Janacek, R. Parsons, D. White, H. Young, M. Eto. 1 I Following a program ot scout leadership, the "Rovers" camped in the Blue Hills, practiced scout skills, and learned first aid. Several crew members served as counselors for a Boy Scout troop that camped overnight at Merrymount Park. ln the spring the group toured Quincy and Wollaston Bays under the direction of a local Sea Scout troop. FRONT ROW: Z. Dohan- ian, R. Grosse, L. And- erson, V.-Pres., V. Eshle- man, Pres., E. Henck, Sec.-Treas., G. Phipps, V. Masters. SECOND ROW: L. Bailey, C. Gon- zalez, D. Davis, M. Bruey, l. Cliff, G. Young, M. Tyler. .asf l... House Council lt candy consumed is an indication of success, Open House 1950 could not be surpassed. The new Dug-out and men's prayer room were again inspected by many admiring visitors. What was announced as a "meeting of all girls in the parlor" turned out to be a Halloween party, complete with lack-o'-lanterns and spine- tingling spooks. Capably supervising these activities, as well as maintaining quiet study hours and arranging after-dinner prayer meetings, was President Viola Eshleman. .IXXX .tvgyf x 'f ' E' A Cappella Choir In practice and in performance, the A Cappella choir sang unto the Lord with heartfelt earnestness as well as musical correctness. High-lighting a full year were the presentations of Handel's "Messiah" and the 3000-mile tour of the Eastern Educational Zone in the spring. The choir was more than repaid for its hours of persevering prac- tice by the warm responses accorded them by attentive audiences. Meistersingers "With my song will l praise Him." FRONT ROW: E. Smith A. Watts, P. Ash, B Jones, D. Grosse, B. Feil G. Oddo, H. Johnson, R Friend, M. Tyler. SEC OND ROW: Prof. Wil liamson, A. Washburn C. Lillibridge, T. Fry, D Shene, L. Anderson Sec.-Treas., M. Freeman L. Bailey. THIRD ROW T. Roberts, V. Eshleman W. Graeflin, Z. Dohan ian, R. Clark, W. Win get, H. Wells, M. Grif fith, R. Kelley, R. Mont gomery, C. Brodhead F O U R T H R O W: R Grosse, Bus. Mgr., Q Caswell, Pres., R. Hed den, E. Pearsall, Lib., H Smith, D. Stahl, M. Clark W. Wallace, C. Guscott True believers in these words of the Psalmist, the Meistersingers assisted in the two presentations ot excerpts from Handel's "Messiah," and gave a spring recital. "Almighty God, Who hast given us Grace" and "Sanctus," selec tions given in the spring performance, will be remembered by all who attended. FRONT ROW: B. Hick- man, Sec.-Treas., M. Carnobas, M. Smart, R. White, J. Durkee, l. Montgomery, S. Chase E. Winget, B. Skidmore, L. Tokarski, F. Smith, D. Armstrong, B. Chalfant, M. Pauli. SECOND ROW: Prof. Williamson, B. El- liott, D. Davis, G. Craw- ford, D. Daisey, Lib., H. Brake, D. White, Lib., E. Morgan, J. Baker, Pres., E. Sardella, R. Bradley, A. Pearsall, E. Meyer, H. Dunning, J. Wetzel, H. Theodoras. THIRD ROW: H. Stetson, T. Skidmore, T. Boates, l. Laird, N. MacPherson, Sec.-Treas., D. Harding, J. Glennie, J. Young, R. Sorensen, R. Gill, H. Rogers, A. Pyne, T. Starnes, A. Oddo, V.- Pres., S. Blachly. I College Orchestra "Maestro" Greg Larkin led his twenty orchestra members in one of E.N.C.'s most active musical years. This organization presented two concerts, in the tall and spring, besides appearing in the "Messiah" and the commencement exercises. In the practice sessions the members had an incentive for work, as in each section ot the orchestra there was competition tor "Hrst chair." Basil' Am new Kiddie on car. Just coaching? Ice Follies. Grid gal. Hiding out. Boo! Gulp! Mail out yet? "'Twas the night b e f o re Christ- mas . . ." Bulletin bored. Bewitched, both- ered and bewild- ered. Potatoes? Who's rakin' in whom? Hard up? Heap big chief Depression daze. "Whatcha' t h i n k - ' I ll In ? Blue Hills Situated on a wooded slope over- looking the Ponkapog Pond, stands a group of rustic log buildings which are familiarly known as E.N.C.'s Blue Hills Camp, The purpose of the camp is twofold. First, it serves as an adult field training center for young men from the college and Quincy who wish to become scoutmasters. Second, the camp serves as a field station, labora- tory, and rendezvous for biology field trips. The Blue Hills area is an ideal out- door laboratory, for within a relatively small location it contains about eighty-five per cent of the ecological conditions to be found in this latitude. Permission has been obtained from the Metropolitan District Police to make collections of animals and plants in this area. In the past two years students have built a log trail across the bog in order to further their study and observations. The most recent development has been an out- door fire circle with a large stone fireplace, speaker's platform, and log bleachers built into the ascending slope. This is used for outdoor classrooms as well as scout camp- fire programs. Gccasionally faculty groups, scout councils and biology associations enioy an evening of fellowship and food in the great out-of-doors. The tutorial groups are organized in an effort to promote informal discussions under the careful supervision of upper- classmen and to supplement the large lec- ture session. Each student is encouraged to express his own opinions and views. Individual work in the laboratory, supplementing the formal class lecture enables each student to put into practice the theories which he has learned. Many lower division courses are conducted as formal lecture sessions, deal- ing with the basic principles involved in the study of the subiect under consideration. Small informal classes which charac- terize upper division study provide invalu- able personal attention to the needs and problems of each individual student. Class Feature mm..- HN Club" After three semesters of steady, out- standing display of athletic ability and sportsmanship, one may reach the zenith of athletic honor at E.N.C. and be elected to the "N" club. However, the "N" club is far more than an athletic honor society, it represents the guiding, sponsoring force behind all society sports. Each year the "N" club chooses a worthwhile proiect for the advancement of the athletic program at E.N.C. This year, under the able counseling of Professor J. R. Naylor and President Russell Bailey, the "N" club in coniunction with the college pur- chased a much-needed electric combination time-clock and scoreboard. This addition has been a maior step in facilitating the sports program at E.N.C. E. FRONT ROW V Bailley A Watts R Friend Prof Naylor, Adviser, R. Bailey, Pres., Smith L Bailey SECOND ROW H Schindler C Brodhead, N. Beach, J. Gardner, W. Varian H Rickey F John M Paula E Parsons C Umstead, E. Gardner. xw Q 1 Q, tggv ,' . fX"wtk M' fx Xf XI f Z ETA LEFT TO RYGHT: lg Kliniif HL' Pqnqingff R. fwhifeyf ,V l.lll!lbfldg6t ff Xxx fx f fx x , f , f wh x ,f x W X1 :Z f f M .mam W, , 17 X , x. ww? , , M ' , f W , W ff W 4 W f .-'- , f , SIGMAW f LEFT T0 ' R. f f Bruce, A. Qubife, P, Ash J.'Bur9ess ,i F. Kelley, D. , Meilon. Q., .J 44 f f V2 'l f ft ' ,X ,V W Z. 'M f ff f" W H 'W I W 6 'Jw f f 5? ,f M H - LEFT TO RYGHT: J. lfofng 4 thy, J. Miller, S. Haself ff :aww M. Tyler, W 1 W f X f 1,7 W Q, , f f w . Z , ,M f W yf fffrrinhexf, H. f J. forquer JR Takalq, , 4 f ' ' f ,Z, MQ? a2x2,W4H!4f Vikffff BEM W 0' W W6W"4N M-f,fl X f . .XXX Q, awk -N, K PPA FRONT ROW: D. Lanfz, R. Parsons, C. Umsfead, A. Pearsall. SECOND ROW: F. Gery, Capf., H. Young, F. Ketner, H.. Rickey, R. Loveless, C. Hersey, Co-ordinator. DELTA FRONT ROW: M. McCal lum, R. Glover, M. Clark SECOND ROW: F. John G. Hornberger, R. Mef calfe, Capt., H. Glick, E Potter. 'WZ Wm -TT 7 Wlb'6 vHK55M?XA IGMA FRONT ROW: G. Bryner W. Varian, C. Brodhead G. Rice, T. Sfarnes, P Knight. SECOND ROW H. Long, Co-ordinator G. Hornberger, R. Gill R. Sorensen, H. Rogers. I QW9M,Ws4'J5Z Q ,MW Wf'f7Wf K PP FRONT ROW: E. Gard- ner, R. Oxley, H. Schind- ler. SECOND ROW: M. Meredifh, E. Parsons, P. Keirh, M. Smart. COLLEGE l .+ve . .f DELTA FRONT ROW: M. Long A. Waits, B. Fleming, L Bailey. SECOND ROW D. Austin, B. Hickman, J. Dorothy, M. Pauli. IGMA FRONT ROW: J. STraTTon R. Bruce, S. TruiTT. SEC OND ROW: N. Beach, R Friend, J. Burgess. VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: M. Carno- bas, H. Dunning, P. Myers. SECOND ROW: I. Montgomery, G. Crawford, P. Sanborn. ZET l K fn iYfWl24?i" -L ' F4 FRONT ROW: E. Gard ner, R. Oxley, M. Smart. SECOND ROW. H. Mere dith, E. Parsons, P. Keith H. Schindler. DELTA FRONT ROW: M. Long A. Watts, B. Fleming, L Bailey. SECOND Row D. Austin, B. Hickman J. Dorothy, M. Pauli. IGMA FRONT ROW: J. Wetzel R. Bruce, S. Truift. SEC OND ROW: J. Burgess N. Beach, R. Friend, J Sfraffon. BA KETBALL ZET FRONT ROW: I. Mont- gomery, M. Carnobas, H Dunning, P. Myers. SEC OND ROW: E. Francis T. Roberfs, G. Crawford P. Sanborn. KAPP FRONT ROW: D. Mc- Savaney, R. Parsons. SECOND ROW: H. Rick- ey, J. Glennie, F. Gery, M. Bigelow. COLLEGE DElT FRONT ROW. M. Clark F. DeBar. SECOND ROW: F. John D. Young, A. Pyne. """ 1 'L IGNIA FRONT ROW: C. Brod head, T. Sfarnes, G Hornberger, G. Riggle rnan, G. Bryner. SECOND ROW: W. Sloan W. Varian, J. Young, E Cramer, G. Thorne, H Long. BASKETBALL ,zmi FRONT ROW: R. Hein- lein, T. Christensen. SECOND ROW: J. Gard- ner, J. Alberf, M. Clem mons, R. Montemuro i?Z2?.1z , M241-'S' ALL STAR The outstanding events of the season for the 1951 All Star teams were two games with Gordon College. In the first fellows' game, on E.N.C.'s newly refinished court, the Gordon sharp- shooters defeated E.N.C. 60-37. Recogniz- ing the need for more practice together, Coach Steve Nease put the teams through the paces in preparation for the second game on Gordon's home court. However, the lack of regular outside competition once again proved to be the Red and White's downfall as Gordon snuffed out E.N.C.'s high hopes by a 52-40 score. The E.N.C. girls also took it on the chin in both games, losing them 44-14 and 30-13 respectively. 'I2 'Il 'IO 9 BASKETBALL I. JERRY ALBERT 2. MILTON CLARK 3. MAXWELL CLEMMONS 4. FRANK DeBAR 5. FRANK GERY 6. RICHARD HEINLEIN 7. FRANCIS KETNER 8. DAVID McSAVANEY 9. EDWARD POTTER IO. HOWARD RICKEY I I. THOMAS STARNES I2. WILLIAM VARIAN Guard Center Forward Forward Center Center Guard Forward Guard Guard Forward Forward 8 7 6 . J. TO THE FAITHFUL CHURCH CONSTITUENCY who by their sure support have helped make possible an outstanding NAUTILUS for '51 . . TO THE COMMERCIAL CONCERNS whose generous response indicated a spirit of co-operative good-will . . . ...H HEHHTU HTHHHH HOU" 11311- A Akron District Akron First Albany District Allentown Alliance Antonelli lron Works Arlington Street, Akron B Babson's Reports, Inc. Baltimore Barberton Bath Bel Air Bethlehem Blacker 81 Shepard Lumber Blanchard, Paul K., Inc. Bloomsburg Bolton-Smart Co., Inc. Bradford Butler, N. J. C Camden Canadian Students Canton First Carriker Christian Youth Circleville Cleveland First Coca-Cola College Bookstore Collingdale Columbiana D Deepwater Delta Society Deware Brothers Dover Dugout Eastern Nazarene College East Liverpool East Palestine Eastport East Rockaway Elmira Enterprise Stores Erie Everett G Gallagher, John J., Inc. Gorman's Jewelry Grace Church, Toronto Granite Chevrolet Greenhouse, E.N.C. Grossman 84 Sons, Inc. Grove City Index to At Vertisers Corp. 149 153 160 158 156 184 153 175 148 156 136 143 141 174 193 145 172 158 163 144 164 155 174 165 158 150 1872 172 148 151 144 170 173 163 171 168 152 155 143 167 161 182 159 137 179 183 166 179 188 186 159 H Hagerstown Hamilton Hamre, John, Si Son Harding Welding Co., Inc. Harris Co. Harvard Studio l-iendrie's Hicks 81 Hodges Hollywood Hood, H. P., 81 Sons Howard Johnson's J Jamestown Jefferson K Kappa Society Karl's Auto Body Repair Kenmore, Akron Kingston L Lahue, W. C., lnc. Lansdale Lisbon Livermore Falls Lowell Lynn M MacFarland's Hardware Malden Ma'iche'ter Marine Biological Laboratory Maritime District Massachusetts Heating Corp. Medical Dept., E.N.C. Melrose Metherall 8K McCausland N Nazarene Publishing House New Bedford New Castle New England Altar Co. New England District New Haven New Milford New York District Niagara Falls Norristown North Quincy Garage O Orbisonia Ottawa Owego 148 165 186 175 174 192 182 177 147 180 183 139 155 169 182 151 163 187 144 146 136 138 165 179 139 134 177 166 188 184 136 177 176 137 167 184 133 134 163 162 139 147 179 143 166 164 P Painesville Patterson's Flower Store Pawtucket Paxtonia Pemberton, Norman W., Inc. Pine Glen Pittsburgh District Portland Providence People's R Remick's Richmond Hill Rio Grande Rival Foods, lnc. Roberts Engraving Co. Royersford S Salem Salisbury Schenectady Sears Roebuck Co. Sexton Quality Foods Sheppard's Sigma Society Skowhegan South Portland Sponsorships St. Clair Standard Bottling Co. Syracuse T Toronto First Trenton U Uhrichsville W Waltham Warren First, Ohio Warren, Penna. Washington 9- Washington-Philadelphia District Vvebster-Thomas Co. Welch's Camera Center West Chester West Grove West Somerville Weymouth Gazette Whittemore Wilkinsburg Wollaston Wollaston Tailor 8K Cleanser Y Youngstown Z Zeta Society 156 186 156 146 188 164 157 138 136 182 162 141 191 185 141 156 141 161 175 186 178 170 137 138 191 165 184 161 166 147 153 159 154 159 142 140 180 180 144 146 134 184 181 164 135 174 151 169 N W ENGLAND DI TRICT Will back, with prayer- and faith, The Class of '51 as it embarks upon the stormy sea of life in our confused world. ADVISORY BOARD Church Schools In Glenn Gould Robert E. Rundlett H. Blair Walld N Y P S Wesley A' Angell William A. Taylor Herbert H. Pyne, W' F' M. S. SfC"'f?fU"!l Ann K. Stead Richard E. Howard, Junior Di-rector Treasurer Mildred Maybury lp. tg. A1sbi11GHT District Superintendent ANNUAL GATHERINCS VV. F. M. S. Convention Wollaston, Iune 18-19 District Assembly Camp Meeting N. Y. P. S. Institute Labor Day Camp "Come Wollaston, june 20-22 North Reading, june 29-july 8 North Reading, August 20-25 North Reading, August 31-September 3 Thou With Us and We Will Do Thee Good." 'l l33l' NX 4014 . . . V uP1'0Cll1llTlillg the Good News of the Kincloinfi 0 A Cliurcli with a world-wide program. 0 Celebrating our golden anniversary this year. 0 Creetings to the mid-century class of E.N.C. 0 VVhen in the Boston area, worsliip with us. WEST SOMERVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE forganized February 26, 190D Elm St., at Cutter Square, Somerville, Mass. JOHN B. NIELSON Pastor Q X Q as S I, i' ,- ka im:g:ggg,,jfEfE2E215f,Il21" S ,H "'f e Illllfllsltll A "i NEW HAVEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Manchester, Conn. Congratulations l To the Class of 1951 Church Location: 79 Lawrence Street New Haven, Connecticut JAMES R. BELL, Pastor Congratulations Class of ,51 "Hats Off to the Past - Parsonage Location: 136 Helen Street Htunden, Connecticut Coats OHE to the Future 'l1:34l' , . , V ., , -1,1 "xr " if: "iw . fl ' . , V ,,,, I , Q Q ..., . -,g, ,,1g 1 f:f:gg's. .wrpwiwefEw44Q?mmwi3nwrwhwweewwmf' W mnllantnn hurrh nf the azaremz 37 EAST ELM AVENUE, WOLLASTON, MASSACHUSETTS M J. GLENN COULD, D.D., Pastor GREG LARKIN, Minister of Music - Providing - A Church Home for E. N. C. Students A Home Church for Wollastonians An Evangelistic Center for the South Shore 'l135l' MELROSE CHURCH ofthe NAZARENE Green and Short Streets Melrose, Mass. God Bless You . . . To All the Students at E.N.C. VV Class of '51 e Extend a Cordial Invitation To VVorship With Us. R. E. HOVVARD, Pnstm' Congratulations . . . THE FIRST Christian Greetings from PEOPLES CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH of the NAZARENE ' 653 Washington St. Bath, Maine CURTIS L. STANLEY, Pastor Parsonage: 77 Russell Street Telephone 1021 A. LEVVIS PAYNE, Minister 271 Ohio Avenue Telephone: HOpkins 1-5848 Lifting up the Standard of HHOLINESS UNTO THE LORDN Since 1887 Ashmont and Plain Streets Providence, Rhode Island Congratulatio ' t ns 0 Graduating Class of '51 CHURCH ofthe NAZARENE Livermore F alls, Maine AUSTIN H. WRIGHT, P A Friendly Chi ' l H8110 1' nel . . . A Saving Message -l136l' F.-. .... ,, .,.., W.. ..... ,. .,--...,.....,.. 5 1 l I 9 1 E J. W. TURPEL Pastor Class of 116 New Bedford CHURCH of the NAZARENE il Spruce n Smith Sts. d PARSONACE 62 State St. Dial 7-9545 SUNDAY SERVICES Bible School 10:00 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. N. Y. P. S. 6:00 P.M. Evening Worship 7:00 P.M. Prayer Meeting, Thursday 7:30 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS TO AND COD'S BLESSINCS ON THE CLASS OF '51 While Vacationing on Cape Cod Plan to Worship With Us A FREEDOM-LOVING CHURCH IN A FRIENDLY CITY CONGRATULATIONS CHURCH of the NAZARENE CLASS OF 1951! Cor. North Ave. and Leavitt Street SKOWHECAN, MAINE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 10 Church St. EVERETT, MASS. "Ever Loyal to Eastern Nazarene Collegev SUNDAYS: Church School 10200 A-M Devotional Service 11:00 A.M N. Y. P. S. 6:30 P.M Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M WEDNESDAYS: Prayer and Praise 7:30 P.M "When in America's Vacationlancl Worship With the Skowheganclersv RICHARD s. TAYLOR, Pastor ERNEST R- BRADLEY, P"S""' 135 Main Street For Christ and Holiness Phone: Skewlleem 957 'l137l' COMPLIMENTS Compliments of CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 475 Brighton Avenue Portland, Maine First Church Lowell, Mass. SUNDAYSI Sunday School 10:00 A.M Morning Worship 11:00 A.M Young People's Meeting 6:00 P.M Evangelistic Service 7:00 P.M WEDNESDAYS: R' N. RAYCROFT, Pastor Prayer Meeting 7:30 P.M W. F. M. S. Every Third Friday 7:30 P.M Parsonage, 247 Beacon Street D. WARD ALBRIGHT, Pastor Telephone 2-9342 10 Fleetwood Street Telephone 2-0215 "That in all things He might have the pre-erninencef, Colossians 1:18 outh Portland Church of The azarene .Wx POQ7. X O '74, SPIRIT LLIGH US ON CASCO BAY I X I o ,a? 4 fa ii o ' 4 i fm 2 't t 1 OF 0 I 176 Sawyer Street me x South Portland, Maine Pt TE H H. B. WARD, Minister Class of '29 When in "Vacationlandl' plan to stop by and worship with us. 'l 138l' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '51 CHURCH OE THE NAZARENE Prather Avenue by Fenton Park Jamestown, New York JOHN VV. POOLE, Minister THE OLD-FASHIONED Wesleyan-Methodist Gospel . . . Preaching Christian rm, For the 20th Century . . . Holiness for 56 Years in Greater Boston .Tudson Square , OSCAR F. REED, Ph.D., Minisfw' Malden First Church X 8 High St., Malden, Mass. FIRST ICHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Niagara Falls, New York PAUL S. GILMORE, Minister 'l139l' L C. E. HUDSON, District Treasure: --- CONCRATULATIONST CLASS OF 1951 --- WASHINGTON-PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT DONALD S. METZ, District Secretary C- A- SMITH, MRS. NELSON HENCK District Church School District W, F, M, S, Clmirnmn President E. E. CROSSE, District Superintendent A. C. MCKENZIE, District N. Y. P. S. President ADVISORY BOARD E. N. C. TRUSTEES F. D. Ketner E. E. Crosse Earl C. Wolf F. D. Ketner C-. E. Hudson Earl C. Wolf Robert Radcliffe DISTRICT CENTER CAMP MEETING GROUNDS-North East, Maryland CHighway Route -IOP Annual District Assembly Annual District Camp Meeting August 1-3 August 3-1:2 Annual District N .Y.P.S. Institute Annual Preachers' Convention August 27-September 1 October 8-10 at Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Paul S. Rees, speaker Boys' Camp - july 9-14 Girls' Camp - 16-21 District Slogan: 'KUNCTION FOR ACTIONU 11401- Compliments of the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Nazareth Pike and Woodlawn Avenue Bethlehem, Pa. EARL G. LUSK, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1951 Church of the Nazarene Royersford, Pa. GEORGE ANDREWS, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE to the 800 johnson St. CLASS OF 1951 Salisbury, Md. Young People's Society CHURCH QF THE NAZARENE "The Lord of Hosts Is VVith Usv Rio Grande, N. J. W. M. BAKER, Pastor C -11411 FIR T CH RCH ofthe NAZARE E 7th and A Street, N,E. Washington, D. C. A Center of Holiness Evangelism In the Heart of Our Nations Capital .V ROY F. STEVENS, Pastor "The Singing Pastori' 0 Sermons That Inspire 0 Songs That Bless 0 Music That Thrills 0 Fellowship That Lifts "Tl1cre's zz XVCICOINL' Here for You" 'I 1-12 l' i CH RCH of the NAZARENE Conowingo Road Bel Air, Maryland H. E. HECKERT Sunday School Superintendent THOMAS LINKOOS N. Y. P. S. President HARRY SMITH W. F. M. S. Presidenf MRS. HARRY SMITH Minister Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Class CLASS OF 1951 of 1951 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Nazarene Young Peoples Society Orbisonia, Pa' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Eastport, Annapolis Maryland WILLIAM W. RESTRICK, Pastor KENNETH L. AKINS, Pastor "The Church Where You Are Never a Strangerv 11431- FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE N. 27th St. and Lincoln Ave. Camden, N. I. CHESTER M. WILLIAMS, Pastor' 10:00 A.M. Sunday School 11:00 A.M. Morning Worship 7:00 P.M. N. Y. P. S. 7:45 P.M. Evangelistic Service Prayer Meeting Wednesday, 7:45 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,51 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE West Chester, Pa. D. R. HOFFMAN, Minister IMMANUEL CHURCH of the NAZARENE Richardson and Derstine Avenues Lansdale, Pennsylvania On the Air Each Sunday 8:15 to 9:00 21.l'l'l. WBUX 1570 Kil. NELSON G. MINK, Minister A. K. Rosenberger S. S. Stanley Hedrick N. Y. P. S. Mrs. Iohn Koffel, Sr. W. F. M. S. Mary Lou Fischer Y. W. F. M. S. Valeria Brodhead Iunior VVe Are Backing E.N.C. 1005? S upf Pres Pres Pres S upt Congratulations to the Class of 1951 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Deepwater, N. I. IOHN R. HUMPHREYS, Pastor iThree miles north of the Pennsville-Newcastle Ferryl WHEN PASSING, VISIT US 'l 144 Sl' Clase Burdo S. S. Supt. Mrs. Mildred Deitterick W. F. M. S. Pres. c'Cod forbid that l should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Iesus Christ." Gall. 6:14 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bloomsburg, Pa. We commend the student li o cl y ol E.N.C. on their high Cliristiau Sfilllflillfl. ,P .- ' 9- ,f ?3 .- f .4 f' " A , , , N , f lg :-1-:iz-14' 1-:-:-.-:-.-.-.-,4-.g5.7.g.' - -.35.:.5.:.:,: bf Z, C., , , v Y N A WE.. llohcrt C. llolx-rts Pfmfol' - Mu1'icttu Kressleif N. Y. P. S. Pres. Harry Kline Pres., Board' of Trusfcfvs -I 145 l' ' WEST GROVE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE VVest Grove, Pa. C40 miles west of Philadelphia, on Route No. ll i'Come Worship the Lord With Usv S. S. Supt. I. Leroy Frank W. F. M. S. Pres. Frances Frank N. Y. P. S. Pres. Hilda W01'th Secrefary Richard Kinderman 1 A ,,,A, f' Y Q 100 fa 1- ' 'W B '1Ck C 1 , live E.N.C. HAROLD A. PARRY, Minister CONGRATULATIONS Class of "The Friendly Clzurchv CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Village Chapel Washington at Jefferson St. CHURCH Of the NAZARENE Lisbon, PaXt0I'li3, Pa. Kon old U. S. Route 221 R I. Edmund Turnock, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Worship 10:30 A.M. N. Y. P. S. 6:30 P.M. Evening Service 7:30 P.M. Radio Programs: "Chapel Echoesi' Over WABX, FMg and over 1 VVCMB, AM 1 1 sammy 8130 - 9:00 . Saturday 11:45 - 12 noon CARLETON D. JONES, Pastor "A Live-Wire Church" 'l 1461' Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Congratulations to the ' Class of 1951 CHURCH of the from NAZARENE VILLAGE CHAPEL Pine and CHURCH OF THE NAZARENF Freedley Streets EARL C. WOLF Pastor Norristown, Pa. I. E. TUNCOCK OFFICERS S. S. Superintendent William Schubert Pastor N. Y. P. S. Pres. Harry Butterworth W. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. Walter H. Hoopes Secretary Mrs. Alice E. Keehn Located iusf Ollfside Treasurer Walter H. Hoopes "When Near Philadelphia - Visit Usi' Harrisburg, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of THE FIRST CHURCH to the of the CLASS OF 1951 NAZARENE Euclid Ave. and Hampton NAZARENE YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY Hollywood, Md. H. I. BASHAM, Pastor Trenton, N. I. BOYD M. LONG Pastor 'I 147 l' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE MacDade Blvd. Collingdale, Pa. F. D. KETNER, Pusfm' Nm Coiigratulations l Emma Stepliey and Class of '51 iii Always Boosting E . N.C. HV if 'KA Live Cliurch 1Vitl1 a Living Nlessagea' CUlNlPL1lNlENTS FIRST CHURCH of the OF THE NAZARENBE 520 Whitmore Avenue Baltimore 23, Maryland C. A. SMITH, PllSf'0l' 710 VValnut Avenue Baltimore 29, Md. Wilkciiis 5297 "The Church NVlie1'e You Are Never a Straiigerv CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Hagerstown, Md. To the Class of 1951 '11481' Y Akron District CH RCH OF THE NAZARENE O. L. BENEDUM, District Superintendent E N. C. TRUSTEES: O. L. Benedum D. D. Palmer L. W. Durkee Wilfred Hammer ADVISORY BOARD D. D. Palmer C. D. Taylor L. W4 Durkee Willis Roush C. B. Wood G District Secretary Ruth Hanks L O R Y Mrs. Carl District Treasurer D. D. Palmer W. F. M. S. President B. Hanks N. Y. P. S. District President "For both he that sanctified and they who are sanctified are all of one: For which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethrenf, -Hebrews 2:11 11491- FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Hayden Avenue at Claiborne Road Congratulations to the Class of ,51! East Cleveland, Ohio JAMES E. HUNTON Ki A 3' H if gsm 1 Enter to Worshipg Depart to Serve In The VESY STEMM I Minister of Music Minister Broadcasting Wed. - Fri. - Sun WSRS - 1490 PRESENTINC FULL SALVATION BEST LOCATION IN THE NATION 11501- Evangelistic CHURCH 0E THE NAZARE E AR THUR BROWN, TR., Pastor Parsonage: 334 Union Street, Phone 4376 C OLUMBIANA, OHIO in Effort Fervent in Faith Dynamic in Doctrine KENIVIORE CH RCH OE THE NAZARENE Corner Iona Ave., at N. Twelfth St. , 0 ..,' 7 AKRON, OHIO - When in Akron Visit With Us- ff , f I T '3 5 - " ,, , T T i - I -- We-" ' x ' ' ,ISC-.. '- .. -' . J. .-,,. "ml . , . ,:-j -255 -1 V-wi-352 , gg- , Vg,--, . by , ,y'.f-Qf3f.s3fV- 5 -2 " ' ', .Q Q?'Q"N"' - ,, H is ' ' ' f-V? VV .f 'Eg ,-'ZPL IiQ5j23r?T' ' 4" " xi! - ' N:IS?1" , , ' -.My-:-1 -V u . 945.5 -,,::J:I'PV-2-:gf Kar. 'y'R3f's'? REQ ' Q ' ,- J-fl Q14 . '- " ,.-,-5" ,t 'Y' vs I W ,, ' , ,Q W6 ff' ' f...fV if-. Vg- '-.wir-fn V - ,Q-250 415, . f esiw-W-, tn.. K wwf. " "V - qgqfis.: - . "" A X' ,, . ' ' " We Congiatulate , f f -9 V, ---in 6 MSS O 1 - i ' jf , ' f X :si f ' - 'lj - 3 if T - ,.- ,J ' 1 and Pledge . 1 -' R V , "-'f?:rQ5l'!'-M em- -V . - 1- - W-1..'f-A --h-fff-'- A . Zi' '. Jams V -' ,L V -V .- . F . 1 -Q-.'-.fs ff: -' .1 V- 5:1-11:55:93 25.3-::g:-gag:e:.f:::g1:-:Q f' +V .- -. - . 5:21335111:-gwg:V'fV.1f9 -. -'-sgegegazazs.5:5.s:::s-12,z:z5:3:5:--:-, - ' SUPPOIE ifxiii. ' XV K 'L 5 - -. -, - Vf -:W . .5'-:e..::::::.'1-,:-:,::'1:-:iw:,.::,::.-:,.-:-:S-:,Q:4g-.gm-V-,V,.g:,:,a::s.:, -- -. N., .iz-'34 .,-,. , 4V - 17, -A.-ff-,gf ,,-if:-zz-9-:,:, -,, -:-2.15 .-, , u, , .. . . . 1 'fmsz,Vsgilgizassziazsi-' 'is-s--Q5fsisf:':V226-212-E's.s:Efs2'f:Ez2s:- .c 13..-11:-. -- V Z G VSW 'w s'--r ' 1' ":'-V:'f22s:5i?f .' . , fO1 'gsm V- - " .A -1:1-2.:.:E:?5EgE': '- 1343 MV V . ' AV V 4 ' 1: - -Vg-12:-.Iggy wg025 .f:s-:3:-::-:2.,w:zQi'6?92w2? 1..1?31::-1- O ' -4552-v -'-' vi H 2:5 ., 1 , '- ,:- V- ,-Q, 4 15 M- ,.,pgw "v - gg:mf-.::1y:::f:f:2::v-r?f?.::-G - , ,- ' , My -'ff'1f:f::9.' 53? 'Li.-ease.-4 -' ' 3 3 S' it" ENC' - , , - , ' 1 5 H ,,,, -V ----- V ' """' ' "-'-4- V A 4 ,,,., " ' ' 'M f" 4""'T"""""""47W . ""' W- ,... -..,M. ..m., Congr atulations and Best Wishes CLASS OF '51 EIR T CHURCH OE THE NAZARE E Youngstown, Ohio H. C. PURKHISER M in ister -Tl5lT' FIR T CHURCH of the NAZARENE East Liverpool, Ohio fCompleted New Church Buildingj GREETINGS AND C. L. RODDA, Minister ASSURANCE OF WHOLE-HEAIKTED SUPPORT TO E.N.C. "Respect for the Past - Progress for the Present - Vision. for the F uturev 'I 1521' " Compliments of First Church of the Nazarene West Tallmadge Avenue at North Howard Street C. D. TAYLOR, Pastor 569 Schiller Ave. Akron, Ohio Telephone BL 8832 Holiness fm, Om.: C CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE D Country V . . Church LI Dawson at Flrst 0 College C Uhrichsville, Ohio H Mrahuateu Q 0 'K'l'lw Clzurclz that is Differenfv Akrun, 0913111 f C t The Custodian O fT' h N h o lllt G 6 The Conserver R of Hope A N T A The Interpreter UL Z of Love A A TI R Class of ,51 O E L. L. KOLLAR, Mzmster N N 720 N. Uhr-ich Street S E Phone 1411 11531- CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 We deeply appreciate the school and faculty at E. N. C. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Warren, Ohio QW T W SZ S E'E'E'E'E'E'E'E'E'E'EE'E'E'Z'E'E'E'S'E'5'l'E'I'E'E'3"'E'E'E'E' af D D PALMER Pastor -lf1541' FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE 1000 Third St., N. E., Canton, Ohio A l JAMES H, JONES Pam M1ss1oNARY-HEARTED 1301 10th St., N. W. When Traveling East or West on Lincoln Highway fU.S. Route 307 WORSHIP WITH US CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Satin Street Jefferson, Ohio N. Y. P. S. Pres. Estel Alden W. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. Irving Weaver S. S. Supt. Rockford Moore "Draw Nigh to God, and He Will Draw Nigh to Youfi I. A. RODCERS East Satin Street Telephone 217 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE East Rebecca Street East Palestine, Ohio PAUL E. BAXTER, JR. Minister -l155l' ElVllVlANUEl CHURCH or THE NAZARENE Smithfield Avenue at Francis Pawtucket, R. I. RAYMOND E. LOCKVVOOD Zl'Iini.s'f1'1' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 CONGRATULATIONS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Class Of 1951 s 1 ,oh' a em 'O CHURCH or THE NAZARENE and her E.N.C. STUDENTS William Lee Parks Alice lean Shofl S. Linden at E. Summit Alliance, Ohio Chinn Thomc S. S. Supf. Lester L. Brock Mm-gal-et Weilvel N. Y. P. S. Pres. Lois Schlosser YV. F. M. Pres. Mrs. Ruth Loomis E. M. PARKS, Zllinistcr CLYDE B. WOOD "The Little Church With M Pastor a Big Welcome. CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Class of 1951 The CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner Liberty and High Street Painesville, Ohio A Friendly Welcome Awaits You DANIEL. C. HOFFMAN, Pastor Graduating Class of '51 BARBERTON CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 465 Hopocan Avenue Barberton, Ohio ROBERT 1. SHOFF, Pastor 'l-156 l' W.F.M.S. Convention, District Asseinbiy, and N.Y.P.S. Convention Iuiy I6-20 Pittsburgh Sunday School Convention and District Preachers' Meeting October 22-25 District CHURCH of the NAZARENE R. F. HEINLEIN, District Superintendent V E,N.C. TRUSTEES I R. F. Heinlein C Floyd A. Wycoff T Maurice R. Emcry O Robert M. Inglurid R ADVISORY BOARD W. Cordon Graves A. H. Elsey Maurice R. Emery Robert M. Inglund Y DISTRICT CAMP MEETING N.Y.P.S. INSTITUTE ALAMEDA CAMP GROUNDS JUNE 25-29 BUTLER, PA. JUNE 29-JULY 8 'I157I- CIRCLEVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Route No. 1, Irwin, Pa. f wr. Merl M. Benner, Pastor . M7 A , 1 1 , ff MUS? '55 1 it ., . ' - ' e::,:fw1 if ,N I JZ 7.5602 K ,X ff fr-'N ff, - rf' f" , ff' . 24. f 'M , 5 1 ,J vhq ft f . if I . . , , X ,, , , ,. r A3 jf, 1 Y K V, h . . ij fax ig ? . . 5 . K V. ,W ylfgf ,r .f-.Mg if I 3. M . J. 3 ' if W M .1 fl, f,..gzSw5f, f it , .f 1 , . rg, 4 'f 3 'Q www g It if K ' 5 f' I la! 2 Qi. I Q 1 ei 2-1 if 1 1 'X "II f W , 4. Z ,, .' 'bl 'Z ,351 ' , 5 nfs: I, at '4 ,, A W I, H V Vi 1 5 E H . ,Q . . My cv - 3, s q y l Q. . S V f . I ...S Y' I Wifi all if it i' ,. V ,rf V Q f , fl 1 g 1 .ff . g ,Q ,rr ' ' J.. ff 5 ' ,' f Wg, X ,,Qs,r..f'Zf1 5. iv", ,lf Q AX 1 1, f +. WML! ' , 4,5 M CProposed New Church - With Minor Alterationsl Congratulations to "Our Own Editor" of the 1951 NAUTILUS, to his staff, and to the Class of '51 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Allentown, Pa. lion Route 221 Lloyd C. Cordon Pastor We Look to E.N.C. With Confidence 11th 81 Wyoming St. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 55 North Bennett St. Bradford, Pa. W. GORDON CRAVES, Pastor 114 N. Bennett Street Sunday School Supt. john Truby N. Y. P. S. Pres. Mrs. Willis Dietz YV. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. H. Miller 'l 1581' Best Wishes from WAIIHAM CHURCH of the NAZARENE 33 Myrtle Street, Waltham, Mass. Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. N. Y. P. S. 6:00 P.M. Evangelistic Service 7:00 P.M. Prayer and Praise Thursday 7:30 P.M. WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT US VVHEN YOU VISIT E.N.C. Armand M. Doll, Minister CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CONGRATULATIONS 21st and Wallance St. Erie, Pa. TO THE CLASS OF 1951 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 520 North Center St. Grove City Pa. Clarence E. Neiderhiser Pastor L. T. WELLS Pastor CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of u5In FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Warren, Penna. .IOHN Z. ANDREE Pastor -I1591' Albany District CH RCH of the NAZARE E 4,000,000 People E V A N G E L I Z E 700 Communities MORRIS E. WILSON - District Sec. DALPH FRY - District Trcas. ESTHER WILSON - District Missionary Pres. ANTHONY B. SAMPSON - District N. Y. P. S. Pres. GLEN TYNER - District Clzurch School Clzairman District Office and Parsonage 229 W. Pleasant Avenue Syracuse 5, N. Y. Phone 4-4848 'l l60l' The First Church of the Nazarene Cannon and West Newell Street Syracuse, New York VV e Congratulate the Class of 1951 Our Church Is Clad to Support E. N. C. JOHN D. RHAME, Minister Constantly Abiding Yours Elmira, N. Y. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Holdridge at Cedar The Word of Cod . . . Our Message The Power of Christ . . . Our Strength The Souls of Men . . . Our Coal ANTHONY B. SAMPSON, Minister CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1813 Albany Street Schenectady, N. Y. WALTER S. MacPHERSON, SR. Pastor SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday School 10:00 A.M Morning Worship 11:00 A.M N. Y. P. S. 7:00 P.M Evangelistic Service 7:45 P.M WEDNESDAY Prayer and Praise 7:45 PM WHEN IN SCHENECTADY WORSHIP VVITH US 11611- Serving Thirteen Million Souls in the VVorld's Greatest Mission Field EW YORK DI TRICT oftheo NAZARENE 108th Street and 95th Avenue Richmond Hill, New York virginia 9-5734 OUR CHURCH SALUTES ITS STUDENTS Milton Clark William Hardin LYMAN pb VVQQD Robert Clark Robert Jackson Pastor Frank De Bar Bertha Taylor Wlrerrr you are in New York City, come and test our welcome. 'I l62l' Greetings to The Class of 1951 BUTLER CHURCH OE THE NAZARENE Butler, N. I. HOWARD R. OLSON, Pastor' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CONGRATULATIONS Dover, N. To the Students, Faculty, and Administration of E. N. C. for the splendid achievements, seen H' E' MCCLAIK, Pastor and unseen, during the school year 1950-51. Edward Danielson S. S. Supt. from ig x Edith Iayne N. Y. P. S. Pres, 3 1009+ SUPPUITCI' H M1-s.Tek1.1 su-Ombefg W. F. M. s. Pres. T he W a "VVe Appreciate E. N. C. CHURCH And Our Seven Studentsi' of the NAZARENE Frederick F. Fikc Earl and Norma Hedden Puswl. Wilfred and Eula Acline Winget Mildred Larsen Wiltwyck and Elmendorf Robert Hedden and John Allen, Tr. KINGSTGN N Y Compliments of COMMUNITY CHURCH OE THE NAZARENE California, Avenue New Milford, N. I. Ytiasi- CONGRATULATIONS . . BEST WISHES . . . GOD'S BLESSING . . To the CLASS of 1951 Q5 THE CANADIAN STUDENTS Loyal Supporters ol E. N. C. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 115 Temple Street Owego, New York M. I. FOSTER, Pastor ' C 0 N tothe G Class of '51 T WILKINSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Penn liz Brushton Pittsburgh 21, Pa. I. B. ARMSTRONG, Pastor Donald D. Starr, S. S. Supf. Our E.N.C. Students: HONVARD RICKEY CLIFFORD HERSEY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS from PINE GLEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Mattawana, Pa. Eleanor and Bob Jones Boosting E.N.C. 1fVhere We Received Our Preparation 'I 1641' t. Clair Church of the Nazarene 1277 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto, Ontario, Canada CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 L. CUY NEES, Pastor 161 Westmount Avenue Telephone KENwood 7165 CONGRATULATIONS Class of '51 Hamilton, Ontario CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 92 Ottawa St., N. ROBERT F. WOODS, Minister FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Lynn, Mass. ROBERT W. CARLSON, lllirzistw' SERVICES 10 A.M. Sunday School 11 A.M. Morning VVorship 6 P.M. N. Y. P. S. 7 P.M. Evangelistic Services Mid-week Prayer Meeting 7:30 P.M., Thursday I CHRISTIAN YOUTH, INC. 30 Evans Way Boston, Mass. Tal McNutt, Director 6'Reaching Youth With the Truthi' Boston Youth for Christ High School Bible Clubs OUR VISION: Youth Center juvenile Delinquency Program 'l 165 l' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 FIRST CHURCH of the NAZARENE Cowan Ave. at Melbourne St. Toronto, Ontario H. R. BROWN, Minister vrrax-w.-Mwm.,-f.w Q,-1vf,wqQ . '-1115:v:-:-2:iz-iizizlzI1-:F5:1111-:-14:2:1:2:-:-:-:A:ziciztvz-:-:-zziziz-:va ffl H+ 4-','- f :11:::2aa2ii g ,, , uqiu 1 AZVH .,,.,,, WHEN .":f ff ,"q VISITING ,.... CANADABS A' CAPITAL Qcctgxp-2-Lv. ,.1, ,..4 zz-.la -1-:-:-1 -.-. WORSHIP AT THE OTTAWA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CFourth Ave.-East of Bankj i'Any Bank Street Car Stops Almost at the Doorf, ROSS P. COWHERD, Pastor 475 Bay St. - Phone 5-4227 Congratulations Class of i5I 'iYour Progress is vital to Our futuref, GRACE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 624 Annette Street Toronto, Canada VVILLIAM SUIWMERSCALES, Pastor MARITIME DISTRICT This Home Mission District offers unequalled opportunities for Consecrated Workers in cc The Whitened Harvest Fieldf' I. H. MacGRECOR, Dist. Supt. 5592 Havelock Street Amherst, Nova Scotia 'I166l' A FRIENDLY CHURCH hSpiritual 'xActive '3Pr0gressive 35 Minutes from Pennsylvania Station, New York City, via Long Island Railroa d First Church of the Nazarene Ocean Avenue and Garfield Place East Rockaway Long Island, N. Y. ,fm ,ae f' A. . . . 7 f ' f ' ' .Q ef, ., I if ,arg s ve sf sdsff R Z f , Z? K W2 NK X XM ff f I 'I w e J f is f ff is N Q Z ,, f 1 ff X x Q f ff s K , f 7 f W M ' Q , ff? , 2 29? , .ar f . e 2 W e ff' .A . sf' 4-fysfgfgw ii r if fgfrafw x fgw ,gs .. , 5- QAKW, f f .K ylx YW3. We I W 4, ,st . . V , X Q ef' , X S 1 1 New K ,Q Curtis D. Withrow, Pastor Tel. Lynbrook, N. Y. 9-3116 CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE New Castle, Pa. ALWAYS A BOOSTER FOR EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE CGMPLIMENTS OF Leah Phillips W. F. M. S. President Elberta Phillips Ir. Supervisor A Ray Williams S. S. Superintendent Paul Elsey N. Y. P. S. President TRUSTEES STEWARDS E. D. Reynolds Marie Shaffer F. E. Welker Fred Campbell jane Hedrick Margaret Walis Pearl Kelly C. T. McElwee Clair Allen Lester Furey C. R. SARBER, Pastor 'l167l' Munro Hall Eastern Nazarene College Summer Session begins Iune 11 Freshman Week begins September 4 REVIVAL DATES September 6-9 Opening Convention, Rev. Roy F. Stevens November 1-11 Fall Revival, Rev. T. E. Martin Ianuary 24-27 Week-end Revival, Dr. Raymond Browning February 24- john Could Memorial Lectures and Holiness March 2 Convention, Dr. C. B. Williamson 'l1681' 1 fi. Sigma Della Kappa Society Extends Congratulations to the Seniors of 1951 CGNCRATULATIONS . . . Class of 1951 from Y 7 E A If? an am if gg QAM la: ai, 'J --..'1..,,. Q3 Q S ' , Q e 2 :Q Q 'L 1 4 X 3 ' 25 ' "' 51 1 'K' , i 'LJ ' f 1 ,MHZ if .F ' 5 fg E . .- , 7 ' '1 ' lf il f I - ' jx "' ' ' 1 ....:.. THE CHAMPION SOCIETY '1169I' A 3 CONGRATULATIONS . . . Gllaw nf '51 'IKISWD X ' fm 53" ??! X Z V' ,Sigma Evita Sigma "It's Fun to be a Sigmafa X E f ff f' X ' f ' . Xlwfffyf The gy f' f ' Sigma Delta x Delta ff!! X XX Society H f d T11 ftlt 'l1701' To bless the present sc CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1951 YOUR DUGOUT Appreciates Your Patrouage Invites You to Use Its Facilities Strives to Give you the Best for Less FRANK H. BOWERS Food Service Manager of E.N.C. '1 171 1' A Film Service - Bus Tickets College Bookstore Congratulations Seniors of 1951 Student Supplies Bibles B0lTON SMART COMPANY, INC. Wholesale Puroeyors of Choice BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, PGRK, POULTRY, FISH BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS AND FROSTED FOODS 19-25 South Market Street Boston, Mass. Telephone: LAfayette 3-1900 'l 1721' QUINCYS LARGEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL FUNERAL HOME AND CHAPEI DEWARE BROTHERS DK7lI'llCl M Down" 1 cl Robut M Dew ue Telephone CR 2-II34 576 Hancock St., Wollaston, Mass. REGISTERED FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND ENIBALMERS llf3l COMPLIMENTS OF Cr 2-8660 Blacker and Shepard lumber Corp. 10 Newport Ave. North Quincy, Massachusetts THE HARRIS COMPANY 188 Commercial Street Portland, Maine Tel. 4-1401 MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SHIP CHANDLERS - CROCERS "Walker-Turner Machine Tools Westinghouse Home Appliances Electric Motors - Home Wzltei' Systems Carmote Paints and Varnishes Rope and VV ire Rope Cates Belts and Sheavcs Specialists in Supplying All Types Murine Ilardwarc, Lights, Stealnships, Yachts, Fishing Vessels Brass and Galvanized Fittings Deck, Engine, Steward Supplies Exidc Batteries VVHOLESALE RETAIL DESOTO PLYMOUTH WQLLASTQN Dependable Used Cars TAILOR AND CLEANSER Service On All Makes CARRIKER MOTOR CO. A. C. Carriker C. S. Iohnson 690 Hancock Street 68 Washington St, Wollaston, Mass. PR 3-2428 Quincy, Mass. GR 2-4730 Reduced Rate for E.N.C. Students 'l 1741' SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY 1591 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Tel.: GR 2-0571 Resident: PR 3-6754 With the Compliments HARDING WELDING CO., Inc. of BABSON'S REPORTS, INC. Welding Contractors Electric and Acetylene Welding Pipe - Structural - Portable Equipment - The oldest investment advisory service in the field . . . Founded over 46 years ago . . . Incorporated in 1933 232 Willard St H. W. Harding Quincy, Mass. 'I 1751- HS ELUSE HS UUUR IIEHREST IIIFIILBUX , Q . . i .ll . 1. ,i.L .l1l . 1- me nest l- lil? METHERALL 84 MCCAUSLAND 494 Hancock Street Wollaston 70, Mass. Plumbing and Heating Estimates Furnished CR 2-8017 7 - 1294 Telephones, CApitol 7 - 1295 7 - 1354 HICKS 84 HODGES CO. PURVEYORS OF FINE FOODS 45 South Market Street Boston 9, Mass. Compliments of SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole, Mass. -l177l' Sh ppard, HEATING Q CITIES SERVICE OILS GENERAL ELECTRIC' A HEATING EQUIPMENT Oil Burners NEW 1 , 504 EENGIAND Two Convenient Dffices 1355 Hancock St., Quincy 6 Commercial St., Weymouth TCI. PRS-7200 Tel. WE 9-2700 41781- NORTH QUINCY GARAGE Duggan Bros. 131-133 Hancock Street North Quincy, Mass. CHEVROLET Sales and Service PR 3-1100 JOHN J. GALLAGHER, rm, Building Materials and Hardware General Offices and Main Yard 100 Federal Avenue CO. l VVHEN IN NEED OF . . Hardware Packard Paints Kitchenw ne Wall Paper Garden Supplies Class THE NEW MODERN STORE nEasy Parkingv Call CR 2-0041 l'v1aCFARLAND'S 11 Brook Street Wollaston, Mass. Americzfs Best Buy The 1951 CHEVROLET 24-Hour Towing Service Night Repair Servict , BARGAINVILLE Quincy, Mass. f 1 I oi OK USED CARS li' 540 Southern Artery Retail Store and Branch Yard 1 GRANITE CHEVROLET N th ' Mc . ' . or Qumcyf 155 338 Washington Street Telephones Quillcya Mass. PResident 3-2360 PResident 3-S180 PR 32310 1fVlzerc' Our Customers Send Their Friends - 1-- V i- if 11791 101 Years of EXPERIENCE TO HELP US SERVE YOU BETTER MILK ii CREANI Wdcft '44 WEBSTER-THOMAS Co. 217 State St. Boston, Mass CAMERA CENTER Packers and Distrilnutors Everything for tlie pliotograplier including helpful advice . . . BIATCHLESS -'-1 BRAND Photo Equipment Movie Equipment Teas-Coffees Developing and Printing Color Films C1 eeting Cards 680 Hancock Street, Quincy 70, Mass. PResident 3-6077 Canned Fruits Canned Vegetables Pickles-Relislies-Condiments Fancy Quality Througliout ll80l' :Li STAINED GIASS WINDOWS Exquisite stained glass Windows designed and executed to suit the architecture of your building. Prices vary according to the size and intricacy of detail. Imported, antique glass and ex- pert craftsmanship assure unsur- passed beauty. Send for your copy of our brochure, "Stained Glass." CHURCH FURNITURE Our church furniture is distinctive and beautiful, in authentic period designs. Superb hand carving and expert craftsmanship make our communion tables, seats, pulpits and other eccle- siastical furnishings Well suited for their high pur- pose. We can plan our arrangements to match your present furnishings. Send for our free catalogue. WHITIE ORE Associates, Incorporated 16 ASHBURTON PLACE Boston 8, Mass. 9Il81l' ' '- - - - Compliments of ENTERPRISE STORES Quincy, Mass. GH 2-81 O0 KARL's AUTo BODY REPAIR Co., INC. Established 1920 23 Greenwood Ave. Wollaston 70, Mass. - Insurance Appraising - The F riendliest Store on the South Shore Quincy, Mass. O 9 '1' 55 .J , ff f 'IW SINCE I8 ICE CREAM "Made for Particular Peoplev VISIT OUR DAIRY BAR Delicious Food H Nicely Served Attractive Surroundings Appealing Prices Business Menis Luncheon Special Dinners Open Daily Until T P.M. Central Avenue and Eliot Street Milton Mass. Karl A. Karjaluinen , P"fSfde"f Bluehius 8-7850 'I l82l' HOWARD l0HNSON'S in 28 FLAVORS RICHARD GORMAN The Iewelry Store on Beale Street 'cluckien Gagnon waits to serve at G01'mllH,S. DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS From 360.00 up WATCHES GIFTS Parker ,5 1 23 Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. -1 it Refresh. . 'H n R , 12111 n l l lovluo unbll Aulnolnlv on In COCA :Ou couuuv u Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Quincy 'l183l' CONGRATULATIONS . . . L ANTONELLI IRON WORKS Manufacturers of STRUCTURAL STEEL - ORNAMENTAL IRON an cl BUILDING SPECIALTIES 177 VVillard St., Quincy, Mass. Mayflower 9-3600 Compliments of NEW ENGLAND ALTAR CO. Specializing in Church Furniture and Builders of Your College Church Pews 21 Greenwood Ave. Wollaston, Mass. Telephone MAyflower 9-3426 We Extend Our Cordial and Sincere BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 WEYMOUTH GAZETTE PRESS Printers of Campus Camera WE 9-0145 18-22 Station Street East Weymouth, Mass. czompm 11f-, -.fs of MEDICAL DEPARTMENT of EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE CHARLES DIERF, M.D. RUBY FRIEND, R.N. EMMA STEPHEY, R.N. ENJOY BRAEWOOD BEVERAGES Richardson Root Beer Squirt Standard Bottling Co. 435 Adams St. Quincy, Mass. 11841- 0 EXTRA m Kg EN GRAVIN GS uf W WMWW W fkfwwz , WL W 'ffl Wm wow!! I MMM MW MM mf ff , jg ,of PHDTO -ENGRAVERS S 2: 0 RUIBTERTS IE NGIRIWIIN I UOFMIPANY 0' QPLINWE ENGRAVING 115 SAGAMDRE STREET NCY 71. MASSACHUSETTS 'T fl Compliments JOHN HAMRE 51 SON of GENERAL CONTRACTORS L. GROSSMAN 81 SONS, Inc. Quincy, Mass. Quincy, Mass. GR 2-0392 Telephones PR 8-2054 PATTERSON'S FLOWER STORE 1283 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. . .Box . .,C 'cagoK90D I CURSAGES Girls Who Care Say "Get My Corsage at Pattersorfs lfyouc qnno r purchase nm in your home sown-wife us-P o J s hu My Sexton Proprietor Q M T o 3 I 'T 1861' W.ll lA B HUE,INC. f -6 ev l 4 TQUG X . ,.f:fffE5:fSS:g:-. .1:E253222f5:f:5:2:fgrS:i:I:2-I-'Pf.v'-zi.f:js-:?f2f:f:2:1:If:f:5:?'23E:5:. ..,.5.g.:,5::.g.3,5.:,.- - ' - -,-.:g.3.5.g.:,:g.3.g.g.:,- .rES5f5r5f5f5r225ff" ' 'ffffffiifirififi-. .-:25ff52Sf2E2E11E:f" ' 'tfiiififiiflfifi-.. .-25fff:j:E5r?1f2fI5:S "f:7??ffff7:3:7fffi:, , 5 f "f:g5SP5fgPg'g::ffs iffffiffffffif '?25f?5:f52Er5' ':5f-:fffflfif 'fS:?:?f7?!?- 0 .'::5:sf:5:s:s:e:fl '-:::fg:g:g:::gg2g -:5q:5:f::::5:g:g:: O Q - -:2g1-:-:-:Z5-:- ..g,',-:-g.3.:.5' :2i:2:I::::22:., S K .-gf-:zz-:f:rg:f :f:7-:5:E?:F:f:Z?:-. .-p:jg-.f:.f:fS:? '?r3:f5fSf515:f?51f1:-:- .-:iffilrilfficfziif f6155555235552ffjfgfgg.,.., , , ,.fr::S51E5555gE535555Ei?5' ''-F-2gfg:f:5:7:5531-15:1:?.I-:c-,-.-:----.-.-1.-'fl:7:35275:F5251-rfrfriyi-:5"" "'-ifriizi:355:E15ff?F'5:fi1:r5f5:f:fffEff:f:f:l?25fj:f:1""' ' --:::::51:g5::,:gfjgA,q:4p::g:gf:f:51g-1355:-- '-:gif-5.-.g.--.'.-,1.4.-zlrlgggtgffgg-. bi' General Contractors LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." Psalm 127-1 'l l87l' VISIT E.N.C.'S IGREENHOUSE Potted Plants Novelties Corsages IVlzcn You Think of Flowers' Think of Bowersv COMPLIMENTS OF MASSACHUSETTS HEATING CGRPORATION Agent for VVolve1'ine Porcelain Roofing Tile NORMAN W.. PENIBERTON, Inc. Sheet Metal NVork - Slate Tin and Gravel Roofing I 141 Newport Avenue Wollaston, Mass Office Tel. Gfianite 2-5078 ' ' ""n ""- 2 - -------+.-,-. , ' ' ' AY Y --vm -i- iss 1- 1951 Sponsorships LINCOLN PHARMACY Hancock 81 Elin Sts. Wollaston, Mass. ALVES PHOTO SERVICE, Inc. 14 Stores Avenue Braintree, Mass. WOLLASTON FLORIST 679 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. LINDA,S RESTAURANT Specialists in Southern Style Chicken 770 Callivan Blvd. Neponset 9, Mass. WOOD'S HARDWARE CO. 673 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. WOLLASTON PHARMACY, Inc. 323 Newport Avenue Wollaston, Mass. BLACKWOOD PHARMACY 663 Hanccok Street 1Nollaston, Mass. A FRIEND F. H. CRANE 81 SONS, Inc. 30 Liberty Street Quincy, Mass. MAYF LOWER DINER 473 South Artery Quincy, Mass. QUINCY TYPEWRITER SERVICE Sold-Rented-Repairecl One Maple Street Quincy, Mass. A FRIEND IOHNSON,S FILLING STATION 700 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Y. M. C. A. 61 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE Walter R. F orbush CR 2-7121 78 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. PONTIAC COMPANY Complete repair service 326 Cranite Avenue East Milton, Mass. on all cars A FRIEND B ON-F0 S RIQUET W. C. Bonner Co. VVate1'toWn, Mass. WILLIAM ZALL 81 SON 959 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. NORFOLK PAINT 81 VARNISH CO. 21 Newport Avenue Quincy, Mass. WILLIAM D. MICHAEL, OPTOMETRIST 1581 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Telephone: CR 2-6048, CR 2-9468 -l189l' STANLEY-WINTHROP'S, Inc. Photographic Supplies and Hobbies 90 VVashington St., Quincy, Mass. IOHN I. DUANE CO. Building Wrecking 600 South Artery Quincy, Mass. CREETINC CARD SHOP 15 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. The Most Complete Line of Creeting Cards on the South Shore BETSY LEE SHOPPE 11 Beale Street Wollaston, Mass. DR. EARL STONE Dentist 7 Elm Avenue VVollaston, Massachusetts. WM. WESTLAND 61 CO. Equipment for Every Sport Baseball-Colf-Tennis-Archery Softball-Fishing-Badminton LONDON CLOTHING CORP. Brockton-Quincy A Factory-to-You Operation Saving You Money on Clothing DR. IOSEPH MCDERMOTT Optometrist 665 Hancock Street NVollaston, Mass. BEALE STREET PHARMACY Russell S. Keene, Ph.C., Mgr. 661 Hancock Cor. Beale St. VVollaston, Mass. MCCRATH TAXI SERVICE 641 Hancock Street Wfollaston, Mass. .DEPENDABLE LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS 63 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. Telephone PR 3-8922 PAY and TAKE FURNITURE CO Superb Quality! Best Value . . . Comparel 15 Billings Road North Quincy, Mass. HANCOCK PAINT SZ VARNISH CO. 53 West Squantum Street North Quincy 71, Mass. ERNEST C. HATCH Prescription Optician 25 Beale Street Wollaston, Massachusetts MID-TOWN RADIO SERVICE 549 Mancock Street Wollaston, Mass. VV. H. HASLETT CO. 837 Hancock Street YNollaston, Mass. CARROLL CUT-RATE PERF UMER 19 Beale Street Wollaston, Massachusetts RUSSELL FUNERAL HOME Harold A. Thurston, Director 644 Hancock Street XVollaston, Mass. WILLIAM SHEA 12 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. Real Estate and Insurance Realtor - Notary EASTERN SHADE 61 SCREEN CO Shades, Screens, Venetian Blinds 363 Winter St., Hyannis, Mass. 20 -Iohn St., North Quincy, Mass. 'l 190 1. RICH'S TAXI SERVICE 3 Billings Road, North Quincy, Mass. W. H. BEARD, D.M.D. 1011 Beacon Street Boston, Mass. Telephone BE 2-1568 PHILIP 1. GARCIA 3 Nicholls Street Quincy, Mass. BOSTON HEATING 61 PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. 579 Atlantic Ave. Boston, Mass. NORMAN B. SMALL CO. 61 Catham Street Boston, Mass. M. sToLL sz co., Inc. Established 1863 Wholesale Grocers Boston, Mass. RELIABLE OFFICE PARTITION CO. 55 Albany Street Boston, Mass. Telephone HU 2-2096 BOSTON CHINA CO. 80-88 Portland Street Boston, Mass. QUINT'S GREENHOUSES We Specialize in Corsages 1258 Hancock Street, Quincy, Mass. BOSTON SAND 81 GRAVEL 118 First Street Boston, Mass. QUINCY LUMBER CO. 610 Southern Artery Quincy 69, Mass. BEACON CLEANSERS 81 DYERS Fur Storage, Tailoring Delivery Service 624 Hancock Street VV ollaston, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS . . . To The Class of 1951 RIVAL FOODS, Inc VVholesale Grocers 38 Henry Street Cambridge, Mass. 11911- Ww 4255 PHUHIGHAPHEH . .. The responsibility associated with such a title is no small task. A College Annual without photographs would indeed be dull. Therefore, we have tried to fulfill our photographic assignment with the careful attention necessary to assure you a pleasant and lasting memory of your days at E. N. C. YAQHAR ARD W UDIU Qfficial 'Photographer 1947 N 1948 N 1949 1950 and IQ5I 669 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS 11921- ESPECIHLLU FUR UUU 0 The makmg of College Annuals takes far longer than you thunk The co ordmatlon of photography art work engraving prnntmg and blndmg was entrusted to our been makmg college annuals for nearly a quarter of a century Together with the staff who have served you so well we too share un the satlsfactlon of completung this book Especially For YQU PM! ff. Efwwmd JW College Annuals 669 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON MASS l . - . . I skilled craftsmen who have . . 9 0 I 'l19:3l' Adams, James F. A Akers, Charles W. 234 Marlboro St., Allen, Frances 23 E. Elm Ave B Babcock, Wm. J. V. 114 Willet St Blaney, Harvey J. S. 232 Beach St., C Cameron, Ruth Cove, Edith Davis, Elizabeth Dell, Edward T Delp, George J. Dixon, Wallace Dygoski, Louise A. Gery, Frank W. Goodnow, Edith P. Goodnow, Kent Gould, J. Glenn Groves, Vernon T. Harris, Mary K. Hunting, Ward M. Larkin, Greg Lechner, Hadrian Lechner, Mary S. 21 W. Elm Ave., 124 Phillips St., D 10 Watkins St., 23 E. Elm Ave 21 W. Elm Ave 14 Beach St., 9 Landers Rd G 21 W. Elm Ave 158 Waterston Ave 158 Waterston Ave 29 Dunbarton Rd 98 Phillips sff,' H 90 Franklin Ave 59-A Davis St L 98 Phillips St 23 Ebbett Ave 23 Ebbett Ave A -1 DIRECTORY FACULTY Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston, Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Mass. Mass. Mass. Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass. Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass. Mass. M Mann, Edward S. 41 W. Elm Ave. Wollaston, Mass Marple, Olive B. 98 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass Maybury, Robert H. 16 Winslow Rd., Brookline, Mass McFarland, Elizabeth 82 Kemper St., Wollaston Mass Mullen, Laurence 118 Phillips St., Wollaston Mass Mullen, Wilbur H. 90 Winthrop Ave. Wollaston Mass Munro, Bertha 90 Franklin Ave Wollaston Mass N Naylor, Jasper R. 97 Willow St. Wollaston Mass Nease, Madeline 92 Franklin Ave. Wollaston Mass Nease, Stephen 23 E. Elm Ave. Wollaston Mass P Parsons, Rolland W. 102 Hamden Circle, Wollaston Mass Pearsall, Kenneth 57 Ellington Rd. Wollaston Mass R Rankin, Andrew F. 30 Ebbett Ave. Wollaston Mass Rothwell, Helen F. 127 Lincoln Ave. Wollaston Mass Rothwell, Mel-Thomas 127 Lincoln Ave. Wollaston Mass S Schlosser, Claude G. 68 Davis St., Wollaston Mass Shields, Fred J. 100 Hamden Circle, Wollaston Mass Shields, Hester 100 Hamden Circle, Wollaston Mass Shrader, James H. 90 Winthrop Ave., Wollaston Mass Smith, Timothy L. 39 Cummings Ave. Wollaston Mass Soteriades, Evangelos 105 Willow Ave., Wollaston Mass Spangenberg, Alice 22 Gay St., Quincy Mass W Weston, Muriel 539 Runnymede Rd., Toronto, Ont., Canada Williamson, Esther D. 23 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass Yoder, Kenneth COLLEGE Box 251, Twin Rocks, Pa. Adams, Nathan A., Jr. 236 Franklin St, Framingham, Mass, Albert, Gerald E. 366 West Pennsylvania Ave., Sebring, Ohio Alexander, Douglas R. 1858 Aird Ave., Montreal, Canada Allen, Frances 23 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Allen, John W. 216 S. Morris St., Dover, N. J. Allen, Morris 33 E Street, Hull, Mass. Allison, Richard A. 215 Franklin Place, Grove City, Pa. Anderson, John W. 206 Grant St., Warren, Pa. Anderson, Lois E. 65 Richmond Hill, New Canaan, Conn. Andrews, Lois E. 445 Washington St., Roversford, Pa. Apple, R. Christine 3920 Baxter Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Armstrong, Doreen M. 628 Beresford Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada Armstrong, Ruthirene E. Cortland, Ohio Ash, Patricia Ann Austin, Dorothy M. Austin, George E. Bailey, Ernest B. Bailey, Lois E. Bailey, A. Russell Bailley, Vera Y 175 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass 551 California Ave., Chester, W. Va Gillett, Pa 49 Douglass St., Portland, Me 41 Fairfield St., Boston, Mass. 704 Cherry St., Lamar, Mo. 704 Cherry St., Lamar, Mo. R.D. No. 1, Irwin, Pa. Baker, James E. 11 Patterson St., Dorchester, Mass. Ballard, Rosemarie S. 22 Corringway, Ealing, London, England Barrueto, Richard B. 118 3rd Ave. South, Guatemala City, Guatemala Bartch, Paul E. 240 South Central Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Basham, Paul D. Hollywood, Md. Beach, Norma Faye 952 Stiles St., N.W., Warren, Ohio -ll941' Becker, Warren H. 79 Edgemont Rd., Katonah, N. Y. Bedor, Mervin A. LaFargevilIe, N. Y. Benelli, Gerard V. 43 Rodman St., Quincy, Mass. Bennett, Loraine W. Route 4, Box 51, Belington, W. Va. Bergers, Jay A. 2738 Glenmawr Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Betts, Ruby E. 2288 7th St., Akron, Ohio Betts, Stella Ruth 2288 7th St., Akron, Ohio Bigelow, Emily M. Monument Beach, Mass. Bigelow, John C. Monument Beach, Mass. Bigelow, Myron C. Monument Beach, Mass. Blachly, Samuel D. 44 Martin St., West Haven, Conn. Blake, Evelyn T. 97 Dearborn St., Manchester, N. H. Bloye, Jean E. R.R. No. 1, Little Britain, Ont., Canada Boates, T. Thomas, Jr. Bonnallie, lvalene M. Boshart, Marcia Ann Bourne, Charles N. Bowlby, Evelyn L. Bowlby, Paul W. Brackett, Gloma J. Bradley, Robert W. Brake, Harold M. Brake, Jeanette M. Bricker, John F. Brodhead, Charles L. Brooks, Stanley E. Brown, Florette R. 30 Mead St., Cambridge, Mass. Br an Brown, Gordon Brown, Phyllis E. 216 Robbins St., Waltham, Mass. 22 Congress St., Fitchburg, Mass. 516 Fulton St., Carthage, 14 Mayfair St., Roxbury, 1182 Kohler Ave., Akron, N. Y. Mass. Ohio 603 Broadway, Wellsville, Ohio 55 Victoria St., Lowell, Mass. 135 Main St., Skowhegan, Me. 5201 Samuel Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 5201 Samuel Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio R.D. No. 1, Irwin, Pa. 11 Union St., Richlandtown, Pa. 178 North St., New 523 Cottage St., New Altona, N. Y. Bedford, Mass. Belfast, N. Y. Bedford, Mass. Bruce, John W. 126 Second St., St. Marys, W. Va. Bruce, Nancy C. 126 Second St., St. Marys, W. Va. Bruce, Rachel Florence, Vt. Bruce, Ruth E. 126 Second St., St. Marys, W. Va. Bruey, Mary V. 333 E. Washington St., Lisbon, Ohio Bryan W. Jean Scranton, Kansas Mar lou E Y f Y - Bryner, Gene P. Burdett, Mary-Esther Burgess, June E. Burt, Beverly E. Burton, John E. Bye, Harley E. R. No. 1, Claysville, Pa. Mannsville, N. Y. 9 Garfield St., Cambridge, Mass. 875 Poplar St., Bloomsburg, Pa. 342 Webster Ave., Syracuse, N. Y Annan, Ont., Canada C Saltcoats, Sask., Canada Calhoun, Ardith E. 4107 First St., S.E., Washington, D. C. Caldwell, James R. Copp, Jane E. 30 Roosevelt Ave., Endicott, N. Y. Couchenour, Gladys M. Box 101, St. Petersburg, Pa. Cousins, Ivan E. 182 Sawyer St., So. Portland, Me. Cove, J. Richard Wilbraham Academy, Wilbraham, Mass Cramer, D. Edward R.D. No. 2, Homer City, Pa. Cramer, Edward H. Union, Maine Crawford, Gloria L. Route No. 1, Chester, W. Va. Cribbis, Ross R. 359 Main St., Toronto, Ont., Canada Cronin, Alice J. R.F.D. No. 1, North Adams, Mass. Croucher, Elizabeth E. 88 Oakland Rd., Halifax, N. S., Canada Crutcher, Lowell Edward 5 Rawdlett St., Wollaston, Mass. Cubie, Annie T. The Manse, Graniteville, Vt. Cubie, David L. The Mafise, Graniteville, Vt. Cummings, Leatrice B. 12 Presley St., Malden, Mass. Cunningham, Cloyce, Jr. 743 Rudolph Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio D Daisey, Doris Marie Frankford, Delaware Dammes, Barbara 140-28 157 St., Jamaica, N. Y. Darsch, Donald Philip 130 Faxon Rd., Quincy, Mass. Davis, Beverly Ann Box 169, Hardwick, Vt. Davis, Donald H. 10 Watkins St., Wollaston, Mass. DeBar, Frank R. 99-22 67 Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. Davis, Dorothy E, R.R. No. 6, Pontiac, lll. Deneen, Helen Grace 319 Pennsylvania Ave., Cumberland, Md. DeRemer, Charles L. 3 Allston Court, Cambridge, Mass. DeShields, DeLora 26 Park Place, Port Chester, N. Y. Dill, Robert C. 139 Atlantic St., No. Quincy, Mass. Dinsmore, Raymond E. 52 Berlin St., Wollaston, Mass. Dobson, Carol Lee 27 Bloomfield St., Lynn, Mass. Dodge, Herbert V. 610 E. Main St., Lancaster, Ohio Dohanian, Zaven 52 Cedar St., Somerville, Mass, Dollinger, Marion J. 5010 N. Paulina, Chicago, lll. Dorothy, C. Joy Childwold, N. Y. Down, Gwendoline Y. R.R. No. 3, Trenton, Ont., Canada Dudley, Herbert L. R.D. No. 5, County Line Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. Duncan, Joseph W. 604 N. 9th St., Klamath Falls., Ore. Cameron, James R. 21 West Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Carnobas, Miriam A. 631 N. 10th St., Reading. Pa. Caswell, Quentin C. 47 Ryder Ave., East Rockaway, L. l., N. Y. Chalfant, Betty J. 471 S. Osborn, Kankakee, lll. Chandler, Ada S. 46 Roberts St., Woonsocket, R. I. Charlton, Robert P. 247 Farrington St., Quincy, Mass. Chase, Sarah F. Sedgwick, Maine Chavier, Manuel 95 Jenney St., New Bedford, Mass. Checkley, John T. 29 Bennett St., So. Portland, Me. Christensen, A. Thomas Altona, N. Y. Clark, Milton E. 138 Weirtield St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Clark, Robert E. 138 Weirfield St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Clemmons, Maxwell P. 1553 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Cliff, Eileen B. 82 St. Mary's St., Fredericton, N. B., Canada Cliff, Inez P. 82 St. Mary's St., Fredericton, N. B., Canada Clingerman, Kermit G. R.D. No. 1, Poland, Ohio Clingerman Quentin S. R.D. No. 1, Poland, Ohio Coghill, lsabel 246 Chisholm Ave., Toronto, Canada Collins, Norman S. 536 South Ave., Whitman, Mass. Conser, Bowen B. 160 Waterston Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Coombs, T. Ruth Kiel Ave., Butler, N. J. Copeland, Marie Evelyn R.F.D. No. 3, Box 93, Portsmouth, Va. Copeland, Norman E. 53 Phillips St., Quincy, Mass. Dunning, Harriet W. 150 Notch Road, Granby, Conn, Durkee, Joanne L. 1558 Delia Ave., Akron, Ohio Dyment, William E. 40 Myrtle St., Malden, Mass. E Earl, Nancy W. 5524 Cumberland Dr., Garfield Heights, Ohio Edgington, Howard C. 1125 Reid St., Bucyrus. Ohio Edwards, Kenneth D. R.D. No. 2, Centerville, Pa. Eliades, Grace O. Old Ayer Rd., Groton, Mass. Elliott, G. Elizabeth 2405 Edmondson Ave., Baltimore, Md. Elliott, Pauline M. 72 Prospect Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Ellis, Nancy E. East Wareham, Mass. Engstrom, Mary 4838 West Erie St., Chicago, Ill. Erbe, P. Wesley Robbinsville, N. J. Eshleman, L. Viola 312 Hiohland Ave., Downingtown, Pa. Esselstyn, M. Anne 23 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Esselstyn, Eleanor S. 23 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Eto, Moses 1413 State Rd., Seabrook, N. J. Evers, Susanne L. 67 West Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Fader, Wesley R. 11 Windsor Rd., W. Somerville, Mass. Feil, Beulah M. 360 Union Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. Ferguson, Margaret B. R.D. No. 1, Sprakers, N. Y. Finch, Arlene D. 27 Wilson, Beacon, N. Y. Fleming, Beatrice 788 Center St., Ashtabula, Ohio Flewelling, Mariorie L. 20 Arlington St., Lynnfield Ctr., Mass. 'l1951' Fliger, Edward M. Rt. 2, Box 567, Auburn, Forquer, D. Jean 27 Edge Park Dr., Buttalo, Francis, Elizabeth A. 25 Cushman St., New Berlin Frasier, Wayne M. Freeman, Mildred A. Freeman, Millan A. Freese, Ruth I. Friend, John T. Friend, Ruby P. Fry, H. Theona R.D. No. 2, LaFayette, G Gage, Lois M. 9 Bowman St., Malden, Gant, Edward P. Gardner, Beulah E. Gardner, Elinor J. Gardner, John M. Calif. A N.Y N.Y Mass. Mass. Mass. 100 Alton Rd., Quincy, 28 Newhall St., Malden, 3 Neilon Park, Malden, Tunnel Hill, Ohio Acosta, Pa. Acosta, Pa. N. Y. Mass. 415 Harrison St., Newell, W. Va. Island Pond, Vt. Island Pond, Vt. 508 Cove Rd., Weirton, W. Va. Garrison, Dorothy M. Lake Winnemaug, Watertown, Conn. Gavette, Janice E. 459 Preble St., South Portland, Me. Gery, Frank W. 100 W. Sproul Rd., Broomhall, Pa. Gill, Raymond G. 32 Elmore St., Woonsocket, R. I. Gleason, Carlton P. 47 Alexander St., Providence, R. I. Glennie, John I. 11 Lincoln St., Merrimac, Mass. Glick, Halvor H. 206 W. Delilah Rd., Pleasantville, N. J. Glover, Romaine E. R.D. No. 2, Newark Valley, N. Y. Gonzalez, Carlos A. 12 Calle Ote. No. 12, Guatemala Gonzalez, Carmen B. 12 Calle Ote. No. 12, Guatemala Goodale, Eleanor B. 96 Cedar St., Bangor, Me. Goodnow, Elizabeth J. 158 Waterston Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Goodwin, George E. 35 Authur St., Quincy, Mass. Goresh, John W. 167 Van Buren St., Conemaugh, Pa. Graetlin, Walter G. 126 South St., Wellington, Ohio Grate, Charles S. R.D. No. 1, Lisbon, Ohio Grey, Lorana C. Hampton Bays, N. Y. Griffith, Marshall G. R.D. No. 3, Nampa, Idaho Griggs, Paul H. 382 W. Squantum St., N. Quincy, Mass. Grosse, Doris G. 528 Baer Ave., Hanover, Pa. Grosse, Robert E. 528 Baer Ave., Hanover, Pa. Guscott, Charles E. 121 S. Elm St., Jelterson, Ohio H Hagen, Natalie P. 144 Winthrop Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Hall, Elaine G. Box 14, North Fryeburg, Me Hall, Gordon D. Box 72, Lamira, Ohio Hall, Harry F. 82 Vinedale Rd., E. Braintree, Mass. Hance, M. Catherine Handloser, Rose R. Hardin, William D. Harding, Donald G. Hardy, Deane R. Harris, Austin F. Harris, Harold L. Harris, Gordon R. 88-22 186 St., Hollis, 41 Bromtield St., Wollaston, R.D. No. 1, Concord, 2654 Harlem Ave., Baltimore, Md R.D. No. 2, Greenwood, Del N.Y Bridgewater, Me 30 Walnut St., N. Quincy, Mass. 169 Harriet St., So. Portland, Me Mass, N.H Haselkamp, Marie A. Winterport, Me. Haselton, Shirley A. Wilmington, N. Y Hatch, Leon S. 102 Western Ave., Lynn, Mass. Hathaway, M. Kenneth, Jr. 133 Prospect Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Hatton, Howard A. 79 Hillside St., Milton, Mass. Haxton, Robert D. 84 Wright St., Quincy, Mass. Hayden, Richard C. 19 New Hampshire Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Hazelton, Daniel J. 39 California Ave., Quincy, Mass. Hedden, Earl R. R.D. No. 1, Box 110, Dover, N. J Hedden, Norma M. R.D. No. 1, Box 110, Dover, N. J Hedden, Robert E. 233 Chrystal St., Dover, N. J Heinlein, Richard B. R.D. No. 7, Butler, Pa Henck, Eunice L. Darlington, Md Henck, Roy M. 811 Salem Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Hennen, Donald H. R.D. No. 1, Washington, Pa. Herrington, Beverly J. 635 James St., Syracuse, N. Y. Hersey, Cliftord F. 190 Fayette St., Wollaston, Mass. Hickman, Barbara C. 215 Hancock St., Everett, Mass. Hicks, Esther R. 23 East Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Higgins, Jeanette E. R.D. No. 2, Box 105, Bangor, Me. Hill, E. May R.D. No. 3, Portland, Me. I-lilyard, Elise M. Fort Fairtield, Me. Hoff, Marilyn J. R.D. No. 5, Slippery Rock, Pa. Holloway, Warren O. R.D. No. 1, Lisbon, Ohio Holman, Charles R. R.D. No. 1, Rockville, Conn. Holstead, John H. 157172 Coleman Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada Homsy, John 137 Samoset Ave., Quincy, Mass. Hood, W. Russell, Jr. R.D. No. 1, Huntingdon, Pa. Hornberger, Glenn H. R.D. No. 5, Bloomsburg, Pa. Houghtaling, John 126 E. Cheltenham St., Syracuse, N. Y. Howard, Edgar R. R.D. No. 2, Centerville, Pa. Howell, Thomas B. 73 Elm St., Medford, Mass. Howland, Helen E. Lake Hill, N. Y. Hudson, Lois E. R.D. No. 2, Oxford, Pa. Hutt, Gerald E. Cedar Lake, Rivervale, N. J. Hughes, John A. 52 Lees Ave., Ottawa, Ont., Canada Hutcheon, Roy R. 45 No. Central St., Peabody, Mass. Hutchinson, Richard B. 316 E. Horner St., Ebensburg, Pa. Hysong, Ralph L. 217 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Hysong, Ruth M. 217 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. I Ingalls, Belva L. Seal Cove, Grand Manan, N. B., Canada Ingland, Robert M., Jr. 322 Meadow Ave., Chaleroi, Pa. J Jackson, Gilbert J. Ebensburg, Pa. Jackson, Robert W. 1717 Grove St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Jambazian, George A. Armenian Convent, Jerusalem, Jordan Janacek, Robert N. R.D. No. 1, Vicksburg, Mich. Jewett, Lloyd, Jr. 18 Walcott Rd., Danvers, Mass. John, I. Floyd 801 Jefferson St., Gary, Ind. Johnson, C. Leonard R.D. No. 2, Seagerstown, Pa. Johnson, Helen I. 2434 23rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Johnson, Lloyd S. Upper Economy, Nova Scotia, Canada Jones, Betty J. 4763 Jefferson St., Bellaire, Ohio Jones, Edmund C. 3141 Raleigh Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. K Kauttman, Paul E. 52 Clapp St., Dorchester, Mass. Keith, Pauline A. R.D. No. 2, Box 13, Portage, Pa. Kelley, Florence A. 134 Garvin Blvd., Sharon Hill, Pa. Kelley, Frank O. 48 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Kelley, George R. 1009 Pierce Ave., Toronto, Ohio Kelley, James M. 25 Russell St., West Somerville, Mass. Kelly, Doris L. 1 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. Kemner, H. Margaret 1605 W. Main St., Norristown, Pa. Kereluik, Donald 91 Fourth Ave., Ottawa, Ont., Canada Kern, Robert L. N. Walnut St., Bath, Pa. Ketner, Francis D. 212 MacDade Blvd., Collingdale, Pa. Kish, Frank G. 9A Landers Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Kline, Iris C. Indian Head, Md. Knepper, C. Joyce 24 South Central Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Knepper, R. Herbert 24 South Central Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Knight, Paul F. 330172 S. Union Ave., Alliance, Ohio Koelker, Irvin E. 1332 Kohler Ave., Akron, Ohio Kurbs, Patricia A. 581 Boston Post Rd., Marlboro, Mass. Kuschner, Allard W. Burton, Ohio Kuykendall, Coy F. 30 Rockland St., Roxbury, Mass. 'l196l' L Laird, Irving W. Groveville Park, Beacon, N. Y. Landers, Earle W. Sandford, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Can. Lantz, Donald James 31 Maxwell St., Dorchester, Mass. Larsen, Mildred J. 254 Chrystal St., Dover, N. J. Laudermilk, Lennura 1931 E. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Laudermilk, Roy F. 1931 E. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio LaVigne, Leon S. 1215 City St., Utica 4, N. Y. Lawhead, Alvin S. R.D. 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MacLeod, Myrtle I. 70 Pleasant St., Quincy, Mass. MacMahon, Kent L. 190 Main St., Yarmouth, Me. MacNeil, Donald W. 17 Hendry St., Dorchester, Mass. MacNeiIl, Beverly A. 38 Essex St., Cambridge, Mass. MacPherson, Cornelius M. 1813 Albany St., Schenectady, N. Y. MacPherson, Priscilla M. 1813 Albany St., Schenectady, N. Y. Mann, Gwendolyn E. 18 Thornton St., Wollaston, Mass. Mann, Jacob 97 Sumner St., Quincy, Mass. Masters, Velma I. 309 Main St., Toronto, Ohio Mateer, Warren W. 2028 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va. Matheson, Agnes 48 Cummings Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Maxwell, William N. Box 264, Retsil, Washington Mellinger, Mary E. Rear 39, Rawson Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Mellon, Doris M. 504 MacDade Blvd., Collingdale, Pa. Meredith, H. Margaret 141 Third Ave., So. Charleston, W. Va. Merki, Robert T. 433 Perkiomen Ave., Lansdale. Pa. Merritts, Marjorie H. 517 S. Broadway, Butler, Ind. Metcalfe, Russell F. 954 Aberdeen, Akron, Ohio Meyer, Elsie L. 234 Elm St., Walpole, Mass. 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North St., llion, N. Y. 42 West 26th St., Hialeah, Fla. 122 Davis Ave., Brookline, Mass. Waterville, Vt. R.D. No. 2, Lisbon Falls, Me. 2194-25th St., Akron, Ohio 51 Odell St., Union City, Pa. 127 N. Catherine St., Plattsburg, N. Y. R.D. No. 4, Salem, Ohio 241 E. Second St., Hummelstown, Pa. Simmons, Bonnie Jean 14027 N. Miami Ave., Miami, Fla. Simmons, Helen V. Zelienople, Pa. Trout, B. Waveline R.D. No. 1, Doylestown, Ohio Turkington, Marion E. 18 Thornton St., Wollaston, Mass. Tustin, Paul E. 60 LeMoyne Ave., Washington, Pa. Tyler, Martha A. Vermontville, N. Y. U Umstead, Clair E. 450 Washington St., Royersford, Pa. V Valdez, Carmen M. 3 Calle de Tivoli No. 3, Guatemala Vangel, Peter J. 6-A Appleton St., Boston, Mass. Varian, William E. 39 Rawson Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Sloan Skidmore, L. Thomas 951 Ambrose Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio Skidmore, Rebecca J. 951 Skillings, Nola M. William G. Ambrose Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio Steep Falls, Me. 36 Pond St., So. Weymouth, Mass. 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Stetson, Harold A. Stewart, M. Kipp Styers, B. Irene Swanson, Fern M. Taylor, David R. 26 East 6th St., l-lamilton, Ont., Can. 19 Hoyt St., New Canaan, Conn. R.R. No. 2, Mifflinburg, Pa. 11 Roselin Ave., Quincy, Mass. T 18 Hampshire St., Everett, Mass. Thomson, Bruce M. 611 B Falmouth St., Attleboro, Mass. Travis, Pearl C. Truitt, Shirley A. 75 Ryding Ave., Toronto, Can. 419 Smith St., Salisbury, Md. W Watson, Florence M. 80 Withrow Ave., Toronto, Ont., Can. Webb, James W. White, Lillian White, Ruth E. -l1991- Harrington, Delaware 98 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass. 98 Phillips St., Wollaston, Mass. cvflutogmp hs fix ,F . f 4 fn-.. .,.,--..---4...-,...-.- mmm

Suggestions in the Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) collection:

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