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x DOROTHY LONG Editor WALTER GALE Business Manager 3 O C Ch U, 'L 9 .E 3 CD .C J-J CD P O .O O .:: E' .C 3 .9 P Pe .Ad an if E 2 B CL 5 s that we know lding 3 .o -O C U U5 2 Revealed the Fie THE NINETEEN TI-IIRTY-NINE I Published by the students of Michigan State NormalCoiiege,Ypsiianti,fViici1. DR. ORLAND O. NORRIS Hgtudent, scholar, and teacher ol the classics. Both his study ol the classics and ol psychology were to him tools to aid him in his chiel aim, the freeing ol man from the limitations imposed by narrow vision and subjective thinl4ing. ln the language of Tacitus writing ol Agricola, vve would remind ourselves that only in contemplation and imitation of his virtues, his attitudes toward scholarship and tovvard his lellowman, can we otler to the memory of this man and scholar any worthy tribute." Ancient Language Department DEDICATION Forty-seven years ago the First Aurora was published. Each year, the personalities and activities it records remind us ol teachers and students who labored together to lilt the level of human welfare through their belief in education. What more Fitting than to dedicate this boolc to their memory and to the Firm iaith that the present generation will carry onl FOREWORD Again the Aurora throws on the screen the college life ol the year, the things which interest us today and will interest us more tomorrow. The faces shovvn and the stories set down will quicken recollections ol youthful friendships and achievements, and deepen attachments to our Alma Mater in the years yet to be. THE NINETEEN THIRTYNINE AURORA - 'F' And all tlwe summer clay CI moss-grown pool Set in its grassy ring Cl sparkling jewel . . . ll--M. Porte-n 'KWithin the woods, c pond, and on its brink The elm ond poplar sunlc their roots to clrinlq . . . Purten. USO winter cupped the volley all in white, Ancl trees were dork and toll cigciinst the light . , Pczrten va- P' if THE SI Il II IS OF M. S. N. C. DEDICATE THIS SECTION to those men ond women who hove Icept their lamps ever Iightecl so that we -might reop, through their ceoseless efforts, Icnowledge ol: truth-o truth ol humon noture, of sociol Iiving, of cooperation- . . . THE ADMINISTRATION JOHN M. MUNSON President The Functions ol a president ol a college are indeed intricate. lo solve these problems as they approach, Michigan State Normal College has john M. Munson, former student who returned to head his Alma Mater. This year he successfully administrated the college through a tremendous building campaign which saw as many as Five buildings under construction at one time, and marked the lastest progress in the history ol the institution. Before coming home to Michigan State Normal College, Mr. Munson acted as Superintendent ol Schools, l-larbor Springs, served in the State Depart- ment ol Public lnstruction, directed the training school at Central State -leacheris College, and was president of Northern State Teachers College. l-le has been President here since 7933, 10 sl. Mll.l'QN HOVER . . Dean of Administration l-lead of the Natural Science Department and Dean of Administration are executive otfices held by j. Milton Hover. A product of Michigan State Normal College, Mr. l-lover is another who returned to serve his Alma Mater. During his nineteen years of service here he has also been a Professor of Agriculture and a Professor of Natural Science. LYDIA l. JONES .... Dean of Women Dean Lydia l jones, who was cited for her distinguished service at the Dean's Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, completes her Fifteenth year here as Dean of Women. Miss Jones, a product of the schools ofthe East, received her Ph.B. from Cornell and her A. B. from Columbia, and has since studied abroad at Oxford University. She has served in this Field For twenty-Five years. JAMES M. BROWN .... Dean OflVlen Echoes of the famed "men of Ypsilanti" again reverberated through the campus when Bing, -lames M. Brown, was heralded for his Fine service at the Bingo Brown Bust, held by his beloved "men" and co- workers. Bing, who earned his B. S. degree at Colgate and has done graduate work at l-larvard and at the University of Michigan, has served Michigan State Normal College since 1923. FANNIE E. BEAL . Assistant Dean of Women Assistant Dean of Women, Fannie E. Beal, is another product of Michigan that has served Michigan State Normal College For a long time. Miss Beal is now completing her sixteenth year as Assistant Dean oi Women and her nineteenth year with the college. Earning her B. S. degree at Michigan State, and her M. A. from Teachers College, Columbia University, Miss Beal has since taken graduate work at the University of Chicago. CLEMENS P. STEIMLE .... Registrar Thirty years is a long time. During that time "C. P." Steimle has weekly, daily, and even hourly signed his name time and time again with the Familiar Flourish that admitted and graduated each student of M. S. N. C. Coming from the copper country of the upper peninsula, Mr. Steimle entered here as a student and has remained as part of the institution for all but three years of his career since that time. 11 WOMEN'S LEAGUE JOLLIFFE REILLY ALLEN HAND Secretary Vice-President Treasurer pF9SiCl9I'1f Qne hundred, two hundred, three hundred freshmen . . . Campus Sisters doing double duty, a Transfer Llnit swing into action, a newcomer reporting at Headquarters and immediately a Campus Sister started on her trail . . . A Weels of mad but efficient scrambling rewarded sufficiently when at the Lecigue-sponsored Campus Sister Brealcfast came the announcement that not a single solitary freshman girl had been forced to begin her college career unciided . - - Truly UA CGVUDUS Sister for Every Girl and a Good Une." l-lonored . . . A room full of card-tables of games . . . A gay social evening for transferred women . . . another Campus Sister triumph. Something new . . . A Chairman of Activities holding forth several hours a weelc in the Womens League Qffice malting it possible for those interested in active League work to be given a chance . . . girls coming in, leaving names C1nCl interests. l-louse President' Council discussing ways and means of settling problems common to all houses in a give-and-talqe of idecis . . , fostering plans for houses to do things as a unit . . . An October Sundciy afternoon bringing l'ligh lea for the members . . . ln December all householders honored by their girls at formal tea. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors organized into Viventes, Goldfeather, Euthalia, and Book-a-lVlonth . . . A yegr of activity . . . meetings, reports, 12 discussions, exhibits . . . tickets to i plays, concerts, lectures given to mem- l bers by each club . . . All League- sponsored. A line-up outside the Administra- tion Building even before the doors are unlocked . . . No, it's not registration day . . . tickets are on sale for the l-larvest l-lop, First League-sponsored dance of the year . . . for a change Adams' Reid' Rowson' Wolker' the Women do the inviting . . . two- hundred couples throng the ballroom. Always popular . . . Faculty Chats occupying the attention ol the campus every other Monday afternoon . . . students and Faculty combining to settle the atfairs of the world, large and small. Masked Pierrots and pierrettes hobnobbing with pirates, gypsies, clowns . . , The annual Co-ed Prom masquerading this year under the name of the Fine Feathered Fling . . . Fortune-telling, dancing, games and hilarity giving Winter term a gay send-otl. l Bodary, Matthews, Levvis, Spacil, Bib- Joyce, Tuck, Speas, slohnston , l-lartung bins, Hagel. Morden. 13 Q ulvlarry, our play is, Tlwe most lamentable comedy, and most cruel deatlw of Pyramis and -llwisbyi' . . . assemblies varying vvitlw campus dramatic talent providing plays ranging from Slialqespeare to time most modern one-act comedies . . . well done, Well received. Qpinions . . . Members oi tlie Executive and Advisory Boards visiting liouses in time capacity oi student advisors . . . giving information, collecting suggestions and criticism, pet peeves and boosts . . . All compiled and reported to tlwe Executive Board lor consideration. Senior women clwatting informally over sociable cups of tea in Starlcweatlier . . Senior Cozies For Firmer iriendsliips. Excitement, anticipation, suspense . . . Winter term bringing vvitli it League elections . . . Candidates announced in tlwe paper . . . pictures and information on tlwe bulletin board . . . tea introducing all candidates, guests being two vvomen from eaclw lwouse , . . election assembly presenting candidates, giving profitable instructions for marking time ballot, Working up entliusiasm . . . next day tlwe elections. Arnet, Long, Payne, Lapointe, Howard, Stenzel. l-lueter, Boyden. 14 Schwarzkopl, Beach, DeLeo, Bacon, Zediclc Turnbull, l-lolleran. Dainty lormals, soft music, low lights, perlection ol decorations . . . This time itls the League Larl4 giving Jane Coed another chance to invite her favorite man. The Advisory Board living up to its name . . . Qpen meetings giving freshmen bits ol timely information . . . helping winter and spring term entrants become orientated. ' National Convention ol the lntercollegiate Association ol Women Students tal4ing ,lean Morden to Lawrence, Kansas . . . The League scholarship Fund nearing completion . . . Campus Choristers sponsored jointly by the Womens and Mens Union . . . Plans under vvay lor next year's activities. And through it all, the Executive Board discussing, planning, voting, organizing, authorizing, and carrying on the League's official business from the beginning ol one year to the beginning ol the next, Working always to otler every League member practice in the technique ol lriendliness, leadership, cooperotion, and democracy. 15 MEN'S UNION TODT Cl-IAMPE BRYSON DREWYOUR Treasurer Secretary President Vice-President Again the Menls Union nad its collective Finger in every pie on time campus, promoting, administrating, leading, lending moral support, and giving Financial aid. Under time capable leadership of Menis Union President, Bill Bryson, Normals clogger and boxer, men's activities reaclwed a lwiglw point in the annals ol tlwe college. Beginning vvitlu tlwe First day of Freshman Weelc vvitlw tlie MUGS' service For green, and we mean green, freslimen, and continuing on until tlwe culmination of a beautiful spring term vvitlw the Union-promoted Spring Breeze, gala spring dance lwit, the lVien's Union skillfully lured every man on in to tlwe social life of time college. Among time events tlwat colored college life tlwis year and were promoted by tlwe Union, vvlwiclw is aiiiliated neitlwer vvitlw tlwe C. l. Q. nor tlwe A. F. L., vvere time Mens Union Guide Service lor unsoplwisticated lreslwmen, l-lomecoming activities, Yule Log Drag, Fall dance, All College Christmas Sing, Cotlee Hours, college men's elections, All College Spring Sing, and Finally time Spring Breeze. It called on sucn popular campus leaders to promote its activities as Drevvyour, Cliompe, Todt, Yeager, Lecznar, Wait, Keeping, Sheppard, George, Novello, and otlwers. Oi course, Bryson, like Aloou Ben Alwem, led all tlwe rest. 16 Yeager, Young, Anderson, Dover. A new high in elliciency was reached by the MUGS service in its third year ol existence. It successlully organized all Freshmen on campus into small groups under the leadership ol a big brother upper classman, Adequately led by the large numberolassisting upperclassmen,the Freshmen were manoeuvered through a memor- able Freshman Week meant to acquaint them with their new surroundings. Mixers, teas, chats, pep meetings, and tours ol the campus made it a weelc not soon to be forgotten by the Freshman men. lt soon became necessary lor the Union Executive Board to chastise certain unruly freshman boys For Failing to place the little green pot on their heads as they went out ol doors, Among those that wielded a big sticlc at these meetings were Ferris Young and Ellsworth Anderson, senior representatives, Richard Yeager and Edward Dover, junior representatives, and George Newlands and Lynn Wheater, sophomore representatives. Next, the Union cooperated with the Womens League in staging a stupendous l-lomecoming held under clear blue slcies ol perfect weather. George Bryson acted with Marion l-lancl, Women's League President, as co-chairmen. With the intriguing slogan of 'Bounce Back to Normal for l-lomecomingf' which won a contest sponsored by the League and the Union, the spirit ol the student body and returning alumni 17 Gildenstein, Newlands, Wheater marlqed a new high lor the year. The Union sponsored the annual class games to bring to a close the hostilities between the Sophomores and Freshmen. As the Freshmen lost, it meant more paddle wielding For the Executive Board in the spring. Dick Yeager, popular junior representative on the Executive Board, was chosen to lead sixteen men in planning the Yule Log Drag. l-wo hundred and Fifty couples danced to the sweet music ol Bobby Grayson, with surroundings and programs arrang- ed to touch the Feeling ol the Christmas Season. Fall term activities were ended with the Union sponsoring the All College Christ- mas Sing in cooperation with the League and the Senior Class. Cold winter afternoons were spent by many ol the men in the cozy atmosphere of the Menus Lounge ol the Union Building where they were entertained and lunched at the Union-sponsored Cohfee l-lours. Ronald Keeping and l-laward Wait, senior leaders, acted as co-chairmen For the hours. Among the guest spealcers at the atlairs were Myron Sturgeon, who spolce ol geological developments in the world, Professor l-I. Willard Reninger, who explained his idea ol an educated man, Professor Zoessel, who showed colored shots of his six-weelqs trip through 18 l Keeping, Wait western United States, and lVlr. Golczynslci, teaclwer at Roosevelt, vvlwo cliatted vvitln tlwe men on sex liygiene. llwen during spring term, The Mens Union and Class elections administrated by Union appointees, lured unprecedented numbers to vote at tl'ie polls. Capable and popular leaders were clwosen from tlwe various classes to take over vvlwere present B. M. Q. Cs leave all in June. The Union scored its last success of tlie year in its traditional spring party, tlie Spring Breeze. It again found a capacity crovvd eager to experience anotlier Mens Union success. Yeager 19 SOCIAL COMMITTEE McGowan, La3ounty, Sayre, Lyman, Langthorne, Southworth, Leavenworth. lt happened this way. The Social Committee toolc a tip lrom the method employed by little jaclc l-lorner and got their collective heads together in the proverbial corner. Then sticlqing their collective thumbs in the pie they pulled out a plum in the person of Bill Sawyer and his swing band. Much ol the Fine success ol the social season can be attributed to this swing dispensor ol distinction. ln signing a term by term contract with the Universitys popular band, the Com- mittee succeeded in securing one of Michigan's smoothest orchestras at a very reasonable price. With this attractive drawing card, hoards ol Michigan Normal dancers attended the regular parties promoted by the Social Committee, Social Committee activities centered around three types of dances. l'leld regularly were the traditional Tuesday night Kresge dances, These parties, held between 6:30 and 7:30 o'cloclc, ohfered relaxation from monotonous studies to many Michigan Normal students. Beissel's and Stadtmiller's Five piece campus orchestras Furnished music lor the ten-cent parties. Winter term Found a revival ol the popular Woolworth dance which had function- ed so well in its primary trial the previous winter. Sandwiched in between Fraternity and sorority parties which were scheduled quite regularly throughout the winter term, the Woolworth has one ol the Fine attributes of the Kresge. It is based on the theory that Michigan Normal students need their meager Funds, will better attend a ten-cent dance. Therefore, at these parties students danced to the best bands in the band reproduced on a recording machine, Everybody came stag, everybody mixe . Among the hit Friday evening parties promoted by the Social Committee were the Fall and Spring Cabaret Parties, the Grid Swing, and the Christmas novelty dance. Reacting to the demand ol many students on the campus, the Social Committee promoted dancing classes every Thursday after Customers dances. Many Fine dancers were the product ol these classes. D Members ol this years Social Committee were: Mr. Florence Lyman, Social' irector, Ray LaBounty, Ruth Southworth, Delos Leavenworth, l-lelene Langthorne, Gerald McGowan, and glean Sayre. 20 MEN AT THE I-IELM Long neglected when credit was expressed for eiiiciency in administrat- ing, in promoting, and in the shaping oi student opinion and interest on the campus are the class advisors and the manager of Charles Mclfenny l-lall. Much oi the Fine Worl4 done by the classes can be attributed to the careful guidance and weighted advice of these class sponsors. Mclfenny l-lall does much in building the character oi the Michigan Normal graduates. lt is there that they do much of their playing, and it is the duty of the manager to use this time in molding good citizens. -l-hese heretofore unherolded ad- ministrators are Leslie A. Butler, senior sponsor, George Willoughby, junior sponsor, Simon Fagerstrom, sophomore sponsor, Dean Milton l-lover, fresh- man sponsor, and William Broyvnrigg, manager of Charles McKenny l-lall, Leslie A. Butler William j. Brovvnrigg J Milton l-lover Simon E. Fagerstrom George A. Willoughby 21 THE II III S S IS DEDICATE THIS SECTION to the instrumentaIities by which man communicates with man through the ages and across the spaces . . . LANGUAGE and LITERATURE v i i v 1 1 A A 5 1 I if l sw ap W! ,N N w V VJ, lfllx I w V 1 v w . wi W w A ENGLISH FACULTY l i Standing-Miss Florence Eckert, Miss Maude l-lagle, Miss Esther Ballew, Mr. Wallace Mcigoon Miss Ruth Barnes, Mr. Willard Reninger, Miss Blanche Emery Mrs Marion Magoon Seated-Mr. Allen Miserez, Miss Estabrook Rankin, Mr. GeroldlSand.ers, Miss Grace Cooper Miss Margaret Giovannini. SPEECH FACULTY l Standing-Mr. Frederick McKay, Miss F. Louisa Edson. SeatediMiss Marion F. Stowe, Mr. j. Stuart Latlwers, Mr. l-larry T. Wood. 24 LANGUAGE FACULTY, Miss L. Lucretia Case, Miss Clara Allison, Mrs. .lohanna Sabourin, Miss Doyne Wolfe. LIBRARY FACULTY Mr. Albert R. Fey, Mrs. Wanda Bates, Miss Nancy Atkinson, Miss Elsie V. Andrews, Miss Martha Rosentreter, Miss Lizzie Trabilcox, Miss Katherine l-larris, Mr. Frederick Cleveringa. 25 THE S I HH SS DEDICATES THIS SECTION To the hope that in due time it may join the rcmlcs and meet the obli- gations of the worId's workers . . . PLACEMENT AND EXTENSION v J M 1 1 Q1 I, V1 M V 1. 1 x , V 5 ,K I E Ku i 3 1 N V EXTENTION DEPARAMENT E E V Horace Wilber, Geraldine Taber, Erma Joslyn, Miriam Barton. PLACEMENT DIRECTOR r Margaret Wise Turnbull Carrington Lapointe Beauchamp SENIOR CLASS OFFIC TOM CARRINGTON . ESTI-IER LQPOINTE . . MARION TURNBULL . ROBERT BEAUCI-IAIVIP . SENIOR CLASS EDITOR . . Z9 E R S . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer I-Iaward Wait L A N T E R N W A L K CG-Cl-IAIRMEN Ferris Young Sybil jolinston SPEAKERS Bob Clwcimoe Fred Gruber Rciul Russell Cliorlotte Rayne Bill Bryson Sybil ,lolwnston Robert lVlc:Elliott leon jollifle Arclotlw Jolwnson l'lelen Newcomb lvolw Lewis Don lodt Bob Beoucliomp Bill Wougb -llieo Turnbull Ferris Young ,lim Wolsb C A N E C Q M MIT T E E EllsWortl1Anclerson, NIOR DANCE Co-clwirmen Betty l-lorris Roy LoBounty Committee Bill Slweioporcl lVlory Antons Lois Reilly Morjorie Scott Rutlw Soutlwvortlw Morgoret Rou Delos Lecivenvvortlw chairman Edytlwe Butler Lylo Stenzel SENIOR FEATURE Senior activities began with l-lome-Coming. Francis Scripter, chairman of the Float committee, with the aid of a group ol seniors constructed a novel Float, represent- ing the steps from college entrance to exit. Seniors wearing caps and gowns marched in the parade under the direction ol jean Leopold. The fall term senior mixer was staged in Charles Mclfenny l-lall under the co- chairmanship ol Edythe Butler and l"laward Wait. Games, dancing, and refreshments were the order of the day. Near the end of lall term, some brilliant student contrived the idea ol a Christmas Sing to be sponsored by the senior class. With Dorothy Deleo and Milt Werbin pulling the strings, the Sing was held in Pease Auditorium. The program consisted of group singing and songs by sorority, fraternity, and independent groups. The Final activity ol the term was the Christmas banquet held at lVlcKenny l-lall under the leadership of Esther Lapointe and Bob Beauchamp. The HSenior Sponge" party held in the gymnasium was the crowning event of winter term. The evenings entertainment consisted of various types of modern and old-time dancing, games, and refreshments. Leone Cartwright and ,lim Balten were responsible For the success ol this party. Spring term-Graduation and all its trimmingsl Those last classes, the last balmy evenings in the science gardens bidding adieu to the old familiar places, the last dances to attend, the banquets, the class day assembly, the Final senior dance-inter- views with superintendents, more interviews, contracts signedl And amid all the Flurry of social and academic worl4-graduation and a new world to conquer lying ahead. 31 ll SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE From tI'1e Closs of "39" six members were cI1osen to cissist tI1e senior oI'Iicers in corrying out tIwe desires of time cIciss. This group, known cis the Executive Committee, suggested, contrived, executed plons to mciI4e the senior octivities o Iwuge success. The committee is composed of tIne IoIIovving seniors: U IEAN LEOPOLD FRANCIS SCRIPTER DOROTHY DELEO JOSEPI-I CORCORAN MARGARET TUCK RONALD KEEPING 32 CLASS OF '39 ADAMS, FRANCES - Sandcreek - Book-of-Month, A. C. E. Early Elementary. ANDERSON, ELLSWORTH - Newaygo - Phi Sigma Epsilon, Basketball, Baseball, Men's Union Executive Board, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. ANDERSON, JOHN E. - Detroit - Physical Education Club, Physical Education. ANTONS, MARY C. - Marine City - Kappa Mu Delta, Book-of-Month, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. ARDIS, CECILE - Detroit - Theta Lambda Sigma, Book-oI- Month, A. C. E., Art Club, Early Elementary. BACCUS, IANE P. - Lake Linden-Choir, Early Elementary. BACON, FRANCES - Detroit - Kappa Gamma Phi, Book-of- Month, Women's League Advisory Board, Early Elementary. BAIR, MABEL - Flint - Y. W. C. A., Early Elementary. BAKER, CATHERINE - Port Huron - Book-of-Month, Special Education Club, Special Education. BAKER, DORIS - Bancroft - Kappa Delta Pi, Early Elementary. BAKER, ELIZABETH - Port Huron f Book-of-Month, Later Elementary. BALTEN, JAMES - Akron, New York - Phi Delta Pi, Football, Track, Physical Education. BATTLEY, MARLOWE - Eaton Rapids A Delta Phi, English Club, Senior High. BAUGHMAN, HELEN - Palms - A. C. E., Y. W. C. A., Book- of-Month, Early Elementary. BEAUCHAMP, ROBERT Q Marine City - Kappa Phi Alpha, Senior Class Treasurer, Newman Club, Pi Kappa Delta, Aurora Stall, Senior High. BECK, GEORGIANA - St. Clair Shores - A. C. E., W. A. A., Early Elementary. BECK, RUTH E.-Ypsilanti - Y. W. C. A., Natural Science Club, Early Elementary. BENAIAMIN, ROBERT - Wyandotte - Choir, Madrigal Club, English Club, Senior High. BETTESWORTH, CATHERINE - Flint 4 Book-oi-Month, A. C. E., Natural Science Club, Later Elementary. BIRD, MILDRED - Dearborn - Commercial Club, Book-oh Month, Commercial. BLACK, LOIS - Port Huron - Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. 33 CLASS OF '39 BLANKS, GILBERT - Trenton - Zeta Chi Sigma, Orchestra, Band, Choir, Chemistry Club, Orchestra and Band. BOLI, BETTY - Hamilton, Ohio - Book-of-Month, Early Ele- mentary. BOWMAN, LLOYD - Lincoln Park - Orchestra, Band, Senior High. BOYLES, IVA - Ypsilanti - Rho Sigma Kappa, Special Educa- tion Club, Special Education, BRADLEY, BETHEL - North Street - Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. BRANDON, LORRAINE - Bad Axe - Book-of-Month, International Relations Club, Y. W. C. A., Early Elementary. BRAUN, BERTHA - Ann Arbor - Theta Sigma Upsilon, Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., Book-of-Month, Home Eco- nomics. BRISKEY, VIRGINIA - Temperance - Alpha Mu Sigma, Rural Administration and Supervision. BROGAN, LaVETA - Port Huron - Boolc-of-Month, Early Elementary. BROWN, HELEN E. - Port Huron - Later Elementary. BROWN, MAXWELL - Highland Parlc - Oratory, Pre-Pro- tessional. BROWN, WILLIAM-Cancelona-Sigma Mu Sigma, Basketball, Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. BRYSON GEORGE W. - Chicago, Illinois - Arm of Honor, Men's Union President, Senior High. BUNBURY, AMELIA - Ridgeway, Wisconsin - Pi Gamma Mu, Later Elementary. BURRELL, EUGENE - Ypsilanti - Commercial. BURT, GLENN - Carleton - Zeta Chi Sigma, English Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Dramatics Club, Senior High. BURTON, MARGARET - South Lyon - Delta Phi, English Club, History Club, Senior High. BUSCHLEN, NAOMI - Snover - Book-of-Month, Mathe- matics Club, English Club, Senior High. BUTLER, EDYTHE - Detroit- Sigma Sigma Sigma, Mathematics Club, Book-ol-Month, Senior High. BYRUM, MARJIORIE - Leslie - Theta Lambda Sigma - Book- ol-Month, A. C. E., Early Elementary. CALFEE, IENNIE - Detroit - Delta Sigma Theta, Rho Sigma Kappa, Later Elementary. 34 CLASS OF '39 CALLAGHAN, ANNETTE - Wayne - Kappa Mu Delta, Home Economics Club, Book-of-Month, junior High CAMPBELL, ALFRED - Bridgewater - History Club, Admin- istration. CAMPBELL, MARY - Ann Arbor - Y. W. C. A., Mathematics Club, Junior High. CAM-FBPELL, VIOLET - Ypsilanti - Kappa Gamma Phi, Senior ig . CARLESS, FAITH - Yale - Book-of-Month, Fine Arts. CARRINGTON, THOMAS - Northville - Senior Class President, Pi Kappa Delta, Stoics, Debate, Aurora, Pre- Professional. CARTWRIGHT, LEONE - Saginaw - Delta Sigma Epsilon, Physical Education Club, Book-ot-Month, W. A. A., Physical Education. CASELLA DANIEL - New York City, N. Y. - Phi Delta Pi, Basketball, Physical Education. CASUCCI, CATALSO - Dearborn - Phi Delta Pi, Basketball, Baseball, Physical Education. CHAMPE, ROBERT - Plymouth -- Arm of Honor, Men's Union Secretary, Track, Tennis, Geography Club, Senior High. CHAPMAN, HOWARD - Detroit - Phi Delta Pi, Chemistry Club, Tennis, Administration and Supervision. CHARTER, HARLAND - Cass City - Zeta Chi Sigma, Com- mercial Teachers Club, Mathematics Club, Commercial. CHARTERS, VIRGINIA - Bay City - Kappa Mu Delta, Early Elementary. CI-IOATE, BARBARA - Greenville - Kappa Mu Delta, Campus Choristers, Book-of-Month, A. C. E., Early Elementary. CLARK, LESLIE - Mancelona - Sigma Mu Sigma, Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. CLEGG, BLANCHE -A St. Louis, Missouri - Rho Sigma Kappa, Special Education Club, Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. COLLINS, PAULINE-Mt. Morris - Alpha Sigma Tau, Book- of Month, Early Elementary. COLLINS, PHYLLIS-Stockbridge - W. A. A., Physical Educa- tion Club, Book-ot-Month, Physical Education. COLLINS, VIRGINIA-Dundee -Kappa Gamma Phi.-Book- of-Month, A. C. E., English Club, Early Elementary CONLIN, WILLIAM - Ann Arbor - Arm ot Honor, History Club, Senior High. CORBIN, ELEANOR - Sherwood - Theta Sigma Llpsilon, Campus Choristers, Book-of-Month, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. 35 C L A S S O F ' 3 9 COULES, INEZ A Port Austin - English Club, Book-of-Month. COVERT, HELEN - Oxford - Delta Phi, Madrigal Club, Choir Book-ol-Month, Senior High. COWAN, HUBERT - Deckerville - Zeta Chi Sigma, Cross- Country Mgr., Baseball, Track, Basketball, Senior High. CRIPPS, WALLACE - Palms - Senior High. DeLEO, DOROTHY - Royal Oak W Choir, Madrigal Club, Women's League Advisory Board, Public School Music. DEMING, HUDSON - Vanderbilt - Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. DEMPSTER, JANE-Bay City-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Art Club, Fine Arts. DePALMA, jOHN-Detroit-Phi Delta Pi, Physical Education. DETO, ROSEMARY-Harrisville-Sigma Nu Phi, Physical Edu- cation Club, W. A. A., Chemistry Club, Physical Education. DeVERNA, MARJORIE-Grass Lake-Book-of-Month, Mathe- matics Club, Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. DKSKERSON, ROBERT-Ypsilanti!Normal News, Pi Kappa aelts, History Club, lnternational Relations Club, Senior ig . DICKIE, ESTHER-Pontiac4Alpha Mu Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, A, C. E., Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. DICKITINSPON, FREDERICK-Tecumseh-Dramatics Club, Senior ig . DlCKS, GENEVA-Ypsilanti4Alpha Mu Sigma, English Club, Senior High. DOBIES, WANDA-Detroit-Commercial. DODGE, ANNE-Flint-Book-of-Month, Later Elementary. DOTY, JUNE M.-Aclrian-Commercial Teachers Club, Book- ol-Month, English Club, Commercial. DOUGLAS, LEWIS-River Rouge-Kappa Alpha Psi, Physical Education. DOWD, HAZEL-Fibre-History Club, lnternational Relations Club, Book-of-Month, junior High. DRAKE, HAROLD-jackson-Senior High. DREWYOUR, CHARLES-Detroit-Phi Delta Pi, Men's Union Vice-President, Track, Sigma Delta Psi, Senior High. 36 I CLASS OF '39 DUNLAP, LILLIAN-Decker-Boolc-ol-Month, Later Elementary. DUTCI-IER, EVELYN-Bay Port-Kappa Delta Pi, Mathematics Club, History Club, Book-of-Month, Junior l-ligh. ENGEL, IDA-Whitmore Lake-Choir, Book-of-Month, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. ENGLE, EDWARD-Ann Arbor-Sigma Delta Psi, Physical Edu- cation Club, Baslcetball, Football, Physical Education. EVANSLJOHN L.-Auburn, N. Y.-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Senior l-Iig . EVERETT, GEORGE-Corfu, N. Y.-Football, Basketball, Phi Delta Pi, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. FAIR, FLORENCE MAE-Port l-luron-Choir, Campus Chor- isters, A. C. E., Book-of-Month, Y. W. C. A., Early Elementary. FARBER, BERNARD-New Yorlc City, N. Y.-Menorah Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Normal News, Special Education Club, Special Education. FEATHERSTON, THELMA-Auburn I-'Ieights-English Club, Senior I-ligh. FIEDLER, HELENE-Pinclcney-Early Elementary. FOOTE, MARY ESTI-IER-Traverse City-Pi Kappa Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Choir, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. FORBES, ALICE-Detroit-Theta Sigma Upsilon, Physical Edu- cation Club, W. A. A., Boolc-of-Month, Physical Education. FORE, TLAULINE-Fayette, Chia-Delta Sigma Epsilon, Senior ig . FORNER, JAMES-Ann Arbor-Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. FRANCIS, GENEVIEVE-lnkster-Kappa Mu Delta, Art Club, Fine Arts. FRIDAY, DARLINE-Detroit-Boolc-of-Month, Special Educa- tion Club, Choir, Special Education. GALBRAITH, LILLIAN-Saginaw-Delta Sigma Epsilon, Phys- igcsl Education Club, W. A. A., Book-of-Month, Physical ucation. GALE, WALTER-Ypsilanti-Kappa Delta Pi, Mathematics Club, Stoics, Aurora, Senior I-Iigh. GAIIII..OhWAY, REBECCA-Detroit-Dramatics Club, Senior ig . GILLESPIE, ALICE-Ypsilanti-Early Elementary. GLASPIE, PAULINE-Oxford-Theta Lambda Sigma, Early Elementary. 37 CLASS OF '39 GLOW, STANLEY-Toledo, Ohio-Arm of Honor, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. GOETZ, WARD-Ann Arbor-Football, Baseball, Physical Education. GOODSMAN, JOHN H.-Ypsilanti-Arm of Honor, Tennis Band, Senior High. GOOT, RUTH H.-Battle Creelc-Alpha Sigma Tau, A. C. E., Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. GORDON, BETH-Howell-Sigma Nu Phi,BooIc-of-Month, W. A. A., Physical Education Club, Physical Education. GRACE, ERNESTINE-Northville-Y. W. C. A., Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club, Senior High. GRANT, DONALDA-Sault Ste. Marie-Delta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Sodalitas Latina, Senior High. GREIEAN,VLOREN-Wayne-Choir, Madrigal Club, Public School usic. GREENE, BETTY IANE-Dundee-Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Senior High, GREENE, KATHRYN-Dundee-A. C. E., Early Elementary. GRILL, ALETA-Jaclcson-Book-of-Month, Physical Education Club, W. A. A. Board, Physical Education. GRIGGS, HELEN F.-Romeof-Home Economics Club, Bool4-of- Month, Home Economics. GROSS VIOLET-Flint-A. C. E., Y. W. C. A., English Club, Early Elementary. GRUBER, FRED-Monroe-Zeta Chi Sigma, Football, Chemistry Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Mathematics Club, Senior High. GUNDRUM, ROBERTA-Ypsilanti-Alpha Mu Sigma, A. C. E., Kappa Delta Pi, Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. HADDON, RUSSELL-Fenton-Zeta Chi Sigma, Senior High. HALL, ELLA-fTipton-Y. W. C. A., A. C. E., Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. HAND, MARION-jackson-Pi Delta Theta, Women's League President, Early Elementary. HANAXSON, GLADYS-Munising-Fine Arts Club, Choir, Fine ITS. HARER, GLADYS-Dearborn-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Economics Club, Home Economics. HARRIS, ELIZABETH-LeRoy, N. Y.-Theta Lambda Sigma, Book-of-Month, A. C. E., Art Club, Early Elementary. 38 CLASS OF '39 HARTLEY, FRANCIS-Muskegon-Zeta Chi Sigma, English Club, Special Education Club, Administration and Super- vision. HATCH, MILLARD-Ypsilanti-Senior High. HARWOOD, jANETTE-Onondaga-Theta Lambda Sigma, A. C. E., Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. HATHAWAY, NEIL-Ypsilanti-Football, Traclc, Natural Sci- ence. HATTO, WINIFRED-Ann Arbor-Early Elementary. YDEN ARLENE Flushing-Book-of-Month, English Club, HA , - - History Club, Senior High. HEATH, ROGER-Ypsilanti-Chemistry Club, Physical Education Club, Physical Education and Chemistry. HEIDGER, MURIEL-Saginaw-Kappa Mu Delta, Early Ele- mentary. HENRY GERALD-Pinclcney-Mathematics Club, Chemistry Club, Senior High. HERRICK, MAHLON-Harbor Springs-Sigma Mu Sigma, Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. HILDEBRANDT, BEATRICE-Capac-Public School Music Club, Choir, Book-of-Month, Public School Music. HlLL, EVERETT-Detroit-Natu ral Science HOLLWAY, MIRIAM-Ypsilanti-Fine Arts. HOXEY, DOROTHY-Dearborn-Book-of-Month, Early Ele- mentary. HOWARD, EDMUND-Muskegon-Phi Delta Pi, Physical Edu- cation Club, Tennis, Physical Education. HUEBNER, MARY-Bay City-Mathematics Club, Junior High. HUETER ESTHER-Marine City-Women's League Executiye amid, Y. W. c. A., History Club, BOOk-Or-MOnth, senior High. HUTCHINSON, EVA MAE-Royal Oak-Theta Lambda Sigma, Early Elementary. IRWIN, EVELYN-Palms--Kappa Mu Delta, Junior l-ligh. jAROSCH, ROBERT-Grand Rapids-Arm of Honor, Pre-Pro fessional. jEDELE, VERA-Ann Arbor-Y. W. C. A., Later Elementary 39 CLASS OF '39 JENQXEN, HENRY D.--Ypsilanti-Industrial Arts Club, Industrial rts. JESSOP, ALICE-Lansing-Physical Education Club, W. A. A., Physical Education. JOHNSON, ARDATH-Muslcegon Heights-Public School Music Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Madrigal Club, Choir, Y. W. C. A., Public School Music. JOHNSON, CARL-Menominee-Choir, Campus Choristers, Senior High. JOHNSON, CLARA-Port Huron-History Club, International Relations Club, English Club, Junior High. JOHNSON, MARY ELIZABETH-Wayne-Theta Sigma Up- silon, Home Economics Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Book-of-Month, Home Economics. JOHNSTON, ROBERTA-Cl i nton-Book-of-Month, English Club, Junior High. JOHNSTON, SIBYL-Detroit-Kappa Mu Delta, Women's League Executive Board, Senior High. JOLLIFFE, JEAN-Plymouth-Theta Lambda Sigma, Stoics, Women's League Secretary, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. JONES, EUNICE-Adrian-Book-of-Month, Rho Sigma Kappa, A. C. E., Early Elementary. JONES, JENNIE-Allenton--Junior High. JONES, MARIE E.-Wayne-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Early Ele- mentary. JOSEPH, MARY-Flint-Fine Arts Club, International Relations Club, Fine Arts. JOYCE, JEANNE-Royal Oak-Choir, Book-of-Month, Women's League Executive Board, W. A. A., Public School Music. KAISER, CARLTON-Dexter-Pre-Prolessional. KARNER, MOLLY-Dundee-Pi Kappa Sigma, Public School music Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Book-of-Month, Public School us . KENNEDY, JOHN GORDON-Mason-Zeta Chi Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Kappa Delta, Debating, Senior High. KELLY, BARBARA-Port Huron-Newman Club, Booloof- Month, Early Elementary. KENDALL, TWYLA-St. Charles-Home Economics Club, Home Economics. KEEPING, RONALD-Northville-Normal News, Chemistry Club, Senior High. KIDD, HELEN-Utica-Kappa Mu Delta, Book-of-Month, W. A. A., Physical Education Club, Physical Education. 40 CLASS OF '39 KIDD, IRVING-Lltica-Campus Choristers, Choir, Fine Arts Club, Dramatics Club, Fine Arts. KILIAN, CARL-Detroit-Arm of Honor, Senior High. KIMBALL, O. IVAN-Belleville-Senior High. KNISLEY, IVA-Port Huron-International Relations Club, Y. W. C. A., Later Elementary. KOTT, ALTON-Belleville-Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Kappa Delta, Debating, Senior High. KRUEGER, RUTH-Detroit-International Relations Club, His- tory Club, Senior High. LQBOUNTY, RAYMOND-Tecumseh-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Social Committee, Industrial Arts. LAPOINTE, ESTHER-Ann Arbor-Theta Lambda Sigma, Senior Class Vice-President, Women's League Executive Board, Senior High. LARSEN, CHARLOTTE-Dearborn-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Nat- ural Science Club, Book-of-Month, Junior High. LAWRENCE MARGARET-Spring Arbor-Y. W. C. A., Choir, Book-of-Month, Later Elementary. LEAVENWORTH, DELOS-Carleton-Arm of Honor, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. LEAVENWORTH MAX-Carleton-Phi Delta Pi, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. LEAVESLEY, ETHEL-Bad Axe-Rho Sigma Kappa, Early Ele- mentary. LEOPOLD, JEAN-Youngstown, Ohio-English Club, Boolooi- Month, Pre-Professional. LeROUX, GERALDINE-Muskegon Heights-Pi Delta Theta, Campus Choristers, Public School Music Club, Book-of-Month, Public School Music. LEWIS, IVAH-Dearborn-Sigma Nu Phi, Aurora, Stoics, Kappa Delta Pi, Book-of-Month, Senior High. LEWIS, RUTH-North Street. LIEBERMAN, jAMES-Cheboygan-Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior High. LILLIBRIDGE, DOROTHY-Southport, Pa.-Y. W. C. A., Early Elementary. LLOYD, HELEN-Dearborn-Sigma Nu Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Latin Club, Book-of-Month, Senior High. LONG, DOROTHY-Mt. Clemens-Pi Kappa Sigma, Women's League Executive Board, Pi Gamma Mu, Stoics, Kappa Delta Pi, Aurora, Junior High. 41 CLASS OF '39 LUDER, NORMA-Caro-Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Wodeso, Later Elementary. MCAVOY, EUNICE-Schenectady, New York-Kappa Gamma Phi, W. A. A., Physical Education Club, Boolc-of-Month, Physical Education. MCCOLL, DOROTHY-Tecumseh-Normal Choir, Madrigal, Public School Music. MCCREA, LUCILE-Caro-Rho Sigma Kappa, Trailblazers Rural Supervision. MQCDONALD, GOLDIE-Muskegon-Pi Gamma Mu. MCELLIOTT, ROBERT-Ypsilanti-Phi Delta Pi, Debate. MACKIN, WILLIAM-St. Clair-Track, Cross Country, Physical Education. MAIER, IRENE-Churchville-l-lome Economics Club, Book-of- Month, Home Economics. MAIRE, LEWIS-Dexter-Pre-Medicine MAKEL, SAM-Mancelona-Sigma Mu Sigma. MARKS, GORDON-Ypsilanti-Natural Science Club, Chem- istry Club, Senior l-ligh. MASS, ANNETTE DREW-Ypsilanti-Book-of-Month, English Club, ,lunior l-ligh. MATTHEWS, MARY E.-Ypsilanti-Delta Sigma Epsilon, A. C. E., Book-of-Month, English Club, Early Elementary. MAULBETSCH, FREDERICA-Whittaker-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Eome Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., Boolc-of-Month, Home conomics. MAYFIELD, ROBERT-Ann Arbor-Football, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. MILLER, GEORGE-Fitchburg, Mass.-Arm of l-lonor, Football, Sigma Delta Psi, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. MIELKE, LILLIAN-Detroit-Choir, Elementary. MOOTE, WILDA-Lake City-English Club, Early Elementary. MORAN, MAXINE-Flint-Book-of-Month, A. C. E., Early Elementary. MORGAN, LORETTA-Ypsilanti-A. C. E., Early Elementary. MORRISON, CHARLES-Ypsilanti-Industrial Arts Club, ln- dustrial Arts. 42 CLASS OF '39 MUMMERY, FRANCES-Ann Arbor'-Early Elementary. MYERS, BETTY MARIE-Flint-Book-of-Month, A. C. E., English Club, Early Elementary. MYERS, MARION-Flint-W. A. A., English Club, Booleof- Month, A. C. E., Early Elementary. NEWCOMB, HELEN-BlissFieIdfPi Kappa Sigma, Y. W. C. A., Madrigal, Choir, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. NILES, GWENDOLYN-I-lovvell-Senior I-ligh. NORGAARD MARY L.-I-lart-Pi Delta Theta, Public School Music Club, BQOk-Or-MOmh, Public School Music. O'BRIEN, RUTI-I--Gaines-Theta Lambda Sigma, Book-ol-Month, junior I-Iigh. OLIVER, CLYDE-Britton-Zeta Chi Sigma, Special Education Club, Special Education. OSBURN, CHARLES-Tecumseh-PhysicaI Education Club, Phys- ical Education. OWEN, KATHRYN-Dearborn-Kappa Mu Delta, Senior I-Iigh. PALMER ELIZABETH-jonesvilIe-Fine Arts Club, Boolc-of- Month, Fine Arts. PARDON, ELIZABETH-Ann Arbor-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Book-of-Month, Early Elementary. PARKER, HOMER-Flint-Kappa Phi Alpha, Football, Baseball, Physical Education. PARRE, IRENE-Wayne-Kappa Mu Delta, Book-of-Month, English Club, Early Elementary. PARTEN, MARIORIE-Flint-Stoics, Normal News, Inter- national Relations Club, Early Elementary. PAYNE, CHARLOTTE-Wayne-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Women's League Executive Board, Senior I-Iigh. PEATTIE, ROBERT-Port I-Iuron-Junior I-Iigh. PHILLIPS, ALICE-Three Oaks-Choir, A. C. E., Y. W. C. A., Book-of-Month, Public School Music and Early Elementary. PITKIN, BUEL-Brighton-Zeta Chi Sigma, Band, Choir, Or- chestra, Orchestra and Band. POBANZ, KARL-Sebevvaing-Senior I-Iigh. POTTS, HELEN-Middleville-A. C. E., Early Elementary. 43 CLASS OF '39 POWIERSKI, JOSEPH-Detroit-Zeta Chi Sigma, Stoics, Natural Science Club, Senior I-ligh. PRESS, LILYAN-Flint-Commercial Teachers Club, Booleof- Month, Commercial. OUICK, KATHRYN-Pontiac-Theta Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Book-of-Month, English Club, Early Elementary. RAHN, JOHN-Marysville-Zeta Chi Sigma, Orchestra, Band, Orchestra and Band. RANDALL, GRACE DIEDRICH-Petersburg--Later Elementary. RAU, MARGUERITE-YpsiIanti-Theta Lambda Sigma, Fine Arts Club, Book-of-Month, Fine Arts. RAWSON, MARGARET-Manchester-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Women's League Advisory Board Chairman, Kappa Delta Pi, Choir, Public School Music. RENSKI, JOSEPHINE-Romulus-Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. REYNOLDS, ELNORA-Ypsi lanti-Early Elementary. RIDER, FRANCES-I-Iart-VV. A. A., Later Elementary. ROBERTS, EMILY MARY-Port I-luron-Pi Kappa Sigma, I-listory Club, Book-of-Month, International Relations Club, Senior I-Iigh. ROBINSON RUTH-Allen-Pi Delta Theta, Y. W. C. A., Mathe- matics club, Booiwf-Month, Junior i-ugh. 'I ROE, DORIS-Belleville-Kappa Delta Pi, Rho Sigma Kappa, Dramatics Club, English Club, English. ROSS, ELMER-Ypsilanti-Zeta Chi Sigma, Band, Orchestra, Normal News, Public School Music. ROSSOW, ELLMA-Utica-Theta Sigma Upsilon, W. A. A., Physical Education Club, Physical Education. ROWE, LOIS EARLINE-Detroit. RUPEL, JUNE MARIE-Ann Arbor-Theta Sigma Upsilon, I-Iome Economics Club, W. A. A., I-lame Economics. RUSSELL, PAUL-Centerline-Natural Science Club, Chem- istry Club, Pre-Professional. ST. CROIX, LUCILLE!Bancrolt-Book-of-Month, Later Ele- menta . SALMON7 EVELYN-Fenton-English Club, Mathematics Club. SCHWARTZ, MAX-Wayne-I-Iistory Club, Senior I-ligh. 44 CLASS OF '39 SCOTT, MARjORlE-East Detroit-Women's League Executive Board, Y. W. C. A., Campus Choristers, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. SCRIPTER, FRANCIS-Arcade, N. Y.-Zeta Chi Sigma, Base- Egll, Natural Science Club, Physical Education Club, Physical ucation. SEAMAN, ARLENE-Pontiac4Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra and Band. SELLECK, RUTH-Otter Lake-Book-of-Month, A. C. E., Early Elementary. SHA'-MLAAN, ALICE-l-lighland Park-Normal News, Senior ig . SHAPIRO, BESSlE-Flint-A. C. E., Book-of-Month, Natural Science Club, Early Elementary. SHEARER, MARGARET-Auburn l-leightsMPi Kappa Sigma, Special Education Club, Book-oi-Month, English Club, Early Elementary. SHELP, CLEO-Bancroft-Elementa ry. Sl-IEPPARD, WILLIAM-Detroit-Aurora, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. Sl-IERRARD, JEAN-.lonesville-Kappa Mu Delta, Senior l-ligh, SHUART, RUTH-Ypsilanti-Senior l-ligh. SMIGGEN, CLARA-Ypsilanti-Theta Sigma Llpsilon, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. SOBlEGRAY, HELEN-Milan-Alpha Mu Sigma, Normal News, Commercial Teachers Club, Book-of-Month, Mathematics Club, Commercial. SOUTHWORTH, RUTH-Oalesburg-Pi Delta Theta, Book-oh Month, A. C. E., Y. W. C. A., Social Committee, Early Elementary. SOUIERS, jOHN-Ypsilanti-Phi Delta Pi, Sigma Delta Psi, Football, Baslcetball, Traclc, Wrestling, Physical Education. STADTMILLER, BERNARD-Ypsilanti-Arm of I-lonor, Cuolf, Senior l-ligh. STANFIELD, WALTERA-Reading-Arm of l-lonor, Physical Edu- cation Club, Physical Education. STARWAS, JACK-Ypsilanti-Kappa Phi Alpha, Football, Physical Education. STENZEL, LYLA-Utica-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Executive Board, Choir, l-listory Club, Senior l-ligh. STONE, MARY-Reading-Special Education Club, Campus Choristers, Natural Science Club, Special Education. SWEET, BELVA-McGregor-Boolc-of-Month, English Club, Later Elementary. 45 CLASS OF '39 TEEPLE, JANET-Jackson-Junior l-ligh. TODT, DON-l-lamburg-Kappa Phi Alpha, Sigma Delta Psi, Football, Baseball, Men's Llnion Treasurer, Physical Edu- cation Club, Physical Education. TOMLIN, M. JEAN-Marine cm,-Deira emma, Book-oh Month, English Club, Early Elementary. TORREY, FRANCIS-Lalce City-Sigma Mu Sigma, Natural Science Club, Pre-Medicine. TORHREY, PHYLLIS-Milan-Pi Delta Theta, Book-of-Month, l-lame Economics Club, W. A. A., Home Economics. TOWNSEND, PRESTON-Clayton-Natural Science Club, Senior l-ligh. TUCK, MARGARET-Northville-Book-of-Month, Womens League Executive Board, Pi Gamma Mu, Dramatics, English Club, Senior l-ligh. TURNBULL, MARION-Northville-Kappa Mu Delta, Phys- ical Education. TURNBULL, THEO-Ypsilanti-Kappa Delta Pi, Stoics, Y. W. C. A., Women's League Executive Board, Book-of-Month, Senior l-ligh. TYLER, GRACE-Detroit-Pi Kappa Sigma, Boolc-of-Month, Early Elementary. VAN ALLSBURG, PHOEBE-l-lart-Kappa Delta Pi, Early Elementary. VARTANIAN, HAROLD-Dearborn-Phi Delta Pi, Stoics, Eire?-Country, Mathematics Club, Chemistry Club, Senior ig . VOLAY, ISABELLE-Watervliet-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Book- of-Month, Junior l-ligh. WAEINER, DORIS-Dexter-Delta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior ig . WAI, YOKE-Milford. WAIT, HAWARD-Sandusky-Zeta Chi Sigma, Aurora, Chem- istry Club, Senior l-ligh. WALKER, NEVILLE-Saginaw-Kappa Phi Alpha, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Senior l-ligh. WALL, MARY PAULINE-Whitmore Lake-A. C. E., Early Elementary. WARD, OWEN-Flint-Kappa Phi Alpha, Physical Education. WARDLE, RUTH-Ypsilanti-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Geography Club, Y. W. C. A., Later Elementary. WASHBURN, GEORGE-Central Lalce-Natural Science. 4 6 i CLASS OF '39 WELLOCK, ELOISE-Harbor Beach-Theta Sigma Upsilon, W. A. A., English Club, History Club, Boolc-of-Month, Senior High. WELLOCK, LOIS-Harbor Beach-Theta Sigma Llpsilon, W. A. A. Board, Normal News, Aurora, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. WELT, WILMA-Pontiac-Natural Science Club, Chemistry Club, Senior High. WENGER, W. LOUIS-Ann Arbor-Physical Education. WERBIN, MILTON-Ypsilanti-Kappa Delta Pi, Normal News, Choir, Special Education Club, Special Education. WESTAWAY, MARGUERITE-River Rouge-English Club, Later Elementary. WHITCOMB, VEVA-Litchfield-Pi Kappa Delta, Wodeso, English Club, Dramatics Club, Senior High. WHITE, GERALD-Romulus-junior High. WICHT, RITA-Ferndale-W. A. A., English Club, Junior High. WIECZYNSKI, RAY-Hamtramclc-Kappa Phi Alpha, Physical Education. WlGGlNS, BARBARA-Byron-Alpha Mu Sigma, Home Eco- nomics Club, Home Economics. WlGGlNS, VIRGINIA-Britton--Book-of-Month, English Club, Special Education Club, Later Elementary. WIGMAN, M. CLARICE-Detroit-Early Elementary WILLIAMSON, CONSTANCE'-Bay City-Kappa Mu Delta, Early Elementary. WINANS, ROBERT-Chelsea-English Club, Special Education Club, Senior High. WOODWARD, MARY JOSEPHINE-Port Huron-Later Ele- mentary. WOOLSTON, BEN-Algonac-Zeta Chi Sigma, Commercial. WYMAN, ESTHER-Muskegon Heights-Pi Delta Theta, Or- chestra and Band. YLlTALO, GERTRUDEW-Hancoclc-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Book- of-Month, Early Elementary. YOUNG, RUTH-l nlcster-Later El ementa ry. ZOOK, LOUISE-Morenci-Sigma Nu Phi, Book-of-Month, Senior High. 47 JHNIUH HHS3 SECT To the iiine ort of iiving together as ci humcin family, and the studies which iunctidn towcurci that end . . . THE SOCIAL SCIENCES. J W New VW gl GEOGRAPHY FACULTY Miss Ella Wilson, Miss Margaret Sill, Mr. Mark ,leFFerson, Miss Betty VandenBelt. SOClAL SCIENCE FACULTY Back Row-Mr. Mehran Thomson, Mr. Howard Blaclcenburg, Mr. Lloyd Devol, Mr. Anthony Engelsman. Front Row-Mr. Simon Fagerstrom, Miss Elizabeth Warren, Mr. Paul l-lubbell, Miss Anna Field, Mr. E. W. Waugh. 50 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Arnet, Davis, Hubbard Griggs VIESS DAVIS . , President IQALIDI-I HUBBARD . . Vice-President ELEANOI2 GRIGGS . . Secretary BETTY ARNET . . Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS EDITOR . . Donna IVIacDonaId 51 JUNIOR CLASS FEATURE To lead the class to Further laurels, the juniors chose jess Davis, president, Ralph l-lubbard, vice-president, Eleanor Griggs, secretary, and Betty Arnet, treasurer. A Few of the monopolies held by the juniors this year are the Football stars, Walt Siera and lVlacValleau, whose signals cliclced to carry the pigsldn over for many a point. Gur school paper is edited by Bill Sosinsld, another distinguished junior. Proving that the junior class does not forget scholarship, jean Morden presides X ,.,. ..,,,,,, I A N W Q, 3 over the Stoics. The Field ol music proclaims Elton Powell, another junior, leader ol the Campus Choristers. Because jitter-bugs seem to be the rage this season, vve thought we would have a super-colossal band for ourj-l'lop, therefore, it was the unanimous choice to have Dean l-ludson and his ,Florida Club Men. The dance was a stupendous success. i With our third year successfully drawing to a close, we have the grand Finale to loolc lorvvard to, when vve shall all be the Seniors ol M. S. N. C. 52 J-HOP Following their earlier established precedent ol uniqueness, the Junior Class presented Dean l-ludson and his Ul:lorida Clubmenl' at the event of the year. The stage was ornately decorated in ultra-modernistic style with delicate shadings of pinlc and violet projecting triangularly toward the pillars of simulated marble, which were most effectively lighted indirectly. Upon entering the ballroom, the ladies were presented with dainty gold pendants with the official seal of the college embossed upon them. While the orchestra proved them- selves versatile, the rendition ol their theme, l'Annie Laurie," will long be remembered by the Fortunate guests. So amid the gayety heightened by the decorations and music, another Ml-l'lop made history. J-I-ICP COMMITTEE Q +56 lg df ,yay Ykyf Lu. 'f'1f?' if , ,H lil lil .. l' ,ee-nf., . W-:A A I , w.:J:- ' Y i 2 gifs A , s 2, , A V .9 ,,.. Y 25 A 'iv " l 2 , gf' at . . ,,, 1. . f' ":Qgv.1,, Standing-Washburn, Allen, Pokrywka, l-lartung, Jaffe, Mat- thews, Davis, I-lovvard, Kurz, Bibbins, Yeager. Seated-l-lubbard, Goodrich, I-larris, Schae-Her, Schill, McGowan, Griggs, Ferman, Bach, Becker, Campbell. CLASS OF '40 ALBRIGHT, NORA-Wyandotte-Delta Sigma Epsilon, Cox mercial Club, Commercial. ALLEN, JANE-Detroit-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Fine Arts. AMBLER, EVELYN-Northville-Choir, Madrigal Club, Publ School Music. AMIDON, KATHRYN-Flint-English Club, Euthalia, Late Elementary. ARDIS, CHARLOTTE-Lalce City-Euthalia, Early Elementar ARNET, BETTY-Ypsilanti-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Women's Leagu Executive Board, Junior Class Treasurer, Stoics, Specic Education. ASKEW, IDA-Lansing-English Club, Normal News, Euthalii Senior l-ligh. BALL, DONNAw-l-lovvell-Theta Sigma Llpsilon, Euthalic Histiory Club, English Club, I-lome Economics Club, Senic ig . BARNARD, FRED-Ann Arbor-Arm of l-lonor, Pre-Professiona BARRY, RUTH-Dearborn-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Euthalia, Earl Elementary. BAUER, EVA-Wayne-Euthalia, W. A. A., Later Elementary BEACH, DOROTHY F.-Dexter-Alpha Sigma Alpha, A. C E., Euthalia, Later Elementary. BEACH, HELEN-Ferndale-Women's League Advisory Boarc Euthalia, Home Economics Club, l-lorne Economics. BEATON, JOHN-Detroit-Senior l-ligh. BECK, ELIZABETH-Ottawa Lake-Y. W. C. A., History Club Senior l-ligh. BEDFORD, WILLIAM-Ann Arbor-Industrial Arts. BELD, JEAN-I-lowell-Euthalia, A, C. E., Early Elementary BERCSER, HELEN-Fremont-Alpha Sigma Alpha, EuthCIliG Early Elementary. BERMAN, LEONA-Grand Rapids-Early Elementary. BIBBINS, EMILY-Ypsilanti-Sigma Sigma Sigma, OrCheSUG Dramatics Club, Euthalia, English Club, Senior l-ligh. BLACKMON, SIBYL-Milford-Orchestra, Early Elementary. 54 CLASS OF '40 BOHMS, ALVlNfl2oyal Oak-Zeta Chi Sigma, Stoics, Choir, lgubgc School Music Club, Woodwind Club, Orchestra and an . BOVEE, NORVALL-Plymouth4Phi Delta Pi, Administration and Supervision. BOWEN, FRANCES-Saline-Choir, Y. W. C. A., Senior High. BOYDEN MARY L.-Northville-Euthalia President, Executive Board, Choir, Y. W. C. A., Senior High. BREDIN, GRACE-Muskegon HeightsgEuthalia, Early Ele- mentary. BROOKS, VIRGINIA-Cement City-Home Economics Club, Early Elementary. BUBBS, FRANK-Irving, N. Y.JTracl4 Cross Country, Choir, Campus Choristers, History Club, Senior High. BUELL, ELDON-Flushing-Administration and Supervision. BURT, DOROTHY-Detroit-Newman Club, Euthalia, Y. W. C. A., English Club, Early Elementary. CAHOURS, EUZABETH-St. Clair-Euthalia, Early Elementary. CALDER, EDITH-Ypsilanti-Euthalia, Early Elementary. CAMPBELL, DAVID-Ypsilanti-Zeta Chi Sigma, Stoics, Chem- istry Club, Math Club, Campus Choristers, Senior High. CHAPMAN, ROBERT-Mt. Clements-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Math Club, Senior High. CLAY, BETTY-Saline-Early Elementary. COATES, RANDALL-Flint-General. COHEN, CHARLES-Marinette, Wis.!Pre-Medical. COLBURN, MARY-Ypsilanti-Kappa Mu Delta, Home Eco- nomics Club, Home Economicsf COOPERMAN, ARNOLD-New York City, N. Y.-Student Religious Council, Traclc, Natural Science Club, Physical Education. COX, BRUCE-Ypsilanti-Pre-Engineering. CRENDELL, EILEEN-Ann Arbor!-Physical Education. CRANDELL, HELEN-Morrice-Sigma Nu Phi, Commercial Teachers' Club, Math Club, Euthalia, Commercial Teaching. 00 CLASS OF '40 CRAWFORD, ROBERT-Lake Orion-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phys- ical Education. CRESSWELL, CHARLESH-Ecorse-Physical Education. CRITCHETT, WILMA-Ypsilanti, Sigma Nu Phi-Senior High. CUM'-EAIEIG, JOHN-Boston, Mass.-Kappa Phi Alpha, Senior ig . CURREY, MARJORIE-Almont-Home Economics Club, Chem- istry Club, Euthalia Club, Home Economics. DEISING, KATHRYN-Onelcama-Euthalia, Later Elementary. DELAEORCE, MARjORlE-Ypsilanti-Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pan Hellenic, Commercial Teachers' Club, Commercial Teaching. DENNIS, THOMAS-Ypsilanti-Pre-Professional. DERSNAH, EUGENE-Bay City-Senior High. DESKA, THEODORE J.-Saginaw-Pre-Professional. DORNBROCK, ARDYS M.-LeRoy, N. Y.-Theta Lambda Sigma, A. C. E., Art Club, English Club, Euthalia, Early Elementary. DURIS, MARIAN-Howell-Early Elementary. EDGAR, BETTY-Framington-Choir, Campus Choristers, Eu- thalia, Early Elementary. EGGERT, AUDREY-Detroit-Senior High. ELMERS, BARBARA-Pleasant Ridge-Euthalia, Early Ele- mentary. ESTAVILLO, FEDERICO-Ann Arbor-International Relations Club, History Club, Senior High. EXELBY, MARGARET-Britton-Euthalia, Early Elementary. FELDKAMP, LUCENA-Clinton-Choir, Madrigal Club, Public School Music. FELLOWS, FRANCES-Morenci-Home Economics. EERMAN, RICHARD-Britton-Phi Sigma Epsilon, lnter-Fra- ternity Council, Commercial Club, Commercial Teaching. ELAISHER, BESSIE-Flint-Euthalia, Later Elementary. 56 CLASS OF '40 FOSTER, JACK-Charlevoix-Phi Delta Pi, Football, Track, Phys- ical Education. FRANCIS, ROSALIE-lnlcster-Kappa Mu Delta, Euthalia, l-lome Economics Club, l-lome Economics. FREEMAN, LEOLA-Plymouth'l-lome Economics Club, l-lome Economics. FRENCH, BETTY-l-lovvell-Pi Delta Theta-Pan l-lellenic, l-louse Presidents' Council, Early Elementary. FREYTAG, VA LMA-Wya ndotteiEa rly Elementary. GAREN, HENRY-Ferndale-Band, Orchestra, Public School Music Club, Wood-wind, Orchestra and Band. GAYNIER, OS-Monroe-Phi Delta Pi, Traclc, Wrestling, Boxing, Senior l-ligh. GEDEN LILLIAN-Detroit-Euthalia, English Club, History Club, Special Education Club. GEHRING, ROBERT-Ypsilanti-Pre-Professional. GERMAN, GRACE-Walled Lake-Early Elementary. GOFF, CAROL-Blissiield-Euthalia, Later Elementary, GOODING, ROBERT-Ypsilanti-Sigma Mu Sigma, Band, Or- chestra, Music, Orchestra and Band. GOODRICH, ELSIN-Davison-Campus Choristers, Wodeso, Pi Kappa Delta, Women's Vice-President, Senior l-ligh. GORDON, SEYMOUR-Ypsilanti-Pre-Professional. GORETSKI, BEATRICE-Port Austin-A. C. E., Newman Club, English Club, Early Elementary. GRANGER, FRED-Middleville-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Debate, Dramatics Club, Normal News, Latin Club, Pre-Law. GRANGER, LUNETTE-Goodrich-l-lame Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., Euthalia, l-lome Economics. GREEN, VIRGINIA-Ypsilanti-Alpha Mu Sigma, Y. W. C. A., Wesleyan Guild, A. C. E., Euthalia, Early Elementary. GREVE, MARGARET-Manistee-Newman Club, Fine Arts. GRIGGS, ELEANOR-Romeo-Normal News Assistant Ed., Art Club Pres., Aurora, Junior Class Secretary, Fine Arts. GRINDLE, LEROY-I-lolt-Cross Country, Traclc, Boxing, Com- mercial Teaching. 57 CLASS OF '40 GURLEY, ALFRED-East Tawas-Phi Delta Pi, Debating History Club, Pi Kappa Delta, History. HAGEL, ELLEN-Ferndale-Kappa Gamma Phi, Women's League Exec. Bd., Choir, Early Elementary. HALE, ELIZABETH-Oradell, New jersey-Euthalia, Choir, W. A. A. HALL, GLENN-Pinclaney-Chemistry Club, HAMILTON, FRANK-Grand Rapids-Track, History Club, Pre-Professional. HANSMA JACK-Grand Rapids-Intramural Sport Manager, Physical Education Club, Cross Country, Track, History Club, Physical Education. HARDING VIRGINIA-South Lyon-Alpha Mu Sigma, Eu- I thalia, Normal News, Commercial Club, Commercial. HARRISON, WILLIAM-Wayne-Zeta Chi Sigma-Physical Education Club, Physical Education. HARTUNG, SELMA-Mt, Clemens-Euthalia, Chairman of Campus Sisters, Early Elementary. HARTWIG, ROBERT-Goodrich-Choir, Madrigal, Aurora, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. I-IAZLEDINE, HERBERT-YpsiIanti-Pre-Medical. HEFFERMAN, PATRICK-Dearborn-Kappa Phi Alpha, New- man Club, Physical Education Club, Physical Education. HEMES, EUGENIA-Escanaba-Campus Choir, Special Edu- cation Club, Special Education. HEMINGWAY, MARGARET-Lapeer-Pi Kappa Sigma, Pan Hellenic, History Club, Euthalia, Senior High. HENDERSON, GERALDINE-Detroit-Sigma Nu Phi, Physical Education. HERRON, IOHN-Wilmington, Del.-Newman Club Pres., Student Religious Council, Pre-Professional. HIGH IEAN-Ann Arbor-Sigma Mu Sigma, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts. HIX, MARIAN-Plymouth-W. A. A., Euthalia, Women's League, Early Elementary. HODGSON, GERALD-Inlcster-Pre-Dental. HOLLIDAY, WALTER-Pittsford-Commercial Teaching. HOLMOUIST PEARL-Sutton, Nebraska-Rho Sigma Kappa, Special Education Club, Special Education. 58 CLASS OF '40 HOLT, HAROLD-lmlay City-Pi Kappa Delta, Stoics, Debate,. Senior High. HOLT, MARIAN-lmlay City-Euthalia, English Club, Little Theatre Players, Pre-Library. HOWARD, JEAN-Highland Park-Kappa Mu Delta, Execu- tiXe'Board, Choir, Madrigal Club, Euthalia, Public School usic. HUBBARD, RALPH-Hartford-Phi Delta Pi, Normal News, Debate, Pi Kappa Delta, Aurora, Vice-Pres. junior Class, Pre-Law. HUBER, RUTH-Saginaw-Sodalitas Latina, Pi Kappa Delta, 'Pi Caamma Mu, Wodeso, English Club, Y. VV. C. A., Senior ig . HUGHES, NEVILLE R.-Montreal, Canada-Cross Country Club Captain 1939, Special Education Club, Physical Edu- cation, jACK, FAYE-Detroit-Pi Delta Theta, Euthalia, Early Ele- mentary. JELLIS, BETTY-Ypsilanti-Theta Sigma Upsilon, Euthalia, Com- mercial Club, Commercial. jENTlS, IRVING M.-Nutley, New jersey-Normal News, Track, Basketball, Physical Education Club, Physical Edu- cation. JOHNSON, DOROTHY-Ypsilanti-Euthalia, A. C. E., Early Elementary. KAIGLER, BUFORD JAMES-Ecorse-Band, Pre-Dental. KAPLAN, ADA-Flint-Menorah Club, A. C. E., Student Religious Council, Early Elementary. KENNEY CHARLES-Croswell-Zeta Chi Sigma, Commercial Teachers' Club, Commercial. KERCHER, LaRUE-Camden-Pi Delta Theta, Stoics, Home Economics Club, Euthelia, Home Economics. KISSNER, CARLTON-Athens, Ohio-Zeta Chi Sigma, Drum Major, History Club, Special Education Club, General. KOLBERG, WINIFRED-Bellevillee-Delta Sigma Epsilon, Com mercial Teachers' Club, Commercial. KOONS, VIRGINIA-Brethren-Senior High. KOPP, SAMUEL-Dearborn-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Commercial Teachers' Club Vice-Pres., Newman Club, Commercial Teaching. KNOX, BLANCHE-Morenci-Choir, Orchestra, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. KNOX, IDA BELLE-Morenci, Orchestra, Choir, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. KRESS, CHARLOTTE-Detroit-Euthalia, English Club, Inter- national Relations Club, Senior High. l CLASS OF '40 l KRESSLER, CHARLES B.-Saginaw-Band, Orchestra, Music. LAMB, MARY LOUISE-Ypsilanti-Sigma Nu Phi, Commercial Teachers' Club, Euthalia, Commercial Teaching. LAMIMAN, WILLIAM-North Branch-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Baseball, Physical Education. w LANE, KATHLEEN-Pontiac-Euthalia, House Presidents Council, Early Elementary. LANGTHORNE, HELENE-Tecumseh-Choir, English Club, Euthalia, Wodeso, Social Committee, Later Elementary. LaVlGNE, PATRICIA-Port Huron-Choir, Campus Choristers, General. LEATHERMAN, JEAN-Lansing-Early Elementary. LECZNAR, CARL G.-Detroit-Kappa Phi Alpha, Stoics, Senior High. LEEELER, AMELIA-Flint-Commercial. LESTER, HILDRED-Mayville-Euthalia, Commercial Teachers' Club, Commercial Teaching. LESTER, THYRZA-Northville-Euphelia, Special Education Club, Y. W. C. A., Camera Club, Special Education. LEVIN, HILDA-Pontiac-Theta Lambda Sigma, Home Eco- nomics Club, Euthalia, Junior High. LIGHT, MARION-Sandusky-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Y. W. C. A., Little Theatre Players, A. C. E., Euthalia, Early Elementary. LIGHT, THELMA-Sandusky-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Home Economics. LOHR, VIRGINIA-Ann Arbor-Y. W. C. A., A. C. E., Eu- thalia, Early Elementary. X l LOSSING, GORDON R.-Avoca-History Club, lnternational l Relations Club, ,junior High. LOVELL, DOROTHY-Dexter, Mich.-Delta Phi, Senior High. ll LUND, DENNIS-Romulus-Zeta Chi Sigma, Commercial Teach- ers' Club, Pi Kappa Delta, Normal News, Debate, Com- X mercial. LUOMA, TAUNO-Wakefield-Band, Orchestra, Band and Orchestra. ,I MQCDONALD, DONNA-River Rouge-Kappa Mu Delta, lx Aurora, A. C. E., Euthalia, Newman Club, Early Elementary. l, MCGOWAN, GERALD-Dearborn-J-Hop Co-Chairman, Sen- ior High, li ll l 6 0 i l CLASS OF '40 MCKALE, IEAN--Lansing-Delta Gamma, Commercial Teachers' Club, Commercial. MQCKELLAR, DORIS-Decatur-Theta Sigma Llpsilon, Home Economics Club, Euthalia, Home Economics. MCKILLEN, LILLIAN-Ypsilanti-Student Religious Council, Newman Club, History Club, Senior High. MCMULLAN, PHYLLIS-Bellevilleghlunior High. MAHAR, MARIE-Pontiac-Theta Lambda Sigma, Physical Education Club, Euthalia, Physical Education. MANN, HELEN-Ann Arbor-Theta Lambda Sigma, Euthalia, Art Club, Aurora StaFi, Fine Arts. MARKLE, MARIAN-Carsonville-Later Elementary. MARSHALL, DONALD-Dearborn-Zeta Chi Sigma, Aurora Stalif, Stoics, Euclidean Society, Chemistry Club, Madrigal Club, lnterfraternity Council, Senior High. MARTIN, FLORENCE-Detroit-Theta Lambda Sigma, Euthalia, English Club, English. MATTHEWS, SUE-Royal Qak-Kappa Mu Delta, Women's League Exec. Bd., Euthalia, Special Education. MEIER, HENRY A.-Brighton-Normal News, Aurora, Science Club, Senior High. MERRILL, LAURA-Manhattan, Kansas-Home Economics. MESSER, HELENA-Almont-Choir, Early Elementary. MILLER, ELLEN-Richmond-Early Elementary. MINNICK, MAMIE G.-Bad Axe-Normal Choir, Euthalia, Home Economics Club, Rho Sigma Kappa, Newman Club, Home Economics. MISENAR, BURMAN-St. Clair-Physical Education. MONK, HELENE-YpsiIantifEuthalia, Early Elementary. MORDEN, IEAN-Capac-Chairman of Faculty Chats, President of Latin Club, President of Stoics, Euthalia, Senior High. MORNINGSTAR, HAMILTON-Ypsilanti-Sigma Delta Psi, Traclc, Physical Education. MORNINGSTAR, LORNE-YpsiIanti-Pre-Professional. MORRIS, JOE-Bad Axe-Phi Sigma Epsilon, Chemistry Club, Natural Science Club, Pre-Medical. 61 CLASS OF '40 MUECKLER, EVELYN-Ludingtgn-Choir, Public School Music Club, Campus Choristers, Music. MUCK, ERMA-New Boston-General. MUNTEAN, DANIEL-Flint-Kappa Phi Alpha, Special Edu- cation Club, Special Education. NEFF, BERRY-Milan-Pi Delta Theta, A. C. E., Euthalia, Early Elementary. NILSON, ROXIE-Warren, Ohio-Early Elementary. NELSON, SHIRLEY-lonia-Early Elementary. NORDGREN, SIGURD E.-Daggett-lndustrial Arts Club, ln- dustrial Arts. NOVY, ELSIE-DetroitHAlpha Sigma Alpha, A. C. E., Euthalia, Natural Science Club, Early Elementary. O'BlTl'ElSil1, HELEN-Detroit-Newman Club, Euthalia, Senior ig . O'BRlEN, LUCILLE-Saginaw-Early Elementary. O'l-lEARN, MARGARET-Saginaw-English Club, Euthalia, Newman Club, Early Elementary. OLDENBURG, GLADYS-Detroit-Later Elementary. OTT, PAULINE-l-lovvell-Fellowship Club, Senior l-ligh. OTTO, VlVlAN-Saginaw-Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pan-l-lellenic, Early Elementary. PACKER, DALE-Rapid City-Pres. of Baptist Student Club, Pre-Professional. PATTERSON, ELIZABETH-Roseville-Y. W. C. A., Early Elementary. PEACOCK, MARY LOUISE-Lansing-Y. W. C. A., A. C. E., Early Elementary. Pl-llLLlPP MARGARET-Bellaire-Campus Choristers, New- man Club, A. C. E., Euthalia, Early Elementary. PITKETHLY, MARGARET-Flint-Kappa Mu Delta, Y. W. C. A. Treasurer, Euthalia, Physical Education Club, W. A. A. Point Recorder, Physical Education. PLAIZTEE, ELMER-Milan-Sigma Mu Sigma, Baseball, Senior ng . POKRYWKA, jOSEPH V.-Melvindale-Arm of l-lonor, Foot- ball, Baseball, Physical Education. vb 62 'CLASS OF '40 PONCHEK, ELEANOR M.-Milan-Early Elementary. POWELL, ELTON C.-Flint-Campus Choristers Director, Sym- phony, Band, Choir, Madrigal Club, Public School Music Club, Music. PROCTOR, CLYDE-Adrian-Zeta Chi Sigma, Little Theatre Players Pres., History Club, Campus Choristers, Choir, Madrigal Club, History. OUAYLE, ELIZABETH-Iron River-Sigma Nu Phi, Normal Choir, Public ouieuiv, iAMEs4Yp5aiQmi-Zee chi sigma, Math Club, Stoics, Senior High. RAE, HELEN-Port Huron-Later Elementary. RANDOLPH, LAWRENCE-Port Huron-Administration and Supervision. RAPLEY, IOSEPH-Mt. Morris-Senior High. REAMS, MARGARET-Grand I2apidswHome Economics Club, Home Economics. REEVES, ADALINE--Milan-Sigma Nu Phi, Physical Education Club, Newman Club, Physical Education. REID, BETH-Farmington-Advisory Board, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Stoics, Euthalia, Special Education. REIDY, IKATHRYN-Wayne-History Club, English Club, Gen- era . REYNOLDS, MAX j.-Ann Arbor-Sigma Nu Sigma Pres., Interfraternity Council, History Club, Foreign Relations Club, Senior High. RICE, BETTY-Mt. Clemens-Sigma Sigma Sigma, Campus Chor- isters, Newman Club, Y. W. C. A., Early Elementary. RICHARDS, WILLIAM-Belleville-Senior High. RIDDERING, ALBERT A.-Melvindale-Zeta Chi Sigma, Stoics, Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Cuamma Mu, International Relations Club, History Club, Debate, Westminster League, Senior High. RIEGLER, ELIZABETH-Flint-Special Education Club, Special Education. RIESBERG, ELIZABETH-Whitehall-A. C. E., Euthalia, Early Elementary. RIGC-AS, FLORENCE-BelIeville-Early Elementary. ROBINSON, ABNER-Grosse Ile-Sigma Mu Sigma, Chemistry. ROEHRING, EIFTMER-Grosse Dome-senior High. 63 CLASS OF '40 ROGERS, PAUL-Saline-Commercial Teachers' Club, Ba sket- ball, Traclc, Commercial. ROGERS, PAULINE-Saline-Euthalia, Home Economics Club, Early Elementary. RYZAR, STEPHANIE-Adrian-Orchestra, Goldfeather, Public School Music Club, Choir, Public School Music. SABQDASH, ANN-Lincoln Park-Art Club, Euthalia, Fine i'lZS. SARNES, MYRON-Whitmore Lake-industrial Arts Club, Golf Team, lndustrial Arts. SAVAGE, VERDA-Belleville-Home Economics Club, Home Economics. SAYRE, JEANNETTE-Belleville-Delta Phi, Social Committee, Chairman, General. SCHAFFER, RAY-Elberta-General. SCHAGANE, RUTH-Flint-Euthalia, General. SCI-llLL, GERALDINE-Ypsilanti-Theta Lambda Sigma, Eu- thalia, sl-l-lop Co-Chairman, Senior l-ligh. SCHULERT, LOUISE-Belleville-Choir, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. SEVERIN, ALICE-Flint-Euthalia, English Club, Menorah, A. C. E., Early Elementary. SHAFFER, MOREEN-Adrian-Euthalia, l-lome Economics Club, Home Economics. SHAFFER, RUSSEL-Ypsi lanti-Footbal l, Pre-Medical. SHAPIRO, CELIA-Flint-Physical Education Club, Euthalia, Physical Education. SHARKEY, MARY LOUISE-Jackson-Early Elementary. SHEARER, GERALDINE-,laclcson-Euthalia, Senior l-ligh. SHECKLER, FLORENCE-Ann Arbor-Special Education Club, Special Education. SHOULDICE, JANE-Pontiac-Sigma Nu Phi, Pan-l-lellenic Early Elementary. SIMMONS, MARGARET-Utica-Kappa Mu Delta, English I Club, General. SKELLENGER, LOUISE-McBrides-Alpha Sigma Tau, Euthalia, A. C. E., English Club, Early Elementary. 64 CLASS OF '40 SLATING, MARCELINE-Romeo-Euthalia, Later Elementary. SMITH, CHRISTINE-Ypsilanti-Delta Sigma Epsilon, Orchestra, Choir, Public School Music Club, Orchestra and Band. SMITH, DOROTHY-Ann Arbor-Alpha Kappa Alpha, Early Elementary. SMITH, ESTHER-Mason-Rural Education. SMITH, LIONEL-Ypsilanti-Pre-Professional. SMITH, MARIAN-Flint-Euthalia, English Club, Special Edu- cation Club, Early Elementary. SMITH, NANCY-Marine City-Euthalia, History Club, Latef Elementary. SNIDECOR, DOROTHY-Ypsilanti-Fine Arts Club, Euthalia, Fine Arts. SOSINSKI, WILLIAM-Grosse Pointe Parlc-Phi Delta Pi, Normal News Editor, Kappa Delta Pi, Administration and Supervision. SPACIL, FILIA-Sandusky-Women's League Executive Board, Sodalitas Latina, Euthelia, Senior High. SPEAS, RITA-Royal Oak4Women's League Executive Board, Stoics, Madrigal Club, Euthalia, Public School Music. SPONENBURGH, MARK-Dearborn-Sigma Mu Sigma, Fine Arts Club, Fine Arts. SPRESHER, IEANQ-Ypsilanti-Pi Kappa Delta, Wodeso, Senior ig . SPRING, MARGARET-Jackson-Ea rly Elementary. STAEBLER, RUTH-Ann Arbor-Home Economics Club, Euthalia, Home Economics. STIER, WILLIAM-Mt. Clemens-Tennis, Campus Choristers, Orchestra, Band, Choir, Public School Music. STOFLET, HARRIET-Walled Lake-Commercial Teachers Club, Commercial. STUECKEMAN, ELEANOR-Ann Arbor-Trailblazers, Y. W. C. A., State Limited. TABER, EDWARD-Ypsilanti-English Club President, Choir, Senior High. TEAGUE, MARIORIE-Davison-Kappa Mu Delta, Euthalia, Public School Music Club, Public School Music. THUMME, KENNETH-Plymouth-Sigma Mu Sigma,iBan'd, Senior High. 65 CLASS OF '40 TISDALE, ARCHIE-Clio-Swimming, Commercial Teaching. TOMPKINS, MARjORIE-Coldwater-Euthalia, Commercial Teachers' Club, Commercial. TORREY, jULlAN-Lake City-Sigma Mu Sigma, Natural Sci- ence Club, Pre-Medicine. TURNEY, MORSE-l-lighland Parlc-Special Education Club, Senior l-ligh. TURTON, WALTER-Port l-luron-Kappa Phi Alpha. UNDERWOOD, VERNE-Newberry-General. VAN ATTA, ELlNORfJaclcson-A. C. E., Euthalia, Early Elementary. VER HULST, WlLLO'Port l-luron-Early Elementary. VORCE, MARY E.-Luclington-Orchestra, Euthalia, Choir, English Club, Public School Music Club, Orchestra ancl an . WALTERS, WILBUR-l-lillsclale-Madrigal Club, Choir, ln- dustrial Arts. WALTON, ELIZABETH-Bancroft-Euthalia, Early Elementary WASHBURN, DeVERE-Fredonia, N. Y.-Sigma Mu Sigma, lndustrial Arts Club, lndustrial Arts. U WIGELL, HOWARD-Mt. Clemens-Band, Orchestra, Choir, Orchestra and Bond. WICUGINS, CATHRYN-Adrian-Choir, Euthalia, Soclalitas Latina, Senior l-ligh. WICHMAN, HENRY-Detroit-Mathematics Club, Business Ad- ministration. WHITE, ELOISE-Saginaw-Euthalia, Early Elementary. WILLIAMS, FARRELL-Belleville-Stoics, Natural Science Club, Senior l-ligh. WEINLANDER, MAX-Ypsilanti-Men's Debate, Normal News, Tennis, Senior l-ligh. WOLEE, CHARLES-Ypsilanti-Phi Delta Pi, Debate, Pre-Law. WESCOTT, JOHN-Ypsilanti-Sigma Mu Sigma, lndustrial Arts Club, Baseball, Industrial Arts. WEYMOUTH, l-lELENHYale-Stoics, Euthalia, Y. W. C. A., English Club, Senior l-ligh. , 66 CLASS OF '40 Top Row WOOD, ALENE - Bay City - Senior High. WOODARD, VIRGINIA - Port Huron - Choir, Early Elementary. WORZNIAK, FRANK - Hamtramck f Backetball, Baseball, Physical Education. Middle Row- WRIGHT, MAUDE - Utica - Euthalia, A. C. E., Early Elementary. WROCKLAGE, AMANDA - Flint - Early Elementary. YEAGER, RICHARD - Pontiac - Phi Delta Pi, lVIen's Union Executive Board, Golf, Football Basketball, Physical Education. Bottom Row ZAUEI., BETTY - Saginaw f Euthalia, Early Elementary. ZEVE, SYLVIA-Mt. Clemens4Euthalia, English Club, Dramatics Club, Early Elementary 67 THE SIQI II II ITI M II HI IZII SS DEDICATES THIS SECTION To those mc1teric1I Ifoundotions upon which all higher cultures cure buiIt . . . VOCATIONAL AND COMMERCIAL WORK. K INDUSTRIAL ARTS COMMERCIAL Mr. John Springmon I Standing-Mr. George Willoughby, Miss jennie Morrison. Seated-Miss Mory I-lotton, Mr. Duone Chamberlain. HOME ECONGMICS Miss Estelle Bauclw, Miss Cloro Kelly, Miss Eulo Underbrink 70 I I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Alfsen, Klein, Walsh, jensen. ROBERT KLEIN . CARL ALFSEINI . . Vi IVIARTI-IA WALSI-I . . ROBERT JEINISON . . SOPHOMORE CLASS EDITOR . . President ce-President Secretory Treasure Bette Lind Time marches on,and the Class of '4'l with it-winning a reputation as one o the most promising classes everl - After re-electing Prexy Bob Klein, this Sophomore Class set out to better their excellent record, started last year. First they outwitted the green-potted newcomers in the class games, and then poclceted top honors for a colossal Float in the paracle- to accomplish the rare Feat of capturing all the l-lomecoming honors For two years in succession. To keep away From "All worlc and no play . . . H the class planned a mixer For each term--and what mixers they werel Ditlerent? The latest thingsl Fun? l'leaps of itl And how the Sophomores did mixl Community singing, class talent, cider and doughnuts, Hstitl-leg" dancing, and tolnogganning Cwithout snow? all 72 Seated-l-lording, Verkler, Poly, Brislcey, Corning, oncl l-lollercin. Standing-Swoltord, Burdge, Rice, Boclory, Froliclc, Andrews, George, ond Monteon. mixed together to mol4e the most entertoining sociol secison o closs could ever expect to hove. But the highlight ol every Sophomores yeor gove this closs the opportunity to combine its successes in worlc ond ploy-the Sophomore Swirl. Co-choirmen Mor- goret Brislcey ond Ed Poly, who were both very much responsible lor the success ol the mixers, doubled their etlorts ond produced o Soph Swirl more thon worthy of the nome. QF course Gene Qwens Qrchestro ond the eorly spring weother shorecl in moldng the donce o success. The Closs of l4'l hos been oble to progress becouse of the Fine cooperotion shown by everyone, ond the result is thot the Sophomore closs is proud ol ecich oi its members and eoch member is proud to be o port ofthe Closs of ,4'l. 73 C L A S S ADAMS, BETTY . . Special Education. ADDY, MAXINE . Fine Arts. ALFSEN, CARL . Physical Education. ALLEN, HARRIETTE . Early Elementary. ALLEN, PAUL . . State Limited. ANTONOFSKY, GEORGE ARMSTRONG, DONALD Natural Science. BALTZER, SUSANNA . Early Elementary. BARBER, RAY . Industrial Arts. BARKER, RICHARD . Industrial Arts. BARTOLACCI, JOE . Physical Education. BASSITT, EDNA Home Economics. BEGEL, DOROTHY . Early Elementary. BELL, MARY . . Special Education. O F ' 4 1 . Ferndale . Dundee . Pontiac . Hanover . Hanover Brooklyn, N.Y. . Colon . Ypsilanti . Chelsea . Belleville Ann Arbor . Milan Grand Blanc Cheboygan BENNETT, CORA A. Grosse Pointe Farms Early Elementary. BEZIRIUM, CONSTANCE BIRD, ELLIS . . Pre-Professional. BLACK, BERNARD Pre-Law. BLAIR, NYDIA . Home Economics. BLOCK, FRANK . Industrial Arts. BLOOMHUFF, ,IOHN . Senior High. BODARY, CATHERINE . State Limited. BOELENS, ALICE . Early Elementary. BOROVICH, JOSEPH Physical Education. BOWEN, ROLAND . Senior High. BOWERS, FLORENCE . General. BOYD, ELEANOR . Early Elementary. BREITAG, TED . . Ann Arbor . Ypsilanti Dearborn . ,Iaclcson . Ypsilanti . Plymouth . Dearborn Northville Pitcairn Dimondale Central Lake . Detroit Saginaw Administration and Supervision. BREMER, BETTY . . . Constantine State Limited. BRENDEL, BARBARA . State Limited. BRIDGE, ERMA . State Limited. BRISKEY, MARGARET . Special Education. . Davisburg . Plymouth Detroit CLASS OF' BRITLJOHN. Senior I-ligh. BROOKS, BETTY . General. BROWN, GLORIA . Physical Education. BRUNDAGE, LEON . Pre-Dental. BURDGE, SAM . . Business Administration. BURGESS, EUGENE . Senior I-Iigh. BURTON, DANIEL , Senior I-ligh. BURTON, DOUGLAS . Pre-Medicine. BUTCI-IER, ANGELA . Early Elementary. CARLSON, CARL . Senior I-ligh. CARMAN, JANET . l-lome Economics. CI-IAMBERLAIN, HAROL Industrial Arts. CHAMBERLAIN, PAUL State Limited. CHAPPELL, GERALDINE Early Elementary. Cl-IRIST, PAUL . . Pre-Medicine. Cl-IUBB, MALCOLM . Special Education. CLARK, MAURICE . Senior I-ligh. CLINE, BETTY . . State Limited. COLEGROVE, JANET . Special Education. CORNING, BLY . ,X Physical Education. COVERT, JACK A. . Pre-Professional. CRANDALL, ELLA MAE Early Elementary. CRIPPS, JAMES . Physical Education. DALLEY, MURIEL . State Limited. DAYSS, ELSA . . Special Education. DENNIS, RAYMOND . Pre-Medicine. DETTLING,MARIAN . l-lome Economics, DETWElLER,FLOY . State Limited. ' DICKEY, ALYCE . . Chemistry. DINNING, MARJORIE Early Elementary. DlROFF,JAMES . . Business Administration. DITTMAN, WILMA State Limited. 41 Aurora, N. Y. . Birmingham Mt. Clemens . Ypsilanti . Royal Oak . Declterville . Plymouth . Ypsilanti . Dearborn Pontiac Lake Orion D, Scipio Center, N. Y. . Litchfield . . I-lolt . Ann Arbor . Ypsilanti . Blisslield . Port I-luron . Tecumseh Flint . Pontiac . l-lowell Palms . Pontiac . Manchester . Corunna . Ann Arbor Drayton Plains Frederick, S. D. . Flint . Ann Arbor Detroit C L A S S DUETSCI-I, ELDA . State Limited. DUSTIN, HELEN . Early Elementary. DUTCHER, ZOLA . State Limited. EGGLESTON, EDNA State Limited. ENGLISH,DORIS . Early Elementary. ERICKSON, BARBARA . Early Elementary. FEENEY, JAMES . Physical Education. FIELDS, ADOLPHOUS Senior I-ligh. FISCHER, DEAL . Orchestra and Band. FOCI-ITMAN ESTI-IER LOU FRALICK, RUTH . . Later Elementary. FRANK, PHILIP . Senior I-ligh. FREEMAN LAURA . Early Elementary. FREY, MARY . . Early Elementary. FRUMKIN, SARA . Early Elementary. FULLER, BETTY IANE . Goldleather. GAINES, DENDY . Pre-Law. GARRISON,KATHALEE . Early Elementary. GATES, DAVID . Physical Education. GAUNTLETT, B. IAY . Industrial Arts. GERDOM, FREDERICK . State Limited. GILL, JANIS . . Senior I-Iigh. GLANTZMAN,MAX , Special Education. GOFF, BERNICE . Later Elementary. GOODAR, EVELYN . General. GOODSMAN, CLARENCE Physical Education. GOWDY, ALLENE . I-lome Economics. GRAFTON, LESTER . Physical Education. ' GREGG, IANIS . Physical Education. GRESS, ULRICH . . Pre-Professional. GRIFFITH, ELLEN LOUISE State Limited. HAAB, LENORA . Senior I-ligh. O F ' 4 1 . Sandusky . Tecumseh Sebevvaing . Reading . Melvindale . Onelcama Oalclield, N. Y. . Ann Arbor . Belleville . Charlevoix Detroit . Rochester . l-Iolly . Ann Arbor . Flint . Detroit . Milan . Ypsilanti . Plymouth . Milan . lnlcster . Ypsilanti . Bronx,N.Y. . Blisslield Richmond Ypsilanti Ouincy Circlevi Ile Britton Ypsilanti . I-Iudson Ann Arbor CLASS OF ' HALsEY,RETA . State Limited. 41 . Davisburg HALSEY, ROBERT . . Copley, Ohio Pre-Dental. HARDING JEAN . . . Detroit Early Elementary. HARRINGTON, CATHERINE . Adrian Public School Music. HARRlS,VIVlAN . Pre-Professional. HART, LUCILLE . Junior High. HEARN, DOROTHY . Later Elementary. HEIMNICK, JOHN Senior High. Senior High HERLIHY, THOMAS, Ne Physical Education. HOBBS, FRED . . Physical Education. HOCK,ETHEL . Home Economics. HENRY,i.Esri5R . . I W HOLLERAN, HELEN . Early Elementary. HUBBELL, BARBARA Senior High. HUNGERFORD, HELEN Commercial. HUNTSBERRY, WILLIAM Senior High. HUTCHINS ALLAN Physical Education. HUTCHINSON, RODNEY Senior High. HUYGHE, OSCAR . Orchestra and band. IHLENFELDT, DORIS JACKSON, WILLIAM . Pre-Professional. JAMES, GERALDINE . Later Elementary. JENSEN, ROBERT . Special Education. JOHNSON, CLARIBEL State Limited. JOHNSON, HELEN . Public School Music. KARNER, HARRIET Physical Education. KATON, HELEN . Commercial. KAUFMAN, FLORENCE Early Elementary. KEENAN, MARY JEAN Early Elementary. KEMP, CHARLES . State Limited. KEMPF,MARlAN . Early Elementary. KENADY, MELVIN . Pre-Professional. . Ann Arbor . Detroit . Plymouth Wayne . Ypsilanti York City, N. Y. . . Willis . Dearborn . Ypsilanti . Plymouth . Concord . Marlette . Detroit . . Afton . Saginaw . lnlcster. . Bad Axe . Iron River . Detroit . . Flint . Ann Arbor Dundee . Ypsilanti . Muskegon . Saginaw . Waltz . lmlay City . Ypsilanti C L A S KENT, CORA BELLE Senior High. KENYAN, KATHERINE Early Elementary. KERBAWY, MARY State Limited. KEWIN, ALICE . . Early Elementary. KIDD, ROBERT . . Pre-Professional. KIDDER, FLORENCE Junior High. KIPF, CARYL . . Home Economics. KIRSHMAN, ELINOR Home Economics. KIVO, JOSEPH . Pre-Professional. KLAVITTER, ERNEST Senior High. KLEIN, ROBERT . Pre-Dental. KOWALSKI, HELEN Physical Education. KRAKE, PEARL . Early Elementary. KUHL, MARJORIE . Early Elementary. LANDSBERG, LILLIAN Early Elementary. LAWRENCE, ROY . Industrial Arts. LEE, ROBERT . Pre-Professional. LEIKERT, WILMA . Later Elementary. LEININGER, EDWARD Pre-Professional. LEMMON, WILLIAM Pre-Medicine. LESSEL, ARTHUR . Physical Education. LETSON, ROBERT . Pre-Professional. LIEDER, ARTHUR , Senior High. LIETZ, LOIS . . Later Elementary. S O F ' 4 1 . Ypsilanti . Portland . Blisslield . Melvindale . . Utica Mount Pleasant . Elyria, Ohio . Fenton Detroit . Ypsilanti Grand Rapids . Hamtramck Dickson City, Pa. . Manchester . Dearborn . Petoskey Ypsilanti . Detroit Ypsilanti Perry . Dearborn . Wayne . Detroit Flint . Holly LIND, MARY ELIZABETH . Special Education. LINDBERT, MARION . . Manchester Early Elementary. LOMPREY, JANE . . . Oxford. LONG, WALTER . . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Business Administration. LORENZ, CATHERINE Early Elementary. LOWE, GRACE E. . Home Economics. LOWE, REGINALD Pre-Professional. LUDWIG, GRACE . Early Elementary. . East Lansing . Van Dyke Ypsilanti . Wyandotte CLASS OF '41 MCCLELLAND, ALBERT Physical Education. MCCLURE, RICHARD Pre-Professional. McKENNEY, ,IEANNE State Limited. MARION, MARY M. . State Limited. MAURITHO, MILDRED Fine Arts. MENGER, HELEN . Early Elementary. MERECK, OLGA . Senior High. MERRICK, DOROTHY Home Economics. MERRILL, MERCEDES . State Limited. MEYERS, PERSHING Senior High. MILLER, LAWRENCE . Industrial Arts. MINOCK, EILEEN . State Limited. MOLES, CHARLES . Senior High. MONTOGUE, ALICE State Limited. MOOTE, HELEN . Early Elementary. MORRISON, VICTOR Earlville . Ypsilanti Decker . Coldwater . Wyandotte . Holt . Detroit Crystal Falls Whitmore Lake . Britton . Hamtramck . Fenton Sault Ste. Marie . Davison . Mancelona . Grass La ke Administration and Supervision. MOSE, HOWARD Industrial Arts. MYRE, LEEANNA . Later Elementary. NEUBERT, EMMAIUNE Commercial. NEWLANDS, GEORGE Special Education. OLDS, JOAN , Early Elementary. OLDS, MARY . . Early Elementary. OLSON, ELEANOR . State Limited. ONDROVIK, FRANK Senior High. O'NElLL, ESTHER . Pre-Professional. ORTIZ, CARMEN . Home Economics. OUTLEY, BETTYMAY Later Elementary. PARKER, ILA M. . Later Elementary. PACKER, IRA . . Physical Education. PEARSON, DICK . Physical Education. PEET, MAX . . Pre-Professional. PERRY, WINONA . Home Economics. Detroit . lnkster . Belleville . . Detroit Ypsilanti . Lawrence . Manistee . Belleville Charlevoix Ann Arbor . Detroit . Ludington Holyoke, Mass, . Detroit . Ann Arbor . Ferndale C L A S S PETERS, MARION . Physical Education. PETERSON LORAINE . Early Elementary. PETERSON, SHIRLEY Physical Education. PETTY, MALCOLM Commercial. PHILLIPS, LOIS . . Early Elementary. PITKIN, DORIS . Pre-Nursina. POLY, EDWARD . . Physical Education. PORTER, VERNON . Pre-Engineering. POWERS, CHRISTINE . Early Elementary. PRAY, IANET . . Home Economics. PURCELL, FRANCIS . PURMAN, ELEANOR Commercial. OUALMANN, WALTER Physical Education. RABBE, BEULAH . State Limited. RABIDEAU, BARBARA Home Economics. RANDOLPH, CAROLYN State Limited. RAYMOND, CELDEN RAYMOND, VIOLA Physical Education. REBER, MARLEN . Senior High. REGAN, ANNICE . State Limited. REPAID, NORMA . Junior High. RICE, EVELYN . Fine Arts. RIGGS,EMERSON . Industrial Arts. ROCHON, LOUIS . Senior High. ROEKLE, OLGA . State Limited. ROSZEL, GRACE . Early Elementary. O F ' 4 1 . Flat Rock . Ludington . Atlanta . Mason . Three Oa lcs . Brighton Cochranton, Pa. . Blissiield . Vermontville . Ann Arbor . Ypsilanti . Detroit . Warren . Addison . Ann Arbor . Port Huron . Lamb , Owosso New Boston . Lexington . Detroit . Mt. Clemens . Belleville Marine City . Adrian Ann Arbor ROTHMAN, SEYMOUR . New York City, Senior High. N.Y. ROZANOWSKI, WILLIAM . Dearborn Physical Education. ST. PETER, DOROTHY . General. SARK, MARION . Senior High. SAYLOR, CHARLES . Senior High. SAYRE, WINNIFRED . State Limited. . Gilman, III. . Ferndale . Plymouth . Belleville CLASS OF '41 SCHLOSSTEIN,MARYJANE . Belleville Commercial. SCHOENSEE, HARVEY . Center Line Senior High. SCHRAM, MARION . Grosse Pointe Physical Education. SCHWARZKOPRMARIAN . Saginaw General. SCOFIELD, IERRY . Business Administration. SCOTT, GRANT . . State Limited. SEITZ, ESTELLE . Home Economics. SEVERENCE, AUDREY . Early Elementary. SHARPE, ELLYN . Home Economics. SHAW, JEAN A. . . State Limited. SHEPPARD, ELIZABETH Fine Arts. SHERMAN, MARGUERITE Early Elementary. SHOEMAKER, LEONA . State Limited. SKINNER, ELEANOR . Early Elementary. SMITH, LAUREN State Limited. SMITH, MARY JANE . Senior High. SMITH, RALPH . . Senior High. SODERLUND, RACHEL Early Elementary. SONDEEN, MURIEL . Senior High. SPENCER, WILLIAM Pre-Professional. SPOTTS, ALFRED . Senior High SPOTTS, FRANK . Senior High. STEVENS, FLORENCE . State Limited. STORER, CHARLENE . Home Economics. STREET, ERNEST . State Limited. SWAFFORD, FRED . Business Administration. SWAYER, GERALDINE . Home Economics. SWEET, WILFRED . Commercial. TALLMADGE, HELEN . Early Elementary. TEAHIE, FRANK . . Pre-Professional. THIBODEAU, GENEVIEVE State Limited. THOMAS, AGNES . Commercial. Ann Arbor Croswell Chelsea Munson . Hudson . Howell . Detroit Owosso . Wayne Britton . Erie ,laclcson Pontiac Lake City Whitehall Milan Pontiac Pontiac Ypsilanti Hillsdale Howell Detroit . ,laclcson Cliilord Sandusky Bad Axe Milford Suttons Bay C L A S S Ti-toms, RUTH . . Later Elementary. TIEDEMAN, GALE . . Pre-Engineering. TOAZ, BARBARA . Physical Education. ROBERT, TOWER . Pre-Forestry. TUNISON, IOSEPHINE . State Limited. TUPPER, JANICE . . State Limited. VAN DOMMELEN, LOUISE Physical Education. VAN IMSCHOOT,BETH . State Limited. VERKLER, Rum . , Senior High. VOGEL, MARILYN . . Fine Arts. VOISICH, EDWARD . . Senior High. VOORHEES, HELEN . Physical Education. WAGNER, IANE . Early Elementary. WALKER, C. KENNETH . Senior High. O F ' 4 1 . Lenox Fowlerville . Detroit . Ypsilanti . Hadley . I Linden . Holland . Carleton Mt. Clemens Ann Arbor Washington Dowagac . Ionia . Ypsilanti WALKER, ELIZABETH . Sault Saint Marie Early Elementary. WALLACE, LEONE . . Natural Science. WALSH, MARTHA EILEEN Senior High. WALTERS, BETTY . . Senior High. WARD, HAROLD I. . . Pre-Law. WARNER, MYRTLE Early Elementary. WELFARE, MARY . . General. WELPER, FRANCIS . Pre-Engineering. WERTENBERGER, JEAN . Senior High. WIECZYNSKI, RICHARD . Industrial Arts. WIESE, LOIS . . Fine Arts. WILDEN, LAURABELLE . Early Elementary. WILLIAMS, SAMUEL . State Limited. WILTSE BETTY . . Early Elementary. WILTSE, E. WILLIAM . Public School Music. WOLF, LaRUE . . Public School Music. WOTRING, MARGARET State Limited. WRIGHT, EUGENE . Commercial. South Lyon . Pontiac Mt. Clemens Washington , Albion Walled Lake Pittsford . Jerome Hamtramck Saginaw . Plymouth Allen Pork Ypsilanti , Saginaw Ypsilanti Blissfield Ludington ASSWOF WRIGHT, RICHARD-VermontviIle-Commercial. YCUNG, MAPGUERITE-Chorlevoix-Senior High. ZEMPER, DUANE--Flint-Chemistry. ZINK, LELA-Carleton-State Limited. 83 i MiHiSHllHN EiHSSDED.wESTH,S SEC1 To those logical processes by which nature's laws are revealed and her relationships computed . . . THE SCIENCES. Z f f Perry Bruncloge John Sellers Bert Peet Gerald Osborn CHEMISTRY FACULTY PHYSICS FACULFY Mr. Frederick Gorton Mr. l-lorry Smith Mr. Williom Wilcox S6 NATURAL SCIENCE FACULTY Standling-lNL4llisslMary Goddard, Miss Martha Curtis, Mr. Myron Sturgeon, Miss Martha Best, Miss ss'e e ps. SeatecT!Mr. Clarence Loesell, Mr. J. Milton l-lover, Mr. jennings l-liclcman. MATHEMATICS FACULTY Mr. Theodore Lindquist, Mr. Carl Erikson, Mr. ,john Barnlwill. 87 The aged prophet of the l-lurons re- relates the l-lis- tory from the Fresh- man days olthe Class ol l-42 fV'lal4ing a significant entrance to college life vvith the com- mendable number of 625, the Fresh' men selected as co-leaders, Ken Cleary and Patty Baker. The upper classmen were au iclc to recognize the outstanding spirit and enth' usiasm as well as the capability of cooperation which was in evi- dence in the l'-lomecoming Class-games even though the honors did go to the Sophs. During the hazing period the men showed their independ- ence bythe use of the call "Yea '4EZH. ltvvos in the Fall Term that the ingenious Frosh showed their real ingenuity by instigating the Social Com- mittee, a body de- signed to plan en- tertainment For the Winter Term as ci method ol lceeping homesiclq students on the campus over the vveel4-ends. Pat Baker, Ken Clery 88 The Ultrosh Flingsn held in the basement ot Charles lVlcKenny l-lall,oHering games, table-tennis, and dancing, caused much tavoralole comment among student circles and the laculty. Early in janu- ary the Fresh- menelectednevv otlicers. As Pres- ident,,lohnShoe- maker, a lively participant in previous class activities, was selected. As his right-hand Hmann, vice-president, Bernice Mcconalogue. As secretary Ruth Dana, and as "keeper of the Revenuen Bob l.al?ue. Even the hardest of critics would agree that the Class of '49 showed excellent judge' ment in the selection ot their otiicers. Through- out the year the Freshmen were exuberantly active in many diversified campus activities with many of them excelling in their Fields. Well represented in the Fields ot Sports, Music, Public Speaking and other organized activities - both social and honorary-the spirit of ,4Q still thrives alter a very successful year. 89 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Dona, McConologue, Shoemaker, Lc1Rue JOHN SI-IOEIVTAKER , BERNICE MCCONALOGUE . RUTH DANA . ROBERT LARUE . FRESHMAN CLASS EDITOR 90 . President Vice-president . Secretory . Treasurer Stcm Allen CLASS OF' BOELENS, MARY JANE BREHM, MARGARET , Later Elementary. BOEBERITZ, FRANK . Senior High. BLUMENSHINE, ROBERT Physical Education. BLUHM, VIRGINIA . Early Elementary. 42 . Northville . Chelsea . Rochester . . Flint . Belleville BLOOMER, WILLIAM, Walden, N. Y. Physical Education. BIGELOW, JOYCE . . Birmingham Early Elementary. BIDWELL, DOROTHY . State Limited. BETTESWORTH, ALYCE . State Limited. . Brighton . Saginaw BENNETT, MARGARET ANN . Boonville, Senior High. BENNETT, IUANITA State Limited. BELL, MARGARET . Early Elementary. BELL, ELIZABETH Senior High. BAUER, HOWARD . Physical Education, BASS, SEYMOUR . Pre-Dental. BARroN, KEITH . . Senior High. BARTLEY, PAUL . Senior High. BARROWS, ROBERT . Pre-Professional. BARNARD, DeWlTT . BARBER, IEANNE . Early Elementary. BALLOU, RAYMOND Physical Education. BALDWIN, ANN . Senior High. BAKER, ROBERT . Physical Education. BAIRD, HELEN VIRGINIA ARTLEY, HELEN . Early Elementary. ANDERSON JOHN . Public School Music. ANDERSON, GRACE Accounting. ALLEN, STANLEY . Orchestra and Band. ALLEN, ROBERT . Industrial Arts. ALFS,NORA . . Special Education. ADAMS, MILDRED . Early Elementary. ADAMS, MARY . Later Elementary. Ind. . lnkster Columbiaville . Ypsilanti . Richmond . Detroit White Cloud Mt. Clemens , Kalamazoo . Ann Arbor . Milan . Owosso . Howell . Detroit . Declcervi lle . Monroe . Addison . Detroit . Ypsilanti . Howell Bloomfield Hills . Royal Oak Ann Arbor C L A S S O F BOLDON, JOHN Pre-Law. BROOKS, HELEN . Fine Arts. BOWEN, LOU E. . Later Elementary. BOWLES, EDWARD Senior High. BOWERS, GERALD Senior High. BOYER, ELIZABETH Public School Music. BRADLEY, EDNA MAE State Limited. BRASSEUR, GARVIN Pre-Professional. BRAZEE, OPAL . Public School Music. BREHM, RAYMOND History. BREMER, YVONNE . Public School Music. BRENDER, BARBARA Senior High. BRENNAN, JACK . Journalism. BRINK, BETTY JANE . State Limited. BROOKS, GILES . BROWN, CHARLES Industrial Arts. BUERK, BETTY . State Limited. BUOUO, GEORGE . Pre-Professional. BURGETT, IRENE State Limited. BURNS, PATRICIA . Early Elementary. BURTON, STANTON Senior High. BUTLER, MARJORIE Special Education. CALDER, JOHN . Physical Education '42 . Tecumsen . Ypsilanti . Saline . Detroit Pcntiac . Reed City Pittsford . Afton . Clayton Wayne . Constantine Wayne Auburn, N. Y. . Mt. Clemens . Pittsford. . Ypsilanti Temperance Cincinnati, Ohio . Hazel Park . Ann Arbor . Plymouth Dundee . Ypsilanti CAMPBELL, MARGAURETTE . Royal Oak Home Economics. CAMPBELL, ROBERT . . Ypsilanti General. CARAKOSTAS, KENNETH . Detroit CARLAND MICHAEL Pre-Professional. CARNEY, GILBERT . State Limited. CLARK, EVELYN . Home Economics. CLARK, CLAMAH . Physical Education. CHRISTIAN, NORMAN Commercial Art. CHAPIN, JOSEPHINE . Special Education. Corunna North Adams . Dexter . Ypsilanti Ypsilanti . Ann Arbor C L A S S O F CLEARY,. KENNETH Physical Education. COMPTON, LEWIS Senior High. COMSTOCK,jANE . L v Early Elementary. CONGER, VERNA . State Limited. CONN, HENRY . General. COOK, RUTH J. . State Limited. COON, NEIL . State Limited. COONEY, MARY . English. COTTRELL, RICHARD History. CRAIG, MARGARET State Limited. CRONEWETT, LOIS State Limited. CROWL, EDITH Senior High. CURTIS, IRENE . State Limited. DAHLSTROM, IDA . Later Elementary. DALY, GERALD . Pre-Law. DANA, RUTH Pre-Medicine. DANILA, HELEN . Pre-Professional. DANIELS, ELMER . Physical Education. DAUGHERTY, AWILSON . Pre-Professional. DAVENPORT, EILEEN, M. . Public School Music. DAY, DORIS . State Limited. DENNISON, DOUGLAS . Physical Education. DICKERSON, PHYLLIS Pre-Professional. DINSDALE, HUGH Special Education. DIXON, JAMES . Business Administration. DONALDSON, HARRY . Pre-Forestry. DRAPER, LEWIS . Pre-Professional. EASTHAM, ,IANE Public School Music. ELDRIDGE, KARSON Pre-Engineering. ELLIOTT ELAINE ELLIS, MIARGARET f I Early Elementary FAIRMAN, GEORGIA State Limited. Saginaw . Flint . Ypsilanti . Detroit . Ypsilanti . Lansing Croswell . Wayne . Ypsilanti . Britton . Ida . Shelby Grass Lalce . Saginaw . Jackson Ypsilanti . Detroit . Wayne Ann Arbor Elgin, III. Belleville Marcelona . Ypsilanti Ypsilanti . Detroit Mt. Clemens . Ypsilanti Royal Oak . Pittsford Belleville. Mt. Clemens Carsonville CLASS OF' FARRIER, ENID . Fine Arts. FINK, EVELYN . Public School Music. FENNERT, LUCILLE Senior High. FITCH, LA IUNE . Home Economics. FITING, CARL, . FOLEY, MILDRED State Limited. FORKER, BARBARA Physical Education. FRANKENBERRY,ANNE . Pre-Medicine. FRASER, GRACE . . Senior High. FREDERICKSON LOLETA State Limited. FREDERICKSON, STANLEY State Limited. FREELAND, ROBERT . Orchestra and Band. FRIED, HAROLD . Por Industrial Arts. GEARY, JAMES . Physical Education. GEDDIS, BARBARA Home Economics. GERMAN, FREDA . Early Elementary. GILDENSTEIN, RALPH . Industrial Arts. GLEASON RAY . Pre-Professional. GOODING, ESTHER Fine Arts. GOODSON, HARRIET Physical Education. GRADY, IOE . Physical Education. GRAICHEN, RALPH Industrial Arts. GREGG, ANN E. . Junior High. GREGORY, IANET Home Economics. GRIERSON, JUNE Home Economics. GRIFFIN, MARION State Limited. HALL, BARBARA . Pre-Medicine. HALSEY, BETTY . General. HAMILL, MONICA General. HANFORD, EVELYN Pre-Professional. HANSOR, WILLIAM Physical Education. HARTWIG, RALPH Forestry. 42 . Ypsilanti , Mt. Clemens . Marine City . Ypsilanti Hemloclc Petersburg . Flint . Ypsilanti . Wayne . Howell . Howell . Mayville t Clinton, Ohio BuFIalo, N. Y. . Ypsilanti Walled Lalce East Detroit Ann Arbor . Ypsilanti Toledo, Ohio . Flint . Ypsilanti . Britton Pontiac . Ypsilanti . Flint . Pontiac Copley, Ohio . Dearborn . Detroit . Northvil I e . Goodrich CLASS OF '42 HASELSWERDT,JANET . Later Elementary. HAWKER, MARVEL General. HAZZARD, PAULYNE . Commercial. HEIMNICK, MARCELLA Fine Arts. HEROLD, ADAM . Pre-Professional. HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA . State Limited. HOOKER, VIRGINIA . Early Elementary. HOOVER, MARGARET . Physical Education. HOPKINS, FRIEDA . State Limited. HORNUNG, MARY . Pre-Professional. HUDGINS, ROBERT . State Limited. HUFFORD, BONNIE LOU General. HUPY, ROBERT . Band. HUSTON, ROBERT . . JACKA, EDNA LOU . Home Economics. JACOBS, BERNICE Physical Education. JACOBS, KENDALL State Limited. JACOBS, SHALTO Senior High. JEMISON, EDITH . General. JOHNSON, DONALD Industrial Arts. JONES, GWENDOLYN . Physical Education. JONES, ROBERT . . Pre-Medicine. KASMATKA, LILLIAN General. KEEFER, GERTRUDE . Pre-Professional. KENFIELD, EOHN . Pre-Pro essional. KINGMAN, MARYELLA State Limited. KIRK, ARLENE . . State Limited. KIRKER, EUNICE . Senior I-ligh. KIRTLAND, NANCY . State Limited. KISI-IPAUGH, DOROTHY State Limited. KLOPSHINSKE, E. LEONE State Limited. KNAGGS, DARWIN . General. . Chelsea Willis . Detroit . Wayne . Somerset Carsonville . Detroit . Howell Armanda . Howell Grand Blanc . Frankfort Gladstone . Bad Axe Crystal Falls I-Iolland Snover Ypsilanti . Wayne Lake Orion . Northville . Saginaw Temperance Ypsilanti Royal Oak . Mendon Howell Lansing . . Erie Sand Creek . Wayne . Ypsilanti CLASS OF '42 KOKALES, ESTHER . . Ann Arbor KONTRYMOWICZ, EDWARD . Hamtramck Pre-Professional. KRAAS, DOROTHY Early Elementary. KREGER, DORIS . State Limited. KUEBLER,jEAN . Early Elementary. KUTNER, EDWARD . Pre-Medicine. KUZAWA, HELEN State Limited. LADD, WILLIAM . Physical Education. L"AMOREAUX, JEANNE . General. LAMB, MARGARET Early Elementary. LANE, EVAN . Senior High. LANE, WILFORD . Pre-Professional. LQRUE, ROBERT . Pre-Professional. LeFURDGE BETTY . Physical Education. LEMANSKI, CLEMENT Physical Education. LEONARD, GEORGE Pre-Professional. LEPISTO, PAUL . Industrial Arts. LEPISTO, WALTER General. LEWIS, ALLAN . LICHTENFELT, LAWRENCE . History. . Greenville . Erie . Manchester New York, N. Y. . . Flint Warren Ypsilanti . Charlevoix . Pittsford . Chelsea . Ypsilanti . Lansing Pontiac . Waldron . Wakefield . Wakefield . . Flint Marlette LICHTY, INEZ . . Traverse City Senior High. LOCKWOOD, EARL . River Rouge Senior High. LONG, MARY . . Harbor Springs Senior High. LOYER,EUNlCE MAE . . Holland Physical Education. MCANDREW, ATWOOD . . Ypsilanti Pre-Professional. McCARTY, VIRGINIA . . Wayne Fine Arts. McCONALOGUE, BERNICE . Wayne Early Elementary. MCCUTCHEON, IRENE Public School Music. . Flin MacDONALD, ROYAL . . Prescott Industrial Arts. MQCGREGOR, MARGARET . Pontiac Early Elementary. MACK, VIRGINIA . . . Detroit Pre-Library. McKEACHNIE, Wilbert . Davisburg Administration and Supervision. C L A S S CJ F MCLEAN, NoRMA . State Limited. McLEOD, IRETA D . . Senior High. MacMULLAN, FRANCES Home Economics. MADIGAN, ANNE . Early Elementary. MADIGAN, JACK . Business Administration. MAJORANA, EGIDIO Pre-Professional. MAJORANA, JOSEPH MASCHKE, ARTHUR Physical Education. MATER,EDWINA . Early Elementary. MATHEWS, GRACE . Band-Orchestra. MAURER, EDWARD . Pre-Engineering. MAY, MARJORIE . Later Elementary. MIDDLETON, WILLIAM Pre-Professional. MILLER, ALFRED . . MILLER, VIRGINIA . Fine Arts. MITCHELL, VIRGINIA Later Elementary. MOHR, ROBERT . State Limited. MOORE, C. KIRTLAND Commercial. MORNINGSTAR, GRACE State Limited. MORRIS, WILLIAM . Pre-Professional. MORRISH, BETH State Limited. MORROW, LILLIAN . State Limited. MORSE, IRMA Later Elementary. MUNN,MAXINE . State Limited. MUNSELL, HUGH . Pre-Engineering. MURRAY, DOUGLAS . Senior High. NAAS, WILLARD . Pre-Forestry. NEARY, BARBARA . Physical Education. NEPODAL, SHIRLEY . Early Elementary. NICHOLS, MARCIA ANN Fine Arts. NICKEL, HELEN . . Home Economics. NIXON, MARGARET . State Limited. '42 . Belleville . Plymouth Garden City . Wayne Mt. Clemens Hazel Parlc Hazel Park . Detroit . McGregor . Romulus . South Lyon Hazel Parlc . Corunna . Dearborn Mt. Clemens . Detroit Tecumseh Forty Fort, Pa. . . Flint Utica Flin Milford . Ferndale . Merlette Fowlerville . Ypsilanti Hazel Park . Ypsilanti . Ypsilanti . Ouincy, III. . Monroe . Howell CLASS OF '42 NORTON, CHARLES . . Ypsilant Pre-Prolessiona I. OBERMAN, LESTER . Sault Ste Marie Business Administration. ODMARK, RONALD Public School Music. OLIVER, W. C. . Pre-Medicine. OSBURN, DALE . Pre-Professional OTT,EVELYN . . Home Economics. OWENS, CHARLES . Pre-Dental. OXLEY, CHARLES . Physical Education. PAGE,BARBARA . Physical Education. PAGE, LOIS . State Limited. PALMER, RAYMOND PARKER, ILAH L. State Limited. PARSONS, RUTH . State Limited. . Spring Lake . Ferndale . Romulus . Munroe Fulton, N. Y. . Pontiac Manitou Beach . Marshall St. Louis, Mo. . Saginaw Fowlervi Ile PATTERSON, ELIZABETH L. . Owosso Commercial. PATTON, LOIS . . . Ypsilanti State Limited. PEKNIK, JOHN . . Herkimer, N. Y. PEPPLER, MARY JANE . Grand Rapids Early Elementary. PESTER, EMILY . . Ypsilanti Home Economics. PETERMANN, DAWN . Ann Arbor Pre-Law. PFEIFER, ROBERT . . Ferndale Physical Education. PHILLIPS, ARLYNE . . Detroit Special Education. PHILLIPS, EUGENE . Deckerville Physical Education. PHILLIPS, NATALIE . Flint Physical Education. PHILLIPS, NILA . . Sandusky State Limited, PICKREM, ILEEN . . Willis Home Economics. PILLSBURY, BETTY Ypsilanti Pre-Nursing. PILLSBURY, CHARLES . Ypsilanti Pre-Medical. POHLY, LEAH . . Lenox State Limited. PORTER, LYNN . . Ypsilanti Senior High. PRATT, E. MARY . . Manitou Beach Senior High. PREKETES, NICHOLAS . . Ann Arbor Pre-Law. PUGH, WILLIAM . . Port Huron Fine Arts. C L AxS'S CD F '4 2 PURCHASE, MARY . Muskegon Heights Senior High. OUIGLEY, KENNETH . . Howell Senior High. RANSOM, DRUCILLA . . Pontiac Early Elementary. RAWSON, GEORGE . Manchester Pre-Journalism. REDDEH,GWENDOLYN . Battle Creek State Limited. RmLLY,JuNE . . Orchestra. REINBOLD, LOUISE . Public School Music. REUM, GENEVIEVE . Home Economics. RHEAD, DORIS . . State Limited. RICHARDS, JEANETTE Public School Music. RICHARDS, MARJORIE State Limited. RITZ, MARY M. . . Special Education. ROACH, GLADYS State Limited. ROACH, ROSS . Senior High. ROBINSON, ORLO . Pre-Medicine. ROEHLER, MARION . Early Elementary. ROGERS, IONE LEE . Physical Education. ROLLINS, PHYLLIS Early Elementary. ROSE, HAZEL . . Early Elementary. ROSS, MARY ESTHER Commercial. SABADASH, GEORGE Pre-Engineering. SCHELL, BETTY JANE 7 Senior High. SCHLOSSTEIN, LOUIS Pre-Engineering. SCHMIDT, DOROTHY State Limited. SCHULKINS, WILLIAM Senior High. SCHWARTZ, JEANETTE Early Elementary. SCOTT, DONNA BELLE Early Elementary. SEEGER, IEANNE . Physical Education. SCHICK, ILA . . Public School Music. SHOEMAKER, JOHN Senior High. SIBLEY, MARION . SIGLER, VIDA MAE . State Limited. . Saginaw Harbor Springs . Dundee . McGregor South Haven . Ypsilanti . Ann Arbor . Allenton Marine City . Wayne . Oak Park . Royal Oak , Algonac Highland Park . Ypsilanti Lincoln Park Warren, Ohio . Belleville Mt. Clemens . Farmington . Plymouth . Concord Hamburg, N. Y. Davison . Detroit . Pontiac . Newport CLASS OF '42 SILVERMAN, MURRAY General. SIMMONS, WILLIAM Pre-Law. SIMPSON, GRACE . Early Elementary. SMITH, FLORENCE . Early Elementary. SMITH, HAROLD . Pre-Professional. SMITH, MARY LOUISE Commercial. SMITH, ROBERT . Agriculture. SONNENBERG, ALFRED Industrial Arts. SOUTHARD, CHARLES Pre-Law. SPRATT, MARY . . State Limited. STRAUSS, HARRIET Fine Arts. STREET, EARL . General. SUPINA, STANLEY . Physical Education. TABER, ROBERT . Pre-Professional. TAYLOR, SYDNEY . Chemistry. TEARE, METON . Pre-Professional. THOMPSON, KATHLEEN Later Elementary. TlEDEMANN,CAROL . Senior High. TURNBULL, BESSIE . Early Elementary. VINCENT, TERRY . . Pre-Medicine. VOLLMAR, SHIRLEY Senior High. VOLZ, KENNETH . Physical Education. WALSH,jAMES . Physical Education. WALTON, LIZZIE . State Limited. WATSON, GEORGE . Pre-Medicine. WEGIENKA, MARK History. WEIR, IEAN M. . Purlic School Music. WELLS, ROGER . Orchestra and Band. WESCOAT, FLORENCE Early Elementary. WHAN EDGAR . m English. WHITE, DONALD . Pre-Medicine. WICHMAN, AILEEN State Limited. New Yorlc, N.Y. . Belleville Brighton . Almont . Marlette . Three Rivers . Plymouth . . Wayne . Ypsilanti . NorthAdams . Pontiac , Flint . Hamtramck . Ypsilanti . Marine City , Ypsilanti . . Pontiac . Fovvlerville . Ypsilanti Kansas City, Mo. New Baltimore . . Saline . Ann Arbor . Osseo . Tekonsha Romulus . Wayne Byron Center . Houghton . Pontiac .A Lincoln Park . Detroit WICKENS, WANDA . Early Elementary. WIERS, MARGARET . Special Education. WOOD, BARBARA . State Limited. WOOD, FLORENCE State Limited. WOODWARD, ELAINE State Limited. WORTLEY, ANN Home Economics. WISBIN, ROSS . Senior High. WRIGHT, MARION Early Elementary. YOUNG, RUTH L. Special Education. ZUK, EUGENE , Special Education. Dearborn Royal Oala Nortlwille Bay City . Holly Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Willis Riverdale Hamtramck EHMPHS SUIIIHHS SECT To those whose responsibi ity it is to impress the principles ond guide the initicii practice of youthful teachers-THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. ,lx EDUCATION FACULTY Standing-Mr. Francis Lord, Miss Grace Skinner, Miss Ella Smith, Mr. B. I-I. Vanden Belt. Seated-Mr. Noble Lee Garrison, Mr. Leslie Butler, Mr. Horace Wilber, Mr. Frank Whitehouse Mr. I-I. L. Turner. SPECIAL EDUCATION FACULTY Standing-Mrs. Mabel Bentley, Letha Olds, Dorothy Bachman, Anna Bunger, Bernice Ringman Gertrude Roser. Seated-dFrancis Lord, Mrs. Gertrude Flint, Ora Swartvvoocl, Charles Elliott. 104 LINCOLN CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL Standing-Leland Jacobs, Alice Beal, Alice Roscoe, Christine Ward, Elizabeth Miller, I-Iarrison Pfeiffer, Emma Feuerstein, Grace Mink, C. Alfred Rice, Sadie Tow, Gladys Kirschbaum, Earl Studt, Ido Brink, Floyd Leib, Ralph Bruce, Fannie Balch. Seated-Bernece Tompkins, Newell I-Iart, Mabel Turner, Elizabeth Kusterer, Ruth Brown, M. Ethel O'Connor, I-Ienry Tape, Beatrice McManus, Faith Kiddoo, Ray Binns, Mary Martin, I I-I. Turnbull, Mrs. Webster. ROOSEVELT TRAINING SCHOOL Standing-D. Chester Ryan, Mary vlanchuk Bartlett, Thelma McAndless, Lillian Ashby, Russell Cosper, Mrs. Thomas, Matt Lappinen, M. Margaret Gotts, Lawrence DeBoer, Florence Eddy, Margaret Robinson, Marguerite I-Ietmansperger, Thelma I-Iunt, Anneta Monroe, I-Ielen Swete, I-larry Broad, Leonard Menzi, Janet Myers. Seated-Susan Stinson, George Willoughby, Mildred Crawford, Vera North, Gertrude Phelps, B. I-I. VandenBelt, Eleanor Meston, Elizabeth McCrickett, Edith Adams. ACTIVITIES EDITOR. . Hele-nHoIIeran 105 KAPPA DELTA PI Back Row-Karner, Burt, Foote, Riddering, Powierski, Gundrum, Gale. ThirdAlEjow-Gruber, Arnet, Rawson, Kercher, Lamb, Buschlen, johnson, Rupel, Lobbestael, Reid, ams. Second Row-Robinson, Jessup, Newcomb, Zittel, Young, Sayre, Allen, Weymouth, Campbell, Lecznar, Steniel, Marshall, Boyden, Kolberg, l-loward, Covert, Shamlain, Forbes, Speas, Ford, Johnston, Baker. Front Row-Norgaard, Dickie, Johnson, Werbin, Dutcher, Lewis, Turner, Turnbull, Best, Long, Lloyd, Lawrence, Parten, McElliott, Tuck, Kappa Delta pi is one of the largest honorary fraternities ever organized. The group is formed especially for juniors and seniors and graduates-renowned in the field of education. The purpose ofthe society is to lqeep the members informed and interested in new developments in this field. ln accordance with their lofty aims, the Kadelpians, together with Dr. Turner, faculty advisor, and right-hand assistant, Miss Martha Best, managed to worlc in a record-breaking lnitiation Banquet on April 'l5, and an l-lonors Tea in May recognizing students from all classes who received high scholarship, also an Alumni Banquet in june. Among the social events of the year was a lecture on the Hlsle for Menu by Dr. Cowin of Ann Arbor, who showed the group moving pictures of the island. Qfficers who were responsible for this successful year of Kappa Delta Pi are Theo Turnbull, president, Ardath johnson, vice-president, lvah Lewis, recording secretary, Evelyn Dutcher, corresponding secretary, and Milt Werbin, treasurer. 106 STOICS Founded "way back when" as a small group oi scholars, by Stuart Lathers, the Stoic Society has grown and gained proportions until it is now an honorary society open only to sophomores. Lofty aims oi the club are two --First, to recognize scholarship, and establish scholarships, and second, to promote friendship. At present Stoics is ohfering Five ditierent scholarships every year to worthy students. With the uniailing aid oi Dean l-lover, and Miss Best, the club manages several social events a year, not the least of which are the annual winter banquet, at which scholarships are awarded, the traditional 'iWhite Elephantl' sale in Starkweather l-lall, the informal wiener roasts, and the May morning breakfast at the home oi Mr. Lathers, Faculty patron. At this breakfast new otiicers For the next yeor were announced. Qtlicers For this year were jean Morden, president, and Walter Gale, secretary- treasurer. Back Row-l-lolt, Quigley, Lecznar, Ondrovik, Lecznar, Leiberman, Hooper. Third Row-Bovee, Kercher, Bohms, Merrick, Purcell, Savage, Erickson, Goodrich, Sayre, Walsh, Long, Lewis. Second Roweparten, Sondeen, Llreen, l-lalsey, Marshall, Riddering, I-lagle, Eggleston, Johnson, Tunison, l-laab, Front Row--Vartanian, Erickson, Ashby, Gale, Lathers, Morden, Smith, Carrington. 107 Pl KAPPA DELTA Back Row-l-lolt, Katt, l-lubbard, Waugh, Riddering, Kennedy. Second Row-Carrington, Whitcomb, Dickerson, l-luber, Goodrich, Langthorne, Lund, Luder. Front Row-Wilbur, Brovvnrigg, Colburn, Lieberman, McKay, Lathers, Elliott, l-lover. The national honorary Forensic society, Pi Kappa Delta, closed its activities a year ago vvith a membership, the largest in its history, totalling twenty-eight members, and the unique distinction of ranlcing First among the one hundred and titty-Five chapters of the country in the amount extended tor l4eys and tees. After Fifteen years oi persistent vvorl4, a scholarship ol S1000 was completed and named For the society patron. The society sponsors all speech activities on campus. This yearys highlights in- cluded the Filtieth anniversary al oratory in our college, which was celebrated at the annual oration contest, The First orator ever to represent M. S. N. C, Mr. William N. Lister, presided over the lete. ln April a lull delegation competed For honors in the biennial Pi Kappa Delta province of the Laltes Tournament at Kent State University in Qhio. The season closed with the nineteenth annual dinner and the awarding ol memberships and promotions to this yearis debaters, orators, and extemporaneous speakers. 108 SIGMA DELTA PSI Standingflvlorningstar, Squires, Miller. Seated-Marshall, Todt, Stites. Sigma Delta Psi, the only national honorary society for athletes, was founded at lndiana University in 1910. As outlined in the constitution oi the organization Hthe object of the society shall be the encouragement of moral, physical, and mental development anal training among college students. Standards for membership are high. A certain scholastic status ir required as well as a long list ol requirements demonstrating physical superiority. The local Chapter, one of eighty in the United States, participates each spring in a joint banquet with the University ol Michigan and Michigan State College, 109 Elww, . QXZXILQQA.-.S YUUQLN wc, Lu as W x .. Xkxv' X 3 K .-S" efgfj- 3 3 X 5 r , ' 'I XX ,f 41- i . .,ig,.s,, V 3 s ' ' :-N. "'r"Yx f X fx , V -fs - Q .: K. N ..,. 1 - 2 , .K Z , , X nf 1 ,I 'yr A T l-gf , ,qlyk x "fm, ff OW .tiff DR, FREDERICK McKAY DOROTHY LONG . WALTER GALE . WILLIAM SHERRARD ELEANOR GRIGGS . HELEN RUTH MANN ROBERT HARTWIG . HAROLD VARTANIAN ROBERT BARROWS . MARTHA WALSH . DONALD MARSHALL HELEN HOLLERAN . HAWARD WAIT . . DONNA MacDONALD BETTE LIND . . STANLEY ALLEN . THOMAS CARRINGTON HENRY MEIER . . AURORA STAFF . Faculty Advisor . . Editor . Business Manager . . Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Assistant Art Editor StaFF Photographer Assistant Photographer Assistant Photographer . Feature Editor Feature Editor . Activities Editor . Senior Editor . junior Editor . Sophomore Editor . Freshman Editor Administration Editor . . Faculty Editor LOIS WELLOCK VYomen's AtI'iIetic Editor RALRH HUBBARD . . Menls Athletic Editor IVAH LEWIS . . ROBERT BEAUCHAIVR VERNA CONGER . EDITH CROWL . 111 . Sorority Editor . Fraternity Editor . Copy Editor . Stenograpner "tw -Q' Dickerson, LaRue, Weinlonder Gleason, Reed - Ross, Sobiegroy Wiiber, Meier, Giontzmon. , Sosinslci jentis, Alfsen, Morris, Breitcg Kivo, Wellock. ,ri Farber, Porten, Meyers. Wefbinf Hubbard Walsh, Griggs. Verkler, Harding, I-iollercm, Wolters. i Bernard Farber NORMAL NEWS STAFF WILLIAM SOSINSKI MARTI-IA VVALSI-I . MILTON VVERBIN . IOE KIVO . RALPI-I HUBBARD . I-IELEN I-IOLLERAN BETTY VVALTERS . Irving vientis Rersiwing Meyers Lois WeIIocIc Marion SarIc Marjorie Rarten Rutiw VerI4Ier Ray Gieason I-Iarry Conn siudy SneII ROBERT DICKERSON MAX WEINLANDER I-IELEN SOBIEGRAY VIRGINIA I-IARDING FRED SWAFFORD . DENNIS LLIND . BOB LaRUE . RAY BARBER . STAFF ,Iames Lau BUSINESS STAFF 113 , Editor-in-Clwiei . Managing Editor . Associate Editor Sports Editor . Men's Editor . WomenIs Editor Assistant Women' Editor Robert Rye Edward Morris Grace Anderson siosepiiine Chapin Eidreda Reed I-Ienry Meier Mills Wiiber Caroi Wright Aiioe SIiamIain Lorene Reed . Business Manager . Assistant Business Manager . . . Secretary . Assistant Secretary . . Maice up . Soiicitor . SoIicitor . Solicitor PI KAPPA DELTA Started by two chapters in 1913, the national honorary forensic society, Pi Kappa Delta, novv consists ol15O chapters in the United States, and a membership ol more than 19,500 students. The society is composed ol all students vvho have done outstanding Work in the Field ol speech. The purpose of the organization is to sponsor all public speaking activities on campus. An exceptional event in the clubls activities this year vvas the celebration ol the Fiftieth annual contest in this college with Mr. William Lister, the First orator to representM. S. N. C., presiding. Faculty advisor of Pi Kappa Delta is Dr. Frederick B. lVlcKay. 114 PI KAPPA DELTA CDFFICERS All campus public speaking activities have for some years been carried on under the sponsorship of the local chapter of this national Forensic society. its orficers are: James Lieberman, president, Eisin R. Goodrich, vvomen's vice-president, jean C. Sprecher, secretary, and Albert A. Riddering, treasurer. Dr. Frederick B. McKay is patron and Professor Harry T. Wood, associate patron. Goodrich, Gurley, Lieberman, Riddering, Sprecher 115 WOMEN'S DEBATE WOMENS DEBATE SOUAD Back Row-St. Peter, McCarty, l-lart, Walsh, Sheppard, Sayre, Emboden, Langthorne, l-lacib. Front Row-l-learn, l-luber, Goodrich, McKay, Luder, Whitcomb, l2oszel. For the twenty-fourth year, Wodeso Club, the women's debating society carried on its activities on campus. Under the direction oi Elsin Goodrich, president, and Dr. F. B. Mclfay, critic, the organization has had the largest number of actual inter- collegiate participants in its history, Fifteen speakers. Twelve of these members spolce in the state debate tournament and tied For highest honors with Wayne, Albion, and Kalamazoo, Activities during the year included twelve debates with other colleges, round table discussions, and stump speeches. A new Feature this year was the radio debate with University oi Michigan women. The program was broadcast over Station WJR, on March 'l7, with Misses Sprecher and Goodrich participating. At the annual banquet held in May, Pi Kappa Delta l4eys were awarded to the Following new members, Martha Walsh, Winnilred Sayre, Dorothy l-learn, slune perryman, Ernestine l-lemboden, and Max Weinlander. The degree oi honor was awarded to Norma l.uder. William Lister was made an honorary member at this banquet. Recipients oi the diamond lcey for special distinction were glean Sprecher, Elsin Goodrich, William Waugh, and Gordon Kennedy. 116 MEN'S DEBATE MENS DEBATE SQUAD Back Rowel-lolt, Lovve, Porter, Chapman, Brooks, Weinlander. Middle Rowglliddering, l-lubbard, Granger, Lund, Oliver, Davids. Front Row-Kennady, Leiberman, Dickerson, Carrington, Wolfe, Kott. The T938-39 debate season started in November with an lnternational Debate vvith the University of Western Ontario on the "Anglo-American Alliance" question. ln February another debate was held with the Canadians from lvlaclvlaster Uni- versity on the same question. The other debates of the year vvere on the Pi Kappa Delta question, 'Kl2esolved that the United States should cease to use public Funds For the purpose of stimulating businessn. At the beginning oi the year the debate squad numbered tvventy-Four men, twelve being members of Pi Kappa Delta. Participation in three debate tournaments gave opportunity For competition with tvventy-one colleges. Cn February tenth the Michigan lntercollegiate Speech League Tournament was held at Michigan State College. ln the League debates, our representatives won tvvo and lost tvvo, while in the Tournament Debates the victories numbered three and the losses nine. The debate season closed with the Pi Kappa Delta province oi the Lakes tourna- ment at Kent State University, Kent, Chia, April seventh and eighth. Nineteen menis teams competed in the tournament and Forty-Five debates were held. Qur teams were represented in ten debates and vvon Five and lost Five. During the year sixty-six debates were held with tvventy-three dirierent colleges. Qi the forty-three judged debates, lvl. S. N. C. vvon Fifteen and lost twenty-eight. 117 INTERPRETATIVE READING At the seventh interpretative reading contest-festival, sponsored by the Michigan lntercollegiate Speech League and held this year at Kalamazoo College, Michigan State Normal College was represented by Theo Turnbull and Alvin Bohms. Miss Turnbull placed First in the Womens Division reading Robert Frosgs "Birches" and Elizabeth Barrett Brovvning's ull Thou Must Love Mef' At the festival in the evening she read HLllysses" by Allred Lord Tennyson. Mr. Bohms read Carl Sandburgls "Chicago, and William Wordsworth mlhe World ls Too Much With Us." EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING William D. Waugh, glean C. Sprecher The Normal College representatives at the Annual State Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, which was held at Western State Teachers College, November QQ, were ,lean C. Sprecher and William D. Waugh. 118 GENERAL ORATORY Q ' ' ' Zz 9 M. we -' " , .,,zvp XM: ,. ' :"'1r'.,- offmfikfgyigs it s ,gs f ,f ,sq - .1 - -,Maisy pe-s:,Mf2Syc-LQ sm, - Maxwell Brown, June Perryman. The Fiftieth annual oratorical contest was won December 8, by slune Perryman, whose theme was "My Greatest Loven, and Maxwell Brown, who spolce on "Bread and Men." The two winners entered the lceen competition ol the state contests at Calvin College, March third, and comported themselves in a praiseworthy Fashion. PEACE ORATORY Miss Martha Walsh represented Michigan State Normal College in the annual state peace oratory contest held April 18. Miss Walsh spolce on "Towards the Dawn" in the Final contest at Central State Teachers College in Mt, Pleasant. 119 LITTLE THEATRE PLAYERS LITTLE Tl-lEATER PLAYERS Back Row-Roszel, Sweet, Kidd, Burt, Steere, Eldridge, Beaton, Mauritho. Middle Row-l-lolt, Wolfe, Galloway, Bennett, Verlcler, l-lungerford,-Martin, Vrandislw. Front RowHMunn, Dickinson, Granger, Bibbins, Proctor, Light, Bartley, Last year's Dramatics Club obtained a new name, "Little Tlweatre Rlayersn, and a new record-breolqing number of members. And tlwen, beaded by Clyde Proctor, tlwe new president, set out to lwave tlie most successful year in tlwe lwistory of tlie group. Club membersliip is open to all students interested in dramatics worl4 ol any lcind. Club events tlwis year included an address by professor l-lalstead of the University of Micbigan on "Recent Stage l'lits". Miss Rutlw Barnes ol tlwe Englislw department spoke on "Tobacco Growingn. Members of tlwe group presented two one-act plays, 'KWbo Gets tlwe Car Tonite?" and HA Cup ol Team. During spring term, tlie club attended current popular plays in Ann Arbor and Detroit, and presented otlier plays of tlweir own. All events given by tlwe club are strictly student presenta- tions. Faculty advisor of tlme group is Stuart Latliers, liead oltlie speeclw department. i 120 COMMERCIAL TEACHERS CLUB Fourth Row--Charter, Brown, Clark, Underwood, Sweet, Rogers, Tisdale. Third Row--Forner, Wright, Press, Mcliale, Dunbar. Second Row--Holliday, Townsend, Lamb, Stotlet, Harrison, Crumback, Crumback, Tompkins, Delaforce. First Row-Harding, Lester, l-lerrick, Geddes, Kopp, Doty, Sobiegroy, Dobies, Morrison. A link between Cleary Business College and Michigan State Normal College is formed by the Commercial Teachers Club. The group is Formed For both educational and social purposes. Membership is open to all students engaged in teaching or studying commercial work. The main object of the organization is to Further pro- fessional interest through the study of theory. The club's activities are many and varied. Those most looked forward to during the year are the Winter term Banquet, and trips to nearby educational centers of value, including the Detroit News plant, and others. Mahlon l-lerrick is president of the club. l'le is assisted by Sam Kapp, vice- president, l-lildred Lester, secretary, and slune Doty, treasurer, Faculty advisor For the club is Miss Mildred Giddis, and President P. R. Cleary is patron. 121 PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC CLUB Bock Row--Norgciard, Lowe, l-lildebrandt, Freeland, Bremer, l-larrington, Eau, Know, LaVigne, Powell, I-loword, Ross, Shiclc, Engel. Middle Row-Odmorlc, Knox, Rowson, Bremer, Allen, Boyer, Bohms, Newcomb, Garen, Corbin, Harris, Lel2oux, Wiltse, Johnson, McCutcheon, Fenlc, Wolf, Wiggel. Front Row-Foote, Korner, Speas, Gratton, Gomes, Wortley, Scott, Alexander, Ashby Grey, McManus, Brealcey, Siddell, CAMPUS CHORISTERS BockDRow-Stier, Kidd, Proctor, Montean, Bubbs, johnson, Compbell, Wiltse, Pye, l-lerold, Bowles Middlgullow-Crouthers, Wolters, Mueckler, Rice, Begel, Powell, Choate, Boyden, Fair, Sayre, Goodrich, l-lorris. Front Row-Mauritho, Edgar, Kuhl, Scott, Lel2oux, Philipp, Stone, Johnson, Teague, Corbin, 122 ORCHESTRA The Normal College Symphony Qrchestra, whose quality and amazing ability has been acclaimed by critics everywhere, is a comparatively new organization on campus. The orchestra First came into being in 'l93'l. Since that year, its lame has been steadily rising and spreading. Under President Munson the group succeeded in gaining new equipment, music stands, and o really remarlcable library. For nine of the twelve Sundays ol winter term, the orchestra entertains large audiences in Pease auditorium at 4:00 P. M. and gives three concerts during Com- mencement activities. Beginning with thirty-one members in 'l93'l, the organization now numbers more than Fifty-eight. lt is through the eltorts ol Marius Fossenlcemper, conductor, and these musical students that good music is made familiar to our college students. 123 r - 1 I A V 'V '- -I 1.3, fwfwff X s' ... 44 BAND -' ul love a paradef' and the vvhole campus beams when the Normal College Band marches across the Football Field. Not only is the band one of the best-equipped in the country, having a library ol over 4000 selections, but it is also one ol the best- dressed. The regular unilorms ol black broadcloth have been rejuvenated with a ugam Brovvnn belt, dispensing vvith the green and vvhite satin Capes which were so long a part ol the uniform. The band is open to all students. Scholastic credit and awards are given for the time spent in rehearsal and public performance. l'leaded by Carlton lfissner, flashy drum major, the band was lead in performances which thrilled many an enthusi- astic audience at l'lomecoming and football games, Directed by D. Chester Ryan, the band gave a public concert early in the Spring term. This group add a part to campus activities of which the college is justly proud. 124 CHOIR The Choir of Michigan State Normal College is among the very First choirs in the country. Under the able leadership of Fredericlc Alexander the music it renders has been brought to a proud place of national repute. ln any company, in music centers For-removed From Michigan, the choir may be mentioned and will receive prompt and hearty recognition. The annual Christmas concert held in Pease Auditorium brought a capacity audi- ence. The Christmas concert held each year in Detroit and broadcast over the air is loolced forward to by thousands. The Bach Festival this year was among the best ever presented. The performances of the choir are always exceptionally vvell done and vvell received, 125 YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Back Row-TurnbuII, Reid, Pitkethly, Baltzer. Middle Row-I-Iueter, Eggleston, Aitchinson, Weymouth, Boyden, Johnson. Front Row-Scott, Newcomb, Adams. What with vespers, matins, Lenten services, all I4inds of charity worI4-the Young Women's Christian Association manages to put in a very busy year. Under president I-Ielen Newcomb the "Y" has accompIished innumerable activities and sent severaI of its members to conventions. Again this year the cIub members had the annuaI Old WorId acquaintance tour, a project to promote worId peace and understanding among wideIy ditferent peopIes. The busy cabinet members of the HY" that wiII Iead the organization into new and novel plans next FaII are: Beth Reid, president, Edith CrowI, treasurer, IIa ShicI4, janet prey Bettemae Outley, Bernadine Smith, Dorothy IVIerricI4, Barbara Oeddis, Lois Cromwell, and Ihyrza Lester. 126 UDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Back Row4Gundrum, Packer, Esther Ewell, Ridclering, Lillibridge. Middle Row--Kaplan, I-learn, Monte, Colburn, Thomplcins. Front Row-Newcomb, McKiIlicin, Cooperman, Mass, Eggleston. A combination of all the religious groups on campus is found in the Student Religious Council. Young people of all denominations are eligible For membership to the club and participate in its numerous activities. Student meetings are held every other Wednesday during the year. The main activity of the club is to sponsor a Sunday evening service once a month. Qnce ci term, inter-ccibinet dinners are held. About one-hundred religious collegians attend these banquets, as Well as the annual picnic held in May. The Student Religious Council has Iorits Iacultyadvisor, Miss Ewell ol Ypsilanti. Qtlicers ol the club are: president, Annette Mass, vice- president, Arnold Cooperman, treasurer, Edna Eggleston, and Sec- retary, Lillian IVlcKillen. 127 FINE ARTS CLUB ln strong support of the 'lbetter things in liteu we give you the Fine Arts Club, Upholding the theory that you can combine art and art students and have a lot ol fun is this group ot Future Rembrandts. Qnce a month, meetings ol the club are held in Starlwveather l-lall, and in addition to malcing a Fine social organization the members have started a Bertha Goodison Fund on campus, in memory of the late beloved head of the art department. Mr. Qrlo Gill is Faculty advisor ol the club, and with the assistance ol Miss Elinor Straler, present head ol the art department, and Miss l-lelen Svvete, also of the art Faculty, the organization.has an active year studying outstanding people in today's Field of art, hearing elevat- ing lectures on modern paintings, and many other things. Qtlicers of the club lor this year are Eleanor Griggs, president, Marguerite Rau, vice-president, and jean Jollihfe, secretary-treasurer. 128 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Back Row-Compton, Majorana, Walters, Boussum, Allen, Riggs, Ba rker, Block, Nordgren, l-lal- sted, Bedford. Second Row-Fried, Morrison, Chamberlain, Barber, Mose, Wieczynski, Ciauntlett, Gildenstein, Caralcostas, MacDonald, Miller. Front Row-Jensen, LaBounty, Wescott, Washburn, Leavenworth, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Willoughby Mr. Lappinen, Sarnes Glow, Stuber. The lndustrial Arts Club, under the name of Crafts Club, was established at Michigan State Normal College in 1919. The purpose was to develop good fellowship among those specializing in lndustrial Arts. The club has continued throughout these twenty-seven years with the some basic purpose but with more numerous activities. Good Fellowship is not only developed among the members ol the club but also with supervisors and directors ot industrial arts throughout the state and with members of the department of public instruction interested in this Field ol vvorlc. The club talces an active part in college atlairs and cooperates in every possible manner to improve teaching and methods of instruction. lt also promotes several social activities including an annual banquet to which alumni are invited to return and become better acquainted with other men in the Field including those of the department ol public instruction. 129 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Back Row-Merrill, Shoemaker, Ball, Kendall, Pester, Bassitt, Holmes, Rupel, Clelland, Wilson, Ortiz, Maulbetsch, McMullon, Wedge, Colburn. 5 ' Third Row-Lobbestael, Pray, Merrick, Torrey, Freeman, Minnick, Lowe, Taylor, Cook, Krans, Reams, Allen, Shatter, Brazee, Granger, l-larer, Campbell, Cueddis, Gowdy, Blair, Nickel, Svvayer, Currey, Kercher. Second Row-Miss Bauch, Dettling, Storer, Kipi, Beach, Wortley, Griggs, Light, Miss Kelly, Reum, Carmen, I-laskett, Miss Underbrink. Front Row-Seitz, Grierson, Staebler, Fitch, Rogers, Maier, Ott, Braun, Johnson, Savage. For the perfect wife, the typical homemakers, and Future teachers of future homemakers, We give you members of the l'lome Economics Club. With membership open to all girls majoring in this department, frequent dinners, charity enterprises, and a Christmas dance were the natural results. The membership of the club now includes more than seventy Women. The purpose of the organization is to give its members higher ideals of culture and higher standards of living. Qtiicers of the club are president, l-lelen Griggs, vice-president, l'lelen Beach, secretary, Ann Wortley, treasurer, Thelma Light, and club reporter, Doris Maclfellar. 130 MATHEMATICS CLUB Back Row-Packer, Ondrovik, Gruber, Schoensee, l-lenry, Mr. Erikson, Marshall, Campbell, Mr Lindquist, Quigley, Mr. Barnhill, Stacey, Vartanian, Campbell. Second Row-Lovell, l-lenry, DeVerna, Schaerler, Butler, Lewis, Carrington, Long, Lieder. Front Row-Ten, Wichman, Beck, Dutcher, Robinson, Critchett, l-luebner, Crandell, Gale. CHEMISTRY CLUB Back Row!Drucker, Cveorge, Little, Robinson, Kenlield, Boss, Gallagher, White, Compton. Third Row-Grace, l-lall, l-lenry, Drewyour, Schoensee, Wait, Taylor, Maire, Kaiser, l-lall. Second Row-Woodrurf, Porter, Gress, Lowe, Keeping, Schaerler, Wheater, Lockwood, Cripps, Steere, Waite, Morrison. . Front Row-Clark, Wertenberger, Dickey, Mr. Brundage, Marshall, Ureen, Gruber, Mr. Peet Mr. Osborn, Mr. Sellers, Bennett. 131 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLU Standing-Reeves, Davis, Miller, Corning, Kowalski, Henderson. Seated-Todt, McAvoy, Jacobs, Smiggen. Standing for democracy, good lwealtlw, and Fun, tlwe Pliysical Educa- tion Club has become one of tlie largest organizations on campus. llie purpose ol tlie club is to Furtlier interest ot students in atlwletics of all lcinds, and tlwe group lwas an extensive program of sports tlwrouglwout tlwe year, including lwoclcey, basl4etball,svvimming, and ping-pong, -llwe club is governed by a council made up of two boys and two girls from eaclri class. llwe council elects ollicers and carries out tlwe duties of tlwe club. Besides partal4ing in all major and minor sports tlwrouglwout tlieyear, club members attend conventions, and have a liuge picnic in tlwe spring. Qutstanding tliis year was the convention at Indianapolis, lndiana, for all physical Education members. Qur cliapter of tlie club was represented by tl'ie president and vice-pres- ident, and faculty members, Mrs. Vossler, and Misses Prouse, Eppler, Bouglwner, and l-larris. Qtlicers of the year were Don -lodt, president, Bernice jacobs, vice-president, Clara Smiggens, secretary, and Eunice MacAvoy, treasurer. 132 1. , -V -rig: lf'?i"'X4zf A 5? 'Q f w I K 1 1' A D., 4' " ,qs VM-'V . ,I 4- 4ff',Jt,l:, I . ' 5 "ty K I F4 '?'fxj- fi . 4 1 5+ 4 " .J v A 4 yi ' -5 'Q .' " 1 fa, 1, 41, , , fy k . I : . ' 'PX 'Z 'V' - AJ' J , 5? 1 2' , I 4 !'5'0'v ' . ' 4. . ., ,WP - gf: , ,P ' 17 ' ", TQ' i 'K fi f . Vf . A " . .,,,' ,,.,, , kgs at ' 'wt " - sm 'l 2 ' . . 3 , ' W ' 1 , .,g5!l9h. ,h 55,-ff: I ,x Q ' 'bidi Q v , -I N wr Q 4, V A ,9 LM' I 'gas S ' . '.- 11 ' ' -T .-. ' ' N, 1 - . fy v , .1 'V ' A 1 ' -A Y ',"' wtf j:,1,' 4' ' ' r a ' - ,,, - I ' r Ir fro-gin V ,r'.J f H' ' . ff I ' I ' ' r ef, ff. 1.-b " 6-zz'-f'?" fi i ,Q Eg' 1- ' K :ff .e- 'Qi 'I Q... a .,.. b ' y - I., , 'Hy 9, , ww' ...J- .. . fw- I ,I 'f . . , , X' U Q, 6 ' A I in 1.1, I U au ,-, I 1 1 . ,LV ,v 1 ' if I f ' H H 1- .gr ,QJ 4:1 1 .Wav ff, nl. I . 'ij' Q A .M , F -X6-1' 1 'iliilr ' , , .,,u flkfif. ' 'A I -.QWQJI '4 'f 'og N-A ,' . .. 54 1 . r . . 1: ff 'W . A mf . .- . . A' . 91452 - 11.1, , ...fi if I - , TEL I x ,-:I . ,1 -1 , K Y V, ,J ...W K . , , , If K -4 fiff' Ajffggyp, 5, f, . 4 ' '. I f-NMN7-V' ' I - Agar. , O f Q fr.: - ".. fx ' . ., P: ., ' ' , Q V f 's'2v'!i'l3i' A il ' f.. ' - "' cf I 2.54477 iw ff -W ' 1 F f J 'Aw ' f I in .fggj I' 5 irlf 'ls' .AVL I ' .Q . if. .. H.. - M. ' A f fr , , .1 3' -. s .. - - 1 . - fu 1.45 , .. V 4 t 1 1. . , Q.-X grep , 4 - ,Qin J H 5 , ' ,fa 1, :xg 1 'Q ' f , Q ' ' . i , 1500: 5 !"'4 ' + , , ?"?:," A 'Q' :v."g'f.' 'diff , " ffl? - ' - '..f" , . wg Q , . .fm -' ff H 1... . fr , A V, TK-Vi Q wh, bf. H 4 5 gf.. ' 4. , ' ,,-' -m ,ag ,ff I. ' QQIEJP iff? J J 'F 'sf 2 ff, fix? teskfwi ft? We-9, . .gift ,ix fx. "' ..f4,g -v f A is SHHHHIiIiS HNH iHHiiHNIiIiS THE DEDICATE THIS SECTION-To proportion cmd perspective, color cmd creotiveness, the reody mind ond the responsive hond-THE FINE ARTS. X MUSIC DEPARTMENT FACULTY Standing-Arlene Seaman, Clara McAndrew, Carl Lindegren, D. Chester Ryan, Frederick Alex- ander, Marius Fossenkemper, Beatrice Mac:Manus, Ruth Skinner. Seated-Mary janchuclc Bartlett, Annis Dexter Gray, Dorothy James, Emily Mutter Adams, Myra Grattan, Lillian Ashby, Cora Wortley. SQRORITY EDITOR lvah Lewis FRATERNITY EDITOR . . Bob Beauchamp 136 !X l. P II !X S I C3 lvl !X !X I. P II !X ow-Miss I-Iarris, Reilly, Berger. Se o d Row-Novy, Stenzel, Esterline, Larsen, I-larer, Wardle, Maulbetsch, Volay, Delal e MU MU CHAPTER Established 1924 Colorsh-White and Crimson Green and Gold Mrs. I-I. D. Barss I-Ielen Berger Marjorie Delalorce Vivian Esterline Gladys I-larer Charlotte Larsen Frieda Maullnetsch T. 'Ai ,.f:' 45 ill 5I??TaQi - M iiNEQPi3Qim PATRONESSES Mrs. Guy Kennedy FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Katharine I-larris ACTIVE MEMBERS PLEDGE ,lune Perryman Q09 N. Normal 137 Flowers'-Aster Narcissus Mrs. l-I. l.,Smirl1 Elsie Novy Lois Reilly Lyla Stenzel Isabelle Volay Ruth Wardle Pxex ,ff ALPHA MU SIGMA GGG' 'n e i S t d Mss U de bri k, I-Iask tt, W ckens, V I-I Second Row-Briskey, Sheppard, Green, Wiggins. Third Row-Dicks, Sobiegray, Gundrum, Dickie. ALPHA CHAPTER cirding. Established as I'Iarmonious mystics, 1900 Colors--Gerise and White Mrs. William Wilcox Virginia Briskey Esther Dickie Geneva Dicks Virginia Green Roberta Gundrum f ,, Ti 1 ' ' ' 73 J 2 QL - f - 5 . fl iw , A lu 1,1 : Z I' 1 if "",4fE'7s3E' ' ?7'.:'7Z'-gif .:g,,,1 1'1" " PATRONESSES Mrs. Amy Wilcox FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Eula Llnderlvrink ACTIVE MEMBERS Barbara Wiggins PLEDGE Wanda Wickens 508 N. Hamilton 138 FIowersWGerise,White Mrs. R. A. Weir Virginia Harding I-Ielen I-Iaskett I-Ielen Sobiegray Elizabeth Sheppard Janis Gill Welper A. M. S. FACULTY GROUP Miss Underbrinlc, Mrs. W. Wilcox, Mrs. Dieter, Mrs. A. Wilcox. Alpha Mu Sigma numbers among the oldest sororities on campus. From the time ol its origin in 'IQOO as the l-larmonious Mystics it has been active on campus. Their Float in the Homecoming parade depicted a harp vvith the sorority colors, cerise and vvhite. During winter term a formal party was held at Planlc Road Tavern. The initiation lor the term vvas held at the home of Mrs. Amy Wilcox Following a dinner given by the patronesses. Another activity of the term vvas a closed party at the home of an alumna, Mrs. l-l. B. Britton. Spring term rushing brought an Qriental party to the Alpha Mu house. But the great event ot the term was the spring Formal held Saturday evening, May Q7 at Charles Mclfenny l'lall. A reunion of active members, pledges, and alums was held in Detroit in May. At this meeting all the alumni chapters merged into one chapter having its head- quarters at Detroit. 139 ALPHA SIGMA TAU First Row-Vanden Belt, Mrs. Flint, Goot. Second Row-Bowers, Collins, Slqellenge ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1899 Colors--Emerald and Gold PATRONESS Mrs. B. l-l. Vandenbelt FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Gertrude Flint HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Ada Norton Miss Eleanor Meston Mrs. Rolland Bates Mrs. F. E, Lord ACTIVE MEMBERS Pauline Collins Rutlw Goat Betty Vandenbelt JM' 3 -J J F 3 603 W. Cross fr f ' ,fl A ' 'ff ' fr' 4 -I 1-Flllvrvfjik gg' ' f V My rp' -v1LI.f..'5 ' 1.' g wwf' '- -msg ...WN I 110 F. Flowerf'Yellow Rose Miss Ella Wilson Miss Cyntlwia Ruggles Mrs. l-l. Z. Wilbur Mrs. I-l. W. Reninger Florence Bowers Louise Slcellenger X DELTA PH Standing Wagner, l-lamilton, Lovell. Seated-Battley, Curant, J. Sayre, Burton, Laing, Covert, Mrs. Olds. DELTA Pl-ll Established 1909 Colors?-Yellow, White, and Blue Flower--Chrysanthemum PATRONESSES Mrs. L. W. Qlds Mrs. Woods Marlowe Battley Margaret Burton l-lelen Covert Donalda Grant Beta Chi . I-IONORARY PATRONESS Miss Adella P. Jaclcson FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Marguerite l-letmansperger ACTIVE MEMBERS PLEDGE Myrtle Warner ALUMNA CHAPTER 'I Q4 College Place 141 Dorothy Lovell Jeanette Sayre Winnilred Sayre Doris Wagner Detroit, Michigan DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Top Row-Bettesworth, Taylor, Kolberg, Cartwright, Otto, White. Middle Row-Alb' ht P t Sh rman CI rk Za el Ford. rig,eers,e ,a, u, Bottom RowAGalbraith, Mrs. Brealcey, Miss Todd, Mrs. Loesell, C. Smith, Foste Colors-Clive Green Mrs. Breakey, jr. Nora Albright Leone Cartwright Margaret Clark Pauline Ford Ruth Foster Alice Bettesworth Vivian Taylor ETA CHAPTER Chapter established 1921 and Cream PATRONESSES FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Chloe Todd ACTIVE MEMBERS Marguerite Sherman Christine Smith PLEDGES 11 5 College Place 142 Flower-ACream Teo Mrs. C. Loesell Lillian Galbraith Winilred Kolherg Betty Matthews Vivian Qtto Marion Peters Eloise White Betty Zauel V. Rose KAPPA GAMMA PHI. Standing-Hagle, McEvoy, Seeger. Seated-Campbell, Miss Herrick, Bacon Collins. ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1914 Twenty-filtlw Anniversary 1939 Colors-Blue and Wlwite Flower-Violet PATRONESSES Mrs. Q. 0. Norris Mrs. E. 0lGaren Mrs. W. Foy Frances Bacon Violet Campbell Q FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Myra 0. Herrick HONORARY PATRONESSES Mrs. H. lrislw ACTIVE MEMBERS Ellen Hagel Eunice McAvoy Virginia Collins PLEDGE xleanne Seeger .1 ' - W rl l' 11 S. Summit f' fg5jg:2 '5i'i,f, ,g Q fs ' 143 KAPPA MU DELTA Ba k Row-Borowicz, Choate, Pitkethly, E. Adams, S. Johnston, Sherrard, M. T r Th d Row4Macdonald, Teague, Parre, Charters, Simmons. S d Row4Matthews, G. Francis, R. Francis, Owen, Kidd, Williamson F t R w-lrwin, Howard, Ladd, Bartram. ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1923 Colors--Pinlc and White Flower--l3inl4 Kose Edith Adams Mary Antons Lucille Bartram Clara Borowicz Virginia Charters Barbara Choate Mary Colburn Genevieve Francis Betty Adams Ann Baldwin Helen Beach Patricia Burns ,lane Carrington f 1' 12.. -'T 2 1 - , ,,,1,,,,: ..,,, Z vi A il PATRONESSES Miss Janet Meyers Miss Beatrice McManus HONORARY PATRONESS Mrs. McKenzie ACTIVE MEMBERS Rosalie Francis Muriel Heidger ,lean Howard Evelyn lrwin Sibyl Johnston Helen Kidd Virginia Ladd Donna MacDonald Constance Williamson PLEDGES Barbara Elmers Janis Gregg Arlene Hayden Dorothy Kraas Catherine Lorenz llah parker 508 Brower 144 Sue Matthews Kathryn Gwen lrene Parre Margaret Pitlcethly glean Sherrard Margaret Simmon Marjorie Teague Marian Turnbull glean Skinner Alice Shamlian Margaret Tuclc Bessie Turnbull Shirley Vollmar KAPPA MU DELTA Back Row-Baldwin, Beach, Lorenz. Third Row--Gregg, B. Turnbull, Burns, Skinner. Second Row-l-layden, Kraas, Carrington, B, Adams, Elmers. First Row-Shamlian, Tuck, Parlcer, Vollmar. Since 'l9Q3, when it was established, Kappa Mu Delta sorority has been very active on campus. The members toolc part in the Christ- mas sing. The Formal dance was january QT in Charles lVlcKenny l'lall. Kappa Mus sixteen pledges went through mocl4 initiation February 'l8 and Formal initiation February 'l9. Formal initiation was lollovved by a brealdast in lVlcKenny l-lall. President Kathryn Gwen, with the other otlicers-Muriel l-leidger, vice-president, Genevieve Francis, recording secretary, l'lelen Kidd, corresponding secretary, and Rosalie Francis, treasurer--carried the year's activities to a climax with a closed party in the spring term. 145 P I DELTA THE TA Back Row-M. johnson, Wyman, Kercher, Robinson, Brooks, Torrey, Southworth, I-Iand, I s Second Row-Baltzer, Mrs. Garrison, LeRoux, Nett, Jack, I. Parker, McCarty. First Row-Cahours, I-Iungertord, French, Wedge, Norgaard, Pu ,,,,,r1,, , ,,.,.., .N Colors-White, Gold, Mrs. F. Wilber Miss Myra Grattan Susanna Baltzer Betty Brooks Betty French Marion I'Iand Faye ,lack Mary Johnson LaRue Kercher Geraldine LeRoux Betty Nett Elizabeth Cahours I-Ielen I-Iungerlord f I I . 5 M -, r R' 1, Y Q Iwgj'-4 we III' X M, , X - , in , If ,si lit! . i, it .E ai M .iff ,I .lf , I . F- ETA CHAPTER Established 1925 and Myrtle Green PATRONESSES Mrs. Green FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs, N. L. Garrison FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVE MEMBERS PLEDGES Q10 North Summit 146 UTICID. Flower-Marguerite Mrs. Arnet Miss Margaret Sill Mary Lou Norgaard Ile Rarker Eleanor Rurman Ruth Robinson Virginia Rodgers Rhyllis Torrey Marion Wedge Ruth Southworth Esther Wyman Virginia McCarty Joan Olds PI KAPPA SIGMA Back Row-Foote, Duris, Menger, Miss McAndless, V. Mutter, Newcomb, Shearer, Long, E. Roberts, Miss Wolfe, H. -johnson, Hemingway. Middle Row-M. J. Smith, Karner, Kenyon, Kaufman, German, O'Neill, C. Bennett, Petermann. Front Row-Boyer, Tyler, O'Brien. ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1893 Colors-Turquoise and Gold Flowerswjanauil and Forget-me-not PATRONESSES Miss Esther Ballew Mrs. Florence Lyman Miss Doyne Wolfe FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Thelma McAndless ACTIVE MEMBERS Mary Esther Foote Margaret Hemingway Helen Johnson Molly Karner Dorothy Long Cora Ann Bennett Elizabeth Boyer Marion Duris Grace German Katherine Kenyon Grace Tyler PLEDGES 607 Washtenaw 147 Virginia Mutter Helen Newcomb Emily Roberts Margaret Shearer Mary ,lane Smith Florence Kaufman Helen Menger Esther Q,Neill Helen O'l3rien Dawn Retermann W F --it . if N' 75432-K' A Q g Q, ' ,fv-.grialktzaiig--H-"""'"i J ' " , , sr, .. 25: 1 ' if mt: 1, :..-yt sv fgggqf ,gg igzi-gi: lim it N SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Back Row-Wotring, B. Rice, Bibbins, St. Peter, Barry, T. Light, Verlcler, Kohr, M. Light. Middle Row-Sharp, Schram, Dalley, Pardon, Frey, Jones, Maben, Kurtz, E. Rice. First Row-Lester, Arnet, Dempster, Rawson, J. Allen, Ylitalo, Payne, Fuller, Garrison OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1898 Colors -Purple ancl White PATRONESSES Flower--Purple Violet Mrs. D. Griclley Miss Grace Skinner Miss Marion Stowe Mrs. I-larry Bennett Mrs. Arthur Walker FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Susanne Stinson ACTIVE MEMBERS Miss Clara Allison Miss Lurene Rrouse xlane Allen Betty Arnet Ruth Barry Emily Bibbins Eclythe Butler Muriel Dalley jane Dempster Mary Frey Betty Fuller Marie jones I-lelen Kohr Marjorie Lester Marian Light Thelma Light Ratricia Maben Elizabeth Rardon Charlotte Rayne Margaret Rawson Betty Rice Evelyn Rice Marion Schram Ellen Sharp Dorothy St. Reter Ruth Verlcler Gertrude Ylitalo 45 f 5w If if fr gs w yy , fy If fr .K - 5. .I f"7" 5? . . fc... Hr' ' , r 5 532 42 S. Summit . I ' ,tj .j. I ' .., c 1 r ' ' In , ,, 7,,, A .u U U-L k,4,, M . 148 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Standing-Nepodal, Sibley, Ross, Slwavv, Spring. Seated-Hale, Snell, Olsen, Artley, I-Ioolcer. I-lelen Artley Elizabetln l'lale Virginia I-loolcer l3l'1yllis Kurtz Slwirley Nepodal PLEDGES Margaret Spring Genevieve Qlson lVlary Estlier Ross ,lean Slwavv Marion Sibley judy Snell ln 'I898 Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority vvas Founded and it was in 'l9'l7 tlmat Omicron clwapter was established on tliis campus. At time beginning of summer sclwool, tlwe sorority moved into its nevv lwouse wlwere many get-togetliers were lweld. Sunday Fireside teas lor time members and Friends, bi-montlily dinners, and slumber parties were some of tlie social doings. Cn April twentietlm, -lri Sigmas celebrated tlweir Iorty-First birtlwday and invitations were sent out to time motlwers to join tlwe alumnae and tlwe active members at a banquet. lVlay tvventietlw tlwe annual formal party was lweld in tlwe ballroom ol Charles Mclfenny I-lall. Jane Allen was president, Margaret Ravvson, vice-president, Gertrude Ylitalo, recording secretary, glane Dempster, secretary, and Clwarlotte Payne, treasurer. 149 D THETA LAMBDA SIGMA Back Row-Mabley, Bach, P. Ardis, Byrum, Fralick, Storer, Schill, Levine, Harwood Reading Third Row-B. l-larris, MacLeod, Dornlorock, M. Harris, Lind, Ortiz, Mahar. Second Row-Quick, Jollitte, E. Walker, Lapointe, M. Briskey, Bodary. Front Row-Rau, Mann, Boyd, Keenan, Colegrove, Walters, Martin. UPSILON CHAPTER Established 1912 Color-Crimson and Blaclc Flower-Tudor Rose Cecile Ardis Frances Bach Catherine Bodary Eleanor Boyd Margaret Brisltey Marjorie Byrum janet Colegrove -Mary A. Dornlorock Ruth Eraliclq . .. , M 91153, "E -L" l' ,'-f . Jr. ' Q .W ,,., 5 ' i , ..,. L' ' .. ,V ' "" i 1 PATRONESS Mrs. Brown FACULTY MEMBER Miss E. Ranlcin HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. McCulloch ACTIVE MEMBERS 413 W. Forest 150 l-lilda Levin Betty Lind ,lane Mabley Marie Mahar l-lelen Mann Florence Martin Betty MacLeod Carmeng0rtiz Kathrynhfluick THETA LAMBDA SIGMA Back Row-Ritz, Pray, Sharlcey, Kiddoo, Lomprey, Fenton. Front Row-Graham, C. Ardis, V. Miller, E. Griggs. Betty l-larris Mary l'larris Janette l-larwood Jean glollitte Mary glean Keenan Esther Lapointe Charlotte Ardis Shirley Fenton Shirley Graham Eleanor Griggs Florence Kidder PLEDGES Marguerite Rau joanna Reading Geraldine Schill Charlene Storer Elizabeth Walker Betty Walters Jane l.omprey Virginia Miller Janet pray Mary Margaret Ritz Mary l.ou Sharl4ey Under the leadership of Esther Lapointe, president, glean Qlollitie, vice-president, Elizabeth Wallcer, recording secretary, and Margaret Briskey, corresponding secretary, the Theta Lambda Sigmas held a closed recreation party in the Union during the fall term. They sang an original arrangement of medleys in the Christmas Sing. Their ten pledges were formally initiated Saturday morning, March eleventh, Followed by a luncheon in Charles Mclfenny l'lall. That evening the sorority entertained at their annual open dance in the ballroom. Qther otiicers for the year were Marie Mahar, sergeant-at-arms, Catherine Bodary, historian, and Betty MacLeod, chaplain. 151 X TI-IETA SIGMA UPSILON ow-Oien, E. Wellock, Rupel, Rossow, Smiggen, L. Welloclc. Mddl Row-Johnson, Mowat, English, L. Nichols, Forbes, Begel, Minoclc, Braun. F t Row-Corbin, jellis, Miss Eppler, Ball, MacKe Color-Rose ancl Silver Miss L. Case Donna Ball Betty Braun Eleanor Corbin Alice Forbes Betty xlellis Betty johnson Doris McKellar BETA CHAPTER Established 1923 PATIQOINIESSES Mrs. E. W. Waugh FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Gertrucle Eppler ACTIVE MEMBERS 903 Pearl 1 2 llar. Flower--Rose Miss IE. Eclcert Ruth Mowat Laura Oien Ellma Rossovv xlune Marie Rupel Clara Smiggen Eloise VVeIIoc:l4 Lois WeIIocI4 TI-IETA SIGMA UPSILON Jellis, Ball, johnson, Miss Eppler, Macliellar, Corbin. PLEDGES Dorothy Begel Eileen Minoclc Doris English Laura Nichols lnitiating a new chapter, Tau chapter in Farmville, Virginia, this spring made Theta Sigma Llpsilon a national sorority from coast to coast. The Beta chapter began its social year in the tall with a Mexican Dinner at Miss Casels home. lts Court of Minerva Float won the electric cloclc in the l-lome-coming Paracle. The Formal dance in the spring'-term climaxecl a very successful year on campus. ln August the Beta Chapter will be hostess at the National convention on Maclcinac lsland. Otlicers For the year were Donna Ball, president, Betty jellis, vice-president, Doris McKellar, secretary, anal Eleanor Corbin, treasurer. 153 SIGMA NU PHI - Back Row-Greene, McMurray, Critchett, Emboden, Lloyd, Frailing, S. Nelson, Lamb, Gordon Clark, Eggert, Shouldice Middle Row-Zook, Gilliam, Mrs. Rynearson, Miss I-Iarris, Kciton, I-lenderson. Front Row-Crandell, McCulloch, Reeves, P. Nelson, Spencer, Lewis, Deto. ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1897 Colors--Yellow and White Flower-Marguerite PATRONESS Mrs. Elton Rynearson I-IONORARY PA-IRONESS FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. W. I-I. Sherzer Miss Augusta l'Iarris I-lelen Crandell Wilma Critchett RoseMary Deto Ifrnestine Ifmhoden Betty Frailing Beth Gordon Audrey Ifggert ACTIVE MEMBERS Elaine Greene Geraldine I-Ienderson I'Ielen Katon Mary Louise Lamb Ivah Lewis I-lelen Lloyd Louise ZooI4 PLEDGES Billie Gilliam ALUMNAE CHAPTERS Charlotte McCulloch Ellen McMurray Phyllis Nelson Adaline Reeves vlane Shouldice Peggy Spencer Shirley Nelson Beta . ..,.. Detroit, Michigan Gamma ...... Toledo, Ghio Delta . Flint, Michigan i f pgazucu. Alla' '-. . 411 , "ku 9 S. Summit 154 PANHELLENIC I-leidger, Ford, McAvoy, jellis. Ponhellenic os on orgonizotion ol sororities Worked on the development of sociol omenities in this yeor's meetings. This society is representotive of eoch sorority on the compus, both locol ond notionol. All-sorority meetings ore held to promote good Fellowship, to present culturol progroms, ond to encouroge the best sorority ideols. A Pcinhellenic hondbook which contoins the rules ond regulotions of the orgonizo- tion vvos issued. Books ol speciol interest to sorority girls ore owned by Ponhellenic ond lcept on File in the otlice of the Deon oFWomen, Every yeor Ponhellenic sponsors sorority teos For all freshmon Women. ln the spring term there vvos on oll-sorority dinner ot which books were ovvorded to the three sorority girls mointoining the highest scholostic record of the three preceding terms. The ohfices ore Filled by ci system of rotation, ond the ohficers of Ponhellenic with the Assistant Deon of Women constitute the Executive Boord, which oppoints oll stonding committees. These committees ore Constitution, Educotion, Librory, Rushing Rules, Sociol, ond Sociol Usoge. This yeor's olticers were Eunice lVicAvoy, president, Muriel l-leideger, recording secretory, Pouline Ford, corresponding secretory, ond Betty jellis, treosurer. 155 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Back Row--Gurley, Ferman, Reynolds. Middle Row--Champe, Marshall, Lecznar, Yeager. Front Row-Scripter, Lichtenfelt, l.aBounty, Glow, l-lerrick. The lnterlraternity Council has done much to unify the Greek Letter societies on our campus. lhrough its endeavors, Fraternities have solved problems ol mutual interest to all. Much ol the old antagonism towards Fraternities from those outside and the antagonisms between Fraternities themselves has been removed largely as a result ol the spirit of cooperation which has been fostered by the Council. Mem- bership in the Council is a real honor and entails a great deal of labor. The men who make up the Council have always been men ol high integrity. This accounts lor the success it has made in all the lines ol its endeavors. lts greatest contribution this year, to the college was its work in securing the passage ol the HC averagen rule by which all prospective members ol fraternities are obliged to attain a scholastic average ol C before they can join a fraternity. By doing this they recognized the primary purpose ol attending college and have shown at the same time their loyalty and love for their Alma Mater. -lhey have helped to make a ditlicult task just a little easier, and that task was to keep the high scholastic average ol the college where it belongs. ln this way they have truly contributed something permanent and worthwhile. 156 ARM OF HONOR Back Row-Miller, Koplewski, Champe, Elliott, Staniield, Walsh, Killian, Stodicker, Waite. Middle Row-C, l-l. McCulloch, Pokrywka, Lennington, DeWard, Goodsman, Borovich, Worcznialc Drusbacky, l-lutchinson, Elton, Rynearson. Front Row4Little, Bryson, Lemmon, Leavenworth, Gooclsman, Barnard, Glow. COlOI'S" Red and BlCICl4 Established 1895 PATRONS Professor l-l. McCulloch Killian, Carl Kontrymowicz, Edward Koplewsld, l-lenry Lemmon, William Leavenworth, Delos Lennington, Andrew Lessel, Arthur Little, l:ranl4 FACULTY MEMBERS Lloyd W. Olds ACTIVE MEMBERS Miller, George Poltrywlca, joseph Walsh, james Waite, Ernest Barnard, Fred Bryson, G. William Borovich, joseph Champe, Robert PLEDGES Norton, Robert lVlaSchl4e, Arthur l-latch, Millard 61 'i Forest 157 Flowerf-Red Carnation Elton Rynearson Conlin, William DeWard, l-larold Drusbaclty, Michael Elliot, George Fried, l-larold Glow, Stanley Goodsman, Clarence Gooclsman, l-larold , , L., riff 'r w 2 5 . n ew- 1-sas., , R tx - fwziiwfva Q 39-14Y"'f' 'I 1' t r ,ew . yay 2 -,. ' -ima. Q ,W :.,., V .. ,a.,,., , ... ....aqq1 ..,t , ,i .,:tii,i. 11, i KAPPA PHI ALPHA Back Row-Le-ide, Beauchamp, Valleau, Corcoran, Brown, jositas, Powers, Rybash. Third RowiZemper, Colburn, Wheater, Todt, Yuille, l-letierman, Barron, Turton, Sutton. Second Row-Sierra, Stewart, Montean, Allen, Lane, Lecznar, Cook, Lichtenfelt, Chubb, Walker. Front Row-Cumming, Brownrigg, Russell, Wieczynski, Sanders, Quirk, Stites, Starwas, Marshall. Established 1902 Color-Royal Purple Elower--American Beauty PA-LRON Dr. Gerald D. Sanders HONORARY MEMBER Mr. Daniel L. Quirk, jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Simon E. Eagerstrom William Brownrigg Lawrence Dunning George Marshall Raymond Stites ACTIVE MEMBERS Ray Wieczynski, Alpha Paul Russell, Beta Robert Beauchamp, Gamma joseph Corcoran, Delta Lynn Wheater, Epsilon Leo Barron Kenneth Lane Daniel Muntean julian Sutton Gibson Brown Carl Lecznar john Montean Donald lodt Malcolm Chubb Louis Lecznar Richard Lichtentelt Walter lurton Scott Colburn Michael Rybash Victor Leide MacValleau john Cumming james Ross Walter Sierra Neville Walker Patrick l-letternan lhomas Quinn john Starwas Gwen Ward Edmund jositas james Powers lhomas Stewart jack Yuille Frederick Kurz Duane Zemper PLEDGES l-larry Carlson Bly Corning Louis Compton Allan Lewis james Eeeney if t 991 W. Cross ' ,,,, ',V, 158 PHI DELTA PI Back Row-Barnes, Allsen, Bailey, Andrews, Vartanian, Gurley, Gaynier. Third Row-Foster, G, Newlands, Tiedeman, Drewyour, Grant, Earghar, Swalford, Bcilten, l-lerlihy Second Row-l-lubbard, Casella, j. l-loward, Chapman, E. l-loward, jensen, Klein, Bovee, Sosinslci Conolly, Lauf. Front Row-Yeager, Depalma, Squires, McElliott, Elliott, Wilber, Butler, Everett, Leavenworth Founded 1893 Colors--Rinlc and White Flower--Carnation PATRON l-lorace Z. Wilbur FACULTY MEMBERS C. N. Elliot C. M. Gill C. R. Steimle j. fVl.l-lover A. A. Metcalf S. Lathers ACTIVE MEMBERS Laul, Bernard Wicl4ett, Bernard l'lerlihy, jaclc Balten, james Leavenworth, Max Wolfe, Charles l-loward, Edward Barnes, Orville lVlcElliot, Robert Yeager, Richard l-loward, john Bovee, Norvall Newlands, George Everett, George l-lubbard, Ralph Burdge, Samuel Sosinslci, William Eargher, l'larold jensen, Robert Casella, Daniel Squires, john Foster, jack Klein, Robert Chapman, l-loward Swatlord, Frederick Gaynier, Qswald Allsen, Carl Conolly, Robert Tiedeman, Gale Grant, john Andrews, jaclc Depalma, john Vartanian, l'larold Gurley, Allred Bailey, Richard Drewyour, Charles PLEDGES Geary, james Lieder, Art Wigell, l-loward Kenfield, john Poly, Edward Wilbur, Mills Wright, Richard T G Q . ',c,, ,,,,l, l 4 990 mm --,f-- 159 SIGMA MU SIGMA Back Row-Fite, Allen, Sponnenburglw, Clark I-lodges. Second Roweil. Torrey, Gaines, F. Torrey, Skinner, Brown, Robinson, Makel. First Row-Washburn, Wickman, I-Ierrick, Reynolds, Wood, Reber, Thumme, Granger. Iota Chapter Colors-Yellow and Blue Flower--Yellow Carnation SPONSOR Dr. I-larry I. Wood ACTIVE MEMBERS Allen, Raul Brown, William Chamberlain, I-larold Clark, Lester I:ite, Donald Gaines, Dendy Gooding, Robert Granger, Reter I-Ierrick, Malwlon I-Iigli, ,lean I-lodges, Maurice Kraft, Lewis Wernette, Donald 5:12:55 .' ,f, 1 JK" ' 163' .4 f V- R -M 533 g I 5. 'I25 N. I-Iamilton A . ' , 4' ' ',,,,.g .,,.i .,,,.,,. A J 'c'zffavnfwrf.sr4xi . -f- . 160 Longstretli, jolwn Makel, Samuel Reber, Marlan Reynolds, Max Robinson, Abner Skinner, Lawrence Sponenburglw, Mark I-liumme, Kennetlw Torrey, Francis Iorrey, xlulian Vincent, William Waslwburn, Devere Back Row--Kraft, Wernette, Longstreth, Brooks. Front Row--l-ligh, Vincent, Brown, Ross. PLEDGES Brown, Carl Brown, Charles George, Leonard l.ane, David Ross, Duane Smith, Ralph Wainwight, Theodore ln 1999, the iota Chapter oi Sigma Mu Sigma was established on our campus. lt is the youngest fraternity, but its ten years oi existence has seen great progress. Starting humbly and with few members, it has grown to be one of the best fraternities on campus. Sigma Mu Sigma limits its memberships to Masons, DelVlolay, or sons or brothers of Masons, Qnly these are permitted to join it. This year, Sigma Mu Sigma tool4 another step Forward--Congress passed an incorporation act which makes Sigma lVlu an International Fraternity as well as National. The Fraternity has taken an active part in campus social activities. Yearly it entertains its Fellow Greelc Letter societies at a dance party. lts members are active in all campus allairs both academic and social. 161 PHI SIGMA EPSILON First Row-Kopp, I-Iorfman, Davis, Stacey, Granger, Ross, Schaelfer, Grafton. Second Row-Chapman, Dover, Gauntlet, Frogner, Crawford, Dadson, Clarlc, Evans, Morris Anderson. First Row-Waugh, Lamiman, Ryan, Wilcox, I.aBounty, Ferman. Established 1919 Colors--Rose and Silver Flower-White Tea Rose PATRON D. Chester Ryan I-IONORARY MEMBER FACULTY MEMBER Carl E. Rray William F. Wilcox ACTIVE MEMBERS Anderson, Ellsworth Chapman, Robert ClarI4, Maurice Crawford, Robert Dadson, Marvin Davis, jess Dover, Edward Evans, john Ferman, Richard Frogner, Charles Granger, Fred I-IoFlman, Floyd Kopp, Samuel I.aBounty, Ray Lamiman, William McComb, Donald Morris, ,loe Reauet, Clillord Ross, Frank Schaeller, Ray Gauritlett, William Stacey, l-homas Gralton, Lester Waugh, William Iii' 4.-. , 9., ,, J. .7 . ,., -. ,ms if gig' ss U ,N L, ,V f s SQ" 920 W. Forest ff , ,L--f's.'ffi'mn2s:wwm..,.Z .W .24 I . "f-2 v, ' ' " iff , If I A1532 H' : ?' 1 ,W A yr", .'. r , ,mmwir 'J D M ,. f ' """ V- ,fr - ,...s...',,.,.,.-11,1 11 ,, - f ' " 41. - V- 162 Back Row-Lawrence, Cleary, Andrew. Second Row-Baker, Coburn, Gildenstein, Peknilc, Schroeder. First RowMMorningstar, Donaldson, Madigan, Bloomer, Misenar. PLEDGES Andrews, William Breitag, lheodore Balcer, Robert Cleary, Kenneth Colburn, George Donaldson, l-larry Gildenstein, Ralph Lawrence, Roy McClelland, Albert Madigan, glaclc Misenar, Burman Morningstar, l-lamilton l3elcnil4, ,lohn Schroeder, Wallace Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon was Founded at Michigan State Normal College in 1934, with the combining ot Chi Delta and Mu Sigma Chi Fraternities. From this beginning it has grown to its present position on the campus. The national organization of Phi Sigma Epsilon is the second largest national teachers college Fraternity in the United States. Phi Sigma Epsilon is a charter member of the National Association ol leacher's College Fraternities. The otlicers ol Lambda Chapter this year are President, Ray La Bounty, Vice- President, William Waugh, Secretary, William Lamiman, Treasurer, Richard Ferman, Athletic Manager, Ellsworth Anderson, Pledgemaster, Joseph Morris, Sergeant- at-Arms, slohn Evans, lnterfraternity Delegates, Ray Lal3ounty and Richard Ferrnan. Lambda Chapter ol Phi Sigma Epsilon has truly been a credit to the national organization. l-ler men have been conspicuous in all phases ot campus activity. -lheir abilities have been extended in all directions. ln athletics, they have been keen rivals, and in scholarship they have consistently maintained a high scholastic standard. 7 163 ZETA CHI Back Row-Proctor, Ross, l-luntsberry, Parker, Rahn, Young, l-lenry, C. Kennedy, G. Kennedy Second Row-Burt, Bohms, Marshall, Schoensee, Quigley, Campbell, l-laddon, Ward, Riddering Front Roww-Qualmann, Charter, Wait, Loesell, Pitlcin, Dennis, Gruber, Cowan, Kissner, Jackson Harrison, l-lartl ey. Established 1928 lncorporated 1931 ColorskcMaroon and Cuold Flower-rDaFFodil PATRON FACULTY MEMBER Clarence M. Loesell l-l. Willard Reninger HONORARY MEMBERS Edgar W. Waugh John F. Barnhill Alex Nulan Anderson, john Blanlcs, Gilbert Bohms, Alvin Bunnell, George Burt, Glen Campbell, David Charter, l'larland Cowan, l-lubert Dennis, Raymond Dersnah, Eugene Gruber, Fredericlq l-larrison, William l-lartley, Francis ACTIVE MEMBERS l-lenry, Lester l-luntsberry, William l-lutchinson, Rodney ,lacl4son, William Kennedy, Gordon Kenney, Charles Kissner, Carlton Ladd, William Lund, Dennis Marshall, Donald Mutter, Ferris Cldmarlq, Ronald Qliver, Clyde Parl4er, lvan 408 Ballard 4 fl . 1bfi3f' '23 's k ' 5,15 wif ,- i 1 4. 53 f , 3 fllllslgig - Q 'l 3 , Y ,... ft' 164 Pitlten, Buel Povvierslci, Joseph Proctor, Clyde Qualmann, Walter Quigley, Walter Rahn, Francis Riddering, Albert Ross, Elmer Schoensee, l-larvey Scripter, Francis Wait, l-laward Ward, l-larold Young, Ferris PLEDGES Barton, Kieth l-lupy, Robert Pillsbury, Charles Taylor, Sidney Zeta Chi Sigma Fraternity was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 'l93'l. From the time of its founding, Zeta Chi has grovvn until it has reached a position oi the highest prominence on the campus. Zeta Chi has been,since its Founding,a top-notcher in all campus aliairs. lts men have held the most important oliices on the campus and have fulfilled their duty in an enviable manner. The Zeta Chis, while they do not conline their membership to music students, still have a large number ol accomplished musicians. No college musicale could be a success without their participation. ln all of the musical events on campus, Zeta Chi has taken an active part. ln the All-College Song Contest three ol its men entered original compositions, one oi which was written by Ferris Mutter and toolq second place. We thinlq of Fraternities usually in three terms: First, their social activities, secondly, their athletic activity, and thirdly, their scholarship. ln all three oi these Zeta Chi tal4es second place to none. It has For the past three years led in scholarship and has many members active in all of the campus honoraries. Socially, it has talcen part also, for the annual HZeta Chi Cruise" is lool4ed lorvvard to vvith keen anticipa- tion by all who have ever attended one in the past. ln athletics, Zeta Chi has been a l4een competitor. lts teams have been tough to beat and have, in every case, proven their mettle. 165 iiHilIHi SiEiIHN,SDEM, To tiwose working beimindgtiieifscenes who boionce the booics, iweoit the buildings, preporeithe food, core for the grounds, sotisiy our unending inquiries, ond keep us cz iioppy, going concern . . . THE STAFFS. if 0 0 C' C , ... f- f u , I ff! , 'K , A if MR. IRA SCCGIN 'Mikel Scogin lias lelt mucln to perpetuate luis memory. ln a material Way we are reminded of lwim by tlie many beauty spots on tl'ie campus wliicli ovve their existence to liib love For tlwe beautiful-Aa love vvliicli lwe lwelped otlwers to acquire Ol greater importance is tl'ie constructive intluence ol liis strong ancl upright per sonality vvlwiclw vvill continue to live." 1 1 ,Y X' 1 'r 1 .1 1,-I 2 W Af a t H9254 1 -W ' .4 gf, v f f55'Z'gff'i4gg -. 1 fy? 1' f .' , K fviei?-f'.,f5''-wg-'-"" " 'iz 'Y fi? Q, . Aww .v 1, tffrw:-1,-.5911 5-, , -- 1333 .jir7'1 ' I- if S1 W 168 Q11 1 X A g I N X X 5 xx ,A f ' M2 , vs ii M, 4 , ! .,-.Q ' , ., Natural Science Department FE!XTURE EDVTCDRS . . hAadha VValdL Don hAamhal September U-lhe stage is set, the breezes sing of itln We raise the curtain on another year. Greenies pink with anticipation over-run the stage while upperclass representatives of the League and Union keep the First scene lively. Behind the backdrop, chief stage manager Marjorie Scott speeds assistants Har- tung, Boyden, and Walsh on last minute touches to the Campus Sister set-up, vvhile Bill Bryson's "lVlugs', corner the First-year male contingent The lamous Faculty Tea takes the stage center and new studes are impressed vvith lots ol tea, lots ol profs, lots ot little cakes. . . Then comes the traditional week ol relentless activity . . . The campus tours . . . 169 Ti-IIS . . . our nevv Special Ed buildingl Not a Special Ed major? Too bad, chum . . . And Briggs Field, entering into its second otlicial year. That landmark in the center ol the Field is this year's pigskin material, good stutl, too . . . Freshman vvomen's mixer, Freshman Dutch Treats, All- Freshman mixer, Freshman elections . . . sa-ay, vvho are these kids anyway? l.ectures, lectures, lectures . . . Mr. Munson stimulates with the customay advice: "The best cure lor home- sickness is to go homeln Campus Sister headquarters report less homesickness than in previous years. . . Dances, dates, Marjorie Scotts pardonable burst ol pride "Not a Freshman girl missedln, initiation ol the Great War with the elec- tion ol Patty Baker and Ken Cleary as yearling leaders . . . The sophs know who their man is . . . Now to gethim . , . Excitement subsides a very little over classification day. Q, disillusionl Well, re- member what you came to college For. . . Shadows tall across sunny laces with the passing oi Dr. Norris . . . A great scholar, ci true humanist, beloved of all who knew him . . . Ypsilanti loses a brightsymbol. . . 170 October Beautiful Qctober . . . oceans of leaves, myriads ol color . . . scores and scores at Flashy green pots . . . mysterious disappearances oi the Klein and Cleary nature . . . "Bounce Back to Normaln . . . l-lomecomingl And then ol course, on the side there are classes . . . Freshmen learn the intrinsic value oi cokes . . . They Fire your brain . . . You just don't get 'LA's', without 'eml Upperclass men learn the value of the new element ol lovelies on campus. Kresges begin things: Qh-hh, you're a freshman, that accounts for my over- looking you last year . . . Spike l-lughes goes on a spree and organizes a super-super cheering outfit. Barney Dyer, Ned Shaw, and Billy Richards don the regulation sweaters and irregular antics. Second bang-up victoryl Alma this time . . . Len Lewis sends a warning not to Sports Editor Kivo concerning the l-lome- coming tangle: mlhe man who will give Ypsi a headache is none other than an ex-l'luron griddern . . . referring to HAceH Cudillo. Freshmen, in a youthluldaze as to what this Homecoming tension is all about, nevertheless promise a more dazzling, more colossal battle than ever before . . . From a thunder-clad sky comes the news of the traditional kidnapping . . . Cleary is gonel The lrosh are in a juvenile dither . . . l'lomecoming is born . . . The day before Tl-llf day . . . Normal News streamer: "Campus Awaits Week-end ol Frolicu. . . and a headline: Hhreshmen Sure, Sophs Con- Fident, Cn Battle Eve' ,... Qnly time will tell . . . Mike Novello promises: UNO slaughterln , . . Directories just make the l-lomecoming deadline . . . Whee-ee, maybe that Wayne hallback will ring me. . . Friday afternoon brings the class games, and a quick twilight For the saucy trosh . . . No pots add fuel to the llame ol the gigantic bonlire . . . The big pep rally "bounces back to Normall' alum Gus l-loward, now ci professional entertainer with a real rep . . . We can't all be teachers! l'lappy sloe and Toby Davis Furnish the same stutl they send over the air while dance . . . Sunday brings a soothing climax, eliminating tlwe direrneed for Sal l'lepatica . . . Emily Mutter Adams solos in tlie seasonls opening concert. Extra-curricular activity provolces at- tention as Homecoming Flurry abates . . . Clyde Proctor leads the drama entlmusiasts . . . Speeclisters begin tlwe season as outlined by tlne P. K. D. president, Lieberman . . . llwe Faculty clwatters attract students . . . Mr. Fagerstrom: mllwe dismemberslwip of Czechoslovakia was inevitable". . . We bounce baclc to normal a'la slow motion . . . -- 1. fps - , ff as F- K 1 'Sf 4 ', i iff? G Y A ' 12.4. 5 Zag Q -' '5 ' ..,' ' ' Vie f '. .f 5, ' ,' E ' 4 'ns' jf" 25 '.,.i ff?-ix V9 g ' .' ' is I, ' 1. Y - , - , -it-tffiyf fr . . . ff . , N ' sw ... qfcqsiflv 'Q ' ,322 I ""A Higgs, 5 -' 1 ., , . ...Kiwi we are getting ready lor our eiglfit oycloclqs . . . Not being airecooled it was pretty warm stuti . . . Saturday morning brings sunsliine and clicking cameras and more alumni . . The soplis win tlwe parade award, tlius sweeping top lionors from tlie two major events . . . and maintaining tlieir unbeatable record . . . Afternoon brings more sunsliine, more alumni--and Wayne. The Miller-Gruber propliecy comes true . . . our boys puncli tlwrougli vvitlw a Q0-7 victory . . . Sierra and Valleau catcli tlie orclwids . . . Excite- ment and entlwusiasm run riotl Qver 700 ticltets are sold lor tlie evenings 171 NOVSmb9I' November. . .more Flashy peasant scarfs, snuggly mittens, sturdy square- toed shoes to battle the wintry blasts. Swingsters who stepped the light fantastic at the Cabaret Party still immersed in enthusiasm . . . that Bill Sawyerl . . , The femmes embarlc on l-larvest l'lop plans and the Juniors on ll-lop plans, Dorm fund boosted to fE650,000. . . two dorms instead of onel . . . 420 women instead of 2104 , . . Mr. Munson promises the lads and lassies to construct a long and roundabout wallc from the library to lV'lilady's lodging . . . ls applauded . . . The League sends a wire of appreciation to Governor Murphy and an enthusi- astic note of thanl4s to lvl .... Walt Gale presses the button, and presto . . . space in the Aurora is For sale .. . . Pierce l-lall corridor is the location For the stop signal "fVlal4e your Aurora appointments nown . . . Waltsets his goalonthe'l8OO marlq. . . l-larvest l-lop bids go on sale, causing the traditional minor riot . . . Women straggle to ticl4et headquarters at tour bells, bringing pillows, knitting, playing cards . . . and 37.50 . . . l-lell hath no Fury like the woman who just misses getting a ticketl Jess Davis calls the Juniors together For the prelims of the biggest and best part ot being a junior . . . the annual l-lop. Vigorous campaigns for their candidate pals are carried on by enthusiasts . . . jerries Schill and lVlacGowan come out on top to lead the third year studes the class's most magnificent venture . . . The annual Flow ot wrestlers draw the campusites to see the sight of their lellow students engaged in a battle with brawn instead ot brain . . . thrills and chillsl A bust For Bingo malcesa bang-up party . . . Q50 alumni express their appreciation to Ypsi,s dean otmen . . . Dr. l-larrold, currently at Yale, releases another symbol ot his literary talents in an edition of English Prose of the Victorian era . . . The Campus Choristers please a crowd- ed Formal lounge with elegant rendi- tions ofthe always pupular numbers. . . DGCSITILDGI' Only two weeks before more mid- night oil burning, more peanut butter and crackers, more black cottee to stay awake . . . but what canlt happen in two weeks? Campus oratory strikes an awe- inspiring note at its Fiftieth anniversary . . . William N. Lister, winner of the First contest, silver-haired, kindly, inter- esting, adds color to the annual college competition . . . hears june Perryman tell of "My Greatest l.oveH . . . Max Brown discuss the problem of "Bread and Nlenl' . . . says his own oration, analyzing a national problem of a halt century ago, might be presented today with little alteration . . . Time Marches Cn, they sayl Tommy Quinn and Duane Zemper carry the name of Michigan State Normal into national headlines . . . Duane wins the annual Turkey Day Run in Buttalof Tom comes in eighth in the national A. A. U. against some of the country's best runners . . . We beam with Fraternal pride and eye their trophies . . . on display in lvlclfenny l-lall . . . The sl-l-lop makes living columns in the Normal News. "sl-l-lop ,lerriesn set price . , . name date . . . and Ye Qlde Yule Logge Dragge attracts attention . . . has ci ticket sell-out as per usual . . . Under the tutelage of President Tom seniors Dorothy Del.eo and Milt Werbin initiate the Christmas Sing, to be patterned after last spring's super successful Sleepy l-lollow atlair . . . Boxing Finalists raise a row, everybody goes . . . everybody yells . . . everybody is in a primitive frenzy as the leathertlies . . . The annual Christmas Concert is also Uanniversaryized, '... It is Mr. Alexanderis thirtieth . . . And as usual there is Standing Room Qnly. The Sing does things . . . Pease is packed with exempliiiers of the Christ- mas spirit . . . Bernie Stone leads the songsters in the typical Stone style . . . a song festival, everyone says, is incomplete without him . , . Suddenly here it is . . . that end-oh the-term feeling . . . the midnight oil . , . the black cotfee . . . the qualms . . . the regrets . . . visions of New Years Resolutions . . and Santa. 17 January Back again . . . the visions of New Years Resolutions come to life . . . courage,determination, faith . . . these are the things old St. Nick sneaked into that stockingl The First big news that comes out in black and white is the Final decision on semesters . . . the three-term system will give way next Fall. There are typical moans and groans . . . l-low will l get any credit for one term ol history? Will we have to pay more tuition? sleepers Creepers, that means longer practice teaching period For mel . . .and so it goes . . . Cn the whole, however, accepted by both student and iaculty alike with ap- proval. As a surprise to most comes too the new commercial department. To Mr. Vlohn Springman oi Pontiac has gone the job oi building it . . . Good luck in this pioneer venture . . . The Aurora breaks the usual custom by keeping open shop during january . . . Get your appointment NOW urges Man- ager Gale. . . Sororities begin to sweep the little Freshies off their Feet and dine them upon tea and wafers and tlattery. . . Viventes sponsor a worthy cause. . . the First year women,s organization Flings pros and cons concerning the Kresges . . . ln a debate they say: UWhose Fault is it, the men's or womenls that staglines at the Kresges are stagnant?" Goldfeather women are lectured by Bennett Weaver ot the University on personality . . . "Don't just set out to develop a personality, but set out to develop the personality which you particularly need to have" . . . lvlight be the answer to the HNo" says one Jerry . . . "Yes" says the other jerry . . . The Normal News conducts a vote . . . Results point to the dissolution oi the ancient custom . . . Lassies start breathing again as rusing tension subsides . . . 63 women don the symbolic pledge ribbons and glamour , . . Mary janchuk Bartlett plays with the Detroit Symphony Qrchestra . . . our musicians go on and up . , , l'loward Wigell conducts a jam Session in the Union . . . our musicians go on and upl Kresge problem. ll-lop is the center oi a popular controversy . . . Grand March or No? 40 F e b r u a r y An Hepilludemicn . . . and soup on a tray lor a big per cent ol the popula- tion . . . groans as belit the occasion . . . Gosh, what if l'm not up in time For the l-lop? Which would be the greatest catastrophe ol all time . . . Frats are in a frenzy ol pledging rites . . . robust young gentlemen show forth splendidly . . . they really take iton the chin , . .and grin . . . as though they meant it. The Mens Union announces a school song contest. ll you have school spirit . . . say it with music, boys and girls, and earn Fifty dollars . . . As an added attraction the author, in order to compete, must train a group of studes to sing his song in the manner supreme . .Q . Ralph l-lubbard and Em Bibbins look ohlicial in the Union, ridding themselves ol burdensome l-lop tickets . . . the smart lads make a business of re-selling the precious stubs at exhorbitant prices . . . l'lal Chamberlain is the lucky one at Spike l-lugh's Win-a-Fin drawing at pettys . . . Election for one ol the biggest ollices on campus is stated . . .Morden, Bibbins, and Matthews compete for the League presidency . . . The women make a dilticult decision and select Jean . . . Hl'luron l"loopsters Fall to Classy l-lope Five" . . . What again? Tracksters still are tops . . . there's no end to their energy . . . ln the last Few pre-l-lop days the sophs work under cover, and come out with a slate of candidates For the annual Swirl co-chairmanship . . . Ed Poly and Margaret Briskey are chosen to keep Sophomoric honor untarnished. . . The campus lovelies clench their lists in grim determination . . . the sole aim in lite is to recover from Flu fragments and become beautiful in time for the big night . . . Sticking close to bed all week does the trick . . . in most cases. The big night is bigger . . . better . . , more stupend- ous and colossal than anyone dared predict . . . and another j-Hop becomes history . , . lNflCIl'Cl"l Marchtime . . with an uneven rhythm of rain . . . snow . . . wind . . . a brief note or two of sunshine . . . adding up to only sparks oi spring Fever here and there . . . The Stoics get together for their annual banquet . . . and boquets to the newly initiated . . , Q4 . . . and the Kadelpians select 4'l worthy would- be educators For membership . . . lt always looks good to searching super- intendents . . . Two women debaters , . . Elsin Goodrich and glean Sprecher sling words through the mike on the lending and spending question . . . disputing the views of two University speakers. The results of the Womenis League canvas of the co-eds becomes a matter For the public eye . . . The girls want more dances at the Kresges . . .are weary of lining the wall. . . they want more Freedom on the question of hours . . . they want better lighting in the library . . . they want Utopia! The Sierra-Valleau combination com- bines to congregate sutticient sheckles for frat dues . . . they sell tickets on chances to win a whole ten dollars worth of new spring clothes . . . Elizabeth Sheppard held the charmed cardboard . . . Basketball season ends unhappily with a total of six victories . . . Walsh leads the pack with 'l3'l points . . . Cassucci rates second as score builder . . . The campus is showered with ice . . . a glittering glass scene intermixed with the primitive lite that would be a part of glacial beauty . . . No telephone . . . no electricity . . . the boys at the Union wash dishes by hand . . . the girls on the counter serve by candlelight . . . As true products of the QOth century they rebell Bill Sosinski: 'iblature painted a wintry masterpiece in Ypsilanti last week-end and departed only after leaving behind an expense account betitting such a work of art" . . . Another Bach festival . . . declared by music lovers to be superb . . . The sophs announce Gene Gwen will wave the baton at the Swirl . . . and the committee in charge attempts to settle down and be like the rest of us . . . sink their teeth into a bit of knowledge and cram . . . and cram . . . and craml April April breezes in with a putt of wind and a glimpse olsunshine . . . Classifi- cation day Finds the sophs already looking otlicial and turning overnight into high pressure salesmen and women. At the Union scores ol studes congre- gate . . . old Friends back for another term . . . chatter, chatter, chatter . . . Jeanie Morden escapes the horrors ot classification day by being in Kansas during the hours of the complicated procedure . . . A delegate ol the League . . . to bring back more information about other women . . . and how they manipulate other campuses. The cream ol the debating crop . . extemp speakers . . . orators . 275' 1 ' ' -.524Uw,"',1V.f.'-ng,"iffffljff "7 2 V 1 . , V 1 43:1 V L ,. ., "1 1 I I VV 41-ft " ' -wewfz1:f.:if4.V--1-:fee f- 1-'1-iw-P. fn: -r V T' 'r+::41M...-.V. 1-t44"'.' "'-V' ,.: . - 1.ptif.V.-ww . Af, ,G 1, :W r- f. ,- V .V V. .- - V. -.. .V k. V f mwiszsi 'ctw 1 . ai 'sz-azz 1 is-1 . i, -f , wh W: is V. ,ff ,t , , My -,Z-..-W. , ,.,p..-.V.,ni,Www! Mmm.. V ' V, V ' ,rms -.1 -- 'J-Zw,.1r2:W ?-':V .gin 5 V - - .14-tif V, , QQ '- 3, -1' Q 21 ,, -wr'ffvwVm2 177 travel to Kent University in Qhio for the district tournament. They mix Words with speakers from a score of schools . , . and come back teigied with the experience . . . Leaves begin popping . . . grass is greener . . . skies are bluer . . . and the young man's Fancy turns more than ever . . . Youngsters from Roosevelt buzz over campus on roller skates . . . and give us ideas on vvhat to do when you don't Feel a thirst for knowledge . . . Rent-a-bikers Flourish as the lads and lassies remember the theme OFHA Bicycle Builtlorlvvon. . . Women, committee-minded . . . the annual l.ark . , . and flimsy formals Flourishing vvith the First white Flannels . . .they get some practical ideas. . . and their annual party becomes more than a vision . . . They slate it For lVlay 6th, Baseballs get tossed around . . . the diamond is polished ott . . . and training's the thing . . . Fans breath- lessly avvait the First clash . . . 78 May lt's definitely in . . . the spring Season . . . and its corresponding evils and delights . . . Students lounge everywhere . . . the traditional custom of bull-sessioning ground the fountain instead of stuffy rooms is not forgotten . . . Cameras click . , . as l-lartwig, Lieberman, Vartanian and other fol- lowers of the lens record pictures of spring. There is tallc of picnics in the air. . ' hot dogs . . . potato salad . . . The seniors begin to assume the air of the resigned . . . The placement office is a beehive of business as superintend- ents attempt to distinguish between the worl4ers and the drones . . . Flimsly formals flourish as the campus co-eds step lightly with their chosen escorts at the l.arl4 . . . Stoics gather at Professor Latheris for the annual Maymorning breakfast . . . The intelligentsia fry their own bacon . . . and flip pancakes . . . The golfers perfect the hole-in-one technique . . . tennis racauets are assembled and the record of Michigan Normals course and court men is maintained . . . picnics become a definite part of the curriculum . . .and midterm fever loses out in a bevy of fresh air fever. . . Studying adds up to nil . , . The frosh learn the fundamentals of spealqing in the annual freshman public spealcing contest . . . The future college orator material , . . The men breeze out to return the compliment of the ladies, larlc, and present the annual "Spring Breezen . . . which hits the usual high . . ' SEX -ggi 5 Une What is so rare as a day in June . . . or a June senior who cloesn't Feel a tremor when he carries his cane. impending exams are hardly important till the clay they arrive . . , What really is important is the lantern wallc . . . the iarewells . . . the sunshine . . . lastminute picnics . . .graduation clay. . . Another milestone. . 'little man what now?" . . . . 179 OUR PLEDGE Music by Ed Bowles, Words by Laurence Randolph YPSI, sacred Alma Mater, to your name we shall be true, Ever marching on to victory, vve'll stand by to see you through. Softly Floating on the breeze, verdant green with white of snow This our banner we will carry in our hearts where e'er we go. Sing a song For Green and White-of her might and Fame. Through the years and years to come, truth and right shall be her name A foster mother she has been, lqind to us as our l4in. Let us lift our hearts in praise,-dear old M. N. C. 180 I-IURON SONS OF YPSILANTI Words and Music by Ferris Mutter l-luron Sons ol Ypsilanti, battle lor thy Green and White- Show thy valiant courage and display thy might, Vanauish all thy loes on hill and vale and lea, vlust defend the name ol dear M. S. N. C. Stalwart hurons, brave and line, Block that l4icl4 and hold that line. Always honor Grand Qld Normal. Normal, thou alone shall stand-- lhou Forever shall remain The grandest in the land. 181 THE II I II i i I i S DEDICATE THIS SECTION To those who inspire I1eoiItI1, pIoy, recreotion, ond sportsmanship- THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY fxf PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY Bock Rowfllonnobel Keys Vossler, Ruth Bouglmer, Poul Somson, Elton Ryneorson, Lloyd Olds, Lurene Prouse. FrontRRowg-Irene Clorlc, George Morsholl, Augusta l-lorris, Joseph McCulloch, Gertrude Eppler, cry tites. HEALTH COTTAGE STAFF Mrs. Moyme l-lipple, Dr. Glenodine Snow, Miss Motlwildo Robinson. 184 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Beth Gordon, Vice-President, Leone Cartwright, Secretary, Margaret Pitlqethly, Point Recorder, Elaine Greene, President, Marion Turnbull, Interclass Manager. The ollicers, with the assistance ol the Advisory Board and the faculty advisor, direct a varied progrom of team and individual sports. The W.A.A. also sponsors a vveelf-end camp each term, and a num- ber ol parties--including a Formal Banquet in the spring at which time the awards are presented. W. A. A. IEDITQIQ . . l.ois Wellocl4 185 Standing-L. Wellock, G. l-lenderson, C. Shapiro, l.. VanDommelen, M. Meyers, B. Jacobs, l-l. Goodson, A.Grill, E. Adams, B. Gordon, E. McAvoy Seated-l.. Cartwright, M. l3'itl4ethly, Miss Brewster, M. Turnbull, E. Greene. W. A. A. BOARD The Advisory Board, consisting oi the otiicers and sports managers, endeavor to uphold the W.A.A. creed-ul believe in truth, Fair play, and loyalty and shall direct all my etiorts to promoting these virtues." Managers on this years board were: Geraldine l-lenderson, bowling and archery, Marion Schram, baseball, Edith Adams, ping- pong, hildng, and tennis, Lois Wellock, goli and riding, Alita Grill, svvimming and volleyball, Celia Shapiro, basketball, Eunice McAvoy, hoclcey, Marion Meyers, badminton, and Marion Turnbull, inter- class manager. 186 TEAM SPORTS SWIMMING BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL BASEBALL RIDING INDIVIDUAL BADMINTON I BOWLING SPORTS FENCING ARCHERY -pup.,--W-.N,.. , PING PONG CAMP SCENES A prize winner Snow Image this Winter. Each term time W. A. A. sponsors a Week-end Camp. Fall Camp always draws a crowd. Canoeing at Spring Camp. 190 THE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's AthIetic Association was organized in the IaII of 1925. It stiII maintains its originaI purpose-that ot ohfering a sports program so varied as to interest every girI on campus, encouraging each one to taIce an active part in the sports program and ottering individual and team sports that have a definite carry-over value to the participants. The program consists of both major and minor sports open to cIass, sorority, and individuaI cIuI3s. Sports included this year are pasI4etpaII, casebaII, bovvIing, badminton, voIIeyI3aII, ping-pong, Field hockey, swimming. participants in either individual or team sports receive points which accumulate throughout their campus careers. Victors in these contests receive additionaI points. Any girI vvho has obtained credit For 500 points is entitled to a W. A. A. Ioracelet presented at the june banquet. Qne thousand points entitIes the girI to a pini 2000, to a jacket, and 3000, to a I3IanI4et. 191 MEN'S ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL With Dick Pearson, student manager, and George Marshall, faculty director, the lntramural Department enjoyed one ofthe most successful years in its history. Qne of the highlights of the years program was the closely-competed race between the six fraternities for the athletic plaque given annually. Never before has such a closely-contested race continued throughout the year from the first event tennis, until the tenth, horseshoes, completed the program. Arm of l'lonor, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Phi Alpha, Phi Delta pi, and Zeta Chi Sigma gained their share of the points to keep the margin of cliHerence between each group very small. The l-lammerheads captured the swimming and volleyball championships, Kappa Phi won speedball, the Phi Delts took the basketball title, the Phi Sigs were table tennis champs, and Zeta Chi won handball and golf. The all-college boxing and wrestling tournaments drew record crowds each night. Winners in the different weights in the fisticuff tourney were xlohn Grant, Chief Greenwood, Andy Newlands, Bob Klein, Qs Gaynier, and Bill Bryson. Grapplers that won trophies were Dave Gates, Art Lessel, Ray Schaeffer, Bill Razonowski, slim Balten, Bruce Baumgartner, and DeVVitt Barnard. Qther intramural winners included Sy Rothman, handball, George Staudacher, tennis, Max Reynolds, table tennis, ,loe Bartolacci, golf, l-lamilton Morningstar, football punt, and Vkfalt lurton, basket shooting. The USensations", captained by Bartolacci, won the independent basketball championship. john Del3alma's "Swamp Rats" won the touch football league. Several others won intramural charms and trophies during the extensive program which was sponsored by the department, All-campus cross country meets, track meets, and a l-landicap meet were held. 193 INTRAMURA GEORGE eww 1 JAMES WALSH Q 'S OB HARoLn sw4g ,, MQR N-,N F 'L-ff' Xi: gf-- T X 'wg x-Q - 41, 555 W ' A" JACK-VEQSSFER .nf -fi:-4 , H mf ,,,. -. -1 - w ex Q ms .Marg "1 'M Www HIM- MJWQLW, .w, A ,gy- x 4 ,R J ECT OE POK PQYWKA C4 asa JAMES VARSITY FOOTBALL Back Row-Bush, Shaffer, G. Newlands, Yuille, Engle, Balten, Qualman, Lecznar, Brundage, Wicketr, Stires. Middle Row-Lane, Rynearson, Todt, Corning, A. Newlands, l-lerlihy, Mayfield, l-lathaway, De- Ward, Squires, l-lornus, Leider, Yeager, Walker, Ross. FrontHRoviL4Marshall, Siera, Valleau, Jaffe, Pokrywka, Miller, Gruber, Starwas, Walsh, Everett, utc ins. l2ynie's gridders opened the season with an abundance of back-field material and a big powerful line. Displaying a powerful, pile-driving, running attack, the l-luron eleven downed lndiana State Teachers, 37 to O, Alma, Q0 to 0, Illinois Normal U., 12 to 6, and, before a capacity l-lomecoming crowd, ripped through Wayne U., Q0 to 7. These four successive conquests brought outa new sophomore star in Walt Siera, brilliant halfback from l-lamtramck to team with veterans Walsh, Everett, and Walker, hard-running lettermen. Siera scored seven touchdowns during this first half of the season and figured in most of the others by his accurate passing. But the whole story isnlt told with the first half of the season. The l-luron gridders traveled to Central State to meet an opponent with an equally impressive record. Though drawing first blood, the Normal team dropped their only game of the season to the Bearcats, 7lto 6, under lights. But the tough luck was not to change. Bowling Green, coached by l-larry Qckerman, the former l-luron mentor, stopped the Normal aggregation 7 to 7. But in the remaining two games, the hlurons Hcame backn, trouncing Kalamazoo College, former lVllAA champions, 39 to 7, and Northern State, Q5 to Q. With backs Siera, Walsh, Walker, Everett, Valleau, Yeager, Yuille, and Andy Newlands parading across the goal line back of the big, tough line including seniors Balten, DeWard, Engle, Mayfield, Hathaway, and co-captains Miller and Gruber, The Team chalked up one of the most impressive seasons seen here in years while retaining Coach Rynearsonls record of never having lost more than two games in a season. Though Walker and Everett will be missed in the backfield, the biggest job facing Rynie is in replacing the graduating linemen. Captain lVliller's brilliant pass-catching and defensive work as well as the fine play of the other six is a job no coach likes to face. Yet found in the ranks of the returning men are Captain-elect Pokrywka, Corning, George Newlands, Brundage, jaffe, Lecznar, Wickett, Shaffer, and several others who, it is expected, will round into another big, strong line. 196 CROSS COUNTRY Back Row-Coach Olds, l-lughes, Lee, Maclcin, Grindle, Cowan. Front Row,-Vartanian, l-lerman, Qsborn, Quinn, Reber. With sophomore Tommy Quinn leading the paclc each time, and sophomore number two, Bob Lee, close behind, Coach L. W. Qlds, harriers lcept intact the enviable Michigan Normal cross country record. Besides winning their five dual meets, the thinclads also won the Michigan A. A. U., having but one lapse during the season when they toolc but a third in the State lntercollegiates. Wayne U, Toledo U, Wisconsin State Teachers, Bowling Green U, and Qberlin College teams all Fell by merciless scores to the l-luron harriers. Besides Quinn, who placed second in the State A. A. U. and eighth in the National meet, and Lee, who each time followed Quinn's heels, Captain-elect Spilce l-lughes, sophomore Paul f-lerman, and former lettermen, Captain Qsburn and Bill lVlacl4in were the important cogs in the Qlds' undefeated machine. With the first four men baclq and freshman Duane Zemper and others to fill in as fifth man, Coach Qlds eyes the '39 season as one of the best in the history of his great teams. 197 ,.-P" ,ws-v' VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row-Pokrywka, Davis, Anderson, Carlson, Engle, Casucci, Cook, Coach Rynearson. Front Row-Alfsen, Yeager, Walsh, Siera, Walker, Casella. Lacking tlwe muclw needed lweiglwt, l3ynie's cagemen clnalked up only Five wins during tlwe '39 season wlwile dropping eleven contests. Witlw Normals wee mite, Captain Jimmy Walslw, again time leading scorer, tlwe l-luron quintet pulled plenty of very good games out oi time Fire, but sutlering because of tlie lack of good tall men failed to come out on top. Winning from Kalamazoo College, MIAA cliamps, Alma twice, St. Marys, and Nortlwern State, tlwe Ryniemen lost to Bowling Green, St. Marys, and Kalamazoo once eacln, and twice to Wayne, U. of D., Central State and l-lope. llwouglw Final totals For tlme season depict a ratlier poor season, tlwe two games witlw Kalamzoo and tlwe close games witlw tlie Wayne quintet, and tliose won snowed a last, aggressive outfit, capable of playing a good brand of basketball. Seasonls lsiiglw points included tl1e steady, dependable Al Anderson wlwose long sliots turned tl'1e tide in several games, tlwe clever team play oiWalsl1, Walker, and Casucci, wlwose last, blind passing constantly kept opponents oil-balance, Ed Engle's returning to tlwe squad even witli lwis injured arm, which gave trouble all season, to give tlie team one tall man, tlte able replacements oi Captain-elect joe Cook, Dick Yeager, Carl Alfsen, Walt Siera, jess Davis, Danny Casella, and l-larry Carlson. Witlw a wliole squad oi tall men graduating from tlwe lreslwman class, Rynie views tlie '40 season witlt a very Favorable outlook tliouglw Walslw, Walker, Casucci, Engle, Anderson, and Casella leave tlie squad. 199 VARSITY BASEBALL, Fourth Row-Rothman, Worzniak, l-lefferman, Coach Stites. Third Row-Weizcynski, Soslc, Cassucci, Andrews, Alfsen, Pokrywlca. Second Row-Drusbciclcy, Todt, Curtes, Scripter, Newlands, Walsh. First Row-Barnes, Lamiman, Cowan, Gerhcirdt, Borovich ,Siera, Wescott. Qne of the finest balanced sauads ever to grace a Michigan Normal diamond greeted Coach Ray Stites this spring. filling in the vacancy left by the immortal Zeke Zachar, Coach Stites found his biggest problem. After several days ofworlcout, the mound duty was divided between senior George Everett, junior glohn Westcott, and sophomore Ray Dennis. The other half of the battery duty was again talcen over by twice-veteran AI Anderson. Stites divided up relief worlc between Bill Lamiman, Cass Cassucci, and Qrv Barnes. With former first saclcer Everett being converted to mound worl4, the first bcise job was given over to gloe Borovich and Pat l-lehferman. At the l4ey- stone saclc, Mil4e Drusbaclcy drew the first cell, but was closely pushed by Ray Wiec- zynsl4i. At third, Captain Don -lodt tool4 over, with sophomore Carl Alfsen as chief competition. Veteran Jimmy Walsh was again named for the shortstop job, while another second-year man, Ed Gerhardt, was chosen as understudy. The outfield jobs Fell between six candidates. Veterans fran Scripter, ,loe l3ol4rywl4a, Bill Cowan, and newcomers ,loe Cook, Andy Newlands, and Walt Siera fought for these garden spots. Playing a fifteen-game schedule, the high points included home and home series with University of Michigan and Michigan State, and three games with Toledo U. Qther home and home games were played with Wabash and l-lillsdale, while single contests were with Bowling Green, Wooster, Qberlin, and Alma. 201 Y' ,J K .gym f -gum -' ..' JM" I, f:.,,:-., - s H 'r " .A-fgzrifwv 3. '4. ..,,.,,..-, ,, ,wt .. TRACK , Back Row-Schaeffer, Grafton, Jentis, Simpson, Foster, Brietag, Poly, Packer, Kivo, Hamilton. Middle Row-Coach Olds, Clark, Lee, McClellan, Ouinn, Squires, Cooperman, Hughes, Zemper, Gaynier, Marshall. Front Row-Osborn, Grindle, High, Balten, Hathaway, Drewyour, Macken, Miller, Morningstar. Going through the indoor season without a defeat in a dual meet, Coach Lloyd Olds again turned out one of the best thinclad teams in the state. Outdoor season as well saw Coaches Olds and Marshall putting a topnotch outfit on the tracl4 and field with prospects high. Opening the indoor season against the combined forces of Albion and Hillsdale, two of the leading MIAA teams, the Hurons soundly trounced the opponents, 795 to 'l55. With Floyd Hoffman scoring two firsts in the spring events, and Tommy Ouinn brealcing the tape twice in the half and the mile, the Normal team easily won. Butler Ll was the next fall to the Normalites. Sweeping the two-mile, shot, pole vault, and high jump, they avenged the defeat ofa year before. Once again Wayne Ll tell before the Olds sauad, 585 to 455, when the Huron distance men swept both the mile and two-mile. piling up 82 points to Ohio Wes- leyan's QQ, the traclcsters won their fourth dual meet. Bowling Green was next in line, suffering an 88 to 'I6 defeat at the hands of the Hurons. Clarlc pulled the surprise of the meet by breaking the Q20 yard dash record, while Balten for the only time of the season outthrew Captain Hathaway in the shot, an event in which neither of the two were defeated all season. The State relays followed in which once again the weight men scored a first and second. Floyd Hoffman also carried off first in the 440-yard dash, while Grafton, Frid, and Morningstar tied for a first in the pole vault. Lee also toolt second in the two-mile. The relay teams also turned in good performances. ' 203 GOLF GOLF SQUAD Coach Olds, Sarnes, Stadtmiller, Sutton ,Yeager, Wenger. llwe l-luron linlqsmen opened tlwe season vvitlw but one veteran available. Captain Dick Yeager, junior, vvas tlwe only returning golfer around vvlwiclw tlwe team was moulded. Along witlw Yeager, playoffs resulted in positions being vvon by Milce Sarnes, Julian Sutton, and bernard Stadtmiller. Lou Wenger, captain of tlwe T938 team assisted Coaclw Lloyd Qlds in managing tlwe foursome. lvvelve mcitclwes were arranged, vvitli tl'1e lwome and lwome series vvitlw University of Detroit, Wayne U. Toledo University, Alma College, Grand Rapids, Junior College, and Degales College in Olwio. Wasli- tenavv Country Club was tl'ie scene ol tlwe l-luron,s lwome matclwes. Prospects For tlwe '40 season were mucli briglwter vvitlw tlme Fact tlwat Fred Kurz letterman, would probably return to tlwe squad and Freshman Roy Lawrence would be eligible. Qnly Sutton and Stadtmiller will not return next year. 204 TENNIS TENNIS SQUAD Top RowgGordon, Weinlander, Chapman. Bottom Row-Schwartz, Howard, Goodsman, Frogner. With Former co-captains Ed Howard and Red Goodsman returning to lead the squad again,Cooch Pop Sampson meta squad with better balance than any in previous years. Besides veterans Howard Goodsman returning, lettermen Max Weinlander and Seymour Gordon were again back. Along with last yearls quartet, sophomores Chuck Frogner and Harold Schwartz made up the squad. The netters laced one ol the toughest schedules ever arranged lor a Huron court team. Matches were scheduled with the tough Kala- mazoo College team, University ol Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne University, University ol Detroit, Albion, and Lawrence Tech. While losing only Howard and Goodsman for the T940 season, the racqueteers will gain one ol the Finest netmen ever to grace one of l3op,s teams in Vic Mastromarco. g 205 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL After battling the Michigan State frosh on an even basis for a half and tying the Ll. of D. first-year men for three quarters, superior man power on both the Spartan and Titan squads proved too much for the l-luron Bapooses defeating them in their only two games. These two losses, however, do not tell the entire story for the frosh eleven actually uncovered plenty of material which foretells of another great year for the l-luron varsity unless eligibility rules talce their toll. Qutstanding men on the sauad with graduates to the tutelage of Coach Bynearson this coming fall are Sid Gretzner, Bob Wing, Barney Dyer, Dick Gilles, Bern faucher, Bill Wales, Bob Blumenshine, Ken Cleary, Art Nlaschke, and Dave Gates. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Coach Bay Stites' frosh baslcetball call brought forth a squad which averaged well over six-foot, one ofthe largest which has ever graced Normal! hardwoods. Though burdened by losses due to injuries throughout the season, the squad came through in good fashion which predicted Bynie would inherit a wealth of material for the varsity next year. The original Stites quintet included all six-footers or better. Ed Kontrymowicz, a l-lamtramcl4 product, Ken l'lendy and Fritz Bennetts, former Lan- sing lfastern stars, Burm lVlisener, graduate from Port Huron C. five, and Chuclc Gxley, a pontiac l-ligh School product. With "Kontry", l-lendy, and Misener out at various times throughout the season with injuries, the vacancies were ably filled by Bill Ladd, Boy Lawrence, Dave Gates, and Ed Anzicel4. Victories over Albion frosh, fordson C., U. of D. yearlings twice, and Saginaw YMCA offset the losses to Wayne and one to Fordson C. 206 FRESHMEN TRACK Lacking only weight men, the T939 lrosh tracl4 team unearthed one of the Finest First year aggregations ever seen here. Varsity Coach Lloyd Qlds smiled happily in anticipation ol greater things to come in the next three years as great performances were shown in each meet. ln the varsities weakest spot, the hurdle events, the trash call brought Forth two ol the best prospects in years in the persons of HCotton" l-llad and Sterling Raris, each ol whom set new indoor records. Equally adept in the 440, Raris joined Ralph Guildenstein and Louis Kagen as brilliant white hopes. ln the dashes, little Davey Conway set the pace. Brezinsla, Johnson, Burnie, and Richardson combined their talents in the distance events. Role-vaulters who matched the varsity jumpers included Cleary, Stein, and Webb. Tony Razmovich tossing ol the javelin assures many points in Future state meets. Several other yearlings gave Coaches Qlds and Marshall promises of greater years ahead. FRESHMAN TRACK Top Row-Bloomer, Rosmovich, l-llacl, Perry, Kosley, Guildenstein, l-lansma. Middle Row-Coach Marshall, Durham, Burne, PFieF'Fer, Brezinski, Paris, Puvogel, Conway. Bottom Rowf-Thomas, Kagen, Webb, Summerfield, johnson, Cleary, Richardson. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY With Duane Zemper as pace maker, the l-luron frosh harriers lost only to the Wayne yearlings, which they twice avenged before the season was completed. Coaches Marshall and Qlds visioned a spectacular season lor T939 when Zemper, Johnson, and several ol the other First year men would be teamed up with Quinn, l-lughes, Lee, and others of the varsity returning. The yearling leader from Flint, besides setting a new record in the last Wayne meet, also captured the annual Turlcey Day Run in Butlalo. 207 ORGANIZATIGN INDEX Alpha Mu Sigma ...... Alpha Sigma Alpha. .. Alpha Sigma Tau.. Arm oi l-lonor. .. Aurora Staii .... Band .... Campus Choristers. Chemistry Club ,... Choir .................. Commercial Teachers Club ...,... Delta Phi ........, Delta Sigma Epsilon.. Fine Arts Club ..... Home Economics Club .... lnclustrial Arts Club ...... lnter-Fraternity Council. .. Kappa Delta pi ...... Kappa Gamma Phi ...,. Kappa Mu Delta ..,. . Kappa Phi Alpha .... Little Theatre Players. . . Mathematics Club .... Men's Debate. .. Men's Union.. 208 Normal College News .,.. Qrchestra . . . Pan-l-lellenic .. Phi Delta Pi ...... Phi Sigma Epsilon ,...i,... physical Education Club ...... pi Delta Theta ............ Pi Kappa Delta ....,.... Pi Kgppq Sigma ............. Public School Music Club ...., Sigma Delta Psi. .. Sigma Mu Sigma.. Sigma Nu Phi ..... Sigma Sigma Sigma.. Social Committee. ,. .. Stoic Society ..,............ Studentls Religious Council. .. Theta Lambda Sigma.. Theta Sigma Upsilon.. Women's Athletic Association Womens Debate ........... Womenls League... Y,VV.C.A..... Zeta Chi Sigma. .. F A C U L -l' Y l N D E X Name Page Name Page Adams, Edith ......... Adams, Mrs. Emily ..... Alexander, Frederick.. Allison, Clara ......., Andrews, Elsie .,... Ashby, Lillian ...... Atkinson, Nancy ...... Bachman, Dorothy ..... Balch, Fannie ......, Ballew, M. Esther... Barnes, Ruth .......... Barnhill, John ........ 'ffffiosf Bartlett, Mary Janchuk ..... ,.... 1 05 Barton, Miriam ....... Bates, Mrs. Wanda .... Bauch, Estelle ...... Beal, Alice .......... Beal, Fannie ......... Bentley, Mrs. Mabel.. Best Martha .......... Binns, Ray ........... Blackenburg, l-loward. Boughner, Ruth ....... Brink, lda ............ Broad, l-larry ....... Brown, James ........ Brown, Ruth .......... Brownrigg, William... Bruce, Ralph ......... Brundage, Perry .... Bunger, Anna .... Butler, Leslie ......... Case, Lucretia ..,,.... Chamberlain, Duane.. Clark, lrene .......... Cleveringa, Frederick. Cooper, Grace ....... Cosper, Russell ....... Crawford, Mildred. . . Curtis, Martha ....... DeBoer, Lawrence .... Devol, Lloyd ....... Eckert, Florence .... Eddy, Florence ..... Edson, Louisa .,... Elliott, Charles ....... Emery, Blanche ....... Engelsman, Anthony... Eppler, Gertrude ..... Erikson, Carl ....... Fagerstrom, Simon. . . Feuerstein, Emma ..... Fey, Albert ....,... Field, Anna .......... Flint, Mrs. Gertrude. .. Fossenkemper, Marius. Garrison, Noble Lee, . Giovannini, Margaret .... ... Godda rd, Mary ....... Gorton, Frederick ..... Gotts, Margaret .... Grattan, Myra ...... Gray, Annis Dexter .... l-lagle, Maude ..... l-larris, Augusta .... l-larris, Katherine .... l-lart, Newell ........ l-latton, Mary ................ .... l-letmansperger, Marguerite .... .... l-lickman, Jennings .......... ... 105 Hippie, Mrs. Mayme. .. 184 136 l-lover, J. Milton ..... .11 136 l-lubbell, Paul E. ..... .50 .25 l'lunt,'lhelma .... .. 105 .25 Jacobs, Leland .... .. 105 136 James, Dorothy ...... 136 .25 Jefferson, Mark ,.... .50 104 Jones, Lydia l ...... ..... 1 1 105 Kelly, Clara ....... ..... 7 O .24 Kiddoo, Faith E ...... . 105 .24 Kirschbaum, Gladys. ,. 105 .87 Kusterer, Elizabeth... 105 136 Lappinen, Matt ...... 105 .28 Lathers, J. Stuart ..... .24 .95 tests, Floyd ......... 105 .70 Lindegren, Carl .,... 136 105 Lindquist, Theodore.. ..... 87 .11 Loesell, Clarence M.. .87 104 Lord, Francis E. ...,., 104 .87 Lyman, Florence L .... .20 105 Magoon, Marion W.. .24 .50 Magoon, Wallace l-l.... .....24 184 Marshall, George... 184 105 Martin, Mary R. ..... 105 105 McAndless, Thelma.. 105 .11 McAndrew, Clara... 136 105 McCrickett, Elizabeth ..... ....... 1 05 .21 McCulloch, Joseph.. ..... 184 105 McKay, Frederick ..,. .,.... 2 4 .86 McManus, Beatrice ..... ..... 1 05, 136 104 Meggison, Erma ..... ...... 2 8 104 Menzi, Leonard ..... ..... 1 05 .25 Meston, Eleanor... 105 .70 Miller, Elizabeth .... 105 184 Mink, Grace ...... 105 .25 Miserez, Allen ...... ..... 2 4 .24 Monroe, Anneta .... 105 105 Morrison, Jennie .... ..... 7 0 105 Munson, John ..... ..... 1 0 .87 Myers, Janet ...... 105 105 North, Vera ........ 105 .50 O'Connor, Ethel ..... 105 .24 Olds, Lethe ....... 104 105 Olds, Lloyd ....... 184 .24 Osborn, Gerald ..... ..... 8 6 104 Peet, Bert .......... ..... 8 6 .24 Pfeilier, l-larrison ..., 105 .50 Phelps, Gertrude .... 105 184 Phelps, Jessie ..... ..... 8 7 .87 Prouse, Lurene ...... 184 .50 Rankin, Estabrook .... ..... 2 4 105 Reninger, Willard ..,. ..... 2 4 .25 Rice, Alfred. ...... 105 .50 Ringman, Bernice .... 104 104 Robinson, Margaret.. 105 136 Robinson, Mathilda.. 184 104 Roscoe, Alice ....... .. 105 .24 Rosentreter, Martha.. ...-.. 95 .87 Roser, Gertrude ..... ...-. 1 04 .86 Ryan, Chester ..... 10 136 105 Rynearson, Elton ..... -. 184 136 Sabourin, Johanna. .. -. .25 136 Samson, Paul ........ -. 194 .24 Sanders, Gerald ..... -94 184 Seaman, Arlene ..... V- 136 .25 Sellers, John ...... .86 105 Sill, Margaret ..... .50 .70 Skinner, Grace .... .. 104 105 Skinner, Ruth. .... .. 136 .87 Smith, Ella ..... .. 104 209 Name Page Name Page Smith, l-larry .,...... Snow, Glenadine .... Springman, John... Steimle, Clemens ..... Stinson, Susan ..... Stites, Raymond .... Stowe, Marion .... Studt, Earl ....,. Sturgeon, Myron. . , Swartwood, Ora .... Swete, Helen ..... Taber, Geraldine.. Tape, l-lenry ...... Thomas, Mrs ..,.,.. . . ......86 .....184 ....70 ......11 .....105 .....184 ....24 ...,.,,.105 .JN-.87 ....,105 .....105 ......28 .....105 ..,..105 Thomson, Mehran ...... ...... 5 0 Tompkins, Bernece ..... ..... 1 O5 Tow, Sadie ......... ..,.. 1 05 Trabilcox, Lizzie ..... Turnbull, J. l-l. .... , Adams, Betty J. ...., . Adams, Mary R. ...... . Adams, Mildred E.. . .. Adams, N. Frances ..., Addy, Maxine l. ..... . Albright, Nora M ...., Alfs, Nora E. ....... . Alfsen, Carl E. ...... . Allen, l-larriette B ..... Allen, Jane .......,. Allen, Paul W.. . .. Allen, Robert J... . Allen, Stanely W. ... Ambler, Evelyn ....... Amidon, Kathryn ...... Anderson, Ellsworth M. Anderson, Grace ..... Anderson, John E.. . .. Anderson,John M.. . ,. Antonoisky N. George. Antons, Mary C. ..... . Ardis, Cecile N. ..... . Ardis, Charlotte A.. .. Armstrong, Donald E... Arnet, Betty M. ..... .. Artley, l-lelen B. .... . Askew, lda L ..., Baccus, Jane P.. . .. Bacon, Frances L., . . . Bair, Mabel M. .... .. Baird, l-lelen V., . . .. Baker, Catherine.. Baker, Doris C. ..... . Baker, Elizabeth ..... Baker, Robert A. .... . Baldwin, Ann E.. . . .. Ball, Donna M. ...... . Ballou, Raymond L.. . .. Balten, James J .,,,.. Baltzer, Susanna ..... Barber, Ray W. ..... . Barber, Margaret J.. .. Barker, Richard l-i.. . ., Barnard, F. Dewitt ..... Barnard, Fred . . .. ......25 .....105 STUDENT 74 91 91 33 74 54 91 74 74 ....54 ....74 ....91 ....91 .. .... 54 ....54 ....33 .. ..,. 91 .. .... 33 ....91 74 33 33 54 74 54 91 54 33 33 33 91 ....33 ....33 ....33 ....91 ....91 ....54 ....91 ....33 ....74 ....74 ....91 ....74 ....91 54 210 Turner, l-l. L. .... . Turner, Mabel ...... Underbrink, Eula ..... VandenBelt, Betty .... VandenBelt, B. l-l.. . .. Vossler, Don nabel Keys ..... .... Ward, Christine ...... Warren, Elizabeth .... Waugh, E. W ....... . Webster, Mrs. ....,. . Whitehouse, Frank .,,. Wilber, l-lorace ...... Wilcox, William ...... Willoughby, George.. Wilson, Ella .......... Wise, Margaret ..... Wolie, Doyne .... Wood, l-larry .... Wortley, Cora .,.. INDEX Barrows, Robert S .... Barry, Ruth M. .... . Bartley, Paul F. ,... .. Bartolacci, Joe F.. . .. Barton, Keith l-l.. ,. Bass, Seymour E. .... . Bassitt, Edna ..,...... Battley, Marlowe E .... Bauer, Eva M. ...... . Bauer, Milton H.. . ., Baughman, l-ielen C... Beach, Dorothy F.. . .. Beach, l-lelen M.. . .. Beaton, John W., Jr... Beauchamp, Robert F.. Beck, Elizabeth ....... Beck, Georgiana J .... Beck, Ruth E. ........ . Bedford, William l-l.. .. Begel, Dorothy ...... Beld, Jean F. ...,. . Bell, Elisabeth K. .... . Bell, Margaret C.. . ,. Bell, Mary E. ..... . Benjamin, Robert L.. .. Bennett, Cora A.. . .. Bennett, Juanita M.. .. Bennett, Margaret A.. Berger, l-lelen V.. . . .. Berman, Leona E. , . . ., Bettesworth, Alyce M.. Bettesworth, Catherine M... . Bezirium, Constance K. ..... . Bibbins, Emily .....,..... Bidwell, Dorothy L... . Bigelow, Wilma J .... Bird, Ellis E. ....... . Bird, Mildred L... . . . Black, Bernard A., . .. Black, Lois C. ...... . Blackman, Sibyl L.. . .. Blair, Nydia A. .... . Blanks, Gilbert W.. .. Block, Frank D. .... . Bloomer, William .... 0 QSQ' ibf 104 105 .70 .50 104 184 10-5 .50 .50 105 104 104 .86 105 .50 .28 .25 .24 136 91 54 91 74 91 91 74 33 54 91 33 54 54 54 33 54 33 33 54 74 54 91 .. . .91 74 33 74 91 91 54 54 91 33 74 54 91 91 74 33 74 33 54 74 34 74 91 Name Page Name Page Bloomhurt, John E.. .. .... Bluhm Vir inia A Blumehshine, Robert .... .... Bodary, Catherine R Boeberitz, Frank E. ..... .... Boehm, Margaret C. ,... .... Boelens, Alice E.. .. Boelens, Mary J... . Bohms, Alvin E.. . .. Boldon, John E.. . .. Boli, Betty ......... Books, l-lelen M.. .. Borovich, Joseph G.. Bovee, Norvall C.. .. Bowen, Frances M.. Bowen, Lou E. ..... . Bowen, Roland W... Bowers, Florence E.. Bowers, Gerlad ,.,. Bowles, Edward .... Bowman, Lloyd ..... Boyd, Eleanor ,.,. Boyden, Mary L .... Boyer, Elizabeth... Boyles, lva ....,,.. Bradley, Bethel .... Bradley, Edna ...... Brandon, Lorraine. .. Brasseur, Garvin... Braun, Bertha ..... Brazee, Opal ....... .... Bredin, Grace ...... Brehmer, Raymond ..... .... Breitag, 'led ....... Bremer, Betty ...... . . . Bremer, R. Yvonne.. Brendel, Barbara B.. Brender, Barbara... Brennan, Jack ...... Bridge, Erma ....... Brink, Betty ............. ..., Briskey, Margeret M. .... .... Briskey, Virginia ....... ..,. Britt, John ..,...... Brogan, LaVeta. .. Brooks, Betty J. ........ .... Brooks, C. Virginia ..... .... Brooks, Giles ........ .... Brown, Charles .... Brown, Gloria ....... .... Brown, l-lelen ......,.. .... Brown, L. Maxwell ..... .... Brown, William. .,... . Brundage, Leon... Bryson, George. .. Bubbs, Frank ..... Buell, Eldon ....., Buerk, Betty ....... Bunbury, Amelia. .. Buquo, George... Burdge, Sam ..... Burgess, Eugene.. Burgett, Irene ,... Burns, Patricia .... Burrell, Eugene. Burt, Dorothy ..... Burt, Glenn ...... Burton, Daniel ...., Burton, Douglas ...... .... Burton, Margaret .... .... Burton, Stanton .... Buschlen, Naomi. .. Butcher, Angela ..... .... 2 Butler, Edythe. .. Butler, Mary ..,... Byrum, Marjorie ..... Cahours, Elizabeth .... Calder, Edith ........ Calder, John ,........ Callee, Jennie ........ Callaghan, Annette .... Campbell, Allred ..... Campbell, David ....... Campbell, Margauerette Campbell, Mary Alice.. Campbell, Robert .,.... Campbell, Violet ...., Carakostas, Kenneth. . . Carland, Michael ,.... Carless, Faith ...... Carlson, Carl ....,., Carman, C. Janet. .. Carney, Gilbert ...... Carrington, Thomas .,.. Cartwright, Leone .... Casella, Daniel ..... Casucci, Catalso ...... Chamberlain, l-larold. .. Chamberlain, Paul .... Champe, Robert ...... Chapin, Josephine ..... Chapman, Howard .... Chapman, Robert ..... Chappell, Geraldine. .. Charter, l-larland ..... Charters, Virginia .... Choate, Barbara .... Christ, Paul ,....... Christian, Norman.. Chubb, Malcolm .... Clark, C. Lamah .... Clark, Evelyn ...... Clark, Leslie ..,. Clark, Maurice .... Clay, Betty ...... Cleary, Ken ,.... Clegg, Blanche .... Cline, Betty ....,.. Coates, Randall ..,. Colburn, Mary ....... Colegrove, Janet ..... Collins, Pauline ..... Collins, Phyllis ...., Collins, Virginia. . .. Compton, Lewis .... Comstock, Jane ,... Conger, Verna .... Conlin, William .... Conn, l-larry .... Cook, Ruth J. ...... . Coon, Neil ....... . . . Cooney, Mary ........ Cooperman, Arnold. . .. Corbin, Eleanor ...... Corning, Blv ....... Cottrell, Richard .... Coules, lnez ...... Covert, l-lelen .... Covert, Jack ........ Cowan, Charles .... Cowan, l-lubert ..... Cox, Bruce ..... Craig, Maraaret ..... . Crandall, Ella-Mae .... Crandell, Eileen ...... Crandell, l-lelen ..... Name Page Name Page Crawford, E. Robert .... ...... Cresswell, Charles. Cripps, James ..... Critchett, Wilma. . . Cronenwett, Lois.. Crawl, Edith .,.... Cumming, John .... Currey, Marjorie.. Curtis, Irene ...... Dahlstrom, lda .... Dalley, Muriel .... Daly, Gerald... Dana, Ruth ..... Daniels, Elmer .... Danila, Helen ...., Daugherty, Wilson. Davenport, Eileen. . Day, Doris ........ Dayss, Elsa ........ Deising, Kathryn. .. Delaforce, Marjorie DeLeo, Dorothy .... Deming, l-ludson. .. Dempster, Jane .... Dennis Raymond... Dennis, Thomas .... Dennison, Douglas. DePalma, John .... Dersnah, Eugene.. . Deska, Theodore... Deto, Rosemary .... Dettling, Marian... Detweiler, Floy .... DeVerna, Marjorie Dickerson, Phyllis.. Dickerson, Robert.. Dickey, Alyce ..... Dickie, Esther ...... Dickinson, Frederic. Dicks, Geneva ..... Dinning, Marjorie.. Dinsdale, l-lugh .... DiroFF, James ..... Dittman, Wilma .... Dixon, ilas. W.. . .. Dobies, Wanda .... Dodge, Anne ..... Donaldson, l-larry. . Dornbrock, Mary... Doty, June ....... Douglas, Lewis... Dowd, l-lazel .... Drake, l-larold ..... Draper, Lewis ..... Drewyour, Charles. Duetsch, Elda ...... Dunlap, Lillian ..... Duris, Marian .... Dustin, l-lelen .... Dutcher, Evelyn. .. Dutcher, Zola .... Eastham, ,lane .... Edgar, Betty ...... Eggert, Audrey .... Eggleston, Edna... Eldridge, Karson. .. Elliott, Elaine ..... Ellis, Margaret .... Elmers, Barbara .... Engle, lda ........ Engle, Edward .... English, Doris ...... Erickson, Barbara.. 212 Estavillo, Federico.. Evans, John ........ Everett, George .... Exelby, Margaret. . . Fair, Florence ...... Farber, Bernard .... Fairman, Georgia... Farrier, Chester ..... Featherston, Thelma. Feeney, James ...... Feldkamp, Lucena. .. Fellows, Frances .... Fennert, Lucille ..... Ferman, Richard .... Fiedler, l-lelene .... Fields, Adoulphus. .. Fink, Evelyn ....... Fischer, Deal .... Fitch, Lajune .... Fiting, Carl ....... Fleisher, Bessie .... Fochtman, Esther. . . Foley, Mildred .... Foote, Mary E.. . .. Forbes, Alice. . . Ford, Pauline .... Forker, Barbara .... Forner, blames ..... Foster, Jack ........ Fralick, Ruth ........ Francis, Genevieve.. Francis, Rosalie ..... Frank, Phillip ....... Frankenberry, Anne. Fraser, Grace ...... Frederickson, Loleta. Frederickson, Stanley Freeland, Robert .... Freeman, Laura ..... Freeman, Leola .... French, Betty .... Frey, Mary ...... Freytag, Velma .... Friday, Darline .... Fried, l-larold ..... Frumkin, Sara .... Fuller, Betty ..... Gaines, Thomas ..... Galbraith, Lillian... Gale, Walter ...... Galloway, Rebecca. Garen, l-lenry ...... Garrison, Kathalee.. Gates, David ....... Gauntlett, B. Jay .... Gaynier, Os ....... Geary, james ..... Geddis, Barbara .... Geden, Lillian ..... Gehring, Robert .... Gerdom, Frederick.. German, Freda ..... German, Helen ..... Gildenstein, Ralph.. Gill, Janis ......... Gillespie, Alice .... Glantzman, Max. . . Glaspie, Pauline .... Gleason, Ray ...... Glow, Stanley ..... Goetz, Ward ...... Goff, Bernice ..... Goff, Carol ..... Name Goodar, Evelyn .... Gooding, Esther... Gooding, Robert .... Goodrich, Elsin ...., Goodsma n, Clarence .... Goodsman, john .... Goodson, Harriet. . . Goot, Ruth .....,.. Gordon, Beth ..... Gordon, Seymour. ., Goretski, Beatrice.. Gowdy, Allene .... Grace, Ernestine .... Grady, joe ....... Grafton, Lester ..., Graichen, Ralph .... Granger, Gred ..... Granger, Lunette. .. Grant, Donalda ..., Green, Loren .,... Green, Virginia .... Greene, jane .,... Greene, Kathryn. .. Gregg, Ann E.. . .. Gregg, janis ..... Gregory, janet .... Gress, Ulrich ......, Greve, Margaret. .. Grierson, june .... Griffin, Marion. .. Griffith, Ellen ..... Griggs, Eleanor .... Griggs, Helen ..... Grill, Aleta ...... Grindle, Leroy .... Gross, Violet ..... Gruber, Fred ....... Gundrum, Roberta.. Gurley, Alfred ..... Haab, Lenora ..... Haddon, Russell... Hagel, Ellen ...... Hale, Elizabeth... Hall, Barbara .... Hall, Ella ...... Hall, Glenn ...... Halsey, Betty ..... Halsey, Reta ...,.. Halsey, Robert .... Hamill, Monica ..... Hamilton, Frank .... Hand, Marion ..... Hanford, Evelyn... Hansma, jack ..... Hanson, Gladys .... Hanson, William .... Harding, E. jean... Harding, Virginia.. Harer, Gladys ...... Harrington, Catherin 9... Harris, Vivian ......... Harris, Elizabeth ..... Harrison, William .... Hart, Lucille ...... Hartley, Francis ..... Hartung, Selma .... Hartwig, Ralph ...... Hartwig, Robert ....... Harwood, janette ..... Haselswerdt, janet .... Hatch, Millard ...... Hathaway, Neil ..... Page 76 38 58 58 94 38 58 94 77 77 94 58 38 94 58 38 . . . .94 77 58 38 77 77 38 58 77 39 58 94 58 39 95 39 39 76 94 57 57 76 38 94 38 38 57 57 76 38 94 76 94 57 57 38 . . . .38 57 38 38 94 76 94 76 57 94 94 76 57 38 38 57 38 38 38 58 213 Name Hatto, Winifred ..... Hawker, Marvel... Hayden, Arlene ...... Hazledine, Herbert... Hazzard, Pauline .... Hearn, Dorothy ..... Heath, Roger ........ Heffernan, Patrick .... Heidger, Muriel .... Heimnick, john ....... Heimnick, Marcella... Hemes, Eugenia ...... Page 39 95 39 58 95 77 39 58 39 77 95 Hemingway, Margaret .... ..... Henderson, Geraldine Henry, Gerald .....,. Henry, Lester ...... Herlihy, Thomas .... Herold, Adam ..... Herrick, Mahlon .... Herron, john ........ High, jean ........ .. Hildebrandt, Beatrice. Hill, Everett .......... Hix, Marian ......... Hobbs, Fred .... Hock, Ethel ....... Hodgson, Gerald ..... Hoffman, Virginia .... Holleran, Helen .... Holliday, Walter.. . Hallway, Miriam. .. Holmquist, Pearl .... Holt, Harold ...... Holt, Marian ...... Hooker, Virginia. .. Hoover, Margaret .... Hopkins, Frieda .... Hornung, Mary .,... Howard, Edmund... Howard, W. jean,. Hoxey, Dorothy ...,. Hubbard, Ralph .... Hubbell, Barbara... Huber, Ruth ....... Hudgins, Robert .... Huebner, Mary ..., Hueter, Esther ...... Hufford, Bonnie .... Hughes, Neville ...... Hungerford, Helen... Huntsberry, William. .. Hupy, Robert .,....... Huston, Robert ..... Hutchins, Alan ..... Hutchinson, Eva ...... Hutchinson, Rodney... Huyghe, Oscar ....... lhlenfeldt, Doris .... Irwin, Evelyn ...... jack, Faye ...... jacka, Edna ........ jackson, William ..,... jacobs, Bernice ...... jacobs, O. Kendall... jacobs, Shalto ........ james, Geraldine... jarosch, Robert .... jedele, Vera ..... jellis, Betty ....... jemison, Edith ..... jensen, Henry ..... jensen, Robert .... jentis, Irving .... ff" l:.:l39 .....77 .....77 .....95 .....39 f.. Q.ff.3Q .. ..... 39 ZIIIZ77 .....58 .....95 .....77 ifffso fffos .....95 .....95 .....95 .....95 .....77 .. ...,. 95 .....95 .....95 .....77 .....39 .....95 .....4O .....77 .....59 Name jessop, Alice ....... johnson, Ardath ..... johnson, Carl ..... johnson, Clara ...... johnson, Claribel .... johnson, Don ........ johnson, Dorothy .... johnson, Helen... johnson, Mary .... johnston, Roberta ..,. johnston, Sibyl ,... jollirfe, jean ....A. jones, Eunice ....... jones, Gwendolyn. .. jones, jennie ..... jones, Marie ..... jones, Robert .... joseph, Mary ..... joyce, jeanne L.. , .. Kaigler, Buford .... Kaiser, Carlton.. . Kaplan, Ada ...... Karner, Harriet .... Karner, Molly ..,. Kasmatka, Lillian... Katon, Helen. ...... Kaufman, Florence ...., Keefer, Gertrude ..A. Keenan, Mary ..... Keeping, Ronald ..... Kelly, Barbara ..... Kemp, Charles .... Kempf, Marian. .. Kenady, Melvin... Kendall, Twyla .... Kenfield, john .... Kennedy, john .... Kenney, Charles ..... Kent, Cora ....,..... Kenyon, Katherine .... . Kerbawy, Mary ...... Kercher, LaRue .... Kewin, Alice ..... Kidd, Helen... Kidd, lrving ...... Kidd, Robert ...... Kidder, Florence ..... Kilian, Carl ....... Kimball, O. lvan ..... Kingman, Marvella ..... Kipf, Caryl .......... Kirk, Arlene ...... Kirker, Eunice ..... Kirshman, Elinor .... Kirtland, Nancy ...... Kishpaugh, Dorothy ..... Kissner, G. Carlton... Kivo, joseph ...... Klavitter, Ernest ...... Klein, Robert ...,....... Klopshinske, E. Leone .... Knaggs, Darwin ....... Knisley, lva ......... Knox, Blanche ..... Knox, lda B. .......... . Kokales, Esther ......... Kolberg, Winifred ........ Kontrymowicz, Edward .... Koons, Virginia ......... Kopp, Samuel ......... Kott, Alton ...... Kowalski, Helen. Kraas, Dorothy. . . Page 40 40 40 40 77 95 59 77 . . . .40 40 40 40 40 95 40 40 95 ....40 40 ....78 96 59 40 59 77 40 95 77 77 95 77 40 40 77 77 77 40 95 40 59 59 78 78 59 59 40 . . . .41 78 78 41 41 95 78 95 95 78 95 95 59 78 78 78 95 95 41 59 59 96 59 96 59 59 41 214 Name Krake, Pearl ..... Kreger, Doris ...,... Kress, Charlotte ..., Kressler, Charles .... Krueger, Ruth .... Kuebler, jean... Kuhl, Marjorie.. . Kutner, Edward... Kuzawa, Helen .... LaBounty, Raymond .... Ladd, William ...... Lamb, Margaret .... Lamb, Mary .......... Lamiman, William ..... L Amoreaux, jeanne.. Landsberg, Lillian... Lane, Evan ....... Lane, Kathleen ..... Lane, Wilfred ........ Langthorne, Helene .... Lapointe, Esther ...... Larsen, Charlotte ..... LaRue, Robert ........ LaVigne, Patricia ....., Lawrence, Margaret. . . Lawrence, Roy ....... Leatherman, jean ...,. Leavenworth, Delos .... Leavenworth, Max ..., Leavesley, Ethel .... Leczna r, Carl ...... Lee, Robert .......... Letfler, Amelia ........ Lelfurge, B. Elizabeth... Leikert, Wilma ....... Leininger, Edward .... Lemanski, Clement. . .. Lemmon, William .... Leonard, George. .... Leopold, D. jean... Lepisto, Paul ....... Lepisto, Walter ....... LeRoux, Geraldine .... Lessel, Arthur ...... Lester, Thyrza .... Letson, F. Robert .... Levin, Hilda ..... Lewis, Allan .... Lewis, Ivah ....,..... Lewis, Ruth ............ Lichtenfelt, Lawrence .... Lichty, lnez .... .,..... Lieberman, james ..... Lieder, Arthur ...... Lietz, Lois ....... Light, Marion ...... Light, Thelma ......... Lillibridge, Dorothy ..... Lind, Mary E. ........ . Lindbert, Marion ..... Lloyd, Helen ......... Lockwood, Earl ..... Lohr, Virginia ........ Lomprey, C. Jone ----- Long, Dorothy ...... Long, Mary E ..... Long, Walter ....... Page 78 96 59 60 41 96 78 96 96 41 96 96 . . .60 60 96 78 96 60 96 60 41 41 96 60 41 ....78 60 60 60 96 Lorenz, Catherine. . .. ..... Lossing, Gordon .... Lovell, Dorothy. . . Lowe, Grace ..... Lowe, Reginald .... Loyer, Eunice ..... 78 96 78 96 41 96 96 41 78 60 78 60 96 41 41 96 96 41 . . .78 78 60 60 41 78 78 41 96 60 78 41 96 78 78 60 60 78 7 . . . . .96 Name P099 Luder, Norma ..... Ludwig, Grace .... Lund, Dennis .,.. Luoma, Tauno ,.... Mack, Virginia .... Macklin, William .... Madigan, Anne ..... Mahar, Marie ..... Maier, lrene ...... Maire, Lewis ....... Majorana, Egidio .,.. Majorana, joseph. .. Makel, Sam ......,.. Mann, Helen ..... Marion, Mary ..... Markle, Marian... Marks, Gordon .... Marshall, Don ....... Martin, Florence ..... Maschke, Arthur ..... Mass, Annette .... Mater, Edwina .... Mathews, Grace .... Matthews, Mary ..... Matthews, Sue ...... Maulbetsch, Frederica Maurer, Edward ..... Mauritho, Mildred... May, Marjorie ...... Mayfield, Robert ..... Meier, Henry ,....., Menger, Helen ..... Mereck, Olga ..... Merrick, Dorothy .,... Merrill, Laura ....... Merrill, Mercedes. . . Messer, Helena ..,.. Meyers, Pershing .... Middleton, William.. Mielke, Lillian ...... Miller, Alfred ..,.. Miller, Ellen .,.. Miller, George ,.,. Miller, Lawrence .... Miller, Virginia ..... Minnick, Mamie ..... Minock, Eileen .... Misenar, Burman ,.... Mitchell, Virginia... Mohr, Robert ........ Moles, Charles .... Monk, Helene .... Montague, Alice .... Moore, Kirtland ..... Moote, Helen ..... Moote, Wilda ..... Moran, Maxine ..... Morden, Jean ..... Morgan, Loretta ..... Morningstar, Grace.. Morningstar, Hamilton... ..... Morningstar, Lorne... Morris, Joe. .,..,.. . Morris, William .... Morrish, Beth ..... Morrison, Charles .... Morrison, Victor... Morrow, Lillian... Morse, lrma ..... Mose, Howard .,., Muck, Erma ......... Mueckler, Evelyn .... Mummery, Frances... 215 Name Munn, Maxine ..... Munsell, Hugh ..... Muntean, Daniel ..., Murray, Douglas .... Myers, Betty ..... Myers, Marion ..,.. Myre, Leeanna ....... McAndrew, Atwood. . McAvoy, Eunice ...... McCarty, Virginia .... McClelland, Albert... McClure, Richard ..... McColl, Dorothy ...... McConalogue, Bernice McCrea, Lucile ....... McCutcheon, Irene. .. Macdonald, Donna. .. MacDonald, Goldie, .. MacDonald, Royal .... McElliott, Robert ...... McGowan, Gerald... MacGregor, Margaret ..... McKale, glean ........ Mclfeachie, Wilbert. .. MacKellar, Doris ...... Mclienney, jeanne.. Mcliillen, Lillian.. McLean, Norma ...... McLeod, lreta ........ MacMullan, Frances.. McMullan, Phyllis. . . .. Nass, Willard ...... Neary, Barbara.. Neff, Betty .,..... Nelson, Shirley ..... Nepodal, Shirley ..... Neubert, Emmajune. .. Newcomb, Helen ..... Newlands, George. .. Nichols, Marcia ...... Nickel, Helen ...... Niles, Gwendolyn .... Nilson, Roxie ....... Nixon, Margaret ..... Norgaard, Mary .... Nordgren, Sigurd ..... Norton, Charles .... Novy, Elsie ........ Oberman, Lester .... O'Brien, Helen .... O'Brien, Lucille .... O'Brien, Ruth ...... Odmark, Ronald ...... O'Hearn, Margaret... Olds, Joan .......... Olds, Mary L. ....... . Oldenburg, Gladys... Oliver, Clyde ...... Oliver, W. C. .... .. Olson, Eleanor ..... Ondrovik, Frank .... O'Neill, Esther. .. Ortiz, Carmen ...... Osburn, R. Charles .... Osburn, Dale ...... Ott, Evelyn ...... Ott, Pauline ..... Otto, Vivian ......... Outley, Bettymay ..... Owen, Kathryn ..... Owens, Charles .... Oxley, Charles ..... Packer, Dale ..... Page 97 97 62 97 43 43 79 96 42 96 79 79 42 96 42 . . . 42 60 42 96 42 60 96 61 96 61 79 61 97 97 97 61 97 97 62 62 97 79 43 79 97 97 43 62 97 43 62 98 62 98 62 62 . . . 43 98 62 79 79 62 43 98 79 79 79 79 43 98 98 62 62 79 43 98 98 62 Nqme Page Name Page Page, Barbara.. . Elizabeth ..., ...,. Raymond ..,.. ..... Elizabeth .... ..... Page, Lois ........ Palmer, Palmer, Pardon, Parker, l-lomer ...,. Parker, lla M.. .. Parker, llah L .,., Parre, lrene ....... Parsons, Parten, Ruth ........ ..... Marjorie ...... ..... Patterson, Elizabeth. Patterson, Elizabeth L.. .. ., . . . Patton, Lois .......... ..... Payne, Charlotte .... Peacock, Mary L.. . . Pearson, Richard .... Peattie, Robert .... Peet, Max ....,. Peknik, John .... Peppler, Mary ..... Perry, E. Winona .... Pester, Emily ...... Petermann, Dawn. .. Peters, Marion ..... Peterson, Loraine. . . Peterson, Shirley .... Petty, Malcolm .... Pfeiler, Philipp, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Robert ..... Margaret ,... ..... Alice .,... Arlyne .... Eugene ..... ..... Lois ,..... Natalie ,.... ..... Nila ....,. Pickrem, lleen ...... Pillsbury, Betty ...... Pillsbury, Charles... Pitkethly, Margaret. Pitkin, Buel ........ Pitkin, Doris ........ Plasters, Elmer ..... Pobanz, Karl .... Pohly, Leah .....,.. Pokrywka, Joseph. . . Poly, Edward ....... Poncheck, Eleanor ,... ..... Porter, Lynn ,......,. Porter, Vernon .,.. Potts, l-lelen .,.. Powell, C. Elton. . . Powers, Christine. . . Powierski, Joseph. . . Pratt, EI la ........... .,... Pray, Janet ......... Preketes, Nicholas.. Press, Lilyan ........ Proctor, ciyde ,.... Pugh, William ..... Purcell, Francis. . .. Purchase, Mary .... Purman, Eleanor. .... .... . Qualmann, Walter. . Quayle, Elizabeth ..., ..... Kathryn ...... ..... Quick, Quigley,James ,.... Quigley, Kenneth. .. Rabbe, Beulah ..... Rabedeau, Barbara. Rae, l-l elen........ Rahn, john ........ Randall, Grace. . .. 216 Randolph, Caroline. Randolph, Lawrence Ransom, Drucilla .... Rapley, Joseph ..... Rau, Marguerite .,.. Rawson, George. .. Rawson, Margaret.. Raymond, Celclen. .. Raymond, Viola .... Reams, Margaret... Reber, Marlen ..... Redden, Gwendolyn Reeves, Adaline ,... Regan, Annice ..... Reid, Elizabeth. . . .. Reidy, Kathryn ...... Reilly, June ........ Reinbold, C. Louise. Renski, Josephine. . Repaid, Norma ..... Reum, Genevieve... Reynolds, Elnora .... Reynolds, Max. . . Rhead, Doris .... Rice, Elizabeth ..... Rice, Evelyn ........ Richards, Jeanette.. Richards, Marjorie.. Richards, William. .. Riddering, Albert... Rider, Frances ...... Riegler, Elizabeth. .. Riesberg, Elizabeth.. Riggs, Emerson ...... Riggs, Florence. .. Ritz, Mary M.. . .. Roach, Gladys .... Roberts, Emily ...... Robinson, Abner .... Robinson, Orlo. .. Robinson, Ruth .... Rochon, Louis .... Roe, Doris ...... Roehler, Marion.. Roehring, Elmer. .. Roekle, Olga .... Rogers, lone .... Rogers, Paul .... Rogers, Pauline... Rollins, Phyllis .... Rose, l-lazel ..... Ross, Elmer .... Ross, Mary .... Rossow, Elma .... Roszel, Grace ...... Rothman, Seymour. .. Rowe, Lois ......... Rozanowski, William Rupel, June ........ Russell, Paul ........ Ryznar, Stephanie. . . Sabadash, Ann .... Sabadash, George. . St. Croix, Lucille .... St. Peter, Dorothy. .. Salmon, Evelyn ..... Sark, Marion ...... Sarnes, Myron ..... Savage, Verda .... Saylor, Charles .... Sayrehleannette .... Sayre, Winnifred. .. Schaeffer, Ray ..... Name Page Name Page Schagane, Ruth .... Schell, Betty J... .. Schill, Geraldine... Schlossstein, Louis... Schlossstein, Mary J. Schmidt, Dorothy .... Shoensee, l-larvey.. Schram, Marion ...., Schulert, Louise ..... Schullcins, William... Schwartz, Jeanette. Schwartz, Max .,... Schwa rzkopf, Ma rian .... ..., Scotield, Jerry ..,... Scott, Donna ....... Scott, Grant ,.... Scott, Marjorie .,., Scripter, Francis .... Seaman, Arlene .... Seeger, Jeanne .... Seitz, Estelle ...... Selleck, Ruth .....,. Severence, Audrey. Severin, Alice ...... Shatler, Moreen .... Shatter, Russel ..... Shamlian, Alice .... Shapiro, Bessie ..., Sharkey, Mary L... . Sharpe, Ellyn ....... Shaw, Jean ........ Shearer, Geraldine. Shearer, Margaret. . Sheckler, Florence.. Shelp, Cleopatra... Sheppard, Elizabeth. Sheppard, William.. Sherman, Marguerite .... .... Sherrard, Jean ..... Shick, lla .......... Shoemaker, John... Shoemaker, Leona.. Shouldice, Jane .... Shuart, Ruth ....... Sibley, Marion ..., Sigler, Vida M.. . .. Silverman, Murray.. Simmons, Margaret.. Simmons, William... Simpson, Winnifred.. Skellenger, Louise.. Skinner, Eleanor .... Slating, Marceline.. Smiggen, Clara ..... Smith, Christine .... Smith, Dorothy .... Smith, Esther ..... Smith, Florence ..,. Smith, l-larold .... Smith, Lauren ..... Smith, Lionel ..... Smith, Marian .... Smith, Mary J ..... Smith, Mary L .... Smith, Nancy ..... Smith, Ralph ..... Smith, Robert ...... Snidecor, Dorothy. . . Sobiegray, l-lelen. .. Soderlund, Rachel.. Sondeen, Muriel .... Sonnenberg, Albert. Sosinski, William .... 64 99 64 99 81 99 81 81 64 99 99 44 81 81 99 81 45 45 45 99 81 . .... 45 81 64 64 64 45 45 64 81 81 64 45 64 45 81 45 81 45 99 99 81 64 .45 .99 .99 1OO .64 1OO 100 .64 .81 .65 .45 .65 .65 .65 1OO 1OO .81 .65 .65 .81 100 .65 .81 100 .65 .45 .81 .81 1OO .65 217 Southard, Charles .... Southworth, Ruth .... Spacil, Filia ....... Speas, Rita .......... Spencer, William ..... Sponenburgh, Mark... Spotts, Alfred ........ Spotts, Frank ........ Spratt, Mary ...... Sprecher, Jean ..... Spring, Margaret ..... Squiers, John. ........ Stadtmiller, Bernard... Staebler, Ruth ........ Stanfield, Walter... Starwas, John ..... Stenzel, Lyla ....... Stevens, Florence. . . Stier, William ..... Stoflet, l-larriet .... Stone, Mary .... Storer, Charlene. Strauss, l-larriet .... Street, Ernest ...... Street, W. Earl .....,. Stueckeman, Eleanor.. Supina, Stanley ....... Swatford, Fred ....,.. Swayer, Geraldine... Sweet, Belva ......... Sweet, Wilfred ..... Taber, Edward .... Taber, Robert ....... Tallmadge, l-lelen.. Taylor, Sydney .... Teague, Marjorie... Teahan, Frank ..... Teare, Merton ....... Teeple, Janet ........ Thibodeau, Genevieve.. .... Thomas, Agnes ....... Thompson, Kathleen. .. Thoms, Ruth ........ Thumme, Kenneth. .. Tiedemann, Carol .... Tiedeman, Gale .... Tisdale, Archie .... Toaz, Barbara ..... Todt, Don .......... Tomlin, M. Jean ...... Tompkins, Marjorie .... Torrey, Francis ..... , Torrey, Julian. .... Torrey, Phyllis ..... Tower, Robert ..... Townsend, Preston. . Tuck, Margaret ..... Tunison, Josephine .... Tupper, Janice ..... Turnbull, Bessie .... Turnbull, Marion... Turnbull, Theo. . . ,. Turney, Morse ..... Burton, Walter .... . Tyler, Grace ........ Underwood, Verne. .. Van Allsburg, Pheobe. Van Atta Elinor ...... Van Dommelen, Louise. Van lmschoot, Beth .... Vartanian, l-larold .... Ver l'lulst, Willo. ... Verkler, M. Ruth ..... 1OO .45 65 65 .81 .65 .81 .81 1 OO 65 65 45 45 65 .45 .45 .45 .81 .65 .65 .45 81 1OO .81 1OO .65 1OO .81 .81 .45 .81 .65 1OO .81 1OO .65 .81 100 .46 .81 .81 1OO .82 .65 1OO .82 66 82 46 46 66 .46 .66 .46 .82 .46 .46 82 .82 1OO .46 .46 .66 .66 .46 .66 .46 .66 .82 .82 .46 .66 .82 Name Vincent, Terry ..... Vogel, Marilyn .,... Voisich, Edward .... Volay, lsabelle ..... Vollmar, Shirley .... Volz, Kenneth .,... Voorhees, l-lelen. .. Vorce, Mary E.. . .. Wagner, Doris... Wagner, jane .... Wai, Yoke ,....... Wait, l-laward .,... Walker, C. Kenneth. Walker, Elizabeth... Walker, Neville .... Wall, Mary ....... Wallace, Leone .... Walsh, James A.. .. Walsh, Martha .... Walters, Betty .... Walters, Wilbur... Walton, Elizabeth... Walton, Lizzie .... Ward, l-larold .... Ward, Owen .... Wardle, Ruth ...... Warner, Myrtle ..... Washburn, DeVere. Washburn, George. Watson, George .... Wegienka, Mark... Weinlander, Max. .. Weir, Jean ....... Welfare, Mary .... Wellock, Eloise .... Wellock, Lois .... Wells, Roger ...... Welper, Francis .... Welt, Wilma ,...... Wenger, W. Louis.. Werbin, Milton ..... Wertenberger, jean. . ,. .. Wescoat, Florence. . Wescott, John ...... Westaway, Marguer ite .... Weymouth, l-lelen ...... Whan, Edgar .......... . . Whitcomb, Veva ..... White, Caroline ..... White, Donald .... Page .. .'lOO ....8Q ....8Q ......46 ...'lOO ...'lOO ....8Q 66 46 82 46 ....46 ....8Q ....8Q ....46 ....46 82 ...'lOO ....82 ....8Q ....66 ......66 ...'lOO ....8Q ....46 ....46 ....8Q ....66 ....46 ...'lOO ...1OO ....66 ...'IOO ....82 ....47 ....47 ...'IOO ...BQ ....47 ....47 ....47 ....82 ...WOO ....66 ....47 ....66 ...'IOO ....47 ....66 ...'IOO 218 Name White, Gerald .... Wichman, Aileen... Wichman, l-lenry .... Wicht, Rita ......... Wickens, Wanda .... Wieczynski, Ray ..... Wieczynski, Richard.. Wiers, Margaret ..... Wiese, Lois ........ Wigell, l-loward .... Wiggins, Barbara .... Wiggins, Cathryn... Wiggins, Virginia .... Wigman, M. Clarice.. Wileden, Laurabelle. Williams, Farrell ..... Williams, Samuel ..... Williamson, Constance .... Wiltse, Betty ........ Winans, Robert ...... Wisbin, Ross .... Wolf, LaRue .... Wolfe, Charles .... Wood, Alene .... Wood, Barbara ..... Wood, Florence ..... Woodard, Virginia.. Woodward, Elaine... Woodward, Mary. . . Woolston, Ben ..... Wortley, Ann ..... Worzniak, Frank .... Wotring, Mary .... Wright, John ...... Wright, Marion ..... Wright, Maude ...... Wright, Richard ...... Wrocklage, Amanda. Wyman, Esther ....... Yeager, Richard .... Ylitalo, Gertrude .... Young, Marguerite.. Young, Ruth L ....... Young, Ruth Loretta.. Zauel, Betty ........ Zemper, Duane ..... Zeve, Sylvia .... Zink, Lela .... Zook, Louise .... Zuk, Eugene .... Page .......47 ....'lOO .....66 .....47 . .... 'IO'l .....47 . .... 'I BQ O1 82 66 47 66 . ..... 47 .....47 .....8Q . ..... 66 .....82 .....47 .....8Q 47 ' .ilO'i ...BQ .....66 .67 'lO'l . .... 'iO'l .67 101 ...47 ...47 ....'lO'l ...67 ...89 .....8Q ....1O'I . ..... 67 .....83 67 47 67 47 83 . . . . . . .'lO'l 47 67 83 67 83 47 f f f fioi

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