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Eauaszm' L' URGR NINETEEN HUNDRED NINETEEN Published by the SGPHOMORE CLASS ' OF Michigan State Normal College Ypsilanti, Michigan It ,N , ll 1 1 l . 0 Contents Foreword . . . 3 l 1 Dedication . . . I. . 4 . Campus Views '. . . . 1 Aurora Board .... . . In Memoriam State Board of Education Faculty Student Council Classes Degree Sophomore Freshman SATC Campus Activities Camposity Athletics 6 l4 l p ' .... . 16 5 7 f ' 1. . . . 17 g . ...... is p p 1 ' ..... A . 38 5 . , . - 41 . . 41 Al . 1 47 ji . . 1 . 87 .... . . 91 5 Fraternities and Sororities .. . 145 4 A . . . .1751 1 ' . . ' . . . 137 Two jforetnoro 9Dne's future is ,huiloeo upon ef: periences of bis past. Qlmong these the stuoent granuate counts his ttoo pears spent ar the wichigan State Jliormal Qlollege as especially rich in inspira: tion gaineo from associations toith hoth faculty ann fellotn classmates, Gihat in the future he may he ahle to recall these memories, me hahe enoean: oceo to recoco here all that tnill suggest college naps. Qlihe CIEiJito1Ts. Four CLIQMIQNS P, STIZIMLIZ, Socrctary-Rcgistrzu- Gu lemens . Steimle in reeugnitiun uf his valuable services ann untiring efforts in the petfntmance uf his Duties as Secreturpzfiegistrar nf the college me, the tluss uf 1919, gratefully uenteate this hunk. I am sure that the entire senior class as well as the alumni and friends of this institution will be glad to see our genial Sec- retary-Registrar, Mr. C. P. Steimle, occupying this place of honor in the present issue of THE AURORA. No man on our campus is better or more favorably known. His genius for organization and his rare grasp of the details of any situation are in daily evidence. Mr. Steimle came from the Atlantic Mine High School to the Normal College, in 1900. After graduation he taught in the Al- bion High School for one year, and later was Principal of the Hillsdale High School for two years. He had strongly special- ized in mathematics under Dr. David Eugene Smith, so that when a vacancy occurred in that department in this institution he Was naturally called to fill that place. He held the place of Assistant in Mathematics from 1905 until 1909. when he wa.s made Sec- retary-Registrar of the college, a place which he has ably filled until the present time. ,It is eminently proper that a decade of such excellent service should be recognized by THE IAURORA in this manner. EDVVIN A. STRONG. iv 5347 x X, 3191" - . .A 5- v--- .,, N w , f ,f , " f ff .ff -ix ADM1N1s'1'RA'1'roN BUILDING E NORMAL HALL 'c , ff-.Af-.-1-Q, aa-Ml,-fz-qgY ' .?Ti'iLll- ' '1,f?llf"'- 'I-f Y A Q ' ' 7, , V - 'V Y ' ' ,W ' 'W V"' hi R 1 l I 1 I L i Eight SCIENCE HALL ..- ,,.....A-.,..., . .aw .- "Q ' A 1. " .. - ,.,,- -v4-.n V...-.. V-,... M.. ' ,. ,,,.- - TRAINING SCHOOL .Yiuu x .-:: - 'V ----q-. --If-asc-T-f ,. --r-5 - Q-Q, 3-2121:-s 111135 1---,SW?+f'Zi i fllvvw- - V- .-Q..-.., ,,.. --V -q.u-2-usb-:Qq.ao'G',vr1f.fa1a ,L -. , , , I 0 V , GYMNASIUM va., .W ,, , L... , , W. im qi...- Y,3.q 'I I 1 n 1 il -5 E ik 'i WW 1 0 1 i 5 gs 3 --4-w-4,--.5f Jf I L., T .--5 A-3 5, Ten .11 , 1.6 l A V E P I 1 V 'u lid gi? Ili Lg X U f xt. 2 4, 5 1 L' ix x M 'AA XY 5 : f r F u r "' 5 if 4 , 1 k q - ' 5 .1 ! L 2, I 3 ' l w W. I li H 4 all YH y Nh LQ 'N H i, ,L QB W 4-ETF'-f . . , ,-9, if N- C Q 1 1 .1 , x ,QV wi PEASE AUDITORIUM -U-f - W -- '- ' AY., Y i M ,. Y . - - - '- , 244-A . V- ,.1u.,.,- v' STARKXV EAT H ER HALL w 0 U E, v J 3 ji 5 s I 1 sf E1 E E M ff IHITHQ-" ! i M i i E v J- N' l 'Aa in ,,, .ie v - V H,--Y- ---- L- ak' 15-14:4- , ff--f --4. "Y " 'fvfli' ' J F5-A fri T'welz.'c Nw. ,-.1-.,.- L- 1-pr ---1:-::'F""l3f ".,-f 1 il w A1 1, 5 . . . s, 1 a -- f - W- Q i X l- ? ! , I , T 4 N ' ,, , F' ,, - Q , ., . , r E 'Nag X ,,: , NN ,JH . ,. w fu " 1 2 1:.y.,' , , f E -LD -N 'g 1, i fs L1 5 C . H . Q, 1, V A ,, l- w ' ' .. - '- 1 " 2-f .11 -If R . 1 , - 'f ' ,.:::4A"."'-in-iii' '- A 2. A 1 2 11' " 5, V 'P K 3 mg 3 1 .1-:L - ., A ima- Q 71 wk? x ,, ,,., . . .3 4 , ll 2 is -f if ' - A . N --Q . . Q f vim.. L 'flzzfl F01L1'fee1z Aurora Board MARION SI-IARPE Edntov' 171 Chzef GROVER C BAKER Busmesa Manager CARL VVHEATON S A T C 631 Fratmfmtzes FRANCES CALDWELL P1 eslzman GERTRUDE PERRY Orgampatzons ALICE CHURCH C amp onty .S'01'01'mes Roy MCDOUGALL D egre es HAZEL SCHWARTZ Ar HAZEL HARRINGTON Aswstcmt Eahtor GLEN HUNT Athlencs . FLORENCE MACDONALD - ' Q f ' Fifteen Zin wenluriarn Jfreh YL. ikeeler Swuperiurenueut uf liiuhlic Ilnstruntiun Hon Hon Hon State Board of Educauon Frank Cody Preszdent F A Jeffers Treasurer A M Freeland Vzce Preszdent Supermtendent of Pubhc Instrucuon, Hon T E Johnson Hon. T. E. Johnson .............. Q..'Secremry Sw - . ,..- ,.-a ..i.- A J- -...Y -...Q 711: +7 Y x.., ......:..' .1-'J1f,5-gain ' ' ' ' President Charles McKenny President Charles McKenny has served in the capacity of executive head of this institution for seven years. The degree A. M. was conferred upon him by the University of Vtfisconsin and the degree of LL. D. by Olivet College. He came to us from Olivet College in the fall of 1912. In their contact with 2: him the students of the college have found him to be an able executive, a kindly advisor, and a fervent advocate of the spirit of fellowship and democracy. Eighteen az.- l Dean Bessie Leach Priddy - Mrs. Bessie Leach Priddy who was acting Dean the hrst half of this year is now serving as permanent Dean of XVomen. Mrs. Priddy holds the degrees Ph. B. and A. B. from Adrian College and A. M, and Ph. D. from the University of Michigan. She has been in the Michigan State Normal College since 1915 and is now Associate Professor in the History Department. She has been an active and helpful factor in the life on the campus during these four years. Especially is her influence felt through her work as Dean, where her understanding and sympathy with girls and her interest in their welfare has given the girls a guide and friend whom they can trust to advise and help them in all which affects their best interests. .Yi H U J l . l , I 1 ' 4 FACULTY QU I D LW Gr MX L 5 ' 7 f .ferr " A4fpf?53?1"w 'sg A Q P - 5, od-B!E,Goo3 Luck. l' ' ' l Goa BLESS You! I A t ' 45' I X Faculty of the Michigan State Normal College Cn.i1u.Es IXICIQENNY, A. M., LL. D. - - - - .P7'USl'01671f CLm1l2Ns P. STEIMLE, A. B. - - 4 BESSIE LIQACH Paimwv, PH. D. - CHEMISTRY BERT XV. PEET, M.S. Professor. BYRON S. CORBIN. A.B. Instructor. EUGENE CRITTENDEN Laboratory Assistant. EDUCATION CHARLES O. HOYT, Ph.D. Professor. SAMUEL B. LAIRD, A.M. Professor. NATHAN A. HARVEY, Ph.D. Professor. HENRY C. LOTT, A.M., INI.Pd. Professor. 'THORACE Z. WILBER, A.M. Associate Professor. CHARLES M. ELLIOTT, A.M. Associate Professor. ENGLISH FLORUS A. BARBOUR, A.B., A.M. Professor. ABIGAIL PEARCE, A.M. Associate Professor. AALMA BLOUNT, Ph.D. Associate Professor. ESTELLE DOWNING, A.M. Associate Professor. THARRIET MACKENZIE, A.M. Assistant Professor. 'ELISABETH CAREY, A.M. Q Assistant Professor. ELIZABETH K. WILSON, A.M. x Acting Instructor. ILSTABROOK RANKIN, A.M. Instructor. EXPRESSION I. STUART LATHERS, A.M.' Professor. FREDERICK B, McKAY A.M. Associate Professor. IDA G. HINTZ, A.B. Instructor. FINE ARTS BERTHA GOODISON, A.B. Professor. LOTA H. GARNER Instructor. LIDA CLARK, A.B. Instructor. ELINOR STRAFER, B.S. Instructor. 'FLORENCE COOPER Instructor 'fAbsent on leave Twenty- Two - - Secretary-Regisnfar - flrfilzg Dean of I'V07llC'lZ GEOGRAPHY TMARK JEFFERSON. A.M. Professor. MARY CAVVOOD Instructor. GENEYIEVE CLARK, A.B. Cresigned Dec. 19183 Instructor HISTORY CARL E. PRAY, A.M. Professor. MARY B. PUTNAM, Ph. M., M.Pd. Associate Professor. BERTHA G. BUELL, A.M. Associate Professor. BESSIE LEACH PRIDDY, Ph.D. Associate Professor. i'JL'LIA ANNE KING. A.M., M.Pd. Professor Emeritus. HOUSEHOLD ARTS MARTHA H. FRENCH, A.B. Professor. EDA ETHELL SNODGRASS, B.S., A.M Assistant Professor. CHARLOTTE L. KING, B.Pd.. B.S. Assistant Professor. INEZ RUTHERFORD, Instructor. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ALICE 1. BOARDMAN Assistant Professor. MARY E. HATTON, B.S. Instructor. IENNIE BELL MORRISON Instructor. KINDERGARTEN EDITH ADAMS, M.Pd. Instructor. MARION XVATSON, B.S. Instructor. SARA LEXVIS Instructor. LATIN BENJAMIN L. D'OOGE, Ph.D. Professor. ORLAND O. NORRIS, A.B. Associate Professor. CLARA JANET ALLISON, A.B. Instructor. TDQ-ceased MATHEMATICS ELMER A. LYMAN, A.B., LL.D. Professor. ARTHUR G. ERICKSON, A.M. Associate Professor. ADA A. NORTON, Ph.M. Assistant Professor. JANE L. MATTESON, A.M. Assistant Professor. MODERN LANGUAGE RICHARD CLYDE FORD, Ph.D. Professor. IOHANNA ALPERMANN, A.M. Assistant Professor. ELLEN DXVYER, A.B. Instructor. MUSIC FREDERICK ALEXANDER, A.B. Professor. CLYDE E. FOSTER Assistant Professor. ALICE M. LOVVDEN Instructor. CARL LINDEGREN Instructor. GRETA FORTE Instructor. CELIA M. BLOMGREN, Instructor. MARY SPARLING, Instructor. NATURAL SCIENCE VVILLIAM H. SHERZER, Ph.D. Professor. IESSIE PHELPS, M.S. Associate Professor. MARY A. GODDARD, B.S. Associate Professor. BERTRAM G. SMITH, Ph.D. Associate Professor. PEN MAN SHIP LLOYD WALKER, A.B. Instructor. CResigned Feb. 28D RAY BRAVENDER, Acting Instructor PHYSICAL EDUCATION XVILBUR P. BOWEN, M.S. Professor. PAUL B. SAMSON, M.P.E. Associate Professor. FANNIE CHEEVER BURTON, M.Pd. Associate Professor. CRYSTAL WVORNER, A.B. Assistant Professor. IRENE O. CLARK, B.Pd. Instructor. MABEL BACON, A.B. Instructor. CHLOE TODD, B.Pd. Instructor. ELTON RYNEARSON Instructor. MYRTELLE ROGERS Assistant. PHYSICS EDXVIN A. STRONG, A.M., Litt.D. Professor Emeritus FREDERICK R. GORTON, Ph.D. Professor. TRAINING DEPARTMENT DIMON H. ROBERTS, A.M., Superintendent. FREDERICK M. GREENSTREET, A.B. Principal High School. VINORA BEAL, A.M. Instructor in High School. AMELIA KELLOGG, A.B. Instructor in High School. IVALEEN HOUGH, B.Ptl. Instructor in High School. MARGARET E. XVISE, M.Pd. First Grade. ADELLA R. IACKSON, M.Pd. Second Grade. ELIZABETH McCRICKETT Third Grade C. GERTRUDE PHELPS, B.S. Fourth Grade. ELLA M. YVILSON, A.B. Fifth Grade. MABEL XVOMBAUGH. A.B. Sixth Grade. ANNA WINIFRED FIELD, A.M. Seventh Grade. SUSAN W. STINSON, B.S. Eighth Grade. CLARICE M. NOWLIN, B.Pd. Open Air Room XNOODRUFF SCHOOL I. ELEANOR MESTON. B.S. First Grade. LUCIA M. DENSMORE, Second Grade. FLORENCE MCLOUTI-I, B.S. Third Grade. MARY MCDERMOTT, B.S., A.M. Fourth Grade. LIBRARY STAFF GENEVIEVE M. WALTON, A.M. Head Librarian. ELSIE V. ANDREWS, A.B. Reference and Training School Dep't. ELIZABETH F. SIMPSON Chief Cataloger. GRACE E. HAUGHTON, A.B. Assistant in Order Dep't. DONNA SULLIVAN, A.B. Assistant in Periodical Dep't. VVINIFRED DAVIS Assistant in Circulation Dep't. 'YI-IAZEL BACHELER POINTER, A.B. T Cataloguer of Training Dept. Library. FREDA L. GARRETT, A.B., Assistant in Bindery Dept. GLENADINE C. SNOXV, HS. Medical Examiner. MATILDA XV. ROBINSON Visiting Nurse. illcsitzned Feb. 1. 'ISIN' nly-Tlrrct' Twvlziy-Fozzr C1-IARLES O. HOYT, Ph. D. P1'0ft'.v.v0r of Plzilosoplzy and Ed1lCGfi0I1,' Head of Dvfuirfmvzzf of Plziloxoplzy and Ifdzeraziozz. A. B., Albion Collegeg Ph. D., Jena. CHARLES M. ELI.IO'l"l', A. M. A,f.i'lIL'itIft? P!'0.fl'.Y50V in Psychology. B. Pd. and A. B., Michigan State Normal College, gracl-nate, Ferris Institute, A. M, Teachers' College, Columbia University. Nix'1'HixN A. H.-XRVEY, Ph. D. Pl'C?jct'.V.Yt7l' of Pvdagogyq Head of DFf7H7'fllICl1f of Pfa'agU!!J'- Graduate, Illinois Normal Uni- versityg student, University of Illinois, A. M. and Ph. D., Illinois XVesleyan University. SAMUEL B. LMRD, A. M. Profcmvor of Advalzred Psychology and Logic, Head of Dr,tm'f11zc11t of Pxyflzology. B. Pd., Michigan State Normal Collegeg A. B. and A. M., University of Michigan. ELMIQR A. LYMAN, A. B., LL. D. Prfffmxvor of .7lfall1e1114aiz'c.v,' Head of Depart- zzwnz' of illaflzczzzatirs. A. B., University of Michigan, two years graduate study, Univer- sity of Michigan. LL. D., Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. CARL E. PR.xY, A. M. fJI'UfU.Y.TLJI' of H'z'.vfm'y,' Hrad of jJ4'f7Hl'l'IlIf'Illl of HIi.N'fl'Jl'j'. B. L.. Olivet College, A. M., Uni- versity of XYiseonsing grzlcluzite Stnclent, Har- vard and L'nix'c1'sity of XViseonsin. vclzfy-.S'i.1' FREIIIERICK R. GORTON, Ph. D. IjI'Y0fl'.T.VlI7' of Pl1ysiCx,' Head of Deparfnlezzf Of P11-l'.l'll'.Y.' B. Pd., Michigan State Normal Col- lege, ll. S. and A. M., University of Michi- gzlng Ph. D., Berlin. Bexar NV. PEET, M. S. I'z'ufr,v.mr of ClICII1i,Tf7'3',' Head of D4'f7U7'flllL'llf of Cl1c'11l1'.vf1'y,' B. S., Michigan Agricultural Collegeg M. S., University of Michigan, grad- uate Student, University of Michigan and Co- lumhizi University. XN'1L1.mM H. SH1f1:z15R, Ph. D. l',I'U-fl'X.Yl7l' of Nnfzzral .S'fic11fv.v,' Hvad of Dc- f7C'Il'f'IIIt'IIf of JYLIIKIIVGI .5lFl.l'IIl'F.S'. B. S., M. S. :incl Ph. D., University of Michigan, gradu- :ite student, Universities of Michigan and Berlin. EHWIN A. STRONG, A. M., Litt. D. lJr0fr.r.r01' Ell1L'l'ifllS of Plzyxicczl Sfivlzcv. A. B., A. M., Litt. D., Union College. J. S'lkL'.XR'l' LA'rH1c1zs, A. M. Ijmfvmvar' of 1i,l'f'7'0.YSfIJlI ,' Head of I.7L'P!1l'I'IIlCllf of II.1'fvrv.v.vi0:1. Graduate, Michigan Stale Nor- mal Collcgcg B. L. and A. M., University of B'llClllg2lI1, lllxmx H. Rcmlslilws, A. M. ,fnfu'1'1'11iv11du11I of T1'0ilI1-lltfj Sflzzuzfl. A. B. and A. M., Amherst Cullc-gc: gmclnzltc Stnclcnt, Clzxrk LvlllYCl'Sltj'. Tzc'c1z1'y-Eiglzt FLQRUS A. BARBOUR, A. B., A. M. P1'0frsso1' of E11gIi.rlz,' Hrad of Dvfva7'f1rzf'11t of English. A. B. and A. M. QHon.D, University of Michigan. B1fNj:xMi'N L. D'OoGE, Ph. D. Pr0fvx.mr of Alzfirllf La11guagm',' Head of Df'f1fI7'f11lF1If of A1lFlAF1If Languagvx. A. B. and A, M., University of Michigang Ph. D., Uni- versity of Bonng American School of Archae- ology at Rome and Athens. R1oc'H.'x1:n CLYDE FORD, Ph. D. P1'0fz'.v.r01' of Jlfodrrn LK'l7lg1l!'Ig!'.Y,' Head of DU- prwfazzclzt of 1W0dm'1z LCIIIQIIUQFS. Ph. B. and Ph. M., Albion Collegeg Ph. D., University of Munichg graduate student, Albion College, Universities of Freiburg, and Munfehg re- search student in Geneva, Paris, London. BERTHA GOODISON, A. B. Professor of Art. Graduate, Michigan State Normal College, student, Detroit Art School, Harvard University, Teachers' College, Colum- bia University, Paris, and Florence. ALICE I. BOARDMAN As.s'i.ria11f Profcsror of Izzdztstrial Arts. Grad- uate, Mount Holyoke College and Sloyd Train- ing School, Boston. MARTHA H. FRENCH, A. B. Proft'.v.ror of Ttzrtiles and Cloflzizzgy. Grzrduate, lirzrus Kindergarten Seminary, New York City, and Oread Institute of Domestic Science and Artg student at Teachers' College, Colum- hizl University, A. B., Michigan State Normal College. ar.. 'Vlf5?N4 I Thi fri' G1fN15x'112v13 M. X'VrxL'roN, A. M. Hvad Ll.!7I'flI'fflll. A. M., St. Mary's College. FANNIE C1-IEEVER BURTON, M. Pd. A.vr0rir1fc Profvssor of Plzy5ical'Edzzc1zfi011. Graduate, Michigan State Normal College, M. Pd. CHon.D, Michigan State Normal Col- lege, student, Chautauqua, Harvard, Columbia School of Oratory, University of Utah and Chalif School of Aesthetic Dancing. HRNliX' C. Lorr, A. M., M. Pd. Professor of Psychology. M. Pd., Michigan State Normal College, A. M., Columbia Uni- versity, graduate student, University of Mich- igan and Columbia University. FREDERICK EALEXANDER, A. B. Dircfior of COIIf.VC'7"L'f1f0I'j' of llfzzxic. A. B., University of Michigan. CLYDE E. FOSTER Alxxixfafzf Pr0ff?5.v0r of ll'f'1t.YZiL' and Director of Public 5612001 llfzzsic. Graduate Holt School of Music and American Institute of Normal Methods, Boston, M2554 student with Marie Hofer, Chicago, and Nelson Burritt, New York. Tlzzrfvx'-Um Aniolxu. Pmizcc, A.M. Associalc Professor of Iinglislz. B.Pcl., Mfchigan State Normal Collegeg Ph.B. and A.M., University ol' Michigan. E,LIZAl3E'l'H K. XVILSON, AM. Acting IlI5f7"llff07' in. Eng- Iislz. Graduate, Michigan State Normal Collegjeg AB. University' of vlvlichigang ,A. M. Teachers' College, Co- lumbia University, graduate student, University of Mich- igan. Thu lx Two OIILAND O. Nomus, A.B. Associate Profossov' of Latin. B.Pd. and AB., Michigan State Normal Col- legeg graduate student, Uni- versities of Michigan and Chicago. iAxLMA BLOUNT, PHD. ' Associate Professor of Ifnglisli. HS. and A.B., Xliheaton College, Ph,D., Cornell, graduate student, Cornell, Radcliffe, London, and Pari5. li i. if A. -TOHANNA fXLPERMANN, A.M. Assisfmzf Professor in lil!0df'l'l1- Lang-zzagcs. B.Pd. and AB., Michigan State Normal College, A.M,, Co- lumbia University. AllU'IHUR G. ERICKSON, A.M. Axsocialc Professov' of Mf1,tlzema1ic.v. Graduate, Michigan State Normal Col- legeg A.M. University of Michigan. r F BERTRAM G. SMITH, PH.D. Associate Profesror of Zoology. Graduate, Penn- sylvania State Normal School, Edinborog AB., University of Michigang Ph.D., Columbia University. JANE L. lVlA'l"l'l2SON, AB. A.M. Assistazzf P7'0fC'X,Y07' of Rlathcifzatifs, AB., Michi- gan State Normal Collegeg graduate student, University ol Michigan and Cornell University. Am A. NIJli'll0N, PH.M. Axsiviazzf P1'0f6..VS07' 0 f Hlatlzczlzafirs. Ph.B. and Ph.M., Albion College. . BLXRY A. Gonnixun, BS. Axsoriafr' P1'0fc'x.wr of H0l'UlIj'. B.S., L'nivCrsityol Michigang graduate student, Cold Spring Harbor Biolog- ical School, l'nivcrsitics of Xlisconsiii :incl Michigan. Tllirly-Tlzr lim G. HIN'l'Z, AB. llzxlrzrrlol' in Rucrding. B.Pd., Michigan State Nor- ' mal College, AB., Univer- sity of Chicago. I ess 1 IE PH ELPS.. MS. A.f,varz'ntv Pl'!Ifl,.f.VUIT of l'l1y.vial0gy. l3.S. and MS., University of Michigang graduate student, Univer- sities of Michigan, Chicago, and Marhurg'. I 1 l l l ELLEN Dwvm, A.B. Insirurfov' in Modern Lmzgzmgex. Graduate, East- ern Illinois State Normal School, AB. University of Illinoisg student, University ol' Wliseonsin. Tim ty-Four Em ETHEL SNoDGRASS,B.S., A.M. Axsixfazzf Professor of Housclzold Arts. BS., Pur- due University, A.M., C0- lumhia. Fluziuzkleic B. MCKAY, A.M, Associate P1'0fl'JA'0l' of Public Speakilzg, Graduate, Michigan State Normal Col- lege, AB. and A.M. Uni- versity of Michigan. Fumwl-ilelclz M. GREI2NS'l'REET, AB. Prilifilml of High School, AB. DePauw University. vX,lNORA BIQAL, A.M. Trairzing Tvaflzm' of Eng- lixh in High Salma! and Asxixlfzllt PI'lllt'l-fill of High Srlwul. B.Pcl., Michigan State Normal College, BS., Columlvizl l.luix'ersityg AM., Columlmizi l'uivci'sity. CLARA JANIZT ALL1soN,A.B. I11.vf1'1zrf01Qi11 Latin. B.Pcl.. Michigan State Normal Col- legeg AB. University of Mfelligzmg graduate student, University ol' Calilorma, Columlpm Umve1's1ty. kXlNIl2l,lA B. KELLOGG, AL. U Critic of Biological Sci- vzzrm in High School. A.B,, University ol Illinois. lX'.Xl.liliX l-loiilpu, BTU. ll1x!1'11i'lw1' in High fvlzffrll Gi':izlii:1lL', Mirlxigzm State Xurmzil Vulli-gc. irfwx SARA Li-iw 1 S. 11l.l'fl'll!xfU7' in Ki1rdvrgi11'- fun. Graduate, Michigan State Normal College: Stu- dent, Teachers' College, Co- lumhfa llI1ix'e1'sity. SUSAN W. S'r1NsoN, B.S. Traifzilzg Teacher, Eighilz Grade. Graduate, State Nor- mal School, Castiue, Maineg HS., Columbia University. Thirty Six l.ui,x Cmlcis, AB. llI5f7'llt'fOl' in Art. Grad- uate, Michigan State Nor- mal College aud Chicago Art lustituteg student, Art Academy, Paris. I MARY E. HA'1"roN, BS. l115f1'11cf01' in I1IdIl.S'll!'i!1Z Arfx. Graduate, Michigan State Normal College, stud- ent, Teachers' College, Co- lumbia U11lX'C1'Sltj'. ZXDELLA JACKSON, M.Pn. Trailziug Teacher, Second Grade. Student, Chicago University, Clark Univer- sity: Emerson School of Philosophy, Bostong M.Pd. CHou.D, Michigan State Normal College. XNILBUR P. BOWEN, M.S. Profcssor of Physical Education, Head of Depart- ment of Physical Editcatioii. B.Pd., Michigan State Nor mal College, B.S. and M.S., University of Michigang graduate student, Univer- sity of Michigan. 1 CRYSTAL WORNER, A.B. Assistant Professor of Pliysical Education. AB., Michigan State Normal Col- lege. PAUL B. SAMSON, M.P.E. Associate Professor of Pl1ysicalEdi11catioit. M.Di., Iowa State Teachers' Col- lege, M.P.E., lnternational Y.M.C.A, College, Spring- field, Mass. IRENE O. CLARK, BPD. Instructor in Pblzysicat Education. B.Pd., Michigan State Noi-mal.Co1lQge. CHLOE M. Tomi, BPD. Instructor in Physical Education. B.Pcl., Michigan State Normal College. Th irli Q ,, Ex, V ,L - 1.7 , li.,-ii Student MARION F HALI Deqree Class MABEL I RICHARDS Sophomore Class INEZ SELESKY Sophomore Class AROLD BROWN Normal News CLEO COYLE Sophomore Class ROBERT HEWITT Sophomore Class ARTHUR MOORE Fr eshman Class BURTON WOOD Y M C A COUHC11, 1918 1919 HELEN LATTIN Y W C A ETHEL OTTGEN Degree Class RALPH WOLFE Degree Class RUTH BOWEN F1 eshwzarz Class JOYCE VVEAVER Degree Class RUTH VVILSON Y W C A MYRTLE F BUDD Degree Class DOROTHY ARBAUGH Sophomore Class ELLEN HOPKINS Freshman Class CYRUS T CAMP Freshman Class HELEN FARLEY Sophomore Class ALTA MACLLE RUTII TUCKER Degree Class Dfgfee Cla-75 1 l W I . 1: A , A ' I ' ' , N , Q 1 ' 4 i 1 w - ' ' A - I Y - I N - A 1 ' . '- ' , ' . y ' I i I . 1 ' . f .N . ' Q .4 N 1 , Q 4 , . T r L. A L 1 A LK..A--4-.AT , L , ,.,.-.,--6.2--,A----A A 4' A-----A --44-1 A M- 1 'T -' -' ' ' 4' Th irty-Nin e 1:01731 X 1 - . , - Q" ,QI , 1'f1f-1-.km 4. , .A.V , , :L V V. lhlb A , ' Hn, ,". f 15fl.,. 'H -' "" ' ' f ifffi-'f 1 3- .i 1 ' V V ' A 3 Y ,, ,1 ' 2 sf M 1 f K. , A 0,1 ii M ,, '., . L ,X -f B X 0. Y K J: .. 1 Liv. Q 'Q ' ' X gm? y ff ' 5 5 , X Y A V 1 IQ ' J: 54. ,J , A Q , as K --Q , ,yi , N. 1 "' -+- ly ' o S give Q53 VE,g::,"'. Q ? gig: f, Q f .1 N . ' Q 5-2'-Y .J - fi v D 949 g sgfsf. - ' . - X.,. 5 x", Q w x ' , M AAA' -" A Z A h r . ' ' ' .5 ""': "" A V I A L 5 : L q ,. , trg. ,.:, 5 .,,,, ' ' A 'Q ' V W if M X y ,QM 45, gs 4 ' A .W., ai I Q' v - 4 X Q f"fu'!.y-Olin' lllll. ., 2.,- -..-ij.-, Y. A.. . ' ' 1 " ' 'T ' 7?F'- "1 "-21f-i'P"':-i'i""""f"'f-Si-v-E':Qf"l . , ..!f--A V- Q, , K - J 4,'-'-gun-L ,Li ,Y '- 4, 3 WEL, L- - 1 :ini-if 41'-1 ,, u 6 E W 1, g P J . L Vg? S . . L f ,.., ,... A. . :.. W -' ' :'- 3' . T im S . ,,,,-..A N '1 'i ' ' " " S' 1 ' ' ' . 'Q ' S . ...,-, 1 .xv: '-:Q,w."1 ..:- :Y .K f - 1 0 L ' - - 'X ' ' ' S W X 4 K DEGREE CLASS OFFICERS N BIARION F. HALL . . President NIYRTLE BUDD . . . Vice-President I P 1 I JOYCE W'I2Ax'13R . Secretary-Treasurer 1 .f g '2 F 1 . .A I V h , J I I X T Li! Q fg 4 1: 5 gx rf 1 Lg I F' , 'I Forty-Two Q F FLORENCE BLACKBURN . . . Sand Lake Stoic Societyg Y. VV. C. A., Euclidean So- ciety, F. I. Clubg Vifastea Campfire, Assist- ant, Natural Science Department. B.Pd, Natural Science and Mathematics. Tl'TYR'l'LE F. Bunn ..... Ypsilanti Vice-President Degree Classg Household Arts Clubg Chemistry Clubg Y. XV. C. A.g Student Council, Campfire. B. Pd. Household Arts. HELEN CoLE .' ..... Charlotte Pi Kappa Sigma, Household Arts Club, Y. XV. C. A.3 Honor Teacher. B.Pd. Household Arts. AT. NV. Ernvixruvs .... Ann Arbor. Arm ot Honor, Football, '16g Basketball, '17-'19, Track, '17g Physical Education Club. A.B. Physical Education. NTARION F. HALL .... Kalamazoo Delta Phig Pres. Degree Class, Honor Teacher, Student Councilg H. A. Club, Y. VV. C. A. A. B. Household Arts. BLANCHE HERRINGTON .' . . . Detroit Household Arts Clubg Minerva Literary Society, Chemistry Club, Y. WI C. A., Normal Choir. B.Pd. Household Arts. CLARA B. Hrcics .... Ann Arbor Y, VV. C. A., Ohio Club. B.Pd. MARY H. HOLNIES . . Ypsilanti Harmonious Mystics. AB. JOHN B. Humsaun ..... Ypsilanti Alpha Tau Deltag Editor Normal News, '17, '1Sg Pres. Lincoln Clubg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '17-'ISQ S. C. A. Vaudevilleg Student Council, '17, '18, Oratorical Board, '17-'ISQ Stoic. B.Pd. Language and History. TJONALU LAXVLER . . . Brockport, N. Y. Arm ot Honorg Baseball 'l7g Basketball '17-'19, Football '17, Physical Education Club. B.S. Physical Education. f Yi Ol ' i Q 1 il. JS' it .. li fly-All ll db' lo Forty-Pom' FRIEDA Looms ..., Grand Rapids Alpha Sigma Taug Household Arts Clubg EXTQRORA Board 1918. B.Pd. Household Arts. Lnztix Aoxes LORD . ., . . Ypsilanti Pres. Euclidean Societyg Y. VV. C. A.g Akita Zanki Campfireg Student Volunteer. B.Pd. Mathematics and Physical Science. EL' iix BIACKALL . . East Liverpool, Ohio Honor Teacherg Ohio Clubg Household Arts Clubg Chemistry Clubg Y. XV. C. Ag Student Council. B.Pd. Household Arts. Rox' McDoUG.-xLL ..... Hadley Phi Delta Pig Stoic Societyg AUROIQA Boardg Assistant Department of Educa- tion. A.B. Education and Philosophy. ETH121, ATCINTYRE .... Tecumseh Kappa Gamma Phig Y. VV. C, A.g Lenawee County Clubg Shutanka Campiireg Phy- sical Education Club. B.Pd. Physical Education. . CECIL NIILLARD ...... Detroit Phi Delta Pig Chemistry Clubg Ionia-Clin- ton Country Clubg Scientific Clubg Basket- ball Reserves, 'l8g Track 'ISQ Band 'l7. B.Pd. Science. LLXLLEN E. ACTORRIS . .i . . . Saline Basketball '16-'17-'18-'l9g Captain Basket- ball 'l7-'lSg Baseball '17-'18-'l9g Y. NI. C. A. Physical Education Club. B.Pd. Physical Education and Mathematics. ETHEL OTTGEN . . . Metamora, Ohio Ohio Clubg Chemistry Cl-ubg Household Arts Clubg Y. XV. C. A.g Student Councilg Akita Zanka Campire. B.Pd. Household Arts. RUTH PALMATIER ..... Colon Household Arts Clubg Y. VV. C. A.g King Hall Klub. B.Pd. Household Arts. GRACE M. PARKHURST . . Grand Rapids Theta Lambda Sigmag Y. VV. C. A.g House- hold Arts Clubg Sorority,Council. B.Pd. Household Arts. DAISY' S. QLTIRIUX' . . . liclwarclslmrg Y. NV. C. A.g Chemistry Clubg Household Arts' Club. M B.Pd. Household Arts. MIKRION F. RIGGS ..... Ypsilanti Delta Phi Sororityg Household Arts Club B.Pd. Household Arts. NIARIILL ROBBINS .... Elkliart, Incl. S. C. A. Boardg Household Arts Clubg Y. NV. C. A. Cabinetg Dramatic Clubg Normal Choirg Chemistry Club. B.Pd. Household Arts. DoIzo'rHY Rows ..... Mil lord Household Arts Clubg Y. XV. C. A. B.Pd. Household Arts. :KATHERINE RUGGLES . . . Oberlin, Ohio Household Arts Clubg Ohio Clubg Y. XV. C. A. B,Pd. Household Arts. FRANcns SIIANKS ..... Detroit Pres. Household Arts Clubg Y. XV. C. A. Cabinetg Chemistry Club. B.Pd. Household Arts. ETJVVIN M, SMITH . . . . Brown City Alpha Tau Deltag Stoicg E, A. Strong Scholarship '17. AB. Science and Mathematics. EI.IzIxBm'H SQUIIzEs . . . Sandusky, Ohio Household Arts Clubg Ohio Clubg Y. VV. C. A. B.Pd. Household Arts. GERTRUDE XFOORHEIS . . Harbor Springs Physical Education Clubg Campfire. B.Pd. Physical Education. Mus. DEWEY XA'lA'l'ERMAN . . . Ypsilanti Y. XV. C. A.g Normal Choirg Household Arts Clubg Chemistry Clubg Stoic. B.Pd. Household Arts. db C ol CO lox Cl XX'1s,xv12R . . . Natchitoches, La. P1 Kappa Sigmag Sec,-Treas. Degree Classg XY. C. Ag Vice-President Students' Couucilg General Manager All College Comedy. 1111. XX'12.w1z1c . . . Natchitoches, La. C111 x1111L1'N XX'r:1zs'1'ER .... Ypsilanti NY. C. A.g Freucli Clubg Chemistry lulmg l..llJ1'2l1'j' Assistant. 1 Ll 1-1 A. XN"O1.FE . . . . Sherwood Alpha Tau Deltag Stoicg Student Councilg . M. C. A. P.Pfl, Science and Mathematics. QQ AB. ' I PII. Pi Kappa Sigmag Y. XV. C. A. AB. 4 A ii C .-XB. li R L V Rx ' Xf Folly-Si.1' V l"'VfX ' x:'f'1'H 4 3554- A . fea r -1 Vlz, . 1 V lf? ' FARLEY . AROLID BROWN . LKTLEEN DON NELLY BURToN XVOOD . EATON BEMIS . HELEN ACHESON HOBART EDWARDS Forty-Eight Sophomore Class Oflicers . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Serg't-at-Arms Yell-Mistress . Yell-Master HELEN A.CHESON ....., Clio Manager Newcomb, '1Sg Manager Basket- ball, 'l9g Yellmistress, '19g Y. KN. C. A. General. LUCILE AINSLIE .... Traverse City Y. NN. C. A.g Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. HAZEL M. ALB.-KN . . Ypsilanti Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. Tekonslia BLANCHE ALmucH - ..... Y. VV. C. Ag Portia Literary Societyg Campfire. General. IRENE E. ABIESSE ..... Calumet Y. VV. C. A.g Upper Peninsula Club. General. IRENE P. AMOS .... Bad Axe Y. VV. C. A.g Thumb Club. General. DOROTHY ARBAUGH ..... Ypsilanti Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Portia Literary So- cietyg Students' Council. English-Latin. GLADYS I. A'l'CHISON . . Northville Limited. GROVER C. BAKER ..... Conklin Alpha Tau Deltag Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg Pres. F. I. Clubg Business Mgr., AUR0RAg Business Mgr. Kollege Komedyg Lincoln- Webste1'. General. ROMA N. BAKER . Manistique Crafts Club. Manual Training. ' r ,.:. A 42.1. , .7 Q59 ' -' -if ' - ' 1 'f?'15E: . f f- ra.: 'I 52 -. . - ' .4 , .,.:.. . - ,aa Q3 0 'W' 13 ., ,fix p f- , 11 9' 5 1 A A ' ,AL I 1 W va.-..z.:a::gs'.. ' ar. vitfgg 4' fl Z , iss W V ew' f 56 J , f N' ,i f e ff we 4 l a X , Q1 f ... we I rx - 2 ff, N M 2 1 I.. urly-.Yiflc ' V . VW 3 as 1 f .. 11,5:, I . f,.f' .- : . yr.. 'S 4 4' ' 8. , , i r fV jj? '- f' - Af -." f r 1 T l ' ., as Y i Jil LI . '??,faZ,: , ffl" 3' ' ' ..," 1.5 - -V km I ,Q -.., . ' ' 37.5 , 3 f ., efQsEe5w---',s"'f-12: 1 -H .S I Qjfsq i ' ,.,. , f A A' ., if" I Fiffy , -L. , . ---if - lx. ,--.. ., .Bunce .. ,.,. XTANAMBER BAKER ..... McBain Catholic Students' Clubg Physical Educa- tion Club. Physical Education, Pre-Medic. HIiLEN GORDON BARDELMEIER . . Antwerp, O. Y. XV. C. A.g Tolamhgi Campfire. General. RUTH NIARIIE BARNES . . . Battle Creek Y. XV. C. Ag Girls' Friendly Society. General. H:ARRIE'1"l'A BAR'l'LE'l"1' . . Ypsilanti Geography, R. CLARK BARTON . . . Romulus Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Mathematics. LILLIAN BATES . . Zeta Tau Alphag Normal Art Club. Fine Arts. . Rocky River, O. GLADYS BAXTER . Sigma Nu Phi. Primary. . VVyandotte EATON O. BEMIS Phi Delta Pig Y. M. C. A. Secy.g Sergeant- at-Armsg Le Cercle Francaisg Swimming Meet, 'l9. General. . . . . Temperance ARTHUII W. BENNETT .... Ypsilanti Lincoln-VVebster Club, Treas.g Chemistry Club. Chemistry. ESTHER BERNHARDT .... Ypsilanti Y. VV. C. A.g Physical Education Club. Physical Education. GEORGE E. Biceit ..... Ypsilanti Lincoln-YXf'ebster Clubg F. I, Cl-ub. V General, MARGUERITE L. BILLMEYER . . . Brooklyn Commercial Teachers' Club, Vice-President. Commercial. LENA E. BINKLE ....' Harbor Beach Theta Lambda Sigmag Commercial Teach- ers' Club. Commercial. . . . . . Saugatuck ELITA BIRD . Sigma Nu Phig Normal Choirg Kinder- garten Club. Kindergarten. GLADYS BIRD . Romulus General. M. EFFA BITELY . . Bitely Euclidean Society. Mathematics. FLORENCE BLACKBURN . . . Sand Lake Y. W. C. A.g Euclidean Soeietyg F. I. Clubg VVastea Campfireg Assistant, Natural Sci- enceg Stoie Society. Natural Science and Mathematics. RUTH ERNESTINE BLAKE . Ann Arbor General. RUTH XNELLES BOARDMAN . . . Ypsilanti Sigma Nu Phig Sorority Council. Primary, GFORGIANA BOEHNLEIN . . I-Iihland Park Sigma Sigma Sigmag Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. R if A Q ol YC ,zu lfiffy-f7m t. i 4.9 V L 32 1 X WA.. li it-it Fifty-Two RUTH MARIE BOGUE . . . Minerva Literary Society, Pres., Normal Choir, Y. XV. C. A. General. FR,-mens NICHOLS BOWLES . Harmonious Mystics. Kindergarten. Bizssm Bnlxnsi-raw . . . Historv Club, President. Historgz EDITH PEARL BRAITHWAITE . Historv Club. Historii M.-xuvni. M. BRAYTON . English and History. BLXRY Buossr ..... Cassopolis Vtfodeso, . Owosso Port Huron . Merrill VVatervliet Toledo, O. Sigma Nu Phi, Manager Swimming Meet, ,l8, '19, Girls' Athletic Manager, '19, Phys- ical Education Club. Physical Education. Herrin M. BRODERICK . . . . Detroit Y. VV. C. A., Normal Choir, College East- ern Star. General. MARGARET LOUISE BROOKS . . . Ypsilanti Pi Kappa Sigma, Catholic Students' Club, Pres., Normal Art Club, Le Cercle Fran- cais. Fine Arts and French. NIINNIE BROOKS . . Y. NV. C. A. Limited. Birmingham AROLD VV. BROWN ..... Ypsilanti Alpha Tau Delta, Editor of Normal Ne'w.v,' Y. M. C. A., Pres., Oratorieal Board, Stu- dent Couneil, DramaticiClub, Class Vice- Pres., Stoic. Expression. CATHERINE A, BRONVN Normal Choir. Mathematics. EUNICE BRYCE . . . . Eaton Sodalitas Latinag Stoic. Latin and French. CLARA S. BUCHANAN Frances E. VVillard Society. General. SAUA E. BULLEY . General. MARY BURKMAN . Honor Teacher. General. NIOLLIE A. BURNETT . Y. VV. C. A.g Kinderg Kindergarten. MARGARET BURNS . Rapids Fenton . . . Linden . Wfyanclolile . Traverse City . . . . Sparta arten Club. . . . . Hart Mu Deltag Catholic Students' Club, English and History. VVILMA CARTER ..... Grass Lake Y. XV. C. A.g Physical Education Clubg Manager Volley Ball, '18 and ,19. Physical Education. LILLIAN M. CASE ..... Blissfield Y. YN. C. A.g Lenawee County Club. General. PEARL CASH ...... Ypsilanti Y. XV. C. A.g Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. ol. i l V1 A l 6 o + 3 , .,..., . . l Q 1 lfzffy- Thr QD 39 -or V 1 b I J, . ,i ff I r X s il! Fifty-ffoizl' Doius L. E. CHAPLIN . . Dewitt College Eastern Star. General. EXLICE MARGARE'r CHURCH . . . Ypsilanti Y. XV. C. A.g College Eastern Starg Nor- mal Art Club, Treas.g Public School Music Club, Pres.g AURORA Board. Public School Music and Art. M. Aimurus CLAPPER . . Baldwin Graded. ALLia1aN B. CLARK ..... Ypsilanti Pi Kappa Sigmag Public School Music Clubg Normal Choirg Normal Art Club. Music and Drawing. ,loHixNxA Curroan ..... Palatka Treble Clefg Public School Music Club. Public School Music. MM: CI.U'r'r1iR .... Fort Wfayne, Ind. Alpha Sigma Tang Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. IEANNETTE COFFRON . . . North Branch Sigma Sigma Sigmag Normal Choirg Public School Music Clubg College Eastern Star. Music and Art. ihLICE M. Cousx' . . Ypsilanti Commercial Club. Commercial. Es'rH13R Comms ..... Coldwater Laonian Drama Clubg Physical Education Clubg Campfireg Y. XV. C. A. Physical Education. Horus CONKEY ..... Caseville Theta Lambda Sigmag Normal Choirg Y. VV. C. A.g Le Cerclc Francais. French and History. lvLxRc.4uuz'r I. CONLEY . . . Dexter Catholic Students' Club. General. MARY L. CONLEY . . . . Hubbell Catholic Students' Club. Primary. EDITH M. Cooii . . . Detroit Kappa Gamma Phi. General. IVIINNIIZ MAE COOK . Davisburg Mathematics. Liznux COOLEY ..... Manchester Theta Lambda Sigmag Laonian Drama Club. General. GRACE COOPER . . Ida h English-History. E. J. CORRIGAN ...... Detroit Chemistry Clubg History Clubg Catholic Students' Clubg NfVebster Club, '18 Science and Mathematics. NTORMA CRAINE ...... Douglas Delta Phig Y. VV. C. A.g Girls' Friendly Society. General. Enix M. CRON ...... Manistee College Eastern Starg Normal Choirg Y. XR". C. A. Primary. RUTH M. CURRY .... . Tecumseh Y. VV. C. A.g Lenawee County Clubg Min- erva Literary Societyg Le Cercle Francais. linglisli-French. Y .Cl 1532. - ,J .A on Q9 I l Fifty-Six HLTLDJN C. DAEUBLER . . . . Monroe Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. ADA DAGGEINI ...... Plymouth Sodalitas Latinag Le Cercle Francais. General. . . . . . Ontonagon BIAY E. DANIELS U. P. Clubg Catholic Students' Clubg To- camngi Campfire. General. NIARY l3AVENl'0R'l' .... . Flint Frances E. Xllillard Society. General. NIARY OTTILIE DAVIS . . Benton Harbor Commercial Club, Treas.g Y. XR". C. A4 Normal News Staffg Girls' Meet, ,185 Nor- mal Choir. Commercial IREXE ELIZAIIETH DAWSON . . Clarkston General. LAURENCE DEBOER ..... Ienison Alpha Tau Deltag VX-lebster Club, '1Sg Ora- torical Board, ,185 Y. M. C. A. Mathematics and History. HELEN DE CARTERET . . Grosse Point Farms Minerva Literary Society. A General. ICATHLEEN DE CARTERIZT . Grosse Point Farms General. MARIE DE CRAUSAZ . Vkfilliamsburg Graded. S. HELIEN DEL1NE . . . Y. NN. C. A.g Lenawee County General. RUTH A. DELL . Cveneral. 1V.liAlZ1E'l'TA DERBYsH1RE . Limited. MARciuzE'i' DESPINS . . Mu Deltag Crafts Club. Industrial Arts. BESSIE DIVINE . . . Euclidean Society. t Mathematics and History. AILEEN EL1zix1zE'rH DONNIELLY . . Adrian Club. Boyne City . Manton . Chasscll Elk Rapids Battle Creek Sigma Sigma Sigmag Secy. Sophomore Classg Minerva Literary Societyg Honor Teacher. General. ROLAND DRAICII .... Milan Arm of Honorg Basketball, 'IS-,193 Base- ball Res. 'ISQ Football Res., 'lSg Physical Education Club. Physical Education. VVALTER L. DRAPER ..... Milan Arm of Honor, Physical Education Clubg Baseball, '18-193 Sophomore Athletic Man- ager, '19g Coach N. H. Basketball, '18-'l9. Physical Education. . FAUSTINA DRESSER Minerva Literary oc 5 Y. VV. C. A. Primary. IVIARGARET DuBois . . . Litchfield S ietfg Normal Choirg . Mason Treble Clefg Laonian Drama Clubg Normal Choirg Public School Music Club. Public School Music and Drawing. Cb f J CD ego -'fs Fx .Xl E Q -- its ' 4 , ..-: 'iw 'S Qi' if ff' fij Fifty-ifiyl1l EUNA DWIGHT . . Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. RL7'l'H EARL . Graded. HOBAXIQT M. EDXVARDS Men's Glee Club 3 General. EYIZLYN ELLIS . Y. XV. C. A. Primary. ALXRY E. EVANS General. liLo1sIi H. EWELI. . F. I. Club. Charlotte Ypsilanti Harrisville Midland Brimley Ypsilanti XVodesog Minerva Literary Society, Vice- Prc-s.g Y, XV. C. A.g Oratorical Board, Secy. Primary. liA'l'Hl2RlNE FAREMAN .... Laurium U. P. Clubg Catholic Students' Club. General. IJELEN N. FARLEY ...... Yale Class Pres., 'l9g Laonian Drama Society, Pres.g Euclidean Societyg Chemistry Clnbg Y. XV. C. A.g Students' Council, Treas.g Stoic. Mathematics and Science. GRACE FARRISJ-I . . . . Ypsilanti College Eastern Star. General. IVA CLEONE FIELD . . Ypsilanti Y. XV. C. A. General. JEAN13'rT15 HARRIE1' FINEBERG . Highland Park Nfu Deltag Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. TW,-XRY B. FLINT . . . Ypsilanti Public School Music Club. Public School Music. IREN12 FLISHER . Ovid Primary. MAULDA FOLEY ...... Luzerne Oratorical Board, Pres.g VVodeso, Presp Normal Choir, '18g History Clubg Y. XV. C. A.g Discussion Clubg Honor Teacher. History. THEKLA L. FORSYTH .... Gladstone Zeta Tau Alphag Portia Literary Society. English and History. EVELYN FOWLE . . Dowagiac Pi Kappa Sigma. Primary. HAROLD M. Fox ...... Fowler Alpha Tau Deltag Catholic Students' Clubg Chemistry Club, Pres. Science and Mathematics. RUTH FREEMAN . . Denton Y. VV. C. A. Primary. GERAI.U1NE G. FRENCH . Cedar Springs General. , . . Cass City CAT1-I12R1NE FRITZ . . Kindergarten Clubg Thumb Club. Kindergarten. 4. og D .ff Q, if I ,.,' Inna- Yi l Q5 Sirty MARIE D. GALLAGHER . . Normal Choirg U. P. Clubg cation Club. Physical Education. TVIINNIE GELE'rz KE . Primary. Lois GEORGIA . . . Alpha Sigma Tau. Primary. LOERETA A. GIFFELS . . Catholic Students' Club. Limited. LUCILLE E. GILBERT . Primary. FREDA M. E. GILCHRIST . . . Escanaba Physical Edu- . Trenton . St. Johns . Laingsburg . Perry Moiiesseii, Penn. Zeta Tau Alphag Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. XIERNIZITA M. GLADE . . Benton Harbor General. ELSIE L. GOWDY . . . . . Ypsilanti Y. VV. C. A, Student Volunteer Sec.g So- dalitas Latinag Le Cercle Francais. Latin and English. CLARA F. GRAHEK ..... Calumet Catholic Students' Clubg U. P. Clubg Com- mercial Teachers' Club, Sec. Commercial. LAURA I. GRAY . Y. XIV. C. A. General. Croswell NINA M.GR1zENINO . . . Chelsea Catholic Students' Club. General. RHODA M. GREENMAN . . Ypsilanti VVodeso. General. ELLA J. GROCE . . Detroit Primary. ELEANOR LOUISE HAACK . . Redford General. MARTHA HALE . ..... Hudson Sigma Nu Phig Lenawee County Clubg Normal Choirg Honor Teacher. Primary. M.4RION HALSTEAD .... Wyandotte Sigma Nu Phig Physical Education Clubg Campfireg Mgr. Basketball, '17, Physical Education. -NIURIEL HAMILTON . . . Harbor Beach College Eastern Starg Campfireg Honor Teacher. General. RUBY BELL HAMMOND . . Okemos Y. VV. C. A. General. HIXZEL E. HAhIP'l'0N . . Charlotte General. GLADYS HARRINOTON . . . , . Adrian Y. VV. C. Aj Lenawee County Club. Primary. Cb QQ .w. in f - -. 752221 "rift: ' bf" S' i.r I y- Two HAZEL HARRINGTON .... Big Rapids Portia Literary Soeietyg Oratorieal Board Treasg AURORA Staff, '18, Associate Editor, 'l9g E. A. Strong Scholarship, 'l9g Stoieg Honor Teaeherg Y. VV. C. A. Primary. lNLxRcAR12'r H1Xl2RlNG'fON . Blissield Lenawee County Club. General. FLAVIA H.fXSIiINS . Osseo Y. XX". C. A. General. RUTH K. HASTINGS . . . Traverse City Theta Lambda Sigmag Y. XV. C. A. Cab- inetg Honor Teacher. Primary. BIZSSIIQ H.xw1Q1Ns . . . Vermontville Y. XV. C. A.g Normal Choirg Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. LAURA HEILEMAN . . . East jordan Euclidean I Society. Mathematics and History. BERNICE I.T'TElNl2MANN . . . St. Charles Treble Clefg Laonian Drama Club. English and History. THELMA M. HENRY . . Davenport, Iowa Delta Phig History Clubg Y. VV. C. A. History and English. ROBERT S. HEXX'I'l'1' . .... Brooklyn Arm of Honorg Student Couneilg Chemistry Club. V Pre-Medic. DOROTHY HILDERINIC . Grand Haven Honor Teacher. General. AMANDA C. HILL ...... Coral Y. NV. C. A.g History Cluh, Treas.g XYO- deso. History and English. THELMA L.H1LL1ARD . . llason Treble Clef. English and History. RUTH E. HlRTPI . . Chelsea . Primary. LILLIAN F. HOAG . Kappa Psig Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. . St. Thomas, Ontario H:XRRIET L. HODGES ..... Ithaca Pi Kappa Sigmag Honor Teacher. Graded. CATHERINE HOGAN . . . Bay City Y. VV. C. A.g 'Wodeso Limited. LETA C. HOLDEN ...... Yale Senior Public School Music Clubg Normal Art Clubg Y. XV. C. A.g Normal Choirg Library Staff. Music and Drawing. ANNA E. HOLLAND .... River Rouge Catholic Students' Club. General. EDITH HOPSON .... Harbor Beach Theta Lambda Sigmag Y. XXV. C. A. General. X7ERA M. HORN . . Cl1HFl0'ffC Primary. ,J Cb 'Q , Q :-my ,,,f,:7-ss,- ,.f nw- R -Y- AMA, if il .. eg- , .4 JIC C J v ' fr 5' ILA MAE HOSSLER . if f General. ' ,,,g::,kA f HEL CLAIRE HOUGHTON College Eastern Star. - Natural Science. LIAR-TOR1E1'IOXVARD . . Pres., 'IS-'19, Kindergarten. Club. General. Sixty-Four Expression and Languages. . Millington . St. Clair . . . Flint Delta Phig Y. VV. C. A.3 Kindergarten Club, M. GRIETA Hox1E . '. . Elm Hall Y. NV. C. A.g Wiodeso. Primary. MRs. MARGARET HOXMARK . . Big Rapids F. I. Club. ' General. RLXRIE K. HUFF . . . Detroit History Club. History and English. . DOROTHY HULL . . Onaway General. ARCHIE HUBIPHREY . . . Thompsonville Alpha Tau Deltag Y. M. C. A.g Lincoln- VVebster Club. Science and Mathematics. GLEN A. HUNT ..... Lansing Alpha Tau Deltag Le Cercle Francaisg Nor- mal Newx Staffg AURORA Staffg State Ora- torical Contest, '19g Interpretative Reading Contestg Sodalitas Latinag Liiicoln-Webster ALICE E. HUTCHINGS .... - Denton Wodeso, Treas.g Le Cercle Francaisg Y. W. C. A.g Normal News Staff. . -f ' .-re :V f-, --aff-V .- -1Y,,..--Y 1 .L ...rt ,,,,-3,L.,..g-.,iil1- ,fe-9. -7 '---- L Sa -ug - .S-. S S , .. - GAYLE ILES . . . . . Traverse City Mu Deltag Sorority Council. Primary. . RUTH M. JACOBS ..... Sparta Y. NV. C. A. Cabinetg Kindergarten Clubg Akita Zanki Campfire. Kindergarten. DOROTHY NIARCIA JEROME . . Detroit Kappa Psi. General. INIARGUERITE JOHNSON . . . . Pontiac Kindergarten Clubg Y. VV. C. A. Kindergarten. OSCAR M. JOHNSON .... Reed City History Clubg Men'S Glee Club. History and Mathematics. THELMA JOHNSON . Hersey F. I. Club. General. BELLE JONES ...... Deckerville Tawasi Camprireg Thumb Clubg State Ora- torical Contest, '19. Expression. MARGARET S. JONES . . . Lake Linden Kappa Gamma Phig Y. VV. C. A.g U. P. Clubg College Eastern Star. General. LUCY I. ICAISER ..... Three Oaks Normal Choirg Campfireg Y. KN. C. A. Primary. TRENNA KJXISER . Armada Y. W. C. A. Natural Science. -.f H-.. -...,....V.,-.-.... 1... Yr. ... L l fi - ...- - 1. La...-. - Y -.-a,.,b.i +5 if 11 J, Ji F H F E J: r J i 5 S l'.l' I y- If it '8 r i lt .Q db JI .X c Q50 9: V if 3' 5 tflf it ff " ..r ,.. . ..4 I - --2-ts:.s,M , jf! .A N if Q an 5 , .V , 1 s 'V of JI. 1 .1 at er' l' .rly-5Si.r K,x'r1-IRYNE KEEP . . . . Coldwater Kappa Gamma Phig College Eastern Starg Y. XY. C. A. Primary. Ad:1NN1E IQELLOGG . General. NE'r'r1E B. KELLY . Graded. M.xRGrx1zE'r LL'c1EL IQELSEY . . Brighton . Sandusky Lakewood, O. Zeta Tan Alphag Y. XV. C. A.g Physical Education Clubg Ohio Club. Fine Arts. AIAIRTFIA IQIDD .... . . Pontiac Pi Kappa Sigmag Y. XV. C. A.g Euclidean Socictyg Chemistry Club. Mathematics and Science. EU NICE HILL KNAPP Y. XV. C. A. General. EUNA B. IQNIGHT Primary. EDITH C. KOCH . . . . Y. NV. C. A.g History Clubg College Eastern Star. History and French. HELEN .MIARJORIE LAMONT . Normal Choirg Y. VV. C. A. Primary. JULIA B. LANNEN' . . . . Gaylord . Trenton . . Marlette Thumb Clubg Belmore, O. . .Oak Grove Catholic Students' Clubg History Cltubg Le Cerele Francais. History and French. XLERA M. LANPHERE Y. XM. C. A. General. FLORENCE E. LARSON U. P. Club. Primary, HELEN M. LATTIN . . Reading . Ironwood Corning, N. Y. Y. XN. C. A., Pres.g Student Council, Pres.g Kindergarten Clubg Campnreg Student Volunteer. Kindergarten. LIVA LAUGHLTN . Campfire. Primary. IENNIE LAXVRENCE . Ferris Institute Club. General. DOROTHY L. LEE . . Horton Sterling . Ypsilanti Minerva Literary Society, Treas.g Y. VV. C. A.g Normal Choirg Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. LIABLE EDNA LESTER . Crafts Club. General. VIOLA LISTER . . . Sigma Sigma Sigma. Piano. DONNA M. LOCKHOFF Akita Zanki Campfire. Limited. GERTR um: LONDON General. Clark'5 Lake Clare Mancelona Cedar Springs db ffhv 1 7 fgbg Qimy, xx fl ,ax I andy it fx '5-QM I X' I il . . . I ' ' 5, e . O R . L L"-?5l'?": ' , J-' . ' 3 til . ' ' . 2' -"' 5-ll' ' - f '-5 ..+ . N 1 '- V V if :. . A ' :nil " nf: 4 . -E " ' ' : -"-' ' " , ' ' ' - .. 4 I V! ' 1 ,SSE at MX?" ' "" I . . ' h - 'rg' 13g.::-:tif Q N ' N - '3 1:-ff' i ' f. . .ft L .. .1 - . 1 2 " : .f fl. i - 3 - ,rw 'A' A uf., SN O ' ' . .s.-fll . - 1 . .- we xt. -, . , .V ff:-N-1-1--qw-::p::a . ' - '-gig. , 2 1" as . ,uf wt-xi5f:::.1-.-59:2 'I -Na. .1 -1-:fx 3 4 .,- . V ': fffff'1'i.: ' ' '3 X: , .. . S' .."'x . A ,j YR 4. 1 -es. 5: ' xx ffcml: N - .45 ' , .h .V - 21353 , ' R .2 -Q . L - - 4 E ., . ' L A II -F-C-H M N .. i f --f ' fi' . 1-f , 1 ,R :' . . I V 3 .If -I -0.5 El - f-N . 7 y Q-1 ' A i l I 1: 1 i f A Q V if I . I 5 if . L . Q 35 - 3 1 Sixty-Eight ---Ega-B-... -::. ,L-1:.4.::.v,y.Ms-:Q nf- . -fl, V. ...Ham 1 .' Lv., -'ei id- IRENE AGNES LU'rz . . Ypsilanti General. ISABELLE LYMAN . . Ypsilanti General. Em LYON ...... Portland Y. NV. C. A.g Frances E. Wlillard Soeietyg Oratorieal Board. General. FLORENCE B. MACDONALD . . Pinconning Kappa Psig Laonian Drama Society, Vice- Pres.g AURORA Staftg Y. XV. C. A.g Sorority Couneilg Stoic. English and History. NIARY E. LLXCIDONALD . Calumet Catholic Students' Club. General. JIEXYEL BIACIDIERMID . . . Sault Ste. Marie Y, XV. C. A4 Campfireg Xlfodeso. Graded. RACHEL ELSIE MACKAY '. . Birmingham Kappa Gamma Phig XfVodesog Y. NV. C. A. General. Vim NIACKEY . . Holly Ferris Institute Club. General. PIAZEL MADISON Y. VV. C. A. Primary. . St. Ignace FLORENCE M. NIAHLER . . Harbor Springs Y. VV. C. A.g Chemistry Club. Natural Science. A ETHEL IXLIARIJEN . F. I. Club. General. GLADYS E. MARsHALL Kappa Gamma Phi 5 Club. Commercial. MURIEL IVIARSTON . F. I. Club. General. ANNA E. NIARTIN . Rose City . jackson Commercial Teachers' Long Rapids . Bay City Le Cercle Francaisg Catholic Students' Club 5 Chemistry C1 General. nb. RIILDRED L. IVIATHESON . . . Grand Rapids Y. YN. C. A.g Normal Choir. Fine Arts and Industrial Arts. ELIZABETH L. MATTES Y. XM C. A. General. HELEN McB1zATN1E . Mu Delta Primary. ETHEL MCCAFFERTY Primary. IQATHLEEN MCCAULEY Kappa Psig Catliol General I'I.XZEL 1. IXICCLELLAND Euclidean Society. Mathematics. ON . ic Students' Detroit . Hemlock . Escanaba . Detroit Club. . Owosso ll y-Niue F Seventy 5iC rw? 's 1 8' v 1 av A ,qv ,S -K V mm ,tv - rn- X .S my . gt r Q ,.-4" . 3 i X 1 4 X Y x , y . fa s . ..x. -: s . ...-,...- '.-4- 1 --V. B13R'r1N12 NICCRARY . Treble Clef. General. . B M,xRc:,x1u2'1' F. INQICGINNIS . F. I. Clubg Y. VV. C. A. General. Fkiweizs NICINTYRE .... Sigma Sigma Sigmag Crafts Club. Primary. Cix'rH1zmN12M. MCKENNEY . . . attle Creek . Holly . Adrian . Yale Sodalitas Latinag Catholic Students' Club. Latin and English. F1cnNMeLixUcH1.IN . . Lansing General. BERNICE A. NICLEOD ..... Calumet Dramatic Clubg Portia Literary Societyg Stoic. General. PEARL MCNUTT . . Flint Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. FLORA RICVEAN ..... Falmouth F, I. Clubg Catholic Students' Club. General. EDITH Meer: ...... Big Rapids F. I. Clubg Honor Teacher. General, SARAH E, I.lfCIE'l'ZLER . , . . Ludington Kappa Psig College Eastern Star. Primary. FERN NLILLARD . . , MOUU-OSC College Eastern Star. Primary. DOROTHYIRENE NIILBOURN . . . Charlotte Y. VV. C. A.g Normal Choirg College Eastern Star. Primary. . . Highland Park BEATRICE MILLER . Qigma Sigma Sigmag Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. ELINDA MILLER . . Michigan City, Ind. Mu Delta. Primary. JESSIE ISABELLE MILLER . . Flint Primary. . . . . Leslie HELEN MITCHELL . Delta Phig Y. VV. C. A.g Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. NLARGARET MooN ..... Muskegon Sigma Nu Phig Manager Ropes 'l8g Man- ager Folk Dancing 'l9g Physical Education Clubg Ukelele Club '18, Physical Education. ANNA NIOORE ...... Dundee College Eastern Starg Portia Literary Societyg Le Cercle Francais, Pres.g Y. W. C. A.g Honor Teacherg Stoic. Modern Language. M.u11'rENA NIOORE . . . Algonac Girls' Friendly Society. General. Mixrma M. NIOORE . . North Branch General. ego 1, . 041 G 5 5- 'TN 3' .X1'I'1' HI-1 I .I X Q.. WET' Q if x a r ll i Sezfcnty-Two RUTH E. MORRIS . . . Saline English and History. MILDRED MARIE Mouse . . . . Adrian Kindergarten Clubg Lenawee Country Clubg Normal Clioirg Y. XV. C. A. Kindergarten. B. Pd. M.xRGU1ziznzr'1'12 MORTON P rim ary. GENEVHLVE E. Mouuz . Natural Science and M INA M U Nuo Primary. A'LliYRTLE MUNRO . Mathematics. ELB12 MUNROE General. GERTRUDI2 I. Mmmaw Commercial Teacher Commercial. .NIAUDE NAUMIAN Y. NV. C. A. Primary. IVIILLICIZNT VV. NEIL . General. . Xwayne . . . Ortonville Physical Education. De Tour . De Tour . Calumet . . . . Ypsilanti Sl Club. . Miles City, Montana . Port Huron PLNNA NELSON . . National Mine F. I. Club. General. EUNICE F. NIBLICK ..... jackson Zeta Tau Prlphag Assistant in Botany Lab- Oratoryg Scientific Societyg Honor Teacher. Natural Science. ZELPHA B. NICHOLS . Benton Harbor Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. ELNIA NIEI-IELA ..... Lauriuin Zeta Tau Alphag U. P. Clubg Physical Education Clubg Akita Zanki Carnphre. ' Physical Education. VVANDA H. N'ORTON . . . . Durand Physical Education Club. Physical Education. GRACE TVTARION O'BRIEN . . . Xkfhittaker Treble Cletg Catholic Students' Club. General. TXCTARGARIET ELIZABETH O'BRIIaN . . Ypsilanti Treble Clefg Catholic Students' Clubg Honor Teacher. General. TXLTARION' K, O'BRIi2N .... Bay City Kappa Psig Catholic Students, Clubg Nor- mal Choir. General. SITLMA OHR . Monroe General. HLXZELL OLMSTEAD . . Nashville Euclidean Society. Mathematics. 49 og TR . . SQ 2- gy- zg. . - ,. L ,f r L fs' ' . l' f gf " I.: . '- E Q 1 ' I , ' . i -i NWS- ,N fi 1. .K IVQ- t r - h - i . 'P . A , - W - . ' 2 1 K ' ' l in Sezlcn ty-Four liEUL.xH B. OSGERBY Primary. IRENE C. OWEN Pi Kappa Sigmag Fine Arts. Evmxx C. PACE Sodalitas Latina 3 L 'lS mal Choir '17, Vassar . . . . Ypsilanti Normal Art Club. . . . . Port Huron e Cercle Prancaisg Nor- Latin-French. Yiizcixm PAGE ..... Lima, O. Ohio Club, Secy. and Treas.g Y. XV. C. A. General. E. Domes Pascoia ..... Hubbell Kappa Gamma Phig U. P. Club. General. Nomrlx A. PATTEN General. ELNA PAULSON Limited. EDNA PAYTON . Normal Choir. Primary. INISZ PECHTEL . . Grand Ledge Wliitehall Oakwood Carson City History Clubg Y. XV. C. A. History and Geography. IQUTH L. PENUELL Primary. Detroit FLORENCE N. PERKINS . . Sparta Euclidean Society. Mathematics. GERTRUIJE A. PERRY .... . Denton AURORA Staffg Portia Literary Society' NVodesog Oratorical Board. English and Expression. FRANCES L. PETERS . Flint Lenawee County Club. General. JAGDA V. PETERSON .... Grand Haven Pi Kappa Sigmag Honor Teacher. General. ELLEN JOSEPHINE PETERSON . . . Kewadin Kindergarten Clubg Y. W. C. A. Kindergarten. BERNICE PETTIT ...... Dundee Sigma Sigma Sigmag Public School Music Club. Public School Music and Art. BERNICE R. PHELPS .' . . . Ann Arbor Zeta Tau Alphag Normal Art Clubg House- hold Arts Club. Fine Arts a1Id Household Arts. I ETHEL JANE PHILLIPS . Birmingham Y. XV. C. A. General. BIILIWRISD G. PLATO . .... Greenville Y. XV. C. A.g Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. GRACE POAST ...... Toledo, O. Sigma Sigma Sigmag Normal Choirg Crafts Club. Primary. 7 . . 1 -2211 2'1" '71 v ,QW v: 5,: ,,, , . I 31,1 '1 ,f .Y inlx li Seventy-Six NIARGl'IiR1'I'E POMEROY . . Granville, N. Y. Y. NN. C. A. Primary. GEORGIANNA F. PRATT '. . . . Concord Crafts Clubg College Eastern Star. Industrial Arts. BLANCHE M. Prznasr .... Pellston- College Eastern Starg Portia Literary Soci- etyg Crafts Clubg Campfireg Y. XV. C. A.g Normal Choirg VVodeso. Normal Art Club. Fine Arts. Dom M. Pizlxcuz . . Sandusky Graded. CARR112 M. Pizisii . . Mohawk General. EL1zAu12'rH ANN QUIGLEY . Sistersville, VV. Va. Treble Clefg Physical Education Clubg Catholic Students' Club. Physical Education. MAE QUIGLEY . . Highland Park Y. XV. C. A. General. Acxrss E. QUINN ..... Dexter Kappa Psig Crafts Clubg Catholic Students' Club: Normal Choir. General. MAB121. RfXLS'l'0N . . Coldwater General, ITAITII EILEIZN RANDALL . . Port Huron History Club, Secy. History and English. .E , ii Q, l l i ia I l l l l 1 ,i QE l . fi i l 1 K l E ! a-51 .SB-i Ili QI gl? ll Jr ft i ll i I 4 I -l in it in ! V t 4. 5 i I t 34 'gf Q ' -- ...arf If A.. -Q -.,,.,..k ..,,,.l..-.L,,-1,,- -g.-.-wa-.+, y-apt,-, -f-f A - ' -ff.:-f:g.+f.Q -gi --sv - --so--1 - .L-v 51' --sf' ' ' :NIINA L. READ . Hillsdale Graded. ELSIE L. REESE Reading Primary. ETHEL C. REICHENBACH . . . . Detroit Theta Lambda Sigmag Catholic Students' Clubg Normal Choirg Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. IVIAYBELLE A. REID ..... Ypsilanti Delta Phig Y. NV. C. A.g Euclidean Society. Mathematics and Natural Science. MARGARET REIMANN . . Ypsilanti Y. W. C. A. General. DIARY REYNOLDS ..... Ann Arbor Normal Art Club, Pres.g Minerva Literary Societyg Catholic Students' Clubg Stoic. Fine Arts. NIABEL-ILEEN RICHARDS I . . Moscow Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet. General. RACHEL RICKETTS ..... Detroit Harmonious Mysticsg Y. VV. C. A.g Le Cercle Francais. General. ERSYL D. RIDER .... . Howell Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. RUTH L. ROBBINS .... Elkhart, Ind. Delta Phig Y. VV. C. A.g Normal Choirg Public School Music Clubg Stoic. Public School Music. 4 Y- fa Ol CD .Sicivlllx 94 In db lb efwzty-ljiglzf BESSIE M. ROBERTSON .... Montrose E. Y, P. A.g Honor Teacher. General. IXMRGERY HELEN ROBINSON Mu Deltag Y. VV. C, A. English and History. GRACE MARIE ROCHE . . . . Muskegon Grand Rapids Zeta Tau Alphag History Clubg Y. XY. C. A. History and Expression. A'IARG.'XR12'l' RoTH . Primary. LILLIJXN RUSSELL . General. SYLVIA IQUTHERFORD . . Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet. Primary. NIILDRIED B. RLl'1'I,EDGE . Latin and Mathematics. ll1ARCELLA IQYAN . . Normal Choirg Catholic Primary. VEOLA E. SANDERS . . Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. HARRII31' VV. SCHRODER . . Clarksville . Britton . Detroit . Maneelona . . Ismay, Mont. Students' Club. . Mt. Clemens . . Plymouth Y. VV. C. A.g Euclidean Society. Mathematics and Natural Science. GRACE E. SCHROEIWER . . . Wiashington Normal Choirg Sodalitas Latina. General. HAXZEL H. SCHWVARTZ .... Pellston Normal Clioirg Normal Art Clubg Sliutanka Camphreg Y. VV. C. A.g AURORA Stahcg Stoic. Fine Arts. CLARIssA SEEMEYER . Highland Park Kindergarten Club. Kindergarten. INEZ SELESKEY ,... Grand Blanc Zeta Tau Alphag Students' Councilg Le Cercle Francaisg Euclidean Societyg Honor Teacherg Stoic. Mathematics and History. DOROTHY E. SHAFER . . South Bend, Ind. Alpha Sigma Tang Normal Choirg Kinder- garten Club. ' Kindergarten. . . Greenland CATHERINE C. SHAFFER . U. P. Clubg Catholic Students' Clubg Dramatic Clubg Normal Choir. General. Sault Ste. Marie MARION E. SHARPI5 . . Kappa Psig PRURORA, Editor-in-Chieig Portia Literary Society, Pres.g Y. XM C. A.: Stoic. English and Expression. X7ICTORIA E. SHAW . . . Cedar Springs Vlfodeso, Pres. 'l9g Y. VV. C. A.g Oratorical Boardg Nowlzal News Staffg Euclidean Society, Secy.g Stoic. Mathematics and English. P. L. SHAWLEY . . . Ypsilanti Phi Delta Pi. General. Oris E. SHEAR . . Fremont General. Ave ff ic .xf X I , 4 , V . . 4 , , f ' , affgrg' - , i , ' 52 ' , -.4:,,::. , 'V . :eh vfvfi ., . l.E': i.-:VA . . ..,.- L.. . . ' 1 ' 'E f ' v 1 I ei'i't. I ' I 1, Q ri' , f i f , A A .'t, . A .- , A fi Ei ji. .- 7 ' fi E4 , ' . . f7'f3ffi1 . V " ig 1- 'Q I ' - . ' I it f . . , . 1 I if ai I. I .' ' " ' ' if .WI .. I I A, V " V A' .Z. A g I ,- ,I '43, ,vs ff .- i N .. .Ulf ii . i . i N'.'rvs'lg'-.Yi I I I I I 5 Eighty 'Y 523511 . K . wen J .3 4 lo . . 1 . . ,, aw-. ..,.X, A-wmv:-T-rzu-. .ff ,,..4,,,, :-f--qv-. """"""f-- f, fe-' '-----wr "-r""- "e""' Q 'f'w'rr"" ' ., v.sr1 f . is I S . . - ' if Q 1 af N ..c I .-1 , ,x-53 4 3331,-12.er.f' , 'Q' 22' .. ,,.,Y 955: is . fl? ' - " ' - . . 3.Q5,j:E1: .gg Q V 1. , ,yi I - , 'X Y . vi A h Tl . , ' f :gy , ,. I h , -'f I .V 4:rg..:.5e g wi' 'pix -1:3 ., - x ,.,., f.-.,- -' I . . ' f .- . .1 I ' .. - 1 rift' . 'I , ' .,,. F., .Tw . f, ,T 41.-, .v,.,, :va-v,.,,,,. ,. , -,H -1-4-3 --. aww -,mu 1- -Y - : :--4'--If: - -e-,-QpQAE--S.- Y ee-le-iL2Aese Josie L. SHUTES .... Schoolcraft Y. XV. C. A.g Normal Art Clubg Public School Music Clubg Minerva Literary Societyg Normal Choirg Stoic. Pinblic School Music and Art. BELILAH E. SHUTT ..... Yale Y. XV. C. A.g Minerva Literary Societyg Normal Art Club, Vice-Pres.g Stoic. Fine Arts, LIARION GERTRUIIE SIMONS . Highland Park Commercial Teachers' Clubg Normal Choir. Commercial. AGNES E. SMITH ..... Petoskey Treble Clefg Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. FIIIQIIIA I. SMITH . .... Flushing Sodalitas Latinag Laonian Drama Society, Treas. LatiII and French. GI.AIIx's M. SMITH . .... Plymouth Honor Teacherg History Club. History and English. LIQAH M. SMITH . . Wyandotte Y. XV. C. A. General. LIELENE Soov ...... Detroit Y. XV. C. A.g NfVodesog Portia Literary Society. English and History. EITITH K. SPALDING ..... Owosso Euclidean Soeietyg Y. XV. C. A. Mathematics. ELSIIQ J. SPENCE . . Goetzville F. I. Club. General. KIARIE E. ST.xI'L1zs . . . XVl1itel1all Physical Education Club. Physical Education. DOROTHY A. STARR , Elkhart, Ind. Primary. HAZEL E. STEVENS . . . . Ann Arbor Alpha Sigma Tang Physical Education Club. ' Physical Education. ETH EL STEWART .... North B ranch Y. VV. C. A.g Euclidean Society, Treas. Mathematics and History. NEI.LIE STOBIE . . . . . Ypsilanti Sigma Nu Phig Y. YV. C. A. General. CHARLOTTE STOCKHAM . . Boyne City Crafts Club, Vice-Pres. Industrial and Fine Arts. NIARION LOUISE STONE . . . St. Ioseph Alpha Sigma Tang Kindergarten Clubg Normal Choir. Kindergarten. ZELMA A. ST. PIERRE . . . Dollar Bay Catholic Students' Club. Primary. IRENE STUART . .,... Ypsilanti Theta Lambda Sigmag Catholic Students' Club. . Primary. DOROTHY S. STFRM . . Pigefm Primary. sl Cb 0,9 "'-Ziff? 4- Alf lziyfl ll-X H - , .-., .,,,. ...,., .,..:,,.-N-.-.,-...,......,.,,....,..,, . .. ,LW 2 U l l i lu- l ! l I Q59 it .xi H 2 ,. :Q-ff' M-X , f?5'Y:-- 2-isp ..- lie l ... l l ' - '4:- 5 Fi Aw' ' lb Eiglzty-Two IQATHRYN SULLIVAN . . Calumet Catholic Students' Clnla. General. AI.XRGUER1'I'lE SULLIVAN . Calumet Catholic Students' Club. General. -l.xnw1::.x SVK'.'XliUXYSK.X .... Detroit Normal Choirg Girls' Meet 'lS. Primary and Mufic. Imixia TAYLOR .... Le Sueur, Minn. Physical Education Clubg Y. XV. C. A.g Girls' Meet, Manager Dash '18, Swedish 'l9. Physical Education. B.Pd. AIARGARITI' TAYLOR . Leslie Alpha Sigma Tau. General. RUTH TAYLOR . Marine City Primary. - MAE TIZIZTS . . Sandusky Graded Limited. ill.-XRIAN S. TEXNANT Esscxvillc Y. XY. C. A. General, FR.xNc1s A. THREADGOULD . . New Boston Phi Delta Pig Lincoln-XN'ebster Cl-ubg His- torv Club 5 Stoie. Hiatory and Mathematics. HIENIQY TILL . . . . Saugatuck Mathematics and Science. ESTHER E. TINSMAN .... Dundee Y. VV. C. A.g College Eastcrn Star, Vtlorthy - Matron. Natural Science and History. EVA TOIVONEN ..... Hancock Laonian Drama Societyg Physical Educa- tion Clubg U. P. Clubg Manager Dash 'l9g Manager Swedish '18. Physical Education. LIIURIEL A. TOWERS Alpha Sigma Tang Club. . Physical Education LUCILLE IANE TROY Physical Education ents' Club. Physical Education VELLA M. TRLTESDELL Y. VV. C. A. Primary. EUNA VANVELSOR . Graded. GLEN XV. VVAKEFIELD Men's Glec Clubg F. General. Mixiznz E. WA1.LAc1z General. FALTH XNALRAVEN Catholic Students' Club. General. Cixululz XY.-x1:N12R .... - . . Grand Rapids Physical Education . . . Grand Rapids Clnbg Catholic Stud- Plymouth Laingsbnrg Kinde Ypsilanti Essexville . Pellston Catholic Students' Clubg Physical Educa- tion Club. Physical Education. -45 j Q -log 'i Eiglzly-Four . i l:Ir.1z.xr:ra'1'H XYEARNE . . Allegan General. Nlxa XV1f.'xvi51z , Owosso Primary. 1 CLARA Mamie XXIEIJOW . . . . 'Bay City Francis E. Xllillard Societyg Commercial Teachers' Club. Commercial. Honiara E, XYEST . . . . Wfebberville Alpha Tau Deltag Y. M. C. A.g Commercial Teachers' Clubg Soccer '17g Track '18 Commercial. CARL D. XYHEATON .... Potterville Chi Deltag AURORA Staffg Track '18, '19: Lincoln-XN'ebster Clubg Chemistry Club, 'l9g Y. M. C. A.g Commercial Teachers' Club 'lS. Special. ,TESSIE C. XVHIPPLE General. RUTH XYHIPPLE . . Mason . . . . Sebewaing Y. NN". C, A.: Xlfoclesog Euclidean Society. Mathematics. RUBY NYHITE Y. NN-7. C. A. General. XNVILMA Wrmrea . Kindergarten Clubg Kindergarten. Gimcn XYIEGMAN Y. XY. C. A. Primary. Ypsilanti . . . . Auburn Y. XY. C. A. . Lansing EDNA CAMERON XMIGGINS . Benton Harbor Zeta Tau Alphag Kindergarten Club, Treas. Y. VV. C. A.g Normal Choir 'IS-'l9. Kindergarten. .ALTHEA LEE VVILLIAMSON . . Ypsilanti Girls' Indoor Meet 'l8g Physical Education Club. Physical Education. PEARL M. VXIILSON . History Club. History and English. RUTH M. VVILSON . . . Y. LN. C. A. Cabinetg Student Student Council. A General. YVINIFRED 'WINCHESTER Pi Kappa Sigma. Primary. MYRTLE xVINDEKNECHl' . Y. VV. C. A. General. DJXNIEL M. VV1NN . Y. M. C. A. Science and Mathematics. BURTON D. XNOOD .... Alpha Tau Deltag Normal N South Lyon Traverse City Volunteer g . Jackson . Montague Kings Mills . Maltby ews Stall g Y. M. C. A. Vice-Pre-5.9 Class Treas.: Chemistry Club. Science and Mathematics. SADIE J. XVOODRUFF . . Kenclallvillc. Incl Normal Choir: Y. X-V. C. A-X, Cabinet. English and History. L1sL1,x XNVORTLEY . Limited. Lake Gdessa Cb if 1 W M gf f ,5 ff f EQ '. at ' , gf' sr . .51 if -' 'Q i ,Ll . 1 . , I - 1, .,.4,,- ol me 5 Eiglz ty-Six GERTRUDE M. YATES . . Hopkins Graded. FLORENCE YEOWARD .... Bay City Kappa Psig Physical Education Clubg Shu- tanka Campfire. . ' Physical Education B.Pd. ALICE M. YORKER ..... Lapeer Kappa Gamma Phig Physical Education Clubg Catholic Students' Cl-ubg General Manager Freshman Girls' Indoor Meet. Physical Education. RUTH YOUNG . . Gagetown General. ISABEL G. ZEHNER .... Stevensville Catholic Students' Club. General. ELIZABETH S. ZENO . . . Big Rapids Normal Choirg F. I. Clubg Honor Teacher. General. MYRTLE E. DOERII . . . . . Saginaw Kappa Gamma Phig Portia Literary Soci- etyg Catholic Students' Club. General. I. L. ROSECRANCI3 .... Carson City Y. M. C. A.g Lincoln-XN'ebster Club, Expression. W'12'rA NIERGAR1'H IVIATHYS . J Reed City Pi Kappa Sigmag Public School Music Club. Music and Drawing. Eiylxly-S'f2'U 1 I i ! .Eig11fJ'-El.-Qlhl' - , - i . :,,. , V Y V H?-,,-.----.,. -H M .fn 7 ,. V U:-..-.r A-..-.?..,,,..,,.:, , ,-M.,4,,a...-7.4 ..-.-, A - FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS V CYRUS CAMP . . President ARTHUR MOORE . . Vice-President GLADYS CAIRNS . . Secretary IQATHLEEN PARR . . Treasurer is for Freshmen, one and all, The gay, the sad, the short, the tall. is for rules, they're hard to obey, XVe keep what we can, 'tis the only way. is for Erickson, who in meeting presides, An aid to best order, our good friend besides. is for Sophomores, which we shall soon beg VVe'll then drop our troubles and be full of glee. is for honey stored away in our class, The boys here have found it in each pretty lass. is for movies-we rushed them you know. VVho said that the freshmen at Ypsi were slow? is for all that to freshman pertains: Effort, Efficiency-what else remains? 's- for the News-our dear college paper, Wfhich keeps us in touch with our kind Alma Mater. is for industry-height of our bliss, And also for ignorance found here amiss. is for nights spent in cramming for blue-books. 'VVhen an A is received--oh how happy the owner is for 'our secretary, so pretty and sweet, VVith bright, rosy cheeks and a smile so complete. is for Pierson B.-all must admit He's noted among us for his very keen w1t. ls for education, secured at this college, Ypsi's second to none all freshmen acknowledge. is for Cyrus-his last name is Camp, Our president who was, but he left us-the scamp. is for ten when our callers depart, Sometimes our landladies must help them to start. is for indigo which is so blue That it matches the feelings of freshmen so new. is for occupation-in spare time you know, Some dance, some canoe, most strolling do go. is for Normal we all hold so dear, For its fame in the future we need never tear. looks l mil ily-.Yin Nifzely fAF're.S GYOUP A . A Yvdsh ED 5 , I.ll'U'l' Commanding CHAS, I. HARRISON, lst Lieut, Inf. U. S. A. Commissioned at Fort Snelling, Minn. St. Cloud, Minn. Ninety-Two ' Company Commander l.1Isu'1'. JOHN X-V. DICIQ-PEIUIJIE, Znd. Licnt. Inf. U. S. A. D Commissioned at Fort Sheridan, Ill. Emmetslmnrg, Ia. Personnel Adjutant LIIEUT. DAX7ID H. DAVIS, Znd. Lient. Inf. U. S, A. Commissioned at Fort Sheridan, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Small Arms Instructor Ln2U'r. LEWIS M. SMITH, 2nd. Lient. Inf. U. S. A Commissioned at ' Camp Perry, Ohio. Atlanta, Ga Student CAMP M. S. N. C. s' Army Training Corps, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Company Roster Sergt. ,lanies Monroe Eckliff Ansum, C. D .... ..,. R oseommon Baldwin, D. G ..... ,........ F owler Bennett, A. XV ..... ......... H olland Blaneett, R ....... . Bradley, G. VV. Bradley, L. V. Buchanan, E. P. .... .. .. Carlson, O ....... Coe, M. NV. ...... . Coleman, C. C .... Conklin, C. B .... Coombe, H. G ,.... Cooper, O ,... . . . Corkins, C. L .... Corrigan, E. I .... Crane, C. D ..... Dell, L ......... Dentel, F. L ....... Draper, VV. Farrell, I ......., Fisher, A. C. .... . Forsythe, C. F. ..... Fox, H. R ......... Ganfield, R. I ...., Grete, H. I .... Hage, R. C ..... Hartel, R. I ..... Harwiek, C. E. .... .. Henderson, C. M .... Holst, W. D ..,.. Hout, F .......... . Humphrey, A. E ..... . .. Hunt, G ........... Kinney, I. VV ..... Krupp, B. D ..... Lambie, M. .. .. Lyon, E. NV. .. Lyons, I. H .... .Cl1ampaign, Ill. .Sault Ste. Marie ..........Albion ..........Milan . . . .Roscommon . . . .Coldwater ....Oseeola . . . . . . . .Ida . . . . .Detroit .. ...Detroit .. .. .Linden . . . .Saline . ...Monroe ...Milan ... . .. .Detroit . . . .Brown City ........Milan . . . . .Fowler . . . .Lennox ..........Ida .. .. .Charlotte .. . . .Charlotte .. . . .Ypsilanti . .Cassopolis .. . . . . .Saginaw . .. .. ...Saginaw . .Thompsonville . . . . . . . .Lansing . . . .Temperence . . .New Lothrop . . . . . . .Ypsilanti . . . . .Ypsilanti . . . . .Detroit Maher, T. C ..... . . . .Saginaw Maneour, Y ...... ........ L inden Matheson, L. A ...... .... R oscommon McGregor, H. A ....' ...... S aginaw McKnight, H ........ .... S aginaw McKnight, I ....... .... S aginaw Millard, C. V ..... .... D etroit Miller, H. B .... .... X 'psilanti Moore, C ......... .... 2 Dundee Mullreed, G. D .... .... B elleville lVLunk, D. ..... .... lf Valdron Nurenburg, A .... .... C arsonville Osborn, H. D ..... .... VX fhittaker Osborn, L ....... .... VX fhittaker Pitkin, M .... .... B righton Reid, C ..... .... D exter Renton, I ...... .... B elleville Schill, L. E ..... Seaver, F. G .... . Singlaub, L ....... Shawley, P. L. . . . Sheridan, E. I ..... Smith, P. R. .... . Sullivan, P. B. Thelen, R. P. .... . ........Saline . . . . . . .Ypsilanti . . . . .Lake Linden ..... . .Ypsilanti ..........Clio ... .Saginaw . . . . . . .Fowler Till, H. NN ......... .... S augatuek Van DCAfC11tCl', D .... ..... D .undee Vedder, A. M ...... ....... V Villis Walker, A. D .... ..... C ass City VVanty, M. D .... ....... lv Iilan Ward H. O ..... .... Y psilanti X1Varing, VV. S .... ......... D undee Wiest, H. E ...... .... X Vcbberville W'heaton, C. D ..... ...... P otterville Wvinn, D. M. ...... ..... l iings Mills Woody, Z ....... ...... D ouglas Zehner, A. D .................. Stevensvillc Zimmerman. lf. A .... -196 Holden, Detroit .X-I-llff ll: . i . 2 Ninety-Four 25 5? .-:1-Q U f' W4 , ge..-, 1- ikw- Gif' fl I N -MQ. .f.Qf,f:: ----- 1 V i -l.g3::EM if.: ' ,-1 .:. 'A f1"jl ,i:4E5f'fi7,: .1m:.fQ:s- , -- I. ,,',-F" 'ax n 0' . " . 59+ pix Q x X QS' X , , Lg, Q V xy U Q, x Q + 0 Q N J z s , web: X f 'hi' Lv NSA xx , , A n . f V,,,,,, t, ,, ,Y , , A QX , , x 95,1 A ff .. A 'i', if wx N w Q 1 M , A 5 ,ag ' if xg, 4 5 Xi' N Y 4? ,X A V K X x Q -c f A Q 1 ' Q Q1 2' 1 S' S+ f 9 Q .... 1. 1 'f . Q9 ,T n I n Wee ' ?" 5 ' W 'Q J Ja Q X X If V N K , ? xx 1 ix x , i " Q J X N Q J Y' N K , k...., A d1,, . ,,, f,.x, A m. "v.+iEf+t:-.'7f ' "F .,?" "'x"'M12- " ' .. ' """""' 2 ,. 21.1 Qi YN gmx Xxx x ez K 1 3 , ' I Ln ,, .5 41 Jr 5 V 3 L V -fxiigkiu 4: , Q '- :' ' ' 'ji' . 926: fm.. .. F l, ,1Qgs!:5, . , ,- "QL, ,.,-. ' 5'-'i5',gs . 'ig .. I.:1'521k- -. 5'E5ff':' 8 1 We ff 'Qi A Z4 , , ,, v 4 3 J , y 9 1' 3 , ,af 'L J, , gif? "Q , QQ ? 4 '.:'J,"zk-Z: Sm: Igfxg'-', ' ,,,.A , ,, :Q2"- S P V - 4 ,Q,1u .... ...Mu -'f -' , ffifz-'U I 6 'Qfiffl f f Z? f 4 , 47 ,' -s 47 V VK 1 7 1 'f' 3? , 29 44 , 5 w f 4, A' X . W A454 I. -In -my ,,,, .. ,,,.,,, . , .,., .. V . f I .... , .,.: -.,.:.1.f::fv,,-::rff' 'Z' f Q :ff W V egwy r' f f 43 V ' , , ,"I,, 4 Y X" A I , , V, 9 1 f 4 ' " 2--1 11. f Y' . I?" ja., 1,9 f ' , 1 1 4' 2 if 2 7 ,I N , 'lv X r f J f ,f ff' 1. 1, 1 g ,a ' 1 fi- , ,-' " . Hin--f' ' ffl- - ,2:A,:,, I ,p -7 1 ff ob v 'f S' , 1 , . if m , , 1 4 x4 A 5 ,XL ff , , 4 1 1 if J sp f , f fl 'f 1' ,A 1 '51 v f is , Q y, 6 A , 1- Lf .L , 1, f ,,A 1 ' "' wi -1 Ninvty-17f2'U l I , s Q 1 ,I . l A IN FLANDERS FIELDS , In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, royv on row, c . That marks our place, and in the sky, 'The larks, still bravely singing, Hy, Scarce heard amid the guns below. VVe areithe deadg short days ago t W'e lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, . Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe! I To you from failing hands we throw - The torch' be yours to hold itihigh! , If ye break fa1th w1th us who die XVe shall not sleep though poppies grow In Flanders fields John McRae THE ANSWER Fear not that ye hare died for naugh The torch ye threw to us we caug Ten million hands will hold it high And freedoms light will never die' VVe ve learned the lesson that ye tauv In Flanders iields I I . - . . I 2 LQ , I U X . V A V Q J - , 7 - tg , c A 1 fght. . . 1 . . .01 I Q - 1 , ' , .V . . " J v 1 i , v D ght l . ! , . . 1 t 4 V , ,. . 5 . 1 I . l 1 I A Ninety-.S"ix I Nhzety-Eight ORA'roR1CAL BOARD I X 'RW 1 gf z Q ,gy -fa V' XP? -U , E .9 .Y4N6q-Lv , ...,. X 15:51 . Q, 9? 3 F x. , Q sv 3 if -. 2 .. -,.,5-::,:,1- ' .of 'E V4 6 m 1. Y Q C af or CQ. 4.WP-N . W. , ,sz , we xi' ' -, 4' an V6 V Q A Q ,, , s ,Q A eq 'fr gn? Mx f, X 1'6" 'B OUVAV .,g,.:. 45.- .,,. " fn, .. .- '- X 1 -a V 5 , H, -X ""' ' , 'VHOU' V, . '- -if 5 s 09 '9 ,xo V 'j 4.4RTgu'?' X r-t R PL , if -5 , . 1 as 12 Q . I , 698' ., Q , ' -y"'QzAO Qi' 'S 'Tr 62 4- sg had OHL' Hzzndrvd Geo. E. Broom FRANCIS E. THREADGOULIJ - 22-:yfg -5? 1 J JOHN B. HUBBARD HlXliK'JLlJ Fox, Alternate M. S. N. C, DEBAl'ING TEAM TN THE ANNUAL 'COLLEGE DE1sA'1'L VVITH THE ILLINOIS STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, IWAY 16, 1919. Question: Resolved, that all State and local revenue should be derived from a single tax on the economic rent of land. Om' l'lIIlIdl't'I1 Ou The Oratorical Association The Oratorical Association for the present year has been under the guidance of the following oiiicers who constituted the Oratorical Board: Matilda Foley, president, Flor- ene Brooks, vice-president, Eloise Ewell, secretary, Hazel Harrington, treasurer, Glen A. Hunt, state delegate, Arold Brown, Lincoln-VVebster representative, Harold Fox and Vic- toria Shaw, sophomore representatives, Donald NNheeler and Kathleen Parr, freshman representatives, Gertrude Perry, VVodeso representative, Eva Lyons, Frances E. 'Willard representative, and Professor McKay, faculty member. Last year's activities closed with the freshman public speaking contest and the award- ing of platform honors in June. Of the four contestants in the fourth annual Freshman Public Speaking Contest, Belle Jones was awarded first place and a prize of ten dollars, and Lee VanHorn, second place and a prize of five dollars. The sixth annual awarding of college honors took place in Pease Auditorium before the final assembly of students on Lune 12, 1918. The honor students were seated upon the platform, and in the course of an inspiring program of speeches and music gold medals were awarded to the following: in debate, Nancy Jackson, Josie Steward, Gladys A. Placeway, Eloise Ewell, Luciel Harry, Della M. McLachlan, Chauncey A. VVarren, Hugh Francis, Paul V. Sangren, James R. Breakey, Ir., Harold Fox, Lee VanHorn and Francis A. Threadgold, in oratory, Bessie B, Crone and Russell A. Kent. This campus event marks a fitting culmination to the year's platform activities. As in other lines of effort, this year's work has suffered a serious handicap from the war. For the first time since their organization in 1900, the men's debating clubs were without men, and their activity was suspended entirely during the fall term. With the opening of the Winter term, however, matters put on a new face. A number of men or- ganized the Lincoln-VVebster Club and, with the coming of new material, have been slowly getting under way. Francis A. Threadgould has been the efficient president. Our opponent of the last two years, Indiana State Normal School, found itself able to put on a single- team men's debate, and the date was sent for May 16th on the Ypsilanti platform, the question being, "Resolved, that all state and local revenue should be derived from a single tax on the economic rent of the land." The team chosen consisted of John B. Hubbard, George E. Bigge, Francis A. Threadgould, and Harold Fox, alternate. The VVodeso club, While doing enthusiastic work, found a new spur to its activities in the organization in December of the Frances E. Wi1la1'd debating club for girls. They put on a spirited inter-club debate in March, won by the VVodesos. An event of unusual interest this year was the entertainment on March 7th of the twenty-second annual contest of the Michigan Oratorical League. It was anticipated by careful and complete preparations on the part of the eight student committees. Eight col- leges with a total of fifteen speakers participated in the afternoon and evening contests before large and enthusiastic audiences, with delegations from a number of the colleges. Our orators, speaking first in both contests, did themselves and their college honor. Belle ,Tones spoke in the afternoon upon the subject, "The VVar After the 'XN'ar," while Glen A. Hunt's theme was "Democracy's Conquest." They were strong competitors for first honors, and each received second place. The contest undoubtedly stimulated a wholesome interest in platform activities. The seventh annual interpretativc reading contest was held in the organ hall, April 17th, 1919. Mr. Glen Hunt was awarded a ten dollar gold piece for first place, and Miss Belle lones a Hve dollar gold piece for second place. Prospects are bright this year for a strong freshman speaking contest, though it comes too late for record this year. XfVith the increase in student attendance, the new responsibilities of womanhood, and the perplexing problems with which the country must grapple in the coming years, the need and the f-uture of this organization were never so great as now. .Yuzr X The War after the War Extract From Oration Given March 7th, at Ypsilanti, by Belle Jones The world struggle overseas has ended. Out of the uncertainties of the present we confidently look forward to the realization of hopes de- ferred during long, gruesome months. Free peoples fought to establish what they hold in trust for all humanity, democracy. Does the colossal sacrince bring us to the goal? I-las the great hope become a fact? De- mocracy is not won even at such a cost. Vllar is destructive. lt shakes and diseredits, it overturns and uproots old beliefs and traditions, but leaves its work to be finished by the constructive thinking of peace. True, the ground must be cleared of ancient growths, leveled and smoothed for the sowing. B.ut if it be left thus, strange and obnoxious weeds will take root, and lrolshcvism and anarchy scatter their dragonls teeth, while the seeds of a great purpose wait to be sown. Thus the new age sounds out with trumpet tones its call to a mighty struggle. . . . The dawn of peace must carry the conflict into new fields, where the issues are settled by the intelligence, the cooperation, and self-sacrifice of a mighty people. Old practices in education, religion, society, politics, industry and inter- national relations must give way to larger ideals. Education must take on world significance. Wfhat shall our schools do to advance the ideals of democracy, and what kind of citizens do we want? Our education was intended to stimulate devotion to American principles and ideals. The future of education should develop a new conception of national rights and international obligations. It should help spread the idea of world friendship and world unity .... It means the internationalism of education itself. It involves the reorganization of instruction in history and geography, the extension of work in civics and ethics to a world basis. It calls for simultaneous effort to secure cooperation of educational workers in all lands for the purpose of realiz- ing world patriotism, based on justice and good-will .... Our people must exemplify this new education, and base their hopes of world betterment upon the stimulation and enlightenment of the human mind. The war is responsible for a unique revival in religion. Formality and selhshness had, in many eases, hidden the heart of religion. Traditions had taken the place of the word of God .... This new era of religious emphasis must help us to find life's inmost mean- ing and to reveal, as never before, the soul of the human race. Religion must become, not form and ceremony, but a living reality. Though shaken by the way, we still have the evil called class distinction in industry. To establish equality, labor troubles must be prevented, by the assurance of justice to- ward labor, and a continuance of cooperation between employer and employed, and the fusing of the interest of the country for its safety and progress as a whole. The rule of inequality must be shaken at its very foundation, and a struggle instituted to convince men that they must work together and share together, thus establishing that most perfect of principles, the brotherhood of man, wherein each works for the good of all. Every lover of mankind takes for granted that peace must be followed by a concert of power, which will eliminate the horror of future wars. It is for us, as Americans, to add our authority and power to that of other nations to guarantee peace and justice for the world. The treaties and agreements must embody terms, which will create a peace worthy of preserving, and which will meet with the approval of all forward looking peoples. The world can be at peace only as long as its life is stable. There must be justice towards all nations, whether weak or strong .... If this is true, then what a mighty part is played by the citizen of a democracy. He must apply its gospel to every aspect of our life and carry its message to the far corners of the earth. If so, this precious treasure is worth the price. But he must eventually pay that price in terms of a preparedness that is inner and moral. From such preparedness must follow the victory that overcomes the world. America, are you enlisted for the war after the war? 4 H This let us pray for, this implore! That all base dreams thrust out at door, lfVe may in loftier aim excel, And, like men waking from a spell, Grow nobler, nobler, than before, Since there is peace." One Hundred Two Democracy's Conquest Extract From Oration Given March 7th, at Ypsilanti, by Glen Hunt Conquest marks thc transition from one civilization to another. Amid clashing arms, the desire for liberty has grown ever stronger, and democracy, a mere spark in the hearts of freedom-loving Greeks, has been fanned into a mighty flame, which now we know shall never be extinguished. Autocracy launched its greatest and probably its last offensive in 1914 .... Germany, backed by the most elficient ma- chine ever constructed, had set forth to conquer the earth. And what was to be the outcome? VVas Germany and her autocratic principles to dominate the world or would democracy awaken to the realization of her danger and dare to defend herself? Such were the questions that the world faced. . . . Nations forgot their petty animosities, and for three years they held that gigantic machine at bay, then their line bent backward in retreat until, though fighting for every inch, from their rear could be seen the outskirts of Paris. Then from their lips rang a cry of anguish, the cry of a world in despair and, far across the sea, a nation heard, and the goddess of liberty caught up her flaming sword. . . . Then, unexpectedly, came the end. Germany, rotten at the core, was forced to beg for peace. , Now we face the future. ls the peace of the world yet secure? Because the roar of guns has ceased, because fresh tales of horror no longer strike upon the ear, think you democracy is safe? O America, the day of your opportunity is here. Today, God gives you a trust such as He has put into the hands of no people. Are you prepared? . . . O America, your greatest need is for a soul, for only with the warm enthu- siasm of a soul can you realize the essentials of real democracy. And, what is true democracy? Is it individualism? Doubtless the world will first pass through that stage, yet it must not stop there. Individualism is based on the animal law of the survival of the fittest. . . . It has little social outlook and hence is but the beginning of democracy .... Shall we then consider socialism? XVithout the rewards of personal initiative and ambition, without the joy of contest, life would become dull gray, passive, indifferent. Both these ideals are extreme, and true democracy lies in the middle ground. Let us take the personal initiative of the first and the social service of the second and realize, not individualism, not socialism, but the socialized individual .... Such is the true democracy that shall exalt us as a nation, so shall our creation be given a soul. And as God spoke to men of old, so he speaks to us today, commanding that we go forth to all the earth and preach that gospel of democracy, Our army of fighters and our equally effective army of uplift have opened the way. Tomorrow must see other and greater preparations for the conquest that lies before us. To us, the living, the poppy-crowned graves of Flanders speak in trumpet sounds: "Take up our quarrel with the foe! To you from failing hands we throw The torchg be thine to hold it high! If ye break faith with us who die NVQ shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields." Today, with hopes high and with hearts Haming, we hurl back our triumphant answer: sr Fear not that ye have died for na-ught, The torch ye threw to ns we caught. Ten million hands will hold it high, And freedom's light will never die! XX'e've learned the lesson that ye taught ln Flanders fields." Om' Ilzrllflwzl 7111 Om' Hmzdrfci Fam' Lmcoln Webster Debatmg Club Cr1t1c Pror FREDERICK B MCKAY MEMBERS Harold Fox Glen Hunt Arold Brown Arthur Bennett Lawrence DeBoer john Hubbard Arthur Moore Levr Rosecrance OFFICERS Francrs Tlneadgould Georbe E B1gge Carl Wheaton Earl Webb Roman P Thelen ll Pearson Buchanan Grover C Baker FR XNCIS THR1: moot LD Presrdent HAROLD For Vrce Presulent XOMAN P TI-IELENT Secretary ARTHL lx BENNTTT Treasurer CARL VVHIIATON Reporter It has been customary for many years for the Normal Collebe to have two men s debatrnvf clubs the Lmcoln Club and the VVebster Club Thls year owmg 23 to the fact that many of our men are vnth the colors the two clubs have com bmed to form the L1ncoln XVebster Club V I -K I - x 'L 4 4 . . 4 V ' A . I V 0- . ' l , . Y I , Y 4 Q . ,ff C ,uf 7 . . . . . . . . , - . - . X 1 ......... , P V 1' ' l . . . . . I TN' - " I . . . . . , C L Ak t d, . 1 1 j I - a In I l , ,. , - 7 . . -'lx 1 . One Hundred Fl x iv.. Wo E50 CLUB One Hundred Six Frances E. Willard Club In February, 1919, a new woman's debating society was organized under the supervision and direction of Professor Lathers. This society was called the Frances F. VVillard Club in honor of the famous woman orator of that name, The officers elected for this organization were as follows: President, Grace Wallaceg Vice-president, Anna Broeckerg Secretary, Reva Smith Goodenowg Treasurer, Mary Davenport, Isabel Zehnerg Reporter, Clara Wfedow. The Club has given a number of very interesting debates, and under the able guidance of Professor McKay the membership has increased from six to fifteen members. The members of this club are as follows: Grace Wfallace Anna Broecker Helen Acheson Alice Consoer Reva Goodenow Eva Lyon Mary Davenport Clara S. Buchanan Clara XVedOw FlOF?1 Clllte Isabel Zehner DO1'iS OiROLlFli6 Leora McCluskey MMF Seattel lX'I211'g'2l1'Ct YYQQIQ Fillfll vXY21lI'Z1YC11 U: If lfzmdruz Om? H1ll1lil't'd Eight ' Portia Literary Society The Portia Literary Society was organized in 1901 as a debating society. During the years since then the nature of the organization has changed, the girls taking for their ideal the nohleness of Portia rather than her commanding elo- quence in debate. Now that the demand for war work is less urgent, the girls can once again take up a course of study which will further their aim. This year they have been studying Grand Opera, different members of the society giving a resume of some opera at each meeting. The return of Miss Rankin, our critic, to our midst has added new zest and enthusiasm to our meetings. FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Iisrfxraiiooii RANKIN Miss iALMA BLOUNT BIARION SHARPE . DAIsY MILKS . . DOIQOTHY ARBAUGH THEKLA FORSYTHE Blanche Aldrich Dorothy Arbaugh Gladys Cairns Myrtle Doerr Thekla Forsythe Hazel Harrington Ellen Hopkins Alice King Marion McConnell Esther McFarlane HONORARY MEMBER XVINIFRED DAVIS OFFICERS MEMBERS . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Bernice McLeod Daisy Milks Anna Moore Gertrude Perry Blanche Priest Marion Pryor Violet Ramshaw Marion Sharpe Helene Sooy Dorothy W'ilson Uni' llzillrlrrrl .Yin One Hzmdrcd Ten , T I Mmerva L1terary SOCICIY Ha1l to thee our bocldess M1nerva WISC and faxr Strwmg to be loyal We always do our share PATRONESSES E ESTFLLA DOWNINO VINIORA BEAT, OFFICERS RUTH MARION BOGUE ELOISE EWELL FAUSTINA D1u:ssER DOROTIIY L LFE MEMBERS Ruth MHIIOH Bogue Faustma Dresser Elo1se Fwell Ruth Curry Helen de Carteret Beulah Shntt Pres1der1t VICE Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Dorothy L Lee Mary Reynolds Florence Roberts Mozella Galloway Ceha Gustafson JOSIC Shutes I I l 7 0' 7 , y 5 . , O T , V. , 1 'L 1 K ccul 0 U ' . I 'R - l RUTH CURRY . ........ Student Critic 1 One H zmdfed Eleven fx' One Hmzdred Twvlwe ,,- V,-.F-F, p-.F Laonian Drama Society The Laonian Drama Society was organized under the patronage of Prof, Abigail Pearce, who is its present patroness. The work of the society has con- sisted of special war relief work during the war, the study of the Little Theater movement, of modern playwrights and their plays, and the production of some of those plays by members of the society. OFFICERS HELEN FARLEY . . . . . , . President Ft.oRENcE BECDONALD . . Vice-President DAISY BCTILKPS . . . Secretary FRIEDA SMITH. . . Treasurer BERNICE HEINEBIAN .... . Reporter MEMBERS Esther Collins Bernice Kohler Leita Cooley Daisy Milks Dorothy Drouyer Florence McDonald Margaret DuBois Thelma Minnie Helen Farley Agnes Parks Bernice Heineman Frieda Smith Theresa Taylor Eva Toivonen Om' ll: IIIIIITII 'l'l1 DRR ANNA MARTIB EVELYN PACE CARRIE WINEORR 1 1 I l I l , w Baton Benns Effa B1tely Ruth Bowen Margaret Brooks 'Vlary Case Hope Conkey Ruth Currv Ada Dabgett Ellen Hopkrns Glen Hunt Al1ce I-Iutchrngs Florence Johnson Iuha Lannen Le Cercle Francals C FORD Mrss JOHANNA ALPERNIANN M155 ELLEN DWYER OFFICERS MEMBERS CARRIE WINBORN Secretary Treasurer Executwe Comnmttee Efcecutlve Commlttee Marlon MacLean F B McKay Anna Martm Anna Moore A1 thur Moore Fdna Neber Mary Nulan Ehzabeth Oates Evelyn Pace Vxrbrnra Paton Rachael Rrcketts Inez Seleskey Ruth Tucker , Q ,,.. - A ,-,mr. 1, V if f Yfii I Y W K f A X - A f- A - - -A-AAA--f ff f-- 'L l l - . l , f E I I . . A l 5 A ,, 1 V Q t FACULTY MEMBERS . ' A 3 ,I ' ' ANNA MooRE ...,........ Presrdent A I' snun V nlsan Q 1 I Y D , I T ' ......... 1 " 1 A 1 . 1 t - ' A lx or 1 , -1 ' , I fl ' I i ' -4 , . ot. . A l R 1 t 4 One Hundred Fourteen Sodalltas Latma 4 f WWF W A g gg Lg ,A I If , , , I, e-I ,DA,eTI,,, T re I 2 A I I H . I I ' I . P I v I I - A - ! I I I The Sodalitas Latina has instituted the custom of having an annual banquet I y in true Roman style. This year the banquet was held at the home of Dr D Ooge I Il A ' I I I 5 1 I I I I ' I I Q I I . I ' A , - . II lr . . I , , .V . r ........ I I ....... . . I g 1 . . I I 4 I I I . I . I 2 U ' W . . I I I I I PATRONI DR D GOGE PATRONA MISS ALLISON OFFICERS EVELYN PACE MARGARET PEET MARGARET VVYCKOFF PHYLLIS NORRIS - FRIEDA SMITH SORORES Audrey B1rd I Anna Broecker I :l:L11'11CC Bryce Ada Daggett V1olet Jones Catherrne MeKenney Margaret Wyckoff I I., I I II I IJ . I I PROF NORRIS Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Reporter Thelma M1nn1e Phylhs NOFIIS Evelyn Pace Margaret Peet M1ldred Rutledge Pr1eda Smlth i I I . I . I I I I I I L....I,n,-V, J:,,n, at I -an A- A A One Hundred frflecu Qllj . 52 9 V - P- 4 wiv: Q ,N f .f X 5 KrQ f : .. .an-.. . .,,x,1..x,x . . ,. QM ,, J ff .,, . X X , fx 4 wg 4 X X 2 . fx? ,s 5 M'-s J' vw 1, 3 ,X 0 " r . wi Fi'-um -g, r ,'5-53 4, A 1-f 65 2 ,, xg? M-,Q .- g.,, , -- 0 ff ,. f f1-:Za:e:21"- 10 f , . , , 55. 1 C , -. ,Q .X x -fafv ws . - 1 1 Mfg '-zf P358 J 9336 9 X? 1 I ,gk Q 3? M ,,,. r 4 by .,: 1 -2 ' w1.:.-44.-.,:7' 3::sS:1E?- ,. ..., , R 4 R, 6? 'Q ig ,7 Q ,I 'V .1 gf X ff ia 1 Q fi Q 2. 4, , . 94 f f 3 SR f Q Q ,R -:Qz1y,.:.:2::1. r 1 : X u One H7!7IdTFd Szktvczz History Club During the past year the History Club has studied and discussed many im portant subjects, among which were the X-Vorld Wlar and Reconstruction Prob lems. PATRON CARL E. l-,RAY COLORS' Red-XVhite-Blue HONORARY MEMBER MRs. B. L. PRIDDY OFFICERS Bess BRAnsI'IAw . NAOMI NICIIOLS . JULIA B. LANNEN . :XMANDA C. HILL . LAWRENCE D12 BOER . . . . MEMBERS Phyllis Broan Thelma Henry Edith Koch Marion McConnell Inez Pechtel Marie Roche Violet Ramshaw Gladys Smith Francis Thrcadgould' Pearl VVilson Vlfinnifred Campbell Loretta Cannon Gladys Cairns Norma Drodt Mildred Powelson Hazel Underhill Faith Randall Grace Cooper President . V ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Marie Huff Oscar M. johnson Fanny Wfilliams Mrs. Martha Bravender Russell A. Kent Bessie Devine Matilda Foley Olive Wfaggoner Mildred Bull Marian Buckrell Charlotte Trye Gladys Hixson Alice King Grace Nichols Ella Von Sprechen Edith Braithwaite Mrs. Lucy .-X. Rogers Marvel Brayton Um' llllllffrwr I X nl I1 W1 V. 4:-aria 1 -' ik ...C ,J , e:M-,,1-,- , L' -viww , -xp. 5.9 QW , , , W.. , .. .4 X One Hmzdred Eighteen Q I - ,g. Q H ...f-'rg Euclldean SOCICLY OFFICERS LEILA A LORD Pres1dent INEZ SELESKEY V1ce Presldent VICTORIA SHAW Secretary ETHEL STEWART Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR E A LYMAR PROFESSOR ADA A NORTON PROFESSOR A G ERICKSON Mlss JANE L MATTESON M E B1tely Bess1e D1v1ne Laura Helleman Martha Kidd Hazel McClelland Myrtle Munro ACTIVE MEMBERS Burton Wood Hazel Qlmstead Florence Perkms Harr1et Schroeder Edlth Spaldmg Franc1s Threadgould Ruth Wh1pple Helen Farley Q Maybelle Reidl ' - V One Hundred Nineteen HAROLD Fox . H. O. XVARD . . Lucrrit MIQYER. . Aucniit Hvxrrmzizy Arthur XV. Bennet Myrtle Budd Cyrus Camp Helen Cole Alice Consoer Emmet Corrigan Marjorie Dean Q Helen Farley Charles Forsythe Harold Fox Constance Gray Blanche Herrington Archie Humphrey Iosina Jones james Lyle Kassner Martha Kidd Bernice Kohler XV. H. leathers Ozzc Himdrvd Twenty CHEM! CUJB OFFICERS PATRON B. XV. Peet MEMBERS . . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Reporter Enid Loomis Elta Mackall Florence Mahler Anna Martin Lucile Meyer Arthur Moore Ethel Qttgen Daisy Quimby Katherine Ruggles Frances Shanks Edwin Smith Alvena Streng H. O. NVard Mrs. Dewey XVaterman Gwendolyn lVebster Carl Wfheaton Ralph Wlolf Burton XVood Mariel Robbins Kindergarten Club No jollier bunch could ever be, For in our work and in our play Good guidance have we all the way: Adams, Lewis, and lVatsOn, toog Merry Kindergartners are weg And Captain Roberts completes our crew. OFFICERS lX"lARJORIE HOWARD. FLORENCE COLE . MARTHA JOHNSON . EDNA VVIGGINSI . . . . MEMBERS S" . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Lucile Ainslie Cieorgianna Alban Roxie Alexander Ethyl Barber lsabel Beaton Eleta Bird Helen Bliss Harriet Bernard Lora Bogart Ada Brines Dorothy Burnett Georgianna Boehnlein Mae Clutter Mildred Chase Marguerite Carpenter Florence Cole Vera Ecker Margaret Eckert Mollie Burnett Gladys Erickson Helen Poster Catherine Fritz Jeanette Eineberg Bessie Hawlcins Lillian Hoag Marjorie Howard Martha Johnson Marguerite Johnson Ruth Jacobs Madeline Kidd Helen Lattin Dorothy Lee Pearl McNutt Mildred Morris Beatrice Miller Zelpha Nichols Ellen Peterson Mildred Plato Nellie Parr Esther Paton Margaret Plumb Gladys Porter Dorothy Robertson Ruth Reaper Ethel Reichenbach Dorothy Shafer Marian Stone Caral Smith Viola Sanders Mrs. Jennie Smith Helen Stellwagen Beulah Tallman Marion Thompson Clarissa SeeMeyer XYilma lliiclmer Marjorie Xllenberg Edna Xldggins lfvelyn XYard flux llllllfl uh ll 5 5,-A , if, ML ' Q -'TQ K X , 55 fix ,Q A QQ- -" 0 2:5 x X . Q X 5 U- -gx ' N ' Ele:-2.15 'Ark 1. f " FM-f'. -115. fa 1. . f- V 'ia - ' 1 f-: ,M 1- : 1- -S -: , 5 1::j5',s - T1 One Hundred Twen ty- Two Crafts Club Esrablrshed 1911 FACULTY MEMBERS Mrss ALICE I BOARDMAN Mrssc MARY E HAIION Mrss BELLE MORRISON ROMA BAKER CHARLOTTE STOCKHAM DORA RUGGLES Lrllran Bates Margaret Desprns Alern Holrnqtust Mable Lester Frances McIntyre Mrldred Moore GeOrg1anna Pratt OFFICERS MEMBERS Pres1dent Vrce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Wrllram Pmder Grace Poast Blanche Prrest Agness Qurnn Joseph Stevens Earl Webb Grace W1eland . . 1 V l 1 ' ' 1 A 2 E 1 l A 1 1 l 1 - 1 l A 4 - l V - T E 1 - Q . . n . . . p n , l I Helen Hitchcozck A Suzan Potter . l ' ' ' 1 1 I 1 ' 1 One Hundred Twenty-Three T?'T ' ' ' W 421 x X x XV. ,E-1 s- 7' , .. V. 1. 4 - s 'S if fag X X3 X Q. Sw 1 f X xx X , 3 0110 I-lzzlzrfrrd Tzvvzzfy-F0111' NODNOL Cllll Ctllll The Normal Art Club was established in l9ll as a stimulus for good schol- arship and a social spirit in the Art Department. The right to membership is gained by the attainment of a certain given standard of scholarship. Members of the organization act as an advisory body for -lunior specializing students. During the past year the Art Club has been a means of bringing its members together in a close bond of good feeling. We who have been so fortunate as to be members earnestly hope that future members will make the Art Club a force whose influence will be felt in an even greater degree in the Art Depart- ment and on the Campus. PATRONESSES Miss BERTHA GooD1soN , Mrss LIDA CLARK HONORARY MEMBERS Miss LoTA GARNER Miss BQARY HATTON OFFICERS llfARY REYNOLDS . . . President BEULAH SHUTT . Vice-President LETA I'fOLDEN . . Secretary rAxLICE CHURCH . . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Lillian Bates Roma Baker Margaret Brooks Alice Church Alleen Clark Leta Holden Irene Gwen Bernice Phelps Blanche Priest Mary Reynolds Dora Ruggles Hazel Schwartz -losie Shutes Reulah Shutt fflli' lllfl K . .AKA ' a. ,gp W' if Cywfmyww ,rv f aw , 4' njhwf' af f X , ' 2" M 1 ,.,::-551. ., .Q . - 21+ 4 . .w 5Q,5:-,gm -K v 1 , Q'Q.1.-:-.-:,.,3qn:g32?5-f3.-X , x.,, 243,22 Q-52194 f 21 . v may - A One Hundred Twenty- Six FH...- E L Semor Publlc School Mus1c Club Miss FOSTER MISS FORTB Mrss BLUMGREN ALICE M CHURCH RUTH ROBBINS LETA ROBBINS Johanna Chfford Jeanette Coffron Alleen Clark Mary Flmt HONORARY MEMBERS MEMBERS MISQ SPARLING Presrdent Vlce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Iosepl-une Houston Margaret DLIBOIS Bernrce Pettrt JOSIC Shutes Mrs Weta Neargorth Mathys K HO, . , O -- -r - - la O .Ht ,,, 1 ll t U . . . , 5 1 , P , 5 PATRONESSES 1 5 . Q K f E l - ' 1 6 Q E if 1 B O E K V f '. V . . '. . '. . . . .K i . V . - . ' f I an H .,....A B - W H i , B O l , Q g f 'O E Q O , B . I V I V . 1 . I . .A ' . .- I ' 1 ll E . ' J , H Z . W tl 4 n . ' I i One Hundred Twenty-Seven Q fb I 5- 2. 'H YQ S 3. 'e I E1 Q. b Nv- ,x, :,1.-gy . 5 I .Dig Qtggiiy, , ,'xEC5g'7" .- ' " ..,,.f.5. -12' .3.53.14'-254125.12-'1fJW1" "mv - " - , .-,,, ,,- .. ff" ' V. '45 ww"i',."'i'fs:-ii Q15-'i-3"""Q. p . ff A 'f-w" ::El"" ' 33-' Q. , ,gf - ,. . an ' L' - :' 1 1 Q li..-1 f'- .ff ,f . V ,4.Q,,.,,.,.,,.2,zf ,.,1g?g , ug, 73-4-1-,..:Ll .,, -g:.,,,g5g:. , . D Y' - fl .1 X . f , -.5311 A. V g . - ' - W " ' 33. P "gp sz:-bums: A '- ' - 4 4, ed -1 Aff .p.:.1n: ..'. A.::g-1,-w..1.H gy HM Ns: 35 75 .V ,f -M 64 44. 4414 Q' Mfr. . .,,,.,,-X . U , , ,J .-4 M , . . '-f,,---I-44 XM .R ' fo ' f 1 wwf: 1-m.M+g,:-5 f:'4:::gs-Q.c- J++ .-am- ' .w ,- ,. 1.-4.-.4.,.f.? -, , I - fC- , X-r-fc: 4--,544-fr? 4 4,5 -,,,,. .m-.,- ,,.m-bh..g,-.,..- NN -A, ws., -zfffirxys? X 4 - ff' '- ' --'- 4-ff'LUrf- rx ,'-A-.-fry- -4.-.1,-- 'w-'-0.4, ---W-4L:'1-gms" sfNg5SQvv - R - . -fffwffl :aff-f-V -P ,5.,f'-fs'-Q 511+-ff--ff' New-Q 1 -ye- -- A.-.-51'-rf-sg mi? . ' - . 'J' ' VW- .f '- A -A -ff -'YG 'H4TJvf?JwC'7 ":yQFvQ?Z7Q71 - gg. f:.g,.9ff- . - . . f-waz: .gysgvlzbavql-J' qx .,,J:j,L,g1g:Q1 .f fl ,Q ,- vxfgf '-1 , , q :'ff:" '-9:-Q ,. 15 34 :Cf ' 7,3 ' ,. ' , ' , 3 ' ..f'-tgiqrfiz. A .-,L ufigif, vf' . ,,,,.,, .51 x,.513Q'2Z, -' ,25.i1 2z22?44f2, X ' xzxizifib' 5 , .i,.Nig353g5g,X5gg., - ,,,',:5 Vg,-,:1:-: - ,f., QQ1.y,'f-Q ,grip 1-fgx,N.-Q..-4,0 W. .. .z::E:..,a " 1, ffriffi :X1 wasps' :knew myfvff- .i.e..-.fv .V zfff ' "'at,wA5yQf - . ' .-- --... ---- jfl?,i,Z2g?,'2ry7l.eiI 9-h9B9B9h 55, 1, , . ,., .,,- .,., 2155 jvfgpyg 729098959 ummm.- .1 ,,:fL,Q3jQf,135zi,3,I:,1,137 9f4sl9h9h 9099999-- ' 'WNWW -WWWW ,.,y . ' -A J ..7'pf-Zflyifi.-J iiihslili 914909590 " " W' BBW! 909 09090959 h yyfg. ' 959729097 959597297 YH. 223 ' Hz 0300 J-5 yy gf '0' I W Z3 5 rg , v 49H9K49Bx '4h9h9h9' A9B9B9H4n 1!4M9h9Y 9Z49h9Vg '1l9h9KlL 49f49H9BL A95- 1H9h9H9Y 'U9h A9h9h9hn 491495 'H 'h9l9' 159229 Ai 49'29Bx A9R9hn 10989897 'Ka im!! 49898955 49596955 Ai A991 'A 'X . I ii:-. ve-.A B- After the Normal College Choir's first appearance before the society of Arts and Crafts in Detroit, the following appreciation appeared in the Defra-if News, March S, 1919, written by Cyril Arthur Player, who was for some years on the staff of the London Times: Normal Singers Give Distinctive Program Ypsilanti Choir Proves High Rank in Country by Performance. "A distinctive program, given in a faultless setting, and including that pe- culiar charm which belongs to ensemble work by women's voices. - "The choir of women from the Michigan State Normal School at Ypsilanti came with a line reputation to uphold, vindicated tradition, and almost set a new model in concert programs. "Scattered over the country there are a few, a very few, organizations of women who do attempt seriously to present a program which shall be artistically complete in setting as well as in performance. Among these few the Ypsilanti choir ranks high. Friday night at the Arts and Crafts Theater, known also as the Little Theater, this excellent organization lifted a pleased audience into a dim, historic past, let queer monotones fall on their ears and did remarkable and satisfying things with the half-light of music. "There was a dim, religious glow to the program, as well as a cathedral calm. As for the technical part of the performance, it needs hardly to be said that the choir lived well up to its reputation and a little beyond, precise in attack, clear in delivery and enunciation, well poised, careful in phrasing, with well- developed dramatic taste and a sense of values, a buoyant, sustained quality and exquisite refinement of expression,-these may be placed to the credit of Fred- erick Alexanderls choir." Oni' llizllzlrrd Tri'-'ulx Xiu HJ, s One I-Izmflred Thirty Commercial Teachers, Club The Commercial Teachers' Club, which has been in existence for several years, is comprised of a group of enthusiastic young people of Cleary College and the Michigan State Normal. At present there is a membership of forty- three. Meetings, partly social and partly business, are held twice a month. The club has a constitution, elects officers quarterly, and collects moderate dues. The members discuss subjects bearing directly and indirectly upon their future work, and the organization has done much to promote closer intercourse and a deeper college spirit. OFFICERS First Term HELEN NTITCHELL . . MARGUERITE BILLMEYER CLARA GRAHEK . . QTTILIE DAVIS. . . Second Term FREDA GILCHRIST . LENA BINKLE . . FERN HAYNES. NTIRIAM FRITZ. MEMBERS Doris Culkins Freda Gilchrist Gladys Edick Gladys Arnold Eleanor McCall Helen McCalla F. Arleen Thompson Rosalie O, Clifford Mary Hall Fern Haynes Hilda Finley Marguerite Billmeyer Ottilie Davis Ersul D. Rider Alice Colby Clayton F. Gliver Gladys Marshall Edna Dwight Gertrude Murray Esther Mosher Marion Post Ralph Carpenter . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Marion Simons Miriam C. Fritz Wfynnetto Brotherton Ruth E. McIntire Hulda C. Daeubler Bernice Ayers Esther L. Fiss Edna E. Delaforce Hazel Coover Marie Wfaggoner Faye Rouse Edith Sailer Pearl Cash Lena Binkle Clara Wfedow Helen Mitchell Clara Grahek Catherine Horgan Reid O. Luse Owen Cleary Homer E. XVest Our llIHlH1I't'l1' Tlzfrfy-On -f ff 1 1 'Q' W . 'rv O ne H11 II IIVPCZV T111-Vfj'-T2k'0 X- Af-4 M X Q a Xe Qv A X, .:-1,1-:-.' W 2 I -f f ,Q X215 A M Z ,. Y? 1 S29 bf . xiii l" " -X'i 5 F I lub FACULTY MEMBER IOT Pnorssoxz CHAS M ELL elle O BI'161'1 Geo E B1gbe 'VIur1el Marston Elrzabeth Zeno Ed1th Meek Thelma johnson GIOV61 C Baker Ienme Laurence MEMBERS Roman Thelen Mary Burkman Flora MeVean Glen Wakefreld Cyrus Camp Els1e Spence 0 E Shear Marbaret Hofcmark Mlary Evans . . C I I Y i--, l . i . Hoklaritl Edwards Ethel Marrlen 1, l f',. V 1 ,V 1 - M W t W Z 1 Y I . V . V i - 4 I Y i 'KA One Hundred Tlnrtx Three ASQ ,gs 1 ,Rs Iggy' 0 X1 K X, 1 Ty One H1mfl1'ed T11 iffy-F0 'IH' College Eastern Star PATRON PROFESSOR C. O. HOYT PATRONESS MRS. C. O. HOYT A HONORARY MEMBERS PROFESSOR H. Z. VVILBER MRS. H. Z. WIEBER PROFESSOR J. STEWART LATHERS OFFICERS ESTHER TINSMAN . GLADYS EDICK. Gladys Arnold Metta Bravender Louise Bechtel Edna Crone Doris Chaplin Jeanette Coffron Alice Church Helen Graves Muriel Hamilton Ethel Houghton Margaret jones Anna Moore 'MEMBERS . . Worthy Matron f Secretary-Treasurer Gladys Meier Fern Mallard Shirley Miller Sarah Metzler Dorothy Milbourn Erma Norton Grace Nichols Naoma Nichols Georgianna Pratt Marion Pryer Blanche Priest Hazel Rose Om' I'Ium1'n'd Thirty-Ifi One Hzmdrcd Tlzirty-Six Y. M. C. A. In the Michigan State Normal College just one score years ago the men of the Students' Christian Association drew away from that organization and formed a new body, the Young Men's Christian Association. This was done that they might follow a more specilic line of work in developing Christ's king- dom on earthg and, also, that they might come into a closer and more intimate contact with the Y. M. C. A.'s of other colleges. During these years. problems and difficulties have been encountered, but the Young Men's Christian Association has continued to move onward and exert a potential influence over the entire college. Four years ago a dark cloud stole over the horizon, muttering messages of wrath and crueltyand of iiendish hate that sent a cold child over every Chris- tian nation of the world. It swept forward, and in two years it had enveloped us in its sombre shadow. This year has seen its dark curse overcome, its men- acing form broken and dispersed. and victory for those it sought to crush. The world again is free, and the sun sends its golden beams from a cloudless heaven. This victory has marked the crisis in the twenty years of endeavor of the Y. M. C. A. here. It has marked the passing of the old, and the beginning of the new -the commencement period of the Reconstruction, which the world has watched with bated breath. During this time our Y. M. C. A. ranks had become so de- pleted that its pulse beat was scarcely discernible, XVe fought our fight, a battle that few knew ever existed, and we-won. The organization is stronger and firmer than ever before. lt has descended into the maelstrom and has come out stronger, purer, and hner than before because of its trials. Next year we shall see the Y. M. C. A. grow larger and stronger still until it holds the position of the most important campus activity for the young men of the Michigan State Normal College. OFFICERS' AND CABINET AROLD XV. BROWN . . . President BURTON D. XMOOD . . Vice-President EATON O. BEMIS . . Secretary R. CLARK BARTON ....... . Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Grover C. Baker Archie Humphrey -lohn R. Em ens 1l:z.' lllzzlrlrrzl ililllffl N I One Hznzdred Tlziriy-Eight Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS HELEN LATTIN . . . . . President FRANCES SHANKS . . Vice-President RUTH HASTINGS . . . Secretary HELEN MONTGOBIERY . . . Treasurer GENEVA SMITH . . . . Ofhce Secretary CABINET MOZELLA GALLONVAY . . . . . . Social Chairman RUTH VVILSON . . Mission Study Chairman MABEL RICHARDS .... Bible Study DOROTHY ARBAUGTYI . . Social Service Chairman RUTH JACOBS . House Committee Chairman MARIEL ROBBINS . . Finance Chairman SADIE VVOODRUFF . . . . Music Chairman SYLVIA IRUTHERFORD . . Vesper Service Chairman 'BLANCHE PRIEST ..... . Publicity Chairman ADVISORY BOARD Miss Lilly Strong Abigail Pearce Mrs. Charles K. Lamb Mrs. Bessie Priddy Miss Esterbrook Rankin Miss Susie Stinson Miss Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Vinora Beal Frederick McKay XVilber Bowen Clara Allison Jane Matteson Mary Goddard Om' H11 udrca' Tlzirfy-.X about twelve to sixteen. The present members are: The Catholic students Club In the years past the Catholic students attending the Michigan State Normal College and Cleary Business College have attempted to meet in a social way. About six years ago a permanent organization was established, and today it is a flourishing club with a membership of one hundred and fifty-live. . The meetings are informal gatherings held twice a month in the Catholic Club House. Besides the social functions and business meetings, the members are privileged to enjoy short talks on vital and interesting subjects by men and women of standing who have a message worth while. The club is governed by a simple constitution and is maintained by moderate dues. The organization was ,established to promote social intercourse, social betterment, and a deeper appreciation of responsibilities and possibilities. In addition to the Advisers there has been a council formed. The purpose of this council is to meet and take part in and plan activities for the club. It is to work with the president in all things, passing judgment upon the club and backing it in every possible way. The members of this cabinet are limited from Ethel McCrickett Elizabeth McCrickett Ellen Dwyer Margaret Brooks Irene Stuart Margaret O'Brien lVIARGARET BRooKs GENEv1EvE NULAN GENEVIEVIQ NULAN TNTARY CONNELLY . KAT1-t1.12EN TWCCAULEY . C. P. STEIMLE . Our' f171IId7'f'd Forty Herbert Cooney OFFICERS Marcella Ryan Mary Reynolds Ella May Dacy Ethel Reichenbach Genevieve Nulan Elton Rynearson . President . President . Vice-President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer A CS CHPIP FIRE D RIS GUARDIAN Mibel P Pacon Blanche Aldiich Ethel Barber Helen Bardelmeiei Doris Beemon Lsthei Beinhait Florence Blacl burn HHIIICT Buiiid Hazel Chapin X1 butus Clappei Lsther Collins Helen Cole Alice Consoer Cleo Coyle Hae T1 edenbuib U lrie K alla iei Muiiel Hamilton Xhen Holmquist Xmandt Hill Lelma Jones Lucy Kalsei Helen Lattin Ruth Layer Ln a Laubh in Ruth Lincoln Donna Loclxott Leila Lord l Z ' . J X' ' ' . lf L 1 - -0- ' lfz ' 3 rgl ' C . Q X -. . Myrtle Budd Belle jones c f T S b .--' ..' - T . . 4' ' i r cr May Daniels Bessie Devine Mildi ed Ly nch Thelma Minnie Annette Mott Genevieve Moule Jewel McDermid Hazel McClelland lfthel McIntyre Elma Niemela Ethel Ottgen Crescence Paull Blanche Priest Daisy Quimby lilizabeth Quigley Dorothy Robertson Marion Post Myrtelle Rogers 9 Margaret Roth Marcella Ryan Philomene Richardson Mary Saettle Jennie Sanberg Hazel Schwartz Clara Schmid Victoria Shaw Carol Smith Edith Spaulding Marie Staples Hazel Stevens janet Southard Florence Soubanki Irene Taylor Vera Thompson Eva Toivonen Muriel Towers Lucile Troy Clive Urlcsila Gertrude Voorhees Clara XVolper Carrie XVarner Mrs. Wvaterman Marjorie XVenburg Sena Schrier Iva XVesela Dorothy XYilson . Edna XYiggens Florence Yoeward Uni' llnllrlr. 9 F E. Y fn W Q' w 'Ti e Q F, ld I N3 FE Q 1 s Physical Education Club OFFICERS LoU1s HOLLWAY . . . . . . President IREN12 TAYLOR . Vice-President MARION BARD . Secretary VV ALTER DRAPER ...... . Treasurer Mr. Bowen Mrs. Burton Mr. Samson Mr. Rynearson Vanamber Baker Marion Bard Frances Barnum Clara Bauer Esther Bernhart Ruth Bowen Mary Brobst Frances Bunnell Cathern Cameron Wilma Carter Esther Collins Hazel Chapin Vlfilliam Cooney Ruth Corey Blanch Doty Roland Drake XValter Draper FACULTY MEMBERS Miss SNOW MEMBERS John Wlilliam Edwards Eleanor Engel Marie Gallagher Esther Gillespie Marion Halstead Geraldine Hall Louis Hollway Ruth Layer Donald Lawler Chloe Todd Miss Woriier Miss Rogers Miss Bacon Fannie Mereman Ethel McIntyre Annette Mott Margaret Moon Elma Niemela Wanda Norton Edward Powers Eliza-beth Quigley Philimean Richardson Sena Schreier Dorothy Sharphorn Mildred Smith janet Southard Marie Staples Leila Stock Irene Taylor Eva Toivonen Muriel Towers Lucile Troy Gertrude Voohreis Carrie VVarner YVilliam Wfebb Althea VVilliamson Dorothy XVilson Harriet lVilson Florence Yeoward One Hundr 11 forlx T117 Arold XV. Brown, Managing Editor Frances E. Caldwell Mary Orlilie Davis Burton D. VVoocl Victoria Shaw Helen Farley Marie Huff Esther Tinsmau Alice Hutchings Glen A. Hunt One PIlL7Ifl7't'Cl Forty-Four 11' lllllllll . .J : ' X., Mm 5 z XV? 5 One Hzmclred Forty-Six - , MYTY I QCA- A - ---- Z:--S....V f- Alpha Tau Delta ,F.st.ablished 19065 Incorporated 1910 Colors : Flower: Maroon and Gold Maroon and Gold Tulip DR. NATI-IAN A. HARVEY BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY DR. FREDERICK H. GORTON . PROF. BERT W1 PEET PROP. FREDERICK B. MCKAY BYRON. CORBIN ROLL OF HONOR IN' THE WAR A Alvin Holen ' Hector A. TVTCC1'11'I101'1 Ben amin C. Knisel BROTHERS IN COLLEGE Bigge, George E. Smith, Edwin Wolfe, Ralph Hubbard, john B. Brown, Arold W. Edwards, Hobart Smith, Floyd Reynolds, John Crittenden, Dwight Kent, Russel A. Grettenberger, Louis E. VVOOd, Burton D. Humphrey, Archie West, Homer DeBOer, Lawrence Thelen, Roman FOX, Harold V Ward, Howard O. Baker, Grover C. Miller, Harry H Hunt, Glen A. Rich, Clinton T-in A H One Hundred Forlg Seven N One Hundred Forfy-Eiglzt Edward I. Powers Clarence Cannon Arm of Honor Established lS95g Incorporated l9l5 PATRON Dr. B. L. D'Ooge FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Qi O. Norris Carl Lindegren H Dr. R. Clyde Ford ACTIVE MEMBERS Louis Hollway Herbert Cooney Robert S. Hewitt Qliver Carlson Rolland Drake Walter Draper Wfilliani Edwards Donald Lawler Maurice Rogers BROTHERS IN TOWN Ernest Rynearson Elton Rynearson George P. Becker Guy Bedell Don Bell Wfesley Dawson Russell Reader Lowis 'Wolter Lawerance McKennx Arthur Melienny Arthur Erwin Robert ,Thompson Edward Mclirae 7 John Deubel G. C. Handy Seward H. Horner Claire Langton Roy Parsons George Parsons Harold Gaudy Sewell Platt Turlow Riley Joseph H. Thompson Orlo I. Robinson Lenard D'Ooge Lloyd Olds Dr. Leo I. XX hitinire On. 111 1 gwf-' if A nw: is - 1 4w"':5fT"g f' " 1 One Hundred Fifty Estabhshed Colors Plflk and Wh1te I Stuart Lathers 93 XHorace Z W1lber Arthur G ET1CkSOU O3 Charles M Elhott 10 Ray H Bravender 14 Francrs A Threadgould Rerd 0 Luse Roy McDougall Fred Seaver Russell Gee Fost 'kln Europe Ph1 Delta P1 1892 Incorporated 1900 PATRON Flower P1nk Carnatron Charles O Hoyt MEMBERS er Luse M1lls Wrlber Faton O Bernrs Owen I Cleary I, Pearson Buchanan R Clark Barton Arthur F, Moore P S Shawley Walter H Lathers Donald S Wheeler Charles Forsythe l I 1 Dr. Y 1 . Y , ' J ' W l , ,02 Y , L K . I V . U Clemens P. Steimle, 'OZ as Cecil V. Millard One I-Iundred fzfly One One H1mr11'Pd Fifiy-il'tL'0 Alpha Sigma Tau Established 1898 Colors-Emerald and Gold Flower-Yellow Rose PATRONESSES Mrs. E. A. Lyman Miss Ada Norton Miss Abigail Pearce FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Ella IfVilson ' Miss Eleanor Meston Miss Lota Garner Miss Chloe Todd HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. F. A. Todd RESIDENT MEMBERS Edna Ginfferick Dawson Marie Dawson Z5 ACTIVE MEMBERS Frances Barnum Mae Clutter Leona Decker Cynthia Dodge Frances Fishburn Lois Georgia Glendora Gibson Lillian Gifford Hilda Glassford Fanny Mersman Xlpha . . L amma . . . CHAPTER ROLL Frieda Loomis Hazel Lankton Margaret Plumb Dorothy Shafer Frances Smith Hazel Stevens Marion Stone Margaret Taylor Muriel Towers Hilda Meeker-Young Ypsilanti, Michigan .. .Mt. Pleasant, Michigan , . . .Milwaukee, Wfisconsin Delta . . . Epsilon ......... Alumni Chapter . . . Alumni Chapter . . . Indiana, Pennsylvania . . .Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan . . . .Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Om' llunrlr I f 1, . .4-.. -4- .Y u - -. . :i4.11..5.S'iQffT-iii' Z-' ' ,Q---f-. U-.---L '--,-4 ' , gf 1 fd' '-rlffffr L" 7 I One Hundred Fifty-Four I 1 ii Zyl W T Q if .i li ff: We .LL 'r f 4 1 :UE M C O Hoyt MISS Llda Clark L01 a Bogert Ruth Bowen Nlorma Crame Dons Culkms Mar1on Hall Thelma Henry MarJor1e Howard F1'1eda Lehman Ecllth Cott1er Delta Ph1 Estabhshed 1909 PATRONESSES M153 Greta Forte ACTIVE MEMBERS PLEDGES Laura Sauer Mrs F R Gorton MISS Adella jackson Luellle M1ller Helen Mrtchell Maybelle Reld Mar1on R1bgs Manel Robbms Ruth Robbms Alvena Streng Margaret Wyckoff Irene Perkms FACULTY MEMBERS' - L .V . . Frances Cgldweu Gladys Parkinson . in , . .. One Hundred Fifty-Five 63:4 is XA , .3 ,. Cf. U 1 Z" 'Q W , E A' "A Hz Q, 5, ,ba 3 4 A I fir, 12 Y N M, I f oi.. :SIP f f 4 M N f 5 B 4 G Q Q W 1 'V xgx , 1 Q 5 0 Nl, .W E- if 4 4 -- :I X S T A 5 . X Q1 X Q 5 S+ SRX' Tia: 13 -.'5iY'5 ' A s 5' f si 2-A 1 One Hundred Fifly-Six Harrnionious Mystics Established 1909 Colors-Cerise and Wlliite Flowers-Cerise and XVhite Carnations 1 PATRONESSES Mrs. B. L. D'Ooge Mrs. Carl Linclegrin HONORARY MEMBERS Georgia Richardson Baskerville Eleanor Hazzard Peacock C FACULTY MEMBERS Marion Dickinson Grace Emery Agnes Vvlardroper ACTIVE MEMBERS Frances Nichols Bowles Genevieve Breining Gladys Cairns Christine Cappon Helen Cudney Ruth Fiddler Kathleen Fitzgibbon Lucile Curtiss-Henning Cornelia Hoffman Fay Allen Mabel Barbour-Britton Ruth Cleary Lorinda Smith-Clifford Esther L. Cline Grace Eniery Mabel Gass-George Frances Goetz Ellen Kishlar Helen Hohnes Kathryn Horgan Lucile Love Magdalene McConnell Gladys Porter Rachel Ricketts Marjory Sweet Evelyn VVard Alma XV-arclroper ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Clara Brabb-McAndrew Dee Deuble-McKee Maude Davis-MacAllister Gladys Tyler-Newton Marie Shaeffer-Ordway Edith Jones-Shaeffer Laura Cruickshank-Sweet Florence Vliet-Sweet Agnes Wfarclroper Marie Goetz-Wfood Om' mr: Y One Hundred Fifty-Eiglzz' Kappa PS1 Orgamzed 1n 1901 Colors Pmk Green and VVh1te Flower Apple Blossom PATRONESSES M155 Mary E Hatton M155 Clyde II Foster M155 Gertrude C FACULTY MEMBERS Phelps HONORARY MEMBER M155 Helen Cl1adW1Ck ACTIVE MEMBERS Mar,,uer1te Carpenter BCSSIC Church1ll Margaret Eckert Eleanor Enbel Constance Gray Lllllan Hoab Dorothy Jerome Bermce Kohler Florence MacDonald Kathleen McCauley PLEDGES M155 Belle MOTTISOH Maman McConnell Sarah Metzler Genev1eve Morr1ll Pea1l N1ekelson MZIIOH O Br1en Abness Qtunn Charlotte Reed MHTIOH Sharpe Florence Yeoward Helen 'Bl155 Helen johnson V ko' . . A 1 I - . of Q 1 . ' ' o' I 0' . ' Irene Hocking Violet,Ram5l1aw One Hundred Frflg Nuze -'Aww g x - wr:-1,-. .1 . .Aloha VWMA44, ,, yoga-K bf .,s.: XX 3 ,, ,Q va WA One Hmzdred Sixty Mu Delta Sorority Lambda Chapter, Established 191-l Colors-Pink and XVhite Flower-Pink Rose PATRONESS' Miss Clarice Nowlin HONORARY MEMBERS Gretchen K. Lutz Luella Seagex' Gayle Iles Helen McBratnie Jeanette Fineberg Ruth Lawyer Elinda Miller Alpha . . . Beta . . . Delta . . Epsilon . . Zeta . . . Eta .,.4 Theta . . . Iota . . . Kappa . . . Lainbcla . . . Mu ...... Nu . . F. Verle Coppens ACTIVE MEMBERS Ruth Grimes lVi1IIf1'CCl Doig Edna lXIcCallinn Margery Robinson Francis Bunnell Margaret Burns CHAPTER ROLL ........,........,.......VVooster,Qhio ...Lewis Institute, Chicago, Ill. . . . . . . . . .Surnniit, New Jersey .I .... Los Angeles, California . . . . .l'Vicker Park, Chicago, Ill. . . . .Irving Park, Chicago, Ill. . . . . .North Shore, Chicago, Ill. .. . . . . . .East St. Louis, Ill. . . . .Northwood Park, Illinois ..............Ypsilanti, Mich. . . . . .East Orange, New Jersey .... .......Flint, Mich. Uni' llzzizrlwzl .i'i',rl.i One Hundred Sixly- T100 Cora Bowen Pi Kappa Sigma Established 1393 Colors-Turquoise and Gold Flower-Daffodil PATRONESSES Miss Mary B. Putnam Miss Alice Lawden SORORES IN FACULTATE Ellen Dwyer Celia Blomgren, Inez Rutherford Julia Anne King Gladys Cook Helen Cook Amelia Kellogg SORORES IN URBE Madeline Folmer Antoinette Nilley Frances Wlhitney Lena Knapp Mellencamp Esther Fletcher Eleanor Gardner Charlotte King Ruth Rouse Joyce VVeaver Pearl Weaver Winifred Wincliester Alleen Clark Helen Foster Irene Owen Margaret Brooks Alpha . . . Beta .... Zeta . . . Eta . . . Delta . . . Upsilon . . Theta . . . Iota . . SORORES IN COLLEGIO Florence Toppings Lilias Miller Helen Cole Martha Kidd Genevieve Nulan Agda Peterson VVeta Mathys CHAPTER ROLL Ellen Hopkins Hazel Chapin Gladys Meier XfVl1'1OI'12l Scranton Florence Cole Harriet Hodges Evelyn Fowle ....Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti . . . . . . . . . .State Normal, Alva, Oklahoma . . .State Normal, Indiana, Pennsylvania . . . . . . .Miami University, Oxford, Ohio . . . . .State Normal, Milwaukee, Wiscoiisin . . . . . . . .State Normal, Cheney, Wasliington ...University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . . . . . . . . .State Normal, Emporia, Kansas NATIONAL OFFICERS ALICE LOWDEN, Ypsilanti, Michigan ................. Grand President MARTPIA ZIEGLER, Cincinnati, Ohio ,........... Grand Vice-President FREDERICK BRETCII, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ......... Grand Secretary Helen Cook, Ypsilanti, Michigan. .h ................. Grand Treasurer EDITH TODD, Detroit .................. Grand Historian and Editor Our Huudr rl Sizzix flu' 2 , 1 xi N Q -iv One Hzmdrcd .S1f,l'fj'-F0117 V as fe 1, Slgma Nu P111 Fstablrshed 1897 Colors Xellovv and VVh1te Flower Marbuemte PATRONESS Mrs VV H Sherzer FACULTY MEMBERS Al1ce Boardman Crystal Wforner Bertha Goodrson ACTIVE MEMBERS Wellle Stobre Katlnyn Domgan Arleen Thompson Beth Oates Vlarguernie Vlforner Ruth Tucker Wartha Hale Catherme Cameron Ruth Boaldman Clara Bauer Mar5 Brobst Mozella Galloway Jladys Baxter Dorrs Butler VIar1an Halstead Vlary Case Elma Brrd Warran Bard Marbaret Moon ALUMNAE CHAPTER Beta Detrolt M1Cl11g311 L . L rl D l if ' ' ' ' -4 -, cr ' . I l Q . I lr ,o. , 1 One Hundred Si.x'ly-Five One Hundred Sixty-.Sxix Sigma Sigma Sigma Esiabiisiied 1398 Colorsh-Purple and VVhite Flower-Purple Violet PATRONESS Mrs. Paul B. Sampson FACULTY MEMBER Miss Stinson HONORARY MEMBER Miss Allison ACTIVE MEMBERS Beatrice Miller Aileen Donnelly Olive Waggoner jean MacKenzie Georgiana Boehn Frances McIntyre lein Grace Poast Irvena Pettit Bernice Pettit Dorothy E. VVilson Victoria Steele Jeanette Coffron NON-ACTIVE MEMBERS Phyllis Broan Mary Gooding Viola Lister Mrs. Bertram G. Smith PLEDGES Hariette James Ruth ,Stewart Doris O'Rourke Louise Hunter CHAPTER ROLL Alpha ...... - ........ State Normal, Parmville, Virginia Sigma Phi .... Union University, jackson, Tennessee Kappa .... ...... M iami University, Oxford, Ohio Zeta . . . . . .State Normal, Buffalo, New York Phi .... ...... Iota .... ........ Lambda . . . .... State Mu ..... ,,,,,, Nu .... . . .State Omicron . . Pi .Ohio University, Athens, Ohio State Normal, Greely, Colorado Normal, Indiana, Pennsylvania Normal, Kirksville, Missouri Normal, Wfarrensburg, Missouri State Normal, Alva, Oklahoma X1 ...... ....... . . . State Normal, Ypsilanti, Michigan . . . . . . . . . . . .State Normal, Emporia, Kansas NATIONAL OFFICERS' BIABEL L. XVALTON, Wfoodstock, Virginia MRs. XV. I. DEVOR, Cincinnati, Ohio ....... LTAZEL GEER, Ypsilanti, Michigan ....... CARRIE BTASON, Mattoax, Virginia ....... GENEVIEVI2 IGIRKBRIDGE, Chicago, Illinois MRS. J. I. EATON, Birmingham, Alabama. LIABEI. XVEST, Oxford, Ohio ..... - ...... . .. .Business . . . .Grand President . . ..Grand Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . . .Inspector Editor of Triangle Manager of Triangle Om' l',IlllliI'f'lIi .3'i,i'l,v- One Hzmdrud Sixty-Eiglzt Theta Lambda Sigma Sorority Established 1912 Colors-Crimson and Black Flower-American Beauty Rose PATRONESS Mrs. H. Z. liVilber HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Carl Pray Mrs. Alvin Striekler FACULTY MEMBERS Lucia Densmore ACTIVE MEMBERS Ruth Hastings lrene Stewart Ethel Reiehenbach Leita Cooley Lena Binkle Grace Parkhurst Hope Conkey Edith Hopson Alpha . . Beta . . . Delta . . . Epsilon . . . Gamma . . . Upsilon . . . Ruth Templeton PLEDGES Charlotte Fry CHAPTER ROLL Mrs. Elmer D. Mitchell Mrs. Beyerman Estabrook Rankin Nellie Parr Bessie Beaubier Marjorie Wfilber Kathleen Parr Dorothy Kalmbaeh Theresa Taylor Doris Hilton Norma Turnbull . . . . .Chieago, Illinois .Rogers Park, Illinois ..Fort Wlorth, Texas Little Rock, Arkansas . . .Yalparaiso, Indiana ..Ypsilanti, Michigan Uni' llnrlrln One Hundred Seventy Treble Clef Estabhshed 1n 1905 Colors Royal Purple and Pearl Gray Tlower Enblrsh V1olet PATRONESSES Mrs N A Harvey Mrs VV P Bowen Mrs Annrs Dexter Gray HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs Mary McDermott Mrs Ida Hmtz ASSOCIATE MEMBER Hrlda Smye Stevens ACTIVE MEMBERS Johanna Cl1ffO1d Janet Southard Grace O Br1en Thelma Hrlllard Margaret DUBOIS Agnes Snnth Esther Mosher Bern1ce Hememann Ehzabeth Qtugley Bertr me McCreary M1ldreCl Bull Rome Alexander Ruth Reaper Marron Pryer M1r1an'1 Errtz Ella Mae Dacy Vrvran Staley Evelyn I-Ioch e . 4 - 4 U . . Marion Post Margaret O'Brien One Hundred Seventy One I L f : 1 E 1 . Our' I-lzzflflwfl .S'm'f11ly- Tico Zeta Tau Alpha Established 1910 Colors-Blue and XVhite Flower-White Rose PATRONESSES Nlis. D. H. Roberts Miss Mabel Woinbaugh Miss Elizabeth MeCriekett Miss Johanna Alperniann Mary Cawood Lillian Bates Marion Button Evelyn Beuthien Ilah Detwiler Thekla Forsyth Freda Gilchrist Margaret Kelsey Madeliene Kidd Carrolyn Bacon Florence Brown Alice Consoeur FACULTY MEMBERS Ethel MeCriekett ACTIVE MEMBERS Edna XV iggins PLEDGES Mary Sparling Esther MacFarlane Eunice Nibliek Elnia Neiniela Bernice Phelps Marie Roche Helen Stellwagon Inez Selesky Irene Sniith Flora Clute Esther Paton Leona MeCluskey Um' lllrilzlrfrl N lIfX lin A v- .4-,, ' '.',l, 1 .,.f'3. 0 1 'xl f-'if PQ '-I ::,V I Kappa Gamma Phi Established 1914 Colors-Blue and XVhite Flower-Violet Miss Jessie Laird Miss Sara Lewis Dorice Pascoe Edith Cook Ethel Mclntyre Margaret Jones Myrtle Doerr Gladys Marshall Bernice Gilbert Edith Colister Alpha . . . One Hu11d1'r6l Se've11ty-Four PATRONESS Mrs. 0. O. Norris FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Wfinifred Lacy Miss Einina R. Cross Qln servicej ACTIVE MEMBERS Beatrice Johnson Rachel MacKay Hazel Mears Glenadine Hall Ethyl Barber Joyce Durfee Kathryne Keep NON-ACTIVE MEMBER Beulah Meade PLEDGES Ethel Rogers Q Gladys Erickson Ella Von Sprecken ALUMNAE CHAPTER .....................Detroit, Michigan PIPDST h I HJ UM' Enos? 5' uv to be in so lu gf QW 1 ...J Q " I 2 V MAIL 25 '1 9 1 ci J I f x df! J Not fo Qhvur C Whee qh.,vm'11A- OUrIdSiS Things of the Past-Read in the Present, and in the Future-I Hope - Sept. 27, A. M.-"Ypsilanti."! That's where I started for. It ,Isl How did that brakeman guess it? , P. M. All tagged, fagged, and hagged after securing the jajgy J three I-I's, i. e.,-rooming House, boarding House, and school 5 l House. All set. gi 5 Sept. 28. Everybody had the best time tonight at the Freshman Frolic-except me. They just couldn't entertain 5 Q me-try as they would-'cause I wasn't there. Oct. l. The college is proud to have the S. A. T. C. here. Tuesday at eleven o'clock Pease Auditorium was filled. Members of the S. A. T. C. were inducted into the service of the United States. They marched into the auditorium, and Buck said, "All of the company was out of step but mef' This is a lonesome life, eh, Buck? Oct. 9. I was shocked to tears this morning, listening to Major VVilliam Cressy speak about Serbia. I loaned my handkerchief to the girl next to meg so I just couldn't afford to cry. Oct. 12. Sat on the bleacher twenty minutes waiting for the crowd and the "Green and XVhite VVarriors." This flu is terrible, but I sure look beautiful in my Hu mask. . Oct. 23. Community singing in assembly this morning. I sang wonderfully. The S. A. T. C. QSafe At The Collegej said he had never heard anything like it before. I Oct. 25. Our college is unique and different,-therefore interesting. Instead of one dean, we have a committee of three women. The deans will "Pearce" until they are "Priddy" "Wise",-so, girls, be good. Nov. 7. False hopes! I had the best time while it lasted. Wfell, there is one thing certain. Vtfe will know how to act next time. VV'e are in practice. Our lliezrffrud .S'r':'i'1:ly-S n 2 MC' gy ' 1'. 4f-4'2" .' -mu ff, Q 4 ' .- , 17 5, lk in I M - 4, Qsrmmfw .,, .g.:,:,-.W 7... ,A 3723 . gif- :: -Q,L. .- f 4f1e.:,:p:1T"2' -::'- , rim" , ff '. AP' "-Y" ' ,,.' ' , . . f r-551. - -,,-sf .'-M-Q f. '12-P 1.9 N 'f' V f ,usa : M, -1 I f ' .A 3 1 1 5,43 Q H r ,hi . 'I 1 ' z Q 4' 1 2, N5 9 I X ,Q ,V I X n' Q ,f 'Veg 3, 47+ r 5 ' ' f - .-,ffvvyvf 3.4, x!?3 "':. 12 " . Qf,.1,fffT? , . fy . - 14. 1, -- 4 an-amen -. 2 T1- Au 7'o Tcl Hap Oh! Oh! A 3 Y !Vl1'NNi3 VVf7.Q5gb 0110 Hnzzdrnd Sffvvzziy-EigI1t Nov. 11. Victory. Gur crude efforts to celebrate Nov. 7 was a skeleton upon which we built our celebrated victory. LUX UIVU UC Nov. 12. U. of M. gets slim decision over Coach Bell's men. Final score 7-6. I just must write home and tell little brother Pierre all about our peachie team. Ilm for you, Archie! Nov. 1-l. Uh you jack Quintette. Held me enraptured. 1 enjoyed the violins at first, but when 1 learned that a Strad- ivarius worth 312,000 and a Quarneri worth 310,000 were in their midst, 1 was crazy about them. High classed and high priced music, 1'll say! Nov. 23. Poor Hillsdale lost, 20-6. .Awful nice boys, but they just can't play a real game. Tliat's all I've got to say. A No. 24. Fire at Health Cottage this afternoon. Nov. 25. I missed George R. Lunn's lecture on "Democ- racy on Trial," but my room-mate said she sat through it all and learned a lot. You canlt appreciate Anna Realgreen unless you know her. Nov. 27. Liberty Thanksgiving Assembly. Headed and directed by Profes- sor Alexander. XNe can never forget this wonderful meeting. Using Frederick AleXander's words as they appear in the "American Schoolmaster" for December, 1918-"In no sense H I was it an entertainment. It was a ritual-a ritual if T12 in memory of dead heroes, of living hopes, of eter- 0 nal praise and thanksgiving." That's just it. 1 j f' Vff'N'fvyQ couldn't have done any better myself. f M., 4 Nov. 28. Did more things today. Anyone that ! M, lg 1. works as hard as 1 do appreciates a one day's vaca- ll S lml' C6 tion. i Dec. 13. All of our S. A. T. C, have gone. 5 S Pass me the smelling salts. My roommate says, 'fYou never can tell what the draft will blow in or '1- out next." That's right too. XVish 1 was smart like Anna. Oni' Huurlrrd Sl'-zmlllx XIII ' JUS-t JCUW' TWO DQQP 5 hi' p nm: One Hzmdwd Eighty O Dec. 19, A. M. Fall Convocation. Oh! the girls looked so nice this morn- ing. just like roses, only not a thorn among um. I believe it is the hrst time in the history of the college, that there were no men graduates. Never mind, girls, war is what Sherman said. Evening. "Hence! Loathed melancholy!" All of Fairy Land was out tonight at the Christmas Frolic. I overheard a bit of conversation between two well known danseurs :- .Heleu F.-"I think I shall rest. I am really dawnced out." Mr. Brown Chard of hearingjH"Not so darned stoutg just nice and plump, I should say." The evening would not have been real if we did not have one Mephistopheles. Fairies are like human beings, for they ended up by having their pictures taken. VVe are on the eve of a vacation, and then what will the new year bring? Jan. 6. All the nation sorrows for Roosevelt. At his home, Sagamore Hill at four fifteen o'clock this morning Theodore Roosevelt died. jan. 11. I saw the first basketball game of the season tonight, and it was a good starter. The main criticism is that the girls do not turn out enough to add pep and color to the more somber Qbut necessaryj shades. Girls, welve got to cheer the boys. Bowling Green 15 vs. Ypsi 69. Go Ye Normals! -Ian. 1-l. The Ypsi team played the peppiest I game tonight with the Detroit Laws, score 20-22. V - K The bleachers were alive with young Miss En- ' thusiasms and Mr. Peps. jan. 21. The Adrian team made such silly mistakes that I judged that each had slept under a crazy quilt the night before. Our 48 makes their 17 look sick. Ian. 24. Mt. Pleasant didnlt play a bad game tonight. They were beaten? Oh, yes, 21-25. During the intermission a soldier walked in, and the young lady next to me asked her escort, "XVhy do they call our American soldiers dough boys F" Her escort replied, "Because the Secretary of Wfar is a 'Bakerf " I didn't have time to laugh-the second half started. Ian. 31. My Normal News came this morning. I never have to ask if the mail man has gone by on Friday A. M. I know I'll get the Newt. It stated that the Normal Choir was going to sing. Now, my roommate thinks she can sing, so I soliloquized this will be a good chance to let her hear real singing. Wie went that evening, but my roommate still sings constantly. Moral-Dont take a stone deaf person to a musical program. Um' lllmrlwrl lfiglilx 1 . .... what SLiDi'rLGtI1ru Life C,h.uc.K 771-ne for Lunch SmiLeS- QUUVHS Qwhv Om' Hundred Eiglzty-Twp jan. 30-31. Big doings at Ypsi. People from near and far are gathering here to attend the Mid-Year Educational Conference. It is a truth that we are truly Hkeeping our 'teaching methods up to datef' XVe heard Dr. XVilliam C. Bagley, Dr. Franklin H. Giddings and Dr. C. NV. Crampton, and men of that caliber. Guess we "will-be-teachers" will have to step some to keep up with educational progress. March 7. Oh, the fun of it! A good spring opening for campus pleasure. The XVomen's Oratorical Contest took place at Pease Auditorium at two o'clock in the afternoon. Our Belle jones was a wonder. My roommate was so dis- gusted to think Belle didn't get first place. She said there was partiality shown, but you can't depend on Anna. The Men's Contest commenced at seven olclock. Men always are favored. Anyway we were delightfully entertained by the Kalamazoo Glee Club. Oh boy! I don't know which one I like hestmhonestl But those yells! Say, didn't it make your hair stand on end, girls? I like fun like that. Makes you excited all over both inside and out. I am going to write home and tell who was there. Let's see: Olivet, Adrian, Albion, Alma, Hillsdale, Hope, Kala- mazoo, and I mustn't forget to add what a wonderful bass voice Glen A. Hunt has when he orates. Oh, girls, could E In ,All--I 9 you guess it to look at him? It may be interesting to add p I ' W that Ypsi came out second in both contests. Albion re- f!:w,:7, , ceived first place in the XVomen's Contest, and the deci- sion for the Men's Contest resulted in Hope' getting first ' place- Qmques ' March 7-8. The Normal Choir journeyed to Detroit Friday afternoon. They sang that evening, and Saturday 5 afternoon and evening, at the Arts and Crafts Theatre. g i Am on the trail of some interesting goings on there. March 15. My roommate is so cute! Just a Freshie, you know the kind. She turned on the weeps tonight just , because we Sophs won the Girls' Indoor Meet. Of course E I was sympathetic and all that, but the facts remain that 1 ' K we were victorious by a score of 28-14. March 26. As in previous years the Freshmen and Sophomores came to- gether on the sea of battle. The Sophomores won 31-27. One of the Freshies said it wasn't fair to have Bemis so conspicuous because every time they looked at the waves in his hair they got seasick. Ugh! Om' Hunzdrud Eiglily Yin April l. No school today because tee heelj April 7. Poor little Freshies lost course we were Fresh last year and Never mind, Freshman girls, and you Prexy had his picture taken fApril fool, out again at the Swimming Meet. Of won, but we were an exceptional class. might get an easy start. April ll. You know how it is to room with anyone. Well, Anna is talking so much and so fast that I forget what I was going to write about the Degree Class party. Of course we were royally entertained. W'e played games and danced and had the most fun. The music was so delicious, you know, that you couldn't resist dancing, even with Mr. Threadgould, or at least I couldn't. April 22. The Sophs won the indoor track meet. April 24-25. Both nights reserved for the Kollege Komedy. Sometimes you enjoy yourself so much that you just can't tell about it. Well that's how I feel right now. A Freshie, it's up to you to keep up the name and fame of our Kollege Komedy and make it an annual success. lVe of the Sophomore class leave the honor to you. May 3. This is the year for our May day on the green. Wfho is to be the May Queen? I donlt know. May 5. I-Iad a dream last night. Dreamt that someone swiped my diary. It is founded on real facts and someone might want it. Guess I will put it away for safe keeping. Solong, dear book. Off'-ro xl if Alf' in as fa f Q" 'ff ' 0 s Q I I One Hundred Eighty-Fam' Our Janitors To these men are eiitrustecl the duties and responsibilities of making and keeping our college a pleasant and attractive place to be. Uni' IIIIIIIIITIY' lfiyll ly-I7f1L'e GQHTLG- U P Leigm-e Houvs ' on Dufv TF!-ash TyPG- One llvzzizdrvd Eiglzfy-.S'i,r H Bi PROFESSOR XVILBUR P. BOWEN Head Of the Department of Physical Education ,, .,,,., Our Hxmdrud Eigll fy-.S Athletics Foreword In the past America has earned the right to be called the true "playing na- tion." Amid the constant grinding of the wheels of industry and the never chang- ing routine of the business World the one thing that has kept her ever young is Athletics. It is the spirit of athletics that creates the true sportsman of the busi- ness world. It is the early training gained through such emulation that has given men and women the ability to cope with the crises of life. It is athletics that makes schools and colleges what they are. America in the past has recognized this fact and has in every way emphasized this form of recreation as a most im- portant department in the curricula of life. At times there has come the call for men to enlist in the greater game of war, and it has ever been the athlete who has most willingly responded. He has thrown aside his spiked shoes and left the cin- der pathg he has dropped his bat and abandoned his moleskins for khaki. He has offered his services willingly, he has made his sacrifices without complaint and has stood the test. To these, our athletes, and especially to those who have made the supreme sacrifice, we pay the highest tribute. E Even as the Greek runner of the past brought the glorious news of Marathon to Athens, so the return of the athlete to the gridiron and diamond brings to us the realization of the greatest victory that has ever been Won. May they never be forced to take up arms again, and from this time forth may America bend her every effort toward elimination of war and the encouragement of that form of competition which deals with the creation of men and not the destruction of them. One Hzalzdred Eighty-Eight Rynearson The question has been asked often enough, "VVho is the most popular man on the campus ?" On this all important question the fellows themselves feel that it is their privilege to cast the deciding ballot, and the honor has been con- ferred without a dissenting yote upon the gentleman whose photograph appears above. Elton Ryneai-son is a man whom the Normal College justly reveres. For years he has been active on the campus, and his efforts as an athlete have ever shed glory on the green and white. Even after graduation he has not for- saken her standards, but since that time he has bent his every effort to the winning of contests in which he can no longer play a part. To those who have come in Contact vvith him, Rynie is a true friend, sympathetic, helpful, ever cheerful. During the time in which he has been affiliated with the Normal col- lege, he has had big problems to face, and he has met them more than half way. He sends his teams forth to victory playing a game that is honorable and square, and he comes forth from the field of defeat with that genuine Rynearson smile. Om' l',IHlIfI'i'If lifflllfj' Football Squad MCKNIOHT, I. .... ................... . XVARING ........ , ........................ ....... NIUNK, XIANIDEXIENTER, B'lANCOEL'R, CARLSON, Snllrrl .... GANFIELD, BIAHER, SHERIDAN .............. ....... NIOORE, IQINNEY AIULREED, XVALKER, HOUT. . . . CRANE, H. lWCliNIGHT, HENDERSON ....... IYIACGREGOR ..................... -LYNN BELL ....... XVALTER DRAPEIQ .... .......... SCHEDULE Nov. 9-M. 5. N. C. .. .. 0 Detroit IU11lO1'.COll6gC. . . Nov. l6-M. S. N. C... .. 6 U. of M. Army Corps. .. NOV. 23-M.s.N.C... 20 Hillsdale One Hundred Ninety . . .Center Quarter . . . . .Guards . . . .Tackles . . . , .Ends . . . . .Halves . . . Full . . . . .Coach Manager . . . 18 7 6 Football In reviewing the season of l9lS, one finds little to comment upon. The sea- son was noticeably a failure, and the main reason for this sad state of affairs was the scarcity of proper material. The athletic world was at this moment turned upside down, and football had received the brunt of the whole catas- trophe. Hence, it is not strange that M. S. N. C. looked forward to the grid- iron season with serious foreboding. The introducing of that new institution, the Students' Army Training Corps, upon the campus aided considerably, and with the material gained therefrom Coach Bell attempted to train a winning football squad. Vtfith the problem of material partially met, another obstacle presented it- self in the form of that new disease, the Spanish influenza. Not only did this problem keep the boys from meeting other teams on the held of battle, but it caused discouragement in our ranks, and as a result men began to drop from the squad, in this way crippling the untiring efforts of those interested in the athletic welfare of the green and white. Witli these reverses in mind, the season's efforts cannot be passed over with- out a word of praise. "Mac" Macgregor made an excellent captain and proved his ability as a good all-around player. Crane was as good as ever this year and tore the opposing line again and again for gains that counted. Lefty VVaring, also a former M. S. N. C. star, came back with his old pep and made good in the quarterback position. Kinney also deserves a word of mention as do sev- eral others who helped make the team what it was. Unsuccessful though the season was, weshall never forget our wartime eleven. Ona Hundrcd A mi lx Ont Basketball Team SCHEDULE, 1918-1919 M. S. N. C ,... .... 6 5 Bowling Green ....... M. S. N. C .... . . . 22 Detroit College of Law M. S. N. C .... ... 48 Adrian .......... ... M. S. N. C .... ... 25 Mt. Pleasant ...... ... M. S. N. C .... . .. 17 Detroit junior College M. S. N. C .... 35 U. of Toledo ..... M. S. N. C ..,. ... 26 Alma .......... ... M. S. N. C .... ... 44 Hillsdale ....... ... MMS. N. C .... ... 27 Hillsdale ....... .... M. S. N. C .... . . . 30 Ford Hospital Corps. . M. S. N. C .... . . . 37 Bowling Green .... . .. M. S. N. C .... ... 25 Alma .......... ... M. S. N. C .... ... 9 Mt. Pleasant ..... ... M. S. N. C .... .... 4 Z Camp Custer Oflicers. Ona Hmzdwd .7Vi1'zviy-Two POWERS You all know him and what First comes Eddie, the captain for the season. ' tl in more about him? Eddie has been with he can do, and so why say any 1 g . ' ' ' ' essfully dabbled in about every us a long time and during that period has succ form of athletics on the campus. Eddie's main stays are baseball and basketball. ' 't so Eddie is some basket shooter-yes, yes, qui e V. LAWLER A Next we have little Dunc, and he is right there when it comes to a game of basketball, as all who have witnessed his depredations will admit. Wfhen he wants to get the ball up to the other end of the field, he just carries it right up there and no one seems to care anything about stopping him. He plays a Guard position, but he does not limit his activities to any one part of the field. ' ' ' f f cl of is football, 6 Another branch of athletics that he is especially on DRAKE Next picture, please. Wfell, if it isn't Roland! This is another young gen- tleman with whom you are all familiar. He is a regular center, although he can play about any position on the field. Ducky has a never-failing eye, and when he tries to make a basket he always makes it. He is also an excellent swimmer. Ona 1f1lIlIf7'Cd Nilzuly-Tllrve EDWARDS This is Bill. He has played with us before, and we all agree that as a guard he is hard to beat. He is steady and is good at keeping his man out of the play- ing. He made a record for himself when he played with the University of De- troit last year. Besides being a basketball shark, he is also a marvel on the gridiron. MORRIS Moe has always been a tower of strength to the Normal quintet. He is right there every minute, and the man that gets away from him is good. He can shoot baskets, too, and do many things to help us gain our victories. Moe is also a good man on the football field. HOLLWAY XVhen they want a man to keep the other side from scoring they always call on Podge, and he never fails. He, like Edwards., is steady and reliable and noth- ing gets past him. It can truthfully be said that he is one of the most depend- able men on the squad. Podge is also A No. l on the diamond. ' CARLSON Carlie hasn't tried basketball before, but he has always been so successful in every other branch of athletics that he thought he would try this line of sport. The results show that his work is of a fine grade, and he can surely tear up the opposing team. Baseball and football are the two other departments in which he shines. FORSYTHE Chuck is a new man who came to us from the championship Milan team of last year. He was the captain of that team, and of course we expected great things of him-and we were far from disappointed. He mixed in quite a num- ber of the games this season and has done splendid service for the Normal. Chuck is fast on the Hoor and is right there when it comes to basket shooting. CRANE Clif is another man who has made a mark for himself in Normal athletics. He tried his hand at basketball this season with great, success and proved him- self a valuable man in almost any position. He is also a marvel on the gridiron and a demon on the diamond. He was picked as a second choice for all-state half. One Hzuzdrcd Nillety-Four Swimming Team Hunt Powers Lawler CcoachD Drake Hewitt Baker Bemis Cmanagerj Cooney ENTRIES' -LO-Yard Dash . . 100-Yard Dash . . 40-Yard Breast Stroke 40-Yard Back Stroke. Diving .... Plunge for Distance . Relay Race . . Freshmen . . . Cooney, lst, Hunt, 3rd . Bemis, lst, Cooney . Baker, lst, Hewitt Hewitt, lst, Bemis, 2nd Drake, 3rd, Hewitt, Bemis . Bemis, Zndg Hewitt 7 . . . . Cooney, Hewitt, Hunt, lfowers FINAL SCORE .. 27 Sophomores - . . . . 31 Om' 1'l1111drvd .Yizlwfy Baseball Squad MoRR1s ...... ..................,..... LAMPKIN .... ..,........ ........ DRAPER ........... CARLSON ............. May 23 .. . May 24 . .. May 29 . . . June 4 . . . June 6 . . . Tune 10 . . . june ll .. . One Hundrrfd Niazvfy-.S'i.r 33333555 TWH mmmwsv'U'U IPO! F. 'aw-4K4k4a.2. gig 3' vm "5" ww mama, X'f1O?0?nQf-fa .WZ 1: ::::: m0 1: 5359 x.'5g 32:1 eff K-"TV E32 nf '- - ,4'. 5333333 -1- 31' af E13 wiv' g'f'i 0 332 O , 'PU un. 5-Q, U. wi.. U1 n-9 A f-fi, '-':l.O'-" pu' . 9-Vp!-Pig X. - A P' 4-Uv' mf- Et-O TNF? 3:3 SN Qzfni 2 xx- -I-I If- zigzag: . . . . . .First Base . . . .Second Base . . . . .Third Base . . . . .Short Stop . . . . .Catcher . . . .Pitchers . . . .Outheld . . . .At Ypsilanti . . . .At Ann Arbor .. . . . .At Adrian ..........At Ypsilanti Mt. Pleasant O .......... At Ypsilanti Hillsdale ..... Albion 6 .... Adrian l ........ Assumption ...... Orchard Lake ..... Alina ......... . Mt. Pleasant ...... . . .At East Lansing . . . . . .At Ypsilanti . . . . At Hillsdale ........At Albion . . . . . .At Ypsilanti At Sandwich, Ont. . . . . . .At Ypsilanti Alina . . .At Mt. Pleasant Baseball Although the diamond activities have but begun, everything seems to point to a very successful season. A number of old men are back this year as are also a number of new men who are showing excellent ability in their depart- ments. Carlson is back at short, and that bit of news alone should be enough to bring a swarm of fans to every game. Swede is still there with all his old- time pep and his work in the field is even better than before. Eddie Powers is back on the mound and his work so far this season has dazzled his opponents. He needs only a fair fielding team behind him to pile up victory after victory. Fox is back with the big stick and has also shown his ability to aid Eddie in the box. Among the newcomers, Thelan stands out as a man with great possibilities, and there are also several others who are doing excellent work with the bat and glove. ' The team has already started on its season's activities. On April 26, they met Albion here and defeated her in a hard-fought battle, 5-4. During the fol- lowing week 'the team traveled to Ann Arbor and tackled the Varsity squad. Their work against the fast University team is worthy of the highest praise, defeated though they were by a score of 5-3. On the following Friday, the green and white won her first victory on foreign territory by an overwhelming score of 19-2. VVe are sure that we could go on ringing up a whole string of such victories but the students are calling frantically for the AURORA and so we are forced to cease our pleasant labors at the beginning of a season which we are sure will be the most successful in many a year. 0110 llnlldrvd .Yillflj S1 zu Track Team DASHES-Barton, Buchanan, Millard. MIDDLE DLSTANCES-Cleary, McKnight, Hubbard, Nlflieaton, Carpenter, F. Smith Edwards. IJISTANCE5-XNCSY. JUMPS-Speiden, Hunt, Einens. HUlll7LESiI'Ill11l, Eniens, Speiden. XVEIGH'1'S-XVGDD, Millard, XVest. May 3 May 12 May 17 May 24 llflay 31 One Hundred Ninety-Eight SCHEDULE . . . . .Detroit junior College at Detroit ..,........,.......Hillsdale at Hillsdale . . . . . . .Detroit junior College at Ypsilanti State Intercollegiate Meet at East Lansing Alina at Ypsilanti Track In the past few years track athletics have taken a decided slump at the Nor- mal College. Of course, some men have been found who are willing to conse- crate their time to that form of recreation, and as a result teams have been placed upon the held, meets held, and a goodly share of them won. However, the interest in this activity has been far from inspiring. This year's squad plans to tan into flames these dying sparks of enthusiasm. They have already started on their yearly grind with a schedule of five meets to spur them on, and if we can judge at all from the optimistic manner of Coach Samson, we should say that a very successful season is at hand. Perhaps a word or two concerning last year's activities would not be out of place. The squad of '18 went through a season of three meets with wonderful success, captained by Tim Crow, a sprinter with a record. This young gentle- man was ably assisted by a gentleman by the name of Vtfalker, a jumper, who was easily the star of the season. But these two were by no means responsible for all of the point making. Vtfest, our long-distance man, carried off his event nearly every time he started. He is with us again this year and is better than ever. Cecil Millard and Pat Cleary showed excellent ability on the dashes, while Wfheaton took care of the middle distance runs with the aid of Carpenter, and both did it in fine shape. All of these men are back this year, and we expect a great deal from them. Hunt, who assisted NValker at the leaping last year, has 'turned out again this season and is looking good. Along with these, several newcomers have turned out, conspicuous among Whom are Speiden, Buchanan, and McKnight. Speiden broke the college indoor high jumping record at the annual indoor meet, and so we have a right to ex- pect a good many points from that direction. Buchanan and McKnight are runners with ability. The Mecca of every Normal track man is the Lansing invitation meet, and each man works with that end in view. Last year's squad made a time record there, and we expect even greater results from the squad of '19. Om? Iflllldavll .YTIIF Two H'lllIdl'Ud Letter Men On the Campus LAVVLER BIORRIS CARPENTER CLEARY BEEMON HOLLWAY LAWLER CARPENTER CLEARY HUNT CARLSON DRAPER FOX TTOLLVVAY S H AVVLEY FOOTBALL SOCCER BASKETBALL EDWARDS TRACK LAMPKIN BASEBALL RYNEARSON TENNIS RYNEARSON EDVVARDS XV EST LUSE MORRIS POWERS RYNEARSON NIILLARD XVHEATON XVEST LAXVLER MORRIS POXVERS BATES BEEMON Girls' Indoor Meet , With the general absence of athletic interests in college this fall, when the usual Girls' Meet was proposed in the winter it met with little enthusiasm and it required much coaxing and pleading on the part of the few who were espe- cially interested to carry it through. In spite of this, however, on the night of March 15 a good crowd gathered in the men's gymnasium and a group of enthusiastic participants made things take on a lively appearance. There was tigure marching, folk dancing, running high jump, 15-yard dash, newcomb, volley ball, two games of basketball and a managers' relay, and the score went to the Sophomores by a good margin though the Freshmen made a splendid showing and won both basketball games as well as the relay. Every one seemed satisfied and happy. Tim lluudr 1 Il S0111-Iolxmrzlz MANAGERS, Guns' INDOOR NIEIET Eva Toivonen Wilma Carter Helen Aclleson Clara Schmid Margaret Moon Esther Bernllardt Mary Brobst Marion Halstead Doris Beemou Irene Taylor 'Nl .-1 C E S QL N? b N1 P2 P. FIUQSHMAN NIANAGERS, GIRLS' INDOOR IVIEET Rulh Curry Sena Schrier Dorothy Sharphorn Catherine Cameron Doris Butlex Martha Johnson Olive Ulcsila Marion Bard 'Hazel Chapin Lelia Stock .1.-1- '1 151P.--11'- 1fJ 11 ,wg im Aw 1 ml r t1,.r1H ' F"-1V'LT!5T WA in ' 1 + 3155.112 ' 1 1 55-'-"MP-1' 'Q' 'gf 1 1 Y! ll 1 N7 -1 1"1 1, , 'JE' f 1111 I-"'4f1I1."?J1' fl - f. . .1 - : '4 Ackn Q W1Le e gmemts are ue to all wb. , gmfamy way, a.1 ed ijn A fnakmg up the P919 AURGIMA i1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 ' 11' J 1 wg 1 1 1 - I Y V . 1 1 . 1 1 ,Y 1' E. 1 - A ffm.. 1111 2 fu , P 1 ' - . T' ' ' ' J .1 :E 1. . , ' I - 'I . 1 Y 1.1 1? 11, MJ 1 1 P 1 11. ' 1 - 112515141112-W!1l1'J . 1 '- - Q' I 1 .li-La, hcl fg!-1-H 11M 1 .15 an N 1, -. . - f1.- , fa. .-' 'wg 1 If 111, L, 1r111i--- 3- 31, 5 T . E1.. - .1 S...-111' 1 1 Q A .f ,Q 11. 1,11 .- F-. -. 1 11 - . .B -. 2 g 11 :1-.nts iq, H, ' 'M N' 11 -f '1:1' - .2 , 1 . 4 ,- fl' f5:'::"jL'Il' ffl L.'.1:11.1'5'r '1nPfJ'-.,'5'1W'2'- -4' . NJC ',..113. ' -.a -11 1' 'FF' 1 -1 Nj. ..- .T 1 ' HW --:1 If-2 - '1'11a:51..-' 1 'g ,,1 1:11 U1 "rin - .1 'lpgwzf F' . -1:-H 1- -:J 1' H-:. -'-e 1' " .1 '11 E 34' .' ? '51 -5.111 1, , ,.,. 1 1-,I 1. I 11- , 11,,, ,: 111, g . ,, -F , .1 - -, 1 1 - I:.1,11 -11 f 1,,, I U, I 111. Ht 315.-'Ili 5 1 -J.. 1: 1 ' - . km' J'.11.',.'1'-'J I T75 F". " v- "-'Mir 'Z fe, . 'ff .111 41 11 L ' 11- 11-3 'mi . L ' V' 51. 1'-1 ,' I 1""' . Q 11 4:11 L-51 1 . 131' 2.1 , - 111 1 -2,---1 1- 1- --11.111115 T1 gy.: 1 111 1111 1. 11 31 11,-11 1,1-1. 1111-13- ,tn N 5. ,J J- . - A ,lil K - ,, ,151 111 3 1-rr.-I.. .,.,'v.A,,Z:b1 5, Y, V, H. 1: 1 5 .- : :yi 11.1,-I X. N5 1,14 1.- 1,h I gc! r, up ,degl i 1-t1,g. 11,15 11,-111 wwf, 15 ,1 - ...M -135' ,, a., - 1.1 , a-. .11 .:L,,. 57 1 'Q 11 11 BL Qqafigv' .Jr 11,131 rw , 'ff 1:11 - - f ww- 6' ' 1-'3,1,'rT.. 31.7511-' ' . ' ' -11 .Q 1 .fif- fr' ' 'iz-?c'1-i.j5:'P'xs'11f'15,2G " 111 1 1 ' Y ffl 1 '11f'.'1'L..," .1 ' 1-1f ' ' 1 ' TZ I 13' 15 111,51 3.1. -11' gfhfgh fa- 1, 1.11. 1 1 'tj f i:1:r: Y ' ' 1 1 -1 1 15,-f.1:1,,, .4117 -11 -1- 1 ' X.,1'I1x, -11 1 , v V, if L1 Q1 1,.E' 3 f '4,',.,3"'. 'F '- ' ' ,L1 1 11 LN ni, 1 . 1 ' s' -9 ' 11 X 1 - "jj-131 1 .1 - U ' 191' 1 I- X I-gi' H,-1' . - - 1' ', 6 .11 V ,... '1 I - V Ri' Q H. A ' L 'Y ' 'Q 1 1 ' .- - -- 11, 4.1. ' ,ci JA- ' 4 "ff 'FF-' -- if--5,-if '1 ' 'V if " .Q 7 r 1 if W3 ' T" if"-V -'f ' A Y' 1 N 411.11 1 ' 1 'a:11pf T i 1 -f n ' x Q 1 , ' V "::1 F I ' . J 1 , n'Afi'11 '.,A 1 o - -'- rl I - 5. . . 11 - ' T 1 1 . " Q 5. E 1 -Z 'I , 1 1 1 . . . ,. Q 1 I . ' : Y.L ,: 1 6 1, I , V A , 1 1 , I 1.4 fezp 1 Q 3.4 ,f f 1 . ' 1. 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"' I 4. -H ------- ------. --... - .. ...... ------- ..-.+ ...-.----..-----------------..----....,,....,.--9 I i M' h' St t N l C. ll IC lgan a e orma o ege I I FOUNDED IN 1852 5 l High School Graduation Required . . 1 for Admission 1 l EDUCATIQNAL PLANT: Campus of 4-5 acres. Seven buildings with modern equipment. i Training School including Elementary and High School Departments. i CERTIFICATES AND DEGREES: Life Certificate on completion of Two Years' Curriculum. ' A. B. Cin educationj Degree on completion of Four Years, Curriculum. SPECIAL COURSES: Household Arts-Four Years' Curriculum, Life Certihcate, B. S. Degree. L Kindergarten-Two Years' Curriculum, Life Certificate. Q Physical Education-Two and Three Years' Curricula, Life Certificate. l Public School Music-Txvo and Three Years Curricula, Life Certificate. . . .. . I Drawing and lVIanual Arts-Two Years' Curriculum, Life Certificate. 2 . . . . . l Commercial-Qln connection with accredited Business Collegesj Two Years' i Curriculum, Life Certificate. T Normal College Conservatory of Music Offers Courses in i Voice, Piano, Organ, and Violin l WRITE FOR CATALOGUE C. P. STEIMLE, .Secretary-Registrar YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN i I Tim Hizlrrlrud I f QSXXNNNXXX +11 flu. -xa'aQ,,,..m Hrtxsts 'Photo ngrahera Besrdes bemg the largest orgamzauon 11 the country speclalmng on Slualzty College Illustramons handllng over goo annuals every year mcludmg th1s one we are general art1sts and engravers Our Large Art Departments create desrgns and d1st1nct1ve 1llustrat1ons make accurate mechanlcal Wash dravvlngs and b1rdseye v1eWs retouch photographs, and specxahze on advert1s1ng and catalog 1llustrat1ons Our photographm department 15 unusually expert on outs1de work and on machmery, Jewelry and general merchandlse We reproduce all k1nds of copy 1n Halftone, Zmc Etchlng, Ben Day and Three or Four Color Process , ID fact, make every k1nd of or1g1nal prmtrng plate, also Electrotypes and N1ckeltypes by wax or lead mold process At your servzce Any mme Anywhere for Anythrng ln Art, Photography and Photoengravmg JAI-IN S, OLLIER ENGRAVING Cb. 554 XVEST ADAMS STREET' CHICAGO ,,,- I f , , Tu 0 HIl11dl'Fd Six Mi Bde s w .Zz if ' fs M! f it sum i fn? ' EJ l ff? tl f A f w fe ? M f S , """:!:'Su:inaumizig!. -g .S Y- ' - 'fum ' WMM, ,,,, , 0, -- Q -Vlm"l"""""U1HlIIII1ls:1u- 4. Fa "ff W 4,, --- j ' WW 3- Er e? V r : U ---- T - E' 5 v illa 2 :nl H ii i J Z- A, -E.- ,u.lnr:'.y my b Z V ,-NAJ'10NA'Li'EUtICATIc7NAL.-BUREAU i ll+f?E ,h.......1 iv i l -ff' :. ff". ' ,,, ' sf ff a sftfir H 4" Y-A-A ,flfffferiff ' " ,W gl . .... lf you are not already located in a good position for the coming year, ask for one of our enrollment blanks. VVe have more calls for superintendents, principals, and teachers than we can supply, Some time in the future when you are looking for a good position, write us, and we will locate you if you have made gcod. VVe have calls for teachers from every state. NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Ypsilanti - - - Nlichigan C. S. LUVIDLEY, President X Managti Tim ll: Illlfl

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