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Editor ELSIN GOODRICH Business Manager ALBERT RIDDERING Ok e 1940 , urorci Published by the students of Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti, Michigan 2)eJl til cci LI on F ()R ' r EIGHT years ago a small s roiip of students published the first Aurora. Lead- ing that group in a new enterprise was a young man whose name is familiar to e ery student, past or present, Avho has attended Michigan .State Normal College. He is one of the many students vho came back to their alma mater to ser e her. He ends his acti e ser ice as a frieml and teacher with his retirement this year. It is only fitting that we of the college should recognize his contriljiuion to the college. His contribu- tion has been made cjuietly but steadily; he has not tried to gain glory for his name, but lor psi. It is vith lo e and ailmiralion and with great appreciation that ' ive dedicate the 1940 Aurora to J. Stuart Lathers. n ow an J Now . . . luad (if the Speech Department. Tluii . . . Editor of the first Aurora. Now ... a l)elo c(l teacher and friend to students vho lia e ((line in (oniaci with him over a long jjeriod of years. Jlien ... a student gaining from his teachers wliat we have gained from him. DL en jrof eivoru T 1. HL iK ' cr ending circle llial i human lite has in its very essence been reliected on ihe Michigan State Normal College camj ns in this last year. That Avhich is symbolic ol man ' s strength, his am- bitions, his progress has been expressed through the broadening program ol ' expansion serving to make the college more Iniiihd in its offerings. Unhappily, in contrast, ihe year has seen noble characters, so long a living part ol the coll ege as we know and lo e it, pass on and recede into its background. Rut they .ser e now to eitrich its history, ami leaxe upon it iore er the stamp of linest scholarship, highest character, and loftiest idealism. n f v [e tnori Uftl Dr. Benjamin L. D ' Ooge Miss Carolina Supe Miss Ella Wilson Miss Ada A. Norton J. oiinae r Julia Anne King Residence tad LI iKc ' J .00 n Bertha Goodison Residence Editors WILLIAM SO SKIN and CLAYTON SEELEY L IKE that of a Horatio Alger hero, the stor of President John M. Miinson ' s lile is a tontimious saga of accoiiiplislmients. In its cliapters unfolds the story of l)o ho(Kl on a Pennsyhania farm, a vouth in Alichigan ' s L ' pper peninsula diiriirg the timber era, fleeting glimpses of logging camps, railroad gangs, a one-room school, and finally the long upward climb vhich during the past fsw) decades has kept him a prominent leader in Midiigan education. To him the college both expresses its gratitude for the current unpar- alleled expansion jarogram vhich ivill keep Michigan State Normal Col- lege in the lore among the nation ' s teacher training colleges. 12 PRESIDENT JOHN M. MUNSON 13 A radiating center ot business, the ad- ministrati ' e office of Dean |. Milton Hover, is a constant hum of acti ity vliich ine itablv must lia e an effect upon e ei) stiidenl on (ainpiis. The alucd signatme of " J. M. " ma pass ap- pro al on a student loan or a change in cnrriciilnni— its powers are unlimited! No ■wonder, then, that the business trans- acted in his office is unlimited too! Another signal me. the aliie of -which lannrit be overestimated, belongs to C P. Steimle. To " C. 1 ' . " goes the task of sign- ing those ital papers -(vhicli admit and graduate students. To " C. P. " goes the headaclie of keeping in constant touch with this lousiness of credits. To " C. P. " come scores of students with unhappy tales of voe coiKerning credits. liut " C. P. " handles his business well— and there can be no other. 14 rs ■■ ' ■tf o£ tt - Into c ci lilc some lain inusi tall— iukI a liulc sunshine too. Every siiident innsl inevitably con- tact a little of both lioni the offices of the Deans ol Men and Women dining the four-year sojourn on campus. New to the office of Dean of Women is Miss Susan B. Hill, who came to Michigan Normal in the fall to fill the position acated last year bv Dean Lydia I. Jones. Miss Hill, formerly of Iowa .State Teacher ' s College where she serveil as as- sistant dean of Avomen for two years, strikes just the right note in charm and just the right atti- tude in discipline, . ccording to Coeds ' reports then she is " just right. " Invaluable as a co-woi kei in the Dean ' s ollite is Miss Fannie Beal. hose functions are ol ital significaiue to the smooth running machinei of that office. Without her assistance Miss Hill would ha e had a more difficult time in accli- mating hersell to her new position. To the " .Men of ' ])silanti " there ' s only one— and that ' s ' Bingo " ! Dean James M. Brown has been a familiar figure on the campus since 1923, his importance to the campus increasing with the years. Nothing less than a landmark is BingI pEA McKay, Edson Stowe, Lathers, Wood ' W ' elch Hall is the setting for the teaching of the masterpieces in literature, antl the ijest methods for the creation of collegiate masterpieces of composition. A ceaseless stream of students flows in and out the doors of the old hall, trekking to and from (lasses in English offered by the staff of which Dr. Gerald Sanders is head. Closely correlated with work in English is work in speech. Under the heatlship of Professor f. .Stuart Lathers, the instructors in the speech department deal diplo- matically with aspiring Bernhardts antl W ' ebsters. Jordan, W. Magoon, Limpus Cooper, M. Magoon, Ballew, Barnes, Carey, Aitchison, Emery Harrold, Rankin, Sandsrs, Eckert. Miserez, Hagle 16 Powierski, Bates, Hosentreter, Cleveringa Owens, Trabilcox, Andrews, Fey Case, Sabourin, Wolfe. Ford Study center troni 7:4-, a.m. to 9:45 p.m. describes to a " T " the college library. A hea y schedule of work must consistently be met by the busy staff who know the intricacies of library shelves. Miss Elsie ' . Andre vs is the Head Li- brarian. Dr. R. Chde Ford is the head of the Modern Language Department vhich is situated on the second floor of the li- brar). The Ancient Language Depart- ment, with which it works hand in hand, is on the second floor of Pierce Hall. Everything old and new, everything uni- versal is contacted in the halls of the languages. 17 Llndegren, Ryan, Ashby. McAndrew, James, Gray. Fossenkemper, Roller, Alexander Skinner, Seaman, Adams, Bartlett, McManus, Breakey On the eastern borderline of the campus lies Pease Aiiclitoriiun. nncleus o[ the music school. Serving his last years of a thirty vear reign. I rofessor Frederick Alexander heads one of the finest college conservatories in the country. Of special note are the college Choir and the Symphony Orchestra with their fine music which is known throughout the state. Noteworthy also are the Madrigal Club and the Band which present their music to the college audience. Among all the concerts given by these groups this year we might especially mention the all-Mozart program by the Orchestra, the Christmas Concert by the Choir, and the combined Bach Festival. As a passing thought, doesn ' t it sound funny to hear prospective teachers screeching " Have you seen Polly ' s Bonnet? " at the top of their vocal range? Ah, for the life of an elementary music student! Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, Education, and Applied Music all form vital parts of the musician ' s life here. 18 Swete, Gill, Strafer, Porter The Administration building being om next destination, we enter, climb the stairs, and find oiuselves in the Fine Arts Studios sinrounded by beauty on every side. Mr. Orlo Gill and his capable assistants teach the technique o£ sculp- turing, painting, blackboard drawing, life sketching, design, and etching to a large group of collegians. Exhibits of student work, work of the faculty, and the works of famous artists are on constant display in the gallery. Trudging back to the now familiar Welch Hall, we proceed to the Home Economics department. Here the work of women is much in evidence. Food buying, meal planning, clothing, home management, and cooking— these are only a few of the phases of homemaking that become familiar to coeds who here give their natiual talents a free rein under the direction of Miss Estelle Bauch. To supplement the home economics course, and to give women students a fling at true-to-life-housekeeping, the department runs a practice house under the direction of Miss Eula Underbrink. Familiar to campusites, the big white frame house radiates odors of home cooking, soap and water, furniture polish— and lots of hard work. Bauch, Kelly, Underbrink 19 Herrick, Springman. Wharton Commercial students spend most of; their specializing time on the third floor of Pierce Hall where Professor John Springman drills them in Typing, Account- ing. Shorthand. Business Law. Advertising and Salesmanship, and other business courses. In the Ijasenient iil the " Atl " Ijuilding work with the hands is prexalent, for this is the home of the Industrial Arts Department. Under the super ision of Professor George A. W ' illoughby. classes like Practical Electricit . Metal ' ork, Mechanical Drawina;. and Arts and Crafts are tauoht. Chamberlain, Morrison, Willoughby, Hatton, Lappinen H ' ' Im ' m Bttri l l 20 loesell. Sturgeon, Goddard, Hickman, Hover Uhvits, Best, Curtis, Harpster Tlu- old reel building in in)iu ol ilu lamed Science C.ardens is next the cen- ter ol our explorations. In the rooms de oied to Natural Science there arc Classes in Agricidtiirc. Rotany. Geology. Biology, Elementarx Science. Zoology. and Human Physiolog and Anatoniv. The complex science of life assumes a ital importance as students plant and care for gardens, collect insects, take bird trips at 5 . .M.. and studv the func- tions of the human body. Professor |. Milton Ho cr is the guiding power in this department. Closely allied, and in the same building, are ihe Ciheniisli " laboratories. Seldom do ve hear of Inorganit. Qualitati e. Organic, or Food Analysis being " snap courses. " thanks to the ingcnuii and thoroughness of Pro- fessor Bert W. Peet. head of this ilnision ol sticntilK e ])loraiion. Brundage, Kercheval, Peet, Sellers 21 Gorton, Wilcox, Smith Professor Frederick Gorton runs his Physics and Astronomy Department in the Science building, too. The Mechanics ot Heat and Sound. Electrical Measure- ments. Mechanics of Solids, and .Modem Physics are all recjuired on a Physics major. But here. too. the moon and star gazers really come into their own. for where could one find a more appropriate setting to " star gaze " than in the obsenatory on tlie top floor? Courses in Astronomy are useful to teachers in the giades as well as those in the higher levels. Figures, figures, figures, round and round they go— where they stop . . . who cares? Professor Theodore Lindquist and the staff of the Mathematics depart- ment! " W ' ell-filleci classes in Pierce Hall study the intricacies of logic and figures varying from classes like Integral Calcidus and . nalvtic Geometry to Industrial Mathematics and Insurance. Lindquist, Erikson, Bamhill 22 H jFV m a W HP 1 ■1 H lIm V H H Wl K % H H u ili Hft ■ ' 1 r 1 i fl B " ! 1 1 ■ ■ IL .L-M . J ■ H 1 Wlj. ' ' , ' Hl il 1 H Thomson, Blackenburg, Devol, Isbell Fagerstrom, Warren, Hubbell, F ield, Waugh Here in Pierce Hall -( -e also find the History and Social Science department. These courses are the ones which invariably require all that supplementary read- ing. Remember? United States, Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History, presented in scores of interesting phases, plus diverse courses in Sociology, Political Science, and Economics comprise this section of study. " What, where, and why is the tropical monsoon region? " If you are among the innumerables who don ' t ha%e the answer to this puzzle on the tip of their tongues, we would advise you to take a comse in geography. The staff of this interesting department spencls its hours telling where people live, why they li e there, and how they live. Of particular value during this year was the information concerning the European war and its uni ersal effects. .Students in geography classes learn where to draw the lines, but there are no boundaries to the information given out in this lively department which is headed by Dr. James Glasgow. Sill, Glasgow, Hoy 23 H L , - " M I OB Wtk 4 B n « H HH u Ifl 9 Pi ii r? H tk 1 K i H Pf- i 1 U:, llr J IH PT ' nT I P H Vossler, Boughner, Samson, Rynearson, Olds, Prouse Clark, Marshall, Harris, McCulloch, Eppler, Slites For iliai iiKist striking- combination of the ery ancient and the ■cry, Acry new tlie ph) steal education department and its home reign as the impeccable example. Foremost among the physical education departmeirts in the coLmtry. its Tiiodernism is rendereil the more interesting because of its less up to date back- ground. Rut the ancient architecline of the stately, castledomed gyirr is no hindrance to the progressive work carried on h a popular, busy stall inider llie lieadsliip i l Prolessor |oseph H. McCadloch. Hippie, Snow, Kane Siinatcd on the eastern corner of the lampus. the irevv health resideirce is a sparkling examjjle of modern stmctme phis modern eihciency for the care of plnsically iinhajapy collegians. And in- cidentally, it is rinnored that Dr. Glen- adine Snow is especially apt in refiesh- ing the mentally unhappy students too. It ' s the place to go - vhen ou ' ie " down " — Heahli Cotia e. 24 Lord, Marshall, Skinner. Whitehouse, VandenBelt, Kelder Wilber, Smith. Garrison, Edson, Turner Courses in Educational INvdiolot; . Principles of Teaching. History ot Education. Tests and Measurements, and School .Vdministration are only a few of the recjuirenients of the Department of Education which is guided by Dr. Noble Lee Garrison. In these classes, held in Pierce Hall, the studenis learn the technicalities of managing the schoolroom in superior style. Serving in the duocapacity of .supervisor of the training school and director of tlie placement bureau. Dr. Leslie A. Butler gives the final impetus to the aspiring pedagogues. After ser ' ing a )ear ' s apprenticeship in teaching under critical professional eyes, most of the piospecti e graduates, just ])ic ious to commencement time, inidcrgo a leiise two months dotted with iuiei views. l ut when the gracUia- tion day hits the calciidai, the giad-to-i e usually car- ries a diploma in his (isi and a contiact up his slee e. And to vhom goes the thanks for that inxaluablc cargo? It goes to Dr. Hut let and his |jlacemcnl bureau. Butler 25 Lord, Bachman, Flint. Olds, Roser, Hetmansperger, Taylor, Hatton, Ringman, Wood Swaitwood, Bunger, Elliott, Benlley. Morrison The inodtrnistic buikling behind the Science Gardens is our next destination. Here we aie trained to teach the deaf, blind, mentally deficient and crippled children. Com- plete up-to-date equipment is a great aid in this work which is carried under the direction of Professor Charles M. Elliott. Special dormitories with full home privileges are a ailable for the experimental group. Here on the campus our practice teaching is done in connection with the Roosevelt School of which Mr. Ben H. VandenBelt is the principal. The school includes all grades, and the building, equipment, and grounds were especially designed for meeting all the purposes of an adecjuate teacher training plant. Menzi, Swele, Golciynski, Robinson, Hetmansperger, Monroe, Eddy, McAndless, North, Thomas, Ryan Walker, DeBoer, Myers, Gotts, Hunt, Ashby, McCrickett, Wortley, Phelps, Lappinen Chamberlain, Broad, Bartlett. Wielandy, VandenBelt, Crawford, Meston, Cosper, Todd • 1 K J HHn 4h J l Kn-»- J ■ kv . H M£ a Hi ! iu H E ' ' " ' - 1 HL - H l l K- m Bi ' i| H M vp Ml jt " - ' M IJ K ESlij H | l ! | 1 K- ' v n 1 J McFall, Lantz, Turner, Tape. Smith, Hartwig Preparing teachers for rural schools is an important task here at M. S. N. C. The Rural Education depaitnient was headed during the first semester by Dr. Har ey L. Tinner. Vhen Dr. I ' urner left for a three-year leave of absence to take an important ]50sitif)n in state education, he was succeeded by Professor Troy Steams, who directed the department during the second semester. Students preparing for vork ranging from the teaching of one and t vo room iiiral schools to that of coiuitv superintendents all receive their training in this ilepartment. Daily trips out to Lincoln Consolidated school on the college bus assume an im- portance luiparalleled in practice teaching experience. Here the woes and jovs of prac- tice teaching can be adetpiately aired by the scores of victims as they ride back and forth. Principal H. A. Tape is the head of the group of super ising teachers at Lincoln. VanAmeyde, Mink, Ruggles, Feuerstein, Tow, O ' Connor, Kiddoo, Turnbull, Brown, Kirschbaum, Turner, Roscoe, Brink, Jacobs Laing, Pfeiifer, Binns, Brimhall, Bruce, Kusterer, Dunning, Rice, Webster, McManus, Tompkins. Beal, Martin. Tape, Leib f f- f f X ' 7f f ■ f -A,i - Mrs. Lyman Mr. Brownrigg The social center— the " li e spot " — THE place to go— that ' s Charles McKenm Hall, the college Union. ' When Joe College has a meeting he treks to the l. ' nion, and Bett Co-ed follows suit. ' hen Joe and Bettv Asant to dance they go there together. In fact there is an endless stream of collegians in and out of the Union continuoiislv. simply because there are scores of things going oir there continuously. And who is it that makes sure there are no hitches in this endlessly mo ing ma- chinery? William H. Bro- nrigg keeps it in motion with the imaluable aid of Social Director, Florence L. L ntan. ' Two busy peojile! Mrs. Buck Miss Wells The t vo new women ' s dormitories. Bertha Goodison and Julia Anne King, also ])la an iniportairt part in the social life on the campus. Besides sponsoring parties and games, the girls are gi%en instructions in eticjuette and the finer points of social contact. Mrs. Nina B. Buck and Miss Lucy B. Wells are working in the capacity of dormitory directors. Trials and tribulations may be their lot sometimes, but the) ' are experts at combining discipline and understanding. 28 RETIRING FACULTY X O those members of the faculty who have faithfully served the college and who retire at the end of the year we dedicate this page. J. LUCirL cJLciih lers Son iucieni y dminidtrution Editor SYLVIA ZEVE WOMEN ' S LEAGUE Boyden, Reid, Morden, Beach A wise and merry loiirsoine, " Queen " Jean Morden and her counselors three, guided the activities of the Wonun ' s League dining this past year. To Vice-Presi- dent Mary Louise Boyden veiii ilie task of presiding over ilie House Presidents ' Council. ' I ' he varied work of this group is concerned -iviili tlic rooming house problems ' with Avhich the coed must cojjc. Helen Beach was contintiously involved in a session of laborious note taking. In her in aluai:)le secretary ' s notebook she carries aroimd the revelations of the year ' s acti ity ■ithin the League . . . and. it ' s a pretty big book! To energetic Beth Reid ent that complex business which is in ol ' ed in being- comptroller of the ctirrency. Her nimble fingers counted siher pieces and shelled out the greenbacks necessary to support the acti ities of the League. Incidently, the League itself helps to support a nimiber of campus interests. 32 TJie E c ' cuti e Board of the Women ' s League is composed of two oioups of go-getters. In the group |Mctiaed below, we see about a dozen committee chairmen whose duties lie in the work which their individual field presents. For instance the League cares for timid Freshmen thiough its Campus Sister program. But there are lots of other committees, and in case you might be interested in the leaders of them, here thev are: Assemblies . . . Elsin Goodrich Campus Sisters . . Marion Schram Clubs Betty Jessup Constitution . . Elinor Van Atta Elections .... Phyllis Nelson Faculty Chats . . Dorothy St. Peter Student Advisors . Finance .... Muriel Sondeen Publicity .... Ruth Verkler Rules Filia Spacil Service Helen Ureen Social .... Helen Holleran Student Activities . Elizabeth Walker . Helen Weymouth Jessup, St. Peter, Weymouth, Sondeen, Verkler, Goodrich, Holleran Spacil, Ureen, Walker, Van Atta, Nelson, Schram 33 I ' idiircd l)cli) v is ihc sctoiul (li isi(in cil [hv vonicn ' s E c(uti c Board. Thcv arc cniilicd iht- mciiil)L-i s-al-lari L-. and tlicir dulics arc inxohctl in settling campus questions, especially those •ith -(vhich the coeds are concerned. (Bin we don ' t mean lo imph ' thes dra- v the line ■i ith toed problems— the) dcdniteh don ' t!) This gioup woi ks {h the olluers and the committee chairmen, and it is thiough smooth toopeialion liiat attempts aie made lo sellle things. riu- ahiiit ol the Board lo tlo its job has been pro ed this ear. Ho vr What about those exielleni Faculty Chats Avhith they sponsored? Didn ' t vou go to either the Harvest Hop oi ihe " Cotton Ball " ? Sa . kitl. voti missed somethingi . nd ( u Fieshmcn. mi ' woidd ()n ha e liked il ii oti had been lell to ( in ovvn dexices lor till ' lirsi vwek on campus? IIhii, too, that liille lime h the served at the Tea 1 ilims made it a lot easier to realh know the lacultx. NOw. don ' t c)u auree that the women ' s League does " do things " ? Jack, Garrison, Kolberg, Schill Turnbull, I. Furlolle, Sibley, Walsh Griggs. Lester 34 Zedick, Hartung. Pray E. Furlolte, Henderson Jacks, Schwarzkopf, Anderson To the Advisory Board goes the unliappy duly of " takint lo task " the lassies ■who can ' t manage to liii tiie (hue deadline. The Board extends sympathy and understanding to the girls Avho tome in a lew minutes hue Irom an important evening. It further extends somewhat of a pimishment. biu only in rare eases is the pimishment of a nature to dri e terror into the hearts of the innocent campus maids, ft just ser es as the body needed on e ery campus to make [jeople imder- stand that rides are made to be obeyed. Like e ery other boaril the Ad isor Board has U) ha e ai its head someone to guide it. Selma Hartimg has ser ed as chairman of the Board for the past year. Other members are either elected by the women on campus or by the Executive Boarxl. 35 Campbell, Qualmann, Hughes, AHsen MEN ' S UNION I ' d Mcssi . Hii lics. Oualiiiaiin, Alt en. and Canipijcll ivciu tliL- offices of j5ri- mary i)ii])ortance in the Men ' s Union, that organization lor men onlv whose work corresponds to that of the AV ' onien ' s League. ' hen popidar " Spike " resigned the office of chief prexy at the end of the first semester it ivas refilled by ice-president Walt, with E ecuti e Board member Ralph Hubbard m() ing up to the vice- presidential chair. David Camplsell and Carl Alfsen retained ilicir respective jobs as secretary and treasurer throughout the yeai . Every man on campus is part of the Men ' s Union. Nothing exclusive about the Union except the super-exclusi e way in which it handles its all-inclusive job of handlini ' exervthinsj! 36 Mct-t die Exccuti e Board and xou meet the reason die wheels ol die Men ' s Union turn as rapidly and as smoothly as thev do. Serving on the Board at the beginning ol the ear were Pat Heffeinan, Ralph Hubbard. Lynn W ' heater, Fred Swalford, Ed Kontrjnrowicz, Ralph Gildenstein, and Mac McCiUloch. These nonchalant spokesmen for the rights of men have a way of seeing that the men ha e their right in a way that is all right. They put on the year ' s social calendar at least two of the most important parties ot the year. To Ralph Hub- bard we toss the bouquets for a glowing Yule Log Drag, and to Fred Swalford ve breeze compliments ad infinitum for an unparalleled Spring Breeze. Gildenstein, McCulloch, Swalford Kontrymowicz Heifernan, Hubbard 37 Conolly Kahal Al llic (.11(1 (il tlu ' hiM M, ' iiicslLT ihcu ' ' ;is a vliglu c1kuil;i ' in tlic .s(.i-ui) (i[ the Boaiil. W ' itii Raljjh Hiihljaid ' s succession lo thv icc-picsiekncx ih(, ' Senior men elected Hob CoiiolK to replace him. I ' he Freshman lads elecied |a(k Kahal at the same time, and hv succeeded Mac McCUilloch. Sludent laleiH Avas the ke word lor the fust ol a number ol well-recei ed a.ssemlilies. The men also heard ihe Ford Dixie Eight, and Gus Ho vard en- lertained them at anollur ass(.nil)h. Feathers tor the .Xkn ' s L ' nion ' s (ollectixe cajj were earned also b the or- ganization ol a dand) set-up ol L ' uioii " .Mugs " to show voung Joe College around at the begiirning of the )ear. I ' hen. too, the) (.lidn ' t d(j such a bad job ' vith the Honieconiing. The Union and the League got logelher this year lo work otil some cam- pus vick- projects. It is the hope ol both oigani ations that e en more ol such cooperation ina be worked out in ihe luttire. Herron . in()ii llic outsi aiuliiin i (Hilrilnil ions iil llu . l( n ' l I ' liiim U) (;ini|)us lik ' ■ •u• ihc pojjuiar (j)lici- Ildiiis. (.iiiial |i)liii Hciron scrxcd a- chairman loi ' this biaiiili 1)1 a(ii itN, Ijiinuini; if) cnlluisiastic aucliciui.s su( h aii(. ' (l Mibjcds dI inlcrcsL a aii hilci imc. iuin- national relations, ihe rccUiclioii ol crime, and a ilis- ciission ol the maintenance ol lederal prisons. Contribin ini; to ihe C:c)liee Hours weie Dr. Simon E. Fagerstroni who spoke on Swedish neutrality and R. S. C.eruanoll who spoke al)oiil the new men ' s dormi- tory which he desiuned. Speakini on two subjects which ate connected Avith our lederal L;o ernment dri e against crime vel■e )ohii ). R)an. waideii at ihe ])rison at Milan, and John liiiuas. head ol the Detioil blanch ol the Fedei.il Bureau ol In estinalion. Mr. R aii and Mi. Hildas sjjoke on their iespecti e lields ol work. .Ml spoke at the I hursclax i atherint;s which iveie made e en more enjo able b steaming coffee and delicious doughnuts— to sa nothin ; ol the nvo l() ely lassies selected each veek lo reij;n o cr the coffee pots. Gerganotl Ryan Bugas Faqerstrom 39 SOCIAL COMMITTEE Washburn, Jellis, Poly, Ross, Shaffer, Kipf Orchids to the Social Committee oi h)4o! Under the direction of Mrs. Florence Lynaan, the social planners for the " campiisiies and campnsettes " of Michigan State Normal College arranged for a ariety of entertainments to make everyone hajjpy. Tuesdays were the standard " date " nights for the Kresges, iliese clime dances from 6:30 to 7:30 provided relaxation from tudi )us tasks, and verc always vell-attended by " artists of the terpsicore. " The Committee also prox ided a jiieans for thf)se visliing to learn to tlance. Supervised by Miss Augusta Harris and Mrs. Donnabel Vossler. these " classes " met and enjoyed themselves from 6:30 to 7:30 every Tlunsday e ening. " ' ariety in nuisic " as the aim of this group, so would- be-qiiiet weekends were changed into acti c ones by novel Friday and Saturday night dances. To the times of different dance bands, therefore, our collegians frolicked at these all- college parties. Then the Cabaret Party! This annual semi-formal trans- formed McKennv ballroom in true night club fashion. Music was provided for by Bill Sawyer and his band, and their own specialty numbers supplied the gala floor show. As a parting present before the Christmas holidays, our Committee inaugiu-ated a sure-cure method for doing away with " suitcase collegians " — by ha ing Open House Night at McKenny Hall! Dancing, card-playing, games, and refresh- ments were participated in by the student body. The affair was a huge success. After vacation, more college parties were arranged for. With an entertainment program such as this, why shouldn ' t our Social Committee receive bouquets? 40 41 i J enior ( ic u66 Editor DON MARSHALL On our right niav we pre- sent a few of those incli iclnals v ' ho touched the match to tlu- pre-Yuletide celebrations that annually hit the campus. This year, the senior class played a ital role in welcoming the Cihristmastime spirit b spon- soring the second annual Christmas Sing. For Seniors only the presented the " Snowball. " an informal danc- ing party. E elyn Mueckler and W Bohms, aided by Vice- I ' rexv .Mutter, guided the Sing C(jnimittee. while Mar- jorie Lester and Orville Barnes, iili the assistance ol rreasurer Florence Martin, rolled the " Sno bair ' into the social spotlight. To assist the officers in smooth sailing, three seniors were appointed shortly after the begin- ning of the first semester. The people whose counsel helped sohe senior perplexities through- out the year were Betty Rice, Jess Da is, and John Howard. Together with the class officers they comprised -svhat is known; as the Senior .Ad- visory Board. 44 Saving good-bye to a campus haiiiitfd witli tlic memories of loin long years ol liappy associa- lions risohcs iisell into something ol a complex ijusiness. To meet lliese complexities each year, the graduating class selects a number of persons, wliom they believe are well cjualified, to direct the vari- ous activities which have come to be a part of the farewells. Plans for that most pictmesque of all graduating traditions, the Lantern W alk, were entrusted to Hilda I.e in and Richard Ferman. Ger- aldine Schill and Robert Chap- man, aided by Advisor John Howard, directed the .Senior Class Day program, vhich this year re- iewed the lak ' Ut in ihe class of " 40. Faye Jack and Richard eager placed the last bid for top dance honors for the class of ' 40 when they served as co-chairmen for that final grad frolic, the Farewell Dance .... when they say Auf Wiederschen with music. When a student carries a cane in the joyous month of Jime, you guess something about him. You ' re right in guessing he ' s a senior. In charge of acquiring and distributing these senior ident fications were Helene Langthorne and Ednumd Jositas. co-chairmen of the cane committee. 45 The coiurilnitions ol the Senior Chiss lo the social wliirl of the campus in- cliided; Toting a siipersi ed diplo- ina, somewhat premattircly, in a supersized Hoiiucom- ina; Parade . . . Taking the credit h)r tish- ei ' ing in the ' iiletide sea- son with tlie class-sponsored Christmas Sing. Avhere the Avhole campus sings . . . and sings . . . and sings . . . till the raiteis oL Pease do linu . . . and rin V . " Dancing to the tune of the Christmas spirit in theman- ner informal at the " ' Sno-sv- ball- . . . 46 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CLYDE PROCTOR President FERRIS MUTTER .... Vice-President ELEANOR GRIGGS Secretary FLORENCE MARTIN Treasurer Dr. Leslie A. Butler served as Advisor of the Senior Class. Mutter, Griggs, Proctor, Dr. Butler, Martin 47 CLASS OF NINETEEN EDITH ADAMS Ferndale; Kappa Mu Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Special Educa- tion Club, Book-a-Month. W.A.A.; Special Education NORA ALBRIGHT Wyandotte; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic, Book-a-Month; Commercial FRANCES ALEXANDER Northville; Special Education Club, Book-a-Month; Special Educa- JANE ALLEN Detroi ' ; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Fine Arts Club; Fine Arts JEANNE ALLEN Tecumseh; Home Economics Club, Book-a-Month; Home Economics KATHRYN AMIDON Flint; Pi Delta Theta: Book-a-Month, History Club, A.C.E., Inter- national Relations Club; Later Elementary CHARLOTTE ARDIS Lake City; Theta Lambda Sigma; Early Elementary BETTY ARNET Ypsilanti: Sigma Sigma Sigma President; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics. Book-a-Month, Special Education Club; Special Education IDA ASKEW Lansing; Normal Ne-ws, English Club, Book-a-Month; Senior High BENITO ASPRIN Philippine Islands; International Relations Club, Natural Science Club; Pre-Prcfessional FRANCES BACH Ponlric; Theta Lambda Sig.ma; Book-a-Month, Pan-Hellenic; Junior Hi. ' ih RICHARD BAILEY Decatur; Phi Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Pi Gamma Mu, Aurora; Senior High LUCILLE BARTRAM Ferndale: Kappa Mu Delta; Early Elementary EVA BAUER Wayne; Theta Sigma Upsilon; W.A.A.; Later Elementary DOROTHY BEACH Dexter; Alpha Sigma Alpha President; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary HELEN BEACH Ferndale; Kapoa Mu Delta; Women ' s League Secretary, Home Eco- nomics Club, Book-a-Month; Home Economics ELIZABETH BECK Ottawa Lake; Pi Gamma Mu President, History Club, Y.W.C.A., Book-a-Month; Senior High GEORGIANA BECK St. Clair Shores; W.A.A., A.C.E., Natural Science Club, Math Club, English Club; Early Elementary DOROTHY BECKER Ann Arbor; Book-a-Month; Early Elementary WILLIAM BEDFORD .Oinn Arbor; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts JEAN BELD Howell; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary 46 HUNDRED AND FORTY HELEN BERGER Fremont; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Natural Science Club; Early Elementary LEONA HERMAN Grand Rapids; Menorah Club, Book-a-Month; Early Elementary KEITH BIRD Ann Arbor; Pre-Professional SIBYL BLACKMON Miiiord; Fellowship Club, A.C.E., Book-a-Month; Early Elementary ALVm BOHMS Royal Oak; Zeta Chi Sigma; Stoics, Orchestra, Band, Woodwind Ciub; Orchestra and Band NORVALL BOVEE Plymouth; Phi Delta Pi; Stoics, History Club, English Club; Senior High FRANCES BOWEN Saline; Choir, Math Club, Book-a-Month, Commercial Club; Com- mercial MARY LOUISE BOYDEN NorthviUe; Kappa Delta Pi, Women ' s League Vice-President, Choii, Book-a-Month, Y.W.C.A.; Senior High GRACE BREDIN Muskegon Heights; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary HELEN BROWN Port Huron; Later Elementary FRANK BUBBS Lake George, N.Y.; Choir, Campus Choristers, History Club, Cross Country, Track; Senior High LAING BUDGE Detrort; Senior High ELDON BUELL Flushing; Zeta Chi Sigma; Math Club; Administration and Super- vision GEORGE BUNNELL Saginaw; Zeta Chi Sigma; Senior High EUGENE BURRELL Ypsilanti; Commercial Club; Commercial DOROTHY BURT Detroit; Pi Kappa Sigma; Book-a-Month, English Club, Newman Club; Early Elementary EDWARD BUSH Van Dyke; Phi Delta Pi; Football; Senior High ELIZABETH CAHOURS St. Clair; Pi Delta Theta; Book-a-Month; Early Elementary EDITH CALDER Ypsilanti; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary ANNETTA CALLAGHAN Wayne; Kappa Mu Delta; Bock-a-Monlh; Junior High DAVID CAMPBELL Ypsilanti; Zeta Chi Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Men ' s Union Secretary, Chemistry Club President, Math Club, Campus Cnoi- islers, Interiraternity Council; Senior High 49 CLASS OF NINETEEN FAITH CARLESS Yale; Book-a-Month; Fine Arts HABRY CARLSON Grand Haven; English Club, Math Club, Basketball; Senior High JEANNETTE CARLSON Mead, Neb.; Choir; Early Elementary ROBERT CHAPMAN Mt. Clemens; Phi Sigma Epsilon; History Club, Debate, Normal News; Senior High MARGARET CLARK Milan; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Senior High RANDALL COATES Flint; Pi Gamma Mu, Choir, History Club, International Relations Club; Senior High MAURICE COMPTON Yi silanti; Administration and Supervision ROBERT CONOLLY Hartford; Phi Delta Pi; Executive Board; Physical Education JOSEPH COOK Detroit; Kappa Phi Alpha; Basketball Captain; Physical Education EDWARD COWAN Deckerville; International Relations Club, History Club, English Club, Wesleyan Guild; Pre-Professional BRUCE COX Ypsilanti; Pre-Professional EILEEN CRANDELL Ann Arbor; Physical Education HELEN CRANDELL Morrice; Sigma Nu Phi; Math Club, Book-a-Month, Commercial Club; Commercial ROBERT CRAWFORD Lake Orion; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Physical Educcrtion CHARLES CRESSWELL Ecorse; Kappa Phi Alpha; Physical Education WILMA CRITCHETT Ypsilanti; Sigma Nu Phi; Math Club; Senior High JOHN CUMMING Boston, Mass.; Kappa Phi Alpha; Normal News Editor, English Club President; Senior High MARJORIE CURREY Almont; Home Economics Club, Student Religious Council, Execu- tive Board, Book-a-Month; Home Economics ROGER CUTCHEON Grand Rapids; Senior High MARVIN DADSON Royal Oak; Senior High FLORENCE DAVIS Mt. Clemens; Pi Gamma Mu, History Club, Book-a-Month; Senior High 50 HUNDRED AND FORTY JESS DAVIS Detroit: Phi Sigma Epsilon,- Senior Advisory Board, Physical Edu- cation Club President, Basketball; Physical Education M. DELIGHT DAVIS Adrian; Sodalitas Latina; Senior High KATHRYN DEISING Onekama; Book-a-Month, W.A.A., A.C.E.; Later Elementary EUGENE DEHSNAH Bay City; Zeta Chi Sigma; Chemistry Club; Senior High THEODORE DESKA Saginaw; Newman Club, Chemistry Club, Math Club; Pre-Pro- fessional ROBERT DICKERSON Ypsilanti; Pi Kappa Delta, History Club; Senior High GENEVA DICKS Ypsilanti; Alpha Mu Sigma President; Senior High ARDYS DORNBROCK LeRoy, N.Y.; Theta Lambda Sigma; Fine Arts Club, English Club, Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary CHARLES DREWYOUH Detroit; Phi Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Psi, Chemistry Club; Senior High SIDNEY DRUCKEH Rockaway Beach, N.Y.; Football, Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club; Senior High MARIAN DURIS Howell; Pi Kappa Sigma; English Club, Book-a-Month, Rho Sigma Kappa, Newman Club; Early Elementary HELEN EBBITT Hudson; English Club, Rho Sigma Kappa, Ne ' wman Club; Later Elementary BETTY EDGAR Farmington; Campus Choristers, Book-a-Month; Early Elementary AUDRY EGGERT Detroit; Sigma Nu Phi; Book-a-Month; Senior High GEORGE ELLIOT Ypsilanti; Arm of Honor; Senior High BARBARA ELMERS Pleasant Ridge; Kappa Mu Delta; Book-a-Month, English Club; Early Elementary ERNESTINE EMBODEN Reed City; Sigma Nu Phi; Pi Kappa Delta, Wodeso, W.A.A.; Physical Education FEDERICO ESTAVILLO Philippine Islands; International Relations Club, History Club; Senior High MARGARET EXELBY Britten; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; English Club; Early Elementary FLORENCE MAE FAIR Port Huron; Campus Choristers, Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Ele- mentary LUCENA FELDKAMP Clinton; Choir, Madrigal Club; Public School Music 51 CLASS OF NINETEEN FRANCES FELLOWS Morenci; Home Economics RICHARD FERMAN Britten; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Interfraternity Council; Commercial MARY FISH Smith Creek; Junior High BESSIE FLEISHEH Flint; Book-a-Month, A.C.E., Menorah Club, Math Club; Early Elementary lACK FOSTER Charlevoix; Phi Delta Pi; Football, Track, Physical Education Club; Physical Education GENEVIEVE FOURNIER Gaines; Book-a-Month; Later Elementary ROSALIE FRANCIS Inksler; Kappa Mu Delta; Book-a-Month, Home Economics Club; Home Economics BETTY FRENCH Howell; Pi Delta Theta; Early Elementary VALMA FREYTAG Wyandotte; A.C.E., Newman Club, House Presidents ' Council; Early Elementary ELLEN FURLOTTE Birmmqham; Book-a-Month, Advisory Board; Early Elementary JANE FURLOTTE Birnungham; Book-a-Month, Executive Board; Early Elementary LEON GAMET Philippine Islands; English Club, International Relations Club; Senior High HENRY GAREN Ferndale; Music Club President, Orchestra, Band, Woodwind Club; Orcnestra and Band OS GAYNIER Monroe; Phi Delta Pi; Track, Boxing, English Club, Normal News; Senior High LILLIAN GEDEN Detroit; Pi Gamma Mu, Book-a-Month, History Club, International Relations Club, Enghsh Club; Senior High EMILY BIBBINS GIBBS Ypsilanti; Senior High CAROL GOFF Bhssfield; Pi Gamma Mu, Book-a-Month, Westminster League, Rho Sigma Kappa; Later Elementary ROBERT GOODING Ypsilanti; Sigma Mu Sigma; Band, Orchestra; Orchestra and Band ELSIN GOODRICH Davison; Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Aurora Editor, Campus Choristers, Executive Board, Book-a-Month; Senior High SEYMOUR GORDON Ypsilanti; Pre-Professional BEATRICE GORETSKI Port Austin; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.: Early Elementary HUNDRED AND FORTY FRED GRANGER Middl-ville; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Pre-Professional VIRGINIA GREEN Ypsilanti; Alpha Mu Sigma; Wesleyan Guild, Book-a-Month, Y.W.C.A., A.C.E.; Early Elementary BETTY JANE GREENE Dund- ' p; Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club; Senior High PARK GREGORY Hudson; Senior High ELEANOR GRIGGS Poniiac; Theta Lambda Sigma; Executive Board, Senior Class Secretary, Fine Arts Club, Aurora; Fine Arts LEROY GRINDLE Holt; Cross Country, Track, Boxing; Commercial ALFRED GURLEY East Towas; Phi Delta Pi; Pi Kappa Delta, Debate, History Club, Interfroternity Council; Senior High MILDA HAAB Ann Arbor; Special Education ELIZABETH HACKETT Brooklyn; Choir, English Club, Natural Science Club, Music Club; Public School Music ELLEN HAGEL Ferndaie; Kappa Gamma Phi; Stoics; Early Elementary ELIZABETH HALE Oradell, N. J.; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Book-a-Month, Choir, English Club; Senior High ELLA HALL Tipton; Wesleyon Guild, Natural Science Club, Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary GLENN HALL Pinckney; Zeta Chi Sigma; Chemistry Club; Senior High JACK HANSMA Grand Rapids; Cross Country, Track, Physical Education Club History Club, Natural Science Club, Wesleyon Guild, Intramural Manager; Physical Education GLADYS HANSON Munising; Fine Arts Club, Wesleyon Guild, Choir; Fine Arts VIRGINIA HARDING South Lyon; Alpha Mu Sigma; Commercial Club President, Book- a-Month, Normal News, Chairman of Senior Women; Commercial MARY HARRIS LeRoy, N.Y.; Theta Lambda Sigma; Campus Choristers, Choir Music Club; Public School Music MARGARET HARRISON Cass City; Commercial Club, House Presidents ' Council, Book-a- Month; Commercial WILLIAM HARRISON Wayne; Z?ta Chi Sig-ma; Physical Education Club, Freshman Cross Country Manager; Physical Education SELMA HARTUNG Mt. Clemens; Advisory Board, Book-a-Month, A.C.E.- Early E ' e- mentary ROBERT HARTWIG Hodley,- Choir, Madrigal Club, Aurora, Normal News; Public bcnool Music 53 CLASS OF NINETEEN VIRGINIA HARVEY Lauriuni; Book-a-Month, A.C.E., English Club; Early Elementary HELEN HASKETT Ypsilanti; Alpha Mu Sigma; Home Economics Club; Home Eco- nomics HERBERT HAZLEDINE Ypsilanli; Pre-Professional EUGENIA HEMES Escanaba; Book-a-Month, Special Education Club, Choir; Special Education MARGARET HEMINGWAY Lapeer; Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, History Club, Book-a-Month; Senior High GERALDINE HENDERSON Detroit; Sigma Nu Phi; Physical Education Club; Physical Educa- JEAN HIGH Ann Arbor; Sigma Mu Sigma; Industrial Arts Club, Math Club; Industrial Arts MARIAN HIX Plymouth; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary WALTER HOLLIDAY Piltsford; Commercial Club; Commercial RUTH HOLMES Detroit; Home Economics Club; Home Economics PEARL HOLMQUIST Sutton, Neb.; Book-a-Month, Special Education Club, Rho Sigma Kappa; Special Education MARIAN HOLT 1 Hi lay City; English Club, Book-a-Monlh, Wodeso; Pre-Professional JEAN HOWARD Hiqhland Park; Kappa Mu Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Madrigal Club, Choir, Book-a-Month, Music Club; Public School Music RUTH HUBER Saginaw; Pi Kappa Delta President, Pi Gamma Mu, ' Wodeso, Sodalitas Latino. Y.W.C.A.; Senior High GROVER HURLEY Croswell; Sigma Mu Sigma; Orchestra, Band, Choir; Orchestra and Band FAYE JACK Detroit; Pi Dslta Theta President; Executive Board, A.C.E.; Early Elementary MORRIS JAFFE Arverne, N.Y.; Football, Physical Education Club, Special Educa- tion Club; Physical Education BETTY JELLIS Ypsilanti; Theta Sigma Upsilon President; W.A.A., Book-a-Month, Commercial Club; Commercial ALICE JESSOP Lansing; Physical Education Club, W.A.A., Special Education Club; Physical Education BETTY JESSUP Clayton; Kappa Delta Pi, Oratory, Executive Board, Book-a-Month; Senior High CARL JOHNSON M ' nommee; Zeta Chi Sigmar History Club, International Relations Club. Campus Choristers; Senior High 54 HUNDRED AND FORTY DOROTHY JOHNSON Ypsilanti; A.C.E., Book-a-Month, English Club, Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary MARIE lONES Wayne; Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.C.E.; Early Elementary ADA KAPLAN Flint; Menorah Club, A.C.E., Book-a-Month, English Club; Early Elementary MARTHA KATZ Marshall; English Club, Book-a-Month, Home Economics Club, History Club, Y.W.C.A.; Senior High CHARLES KENNEY Croswell; Zeta Chi Sigma; Commercial LA RUE KERCHER Camden; Pi Delta Theta; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Home Economics Club; Home Economics IRVING KIDD Utica; Choir, Campus Choristers, Madrigal Club, Fine Arts Club Wesleyan Guild; Fine Arts MUHEL KILPATRICK Grindstone City; Math Club, Rho Sigma Kappa, Book-a-Month; Spnior High CARLTON KISSNER Athens, Ohio; Zeta Chi Sigma; Pi Gamma Mu, Band Drum Major. International Relations Club President, History Club, Westminister League, Special Education Club; Junior High BLANCHE KNOX Morenci; Choir, Music Club, Orchestra; Public School Music IDA BELLE KNOX Morenci; Orchestra, Choir, Music Club; Public School Music WINIFRED KOLBEBG Belleville; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi, Book-a-Month, Commercial Club, Executive Board; Commercial VIRGINIA KOONS Lexington; Senior High SAMUEL KOPP Dearborn; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Pi Gamma Mu, Newman Club. Commercial Club; Commercial LINDA KOSKELA Drummond; House Presidents ' Council, English Club, Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Later Elementary CHARLOTTE KRESS Detroit; Book-a-Month, English Club, International Relations Club; Senior High PHYLLIS KURTZ Flint; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Fine Arts Club, Book-a-Month; Fine .A.rts MARY LOUISE LAMB Ypsilanti; Sigma Nu Phi; Commercial Club; Commercial WILLIAM LAMIMAN North Branch; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Baseball, Interfraternity Council. Physical Education Club, Physical Education Council; Physical Education KATHLEEN LANE pontiac; Book-a-Month; Early Elementary HELENE LANGTHORNE Tecumseh; Pi Kappa Delta, Wodeso, Book-a-Month, English Club, Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary 55 CLASS OF NINETEEN PATRICA LAVIGNE Port Huron; Music Club, Choir, Madrigal Club; Public School Music JEAN LEATHEHMAN Lansmq; Early Elementary CARL LECZNAR Detroit; Kappa Phi Alpha; Stoics, Kappa Delta Pi, Debate; Senior High CLARABELLE LEE Bowling Green, Ohio; Physical Education Club, V .A.A., Eook-a- Month; Physical Education JACK LEE Onaway; Senior High AMELIA LEFFLER Flint; Book-a-Month, Commercial Club; Ccmmercial HILDRED LESTER Mayville; Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A., Book-a-Month; Commercial MARJORIE LESTER Cadillac; Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.C.E., Book-a-Month; Early Ele- mentary THYRZA LESTER Norlhville; Special Education Club, Y.W.C.A., Camera Club, Book- a-Month, Executive Board; Special Education IVIAHION LIGHT Highland Park; Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.C.E., Y.V .C.A., Little Theatre Players, Book-a-Month; Early Elementary THELMA LIGHT Highland Park; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Book-a-Month; Home Economics MARGARET LOBBESTAEL Ypsilanti; Kappa Delta Pi, Home Economics Club; Home Economics DORIS LOCKWOOD Plymouth; Physical Education Club, Vif.A.A., Y.W.C.A.; Physical Education VIRGINIA LOHR Ann Arbor; Book-a-Month, A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., English Club; Early Elementary DOROTHY LOVELL Dexter; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Math Club, Sodaiitas Lctinc, Book-a- Month, English Club; Senior High DENNIS LUND Romulus; Zeta Chi Sigma; Pi Kappa Delta, Debate, Aurora; Com- mercial TAUNO LUOMA Wakefield; Orchestra, Band, Choir; Orchestra and Band DONNA MACDONALD Paver Rouge; Kappa Mu Delta; Pan-Hellenic Chairman, Book-a- Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary CHARLES MACFADDEN Bad Axe; Pi Gamma Mu, Extemporaneous Speaking, Internationci Relations Club, Commercial Club; Commercial DORIS MACKELLAR Decatur; Theta Sigma Upsilcn; Home Economics Club, Book-a- Month; Home Economics BETTY MACLEOD Detroit; Theta Lambda Sigma; Early Elementary 56 HUNDRED AND FORTY HAZEL MAHAFFY Brown Cily; Eook-a-Monlh; Early Elementary GLADYS MANKINEN Muskegon; Book-a-Month, A.C.E., English Club; Early Elementary HELEN HUTH MANN Ann Arbor; Theta Lambda Sigma; Aurora, Fine Arts Club; Fine Arts MARIAN MARKLE Carsonville; Book-a-Month, Wesleyan Guild; Junior High DON MARSHALL Dearborn; Zeta Chi Sigma President; Kappa Delta Pi President, Stoics, Math Club, Chemistry Club, Choir, Madrigal Club, Aurora, Tennis; Senior High ELMER MASS Ypsilanti; Senior High SUE MATTHEWS Royal Oak; Kappa Mu Delta; Special Education DONALD McCOMB Caro; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Senior High CHARLOTTE McCULLOCH Ypsilanti; Sigma Nu Phi; Senior High GERALD McGOWAN Dearborn; Senior High JEAN McKALE Lansing; Delta Gamma; Commercial Club; Commercial LILLIAN McKILLEN Ypsilar. i: Pi Gamma Mu, Mewman Club, History Club, Book-a- Month; Senior High PHYLLIS McMULLAN Belleville; Book-a-Month; Junior High HELENA MESSER Almont; Pi Gamma Mu, A.C.E., Book-a-Month, English Club, Choir; Early Elementary LILLIAN MIELKE Detroit; Feilcv ship Club, Eook-a-Month, Choir, A.C.E.; Early Ele- mentary ELLEN MILLER Richmond; Ecok-a-Month, Y.W.C.A., Math Club, Lutheran Students; Senior High MAMIE MINNICK Bad Axe; Wodeso, Book-a-Month, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, Choir; Heme Economics BURMAN MISENAR St. Clair; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, Golf; Physical Education LEONARD MOORE Wayne; History Club, English Club; Pre-Professional JEAN MORDEN Capac- Pi Kappa Sigma; Stoics, President of Women ' s League; Senior High HAMILTON MORNINGSTAH Ypsilanti; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Sigma Delta Psi; Physical Educa- tion 57 CLASS OF NINETEEN RUTH MOWAT I Adrian; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Sodalitas Latina. English Club, Pan- Hellenic; Senior High CAROLINE MUECKE J Ypsilanti; Sigma Rho Kappa; Early Elementary a EVELYN MUECKLEH Ludinqton; House Presidents ' Council, Campus Choristers, Choir, Music Club, Book-a-Month, Goodison Residence President; Public School Music DANIEL MUNTEAN Flint; Kappa Phi Alpha; Special Education Club, Natural Science Club; Special Education FERRIS MUTTER Howell; Zeta Chi Sigma; Campus Choristers, Senior Class Vice- President, Choir, Madrigal Club; Pre-Professional BETTY JANE NEFF Milan; Pi Delta Theta; Book-a-Month. A.C.E.; Early Elementary PHYLLIS NELSON Iron River; Executive Board, Sodalitas Latino, English Club; Senior High KEITHA NEUMAN Ypsilanti; Pi Gamma Mu; Later Elementary ELLA NICHOLS Beldmg; Rho Sigma Kappa; Early Elementary ELSIE NOVY Detroit; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A.C.E., Natural Science Club, Book- a-Month; Early Elementary WILLIAM O ' BERG Iron River; Chemistry Club; Senior High HELEN O ' BRIEN Detroit; Pi Kappa Sigma; English Club, Nev man Club, Book-a- Month; Senior High GLADYS OLDENBURG Detroit; Later Elementary GENEVIEVE OLSEN Jackson; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Book-a-Month; Early Elementary PAULINE OTT Howell; Book-a-Month, Fellowship Club, English Club; Senior High VIVIAN OTTO Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Early Elementary DALE PACKER Rapid City; Baptist Group, Student Religious Council; Senior High MARION PATRICH Detroit; Fine Arts Club, English Club; Fine Arts MARY LOUISE PEACOCK Lansing; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary JUNE FERRYMAN Ann Arbor; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Kappa Delta; Senior High MARGARET PHILIPP Bellaire; A.C.E., Campus Choristers, Book-a-Month; Early Elemen- tary 58 HUNDRED AND FORTY MARGARET PITKETHLY Flint; Kappa Mu Delta; Physical Education Club, W.A.A., Book-a- Month; Physical Education ELMER PLASTERS Milan; Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club, Baseball; Senior High JOSEPH POKRYWKA Melvindale; Arm of Honor; Sigma Delta Psi, Football Captain, Physical Education Club, Baseball; Physical Education HENRY POLK Ypsilanti; Little Theatre Players; Senior High CHRISTINE POTTER Grand Blanc; Book a-Month. Special Education Clu b; Special Edu- cation ELTON POWELL Flint; Band, Choir, Director of Campus Choristers, Madrigal Club, Music Club; Public School Music CLYDE PROCTOR Adrian; Zeta Chi Sigma; Choir, Madrigal Club, Little Theatr? Players, History Club, Special Education Club, Wesley an Guild, President of Senior Class; Senior High JAMES QUIGLEY Ypsilanti; Zeta Chi Sigma; Stoics, President of Math Club; Senior High HELEN RAE Port Huron; Later Elementary MARGARET REAMS Grand Rapids; Home Economics Club, Book-a-Month, Fellowship Club; Home Economics ALLEGRA REED Eau Claire; English Club, Normal News, Little Theatre Played s, International Relations Club; Senior High ADALINE REEVES Milan; Sigma Nu Phi; Physical Education Club, English Club, Newman Club; Physical Education ELIZABETH REID Farmmgton; Y.W.C.A. President, Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Treasurer of Women ' s League, Book-a-Month, Student Religious Council, Special Education Club; Special Education KATHERINE REIDY Wayne; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Book-a-Month, English Club, History Club; Later Elementary MAX REYNOLDS Detroit; Sigma Mu Sigma; Interfraternity Council President, Histoiy Club President, International Relations Club; Senior High ELIZABETH RICE Mt. Clemens; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Book-a-Month, Campus Chor- isters. A.C.E., Fine Arts Club; Early Elementary WILLIAM RICHARDS Belleville; Senior High ALBERT RIDDERING Melvindale; Zeta Chi Sigma; Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Westminster League President, Inter- national Relations Club, Student Relations Club, Aurora Business Manager: Senior High MARY ELIZABETH RIEGLER Grand Blanc; Special Education Club, Little Theatre Players, Book- a-Month; Special Education ELIZABETH RIESBERG Whitehall; President of A.C.E.; Early Elementary ABNER ROBINSON Grosse He; Sigma Mu Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi, Wesleyan Guild, Math Club, Chemistry Club; Senior High 59 CLASS OF NINETEEN ELMER ROEHRING Grosse Pointe; Senior High PAULINE ROGERS Saline; English Club, Home Economics Club; Early Elementary HAZEL ROLLER Unionville; Book-a-Month, Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary ROSE ROSENTHAL Detroit; Fine Arts Club, Normal News, Menorah Club; Fine Arts ELEANOR ROSS J Milan; Early Elementary I ELMER ROSS ' Ypsilanti; Zeta Chi Sigma; Music Club, Choir, Orchestra, Band, Normal News; Orchestra and Band MICHAEL RYBASH Auburn, N.Y.; Kappa Phi Alpha; Physical Education STEPHANIE RYZNAR Adrian; Choir, Book-a-Month, House Presidents ' Council, Madrigal Club; Public School Music MYRON SARNES Whitmore Lake; Industrial Arts Club, Golf; Industrial Arts lULIA SAVAGE Belleville; Early Elementary VERDA SAVAGE Belleville; Stoics, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A.; Home Econom,ics JEANNETTE SAYRE Belleville; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior High RICHARD SCHADEL Ypisiianti; Orchestra, Band, Choir, Madrigal Club; Orchestra and Band RUTH SCHAGANE Flint; Theta Lambda Sigma; A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., International Rela- uons Club, Book-a-Month; Later Elementary GERALDINE SCHILL Ypsilanti; Theta Lambda Sigma; Executive Board, Book-a-Monlh; Senior High ALICE SEVERIN Flint; A.C E , English Club, Menorah Club, Book-a-Month; Early Elementary MOREEN SHAFFER Adrian; Home Economics Club, Book-a-Month; Home Economics RUSSEL SHAFFER Ypsilanti; Football, Track, Fine Arts Club, Chemistry Club; Pre- Professional CELIA SHAPIRO Flint; Menorah Club, Book-a-Month, W.A.A., Physical Education Club, History Club; Physical Education MARY LOUISE SHARKEY Jackson; Theta Lambda Sigma; Book-a-Month, Y.W.C.A., Inter- national Relations Club, Pan-Hellenic, A.C.E.; Early Elementary BERNARD SHAW Ypsilanti; Kappa Phi Alpha; Junior High HUNDRED AND FORTY 3ERALDINE SHEARER Jackson; Book-a-Month, History Club; Senior High WILLIAM SHEPPAHD Detroit; Fine Arts BAN SHIRTLIFF Ann Arbor; Natural Science Club; Senior High lANE SHOULDICE Ponliac; Snma Nu Phi; Pan-Hellenic; Early Elementary MARGARET SIMMONS Utica; Kappa Mu Delta; Book-a-Month; Early Elementary LOUISE SKELLENGER McBrides; Alpha Sigma Tau; A.C.E., Book-a-Month; Early Elem...- tary MARCELINE SLATING Romeo; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Later Elementary DOROTHY SMITH Ann Arbor; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Early Elementary MARLAN SMITH Flint; English Club, Book-a-Month, A.C.E., Special Education Club Early Elementary NANCY SMITH Marine City; History Club, A.C.E., Book-a-Month; Later Elemen- tary ESTHER SOCHA Cheboygan; Sodalitas Latina; Senior High WILLIAM SOSKIN Grosse Pointe Park; Phi Delta Pi President; Kappa Delta Pi, Aurora; Senior High FILIA SPACIL Sandusky; Executive Board, Book-a-Month, Sodalitas Latino; Senicr High FRANCIS SPATA Rockaway Beach, N.Y.; Physical Education RITA SPEAS Royal Oak; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Madrigal Club, Choir, Music Club; Public School Music PEGGY SPENCER Ypsilanti; History Club; Senior High MARGARET SPRING Jackson; Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.C.E., Book-a-Month; Early El-o- menlary JOHN SQUIERS Ypsilanti; Phi Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Psi, Track, Football, Basket- ball, Wrestling, Physical Education Club; Physical Education RUTH STAEBLER Ann Arbor; Home Economics Club; Home Economics MARGARET STEVENS Port Huron; W.A.A., Special Education Club, Physical Education Club; Physical Education WILLIAM STIER Mt. Clemens; Campus Choristeis, Music Club, Tennis, Orchestra, Band, Choii; Orchestra and Band 61 CLASS OF NINETEEN HARRIET STOFLET Walled Lake; Commercial Club, Math Club; Commercial LUREN STRAIT Vermontville; Choir, Madrigal Club, Wesley an Guild; Pre-Profes- sional DARIEL SUTTON Ypsilanti; A.C.E.; Early Elementary WILFRED SWEET Clifford; Wesley an Guild, Commercial Club, Math Club, Aurora, Little Theatre Players, English Club; Commercial EDWARD TABER Ypsilanti; English Club, Wesleyan Guild; Senior High MARJORIE TEAGUE Davison; Kappa Mu Delta; Campus Choristers, Book-a-Month, Music Club, Choir; Public School Music KENNETH THUMME Plymouth; Sigma Mu Sigma; Chemistry Club, Band; Senior High ARCHIE TISDALE Cho; Commercial Club, International Relations Club; Commercial MARJORIE TOMPKINS Coidwater; Student Religious Council, Commercial Club, Book-a- Month; Commercial PRESTON TOWNSEND Clayton; Natural Science Club; Junior High WALTER TURTON Port Huron; Kappa Phi Alpha; Physical Education VERNE UNDERWOOD Newberry; Fellowship Club, Commercial Club; Commercial ELINOR VAN ATTA Jackson; Executive Board, A.C.E., Book-a-Month; Early Elementary WILLO VER HULST Port Huron; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic; Early Elementary MARY ELIZABETH VORCE Ludington; Music Club, Book-a-Month, Choir, Orchestra; Orchestra and Band NADA VRANESH Chisholm, Minn.; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Little Theatre Players, A.C.E.; Early Elementary ELIZABETH WALTON Bancroft; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary DEVERE WASHBURN Fredonia, N.Y.; Sigma Mu Sigma President; Sigma Delta Psi, Industrial Arts Club President, Interfroternity Council, Social Com- mittee; Industrial Arts MARION WEDGE Detroit; Pi Delta Theta; Book-a-Month, Home Economics OJUu; Early Elementary MAX WEINLANDER Ypsilanti; Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Debate, Tennis; Senior High JOHN WESCOTT Ypsilanti; Sigma Mu Sigma; Industrial Arts Club, Baseball; In- dustrial A.rts 62 HUNDRED AND FORTY HELEN WEYMOUTH Yale; Pi Delta Theta; Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Executive Board, Y.W.C.A., English Club; Senior High ELOISE WHITE Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Book-a-Month, Campus Choristers; Early Elementary THELMA WHITMAN Ann Arbor; Later Elementary HENRY WICHMAN Detroit; Sigma Mu Sigma; Math Club; Commercial CATHHYN WIGGINS Ypsilanti; Choir, Book-a-Month President, Sodalitas Latina, House Presidents ' Council; Senior High VIRGINIA WIGGINS Britton; Book-a-Month, English Club, Special Education Club; Later Elementary HOWARD WIGELL Mt. Clemens; Phi Delta Pi; Band, Orchestra, Music Club; Orchestra and Band FARRELL WILLIAMS Belleville; Stoics, Natural Science Club; Senior High ALENE WOOD Bay City; Sigma Nu Phi; Pi Gamma Mu, Normal News; Senior High VIRGINIA WOODARD Port Huron; Pi Delta Theta; Book-a-Month; Early Elementary FRANK WORZNIAK Hamtramck; Basketball, Baseball; Physical Education MAUDE WRIGHT Utica; Book-a-Month, A.C.E.; Early Elementary RICHARD YEAGER Pontiac; Football, Basketball, Golf; Physical Education BETTY ZAUEL Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Early Elementary SYLVIA ZEVE Mt. Clemens; A.C.E., Book-a-Month, Little Theatre Players, Aurora; Early Elementary BETTY CLAY Saline; Early Elementary RALPH HUBBARD Hartford; Phi Delta Pi; Pi Kappa Delta, Executive Board; Senior High NEVILLE HUGHES Montreal. Can.; Men ' s Union President, Cross Country Captain, Physical Education Club, Track; Physical Education CHARLES KRESSLER Saginaw; Band, Orchestra, Choir; Orchestra and Band FLORENCE MARTIN Detroit; Theta Lambda Sigma; Senior Class Treasurer; Senior High C jf ) 63 junior ( ic add Editor HELEN HOLLERAN w, E HATE to brag! Possibly if you inquired around campus, you would gather a unanimous opinion that the class of 1941 is one of the most, if not the most modest, luiassiuning class in the college. But say, for simple, luiadorned (we might c en say stark) triuh, ha e you e er seen or heard c)l a more beauliful J HOP? It vasn ' i onh because the Ijallrooni glowed in a rosy mist, and luige modernistic blocks ol blue and silver ga e off " f HOP " and " 1941 " in a thousand diikn ' ni sliades antl tiirts (although it was a nice touch, i e must achiiii). It Avasn ' i just ihe lact that foe Sander ' s " Ole Left Hander " music swung out () er the airways of WWJ for a mellow half hour (even though he did sin pass any orchestra heard around these Huron Hills for quite a while) . It probaiily wasn ' t e en the fact that the vide gold bracelet favors were so darned ctiie and smart, or that the coffee and sandwiches ser ed right aroimd midnight just hit the spot, or that everyone had siuli a swell time ihai the weren ' t read to lea e at two a.m., ot .... So far as the )iuiiois can figure, it was sim|)ly that a supremely super party was gi en on Februarx txventy-third. nineteen Innnlred forty by a class that has made histoiy in party-giving, and is now content to sit back and rest a while on a Hock of A ell-dcser ed lainels. Ve hate to brag, but say . . . ! 66 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS GEORGE NEWLANDS President ROBERT JENSEN Vice-President THOMAS OUINN Secretary EDWARD POLY Treasurer Professor George A. Willoughby served as Advisor of the Junior Class. Quinn, Mr. Willoughby, Jensen, Newlands, Poly 68 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE RUTH ABRAMSON Laurium; Euthalia. A.C.E.; Junicr High BETTY ADAMS Ferndale; Kappa Mu Delta, Euthalia, Special Education Club; Special Education MAXINE ADDY Dundee; l- ' ine Arts Club, Y.W.C.A., Euthalia; Fine Arts RUTH ADELMAN Chesanmg; Euthalia, A.C.E.; Early Elementary CARL AlFSEN Detroit; Basketball, Baseball, Men ' s Union Treasurer, Physical Education Club; Physical Education FREDRIC ALLMENDINGEH Royal Oak; Orchestra, Band, Music Club; Orchestra and Band HHEA ANDERSON Detroit; Sigma Sigma Stoma; Advisory Board, Euthalia; Senior High ROBERT BAILEY Ypsilanti; Industrial Arts MARGARET BAKER Jackson; State Limited SUSANNA BALTZER Ypsilanti; Pi Delia Theta; Y. W. C. A., Euthalia, Choir, Normal News; Special Education RICHARD BARKER Belleville; Sigma Mu Sigma; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts JOSEPH BARTOLACCI Ann Arbor; Arm of Honor; Sport Manager of Intramural Depart- ment, Golf; Physical Education WILLIAM BARSS Ypsilanti; Pre-Professional EDNA BASSETT Milan; Home Economics Club, Euthalia; Home Economics WILLIAM BAUMGAHDEN Blissfield; Physical Education Club, Physical Education DOROTHY BEGEL Grand Blanc; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Campus Choristers, Choir, A.C.E.; Early Elementary MARY BELL Cheboygan, Special Education Club; Special Education CHESTER BERG Alpena; Phi Delta Pi; Pre-Professional MARION BERG Muskegon; Euthalia, English Club; Pre-Professional CONSTANCE BEZIRIUM Ann Arbor; Early Elementary NYDIA BLAIR Jackson; Home Economics Club; Hcm.e Economics 69 CLASS OF NINETEEN THEORA BLINKHORN Detroit; A.C.E.; Early Elementary FRANK BLOCK Ypsilanti; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts JOHN BLOOMHUFF Plymouth; International Relations Club, Chemistry Club; Sc-nior High ALICE BOELENS Northville; Aurora, Normal News, Wodeso, Newman Club; Senior High JOSEPH BOHOVICH Pitcairn, Penn.; Arm of Honor; Industrial Arts Club, Football, Baseball; Industrial Arts ELEANOR BOYD Detroit; Theta Lambda Sigma; Euthalia, English Club; Early Ele- mentary TED BREITAG Saginaw; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Track, Aurora; Administration and Supervision MARGARET BRISKEY Detroit; Theta Lambda Sigma; Special Education Club, Euthalia. Wesleyan Guild; Early Elementary GLORIA BROWN Mt. Clemens; Euthalia, Physical Education Club; Physical Educa- tion BETHANY BRYAN Flint; A.C.E., Y.W.C.A., Euthalia, Wesleyan Guild; Early Ei= nientary CHARLES BRYAN Troy; Special Education Club; Special Education SAM BURDGE Royal Oak; Phi Delta Pi; Pre-Professional DANIEL BURTON Plymouth; Sigma Mu Sigma; Senior High EARL BUSS Utica; Physical Education CARL CARLSON Pontiac; Phi Delta Pi; Senior High HAROLD CHAMBERLAIN Auburn, N.Y.; Sigma Mu Sigma; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts GERALDINE CHAPPELL Holt; Choir; Early Elementaiy MARY CHAPPELL Ironwood; A.C.E.; Early Elementary RETTA CHARTER Cass City; Music Club, Choir; Public School Music PAUL CHRIST Ann Arbor; Natural Science Club; Pre-Professional CHESTER CHRZANOWSKI Hamtramck; Band, Orchestra, Music Club, Newman Club, Little Theatre Players; Orchestra and Band 70 HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE MALCOLM CHUBB Ypsilanti; Kappa Phi Alpha; Senior High MAURICE CLABK BUssfield; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Senior High RONALD CLARK Biatttebcrc, Vt.; Track; Physical Education ASA COMPTON Flint; Indusuial Arts Club; Industrial Arts JAMES COONEY Wayne; Choir BLY CORNING Flint; Kappa Phi Alpha; Football; Special Education JACK COVERT ?onti:ic; Fre-Professional ELLA MAE CRANDALL Howell; Sigma Nu Phi; A.C.E., EuthaUa; Early Elementary JAMES CRIPPS Palms; Physical Edu cation Club; Physical Education DOUGLAS CULLIN Belleville; Basketball; Senior High FREDERICK CUNLIFFE Quincy, Mass.; Band, Orchestra, Natural Science Club; Admini: tration and Supervision DOUGLAS DALY Port Huron; Math Club; Senior High ELSA DAYSS Manchester; Y.W.C.A., Euthalia, Special Education Club; Speciol Education MARJORIE DEAN .-lini; AC.E., Euthalia; Later Elementary MARJORIE DINNING Flint; A.C.E., Little Theatre Players, Euthalia, English Club; Early Elementary MARY DUHIG Port Huron; Choir; Early Elementary MARGARET EMSWILER Ann Arbcr; Pi Delta Theta; Euthalia; Special Education DORIS ENGLISH Melvmdals; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Early Elementary BARBARA ERICKSON Onekama; Pi Gamma Mu, Stoics, A.C.E., Euthaha, English Club- Early Elementary JAMES FEENEY Oakfield, K. Y.; Kappa Phi Alpha; Physical Education Club, New- man Club; Physical Education CLARK FELTON Rochester; industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts 71 CLASS OF NINETEEN ARLENE FERRETT Port Huron; Y.W.C.A., Euthalia, Collegiate Country Lifs Club: Early Elementary ADOULPHUS FIELDS Ann Arbor; Senior High HELEN FINKBEINER Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthalia; Later Elementary JEAN FINKBEINER Saginaw; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthalia; Early Elementary ELOISE FISHER Port Huron; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club, Euthalia, A.C.E.; Early Elementary ESTHER LOU FOCHTMAN Charlevoix; Pi Kappa Sigma; Euthalia; Early Elementary RUTH FOSTER Yp ' silanti; Delta Sigma Ep ' Silon; Early Elementary RUTH FRALICK Detroit; Theta Lambda Sigma; Euthalia; Later Elementary LAURA FREEMAN Holly; Pi Delta Theta; Euthalia; Early Elementary MARY FREY Ann Arbor; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Early Elementary BETTY FULLER Detroit; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthalia, History Club, Y.W.C.A.; Junior High DENDY GAINES Milan; Sigma Mu Sigma; Football; Pre-Professional KATHALEE GARRISON Ypsilanti; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthalia, A.C.E., English Club, Executive Board; Early Elementary DAVID GATES Plymouth; Phi Delta Pi; Football: Physical Education LAURA GATES Ionia; Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary B. JAY GAUNTLETT Milan; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts. GEORGE GEORGE Holbrook, Mass.; Pre-Professional JOHN GESSINGER Rochester; Little Theatre Players; Senior High MAX GLANTZMAN New York, N. Y.; Special Education EVELYN GOODAR Richmond; Little Theatre Players, Euthalia; Senior High F. WALTER GOODWIN Ann Arbor; Math Club; Senior High 72 HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE LESTER GRAFTON Circleville, N. Y.; Phi Sigmc Epsilon; Physical Education Club, Track; Physical Education JEAN GRAHAM Bessemer; Euthalia; Later Elementary LENORA HAAB Ann Arboi; Stoics, Sodalitas Latina, Wodeso, English Club, Y.W. C.A,; Senior High FLORENCE HALL Pontiac; Pi Delta Theta; Orchestra; Later Elementary WALTER HALSTED Lakewood, Ohio; Industrial Arts Club, Student Religious Council; Industrial Arts JEAN HARDING Detroit; Chairman of Junior Women, Euthalia, Special Education Club, A.C.E.; Early Elementary LOIS HARKNESS Munith; Choir, Euthalia; Early Elementary CATHERINE HARRINGTON Adrian; Music Club, Choir, Madrigal Club, Euthalia; Public School Music LUCILLE HART Detroit; Euthalia, Newman Club, English Club; Junior Club RUTH HASELSCHWERDT Manchester; A.C.E., V .A.A., EuthaHa; Early Elementary MARGARET HATCHER Highland Park; Euthalia, Math Club, English Club, Natural Sci- ence Club; Senior High DOROTHY HEARN Plymouth; ?i Kappa Delta. Wodeso; Later Elementary LESTER HENRY Ypsilanti; Zeta Chi Sigma; Math Club; Senior High THOMAS HERLIHY Lynbrook, N. Y.; Phi Delta Pi; Football, Physical Education Club; Physical Education JOHN HERRON Wilmington, Del.; Pi Gammia l.Iu, Newman Club President, Aurora, Commercial Club; Commercial JAMES HIGH Ann Arbor; Phi Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Psi, Track, Physical Edu- cation Club; Physical Education FRED HOBBS Willis; Physical Education Club; Physical Education ETHEL HOCK Dearborn; Y.W.C.A., Euthalia, Home Economics Club; Heme Eco- nomics HELEN KOLLERAN Ypsilanti; Aurora, EuthaHa, Women ' s League Social Chairman, Newman Club; Early Elementary HAROLD HOLT Imlay City; Pi Kappa Delta, Stoics, Debate; Senior High EUGENE HOLTMAN Ann Arbor; Pre-Professional 73 CLASS OF NINETEEN ELSIE HORNBACHER Rogers City; Sigma Nu Phi; Natural Science Club, Euthalia; Junior High BARBARA HUBBELL Plymouth; Madrigal Club, Choir, Euthalia, Wesleyan Guild, Sodcl- itas Latma, House Presidents ' Council; Senior High BERNARD HUGHES Ypsilanii; Arm of Honor HELEN HUNGERFORD ( ' . ' on CGI d; Pi Delta Theta; Euthalia; Commercial WILLIAM JACKSON Bad Axe; Zeta Chi Sigma; Pre-Professional GERALDINE JAMES Iron River; Mcdrigal Club, Choir, Y.W.C.A., Enghsh Club, Eutha- lia; Later Elementary ROBERT JENSEN Detroit; Phi Delta Pi; Junior Class Vice-President, Special Educa- tion Club; Special Education DONALD JOHNSON Ann Arbor; Chemistry Club. Natural Science Club; Pre-Professional MARY JOHNSON Ann Arbor; Pi Delta Thefa; Choir, Campus Choristers, Euthalia, A.CE.; Early Elementary JOHN JONESCU Ypsiianti; Pre-Professional PAULINE KALEFF Flint; Commercial Club; Commercial HARRIET KARNER Dundee; W.A.A., Physical Education Council, Euthalia; Physical HELEN KATON Ypsiianti; Sigma Nu Phi; Euthalia; Commercial MARY JANE KEENAN Saginaw; Theta Lambda Sigma; Little Theatre Players, Euthalia, A.C.E., Newman Club; Early Elementary JANET KELDER Ypsiianti; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Choir, Music Club; Public School MARIAN KEMPF Imlay City; Pi Kappa Sigma; Early Elementary BOYD KETCHUM Menominee; International Relations Club, Fine Arts Club; Fine Arts FLORENCE KIDDER Allegan; Theta Lambda Sigma; Euthalia, Special Education Club; Special Education CARYL KIPF M Elyria, Ohio; Euthalia, Home Economics Club, Social Committee; Home Economics ELINOR KIRSHMAN Fenton; Home Economics Club, Wesleyan Guild; Home Economics JOSEPH KIVO Detroit; Normal News, Track, History Club; Senior High 74 HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE ROBERT KLEIN Grand Rapids; Phi Delta Pi; Golf, Physical Education Club, Box- ing; Physical Education HELEN KOWALSKI Mamlrnri.ck; Physical Education Club, Euthalia: Physical Education PEARL KRAKE Dickson City, Pa.; A.C.E., Euthalia, Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary MARJORIE KUHL Manchester; Campus Choristers, A.C.E., Band, Euthalia; Early Elementary MARY KUNNA Alpena: Early Elementary ROY LAWRENCE Petcskey; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Golf; Industrial Arts BERNICE LEBOWSKY OwoEso; Fine Arts WILMA LEIKERT Detroit; English Club, Euthalia; Pre-Professional WILLIAM LEMMON Perry; Arm of Honor; Chemistry Club, Interfraternity Council; Pre-Professional HAROLD LENHEISER Ypsilanti; Natural Science Club; Pre-Professional ANDREW LENNINGTON Monroe; Arm of Honor; Pre-Professional ARTHUR LIEDER Detroit; Phi Delta Pi; Football, Baseball, Normal News, Math Club, Chemistry Club; Senior High LOIS LIETZ Flint; Collegiate Country Life Club; Stale Limited JANE LENTZ Detroit; Sodalitas Latina; Senior High MARION LINDBERT Manchester; EuthaHa, A.C.E.; Early Elementary ELIZABETH LONG Milford; Euthalia; Early Elementary CATHERINE LORENZ East Lansing: Kappa Mu Delta; EuthaUa, Home Economics Club; Early Elementary ADA MARIA LOVE iJew Athens Ohio; Choir, Madrigal Club, Music Club; Public School Music GRACE LOWE Van D ' yke; Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics MARION MacGREGOR Ann Arbor; Theta Sigma Upsilon; EngUsh Club, A.C.E., Early Elementary VIOLET MARTI Saginaw; Math Club, Euthalia; Junior High 75 CLASS OF NINETEEN CATHERINE MARVIN Adrian; English Club, Nev man Club, Rhc Sigma Kappa; Junior High GLYONE MAHAFFY Brown City; Debate, Little Theatre Players, History Club, English Club; Senior High MILDRED MAURITHO Wyandotte; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Fine Arts Club, Little Theatre Players, Euthalia, Campus Choristers; Fine Arts HELEN MENGER Holt; Pi Kappa Sigma; Y.W.C.A.; Early Elementary DOROTHY MERRICK Crystal Falls; Stoics, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Choir, Camera Club; Home Economics PERSHING MEYERS Britton; Senior High IRENE MILLER Detroit; Newman Club, Euthalic LAWRENCE MILLER Hamtramck; Newman Club, Industrial Arts Club, Boxing, Has ball; Industrial Arts CHARLES MOLES Saulte Ste Marie; International Relations Club; Senior High JOHN MONTEAN Welland, Ontario; Kappa Phi Alpha; Natural Sci3nce Club Pres- ident, Chemistry Club; Pre-Professional HELEN MOOTE Munising; Early Elementary VICTOR MORRISON Grass Lake; Chemistry Club, Math Club; Administration and Supervision EMILY NACHAZEL Detroit; Rho Sigma Kappa, Euthalia, Newman Club; Commerc: n! EMMAJUNE NEUBERT Belleville; Alpha Mu Sigma; Comme rcial Club; Commercial GEORGE NEWLANDS Detroit; Phi Delta Pi; Football, Special Education Club, Jur.;:: Class President; Special Education MARGARET NEWNHAM Windsor, Ontario; Euthalia, Li1 le Theater Players, Sodalitas Latina; Senior High NICK NICHOLAS Dearborn; Kappa Phi Alpha; Physical Educa ' .ion JOAN OLDS Ypsiianti; Pi Delta Theta; Euthalia, A.C-E.; Early Elementary FRANK ONDROVIK Belleville; Kappa Phi Alpha; Stoics, Math Club, Chemistry Club; Senior High BETTYMAY OUTLEY Detroit; Euthalia, Y.W.C.A., English Club; Later Elementary IRA PACKER Holyoke, Mass.; Physical Educaticn Club, Track, Special Education Club; Physical Education 76 HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE ILA PARKER Ludinglon; Pi Delta Theta; Y.W.C.A., Eulhalia, English Club: Later Elementary MAX PEET Ann Arbor; Special Education WALTER PERRY Detroit; Track; Senior High MARION PETERS Flat Rock; Delta Sigma Epsilon: Physical Education Council; Physical Education LORAI NE PETERSON Ludinglon; Pi Delta Theta; Euthalia President, Y.W.C.A., English Club; Eaily Elementary SHIRLEY PETERSON Atlanta; Physical Education Club; Physical Education MALCOLM PETTY Mason; Commercial LOIS PHILLIPS Three Oaks; Euthalia; Early Elementary ETHEL PIERSON Sulphur, Okla.; Special Education EDWARD POLY Cochranton, Pa.; Phi Delta Pi; Football, Track, Physical Education Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Social Committee; Physical Educa- tion VERNOR PORTER Blissfield; Chemistry Club; Pre-Professional JOSEPHINE POTTER Lansing; Collegiate Country Life Club; State Limited JANET PRAY Ann Arbor; Theta Lambda Sigma; Home Economics Club, Advisory Board, Y.W.C.A., Euthalia; Home Economics FRANCIS PURCELL Ypsilanti; Pre-Professional ELEANOR PURMAN Highland Park; Pi Delta Theta; Commercial Club, Newman Club; Commercial WALTER QUALMANN Center Line: Zeta Chi Sigma; Men ' s Union President; Physical Education GEORGE RAE Port Huron: Senior High KATHRYN RAMAN Muskegon; Euthalia; Early Elementary VIOLA RAYMOND Owosso; W.A.A., Physical Education Club, Euthalia; Physical Education MARLEN REBER New Boston; Sigma Mu Sigma; Sigma Delta Psi, Track, Wrestling, Natural Science Club, Cross Country; Senior High NORMA REPAID Detroit; Euthalia, EngUsh Club; Junior High 77 CLASS OF NINETEEN EVELYN RICE Mt. Clemens; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthalia, Newman Club, King Residence President, Fine Arts Club; Fine Arts EMERSON RIGGS Belleville; Kappa Phi Alpha; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts NORMAN RISK Peloskey; Band, Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts SEYMOUR ROTHMAN The Bronx, N. Y.; Menorah Club, Baseball Manager; Senior High DOROTHY ST. PETER Gilman, 111.; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Faculty Chats Chairman, W.A.A.; Junior High MARION SARK Ferndale; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Newman Club, W.A.A., Aurora, Normal Ne-ws, House Presidents ' Council; Senior High FRANCES SAUER Bad Axe; Westminster League; Public School Music CHARLES SAYLOR Plymouth; Natural Science Club; Senior High RAY SCHAFFER Elberta; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Math Club, Wrestling; Senior High MARY JANE SCHLOSSSTEIN Belleville; Alpha Mu Sigma; Commercial Club, Y.W.C.A., Pan- Hellenic; Commercial ANN SCHEINDEWIND Ann Arbor; Early Elementary ELEANORE SCHOENBERGER Farmington; Choir, Nev man Club, Euthalia HARVERY SCHOENSEE Center Line; Zeta Chi Sigma; Math Club, Chemistry Club, Campus Choristers, Interfraternity Council; Senior High MARION SCHWARZKOPF Saginaw; Pi Kappa Sigma; Advisory Board, Euthalia, Sadalitas Latmc; Senior High JERRY SCOFIELD Ann Arbor; Commercial Club; Commercial ESTELLE SEITZ Dexter; Home Economics Club, Euthalia; Home Economics AUDREY SEVERENCE Munson; House Presidents ' Council, Normal News; Early Elemen- tary MARGARET SHAUGHNESSY Clarkston; Orchestra; Early Elementary ELIZABETH SHEPPARD Detroit; Alpha Mu Sigma; Wodeso, Fine Arts Club; Fine Arts MARGUERITE SHERMAN Owosso; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthalia, Fan-Hellenic; Early Ele- mentary LEOTA SHOEMAKER Wayne; Home Economics Club; Home Economics 78 HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE EDNA SKAGEN Bessemer; Liltle Theatre Players, Eulhalia; Early Elementary CUHTIS SMITH Detroit; Senior High LAUBEN SMITH Erie; Natural Science Club, Fine Arts Club; Administration and Supervision CLIFFORD SNYDER Flint; Special Education Club; Special Education RACHEL SODERLUND Lake City; Euthalia, Fine Arts Club; Early Elementary ALFRED SPOTTS Pontiac; Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club; Senior High FRANK SPOTTS Pontiac; Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club; Senior High THOMAS STACEY North Branch; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Chemistry Club, Math Club; Senior High CHARLENE STOKER Hillsdale; Theta Lambda Sigma; Home Economics Club; Home Economics EGBERT STREET Howell; Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club; Senior High FREDERICK SWAFFORD Detroit; Phi Delta Pi; Normal News Business Manager, Executive Board, Industrial Arts Club, Special Education Club; Industrial Arts GERALDINE SWAYER Jackson; Euthalia, Home Economics Club; Home Economics DAVID SWINTON Highland Park; Math Club; Senior High HELEN TALLMADGE Sandusky; Euthalia, Choir, Campus Choristers, Wesleyan Guild; Early Elementary FRANK TEAHAN Bad Axe; Pre-Professional AGNES THOMAS Buttons Bay; Y.W.C.A., Commercial Club; Commercial ROBERT TOWER Ypsilanti; Natural Science Club; Senior High JAMES TRINGHAM Highland Park; International Relations Club; Senior High DELORIS TURNER Morley; Euthalia, A.C.E., English Club; Early Elementary HELEN UREEN Jackson; Stoics, Executive Board, Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Euthalia; Pre-Professional BETTY VANDEN BELT Ypsilanti; Alpha Sigma Tau; Stoics; Pre-Professional 79 CLASS OF NINETEEN LOUISE VAN DOMMELEN Holland; W.A.A., Euthalia, Physical Educaiion Club, Fine Aits Club; Physical Education SARA JANE VENABLE Oxford; Fine Arts Club, Euthalia; Fine Arts MAYME VERHULST Port Huron; Pi Kappa Sigma; Early Elementary RUTH VERKLER Mt. Clemens; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Aurora, Euthalia, Executive Board, Little Theatre Players; Senior High EDWARD VOISICH | Washington; Boxing; Senior High ' HELEN VOORHEES Dowagiac; W.A.A., Physical Education Club, Euthalia; Physical Education HAROLD VROMAN Alpena; Band, Wesleyan Guild, History Club; Senior High JANE WAGNER Ionia; Y.W.C.A., A.C.E.; Early Elementary BETSY WAITE Jackson; Theta Lambda Sigma; English Club, Natural Science Club, Euthalia; Early Elementary ELIZABETH WALKER Sault Ste Marie; Thela Lambda Sigma; Euthalia, Executive Board; Early Elementary LEONE WALLACE South Lyon; Natural Science Club; Senior High MARTHA WALSH Pontiac; Stoics, Pi Kappa Delta, Aurora, Wodsso, Executive Board; Senior High BETTY WALTERS Mt. Clemens; Theta Lambda Sigma; Stoics, Aurora, W.A.A., House Presidents ' Council; Senior High PURL WARK Peck; Math Club; Commercial JEAN WERTENBERGEH Jerome; Y.W.C.A., Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club; Junior High GRACE WHITBECK Chicago, 111.; Theta Lambda Sigma, Special Education Club, Eu- thalia; Special Education RICHARD WIECZYKI 7 Hamtiamck; Industrial Arts Club; Industrial Arts ' j ELIZABETH WILSON M Almonl; Early Elementary WILLIAM WILTSE Saginaw; Wesleyan Guild President, Madrigal Club, Choir, Cam pus Choristers, Music Club; Public School Music LA RUE WOLF Ypsilanti; Music Club, Choir; Public School Music EUGENE WRIGHT Ludington; Commercial Club, Debate; Commercial 80 HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE DUANE ZEMPER Flint; Kappa Phi Alpha; Cross Country, Track, Chemistry Club: Senior High 81 oijkomore L tc )pnomore y iu66 Editor RAY GLEASON J Eager to ccintinuc the success of their Freshman year, ihe chiss of ' 42 reiurneil 10 the campus in Se|)leml)er Innsiint; vilh phuis for the big event of the year — Homecoming and dass games. Not appalled l) the huge mnn- ber of greenies. thev discharged their traditional tlniy of break- ing in the yearling viih the usual " Pot Frosh! " Accomplishing the ncxer-before. the soj hs made history at the class games, for imder the leadeiship of |ohn Shoemaker, the setond year men pi ' oceeded to tally wins in e ery e ent. Slatting Jrom the moment ■i hen Shoemaker bowled o er Jack Ross in the open- ing contest ol the ganus until the (inal nielec- al tile ])ole. it vas onl in a h-w instances thai llie imdcK lassmen e en ihiealencd lo vin liie (() eled bro n jusi. u ' •ti ' h Vj SOPH ' i(lor was the ke note of the class ihai week-end. lor not only did the} ' deleai ihc- (iiniors. their celebiaieil lixals. in ihe (lass lloal ( omptiilion, and re- cei e the honored lroph . l)iil they also won the Homecoming interclass relays. It was at a class meeting to plan the Victory Ball that Shoemaker dedared. " ' Well, we - von the jug: ve won the ctip; ve - voir the races: and there vas nothing else to win, or we wotild ha e been there. " 84 Ross, Bartley Pointing to tlic S()plK)inorc Swirl on March 2ij as )ing with the ( Hop as the outstanding party of the year are the two hundred fortunate girls vho treasure the black, gold-ti inniied compacts as soiuenirs of a most ])leasani event. Herb Ritz, popular dance maestro from Ann Arbor, offered the pleasing " Fashions in Melody " as a theme. They were presented by the comely singer who emerged from a huge coiripact in the center of the stage. She was costumed to fit the period of her songs which ranged from 1890 tr) the present. The success of the part)- must l)e attribtUed to the ingeiuiit) of a liard- working Soph Swirl committee headed b Mary Esther Ross and Paid Bartley, Responsible for the decorations were Shirley Ann Nepoilal with assistants Lois Cook, Bob Blumenshine, and Jim Dau, Grace Morningstar acted as chairman of the program committee with John Kenfield and Betty Pillslainy as members, Geraldine Bird, aided by Stanley Richardson, Bill Parker, and Jeanctte Richards, headed the publicity conrmittee. Bob LaRtie handled the tickets and was assisted by Jane Shoemaker, Barney Dyer led the music committee vith Ken Cleary, Barbara Neary, and Bernice Jacobs as colleagues, . ided by Bernatline Smith, Mills Wilber was chairman of the floor committee. 85 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JOHN SHOEMAKER President BARBARA PORKER Vice-President MARY MARGARET RITZ Secretary RICHARD MANNING Treasurer Dr. Simon E. Fagerstrcm served as Advisor of the Sophomore Class Rilz, Shoemaker, Forker, Mr. Fagerslrom, Manning 86 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO JOHN ADAIR Onaway RUTH M. ADAMS Miami, Fla. BARRY ALFORD Ypsilanti GRACE ANDERSON Detroit JEAN ANDERSON Northville JOHN ANDERSON Addison EDWARD ANZICEK Saginaw HELEN ARTLEY Monroe BETTY ASHBACKEH Ludington VIRGINIA BAIRD Deckerville DORIS BAKER Royal Oak PATRICIA BAKER Ypsilanti RALPH BAKER Munisinq CECILE BALLARD Constantlne JEANNE BARBER Milan HELEN BARKS Flinl LOUISE BARLEY Clio DEWITT BARNARD Ann Arbor ROBERT BARROWS Kalamazoo PAUL BARTLEY Mt. Clemens KEITH BARTON White Cloud JOYCE BASKE Detroit SEYMOUR BASS Detroit ELISABETH BELL Ypsilanti MARGARET BELL Columbiaville JUANITA BENNETT Inkstei MARGARET ANN BENNETT .... Boonville, Ind. ALYCE BETTESWORTH Saginaw DORTHY BIDWELL Brighton CLAYTON BIGELOW Tecumseh JOYCE BIGELOW Birmingham PAUL BISHOP Spring Arbor LOIS BLISS Port Huron WILLIAM BLOOMER Walden, N. Y. VIRGINIA BLUHM Belleville ROBERT BLUMENSHINE FUnt FRANK BOEBERITZ Rochester MARGARET BOEHM Chelsea MARY JANE BOELENS Northville WINSTON BOUCK ....... Pontiac GERALD BOWERS Pontiac ELIZABETH BOYER Reed City EDNA BRADLEY Pittsford ARNOLD BRANDT Detroit GARVIN BRASSEUR Afton 87 CLASS OF NINETEEN EDWARD BRAZEE Tecumseh OPAL BRAZEE Clayton BETTY BREMER Constantine YVONNE BREMER Constantine BARBARA BRENDER Wayne BESSIE BRENNAN Roseville MARY lANE BRINK Mt. Clemens ELLA BROCK Mt. Morris GILES BROOKS Pittsford JOSEPH BRZEZINSKI Jackson DOROTHY BURGER Sandusky IRENE BURGETT Hazel Park NANCY BURROUGHS Grand Rapids STANTON BURTON Plymouth MARY BUTLER Dundee MARGAURETTE CAMPBELL Royal Oak ROBERT CAMPBELL Ypsilanti KEN CARAKOSTAS Detroit GILBERT CARNEY North Adams NORMAN CHRISTIAN Ypsilanti SHIRLEY CASLER Charlotte KENNETH CLEARY Saginaw MARGARET CLELAND Deckerville MARGERY COLE Charlotte LEWIS COMPTON Fhnt VERNA CONGER Detroit DAVID CONWAY Wyandotte LOIS COOK BuHalo, N. Y. ALLEGRA COOKE Royal Oak NEIL COON Croswell MARY COONEY Wayne LAWRENCE COPE Reading JOYCE CORBEILLE Ypsilanti MARGARET CRAIG Britton DELMAR CRISP Fayette, Ohio LOIS CRONENWETT Ida EDITH CROWL Shelby IRENE CURTIS Grass Lake IDA DAHLSTROM Owosso JAMES DAU Detroit CRAIG DAVIDS Charlotte DOROTHY DAVIS Adrian MARIAN DEAN Flint ANNA DENNIS Ypsilanti IRENE DENNIS Addison 88 HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO JOE DESHEPMASTER Rosevili. MARTIN DICKERSON Belleville WILMA DITTMAN Dearborn JAMES DIXON Detroil THOMAS DYER Jackson JANE EASTHAM Royal Oak MARIAN ELDRED Almont ELAINE ELLIOTT Bellevil! MARGARET ELLIS Ml. Clemen,. GEORGIA FAIRMAN Carsonville HILTON FALAHEE Jackson MARY FARRIS Melvindale LUCILLE FENNERT Marine City MARCIA FIELD Manistee EVELYN FINK Mt. Clemens WILLARD FENSCH North Branch ROY FISCHER Ann Arbor LAJUNE FITCH Ypsilant, CARL FITING Hemlock MILDRED FOLEY Petersburg BARBARA FORKER Flint PHILIP FRANK Rochester GRACE ERASER Wayne LOLETA FREDERICKSON Howell STANLEY FREDERICKSON Howell ROBERT FREELAND Mayville HAROLD FRIED Port Clinton, Ohio DONALD FULFORD Ypsilanti BARBARA GEDDIS Ypsilanti ROBERT GIBBS Ypsilanti RALPH GILDENSTEIN East Detroit RAY GLEASON Ann Arbor ISABELLE GOODMEN Yale HARRIET GOODSON Toledo, Ohi ALLENE GOWDY Quincy JUNE GRACEY Detroit BETTE GRAVES Deford MARION GRIFFIN Flint WALTER GUENTHER .... Fitchburg, Mass. BARBARA HALL Pontiac EVELYN HANFORD Detroi! JANET HASELSWERDT Chelsea PAULYNE HAZZARD Detroit IRENE HEIZMAN Wildwood, N. J. DOROTHY HITCHINGHAM Milan 89 CLASS OF NINETEEN FRIEDA HOPKINS Armada RUTH HOWARD Morrioe MARY HUBBARD La Salle ROBERT HUDGINS Grand Blanc ROBERT HUPY GladBtone RODNEY HUTCHINSON Afton BERNICE JACOBS Holland KENDALL JACOBS Snover WARREN JOHNSON Detroit LOUIS KAGAN Hamilton, Ont. GERTRUDE KEEFER Ypsilanti KEITH KENADY Ypsilanti MARYELLA KINGMAN Mendon ARLENE KIRK Howell EUNICE KIHKER Lansing NANCY KIRTLAND Samaria BETTY KITELEY Marietta REBECCA KLINESMITH Flint ESTHER KOKALES Ann Arbor EDWARD KOLACZYNSKI . . , Van Dyke EDWARD KONTRYMOWICZ Hamtramck DOROTHY KRAAS Greenville CAROL KRANS Wakefield DORIS KREGER Erie JEAN KUEBLEH Manchester HELEN KUZAWA Flint JOSEPH LANGENCKER Sagincrw WILLIAM LADD Warren ROBERT LARUE Ypsilanti FLORENCE LEICHT Hart CLEMENT LEMANSKI Pontiac GEORGE LEONARD Waldron WALTER LEPISTO Wakefield CLARICE LICHTENFELT Marietta LAWRENCE LICHTENFELT ... Marlette INEZ LICHTY Traverse City EARL LOCKWOOD River Rouge MARY LONG Harbor Springs GENEVIEVE LOWRY .... Napoleon, Ohio EUNICE LOYER Dearborn ROYAL MacDONALD Prescott MARGARET MacGREGOR Pontiac VIRGINIA MACK Detroit FRANCES MacMULLAN .... Garden City ANNE MADIGAN Wayne 90 HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO MARIORY MAINS Tekonsha EGIDIO MAJORANA Hazel Park JOSEPH MAJORANA Hazel Park RICHARD MANNING Ecorse ARTHUR MASCHKE Detroit EDWINA MATER McGregor EDWARD MAURER South Lyon MARJORIE MAY Hazel Park BERN ICE McCONALOGUE Wayne IRENE McCUTCHEON Flint FLORENCE McDONALD Birmingham WILBERT McKEACHIE Davisburg LOYD McMULLAN Belleville ELEANOR McWETHY Saginaw ALFRED MILLER Dearborn MARY MILLER - Port Huron M. ALOHA MILLER Marietta VIRGINIA MILLER Mt. Clemens VIRGINIA MITCHELL Detroit ROBERT MOHR Tecumseh VERA MOLLETT River Rouge GRACE MORNINGSTAR Flint BETH MORRISH Flint LILLIAN MORROW Milford DOLORES MOTT Flint MAXINE MUNN Marlette WILLARD NAAS Hazel Park GOLDIE NAGY South Lyon BARBARA NEARY Ypsilanti SHIRLEY NEPODAL Ypsilanti HELEN NICKEL Monroe MARGARET NIXON Howell VIRGINIA NORTON Lansing RONALD ODMARK Spring Lake W. C. OLIVER Ferndale EVELYN OTT Monroe CHARLES OWEN Fulton, N. Y. BARBARA PAGE Adrian ELINOR PAGE Marshall LOIS PAGE Marshall RAYMOND PALMER St. Louis, Mo. CONSTANCE PATRICO Mt. Clemens STERLING PARIS Inkster ILAH PARKER Saginaw LEONA PARKER Ann Arbor 91 CLASS OF NINETEEN RUTH PARSONS Fowlerville ELIZABETH PATTERSON Owosso LOIS PATTON Ypsilanti JOHN PEKNIK Herkimer, N. Y. MARY JANE PEPPIER .... Grand Rapids JEAN PERRINE Olive! DOROTHEA PERRY Ypsilanti WALTER PETERS Roseville NILA PHILLIPS Sandusky BETTY PILLSBURY Ypsilanti LEAH POHLY Lenox LYNN PORTER Ypsilanti MARY PURCHASE Muskegon Heights JOSEPH PUVOGEL Royal Oak KENNETH QUIGLEY Howel! CAROLYN RANDOLPH Port Huron ANTHONY RASMOVICH Nashua, N. H. GEORGE RAWSON Manchester GWENDOLYN REDDEN Battle Creek WEALTHY REED Dryden HELEN REID North Street JUNE REILLY Saginaw LOUISE REINBOLD Harbor Springs DORIS RHEAD McGregor JEANETTE RICH.1RDS .... South Haven MARIE RICHARDSON Cement City STANLEY RICHARDSON Monroe MARY MARGARET RITZ Ann Arbor GLADYS ROACH Allenton ORLO ROBINSON Ypsilanti MARION ROEHLER Ferndale lONE ROGERS Royal Oak PHYLLIS ROLLINS Algonac HAZEL ROSE Highland Park MARY ESTHER ROSS Ypsilanti WARREN ROSS Ann Arbor LOIS ROWE Plymouth WILLIAM SCHULKINS Farmington LOUIS SCHLOSSTEIN ...... Belleville DOROTHY SCHMIDT . . . ,,. . Mt. Clemens GERALDINE SCHEOFF Royal Oak JEANETTE SCHWARTZ Plymouth DONNA SCOTT Concord DORIS SHARPE Fowlerville LORENE SHERMAN Lake Odessa 92 HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO SERGEY SHEWCHUCK Cheboygan ILLA SHICK Davison JANE SHOEMAKER Toledo, Ohio JOHN SHOEMAKER Detroit VIDA MAE SIGLER Dearborn MURRAY SILVERMAN New York, N. Y, WILLIAM SIMMONS Bellevill GRACE SIMPSON Brighton BERNADINE SMITH Pontiac FLORENCE SMITH Almont MARY LOUISE SMITH Three Rivers ROBERT SMITH Plymouth ;ULIA SNELL Monroe DOUGLAS SNYDER Detroit DONALD SOMMERFIELD .... Saginavir ALBERT SONNENBERG Wayne MARY SPRATT North Adams PHYLLIS STEBBINS Milan MARIAN STOUT Detroit EARL STREET Flint BARBARA SWEENEY . . . . . . Iron Mountain ROBERT TABEH Ypsilanti WILLIAM TEUFEL Milton, Pa. DORIS TIFFANY Lennon LORENA TRINGHAM ... Highland Park BESSIE TURNBULL Ypsilanti CAROL WALKER North Street ALEXANDER WALKOWSKI Jackson EILEEN WALSH Bad Axe BETTY WALTON Croswel! LIZZIE WALTON Osseo WYMOND WALTON Jackson GEORGE WATSON Tekonsha MARK WEGIENKA Romulus JEAN WEIR Wayne ROGER WELLS Byron Center DONALD WERNETTE Mecosta FLORENCE WESCOAT Houghton SHIRLEY WHEELER Chelsea MARGARET WIERS Royal Oak MILLS WILBER Pontia ; GARNET WILLIAMS Ypsilanti JEAN WILSON Deckerville ROSS WISBIN Pontiac EMERSON WOLIUNG Ypsilanti CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO BARBARA WOOD NorthvUle ELAINE WOODWARD Holly FREDA WOOILEY WebberviUe ROZELLE WORDINGHAM Pontiac JAMES WORTH Ann Arbor ANN WORTLEY Ypsilantl RUTH YOUNG Riverdale PABLO ZAMOHA Aquadilla, P. R. KATHRYN ZEDICK Pontiac 94 J-peshmcin lc Editor . . . PHYLLIS GRIGGS Ross, Hersh The I ' vcshmcn arc the underdogs As (ill you upper classmen kuou ' : You stole the nether anrments of Our males a irhile tigo. To help combat the Sophomores And give us lots of vim, We chose Jack Ross and Xorma Hersh, To lead us on to iciu. Our teams fouglti hard for ' In tug of ivar and races. They waded, wrestled, tugged, and ran With green paint on their faces. ] ' e found the worst was yet to come In battling for our marks. B sad experience some have learned Prof ' s bites are ii ' orse than barks. IIV ' chose Ralph Chapman president Of our great Freshman class. To assist him in his duties We chose a comely lass. {Betty Jackso7i to you.) Bill Hopps keeps all our finances; We trust the lad you see. Rol Langerman takes all the notes Tor tlie class of ' .f . ITVi ' c stood a lot of ribbing. But we ' ve shown that we can take it. We ' ll caryy on traditions, for ]] ' e knoic old J ' p.u ' .v -what we make it. 98 99 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS RALPH CHAPMAN President BETTY JACKSON Vice-President ROLAND LANGERMAN Secretary BILL HOPPS Treasurer Dr. Marion Magoon served as Advisor of the Freshman Class Hopps, Jackson, Chapman, Langerman 100 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE NORMAN ABERCROMBIE Ypsilanl) BETTY ABLESON Ypsilanii MARCIA ADAMS Lincoln Park MARIE AFFELT Flint LOUISE ALEXANDER Northville JEAN ALLMENDINGER Royal Oak JOAN ANDERSON Reading VICTOR APPLE Detroit DOROTHY ARNOLD Homer LINDA ATCHINSON Ypsilanii LORNE ATKINS Marlette WINIFRED AUSTIN Flint RICHARD AVERY Birmingham SHIRLEY BABCOCK Lorain, Ohio BETTY BAKER Detroit JOHN BARNES Ypsilanii ALLEN BEACH Casevil: GEORGE BEARDSLEE Clarkston FRANCES BELL Ypsilanii GEORGE BENNETT Plymouth BETTE BETWEE Detroit MURRAY BLOOM Ann Arbor ALBERT BOELENS Northville BETTY BOWSMAN Jerome MARY JANE BRADLEY .... South Lyon LUCILLE BRAZEE Morenci BETTE BRIAN Howell ELIZABETH BROCK Charlevoix JACK BROWN Wayne RUTH BUCKLEY Emmett MILDRED CAMPBELL Detroit RALPH CHAPMAN Ml. Clemens FRANCES CHARTIER Marine City PAUL CHERNUCHIN Brooklyn, N. Y. ARTHUR CLARK Clarkston BARBARA CLARK Huntington Woods DORIS COGGER South Lyon ADELE COLE Birmingham MILDRED COLE Charlotte JOHN CALKINS South Lyon JEANNE COOPER Ypsilanii WILLIAM COULMAN Trenton JEAN COVINGTON Monroe BARBARA COWE Grosse Pointe BARBARA COWIN Cadillac 101 CLASS OF NINETEEN EVELYN COX Ypsilanti OLIN COX Ypsilanti MARTHA CRAIG Charlevoix GEORGE CROTHEHS ... Wauseon, Ohio EUGENE DAWSON . Pontiac EULA DEGURSE Ovid BETTY DESPRES Manistee PEGGIE DIEHL Mt. Clemens BETTY lANE DORREIL Ludington GLADYS DUNCAN Grosse Pointe ALICE DUNHAM Royal Oak VIRGINIA DYKHUIS Holland JENESS EASTMAN Cass City NORWOOD EASTMAN Cass City JOAN EDMONSON Pontiac ROBERT ELLIOTT Hunhngton Woods LUCILLE ELLIS Berkley GERTRUDE EMERY Fowlerville BARBARA EMIG Detroit JAMES EVANS Ypsilanti SHIRLEY FAIR Dearborn HAROLD FARNHAM Waldron LILLIAN FILAS Inkster RAY FIXEL Muskegon Heights DONALD FLEURY Ypsilanti ROBERT FOLSOM Plymouth HELEN FOOTE Traverse City ELINOR FORSYTH Oakfield, N. Y. JOHN FOX Clinton CONSTANCE FRANCIS Inkster SUE GABBARD lonesville ROBERT GAGER Carson City BETTY JEAN GARLICK Belleville CORA GLEASON Ann Arbor CLYDE GLENDENING Pittsford LEVA GILLESPIE Clinton CARL GOETZ Monroe IRVENA GOLDSMITH Melvindale ELIZABETH GORDON Fenton SHIRLEY GORDON Detroit IRENE GARGOL Detroit VERONICA GILLE Ferndale RODNEY GRAMBEAU Birmingham EILEEN GRANSKOG Stonington DONNA GRAPP Ypsilanti 102 HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE ELEANOR GRAY Addison MARY GREEN Wayne RUTH GREENLEAF Kingston PHYLLIS GRIGGS Romeo VIRGINIA GRIMM Plymouth MILTON GUNBERG Ludington JACK HACKETT Melvindal. JOHN HAGEN YpsilanI, ' " " DONNA HALL Melvin PAUL HANSEN Plymouth MABEL HARD Addiso:; MARY HARKINS Ann Arbo: JOHN HARPER Northvills HB HELEN HARVEY • . Utica BARBARA HAYES Dearborn HAYDEN HAYES Dearborn V " ) ! iH|i| ' ' t,. JH « SYDNEY HAYES Flint L gBJ JH Jf ■Li PrnB NELLIE HAZELAAR Berkley H. HF ' ■[ HP ' HII K I CECILY HEAFIELD Garden lHr ' ' fllL ' " ' H F ' y l BiF ' , CARLENE HEININGER Milan H H l lr ' ' ' ! IP IE I STEWART HELFRICH Detroit ALVIN HELLEMS Hudson JOSEPHINE HEMPSTEAD Oxford MARIAN HERBST Ypsilanti NORMA HERSH .. ' .... Avilla, Ind. DOROTHY HIGGINS Pleasant Ridg.j ESTHER HILL Milford BETTY HOELZER Ann Arboi WILLIAM HORNBECK Ypsilanti lEANE HUGHES Pickford HERBERT HUMBERT Detroit EVELYN HUSKINSON Hartland LORETTA IGNATOKWSKI Toledo, O JANE IRISH Lorain, C BETTY JACKSON Bad Ax HOSE JACOB Manchester y MARGARET JAMES Dearborn | fe MARY JEFFERSON Ypsilanti B ELIZABETH JOHNSON Port Huron BEt EVELINE JOHNSON Clawson HP LILLIAN JOHNSON Rogers City MARGUERITE JUEHGENS Detroit ROSEMARIE KAEGEBEIN Akron, N. Y. JACK KAHAL Romulus EARL KELLAMS Wayne dnN 103 CLASS OF NINETEEN EUGENE KELLER Mt. Clemens RUTH KELLEY Minden Cily LUCILLE KITTER Blissfield SARA KNOX Morenci HAROLD KOCH Dexter MAXINE KOEPPEN Dexter VIOLET KOMNENOVICH Belleville DORIS KOPPIN Detroit ELSMER KREEGER Plymouth PHYLLIS LAFOY .... Sault Sle. Marie, Ont. VIRGINIA LAMKIN Inkster LOIS LANCASTER Ferndale HOLLAND LANGEHMAN Birmingham DONALD LANGSTAFF . . . Chagrin Falls, O. ELIZABETH LAWRENCE Wayne ROBERT LEONARD Laurelton, N. Y. CLYDE LEPISTO Wakefield ARLYN LESLIE Cheboygan CELIA LEWIS Plymouth WILLIAM LINDENCHMIDT Saline GRANVILLE LOBB Bessemer DOROTHEA LOBBAN Ypsilanti lO ANNE LOCKWOOD Royal Oak BETTY LONG Mt. Clemens ELEANOR LOWELL Detroit RUTH LOYSTER Ypsilanti FLORENCE LUKE Mt. Clemens RICHARD MACK Ypsilanti MARTHA MACKINNON .... Birmingham CHARLES MADIGAN Wayne VIRGINIA MAHAR Pontiac EUGENIA MALESKI WiUis LOTTIE MALESKI Willis EDSEL MALKIM Pontiac FRANK MANNING Lincoln Park CLARENCE MARKESON Pontiac KATHLEEN MARQUAND Davison RONALD MARSH Holly JULIA MARVEL Grand Rapids SHIRLEY MASON Plymouth BEVERLY MAXWELL Seeley ' s Bay, Ont. BETTY McAVOY Schenectady, N. Y. BEVERLY McCarthy Thompsonvjlle RUTH McCOLL Detroit FAITH McCRORY ....... South Lyon 104 HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE BLANCHE McLENNA Fenton CLAYTON McPHEE Flint METRO MERENA Herkimer, N. Y. ANGELINE MERENDA Melvindale LEIGHTON MILLER Willis LOIS MILLER Port Huron DOROTHY MITCHELL Belleville EMILY MOCEK Toledo GRACE MOORE CUfford WALTER MOORE Flint IRENE MORELLI Royal Oak RALPH MORRILL Ann Arbor LEPISTO MORRIS Wakefield MARLIN MORRIS Hillsdale DOROTHY MORHOUSE Ypsilanti HELEN MORRIS Frankfort, Ind. GERTRUDE MULLIN Detroit BARBARA NELSON Ann Arbor CHARLES NEMETH River Rouge LUCILLE NEUBERT Belleville PAUL NEVEL Petersburg ROSE NIEDOSPAL Plymouth lEAN NIMKE Ann Arbor SERGE NIPARKO Hazel Park VELMA NORRIS Milan THELMA O ' CONNELL Belleville MARGUERITE O ' CONNOR Detroit OMER ODELL . . Keego Harbor MARY O ' MARA Port Sanilac GRACE OTTO Saginaw JOHN PALMER Mt. Clemens JANET PALMER Jonesville MARY PARK Detroit MARGARET PARKINSON Belleville THELMA PAULSON Manistee GEORGE PETREDEAN Detroit EVANGELINE PITSCH Grand Rapids MARYON PLESHA Detroit JOHN PLUNKETT Ferndale OLGA PODAYKO Albion MARY RITA POLZIN Ypsilanti ROBERT PRETTY Allen Park WILLIAM PRIEST Flat Rock GEORGE PURCELL Ypsilanti ELSIE PURCHASE .... Muskegon Heights 105 CLASS OF NINETEEN SHIRLEY RAYMOND LaniD JEANE REID Farminqton CHARLOTTE REIFSNYDER Lansing ALICE REMER Saginaw ELAINE RENO Manchester IRENE REUTER Belleville HILDA RICHMAN Miliord DONAID RIDDERING Melvnidcle CATHERINE ROBERTSON Detroit DOROTHY ROE Plymouth RUTH ROEDIGER " Wixon JOHN ROHR Pontiac BONNIE ROSE Rochester EDWARD ROSENZWEIG . . . New York, N. Y. JACK ROSS Plymouth LYLE RUSSELL Birmingham MIRABEL RUSSELL Osseo JOHN RYLKO River Rouge BETTY SANBORN Ferndale BERNICE SAYERS . . West New York, N. I. CARL SCHRAM Detroit JEAN SCHUMANN Dearborn CHARLES SCHWARTZ Detroit CLAYTON SEELEY , Fenton GEORGE SHAKOTKO Detroit RUTH SHARPE Fowlerville JANE SHEFFIELD Detroit JEANETTE SHERWOOD Wayne RUTHMARY SHIVAS Ferndale ROSE ANNE SHULTES Pontiac EDWARD SIKOROWICZ Herkimer, N. Y. KATHLEEN SIMONS St. Clair ORAMAE SINN , Elsie ANNALEE SLATER Pontiac JEANETTE SMITH Snover ROBERT R. SMITH South Lyon MARGARET SNOW Wyandotte IVA MAY SOMMERS Davisburg PAUL SPATA ... Hockaway Beach, N. Y. IDA SPEERATRA Lowell JEANETTE SPENCE Adrian MARJORIE SPERRY Ann Arbor CLARK SPIKE Ypsilanii JUNE SPRINGER East Detroit MARTHA STADTMILLER Ypsilanti 106 HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE BETTY STEWAHT Dearborn VERNA STIER New Haven IRENE STINE Capac VESTA ST. JOHN Tecumseh ELEANOR STOLTZ Ypsilanti ELWIN STRAIT Vermontville ESTHER SWAZE Minden City JULIA SZUCS Bellevillo ELAINE TANSKE Dearborn ARDITH TAPPEN Charlotte LESTER TAUBMAN Poutiac PATRICIA TAYLOR Monroe RALPH TIBBLE Ecorse CONSTANCE TIEDEMAN .... Washington FRANK TIMOSHEK Belleville RITA TIRB Manchester WILLIAM TRZCINSKI River Rouge MARIE TURNER Ypsilanti ELEANOR TYLER Vassar ROSEMARY ULRICH Olisville ROBERT URQUHAHT Detroit LORAINE VALADE Detroit LELAND VANDECAR Belleville HOWARD VARTANIAN Dearborn NICK VICARIO . . . . . Birmingham DOROTHY VOGEL Ann Arbor MAXINE VOGEL Ann Arbor DOROTHY WALKER Detroit ARTHUR WALL Belleville DOROTHY WALTON Allen Park SPENCER WALTZ Algonac CLIFFORD WARD Dundee JANE WATTEHWORTH Elkton IRENE WHICHELLO Belleville EDWARD WHITE Detroit RICHARD WILKIE Plymoutn ROBERT WILLARD Melvindale JAMES WILLIAMS Center Line THELMA WILLIAMS St. Clair Shores ARTHUR WILLIS Royal Oak MARGARET WILLS Ypsilanti BETTY WINSLOW Clawson NORRIS WILTSE Ypsilanti CASIMER WOJCICKI Waltz MILO WOLL Royal Oak 107 CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE MARY LOUISE WOOD Belleville IVA MAE WOODRUFF Ypsilanti JOSEPHINE WOODS Port Huron ROGER WOOLCOTT Trenton GEORGE WORTLEV Ypsilanti WILLIAM WROBEL Hamtramck AUDRIENNE WRIGHT Detroit MAE BELLE WRIGHT YpsilanU JEANNE WURZEL Monroe PHILLIP WURZEL Monroe FERN YENKEL Dearborn ARILENE ZEMPER Flint ROBERT ZIMMERMAN Detroit JEAN ERASER Detroit 108 [ 0, ractnizcttionS Editor . . . RAYMOND PALMER NORMAL COLLEGE NEWS STAFF JOHN GUMMING Editor-in-Chief RAY GLEASON News Editor MARJORIE HAYDON Assistant Editor MILLS WILBER Assistant Editor CAROL WRIGHT Proof Reader DICK WORTLEY Make-Up MARIE TURNER Copy ROBERT CHAPMAN Men ' s Athletics BARBARA NEARY Women ' s Athletics SUZANNA BALTZER Sororities JAMES POWERS Fraternities STAFF Phyllis Griggs Ruth Verkler Betty Jackson Harry Conn Betty Long Eloise Fisher Audrey Severence John Rohr Robert Rye Audrey Rioux Barbara Cowe Arthur Lieder Julia Snell Lillian Filas Os Gaynier BUSINESS STAFF FREDERICK SWAFFORD Business Manager ROBERT LARUE Assistant Business Manager VIRGINIA HARDING Secretary RICHARD AVERY Solicitor LESTER TAUBMAN Solicitor 112 Cowe, Filas. Long, Griggs, Harding Swafford, Turner. Snell. Ballzer, | • r Haydon Lieder, Rye. Gaynier, LaRue, Wurzel, Avery Wright, Worlley, Verkler. Severence, Cumming AURORA STAFF DR. F. B. McKAY Faculty Advisor ELSIN GOODRICH Editor-in-Chief MARTHA WALSH Assistant Editor V ILLIAM SOSKIN Faculty Editor CLAYTON SEELEY Faculty Editor SYLVIA ZEVE Student Administration Editor DON MARSHALL Senior Editor HELEN HOLLERAN Junior Editor RAY GLEASON Sophomore Editor PHYLLIS GRIGGS Freshman Editor RUTH VERKLER Feature Editor RAYMOND PALMER Activities Editor MARION SARK W. A. A. Editor TED BREITAG Men ' s Athletics Editor BETTY WALTERS Sorority Editor RICHARD BAILEY Fraternity Editor ELEANOR GRIGGS Art Editor HELEN RUTH MANN Art Editor ROBERT HARTWIG Photographer ALICE BOELENS Stenographer BUSINESS STAFF ALBERT RIDDERING Business Manager John Herron Arthur Wall ,, Robert Hupy Arnold Brandt Wilfred Sweet Robert LaRue Robert Barrows 114 osns. Mann, E. Griggs, Hartwig e?y, Mr. McKay. Goodrich, Riddering, LaRue. Hupy, Brandt a ws. Sweet, Herron, Breitag, Sark, Walters, Bailey i ' ering, Marshall, Holleran, Gleason. P. Griggs. Walsh. Verkler, Goodrich STOICS McKeachie. Siddall, Reid. Walters, Shoemaker, Baker, Holt. Woodward. Reinbold, Bowles LaRue. Hutchinson, Jacka , Merrick, Feldkamp, Erickson, Ureen, Falahee, Emery, Riddering, Zedick, Campbell, Haab, Manning, Frank, Barrows, Hooper, Wilber, F arris, Purcell Marshall, Adams, Bohms, Weymouth, Mr. Lathers, Sondeen. Goodrich, Miss Grattan, Mr. Leib, Kercher, Amet, Bovee 1 Ik ' Sioic Society this year reaches a cross-road in its acti it with the retire- ment of its lounder and patron. J. Stuart Lathers. The group feels that the loss of Mr. Lathers as patron will be realized very much when the organization starts Avork at the beginning of next year. To sho v the respect and love for Mr. Lathers that .Stoics, old and new. have, the Society this year had its banquet in his honor. At that time a scholarship, to be known as the J. Stuart Lathers Scholarship, ■(vas picsented to the college by the group. Besides the Lathers scholaishi]} vliicli is composed of fluids raised by the Society, a second scholarship was ackled to the alreadv impressive list of Stoic scholarships. The second scholarshi]) was gi en in honor of I resident L. H. Jones b his daii t;hi(. ' i . liiis raises the iiiinilxr oi Stoic scholarsiiips lo ten at the present lime. Besides the annual bancjuct tiic Stoics also sponsored their annual AVhite Ele]jhant Sale and May Morning Breakfast at which time the recipients of next year ' s sdiolai ship a vards were aimounced. Of couise. f)ean Hover and Miss Martha Best again this year contributed their aliialjle aid and inspiration. Muriel Sondeen ser ed as president of the Sociei and Elsin Goodrich Avas secretary-treasurer. 116 KAPPA DELTA PI McKillen, Ciitchett, Vroman, Robinson, Dersnah, Ondrovik, Bohms, St. Peter, Allen Sark, Hubbell, Reid, Sayre, Walsh, Garrison, Huber, Merrick, Beck Wiggins, Boyden, HoUeran, Spacil, Sherman, Kolberg, Van Atta, Weymouth, Sondeen, Mueckler, Simmons, Sutton, Currey, Bowen, Staebler, Phillips, Ott, Golf, Holmes Goodrich. Erickson, Powers, Riddering, Howard. Marshall. lessup, Mr. Powierski. Adams, Campbell The local chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, national Imnoi society in education. completed a year of delightful and progressi e activity. The aims of the organiza- tion are to further professional interest and to promote effective cooperation among teachers. . s usual the group started off the year with the somewhat traditional meeting at the home of Dr. Turner, and the remaining monthly meetings included a di- versity of pleasurable evenings. President Don Marshall journeyed to the national convention in St. Louis and brought back with him an interesting resitme which was presented to Pi chapter at the annual pledging of new members. The election and pledging of the thirty-six new members was followed in April by the initiation banquet, at which Dr. William Chandler Bagley, nationally known educator and official of Kappa Delta Pi, was the principle speaker. In May, Kappa Delta Pi honored the underclassmen who ranked at the top of their class scholastically. A ' ith Commencement comes the , lumni Breakfast, at which time many actiAC Kadelpians become alumni. This pleasant and successful year was guided by Don Marshall, president: Jean Howard, vice-president: Rita Speas, corresponding secretary: Betty Jessup. re- cording secretary: and Albert Riddering. treasurer. Dr. Harvey L. I ' luner is counselor, and Miss Martha Best, faculty sponsor. 117 PI KAPPA DELTA Mr. Lord, Weinlander, Holt, Riddering, Emboden, Langthome, Hubbard, Walsh, Goodrich, Lund, Beam, Perry- man, Mr. Brownrigg Mr. Engelsman, Mr. Lathers, Mr. Wood, Huber, Mr, McKay, Mr. Thomson Pi Kajjpa Delta, national forensic honorary societ). is represented by an active local chapter. Under its banner are held the various torensic activities, including both men ' s and vonien ' s debate, the general and peace oratorical con- tests, and extemporaneous speaking. These numerous forensic events are supple- mented by social highligiiis nnpaialleled lor real enjoyment. Proi)ably if one were to ask a seasoned speaker vhai vas most exciting in the vay of Pi Kappa Delta activities, he would reply that the trips to other campuses to engage in speaking contests are unri aled for real fim and lots of information on the side. In the spring se eral new mendjers were elected to the organi .ition. Lenora Haab. Robeit Chapman, Craig Da ids. Philip Frank, Ghone Mahaffy. and Wil- liam Teufel were elected from the two debate scpiads. V. C. ()li er came in with both the order of debate and the order of oratory, and Betty [essup was elected to the order of oratory. Dorothy Heain, Ruth Huber, and Harold Holt were the three members who this year earned their diamond key of special distinction. 118 PI KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS Lund, Hearn, Huber, Weinlander, Ferryman Tlie local chapici ol tlu- iiaiioiial honor loicnsic societ has been rc;)ponsible since 1923 for coniluciint; ilu- extra curriciilar public speakin " aciixiiies of the campus. The officers are Ruth E. Hul)er, president; June Perrynian, women ' s ice-president; Dennis Ltuui. men ' s ice-president; Dorothy H. Hearn, secretary; and Max M. ' einlander, treasurer. The patron is Dr. Frederitk 1 . .McKay, and the associate patron. Professor Harry T. Wood. 119 WODESO Sinn, Miller, Minnick, Langthome. Mr. McKay, Baske, Maxwell Sheppard, Haab, Holt, Hearn, Huber, Emboden, Goodrich, Walsh The VVodeso Club has just conipleteil its twenty-filth year of acti it under the direction of its President. Dorothy Hearn. and its critic. Dr. McKay. The question for the year ' s discussions was: " The United States should follow a policy of strict economic and military isolation toward all nations outside the ' estern Hemisphere engaged in armed international or ci il conflict. " Its members engaged in twenty-sc en debates and roimd table discussions with the University of Toledo, Heidelberg, DeSales. Bowling Green State. Michi- gan State, Albion, Hope. Western State Teachers ' College, Kalamazoo, Hillsdale, Calvin, and Sigma Rho Tau of the University of Michigan. In the University of Toledo tournament, seven debates were won and one lost. In the state debate tournament, three debates were won and five lost. Of the first line teams, Dorothy Hearn and Riuh Huber were awarded the Pi Kappa Delta diamond key of Special Distinction, while Helene Langthorne received the key of the degree of Honor. Lenora Haab became a member of Pi Kappa Delta with the degree of Proficiency. 120 MEN ' S DEBATE IJH.MM t ' z C tH |jH BV ' jpmM I B l T T BBB pBg ' ' " Tt - ' -. - WJf :,. 1 " " " " ' ' ■i l l Holt, Teufel, Chapman, Eastman, Humbert Lecznar, Rohr, Frank, Taubman, Hauk, Mahafiy, Niparko, Hubbard Chapman, Weinlander, Lund, Mr. Wood, Oliver, Davids Men ' s Debate tor the year 1939-40 centered on the " Isolation " question. The season started with a Discussion Group meeting with Heidelberg and , lbion which was followed by a State Discussion Gronp meeting at Michigan State College. During the year eighteen men participated in sixty debates. The men attended four tournaments during the year; the first one was held at Ypsilanti as a triangular meet with Heidelberg, and ,41bion in December. In January, representatives of twelve colleges met at Albion, and in the following month the State Tournament was held at Michigan State College. Ten men attended the Great Lakes Tournanrent at Baldwin- A ' allace College at Berea, Ohio, in March. Of the eighteen debaters only four were members of Pi Kappa Delta, but the showing made by the Freshman Scjuatl piomises well for the future. At the close of the year the following men were elected to Pi Kappa Delta: Robert Chapman, Craig Davids. Philip Frank, Glyone Mahafiy, W. C. Oliver, and William Teufel. Harold Holt, having participated in twenty-seven debates, was awarded the diamond key of Special Distinction. Max VV einlander was raised to the Degree of Proficiency, and Dennis Lund and Ralph Hubbaid at- tained the Degree of Honor. 121 GENERAL ORATORY lessup Oliver PEACE ORATORY Gleason 122 EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING MacFadden Baske The fifty-first annual oratoiN contest as won by Betty Jessiip. whose subject was " With Malice Towaril None. " and W. C. Oliver, who sjioke on " faking Our Latitude. " They spoke in liie slate (ontest at Central State Teachers ' Col- lege, March i. Mr. 01i er sin i ed the preliminaries and receixed fomth place in the final contest. Rav L. Gleason xvon the t eni -first annual peace contest on February 20 with his speech on " The Great Achieyement. " and later entered the state contest at Albion College. Joyce Baske and Charles acFadden were chosen as the college extempore speakers. In the state contest Miss Baske was selected as one of the finalists, while Mr. MacFadden was eliminated in the jjreliminaries. 123 LITTLE THEATRE PLAYERS Bartley, Skagen, Granger, Sweet Maurilho, Augustus, Polzin, Foote, Light Mahaffy, Gessinger, Woods, L. Dean, Newnham, Hellems, Chrzanowski, Watterworth M. Dean, Teufel, Warner, Humbert, Marsh The art of histrionics and all the technicalities it involves is the reason for the existence of that popular group known as the Little Theatre Players. The members are enthusiastic would-be actors and actresses, or producers and direc- tors. To each and all " The play ' s the thing! " Among the highlights of the year was the group ' s presentation of " Hist! She ' s a Man " before a Woman ' s League assembly and of a clever English play before the members of Euthalia. The players welcome within their membership all those interested in play production. Paul Bartley was president of the club this year, and Edna Skagen was secretary-treasurer. 124 CAMPUS CHORISTERS Kidd, Bass, Mutter, Montean, Stier, Schoensee, Bubbs, Campbell, Wiltse, Britt, Rye, Osbeme M. Crothers, Begel, C. Johnson, Shick, Edgar. Rice, Philipp, Fair, White, M. Johnson, Goodrich, G. Crolhers, Dau Mauritho, Tallmadge, Ott, Kuhl, Powell, Weir, Vollmar, Ludwig, Harris, Mueckler The Campus Clujiibicrs cliniaxccl ihcir t( inth c ' ai ol cxisicncc in a blaze of glory Avhen they presented the annual May Musicale in the Ijallroom of Cliarles McKennx Hall on the evening oi Afay 19. Ellon Powell again directed the group for a year of acti ity and lini for the Choristers and appreciation and enjovinent for the general ptd lic. Both the Men ' s Union and the Vomen ' s League listened in assemblies to the music of the group which the so generously sponsor. The C hoiisters also presented several Afatinee Musicales in Charles McKenny Hall and gave coircerts in W ' yantlotie and Center Line. Their (ine rendition of " Tln ' Tliree Kings " and Elton Powell ' s own arrangemeiii of " Silent Night " helped to make the Christmas Sing a success. The group is democratic in organization and is guided by a steering committee elected in the spring of each year. This )ear Director Powell has been assisted by Betty Rice, secretary; Bob Rye, publicity manager; fJorothy Begel. social direc- tor; and Jim Dan and Seymoin ' Bass, business manageis for the Inst and second semesters respecti ely. Evelyn Mueckler is the actomiianist and I ' lolessor Fred- erick AlexantUr is the facidix ad isor. 125 ORCHESTRA With llu- iiul ol thi cai. ihc Michii an Stale Xornial Ciollcs c SMiiphonv Orchestra is completing nine Mitiessliil years as a stiulent ()rt;aiii ati(in. Under the eapal3le diieciion ot Clondiu lor Matins Fossenkemper, (nst darinetist ot the Detroit .Svniphon . tlie orchestia lias rapidly increased in si e Ironi thirty-one members in lyji to se ent) ' -fi e splendid ' ouna; musicians at tiie present time. ' ith each ear the orchestra progressed in quality ol musicianship, antl at the present time is an exceptionalh excellent one lor a college organization. During the season of iggcj-jo, the orchestra has gi en eight ,Siinda ' afternoon concerts of fine tpiality concert music. Both students and professional players composed the list of soloists who ha e appeared with the orchestra during this past season. The Avork of this orchestra, which is undoubtedly the hnest ever to be dexeloped at the Michigan State Normal College, is a source of great pride to the college. 126 BAND Sfepbr- SiiJ ' ilJ ' ii? Kti ' Ilic Ndiiiial CldUci c Hand. uikUt iIk ' dim lion ot D. C ' .hcsici Rvan, is a ital part ol ihc Normal Clolk ;c Cionstr alorv. ' hat ' onld a lootball anic ix- wilhonl llu ' inspiring presence ot the Bantl? Besides playing at the home games last season, the Band accompanied the toot- ball team to Kalamazoo College where it set the Hash of the green and white to nitisic on the celery-city gridiron. E er other ear the Band tra els with the pigskin stpiad to Cxiilial .Sta te Teacher ' s College, at Mt. Pleasant. The two concerts given the past ear were leceixcd with an enthusiasm which pro eil that the Bantl is capable ol a high clegiee ol pertormance. in situations other than athletic e ents. 1 he Band is open to all students and scholastic credit is given for the time spent in rehearsal and public perlormance. I he Men ' s Union recognizes the work ot the band b ' giving the membeis earl awaids. 127 CHOIR W .iJ ' i a F .ifjO Ki ' jifj 1 ri;? ' ' ' Ui ' •.- " ik " 01 c ' iC ' ii? Ktl f jiifjifj C ' ' Acrdt! % ' VH if ' A. iC l?ri, 1 " A ■. " " iOii 1 iCI : ' ii. ' ' ». iii ijiiijiic. ii: ' ik " " ik " " ' ik iri O ijiiiH; ic rt ' ' A rji Ci)nccrning the . Iichit;an State Ndinial CoUes e Choir -words are superfluous. For what can be said of this orgaiii ation and its enthusiastic director that has not been said many times before " - Perhaps greater emphasis can be placed on the brilliant adjectives that year after year describe the fine work the clioir annually gives forth. Sufficient proof of the eager reception of the Christmas c jiuert of it);jy vas e itlenced l v the capacitv ciowd in Pease auditorium vhen scores of choral music lo ers lined the ■ ■al! in obedience to the " Standing Room C)nl " sign. Concerning the 1940 production of the Bach festival, the following appreciation was sent by Ann Arl)or " s eminent organist. Palmer Christian: " ft -(vas an uplifting presentation of choral art— Hexibilitv. poise, vonderful rhythmic control, c|ualitv of tone. re erence of auiiude all ijiended into a challensiing result. " 128 MUSIC CLUB Giles, Winters, Freeland, Lindenschmidt, Boeberitz, Luke, Humbert, Allmendinger, Wigell, Odmark Pixel, McCulcheon, Sundwick, Boyer, Griggs, McColl, Lancaster, Ballard, Hackett, Eastham, Love, Bliss, Burroughs, Feldkamp Campbell, Charter, Kelder, Weir, Merenda, Stier, Chrzanowski, Wiltse, Teague, Hempstead, Howard, Harring- ton, Bennett, Wolfe, Stoifer, B. Knox, Speas, 1. Knox, Shick, Bremer, Harris, Matthews, Mueckler. Powell Miss McAndrew, Miss McManus, Miss James, Miss Graltan, Miss Ashby, Garen, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Wortley, Miss Skinner, Mrs. Breakey, Mr. Ryan The im and vigor of the band, the symphonic ihythms of the orchestia, the soaring voices of the choir— they ' re all tuned into one mellow note in the form of the newly organized music club. This group counts members from the three outstanding musical organiza- tions on campus within its fold. 27 of which were accepted as new members at the annual formal in itational baiujuet. The seasonal festivities included the Pumpkin I ' lomenade, the Valentine meeting, and the May Breakfast. And it ' s all said with music! Guiding the acti ities of the club is Miss Lillian Ashby, who serves as its sponsor. ' Working haril to make the first year under the new system of organiza- tion a success were President Henry Garen, Vice-President Elmer Ross, antl Secretary-Treasui er Irene McCutchcon. 129 FINE ARTS CLUB Forsyth, Christian, W. Sheppard, Rings, Kidd, Richards, Hanson, E. Rice, B. Rice, Griggs, Mann Matthews, Sabadash, Patrich, E. Sheppaid, Rust, Addy, Dickason, Mauritho, Rosenthal, Lebowsky SPECIAL EDUCATION CLUB Young, Ballzer, Jensen. McLeod, Holmquist, Amet, Werbin, Reid, Corcoran, E. Adams, Matthews, Kidder, Lind, Hungerford, Colegrove, Briskey, Harding. Palmer. Snyder, Riegler, Kissner, Teufel Newlands, Lawrenson, Hemes, Alexander, B. Adami, Mr. Elliott, Lester, Blair, Bell, Whitbeck, Butler, Corning 130 I SODALITAS LATINA Lentz, Graves, Mowat, Nichols, Miss Allison. Schwarzkopf, Haab, Slater, Tappan, Newnham, Perry Riddering, Miller, Miss Case, Davis, Reno, Spacil, Maish A modern interpretation of Caesar and Cicero and Virgil is the keynote of the constant activity of the Sodalitas Latina, the club which serves as common ground on which all Latin students may meet. The organization, one of the oldest on the campus, this year knew a deep loss in the passing of its beloved friend and teacher, Dr. Benjamin L. D ' Ooge. Organized under the guidance of Dr. D ' Ooge years ago, the activities of the club have furthered the interests of Latin in programs of combined business and pleasure. This year, its peppy monthly programs, annual formal banquet, and annual picnic were managed chiefly through the efforts of President Delight Davis; Vice President Betty Miller; Secretary Laura Nichols: and Treasurer Marion Swarz- kopf. Miss Lucretia Case serves as club sponsor. 131 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Allmendinger, Swayer, Skinner, Francis, Riegel, Pillsbury, Lowry, Fair, Granger, Go ' wdy, Hall, Lowe, Seitz, McMuUin, Campbell, Beach, Haskelt, Holmes, Lobbestael. Gillespie Miss Underbrink, Garlick, Merrick, Greenleaf, Richardson, L. Maleski, Elliott, Savage, Cleland, Blair, Krans, Ott, Hock, Wilson, Xercher, Sharpe, Minnick, Rogers, Rabideau, Park, Lewis, Fellows MacKellar, Allen. Branee, E, Maleski. Geddis, Clark. Shafier, Emig, Merrill, Storer. Shoemaker, Carman, Kipf, Nichel, Miss Bauch Tlu ' fuiiiic " . -i " homcmakcrs hcint; produced on the Mi liit;an Noimal Caniptis iiia l)e loiiud in the tanks ol the Hotiic EiononiiLs Club, rhcsc coetls spend iuo,st ol their titne leaiiiing how lo cook and to sew— and to lo e it! Howexef, tlurinii the yeai , the t;ioitp ])i " o es time aftei ' time that aiiety is ihc spice ol lile. and stihth admit that not ijuitc all ol it is h)und in the hoiue. For example, they sponsor an elegant lornial })arty, where lloordength froiks and tuxes and tails arc the ke -note. . ' veUare project requiring time and elloit is anothei highlight of the year, to sa) nothing o( the lornial dinnei and the alunuii luncheon. In oilier to be eligible for tlub membership, a student must be a Home Economics major or minor, with a iial inieiest in the technicalities of the onl) real wa) to a man ' s heart! iMoieen Shaller served as ilul) pusideni tliis year. 132 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB MacDonald, Wicketl, E. Majorana, Gildenstein, Swaliord Boussom, J. Majorana, High, Hariman, Nass, Black, Risk, Compton, Barber Morningstar, Fried, Halslead, Sonrienberg, Britton, Pobanz, Cooney, Carakostas, Dusbiber, Barker, Borovich, Rucinski, Bedford, Chamberlain, Williams. Riggs, Felton, Miller Mr. Chamberlain, Miss Hatton, Miss Morrison, Mr. Lappinen. Mr. Willoughby, Washburn, Westcolt. Sarnes. Stuber, Glow The Industrial Arts Cliil), established in njia. has liinctioned contiiuiously as a part of the Industrial Arts Departmeni. Its chief aims include the promoting of a lietter iniderstanding between the students and the facidty, directors of indusirial ans in the state, superintendenis of schools, ami members of the State Dejiartmenl of Education. This group, looking ahva)s to the fiuiue. takes an acti e part in college affairs and cooperates in e ery possiljle ' (vay to gain i)eiter iniderstanding of tlie lield of industrial arts and possible improvements in the work now being done throughout the stale. Visits are made to schools, indusiiial plants, and profes- sional meetings whene er possible, and each year the tlulj sponsors an alumni bancpiet at which time members of the .State Department of Etlucaiion in indus- trial arts vork and school administrators express their ie vs and descrilie their work. E es and ears open, minds and hands busy— that ' s the spirit of this club which is striving to do its best at all times, and to derive real enjoyment from the realization that the best can always be made better! 133 MATHEMATICS CLUB Stacey, Shaeffer, Swinton, K. Quigley, Mr. Erickson, Lininer, J. Quigley, Morrison, Campball, Schoensee, Bar- rows. Marshall. Schlosstein, Ar.zicek Palrlco. Marti, Bo ' wen, Hatcher, Emery, Miller, Puvogel, Shoemaker, Brzezinski, Lossing, Falahee Crandell, Beck, Lovell, Critchett, Fleisher, Mr. Bamhill, Purchase, Markle, Kilpatrick, Stollet, Perry, Mr. Liiid- quist, Frank. Manning. Hauk Buell, Adair, McKeachie, Lieder, Carlson, Daly LaRue, Wichman, High, Goodwin, Sweet, Robinson CHEMISTRY CLUB A. Spotts. Robinson. Schlosstein, Oliver, Morrison, Dersnah, Marshall, Thumme, Schoensee, Whitesell, Frank Woolcolt, Poknik, Porter. Johnson. F. Spotts. Sommerfield. Compton. Fleury. Ondrovik. Helfrick. Bouck. Franken- berry Woll. Schew chuck, Smith, Calkins, Fink, Hooper, Mr. Brundage. Mr. Sellers. Campbell, Mr. Peet. Mr. Kercheval, Keniield, Reinbold. Ureen. Lieder. Mollett. Walsh. Lockwood, Mack. Hayball 134 First Semester John Montean Evelyn Hanford Robert Tower Elsie Hornbacher Frank Spotts Paul Christ orncEHS Second Semester President Joseph Morris Vice-President A Tine Frankenberry Social Committee Elsie Hornbacher Sidney Drucker Program Committee Thomas Darling Alfred Spotts MEMBERS Faculty Dean J. Milton Hover Dr. Clarence Loesell Miss Martha Best Miss Martha E. Curtis Dr. Myron T. Sturgeon Dr. Hilda T. Harpster Dr. Rachel Uhvits Dr. J.R. Hickman Benito Asprin George Bennett Helen Berger Garvin Brasseur Dale Brooks Ira Brophy Paul Christ Ida Dahlstrom Thomas Darling Sidney Drucker Helen Finkbeiner Anne Frankenberry Elizabeth Hackett Barbara Hall Ella Hall Evelyn Hanford William Hanford Margaret Hatcher Herbert Hazeldine Irwin Hollitz Irving Hooper Elsie Hornbacher Mr. Joseph Powierski Students Donald Johnson Harold Lenheiser Edward Mauer James Meldrum John Montean Ralph Morrill Joseph Morris Ella Nichols Elsie Novy Raymond Palmer William Parker Constance Patrice Lois Phillips Elmer Plasters Mary Polzin Lynn Porter Francis Purcell Marlen Reber lone Rogers Charles Saylor Daniel Shirtliff Lauren Smith Alfred Spotts Frank Spotts Egbert Street Robert Tower Preston Townsend Helen Ureen Leone Wallace George Washburn Jean Wertenberger George Whitsell Farrell Williams Rozelle Wordingham 135 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Kowalski, McClelland, Peterson, Lamiman, Hansma, Crawford, Quinn, Lutz, Throne, Herlihy, Bennetts, Grant Foster, Gross Brown, Toaz, Hughes. Goodson, Jacobs, Page, Poydayko , Conolly, Nicholas, Walsh, Gates, Baumgaiden, Gunther, Spindler, Trzcinski Karner, Van Dommelen, Poly, Forker, Peters. Lockwood. Henderson, Gordon, Juergens. Edmonson, Phillips, Lee, Pitkethly, Dykhuis. Holgale, Oien Davis, Gregg, Baker, Schram, Lowell, Reeves, Jessop, Rodgers, Gargol, Frazier, Crandell, Raymond, Clark Mr. McCulloch, Mr. Samson, Mr. Stites, Miss Heirris, Mr. Rynearson, Miss Eppler, Miss Boughner, Miss Brewster, Mrs. Vossler, Miss Prouse The l ' h)sical Eclutatiun C lub is maik- up, as one coiikl guess lioiii ils name, of the students on campus who ate prej aiing to super ise physical training. Dur- ing the year the group held numerous social and business meetings when they watched motion pictures of football games and heard aiticles of interest con- cerning the field of physical education. Outstanding in the year ' s activities was the College Ciicus which the club sponsored for the first time since 1937. The circus was presented on the evenings of . ])ril 2 and 3 and was realh a " howling success. " President Jess Da is attended the National Physical Education C ' )n ention in Chicago, and brought back to the club mucli aluable information on happenings in the field throughout the United States. A picnic at Cass Benton Park in N()tth ille ended the acti ities of the year whicli veie guided by the following oilicers: president, Jess Da is; vice-president, Bill Lamiman; secretary, Beiiiice Jacobs; and treasurer, Geraldine Henderson. 136 BELLEVILLE REPRESENTATIVES Timoshek, Pelraskey, Dickerson, Miller, Wall, Ondrovik, Vandecar, Simmons, Kopp, Richards Whichello, Elliott, Bluhm, L. McMullan, Ross, L. Schlosstein, Robb, Cullin, Riggs, Szucs, O ' Connel, Parkinson, Ames Wilson, M. Schlosstein, V, Savage, J. Savage, Sayre, P. McMuUan COMMERCIAL CLUB Townsend, Purman, Scofield, Herron, Lamb, MacFadden, Schulkins, McKale, Schoenberger Kaleff, Wright, Graham, Delaforce, Harvey, E. Crumback, Crandell, B. Crumback, Brooks Neubert, Heurion, Schlosstein, McCrory, Speerstra, Tisdale, Bouch, Petredean, Wightman, Kolberg, Heizman, Pat- terson, HoUoway Hankinson, Leffler, Miss Wharton, Mr. Springman, Stoflet, Harding, Tompkins, Lester, Albright, Underwood, Eggers 137 Y. W. C. A, James, Merrick. Reid, Smith Lester, Miss Ailchison, Baltzer, Crowl, Weymouth, Boyden Outley, Pray. Cronenwett. Shick, Geddis The little stone building known as " Starkweather " is the home of one of the most active groups on campus, the Y.W.C.A. Matin ' s and Holy Week Services develop the religious theme of this popular organization: world friendship with its world acquaintance tour and visits with other race-. de el()|) the iiiiei iiaiional lelaiions theme; social ser ice, social acti i- ties, camera aird glee club wot k are helping to broaden the interests of the college girls who are " Y " nremliers. The Y.W.C.A. not onl fiiiiiishes fun and companionship for coeds but also gives tlieni an oppoitunit to de i ' lop in themselves cjualities of leadership and cooperation which enrich their personalities. Starkweather Hall, a place oi companionship, fun, and a ariety of other acti ities, symbolizes the spirit of " oin- college home. " 138 STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Tompkins, Miss Ailchison, Halstead, Powers. Willse, Lowry, Riddering, Reid, Reilly Frankenberry, Cooperman, Currey, Geddis The Student Religious Council is a campus-wide organization consisting of two representatives from each of the various church groups. The groups repre- sented this year were the Catholic. Jewish, Methodist, Presljyterian, Congrega- tional, Uaptist, Episcopalian, and the Y,W.C.A. Meetings of the Student Religious Council have been held twice a month on Tuesday evening and on foui- Simday evenings each semester at Starkweather. During the second semester the annual inter-cabinet dinner was held. The Coimcil also plans at least one social f miction which is open to all students. This yeai ' the officers who guided the organization ' s activities were president, Arnold Cooperman; vice-president, June Reilly; secretary. Marjorie Currey: and treasurer, Barliara Geddis. The facidty advisor is Miss Aitchison. 139 BAPTIST GROUP f « « ♦ § % Iff i President Marjorie Currey Vice-President Raymond Palmer Secretary Lois Phillips Treasurer Frank Spotts Student Director Mrs. E. K. Studt WESLEYAN GUILD ' President William Wiltse Vice-President Robert Jones Secretary Virginia Green Treasurer LaRue Kercher Student Director Muriel McKercher 140 141 . thlet Editors MARION SARK and TED BREITAG id. V x ry . wmi mM M-y. ■■■SfS?(! fe -. j Siera Pokrywka VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Elton |. Rynearson opcnctl Iiis touricciitli year ol (oachin at Michigan Normal vith the horizon coirsiilerabh darker than it was a year ago. The thorn in Ypsi ' s side was the task of monlding a new forward vall to replace last year ' s seniors. Journeying first to Normal. Illinois, the Hurons held a highly touted Normal team to a scoreless tie. The Ryniemen returned to Briggs Field for their first home encoimter and went down fighting before a heavier and rangier Tartar team to the tunc of a 9-7 score. This game indirectly spelled doom to Ypsi ' s hopes as Manning and Foster verc lost Ijecause of injuries for the remainder of the season. Pla ing before a capacity croAvd of Homecoming rooters, the Green and A ' hiie lost 10 Central State Teachers ' , 14-0. Alihongii the Hmons ouigaiiud the Bearcats, their attack bogged down once pay dirt was leached. Playing under the arc lights, the Hmons -ivalloped Kalamazoo 19-6 to start the second half of the season. Then, with their first ictory under their collecti e belt, the Rynearscjn lads journeyed to the Wayne Homecoming wheie ihe oiu-maneu erecl the Tartars to win 13-6. The next week-end. again inider the li ' ' liis. the Green and ' hiie turned in a creditable ifi-6 ictoi o er the Alma Scots. Grant Corning G£les Kontrymowicz Manning Yuille Heifernan Newlands o — ' ni.B ' . . ' — T ■ r::. ;c- ■ . ' • J = i : ' ±r-f: vz=a-rr:: c.. T ' ' rT- i.tk «-Vi-!S w M J3 5 |W ,, W Wr.r ' W ' " A W« W v " »% F ' ZT ;I0 3 44 4S S? sfc gg , 4? i , i - - . , .. ' ' ' ' ? !CSiiiP ' ' ' i ' mS- Fried, Wheater, Bush, Gaines, Herlihy, Kontrymowicz, Hendy, Lemanski, Shaffer, Bennetts, Drucker Coach Rynearson, Chamberlain, Grady, Gates, Heffeinan, Grant, Lecznar, Gross, Poly, Maschke, Corning, Qualmann Trainer Marshall, Yeager, Walsh, Valleau, Siera, Jaffe, Captain Pokrywka, Borovich, Gilles, Lieder, Newlands, Mr. Stites. Worzniak One game rcmaiiiiiit; wiili ihc unclelcaicil Rowling Grctii powci house. Miehigaii Xornial dug deep inio the football bag oi tricks, trying to keep iiitad Rynie ' s ihirteen-yeai-old record of not losing more tlian two games per season. But Bowling Ciieen ' s ])ile-(lri ing offense was too mudi foi them, and Harr) Ockeiman ' s juggernaut ant|uished the Hurons - ' 3- ' ;5- Considering the early season injuiies and the fact that most of the line had to be rebuilt and coordinated with the hackfield, the Huron season was comparatively successful. Such stellar backfield men as Valleau, Yeager, Foster, and the incomparable Walsh have performed here for the last lime. In the line, the one major loss will be that of Captain |oe Pokr vka. one of the greatest guards e er tp weai the green and vhite of Michigan Normal. Maschke Walsh Borovich Jafle Poly Yeager Valleau Gilles TRACK WkKK m Burnie, Thomas, Packer, Bloomer, Cunliffe, Blumenshine, Johnson, Lee, Zemper, Kivo Coach Olds, Cooperman, High, Breitag, Kosley, Cullin, Sommeifield. Rasmovich, Poly, Kagan, Coach Marshall Grafton. Conway, Gildenstein, Hlad, Quinn, Captain Grindle, Stein, McClelland, Brzezinski. Claik, Gaynier Coach 1.. V. Olds ' ihinclads this year enjoyed one oi iheir hesi iiidooi and ouidoor seasons. Tak- ing in all the big Aviniei relays and sectional meets, ihc Htiions ga e exielKiii atcouni ol themseh ' es in stcllai tonipetilion. Opening the indoor season, Michigan Normal met Toledo University ami Central State in a tri- angular meet that proved to be a walkaway lor the Green and White. The Hiiions amasseil ()6i 2 points to i,Si 2 lor Toledo and 10I 2 lor Central .State. In this meet Tom Qiiinn broke . be Rosen- krant ' s hall-mile record ijy lowering the existing time from tvvo mimiies and se en-tenths seconds to two minutes and iwo-tenihs seconds. Tow-headed White) Hlail skinuned the ()5-yard low hiucUcs to tie I he existing mark ot se en and toiu -tenths seconds. journeying to Indianapolis, the thinclads scored a y-j- ' o iriumph o er a highly rated Biuler Uiii- versit) sqtiatl. Team ijalance in the middle distances again proved 10 be the victory lattor. Hlad (on- tinued his winning wavs bv defeaiiu " Butler ' s ace hurdler. Maishall. in the hisih hurdles. At Yosi Field House in the lecently renewetl triangidar meet with the University of Michigan and Michigan Slate C ollege. ilie liigh-ricling Hurons came o ut on the short end. finishing a bad third to the Spaitans. Hlad took some ol the sting out ot defeat by defeating Stan Kelly, one of the best hur- dlers in the Big Ten. in the high luudles. The time of eight and one-tenth seconds set a new triangu- lar meet record for the event. Dave Conway and Ralph Cildenstein took seconds in their respective events— the too antl ihe J40. Coach Olds entered his ace relay teams— the two mile, the mile, and the distance medlev— in the famed Illinois Relays at Urbana, Illinois. Again the teams came through under pressuie to win eight portable radios, two massive bronze pkujues. and four gold medals in sweejjing the mile, the two mile, and I he distance medley relay divisions. The two mile cjuartet, composed of Zemper. Grindle. Quinn, anil Palis, set a new recoid in their event, erasing a record that had stood for nine years. In the annual Michigan State Relays at East Lansing the Hurons dominated the meet with eight first places. Hlad set a new carnival record and tied the existing field house record in the high hurdles. Gaynier pulled the surprise of the meet by wiiming the ])ole vaidt ai 12 feet 8 inches. Splitting his stpiad into two separate units, Coach Olds tried his luck at scoring a double win in both the Butler and . rmour rech Relays, The results were most commendable iii that the two mile relay team set a new .American College record at Butler, and the team that joiniieyetl to Chicago won the team title with a grand total of some sixty points. Trophies, gold shoes, and medals were added to the alreailv large collection that the Hurons amassed dtiring the season. 146 HIad, Grindle Kagan, Gildenstein Sommerfield, lohn son Lee, Breitaq Rasmovich Two Mile Relay Team (Grindle, Brzezinski, ' m» Quinn, Zemper) Butler Relay Record Holder m American Collegiate Record Holder Thomas, Clark Conway. Stein 147 BASKETBALL Coach Rynearson, Bennetts, Cullin, Grant. Konlrymowicz. Misenar, Carlson, Gates Oxley, Yeaqer, Siera, Captain Cook, Alfsen, Davis Winning six games and (hopping twchx ' out of an eighteen game schedule, Cioacii Ryneais()n " s tagers laied l)adl) iti the l)askell)all circles around the state ihis season. Beuinnini; the season in a royal fashion, the Hurons outshone theii iradiiional ri als, Ceniral Slate, lo win aq-ar,. Thai ietory folic nved by de- feats l)y All)ion. liowling CJreen. Kalamazoo, Central Stale, Alma, University of Detroit, Hope, and again. Alma. Rousing themselves from their doldrums, the angry Normal lads whippetl St. Mary ' s, Kalamazoo, Noithern State, and Wayne University. The Hurons played spoil) liall. hut when they were good llicre was no cpies- tion about how good they were. Ample pioof of this is found in the thrilling games with Wayne and the llni ersity of Detroit— Ypsi ' s traditional Motor City rivals. For the fitst time in fi e years the Hurons o erpowered the Tartars from Wayne in a nij)-and-iuck game which endetl with the Green and White out in from wilh a score of 34-32. Captain }oe Cook fulfilled to the utmost the expectations for a team cap- tain in the manner in which he directed and aided the team vith his fine right- ing spirit. Ray Williams [jrcned to be the spark-|)hig of the first semestei ' s team. Both he and Ken Hendy showed without a douljt that they were the scrappiest pair on ilie lloor. The b;ill-handling fell chiefly to such capable men as Fiitz Bennetts. Dick Yeager, Valt Siera, Carl Alfsen, and Jess Davis. In these men Coach R)nearson tried to find a winning combination to fit in with his big men under the basket. John Grant, Burm Misenar, and Harr) Carlson were particularly aggressive un- der the hoop. This year ' s graduating seniors aie Captain |oe Cook, Dick Yeager, Harry Carlson, and fess Da is, all of whom have pla)ed stellar ball loi the Green and White. 148 BASEBALL Simonds, Wescott, Petredean, Snyder, Newlands, Barnes Manager Rolhman, Curtis, Carakostas, Heifernan, Renton, Worzniak Lessel, Oxley, Borovich, Hutchins, Lamiman, Miller Coach Stites. Shada, Grady, Drusbacky. Siera, Lemmon Coach Stiles, in itvv ol a typically hard season, laced the basel)all season with much opiiniisni and sjjirit. Cheered on by the line turnout for the initial sjirini; j racticc ses- sions and condilionini woikoius. Siiies niapiietl out a pro;j;rani thai had the bo s in fine lellie when the first game roiled around. Captain Mike Drusback) led the coips ot returning etcrans. Along with |oe Boro- vich, Andy Newlands, Walt Siera, Ray Dennis, John Wescott, and Bill i.amiman. sev- eral sophomores bid serioush loi places on the nine. C hiel among ihem were Ciluick Oxley, outfielder, and John Sliada, iidieldei. Oxle) has an excellent batting eye and a long rangy stride to pidl down the lont; ones. Shada is a hard-driving infieldcr. Coach Stites cut his s |uad lo twenty-six men after the spring condiiioning workouts. The following men remained: |ohn Wescott, Jack Simonds, Ken Carakostas, Bill Lem- mon, and Dale Curtis, pitchers; Barney Dyer, l oy Renton, John Shoemaker, Al Hutch- ins, Joe Grady, and Carl Alfseii, inlielders; Joe Pokrywka, Doug Sn)(ler, and Dick Manning, otufielders; and Larry Miller, Bill Lamiman, and Orville Barnes, caicheis. Facing Alma in a two game series opener, the powerful bats of Siera, Oxley, l oro ich, and Newlands silenced the Alma men iS-o and 8-3. Dennis and Lessel were the wimiing pitchers. Hitting the road, the Hinons joiuiieyed to Miami University at Oxford. Ohio, to beat the Buckeye champs 8-1). In this game Siera clouted two home runs to lead his team mates. A powerful Xa ier College nine nosed out the Hurons in a thrilling (j-5 en- counter. Only a few days before this yearbook deadline we saw the Green and White defeat the University of Michigan in the annual " grudge game. " Michigan Normal gave the Big Ten Conference team plenty of competition, and it was not a surprise to many that they won. 149 TENNIS Howard. Frogner, Bennetts, Mastromaico, Gordon, H. Schwartz, D. Schwartz Spurred on by an attracii e lu maith (hc(lule. Cioarli Pop Salllp ()l latquci- ecrs appeared early in the sprint; to bt on the way to a very snrccssfid seascjn. As has been mentioned, the sciiedide was one oi the most attraetixe in reient years, with a renewal in tennis relations with tenital Slate aiul St. Mary ' s. Matches were arranged with LI. of D.. St. Mar ' s. Kalama oo, U. ol M.. .Albion, Central State. ' ayne, and Mithigan State. The encounters with the U. ot D. and ' a ne veie a home-and-home arran2;emcnt. Rang) Frit Bennetts. Huion iiaskitball mainstay, was a welcome addition to the squad. ' ic Mastromarco. capable Monroe product, bolstered up the singles and added much poxver to the doubles team. Charles Frogner, the indubitable Schwartz txvins. and Sy Gordon roimded out the remainder ol the stjuad and saw plenty of arsitv action before the last serve crossed the net in June. As this yearbook goes to press, the tennis team has scored two tiiuniphs o er the Lfni ersity ot Deticiit ' s netmcn. The Hurons overwhelmed the I ' itans in the first encounter, winning all but three matches. In the second meeting, the Hu- rons dropped both doubles matches, but came back strong to grab otf font singles matches to come out on the winning end, 4-3. In addition to this, an easy victory was scored o er a scrappy St. Mary ' s scjuad from Orchard Lake. 150 GOLF Lawrence, Bartolacci, Yeager, Captain Sames Mithigaii Noinial ' s liuksinen optncd ihcir ciinenl season wiili cicrans Dick Vcagtr and Chaplain Mvron " Mike " Sarnes back to sciNe as ihe nucleus around wliiiii file aisili, scjuacl was l)inil. Veager liad I wo letters lo his cicdit and vas captain ol the team 2 yeais ago. and Sarnes was a letter-winner in the sport. Alcjng with these . vo capable men. up-and-coming Rcjy Lawrence and Joe liar- tolacci rounded out the ioursome that lepresenied the Huions on the gre ens tliis year. Ele en matches were scheduled, with a home and home sei ies with the Lfniver- sity cjI Detroit. De.Sales, Toledo Uni ersit). Wayne L ' ni ersit . (xrand Rapids Junior College, and Sainl Mary ' s. Coach L. W. Olds selected Washtenaw Coun- try Club as the site for all the Huron ' s home matches. 151 CROSS COUNTRY • feiii.::s-te -. Coach Olds, Parker, Grindle, Bubbs, Hansma, Burnie, Puvogel. McClelland Zemper, Quinn, Captain Hughes, Lee, Johnson Willi last car ' s arsiiy almost intact and strengthened by two or tliree top- ni i(li l-icshniLii, Coacii 1.. ' . Olds ' hill-aml-dalers kepi unscathed their en iable recoicl ol not losing a dual meet in the last eight years. This year the Hurons chalked up jxilect stores against ' a ne. Bowling Green and Ceiural State. At Easi Lansing. Michigan Normal phued second in the State Inlercol- legiates to a pfjwerlul Stale stpiad ihal Aveiit on to vin the national iiown a little later. . week later the Hinons again placed second to Michigan State in the Michigan A.. .U. meet. There Ouinii set a new (ourse record ivheii he beat Leonard of Western by less than a stride. Quinn later journeyed to the National .-V.A.LL run in Ne -aik. Ne v Jer,sey. where he represented the Michigan district. Running against the top-notchers of the nation, Quinn finished sexentcenth due to a se ere attack of stomach cramps which almost forced him to diop out of the race. Michigan Normal again bounced back into the national sporilight vhen Quinn finished fourth in the National Collegiate run and the Huions. competing against the cream of the nation, took sixth in the team scoring. Led b Captain-elect liob Lee a strong group ol men vill reUnn lo loim the backbone ol next year ' s team. Retiring Captain Hughes, Leroy Giindle. and Jack Hansma ha e hung up their shoes after thiee years ol aisity competition. They deser e a world of credit h)r the team balance and the high spirit of com- petition they ha e contributed to the team. 152 INTRAMURAL Fiinrtioninw under two separate managers for the year, the men ' s intrammal progiam, ahhoiigli (iirtailcd in certain as])etls. again provided adecpiate fun and recreation for tlie males and enjoxed a (( m|)araii ely successfid ear. Dick Pearson, last year ' s ace intramural manager who retired at the end of the fall semester, and newly apjjoinied [atk llansma with the able assistance of faculty director, George Marshall, channtlled and organi Kl the recreational pursuits of the famed Michigan Normal s stem into a er ellicient luiil. One of the highlights of the year ' s progiam was the cusiomai) closel) com- peted race between ihe six fraternities for ihe athletic plac|tie gi en aunuall) in recognition of ihe Iralernity t hat compiles the highest score in all the spoils listed on the gear ' s calendar. Ne er in the history of the school has such a nip and tuck battle coniinued throughout the year ficjm the first event of the lall to the last one of the spring. Arm of Honor, I ' hi Sigma f psilon. RapjKi I ' hi .Alpha, I ' hi Delia Pi, and Zeta Chi Sigma gained their share of jjoinis in the entire race, to keep the margin between them ery slim and ariai)le. The powerful Phi Sigs captured the sjjeedball, basketball, and xolleyball tourneys. The Kapjja Phi ' s captured the handball ciown, and the Sigma Mu ' s ran off with the table tennis tournament. Max Re)iiolcls, Sigma Mu, ran off with the Master ' s crown when he tumbled Louis Lecznar, Kappa Phi. Sy liothman again won the indejiendent handball crown. Several others won intramural charms and iiopliies during the extensive progiam which was sponsored by the department. Vll-campus cross countr y meets, track meets, and a special handicap meet were held. 153 W. A. A, Purchase, Goodson, Pitkethly, Morningstar, Bigger, Neary, Holmes Page, Oien, Ross, Shapiro, Lowell, Sark Jacobs, Peters, Schram, Miss Brewster, Adams, Forker Since i )- ' r,, wlicii ihc Woiiicn ' s Alhleii( Assodaiioii was lirsi iiisiallcd on this (anipus. [hv jjoinl system ol awaiils lot aeli e pailic ipalion lias been used. During llie last ear, iic) e ci. imdei ihe t;iiidaii(e oi Miss Riewsler a new method of awaiil ior merit lias been insialled. Rewards ol V letters, honor roll listings, 01 o seleclioiis lor an , 11-Star team A ere determined Ijy participation in a arict ' of sports, scholastic rating, and geneial atlitiide. As usual ihe annual li tiii|uel :vas held late in the spiinn at which time the V letteis and othei awards weie presentetl to girls tanking high in ' .. .A. partici- pation. W.A.A. Board Meeting 154 HOCKEY () c ' i lliiilv i;n Is i(|iiiiU(l 1(11 li()(k(. ' , ami alkr a iKalid inn aiiiiii al c ompt l iiioii. a ( li.ini- j)i()ii icaiii was selected to play at Ann Aiboi. I ' lie irls sele( led were Margaret I ' itkcthly. Elea- unv Lowell. )ean Frase: . Clarahelle Lee, Fiarhara Lorkei, Cielia Shapiro, Eileen (aaiukll. Lama t)ien, Louise Van Doninielcii. VOLLEY BALL SoiorilN and iiidependc ill teams were rom- l)ined in llie same leaniie lliis ear. Neaih 1.170 skirls |)ai I i( ipaled in ihe lonrnameni vlii( h em led when ihe Roman Cileansers snauhed a dose vic- tory Iroiii the Blue and Golds. BOWLING Under speeial privileges granted by the newly constructed Ri erside Bowling Alleys, women sitideiiis were allowed to bowl at reduced rates on Mondays and Wednesdays. Besides this xolun- tary participation, the A.. . spnnsoied hoili independent and sorority tournaments. 155 is BADMINTON Growing interest in this sport has been shown by activity in it this winter. The gym was open e cry Saturday for those who desired to play, and instruction was given for Ijeginners. The W.A.A. sponsored independent and soroiily tournanieirts as well as a tournament for mixed doubles. SWIMMING Besides the regular courses in swimming, girls had the opportunity to participate in extra-cur- ricular activity sponsored by the W.A.A. By this means many girls passed their Senior Life Saving tests. In the inter-class meet which was held in December the Seniors proved victorious. 156 BASKETBALL ' I ' his year saw one ol the huncsi i urn- outs for l)askcil)all in VV.A.A. history. A system of collaboration on rating with Ann Aihor was insiiiuied. Sorority anil independent |)la)ers together ninnl)ered well o ei 150. I ' he girls seleded for the honorary basketball team were Ruth Voinig, jean Frascr. Mmiel Sondeen, Vi- ola Ra)ni()nd, Barbara Page, and Claia- belle Lee. BASEBALL With spring always comes baseball and this spring saw independcni, iniei-elass, and sororit) toinnaments. More interest was aroused in this sport, as in many others, this year, making as a whole a successful season. Annual Award Banquet 157 These pictures illustrate only three of the features of the Nor- mal campus which make it out- standing in physical education. VV ' .A.A. sponsorship makes them a dehnite part of the school pro- i;i am. This year saw the enrollment on this campus of se eral out- standing athletes. Among them and especially outstanding is Ph His Lafoy. Canadian women ' s track chaHi|)i()n. . gain the V)adinini()U program comes lo oui atlenliou. () er two iunuhc ' d • viimeu and men ])artic- ipalid ill liie niixni badminton loiii namenl. . gain this year Miss Harris and Mrs. Vossler taught the riuusday evening dancing class. This class gives to liiose vho did not learn to dance befoie coming to college the npjjoriuniu lo (ill in that break in tluir cducaiion. 158 ororitied and rctternitied Editors . . . BETTY WALTERS and RICHARD BAILEY Schlosstein, Sheppard, Harding Dicks, Haskett. Green. E. Neubert Miss Underbrink, L. Neuberl. Mrs. A. Wilcox ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1900 Mrs. R. A. Weir PATRONESSES Mrs. Amy Wilcox Mrs. William Wilcox FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Eula Underbrink Geneva Dicks Virginia Green ACTIVE MEMBERS Virginia Harding Helen Haskett Elizabeth Sheppard Emmajune Neubert Mary Jane Schlosstein PLEDGE Lucile Neubert ALPHA MU SIGMA 162 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MU MU CHAPTER Established 1924 PATRONESSES Mrs. Harry Smith Mrs. John Kennedy Mrs. Lloyd Olds Mrs. H. D. Barss FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Hilda Harpster Dorothy Beach Helen Berger Barbara Brown Jean Sayre ACTIVE MEMBERS Marjorie Delaforce Anne Frankenberry Dorothy Lovell Elsie Novy June Ferryman Marion Sark Myrtle Warner Novy, Warner, Berqer Ferryman, Miss Harris, Beach, Sark Lovell, Brown, Sayre, Frankenberry 163 Neary, Marti. Forker. Morninqstar, I. Finkbeiner, G. Otto. H. Finkbeiner. Clark, Goldsmith. Foster. Bettesworth Alb right. Peters, Sherman, V. Otto, Miss Todd, Kolberg, Zauel. White ETA CHAPTER Established 1921 PATRONESSES Mrs. James Breakey, Jr. Mrs, Clarence Loesell FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Chloe Todd Nora Albright Alyce Bettesworth ACTIVE MEMBERS Margaret Clark Helen Finkbeiner Winifred Kolberg Grace Morningstar Barbara Neary Vivian Otto Betty Zauel Jean Finkbeiner Barbara Forker Marion Peters Ruth Foster Ross Marguerite Sherman Eloise White DELTA SIGMA EPSILON 164 DELTA SIGMA EPSILON OFFICERS President Vivian Otto Vice-President Marguerite Sherman Secretary Betty Zauel Treasurer Winifred Kolberg Rushing Captain Marguerite Sherman Reporter Vivian Otto Irvena Goldsmith PLEDGES Grace Otto Violet Marti Kolberg. While V. Otto. Miss Todd, Sherman. Zauel 165 ' % aoi.o MacDonald, Wortley, Kraas, Cooke, Gregg, Pitkethly, Francis, E. Adams, Elmers, Baldwin, Allen, Baird VoUmar, Colburn, Teague, Howard, Miss McManus, Miss Myers, B. Adams, Callaghan, Skinner Simmons, Bartram. Irwin, Parker, Beach ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1923 PATRONESSES Miss Beatrice McManus Miss Janet Myers Betty Adams Edith Adams Ann Baldwin Helen Baird Helen Beach Irene Burgett Clara Borowicz Mary Pat Burns Annetta Callaghan ACTIVE MEMBERS Mary Colburn Allegra Cooke Barbara Elmers Rosalie Francis Janis Gregg Jean Howard Evelyn Irwin Dorothy Kraas Donna MacDonald Sue Matthews Ilah Parker Margaret Pitkethly Margaret Simmons Jean Skinner Marjorie Teague Shirley Vollmar Ann Wortley PLEDGE Arlene Allen KAPPA MU DELTA 166 PI DELTA THETA ETA CHAPTER Established 1925 PATRONESSES Mrs. N. L. Garrison Mrs. F. Wilbur Mrs. L. Arnst Mrs. D. Green FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Myra Grattan Miss Margaret Sill Kay Amidon Suzanne Baltzer Betty Ashbacker Betty Cahours Ruth Duncanson Margaret Emswiler Betty French Laura Freeman ACTIVE MEMBERS Florence Hall Helen Hungerford Faye Jack Mary Johnson LaRue Kercher Betty Jane Neff Joan Olds Ila Parker Loraine Peterson Eleanor Purman Elizabeth Shield Mary Lou Smith Dorothy Snidecor Marion Wedge Helen Weymouth Virginia Woodard PLEDGE Irene Heizman Baltzer, Shield, Smith, Nefl, Hungerlord, Heizman, Kercher, Freeman, Amidon, Weymouth, Ashbacker, Parker Cahours, French, Olds, Hall, Duncanson, Peterson Woodard, Johnson. Jack, Purman. Emswiler 167 Boyer, German, Menger, M. VerHulsi, Kaufman, Duris, Gracey, Burt Kenyon. O ' Brien. Miss Wielandy. Miss McAndless, Stout. Sigler Fochtman, Schwarzkopf, W. VerHulsi ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1893 PATRONESSES Miss Esther Ballew Miss Virginia Wielandy Mrs. Florence Lyman Miss Doyne Wolfe FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Thelma McAndless Barbara Beck Betty Boyer ACTIVE MEMBERS Dorothy Burt Marian Duris June Gracey Florence Kaufman Marian Kempf Katherine Kenyon Helen Menger Mayme VerHulst PLEDGES Esther Lou Fochtman Grace German Helen O ' Brien Dawn Peterman Marian Schwarzkopf Marian Stout Willo VerHulst Vida Sigler PI KAPPA SIGMA ]68 SIGMA NU PHI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1897 PATRONESSES Mrs. Elton Rynearson Mrs. W. H. Sherzer FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Augusta Harris Ella-Mae Crandall Helen Crandell Wilma Critchett Audrey Eggert Ernestine Emboden Harriet Goodson ACTIVE MEMBERS Geraldine Henderson Elsie Hornbacher Bernice Jacobs Helen Katon Mary Louise Lamb Charlotte McCulloch Ellen McMurray Adaline Reeves Nell Shore Jane Shouldice Alene Wood PLEDGE Dorothea Lobban Lobban. Goodson, Kalon, Jacobs, Shouldice. Shore, Eqgert, Gordon H. Crandell, Hornbacher, Wood, Nelson Miss Harris, McCulloch, Lamb, Mrs. Rynearson McMurray, Henderson, E. Crandall, Reeves 169 Nepodal, MacGregor, Hooker, Smith. Spring, Thompson, Olsen, Barry, Vranish Jones. Garrison, B. Rice, Snell, Sibley, Allen, Frey, Hale, E. Rice, Ross, Kurtz Artley, Sharpe, Schram, Verkler. T. Light, Arnet, St. Peter. M. Light, Fuller OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1898 PATRONESSES Miss Marian Stowe Mrs. Arthur Walker FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Clara Allison Miss Lurene Prouss Miss Susan Stinson Jane Allen Betty Arnet Helen Artley Ruth Barry Mary Frey ACTIVE MEMBERS Betty Fuller Kathalee Garrison Elizabeth Hale Virginia Hooker Marie Jones Phyllis Kurtz Marjorie Lester Marian Light Thelma Light Margaret MacGregor Shirley Nepodal Betty Rice Evelyn Rice Mary Esther Ross Marian Schram Ellyn Sharpe Marian Sibley Bernadine Smith Julia Snell Margaret Spring Dorothy St. Peter Kathleen Thompson Ruth Verkler Nada Vranish SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 170 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS President Betty Arnet Vice-President Thelma Light Secretary Ruth Verkler Treasurer Marian Light Rushing Captain Julia Snell Reporter Virginia Hooker PLEDGES Grace Anderson Eloise Christenson Adele Cole Joyce Corbeille Eloise Fischer Janet Kelder Mildred Mauritho Delores Mott Arlyne Phillips Natalie Phillips Ruby Pilon Drucilla Ransom Jeanne Wurzel A. Phillips, Molt, Pilon. Fischer. Wurzel, N. Phillips, Anderson, Cole Kelder, ' Ransom, Corbeille, Mauritho, Christenson 171 Keenan, Bliss, Schill, Briskey, Levin, Fralick. Fenlon, Waite, Reid Walters. Miss Rankin, Lind Cook, Walker, MacLeod, Jackson UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1912 ACTIVE MEMBERS Charlotte Ardis Frances Bach Lois Bliss Eleanor Boyd Margaret Briskey Janet Colegrove Lois Cook Ardys Dornbrock Shirley Fenton Ruth Fralick Shirley Graham Eleanor Griggs Mary Harris Mary Jean Keenan Florence Kidder Hilda Levin Betty Lind Betty MacLeod Marie Mahar Helen Ruth Mann Florence Martin Virginia Miller Carmen Ortiz Janet Pray Mary Margaret Ritz Geraldine Schill Ruth Schagane Mary Lou Sharkey Charlene Storer Betsy Waite Elizabeth Walker Betty Walters Grace Whitbeck THETA LAMBDA SIGMA 172 THETA LAMBDA SIGMA OFFICERS President Hilda Levin Vice-President Geraldine Schill Recording Secretary Elizabeth Walker Corresponding Secretary Charlene Storer Treasurer Marie Mahar Rushing Captain Betty Walters Reporter Eleanor Griggs PATRONESSES Mrs. J. Brown Mrs. J. H. McCulloch FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Estabrook Rankin PLEDGES Betty Jackson Peggy Reid Rilz. Bach, Kidder. Sharkey, Schagane, Pray. Martin, Storer, Harris Griggs, Ardis, Dornbrock. Whitbeck, Colegrove Mahar, Boyd. Miller, Mann 173 Granger, MacGregor, Olmslead, Begel Adams, Miss Eckert, Miss Case, Miss Eppler. Oien, Jellis, Nichols English, Mowal, Reidy, MacKellar, Bauer BETA CHAPTER Established 1923 Miss Lucretia Case PATRONESSES Miss Florence Eckert Mrs. E. W. Waugh FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Gertrude Eppler Ruth Adams Dorothy Begel Ruth Mowat Laura Nichols Eva Bauer ACTIVE MEMBERS Doris English Betty Jellis Katherine Reidy PLEDGES Doris MacKellar Marian MacGregor Laura Oien Virginia Olmstead Lunette Granger THETA SIGMA UPSILON 174 PAN-HELLENIC OFFICERS President Donna MacDonald Recording Secretary Marguerite Sherman Corresponding Secretary Ruth Mowat Treasurer Willo VerHulst Alpha Mu Sigma Virginia Harding Mary Jane Schlosstein Emmaiune Neubert Alpha Sigma Alpha Helen Berger Anne Frankenberry Barbara Brown Alpha Sigma Tau Florence Bowers Louise Skellenger Laurabelle Wileden Delta Sigma Epsilon Nora Albright Grace Morningstar Marguerite Sherman MEMBERS Kappa Mu Delta Helen Beach Donna MacDonald Shirley Vollmar Pi Delta Theta Laura Freeman Helen Hungerford Loraine Peterson Pi Kappa Sigma Katherine Kenyon Helen Menger Willo VerHulst Sigma Nu Phi Helen Crandell Ellen McMurray Jane Shouldice Sigma Sigma Sigma Helen Artley Thelma Light Evelyn Rice Theta Lambda Sigma Margaret Briskey Betty MacLeod Mary Margaret Ritz Theta Sigma Upsilon Dorothy Begel Doris English Ruth Mowat Sherman, Mrs. Lyman, MacDonald, Mowat, VerHulst 175 Spata. Bartolacci, Mr. McCulloch, Mr. Rynearson, Mr. Olds. Pokrywka, Majorana, Drusbacky, Borovich. Hartman, Oliver, Konlrymowicz, Elliott, Glow, Fried, Carakcstas, Lessel. D. Barnard, Danylizyn, Lemmon, F. Barnard, Shada, Walsh. Established 1895 J. H. McCulloch PATRONS Elton J. Rynearson FACULTY MEMBERS Lloyd W. Olds DeWitt Barnard Fred Barnard Joseph Bartolacci Joseph Borovich ACTIVE MEMBERS Kenneth Carakostas Michael Danylizyn Richard Donnelly Michael Drusbacky , James Hughes Jack Kahal Edward Kontrymowicz William Lemmon Robert Leonard Arthur Lessel PLEDGES Warren Burns Alton Laverack George Elliott Joseph Grady Warren Gross Milton Hartman Joseph Majorana George Miller W. C. Oliver Joseph Pokrywka John Shada Paul Spata Lawrence Miller Richard Pearson ARM OF HONOR 176 KAPPA PHI ALPHA Established 1902 PATRON Gerald D. Sanders HONORARY MEMBER Daniel L. Quirk, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Simon E. Fagerstrom Lawrence Dunning George Marshall William Brownrigg Raymond Stites Egbert Isbell ACTIVE MEMBERS Leo Barron Merl Beauchamp Frank Block Gibson Brown Malcolm Chubb David Conway- Joseph Cook Bly Corning Charles Cresswell John Gumming James Dixon Alfred Greenwood Patrick Heffernan Donald Jones Edmund Jositas Donald Kaiser Joseph Langeneker Carl Lecznar Richard Lichtenfelt Vernon Martin John Montean Royal MacDonald Frank Ondrovik George Petredean James Powers Joseph Puvogel Thomas Ouinn George Rawson Roy Renton Stanley Richardson Emerson Riggs Walter Siera William Simmons Earl Street Walter Turton Mac Valleau Lynn Wheater Jack Yuille Duane Zemper Williams, Con-way, Valleau, Ward, Rybash, Jositas, Brown, Corning, Ondrovik, Richardson Langeneker, Siera, Feeney, Beauchamp, Renton, Lichtenfelt, Rawson, Riggs, Lecznar, Montean, Chubb, Cress- well, Zemper ' Cumming, Powers, Wheater, Mr. Fagerstrom, Helfernan, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Bo-wnrigg, Mr. Stites, Turton 177 ' t f f -t • f ' I AT f f f f tit f t ■ ■ ■ K r 1 i ' mH V -v Wilber, Kenfield, Alfsen. Langerman, Gates, Bray, Gilles Burdge, Klein, Poly, Jensen, Barnes, Gaynier, Yeager, Lieder, Wigell, Howard Wickett, Foster, Sommerfield, Bovee, Drewyour, Grant, Herlihy, Hlad, Swafford, Newlands Mr. Steimle, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Butler, Bailey, Soskin, Mr. Wilber, Hubbard, Mr. Lathers, Mr. Fey, Gurley, Conolly ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1893 PATRON H. Z. Wilber Leslie A. Butler Albert Fey Charles M. Elliott FACULTY MEMBERS J. Milton Hover Orlo M. Gill J. Stuart Lathers C. P. Steimle A. D. Walker ACTIVE MEMBERS Carl Alfsen Richard Bailey Orville Barnes Chester Berg Norvall Bovee Sam Burdge Edward Bush Robert Conolly Charles Drewyour lack Foster Os Gaynier Richard Gilles John Grant Alfred Gurley Haydon Hayes Thomas Herlihy Russell High Charles Hlad Ralph Hubbard Robert Jensen John Kenfield Robert Klein Rolland Langerman Robert LaRue Andy Newlands George Newlands Edward Poly Robert Rye Donald Sommerfield William Soskin Fred Swafford John Squires Bernard Wickett Mills Wilber Howard Wigell Richard Yeager Robert Bray PLEDGES George Cole Charles Nemeth PHI DELTA PI 178 SIGMA MU SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER PATRON Harry T. Wood ACTIVE MEMBERS Ray Barber Richard Barker William Brown Laing Budge Daniel Burton Stanton Burton Harold Chamberlain Dendy Gaines Robert Gooding Jean High Maurice Hodges Grover Hurley Marlen Reber Max Reynolds Abner Robinson Ralph Smith Kenneth Thumme William Vincent Devere Washburn Donald Wemette John Wescott Henry Wichman PLEDGES John Adair Gordon Brown Qark Felton John Hagen George Hayball Frank Laverdiere Victor Higdon Robert Mead David Lane Elton Metzer George Leonard Charles Norton David Laverdiere William Priest Edward White James Worth Robert Zimmerman Wemette, Westcott. Smith, Gooding, Priest, D. Burton, Budge, Barber, Hurley, Adair, Bowen, Vincent, S. Burton Brown, Wichman, Washburn, Mr. Wood, Thumme, Reber, Gaines 179 M ' Grafton, Huston, Kopp. Cleary, Parker, Gildenstein, Lawrence, Bloomer, Dover, Fensch, B. Chapman, Noonan, Shoemaker, Andrews McComb, McClelland, Granger, Misenar, Frogner, Breitag, Hartley, Morningstar, Davis Morris, Lamiman, Gauntlett, Mr. Ryan, Ferman, Mr. Wilcox, Clark, Stacey, Crawford Swiger, Timoshek, Vicario, Higginbotham, R. Chapman Tremper, Sikorowicz, Simonds, Bevier, Cox, Borusch Anzicek, Oxley, Manning, Mr. Samson, Mr. Magoon, Dau, Snyder Dr. Chester Ryan LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1919 PATRONS FACULTY MEMBERS Wallace Magoon William Wilcox Paul Samson ACTIVE MEMBERS William Andrews Paul Hartley William Bloomer Ted Breitag Robert Chapman Maurice Clark Ken Cleary Robert Crawford Jess Davis Charles Frogner B. Jay Gauntlett Ralph Gildenstein Lester Grafton Fred Granger Robert Huston Samuel Kopp Roy Lavvrrence Albert McClelland Donald McComb James Meldrum Edward Dover Willard Fensch Richard Ferman Burman Misenar Hamilton Morningstar Joseph Morris Melvin Noonan William Parker John Peknik Ray Schaeffer John Shoemaker Thomas Stacey Donald Sturgis PHI SIGMA EPSILON 180 PLEDGES Edward Anzicek Ralph Chapman Olin Cox Barney Dyer Richard Manning Charles Oxley Jack Simonds Leonard Swiger Frank Timoshek Vaughn Tremper Alexander Walkowski 181 ¥W In f f f f f t ' - Reinhart, Halsted, Folsom, Barrows. Kenady, Morris, Fixel Huyghe, Wall. Tringham. Klein. Naas. Wells, Buell. Helfrich Bohms, Mutter, Hupy, Bunnell, Campbell, Schoensee, Ladd, Riddering, Johnson, Mr. Powierski, Kissner, Brooks, Harrison, Dersnah Odmark, Proctor, Marshall, Mr. Erikson, Mr. Koch. Mr. Loesell. Mr. Barnhill. Quigley. Lund. Pillsbury Hutchinson, Qualmann, Hall, Barton, Ross, Jackson, Anderson Edgar W, Waugh John F. Bamhill John Anderson Robert Barrows Keith Barton Alvin Bohms Dale Brooks George Bunnell David Campbell Eugene Dersnah Established 1928 PATRON Clarence M. Loesell HONORARY MEMBERS Harold Koch ACTIVE MEMBERS Glenn Hall William Harrison Stewart Helfrich Oscar Huyghe Robert Hupy William Jackson Lester Henry Keith Kenady Carlton Kissner William Ladd Dennis Lund Don Marshall Marlin Morris Ferris Mutter Willard Naas Ronald Odmark Alex J. Nulan Carl Erikson Charles Pillsbury Clyde Proctor Walter Qualmann James Quigley Albert Riddering Elmer Ross Clayton Seeley Harvey Schoensee PLEDGES Edward Bowles Donald Fleury Wilbert McKeachie George Shakotko Harold Vroman ZETA CHI SIGMA 182 Zeta Chi Sigma was founded on the Michigan State Normal College campus on December 3. 1928, and was incorporated on June 15, 1931- Dr. Willard H. Reninger was the fraternity jjatron luitil 1934 when he was replaced by Dr. Clar- ence Loesell, who still holds that position. Zeta Chi Sigma has always stressed scholarship, ni(jralii . and sportsmanship. In recent years the fraternity has had the highest scholastic average among the fraternities, and also has ranked high above the all-campus average. Athletically Zeta Chi Sigma has always been a keen competitor. In social affairs the Zeta Chi " Spring Cruise " is rated high among tlances spon- sored by private organizations. Closed parties, picnics, and outings comprise the rest of their social activities. Through participation in Homecoming, Christmas Sing, and the Spring Sing, Zeta Chi Sigma contribiues greatly to the college spirit of good sportsmanship and good will. To keep in touch with the one hundred and fifty alumni members, Zeta Chi publishes for them a monthly bulletin which informs them ot all major campus and fraternity activities. The fraternity mascot has in his one year of residence in Ypsilanti become a familiar figure on the campus. Bruno is still growing, and will grow into the hearts of all students on campus as well as in the hearts of the Zeta Chi ' i. 183 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Brown, Schoensee, Campbell, Hubbard, Washburn, Fried Valleau, Drusbacky, Reynolds, Gurley, Ferman, Lamiman FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Max Reynolds Vice-President Alfred Gurley Secretary-Treasurer William Lamiman MEMBERS Arm of Honor Phi Delta Pi Sigma Mu Sigma Michael Drusbacky Alfred Gurley Max Reynolds David Fried Ralph Hubbard Devere Washburn Kappa Phi Alpha Phi Sigma Epsilon Zeta Chi Sigma Gibson Brown Richard Ferman David Campbell Mac Valleau William Lamiman Harvey Schoensee SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Richard Ferman Vice-President Alfred Gurley Secretary-Treasurer William Lamiman MEMBERS Arm of Honor Phi Delta Pi Sigma Mu Sigma Michael Drusbacky Alfred Gurley Devere Washburn William Lemmon Ralph Hubbard John Wescott Kappa Phi Alpha Phi Sigma Epsilon Zeta Chi Sigma Gibson Brown Richard Ferman David Campbell Thomas Ouinn William Lamiman Harvey Schoensee 184 185 J eut ureS Editor RUTH VERKLER i EPTEMBER in the rain " . . . and the skies pour down 650 frcslimcn. sprouting green l)uitons, caps, and all . . . Campus Sisters hit town a day early, rarin ' to go . . . and tlie) go and go . . . Oh, my leetl . . . " I ' eeny " Hartung is the power on the Camjjus Sister throne, vith Beth Hale. Marion Schram, and Rhea Andeison mo ing things along . . . llie Sunday alternoon tea leatures old and new coeds, ice cream and cakes, professors, a gorgeous new back-drop on the stage, and no tea . . . Foin- hundretl girls li ing in the new dorms make the dating situation a A ' ee Ijit complicated, especially since the phones aren ' t yet installed . . . Our ne ' women ' s dean has that certain something that we like . . . Spike Hughes and Jeannie Morclcn dash madlv about, giving speeches right and left , . . Norma Hersch and Jack Ross take the fate of the Freshmen into their hands by dint of a class election . . . the sophs draw first blood of the year result- ing in certain male yearlings sneaking into (heir rooming houses minus trousers . . . so this is college . . . Classes l egin and e eryone relaxes . . . Saturday nite dance brings out om- B.M.O. C. ' s en masse . . . " Say, who ' s the little number in the green skirt? " . . . and they call -ivoman fickle . . . Everyone ' s up in the air about the chance to become fliers . . . The new Health Cottage is all prepared for those would-be pilots who might break a thing or two in landing . . . The Home Ec lassies take over the old Health Cottage for a practice house . . . they do their own cookin ' and e erything! Life looks a Ijii more complicated as September ends in a bla e of color. 188 v CTOBER wiili its orocous array of t;olcl. staiki. and |iui|)lc lo hiii liicn llif c cr-clai ki iiint; (la s . . . Ciicck Ictlcr coeds piil on ihcir l)t ' sl Sluiliiik HdIiius manner: llicy ' ir oiii id s ct ilicir wonun . . . Homccomina; plans i;tt inukiivax . . . " riic hrsi c i ' V. " |)i()niisc ' llic lonnnillccs . . . Midnij;!!! c ( ursidiis hft in ai;ain fill uiiriirlunair Ficslnncn . . . llial Si)|)h piis rt-a!l has liis !;an ; or ani rd . . . bill iuM wail I ill ihosL- class oanies ch. trcsliit? . . . " Cdnic iiaik; all is lorgixen " is ilic iaci()Us vcl(onic handed lo the onconiiiii; ahnns . . . " Queen Jean " and her " Allendanis " hold a irirkv Women ' s I.eauiie assemhh . . . the t;als ;( lor il in a bi va) . . . Diianc Ztinper is unolluialK appointeil I ' nel Laureate allei ihe )Mil)lishin ; ol his icinarkahle " Suiip Howl Cllassic " . . . W ' eek before Homecominj . . . thtTe jiisi ain ' i linie lo sukK . . . ' I ' llesda moniins; pep ralh si ' cs sucll disj)la ' of talent as well as a lot of ])ep . . . E ei )ne inuks oui lo .Slee|) Hollinv Erida afternoon wheix ' [ohnnv Shoe- maker and his dan ainiihilaie iliost ' |)ooi- (iist- i-ar men in a clean sweep of the class games . . . oh. vell. xon ' d ha e hatl lo vear our pois nniil riianksgiN ing anyway, frosh . . . Norma Hersch lights the traditional bonfnx ' hile all the Irosh burn . . . Chubby little Don Ville gets telegrams and lelegrams ai the huge pep meeting Friday nile . . . he ' s he( kle-proof, loo . . . Oiii bo s tangle -wilh Ciential Slate Satinday afteinoon, btit those howling Bearcats claw ihemseKes to ittoi . . . All the guys and gals swing out in a lutgc dance i I ' o vd Sat. nite . . . Emil) Adams and , rlene Seaman with the Symphony Orchestra gi e a super-special concert to Avind things up . . . Man. what a week-end . . . .Assignments keep stack- ing tip . . . these ])rofs ha e no mercy . . . Halloween parlies are the thing . . . ain ' t collich wunnerfiil? 189 N. OVEMBER in the rain . . . oi " did we use that one before? . . . oh, well, what we lack in originality we make up for in fool-proof familiarity with Michigan weatlier . . . social season starts off with another all-college party, herc the stiides get in the groove with Harvey Jiidson and his Aristocrats . . . Tommy Qiiinn puts the snatch on the state A.A.U. cross coLiniry chanijjionship. out- sprinting Leonard, of Western State to do so . . . amber and white decorations Ijeautify the ballroom as 200 (count ' em) coeds lure their faxorite males to the Harvest Hop, at which Bobby Grayson and his boys gi t out the gavottes . . . six liiuuhed and (ilt frosh are psychologicallv examined . . . topic of the day is " Which class moron are you? ' " . . . Juniors pick Margaret Briskcy and [ohn Montean for [-Hop chairmen . . . work on this super affair will start immediately, say they . . . Heaven Slieaks American, a satire on super-patriots, released by the publishers is by oiu f)wn Professor Waugh . . . Bill Sawyer plays for the Cabaret Party, last big campus event before Thanksgiving vacation . . . I ' oo studes attend . . . Aurora staff members prowl aboiu, muttering " Snap oiu of it and be snapped " . . . Men ' s Union goes to work and puts on a talent show that is reallv fine ... no wimmin allowed, alack-a-day . . . Walt Siera is picked to lead our boys on the gridiron for next year . . . everybody enjoys a bilious attack, and tiukey hash, (some call it croquettes) . . . plans are under way for a Christmas Sing again this year , . . In this month of November. 1939. Michigan Normal lost a ' alued teacher and friend. Miss Ella M. Wilson, late of the Geography department, who had taught in Ypsilanti since 1903. 190 J ' ECEMBER . . . two weeks till vacation and still no snow . . . Doc Thomson tips us off on how to make marriage a success . . . " Develo]) a more scientific atti- tude towards it, " he sez . . . the social connnitlee adds to its glory with an open house at the Union which brings superlative compliments Irom all who attend . . . " Let ' s have more " is the popular cry . . . Sama Clans (or his double) is seen sciarying around to parties held lor underprix ileged kiddies . . . don ' t tell me we ' re having an early Christmas, too . . . Ralphie Hubbard and his gang ol assist- ants put over a slick Drag . . . nice work, fellas . . . Betty Jessup and W. C. Oliver grab top honors in the annual oratory contest . . . more power to ' em . . . Our hoopsters give out with some good scrappy games and keep the bleacherites on their feet most of the time . . . An imusual feature of the annual Christmas Concert is the addition of fifty-foin- grads singing in the closing " Sanctus " selection . . . how timely is the choir ' s message in song, " Peace on earth, good will to men " . . . All the guys and gals do a grand bit of caroling at the second Christmas sing sponsored by our benign seniors . . . Christmas spirit just effervesces all over the place . . . For once this last week doesn ' t mean burning the midnight oil . . . exams don ' t come till February . . . Hooray for the semester plan . . . Well, s ' long, kids . . . watch that New Year ' s E e stuff . . . Merrv Christmas! . . . 191 H . 1M ' V XE ' W YEAR, gang . . . and happv hunting, all you lovely coeds . . . this is oin- big chance . . . the sub-Normal Xcivs conducts a qucstionnaii c Avith fifty gals who plainly state they will not ask lor or pa lor a date . . . no coopera- tion, fellas ... A bimch of music studcs thro v- a peachy dance to start the social ball roUin ' . . . " li ' li be an annual affair, " say they . . . fi ent -one Soplis get invites to join the Stoics . . . said Sophs lieing mc ' mbers of the upper bracket in scholarship . . . For all those peeptd vho dance on everyone else ' s feet Miss Harris and Mrs. ' ossler ■write a lick book on l allroom techniques . . . Doc Olds gets him- self appointed head of the A.A.U. track and field committee lor the coming ear . . . All the gals on campus, bedecked out as songs, once again pro e that a lien party can be plent of fun . . . 0 er 1200 studes ha e their ])iciines snapped lor the Ainora . . . " Gee, kid, xou look naiural: xour moiitli is vide open " . . . , bout 216 men on this campus -ivill ha e a ijrand ne ' dorm to take o er next fall . . . It ' s conveniently located, too, fellas . , . just a whistle ' s length fiom the girls ' dorms . . . The initial concert of the Campus Choristers packs in the cro-ivd vith those smooth renditions . . . joe Sanders, the Ole Left Hander. gets the nod Irom the orchestra lommittee to lake care ol the musical end of the J-Hop . . . Oli, happ ' dav . . . The death ol otn former school ninse. Miss Carolina Supe, ends the nronth on a re erent note, which cannot fullv express the greatness of her character. 192 J yR. MARION MAGOON was the proud autliDi of an article in Coronet . . . Dr. H. L. Turner appointed to State Education post . . . cirough of faculty doings for the nonce . . . it ' s Feb. 14. I ' d like it fine, if you would be my valentine ... no extra charge tor this ]nneh coincidental poetry . . . forty women ' s debate teams here on Saturda) the 17th . . . two new profs take their bows . . . Dr. Harr E. Hov in geography and Troy L. Stearns in education . . . only two teams return victori- ous from Men ' s debate tourney at Lansing . . . Ki yi yi! Charley Eagle Plume spoke to the assenii)ly . . . dances and songs by the genuine Blackfoot Indian made this one of the most enjoyable programs of the year . . . Ray Gleason wins the peace oratory contest . . . on the 22nd. Ne ille (Spike) Hughes lesigned as chief of Men ' s Union . . . Walt Qualmann elected to fill the gap . . . the ole left hander Joe Sanders pitched melodies at happy he]3cats, at a perfectly peachy J-Hop . . . broadcast from AA ' VVJ so that them as didn ' t have 4 bucks could get a icarious thrill or 2 . . . .Architect R. S. Cierganoff talked at the tolfee hour on ways and means of building our new boys ' dormitory . . . Soph Swii 1 committees are voted in for liie big e ent of the year, tentatively set for March 29 . . . starting early, so it oughta be good . . . have you heard about that track team of oins? . . . Those boys really go . . . they up and licked Butler University 75-30 . . . Ve Women ' s League annoiuues that Margaret Briskey. Helen Ureen. and Loraine Peterson will be the big three in coming elections . . . 200 sweater clad sophs ha e them- selves a jam session in Char. Mc. to the tunes of all the big name bands who have condescended to put their offerings down on wax for posterity and nickelodeons . . . our basketball team beat Wayne 34-;i2 . . . oiu ' first ictory o er the Tartars in 5 years yipee! 193 s, ' l ' RI (. marclics in willi ;t Miowstoini . . . Mollur Nalure must ha e mixed her signals up . . . Helen Ureen chalks up voles from ihe women on campus tor next year ' s League presiciencv . . . nice goin ' . chiun . . . elections seem to al)ouncl in March . . . Ralphie Chapman takes oxer the leadership of the freshman class . . . Sororities begin rushing again . . . what to do, se the bewildered rushee . . . (-)iu " track stars are bringing back iiopiiies galoie . . . they ' re breaking records e ervwheie thev go. too . . . we sure are proud of ya, kids ... A st le show is the higli-light program of the Women ' s League assemblies this semester . . . Oh ' s and all ' s float through the auditoriinn as the arious gals parade across ihe stage in their faxorite oiufits . . . About 200 people tian oiu lor Doc Ford ' s banipiet . . . wc sine hate to see him retire . . . I ' lie whole school is saddened to learn ol the deatli of Dr. D ' Ooge. who had taught here for o cr 30 xears ... a great man, belo ed by all ho knew him . . . Henrs .Sicgel thrills e er ' C)ne with his iolin performance ai the Symphony Sunday afternoon conceit . . . The Greek letter gals sponsor a Pan-Hell enic Ball for all sororities on camjius . . . Some of the fellas are thinking about picketing tlie local theaties lor lower rales . . . the prices are outrageous, say they . . . The annual Racli Festi al brings to a brilliant close the choir ' s w-ork for this year . . . Herb Ril packs ' cm in at the .Soph .Swirl . . . the decoration com- mittee gets an orchid loi its swell job . . . Spring fe ei hits us with a bang as the snow melts and the temperatine shoots up ... I stuc don ' t feel like stud ing . . . two more weeks until acation! 194 A I ' RIl. sli(i trs l)rin,n Ma llowfi ' s . . . and Spiiin; livci j iow siioiimr . . . " Right ill is a . ladies and gcnlltnK ' n. lor llu- unalisl show on i ai ili — llu ' one. I he onh M.S.N.Cl. (ircus ol llu ' (intui) " . . . ' joo studcnls make- lliis rvcnl a ininioi able one . . . (longials yo lo ilic pins ( ■(! huullx lor a sn|)cr-s vt ' ll jo!) . . . Animals nr ( ' r srin btloic. Iiapc c ailisis ol ihc IksI, unnbkis. danctrs . . . all lakr pail in ihosc l)ann-u|) two ninhls ol sliowint; . . . I ' hi ' (lack ol ()o(l aL;ainsi Icallur Iniii s liasc- hall lo llic lioiit in the held ol spoils . . . 1 lir l)o s all look likf |) :)Uiilial liii; 1-i ' agiicrs ... A witk ol si liool and lluii twthc da s lo n(iiprialr al honi; . . . 1 hi fc-loinths ol the lanipns luiomc Indian I InininKis lo sa c ihal train or bus larc . . . I ' lnalisis in ihf inlcrp (onusi t o around nuiluriiiL; lo l lu ' ins ' Kcs . . . ' A ' h (ant I ifiiicmlKi thai liiK.-? " . . . I lie sicciini; (onniiillt c ol Kadtlpians. iic-adc ' d 1) Don Marshall plan and hold a suptr l)an(|tRt willi spicilus an ( ci - ihiiii; . . . .Vin ' l t ' diualion wiinnciluK- . . . we t;o lo (lasses and lisicn lo spv( ( lies an ' ihcn wv v o lo l)an(|iKis lor ii ' laxalion and listen to spcc-( ius . . . Lisiiiiiii ' .; is a ureal iilne, must Ix ' ihe po|nilar beliel . . . Larking Leaguers blossom oul in ilieir (laiiitN lornials with iheir liest beaus and daiue ihe niglil a a . . . lomaiue is beginning lo show iis elusi e head here and there . . . eailh awakens to ihe nine ol birds ' songs and the greening ol ihe trees and grass . . . 195 OPRINCt (It ' finitch hii its Miide in May . . . The trees shade the weary stu- dents loiinffino around campus . . . tennis racc]uets. golf chihs and swimming suits are duo out ol the moth halls . . . the candid camera fiend is in his glory ... he stalks eveiyone on (am]nis for one of those " informal " shots . . . picnics become a lealitx and all those adept at making ]X)tato salad step to the front . . . life takes on an air ol dreamy laziness as all thought of studying is ]Hit aside . . . the track boys show their heels to all competitors . . . the music majors perform in their gradual ion ie(itals and make everyone proud of their talents . . . the band gives out with a (oncert . . . Ellon Powell ields his baton for ilie lasi lime i) ei the Cam])iis C:hoi isters as they sh(nver upon iheir appreciative audience beautiful music . . . da)s become longer, studes become lazier, and tlic ' woilcl becomes lo e- lier . . . isions of a successfid season begin to shape up in the minds of the base- ball boys ... A college withoiu classes is considered the ideal place to spend tour years . . . 196 J UNE is dedicated lo seniors and final exams . . . tlic placenuiit ofiitc is work- ing fast and furious to gi c all our potential teaclicrs a (haiuc lo slio v tiicir stufl . . . the end ol the school year has become an actualii) . . . ilie iliounhts ol saving " good-by " take a lot of the joy out of much-looked-for vacation . . . graduation week-end sends oui another grand binrch of graduates with the go(Ml wishes of those left behind . . . luulerclassmen look ahead . . . Another year has become a memory . . . 197 198 199 AURORA INDEX ORGANIZATION INDEX Arm of Honor 176 Alpha Mu Sigma 162 Alpha Sigma Alpha 163 Aurora 115 Band 127 Baplist Group 140 Belleville Group 137 Campus Choristers 125 Chemistry Club 134 Choir 128 Commercial Club 137 Delta Sigma Epsilon 164, 165 Fine Aits Club 130 Home Economics Club 132 Industrial Arts Club 133 Interfraternity Council 184 Kappa Delta Pi 117 Kappa Mu Delta 166 Kappa Phi Alpha 177 Little Theatre Players 124 Math Club 134 Men ' s Debate 121 Men ' s Union 36, 37, 38, 39 Music Club 129 Natural Science Club 135 Normal News 113 Orchestra 126 Pan-Hellenic 175 Phi Delta Pi 178 Phi Sigma Epsilon 180, 181 Physical Education Club 136 Pi Delta Thela 167 Pi Kappa Delta 118, 119 Pi Kappa Sigma 158 Sigma Mu Sigma 179 Sigma Nu Phi 169 Sigma Sigma Sigma 170, 171 Social Committee 40 Sodalitas Latina 131 Special Education Club 130 Stoics 115 Student Religious Council 139 Thela Lambda Sigma 172, 173 Thefa Sigma Upsilon 174 Wesleyan Guild 140 Wodeso 120 Women ' s League 32, 33, 34, 35 Y.W.C.A 138 Zela Chi Sigma 182, 183 FACULTY INDEX Adams, Emily ' . 18 Aitchison, Grace 16, 138, 139 Alexander, Frederick 18 Allison, Clara 131 Andre-ws, Elsie 17 Ashby, Lillian 18, 26, 129 Bachman, Dorothy 26 Ballew, M. Esther 16 Barnes, Ruth 16 Barnhill, John 22, 134, 182 Barllett, Mary 18, 26 Bates, Wanda 17 Bauch, Estelle 19,132 Beal, Alice 27 Beal, Fannie 15 Bentley, Mabel 26 Best, Martha 21 Bmns, Ray 27 Elackenburg, Howard 23 Boughner, Ruth 24, 136 Breakey, Marguerite 18, 129 Bre-wster, Margaret 136 Brimhall, Pauline 27 Brink, Ida 27 Broad, Harry 26 Bro-wn, James 15 Brown, Ruth 27 Brownrigg, William 28, 118, 177 Bruce, Ralph 27 Brundage, Perry 21 Buck, Nina 28 Bunger, Anna 26 Butler, Leslie 25, 47, 178 Carey, Elisabeth 16 Case, L. Lucietia 17, 131, 174 Chamberlain, Duane 20, 26, 133 Clark, Irene 24 Cleveringa, Frederick 17 Cooper, Grace 16 Cosper, Russell 26 Crawford, Mildred 26 Curtis, Martha 21 DeBoer, Lawrence 26 Devol, Lloyd 23 Dunning, La-wrence 27 Eckerl, Florence 16, 174 Eddy, Florence 126 Edson, Louisa 16, 25 Elliott, Charles 26, 178 Emery, Blanche 16 Engelsman, Anthony 118 Eppler, Gertrude 24, 136, 174 Erickson, Carl 22, 134, 182 Fagerstrom, Simon 23, 86, 177 Feuerstein, Emma 27 Fey, Albert 17, 178 Field, Anna 23 Flint, Gertrude 26 Ford, R. Clyde 17 Fossenkemper, Marius 18 Garrison, Noble Lee 25 Gill, Orlo 19 Glasgow, James 23 Golczynski, Louis 26 Gorton, Frederick 22 Gotts, M. Margaret 25 Grattan, Myra 116, 129 Gray, Annis Dexter 18, 129 Hagle, Maude 16 Harpster, Hilda 21 Harris, Augusta 24, 136, 169 Harris, Katherine 163 Harrold, C. Fred 15 HartwicT, Neva 25 Hatton. Mary 20. 26, 133 Herrick, Myra 20 Hetmansperger, Helen 26 Hetmansperger, Marguerite 26 Hickman, Jennings 21 Hill, Susan 15 Hippie, Mayme 24 Hover, J. Milton 14, 21 Hoy, Harry 23 Hubbell, Paul 23 Hunt, Thelma 26 Isbell, Egbert 23 Jacobs, Leland 27 James, Dorothy 18, 129 Jordan, Hoover 16 Kane, Eileen 24 Kelder, J. W 25 Kelly, Clara 19 Kercheval, James 21 Kiddoo, Faith 27 Kirschbaum, Gladys 27 Kusteier, Elizabeth 27 Lcing, H. E 27 Lontz, Winifred 27 Lappinen, Matt 20, 26, 133 Lathers, J. Stuart 5, 16, 116, 118, 178 Leib, Floyd 27, 116 Limpus, Robert 16 Lindegren, Carl 18 Lindquist, Theodore 22, 134 Loesell, Clarence 21, 182 Lord, Francis 25, 25, 118 Lyman, Florence 28, 175 Magoon, Marion 16 Magoon, Wallace 16, 180 Marshall, Everett 25 Marshall. George 24, 145, 146, 177 Martin, Mary 27 McAndless, Thelma 26, 168 McCrickett, Elizabeth 26 McCulIoch, Joseph 24, 135, 175 McFall, Roger 27 McKay, Frederick 16, 115, 118, 120 McManus, Beatrice 18, 27, 129, 156 Menzi, Leonard 26 Meston, Eleanor 26 Mink, Grace 27 Miserez, Allen 16 Monroe, Anneta 26 Morrison, Jennie 20, 26, 133 Munson, John 13 Myers, Janet 25, 166 North, ' Vera 26 O ' Connor, Ethel Olds, Lethe 27 26 Olds, Lloyd 24, 146, 152, 176 Owens, Barbara 17 Peet, Bert 21 Pfeiffer, Harrison 27 Phelps, Gertrude 26 Porter, Doris 19 Powierski, Joseph 17, 117, 182 Frouse, Lurene 24, 136 Rankin, Estabrook 16, 172 Rice, Alfred 27 Ringman, Bernice 26 Robinson, Margaret 26 Roscoe, Alice 27 Rosentreter, Martha 17 Roser, Gertrude 26 Ruggles, Cynthia 27 Ryan, D. Chester 18, 25, 129, 180 Rynearson, Elton.. 24, 136, 145, 148, 176 Sabourin, Johanna 17 Samson, Paul 24, 136, 180 Sanders, G. D 16, 177 Sellers, John 21 Sill, Margaret 23 Skinner, Grace 25 Skinner, Ruth 18, 129 Smith, Ella 25, 27 Sm.ith, Harry 22 Snow, Glenadine 24 Springman, John 20, 137 Steimle, C. P 14, 178 Stites, Raymond.. 24, 136, 145, 149, 177 Stowe, Marion 16 Strafer, Elinor 19 Sturgeon, Myron 21 Sv rartwood, Ora 26 Swete, Helen 19, 26 Tape, Henry 27 Thomson, Mehran 23, 118 Todd, Chloe 26, 164, 165 Tompkins, Bernece 27 Tew, Sadie 27 Trabilcox, Lizzie 17 Turnbull, J. H 27 Turner, H. L 25, 27 Turner, Mabel 27 Uhvits, Rachel 21 Underbrink, Eula 19, 132, 162 ■Van Ameyde, Marinus 27 VandenBelt, B. H 25, 25 Vossler, Donnabel 24, 135 Walker, Arthur 25 Warren, Elizabeth 23 Waugh, Edgar 23 Wells, Lucy 28 Wharton, Nora 20, 137 Whitehouse, Frank 25 Wielandy, Virginia 26, 168 Wilber, Horace 25, 178 Wilcox, William 22, 180 Willoughby, George 20, 68, 133 Wolfe, Doyne 17 Wood, Harry 16, 25, 118, 121, 179 Wortley, Cora 26. 129 200 STUDENT INDEX Abercrombie, Thomas 101 Ableson, Belly 101 Abramson, Rulh 69 Adair, John 87, 134, 179 Adams, Belly 69, 116, 130 Adams, Edilh 48, 116, 117, 130, 165 Adams, Marcia 101 Adams, Mary 87, 174 Addy, Moxine 69, 130 Adelman, Ruth 69 Aflelt, Marie 101 Albright, Nora 48, 137, 164 Alexander, Frances 48, 130 Alexander, Louise 101 AlJord. Barry 87 AUsen, Carl 36, 69, 148, 178 Allen, Arlene 166 Allen, Jane 48, 117, 170 Allen, Jeanne 48, 132 Allmendinger, Fredric 69, 129 Allmendinger, Jean ..101, 132 Ames, Jeane 137 Amidon, Kalhryn 48, 167 Anderson, Grace 87, 171 Anderson, Jean 87 Anderson, Joan 101 Anderson, John M 87, 182 Anderson, Rhea . 35, 69 Andrews, William 180 Anzicek, Edward 87. 134, 180 Ardis, Charlotte 48, 173 Arnet, Betty 48, 116, 130, 170 Arnold, Dorothy 101 Artley, Helen 87, 170 Ashbacker, Betty 87. 167 Askew, Ida 48 Asprin. Benito 48 Atchinson, Linda 101 Atkins. Lome 101 Augustus, Margaret 124 Austin, Winifred 101 Av ery, Richard 101, 113 Babcock, Shirley 101 Bach, Frances 48, 173 Bailey, Richard 48, 115, 170 Bailey, Robert 69 Baird, Virginia 87, 166 Baker, Betty 101, 136 Baker, Doris 87 Baker, Margaret 69 Baker, Patricia 87, 116 Baker, Ralph 87 Baldwin, Ann 166 Ballard, Cecile 87, 129 Baltzer, Susanna.. 69. 113, 130, 138, 157 Barber, Jeanne 87 Barber, Ray 133, 179 Barker, Richard 69, 133 Barks, Helen 87 Barley, Louise 87 Barnard, DeWitt 87, 176 Barnard, Fred 176 Barnes, John 101, 149 Barnes, Orville 44, 178 Barrows, Robert.. 87, 115, 116, 134, 182 Barry, Ruth 170 Barss, William 69 Bcrtlev, Paul 87, 180 Bartolacci, Joseph 69, 151, 176 Barton, Keith 87, 182 Bartram, Lucille 48, 156 Baske, Joyce 87, 120 Boss, Seymour . .87, 125 Bassett, Edna 59 Bauer, Eva 48. 1 74 Baumgarden, William 69, 136 Beach, Allen 101 Beach, Dorothy 48, 153 Beach, Helen 32, 48, 166 Beardslee, George 101 Beauchamp, Merl 177 Beck, Ehzabelh 48, 117 Beck, Georgiana 48, 134 Becker, Dorothy 48 Bedford, Wilham 48, 133 Begel, Dorothy 69, 125, 174 Beld, Jean 48 Bell, Elizabeth 87 Bell, Frances 101 Bell, Margaret 87 Bell, Mary 69 Bennett, Billie 129 Bennett, George 101 Bennett, Juanita 87 Bennett, Margaret Ann 87 Bennetts, Frederic 136, 145, 148 Berg, Chester 69, 178 Berg, Marion 69 Berger, Helen 49, 163 Berman, Leona 49 Bellesworth, Alyce 87, 154 Betwee, Belte 101 Bevier, Edward 180 Bezirium, Constance 69 Bidwell, Dorothy 87 Eigelow, Clayton 87 Bigelow, Joyce 87 Bird, Keilh 49 Bishop, Paul 37 Black, Wilmeth 133 Blackmon, Sibyl 49 Blair, Mary 130 Blair, Nydia 59, 132 Blinkhorn, Theora 70 Bliss, Lois 87, 129, 172 Block, Frank 70 Bloom, Murray 101 Bloomer, WilUam 87, 146, 180 Bloomhuff, John 70 Bluhm, Virginia 87, 137 Blumenshine, Robert 87, 146 Boeberitz, Frank 87, 129 Boehm, Margaret 87 Boelens, Albert 101 Boelens, Alice 70, 115 Boelens, Mary 87 Bohms, Alvin 44, 49, 115, 117, 182 Borovich, Joseph.. 70, 133, 145, 149, 176 Borusch, Roberts 180 Bouck, Winston 87, 134, 137 Boussum, Charles 133 Bovee, Norvall 49, 115, 178 Bo ' wen, Frances 49, 117, 134 Bowen, Rolland 179 Bowers, Gerald 87 Bo-wles, Edward 116 Bowsman, Betty 101 Boyd, Eleanor 70, 173 Boyden, Mary Louise.. 32, 117, 138, 149 Boyer, Elizabeth 87, 129, 168 Bradley, Edna 87 Bradley, Mary 101 Brandt, Arnold 87 Brasseur, Garvin 87 Bray, Robert 178 Brazee, Edward 88 Brazee, Helene 132 Brazee, Lucille 101 Brazee, Opal 88 Bredin. Grace . 49 Breitag, Ted 70, 115, 146, 147, 180 Bremer, Ehzabelh 88 Bremer, Yvonne 88, 129 Brender, Barbara . 88 Brennan, Bessie 88 Brian, Bette 101 Briskey, Margaret 70, 130, 172 Britt, John 125 Britton, Fred 133 Brock, Elizabeth 101 Brock, Ella 88 Brooks, Barbara 137 Brooks, Dale 182 Brooks, Giles 88 Brown, Barbara 163 Brown, Gibson 177, 184 Brown, Gloria 70, 136 Brovrn, Helen 49 Blown, Jack 101 Brown, William 179 Bryan, Bethany 70 Bryan, Charles 70 Brzezinski, Joseph 88, 134, 147 Bubbs, Frank 49, 125, 152 Buckley, Ruth 101 Budge, Laing 49, 179 Buell, Eldon 49, 134, 182 Bunnell, George 49, 182 Burdge, Sam 70, 178 Burger, Dorothy 88 Burgett, Irene 88 Burnie, Elmer 146, 152 Burrell, Eugene 49 Burroughs, Nancy 88, 129 Burt, Dorothy 49, 168 Burton, Daniel 70, 179 Burton, Stanton 88, 179 Bush, Edward 49, 145 Buss, Earl 70 Butler, Mary 88, 130 Cohours, EUzabeth 49, 1 67 Colder, Edith 49 Calkins, John 101, 134 Callaghan, Annetta 49, 167 Campbell, David.. 35, 49, 116, 117, 125, 134, 182, 184 Campbell. Jean 129 Campbell. Margauretle 88 Campbell, Mildred 101 Campbell, Robert 88 Carakostas, Kenneth 88, 133, 149, 176 Carless, Faith 50 Carlson, Carl 70, 134 Carlson, Harry 50, 148 Carlson, Jeanette 50 Carman, Janet 132 Carney, Gilbert 88 Cosier, Shirley 88 Chamberlain. Harold 70, 133 Chamberlain, Paul 145 Chapman, Ralph 100, 101, 121, 180 Chapman, Robert 45,50, 121, 180 Chappell, Geraldine 70 Chappell, Mary 70 Charter, Retta 70, 129 Chartier, Frances 101 Chernuchin, Paul 101 Christ, Paul 70 Christenson, Elouise 171 Christian, Norman 88, 130 Chrzanowski, Chester 70, 124, 129 Chubb, Malcolm 71, 177 Clark, Arthur 101 Clark, Barbara 101, 132 Clark, Clamah 1 36 Clark, Margaret 50, 164 Clark, Maurice 71, 180 Clark, Ronald 71, 145, 147 Clay, Belly 63 Cleary, Ken 88, 180 Cleland, Margaret 88, 132 Coates, Randall 50 Cogger, Doris 101 Colburn, Mary 166 Cole, Adele 101, 171 Cole, Margery 88 Cole, Mildred 101 Colegrove, Janet 130, 173 Compton, Asa 71, 133 Compton, Lewis 80 Compton, Maurice 50 Conger, Verna 88 Conolly, Robert 38, 50, 135, 178 Conway, David 88, 146, 147, 177 Cook, Joseph 50, 148 Cook, Lois 88, 172 Cooke, Allegro 88, 155 Coon, Neil 88 Cooney, James 71, 133 Cooney, Mary 88 Cooper, Jeanne 101 Cooperman, Arnold 139, 145 Cope, Lawrence 88 Corbeille, Joyce 88, 171 Corning, BIy 71, 130, 144, 145, 177 Coulman, William 101 Covert, Jack 71 Covington, Jean 101 Cowan. Edward 50 Cowe, Barbara 101 Cowin, Barbara 101, 113 Cox, Bruce 50 Cox, Evelyn 102 Cox, Clin 102 Craig, Margaret 88 Craig, Martha 102 Crandall, Ella-Mae 71 , 169 Crandall, Eileen 50, 136 Crandall, Helen 50, 134, 137, 169 Crawford, Robert 50, 136, 180 Cresswell, Charles 50, 177 Cripps, James. 71 Crisp, Delmar 88 Critchetl, Wilma 50, 117, 134 Cronenwelt, Lois 88, 138 Crothers, George 102, 125 Crothers, Martin 125 Crowl, Edith 88, 138 Crumback, Betty 137 Crumback, Eila 137 Culhn, Douglas 71, 137, 146, 148 Cumming, John ...50, 113, 177 Cunliffe, Frederick 71, 145 Currey, Marjorie 50, 117, 139 Curtis, Irene 88 Cutcheon, Roger 50 Dadson, Marvin 50 Dahlstrom, Ida 88 Daly, Douglas 71 Danylizyn, Michael 176 Dau, James 88, 125, 180 Davids, Craig 88, 121 Davis, Dorothy 88 Davis, Florence 50 Davis, Jess 44, 51, 136, 148, 180 Davis, Delight 51, 131 Davison, Eugene 102 Doyss, Elsa 71 Dean, Lorna 124 Dean, Marian 88, 1 24 201 Dean, Marjorie 71 DeGurse, Eula 102 Deising, Kathryn 51 Delaforce, Marjorie 137 Dennis, Anna 88 Dennis, Irene 88 Dersnah, Eugene 51, 117, 134, 182 DeShepmaster, Joe 89 Deska, Theodore 51 Despres, Betty 102 Dickason, Doris 130 Dickerson, Martin 89, 137 Dickerson, Robert 51 Dicks, Geneva 51, 162 Diehl, Peggie 102 Dinruna, Marjorie 71 Dittman, Wilma 89 Dixon, James 89 Dornbrock, Ardys 51, 173 Dorrell, Betty 102 Dover, Edward 180 Drewyour, Charles 51, 178 Drucker, Sidney 51, 145 Drusbacky, Michael 149, 176, 184 Duhig, Mary 71 Duncan, Gladys 102 Duncanson, Ruth 167 Dunham, Alice 102 Duris, Marian 51, 1 68 Dusbiber, Glen 133 Dyer, Thomas 89 Dykhuis, Virginia 102, 136 Eastham, Jane 89, 129 Eastman, Jeness 102 Eastman, Norwood 102, 121 Ebbitt, Helen 51 Edgar, Betty 51, 125 Edmonson, Joan 102, 136 Eggers, Margaret 137 Eggert, Audrey 51, 169 Eldred, Marion 89 Elliott, George 51, 176 Elliott, Elaine 89, 132, 137 Elliott, Robert 102 ElUs, Lucille 102 Ellis, Margaret 89 Elmers, Barbara 51, 166 Emboden, Ernestine 51, 118, 120 Emery, Gertrude 102 Emery, Harriett 116, 134 Emig, Barbara 102, 132 Enisv iler, Margaret 71, 167 English, Doris 71, 174 Erickson, Barbara 71, 116, 117 Estavillo, Federico 51 Evans, James 102 Exelby, Margaret 51 Fair, Florence Mae 51, 125 Fair, Shirley 102, 132 Fairman, Georgia 89 Falahee, Hilton 89, 116, 134 Farnham, Harold 102 Farris, Mary 89, 116 Feeney, James 71, 177 Feldkamp, Irene 116 Feldkamp, Lucena 51, 129 Fellows, Frances 52, 132 Felton, Clark 71, 133 Fennert, Lucille 89 Fensch, Willard 89, 180 Fenton, Shirley 172 Ferman, Richard 45, 52, 180, 184 Ferrett, Arlene 72 Field, Marcia 89 Fields, Adoulphus 72 Filas, Lillian 102, 113 Fink, James 134 Fink, Evelyn 89 Finkbeiner, Helen 72, 164 Finkbeiner, Jean 72, 164 Fischer, Roy 89 Fish, Mary 52 Fisher. Eloise 72, 171 Fitch, Lalune 89 Filing, Carl 89 Fixel, Ray 102, 129, 182 Fleisher. Bessie 52, 134 Fleury, Donald 102, 134 Fochtman, Esther 72, 168 Foley, Mildred 89 Folsom, Robert 102, 182 Foote, Helen 102, 124 Forker, Barbara 86, 89, 136, 164 Forsyth, EUnor 102, 130 Foster, Jack 52, 136, 178 Foster, Ruth 72, 164 Fournier, Genevieve 52 Fox, John 102 Fralick, Ruth 72, 172 Francis, Constance 102 Francis, Rosalie 52, 132, 166 Frank, Philip 89, 116, 121, 134 Frankenberry, Anne 134, 139, 163 Eraser, Grace 89 Eraser, Jean 108, 136 Frederickson, Loleta 89 Frederickson, Stanley 89 Freeland, Robert 89, 129 Freeman, Laura 72, 167 French. Betty 52, 167 Frey, Mary 72, 170 Freytag, Valma 52 Fried, Harold 89, 133, 145, 176, 184 Friedenberg, Murray 89 Frogner, Charles 180 Fulford, Donald 89 Fuller, Betty 72, 170 Furlotte, Ellen 35, 52 Furlotte, Jane 34, 52 Gabbard, Sue 102 Gager, Robert 102 Gaines, Dendy 72, 145, 179 Gcmet, Leon 52 Garen, Henry 52, 129 Gargol, Irene 102, 136 Garhck, Betty 102, 132 Garrison, Kathalee 34, 72, 117, 170 Gates, David 72, 136, 144, 145, 148, 178 Gates, Laura 72 Gauntlett, Jay 72, 180 Gaynier, Os 52, 113, 146, 178 Geddis, Barbara 89, 132, 138, 139 Geden, Lillian 52 George, Georgie 72 German. Grace 168 Gessinger, John 72, 124 Gibbs, Emily 52 Gibbs, Robert 89 Gildenstein, Ralph 37, 89, 133, 146, 147, 180 Giles, Melvin 1 29 Gille, Veronica 102 Gilles, Richard 145, 178 Gillespie, Leva 102 Glantzman, Max 72 Gieason, Cora 102 Gleason, Ray 89, 115 Glendening, Clyde 102 Glow, Stanley 126, 133 Goetz, Carl 102 Goff, Carol 52, 117 Goldsmith, Irvena 102, 164 Goodar, Evelyn 72 Gooding, Robert 52, 1 79 Goodman, Isabelle 89 Goodrich, Elsin. . .33, 52, 115, 115, 117, 118, 120, 125 Goodson. Harriet 89, 136, 169 Goodwin, Walter 72. 134 Gordon, Elizabeth 102, 169 Gordon, Seymour 52 Gordon, Shirley 102, 136 Goretski, Beatrice 52 Gowdy, Allene 89, 132 Giacey, June 89, 168 Grady, Joe 145, 146, 149 Grafton, Lester 73, 180 Graham, Elizabeth 137 Graham, Jean 73 Grambeau, Rodney 102 Granger, Fred 53, 124, 180 Granger, Lunette 132, 174 Granskog, Eileen 102 Grant. John 136. 144. 145, 148, 178 Grapp, Donna 102 Graves, Bette 89, 131 Gray, Eleanor 103 Green, Mary 103 Green, Virginia 53. 165 Greene, Betty Jane 53 Greenleaf, Ruth 103, 132 Gregg, Janis 136, 166 Gregory, Park 53 Grifhn, Marion 89 Griggs, Eleanor 34, 47, 53, 115, 130, 173 Griggs, Phyllis 103, 113. 115. 129 Grimm, Virginia 103 Grindle, Leroy 53, 146, 147, 152 Gross, Warren 136. 145, 176 Guenther. Walter 89. 136 Gunberg, Milton 103 Gurley. Alfred 53, 178, 184 Haab, Lenora 73, 116, 120, 131 Haab, Milda 53 Hackett, Jack 103 Hackett. Elizabeth 53, 129 Hagel, Ellen 53 Hagen, John 103 Hale, Elizabeth 53, 170 Hall, Barbara B! Hall, Donna 103, 132 Hall, Ella 53 Hall, Florence 73, 167 Hall, Glenn 53, 182 Hoisted, Walter 73, 133, 139, 182 Hanford, Evelyn 89 Hankinson, Beulah 137 Hansen. Paul 103 Hansma, Jack 136, 152 Hanson, Gladys 53, 130 Hard, Mabel 103 Harding, Jean 73, 130 Harding, Virginia 53, 113. 137, 162 Harkins, Mary 103 Harkness, Lois 73 Harper, John 103 Harrington, Catherine 73, 129 Harris, Mary 53, 125, 129, 173 Harrison, Margaret 53 Harrison, William 53, 182 Hart, Lucille 73 Hartman, Milton 176 Hartman, Stanley 133 Hartung, Selma 35, 53 Hartwig, Robert 53, 115 Harvey, Helen 103. 137 Harvey, Virginia 54 Haselschwerdt, Ruth 73 Haselswerdt, Janet 89 Haskett. Helen 54. 162 Hatcher, Margaret 73, 134 Hauk, Marvin 121, 134 Hayball, George 134 Hoydon, Marjorie 113 Hayes, Barbara 103 Hayes, Hayden 103, 178 Hays, Sydney 103 Hazelaar. Nellie 103 Hazledine. Herbert 54 Hazzard, Pauline 89 Heafield, Cecily 103 Hearn, Dorothy 73, 118, 119, 120 Heffernan, Pat 37, 144, 145, 149, 177 Heininger, Carlene 103 Heizman, Irene 89, 167 Helfrich, Stewart 103, 134. 182 Hellems. Alvin 103, 124 Hemes, Eugenia 54, 136 Hemingway. Margaret 54 Hempstead, Josephine 103, 129 Henderson, Geraldine. .35, 54, 136, 169 Hendy, Kenneth 145 Henry. Lester 73 Herbst, Marian 103 Herhhy, Thomas 73, 136, 145, 178 Herron, John 39, 73, 115, 137 Hersh, Norma 98, 103 Heurion, Marjorie 137 Higginbotham, Ray 180 Higgins, Dorothy 103 High, James 73, 134, 146 High, Jean 54, 133 Hill, Esther 103 Hitchingham, Dorothy 89 Hix, Marian 54 Hlad, Charles 146, 147, 178 Hobbs, Fred 73 Hoc k, Ethel 73, 132 Hoelzer, Betty 103 Holgate, Margaret 136 HoUeran, Helen 33, 73, 115, 117 HoUiday , Walter 54 Holloway, Gladys 137 Holmes, Ruth 54, 117 Holmguist, Pearl 54, 130 Holt, Harold 73, 116, US, 121 Holt, Marian 54, 120 Holtman. Eugene 73 Hooker, Virginia 1 70 Hooper, Irving 116, 134 Hopkins, Frieda 90 Hopps, Willard 180 Hornbacher, Elsie 74, 169 Hornbeck, WiUiam 103 Howard, John 44, 178 Howard, Ruth 90 Howard, Jean 54, 117, 129, 166 Hubbard, Mary 90 Hubbard, Ralph 37, 63, 118, 121, 178, 184 Hubbell, Barbara 74, 117 Huber, Ruth 54, 117, 118, 119, 120 Hudgins, Robert 90 Hughes, Bernard 74 Hughes, Jean 103 Hughes, Neville 36, 63, 136, 152 Humbert, Herbert 103, 121, 124, 129 Hungerford, Helen 74, 130, 167 Hupy, Robert 90. 115, 182 Hurley, Grover 54, 179 Huskinson, Evelyn 103 Huston, Robert 180 Hutchinson, Elizabeth 116 Hutchinson, Rodney 90, 182 Huyghe, Oscar 182 202 Iqnatowski, Loreua H)3 Irish, lane 103 Irwin, Evelyn 166 lack, Faye 34, 45, 54, 167 lacka, Edna 35, 116 Jackson, Betty 100, 103, 113, 172 Jackson. William 74, 182 Jacob, Rose 103 Jacobs, Bernice 90, 136, 169 Jacobs, Kendall 90 Jaffe, Morris 54, 145 James, Geraldine 74, 138 James, Margaret 103 Jefferson, Mary 103 Jellis, Betty 40, 54, 174 Jensen, Robert 63, 74, 130, 178 Jessop, Alice 54, 1 36 Jessup, Betty 33, 54, 117 Johnson, Carl 54, 125, 182 Johnson, Donald 74, 134 Johnson, Dorothy 55 Johnson, Elizabeth 103 Johnson, Eveline 103 Johnson, Lillian 103 Johnson, Mary 74, 125, 167 Johnson, Warren 90, 146, 147, 152 Jones, Marie 55, 170 Jonesc u, John 74 Jositas, Edmund 45, 177 Juergens, Marguerite 103, 136 Kaegebein, Rosemarie 103 Kagan, Louis 90, 146, 147 Kahal, Jack 38, 103 Kaleff, Pauline 74, 137 Kaplan, Ada 55 Karner, Harriet 74, 136 Katon, Hslen 74, 169 Katz, Martha 55 Kaufman, Florence 168 Keefer, Gertrude 90 Keenan, Mary Jane 74, 172 Kelder, Janet 74, 129, 171 Kellams, Earl 103 Keller, Eu-7ene 104 Kelley, Ruth 104 Kempl, Marian 74 Kenady, Keith 90, 182 Keniield, John 134, 178 Kenny, Charles 55 Kenyon, Katherine 168 Kercher, La Rue 55, 116, 132, 167 Ketchum, Boyd 74 Kidd, Irving 55, 125, 130 Kidder, Florence 74, 130, 173 Kilpatnck, Murel 55, 134 Kingman, Maryella 90 Kipf, Caryl 40, 74, 132 Kirk, Arlene 90 Kirker, Eunice 90 Kirshman, Elinor 74 Kirtland, Nancy 90 Kissner, Carlton 55, 130, 182 Kiteley, Betty 90 Kitter, Lucille 104 Kivo, Joseph 74, 145 Klein, Charles 182 Klein, Robert 75, 178 Klinesmith, Rebecca 90 Knox, Blanche 55, 129 Knox, Ida Belle 55, 129 Knox, Sara 104 Koch, Harold 104 Koeppen, Maxine 104 Kokales, Esther 90 Kolaczynski, Edward 90 Kolberg, Winifred. .34, 55, 137, 154, 165 Komnenovich, Violet 104 Kontrymowicz, Ed 37, 90, 144, 145, 148, 176 Koons, Virginia 55 Kopp, Samuel 55, 137, 180 Koppin, Doris 104 Koskelc, Linda 55 Kowalski, Helen 75, 135 Kraas, Dorothy 90, 165 Krake, Pearl 75 Krans, Carol 90, 132 Kreeger, Elsmer 104 Kreger, Doris 90 Kress, Charlotte 55 Kressler, Charles 63 Kuebler, Jean 90 Kuhl, Marjorie 125 Kunna, Mary 75 Kurtz, Phyllis 55, 170 Kuzawa, Helen 90 Ladd, Wilham 90. 182 Lafoy, Phyllis 104, 158 Lamb, Mary Louise 55, 137, 159 Lamiman, William 55. 135, 149, 180, 184 Lamkin, Virginia 104 Lancaster, Lois 104, 129 Lane, Kathleen 55 Lanqeneker, Joseph 90, 177 Langerman, Rolland 100, 104, 178 Langstaff, Donald 104 Langthorne, Helene 45, 55, 118, 120 LaRue, Robert 90, 113, 115, 115, 134 LaVigne, Patricia 56 Lav rence, Elizabeth 104 Lawrence, Roy 75, 151, 180 Lav renson, Ethyl 130 Leatherman, Jean 56 Lebowsky, Bernice 75, 130 Lecznar, Carl 56, 121, 145, 177 Lee, Clarabelle 56, 136 Lee, Jack 5b Lee, Robert 145, 147, 152 Leffler, Amelia 5D, 13 ' Leicht, Florence 90 Leikert, Wilma 75 Lemanski, Clement 90, 145 Lemmon, William 75, 149, 175 Lenheiser, Harold 75 Lenninglon, Andrev 75 Lentz, Jane 75, 131 Leonard, George 90 Leonard, Robert 104 Lepisto, Clyde 104 Lepisto, Morris 105 Lepisto, Walter 90 Leslie, Arlyn 104 Lessel, Arthur 149, 176 Lester, Hildred 56, 137 Lester, Marjorie 44, 55 Lester, Thyrza 34, 56, 130, 138 Levin, Hilda 45, 172 Lewis, Ceha 104 Lewis, Charlotte 132 Lichtenfelt, Clarice 90 Lichtenfelt, Lawrence 90 Lichtenfelt, Richard 177 Lichty, Inez 90 Lieder, Albert 75 Lieder, Arthur 113, 134, 145, 178 Lietz, Lois 75 Liaht. Marion 56, 124, 170 Light. Thelma 55. 170 Lind. Belte 1311, 172 Lindbert, Marion 75 Lindenschmidt, William 104, 129 Lindner. Kenneth 134 Lobb, Granville 104 Lobban, Dorothea 104, 169 Lobbestael. Margaret. 56 Lcckwood. Doris. 55, 135 Lcckwood, Ear! 90, 134 Lockwood, Jo Anne 104 Lohr, Virginia 56 Long, Betty 104, 113 Long. Elizabeth 75 Long, Mary 90 Lorenz. Catherine 75 I.ossing, Elden 134 Lcve, Ada 75, 129 Lovell, Dorothy 56, 134. 163 Lowe. Grace 75 Lowell. Eleanor 104, 139 Loyer, Eunice 90 Loyster, Ruth 104 Ludwig, Grace 125 Luke, Florence 104, 129 Lund, Dennis 56, 113. 119, 121, 182 Luoma. Tauno 56 Lutz. Bert 136 Mack, Richard 104 Mack, Virginia 90 Madigan, Anne 90 Madigan, Charles 104 Mahaffy, Glyone 76, 121, 124 Mahaffy , Hazel 57 Mahar. Marie. 173 Mahar, Virginia 104 Mains, Marjory 91 Majorana, Egidio 91, 133 Majorana, Joseph 91, 133, 176 Maleski, Eugenia 104, 132 Maleski. Lottie 104,132 Malkim, Edsel 104 Mankinen, Gladys 57 Mann, Helen Ruth 57, 115, 130, 173 Manning, Frank 104 Manning, Richard 86, 91, 116, 134, 144, 180 Makeson, Clarence .104 Markle, Marian 57, 134 Marquand, Kathleen 104 Marsh, Ronald 104, 124, 131 Marshall, Don 57, 115, 116, 117, 134, 182 Marti, Violet 75, 134, 154 Martin, Florence 47, 63, 173 Marvel, Julia 104 Marvin, Catherine 76 Maschke, Arthur 91, 1 45 Mason, Shirley 104 Mass, Elmer 57 Mater, Edwina 91 Matthews, Fred 129 Matthews, Jean 130 Matthews, Sue 57, 130 Maurer, Edward 91 Mauritho, Mildred 75, 124, 125, 130, 171 Maxwell, Beverly 104, 120 May, Marjorie 91 McAvoy, Betty 104 McCarthy, Beverly 104 McClelland, Albert. .. 135, 152, 146, 180 McCoU, Ruth 104,129 McComb, Donald 52, 180 McConalogue, Bernice 91 McCrory. Faith 104, 137 McCulloch, Charlotte 57, 169 MrCulloch, George 37 McCutcheon, Irene 91, 129 Macdonald, Donna 56, 156, 175 McDonald, Florence 91 MacDonald, Royal 90, 133 MacFadden, Charles 56, 137 McGowan. Gerald 57 MacGregor, Margaret 90, 170 MacGregor, Marion 75, 174 McKale, Jean 57, 137 McKeachie, Wilbert 91, 115, 134 MacKellar, Doris 56, 132, 174 McKillen, Lillian 57, 117 MacKinnon, Martha 104 McLenna, Blanche 105 MacLeod, Betty 56, 172 McLeod, Ireta 130 MacMuilan, Frances 90 McMullan, Loyd 91, 137 McMulIan, Phyllis 57, 137 McMurray, Ellen 169 McPhee, Clayton 105 McWethy, Eleanor 91 Monger, Helen 76, 1 58 Merena, Metro 105 Merenda, Angeline 105, 129 Merrick, Dorothy.. 76, 115, 117, 132, 138 Merrill, Laura 132 Messer, Helena 57 Meyers, Pershing 78 Mielke, Lilhan 57 Miller, Aloha 91 Miller, Alfred 91 Miller, Betty 120 Miller, Ellen 57, 134 Miller, Irene 76 Miller. Mary 91 Miller, Lawrence 75, 133 Miller, Leighton 105, 137 Miller, Lois 105 Miller, Virginia 91, 173 Minnick, Mamie 57, 120, 132 Misenar, Burman 57, 148, 180 Mitchell, Dorothy 105 Mitchell, Virginia 91 Mocek, Emily 105 Mohr. Robert 91 Moles. Charles 75 MoUett, Vera 91, 134 Montean, John 76, 125, 177 Moore, Grace 105 Moore, Leonard 57 Moore, Walter 105 Moote. Helen 76 Morden, Jean 32, 57 Morelli, Irene 105 Morhous, Dorothy 105 Morningstar, Grace 91 , 164 Morningstar. Hamilton 57, 133, 180 Mori ill, Ralph 105 Morris, Helen 105 Morris, Joseph 1 80 Morris, Marlin 105, 182 Morrish, Beth 91 Morrison, Victor 76, 134 Morrow, Lillian 91 Mott, Dolores 91, 171 Mowat, Ruth 58, 131, 174, 175 Muecke, Caroline 58 Mueckler. Evelyn.. 44. 58, 117, 125, 129 MuUin, Gertrude 105 Munn, Maxine 91 Muntean, Daniel 58 Mutter, Ferris 47, 58, 125, 182 Nass, Willard 91, 133, 182 Nachazel, Emily 76 Naqy, Goldie 91 Neary, Barbara 91, 164 Neff, Betty 58, 167 Nelson, Barbara 105 Nelson, Phyllis 33, 58 203 Nelson, Shirley 169 Nemeth, Charles 105 Nepodal. Shirley 91, 170 Neubert, Emmajune 76, 137, 162 Neubert, Lucille 105, 162 Neuman, Keitha 58 Nevel, Paul 105 Newlar.ds, George ... .68, 76, 130, 144, 145, 178 Newnham, Margaret 75, 124, 131 Nicholas, Nick 76, 136 Nichols, Ella 58, 131 Nichols, Laura 174 Nickel, Helen 91, 132 Niedospal, Rose 105 Nimke, Jean 105 Niparko, Serge 105, 121 Nixon, Margaret 91 Noonan, Melvin 180 Norris, Velma 105 Norton, Virainia 91 Novy, Elsie 58, 163 C ' Berg, William 58 O ' Brien, Helen 58, 168 O ' Connell, Thelma 105, 137 O ' Connor, Marguerite 105 Odell, Omer 105 Odmark, Ronald 91, 129, 182 Oien, Laura 136, 174 Oldenburg, Gladys 58 Olds, Joan 76, 167 OUver, W. C 91, 121, 134, 176 Olsen, Genevieve 58, 170 O ' Mara, Mary 105 Ondrovik, Frank.. 76, 117, 134, 137, 177 Osborne, Theodore 125 Ott, Evelyn 91, 125, 132 Ott, Pauline 58, 117 Otto, Grace 105, 164 Otto, Vivian 58, 164, 165 Outley, Bettymay 76, 138 O vens, Charles 91 Oxley, Charles 148, 149, 180 Packer, Dale 58, 145 Packer, Ira 76 Page, Barbara 91 Page, Elinor 91 Page, Lois 91 Palmer, John 105 Palmer, Janet 105 Palmer, Raymond 91, 130 Paris, Sterling 91 Park, Mary 105, 132 Parker, Ha 77,167 Parker, Ilah 91, 166 Parker, Leona 91 Parker, William 152, 180 Parkinson, Margaret 105, 137 Parsons, Ruth 92 Patrich, Marion 58. 130 Patrico, Constance 91, 134 Patterson, Elizabeth 92, 137 Patton, Lois 92 Paulson, Thelma 105 Peacock, Mary 58 Peet, Max 77 Peknik, John 92, 134, 180 Peppier, Mary 92 Perrine, Jean 92 Perry, Dorothea 92, 131, 134 Perry, Walter 77 Perryman, June 58, 118, 119, 163 Peters, Marion 77, 136, 164 Peters, Walter . 92 Peterson, Loraine 77, 167 Peterson, Shirley 7 7, 136 Petrasky, John 137 Petredean, George 105, 137, 149 Petty, Malcolm 77 Philipp, Margaret 58, 125 Phillips. Ailyne 171 Phillips, Lois 77, 117 Phillips, Natalie 135, 171 Phillips, Nila 92 Pierson, Ethel 77 Pillsbury, Betty 92, 132 Pillsbury, Charles 182 Pilon, Ruby 171 Pitkelhly, Margaret 59, 136, 166 Pitsch, Evangeline 105 Plasters, Elmer 59 Plesha, Maryon 105 Plunkett, John 105 Pobanz, Karl 133 Podayko, Olga 105, 136 Pohly, Leah 92 Pokrywka, Joseph 59, 144, 145, 176 Poly, Edward 40, 58, 77, 136, 145, 146, 178 Polzin, Mary 105, 124 Polk, Henry 59 Porter, Lynn 92 Porter, Vernon 77, 134 Potter, Christine 59 Potter, Josephine 77 Powell, Elton 59, 125, 129 Powers, Christine 117, 139 Po ' wers, James 177 Pray, lanet 35, 77, 138, 173 Pretty, Robert 105 Priest William 105, 179 Proctor, Clyde 47, 59, 182 Purcell, Francis 77, 116 Purcell, George 105 Purchase, Elsie 105 Purchase, Mary 92, 134 Purman. Eleanor 77, 137, 167 Pavogel, Joe 92, 134, 152 Oualmann, Walter 36, 77, 145, 182 Ouigley, James 59, 134, 182 Cuiglev, Kenneth 92, 134 Ouinn, Thomas 68, 136, 146, 147, 152 Rabideau, Barbara 132 Rae, George 77 Rae, Helen 59 Raman, Kathryn 77 Randolph, Carolyn 92 Ransom, Drucilla 171 Rasmovich, Anthony 92, 146, 147 Rawson, George 92, 177 Raymond, Shirley 106 Raymond, Viola 77, 136 Reams, Margaret 59 Reber, Marlen 77, 179 Redden, Gwendolyn 92 Reed, Allegra 59 Reed, Wealthy 92 Reeves, Adaline 59, 136, 169 Reid, Jeane 106 Reid, Ehzabeth 32, 59, 116, 117, 130, 138, 139 Reid, Helen 92 Reid, Mariha 172 Reidy, Katherine 59, 174 Reifsnyder, Charlotte 106 Reilly, June 92, 139 Reinbold, Louise 92, 116, 134 Remer, Ahce 106 Reno, Elaine 106, 131 Renton, Roy 149, 177 Repaid, Norma 77 Reuter, Irene 106 Reynolds, Max 58, 184 Rhead, Doris 92 Rice, Elizabeth 44, 59, 125, 13U, 170 Rice, Evelyn 78, 130, 170 Richards, Jeanette 92. 130 Richards, William 59, 137 Richardson, Marie 92, 132 Richardson, Stanley 92, 177 Richman, Hilda 106 Riddering, Albert 59, 115, 116, 117, 118, 139, 182 Riddering, Donald 106, 131 Rieael, Donna 132 Riegler, Elizabeth 59, 130 Riesberq, Elizabeth 59 Riggs, Emerson 78, 133, 137, 177 Kings, Emily 130 Risk, Norman 78, 133 Ritz, Mary 86, 92, 173 Roach, Gladys 92 Robb, Herbert 137 Robertson, Catherine 106 Robinson, Abner 59, 117, 134 Robinson, Orlo 92 Roe, Dorothy 106 Roediger, Ruth 106 Roehler, Marion 92 Roehring, Elmer 60 Rogers, lone 92, 136 Rogers, Pauline 60, 132 Rohr, John 106, 121 Rollins, PhylUs 92 Rose, Bonnie 106 Rose, Hazel 92 Rosenthal, Rose 60, 130 Rosenweig, Edward 106 Ross, Eleanor 60 Ross, Elmer 60, 182 Ross, Francis 137 Ross, Jack 98, 106 Ross, Mary Esther 40, 92, 170 Ross, Warren 92 Rothman, Seymour 78, 149 Rowe, Lois 92 Rucinski, Thomas 133 Russell, Lyle 106 Russell, Mirabel 106 Rust, Donald 130 Rybash, Michael 60, 177 Rye, Robert 113, 125 Rylko, John log Ryznar, Stephanie 6Q Sabadash, Ann 130 St. John, Vesta ' 107 St. Peter, Dorothy 33, 78, 117, 170 Sanborn, Betty jQg Sark, Marion 78, ii5, " lV7 ' , 163 Sarnes, Myron 60, 133, 151 bauer, Frances 73 Savage, Julia go ' , 137 Savage, Verda 60, i32i 137 Sayers, Bernice ' 106 Saylor, Charles 78 Sayre, Jeanette 60, ii7, " l37, 163 Schadel, Richard gO Schaeffer, Ray " ' 73 Schagane, Ruth ..W, 173 Schill, Gercldine 34, 4 ' 5 ' , ' 6o! 172 Schlosstein, Louis 92, ' 134 ' 137 Schlosstein, Mary Jane 78] I37 ' 162 Schmidt, Dorothy J 92 Schneidewind, Ann [[ 7g Schoenberger, Eleanor Vs 137 Schoensee, Harvey 78, 125, 134 " i82 ' 184 Schram, Carl 105 l ' v ' ' °, ' ? ' „ ' ' ° " ° " 33. ' ' l ' 35, 170 bchroff, Geraldine 92 Schulkins, William ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 92 137 Schumann, Jean " . . ' ' jge Schwartz, Charles 106 Schwartz, Jeanette ' 92 Schwarzkopf, Marian. .35, 78, 131 168 Scofield, Jerry 73 ' 137 Scott, Donna ' ' ' 92 Seeley, Clayton. ...■. ' . ' .■.■.■. ' .■. ' . ' . lo ' 6 ' , 115 Seitz, Estelle yg Severence, Audrey 78 ' 113 Severin, Alice ' ' 50 cw,° ' l " . " " ' . ' . ' . ' l ' g ' , 176 bhatler. Moreen 60 132 Shaffer, Russell 4d, " 6 ' o ' , ' 134! 145 Shakotk, George IQS Shapiro, Celia . . 60 Sharkey, Mary Lou e ' o ' 173 Sharpe, Doris ' 92 Sharpe, Ellyn ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .■.■.■l ' 3 ' 2 ' 170 thaipe, Ruth 105 Shaughnessy, Maigazet. ... . ' . ' . ' ...[ 73 Shaw, Bernard ' 60 Shearer, Geraldine . 61 Sheffield. Jane iq6 Sheppard, Elizabeth. . .78, iio, ' l ' 3 ' o ' 162 Sheppard, William 61, 130 Sherman, Lorene ' 92 Sherman, Marguerite.... ' 78 117 ' 1R4 165, 174 ■ ' Sherwood, Jeanette ]36 Shewchuck, Sergey. ' 92 ' 130 ![; ' = ' ?; " , ' a- • ■ ■ ■, 93. V2 ' 5 ' , ' i29; 138 Shield, Elizabeth 167 Shirtliff, Daniel ' ' ' 61 Shivas, Ruth log Shoemaker, Jane 93 Shoemaker, John.. 86, 93, ii6, ' l ' 3 ' 4 ' , 180 Shoemaker, Leota 78, 132 Shore, Nell 1 69 Shouldice, Jane 6I ' , 169 Shultes, Rose 106 Sibley, Marion ' 34 170 Siddall, Beth ! 116 Siera, Walter, .. 144, 145, 148, 149, 177 Sigier, Vida 93, 168 Sikorowicz, Edward 106, 180 Silverman, Murray 93 Simmons, Margaret 61, 117, 166 Simmons, William 93, 137, 180 Simonds, John 149, 180 Simons, Kathleen 106 Simpson, Grace 93 Sinn, Oramae 106, 120 Skagen, Edna 79, 124 Skellenger, Louise 61 Skinner, Eleanor 132, 166 Slater, Annalee 106, 131 Slating, Marceline 61 Smith, Bernadine 93, 138, 170 Smith, Curtis 79 Smith, Dorothy 61 Smith, Florence 93 Smith, Jeanette 106 Smith, Lauren 79 Smith, Marian 61 Smith, Mary 93, 167 Smith, Nancy 61 Smith, Ralph 179 Smith, Robert L 93 Smith, Robert R 106 Snell, Julia 93, 113, 170 Snow, Margaret 106 Snyder, Clifford 79 Snyder, Douglas 93, 180 Socha, Esther 61 204 Soderlund, Rachel 79 Sommerfield, Don 93, 134, 146, 147, 178 Sommers, Iva 106 Sondeen, Muriel 33, 116, 117 Sonnenberg, Albert 93, 133 Soskin, William 61, 178 Spacil, Filia 33, 61, 117, 131 Spata, Francis 61 Spata, Paul 106, 176 Speas, Rita 61, 129 Speersira, Ida 106, 137 Spence, Jeanette 106 Spencer, Peggy 51 Sperry, Marjorie 106 Spike, Clark 106 Spindler, Frank 136 Spotts, Alfred 79, 134 Spoils, Frank 79, 134 Spratt, Mary 93 Spring, Margaret 61, 170 Springer, June 105 Squires, John 61 Stacey, Thomas 79, 134, 180 Stadtmiller, Martha 106 Staebler, Ruth 61, 117 Stebbins, Phyllis 93 Stevens, Margaret 61 Stewart, Betty 107 Stier, Verna 107 Slier, William 51, 125, 129 Stine, Irene 107 Stoffer, Eleanor 129 Stoflet, Harriet 62, 134, 137 Sloltz, Eleanor 107 Slorer, Charlene 79, 132, 173 Stout, Marian 93, 168 Strait, Elwin 107 Stiait, Luren 52 Street, Egbert 79 Street, Earl 93 Stuber, Ke ndall 133 Sundwick, Carmen 129 Sutton, Dariel 62, 117 Swafford, Frederick. 37, 79, 113, 133, 178 Swayer, Geraldine 79, 132 S " wayze, Esther 107 S ' weeney , Barbara 93 Sweet, Wilfred 62, 115, 124, 134 S-wiger, Leonard 180 Swinton, David 79. 134 Szucs, Juha 107, 137 Taber, Edward 52 Taber, Robert 93 Tallmadge, Helen 79, 125 Tanske, Elaine 107 Tappen, Ardith 107, 131 Taubman, Lester 107, 12! Taylor, Patricia 107 Teague, Marjorie 52, 129, 166 Teahan, Frank 79 Teufel, William 93, 121, 124, 130 Thompson, Agnes 79 Thompson, Kathaleen 170 Throne, Gale 136 Thumme, Kenneth 52, 134, 179 Tibbie, Ralph 107 Tiedman, Constance 107 Tiffany, Doris 93 Timoshek, Frank 107, 137, 180 Tirb, Rita 107 Tisdale, Archie 62, 1?7 Toaz, Barbara 136 Tompkins, Marjorie 62, 137, 139 Tcwer, Robert 79 Townsend, Harlan 121 Townsend, Preston 62 Tremper, Lawrence 180 Tringham, James 79, 182 Tringham, Lorena 93 Trzcinski, William 107, 136 Turnbull, Bessie 34, 93 Turner, Deloris 79 Turner, Marie 107, 113 Turlon, Walter 62, 177 Tyler, Eleanor 107 Underwood, Verne 62, 137 Ureen, Helen 33. 79, 116, 134 Urquhart, Robert 107 Valade. Loraine 107 Valleau. Mac 145, 177, 184 Van Atta, EUnor 33, 52, 117 Vandecar, Leland 107, 137 VandenBelt, Betty 79 Van Dommelen. Louise 80, 136 Vartanian, Howard 107 Venable. Sara 80 VerHulst. Mayme 80, 168 VerHulsl, Willo 62, 168, 175 Verkler, Ruth 33, 80, 113, 115, 170 Vicario, Nick 107, 180 Vincent, William 179 Vogel, Dorothy 107 Vogel, Maxine 107 Voisich, Edward 80 VoUmar, Shirley 125, 166 Voorhees, Helen 80 Vorce, Mary 62 Vranesh, Nada 62. 170 Vroman, Harold 80, 117 Wagner, Jane 80 Waite, Betsy 80, 172 Walker. Carol 93 Walker. Dorothy 107 Walker. Elizabeth 33. 80. 172 Walker. Roger 121 Walkowski. Alexander 93 Wall, Arthur 107, 115, 137, 182 Wallace, Leone 80 Walsh, Eileen 93, 1 34 Walsh, James 136. 145 176 Walsh, Martha. .34, 80, 115, 117. 118, 120 Walters, Betty 80, 115, 172 Walters, Martha 115 Walton, Betty 93 Walton, Dorothy 107 V alton, Elizabeth 52 Walton, Lizzie 93 Walton. Wymond 93 Waltz. Spencer 107 Ward, Clifford 107 Ward, Owen 177 Work, Burl 80 Warner. Myrtle 124, 163 Washburn, Devere.40, 52, 133, 179, 184 Watson, George 93 V atterworth, Jane 107, 124 Wedge, Marion 62 Wegienka, Mark 93 Weinlander, Max 52, 118, 119, 121 Weir, Jean 93, 125, 129 Wells, Roger 93, 182 V erbin, Milton 130 Wernette, Don 93, 179 V, ertenberger, Jean 80 Wescoat, Florence 93 Wescott, John 62, 133, 149. 179 Weymouth. Helen 33, 53, 115, 117, 138, 157 Wheater, Lynn 145, 177 Wheeler, Shirley 93 Whichello, Irene 107, 137 Whitbeck, Grace 80, 130, 173 White, Eloise 63, 125, 164, 165 White, Edward 107 Whitesell, George 134 Whitman, Thelma 63 Wichman, Henry 63, 134, 179 Wickett, Bernard 178 Wieczynski. Richard 80 Wiers. Margaret 93 Wigell. Howard 63. 1 29, 178 Wiggins, Cathryn 63, 117 Wiggins, Virginia 63 Wightman, Wade 134 Wilber, Mills 93, 116, 178 Wilkie, Richard 107 Willard, Robert 107 WiUiams, Farrell 63 Williams, James 107, 133 Williams, Garnet 93 Williams, Thelma 107 Wilhs, Arthur 107 Wills, Margaret 107 Wilson. Jean 93, 132 Wilson, Elizabeth 80 Wilson, Flossie 137 Wiltse. Norris 107 Wiltse, WiUiam 80, 125, 129, 139 V insIow, Betty 107 Winter, William 129 Wisbin, Ross 93 Wojcicki. Casime r 107 Wolf, LaRue 80, 129 Woliung. Emerson 93 Well. Milo 107. 134 Wood. Alene 53. 159 Wood, Barbara 94 Wood, Mary 108 Woodard. Virginia 53, 157 Woodruff, Iva 108 Woods. Josephine 108, 124 Woodward, Eloine 94, 116 Woolcott, Roger 108, 134 WooHey, Freda 94 Wordingham, Rozelle 94 Worth, James 94 Wortley, Ann 94. 156 Wortley. George 108, 113 Worzniak, Frank 63, 145, 149 Wright. Carol 113 Wright. Audrienne 108 Wright, Eugene 80, 137 Wright, Mae Belle 108 Wriaht, Maud 53 Wrobel, Bill 108 Wurzel. Jeanne 108. 171 Wurzel. Philhp 108. 113 Yeager, Richard 45, 53, 145, 148, 151, 178 Yenkel, Fern 108 Young, Ruth 94, 130 Yuille, Jack 144 Zamora, Pablo 94 Zauel, Betty 53, 154, 155 Zedick, Kathryn 35, 94. 116 Zemper. Arilene 108 Zemper, Duane 81, 145, 147, 152, 177 Zeve, Sylvia 53, 124 Zimmerman, Robert 108 205 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It is only thiough the toiiihiiKil ettoris of m;in that a book such as this tan be piiblisiuil. The opportunity to thank those who have so ably assisted this year has at last arri ed, and we now wish to express oiu " gratitude to these people: To the members ot the stall who ha i- so villingl contributed time and energ) ; To the lacidt) and members ol the stiukni l)od who ha e gi en inspiration and good wishes; And finally, to The Ser ice Engra ing Company, The Ann Arbor Press, The .Sniith-Malloy Company, and Miller ' s Studio whose fme vork and great assistance ha c made possible the jjuijlication of a ery presentable 1940 Atirora. Ei.siN GooDKicH. Editor Albkrt RiiiDi ki (., Busnu ' ss A[iinas:ey ;- yzw

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