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tk tt o That which, out of their intelligence and experience, the people declare to be good, they will attempt to maintain and per- petuate for the benefit of their children and their chil- dren ' s children. They strive through education to transmit what they think is good to all the generations to come. Marion Sark. editor John Herron, business manager Michigan State Normal College Ypsilanti, Michigan k V U4€ A ■•. l J { J Jj n fJJ edlcaL ion T () () l , who is as familial and vcll loxcd lo sliidents on campus as the Avater tower, ami as hearfwarming as " Huron Fight Song " lo returning ahnnni— oiu genial Dean of Men. Tames " Binuo " Brown. Xj n I V lemoru of Di:a. J. Mii.ioN 1I() IK AND Miss Mak (.oddakd OB JttT 2 ■ y(r democratic wau oj- life id the inctiisive ijn o3e o y tnerican C ducatii 1. The educated citizen in a demucracy exempliiie;] Self llealizat rhe educated citizen cooperates in Human Relationstiip 3. The educated citizen practices Economic Efficiency 4. Tlie educated citizen accepts Eivic Responsibility SUCCESSFUL DEMOCRACY THROUGH EDUCATION Ilillllllll ' MWIIimilBIIIWIWltfli y(r cieniocrati ii tlie all-inctusive purpose of- ediicati eniocraiic wau of life on FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Section C ciitof, C daar vUli lan M " ■ S — - - PRESIDENT JOHN M. MUNSON " Rome wasn ' t built in a day " ' BUT it would l c hard to find another imlix iihial who has done more to dispro e this theory at Normal than our o m President John M. Munson. His untiring improvements bv the addition ot ncu " buildings, increase of faculty, and interest in the Aveliare of the students themselves will make him oiusianiling among jjromoiers of progressive education. 10 JAMES M. BROWN Dean of Men C. P. STEIMLE Registrar SUSAN B. HILL Dean of Women FRANCES FARNHAM Associate Dean of Women EGBERT R. ISBELL Dean of Administration E(.UF.R r R. ISHKLL was appointed Dean of Adniin- isiralion to lill the position made acant by tlie death of Dean Hover. Mr. Isbell as associate ])rofessor of history at tliis institution Iroin ii|, " ,7 initil the time of his promotion. Miss Frances Farnham was newly appointed associate dean of women to fill the position made vacant by the resignation of Miss Fannie Ueal. ' Library, the medicine chest of the soul " — Greek Cleveringa, Fey, Milliman, Powierski Owens, Bates, Andrews, Rosentreter, Trabilcox " Language, tlie kev of sciences " —La Bniyere % Brock, Magoon Sabourln, Owen, Case 12 " Speak the speech I pray you " H (Unlet Edson, Wood, McKay, Kelly, Slowe ' Words, words, words " tldinU ' t lordan, Magcon, Limpus Cocper. Magoon. Ballew, Berne =, Carey, Aitchison, Emery Harrold, Rankin, Sanders, Eckert, Miserez, Hagle 13 ' The va) to a man ' s heart— ' Bauch, Kelly, Underbrink ' Thrift, thrift. Hordiio " — Hani let Herrick, Sprinqman, Wharton 14 " Let me ])ry loose olrl foundations " — ,SV )c ; ri ■■BBI™ ■ " " - ' - " ■ J 1 1 It ' 1 9 0 Chamberlain, Morrison, Willoughby, Hatton, Lappinen " An, iIk ' wine ot {v — Richie ,1 c Swele, Gill, Siraler. Porter 15 " East is East, and ' est is Vest " —Kif)ling Sill, Glasgow, Hoy " More matter, with less : n " —Haiuli ' t Brundage, Kercheval, Peet, Sellers J6 " What j oes up, must come flown " —.- lOU Gorton. Wilcox. Smith It I ha c tour anpUs— ' Lindquist, Erikson, Barnhill 17 " There is music here that softer falls— ' Tcn7iyson FIRST ROW: Lindegren, Ryan. Ashby, McAndrew. James. Gray, Fossenkemper, Roller, Alexander SECOND ROW: Skinner, Seaman. Adams. Barlletl. McManus, fireakey Mens Saniis in Corpore Sano FIRST ROW: Marshall. Olds. Rynearson, Samson. McCuUoch, Stites SECOND ROW: Eppler, Clark, Prouse. Vossler, Harris, Boughner. Evans ' History, an inaitic ulau- ]) ]Av " —(l n lyle - -V , r Devol, Engelsman, Alden, Ericson, Hubbell Isbell, Thomson, Field, Fagerstrom, Warren, Blackenburg, Waugh Link- Flower— but il I could undcr- Curtis, Best, Loesell, Sturgeon. Hickman, Harpster, Uhvits 19 Leslie A. Butler UNDER Dr. Butler ' s capable direction tunc- tion two of the most important organiza- tions ot the college— the Roosevelt. Lincoln, Special Education and Riual training schools, and the placement bureau. To a senior who is doing his practice teaching, and at the same time imdergoing inter iews for a teaching posi- tion, this de|)artment is indispensable. ' Tis education forms the common mind ' " — Pope Kelder, Stearns, Wilber, Whitehouse, Vanden Belt Smith, Skinner, Garrison, Marshall, Edson 20 Special Kduc.iiioii Lord, Bachman, Flint. Olds, Roser, Hetmansperqer, Taylor, Halton, Ringman, Wood Swartwcod. Bunger, Elliott, Bentley, Morrison Rural KdiK al ion McFall, Slearns -0 Slavens, Smith, Lantz 21 BACK ROW: Ryan, Eddy, Washburn, Wielandy, Barlletl, Todd, Menzi. FRONT ROW: Ashby, Meslon, Helmansperger, Monroe, Worlley, McCrickelt. RDDSEVELT FACULTY ■, .. T«VL- " . " . ' .. BACK ROW: DeBoer, Cosper, Walker, Robinson, McAndless, Lappinen, Golczynski, Chamberlain, Broad. FRONT ROW: Crawford, North, Stinson, Gotts, Boyington, Hunt, Myers, Washburn. 22 , • ' ' ■ BACK ROW: Binns, lacobs, Kusterer. Turner, Bruce, Kiddoo, Pleiifer, Leib, Rice, TurnbuU. FRONT ROW: Lainq, VanAmeyde, VandenBelt, Tape, Roscoe, Brown. LINCOLN FACULTY BACK ROW: Dunning, Bruce, Brimhall, OConnor, Tow, Mink, Kirschbaum, Sludl, Turnbull, FRONT ROW: Beal, Miller, VandenBelt, Feuerslein, Kuqqles. 23 4i ■•- ■ ' " S ' ' ? ? ' ii ? ' ?5i: f-. V- ' J ?i ' , w;,l;. ' .. ' | v, ' , ;IV ' -, I CLASSES AND STUDENT ADMINISTRATION 24 Section C ditof, l utli Uerhlei ' ■ " pnaaMMOT J w- n ' i WOMEN ' S LEAGUE THIS year has been one of controversy throughout the enth-e vorld: but here on Michigan State Normal campus there has been a unanimous agreement on one subject: that Helen Ureen is tops as president of the Women ' s League. ' ith isions of a bigger and better League program up]jermost, she and Mtniel Sondccn, Dorothy Merrick, and Kathryn Zedick ( ice-president. secretary, and treastner. respecli ely) have vorked into the wee small hoiu-s of many nights, figuring out methods to gi e more girls on campus a chance to participate actively in this organization to ivhich they all belong. No one can question the success of the League pro- gram this year, lor it vas carried out e en to the smallest detail. Kathryn Zedick, Helen Ureen, Muriel Sondecn, Dorothy Merrick 25 STANDING: Margaret Ellis, Betty Adams, Phyllis Griggs, Helen Bess Artley, Alice Dunham SITTING: Joyce Baske, Marguerite Sherman, chairman, Elsie Purchase COLLEGE wouUln ' t be colle. c wiihoui rules, and rules -WDuliln ' t be rules s ' ithout our Advisory Board— lor Avonieii onlv. For it is vithin the hands of this board that e ery ruler-breaker places her late. ALn- guerite .Sherman, as chairman, and Betty Adams. Helen Bess Artlev. Alice Dunham. Margaret Ellis, Phyllis Griggs. Elsie Purchase. Joyce Baske. and Freshman Jean Harmon ( ho is appointed) hear excuses once a Aveek on " Win I ' as Ten Minutes Late. " or " The " Watch Thai .Slopped and it vas such a reliable one. too. " But e erv girl •h() appears before the board is given a fair chance to jusiifv her actions. A ' hate er thev might ha e been. The group listen courieoush to her explanation, discuss the problem among themsehes. and reach an unbiased conclusion. Fhe Ad isorv Board wasn ' t estab- lished idi the idea of pimisliment: its main purpose is to remind ihe ( ' o-eds that the rides set u|) for them are to be kepi, in (trder lo gi e e er ' one etjual righis ami liberties. ADVISORY BOARD 27 EXECUTIVE BOARD TOP PICTURE, standing: Bettymay Oulley, Margaret Hatcher, Mary Purchase, Bar- bara Hubbell, Loraine Peterson, Violet Marti. Sitting: Rhea Anderson, Marian Schwarzkopf, Mary Esther Ross, Dru Ransom. BOTTOM PICTURE, standing: Maxine Addy, Peggy McGregor. Opal Brazee, Jean Finkbeiner, Marion Kempf, Shirley Vollmar. Sitting: Jane Comstock, Evelyn Rice, Arlyne Phillips. 28 " C VERY successful organi aiioii needs a boaid to decide upon its general - - policies and lo ihe Women ' s League Kxeculixe Board lalls Uiis duly. One part ol the Board consists ol the chaiiinen ol (he aiious connnittees. Each chairman has charge ol one jjartic tilai held in League. Because all of litem ha e done oiUstanding woi k in their arious lines, c thought vou might be interested lo see jusi what comiinliee each one headed: .Assemblies Helen Holleran C " am])us .Sisters Marv Karris Clubs Loraine Peterson Constitution .Mar I ' lnc base Llec lions Rhea .Vnderson Facidty Clhals P.arbaia Hubbell Finance Mar i.sther Ross Pid)licity . Iai ian Sc Invar kopf Ser ice Bettvniav Outley Soc ia! Dm Ransom .Sludent . d isors X ' iolet . Iaili Ihe other girls on the fxec iili e Board are known as Mendjers-at-Large and lhe ' work with the connnillee chairmen lo lerrel oul the desires of the co-eds and li ' to do something about it. Ihex work on tenlatixe tides con- cerning hours after danc es and college finic lions. The ' gi e freshmen ■ s ' omen the right send-oll ihrmigh their Campus Sisier work: iheir semi lormal dances go o ' er wiih a bang— the Hawaiian atmosphere ol the Har esi Hop set agog everyone ol die two lumdred couples wlio atlended. Si le Shows. Co-ed Coinil) ' Capers. Bridi;e parlies ;nid dancfs ,n ' e all planned and carried oul through the action ol this ;.;r()Up which was elected last spring. .Vll the cam- pus problems aic brom;hi to the aiieniionol these execiuixe lasses and they ti) ' to wot k otu ihe best soluiion for each one. But the big iwison lor such wnndeilid success e idenced this (.:ir is the line spirit ol coopeiai 11)11 shown in ,ill Le;i,nue drk and workers. Girls are reali ing moie lull e er eai ju i how much a pat t ol die League ihev are. and how enriched their college li es become when tlie gi c ' ol llieir .ibilities and talents to Lea ' ' ue work. 29 MEN ' S UNION Kontry, Quinn, Poly, Lamiman THE mosi important thing in nisming the success of any organization is a nian- iio-isn ' t-afraicl-oi-work president; so tlie Mens ' Union has been particularly lucky in having Echs ' ard " Likeable " Poly at the head ot affairs this year. His Union partners-in-office. Tommv Quinn, Bill Lamiman. and Ed Kontry. gave him their e ery support, and among the tour ot them, they reallv Avhipped uj) a big year for the he-males. Tommy, in his role as ' ice-pres. took o er when Ed vas a vay. siiile Bill read and ASTOte miniues at e ery meeting, and treasurer Ed Kontrv handed out greenbacks for anv and e ery orthv cause. 30 EXECUTIVE BOARD ■lat) ' IB THERE are seven fellows vho comprise ihe Executive Board, lo ])ass laws and help the ollicers put o cr their [jiot rani. Da e Gates, loni Herlihy. Barney Dyer, Sy Bass, Bill Quinn. Olin C " ox, and Jim Vahon vere elected last spring to till these positions. At the beginning of second semester, Whitey HIad and his Ireshnian roonnn.iie. Danny O ' Rioidan. were ap- |jointed to take the places of Dyer and W alton. E ' ery man on campus has a chance lo take part in this organization, for it is a pureh deniocralu one. wuh no strings allached. Herlihy, Gales Bass, Dyer Quinn, Cox Walton 31 U ' ' SIXC the old proxerb " The earlv bird gets the vorm. " the Union sent •elcome cards to all freshmen men and then greeted them vith an impro ed Mugs set-tip. Elections, mixers. Homecoming, and a siiper-no el Yule Log Drag — viih Da e Gates as general chairman— added prestige to the preceding years of this all men ' s programs. Under the sponsorship of both the Union and the Women ' s League, the Campus Choristers completed its fourth vear of enter- tainment both on and off campus. Ed " Whan and Bob Nelson acted as co-chairmen of the exceedingly popular Coffee Hours, the purpose of said chats to further pro- mote sttident-facidty relationships. The topics ranged all the - vay from the Chinese-Japanese situation and the Balkan P(nvderkeg to Boys ' I ' o- vn. AL. RGE enlliusiasiic audience is ahvays present -whenexer the Men ' s Union assemblies are announced. Pxith stmlents and professionals ha e appeared this year displaving their aried talents. The Ford Meicurv Rangers came back for another performance after their fine entertainment last year. The Amaloamated Nine. hich dwindled to the Synthetic Six, sas featured O J during the Variety sho-w along ' ith other poptilar campus acts. A Radio Hour, guaranteed to make anv sponsor scream, vas arranged before the last assembly vhich vinds up the ear ' with nominations for next fall ' s office holders. The Men ' s Lhiion is a definite. gro ing organization and it is becoming more and more successful becatise of the cooperation and good spirit sho ' vn throimh the tmity of the men. 32 SOCIAL COMMITTEE MICI IK.AX S I ' A TK NORM Al, stiuUnis .nc l)C( oniiii iikhc- soc lal c cr car and iiiiu li ol this soc iaijil ily is due to the iiuc woi k ol the Sik iai ConiniiltLC under the direction ol Mis. iloience I, iiian. 1 his season h)und Don Soniniei iiehl. |ean HardiiiL , )ud SikIL [oaii ( )ids. Donahl [ones and John I ' .ritt phinniiiL; all e ' cnts. Ol ( oiirsc. ihcre wiU al a s he a Krcsge c cr Ttusdax Iroiii (): ' ;o lo 7: " ,o lo help students relax, allei a strenuous day ol classes. The l- ' rida ni ' ht . ll- Collegc parlies t roAV bigger and better every year and ser e to acquaint the laddies and lassies. The Inst big social event ol the lall seinesiei is the ( ' ab.irci Dance, a no el affair which the ( ' .omniitlee pui oxer with the aid ol about two hundred and lillx other people. 1 he second annual Open I louse v ' as met b ' a.ii enthusiastic c i owd wlio took o er the I nion lor a ni ht. and danc ed and pla ed ' j,anies to their hearts ' eonient. .Aidini; with (dass mixers, teaching non-daneing students the essentials ol how to keep oil a pariner ' s leel— these, loo. are inchiclcd within the realm ol the ( " ominitlee ' s work. AV ' uh such a set-U|). no suident can complain ol the lacking social lile liere. now can he? Donald Jones, Joan Olds, Mrs. Lyman, Don Sommertiald, Judy Snell, Jean Hardinq, John Britt 33 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Robert Jensen Vice-President Carl Alfsen Secretary Helen Katon Treasurer Fred Swafford L la33 L ditor, J elen J olte eran 34 IIIIBIIIIIlllllHIHIIIIIIIIIIII T " 7 1 1 H a suave gleam in their c es— a noiichalam a e ot ihe eni(n■ canes, tlie Senior Class of ujp sauntered coollv otf the tanipus. lea - ing a sliohth milled Jimior Cdass to " see if thev coidd do anv better. " ' ou wotdd ne er think to look at them ilial ihev came on campus in iQ;;; . one ol the ])e])])iest, most enthtisiastic groujj with ■ vhicli a tollege vas e er idlest or ciused. - nd alter breaking all records in regards lo inning class games, and float prizes. the ' settled tlown to show the camptis just wha t the class of ' 41 coidd do it the Iialf irietl— and the residt sliook the last Ijrick of Pierce Hall. {You might ha e heard the rinnor that the " are intending to binld a ne v one.) The ' ear i(|.jo— p vas no different from an ' other ear. The class still made Iiistor ' vith e er class mixer. Besides that the electeil some mighiv efficient officers, vith Bob Jensen president. Carl . lfsen. ice-|)resident. Helen Katon. secretar " . and Fred .Swaflord. treasurer. Then the ' aided and abetted the combination with a Senior . d is( r ' Board, ccnuposed of such famous reli- ables as Bob Klein, class president in " ' ,7 and ' 8: E el n Rice, co-chairman of Sophomore S ■irl. in i ) " ,S. and Margaret Briskc ' . co-chairman of J Hop in " ,9. Such tme feats were accomjdished as ilie liigldv energetic rotising of ( ' lirisimas spirii vitli the All ( " ollege Sing, eiuhusiastic sponsoring ol Home- coming with Helen I ' reen. Women ' s League piesident. and with Kd Boh ' . Men ' s I ' nion president, xigoioush at the helm, a Senior assembh thai was practicalh ' an e|)ic. (or so the seniors sa i . and one of the best class da s. lan- tern walks, and so lortli. e er vrilten up in a Normal News. As meudjers of the graduating class strolled down from the Senior Dance, a fe v vere heard tc:) sav. " What are thev e er going to do for excitement now ihat ' e ' re lea ing? " " Don ' t - vorrv. " someone said, ' " thev ' ll think of something. " Cdieered bv this happ sohuion Ase. the Seniors. Avould like to sa — " We hope oti do think of something— and in between critic meetings, dances, c lasses, eu ., A e hope, sometimes, voull think of us. " 35 eniord FDR NINETEE] QNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE RUTHM. M. ABRAMSON BETTY JANE ADAMS MAXIKE IRMA ADDY RUTH M. ADELMA CARL E. ALFSEN FREDERIC M. 1 ALLMENDINGEH LOUISA F. ATHERTON IRENE K. BAKER SUSANNA BALTZER RAY W. BARBER MARGARET BARR EDNA BASSETT DOROTHY BEGEL MARY ELIZABETH BELL CHESTER BERG MARION B. BERG LEONA ESTHER BERMAN CASSIE ANDRE BERRY CONSTANCE K. BEZIRIUM SHIRLEY ANN BLAKELY THEORA E. BLINKHORN FRANK BLOCK JOSEPH G. BOROVICH FLORENCE BOWERS ELEANOR AlVN BOYD MARGARET MARY BRISKEY CLARA VIRGINIA BROOKS DALE BROOKS GLORIA A. BROWN BETHANY J. BRYAN CHARLES B. BRYAN MARGARETTA V. BUELL NANCY JANE BURROUGHS ANGELA ANN BUTCHER BILLIE BRUCE CAMPBELL CARL E. CARLSON JANET C. CARMAN JANE E. CARRINGTON FRANCES M. CHALMERS HAROLD O. CHAMBERLAIN RETTA M. CHARTER PAUL CHRIST ELOUIEE CHRISTENSON MALCOLM CHUBB JOSEPHINE CLANCY MARY COLBURN JANET COLEGROVE SAMUEL COMPTON ARNOLD COOPERMAN JACK COVERT ELLA MAE CRANDALL JAMES CRIPPS BETTY CRUMBACK FREDERICK CUNLIFFE HOWARD CURTIS DOUGLA ALY , JAflElf AVIS ' YSS 1ARJORIE DEAN f ' y O. ' " J-.,, - J 37 SARANNE DeFOREST MARJORIE DELAFORCE THOMAS DENNIS s. enLord FDR NINETEE UNDHED AND FDHTY-ONE RONALD De VRIES MARJORIE DINNING WANDA DOBIES MAHALAS DOERR DOROTHY DOWNER MICHAEL DRUSBACKY ALBERT DUPREY WALLACE DURFEE BEATRICE ECKER MARGARET EGGERS DORIS ENGLISH KATHLEEN ENRIGHT BARBARA ERICKSON ADOULPHUS FIELDS HELEN FINKBEINER lEAN FINKBEINER ELOI3E FISHER MARION FISCHER RUTH FRALICK ROSALIE FRANCIS LAURA FREEMAN MARY FREY ESTHER FOCHTMAN JEAN FOUNTAINE KATHALEE GARRISON DAVID GATES LAURA GATES B. JAY GAUNTLETT EDWARD GERHARDT WALTER GOODWIN G. GRANGER JOHN GRANT ULRICH GRESS WARREN GROSS EDITH GUENTER LENORA HAAB ELIZABETH HACKETT FLORENCE HALL JEAN HARDING IRENE HARKNESS CATHERINE HARRINGTON WILLIAM HARRISON MARGARET HARRISON LUCILLE HART MARGARET HATCHER MARJORE HAYDON DOROTHY HEARN THOMAS HERLIHY " JOHN HERRON ERMA HETZLER GENE HIGH FRED HOBBS IR. HELEN HOLLERAN HAROLD HOLT IRVING HOOPER ELSIE HORNBACHER BARBARA HUBBELL ERMA HUGHES NEVILLE HUGHES WILLIAM HUNTSBERRY OSCAR HUYGHE ANNE IGNUTZ 39 eniord FDR NINETEE; UNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE GERALDINE JAMES lANE (AWORSKI ROBERT JENSEN ALICE JESSOP DONALD JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON PAULINE KALEFF ADA KAPLAN HELEN KATON DOROTHY KEEGAN MARY JEAN KEENAN JANET KELDEB MARIAN KEMPF KATHERINE KENYON BOYD KETCHUM FLORENCE KIDDER CARYL KIPF JOSEPH KIVO ROBERT KLEIN HELEN KOWALSKI PEARL KRAKE MARJORIE KUHL WILLIAM LAMIMAN ROY LAWRENCE BERNICE LEBOWSKY CLARABELLA LEE ROBERT LEE WILLIAM LEMMON JANE LENTZ ARTHUR LIEDER MARION LINDBERT ELIZABETH LONG GRACE LOWE GERALD LUTZ INEZ LYMBURNER VIOLET MARTI ADELE MATTHEWSON MILDRED MAURITHO E. JANE McDonald JAMES McKELVEY JAMES MELDRUM ARTHUR MELLBERG HELEN MENGER DOROTHY MERRICK PERSHING MEYERS IRENE MILLER " pc, + c ' LAWRENCE MILLER MAMIE MINNICK CHARLES MOLES VICTOR MORRISON EMMAJUNE NEUBERT GEORGE NEWLANDS i, rw .- i i .( MARGARET NEWNHAM SIGURD NORDGREN EATRICE NORTON MARSHALL OBERG LAURA OIEN GiADYS OLDENBURG JOAN OLDS 41 FRANK ONDROVIK BETTYMAY OUTLEY IRA PACKER 1 -S enior:} FDR NINETEE lUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE HAROLD PARKER ILA PARKER ALBERTA PENZENHAGEN WALTER PERRY ETHEL PIERSON MARION PETERS FRANCIS PETERSON LORAINE PETERSON SHIRLEY PETERSON MALCOLM PETTY LOIS PHILLIPS HENRY POLK EDWARD POLY VERNON PORTER CHRISTINE POWERS JAMES POWERS ELEANOR PURMAN THOMAS QUINN JOHN RAAF, JR. BARBARA RABIDEAU KATHRYN RAMAN GEORGE RAE MARLEN REBER ELDREDA REED HELEN REID NORMA REPAID EVELYN RICE EMERSON RIGGS HAZEL ROLLER RUTH ROSS EDENA ROYCE BEN SANBORN MARION SARK MARIE SAUPE VERDA SAVAGE CHARLES SAYLOR MARY JANE SCHLOSSSTEIN . ' , ' ' . : BETTY SCHMIDT ' iV - ANN SCHNEIDEWIND ELEANORE SCHOENBERGER HARVEY SCHOENSEE FRANK SCHWALL HAROLD SCHWARTZ MARION SCHWARZKOPF ESTELLE SEITZ Q I LEON SHARPE jl J- ELIZABETH SHEPPARD L -y ' HGUERITE SHERMAN ,U .r - LEOTA SHOEMAKER :U— - .■- - ■ ' JOHN SIEFERT ■■ ' ■■■ ' " ' ' y-.; ' LAUREN SMITH ■ - » ' ' ' ' DOROTHY SNIDECOR CLIFFORD SNYDER RACHEL SODERLUND MURIEL SONDEEN ELEANOR SPERRY ALFRED SPOTTS FRANK SPOTTS AUDREY STAFFORD CHARLENE STORER NORMA STRICKLAND FRED SWAFFORD 43 s. eniord FDR NINETEE] 44 UNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE GERALDINE SWAYER DAVID SWINTON STELLA SYC HELEN TALLMADGE AGNES THOMAS ROBERT TOWER i -y. J HARLAN TOWNSEND JAMES TRINGHAM DELORIS TURNER HELEN UREEN LOUISE VAN DOMMELEN SARA VENABLE RUTH VERKLER .U ' L- ' EDWARD VOISICH HELEN VOORHEES HAROLD VROMAN JANE WAGNER BETSY WAITE ELIZABETH WALKER LEONE WALLACE MARTHA WALSH BETTY WALTERS PURL WARK MYRTLE WARNER LYNN WHEATER HELENE WHEELER LAURABELLE WILEDEN FARRELL WILLIAMS ELIZABETH WILSON WILLIAM WILTSE LA RUE WOLF DORIS WOODRUFF JOHN WRIGHT MARIE ZITTEL 45 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .... Richard Mannin " Vice-President . . Roy Renton Secretary . . .Stanley Richardson Treasurer Charles Oxle C aJJ C ditor, I ' icharci VlHannina 46 JUNIOR CLASS WITH the prenicdilaiions ot aiioiher year oi distinction, the Juniors chose Dick Mannint;. lo lead them to linther lainels. president; Roy Renton. vice-president; Stanley Richardson, secretary, and Charles Oxlev. treasiuer. As nuuh as we hate to brai;. little can e help mentionini; a lew ot the monopolies held b ' the |iiniors. In football, caj t-elect And ' Xe vlands. . rt Maschke. Art Lieder. antl such led the bovs tf) one of the most spectacular Homecomin dames by demorali ing Alma ' s tmdelcated team to a 2() lo b drtibbing. Bringing the Junior class national esteem in track. Charles ' AVliitey " Hlad captured third place in the National A.A.U. being nosed out only by Tolmich. who equaled his American record lor the hurdles. On the basketball floor, outstanding play by co-capts-elect I- " rit Iknnetts and Ed Kontrymo vicz bnnight dtie recognition to the Class ot ' 42. With such Junicjr support as Chuck Oxley, slugging outfielder; third baseman Joe Gradv; and hard hitting Andy Newlands. how could the baseball team helj) Irom beating such nationalh recognized teams as the Cni ersil ol Michigan :ind the I ' ni- versity of California? Proving also that the Jiuiior class does possess scholar- ship and the like, our school paj er is headed b Mills W ' ilber and Bob LaRiie. Reminiscences! Yes. reminiscences ol the most idtra-modernistic J-Hop ever to be vitnessed and enjoved bv some f vo hundred liltv beatuifulK dressed couples, dancing lo the mellow music ot Bob Strong ' s foiuteen piece band, hot otf the Filch Bandwagon and Uncle ' aher ' s Dog House coast to coast jirogram. Yes. the ultra-super |)art ol the ear Avas gi en on February twenlv-eighlh. nineteen iitindred lortv-one bv a class that has made history continue with greater success, and with .1 new vSenior vear in iew vill pia lor |)eace in the good old L ' . S. A. so that A ' e mav continue to climb the kidder to meatcr laurels. V,% 47 unior6 FDR NINETEE: UNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE RUTH ADAMS IRENE ALER BARRY ALFORD DOROTHY ALLEN STANLEY ALLEN GRACE ANDERSON JEAN ANDERSON JOHN ANDERSON WOODROW ANDERSON HELEN ARTLEY HELEN AYRES DORIS BAKER PATRICIA BAKER RALPH BAKER CECILE BALLARD LOUISE BARLEY DeWITT BARNARD SEYMOUR BASS ELISABETH BELL MARGARET BELL MARY JANE BOELENS ALICE BOELENS VIRGINIA BLUHM WILLIAM BLOOMER LOUISE BLOOM LOIS BLISS DORIS BENFORD CHARLES BOUSSUM LLOYD BOWEN EDWARD BOWLES ELIZABETH BOYER GARWIN BRASSEUR NORMA BRAUN OPAL BRAZEE BETTY BRINK JOSEPH BRZEZINSKI BETTY BUERK MARY BURNS ROBERTA BURNS MARIORIE BUTLER RICHARD BYRUM KENNETH CARAKOSTAS GERALDINE CHAPPELL WILLIAM CHRISTOPHERSON KENNETH CLEARY MARGARET CLELAND ASA THOMAS COMPTON LEWIS COMPTON JOYCE CORBEILIE MARGARET CRAIG JEAN CRESWELL DELMAR CRISP jj - % ANNABELLE CRIPPS EDITH CROWL EILA HELEN CRUMBACK JOHN CURRAN CHARLES CYRUS ' IDA LOUISE DAHLSTROM HELEN DANILA JAMES DAU LORNA DEAN ANNA DENNIS ;WWWIAtfn.i:PJtfH4IMMM [NDRED AND FDRTY-DNE JOSEPH DeSHEPMASTER MARIAN DETTLING PHYLLIS DeVRIES SHIRLEY DIBBERT RICHARD DONNELLY MARY DOTTERREH MARION ELDRED ELAINE ELLIOTT MARGARET ELLIS RAY ELLSWORTH GEORTIA FAIRMAN HILTON FALAHEE MARY FERRIS JAMES FEENEY LaJUNE FITCH MARY FLYNN BARBARA FORKER ROBERT FREELAND ALYCE GAMBLE BARBARA GEDDIS FREDA GERMAN RALPH GILDENSTEIN LANSING GILBERT MARGARET GLASSING RAY GLEASON HARRIET GOODSON JOSEPH GRADY SHIRLEY GRAHAM ALFRED GREENWOOD BETTY GREGG WILLIAM GRIFFOR WALTER GUENTHER MARION HAGEN BARBARA HALL PAUL HANSEN JANET HASELSWERDT MARIAN HAYDEN PAULYNE HAZZARD LEILA HILDEBRAND MARJORIE HEURION HELEN H OLT FRIEDA HOPKINS " , 1 ROBERT HUPY , ■•- ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON jb T A BERNICE JACOBS J f THERESSA JEPSON EILEEN JOHNSON , ' " ' ' i ' ' ' NILA KEECH MARY KENDALL EUNICE KIRKER EDWARD KIRSTOWSKY BETTY KITELEY NOREEN KLUG ESTHER KOKALES EDWARD KOLACZYNSKI EDWARD KONTRYMOWICZ DOROTHY KRASS ROBERT LaRUE ROY LARMEE FRANCES LAWRENCE DONALD LEE HAROLD LEMPKE : r r li ' 51 Auni unloi ' S FDR NINETEE [NDRED AND FDRTY-DNE GEORGE LEONARD CHARLOTTE LEWIS MARY LEWIS ALBERT LIEDER EDWARD LIRETTE FREDERIC LOCKHART EARL LOCKWOOD GENEVIEVE LOWRY EUNICE LOYER EUGENE LUCORELLI ROYAL MacDONALD MARGARET MacGREGOR VIRGINIA MACK EGIDIO MAJORANA RICHARD MANNING DORIS MARSH VICTOR MASTROMARCO EDWINA MATER MARIORIE MAY BERNICE McCONALOGUE IRENE McCUTCHEON WILBERT McKEACHIE IRETA McLORD RUTH McMARTIN LOYD McMULLAN ELEANOR McWETHY VIRGINIA MITCHELL VERA MOLLETT DOLORES MOTT MILDRED MURBACH EDWARD MUSTARD WILLARD NASS BARBARA NEARY RUTH NEIFERT SHIRLEY NEPODAL ANDREW NEWLANDS HELEN NICKEL LAURA NICHOLS BARBARA NUTTING EVELYN OTT ANOOSHAVAN OUZOUNIAN CHARLES OWENS CHARLES OXLEY BARBARA PAGE WILLIAM PARKER JOHN PEKNIK MARY PEPPLER lEAN PERRINE DOROTHEA PERRY DAWN PETERMAN NATALIE PHILLIPS BETTY PILLSBURY CHARLES PILLSBURY RUBY PILON RUTH PODOLSKY NICHOLAS PREKETES MARY PURCHASE JOSEPH PUVOGEL KENNETH QUIGLEY MABLE RASHLEY ANTHONY RASMOVICH 53 Aunl unload FDR NINETE JNDRED AND FORTY-DNE GEORGE RAWSON GWENDOLYN REDDEN LOUISE REINBOLD ROY RENTON EDNA RICE JEANETTE RICH. MARIE RICHAR ON STANLEY ItlCHARDSON EMILY RINGS MARY MARGARET RITZ lOHN ROACH JEAN ROEDIGEH lONE ROGERS MARY ESTHER ROSS LOUIS SCHLOSSTEIN GERALDINE SCHROFF ELSIE SCHWARTZ JEANETTE SCHWARTZ DONNA SCOTT ALETHA SCHUMANN SERGEY SHEWCHUCK ILA FLORENCE SHICK JANE SHOEMAKER JOHN SHOEMAKER MARION SIBLEY BETH SIDDALL WILLIAM SIMMONS JOHN SIMONDS GRACE SIMPSON RUTH SLUITER MARY SMITH ROBERT SMITH WANDA SMITH lULIA SNELL DON SOMMERFIELD CHARLES SOUTHARD STANLEY STANDO JOSEPHINE STEC PHYLLIS STEWART IRENE STONE ROBERT TABER AMY JOYCE TAYLOR IRENE TRZCINSKI MARGARET VanDENBURGH HELEN VERCNOCKE VraCINIA VLAICU SHIRLEY VOLLMAR WILTON WAINMAN RAYMOND WALLACE MARTHA WALTERS GEORGE WATSON MARK WEGIENKA JEAN WEIR FLORENCE WESCOAT EDGAR WHAN THELMA WHIMS 5S EVELYN WHITING MILLS WILBER JEAN WILSON FLOSSIE WILSON ROBERT WINTER BETTY WISMER BARBARA WOOD EMERSON WOLUING ANN HARRIET WORTLEY PABLO ZAMORA KATHRYN ZEDICK DUANE ZEMPER 56 SDPHDMDRE CLASS OFFICERS George Cole President Betty Jackson Vice-President Bill Hopps Treasurer Rolland Langerman Secretary L iaAi C aitor, cJ ich l i ortie, 58 Hopps, Langerman Jackson, Cole. Mr. Fagerstrom Grambeau. Schumann Wood, Allen, Polzin, Stadlmiller RETURXIXCi For their second vear on campus, the .Sophs organi ed their ranks into a winning Toitp. The first task was to elect their officers. George Cole became president. Ikttv Jackson, as ice-president, vorked with him. Bill Hopps was elected treasurer bv his classmates, vhilc Rolland Lan - erman von otit as secretar ' . The next job for the .Sophs was to harass the comentional gicen frosh. The first night ol the ra lc-tla le frcsliman davs a crop of 40 pairs of pants ■as har ested bv Soph hands. The number grew each succeeding- night and gave the Soi)hs confidence tor their coming battle ■(vith the yearlings in the Home- coming Class Games. Going .social for an evening the class members mixed through an evening of games, eats, and dancing in the Union Ballroom dtiring the first week of October. The Soph juggcrnaiu rolled o er the freshmen in the Class Games bv the con incing score of 14 to 3. Not stopping - vith one iciorv. " 43 ' successfully captured another with their float entrv in the Homecoming parade. Old Man Winter finally brought a sno v blanket in Januarv. so the Sophs CTot out their skiis. skates, and heavv toggerv for a Snow Frolic in the Ann Arbor hills. Jean Reid headed the fri ' -!,id frolic committee. " When the Juniors were busv with J-Hop aifairs. the Sopho- mores eagerlv set out to share the limelight vith meetings, an- nouncements, and reports concerning the Soph Swirl. In the Swirl election finals. Jean Schinnann beat out Marv V)od. vhile Rod Grambeau nosed out Bob I ' rciuhart. The team of Schu- mann and Grambeau selected its committees to insinx ' the keen- est com])ctition for the ri al Jtmior J-Hop. The Sophs secured Bill Sawver and his orchestra to set the throng of dancers ' feet in motion, and made the S virl a coloriul climax tor Sophomore activities. 59 opk r lomorei FDR NINETEEil FIRST ROW — Margaret Abbott. Betty Ableson, Marie Affelt, Earl Alent. Arlene Allen. SECOND ROW — Jeane Ames, John Anderson, Victor Apple, Robert Archer, Lloyd Armbruster THIRD ROW — Dorothy Arnold, Linda Atchinson, Lome Atkins, Margaret Augustus, Betty Baker, Joyce Baske, Eleanor Bauer, Betty Ba Barbara Beck. FOURTH ROW Bette Betwee, Virginia Blair, Albert Boelens, Elizabeth Brock, Betty Bronson, Jack Brown, Robert Brown, Wilbur Browniij Ralph Buckles. FIFTH ROW — Ruth Buckley, Douglas Burton, John Celestin, Frances Chartier, Paul Chernuchin, Morry Chudnovsky, Roger Cleary, J. Cody, George Cole. SIXTH ROW — Mildred Cole, Wilma Corbett, Phyllis Courtemanche, Jean Covington, Barbara Cowin, Evelyn Cox, Richard Crossley, Mlj Cuthbert, Ernest Dascola. SEVENTH ROW — Ardath Daising, Betty Despres, Gladys Duncan, Alice Dunham, Virginia Dykhuis, James Eastman, Norwood Eastman, J Edmonson, Barbara Emig. 60 : ' ' -- - ' -y ' ■ w -J I - ' ■cC UNDRED AND FDHTY-DNE . 2 1 - m amf : P - ' Ti f- ti " • A T ROW— James Evans, Richard Fell, Donald Fleury, Helen Foote, Elinor Forsyth, Morris Galfond. OND ROW — Melvin Giles, Ruth Cells, Vercnica Gille, Clyde Clendening, Solomon Cluck, Isabelle C:;odman. : :D ROW — Elizabeth Gordon, Frances Graham, Eileen Granskog, Melvin Green. Phyllis Criggs, Margaret Haas. ' . RTH ROW— Marion Hamel, Dorothy Hand, Eugene Haner, Paul Hansen, Mabel Hard, Geraldine Harrison, Helen Harvey, Harold Haw- kins, Barbara Hayes, H ROW — Hayden Hayes, Nellie Hazelaar, Carlene Heininger, Stewart Helfrich, Trevor Hellems. Harriet Hemingway, Josephine Hempstead, Robert Handee, David Henderson. . H ROW — Marian Herbst, Esther Hill, June Hiser, Betty Hoelzer, Richard Holly, Willard Hopps, Marie Huber, Evelyn Huskinson, Loretta Iqnatowski. i.iNTH ROW— Marion Inglis, Elizabeth Johnson, Eveline Johnson, Richard Karpinski, James Kelley. Pauline Kercher, Lucille Kilter, Harold Koch. Maxine Koeppen. -zt -rc i 7 - uju , omorej FDR NINETEE FIRST ROW Demelra Kokkales, Elsmer Kreeger, Richard Kruse, Ruby Kruse, Evelyn, Lafayette, Helen Lambarth, Virginia Lamkln, iil Lancaster, Holland Langerman. SECOND ROW — Joanne Lock wood, Donald Langstaif, Elizabeth Lawrence, Laddys Ledford, Robert Leonard, Clyde Lepisto, Celia L Ifc Ruth Lietz, Dorothea Lobban. THIRD ROW Betty Long, Phyllis Long, Hugh Loveland, Florence Luke, Wallace Lutz, Elaine Macintosh, Helen MacKeil, Charles Madijii Eugenia Maleski. FOURTH ROW — Lottie Maleski, Worth Mallory, Felicia Manikas, Frank Manning, Clarence Markeson, Kathleen Marquand, Beulah M " (fc Vernon Martin, Bruce Maslin. FIFTH ROW — Shirley Mason, Blanche McLenna, Don McLeod, Angeline Merenda, Leighton Miller, Lois Miller, Dorothy Mitchell, 1 % Mocek, Walter Moore. SIXTH ROW — Gertrude Mullin, Margaret Munsell, Betty Nank, Ruth Neal. Julia Neelands, Charles Nemeth, Paul Nevel, Ziguj Niparko, Gladys Norris. SEVENTH ROW — Thelma O ' Connell, Virginia O ' Morrow, Grace Otto, John Palmer, Janet Palmer, Mary Park, Margaret Parkinson, Const] Patrico, Thelma Paulson. 62 JU UNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE A . V, % ' o , 4 ▼g W . ' - ' K rf =- - " l ' RST ROW — Ann Pavlovich, Patricia Perry, George Petredean, Evangeline Pitsch, Virginia Ploth, Maryon Plesha. :COND ROW — Olga Podayko, Mary Polzin, Hoberl Pretty, Elsie Purchase. William Quinn, Marjorie Rauchle. iIRD ROW — Shirley Raymond, Mary Regiiko, Catherine Reid, Donna Reigel, Lois Reno, Donald Riddering. 3URTH ROW— Catherine Robertson, Ruth Roediger, George Rogers, John Rohr, Clara Root, Mirabel Russell, John Rylko. Vesta St. John. Phyllis Savage. TTH ROW — Bernice Sayers, Clare Schosser, Jean Schumann, Charles Schwartz, Clayton Seeley. Stewart Seger, Ruth Shorpe . Jeanette Sherv ood, Edw ard Sikorowicz. XTH ROW — Kathleen Simons, Oramae Sinn, Annalee Slater, Betty Slout, James Smith, Jeanette Smith, Robert Smith. Virginia Smith, Margaret Snow. TVENTH ROW — Maxine Snow, Iva Sommers, Paul Spata, Jeanette Spence, Margery Sperry, Clark Spike, June Springer, Martha Stadt- miller, Verna Stier. J 63 Sonliomores FDR NINETEEN HUNDRED FDRTY-DNE jp FIRST ROW — Irene Stine, Elwin Strail, Jacqueline Stuebing, Esther Sw ayze, Leonard Sv iger. SECOND ROW — Julia Szucs, Laurice Tanber, Elaine Tonske, Doris Tewksbury, Betty Thompson. THIRD ROW — Ralph Tibbie, Frank Timoshek, Marie Turner, Eleanor Tyler, Rosemary Ulrich, Robert Urquharl, Loraine Valade, Leland Vandecar, Howard Vartanian. FOURTH ROW— Joseph Versichele, Dorothy Vogel, Josephine Vusich, Doris Wade, Charles Walker, Dorothy Walker, Dorothy Walton, Dorothy Ward, Mary Warner, FIFTH ROW— Frankie Warren, Jane Watterworth, Theodore Webb, Shirley Westrick, Lois Whims, Neva Whipple, James Williams, Lillian Williams, Arthur Willis. SIXTH ROW— Margaret Wills, Betty Winslow, Mary Wood, Warren Woodward, Iva Woodruff, Anna Woods, James Worth, Richard Wortley, Audrienne Wright. l „ wJ..o. »it SEVENTH ROW— Jeanne Wurzel, George Yellin, Fern Yenkel, Arthur Young, Robert Young, Winifred Young, Edward Hayward. C 64 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Vernon Sherman President Dorothv Rahm Vice-President Eleanor Voini Secretary Janet Mitchell Treasttrer 66 Section L ditor, llHaxine Ljoodrich OCrOBER, 1940, rolled around widi over five- hundred Freshmen, as green as grass, enrolling into college lile. To help us ' " greenies " out, the u])per class men and women in die role of Campus Sisters and M.U.G. ' s were Avilling to gi e irs advice at any time. Dtiring oin " first veek on campus, many meetings and entertainments were planned for tis to make tis feel at home liere. At one of these meelings, -vve wide-eved, hard- to-fool Frosh. elected Alice Clark and Ken Clyne as the co-leaders of otu class of ' 4.J. Although the lionors in the class games -went to the Sophs, the Frosh succeeded in relieving a large ntnnber of the Sophs of some of their wearinii ai)|)arel. 67 Credit men FDR NINETEE FIRST ROW— G. Allen, L. Allen, D. Allwood, M. Anderson, V. Antony, C. Bobbish, J. Bach, B. Barchordy, J. Bagnoll. SECOND ROW— A. Baily, O. Baily, E. Baisch, J. Balon, M. Barrett, J. Barton, D. Badard, M. Bell. THIRD ROW— I. Bernth, K. Bex, E. Bilacic, P. Biondi, N. Bird, A. Blacha, L. Blackman, E. Bolte. E. Bolton. FOURTH ROW — W. Bonner, M. Boryan, G. Bott, J. Boyd, W. Brandon. R. Brewer, M. Brigqs, E. Brown, P. Brown. FIFTH HOW— E. Buckingham, G. Burroughs, K. Calkins, J. Campbell, S. Campbell, V. Campbell, J. Carpenter, P. Carpenter, M. Carringti SIXTH ROW — L. Gates, D. Chaoman, D. Chase, A. Clark, L. Clay, P. Cleary, E. Cloonan, K. Clyne, C. Cogar. SEVENTH HOW — K. Conley, I. Conlin, V. Cook. T. Cooney, A. Courtney, R. Craft, J. Crane, A. Crego, A. Currie. JNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE ' ,;T ROW— I. Dancer, A. Darrejian, D. Denninqer, V. De Verna, E. Devine, L. De Witt, D. Dibble, H. Dietrich, E. Frost. . ' OND ROW— H. Duggan, W. Dunbar, M. Dunlap, C. Duriey, F. Durham, E. Duval, I. Edgar, E. Eggert, M. Eldred. ' D ROW— P. Engstrom, R. Erbe, B. Every, O. Feather, B. Feldkamp, B. Ferris, P. Ferry, E. Fisler, H. Fluckey. ' RTH ROW— R. Foerch, W. Fogg. W. Erase. A. Frede, A. Frye, H. Galekovich, F. Garland. H. Gibbs, G. Gilbert. H ROW— E. Gilday, D. Glenn. T. Glenwood, D. Click, E. Gooding. M. Goodrich. B. Gordon. H. Gordon, B. Green. N " H ROW — E. Green, R. Gregory, C. Greig. T. Greig. D. Griswold, N. Griswold, V. Guy. M. Hagemaster, B. Hagstrom. I SNTH ROW— C. Hallock, G. Hann, M. Horcourt. K. Harding, J. Harmon, B. Haydon, A. Haynes, V. Hazelaar. Viola Hazelaar. 69 Credit men FDR NINETEE FIRST ROW— B. Heath, R. Heath, M. Heatly, I. Heck, L. Heddle, R. Heimbuch, C. Hellner, D. Henne, S. Herlia. SECOND ROW— R. Herringer, G. Hildinger, S. Hnatow, F. Hoeflinger, J. Huffman, D. Holmes, I. Holmes, E. Horton, A. Hosman. THIRD ROW — N. Houck, M. Howard, C. Huntly, C. Irelan, 1. Jacquart. D. John, G. Johnson, B. Johnson, C. Johnson. FOURTH ROW— 1. Johnson, K. Jollife, C, Jones, C. Kalbileisch, R. Kane, B. Kantz, H. Korch, J. Kavanaugh, M. Keehn. FIFTH ROW- H. KeUer, R. Kellner, T. Kenteos, B. Kerbyson, R. Kern, E. Kidd, M. Kidd, P. Klager, L. Klein. SIXTH ROW— K. Kleinbrook, H. Knock, K. Kooi, M. Korson, F. Krause, V. Krebsbach, G. Kressbach, B. Krynan, E. Kuebler. i SEVENTH ROW— V. Kulenkormp, B. Kyper, F. Lamiman, E. Langstaff, M. Lorko, E. Lasowski, B. Lawson, A. Leary, A. Lee. I 70 UNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE kH a V I ;ST HOW— D. Lehr, H. Leverelt, N. Line, R. Lloyd, J. Lovell, M. L yngklip, J. Machowski, J. Mac Inlosh. M. Mack. ;OND ROW— B. Maybe, R. Mains, E. Maison, G. Manitz, I. Mann, P. Mason, D. Mathews, R. Maxwell. IRD ROW— M. McClumpha, F. McCulcheon, D. McGary. J. McK illen, D. McMahon, R. McMichael, H. McMillan, M. Miller, D. Miller. URTH ROW— H. Miller, M. Minniker, H. Minor, J. Mitchell, E. M izdrak, M. Moore, M. R. Moore, F. Mumm. F. Naas. TH ROW— E. Nance, J. Naploszek, M. Neering, R. Nelson, C. Newell, A. Newman, V. Oliver, K. Olson, B. Osborne. :TH ROW— V. Ostrander, M. Palmer, A. Palquist, G. Parker, L. Peters. D. Pipper, H. Potter, A. Price, M. Proctor. rNTH ROW — C. Pryor, D. Rahm, E, Redick, G. Reed, W, Reigel, S. Reiser, G. Remington, S. Reynolds, R. Rhodes. 71 y( A ZJ-reikmen FDR NINETEE - IT FIRST ROW — E. Hibits, B. Richards, M. Rinebolt, M. Robinson, J. Rodelius, H. Roehrs, B. Rogers, L. Rosebrugh. J. Hoskapp. SECOND ROW — V. Rath, C. Salmonson, C. Sampier, D. Sample, J. Sanderson, G. Sargent, P. Savina, P. Schaeifer, H. Schmidt. THraD ROW— J. Schmidt, E. Schmilt, M. Schoenberg, B. Schramm, M. Scott, F. Semon, R. Service. M. Shaft, E. Sharp. FOURTH ROW— R. Shippy, M. Shook, A. Shortt, H. Simmons, E. Simon, H. Slabaugh, D. Smith, L. Smith, B. Soldan. FIFTH ROW — H. Sonenberg, V. Southard, B. Standen, S. Stephen, S. W. Stephan, M. Sternberg, M. Steven, E. Stofflet, G. StadtmilleJ SIXTH ROW— C. Slowell, O. Strachocki, B. Strieter, H. Syrett, P. Szokowski, Y. Tackman, B. Thiede, B. Thielan, C. Thiele. SEVENTH ROW— B. Thomas, M. Thomas, B. Trott, D. Trumbull, C. Utley, L. Van Buskirk, M. Vander Ark, I. Van Osdol, V. Viktoryn. , 72 HUNDRED AND FDRTY-DNE FIRST ROW -K. Voss, I. Waggoner, F. Walton, J. Walton, E. Wanty, M. Wanly. SECOND ROW — H, Waskowski, G. Weier. T. Weinlander, M. Welden, C. Welti, M. Weymouth. THIRD ROW -R. Whipple. W. Wilcox, A. Williams, B. Wisely, S. Woll, I. Woodbury. FOURTH ROW- L. Woodrulf, C. Woolcott, B. Worslold, M. Wright, M. L. Wright, W. Wright. FIFTH ROW— E. Young, A. Zabowski, S. Zakoscielny, W, Zellmcn, L. Bowles. 73 CAMPUS YEAR Section C ditofA, J ane lioemaher, J ol Cfluch, and oe V. wo lit HOMECOMING LATE autumn found Homecoming tapping No ember on the shoulder and shaking her cordially by the hand. Both arri ' ed at the same time, blo ving in vith a gust of good cheer amidst falling lea ' es and trousers, for it seems that their arri ' al marked the beginning of the class games. This fatal occasion ivas dampened considerably by a rain storm; ho ' ever. after the games got under way. a little more mud one way or another made no difference. It was a muddv struggle U) the bitter end. Inu. since this -was the month of the presi- dential election, nuid throwing was (juite in ogue. The bitter end was " bitterest " for the little freslimen who put up a good fight, and hap|)iest for the sophs who just naturally —so they say— valkcd olf vith the greatly sought-after jug. The evening finished with a ery happy e ent for all— even the frosh. The annual Homecoming Pep Rally ran off ery smoothlv witli Mr. Ed -in Stahl. former Charles McKenny Hall manager, at the helm, . mong the celebrates introduced was " Chuck " Hanneman. former Hinon Grid star, now Captain ol the Detroit Lions. The Huron (iridders of today were innoduied bv Captain Sicra. -who promised a ictory over Alma the following afternoon. The lighter spots of tlie RalK were presented Ijv such campus headlights as Lee Sharp ' s happy hoofs, and the ranking renditions of the Amalgamated Nine. This memorable evening coidd not have been complete had it not been for the bone-crtishing, glass-shatlering theatre rush or " sqticeze, " if you prefer. Needless to say, in spite of a few broken bones, lost teeth, torn trousers, scjuaslied feet and general mental anguish, everyone ' as in good spirits. For those students and aliunni v ' ho prefer the more aesthetic features in life rather than the theatre " free for all, " a dance in Charles McKenny Hall was provided. Dawn Saturday morning found many students still up putting the finishing touches on their floats— if they had been so lortimate as to haxe them that far along. Several groups had spent the night searching lor a n lu k lo carry the float vhich thev hoped coidd win one of the coxeled prizes. A lilile ihing like a sleepless night onlv enhanced the enthusiasm for the day ' s actixiiies. The parade started the day off with tlie pro erbial " bang " and foimd the streets lined with photogi ' aphy " fiends. " h()[)elid sponsors of lloats— biting their nails and tear- ing their hair ' ith anxiety— and casual observers. It ■ vas a very fine parade and well wcjrth the vhile of those people vho worked so hard to make it a success. Amidst wa ing banners and poignant chrvsanthemunrs. the Huron football team took the Griddle-Cake, defeating the Alma team to the time of 24 to 7. It was a " tough fight, " but imbued with the homecoming s]jirit. the Hiu ' ons fought like their predecessor Red- skins to pin the Alma boys down and run away with the pig-skin classic. This well-won ic tory topped off a beautiftd da and .dl mnids turned lo thoi;ghts of a pleasant e ' ening. The annual homecoming ahmmi dance vas the main ieatm-e of tlie e ' ening. It vas a gala affair and all who altended dioroughlv enjo ed the yearly celebration. Sunday afternfK)n foimd sleepy-eyed alinnni and students alike thronging into Pease Auditorium for the College Symjihony Orchestra Concert. The program included a fe s ' " ditties " by Debussy. Brahms and Strauss, and the orchestra did very -well by each of these composers. Late that night Mr. Homecoming found himself cjuite alone, and thoroughly worn out. He sighed, palled himself on the back for the line ork he had done, and prepared to hibernate for another year. 76 77 Siera, Grady Gross, Koniry Hefiernan, Maschke Gilles, A. Newlands FDD 1940 Stands in the record books as a bad season for Coach Elton }. Rynearson and his Michigan Normal gridders. The Hiirons garnered one victorious decision in seven starts, tallying 31 points for a low score. Injuries and the lack of reserves liaunted the squad and took their toll in the win-loss cohuims. In ilie initial contest the Hurons bat- tled Illinois Normal to a scoreless tie in a game that -was played entirely between the two 2()-vard lines of Briggs Field. Captain Walt .Siera was forced to leave the game in the second quarter with a knee injury that follo ved him throughout the grid season. Normal stepped out of its class on the night of October 1 1 wlien the Ryniemen were whitewashed by the U. of D. Titans inider the lights of the University of De- troit Stadium. Gus Dorais ' three elevens c Iialked up 47 ])()ints and blanked the is- itinu Hiu ' ons. ()uantit vas the o er- s ' helming factor in the defeat of the (ireen-and- Vhile. BoAvling Green State vas schedided for the third helping of Huron scalps vhen the Falcons toppled the Normal scjuad in the mud of Universitv Field. Bowling Green, Oliio. The Ohioans got the 15-0 ncxl. The Bearcats of Central State Teach- ers College handed the Hurons their fourth consecuti ' e scoreless defeat ivhen the Hurons again played imder the arc- lights at Mount Pleasant. The Hurons held the Cats to 24 points as the Normal rooters, inspired by the retinn to the grid wars of Capt. Siera. again sa ■ him re- moved from the contest vith a fmther aggTavation of his injined knee. Everything vas on Normal ' s side for the next game with the Alma Scots. Who cared that the Scots were undefeated and boasted the strongest team in the MIAA and one of the best in the state? It was Homecoming in Ypsi and the Hinons turned the trick! 78 LL A record crowd of -,.000 rooters, gi-ads, prols. and siiides. ])ackcd the stands, in- cluding, ihc new norih bleachers, and watched the niornint; clouds disperse, and the ■(varni. afternoon sini shine do vn on the lesti al crcnvd. . nd Xornial didn ' t let them do ■n. Alma ' as defeated 24-7 1 The .Scots tallied first and held a slim -f) lead at the end of the first cjuarter. Hut Normal ' s inspired footl:)all o ercanie the ra le-da le tactics of tlie in aders— sho el passes, laterals, doidjle and tiiple pass pla s ■ vere of no a ail against the Hurons ' [)ower and an ressixeness. C.eort;e e ■- lands flit pa dii t twice for the home team vhile Walt .Siera .and Dick Gilles carried " ivinniu ' mail once, scorini in e ei quar- ter of tile tin illini; ' contest. Imbtied vith a new thirst for a ictorv. the inspired Michif an Normal sc|uad ' ent into the next L;ame wlih the Tartars of Wavne Uni ersitv full of ne v ho)je and offensi e plavs. Rut tlie ne vlv created strate 4y coiddn ' l o erconie the carlv Wavne lead and the Hurons bowed to the De- troiters. 19-7. F.ioht Hinons fjrounhi tlieir collc ' iatc footi)all careers to a close when Michigan Normal rani; do vn the curtain on her football season vith her final defeat at the hands of a dark horse ele en from Kalama- zoo CollcLic. Ihe Kalama oo Hornets were re warded with their first and onlv ictorv of the season as thev wancjtiished the Huron hosts. 13-3. Pat Heffernan. Joe Grady. Ed Pol v. Dave Ciates. Jack Viiille. Georoe Ne vlands. Varren Gross, and Captain Walt .Siera carried the ])i skin for tlie last time for Michigan Normal. Ihev left behind iliem a scpiad to be led bv Captain-elect ndv NcAvlands and a few eierans. Coach R - nearson vill fill ilie remaining berths aroinid his promising freshmen and before voti know it. the 1(141 season will l e on . Rick off! Gates, Beach Poly, Manning G. Newlands, Grant 73 Coach Rynearson, Maschke, A. Newlands, YuiUe, Kontrymowicz, Heiierncm, Poly, Gager, Manning, Stites. Buckles, Nemeth, Tremper, Swickert, Gates, Burgan, Palmer, Schram, Grady, Osborn. Apple, Karpenski, Gilles, Dyer, Grant, Siera, G. Newlands, Gross, Lieder, Gretzner. EARLA ' ill is year the Freshman Class fek the need tor t vo competent lead- ers, and made ' ery ' ise choices in selecting Alice Clark and Ken Clyne to fill the posts. Under the leadership of this duo, the " Frosh " ha e done ery ' ell for themselves this year. No ember concluded its schedule of social e ents by paying tribute to the dean of the physical education department and the friend of all associated Avith him, Mr. Joseph McCulloch. An honorary dinner Avas held and follo ' ed by a dance in the ball room of Chailes McKennev Hall. 80 CROSS COUNTRY Tlic n( ss-(()iiiitry s([iiacl may iioi auraci ihc trowtls iliai (iilni Mulligan Noniian teams do, but the hill-aiul-dalc- sport certainly draws its share ol jjlaiidiis on ilie Unron (ampiis. Siiecess of Mich- igan Normal ' s ihinelads cannot be traced to an one man; liie team pi i loi iiied well as a iniil. as nnist all successlid ti-oss-country brigades. The Huron ' s performances in ilu- Xaiinnal Inui (lulle iaies and ilie Xaiional A.A.I . will proba- bly linger longesi in lliemenion nl (loaih I.. . Olds and his lianieis. In the lormer meet, Vpsi ' s strong seven man scpiad linished second lo Indiana linxeisiiv. ( innsidinnL; iliai Tl colleges and universities were represented in the meet at East I ansing. ilu llumns ' seiond placi- was regarded as a distinct upset. Behind Indiana, wiih Gb points, and Michigan Xoimal. with lis points, followed Rliode Island .State. 1910 I.(!. l-. champs, Michigan Slate. Notie Dame, and Ohio State-. lieing rtin in conjunction with this meet, the Central Inter-collegiates distance liile vas ca|)nnccl l) .Michigan Normal. The Htnons last held this conlerence crown back in Wll . Not satisJK ' d with llieir snccess in ihe alioM- meet, the lolhiwing Ilnnsdax Xoimal placed sc-cond in the National . ., .U. cross-coimlry run held at Detroiii. Chani|)ionsliip lionors were claimed bv the New York A.C.. but Michigan Normal placed two men among ilic- Inst Inc. Behind I)c)n Lash. Greg Rice, and I-iiigi Beccali, came ilic- llnidii siais-Tom (hiinn and Diiane Zenijui. Ca|)i. Bob Lee finished iwelllh in the large siar-snidded held. Durable Tom Qiiinn caixccl a niche in Noiinals h.ill ol fame li rem, lining nndeiealed in dual meet cc)ni])eiiiion tor loin ears. Qtniin pic keel up a liisi jilace in ihe Hiirons ' initial meet against Ceniial State. This meei |iro ed hardh a waimii]) lor psi ' s liai tiers as tlie annexed the first sc en places. Howe er, the lollowing week at Kalama oo the Hurons were loiced to accept a lun- ne ' ru|3 spot to Michigan Slale in the Stale Inter-collegiates. The S|)ailans again edged onl the Icjcals the next week at V|)silanti. when .Michigan Xoimal acted as liosi in the Michigan . .. .l ' . First place in this meet was taken by Qiiinn. who coxeied ihe loni-inile coinsc- in ' ' ' ' -l), " i. Duane empei laimed a second, while Capt. Lee finished fourth. From iheii on the Hnroiis showed slead imp) o enuiu .md weni on lo shine in llie .Xatioiiaj meets. .Michigan Normal ' s record lor the last 21 vears ol dual meet competition now reads: SI icte:)ries, three defeats. ' Fo uphold the ictoi iradition of the flreen and ■hite. the Hurons ha e started by eleiting Dnanc- ein|)ei caplain ol ilieii Mill cl()s (ol ln loices. Olds, Archer, Johnson, Cole. Hansen, McClelland. Zemper, Quinn. Lee. Brzezinski. Burnie. 81 W. A. A, Beltnv is the story ] once heard told B a ' HI cockroach, brave and bold Who e er tla ' defied his doom By li inn ' •! ' ' i ' ' V-A.A. locker room. I mo ed into my winter quarters early in October to find that I would have to share my domicile viih an abundance of hocke sticks, badminton raccjuets, ■olleyballs, baseballs, basketballs, bo ' svs, ar- rows, and shin-gtiards, to sa nothing of a great mass of happy, chattering women. It vasn ' t long before I disco ered that the girls -who -were ujisetting mv rest iverc mcmbcis of the ' .. .A. and that I heir leailer was Laura Oien. Almost i er aiiernoon lor iivo nionihs the girls dashed about my quarters with hockey sticks, but I didn ' i mind (hat so much, in fact 1 got so that I enjoyed ha ing them aroimd. The blo ' came vith winter vhen m usurping friends came in at uight. disturbing my sleep and making my life generally inilx ' aral)le. I ' m a jjatient fellow and can take the bitter ■with tlte s eet. biu the volle ball. basket- liall. ami h.idininion seasons addeil ten years to m ' life. With faiui.irv (ante peace as the A ' .. .A. held their winter camp on Mill Lake. My home vas too (|iiiei anil I wishetl that I had smuggled mvself into the ecjuipment basket and gone too. M) comfort as short li ed. hoi e er. and it wasn ' t lono- before I Avas ducking here and there dodsfino- baseball bats, tennis raccjiieis and archery ec[uipmcnt. For nine ivhole months r ' e li ed in a ttmuoil ol Iriendh, hapjjx competition antl lune seen girls come and go vith a smile and a touch of laughter that told of genuine enjoyment and sportsmanship. So )(Hi see the ' .. .A. is an excellent organization for all the Avomen of the campus, but Lm afraid it ' s nuich too strenuous for me. r e taken the only wav out. Having bored a large hole in a cute red Avool " pinnie. " I iiuend to crawl iir and spend the rest of brief, feeble life in comparaii e c]iiiet and comfort. Abo e is a sior that I once read Of a ' lil cockroach, bra e, but dead AVho every day defied his doom B li ing ill the W.. .A. locker room. 82 W. A. A. ACTIVITIES A WHIRL of social flurries Hooded December which will long be remembered bv all those u " ho ' were in attendance. Among these events we foimd the annual Ytile Log Drag, the all college Christmas party, the ( " hristinas Sing, the Christmas concert, and many parties and dances sponsored h the difterent campus organiza- tions for their members. The Christmas Choir Concert featured the Normal Choir for the last time imder the direction of its admired and able leader. Professor Frederick Alex- amler. ho Avill go into retirement as head of the music department in June of this year. A capacity atidience of over 3000 people attended to hear the 160 voices in the choir Ijlend in singing those Christmas songs bekned by all. The entire program vas recorded, and many of the renditions were pre- sented to the audience and choir in i-ecord form h)llowing the concert. The program consisted of such Christmas fa orites as () Praise the Name of the Lord and The CJienihic H i)iit. both of which ; ere written by Gretcha- nino ' . and Gosjiodi jxiimlin b Lxowsky. Although this marked the last Christmas Concert imder the direction of Professor Alexander, the memorv and inspiration of his ac Iiievements in music vill long remain viih all those affiliated with him. 84 IN Iioiior ol the u v season, llic Lite Sketching (lass, under ihe direc lion ol Miss Straler. designed a Clhristnias nunal. This skelcliing was an out- .standing v()rk ol ail. lashioncd to In the modern age and (i ili ation and showing the .lineruiiN loay ol ' celebialing Christmas. C onirasLed with (jiu- AiucrKtui Kv v, was the European way. . ])icture ol escape, lire and blood- shed re|)resenle(I the F,in-o])ean chaos and made Christmas seem more ol a blessing in a nation Iree Ironi Avar, slril ' e. death and dexastation. In the hearts of the students this uuual toiuitl a delinitc place and set these same hearts beating a bit faster in gratitude that their Christmas gift might be love, friendliness, or happiness rather than a destroyed home, destitute fam- ily or perhaps a well directed bullet. 85 SPEED, height, capable reserves, and razzle-dazzle coaching were not enough to gi e Michigan Normal ' s basketball team more than fotn " victories out of fifteen contests played dnring the 1940-41 cage season. Loyal Huron fans filled the Central High School gym se eral nights, only to be disappointed by an in-and-oixt varsity " hich Avas mostly ■ ' out. " Major coaching duties were handled by Frank Worzniak. a former Huron basket- ball linninary. lien the hoop season ended, members of the team kne v a wealth of cage tricks, btit someho v stich tactics do not ahsays asstire victories. Bad luck seemed to plague Normal all during the cainpaign. When one player was exper- iencing a good night on the court, a teammate s ' oidd find himself in a slump. In all fairness to the varsity squad, it must be pointed out that they lost six tussles by four points or less. After dropping decisions to Wayne. Central State and the University of Michi- gan, the Green and White finally hit the ' ictory coltimn against Kalamazoo College. This ' in served only as a temporary reprieve, for the Hurons follo ved by losing to Wayne. Alma. St. Mary ' s of Orchard Lake. Hope, Central State, and University of Detroit. Normal ' s second ictory finally came against Bo sding Green on Febru- ary 8. After Kalamazoo pro ed too tough to handle, the Hurons returned to Ypsi- lanti and trimmed Hope. Losses to Alma and Northern State follo ved befoix the Htirons annexed their final vin of the year against St. Mary ' s of Orchard Lake. A nonc-too-]jrospcrous season ended with a trimming by the University of Detroit. The job of retiu ' iiing the Hurons to ' ictoriotis vays lies largely in the hands of Fritz Bennetts and Ed Kontrymo ' wic , ho ha e been elected to captain the team during the 1941-42 season. With a year ' s total of 136 points. Captain Burman Misenar established a new scoring record for Michigan Normal players. Jimmv AValsh sent 1 " ,r, points through the hoop during the i9;;8-;)9 season. ■Varsity a-ivards were presented to eleven cagers: Misenar. Bennetts. Kontrymo- wicz. Doug Cullin. Charles Oxlev. John Grant. Carl Alfsen. John Shada. Roy Law- rence. Rolland Lanucrman. Al Green ' ood. and manaoer Art Maschke. 86 THE All-Campus boxing tournament returned to ihe sports scene after a year ' s absence, and the result was a " knockout " in t ery sense of the word. The throngs which packed the old gymnasiinn loi thice nights were not disappointed. Fists flew fast and Iree. and e ery man battled hard lioni the opeiung round. When the smoke had leared after the linals. Ii f new ( hamps were crowned. They ere: ii- ' ti pound class. Marlen Rebel : i;-, pound (lass, (ieoige Cole: 147 ])ound ( lass. luigeiie I.uc.uelli; itin pound i l.iss. |- red Hobbs: ly- pdund (lass. ' ic Ajjple. In an exhiijition hea v veighl boul held the inght ol the- lin.ils. Herb Roehrs gained a technical knockout o ei ' Pete ,Sa ina. Rel)er. also an excelleiu wrestlci. pulled a suipiis( ' b de( isioning [ohnn R lko in the ieatherweight clash. In wiiuiing the 1 lyi ound cro vn. C ' ole vas gi en a real battle before gaining the decision cner his c lose hiend. D vight ( ' hapman. Gene I.ii- carelli ' s southpaw si le puz led Lester f eddle as the latter bowed on a te(hni(al K.O. early in the second roiuid. Fred Hobbs. vho had twice beloie been eliminated in All-( ' ampus toinneys, came back this year vitli a bang. Altei disposing of the 1 (io |)oun(l champion. Andy Ne vlancls. Hobbs came back in the iin.ds to stop Dick Man- ning via the technical knockout roiue in the second round. ' u Apple was declared a ic tor when Harold .Sonnenberg decided not to go a lourtli round alter a close fight. Other men who participated in the boiUs weie: Xewlands. Lee .Sharp. Kd ' oisich. Norris W ' iltsc. |im U ' alton, Bob Klein. Lowell Bea(li. I)ill hiinn. C.hde Lepisto. .Vrt Willis. Bernard Hogan. iiob Kern, and Bob Lut . Jack .Starwas and Joe Kolby performed capably m the referee duties of the tournameiu. I X (oiurast to their aisit biotheis. Michi ' ' an Xoni heshmen basketball team ndled lluou- ' h with I lu ' hl ' su(c ess lid c ' .ir r. With Martin " eke " Zacliar handling the coaching duties, the yearlings gained a record ol luiie i( lories and one deleat. The Hiuon first- ear cagers handed a pair of lickings to a ne hosli. L. ol 1). Iiosh. Saginaw VM( A. and ( " ilearv College. The .Selfridge Field Fivers also Ull belore the strong ' psi Ireshmen. A live-point loss to ilu ' Saginaw " " ' accounts lor the- oiiK deleat. . host ol c lass pkueis will inoxe up to arsit (oiiipeniioii next wimci. Xume- lals were ])resented to ten earlings: k.d (.ildaw 1 Inward Messi aigei . liob llcim- buch. Sam C ' ott. X ' ernon Slicnnan, Louis I ro( toi ' . Pat Biondi. ( ' li.n les ( .U ' i ' . ( ' h.iiles Sampiei " . and Cieortie Allen. 87 J-HDP THE ' CJass of Tomorrows ' " greeted bleak February wvith the dance of the year, the J-Hop. It proved to be the most weW arranged, best decorated and ■ ell attended J-Hop presented in many a year. Jtilia Snell and John Shoemaker directed the work and spent many hotus of preparation and mtich labor in preparation for the " dance of tomorrow. " The committee went to great lengths to obtain the services of a top ranking orchestra. This search was rewarded -ivhcn Robert " Bob " Strong of " Uncle Walter ' s Dog House " fame consented to present his - vell knowvn orchestra at the Hop. The orchestra honored the Junior class by playing the Huron Fight Sn)iiJ ower a national net-wvork a fe ' W nights before the dance. THE decorating committee showved great ingentiity in planning tlie dec- orations for the Hop. The greatest feattire in the decorations proved to be, belie ' e it or not, a series of old egg cartons. These cartons were soon be- vond recognition as such after many hours of work. A few quarts of paint and grotmd glass and a number of spot lights transformed the cartons into a glittering backgroimd of sparkle and color. The faxors also were evidence of the originality of the Hop committee. Each lady present received a double pocket-size picture frame containing a pictin-e of Mr. Strong and a picture of her and her escort wvhich w ' as taken during the evening. All in all. the Jimior class can sell be protid of its J-Hop committee and of its ' Dance of Tomorroxv. " COCIIAIRMF.X Julia Siicil John SliDcinakcT ORtlFlESIRA StMiiour Bass Mar M.ci. ani Rii P.ainc D er riCRETS Ralpli f.iliKnsuiii liiTiiiic JacoiiN I ' LBI.IClll V Mills Wilbcr jcamitt ' RidianK lAX ' ORS M) I ' ROf.RAMS Mary Esther Ross J: ick C.illis DICOR I lOXS ShiikA Ni|)(Klal Mankx IxiihanNon RiiIkti LaRuc Kaihktii rhdiiipsdii George Rawxm liai bara Eni ker Ethvaril Konirx nioAvic Etlwaril kirsiow-kx 39 BASEBALL THERE ' as plenty of reason lor Coach Ray Stites to be in his usual high spirits As ' hen the Michigan Normal baseball team began training for the 1941 season. P ery man sho held down a regular spot on the varsity the pre ' ioiis year vas again eligible and anx- ious for action. . star-studded line-up ' hich doTvned La ' wrence Tech. 10-6. in the season opener at Detroit included Capt. Joe Borovich. first base: Mike Drusbacky. second: John Shada. shortstop: |oe Grady, third: ' Walt Siera. Chuck Oxley. and Andy Newlands. out- fielders: Bill Lamiman. catcher: Rav Dennis, pitcher. Six of the abo e plavers hit better than a . " ,00 clip in 1940. Following the initial game, specidation Avas that the Hiu ons vere headed for a great season. Stites had a host of top-notch sidjstitutes in readiness in case of an emergency. Re- serves included Dana Hannnar, Chtick Xemeth. Al Hutchins. Carl Alfsen, John Shoe- maker. Pat Heffernan. Roy Renton. Sig Gretzner. C as W ' ojcicki. Jack Simonds. and Ken Carakostas. During the spring vacation the Hmons defeated Illinois Tech. 9-3. on Briggs Feild. A 2-1 ictory over Hillsdale foimd hurler Ray Dennis annexing his second win. Then, after remaining tmdefeated in the first three contests, the locals suddenly discovered A iiy some diamond experts claim that pitching is sixty per cent of a ball team. The mound main- stay. Dennis, developed a sore arm. and Carakostas. who pro ed to be the Hurons best relief hurler. •was otu of action Avith a broken nose. Normal fell before Michigan State and Wayne University in the next two games. At this writing the Hurons have still to meet Illinois " Wesleyan, Northern Illinois St. Teachers. Michigan. Wayne, Hillsdale. Michigan State, W ayne. Bo vling Green, Michi- gan. Central State, and University of California. One finds it cjtiite easy to tise the customary superlati es in referring to the Michigan Normal nine. Sufiice it to say that the infield and otufield rated ■with the best produced at this college, the team possesed harmony, and produced results in keeping wiih the Hurons ' fine record on the diamond. fcjfeii..-.a . ' .t.-. Newlands, Wojcicki, Nemeth, Simonds. Siera, Heffernan, Hutchins, Carakostas, Lamiman. Petredean, Hammar, Lemmon, Gretzner, Miller. Kavanaugh. Stites, Drusbacky, Shada, Borovich, Grady, Oxley, Shoemaker, Batterson. 90 Stolz, Schwartz, Yellin, Fr ogner, Bennetts, Lepisto, Mastromarco, Samson. TENNIS " T " 71 ' cxjject to turn in a creditable record. " stated Coach Paul Sampson VV as he Avalched his charges s o through their initial practice. . nd thus the eteran Michigan Normal meiUor. known b all as " ' Pop. " pre- dicted llial the Hinons would mami.un llieir prestige in collegiate tennis af- lairs. Foiu ' lellei winners— ' ic Mastiomarco. Frit Iknnetts. Chuck Frogner. and Harold ,Sc hwart — reltnned to re|)resent the (.reen and ' hile. Fhis (piaitet formed ihe nucleus i l a s(|ii.id wiiich had hopes ol bettering the ic)4o record ol .six wins and three ileleats. George Vellin and Walt Lepisto earned the two remaining arsitv berths. Alter (hopping dieir tirst match, (i ■;. lo ' a ne l ' ni ersii . the Hurons came back lo hip howling (iieen b ' a similar score. Fhe third m.iu h Idund the locals i)eing edged out b the eieian Foledo Feunis C ' hd). ;,- ). ai 1 oledo. Placing host to li)ion ( ' ollege in the lomth iirssle. the Hurons exhibited signs of their true power as ihe swept lo a 7-0 ic tor ' . ( oach .Sampson ' s net- ters sa v a rosy hue as ihe awaited compelilion Irom ' a ne. Kalamazoo. L ' . ol 1).. . Iic hi ' ' aii. Michiuan Siate. De Sales, and La vrence Tech. 91 TRACK MICHIGAN Normal went into its 1941 track season crowned with laurels: Michigan Stale Inter- collegiate and A.A.U. Champions, and American collegiate recordholders in the two-mile relay set in the Butler Relays at Indianapolis. These honors heralded the Huron thinclads as a powerful team, and track mentor L. W. Olds foimd difficulty in schediding able dual-meet competition. He manaaed h()we er to bcjok the Hurons for what looked like the toughest and is turninsj out to be the best season so far. The speedsters swept through their indoor season like the proverbial fire horse— with speed to burn. The opener was held at Waterman Gymnasiiun in Ann Arbor as the combined forces of Findlay and Kalamazoo Colleges fell before the Huron onslaught as the Grcen-and-White placed one-two in every event on the card. Loyola Universisty of Chicago was the next victim with the Tartars of Wayne University roiuiding oiu the list of the dual-meet fallen. Michigan Normal hit its stride during the indoor relay contests. The crack Hiuon cpiartet of Duane Zemper, George Cole, Joe Brzezinski, and Capt. Tommy Quinn alternated with the mile, two- mile, and distance medley relays to garner extra wreaths for the Normal Hall of Fame, They began with the annexation of the two-mile and inedley distance relays at the University of Illinois Indoor Relay Carnival on February 15, and followed by capturing the mile and medley distance at the Michigan State Relay Carnival in East Lansing two weeks later. This foursome concluded their hardwood accomplishments when they set another American College Record, this time in the dis- tance medley event at the Biuler Relays. They negotiated the two-and-one-half miles in 10 miniues 25.5 seconds to close the lid on the indoor season. Zemper, Cole, Brzezinski, and Quinn supplied a laudable beginning for Normal ' s outdoor season by earning oiustanding relay honors at the Annual Drake Relays at Des Moines, Iowa. The Huron quartet bested a iiekl of foiuteen imiversities on Friday, April 25 when they came from behind to win the distance medley of the imiversity division in 1().15.8. The Normal rimners left a final stamp at Drake when they retiuned the next day to win the college division two-mile relay. The team as a whole opened its outdoor compelition against a strong Miami University team and downed the Ohioans in a thrilling struggle. Michigan Noiinal, admittedly weak in the sprints, is pointing for fiuther track acclaim as it roars down the Imal straightaway. Kagan, Palmer, Durham, Archer, Langerman, Cunlifie, McClelland, Lucarelli, Willis, Burnie. Olds, Poly, Evans, Breitag, Kosley, Rosenzvreig, Sommerfield, Johnson, Apple, Marshall, Zemper, Cullin, Cole, Webb, Stein, Quinn Hlad, Brzezinski, Rasmovich, Lee, Clark. 92 Charles Hlad Harold Stein Worlds Champion Relay Team George Cole Edward Rosenzweig Tony Rasmovich Freshman Track Tom Quinn 93 GDLF MK ' HIGAN Nonnars fate in the i;()lf vais restetl in the hands of a pair ol eteians and a pair of newcomers. Back Ironi die i()4o team came Roy La ' rencc ancf Joe Bartofacci. vllile Charfes Piffsbiiry. ancf Orlo Robinson were the new finl men. Bartolacci. senior from Ann Arbor, was elected captain of the Htnon foinsome. Michii an Normal faced a fointeen t ame scheilide. stretdiin ' hom May I through |ime 7. Home and away matches were arranjged with U. ol 1)., 01i et. Grand Rapids University, Toledo U., Grand Rapids Jimior College, and De Sales of Toledo. Tlie initial match lound the Hurons fallin; l efore U. of D.. 1 ; ' ,l 2 to jl o. The locals vcnt into tlie winning colunni by toppling ()li et. (ji o to 81 9. The diird mauh of the vear saw Michigan Normal again winning, this time over Cirancl Rapids University by an 1 1-7 score. Lawrence, Young, Pillsbury, Robinson, Bartolacci. 94 PRKSIDEX I Muusdii was loiiuiiait- in iihikinn llir pur- ( liasc )l a Si.M).(M)() dollar urccnhoiisL ' which imw lakes the place ol the lamiliai ' Science aideii lor the |)alti sum ol ,S " ,. ,oo doliais. The IjiiildiuL; was loinieiK pait ol the I ' l- skiuc Estate in South Bend. Indiana, and was sold lecenily when the estate was settled. 1 lu ' L;ieenhonse will include a bulb (ell .n and space lot two c lassiooms. Spi in;.; hadn ' t been with us lon;4 when i epteseiuati es lioin the Women ' s I,ea ' .;ue and (he Men s I ' nion put on a " 1 lulh Of (lonsec|ueiue " e enin ' .; with etic|uette as basis ol discussion, (anions to state, the men pi() ed lo be moie in- loinied than the co eds on the soc ial places. Thus the book ol ac ti ities lor 1 1) |o i ) | i c losed with the laduation ol a lai ;e ;j,i(iiip ol hopelul teacheis. It is ouf ter ent wish that the alwa s look back on iheif eais at Michigan Xoiinal as the happiest and most xaluable eais ol their li cs. FAREWELL 95 J- i; ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES Section C ditor, J- " ln ills LjrUji i 96 £5. ' NORMAL NEWS STAFF 1940-41 Mills W ' ilber Jr.. Editor-in-Chief Robert S. LaRiic. Business Manager Ray Cileason .... Managing Editor first semester Betty Baker Managing Editor second semester Donna Ricgel Business Staff Lois Blackman Business Staff Richard Wortley Assistant Editor Solomon Gliick Sports Editor Jean Finkbeiner News Editor Marjorie Haydon News Editor Marie Tinner Departmental Editor Ciladys Norris Women ' s Sports Editor Julia Snell Exchange Editor Betty Hutchinson Ass ' t News Editor Martha Walters Ass ' t News Editor Helen Einkbeiner Reporter Phyllis Comtemanche Reporter Elinor Forsyth Reporter Betty Jackson Reporter Betty Long Reporter Lois Phillips Reporter Jean Roediger Reporter June Springer Reporter Dorothy Rahm Reporter Betty Hayden Reporter Seymoin- Jacoby Reporter Lionel Gmegian Reporter Eunice Kidd Reporter 98 Normal ffiolkg N ms r, S40 " Wecfdy Fublicati m of The U dcal Teacher TTaimng Colleye WeM of tiu: .- U - ihumei " Vi-Sil VNTi. MICIIHiAN; li!l IISDAV, MAULti i:;, IV ents, Faculty Crowd Pease Auditorium Lecture, Movie On Michigan Wild Life lj .li ' iiii KinklM-iiiiT , - E. .SI. writer. U-. lurer. a.i.l pho loi j ra, m U,.. fM.I | Rpf|y j. Becomes Thursday Hush For Sormal Xeics i iir.c Si.rityrpr-. TyrV-- Alico Dunhnrn. rhitir- «M -vtW.T ' ■■ " • HP ' ' - " Koller, Ai r«I« Butch- , ,1 -u.i si.rin . A asual thh ' ' " ' Kont i- Willi . Virninia Ulnir, Utancc pnwonl? an o|.iK.rtunltft ' f„r [ ' rvinn tloldvJtulh: and Publicity Mch K T on c«m|.i« lo lre«l ihc " " imitlw B«tty Baker, chiitr- lx y fiiond ;«ft«r ih ? J-H. . But. (»« " • ! « " = " « " ' " ' ' ' ' " ' V Nurris. ' I ■ - -. .r-L-. i: - I Donnn Jean RlcKcl. Th« D c trn- tion comiulUov Is bended by Beth it«i jual. the t!ck 4a an lir and the rule of " FirBt com bKllruom of McKcnny llnll Kucli uf the dances will b« G:t| lutQc U by A ( nifes?ioii.-il. M - will Isu dinv ' luovcmenui while n iroud orcbcelr. jirvvidcs n{-|;n printe music. To lend variety in the ovenins ' s fun, tha oci:tl coiiintiticv proniU«i inten ' ula of tuodom b«Mr x m d nc- the 9th Annual V 1- faiiivG KrAdtni; Cvi. ' M i.nMondiO-. Msrch In the ri mi?l IX MoKcnny Hall. mu«t limit ihcir £.o try, and rc ■n r(nr 4) teach Finals C-ontest r ' -.ihr-d th finals II TWHtiiiin ?;j-.- OraU.ricJil coa- t(Kt held b tht ' Michigan Inter- c. ' Ilc: :iate S) eech Leurur at }{|IU- d Ie latt Satujdoy, Oruiiao Sinn anil Hcrbi-n Humbert returned fn.rn iho omtesl which Dr 3lcK dracrtbov as " " one of the toucheat we ' ve been in for some )e«t» ' " . Mi» Sinn led her ]ir«liminar ' divtilnn by taking ihrve firau. a Gladys Norris, Solomon Gluck, Douglas Diebel, Phyllis Courtemanche, Marie Turner, June Springer Ray Gleason, " Thursday rush, " Richard Wortley Robert LaRue, Jean Roe- diger, Betty Baker, Betly Long, Helen Finkbeiner, " Wendell Willkie " Elinor Forsyth, Betty Hutchinson, Marjorie Hay- don, Jean Finkbeiner, Betty Jackson, Martha Walters Editor, Marion Sark AURORA Business Manager John Herron Assistant Editor Edgar Whan Student Administration .... Ruth Verkler Senior Editor Helen Holleran Junior Editor Dick Manning Sophomore Editor .... Dick Wortley Freshman Editor .... Maxine Goodrich Campus year J ne Shoemaker Joe Kivo Sororities and Fraternities . . Dorothy Snidecor John Slioemaker Organizations Phyllis Griggs Art Staff Rosfer Harrington Joseph Machowski Photographer Andy Otizoiniian Business Staff Bob Hupy Eleanor Purman Delores Mott Ray Gleason BACK ROW: Shoemaker, Wortley, Herron, Manning, Kivo FRONT ROW: Purman, Goodrich, Holleran, Sark, Griggs, Shoemaker, Rings Dr. F. B. McKay Edgar Whan John Herron Helen Holleran Dorothy Snidecor, John Shoemaker Eleanor Griggs Joe Kivo, Jane Shoemaker Roger Herrington, Joseph Machowski, Andy Ouzounian 101 STOICS THE Sioic society - vas founded thirty-t vo years a. o by J. Stuari Lathers, who retired hist year from the speech department of the college. Origi- nally, the group was more or less social in nature, but grew in size and pur- pose initil it became an honorary society for sophomores on this campus. Its aims are as follows ( i ) to recognize scholarship and establish scholarships, and (2) to promote iriendshi]). At present, the society has ten scholarships formed and another started in honor of ). Milton Ho er. Avho passed away last year. Fi e of these scholar- ships are presented to vorthy students each year. There are three definite highlights on the Stoic calendar e ery year which are: the annual bantjuet. the White elephant Sale, and the May Morning Breakfast. Miss Martha Rest acts as facidty athisor ol the grou]:). anil the officers are Martha Walters, president; Frank ()ndro ik. ice-president; and Ed- vard Bo vles. secretary-treasurer. Haab, McKeachie. La Rue, Eastman, J., Eastman, N., Holt, Simons, Sondeen, Mr, Erikson Falahae, Morelli, Petrasky, Niparko, Riddering, Poch, Coulman, Mr. Smith, Lafoy, Manning Baske, Purchase, Palmer, Hard, Siddall, Griggs, Baker, Sinn, Dunham, Granskog, Despres, Szucs, Dykhuis, Merrick Farris, Heck, Turner, Zedick, Emery, Walter, Bowles, Ondrovik, Long, Reinboldt, Erickson, 102 Louise Reinbold, Lois Phillips, Drucilla Ransom, Victor Mastromarco, Bob LaRue, Mills Wilber, Wilbert Mc- Keachie, Marjorie Dinning, Marguerite Sherman, Beth Siddall Mrs. Studt, Violet Marti, Jean Finkbeiner. Marie Zittel, John Herron, Sergey Shewchuck, Jeanette Schwartz. Helen Finkbeiner, Edith Crowl, Bethany Bryan Ila Shick, Martha Walters, Dorothy Merrick, Jean Spotts. John Shoemaker, Bob Towers, Ed Bowles, Janet Kelder, Barbara Hubbell. Hazel Hanna, Betty Hackett, Betty Hutchinson Helen Holleran, Kathalee Garrison, Lenora Haab, Harold Vroman, Martha Best, Barbara Erickson. Ruth Adel- man, Frank Ondrovick, Christine Powers KAPPA DELTA PI OXE of the greatest honors which can be bestowed upon a junior or senior of this campus is to be elected to Kappa Deha Pi. a national honorary society in education. Members are selected on a basis of intia- tive. scholarship, and leadershij). The purpose of the organi aiion. as stated in i(s (onstiiuiion. is " to cncoiuai e in its mend)ers a higher de- gree of de ' otion to social scr ice bv (i) fostering high intellectual and personal standards dining outstanding ser ices in the field of educa- tion. " Featiues dining the ear are the initiation i)an(|tiet. the honor lea for underclassmen Avho ha e excelled in scholarship, and the . lumni Breakfast held at the close ol the school ear. Dr. 1 urner is the lacultx ad isor ol the gidup whuh is headed this year l) Bari)ara j-.rickson. president: Harold X ' loman. treasurer: Le- nora Haab. corresponding secreiar : and Ruih Adeliii.ui. vecoiding secretaiv. 103 PI KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS President Dorothy Hearn ' omcn ' s ' ice President J " ! Sprecher Men " s Vice President William Teiifel Secretary Harold Holt Treasinxr Pcnora Haab faculty Advisor Dr. F. B. McKay 104 Holt, Dr. Kelly. Mr. Wood. Dr. Lord. Teuiel Walsh, Lathers, Haab. Heam, Dr. McKay. Sprecher THE local chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic honorary societv. is one of the most active bodies on campus. Under its sponsorship function the mens and women ' s debate, the general and peace oratorical contests, and extemporaneotis speaking. Onlv participants in one of these activities are eligible for membership. These arious divisions of the Pi Kappa Delta participate in intercollegiate speech activities on the campuses of manv other schools. The purposes of the organization as stated in its constitution are: " to stiniulaie progress in. and u piomoic the interests of intercollegiate oratory, debate and public speaking b encouraging a spirit of intercollegiate fellowship of brotherlv cooperation and interest, and by conferring upon deserving candidates a badge of distinction, proficiency and honor, aried and graduated according to merit and aclue ement. " Besides the forensic tuidertakings the Pi Kappa Deltas Iuiac many social e ents during the vear including a ban(|uet. 105 Dean, Bird, Long, Hazelaar, Crait, Bailey, Dr. Kelly, Baske, Dunlap, Southard, Munsell, Haicourt, Sinn, Sprecher, Haati, Heam, Boelens WODESD THE Wodeso club, the somen ' s debate organization, begins its second c]iiarter of a century this year. Un- der the leadership of Lenora Haab. president, and Dr. Kellv. advisor, the group has spent an active year. The topic of discirssion for the year is " Resolved: that the Nations of the W estern Hemisphere Form a Permanent Union. " The club competes with debating teams from the Uni- versity of Toledo, Heidelberg, DeSales. Bo vling Green College. Kalamazoo. Hillsdale. Cal in. and Sigma Rho Tau of the Uni ersity of Michigan. I 106 MEN ' S DEBATE THE Mens Dclxilc rnncspoiKK in W ' odcso in its actixiiics. I lie iavo or- ganizations ha c- the same clebatinL; topic throiiL hoiu ihe eay. The organization took nart in sixi -six deljaies this ear and attended six toinnaments at Toledo. Heidelberg College. Hdlsdale College. . Iiehigan Stale College (state toiirnanieni) . and ihe Ijaldwin-W ' allace College. The s(|uad. eonsisiing ol n eni -toin men. also debaied wiih leams Irom the lollowing col- leges: Cni ersit ' oi Toledo. I ni ersii ot I)a ion, Mc M.isier l ' ni ersii . Hamilton C ollege. Onlario. and ihe Cnixersiix ot Maine. ' illiam leiiiel is ihe president ol the .Men ' s Debate which is sponsored In .Mr. Wood. Cover I, Lutz, Compton, McKeachie, Eastman, J., Perry, Atkins, Rohr, Milmet, Newman. Dun woody. Lane, Kentros, Evans, Cleary, Romano, Niparko, Holt, Eastman, N., Horick, Mr. Wood, Teufel, Humbert, Allen 107 5!S= " siS ' SfeS- " s; i ; SPEECH THE Eighth Annual Michigan Inter- prelati e Reading Contest-Festival v ' as held at Hillsdale College, May lo, 1940. Jime Gracey represented M.S.N.C. and took second place in the state. She read " Revenant " by Dorothy Thompson, " You Will Be Sorry " by Edna St. Vincent Mil- lay, and " The Laboratory " by Browning. This year the contest is to be held at Western State Teachers College on May 9, and Margaret Briskey and Robert Rye will represent our college in the poetry di •i- sion. Miss Briskey will read " Lady Clara de Vere " by Tennyson. " How Do I Lo ' e Thee " by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and " Noctiu-ne of Remembered Spring " by Conrad Aiken. Mr. Rye vill lead " Night Letter " by Lew Sarett. " The Eagle " by Tennyson, and " Up at the illa— Do vn in the City " by BroTvning. Oramae Sinn and Herbert Humbert were the vinners of the General Oratory Contests for men and Avomen. respecti ' ely. June Gracey and Worth Mallory will represent us in the Prose Division this year. Roger Cleary von the college Peace Oratory contest, and the right to represent us at the twenty-second Annual State Peace Oratory Contest - vith a talk " Against Iso- lationists. " Worth Mallory, June Gracey Margaret Briskey, Robert Rye Herbert Humbert, Oramae Sinn Roger Cleary 108 Humbert. Hellems, Evans, Cleary, R , Lane, Smith, Newman Luke, Gracey, Maykuth, Holt, Warner, Teuiel, Augustus, Dr. McKay Springer, Cleary, P., Dean, M.. Birchett, Polzin, Dean, L., Bird LITTLE THEATRE PLAYERS FOR those interested in dramatics, the Little Tlieatre Plavers is a popular group. Members ha T experience in all of the work that goes into pro- ducing a play. This year a contest was held for playwriting and the Players presented the winning plav bv Paul Hanson. Each year the groujj ])resents se eral plays which members take tiuns di- recting. This year " Pierre Patelin " was directed by Christopher Lane, " Sub- merged " by Jmie Gracey, and t ' o other plays by Roger Cleary and William Teufel. Dr. McKay is the sponsor and the officers are Patricia Cleary, presiilcnt; William Teukl. i( e president; Roger Cleary, treasurer: and Florence L.uke, secretary. 109 fc -- .j- - ' I ' Mftfml..S ' i..afda McCutcheon, Willse, Bass, Huffman, Young, D. Langstaff, Nance, Schoensee, Mallory, Rye, R. Langstaff, Seeley Morenda, Griggs, James, Lancaster, Begel, Johnson, Merrick, Love, Kuhl, Pavlovich Darrejian, Shick, Wade, Bremer, Weir, Vollmar, Ludwig CAMPUS CHORISTERS ONE ol ihc iic vcst. yei most popular acii ities on campus celebrates its fifth anni ersarv this year. The braiu-c hild of Bernard Stone, who organ- ized and popularized the group, has become a tradition at Ypsi. Under the di- rection of William A ' iltse. present director, the chorus has given several programs on campus, the most important of vhich vas the annual May Musicale. Besides these programs, the Choristers have sung for arious out-of- town groups. The Men ' s Union and the Vonlen ' s League jointly sponsor the group, and Professor P ' rederick Alexander is the facidty advisor. The C ' horisters ha e at their head a steering committee elected each spring for the ensuing year, which consists of Director Wiltse: Phyllis Griggs, secre- tary; Seymoin- Bass, publicity manager: Har ey Schoensee, business manager; Shirley Vollmar, social director. Irene McCutcheon is the accompanist. 110 M ,•.••• CHQIH II IS aliiiosi Useless to talk aboui the iiicriis ol ihc Mulunaii Stale Xonnal College C iioii ' . For tiie C ' hoir is an csiablished ihmi;. one that has grown in prestige year alter ear under the remarkable direction ol Mr. l-rederick Alex- ander, retiring head oi the C onser ator ol Music. Perha])s the i est phrasing ol the appreciation and admiration teh bv so man sttidents. triends. and music lo ers lor the pri ilege ot working under Mr. .Alexander or listening to his choir is gi en 1) Russell Mc L.atighliu. De- troit ' s senior critic ol drama and nuisic. In speaking of the Choir. Mr. McLaughlin said. " Frederick Alexander was their leader: Frederick Alexander " ho is the creator of this choir and the good genius behind its fame. For the Ypsilanti Normal C ' hoir is one of the genuinelv important musical possessions ol this part ol the republic. ■ " .Mexander will letire at the end ol this scholastic ear. and he will lea e. as was said ot another, a lonesome place against the skv. Down the vears— the decades— he has managed to keep a le el of choral performance with an e er- shifting personnel. These things are Iragile. It is lioped thev are not lugui e. I he world ' s meager stipph ol beaut cannot spare tlie psilanii Choir. " Ill BAND THE Normal College Band, under the direction of D. Chester Ryan, is a vital organization on this campus. Faithfully striking up at football games, it performs equally well in its concerts presented at Pease Auditoritim. The Band is a part of the Normal College Conservatory, and credit is given to students who participate. The Men ' s Union recognizes the work of the players by giving them yearly awards. 112 ORCHESTRA Till- Mulii ' aii Siau- Noinial (iolk-c S in | li()ii ()r(lKsira ( oinplclcs its (iisl decade this (. ' ar uiidci thf diiiitinii nl Maiitis Insscii kcnipci ' , lust ( lai iiiLtisi ol iIr- l)cir )it S in- |)h(n: ( )ic liL ' siia. In ii) " ,i. thii i -()iic infiid)crs composed the ni(liesiia. Now. se ent h e ineiiihcis |)la tiiulei Mr. I ' osseiikeiiipei s baton. DtiiiiiL; the scliool ear. the oicliestia pre- sents a set ies ol liiii ' conietts oiue eai h month on Sniuhix alletnoi ns. lioih sitident and tiest soloists appeal with the orchestra, which is ol cxc eptioiicdK hue calibre lor a college gioiip. 113 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Riggs, Newland, Lucareiii, Buckles, Gilbert, Naas, Lawrence, Berg, Barber, High, Garland Boussum, Majorana, E. Lirette, Mac Donald, Gerdman, Gauntlett, Zittel, Kaiser, Matthews, Sikorowicz, Johnson, Miller Swaliord. Risk, Majorana, J. Carakostas, Kontrymowicz, Gildenstein, Fensch, Kressbock, Anzieck Miss Hatton, Miss Morrison, Felton, Chamberlain, Compton, Mr. Willoughby, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Lappinen SPECIAL EDUCATION Watterworth, Loyer, Colegrove, Shewchuck, Briskey, Rose, Allen, Zittel, Bell, Adair, Fischer, Christopherson, Boelema, Gille, Snyder Dayss, Hazelaar, Baltzer, Bentley, Kidder, Hard, Jensen 114 MUSIC CLUB Freeland, Odmark, Wiltse, Mallory, Huffman, Orth, Giles Scolt, McGary, Sundwick, Hackelt, McCutcheon, Bremer, Sternberq, Carrington Shick, Page, Charter, Kelder, Darrejian, Merenda, Wolf, Ballard, Cook, Maxwell, Luke, Griggs Mr, Lindegren, Miss McManus, Miss Ashby, Miss Grattan. Mrs. Breakey, Mrs. Wortley, Miss James, Miss Skinner, Mr. Ryan SDDALITAS LATINA Mr. Maqoon, Reno, Lawrence, Founlaine. Miss Case, Lenlz, Sark, Newnham. Preketes Riddering, Graves, Nichols, Schwarzkopf, Haab, Proctor Sodalitas Latina promotes good fellowship among its active members, alumni, and those interested in the classi- cal studies by its monthly meetings and annual banquet. Its motto is: — " Respice, Adspice. Prospice. " 115 1 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB WHE THER for their own practical use or for helping others learn the domestic arts, the home economics majors and minors think it ' s a lot of fun. Their efficient numbers are united in the Home Economics c uh, vhich Miss Kelly sponsors. During the year, a formal dance vas held in the fall, a Christmas banc[uet, and an Alumni Banquet in the spring. The club has a Red Cross project imder way also. The officers are Janet Carmen, president; Carol Rrans, ice-presi- dent: Shirley Vestrick. treasiner; and Jean Cresswell, secretary. Clark, Weslrick, Huber, Kleinbrook, Geedis, Brazee, Haas, Allen Gillispie, Richardson, Latham, Wilson, Pipper, Kirshman, Park, Lewis, Turnbull, Gathers, Greenleaf, Heath, Savage, Whipple, Burkes, Snow, Hagstrom, Hall, Bishop, Edgar, Dettling, Tackman, Shoemaker, De Verna Miss Underbrink, Swayer, Ott, Heininger, Marsh, Nickel, Miss Kelly, Gorman, Gleland, Krans, Kipf, Speerstra, Fellows, Miss Bauch Merrick, M. Ellison, G. Ellison, Kidd, Riley, Wright, Riegel, Abbott, Cox, Garlick, M. Wright, Allen, Wortley, Elliott, Sharpe, Seitz, Neifert, Pillsbury, Lowry, Fitch, Golburn, Francis ] J-V- [M 116 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB " y - -J 3l • - ' -— 7 ■. rhc Plnsical Kducation club consists (if u|)- per c ' lassincn who arc spcciali ino in physical education. Two rcpresentati cs ironi each class prepare the social calendar and handle the busi ness. The ph s eds are noted lor their well planned parties. Tlie ofiicers of the clidj are; William Land man, jiresidenl; Barbara Page, secretary; and Marion Peters, treasurer. 117 MATHEMATICS CLUB Quigley, Manning, Schlosstein, Adair, Strait, Anczicek, Kirstowsky, Petraskey, Lossing Perry, Carlson, Baker, Emery, Taylor. Marti, Hatcher, Farris, Sinn, Lawrence Fleury, Dr. Lindquist, McKeachie, Shoemaker, Peknik, Lieder, Daly, Sweiger, Shewchuck, Dr. Barnhill Fennert, E. Johnson, Puvogel, Rice, Swinton, Duncan, Duprey. Holmes, Rogers La Rue, Parker, McDaid, Henry, Seiiert, D. Johnson, Schmidt COMMERCIAL CLUB Wark, Si3f?rt, Lempke, Woodward, McLeod, Crisp, Wightman, Petty, Lanqeneker Palmer, Porter, Eggars, Kissane, Delalorce, Purman, Crumback, Hazzard, Dunlap, Boyd, Ashbocker, Katon Schcenberger, NeubBrt, Heurion, Lawrenc?, Jackson, Smith, Schroii, Perrine, Boryon, Harvey, Gordon, Dobies Thomas, Wills, Crumback, Wright, Townsend, Mr. Springman, Schlosstein, Petredean, Kalelf, Herron 118 NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB Fall Semester PrcN.— Markn Rtbtl ' . Pies.— Robert Tower Spring Semester Pres.— Roljert 1 own ' . Prcs.— (to l)c ck ' . ltd) OFFICERS Sec- Iixas. -Barbara Hall Prof rain— Dale Brooks. Bill I ' arktr Social— Ann Fran ken i)cir Scc-Treas.— Marie Turner Program — Frank Spoils, l.ainiii Sniilli So( ial-I)ali ' Bn oks. Mane Atb ll CHEMISTRY CLUB Lee, Barnes. Meldrum, F. Spctls. C. Greiq, Zimmerman, Falahoe, Schlosslein, Vandercar. Schoensee, Duggan Anczicek. Fleury, Loveland, Rogers, A. Spoils, Johnson, Coulman, GaLond, fimoshek, Petraskey, Reiser, Jepson, Purchase Calkins, Sommerfield, Grodzki, Christ. Shewchuck, J. Spotts, Duorey, T. Greig, Reinbold, Hall, Woodrufi, Clark. Lowery, Aliord, Hoeilinger, PiUsbury, Cogar Klavitter, Peknik, Kercheval, Sellers, Ondrovik, Porter, Zedick, Peel. Brundage, Cripps, Currie, Ureen, Frankenberry ;i9 Y. W. C. A OXt ol ihc busiest spcjis on campus is Starkweather Hall with its many ' " V " gatherings. The i y-clad building provides a place for rest, for typing a term paper, playing the piano, reading, or practicing up a bit on simple ctd- inary arts. Almost any interest may find an outlet in one of the Y.W.C.A. divisions: Worship. Social. Glee Club. Camera Club, Social Service. World Friendship, Chats and I ' ublicity. Miss Aitchison acts as faculty advisor of the group. Geddis, Hazelaar, Addy, Outley, James. Palmer Roe, Crowl, Hall, Purchase, Miss Aitchison, Simpson Sundwick, Shick, Granskog, Baltzer, Merrick, Toaz, Haab 120 iffgWlk- ' fri44J4i R. Tower, W. Wiltse, Miss Aitchison, H. Vroman, B. Ferris E. Schwartz, A. Matthewson, C. Shannon, J. Schwartz, B. Geddis, M. McKercher D. Merrick, C. Heaiield, G. Lowery. J. Spotts STUDENT RELIGIDUS COUNCIL THK Siudciu Religious C ' ouncil is an oroani alion coiiipostil ol iwo rcpie- scmati cs from each religious i tou]) on campus. The Methodist. C ' onnre- j aiional. Bapiisi. I ' resi) teiian. l ' piscopaHan. ( ' athoHc. l.uthciaii and lluvon C ' hrisiian l- ' ellowsiiip uroups .ne lepresenled. The purpose ol the council is to proniole L;ood leelint; l)el s ' een the " groups .uid lo exchaUL e ideas. Eaeli vcar the j roup has cUi inieicahinei (Hinier whic h is attended 1) mem- bers of cabinet.s ot the arious groups. 1 here are se eral union meetings a se- mester and an annual sunrise ser ice on Master sj onsored l) the ' roup. The ollieers arc as follows: William Wiltse. president; (.ranxille l c)bb. seeretar ; and I arbara decides, treasurer. Miss Xiuhison is ad isor ol the 121 HURON CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Allen, Murbach, Spotts, Matthewson, Dahlstrom, Brazee, Robertson Griswold, Anderson, Greqjry, Snow, Kidd, Ott, Rings, Brazee, O ' Morrow Mater, Creswell, Tirb, Spotts, Blakely, Glassing Ignutz, Schoenberg, Dotterrer, McCarthy, Holmes WESLEYAN GUILD M. McKerchor, student director, Shick, Fuliord, Lockwood, McCutcheon, Bowles, Vroman, Hubbell, Gilbert Townsend, Powers, Mollett. Vroman, Wiltse, Tallmadge, Richards Siddall, Kirshman, Gibbs, Simpson, Marquand. Swomtek 122 NEWMAN CLUB THE Nc Miian ( ' liil) consists olC.alliolic siudciiis on iliis (aiiipus. lis pur- pose is lo l)iin,n llicsc sliuU ' nIs Uimilui. Xkiiiii; rxciA (illur wrik. llic t Toup sponsors a lonnal danc c and tin re ( ' oin in union l)icak lasts as ncI1 as ilic rc ' nlai iiK-ctiii,L;s. I lie (Inh also has a thoii which sin s c ciy Stindav at the I I : " ,0 Mass. I he oIIk CIS ( oils i St 111 I lilion i ' alaluc ' . pusidini : Donald !■ Kui , u i ' pres- ident; Hell |e,iii l)es|)res. secitiaiA; and l ose Niedospal. treasurer. )ac k I ' ox has charge ol the pio iauis at each ineetin and l-ather Kearns issponsoi ol the groui). 123 McMahon, Park, Affelt, Lewis, F. Schultz, Woodbury, L. Schultz, A. Spotts, Foote, Tower, Turner, Brazee, Stoltz, Boltcn, Koppin, Brooks, Allen, E. Mass, W. Christopherson Hempstead, Ott, Engmark, Ignutz, Heafield, Macintosh, Rogers, Cooper, Craft, Griswold, A. Mass Creswell, Schultz, Mrs. Shaw, Shannon, director; Smith, Visscher Thiele, Schorenberg, L. Christopherson, Phillips, Perry CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP THE most recenily organized studenl religious group on eampus is the ( " lirisiian ' oudi Fcilo s ' ship. It is an inlerdenominational organization (.onibining the lornier studenl groujjs of the Baptist and Congregational Churches. Meeting t vice a week, tlie group combines a religious and social program. The go erning Ijoth oi the group is a cabinet lieadetl by loin- olliters: Robert To ' .ver. president: William Christopherson. vice president: Joan ' isscher. sec- retary: and Marie AfTelt. treasiner. Each connnittee is headed by co-chairmen from each churcli. An ;ulvisory board is composed of three adult members horn eacli ch.urch. and Miss Kathleen .Shannon acts as director of the group. The aims of the group arc tf) further fellowship among students of aU de- nominations and to present oppoi tunities for expression in gentiine Christian living while in college. 124 INTRAMURAL STAFF 194U-41 l.lovd W. Olds. Diudoi (k ' orL; M.iisIkiII. Assisi.nii l)iu(ioi W ' alui ( )nalin,inii, liiii.ninii.il M.iiia ' ' C ' i IR A I IRM I MAN (.i RS Ixohcil I .coiiai il, Ann ol I Idiioi Kail Sirccl. Rappa I ' lii Mplia ) iliii (.ram. IMii Delia Pi Ron Lawuiuf. i ' lii SiL;iii,i |-|)sili)ii liill ( onlinaii. Si; iii.i In Si ' j,iiia l.csUi llnnx. ci.i (hi Si ' j,in.i ALL C.WIin S Ml I 1 . " )0 (l. (1.1 sh . l.ii iiiKis L ' L ' d (l. (I.lsh M.IIMMI.IS I Id (l. mil CLiik S.SO (1. Mill ill ( vinski Mile I 111! (,)iiiiiii lli,!4ll llllulK ' S III. 1(1 Low Inn (lies 1 Ihul - mile 1 1111 ZcMll|)fr Hif li jiiiii|) I ' cUTsdii Mioi |)iii R()s(ii vci, i I ' dlc ,uill W ' chl) (.(ill iitlcjjcii(lciil RrMill !)i(k Rr.id Cross (()iiMir run R.ilpli I ' .r.Kkiog I ( iiiiis (;lui l ' ..il)l)isli r).isk( I li.i II St-ns.ii ions 1 )( 11 III li.isk( I li.lll S( ( olid lloor I ;ilil( l( iiiiis i)i( k R( ad IL ' ii . l.ii liii Rclicr l. " i. " i- (.coi.l;c ( oIc 117- Kn.miic l.iK .11 (.lli KiO- lud I lohl.s I I ' l i( |)|ilr I ic.i V I ill I) Rocin s IRA I IRM I 1,1 A(.l I RIM LIS ' ■ " " l-i (:lii " ' i ni.i S lnlnliM I ' lii Si-ni;i I ' psilon ' " " ' ■ ' ' ■ ' " K.i|.|i,i I ' lii Mph.i I ' .oxvliiii; I ' hi l)( h.i I ' i • ' " " " ' ;ill I ' hi ,Si.i;ni.i Kpsil.m | .dilc i.iinis K.ipp.i I ' hi l|ili.i •5:iskcll)all iiii ol I huioi 125 V iM4jV RiV COLLEGE HOMES Section C ciifofS, oDorotliu niaecor and Aohn S lioeniahcr 126 127 CHARLES McKENNY HALL 128 LYMAN BROWNRIGG CHARLES McKENNY HALL An " ()nc who is at all obscrxant ol cani|)us aciixiiifs recognizes the I ' nioii as ihe iotal ])()im ol siudeiu ' gather- ings. Vhether it be a coke, a dance, or a tliib meeting. McKenn ' Hall is the ideal place, and Mr. William Rro cn- rigg and staff are the pertect hosts. Beside Mr. Bro vnrigg. who capablv handles the execu- ti e duties at the Union, there is .Mrs. l, nKin. social direc- tor. As ' ho siiper ises all such get ac(|tiainte(l hmctions as Kresges and Mixers. Mrs. Uowcn mo es cjiiietly in the backgroimd. handling ellicienth all those little noticed details which make the I ' nion iiinction so smoothh. HIPPIE, SNOW, KANE HEALTH RESIDENCE .Seccjnd onh to the Inion as a canijiirs home is the new Health Residence. Although most students become ac(|iiainted witli it onl through ph si(al examinations. l)octc:)r Cilenadine ,Sno v and her as- sistants. Xtirses Hippie and Kane, bring a stirprising number ol stu- dents through ailments that range all the wav from athlete ' s foot to appendic ills. sac:: 129 BERTHA GDDDISDN AND JULIA ANNE KING RESIDENCE HALLS Ihc women ' s dorms ha c ' succcsshilly concludeil dieir second year on the Michigan State Normal Campus. At Goodison, Mrs. Nina Buck and Miss Julia Read take care of the one hundred seventy-six co-eds, and Miss Virginia Acher and Miss Riuh Walker keep the one himdred ninety- two King girls well and happy. 130 131 JOHN M. MUNSDN RESIDENCE HALL » . .«e The guidance of the initial year ot the John M. Mun- son Hall ■was placed in the capable hands of George Mar- shall and his s ' ife. Then, just to make sine that the 15 boys Avould be kept in line. Albert Fey of the Library staff, and Dr. Willard Hanna from the English dep artment - vere selected to help Mr. Marshall. 132 1 f jf HhF W " ' ] U M -•s = jj J • •(i s 133 PAN-HELLENIC Nichols, Mrs. Lyman, Finkbeiner, Schwarzkopf, Jessop OFFICERS Chainnan J -i ' Finkbeiner Recording Secretary Laura Nichols Corresponding Secretary Marian Schwarzkopf Treasiuer Alice Jessop ALPHA MU SIGMA Elizabeth Sheppard Jean Harding boioth) Walker ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Anne Frankenberry Helen Berger Marjorie Delaforce ALPHA SIGMA TAU Phyllis Stewart Ida Speerstra Alberta Guenter DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Jean Finklx-iner Irvina Goldsmith ' iolet Marti MEMBERS KAPPA MU DELTA Janis Gregg Arlene Allen Shirley VoUmar PI DELTA THETA Loraine Peterson Doris Baker Joan Olds PI KAPPA SIGMA larjorie Kulil Esther Loii Fochtnian Marian SchAvarzkopt SIGMA NU PHI Alice Jessop Helen Katon Shirley Nelson SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Evelyn Rice Natalie Phillips Grace Anderson THETA LAMBDA SIGMA Bettx ' alters Patricia Baker Betty Cole THETA SIGMA UPSILON Laura Nichols Doris English Dorothv Besel 134 ALPHA MU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER Established i ' MHI PATRONESSES Mil,. R, A. W cii, Mis. . iii Wilcox, . liv W illi.iiii W iknx F. CULTV ADVISOR Miss Eula riulni)rink ac:tive members (can Harclinn , far |anc Schlossstcin Mamie Minnie k Elcanorc Schoenbcrger [uiK- N -nbcit Eli alHiii Slu ' |)])aril PLEDGE Donithv Walker Mrs. W. Wilcox. Harding, Minnick, Walker, Schlossstein, Miss Underbrink SchDenberger. Mrs. Southgale. Sheppard. Mrs. A. Wilcox, N8ub3rt 135 Frankenberry, Sark Warner, Miss Harpster, Berger, Delaforce MU MU CHAPTER Established 1924 PATRONESSES Mrs. Harry Smith Mrs. Lloyd Olds Mrs. John Kennedy Mrs. H. D. Barss FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Hilda Harpster ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Berger Marjorie Delaforce .Anne Frankenberry Marion Sark Mm tie W arner ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA 136 ALPHA SIGMA TAU Mrs. Bates, Phyllis Stewart, Laurabelle Wileden Florence Bowers, Alberta Guenter, Ida Speerstra ACTIVE iMEMBERS Kloicncf Rowtrs Alljcita Guenter kla Speerstra Plnllis Stewart Laurabelle ' iledcn ALPHA C:HAPTER PLEDGES Mar Heniini; a Aurabel Hosnian Doiis Smith PATRONESSES Irv. Flint -Mrs. Xaiidenlult ADVISER Miv. I.ates KAPPA MU DELTA Marjorie league, Joan Edmonson, Emily Gooding. Martha Craig, Clarebelle Lee, Rosalie Francis, Rena Morgan Ann Baldwin, Shirley Vollmar, Miss Myers, Dorothy Kraas, Janis Gregg Betty Pillsbury, Alice Remer. Arlene Allen, Mary C alburn, Gladys Norris ALPHA (11 VPTLR Esl.ihlislud l!»2,i PATRONESSES [i Pieatricc M( Manus. Miss l.iiu i Mmi- 137 Miss Todd, Forker, Marti, Sherman, Neary, Shoemaker ETA CHAPTER Established 1921 OFFICERS President Marguerite Slierman ' ice-President J ' ie Shoemaker Recording Secretary Barbara Xearv Corresponding Secretary Barbara Forker Treasurer ' iolet Marti DFXTA SIGMA EPSILOX was founded in 1914 at Miami University. Oxford. Ohio. It has thirty-one active chapters. The sorority has had a " ery successful year, starting off wiili rushing and obtaining seven oiustanding pledges. Homecoming follo ved vith fourteen alumnae retinning for tea at Miss Chloe Todd ' s after the football game on Saturday. On December 14. a closed Christmas dance was held in the Men " s Loiuige at Charles McKenny Hall. Rush- ing second semester vas just as siiccessfiU as the first. The formal dance vas March 8 vith music tiunished by Clark McClellan ' s orchestra. DELTA SIGMA EPSILDN 138 DELTA SIGMA EPSILDN FACULTY AnVISOR Miss Chloe Todd PATRONESSES Mis. jaiiKs Iiir;iki . fr. Mrs, Clarence L oescll Helen Barks Doris Bcnlord Mai Boelens Marjorie Butler Betlv Doriell Virginia Dykliuis Jean Finkbeiner Helen Finkbeiner Bariiara Forker Irvcna Goldsmith Margaret Hatcher Helen Holt Violet Marti Barbara Neary Grace Otto Marion Peters Marguerite Sherman [ane Shoemaker Lois Peters Virginia ' laicii Shirley Mason Anne Short t Alice Darrejian PLEDGES Betty Baker Frances Graham Shirlev Williams Ph llis Loiio Marian I la den W ihna Fogg Nona I ' arker Eugenia liiu kiin;hani |anet Mitchell |o (e ' Fa loi " Marti, Barks, Peters. Peters, Vlaicu, Goldsmith, Finkbeiner, Holt, Dykhuis, Finkbeiner Benford, Forker, Mrs. Breakey, Miss Todd, Mrs. Loesell, Neary, Otto Boelens, Butler, Sherman, Shoemaker, Dorrell 139 Snidecor, Eiiibwiler. Parker, Baker, Smith, McWethy, Miller, Keehn, Outley, Ecker Purman, Baltzer, Olds, Mrs. Garrison, Peterson, Freeman, Johnson, Ashbacker ETA CHAPTER Established 1925 PATRONESSES -Mis. X. L. Garrison Mrs. ,M. Baltzer Mrs. L. Arnet -Mrs. D. Green FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Myra Grattan Miss Margaret Sill ACTIVE .MEMBERS Betty -Vshbacker Doris Baker Su anne Bahzer lieatricc Ecker Margaret Emswiler Laura Freeman Mar - Jolnison Eleanor McW ' eiln ]oan Olds Bettx ' mav Outley 11a Parker Loraine Peterson Eleanor Puinian Mar Lou Smith l)oroth Snidecor PLEDGES Miidred Keehn Dorothy Miller Catharine Brigham Marv R. Pol in Ruth Sluiter Cionstance Patrico Lucille Holmes Maroaret Ellis Elizabeth ank PI DELTA THETA 140 141 Menger, Gracy, Miss Wielandy, Brown, Reader, Kaufman, Ver Hulst, Plath Kuhl. Kenyon, Boyer, Fochtman, Petermann, Schwarzkopf, Kempf, Buell ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1893 Mrs. Elmer Lyman PATRONESSES Miss Esther Ballew Miss Doyne Wolfe FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Thelma McAndless Miss Virginia ' Wielandy Barbara Beck Bettv Boyer Gloria Brown Margaretta Buell Esther Lou Fochtman June Gracey Florence Kaufman ACTIVE MEMBERS Marion Kempf Katherine Kenyon Marjorie Kuhl Helen Menger Dawn Petermann Marian Schwarzkopf Mavme Ver Hulst PLEDGES Virginia Plath Estelle Seitz PI KAPPA SIGMA 142 SIGMA NU PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1897 PATRONESSES Mrs. Elton Rynearson Mrs. V. H. Sherzcr FACULTY ADVLSOR Miss AiicjiisLa Harris AC;T1VE .ME niERS Opal Brazee Ella Mac Crandall Harriet Goodson Elsie Hornbacher Bernice Jacobs Alice Jessop Helen Katon - vAot th Ruby Kruse Dorothea Lobban ft Y1)V ' ' i - Joanne Lockwood X TTsiM ,v AJ Ada Marie Love SP ' V ( i 0 ' Ellen MacMurraN-- rr Emilv Mocck V Shirlev Nelson .,«.V . • u- . ' J Vhvllis Lafoy A ' jOi Mary Irene Bell Marx Jane Peppier PLEDGES £;»• " •..t- . - ' Margaret liglit Marsjaret Wills Ruih I.eitz Olga Podavko ' ' ' Dorothy Hiklingcr Jime Springer I - 1 ••) ■r ' " ' J Kruse, Love, Mocek, Lockwood, Pepnier, Laloy, Lobban, Brazee, Hornbacher Jacobs, MacMurray, Miss Harris, K aton, Mrs. Rynearson, Nelson, Goodson Crandalf, lessop, «fiell Phillips, Anderson, Verkler, Glick, Miss Stinson, Riegel, Lyngklip, Blackman, Frey Molt, Kelder, Garrison, Christenson, Fisher OFFICERS President Mary Esther Ross V ice-president Ruth Verkler Secretary Evelyn Rice Treasiuer Helen Artley Correspcjnding Secretary Mary Frey Kee]jer of grades Shirley Xepodal Hotise treasurer Kathleen Thompson NINE ambitious young college women in Virginia were the foimders of a society in 1898 vhich has since flotnished into a national sorority having thirty-two chapters. The Omicron chapter vas established in iqiy on the campus. This year has been another acti e one for the sorority, there being many social and camptis acti ities engaged in by the group. A major event of the year was the arrival of the " Tri Sigma " national or- ganizer. lrs. Cart vright. who remained at the house for a i " eek. Afternoon teas, .slumber parties, radio dances, hav rides, and steak fries took their place in the rotmd of social life. In celebration of the forty-third birthday of the first Sigma Sigma Sigma chapter a Foimders ' Day Banquet was held on April 20 for the ahnnnae. active members and pledges and their mothers. The annual formal dance in Jmie cidminated the season ' s acti ities. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 144 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OMICRON CHAPTER Es(;il)lislu(l 1898 PATRONESSES Miss M;ii Kill Slowc Mrs. AnliiuWalka (.ra( (■ Aiulci soil Hcliii lUss Ai llf Eliiisc C!iii islcuson [oNfc Cioi hcillc Eloisc lislii i MaiA l ' i( K.iiIkiIcc ( .ai 1 isoii ' ii uinia I lixikri FACULTY ADVISORS Miss ( ;lai a Ailisdii M iss I ai] (111 I ' l c iiisc M iss Susan Si I II sol I ACTIVE MEMP.ERS |aiiii Kildcr Maiinai ( I la( f .1 c or DtioK ' s Mill I Sliii l( ( |i(i(lai Riiliv I ' iliiii l i III ' I ' llillips Xalalic l ' liilli|)s I )i III I i la Ransi in l. v II Rii I I )ciniia jiaii Ricm I MaiA I- siiiii Ross Ellv II Sha) |i( -M.i I inn Sil j|( |llll,l Slirll kal |]|( ( II I liiiiii|)s(iil Rnl li 11 L ill (raiilii Will ( i -Mai Alii 1 I , iit;kii|) Lois l ia( kiiKiii DoIoii ' N (;li( k (can Si liuniann Rnlii MiColl PLEDCES Mai Jul ir ,Ma ()i aiiiac Sinn ISrn |anr W mslulii Sliii lr Km ii n I Ick-ii asknw sk i Ransom, Sibley, MncGregor, Phillips Artley, Ricp, Miss Allison, Ross, Mrs. Whan, Hocke-, Sharpe, C rb ille Wurzel, Thompson, Snell, Pilon 145 Briskey, Fralick, Kidder, Colegrove, Sharkey Keenan, Storer, Walker, Miss Wharlon, Walters, Boyd, Waita THETA LAMBDA SIGMA UPSILON CHAPTER Established l!»IL ' OFFICERS President Betty Walters Vice-president Elizabeth Walker C ' orrcspondin sec letary . . . .Margaret Briskey Ireasurer .Viidrienne Wright UXDIR die leadership ol Beit Walters. presitl: ' nt, the Theia Lambda SiniiKis enjined another stiecessfiil year on the eanipirs. Thev ha e been at ti e in all campus allaiis. ha ing taken [)arl in athletics. Women ' s League acti ities. college sings, and the homecoming e cnts. .- fternoon teas for laculty guests, coffee hours lor alumnae, and shmiber parties h)r the mend ers were held dining the vear. 1 he sororitv entertained at a closed ' ■sca enger hinu " part January 31, at the sorority house. Mrs. Blackenbtn g and Mrs. Alden ' were named ne v patronesses for the so- roritw and Miss Fdiih Wharton assumed the responsibility of sororitv ad isor filling the plate lelt acant by the resignation of .Miss Estabrook Rankin. First semester j ledges .veve formalK initialed Xo ember " ,. The st)rority climaxetl their ear ' s atli ities Avith formal iniiiatic n of sect ntl semester pletlges and the sororit dance in the ballroom on Ma ;;. antl Mothers " Week- end on May 17. 146 THETA LAMBDA SIGMA FACULT ADMSOR Miss Kdiili li.n lull PATRONESSES Mis. I low ai 1 1 lil.K kciihuii; Mis. (dim Allien jean lia( h l ' alii( i:i liakir Lois miss Eleanor lioxil Mai ' saici Ilrisi cy [and ( ok i o c |oaii C a aiic iviiili I ' ralii k Sliii lc ( .1 aliain ACITIVE MEMT.ERS liai ' hal a I la (s l-.diia 1 ,on ),ii ka ! ' .( 1 1 |a( ksiiii Mai )aiK- ki oian Floic ' iuc Kiddii I ' cai i Ki aki- Mai lAiir 1 .(-wis Kli alii ' lli I ' allci son ■Mai .Mil ' ai el Ril (.11 aidiiic S( 111 oil Mai l.on .Sliai kr Charlciu- Sioi cr Hairitll Siiauss r.(is Wailc Kli aluili Walkci l;rll all(ls . ndl icillH W 1 i ' ' lu lUtlx l)a ic Kosf ilni liaiik liai liai a (il.ii k PLEDGES llcl.li Killci ,Mal " al el . l iiilRkd o o a fi 1 . -n n a i Jacka, Wright, Rifz, Graham Crane, Krake, Schroif, Hayes, Bach, Slrauss Jackson, Bliss, Baker, Lewis, Patterson 147 Granger, Manikas, Miss Eppler, Oien Begel, Miss Case, Adams Nichols, English BETA CHAPTER Established lyL ' j FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Gertrude Epplei ' Miss Liirretia Case PATRONESSES Miss Florence Eckert Mrs. E. W. Waii " h ' n ACTIVE MEMBERS Riilh Adams I ' eliiia Manikas Diiioilix Begel Laura Nichols I.innicilc Granger Laura Oien Doris Erii ' lisli THETA SIGMA UPSILDN 148 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OIIICIRS President W ' llliLiin Ltnnnoii Vi(c-])nsi(lciil Hat c ' Sc lioensce Sccicl.ny .iiul riciMirtr Don.ihl joiiLs Ml ' Mill RS ARM OF HONOR ' illi:llll 1 ,1111111011 I ' .uil S|i,ila KAPPA PHI ALPHA Don, lid (one-, 1 lioiii.iN ( Juiiiii PHI DELTA PI Fi ( il S ,il|(ii (1 li( ll cw rw l.iiuN PHI SK.MA EPSILON Willi, 1111 I ' , 11 k( r i 1 1 i.iin I .1111 1111,111 SK.MA ML SK.M l.ii Ini l ( Jul I 1,11 old ( !li,iiiil ( ' i lain ZETA (HI M(,MA ( ' . .i loll S( (lev I lai ( Si In irliscc Till ' I iiiei |- " i iii ' i nil ( ' niiiu il li;is iii.i iiii,i iiicd llu ' lii;.;li | lo il i( ni o! Iialenii- lic ' siiii I he ( aiiinus. Ihe ( ' 1 iiiiu il l)e ' j,,m 1 i|iei ,il luiis umlc ' i .1 w 1 iilen nii siiiulioii wliii ll ;-;,i e il (liliiiue |iii c-rs. I Ins 01 L;.un .il inn ni,ikes il possihle Im llu- 1 1 .lUi nil lis lo (()()|)er,iie mi |)i()|e(ls Ini ilieii (Diiinion ; ;(i()(l. Parker. Ncwiands, Quinn, Chamberlain, Lamiman, Sceley, Spata Swafford, Jones, Lemmon, Schoensee, Reber 149 ARM OF HONOR Established in 1895 FACULTY ADVISORS F.lton J. RviuaiM)!! [. H. MtCulloth [A())d W. ()1(K OFFICERS liariolaici. fost ' ph Prcsiilent DoniK-lh. Riih.nd X ' icc-Presidcnt Karpiiiski. Richard Secretary ami EcHior Carakostas. Kenneth Treasurer Oiizounian. Andy Literary Cusiodian I ' earson. Richard Pledoe Master Bartolacci. Josejah Borovich, Joseph Brazee, Edward Binnie. Ehiier C ' .arakostas. Kiinuth Danyli yn. Michael Donnelly, Richard ACTIVE MEMBERS Drusbacky, Michael Gager. Robert Grady, Joseph Hartnian, Milton Rarpinski, Richard Kontrynio vic . Edward Lennnon. Villianl Leonard. Robert Lucarelli, Eugene Miller, Lawrence Ouzounian, Anooshavan Pearson, Richard Shada, John Spata, Paid Stevenson. Jack Conlin, Ir ini. Hobbs. Fred PLEDGES Majorana. Egidio Mustard. Echvard V Shada, Buckles, Bartolacci, Pearson, Gager, Miller, Spata, Karpinski Stewart, Peterson, Carakostas, Hartman, Kontrymowicz, Ouzounian, Opalewski, Majorana, Borovich Donnelly, Lemmon, McCuUoch, Rynearson, Olds, Drusbacky, Danylizyn 150 Puvogel, Barron, Lessner, Beauchamp, Brown, Langenecker, Simmons Jones, Street, Quinn, Block, Greenwood, Kaiser, Martin, Zemper, Feeney Valleau, Petredean, Dixon, Renton. Heffernan, Yuille, Rawson, Riqgs, MacDonald Mr. Marshall, Richardson, Dr. Isbell, Whoater. Dr. Sanders, Powers. Mr. Brownrigg, Ondrovik Esial li,slRtl ¥Ml PATRON HONORARY MEMBER (.(■laid I). Sanders Daniel I.. ( hiirk, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS SniiDii l ' ,. Fa ei sli nni La vrelKe Dimniiin George Marshall W illiani ilio vnrigg Ra nioiid Stitcs Euhert Isbell Leo Marion C.ihson lirown Merl Ueauihani]) a(;ti e members Frank Mlot k Malcolm (!linl)l) fames Dixon |aiius i-eencA Mil eil (.1 ecin ' .ood I ' ai 1 i( L 1 lellci nan Donald (ones Donald kaiser | iM| ll I annellei ker 1 I luis 1 .e ' snci ' ( 1 nnii Marl in R(i a! Mai Donald I ' 1 ank ( )ndi o ik lauKA I ' owei s [list |ili Pn iiL;el George IVii eilean Tlionias Oninn George Rawson Ro Renlon Slan lev l i( lial iKi ill EiiHisoii Ri ' .;,L;s ' aher Siera A ' illiani Simiiinns Karl Sireet MaeX ' alleau L. nil W ' lieaur Jaek nille Diiaile empei- PLEDGES |iise|)li ' eisi(hele 1 laiik M.iiniiii ' Rii liai d lell iillinii RaMiioN ii li Sit ' ' iiiiiiid (iixi nei KAPPA PHI ALPHA 151 " ' Jensen, Bizezinski, Apple Maschke, Wojcicki, Mr. Gill, Nemeth, Sommerfield, Langerman, Wilber, Kirstowsky Poly, Hayes, Mr. Fey, Manning, Bennetts, Grant, Newlands, Swafford, Rye, Hlad La Rue, Newlands, Lieder, Berg, Dr. Elliott, Mr. Wilber, Klein, Tibbie, Cole Established 1893 L(.• lic■ A. liullcr Albert Fev v Carl.VlNrii ' ictor . pplc Frederic Bciineiis Chester Berg Joseph Brzczinski Gcoroe Ciole I ' ATRON ll.Z. AVilber FACULTY MEMBERS Charles M. Elliott Orlo M. Gill J. Stuart Lathers ACTIVE MEMBERS Richard Gillis Ha don Hayes Thomas Herlihv Charles Hlad Roljert Jensen Fthvard Kirstowsky Robert Klein Rolland Langerman Robert La Rue Arthur Lieder Ricliard Afanninsj C. P. Steimle A. D. Walker Arthur Maschke Charles Xemeth .Andrew Newlands George Newlands Ed vard Poly Rol)ert Rye Donald Sommerlield Fred S vallord Raljjh Tibbie Mills Wilber, Jr. Casinier Vojcicki PLEDGES illiain Uachanh Donald Ik ' dard George Bott Kenneth Bex Ho-ivard Messenger ' erii()ii Slurnian Ed vard Gilday Lowell Beach Daniel O ' Riordan Charles Sampler PHI DELTA PI 152 SIGMA MU SIGMA IOTA CIIAPTFR PATRON II.IIM I . W.mmI FACULTY ADMSOR 1 ,1(111,11(1 l( ii i (.( ' (II " ( W iilouuliliv A( TIM. MIMUI RS l.ai (11 i kills Ra r arl)(r Daniel lliii Km Mai ' old ( Jiaiiilici lam Williain ( M iiilnian l,(ri) Ichiiii 1 Ik iiiias ( .allies Riilicll (.( 1(1(1 lilt; X |( an I 1il;Ii Main ii c I loilncs I li rlici I I I iniilx 11 r)() (I K(i( h inn (iliai Ics Ndi Ion MaiK 11 1 ( l)(i I )ll,lll( Rdss Ivalpli Sniil li 1 ),i id Sw inidii William I ( iih I William ' in (in RoIk I I mniK 1 man I ' LEDC.ES WiIIki I ' ll (i iiiiiL (.col H ' I coiiai d I ' 1 i ( ( : I 111 I i 1 1 ( joliii Allan I )a ill 1 ,aiic ( ' .: ] I ( ;al Isoii William ] lanloi d laiiR-s W ' orlli Vincent, Ketchum Ross, Swinlon, Atkins, Humbert, Tfuiel, Smith, Worth, Norton, Browning, Leonard, Zimmerman, Coulman, Gaines Fellon, Reber, Dr. Wood, Chamberlain. Barber 153 Fixel, Mr. Powierski, Seeley, Niparko, Evans, Harrison, Hoisted, Langstaff Anderson. Mr. Roller, Helfrich, Fleury, Huntsberry, Schoensee, Vroman, Poch, Bowles, McKeachie W. Naas, Mr. Koch, Dr. Loesell, Qualmann, Dr. Erikson, Mr. Wauqh, Pillsbury ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1928 PATRON Carl M. Erikson Edgar AWaiigli John ¥. Barnhill HONORARY MEMBERS 1 larokl F. Koch Alex J. Nulan Clarence M. Loesell ACTIVE MEMBERS John Anderson Edward Bowles Dale Brooks Blake Ferris Raxinoncl Fixel Donald Fleur ' Glenn G. Hall Villianl Harrison Waller Halsted Steward Hellrich Lester Henr ' illianl Hnntsberiy Robert Flupy Oscar Ilnvohc Donald Langstaff W ' ilber McKeachie W ' illard Xaas Ronald Odniark Charles Pillsbiirv Richard Poch Walter Qnalmann Clayton Seeley Har ey Schoensee Harold Vroman PLEDGES George Birch Llo)d Van Biiskirk DeVaiishn Clark Worth Mallory Fred Xaas Zignnmd Xiparko Francis Hoellinger Scrsicv Sheivchuck Linwood Rogers ZETA CHI SIGMA 154 v ' 9lna T 155 l ' J William Lamiman, President B. Jay Gauntlett, Vice President Ted Breitag, Secretary John Peknik, Treasurer John Shoemaker, Pledge Master Jim Meldrum Ralph Gildenstein Ray Schaffer Bud Fensch Tod Wainman Vaughn Tremper William Parker Al McClelland Bob Huston Maurice Clark Douglas Snyder Lester Grafton Charles Oxley Bill Hopps Fred Granger Burman Misner Ken Cleary Roy Lawrence Bill Bloomer Jack Simonds Frank Timoshek Leon Swiger Ed Sikorowicz Hilton Falahee Jim Dau Edward Anzicek Don Sturgis Paul Bartley ACTIVE MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Harry Schinitlt Charles Frogner Olin Cox Al ' alko rski I iucc Maslin Roger Herrington ' irgii Jacaruso Clill Keelcr Ho varcl Tripp P»ill ()iiiiin PLEDGES Bob Archer Vern Krebsbach George Stacliiniller 156 PATRONS Clusiii Rvaii W ' illi.iiii ' il(( Lainlxla Clliajjtcr FVC;ilLT MEMBERS ' :ill:i(c M.ii; ii ii I ' . ml S.ini-Min PHI SIGMA EPSILDN 1:57 cJLet ud •Salute . . . 158 K ur retlrlna fCLCullu memberd Professor Frederick Alexander aiul Professor Bert W. Peet — W ' lio ha c labored so diligently in the teaihinj; field to make these United States tnilv a home of DemcKiacA ' . 159 Kyur icL 9 " Our glorious laiul today. ' Neath Echication ' s sway. Soars upward still. Its halls ol learning lair. Whose boiuities all mav share. Behold them e erv vhere On ' ale antl hill. " Thy safeguard. Liberty. The school shall e er be: OiU ' nation ' s pride. No tyrant hand shall smite. While Avith encircling might All here are taught the Right With Truth allied. " A.MERic. — Fifth and .Sixth Stan as. 160 hoSe who have assisted — in llu ' pKxliKlion ol the uip Auidra. and without the assistance ol whom this hook ■ votihi haw hccn inioni- plcte. Df. McRa . whose in aluablc htlp lannot be nieasuiccl b niei ' c -vxords. The siaH niemhcrs who oa c so oenevoush of their time and al)ilii . Otliei lactih mend)eis and students vlio aided 1) sug- gestion oi c onstriK ii c ' c litic ism. The SmiiliMalloN ( ' om|)an . the ( ' .amp Studio, the . nn . rbor I ' less. and the Seix iee F.nt;ra iu ' . all ol whom (lesci " e tmlimiied thanks from Marion S kk. F.iUtor and |()ii Hi RRON. Biisnicss Miniiis ' y 161 DRGANIZATIDNS INDEX Arm io Honor 1 50 Alpha Mu Sigma 1 35 Alpha Sigma Alpha 1 ' Alpha Sigma Tau 137 Aurora Staff 100,101 Band 112 Campus Choristers 110 Chemistry Club 119 Choir Ill Christian Youth Fellowship 124 Commercial Club 118 Delta Sigma Epsilon 138, 139 Home Economics 116 Huron Christian Fellowship 122 Industrial Arts Interfraternity Council 149 Kappa Delta Pi 103 Kappa Mu Delta 137 Kappa Phi Delta 151 Little Theater Players 109 Mathematics Club 113 Men ' s Debate 107 Men ' s Union 30 Music Club 115 Natural Science Club 117 Normal News 98, 99 Newman Club 123 Orchestra 113 Pan-Hellenic 134 Phi Delta Pi 152 Phi Sigma Epsilon 156,157 Physical Education 117 Pi Delta Theta 140, 141 Pi Kappa Deha 104, 105 Pi Kappa Sigma 142 Sigma Mu Sigma 153 Sigma Nu Phi 143 Sigma Sigma Sigma 144, 145 Social Committee 33 Sodalitas Latina 115 Special Education Club 117 Stoics 102 Students ' Religious Council 121 Theta Lambda Sigma 146, 147 Theta Sigma Upsilon 148 Wesleyan Guild 122 Wodeso 106 Women ' s League 26, 29 Y.W.C.A 120 Zeta Chi Sigma 154 FACULTY INDEX Adams, Emily M 18 Aitchison, Grace 13 Alden, John R 19 Alexander, Frederick 18 Andrews, Elsie V 12 Ashby, Lillian A 13, 22 Bachman, Dorothy 21 Ballew, M. Esther 13 Barnes, Ruth A 13 Barnhill, John F 17 Bartlett, Mary J 18 Bates, Wanda 12 Bauch, Estelle 14 Beal, Ahce J 23 Bentley, Mabel 21 Best, Martha S 19 Binns, Ray W 28 Blackenburg, Howard 19 Boughner, Ruth L 18 Boyington, Gladys 22 Breakey, Marguerite 18 Brimhall, Pauline 23 Broad, Harry A 22 Brock, Raymond 12 Brown, James M 11 Brown, Ruth 1 23 Brownrigg, Wm. J 129 Bruce, Ralph D 33 Brundage, Perry S 16 Bunger, Anne 21 Butler, Leslie A 20 Carey, Elisabeth 13 Case, L. Lucretia 12 Chamberlain, Duane 22, 1 5 Cleveringa, Frederick B 12 Clark, Irene 18 Cooper, Grace P 13 Cosper, Russell 22 Crawford, Mildred 22 Curtis, Martha E 19 DeBoer, Lawrence 22 Devol, Lloyd 19 Dunning, Lawrence E 23 Eckert, Florence 13 Eddy, Florence 22 Edson, F. Louisa 20 Elliott, Charles M 21 Emery, Blanche F 13 Engelsman, Anthony 19 Ericson, Fred J 19 Erikson, Carl 17 Evans, Jeannette 18 Fagerstrcm, Simon 19 Farnham, Frances 11 Fey, Albert 12 Feuerstein, Emma 23 Field, Anna W 19 Flint, Gertrude 21 Fossenkemper, Marius E 18 Garrison, Noble Lee 20 Gill, Orlo M 15 Glasgow, James H, 16 Golczynski, Louis A 22 Gorton, Frederick R 17 Gotts, M. Margaret 22 Gray, Annis D 18 Hagle, Maude 18 Harpster, Hilda 19 Harris, Augusta M 18 Harrold, C. Frederick 12 Hatton, Mary E 15 Herrick, Myra 14 Hetmansperger, Marguerite 21 Hickman, Jennings 19 Hill, Susan B 11 Hoy, Harry E 16 Hubbell, Paul E 19 Hunt. Thelma J 22 Isbell, Egbert R 11. 19 Jacobs, Leland 23 James, Dorothy 18 Jordan, Hoover H 18 Kelder, J. W 20 Kelley, Ciara 14 Kercheval, James W 16 Kiddoo, Faith E 23 Kirschbaum, Gladys 23 Kusterer, Elizabeth 23 Lainq, H. E 23 Lantz, Winifred 21 Lappmen, Matt 15 Leib, Floyd 23 Limpus, Robert M 13 Lindquist, Theodore 17 Loesell, Clarence M 19 Lord, Francis E 21 Lyman, Florence 129 Magoon, Marion W 13 Maqoon, Wallace H 12 Marshall, Everett 20 Marshall, George 18 McAndless, Thelma 22 McCrickett, Ehzabeth 22 McCulloch, Joseph H 18 McFall, Roger 21 McKay, Frederick B 13 McManus, Beatrice 18 Menzi, Leonard 22 Meston, Eleanor 22 Miller, Elizabeth 23 MiUiman, Marjorie 12 Mink, Grace W 23 Monroe, Anneta 22 Morrison, J. Belle 15 Munson, John M 10 Myers, Janet 22 North, Vera 22 O ' Connor, M. Ethel 23 Olds, Lethe M 21 Olds, Lloyd W 18 Owens, Barbara G 12 Ov ' ens, J. Henry 12 Peet, Bert W 16 Pfeiffer, Harrison 23 Porter, Doris 15 Powierski, Joseph 12 Prouse, Lurene M 18 Rankin, Esfabrook 13 Rice, C. Alfred 23 Ringman, Bernice 21 Robinson, Margaret 22 Roscoe, Ahce 23 Rosentreter, Martha 12 Roser, Gertrude 21 Ruggles, Cynthia 23 Ryan, D. Chester 22 Rynearson, Elton J 13 Sabourin, Johanna A 12 Samson, Paul B 18 Sanders, G. D 13 Sill, Margaret E 15 Skinner, Grace M 20 Skinner, Ruth 18 Slaven, Opal V 21 Smith, Ella M 20 Smith, Harry L 17 Snow, Glenadine C 129 Springman, John C 14 Stearn, Troy L 20 Steimle, Clemens P 11 S ' inson, Susan W 22 Stites. Raymond 18 Stowe, Marion F 13 Strafer, Elinor M 15 Studt, Earl 23 Sturgeon, Myron T 19 Swartwood, Ora M ■ 21 Swete, Helen F 15 Tape, Henry A 25 Taylor 21 Thomson, Mehran K 19 Tow, Sadie 22 Trabilcox, Lizzie 12 Turner, Mabel 23 Uhvits, Rachel 19 Undsrbrink, Eula M 14 Van Ameyde, Marinus 23 Vanden Belt, B. H 23, 20 Vossler, Donnabel Keys 18 Walker, Arthur D 22 Warren, Elizabeth 19 Washburn 22 Waugh, E. W 19 Wharton, Beth 14 Whitehouse, Frank 20 Wielandy, Virginia 22 V ' ilber, Horace Z 20 V ilcox, William F 17 Willoughby, George A 15 Wood, Harry T 21 Wortley, Cora 22 162 SENIOR CLASS INDEX (PAGES 34-45) y Abramson, Ruth M., Laurium; English Club, Book of Month, History Club, Junior High. Adams, Betty ]., Ferndale; Advisory Bd.. Special Education Club, Special Edu- cation. Addy, Maxine I., Dundee; Y.W.C.A., Ex- ecutive Board, Fine Arts Club, Fine Adelman, Ruth M., Chesaning; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Book of Month, A.C.E., Newman Club, Early Elementary. Alfsen, Carl E.. Deroit; Phi Delta Pi, Physical Education Club, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Physical Educa- tion. Allmendinger, Frederic M., Royal Oak; Band, Orchestra, Music. Atherton, F., Louisa, Gaines; Early Ele- mentary. Baker, Irene K., Ann Arbor; Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. Baltzer, Susanna, Ypsilanti; Pi Delta Theta. Y.W.C.A., Special Education Club, Choir, Special Education. Barber, Ray W., Chelsea; Sigma Mu Sig- ma, Industrial Arts Club, Student Re- ligious Council, Christian Youth Fel- lowship, Industrial Arts, Barr, Margaret G., Mason; A.C.E., Natu- ral Science Club, Y.W.C.A., Early Elementary. Basset t, Edna, Milan; Home Economics, Home Economics Club! Begel, Dorothy, Grand Blanc; Theta Sig- ma Upsilon pres.. Campus Choristers, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Bell, Mary Elizabeth, Cheboygan; Special Educahon, Y.W.C.A., Christian Youth Fellowship, House President Council, Special Education. Berg, Chester, Alpena; Phi Delta Pi pres., Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Berg, Marion B., Muskegon; English Club, Pre-Professional. Berman, Leona E., Grand Rapids. Berry, Cassie A., Detroit, Junior High. Bezirlum, Constance K., Ann Arbor; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Blakely, Shirley A.. Jackson; A.C.E., Y.W.C.A.. Glee Club, Early Ele- mentary. Blinkhorn, Theora E., Detroit; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Block, Frank. Ypsilanti; Kappa Phi Al- pha, Newman Club pres.. Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Borovich, Joseph Gerald, Pitcairn, Pa.; Arm of Honor, Football, Baseball. In- dustrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Bowers, Florence. Central Lake; Alpha Sigma Tau pres., Y.W.C.A., Early Ele- mentary. Boyd. Eleanor Ann, Detroit; Theta Lamb- da Sigma, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Briskey, Margaret Mary, Detroit; Theta Lambda Sigma, Special Education Club, Special Education. Brooks, Clara Virginia, Cement City; Early Elementary. Brooks, Dale, Grass Lake; Zeta Chi Sig- ma, Natural Science Club, Senior High. Brown, Gloria A., Mt. Clemens; Pi Kap- pa Sigma. Normal Choir, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. Bryan, Bethany Jane. Flint; Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Guild, Early Elementary. mentary. Bryan, Charles B., Troy; Special Educa- tion Club. Special Education. Buell, Margaretta V., Detroit; Pi Kappa Sigma, Senior High. Burroughs, Nancy Jane, Clinton; Normal Choir. Public School Music Club, Pub- lic School Music. Butcher, Anglea Ann, Dearborn; Early Elementary. Campbell. Bilhe Bruce, Blissfield; Phys- ical Education Club, Physical Educa- tion. Carlson, Carl E., Pontiac; Sigma Mu Sig- ma, Senior High. Carman, C. Janet, Lake Orion; Home Economics pres., Y.W.C.A., Book of Month, Home Economics. Carnngton, Jane E., Bayporf; Commercial. Chalmers, Frances Mabel, Ann Arbor; English Club, History Club. Senior High. Chamberlain, Harold O., Auburn, IJ. Y.; Sigma Mu Sigma, Industrial Arts pres., Interfratemity Council, Mathe- matics Club, Industrial Ars. Charter, Rita Maxine, Cass City; Music Club, Choir, Public School Music. Christ, Paul, Ann Arbor; Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club, Senior High. Christenson, Eloise, Flint; Sigma Sigma Sigma, A.CE., Late Elementary. Chubb, Malcolm David, Ypsilanti; Kappa Phi Alpha. Mathematics Club, Chem- istry Club, Senior High. Clancy, Josephine K., Ann Arbor; Normal Choir, Music Club, PubHc School Music. Colburn, Mary, Ypsilanti; Kappa Mu Del- ta, Home Economics Clxib, Home Eco- nomics. Colegrove, Jane Ann, Tecumseh; Theta Lambda Sigma, Special Education Club, Special Education. Compton, Samuel Lee, Ecorse; Senior High. Cooperman, Arnold A., New York. N. Y.; Physical Education Club, Natural Sci- ence Club, Chemistry Club, Physical Education- Covert, Jack A., Pontiac; Pre-Law. Crandall. Ella Mae, Howell; Sigma Nu Phi, A.C.E., English Club, Early Ele- mentary. Cripps, James Robert, Palms; Physical Education Club, Chemistry Club, Physical Education. Crumback, Betty Jean, Perry; Mathe- matics Club, Commercial Club, House President ' s Council. Commercial. Cunliffe, Frederick, Quincy, Mass.; Phi Sigma Epsilon, Band, Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Orchestra, Ad- ministration Supervision. Curtis, Howard F., Ann Arbor; Baseball, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. Daly, Douglas, Port Huron; Mathematics Club, Senior High. Davis, lane. Bay City; Early Elementary. Dayss, Elsa. Manchester; Y.W.C.A., Spe- cial Education Club, Special Educa- tion. Dean. Marjorie Irene, Flint; A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Guild, Early Ele- mentary. DeForest, Saranne, Ann Arbor; Junior High. Delaforce. Marjorie E., Ypsilanti; Com- mercial Teachers Club, Y.W.C.A., Al- pha Sigma Alpha, Pan Hellenic So- ciety, Commercial. Delta pres.. Women ' s Debating Society, History Club, Later Elementary. Dennis, Thomas, Ypsilanti; Senior High. deVries, Ronald Peter, Grosse Pointe; Choir, Senior High. Dinning. Marjorie. Flint; A.CE. pres., English Club, Early Elementary. Dobies, Wanda, Detroit; Commercial Club, Commercial. Doerr. Mahala, Cadillac; Later Ele- mentary. Downer, Dorothy, Ann Arbor; English Club, Later Elementary. Drusbachy, Michael, Port Clinton; Arm of Honor pres.. Inter Fraternity Coun- cil, Newman Club, Pre-Professional. Duprey, Albert H., Ecorse; Newman Club, Chemistry Club, Mathematics Club, Senior High. Durfee, Wallace, Ypsilanti; Pi Gamma Mu, Senior High. Ecker, Beatrice, Lansing; Pi Delta Theta. Later Elementary. Eggers, Margaret M-, Mason; Commercial Club, International Relations Club, Enghsh Club, Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Guild, Commercial. English, Doris, Melvindale; Theta Sigma Upsilon, A.C.E., English Club, Early Elementary. Enright, Kathleen Louise, Grand Rapids; Senior High. Enckson, Barbara A., Onekama; Kappa Delta Pi pres.. Pi Gamma Mu, Stoics, EngUsh Club, A.C.E., Book-a-Month, Early Elementary. Fields, Adoulphus P., Ann Arbor; Senior High. Finkbeiner, Helen, Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Normal News, Newman Club, Later Elementary. Finkbeiner. Jean, Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon. Executive Board. Pan Hel- lenic Society. Normal Nev;-s, History Club. Early Elmentory. Fisher. Eloise Ann, Port Huron; Sigma Sigma Sigma, A.C.E., Newman Club, Early Elementary. Fischer, Marion V., Detroit; A.C.E., Later Elementary. Fralick, Ruth Louise, Detroit; Theta Lamb- da Sigma, Book-a-Month, A.C.E.. Later Elementary. Francis, Rosahe, Inkster; Kappa Mu Del- ta. Home Economics Club, Home Eco- nomics. Freeman. Laura Jean, Holly; Pi Delta Theta, Early Elementary. Frey, Mary Carolyn, Ann Arbor; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Art Club, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Fochtman. Esther Lou, Charlevoix; Pi Kappa Sigma, pres., A.C.E.. Early Elementary. Fountain, Jean L., Detroit; Sodalitcs Latina, Senior High. Garrison, Kathalee N., Ypsilanti; Sigma Sigma Sigma, A.C.E., Pi Gamma Mu, EngUsh Qub, Music Club, Kappa Delta , Pi. Early Elementary. 7 ? ites, David, Plymouth; Men ' s Union Ex- ecutive Board, Football, Physical Edu- cation Club, Physical Education. Gates, Laura, Ionia; Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Wesleyan Guild, English Club, Early Elementary. Gauntlett, B. jay. Milan; Phi Sigma Epsi- lon, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Gerhardt, Edward Carter, Royal Oak; His- tory Club, Baseball, Senior High. Goodwin, F. Walter, Port Huron; Choir, Mathematics Club, Senior High. Granger, G. Lunette, Goodrich; Theta Sigma Upsilon, Y.W.C.A., Home Eco- nomics Club. Home Economics. Grant. John, Detroit; Phi Delta Pi, Choir, Inter Fraternity Council, Men ' s Union Executive Board, Physical Education Club. Gress, Ulrich Richard, Ypsilanti; Senior High. Gross. Warren, Saline, Mich.; Arm of Honor, Physical Education Club, Phys- ical Education. Guen ' er. EHith Alberta, Coryville, Penn.; Alpha Sigma Tau, Early Elementary. Haab. Lenora E., Ann Arbor; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Delta, Stoics, Y.W.C.A.. English Club pres.. Sodalitas Latina, Wodeso Senior Hiah. Hackett, V. Elizabeth, Brooklyn; Music Club, Wesleyan Guild, Choir, Public School Music. Hall. Florence, Pontiac; Pi Delta Theta, Orchestra, A.C.E., Later ETlementary. Harding. Jean, Detroit; Alpha Mu Sigma, A.C.E., Social Committee, Special Ed- ucation Club. Pan-Hellenic Society, Early Elementary. Harkness, L. Irene, Muniih; Book-a-Month, Choir, Early Elementary. Harrington. Catherine, Adrian; Madrirol 163 Club, Normal Choir, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. Harrison, William D., Wayne; Zeta Chi Sigma, Physical Education. Harrison, Margaret M., Cass City; Com- mercial Club, Commercial. Hart, Lucille, Detroit; English Club, New- man Club, Junior High. Hatcher, Margaret, Highland Park; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Mathematics Club, Nat- ural Science Club, Senior High. Hay don, Morjorie, Dearborn; Asst. Editor Normal News, English Club, Pre-Pro- fessional. Hearn, Dorothy H., Plymouth; Pi Kappa Herhhy, Thomas. Lynbrook, N.Y.; Phi Delta Pi, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. Herron, John C, Wilmington, Del.; Pi Gamma Mu pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Aurora Business Manager, Newman Club, Commercial Club, Commercial. Hetzler, Erma Erlewine, Ann Arbor; Later Elementary. " irHigh, Gene, Ann Arbor; Sigma Mu Sigma. ' Mathematics Club, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Hobb, J. Fred, Willis; Cross Country, Phys- ical Education Club, Physical Educa- tion. Holleran, Helen Jane, Ypsilanti; Women ' s League Executive Board, Senior Class Editor Aurora, A.C.E., Kappa Delta Pi, Early Elementary. Holt, Harold, Imlay City; Pi Kappa Delta, Stoics, Little Theatre Players, Senior High. Hooper, Irving R., South Lyon; Stoics, Mathematics Club, Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Professional. Hornbacher. Elsie, Rogers City; Sigma Nu Phi. Natural Science Club, junior High. Hubbell, Barbara K., Plymouth; Executive Board, Normal Choir, Wesleyan Guild Cabinet. Kappa Delta Pi, English Club, Senior High. Hughes. Erma H., Plymouth; Art Club, Fine Arts. Hughes, Neville R., Montreal, Ont.; Phys- ical Education Club, Natural Educa- tion Club, Physical Education. Huntsberry, William E., Cleveland, Ohio; Zeta Chi Sigma, Senior High. Huyghe, Oscar B., Saqmaw; Zeta Chi Sigma, Orchestra, Band, Choir. Men ' s Union, Band and Orchestra. Ignutz. Anne. Dearborn; Huron Fellowship Club, Early Elementary. James, Geraldme, Iron River; Normal Choir, Madrigal Club, Campus Choris- ters, Y.W.C.A., A.CE., Later Elemen- tary. Jaworski. Jane Lenore, Hamtramck; A.C.E., Newman Club, EngUsh Club, Later Elementary. Jensen, Robert G., Detroit; Phi Delta Pi, Senior Class pres.. Special Education Club, Special Education. Jessop, Alice J., Lansing; Sig ma Nu Phi, Pan Hellenic, treas.. Physical Educa- tion Club, Special Education Club, W.A.A., Physical Education. Johnson, Donald F., Ann Arbor; Chemistry Club. Natural Science, Mathematics Club, Pre-Professional. Johnson. Mary C, Ann Arbor; Pi Delta Theta, Choir, Campus Choristers, Early Elementary. Kalefi, Pauline A., Flint; English Club, Newman Club, Commercial Club, House Presidents Council, Euthalia, Commercial. Kaplan, Ada, Flint; A.CE,, House Presi- dents Council, Early Elementary. Katon, Helen Ruth; Ypsilanti; Sigma Nu Phi. Senior Class Sec, Pres, of Sigma Nu Phi, Commercial Teacher ' s Club, Commercial. Keegan, Dorothy Jane, Emmett; A.C.E., Newman Club, Early Elementary. Keenan, Mary Jean, Saginaw; Theta Lambda Sigma, A.C.E., Little Theatre Players, Newman Club, Early Ele- mentary. Kelder, Janet Louise, Ypsilanti; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Music Club, Madrigal Club, Choir, Public School Music, Kappa Delta Pi. Kempf, Marian, Imlay City; Pi Kappa Sigma, Executive Board, Early Elemen- tary. Kenyon, Katherine E., Portland; Pi Kappa Sigma, Y.W.C.A., Early Elementary Ketchum, Boyd, Ypsilanti, Sigma Mu Sigma, International Relations Club, Art Club, Fine Arts. Kidder, Florence Marie, Allegan; Theta Lambda Sigma, Special Education Club pres., Special Education. Kivo, Joseph, Detroit; Aurora, Varsity Track, History Club, Senior High. Klein, Robert F., Grand Rapids; Phi Delta Pi, Senior Executive Board. Physical Education. Kowalski. Helen, Hamtramck; Physical Ed- ucation Club. Special Education Club, Newman Club, Physical Education. Krake, Pearl, Dickson City; Theta Lambda Si:::ma, A.CE , Early Elementary. Kuhl, Marjorie F., Manchester; Pi Kappa Sigma, A.C.E.. Campus Choristers, Band, Early Elsmentary. Lamiman, William W., North Branch; Phi Sigma E silon, pres., Physical Educa- tion Club pres.. Men ' s Union sec, Inter Fraternity Council, Physical Ed- ucation. Lawrence, Roy C, Petoskey; Phi Sigma Epsilon. Industrial Arts. Lebowsky, Bernice B., Owosso; Fine Arts. Lee, Clarabelle, Bowling Green, Ohio; Kappa Mu Delta, W.A.A., Physical Education Club, Physical Education. Lee, Robert Eugene, Ypsilanti; Chemistry Club, Sigma Delta Psi, Pre-Profes- sional. Lemmon, William Thomas, Perry; Arm of Honor, Inter Fraternity Council pres., Senior High. Lentz. Jane, Detroit; Sodahtas Latina, Se- nior High. Lieder. Arthur H., Detroit; Phi Delta Pi, Mathematics Club. Chemistry Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior High. Lindbert, Marion L., Manchester; Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Early Elementary. Long, Elizabeth Mae, Milford; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Lowe, Grace, E., Van Dyke; Home Eco- nomics Club. Y.W.C.A., English Club, Home Economics. Lutz, Gerald A., Ann Arbor; History Club, Interna ' ional Relations Club, Adminis- tration and Supervision. Lymburner, Inez. Port Huron; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Marti, Violet C, Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon. Mathematics Club, Executive Board, Junior Hiah. Matthewson. Adele, Flint; A.C.E., Euthalia, Christian Fellowship, Student Relig- ious Council, Canterbury Club, Early Elementary. Mauri tho, Mildred. Wyandotte; Art Club, Campus Choristers, Fine Arts. McDonald. E. Jane, Bay City; Early Ele- mentary. McKelvey. James D.; Romulus; Pre-Pro- fessional. Meldrum, James F., Ann Arbor; Phi Sigma Epsilon, Normal Choir, Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club, Senior High. Mellberg, Arthur R., Cheboygan; Wes- leyan Guild, Senior High. Menger. Helen M., Holt; A.C.E., Pi Kappa Sigma treas.. Early Elementary. Merrick. Dorothy. Crystal Falls; Y.W.C.A. pres.. Stoics, Kappa Delta Pi. Home Economics Club, Women ' s League sc- retary. Campus Choristers, Home Eco- nomics. Meyers, Pershing Nash, Britton; Senior High. Miller, Irene Adelaide, Detroit; A.C.E., Newman Club, English Club, Early Elementary. Miller, Lawrence E.. Hamtramck; Arm of Honor, Industrial Arts Club, Newman Club, Natural Science Club, Industrial Arts. Minnick, Mamie, Bad Axe; Alpha Mu Sigma, Home Economics, Newman Club. Home Economics. Moles, Charles M., Sault Ste. Marie; In- ternational Relations Club, English Club, History Club, Senior High. Morrison, Victor James, Grass Lake; Chem- istry Club, Mathematics Club, C.A.A., Senior High. Neubert, Emmajune K., Belleville; Alpha Mu Sigma, Commercial Club, Y.W.C. A., Lutheran Students Club, Commer- cial. Newlands, George, Detroit; Phi Delta Pi, Special Education Club, Special Edu- cation. Newnham, Margaret, J., Windsor, Ontario; Sodalitas Latina, Senior High. Nordgren, Sigurd E., Daggett; Industrial Arts Club, Senior High. Norton, Beatrice M., Alpena; Special Ed- ucation Club, Wesleyan Guild, Later Elementary. O ' Berg, Marshall E., Iron River; History Club, Senior High. Oien, Laura Irene, Iron Mountain; Theta Sigma Upsilon. Physical Education Club, W.A.A. pres.. Physical Educa- tion. Oldenburg, Gladys W., Dearborn; Senior High. Olds, Joan L., Ypsilanti; Pi Deha Theta, Social Committee, A.C.E., Pan-Hellenic Social Committee chairman. Early El- ementary. Ondrovik, Frank, Belleville; Chemistry Club, Stoics, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi Alpha treas.. Senior High. Outiey, Bettymae, Detroit; Pi Delta Theta, Executive Board. A.C.E.. English Club. Y.W.C.A., Later Elementary. Packer, Ira, Holyoke. Mass.; Physical Edu- cation Club. Special Education Club. Natural Science Club, Physical Educa- tion. Parker, B. Harold, Grindstone City; Chem- istry Club, Mathematics Club, Senior High. Parker, Ila Marie, Ludington; Pi Delta Theta, Book-a-Month pres., A.C.E., Eng- hsh Club, Y.W.C.A., Later Elementary. Penzenhagen, Alberta Mae. Abbottsford; A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., House Presidents Council. Later Elementary. Perry, Walter Henry, Detroit; Debate, Eng- lish Club, Senior High. Pierson, J. Ethel, Sulphur, Okla.; Special Education Club, Special Education. Peters, Marion, Flat Rock; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Physical Education Club. Physical Education. Peterson, Francis E. , Toledo, Ohio; Or- chestra, Orchestra and Band. Peterson, Loraine, Ludington; Pi Delta Theta pres.. Executive Board, Y.W.C. A.. English Club, Early Elementary. Peterson, Shirley, Atlanta; Junior High. Petty, Malcolm, Mason; Commercial Club, Commercial. Phillips. Lois W., Three Oaks; Kappa Delta Pi, English Club, Christian Youth Fellowship, Normal News, Early Elementary. Polk, Henry, Ypsilanti; Little Theatre Play- ers, Senior High. Poly, Edward, Cochranton, Pa.; Phi Delta Pi. Physical Education Club, Men ' s Union pres.. Physical Education. Porter, Vernon L., Blissfield; Chemistry Club President, Senior High. Powers, Christine Florence, Vermontville; Kappa Delta Pi, Choir, Wesleyan Guild Cabinet. Early Elementary. Powers, James J.. Aurora, N.Y.; Kappa Phi Alpha, English Club, Senior High. Purman, Eleanor J., Highland Park; Pi Delta Theta, Newman Club, Commer- cial Club, Aurora, Commercial. Ouinn, Thomas Vincent, Ypsilanti; Kappa Phi Alpha, Vice-President Men ' s Union, Inter Fraternity Council. Physical Ed- ucation Club Council, Captain Var- sity Track, Newman Club, Senior High. 164 Raaf. John J., Ann Arbor; Senior High. Rabideau. Barbara, Ann Arbor; Home Ec- onomics Club, Newman C!ub, Home Economics. Raman, Kathryn, Muskegon; Early Ele- mentary. Roe, George R., Port Huron; Vice-President International Relations Club, History Club, Senior High. Reber, Marlen C, New Boston; Sigma Mu Sigma. Natural Science Club President, Inter Fraternity Council, Wrestling. Senior High. Reed, Eldreda D., Flint; English Club, Early Elementary. Reid, Helen Louise, Port Huron; Senior High. Repaid, Norma M., Detroit; House Presi- dents ' Council, English Club, Little Theatre Players, Junior High. Rice, Evelyn, Mt. Clemens; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Senior Council, Executive Board, Director of Campus Sisters, Pan-Hel- lenic, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. Riggs, Emerson W., Belleville; Kappa Phi Alpha, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Roller. Hazel L., Unionville; English Club, Y.W.C.A., Early Elementary. Ross, Ruth Foster, Ypsilanti; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Early Elementary. Royce, Edena P., Niles; Elementary Edu- cation Club, Y.W.C.A.. Weslevcn Guild. Sanborn, Ben. F., Ypsiianti; Commercial Club, Commercial. Sark, Marion E., Ferndale; Aurora Editor, Newman Club Treasurer. Kappa Delia Pi, English Club, Sodalitas Latina. Senior High. Saupe, Mane Elizabeth, Milford; Early Elementary. Savage, Verda E.. Belleville. Say lor, Charles E., Plymouth; Natural Science Club, Senior High. Schlossstein. Mary-Jane. Belleville; Alpha Mu Sigma, Commercial Teachers Club, Wesleyan Guild, Y.W.C.A., Commer- cial. Schmidt. Betty Lenore, Flint; Euthalia, A. C.E., Early Elementary. Schneidewind, Ann Therese, Ann Arbor; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Schoenberger, Eleanore M., Farmington; Alpha Mu Sigma, Choir. Commercial Club. Newman Club. Commercial. Schoensee, Harvey Ernest, Ypsilanti; Zeta Chi Sigma, Campus Choristers, Inter Fraternity Council, Chemistry Club, Mathematics Club, Senior High. Schwall. Frank. Ypsilanti; Physical Edu- cation. Schwartz, Harold, Ml. Clemens; Varsity Tennis. History Club, International Re- lations Club, Senior High. Schwarzkopf. Marian C, Saginaw; Pi Kappa Sigma. Executive Board, ' So- dalitas Latino. Pan-Hellenic. Senior High. Seitz, Estelle M., Dexter; Home Economics Club, Book-a-month, Home Economics. Sharpe, Leon Lee, Brooklyn. N.Y.; Fine •f Arts Club, Natural Science Club. Phys- ical Education Club, Physical Educa- tion. Sheppard, Elizabeth, Detroit; Alpha Mu Sigma, Fine Arts Club, Pan-Hellenic, Fine Arts. Sherman. Marguerite B., Ov osso; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Advisory Chairman, Kappa Delta Pi, Early Elementary. Shoemaker, Leota May, V ayne; Home Ec- onomics Club, Home Economics. Siefert, John N., Berville; Commercial Club, Malhmatics Club, Commercial. Smith, Lauren Joseph, Erie; Natural Science Club, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. Snidecor, Dorothy, Ypsilanti; Pi Delta Theta, Aurora Staff, Art Club, English Club. Fine Arts. Snyder, Clifford, Flint; Special Education Club, Special Education, Pi Gamma Mu. Soderlund. Rachel Rose, Lake City; Art Club, Home Economics Club, Early Elementary. Sondeen, Muriel, Whitehall; Women ' s League vice-pres.. Stoics, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior High. Sperry, Eleanor M., Ann Arbor; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Spotts, Alfred L., Pontiac; Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Senior High. Spotts, Frank J., Pontiac; Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Fellowship Club, Senior High. Stafford, Audrey, Port Huron; Early Ele- mentary. Storer, Charlene, Hillsdale; Theta Lambda Sigma, Home Economics Club. Home Economics. Strickland, Norma Fay, Albion; Junior High. Swafford, Fred Lee, Detroit; Phi Delta Pi, Senior Class treas.. Industrial Arts Club. Special Education Club, Inter Fraternity Council, Industrial Arts. Swayer, Geraldme, Jackson; Home Eco- nomics Club, House Presidents Coun- cil, Home Economics. Swmton, David Bruce, Highland Park; Mathematics Club pres., Sigma Mu Sigma, Pre-Professional. Syc, Stella M.. Cheboygan; Choir, A.C.E., Newman Club, Early Elementary. Tallmadge, Helen E., Sandusky; Normal Choir, Wesleyan Guild. A.C.E., House Presidents Council, Early Elementary. Thomas, Agnes E., Suttons Bay; Commer- cial Teacher ' s Club, Y.W.C.A., Eng- lish Club, Wesleyan Guild. Commer- cial. Tower, Robert Scott, Ypsilanti; Christian Youth Fellowship, Natural Science Club, Senior High. Townsend, Harlan Lee, Pittsford; Commer- cial Club pres., Wesleyan Guild. Commercial. Trmgham, James. Highland Park; Inter- national Relations Club, History Club, Senior High. Turner, Deloris, Morley; A.C.E., Early Ele- mentary. Ureen. Helen Janet, Jackson; Women ' s League pres.. Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Stoics, Pre-Professional. VanDommelen, Louise, Holland; Physical Education. Venable, Sara Jane, Oxford; Art Club, English Club, Fine Arts. Verkler, Ruth, Mt. Clemens; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Aurora Staff, Choir, Senior High. Voisich, Edward, Washington; History Club, International Relations Club, Senior High. Voorhees, Helen, Dowagiac; Physical Ed- ucation Club, W.A.A., Physical Edu- cation. Vroman, Harold Edv ard, Alpena; Zeta Chi Sigma, Wesleyan Guild pres.. Band. Normal Choir, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Religious Council, History Club, Senior High. Wagner, Jane Marie, Ionia; Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Early Elementar . Waite. Betsy Jane. Jackson; Theta Lambda Sigma, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Walker, Elizabeth K., Sault Ste. Mane; Theta Lambda Sigma, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Wallace, Leone M., South Lyon; Natural Science Club. Senior High. Walsh, Martha E.. Pontiac; Kappa Delta Pi pres.. Stoics. Pi Kappa Delta, Senior High. Walters, Betty J.. Mt. Clemens; Theta Lambda Sigma pres.. Stoics, Senior High. Work, Purl, Peck; Commercial Teachers ' Club, Mathematics Club. Commercial. Warner, Myrtle, Albion; Alpha Sigma Al- pha, Little Theatre Players, English Club, A.C.E.. Early Elementary. Wheater, Lynn, YpsUanh; Kappa Phi Al- pha, Pre-Professional. Wheeler, Helene, Bridgeport; Early Ele- mentary. Wileden, Laurabelle, Plymouth; Aloha Sigma Tau, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A.. Early Elementary. Williams, Farrell, Willis; Natural Science Club. Stoics, Senior High. Wilson, Elizabeth Ann, Almont; English Club, A.C.E.. Wesleyan Guild, Early Elementary. Wiltse, E. William, Saginaw; Student Re- ligious Council pres.. Campus Choris- ters, Director, Wesleyan Guild. Madri- gal Club, Normal Choir, Music Club. Public School Music. Wolf, Mary LaRue, Ypsilanti; Music Club, Normal Choir, Public School Music. Woodruff. Doris Jeanne, Indianapolis, Ind.; Chemistry Club, Senior High. Wright, J. Eugene, Ludington; Commercial Club, Foreign Relations Club, Com- mercial. Zittel. Mane Estelle, Orchard Park, N.Y.; Special Education Club, Industrial Arts Club, W.A.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Special Education. JUNIOR CLASS INDEX Adams. Ruth M., Miami, Flonda; Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Early Elemen- tary. Aler, Irene, Harbor Springs; Physical Edu- cation. Alford, Barry H., Ypsilanti; Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Pre-Pro- fessional. Allen, Dorothy S., Tecumseh; EuthaHa, Wesleyan Guild, A.C.E., Early Ele- mentary. Allen, Stanley W., Ypsilanti; Huron Chris- tian Fellowship Club, Special Educa- tion Club, Band, Special Education. Anderson, Grace I., Detroit; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Business Administration. Anderson, Jean Louise, Northville; Euthalia. English Club, Senior High. (PAGES 46-57) Anderson, John M., Addison; Public School Music Club, Choir, Band, Zeta Chi Sigma, Music. Anderson, Woodrow C, Oakland, Cali- fc:r.:a; Pre-Professional. Artley, Helen B., Monroe; A.C.E., Advisory Board, Y.W.C.A., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Early Elementary. Ayres, Helen J., Ann Arbor; Early Ele- mentary. Baker, Dons M.. Royal Oak; Pi Delta Theta, Early Elementary. Baker, Patricia M., Ypsilanti; Stoic, Eng- lish Club, Mathematics Club. Theta Lambda Sigma, Junior High. Baker, Ralph N., Munising; Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Ballard, Cecile Grace, Constantine; Public School Music Club, Choir, Public School Music. Barley, Louise M., Clio; Y.W.C.A.. Early Elementary. Barnard, F. DeWitt, Ann Arbor; Wrestling, Arm of Honor, Pre-Professional. Bass, Seymour E., Detroit; Chemistry Club, Campus Choristers, Executive Board, Pre-Professional. Bell. Elisabeth K., Ypsilanti; Early Ele- mentary. Bell. Margaret Catherine, Columbia viUe; Junior High. Baelens, Mary Jane, Northville; Special Education Club. Ne vman Club, Y.W. C.A., Delta Sigma Epsilon, Special Education. 165 Baelens, Alice E., Northville; English Club, Newman Club, Wodeso, Later Elemen- tary. Bluhm, Virgina A., Bellevue, Natural Science Club, Y.W.C.A., Westminster League, A.C.E.; Early Elementary. Bloomer, William L., Walden, N.Y.; Natu- ral Science Club, History Club, Track, Physical Education Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Physical Education. Bloom, Louise Elaine. Wayne; Early Ele- mentary. Bliss, Lois K., Port Huron; EngUsh Club, Music Club, Theta Lambda Sigma, Senior High. Benford, Doris N., Saginaw; Early Ele- mentary. Boussum, Charles W., Colon; Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Bowen, Lloyd W., Saline; Pre-Professional. Bowles, Edward G., Detroit; Stoics, Choir, Wesleyan Guild, Madrigal Club, Zeta Chi Sigma, Senior High. Boyer, Elizabeth Barry, Reed City; Music Club, Choir, Orchestra, Pi Kappa Sigma, Public School Music. Brasseur, Garwin J., Afton; Natural Science Club, Newman Club, Chemistry Club, Pre-Professional. Braun. Norma Jean, Grand Rapids; A.C.E., Early Elementary. Brazee, Opal Louise, Clayton; Choir, Art Club, Executive Board, Fine Arts. Brink, Betty Jane, Mt. Clemens; Later Ele- mentary. Brzezmski, Joseph F., Jackson; Phi Delta Pi. Track, Industrial Art. Buerk, Betty H., Temperance; Early Ele- mentary. Burns, Mary P., Ann Arbor; Newman Club, Kappa Mu Delta, Early Elemen- tary. Burns, Roberta Mary, Grand Haven; De- bate, Senior High. Butler, Marjorie M., Dundee; Special Edu- cation Club, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Spe- cial Education. By rum, Richard R.. Onondaga; Industrial Arts. Carakostas, Kenneth, Detroit; Arm of Honor, Baseball, Industrial Arts. Chappell, Geraldine M., Holt; Early Ele- mentary. Christopheison, William A., Ypsilanti; His- tory Club, Special Education Club, In- ternational Relations Club, Senior High. Cleary, Kenneth, Saginaw; Physical Edu- cation Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phys- ical Education. Cleland, Margaret E., Deckerville; Y.W.C. A., Home Economics Club, Home Eco- nomics. Compton, Asa Thomas, Flint; Industrial Arts Club, Debate, Industrial Arts. Compton, Lewis P., Flint, Chemistry Club, History Club, Pre-Professional. Corbeille, Joyce Marion. Ypsilanti; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Later Elementary. Craig, Margaret R., Britten; A.C.E., Art Club, Y.W.C.A., Enghsh Club, Early Elementary. Creswell, Jean, Pontiac; Home Economics. Crisp, Delmar E., Fayette, Ohio; Commer- cial Club, Wesleyan Guild, Commer- cial Curriculum. Cripps, Annabelle, Palms; English Club, Later Elementary. Growl, Edith Bell, Shelby; Y.W.C.A., Eng- lish Club, Senior High. Crumback, Eila Helen, Perry; Mathematics Club, Commercial Club, Commercial. Curran, John Walter, Croswell; Newman Club. History Club, Senior High. Cyrus, Charles H., Watseka, Illinois; Choir, Music. Dahlstrom, Ida Louise, Owosso; English Club. Later Elementary. Donila, Helen Ann, Detroit; Newman Club, Natural Science Club, Pre-Professional. Dau, James Norman, Detroit; Madrigal Club, Chorister, Choir, Music Club, Pubhc School Music. Dean, M. Lorna, Fhnt; Wesleyan Guild, Y.W.C.A., Little Theatre Club, State Limited. Dennis, Anna S., Ypsilanti; Commercial Club, Commercial. DeShepmaster, Joseph, Roseville; Physical Education Club, Physical Education. Detthng, Marian M., Ann Arbor; Home Economics Club, Home Economics. DeVries, Phyllis J., Grand Rapids; Early Elementary. Dibbert, Shirley M., Manistee; Interna- tional Relations Club, Natural Science Club, Y.W.C.A., Early Elementary. Donnelly, Richard J., Allen; Arm of Honor, Physical Education. Dotterrer, Mary Eileen, Detroit; Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Guild, Lcrter Elementary. Eldred, Marion Allene, Almont; English Club, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Elliott, M. Elaine, Belleville; Home Eco- nomics Club, Westminister League, Home Economics. Ellis, Margaret Ann, Mt. Clemens, Ad- visory Board, Early Elementary. Ellsworth, A. Ray, Saginaw; Pre-Profes- sionaL Fairman, L. Georgia, Carsonville; Country Life Club, State Limited. Falahee, Hilton G-, Jackson; Mathematics Club, Stoic Club, Chemistry Club, Senior High. Farris, Mary C, Melvindale; Stoics Soci- ety, Executive Board, Junior High. Feeney, James Martin, Oakfield, N.Y.; Physical Education Club, Newman Club. Kappa Phi Alpha, Physical Ed- ucation. Fitch, A. Lajune, Ypsilanti; Y.W.C.A., Home Economics Club, Home Econom- ics. Flynn, Mary Frances, Flint; Early Ele- mentary. Forker, Barbara Ellen, FUnt; Physical Ed- ucation Club, W.A.A., Delta Sigma Epsilon, Physical Education. Freeland, Robert F., Mayville; Music Club, Music. Gamble, Alyce, Houghton; English Club, Junior High. Geddis, Barbara Caroline, Ypsilanti; West- minster League, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C. A., Home Economics. German, Freda A., Walled Lake; Early Elementary. Gildenstein, Ralph F., Detroit, Industrial Arts Club, Science Qub, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Track, Industrial Arts. Gilbert, Lansing M., Royal Oak; Industrial Education Club, Wesleyan Guild, In- dustrial Arts. Glassing, Margaret Louise, Birmingham; Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Later Elementary. Gleason, Ray L., Ann Arbor; Normal News, Pre-Professional. Goodson, Harriet E., Toledo, Ohio; Phys- ical Education Club, W.A.A. Board, Physical Education. Grady, Joseph N., Flint; Special Educa- tion Club, Arm of Honor, Football, Baseball, Physical Education. Graham, Shirley R., Ann Arbor; Theta Lambda Sigma, Junior High. Greenwood, Alfred P., Toledo, Ohio; Kapoa Phi Alpha. Football, Basketball, Phy. - ical Education. Gregg, Betty, Britton; Junior High. Griffor, William George, Fair Haven; New- man Club, Senior High. Guenther, Walter T., Fitchburg, Mass.; Physical Education Club, Baseball, Physical Education. Hagen, Marion S., Lake Linden; Special Education. Hall, Barbara Jean, Pontiac; Chemistry Club, Y.W.C.A., Natural Science Club, Westminster League, Pre-Professional. Hansen, Paul M., WiUis; Senior High. Haselswerdt, Janet Arline, Chelsea; Eng- lish Club, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Later Ele- mentary. Hayden, I. Marian, Grand Rapids; Early Elementary. Hazzard. Paulyne, Detroit; Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A., CommerciaL Hildebrand. Leila M., Hazel Park; History Club, English Club, Senior High. Heurion, Marjorie Phyllis, Chelsea; Com- mercial Club, Foreign Relations Club, Commercial. Holt, Helen L., Ironwood; Choir, A.C.E., Early Elementary. Hopkins, Frieda Maxine, Armada; Choir, State Limited. Hupy, Robert P., Gladstone; Aurora Staff, Newman, Zeta Chi Sigma, Business Administration. Hutchinson, Elizabeth Louise, Dearborn; Stoics, Art Club, English Club, Normal News, Senior High. Jacobs, Bernice, Holland; Physical Educa- tion Club, W.A.A., Sigma Nu Phi, Physical Education. Jepson, Theressa, Howell; Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Pre-Professional. Johnson, Eileen Lorraine, Sparta; Later Elementary. Keech, Nila D., Ann Arbor; Pre-Profes- sional. Kendall, Mary Ellen, Saline; Early Ele- mentary. Kirker, Eunice Anita, Lansing; Special Ed- ucation Club, Y.W.C.A., Westminster League, Special Education. Kirstowsky, Edward C, Saginaw; Mathe- matics Club, Phi Delta Pi, Pre-Pro- fessional. Kiteley, Betty L., Marlette; Early Elemen- tary. Klug, Noreen PhylUs, Avoca; Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Choir, Early Elementary. Kokales, Esther AUce, Ann Arbor; Early Elementary. Kolazinski, Edward J., Van Dyke; Pre- Professional. Kontrymowicz, Edward R., Hamtramck; Industrial Arts Club, Arm of Honor, Executi ve Board, Football, Basketball, Industrial Arts. Krass, Dorothy Louise, Greenville; Eutha- lia, A.C.E., Kappa Mu Delta, Early Elementary, LaRue, Robert S., Ypsilanti; Stoics Society, Mathematics Club, Normal News. Phi Delta Pi, Senior High. Larmee, Roy A., Ann Arbor; Pre-Profes- sional. Lawrence, Frances Marian, Spring Arbor; Commercial Club, Commercial. Lee, Donald H., Ypsilanti; Pre-Professional. Lempke, Harold E., Carleton; Commercial Club, Commercial. Leonard, George A., Waldron; Sigma Mu Sigma, Pre-Professional. Lewis, Charlotte B., Ann Arbor; Home Eco- nomics Club, Home Economics. Lewis, Mary Jane, Corunna; A.C.E., Choir, Theta Lambda Sigma, Early Elemen- tary. Lieder, Albert H., Detroit; Chemistry, Choir, Pre-Professional. Litette, Edward, Ann Arbor; Industrial Arts. Lockhart. Fredric John, Elberta; Physical Education. Lockwood, Earl G., Wesleyan Guild, Band, Senior High. Lowry, Genevieve Mae,, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Y.W.C. A., Westminster League, Chem- istry Club, Home Economics. Loyer, Eunice, Dearborn; Physical Educa- tion Club; Physical Education. Lucorelh, Eugene J., Iron Mountain; In- dustrial Arts Club, Track, Industrial Arts. MacDonald, Royal N., Prescott; Natural Science Club, Industrial Arts Club, Kappa Phi Alpha, Industrial Arts. MacGregor, Margaret, Pontiac; Executive Board, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Early Ele- mentary. Mack, Virginia Mae, Detroit; Library. Majorana. Egidio E., Hazel Park; Indus- trial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. Majorana, Joseph N., Hazel Park; Indus- trial Arts Club, Arm of Honor, In- dustrial Arts. Manning, Richard Elmer, Ecorse; Junior Class President, Stoic, Mathematics Club, Chemistry Club, Aurora Staff, Football, Baseball, Phi Delta Pi, C.A. A., Pre-Professional. 156 Marsh, Doris Marjorie, Reading; Home Economics Club, Home Economics. Mastromarco, Victor ].. Monroe; Tennis, Junior High. Mater, Edwina M., McGregor; A.C.E., Hu- ron Fellowship Club, Early Elemen- tary. May, Marjorie V., Hazel Pork; Euthalia, A.C.E., Choir, Later Elementary. McConalogue, Bernice Mae, Wayne; Early Elementary. McCutcheon, Irene, Flint; Music Club, Y.W.C.A., Wesleyan Guild, Choir, Campus Choristers, Public School Mu- sic. McKeachie, Wilbert J., Davisburg; Stoic Society, Mathematics Club, English Club, History Club, Choir, Debate, Zeta Chi Sigma, Administration. McLeod, Ireta J., Plymouth; English Club, Senior High. McMartin, Ruth Jane, Port Huron; A.C.E., Early Elementary. McMullan, Loyd H., Belleville; Senior High. McWethy, Eleanor J.. Saginaw; Y.W.C.A., English Club, Pi Delta Theta, Early Elementary. Mitchell, Virginia F., Detroit, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E., Later Elementary. Mollett, Vera M., River Rouge; Wesleyan Guild, Y.W.C.A., Home Economics Club, Home Economics. Mott, Dolores, Flint; Aurora, A.C.E., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Later Elementary. Murbach. Mildred Elizabeth, South Rock- wood; Early Elementary. Mustard, Edward, Yale; Aurora Staff, Pre- Professional. Naas, Willard H., Byron; Industrial Arts Club, Choir, Zeta Chi Sigma, Indus- trial Arts. Neary, Barbara Jane, Ypsilanti; Physical Education Club, W.A.A., Delta Sigma Epsilon. Physical Education. Neifert, Ruth, Flat Rock; Home Economics Club, Home Economics. Nepodai, Shirley Anne, Ypsilanti; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Early Elementary. Newlands, Andrew L., Detroit; Industrial Arts Club, Inter Fraternity Council, Phi Delta Pi, Football, Baseball, In- dustrial Arts. Nickel, Helen A., Monroe; Home Economics Club, Home Economics. Nichols. Laura Alice, Howell; Art Club, Theta Sigma Upsilon, Fine Arts. Nutting, Barbara Louise. Plymouth; Art Club, Fine Arts. Otf, Evelyn Ruth, Monroe; Home Econom- ics Club, Choir, Madrigal Club, Home Economics. Ouzounian, Anooshavan G., Detroit; Au- rora Staff, Arm of Honor, Senior High. Owens, Charles F., Fulton; Pre-Profes- sional. Oxley. Charles E., Pontiac; Junior Class Treasurer, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Base- ball, Basketball, Physical Education. Page, Barbara Elinor, Adrian; Physical Education Club, Physical Education. Pardon, Elfneda, Ann Arbor, Early Ele- mentary. Parker, Wilham O., Clarkston; Natural Science Club, Senior High. Peknik, John, Herkimer. N.Y.; Chemistry Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Senior High. Peppier, Mary Jane M., Grand Rapids; Sigma Nu Phi, Early Elementary. Perrine, Jean A., Ohvet; Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A., Commercial. Perry, Dorothea H., Ypsilanti; English Club, Mathematics Club, Y.W.C.A., Sodalitas Latino, Senior High. Petermann, Dawn D., Ann Arbor; Pi Kappa Sigma, Pre-Professional. Phillips, Natalie, Flint; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Early Elementary. Pillsbury, Betty Ann, Ypsilanti; Home Ec- onomics Club, Y.W.C.A., Executive Board, Home Economics- Pillsbury, Charles B., Ypsilanti; Chemistry Club, Zeta Chi Sigma, Pre-Profes- sional. Pilon, Ruby M., Lincoln Park; ACE., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Early Elemen- tary. Podolsky, Ruth K., Flint; A.C.E.. Early Elementary. Preketes, Nicholas John, Ann Arbor; So- daUtas Latina, Pre-ProiessionaL Purchase, Mary Elizabeth, Muskegon Heights; Chemistry Club, Mathematics Club, Executive Board, Senior High. Puvogel, Joseph, Berkley; Mathematics Club, Kappa Phi Alpha, Administra- tion. Ouigley, Kenneth A., Howell; Chemistry Club, Mathematics Club, Fellowship Club, Senior High. Rashley, Mable Elizabeth, Ann Arbor; W.A.A. , Physical Education. Rasmovich, Anthony V., Nashua, N.H.; Kappa Phi Alpha, Industrial Arts. Rawson, George S., Manchester; Kappa Phi Alpha, Pre-Professional. Redden, Gwendolyn Mary, Battle Creek; Pre-Professional. Reinbold, C. Louis, Harbor Springs; Chem- istry Club, Stoic Society, Natural Science Club. Senior High. Renlon, Roy W., Ypsilanti; Kappa Phi Al- pha, Junior Class Vice-President, Pre- Professional. Rice, Edna G., Port Huron; Euthalia, Mathematics Club, Senior High. Richards, Jeanette, South Haven; Art Club, Choir, Wesleyan Guild, Fine Arts. Richardson, J. Marie, Cement City; Eu- fhaha. Home Economics Club. Home Economics. Richardson, Stanley G.. Monroe; Junior Class Secretary, Industrial Arts Club, Fine Arts Club, Kappa Phi Alpha, Fine Arts. Rings, Emily Elisabeth, Jackson; Art Club, Fine Arts. Ritz, Mary Margaret, Ann Arbor; Co-chair- man of Junior Class Mixer, Theta La mbda Sigma, Special Education. Roach, John Ross, Marine City; Senior High. Roediger, Jean, Wixom; Euthalia, Normal News Staff, Early Elementary. Rogers, lone L., Royal Oak; W.A.A., Phys- ical Education Club, Physical Educa- tion. Ross, Mary Esther, Ypsilanti; Executive Board, Commercial Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Commercial. Schlossstein, Louis A., Belleville; Chemistry Club, Industrial Arts Club, Mathe- matics Club, Pre-Professional. Schroff, Geraldine Grace, Royal Oak; Comm.ercial Club, Theta Lambda Sigma, Commercial. Schwartz, Elsie K., Mt. Clemens; Later El- ementary. Schwartz, Jeanette Ida, Plymouth; English Club, Little Theater Players, Early Elementary. Scott, Donna B., Chelsea; Early Elemen- tary. Schumann, Aletha E., Reed City; Choir, W.A.A., A.C.E., Early Elementary. Shewchuck. Sergey, Cheboygan; Senior High. Shick, Ila Florence, Davison; Y.W.C.A., Music Club, Wesleyan Guild, Campus Choristers, Public School Music. Shoemaker, Jane H., Toledo, Ohio; Phys- ical Education Board, W.A.A., Delta Sigma Epsilon, Physica l Education. Shoemaker, John H., Detroit; Stoic Society, Mathematics Club, Aurora Staff, Homecoming Committee Chairman, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Baseball, Senior High. Sibley, Marion R., Choir, Viventes Execu- tive Board, Junior High. Siddall, Beth Anne. Ypsilanti; Stoic So- ciety, Choir, Y.W.C.A., Early Ele- mentary. Simmons. Williams, Belleville; Kappa Phi Alpha, Senior High. Simonds, John W., Ann Arbor; Phi Sigma Epsilon, Baseball, Pre-Professionol. Simpson, W. Grace, Brighton; Natural Science Club, A.C.E., Y.V .C.A., Cam- era Club, Wesleyan Guild, Early Ele- mentary. Sluiter. Ruth Helen, Grand Rapids; Early Elementary. Smith, Mary Louise, Three Rivers; Com- mercial Club, Pi Delta Theta, Com- mercial. Smith. Robert Lincoln, Plymouth; Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Senior High. Smith, Wanda Mae, Milan; Early Elemen- tary. Snell, Julia E., Monroe; Co-chairman of J-Hop, Normal News, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Junior High. Sommerfield, Don L., Saginaw ; Chemistry Club, Phi Delta Pi. Social Committee Chairman, Track, Pre-Professional. Southard, Charles D., Ypsilanti; Pre-Pro- fessional. Stando, Stanley R., Dearborn; Senior High. Stec, Josephine A., Hudson; Nev man Club, English Club, Elementary Education Club, Later Elementary. Stewart, Phyllis L., Plymouth; Y.W.C.A., Alpha Sigma Tau, Senior High. Stone, Irene Pearl, Carsonville; Senior High. Tober. Robert. Ypsilanti; Pre-Professional. Taylor. Amy Joyce. Iron wood; Mathemat- ics Club, Senior High. Trzcmski, Irene, Hamtramck; Natural Science Club, Newman Club, Junior High. VanDenburgh, Margaret I., Tecumseh; A. C.E., Orchestra, Early Elementary. Vercnocke, Helen R., North Street; Wes- leyan Guild, State Limited. Vlaicu. Virginia, Dearborn; Early Ele- mentary. Vollmar, Shirley Ann., New Baltimore; Newman Club, Executive Board, Kappa Mu Delta, Senior High. Wainman, Wilton L., Ypsilanti; Phi Sigma Epsilon, Industrial Arts. Wallace, Raymond H., Decker; Junior High. Walters, Martha Helen, Wolverine; Stoic Society, History Club, Normal News, Senior High. Watson, George A.. Tekonsha; Pre-Profes- sional. Wegienka, Mark J., Romulus; Rural Ad- ministration. Weir. Jean M., Wayne; Euthalia, Y.W.C.A., Choir, Chorister, Early Elementary. Wescoat. Florence Edith, Houghton; A.C. E.. Early Elementary. Whan, Edgar William, Ypsilanti; Aurora Staff, English Club. Senior High. Whims, Thelma Ann, Pontiac; Later Ele- mentary. Whiting, Evelyn Alice, Washington; Wes- leyan Guild, Y.W.C.A., Later Elemen- tary. Wilber, A. Mills, Pontiac; Normal New3 Editor, Stoic Society, Phi Delta Pi. Senior High. Wilson, E. Jean, Deckerville; Y.W.C.A., Home Economics, Home Economics. Wilson, Flossie Elcene, Willis; Y.W.C.A., Senior High. Winter, Robert G., Grossc- Pointe; Pre- Professional. Wismer, Betty Jane, Port Huron; Choir, Public School Music. Wood. Barbara M., State Limited. Woluing. H. Emerson, Ypsilanti; Pre-Pro- fessional. Woitley, Ann Harriet, Ypsilanti; Choir, Home Economics Club, Kappa Mu Delta, Home Economics. Zamora, Pablo J., Aguadilla, Pureto Rico; Pre-Professional. Zedick, Kathryn F., Pontiac; Stoic Society. Chemistry Club, Executive Bocird. Pre- Professional. Zemper, Duane L., Chemistry Club, Kappa Phi Alpha. Track, Pre-Professional. 167 SDPHDMDRE CLASS INDEX (PAGES 58-65) Abbott, Margaret A. Ableson, Betty J. Affelt, Marie E. Alent. Earl J. Allen, E. Arlene Ames, Jeane A. Anderson, John A. Apple, Victor Archer, Robert Armbruster, Lloyd A. Arnold, Dorothy A. Atchinson, Linda Atkins, Lome H. Augustus, Margaret J. Baker, Betty G. Baske, L. Joyce Bauer, Eleanor M. Bazley, Betty Beck, Barbara F. Betwee, Bette L. Blair. Virginia R. Boelens, Albert J. Brock, Elizabeth Bronson, Betty J. Brown, Jack C. Brown, Robert O. Browning, Wilbur B. Buckles, Ralph Buckley, Ruth A. Burton, Douglas W. Celestin, John A. Chartier, Frances E. Chernuchin, Paul Chudnovsky, Morry W. Cleary, Roger M. Cody, John E. Cole, George O. Cole, Mildred E. Corbe tt. Wilma J. Courtemanche, Phyllis J, Covington, Jean K. Cowin, Barbara A. Cox, Evelyn M. Crossley, Richard P. Cuthbert, Mary J. Dascola, Ernest P. Deising, Ardath L. Despres, Betty J. Duncan, Gladys G. Dunham. Alice C. Dykhuis, Virginia A. Eastman, James W. Eastman, Norwood Edmonson, Joan Emig, Barbara L, Evans, James H. Fell, Richard C. Fleury, Donald L. Foote, Helen Forsyth, Elinor J. Galfond, Morris M. Getts, Ruth M. Giles, Melvin J. GiUe, Veronica M. Glendening, Clyde E. Gluck, Solomon L. Goodman, Isabelle M. Gordon, Elizabeth J. Graham, Frances L. Granskog, Eileen H. Green, Melvin J. Griggs, Phyllis M. Haas, Margaret L. Hamel, Marion G. Hand. Dorothy M. Haner, Eugene W. Hansen, Paul E. Hard, Mabel L. Harrison, Geraldine M. Harvey, Helen E. Hawkins, Harold L. Hayes, Barbara H. Hayes, Hayden P. Hazelaar, Nellie Heininger, Carlene R. Helfrich, Stewart W. Hellems, A. Trevor Hemingway, Harriet E. Hempstead, Josephine L. Hendee, Robert J. Henderson, David R. Herbst. Marian Hill, Esther R. Hiser, June L. Hoeizer, Betty A. Holly, F. Richard Hopps, Willard E. Huber, Marie H. Huskinson, Evelyn M. Ignatowski. Loretta B. Inghs, Marion Johnson, Elizabeth E. Johnson, Eveline Karpinski, Richard Kelley, James K. Kercher, Pauline Kitter, Lucille G. Koch, Harold W. Koeppen. Maxine D. Kokkales, Demetra Kreeger, Elsmer W. Kruse, Richard L. Kruse, Ruby Lafayette, Evelyn Lambarth, Helen A. Lamkin, Virginia R. Lancaster, Lois L. Langerman, Rolland J. Lockwood, Joanne Langstafi, Donald E. Lawrence, Elizabeth J. Ledford, Laddys W. Leonard, Robert?. Lepisto, Clyde Lewis, Ceiia E. Lietz. Ruth E. Lobban, Dorothea W. Long, Betty M. Long, Phyllis J. Loveland, Hugh W. Luke, Florence J. Lutz, Wallace G. Macintosh, Elaine M. MacKeil, Helen Ruth Madigan, Charles Maleski, Eugenia T. Maleski, Lot ' .ie F. Mallory, A. Worth Manikas, Felicia M. Manning, Frank Markeson, Clarence G. Marquand, Kathleen W. Martin. Beulah M. Martin, Vernon L. Maslin. Bruce J. Mason, Shirley H. McLenna, Blanche A. McLeod, Don H. Merenda, Angeline M. Miller, Leighton Miller, Lois V. Mitchell, Dorothy Mocek, Emily Moore, Walter M. MuUin, Gertrude E. Munsell, Margaret Ann Nank, Betty H. Neal, Ruth I. Neelands, Julia P. Nemeth. Charles Nevel, F. Paul Niparko, S. Zigmund Norris, Gladys L. O ' Connell, Thelma M. G ' Morrow, Virginia F. Otto, Grace E. Palmer, John M. Palmer, M. Janet Park, Mary E. Parkinson, Margaret Patrico, Constance M. Paulson, Thelma R. Pavlovich, Ann M. Perry, Patricia J. Petredean, George Pitsch, Evangeline M. Plath, Virginia A. Plesha, Maryon M. Podayko, Olga M. Polzin, Mary R. Pretty, Robert D. Purchase, Elsie J. Quinn, William A. Rauchle. Marjorie E. Raymond, Shirley J. Regitko, Mary Reid, Catherine J. Reigel, Donna J. Re no, Lois E. Riddering, Donald L. Robertson, Catherine Roediger, Ruth E. Rogers, George B. Rohr. John B. Root, Clara E. Russell, Mirabel L. Rylko, John St. John, Vesta A. Savage, Phyllis M. Sayers, Bernice A. Schosser, Clare J. Schumann, M. Jean Schwartz, Charles E, Seeley, E. Clayton Seger, Stewart C. Sharpe, Ruth E. Sherwood. Jeanette J. Sikorowicz, Edv ard Simons, Kathleen J. Sinn, Oramae Slater. Annalee Slout, Betty Smith, H. James Smith, Jeannette E. Smith, Robert R. Smith, Virginia L. Snow, Margaret E. Snow, Maxine Sommers, Iva M. Spata, Paul I. Spence, Jeannette K. Sperry, Margery M. Spike, Clark G. Springer, June E. Stadtmiller, Martha J. Stier, Verna M. Stine, Irene H. Strait, Eiwin Stuebing, Jacqueline Swayze, Esther M. Swiger, Leonard J. Szucs, Julia M. Tanber, Laurice F. Tanske, Elaine L. Tewksbury, Doris Thompson, Betty J. Tibbie, Ralph B. Timoshek, Frank W. Turner, L. Marie Tyler, Eleanor M. Ulrich, Rosemary K. Urquhart, Robert C. Valade, Loraine P. Vandecar, Leland Vartanian, Howard Versichele, Joseph A. Vogel, Dorothy J. Vusich, Josephine Wade, Doris A. Walker, Charles E. Walker, Dorothy J. Walton, Dorothy Ward, Dorothy E. Warner, Mary E. Warren, Frankie B. Watterworth, Jane Webb, Theodore J. Westrick, Shirley A. 168 Whims, Lois M. Whipple, Neva R. WilUams, James J. WilHams, Lillian P. Wilhs. Arthur R. Wills, Margaret Winslow, Betty Wood, Mary L. Woodard, Warren W. Woodruff, Iva M. Woods, Anna J. Worth, James W. Worlley, G. Richard Wright, F. Audrienne Wurzel, Jeanne YelUn, George G. Yenkel, Fern E. Young, Arthur V. Young, Robert W. Young, Winifred M. FRESHMAN CLASS INDEX (PAGES 66-73) Allen, George Herbert Allen, Lucille Mary Allwood, Dean W. Anderson, Margaret Frances Antony, Virginia Babbish, Chester John Bach, Jean C. Bachardy, Bill J. Bagnall, Jean Evelyn Baily, Araith Baily, Olis Baisch, Edythe Aileen Balon, John Stanley Barlow, Maryruth Barrett, Marjorie Elizabeth Barton, Jean Bedard, Donald Edward Bell, Mary Irene Bernth, Jack Peter Bex, Kenneth Leo Bilacic, Elsie Biondi, Pat Bird, Nelson Le Roy Blacha. Antony Leo Blackman, Lois Meredith Bolte, Eugene Vernon Bolton, Edith Mae Bonner, W. Lee Boryan, Marie Elizabeth Bott, George F. Bowles, Lillian Boyd, James Wallace Brandon, Wylie C. Brewer, Rosemary Briggs. Margaret A. Brown, Eleanor Genevieve Brown, Pearl Elaine Buckingham, Eugenia Anne Burroughs, Genevieve Calkins, Kingsley Mark Campbell. Jean Marie Campbell, Shirley Anne Campbell, Virginia Dilelia Carpenter, Jeanne Louise Carpenter, Patricia Halladay Carrington, Marie Frances Gates, Lorraine Chapman, Dwiqht Clarence Chase, Dennis Henry Clark, Alice E. Clay, Lyla Edna Cleary, Patricia Cloonan, Esley Charles Clyne, Kenneth Cogar, Charles William Conley, Kenneth Donald ConHn. Irving Thomas Cook, Veria Rhoberta Cooney, Tom Edward Courtney, Ann Marie Craft, Ruth Edith Crane, Joan Yvonne Crego, Anna Jerrine Currie, Alice Emily Dancer, Janis Elizabeth Darrejian, Alice Elizabeth Denninger, Dorris M. De Verna, Virginia Jean Devme, Eleanor Frances De Witt. Lionel Alton Dibble, Dwight Sherman Dietrich. Henry Elmer Drost, Edward Joseph Duggan, Helen Dunbar, Wanda J. Dunlap, Myrtle A. Durfey, Cletus Elwood Durham, Frank Roy Duval. Elven Edward Edgar, Julia Marie Eggert, Evelyn Eldred, Marilyn Joy Engstrom, Priscilla May Erb ' e, Robert Frank Every, Barbara Ruth Feather, Orval Ray Feldkamp. Betty Jane Ferns, Blake Emery Ferry. Pauline H. Fisler, Ed C. Fluckey, Helen E. Foerch, Robert James Fogg, Wilma Erase, William Marvin Frede, Annabelle C. Frye, Anita Galekovick, Helen Pauline Garland, Frank WiUard Gibbs, Howard Wm. Gilbert, Genevive Lenora Gilday, Edward James Glenn, Dorene Mary Glenwood, Thomas Glick, Dolores Loi tla Gooding, Emily R. Goodrich, Maxine Gordon. Barbara Anne Gordon. Henriette J. Green, Betty Joyce Green, Ellen Louise Gregory, Ruth Ann Greig. Charles Melne Greiq, Thomas Chester Gnswold, Dorothy Louise Griswold, Norma Jean Guy, Virginia Mae Hagemaster, Madeleine Elaine Hagstrom, Bettie M. Hallock. Charles H. Hann, George Wm. Harcourt, Marjorie E. Harding, Kathleen S. Harmon, Jean Ellen Hayden, Betty J. Haynes, Anita Hazelaai, Violet Hazelaar, Viola Heath, Barbara Mae Heath, Ruth Marie Heatley, Marian Anna Heck, Iris Maxine Heddle, Lester Lee Heimbuch, Robert Theodore Hellner, Catherine Mary Henne, Doris Jean Herlia, Sylvia Herrington, Roger Gamble Hildinger, George V. Hnatow, Steve Hoeflinqer, Francis A. Holmes, Dora Elizabeth Holmes, Irene Edith Horton, Elliott Ray Hosman, Aurabel Rose Houck, Nancy Jane Howard, Mary Verna Huffman. John M. Huntly, Charles Gordon Irelan, Catherine Wanda Jacquart, Iva Catherine John, Dilys Johnson, Gilford R. Johnson, Beatrice Marcia Johnson, Carl Amesly Johnson, Isabel Sally Jollife. Keith E. Jones. Carl Thomas Kalbfleisch, Charles Ralph Kane. Robert W. Kantz, Betty Lee Karch. Helen Mae Kavanaugh. James F. Keehn, Mildred E. Keller, Helen I. Kellner, Rose F. Kenlros, Ted Peter Kerbyson, Betty Louise Kern, Robert Vincent Kidd, Eunice Marian Kidd, Marjorie Klager, Phyllis Jean Klem, LiUian Ruth Kleinbrook, Kathryn Mary Knoch, Harold M. Kooi. Kenneth A. Korson, Marion Krause, Frances Ehzabeth Krebsbach, Vern Al Kressbach, George Wm. Krynan. Bill Jack Kuebler. Evelyn Mae Kulenkamp, Virginia C. Kyper, Barbara L. Lamiman, Floyd R. Langs taff, Eugene Ralph Larko, Margaret Lasowski, Edward Wm. Lawson, Bob S. Leary, Anne Frances Lee, Arthur F. Lehr, Dorothy Marian Leverett, Harold Douglas Line, Nerine M. Lloyd. Richard A. Lovell, Jean E. Lyngklyp, Mary Alice Machowski, Joseph G. Mac Intosh, Jeanne Mack. Mildred Ruth Maybe, B. Joan Mams, Ruth Maison, Edward Richard Manitz, George Mann, Joyce Ann Mann, Ruth Louise Mason, Pat Ruth Mathews, Doris Maxwell, Ruth Elaine McClumpha, Marilyn McCutcheon, Frances Juliet McGary, Dollye Elizaoelh McKillen. John M. McMahon, Donald Leo McMichael, Ruth Marie McMillan, H. Foster Millar, Marilyn Louise Miller. Dorothy Ann Miller, Helen Minniker, Margaret Elizabeth Minor, Hilda B. Mitchell, Janet L. Mizdrak, Edward Frank Moore, Marjorie H. Moore. Marjorie Ruth Mumm, Floyd Albert Naas. Fred A. Nance, Ernest Theodore Naploszek, Joan Estelle Neering, Mary Ellen Nelson, Robert Irving Newell, Charles Patricks Newman, Arthur Oliver, Virginia Jcri ' ne Olson, Kenneth Floyd Osborne. Betty Jane Ostrander. Virginia M. Palmer, Mary Ellen 169 Palmquist, Addison Jerome Parker, Gordon Earl Peters, Lois E. Pipper, Dorothy Marie Potter, Helen Mae Price, Antje Liese Proctor, Minnie Pryor, Caroline Margot Rahm, Dorothy Jean Redick, Erma M. Reed, George Wm. Reigel, William Joseph Reiser, Shirley Irene Remington, Geraldine L. Reynolds, Stanley J. Rhodes. Ray Earl Ribits, Edward Martin Richards, Betty June Rinebolt, Martha Ann Robinson, Marjorie T. Rodeiius, Jeanne M. Roehrs, Herb A. H. Rogers, Betty Ann Rosbrugh, Lillian K. Roskapp, John George Rath, Virginia Ruth Salmonson, Carol Mae Sampler, Charles H. Sample, David Brice Sanderson, Jean Sargent, Gertrude Louise Savina, Peter Joseph Schaeffer, Peggy Schmidt, Harold John Schmidt, Jean Schraitt, Eileen Flora Schoenberg, Margaret Lucy Schramm, Barbara Etta Scott, Mary Margaret Semon, Frances R. Service, Rose Marie Shaft, Marilyn Leora Sharp, Evangeline Lenore Shippy, Ruby Inez Shook, Mernl Clair Shortt, Anne Simmons, Harold Clif:on Simon, Edna Helen Elabaugh, Howard Andrew Smith, l5oris Elaine Smith, Leslie Wayne Soldam. Bob B. Sonenberg, Harold Southard, Virginia Ruth Standen, Benjamin John Stephen, Shirley Ann Stephan, Susan Wells Sternberg, Marilynn M. Steven, M. Joyce Sfafflet, Edward McCormick Stadtmiller, George Francis Stowell, Charles Edward Strachocki, Olga Marie Strieter, Betty Jane Syrett, Harold Reginald Szokowski, Phillip Joseph Tackman, Yvette A. Thiede, Bettie Ellen Thielan, Barbara lola Thiele. Charlotte Harriet Thomas, Betty Jo Thomas, Mary Jane Trott, Bob J. Turnbull, Dorothy Donaldine Utley, Clarence John Van Buskirk, Lloyd H. Vander Ark, Marye M. Van Osdol, Jack Warren Viktoryn, Victoria Voss, Kay Merlin Waggoner, J. Jean Walton, Frederick Albert Walton, Jim F. Wanty, Eleanor Wanty, Mildred Waskowski. Helen J. Weier, Gerald Le Roy Wemlander, Ted W. Welden, Marjorie L. Welti, Caroline Elizabeth Weymouth, Mary Frances Whipple, Ruth Marie Wilcox, William Oliver Williams, Audrey Mae Wisely, Betty Helen Wolf, Sally Jeanne Woodbury, Ida Jane Woodruff, Loretta A. Woolcott, Charles F. Worsfold, Betty Jane Wright, Margaret Eleanor Wright, Marie Lucile Wright, William G. Young, Eleanor May Zobowski, Aurelia Marie Zakoscielny, Sophia Constance Zellman, Walter Henry 170 4 " - 1 i« m : ' y :hicag '

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