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,Q , . .W iff' 4 .55 sw, ,Q ,yy ez f .ya .Q . f , h .V ., , A, , Hi . ,..,,, .W .W j- - -.. .,. .,,,,. 4 . . ,,.f,,v.TLk,f5 -. M ,X i . ,ds . i . W 1 'QA 3 ' -. Q, L- ',f '- K Wil- 'f' ,wif ' . - , Q 1 Ti? 'Wig "ag " 2 W N W In-:K 'wp .., M, - 2, ., 5 ,f ,, . H -Q 'QV' .Z 5 " ' . ' ,, 1 A K ,W 7 ,W A ,- gh Wag ,: . Q,.af,x' ai ' Nr., K 1 ' 5' 4, ix v mph w ' f' ,xL. fix" ,1,.gA,ffg 2, F? G Q ' f .1 fair, Lx? am, 92 W 4 fa 9 . x, in 5 " ur N..,f- f 'flihfw THE 1947 SABER .wi 1? ' Xi-,A 3 THE 1947 Sl-TBER EASTERN MILITARY ACADEMY Stamford Connecticut T h e 19 4 7 S a b e r EASTERN MILITARY ACADEMY Stamford A Connecticut BOARD OF EDITORS Rosen? w. GINN ...... .t.. ................................... .................... E d i for-an-chief FRANK J. LUKOSKI ........ ......... A ssistant Editor-in-Chief TED H. STUART .............. ........................ A rf Editor MARION O. ANDRE ...... ........... ........ F a culty Advisor And J. William Scott C. Eugene Links Leonard H. McMahon Herbert M. Walter Arthur J.. Lettieri - Lynn G. Mauk William L. Shea Luis E. Montero Daniel J. Nalven BUSINESS STAFF BURT A. GROSSMAN ....... ............................... . . . ................. Business Manager FRANK B. COOK ........... ........... ....... A s sistant Business Manager And l Barry G. Nelligan Harold T. Davis Frank L. Suttell Edward Boyars 4 Major DeMotte, Mr- Andre, DEDICATION We, the members of the senior class of 1947, take pride in dedicating this, our year- book, to two men who have done much to forward the interests of the school and the Corps of Cadets. To Mr. Andre, our class advisor, who has helped our class over many rough spots and has given much of his time to our personal interests. To Major DeMotte, our first Commandant, who, with his quiet, willing help has earned the title of "our friend." 5 FOREWORD It is my sincere hope that in turning these pages in after years you may live again your youth, and fond memories will flood your mind of happy days at the Academy on the Point. May you look back on your life at Eastern as the first step to the greater world opened to you. May you go forward always, and may dreams you had here be realized in life. ROLAND R. ROBINSON, Headmaster. 6 T H E F A C U L T Y ADMINISTRATION Mr. Roland R. Robinson, M.A. Headmaster Mr. Jenkins R. David, B.S. Director of Admissions Mr. Carleton L. Witham, B.A. Assistant Headmaster Frank J. J. Davies, Ph.D. Dean of Studies, English Lt. Col. David B. MacCready. M. A. Commandant of Cadets and Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Mathematics Captain Robert S. Mohor, B.S. Assistant to the Commandant, Science Mr. Welmar S. Bostder, B. A. Headmaster, Lower School Mr. Marion O. Andre, B.A. Head of the History Department Mr. Leonard B. Holder, B.S. Head of the Science Department Mr. Dean A. Gordon, B.A. Director of Athletics Mr. David B. Jetmore, LL.B. Head of the English Department Mr. Charles I. Clough, B.S. INSTRUCTION Major Laurence W. DeMotte Supply Officer Mrs. Amy Howe Andre Head of the Department of Dramatics and Speech Maior Blakeslee B. Parker Assistant to the Commandant, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Mr. Roger A. Antaya, M.A. Assistant in the Department of Athletics, Mathematics Mr. James H. Butler, B.A. English, Language Mr. William N. Ritch, B.S. Head ofthe Department of Music, Social Studies Assistant in th Mr. Harold S. Card, B.A. English Mr. Robert J. Pages, B.S. Spanish Mr. W. Lincoln Holmes, M.A. Remedial Arithmetic Mrs. Gertrude M. Jefferies Second Grade Mrs. Margaret King, B.E Assistant to the Headmaster Mrs. Annie D. Woods, R.N. Resident Nurse Mrs. George A. Cook Secretary to the Dean MEDICAL STAFF Lindo DiFrancesco, M.D. Attending Physician OFFICE STAFF Mr. Ralph A. Conner Bursar 7 Mr. Francis B. Callan, M.A. French Mr. Frank H. Kramm, B.S. Sixth Grade Mrs. Irene l. Irwin, M.A. Third Grade Mrs. Mjldred McMurray Fourth Grade Mrs. Ann Clough, B.A. First Grade Miss Grace Palmer, R.N. Assistant Nurse Mrs. Margaret W. Gordon Secretary to the Headmaster e Department ofgAthletics, Social Studies Mr. Roland R. Robinson Mr. Jenkins R. David Headmaster, Mathematics Director of Admissions Lt. Col. David B. MacCready Dr. Frank J. J. Davies Commandant of Cadets, 09011 of SNC-'UGS' 51195511 Professor of Military Science and Tactics 8 L, Wifhgm Mrs Roland R Robmson Captain Robert S Mohor Ass, f Heqdmqsyef Asslsfanf io fhe Headmasfer ASSlSfUI1f to ihe Commandanf Major Laurence W. DeMotte Supply Officer Mr. Leonard B. Holder Mr. David B. Jetmore MY- Charles l. Clough Head of the Science Department Head ot the English Department Head of the DePUffme'1f Of MUSIC Social Studies JJ Vjll V ff!! I J ,kj 'Lux V l 'i T' j "i I TA, 9 L l 0173? F,,u!o,i'f,UVj. n ' 1 - V-f ,.. l 0 E t WJ X 'fl M f td lxfwlv ' Mr. Dean A. Gordon 1' Mrs. Amy Howe Andre Maier Blakeslee B. Parker Director of Athletics Head of the Department of Assistant to the Commandant Dramatics and Speech Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics I0 I Mr. Roger A. Antaya Mr. James H. Butler Mr. Harold S. Card Assistant in the Department of English, Language English Athletics, Mathematics Mr. Francis B. Callan French Mr. Robert J. Pages Spanish WV' we Mr. Frank H. Kramm Sixth Grade ll Mr. William N. Ritch Mrs. Irene I. Irwin Assistant in the Department of Third Grade Athletics, Social Studies Mrs. 'Mildred McMurray Fourth Grade Mrs. Ann Clough First Grade QNO picturej XJTAQ, vm!- I2 Mrs. Bernice S. Card 4' HoujZmo Mrs. Margaret King Assistant to the Headmaster, Lower School Mr. Charles R. Woods Dr. Lindo DiFrancesco Mrs. Annie D. Woods Sfudy Hall Supervisor Affending Physician Mrs. Grace Palmer Mr. Ralph A. Conner Assisianl lnfirmarian Bursar Infirmarian Mrs. George A. Cook Secrefarylfo fhe Dean I3 AUTOGRAPHS ,,... Lf X4 41 ,Q D 'J "i7d"'1:.f, ,0Z,,,,,, , I4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf ....... .... Vice-President Secretary ........ Treasurer ......... ....... Social Chairman Faculfy Advisor .. ........ .. WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN WILLIAM F. HUBERT ROBERT W. GINN . FRANK W. GUTHRIDGE ROBERT J. DOUGHERTY MR. MARION O. ANDRE ALFARO, JOSEPH A. ll-Ioell First yearman, 1945. Corporal, 1945. Sergeant, 1946. Soccer, 1946. Track, "The Gangster 1947. Academic Ribbon, 1946. Good Conduct Ribbon, 1945-1947. A nm ,J gps- s ,isx Gio 'N ' LQ 0-'07 T 5 O., Z! sk . Q xx W, . f 0 NU! 20-fffw? 9 , 1 Q X-ITAQ Q 3 1 OQ f i 5' vnu 91 "I'II shave tomorrow" U4 A C. nf? .7 '1 ,' 1 l . I 1. Q 7- ll 'K .Qi i in Sus.r0Lr- BOYARS, EDWARD "Eddie" First yearman, 1944. Varsity Football, 1944-1947. Varsity Basketball, 1944- 1947. Sergeant-Maior, 1945. Captain, 1946. Masque 81 Gavel, 1944-1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1944-1947. Varsity Club, 1947. Www is 16 BUTTERWORTH, WILLIAM C. Lacrosse Star" Hautlerballu First yearman,! 947. Varsity Lacrosse, 1947. Militqjyy Good Conduct Rib- bons, 194756 ' , 1947. ,231 , s o l XX , , f ,fl . 1 ' , f fo X 3 01 f VV , J fl! 5 in CAVANAUGH, EDWARD M. ffauuff First yearman, 1946. Captain, Varsity Football, 1946. Order ofthe Key, 1946- 1947. Vice-President, Varsity Club, 1947. Varsity Baseball, 1947. First Ser- geant, 1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. Glee Club, 1947. Gift Committee, 1947. M . ff L KWWL 17 Q fb " " 'E i f ' 2' s w", "The Bull" -509 N. 1 Lau. Z' X.. K 'S f E 4, a COOK, FRANK B. "Cookie" A First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, Hcooklen 1946. J. V. Basketball, 1946. Sergeant, 1946. Lacrosse, 1946-1947. Masque 8- E Gavel, 1946-1947. Lieutenant, 1946. l Captain, 1947. Order ofthe Key, 1947. Assistant Business Manager, The "Sa- ber," 1947. Social Committee, 1947. ' B555 E . Q 511 'im , 1 lily 2 Q QQ Q AI X , fe' V Y ggi QTAQ, 1. li H' A-4' I 'mu 0 I J' 'I ,f . U J. S. 3 'L Av "The Nose" DAVIS, HAROLD T. , "Race-Horse" ii, First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 11" 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Track, W ' 1947. Tennis, 1947. vafsny Club, 1947. . , x Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. Vice-President, Glee Club, 1947. .l I' , L 18 Don Winslow" DEAN, H. ERNEST "Swabbie" First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Lacrosse, 1947. Frack, 1947. Var sity Club, 1947. Military 8- Good Con duct Ribbons, 1947. U I4 Ill pu 7 ' vp 4 f an Sosgsch 4 Oi K 5 p' " fi I DOUGHERTY, ROBERT J.. IIDOCII - First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Varsity Baseball, 1947. President, Varsity Club, 1947. President, Glee Club, 1947. Masque 81 Gavel, 1947. Order of the Key, 1947. Sergeant, 1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. Social Chairman, Senior Class, 1947. ' J L3 Ak if 1 'vm' 'pd' VIN IIDOCII I , QQ ,f 1 jj A, uv' U3 f'+i?-1 if .,yUTAgr-Y 9 F I 4 Q Q ' GINN, ROBERT W. "Barbara" "Barbara" First yearman, 1945. Masque 81 Gavel, 1945-1947. Squad Competitors Award, 6 1946. Sergeant, 1946. Secretary, Senior -50, Class, 1946. Editor-in-Chief, The "Sa- ber," 1946. Varsity Lacrosse, 1947. ' IE Rifle Team, 1947. Military 81 Good Con- - H, duct Ribbons, 1947. - 1 J, iii Ill ! Q :ul . X sr ey 3 Ao fx SBE X ,if sein +0-l74Qr G-2 ff! "xm"' GROSSMAN, BURTON A. "Burt" First yearman, 1944. Sergeant, 1945, Varsity Football, 1944-1945. Varsity Baseball, 1945-1946. Tennis, 1946. J. V. Basketball, 1947. Lieutenant, 1947. Business Manager, The "Saber," 1947. Guidon Staff, 1947. "The Brain" f eff- - 2-fe GUTHRIDGE, FRANK W. IlGufsII First yearman, 1945. Lieutenant, 1945. Varsity Football, 1945-1947. Captain, 1945. Bugle Staff, 1945. Military Tri- bunal Board, 1945. Varsity Basketball, 1946. Varsity Baseball, 1946. President, Junior Class, 1946. Track, 1945-1947. Masque 8. Gavel, 1945-1947. Tennis, 1945-1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1945-1947. MCIiOf, 1947. Treasurer, Senior Class, 1947. Charter Member 8. Lord Keeper of the Archives, "Guts" Order of the Key, 1947. Charter Mem- ber, Varsity Club, 1947. 'Rifle Team, IX' 1947. Connecticut State Championship If Medal, 1947. Glee Club, 1947. Candi- 4 , M date for West Point, 1947. Chairman, ff Gift Committee, 1947. ww if - ' 4 ,Q 4 'x ' .-, . 0 if - f i ,P 1 'Fra . xuTAq, - il HUBERT, WILLIAM F. llHuball "Huba-huba" First yearmcln, 1944. Glee Club, 1944- 1947. Vice-President, Sophomore Class, 1944. Firs't Sergeant, 1944-1945. Treas- xlllf urer, Junior Class, 1945. Varsity Foot- Ill' l ' ball, 1944-1946. Varsity Basketball, Q 1945-1947. Varsity Baseball, 1945- X ' is 1947. Lieutenant, 1946-1947. Varsity I Club, 1947. Vice-President, Senior 1, Class, 1947. Chairman, Masque 8- sd Gavel, E947. Military 8. G --.J Conduct l Ribbons, 1944-1947. ' 1' nk A111 X .Agia -Q Q v f - VY T f I V J K F' f , 5 g Q 5. Si . LLY 'Bubba-Hubba' BUBBRT .0'n4ly E D 1,"nvnf! i llljl-AA lxw "Back to the coal mines" :'-.,-I-"HD P U " I ' X 5 Snsv-'fb ,Y -il KARRON, EDWARD M. lIBig Edll First yearman, 1944. Varsity Football, 1944-1945. Dramatic Club, 1944. Bugle Staff, 1944. Corporal, 1944. Sergeant, 1945. Lieutenant, 1945. Stamp Club, 1945. Rifle Team, 1945-1947. Lacrosse Manager, 1945-1946. Captain, 1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1944-1947. Photography Club, 1944- 1947. A c WW KREMER, RUSSELL C. "Dutch" V First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Varsity Baseball, 1947. Military 81 Good Con- duct Ribbons, 1947. Secretary, Varsity Club, 1947. Glee Club, 1947. 22 LETTIERI, ARTHUR J. llskippyll "Mighfy-mife" First yearman, 1944. President, Sopho- more Class, 1944. Bugle Staff, 1944. I President, Masque 8. Gavel, 1944. QL., I Head Boy, Sophomore Class, 1945. J' Band Leadership Medal, 1945. Varsity 5541- Baseball, 1945. Septimus Club, 1945- Q,-'fof 1946. Vice-President, Junior Class, 1945. Captain, J. V. Football, 1946. J. V. Basketball, 1946. Platoon Medal, J dp 1946. Captain 8. Drum Major, 1947. 5Q , Q Charter Member, Order of the Key, -A ' Q 1947. The "Saber" Staff, 19 7. Sec- X F D retary, Glee Cl , 194 S nal Com- . x mittee, Byjt mag, X 1 3 , Y -- f 1 N 49 L lf Y -1 , My ' ,F Q Q 'S' We 1 M il ' 'hc -e - 'JUL , q Sh 55- My M951 1 My 11 ' f - - - , ' vu" P , .-4l 'SD f s , , B I Q Q 2 : E 1 u f 'E LINKS, C. EUGENE "Louie" First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Varsity Baseball, 1947. Track, 1947. Treasurer, Varsity Club, 1947. Historian, Masque 81 Gavel, 1947. Military 8. Good Con- duct Ribbons, 1947. Sergeant, 1947. The "Saber" Staff, 1947. Social Com- niHee,1947. lkw Gffae Agfa.. -XOVdNk f "Physiq ue" N 5,3 fs 414 1' NX' A 1 ,-C f'4 Gi lx l -ie G X J XX s....,h LUKOSKI, FRANK J. 'fiukeff First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Varsity Lacrosse, 1947. Track, 1947. Military 8. Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. Varsity Club, 1947. Masque 8. Gavel Club, 1947. Swimming Team, 1947. Sergeant, 1947.. Assistant Editor-in-Chief, The HSVL1947. fjslwfygwlf vs- 5 "Shorty" Pg, -- , X V il, xy 1 .I O aw U Q Whad ay f .So..,..ck-3 Km-4, We MAJ: I-t 'nut' "King of the kids" , a . n .XL A 1 9 73, 45 'v Ei in J Q s...-4, QWW .y MCMAHON, LEONARD H. IIMUCII V First yearman, 1945. J. V. Football, 1945-1946. Lieutenant, 1946. Tennis, 1946-1947. Track, 1946. Color Guard, 1946. Military 8. Good Conduct Rib- bons, 1946-1947. The "Saber" Staff, 1947. A WM? MXN e,f'kfybafV-' 24 Haig chief" MAUK, LYNN G. "Waboosh" First yearman, 1946. Captain, Rifle Team, 1946-1947. Captain, Lacrosse, . 1946-1947. Sergeant, 1946. Lieutenant, YHEYD LYHN1 SA? Q 1946. Honor Cadet Award, 1946. it A19 HERE G2 . f Masque s. Gavel, 1946-1947. Captain, X N lx 1947. Connecticut State Championship Da Medals, 1946-1947. chqnef Member Q 84 Lord Chancellor, Order of the Key, -Q 7 H 1947. Glee Club, 1947. Varsity Club, 1947. Military 8. Good conducf Rab- ' bons, 1946-1947. The "Saber" Staff, ' It 1947. Gift Committee, 1947. llm Q 1 1' 1,1 1 M T ' ' QA, 51 gl x Txdf gy - r fry, M ' 1 gf. . Q rj 41- K - 5, if ff '. it ' wwf- ' . . ' ij " ff AAVC In , ' .....J x 50.-M127 M P K ,,,, , ,Mn 1 MoN1ERo, Luis EQ "Louie" First yearman, 1945. Sergeant, 1946. Military 8. Good Conduct Ribbons, 1946-1947. Squad Competitors Award, 1946. Rifle Team, 1946. Lacrosse Man- ager, 1947. Lieutenant, 1947. The "Sa- ber" Staff, 1947. .59 Q' 'bk V011 9' "The Diamond Kid" . X X mm - - - . f it RD Q0 VY gylhlcfl . 1 Br r if --tl X M 1 I LNll1t,AN L QQ! Ji 25 NALVEN, DANIEL J. e Candid Kid llnannyll First yearman, 1946. J. V. Football 1946. Varsity Baseball, 1947. President, Photography Club, 1947. Guidon Stal? 1947. Military Ribbon, 1947. The "Sa- ber" Sta 47. wig. . iliywiifiw NELLIGAN, BARRY G. "NelIie" First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Varsity Baseball, 1947. Varsity Club, 1947. Masque 81 Gavel, 1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. The "Saber" Staff, 1947. Sergeant, 1947. Social Committee, 1947. ,qw 5 ze "Big-nose" A OHL, LEONARD V. "Lennie" I First yearman, 1946. J. V. Baseball, 1946-1947. Military 8g Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. Sergeant, 1947. UYAQ, lil ROTHSCHILD, MARVIN L. "Rawhide" If :P "Baron Von Rawhide" First yearman, 1944. Debating Team 1944. Masque 81 Gavel, 1944-1947. A Military 8. Good Conduct Ribbons, fx' 1944-1946. J. V. Football, 1945-1946. Glee Club, 1947. Varsity Lacrosse, 4W 1947. First Sergeant, 1945- 1946. J. V. I - . Baseball, 1946. 1 - -'55 . gg? 228 1 r.. 1 D 1' .5 f yu I 47, Wllyf M M A Sqsxit, 27 5' SAVAGE, DANIEL R. IIDOCII First yearman, 1946. J. V. Football, 1946. J. V. Basketball, 1946. Track, 1946-1947. Squad Compeditors Award, 1946. Military 8. Good Conduct Rib- J ' bons, 1947. Sergeant, 1947. Q "Joe Kaydet" 75" 9 ff' 9 ,JS i 0? xy "Awful" SCHWARTZ, ORVILLE H. A . "Awful" First yearman, 1946. J. Baseball, . 1947. ' , '5 , 1 J J ll 9 Q I l s....,,h 28 'Shacldup or I'll rap you da horn, Baby!" KX SCOTT, JAMES W. "Scottie" First yearman, 1946. Captain, J. V. Basketball, 1946. Varsity Baseball, 1946. Track, 1946-1947. Corporal, 1946. Squad Compeditors Award, 1946. Varsity Football, 1946. Varsity Lacrosse, 1947. The "Saber" Staff, Ll 19' - vi., at N518 .ff 524 -1 UTAQ, wwf 4 SHEA, WILLIAM L. , fffzebeiff. I First yearman, 1945. Lieutenant, 1945. Rit1e Team, 1945-1946. Varsity La- crosse, 1946-1947. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1946-1947. Charter Member 8. Keeper of the Lamp, Order of the Key, 1947. Captain, 1947. Glee Club, 1947. Masque 8. Gavel, 1947. The "Saber" StaFf, 1947. Gift Com- mittee, 1947. - Why. -jjjg..-. WW 'mv' . , "The Colonel's Man" 4. ' . 9 Q6 1 xx Q , ohtgs X SOCKOL, ALLAN J. llaig AVI First yearman, 1944. Corporal, 1944. Choir, 1944. Debating Club, 1944. Var- sity Basketball Manager, 1945. Photog- raphy Club, 1944-1947. Squad Com- peditors Award, 1946. Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, 1947. Sergeant, 1947. "Yea, Stamford Hig hi ,Q ' , -1 - - X s- A 1 X, Q 7 1 fix ' gm? gd' Civ A v G G si ra UTAIQ- ol-kgs lil Ilsollyll swf' W STUART, TED H. llsonyll First yearman, 1944. Varsity Football, 1945. Varsity Baseball, 1945-1947. Bugle Staff, 1945. Lieutenant, 1945. Guidon Staff, 1947. Art Editor, The "Saber" Staff, 19474-Sqfial Committee, 1947. 'N- Q. if? Q. X90 l . I , ' iq ,AJ fl! ' NC ' f it rv Dao T i 'nfl I 6 ' rearing i fllalll if 85 W MMM. W,,w . 9- ' 3 s...-.775 .. p5QF ., "No mistakes in this Company or else" -IT SULLIVAN, WILLIAM H. IISUHYII First yearman, 1946. Sergeant, 1946. Varsity Lacrosse, 1946-1947. Squad Compeditors Award, 1946. Captain, 1946. Varsity Football, 1947. President, Senior Class, 1947. Charter Member 8. 5 Q0 Lord Seneshal, Order ofthe Key, 1946. x Military 8. Good Conduct Ribbons, 1946-1947. Varsity Club, 1947. Masque 8. Gavel, 1947. J. V. Basketbau, 19 '. U' X .CW N lffyf j ,I 6 .. f , y I I, . r 13 4 yfxd gg . in 5 I , E L ' rl U , X I ,, H jf ,S I ' 1 1' 1 -, I I f W f 'mf-. .- ec f -N ' I QS F 60- I 'W' A546 ' f Ling, 1 2 SUTTELL, FRANK L. llsutll First yearman, 1946. Sergeant, 1946. Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior Class, 1946. hem' Head Boy, Junior Class, 1946. Captain, ffsorryu 1946. Varsity Lacrosse, 1946-1947. Military 8. Good Conduct Ribbons, 1946-1947. Academic Ribbon, 1946. Historian, Glee Club, 1946-1947. Q f Masque 8. Gavel, 1946-1947. Varsity f Club, 1947. J. V. Basketball, 1947. R Charter Member 81 Lodr Keeper of the l Purse, Order of the Key, 1947. Varsity Q 1 , Football, 1946. The "Saber" Staff, 'EA .L 'I V 5 , 1947. Gift Committee, 1947. " M it JI .I I I i , . X , . - l , ' I " MMI sf if +6 . , I I -J if Q I ' 'J Mg. s..i.y,, , 31 vi 4? swf? WALLNER, FREDERICK W. lIFredII First yearman, 1946. Varsity Football, "Oh Yeah?" 1946. Varsity Basketball, 1947. Varsity - Baseball, 1947. Varsity Club, 1947. Q6 Military 81 Good Conduct Ribbons, B D 1947. Corporal, 1947. x M GW M ip ' fi W x A My 9 51 - I x J' wig Q T 1 -7 E Z xwx S ' " UNK "Joe sent me. Got a butt?" li X WALTER, HERBERT M. ' "Herby" First yearman, 1945. Sergeant, 1945. Bugle Stott, 1945. Varsity Footbal1 Manager, 1945-1946. Varsity Basket- ball Manager, 1945-1947. Varsity Base- J ball Manager, 1945-1947. Charter 4 . X Member, Varsity Club, 1947. Lieuten- ga X an 1947. Military 8. Good Conduct N Ribb , 1945-1947. Glee Club, 1947. J 4 i Staff, 1947. The "Saber" Staff, y . f 1 4 rack, 1947. l l IS-'T-E,-ll! 1 X! ft 1 J FX Y 1 xx it f . I XX XX fl-mr ' X, If i 1 x 32 , f il f WHO'-S WHO IN THE CLASS O Most Generous ............... . ..............,.....................,........................................... Laziest .............. Most Stuclious ................ Ideal E. M. A. Cadet ........ ............... F 1947 DOUGHERTY SULLIVAN LUKOSKI MAUK Most Considerate ......... ..... C AVANAUGH Best Looking ........ ..... G UTHRIDGE Mos: Popular ....... ..... c AVANAUGH Corniest ........... ..... G UTHRIDGE Class Baby I ...... ............ s UTTELL Noisiest ............ ....... R OTHSCHILD Heartbreaker ...... ..... G UTHRIDGE Best Athlete ...... ............ L INKS Best Natured ....... ........ N ELLIGAN Grouchiest ........... ...... H UBERT Most Conceited ....... ...... W ALLN ER Most Modest ........... ........ N ELLIGAN Teachers' Delight ........ ............ K REMER Teachers' Worry ........ ....... R OTHSCHILD Woman Hater ......... Biggest Goldbricker MAUK DAVIS First to be Married ........ ..... S ULLIVAN "'.loe Prep" .............. ............... D AVIS Wittiesf ................ ....... ....... D O UGHERTY Campus Crooner .............. .............. D AVIS Typical Leading Man Type ...... ..... G UTHRIDGE Typical Character Man Type ...... ....... L UKOSKI Biggest Cigaret Borrower ........ ........ W ALTER Greatest Talker ................... ....... L UKOSKI Best Military Man ....... B usiest .................. Most Talented ......................... Most in Need of a Shave ............. ............ Cadet Most Likely to Succeed ......... ........ as' MAUK GINN LETTIERI BOYARS GROSSMAN X I 17 ZWWQZWWVZQ, is my Q :mug l ...qs fp e M , R f M WMM 21,,,,.,,J I-ff 3AfLL39w4fm LL C 05403 77f f 4 B BQQU T63-Eh,1f3A,,C22A Awww 5- jfffdgowe N3 Q.. Nifft' ,fo 9 Q2 xii? Wf5iZZ My ibfbfj QV ,X A :QB Q Qfzjiwfgf N6 ix MA? f' :W fx Q3 Qfzmiltzf Q , NW? yx fffibf Qkmfww 56 RUSQGII HRCMGRJR "mn fx' S65 3 mb ,W 1. Hubert 2. Grossmanp 3. McMahony 4. Gufhriclgep 5. Schwartzp 6. Ginny 7. Sullivan: 8. Leitierip 9. Walter l0. Suffelly ll. Links. lilnilvff- nw 12. Cook: 13. Wallnerp 14. Scofip 15. Kremer: 16. Rothschildy 17. Buiterworfhg 18. Savageg 19. Maukg 20. Nelliguny 21. Dougherfyp 22, Shea. J SENIOR DIRECTORY NAME Alfaro Boyars Butterworth Cavanaugh Cook Davis Dean Dougherty Ginn Grossman Guthridge Hubert Karron Kremer Lettieri Links Lukoski McMahon Mauk Montero Nalven Nelligan Ohl Rothschild Savage Schwartz Scott Shea Sockol Stuart Sullivan Suttell Wallner Walter FAMED FOR His knowledge of English His clean-shaven face His laugh His personality His room-mates His thick hair His nautical knowledge His teeth The yearbook A Breaking windows His good looks His temper His guns His Cred?J hair Sullivan His nose His shortness His smile His walk His diamond mine His camera His eyes His nose His quietness His loudness Grossman His chest His racial tolerance His week-end attendance His cartoons Lettieri His fair skin His build His car 38 AMBITION Social Worker Doctor Tool and Die Manufacturer Professional Athlete Dentist Hotel Proprietor Athletic Instructor Football Coach Chemical Engineer Doctor Teacher Business Administrator Business Administrator Lawyer Pharmacist Chiropodist Doctor Pilot Fur farmer West Point Photographer Business Administrator Business Administrator Radio Civil Engineer Aeronautical Engineer Musician West Point Business Administrator Architectural Engineer Forestration Engineer Engineer Professional Athlete Merchant Marine SENIOR DIRECTORY WILL PROBABLY BE Farmer Barber Professional yes-man President Laundry man Bell-hop Weather forecaster Dentist Paper-boy Glazier Blue-beard Fish-pedlar Shooting-gallery proprietor Coal-miner Soda-ierk Umpire Guthridge's partner Mechanic Hermit Soda-pop vender Bottle washer for Montero Chinese hand laundry Peeping-Tom Pawn-shop proprietor Soldier-of-fortune Rothschild's parttter Song-plugger Share-cropper Street-paver Brick-layer Shea's partner Farmer Side-show strong-man Mayor of Stamford ll ll Il ll ll ll II ll ll ll II ll ll ll ll Il Il U ll ll "Captain Mohor! HELP!" ll H ll II FAVORITE SAYING No speaky de English." Cut it out!" Bottoms-up!" Finesse!" Do you pay my board?" I'll take you for the laf'fs." Remember little Earn?" That's for surel" ll ll Once there were two ants going up a hill. .. Live, love, and learn." Get your non cams on the ball." No! No! Please don't beat me!" Who's got the keys to the Armory?" Why don't you boys reform?" At easel Cavanaugh." You know wherel live." Howdy, son." Keep 'em flying!" "Cheat or be cheated, kill or be killed, survival of the fittest." Duty above all." Why ask me? I only work here." You cIown!" If you had half a brain you'd be a half-wit." Remember Notre Dame, Cav?" l'm feeling mighty low." Shaddup or I'll rap ya in da horn, Baby!" l'se tired, you all." "Let's do it for the laffs." "You set 'em up. l'lI lay 'em down.'7 "Where's the worm?" - What am I supposed to do? Break out in a rash?" Lotta pepper." "This stuff's got to come to a screeching halt." SENIORS-1946-47 ALFARO, JOSEPH A., Sonsonate, El Salvador. BOYARS, EDWARD, 89 East 59th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. BUTTERWORTH, WILLIAM C., 108 Chapman Place, Irvington, N. J. CAVANAUGH, EDWARD M., 234 Plaza Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. COOK, FRANK B., 427 Burd Street, Pennington, N. J. DAVIS, HAROLD T., 695 Williams Street, Bridgeport, Conn. DEAN, H. ERNEST, Chestnut Street, Island Heights, N. J. DOUGHERTY, ROBERT J., 420 West Oak Street, Hazleton, Pa. GINN, ROBERT W., 45 Ellison Avenue, Bronxville, N. Y. GROSSMAN, BURTON A., 145 Norma Road, Teaneck, N. J. GUTHRIDGE, FRANK W., Charlotte, Vt. HUBERT, WILLIAM F., 3506-88th Street, Jackson Heights, L. I., N. Y. KARRON, EDWARD M., 156 Beach, 149th Street, Neponsit, L. I., N. Y KREMER, RUSSELL C., 1115 East Broad Street, Hazleton, Pa. LETTIERI, ARTHUR J., 20 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, N. J. LINKS, C. EUGENE, 133 Hope Street, Ridgewood, N. J. LUKOSKI, FRANK J., 312 Wallace Street, New Haven, Conn. McMAHON, LEONARD H., 626 James Street, Pelham Manor, N. Y. MAUK, LYNN G., 710 Laughlin Avenue, Aliquippa, Pa. MONTERO, LUIS E., Avenue Brazil 917, Lima, Peru. NALVEN, DANIEL J., Route No. 1, Newtown, Conn. NELLIGAN, BARRY G., North' Street, Bedford Hills, N. Y. OHL, LEONARD V., 576 Garfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. ROTHSCHILD, MARVIN L., 53 Bon Air Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y. SAVAGE, DANIEL R., 283 cove Road, sfqmfofd, Conn. SCHWARTZ, ORVILLE H., Eckerson Lane, Spring Valley, N. Y. SCOTT, JAMES W., 111 Meadowbrook Road, Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. SHEA, WILLIAM L., 713 Kathleen Avenue, Louisville, Ky. SOCKOL, ALLAN J., 95 4th Street, Stamford, Conn. STUART, TED H., 2 Hilltop Drive, Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. SULLIVAN, WILLIAM H., Roosevelt Hotel, No. 980, New Orleans, La SUTTELL, FRANK L., 15 Sayles Avenue, Saylesville, R. I. WALLNER, FREDERICK W., 7 Laurel Street, Greenfield, Mass. WALTER, HERBERT M., 340 Glenbrook Road, Glenbrook, Conn. 40 F2 , 0 .. Oh' 5 0 L. k T H E C L A S S 0 F 19 4 6 EASTERN MILITARY ACADEMY Stamford Connecticut JAMES S. BARGER lljimmyll KEITH L. ANDRE IIKHII Entered from Peekskill . . . good singer . . . Masque 81 Gavel . . . Band Platoon Commander . . . Lieutenant . . . Varsity Club . . . Co- Chairman of "The Saber" . . . Dance Committee . . . Gift Committee . . . Choir. . . Entered Army upon Graduation. Entered from Peekskill . . . Rifle Team . . . Played Lacrosse . . . Baby ofthe class . . . a born actor . . . Military and Good Conduct Rib- bons . . . Decoration Committee . . . Lieutenant . . . Now in the Citadel. RICHARD A. BARGER "Dick" Entered from Peekskill . . . Rifle Team . . . Played Lacrosse . . . Masque 81 Gavel . . . Military and Good Conduct Ribbons . . Firing Squad . . . ran in Track' . . . Aide to the Commandant . . . Lieutenant . . . Dance Committee . . . Now in the Citadel with his brother. 42 RALPH R. COBIEN llRa'phll Entered with his younger brother, Rudy . . . Captain of Company "C" . . . played Varsity Football . . . played Basketball and Base- s ball . . . Varsity Club . . . quiet. . . everyone's friend . . . Expected to enter the Puerto Rican Army. Vice-President ROBERT M. CURRY llB0bII Captain of Company "A" . . . Varsity four-letter man . . . Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track . . . had a yen for diving . . . actor . . . Social Committee . . . Military and Good Conduct Ribbons . . . Best Athletic Award . . . Joined Army upon graduation . . . now Army's champ diver . . . our loss, the Army's gain. IRVING DENBERG lI'rvIl Varsity Football and Baseball . . . Lieutenant. . . Military and Good Conduct Ribbons . . . Dance Committee . . . Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Class . . . entered father's business on graduation. 43 Secretary JORDAN I. KAYE II-lord!! SAMUEL I. ISRAEL Ilsamll Varsity Track and Tennis . . . Masque 81 Gavel . . . Lieutenant on the Staff . . . Military and Good Conduct Ribbons . . . Validictorian on graduation. Batallion Commander . . . Varsity Football . . . Rifle Team . . . Mili- tary and Good Conduct Ribbons . . . Masque 81 Gavel . . . entered Army on graduation . . . now in Paratroops . . . expects to enter O. C. S. RICHARD KYMAN ffoickff Varsity Football, Baseball, Basketball . . . President of Junior Class . . . Military and Good Conduct Ribbons . . . Camera Club . . . Septimus Club . . . graduated second in his class. 44 JOHN J. ROTHEMUND "Johnny" Entered from Peekskill . . . Rifle Team . . . Military and Good Con- duct Ribbons . L. . played Lacrosse . . . Varsity Club . . . Lieutenant . . . entered Army on graduation . . . now in O.C.S. President JOHN J. TRUITT "Johnny" Entered from Peekskill . . . Rifle Team . . . played Lacrosse . . . Dance Team . . . Masque 81 Gavel . . . Military and Good Conduct Ribbons . . . Firing Squad . . . Aide-to-the-Commandant . . . Track . . . Lieutenant on the Stal? . . . entered Army on graduation . . . expects to enter O. C. S. .45 BRUCE SHATANNOFF IIMGXII Varsity Track . . . played Lacrosse . . . Masque 8g Gavel Pres: dent of the Senior Class . . . Lieutenant on the Stott entered Army on graduation . . . now attached to G. Q. Treasurer YOO pstbpxx. 'WP- XX- 'YQ- NPCRQ PC!- OSS 2 41 4-YQ UF Q C4147 rsfvvs 840 4110 04410 4FF ACTIVITIES OF 1945-1946 The school year of 1945-1946 proved to be a great one for Eastern Military Academy. The calendar was crowded with events from September until .lune which were participated in by the cadets and enioyed by all. The athletic contests, both inter-scholastic and intra- mural, pep meetings, trips, vespers, chapels, banquets, dances, club meetings and social gatherings proved to be a great value in the all- round development of members of the corps and invaluable in the spirit and high morale of the school. The football season started in a rather depressing manner, but after it got underway and the boys really got started it progressed favorably. The highlight of the season was a hard-earned victory over King School. ln basketball, coached by Mr. Megna, the boys, true to form, started slowly and with little practice, but came through like a championship .five with a season's record of fifteen wins and five losses. During the season they beat two college teams. Our '46 baseball team put on a real exhibition for an inexperienced outfit under the fine coaching of Mr. Dean Gordon and pitching of Edward Boyars. One of the best games of the season was our win over Admiral Farragut by a score of 3-2, with Hubert, short-stop, banging a triple to clinch the victory. A lot of fun for the cadets, as well as the players, was the varsity's shellacking the faculty, 15-1. This year saw our first Lacrosse team in action, play- ing several top-notch teams in the east. There was lots of enthusiasm for the sport and undoubtedly it will become a major sport here. Much credit for the organi- zation of the team and its fine work goes to Lynn Mauk, who did much of the coaching due to the lack of a regular coach. In track, also coached by Mr. Gordon, the school had a very successful season. Robert Curry was the leading point-getter with 49, while Ralph Cobian was second with 36. The following school records were established: 100-yard dash, 10:00 seconds by Cobian, 220-yard dash, 23:07 seconds by Cobian, 440-yard dash, 52:02 seconds by Curry, high iump, 5 feet, 834 inches by Curry, broad iump, 18 feet, 1 inch by Andre. Wilhelm and Mauk did excellent work in the 'field events. The tennis team, under the new coach, Mr. Marion Andre, played a six-game schedule. The boys, though inexperienced, with the exception of Frank Guthridge, made fine progress during the year, winning-several games, but not quite enough to take the matches. A new organization this year was the Masque 8. Gavel Dramatic Club. Sponsored by Mrs. Marion O. Andre, the group was composed of both seniors and iuniors who enioyed several social times. Besides plays, speech and social etiquette were studied. In the military department, the corps won 'fine acclaim for their work in parades and during inspec- tions and received a high rating, under the R.O.T.C., from the government of the United States. The work of our band was one of the features of their work, playing under the direction of Mr. Charles Clough. Several boys sang in the Vesper Choir which added much to the regular Sunday Vespers. Mr. Clough also had charge of this group. There were some other minor clubs busy during the year, but space does not permit a resume here. The members of the Class of 1946 are to be com- mended for their wholehearted support of and par- ticipation in all school activities. Over half the class were playing Varsity Lacrosse and they, as a class, were instrumental in the success of other activities. The class was organized with Mr. Marion O. Andre as its advisor. Lieutenant Bruce Shatanoff was elected President, Captain Ralph' Cobian, Vice-President, Lieutenant Samuel Israel, Secretary, Lieutenant John Truitt, Treasurer, and Lieutenant James Barger was Social Chairman. This class of seniors was the nucleus of the corps and was greatly admired and envied by the cadets. They set a high standard for later classes to maintain. The Class of 1947 and the whole corps wish them the best of success in their life's endeavors, and thanks them for their contribution to the schfool and the corps. - N TN' 'Q if f 15 I1 ...r-swf-N-N JM Kg K6 UN Rf , J C7 I' 1 + 4 5 M ff? 1: 5: f 2 5' I 1: if f 2'-.RJ-1 '-- M 3 K ' f Q J Sokkffw UNDERCLASSMEN Secretary ........ Social Chairman NIOR CLASS Treasurer ............ Faculty Advisor ........ . .... Junior Class Officers President ................... .......... B ruce F. Williams Vice-President ........ ......... A Ifred D. D'Almeida Murray Hyman William S. Ford .., ................. William S. Perper Mr. Carleton L. Witham 50 Sophomore Class Officers Preslclenf ...........,....... I ............. SHELLY P. BARON Vice-Presidenf ............ GEORGE A. TINNERMAN Secretary ................................ SANFORD KNAPP Treasurer ..... Faculiy Advisor ..... .MR. CARLETON L. WITHAM ....FERNANDO c. SALCEDO SOPHOMORE CLASS 51 Freshman Class Officers Presideni ...................................... Alex A. Duthie Vice-Presideni ....... ........ D onalcl I. Norton Secrefary ........ ......... H enry A. Alfaro Treasurer ............ ...,............ I van Krafchick Class Advisor ......... ...... C aptain Robert Mohor XTH GRA 54 3 f' I I H 5 wsop'-'bF7 OWER SCHOOL ACADEMY LOWER SCHOOL Here is a group of Lower School cadets, who will become the future bankers, adver- tising executives, store owners, engineers, doctors, and Generals of another era, although they would be more apt to tell you that they will be policemen, firemen, or even cowboys. But whatever their ambitions are now, they will become solid citizens with the proper training which each cadet gets at Eastern. Youthful tho' they may be, it is difficult to estimate their potentialities, but when one recalls that the most formative years are spent in the Lower School, they can easily visualize the possibilities of them becoming the back- bone ofthe Upper School and officers well able to perform their duties. With this in mind, they are urged to work hard and to strive to do their best, though they may not fully understand the purpose now. What they do on the play field, is pre- paring them for positions on the Upper School team, also the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic are the basis for more difficult and interesting studies to come. These young cadets have many opportunities and they are taking advantage of them. They and their teachers should be commended for the advancement they have made this far. It is our wish that they all attain their goal, and become cadets at Eastern, of whom all may be iustly proud. 55 Andre, Don Appel, Henry Baker, Webster Bernstein, Richard Bond, Bill Breeskin, Eugene Briggs, Larry Brantner, Frank Crosson, John Dever, Robert DiFrancesco, Lindy Fasanaro, Louis Flanzer, George Fodiman, Aaron Foster, Stephen Galasso, Carl Gale, Ronnie Glass, Arnold Guido, Harry Haims, Bruce Heims, Jack LOWER SCHOOL Horowitz, Barry Hyman, Fred Johnston, Bernard Jones, James Lake, James Lanese, Dean Lanese, Donald Lesher, Martin Leibowitz, Sinclair Lickson, Chips Lickson, .left Mainardi, Carl Mann, Robert Mass, Joel McMurray, Randy Meyers, Gustav Naugle, Harry Nelson, Bohman Novik, Richard Neuss, Richard 57 Raymond, Richard Ritter, Thomas Rothenberg, Stanley Rubel, .lerry Samuels, Norman Schafronick, Allan Seigel, Billy Solash, Joel Soloft, Leslie Stark, Billy Trabucco, Robert VanVoorhies, Robert Villigas, William Viotti, Peter Wargo, Robert Waters, Michael Whitten, Richard Willis, Fred Winer, Richard Zack, Stanley Zeger, Jerry uw -WI ,. rw' pm-ewxm ,-f. W., ,W ,,,,,...wf W' ,,,.. .Jin-wQ'ul .av an u I if X QS PE f fX X x SPORTS VARSITY FOOTBALL k The 1946 football season saw a new type of machine on the Eastern gridiron. The Antayamen came into being. Named after their coach, Roger Antaya, himself formerly a football player par excellence at Dartmouth, this team did wonders with the pigskin. A tive win, two loss, one tie record is living proof of this and represents an excellent season. Stopped only by a strong Cheshire team, and an even stronger Manlius eleven, the team made quick work of such outstanding squads as Milford, Admiral Farragut, Edge- wood, Concordia, and our arch rival, Admiral Billard. The mighty West Point plebes barely managedto tie the results of our onslaughts in the second game of the season. A E.M.A. OPP. E.M.A. OPP. Concordia College ........ 20 0 Cheshire Academy ........ 6 12 Army Plebes .................. 6 6 Manlius School .............. 0 31 Admiral Billard ............ 19 7 Admiral Farragut .......... 20 7 , Edgewood School ........ 19 0 Milford School .............. 13 7 60 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL GRADE SCHOOL FOOTBALL 61 Bea? bi'x4JxXl'N W?-'VAT fear Ale Bitklwehcc VARSITY BASKETBALL Starting the season with a promising eleven-man squad, the team built up a ten-game winning streak before experiencing a close defeat at the hands of a powerful La Salle Military Academy combine. This upset had little serious effect on the team, as it returned to win five of its remaining siX games. The final record at the close of a very successful season stood at fifteen wins and two losses. Because of an early beginning of the baseball season, Coach Gordon declined an invitation to the Connecticut Prep School Tourney. E.M.A. OPP. E.M.A. OPP. Edgewood .................... 55 24 N. Y. Military Academy..76 32 Concordia College ........ 57 42 La Salle Milit'ry Acad. 32 34 Jessie Lee ...................... 71 41 University School .......... 72 67 N. Y. Military Academy..40 39 Chesire .......................... 58 46 Milford .......................... 48 30 Romford Prep ................ 61 38 St. Basils ........................ 58 33 Far Rockaway H.S. ...... 57 48 Hopkins Veterans .......... 66 51 Chesire .......................... 63 52 Concordia College ........ 61 49 Milford ....... ......... 4 0 53 Romford Prep ................ 68 42 62 gg VARSITY BASEBALL The 1947 baseball season opened this year with a twenty-man squad. Hubert, Savage, Boyars, Baron, Plotnick, and Mauff, some of the boys who were left from last years team were backed by Dougherty, Links, Kremer, Nelligan, Wallner, Nalven, Petty, Cavanaugh, and Granda. Under the able coaching of Dean Gordon, the team whipped into good shape early in March and played a superior brand of ball throughout the season against such teams as Admiral Farragut, La Salle Military Academy, New York Military Academy, Milford, Admiral Billard, Cheshire, and Romford Prep. 64 ul df X' rs, xg 0 W ,' . kwa, L N, Q5 H : W 79 Di if W 6 fx, LL! CC 5 Q ' + 1 25 xg QQ : wi gm Q, Z 5 X Nw, xx ,W f6fmz.,,Z1w, ' gfyil',9f'60J"'A0N5 fkek X3 ggi? 5 Qi E7 Q? QMQW ' 0.96- gif? l4v'i'5MEKA OJ gugihd RJ H4 MQ? Rf QQ 14 LACROSSE TEAM This spring marked the second birthday of Lacrosse at Eastern. With a large squad of good stick-handlers, Coach William Ritch, twice All-American at Syracuse University, guided the team through a very successful season. As Eastern was a member of the Metropolitan and Long Island Lacrosse League, the squad played such outstanding teams as the New York Lacrosse Club, City College of New York J. V., New York Military Academy, Yale University Freshmen, Garden City High School, Manhasset High School, Poly Prep, Rutgers University J. V., and Sewanka High School. 66 TRACK Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Dean A. Gordon, Director of Athletics at Eastern, the Track team upheld the fine record set by the other Varsity teams of the school. Backed by experienced runners such as Frank Guthridge, Harold Davis, Lynn Mauk, William Scott, Richard Danzig, David Saul, and Frank Lukoski, the team was strengthened by Ivan Krafchick, William Ford, Ernest Dean, and Bruce Newton. Eastern salutes this team which has set a record for the teams to come in the future. 67 TENNIS Coach James H. Butler organized the Tennis team late in March with five Iettermen from last year and three first yearmen. Backed by Maior Frank Guthridge, former Vermont State schoolboy champion, and Donald Catinchi as strong support, the Tennis team turned in a record that placed them on a plane with the maior Eastern Varsity teams. 68 CHEERLEADERS Alma Mater E.M.A. We all salute you, May your colors never fall, E.M.A. We'll always serve you, And answer should you ever call. Singing your praises, And boasting of your fame, We march ahead with steady tread, Salutel To E.M.A. E.M.A. W Swing When all the E.M.A. boys fall in line, They're going to win again another time, lt's for the dear old school we love so well, lt's for E.M.A. l yell, I yell, I yell. So let's fight, fight, fight, with all our might, And don't give up 'til this old game is won, We'll get that old time pep of Zis, Boom, Bah Rah! Rah! Rah! E.M.A. - A .:ll'ESI2- ' , ' .i--vi I5 Q5'fwQlf,:S??: X ' 1 , .,,,, .,,. . ..., ..,, ai , . ' x ,- 35 .yn , I ..,. . .2 " " -ws. 1 1 ii ' 'W .Q nl L . ,. .4 I ,V A 3 I ., T ,W K f,L 2 4 1 y I ,ga- -W -av Q- e waz- V by : 4,,, L .'Vs.,"- NA, -"H- 4 I , 4 fy, . Q w, X 09. O Jlq, Jr ZX 'W www , 'I X A I M , 'fi g' f 7 W, .. l I :Z ag I NN ----.1 WW J A C T I V I T I E S THE ORDER OF THE KEY During the past year, The Order of the Key, a new honorary society, was established on the campus under the sponsorship of Mr. Carleton L. Witham. Founded on the highest principles and with the loftiest of ideals, the Society accepted only those seniors for membership who had made some outstanding contribution to the Academy in the way of achievement in the Military, Academic, or Athletic departments. A Cadet, to be a member, had not only to be a key man in the school, but he had to go further and live up to the Academy's ideals and by his example help enforce the right type of conduct. The Society membership was composed of eighteen Cadets. Six of whom were the Charter members and Founders of the Order and sat on the Executive Council, plus six more seniors who were elected because of their achievement during the year and six junior members who were selected because of their achievement in the Junior class and their potential ability for leadership in their senior year. Membership in the Order was the top honor for any Cadet and Key Men proudly wore the Honor Badge on their left sleeve, an insignia composed of a silver key in a silver ring on a field of black silk. The six Charter Members and Executive Council were as follows: Keeper of the Key ........................... Cadet Captain Arthur Jefferson Lettieri Chancellor ......................... ....... C adet Captain Lynn George Mauk Keeper ofthe Archives ....... ....... C adet Maior Frank William Guthridge Keeper of the Purse ........ ....... C adet Captain Frank Leighton Suttell Keeper ofthe Lamp ........ ....... C adet Captain William Leo Shea Seneschal .................... ....... C adet Captain William Henry Sullivan 72 ,. fa A, jfgwfcfpffi' THE GUIDCN "The Guidon" was inaugurated shortly before Christmas and, as any other under- taking, it had to undergo the usual initial difficulties. A staff was selected and although inexperienced in the field of journalism, the results were a welcome innovation at Eastern. The thrill of seeing their names and pictures in local print immediately gave "The Guidon" the enthusiasm and support of the entire cadet corps. Under the guidance of Mr. Butler, who acted as faculty advisor, "The Guidon" made remarkable progress as a monthly coverage of the events and news at the Academy. Morton Silverstein succeeded Burt Grossman as Editor-in-Chief in April. Associate Editors included Sheldon Baron, Herbert Walters, Armand Zerilli, George Tinnerman and Robert Tansey. No paper is complete without its sports writers, and Sanford Knapp, Howard Good, and Allan Prusan were the "men behind the athletes". Ted Stuart lent his artistic talent to the cause while Daniel Nalven was the man behind the camera. The Business Manager- ship was capably shared by Ronald Schwartz and Robert Plotnick. While this staff served as pioneers in giving Eastern a school paper, it also set a precedent in iournalism for the Academy in future years. 73 THE VARSITY CLUB Through the inspiration of Mr. Roger Antaya, the Varsity Football Coach, the Varsity Club was established at the Academy in the fal! of 1946. Recognizing only those Cadets for members who had earned their "E" in a major Varsity sport, the Club was organized with l9 members who had earned their letters in Varsity Football. With that start more members were elected at the ends of the Basketball, the Lacrosse and the Baseball seasons until the Club reached its present strength. The Club sponsored a very successful and beautiful Prom in December, and enioyed several feeds and parties throughout the year. Also, aside from their splendid record on the playing fields, they made a real contribution to the Corps when they took over the management of the canteen and gave the rest of the Cadets a pleasant place to relax and refresh themselves. The officers of the Varsity Club were as follows: President ........................................................... ROBERT J. DOUGHERTY Vice-President ........ ........ E DWARD M. CAVANAUGH Secretary ......... .............. R USSELL C. KREMER . Treasurer ........ ....... C . EUGENE LINKS 74 MASQUE 8. GAVEL CLUB In the reorganization of the Masque 8: Gavel Club for 1947, William Hubert was elected Chairman of the group, Arthur Lettieri, Secretary and Treasurer, and Eugene Links, Historian. The group met weekly at the home of its advisor, Mrs. Andre, and infor- mal group discussion, as well as. play rehearsals ansued. On March 26, the entire club with Mr. and Mrs. Andre accompanying, went to New York to attend the play "Joan of Lorraine," starring Ingrid Bergman. Such proiects as this were part of the club's activity. The club felt fortunate, indeed, to have the excellent guidance of Mrs. Andre, who was herself an accomplished performer in the art of monology and a speech and dramatics coach of considerable background and experience. To Mrs. Andre we feel muchly in- debted for establishing and fostering a cultural club of this kind in the school. Members who ioined the Masque 8. Gavel Club this year were: Frank Gutheridge, Lynn Mauk, William Sullivan, Arthur Lettieri, Frank Cook, Frank Suttell, Robert Ginn, Marvin Rothschild, William Shea, William Hubert, Robert Dougherty, Frank Lukoski, Barry Nelligan, and Eugene Links. 75 THE GLEE CLUB The organization of an activity, long desired at E.M.A., was finally accomplished in January, this year, when the Glee Club began rehearsals. With few exceptions, the club is made up of Cadets from the upper classes. It is planned to add voices during the re- mainder of the year and to increase the size of the group next year. Due to the lack of time for rehearsals and the fact that it is a first-year club it has been necessary to restrict the membership to those who have had former experience or have better than average voices. The group made public appearances locally and at nearby schools where they were received enthusiastically. Social aftairs were also enjoyed. The singers presented standard male chorus and glee club numbers, including "Old King Cole" with descant by Dunhill, "The Ol' Gray Robe" by Huntley, a Russian dance song, "Dance My Comrads," by Bennett, "Sea Chanties" arranged by Bartholomew, "Your Land and My Land" by Romberg and Waring's arrangement of "Sweet and Low." Also, old and recent popular and harmony songs were sung. Marion O. Andre is the conductor ofthe club. He is a member ofthe Conductors' Club of New York, an organization of male chorus conductors in the East and has had twenty- five years' experience directing glee clubs, choruses and choirs. 76 R l F L E T E A M Organized by Major Blakeslee Parker in the late fall and backed by the experienced shooting of Lynn Mauk, the Rifie team shot hard to uphold the record of its predecessor. In assorted meets with Far Rockaway High School of Long Island, the team was defeated by an experienced group of boys who had fired together for over four years. Besides firing in the Hearst trophy, where the team placed eleventh in the United States, an invitation took them in March to the Connecticut State Championship Match where the group placed seventh. Although new, Frank Guthridge, Luis Montero, Robert Ginn, and George Tinnerman practiced long hours at the Armory to make such accom- plishments possible. ' '77 THE THESPIANS In January, 1947, the Thespians Club was organized within the ranks of Freshmen and Sophomore classmen. The club was strictly a dramatics club devoted to the study, production and mechanics of amateur theatricals. The membership, thouah then small, was wholeheartedly enthusiastic and bid fair to strengthen and advance this activity in the school in years to come. From the initial meetings when plans were made for the remainder of the year and formal election of officers took place, the members had been reading, discussing and rehearsing plays. A melodrama of sizzling proportions was the first pre- sentation of the club and as time permitted rehearsals, several more one-act plays were oFfered for the entertainment of the Corps before June. Charter members ofthe Thespians were: George Tinnerman, President, Robert Tansey, Vice-President, Fred Wickelman, Secretary and Treasurer, Ronald Schwartz, Historian and Stage Manager, Howard Good, Daniel Fernandez, and Daniel Wolinski. 78 CHESS CLUB With two tournament winners, Ivan Krafchick and Alan Prussan to build on, the Chess Club got off to a good start. Interest has continued throughout the year and the quality ofthe chess played has improved. Play in May determined the Academy Senior and Junior Championships. The olticers elected in the club are Ivan Krafchick, President, Myron Aronson, Vice- President, and Herbert Walter, Secretary and Treasurer. The most active of the members include: Robert Plotnick, Clifford Drazen, Jules Merican, Russell Kremer, John Butler, Edward Boyars, Gustavo Arguello, Claus Herman, Alan Prussan, Henry Alfaro, Carlos Alfaro, William Semprun, Daniel Fernandez, Louis Sweet, and Sanford Knapp. 79 RIFLE TEAM-1946 The Eastern Military Academy rifle team of 1946 was an outstandingly successful organization. Representing Eastern were such crack shots as John Truitt, John Rothemund, Lynn Mauk, Jordan Kaye, William Shea, and Edward Karron, three of whom had high enough scores to win medals in the Connecticut State Championship. Besides numerous National Rifle Association matches the team had meets with Far Rockaway High School of Long Island. However, the greatest success of the year came with the winning of the William Randolph Hearst Trophy, by placing second in the First Service Command area, the fifth in the United States. The gratitude and respect of the Corps was awarded these Cadets who had done so much to bring recognition to Eastern. 80 4 ,xx X' A f s 1. Q - S , --if' 2 . 1 an .5 3, L ,M N1- . ,N 6 ll S' e 3, 4 Q ' , ' Q, Sw 3 R-:J MILIT A Message To The Men of 1947: As you go from the ivy-covered walls and the beautiful campus of Eastern with its trees and flowing shrubs, its charming chapel and the green lawns, you will take with you your diplomas and awards as reminders of "mission accomplished." There are other intangible things that you will take with you that you will find invaluable such as friendships, ability to study and to think, capacity to cooperate and live with other people. More important than any of the above are the ideals that you take which will always be part of your lives. Let me mention some: HONESTY - your word is always dependable. SINCERITY - be your self, don't show off. COURTEOUSNESS - be considerate of other people. KINDNESS - be ready to help where you can. APPRECIATION - recognize the beauty in nature and the fine character of the people about you regardless of religion, color, or nationality. DAVID B. MacCREADY, Lt. Col. Inf. Res. Commandant of Cadets, Eastern Military Academy, Stamford, Connecticut. 84 'X r ,NA rg I4 'VS S. F .KX TACTICAL STAFF DAVID B. MucCREADY, Lt. Col. Infantry Reserve ...............,........ Commandant of Cadets Eastern Military Academy MAJOR LAURENCE W. DeMOTTE ........ ........................... S upply Officer MAJOR BLAKESLEE B. PARKER ....... ....... A ssistant to the Commandant CAPTAIN ROBERT S. MOHOR ........ ...... A ssistant to the Commandant 86 MMISSIONED OFFICE BATALLION MAJOR: Frank W. Guthridge CAPTAINS: William L. Shea Frank L. Suttell Frank B. Cook FIRST LIEUTENANTS: Bruce F.'WilIiams Burton A. Grossman Ted H. Stuart Bradley H. Petty SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Randolph P. Mills Kenneth F. Yates Armand F. Zerilli William F. Hubert CAPTAIN ADJUTANT: Lynn G. Mauk William H. Sullivan Arthur J. Lettieri Edward Karron Leonard H. McMahon Murray Hyman Luis E. Montero Herbert M. Walter Frank R. Burns Richard A. Featherman NON-COMMISSIONED OFF SERGEANT MAJOR Glazer, L. Good, H. Danzig, R. SENIOR COLOR SERGEANT: Ejssrircg' Baron, 5- Plotnidk, R. FIRST SERGEANTS: Pe'Pe'f W- Cotinchi, D. Pardon' R' MGUHI H' Butterworth, W. Lacmblqu, M. Links' L' Cavanaugh, E. :emi-"n' B'R SERGEANTS: FSL? VTW' ' Ginn' R- Lukoski, F. Savage, D. Knapp, S. Schwartz, R. Ohl, L. Sockol, A. Newton, B. Plotnick, E. Ngrfgnl D, CORPORALS: Alfaro, J. Herman, C. Duthie, A. Woulbroun, J. ICERS Weinraub, A. Mintz, A. Tinnerman, G. Bahary, A. Levy, S. Lione, F. Leluca, F. Collado, M. Winer. A. Werner, J. Gordon, D. Van Voories, R. Wallner, F. Kremer, R. D'Almeida, A. Galaske, J. Penso, V. Nalven, D. Krakchick, I. Tansey, B. ll . , JA T f ,, iff' AMN ff fx +w,W fw-Q Q' 1-3-R' Aww f J' K BAND , J ,1. M P A N Y "A" 90 yy V f ' , . W-V+' 1 . . 1 .fx COMPANY ' ig V 3, , J vi HA COMPANY 91 COMPANY 92 H9 Dv S 1 HR 1 T 15 P1 E N Ts Wllg 7 :X T CDTOOLE E3 SONS INCORPORATED LITHOGRAPHY Qaxqff PRINTING 3I JEFFERSON STREET STAMFORD QT-SLN CTICUT TELEPHONE -4 5088 MASTERS GRAPHIC ARTS 94 1847 OUR IOOTH ANNIVERSARY 1947 DABOCK 8. ESTABLISHED 1847 MILITARY and CIVILIAN CUSTOM TAILORS O cuz! Outjitterx for EMA UNIFORMS ami EQUIPMENT CBC-tween 48th and 49th Streetj 420 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK 17 N Y C 0 mplzments M TCHELL DAIRIES Inc BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT R I C 0 . ff . Phone PLaza 3-3677 - 5-5678 -..4g.U,3p..- Of I , . 95 Compliments of Tlnnerman Products Inc CLEVELAND OHIO Manufacturers of SPEED NUT FASTENING DEVICES o 7 I I O "FASTEST THING IN FASTENINGSH 96 Wifbing - THE SABER Of OLD EASTERN SUCCESS and LONG LIFE Complzments of MR and MRS FRANK LETTIERI 20 SUMMIT AVENUE JERSEY CITY N J C omplzmentx CAPTAIN and MRS H G MAUK +23 Of 93.0, 97 C omplzmentr of C omplzmentr of Mr and Mrs joseph J Rothrock MR L H MCMAHON FOR LIGHTING FIXTURES YAMULLA EXCAVATING MAX ROBIN COMPANY X Central Queens Electrlc Supply Corp GENERAL CONSTRUCTION 92 35 166th Street jamalca L I N Y EXCAVATING OF ALL TYPES Remientzal or Indmtrzal Lzghtmg Specmlut: HAZLETON PA Complzmentx MR and MRS W AZER I 0 0 Of -.,5Ug,u- 1 98 EEWARE RERRERT EARREE Compliments Of AN E T SEM1' TIES EAST 5-4th STREET NEW YORK 16 N o 5 12555529 A T B E T T E R E S 7 I n c. -...,g8g..,.- Garden State Lmens 230 Sth AVENUE NEW YORK 1 N Y 426 53rd STREET WEST NEW YORK N J I I Factory Address: 101 1 MR and MRS JESSE J GOODMAN l BOOSTER THE EASTERN MILITARY ACADEMY C amp iments Of I Comp imentr of a for 02 C omplzmenn NORMANDIE FABRICS CO Inc NEW YORK CITY to the CLASS OF 1947 SUTTELL MOTORS nc PAWTUCKET RI Of ' I Good Luck and Ben Wixbex , I 4 I 103 BOB S SPORTS C omplzmentx 0, SPORTING GOODS o- SCHOOL ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS 0- GOLF TENNIS S O' GROCERY STORE SPORTSWEAR o- CAMPING GOODS -0- BOATS CANOES 0- 285CoveRoad BOB S SPORTS Telephone 3 1176 Stamford Conn PARAMOUNT RESTAURANT Inc 24 PARK ROW WHERE FOOD IS PARAMOUNT of - I O I I STAMFORD CONNECTICUT ' 0 -..4QQgy.... 104 Q C omplzmemfr of I WALTER 81 CO Inc STAMFORD CONNECTICUT JOHN A SCALZI CO PAINTS and PAINTERS SUPPLIES IMPERIAL WALLPAPER Telephone 5 1187 52 60 PaC1f1C Street Stamford Conn C RAYMOND K EVANS Prop FLOWERS SEEDS GARDEN SUPP IES Telephone 5 5769 578 Mam Street STAMFORD CONNECTICUT C omplzmentx PALACE an STRAND THEATERS Complzmentr of COVE HOBBY SHOP C omplzmentr of MARCEL CHRISTEN ROYAL STUDIOS 202 W 40th Street New York Cxty R I E ' S . ., . O O ' .. . ' 0 Wbolerale Dzstrzbutorr of A O O C 105 Complzmemf PLOTNICK 8. PLOTNICK ATTORNEYS AT LAW STAMFORD CONNECTICUT BROCK PRESS Inc PRINTERS ENGRAVERS STATIONERS BINDERS 0 ce Furnzture and Eqmpment Dxal the Phone 5 3111 39 Atlantxc Street Stamford Conn TAYLOR S CAMERA SHOP BUY WHERE You LEARN 51 Atlanuc Street Stamford Conn Complzmentfo PAR K ROW GRILL C omplzmentx 0 f CHARLES E MOORE MAYOR C omplzmenlf G R CLOSE TOWNCLERK , . of .. If , . 0 Phone 3-7864 ' f A of 4 Q ' A 106 Complzmemr of CASHMAN LAUNDRY G COLBI JE WELER Expert Watch and Clock Repamng 543 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn FARM LANDS GRAZING LANDS HUNTING LANDS In parcels of 100 acres to 1 000 acres located rn Loursxana rn a radrus of 30 to 90 rnrles from New Orleans Wrzte for Partzcuhm SALMEN BRICK and LUMBER COMPANY Ltd 2007 Amerrcan Bank Buxldmg NEW ORLEANS 12 LOUISIANA Complzmentr DR PETER SOMMA SURGEON DENTIST 25 Bedford Street STAMFORD CONNECTICUT C omplzmentr o J 0 E L M A s s C omplzmentr of COLONIAL PRESS PRINTER 490 Atlantrc Street Stamford, Conn 0 . . , l Near Y.M.C.A. . . f Of I , - I O 107 For Sale: For Hire: Wood, Topxoil Tmctorx, Trucks, Stone Shovel-Dozer RALPH INFANTI GENERAL CONTRACTOR DRIVEWAYS REPAIRED MASONRY Phone Greenw1ch 2414 COS COB CONNECTICUT ROGER ' SMITH HOTEL C omplzmentx of COLN SYDELL PERILI. FRED GEHRING JEWELER Maxler Craftfman m Fme Repzwrmg Phone 3 4119 37 Bedford Street Stamford Conn C omplzmentf 0 J E R R Y SCHOOL BARBER Phone 4 3949 HOWARD COUGHLIN SHIPPAN POINT SERVICE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Gay Ozl Grease Batterzef Charged Tuer Tube: and Acceuorzex ROAD SERVICE Corner Elm and Jefferson Streets STAMFORD CONNECTICUT . . ..... 3 3 O O ' f O 108 KARP S TOYS and GAMES SOCIAL and COMMERCIAL STATIONERY 441 Mam Street Stamford Conn LOPRIORE S PHARMACY CHARLES D POPRIORE Ph C1 Telephone 3 7558 505 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn HENDRIE 8: LOVAT T Inc CLOTHIERS and HABERDASHERS 103 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn ATLANTIC JEWELERS Dealer! m DIAMONDS WATCHES IE WELRY RADIOS 514 Atlant1c Street Stamford Conn DRlNK 5 EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC Telephone 4 0938 32 Park Row Stamford Conn CAPITOL FOOD MARKET GROCERIES MEAT S FRUIT S and VEGETABLES FROZEN Foons Telephone 3 8284 372 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn SARNER S S peczalzfls an TRENCI-I COATS FOR BOYS and MEN SIZES 4 44 342 Adantrc Street Stamford Conn O ' .. .- LEON DERAN STUDIO O 1 C , . SILVERMAN 8: SHANEN ESTABLISHED 1894 IRON METAL MACHINERY Telephone 3 2744 85 Hawthorne Street Stamford Conn C omplzm emf 0 f ROY S CLEANERS 8: DYERS FUR .STORAGE TAILORING Better Cleanmg at Moderate Przcer Phone 4 5255 174 Myrtle Avenue Stamford Conn ARROW SHIRTS NINETY SEVEN ATLANTIC STREET MARK CROSS WALLETS Complzmentx 0 BAUMAN S Inc 221 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn 98 Washxngton Street South Norwalk Conn C omplzmentr LEONARD S THREE GABLES 281 COVE ROAD STAMFORD CONN INC E U LE ' I t ' -lil CHILDRENS OUTFITTERS Of I . C 110 ' l J! Qkfmzf cp! Of efm Lgfzz H1105 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS STAMF ORD DAN IELSON 3 4370 619 3 HZ QUALITY KNOWLEDGE PRICE llimlln JOHN A SCALZI C0 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTERS PAINTS and PAINTERS SUPPLIES Telephone 3-II87 52-60 Pacific Street Stamford, Conn. II3 C omplimemf Of VUONO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1800 ST AMFORD CONNECTICUT HERCULES LEATHER GOODS CO Inc Manu acturen 0 STEEL RIBBED BRIEF CASES ZIPPER ENVELOPES ZIPPER LOOSE LEAF BINDERS ZIPPER BAGS ALgonqu1n 4 2447 4 2448 24 EAST 18TH STREET NEW YORK 5 N Y ir ., . f f ' 114 A Salute to THE 1947 SABER rom ND Complzmenir MR and MRS DAVID SAUI. f B O ' S 'A' AMERICAS' LARGEST CLOTHIER Eozz MEN Of 115 CADET CARL .I LORD 1 MR and MRS LOUIS H LICHTBLAU Compliments Of C amp imentx Of K 116 I C omplimentr MR and MRS Complimenn of Mr and Mrs R C Butterworth T V Complzmentfof NEW YORK PRESSING MACHINE CORP ..0-. C omplzmentf of ..0.. Complzmentx Susan Marhn Francine FOR STUARTS SUCCESS AT L E S H E R Eaxtem Mzhtary Academy Mr and Mrs George Belber of . C C t . . -Af A U . Mr. and Mrs. John Butler, Sr. Of . 0 111 0 MYRTLE AVENUE BAKERY Everything Baked by U1 Twice a Day 157 Myrtle Avenue Stamford, Conn. Compliment: of and Mrs V1ctor Frank C omplimenlf V Of MR and MRS BEN ROTHSCHILD C omplzmentx Dr and Mrs Walter R McCarthy NYMA 1947 BROOKLYN N Y Complzmentr of Mr and Mrs Russell C Kremer S T E W' A R T S I n c STAMPORD s LEADING IE WELERS 205 Atlantxc Street Stamford Conn Mf. . . . of l A and Walter R. McCarthy, Jr. , i A J . . . . 4 . ll8 C omplzment: o M111er Contractlng Company, Inc BURN ANTHRACITE MINERSVILLE PA DUTHIE Inc Manu acturerx o CARDBOARD PARTITIONS PAPER SPECIALTIES DIE CUTTING Phone MAm 2 1189 325 Classon Avenue Brooklyn 5 N Y C omplzmentx THE GUIDON STAFF Complzment: MR and MRS NORTON C omplzment: of Mr and Mrs Franklyn D Newton 24 Gnford Road West Hartford Conn -Q- compzfmmf 0 FRIENDS of DANIEL NAIVEN ..o-. 0 ' f ff ff I ' 0 I I I I . 3 ' f f ' - I , . . ' I . . , . of - .,.., .'-. o 0 - If I H9 YYV 7 ,, in The Only C ereal That C an Be Eaten Lzke Candy' R A N G E R J 0 E HONEY COATED POPPED WHEAT 1-.01 Greetlngr and B est Wixbex to the CLASS OF 1947 FROM JAPAN KEITH L ANDRE 46 --O C omplzmenl: of Mr and Mrs Edward Cavanaugh THE ORDER OF THE KEY Complzmentx of THE VARSITY CLUB i1.0.l Beyt Wzxhef to the CLASS OF 1947 C omplzmentx ALFARO CASTILLO BROTHERS SONSONATE EL SALVADOR O., O C O C omplimentf of 0 , of i' t l 120 C ompliment: of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Montero LIMA, PERU if . C omplimentr of Complimentx Of GENERAL DENTAL SUPPLY CO., Inc. 19 Union Square West New York, N. Y D R . L E VI N E Q 'k SHIPPAN PHARMACY "' 0 ALBERT C. WESTER, Reg. Pharm. Phone 4-2 3 2 1 ,With Beit Wixbex ffvm 410 Elm Street ar Myrtle Avenue STAMFORD, CONN. PELHAM PAINTING CO., Inc. Q U Complimentr of 551 Sth Avenue New York, N. Y. .l..o1-l- Mr. and Mrs. Max Krafchick O- BRADLEY S I 1 LADIES READY TO WEAR Wwxwwixmfm Compliment! RUFUS and DINAH MILLS 463 Mam Street Stamford Conn O-.. Complzmentx of JOSEPH A FLANZER Complzmenlf of A F R I E N D 'k 'A' BAKES and BAKES CONFECTIONERY 386 Elm Street Stamford, Conn 'A' C omplzmenlr Of MR. and MRS. B. BOYARS I I I HI ' I ' ' , , K, L! ,mg l , ' ' .La . ff A A X t ' I of I I 'k ' I I I 122 A -ik- NALVEN MARKO 8. SCHRATER M and S MERCED -., .HL Q.- Compliment! Of r I -...,gHy..- O Compliment: Of R . M R . S . I 123 c 1 MURRAY SHAW THOMAS SCOTT B :W In z CLASS OF 47 WILLIAM SULLIVAN Pres de 15 C1 ss of 1947 Compliment: U omp zmentf of of MR. and MRS. MR. and MRS. ex is ex 0 the U ' i n -- a P f New England Tobacco 81 Candy Company BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT Thu zx the Wznmng Advemrement m Rogers Peet: Advemxmg Context C omiucted at Earlern M1 nary Academy Submnted by CADET FRANK J LUKOSKI As you step out of umform take the rlght steps to keep up a good appearance by step ping right unto Rogers Peet Clothes Style that rates tops at many of the coun trys leadung colleges Qualnty that guarantees lasting wearing pleasure Money s worth always' my eeiiewei gfeezewd-Wee cewsef. FIFTH AVENUE at 41st THIRTEENTH ST at B WAY WARREN STREET at B WAY And m Boston TREMONT ST al BROMFIELD ST X ,Pg L f R 'r':::' O , sr. I26 7 km 1' H" ff' 'il . ' A ,.wf:gg5"ag:wf H L 'm' - ' 1 'F 1 'cs 'LAT -'1 . ar' ,bg . v- +2 U. '1- LQQA ,1 M X' 1 fa L p w' 5 .l1 Q 16.5 gf w, Q Q. D v-1 F' I s: rr UI ' IEQJQBISBQ IEJIILU-E11 ,- A . N LJ G H I h G - d Published by The Eastern Military Academy VOL. 1 March 1947 No. 3 HL' FRED C -2 'U O Uv 3 G-ET gi x QVT THAT GU, 5' L. DFHEREI 4 - Q FW 3' IFRPSHO Y S -v M - 'Mer U, OTFRS Q U5 , alor ec 0 QF., V oh. Park apabl RG Q' Q ' ?a"f2ed 6' H f- 6 Sup ANIZED x 445' 4' . -9617001 to rep lfje te Grplklb I K 8 P4 Lynn Comp .IPSQUIE 3171 has U of 'E' go Y' W , 0.6. the Ala-Uk.6t1ti0,1 Hsferl ' bgen D., X ,DQ ,gf M ET F Omer 'S Capraf Caffer Im' 'S Q '99 Oo 49 f-3' rank Hzemb Inof as 3 Ao 0 2, , O' C an Gllrly- ers the , H .Q Y' 0 Q . P-U t L 1-,do are tg .-4 .. ld -Q Q, F N Ceor 01113, A sie, Cade Cadet 'U B S If acl? fort' as D R01 Q6 72' Ionfef tF'1'sr . 2: U -8 X ? H- 9 X Q' -6 -liner O, L16 Obs U X 2? Kb 0 O G 127 Ca .ra . LD X 5. c. fo 2: Q mn. an and stir CK Z E 8.312 SEI' pas Q W .'947brb9' 6,40 60 6,9 QQ ader Q vnifa 7 OUT - 939 Q .X 'O , 7 G bavfbe g 'Sw' 'S A ew' 670 5' 89 ff? S 3 7- K ensvh C O 394 "' HERE! . ef' tv ex as Q- sl 49 n e .... -. N -4 dwfq 3'5c5"""x -4760 99 Z9 996. ,ff Q i 2 Q Cog-mug. 'x sip fb. Q i , ip L?-'A I E22-Sig S awgxgsvooggsoavo Q gf fb D5 Q-1 . 3 5- 5 X fu 3 Z Q J: gba 96 08.99 0345 m PQCAN 1 " 35 IEQEEES ' U 5 VVS G 6 . "" Q 5039 Q 2535222526 GET S?-:Eff fwwesi-?SaE'E Qwev-E: 555-fr, ir.q'E.5Q77:'..3M'53'S ,., Q 5- W u "' "' -' Q u 'f- 9'-R335 u.lG.P'N'33 D-D- ,C Q L.. 5.-C D. N E 'U A 211 .1 yy Q.-2:wH-'S9212-E V- ESSE-5 SEAN' Qgaailiwgagn ,ES I - Ng? QS 2103224 .-,-:Ugg Q ZS f ' X' E5 if 1: E 5 .f fi E C I-LI -"',:', nd A- J- ,K f-1 0 -2-' l: Sr,-Sfcoedmis I' v O 2 -X a 0 wo - a L 42 ro-.D Q X X O in V3YgN5 .U E Q. -S tu: yoga X I-I-I 'F S 45 H LG 3 S 2 Erika :C Son.: C S -C Q' vw U H 'H .. f' " a 5. -' Si Q f: E3 A Ol :RQ ON' fs-Q L14 5 32,5 'N Q g feoo, X 5 r X ' ' WS 0 'X 3 fb Q16 Cs JH X y ig 3 , 1, G, SW J XX I fi Q, QQ 409' X V00 zpejolqa 23,50 QQ' 00 'J 3 ' lP..?'a'1z JC lvsoqbf ' G 'VO , I- S...-.Q 66 JG Q 5 A ' ,- 06' X65 J 1596 4015 016 afroo 8 . r XX 1 o4ym,, oh. 1-GL -ng 6,4 ,,,., 5 y4',y Q iiiiffggeeiaiiiii 0 fx 25252 QaE,Qf.:.EeE Lgiagg SEA -45, 4 08 .- 5 Q.. j .. L- :s w .- V, -- , Q M nudge-U SSEESEA QdJo.SkE'E -EEE ppqreqy U4 11 N C C 5 E O of E 5 - E if 8 - Q - 'VU lb 0 X ggwraoo c,,E'5'mgg SQQM169: Bus: rf,-fo" Q ESEHGEM Qwwss f.f2'??'SS3 .2502 '0,5"'f2l- ly i-5,5E'E45Ei.igg,,5-nn msmvzpl sa? ty, e-'S .,.. U Q, , P G, E F H 'U 5 N 'U U fr ,: .-2 -0 4- 'Q rf f- - J 1: -cv .5 fu .- .. r: c: L.. J, U, 0 l SV' S+-55wE'5 -z5G':,1,2,a iii' '30 w'a'3'E ' '71 is Q-5,"5sE:-Eefsgieg-2 251.205-E Eff SQ 2:4212 g ED2Hi3.,,.,,iT.:'5,.93 5HET,C5C'J wigs '36 N056 c:A:x2Q--D321 gg 3, 0 wg .E'g,'q':k-o jg-fl-1"' 7125- -6 DCD 252553 U.:'g.Smw5g.-ggvugg EEE 916 66 196' 11 'ANU 'D H 3 5 '4 371' .CB N 'E V7 275 'U 8 , cu "' 1.. I6 0 4, .:: 'U .: o J: -.. 9.1 5 Q c.: E U v1 ,cz g.: u . Q' -1 P52232ffiSEE5Qj.::J'CQUf-3:22133 Q HW E-4 o ,gg -C 3 E an Q ,U L.,-C gg .M .-'I-710 L. ST' U fn 4 .. :fx u +4 CL- G1 CQ O P-' 5 E17 C,-:,:.1 --W... lf' 'xy gfi-KQVNAYNQ-Q

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