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Eastern Nazarene College - Nautilus Yearbook (Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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X 1 I Swgil HUM X x SW' c"'0'4Z ff 5 f KNNLI7-YL OF ERSTERN N7-YZKRENE COLLEGE aufilu WOLL7-KSTON, MKSSKCHUSETTS ' +51 AR me .5632 AW KRE 901' If icfvry yzfreufvrd .FW YV, ll, l ! li' tx, 1 fx ftqh Hi 08 xx ,Q 1' 4 ' J . V, Zig . 'ti ' . i 3 Victory in 1944! The cry that brealcs out from every heart throughout the Allied nations, the hope that is breathed by count- less thousands now under the yoke of totalitarian doctrine. Lilce a spark growing into an uncontrollable Fire, the anticipation of victory has leaped from person to person until novv it is intense and world- wide. Although vve at Eastern Nazarene College are earnestly praying for an Allied victory and are participating in the vvar ettort, vve believe the vvords ol the Scriptures: "Not by might, nor by povver, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." For us, a true vic- tory can be won only through the cross of Jesus Christ. "ln hoc signo vincesf' This has been a victorious year for the college. We have seen evidences of progress which would have been impossible without the povver of God and the consecrated lives ol our leaders. ln retrospect vve praise God for l-lis guidance and blessing, in pros- pect we place our complete confidence in l'lim for a triumphant future. And from the depths ol our hearts we say, "But thanlcs be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christi' in this V111 uma Kdministration and Faculty Classes Retivities Features Cur Pldvertisers To him whose lite is a testimony to the power ol God to bless with victory those who wait upon l'lim, whose sympa- thetic understanding and complete reliance on God have macle him a sound adviser, gracious Friend, and Christian gentleman, whose recognition and respect in the scientific and educational world have given prestige to E. N. C., whose fertile mind and untiring labor have been the human means through which God has worl4ecli Whose prayer that he may make a contribution to his generation has been answered in this year of victory tor Eastern Nazarene Collegef- to Dr. James l'louston Shrader, vve sincerely dedicate the "Nautilus" ot 1944. Dr. James Houston Shrader U15 191' G. B. Williamson President 5 zdelfzfsyidr ago' To live is to grow. For a quarter ol a century Eastern Nazarene College has lived and grown in Wollaston. With each passing year there has been some new development. Perhaps no year has witnessed so much in the way ol notable achievement as this one. Enrollment has reached its highest, the gymnasium has been improved, and the valuable Willow Street property has been acquired. ln December, E. N. C. was elected to membership in the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and in January to membership in the Association of American Colleges. We have enioyed a gracious tide ol spiritual blessing throughout the year. ln May we shall graduate the largest class in the history of the college, and on the same day the mortgage on the college property will be burned. Thus, the college will have achieved full scholastic recognition and complete lina ncial secu rity. 9. This is the greatest year so lar, but there are greater ones in the Future. New buildings must be erected, the scope of our curriculum must be broadened, and its quality enriched. Larger visions of service to the church and the world must be born within our souls. For all the accomplishments of the past we give praise to God our Father, but our gratitude can adequately be expressed only as we dedicate ourselves to the taslc before us. Let us de- termine that to the ideals and faith ofthe founders ol Eastern Nazarene College we shall be true, that with increased material prosperity we shall not lose the vision of things unseen and eternal. Let us highly resolve that with our victorious growth and development, many shall leel the impact of lives Fully consecrated, adequately trained, and mightily indued with Gods spirit. U16 Ha!! gf: v7-ARE0 E . '29 4' 6 ,X 4' ... se-3 .- '6 5 , 2,-.N l s,'7 - - 1. A , ' 'iq Qu Q X 4 K . A- . , vt 1 xxx iixx',jXw-AQlE:k ' ' rt . 1 A 'xg Q, X QEMQN AAA, P v Qgdiai was K J f , f-1 k , "xx alg' ' s I iferifi v-'rxy X Q, - 1 gl yi: S x- 'frlfmlr'-'4' ' ' W!" 4 ' . K ':-. - ' ' , ' . 1 1 X -R fi-'gf 0 'if' "'x'9Ef C f'sl", i X X 'J X, ' ' ix p 5 Q Q igxxqk' Q51 , A Q, ' ' 4' N3 , ,J R X W ' Q H .'.. 1 X ww .- X Q fs.. xk Z.: fxx - R ' vu Q v Q .3:3Nk" Q xxx ' K u W-v .Y H: 40 'Q W.. Q ,Q W Q li Q x K Q hx x X .xx .tvs , 1 'xg x . R- w A 'bf' K K - - L Aw ,af N 5,3 xv EL. -Q, '.-N? 3 ir- - Eglzjxga fi we-Y I SP ' A .3 12 , -'X' ESQ x 4' "V '3 ' ll e if w., , QF v. .1 N Q Q Ir' -xi K Qt, waive. .,,. I u L AAXQ X WK. Wi 47 R E1 ' .Ml h L K iw .sg-Qzgnyx tglgm at I Af -Qffx Q 'fig-:I , x ' ,4f'f .f M-Hr wvx- N jj, va 1,-H ww, Xl 1 Q, it ..qf'.X'-'Q' ic., ' 'I 1 4., Wt: I, ,' -ji Jw . . . ?,,5'5'fN5'-mf-. fwffffifb X . . , A QLATQI K, v, fiqfiQ'7 -J' , .. V, up 4 L, ,, :ffr ' fn' " Ha N. EL, Q Agn? , I. 17, '53 1 'Q 8 ,X . i 8 J V M,fgQ3?i-gm ' 5 + r fv r Af 7guf3i5 .w,g3 if gpg! Q 53 Ib Q .ggzi-.wxxh-X Xu- 55' , A JJ- Nw x fi' figs-Xf: .V .FR sg .Za Mfgx ,,.?v?!,-1 M Exif Jaw " eq JSF: ' 'vx 1 bf .f ig , AT fp li . W1 iii? ' EW: l .grew 'K ,GI 'i Q www Wmww n W. ,M W 'VVQLQTIX Q. 'L SE' N '1.v.,bY'Of.F P ,Am A -wi fs M wvfgf- my.. in ' dn ,M ,H r 1 , H A 'Ia V K F ,, , Npgiqif, .nys Q Q ww, x Q sl 0 1 X AJ Q if M-fu' W- ,.,.f 2 ,pq--.Hg h MM, , 4, .5 41 , 4 A REV JOH GOULD Rugged integrity in a kindly shepherds heart, strong convictions with an intense yearning for the souls of men, a deFinite experience ol entire sanctilication lived out in a life of practical holiness,-this is the sterling character of Rev. John Gould. During the four years in which he was business manager of Eastern Nazarene College, he demon- strated that "the eFlectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." As senior trustee his calm wisdom and sound counsel guided the college in its victorious progress. Throughout his twenty-four years ol service his heart never departed from Eastern Nazarene College. Q , In memory of a servant of God who was also a servant of mankind. Rev. Daniel E. l-liggs, in his role of Superintendent of the Washington-Philadelphia District and member of the Board of Trustees, used his powerful inlluence to support, both directly and indirectly, Eastern Nazarene College, Besides his outstanding eloquence in preaching, his ability to persuade others to accept responsi- bility was one ol the reasons for his success. Devoted to the high ideals of Christian experience and conduct, he had a compassionate spirit toward all men. Eastern Nazarene College pays tribute to a triumphant life, but as with all true victors, Rev. D. E. l-liggs' earnest reply rings baclc, "To God goes all the glory." REV. DANIEL E. HIGGS r ..,. a ., .y,,, By his side stood his wife, Mrs, Olive M. Gould. Completely devoted to the will of God and consecrated to l-lis worlc, she literally burned out her life in service to her Master. E. N. C. knew her as the poised efficient Dean of Women, as the energetic missionary leader, and as the zealous interceder in prayer. The forward vision of these two saints lives after them in victory already realized and confidence in the future. "More than conquerorsn themselves, they are an MRS. OLIVE M. GOU LD .,., ., R X 2' 2 ,rv S19 riff 45 -as K ff 0 N 4 X xl fi Y W' vsp s Q ,wil Nw EN 5 X N H 'Six i n undying inspiration to those that follow. M ' U:-mv-sm XL.-,,, X f g 44 ,.,,,. . .,,, K Q .. .- fp.: 11.-my , . ., 3 V .VNU ,ff,fl X VX xlxff ,X K Jflgffg, jj .xqwv 1 'I!2,!u4'?nTt"M,3f'gb y' .St C 'az Wa. . A. 3517 . if 1 I if ,4 dmiuisfra firm Board of Trustee Rev. O. l.. Benedum, Chairman NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Rev. Ira Akers E. A. Peifer E. S. Carman Rev. A. M. Babcock Rev. P. F. Heinlein Rev. Charles Smith Maurice R. Emery Rev. John Z. Andree Rev, E. E. Grosse Rev. C. E. Keyes Rev, F. D. Ketner Warren Lahue Rev. W. S. Macpherson Rev. J. N. Nielson E. H. Kauffman Leonard Spangenberg Rev. L. E. Eclcley Rev. R. W. Visscher Rev. R, F. Woods Rev. H. V. Muxworthy EDWARD S. MANN, ACM. Assistant to tI1e President gentle courtesy in voice and manner. . .de- termined . . . participates in student lun . . . diplomatic arranger . . . avid interest in sports . . . sparlcling toastmaster. JAMES H. SHRADER, A.M., Ph.D. Chemistry 'Sees Iile clearly and sees it vvliolei' . . . sociable. . .a practical visionary . . , cordial Iigl'it. PRESIDENT G. B. WILLIAMSON, A.B., D.D. perceives Iwis trust and keeps iaitlw vvitlw it . . . capable leadership . . . puts Iirst tlwings First always . . . "Une vvlio marclies breast Iorvvardf' BERTHA MUNRO, A.M. Dean of Collegei Literature Inspiring teaclier and guide . . . makes literature live . . . trueilwumility . . .a strong personality entirely consecrated . . . HGran- deur ol soul-a toucliing ol tlwe star." Qne vvlto accomplislsies proiects , . . luis 'ilriiglw endeavors are an inward , SAMUEL YOUNG, A.M. Theology Stands true to the vision ol Christ . . , ready sympathy and understanding ol student problems , . . triumphant spirit ol his 'lRivers" chorus. FRED j. SHIELDS, A.M., Ed.M., D.D. Psychologyi Sociology Enthusiasm . 4 . unexpected sallies in the classroom , . . Ulhis is worth titty dollars to youll '.,. unlailing trust in God . . . pursuer ol the best in each day's store. RALPH EARLE, JR., BD., A.M., Th.D. Biblical Literature Earnest student ol the Scriptures . . . quiet chuclcle . . . foresight . , . an enterprising pastor . . , ul-le taught, but First he Followed it himself." ALBERT F. HARPER, A.M., Ph.D. Philosophy Student and teacher ol philosophy . . . boyish smile . . . competent . . . approaches ditticult subjects with tact . . . UAnd gladly would he learn and gladly teachf' EDITH F. COVE, M.Music Piano, Theory of Music Quiclc of speech and action . . . naiveti . . . love of the out-of-doors . . . ioy in Christian living . . youthfi ALICE SPANGENBERG, A.M. English Well-rounded Iile . . . varied hobbies . . consistent . . . unrullled exterior . . . un- plumbed depths . . . sportsmanship , . . our vvar correspondent . . . expresses herself in the harmonies ol the organ. VERNON T. GROVES, A.M., Ph.D. Education conscientious . I . methodical . . . dry humor . . . meticulous . . . good hast and excellent conversationalist . . . keen analyst of character . . . "And al was conscience and tendre hertef' MARY HARRIS, A.M. Frenchf Spanish Soft-spolcen voice ol the South . . . gentle , . . intense. . . sense ot IiIe's true values . . .gallant striving lor completeness in living. . . . curiosity .ulountain of KENT GOODNOW, A.M. Classical Lan gua gesf German Characteristic nod ol approval in chapel . . . contemplative . , . ironic wit . . .a railroad enthusiast. . . appreciative. . . tolerant and lair-minded . . . wholesome atti- tudes . , , thorough scholar. EDITH GOODNOW, A.M. English Literature Sensible, but indulges in refreshing Flights ol lancy . . . clear outlines . , . heart-lelt concern lor missionary vvorlc , , . writes from her heart. AUDREY J. WILLIAMSON, A.M. Speechf Orchestra I-ligh ideals and strong convictions . . . in- spirational lile . . . responsive . . . vital ...indelatigable . . . helps the individual to realize himself . . . mistress of the batoni J. VERNER BABCOCK, A.M. Biology Progressive teacher . . . sensitive to beauty . . , deft artistic touch . . genuine interest in student proiects , . . "Let Nature be your teacher" . . . chel par excellence. MERVEL P. LUNN, A.M. History Cliallenge to see lwistory as lite . . . class- room iolces . . . 'lm from Missouri-slwovv mel' '... vvealtlw of experience to relate . . impressive clsiapel tallcs. JASPER R. NAYi.oR, Bs., AM. Dean of Menf Mathematics Breatli and tang of old Qlclaltoma . . . quiclc, liearty voice . . . loolcs for essential ' good in lwuman nature . . , reserved, . . . practical Christianity. DUNCAN E. MacDONALD, S.B., A.M. Physics Unusual classes . . . cltarm ol smile and man- ner. . . gracious . . . diversified interests . . . Scotclt eyes and liumor . . . versatile . . singer. . . . ESTHER D. WILLIAMSON Dean of Womeni Voice "God set a song upon my lips.' '... tender- liearted . . . slcillul vvitli the needle . . . understanding . . . motlwerly concern lor spiritual Welfare ol students. KATHERINE ANGELL, A.B. Secretary to the President Miscltieyous eyes , . . eager eous . . . friendliness and ease ol manner . . . one wlto lives life to tlie ioy, maiestic, equable, sedate." JUNE R. BECKWITH, A.B. Piano fragrance of lwyacintlws . . dreams Serenity , . . girl's sweet laughter . . . . wants Lifes best . . . "music-malcer and dreamer ot MADELINE N. NEASE, A.B. Registrar A striyer and seelcer , , , accuracy . . . record Files . . . steadfast Cliristian testi- mony . . . reliable worker . . . Roclc ol Gibraltar laitlw . , . noted for stealc dinners. EVANGELOS SOTERIADES, A.M. Accommodating , . . boolcstore notices . . . genial smile . . . resolute in Fulfillment ol duty. . . "l-lis mind was l4een, intense and Frugal, apt lor all allairsf' . . . Spontan- tull . . . "Like ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN, A.B. Academy Frenciif Latin "Site comes vvitlw lauglitern . . . sunsliine and miscliiel . . . lceeps an "even pulse and spiritn . . . liquid clwime ol the carillon. MURIEL PAYNE, A.B. Academy Matiiematicsf Piano Patience and understanding . . . well in- tegrated lite . , . graciousness at all times . . . art of pleasing vvitliout eitort. . . . J. LYAL CALHOUN, A.B. Academy Principali Historyi Social Science Famous smile and ready retort . , . com- manding . . . lirm . . . purposeful . . . Friendly candor . . , sees responsibilities that accom- pany tlwe ideal ol the Christian lile. DELLA BOGGS, A.B. Academy English Misclwievous eyes ...' 'Aunt Della" . . . clear perspective . . . laitlwiulness in even small tlwings . . , ready response to time missionary call . . . living lor otliers. . . . F H ass - was L, 550+ 'K Er: 'J .. QSO.. LOUISE DYGOSKI, A.B. Boolclceeperi Speech Gentle and dignified . . .dainty as Dresden cltina . . . deliglit and zest in living . . . "two noblest of things, sweetness and light." QxNx xgN N ! fff, ',f,! fl! QQXQCXX X 1, I, I Qc Q5 7 wU3:f3 PS4 PA 1 H69 -11' L' . Wax fjfff-fy' 212 if ' Ap, 9 iii . fin ! J! Masses R TES LYAL CALHOUN CARL HANKS Attempting to Find not only a greater lcnowledge ot theological reasoning and baclcground, but also a clearer vision ol the work that is needed lor the salvation of the souls of men, the graduate students chose to remain at Eastern Nazarene Col- lege for another year, studying for their Bachelor ot Theology degree. ln their double role of student and preacher they have found a deeper insight into the problems of pastor and layman. Almost every Sunday Finds Lyal Cal- ltoun and Ronald Sabine in various Boston and Quincy clwurclnes, preaclning the lull gospel of Jesus Christ. Carl l-lanlcs ltas traveled ratlwer extensively during the year vvitlw the Kings Men, and Robert Nielson accepted tlwe duties ol pastor at tlwe Brock- ton Clwurclw of the Nazarene. Jolwn Parry, vvlto left scltool in tlwe fall to become a lull-time pastor, was president ol the graduates, and Carl l-lanlcs represented tl'1em on tlte Student Council. ROBERT NIELSON RONALD SABINE THEOLOGY enirfr l,.fr lu riylll: .lessiu xlCllLlllUllflll, Se-c't'el:iryg Kcnnetll Pears- ull, President: Ruth Anderson, Vice President: Alexander Waiclitel, Vlmplning George Delp, Treasurer Most strongly united of all graduating classes . , . high percentage of married men . . . exceptional leadership quality . . . dignity and seriousness . . . creative . . . huge capacity for shared lun . . . enthusiasm . . . constructive and purposeful . . excelling in many Fields . . . warm comradeship felt among all its members . . . influential in the E. N. C. scene . . . pro- ' x. nounced intellectuality . . . consecrated Christians. I l 9- RUTH ANDERSON BS. Education "Nautilus,' 'l, K'Campus Cameran Hfareenboolc' 'l, A Cappella Choir W, Q, 4, president 4, Class vice-president Q, 3, Gamma vice-president 3, "NH Club Q, 3, vice-president 3, Gamma basketball W, 4, l-louse Council Q, Literature Club 1, 3, 4, 4, Q, 3, Q, 3, 4, Student Council vice-president 4, Competent . , . eager to please . . . sincere 4 , . capable manager ol people and altairs . . . elticient, industrious 4 . , con- scientious . . . pleasing pedagogue . 4 . "Mademoiselle '... domestic . . . most Frequently heard alto on campus A , . dis- arming modesty . . , wholesome 4 . 4 earnest 4 4 . ping-pong champ and baslcetball star. . . honest Christian, Q ,li i35t HELEN CASSIDY A.B. History Evangelistic Association l, Q, 3, l.it- erature Club 3, Historical Society 4. 'lperpetuum mobile' '.,. laughs heartily at Cassidy . 4 . co-operative classmate . . . friendly to all . . 4 enioys herself any- where 4 . . cheerful . . . respected and indus- trious worlcer . . . sparlcling eyes and Flashing grin , . , diversified interests . 4 . eyebrow tallcer . . . thirst for learning . . . voluble . ., steady Christian enthusiasm. CLIFFORD CHURCH AB. Philosophy Evangelistic Association1,Q, 3, Qrch- estra 'l, Q, 3, A Cappella Choir Q, 3, Litera- ture Club Q, 3, Beta president 3, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Student Council 4, College Missionary Society president 4. Mystic . . . impatient to be oft . . . musical and dramatic ability . . . sympathetic . . . piclcs his friends . , . enthusiastic and ex- pressive . . .conservative . . . vvide-eyed . . . magnetic personality . . . collegiate . .. inter- ested in people ...' 'Fire in his eye, and papers in his hand' '... passionately spiritual. 36 MARGUERITE CHERDRON A.B. Psychology 'Campus Cameran 3, psychology Club 3, 4, president 4, Gamma baslcetball 3, 45 Resttul . . . portrait ol tranquillity . . . spontaneous . . . sanguine temperament . . , leadership ability. , . slovv to spealc . . .ath- letic . . . lceen understanding ot human na- ture . . . Hbashtulu ...generous ... warm- hearted . . . highly developed sense of ius- tice . . . cosmopolitan . . . wholesome . . . original . . . honest. . , refreshing humor . . . magnanimous, steadfast Christian. RUTH CLARK A.B. History Evangelistic Association i, Q, Educa- tion Club 1, Q, l-listorical Society Q, 3, 4, vice-president 3, president 4. Scholarly historian . . .surprising come- back . . . interested friendliness . . . refreshing ideas . . . practical . . , appearance of casual- ness . . , quick sense of humor . . , reserve ...inquiring mind. . .Southern Qhio dravvl . . . highly developed sense of loyalty . , , strong lilces and dislilces . . . definite goals in life. 'I37lr WILLIAM COLE A.B. Biology "lNlautilusH i, 3, 4, Student lVlinis- terial Association 3, 4, treasurer 4, Science Club Q, 3, philosophical Society treasurer 4 Beloved bibliophile . . . devoted to self-improvement for Christ i . . musical and artistic . . , Cardboard cucl4oo , . . dreamy sensitivity . . . intellectual, but afraid to reveal all . . ,confirmed blusher , . . intense love of beauty . . . gently considerate . , , doer of good deeds. . , pluclry , . , an lf. N. C in- stitution. 5lh'll0i CATHERINE DE CASSIO AB. Literature Hcampus Camera" Q, 3, 4, HGreen- book" l, Evangelistic Association 'l, Q, 3, Education Club i, Literature Club Q, 3, 4. Ellervescent . . . Latin volubility and vvarmtlw . . i verve and abandon , . . reliable , , . conscientious student . . , kind . . . Lady Bountiful to even tlie sliglitest acquaintance . . . nimble lingers and quick feet . . , deeply responsive . . . cliaracteristic lovableness . , . 'tender comrade' '... Fluidity of speech . . . tlie beauty and lnumility of sincere Cliris- tianity. 4381 ALEXANDER CUBIE AB. Literature Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Gamma treasurer 3, Gamma football, basket- ball, baseball. Distinguished Cubie Features . . . zest ,. . skillul debater. . , liardvvorking . . . easy- going . . . Fire . . . tolerant . . . eager to please , , 4 extremely likeable . . . kindly lwumor . , . polislied manners . . . lreslw sim- plicity . . . aestlietic appreciation . . . rugged . . . determined ligliter in basketball . . . Mdovvn at tl'ie Yard, preaclning to tlwe sea- Qullsn GEORGE DELP A.B. Philosophy, Theology l-lonor Society Q, 3, 4, president 3, 4, "Who's Who" 4, Class treasurer Q, 4, "Camp- us Cameran 1, Q, Uffureenboolcn assistant editor 'l, Evangelistic Association 'l, Q, Stu- dent Ministerial Association 3, Literature Club 3, 4, treasurer 4. pennsylvania Dutch humor . . . com- prehensive intellectual laculty , , . practical . . . in love with orderliness and detail A . . expressive hands . . , mile-long repertoire ol iolces . . , surprising tenor . . . sturdy . . . thorough tutor and scholar . . . iovial . . , democratic . . , lilces bright colors and Food . . . Ha helping hand." LOIS EMERY A.B. Literature Literature Club Q, 3, 4, president 4 Music Club W, Hgreenboolc' editor 1, Honor Society Q, 3, 4, liWhols Who" 3, 'iNautilus" editor 3, 'Campus Camera' Q, NN" Club 3, 4, Gamma vice-president Q- Gamma basketball T, Q, 3, 4. '-1 Graciousness , , . combines prac- ticality vvith idealism . . , scholarly intelligence , . , gifted, versatile . . . aesthetic apprecia- tion . , . thorough . . . executive ability . . , socially aggressive . . . naivete and maturity . , , industrious . , , intense . , . unattected . . . charitable . . . etticienf . . . equal ease on basketball Floor, in class, on platform , . . deeply spiritual, 4391i EVELYN HEINLEIN A.B. Literature HCampus Camera" 1, l'Nautilus" 3, 4, A Cappella Cltoir 3, 4, Historical Society Q, Literature Club 3, Speech Club 4. ul love my rooster' '... dimples . . realist . , , l4een-minded . . . subtle lwumor . .. literary and musical talents . . . sportsmanslwip . . , constant . . . interesting small tallc . . . utterly candid . . . unailected . . . lun-loving . . . capable . t . nonclwalant . . . deeply sensi- tive . . constructively critical . . . strong- willed . . . tolerant. . . lwearty. . . 'itried and true." t40t J. DONALD FREESE A.B. Literature l-lonor Society 3, "Wno's Wltol, 4, "Nautilus" Q, business manager 4, Evangelis- tic Association i, Q, 3, 4, president 3, Stu- dent Ministerial Association 3, 4, A Cappella Clwoir T, Q, 3, lVlen's Clworus Q, Quartet 3, 4, Qrclwestra 3, Literature Club Q, 3, 4, Gamma, clwaplain 3, Gamma football, basketball 4. Commanding personality . . . Viking 4 . . iocose coiner ol vvords and plwrases . . . ponderous but etlective spealcer . . . lortli- riglit and expressive . . . determination . . . pliilosopliical interpretation ol literature . . . singer, orator, atlwlete, executive . , . lcindly . . . an incorrigible tease . . . wltolly conse- crated to Christ and l-lis vvork. C. WESTON JONES A.B. History Student Council 'i, Q, 3, College Missionary Society president Q, 3, Historical Society president Q, l-louse Council Q, 3, "N" Club 3, 4, Gamma baseball, football 1, Q, 3, 4. The unmistakeable jones stamp of courtesy and modesty . . . candor and fervency . . . unpretentious . . . penetrating ideas . . . gentle, soft-spoken . . . intense, thoughtful . . . memorable Washington's Birthday ad- dress . . . sincerity . . . thoughtful kindness . . . never neglects to do or acknowledge a favor. . . thoroughly Christlike. 41411 IRVING JONES A.B. Speech Student Council Q, Freshman class chaplain, "Nautilus" business manager 3, Evangelistic Association 'l, Q, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Speech Club Q, 3, 4, president 3, l-listorical Society 'i, Beta president Q, Beta baseball l, Q, 3, 4, Beta football W, Q, 4, Beta basketball 4. Hihat nice slones boy' '... sincere . . . modest . . . obliging and congenial . . . quiet snicker . . . athletic . . . gift for droll humor. . . conscientious . . constantly on the lookout for the best interests of everyone else . . . ever-cheerful and optimistic . . . resonant voice . . . "Casey at the Bat" . genuine Christianity. IRMA KOFFEL A.B. Biblical Literature Evangelistic Association 'l, Q, 3, 4, College Missionary Society, member-at- large Q, vice-president 4, Qrchestra 3, A Cappella Choir 3, philosophical Society Q, 3, 4, "N" Club Q, 3, 4, Gamma basketball 'l,Q, 3, 4, independent and aggressive . chuckle and bounce . , . vvarm-hearted . . . dovvn to earth , . . tricky basketball star . . . rich and appealing voice . . . nothing if not Frank , . . scientiiic interests . . . unruiiled nurse . . . exceptionally eilective speaker , , , iolly companion . . . enthusiasm and en- ergy . , . earnest determination , . . spirited debater . . . Christ-centered life. 4421 MARY JANE KEFFER A.B. Psychology Evangelistic Association 'l, l-louse Council 4, Psychology Club 4. Likeable , . . vvomanly . . , Htrue blue" . "Big Chief Boggadella' '... sociability . . . domestic . . . unassuming , . . decided opinions . . . persevering . . . hardworking . . . steadfast . . . clever Fingers . . . serious demeanor belies intense Feelings . . . "still waters, '... co-operative . . . memorable eye- brows . . . sudden laughter . . . prosaic . . quiet and purposeful Christian living. MERRILL LADD A.B. Philosophy Student Ministerial Association 4, Evangelistic Association 1, Q, Qrclwestra 1, plwilosopltical Society Q, 3, 4, vice-president 4, Beta baslcetball 3, 4. l.aconic "Green Mountain boyi' . . persistent . . . plwilosoplwical curiosity . . . provocative spealcer , . . interesting voice . . . Hliandymanu . . , takes lite seriously , . . Hliovv to overcome sltyness in ten easy les- sons' ',.. trustvvortlwy and industrious . . . usually imperturbable . . . co-operative and ltelptul . . . tltorouglnly masculine . . . vital and practical Cliristian. 1431 ROBERT LAWRENCE Biology HGreenbool4" T, HlNlautilus" 3, 4, Evangelistic Association 1, Q, 3, Science Club l, Q, 3, Biology Club 4, Beta vice- president 3, president 4, Beta basketball Q, 3, Beta football 4. Creative . . . tl'1e scientific mind . . . persevering . , . enterprising . . . droll vvit . . . versatility in tlwe arts and in atliletics . . . vvinter sports cliampion . . . conscientious , . . orderly. . .sometimes an opportunist , , . reliable. . . genuine . . . diplomat . . . quietly elticient , . . unassuming . . . impression ot ease . . . retreslwing . . . hidden potentialities. ROBERT MAYBURY B.S. Chemistry l-lonor Society Q, "Who's Who" 4, HCampus Camerai' l, Q, 3, associate editor 3, HGreenbool4" 1, Qrchestra l, Q, 3, 4, lVlen's Chorus Q, Quartet Q, Science Club 'l, Q, 3, 4, president 3, Gamma president 4. "A trumpeter who pulls notes, lilce tatty, into a thin sweet thread of music" , . . absent-minded on occasion . . . obliging . . . extraordinary powers ol concentration . . . artistic , , . an organizer . , . springy Wallc ...mischievous smile . . , man ot science . .. clipped speech , . . "Song ol India," H41 ALFRED MASON A.B. Psychology "Campus Camera" business manager 3, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Evange- listic Association 'l, Q, 3, 4, Psychology Club 3, 4, president 4, l-louse Council 3, 4, Beta lootball 'l, Q, 3, 4, All-Star football T, Q, 3, 4. Tough and tender ... long range point oiview . . . linesman on the squad. . .delense of the underdog . . . "Nope, my mind's made upn . . . whale-of-a-laugh . . .potential Baron Munchausen . . . ardent debater . . . big- hearted. . . minister to the siclc and needy. ERNEST MOORE A.B. History Evangelistic Association 4, Student Ministerial Association 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Historical Society 4, Gamma Football 4, transfer lrom Bethany-l3eniel College. "Honest as the day is long' ,... not too proud to be told . . , sincerely lriendly . . . charming Texas dravvl . . , co-operative , , gracious . . . boyish . . . hardvvorlcing . . . talented musically. . . modest . . , "or leader of a band' '... sell-critical , . . intense de- votion tothe Christian cause. -H51 JESSIE McCUl.LOUGH AB. Literature, Speech Class secretary Q, 3, 4, Evangelistic Association 1, Speech Club Q, 3, 4, president Q, vice-president 4, Beta vice-president 4. Practical . , .culinary art. . . Flights ol lantasy . . . deep-throated laughter . . . lranlc. . . poised . . . cameo-lilce leatures , . . reticent . . . steadfast lriend . . . shy girlishness beneath brisk, competent exterior , 4 .cultural appreciation . , . dramatic clothes sense . , . good manager. . . lun-loving . . . strong lilces and dislilces . . . constantly striving upward. KENNETH PEARSALL A.B. Biblical Literature Student Council W, "Who's Who" 3, Class president 3, 4, 'ilXlautilus" 1, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 'i, Q, 3, president 3, Mens Chorus 1, Q, Quartet 1, Q, 3, Psychology Club Q, Speech Club 4, l-louse Council 3, Athletic Director Q, 3, 4, "NH Club Q, 3, 4, president Q, 3, Beta football, baslcetball, baseball 14 Capable leader . . . self-assured . , . genuine . . . gift of mimicry . . . critical analyst . . . healthy attitudes. . . "power and beauty in his voice, '.,. rational thinlcer . . . franlc . , .cosmopolitan . . . meticulous in dress . 4 . masculine 4 4 4 champion athlete . . 4 serene . . . resourceful . . . considerate . . . friendly . . . purposeful living . . . consistent Christian. 4461 MAYNARD PARKER A.B. Theology Evangelistic Association 'l, Q, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, Psychol- ogy Club Q, Philosophical Society 3, l-listorical Society 4, Gamma chaplain 4. Slovv dravvl . . . sceptical expression . . . shrewd , 4 4 homespun philosopher . . . lfeen-minded . . . anti-feminism . . . quaint quips , 4 . notable guffavv . 4 . saneness and candor , . . chess wizard . 4 . stimulating con- versationalist . 4 . unruffled . . .clever vvorl4- man . . . sturdy . . . unchanging , . , rugged convictions . . . a fishermans patience 4 . . sanguine temperament . . 4 never-failing Chris- tian. MARION PHILLIPS A.B. Literature Student Council 4, l-lonor Society Q, 3, 4, vice-president Q, Class secretary 'l, Beta Secretary Q, A'lNlautilus" l, Q, 3, literary editor 4, 'Campus Camera" 'l, 3, HGreen- bookn 'l, A Cappella Clwoir i, Education Club l, Literature Club l, Q, 3, 4, vice- president 4, president Q. Silent secretary . . . likes atmospliere . . , program committee ot one . . , unconven- tional ideas . . . recipe-collector. . .dramatic . . . discriminating literary critic . , . moods like April . , . accused ol being noisy in tl'te library . , . nervous screams . . . cosmopolitan , . . pet aversions . . . adventurous . . . deep appreciation ol art and music. i471 WILLIAM RESTRICK A.B. Theology Student Council T, Q, 4'Nautilus,' l, Q, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, presi- dent 3, A Cappella Cltoir 1, Q, Psychology Club 1, president Q, Alplwa treasurer 'l, president Q, Book Store manager 'l, Q, 3. Business etliciency . . . more atltletic tlwan lwe looks , . , always ready tor a ioke . . . "lVlotl1er calls me Willie' '... latlierly . . . pltotograplty-entliusiast , , . derby-dignity . . . good organizer . . . service vvitlw a smile . . . likes to be host . . I surprisel lte sings tenor. . .conscientious Clwristian. KENNETH ROBINSON A.B. Speech Student Council 3, Class president 1, Q, ublautilusn business manager 3, A Cap- pella Cltoir 1, 3, 4, l-listorical Society 1, Speeclt Club Q, 3, 4, president 4. Colorlul personality . . . sticlcler lor detail . . . remarkable ability lor dramatic interpretation . . . "Great agonyln 4 . i persuasive . . . Uwliat tlie well-dressed col- lege man will wear' '... Fluent tallqer . . . ardent . . . lastidious . . . excellent taste . . . gourmand Hand" gourmet . . . allable . . . lad-starter . . . warm-hearted and generous. 4431 GEORGE RICE B.S. Chemistry Student Council president 4, "Campus Cameran Q, 3, 4, editor 4, Science Club 'l, Q, 3, 4, vice-president Q, Education Club Q, Literature Club 3, l-louse Council 4, Beta vice-president 3, Beta Football Q, 4, Beta baseball Q, 3. l-lis saintls ardor not to be dampened . . . lceen mind . . . quaint clsiuclde, slwining eyes . . . magnanimous , . . surprising mixture of naiveti and slirewdness . . , a meaningful liandsltalce i . . indelatigable . . . discriminat- ing 4 . . lertile imagination . . . leader . . super-diplomat . . . boundless entlwusiasm , . an encouraging lriend to all. RALPH SABINE A.B. Biblical Literature Evangelistic Association 1, Q, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association Q, 3, 4, Philosophical Society Q, 3, Historical So- ciety 4. 'Charity ior all' '.,. Home body , . . lilces people and automobiles . . . hurts litm- seli to oblige you . . . clannislw . . , patriotic Canadian . . . never lcnowingly brealcs tlne least significant promise . , . energetic . . . "busy bee' '... determined . . , vvarm- lwearted preaclter. -i491 ! av FREDERICK SAVAGE A.B. Biblical Literature l-lonor Society 3, 4, Student Minis- terial Association 3, 4, A Cappella Clioir Q, 3, Male Cliorus 1, Ambassador Quartet Q, Pliilosopliical Society W, 4. lntense . . . lceen intellect . . . strong lilces and dislikes , . i deeply rooted opinions expressed vvitlt conviction 4 . 4 sly verbal tlirusts A . . iorcelul spealcer , . . one ol tlte Hlrtappily marrieds' ',.. searcliing eyes . . . sings to tlte glory ot God . . . diligent student . . . ierventclwristian. DAVID SPARKS A.B. Biblical Literature Evangelistic Association l, Q, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 4, A Cap- pella Choir l, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra 'l, Q, 3, 4, psychology Club 4, Musical . . . sincere, earnest Christian . . . maturity in youth. . . fond ot ioldng . .. domestic . . . hardworking . . . mobile facial expressions . . . vvistiul . . . atiectionate . . . leisurely. . . conscientious . . , idealistic. . . iuliills obligations faithfully . . . wood-natured . . . devoted friend , . . tender-hearted . . ul-las anybody lost this three-cent stamp which l iust found? '...' 'heart oi gold," i501 RUTH SCHLOSSER B.S. Education Evangelistic Association l, Q, 3, 4, Philosophical Society 3, Speech Club 4. Enthusiasm . . . ardent zeal . . 4 thor- ough , . . etticient . . . mind for detail . . . occasional vvisttulness . . . eager tor sell- cultivation . . . consistently Friendly . , . aims to please . . , mathematical slcill . . . musical interests . , . charitable . . . spiritual insight . . . energetic , . . considerate . . , atlable . . . loyal friend . . . teaching vision . vital religious experience, ROLAND STANFORD A.B. Philosophy Evangelistic Association l, Q, 3, 4, president 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, vice-president 4, Class chaplain Q, "Nautilus" 3, 4, .Campus Camera" Q, 3, 4, HGreenbookU 'l, A Cappella Choir Q, 3, 4, Literature Club 'l, Q, 3, 4, l-louse Council 3, Beta vice-president Q, Beta basketball Q, 3, 4. 'Ped' ',.. Friendly , . , impulsive . . . gay . . . fulfills his obligations . . . tolerant . . . thoughtful . . . perpetual doer oi good deeds . . . romanticist . . . sentimental . . . aesthetic appreciation . . . loyal and intense ...colorful . . . Flashing grin . .vigorous . , , lover ol domesticity . . . a wisp ol cynicism . . . deep spiritual tone. i511 f--juli WILLIAM SUMMERSCALES A.B. Philosophy l-lonor Society 3, "Whos Who" 4, Student Ministerial Association Q, 3, 4, College Missionary Society Council Q, Quar- tet l, Q, 3, 4, psychology Club l, Literature Club Q, 3, 4, Alpha president Q, vice-presi- dent 4, UNH Club 3, 4, Alpha football Q, 3, Alpha basketball l, Q, 3, 4, Alpha base- ball 'l, Q, 3. poise . . . charm . . . capable , amazingly adf ntable , . . discriminating . . lastidious . . . cultural appreciation . . . contirmed Britisher . . . ultra-conservative . . . leadership . . . clear thinker , . . ettective speaker . . . deep interest in people . , . hearth and home . . . atlectionate . . . balanced combination of romanticism and realism . , . creative . . . original . , .good organizer. DONALD THOMAS A.B. Theology Evangelistic Association 'l, Q, 3, 4, president Q, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, president 4, College Missionary So- ciety president 3, Class Chaplain 3, A Cap- pella Choir l, Q, Men's Chorus 'l, Beta chaplain Q. Evangelistic zeal . . . soft-spolcen . . . consistently friendly and helpful . . . in- trigued by novelty. . . seelcs to do good . . . "Are We Dovvnheartedff '... earnest . . . thoughtful . . . song-starter , . . long hours on the Hgraveyard shift' '... undaunted hitch- hilcer . . . dravvls out a story without cracldng a smile. 4591 HELEN TEMPLE A.B. Psychology "Greenbool4U 'l, Evangelistic Associa- tion 'l, Girls' Chorus l, Q, 3, Literature Club l, Q, 3, psychology Club 4. Witty repartee . . . lceen thinlqer . . . Feminine ingenuity ...4 'creative arts and crafts' '... sweet singer. . . refreshing origin- ality . , . searching analysis ot people . . . conscientious . 4 . sensitive reactions to life . . . faithful Friend . . , vvell developed sense ol humor . , . thoroughly reliable . . . sympa- thetic understanding . Yankee grit and independence . . . positive Christian ideals. i ALEXANDER WACHTEL A.B. Philosophy l-lonor Society 3, "Who's VVho" 4, 'Greenboolc' 1, Evangelistic Association 1, Q, 3, 4, Student Ministerial Association 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 'l, Music Club1, Philoso- phical Society 'l, Q, 3, 4, vice-president 3, president 4, Class chaplain 4. Flashes of genius . . . great spiritual power . . . sensitivity. . . tits of light-headed- ness . . . tastidious in dress . . . sweeps the library tor dust and a nose to tvvealc . . . Uprofessor' ,... terrific nervous energy . . . dispatch . . . sympathetic . . . metaphysical . . .deeply stirred by Beethoven . . , courage in adversity. 1531 E. FRANKLYN WiSE A.B. Biblical Literature Evangelistic Association 3, 4, 'Green- boolcn 1, l-listorical Society Q, Science Club treasurer Q. jolly . . , earnest . . . sincere . . , generous and warm-hearted . . . paternal . . , even disposition . . . optimistic , .. Fair-minded . . . persevering . . . Firm convictions , . . well- poised . . . disarming manner . . . industrious . . 4 sportsmanship . . . loyal . . . mellovv voice . . . happily "settled '... businesslike . . . independent . . . democratic . . . co- operative . . , uncomplaining . . . lranlc . . . capable . . . 'Ksolid citizen' '... radiant Christian, IRMA WOODWARD AB. Biblical Literature Qrchestra 3, 4. Sympathetic understanding . . . con- trolled chuclcle . . . unbeatable vvomanhood . . . gracious . . . pensive . . . iaunty cyclist ,.,dependable, . . "sheer grit" . . , quiet restraint . . . strength and simplicity . . . ma- ture. . , humility. . ,evangelistic ardor . . . thorough , . . rubber-heeled . . , sober . , . aristocratic-loolcing . . . amazing toothpaste- ad smile . . . spends herself extravagantly for others. t54t JERRY WOODCOCK AB. Theology Steady . . . "l calolate' '... resolute . . . foresight . . ,tolerant . . . nervous vvallc 4 . . drily humorous on occasion . . . conscien- tious pastor . . . strength under gentleness . . . independence . , . hard-vvorlcing , . . reserve occasionally brolcen by an outburst of thoughtful opinion . . . deliberate . . . smaclcs of country life , . , purposeful . . sincere . . . unassuming Yanlcee. ot Photographed WILLIAM BAILEY A.B. Theology Devoted to trutlw, wherever it leads . . . former Gordon College student . . . loves a friendly argument . . . intense . . . lcnovvs liis Bible . . . lilces to set verbal traps . . . commuter . . . openly friendly . . . responsive . . . independent . . . silent merri- ment at the riglwt time . . . consecrated. O 0 O 1551 CHARLOTTE SNOWDEN A.B. Biology Biology Club 4. Sparlcling personality , . . poised , . . warm tiumor . . . tenderness . . . unassuming . , .a silvery ripple ol voice . . . taitlwlul de- votion to Friends . . . clteery vvords For every- one . . . even-tempered . , . inner lnappiness bubbling up and overflowing . . . true peace ol mind . . . essentially feminine . . . demure sweetness . . . sly iesting . . . unobtrusive Cliristianitv. iunizfrs Grunt Vruss. 'l'r1-:wilt-n-r: Ruth Sit-klcr, President: Ruin-rt Snwlvi,-r, Vliaiplatiiig lrvnv Willxu-rlh. Secretary: Robert litutm-I. Vim' Pre-sidetlt Proud ot being upperclassmen . . . in the process ot maturing . . . mingled moods of fun and gravity . . . earnest . . . many irons in the Fire . . . burners of midnight oil . . ttearty . . . beginning to tttintc seriously about lite careers . . touch otsoplwistication . . . varied interests, united aim. . optimistic in spite ot adverse circumstances . . . confidence in the future tbrougtt trust in God. ARABELLA BUNTING Pesolute . . . a helping hand . . . distinctive voice. . .Continental background . . . reliable , . . a certain hidden tenseness . . . industrious . . . con- scientious. GRANT CROSS Airofsophistication . . . debonair charm . . . resourceful . . . scientific interests . . . genial . . . self-possessed , . . saxophonist of merit . . . humor- ous . . . earnest Christian. LUCILE CHATFIELD Vermont reserve . . .candid . . . honest , . . co-operative . . . hard-vvorlcing . . . intellectual depth . . . cheerful and uncomplaining in spite of adversity. AGNES CUBIE That rosy British loolc . . . mighty midget . . . love of people . . . quaint charm . . . vivacious and forceful spealcer . . . Scottish pluclc and will power. -l57lr HARVEY AMOS Strength . . . dependable . . . knows where he's going . . . hardheaded . . .salty raconteur . . . shameless prankster . . . representative of "muscular Christianityf' HELEN BRICKLEY Pursues the even tenor of her vvay, with occasional interruptions , , . feminine . . . hides her feelings . . . "Shes a 'Ericlclm RUTH BOYD Gay . . , saucy . . . friendly. . , even-tempered . . . amiable . . . unassuming . . . strives to please. , . persevering . . . interested in life . . . inquiring expression. LOUISE BROWN Creative and original . . . pent-up humor. . . pensive . . . rapidity of speech . . . unobtrusive . . . sensitive , . .gifted pen . . , fair-minded . . . loyal. Flu I-sn lu ALICE GEORGE "Little girl".. .wistful . .. enthusiastic... always friendly . . . diligent student . . . lilces people . . . devoted . . .fun-loving and cheerful . . . sympa- thetic . . .vivacious . . . sensitive. MERLE GRAY Quizzical . . . easy-going . , . friendly to all . . . inimitable laugh . . . faithful . . . peaked eye- brows . . , music his hobby. . .determined Christian. BERYL GRANGER Quiet reserve . . .tranquil . . . ultra-conscien- tious . . . precise . . . thorough . . . reliable . . . idealistic. . . excellent literary analyst. . .abstraction of manner . . . consistent and genuine Christian. CARL HARR Boyish charm . . . reserved . . . mischievous eyes . . . co-operative . . .agreeable . . . loyal . . .steady . . . contentment and practicality . , . high sense of duty. If-381 EDWARD DELL Fascinating voice.. . practical ioker . . . inde- pendent . . . strong lilces and dislilces . . . love of beauty . . . idealistic. . . emotional sensitivity . . . in- tense spiritual aspirations. WILLIAM ECKMEYER Gay . . . meandering gait . . . persevering . . . thoughtful . . . gallant. . .twinkling eyes. . . Fireside-lover . . . social-minded . . . obliging . . . likeable . . . Hiustplain nice." DEWITT DICKSON Sensitive to life . . . eager for self-improve- ment . . . hearty laugh, hearty appetite . . . tempera- mental . . . consistently friendly . . . passionate Christian. ROBERT EMMEL Exuberant . . . iaunty. . .good orgarizer . . . super-salesman . . . generous to a fault. . . connois- seur of smorgasbord and spaghetti . . . genuine Christian experience. A as we ' 5 P' SLK ami? Xi' - ,. JOHN MAYBURY Earnest endeavor . . . good-natured . . . un- ruly hair. . .deliberate speech . . . considerate rich voice . . . generous and tender-hearted lovable . . . fervent testimony. NORMA McEDWARD Tranquillity and sturdiness of a Maine forest . . . reticent . . .steady disposition . . . crisp as her curls . , . determination . . , carefree manner faithful friend. GOLDEN MAY Famous chuckle . . . loyal friend . . . idealistic . . .generous and warm-hearted . . . "soul" in music . . . enthusiasm . . . sincere . . . humorous sensitive Christian. KATHRYN McKINNEY Puckish charm . . . baby-talk . . . Irish laughter . . serious student , . . thorough . . . persevering . . . expressive. . . constant . . .sincere . . . lucidity . . .happiness personified . . . intense Christian, RUTH HEDBERG Demure . . . serious moments . . , steady sin- cerity, . . keen reaction to beauty, especially of color . . . tenderness . . . immaculate neatness . . . shy . . . essence of feminity. GORDON MALONY Sparkling wit . . . gay Lothario . . . loyal friend . .. hard-working . . . honest . . . refreshing ...original . . . easy-going . . . effective and dramatic speaker. VERNON JORDAN Yankee. . . won't laugh unless it's funny . .. scholar . . , dauntless endeavor . . . philosophical r F 'Q J writer , . . domestic, but masculine . . . self-discipline. 1 iff CALVIN MAYBURY Restraint and dignity. , . air of sobriety masks mischief. . .charm of a wide boyish grin . . . prosaic and scientific. 4591 E if 1 PAUL ROGERS Artistic . . . preoccupied . . . brooding ex- pression . . . aristocratic . . . genial and gentlemanly . . . collegiate appearance . . . "the man nobody knows." RUTH SICKLER Womanly . , . competent and practical , . . logical and thorough . . . candid . . . independent . . . conservative . . . dramatic ability . . . discrimi- nating . . . ultra-fastidious . . . vivacity . . . charm . . . expressive . . .sober Christian. ROBERT SAWYER Mannerly . . . staunch friend . . .conservative ...musical ability. . . quick to help others . , . idealist ...air of nonchalance . . . consistently follows inner convictions. ERNEST SMITH Guardian husband . . . heart of steel . . . in- tense . . , purposeful . . . idealistic . . . devoted to family . . . piercing brown eyes . . . "strong silent man." T601- DANA PAYNE Elusive . . . stormy-browed . . . meticulous in all things . . . sensitivity to life . . . original and crea- tive . . . profundity and strength . . . "drive" . . . genuine. ROBERT RAPALJE Franlc and open-hearted . . . strong reasoning powers.. . "horse sense" . . . diffident . . . purpose- ful student . . . humility. . . determination . . . positive Christian. JANICE PERRY Feminine ... energetic. . .Dositive. .. inde- pendent . . . friendly and affectionate . . . from melancholy to hilarity in split-second time . . . baslcet- ball star . . . gentle-voiced . . . earnest. ALLEN RICHARDSON lndividualistic , . . dogged . . . good-natured . . . always "on the go" . . . platinum blonde . . . business ability . . . the inquiring mind . . . argu- mentative . . . steady Christian. ,Af y -I sw 5 S 4611 CASSANDRA SWINHOE "Song of the Lark" . . . highly developed sense of duty . . . not easily satisfied . . . iolly . . . distinguished braids . . . prim and cautious. IRENE WILLWERTH Reserved, but amiable and friendly . . gracious. . . genuine . . . steady and deliberate.. domestic . . . demure . . air of indifference sincere Christianity. AUSTIN WRIGHT lndustrious . . . athletic prowess . . . faithful to his friends . . . gently humorous . . . reserved . . . inordinately modest. , . likes peoole . . . shy. Nlyrun Richey. Prvsidi-nt: Phoebe Lusk, Secretary: Wil- liam Tuylur, Vlnipliiin: Paul Andrews, Vive Pr:-simlenll Wallin-Q Dixon, Tri-zisurer Carefree laughter . . . looking for fun . . . prac- tical iokers . . . energetic in every activity . . . spurts of enthusiasm . . 5:00 a.m picnic breakfast . . . collegiate. . crowded days. .Uioie de vivren, .clear outlook. beginning oi a uniiieci group with a class spirit . . . conscious oi new responsibilities . . . inspirational prayermeetings . sincere in purpose . . . searchers for the right. Svphnmorfs Frances Allen Marie Austin Dorothy Bryner Mary Collin Esther Anderson Ruth Bass Ray Charreffe l-lelen Conser Paul Andrews Agnes Browne l2ober1CliHord Vernon Curry ,, -,.,,,-,,-,,A. .Y,W J 2 Q i x y 'P 2 l in-F. Sf" Y ' 1 l ' X 2 is . R e . X5 .K q 3" QA, is t ix? 4631 xx N -sswbs 'X'-11V S Q QS Q'-Ri N XX ---.:. Leland Davis Margaret Dunlap June l-lamilfcn Anna Mae Keller Wallace Dixon Eunice Grosse John l-larris Vanefia Kerling Viola Doverspilce Evelyn I-lall Richard l-lawlc Muriel Lanpher 41641 Muriel Larrabee Paul Marsden Myron Richey Phoebe Lusk Miriam Park Louise Sholt William Lutton Irene Plante Roy Slick wr Y 4 gf 'Q H iw XP: AA WK , f f Astrid Smith jean Thorne Martha Wqtlfins David Straclc juanita Thorp x Cornelius Whetstone Edward Thomas Grace White i651 Paul Moore, Treasurer: Jay Patton, President: Helen Marta, Secretary: .lnnet Smith, Vive President.: Howard Olson, Chaplain Biggest class yet . . . versatile talents . . . "very im- portant" business meetings . . . the nostalgia and hearty lun of "School Days' '... many of the Ueligiblesn leaving for army or navy . . . pursuing the "accelerated programn with enthusiasm and ambition . . . notable For its pretty girls . . . collegiate . . . ham- and-eggs brealcfast . . . pranksters in the minority . . . genuine Christians. Jreshmm Violet Adams David Aldridge Lee Allison William Ardrey Dorothy Ballinger lrene Earoch Dorothy Benson Paul Berk Luke Brinker l-l. Weston Brown Marcia Carlson Margaret l-larbula Ruth Corrie Thora Cross l-larriet Diclcinson Esther Dixon Pauline Douglas .,.1. Alberta Betts Eleanor Caronia Edna CUH Eleanor Emery Joseph Biscoe Nevart Chetakian l-larcld Darling Mary Jane Ewing .. .. - :fsnfiwa f E " - .V ' " qi ,, ' V l"' . .vig .4 . :- Q , ' ., . ,.'--" H 1 5 Gi gi b A L' , l I f V jk f V - .Pho , QQ M 5 4.3, X ii' ,Q . , W 3:.?3,,f. A ,fl 1,. A' ,,., Y I 3 AQ i671 , . " ' s -:'f' ' .rkfx - X 3 . M ,,::, 1 gg: Fw? Q E s fx Q - - 3 ff l' ri' Wafer 2123? if if 1 6 F 5 x M f M . E . X, Q xi K .f I t , -K - H ..,., I x V. .-., - s x . , . . ' .s i 1 . K . A, - - f , Q. ,Ky - if X . U? i Q?" A - AA.,X V -X s v i ' "' 'r ' - g 5 ,Q if ' ...sas . Q ' - . H -e 5 A, Q W 5 . z , t A, s ,Z ': :. - R c, ' - Ll .1 5 - 'I Q :, : ii V' X i r, ef ' Q 1. . X rg. , K . Q -1V- , X A QQ Q' ur' Q, I, i . I ' ' .. 'E A -- , ,., . . .,.,. 3 V! A Q A I V Ai , ,.Q c3, ,,,E E Dorothy Farrell Ray Foster Paul Freese Esther Friend lrma Gale Max Greene Virginia Greene Lena Grimm Rebecca Grimm Richard Hamilton Ruth Harding Christine Hardy Mary Belle Harris Mary E. Harris Paul Harris 4681 Priscilla Harvey Frank Haselton Louise Hawks Patricia Herrschaft Elizabeth Higgins Gilbert Hilgar Ellis Horton Ruth Houlette Mariorie Hurlbutt Launa Hurless Guida Jones Theda Jones Donald Jordan Sylvia Jordick Rosemarie Karl Iva Knox Doris Lee Pichard Lewis Paul Lockhart Sylvia Lunn William Lusk Walter Macpherson Helen Marta ' Doris McCusker Anna McElhenny Florence Mitchell Bernadine Mobberly Paul Moore Vivian Musnug l-loward Olson lrene Park ,lay Patton Franklyn Pinkerton Rowland Prouse Donald Petter fr W. ,Mfg 4 .L ri ' I fs., 4 - ff:-? wb?-T ig I .,i,.g5t. I :Z 3... . t , 4.:kl:Q!,i4, I ,L if n., , -, 4' ' 1-35: ., . ,. v It 1 , fQfEg:5:EE'fi'f:E: s. WW . 4- 39' . 'Eli' Lv' ' fair L' M 3 '- 36 ., - ' X Y fix? "Mr" '- 45 r Y .. .Q ': V' , 5.34 5' r f ' '-s.':I.:." sf ff? sl , ' - . .pr 436 M. ...J ...futM...w'a M-,,... .... J .. A L. A 1 fr? , Elisa. 'w X I V 1 Q f sv- 4 Q W' it r ,-' . , ig, ts: -fm if N i5,,g,.Y12 . - , J K . . - 'ft 122335 . " W 1 W- ,., Q i t - ii.: f - . Q -f"" 1 z wr M , 3, ,, , V ,,tA N , ' f . . , - 5 A W or gag A . 5 - f. V r -'-, 1 , ' ' , . ' 7 fr R . la 551 z- -"' .. V f""" 1 1691 wt., E , . wi 5 ' ' . 55: -'T' :: Q ' :. .. A' ' ' 5 L ,.., , ik' ' '- 1 , , . ,,... I it " ,I 3' 5' '. . V. Nui y h - ,., - I W .ps f it i - "TW , ..- .. , , 5 PEW 45. ' N N gg fi ..,. - I.. t r NS X 6: ,xg , .. A 1 :Q l x 55 - "N if "is-Q .1 , V,-, 1-my ' "ii 'Eff ,f -.Q , . X K -S- :Ef ' . "':E"I:lQ'if.f',f"' T12 + - 4- ---F" E A ' ' ,,,,. - . l fgf ,.1 - s tt r 'X-'ra 1. " " 'i' 'Zi - f 'E-5'-Winer, T N1 ,nun ' , :fi tw , , ' . -. ' '7 ' 1 wx .W ..,. I E' Q .QE " .- 215231 1- ' ' Qin.-f,-EQ? .- " Q . T . 'f L. -'I , 4 'lid is ' ' " :1V3'v,:sw-'EQ " A ' N ,, vig - , I ,J f W , - X -X -' ' , ,.,. X 4 ' " , 7: If fm ft v 9- .Q ' .5 ' Z, H " S T M' .. T sf ' Q M if 5 an it ' T a or f it - T ig - A .Q - 11:53 '-a . QQ X .vw - Q - 1,52 .. A -X 'fr:iz,z::::':-M '. +vgf.'-' . :-1-' ' -. ' . Q . ' '- , - .A . . .W , may ., '. X' - . f ' -if--1-315: fa- . " ' - -T of ' Florence Richeal Cuba Roberts Lloyd Rogers Rita Posenhammer Myra Ross John Scott Emogene Smith Mary Sharpe Janet Smith Margaret Shaw Joseph Smith Dorothy Smith Keith Smith Elizabeth Smith Jane Starnes fl70t Leona Staten Thelma Stetson Marilyn Stiles Mary Sumner Wanda Suthe rin Alma Swenlc Lila Taylor William Taylor Eugene Terwilliger Seth Tidball Bettie Lee Turner Irene Van Dressar Loretta Warmlcessel Dorothy Wells Dorothea Warmlcessel Ethel Turpel Audrey Ward Erlaine Weaver Robert Utter Louise Webster Beulah Wiggins Oliver Williams Jean Wood Edith Woodcoclc Emma Wooledge Anne Wright s Pug. gt'WZy' ' l '41 - Z4 . .E -N .assi .V-i wi ' or as s E r rss i s ,E it E ,q, r ji W Ir 22 W .. ,.... X " ' Q U l l" -'A ' 'B 't--- , .I L A 'i X B 3 "Y E S r sr s r sa g My to s I ll I, kll . f,,' L ' K 'fi X, UTP is Jw X YY ,use 55 was .f :.. .1 "--1 , X A N Ls, X, ll. , . H : r 5' :N ' , .f fr Ei , N X . 'Q5af2'ff1QX N" , 1 Slfifi- Al 'ali'::':'?E1.1-IW-fir:f V. f f 1 x, f Els?-ba a hx- ' X :"1 . 'q5,vz::.s5a:2353s Nam a::g.,4:g'-:frm ' .. ff, -, ., ,.,,. . "" '2v:e:3::- Harry Bansmere Donna Bowers Sara Cooper Viola Hall Vivian Naomi Jones Avis Bolstridge Thelma Cody Sydney Dunn Martha I-iavvn Ruth Leefe UQ? T Marion Louise Manning Violet Moore Florence Otis Vera Palmer Lucille Parks Mary Sabine Eileen Scott Vera Simms Rachel Stockwell l-l. Leroy Sfurfevant Doris Taylor L.. 4731 ,m g fm AQ 'v.," t i A , . Lx- . ':' 1 Ly "-'QA' N ' YQ' . ' 7.-9 R xvsff , LA M, i Q he . , ,.,, . VQIQ I gill: -- . iz rs' ,. ' X :I .ff Q , ... 1 427 W George Andrews Jane Bishop Clarence Churchill Eunice Elliott Lois Foster Mary Melniclc Jeanette Holder Veramae Aldridge Mary C. Boggs Theodore Collin Pauline Elliott Robert Goodnow Lloyd l-layes Idoline Jones Marion Best Ray Carpenter Franlc Dominguez Marion Flueclc Sylvia Gracey Carrie l-lilsinger Robert ones C A E 4741- U Alverda Kinney Mary Melniclc Meredith Maddox Edith Marz Dorotha Maser Dorothy Moore E Jean Naylor Luther Pennington Albert Rich Robert Russell Everest Thurber Laura Northcott Donald Reed Sophie Riley Wessie j. Shuck Marion Turlcington Peggy Pangle Gene Rice Glenys Roun William Slatcher Emily Wheeler Earl Wilson 4751 A . , '51qho-8 'Qy X egg Qmxxllllffwv 'E Q 2 ,4 efilfififfs i . - , V . i , .Sm-iirirl lfuir: H. 1 mise-r, ll. Nlzlrl lirfi-sim, 1 , llainlis, l . l.lllII'l'll. R. l liurrvlle, ll, lluililivi. Fruit! livin" li. Pziynv, R. .Xrirlvrsiiii,1i. Rive, Xl. Phillips, lir. Htirpi-r, uided by the ideal of maintaining at Eastern Nazarene College a democracy in which freedom is mingled with a sense of personal responsibility, the Student Council has worlced together with the faculty in leading the college through- out a victorious year. Since one of the great needs of the college has been a place for whole- some indoor recreation, the Student Council undertoolc to renovate a basement room of the Canterbury as a game room. Realizing the importance of supplying informa- tion about campus life and regulations to new students, this year's Council set the precedent of preparing a Student l-landboolc. ln answer to the desire of the Student Body to encourage the young men who have left E. N. C. for the armed forces, and to share in bringing victory, the Student Council sponsored an active interest in the Blood Donor Center, a weelcly sale of war stamps, a drive to collect money and literature for the servicemen, and an effort to lceep them cheerful with letters and birthday cards. 4781 OFFICERS GEORGE RICE RUTH ANDERSON MARION PHILLIPS DANA PAYNE RAY CHARRETTE WALTER MacPHERSON CARL HANK5 MEREDITH MADDOX ALVERDA KINNEY CLIFFORD CHURCH HELEN CONSER President Vice-President Senior Representative Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Graduate Representative Academy Representatives Representat ives-at-Large PROFESSOR ALBERT HARPER Faculty Representative ? if Q George Rice, President U16 Student Erfurncil I79I N l It l Urirttll. li. xvllilv. X. Bruwnir, H. Sliinfimril, ll. lvuwr1'li4'4-, W. 511111111411-:4r':ile's. XY, CHIC' R, Hir'klvr,iN. Vlivlzikiziti. E. He P tl I Xl Phillips. II, tlmsi-r. D, Payne. U. lfrvi-sv, R. lflnnivl. he privilege ol sitting under the teaching ol consecrated professors . . . the exciting rivalry ol a junior-Senior baslcetball game . . . the friendly con- versation around a dinner table . . . the beauty ol the magnolia tree in early May . . . the answering note ol agreement to a stirring chapel message . . . the inex- pressible ioy ol communion with God . . . this is E. N. C. to us. "Now in the days ol youth" these scenes and memories are very real to us, and naturally we want to have a permanent record ol our lite here. This need the "Nautilus," the annual ol Eastern Nazarene College, supplies. By means of pic- tures ol campus life and descriptive writing about every phase ol college activity, the "Nautilus" represents four ol our most important years. Especially in 1943-44, when Eastern Nazarene College has achieved scholastic recognition and Financial security, the "Nautilus, was eagerly awaited by every lriend ol the college because it is the lasting symbol ol a victorious year. 1801 DANA PAYNE DONALD FREESE HELEN CONSER MARION PHILLIPS AGNES BROWNE EVELYN I-IEINLEIN ROLAND STANFORD ROBERT LAWRENCE WILLIAM COLE ROLAND STANFORD ROBERT EMMEL I Joi-im MAYBURY i NEVART CI-IETAKIA N STAFF Editor-in-Chief DANA S. PAYNE W. Business Manager J. DGNALD FREESE Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Associate Editor Literary Editor StaH Writers S . - Photography Editor Student Photographer Afsiftant Business Nanager Advertising Managers GRACE WI-IITE Typists MARY BELLE HARRIS RUTI-I SICKLER PROFESSOR BERTHA MUNRO 2 F I Ad . PROFESSOR MANN S M 'Y Wm aufzlus NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR ISII Slmzi1z'1iy.' l.. Cliuttii-lil. J. Tliorpc, K. XI4'Ktlll1c5'. ll. Vzirlsun, Y. Curry. V. llziyliixry. YY. Dixon. G. Rice. R. Vliairrr-tie, ll, NI:-ffliskm-r. Il. Cnnsur, A. Swcnk, Il. Benson, Sitting: H. Hiclii-y, M. Lunplu-r, I., Culliuun, H. Dull, ll. Euiuiul, R.Stu1ifuril, A. Browne, L. Brown ditor Edward Dell utilized previous newspaper experience to make tl'1e "Campus Camera" tltis year a successful publication. Streamlined make-up and new feature items were two maior contributions to the paper's good iournalism. "lite Servicemen Write" brings to readers excerpts from tlwe letters writ- ten by E. N. Cds servicemen from all over tlie world telling ol lwow a lite in tlie army or navy can still be victorious because of tlwe presence of Clirist. Roland Stan- iord's column, 4'l:aitl't With Worl4s,', and Agnes Browne's '1lVl.iglttier tlnan tlwe Sword," were student memoranda ol oil-campus religious activities and current literature, respectively. George Rice, pointing tlie 'Candid Camera," at campus life, collected pertinent news items tltat lwelp to slriow us 'tourselves as otlters see us." Editor-in-Chief EDWARD DELL STAFF EDWARD DELL Editor-in-Chief ROBERT EMMEL Business Manager LYAL CALHOUN News Editor AGNES BROWNE Feature Editor MYRON RICHEY, MURIEL LANPHER Sports Editors GEORGE RICE AGNES BROWNE l Columnists ROLAND STANFORD l MURIEL PAYNE, RAY CHARRETTE Malce-up Editors WALLACE DIXON Circulation Manager VERNON CURRY StaFl Artist Reporters: Helen Conser, Marcia Carlson, Calvin Maybury, Juanita Thorp, Alma Swenlc, lrene Plante, Lucille ChatField, Doris McCuslcer, Ray Charrette, Irene Park, Donald Retter. Feature Writers: Kathryn McKinney, Mary Lilley, Louise Erown, Marion Phillips, Patricia Herrschaft, George Rice. Typists: Helen Temple, Alma Swenlc, Dorothy Benson. Secretaries: Florence Mitchell, Alice George. Faculty Adviser: Professor Spangenberg. E716 ampus Kamen: Thin! Rim-J llisvne. W. liusk, l,. lingers. Nl:ir-Plicrsuli. Ilqiseltiin Ni-1-uml Hun-. M. ll. Harris, Nlrlllskvr Hnrvity. Parks, I. Park, .Kline Wfiglil. Nl. H. Harris l"mrif li'nu'.' Slurncs. llvrrscl1:il'l, xlllSlllIjl, l'. Xlmmrrx Prnfessiir Spilugenlrerg. H. Euicry. Benson, Vliulzlkiun Because the world conflict has caused many changes in their lives, the rhetoric students have chosen as the theme for their boolc the ellect ol World War Il on their class. lmpressions written by students vvho have left lor the service intersperse themes describing rationing and vvar vvorlc A serious atmos- phere pervades the book because ol the emphasis on the importance ol religion during this crisis. Edited by Patricia l-lerrschalt vvith assistants Eleanor Emery and lrene Parlc, the 1944 Greenboolc is dedicated to the Freshman class ol 1954. For the benefit ol that class William l.usl4 and Paul Berlc, business managers, have directed the start in collecting money lor a vvar bond. The Green Book WENC is on the air tonight,-nevvs- casts, student advice, variety programs, and devotions reach every room on campus. ltis Sigma Delta Alpha, sponsoring radio pro- grams paclced vvith local interest and designed to welcome students to E. N. C With the slogan, H0n the Beam," Robert Sawyer, president, and his cohorts persuaded many freshmen to ioin at the Alpha lighthouse on Rush Day. "Thanksgiving to Friends, College, I-Iome, Country, and God" was the topic lor a Friday night program in the tall. This year's otlicers lor the Alphas in- cluded William Summerscales, vice-president, Kathryn McKinney, secretary, and Raymond Charrette, treasurer. Fijtlz Razr: H. Bunting, RI. Flucck, Il. Luc, I'. Ilairvey. V. Iluliii s 1 ii 1 B. Higgins, V. Musnug, A. IYrip.:I1I,5. IIII4-lv. Funrlli Rau-: W, J. Shun-k, Ii. .Xriih-rsini, W. Klzii-I'In-rsnii, I'. Ihrk I Nmilli ii 1 E. Dell, II. Ifoslvr, II. IIuy1I. II. Ivigilins. Third How: D. -Iorclzin. R. f.':irpL-ith-r, I'. .XmIi'vws, II. Slnti-Iivr, 1 In In 1. nu P. Locktmrt, II. Lllllnn, Ii. IYiIsiin, NI. Best. Svrznirl Roir: E. Murz, NI. I.z1rr:iIuw. I. Vain Ifrn-ssc-r. II. 'I'urnvr. I Iiiryi J. Sturm-s. R. Rim-Imvl. KI. Vutiin, Ii. Sc-Iilnssi-r, V I ur p Frou! Rmr: E. Dixon. I.. 'I'aiyIw-, X. Iiuurigv. II, Siiiilli, If II:irIx ll lliirriltn NI Rnln x Ir I' N ixl r Ii Nun r Ix NI4 Ix ii Sunlnu-rsrallcs, II. t'IiII'nriI. II, flilinnri-, I.. Itrnxxli Siflli Ituir: I. -lunes. H. Nlusim, lb. Sparks. L. Brinker, E, Hurtun, W. Ville. l-I. Smith. ll. Ladd. D. Aldridge, Williams, D. Thomas. .X lvzichtel. YY. 'l'1iylur, V. Wvliitn-. P. Rogers. F1-flli Hou-: IT. llc-Viisker. H. Rusvliliuniiiler, ll. Sharpe. Bl. Stiles. N. Nlc'l'lilwiiril, Nl. Lunpller, D. Payne, L. Yvelister, A. Browne, BI. Park I. Park, NI. Hurllnitt. Nl. Huwn. l"uurIll lluir: Y. Curry, H. Ti-iiiplv, I. thilir, .l. Naylor. R. Buss, L. Nortlicutt, 'l'. Taiylnr, J. Thorne, S. Dunn, l'l. Elliott, J. Thorpe, P. Herr st-hzift. il. Smith. Tliirfl ltuir: XI. J. Ewing, li. Wmnli-iii-k. .l. lloliltfr, R. Stzinfnril. H. 'I'hi1rhvr, lluniinigues, J. Scott, D. Reiter, G. Hzisolton, G. Rice. A. Wright G. Rim-. K. F-niith, ll. llivksull. Si-wuriil ltmr: E. Smith. Y. Pnlnn-r. li. Hull. C. Swinhoe. P. Douglas, li. Currie, V. Kerling, H. Dickinson, I. Uarocli. L. Foster. D. Wells ll. llaillinge-r, l'. lit-Vamfiiu, ll. Phillips. R. Let-te. Ifrmil Ifnzr: T. Stetson. L. Staten. .l. Pt-rrv, Prnf. Bzitrr-nc-k. l. lvillwurlll, R. Lawrence, -l. llcflullough, H. lvhite, fl. Church. D, Stfillili KI. Watkiiis, Nl. Ruse. G. Rnun. Booml Booml Booml The huge red and white Beta drum, symbol of steady strength, challenged new students to "Beat with the Betasn under president Robert Lawrence. Won by the friendliness implied by the helpful Beta l-landboolc, forty-two new students responded, giving Sigma Delta Beta a record enrollment this year. Sounding a softer note, the society presented "Fiesta en Espana," talcing lf, N. C for a Friday evening tour of Qld Spain, there to taste the romance of chivalry and the dazzling beauty of the arena. fun and recreation combined with earnestness of purpose is the Beta spirit. lheir slogan-co-operation, quiet determination, and dependability. Sigma Delta Beta Sigma Delta Gamma 'ilhe 1943-44 Gamma Victory Flightln This challenge was the main drive ol the societyls activities throughout the year. Cn Rush Day Forty new students ioined the group ol Gamma Victory Flight passengers, piloted by Robert lVlaybury, president, l-lelen Conser, vice-president, Nevart Chetalrian, secretary, and Robert Emmel, treasurer. A spirited football team began the "Victory Flight" by winning the coveted championship. The next victory lor the Gammas vvas their program, "Let Freedom Ring," a panorama in music and readings ofthe development ol the American spirit ol iree- dom. Frequent alter-dinner programs and the presentation of a war bond to the college completed the events ol a Gamma Victory Year. Fifth H 1ti1-.' Gray, RIllIllllq2llJll1C,l20Ililll.lS2llllllL', Wlietsonc, G. Xlziln x i lrrxxil ici r F rtizr tll If riIl'.' lllllllilp, Ilryner, Hvnsnn, Collins. T. fully, P, Lusk H Km fl in 4 v i Nui Tliirrl Rrnr: His r'it e, .Xr4lrey,'1'. l"utl'in, ltnvis. R. llupailjc, Allis ruii ll lux i I iv Plliltirlim lhiil li i rin S i-1-firii I Rm 1'.' M. li. Harris. KOH:-l. lirnssv. I'lll5lIl1.Z1'I', IJ. 'l':u'lur, 4 11+ lllll 1 I 1 Ill ll. lfrvese, Xums. P. M itmr re. P. l"r n-i1 se, -l. Harris. NN Div n Xlnorf T. Cross, SWL-nk, li. YYQ-nvfrr, lh-lp. f':illiouu. if. vlnnus. ll. Klziluny, Tlirkitigtmi. YY miiti l.t'1iQsiily,Si1tlieriii Fruit! Itftii-: E. liniirry, Hurless. Xl. lluggs. l,. lllirziikussel, Hrirltu L mr t Hunks, .Xgm-:,l'11liiv. llmlilim, llrunge-r, Y. Nlrmix- l lu i 'acry- ' Snails xiii M new .mms ,rl 7.5 I as . . . , .-., -, , -. ,se Writ: liulr: II. Xmus, Ninmre li. l.uttnn. furry, Vzirpvnter, Rim-lwy, V. hI:1yln1l',v, G. ilruss, L. Stllrlevunt. lf. Smith, YV. Cole, D. Fresse, 0. IYilliziu1s, I'. Kluore-, P. Lovklmrt. Nl. Parker. R. Sabine. IP. Tlmn1:lS. Nl. l.z'i4lil, R. Snlmiiiv. E- Terwilliger. Fifth 1inrf.'.X.Iir0Whe.l"l.l"1llinlI, NI. Manning. I. Park. L. Parks, E. Smith. D. Moore, C. Roberts, F. Mitchell, T. Cross, M.H:1rris, J. Smith, KI. Hurllvutt. ll. 1,'nrlson,I, Willwnrth. BI. Flueck, R. Hedberg. D. Lee, P. Harvey, B. Higgins, E. Harton. lfiturflz linux' I. Jnnvs, H. 174.-ll. l,. ivhite. I.. Rogers, I. lIu-mn, Bl.Grey, A.Wncl1tel. D, Dickson. D. Sparks, R. Prouse, R.En.iu1el, C. Churfllill, l'. llruwn, J. Puttnll, lf. Tlilirlirrr, il. .Kmlrc-ws. P. Xnilrews, hIncPl1ersoI1. P. Berk, f'.Hz1rr. Tlffrfi limi- J. 'l'lmrpr-, Yann ltri-ssl-r. lt, l":1i'r4-ll. .l, Wm1il.l. Hale. P, Hvrrsf'li:ift. I.. Hurless, E. YYrmlerlqe, H. Dickinson. NI. Park, J. Haxmilton, li. Hausa,.X.i'ln-t:iki:in. 1I.'l'nrl1ingtm1.Y.lirt-1-iw.V.Pauline-r.I. ltziriwli.f1.Hilsinger, A.Swcnk, II. Russ,.X.!3iniill1,P. Douglas. 'l'. Stn-tsou. l.. 'l'zlylur. T. .loin-s. N11-mul li"iu',' 'l'. IS:-winks, K. Smith. W, Lusk. J. ltismmv. F. I'I:1sQltun,H.D:irliIig,-ISCOU, F. Pinkerton, D. Reiter, D. Reed, B. Wiggins, M. llvsl, lf. Rivlxczil, Sturm--4, Vliilrivtlu, YY. Arrlrey, A. iYrigl1t, G. Rive. B. Flnlcller, Allison, T. Coflin. Clllllllllll. Ifrniit linux Y, Dow-rspikv, ll. liriluin. 141.54-nlt, 5. Riley. Xl. I'I:irlrul:1, l"l. Dixon. H. HI:irLz1, V. Moore, R. Houlette, E. Smith. L. Ivarnlkessel, NY. 'l':iylur, R.5:1wyvr.Xl.Payne.lllitiillfuril,NI. Xlululiy, NI. Curtin, A. IV:irrl,V. Kerlil1f.:.R.F-tfwkwell, R. Leefe, R. Frlilusser. l.. llriwwii. li. Nlulvlmrly, ll, Smith With zeal and devotion the Evangelis- tic Association carried on the year's work, holding meetings in nearby missions and churches. Students also ministered as part ofthe hospital group, which, under the direc- tion oi Ernest Moore and Faculty adviser, Miss Muriel Payne, visits the Quincy l-lospital every Sunday. Distributing tracts and malcing surveys in the local communities were two supplementary activities during the year. Qiticers of the association included Roland Stanford, president, Robert Sawyer, vice-president, Margaret Malony, secretary, and William Taylor, treasurer. After Roland Staniord's call to the Framingham church, William Taylor became president and paul Andrews, treasurer. Evangelistic Association Student Ministerial Association Donald lliomas, president, togetlwer vvitlt Roland Stanford, vice-president and William Cole, secretary-treasurer, led tl'te Student Ministerial Association tlirouglw a year ol varied activities vvlsiiclt represented several vital plwases ol E. N. C lile. For pure lun the group l'tad its annual lall breakfast on tlwe Squantum Beaclt. ln the Field ol general culture tlie members met vvitlt the Literature Club to discuss the problem ot sin as expressed in literature, lfmplwasizing spiritual values, tl'tey sponsored tlie showing ol a dramatic and stirring motion Film produced by tlsie Lutlieran Society, entitled Hllte povver ol Godf, Tliirrl lfrr1r'.l. Hziyliiiry. Niixyr-r. lYii4'lilvl, lf. Sniitli. Pni'kvr N ui nn lx rr inn r Sm-iniil lfiiir: f'lil1rr'li.I..l4im-s, Xlnsnli. Hairr. ll, lfrw-sv, Run ilil N il int it tins Q ll ri i l"runI lfitux' l':illinun. llivlwnii. Fliiiillii-il. It,'l'liiiiii:1s. l'i'4ift-sm r X uni. 4 It R ilp i N 11 N,-muil Run-' W. 'l'ii4x'lnr, Prof. Earle, Friful Hun-5 lliiiser. Vliurrli. Ko Growth in numbers and in spirit marlced the College Missionary Society in 1943-44. Headed by two prospective missionaries, Cliltord Church, president, and lrma lfoitel, vice-president, the organization increased the missionary zeal among the students. Helen Conser, secretary, and Marion lurk- ington, treasurer, co-operated in this vvorl4. ln several challenging programs, held bi-vveelcly in the regular chapel service, student told ol their calls to foreign and home missions. Returned missionaries, such as Qev, and lVlrs. lfellersburger from the mis- sion to the lepers of Liberia, spoke to the college under the sponsorship of the society, telling ol their lite in Africa and ol the povver ol God to strengthen and keep in the face of heathen disease and superstition. 'lnirkingtoii College Missionary Society 41901 Who's Who Distinction in character, scholarship, leadership, and possi- loility ol luture usefulness to business and society determines election to Who's Who. Eastern Nazarene College is one ol six hundred colleges represented in this directory, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. The looolc, which appears annually, is an index and guide For the use of personnel managers. Each year a council ot representative Faculty members and students selects seven upperclassmen and graduates whose names then appear in the volumes current issue. The lcey which they receive thus signi- Fies the most versatile college achievement. W lm-I, IM-lp, ll. Fruc's1'. ll. Pziynm Nlllllllvrsi-:ilu-s, R. Nluylxllry. fiourgu Ri:-u Siwiiiil lfnu-: YYui'l1lel, G. Yvliiie. Uonse-r. Phillips. Fruit! Hair: F. Savage, L. Emery. Delp, D. Payne, R. Rapalje Honor Society i99i Instruction, devotion, challenge,- these were the three lceynotes ol "The Mind ofChrist," presented by the Eastern Nazarene College l-lonor Society during the Lenten Season of 1944. With George Delp as president, Dana Payne as vice president, and Beryl Granger as secretary-treasurer, the group united in Financing a scholarship lor one semesters tuition which goes annually to a student, elected by the Society For high scholastic standing, Christian character, and contribution to college lile. Those taldng at least twelve hours oi college vvorl4, vvho maintain a B+ average and receive no grade lower than B and B+ in all maior subjects, are eligible For member- ship in the l-lonor Society. it Now a lamiliar activity olE. lNl.C.,tl1e A Cappella cltoir, under tlne directorsltip of Mrs. Esther Williamson, ltas added anotlter memorable year to its liistory. parlc Street Congregational Clwrclt in Boston lweard tlte clwoir's forty members sing at an early fall service. llwe traditional "lVlessialt,' performance on December 17, witln Vesy Stemm, baritone, and Robert Cliltord, tenor, as soloists, was Htlwe best yet," according to its entlwsiastic audience. After giving several programs tlwrougltf out tlte year in clwrclnes ol Greater Boston, the cltoir presented its Final concert in late spring, including in its repertoire old Favorites and some new selections. Firm-Ili Razr: t':irp4-iitvr, In-ll.1Q, Vriiss. V. XI:iylilii'y.S:iuui ll: I iii ii Hia i ll ixi Tlirrtl Hniry.l. S4-nlt. Xl1l1'Plll'!'silll.Sllilfki, l.m-kliaii'l. xyilst ii W Iii R Pitt ii Srmniil lfnir' Pvrry, Html, YY:irml. linmllzis, Higgins, Vntlv, Nli xH Ilitllnri. Friiiil lfniw' His. lfstlii-r Willitiin--vii. Suiiilini-. Halt-. Nl. IH Il iril H irx x R Kiwi xx Srrwniil H.ur.' 1'airpi-i1ler,W':iril. l'rofvss0r Ylilliaiixisiin, G, Vrims, XI. Paym-,W. Dixon, li. Rugvrs, R, liouilliuw, R. Nlziyliury, J. Naylor, tllsnn u Frmli li'iiir.' l'um1cr, Hardy, Vttvr, Fcllernvvk, H. Sunil. Nlnvl livrson, YVnuflw:ird Orchestra Putting aside assignments for ninety minutes, orchestra members take their instru- ments once vveelcly to the chapel. As they enter, the tuning ol strings and brasses pro- duces a symphony of discord. Starting with Victor l-lerbert's i'Babes in Toyland", they proceed, with Mrs. Gi B. Williamsonis slciliul conducting, to the more formal lntermezzo of Bizet's "L,Arlesienne Suite," thence to Gounods 'luneral March oi the Marionettesf' Recreation and the creation oi beauty are ultimate aims of this extra-class activity, as well as valuable musical experience. The orchestra presented a program ol well lcnown classical music, Featuring the famous "Figaro" aria from The Barber ol Seville, sung by Mr. Vesy Stemm. Music Club Believing tltat Hmusic ltatlt clwarmsli lor an active lf. N. C. lile, luture paganinis and Cltopins ltave organized to stimulate an appreciation oi good music. Since tl'te best way ol learning to understand music is by listening to it frequently, the meetings ltave included records ol 'illie Carnival ol Animalsi' by Saint-Saens and a Beethoven sonata. Appropriate for tlte lwoliday season, tlne December program vvas a discussion oi tite origins ol Familiar Christmas carols. Under tlie leaderslwip oi june l-lamilton, president, and vice- president Eleanor Emery, assisted by secretary Lila Taylor and treasurer Priscilla l-larvey, tl'te club ltas initiated a lund to provide musical equipment lor tlte college. wiiriil Ifulr: M. Russ. li. l'nrrio, IT. l,i-i-, il. lliiiiil, N. K ltcliikiatll. Nl. 4 ztrlsiin, l,. Wi-lislvr, ll. lluiili-iii-. ll. l'lt10I'l'i, lu llii-liviil. l'. liitllilliis. 'l'. .linww, if Hzirily. nn! lfirir: lf, l'i1ni'ry, J. Hain' i nlti li, ll. Pziyiiv. Pritl. llivc. Prof. lip-i'kwitl1,P. Harvey. L. 'l':i.i'lur. an C7 'Pea .. ""xi'k ve 'CY V. 1. 6- Srrwniil lfulr: H, IM-lp, V. Ileffiissio. YV. Sutlieriii, D. Freese, R. .Xnrle-rsnli. KI. Coflin, YY. Suinmersciiles. Frrml Ifnir: Agnus Culnie. Bliss Spungvnlicriz. Xl. Phillips. l.. El1.i0ry. Dean Nlunrn, X. Browne, R. Hickler. lntegration ol literature with other Fields ol learning served as a guiding star this year to the Literature Club. Lois Emery, president, and Marion phillips, vice-president, with the help ol secretary Agnes Browne, directed this program ol correlation. ln a joint meeting with the Bowne Philosophical Society the group related the philosophical and literary aspects ol the Boolc ol Job. Together with the Student Ministerial Association the Literature Club discussed the sin problem as illustrated in great books, The psychological erlect ol the supernatural, exemplified by literary masterpieces, occupied the attention ol members ol the club in the meeting with the Psychology Club. Literature Club Wind 1.l,N Providing equipment for the new speech laboratory, the soundproot room on the third Floor ol the Canterbury, was the aim and proiect ol the Speech Club during the past year. lnterested in showing the relationship between speech work and lite, the members ol the club prepared a paper describing the history ol speech training. ln the November meeting individual members made records ot their readings, and in December they organized a program ol familiar readings appropriate to the season. This year the president, Kenneth Robinson, was assisted by ,lessie McCul- lough, vice-president, and juanita Thorpe, secretary. A r"n ' Rui" 1. .luluIl4:v. I,. Ilnvls. I.. Ftiirtvvntil, R. Ivzlrszxll U Hun-mlm l' Hvlnlcln I3 NIM uskvr. Nl. Klzilimify, I, .li-nv-, R, ltiixmr-l L. lfallmllli. Speech Club front Runt: R. Fvlilfvsse-r, I3.5ui1tIi.J. lhiurpix lx. Rulvlnsun, Mrs, fu. ll, Willlnlnsun. J. KIM ullougli. ll. lhclultsim, I.. llyguski, Srcuiiil Rmr: Ywictsone, Ronald Snliinv, Parker, Dell, li. Klimrc. Williams Friml Huw: Rulpli Sabine. Vliairrcltu, Professor' Liinn, R. Clark, P. Lusk, Vaussiily Knowledge and understanding ol the past as a basis lor lceen comprehension of the present,-toward this end members ol the l-listorical Society constantly strive. ln the lace of the present world crisis they seek to make themselves alert to their obligations as United States citizens. With this goal in view they have discussed throughout the year current domestic and international problems, the coming peace table, and postwar plans lor a new world. president Ruth Clarlc, assisted by secretary-treasurer Phoebe Lusk, has been in charge ol these round table discussions. professor Mervel P. l.unn, history department head and the society's adviser, gave a Friday night commentary to the student body, analyz- ing the war scene in Europe. Historical Society Philosophical Society "l believe in personalism because it gives the most adequate view ol life," de- clared Dr. Albert l-larper at the First meeting ol the Bowne Philosophical Society. "job illustrates profound wisdom literature," Dean Munro and Dr. l-larper asserted warmly at a ioint meeting with the Literature Club. "Philosophers are peoplel Loolc at their ec- centricitieslu realized the members, alter giving short biographical sketches. For its annual Friday evening program the society presented Dr. Edgar Shetlield Brightman, head ol Boston University's De- partment ol Philosophy. Proiect for the year was the assembling ol a philosophers' album. Alexander Wachtel, Merrill Ladd, As- trid Smith, and William Cole were president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. Slunilirry' ll, l'ri-uw. W, flilv, I. Kimllt-l, ll. l N ll l' tl K ntl ll l t lt t li Nilliny llr. l'r'uxi--., .X, lY:i4'lili-l. Xl. l.iulrl. ll Il 1 Ntrnnfl lfwr: P. Dunlap, .l. Thorne. J. Biscoe. B. Granger, W. Dixon. H. Temple, P. Lnr-klmrt. R, Stnvkwell. R. Hedberg, R. Leete, D. BFFHPTY V. Kvrling. lf. S4-ntl, R. Grimm. W. Taylor. 1- rum limit-.' l". Milt-livll. ll, Sparks. Nl. Rif-liey. W. Luttnn. l7r.Sl1iel1ls. Bl. Clit-rilrtiii, A. Maison, Nl. J. Koller, K.Su1itl1. Psychology Club JIWOOI- Members ol the Psychology Club stared in avve as Myron Richey solemnly dranlc colored vvater inl4 and ate a raw onion under the influence ot professor Shields' Uhypnotismf' and they hesitated to drinlq delicious cocoa vvhen it appeared yellow, green, blue, and red in color. ln the Cctober meeting an escaped prisoner, Mr. Leslie Ditchlield, spolce about lile in a German concentration camp. Qriginal programs and serious study have aided in giving those interested in psychology a sound, Christian basis For iudg- ing contemporary theories. This year's club was led by Marguerite Cherdron, president, William Lutton, vice- president, and Mary Vlane Kerler, secretary- treasurer. Physical Science Club Twentieth century science allects us daily. The Physical Science Club has en- deavored to survey broadly the particular advancements ol chemistry and physics. Organized vvith Grace White as president, Alice George, vice-president, Eunice Grosse, secretaryf and Grant Cross, treasurer, the club engaged in a specialized proiect ol photography. Professor Duncan E. MacDonald ol the physics department lent invaluable assistance in the etlective develop- ment ol the proiect. Professor ,lasper Naylor was the club's laculty adviser lor the year's program ol profitable scientific discussions. For their Friday night program the club presented a Film illustrating the phenom- ena ol magnetism and electricity, qlinulzrldf li. l'1-llningtuii. R. Klziylullry, ll. Venn-r. li. l.u-k, ,l Il uri l ll L r l lirin ir YY. BIau'l'liersuri. l'. lfrem-sv.-, l". Iloiuliigllcs, Pinlwrl n I W ii 1 Sillingr G. Hilgnr. 1..Allisrm,.fX. lluntiniz. P. Herrsm-lmfl. li. Riu x Q.-t-mill Ifmr: Nl llzlrris. l,. Rngvrs, lt. llullinpzur. l. Wlillxwrllt. R. llatss, V. fire-Cm-. Y. l':ilmcr, l'l. Smith, A. Swvllk. S. Dunn, 'l'. Cross, H. l.:iurrm'1-, ll. YYm'lls. I"r-un! linux' B. Wiggins, L. Brown. R. Buysl, M. Lunplter, N. Mcl'lilwnrLls, Prof. Babcock. -l. Perry, E. Elliott. Peering through microscopes at infinitesimal cells may be a laborious task to some ill-starred students, but to those interested in biology this study ol lite is an absorbing worl4. Advised by Professor W. V. Babcock, the nevvly organized Biology Club has chosen ,lanice Perry as president, vvith Norma lVlcEdvvard, vice-president, and Muriel Lanpher, secretary-treasurer. 7 Throughout the year the club has presented educational biology films and has prepared scientific models tor laboratory vvorl4. lt has secured membership in the New England Museum ol Natural l-listory, giving students the opportunity ol attending lectures there. The club believes that through study guided by faith it will be able to Find the truth. Biology Club House Council hen young ladies visit other rooms alter eleven o'cloclc and young gentlemen form an impromptu quartet during the wee small hours, then the l-louse Councils exercise their authority, trying to combine order and good spirit in the dormitories. The Council also had charge ol appointing the leaders ol the men's and vvomen's prayermeetings. Besides lullilling these duties, the Councils sponsored Qpen l-louse activities and aided preparatons lor the Valentine party, the girls Council planned the eagerly awaited Good Neighbor party lor the girls. The girls elected Kathryn McKinney and lrene Willvverth president and secretary, respectively, and the boys chose Maynard Parker, chairman, and ,loseph Biscoe, treasurer. Tliiril Run" liiiyil, Ihivis. Suwyi-r, lf. llzill .Hn-nnil Run" Xl. llailiiny, lurklniglon, Nl. il. lx1'fln-r,li4-iirilv Rn-4-, l iinsi-r. Nl. 1 iilllll Fran! livin-.' Vlietukiuli. Kerling. Ilisc-in-, Parker. Nli-Kinnvy. Willui-rlli. li. Payne NXXXWx'H1'f!fW1 'X X K f I ' I f QSO S7022 'I f'f Q 'W Sw Wg? -.5 E ,4 flzlefics Zzfzfflvall Alpha Faarbaii Under the sl4iliul direction ol Coach Myron Richey, the Alphas fielded a strong team this season. ln spite ol having lost Fred Haynes, Mlames Crutcher, and Allen l-ledberg to the United States armed service, the Purple and White played with concen- trated endeavor to win the championship. Newcomers Earl Wilson, Roy Sliclc, and Ray Foster made a vigorous and outstanding addition to a seasoned group which comprised Edward Dell, William Summerscales, Raymond Charrette, Paul Loclchart, and Lloyd Rogers, .SN-twirl Kuff: Puslvr, Nilllrlxursrailcs, Ru-in-y, Flin-k Frniil Razr: I.. Riigcrs. Dull, Yvilsun, Luc-klmrt. flizxrrm-ite S.-4-mid Razr: Wright, George Rice. Horton. Lawrence, Curry, Re-tter, Domingues Frnur Hnu-: Gene Rice, Strat-k, I. Jones, P. Rogers, W. Taylor Although the Betas lost All-Star Dale Rowell to the Naval Air Corps, and veteran Donald Bricldey by graduation, they showed their usual scrappy determination throughout the 1943-44 football season. Led by Coach David Strack, the Blaclc and Red had a powerful baclcfield with the combination ol Austin Wright, fresh- man Donald Retter, and the doughty coach. Wright showed up as outstanding man on the year's team, and Irving Jones, back in the line-up, played a strong right end. "Oldsters" Robert Lawrence, Raul Rogers, William Tay- lor, George Rice, and Vernon Curry, together with Freshmen Ellis l-lorton and Eugene Rice, completed a plucl4y team. Beta Football Gamma Football "Trophy leamu is the new title ol the Gamma eleven, This is the lourth year out ol live and the third successive year in which they have captured the football trophy, which is now theirs to lceep. Graduates John Parry, Robert Nielson, Lyal Calhoun, and Carl l-lanlcs played together for their last season. They have been the formidable spearhead ol the Blue and Gold lor live years. playing with their characteristic "lighting nonchalancef' the veteran four headed an exceptionally co-operative team, which included Donald Freese, Grant Cross, john l-larris, Eugene Ter- williger, Ernest Moore, Robert Maybury, john Maybury, and Calvin Maybury. Swmirl Ifuir' R. Blaylniry, G. Vross. Hunks. -l. Harris, t':illwun Frou! Ix'ni1'.'.l. xl2lYlJl1l'X. 'l'vrwilligPr, ll. lfrm-sv. G. Xlnyliury 1 1 Y l Ita:-L l : lfzzskffball Z Ipha Niftiiitl limi, Y,firm-in-.lIiigi1iiis. li1ilivria,ll:irYe.x, Xltli-lull . , . . . , , Prim! liftu 1 Itrii-ntl. Fliurk. In Xiiilvrsitri, Iltiyil, Wi-iglil, H. rl Starting the season with two regulars missing-Lloyd Rogers, a valuable guard and adept play-malrer, and swiit, versatile William Summerscales-the Alphas made a good show- ing despite handicaps. Myron Richey, cap- tain, used last brealcs and tricicy one-handed shots which worried opposing guards in every game. Richard l'lawl4's speed and tight- ing spirit, Earl Wilson's height under the baslcet, and Paul Locl4hart's smooth teamwork made a neat combination. Edward Dell, Roy Sliclc, and Robert Sawyer made up the rest of the team. The Alpha girls' team, with scoring threats in Esther Anderson and freshman Anne Wright, surprised onloolcers by their slcill in spite ot the laclc of veterans. Srrnnrl Ituirx' lYil:4uli. Hawk. Imrkliiirf Frunl limi" Stir-k, Ilit-iii-lv. Slllllrxirrrsvzilt-s. L, Rug: r Basketball S' tml Run Xlrfllskc-r.f'r1rriv. H. ltllll It Ir nt lt'fm': 'l'lmrnv, Perry, Klan-l'Irlw:1rrls, Luiiplu-r, ll. Paym- Swf-mzil lftni-:Ri1ssell, lYis0. l. .limi-Q, l,1ul4l. Horton, YY. 'llzlylnr Frou! Ifuzr: llvltcr, ttlsnn, Wrlp:lll.5l:lufnr1l, llrtmingucs l.ed by Austin Wright, doughty guard, whose experience stabilized a team of new players, the Betas started well by a victory over the Gammas. Roland Stanford, spirited set-shooter, Donald Petter, excellent basket- ball "stull," and sturdy guard Howard Qlson, proved themselves valuable players. Frank Domingues, "eye-tor-the-basketf, Merrill l.add's determination, Paul l-larris' co-opera- tion, and Robert Russellls ruggedness went into the production ol this year's Beta squad. Gut to win the title, the Beta girls boasted one ol the smoothest passing and scoring combinations E. N. C. has known: Eta Basketball Norma Mclfdward, Janice Perry and Muriel Lanpher, Dana Payne, jean lhorne, lrene park, and Viola laylor were outstanding guards. Gmnma .Nwwiiritl lfutlf I5 ltllsli. Y. Julws. Fivl-ilvr. Nl. H. Harris rlitiff. J. Fmltli, l'.. laiiir-ry, F. .liiiitm Hilsimgi-r lfnfril Iffiir, Weaver. Sum-nk, llunliili. l,. tfiiii-ry, Kutlk-I, lflierilriirl With tlte asset ol an experienced team, tlwe Gammas bad a successful basketball season. Captain Carl Hanks, speedy ball- lwandler and a tricky slwot, Robert Nielson, steady guard, and Lyal Callioun, last-moving scoring tlwreat, were veterans. Calvin May- bury's lweigltt, Alexander Cubies level- lweaded Fight, and Cornelius Wlietstone's teamwork vvere outstanding features. Be- cause many recruits turned out, the team was never in want ol good substitutes. -llte strengtlt of tlwe Gamma girls' team was in tlwe lorvvard lineup, composed ol seniors lrma Kollel, Lois Emery, and Rutlw Anderson. A broken ankle kept veteran Louise Sltolt on tlwe bencli. Prominent in tlie guard position were Margaret Dunlap and Marguerite Clwerdron. . , V . . , Nia 11111 lfuirg- ti. Mzlliiny, Iiirki-r, lxllvlslullv,lntuullluw,lu.1rirsw in! H1nir,'f:illl0llIl,Rnl1ul1l5:ilnll1',1 , Xlziylmry. P. l lurk . vm .1 ' i -w wf llr l BasketbaH Baseball ll. Xlalnny, F. YY. James, Nlxxllnvrsvailc-s. l. Julie-s Young men's fancies turn to more tlian tltougbts of love on spring days, and frequently tl'te cltoice between tlwe traditional lancy and tlwat ol playing baseball is ratlwer dillicult. Mud-spattered lrom tlwe rain or bruised from a slide to tlwird base, tlwe players Figlwt ltard to bring tlteir team anotlter lwonor. Altlwouglw tlte organized games are sponsored by time Alplwa, Beta, and Gamma literary societies, informal baseball forms a large part ol spring atltletic interest. An alter-dinner game is a lrequent prelude to an evening ol study, and annual Campus Day livens up wlien tlte bat and ball appear. A sun-drenclied day . . . tlie Flash of a Fast service . . . tlwe lwappy l'tum of a well- strung raclcet . . . tlie tliud of a bouncing, war- time tennis ball . . . sliot . , , set pointl And tlwe tournament matclw moves into its Final stages. Summer scliool students used E. N. Cfs clay courts from sunrise to tvviligltt. professor ,lasper R. Naylor played l'tis way to tlwe singles title, and Robert Lawrence and Ernest Moore won in tlwe doubles tournament, Competition was keen in tlte fall play- oFls, and tennis entlwusiasts anxiously awaited spring weatlwer and dry courts. The tourna- ment entries are closely matclried, and it is a toss-up lor the clwampion of racl4ets in 7943-44. EWR ..-:,..:, fy, 2 1 ,.gf:.-5-',1,-,, ' t if , Q r .:Nf:".L'1Y-, . X . X U , ',. ' "fia2i:?,.':-542455: 4 5+-W, Ev: I 1 z we-,.r-ik A TIS . M 1 1 f Zi, I Di 4' Y 'WL ,F Y , W, V g ix if X ts? ' 'll lk s..""' f -f Tennis penn-r. Luc-klmrl livaiiis, l,. Rogers Sevond Row: Kotlel, Shell. C. W. Jones Surumerscales, Pearsall, Hawk, Wright, R. Anderson Front?Ro11'.'SfSIacEdvi'ard. Perry. Professor Naylor. Hanks, L. Eine-ry, D. Payne N" Club "For outstanding athletic ability, for sportsmanship, and for Christian character, we present you with this letter, signifying membership in the 'N' Club." Then the proud selectee receives his red emblem, which he is entitled traditionally to vvear on a vvhite svveater during his college days. At an annual banquet Five girls and tive boys ioin the club, the orticial athletic council of Eastern Nazarene College. All ten members must have attended the college For at least three semesters. This year Carl l-lanks, president, and Lois Emery, vice-president, directed the UNH Club activities with the aid ot Janice Perry, secretary-treasurer. "Nautilus" Picture Day savv the in- auguration of Field Day at Eastern Nazarene College. The three Greek letter societies competed in an afternoon series of events open to all boys and girls. William Summerscales and Muriel Lan- pher vvon the broad iump, and John May- bury and jean Thorne toolc first place in the high lump. Roy Sliclc and Margaret Dunlap broke the tape for the Fifty-yard dash. Slick and Miss Thorne defeated all comers in the hundred-yard dash. Winner Paul Loclchart heaved the basketball Fifty-seven Feet, while ,lean Naylor topped the girls with a throvv ot forty-one feet eight inches. David Straclc Finished First in the hall- mile run, an event open to boys only. Sigma Delta Alpha vvon both boys' and girls' hundred-yard relay race, and were final victors of all events with a total of lorty- Five points. Field Da Slick, Struck, Hawk, George Rice, G. Cross All Spvrfs Under tlie guidance ol Athletic Director Kennetlw pear- sall, sports lorm an integral part of tlte students' program at Eastern Nazarene College. Besides Football, basketball, and baseball, tltere are track, tennis, pingpong, goll, and croquet for everyone. lite Flooded tennis courts olter an opportunity lor skating and ice lwockey during tl'te Winter. Keen competition keeps entltusiasm l'1igl'1 in year-round sports activities. ' 'hx-9 X, A xx ., 74. x ,fy X, ..,,, X ms,- -X ' cv 5-24 V ' z, .33 -TU 1- :m., .1, f L45-'m'4 '-X11 ' . gg ,. .zu . , ..,....4......1 1 .. My vi wx ,HE ' 1 I f -rf r- v gm tures . . under the spotligh Zzifh 7 the View y -11291 Not iust another college, Eastern Nazarene College is unique in its emphasis on Christian experience and living. Constant- ly we feel the presence of God, whom we lcnow we can talce with us into every whole- some activity. Constantly we strive to make every activity a part of our service to l-lim who has redeemed us. Throughout each week of the college year we have the privilege of participating in Christian worlc and enioying the fellowship of Christ-centered friendship. A Monday morning chapel service aglow with reports of a soul-winning ministry on Sunday, a prayermeeting with our class or with our neighbors in the dormitory in which someone testifies to the never-failing strength he finds in Jesus Christ, a missionary service where we hear how the power of God can save from heathen despair, a Wednesday evening prayer meeting where the pastor, Revs Samuel Young, speaks words of challenge or encouragement that lift us from the humdrum routine of as- signments, an outstanding chapel spealcer, such as Miss Elizabeth Earle, UGripsholm" returned missionary, fresh from vlapanese internment, whose courage and vision inspire us to forget our petty problems and give our- selves as a living sacrifice, an altar service during a revival meeting when young people stand to testify ioyfully to the faithfulness of the l-loly Spirit and the redeeming power of the Savior of men, an original announcement in friday morning chapel by Professor Groves, Sunday school superintendent, that predicts interesting opening exercises on Sunday morning, the beautiful tones of the organ, giving an atmosphere of reverence to the Sunday worship service, the energetic earn- estness of a Young peoples service in which we try to see our shortcomings and correct them, the happy voices of the hospital group, bringing cheer to the patients coniined in Quincy City Hospital, the enthusiasm with which the Herald of Holiness campaign is carried on, and the call to prayer of our pastor who yearns to see each student and church member in the center of Gods will. During the past year two outstanding series ol revival meetings, with Rev. H. Parker and Rev. A. B. Carey, oilered an oc- casion lor heart-searching, definite decision, and genuine victory. The missionary conven- tion, in which Rev. and Mr. Qsborn described their worlc in China, inspired many to forget their own ambitions and enter gladly the service of the Master, quietly saying, "Thy will be donef' These activities are only part of the religious life at our college. E, N. C. would not be E. N. C. without its Christian emphasis. We want to serve God because He has changed our lives and has given us the vic- tory. Alumni Association loday, as never belore in the history of the college, the alumni represent Eastern Nazarene College all over the world. Eight- ing lor the ideals of their college, using im- plements of warfare lor which their hearts have never been prepared, they are strangers in a Foreign land, but their thoughts are none the less with their Alma Mater, and their lives are examples ol how the laith ot the educated Christian can triumph in the lace ol untold adversity. l-lere in the United States the alumni are even more closely connected with the college. Graduated only in the sense ol having completed a required course, they are an integral part ol the program ol Eastern Nazarene College. l-larold l-larding, president, led the Alumni Association, with the aid ol Douglas Fislc, vice president, Edward Mann, executive secretary, and lrwin French, treasurer. War- ren Lahue represented the group on the Board ol Trustees. 1. Ellen Follett and l-lelen Sullivan Q. Lester l-lolder 3. Lyal Calhoun 4. Vivian Louise Jones 5. Winifred and Carol Mae Maddox 6. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fislc 7. Dorothy Simonson 8. Elizabeth Zimmerman 9. Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur Mullen 10. Carolyn Colcord, Virginia Grattam Powell Elizabeth Zimmerman, and Robert Nielson 'l'l. Robert Nielson 19. Rev. and Mrs. Oscar Stockwell '1. Professor Babcock Q. Dean Munro 3. Muriel Payne, Ellen Follett, Mrs. Lunn, Professor Spangenberg 4. Professor Goodnow 5. Professor Groves 6. President Williamson and Mae Lou 7. Mrs. Esther Williamsor 8. Mrs. G. B. Williamson 9. Professor Harper 10. Professor Shields 'l'l. Professor l-larris 12, Professor Cove Facult "All work and no play" would dampen the Uioie de vivren of the faculty, as well as the students, of Eastern Nazarene College. The professors have their hobby horses to ride in addition to their classroom duties. Cooking, for example, claims whatever enthusiasm Dean Munro has not invested in literature and the Church School Journal. President Williamson enioys brisk eighteen holes of golf, and camera fan Professor Nay- lor likes to investigate the mysteries of the dark room. Garden enthusiasts are Professor Young, who specializes in tomatoes, and Pro- fessor f-larris, who has a particular interest in Kentucky Wonder beans. l-lis fascination for railroads Professor Goodnow expresses by keeping Scrapbooks. A monumental task confronts Dr. Earle who confesses that he would read the library if he had time, and Dr. Shrader would assist him when he is not browsing through museums. Cn the lookout for rare pieces, Dr. Shields haunts quaint antique shops. The artist in him keeps Dr. Groves busy, and the Muse of the organ calls to Professor Spangenberg. Professor Lunn has an eye for archi- tectural interest in his study of history, Pro- fessor Cove occupies herself with missionary and children's work. While Professor Mann and Dr. l-larper stalk the deer, Professor Babcock may be found hiking in answer to the subtle lure of Nature. az X' . . Around Another busy day begins at E, N. C. as Ray Carpenter wearily turns oft his alarm at Five minutes to seven -iust in time lor breakfast CU, Classes and the work ol the day begin almost immediately. ln Room 8 professor Harper and Hlgilln Restriclc discuss metaphysics CQD while other "philosophers" prepare an argument. Noted lor his ability to do at least three things at the same time, Pro- lessor lVlann dictates to Ann Wright C35 and answers his telephone. Qn the new three-dimension map Professor Earle points out the geography of the Bible to his Biblical l.it maiors C41 and over in the Canterbury Professor Cove guides ,lune l-lamilton in the interpretation of a Bach tugue CSD. Rhetoric or history? Which is absorbing William Lusk now? Solemnly Robert Maybury ponders over an intricate scientific puzzle, C65 While David Sparks and Rachel Stockwell en- ioy lunch together CSD, Edward Dell consults an Hunknownu about a Camera write-up. And here are the lab assistants: Norma Maclfdward, lrene Willwerth, and diminutive xlanice Perry. CQD Professor Babcock prefers to remain background circumstances. Scales or arias, Cassandra Swinhoe takes every- thing in her stride as Mrs. Esther Williamson watches with a critical eye. CTOD Back to third Floor ot the Ad Building, 'XZ' the Clock bottles and tubes, and Dorothy Wells, Arabella Bunting, and Robert Maybury, with Dr, Shrader, C115 E, N, C adopts a new engineering program, and Robert Lawrence listens with interest to a careful explanation by professor Naylor, CTQ5 ln the new psychology lab professor Shields points out an important method lor an experiment while Marguerite Cherdron examines sober Mary jane Keller for her blood pressure 5135, The mail is in, and Alice George shares the latest from her servicemen's correspondence with Ruth Sickler and Cassandra Swinhoe C145 Ever-helpful professor Soteriades shows Robert Lawrence where to find certain information fl 55. The library is unusually hushed and orderly. A few moment ol relaxation belore resuming the evenings study f'l65. Gordon Malony looks suspiciously at Phoebe Lusk, but Edward Dell, Robert jones, and Cath- erine Deffassio seem quite contented. Before the crowd comes coke, a sandwich, and a Friendly chat at the popular Dugout C'l75. Lights burn late in the printing shop, lor George Delp and Myron Richey must turn out printed programs for Friday night Cl 85. And so to bed, alter a midnight snack ol peanut butter and crackers, perhaps, a last attempt to study for the Lit exam, and sleepy retrospect over a day at Eastern Nazarene College. Zh rrzugh FRED J. SHIELDS FLOYD W NEASE God Hath Led Us A quarter of a century ago Eastern Nazarene College, with Rev. Fred slames Shields as president, purchased the property of the Quincy Mansion School here in Wollas- ton. Since that time, under the leadership of Rev. Floyd W. Nease, Rev. P. Wayne Gard- ner, and Dr. G. B. Williamson, the college has progressed triumphantly. It has constructed comfortable dormitories and the Fowler Memorial Administration Building, secured the athletic Field, modernized the library and laboratories, built and later renovated the gymnasium. The Commonwealth oi Massachusetts has granted to E. N. C. charters lor conferring tour degrees. This past year the New Eng- land Association oi Colleges and Secondary Schools elected Eastern Nazarene College as an member institution, and the intense work ot the Administration culminated in the underwriting oi the entire mortgage. Through the years God has guided us. For twenty-Five years l-le has worlced through the Faithiul presidents, the Faculty, the alumni, and the supporting church members of the educational zone. To God goes all the glory and the praise tor these victories. K'With God all things are possiblef, fhe year R. WAYNE GARDNER G. B. WILLIAMSON BERTHA MUNRO, DEAN -f V ---- YE TERD Gymnasium Biology Laboratory 'R Library Chapel Gymnasium Niger 4- 1' v' ' . 1 ?'z ' . ,,.. , Library and TOD Chapel 4 Qzfr Ifzcfvry cpl. Henry Hadley AKC B. Dale Powell AKC James N. Lehman Pvt. Louis A. Hedberg Lt. Paul Peffer Harolcl Slocum Lt. Robert Hammar Lt. Vincent Relyea Kenneth Sullivan Cpl. Paul Eby Cpl. Earl R. Brinkman Pvt. Ed. Chetalcian E. P. Banham Pvt. Andrew F. Ranlcin Plc. Alton Higgins Pvt. Harry R. Cowles Maior Wilbur A. Free Wayne Scott Uzey ZW! Pic. Elmer Kauffman Lt. George E. Marple Cadet C. Dixon Lt. Arpod Artwohl Robert Timm Cpl. Cleveland lnsco Pic. E. C. Loveioy Charles W. Alcers Cpl. R. A. Stumpf Pvt. Ray Stewart Sgt. Karl Ward Lt. Tondra Border Pic. Clarence Bish James Crutcher, V-12 Cpl. Lowell Crutcher Pilot Vernon Mullen Cpl. Fred Haynes Sgt. Arlington Visscher Francis P. Cool: Deb! Prof . sm-mg gunning .me my friends teeming me 1 A ,-Q nu, ,Nr J ' I ,pn-. mmf! 7 1 u hh - 944 e Plenty or ,Xu turn: ran ,B 4 I Clnlt tall you .bout H ' 2 u,,,. Q n mx- ,M of th I hav 9 A and B mth, 'hnn fully. um! 'ave r, 'uns' M, nc cu., 1, ,1 MJ over to lin! ' W clam 'ax me "' ea Hn ce of in 1. . ,, r, who U 2 nt S x- m, anus. and mu I up -1 . Shu D sn., . ,nd th Q 'rh,1r vrnmmn M 1 th Q Phjhwhlne -. - Q.. ffsula, lg-,sri Tam, can no cm., -UM, , . 0 ""'1n L"" 1... ' mm . nun, had ng un 1, MB am., 5se - mm ua run MU Prof, ,vm vm, .A1ens,.,,mu H c tour 'f me von a eu not .M ml nw by I ve 'Y 'Penn "Queue p mmzry. an wma Kb! iIBYV3YKI 1 have MWX I7 " 0u1n,, nc-Lved my mu f Wm Wynne ,, WJ' E ' QL! ufcnmmr 755- X' vm-eh 5, wa-1 Agmn.. ,Q ow: WB' YN! A mfs of 'rf gy' XG Bear Prof. span., uma we "mb" ,, c,mv'1'- 9' 1 N vegan! v. 1. www 0 ga gr. Drum- .mu wie, 'yawn mm un ummm up was BV" W mr CV' ' ,nt 'fn' Home b X, uw- SWF"'m mu-Q." nmwenmxy. av xl fm you rm-vu. oh, nnmetimen x,,,,,,,.m., and V S'-'D' as 1 VB,,,,n mm- Prof. spmgemm-5 xv '-H' B HW uf- '-H 'P' swab' you mv! B run of B mm ur M. nc-wr, mv. you A1-ny. mv, ly W 'I ' , , 5 v,er-A1105 "0 than ,vu a welcume Chri gm X W Q Fu L., W,,wv g, :never x A mm. 1 Wu everyone pen scnrvd. 'rmwn fm: my-.une mums Bb t E ' ' 'U' ll X4 on ,gpg mi' ,.f.,v0.uf' Du 41.941, K ,L E. - - Xuan Mum D1 .nn a 41 ' An ,mm ,na every mmm Q--fm m-mmm --.uw eneuv f-.5+v..f.. me but or " 'nc' in'-' -,-. fe es. L 1- wtorl- "om me D w ie-V-'G mu' W 0 m - 1 1 m .5 1 xf an ' md' D u get 'M' 79'- mt X an-,due woman en fm, n nr way ny sn eomev. men. wo er m n md .mem nu 'hw at M ,bfxuxus urs H ' Q m my X xc xt wmzumn msn m me umm, ywu can har one af your can ern pmyxng. U given mace. hz B M arf.E'Ge in A we X-UWA' ,pcm 5005 M 5 WY. wu cn ' x me prune can 60 0' you B vw rnfe u fm- xn nu vm. umm.. Then yfm an an muy gmxuxvw " U51 " if -Menus ,mf m-wen. wx-11 mmm-va you fm-gn an mmm. un. an LYUW' ' bv' 'ham' PIO nun wmnp an-ma. Sam! g we Dv.. Mum-A annex W nr umm huwm. I piammr 6. 3955 mar Prof. svn-. urn., men vent vs 1 na- xn sevztn mahnf Yun" W X A Bm nov going uv me 1'-HV-B" """' 'ms on , r PW" - num 19 na" P 5-,guy xn July, an un 1-at A, ,, ne vm mm be lag! - s .B far X, suv- geo H . ' nn 5 1 PM "Bw" 1 'm mu v. uf-.ng ml , B 'I ' vnu lt "" 11 " s A ru ,,,,,1 ,mx nw.-.xx we-nag mn o ua nk - Hywwn-,yn ,nd com: I 2, H Ping 'SQ eu ' c neg: uf-'MX """c"' 12-isa 19" "" ww 1 nn I C' 41, In ' 1 ' 41205 ""mm Munn Q I ur h"""i uf, h . mmm 'h' UW- 1 I 'hh other Arg' 'mn ' e ,1y,,.1owuorn1 I 1., B you f' 'Guia 5, much M I qt! r , rg, 1 1 can ,M um you ra., ,mn it e, dl fr, G or la naw ue nonxrxuuuns A lm to u Hersh! ll clam. rl. '- he lo H ,QI G um-a AMN, W al: ,L an-.H Dear P,-of . sm' ood" P ' 1 lg Mm 'Elance 1 'hnury la ,E s ,, 24, I the hav, 'ry bi 944 r, .B b,,n e A' DB 1 , x., C r,,,1 n,.P 'Hn Gnu Due ro -inu day he f. 'fl C., 'bu ff -. Sp., m, mmm rack 1, ., 1. 'Wm '-hp f' .Veg d . d.!,.t - in . on deep I an :hat b muon or , lu- cnrnono I alma to "4 mu 'Nuys Ds lghun W I of A t b, mv 11,9 bomb I amber Del? ' r 'Outh Zfc "fini "' are 'bin 'went 11. 1 Prnt, Pug V u if: ms kg 94. "Or fx, fr. 21. ba uf s body 1 x- 7' d 'A u I hm, page . . "Di U4 m P l B1 ' u H521- P""Px anon 8 'Ur Munn I 'hue nn 'mn 5' ' H. ' 1 ' I ., 'U Q Q, rn -V wx lr-g find s uh e ,, ' pq, ' '-fe, - o en . . M we I mr w.r.,1r th Hume to b -. ,md ha x ,mn v 4 e ,lm h . who qt- tra v, 'own xuhd 'liar ' m 'TW 1 ir' b 'Ish in P -mms Y en, ' 'Ink Yo hugs. :hh ug - llruh L, 1944 Dena' Prof. huq., U-r mf. ,mil """'-rv 25, ,M no h-wine dqy or 1-,y uf. will an mm 1 -up n"' hh r.,,,,,g len fm- on guna U. s. mx 4.1.1. or perhaps sven bm., 3:33205 'Puls nk, MAN 130:01 1 never armed eu.. nm ch 1' 1944 will bs me any -an 1 we an :mum meh.-, um nu ' 4: 1 me hunv up Q' Firm, ,en naman mu 11m-ey tn ga no -ark, ta wnonx, or vuaexumag runeue hw '44 In ,M ,amine up to ' "o"""1'wus nm, 1 1, H rm. soak, . wane to :eu me :hun eu some bank, uh-re no go, or th. 'v mmm! OU the hcl, 'Mn "'- lg ma A h um . at nw. W a sa wywng else. wanna, Am.. no- wa rma-ff .1-Q mu- t "WSH me g, N' C an 'M 'V 5025 mn, any me H I ensue Ax n,ven" riverine that 4-ey. - I hone n'11 be able Ca to get to 'ing W-many' , cm. P-uz rxmana ze. 4.-Mn we H' use rereavemn , Q rush! 'W xnguna Scum ,nemo December 15. 195 mn mn member L A un. .f'ff"un'- WSI- -rnnv. 1-mr Muna "M" M1 E pn Ragland hwcnuo . 6 dm... so ma re' hgvngu nm. bean 101' 1 han bun in New Zealand, in Lbs 71.11 Islands, is zulnuens, hurf"1'- EW U WA, rrvf- wmv 5,0 U A zuffnvfy' an un., x mM ,nd gn num-1: cuaaucuu. 1 ana pm-cicifelf-4 in 'H' X mr! 'Au N .11 san uw 5 1 nu forty Bl A 0. no me ,Mu contre Ne' oeorgn md Bqualnvlu, umvugng, I have learned that Y MA' ,W mn.. vb' hour 15:55, N- :Aehw rvfruangt sung gh.,-Q are afr1nne1y fm uw-Que. 1n chu rumlw. nun wha cnpz. neun Jones W www' 'M en 1 ,, 1-114 gr- "N hm,-Q p,-.md mm my -,rf Children suddenly amed mv Yau vrown - 1 CM fm- .pu-1fu.,1 hemp. 1 rm- Be naar- and an---rn m-syn, for 1 -m 5 umm vmf- Lt. Robert G. You-15 1 A qq Q, PEN: - J Jann., 12' 1944 DM: Prof. , nw-an za, 1944 cgne:Ti"n mu-r1.4 ul In 'W mind. ho things If nm- Prof. sm., "'U1v fxmn, to we hd t een m. un, Du-eq,b,, 27' nn A- -9 fum rn-em me my-5.1 1 .ef . an-en nn on 'WW H11 vw money on Q ug cu U1 go book' and 'nv dun, to an af my buaaxu. num bun: from me nlnne. second- HUGH had -ex-ache. 1'-un,-anus! . mah gamma by the ,meh Hmm he U later an bn-mx. in m. ren 'mee rpots conf- par-mum. 'V MWL1g'1":"'l. hu. our Mmm.. 'H' Iq,,,.,,, le urn our rugn mm. xv. sway. 1 nu-n the 1-an U lv 'NH Shar., ,,, th. ummm' '7 """- am and Dick ur n :mm unsung. One mmm, en. nm-an nf or N-rn Irvlqnq """- Il nr: . re- mmm. later, h.-may muc. Au 1 mx we om- hz. IGI.: UR! fOfEll'1h I Ihihk of I fhV0ri!0 Mlmbnr- "0-11 '11, m.11 uae hx. flock un . -hmm-a. hd-' Ana He .mu gmm me lub: -um xx. mn-- 1.1. cw-g. 11.1-Dx. lil' Hedhl Slhiihih new P1-or. sun., JAHUAPY 10, 19,4 , fb' fish: 1, 1 Hu, as ur Ixaldkfhokninvillnj ,H with A blaring . 'ul GY mnemxrmr 'punch Dear Prof- 5P0D'- A l 'V' "U ur thru chu 5 '44 th, Mau.. hbmr' 5' 19" mn up: 1 mme A 5-mi vm' W 'U' 'M hw" th' ' 'M' in ra. .bl QM . t" 'U lbs -1,1 ,mm h uzzu.-mm, md an gen pm 111. wma n an Phxzlspnm, Um Drain. bv! mn- or ,,,,,bumn: Mm' 'P ew em: :ZITI in or hmm mam., nn: mnpem 'nr M to nv, 1. cm-c. and W 41' :nn -Mm vm bn. O e "nl plum mn in mn-. 1 mum- n ma mythina 'M' Nl- """ H" LJQ1- mbm- rm mv. from up mm, mr- My mn em: 1. 1. gn- 1 'Om pmuh 51544. luum llmlq N suunn I 11121-111 hrald Bn-an., 'hdfiv Ihnsport A FRCDM THE Pittsburgh Washington- Philadelphia , , 6' f,xN+ Akron ,. xx XX. Albany New York Onfario New England Off-Zone Cl'USddEI'S Clitlnrtl, Nil-lsun. Slliulm-rscula-s. J. Blilyllllfj' ln preparation for a year ol victory tlte quartets representing Eastern Nazarene College were busy all tltrouglw tlte summer recruiting new Students. Travelling tltrouglt tlie six New England states and New York, Pennsylvania, Olwio, Mary- land, and nortlw ot tlwe border into Canada, the Ambassadors, Crusaders, Gospelaires, and King's Men advertised tlte college. Besides trying to Find prospective students, tlrte quartets worl4ed for tlwe mortgage-burning campaign, lwelping to underwrite tlwe entire debt. 'llwrouglwout the year, tlie Gospelaires lwave gone out for weelc-end services in the nearby clturclies. ...asong Professor Edward S. Mann THE KING'S MEN Curry, Hunks, Davis in their hearts Ambassadors Ib,Bri1-klf-y.H.m'k,I r ll U I' 8 6' l l l President G. B. Williamson Clifford, Hawk, Ftemm, Sulumerscales ml 'R-'R Professor Albert F. l-larper Tllfnl Holtz' Bailey, Hazvllon. Hilgiir, Nason, .K1nos.ProfL-ssor Shields. Professor Naylor, llrs. fiooilmyw, Prufes sur front Roar: 1I.P:n-k. M. H. Harris, 15. Smith, Plante. George, U. Payne oiirtli liulix' Lziilil, !'3inrli'x':inl. Dall. Rivln-y, -l. Harris Gooilnow. Profi-ssor Grovvs. Pronso NY. l.nsk. Allison. P. l"i'vcsc- wfiiriil N1ilr','.l. Naylor, llrown. KI. Vuliiv. Y. I.. .Innes Professor jasper R. Naylor, Dean With a record enrollment of over seventy students the sum- mer session of Eastern Nazarene College offered throughout june and July the equivalent of a semesters vvorlc. l.il4e many other colleges E. N. C. has provided this oppor- tunity for additional inszruction chiefly to accommodate those young men who are subiect to call into the service. Living on a campus beautified by colorful flowers and cool shade trees is an inspiration for relaxed study, Not only do the students advance scholastically, but they also malce progress spiritually under the influence of the consecrated faculty. The Administration believes that a young person will benefit in every vvay from the Christian environment that surrounds this accelerated program. Ffiiirlli Hur: L. White, .L Mason, W. Cole, E. Dell, W. Luttnn, H. L. Sturtevant. C. Haybury. P. Rogers. l G. Gross. R. Lawrence, J. Harris, R. Rapalje. Tliiril How: .L Yliaclilel. L. Foster, ll. Park, Il. Czlssifly, A. Browne, D. Sparks, YV. Lusk, F. Haselton, P. Frevse. H. Amos, D. Struck. R. Proust-. Nm-iiiifl Hair: I. Plante, M. Phillips, D. Payne, G. White. V. Taylor, J. Naylor, Rl. Richey. M. Ladd, L. Allison G. Hilgar, R. Carpenter. Frinit liffir: I.. Staten. L. Brown, H. Gr-orge. V. T. Groves. G. Naylor, K. Goodnnw, M. Coffin. V. Kerling, D. Smith Summer Session September 14 September 15 September 27 October 'I October 12 Oct. 21-31 November 5 November 11 November 12 Schedule of Events Munro l-lall overflows into time Mansion annex and Willow l-louse as a record number ol new girls talce possession lust before registration. Reverend Purlcliiser ol Youngstown, Qliio, s'imulates a liiglt spiritual tide on campus with luis searclriing messages during tlwe opening convention. Alpltas are Final victors in tl'ie afternoon Field events lor boys and girls wltile tlte "Nautilus, takes action sltots. 'llwe rustic atmospltere ot cider and lwill-billy music pervades tlie ltearty lun ol the annual lall party. Speeclw maiors Jessie lVlcCullougl1, Irving jones, and Kennetlt Robinson are especially ellective in a carefully done interpretation ol Slwalcespearels "lVlercl'tant ol Venice." Reverend l-l. Parker, Baltimore evangelist, ltolds one ol lf. N. Cds greatest revival meetings as Spirit-led students gatlter about tlie altar. Students, faculty members, and lriends tramp tlirouglt lresltly decorated dormitories on tlie evening of Qpen l-louse, New girls' dormitories open lor inspection lor tlie First time, elicit many UQl'tsl" and "AlwslH ln a cltapel service to commemorate Armistice Day, Professor Alice Spangenf berg reads letters from tlte E. N. C. servicemen. 'Q Gammas present a patriotic program tracing tl'te development ol American freedom from days ol "Yankee Doodle" to the modern 'Coming ln Cn a Wing and a prayer." November 19 November 25 November 26 December 3 December 7 December 17 December 20 january 4 january 7 january 13 January 25 'Fiesta en Espana"-medley ot romantic music and readings. Beta Friday night. Turkey dinner sounds the keynote of heartfelt thanks tor scores of blessings on this Thanksgiving Day. Alphas present Thanksgiving program showing specific God-given boons lor which we can be thankful. "Day ot reioicingu. Eastern Nazarene College becomes a member of the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools." Pearl l-larbor anniversary and Student Council presents Elizabeth Earle, missionary who embarked from the Gripsholm one day preceding. She relates her experiences in Japanese-occupied pearl Harbor in a stimulating message. "Unto us a child is born"-the A Cappella Choir presents its annual pro- gram of music from the "fVlessiah.', Ever-thrilling. Cn the eve ol Christmas vacation, the Christmas banquet runs the gamut of this season's emotions in song and story. "plus" Santa Claus with his pack and a Christmas dinner. "l?ested up" students return For second semester studies and activities. l.ois Emery captures the trophy in a close Bible reading contest. Final Qgroanb examsl Thirty-three new students matriculate for the second semester, and we look 'em over for potential talent and brains. Pretty promising. February 14 February 25 March 2-12 l.eap Year and Valentines Day combine in the festive mood ol this annual lormal party. This year it's held in the renovated gymnasium, and we vote orchids to Ruth Anderson and her committees for a lively Cand lovelyb program. Vesy Stemm sings the "Figaro" aria in an unforgettable orchestra concert. Spring revival, under the evangelism of Rev. A. B. Carey, malces real spiritual advancement among students. March 29-April 3 Brief breathing spell to counteract that mid-semester slump. April 1044 April 21 April 28 May 2 May 12 May 20 May 21 May 23 May 23 Senior comprehensive examinations cause haggard laces and general atmos- phere ol hushed anxiety and fervent study. lrving Jones in his senior recital presents an interpretation ol the lite ol David, "The Shepherd King. Jessie McCullough gives a sensitive and charming 'Cyrano de Bergerac." xlunior-Senior Day and all it implies for upperclassmen. Freshmen and sopho- mores enioy the impressive novelty ot the chapel ceremony, but are lcept ignorant ol the rest ol the day, as iuniors play host to seniors in a round ot ioyoiislaftivities. The lormal banquet is the piece de resistance ol lf. N. C socia i e. Finals again, in spite ol spring lever. ,Kenneth Robinsons senior recital is a cutting ol The Keys ol the Kingdom, and most inspiring. Alumni reunion, complete with baseball game and banquet. New children invade the campus, together with strains of Auld Lang Syne. President G. B. Williamson delivers the baccalaureate sermon. l'learts ol administration and faculty, students, alumni, and lriends of Eastern Nazarene College, thrill at the impressive, long-awaited burning of the mortgage. Rev. Russell DeLong addresses the lorty-one seniors as Commencement spea lcer. 5.7, f I4 1 552 5 X .x.,,A, Q 'K A ' 41 . .114 ..1'-2253.5 " --12 ' - r by Law .sms . v 7-w?j..'2f'2-.I-fg:-1-2"fr rg 6 . .wt ,ff 3,,.i,'Qsg I .X X.. N. ...., V f A QW TN , . Fu g . .g:. A - il '-.ci 4, .. - -5.53.2 Milf' 3 fx ' x' 'V '.,..,gfNfLfw . Q ,-,ws , , n x rukm-K Q. Mc-. f' - . fxfftagvv' -I A ' .A were -' -1. s 1 J ..f-Ga-S W. .. D' 124.1 X R39 -r WSJ- A fi -xl -W -,+I-'ff SSWSY -f . L k '. 1- ff,-m,. ,Q f J. X f A mQ'ML - fl ,,, JU! . Y' ef? . ,... . - .-V-"wp" ' w L+., ' 'Y P YS . ' '1-.Sf ,.i5 Q4-5355,-1 . f EFX. . f fr: :Y f M ... ' ,yi E k H .153 V+ lggffigglv- sh' , 'KES-2 Y .if . wi, .N Mu' NSG! A , sq: 4? ai sf '- Qi ' LE ., -fl was-2 - . .v . 1. r"'5,,f:..'-V ' I M 'LU ...Q mf f R e E 9:1 l Q, ..:L'-Q-ri' "" ", fn. K ,.., ij 'B 1 7 . ' mp., ..:i:',41liA'-'iw-"i . I" -'T .4 ' 9.0 . f if Q If l sz J im, f .f .f r. " if '5: I Q , 'v i K vs A 33. Q. 1 I-.5143 . ss '5 s vu. 4 - A 7 :F K, ...Q , A W we , 4 .EW Q 'S N-, s F xy 'aff 9131.3 i - J" 54 ill A . ' ' ' ' Q . ,. " if xr "if M ' x ,J E" ' 3 l ' 'A - ' Y N Q- K-rl ., w 1 ' ' Ji ' . V if k -I u' - , ' x Q A i . ' I ' W: A .j i gb! 4- -4 Q 05 nw ik 4 'QQ" . ':" A F-SLI, 2.1 14, :J 1 fin' :1 -'W diff' . H ,:-Q Q A., 1 I ff ,.:,. V' W "N-x I but Ill Ill flll 1 an FEEL. VW MT M. .la . , ww W ,SQ X xx -Mei r Q 1 :, X A., x .A 4 f X sf '- XX W f 4 .XQFXX 91 1. 'f ff, X!f . , W , , Q V X, lflfx. . 1,+,.x7:+, . 1 -1.1. fly,-vJ.J,. X, 5 , 0 gym , 4 :Q'f,y'ff 1 :ff f -sg, .4 '?.x. . N ' ' ' WE, my X 4 A x k ., , 1 I X1 I-' 85:1 qu I , N .Y Our ,fl dzferfisffrs FACULTY: Angell, Mrs. Katherine 16 E. Elm Ave., Babcock, Vern er 43 E. Elm Ave., Beckwith, june 60A Woodbine Ave., Boggs, Della Calhoun, Lyal Cove, Edith Dygoski, Louise Earle, Ralph Goodnow, Mrs. Edith Goodnow, Kent Groves, Vernon l-larper, Albert l-larris, Mary Lunn, Mervel MacDonald, Duncan Mann, Edward Munro, Bertha Naylor, Jasper Nease, Madeline Payne, Muriel Shields, Fred Shrader, James Soteriades, Evangelos Spangenberg, Alice Williamson, Audrey Williamson, Esther Williamson, Gideon 124 Phillips St., Directory Wollaston, Mass Wollaston, Mass Wollaston, Mass Bel Air, Md Millers, Md Wollaston, Mass Amos, Harvey Farmington, Iowa Anderson, Esther 146 Main St., Norwalk, Conn. Anderson, Ruth 1805 Young St., Cincinnati, Ohio Andrews, Paul 103 Clayton Ave., Laurel, Dela. Ardrey, William Q33 Atlantic St., N. Ouincy, Mass. Austin, Marie 49 Douglass St., Portland 4, Me. 1 Vermont Ave., Bradford 6 Cushing St., 5 Ridgeway St., 5 Ridgeway St., 5 Ridgeway St., 34 Cheriton Rd., 90 Franklin Ave., 30 Ebbett Ave., 48 Grove 61 E. Elm Ave., 90 Franklin Ave., Q3 E. Elm Ave., 99 Franklin Ave., Q3 E. Elm Ave., Q8 Newton Ave., 90 Winthrop Ave., 71 Marlboro Ave., 105 Grand Ave. 41 W. Elm Ave., Q3 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston Wollaston , Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Mass Wollaston Mass St., Boston Mass Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass 41 W. Elm Ave., Wollaston Young, Samuel Q9 Dunbarton Ave., Zimmerman, Elizabeth 48 Cushing St., STUDENTS: A Adams, Violet Aldridge, David Allen, Frances Allison, Dona'd Wollaston, Mass. ,Medford Mass Wollaston Mass. Wollaston Mass. Mass. Wollaston Mass Wollaston Mass. l-lighland Ave., Gardiner, Me. 69 Copley St., Wollaston, Mass. 10 Watkins St., Wollaston, Mass. B Bailey, William 34 N. Oraton Pkwy., E, Orange, N. J. Ballinger, Mrs. Dorothy Verona, Wis. Bansmere, l-larry Q3 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Baroch, Irene R.F.D. No. 3, Box 316, Bellaire, Ohio Bass, Ruth Chestnut St., E. Longmeadow, Mass. Benson, Dorothy 450 S.W. Q1 Rd., Miami, Fla. Berk, Paul 303 E. Market St., Orwigsburg, Pa. Betts, Alberta Bigelow, Amelia Biscoe, Joseph Bolstridge, Avis Bowers, Mrs. Donna Bowers, Frank Boyd, Ruth Brewer, Curtis Brickley, l-lelen Brinker, Luke Brown, l-l. Weston Brown, Louise Browne, Agnes Bryner, Dorothy Bunting, Arabella Calhoun, J. Lyal Carlson, Marcia 9988 Seventh St., Akron, Ohio 49 McCartney St., Easton, Pa. 805 Augusta Ave., Baltimore, Md. Skowhegan, Me. Q3 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Q3 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Q27 Goodrich St., Erie, Pa. 175 Townsend St., Cambridge, Mass. 1355 Robbins Ave., Niles, Ohio Q99 S. Franklin St., Allentown, Pa. Q0 Paige St., Owego, N. Y. Willow Lane, Portsmouth, R. l. Q7 Graham St., Gardner, Mass. R,D. No. 1, Claysville, Pa. Sanborn Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio Millers, Md. 102-06 Remington St., Jamaica, N. Y. Caronia, Eleanor 44 Southern Pkwy, E. l-lempstead, N. Y. Cassidy, l-lelen 104 E. Edward St., Union, N. Y. Charrette, Raymond 385 Bridge Ave., Windsor, Ont., Can. Chatfield, Lucile R.F.D., Brandon, Vt Vanderbilt, Pa. -'l'l-48 I- Cherdron, Marguerite 14159 Euclid Ave., E. Cleveland, O. Chetakian, Nevart Church, Clifford Clark, Paul Clark, Ruth 155 6th St., Lowell, Mass. R.D. No. 1, Mogadore, 423 E. First St., Uhrichsville, 423 E. First St., Llhrichsville, Ohio Ohio Ohio Clifford, Raymond Robert 5648 Des Erables St., Montreal, Ontario, Canada Cody, Thelma 9 Greenleaf Pl., Melrose, Mass. Coffin, Mary R.D. No. 2, Pierpont, Ohio Cole, C. William Sergeantsville, N. J. Collins, Ruth R.F.D. No. 1, Box 38, Bradford, Pa. Conser, l-lelen 22 N. Portland Ave., Ventnor, N. J. Cooper, Sara R.D. No. 2, Columbiana, Ohio Corrie, Ruth Robertsdale, Pa. Cross, Frederick Grant 37 Church St., Weston, Ont., Can' Cross, Thora 37 Church St., Weston, Ont., Can. Cubie, Agnes 8 Taft Ave., l-laverhill, Mass. Cubie, Alexander 62 Sachem St., Wollaston, Mass. Cubie, Martha 62 Sachem St., Wollaston, Mass. Cuff, Edna 65 Burlington Ave., Bridgeton, N. J. Curry, Vernon 226 East 26th St., Erie, Pa. Cushing, Ralph 93 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. D Darling, l-larold 709 Fellsway West, Medford, Mass. Davis, Leland 921 Bradshaw Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio De Cassio, Catherine 187 l-lancock St., Springfield, Mass. Dell, Edward Delp, George Dickinson, l-larriett Dickson, DeWitt 66 Grand Ave., Freeport, Dixon, Esther Dixon, Wallace Douglas, Pauline 4 Genesee Ave., Binghamton, Doverspike, Viola 2400 S.W. 24th St., Miami 33, Fla. 645 N, 16th St., Allentown, Pa. Venice Center, N. Y. N. Y. 1830 4th St., New Brighton, Pa. 2807 Bayonne Ave., Baltimore, Md. R. No. 3, Maypo N. Y. rt, Pa. Dunlap, Margaret l-lanover St., R.D. No. 1, Pottstown, Pa. Dunn, Sydney 709 Longwood St., Baltimore, Md. E Eckmeyer, William 62 Sachem St., Wollaston, Mass. Emery, Eleanor 25 Franklin St., Warren, Pa. Emery, Lois Emmel, J. Robert Ewing, Mary Jane Farrell, Dorothy Flowers, Marquis Flowers, Panzie Foster, Ray Freese, J. Donald Freese, Paul Friend, Esther Gale, Irma George, Alice Granger, Beryl Gray, Merle 25 Franklin St., Warren, Pa. 360 Stonycreek St., Johnstown, Pa. R.D. No. 1, Polk, Pa. F 326 Main St., Wellsville, Ohio 138 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 138 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 2601 Seminole Ave., Ashland, Ky. 3849 Central Ave., Shadyside, Ohio 3849 Central Ave., Shadyside, Ohio Acosta, Pa. G 15 Endicott St., Pittsfield, Mass. 73 S. Broadway, Pennsville, N. J. 117 Prospect St., Warren, Pa. R.D. No. 3, Box 128, Warren, Pa. Greene, Max 1422 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Greene, Katherine Grimm, Lena 625-25th St. S., Arlington, Va. Box 378, Bethesda, Ohio Grimm, Estella Rebecca 1206 Avondale St., E. Liverpool, O. Grosse, Eunice 3311 Gainesville St., S.E., Washington, D.C. l-lall, Evelyn l-lall, Viola l-lamilton, V. June l-lamilton, Richard l-lanks, Carl l-larding, Ruth l-lardy, D. Christine l-larr, Carl l-larris, John l-larris, Mary Belle l-larris, Mary E. l-larris, Paul l-larvey, Priscilla l-laselton, Frank l-lawk, Richard -i149 1- H N. Fryeburg, Me. 679 Shawmut Ave., Boston, Mass. 60 Willet St., Wollaston, Mass. Jefferson St., Vanport, Pa. 701 E. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, Ohio Bridgewater, Me. Victoria, Va. Alum Bank, Pa. 701 E. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, Ohio 138 N. Center St., Bradford, Pa. 701 E. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, Ohio 262 Ohio Ave., Providence, R. l. 15 John's Ave., Lynn, Mass. Wilmington, N. Y. 5 Elizabeth St., Binghamton, N. Y. Hawks, Martha 408 S. Olden Ave., Trenton, N. j. Hawn, Martha Berlin Center, Ohio Hedberg, Ruth 107 Grove Ave., Patchogue, N. Y. Heinlein, Evelyn R.F.D. No. 7, Butler, Pa. Herrschalt, Patricia 8167 Woodhaven Blvd., Brooklyn, N.Y, Higgins, Mary E. Hilgar, Arthur Gilbert Horton, Ellis i-ioulette, Ruth Hurlbutt, Mariorie Hurless, Launa jones, C. Weston jones, Guida jones, Irving R.D. No. Q, Centerville, Pa. West Sunbury, Pa. Broad Top, Pa. 1Q17-94th St., Beaver Falls, Pa. 51 S, Main St., Danielson, Conn. Route No. 1, Dennison, Ohio J Cottage Rd., Lewiston, Me. Bino, N. C. Cottage Rd., Lewiston, Me. jones, Theda Woodland Ave., R.D. No. Q, Norristown, Pa. jones, Vivian L. N. Hyde Park, Vt. jones, Vivian N. R.F.D. No. 1, Box 320, E. Liverpool, O. jordan, Donald jordan, G. Vernon jordick, Sylvia Karl, Rosemarie Kelter, Anna Mae Kefter, Mary jane Kerling, Vanetta Klaiss, Bertha Knox, lva Koltel, lrma Ladd, Merril' Lanpher, Muriel Lappin, Agnes Larrabee, Muriel Lawrence, Robert R.F.D. No. Q, Livermore Falls, Me. 1 34 Old Colony Ave., Wol laston, Mass. Route No. Q, Bellaire, Ohio K 1861 Hayden, E. Cleveland, Ohio 1351QthSt.N.E. 1351Qth St, N.E., 48 Saint Marks Pl., R.D. No. L ,New Phila., Ohio New Phila., Ohio Three Springs, Pa. New York, N. Y. Glencoe, Ohio 3, Norristown, Pa. R.F.D. No. 1, Swanton, Vt. Morrisville, Vt. 41 Q3 Bailey Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Riverside St., Milo, Me. Wilmington, N. Y. Lee, Doris 905 E. 20th St., Erie, Pa. Leete, Ruth 364 Belmont Ave., Springfield, Mass. Lewis, Richard S245 Newbury Ave., N. Ouincyf Mass. Lilley, Mary 90 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Lockhart, Paul Q877 Morrison St., Akron 12, Ohio Lunn, Sylvia East Douglas, Mass, Lusk, Phoebe Q47 Beacon St., Lowell, Mass. Lusk, William Lutton, William Malony, R. Gordon Malony, M. Margaret Manning, Marion Marsden, Paul Marta, Helen Mason, Alfred May, Golden Maybury, john Maybury, P. Calvin Maybury, Robert Minott, Theodore Mitchell, Florence Mitchell, Lloyd Mobberly, Bernadine Moore, Ernest Moore, Paul 3 Moore, Violet 3 Musnug, Vivian Q47 Beacon St., Lowell, Mass. 390 Euclid St., Corry, Pa. M Route No. 3, Cumberland, Md. Route No. 3, Cumberland, Md. Springboro, Md. Q72 Maple St., Lynn, Mass. 3305 Lincoln Ave., Shadyside, Ohio 45 E. Franklin St., Waynesburg, Pa. Moultonville, N. H. 316 S. Pacific Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 305 Euclid Ave., Trenton, N. j, 305 Euclid Ave., Trenton, N. j. 7 Granite St., Salem, Mass. 4 Granville Ave., Danbury, Conn, 159 Main St., Ridgway, Pa. 537 Madison Ave., Cambridge, O. Randlett St., Wollaston, Mass. 537 N. Mervine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 537 N. Mervine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 613 Eleanor Ave., Scottdale, Pa. MacPherson, Walter, jr. 11 jackson St., Lowville, N. Y. McCullough, jessie McCusker, Doris McEdward, Norma McElhenny, Anna McKinney, Kathryn Olson, Howard Otis, Florence itsoi 333 E. Front Ave., New Phila., Ohio 4402 Denison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Union, Me. 11 Rhodes Ave., Collingdale, Pa. R.F.D. No. 1, W. Chazy, N. Y. O 39 Hunt St., N. Ouincy, Mass. 45 Fuller St., Everett, Mass. Palmer, Vera Park, lrene Park, R. Miriam Parker, Maynard Parks, Lucille P R.F.D. No. 1, Skowhegan, Me. Washington Blvd., N, Bellmore, N. Y. Box 161, Bellmore, N. Y. Brooktondale, N. Y. 907 S. Fifth St., Allentown, Pa. Schlosser, Ruth Scott, Eileen Scott, John Sharpe, Mary Shaw, Margaret Shoff, Louise Sickler, Ruth R.D. No. 3, Pierpont, Ohio R.F.D. No. 1, Lisbon, Ohio Valley Camp St., Warren, Ohio Bass River, Nova Scotia, Canada R.F.D. No. 9, Augusta, Me. 1830 Ridge Ave., Warren, Ohio 177 Richmond St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Parry, John 1105 Washington Ave., Portland, Me. Patton, Jay 73 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Payne, Dana 57 Courier Blvd., Kenmore, N. Y. Pearsall, Kenneth 77 Robertson Rd., Lynbrook, N. Y. Perry, Janice 595 W. Glenaven, Youngstown, Ohio Phillips, Marion 199 Greenwood Ave., E. Orange, N. J. Pinkerton, Franklin 435 S. Orange St., Media, Pa. Plante, B. lrene Jerome, Pa. Prouse, l-l. Rowland National Park, N. J. R Simms, Vera Slick, Roy Smith, Astrid Smith, Dorothy Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Emogene Smith, Ernest Smith, Janet Smith, Joseph Smith Keith Glencoe, Ohio 9668 W. Franklin St., Baltimore, Md. 98 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston, Mass. R.F.D. No. 9, Waterville, Me. R.F.D. No. 9, Waterville, Me. Woodbine, Pa. 98 Ebbett Ave., Wollaston, Mass. R.D. No. 1, Belle Vernon, Pa. 485 14th St., Charlottesville, Va. R.F.D. No. 9, Waterville, Me. Snowden, Charlotte 107 l-larvard Ave., W. Medford, Mass. Rapalie, Frances Rapalie, Robert Restrick, William Reiter, Donald Rex, Edward Rice, George 138 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 138 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 404 Cedar Ave., Collingswood, N. J. 14 Randall St., S. Portland, Me. 134 California St., Fayette City, Pa. R.D. No. 1, Franklin, Pa. Richardson, Allen, Jr. 11 Landers Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Richeal, Florence R. No. 1, W. Mayfield, Beaver Falls, Pa. Richey, Myron 9718 ldlewood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Roberts, Cuba Madill, Okla. Robinson, Kenneth 118 Edgewood Ave., Grove City, Pa. Rogers, Lloyd 710 W. End Ave., l-lempstead, N. Y. Rogers, Paul 158 Golden l-lill Ave., l-laverhill, Mass. Rosenhammer, Rita 99 l-lawthorne Ave., l-lempstead, N. Y. Ross, Myra Robertsdale, Pa. S Sabine, Mary Sabine, Ralph Sabine, Ronald Savage, Frederick Savage, lsabelle Sawyer, Robert 79 Franklin Ave., 79 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Wollaston, Mass. 79 Franklin Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 90 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 90 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 306 Dennison Ave., Akron 19, Ohio Sparks, David Box 635, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Stanford, A. Roland Starnes, Anna Jane Staten, Leona Stemm, Donnabelle Stemm, Vesy Stetson, Thelma Stiles, Marilyn Stockwell, Rachel Strack, David Box 319, Windsor, N. S., Canada Laurel, Dela. Box 98, Bergholz, Ohio 99 Channing St., Wollaston, Mass. 99 Channing St., Wollaston, Mass. 183 Stanford St., S. Portland, Me. Altona, N. Y. 14 S. Lincoln St., Gardner, Mass. 116 Maple Ave., Dunkirk, N. Y. Sturtevant, l-l. Leroy Milo, Me. Summerscales, William 43 Lottridge Ave. N., l-lamilton, Ontario, Canada Sutherin, Wanda Sumner, Mary Swenk, Alma Swinhoe, Cassandra Taylor, Doris Taylor, Lila Taylor, William Temple, l-lelen 41511 607 N. 4th St., Toronto, Ohio R.D. No. 1, Box 11, Oxford, Pa. 193 Rhodes Ave., Collingdale, Pa. 134 River Ave., Belle Vernon, Pa. T R.F.D. No. 1, Cape May, N. J. Third St., Wadsworth, Ohio 15 Orchard St., Wharton, N. J. 80 Pond St., l-lopkinton, Mass. Terwilliger, Clarence 918 Williams Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Thomas, Donald Thomas, Edward Thorne, Jean Thorp, Juanita Tidball, Seth Turner, Bettie Turpel, Ethel Lltter, Robert 1515 Penna. Ave., Monaca, Pa. 47 Ridgeway St., Wollaston, Mass. 518 Ohio Ave., Salem, Ohio S. Woodbury, Vt. 405 19th Ave., Two Harbors, Minn. Leesburg, Va. 161 Essex St., Saugus, Mass. U Berkshire Rd., Wharton, N. J. Wooledge, Emma 109 Remington St., Black River, N. Y. Wright, Anne Leesburg, Va. Wright, Austin 175 Broadway, S. Portland,.Me. Z Zimmerman, Marvin 97 Vassall St., Wollaston, Mass. Van Dressar, Emma Irene 49 Walton St., Alexandria Bay, N. Y. Wachtel, Alexander 137 Greenkill Ave., Kingston, N. Y. Ward, Audrey 916 Hatt St., Dundas, Ontario, Canada Warmkessel, Dorothea 1131 S. Tenth St., Allentown, Pa. Warmkessel, Loretta 1131 S. Tenth St., Allentown, Pa. Watkins, Martha 516 S. 15th St., Sebring, Ohio Weaver, Ruth Erlaine 49 E. Federal St., Niles, Ohio Webster, Louise 51 Hale St., Beverly, Mass. Wells, Dorothy Box 41, S. Egremont, Mass. Whetstone, Cornelius 633 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. White, Mrs. Florence 93 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. White, Gene 477 Newport Ave., Wollaston, Mass. White, Grace R. White, Laurence Wiggins, Beulah Williams, Oliver Willwerth, lrene Wise, F. Franklyn Wolf, George Wood, M. Jean Woodcock, Edith Woodcook,Jerry Woodward, lrma 39 Burnside St., Providence, R. l. Middlefield, Ohio 109 Hancock St., Brooklyn 16, N. Y. Sandy Creek, N. Y. ACADEMY: Aldridge, Veramae Andrews, George 386 Bow St., Stockdale, Pa. 103 Clayton Ave., Laurel, Dela. Best, Marian 918 N. Mercer Ave., New Brighton, Pa. Bishop, Jane 119 Canton St., Ogdensburg, N. Y. Boggs, Mary Indian Head, Md. Brooks, L. Joyce 158 Sheridan Ave., Toronto, Ont., Can. Carpenter, Ray 96 Payson St., Fitchburg, Mass. Churchill, Clarence Conneautville, Pa. Col'lin, Ted 118 Roberts Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. Domingues, Frank 95 Jenney St., New Bedford, Mass. Elliott, Eunice 9743 Harlem Ave., Baltimore, Md. Elliott, Pauline 9814 Georgia Ave., Baltimore 97, Md. Flueck, Marion Foster, Lois Goodnow, Robert Gracey, Sylvia Harbula, Margaret Hayes, Lloyd Heckman, Henry Hilsinger, Carrie Holder, Jeannette 1861 Hayden Ave., 940 Pine St., 5 Ridgeway St., 95 Webster St., 96 King St., R.D. No. 1, 979 Harvard St., Cleveland, Ohio Wollaston, Mass. Wollaston, Mass. Somerville, Mass. Pennsgrove, N.J. Wollaston, Mass. 93 Grant St., Tonawanda, N. Y. Brooktondale, N. Y. R.D. No. 4, Mercer, Pa. 318 Sunset Ave., Ephrata, Pa. 477 Newport Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 39 Sandwich Rd., Wareham, Mass. 116 N. Dawson St., Llhrichsville, Ohio Cochranton, Pa. 136 Old Colony Ave., Wollaston, Mass. 10 Watkins St., Wollaston, Mass. Holets, Gladys Union St. Springboro, Pa. Jones, ldoline 604 Claymont St., Baltimore, Md. Jones, Robert 9407 Arunah Ave., Baltimore, Md. Kinney, Alverda 997 Overdale St., Morgantown, W. Va. Lewis, Ruth 57 E. Bend Ave., N. Hamtilon, Ont., Canada Maddox, Meredith 38 Buckingham Rd., Wollaston, Mass. Marz, Edith Sinclairville, N. Y. -l159l- Maser, Dorotha 3954 Guernsey St., Bellaire, Ohio Russell, Robert 5539 Main Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio Melniclc, Mary Pennsville, Auburn Rd., Deepwater, N. gl. Roun, Glenys 49 Huron Cir., Dorchester 94, Mass. Moore, Dorothy Randlett St., Wollaston, Mass. Shuclc, Wessie Jean 5009 S.E. O St,, Washington, D. C. Naylor, Jean 93 E. Elm Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Slatcher, William 541 Cooper St., Laurel, Dela. Northcott, Laura 90 Humber Blvd., Toronto, Ont., Can. Taylor, Viola 358 Westmoreland Ave., Toronto, Ont., Can. Pangle, Peggy Charlotte, N, C. Thurber, Everest W. Chazy, N. Y. Pennington, Luther, Jr. 18 Glen St,, Rensselaer, N, Y. Turkington, Marion 93 Orchard SL, Manchester, Conn. Reed, Donald 314 Ridgeway Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio Wheeler, Emily Box 909, E. Douglas, Mass. Rice, Gene R.F.D. No. 1, Franklin, Pa, Wilson, William Earl 106 Miland Ave., Oil City, Pa. Rich, Albert Pine Ave., Livermore Falls, Me. Woodward, Margaret 77 Main St., Blackstone, Mass. Riley, Sophie 694 E. 94th St., Paterson, N. J. Wylie, William 38 Greenview St., Ouincy, Mass. itsat FHAPEI. LOUNGE DEWARE BROTHERS Quincy's Largest and Most Beautiful Funeral Home 576 HANCOCK STREET, WOLLASTON, MASS. DONALD M. DEWARE and ROBERT M. DEWARE CV. S. ARMYJ Direciors REPOSING ROOM REPOSING ROOM-CASKET EASTERN NAZAIQENE COLLEGE lfenilmcrsliip Institution of New Englzinfl Association ol' Vollt-gt-s :intl St-f-mnlnry Schools xIQ'llllDl'l' .Xssoc-iaition ot' .Xlllt'l'il'itli Voile-gs-4 lille national mgamizautioii Ul'lI1'l'l't'tlilt'll institutions nl' lm-earning-l Liberal Arts Divinity Studies Fine Arts Sciences Engineering Teaching Humanities Pre-medicine Pre-nursing New courses in Collegiate Nursing-B.S. with Certificate in Nursing in Five Years THE f'OI.I,EGE WITH A MISSION Summer Session Fall Session Registration May 25 Registration September 12 Accommodations Limited Apply linrly lie-.t-'uinililv lialtv Youn men who have com lctetl their 'nnior vent' :it lii 'li school IIIZIV vntt-1' wilt- 'v . 12 . li conflitionzilly on recommt-nrlntion ol' tlicii' principals Entrance requirements can lie t-oinplett-fl during tln- college freslnnun your AKRON DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev. O. L. Benedum, District Szlperintelzflent .-lJ1'i.vory Board District Secretary CHARLES C. HANKS C. B. WOOD IRA R. AKERS Di! ,iT ZS TIC' TEHSIITCI' 34. 5. BENNETT U G L O R Y H CHARLES C. HANKS IV. F. JI. S. Presiflezd MARY B. AKERS N. Y. P. S. Dzlvlrici President E. N- C' Zmmtees HOWARD T. LEWIS O. L. BENEDUM IRA R. AKERS E. S. CARMAN E. A. PEFFER A district with a constant vision for Eastern Nazarene College continued success and victory ALBANY DISTRICT Jloxf Clzcllleflzgizrg D1'.slr1'0t in the F11 urch Annual Camp lIeeting at BROOKTONDALE, NEW YORK July Q1-30, 1944 WORKERS DR. D. SHELBY f'ORI,l'f'I"l':1mlREV. C. B. FVGET, Evange-lists FRANK F. SMITH, Song Leader REV. ARTIIVR W. GOI'LD, Choir Director MRS. LOUISE HAWK, Children's Worker MRS. HELEN FRY, Pianist f'nn1pI1'mm1Is of FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 281 Washington Ave. Albany, New York CHURCH 0F THE NAZARENE Bel Air, Md. Rl-IV. NELSON ll. lll'lNi'K .lfilllfvlrr Plione: Ili-I .Kir l-till-.I Sunday School SllUOI'lllli'lllll'Ill Simon Hogg ,, , , ,V X. Y. l', S. llrmiilciil lloimlfl .Xnfle-r 1 n Reuaffl D- Nnlflli M""-iff" W. I-'. M. s, ifrmil-iii Nlrw, N.-im nf-ii A Booster for H. X. l'." f'0IlI1JIl'NIFIIf.i' of CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Belindale CllllI'Cll of the Nazarene 119 W. Wilson Avenue Bellmore, L. I., N. Y. Ridge Road S.E. lYarrf-n, Olllu A. E. lYoo4lcook, illirzisier Ernest B. Marsh, .lI1'111'St0r I u "lv 4.43 , . r BRIDGETON, NEW JERSEY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 305 South Avenue The Vlirielizin Vliurc-li lYilli :Q Vital How wage- Snmluy Sq-lmol 10:00 ?l,IIl Worship ll:ll01l.In N. Y. l', S. tizl-5 p.ni Evalige-lisiir' S1-rvioi' 7:1-.3 p,ni Klirl-week Service, Tlinrsclny 7:l.3 D.lIl -lnnior Service Qnrl :mul fl-tll Tlinrsiluyw DVR NIOTTU In Essentials . . . . l'nily In Non-Essentials , ...... Lille-rty In All Things , ..,..... Vlizirily "To Meet Human Needs in Spiritual Life." Rev. Milton H. Taylor, .lIz'111'ster My Q... It -ww, f--f:4j'f-newft.:m.., A,,,,?,,e,55,,M,. ,5 Sunday School Supt. Joseph Stokes N. X. P. S. Pres. Miss Ruth Kline W. I". M. S. Pres. Klrs. 0. L. Arnold Sunrlay School 9:30 ltorsllip 10:-I-5 N. Y. l'. S. 7:00 l-Evangelistic Service 7:-I-.3 Mirl-week Prayer Werlnesrlay 7:4-.3 Rev. Clarence L. Arnolcl .lfin1',vIc'r '7lQ Oak Street ' 'C' liloomslyurg ogyMgfk.:,.i .... gg A. AY es 5 f. C, iZ:1:3:7:.:i:I:5':5'-'E51-'K l"4"-'-Pr ' Z: 'J6"'9S'i'7?3"f'7. ' VBA' I 'DWG 3 Z. 1 H - ' ' - .- M, ,,,,,. .,f.Ir. 'As ek-2390 H- ' x .-x. 'I" -' -. , Af' ' - f -c- . ..g -N v"'l'f'!ANh 2332 Pc n n s yl va n ni CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 250 East Seventh Street Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania v FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 240 Main Street Binghamton, N. Y. "A TRUE HOLINESS t'IIl'Rt'1l" C ., Sunday Services it t'l1lll't'll School 9:4-5 n.1n. it lYorsl1ip 10:45 u.ni. x Y atb' N, Y. l'. S. 6230 p.n1. 'Nnghku' f livnngvlislic Service T f 7 :I50 p.m. E. J. TYILSON l'u.vlnr CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bradford, Pa. 55 N. BENNETT STREET Church Officers Snnrlay Sl'llUUl Superintenllent Peter Grennon N. Y. P. S. Presirlent W. I". M. S. Presirlent Mrs. Eunice Schlosser Treasurer John N. Fichtner, Sr. REV. t'. G. SCHLOSSER, .lIl'7I1LSf!'T 114- N. Bennett Street Bradford, Pa. 'Tlirzfrtgflze great cmzfraljigzzrf' in the lzzlvtory of thc II'orlrl" PRONIOTING E. N. V. . . with Prayer . . . with Entliiisiasin . . with SIIUIPIIIS . . with Ifiliaiic-v I X I' IiE'l"l' S. I'IIILI,II'S. I'u,vIor Q-I-Q4 Hnrloin AVCIIIIS' GIIF 5997 FIRST Cl-IUIQCI-I CDF TI-IE NAZAIQENE Whitmore Ave., South of Edmondson Baltimore, Maryland Sunday School . 9:4-.3 Morning Worship ll:lHl X. Y. P. S. . 6:30 Evening: Servicv , 7:30 Prayer Meeting, We-flnesflay H100 II:irIio Ministry-Salurrlziy evening H230 - l I 4.3 IYILXL. IIUU on the fIiziI WHEN IN BALTIMORE WORSHIP WITH US :5:5:5:5:::::g5:5:g:f:f:f:5:5:2:I:I:Ig3g1g1g:g:5:5515:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:f:Qg5:Q:Ig252321231325:525:55:53:5:5:5:5:5:5:Q:Q:5:5:f:f:5:5:5:5:fggg:g:5::: ' '-:-:-: '-x-5-'I-5'5 -5- - - 55.5555555g55555555555i55555555555555555555555525255555555555g555E55555?5E5E5E55555525E5E5S2E555E525E5S5E5E5E5E5E5E5E555S5E5i555555 5 555555 555555555555E2EsE55555555S5Ssi5E555E515 5 ' " 5555525555:5:5:5:5:5?5E5555?5i55S5f5i55555255525SzE555S5E1S555E5E5E5E52 E152-5552525552EfErErErE1ErE:E:5 :'5:5:5:5:5:5gv'- ':1'11ErE1EfE2EfEfErEf?'5-1:5:5:5:5E5:5fg:5:5:3:5 55555 E -::5rEEE2E:5:E1ErEr5:2:5:5:5:5:5: f:f:f:fffffffffffffffflfffilfi5554: , 5 2'5:5:2:2:5Q5:5:2:f- ':513:55g155 f l: 2525525525252fffffiffflfff 5rE'1:5:3:5:3:5:j:5555555Eg25.54---jrErf"r':'-' ' f :5: '12E- EIEIEIEIEIE if E5E5E,.r5r5:ErE1E:E:2:2:E5555i5EE5:555555255555553E1Ef515f5:E:2:., "" ' '52s?5?eEs 515. 5:5:5155555355gE5E5E3E555E5S5E5Q,:Eg5:5:5:5:5:3:555EQEQEEQij' -1 :fErErE:ir 5 5155555 z-5.iE5E552?2E5E5Esl:2511532: ,. 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GORDON YYUUDS l'u.s-for BEACON CI-IURCI-I QF Tl-IE NAZAREIXIE 1 Teller Ave. Beacon, New York "THE VHURCH THAT ONLY MOVES FORWARD" l'mnpl1'n11'11f.v of THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Barberton, Ohio Rev. J. Linus Vaughn, Paxfnr Evangelist REV. MILDRED R. BROWN 614 Monroe Avenue Bellevue, Pa. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bellaire, Ohio James H. Jones, Paxfor "Our Clnxrcli is an E. N. C'. Booster" Wo are located four miles south of Wheeling, W. 'a. ' men traveling easl or wesi on lv. S. Ri. 4-0 X1 Wl ti l irn south on Rt. 7 at Bridgeport, Ohio, and visit us. For Your Revival . Evangelist Gerald -l-. Briglmt Muncie, Indiana . . .X Young Klan willi a Yisinn for Souls . . . Nine Ya-ars nl' Unlstaniling Hvaiiggcliwnl . . .X iialivc- nl Nliim-in-, lniliana and known lllfflllgllllllll fll'lllI'2il, Xnrllicrn. :mil Sillltll- l'n-iitrul If S. X. 9:30 AAI. Prayer 10:00 AAI. Sunday Sclloul 11:00 AAI. llorning YYOrsl1ip 6:00 PJI N. Y. P. 7:00 PQI 7:30 P.M FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 234 Franklin St. C'a1nlmriclge,Nlass. Rev. llcnry H. Reeves, IJIISHPI' Sunday Services Evangelistic Service Wednesday Prayer and Praise ll'l1c11 in Bosfmz make tlzis your Clzzzrrlz Home FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 910 Highland Avenue Chester, Pa. This fllllll'f'll Was Orgauizccl May 16, 19:27 By the Pastor Rev. Vllarlcs E. Holloway EVANGELI ST A. B. CAREY Elmira, New York CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Collingdale, Pa. Staley Ave. and MacDade Blvd. Church Officers Sunday Sclionl SlIIN'l'llllt'Ilfll'Ill Frank Gery N. Y. P. S. Pl'L'Slllt'Ill Grace Sweigert YY. I". M. S. l'rr-siwloul Blrs. F. D. Ketner REV. FRANVIS D. KETNER .ll1'l1i.wIUr il! Nlacllmlo lioulcvarcl CLIFTONDALE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 60 Essex Street Saugus, Mass. Rev. John E. YY. Turpcl, Prmtof' ltil Essex Strr-el Tcl.: Szlllglls 0070-YY Sunday Services CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Carthage, New York John L. xvilllgllll, ilfz'n1'.st0r 10:00 Bilnle' Sclluol '4 i ' A w . lam: Q"qTl'iL' Q l'ur.wnuyr: .322 l'ulton Street 7:00 Evungfclisni 7:30 PralyerfTlillrsflzly T I I H A This lricnrlly Vhurch su'ir'its your 1'll'l0llll1ll1L'P :intl egpwm' lil' ft-llnwsllip CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Hudson Street Dover, New Jersey Rev. Estelle Crutclier Pastor CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2 Granville Ave. Danbury, Connecticut U:-l-5 10:00 7 230 7:-L5 T :l-.3 734-5 Rev. Sunflay School Prt-:rolling Service Prayer Evangelistic Service Bible Study, Tuesday P pl P t r S r P K on e's rave .fc vicc. lrimlav UTI14' l"l'ivr111ly f'l111rc'h" Lillie Henrlerson, Pastor FOITI a R E E r r N Q s 'C P . ii ll +L E 6 sr L I V Q f rw O 0 I Church ol the Nazarene "I,r'r1rl1'ng l,I.l'I'I'lIUUl fn limi" ll. Dale Mitchell. 1,II.N'fIH' We TRI'S'1'fIi1fiml We BELIEVE f - The Iiililv Wo I'RE.Xi'H - Full Szilvatiriii Wi- UBEY f- Thr- Holy Spirit Wo LOOK f For llis iXppvariii NYC praise- God for His gfl'2iCiUllS lilcssings upon us tllflillgfllffllt this year A Successlul Church Supporting A Successlul Eastern Nazarene College Compliments of The First Church of the Nazarene Hayden Ave. at Claiborne Road EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO H. B. BIACRORY, Dlinister if . H. A. PARK, l'r1.wtor 813 Broadway Elmira, New York Phone: QQIQ 4- Worship wifh Us in cs Homey and Friendly Afmosphere when in Elmira, New York SERVICES Sunday f111lll'C11 School 10:00 a.m. xYOI'S1l1IJ 11:00 a.m. N. Y. P. S. 6:45 p.m. Evangelistic 7:30 p.m. '1'hr1rsrlay, Prayer and Praise MOL-ting, 7:30 p.m. E-fe A A A ,-. . .mv-f '- 1' 3 i...1... 'f ' . EVERETT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 10 Church St. coff Everett Sq.p Everett, Mass. DR. RALPH E.'XRL1'C. JR., Pastor li Cushing Street ivollaslon, Blass. PREsident 9265 FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Eliot, Maine Church Officers Sunilay School Superintenflent Eugene Paul X. Y, P. 5. Pre-sirient X. Vlinlon Paul XY. F, NI. S. l'i't-siileiit Mrs, R. I-I, I,ur-kwond Rev. R. E. Lockwooci, .1l1'n1'.vif'1' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Grove City, Pa. Sunday 0:4-5 All, f'illlI'Cl1 School RIISSUH Lt'WiS, Ijtlsflll' 10:45 .-LM. Morning xvOI'Sll1IJ S. S Q45 wo ian, N. Y, P. s. W ..,- 1100 7:00 RM. Evening Service UH up I Thursday , WISH 4 10.3 7:30 PQI. Prayer Meeting 2 jj 1 N' YA ll. gl 4545 lfvi-ning Survive 7 :I40 " U e 1,I'6'flf'll I 'lzrzsi 1'I'IlI'lflt'l1H 4--.-.- 1 WRU-UM 1.3 Church Oi the Nazarene Gardiner, Maine Sunday Services 10:00 fhurch Hilile School 11:00 Divine Worship 1:15 Nazarene Gospel Hour YYRDU 021.3 Y. P. Inspirational 7:30 Evangelistic Wednesday 7:30 Mid-week Devotional it , I-I 'Qi , i 4.-1 : Ii vi -' , a 1 - IQ Iii T A REV, .lonx w. room-1 is ,hi L 'T 5 ,1II'llf.'ffl'l' Q EBU 65 Brunswick Avenue Gardiner, Maine qQ"'ikli:T' Phone 700 Congrofulcifions from Haverhill, Mossochuseffs "Tile f'lz11rc'l1 in H10 H f'fll'l' Qf ll7lll.llf1.C'?'LflI1fI,, Services Hllmlaly School 10:00 u.m Nloruiug.5 Worship 11:00 u.m N X l H 15:00 p.m Eve-uiug Service 7:00 p.m Nlirl-we-ek Meeting Yvewllu-Srluy 7:30 p.m Laulies Pl'ilyL'l' Kleeliug, ll'F1l2ly 2:30 p.I11 Vhureh Prayer' Meeting, 50 p.m, REY- JANIES MVRR.-XY FVBIE lu sunny South uurl Pruiriefl West Our exilell hc-.iris remembering still. Like lwees their hive, like luirfls iheir nest, The Homes ol' Haverhill." lluverhill Vliurch luexl Viiy I1ullJ .. Kmmu LHklV..gJ0,m G. IVhl.m.pr l:Ulll11ll'll t,l'l0llCl' li. ISSNS cw1xo1z.x'rl'1,xr1oxs'1'o1+:.xs'1'14:HN Nlxmimxrz H , I Y H 4'o1.l.Hor: voir Yoru sP1IuTl'.xL, F1N.xNc'IAL -1L11'1f1r1 MP-N190 1'0" 1011 ,xxo Sf'I1OLAS'l'Il' sreeicss from the HOOPLE CHURCH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE OF THE NAZARENE Kin ston N. Y. "When iu Brooklyn we welcome you g l ln our services ut 04 Rlldllllllilll Street" , , Earl G. Lee, .llI.IZlSfEI' Rev. Yeruou E. Thomas, l'a.wIor New York District "AN E. N. C. BOOSTER" VICTORY THROUGH CHRIST WELCOMIC TO: AND EVANGELISKI A busy little city In Beautiful Ohio Pl'UCl2ll1111llg.fI The power of God lo lruus- A spiritual church where you'll feel at home fnrm mm mm tlK,hkt,m,SS of Ilis Uwn Sim A door to fellowship, harmony and Christian service W. WADE JERNIGAN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Evangelist 715 N. Mantua St. Kent, Ohio 1114 Straightway Ave., Nashville 6, Tenn. Claytoli Stouffer, Pastor Church ol the Nazarene X Richardson and Dersrine Avenues 'X Lansdale, Pennsylvania REX'. H. E. HECKERT Purim' 421 Dersrinc Ave. Tcl. Lansdale -1-146 ORDER OF SERVICES Sunday: Wednesday: 9.30 A.iXl.-- -Sunday School 8.00 l'.Nl. Old-lfnshioned l'r1iycr Nlc-ating 10.35 A.rX1.'4lOming Worship Y0U'll Hof be 2 Stranger here 7.00 P.N.- Young People! Meeting CA service that is dilfcrcnrl Ezergfbmfi .lfzriz-x-.r ll'r!mmr 7.45 P.iXl.- Great Evangelistic Service Sunday School Superintemlcllt CHARLES BRODHl:lAl7 X. Y. P. S. l'I'csiclc11t l'Al.'L XXIXSVH XY, F. ll. S. P1'65lilCl1l BIRS. XX'ILLI-Xll TOBIKIXSUN Silver Anniversary Week July Q3rCl to 30th, 1944 AHMVCYSHFY P107'lIIE7' Pzz.r!0r.r SUNDAY, JULY 30 10.30 AAI. and 7.45 P.M. MESSAGES BY SPECIAL SPEAKER 2.30 P.lXl. IXIORTG.-XGE BURNING SERVICE REX REX REX REX REX REV. J- XX C F C F RFfIl7'IlflItQ' to Speak H. PARKER Cumberland, Md. D. SHELOR Abilcrdeen, S. D. E. RYDER .-Xshlaml. Ohio D. KETNER Cullingdale, Pa. E. RYDER Ashlarid. Ohio D. KETNER Collingdale, Pa. I'on1pI1'mf'r1ts of CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Lavelle, Pa. "The Singing t'liurc-li. from the Pennsylvziniai xillllllfilillfi A t'liurc'h that luis it rent Vunip Het-ting every Wvinter l'erinunent mlute is lust two weeks of l"eliruary Www -l if Clenn Bowling, 1,11-YIUI' Lowell Nazarenes rejoice in the victories of E. N. C. it 11 :tc 1. Faith and works go together: the adminis- tration of our college has demonstrated both. Full program of evangelism at the FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE First St., Lowell, Mass. E. C. Lusk, Pa.sto1' I'ongrufllIf1i1'on.w l'1a.v.v HM , , . FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE London, Ontario Rev. H. R. Brown, rl1I.Ill.Hfl'I' "Study to slmw thyself 2llDp1'UVOtl unto Coil :i workxnain that neetleth not to he awliarnvzl, rightly tlivitling the wont of truth." II Tim. 2:15 A FRIEND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE The Vhurch IYhere You Are Welcome Shenango Street Mercer, Pa Sunday Services 10:00 All. t'hurc-li School 11:00 AAI. Morning IYorship 0:45 PII, N. Y. P. S. 7:30 Pjl. Evangelistic Service Wednesday 7:30 P.NI. Mid-week Prayer Service Friday 7:30 P.1l. N.Y.P.S. Prayer Service Rev. KI. K. Sprow, Pastor 24-6 N. Pitt Street Mercer, Pennsylvania Gml is Exaltc-41 Christ is I,it't4-fl Vp The Holy Ghost is Iloncwcml MARITIME DISTRICT Church of the Nazarene " Xnlfifllg 1'11lfm.w.w1'fffr' fn iflrm' 11-lm ,mf fl1f'l'l'I'1'11.vi fn limff' I Y.U',X'l'l0N l'l'IN'l'lCli of Hzzslm-1'11 fvllllllliil XYIH-11 in or rn-:nr the-av towns wnrsllip wiih IIS. f'rfl1r-1 I'.'flu'f11wf Imllmfl ,XYHIVI Nrulfu 5111111111-lxiflv Wirulwr ,XIln'I'I4rlx Tlvlllmxll 'Vl,l'iIl'X Springhill Nlixlgrvll Uxfurfl XII, P1111-:nlnl lnmlinn llaxrlmr Lulu' HEY, YV. YY. 'PINK Huw Rive-1' 1,1-.Vffl-4'f -QlIlH'I'l'Ilfl'Il1ll'Ilf Hnlifzlx NEW' YORK DISTRICT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE .XX XYIIEHE AUiflllE55lYl'I l'li0Gl!.XNl Dlilil' INTERIQST IX L. I-I. l'1i'KLl-XY I,l.N'fI'l1'l .N 111n'r1r1lr'1lzlf'r1f Ihwxx-1', New .Im-Wy GOING GROWING GLOWING VIIRIF-'I'IAX ElJl'i'A'1'ION EW E GLA D DI TRICT congrofulofes El C cl Rm: Jonx N. Nmlsox V 17i.v!. Nnpt. w . . 10 lxenlston Rd., Melrose, M . . the graduation of a Splendid class . . the the ..the recognition by N. E. Association of Colleges liquidation of debt burning of mortgage improvements in equipment CEU, BRINKMA-XX. l'u.v!o1' GQ Slate Street CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Smith and Bruce Streets New Bedford, Mass. You will enjoy tht- ll-llowsliip :mil fricmllim-ss ol' our Q-liurvli. xyllvll in ilu' East visit :incl worship with us. l'on1pI1'121f'11I.w of . . NORWOGD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 71 Chapel Street Norwood, Mass. R. E. Howairrl, l'u.wfor 4-I Ci'0-opP1'11z'1'11y fllIIlI'f'lI CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Newburgh New York Edwin J. Fl'CExll Puxtol' Cl-IURCI-I ol the NAZARENE 79 Lawrence Street New Ilaven, Conn. Church Officers Sumlny Sr-liool SllIJL'l'illlt'lllll'I1l E. IC. Vaupt-Il N. Y. l'. S, l'l'4-Nizlciil Ruth Kullgrcn YV. I". H. S. Pl'L'Nl1l1'lll Estlioi' Nl, Blarney "Jesus Vhrist the sunie yester- llzny, :incl today, aml l'Ol'i'VE'l'.H Rev. H. J. S. Blaiiey IJHE Ik-lt-n Street llalmmlm-ii Hr, Voiiiit-1-lit-lit 'l'1-lcplioiiv li' SHIHS CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Pine and Freedly Sts. Norristown, Pennsylvania Church Officers SIIINIZIX Sc-Imnl Superintendent Vhairles Iiuler N. Y. P. H, l'rt-sitlt-nl Arthur Nlclienzie TY. I". Nl. S. President Nlrs. Karnes Smith l'n.v!nr Rev. Boyd Ill. Long 1412 Nlurkley Street , Nm-ristnwn, Pemisylvuniu 'lit-Ieplmnk' 4-II53-TT CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Falls and Beaver Streets New Castle, Pa. Church Olficers Sunday School Superintendent Mrs. D. R. Nuzum N. Y. P. S. President Bernice Boozle W. I". Nl. S. President Mrs. Margaret Walls Puxlor Rev. D. R. Nuzum x7 West Falls Street New Castle, Pennsylvania Telephone 3968-R ROBERT F. TYOODS Distric! NllAllL'l'TlIfl'IllIl'Hf TI-IE ONTARIO DISTRICT Rev. Robert F. lvoods S14perz'r1te11de'111' "rl .Yelp D'1's1r1'Ci- IVz'd0 A :valve - ffllll of 0pp0rtun1'ty" CHURCH CF Tl-IE NAZARENE 311 Yvalker Avenue Butler, Pa. The Pittsburgh Mr. Maurice Emery, Disf. Treas. Q5 Franklin Street District Rev. H. ll. Klarvin, Disl. See, 670 Duncan Avenue D l VVarren, I a. 1Y3.Sl1lI1gt0I1, l a. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 4643 No. Fifth Street Philadelphia, Pa. Church Officers Sunrlay School Superintendent Joseph Yoder N. Y. l'. S. President Paul KnuH'man YY. F. ll. S. President BIN. Hilrlreri Vurver Paxfor Rev. Paul S. Cook 909 West Butler Street Philarlelpliia, Pennsylvania Telephone Radcliff 8123 , . I ongratulatious on The Mortgage-Bllrniiig of E. N. V. B. H. POCOCK Evangelist 436 Franklin St., S.E. Warren, Ohio lam 100 pc-r vc-nl for l'l. N. V. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE New Church Edifice Cor. Summer and Union Sts. AUBURN, MAINE REV. J. A. CRITES Pastor 40 Summer St. Tel. 2006M L'Tl101,m'rl llllfll flrmf' grmf IllI'IIg-Sflll' us Il'llE'I'l'Qf IIT are glad." Psa. 126: 3 ROYERSFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE N. Y. P. S. Nelson C. Mink, IIIl.Ill.Sf6'7' Glenn Engle, Prcsirlent George lk-glcr, Vice President Tllelrna Km-ley, Secretary Richarrl Gurnpr-rt, Tri-zxsurcr OUR HONOR ROLL IJnlflNf fll' .V 1'1:1 I 11'f' - l'v1, Sn 111l lol Schultz IYICKI: fi-IS-I-Q hgl. .IZIIIIUS I. Uclwlenlun, Jr.. I':ll,LfIillHI l'vi. xVill'l'L'lI l'11'l'inglu11, IIRINYR-lll I'Il'2lll!'IS P, Funk, Slfc. lflurida I'i'c:, Ralph Dunuhl Wbiser, Yu. Pvl. .Inn-ph Ik-un, If S. Army Pvl. Riclmrfl Cun1pf-rt, If S. Arrny FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of 108th Street and 95th Avenue Richmond Hill, New York WHERE YUI' MAY BE A VISITOR. BLT NOT A STILXNGER Pu,vInr nlcv. 111. E. x'ol'Nc1 ' . M"'M"""WMWMM ,. 108-05 95th Avenue I Virginian, 9-5734- CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rosemont, Ohio Church Officers Sunday School Supt. Nlrs. Florence Thompson W. F. M. S. Pres. Mrs. Cora Hawn Pastor Rev. James Lester Mcfflung R. D. 2 Wadswort h, Ohio l'mnp1z'nzc11z'.v of CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Sebring, Ohio Our church extends to every graduate its sincere congratulations. We feel that we have not only invested in the College, but in you: and we are confidently ex- pecting large spiritual returns from our investment. God bless you! Rev. Robert E. Mortensen ,lIl.III'Nfl'I' When in the vicinity of Stockdale, Pa. - visit - THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev. Ralph G. Merritts, Pastor Pom pl1'n1f'11t.v of the Sunday School and N. Y. P. S. THE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Springheld, Mass. A XYARM AND FHIENIDLY YYELVONIE Awaits you at SHADYSIDE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Our lovely church is situated near the street car line on State Route No. 7' in the Bmzdzzful lllzio Vczllcy, eight miles south of YYl1et-ling. Wvorship YYith Vs F. F. FREHF-E, Puxlor HERMAN ARC'IIIH.XLIJ, S. S. Supl. "The Hrnzrlrry ,llorrrirzy C"uroIer.s" of The First Church ol the Nazarene West Newell and Cannon Streets Syracuse, New York S-t'IIEIJI'LE OF SERYIVES SUNDAY WEDNESDAY 8:30-9:00 AJI. Rroaflezist YY0l,l" 7.4.5 p-M. Mill-wcek lrmvcr 0:00 AAI. t'l:1ss Meeting V ' fl:-I-.3 AAI., f'l'iurch School THURSDAY 10:-t-5 AAI. Worship 1:30 RBI. Lanlies Prayer llanrl 6:00 PII. N. Y. P. 5. Prayer Rand FRIDAY 0:30 P.M. Young Peoples - , N . 7:30 RAI. Evangelistic Song Service :intl Message 7740 FAI- A011051 Peoples cottage Bleetmg 4-0 Minutes of Special Singing Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartettes. Illlltll' V V - - YOI' ARE INVITED TO ATTEND A live Snntlay School, where every teacher is eonseeratell to his task, where every officer works for a bigger anrl better school, aml ' fi where the superintenrlent, il graduate of E. N. V., is boosting for r i f " the whole eliureli anrl its lJl'Ogl'ElI1l. ' LISTEN IN To the "Nazarene t'arolers." Hear Mr. Goultl anrl his rarlio choir. Hear the Nlorning Star Larlies' Radio Quartette anrl lIr. I'eeil Swortlfager at the piano. The "Nazarene t'arolers" rarlio program is now entering its fourth year of weekly presentations-group numlmers, solos, cluets, trios, anrl oetette numbers! A lively hall' hour, anal purely rlevotional! REV. ARTHUR W. GOVLD, Minister NIR. D. YY. FRY, S. S. Supt. REV. ELIZABETH CHOATE, Mrs. GEORGE PEARSON, VV.F.BI.S. Pres Assistant Klinister NIR. VERNON NEYVIXIAN, N.Y.P.S. Pres f'UIII1III.lIll'IIfN of E E Evangelist FIRST CHURCH EARL HSTILLIO OF THE NAZARENE N Euclid Ave. and Hampton St. BOX 95 Trenton , Capital City of New Jer ey McDonald, ohm A S. . Byron Harms Klayhury, JIIIIlSff'I' Urgunizexl .Xuguwt li, HHN Ill ull Hly IIYIHN ll!'L'IlIHl'll'Ilfll' Hfm, mul Hr .vllull X f11'rf'r'f flzy Illlfllk. Pruv. 3-li of CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE John Thomas Maybury Ernest Y.Swa1-tlrmll. l'r1.wfor 1876 - 1929 4'hlm,h um, lrnlwllngl, Fourteen years SlllK'I'iIlfQ'llll0Ilt of 62 Boyd Street Washingtoil-Pllilarlelphia District WHYGITOWUQ N' Y- li. N. ci 'l'1-rwuw mm man THE AVENUE ROAD CHURCH T X " REV. CHARLES E. K QW ' TEMPLETON ' ' ,ig MINISTER EXTENDS . . . r W xv' ff E W NN 'fff,f:':f:fgfw,".:::-me X' six V-X - f Tn .A In 4. f Q' 1' 'jf ,L . NX X ' 'E Q 3 p nffli lr , BEST WISHES E T T-W' i T T Q ' , X I . 'g I A IHSEN A x AND sq X- CONGRATULATIONS A , Q f :T.Tv ,, .C iff? 1 , T Efi -0 --1-- "T' ' eb CLASS .,l! :f ,,oor . -Q ,E f OF 44 "TORONTO'S CENTER OF AGGRESSIVE EVANGELISMH GREETINGS From the church that . . . -'provides half the Ontario students -Contributes more than any other Ou- tario church Hnancially Watch 'iimereforeg for ye Know not what hour 'four Lord sioth come. - N I Maul!-UL Vande:-Lili, B.. Churciwof the Na3a.rehe 9-I HH5Lurq District fhas the Hrst Ontario E. N. C. graduate N Rev' opt! as ev- --IS FOR E.N.C,'. 100 PER CENT ,lx . xii firfii if sT. CLAIR W, i:.1,-,Lf 4 E CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1154 ,ffl Q' "Irma 'ft fl - M g ,rr-it 1227 St. Clair Ave. West f XV Xl mmf!! f Xe , x '. A Toronto, Ontario X X l 3 John E. Riley. MA., l'a.vtm' 1' A-e-We-5--We fe- We FIRST CHURCH -feb ig 4 gf A ,jf ff J , OF THE NAZAREN E xx, .lifiif W Q ft "' ,A ,.,A 'X '1 - to Y' X T -V ' ' , , K ' . ,go -M2 Y 2 , V..5..gff.i...., Corner Dean and Darllngton s -- 1- f- West Ch6St6I', P21- 1 s " .,Vf:f'4 ' i LW- ' SERVICES . , 1. X Sunday . . ,M ' f V J: 'wife-j',,f5..3f',,' -15555 Sl :CSU A. NI. humiu y hehool " -. ., i ':'25i221'.,'E-2525212222 10:-I-.3 A. NI, Nlornin -1' TYorship --1. -'W' ri-'BU P Tl Youth :trvice -. 4--f """ AF ' ' ' ' " " ' ' N ' 3 ' ' , 'wg 5:33 7 --up P Xl lfv-,n..4l.1iq' . II - sr :::-:-:4- ':w:.-v:s::s:mf:A::::::4:.a:::f:-a.::.-:iw1:1212-grae54.:.'i5s55Q5:2:5:5:a5:15 - V? A' -' -. 5 sa:-:. 4' -- ' ' 1 r-Q - lf Om - Q 22- 5 't it ' W0dI1eSd2Y 5 2 . - E551 -". K , 2:55 N ' " "- ' P I .. Y , . , - A Q ' "4" 1 31- 1'-'M' Nlefllng -f1'3:7?'4' 2 Y -" Mi " -' 55- I ? " f 1 - ' K ..,:g' V ., ,si-. 1 ,, ' 1211" - 1" .e:5:a:s.:-2.e... f-1-s,s-'e-:- " :s:w:2:. -3: f -1. .Q e. 3-L..--5.231 2: --,fi.-:Zz:S?isE:,f':Ei"5121555115::.i:1f..s'eEis-5.2-.1 " 2.'If?e:?'E,E s 5: , . i Ii-iiE:5'i. '3151-file.: in ' i'::fQfi2."" K' 'f' Iii! . 1' V ' ic: '- 54- .::. - , - -I " , , . ..., .. , ..,.., ..,. ..,.t . . . .. vu., ..,.. . ..,,.,A.., .....,. ..., . .,..y..,.,,,,,,, ,,..,.,, , ,, ,,,, , " " CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1604 Dougall Ave. Windsor, Ontario, Canada Church Officers Siimluy School Hupvl'in1t-mlcnl NVilliani Muxworthy N. Y. P. S. Pre-sifienl Miss Ruth Nluxworihy TV. I". Bl. S. T,l'0Hili!'lli Mrs. Lillll'2l NTilC'TiI'l'Q.ff7I' l'n.s-for Rev. J. H. Mac-Gregor Dougnll Road, Roulc 1 Yvinclsor. Ontario Clifford E. Keys, Pastor West Somerville Cl-IURCI-I F32 NAZARENE Elm and Russell Sts., West Somerville, Mass. R.-, ' ' - ' " ' f - :-:-:g.1:5:5:5:35:: 1:Q::1:2:2:2:IfIE151E252ErE2E22fE2E2E1ErEfi2:VEIEIE22251221525-E1?f2E'E'ki:i3?C' . - . ., 2 . :ff :...2zis2s2sf:' ifSSie522552212222522625is2sis2s5ais2z2s?s2s1is2225225fs2sia2a2s5z2s:ls:1.s5i?':'z2' . . ' ,- H . I 5:22 . H 1 Q: I. 'Fi522E25?f" 'f.i2: '-S2357 2 2 5E3i5i5i5E5iif:,i-: 2ifi252522fE2i252ii2izeif- 2sfsfa2sfffa1 f-1- 2.22 . , 151535: iE 'i?EeE?ii ,2- 's ' . EP EEEEEEESEQQSSES' ' iffiiif z 252222555555 ii' E5E25.a55:v:-:-Riff ""' -.-.-llL 2" " E-5--.Q:g2i13-1:f 311f5f: ' .. "A' L. .... ',1 .1f"'- '.f5f'5:5'-'fs2f5if., 5 1 s 5 ' s.i.s5s5egs5s3siafsasaiaiseswf ai ' 5fi2E:i252i2f2ii2i25f52523252 552252.Ifiiiffiifir-1I"fff52ii gagsgegsgegsieis isiisgan -.52i2S1ffiz3225-.IEEEEFEEESQQESQQ .':Zzlsiffi'5,E22ff:: eg53zgsgs:s:sEf2:- .s u .. sifx' -ffl 2- - -f:2:r:rxr:2:f :2:'s.rErsf"" 122211-f1E5:Eg::.-:1"'21+I-'W'"::.1:1 1-.5-1:F5:1EF1 -:if- " 1 ...T:..,::.,,,5iE5Er?'fff ::::.f. ::1::g155g5g5555 .j1Eg.,. ,gi5, 5,-:jg 3513. :-,:-km: V Wlzerr lv'l.-91-fOI'N1"l'l'l 111 Home ruzrl hI'lI'1.FINl Holds Fvllnzrslzip I1'I'flIFTI.l'I1flH Services J. C. ALBRIGHT, Pastor Sunday Prayer llour Sunday Bible Sclif 11'r l Morning xYUI'SlllIl N. Y. P. S. Devotional Evangelistic' Service Prayer and Praise, Friday YV. F. Bl. S. Second Friday Parxonage 82 Chandler Street Phone Prospect 4212 IVIIEII in Boston 'AlVorsl11'p lV1'lflz UN" 9 a.m 10 a..m ll a.ni 6 p,m 1 11.111 30 p.m 7.30 p.m C OM PLI MENTS UF Wollaston Church of the Nazarene A clzurvlz lzome-for the IV0IIn.s'f0n F0'77I'lIZl1H?.f:lj and f'0Uf'g0 c'011st1'f11e1zcy" Rev. Samuel Young, Pastor CI-IURCI-I of the NAZARENE Warren, Pa. 907 Penn Ave. East if 1 il in if S K 5 Q M C f - V-W 5 1 gfzy s W Sunday School Superintendent C. W. BLICK N. Y. P. S. President ROMAINE ERICKSON W. F. M. S. President MRS. MAURICE EMERY Church Treasurer MAURICE R. EMERY 0. C. MINGLEDORFF, lVIAin-ister 905 Pennsylvania Avenue East W'arren, Pa. Phone 196 Y 1 Buckeye and Mulberry N .W. 1.W...mi-1.-.:..:..f.:.:+1Q. -.-Qs? .-ls: R CNN gf . X Q' X 5+ A C 4-as Q fe- Q Wwk 'X S 7' lf ., .,.E5:EE355:I.. A. -:- P . V - 'Bn-'W -...-z:f:3:::g-::5:y, ,. . ...5Q:g5:5:5:,:5:::5:5:5:5..:1 .3 .aeasaaasaeaeasaaafasaraazf QE:5'EIE2EI:5i 125. 525522EfEIrEfEffiE:Q?QZ5:I 5-.: .f.-is: rr si.5sz:se:1:::5:':1:i-f- rfzfxsisris- Gai .-..:1..:...:i:.::.:::,::.-.: ' Morning Worship, Sunday Ifvangelisric Service, Sunday Mid-Week Service, Thursday Church Sunday School Mother's Prayer Lczxgue, Thursday D. D. PAIXNIER, Paxlor 10:-L5 .-LM N. Y. P. S. -Hi N. Y. Juniors, 7:30 RM Sunday 6:30 P.M 7:30 P.M Radio Program, Sunday 9:30 P.M 9:30 A.M. 9:30 .-LM Mcn's Prayer Band, Saturday 7:30 P.M ARE NEVER A STR.-XNGERH "A CHURCH WHERE YOI' One Block North of Route SZ, West Marker Street Buckeye and Mulberry CH mile from Court House VISIT WITH US um Sunday: 9:4-5 AAI. 11:00 All. Ii:-L3 P.1l. 7:-I-5 RM. Wednesday: Friday: 7:-In l'.M. YY. I'. MILI ER 1 4 .IIIAII isfrr HRS, W. F. MILLER. YY. F. NI. S. Presidelli HRS. ELNIER BLYSTONE, S, S. Superintendent MISS HARRIET IIAINSEY N. Y. P. S. Presidenl WILKINSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE SERVICES Pittsburgh District Church Sc-lmol Worship Youth Hour Evullgr-lisi if- I'1':iyel' Nleeling N. Y. P. S l'r:1yi-I' Klee-ting ' I' RNICST I IC.. G lit PSSIC WHEN YOI' VISIT WASHINGTON ll 'mm-I1 fp fl! The First Church ol the Nazarene 7th and A Streets, N.E. .X Sillll'Ill2Il'y flerlieaiterl to the errliservaitiuii :intl prupugzilimi ul Scriptural llulim-se. 'llllll1'lll . "'I'l'lI'I lII'I.Xl"l'Y Olf' llOl,lNI5SS" Y Yi Ox'er1'u1liu stzitimi YYINN LIIH-0 liilrrr Slllltlily IHOIIIIIILIS 9:05 tu 9:35 ,l1llll.N'fl'l' Cl-IURCI-I ol the INIAZAIQENE WASHINGTON-PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT ANNIIAI, DlSTRIl"l' NIISSIONARY CONVENTION, .Xl'Gl'S'l' I Mrs. Bessie Burger, District Presimlent ANNFAI. SYNDAY SCHOOL VONYENTION, .Xl'Gl'ST I Rev. C. E. Keys, l'l1ai1'mz111, District School lluurfl WASHINGTON-PHII,.XDEI,l'IlIA DISTRIVT ASSEMBLY, AVG. Q and 3 ANNVAI, N. Y. P. S. VONYENTION. -Xl'Gl'ST 4- llev. H. Leslie llc-Kay, l'resirlent ANNUAL DISTRICT l'AMl'NIEETING, Al'Gl'ST 8 to 12 Nllmrkersz T. BI. .XllClCl'SOIl, and Bona lfleniiiig NOTIVE: The oflice ol' District Superintenmlerit of tlie Washington-Philaclelpliia District has been left vacant by the tlcatli of Rev. D. E. Higgs on January Q5. Arlclress all mail to Rev. E. E. Grosse. Secretary to the District Advisory Board. New Englancfs Largest CHURCH AND CHURCH SCHOOL SUPPLY HOUSE Whittemore Associates, Inc. 16 ASHBURTON PLACE, BOSTON, MASS. Telephone: CAPitol 6866 BIBLES - BOOKS CHI'RC'H IPURNITYRE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS I'o11yraluIaf1'on.w FIRST CHURCH OF THEINAZARENE Q We Qs jrnnz Youngstown, Ohio ll A!! PVRKIIIS ,Vin 1'.wIc'r Quality Meats Groceries Baked Goods BOSTON MUSIC COMPANY ATLAS FOOD MART 116 Boylston Street 1508 Hancock Street Boston' Mass. Quincy, Mass. Court:-sy Of MR. LEWIS M.x1'.xR.-xzZO i,'OMPI,INIEN'1'S of BUILDER'S SPECIALTY COMPANY 80 Holton Street, Brighton, Mass. F0111 11Iz'11zf'r1f.v of Bolton f Smart Company B 0 S T O N BVSINESS MEN use Ba.bson's Reports as a time-saver in following fundamental conditions. Besides interpreting and applying basic statistics, the Reports advise on commodity prices, sales opportunities, labor conditions, living costs and other timely topics. INVESTORS receive from Babson's lleports unbiased advice on investments. These Reports are not con- cerned with attempts to pick winners or play short swings. They offer protection thru diversi- fication aind systematic programs, with supervision of personal holdings. For full particzllars address BCll9SO'YL,S Re pofrts INCORPORATED BABSON PARK MASSACHUSETTS C0mp1i1'nzc'nfs of EDWIN S. CARMAN, Inc. Engineers CLEVELAND, OHIO CHURCH'S LAUNDRY SERVICE 624 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. Compliments of ' ' ' TGlL'IJl1flll6IjRESillKlI1t 768-1- A FRIEND For Your Printing jobsg putro COLL uize your EGE PRINT SHOP EDWARD DELL, Mgr. Meet Bus' yi-,ur your friends refreshmen ts in TI-IE DUGCDUT Fine quality at popular prices - - - C0llgl'l1lllIl1ffOl1S to Seniors of 1944 Knowledge . . . With an organization of men who lcnow their work in a plant of modern equipment, we are en- abled to offer you an efficient service and the highest quality of PHOTO-ENGRAVING IN uns, HALF-TONE, on col.oR DONCVAN 8 SULLIVAN ENGRAVING CO 410 Atlantic Avenue - Boston, Mass. C'ompI1'ments of Dole 84 Bailey, Inc. ESTABLISHED 1890 M E A T S 19-21-23 New Faneuil Hall Market BOSTON, MASS. DUANE LUMBER COMPANY 600 Southern Artery Quincy, Mass. FONIPIIITICIIIS' of FROST COAL 81 OIL CO. C O M E ' S FISH and CHIPS Hancock Street Wollaston CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1944 GREQQUND HOOD'S MILK Is servetl in more New Ellglilllfl Hos- pitals, Schools and il Institutes than any other kind. 'Fm 5 REPRESENTED BY N Y , , "NATURE'S FOOD AT ITS BEST L. E. GILLPSPIE W W RIiS'l'RIf'Ix City Passenger Agent Campus Ticket Agent Telephone GRAllllf' 0571 I'ICSlfl9IlC91 PREside11t 6754- HARDING WELDING COMPANY Electric and Aeetyleue lYelcling Ilvalc-rs, Boilers, Alam-l1im'ry, ole. - Porirllzlz' I'fquipnzr'nf - 8 Brooks Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts 1'0IIl12!I'IIlf'lIfN of A WALTHAM FRIEND Compliments of HANCOCK PAINTS f'OIll1?lI'N7l'lllS of K A C H E L ' S Dry Cleaning and Pressing LINCOLN PHARMACY ENC's most popular Drugstore IYHEN IN NEED OF . . . Hardware Packard Paints Kitchenw: e Wall Paper Carden Supplies Claes "Bumlles of Sutisfuetiolf' PREsirlenl H5250 Cal GR.-Xuite 004-1 J. MacFARLAND 8: SONS 9 Brook Street Wollaston, Mass NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOSTON 15, MASSACIIVSETTS Offers day and evening College Courses for men anrl women. LIBERAL ARTS ENGINEERING BUSINESS LAW Pre'-.llc'dz'cal, Pre-Dmztrzl and Prr'-Legal I,I'OflI'CIIIL.9 f'o-operative anfl Full-time Plans Available Appropriate flogrees cmifvrrefl. Earn IYhil0 You Learn. FOR CATALOG - MAIL THIS COUPON AT ONCE NORTHEASTERN l'NIYl'lRSI'l'Y DI-VFPIOT Qf ,lr1rr11'.v,9in1:,v Hoxfon 15, ,lfu.vxar'l111.srfl.v Please semi me a catalog of the Ij Vollegc nf Lilneml Arts E l'lve-ning -- l'ulln-ge of Lilueral .Kris lj Foil:-ge of I'll1gll'l0t'l'l.llQ E lluy Pre-All-4lic'ul l'1'ogl'u111 lj College- of Business .Xflminislrution Cl llny Pro-lla-nlul Progrzun lj School of Law El llny :lull l'lx'm'ning l'rv-lmgaul l'rogr:uns Cl Evening School of Busim-. NHIIIO, . ...,,.,....,..,... , ..,.. . . . , . .Mlflress ....,... .,,,.,..,,, . ,.,, . ,. . H-52B QSIFCOU lfily or Town! lll. O, Nlll'lll'l'2llrl Mint:-l O'CONNELL and CASTA msimme mme Tf1.',,1m,,,.Y lflzrzmt-nr Q05 PRODUCE CO. Imported and Domestic Fruits and Vegetables for HOTELS - CLUBS - INSTITUTIONS RESTAURANTS 41 N. Market St. Boston, Mass. LAFayette 1225-1 Q26 C'0nzp11'mcHfs of Pettengill's Jewelry Store 7-ll COTTAGE AVENUE QUINCY, MASS. Tel. PRE. 6250 Opp. Sheridarfs PATTERSON'S FLOWER SHOP ELSIIC xl. 1'.xT'l'l4:nsoN, Prop, 1283 IIANVOVK ST. QVINCY, MASS Pay and Take Furniture Co. 15 Billings Road Norfolk Downs, Mass. In.the Long Run you and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you-your truest self, free from stage effects and little eoneeits. It is in this "long run" Pliotograpliy tllat PURDY success has been won. l'ortraiture by the eaniera that one can- not laugli at or ery over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. 160 Tremont Street, Boston PURDY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Eastern Nazarene College, Class of 1944 Special IJI.Sl'0Illlf Ii'nZ1'.w to all Hfzzflmzfx of E. Nf. MACHINES SOLD ox BUDGET PLAN QUINCY TYPEWRITER , , SERVICE fonzplzrzzents Q1 Typewriters - Adding Machines QUINT'S FLORISTS and Supplies SOLD - RENTED - REPAIRED One Maple Street Quincy, Mass Heal Estate R Insurance 1'UNClilX'l'l'LA'l'IUNS N. J. RIGGS at SUN HM UI, .M REALTORS f1-n1n- 23 Beale St., Wollaston, Mass. REINEIICICS Tel. GRAnite 3900 Res. GRAnite 7030 Compliments of. . . RIVAI. FGQDS, Inc, MR. M. R. BARKLEY BHESBH Funeral Home TWO FUNERAL HOMES 644 Hancock Street Wollaston 21 Franklin Street South Quincy ciRA1llt,9 7423 Serrice that Serves and Saves ROGER'S JEWELRY CO. Quincy Square Quincy, Mass. BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1944 Sfzefzicfaffd QUINCY'S FASHION CENTER C'ompli11zents of SIGMA DELTA ALPHA Compliments of SIGMA DELTA BETA Compliments of SIGMA DELTA GAMMA Stop at TALBOT - QUINCY . . It will pay you to see the best ralzzes in Quincy Men's and Young Men's Suits Talbot-Quincy Co. 1387 HANCOCK ST. QUINCY UOIII17lI'llIPI1lfS Qf WEBSTER'S DEPT. STORE Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. Che Zfrifzfer. . . We hoped you would ask this question. The work was entrusted to us and our skilled craftsmen have faithfully endeavored to carry out the assignment. WARREN PRESS Wlcln1fe'c.4 of Coffege ylnnunfsc 160 WARREN STREET BOSTON " MASSACHUSETTS SPO RT I N C 1 COO D5 Baseball-Golf-Tennis Archery - Fishing Barlniinton - Softball fJQI11.1777If'I1f For Hrcry Sport WM. WESTLAND 8: CO. 1555 Hancock St. Quincy f'lI1II171l'I11FI1l'.Y of WHELAN DRUG STORE Quincy Square Quincy, Mass. YE DO-NUT SHOPPE HOT DO-NUTS LUNCHEQNETTE 1472 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. YOU ARE WELCOME at the Quincy V.fVi.C.fAx. Special Rates to Students DR. LAWRENCE T. BUTLER Optometrist 692 Hancock Street 1Yollaston, Blass. CHARLES G. DJERF, M.D 1159 Hancock Street Quincy, Blass. W. H. BEARD, D.M.D. 1011 Beacon Street Boston, Mass. Tel. BEAcon 1563 C'ompIin1e11ts of WM. D. MICHAEL, O.D. Optometrist 1581 Hancock Street Quincy, Blass. f I JOHN H. MOYNIHAN Your Agent JOHN HANCOCK INSURANCE CO Tel. LI Berty 674 1-6742 RALPH H. WIGHT PERCY A. WIGHT Optometrists Fzifty Years on lVz'nt0r Htreci 47 lYinter St. near Trelnont Boston Office IltlllI'Sf9Ill0 z1.ln, tn 5:00 p.m. WM. E. MULLIN, D.M.D. 311 Newport Avenue Wollaston, Mass. f'on1plz'nzc11is of A FRIEND ROGER W. MANN Waterville Vermont C. S. PVTNEY SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Hancock and Wollaston Streets Wollaston, Mass. EARL STONE, D.M.D. 7 Elm Avenue lVollaston, lNIass. GARDEN, SEED-FERTILIZER at WINER'S HARDWARE STORES Quincy - Weymouth - Whitman Braintree - Rrandolph A FRIEND A FRIEND N WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATION VAMPAICN AWARD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 213 Market Street Marietta, Ohio Church Officers 511111111-11 N1'l11ml S11p1'1'1411I1'l11f1'11I fl, TY. Gorrvll N. i'.l'.N. I,I'l'A'l,tll'llf Hrs, Doris Deliung ll',1".ill.N. l'1'1'.v1'1l1'11i Mrs. Ethel Spraglle l'l1111-1'l1 Y'1'r11.v111'1'1' Mrs. Muzit- Swallow .ll1'111A.wIc'1' Mrs. Sallie- BI. Hall Q13 3l1ll'l'it'l Street 3Iill'it'll2l,fH1iH Tr-l.: 6.36-YY NYIXXEK TVINNEH CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Bethesda, Ohio Wadsworth, Ohio Church Officers Church Officers N11111l111f N1'l11111l Nlllll'l'l-Illl'lIIll'Hf Ilowai 1'4l iiriffin 1'411111l11.11N1'lmul S11p1'r1A11l1'111l1'11i Taylor Dawson AY, lflhx, lf,-,1,,,'1l,1,,f My-Q, AL lb, Sumpsoxu X. i'.l'.N. I'1'1'.vi1l1'11f Kenneth Lillilrrizlge ll'.I4'..ll.N. lJI'1'.Yl.Il1'Ilf Nliss Nl. li11lli11g1-1' lV.l"..ll.-W. 1,l'l'Nf1ll'Ill Hrs. P. L. Roach I'l1111'rl1 T1'1'11,x111 1' Hrs. Nl. lin1llil1,g5e1' f'11111'1'f1 Tl'f'Ll0Ill'l'l' E. I-1.Taylor .ll lllll-.N'ft'l' .'Il'lllA.Yf1'l' lim-v. .Xntliony B. 511111139-ROI! lie-V. Fletcher V. Mc-Peek liox 122 lQ0Anl1ie Streel lie-llli-srln, Ullio xvZ1llSW0l'lll, Uliio WINNER WINNER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH QF THE NAZARENE W2l'WiCk, Ohio 622 Boyd Street Watertown, New York Church Officers Sundzul Nrlzool S1lllf'l'lAIlff'lltIt'Ilf Rose Turner MUVYUYIS wllffhill 11-'W ll' lv. l'.P.S, Prf'.x'l'4fr'lll Elelus Fox l':"'Wlilllf Hvilngelistif' 7-31, P- n'.1f..a1.s. Iffmff-,ff Hrs. Ht-lt-11 mul. 51111112-y Sf-iw! lf'-UU114 lvllllffll Trf'u.v11rf'r Ross 'l'urneI' Nliflwwk 5f'VVif"x 'xY1"lfW5'l1U' 1 7350 IPA ".-I I'xl'I-1'll'Il!f l'lIII!'1'll llltfll ll VIN!! AIl'IllANfP'f' I I H lll1'.w-xugff' of Full Nllffllflllll Rev. Carlton D. Jones 7 State Street, N.l'I. Massillon, Uhiu Rev. Ernest Y. F-wartlmout, JII.IlI.NfI'l' WINNER OF DEBT ELINIINATION VA MPAIGN A WA RD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 281 Washington Avenue Albany, New York f'OI1gI'2illl12itlOllS to the Vlass of I9-H! Renard D. Smith, .lIz'nz'.wIe1' WINNER 01" DEBT ELIMINATION VAMPAIGN AWARD CHURCH QF TF-IE NAZAIQEIXIE First Street Lowell, Massachusetts l'm1gl'ut11lutions to the Qil'2ltlll2ltillg Class of 19-H Church Officers Nfnnluy N1-fum! SIl1Il'l'l'llft'lI11l'llf Cepllus llmlglus N. l'.l'.N. l'm'.w'1ln:l live-lyn Rich ll'.l"..ll.N. 1'rr.v1'flwnI Mrs. H. U. Lusk I'l1urr-If Tr'f'11.wf'vr' Mrs. xYlll'I'L'll Lallue JIim'sh'r Rev. E. G. Lusk Q-L7 Beat-01'1 Sll'L'0l Luwt-ll, Hnssurrllllsc-tts WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATION CAMPAIGN AWARD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Waterville, Vermont Church Officers Snnzlriy Swhool Sz1per1'111r11411'r1i Arllinr Lovejoy ll'.1"..lI,N. Prr.v1'1l1'11I Mrs. E. R. Branlley N. l'.P.S. Prwillmi liweumlolyn Mann ,llfu ixlwr Ernest R. Bradley TYINNER iYlNNEll CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 182 Union Street 2 Granville Avenue Franklin, Massachusetts Danbury, Connecticut Church Officers ' ' NululuyN:-hun!Nup1'r1'11I4'mlrnI Mrs. Flllllllfl Alilcllell Eastern Nazarene vullege ll'.1"..ll.S. lift'-YI'llt'llf Miss Clurlys Temple .1IIni.w-fi-r .ll 1'nl's1er Rev. BIN. Lillie Henderson BITS' H- C- J0yCe 4 Granville Avenue 182 Llnifm Street Danbury, Conner-ticut Franklin, lilass, Phuuez 3Q51,QV WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATION CAMPAIGN AWARD In ln. 7.00 p.rn. rn. ln. f'l,.Xl'lbE W. JONES I'u.vInr "U'11f'11 on 1.0119 Isluml, u'or.sl1ip :with us" FIRST CHURCH OF TI-IE NAZARENE Ocean Ave. and Garfield Pl. East Rockaway, New York Snmiuy School Morning Worship N. Y. P. S. Evangelistic Service Bliul-week Service, Wednesday WINNER OF DEBT ELINIINATION t'A M PAICN AWARD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 146 Main Street Norwalk, Connecticut Church Officers Sunday S1-11001 Sll1Jl'l'I-llft'lltlt'llf 511111114-l Mutt N. l'.P.S. Prw.w'f1mt Miss .lean Suppn ll'.1"..lI,S, Prf'.virlel1i Xliss Lytliax .Xllilersqm .l11'l1l'.vic'r Rev. Alfred Amlersml l-Hi Hain Street Norwalk, t'onnet-tit-ut Pllnne: ti-6847 WINNER OF DEBT ELIAIINATION t' A M I' A I ti N A WARD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Essex Street near Washington Corry, Pennsylvania Church Officers Slllllllljj Nr-html S11pr'rinie'lzdr'nl if Nl . Bailey .V.Y.P.-9. l'rf'sz'1lf'l1l Paul Rigl-y ll'.l"..lf.-9. Pre's1'tlf'l1I Hrs. V. Al. Bailey f'h11rf-I1 Treasurer Louis Helm-ts .lll'ui.vIe'r Rev. Russell R. Klerriman 316 Worth Street t'orry, Pellnsylvanii WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATION CAMPAIGN AWARD CONGRATULATIONS TO EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE FOR . . . Mortgage Burning . . . Membership in New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools . . . A Grand Graduating Class NEW YORK DISTRICT CHURCH of the NAZARENE Note: See church section for Classified Ad Rev. L. E. Eckley District Superintendeni WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATION CAMPAIGN AWARD CHURCH of the NAZARENE 1604 Dougall Avenue Windsor, Ontario Canada f'ONGRATl'I.ATIONS to the Vlass of 1944! Church Officers Sunday School Sriprrirrfmldmrl YYilliam Muxworthy N.Y.P.S. Prrsidrni Miss Ruih NIIIXWVUTHIY U'.F.M.S. PVFSI'flF71f Mrs. Laura Mac-Gregor .1I'f71l'Sfl'T Rev. J. H. MacGregor Dougall Road, Route l W'inflSor, Ontario Canada WINNER WINNER CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH or THE NAZARENE 556 Third Avenue Duke and Lowther Sts. Freedom, Pennsylvania Preston, Ontario Canada Church Officers Sunrlny School Super1'nf"'1dvnt Mrs. Leona Hamilton Church Officers N. l'.P.S. Pf!'.VI-flfllf David Hamilton II'.1"..'lI.S. Prr.vfrIf'11! Mrs. Norman Caplinger S1"""".'l NffffwfNH11fff"'f"f1fff'Hf Vllnrf-I1 Trvu.w1rr'r Davirl Hamilton ,V.l'.1'.S. I'r1'.w1'ff01If Mrs. H. Ariss IV.f".,lI.S. l,l'l'.VlAfl!'IIf Mrs. George Ayres Min ister ' A V ltev. Harold S. Mills A Ilmxrfr 253 Third Avenue Freerloln, Pennsylvania Phone: Rochester 3566-J WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATION CAMPAIGN AWARD CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Dean and Darlington Sts. West Chester, Pennsylvania Church Officers Sunday School Nupvrfufrnrlvnl Emmor Yvorth N, I'.P.-9. 17fI'Sfl1I'Ilf W'illiam Todd IV.l"..ll.S. I'r1's1'ff1'11f Nlrs. C. E. Keys JIIIIZI-Sfff Clifford E. Keys 20:2 Dean Street West Chester, Pennsylvania Phone: IQSG WINNER OF DEBT ELIMINATIUN C' A M P AIG X A WA R D First Church of the Nazarene 7th and A Sts., Washington, D. C. TO THE VIASS OF 19-H L A T FROM I 0 THE N.XTl0N'S VAPI N S ROV. Ernest E. firms Church Officers Sunday Srlmol SlI114'l'I'IIfI'77fl1'Ilf Paul Sieve-lmeml N.Y.P.S. Przwrrlmrl I4iIWl'C'I'lC'C flulalnfn U'.F,.U,S. Prrzvirlvnl .Kuna llyull .1lI.IIl4.i'll'l' .3311 Guinsvillc Sl., SE. IlILI,f'REH'l' VYushinglun, D. lf. Phone: Atlantic 3923 WINNER FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Union and Frazier Sts. 7 Jacksgn Street Smyrna, Delaware Lowville, New York Church officers Services Sunday School 10.00 a NznnluySfhoulS11p1'rl'11frml1'r1f Mrs. Irina Gardner Mm-ning Xxvorghip 11.00 3 II'.I".,ll,S. l'rr'.xirlr'nl Mrs. Daisy Cox N,Y.P.Slam1 ,Ilmim-'S 6.45 p Evangelistic Service 7.30 p Prayer Meeting, IYeflnesday 7.30 p .Vin isfrr Rev. J. IY. Parkins Ifnion Street Smyrna, Delaware Min fsfrr Rev. VValt.er S. NIaePherson CAMPAIGN AWARDS WERE GRANTED TO CHURCHES OF THE EASTERN EDITATIONAI, ZONE WIIIVH WERE FIRST TO PAY NINETY PER VENT OF TIIEIR DEBT ELINIINATION VAMPAIGN PLEDGES BY APRIL l, 1944. THESE AWARDS WERE MADE POSSIBLE THROVGH THE COURTESY OF EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE. All visitors will find a warm welcome awaiting them in our Nazarene CIIIIFCDGS of the Eastern Educational Zone. .NIHIIHIIIS Bzzsirress Sfqff 5, , lf' ,1 Qu r wmwwm d. q x-A , ,-.F ' v ,1 ., fra 1. v- V pg A Ls Q L . 4 1 wx ,rl Zig- Gr- ' 1 ' WJ r H' ' 1 5 I Q -. ,H S-

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