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«% A •dt. imillHIUgig} Eastern Kentucky $tat$ Teaphers College — 1936 f . I M ■? -VI » ; |yp | O 1 V ■ III ' — — -.—-■- ■ J Jtf ' 3 %L- - v ifW in. .■ KENTUCKIANA John Wilson Townsend Room EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY I IDlfUl RICHMOND .E463 I ft?- I KENTUCKY m gra MILESTONE eighty- one . - ' I - -. . . .--V- r .-• -- ' £ feA : !W i - C»k NINETEEN EIGK VOLUME 58 " . EASTERN KENTUCKY ..iJfilVERSI RICHMOND KEN. UCKY 40 BARRY MIL 1 DONNA BU LARRY BAILEY, ditor M? — SpOAV — Academics — Organizations sses . £ . . .Donna Valehi . Denise Larson . Karen House . . . . David Mupf . . Cheryl Fpench . . Tammy Rogers I •M Look back on 75 years. It didn ' t seem an auspicious start when, in 1906, " Normal School No. 1 " began operating with three buildings, a handful of teachers and not many more students. But it grew. And in its 75th year Eastern Kentucky University looks back on that growth with pride. For it is the rich heritage of these 75 years that allows Eastern to . . . Look ahead. That is the duty of the University: to stand on the shoulders of the past and look ahead to the future; to prepare its students for the future; to prepare itself for the future. Robert Martin, Eastern ' s sixth president, recognized this duty when he said " Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men ' s blood. " « • ' t 4BM 2l £ ' aACa Jl A. W Vjt . v ' " ■ ' i ' u» fe ffr W »5 V V ■ . 1 . 1 " 7 T5k B WW(pi " P f f " H . r , nM 4 . And here old and new blend, not clash For though the old sometimes must yield to the new, The character of the old stays alive in the new . . . K£ F r? J5J 4 i r . w 8 Milestone eighty-one Milestone eighty-one 9 Man seems to be vying with nature just now in an attempt to make our school grounds even more worthy of the name, " The Campus Beautiful. " Old fences are disappearing, rough spots are leveling, old roads are growing green and new ones, long, straight, and clean, with semi-circular driveways leading up to the doors, traversed here and there by gracefully curving footwalks, are becoming hard and smooth. And the white crossed gridiron adds a speck of color to the scene. The Campus Beautiful! —1911 E. K.S.N. Student as That is why after 75 years of change Eastern can still call itself " The Campus Beautiful. " 5£ • a mi mm r " T fcBfcv The students of today are quite different From those in the past, and rightly so. But they do not ignore the old ... 12 Milestone eighty-one Milestone eighty-one 13 jfo SAG 7 ■40 9 % r n Eastern ' s ideal would be to have her the property of the state. But is she not? Not at the best. Were she, the State would look oftener upon our ef- forts. Counties which send two or three students would send dozens for they would claim Eastern as their right. Eastern would become as an open book. Hundreds would come to give counsel, helpful criticism, and praise whenever it was found to be merited. Briefly, Eastern would be more greatly used, more frequently visited, more thoroughly counseled. She would be the State ' s joy, if she performed worthy service and the State ' s shame, if she did not rise to her obligations. And she would rise and she would fight with even greater energy than she now displays. E. K.S.N. Student Sept.— Oct. 1913 The class of 1913 would be proud knowing that Eastern has finally become the " State ' s joy. " Now celebrating its 75th anniversary as a state educational institution, the University can look back on its history with pride. For 75 years, the men and women of Eastern have strived for the ideal. They ' ve taken the small teacher ' s training school and made it into a major university in the state. I 4 m 1 u EjU ' l ■Us I mi- m l ll r I Sm j Easterns Beginnings Richmond Gets Normal School No. 1 By an act of the legislature of 1906, Eastern Kentucky State Normal School was established with an annual appropiation of $20,000 for maintenance. Not a vote against the bill creating the school was recorded in either house. The citizens of Richmond were primarily responsible for their city being chosen as the site of one of the new schools for training teachers. Having had Central University from 1874, until its merger with Cen- tre University in 1901, and then having been the home of Walters Collegiate institute, they knew the values of being a " college town. " Mayor Clarence E. Woods, Jere A. Sullivan, W. Rodes Shackelford and other promi- nent citizens led a group which lobbied to have Richmond chosen as the location for the state normal school. Woods traveled to Frankfort where he covered an entire wall of the Old Capitol Hotel with literature designed to influence the legislators. The display was entitled " What Richmond Of- fers Free Of Cost to the State for a Normal School. " One pamphlet cover read: What Richmond Offers A ready-made Normal School Plant. A main college building seating 800, worth $60,000. A dormitory, 35 rooms, worth $30,000. An athletic field, a grand stand . A city with a college and a school spirit. A railroad center — the most accessible point to the majority of Kentucky teachers. The legislature was duly im- pressed and on May 7, 1906 Eastern became Normal School No. 1 and Western became Normal School No. 2. The first regents were ap- pointed in May and on June 2, 1906 Dr. Ruric Nevel Roark was named president. Roark defined the goals of Normal, outlined the courses of study and selected the faculty. During his term, the home economics house, a home for the superintendent of buildings and grounds, Roark Hall, Sul- livan Hall, and the power plant were all completed at the " staggering " cost of $168,481. Dr. Roark died on April 10, 1909 at the young age of fifty. Four days later, Mary Creegan Roark, the late presi- dent ' s wife, was ap- pointed acting president of the school. She served in that posi- tion until Dr. John Grant Crabbe was appointed in 1910. Rac-a-chic-a-boom, Rac-a-chic-a-boom, Rac-a-chic-a-boom, Rac-a-chic-a-boom, You know, I know, Speak up loud, We know, they know, all the crowd, Thank her, thank her, this is meant, For our woman President, Zip boom bah, Zip boom bah, Roark, Roark, Rah Rah, Rah. " 1916 tribute to Mary Roark OPPOSITE PAGE: Governor James B. McCreary and William J. Bryant leaves Sul- livan Hall after Bryant ' s visit in 1911. Upper right: Ruric Nevel Roark, Eastern ' s first presi- dent. Right: The EKSN basketball team of 1909 poses for its team picture. Above: Birdwatching enthusiasts go on a class hike at five in the morning. LEFT: Eastern ' s second president, Dr. John Grant Crabbe, held office from 1910-1916. Right: Crabbe ' s successor, Dr. Thomas Jackson Coates, served from 1919-1928. Eastern Gains Four-Year Status Dr. Crabbe spent much of his term perfecting the or- ganizational structure of the Normal School. Three De- cades of Progress, Eastern ' s first recorded history, credits Crabbe with doubling the num- ber of faculty members and in- creasing the maintenance ap- propriation from the state. During his term, the presi- dent ' s home and a farm were purchased, an addition to Sul- livan Hall was constructed, and laboratory and library equipment were added. When the State Inspector McKenzie Todd visited Eastern in 1911, he wrote: " In addition to his eminent ability and qualifications as an educator, Pres. Crabbe has proven himself a good business manager, has inaugurated many greatly needed reforms, one of which has been a splen- did system of books and ac- counts, being able to handle the financial affairs along safe and economic lines. " In regard to the general management and financial condition, it appears to me that the real work of the school has just begun to be felt and the future will mark a more pronounced effect on the general education in the State. " Dr. Crabbe left Eastern in 1916 to become president of Colorado State Teachers College. Europe was at war when Dr. Thomas Jackson Coates began tenure in office. His was the first Eastern administration to see its male enrollment drop as men prepared for war. However, enrollment rose once again when the war was over and life returned to nor- mal. In 1922, Eastern gained four- year status and became Eastern Kentucky State Nor- mal School and Teachers College. The Milestone and the Eastern Progress were both published for the first time that same year. Dr. Coates oversaw the campus ' first building boom. The Cammack Building, Burnam Hall, John Grant Crabbe Library Building, and the Coates Ad- ministration Building were completed during his term. Dr. Coates died on March 17, 1928. TOP: The excellent infirmary was one of the reasons Richmond was chosen as the site for a school. Above: Tennis was one of the most popular sports during the University ' s early days. Left: " Of Mice and Men " was performed on campus in 1919. OPPOSITE PAGE: Herman Lee Donovan, Eastern ' s president from 1928 until 1941. Bottom left: Donovan, in his study at the Blanton House, listens to one of the radio programs so popular during the depression. Bottom center: Eastern cheerleaders towards the end of Donovan ' s term. Bottom right: Hanger Stadium, home of the football Maroons until the 1960 ' s, as it appeared in Donovan ' s Eastern Granted College Status Vpi Eastern ' s status grew as Dr. Herman Lee Donovan re- formed the college ' s academic organization into divisions of instruction. In 1935, The Normal School was discontinued and Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College was given the right to award graduate degrees. Six important buildings were added to the campus during Donovan ' s administration. The Weaver Health Building became the home of the Maroon basketball team, which compiled a 225-51 won- lost record during the 31 seasons they played in this building. The Keen Johnson Building, which housed the new student cafeteria, became the social hub of the campus. Brock Auditorium hosted three decades of commence- ment exercises. Miller, Becham, and McCreary Halls were also built during Donovan ' s 13-year term. Dr. Donovan left Eastern in 1941 to become the new presi- dent of the University of Ken- tucky. War Years Change Campus Life America was facing the prospect of World War II when Dr. William Francis O ' Donnel became president. Five months after his inauguration, the Japanese bombed Pearl Har- bor, and the war was on. The effects of the war on Eastern were immediate: Enrollment declined by 77 per- cent by 1945, at which time fewer than one-fifth of the college ' s students were men. The Milestone discontinued publication for 1944 and 1945, while the Eastern Progress changed its name to the Progress and Engineer, in honor of the many uniformed pre-engineering trainees on campus. College football was can- celled for two years, and basketball was not played at the College during the 1943-44 season. Girls on campus volunteered their services to help the Alumni Office mail out newspapers and write letters to soldiers. And most importantly, 53 former students and one faculty member were killed or listed as missing in action. The effects were also long range. " Veteran ' s Village " was constructed to house the veterans returning to Eastern on the GI Bill of Rights. The Village later served as housing for married students until Brockton was built in the 1960 ' s. In 1948, Eastern began to of- fer its first non-teaching degrees, and became Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College. The Science Building (dedicated to those students who had lost their lives in the war), Keith Hall, and a music building were built during O ' Donnel ' s term. O ' Donnel was Eastern ' s first president to retire from office when he left in 1960. He was replaced by a former state superintendent of Public In- struction, and the chairman of the Board of Regents, Dr. Robert R. Martin. OPPOSITE PAGE: Crowded parking conditions are not new to campus as this 1958 picture attests. Top: Cheerleaders pose for their annual pic- ture in the old Weaver Gym. Upper left: The Eastem-Westem rivalry is the theme of this 1958 Homecoming float. Lower left: Students study in pursuit of their teaching degrees. Above: President William Francis O ' Donnell, who had the longest tenure of any of Eastern ' s chief executives, poses with his wife. A Vision Come True ■ When Dr. Martin assumed office, Eastern Kentucky State College was still primarily a teacher education institution. Eighty-two percent of the graduates of 1960 received teaching certificates. The institution was relatively small. Although enrollment had doubled since World War II, it still stood at less than 3000 when Dr. Martin took office. But, in his inaugural ad- dress, Dr. Martin informed the audience that Eastern would be going through changes. He challenged them to " think big. " " As we cope with the problem of ever-increasing numbers, we must realize that there is no alternative to becoming more inventive, creative, and imaginative in our use of the human and material resources which were available . . . " We must provide here on this campus a place of beauty for gracious and stimulating living. Our building should directly and indirectly con- tribute to the training of the youth who frequent these halls . . . " When we have accom- plished these imperatives, then we shall have developed on this campus a spirit so powerful that it will not let us go. We shall have developed for Eastern a ' Vision of Great- ness ' ! " The massive building program which would later come to characterize the 60 ' s at Eastern began in Martin ' s first year of office. Alumni Coliseum, Martin Hall, Brockton, the Ault Building, and the Gibson Building were all begun at that time. Courier Journal columnist Joe Creason quipped, " Someone ought to put up a sign — Eastern Kentucky State College . . . Under Construction. " Increasing the size of Eastern was only one of Dr. Martin ' s goals. Early in his term, he predicted that Eastern would enroll 6,000 students and become a university by 1970. His predictions were right but his timing was off. Eastern enrolled 6,999 stu- dents in the fall of 1965, and early in the Spring Semester of 1966 House Bill 238 passed the State Senate and university status was granted to Eastern. President Martin said that granting Eastern university status was just identifying the school for what it is, " a large, multi-purpose university. " Later, he phrased it more sim- ply, " It ' s like calling an orange an orange. " OPPOSITE PAGE: Dr. Robert R. Martin ad- dressed many audiences during his term as president of the University. Top right: A familiar sight for the school during this time was ground-breaking ceremonies. Middle right: The Rowlett Building under construc- tion. Bottom right: The Rowlett Building near completion. m . . A Vision Come True Campus construction con- tinued for the next eight years, with nearly $56 million being spent in that period. Thirty-six construction projects were completed during Dr. Martin ' s administration, including renovation of every building on campus built prior to 1960. Dr. Martin resigned in 1976. He is now serving as state representative from Ken- tucky ' s 5th district. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Jim Pelligrinon, Student Association presi- dent, led a protest march in Richmond following the student deaths at Kent State in 1970. Opposite page, bottom: Students joined in a peaceful demonstration of national unity on November 8, 1975, as part of the Bicentennial celebration. Above: Dr. Robert R. Martin ended his term as president of the University as he handed the presidential medallion to his successor Dr. Julius C. Powell. Powell Guards EKU ' s Traditions lj i tu r:? « There were 217 applicants for the position vacated by Dr. Martin. The Regent ' s six- member Presidential Search Committee gave Dr. Julius C. Powell its unanimous approval and he began his tenure on Oc- tober 1, 1977. " Eastern ' s position as a nationally recognized public university is one which I would jealously guard and seek to enhance, " said Powell at his inauguration. His administration has dealt with improving instruction and student-faculty relationships. Enrollment has climbed to over 14,000 during the past four years, causing severe housing and parking situations. The football Colonels have grown in stature and size. After winning their 100th game un- der Coach Roy Kidd ' s direction in 1978, the Colonels went on to win their first NCAA National Championship in 1979. This was the first national football championship ever won by any school in Kentucky. UPPER LEFT: President Julius C. Powell, current chief executive of the University, has served since 1977. LEFT: Players give Coach Roy Kidd a victory ride after his 100th win in 1978. LEFT: The basketball Colonels beat Western in a controversial OVC championship game that led to an NCAA berth. Lower Left: These men give a " stepping " demonstration at a fraternity dance. Right: Volkswagens become a popular means of transportation as gas prices rise. Bottom Father Ketteler looks on as ground is broken for the Newman Center. r Roark, Crabbe. Coates, Donovan, O ' Donnell, Martin and Powell . . . these are more the names of buildings scattered around campus, these are the men who have led Eastern through its 75 year journey. From the beginning years which Roark and Crabbe directed; to the war years that both Coates and O ' Donnell had to deal with; and the depression era that Donovan encountered; to the building boom that Martin foresaw, and realized; to the present as Powell directs the course of the physically mature university — these are the men that began and continue Eastern ' s heritage. n (U ±1 uman history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe —H. G. Wells In the early days at Eastern the chaperone was ever present with instruc- tions to guard carefully the students and to protect them from any contaminating in- fluence. Miss Maude Gibson was called upon at one time to chaperone a married stu- dent with his wife and child to a fish supper in a downtown restaurant. In the days when life was not so complex as it is now, there were various simple ac- tivities which contributed to the social life at Eastern. Each evening after supper, during early years at Eastern, students were per- mitted to promenade from six to seven, keeping strictly to the walk, with the assurance that the dean of women would be met at fre- quent intervals. Practically the entire student body and many of the faculty engaged rather regularly in this recreation. Almost any evening during the week, if one chanced to look through the chemistry laboratory windows in the Roark Building, he might see Professor G. D. Smith lean- ing over a huge caldron of boiling molasses candy, with twenty to thirty boys and girls in the offing waiting to pull the delectable amber fluid and then end the even- ing very happily with such games as Clap-in-Clap-Out, Skip-to-M ' Lou, and Post Of- fice. Five Decades of Progress 34 Student Life OPPOSITE PAGE: An Eastern cheerleader of the 1930 ' s poses for his yearbook picture. ABOVE: " Hiawatha, " performed in 1914, was the in- spiration for many detailed costumes. Student Life Donna Valerius Student Life 35 SUMMER Lazy summer? That ' s when students relax, lie in the grass and smile into the sun at the buzzing of distant lawnmowers, relieved that someone else is working instead of them. But not everyone had the summer lazies. For instance, the University played host to an Inter- national Volleyball Federation ' s Coaches Course. Volleyball coaches and athletes from 19 countries offered instruction in the tactics of power volleyball. An Elderhostel, or non-credit study and recrea- tion program for persons 60 or older, was held also. Older citizens took such courses as " Backyard Wildlife Management " and " Southern Protestant Preaching. " Not forgetting the smaller folk, Eastern spon- sored a summer enrichment program for gifted children. And 15 bands, including 1,303 musi- cians, marched onto campus for a week of bandcamp. Eastern ' s summer clearly had something for everyone. 36 Student Life 11H 75i w " Three ' s a Crowd, But The fall semester of 1980 saw a record-breaking enrollment of 14,081, the largest in Univer- sity history. This caused an in- crease in tripling in Case, Mat- tox, O ' Donnell, Keene, Combs, and Martin Halls. Students discussed this problem more than classes, professors, and sometimes even more than the all-encompassing question of their dinner menu. But as much as they griped, they knew in the backs of their minds that there were advan- tages to tripling. For instance, students developed muscles as they hammered on their bunk beds for hours, trying to get the frames apart. (It seemed that no one wanted to sleep with their knees touching the ceiling in the top bunk and they would feign nosebleeds if forced to sleep there.) Muscles were kept toned as residents quickly reassembled the frames under the watchful eye of the dorm director, whose look threatened " assessment " (a favorite word in housing vocabulary) if they didn ' t find all the pieces and put them back in order. Next, tripling kept students on their toes. This was partly because all three residents could not sit down at the same time. But it was also because they always suspected their other two roommates of plotting to do away with them in order to take away their coveted allotment of cubits. And students realized that those fears about the possible fire hazards from overcrowding were unwarranted. Students could be confident that if they went up in flames, there would be one extra person to fall on them and put them out. Finally, tripling gave resi- dents a real look at campus life — much more than they would have seen had their faces not been plastered to their dorm windows from the lack of space. Tripling. Students paid to live like the sardines live for free. But at least sardines get to die first. Tripling had its Advantages Student Life 39 Demand For Married Housing High Married students need the roominess and privacy offered by off-campus housing but are often unable to afford large monthly rent payments. For these students Eastern provides one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as trailers and efficiency units. The de- mand for these units is quite high and some students had to be placed on a waiting list at the beginning of the fall semester. However, as the year progressed more units became available to be occupied by stu- dents. RIGHT: Patty Harmsen reads to her son, Hans, while her husband, Craig does some reading of his own. BELOW: The school bus makes its stops on campus to pick up children living in married housing. 40 Student Life ' ' ' , . ' ' ' f : r f ' -■ m [!C » ABOVE: Rhonda Potts serves dinner in her trailer. LEFT: Marsha Kington puts Darrel Kington to work, as they try to add a little something extra to their apartment. Student Life 41 Off-Campus Housing Provides An Alternative Several trailer parks and apartment complexes offer older Eastern students alter- natives to living in crowded dorm rooms. For some students the quieter environment of an apartment makes studying an easier task. Others prefer the freedom from the structured atmosphere of dorms. Without the restrictions imposed by open-house rules, students are free to entertain guests however they choose. However, along with this freedom came responsibilities. Students living away from campus must occasionally fight adverse weather conditions to get to class on time. Some stu- dents must take jobs to help meet rent and utility pay- ments. But many students seem willing to make these sacrifices in exchange for their newfound independence. 42 Student Life OPPOSITE PAGE: Household chores take up more time in an apart- ment than in a dorm room, but off-campus housing does have its advan- tages: being able to cook, for one, as Steve McKinley shows. TOP: Keeping in tune with campus events is important to the off-campus stu- dent. The Eastern Progress is helpful in this area. LEFT: A popular mis- conception is that living off-campus means a life of continual partying. But studies play just as important a part in the life of the off-campus stu- dent as they do for those on-campus. ABOVE: Pets help make an off- campus place more of a home. Student Life 43 A Parking Sticker Jj5- " Only a Hunting License ' ' Due to the increasing enrollment, parking became a problem for students living both on and off campus. By the end of the ' 80-81 academic year 9,000 parking stickers were issued, but only 6,000 spaces were available, according to Thomas Lindquist, director of Public Safety. " A parking sticker doesn ' t guarantee a space, only a " hunting license, " said Lindquist. Although there were usually spaces to be found in Alumni Coliseum and Begley parking lots, the problem was that the location of these lots was far from the dormitories. Lindquist said he felt that the van service available until 2 a.m. eliminated any security risks to female students parking far from their dormitories late at night. The University is one of the few American universities whose enrollment has been increas- ing, but according to Lindquist, the projection for Eastern is that its enrollment will level off in coming years. As for now, Lindquist can see " no easy solution " to the parking situation. TOP: Even the not so choice student parking lots, like those in Alumni Coliseum, filled up very quickly . . . ABOVE: . . . But faculty and em- ployee lots often had plenty of empty spaces . . . OPPOSITE PAGE: . . . However, the consequences of a student using one of those tempting empty spots is illustrated in this photograph. 44 Student Life Student Life 45 Graduation Causes Mixed Emotions It was " real world " time. All of a sudden that infamous day — the one we swore would never come — was here. And we faced the terms of our new freedom with mixed emotions. Those of us who had been fortunate enough to find employment were trying to figure out why college had never taught us how to earn those precious dollars without resorting to actual " labor. " And those of us who were not recipients of such 46 Student Life jobs were trying to picture telling our parents that honestly, when we chose that major of " Fungus — Tomorrow ' s Natural Resource " four years ago, it was a wide open field. And our parents were alternating between pride and mathematical calculations of how well their newly graduated offspring could take care of them in their old age. Graduation — the " real world " was ready, but were we? LA ABOVE: " So this is what one of these things looks like! " LEFT: Governor John Y. Brown expresses his view to the graduating class. OPPOSITE PAGE: Joy and sadness are a common mixture at graduation ceremonies. Student Life 47 ii The Evil of It ' s an old joke, the one where Mrs. Murphy tells the Irishman who asks for whom she voted, " I don ' t vote any more. It only en- courages ' em to keep run- nin ' , you know. " Still, old jokes (especially political ones) never die, Ronald Reagan was elected 40th president last November. The emotion behind the point Mrs. Murphy makes is frustration. In that sense, her point was never more applicable than in the 1980 presidential elec- tion, one that was indeed dominated by frustration. There was frustration with the length of the elec- toral process. Some 48 Student Life rwo Lessers (residential candidates egan their campaigns ully two years before the •lection , while the irimaries, conventions md final campaigns lasted etter than a year. And then there was rustration when, after this Sectoral marathon, the wo major parties still ailed to present two good :andidates to the American voters. Finally, frustration at fimmy Carter ' s be- levolent ineptitude caused lis constituency to yank he presidential rug out rom under his feet with a vengeance. 99 m m Student Life 49 Fall Diversions The autumn season was perhaps the most popular time of year on campus. The colors, the frosty chill in the air — the football games. It was a time of diversion and students were willing victims. For instance, they spent long hours agonizing over whether to drag out their winter clothes and take the summer ones home and even longer hours making the move. Tests and lab reports had to be tabled in the interest of fashion and warmth. And of course, fall was elec- tion time, and students got caught up in doing their part for the campaigning candidates and forgot about their chemistry papers. But, after all, Homecoming only comes once a year. (You thought we were talking about presidential elections, didn ' t you?) There were the basic fall holidays of Halioween and Thanksgiving, too. Students had to allow time to design a Halloween costume which would win them the six-pack prize at the party (someone 50 Student Life finally decided to wear a toilet seat around his neck, complete with a tire chain attached, in the hope that everyone would think he was a punk rocker ahead of his time). Plus after eating all that Thanksgiving turkey and Halloween chocolate, students had to change study time to jogging time in order to work all that off. Finally, they had to spend time dreaming up something to tell their parents about those deficiencies that were winging their way to their respective home towns. If only colleges would let stu- dents study " Fall. " Student Life 51 As it seemed to happen every year, Homecoming festivities col- lided with midterm week, so students had to divide their attentions. But everyone knew what the priorities were. Homecoming obvious- ly came first. A western dance kicked off Homecoming weekend and the fact that it was also Halloween provided some strange outfits for the affair. After all, cowboys wearing Kiss makeup and sporting orange hair were seldom seen on those fabled ranges and prairies of yester- year. 52 Student Life Student Life 53 A 6.2 meter run preceded the Homecoming parade, where hundreds of die-hard athletes and those just pretending to be athletes turned out for the thrill of victory and a free T- shirt. As the race wore on, it became difficult to tell who was participating in the race and who was running to keep up with their floats. Eastern ' s Colonels rode roughshod over undefeated Murray State 24-14, increasing their chance for the play-offs and shooting down Murray ' s opportunity. 54 Student Life W L Student Life 55 A colorful, warm, autumn day filled with balloons, bands and excitement set the stage for the pre-game crowning of the 1980 Homecoming Queen, Miss Tammy Hays. Sponsored by Kappa Delta Tau, Tammy is a senior from Jackson major- ing in Special Education Hear- ing Impaired. Tammy is a member of Kappa Delta Tau, Kappa Delta Pi Education Honorary, Student Association for the Hearing Impaired, and is a Sigma Pi honorary Little Sister. In her spare time, Tammy enjoys horseback riding, quilting and spending time with her family. 56 Student Life Student Life 57 MM M First runner-up Ingrid Van Duyne was spon- sored by Clay Hall. She is an Occupational Therapy major from Los Angeles, California. Upon graduation, Ingrid plans to go to medical school in Canada. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi and works in the Student Activities office. In- grid ' s hobbies include tennis, horseback riding, jogging, and the outdoors. Second runner-up was Sarah Fretty, sponsored by the Young Democrats. She is a junior from Richmond. Using her non-teaching English ma- jor, Sarah plans to work in community govern- ment. She is president of McGregor Hall Council, secretary of Young Democrats, and a member of the Sigma Tau Delta English honorary, the Arts and Humanities Curriculum planning board and Women ' s Interdorm. Her hobbies include travel, graphic arts and meeting people. LEFT: Sigma Chi Fraternity sponsored Robin Lovely, a junior Elemen- tary Education major from Franklin, Ohio. Robin is the Sigma Chi Sweetheart, vice president of the Little Sfgmas, a Pike Dreamgirl and a member of Kappa Delta Pi honorary. In her spare time, Robin enjoys horseback riding and music. MIDDLE LEFT: Junior Interior Design ma- jor Cynthia Wright was sponsored by Martin Hall. Cynthia is an Alpha Phi Alpha FrateTnity Little Sister. She enjoys horseback riding, jogging, and the outdoors. She is from Springfield. BELOW: Sponsored by Com- monwealth Hall, Kim Vail is vice president of Lambda Sigma and a mem- ber of BSNA and the Explorers Club. She is a sophomore from Fairfield. Ohio, and her hobbies include snow and water skiing, racquetball and dance. BOTTOM LEFT: Debra Robinson, sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, is a junior four-year nursing major from Louisville. Debra enjoys outdoor sports, swimming, ballet, bike riding and good music. BOTTOM RIGHT: A sophomore from Georgetown, Jennifer Justice is a member of Chi Omega Sorority and Health Record Student Organization. Sponsored by the Seventh Wonders, Jennifer enjoys playing the piano, knitting and writing. Student Life 59 RIGHT: Vicki Vail, a junior sponsored by Keene Hall, is a Child and Family Studies major from Fairfield, Ohio. Vicki is corresponding secretary of Kappa Delta Tau Sorority and a member of the Home Economics Club. She enjoys ice skating, cooking and needlework. BELOW: A sophomore Commercial Art major, Lora Shaffer was spon- sored by Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. She is from Portsmouth, Ohio and enjoys painting, sculpture and sports. She plans on getting a job in visual design upon graduation. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Fraternity, senior Robin Butterweck is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and the American Society of Interior Design. Using her major of Interior Design, Robin plans to work in historical preservation and renovation upon graduation. Her hobbies include tennis, gymnastics, drawing and painting. BOTTOM: MiMi Byrne, sponsored by Todd Hall, is a senior Elementary Education major. She is an EKU Cheerleader and a member of Chi Omega Sorority. She enjoys snow and water skiing, swimming, guitar, and drawing and painting. 60 Student Life LEFT: Cathy Dotson, sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, is a senior from Belfry majoring in Special Education. She is an EKU Cheerleader and enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing and wood- crafts. She plans to attend graduate school upon graduation. MIDDLE LEFT: Phi Mu Sorority sponsored Robin Dossett, a junior Physical Education major from Frankfort. Robin plans on working in a hospital with handicapped children upon graduation. She is a member of the Stu- dent Senate and a Little Sister to Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Her hobbies include all sports and dance. BELOW: A sophomore from Springfield, Ohio, Jill Meier was sponsored by Case Hall. She is a Recrea- tion and Park Administration major with an emphasis on Therapeutic Recreation. Her hobbies are reading, baseball, football, swimming and bicycling. BOTTOM: Shauna Bradley is a junior and was sponsored by O ' Donnell and Mattox Halls. She is a member of the track team and an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority pledge. A Marketing major from Louisville, Shauna enjoys modeling and horseback riding. She plans to look into modeling upon graduation. Student Life 61 Wonders of Winter Winter provided a time of wonderment as it quietly blanketed the campus. For example, students won- dered why it always seemed too cold and icy to go to class but never to go sledding. And they wondered if they should have donned ski masks for warmth or remained " prep- pie " and risked frostbite. Or why was it that all those campus snowmen looked better- dressed than them? And did that snow bunny they passed ask them what the special at Archie ' s Pizza was or did they just imagine it? And wasn ' t it strange that the entire student body, faculty, and administration were on hand to see them take those embarrassingly klutzy spills on the ice? Or did it just seem that way? 62 Student Life Last, students wondered why everyone else got their classes cancelled because their professors could not make it in the snow when their teacher " crawled " three miles on her hands and knees to class just to give them the " benefit " of learning. Winter on campus. A beautiful but puzzling ex- perience. Student Life 63 Michael Murphy held the audience in the palm of his hand the minute he stepped out on stage and began strum- ming his guitar. Murphy enter- tained the audience with such songs as his hit " Wildfire. " in Bishop True to rock and roll tradition, Elvin Bishop, armed with his electric guitar, " jammed " with a crowd of about 500 people. The concert topped off a vic- tory for EKU on the basketball court against Moorehead. 64 Student Life Taste o! Honey One of the highlights of Homecoming week was a con- cert performed by the soulful group " A Taste of Honey " . They entertained the crowd with their hit " Boogie Oogie Oogie " along with other pop- ular tunes. Student Life 65 Spring Spirits Campus came alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of spring. It was a time when everyone caught the proverbial spring fever, and the only cure for it seemed to be large doses of sunlight and avoidance of as many classes as possible. The ravine became a favorite for the athletic types who spent long hours catching a frisbee under one leg, under two legs, behind their backs, and on their noses. These students also demonstrated their athletic prowess in running the 100- yard dash when one of their curve shots occasionally crashed through the glass doors of the Moore building. Other less energetic souls took advantage of the warm weather by just relaxing in the grass and formulating new ex- cuses for going downtown in- stead of writing research papers that were due. The sunny season marked the time of the annual student spring migration to Florida. Meanwhile, those unluckier students stayed behind to face the usual torrential downpours 68 Student Life • V . that always seemed to hit dur- ing spring break. Finally, amateur student photographers and binoculared nature-lovers emerged to cap- ture the scenic beauty of the season, particularly around the women ' s dorms as the bikini- clad ladies began working on their tans. Springtime on campus. A time no one should have to miss. Student Life 69 Smock Brings His Message He came to campus to bring the word of God, to convert the heathens and to warn of the evils of campus life. He turned the fountain into a pulpit and the student-body into a congregation. Reverend Smock drew a crowd. It was hard to ignore his raving. Some listened to his ac- cusations and quickly moved on; some, moved to argument by boredom, yelled insults back; while others quietly recalled the verse they learned in bible-school. Hold your tongue in the hearing of a stupid man for he will despise your words of wisdom. Proverbs 23:9 70 Student Life The b4: AoYY e. Guide o cWgiHg College d odeA$ 8 Other Heavens A navwjbook -tor Tirgerpoinhrv ' Hreac ers Lesson.!: IJen+ific-afitM % -3 is a pervert-. VWcdh you +e| I? " The onn a I College afire is 3 dead tfive- a-waif He luste aWer ej er UVmflf tf a+ waves. Ue creeps around a + micrrtf- pressing his fece againsf windows dud making eyes af animals. s He warrrs qoo , bof hell settle for a bicqde seat " This is 3 slur. She ' s bee iV ' more backseats lhah ijoor v» oH er-in-law. Ho+ice her exposed bodi ? See hose. Sin- +u1 knees and •ffvose " naked elbows? Shameless Uss -she probaMu, has sovne i wvitteh on her pattTies 1 . Lesson X: Vocabulary Here are a -feu ken words ' 4t use whew addressing Kese vile disease- £arrt|ing scort - merchant: 1. DesWfiwGee-STO ka ) 2. Tire (Filler) 3. Si (S £vp ) 4. Po-rCwari| wama) He ' s a wonderful talker who has the art of telling you nothing in a great harangue. — Mo Here Student Life 71 72 Student Life I 3C He pointed at the kind of evil sluts that abound on Eastern ' s campus — the kind of women that wear shorts and make-up to class. He warned against the men who were lusting after those wicked women. Perhaps he didn ' t know that these same evil people were training to be teachers, nurses, and other community leaders; that they were training to help others. Student Life 73 Sit Efc s - - ■ ■■ ' ,„ " » 3 k £?£ :. . . - . fin ElK t . ' ?, 0 » 1 He condemned the classes taught at the Uni- versity. He predicted that the falsehoods taught in religion and philosophy classes would lead stu- dents straight to hell. Perhaps he didn ' t know that those evil classes were instilling in students the values of friendship and of love. Student Life 7c S !■!«■ Alll Smock tried to make people believe that they were living in a den of iniquity rather than on a campus filled with the beauty of nature and of Student Life 77 Perhaps he should have really looked at the University before he condemned it. He might have found love and friendship and beauty. Perhaps, if he had taken the time to look below the surface, he just might have found God. % I " V 1 1 I %m j M , ! Hi p - mm . - r ' HH HIH .. ' iB . i? - a SI ft " " ■ ' ILL i r • ? vq p y • i 1 1 ... « d V ii SL ■ ; A A. - U 1 ■ Wv. . m TOP: The 1958 Women ' s hockey team poses in the Weaver Gym. LEFT: Yankees Coach Earl Combs and Tom Samuels, assistant football coach at Eastern test Knoxville Vol ' s outfielder, Lefty Shelter, as part of Eastern ' s " Hale America " program. ABOVE: The 1920 football team shows their form. OPPOSITE PAGE: The 1914 basketball team models their uniforms. Things are doing in athletics at the Normal this fall. The first football squad has been practicing every evening since school started, and is getting in good condition. On Friday the 23rd, a practice game was played with the Richmond city team which resulted in a score of 7 to 0, in their favor. It was notwithstanding, a success in every way, for it gave the men much needed experience and showed them they were weak. It is somewhat of a mystery, that from boys that had never seen a game, that such a strong team could be made in so short a time. The boys on the team know the secret and the other students and members of faculty have an idea as to what causes such rapid progress. It is all due to the careful manage- ment and teaming of our energetic Coach. Boys, with such a manager as we have, with the President backing us up, and the grandstand full of enthusiastic girls, there is no defeat for us. E.K.S.N. Student September — October 1913 Sports Denise Larson 5V OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Kidd and team celebrate after the semi-final victory at Uhigh. TOP RIGHT: Coach Kidd is caught in a contemplative mood. BOTTOM: Kidd calls ast year ' s national championship his most satisfying moment in coaching. ABOVE. Kidd watches the Lehigh game thoughtfully. Kidd Named 1-AA Coach of the Year Roy Kidd sits behind the desk in his modestly appointed office, surrounded by mementos of his 17 years as head coach of Eastern. There are photographs of his past teams, game balls and trophies from important victories. At the far end of his office sit two impressive trophies, one in gold commemorating last year ' s national championship, the other in silver for this year ' s runners-up. ( " Those usually don ' t stay here, " Kidd con- fides, " but we ' ve got recruits coming today. " ) Sitting in a chair close to his desk is another trophy which, in it sheer size, is perhaps the most impressive in the office. It is inscribed " Roy Kidd, 1980 1- AA Coach of the Year. " It ' s appropriate that this trophy be a large one, larger even than the team ' s runner-up trophy, for this year Kidd truly coached his team as far as they could go. Though they were the defending national champions, they were a shell of the team that won the title in 1979. Kidd didn ' t demand that this team win the title again, but he did his damnedest to prepare them to try. Kidd ' s philosophy is a sim- ple one. " I ' m a family man, " he says, " I have sons. I treat my players like I want my sons to be treated. " It ' s this philosophy that Kidd has made the Colonels the closest thing 1-AA football has to an established power. S3 liJet ain hampionL olQnelsBlay hak; I : W A " ML A 1 .%1 ■ i P " " ! k1 With the memories of last year ' s I-AA national cham- pionship victory still fresh in their minds 15,200 fans turned out to see the Colonel ' s first foe, Kentucky State. But the Colonel ' s 24-21 vic- tory did not come easy. After exchanging the leads a few times the Colonels found themselves tied at 21 going into the final minutes. David Flores third field goal of the day was the deciding fac- tor. Next the Colonels met a psy- ched up Akron team. The Zips, playing in their first OVC game, dumped the Colonels for a 21-10 victory. The Colonels lead early but two second quarter Zip touchdowns gave the Zips the lead the Colonels could never recover. The Colonel offense finally clicked against Youngstown and the Colonels rolled to a 45- win. David Flores was the man of the day. Flores finished the game with nine points, breaking an OVC record for most points by a kicker in a career with 203. Their fourth game was at Austin Peay, and the Gover- nors won this one — statistically. The Colonels however chalked the game into the victory column. The Governors gained 364 total yards while the Colonels could manage only 294. At the final gun however it was Eastern 23 Austin Peay 10. The closest the Governors could come was in the fourth quarter when they came within three points. A Flores field goal and an Alvin Miller touchdown put the game out of reach. ' Jl ' ' e hi LEFT: The Colonel ' s shaky start is il- lustrated in the photograph. BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Tanara, down lineman coach, tries to diagnose Eastern ' s early season problems. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshman Jamie Lovett held Eastern ' s kicking game together when an illness kept David Flores out of three games. BELOW: Coach Kidd had reason to scowl early in the season. £» y The Colonels hosted Middle Tennessee next but they were all but hospitable as they defeated the Blue Raiders 24-0. The Colonel ' s offense was awesome totaling 402 yards while the defense contained the Raiders, holding them to just 150 total yards. The Colonels fourth con- secutive victory came at the ex- pense of the visiting East Ten- nessee Buccaneers. The afternoon was marked by Colonel offensive incon- sistency but when the game was over the Colonels had posted a 25-6 win. But next in Bowling Green, waited the greatest of the Colonel ' s rivals, Western. For the Eastern fans this year however the outcome was all but enjoyable. After a Colonel 10-7 lead in the third quarter the Colonels watched their hopes for an OVC title darken in the waning minutes of the game after two Western field goals. And the final 13-10 Western victory sent the Colonels on to face Murray. Nothing was going to spoil this homecoming. Not even the undefeated Murray Racers. A fired up Colonel team wanted to prove they were number one and the 24-14 thrashing was good evidence. The victory gave Coach Kidd his 117th career victory which tied him for all-time OVC coaching record. A rejuvenated Colonel team started once again to think championship. With visions of play-offs dancing in Colonel heads they headed south to meet Ten- nessee Tech. If the team felt playoff pressure it was not evident in their 48-7 victory over the Golden Eagles. The Colonel offense led on the ground by Tony Braxton totaled 522 yards. The Colonel defense, tough as it had been all year, held Tech to 296 total yards. It was a must win situation for the Colonels as they traveled to Greenville, North Carolina, to play the East Carolina Pirates. The Pirates a division I-AA school, were only 4-6, yet the Colonel ' s 28-16 victory was still considered a upset. The Colonels, never behind only saw their lead threatened once in the second half when the Pirates came within 14-10. David Flores had four extra points in the game making him the Colonels all-time scorer with 224 points. Flanker Jerry Parrish also set a school record for kick-off returns. His three returns gave him a career total 1,252 return yards. Still unsure of a play-off position the Colonels entered their final game knowing they must win, but not knowing if that would be enough. So Eastern faced their final OVC challenger of the season at home against Morehead State. Morehead jumped to an easy lead but the Colonels once again found fourth quarter momentum and pulled out the 18-14 victory with 4:41 left when Isaacs scored from the six yard line. The regular season was over and now the Colonels waited to hear of a play-off bid. The Colonels had finished strong, winning their last four games, bringing their record to 9-2. After a week of suspense the bid was announced. Kidd and team headed East to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where they would meet for the second year in a row the Lehigh Engineers. Lehigh, still reminded of last year ' s 30-7 loss to the Colonel ' s in the championship game, was seeking revenge. The Engineers struck early. Lehigh intercepted an Issacs pass at the Colonel 48 but a late hit penalty, moved the ball 15 yards to the Colonel ' s 33 yard line. Eight plays later Lehigh scored. The Colonels now worked to erase the 7-0 deficit. After forc- ing Lehigh to punt on their third possession the offense started to drive from their own 32. Six plays later Isaac found Bird open for a 17 yard gain giving the Colonels a first down at their 22. A Lehigh penalty moved the ball to the 17. Three plays later Miller carried the ball in for the touchdown. Flores missed the point after and the score was 7- 6 at the end of the first quarter. Two second quarter field goals padded the Lehigh lead and the Colonel fans began to get edgy. The Colonels however turned the game around with 24 seconds remaining in the half with a 80 yard touchdown drive. The third quarter was all Eastern as they tallied a ten point lead 23-13. Lehigh cut the margin to three, and the final was 23-20. " LEFT: Colonel fans at Lehigh celebrate, while the TV screen shows why: the Colonels are going to the cham- pionship game. TOP LEFT: Chris Issac tries to break away from two Lehigh defenders early in the semi-final game. TOP RIGHT: Defensive end Tom Nix prevents Lehigh ' s quarterback from getting this pass off. ABOVE: Alvin Miller stretches as far as he can, but he isn ' t quite able to get to the goal line. However, he did set up a Colonel score with this run. M Hf « " ' » ' i V» -8» " » X " Sacramento bound. The Colonels headed to the Camellia Bowl where they would meet the Boise State Broncos. The game lasted a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes but it all boiled down to the last 55 seconds. Eastern playing comeback since the first quarter finally took the lead with a 60-yard bomb from quarterback Isacc to split end Booze. The Colonel ' s owned a 29-25 lead and the celebration began. But the party was quickly quieted by a 14 yard Boise touchdown with 12 seconds remaining. The Colonel ' s owned the title for 33 seconds before the first place trophy went home with Boise and the Colonels settled for a respectable second. It was a humbling 31-29 loss for the Colonels who left the West Coast and returned to the shelter of home to remember and to forget. Football 80 EKU OPP Kentucky State 24 21 Akron 10 21 Youngstown 45 Austin Peay 23 10 Middle Tenn. 24 EastTenn. 25 6 Western Ky. 10 13 Murray St. 24 14 Tennessee Tech. 48 7 East Carolina 28 16 More head St. 18 14 NCAA PLAYOFFS Lehigh 23 20 Boise State 29 31 : • ' ••• SECDNDS | EKU ydslid gduduahter Jb ' P ' i . ,f« A I LEFT: Tom Nix registers the disbelief the Colonels and their fans felt at their last second loss. BELOW LEFr: Isaac kept the ball, and scored this touchdown himself to bring the Colonels to within five at 21-16. BELOW RICH k: A dense fog ham- pered early play, but it cleared by the second half. Here Issac rolls left and waits for his receivers to clear. BELOW: Front Row, from Left: Assistant Coach Jack Ison, Assistant Coach Jim Tanara, Assistant Coach Joe Kinnan, Stu- dent Assistant Rick Sang, Part-time Assis- tant Coach Teddy Taylor, Head Coach Roy Kidd, Assistant Coach Joe Blankenship, Assistant Coach Leon Hart, Part-time Assistant Coach Pete Corrao, Trainer Dr. Bobby Barton, Graduate Assistant Coach Herb McGuire. Second Row: Jeff Brittle, George Floyd, Rodney Byrd, David Flores, Ron Wilkerson, Mark Woodrum, Frank ' " ' d Row: Steve Marionneaux, Chris Isaac, luck Woolum, Gary Nussbaum, David Booze, Steve Bird, Jon Sutkamp, Fourth Row: J. T. Grad- dick, Tom White, Ranard McPhaul. Terence Thompson, Cliff McCullough, Gabriel Lewis, Charles Brunson, David Hill. Fifth Row: Mark Dickenson, Nicky Yeast, Tom Nix, Gary Branch, Dale Pat- ton, Tom Burnette, Ed Hairston, Gus Parks. Sixth Row: Tony Braxton, Bobby Woods, Alvin Miller, Paul Krafton, Alex Dominguez, Michael Bobek, Joe Schipske, Steve Coleman, Mark Siemon, Seventh Row: Michael McShane, Richie Francioni, Steven Wager, Greg Clark, Danny Hope, Benny Allen, Kevin Greve, Chris Johnson. Eighth Row: Jeff Tanner, Darryl Lawson, Chris Taylor, David Burry, Mark Willoughby, Henry Robinson, Steven Brown, David Dihrkop, Ninth Row: Mike Sheehan, Chris Sullivan, Buddy Moor, Tom Lafary, Jeff Jones, Paul Sheddan, James Shelton, Kent Booker. Tenth Row: Tron Armstrong, Darryl Smith, Mark Poe, Allen Young, Cris Curtis, Richard Bell, Jerry Parrish, Burney Pomlee. Eleventh Row: Manager Guy Gandolfo, Manager J. T. Robinson, Randy Taylor, David Holland, Mike Neal, Randy Hardy, Manager James Brannon, Manager Charlie Pratt. I -i v ir r - S i Spirit of the Colonels 1980 CHEERLEADERS: Front row, from left, Diana Carr, Dave Daily, Cathy Dotson, Jeff White, Kelli Sang, and Neil Dimond. Back row: Angela Hamilton, James Rubel, Mimi Byrne, Mike Gilley, Anne Washke, Joe Orrender. ABOVE: Cheerleader Angela Hamilton helps keep the audience enthused. RIGHT: Mike Gilley prepares to catch Angela Hamilton coming down from the top of a pyramid. 94 Sports Cheerleaders LEFT: The Colonel himself, Joe Orrender. leads Eastern ' s football team to the field. BELOW: Joe Orrender gets a lot of support form the rest of the cheerleaders. Leading the football and basketball team in spirit under the supervision of their new sponsor, Skip Daughtery, the squad had made ap- pearances at Western, Morehead, Lehigh and Sacramento, California where the colonels took on Boise State in the NCAA Division I-AA National Championship. Captain Jeff White led this group at pep rallies as well as many other exciting events. New dance routines to popular songs such as " Another One Bites the Dust " and " In the Stone " encouraged fans to dance, boogie and shout a long while cheering for the team. Sports Cheerleaders 95 Every Way They Turned Was The Wrong Way 96 Where did all the victories go? This looked to be a promis- ing year for the Colonels. They had five returning players. Along with a successful recruiting period this factor could only improve the Colonels chances of an OVC ti- tle. With James " Turk " Tillman graduated head coach Ed Byhre took steps to fill the of- fensive holes. Tommy Baker, who was the second leading scorer last year, was returning. Baker, coupled with the experience and guidance of senior guard Bruce Jones, seemed sure to start the offense off right. There was also a little extra for the Colonels as they signed Mr. Kentucky Basketball, Er- vin Stepp to the squad. But when the season ended, the Colonels had a 10-16 won- lost record, and were outscored by their opponents 1827-1829. The season started at home with a Colonel victory over Butler 82-66. But after eight more non- conference games the Colonels began conference play with a 3- 6 record. The Colonels, never able to put the season together, lost their last chance at an OVC playoff position with a final game 78-62 loss to arch-rival Western. Still, Bruce Jones broke the OVC assist record ending his career with 699, and giving Colonel fans something to cheer about. Sports 97 ABOVE: Bruce Jones, Dale Jenkins, Dwayne Smith and Steve Robinson surround this hapless Morehead Eagle. ABOVE RIGHT: Reserve center Anthony Martin puts up a sky hook against Murray in the Colonel ' s home vic- tory over the Racers. RIGHT: Anthony Conner rejects a Tennessee Tech shot. BELOW: Tommy Baker, the Colonel ' s leading scorer, puts in two in spec- tacular style against Western Illinois. RIGHT: Bruce Jones, Eastern ' s all- time assist leader, was also a shooter. Here he puts up two against Murray. BELOW: Jim Harkins drives against the Murray Racers. BOTTOM: Front Row: Tim Voyles, manager. Second Row: Max Good, assistant coach; Steve Robinson, Ervin Stepp, Joe Lyttle, Bruce Jones, Tommy Baker, Jim Harkins, Ed Byhre, head coach. Standing: Pat Megel, grad assistant; Bobby Washington, assistant coach; Dwayne Smith, Terry Bradley, Anthony Conner, Dale Jenkins, Anthony Martin, Joe Alan Stepp, part-time assistant; David Green, Assistant trainer. |— Basketball 80 — , Opponent EKUOpp. Butler 82 66 Southern Miss. 74 82 Dayton 72 77 Northern Iowa 73 53 UNC — Wil. 55 57 Arkansas 74 80 Fordham 79 81 Navy 79 76 Maine 74 82 Middle Tenn. 42 53 Austin Peay 64 72 Murry State 85 76 Pittsburg 56 80 Tenn. Tech 91 75 Akron 85 77 Morehead State 91 65 ! Western Ky. 80 84 Middle Tenn. 55 53 Southern Miss. 71 78 Austin Peay 51 54 Murry State 60 62 Western 111. 73 74 Akron 65 53 ] , Tenn. Tech 55 56 Morehead State 79 75 Western Ky. 62 78 t £ 1 % RIGHT: Ervin Stepp, last year ' s Kentucky Mr. Basketball, drives on a Morehead State player. BELOW: Bruce Jones looks for an open man to throw one of his team leading assists Sports 101 Field Hockey Season Ends at Regional s ABOVE, TOP: Senior Patty Drumm recovers the ball from the opposing team. ABOVE: Sophomore Carole Ann Lankford puts effort into the shot. OPPOSITE, TOP: Wilma Taylor fights for the ball. OPPOSITE, BOT- TOM: First row — Normandie May, Anne Daugherty, Terri Johnson, Patty Drumm, Cindy Taylor, Theresa Long, Carole Ann Lankford. Second row — Tracy Wilson, Robin Forhecz, Jean Dickson, Lisa Loran, Jackie Stivers, Laura Purdy, Suzanne Hastings, Wilma Taylor. Third row — Manager Ten Dietrich, Trainer Brenda Magee, Patrica Clary, Terry Garchinsky, Debbie Wright, Cheryl Lohse, Melissa Shore, Asst. Coach Margo Coleman, Coach Lynne Harvel. Despite the addition of new top-level competition the women ' s field hockey team still managed an 11 win 9 loss season. According to Coach Lynne Harvel, " The team was on the road more than ever before which was very tiresome. The teams they beat here last year they lost to on the road. " The women, who qualified for regionals, had to first beat their biggest rival, the Univer- sity of Louisville. U of L lost to the women 2-1 in playoff competition. The women however then lost in regional play to 9th ranked Old Dominion 2-0. Sophomore Wilma Howard was the team ' s leading scorer with 11 season goals. Howard, a walk-on last year, made the team ' s starting line up because of her own hard work and determination ac- cording to Harvel. Sophomore goalie, Suzanne Hastings ended her season with an .883 save percentage which put her in the top 20 among collegiate goalies. — Field Hockey — EASTERN OPP. Bluegrass 2 Louisville 2 3 S. Illinois 1 N. Illinois 3 1 Indiana 2 3 OhioU. 2 Bowling Green 5 1 Be re a 5 Louisville 2 1 Louisville 2 1 orta Fiel EASTERN OPP. Miami 1 Purdue 2 James Madison 2 1 Ball State 2 4 Dayton 4 Earlham 6 Clemson 3 4 Hollins 3 Trenton 2 Longwood 1 Vanderbilt 5 Women Netters Place Third in KWIC The women ' s tennis team overcame early season obstacles and made continuous progress from season start to finish to post a respectable 9- 5 record. Joy Rupert and Mary Hochwalt led the team as they defeated such powers as University of Louisville, Western Kentucky and Middle Ten- nessee State. The team, led by head coach Martha Mullins finished third in the KWIC behind opponents University of Kentucky and Murray State. The teams ' top three seeds were Joy Rupert, Mary Hochwalt, Deanna Addis. TOP: Deanna Addis concentrates on backhand return. Back Row: Left to right: Jackie Powell, Shelia Bolin, Joy Rupert, Mary Hochwalt. Front: Deanna Addis, Fran Wat- son, J. Denny, Paula Castoro. W to ii ' s T ennis ' 80 EASTERN OPP. Louisville 5 4 E. Tennessee 7 2 Marshall 9 Austin Peay 9 Alabama 6 3 Murray State 2 7 Morehead 5 4 Western Kentucky 7 2 Mid. Tennessee St. 6 3 Kentucky 1 8 Ball State 8 1 Miami University 2 7 Tennessee 9 Purdue 3 6 KWIC Championships Third TOP: Doubles partners Shelia Bolin and Fran Watson execute return. LEFT: Paula Catoro returns opponent ' s shot. 105 It was a season of anticipa- tion for the women ' s volleyball team, as Coach Geri Polvino waited to see what her young and enthusiastic team could achieve. For Polvino the result, a 31- 20 record, was not disap- pointing. " I felt that up till now the program had been sliding. " said Polvino. " Other schools started awarding scholarships and their programs grew while we stayed still. " Now after three years of recruiting and rebuilding Polvino said she received " a very competitive and spirited team. " The women finished second behind UK in the KWIC state tournament and third in the AWIA regional championships. Besides getting two team members, Laurie Duncan and Deanne Madden, named to the All-Regional team, Madden and captain Nancy Stoeckle were also named to the All- State team. According to Polvino this was a total team effort. " Part of the success was due to the leadership of senior Sharon Walker and Stoeckle. The youth and enthusiasm of the freshmen gave the team a light-heartedness which also was a help, " stated Polvino. " Center Lori Briggs was a key role in running the offense with help from Stoeckle, who had the team ' s highest serving percentage with 63 percent. " said Polvino. And the team passing was not to be forgotten as Kaye Bieger and Walker combined for a passing percentage of 65 percent. The defense was led by the 64 percent blocking of Stoeckle and the 68 percent average of the spiking combination of Duncan and Stoeckle. " The pressure lies on next year ' s team to do well, " said Polvino. " They recognize the potential and next year ' s ex- pectations will be higher. " 106 Sports Volleyball Spikers Second in KWIC Tournament OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Michelle Tecca successfully blocks opponent ' s shot. OPPOSITE PAGE, BELOW: Sharon Walker and Terrie Dyer reach for the sky in a block attempt. ABOVE: Captain Nancy Stoeckle spikes past opponent. RIGHT: Back row: Left to right, G.A. coach Kathy Edwards, Romona Mcgovern, Sharon Walker, Michelle Tecca, Joan Messerknecht, Terrie Dyer, Laurie Briggs, Deanne Madden, Judy Kersting, Nancy Stoeckle, Tracy Johnson, Sandy Carrel, coach Geri Polvino. Front: Chick Stander, Kelly Irwin, Karla Ralston, Lori Duncan, Kaye Bieger. Vnllrvtinll ' QA v uiicy udii OU EASTERN OPP. Miami 1 3 Morehead State 3 2 OVC Tournament 2 Middle Tennessee St. 2 1 Tennessee Tech 2 Morehead State 2 Austin Peay 2 Morehead State 2 3 EKU Invitational 2 1 Duke University 2 1 Middle Tennessee St. 2 Kellog Community 2 1 Indiana 2 Eastern Illinois 1 2 Kellog Community 1 2 Northern Kentucky 2 3 Morehead State 2 Univ. of Louisville 3 1 Central Mich. Tournament 2 York 2 Kellog Community 1 2 Marquette 3 Iowa 2 1 Michigan 2 West Ontaria 2 Univ. of Kentucky 1 3 Xavier University 2 Chicago 2 Univ. of Charleston 2 Indiana 2 St. Louis 1 2 Indiana 2 Univ. of Cincinnati 3 Univ. of Louisville 4 1 Northern Kentucky 2 3 East Tennessee St. 3 Univ. of Dayton 3 1 Univ. of Kentucky 1 2 KWIC State Tournament Second Sue Schaefer Runner of the Year A- 1 108 Sports Women ' s Cross Country Women ' s Cross Country ' 80 MEET PLACE Kentucky Invitational 10th Kentucky Intercollegiate Second Cross Country EKU Invitational First Indiana Invitational 13th KWIC Championship Third OVC Second The 1980 women ' s cross country season was a time for learning according to graduate assistant Betty Mills. The team was an inexperienced team with four freshmen, two sophomores and only three senior members. Senior Sue Schaefer, who was injured the first part of the season, came back to run well enough to be named Women ' s OVC Cross Country Runner of the Year. OPPOSITE, TOP: The start of the EKU In- vitational. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM LEFT: Barb Fennell and Sue Schaefer in the EKU In- vitational. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM RIGHT: Terry Spears crosses the finish line. TOP: Front row — Terry Spears, Maria Pazarentzos, Barb Fennell, Karen Haden. Second row — Coach Sandra Martin, Betty Mills, Becky Crawley, Phyllis Grubb, Jean Strait, Sue Schaefer, Joan Talbert. Sports Women ' s Cross Country 109 Harriers Place Third in OVC The Men ' s Cross Country team had five mem- bers to finish among the top 20 in the OVC Championship this year. Bill Morgan finished ninth, Gary Noel, 11th; Dennis Creekmore, 13th; Steve Angerman 16th; and Sam Cross, 20th. These five, along with Andy Crowley and Terry Lakes, were considered the outstanding runners of the season by Coach Rick Erdman. Overall, the team finished third in the OVC. The first meet of the season was the Marshall Invitational in Huntington, W. Va. The harriers finished third behind Morehead and Ap- palachian State University. Third place seemed to follow the team as they also placed third in the University of Kentucky Invitational and the Kentucky Intercollegiate Meet. Being the host team finally brought luck to the harriers and a team first place finish in the Eastern Tri Meet. Junior Sam Cross was the first runner to complete the course. The University of Cincinnati took second place and Morehead third. Summing up the year, Erdman said, " No real records were set, but we ran good and hard together to take third place. " BELOW: Seniors Bill Morgan and Gary Noel finished ninth and 11th in the OVC Championship meet this year. OPPOSITE, TOP: Perry Semones and Fred Bisell display similar running styles. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Bill Morgan and Gary Noel sprint toward the end of the 110 Sports Men ' s Cross Country ABOVE: Standing — Damon Lashley, Bill Morgan, Steve Angerman, Sam Cross, Mark Hendricks, Dennis Creekmore, and Coach Rick Erdman. Kneeling — Perry Semones, Fred Bissell, Andy Crowley, Terry Lakes, and Gary Noel. Men ' s Cross Country ' 80 MEET PLACE Marshall Invitational Third Univ. of Kentucky Third Invitational Ky. Intercollegiate Third Championship EKU Invitational First Indiana University Fourth Invitational OVC Championship Third Sports Men ' s Cross Country 111 Netters Disappointing Season Has Bright Spots The 1980 men ' s tennis team posted a 13-15 record for the season. Coach Tom Higgins said it was a disappointing year with the team finishing in sixth out of the eight places in the OVC con- ference. Despite the losing record, there were some bright spots for the players. Freshman David Ghanayem performed well throughout the year. He had a 17-14 singles record, and with doubles partner Bibb Landrum, a 14-4 record. Ghanayem and Kurt Heuermann were also ranked third in the conference at their position in doubles. 112 Sports Men ' s Tennis OPPOSITE, TOP: Bibb Landrum was one of the tennis team ' s strongest players in doubles competition during the 1980 season. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Front row - Mark Holstein, John Rowlett, Bibb Landrum, Don Briscoe, David Ghanayem, Rich V ' andish. Back row — Coach Tom Higgins, Kurt Heuer- mann, Chuck Gibson, Glen Raglin, Jeff Zinn. Butch Young, Jamie Harris, Richard Colemann. LEFT: Rich Vandish returns the ball to his opponent with a backhand shot. Mon ' c Tfliinio ' 80. EKU OPP. Murray 7 2 ! Cumberland College 9 Morehead 2 7 Illinois State 9 Miami of Ohio 2 7 Western Michigan 2 7 Middle Tennessee 2 7 Austin Peay 4 5 Bowling Green State 7 2 University of Cincinnati 6 3 Western Kentucky University 5 4 Akron University 7 2 Bellarmine College 9 Tennessee Tech 9 University of Wisconsin 4 5 University of Kentucky Morehead 3 2 6 7 Henry Ford College University of Louisville East Tennessee State 6 6 2 3 3 7 Ohio State 2 7 West Virginia University University of Louisville Western Kentucky University Murray Middle Tennessee 6 6 3 2 3 3 6 9 7 University of Kentucky University of Cincinnati Centre College 1 6 7 8 3 2 Sports Men ' s Tennis 113 Gymnasts Take Prestigious Miami Cuj The 1980 season was classified as an experience season and a building year by Coach Gerald Calkin for the men ' s gymnastics team. The team included three freshmen and two seniors, co-captains Dave Cole and George Gardner. The team ' s 7-5 record brought about several new school records. It also included winning the Miami Cup. A 231.9 score was the new team high set against Georgia. The old team high was 224.2 set against Georgia last year. George Gardner set a record of 9.0 on the rings and Jon Gaertner a 8.75 on the high bar. 114 Men ' s Gymnastics ■ " " Mpti ' s nymnflfitips ' 80 OPPONENT EKU OPP. Slippery Rock 200.75 187.00 Kent State 214.10 215.90 Georgia Cancelled Tech Invitational Fourth ! Miami Cup First Indiana 231.90 233.95 Sinclair Cancelled OPPOSITE, TOP: David Cole, senior co-captain, exhibits the concentra- tion and control possible in gymnastics. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Front row — Craig Struening, Dale Gibbon, Dan McDaniel, Dave Smith. Back row — Coach Gerald Calkin, Dave Cole, Leonard Kannapell, George Gar- dner, Bill Kelly, Andy Toole, Peter Ruffu, Jon Gaertner, Asst. Coach Tim Dillon. TOP: Leonard Kannapell forms a human parallel line with the parallel bars. RIGHT: Dave Smith, a junior, is suspended from the rings, one of his strongest areas of competition. Wilkerson Makes Nationals Overcoming youth and inex- perience the women ' s gymnastic team compiled a winning season. The women placed second behind a flawless West Virginia team in the prestigious Miami Cup tournament. The women also set a school record, 138.05, enroute to a second place state finish behind regional rival, University of Louisville. The season ended in regional action at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 116 Sports OPPOSITE, LEFT: Rhonda Wilkerson shows the grace and agility which made her the team ' s highest scorer for four years. OPPOSITE, RIGHT: One of the team ' s strongest uneven bar workers, freshman Sue Law, demonstrates the risk factor that makes gymnastics so exciting to watch. ABOVE: Cheryl Behne, a junior, finishes her floor exercise routine. TOP: Standing — Elaine Hoke, Pam Sweeney, Rhonda Wilker- son, Laura Madden, Debbie Cordes, and Cheryl Behne. Sitting — Jea Metzger, Holly Foster, Sue Law, and Linay Brodbeck. . frVITlTlfl c ° VJI li.lll.Ct, OPPONENT EASTERN Tri Meet First Kent State Second Indiana St. First Univ. of Lou. Second Univ. of Ga. First EastTenn. First Miami Cup Second Univ. of Ky. First Western Ky. First East Tenn. First KWIC State Finals Second AIAW Regionals Sports 117 j TVIF= ± mW TOP: Susan Law finishes an exercise on the beam in a meet at Alumni Coliseum. ABOVE: Junior Cheryl Behne performs her floor exercise. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Laura Madden, a sophomore, strikes a pose on the beam. ABOVE: Senior Rhonda Wilkerson, shown here performing her floor exercise, led her team in scoring for four years in a row. US It has been six years since the women ' s basket- ball team had a winning season but this year it happened. Under the guidance of two-year coach Diane Murphy, co-coach of the year in the OVC, the team finished 16-15. The team started the season fast and strong, winning 10 out of their first 13, but discipline problems and some unfortunate injuries brought the women to a mid-season slump with the toughest part of their schedule remaining. Led by the shooting of freshman standout Lisa Goodin, her 18.8 average was top on the team, the women finished third in the KWIC. It was also a year for milestones. A tough of- fense topped 100 points twice and their free throw percentage was top in the nation. Goodin led the nation in free throws for women and was fifth nationally in both men and women competition. She joined teammate Tina Wir- muth as a member of the second team in the OVC. Murphy Leads C ABOVE: Front Row: Sandra Mukes, Lisa Goodin, Suzanne Revack, Diane Johnson. Back Row: Coach Chancellor Dugan, Sandy Grieb. Sandy Kinkton, Coach Nell Hensley. el ' s Turnaround OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Tina Wirmuth displays team speed as she dribbles for the goal. MIDDLE: Leading scorer, Lisa Goodin, goes in for a layup. LEFT: Ti na Wir- muth receives instructions from Coach Murphy. BELOW: Chancellor Dugan demonstrates her jump shot ability. Karen Evans, Marsha Charles, Freda Hagen, Diane Murphy, Joan Gotti, Diane Taylor, Tina Wirmuth, Karen Richardson, Assistant 121 RIGHT: Sandy Grieb receives pass from teammate. BELOW: Sandra M ukes finds a detour on her way to the basket. Basketball 81 Opponent Eastern Opp. West Virginia Univ. 97 69 Campbellsville College 98 72 Akron 90 56 Kent State 65 72 Youngstown State 64 78 Northern Kentucky 71 67 University of Dayton 68 77 Marshall University 70 46 Radford University 84 65 Bellarmine 91 45 Univ. of Louisville 75 66 Ohio University 83 72 Austin Peay 74 62 Murray State 74 77 Univ. of Louisville 77 68 Western Kentucky 63 91 Northern Kentucky 74 76 Morehead State 75 72 Univ. of Kentucky 62 79 Western Kentucky 83 75 Middle Tennessee 51 79 Univ. of Kentucky 60 74 Austin Peay 58 70 Murray State 95 75 Univ. of Cincinnati 60 83 Mount St. Joseph 103 74 Youngstown State 76 80 Tennessee Tech 67 87 Morehead State 65 84 Xavier 104 58 Morehead 72 83 122 Sports Women ' s Basketball BELOW: Tina Wirmuth and Sandy Mukes fight for rebound against Murray defender. RIGHT: Freda Hagen dribbles upcourt. Sports Women ' s Basketball 123 Swimmers Have Dry Season Captain Chris Gray demonstrates record breaking free style form. 124 Sports It was a rather dismal year for this year ' s swim team. Consisting mostly of freshmen and sophomores it was head coach Dan Lichty ' s turn to rebuild. Senior Chris Gray, the team ' s most valuable swim- mer, set school records in the 500, 1000 and 1650 yard freestyle events. The Eels faced a tough schedule including Cincinnati and the University of Ken- tucky. The team finished 207 but look forward to the challenge next year holds. STANDING: G.A. Ted Newsome, Assistant coach; Tim Cahill, Kyle Burke, Benson Spurl- ing, Mark Preston, David Rolf, Greg Doge, Brian Conroy, Al Ravan, Bret Yoder, Chris Gray, Kevin Curren, coach Dan Lighty. SITTING: Tim Anderson, Louis Fister, Rob Bowne, Chris Outlaw, Caryn O ' Connor, Steve Whitson, Scott Barber, Gus Rathgaber, Brian Oberg. Swimming ' 80 EASTERN OPP. Vanderbilt 54 59 Marshall 44 69 Tennessee Relays fourth Cincinnati 40 73 Youngstown 64 49 Indiana State 54 46 University of Georgia 66 46 Kentucky 44 (39 Sports 125 Rifle Team Makes NCAA Final Four It was a season of broken records, success and accom- plishments for this year ' s rifle team. Their first highlight was a third place finish in the OVC. This was the first year the OVC recognized rifling as a sport. The team also took first in the Kentucky State Cham- pionship with a combined small bore air rifle score of 6065. Then in the sectional com- petition the team shot some of their best scores of the year in their fourth place finish. The combined team total of both rifle areas was 6195, which broke a school record. Dan Durben shot a 1164 for the team high while teammate Karen Long tallied her career high with an 1157. Kim Floer also shot her career high with an 1149. Mark Bender rounded off the team with a score of 1138. According to Coach Sgt. Nelson Beard, the season as a whole went well. " We shot about 100 points better than last season. There was also a lot of improvement, " said Beard. One of the team ' s highlights was beating last year ' s national champions, Tennessee Tech. The team ranked fourth nationally and competed in the collegiate championships at West Point Academy. ABOVE: First row — Dan Durben, Sue Gianopulos, Danny Wigger, and Karen Ap- plegate. Second row — Terry Sears, Kim Floer, Coach Nelson Beard, Mark Bender, and Ron Wigger. Not pictured — Karen Long. LEFT: Sophomore Ron Wigger finished 36th in smallbore competition at the NCAA Cham- pionships at West Point, N.Y. The team placed fourth in the national competition. OPPOSITE: Dan Durben, senior captain of the team, shot a score of 1180 in smallbore competition at the NCAA Championships. The score was the highest ever shot at the meet. Durben was also named to the first team Ail- American rifle squad. 126 Sports Rifle TMflr ' SO MEET 01 RESULT Western Ky. won University EKU,UK,MSU won Ohio Valley Conf . third WKUTourn. second EastTenn.St.U. second Colonel Invit. fourth Welch ' s Tourn. second UK Tournament second West Point Acad. won Golden Eagle Tourn. second Ky. St. Champ. won NCAA Sectionals fourth NCAA Champ. Sports Rifle 127 Golfers Swing First in OVC TOP: Dave Gaer punches an iron shot into the wind on Arlington ' s 11th hole. ABOVE: The 1980 Linksters: Kneeling: Tom White, Brad Baumgardner, Greg Waggoner, Jeff Schultz, Brian Gurzynski, Gary Fisher, Mark Wheeler. Standing: Ray Struder coach, Mike Frey, Dave Gaer, Jeff Merkel, Jay Evelyn, Steve Haluska, Greg Shawn, Mark Ball, Jerry Clark, Doug Brehme. RIGHT: The rain takes nothing away from Gaer ' s intense concentration as he lines up a putt of the 16th green. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gaer takes shelter to contemplate his next shot. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Doug Brehme follows the flight of his tee shot on the par-three 16th. | Golf ' 80 - TOURNAMENT Pinehurst Intercollegiate 17th Iron Duke Intercollegiate 8th Evansville Invitational 2nd Marshall Invitational 3rd Colonel Classic 3rd Kentucky Intercollegiate 1st Xavier ' s Honored Coaches 2nd Chris Schenkel Invitational 17th Golf White Invitational 2nd OVC Championship 1st Gaer Sets Conference Records When the 1980 golf season closed the Colonel ' s found themselves on top in the OVC and ranking 19th nationally. OVC coach of the year, Ray Struder, guided his team to an 89-46 record. Remembering last year ' s loss to Austin Peay, Eastern tied a conference record 866 in the 54- hole tournament on the way to the top. Senior captain, Dave Gaer, set two new conference records by tallying an eight under par 64 for 18 holes and a 10 under par 206 for 54 holes. Gaer, along with teammate Greg Waggoner, made the All- OVC tournament team. Season Frustrating; Reconstruction Begins It was a rough transition period for the Colonels baseball team as they struggled to an 11-20-0 overall record and a 5-10-0 record in the conference. For first-year- Coach Jim Ward, the record was disappointing, but he said the season was a success in other areas. " We have built a championship caliber program and gained the respect of our oppo- nents, " said Ward. The team was hampered by poor pitching; only one pitcher, Mark Parton, kept his E.R.A. below 5.00 with a 4.62. Sophomore Jim Harkins had a weak season but his 2-2 record and 5.82 E.R.A. was good enough to place on the All-OVC team. A reflection of the team ' s frustrating season was seen in eight games which were decided by a one run deficit. Two losses at Morehead, 6-5 and 4-3, cancelled their hopes of finishing in the top four. The team ended the season in fifth place but not without some glimmering moments. They set a team homerun record (led by Scott Quesnel with nine) with 31, while shortstop Kevin Kocks and second baseman Mark Klein broke a record by turning over 32 double plays. Joining Harkins on the All-OVC team was freshman, catcher designated hitter, Joe Myers, who hit a solid .344 and captain Kevin Kocks who hit .301. 130 Sports LEFT: Joe Myers concentrates on pitch. Myers .344 batting average was the team ' s high. BELOW: The 1980 Baseball team: Front: Joe Myers, Steve Rebholz, Mike Woehler, Kevin Kocks, Mark Moore, Mark Klein, Charles Baldwin, mgr. 2nd row: David Napier, Bud Friess, Mark Parton, Craig Meyers, Jeff Lehkamp, Ken Kincaid, Tony Talbott, Kevin Tully, Randy Lykes. Back row: Scott Quesnel, David Bault, David Kovener, Jim Harkins, Paul David Brown, Tom McNulty, Greg Wiseman, Tom Horvath, David Shaw, Steve West, mgr., Jim Ward, coach. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: Mark Par- ton delivers pitch to waiting batsman. LOWER LEFT: Scott Quesnel puts tag on sliding opponent. I — Baseball ' 80 1 Eastern 5 Erskine 6 Eastern 3 Furman 6 Eastern 2 UofL 3 Eastern 10 UofL 7 Eastern 3 UK 4 Eastern 2 U.ofCin. 13 Eastern 2 U.ofCin. 3 Eastern 2 UK 16 Eastern 7 Morehead 6 Eastern 5 Morehead 6 Eastern 1 Western 4 Eastern Western 20 Eastern 8 M. Tenn. 5 Eastern 1 M.Tenn. 5 Eastern 3 T. Tech. 1 Eastern 7 T. Tech. 6 Eastern 8 UK 7 Eastern 4 N. Ky. 6 Eastern 12 N. Ky. 7 Eastern 7 T. Tech 6 Eastern 7 T. Tech. 10 Eastern 5 Western 6 Eastern 8 Western 12 Eastern 9 Centre 5 Eastern 16 Centre 3 Eastern 10 U.ofL. 6 Eastern 4 U.ofL. 11 Eastern 5 Morehead 6 Eastern 3 Morehead 4 Eastern M. Tenn. 4 Eastern 6 UK 14 Wmm i% §yii ABOVE: Kevin Kocks awaits throw as opponent dives back to second safely. Sports 131 Glover Paces 30th Place Finish E. Tenn. Invitational Unscored Morehead Unscored U. of Ind. Relays Unscored U. of Pitt. Invitational Unscored Mason-Dixon Games Unscored M. Tenn. Unscored Florida Relays Unscored UK Tri Meet Second Dogwood Relays Unscored Marshall Inv. Unscored Penn Relays Unscored Tom Samuels Inv. Unscored OVC Outdoor Championship Sixth OVC Indoor Championship Fourth NCAA Championship 30th vffiTJSWBBM The men ' s track team placed 30th at nationals thanks to the performance of high-jump standout Kenny Glover. Glover was the highlight in an otherwise mediocre season which saw the team place fourth in indoor meets and sixth in outdoor competi- tion. Glover became the first track Ail-American in the history of the University when he cleared 7- 4Vi inches in the high jump at the NCAA track and field championships in Austin, Texas. One of the rare occasions he did not clear the seven foot mark came at the OVC championships when he finished second with a jump of 6-11. In April he qualified for both the NCAA and the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon when he jumped 7-l :i 4 inches. Glover finished sixth at the trials. 132 Sports — • : jjgapa iMB BELOW: Jay Sprague races to the finish at the Kentucky Relays. RIGHT: Ail-American Kenny (Hover enroute to the nationals. OPPOSITE PAGE, UPPER RIGHT: 1980 Track Team: Kneel- ing: Gus Rathgeber, Terry Lakes, Steve Angerman, Andy Crowley, Mike Lassley, Gary Noel, Rick Zacholski, Jay Sprague, Hugh Hem-lee, Phil Hodge, Dennis Creekmore. Standing: G.A. Jeff Sitz, Bolliver Strobach, Dave Perkins, Willie Morgan, Dennis Graham, Kenny Glover, Brian Douds, Eugene Buirnes, Mitch Heater, Doug Layne, Keith Burton, Coach Rich Erdman. LOWER RIGHT: Keith Burton triple jumps 55.6 feet for a fourth place finish at the Marshall Invitatinnals. Women stay on Track; Women ' s Track ' 80 TEAM U. of V. Invitational 7th EKU Invitational 1st Murray Invitational 1st Morehead unscored Lady Topper Invitational 2nd Becky Boone Relays 5th KWIC Championships2nd OVC Championships 1st For the second season in a row, the women ' s track team raced to a first place finish in the OVC. The team, coached by Sandy Martin, also finished second in the Kentucky Conference behind the University of Ken- tucky. Senior standout Teri Seippel led the Lady Colonels to a fifth place finish in the prestigious Becky Boone Relays, by win- ning the pentalathon with 3939 points. That also qualified her for the National Cham- pionships held in Eugene, Oregon. Seippel made her presence known as she finished second in the pentathalon, and fifth in the 400 meter hurdles. Seippel, who qualified for nationals each year in the pentalathon, was voted OVC track athlete of the year. Sharon Walker also qualified for the National Cham- pionships in the 100 meter dash when she sprinted to an 11.7 time at the Boone Relays. Walker, along with teammates Marie Geisler, Holly Foster, DeAnne Madden and Iris Amos were selected to the All- OVC team. 134 Sports retain OVC title I VWmtMRm tfm ABOVE: Holly Foster leads the pack over the hurdles as she eyes the finish line and victory. RIGHT: Iris Amos shows strain of victory just af- ter crossing the finish line. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: THE 1980 LADY COLONELS TRACK TEAM: Front: Janice Textor, ReBecca Crowley, Iris Amos, Vicki Huelette, Sandra Ward, Holly Foster. 2nd row: Denise Bailey, mgr.; Keg Good, Jean Strait, Paula Gaston, Sharon Walker, Sue Schafer, Bev Jarvis, Terry Spears. Back row: Jewel Hayes, Asst. coach; Diana Taylor, Marie Geisler, Deanne Madden, Teri Seippel, Andrea Taylor, Nancy Hesse, Lauren Geiss, Cathy Bartlett, Sandy Martin, coach. UPPER LEFT: Andrea Taylor strives to victorv. Eastern Kentucky State Normal School RICHMOND CALENDAR 1910-191 I opens Sept. 5 rm opens Nov. 1 n opens Jan. 23 Closes April I ClosesJune IO Closes July 21 eview Cou lementary Stal.- Kl.T V Certificate, -itermediate Course iet to State Intermediate Certificate.) dvanced Course (three years) leading State Advanced Certificate (LiTeCer- nlarged coursi Domestic Sci« of s tudy for the ce. Manual Trainii CATALOGUE FREE J. G. CRABBE, President RICH MO N D, OPPOSITE PAGE, ABOVE: the 1910 Elementary Certificate class poses before par- ticipating in the school ' s first graduation ceremony. BELOW: An early chemistry class poses for a whimsical shot. ABOVE: Eastern gains University status. demies Karen House J. C. Powell BELOW: President J. C. Powell addressed the stude nts and their friends and families at the annual graduation ceremonies in May of 1980. RIGHT: Powell addressed the Joint Interim Committee on Education. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Powell talked with George Atkins following a meeting at the University. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Powell talked with Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. at the graduation ceremonies. The responsibilities of University President J. C. Powell became more and more like those of an economist during 1980-81. A decrease in educational funding by the state and federal governments forced the University to make cut- backs in all departments of the school. President Powell met with representatives from the university departments before the beginning of the school year to make the deci- sions of where the cuts would be made and how the college could cope with the decreased funding. The year was not all bad news. President Powell travelled to California to watch the Uni- versity ' s football team play in the NCAA Division-I championship game two years in a row. 138 Academics President Powell Academics President Powell 139 University Vice Presidents As Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research, John Rowlett han- dles registration, class schedules and curriculum changes. Earl Baldwin, Vice President of Business Affairs is in charge of the business services at the University. The Office of Public Affairs coordinates several programs under the direction of Vice President Donald Feltner. This office includes recruiting and alumni affairs under the Divi- sion of University-School Rela- tions, university communica- tions under the Division of Public Information and job placement services under the Division of Career Develop- ment and Placement. With the guidance of Vice President William Sexton the Office of Public Services and Special Programs directs the Division of Television and Radio, the Administrative and Academic Computing Services and the University Archives. Dr. Thomas Myers, Vice President of Student Affairs, is in charge of the Office of Ad- missions, the Deans of Men and Women, Housing, Student Organizations and Activities, Financial Assistance and the Health Service. i - Vice President at Academic Affairs and Research, John Rowlett Vice President of Business Affairs, Earl Baldwin 140 Academics Vice-President Vice President of Public Affairs, Donald Feltner Vice President of Public Services and Special Programs, William Sexton Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Thomas Myers AcademicsA ' ice-Presidents 141 President-emeritus Dr. Robert R. Martin, President-emeritus, retained his ties to the University along with his career in politics this year. Martin was on campus several times for meetings with various groups and remains a friend of the University despite his retirment from his official duties. Martin retired from the office of president of the University to begin a career in politics. He maintains his position as representative from the 22nd District to the Kentucky State Senate. RIGHT: Dr. Robert R. Martin attended the Joint Interim Committee Education meeting as part of his duties as state senator. BELOW: Grady Stumbo, Dr. Martin, and President Powell talked after the Joint Interim Committee on Education Meeting. 142 Academics Dr. Martin. President-emeritus Board of Regents Handles Cuts; Acquires Female Touch Dr. Keith Algier Faculty Regent Robert J. Begley Jerry Ikerd The most crucial activity of the University Board of Regents during 1980-81 was the ap- proval of plans developed to implement the ab- sorption of a reduction of $2,300,000 in state ap- propriations available to the university. Three individuals assumed seats on the Board during the year. Mrs. Hallie Shouse of Lexington was Gov. John Y. Brown ' s first new appointee to the Board and the first woman ever appointed to Eastern ' s governing body. A previous student regent had been a woman. Dr. Keith Algier, a professor of history, was elected faculty regent and began his three-year term, while Clayburn Trowell, Student Association president, served the year as student member of the Board. In other actions the Board approved the Uni- versity ' s operating budget for 1980-81, and reviewed and accepted the annual audit of University records which is accomplished by an external, independent auditing firm. The Board also acted on policy recommendations in the areas of personnel, academic affairs, and student affairs. LEFT, ABOVE: Charles Combs, Chairman. ABOVE: Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. Claybum Trowell Student Regent Beverly Yeiser Academics Regents 143 Four Years Plus Despite budget cutbacks in education programs over the past year, the Graduate School at Eastern has continued to develop. A new graduate- level program, a Master ' s of Science degree in Community Nutrition, was approved by the Council on Higher Education, according to the dean of Graduate School, Dr. Charles Gibson. " As far as cutbacks are concerned, I think the biggest penalty will be paid over a long period of time. The budget cut has resulted in a reduction of the amount of money we are able to pay graduate assistants and that hurts when we ' re in competition with other schools for graduate stu- dents, " said Gibson. The Graduate School offers degrees in 36 programs ranging from Agriculture Education to Vocational Education. Dean Gibson has been in charge of the school since 1973 and has been at the University since 1962. 144 Academics Graduate School OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Wallv Chambers, a graduate assistant in the Mass Communications Department. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Dean Charles Gibson. TOP: Larry Thompson, a graduate assistant in the Public Information Office. RIGHT: Graduate assistant Michael Stahler worked in the phisiology lab of the Science Department. Academics Graduate School 145 1981 Award Winner Kemper Named To Hall of Fame The official letter from, the Office of Student Affairs read, " At a meeting on October 24, 1980, Mary D. Kemper, a senior from Louisville, Ken- tucky, was named as the recipient of the Hall of Fame Award for 1981. " Kemper graduated in December with a Special Education Elementary Educa- tion major and a 3.920 GPA, and was hired by the Montgomery County School Board. " My college education gave me the groundwork to teach from. It has made me feel more confident, more qualified, and more challenged to teach, " Kemper said. " I suppose the main reason they chose me for the award was because of my accomplish- ments in women ' s hall govern- ment. " Kemper was an executive member at large in Women ' s Interdormitory Board for two years. Besides her work with hall government, she was also ac- tive in the Student Council for Exceptional Children. She was a member of the local chapter, the Kentucky association, and also the international organiza- tion of the SCEC. 146 Hall of Fame Academics It Sirfl Dean David Gale Service in the Field of Health Learning the body from head to toe, achieving certification to do CPR, gaining practical field experience and many other factors play a role in the courses of students that have a major in the College of Allied Health and Nursing. Students with a major in this college are of- fered a variety of programs such as four-year programs, three-plus-one programs and two-year programs, depending on their particular major. Closely associated with the College of Allied Health and Nursing is the infirmary. During the flu season this year it became the family doctor of many students. According to college literature the primary goals of the college are to develop the potential of the students in the area of health studies and to prepare the students for service, teaching and research roles in the health field. As a means of " on the job " experience the college provides clinical environments for the stu- dents to work in. These clinicals give the students the opportunity to work in a hospital or doctor ' s office before they graduate. Dr. David Gale is the dean of the college. RIGHT: Students participated in CPR classes as requirements for several courses in Allied Health and Nursing. " I try to make sure that the students are learn- ing; that they ' re getting what they need. I try to develop an open mind and to emphasize the need for continued education in the students. Con- tinued education is particularly important in the field of Allied Health. " For Susan Long education in the area of Allied Health has become a career. Long has taught Nursing Care of Children, Fundamentals of Nur- sing, and Human Sexuality. She was chosen as the outstanding teacher from the College of Allied Health and Nursing. Long received her bachelor ' s degree in nursing from Indiana University ( " I ' m a big IU basket- ball fan, " she said.) and her master ' s degree in education from Eastern. In her spare time, Long likes to read and enter- tain friends. Susan Long i t Laura Babbage " When I was a freshman, I set my goal and went for it. " Being chosen as outstanding student from the College of Allied Health and Nursing was not one of Laura Babbage ' s goals, but instead was an honor that came out of her activities and achieve- ments at the University. Laura was a nursing major with a 3.6 grade point average. Among her activities during her col- lege career was serving as president of the Kentucky Association of Nursing Students, being a par- ticipant in the Democractic National Convention and serving as a member of the University Center- board. From Flowers to Printing; Technically it ' s Art If the United States is the melting pot of the world, then the College of Applied Arts and Technology is the melting pot of university courses. Just as the United States is made up of people from different backgrounds and nationalities, this college offers courses for varied interests and majors. A student can study prac- tically anything from Farm Dairy Production to Construction Material to Newswriting. This college features a " hands on " approach to studying. Students don ' t just listen to lectures and write term papers. They get physically in- volved with their majors, whether it is making a table in Woodworking, chasing a preschooler in Child Development, or tantalizing all those who enter the Burrier Building with the aroma of food prepared during Meal Management. The Dean of the College of Applied Arts and Technology is Dr. Kenneth S. Hansson. He began his career at Eastern as a teacher in 1966, and worked his way up to the position of dean in 1975. According to Hansson, the College ' s depart- ments are in the process of expanding and im- proving. " There are several new programs of instruction before the Council of Higher Education. They in- clude adding vocational agriculture with a master ' s of arts in education option, a com- munity nutrition program, a broadcast option, and adding new Master ' s degrees in various other areas, " said Hansson. Dean Hansson feels that his college has an ex- cellent faculty, all of whom strive for improve- ment and success. He also feels that the college ' s enrollment will continue to grow as the world ' s concern for energy and environment increases, since many of the courses in the college deal with subjects of this nature. When Dean Hansson isn ' t working on campus he may be found enjoying one of his various hob- bies such as gardening, photography, or playing tennis. Dr. Jerry Joyner received the outstanding teacher award from the college of Applied Arts and Technology. " I feel honored that people think that I do a good job at teaching, " said Joyner. Joyner was training for a career as a design draftsman when he was told of a teaching job open at Du Pont Manual High School in Louisville. He was hired for the job and has been teaching since then. " I love my work and always try to be enthusiastic about the subject matter. I use slides and other examples to simplify and explain con- cepts and skills, " said Joyner. He teaches Presidential Architecture, Design, Construction, and Drawing; Technical Illustra- tion; Product and Furniture Design; and Creative Problem Solving. " I always am ready to help my students and listen to their problems if they need someone to talk to, " said Joyner. In his spare time, he designs and makes his own furniture and jewelry, drawing illustrations, and working with clay and wood sculpture. He also works with the Industrial Education Club and the Kentucky Industrial Education Associa- tion. W A 150 Academics Applied Arts and Technology " I suppose the main reason I was chosen was because of my participation. I was active in two agriculture clubs, and I also managed to keep my grades up. " This is the way David Baltenberger sum- marized the fact that he was chosen as the Milestone Hall of Fame nominee from the College of Applied Arts and Technology. A senior Technical Agriculture major, he also has a minor in Business Administration and a 4.0 grade point average. " After I graduate from here, I plan to go on to graduate school and get my master ' s degree in Agronomy, " said Baltenberger. While at the University he was a member of the Judo Club, president of the Student Chapter of the Soil Conservation Society of America, and vice-president of Delta Tau Alpha, an agricultural honorary. " I guess the only reaction I had to the award was that I felt honored, really honored to be chosen, " said Baltenberger. David E. Baltenberger Ifc ' v; ' ., • m. s £S Dean Kenneth Hansson Academics Applied Arts and Technology 151 Art for Students ' Sake All arts are one, howe ' er distributed they stand; Verse, tone, shape, color, form are fingers on one hand. " Couplets. V " William Wetmore Story From the shrill of a piccolo, to the meter of a sonnet and all the soliloquies and impressionism in between, the College of Arts and Humanities provides students with the opportunities to ex- press their talents through education. The college also affords practical experience by presenting musical concerts, theatre productions, and art exhibits by the students throughout the year. The Foreign Language Department of the Dean John M. Long college offeres the would-be world travellers of the University courses in French, German, Por- tuguese, Russian, and Spanish, as well as the traditional Greek and Latin. " The college is always striving for new curriculum, better teaching techniques, and newer aspects of majors, " said Dean John M. Long. According to Long, there are 115 faculty mem- bers and seven departments in the college. " Probably with our college, student involve- ment is the most important thing. For instance, the Speech and Theatre Arts Department per- forms four or five plays a year, the Art Depart- ment has a gallery for work to be exhibited, and the Music Department performs concerts. Without students, these activities wouldn ' t be possible, " said Long. 152 Academics Dr. Harold Blythe " Variety is what you need to keep a student ' s interest. " This was one of the elements of teaching that Dr. Harold Blythe, associate professor of English, used in his classroom that contributed to his choice as outstanding teacher of the College of Arts and Humanties. He teaches freshman English classes and sophomore literature classes, along with an oc- casional creative writing and literature theory class. " I feel that lectures are important, but they tend to be boring. I mix lectures with audio- visual presentations and group discussions in the classroom, " said Blythe. Along with his teaching schedule, he is also in- volved with church and family activities. His hobby and second porfession is writing. He enjoys writing mysteries and has been published in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and has written several televiosn shows. Beverly McKnight " Maintaining a balance between ex- tracurricular activities and academics is often difficult. Apparently my college felt that I had been successful in both areas, " commented Beverly C. McKnight upon being chosen out- standing student for the College of Arts and Humanities. Beverly is a Speech Communications and Human Relations major with a minor in English. During her four years at Eastern she has main- tained a GPA of 3.946. Beverly has served as president of Kappa Alpha Theta, Public Rela- tions Chairman of the Panhellenic Delegate and secretary of the Barrister ' s Club. Among the awards Beverly has received are the Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Academic Achievement, a scholarship from Jackson County RECC and a scholarship from the Corbin Nibroc Association. Beverly said she " was proud to be chosen to represent the College of Art and Humanities because it meant that I had earned the respect and approval of my own department. " Academics Aits and Humanities 153 Remember when a student was trained in a business setting for a job? Not so anymore since Eastern has over 2,200 majors in the College of Business to choose from and it is the fastest grow- ing academic unit at Eastern. The students get not only classroom learning experiences but also on-the-job experiences if they choose. The students that participate in these situations also receive credit. In addition to the students, many business per- sons in the region benefit from the College of Business. Various departments of the college of- fer special interest courses and seminars for the experienced businessman woman as well as the business student. Dean Howard Thompson of the College of Business says that " . . . the job market of business majors have increased. The biggest trend upward is women and minority students. " Dean Thompson went on to explain that the trend of women business majors has increased 50 percent over a five year period and nearly 10 per- cent for minorities. Thompson was proud of the fact that l 6th of the freshmen class majored in business and that they are still the largest unit on campus. The College Placement Council had 25 percent job offers for Bachelor degrees and 1 3 of the of- fers were to women. Thompson said, " I am pleased with the in- crease of students and interests in business, es- pecially with women shifting to a traditional male field. Business as Usual Dean Howard Thompson " You have to be enthusiastic about it your entire lifetime if you ' re going to be good at it, because teaching is a lifetime job. " This was Dr. Emogene Hogg ' s formula for being a success at teaching. Evidently it worked. She was chosen as the outstanding teacher from the College of Business. Hogg has been at the University since 1960. In her spare time, Hogg en- joys traveling and jogging. The first semester of the year she was on a sabbatical leave that included a 13-day tour of Israel and Egypt. Dr. Emogene Hogg Michael Stevens i ABOVE: Many students in the College of Business took Computer Science classes, such as Fortran. Michael K. Stevens, a 4.0 accounting major, is the 1980-81 winner of the outstanding student award for the College of Business. Michael ' s other awards include the Presidential Scholarship and the R.R. Richards Scholarship. He was also Eastern ' s nominee for the Arthur H. Carter Scholarship, which is awarded annually by the American Accounting Association. He is a member of the Accounting Club. For most students maintaining a 4.0 would be enough to keep them busy, but Michael also works full-time to support his grandmother. Michael plans to become an accountant with a CPA firm. Although Michael was very pleased to receive the award — his explanation, " My grades, I guess. " Academics Business 155 Awakening the Minds of the Future Remember way back when learning was a dirty word? Not so with students who have a major in the College of Education. These students have a special interest in helping others learn whether it is elementary education, secondary education, or something as unique as special education. Students get a taste of teaching before they ac- tually begin student teaching. This helps them make sure that education is what they want as a career before they ' ve completed three years of college. But before students can actually begin the education curriculum, they must take the basics, be admitted to the program and then . . . RIGHT: Todd Brann, freshman, shown with the Guidance Information System. BELOW: An education class photographed in group discussion. 156 Academics Dean Dixon A. Barr Gwendolyn Gray, assistant professor of learn- ing skills, received the " Excellence in Teaching " Award from the College of Education. She has been at the University since 1972. Her major area of concern is learning skills. Courses taught by Gray are Rapid Reading Learning Dynamics, CoPege Reading and Study Skills, and Developing Reading Proficiency. Gray said that she always loved going to school as a student and now loves her work as a teacher, which makes the school environment enjoyable to both herself and to her students. " I want the students to know that I care and that I want them to succeed in college, " said Gray. In the classroom, Gray tries to create an at- mosphere conducive to learning. Also, she said she tries to meet her students at a personal level. " I learn each student ' s name and I try to meet their individual needs. I encourage individual conferences so that I may get to know them bet- ter, " said Gray. Outside of the classroom, Gray enjoys reading, sports, sewing and playing the piano. Gwendolyn Gray Dixon A. Barr is the Dean of the College of Education and has been at the University since 1961. Barr said that he is concerned with the opin- ions of students concerning the education programs. In order to hear these ideas, a student is chosen to be on the Teacher Education Com- mittee. He encourages pre-student teaching to let stu- dents know whether education is the correct ma- jor for themselves. He said he feels confident that the education programs prepare the students well for the public school positions, rehabilitation education cen- ters, and speech education in public schools and clinics. The programs also prepare the students for a variety of other positions. In his leisure time, Barr can be found in the library researching his family tree. He is teaching a non-credit class in genealogy which reflects his interest in helping others research their family heritage. Dean Russel M. Bogue Recreational Education Douglas Nieland, assistant professor of Recrea- tion and Park Administration, received the " Ex- cellence in Teaching " award for the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics. He has been at Eastern since 1969. His major area of speciality is Therapeutic Recreation. Courses taught by Nieland include Special Populations, Leadership, and Geron- tology. The " Excellence in Teaching " award was a highlight of Nieland ' s career since it is the first award he has received for teaching. In the field of recreation, however, Nieland has received the Fellow Award of Kentucky Parks and Recreation Society. More important than the facts, however, Nieland feels the students should have a positive attitude when completing the course. The 12-minute run, the " thump " of a tennis ball, the pain of a pulled muscle, and the ex- hilaration of winning a racquetball game — all of these come to mind when thinking of the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics. A college that for years was thought of as only supplying schools with coaches is now supplying public health agencies and industries with administrators and recreation leaders. Not only HPERA majors re ap benefits from this college. The superstars of Sunday afternoon gag football and backyard basketball get a chance to show their talents in intramural sports. This program offers eight co-ed activities. Dean Russel M. Bogue is a sports enthusiast, as befits his position as head of the College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics. Bogue feels that the college prepares the stu- dents for a wide variety of job offerings ranging from teaching to government work to program directors for industrial recreation. Douglas Nieland 158 Academics HPER and A RIGHT: Studies in HPER and A are not all on the courts. Virginia Jinks is shown with her class teaching the more academic side of the courses in the college. David Cole " I think I ' ve been a leader in my department. " This was the reason David Cole felt that he has been chosen as outstanding student from the College of Health, Physical Education, Recrea- tion, and Athletics. Cole has been on the gymnastics team for four years and he served as captain of the team his senior year. Following graduation, David plans to do his graduate work at Eastern and become a graduate assistant in the college. " I was happy and proud when I found out I had been chosen, " said Cole. Academics HPER and A 159 • £rr- Dean Robert W. Posey Safety for the Future William Carfield ABOVE: Freshman Kevin Lotheridge is engrossed in a forensics experiment. 160 Academics Law Enforcement Mary Lee Stander " The first time I suspected anything was when my teacher mentioned something about my big honor and then said he shouldn ' t have said anything. " This was how Mary Lee Stander first realized she had been nominated her college ' s Outstanding Student. " I was real surprised, because I didn ' t think my GPA was high enough, " said Stander. Her majors were Forensic Science and Chemistry. She also was a member of the Collegiate Pentacle, Alpha Sigma, American Chemical Society Student Af- filiate and the Association of Law Enfor- cement. " I suppose I stood out because of my participation in a wide variety of ac- tivities. I was active in volleyball, women ' s athletics and intramural sports. There was also my involvement at the Newman Center; a little bit of everything, " said Stander. She was a council member and usher at the Newman Catholic Center and also the intramural chairman for the center. She plans to continue her education and get a master ' s degree in toxicology. There may not seem to be a policeman around anywhere else when you need one, but there cer- tainly isn ' t a shortage of them in the College of Law Enforcement. They ' re almost policemen . . . many of them will be in a few years. Who knows ... a few years from now a student from law enforcement could be writing you a ticket, or saving your life. " Our college is a trailblazer in its field in the Southeast. " This is how Dean Robert W. Posey proudly views the College of Law Enforcement. The college includes the Department of Police Ad- ministration, Department of Corrections, Department of Fire Prevention and the Traffic Safety Institute. " I see the responsibility of the college as to prepare people to serve in law enforcement and criminal justice services. Our program is one of the oldest, 15 years, and one of the largest of its kind. People that head other similar programs across the United States are graduates of our program, " said Posey. Besides having a dean, a college must also have teachers. " I greatly oppose treating subjects as if they are isolated in a vacuum. A teacher should be able to transfer learning to a situation. " With the exuberence and sincerity William Carfield made that statement, it helped to un- derstand why he was chosen for the Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Law Enforce- ment. He has been at the University since 1973 and teaches Criminal Investigation and Security Management. Before coming to the College of Law Enforcement, he was director of university police at Northern Arizona University. When asked why he felt he won the award, Car- field candidly replied, " Hard work. I decide what I ' m going to do before the semester starts and try to keep up-to-date with the to pics I ' m teaching. I try to synthesize what the students have learned in other classes and relate it to my classes. Learn- ing should be that way; not basic facts over and over again. After all, ultimately it all comes down to dealing with people. " In his spare time, away from dealing with peo- ple, Carfield enjoys dealing with horses. He presently has two of them and trains them mainly for Western riding. Academics Law Enforcement 161 Science, Naturally The College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences is best known as the place with the for- maldehyde smell, the big snakes in the glass cage, and the " funny " typewriters for computers. It is in these classrooms that students dissect their way through animals before lunch and become intimately acquainted with the habits of fruit flies. They also learn to " speak " Pascal with a computer and make pictures with them in their spare time. It is now also possible to get a little sun from the Gulf Coast and study science. The college has an agreement with Tech Biological Station and Gulf Coast Research Laboratory for students to do research in terrestrial ecology and freshwater and marine sciences. But first they have to get through biology, chemistry, and . . . Dean Donald Batch is just like any other dean. He has an office in the Memorial Science Building. He has a secretary to remind him where he ' s supposed to be. He comes to school every day and worries about things like who ' s taking care of arrangements for the annual Math Science Day and where does the department get cut when the budget gets low. Dean Batch listed several changes that have occurred in the college since last Year. There were some new courses added, including oceanography, petroleum, and developmental math. " The college is also cooperatively offering chemistry with the medical technology program. This class is just for those students and is the first time to offer clinical training in the college, " said Batch. According to Batch, the college also par- ticipates with the Colleges of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Arts and Humanities to offer a Bachelor of Independent Studies degree. " In this program, the student, along with our help, designs their own program of study. We had three or four students in it last year. We also plan to participate in an Honor ' s Program for general education with those colleges next year, " said Batch. When Batch does have spare time, he likes to garden. He has a university garden plot on campus property. He ' s also an avid sport ' s fan, like every university dean. It ' s a small world in Dr. Raymond Otera ' s classes ... a very small world. He teaches microbiology, pathogenic bacteriology, com- municable diseases, and infection and control. He was also the winner of the outstanding teacher award from the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. Otera has been at the University for 12 years. " I try to be continuously up to date on the material I teach. After all, you can fool the stu- dents only so long. I am also concerned for my students. I like to ask questions and discuss with them to make sure they are learning the material, " said Otera. When not teaching, he is a consultant for five firms in biology- related areas. He also attends 25 workshops a year in order to keep on top of new material in his field. Somewhere in between teaching, consulting, and workshops, he enjoys playing golf and landscaping for relaxation. " I challenge my students to perform, not just to pass exams, " concluded Otera. 162 Academics Nat ' l. Math Sciences Sally Fisher knew she was excited when she heard she was nominated for the Milestone Award, but she wasn ' t sure what she was excited about. " I knew I had been nominated for it, but I wasn ' t sure if it was from the Physics Department or the whole college, " said Fisher. She was a senior with a double major in mathematics and physics. She had a grade point average of 3.94. She was a member of the Math Club and Kappa Mu Epsilon, a math honorary society. She was president of the Math Club during her junior and senior years. She also worked as a tutor in the math laboratory in her senior year. " I suppose I was nominated because I worked so close with the Physics Department. I worked as a staff assistant and also taught labs for the department, " said Fisher. She had worked in the department as a part- time staff appointed assistant since her junior year and also won the Elementary Physics Award in 1979. Academics Nat ' l. Math Sciences 163 Science, Socially Speaking Dean Russel F. Enzie «fe " Real pleased. " This was the way senior Karen Chrisman felt when she learned that she had been chosen as the Outstanding Stu- dent in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. " I came up to my room, jumped up and down, and told my roommate, " said Chrisman. She was a history major and member of the Student Association Senate for two years. She also was president of Collegiate Pentacle, a member of Phi Alpha Theta, and a member and senior advisor of Lambda Sigma. " I ' ve tried to work with help- ing out the campus. I don ' t think I was chosen because I did a lot, but because I got in- volved with the things I did do, " said Chrisman. No, no . . . you don ' t take courses in this college to learn to be social and behave. This is where the student learns to assist lawyers, plan communities, section the world in to layers, and help people in trouble. It also has some of " those " courses that no one gets out of college without taking, like Man, Culture, and Society and Sociology. A student can also learn what makes his parents " tick " , what Sigmund Frued really was talking about, and who Skinner and Pavlov were. Whether a student is staying for a major or simply passing through the corridors to another major, this college has several fields of study to offer, and if it ' s geology the student is interested in, that can be taken literally. Dean Russell F. Enzie believes the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences serves two pur- poses — to provide courses for major in social science and to provide courses for general educa- tion requirements. The past year has seen three changes in the curriculum of the college. The first change was in the social work program. A new degree is now of- fered for that area of study, a bachelor of social work degree. The social work program was also accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Another stamp of approval was given to a dif- ferent program. The American Bar Association gave its blessing to the legal assistance program in the college. Finally, another major change was a new minor offered in the Department of Geography. This minor was created in the area of planning and development. What does a dean do after a hard day of ap- proving majors? Dean Enzie trains his golden retriever. He also enjoys gardening and reading. The dean participates in the great American hobby of being a sports ' fan, or in his words, a " sports ' fiend. " 164 Academics Social and Behavioral Sciences Karen Chrisman Dr. Quentin Keen " I try to remember I was once a student. I had problems. My greatest hate is of those professors that as soon as they become such, forget they were ever students. " This is just a part of Quentin Keen ' s philosophy — a philosophy his students ap- preciate as their election of Keen as outstanding teacher from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences showed. Keen teaches history — Southern and American history, Kentucky history, and research writing, a graduate course in history. " I feel my students should have to sell others on government. They should be that interested in what they study. I try to get students involved in the classroom experience. I try to make an at- mosphere where the students feel free to speak up, listen to one another, and feel free to argue if necessary, " said Keen. Keen has been at the University for 26 years. He was a teacher in the English Department before coming to the History Department. He said he tries to let the students feel that he is their friend. He lets them know that his office is their office. Keen said he gives the students his home phone number and encourages them to talk to him if they have any problems. " Students need someone older to talk to, " said Keen. To sum up his teaching technique, Keen said, " I work with, not just work my students. " Dr. Keen ' s history class. Academics Social and Behavioral Science 165 r n 3L rrrrrrr Who ' s Who A. i() isiiii)i:. rsi. American 1 Universities c (jolletjes Every fall a select group of Eastern students is honored by their inclusion in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. This year 50 students were nominated for the Who ' s Who award. They were honored dur- ing the commencement exer- cises and the Milestone would also like to honor these stu- dents and offer congratulations to them. NAME MAJOR NAME MAJOR Babbage, Laura Nursing Norton, Lisa Physical Education Baltenberger, David Technical Agriculture O ' Hara, Ann Journalism Baumann, Amy Dietetics Owens, Nancy Dietetics Behler. Michael G. Political Science Palmerball, Virginia Finance Bruce, Susan Elementary Education Payne, Jacinta Speech Communications Human Relations Chrisman, Karen History Potts, Brian D. Biology Cole, David Physical Education Reister, David Music Cuticchia, Ava Dietetics Riddell, Janet Music Decker, William B. Marketing Roberts, Jocelyn Police Administration DePriest, Paul Chemistry Biology Rogers, rV, Thomas Industrial Technology Domenech. Maria Speech Communication Human Relations Rowlett, John Mathematics Dunnigan, Jacqueline Elementary Education Schultz, Beverly A. Occupational Therapy Edmonds, Laurie Lynn Spanish Settles, Lu S. Spanish Fisher, Sally Mathematics Physics Smith, Thomas D. Music Fitzhugh, Eugene C. School Health Snapp, III, William Accounting Frazier, Sally Nursing Stander, Mary L. Forensic Science Hines, Brenda Elementary Education Stevens, Harold D. Psychology Hugenberg, Nancy Biology Stratton, Holly Elementary Education Kemper, Mary Special Education Tucker, CherieL. Interior Design Kirk, Kimberly B. Marketing Vansant, Leon T. Industrial Education Leinweber, Bruce Police Administration Wade, Paula Music Lenhard, Anita Performing Arts Weidinger, Kenneth W. Industrial Arts Education McNay, Don Journalism Wells, Mary Elementary Education Kindergarten Meredith, David L. Music Education Whittaker, Cheryl D. Social Work Morehead, Lisa A. 4 Legal Assistant Wilkerson, Rhonda English ( 166 Academics Who ' s Who Phi Phi L Paula D. Abies Gilbert A. Acciardo Jr. Helen Howell Palmer-Ball David E. Baltenberger Amy Lynn Baumann Michael G. Behler Judy Elizabeth Blakeman Robin Browning- Brock Daniel L. Brough Susan Kaye Bruce James Orville Campbell Jeff Carey Kim Clark Cynthia S. Cochran Don W. Cox Ava A. Cuticchia Earlene Davison Penny Lanette Doyle Jacqueline Dunnigan Laurie Lynn Edmonds Carol Miller Elliott Sally Ann Fisher Doris Jean Geoghegan James D. Giglierano Janet W. Gillum Diana Lynn Hall Mary Gene Heeb Krista Lynn Henrickson Brenda Treon Hines David W. Hines Tishana L. Hodges Nancy Helen Hugenberg Janet Kay Ingram Mary Beth Jacober Janet A. Jeanes Brian A. Keith Mary Dorothy Kemper Timothy E. Langford Belinda L. Lee Anita Jo Lenhart Jeanette D. Lewis James K. Libbey Patty Kay McClain The purpose of the PHI KAPPA PHI honor society is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic sub- jects. It is the highest ranking honorary here at Eastern. Senior candidates from all colleges are eligible for membership. However, members are required to graduate with a GPA of 3.7 or above. Steven Allen McKinley Beverly C. McKnight Dixie Robin Metcalf Karen Louise Moore Lisa Ann Morehead George C. Nicholson June Boyce Nordgulen Mary Kendrick Nuttall Anne Elizabeth O ' Hara Nancy Ann Owens Jacinta Maureen Payne Raul A. Pedrozo David Gary Perdue Anna Beatrice Perry Lisa R. Perry Kimberly Elkins Pieratt Brian D. Potts Teresa A. Pyles Nancy L. Raque James B. Ratliff Anita Gayle Rogers Thomas Foster Rogers IV Loren K. Rood Jr. Connie Renee Ross Diana A. Ross John Dorland Rowlett Beverly Ann Schultz Lu Shannon Settles Lisa A. Sexton Deborah Sue Shouse Alicia Shufflebarger Deborah L. Slorach William Martin Snapp III Nancy Stallard Steele Michael K. Stevens Holly Kay Stratton Marsha lone Swain Jennifer Lynn Sweeney Janice L. Sword Kenneth Walter Weidinger Cheryl Diane Whittaker Robin Wolfe Robin Lee Woodward n J Academics Phi Kappa Phi 167 The spirit of organization has struck Eastern like unto a whirl- wind. The following effective clubs are now not all prospering but absolutely sidetracking all throught of Method Rhetoric of Algebra II. THE GIGGLERS (an organization patterned after the Y.W.C.A.) has gained mightily. No officers were elected owing to the necessary close race for high position. There is a prominent nominee for Continuous Giggler from Danville. THE STROLLERS (who do not want any officers) have easily the banner in mumbers. Doctor Crabbe and Dean Roark make up the board of directors. THE GRAB-ALLS hail mostly from the cities. Membership con- sists in carrying twelve majors, six minors and looking plain- tively out of copious goggles. THE SHIRKS is a flourishing body established the first term. At that time Mr. Combs was made the unofficial leader. Since that time the recruits have been many. Some have gone home. " Gone " in the sense of having in- voluntarily withdrawn. THE HELPFUL-SOULS (not a large number enrolled) is a needed club. They push, never knock; they encourage, never slam; they inspire by special at- tention in classroom, by talking, not gossiping, and we hope they will never disband. Let all stu- dents apply. E.K.S.N. Student June 1911 Carpediem Society 1924 m%m$m Organizations v STUDENT ASSOCIATION — Row One: Linda Chandler, Jackie New- berry, Tim Crawley, Melinda Wise, Gina McEnaney, Sharon White, Ber- nard B. Bandy II, Tina Cappa. Row Two: Lillian S. Hacker, Finance Chairperson and SGAK Delegate; Sheri Mefford, Chairperson Ad-Hoc Committees; Carl Kremer, Student Rights and Responsibilites Chairper- son; Karen Chrisman, Elections Chairperson; Charles M. Floyd, Vice- president; Clayburn M. Trowell, President; Teresa Chesley, Secretary; Mike Behler, Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson; Alane Berberich, Public Relations Chairperson; Billy Mitchell, Constitution Chairperson and Committee on Committees Chairperson. Row Three: Linda Meeks, Marianne Jones, Sandra Beck, Robyn Taylor, Michele Lench, Dana Gib- son, Chris Sasso, Charles Fortney Esq., Alan Raven, Kenneth Hawkins, Steven Whitson, Sarah Fretty, Debbie Rambo, Rita Napier, Winifred A. Wimberly, Chris Miller, Gary Carlberg, Cindy Holtzapple. Row Four: Laura Hodgin, Sandi Feeback, Kenny Cole, Richard Rushing, Wayne Bartley, Susan Lewis, Rick Marcum, Kim Haun, Sheri L. Wade, Bill Hickman. Jay Evelyn, Billy Presson, Robert Wood, Buford J. Carten, Phyllis Merry, Bret Yoder, Patty Drennen, Beth Armstrong, Valerie Gianopulos, Annette Ohlmann, Keith Palmer, Woody Pole, Don Cunditt, Neil Dimond, Steven A. McKinley Esq. Education with Representation Just as the United States has the congress to represent the citizens of the country, the students of the University have the Student Association to represent them. Each fall, a general election is held to select the association ' s members. The Student Association sponsored a " Gripe Week " for students to write down their com- plaints or praises of the University. Work was also done on a new Student Association constitu- tion. The Executive Council acts as the cabinet of the president of the Association, and Student Court is a sounding board for students. Grievances by the students concerning ad- ministration policies and actions are heard by the court. Members of the court are chosen by the association. 170 Organizations Student Association STUDENT COURT — Row One: Jim Ren- frew, Jennifer Maynard, Don McNay, Chief Justice. Row Two: Ken Kessler, Larry Doker, Margaret Hill, Michelle Blackwell, Dennis M. O ' Hearn, Assoc. Chief Justice. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — Row One: Karen Chrisman, Elections Chairperson; Charles M. Floyd, Vice-president; Clayburn M. Trowell, President; Teresa Chesley, Secretary. Row Two: Carl Kremer, Student Rights and Responsibilities; Sheri Mefford, Arts and Crafts Fair and Homecoming; Lillian S. Hacker, Finance Chairperson and SGAK Delegate; Mike Behler, Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson; Alane Berberich, Public Relations Chairperson; Billy Mitchell, Constitution Chairperson and Committee on Committees Chairperson. Organizations Student Association 171 Men ' s and Women ' s Interdorm Women Host Bridal Show WOMEN ' S INTERDORM Row One: Leslie Stewart, member at large; Kimberly F. Sim- merman, Secretary-Treasurer; Peggy Athey, Vice-President; Tanna Hicks, member at large; Pegeen Sullivan; Row Two: Donna Burgraff, Lesa Millstead, Theresa Renn, Sandy Steiberg, Venetia Cornett, Kathleen Wheeler, Wendy Bowyer, Shelli Dominque, Row Three: Jaim Jackson, Sarah Fretty, Lisa Johnson, Julie Ernst, Kim Haun, Lisa Byham, Cindy Brown, Linda Drake, Row Four: Marsha Stewart, Marilyn Rutherford, Terri McGinnis, Nina Begley, Janet A. Bishop, Candy Phillips, Peggy Baas, Lavaun Davidson. WOMEN ' S INTERDORM which is composed of represen- tatives from all of the women ' s residence halls tries to initiate and promote change in order to improve the conditions of residence hall living. They do this by providing social ac- tivities for women students and by promoting a better un- derstanding between the ad- ministration and the Women residents. One of the most popular of the social activities this year proved to be the Bridal Show. Hundreds of young women packed into Hiram Brock Auditorium to see the latest in bridal fashions. Women ' s interdorm also sponsored a leadership workshop for Hall Council members and a basketball clinic for exceptional children. They joined with Men ' s In- terdorm in sponsoring the Monster Bash, an Election-eve double feature and the Restroom Register, a news let- ter which appeared on restroom doors throughout campus with the latest news on residence hall living. Men Promote Change MEN ' S INTERDORM — Row One: Doug Hibbard, Wayne Spalding, Treasurer; Jamie H. Bauer, Vice-President; Bruce Leinweber, President; Bernard Sullivan, Scribe; Steven MacKillop, Dan Bertsos, Advisor; Row Two: Chuck Burch, Scott Wilkerson, David R. Andes, Michael Crawford, Douglas Young, John Tillson, Andy Cecil, Robert Fifert, Jonathan Oaughn, Dennis M. O ' Hearn, Dick Woods, Ted G. Pappas, Tom Gault, Melvin D. Burns II, Don Condiff, William Mitchell Initiating and promoting changes for better living condi- tions in the men ' s residence halls is the main purpose of the Men ' s Interdormitory Board. Represented by men from each of the male dorms, the board provides social and educational activities and attempts to provide better communications between the administration and th e students residing on campus. This year the group hosted the OVC Hall Govern- ment Convention and helped develop an open house revision policy. They joined with Women ' s Interdorm in sponsoring the Halloween Bash and the Valen- tines Dance. All proceeds were donated to charities including United Way and Easter Seals. The Eastern Progress was put together each Wednesday and published on Thursdays by a group of editors who spent the majority of their time coming up with story ideas, giving assign- ments to their staff writers and doing layouts of their pages. It wasn ' t an easy task — trying to keep up with classes as well as the paper. The Progress got into a bit of investigative reporting, publishing articles on the bookstore, parking problems, tripling in the dormitories and budgetary woes. Robin Pater served as editor of the paper, while Markita Shelburne acted as managing editor. Betty Malking was news editor, Steve Mellon was features editor and Steve Thomas had the task of keeping up with campus sports. Mary Luersen covered more than 150 campus organizations as organizations editor while Mary Ann McQuinn covered the arts on campus. J.D. Brookshire was business manager of the Progress, assisted by Chris Woods who also han- dled distribution of the paper. J.D. Crowe kept readers entertained with his weekly editorial cartoons. TOP: Progress editor Robin Pater glances at the finished edition of the paper. BOTTOM: Markita Shelburne pauses for a moment before finishing the front page layout of the paper. L ABOVE: Steve Thomas, sports editor; J.D. Brookshire, business manager; and Mary Ann McQuinn, arts editor check out an upcoming layout. LEFT: Mary Luersen, organizations editor and Betty Malkin, features editor, look over the copy of Steve Mellon, news editor. BELOW: Row 1: Barry Teater, Robin Pater, J.D. Brookshire, Mary Ann McQuinn, Mary Luersen. Steve Thomas, Belinda Ward. Row 2: Steve Mellon, Betty Malkin, J.D. Crowe, Scott Wilson, Markita Shelburne. Milestone With the long road beginning in the fall semester, editors, staff members and photographers began the journey which would ultimately lead to the finished product of the Eastern Kentucky University Milestone. Under the directions of Barry Miller, the fifty-eighth volume of the Milestone grew successfully after hours of patience and hard work in order to meet deadlines. Another part of the journey was bypassed with the aid of the Delmar Publishing Com- MILESTONE STAFF: Row One: Jan Har- din, Cindy Clark, Marcel Smith, Jennifer Maynard. Row Two: Kathy Gambrel, Emily Toms, Larry Bailey (Advisor), Susie Baumann, Missy White, Tim Eaton, Linda Douglas, Karen Lewis. [76 Eighty-one pany in the autumn workshop. Section editors learned techniques which helped con- quer obstacles in writing and layout. The final part of the challenge came when the book was delivered to the students. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Donna Bunch, managing editor, looks over some final layouts before shipping them to Delmar. BELOW LEFT: Sports editor Denise Larson, and Karen House check final copy. RIGHT: Editor Barry Miller uses the light table to choose color slides. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cheryl French, Classes editor, and Tammy Rogers, Index editor look at black and white prints. BELOW RIGHT: Student Life editor Donna Valerius works with Anne Williams and Terry Sloan of her staff. 177 Marching Maroons The season began with a five-day band camp on campus where the fundamentals used by the band were taught and the first two shows and pregame performances were undertaken. Membership in the Marching Maroons is open to all students enrolled at the University who have had prior experience in band. The 200 members of the band performed for the five scheduled home football games and also travelled to Bowling Green for the Western game in October. BRASS SECTION — Row One: Derrick Con- ner, Greg Mitchell, Marc Whitt, Bob Elliott, Kirby Kemble, Brian Brown, Tobv Bovd (KNEELING), Dave Webber, Dave Reister, Tim Hagan. Row Two: Chris Purdy, Blaine Kelley, Michelle Strinemann, David Hadden, Randy Webb, Kenny Kerth. Row Three: Janice Riddle, Melissa Lamborn, Phil Nichols, Scott Adams, Barry Cope, Kenneth Daulton, David Wilshire, Rodney Ellis, Mike Dick, Chris O ' Dell. Row Four: Ron Roth, George Johnides, Jeff Williams, Jimmy Griffin, Lynn Weber, Andrew McGrannahan, Brian Williams, David Stamps, Bob Whitt, Terry Potts. Row Five: Randy Stanaland, Joanna Angel, Susan Bruce, Anthony Sturgill, Donna Stevenson, Jeff Ohler, Jeff Hatmaker, James Bennett, Jim Gray. Row Six: Kevin George, Dudley Spoonamore, Thomas Duff, Julia Tyree, Nirmayati Thio, Chris Holt, Mark Deacon, Joy Stewart, Kevin Hisle, Greg Gar- ner, Wesley Daugherty. Row Seven: John Wells, Darvl Temple, Dannv Walters, Melissa Bryan, Chris Elrod, Phil Boatright, Tim Hill, Lonzo Paul III, Jack Klotzback, Scott Brehm. WOODWINDS SECTION — Row One: Amy Crouch, Tammy Jones, Kathy Randies, Kelly Leming, Ann Powell, Jennifer Parrigan, Paige McConaughy, Leslie Stewart, Wendi Robbins, Alane Swisher, Dina Scharnhorst, Jan Dhonav, Sheri Johnson, Julie Hatch. Row Two: Charlie Gold, Sally Lemert, Melanie Combs, Cathy Hagan, Betty Miller, Nina Begley, Sandy Hash, Theresa Hardy, Sarah Baker, Ellen League, Teresa Kelley, Bev Clouse, Bridget Dunaway. Row Three: Vonda Croucher, Elizabeth Lovett, Kathy Temple, Carla Blankenship, Forrest Hicks, Leslie Bergdoll, Jennifer Smith, Brian Purvis. Row Four: Mike Hall, Mike Morris, Sheila Ryder, Patti Seals, Tim McDaniel, Chana Crist, Henrietta Crews, Donnita Bevins. Row Five: Anna Marie Mannerino, Shawny Harlow, Stacy Scurlock, Mischa Dunnington, Miles Davis, David Meredith, Myron Emody. Row Six: Scott Hardwick, Ann Kerberg, John Wilson, Robin Gnau, Susan Wilson, Paula Lee, Anne McAuliffe. Row Seven: Donn Chesley, Woody Preston, Mike Roberts. DRUM MAJORS Laughner. Becky Gill and Kim 178 Organizations Band Organizations Band 179 marching maroons Field Showmanship The auxiliary units of the band provided the color and movement that brought a touch of show biz to the football half time shows. Whether it was the flash of a baton in the afternoon sun, the swirl of a flag in a fall breeze, or the click of a rifle in time with a drum cadence, these units were the final touches to the Marching Maroons ' perfor- mances. ABOVE: RIFLES - Mark Gulp, Rocky Bin- der, Terrie Thomas, Kevin Vallance, Ernie Johnson. RIGHT: PERCUSSION SECTION — Row One: Allen Liebing, Jeff Kunkle, Toska Skaggs, Calvin Kesterson. Row Two: Jose Hernandez, Steve Irvin, Tim Daugherty, Bob Herzog, Mike Johnson, Wally Robbins. Row Three: Carla Stigall, Regina Hensley, Donnie Colyer. Row Four: Ann Strosnider, Chri9 Kilivry, Kevin Crou9e, Sherwood Pickle, Paula Kidd. (Not pictured, Kermit Olive, Section Leader.) 180 Organizations Band MAJORETTES — Marcel Smith, Leanne Pullins, Christi Bryan, Cheryl Simpson, Car- meta Younce. FLAGS — Row One: Captains, Carol West and Cinda Phoenix. Row Two: Lisa Price, Jenny Helton, Bonnie Peterson, Robin Baker. Row Three: Tracye Floyd, Rhonda Blevins, Vickie Lawson, Lori Laughner, Jean Baker. Row Four: Gail Tipton, Dianna Faust, Lynne Long, Jane Kitchen, Nanette Nichols, Kim Burns. Organizations Band 181 This year Eastern ' s home football and basketball games were made more pleasurable by the lively dance routines per- formed by the Little Colonels. This 29 member drill team was chosen following a 3- day clinic, which was conducted last Fall. During the clinic the prospective members were taught a routine which they later performed before a panel of five judges. The girls were selected on the basis of their poise and dancing ability. A nice smile was also a valuable asset. The girls devoted much of their spare time (often in- cluding weekends) rehearsing the routines which were designed by the co-captains. Each new routine required a period of two hours a day for two weeks in rehearsal before it was performed at a game. The Little Colonels are an in- dependent organization which received no funding from the University. Each member is responsible for furnishing her own uniform, as well as paying for other ac- cessories. Funds were raised from the sale of candy bars to refund part of the money each girl spent on her uniform. The remainder of the money was placed in an account to be used to help team members meet ex- penses. LITTLE COLONELS — Row one — Jayne Prall, Karen Barker, Karan Hewitt, Co- Captain; Cindy Clark, Co-Captain Anita Sturgill, Janine Stiegler, Sabrina Osley, Pat Carl. Row two — Carmen Windhorst, Cathy Fleming, Charlsey Jump, Colleen Collins, Julie Girten, Tammy Bushman, Nancy Guenther, Carole Kimmel, Gaye Bush, Deanna Wilson, Pam McHugh. Row three — Tammy Rodgers, Linda Gossman, Janice Burchell, Kathy Miller, Pam Gemmer, Sandy Henry, Robin Mullins, Jennifer Smith, Mona Minter, Amber Ernst. 182 Organizations The Accounting Club is in- volved in a variety of service projects throughout the year. They host speakers, as well as tutor students in accounting classes. This year the club helped low-income families with their tax filing through the V.I.T.A. program. a o o 9 era ACCOUNTING CLUB — Row one: Michael A. Ward, Vice-President; Betty Leachman, President; Linda Griffith, Secretary; Laura L. Brussee, Kenneth D. Griffith, Faculty Sponsor. Row two: Hugh Jameson, James H. Jennings, Laurie Reinstedler, Jan Hartlage, Donna Hale, Suzanne Ritter, Hamilton Speaks, Steve McKinley. Row three: Joe Barnes, Tammy D. Rodgers, Gayla D. Amburgey, Jean Finley, Lavaun Davidson, William Dale Patrick, Greg Land. Row four: Charles Hughes, Scott Jacob- son, Kim Wagner, Kevin Duvall, Kelly Cat hers, Emi ly Ayres, Teresa Thacker, Robert Ciolek. Row five: Chuck Gibson, Karen Con- yers, Mark Russell, Cynthia Curry, Teresa Gay, Danny Wilson. The Agriculture Club functions to organize all agriculture and horticulture majors for social and scholastic events. The organization spon- sors scholarships for out- standing members. Annual ac- tivities include a cheese and honey sale, a lawn-mower clinic and the agriculture department ' s Alumni Banquet. AGRICULTURE CLUB — Row one: Ken Adams, President, Bill Mclvez. Vice- President, Pam Faulkner, Reporter, Daniel L. Brough, Treasurer, Karen French, Secretary, Tom Knight, Advisor. Row two: Anna Mojse- jenko, Teri Lynch, Jackie Jacobs. Tamara Gates, Paul Greenwell. Row three: Russell Bennett, Brenda Woods, Robert Howard, Tom Ludwig, Lisa Alexander, Jim Caldwell. Row four: Gary Fisher. Glen Harrison, Tim Tingle, Paul Donaldson, Jr., Nick Carter, Robert Davis. Row five: Jim Thorpe, Darrell Robertson, Mark Yeazel, Jerry Netherland, Shannon Combs, Greg Taylor. o c a c a- Organizations 183 ALPHA EPSILON RHO: Row one: Greg Salter, Janice Sword, Cathy Mayne, June Sargent, H.D. Williams, Linda Wells. Row two: Carla Barton, Jenny Wipple, Ann Cy Wilbur, Michele Paul. Row three: Dr. Mark S Lloyd, Sponsor; Jim Harrison, Jack Dorton, Mike Williams, Lisa Troutman, Mike Priddy, . Donna Williams. Row four: Paul Spicer, Kim QJO Allen, Tome Meier. Alpha Phi Sigma is a criminal justice honor society ' fH which helps students prepare a for professional service in the criminal justice field. rt This year the society hosted gH a fall reception and initiation, f i. as well as a spring awards ban- h quet. They were involved in the £ rape awareness and prevention program, and the Operation Identification programs in the dormitories. They held a can recycling collection, and spon- sored a speaker from John Jay College. ALPHA PHI SIGMA — Row one: Bruno, National Secretary; Susan Lewis, National Treasurer; Ron Bates, National President; Steve D. Baker, Treasurer; Barb Heizman, Secretary; Shelly Stafford, Presi- dent; Dave Thueneman, Vice-president. Row two: Gary Gardner, Bob Duvall, Jamie Jackson, Doug Carmichael, Marie Lutzkanin, Alpha Epsilon Rho, a national broadcasting honorary, experienced a unique year in the new broadcasting studios in the Perkins Building. The honorary hosted guest Mary Fogarty, Bruce Leinweber, Mike Fazio, Melinda Fields, Eric Provost, Belinda Lee, Phillip Cheap, Keith Hill, Judy Jacobs. Mem- speakers and conducted tours for Mass Communications Day. The group hopes to do more professional work using the newly expanded facilities. bers not present: Andrew W. Cecil, Jim King, Nancy Steele, Lisa Kern, Mary Combs, Thad- deus John Ziarkowski. 184 Organizations The Association for Childhood Education helps students interested in the educational field gain knowledge and understanding of children through practical experiences in working with them. Membership is open to all students interested in education and the well-being of children. The Baccalaureate Student Nurse Association is a group of four-year nursing majors who have joined their professional organization as students. The group sponsored the Adopt-a-Grandparent program as well as the Blood- Mobiles on campus. They also sold candy in order to raise money for their various con- ventions. BSNA Row 1 — Anne Murihead, Sally Frazier, President; Priscilla Berry. Jr. Representative; Charlotte Kirkland, corresponding secretary; Nancy Elder, sophomore representative; Diana Bowman, Vice President; Sandra Hayes, Treasurer; Mary Gene Heeb, senior representative. Row 2 — Karen Robbyn, Laura Cornett, Melissa Vin- cent, Jamie Price, Linda Kunkel, Fran Turner, Patty McCann, Rene Daniels. Row 3 — Kim Vail, Gina Simmons, Leah Dhonau, Kelly Chenoweth, Cathy Douglas, Joan Figlestahler, Laura Parker, Lisa Triplett. 00 Organizations 185 ASSOCIATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT — Row 1: Judy Jacobs, Secretary; Michael Fazic, Treasurer; Ron Bates, President; Shelley Stafford, Vice-President; Jacqueline Truesdell. Sergeant at Arms. Row 2: Barbara Moser, Mark Bess, Marie Lutzkanin, Gary Gardner, Justin Thomas, Don Simpson, Lisa Kern, Lisa Leuenberger, Belinda Lee. Row 3: Edward Taylor, Keith Hill, Bruce Leinweber, Keith Allen, Steven Hull, Rhonda Jo Runyon, Karen Fretz, Jamie Wolf. The Association of Law En- forcement worked to unite law enforcement majors, minors and graduates in the common goal of pursuing careers in criminal justice. In addition to providing services to the Uni- versity and the local com- munity, ALE hosted their an- nual career day in April which introduced prospective graduates to recruiters. A ban- quet rounded out the year ' s ac- tivities. 186 Organizations BAPTIST STUDENT UNION — Row 1: Sue Pickering, Linda Meeks, Theresa Rucker, Jacqueline Godbey, Dianne Baker, Karen Kin- man, Diane Click, Beth Mclntyre, Kathy Whitehouse, Sandy Newkirk, Sharon Highfill, Becky Newkirk. Row 2: Debbie Perry, Debbie Harrison, Christian Social Action Coordinator; Ruthie Adkins, President Campus BYU; Laura Flowers, Jennifer Mills, Special Ministry Coor- dinator, Molly Kirkwood, Vice-President; Philip C. Cheap, President; Lisa Logsdon, Social Coordinator; Dane Snowden, Recreation Coordinator; Janice Sword, Communications; Larry Desolier, Center Coordinator; Cassie Hall, Spiritual Life Coordinator. Row 3: Lori Doughman. Krista Wyrick, Debbie Call, Susan Berry, Theresa Brown, Teresa Cain, Laurel Martin, Polly Johnson, Linda Wilcoxson, San- dra Hayes, Leslie Greenwell, Paula Painter, Trish Scott, Marty Kokes, Alane Swisher, Debbie Van Asdell, Laura Jaggers, Sheila Morris, Ann Tharpe. Row 4 Carol Tharpe, Bambi Sutherland, Janet Boothe, Timothy Crouch, Larry Puckett, Win Smith, David E. Schlatter, Tom Son, Gary Stewart, Keith Stillwell, Marty Bishop, Tim McDaniels, Andy Stephenson, Donald Mattingly, William McKoy, Rick Trexler, Campus Minister; Myron Hansen, Dora Beth Bays, Debbie Baker. The Baptist Student Union strives to help students find their identities through their relationships with God and man. The organization provides opportunities for worship, churchmanship, fellowship and Christian study. BSU is divided into several dif- ferent groups including choir, children ' s ministry, Clown Club and the sign language team. They participated in several activities including in- tramurals and homecoming. HI S3 O S3 Organizations 187 CADUCEUS CLUB — Row One: Laura Parker, Bill Jack Parker, Treasurer; Nancy Bullock, President; Meribeth Curry, Publicist; Samuel E. Dick, Vice-President; Bernard B. Bandy HI, Row Two : Yvonne Wisnicky, Karen Mitchell, Ben Jason Childers, Row Three: Don Flowers, Dana Gibson, Rob Stidham, Jeff Neill, Mike Roberts, Jon Sutkamp, Kurt Heuerman, Dr. John Meisenheimer, sponsor The Caduceus Club consists of pre- professional health stu- dents who offer service to the community. The organization hosts various speakers to stimulate student interest in health careers. The club provided workers for the Blood- mobiles and also visited at Kenwood Nursing Home. The Christian Student Fellowship is open to any stu- dent who wishes to join in fellowship with other Chris- tians in studying the Bible. The group seeks to perpetuate the love of Christ through group discussions and Bible studies. The group strives to help one another as well as members of the community through sharing and sup- porting one another. CHRISTIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP — Row One: Donna McBride, Carol Yeager, Linda Speakman, Pamela Plummer, Kimberly Tribble; John Dundon, President; Jeff Ear- nest, Vice-President, Sharon E. Farthing, Secretary; Karen Demoss, Keith Pell, Joe G. Whitaker, Campus Minister; Row Two: Dorian Yeager, Bonnie Ward, Linda Spencer, Vonda Croucher, Donna Wall, Shirley Powell, Liz Snyder, Linda Powell, Greg Land, Row Three: Sandy Lynch, Chris Miller, Cindy Lear, Pam Gross, Marcia Edwards, Beth Brumley, Randy Warner, Sharon Lyons, Vickie Jett, Diana Thacker Chosun Cats Taekwondo Club is part of the military science co-curricular. The organization strives to teach students the skill of taekwando, while instilling leadership ability, discipline and control, hi addition to at- tending local and state martial arts tournaments, the group also participates in Military — Science Department functions. 188 0 rganizations The Catalina Club gave the public a sample of aquatic art at this year ' s Annual Water Show. The members performed water ballet, synchronized swimming, and creative aquatics. The club served its members as an attribute to fitness and an outlet for inter- pretive expression. CATALINA CLUB: Row One: Stephanie Downs, Suzanne Wells, Beth Routledge, Robin Dosch, Secretary; Lisa Hungler, President; Shannon Cunningham, Vice-President. Row Two: Theresa Iker, Leslie Palmer, Dianne Cummins, Melanie Kay Fields, Julia Oberst, Karen Olde. Standing: Rosie Barretta, Ad- visor. CHOSUN CATS: Row One: Marc Frevola, President; Bart Liest, vice president; Nancy Hitchcock, Kevin Flowers, Doug Whitaker, Tim Mosely, Scott Loucks. Row Two: Jack Walker, Kirk Lee. David Schnieder, Peggy Brady, secretary-treasurer; Roy Turner, Thomas Laycock, Kevin Sinnette, Charles Martin. Row Three: Richard Murdoch, spon- sor; David Schulz, Don Cox, Jim Foster, Kevin Cornelius, Elmer Dunmy, Howard Berryman, Jim Rolf, Rose Kuhl, Karol Korfhage. o P O c a- • O o g B n Organi zations 1 89 0 — H o Collegiate Pentacle is a senior honorary dedicated to encouraging leadership and promoting scholarship and ser- vice. This year, the group worked to become affiliated with Mortarboard, the national senior honorary. Members also participated in community service projects, such as ushering at graduation and visiting local nursing homes. COLLEGIATE PENTACLE — Row one: Nancy Elder, Ritual Chairman; Melinda Wise, Secretary; Karen Chrisman, President; Cheryl Whittaker, Vice-President; Sara Riehl, Treasurer. Row two: Brian Potts, Tom Rogers, Tammy K. McClain, Ann S. Filiatreua, Jac- quie Dunnigan, Lu Seytles, Diane Riser, Jacinta Payne, Eva Heimerdinger, Amy Baumann. Row three: Kenneth Walter Weidinger, Ron Bates, Mike Behler, Pam Glatthaar, Cheri Tucker, Ava Cuticchia, Maria Domenech, Nancy Owens, Jim Morrow, Jeff Carpenter. COLLEGIATE PENTACLE 190 Organizations DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION — Row one: Rob Chesley, President; Teri Underwood, Secretary; Julie Thompson, Treasurer; Tom Lewis, Vice- President. Row two: Jandie Cheatham, Judith Spaulding, M. Kim Horvat, Alice Squires, Stacy Campbell, Lisa Childers, Richard H. Wells. Row three: Cheryl Payne, Betty Carpenter, Mark J. Edlin, James D. Morrow, Terry E. Walker, Bill Massey. Not pictured: Cindy Slaughter, Historian. The Data Processing Management Association gave students an un- derstanding of the vital business role of data process- ing. The nationally affiliated club sponsored field trips, guest speakers, and banquets. Members also served as in- structors for EDP courses, and provided Christmas Yule Logs for Madison Manor Nursing Home. Delta Omicron Alpha Eta Chapter is an International honorary music fraternity for women. Members help in- troduce high school students to the Music Department, and perform for various area nurs- ing home residents. Most members live together on a designated floor in Walters Hall. By living together, the girls are able to encourage one another in their musical talents. DELTA OMICRON — Row one: Joann Ut- ter, Janet Jeanes, Judith Halfacre, Treasurer; Denise Stevens, Anna Marie Mannerino, Betty Miller, Susan Duvall, Vice-President; Tina Martin, President; Valerya Hyrae, Secretary. Row two: Karen Schram, Stephanie Temple, Yvonne Wingard, Susan Carlock, Karen Reyes, Sally Lemert, Karen Moser, Joy Anna Anderson. Row three: Leslie Stewart, Beckie Gill, Hollice Demmler, Jane Terry, Mary Wieliczko, Gay Begley, Eva Heimerdinder, Kimberly Burns, Pamela Kohls, Karyl Kinsey. c cd P o 3 o © 3 Organizations 191 3 H Q Delta Tau Alpha is an agricultural honor society which helps to promote academic excellence and the positive aspects of the agricultural industry. The group has formed an intra-departmental tutoring service for agriculture stu- dents. They also administer the faculty evaluation for the department and hold de- partmental gripe week. DELTA TAU ALPHA — Row one — Diane Derrick, Reporter; Tina Hacker, Treasurer Tom Ludwig, Secretary; Maurice L. Eastridge Second Vice-President; David Baltenberger First Vice-President; Melody Beckett, Presi dent. Row two — Florence Elaine Wells Donna Burks, Amy Walker, Beth Ritchie Donna Hartman, Jennie Keelin, Patti Beth Parrish, Debbie Barnes, Dwight Barkley, Ad visor. Row three — Rick Hofelich, Doug Hib berd, (!len A. Harrison, Paul Donaldson, Jr. Mark Yeazel, Elwood Howe, Mark Metcatte Daniel L. Brough, Karen Tysseling, Carolyn Aylor, Jackie Jacobs, Ken Adams, Bobby R. Prewitt. EASTERN DANCE THEATRE - Back row: Michael Bingham, Cindy Clark, Laure Bell: Advisor, Karen Gombert, Lora Yelton. Standing: Lynn Stone, Adele Pedicone, Robin McCoy Grimes, Pam Ott, Cindy Bradshaw, Alicia Home, Chery Bachman, Tammy Foy, Eastern Dance Theatre is open to all students interested in advancing their technical skills in dance. The purpose of the organization is to offer an opportunity for creative dance Jackie Truesdell, Michele Blackwell, Virginia Nill Jinks: Advisor, Tish Hutchins, Paula Leppo. Sitting: Vicki Field, Marvetta Douglas, Cheryl Gregory, Michael Thomas, study, composition, and per- formance. Eastern Dance Theatre presented two concerts this year: " Works in Progress " in the fall and a major concert in the spring. Monica Cummings, Cheryl Klatt, Amy Arnett, Jamie Jarvis, Laurie Turner. Not Pictured: Corita Saffer, Lisa Yates, Denise Wilson, Car- meta Young. 192 Organizations O E-CLUB — Row one: Jim Scott, David L. Napier, Kevin Curren, Secretary; Jamie Harris, Scott H. Barber. Row two: Mark Beuder, Tom Nix, John Rowlett, Treasurer; Caryn Oconnor, Chris Gray, Vice-President; Alex Dominguez. Row three: Chuck Gibson, Dave Rolf, Mark Preston, Kurt Heuerman, President; David Dihrkop, Cris E. Curtis, Kevin Greve, Mark Willoughby, Bret Yoder. An honorary group for out- standing athletes, the E-Club works toward the betterment of conditions for athletics. Those who have earned a varsity let- ter for three consecutive years are awarded an E-ring. The ring allows these chosen few to attend all future basketball and football games. Members also serve as ushers for all home basketball games, as well as for the women ' s state tour- nament. Organizations 193 0 3 o Horticulture — F.T.D. Club, otherwise known as the horticulture club, is to broaden student education in hor- ticulture and floriculture. This year the F.T.D. Club made homecoming mums in coopera- tion with the Pershing Rifles and entered the float contest in cooperation with the Argiculture Club. HORTICULTURE FTD CLUB - 1st Row: Donna Hartman, secretary, Jackie Jacobs, president, Donna Burks, vice president, Deb- bie Barnes, treasurer, Robert C. Lay, ad% ' isor, Steve Black, advisor. 2nd Row: Patti Beth Parrish, Rose Tuggle, Vickie Field, Donna Roberts, Debra Carr, Tom Ludwig, Renne Pe- quignot, Lorna Turner, Carolyn Aylor. 3rd Row: Donna Jungelas, Alberta G. Willoughby, Timothy A. Crouch, Tim L. Tingle, Amy Susan Walker, Hazel Louise Stout, Jerri M. McCarter, Rick Hofelich, and Doug Hibberd. The Food and Nutrition Club hosts lecturers, holds pic- nics, and continuously strives to keep students informed about nutrional topics. The club sponsors the National Nutrition Month in March, and helps with the Meals-on- Wheels program. They had several fund-raising events to sponsor members for the N.A.D.A. Convention. FOOD AND NUTRITION CLUB - Row 1: Mary Wilkens, Donna Ackoff, Cissy Hughs, Mary Menk, Mark Ziebarth, Treasurer; Row 2: Nattette Schumann, Debbie Riggs, Presi- dent; Lisa Allen, Myron Hansen, Sharyl James, Nancy Owens, Row 3: Susie Wright, Kara Fricke, Secretary; Amy Baumann, Row 4: Sylvia Turner, Kimberly Russell. Pam Bradley, Suzette Long Vice-President. 194 Organizations The German Club (Der Deutsche Verein) is a social organization that stresses cultural understanding of Ger- manic countries and their language. The club annually sponsors a German dinner for the residents of Kenwood House. The group took a trip to Cincinnati ' s Lenhart ' s Restaurant to sample German cuisine and also visited Gatlin- burg ' s Old Heidleberg Castle. The Student Association of General Contractors provides construction technology majors with activities, information and contacts that will further enhance their education. The group washed windows to raise money for charity, took senior citizens to the polls on election day, and sold tee-shirts in order to raise money for their various projects. CONSTRUCTION CLUB — Row 1: Mitchell Wylie, Treasurer; Jesse Wilmoth, Vice- President; Debbie Dunn, Tony Amburby, President; Charles S. Bowsher. Row 2: Randy Willeroy, Dave Middendorf, Robert McAllister, Dall Clark, Larry Doker, Row 3: Dr. Richard Brooker, Advisor; Scott Tarr, Ron Snider, Robert A. Eifert, Howard Wilaw GERMAN CLUB — Row 1: Donna Burgraff, Thomas E. Miller, Vice-President; Tanya L. Martin, President; Carla Morehead, Secretary: Carmen Cornett, Treasurer; Yvonne Wisnicky, Row 2: Susan Miller, Karen Gohmann, Janet Lynn Thomas, Connie Wolfe, Carolyn Aylor, Dana Gibson, Tim Stamps o CD P o o r+ o O ► " ! GO o CD 4 P3 3 or Organizations 195 P— H J3 i-H o INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY - Row one: Gary K. C. -istain. Advisor; John A. Brady, Treasurer; Gre t " }. Jones, President; James D. Pohl, Vice- President; George Herbert, Advisor. Row two: George Donald Mattingly Jr., Melinda Easley, Robert A. Eifent, Tom Rogers, David Rowlette, Herbert Moose Sowers. Row three: Tim Van- Sant, Kenneth W. Wiedinger, Stuart A. Maiden, Jerome Mescher, Judy Gentry. The main objective of the Judo Club is to teach students the marshal art of Judo. The Judo Club teaches students various concepts of self defense. Among some of the clubs ' activities held this year were demonstrations given in the dorms around campus. They also provided security services to the runners in the 5000 and 10,000 meter runs held this year. Money raised by the Judo Club by showing movies was used for travel expenses to regional tournaments. JUDO CLUB — Row one: Leslie Souder, Greg Owens, Connie Hunter, Dina Menard, Price Jacobs, Instructor. Row two: Ric Mar- tin, Vicki Eckart, Loretta Carrico, Terry Lyons, Dave Thueneman, Ruthie Lockard, Secretary; Barry Wehrman, Marcia Whigham, Edward Taylor III. Row three: Ron Rea, Don Prindle, David Baltenberger, Bill Bondurant, Doug Boyd, Bill Coleman, Dan Jackson, Johnny Casper. IET was designed for In- dustrial Educational Technology students for the purpose of learning more about the professions in the IET fields. Numerous field trips to various industries and schools were taken to help the mem- bers become better acquainted with the IET industry. ® B 196 Organizations Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in education. The pur- pose of this honorary society is to recognize outstanding con- tributions to education, which will also benefit them professionally in their future fields. Among the service projects held by the club were the dis- tribution of Reading is Fun- damental (RIF) books. The club also held tutoring sessions at the Family Life Center in Renfro Valley in the fall semester. KAPPA DELTA PI — Row one: Clay Rice, Karen Johnson, Paige Milburn, Donna Burgraff, Margie Hukee, Pam Peefrey, Peggy Athey, Susan Bruce, Cindy Whalen, Kathy Spath, Karen Crowdus. Row two: Holly Strat- ton, Sharon Noble, Janie Manley, Melinda Turner, Lisa Kirkpatrick, Donna Blythe, Donna Hurst, Holly Jones, Karan Hewitt, Delsie Jenkins, Kim Laughner, Lisa Thompson, Pam Jones, Jeff Lunceford. Row three: Jacquie Dunnigan, Lauren Welch, Mary Wells, Patricia O ' Connell, Kim Combs, Kathy Roesel, Kim Kemper, Stacy Dawson, Dixie R. Metcalf, Carol Bramschreiber, Carol Allender, Alma Ralston, Laura Whitfield, Kathy L. Cox, Norma McGill, Ann Filiatreau, Cheryl Ballard, Sam Volpenhein, Beth Tomlinson, Barbara Curtsinger, Glynn Creamer, Sponsor. Row four: Marsha Stewart, Barb Lies, Tammy Hayes, Jan Effler, Linda Boden, Julie Rougeux, Lisa Hamilton, Cynthia Hill, Alicia Shufflebarger, Sandra Saylor, Margaret Brock. Kappa Delta Tau is a ser- vice organization which offers help and support to people in the community. The group sponsors a Girl Scout troup as well as provides monies for a Fillipino girl. The organization works with elderly persons at Willis Manor Retirement Cen- ter and does yardwork for those who are unable to do their own. The group also provides service to the University through serv- ing at various banquets. KAPPA DELTA TAU — Row one: Kathleen Boggs, Leslie Jones, Nancy Paulin, Susan Lies, Gaye Bush. Row two: Regina Cain, Recreation Chairman; Diane Bowman, Finance Chair- man; Tracey Kidd, Chaplain; Vicki Vail, Corresponding Secretary; Teresa Swope, Pledge Chairman; Kim Adkins, President; Kimberly Lions, Vice-President; Robin Wolfe, Treasurer; Barb Lies, Service Chairman; Sharon Lawrence, Social Chairman; Cinda Phoenix, Historian; Cindy Hufford, Program Publicity Chairman; Sally Frazier, Parliamen- tarian. Row three: Cynthia White, Carol Alley, Tamara Adams, Diane Baker, Sandy Gase, Vicki Schulte, Debbie Chapman, Diana Casson, Sheryl Longworth, Brenda Lewis, Terrie Thomas, Karla Auxier, Maria Smith, Shelli Hendren, Dana Columbia, Linda Fussner, Tammy Loar, Maureen Burke. Row four: Jannene Boehm, Loralee Barnett. Sharon Horn, Alyce Squires, LouAnn Gore, Tina Marie Lester, Lisa Redmon, Cindy Spears, Kim Kiser, Monica Badgley, Nancy Stepp, Debbie Dials, Anna Stewart, Susie Thacker, Debra Baker, Dee Dee Hancock, Rene Daniels, Sharon Roberts, Lois Ann Ferrill, Jann Effler. w p ■a t p O o P H p c Organizations 197 PI o a Pi H cd cd Kappa Mu Epsilon is a National Mathematics Honorary Society. The purpose of the organization is to further the student ' s interest in mathematics and give him an opportunity to get to know others in the field of mathematics. The honorary society offers students on campus tutoring services. They also invite lec- turers from neighboring univer- sities to speak on occasions. Kappa Mu Epsilon held a backgammon tournament in which the winner was awarded a thirty dollar prize. The honorary society is a new club on Eastern ' s campus this year. KAPPA MU EPSILON — Row one: Natalie McComis, Sheryl B. Bowling, Reporter; Kevin Preston, Treasurer; Sally Fisher, President; Robin Woodward, Vice-President; Diane Kerr, Secretary; Roger Baker, Not Present. Row two: Dorian Yeager, Sponsor; Monica Feltner, Kerry Moore, Stephen Wheeler, Judith Dus- ing, Andrea Norris, Carol Allender, Stacy Daw- son, Laura Madden, Mark Downs. The Military Police Com- pany is a co-curricula for those military science students inter- ested in Law Enforcement. It provides services to the com- munity and the University through traffic control, Color Guards at sports events, and other requested duties. Mem- bers are oriented with the Mil- itary and gain experience from working with the public and each other as a team. MILITARY POLICE - Row one: Cheril Lineberry, John Malvin, Operations; C.P.T. Tone Sharon E. Farthing, Finance; Steve Pin- ter, Commander. Row two: Eric Provost, Jocelyn C. Roberts, James E. Collins, Twg. Of- ficer 21st Ranger, Rosemary Husted, Donna Muller, Lynne M. Thompson. Row three: Mary K. Smith, Ron Stephens, Kim Cosker, Theresa Roberts. 198 Organizations Lambda Sigma is a sophomore honorary society that stresses leadership, scholarship, fellowship and ser- vice through campus and com- munity projects. This year, the group participated in canned food drives, student and homecoming elections and the Lions Club Candy Day. They also decorated for the homecoming dance. In addi- tion to attending the regional conference, several members also attended the national con- ference held at Miami Univer- sity of Ohio. The Society also held several social activities for members. LAMBDA SIGMA — Row one: Martha S. Grice, Faculty Advisor; Karen Chrisman, Senior Advisor; Mary Morehous, President; Kim Vail, Vice-President; Susie Baumann, Secretary; Kim Scott, Ritual Chairperson; Cheryl Jeffries, Treasurer; Don Flowers, Junior Advisor; Karen Bullock, Junior Advisor; John D. Jenkins, Faculty Advisor. Row two: Davis Schnieder, Connie Hacker, Carla Griffith, Kim Thompson, Sue Graham, Margaret Hill, Chairperson Service Committee; Rhonda Morris, Linda Christian, Karen Day, Barbara Jacober, Jean Strait, Anna Marie Mannerino, Karen McLean, Chairperson Phone Commit- tee; Kim Abell, Diana Tobergte, Charlotte Howard, David Schulte, Chairperson Ways and Means Committee. Row three: Laura Ep- person, Kim Kiser, Sheri L. Wade, Scott Brad- ford, Tim Courtney, Tim McDaniel, Elsie Tip- ton, Tom Rogers, Senior Advisor; David White, Mark Yeazel, Libbie Turley, Paige McConaughy, Cindy Jeffries. Organizations 199 ft H •FN Oh Phi Epsilon Kappa is designed for physical education majors and minors. Providing guest speakers for the benefit of the group is just one of their projects. The club strives to enrich the relationship be- tween students and faculty while enriching the knowledge of both. PHI EPSILON KAPPA — Seated — David Cole, President; Lisa Norton, Vice-President; Caryn O ' Connor, Secretary; Connie Hunter, Treasurer. Standing — Preston Johnson, Stuart Wilson, Rick Zacholski, Mitch Heater, Joe Karszen, Dan Lichty, Faculty Advisor. Phi Beta Lambda is a professional business organiza- tion that helps students develop vocational competency for business and office occupa- tions. Among their projects carried out this year were campus tours for visiting seniors, typing resumes for business students and a faculty appreciation tea. PBL — Row one — Renee Sneed, Jamie R. Mallard, Allison Lusby, Tammy D. Rodgers. Row two — Mark Preston, Treasurer; Carolyn Tipton, Secretary; Carolyn Montgomery, Reporter; Cynthia Cochran, 1st Vice- President; Paula Hihchman Roahrig, Presi- dent; Karla Ballard, State Secretary, Matthew A. Roahrig, 2nd Vice-President, not pictured. Advisors: Mr. R. Wuillemier, Dr. Allan Webster, Dr. Bill Baldwin, Ms. Fredonna Cox. Row three — Kelly Read, Melanie Wills, Steven Whitson, Kelly Cathers, Brenda Gab- bard, Emily Ayres, Greg Land, Doug Tucker. 200 Organizations PHI EPSILON OMICRON - Row one: Nancy Owens, Projects Officer; Sara Riehl, Candle Reporter; Kathy Roesel, Vice- President; Jill Prow, Treasurer; Kim Kemper, Recording Secretary; L aura Whitfield, Historian; Amy Baumann, President. Row two: Diane Click, Nancy Raque, Cheri Tucker, Kara Fricke, Sylvia Turner, Susan Moore, Suzette Long. Brenda Reed, Lynn VVhittaker. Row three: Pam Glatthaar, Sandra Miller, Laurie Risch, Ava Cuticchia, Amy Broyles, Debby Wartinger, Sheryle Scott, Kim Russell, Jodie Jones, Christine Semier. Phi Epsilon Omicron is a national home economics society for all areas of home economics. It strives to serve and advance the profession while aiding members to become effective leaders through personal and professional development. The group hosted a district workshop for six other Phi Ep- silon Omicron chapters in the state. Phi Mu Alpha is a professional music fraternity for men. Its primary purpose is to promote the highest stan- dards of creativity, perfor- mance, education and musical research. On October 6 " , the group celebrated its national founders day with a " new wave " bash. Organizations 201 cd be £ O CO CO Pi Omega Pi, an honor society for those students in- terested in business education, works to establish and direct chapters of Pi Omega Pi in colleges and universities engaged in business teacher education. The organization not only tries to create a fellowship among teachers of business subjects, but it also tries to create and encourage interest and promote scholarship in business educa- tion. This year two delegates went to Denver, Colorado for the biennial national conven- tion. PI OMEGA PI — Sitting: Carolyn Tipton, Vice-President; Carolyn Montgomery, Presi- dent; Pam Weigel, Treasurer. Standing: Edsel R. Mountz, Co-Sponsor; Myrena Jennings, Co- Sponsor. The Public Relations Stu- dent Society of America is a coeducational organization dedicated to the professional development and study of public relation s. The purpose of the club is to encourage the understanding of current theories and procedures in the practice of public relations. PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA - Row one: Winifred A. Wimberly, National Delegate; Sandy Beck, Treasurer; Joy Snell, Secretary; Cindy Holtzapple, Vice-President; Debbie Taylor, President; Don Smith, Public Rela- tions, Rita Robinson, National Liaison; Elizabeth English, Faculty Advisor. Row two: Avne Wheeler, Scott Northcutt, Sherri Arter- burn. Shannon Bell, Marc Clark, Karen Eklund, Alice Osbourn, Debbie Delmar. Row three: Mike Berbandson, Bill Hickman, Jen- nifer Maynard, Cheryl Gregory, Virginia Whip- ple, Mary Donahue, Pilly Johnson, Brenda Hawkins. Row four: Tracy Mullins, Sherry Smith, Elin Drageid, Cheryl M. Bachman, Edwena Craynon, Anne Brotzge. Row five: Paul Curry, Joe Orrender, Tim Eaton, Cindy Huber. 202 Organizations Rho Epsilon is a fraternity for men and women interested in the field of real estate. Mem- bers have many opportunities to gain applied experience by co-ordinating classroom pro- jects with contemporary real- life situations. Often, part time job opportunities are also developed and students are able to gain exposure to the real problems that exist in the real estate field. RHO EPSILON — Row one: Jeff Carpenter, President; Barbara Hall, Ken Lennon. Melanie Wills, Secretary; Mary Bradley, Darryl Brewer, Treasurer. Row two: Jamie H. Bauer, Vice-President; Scott H. Barber, Place- ment Director; Mike Gilley, Roger Wilhoit, Pete Fish, Public Relations; Bill Langdon, Faculty Advisor. Sigma Tau Alpha is a ser- vice sorority that performs ser- vice projects for the school and surrounding community. It provides Rainbow Girls with the opportunity to continue service to the community while enrolled in college. This year they sponsored the Cystic Fibrosis Dance-a-thon and worked with J.D.F. on fund- making projects. They also participated in instituting new chapters. SIGMA TAU ALPHA — Row one: Cheri Miller, Carolyn Thomas, Tony Foley, Cathy McGowan, Stephanie Stevens. Row two: Cindy Cole, Lorraine Foley, Advisor; Beth Daugherty, Treasurer; Kathy Henderson, President; Suzanne Will, Vice-President; Mar- cia Ball, Secretary; Diane White. Row three: Richard H. Wells, Dale Cary, Gave Bush, Jen- nifer Blade, Lisa Egelston, Trish Scott, Historian; Jill Penske, Guide; Laura Parker, Jackie Frost, Bill Jack Parker. tr o H S3 crct 3 p H p c •a sr p Organizations 203 cd a Sigma Tau Delta is the English honor society which recognizes and encourages superior scholarship in the study of English. It is open to students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Mem- bers are encouraged to ex- perience the many oppor- tunities on campus and in the community to broaden their appreciation of English literature and culture. Projects such as poetry readings, theater parties and an English dinner help them to realize their goal. Sigma Tau Pi is a business honorary whose primary pur- pose is to foster a feeling of unity and fellowship among its members. The organization also tries to promote oppor- tunities for social and educational growth within the business area. SIGMA TAU DELTA — Row one: Maria Bellamy, Vice-President; Susan Gerald, Presi- dent; Lu Settles, Sandy Combs. Row two: Lori Butler, Secretary Treasurer; Allyson Lusby, Kathy Gambrel, Ordelle Hill, Advisor; Barbara Oliver, Sarah Fretty. SIGMA TAU PI — Row one: Karen Talbott, Karen Ty9seling, Vice-President; Ellen E. Arens, President; Kelly L. Cathers, Secretary; Matthew A. Roahrig, Treasurer; Fred A. Engle, Faculty Sponsor. Row two: Jeff Car- penter, Carla Griffith, Alice Squire, Sandy Gase, Kimberly Playforth, Deborah K. Gumm, Stacy Campbell, Melanie Wills, Dale Bernard, Lisa Hager. Row three: Robin Wolf, Elizabeth Ison, Ruth Ann Russell, Paula H. Roahrig, Cynthia Randolph, Anna Schaefer, Charlotte Browing, Selma JoCarruba, Emily Ayres, Pamela B. Black. Row four: Cheryl Payne, Terri Hild, Jill Jenkinson, Susan Kottak, Felicia Bott, Renee Sneed, Karen M. Quitter, JoAnna Hardy, James D. Morrow, Judy E. Mayfield. Row five: Scott H. Barber, Steven Whitson, Doug Tucker, Mark Young, Alan Raven, Mark J. Edlin, Fred Sarnecky Jr., James O. Campbell, David Shaw, Jim Graybeal. 204 Organizations STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION — Row one: Alicia Shuf- flebarger, Sharon White, Treasurer; Julie Rougeux, President; Carla Clifton, Secretary; Rosaline Napier. Row two: Sharen Conyers, Mark Hayden, Donna Burgraff, Tammie Sue Justice, Laura Hodgin, Dawn Butler, Alice Sewell, Lisa Thompson, Jean Metzger. The Student Occupational Therapy Association strives to promote interest in oc- cupational therapy on the campus and in the community. They do this by providing in- teraction through field ex- perience with the staff of various facilities that deal with the therapy program. STUDENT SOCIAL WORKERS — Row one: Serena Stewart, Secretary; Connie Michels, Treasurer; Jane Moreland, President; Barbara J. Berry, Vice-President. Row two: Larry E. Abney, Laurie Boscarino, Debbie Rambo, Diane Rice, Donna Moore. Row three: Belinda Lee, Emily Miller, Kimberly Tribble, Pam Gross, Pam Trabish, Beckie Wiener. The Student National Education Association is a pre-professional organization for students who wish to develop an understanding of and an appreciation for the teaching profession. The group provides members with the op- portunity to voice their opin- ions on events concerning education at the student level, as well as allowing members to become affiliated with the professional educational societies. CO O H Organizations 205 The Student Social Work Association provides Social Work majors with learning ex- periences outside the classroom. Members help out- side agencies who may need volunteers and they also plan activities for foster children and senior citizens. STUDENT SOCIAL WORKERS — Row one: Serena Stewart, Secretary; Connie Michels, Treasurer; Jane Moreland, President; Barbara J. Berry, Vice-President. Row two: Larry E. Abney, Laurie Boscarino, Debbie Rambo, Diane Rice, Donna Moore. Row three: Belinda Lee, Emily Miller, Kimberly Tribble, Pam Gross, Pam Trabish, Beckie Wiener. This proved to be an exciting year for the Young Dem- ocrats. The fall of the year was spent campaigning for the re- election of the incumbant Jimmy Carter. In addition to handing out literature and holding rallies, the group also helped in the registration of students. Members of the group also participated in several of the mock presiden- tial debates that were held on campus this year. YOUNG DEMOCRATS — Row one: Leisa Saylor, Kim Kemper, Carol Barnett, Public Relations; Lee Yount, Treasurer; Carol Merritt, Sarah Fretty, Secretary; Cheryl Shelton, Carl Kremer, Vice-President; Pamela S. Goble, Monica Isaacs, President; Barb Heiz- man. Row two: Jim Caldwell, Sherry Houston, Laura Hodgin, Rebecca Brown, Rhonda Harless, Jennifer Maynard, Program Director; Chuck Givens, Nancy Oeswein, Marilyn Leer, Dwayne Litton, Rhonda Morris, David Wallhausser. 206 Organizations ij } r 4A Jo f - W firjr fclfcrJ PANHELLENIC — Row one: Kim Kirk, Secretary; Beth D ' Amico, Treasurer; Abbie Beacham, President; Judy Spaulding, First Vice-president; Sharon Stephen, Advisor. Row two: Stacy Givan, Candy Jackson, Jackie Schuyler, Kathy Rosell, Malanie Turner, Pam White, Cindy Gibbs, Carla Fulton. Row three: Phylis Jones, Holly MacDonald, Allyson Lusby. The Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body for the social sororities on campus. The organization is composed of two representatives of each of the ten sororities. Pan- hellenic began the year by coor- dinating rush for fall and spring semesters. The council set up coke stands and passed out information and Greek Buttons to new freshmen and parents during summer orien- tation. A display room was also set up to familiarize students with sororities. The new ideas successfully helped pledge over 200 girls during the term. The Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil experienced welcome prosperity and growth during the year. The number of frater- nities grew on campus, increas- ing by one due to the expansion proceedings carried on by the IFC. Growth was also seen in the special seminars and workshops sponsored in a n ef- fort to promote the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, ser- vice and leadership in fifteen fraternities and the new colony of Phi Kappa Tau. Through cooperation with national and regional fraternal organizations the IFC strives to maintain its ever increasing services to the social fraternities at the univer- sity. CD 3 I.F.C. — Row one: Jim Garrison, Treasurer; Benjamin Dunn, Vice-president; Ron Mock; Phill Burgen, President; Jeff Pollitt, Secretary. Row two: Dean Shafer, Doug Holmes, Jeffrey Page, Tom Lockridge, Mike Ricke, Ken Stuesse. Row three: Rob Keith, I.F.C. Advisor; Larry Mcintosh, Ken Brown, Dave Farrelll Paul Schurman, Terry Humphrey, Scott Bergstrom. Row four: Greg Arrowood, Jerald Wise, Charles Smith, Roger Madison, William Houston. Row five: Michael Webb, Monty L. Northcutt, Dwayne White, Michael Cox, Kevin Mason, Walter Howard, Rick Nabors. CD H Ha P S © g Organizations 207 Oh Q OS v 1 if ' tt i 9 » b. Ijj ir A i 4 1 x . : - ■ Jsfy f J 11 ■ v 4|j Hjtf b3l C«Br? Mr . ' 1 • - ' ' • TV k ' « St - - ' N4£y .ir " ' WfiSI b£L • ■ v . - ' - . ' „ » The Epsilon Phi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi has once again had an active year. They captured first place in the TKE Basketball Tournament for the second consecutive year, first place for building a Homecoming float with Betas, and second place in the Alpha Gam Softball and Beta Football competitions. They participated in the SAE County Fair, the KA Old South, the Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust, and the J.P. Superpledges. A few of their money service projects included their annual Halloween party with Kappa Alpha at the Shriner ' s Hospital, co-sponsoring a Dance- a-thon for Cystic Fibrosis, and sponsoring other projects for Ronald McDonald houses. In scholarship, the group ' s pledges took first place for Fall 1980, and on the social scene, the chapter enjoyed two formals at the Hyatt Regency in Lexington and two preference dances. ALPHA DELTA PI — Row one: Deborah Lynne Reffett, Janice Sword, Leslie Sewell, Sondra Turner, Stephanie Cravaack, Henrietta Dudgeon, Robin Caudill, Ann Heard, Linda Chandler. Row two: Renee Garland, Corresponding Secretary; Robin Cummins, Chaplain; Wendy Bollinger, Jr. Panhellenic; Linda Gossman, Scholarship; Pat Kennedy, Activities; Mary Auge, Social; Kim Dodson, Vice-President; Lynn Stone, Recording secreatary; Shelly Stafford, Historian; Mary Hendren, Rush chairman; Jan Hartlage, Treasurer; Melissa Bryan, Standards chairman; Tracy Eak, Registrar; Debbie Couington, Member-at- large; Libby Warner, President; Crystal Williams, Member-at-large; Jodie Brown, Sr. Panhellenic Delegate; Kim Wagner, Assistant Treasurer; Barbara Stock, Reporter; Jeanie Morgan, Housing chairman. Row three: Jackie Stanton, Deidre Bradley, Trish Winters, Maribeth Kozuh, Bae Griffiths, Stephanie Downs, Carole Kimmel, Sally Mullaney, Jill Jenkinson, Kim Burns, Lisa Silkey, Lisa Cole, Sharon Graham, Valerie Christy, Susan Kottak, Lisa Gegel, Clare O ' Donnell, Carla Hebert. Row four: Ann Beavin, Patty Drennen, Marsha DeVine, Catherine Egalite, Jean Finley, Lisa Erhardt, Abbie Beacham, Robin Sanders, Wendy Swinford, Leanna Roberts, Christy Rotunno, Lelia Masden, Barbara Schneider, Katherine Fulcher, Karen Spivey, Becky Brooks, Melanie Brumfield, Phyllis Collins, Suzanne Fawbush, Pamela McHugh, Tracy Will, Deeann Calvert, Peggy Hurst, Betty Singleton, Dawn Butler, Amy Gardner, Traci Wimsatt, Libby Ison. 208 Organizations Organizations 209 Q s s o The Gamma Omicron Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta had a busy and inspiring year. They received the Panhellenic Scholarship Award for the fourth consecutive semester with a 2.969 GPA. In Greek sports events Alpha Gams placed first in Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust and second in the SAE County Fair. They also par- ticipated in the TKE Basketball Tournament. The Alpha Gams exceeded their goals by donating over $1,200 to the Juvenile Diabetes Fund. The money was raised by having a road- block and an M M candy sale. ALPHA GAM — Row one: Mary Heap, Ritual; Beth D ' Amico, Pan- hellenic; Karen Talbot, Treasurer; Anne O ' Hara, Vice-president Scholarship; Jane Harris, President; Anna Schaefer, Vice-president Fraternity Education; Viki Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Susan Johnson, Standards; Ellen Arens, Activities; Agnes Jansen, Ritual. Row two: Cheri Lineberry, Membership; Jolyenda Jones, House; Valerie P ' Sime, Publicity; Lisa Morehead, Recording; Nancy Rotert, Robin Rich, Jr. Panhellenic Delegate; Penne Distle, Jackie May, Beth McAdam, Leanne Huff. Row three: Mary Wilkens, Patty Shannon, Connie Fran- ciso, Jille Penske, Carla Waddle, Nancy Cary, Gay Royalty, Laura LeMaster, Kim Lyons, Amy Rotert. Row four: Becky Coulter, Cris Meihouse, Linda Bishop, Tammy Hibbard, Carolyn Johnson, Sue Holt, Cindy Wolf, Nancy Oeswein, Missy Meek, Lisa Thacker. Row five: Kathy Kinslor, Laura Noel, Kim McQuire, Selena Smith, Phyllis Whitehead, Connie Wolfe, Marisa Madras, Robin Holstine, Kim Hiles, Lucille Rathunde, Music. Row six: Eric Provost, Stacy Wallace, Dan Griff, Kay Hale, Lee Marx, Irish Rollings, Todd Nolan, Dwayne White, Mark Nieland. 210 Organizations ' S- " H. c ZcZZ Organizations 211 The Zeta Nu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha continued to live up to their motto, " Service to all mankind, " this year. They worked with the bloodmobile and gave a donation to the Don McKinnon Scholarship Fund. The chapter ' s ma- jor events were the Miss Ebony Pageant and AKA Week. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA: Row one: Carla R. Fulton, President; Marianna Greenlee, Shirley Watts, Debra A. Robinson, Dean of Pledges; Vanessa Wesley, Hostess; Beverly A. Hill, Vice-President; Margery Duvall, Corresponding Secretary. Row two: Eldora Rhea, Marie King, Philacter; Barbara Commodore, Assistant Dean of Pledges; Patricia Wright, Recording Secretary; Helen Boone. Not pictured: Carol Montgomery, Sheila Hill, Augusta Washington, Valerie Boone, Hazel Maupin. 212 Organizations o CD — orq 3 p H sr p Delta Sigma Theta, a public service sorority was founded here on Campus May 9, 1970. They began their year by promoting the sorority, by handing out leaflets during registration to freshman women. As a service project each year they sponsor a Sickle Cell Anemia Drive and give a donation of $100.00 to some charity each year. In the spring semester the sisters sponsored their annual Mr. Esquire Pageant. DELTA SIGMA THETA — Sitting: Betty Jones, Jodi Berry, Advisor; Jacquelyn Ashford, Secretary; Alice Stoner, President; Winifred Wim- berly, Treasurer. Standing: Karen Lawrence, Social Chairman; La ' Tanya Weathers, Panhellenic Representative; Pledge Class: Mary Henderson, Alison Crook, Joan Talbert, Pamala Whaley (not pictured), Officers not pictured: Emma Mitchell, Vice-President; Holly Foster, Sergeant-at- Ase Organizations 213 The Gamma Theta Chapter of Chi Omega was active this year with service projects, athletic competitions, and social events. The sorority ' s members sold balloons for the Junior Diabetes Foundation, answered phones at the University ' s Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and collected over $1,000 for Model ' s cerebral palsy students. Chi O ' s placed first in competition at the SAE County Fair and second in the Beta Football tournament. They participated in the TKE basketball tournament and in the Lambda Chi Alpha Waltermelon Bust. They also held four dances throughout the year: a Halloween Dance, at the Mulebarn; Win- ter Formal, at Lexington; a Valentine ' s Dance, at Tates Creek; and Spring Formal, at the Harley Inn in Lexington. Other activities during the year were the an- nual Parent ' s Day, a faculty tea, and hosting Eleusinia, a meeting of the Chi Omega chapters in Kentucky. CHI OMEGA: Row one: Robin Dosch, Cheryl Gregory, Karla Davis, Chapter Correspondent; Karen McClure, Becky Sammons, Rush Chair- man; Ann Bodine, Pledge Trainer; Camie Hughes, Secretary; Laurie Reinstedler, Vice President; Maria Domenech, President; Debbie Lane, Jennifer Ruehrwein, Linda Kunkle, Cissie Hughes, Susan Gregory, Chris Dixon, Tina Bickett, Angela Gammon. Row two: Carla Graybeal, Patte Newport, Pam Burke, Deana Wilson, Diane Deak, Kim Schmidt, Genia Karlosky, Rhonda Blevins, Yolanda Swinford, Kim Rowe, Renee Looney, Jill Green, Andrea Norris, Connie Steller, Cathy Queen, Jennifer Maynard, Rhonda Richert, Kimberly Kirk, Panhellenic Delegate; Kathy Kidd, Donna Parks. Row three: Patti Gilday, Linda Rauch, Patty Thompson, Wendy Stevens, Jennifer Justice, Dana Legner, Kim Dozier, Debbie Tieman, Kathryn Shaw, Kelley Matthews, Debbie Cobb, Scheryl Smith, Tammy Bushman, Jan Caffee, Tammie Appelhaus, Cindy Bush, Cindi Pyles, Debbie Whitt, Karen Gombert, Jill Yancey. Row four: Valerie Babb, Marjorie Nevitt, Mitzie O ' Rourke, Lezlie Grubs, Suzanne Brown, Carla Crume, Carolyn Dozier, Susan Sickmeier, Missy Malcom, Gayle Ptacek, Lisa Hoeferle, Sherri Arterburn, Bettina Dickson, Vicky Holbrook, Suzanne Wells, Carolyn Diemer, Darla McClain, Pam Back, Terri Ptacek, Diane Parrish. 214 Organizations Organizations 215 H cd cd A - 1 — - — ... • f $• ■ ■ i ; 4 fc-. itlut4«Hlu(tti . b L-i ■ ' m? 1 1 LP bl- ' ! 1 ' d " m a f !■ hi TbJ iu . The Delta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was kept busy by participating in Greek activities and striving for scholarship and social ideals. Theta ' s are proud to say they improved their grade point average to a 2.9, a markable achieve- ment from the previous year. However, Theta ' s also showed their athletic ability by taking home the Beta Theta Pi first place trophy. They also participated in other events, such as the SAE County Fair, Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust and KA Old South, and the Theta ' s made a Homecoming float with the TKE fraternity. The service projects, such as the Cystic Fibrosis Dance-a-Thon, washing car windows and decorating nursing home doors, kept the sorority involved with the campus and com- munity. Theta ' s had their spring formal in Knoxville, Tenn. and their informal dances were at the Sheraton and the Circus in Lexington. KAPPA ALPHA THETA — Row one: Rochelle Greenwell, Sharon Johnson, Martha Guess, Shannon Nichohs, Sheri Armcrcost, Julie Moeller, Sue Schiering, Sports; Jill Foster, Susan McClarty, Nikki Willis, Dawn Espey, Lynn Whittaker. Row two: Mary Leonhardt, Bettye Mat- tingly, Margaret McConkey, Elizabeth Tussey, Treasurer; Debbie Easley, Corresponding Secretary, Felicia Bott, Vice-President — Efficiency; Beverly McKnight, President; Libbie Ford, Vice-President — Pledge; Teresa Cox, Scholarship; Deniese Garland, Standards; Cynthia Gibbs, Panhellenic Delegate; Laura Callahan, Fraternity Education. Row three: Jane Meyer, Peggy Manis, Karen Fox, Mary Luersen, Debbie Reagan, Michele Conley, Mary Osborn, Jolene Hupp, Joan Lewis, Missy Day, Marcia Lyons, Jonell Macy, Rush Chairman; Janet Cooper, Linda Wilson, Paula Abies, Holly McDonald, Carla Moore, Helene Hagan, Theta Man Coordinator; Cheryl Swafford, Social Chairman; Pamela Hensley, Mary Peterson, Marshal; Amy Holland, Holly Ream. Row four: Anne Frymice, Lisa Durham, Barbara Crapsey, Susan Shuff, Shannon Bell, Alumnae Relations; Julie Girten, Kim Humphrey, Blanche Harrison, Linda Prince, Activities — Sports; Jeanne Chenault, Becky Conley, Ginger Redman, Laurie Schroeter, Jane Cox, Betsey Frymire, Barb Harris, Kim Best, Beth Christian, Historian, Jacqueline Lenhart, Shawna McClain, Robin Modene, Yvonna Okeson, Jennifer Hoskins. Row five: Candace Grant, Lynne Roberts, Catherine Crump, Gina Emery, Beth Miller, Linda Colborn. 216 Organizations Organizations 217 The sisters of Delta Omicron chapter of Kappa Delta had an exciting and event-filled year. In October, they had the privilege of hosting their annual Founder ' s Day banquet at which KA ' s from U.K., Morehead, and Georgetown were guests. Service projects for the year included helping with the Richmond J.C. Haunted House, Christmas caroling at Kenwood Nursing Home, and participation in the Dance-a-Thon for Cystic Fibrosis. In support of their national philanthropy, the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Va., they sponsored an all-greek fashion show. Their Winter Formal was held at the Ramada Inn in Lexington and Spring Formal at the Hyatt Regency, also in Lexington. KAPPA DELTA — Row one: Kathy Heicken, Mimi Macke, Brigitte Flowers, Kathy Roesel, Sara Arnold, Karla Blankenstein, Kerrie Bagby, Libby Riley, Tammy Gay, Patti Lee, Dana Perkins, Cindy Burianek, Robin Butterweck, Kelly Allen. Row two: Margaret Williams, Shannon Goheen, Maria Wolfe, Julie Bohannon, Liba Jeffries, Editor; Janie Stapleton, Secretary; Diane Kiser, President; Judy Clements, Vice- President; Joanna Peters, Treasurer; Doris Venezie, Assistant Treasurer; Dana Kops, Stacey Owens. Row three: Barbara Terry, Lynda Steely, Kim Vicars, Judy Meredith, Larrie Barry, Kim Dobbling, Nancy Smith, Claudia Woods, Lisa Long, Cammy Jones, Lisa Neal, Missy White, Bernie Blofmer, KD King; Lori Ross, Marsha Bush, Julie Palechek, Michelle Haydon, Kim Coy, Amy Sherman, Valerie Gianopulos, Pam Vicars, Martha Tudor, Jenny Beckman, Caroline Akins, Cheryl Neclerio. Row four: Jennie Armstrong, Kimberly Moreland, Sabrina Bates, Anne Heaton, Michele Evans, Tammy Jo Dixon, Sandy Snook, Pam Nickell, Sherry Nicholson, Cheryl L. Emmert, Sharon Fry, Donna Randolph, Denise Longabaugh, Rita Bowling, Tina Christian, Tama Kirby, Debbie Riggs, Debbie Pelle, Karen Anderson, Jacqueline Shuler, Laura Brussee, Linda Schwenke, Beth Kimbrough, Jamie Biagi, Gina Menard. Not pic- tured: Sheri Mefford. 218 Organizations Organizations 219 Oh The Phi Mu ' s have been very active in the sorority as well as other campus activities. Out- standing achievers include Amy Topper, who became 4 A9 sweetheart, and Julie Goodin was SAE sweetheart. Karla Ballard became Ken- tucky state president for Phi Beta Lambda. As for Greek activities, the Phi Mu ' s participated in the SAE County Fair and the Phi ' s had their traditional " Lion Country Color-Up " . They also won first place in Jr. Panhellenic Superstars and Barbara Curtsinger was elected president of this organization. PHI MU — Row one: Laura Hodgin, Rush Chairman; Connie Bentley, President; Marilyn Leer, Treasurer; Barb Heizman, Vice-president; Sherry Houston, Secretary; Allyson Lusby, Panhellenic Delegate. Row two: Dawn Fuller, Terri Richter, Carol Merritt, Kim Scott, Julie Goodin, Cindy McMahan, Pam Pelfrey, Tamme Parker, Karla Ballard, Lisa Rader, Monica Isaacs, Tammy Rodgers. Row three: Lisa Wray, Kathryn Ransdell, Amy Topper, Susan Stengel, Emily Toms, Patty Rush, Laura Simonsen, Karin Kinder, Mary Jane Enochs, Jamie Ruble, Miriam Naylor. Not present: Robin Dossett, Phi Director; Beverly Blackburn, Kari Stanley, Sherri Kent, Leslie Schrader, Mitzi Rhoades, Martha Meece, Kay Spencer, Linda Simmons, Jane Offutt, Donna Updike, Beth Evans. 220 Organizations Organizations 221 ' iim The Kentucky Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi participated in all the Greek activities. The Pi Phi ' s had a crush party at the Mule Barn and the Fall Formal was held at Holiday Inn South in Cincinnati. The fall pledge service projects in- cluded a visit to a local nursing home and a hallo- ween party for the children at the Telford center. They also collected aluminum cans and the proceeds went to a needy cause. They also visited one of their philanthropies in Gatlinburg. PI BETA PHI — Row one: Stephanie Geromes, V.P. Social Advance- ment, Mary Reister, House Corp. Chairman, Kathy Coombs, V.P. Mental Advancement, Stacy Givan, Panhellenic Delegate, Kathy Morreau, Presi- dent, Anita Ricks, Debbie Schorman, Secretary, Janet Coel, V.P. Moral Advancement, Kim Niederhelman, Treasurer, Brenda Delanoy, Assistant Rush Chairman. Row two: Sally Buckman, Becky Youngs, Susie Steele, Jayne Kalbaugh, Sharon Kallo, Dee Baker, Betty Wiseman, Ann Sum- mers, Donna Gaines, Jane Howard, Pam Smith. Row three: Rob Ber- nado, Linda Boden, Karen Connelly, Holly Neff, Nancy Clark, Becky Bennett, Valerie Brooks, Marianne Mink, Teresa Hammaesfahr, Candy Jackson, Cheri Willinghurst, Tim Malone. 222 Organizations Organizations 223 H PQ The Delta Xi chapter of Beta Theta Pi reigned the 1980-81 year as all-sports champions. For the third year in a row, with the help of little sisters and the A All sorority, the Beta ' s homecoming float took first place. Homecoming was at the Lexington Hilton and the spring formal in April was held in Hueston Woods, Ohio. In February, they sponsored the Tenth Beta Theta Pi Invitational Basketball Tournament. Fifteen chapters came to Richmond to play for the coveted trophy and all-tournament merits. BETA THETA PI — Row one: David Schneir, Kevin Parker, Shawn Mountjoy, Keith Morgason, John D. Mcintosh, Tom Lay, Drew Howell, Thomas Craft, Scoot Cook, James Carloss. Row two: Michael Dunkins, Mike Bonfiels, Greg Zirnheld, William McGraw, Mark Welch, Scott Rothfuss, Dale Rothwell, Dean Schaffer, Robert Cox. Row three: Doug Palmer, Melvin Taylor Veach, Russell Schneir, Jerry Hamilton (Treas.), Harold Megargel (Vice-president), Wesley Graves, Robert Megargel, Phil Dunavent, Debbie Bartlett (Sweetheart), Joseph Orrender (Social Chair- man), Doug Holmer (Pres.), Gary Dukes (Recording Secretary), Dale Fraysur, Ed Jackson, Michael Smith, Jeff Pollitt. 224 Organizations Organizations 225 The University ' s Chapter of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity continued to be active in Greek and sports events this year. They also sponsored an art show and worked toward their theme, " The move forward in the 80 ' s. " DELTA UPSILON: Row one: Joaeph Lee, Vice-President; Ray Williams, Chapter Relation Secretary; Greg Arrowood, President; Sam Ward, Faculty Advisor; Dwayne Reynolds, Secretary; Rick K. Justice, William Dale Patrick, Treasurer. Row two: Mark J. Mueller, Gregory W. Brewer, Lon W. Fields, Bryan Quinnelly, Gene Woodson Arvin II, Linny Cloyd, Paul Heil, Mark Graves, Jerald A. Wise. 226 Organizations Organizations 227 The Brothers of the Delta Mu Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order raised over $1200 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The KA ' s and the Alpha Delta Pi ' s gave a Halloween party for the crippled children at the Shriner ' s Hospital in Lexington. Delta Mu was the recipient of the Order ' s " Most Improved Chapter Award " for its con- tinuance to strive toward excellence. The brothers hosted Candler Province Council for the second year in a row, with KA chapters from Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee in attendance. " Old South " was the highlight of the year, with sororities competing against each other for trophies and awards in the Old South Olympics. The celebration of the South and of the high ideals for which our spiritual founding father, Robert E. Lee of Old Virginia, stood for included a champagne reception, a barbeque on a nearby farm and the annual " Sharecropper ' s Ball. " The " Old South Ball " was held in Gatlinburg Ten- nessee, at the LaConte Motor Lodge with the KA ' s in full uniforms and the ladies in their traditional Southern attire. KAPPA ALPHA — Row one: Steve Dapper, John Haydon, Chris Russell, Fred Hurt, Keith McQuire, Darrell Dees. Row two: Dana Knighton, Doug Reynolds, Ray Schuler, Dudley Stephens, Lawrence Ford, Mark Butcher, Andy Mathews, Jeff Miller, Don Whittaker, Mike Smith. Row three: Tim Chisholm, Danny Parker, Derek Feix, Pete Winkler, Dave Durham, Tony Whittaker, John White, Scott Scheynost. Row four: Kenny Roberts, Dwayne Wells, Chuck Tudor, Steve Boyer, Tony Whaley, John Layton, David White, Mike Webb, Steve Standafer, Larry Burnett. Officers: Keith McQuire, President; John Haydon, Vice- President; Fred Hurt, Recording Secretary; Doug Reynolds, Social Chair- man; Larry Burnett, Little Sister Chairman. 228 Organizations t Organizations 229 The Eta Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. reflected their fraternity ' s motto of Men of Quality with one purpose of Achieve- ment. The achievement aspect of this chapter was seen by their involvement in leadership posi- tions of the Student Government Association and the Interfraternity Council. The chapter ' s various community service pro- jects consisted of the co-sponsoring of a party on behalf of the residents of the Madison County Nursing Home along with the Chi Omega Sorority. Also, the Eta Alpha Chapter teamed up with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and in less than three hours collected $425 for sickle cell anemia. In athletics, the Eta Alpha Chapter was proud to have seven brothers running varsity track. Members not pictured: Michael Barnard, Darrel Jackson, William Pinkston III, Tyrone Redden, Steve Johnson, Ricky Estes and Buford Carten. KAPPA ALPHA PSI — Seated: Kirk Goodwin, Kevin Mason, Wayne Baker, Nate White, Tony Bigesby, Hugh Hemlee. Standing: Charles Floyd, Kenneth Glover, Walter Howard, Clayburn Trowell. Not pictured: Tyrone Redden, William Pinkston III, Darrell Jackson, Ricky Estes, Steve Johnson, Michael Banard, Buford Carter. 230 Organizations CD crct p M« The Delta Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity has continued its effort towards promoting brotherhood in the community through its numerous social projects. Among these services to the community was the presen- tation of the Don McKinnon Scholarship to two deserving recipients, a Halloween party for the youth of Richmond, an Easter egg hunt and donations to the United Negro College fund, to name a few. The chapter topped off the year with their 10th Annual Omega Ball. The fraternity also repeated as champions of both the TKE tournament and as the campus intramural basketball champions. OMEGA PSI PHI — Row one: Phillip L. Fletcher, Larry C. Conner, Crit M. Fisher, Jr., Dr. W.H. Berge, Sponsor; Eric Abercrumbie, Rodney K. Dunn. Row two: Cliff Lyttie, Tommie Lee Robinson, Charles London, Roger Madison, Carl Greene, Jr., Treasurer, Dean of Pledges; Charles D. Lee, Keeper of Records and Seals; Tarzza K. Williams, Basileus; Lester Tyrone Sanders, Willie Weathers, Joel Williams, Freddie D. Davis, James Epps, Calvin Farlow, Randy Barnett, Rodney Hinkle. Organizations 231 The Phi Beta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha started the school year with the fourth annual Watermelon Bust on September 25. The group ' s service projects included the Sorority Kidnap in December, which collected more than 400 cans of food for needy families in Richmond, and an Easter Seals fund raiser at the Richmond Holiday Inn. They also aided children in the Special Olympics. Members from the chapter attended the Lambda Chi Alpha Kentucky Seven Conference at Georgetown College and the Midwest Conclave at Ohio University. Social activities for the year consisted of a homecoming dance in Lexington and the annual spring formal at Buckhorn State Park. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA — Row one: Gregory Hall, Ritualist; Jack Spen- cer, Fraternity Educator; Scott Crimm, Vice President; Larry Mcintosh, President; Mark Edlin, Treasurer; Frank McKinney, Rush Chairman; Dan Berteos, Advisor. Row two: Larry McHenry, Allyson Lusby, Richard Budnar, John Klotzback, Jennifer Maynard, Greg Kennedy, Anna Schaefer, Jill Yancey, Gregory Dimitriou, Darlene Mahler, Phil Jones. Row three: Brian Smith, Christopher Purdy, Lee Marx, Robert Rehberg, Janice Carlock, Steven Johnson, Pam Weigel, Calvin Kesterson, Kenna Prewitt, Kim Branstetter, Jeff Kloppenburg. Row four: Mike Savage, Crescent Coordinator; John Tapp, Fred Walker, Michael Schneider, Bill Wagner, Gary Fox, Jeffrey Weigel, Stephen Davis, Michael Click, Scott Linder. 232 Organizations Organizations 233 H l-H Q Oh The Kentucky Theta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta began the 1980-81 school year by ushering the home football games. The fraternity ' s little sisters sold programs before each home game. Also, the brothers sold " Go Big E " Painter hats to promote Homecoming spirit. They were also the Greek champs in soccer. During the spring semester, they collected donations for Cystic Fibrosis ' Dance-a-thon. As a community service project, they cleaned the sides of the bypass and offered a free car wash for police cruisers. PHI DELTA THETA — Row one: Robert Weber, Clay Balyeat, Treasurer; Mark Okruhlica, Vice-President; Rick Nabors, President; Bill Shadburne, Secretary; Steven McKinley. Row two: Joseph Jameson, Joseph Calvert III, Randall Lykes, Frank Bush, Jeffery Swanton, Eddie Miller, Jon Ogilvie, John Mackley, Russell Lykes. Row three: Brian Dickey, Jeff Creech, Jeff Graham, Tim Brown, Bryan O ' Brien, James Rubel, Michael Thompson, Doug Howell, Thomas Jucks. 234 Organizations Organizations 235 PI KAPPA ALPHA — Row one: Brian Miller, Keith Hill, Jim Cobb, Secretary; Jon Schrock, Vice-president; Lora Shaffer, Dream Girl; Tom Lockridge, President; Dave Farmer, Treasurer; Rick Silkey, Tim Stewart, Tammy Applehaus, Sherrie Arteburn, Bob Stoffa. Row two: Greg Moore, Nick Murphy, Steve Settle, Darryl Herrington, Sam Bradley, Bob Sipes, Mike Despain, Norman Adams, Mark Mullins, Jeff Rose, John Knight. Row three: Mike Ricke, Mary Jane Enochs, Lisa Radar, Elaine Lawless, Pam Estepp, Katie Ransdell, Andrea Norris, Karla Davis, Bae Griffith, Lisa Silkey, Jeannie Morgan, Terrie O ' Brien, Debbie Shaffer, Tracy Mul- lins, Trish McClelland, Paula Gentry, Marsh Devine, Laura Baily. Row four: Joe Knight, Bob Silkey, Don Helton, Mike Carter, Gary Carter, Pete Fish, McKinnley Daily, Brian Gibbs. This year marked the twelfth year that the Zeta Tau Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has been active on campus. Once again they distributed their traditional Dream Girl calendars at the beginning of the school year. The Pikes also participated in the TKE basket- ball tournament and other athletic events. 236 Organizations Organizations 237 The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity worked with two major projects this year. The group held the SAE County Fair and also sponsored the Miss EKU Beauty Pageant. The members ' service pro- jects included raising money for Cystic Fibrosis with work in a dance-a-thon. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON — Row one: Bryan Hughes, Jeff Hudepohl, Recorder; Mark Lile, Treasurer; Jeff Sproat, Correspondent; Rocky Ben- tly, Vice-President; Julie Goodin, Sweetheart; Bill Decker, President; Todd Burns, Frank Consalo, Pledge Educator, Steve Smith. Row two: Rick Fleming, Steve Goins, Jamie Baver, Clay Barnes, Gary Dotson, Tom Pany, Keith Walker, Jeff Dannenburg, Bill Amato, Bob McDonald, Dave White, Tom Dean, Joey Prococino, Andy Gillum. Row 3: Jeff Asher, George Hacker, Steve Peege, Brett Ashcraft, Steve McCombs, Scott Sacre, Glen Borders, Fred Shearer, Bob Wood, Scott Mindrum, Gary Howard, Keith Cross, Jay Parker, Jim Deshazer, Mike Yeoman, Scott Snyder. 238 Organizations Organizations 239 As the semester began, five Sigma Chi brothers returned from the National Leadership Workshop in Texas with a new knowledge and sense of brotherhood. This enthusiasm seemed to set the tone for the entire year. Again, as in the past, the Sigma Chi Derby was a big success with proceeds going to the national service project, Wallace Village. The annual haunted house was a huge success. This year was the biggest turnout in recent years, and again, the proceeds went to Wallace Village. The Sigma Chi ' s also showed a serious side by going Christmas caroling with the Kappa Delta sorority. They also attended church services in the community throughout the year. These ex- periences seemed to strengthen the fraternity ' s sense of brotherhood. The annual Homecoming Dance was held in Lexington, and the Spring Formal was in Knox- ville, Tennessee. Members not pictured: Tom Stipes and Steve Newsom. ABOVE: Row one: Bill Heuaer, Mark Patrick, Rosemarie Riley, Marcel Smith, Alan Wallace, Michael Roberts, Rush Chairman; Bill Mooney, Pro Consul; Tracy Eak, Phil Rotliff, Jeff Damron, Alumni Chairman; Andrew C Sorensen. Row two: Dan McGary, Lisa Lang, Michele Zench, Robin Lovely, Leisa Saylor, Gene Fitzhugh, President; Brian Prall, Treasurer. Row three: Majel Aaron, Crystal Williams, Kevin Wallace, Dana Kops, Tim Edwards, Debbie Widmann, Gary A. Goodman. Row four: Martha Tudor, Leigh Ann Howard, Linda Kearns, Cheryl Neclerio, Lib by Warner, Barb Stock, Gary Richard, Scott Bergstrom, Rocky Mann, Ann Beavin, Maribeth Kozuh, Brian Lannon, Cindy Taylor, Ken Stuessel, Cathy S hields, Edward Blecha, Athletic Chairman; David C Riggins. Row five: Ed Woods, Brad Baker, Pam Vicars, Ron Charpol Ross, Terry Justice. 240 Organizations Organizations 241 The Epsilon-Lambda Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity was chartered on April 22, 1978, and has been active on campus since then. This year Sigma Pi co-sponsored the Greek Superstars with Pi Beta Phi. Sigma Pi received the " Community Service " award at their 1980 summer convention. This year ' s service projects included clearing out a Begley ' s warehouse, Christmas baskets for the needy, an Easter egg hunt for underprivileged children and participation in IFC ' s basketball game for Muscular Dystrophy. Sigma Pi placed second in the banner contest at the IFC game. The Sigma Pi ' s held their homecoming dance at the Downtowner in Lexington and Spring For- mal at the Hyatt Regency. In April, Sigma Pi hosted their annual Pig Roast Softball Tourna- ment with surrounding chapters. SIGMA PI — Row one: Little Sisters — Laurie Millard, Tammy McTavish, Laura McCoun, Tari Wilson, Cindy Holtzapple, Linda Hamilton, Wendy Pettit, Susan Stengel. Row two: Benjamin Dunn Sage, President; Tom Wolff, Sergeant at Arms; Phillip Fett, Bill Wilson, Treasurer; Doug Pavlovic, Little Sister Advisor; Jerry Botner Herald, Jeff Cornett, Secretary; Dwayne White, Mike Cox, Little Sister Advisor. Row three: Pierre Cloutier, Tim Rankin, Steve Woodring, Mike McMurtry, Kevin Souther, Keith Mahan, Blaine Tinsley, David Ritchie, David Kovener, David Johnson, Todd Myers, Monty Northcutt, Jim Butler, Chris Hawker, Todd Stroud, Alan Cochran, Kirk Randolph, Charles Rowlett, George Johnides, Ron Wolfe, Chapter Director. 242 Organizations Organizations 243 The Theta Chi Fraternity continued to excel in academics and sports. They ranked near the top of the campus fraternities with their mem- ber ' s grade point average and were in close con- tention for the all sport ' s trophy. They won the Sigma Pi and Pi Beta Phi Superstars Trophy for the second consecutive year. The fraternity also raised money for Easter Seals during their Rally Week. THETA CHI: Row one: David P. Farrell, Steve Harper, Pledge Marshal; Robert S. Crapsey, Secretary; James E. Gillespie, Vice-President; Liba Jeffries, Dream Girl; Scott Brown, President; Keith A. Hafer, Treasurer; William T. Pena, Mark Ruddell. Row two: Mike Cockerill, Joel Mann, Darrell K. Griffith, Chris R. Woods, Joel Speck, Bart Home, Gary Bailey, Robert McFarland, Ken Brown, Tim Malone, Dan Fischer, Robert Ciolek, Jim Tabor, Rick McElroy, Donn Chesley. Row three: Michael Ford, Phil Adams, Rob Chesley, Rodger Ross, David B. Dailey, Tommy Baker, Steve Halsey, Chris West, Steve Murphy, Fred W. Liggett, Jr., Lewie L. Ben- tley, William H. Coons, Hameed I. Koury, Jim Rose. 244 Organizations Organizations 245 The men of Mu Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon again made the most of the school year. Tekes dominated fall semester athletics by bring- ing home the SAE County Fair trophy and win- ning the fraternity division intramural football championship. Twenty-nine teams battled it out for the hardware in the annual TKE basketball tournament. Not neglecting their obligations to the campus and community, Tekes raised $1,100 for the St. Jude ' s Children ' s Research Hospital. The brothers also helped other fraternities not for- tunate enough to have their own house by in- viting them to mixers at the TKE house. TKE FRAT — Row one: Allen Stanford, Ed Hunt, Chuck Givens, Mike Palmer, Scott Scrimizzi, Steve DeSimone, Andre Couch, Jeff Kirkpatrick, Bob Underwood, Mike Moore, Kirk Lokits, Dave Bird, Chuck Poole, Chris Brown. Row 2: Rob Wells, pres; Kenny Kring, treas; Brian Griffis, Dennis Stuart, pledge trainer; Greg May, Tony Crenshaw, Dale Breitenstein, Chip Booth, Clay Brashear, Greg Brown, Tom Barrier, Kim Dodson, Lisa McDonald, sweetheart; Kathy Dolbow, Rennee Garland, Cindy Gambrell, Lisa Dobson, Robing Dossett, Leanne Beatty, Janet Thomas, Val Christy, Becky Brooks, Debbie Wilson, Donna Combs, Shan Parky, Mike Long, Mike Courtney. Row three: Gretchen Gorrell, Cheryl Emmert, Becky Conley, Chris Vasquez, Ashley Boyd, Linda Chandler, Wendy Bollinger, Stacey Cox, Shannon Taylor, Lisa Morehead, Patty Dewitt, Debbie VanArdel, Pam Nickell. Row four: (roof) Bruce Anderson, David Muth, Jeff Alsip, Mike Brown, Joe Watts, Dan Robinson, Joe Quigley, Chris Miller, Mark McKenzie, Terry Phillips, Bob Humpkey, Ted Shy, Owen Young, Ralph Thompson. 246 Organizations , jtjj Organizations 247 SIGMA NU — Row one: Bill Snap, Keith Gunter, Ken Hubsch, Kathy Kresge, Tommy Zottman, Gill Lawson, Doren Lockhart, Laurie Risch, Randy Powell, Bill Sauntry, Joe Kloeker. Row two: Brian Phillips, Kevin Canan, Debbie Boggs, Rick Hauffman, Paula Goodall, Bruce Beard, Iris Goodall, Vince Brosky, Tim Cornett, Cindy Miller, Connie Langley, Jim Garrison, Kim Dozier, Mike Vescio, Jeffrey Kessinger, Petra Brown, Randy Hodge. Row three: Larry Long, Lisa Egelston, Teresa Tidwell, Bruce Higdon, Malcolm Patterson, Dan Hicks, John Masters, Jack Nihart, Jeff Lyons, Martin Voight, Tom Peery, Doug Fruchtenicht, Janet Head, Craig Covell, Cindy Lewis. Officers: Jim Garrison, President: Vince Brosky, Vice-president; Bill Snapp, Treasurer; Cindy Lewis, Sweetheart. This year was an outstanding as well as productive year for the brothers of Sigma Nu. It was outstanding in that they ranked second in grade point average and they were successful in money-raising activities such as a bike-a-thon to Western and the Cerebral Palsy Telethon. A major productive change for the fraternity was a new tactical approach to rush, which yielded a motivated pledge class. The Theta Theta Chapter visited their national headquarters at Virginia Military In- stitute, Lexington, Virginia, where they gained much knowledge and information for the frater- nity. 248 Organizations N CD P Cd CD P The Eta Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta had a busy, yet interesting year of fulfilling their goals of finer womanhood, scholarship and community service. Their service projects consisted of a Christmas program at Shriner ' s Hospital for han- dicapped children, work with the Red Cross Bloodmobile, donated Christmas gifts to the senior citizen ' s home in Richmond, participation in the Cystic Fibrosis dance- a-thon, contribu- tions to the Mark Singleton Scholarship Program, and participation in the March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon. Zetas were also active socially with dances, stepshows, Greek events and the organization and planning of Zeta Week. ZETA PHI BETA — Row one: Melody Turner, President; Glandia (Tina) Carter, Vice-President; Sherry Rucker, Treasurer; Nina Frazier, Secretary; Roxana Allen, Dean of Pledges. Organizations 249 Involvement involvement involvement involvement involvement The classroom is not the only place where stu- dents can receive an education. Some of life ' s best lessons are taught to us by friends and per- sonal experiences. In order to get the best that the University has to offer, many students become involved in organizations in that search for the " other " education. Not everyone wants to get involved, but the per- son who does has to be willing to work with others. He must be willing to give his time, his energy and sometimes his money in order to gain that special closeness that develops only in groups united in a common cause. Organizations, athletics, Greeks — they all of- fer that " other " education. L ' f.O .- 254 In later life as in earlier, only a few persons in- fluence the formation of our character; the multi- ple pass us by like a distant army. One friend, one teacher, one beloved, one club . . . are the means by which his nature and the spirit of his nature affect the individual. Richter Organizations 257 r5 MAMIE M DANIEL " kiii Mimm i rows, Kv. 1 .•••;•. •- :■: :■: and dignified :■■ III :■ xill respond. " V. B. MOSER MlDDI 1 in ki.. K ■ never care t talk as Kitty as I tan. ALMA OWENS Perryville, Ky. Member Carpediem Society. " Type of Ike wise, v i soar hut never roam, I rut to Ike kindred points of heaven and home. ' n A Senior Deep wisdom; hope fled; Brain fever. He ' s dead. A Sophmore Played ball; nuf said; Neck broken. He ' s dead. A Junior Fair one; swelled head; Heart failure. He ' s dead. A Freshman Mile famine; not fed; Latin. He ' s dead. 1910 Bluemont Senior Class of 1919 Cheryl French p GARY L. ABBOTT PAULA ABELS ALAN D. ABNER Police Administration GERI E. ADAMS JEREMY A. ADAMS KENNETH D. ADAMS Agriculture LARRY ADAMS Accounting MONIECA K. ADAMS Social Work Monticello, KY Jamestown, OH Dover, DE Richmond, KY Versailles, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Hazard, KY Whitesburg, KY REGINA K. ADAMS Crab Orchard, KY Medical Assisting Technology WAYNE ADAMS Nicholasville, KY Physics Math WILLIAM G. ADAMS Hardy, KY KIMBERLY ADKINS Home Economics RUTHIE ADKINS Teaching WAYNE THOMAS AKINS ABDULLA ALBALAWY Environmental Health JOHN ALDER Police Administration STEPHEN L. ALDERTON History ANTHONY C. ALLEN Accounting KATHY JO ALLEN General Business ROXANNE ALLEN Corrections SHERRI ALLEN Marketing CAROL ALLENDER Teaching Math JANET CAROL ALLISON Kindergarten Endorsement LINDA ALLISON Learning Behavior Disorders JODY L. AMBURGY TONY CHANDLER AMBURGY Construction Technology KAREN ANDERSON Elementary Ed. SUSAN ANDERSON Broadcasting Loveland, OH Crittenden, KY Taylorsville, KY Dallas, TX Hamilton, OH Middletown, OH Fairdale, KY Stanton, KY Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Independence, KY Middlesboro, KY Frankfort, KY Oregonia, OH Oregonia, OH Shelbyville, KY Paducah, KY 260 Seniors Abb-And DAVID R. ANDES Industrial Ed. STEVEN ANGERMAN Police Administration ELLEN E. ARENS Accounting ANTHONY V. ARNOLD Marketing GREGORY L. ARROWOOD General SHIRLEY M. ASBERRY Elementary Ed. JACQUELYN G. ASHFORD Broadcasting MARGARET ATHEY Kindergarten Endorsement ANTHONY P. AUSTERMAN Design JANE AVILA Accounting V ALERIE BABB Chemistry LAURA BABBAGE Nursing B.S.N. WILLIAM T. BACH General LORI BACHMAN KERRIE BAGBY Business TERRI BAILEY Health Record Technology TERRY BAILEY General Business DIANA BAIRD Marketing KIMBERLY BAKER Medical Lab Tech. ROBIN G. BAKER Legal Assistance ROBIN LYNN BAKER Legal Assistance RUTH B. BAKER Medical Assisting STEPHEN BAKER Corrections CHERYL BALLARD Learning Behavior Disorders Louisville, KY Dayton, OH Lexington, KY Danville, KY Paintsville, KY Alpha, KY St. Louis, MD Troy, OH Franklin, OH Russell, KY Russell, KY Lexington, KY Beaucreek, OH Cincinnati, OH Richmond, KY Williamson, WV Louisville, KY Jonesville, VA Fairfield, OH Williamsburg, KY Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Middletown, OH RANDALL BALLARD H Madison, WV DAVID E. BALTENBERGER Louisville, KY Lexington, KY TERRESSA BANKS Sociology SCOTT BARBER DALE BARGER Hyden, KY Seniora And-Bar 261 DEBBIE BARNES Floriculture Floristry LISA BARNETT WAYNE BARTLEY Marketing ABDULLA BASYUNI Environmental Health Berry, KY Hazard, KY Springfield, OH Saudi Arabia Fairborn, OH Waynesville, OH Owensboro, KY Ft. Thomas, KY HELEN D. BAXTER Fleming, KY Public Community Health ELLEN L. BEASON Middlesboro, KY Dietetic Tech. Nutrition Care PAUL BEATTIE Indianapolis, TN Police Administration ANN BEAVIN Bardstown, KY RONALD S. BATES Police Administration JAIME H. BAUER Real Estate VICKY M. BAUGHMAN Finance AMY BAUMANN General Business RIGHT: Graduation Day seems to excite some people and bore others. 262 Seniors Bar-Bea G. LYNN BECKERS Geology MELODY BECKETT Business Administration MARTHLYN BEGLEY Music MIKE BEHLER Political Science CAROL L. BELCHER VENA BELCHER Corrections VICTORIA J. BELFY Elementary Endorsement CHARLES BELL Elementary Ed. KIM BELL Nursing SHANNON BELL Public Relations DALE BENARD CYNTHIA BENNETT Health Care Administration FREDERICK M. BENNETT JEFF BENNETT Physical Education ANGELA BENTLEY Child Family Studies CONNIE BENTLEY Interior Design DORELLA BENTLEY Coal Mining Admin. KEITH BENTLEY ROCKY L. BENTLEY Construction Tech. ALANE BERBERICH Physical Education LESLIE BERGDOLL Marketing KRISTEN BERKEIHISER Environmental Resources MARC E. BERRYMAN Geology JAMES D. BIASO Political Science DEBBIE BIDDLE Teaching ROSALINDE BISHOP Marketing PAMELA B. BLACK Child Family Studies TAMMY L. BLACKBURN Physical Education Richmond, KY Prospect, OH Sommerset, KY Fort Wright, KY Louisville, KY Rich mond, KY Ogdensburg, KY Liberty, KY Clayton, OH Erlanger, KY New Weston, OH Dayton, OH Villa Hills, KY Grove City, OH Richmond, KY Independence, KY Neon, KY Lawton, OK South Shore, KY Boca Raton, FL Cincinnati, OH Stanton, KY Stanton, KY London, KY Berry, KY Robins A.F.B., GA Shelbyville, KY Goady, KY Seniors Bec-Bla 263 JANET BLAIR Learning Behavior Disorders TRINA BLEDSOE Elementary Ed. DONNA BLYTHE Learning Behavior Disorders JACOB BOALS LARRY BOBB LINDA BODEN Spec. Ed., Ele. Ed., Child Dev. ANN BODINE Learning Behavior Disorders NANCY J. BOGGS History JULIE BOHANNON Real Estate JAMES BOLTE Electronic Data Processing SHERRI BONILLA Learning Behavior Disorders LISA M. BONIN General Business LAURIE ANNE BOSCARINO Social Work FELICIA BOTT Marketing DIANE BOWENS Medical Assisting Technology JANET BOWLING General Business DIANE BOWMAN BSN Nursing KAREN A. BOWMAN Child Care Technology RANDY BOWMAN Psychology CHARLES A. BOWSHER Construction Technology DOUGLAS A. BOYD Police Administration STEPHEN BOYD General Business VICKIE BRADEN Psychology SHAUNA R. BRADLEY Marketing JOHN A. BRADY CAROL BRAMSCHREI Physical Ed. MICHAEL BRANDENBURG Geology DALE BREITENSTEIN Viper, KY Riceland, KY Lexington, KY Radcliff, KY Irvine, KY Portsmouth, OH Nashville, KY Brunswick, OH Shelbyville, KY Russell, KY Hazard, KY Louisville, KY Jamestown, NY Louisville, KY Taylorsville, KY Manchester, KY Union, KY Fort Mitchell, KY Vine Grove, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KV Banner, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Raywick, KY Baltimore, OH Lexington, KY Louisville, KY 264 Seniors Bla-Bre NATALIE BRITTON Marketing MARY JANE BROADDUS Medical Technology MARGERET BROCK Kindergarten Endorsement LOUIS BRONSON Frankfort, KY Stanford, KY Kettle Island, KY Tech. Hort. and Spec. Turf Mgmt. Louisville, KY DANIEL L. BROUGH Tech. Agriculture BESSIE C. BROWN BRENDA D. BROWN Health Record Technology KENNY BROWN SUZANNE BROWN Fashion Merchandising TODD R. BROWN Environmental Resources ROBIN BROWNING-BROCK AMY BROYLES Fashion Merchandising JOY L. BROYLES Accounting SUSAN KAYE BRUCE Kindergarten Endorsement CHERIE BRUMBACK Elementary Ed. PEGGY SUE BRUNO Security Safety LAURA L. BRUSSEE Accounting BARRY BRYAN Ornamental Horticulture CHRISTI L. BRYAN Legal Assistance MELISSA BRYAN MARY JO BRZEZICKI Fire Prevention Control JOSEPH BUHL General Business KELLY BUIRLEY Wildlife Management MONICA JILL BULLOCK General Psychology STEVE BUMGARDNER History DONNA BUNCH Journalism ANTHONY LEON BURDELL Broadcasting LAURA BURNS Nursing Brooksville, KY Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Fairfield, OH Wilmington, OH Gaithersburg, MD Harlan, KY Louisville, KY Somerset, KY Salen, IN Harrodsburg, KY Cincinnati, OH Thornville, OH Cincinnati, OH Catlettsburg, KY Frankfort, KY Quakertown, PA Williamsburg, KY West Carrollton, OH Battle Town, KY Somerset, KY Richmond, KY Winchester, KY Walton, KY Seniors Bri-Bur 265 FRANK BUSH JAMES MERRILL BUSH STEPHEN A. BUTLER Security Safety TANYA BUTLER Art ZELLA N. BUTLER History MYRA CALDER Journalism LAURA CALI Hearing Impaired MIKE A. CALLICOTTE History BARB CALVERT Physical Education DEE ANN CALVERT JOHN A. CAMBRON Police Administration THOMAS P. CAMBRON Music Merchandising TERESA CAMDEN Art Education JAMES 0. CAMPBELL STACY CAMPBELL EDP-Electronic Data Processing MARY CANNING Louisville, KY Winchester, KY Richmond, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Dry Ridge, KY Corbin, KY Baldwin, NY Shephardsville, KY Richwood, KY Louisville, KY Bardstown, KY Richmond, KY Frankfort, KY Bulan, KY Hicksville, OH Lexington, KY LAURA CANNON Physical Education CATHY L. CAPPS Social Work SUSAN A. CARLOSKI Music JEFFERY CARPENTER Real Estate NEIL CARRIER Geography RON CARROLL Insurance MIKE CARTER General Business BOWENA L. CARTER DIANE CARUM DIANA L. CASCONI ANTHONY M. CATALDO Police Administration JOHN P. CATALDO Police Administration Lexington, KY Pineville, KY Kettering, OH Lawrenceberg, IN Danville, KY Lexington, KY Harrodsburg, KY Richmond, KY Manchester, KY Radcliffe, KY W. Palm Beach, FL W. Palm Beach, FL ,| ' ■K 266 Seniors Bus-Cat LEFT: Every student should visit Ma Kelly ' s at least once. It ' s worth the trip! NANCY CHADWELL Special Ed. ALICE M. CHANEY Police Administration KIMBERLY CHAPLIN Marketing PHILIP CHEAP Police Administration SANDRA KAYE CHEATHAM Electronic Data Processing VALIANT CHENG Electronics, Computer ROBERT A. CHESLEY Electronic Data Processing WANDA CHILDRESS Journalism KAREN G. CHRISMAN History VINCE CHRISMAN MONIKA CHURCHILL PATRICIA CIECORKA T.M.H. Special Ed. ROBERT S. CIOLEK Accounting BASIL B. CLARK CATHY CLARK CINDY J. CLARK Public Relations Freetown, FN Beattyville, KY Radcliffe, KY Louisville, KY Danville, KY 1 F Wanchai, HK Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Irvine , KY Clawson, MI Radcliffe, KY Endicott, NY Richmond, KY Jackson, KY Owenboro, KY Hopkinsville, KY Seniors Cha-Cla 267 KIM CLARK French ROBIN CLARK Nursing LARRY A. CLARKE Accounting STEVE D. CLATOS KATHERYNE CLAUSEN Elementary Ed. CATHY CLEMENTS Danville, KY Louisville, KY Frankfort, KY Frankfort, KY Ashland, KY Richmond, KY Crestwood, KY STEWART E. CLEMENTS Drafting Design Technology DIANE L. CLICK Independence, KY Homemaking Supervision CARLA RENEE CLIFTON Psychology ELIZABETH CLUBB Nursing CYNTHIA COCHRAN Marketing LAURA COFER Hearing Impaired DAVID COLE General Business MELISSA COLLETT Occupational Therapy RODNEY D. COLLIER Electronics, Computer M. COLLEEN COLLINS Elementary Ed. WILLIAM COLMAN Pre- Veterinary Science DAWN G. COLTER Business KEVIN COMBS MARY CELINDA COMBS Corrections BARBRA COMMODORE Special Ed. KERRY LAYNE CONLEE History BECKY J. CONLEY CHARITY R. CONLEY Elementary Ed. Kenia, OH Fisherville, KY Richmond, KY Cleveland, TN Walton, KY Cincinnati, OH South Portsmouth, KY Ft. Mitchell, KY Louisville, KY Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Hindman, KY Lexington, KY Owingsville, KY Mt. Sterling, OH Mt. Sterling, KY CONNIE CONN Medical Assisting DEBORAH CONNER Kindergarten Endorsement KAREN CONYERS GREGORY E. COOK Sturgis, KY Waco, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Beattyville, KY 268 Seniors Cla-Coo PAMELA COLETTE COOK Brandenburg, KY Drawing, Architectural Tech. RICK COOK Florence, KY TAMI D. COOK Nursing ANNETTE COOKSEY BSN Nursing CATHIE A. COOL Nursing MARK K. COOL Police Administration KATHRYN COOMBS Learning Behavior Disorders MELVIN COOPER PAULA COOPER Marketing SUSAN CORNETT General Business TIM F. CORNETT Marketing MARGIE CORRELL Elementary Ed. WILLIAM COTTRELL Agriculture EDDIE COULTER Chemistry FRAN COWHERD Public Relations BRUCE COX Corrections CHARLES WINN COX Police Administration DONNIE W. COX GLENN EDWIN COX JACQUELINE L. COX KATHY COX Corrections KATHY COX Real Estate RICHARD COX Biology TERESA COX Public Relations VIRGINIA COX Child Family Studies MITZI CRABTREE Art DEBRA R. CRAFT Art Education BARBRA CRAVENS Chaplin, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Albany, KY Albany, KY Louisville, KY Williamstown, KY. Richmond, KY Fogertown, KY Middletown, OH Somerset, KY Simpsonville, KY Lawrenceburg, KY Campbellsville, KY Miami, FL Richmond, KY Mannsville, KY Irvine, KY Richmond, KY Irvine, KY Shelbyville, KY Henderson, KY Nicholasville, KY Somerset, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Cannel City, KY Seniors Coo-Cra 269 STEVEN S. CRAVER Naperville, IL Business SAMUEL CRAWFORD Beattyville KY Corrections REBECCA CRAWLEY Louisville KY Physical Education CHERYL CRISS Bulan, KY Elementary Ed. TIMOTHY A. CROUCH Dry Ridge, KY Kindergarten Endorsement JOAN CROWDER Columbus , IN Kindergarten Endorsement JAMES DAVE) CROWE Irvine, KY Design CARLA CRUME Chaplin, KY EDP CAROL LEIGH CULLEN Louisville, KY Learning Behavior Disorders ANN E. CULLY Independence, KY Marketing CATHERINE R. CURRIER Richmond, KY Marketing AVA A. CUTICCHIA Upper Arlington, OH Dietetics TAM DAILEY Lexington, KY STEVEN DAMICO Fort Mitchell, KY BECKY JEAN DAN Danville, KY SURESH DAS Frankfort, KY Microbiology PAMELA DAVIDSON Pikeville, KY Business DANIEL H. DAVIS West Milton, OH HUGH DAVIS Middlesboro, KY RICKY ARNETT DAVIS Le Grains, KY Police Administration EARLENE DAVISON Loveland, OH Art Education MARK DAWSON Russell, KY Environmental Resources LINDA DAY Paint Lick, KY Kindergarten Endorsement MICHAEL J. DAY Louisville, KY TREERSIA DAY North Vernon IN Occupational Therapy LISA D. DEBRA Gray, KY DAVID C. DECUIR Louisville, KY Industrial Tech. MARGARET G. DEENBAR Prospect, KY 270 Seniors Cra-Dee LAURA A. DEERING Marketing CAROL DELONG MARVIN D. DEMLINGER MOIRA DEMPSEY Art KEMBERLY DERRER Fashion Merchandising DIANE J. DERRICK Biology RUSS DESIMONE MARK WAYNE DEVINE Environmental Resources CATHERINE DEWITT Interior Design BECKY DIAMOND Library Science Ed. ELIN DIANGEID RICHARD DICKERSON NORMA J. DILLON HANH DO Mech. Eng. Tech. LARRY DOHER MARIA T. DOMENECH Speech Human Relations MONINCA L. DORSEY Special Ed. CATHY D. DOTSON GARY D. DOTSON Police Administration PAMELA DOTSON Medical Technology CATHY R. DOUGLAS BSN Nursing TONI DOWNING Accounting PENNY LANETTE DOYLE Rehabilitation Ed. PETER DOYL E Graphic Arts PATRICIA L. DRUMM Recreation, Park Admin. PAMELA A. DRURY Marketing PHILLIP DUNAVENT Marketing CHARLES DUNLAP Business Administration Ft. Mitchell, KY Lexington, KY Farmersville, OH Lynchburg, VA Ashland, KY Ashton, MD McRoberts, KY Harrodsburg, KY Prospect, KY Phelps, KY Little Silver, NJ Grayson, KY Farler, KY Bardstown, KY Lake Side Park, KY Miami, FL Ft. Mitchell, KY Williamson, WV Prestonsburg, KY McVeich, KY Liberty, KY Corbin, KY Maysville, KY Fond Du Lac, WI Coldwater, MI Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Wilmington, OH Seniors Dee-Dun 271 BENJAMIN C. DUNN Industrial Tech. JACQUIE DUNNIGAN Kindergarten Endorsement GLENNA M. DURBIN Special Ed. ROBERT T. DUVALL JR. Security Safety SANDRA S. DUVALL BSN Nursing DAVID RAMSEY EARLE Art MAURICE EASTRIDGE Business Administration RODNEY EDDS Marketing LOU ANNE EDEIEN Music Education MARK J. EDLIN EDP LAURIE L. EDMONDS Spanish MELANIE JO EDMONDS Lexington, KY Frankfort, KY Beattyville, KY Beaver Dam, KY Leitchfield, KY Middlesboro, KY Casey Creek, KY Owensboro, KY Fisherville, KY Elizabethtown, KY Florence, KY Harrodsburg, KY NEAL EDWARDS SHERRY J. EDWARDS Medical Assisting Tech. JAN EFFLER Learning Behavior Disorders WILLIAM S. EICHENBERGER General Business Danville, KY Mitchellsburg, KY Maderia, OH Cincinnati, OH ROBERT A. EIFERT Construction Technology DONALD J. EISENMENGER JR LOU ANNE ELGIN Recreation Park Adm. MILOUD ELKAYEKH Broadcasting CAROL ELLIOTT Ele. Ed. Kindergarten ROBERT ELLIOTT Interior Design ROBERT M. ELLIOTT Interior Design CHRIS ENGLERT Psychology SHARON ENGLERT Ornamental Horticulture PEGGY ERFTENBECK BSN Nursing TERRI EVANS Fashion Merchandising JEREMY J. EVELYN General Business Erlanger, KY Louisville, KY Stuart, VA Sorman, Libya Covington, KY Richmond, KY Springfield, OH Richmond, KY Louisville, KY West Chester, OH Richmond, KY Agincourt, Ont. Can. 272 Seniors Dun-Eve TAMARA EVERMAN Recreation, Park Adm. SHEILA J. FARMER DAVID P. FARRELL Drafting Design Technology DORIS A. FARTHING Kindergarten Endorsement TODD W. FAULKNER Drawing, Arch. Tech. MICHAEL FAZIO Police Administration CHARLES FEGAN NANCY A. FELGAR Interior Design MARCIA FELTS Trainable CATHLEEN E. FERGUSON Nursing MIKE FERGUSON Sociology KIMBERLY M. FERN ANDERS Sociology PAT FERRY Broadcast Engineering PHILLIP MILO FETT Political Science MELINDA J. FIELDS Police Administration JOAN FIGLESTAHLER BSN Nursing ANN S. FILIATREAU Special Educ ation BRADLEY STEVEN FINCH Physics SALLY A. FISHER Math LISA FITZHARRIS Interior Design GENE FITZHUGH Kettering, OH Irvine, KY Evansville, IN Richmond, KY Corbin, KY Harrisburg, PA Eminence, KY Louisville, KY Battletown, KY Wheelwright, KY St. Creek, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY New Carlisle, OH Lexington, KY Sciotoville, OH Bardstown, KY Cincinnati, OH Moscow, OH Cincinnati, OH Richmond, KY Pikeville, KY SUSAN RUSSELL FLANAGAN General Business BARBARA FLETCHER Middletown, KY KIMBERLY FLETCHER Kindergarten Endorsement DAVID L. FLORES Industrial Arts Ed. BRIGETTE FLOWERS Rehabilitation Ed. KEVIN FLOWERS Wildlife Management RACHAEL FLOWERS BSN Nursing Brodhead, KY Cincinnati, OH Mount Vernon, OH Frankfort, KY Corbin, KY Seniors Eve-Flo 273 CHARLES FLOYD MARY FOGARTY Police Administration JULIA FOSSON Occupational Therapy DONNA L. FOUSHEE Elementary Education BOBBIE M. FOWLER Elementary Ed. TERESA D. FRALK Fashion Merchandising AMY M. FRANCE Kindergarten Endorsement MICHAELE FRANCIS Legal Assistance CONNIE FRANKENSTEIN Child Family Studies SALLY J. FRAZIER BSN Nursing VANESSA D. FRAZIER Journalism CHERYL L. FRENCH BSN Nursing MARC FREVOLA Wildlife Management KARA FRICKE Dietetics LINDA FRISON JACQUALINE FROST Home Economics Richmond, KY La Grange, KY Bruin, KY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Cynthiana, KY Taylor Mill, KY Louisville, KY Covington, KY Gilbertsville, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Jersey City, NJ Waynesville, OH Miamisburg, OH Shreve, OH Louisvlle, KY LESLIE FRYBERGER Corrections RANDY FRYE Faubush, KY Kindergarten Endorsement CHERYL S. FULLER Mayfield Heights, OH Physical Education DONNA FULTZ Middlesboro, KY Nursing DAVE GAER Elementary Ed. VANESSA LYNN GALES Nursing KATHY GAMBREL English GARY L. GARDNER Police Administration GEORGE A. GARDNER Industrial Arts Ed. DENISE GARLAND BSN Nursing DAWN GARRISON Coal Mining Admin. JAMES A. GARRISON Occupational Therapy 274 Seniors Fra-Gar Des Moines, IA Jenkins, KY Corbin, KY Frederick, MD Kettering, OH London, KY Covington, KY Ft. Thomas, KY PATRICIA GASH RON L. GASH Public Relations DEBORAH GASKIN Journalism DIANNA GAYLE French LEE D. GEILING MARIE GEISLER Rec. Park Leadership LAUREN GEISS BSN Nursing SUSAN GERALD English (Area) JAMES D. GIGLIERANO Marketing MARK GILLESPIE Business MICHAEL V. GILLEY Real Estate ROBERT KIM GILLILAND Drafting Design Technology Independence, KY Laurenceburg, KY Irvine, KY Frankfort, KY Palmyra, PA Ocean Gate, NJ Holmadel, NJ Scottsville, KY Batavia, OH Hamilton, OH Amelia, OH Waynesville, NC Seniors Gas-Gil 275 CHARLES K. GIVENS Livestock Production PAMELA A. GLATTHAAR Home Economics GWENDOLYN 0. GOLSTON Medical Assisting Technology JULIE FRANCES GOODIN Health Record Administration Horse Branch, KY Fort Thomas, KY Louisville, KY Lebanon, KY GARY A. GOODMAN Biology BECKY GORBANDT Music Education DAVID G. GOSSMAN Interior Design MYRNA GOVER Elementary Ed. J.T. GRADDICK SUE GRAHAM Corrections ALLEN GRAVES Marketing STEPHEN P. GRAVES Industrial Tech. MELINDA GRAY Nursing JIM GRAYBEAL Marketing JANET GREENWELL Sociology BOBBY GREGORY VO-AG Teacher Preparation JO DENISE GRIFFIN SHARON GRIFFITH Corrections STEVE GRIMES Security JAMES GRINNAN Accounting CHARLES GUINTH ER Forensic Science SHELLEY HAAG Nursing KAIS S. HABEEB Enviromental Health TINA HACKER VO-AG Teacher Preparation WILLIAM DAVID HADDEN Agriculture KEITH A. HAFER Elementary Ed. DENISE R. HAGAN Music Merchandising HELENE HAGAN Fashion Merchandising Ft. Knox, KY Louisville, KY London, KY Ravenna, KY Owensboro, KY Beavercreek, OH Richmond, KY Paris, KY Richmond, KY Crestwood, KY Richmond, KY Mt. Settle, KY Lexington, KY Berea, KY Elizabethtown, KY Ludlow, KY Harrisburg, PA La Grange, KY Saudi Arabia Cynthiana, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Cleves, OH Paint Lick, KY Waverly, KY 276 Seniors Gir-Hag TIMOTHY C. HAGAN Music Education CHERYL HAGEDORN Journalism BARBARA HALL Real Estate BETH B. HALL CASSIE HALL Home Economics Education CYNDI HALL Physical Education DIANA HALL Marketing J.W. HALL Insurance MIKE HALL Rehabilitation Ed. WALTER HALL Broadcasting JOHN T. HAMANN ED M. HAMILTON Physical Education JERRY L. HAMILTON LISA HAMILTON Kindergarten Endorsement NANCY HAMILTON Nursing REBECCA A. HAMILTON Hearing Impaired Louisville, KY Ashland, KY Campbellsville, KY Somerset, KY Frankfort, KY Campbellsville, KY Ft. Mitchell, KY Crestwood, KY Pikeville, KY Lovely, KY Hamilton, OH Hamilton, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Springfield, KY BARBARA A. HAMMOND Fashion Merchandising CAROLYN HAMMONS Nursing DIANE E. HANCOCK Accounting STEVEN E. HANNA Drawing, Architectural Technical JAN HARDIN AMY HAREM KAREN E. HARGAN Music Merchandising JULIE HARGETT School Health BECKY HARPER Health Record Technology JEFF HARRIS Health Care Administration KAREN HARRIS Recreation, Park Admin. DEBRA LAINE HARROD Inez, KY London, KY Louisville, KY Loveland, OH Ashland, KY Aurora, IN Vine Grove, KY Augusta, KY Louisville, KY Kattering, OH Newark, OH Pleasureville, KY Seniors Hag-Har 277 DONNA HARTLINE Nursing DEBRA HARVEY Interior Design SANDRA S. HASH Music, Theory Composition SUSAN HAUER FREDERICK HAWKINS Drafting Design Technology CHRIS HAWKSLEY General Business DANIEL LEE HAY Police Administration SANDRA HAYES BSN Nursing TAMMY M. HAYS Special Ed. -Hearing Impaired VERONICA D. HAZZARD EDP MARK A. HEATON Broadcasting SUSAN E. HECKER Fashion Merchandising 278 Seniors Har-Hec Louisville, KY Newark, OH Corbin, KY Eminence, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Ashland, KY Lost Creek, KY Prospect, KY Germantown, OH Miamisburg, OH MARY GENE HEEB BSN Nursing BARB HEHL Nursing KATHY HEICKEN Occupational Therapy EVA F. HEIMERDINGER Music Education BARB HEIZMAN Forensic Science MIKE HENDERSON Pre-Veterinary MARY SUE HENDREN Elementary Ed. DALE HENSON GERALD L. HERINGER Corrections MARY HERZOG Health Care Admin. DON HESS General Business NANCY JANE HESSE Police Administration LAUREL HIBBARD JUDY HICK TERRI HICKERSON Child Care Technology ERNEST D. HIGDON, JR. PAM HIGDON Forensic Science TERRI LYNNE HILD EDP HILL, CYNTHIA Kindergarten Endorsement BRENDA K. HILLOCK Chemistry BRENDA HINES Elementary Ed. DAVID W. HINES Police Administration KAREN MARIE HINTON Comm. Health Ed. MARY BETH HINTON i ' itaii KERRY HIPPS JOHN RICHARD HOFELICH Ornamental Horticulture RON HOLLIDAY Police Administration KENNETH HOLLOWAY Drafting Design Technology Fort Mitchell, KY Fort Thomas, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Georgetown, KY Richmond, KY Frankfort, KY California, KY Lima, OH Louisville, KY Matawan, NJ W. Somerset, KY Hamilton, OH Elizabethtown, KY Louisville, KY Lebanon, KY Louisville, KY Grayson, KY Versailles, KY Berea, KY Somerset, KY Russell, KY Flemingsburg, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Harrodsburg, KY Louisville, KY Seniors Hei-Hol 279 DOUGLAS HOLMES VALERIE HOLMES Journalism AGNES HOLT Child Care Technology SUSAN HOLT Marketing CINDY HOLTZAPPLE Public Relations KATHY VAN HOOK TONI HOPKINS MARY HORN Child Family Studies RICHARD HORNACK MARY HORVAT EDP MICHAEL HORVATH Environmental Resources GAIL HOUSE Louisville, KY South Shore, KY Richmond, KY Nurrgsville, PA Lebanon, OH Stanford, KY Lancaster, KY Finchville, KY Ft. Myers, Bead, FL Richmond, KY Oakwood, OH London, KY SHERRY HOUSTON Business JEFF HOWARD Chemistry SHARON HOWARD Learning Behavior Disorders FRANKLIN E. HOWE JR. Agronomy JOHN HRANICKY Marketing SANDRA HUBBARD Special Ed. LARRY G. HUBER Accounting DWIGHT REED HUCHINSON Economics JEFF HUDEPOHL Construction Tech. DONNA HUFF Administrative Office JAMES HUFF Broadcasting VICKIE HUFFMAN Health Record Technology KRISTEN HUFFMIRE Georgetown, KY Hyden, KY Winchester, KY Maysville, KY Somerset, KY Berea, KY Hamilton, OH Somerset, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Cincinnati, OH Liberty, KY Lancaster, KY Westfield, MA NANCY HELEN HUGENBERG Portsmouth, OH Biology CAMELA HUGHES Springfield, OH Office Administration CHARLES A. HUGHES Prestonsburg, KY Coal Mining Admin. v n titf I 280 Seniors Hoi-Hug JAY HUGHES Security Safety MARVA A. HUGHES Social Work VICKI HULETTE Elementary Endorsement STEVEN HULL Police Administration DIANA HUMBERT Interior Design JOSEPH M. HUMBERT Police Administration MARK HUME TERRY HUMPHREY Recreation, Park Leadership TERRI LEE HUNT Legal Assistance CONNIE HUNTER Elementary Endorsement ERIC HUNTER MARVIN HURLEY Industrial Art Ed. DONNA HURST General Psychology VALERYA L. HYRNE Wildlife Management JANET K. INGRAM Electronics, Computer PATRICIA INGRAM Elementary Ed. YOUSIF ISMAIL Environmental Health GREGORY ISON CYNTHIA TABB JACKSON HAROLD JACKSON JR. Science For Engineering Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Burlington, KY McMurray, PA Crittenden, KY Crittenden, KY Lancaster, KY Louisville, KY Hardy, KY Albany, KY Kailua, HI East Bernstadt, KY Middlesboro, KY Independence, KY Kavenna, KY Columbia, KY Saudi Arabia Southgate, MI Georgetown, KY Lexington, KY JAMI JACKSON Forensic Science WILLIAM H. JACKSON JR. Physical Education MARY BETH JACOBER Learning Behavior Disorders JAMES T. JAGLOWICZ JR. Art Ashland, KY Richmond, KY Fcrt Wright, KY Lebanon, KY BARBARA JEFFRIES Hearing Impaired DAVID JENKINS Marketing STUART A. JOHNSON Broadcasting DEBORAH L. JOHNSON BSN Nursing Millville, NJ Elizabethtown, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Seniors Hug-Joh 281 JAMES DAVE) JOHNSON Political Science JOHN D. JOHNSON Geological Eng. Tech. JONI JOHNSON Art Education KAREN JOHNSON Elementary Ed. MARY J. JOHNSON Recreation, Park Admin. NANCY JOHNSON Art Education SHARON JOHNSON Home Economics Ed. SHARON L. JOHNSON BSN Nursing SUSAN JOHNSON Marketing CARROLL B. JONES General Business GREGG D. JONES Metal Power Mechanics JANE JONES Ornamental Horticulture PAMELA S. JONES Elementary Ed. CHARLSEY E. JUMP Elementary Ed. BLAKE JURY Police Administration TERESA KAELIN Ornamental Horticulture REBEKAH KAHNE Physical Education KIMBERLY KASH ABBIE E. KAZEE Health Record Technology LYNNE J. KEEN Biology ANITA D. KEENEY Interior Design BRIAN A. KEITH History LISA A. KELLEY Health Record Administration JOSEPH KELROY General Psychology KIMBERLY A. KEMPER Home Economics Ed. MARY KEMPER Home Economics Ed. SANDRA KENNEDY Corrections CINDY KERN Recreation, Park Admin. 282 Seniors Joh-Ker Paintsville, KY Stanford, KY Ludlow, KY Stanton, KY Morehead, KY Green Valley, AZ Maysville, KY Louisville, KY Chesterfield, MO Winchester, KY Richmond, KY Frankfort, KY London, KY Florence, KY Harrisburg, PA Louisville, KY Ashland, KY Beattyville, KY Middletown, OH London, KY Alcalde, KY Cincinnati, OH Richmond, KY Mundelein, IL Franfort, KY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Brooksville, KY DIANNE M. KERR Math KEN KESSLER General Business KAREN KAYE KIDD Interior Design KATHY L. KIDD Special- Ed. TRACEY KIDD Nursing CHRIS KILVRY BARRY KINCAID History GARY KINCAID JACK P. KINCAID Drafting Design Technology SHELLYE KINCAID Elementary Ed. KIMBERLY B. KIRK Marketing CHARLOTTE KIRKLAND BSN Nursing Cedargrove, IN New Lebanon, OH Hazard, KY Lancaster, KY Pine Knot, KY Cincinnati, OH Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Beattyville, KY Springfield, OH Lebanon, KY LISA G. KIRKPATRICK Learning Behavior Disorders JOHN KLAREN EDP CHARLES J. KLEIER Construction Technology MARK CARL KLEIN ANGIE KLOCKE Design KAREN E. KLUND KENNY KOOD CHRIS KOOGLER DANA KOPS Marketing MARIBETH ANN KOZUH JEANENE KREBS BSN Nursing DENISE KRUER General JENNIE KULIN BARBARA LAFALCE Fashion Merchandising LAVERNE LAKES Speech Theatre Arts MARILYN LOUISE LAKES Corrections Stanford, KY Aurora, IL Ludlow, KY Aurora, IL Foi-t Thomas, KY Prospect, KY London, KY Fairborne, OH Ft. Mitchell, KY Vandalia, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Marietta, OH Lexington, KY McKee, KY Richmond, KY Seniors Ker-Lak 283 RIGHT: Students sat- irized the unpleasant fac- tors of dormitory living. VICKIE LANE Lexington, KY Somerset, KY Shelbyville, KY CHARLES GILBERT LAURENCE Amissville, VA TIMOTHY E. LANGFORD Anthropology JANIE LANGLEY LOUNETTA LAWLESS SHARON R. LAWRENCE Hearing Impaired GRETA LAWSON Fashion Merchandising BETTY M. LEACHMAN Accounting TERRY L. LEATHERS Computer Science VICKI LEATHERS Occupational Therapy BELINDA LEE Corrections CHARLES D. LEE JR. Marketing MARILYN LEER Business DANA M. LEGNER Business BRUCE D. LEIN WEBER Police Administration BART J. LEI ST Police Administration Waynesville, OH Frankfort, KY Williamsburg, KY Louisville, KY Frankfort, KY Louisville, KY Shepherdsville, KY Louisville, KY Georgetown, KY Tipp City, OH Baton Rouge, LA Louisville, KY 284 Seniors Lan-Lei ANITA LENHART Theatre Arts MARGARET LESTER Design TINA M. LESTER Occupational Therapy LISA LEUENBERGER Corrections Louisville, KY Alexandria, KY Liberty, KY Cincinnati, OH Dayton, OH BRENDA LEWIS Interior Decoration JEANETTE D. LEWIS Cumberland, KY Learning Behavior Disorders LORIE LEWIS Frankfort, KY Home Economics SUSAN MONCURE LEWIS Winchester, KY KEVIN LIFE RONALD G. LIVINGOOD DAVID LIVINGSTON General Business PATRICIA LIVINGSTONE Sociology ANGIE LLOCKE TAMMY LOAR Elementary Ed. THOMAS L. LOCKRIDGE Business MARK A. LOGSDON SUZETTE B. LONG Dietetics DONNA L. LONGACRE Occupational Therapy MICHAEL L. LOTTO JEFF LOWE Business Economics TOM LUDWIG Business Administration JEFF LUNSFORD Teaching DORMAND LUTTRELL Police Administration MARIE E. LUTZKANIN Corrections RUSSELL D. LYKES Real Estate KEVIBERLY LYONS General TAMARA MACTAVISH General Business JONELL MACY Health Record Administration Beverly, KY Gardnerssville, KY Laurenburg, ID Pleasantville, NY Ft. Thomas, KY Troy, OH Nicholasville, KY Radcliff, KY Albany, KY Fairdale, KY Akron, OH Martinsville, NJ Louisville, KY Lynch, KY Dunnville, KY Hummelstown, PA Troy, OH Dayton, OH Lakewood, NY Hardinsburg, KY Seniors Len-Mac 285 JOHN MADDOX Biology MARY C. MAEGLY Child Family Studies BRENDA MAGEE Physical Education MICHAEL F. MAHAN General Business Verona, KY Ludlow, KY Lancaster, OH Florence, KY ABRAHAM MAHMOUD Riyadh, Saudia Arabia GREGORY MAINS Brooksville, KY Lexington, KY Jackson, KY BETTY MALKFN Broadcasting SUSAN MALONEY JOHN W. MALVIN Police Administration THOMAS MANN Turf-grass Management KAREN SUE MANTOOTH Pre-Baccalaureate Nursing RHODA KAREN MARCUM Art EVERETT MARPLE JANET MARSHALL BSN Nursing ELIZABETH H. MARTIN Sociology JOY MARTIN LAUREL L. MARTIN VERNA MARTIN Learning Behavior Disorders VIOLET E. MARTIN Business LEE MARX Electronics Communications CYNTHIA MATTINGLY Occupational Therapy HAZEL A. MAUPIN Broadcasting JENNIFER MAYNARD CATHY MAYNE Broadcasting WILLIAM S. McIVER Livestock Production randy McMillan PATTY McCANN BSN Nursing BOBBYE McCLAIN Elizabethtown, PA Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Danville, KY Crittenden, KY Maysville, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Springfield, KY Lexington, KY Paintsville, KY Ironton, OH Albany, KY Ravenna, KY Flemington, NJ London, KY 286 Seniors Mad-McC MARY McCLAIN Nursing TAMMY KAY McCLAIN casey McClelland KAREN McCLURE NATALIE DAWN McCOMIS Premedical Science REGINA McCOY Fashion Merchandising ruth e. Mcdonald Business PAUL McFARLAND TAMATA McGAFFREY KATHLEEN McGINNIS LARRY E. McHENRY EDP STUART McKEE General Psychology JEFFERY McKEEHAN Music Theory Composition STEVE McKINLEY Business BRUCE McKINNEY beverly Mcknight Speech Human Relations CYNTHIA McMAHAN Legal Assistance DON McNAY Journalism DONNA MEADE Elementary Ed. OMAR MEDINA English SHERI MEFFORD Art- Education ROBERT MEGARGEL Business Economics STEVE MELLON Journalism GLENDA S. MELTON Elementary Ed. GINA MENARD Elementary Ed. STEVEN R. MENARD General Business DAVID MEREDITH Music Education JEFFREY J. MERKEL Marketing Greenap Co inty, KY Kettering, OH Barnsville, OH Louisville, KY Ashland, KY McCarr, KY Paris, KY Stanford, KY Campbellsville, KY Edgewood, KY Portsmouth, OH Ahsland, KY Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Somerset, KY London, KY Hamilton, OH Edgewood, KY Richmond, KY Miami, FL Warsaw, KY Hammanton, NJ Floyd Knobs, IN Manchester, KY Huber Hgts., OH Pawtucket, RI Louisville, KY Eduardsville, IL Seniors McC-Mer 287 CAROL MERRITT Business DIXIE ROBIN METCALF JERRY MEYER Speech CONNIE MICHELS BARRY MILLER Journalism Philosophy DIANNE MILLER Public Relations VICTOR L. MILLER Elementary Ed. STEVEN D. MIMS Fisheries Management MICHELE MINOGUE Nursing RITA MIRACLE JOHN M. MITCHELL Broadcasting LYNN MOHR Home Economics ANNA J. MOJSEJENKO Pre-Vet. Medicine DIANA MOLLMAN Interior Design SANDRA MOODY JAMES MOON CHERYL MOORE General Psychology GREG MOORE KAREN L. MOORE Geography KIMBERLY MOORE Medical Assistance Tech. SUSAN N. MOORE Dietetics LISA A. MOREHEAD Legal Assistance JEANIE MORGAN LESTER MORGAN Richmond, KY Lancaster, KY Mr. Sterling, KY Erlanger, KY Louisville, KY Taylorsville, KY Ravenna, KY Lancaster, PA Louisville, KY Phillyes, KY Fairdale, KY Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Mason, OH Berea, KY Harrodsburg, KY Winchester, KY Huntington Sta., NY Louisville, KY Falmouth, KY Eaton, OH Hebron, KY Colombia, KY Highland Hgts., KY WILLIAM MORGAN Rochester, MI Police Administration JOYCE A. MORRIS Louisville, KY Interior Decoration JAMES D. MORROW Fairfax, VA EDP MARK MULLINS Jenkins, KY Broadcasting K. MURPHY Nicholasville, KY Corrections 288 Seniors Mer-Mur JENNIFER L. MUSCH French DEBORAH L. MYERS Legal Assistance SUSAN NANCE General Business JULIA NANTZ Kindergarten Endorsement Akron, OH Corinth, KY Owensboro, KY Helton, KY LORI J. NASTA Lake Ronkonkoma, NY Environmental Resources JERRY W. NETHERLAND Campbellsville, KY LAURA NAYLOR Art Education MIRIAM NAYLOR ODILIA NDEFRU Environmental Health HOLLY NEFF BSN Nursing RON NELSON Broadcasting MARJORCE A. NEWITT Teaching TAMMY ROBINSON NEWTON Child Family Studies GEORGE NICHOLSON General Business PAM NICKELL Office Admin. DEBBIE NICLEY Lexington, KY Lafayette, IN Richmond, KY Dale, IN Chicago, IL Union Star, KY London, KY London, KY Middletown, OH Evarts, KY KIMBERLY L. NIEDERHELMAN Cincinnati, OH General Business SHARON NOBLE Hazard, KY Elementary Ed. DEBRA NOE Mt. Vernon, KY Hearing Impaired GARY LEE NOEL Louisville, KY Drawing, Architectural Technical WILLIAM J. NORMAN MONTY L. NORTHCUTT Graphic Arts DENNIS NORTON Police Administration LISA NORTON Physical Education DEBBIE OAKLEY Psychogogy JOHNATHAN DAVID OAKLEY Microbiology MELISSA OAST Geology BRYAN K. O ' BRIEN Irvine, KY Georgetown, KY Somerset, KY Louisville, KY Hamburg, NY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Meta, KY Seniors Mus-Obr 289 BELINDA J. O ' DELL Interior Design CLARA O ' DONNELL Business Mgmt. MICHAEL O ' FLAHAVAN Occup. Therapy ANNE O ' HARA Journalism DENNIS O ' HEARN WILLIAM OKESON General Psychology ANN OLSON Elementary Ed. MARCIA ORDEL Child Family Studies WILLIAM JOSEPH ORRENDER Public Relations SHARON OSTER NANCY OWENS Dietetics SANDRA OWENS Medical Assistance Technology Tipp City, OH Louisville, KY Oxon Hill, MD Fort Thomas, KY Newport, KY Sturgis, KY Aurora, IL Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Danville, KY Louisville, KY Harlan, KY STACEY OWENS Public Relations PEGGY PAINTER Art Education WILLIAM J. PAKENHAM Biology HELEN H. PALMER-BALL History VIRGINIA PALMER-BALL General Business BILL JACK PARKER Pre-Medical Sciences COLLEEN PARKER General MARK PARKER MARK PATRICK WILLIAM DALE PATRICK MALCOLM C. PATTERSON Police Administration JACENTA M. PAYNE Speech Human Relations PAM PELFREY Elementary Ed. RICH J. PENNPWGTON Wood Technology LISA PEQUIGNOT Physical Education JO ANN PERKINS Marketing Williamstown, KY Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Blackey, KY Georgetown, KY Lebanon, OH Mt. Sterling, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Owensboro, KY Lexington, KY Pennsville, NJ Springfield, OH Frankfort, KY 290 Seniors Ode-Per W ? " , MICHAEL PERKINS ROBIN ELAINE PERKINS Elementary Ed. DEBORAH L. PERRY Dietetics JOANNA PETERS Business SANDRA PETUS BEVERLY PEYTON LUCINDA J. PHOENIX SUE PICKERING TAMI PICTON Hearing Impaired CHERRICE PIPES Medical Assistance Tech. JANIS L. PLUMMER Child Family Studies JULIE POLING Recreation, P ark Admin. Cincinnati, OH Union, KY Dayton, OH Louisville, KY London, KY Hustonville, KY Crestview Hills, KY Brandenburg, KY Lynchburg, VA Louisville, KY Cynthiana, KY Philippi, WV Seniors Per-Pol 291 RONALD POSEY Chemistry BRIAN POTTS Biology KAY POYNTER HEATHER LEE PRENATT EDP BRET A. PRESTON Geography ROBERT KEVIN PRESTON Math JAMIE LOU PRICE BSN Nursing LINDA S. PRINCE JILL PROW Fashion Design SHARON L. PRUITT Fashion Merchandising PATRICK PUJDA Police Administration TERESA A. PYLES JOANNE QUAIES KAY QUEEN Elementary Endorsement JOE QUIGLEY MICHAEL RADFORD NANCY L. RAQUE Fashion Merchandising JANE LOUISE RAMP A.D. Nursing DEBBIE RAMBO JO RANDOLPH Gen. Business Emphasis DAVID RANKIN Business JENNIFER L. RANKIN Occupational Therapy KATHRYN T. RANSDELL Social Work JAMES B. RATLIFF JENIFER RATLIFF Journalism ELIZABETH RAY SANDRA CAROL RAY Health Record Administration KELLY READ Computer Science 292 Seniors Pos-Rea Harrison, OH Padwak, KY Eubank, KY Aberdeen, MD Barnstable, OH Mitchellsburg, KY Cynthiana, KY Portsmouth, OH Richmond, KY Mt. Hermon, KY Linwood, NJ Tipp City, OH Bohemia, NY Glenford, OH Louisville, KY Somerset, KY Louisville, KY Wilmington, DE Troy, OH Irvine, KY Sebring, FL Lancaster, KY Cincinnati, OH Pikeville, KY Meta, KY Danville, KY Lexington, KY Park Hills, KY DEBORAH LYNNE REFFETT Corrections KAREN M. REHKAMP BSN Nursing DAVID J. REISTER Music Education KATHY RENNIRT BSN Nursing FRANK REPPER KAREN REYES Music Education ARKIE REYNOLDS Medical Technology LAWRENCE CLAY RICE STACY RICHARDS Child Care Technology SHARON RICHEY Special- Ed. CHRISTIAN RICHMOND Political Science BOBBY E. RICKS Police Administration BARBARA LEE RLEHL DEBBIE ANNE RIGGS Dietetics ROSEMARLE A. RILEY Nursing KAREN S. RIMER Mathematics RACHEL ROAD EN Library Science Technology MATTHEW ROAHRIG General Business PAULA H. ROAHRIG Legal Assisting JACELYN ROBERTS RICK ROBERTS STEVEN JOHN ROBERTS General Business BECKY ROBINSON Medical Lab. Tech. KEVIN ROBINSON Recreation Park Leadership MARGARET ANN ROBINSON Juvenile Corrections COLLEEN RODDY Recreation, Park Admin. MARY RODES KATHLEEN A. ROESEL Home Economics Ed. Beckley, WV Florence, KY Hamilton, OH Fairdale, KY Carlile, OH Lexington, KY Cold Springs, KY Jackson, KY Cincinnati, OH Carroll, OH Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Frankfort, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Covingto n, KY Corbin, KY Coshocton, OH Allen, KY Erving, VA Paintsville, KY Louisville, KY Irvington, KY Louisville, KY Jersey City, NJ Wheaton, MD Lexington, KY Fort Thomas, KY Seniors Ref-Roe 293 GAYLE ANITA ROGERS Winchester, KY Microbiology THOMAS FOSTER ROGERS Owingsville, KY Drawing, Architectural Technical PAMELA ROLFES Ludlow, KY Physical Education GAIL ROSE Paris, KY HERBERT DOUGLAS ROSE EDP DIANA A. ROSS Kindergarten Endorsement VICKI S. ROSS Corrections JULIE ROUGEUX Kindergarten Endorsement JERRY ROWE Administrative Office JAMES A. RUBEL Marketing ROSE MARIE RUCKER Sociology SHERRY RUCKER Richmond, KY Lancaster, KY North Bend, OH Dawson Springs, KY Burkesville, KY Morristown, TN Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL THERESA RUCKER Nursing SARA RUHL TERESA L. RUNION Learning Behavior Disorders RICHARD A. RUSHING Marketing Vine Grove, KY Frankfort, KY Whitley City, KY Glenview, IL KIMBERLY A. RUSSELL Dietetics LORI RUTH RYAN Recreation, Park Admin. SALEH SAIF ROBIN R. SALYERS Campbellsville, KY Mt. Washington, KY Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Medical Assisting Technology Franklin Furnace, OH BECKY SAMMONS Fashion Merchandising CAROLYN R. SAMS Chemistry MARK E. SANDER JEANINE SANDERS SUPACHAI SANGUANSIN Art JUNE SARGENT Broadcasting FRED SARNECKY General Business BRENDA SUE SAWSON Lexington, KY Cynthiana, KY Fort Thomas, KY Nicholasville, KY Bangkok, Thailand Freeburn, KY Binghamton, NY Cincinnati, OH 294 Seniors Rog-Saw JULIA SAYLOR BSN Nursing SANDRA SAYLOR Elementary Ed. ANNA SCHAEFER SUSAN SCHAEFER Police Administration NANNETTE SCHAMAUN Dietetics THOMAS SCHDENBERGER FRED SCHEFFLER Electronics, Computer PAT A. SCHENKEL SUE SCHIERING DAVID SCHNEIDER Police Admin. TERE SCHOEMEHL Interior Design DEBBIE SCHORMAN Occupational Therapy LESLIE L. SCHRADER BSN Nursing KIM LOUISE SCHRANTZ Medical Assisting Tech. BEVERLY SCHULTZ Occupational Therapy KIP A. SCHWABE LINDA SCHWENKE Interior Decorating DEBRA SCOTT Interior Design KIM SCOTT SHERYLE LEIGH SCOTT Fashion Merchandising JOHN G. SEALEK CHRISTINE B. SEMLER Fashion Merchandising WILLIAM J. SENG Police Administration PATRICIA SENN Corbin, KY Kettle Island, KY Elizabethtown, KY Williamsville, NY Eaton, OH Cincinnati, OH Worthville, KY Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH Freeburg, 111. Ft. Wright, KY Alexandria, KY Louisville, KY Clarence, NY Alexandria, KY Chicago, IL Union, KY South Williamson, KY Bedford, KY McCarr, KY Brookville, EST Ironton, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Learning Behavior Disorders LU SETTLES Spanish JO ANNE SEXTON Learning Behavior Disorders LISA A. SEXTON LORETTA SEXTON Health Record Technology Nicholasville, KY Danville, KY Freeman, WV Wbiteburg, KY Seniors Say-Sex 295 SCOTT SHANNON Danville, KY CHARLOTTE L. SHARP Car rollton, KY Elementary Ed. BILLY JEAN SHEENE Stanford, KY Kindergarten Endorsement (GUS) AGUSTA SHELTON Columbia, KY SUSAN SHERROW Bondville, KY Nursing DEBRA ANNE SHOCKENCY Lebanon, KY Child Care Technology JEFF SHORT Kettering, OH KEITH SHOULDERS Providence, KY DAN S. SHOUSE Frankfort, KY Broadcasting DEBBY SHOUSE Frankfort, KY English MOHAMED ALI SHTEWI Tripoli, Libya Broadcasting ALICIA SHUFFLEBARGER Grayson, KY Elementary Ed. 296 Seniors Sha-Shu PEGGY SIMPSON Performing Arts MARK T. SISK ALETHA SIZEMORE Nursing BRENDA GAIL SIZEMORE Kindergarten Endorsement REBECCA SKEES Ornamental Horticulture CINDY SLAUGHTER EDP BRIGETTE SLONE Recreation, Park Leadership DEBORAH L. SLORACH Geography ANITA L. SMITH Fashion Merchandising BENNIE J. SMITH Police Administration DEBORAH LYNN SMITH JAMES T. SMITH JR. JENNIFER M. SMITH BSN Nursing KENNETH SMITH Political Science KIMBERLY SMITH Microbiology SHARON ANITA SMITH Corrections SHERRI SMITH Pre-Med. Technology THOMAS D. SMITH TIMOTHY SMITH Marketing VIKKI SMITH Hearing Impaired JOY SNELL Public Relations LISA G. SOLHEIM Office Administration SUSAN SORRELL Graphic Arts WAYNE SPALDING ROBIN L. SPANGLER Performing Arts STEPHEN SPANGLER Physical Educa tion KYRA SPARKMAN Rehabilitation Ed. MICHELLE SPARKMAN Louisville, KY Madisonville, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Rowdy, KY Vine Grove, KY Frankfort, KY Phelps, KY Knoxville, TN Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Campbellsville, KY Villa Hills, KY Ranson, KY Hopkinsville, KY Lexington, KY Albany, KY Toledo, OH Ashland, KY Littleton, CO Dayton, OH Frankfort, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Springfield, KY Dillsboro, IN Middlesboro, KY Hallie, KY Hallie, KY Seniors Smi-Spa 297 JUDY SPAULDING EDP TERRY SPEARS Elementary Endorsement BONNIE SPENCER English ARLIE A. SPICER Sociology CHARLES SPRINKLES Corrections JEFF C. SPROAT Gen. Business GREGORY P. STAED Marketing RON STAFFORD Electronics, Industrial SHELLY STAFFORD CHRISTOPHER B. STAGGS Police Administration MARY STANDEL KARI STANLEY Elementary Ed. JAMES STAPLETON PAMELA STEARNS Public Relations NANCY STALLARD STEELE Police Administration SUSAN STEELE WILLIAM R. STEELE Insurance MATTHEW W. STEENKEN Police Administration SUSAN STENGEL Child Family Studies EVONNE STEPHAN Nursing LISA STEPHENS MARK A. STEPHENS Police Administration RONNIE STEPHENS TERRY C. STEPHENS RENEE STEPHENSON NANCY STEPP Kindergarten Endorsement H. D WIGHT STEVENS General Psychology NANCY LEE STEVENS Dietetics Jamestown, NY Danville, KY Winchester, KY Alexandria, KY Harlan, KY Ft. Meyers, FL Lexington, KY Middlesboro, KY Mount Sterling, KY Dayton, OH Ludlow, KY Cincinnati, OH Kettering, OH Albany, KY Williamson, WV Owensboro, KY Ashland, KY Ft. Wright, KY Louisville, KY Carrollton, KY Port William, OH Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Port William, OH Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Plymouth, UT Jacksonville, FL 298 Seniors Spa-Ste MARSHA G. STEWART Library Science Technology SERENA STEWART Social Work MOLLY M. STIDMAN Kindergarten Endorsement DIANA L. STIVERS Medical Assisting Tech. MARY STOCKTON Drafting Design Technology JOHN H. STONE Political Science RICK L. STONE Accounting SONYA L. STONE Business GAY STRATTON HOLLY STRATTON Kindergarten Endorsement KEITH M. STRAUSBAUGH MARY STRODTBECK CONNIE STRONG Police Administration DANA STROUD Interior Design LAURA STRUMER Learning Behavior Disorders KEN STUESSEL ELIZABETH STUMBO EDP ANTHONY W. STURGILL Police Administration R. KEVIN STURGILL KRIS SUERDICK Art BERNARD F. SULLIVAN Geology ANN SUTHERLAND SAIED M. SURF Environmental Health BRENDA SUTTON Kindergarten Endorsement CHERYL R. SW AFFORD Nursing NANCY SWANSON Corrections TERESA K. SWOPE Business Education JANICE L. SWORD Broadcasting Union, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Hyden, KY Winchester, KY Lawrensburg, KY Campton, KY Russell, KY Richmond, KY Ivel, KY Versailles, KY Richmond, KY Hamilton, OH Cynthiana, KY Louisville, KY Selden, NY Cincinnati, OH S. Williamson, KY Louisa, KY Fairfield, OH Tipp City, OH Birmingham, MI Bardstown, KY Saudi Arabia Abha Somerset, KY Louisville, KY Montgomery, OH Cygnet, OH Pikeville, KY Seniors Sto-Swo 299 SUSAN SYMS Marketing ANNE H. TACKETT Sociology SCOTT R. TARR Construction Tech. CATHY TAYLOR Corrections DAVID TAYLOR Political Science DEBORAH W. TAYLOR Public Relations DURRAN TAYLOR SCOTT B. TAYLOR Environmental Resources DARYL TEMPLE Music Education TERESA J. TERHUNE Medical Assisting Tech. ELAINE TERRY JANICE TEXTOR DEBORAH THACKER Community Health MARY THIEM Real Estate BRAD THIEN ROBERT THIENEMAN JOYCE THOMAS STEPHEN W. THOMAS Journalism JEFFREY A. THOMPSON Police Administration KATHEY THOMPSON Police Administration LYNNE M. THOMPSON Police Administration EDDIE TILLER Business DANIEL E. TOBERGIE LORENE TODD SHARON TODD Social Work MATT TOFTNESS BETH TOMLINSON CHERYLE TOTTEN Marketing 300 Seniors Sym-Tot Louisville, KY Eubank, KY Russell, KY Monticello, KY Richmond, KY Lexington, KY Finley, KY Dayton, OH Marian, KY Harrodsburg, KY Danville, KY Montville, NJ Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Dayton, OH Louisville, KY Irvine, KY Louisville, KY Crab Orchard, KY Campbellsville, KY Louisville, KY Sassafras, KY Independence, KY Lawrenceburg, KY Lawrenceburg, IN Owenton, KY Frankfort, KY Sellarsburg, EN TIM TOWLES PAMELA TRABISH Social Work BRENDA TRAPP MARK TRIMBLE Police Administration JEANNE TRIPLETT LISA TRIPLETT BSN Nursing LISA LAREE TROUTMAN Journalism CLAYBURN M. TROWELL General Business JONE Y. TSANG Police Administration CHERI TUCKER Interior Design DOUG TUCKER Marketing PATRICIA ANN TOGGLE Kindergarten Endorsement Worthville, KY Somerset, KY Covington, KY Lexington, KY Richmond, KY Irvington, KY Frankfort, KY Louisville, KY North Point, HK Moorehead, KY Campbellsville, KY Lexington, KY ROSE TUGGLE Ornamental Horticulture DONNA JO TURLEY EDP MELINDA TURNER Learning Behavior Disorders ROY TURNER Microbiology PATRICIA TURPIN Corrections ELIZABETH TOSSEY Rehabilitation Ed. SHERRY TYLER Business KAREN TYSSELING TERI E. UNDERWOOD EDP REGENA UPTAGRAFFT SUSAN USHER Elementary Ed. JO ANN UTTER EDP EGENIA W. VALLANCE Medical Assisting Tech. JAY JEFFREY VANDERTOLL General Business VICKIE VANOVER Business Ed. TAMI L. VANPELT Mathematics Harrodsburg, KY Lexington, KY Mackville, KY Bardstown, KY Richmond, KY Lexington, KY Eminence, KY Dayton, OH Independence, KY Louisville, KY Alexandria, KY Springdale, OH Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Corbin, KY Erlanger, KY Seniors Tri-Van 301 LEON T. VANSANT LINDA GAYE VICKOUS Police Administration JANET LYNNE VINSON Recreation Park Adm. PATRICIA VOGT Marketing JOHN K. VOLKERDENG, JR. General Business SAM A. VOLPENHEIM Elementary Ed. PAULA KAY WADE Performing Arts DEBORAH WALKER Business JAMS WALKER General Psychology JOETTA LAVONE WALKER TERRI WALKER MARY WALLACE Physical Education KENNETH B. WALTERS General Business MICHAEL A. WARD Accounting LIBBY WARNER MIKE WARREN AUGUSTA WASHINGTON Marketing SHARON WATKINS Nursing TERESA WEAVER Nursing JOHN W. WEBSTER KENNETH W. WEIDINGER LYNNE WEIHL Hearing Impaired LAUREN WELCH History MELBURN WELCH BETTY L. WELLS Elementary Ed. DONNA R. WELLS English FLORENCE ELAINE WELLS VO-AG Teacher Preparation JOHN L. WELLS JR. Music Education Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Wilmore, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Frankfort, KY Lexington, KY Richmond, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Taylorsville, KY Lexington, KY Woodbind, KY Fairfield, OH Nancy, KY Oak Ridge, TN Georgetown, KY Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Niceville, FL Ft. Thomas, KY Louisville, KY Frankfort, KY Mt. Sterling, KY London, KY Taylorsville, KY Lexington, KY Crab Orchard, KY 302 Seniors Van-Wei LINDA G. WELLS Broadcasting MARY WELLS RICHARD H. WELLS EDP SHARON R. WELLS Medical Lab. Tech. PAM WESLEY Child Family Studies TIM WESLEY VICTORIA L. WETHINGTON Business Education JAMES H. WHALEY Marketing Pikeville, KY Frankfort, KY Corbin, KY Eminence, KY Liberty, KY Louisville, KY Walton, KY Louisville, KY Seniors Wel-Wha 303 PAMALA J. WHALEY STEPHEN C. WHEELER Computer Science SUSAN WHIDBY A.D. Nursing CHARLIE WHITE WHITE, CYNTHIA General Psychology DAVID L. WHITE EDP JEFFERY ALLAN WHITE Marketing SHARON D. WHITE Prospect, KY Harrodsburg, KY Vine Grove, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Stanford, KY Corbin, KY Richmond, KY LAURA BROWNLEE WHITFIELD Waverly, OH Home Economics Ed. CHERYL WHITTAKER Richmond, KY Social Work TERI WICKELHAUS C old Spring KY GREGORY L. WICKER Louisville, KY REBECCA WIENER Canton, OH Corrections ANN WILBER Lebanon, KY Broadcasting DEBORAH L. WILDMAN Powhatan, VA Recreation, Park, Admin. RHONDA WILKERSON Paris, KY English CONSTANCE E. WILLIAMS Berea, KY Social Work CRYSTAL WILLIAMS Yosemite, KY Medical Assisting Tech. DARVA WILLIAMS Louisville, KY BSN Nursing DEBORAH LYNN WILLIAMS Milford, OH Journalism HAROLD WILLIAMS Barlou, KY Broadcasting JENNIFER GAYE WILLIAMS Marietta, Ga. Elementary Ed. PEGGY WILLIAMS Bellevue, KY Nursing RICK WILLIAMS Clemson, SC Electronics, Industrial JESSE LEE WILMOTH Sebring, FL Construction Tech. BEVERLY WILSON Chenoa, KY Child Care Technology SHARON A. WILSON Somerset, KY WINIFRED WIMBERLY Midway, KY Public Relations 304 Seniors Wha-Wim MICHAEL WINTERS General Business DOUG WIREMAN MELINDA WISE Marketing ROB WITTENBARGER LINDA WTTZMAN BSN Nursing MARLA WOLFE Business Management ROBIN W. WOLFE SCOTT WOLFE Physical Education STEVE A. WOODRING Turf Management FRANKIE L. WOODS Elementary Ed. RICK WOODS ROBIN WOODWARD Math JAMES S. WOOLFOLK Police Administration RANDY WOOLUM BARRY WRIGHT Business CAROLINE WRIGHT Home Economics Vienna, WV Falcon, KY Campbellsville, KY Lynch, KY Dayton, OH Danville, KY Morehead, KY Scituate, MA Williamston, NC Manchester, KY So. Charleston, OH Corbin, KY Brandenburg, KY Danville, KY Monticello, KY Lexington, KY CHARLES GREGORY WRIGHT Louisville, KY General Psychology RONALD W. WRIGHT Business SUSIE WRIGHT Dietetics JONI YATES Music Education MARK YEAZEL Dairy Herd Management BRET H. YODER Science for Engineering TERESA LYNN YORK Elementary Ed. MICHAEL W. YOUNG MARK ZIEBARTH Marketing Searns, KY Prestonsburg, KY Louisville, KY Eaton, OH Florence, KY Beattyville, KY Park Hills, KY Washington, D.C. Seniors Win-Zie 305 WAYNE ALLEN ROGER KEITH BAKER Math STEVE BEALE Recreation and Park Adm. LINDA BRUNTON Psychology CHUCK BURCH DAVID CHEN Physics SAMUEL M.DELONG PATRICIA D.DURBIN DARYL EASON DONNA FULTZ CINDY A. HACK GREGORY G. HALL CHERYL HEDGES STACEYJ.HILD Music Education DONNA HITCHCOCK Rank II JOY JOHNSON Early Childhood Education GIVEN KALDENBERG VICKI R. LAWSON JACK E. LESTER Teaching PRUDENCE L. LOCKE Special — Deaf Education JOHN C. LOVELL CYNTHIA L. MARLOWE Communication Disorders KAREN B. MARTIN BOB McCLEESE Education HAL McCOIG BARBARA MILES BRUCE W. MIRACLE KAREN MORGAN Elementary Education Lexington, KY Lancaster, KY Falls Church, VA Lousville, KY Charlotte, NC Peitou Taipei, ROC Lexington, KY Richmond, KY Lexington, KY Ashland, KY Richmond, KY Fairfax, VA Cincinnati, OH Lousville, KY Volga, KY Lousville, KY Lamarque, TX Berea, KY Fairfield, OH Horse Cave, KY Richmond, KY Corbin, KY Burgan, KY Richmond, KY Georgetown, KY Lousville, KY Corbin, KY Rome, GA ■9 mi lil H 306 Graduates All-Mor J T H Jl E- iJnftfl J s 1 r W i JB Shh ,1F Bj BBK- S f " ' ' ' pO 1 MARK MORGAN Recreation J.R. OH MBA TERESA M.PHILLIPS JEANNIE ROGAN JOE SHEHIGH Physical Education NANCY SPENCER Student Personnel Counseling DOUGLAS E. STEPHENS JANE E. TERRY Music Education LAWRENCE THOMPSON MBA KM WARD URSULA WHITE Public Environmental Health Public Admin. KATHLEEN M. WOLF College Park, GA Seonl 110, Korea Casstown, OH Coxs Creek, KY Kilmarneck, VA Rogers, KY Whitley City, KY Lexington, KY Richmond, KY Sommerset, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY LUKE WRENN Physical Education YANG YIE-CHAN SUSAN YOUNG Paint Lick, KY Pan-Chiad, Taiwan Corbin, KY Graduates Mor-You 307 ROSS ABLE MITCHELL ABNEY MICHAEL C.ABRAMS CHARLOTTE ADAMS PAULA ADAMS DEANNA L. ADDIS WILLIE ADDISON SHARON ALLEN BRYCEJ.ALLMON PAMELA AMBURGEY IRIS AMOS KAREN ANBURGY KIM L. ANDERSON TAMMIE APPELHAUS CHERI ARAVE BYRONJ.ARBAUGH CAIGE ARRINGTON SHERRI ARTERBURN TRACY ARTS GENE W. ARVIN II CINDY ARVIN BRETT ASHCRAFT LYNDA ASHER EMILY AYERS TINA BACH PATRICIA J. BAER ROBERT BAILEY ANN WILEY BAKER DEBRA BAKER DIANE BAKER MARTHA ANNE BAKER WAYNE F. BAKER TOMMY N.BALDWIN PID BALL ANITA BALLARD MARLENE BALLARD Louisville, KY Berea, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Manchester, KY Springfield. OH Beattyville. KY Campbellsville, KY Jefferson City, MO Danville, KY Sandyridge, NC Pineville, KY Whitley City, KY New Albany, IN Louisville, KY Portsmouth, OH Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Irvine, KY Irvine, KY Louisville, KY Port Rickey, FL Owenton, KY Louisville, KY JKI. Louisville, KY Manchester, KY Manchester, KY Versailles, KY Hyden, KY Lexington, KY Brodhead, KY Georgetown, KY Bardstown, KY Bardstown, KY ROBERT BALLARD Harrodsburg, KY PAMELA JEAN BALLINGER Louisville, KY LORI BALOGH Johnstown, PA BETH BALTZELL Fairfield, OH FADHEL BANJAR Saudi Arabia PAMELA BANKS Annville, KY ROBERT D.BARBER JOE A. BARNES CAROL L. BARNETT MONICA BARTLETT JEFF BASTIAN TERESA BEAT Dayton, OH Cynthiana, KY Berea, KY Louisville, KY Dayton, OH Crest wood, KY ( V if A , : » ,i m 308 Juniors Abl-Bea DEBBIE BECK NINA BEGLEY CHERYL BEHNE CHARLES BEIGHLE JOSEPH R. BENTLEY LEWIE BENTLEY ANTHONY BERRY BARBARA BERRY PRISCILLA BERRY KAREN BEST KIM BEST AMY BICKFORD KAYE BIEGER LISA BILLETER DAVE E. BIRD MARY W. BLACK EARL L. BLACKWELL Louisville, KY Austin, IN Glendale, AZ Williamstown, KY Harrodsburg, KY Louisville, KY Mason, OH Campbellsville, KY Louisville, KY Owensboro, KY Springfield, VA Ft. Mitche ll. KY Frankfort, KY Cincinnati. OH Richmond, KY Irvine, KY MICHELLE BLACKWELL BRIAN BLAIR HELEN BLAIR JEFFREY BLAND KIM BLEDSOE TAMMY JO BLEVINS LEE BLIZZARD ELIZABETH A. BLOSS JANNENE BOEHM BETH BOGAN BRYAN BOGGS KATHLEEN BOGGS PATRICIA BOGGS Irvine, KY Bardstown, KY Bardstown, KY Louisville, KY Raceland, KY Danville, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Franklin, OH Berea, KY Hamilton, OH Corbin, KY WENDY BOLLINGER Cheshire, CT MELANIE BOLTON Richmond, KY ANNE KENNEDY BOND Lawrenceburg, KY WILLIE BOOKER Hardy. KY MARY JEAN BOONE Somerset. KY MICHAEL BOSSE Cincinnati, OH DEBBIE BOWLING MARGARET BOWMER LILIAN R. BOYD JACKIE BRADY PEGGY BRADY London, KY Seminole, FL Lexington. KY Lebanon. KY Bardstown, KY JENNY L. BRAMSTEDT Cincinnati. OH GLENN W. BRANDL DEBI BRANSON CLAY BRASHEAR GARY BRATCHER CINDY BREITHAUPT BROOKE BREWER Port Charlotte, FL Middlesboro, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Ludlow, KY Richmond. KY Juniors Bec-Bre 309 ROBIN M. BREWER CECILIA BRIDGES LAURIE A. BRIGGS CHERYL BROOKS JAMES D. BROOKSHIRE DEBBIE BROWN ELAINE BROWN GREG BROWN ■JODIE BROWN DAVID BRUCE KEVIN BRUNER ROSEANNABRUNGS M1CHELEBRUTHER LLOYD KEITH BL ' CHER RICHARD P. BUDNAR KAREN J. BULLOCK CAMMIE BURDELL PAM BURKE DONNA LOUISE BURKS MELYIN BURNS II TODD L. BURNS DIANE BURRIS LISA BURTON GAYE BUSH RICHARD BUTCHE ANDREA BUTCHER DAWN BUTLER LORRAINE BUTLER ROBERT Bl ' TLER KAREN CABLE SABRINACAIN TERESA CAIN DAVID CALLENDER ELLEN CAMBRON KATHY CANNON KIM CARLSON Erlanger, KY Cadiz, KY Northbrook, IL Louisville, KY Centerville, OH Albany, KY Brodhead, KY Crittenden, KY Holland, MI Warren, AR Owensboro, KY Edgewood, KY Eminence, KY Richmond, KY Grants, NM Orlando, KY Winchester, KY Frankfort, KY Louisville, KY Danville, KY Hamilton, OH Radcliff, KY Florence, KY Paintsville, KY Dayton, OH Madisonville, KY Westerville, OH Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Russell. PA Salyerville, KY Crittenden, KY Richmond, KY Springfield, KY Harrodsburg, KY Bristol, VA SANDRA L. CARLSON DOUGLAS L. CARMICHAEL MARTIN CARPENTER DIANA M.CARR BUFORD.J.CARTEN NICK CARTER Richmond. KY Somerset, KY Kettering, OH Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Paris, KY FAITH E. CASSELL KELLY CATHERS ROBIN L. CAUDILL JULIA CAWAR LINDA CHANDLER KATHY CHERRY Versailes, KY Corbin, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Hopkinsville, KY Kattering, OH Frankfort, KY 310 Juniors Bru-Che KENNETH CHESSAR Bloomfield, KY LINDA CHRISTENSEN Ashland, KY BETH CHRISTIAN London, KY VICKI L. CIELENSKY Charleston, WV ROBIN CLARK Catlettsburg, KY KENNETH CLAUS Frankfort, KY CANDACE CLAY Teaneck. NJ CINDY L. CLAY Carlisle, KY CHRISM. CLAYTON- Fayetteville, N ' C WILLIAM CLAYTON Cynthiana, KY TIM COCANOUGHER Springfield, KY JAMES COLBORN Hamilton, OH JANET COLE Lexington, KY LONNIE COLE Winchester, KY MARY BETH COLLINGS Owensboro, KY SCOTT COLTRAIN Fern Creek, KY KIM COMBS Centerville, OH SANDY COMBS Tyner, KY SHARON COMBS Hazard, KY MICHELE CONLEY Mt. Sterling. OH COLLEEN CONNOLLY Lexington, KY BRIAN CONROY Satellite Blvd, FL SHAREN CONYERS Mt. Sterling, KY ROBERT COOK Owensboro, KY SCOTT COOK Lawrenceburg, KY ROB COOPER Louisville, KY SHERRY COOPER Richmond, KY SHERI CORNELL Carlisle, KY LAURA CORNETT Richmond, KY VIVIAN CORNETT Hallie, KY MARY LINDA COSBY Bellevue, KY KIM COSKER Cincinnati, OH DEBORAH COUCH Hyden, KY DEBORAH K. COVEY Albany. KY MICHAEL COX RANDALL COX Lexington. KY BOBBI COYLE Gravel Switch. KY DONALD R. CRAVENS Liberty. KY HENRETTA CREWS Hardy. KY LYNN CROSS Glasgow, KY VICKI CROWDER Williamstown, KY ANDY CRUMBACKER Shepherdsville, KY NANCY CRUSE Winchester, KY KATHY CUNNINGHAM Winchester, KY LARRY D. CURRAN Paris, KY GARY CURRY Central City, KY MERIBETH CURRY Covington, KY DEIDRA DABIS Pineville, KY Juniors Che-Dab 311 CHERYL DABNEY Versailles, KY JAN DAILEY Louisville, KY LISA DAILEY Ludlow, KY LISA DALEY Ft. Knox, KY MARK DANGELO Rochester, NY MONTE DARLAND Springfield, KY KENNETH DAULTON Eubank, KY LAVAUN DAVIDSON Somerset, KY FRAN DAVIS Wiborg, KY JOHN M.DAVIS Richmond, KY MARJORIE E. DAVIS M ELAN IE DAVIS Lexington, KY ROBERT F. DAVIS Paris, KY TIMOTHY L. DAVIS Maysville, KY ERIC DAWSON Assonet, MA STACY DAWSON Philpot, KY DAVID TODD DAY Germantown, OH DEBBIE DELMAR Troy, OH THOMAS DELVIZIS Ashland, KY NINA DESANTIS Grayson, KY MARSHA DEVINE Mackville, KY DON DEZARN Manchester, KY DONNA DIAMOND Science Hill, KY DARLENE DICKMAN Ludlow, KY JEAN DICKSON Bergenfield, NJ DEBBIE DILLON Liberty, KY NEIL DIMOND Tipp City, OH M.CLAIRE DIXON Lexington, KY GREGORY DODGE Louisville, KY KATHY DOLLOU Louisville, KY PAUL DONALDSON JR Richmond, KY THOMAS DOOLEY Louisville, KY ROBIN DOSSETT Frankfort, KY LINDA M.DOUGLAS Danville, KY MARK DOWNS Louisville, KY STEPHANIE DOWNS Cincinnati, OH KIMBERLY DOZIER Versailles, KY BECKI DRIESMAN Crestwood, KY SUSIE DUNAGAN Monticello, KY MELANIE DUNN Midway, KY WILLIAM DUNN Lexington, KY JONATHAN B. DURHAM Lexington, KY JUDITH DUSING Erlanger, KY MICHELLE DUVALL Owenton, KY SUSAN DUVALL Louisville, KY VICKEY DUVALL Owenton, KY JANE DYE Stanford, KY DEBBIE EASLEY Shelbyville, KY 312 Juniors Dab-Eas TIM EATON LISAM.EBERT KATHY EDEN- GREG EDWARDS URSULA EDWARDS LISA EGELSTON JULIE EMERY CHERYL EMMERT ELIZABETH A. ENGLERT BETH EN Y ATT SHARON ENZIBEILER TINA ESTEP VIRGINIA EVERSOLE JOSEPHINE H. FAGAN DAVID FARMER SHARON FARTHING PAM FAULKNER DIANNA FAUST Louisville, KY Southgate, KY Manchester, KY Parksville. KY Bradenton. FL Franklin, OH Grand Island. NY Louisville. KY Wyandotte. MI Flatwood, KY Ft. Mitchell, KY Inez, KY Richmond, KY Montrose, NY Louisville, KY Mt. Vernon. KY Louisville. KY Shelbyville. KY REBECCA A. FELTNER East Barnstadt. KY NANETTE FELTY GERA FERGUSON DAVID FESSLER LORIFICKER ANTHONY D. FIELDS TERESA FIELDS RITA E. FIGLESTAHLER MICHELLE Y.FISHER THOMA FLANNIGAN KARIN FLINN MARY FOOKS Flatwoods. KY Maysville, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Alexandria. KY Louisville. KY Cynthiana, KY Sciotoville. OH Danville, KY Vanceburg. KY Miamisburg. OH Benton. KY LIBBIE FORD GREG P. FORTE CHARLES FORTNEY PATRICE FORTWENGLER MARGE A. FOSTER KELLY J. FRAYSURE Louisville, KY Rutland. VT Louisville. KY Asheville, NY Augusta. KY NINA FRAZIER BRUCE FREEMAN SARAH FRETTY KAREN FRETZ KAREN FRIED JACKIE FROST Louisville. KY Richmond. KY Richmond. KY Farmington Hills. MI Louisville, KY Louisville, KY CARLA FULTON LINDA FUSSNER BRENDA GABBARD CATHY C.GAEBLER CAROLYN ANN GAFFEY JOYCE GALLOWAY Louisville. KY Chagrin Falls. OH Glencoe, KY Paris, KY Washington, IA Ashland, KY Juniors Eat-Gal 313 RENEE GARLAND DAVID J. GARRETT MIRIAM GASH JAMES T. GATCHETT THOMAS LEE GAULT JOANM.GERING CYNTHIA GEVEDON DANA L. GIBSON JAMES A. GIBSON KATHY E. GIFFORD VICKY GILBERT STEVEN GINE RICHARD GIRE JULIE L. GIRTEN STACY GIVAN KENNETH GLOVER CHERYL GOLDSMITH TENAGOOCH KAREN GOODAM KATHY GOODE KEMBERLY GOODE LINDA GOSSMAN PAM GOUGE ANGIE GRAY BARRY GRAY JILL GREEN JACQUELINE GREENE MARIANNA GREENLEE SANDY GREER CHERYL D.GREGORY SUSAN GREGORY STANLEY J. GRIDER EUGENIA J. GRIFFIN JAMES S. GRIFFIN JENNIFER GRIFFITH LINDA K. GRIFFITH BAE GRIFFITHS JULIE HAGER KEVIN HAGGERTY DONNA HAHN SUSAN HALE BARBARA HALL KAREN HALL LINDA HALL MARY BETH HALL STEPHANIE D. HALL ANGELA HAMILTON LARRY W. HAMILTON Gray, TN Ft. Thomas, KY Harrodsburg, KY Batavia, OH Seven Mile, OH Louisville, KY Pine Ridge, KY Monticello, KY Louisville, KY Maysville, KY Middlesboro, KY Bedford, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Gladstone, VA Elizabethtown, KY Richmond, KY Olive Hill, KY Versailles, KY Cumberland, KY London, KY Dry Ridge, KY Lexington, KY Cave City, KY Winchester, KY Midway, KY Irvington, KY London, KY Goshen, OH Sciotoville, OH Somerset, KY Lexington, KY Frankfort, KY Ashland, KY Berea, KY Greensburg, KY Finegrove, KY Frankfort, KY Springfield, KY Springfield, KY Kite, KY New Haven, KY Delpha, KY Winter Haven, FL Jeff, KY Lebanon, KY Lexington, KY 314 Juniors Gar-Ham GINGER L. HAMMONS MYRON HANSEN MISHAL HARBI DARLENE HARD WICK CINDY L. HARMON CRAIG HARMON GLEN A. HARRISON MARY HARVILLE VIRGINIA HARVILLE HAROLD HASKINS KAREN HATTER JANICE HAUENSTEIN London, KY Highland, IN Saudi Arabia Carlisle, KY Lexington, KY Centerville, OH Elk Horn, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Georgetown, KY Waynesburg, KY Louisville, KY KIMBERLY JO HAUN Franklin, OH BRENDA A. HAWKINS Lawrenceburg, KY MARK HAYDEN Frankfort. KY KIMBERLY HAZELWOOD Berea, KY MARY ELIZABETH HEAP Rochester, NY BRYAN HEDRICK London, KY MARY HEIL LISA HEMBREE JANET HEAD KATHY L. HENDERSON MARY HENDERSON THERESA L. HENDRIX DIEDRA HENRY KARAN L. HEWITT TANNA HICKS SANDRA L. HIGGINS MARY ANN HILDEBOLT BETTY JO HILL Louisville, KY Frankfort, KY Lexington, KY Danville, KY Georgetown, KY Yeaddiss, KY Louisville, KY Wilmington, OH Mayfield. KY Louisville, KY Eaton, OH Harrodsburg. KY SUSAN M.HILLMANN Ft. Mitchell. KY LAURA HODGIN London, KY REBEKAH HOFFMAN Ashland, KY CHRISTINE HOLBROOK Richmond, KY CRISTI HOLCOMB S. Portsmouth, KY KATHY HOLLAND Big Creek. KY WILLIAM HOLLIFIELD J. K. HOLLINGS WORTH MARKM.HOLSTEIN RALPH HONCHEL TAMMIEHOOD Cincinnati. OH Columbus, OH Charleston, WV Hazard, KY Lake City, FL LESTER HOPPER Lorsch, West Germany SHARON HORN JILL HORNEYS DONNA M. HORTON JANIE HOSKINS STEPHEN HOTCHKISS KAREN HOUSE Corbin, KY Shippensburg, PA Louisville, KY Bledsoe, KY Russell, KY London, KY Juniors Ham-Hou 315 KIMBERLY HOUSE CHARLES C. HOWARD JR. ELIZABETH HOWARD LEIGH ANN HOWARD RONNA HOWARD WALTER HOWARD London, KY Lexington, KY New Haven, KY Frankfort, KY Maysville, KY Wheelwright, KY CINDY S. HOWELL BOBHUBRT LEANNE HUFF CYNTHIA JEAN HUFFORD BARRY HUGHES CHARLES R.HUGHES Jackson, KY Harrison, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Somerset, KY PATTY HUGHES JOLENE HUPP JOHN D. HURD TERESA HUTCHERSON RAY IGECHEP MITCHELL IRVIN DON IRVINE MONICA ISAACS EDDIE L.JACKSON JACKIE JACOBS JUDY JACOBS PRICE JACOBS STANLEY JAMES WAELJELAIDAN DELSIE JENKINS JILLJENKINSON JAMES H.JENNINGS TERRY JEWELL CHERYL JOHNSON JILL JOHNSON KELLY L.JOHNSON PAMELA JOHNSON POLLY JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON TIM E. JOHNSON ELAINE JONCZAK ANGELA JONES CHERYL JONES DONNA JONES HOLLY JONES J ON I JONES LESLIE A. JONES MARIANNE JONES PAM JONES PAMELA JONES PAMELA G.JONES Irvine, KY Bloomfield, KY Pineville, KY Frankfort, KY Ifalih, Micronisia Lancaster, KY Somerset, KY Bradenton, FL Fairdale, KY Burlington, KY Burlington, KY Louisville, KY Pikeville, KY Saudi Arabia Georgetown, KY Versailles, OH Shelbyville, KY Williamsburg, KY Walton, KY Louisville, KY Villa Hills, KY Virgle, KY Booneville, KY Louisville, KY Fairfield, OH Weirton, WV London, KY Lexington, KY Frankfort, KY Louisville, KY Middlesboro, KY Columbia, KY Charlestown, IN Hazard, KY Somerset, KY Bloomfield, KY 316 Juniors Hou-Jon JENNIFER J. JUSTICE Georgetown, KY HADI KAHTANI Richmond, KY DAVID KAIN Versailles, KY JOE KARSZEN WestSayville, NY BETH KEMPF GREG KENNEDY Williamstown, KY PAT KENNEDY Louisville, KY LISA MARIE KERN Brooksville, KY EMILY KILBURN Delfia, KY DANIEL L. KING Rockville, MD KATHRYN KING Mt. Sterling, KY ANN KIRKPATRICK New Haven, KY THOMAS L. KISSEL Lexington, KY LISA J. KITTILA Louisville, KY CARI KLEVEN Mt. Pleasant, IA TAMMY L. KNEZEVICH Louisville, KY CHERIE KNIFLEY Louisville, KY COLLEEN ANN KNOLL South Orange, NJ SHELIA A. KOGER Albany, KY PAMELA K. KOHLS Alexandria, KY SUSAN L. KOTTAK Louisville, KY DAVID L. KOVENER Crothersville, IN CARL KREMER Troy, OH STEPHEN KUHN Tipp City, OH DEBBIE LANCASTER Bradenburg, KY WAYNE LANCASTER Fairdale, KY GREG L. LAND Richmond, KY GREG LANG Newport, KY LIN LANG Fort Thomas, KY NANCY LANG Piketon, OH BRIAN M. LANNON Louisville, KY T. LANTZ Fairborn, OH DAMON LASHLEY Dayton, OH TOM LAY Grandville, OH JUDY LAYNE Ivel, KY RICHARD LEBEAU Louisville, KY PAMELA J. LEE Jeffersontown. KY SAMMY LEE Kowton, Hong Kong TERESA LEE Lexington. KY NANCY E. LEEDY Stanford, KY DOUG LEFLER Stamping Ground, KY JOYCE LEFTWICH Archdale. NC ANITA LEMASTER Pikeville. KY JOAN LEWIS Tipp City, OH DOUG LICHERT Lexington. KY BARBARA LIES Cincinnati. OH J. GREGORY LIVLNGOOD Dry Ridge, KY DONALD W. LOCKHART Prospect, KY Juniors Jus-Loc 317 ELIZABETH LOCKHART Louisville. KY STEWART .J. LOGAN Tipp City, OH LISA G. LOGSDON Radcliff, KY MARSHA LONDON Manchester, KY KENNETH LONG North Middletown, KY SUSIE LONG Richmond, KY LYNNELONG SHERYL LONGW ' ORTH B.DEANLORINGJR. LAURA LOUGH LISA LOVE ALLYSON LUSBY LESLIE LYONS YOLANDAS.LYSLE LEAH MACKE DARLENE MAHLER STUART A. MAIDEN MELISSA MALCOM MOLLY MALONE PEGGY MANIS RAY MARCUM STEVEN A. MARKS ELLEN R. MARSH BARBARA MARTIN DARRELL MARTIN KATHY MARTIN TANYA MARTIN NATALIE S.MASON VANESSA S. MASON FRAN MASTERS DEBRA MASTERSON CINDY MATTES BETTYE MATTINGLY PATRICIA MATTINGLY RODNEY MATTINGLY KEN MAUDLIN KATHY MAUPIN MARVIN C.MAUPIN JR. MARLON MAXEY NORMANDIE MAY PAMELA JO MAY JANICE McAFEE STACEY McANINCH DAVEMcBRIDE DONNIE McBRIDE SHAWNA McCLAIN KYLE L. McCLARTY JON R. McCOMBS Paris, KY Franklin, OH Cincinnati, OH Danville, KY Edmonton, KY Georgetown, KY Jamaica Louisville, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Hodgenville, KY Cincinnati, OH Alpha, KY Covington, KY Covington, KY Louisville, KY Eminence, KY Flatwoods, KY Printer, KY Louisville, KY Whitesburg, KY Waco, KY Richmond, KY Cincinnati, OH Danville, KY Louisville, KY Lancaster, KY Richmond, KY Lebanon, KY Albany. KY Bedford, KY Lancaster, OH West Liberty, KY Franklin, OH Mason, OH French Lick, IN Richmond, KY South Shore. KY Louisville, KY Concord, GA 318 Juniors Loc-Mcc BONNIE McCOY DAN E. McDANIEL ALTA McFARLAND BARBARA McKEEHAN KIMBERLY A. McKENNA MARY McKINNEY West Bend, KY Hamilton, OH Stanford, KY Frankfort, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Paris, KY JOYCE McPEAK CHARLES M. McQUEEN MARY N. McQUINN HAROLD MEGARGEL NICK MENGOS KATE MERCHANT LOLA MERRITT CAROL MESLEY MARSHA METCALF MARK L. METCLAFE DAVE MIDDENDORF LAURIE A. MILLARD Richmond, KY Manchester, KY Hazel Green, KY Hammonton, NJ Troy, OH Bagdad, KY Richmond, KY Lockland, OH Franklin, KY Madisonville, KY Ft. Mitchell, KY CHRIS MILLER EMILY MILLER PATTI MILLER ROSELLA J. MILLER JENNIFER R.MILLS KELLY MINDGUE Portsmouth, OH Irvine, KY Elizabethtown, KY Covington, KY Frankfort, KY Louisville, KY KATHY MONHOLLON CAROLYN MONTGOMERY GLENDA MONTGOMERY FARRELL MOORE KERRY MOORE PENELOPE MOORE JOELLEN MORAN AMY MORIARTY ANNA M. MULLINS PAULA MULLINS TRACY MULLINS BRENDA MURPHY NICHOLAS C. MURPHY PATRICIA M. MUSTER DONALD MYNATT LINCA MYNATT DEBORAH I. NANTZ HOWARD M. NATALIE CHARLES NEAL NANCY NEELY LAURA NEIKIRK JUDY NEIMAN SONJA NEWMAN TINA NIBERT Cincinnati, OH Danville, KY Carrollton, KY Irvine, KY Burlington, KY Buelan, KY Maysville, KY Frankfort. KY Hatfield, KY Lexington, KY Petersburg. YA Otisco, IN Lancaster, KY Marietta, GA Woodbine, KY Woodbine, KY Asher, KY Louisville, KY Stanton, KY Bedford, KY Somerset. KY Louisville, KY Salvisa, KY Gallipolis, OH Juniors Mcp-Nib 319 ■ION NICHOLAS SHANNON NICHOLAS NANETTE L.NICHOLS MICHELLE NIEMANN KELLY.J.NILES ROSEMARY NOLAN Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Radcliff, KY Louisville, KY Hopkinsville, KY Bellevue, KY TODD NOLAN JO LYNN NORFLEET ANDREA NORRIS KATHERINE S. NORTON SHERRI O ' BRIEN PATRICIA O ' CONNELL KATHY OGARA YVONNA OKESON RITA OLINS BARBARA ANNE OLIVER PHILL OLIVER TODD OLSON DAN ORMAN MITZIE OROURKE MARY OSBORN JOANNA SUE OWENS LEN PACKETT ELIZABETH PALMER MICHELLE PALMER STEPHEN PARKE BARBARA PARKER LAURA PARKER TAMME PARKER ROBIN A. PATER Grayson, KY Cynthiana, KY Louisville, KY Middlesboro, KY Racoon. KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Sturgel, KY Louisville, KY Booneville, KY Sonithfield, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY St. Mary ' s, OH Paintsville, KY Lancaster, OH Springfield, OH Richmond, KY Berea, KY Hazard, KY Louisville, KY Fairfield, OH PAMELA PATTERSON Dayton, OH MICHELE L. PAUL Lexington, KY DOUG PAVLOVIC Xenia, OH KYE PAYNE Mt. Vernon, KY SUZANNE PAYNE Lexington, KY SUSAN M.J. PAYNTER Middle Bow, KY BERT PEARSON JILL PENSKE JEFFREY L. PERDUE CONNIE PERKINS ROSS PHILLIPS Middletown, KY Lexington, KY Beattyville, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY RUTH ANN PHILLIPS Lawrenceburg, KY STEVEN M. PHILLIPS New Carlisle, OH MICHELLE PHILPOT Pryse, KY FLONNIE PIERCEY Albany, KY KIM PIERCY Monticello, KY LISA PILGER Ft. Mitchell, KY K. PLAYFORTH Shepherdsville, KY 320 Juniors Nic-Pia PATTY PLOTTS ANTHONY Q. PORTIS MARY POTTER JACQUELYN G. POWELL •JOHN PRAMUK MARK K. PRESTON Easton, PA Louisville. KY Webster. NY Louisville. KY Lexington. KY Oak Ridge. TN RICHARD E. PRESTON Mavsville. KY MELODY PRICE Turners Station. KY RHONDA GAIL PRICE Crab Orchard. KY TERRI PTACEK Dayton, OH LARRY W. PUCKETT Winchester. KY TERRY PUGH Dorton. KY PAM PULLIAM LEANNE PULLINS LAURA PURDY JENNIFER PUTNAM EILEEN P. QUIRKE KAREN M. QUITTER ROB RABENECHER TAMMY RANEY KIM REAMS ANDREA REED BRENDA REED BOB REHBERG Louisville. KY ' Berea. KY Louisville, KY West Hartford, CT Virginia Beach, YA Cold Spring, KY Louisville. KY ' Cincinnati, OH Richmond, KY ' East Bernstadt. KY ' Parksville, KY Elizabeth Town, KY " MARY REISTER SHARON L. RENAKER JIM RENFRO TERESA RHODUS LYNNE RICHARDSON PATRICE RICHWALSKY Louisville, KY ' Brookville, IN Walnut, MS Richmond, KY Richmond, KY ' Louisville. KY ' MIKE A. RICKE MARVIN RIDNER MARTY RIEHEMANN STEVE RIEHEMANN KELLY RIGG ELAINE RILEY RHONDA RIPPLE LAURIE RISCH SUZANNE RITTER DIBBIE ROADEN TOMMY ROBBINS DONNA L. ROBERTS ELVA ROBERTS KENNY ROBERTS RICKY L.ROBERTS WILLIAM M. ROBERTS ANNE ROBERTSON DEBRA ROBINSON New Albany, IN Scratch Ankle, KY ' Sarasota. FL Sarasota, FL Brook ville, KY ' Springfield, KY ' Austell, GA Ft. Thomas, KY Tompkinsville, KY ' Mt. Vemon, KY ' Oak Ridge, TN Lexington, KY Manchester, KY " Richmond. KY " Manchester, KY " London, KY " Louisville, KY " Louisville. KY " Juniors Plo-Rob 321 KENT ROBINSON Jeffersonville, IN RITA -I. ROBINSON Burgin, KY ROBERT ROBINSON Fern Creek, KY TAMMY ROBINSON Harlan, KY TAMMY DENISE RODGERS Liberty, KY ALMA ROLSTON Louisville, KY DEBBIE ROSE Cincinnati, OH LORI ROSS Louisville, KY NANCY ROSS Covington, KY LISA ROTHEL Lexington, KY DALE ROTHWELL Richmond, KY MARSHA ROYALTY Burgin, KY JENNEFER RUEHRWEIN Cincinnati, OH RUTH RUSSELL Hazard, KY JOHN W. RUST Southgate, KY ANGELA SAMUELS Erlanger, KY LEE SANDERS Danville, KY LIESA SANDERS Louisville, KY TERESA SAVAGE Winchester, KY JACQUELINE SAWYERS Albany, KY LEISA SAYLOR Frankfort, KY SHERI SCAGGS Rush, KY ROBERT L. SCHAERGLS Cincinnati, OH CAROLYN SCHAFTLEIN Louisville, KY SCOTT SCHEYNOST Valley Station, KY LAURA SCHINKE Berea, KY DAVID E. SCHLATTER Louisville, KY MIKE SCHNEIDER SHARON SCHOONOVER Mason, OH VICK1 SCHULTE Reading, OH MARTHA SCHWENDOW Louisville, KY BECKY SCOTT Hardy, KY TAMMY SCOTT Cincinnati, OH TRISH SCOTT Bargetown, KY CAROL A. SEAV Louisville, KY DEBORA SHAFFER W . Portsmouth, OH LINDA SHARP Carrollton, KY G.SCOTT SHAVE St. Charles, MO SUE SHAW Milford, OH FRED SHEARER Louisville, KY JOHN SHEARER Richmond, KY AMY J. SHEFFIELD Nicholasville, KY MARKITA SHELBL ' RNE Shelbyville, KY CHERYL SHELTON Ashland, KY PATRICIA L. SHEPHERD Fisty, KY CAROL SHERROD Fort Knox, KY CATHERINE SHIELDS Campbellsville, KY DIANE SHOEMAKER Canal Winchester. OH 322 Juniors Rob-Shu JAN SHOEMAKER DOROTHY SHORT JACQUELINE J. SHULER W. WAYNE SILLS LAURA ANNE SIMONSEN STEVEN K. SINGLETON LYNDA G. SISK DIANA SISSEL BILLIE SIZEMORE OMA JANE SIZEMORE Frankfort, KY Richmond. KY Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Richmond, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Shelbyville, KY Falmouth, KY Hyden, KY Hyden, KY GREG S. SLOAN TERRI L. SLONE Deerfield Beach, FL Ligon, KY SARAH SLUSHER JEFFREY ALAN SMILEY CLAUDE SMITH DAVID M.SMITH DEBI SMITH DIANA SMITH JUDY SMITH KENNY SMITH MARCEL SMITH MARY SMITH MIKE SMITH SHAWN SMITH TAMMY SMITH WILLIE SMITH WINFIELD SMITH DEBBIE SNIDER DANE S. SNOWDEN KEVIN SOUTHER Middlesboro, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Crown Point. IN Harlan, KY Green Road, KY Harrison, OH Blue Hole, KY Manchester, KY Crown Point, IN Kettering, OH Mason. OH Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Danville, KY Beaver, PA Winchester, KY Marrow, OH BRYAN K. SOWARDS DARBY D. SPARKS JAN SPAULDING CYNTHIA L. SPEARS KAREN SPEGAL PAUL SPICER Frankfort, KY Frederick. MD Wheelersburg. OH Liberty, KY Dry Ridge, KY Irvine, KY S. SPIVEY-UPCHURCH KIMBERLY SPURLOCK ALYCE MARIE SQUIRES VICKIE STACY NELWOOD STAMPER TIM STAMPS Stearns. KY Richmond, KY Custer, KY Campton, KY Booneville, KY Paint Lick. KY SUSAN STANLEY Stone, KY THERESE STEFANS Chicago Hgts.,IL GREG STENGEL Louisville, KY JOSEPH A. STEPHENSON Stanton, KY CAROL JANE STEWART Barbourville, KY GARY S . STEWART Frankfort , KY Juniors Sho-Ste 323 JENNY M.STEWART MELODY ANN STEWART MARK STINNETT JACQUELYN STIVERS NANCY STOECKLE KAREN STONE LESLIE STONE LIZ STONE LYNN STONE JEFFREY KEITH STORZ SUSAN T. STRANGE ROBIN STRAUD Worthville, KY Warsaw, KY Louisville, KY Fairport, NY Parkhills, KY Richmond, KY Kingsport, TN Fern Creek, KY Kettering, OH Lexington, KY Annapolis, MD Louisville, KY MARK STUMP JOAN STUMPF ANN SUMMERS BOB SUTTLES TRACY SWANNER YOLANDA SWINFORD Richmond, KY Springfield, OH Springfield, OH Owingsville, KY E. Bernstadt, KY Frankfort, KY ANTHONY M. TABOR Nashville, TN JOAN TALBERT Stamping Ground, KY KAREN TALBOTT Kettering, OH JOHN TAPP Paris, KY MICHAEL TATE Irvine, KY BELINDA TAYLOR Parksville, KY CHARLES E. TAYLOR London, KY CINDY TAYLOR Cincinnati, OH DANA LEE TAYLOR Glasgow, KY GREGORY TAYLOR Campbellsville, KY JACK TAYLOR Lexington, KY ROBYN TAYLOR Berea, KY SHANNON TAYLOR Middlesboro, KY BARRY TEATER Nicholasville, KY STEPHANIE TEMPLE Gray, KY BARBARA THOMAS Danville, KY JUSTIN J. THOMAS Auburn, NY SHEILA THOMAS Booneville, KY FREDDY THOMPSON Louisville, KY JULIE THOMPSON Richmond, KY DAVID THORPE Irvine, KY JIM THORPE Lizton, IN LAURA TILLEY Covington, KY CAROLYN TIPTON Ravenna, KY SHARON E. TITUS Batavia, OH TERESA LYNN TOWNSLEY Flat Lick, KY DEBRA TRENT Stanton, KY BARBRATUELL Louisville, KY EDWARD E. TURNER Bellbrook, OH LESLEY A. TURNER Cincinnati, OH 324 Juniors Ste- 1 ui ROBERT G.TURNER SANDY TURNER SONDRA TURNER TONI TURNER WANDA TURNER GENEVA TURPIN Millersburg, KY Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Hyden, KY Booneville. KY Nicholasville. KY JAMES TYREE PATTY UNDERWOOD VICKI VAIL DONNA VALERIUS LUTRICIA VAN BUSKIRK Berea. KY Buffalo. KY Fairneld. OH Florence. KY Garrison, KY DEBRA VANARSDAL Crawfordsville, IN DORIS VANEZIE PAULA VANHOOSE MISS E. VAUGHAN CARLA WADDLE KIM WAGNER FRED J. WALKER Danville. KY Catlettsburg. KY Richmond. KY Sommerset. KY Pikeville, KY Danville. KY JANIS WALKER Richmond. KY SHELLY WALKER Covington. KY DANNY WALTERS Owensboro. KY MIKE WALTON Rose Terrace Comm.. KY HEIDI WANK Springfield. PA DOWNEY WARD Owensboro, KY DEBRA WARFORD DEBBY WARTINGER MICHAEL R. WATTS CINDY L. WEDEMEYER CHENA WEILAGE BRENDA A. WEIST JOHN WELCH DENNIS WELLS DENNIS WEST JEAN WEST Winchester. KY Miamisburg, OH Whitesburg. KY Prospect, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Mayking. KY Lexington. KY Bellevue, KY Louisville. KY MARY SUE WESTERMEYER Florence. KY CYNTHIA WHALEN Maissville. KY H LARRY WHEATLEY Irvington. KY ALAN WHEELER Dryden. VA DALE E. WHEELER Bedford. KY DWAYNE WHITE Independence, KY LINDA WHITEHEAB Broadhead, KY 1 MARC WHITT Paintsville, KY Hk LYNN WHITTAKER Richmond. KY r PAUL A. WILDER Middlesboro, KY F JODY WTLDRTDGE Lawrenceburg, IN ' BRENT H. WILEY Lexington, KY BETH WILLETT Thompkinsville, KY WILLEY, ROBIN B. Richmond. KY Juniors Tur-Wil 325 STACIA WILLIAMS CAVE A. WILLIS LISA WILLOUGHBY MARK WILLOUGHBY MELANIE WILLS PAULA WILLS DEREK WILSON GWENDOLYN WILSON MICHAEL WILSON JUDY L. WILT BETTY WISEMAN DARKYL WISEMAN Dayton, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Winchester, KY Winchester. KY Louisville, KY Lebanon, OH Irvine, KY Wilmington, OH Winchester, KY Irvine, KY ILONAA.WIX Columbia Station, OH VICKIE WOLFHOIST SARAH WOOD BARRY WOODLEE ANGELIA M.WOODS KATHLEEN WOOTON PEGGY WORLEY LISA WRAY REBECCA WREN CAROL WRIGHT CYNTHIA WRIGHT LYNDA WRIGHT Cincinnati, OH Frankfort, KY Corbin, KY Lexington, KY Wooton, KY Stanford, KY Darlington, IN Danville, KY Campbellsville, KY Springfield, KY Florence. KY MARY ANN WRIGHT Campbellsville, KY BECKY A. WYATT MITCHELL WYLIE MING-TIEN YANG MARK YOKLEY DARRELL K. YORK Louisville, KY Middlesboro, KY Louisville. KY Nicholasville. KY DOUGLAS W. YOUNG LEAK A. YOUNG MARK A. YOUNG STEVEN YOUNG THADDEUS ZARKOWSKI BETH ZIEGLER DAVID ZIRKELBACH ANDREA ZUBECK Owensboro, KY Hebron, KY West Union, OH Cincinnati, OH Irvine, KY Edgewood, KY Erlanger. KY Beverceek. OH 326 JumorsAVil-Zub KIM ABELL ROBIN ABERG TODD E. ABLE LORI ABNEY HAMID ABROY KATHRYN R. ADAMS NELSON ADAMS TAMARA L. ADAMS EDWARD C. ADDISON IVA ADDISON JOSEPHINE ADDISON KAY ALER Lebanon, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Fremont, OH Richmond. KY Middlesboro, KY Corbin. KY Crab Orchard, KY Beattyville. KY Beattyville, KY Beattyville, KY Springfield, OH DEBBIE ALEXANDER Danville, KY LORI ALEXANDER Cincinnati, OH HATTER ALLAN Waynesburg. KY JAMES D. ALLENDER Independence, KY JOY ANNA ANDERSON Knifley, KY LINDA ANDERSON Salvisa, KY DAVID ANDREW VINCE ANELLO JANE APPLEGATE JEFF ASHER LINDA ATWOOD CAROLYN AYLOR Russell Springs, KY Pompton Plains. NJ Louisville, KY Winchester, KY Hustonville, KY Hebron, KY MARY F.BACH KENNETH M. BADGETT MONICA BADGLEY LAURA D. BAILEY TODD BAILEY LARRY BAKER SARAH E. BAKER GERALD BALL MARCIA BALL KARLA BALLARD MARGARET E. BALLARD WILLIAM G. BALLINGER Jackson, KY Frankfort, KY Hamilton, OH Louisville. KY Flatwoods, KY Berea, KY Pikeville, KY Loveland, OH Brookville, IN Louisville, KY Bardstown, KY Cincinnati, OH SANDRA BARBER Lexington, KY TIM BARBER Paintsville. KY ANTHONY W. BARKER Covington, KY SHERRIE BARKER Danville, KY CLAY BARNES Cincinnati, OH KARLA A. BARNHART Middletown, OH DEBBIE BASTON SUSIE BAUMANN MARY BAYS JAMIE BEADLES SANDRA BECK JEANNIEBECKNER Dry Ridge. KY Thomas. KY Oneida, KY Springfield. OH Crawfordsville, IN Nicholasville, KY Sophomores Abe-Bec 327 CRYSTAL BEIGLE PATI BEIL MARK BENDER JAMES BENNETT Williamstown, KY Springfield, OH Arlington Heights, IL Wilmington, OH KATHLEEN BENNETT MELANIE BENNETT REBECCA E. BENNETT SCOTT BERGSTROM HOLLY BERNHARD SUSAN BERRY HOWARD BERRYMAN MARK BESS SUE BETTASSO •JANIE BIAGI JANICE BINGHAM JENNIFER BINGHAM PAM BINION ANN BINKLEY NINYA BIRCH JANET BISHOP LYNN BISHOP MICHAEL BLACKERBY JENNIFER BLADE RITA BLANCO CHERYL BLAND RHONDA BOHANNON HOLLY K. BOLTON MARY K.BOND ALAN BOOTH PAUL R. BOUGHMAN LESHA BOWER RITA BOWLING WENDY BOWYER ASHLEY BOYD CINDY BOYD DOUG BOYD TOBY BOYD ROBERT R. BRADFORD SCOTT A. BRADFORD DEIDRE BRADLEY MARY E. BRADLEY PHILLIP W. BRADY SHANNON BRAIN KIM R. BRANSTETTER CAPRICE BRASWELL RODNEY BROCK SUSAN BROCK KELLIE BROCKMAN Springfield, OH Harrisburg, KY Kettering, OH Richmond, KY Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Versailles, KY Springfield, OH Piketon, OH Shelbyville, KY Barbourville, KY Barbourville, KY Olive Hill, KY Louisville, KY Winchester, KY Harrods Creek, KY Florence, KY Springfield, KY Fairfield, OH Bradley Beach, NJ Henderson, KY Louisville, KY Lancaster, KY Frankfort, KY Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Portsmouth, OH Mt. Sterling, KY Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Trenton, OH Paintsville, KY Russell, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Louisville, KY South Shore, KY Morrow, OH Raywick, KY Louisville, KY Anchorage, KY Albany, KY Stanford, KY Bondeville, KY Sand Gap, KY 328 Sophomores Bei-Bro i • SONYA BROOKS Princeton. KY V w TERESA BROTHERS Brooksville, KY 1 BARBRA BROWN Barbarasville. KY d k KATHY BROWN Cincinnati. OH A A THERESA BROWN Owensboro, KY mA LAURA BRUCE Corbin, KY TjP%. JILL A. BRUNNER Cincinnati, OH w " - ' l PETER BUB Getzville. NY X- " I JAY BUCHHOLTZ Dayton. OH jm ROBERTA BUCHMANN Cincinnati. OH -■ CHARLOTTE A. BULLOCK Broahland. KY TERESA BURCHETT Grayson. KY :i m B " ELLEN BURDUCK Fleeshing, NY TIMOTHY J. BURGESS Williamstown, KY DONNA BURGRAFF McAndrews. KY DAVID G. BURNETTE Fairfield. OH ROCSHINA BURNS Los Angeles, CA TERRI BURTON Oxford. OH TAMMY J. BUSHMAN New Breman, OH LANE BUTLER REGINA L. CAIN JIM CALDWELL CYNCI CALLOWAY GREG CAMPBELL MARK CAMPBELL TINACAPRA TAMMY CARDEN PAMELA CARL GARY CARLBERG DONNA CARLY TOM CARPENTER TAMMIE CARRACO BRENDA G. CARRICO LORETTA CARRICO MARY CARTER JAMES A. CASCONI Shelbyville. KY Hamilton. OH Dry Ridge, KY Anchorage. KY Miamisburg. OH Campbellsburg. KY Fairfield. OH Belfrey. KY Versailles. KY Oak Mount, PA Williamsburg, KY Louisville. KY Lexington. KY Springfield, KY Matewan, W.VA Rush. KY Richmond, KY JOHNNY CASPER DIANA CASSON MARY LYNN CASTELL PAULA CASTORO ANNE CATTARELLO DONNA CECIL SELBY CECIL SAM CHAMPION KELLY CHANDLER KIM R. CHARLES PAMELA CHARLES KELLY CHATMAN Louisville. KY Miamisburg. OH Bloomfield. KY Seminole. FL London, KY Howardstown. KY Lebanon. KY Fairfax. VA Richmond, KY Winchester, KY Montrose. NY Vanceburg, KY Sophomores Bro-Cha 329 KELLY CHENDWETH West Union, OH KATHERINE CHISM Thompkinsville, KY HAZEL CHRISTERSON Danville, KY LINDA CHRISTIAN Cincinnati, OH AN N CHRISTIE Greensburg, K Y ALLYSON L. CLARK Winchester, KY BARBARA CLARK EARL CLARK GABRIELE CLARK NANCY CLARK LYNN CLAYWELL TERRI CLEMENTS EDCLEMMONS IRENE CLINEBELL BEVERLY A. CLOUSE DEBBIE COCHRAN DONNA COHER LINDA COLBORN CAMILLECOLDRION KEN W.COLE MACHELE COLEMAN TODD COLLARD RKCINACOLLETT MARK COLLINS JOSEPH COLLOPY C.ERALD COMBS LEE CONN CAROL CONYERS JEFF COOK KATHY COOK Ashland, KY Lexington, KY South Shore, KY Dayton, OH Barksville, KY Owensboro, KY Louisville, KY Latonia, KY Corbin, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Hamilton, OH Harlan, KY Irvine, KY Sulphur, KY Louisville, KY Crab Orchard. KY Middlesboro, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Corbin. KY Smithfield, KY Lexington, KY Hamilton, OH Frankfort, KY GLORIA COOPER Brooksville, KY JANET L. COOPER Burlington, Ontario MARIA COOPER Louisville, KY PATRICIA LEE COOPER Springfield, KY TOMMY COOPER Oak Ridge, TN ANGELA K. COPLEY Williamson, WV FAITH D. CORNETT TINACOTTONGIM GREG COUCH BECKY COULTER KATHY COULTER EARLINER. COX ELIZABETH F. COX JAMES R.A. COX JEANIES. COX KIMBERLYA. COX SI SAN COX Manchester, KY Manchester, KY Manchester, KY Parksville. KY Bloomfield, KY Irvine, KY Irvine, KY Foster, KY Berea, KY Versailles, KY Dry Ridge, KY STEPHANIE CRACAACK Cincinnati, OH 330 Sophomores Che-Cra SUSAN CRAFT Crawfordsville, ID TIM CRAWLEY Campbellsville, KY DAISY CRISOSTOMO Barbourville, KY SHARON CRISWELL Frankfort, KY CAROL CROSSWAIT Louisville. KY TAMMY CRUM Inez, KY TANYA CRUMBIE PHYLLIS CRUME LISA CUCCARO DIANNE CUMMINS JOEL CUMMINS Paris. KY Bloomfield, KY Hamilton, OH Burlington, KY Brooksville, KY SHANNON CUNNINGHAM Lexington, KY JILL CURRY DAVID DALE SUSAN DALE TERESA DANIEL JEFF DANNENBERG ALLYSON DAVIES BRAD DAVIS JAMES W. DAVIS MARY BETH DAVIS MILES S. DAVIS ROY E. DAVIS RUTH DAVIS Richmond, KY Radcliffe, KY Versailles, KY Frankfort, KY New Richmond, OH Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati. OH Louisville, KY London, OH Louisville, KY Irvine, KY Batavia. OH STEPHEN L. DAVIS New Richmond, OH WILLIAM DAVIS KAREN DAY THOMAS DEFOSSE TROY DEMAREE MICHELLE DESMOND JAN DHONAU LEAHDHONAU BRIAN DICKENS BETTINA DICKSON CAROLYN DIEMER DAN DIXON GREGORY L. DIXON TAMI DOBBS TERESA DOBBS LISA DOBSON SHELLI DOMINIQUE TERESA DONNER JENNIE M. DORTON ROBIN DOSCH LORI DOUGHMAN SHYRLEEN DOUGHTY Varney, KY Hamilton, OH Cincinnati, OH Louisville. KY Cleaves, OH Cincinnati, OH Worthington. OH Nicholasville, KY Lexington, KY Richmond, KY Easton, PA Lexington, KY E. Bernstadt. KY Louisville. KY Florence. KY Cincinnati. OH Fairfield. OH Florence. KY Bellevue, KY Wilmington. OH Crab Orchard, KY MARVETTA DOUGLAS Kings Mountain, KY MARY DOWLING Campbellsville, KY Sophomores Dan-Dow 331 SHERRI DOWNING GLENN A. DREES KIMBERLY DUFF SANDRA D. DUFF EVE DUNNING VICKIE DYE TRACY EAK JANET EARLY MELINDA EASLEY SUZANNE EASON V1CKI ECKART CAROL EDGINGTON FELICIA EDWARDS MARK EDWARDS MARIA ELFERS HAROLD L. ELLIOTT NANCY ELLIOTT PAM ELMY NADINE ELZY KEELEY EMBREY KATHY EMGE JENNIFER ENGLAND VALERIE A. ENSCH CHRIS A. ENSING ANGELA EPLIN LISA ERHARDT JULIE ERNST DAWN ESPEY KRISTI ESTILL JANI ETHERDGE Cynthiana, KY Harrisburg, PA Russell, KY Hueysville, KY Crafton, KY Richville, KY Hamilton, OH Louisville, KY Marion, KY Lexington, KY Florence, KY Winchester, KY Gravelswitch, KY Danville, KY Ft. Wright, KY Winchester, KY Stanford, KY Louisville, KY La Grange, KY Rineyville, KY Louisville, KY Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Stanford, KY Raceland, KY Jefferson City, MO Lenoir City, TN Fairview Park, OH Mayslick, KY West Chester, OH PORTER EUBANKS III MARY A. EVANS STEVE FALLS JESSICA JO FANNIN MATHEWJ.FARRELL SHARON K. FAULKNER TAMMY FAULKNER SUZANNE FAWBUSH LOIS FERRILL DEBORAH FESSLER VICKIE FIELD CHERYL FIELDS SUE FILIPPI JEAN E. FINLEY GARY FISHER TODD FISHER LISA FLATT CATHY FLEMING Lexington, KY Middlesboro, KY Louisville, KY Ashland, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Stanton, KY Corbin, KY London, KY Albany, KY Crestwood, KY Lexington, KY Blackey, KY Cincinnati, OH Leesburg, OH Dubois, IN Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Tipp City, OH 332 Sophomores Dow-Fle KIM FLOER LAURA FLOWERS SUSAN FOLLOWELL MICHAEL FORD •JENNIE FORQUER JILL FOSTER Cincinnati. OH Glasgow, KY Danville, KY Louisville. KY Richmond. KY London, KY ' KEENAN FOY Louisville. KY TAMMY FOY Louisville, KY EDWARD FRANKE Brandonboro. KY DEBRA ANN FRAYSURE Augusta, KY RON FREDERICK Dayton, OH LARRY FREDRICK Florence, KY VANAY FREEMAN KAREN FRENCH LENNY FRENCH LISA FREY DAWN FULLER PAM FULLER DANNY GABBARD ANGELA GAMMON LOU ANN GARE SANDRA E. GASE KATHLEEN L. GEIST PAULA GENTRY KEVIN GEORGE BECKY GIBSON CHARLES GIBSON SHARON GIBSON BRUCE GIGANDET Corbin, KY Charlotte, NC Durham, CT Maysville, KY Alexandria, KY ' Fern Creek. KY Hazard, KY ' Sciotoville, OH Russell Springs, KY ' Fairfield. OH Lexington, KY ' Louisville, KY Kettering, OH Perryville. KY " Richmond, KY " Albany. KY Versailles, OH KIMBERLY JANE GILBERT London. KY LISA GILBERT SALLY GILL ANDY GILLUM KENT GILMAN JAMES L. GISH JR. KAREN GIUFFRE Corbin. KY ' Loveland, OH Greenup, KY " West Carrolton. OH Mansfield, OH Centerville. OH LISA GLASSNER JACQUELINE GODBEY ALAN GOFF GINA GOODMAN DIANA GORDON " GAIL GORDON Louisville. KY " Waynesburg, KY ' Fairdale. KY " Richmond, KY " Richmond. KY ' Louisville. KY ' SUSAN GREB MARTHA GREEN LISA GREENE LYNDA GREENWELL ROCHELLE GREENWELL KIM GREER Miamisburg. OH Grayson. KY " Lexington. KY ' Louisville, KY " Frankfort, KY Corbin, KY ' Sophomores Flo-Gre 333 .JACKIE S. GRIFFIN CARLA GRIFFITH HARRY W.GRIFFITH KIM GRIFFITH JEFF GRIMM BEATRICE GRIN WALD MICHAEL J. GRISH AM ESTHER GROTKE KIM GRUBBS DEBORAH GUMM CONNIE HACKER NIETTA HAGANS LISAHAGER LESA HAHN JILLHALCOMB TINA HALL LINDA HAMBLIN DALE HAMILTON LAURA HAMILTON LORI HAMILTON DAVID HAMMONDS DEBBIE HAMMONS LYNNE HAMPTON KATHY HANER SHERRY HANLON CAROL HARDEN SHEILA HARDEN SCOTT HARDWICK JOANNA HARDY RHONDA HARLESS JOHN HARLOW CHERI HARNEY HELEN HARRIS DEBBIE HARTLAGE DONNA HARTMAN MELANIE HARVEY MIKE HARVILLE JENNIFER HASKINS JANE HASTIE RANDY HATFIELD JAYMA L. HAWKINS MICHAEL A. HAYDEN Beattyville. KY Ashland, KY Wooton, KY St. Michaels, PA Slemp, KY Richmond, KY Worthville, KY Buffalo, NY Richmond, KY Vincent, KY Manchester, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Albany, NY Inez, KY VV. Alexandria, OH Dover, KY LaGrange, KY Louisville, KY Stanford, KY London, KY London, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Inez, KY Fairfield, OH Somerset, KY Williamson, W.VA Harrodsburg, KY Centerville, OH Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Dayton, OH Cincinnati, OH Stanford, KY Belfrey, KY Frankfort, KY Frankfort, KY HELEN SUZANNE HAYES Tyner, KY MICHELLE HAYES Louisville, KY NICKI A. HAYNES Murchison, TX CARLA HEBERT Lexington, KY JANET HEDGES! nTH Campbellsville. KY RAY HEILMAN Campbellsburg, KY 334 Sophomores Gri-Hei GWEN HENDERSON SHELLI HENDREN DEBBIE HENDRIX MARILYN HENDRIX REGINAM. HENKEL JAMES B. HENRY GLENN R. HENSLEY JEANNIE HENSLEY REGINA HENSLEY TAMMY HENSLEY TONY HERALD TAMMY HIBBARD BRUCE HIGDON STEPHANIE HIGGINS SHERRI HILDERBRAND FRANCES HILL JAMES W. HILL, JR. MARGARET HILL Louisville. KY Salvisa, KY Harrodsburg, KY Flemingsburg. KY Carmel, NY Paris, KY Lexington, KY Manchester, KY Brookville, IN Kenvir. KY Greenup, KY Barbraville. KY Lebanon, KY ' Lexington, KY Tollesboro, KY Carrollton, KY Ravenna. KY KEITH HINES PAMLA HOBBS GIBSON T. HOCKER D. HOCKERSMITH ALONNA HODGES CRAIG HOGAN Louisville, KY McKee, KY Lexington. KY Bowling Green, KY Lexington, KY Blanchester, OH ALBERT HOLBROOK JULIA HOLLIS CHRISTA HOLLON PAMELA HOLTZCLAW CINDY HOMMES YVONNE HONEYCUTT KEMBERLY HOOVER VANESSA HOPKINS RHONDA HOPSON KATHY ANN HORN MELESA HORTON LINDA HOUCHIN WILLIAM C. HOUSTON CHARLOTTE HOWARD TAUNYA HUFF CATHY HUFFMAN CHRIS HUMPHREY REBECCA A. HUNN GREGORY HUNT PAM HUNT DAVID HURT KARLA DAWN HURT ROSEMARY HUSTED CYNTHIA K. HUSTON Richmond, KY Cincinnati. OH Maysville, KY Dunneville, KY Chicago, IL Middlesboro, KY Frankfort, KY Mt. Vernon. KY Pikeville. KY Paintsville, KY Trenton, OH Louisville, KY Ashland. KY Manchester, KY Berea. KY Winchester, OH Mt. Sterling, KY Harrodsburg, KY Louisville. KY Feds Creek. KY Nicholasville, KY Frankfort, KY Sebree, KY London, KY Sophomores Hen-Hus 335 ALLISON K. HYER REBECCA ISOM ELIZABETH ISON KAREN IVIE CANDICE JACKSON BARBARA JACOBER MARIANNA JACOBS MARIA JAHNES JOSEPH H.JAMESON CHERYL JEFFRIES CINDY ANN JEFFRIES JULIE JEHN CAROL JENSEN GEORGE JOHNIDES RONALD C.JOHNS ANITA JOHNSON DAVID JOHNSON DENISE J. JOHNSON Hannibal, OH Manchester, KY Richmond, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Pineville, KY Ft. Wright, KY Fairfield, OH St. Albans, WV Elizabethtown, KY Crestwood, KY Crestwood, KY Covington, KY Waddy, KY Xenia, OH Nicholasville, KY Corbin, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY JENNY JOHNSON NANCY JOHNSON PAM JOHNSON TONI JOHNSON Frankfort, KY Richmond, KY Fleming Neon, KY Corbin, KY TRACEY ANN JOHNSON Burton, MI ROBIN JOHNSTONE Harrodsburg, KY ANNETTE C.JONES CYNTHIA JONES MELINDA JONES SHELLY JONES DONNA JUNGCLAS RICK JUSTICE RICK K. JUSTICE KIMBRAKAHLE SHARON KALB DENISE KAYS DANA KEARNS ANGELA KELSCH RANDY KERN BRIDGET KERSEY PAULA L. KIDD ROBERT K. KINDER LINDA KING PAULETTA KING SHARYL KING CLAY KINGSLEY DARRELL KINGTON KAREN KINMAN BETH KIRCHER JAMES E. KISER, JR. Shepherdsville, KY W. Portsmouth, OH Columbia, KY Louisville, K Y Milford, OH Elkhorn City, KY Phyllis, KY Tipp City, OH Bradenton, FL Louisville, KY Flatwoods, KY Augusta, KY Burkesville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Lexington, KY McKee, KY Irvine, KY Taylor Mill, KY Lexington, KY Madisonville, KY Dry Ridge, KY Louisville, KY Irvine, KY 336 Sophomores Hye-Kis DAVID KLINGSTEIN JOE KLOEKER DEANA K. KNIGHT TAMMY L.KNOX ANGELA KOKES Indianapolis, IN Independence. KY Louisville, KY Stanton, KY Louisville, KY DAVID O. KOOKENDOFFER Paris, KY THOMAS A. KOOS Dayton, OH STEPHEN KREIDLER Maysville, KY KATHRYN KRESGE Chesapeake City, MD DIANE L. KROTH Union, KY ROBERT 0. KULER Fort Thomas, KY JEFFREY M. KUNKEL Erlanger, KY LINDA KUNKEL EMILY KURTZ LORRAINE D. LALONDE CATHY LAMAR GLEN LAMPTON ANNETTE LAVVSON ERIC LAVVSON JOANIE B. LAWSON PAULA LAYNE LINDA SUE LEACH VAUGHN B. LEAKE RICK LEGER JOE LEISING BARBARA A. LEMASTER ROBERT W. LEMON LISA LENTZ SUE LIES SUSAN LINCOLN Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH Lexington. KY Mason, OH Louisville, KY Columbus. OH Wilmington, OH Barbaraville. KY Betsy Layne, KY Middlesboro. KY Raywick, KY Orlando, KY Coldspring, KY Flatwoods, KY Cincinnati, OH Waynesville, OH Cincinnati, OH Louisville. KY VIRGINIA LINK LINDA LISCH RUTHIE LOCKARD LISA LORAN JAMES V. LOUGHRAM DARLENE LOWE DEBRA LOWERY GREG LUCHETT TRESSA R. LUSK TERRY LYNCH CLYDE L. LYON JEFF LYONS KATHY J. LYONS MARCIA LYONS MARTY LYONS GAYLE MACHTOLFF DEANNE G. MADDEN LAURA MADDEN Sidney, OH Springfield, OH Constantine. KY Louisville, KY Manchester, KY Gravel Switch, KY Richmond. KY Lebanon, KY Pikeville. KY Brandenburg, KY Louisville, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Ashland, KY Pleasureville, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Hopewell, OH Davton. OH Sophomores Kli-Mad 337 MARIASA MADRAS KEITH MAHAN CATERINA MAHLER MATHEVVMALONEY ELIZABETH MANBY ERIC R. MANNS WILL MANSFIELD KAREN MARLOWE BILLY MARTIN ( ' .ENTRY MARTIN JANET MARTIN JANICE K. MARTIN RIC MARTIN SHARON MARTIN LELIA MASDEN VICTORIA MASON JOHN MASTERS BARBARA MASTIN Louisville, KY Burdine, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Dayton, OH Middletown, KY Nenia, OH Wilmoore, KY Irvine, KY Corbin, KY Danville, KY Radcliffe, KY Brandenburg, KY Fairfield, OH Lexington, KY Owensboro, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Crab Orchard, KY Richmond, KY RHONDA BETH MATLOCK Somerset, KY KELLEY A. MATTHEWS PAUL MATTINGLY SWAYNEMATTOX GREGORY D. MAY JACKIE MAYNARD Louisville, KY Lebanon, KY Cynthiana, KY Shelbyville, KY Louisville, KY MERRILL MAYNARD MARY KING MAYS CINDYJ.MAZUR SUSAN McCLARTY BETH McINTYRE JACKIE McAFEE Stanville. KY Princeton, KY Yellow Creek, Canada Louisville, KY Vine Grove, KY Mt. Washington, KY JEFF McAFEE MARSHALL McCALLUM KELLY M. McCAULEY CHARLES McCLELLAN DEBRA McCLURE A. PAIGE McCONAUGHY Mt. Washington, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Milton, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Ringoes, NJ TIM McDANIEL holly Mcdonald RAMONA McGOVERN CARMELAMcGRAW THERESA McHALE PAMELA A. McHUGH NEECIE McINTYRE DAILEY McKINLEY SCOTT D.McKINNEY KARENJ.McLEAN DIXIE McWHORTER FRANCES A MEDD Troy. OH Richmond, KY Bellevue, KY Beaver, OH Waynesburg, KY Union, KY Louisville, KY Lancaster, KY Harrodsburg, KY Crawfordsville, IN Tyner, KY Lebanon, KY 338 Sophomores Mad-Med MONICA MEDICO MISSY MEEK BILL MEEKS LINDA MEEKS JILL ROBIN MEIER JOHN MELTON Florence, KY Elsmere, K i Corbin, KY Dayton, OH Springfield, OH South Lebanon. OH TEIA J. MELTON Burkesville, KY LORI MELVILLE Southgate, KY MARY MENK Nicholasville, KY TINA MEREDITH Louisville, KY JOAN M. MESSERKNECHT Baltimore, OH JEAN METZGER Florence, KY JULIE METZMEIER Cincinnati, OH CINDY V. MIDDLESWORTH Richmond, KY BRIAN MILLER Louisville, KY CHERI MILLER Flatwoods, KY CHERYL MILLER Lexington. KY JEFFREY L. MILLER Mount Olivet, KY MELINDA MILLER SHARON MILLER BILL MILLION ARTHUR MILLS SUSAN MILLS JEFFERY L. MINOR ROGER A. MIRACLE TONY MITCHELL SHERI MIVELAZ SALEM MOAMENAH ROBIN MODENA AWAD S. MOHAMED Springfield, OH Corbin, KY Richmond, KY Owensboro, KY Winchester, KY Middlesboro, KY Stanford, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Saudi Arabia Bluefield, VVY Benghazi. Libya JEROME MOHR Ft. Thomas, KY PAMELA MONTGOMERY Burgin, KY CARLA MOORE Ashland, KY DAVID MOORE Monticello, KY MARK MOORE Garrison, KY MARY MOORE Harrodsburg, KY TOM MORELAND Carlisle, KY JAMES E. MORGAN Middletown, KY MICHAEL MORRIS Berea, KY RHONDA MORRIS Huddy, KY JANE MORRISON Somerset, KY COLLEEN R. MORROW Richmond. KY DALLAS MOSES Lexington, KY CARLA MOUHEAD Hebron. KY SHAWN RAY MOUNTJOY Danville, KY DONNA J. MOUNTS Sidney. KY FRANCES MUDD Lebanon. KY ANNE MARIE MUIRHEAD Louisville. KY Sophomores Med-Mui 339 MIKE MULCAHY DONNA MULLER MONICA MULLER LORENA G. MULLINS ROBIN L. MULLINS SHARON MURPHY RUTH ANN NALLY MIKE NAPIER LISA NASH PAUL NAVE DANNY NEAL LESLEE NEVIUS SHELIA NEW VICKY A. NEWELL BECKY NEWKIRK MARK NEWKIRK TERESA NICELY ELEE NICHOLS SHERRY B. NICHOLSON MADONNA NORMAN MARY ANNE NORTH PAMELA NORTON CARYN O ' CONNOR CHRISTINA S.ODELL Verona, KY Louisville, KY Frankfort, KY Meally, KY Hamlin, WV Louisville, KY Springfield, KY Frankfort, KY Frankfort, KY Pine Knott, KY Harrodsburg, KY Phelps, KY Pickerington, OH Wilmington, OH Wilmington, OH Wurtland, KY Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Freeburn, KY Gerogetown, KY Middlesboro, KY Louisville, KY Charleston, WV KATHY OLDHAM Lexington, KY CYN ORME Owingsville, KY JAMELL L. OSBORNE West Liberty, KY MARY OSBORNE Fairdale, KY DAVID WENDELL OWENS Mt. Vernon, KY KEITH PALMER Kettering, OH PAM PATTERSON Fairfield, OH REBECCA S. PATTERSON Harrodsburg, KY MICHAEL R. PAUL Maysville, KY NANCY PAULIN Louisville, KY JEANNINE PAYNE Pewee Valley, KY KELLY PAYNE Mt. Vernon, KY LYNN PEEBLES Kenia, OH DANA LYNNE PERKINS Jeffersontown, KY DAVE PERKINS Batavia, OH ELVENA PERRY Pine Knit, KY DWAYNE PETTIT Lexington, KY JANICE PHARIS Burkesville, KY MARSHA S. PHILLIPS DENISE PIERATT DENNIS PINHSTON ROBYN PITTMAN KATHY L. PLUMMER KIM PLUMMER 340 Sophomores Mu; Flu London, KY Middletown, OH Springfield, KY Frankfort, KY Cynthiana, KY Broad Run, VA MARK A. POLLARD Danville, KY DEBBIE PORTER Franklin, OH RONALD L. POST Lebanon, OH KIZ POTENSKY Belfry. KY LYNN POTTER Russell, KY CINDY POWE Winchester, KY CAROLYN POWELL Georgetown, KY DEBORAH L. POWERS Liberty, KY BEVERLY POYNTER Louisville, KY DONNA M. PRATT Martin, KY GARY PREECE Paintsville, KY TIM PRESTON Lexington. KY LISA PRICE Corbin. KY DIANNA PROFFITL London. KY CONNIE PULLIAM Frankfort, KY CINDI PYLES LISAM.RADER McKee, KY LISA RAIKE Greenfield. OH JOHNNIE RAMEY Elkhorn City, KY CYNTHIA A. RANDOLPH Mt. Healthv, OH KIMBERLY RAPSON Louisville, KY PHYLLIS RATCLIFF Hamilton, OH GUS RATHGEBER Fredonia, NY DEBORAH S. RAY Louisville. KY DEBBIE REAGAN Frankfort, KY HOLLY REAM Cincinnati, OH LISA REDMON Russel Springs, KY SANDRA REED Old Springs, KY DEBORAH REID Prestonburg, KY JOHN RESREPO Lexington, KY ANTHONY L. REYNOLDS Danville, KY BILLY REYNOLDS Lexington, KY MITZI RHOADES Fairdale, KY LYNN S. RICHARDSON Louisville, KY WILLIAM D. RICHARDSON Connersville, IN TERRI RICHTER Cincinnati, OH LIBBY RILEY BETH RITCHIE SARAH L. ROBBINS LISA L. ROBERSON MARGO M.ROBERTS SHARON ROBERTS SUSAN ROBERTS WENDELL W. ROE DEBRA ROGERS CYNTHIA A. ROLEN KATHY RORRER RODGER ROSS Richmond, KY Cynthiana, KY Brookville, IN Rome, GA Kings Park, NY Harrodsburg. KY Hyden, KY Winchester, KY Bardstown. KY Portsmouth, OH Beverly. KY Cynthiana, KY Sophomores Pol-Ros 341 CHRISTY ROTUNNO Saline, MI BETH ROUTLEDGE Bellevue, KY RANDELL Q. ROWELL Conway, KY DINAH ROWLAND Kings Mountain, KY DEBRA ROWLETT Milton, KY MARK RUDDELL Carlisle, KY HOLLY L. RUNYAN Delaware, OH ART RUPE Berea, KY JOY RUPERT Ashland, KY PATTY RUSH Edmonton, KY MARY RUSHING BRENDA LYNETTE RUSSELL McKee, KY GARY RUTZ SHEILA RYDER SAID HOSSIN SABAH SCOTT SACRE Carlisle, PA Findlay, OH Saudi Arabia, Abha Frankfort, KY ALAN SADLER Campbellsburg, KY MICHAEL DEAN SALLEE Winchester, KY SHAHPOOR SAMADI Iran ADNAN SAMKARI Saudi Arabia JENNIFER SANDERS Harlan, KY JOHNNY SANDUSKY Lebanon, KY KIM SASSER Corbin, KY WILLARD SAUNTRY Batavia, OH SUSAN SCHAFFER Independence, KY NANCY A. SCHARDINE Fairfield, OH BETH SCHNEIDER Centerville, OH ALEX E. SCHOOLER Fisherville, KY KAREN SCHRAM St. Clair Shores, MI DAVID H. SCHULTE Villa Hills, KY GERRY SCHULTZ Midway, KY JIM SCOTT Brentwood, TN KIM SCOTT Ashland, KY JOEY S. SEALE Brockville, IN PATTI SEALS Berea, KY STEPHEN M. SETTLE Lexington, KY ALICE P. SEWELL Frankfort, KY MARY A. SHACKELFORD Irvine, KY LORA SHAFFER Portsmouth, OH PATTY SHANNON Hamilton, OH ANN SHARPE Brandenburg, KY BARRY SHAW Louisville, KY KATHY SHAW SONIE SHELTON JUDITH C. SHEPHERD LEIGH SHIREMAN PAM SHIRLEY SUSAN 0. SHUFF Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Manchester, KY Louisville, KY Harrodsburg, KY Georgetown, KY 342 Sophomores Rot-Shu EARL RAY SHULER Beattyville, KY TAMMY S. SIERS Louisville, KY MONROE SIGEMORE Hyden, KY VALERIE P. SIMER Hamilton, OH GINA K. SIMMONS Miamisburg, OH BARBARA SIMPSON Crestwood, KY KIM SIPES Louisville, KY CONNIE SIPPLE Erlanger, KY DIANA SIZEMORE Gray, KY TERESA SIZEMORE Manchester, KY ROBBIN SKAGGS C ampbellsville, KY CHRIS L. SKINNER Puyallup, WA LAURA SKOGSTROM Springfield, OH ELLEN SLATTERY Frankfort, KY RANDI SLY Vermilton, OH BRIAN SMITH Ashland, KY DIANNA SMITH Lexington, KY MARLA SMITH Science Hill, KY PAM SMITH Friendship, OH PAT SMITH Hazard, KY PAULA SMITH Corbin, KY RANDALL SMITH Gray, KY SANDY SMITH Corbin, KY SCHERYL SMITH Cincinnati, OH SHARON SMITH Irvington, KY TONY SMITH Bardstown, KY DOUGLAS J. SMITHSON Milford, OH LESLIE SOUDER Florence, KY TERRI G. SPEAR Kettle, KY JACQUELINE SPENCER Oakwood, IL LINDA SPENCER BeattyvUle, KY VICKI SPINNER Louisville, KY KAREN SPIVEY London, KY W. DUDLEY SPOONAMORE Danville, KY JAY SPRAGUE Bellevue, KY CHERYL ANN SPRINGMEYER Brooks, KY BENSON A. SPURLING MICHAEL W. ST. CLAIR ANN STAHLEY BARBARA KAY STAKE Knoxville, TN Somerset, KY Cincinnati, OH Greenup, KY GREG STAPLETON Boiling Springs, PA RANDALL J. STAVISKI Newport, KY GWEN C. STEPHENS JILEE STEVENS ANNA STEWART CAROL JANE STEWART DONNA O.STEWART JANICE STEWART Frankfort, KY Ashland. KY Ashland, KY Barbourville, KY Dreyfus, KY Harlan, KY Sophomores Shu-Ste 343 LESLIE A. STEWART LESLIE M. STEWART TOM STIPES ELIZABETH STIVERS CRAIG P. STRUENING SCOTT A. STUMBO Shelbyville, KY Union, KY Richmond, KY Manchester, KY Flemington, NJ Nancy, KY ANITA R. STURGILL Stambaugh, KY LISA JANELL SUMMERLIN Richmond, KY ELIZABETH KAY SUTTON Springfield, KY LINDA L. SUTTON Prospect, KY RODNEY SWAIN Bagdad, KY MARK SWEET Corbin, KY WENDY SWINFORD GREG SWORD KATHRYN A. TARTER EDWARD TAYLOR KATHY TEMPLE SUSIE THACKER Cynthiana, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Liberty, KY Cincinnati, OH Marion, KY Fish Trap, KY CAROL THARPE Brandenburg, KY CAROLYN THOMAS Dry Ridge, KY JANIE MAE THOMAS Richmond, KY TERRIE THOMAS Russell Springs, KY TERRY J. THOMAS Beria, KY TRINA THOMAS Richmond, KY KIMBERLY THOMPSON Jeffersontown, KY CYNTHIA THORNBURG Danville, KY TIM THORNSBERRY Louisville, KY WOODY TICHENON Louisville, KY MARIE TERESA TIDWELL Woodbridge, VA PATRICK KEVIN TIERNEY Louisville, KY RIC OCASEK TILLSON BLAINE TTNSLEY ELSIE FA YE TIPTON DIANE TOBERGTE EILEEN TRAFTON STACY LYNN TREES Gilvertsville, KY Hustonville, KY Richmond, KY Independence, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY MICHAEL TRENT Middlesboro, KY JACQUELINE TRUESDELL Norwood, OH MING TSANG Waterloo Hill, HK ELIZABETH TURLEY Mt. Sterling, KY LORNA C. TURNER Paris, KY ROSALIND TURNER Booneville, KY WILLIAM TURNER Coeburn VA CRAIG S. TURPIN Richmond, KY -J DONNA L. TURPIN Paris, KY f - , KEN UPTAGRAFFT Louisville, KY ELLEN UPTON Louisville, KY tr t. SANDRA USHER V 1 i 344 Sophomores Ste-U3h HENRY UTHER KIM A. VAIL DAVID B. VANCE JANA VANDRY MARSHA VANHOOK ALICE VANOVER VALERIE VICE MELISSA VINCENT SHERIWADE KEITH WAFORD THERESA WAGUS DARYL WAINSCOTT RON WALFORD AMY WALKER LISA A. WALKER MARK V. WALL JENNIFER WALLER DENISE WALTERS LISA WARD MICHAEL WARD PAULA WARD RANDALL C.WARNER CAROLYN WARREN GENNIVER WARREN Milan, OH Fairfield, OH Georgetown. KY Paducah, KY Lbank, KY Middlesboro. KY Versailles, KY Fairdale, KY Gallipolis, OH Shelbyville. KY Livingston. KY Edgewood, KY Harrison, OH Owensboro, KY Springfield, KY Bybee, KY Berea, KY Berry, KY Versailles, KY Cincinnati, OH Phyllis, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY KIM WARREN JENNIFER WASHINGTON ANNAM.WASHKO BEREDA WATKINS DONNA WATKINS Winchester, KY Lexington, KY Milford, OH Salgluville, KY Clay City, KY CARL WATSON JERI WATSON MARYANN WATSON BEN WAITERS KAREN WEGENAST DWAYNE WELLS SUZANNE WELLS TOM D. WELLS SUSAN WENTWORTH LISA WENTZEL TINA WERMUTH CHRISTOPHER A. WEST ELIZABETH WEST KATHY WEST ROBERT WESTBROOK DIANNA WESTHERFORD AILEEN WHALEN MARCIA L. WHIGHAM BECKY WHITE Campbellsville, KY Betsylayne. KY Richmond, KY Irvine, KY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Corbin, KY Belfast. ME Cincinnati, OH Fairdale, KY Richmond . KY Paris. KY Paint Lick. KY London. KY Burlington, KY Richmond, KY Smithfield, KY Flovd Knobs, IN Sophomores Uth-Whi 345 DAVID R. WHITE MARIANNE WHITE KIM WHITEY J.R. WHITED CINDY WHITIS STEVEN WHITSON SCOTT WIBBELS MARIS A WIENTZIS LINDA WILCOXSON DONNA J. WILDER KAREN WILDER VICKIE WILHOITE SCOTT WILKERSON SUZANNE WILL PATTY C. WILLAIMS BEVERLY WILLIAMS BRIAN WILLIAMS MELINDA WILLIAMS Mt JOHN WILLIAMSON LOUELLA WILLIAMSON MONICA WILLIS ROD WILLIS TERESA WILMERS KIMBERLY WILSON LISA L. WILSON SHEILA WILSON TARI WILSON JANET L. WILT TRACI WIMSATT YVONNE WINGARD NANETTE WINKLE JILL WIRTLEY GINAWITT EDWARD W. WOLLERY BRIAN WOODLEE BRENDA WOODS EDWIN R. WOODS CYNTHIA WRIGHT LINDA S. WRIGHT ROBIN WRIGHT JOSEPHINE YAGODICH GLENNA YANCEY THERESA R. YORK BECKY YOUNGS DANAYOUNT KATHRYN YOUNT TOMMY ZOTTMAN Ft. Thomas, KY Versailles, KY London, KY Bernside, KY Knoxville, TN Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Sulphur, KY Louisville, KY Owenton, KY Louisville, KY Butler, PA Bellevue, KY Louisville, KY Pasadena, MD Washington, KY Canada. KY McKee, KY Winchester, KY Elsmere, KY Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY London, KY Paint Lick, KY Lebanon, OH Wilmington, OH Louisville, KY Brook Park, OH Frankfort, KY Seven Mile, OH Richmond, KY Irvine, KY Gray, KY May ' s Lick, KY Grayson, KY Stearns, KY Stearns, KY Lewisburg, KY Toler, KY Glencoe, KY Belfast, ME Chatam, IL Memphis, TN Frankfort, KY Lebanon, KY BARBARA ZWICKER Jeffersontown, KY 346 Sophomores Whi-Zwi DANA ABBOTT TERESA ABEL MARK ABELING GINA ABELL BILLIE JEAN ABNER PAMELA JOY ABNER CAROL ABRAHAM ANNE ACHBACH CINDY ADAMS CYNTHIA ADAMS MARLENE ADAMS MONICA ADAMS SCOTT ADAMS SHARLENE ADAMS ROXANNE AHRMAN LAURIE AINSWORTH VALERIE ALEXANDER JANET ALLEN Tipp City. HO Berea, KY Erl anger, KY Crestwood, KY Hamilton. OH Winchester, KY Bellevue, KY Dayton. OH West Liberty, KY Danville, KY Crestwood, KY Whitesburg. KY Chapmanville. WV Crestwood. KY Peebles. OH Louisville. KY Berea, KY Mt. Vernon. KY LINDA ALLEN GREGORY ALLEN DER SHEILA ALLEY LINDA SUE ALLGEIER KATHY ALLISON MARY SUE ALSIP DEBRA N. ANDERSON RODNEY ANDERSON STEVE ANDERSON JEFF ANDREWS PEGGY ANGLIN KAREN APPLEGATE CARMEN ARNOLD GINA ARVIN BETH ASHCRAFT MICHAEL ASHER TERI ASHER SHELLY AYERS CHERYL M. BACHMAN PAM BACK TAMMY BAHM THOMAS N. BAKER, III JERRY BAKER MARK BAKER RHONDA BAKER TANYA L. BAKER VERNA BAKER DONNA BALL L.ARRY BALLARD Louisville. KY Independence. KY Ashland. KY Louisville. KY Frankfort. KY Mt. Vernon. KY Kettering. OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati. OH Paint Lick. KY Arlington Hgts IL Covington, KY Irvine, KY Louisville. KY Winchester. KY Louisburg, KY Richmond, KY Winchester. KY Lexington. KY Louisville. KY Middlesboro. KY Hazard. KY Carlisle. Ky Frankfort. KY Hamilton, IH Burdine. Ky Louisville. KY Irvine. KY FLORENCE T. BARCLAY Richmond. KY Freshmen Abb-Bar 347 ANNE BARKER JOHNDA BARKER KAREN BARKER MELISSA BARKER CHARLES BARKIE Winchester, KY Catlettsburg, KY Louisville, KY Vanlear, KY Park Hills, KY JOSEPH B. BARNHORST Indianapolis, IN ANGELA BARRETT LINDA BARROW JOEY BARTLEY MICHAEL BARTLEY SANDY BASHAM DORA BETHE BAYS SHARON BEACH LYNISE BEATTY DAWNA BEEBOUT GIGI BELANDER DANITA BENNETT Hyden, KY Louisville, KY Pikeville, KY Thorn phinsville, KY Louisville, KY Oneida. KY Middlesboro, KY Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Northville, MI Grove City, OH MICHAEL A. BENNETT Villa Hills, KY BEVERLY A. BENTLEY DONNA BETHEA DONNITA BEVINS ROCKY D. BINDER FRED BISEL LINDA BISHOP London, KY Fort Benning, GA Williamson, WV London, KY Marshall, MI Booneville, KY MARTY BISHOP RUTH BLACKWELL MARY BLANDFORD CARLA D, BLANKENSHIP TAMARA BLAU ANNE BLAYNEY Louisville, KY Irvine, KY Louisville, KY Batavia, OH Walton, KY Louisville, KY CAROLINE BLEVINS Lexington, KY JANE BLEVINS Ashland, KY JO ANN BLIZZARD Richmond, KY PHILLIP BOATRIGHT Paintsville, KY MARY BODGLEY Hamilton, OH CHARLES BOGARDUS Harrodsburg, KY RANDY BOGUE DAVID L. BOLTE TERESA BOLTE MICHAEL BOLTON JILL BONFIGLIO JANET BOOTHE Richmond, KY Russell, KY Cincinnati, OH Lancaster, KY Dayton, OH Rineyville, KY STEVE BORDERS Sommerset, KY KEMBERLY A. BOTKINS Georgetown, KY LYNN BOUCHARD Louisville, KY GARY BOWLING Paint Lick, KY JACKIE BOWLING Spurlock, KY JO BETH BOWLING Manchester, KY Ni ' ■• H M 348 Freshmen Bar- Bow SARAH S. BOWLING SHERYL BOWLING •JULIE BOYD TED BOYD CINDY BRADS HAW KATHY BRAKEFIELD Elizabethtown. KY East Berastadt, KY Fortsmith, OH Russell, KY Lurasville, OH Revenna, KY BELVA BRANDENBURG Beattyville. KY CONNIE BRANDENBURG Beattyville, KY DANNY M. BRANDENBURG Irvine, KY STEPHEN BRANHAM Flatwoods. KY ANGELINA P. BRAY Frankfort, KY JOHN KENNETH BRAY Berea, KY CARTA F. BREEDING SHERRI BREEZE HOLLI JO BREWINGTON TINA BRIMFIELD SUE BRIZENDINE RICKY A. BROCK Rineyville, KY Louisville, KY Kettle, KY Cattleboro, KY Richmond, KY Stanford, KY LINAY BRODBECK Kettering. OH GLENDA MARIE BROOKS London, KY JOAN BROOKS Fairfield, OH ANNE BROTZGE Jeffersontown, KY PATTI BROWN Fort Thomas, KY CRAIG R. BROWN Paint Lick. KY DEBRA BROWN JAMES N. BROWN, JR. JANET BROWN JENNIFER L. BROWN NANCY BROWN REBECCA BROWN Nicholasville, KY Ashland, KY Danville, KY London, KY Crown, KY Lexington, KY SUSAN BROWN Louisville, KY JULIE J. BORWNE Richmond, KY JAYNE M. BRUEGGEN Dayton, KY TAMMIE BRUMBACK Harrowburg, KY BETH BRUMLEY Mt. Olivet, KY DON BRUMMETT Crab Orchard, KY KEVIBERLEY BRUNER Sommerset, KY MARY JUDE BUECHLER Louisville, KY DONNA F. BULLENS Lexington, KY KATHERINE BU LLOCK Brodhead, KY JANICE SUE BURCHELL Manchester, KY LESLIE BURLEY W. Carrollton, OH DONNA BURNETT ELIZABETH BURRIS JILL A. BURRIS KATHY ' BURTON REGINA BURTON KIM BUSH Radcliff, KY Louisville, KY Radcliff. KY Columbia, KY Florence. KY Louisville. KY Freshmen Bow-Bus 349 MARSHA BUSH ANN E. BUS1CK GRISELDA BUTCHER DONNA BYRD CANDY CABLE TOM CAGNEY Lebanon, OH Carrollton, KY Cincinnati, OH Eubank, KY Zachairah, KY Grove City, OH WADE CALBERT Georgetown, KY CAROLYN CALDWELL Columbia, KY GLENDA F. CALDWELL Cincinnati, OH VANESSA CALHOUN Carbon, KY JENNIFER CANTRELL Phelps. KY PAT CARL West Carrollton, OH JANICE CARLOCK SUSAN CARMACK JOHN CARMEN ARCH CARRICE KAREN ANN CARROLL PAULA CARROLL Kettering, OH East Bernstand, KY Yosemite, KY Louisville, KY Red Bank, NJ Lexington, KY GARY CARTER M ELAN IE CARTER SAM CARTER DALE CARY TRULENA CASE DAVID CASEY JILL CASSELL KYLE LYNN CAUDILL SHARON CAUDILL GARY CAUSEY DANA CAVE PAMELA CERRATO Junction City, KY Versailles, KY Pikeville, KY Crestwood, KY Revenna, KY Waddy, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Brodhead, KY Berea, KY Campbellsville, KY Belfry, KY PATRICIA CAHDWELL MARYBETH CHAMBERS GEORGE CHANEY CARLA CHAPMAN LORIE CHAPPELL MARY E. CHARLES JO CHEATHAM DONN CHESLEY DEBBIE CHILDS KEN CHILVEIS CHRIS CHMIEL KATHY CLARK Lexington, KY Cincinnati, OH Beattyville, KY Flatwoods, KY Finchville, KY Ashland, KY Danville, KY Cincinnati, OH Frankfort, KY Campton, KY Springboro, OH Owensboro, KY MARYETTE CLAUD KATHERLNE CLAYTON WILMA K. CLEM VANESSA CLINES LIN NY CLOYD Pineville, KY Cynthiana, KY Baxter, KY Inez, KY Nicholasville, KY 350 Freshmen Bus-Clo DEBRA COBB TINA COBB STEVE COFFMAN KATRINA COLE LISA COLE TIM COLEMAN JUANITA COLLIER RUSSELL D. COLWELL JULIE COLYER EVE COMBS JENNIFER A. COMBS ROXANNE COMER Lexington, KY Coldspring. KY Newport. KY Battyville, KY Richmond, KY Shelbyville, KY Kite, KY London, KY Louisville, KY Raceland, KY Lexington, KY Covington, KY DEBRA LYNN COMPTON Louisville, KY MARK CONDER MIKE CONNELLY CAROLINE COOK NANCY COOKE ALICE COOPER PHILLIP COPHER DEBBIE CORDES DAVID CORNETT JUDY CORNETF MARY CORNETT DENISE COUCH Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Butler, KY Richmond, KY Paris. KY Cincinnati, OH Middletown, OH Linefork, KY Middlesboro, KY Manchester, KY MELINDA L. COULTER Cynthiana, KY W. K. COURTWRIGHT KEVIN COVINGTON JOSEPH D. COX LIN COX LISA C. COX WILLIAM M. COX KENNETH D. COYLE MARK D. COYLE DAVID CRAFT WANDA CRAIG JULIA M. CRAVEN Lebanon, KY Crestwood, KY Louisville, KY Nicholasville, KY Fern Creek, KY Williamsburg, KY Ynion. KY Lebenon, KY Albany, KY Albany, KY Covington, KY MARY E. CRAYNON Sommerset. KY TERESA CREECH Camton. KY ANDREA CRIDER Louisville. KY VONDA LEEANN CROUCHER Berea, KY CASSIE CROWE Winchester, KY SHONNA CROWE Ravenna, KY S. D. CRUMBACKER Shephardsville, KY ANNE CRUME CATHY CRUMP LEE W. CULBERTSON AUDRE CULLEY MARK CULP Coxscreek. KY Louisville. KY Campton, KY Belpre, OH Belview. KY Freshmen Cob-Cul 351 KRYSTAL D. CULTICE So. Charleston, OH MARK CUMMINS PAULA R. CUMMINS PAUL CURRY YVONNE M. DALE DEBBIE DAMPIER Mt. Vernon, KY Somerset, KY Covington, KY Lexington, KY Frankfort, KY ELIZABETH ANN DANIEL Danville, KY GREG DARST Louisville, KY ELLEN C. DAUGHERTY E. Bernstadt, KY MARY DAUGHERTY West Chester, OH BETH DAUZENBERG Ft. Wright, KY ANN DAVIDSON Pineville, KY ANTHONY DAVIDSON PEGGY DAVIS PETER DAVY SAMUEL DEACON LIZ DEAN Mt. Vernon, KY Manchester, KY Richmond, KY Lebenon, KY Frankfort, KY DEBBIE L. DEATHERAGE Stanford, KY JOHN DECK JEFFERY F. DECKER TIM C. DEDMAN DEBBIE DEISHER SCOTT DELEON DANIEL R. DELLER RENEE DENEEN RUTH ANN DEVER TIM DEXTER MICHELLE C. DICK JULIA G. DICKEN DAVID DILLON Richmond, KY Berea, KY Lexington, KY West Carolton, OH McAndrews, KY Cincinnati, OH Louisville, KY Gravelswitch, KY Prospect, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Albany, KY Liberty, KY GREY DILLOW Flatwoods, KY TERRI DIMOND Tipp City, OH AMY DISIBIO West Covington, KY PENNE ANNE DISTLER Louisville, KY SHARON DIXON Turkey Creek, KY BEV J. DLXSON Covington, KY KIM DOBBLING BRIAN DODGE BILL DRAGON ROBBY DUFF BOBBIE JO DUNAGAN BRIDGET DUNAWAY Ft. Thomas, KY Louisville, KY Radcliffe, KY Stanford, KY Monticello, KY London, Ky GARY DUNCAN Barbour, KY BONNIE DUNLAP Willmington, OH DEBBIE R. DUNN Trenton, OH TWILA D. DUNN Louisville, KY MISCHA DUNNINGTON Monticello, KY MICHAEL T. DURANTE St. Clairsville, OH 352 Freshmen Cul-Duj CATHY DL ' RBIN LISA DURHAM RANDALL C. DURHAM SARAH T. EASTERLING KATHY ECKERLE JEFFREY S. EDWARDS CATHERINE EGALITE CHERYL EGART CHERYL M. EGART JENNIFER ELDER MARGARET M. ELDER ROBIN ELLIOTT VVinehet ' jn. KY Richmond, KY Yosemite, KY Richmond, KY Union City, MI Louisville, KY Lexington. KY Louisville, KY Erlanger, KY Erlanger, KY Louisville, KY Lynch, KY TERESA ELLIOTT Stanford. KY LESLIE ELLIS Orlando, FL MICHAEL J. ERNST Louisville. KY PAM ESTEP West Portsmith, OH FRAN ETHERINGTON Versailles, KY BETH EVANS Cincinnati. OH LISA EVANS MONICA EYCKMANS JILL FARRAR ALICE FAULKNER SCOTT FAWBUSH WANDA FEAGINS JEFF FEHLIS ROBERT FELDMAN MONICA FELTNER DAVID A. FERGUSON ELAINE S. FETTER ROBIN FETZER Verono. KY Lexington. KY Louisville, KY Dry Ridge, KY St, Cloud. FL Beroningham. AL Louisville. KY Lancaster. KY London, KY Stanford, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY SUSAN FIELD Ashland. KY CARLA G. FIELDS Louisville. LY JACQUELINE FILICKY Richmond, KY GWENDOLYN FINNELL Erlanger, KY KOWNA FIRMAN Louisville, KY CHERI FITZPATRICK Mt. Sterling, KY ROBIN GAIL FLANNERY Paris. KY RON FLANNERY Booneville. KY KIM FLAY Florence, KY RICK FLEMING Oakville. ONTARIO LAURA FLETCHER Brodhead, KY MELODY A. FLYNN Nicholasville. KY ROBIN FORHECZ SUSAN FOX MELISSA FRAKES CONNIE FRANCISCO SUSAN FRANCISCO DEIRDRE FRANK Saddler River, NJ Louisville. KY Lexington, KY Cincinnati, OH Richmond. KY Springfield, OH Freshmen Dur-Fra 353 DONNA FRAZER SHADE FRAZIER. Ill JOANIE L. FREDERICK BECKY J. FRENCH HUB FRY PRICILLA GALES Cincinnati, OH Whitesburg. KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Newport. KY Jenkins, KY CINDY GAMBRELL Lexington, KY KENNETH RAY GANDY Berea, KY LEANNE MARIE GANDY Berea, KY AMY GARDNER Galena, OH LORA A. GARMON Albany, KY GREG GARNER MELODIE GARNER JANE GARRETT BEVERLY M. GARRISON CHANDRA GARRISON GAYLE DEBORAH GASH JANE GATES Cincinnati, OH Carrollton, KY Spencer, WV Manchester, KY Perryville, KY Pittsburgh, PA Ashland, KY MARY GATES Louisville, KY MELISSA GAU Middletown, OH TONYA M. GAUNCE Cynthiana, KY TYRA GAYLORD Nicholasville. KY CHERYL GEHRINGER Wilmington, OH PAM GEMMER Highland Hgts., KY TERESA GENSHEIMEN GEORGE E. GENTRY BRIAN GIBBS BILLIE GIBSON KEVIN GILLESPIE JER1LYN GINNAN Louisville, KY Lexington, KY Southshore, KY Monticello, KY Louisville, KY Beattyville, KY CATHLENE GLATZMAYER Lexington, KY DEBORAH GLEASON PAULA GOATLEY K1MBERLY A. COINS KAREN GOMBERT BRUCE GOODFLEISCH BARRY M. GOOD1N GINA GOODIN KIM GOODLOE BRUCE GORDON GRETCHEN I. GRAFT GRETCHEN I. GRAFT Richmond, KY Louisville, KY ' Democrat, KY Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Louisville. KY Lebenon, KY Eminence, KY Dannville, KY Melvindale, MI Melvindale, MI SANDRA LYNN GRAHAM Lexington, KY SHARON GRAHAM MARSHA GRAHAN DOUG W. GRANT CHERYL GRANVILLE TERENCE GRAVES Louisville, KY Winchester, KY Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Covington, KY 354 Freshmen Fra-Gra Wtttw KATHAERINE GRAYSON Mt. Sterling, KY CATHY GREENE Middlesboro, KY LARRY GREENWELL Bradstown, KY MARK GREENWELL Frankfort, KY SUSAN T. GREER Prospect, KY MARY F. GRIDER Glasgow. KY SHEILA GRIDER Glasgow, KY RANDY GRIGSBY Hazard, KY PHYLLIS GRUBB Corbin, KY LEZLIE GRUBS Fremont, OH NANCY GUENTHER Cincinnati, OH MARTHA J. GUESS Jamestown, OH CLOTINE GULLETTE Lexington, KY TAMMY GULLETTE Nicholasville, KY SCOTT D. GUNNIGLE Cincinnati. OH ROB HADDLX Albany, KY KAREN A. HADEN Frankfort, KY LOUIS J. HAFLEY Lexington, KY TERESA HAGAN Winchester, KY ELIZABETH R. HAGUE Lexington. KY SANA A. HALAWANI Saudi, ARABLA KAREN HALE Berea, KY REGINA HALL Frankfort, KY TERESA HALL Trenton. OH STEVE HALSEY Paris. KY JEANANNIE HAMILTON Berea, KY TAMMY R. HAMILTON Berea, KY KAREN L. HAMM Harrodsburg, KY DONNA HANCOCK Columbia, KY KATHY J. HARDESTY Louisville. KY MELISSA HARDIN Louisville, KY RANDY C. HARDY Coal Grove, OH THERESA MAE HARDY Irvine, KY SHAWNY HARLOW Irvine, KY LISA HARMELING Edgewood, KY BECKY HARRISON Irvine. KY TERESA L. HARRISON MARLYN HARROD WILLIAM R. HART MIKE HARVILLE HASBRO UCK, KIRSTEN LISA ANN HASEKER Harlan, KY Pleasureville. KY Middlesboro, KY Richmond, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY CONNIE HASKINS JULIA L. HASTINGS JULIE HATCH KENNETH HAWKINS HEATHER HAYDON KAREN HEIBERT Lexington, KY Owensboro, KY Richmond. KY Frankfort, KY Lawrenceburg, KY Brandenburg, KY Freshmen Gra-Hei 355 ANN HELFRICH JENNY HELTON D. HEMBREE MELLIE HEMBREE VICKI HEMBREE ROBIN HENDRICKSON Richmond. KY Fern Creek, KY Ingram, KY Elsmere, KY Ingram, KY Pineville, KY JACKIE HENRY SAM HENRY KIM HENSLEY MARVIN HENSLEY LISA HENSON KAREN HERALD Miamisburg, OH Dayton, OH Independence, KY Williamsburg, KY Frankfort, KY Newport, KY JOSE LVIS HERNANDEZ Naples, FL SHEILA HERRING Parris, KY ROBERT HERZOG Radcliffe, KY JEFF HETZER Indianapolis, IN CHARLOTTE HIBBARD Manchester, KY MIRHONDA LYNN HICKMAN Phelps, KY FORREST HICKS GARY LEE HICKS KATHLEEN HIGGINS ROBBIN HIGGINS JENNIFER HINDS KATHY HINTON Monticello, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Falmouth, KY Laurenceford, IN Dawson Spring, KY ROBERT HOAGLAND, H Frankfort, KY ANDREW W. HOEKZEMA Cincinnati, OH AMY HOFFMAN Maume, OH JULIE HOFFMAN Ft. Thomas, KY ELAINE HOKE Dublin, OH DEBORAH HOLBROOK Richmond, KY VICKY HOLBROOK CARRIE HOLT MARGUERITE HOLT TERRY HONCHELL SUSAN HOPKINS REBECCA HORN SHARI HORN STEPHANIE HORN DAVID HORTON JANE HOWARD KAY HOWARD REBECCA HOWARD CINDY HUBER KATHY HUBER BEVERLY HUFF DONNA HUGHES STELLA HUGHE. SUSAN HUNKER 356 Freshmen Hel-Hun Ft. Huachuca, AZ Richmond, KY Richmond, KY London, KY Frankfort, KY Winchester, KY Springfield, OH Irvine, KY Cincinnati, OH Lexington, KY Rhodelia, KY Lancaster, KY Ft. Wright, KY Harrison, OH Van Lear, KY Carlisle, KY Irving, KY Columbia, MO robert hunley troy hunt dawn hunter greg hunter linda hurst becky hurtz LISA HYMAN BRIAN E. HYNDMAN THERESA L. IKER DON IMFELD DEBBIE INGRAM DONNA INGRAM MICHELE INGRAM ROBERT IRVIN SALLY IRVING KELLY JO IRWIN Middlesboro, KY Louisville, KY Louieville, KY Albaney, KY Annville, KY Ashland, KY Louisville, KY Leesburg, FL Reading. OH Florence, KY Owensville. KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY West Chester, OH Louisville. KY Indianapolis, IN JEFFIFLR MARCUM ISAACS McKee, KY BAHIA ISMAIL Saudi Arabia JULIE E, IVES STEPHANIE IVEY JOHN JACKSON THERESA JACKSIN ROBIN JACOBS CABOT L. JAHNIGEN JOHN B. JAMISON ROSE M. JARMAN CAROLYN JARVIS JAMIE JARVIS KENT JASPER KAREN JENKINS Prospect, KY Florence, KY Oneida, KY Brodhead, KY Cynthiana. KY Cynthiana, KY Elizabeth, KY Independence. KY Cynthiana, KY Ashland, KY Eubank, KY Lexington, KY CLOTELL JETT BRUCE JOHNSON CAROLYN JOHNSON ELIZABETH JOHNSON ERNIE JOHNSON LLOYD P. JOHNSON RENITA Y. JOHNSON SHERI JOHNSON SONYA JOHNSON STEVEN L. JOHNSTON CAMMY JONES GARNET JONES GLYNNIS JONES JENNIFER A. JONES ROBERT JONES STEVEN JONES THERESA E. JONES CHUCK JOYNER Winchester, KY Louisville, KY Chesterfield, MO Frankfort. KY Danville, KY Sommerset, KY Louisville, KY Fairfield. OH Loyall, KY Grayson, KY Ashland, KY Stanton, KY Richmond, KY Highland, Es " Middleboro, KY Georgetown, KY Loretta, KY Emporia, VA Freshmen Hun-Joy 357 DENNISE KAMER DEBBIE A. KAMMERER KRIS KANATZAR KAREN KATTER SHARON A. KAYLOR CYNDE KEESER LORI KELLEY BARBARA J. KELLY LISA KELLY RICK KERBY JUDY KERSTING Nichol asville, KY Willmington, OH Somerset, KY Louisville, KY Somerset, KY Crittenden, KY Harrodsburg, KY Irvine, KY Cincinnati, OH KELLEY A. KITTENRING Frankfort, KY RACHAEL KEYSER BETH KIMBROUGH BECKY KINCAID PAULITA KINCER DENNIS KIRBY KAREN KITCHEN CHERYL LYNN KLATT CRAIG KLINE SHARI KNAUER DANA M. KNIGHTON VICKIE KNOTT EDWARD KOENIG Belmont, OH Shelbyville, KY Richmond, KY Lebenon, OH Crestwood, KY Prospect, KY Southgate, KY Fort Knox, KY Ft. Thomas, KY McKee, KY Irvington, KY Mineola, NY SR. M. DE S. KOLHOVER Richmond, KY KAROL A. KORFHAGE DAVID KROTH ROSE M. KUHL KIM KUNTZ JEFFREY M. LAIL Louisville, KY Union, KY Louisville, KY Irvine, KY Lexington, KY LISA LAKE STEVEN LALONDE KIM LAMAR PAM LAMBERT SANDY LANCASTER STEVE LAND Berea, KY Lexington, KY Mason, OH Shepherdsville, KY Vine Grove, KY Georgetown, KY JONATHAN E. LANGFORD Somerset, KY STEPHEN LASKEE LORI LAUGHNER DEMISE LAYTON CINDY KAYE LEAR TRICIA L. LEDFORD MARY LEEDY KEVIN LEET LARILYN LEFFLER LAURA LEMASTER PAULA A. LEPPO JENNIFER L. LESTER 358 Freshmen Kan-Les Crestwood, KY Russell, KY Edgewood, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Cannon, KY Stanford, KY Prospect, KY Kettering, OH Centerville, OH Fairborn, OH Berea, KY SHON MARIE LESTER Cincinnati, OH REBECCA LETHGO RHONDA LEWIS NANCY J. LIBBEE MALCOLM LILLY, JR. GREG LIMER Berea, KY Louisville. KY Milford. OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY SCOTT LINDER Heartley, IA KIM LITTLE Chambersburg, PA JAMES R. LIVINGOOD De Mmossville, KY MARK LIVINGOOD Dry Ridge, KY SANDI LLOYD Covington, KY CHERYL A. LOHSE Waynesville, OH ELAINE LOLESS CINDY LONG MELANIE LONG KEVIN LOTHRIDGE ELIZABETH LOVETT STACY LOVIN DEBBEE L. LUCAS KIM LUCHETT TOM LUERSEN KATHY LUTZ CATHY LUNCH KATHY LYNCH SHARON LYONS TAMMY LYONS TARA LYONS MELISSA MACKE JAMIE MALLARD GAIL MALONE West Partsmith, OH Stanford, KY Broadhead, KY Aurora, IN Galloway, OH Ashland. KY Melvindale, MI Lebenon, KY Louisville. KY LeGrange. KY W. Carrollton, OH Elizabethtown, KY Berea, KY Mt. Sterling, KY Campbellsville, KY Covington. KY Vine Grove, KY Nitchman, KY TERESA M. MALTHOUSE Louisville. KY BELINDA MANESS KAREN MANGUS LEE SHANNON MANN VICKY L. MARCUM TODD MARCUS ADDUIE MARTIN DAWN MARTIN DEE DEE MARTIN DENNIS MARTIN WALTER MARTIN PAMELA JO MASON Phelps, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Beauty, KY Prospect. KY Finchville, KY Salt Liek, KY Lexington, KY Bedford, IN Waddy, KY Richmond. KY DAVID A. MASTERS Erlanger. KY ANDY MATHEWS Louisville, KY DAVID B. MATTINGLY Springfield, KY DONALD MATTINGLY, JR. Bardstown, KY KRISTI G. MATTINGLY Lexington. KY MARY MATTINGLY Danville, KY Freshmen Les-Mat 359 RONALD MAXEY Camer, KY ROGER D. MAYFIELD Warren, MI JOE MAYNARD Louisville, KY SHERI MAYNARD So. Williamson, KY CATHY MC GOWAN Dayton, OH ROBIN MC KINZIE West Liberty, KY THERESA MC VAY KELLY MCCLANAHAN LISA MCCLELLAN ANGELA MCCORD ANGEE MCCORMACK RENEE MCCOWAN London, KY Ludlow, KY Louisville, KY Birmingham, AL Cincinnati, OH London, KY SHERRY MCCOY Louisa, KY DOUGLAS W. MCDANIEL Lebanon, OH RUTH E. MCDONALD Paris, KY GINA MCENANEY Louisville, KY ROY L. MCGEE Hopkinsville, KY KIM MCGUIRE Loveland, OH CAROLE MCHODGKINS SHARON J. MCIVER MARK MCKENZIE SCOTT MCKENZIE BILLY MCKEY TAMELA ANN MEADE MISSY MEADOWS TERRI MEASOWS MARTHA A. MEECE JEFFREY L. MEEK JOSEPH MEHOK CHRIS MEIHAIS Radcliff, KY Albany, KY Ashland, KY Hager Hill, KY Radcliff, KY Richmond, KY Middletown, OH Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Pikeville, KY Dannville, KY Lexington, KY PHYLLIS MERRY Louisville, KY GRETCHEN M. MERSCH Union, KY EDWARD E. MEYER Fr. Mitchell, KY MICHAEL MEYER Covington, KY KELLI MIEURE Findlay, OH MICHAEL MILES Carrollton, KY SHEILA MILES BRETT MILLER CYNTHIA MILLER DEBBIE MILLER JANE MILLER JOHN MILLER KATHY MILLER KEITH MILLER MARK K. MILLER MICHAEL MILLER MYRA MILLER RUSTY MILLER Shepherdsville, KY Richmond, KY Louisville, KY Florence, KY Louisville, KY Glassboro, NJ Louieville, KY Erlanger, KY Louisville, KY Ravenna, KY Williamsburg, KY Troy, OH 360 Freshmen Max-Mil SUSAN MILLER LESA MILLSTEAD MELONY L. MILNER SUSAN MINGUS MONA MINTER GREGG S. MITCHELL KAREN MITCHELL MARTHA MITCHELL RICK MITCHELL JILL MOLDEN BRYAN MONHEIMER LEISHA MOODY Ekron, KY Williamstown, KY Louisville, KY Gray Hawk, KY Dillsboro, IN Walton, KY Lexington, KY Paintsville, KY Somerset, KY Louisville, KY Richmond, KY SUELLEN MOORE Campbellsville, KY TRICIA MOORE Versailles, KY SHEILA L. MOORIS Richmond, VA MARY MOORMAN Shephardsville, KY MARY MORAND Willmington, OH KIMBERLY A. MORELAND Lexington, KY PAULA MORETTI ROBERT MORGAN PAULA MORRETTI STEVE MORRIS BARRY MORTON Louisville. KY Columbia, KY Louisville, KY Danville, KY Lexington, KY PAULA GAYLE MORTON Stanton, KY STEVE MOULTON DEBORAH L. MUDD CHRIS MULLINS ROBIN LICIA MULLINS TERRY MULLINS SHARON MURRAY Columbus, OH Lebanon, KY Crestwood, KY Winchester, KY Putney, KY Meally, KY DAVE MUTH KATHY MYERS KAY MYERS LEOLA C. MYERS PRISCILLA NAPIER LARRY NASER JEFFREY NEILL JEANNTE NELSON LINDA NEUMANN LAURA NEVIUS JACKIE NEWBERRY SANDY NEWKIRK JENI NIE KAREN L. NOEL SCOTT NOLAND KARA R. NOLLER SANDRA NOLTE JANE OFFUTT Somerset, KY Maysville, KY Lebanon, KY Greenbelt, MD Mt. Vernon. KY Brandonburg. KY Ashland. KY Glasgow. KY Highland. IN Richmond. KY Milford, Oh Willmington, OH Edgewood. KY Harrodsburg, KY Harrodsburg, KY Louisville, KY Ashland, KY Georgetown, KY Freshmen Mil-Off 361 PAMELA J. OHARA ANN KITE OHLMANN KAREN E. OLDE HOLLY W. OSBORN LORI A. OSBOURN CHRIS OUTLAW CRAIG OVERSTREET LISA PACE PAULA PAINTER NANCY PANN ' ELL TED G. PAPPAS SHAN PARKEY Louisville, KY Louisville. KY Lexington, KY Lexington, KY Louisville, KY Northbrook, OL Liberty. KY Carbon, KY Alexandria, KY Palmeille, KY Bellevue, KY Florence, KY DARRELL PARKS Bloomfield. KY DONNA L. PARKS Lexington, KY SHARON KAY PARKS Hamilton, OH JENNIFER PARRIGANSouth Williamson, KY DIANNE PARRISH Fairfield, OH SHEILA ANNE PATRICK Hazard, KY JUDY PATTEN JULIE PATTERSON PHILLIS PAULEY DONNA PAYNE JANE PAYNE BONNIE PEABODY ADELE PEDICONE STEVEN E. PEEGE JANICE PELFREY DOUG PENCE TRACY PENCE Junction City, KY Milford, OH Nolan, WV Louisville, KY Liberty, KY Louisville, KY Hebron, KY Anchorage, KY Stanton, KY Middletown, OH Carlisle, OH KELLY M. PENDLETON Louisville, KY CONNIE PETERS McKee, KY DOUGLAS W. PETERS Louisville, KY BONNIE PETERSON Lawrenceburg, IN LORI M. PETERSON Lexington, KY TRICIA PFLUG Perryville, KY JEFFREY PHILLIPS New Middletown, OH JOHN PHILLIPS Beattyville. KY TRACY PHILLIPS Manchester. KY CHRIS PHILPOT Prvse. KY CASSIE PICKLESIMER Paintsville, KY PAMELA J. PING Stanford, KY KELLY PINSON North Matewan, WV SANDRA PITMAN DONNA PLUMMER TRACI PONDER J. CAROLINE POOLE MARGIE POOLE TANYA PORTERFIELD 362 Freshmen Oha-Por Irvine. KY Dayton, KY Monroe, OH Jeffersontown. KY Cincinnati, OH Erlanger, KY JUDY POTTER JOANNE POWELL DIANA POWERS TIM POWERS MATTHEW POYNTER WILELLA POYNTER Ashcamp. Ky West Carrollton, OH Danville, KY Crestwood, KY Brodhead, KY Keavy. KY JAYNE PRALL Tippy City. OH STEVEN PRATHER Jeffersontown, KY CHARLOTTE PREECE Paintsville, KY BILLY PRESSON Benton, KY SWTICIA PRICE Dannville, KY CHRISTOPHER S. PRINCE Grayson, KY JILLANN PRIVITERA ANGELA PROFITT SUSAN PRUDER SANDRA L. PRUITT CHARLOTTE PUCHETT SHERRY PUCKETT KATHY QUEEN MARLA KAY QUIRE NATALIE M. RAGLAND PATRICIA RAGUE STEVE RAIKE CINDI RAINES Boca Raton. FL Ravenna. KY Ann Arbor. MI London. KY Louisville. KY Winchester. KY Ashland, KY Bagdad, KY Winchester, KY Louisville, KY Greenfield. OH New Castle. IN KARLA M. RALSTON AMY RASSEMIER CHERYL RATLIFF KRISTY RATLIFF MARK RATLIFF RONA RAY JANEY REED ROBYN L. REED SUE C. REED CLARA REFFITT BRYAN REGENAUER ROD J. REHFUSS KATHY REID LISA REMINGTON- THERESA RENN NANCY RETENELLER SUZANNE REVACK LYNN RHYMER DIANE R. RICE JILL RICE LISA RICHARDSON DAVID L. RICHIE KIMBERLY S. RIDDLE CINDRA S. RIDGLEY Bellbrook, OH Louisville, KY Whithouse. KY Lugoff, SC Elk Horn City, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Florence, KY Parksville, KY Winchester. KY Louisville. KY Louisville. KY Manchester. KY Louisville. KY Louisville. KY Louisville, KY Burlington. KY Cranks. KY Radcliff. KY Verona. KY Irvine. KY Stanford, KY Owenton. KY Richmond. KY Freshmen Pot-Rid 363 KIMBERLY RITCHIE Owingsville, KY SARAH ROAN Pineville, KY JIM M IE ROBERTS Somerset, KY LEANNA J. ROBERTS Rochester MI MARK ROBERTS Shelbyville, KY PHILLIP ROBERTS Lexington, KY SAJJNDRA ROBERTSON Irvine, KY SUSAN ROBERTSON Waddy, KY ALONZO R. ROBINSON Radcliff, KY CARLENE ROBINSON Webster, KY DAN ROBINSON Louisville, KY ELIZABETH ROBINSON Lockland. OH JEFF ROBINSON Campton, KY RAMONA ROBISON Sulphur, KY BETH RODGERS La Grange, KY EDWINA ROGERS Shelbyville, KY SUSAN RONCARTI Louisville, KY JOEL E. ROSE Florence, KY TAMMY ROSER Carlisle, KY DAVID ROSS Beattyville, KY KAREN G. ROTH Louisville. KY KAREN ROTHFUSS Louisville, KY KIM ROWE Milford, OH PENNY ROWE Richmond, KY STEVEN TOWE Fairdale, KY SANDRA ROYALTY Harroldsburg, KY LINDA ROZAK Crestwood, KY SHARON REUHRWEIN Lawrenceburg, IN PETER RUFFU Aubrey, TX USA RULLMAN Aurora, IN PAMELA RUNION LINDA RUNYON SHARON SAGE SUSIE SALERNO DEBBIE SANDLIN DEWANA SANDLIN PAM SANDLIN JAN SCARS JULIE SCEARCE JACKIE SCHANK SWAN SCHEHR Whitley City, KY Borderland, WV Baxter, KY Louisville, KY Manchester, KY Trenton, OH Manchester. KY Irvine, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH EDWARD R. SCHELLHAASSpringfield, OH KAREN ANN SCHMIDT Erlanger, KY BARB SCHMITZ Park Hills, KY CHERYL A. SCHNERINGER Louisville, KY MELINDA SCHNITZLER Waynesburg, KY SANDY SCHOONOVER Mason, OH LAURIE SCHROELER Shelbyville, KY 364 Freshmen Rit-Sch JEFF SCHULTZ ROBBI SCHWEDA DEBBI SCOTT GWYN SCOTT SHARI D. SCOTT WILLIAM SCRUGGS Alexandria. KY Laurenuburg. KY Catlettsburg, KY Germantown, KY Catlettsburg, KY Lexington, KY BETH SEBASTIAN IBRAHIM SEHAIBANI CONSTANCE J. SEMLER ANDREW SEWELL TEN A SEXTON DONNA SHARP Stanford, KY Richmond, KY Ironton, OH Louisville. KY Corinth, KY Versailles, KY LISA SHARPE JANICE SHAVER RUBY SHAWLER LEE ANN SHEETS Pineville, KY Shelbyville, KY Coxs Creek, KY WEst Liberty, KY MYRA DENISE SHEETS CANDACE ANN SHELTON River. KY Louisville. KY SUSAN SHEPERSON SYLVIA HERPHERD ABDULHAFIZ SHERIF CHARISSE SHERMAN JANETTE SHERWOOD PAULA SHIRLEY Harrodsburg. KY Harlan. Ky Tripoli, Libya Covington, KY Radcliffe, KY Harrodsburg. KY AUDREY E. SHIVELY Louisville, KY JEFFREY A. SHOCKENCY Lebanon, KY MELISSA SHORE Buckhorn, KY DEBRA SHORT Middletown, KY TED SHY Bagdad, KY KENNETH SILLIGMAN Ramsey, NJ LINDA SIMMONS MARK SUMMONS SUZANNE SIMMONS DEBORAH SIMPSON DON SIMPSON TONYA SIMPSON MARK SINCLAIR TERESA M. SINGLETON FAWZEYA M. SIRAJ MARK SIZEMORE PAMELA SIZEMORE KEMBERLY SLAYBACK Kettering. OH Louisville, KY Utica, KY Richmond, KY Cincinnati. OH Shelbyville, KY Georgetown, KY Louisville, KY Saudi Arabia Manchester, KY ' Beattyville, KY Aurora, FN TERRY SLEDD Murray, KY KELLEY SLOANE Lexington. KY KATHY SLONE Ashland. KY PATRICIA SMALLW ' OOD Lawrenceburg. IN ANGELA SMITH Freeburn, KY CATHERINE SMITH Allen Park. MI Freshmen Smi-Sti 365 CHRISTOPHER S. SMITH Pitman, NJ DANNV SMITH DONNA SMITH EM M KIT D. SMITH JANET SMITH JEFF SMITH JENNIFER SMITH KEITH L. SMITH MARY ANNE SMITH MICHAEL H. SMITH NANCY SMITH PAM SMITH PHYLLIS SMITH RAMONA SMITH RENEE SMITH RHONDA SMITH RICK SMITH SELEMA SMITH STEPHEN SMITH STEVEN R. SMITH TOMMY R. SMITH ELIZABETH SOKES TOM SON JOHN SPALDING Elizabethtown. KY Cincinnati, OH Beattyville. KY Louisville, KY Paris, KY Monroe, OH Radcliffe, KY Carlile, KY Corbin, KY Centerville, OH Pikesville, KY Harlan, KY Harlan, KY Winchester, KY Dayton, OH Catlettsburg, KY Hamilton, OH Leeco, KY Hazard, KY Middlesboro, KY Fern Creek, KY Louisville, KY Springfield, KY KEVIN C. SPARKS JOHN W. SPEARS. JR. DAVID WAYNE SPENCE JEFF SPRAGUE JANEY JOA STACY MARSHA STAGNER Berea, KY Danville, KY Booneville, KY Bellevue, KY Hazard, KY Burgin, KY MARGARET STAMPER Beattyville, KY S. BRl ' CE STAMPER DAVID G. STAMPS RANDY STANALAND BELINDA STANBERRY JANE STANDER FRANK STAPLETON JAMES L. STARGLE PAULA STEARNS SANDY STEILBERG SUSAN STEINFELD KIM STEPHENS ANGELA STEVENS STEPHANIE STEVENS DONNA STEVENSON BILL STEWART Louisville, KY Paint Lick, KY Huddy, KY Louisville. KY Ludlow, KY Tutor Key, KY Louisville, KY Albany, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Sterins, KY Paris, KY Middletown, OH Morrow, OH Ashland, KY JOY CHRISTINE STEWART Hamilton, OH RHONDA STICKLEY Arcanum, OH 366 Freshmen Sch-Smi JANINE STIEGLER Lawrenceburg, IN KEITH STILLWELL Louisville, KY CHRIS STINSON Lousiville, KY MICHELLE STIRNEMANN Cleves, OH TINA STIVERS Wolverine, KY KEIDI STOLL Louisville. KY MARCIA STONE SANDRA STONE MARCIA STOUT MIKE STRONG ANN STROSNIDER Dayton, OH Mt. Sterling. KY Louieville. KY Tipp City, OH Ashland, KY JANELLE L. STROSNIDER Winchester, KY TAMMY LYNN STRUNK Pine Knot. KY DAVID K. STUBBLEFIELD Lexington, KY LYNDA STULY Louisville, KY ANN STUMP Ashland, KY RITA STUMP Beattyville, KY PEGEEN L. SULLIVAN Cincinnati, OH JON R. SUTHAMP B. SUTHERLAND KERRY SUTTLES MIKE SUTTON SUSAN SUTTON CRIAG SWAFFORD Bellevue, KY Barboursville, W.VA. Owingsville, KY Pineville, KY Middlesboro, KY London, KY KIM SWANSON TONY SWARTWOOD CHARLOTTE SWIGERT ALANE SWISHER ANNETTE TACHETT DAVID TACKETT Russel Springs, KY Dry Ridge. KY Owenton, KY Perrysburg. OH Harrodsburg, KY Ashland. KY LISA TATUM Valley Station, KY BETH TAYLOR CATHERINE L. TAYLOR DON J. TAYLOR KEVIN TAYLOR KIM TAYLOR Winchester, KY Lexington, KY Prospect, KY London, KY Corbin. KY WALLACE TAYLOR Price. KY MICHELLE TECCA Akron, OH USA THACKER Cincinnati, OH JAMIE ANNE THOMAS Lebanon. Ky JANET THOMAS Middlesboro. KY NANCY J. THOMAS Louisville, KY ROBERT A. THOMAS Louisville, KY CONNIE THOMPSON Taylorsville, KY USA JO THOMPSON Nicholasville, KY TAMMY THOMPSON S. Portsmouth, KY DEBBIE THORNBERRY Lawrenceburg, KY DIANA L. THORNBERRY Richmond. KY Freshmen Sti-Tho 367 DIANNE THORPE JANIE THORPE CHERYL THROWER BETH TIMBROOK TIM TINGLE ANN TIPTON JOHN MARK TOBY .JIMMY TODD REBECCA JEAN TOLLE EMILY TOMS PATTI TOWERY BRUCE TREON JAMES TROUSDALE GARY TRUE THOMAS P. TUCKER MIKE TUDOR KEVIN C. TURNER PERRY TUSSEY ANNE TYE KAREN TYLOCK JULIA TYREE ANNE ULBRICHT JANE UTERREINER KEVIN VALLANCE DONNA VAN WINKLE ROXANNE VAUGHN ANITA VTNCENT MELANIE VINCENT MILDRED VIRES SUSAN WADE SALLY WALLACE STACY E. WALLACE SUSAN WALLACE BRYAN WALTERS GREG WALTERS BELINDA WARD BONNIE WARD DONNA WARD TRACIE WATERS BRUCE WATSON KIM WATSON HARRY WATTS Irvine, KY Jackson, KY Troy, OH Owensboro, KY Frankfort, KY Richmond, KY Sommerset, KY Lebanon, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Dunnville, KY Mt. Vernon, KY Berea, KY Louisville, KY Liberty, KY Richmond, KY Richmond, KY Erlanger, KY Lancaster, KY Harrodsburg, KY Fredonia, MY La Rue, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Flatwoods, KY Mc Kee, KY Bond, KY Louisville, KY Fairdale, KY Beattyville, KY Battyville, KY Elkins, WV Cincinnati, OH Nicholasville, KY Louisville, KY Catlettsburg, KY Glasgow, KY Beauty, KY Beauty, KY Whitley City, KY Irvine, KY Louisville, KY Hazard, KY JO ANN WEBB KATHY WEBB KIMBERLY JUNE WEBB LYNN DEE WEBER KENNETH G. WEBSTER Irvine, KY Oneida, KY London, KY Dublin, OH Frankfort, KY 368 Freshmen Tho- SANDY WEBSTER PATTI WEFER MARY WEIGEL MOLLY WEIGEL STACEY WEISS JENNIFER L. WELLS LISA A. WELLS MARK WELLS TIMOTHY J. WERNERY ANDY WESLEY DEBORAH WEST Mt. Sterling, KY Ft. Thomas, KY Somerset, KY Somerset, KY Port Huron, MI Woodbine. KY Frankfort, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH Liberty, KY Forst City, NC JEFFIFER WESTERMANShephardsville, KY SHARON WHALEN JAYNE WHEELER LUCINA WHELAN DAVE WHITAKER CONNIE WHITE JOHN J. WHITE Paris, KY Harrodsburg, KY Vine Grove, KY Cincinnati, OH Stanton. KY Lexington. KY PAM WHITE Lexington, KY PHILIP WHITE Middletown, KY VANESSA WHITE Maddlesboro, KY PHYLLIS L. WHITEHEAD Louisville, KY DEBBIE WHITT Ashland, KY ROBERT E. WHITT Paintsville, KY JENNIFER WHITTAKER Winchester, KY JILL WHITTAKER GAYE WHITTLE MELANDE WICKER PAUL WICKER DEBBIE WIDMANN Richmond, KY Ft. Wright, KY Jeffersonville, KY Louisville, KY Cincinnati, OH HELEN WIGGER LONNIE HUGH WILDER LISA WILHAM JOHN D. WILKERSON JOHN D. WILKERSON TRACY WILL FRANCES WILLIAMS STEVE WILLIAMS COLLEEN WILLIE DONNA M. WILLIS ELIZABETH S. WILLIS SHERRI WILLIS JEANNE WILLMES SHARON WILLS DEBBIE WILSON DEBORAH L. WILS ON GREG WILSON New Carlisle, OH Cubbage, KY Covington, KY Sardinia, OH Richmond. KY Louisville. KY Mays Lick, KY Berea, KY Louisville, KY Corbin, KY Shelbyville, KY Flatwoods, KY Park Hills, KY Mt. Sterling. KY Union, KY Springfield, OH Georgetown, KY FreshmenAYeb-Wil 369 KRIS A. WILSON Lexington. KY LANA MARE WILSON Louisville, KY SHEILA WILSON Middlesboro, KY SHELLE WILSON Crowfordsville, IN SUSAN L. WILSON Barbourville, KY JAMES G. WIMSATT Louisville, KY MARY JO WIMSATT Louisville, KY MARGARET D. WINKLER Irvine, KY CYNTHIA WISE Richmond, KY SHERRY WISE Stompingground, KY E. WITHERSPOON Harrodsburg, KY SHERRY WITT Winchester, KY DENISE LYNN WIZOR CONNIE WOLFE DAVID WOLFF JENNI WOOD LLOYD T. WOOD TERRY WOOD Louisville, KY Burlington, KY Spring Valley, OH Bellbrook, OY Glenallen, VA Louieville, KY WALTER SCOTT WOOSLEY Irvine, KY MEREDITH WRAY WILLIAM WREN JIM WROBLESKI DEBBIE YATER USA YATES JACQUELINE YEARY GOERGE E. YEASTE CARMETA YONCE KAREN YORK CHERYL YOUNG JANET M. YOUNG Darlingtonk, IN Covington, KY Dayton, KY Liberty, KY Legrange, KY Ahora, IN Harrodsburg, KY Loyall, KY Nicholasville, KY Frankfort, KY Radcliff, KY MOSES YOUNG DIANNA M. ZAPPE DONNA MARIE ZIEGLER KIM ZIRNHELD DAN J. ZOELLER PATTY ZOLLA Mumfordville, KY Springfield, OH Reading, OH Louisville, KY Louisville, KY Louisville, KY 370 Freshmen Wil- .. Index 371 372 Index OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Buying books in the 1940s didn ' t bring a smile to the face of this young man. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Tennis was one of the most popular recreational activities for the students of Eastern Nor- mal School. ABOVE: May Day was the reason for this elaborate celebra- tion in 1914. Index Terri Slone Index 373 —A— Aaron. Majel C. 240 Abboll. Dana L. 37-1 Abbott. Garv L. 305. 260 Abel, Teresa M 147 Aheling, Mark A. 347 Abell. Kimberlv A. 199. 327 Abergumbie, Erie 231, 327 Abie. Rosa 308 Able, Todd E. 327 Abies. Paula D. 167. 216. 260 Abner. Alan D. 260 Abner. Elmer D. 347 Abner, Pamela J- 347 Abnev. Larrv E. 205. 206 Abnev, Lori E. 327 Abney. Mitchell 308 Abraham. Carol L. 347 Mil Abrt II. i Hi7 Acciardo, Gilbert A. Accounting Club 183 Ackoff. Donna 194 Adams. Cindy J 347 Adams. Cvnthia L 347 Adams. Gen E. 260 . 260 Adams Monica L 347 Adams Monieca K, 260 Adams Nelson E, 327 Adams Norman W 236 Adams Paula A 308 Adams Phillip D 244 Adams Regina K 260 Adams Scotty D. 178, 347 Adams Shirley B. 347 Adams Tamara L. 327 Adams Tamara L. 197 V.f.im. Adams Wavne M. 260 Adams William G 260 Addis. Deanna L 308 Add)-,. . Debra K Addis.. , Edward C 327 Addiso . Iva D. 327 Addison, Josephine v - Addison. Willie 308 Adkins Kimberly J 197, 260 Ad kms Ruthie 260 Agncu ure Club 183 Ainswnrth. Laune J. 347 Akins, Caroline L. 218 Akins, Wavne T- 260 Albalawv. Abdullah S. 260 Alder. John P. 260 Alderton, Steve L. 260 Aler. Kav L. 327 Alexander, Debra R. 327 Alexander, Lisa 183 Alexander, Lori F. 327 Alexander, Valerie F. 347 Algier. Dr. Keith 143 Allen, Anthony C. 260 Allen. Benjamin 93 Allen, Janet L. 347 Allen. Kelly E. 218 Allen. Kimberlv L. 154 ll.-t i : i Allen, Linda C. 347 Allen. Roxana A. 249, 260 Allen, Sherri G. 260 Allen, Wavne S. 306 Altender. Carol L. 197. 198. 260 Allender, Gregory E. 347 Allender, James D. 327 Alley, Carol L. 197 Ailev, Sheila J. 347 Allgeier, Linda C. 347 Allison, Janet C. 260 Allison, Kathv L. 347 Allison. Linda G 260 Allmon. Brvce J. 308 Alpha Delta Pi 208 Alpha Epsilon Pho 154 Alpha Phi Sigma 184 Alsip, Jeff L. 246 Alsip, Man- S. 347 Amato. William J. 238 Amburby. Tony 195 Amburgey. Gayla D. 183 Amburgey. Pamela D. 308 Amburgy. Jody L. 260 Amburgy, Karen 308 Amburgy. Tonv C. 260 Amos, Ins M. 134. 308 Anderson, Bruce G. 246 Anderson, Debra N, 347 Anderson. Jov A- 191. 327 Anderson, Karen L. 218. 260 Anderson, Kimberly L. 308 Anderson. Linda S. 327 Anderson, Rodney 347 Anderson. Stephen D. 347 Anderson. Susan B, 260 Anderson. Tim C. 125 Andes, David R. 173. 261 Andrew. David C. 327 Andrews, Jeffrey L. 347 Anello. Vincent 327 Angel. Joanna 178 Angerman. Steven P 112. 113. 132. 261 Anglin, Peggy A. 347 Appelhaus. fammie K. 214. 236. 308 Applegate, Jane E. 327 Applegate, Karen 126. 347 Arave. Cheri A. 308 Arbaugh, Bvron J. 308 Arens. Ellen E. 204, 210, 261 Armacost. Sheri A. 216 Armstrong, Jennie B. 218 Armstrong, L. Beth 170 Armstrong. Tron O. 93 Amett, Amy J. 192 Arnold. Anthony V. 261 Arnold, Carmen 347 Arnold. Sara L. 218 Arrington, Caige 308 Arrowood, Gregory L. 207, 226. 261 Arterbum, Sherri A. 202. 214. 236, 308 Arts. Tracv L. 308 Arvin, Cvnthia M. 308 Arvin. Gene W. II 226, 308 Arvin, Gina L. 347 Asbem, Shirley M. 261 Asdell, Debbie Van 187 Ashcraft. Beth C. 347 Ashcraft, Brett W 238. 308 Asher. Jeffrey N. 238. 327 Asher. Linda C. Asher. Lynda 308 Asher, Michael A. 347 Asher. Ten L. 347 Ashford. Jacquelyn G. 213. 261 At hey. Margaret J. 261 Athey. Peggy 173, 197 Atwi-.d, Linda 327 Aug. Lisa M. 208 Austerman, Anthony P. 261 Auxier. Karla K. 197 Avila. Jane E. 261 Avlor, Carolyn A. 192, 194. 195. 327 Avres. Emilv R. 183. 200. 204. — B— , Mary F 327 Bach. Tina 308 Bach . William T. 261 Bachman, Cheryl M 192. 202. 347 Back. Jeffery L. 261 Back, Pamala S. 214. 347 Badgett, Kenny M. 327 Badgley. Monica M. 197. 327 Baer. Patricia J. 308 Bagby. Keme K. 218. 261 Bahm. Tamala 347 Bailey. Denise 134 Bailey. Gary 244 Bailey. Laura D, 327. 236 Bailey. Robert L. 308 Bailey. Tern L. 261 Bailev. Terry 261 Bailey, Todd B 327 Baird. Diana G, 261 Baker. Ann W. 308 Baker. Bradley K 246 Baker. Debbie 187 Baker. Debra 197 Baker. Dee 224 Baker, Daine 197 Baker. Jerry 347 Baker. Karen L. 182 Baker. Kimberly K, 261 Baker. Larrv L. 327 Baker. Mark E, 347 Baker Marlha A 308 Baker, Rhonda R 347 Baker, Robin G. 261 Baker, Robin L. 261 Baker, Roger K. 198, 306 Baker, Ruth B, B 261 Baker, Sarah E 178, 327 Baker. Stephen D, 184, 261 Baker, Tanya K. 347 Baker, Thomas N. ID 347 Bake r, Tommy L. 244 Baker. Verna L, 347 Baker. Wayne F. 230. 308 Baldwin. Bill Dr. 200 Baldwin, Charles C. Jr. 131 Baldwin. Tommy 308 Ball. Donna R. 347 Ball. Garry L, 327 Ball. Marcia A. 203, 327 Ball. Pid 308 Balla. Beyerly S. Ballard, Marlei Ballard. Randal] R.. Jr. 261 Ballenger, Pamela J 308 Bellinger, William G 327 Balogh. Lori L. 308 Baltenberger, David E 191, 192. 167. 196. 261 Baltzell, Beth A 308 Balyeat. Clay W, 234 Banard. Michael 230 Banjar, Fadhel M 306 Banks. Pamela S. 308 Banks. Terressa A. 261 Barber. Robert D 308 Barber. Sandy L. 327 Barber. Scott H. 125. 193. 203. 204. 261 Barber, Timothy B. 327 Barclay, Florence E. 347 Barfield, Cheryl A. Barger. Dale 261 Barker, Anne S. 348 Barker. Anthony W. 327 Barker. Johnda M 348 Barker, Karen D. 348 Barker, Melissa 348 Barker. Sherrie L, 327 Barker, Stanley D. Barkie, Charles 348 Barnard, Michael A 230 Barnes. Clay D, 238. 327 Barnes. Debbie J. 192, 194, 262 Barnes. Joe A. 183. 308 Barnes, Terry W. Barnett. Lisa 262 Barnett, Randy 231 Bamhart, Karla A 327 Barnhorst 348 Barr, Dean Di Barrett, Angela M 348 Barretta. Rosie 189 Barrier, Tom A. 246 Barrow, Linda M 348 Barry, Larrie 218 Bartlett, Cathy 134 Bartlett, Debra C. 224 Bartlett, Monica K, 308 Bartley, Joey D 348 Bartlev. Michael R, 348 Bartley, Wayne M, 170, 262 Barton. Carla 154 Basham. Sandra M 348 Bastian. Jeffery S 308 Baston. Deborah R. 327 Basvum. Abdulla A 262 157 Bates, Sabnna S. 218 Batta. Roy T. Bauer. Jaime H. 173. 238, 262, 203 Baughman, Vicky M. 262 Bault, David W. 131 Baumann, Amy 167. 194. 262. 201, 190 Baumann. Susan J 176. 199. 327 Baxter, Helen D. 262 Bays, Dora B. 187. 348 Baya. Mary 327 Bayse. Steven L, Beach. Sharon R. 348 Beacham. Abbie O, 208. 207 Beadlea, Jamie C. 327 Beale, Steve L, 306 Beard, Bruce 248 Beason, Ellen L 262 Beat, Teresa A. 308 Beattv, I eanne 246 Beatty. Lyn.se 0. 348 Beavin. Ann C, 240, 262. 208 Beck, Angie G. 309 Beck, Sandra K. 170, Beckers. Lynn G. 263 Beckett. Melody K. 192. 263 127 Beckman. Jennifer S. 218 Beckner. Jennie L, 327 Beeboot. Dawna B 348 Behler. Mike 171 Beglev, Debbie 309 Beglev, Marthlyn G. 191. 263 Begley. Nina L. 173, 178 Beglev, Robert J. 143 Behler Michael G 167. 170, 190. 263 Behne. Chervl A. 116. 308 Beighle, Charles L, 308 Beighle. Crystal L. 328 Bail, Patricia A. 328 Belanger. Giselle G. 348 Belcher. Carol L. 263 Belcher. Vena R. 263 Relfv, Victoria J. 263 Bell, Charles J 263 Bell, Kim P. 263 Bell, Laura 192 Bell. Richard A 93 Bel], Shannon L. 202. 263, 216 Bellamy, Maria 204 Benard, Dale 268 Bender, Mark D. 126. 193, 328 Bennett. Cynthia Y, 263 Bennett. Danita A, .348 Bennett. Frederick M. 263 Bennett, James W, 178. 328 Bennett. Kathleen M 328 Bennett. Melanie F, 328 Bennett, Michael A 348 , Rebel , 328 Bentley. Connie R. 263 Benllev, Connie 220 Bentlev. Dorella S 263 Bentlev. Howard D. Bentlev, Keith 263 Bentlev, Joseph R 309 Bentlev, Lewie L, 244. 309 Bentley, Rocky L. 238, 263 Perl, Hudson. Mike Berberich, Alane M, 171, 170, 263 Bergdoll, Leslie A. 173. 263 Berge. Dr W.H. 231 Bergstrom. Scott 207, 240, 328 Berkeihiser. Kristen 263 Bermudez. Linda B, Bernard, B Brandy II. 170 Bernard. Dale A. 204 Bernardo, Robert W 222 Bernhard. Holly D 328 Berry, Anthony 309 Berry, Barbara J. 205. 206, 309 Berry, Jodi 213 Berry, Priscilla A. 185. 308 Berry, Susan L. 187, 328 Berrvman, Howard G 189, 328 Berrvman. Marc E 262 Bertrand. Kellie Berts-.s. Dan 173, 232 Beshrev. Hossen M. Bess. Mark A. 186, 328 Best, Karen S. 308 Best, Kimberlv A. 216 Beta Theta Pi 224 Bethea, Donna J 348 , Melody ; ID. 262 Bickett, Tina G. 214 Biddle, Debbie L. 262 Bieger, Kaye 106. 107. 309 Bigesby. Anthony H 230 Billeter, Lisa J. 309 Binder. Rocky D. 180, 348 n, Janice G 328 n. Jennifer L. 328 n, Michael T 192 Pamela L, 328 Bmklev, Ann M, 328 Birch. Ninva M 328 Bird. David E. 246. 309 Bird. Stephen L. 86, 93 Bisel, Earl F , Jr. 348 Bisell. Fred 112 Bishop. Janet A. 173, 328 Bishop. Linda D. 210. 348 Bishop, Lvnn M. 328 Bishop. Marty R. 187, 348 Bishop, Rosafinde 263 Bissell, Fred 113 Black. Mary W. 309 Black. Pamela B, 204, 262 Black, Steve 194 Blackburn, Beverly K, 220 Blackburn. Tammy L. 263 Blackerbv. Michael W, 328 Blackwell. Earl L. 309 Black-well, Michelle 171, 192, Blackwell, Ruth W. 348 Blade. Jennifer K. 203. 328 1 J. 309 Hiogl.n Blair, Heh Blair. Jam i M. Blanco. Rita M, 328 Bland. Cheryl J. 328 Bland. Jeffrey S. 309 Blandford. Mary A. 348 Blanford, Richard C. Blakeman, Judy E. 167 Blankenship, Carla 178. 348 Blankenstem. Karla A. 218 Blau, Tamara J. 348 Blaynev. Anne S. 348 Blecha. Edward W, 240 Bledsoe. Kimberly A 309 Bledsoe. Trina G. 264 Blevins. Carolyn L. 348 Blevins. Rhonda K 214 Blevins. Tammy J. 309 Blizzard, Jo A. S. 348 Bloemer, Bernard W. 218 Bloss, Elizabeth A 309 Blvthe. Donna J. 197. 264 Blvthe. Dr. Harold 153 Boals. Jacob M. 264 Boatright. Phillip G. 178, 348 Bobb. Larrv 264 Bobek, Michael E. 93 Boden. Linda A 197. 222. 264 Bodgley. Mary 348 Bodine, Ann J. 214, 264 Boehm. Jannene 197, 309 Bogan, Elizabeth M. 309 Bogardus, Charles T. 348 Boggess. Debbie C. 248 Boggs. Kathleen N, 197 Boggs. Nancy J. 264 Boggs. Patricia A 309 Bogue, Randy L. 348 Bohannon. Julie A, 218, 264 Bohannon, Rhonda S 328 Buhl, James 196 Bollinger, Wendy R 208, 246, 309 Bolte. David L. 348 Bolte. James T 264 Bolte, Teresa L, 348 Bollon. Holly K. 328 Bolt.m, Melanie L 309 Bollon, Michael D 348 Bond, Anne K. 309 Bond. Mary K. 328 Bondurant, William J. 196 Bonfield. Joseph Mike 224 Bonfiglio, Jill M. 348 Bonilla. Sherri 264 Bonin. Lisa M. 264 Booker, Kent A. 93 Booker, Willie 309 Boone, Helen 212 B,«,ne, Mary J. 309 Boone. Valerie K 212 Booth, Alan D, 328 Booth, Brenda Javne Booth, Chip 246 Boothe, Janet F. 187, 348 Booze, David G. 93 Borders. Glen 238 Borders, Steve M. 348 Boscanno, Laurie A 205, 206, 264 Bosse. Michael D. 309 Botkins. Kimberlv A 348 Bott. Felicia A, 204, 216, 264 Bouchard. Lvnn M 348 Boughman, Paul R. 328 Bow-ens, Diane 197, 264 Bower, Leaha 328 Bowles, Pamela K Bowhn, Rich D, Bowlin, Rov D Bowlin, Steven T. Bowlin, Wesley Bowling, Arleen G Bowling, Betty J. Bowling. C. Wayne Bowling, Deborah L, 309 Bowling, Edward L Bowling, Garrett D Bowl.ng. Gary L. 348 Bowling Jacqueline 348 Bowling, James D II H. ' wling Janet L 264 Bowling. Jeff K. Bowling, Jo Beth 348 Bowling, Ri L ' s .. ' . , 349 Bowling, Shervl E. 198, 349 Bowman, Diane 185. 264 Bowman, Karen A. 264 Bowman, Randy M. 264 Bowman, Teresa A. Bowraer, Margaret 309 Bowne, Robert J. 125 Bowsher. Charlea A. 195. 264 Bowyer, Wendy G. 173, Bovd. Ashley D. 328 Boyd, Cindy 328 Bovd, David R, Bovd. Douglas A, 190, 264. 328 Bovd, Julie E, 349 Bovd. Lilian R 309 Boyd. Lilian R 309 Boyd. Stephen C 264 Bovd. Theodore A. 349 Bovd. Tobv 328 Hover. Steven W, 228 ;L. 264 ■adford. Robert R. 328 Bradford. Scott A. 199, 328 Bradley. Deidre S. 208. 328 Bradley. Mary E. 203. 328 Bradley. Pamela J 194 Bradley, Sam 236 Bradley, Shauna 61, 264 Bradshaw. Cindy E 192, 349 Bradv. Jackie 309 Brady, John 196, 264 Bradv, Peggy 189, 3119 Brndv, Phillip W :I2H Brageid, Elin akelield. Kathv 349 imschreiber. Carol 197. 264 mstedt. Jennifer L. 309 ,nch, Gary L. 93 indenburg, Belva L. 349 andenburg, Connie J 349 ■andenburg, Danny M. 349 (randenburg, Michael 264 am. Stephen M 349 . Todd W 156 Bratcher. Gary J, 309 Braxton, Anthony E, 93 Bray, Angelina 349 Bray, John K. 349 Breeding, Carla F. 349 Breeze. Sherri A. 349 Brehm, Scott E. 178 Breitenstein, Dale 246. 264 Brewer. Brooke 309 Brewer, Cathy A.K. Brewer, Darryl B. 203 Brewer, Gregory W. 226 Brewer. Robin M. 310 Brewington. Holli J. 349 Brian. Shannon R. 328 Bridges, Cecilia 310 Bnggs, Laurie A 106. 107. Bnmfield. Tina 310 Brittle. Jeffrey T. 93 Brizendine. Sue 349 Broaddus. Mary J. 265 Brock, Margaret A 197. 265 Brock, Ricky A. 349 Brock, Rodney D. 328 Brock, Susan 328 Brockman. Kellie A. 328 Brodbeck. Linav 116. 349 Brooks. Beckv L. 208, 246 Brooks. Cheryl R. 310 Brooks, Glenda M, 349 Brooks. Joan M. 349 Brooks. Sonva M. 329 Brooks, Valerie L. 222 Hr,-,kshire. James D. 175. 310 Brosky. Vincent J. 248 Brothers, Teresa L. 329 Brotzge, Anne M. 202. 349 Brough. Daniel L. 167, 183. 192. 265 Brown, Bessie C. 265 Brown, Brenda D. 265 Brown, Brian R. 178 Brown, Chrisopher M 246 Brown. Craig R. 349 Brown. Cynthia M. 173 Brown. Debra 182 Brown, Elaine 310 Brown. Gregory S 246, 310 Brown, James N. Jr. 349 Brown. Janet A. 349 Brown, Jennifer L. 349 Brown. Jodie J 208, 310 Brown, Governor John Y. Brown. Jr. 47, 143 Brown. Kathrvn F. 329 Brown, Kenneth R 207, 244. 265 Brown. Michael 246 Brown, Nancy I. 349 Brown. Paul David 131 Brown. Rebecca M. 206, 349 Brown. Scott D. 244 Brown. Steven 93 Brown. Susan M. 349 Brown. Suzanne 214. 265 Brown, Theresa F 187. 329 Brown. Timothy L, 234 Brown. Todd R. 265 Browne, Julie J. 349 Browning, Charlotte G. 204 Browning, Robin L. 265 Broytes, Amy L, 201. 265 Brovles, Jov 265 Bruce. David C. 310 Bruce. Laura E. 329 Bruce. Suaan K. 167, 178, 197, 265 Brueggen, Jayne M 349 Brumback. Cherie L. 265 Brumback, Tammie J 349 Brumfield. Melanie A, 208 Brumlev. Beth 349 Brumlev, Rica B. 188 Brumm. Patty 102 Brummetl, Donnie J. 349 Bruner, Kevin L. 310 Bruner. Kimberley L. 349 Bumette. Tom 93 Brungs, Roseanna B, 310 Brunner, Jill A. 329 Bruno. Peggy S, 184, 265 Brunson, Charles D 93 Brunton. Linda L, 306 Brussee. Laura L 183, 218, 265 Bryther, Michele 310 Bryan. Barry S. 265 Brvan, Christian L, 181, 265 Bryan. Melissa L. 208. 265 Brzezicki. Mary Jo 265 Bub. Peter T. 329 Bucher, Lloyd K. 310 Buchholtz. Joy A. 329 Huchmann, Roberta L 329 Buckman. Sally 222 Budnar. Richard P. 232. 310 Buechler, Mary J. 349 Buhl, Joseph A. 265 Buirley, Kelly L. 265 . Eugene 132 Bullet , Donni Bullock, Charlotte A, 329 Bullock, Karen J. 199 Bullock, Kathenne R. 349 Bullock. Monica J. 265 Humgardner Stephen C. 265 Bunch, Donna J, 177. 265 Burch. Charles S, 173, 306 Burchell, Janice S. 349 Burchett. Teresa A, 329 Burdell. Anthony L. 265 Burdell. Cammie M. 310 Burduck. Ellen A. 329 Burgen. Phill 207 Burgess. Timothy J. 329 Burgraff, Donna L. 173. 195. 197. 205, 329 Bunanek. Cynthia A. 218 Burke. Kyle T. 125 Burke. Maureen A. 197 Burke. Pam S. 214, 310 Burks, Donna L 192, 194, 310 Burnett, Donna C. 349 Burnett, Larry 228 Burnett, Lawrence A. 228 Bums, Kimberly S. 191, 208 Bums. Laura A. 265 Burns, Melvin D. 173 Burns. Paul L. 310 Burns. Rocshina L. 329 Burns, Todd L. 238, 310 Bums. Elizabeth A 349 Bun .349 374 Index Bum-. David A. 93 Burton. Kathy 349 Burton. Keith 132 Burton. Lisa C. 310 Burton, Regina L, 349 310 i M. Bush. Jai Bush. Kim M 349 Bush. Marsha L. 218. 350 BuBhman. Tammy J. 182. 214. 329 Bushon, Scot S. 350 Bussell. Nancy T. Butche. Richard 310 Butcher. Andrea J. 310 Butcher. Gnselda R 350 Butcher, Mark A 242 Butler. Dawn M 205. 208. 310 Butler, James W. Butler. Jim 242 Butler. Lane P. 329 Butler. Lorraine E. 204. 310 Butler. Robert L. 310 Butler, Stephen A. 266 Butler, Tanva 266 Butl er, Zella N 266 Butterweck. Cynthia R 60 Bvham, Lisa J. 173 Bvrd, Donna M 350 Bvrd. Rodney A. 93 Bvrne, Mimi L. 60, 94 — c— Cable. Candi K .a Caffee, Janet L- 214 Cagney, Thomas R 350 Cain. Regina L. 197. 329 Cain, Sabnna R 310 Cain. Tereaa R. 187. 310 Caibert, Wade 350 Calder. Mm L. 266 Caldwell. Carolvn 350 Caldwell. Glenda F 350 CaldweU. James W. 329 Caldwell, Jewelene M. Caldwell. Jim 183 Calhoun. Vanessa L 350 Cali. Laura 266 Call. Debbie L. 187 Callahan. Laura L- 216 Callkotte. Michael A 266 Calvert. Barbara J. 266 Calvert. Dee A. 208. 266 Calvert. Joseph D 234 Cambron. Ellen 310 Cambron. John A 266 Cambron, Thomas P. 266 Camden. Teresa E 266 Campbell. Greg S. 329 Campbell, James O 167, 204. 266 Campbell, Mark A II 329 Campbell. Stacy J 191, 204, 266 Canan. Kevin L, 248 Canning. Marv A. 266 Cannon, Kathv 310 Cannon. Laura G 266 Cantrell. Jennifer L 350 Cappa. Tina M. 170, 329 Capps, Cathy L. 266 Carden. Tammy K 329 Carey. Jeff L. 107 Carfield. William E 160 Cargle. Rena O Carl. Pamela K. 329 Carl, Patricia M. 182, 350 Carlberg. Gary J. 170, 329 Carlock. Janice L- 232, 350 Carlock, Susan A. 191 Carloski, Susan A. Carloss. James D. 224 Carlson, Kimberly K 310 Carlaon. Sandra L. 310 Carlton, Emajo C Carly. Donna 329 Carmack, Suaan L 350 Carman, John A, 350 Carmichael. Douglas L 184, 310 Carpenter. Betty L. 191 Carpenter. Jeffrey W 190. 203. 204, 266 Carpenter. Martin T 310 Carpenter. Thomas E 329 Carr. Debra H 194 Carr, Diana M 94. 310 Carraco, Tamara L. 329 Carrel. Sandra L. 107 Carrico. Arch C. 350 Carrico, Brenda G 329 Cameo. Loretta A 196. 329 Carrier , Neil P 266 Carroll. Karen A 350 Carroll. Paula G 350 Carroll. Ronald E 266 Carruba. Selma J 204 Carten. Buford J 170. 230. 232, 310 Carter, B. Carter, Bowena L 266 Carter. Gary W 236, 350 Carter. Glandias V 249 Carter. Mary E. 329 Carter. Melanie E 350 Carter. Mike W 236, 266 Carter, Nicholas L 183. 310 Carter. Sammie A 350 Carum. Diane 266 Cary. Nancy T 210 Cary, Dale 203. 350 Casconi. Diana G 266 Cascom. James A 329 CaBe. Trulena S 350 Casey. David C 350 Casper. John F 196, 329 Cassell. Faith E 310 Casaell. Jill P. 350 Casson. Diana M- 197, 329 Castell, Mary L- 329 Cattarello. Anne M 329 CBudill. Kyle L. 350 Caud.ll. Robin 208 Caudill. Robin L. 310 Caudill, Sharon G. 350 Causey. Gary E. 350 Cave, Dana R. 350 Cawar, Julia 310 Cecil Andrew W. 173, 184 Cecil. Donna J. 329 Cecil, Selby L 329 Chadwell. Patricia A 350 Chambers. Marvbeth 350 Champion, Samuel J. 329 handl " . ' handl 310 Chanev. Alice M. 267 Chanev. George D. Jr. 350 Chaplin, Kimberly J. 267 Chapman. Deborah L. 197 Chappell, Lorie A- 350 Charles, Kim R. 329 Charles, Marsha J 120 Charles, Marv E 350 Charles, Pamela A 329 Chostain. Gary 196 Chatman. Kelly J. 329 Cheap. Philip C 184. 187, 267 Cheatham. Jo D. 350 Cheatham. Sandra K 191, 267 Chen, David Lee Yueh 306 Chenault, Jeanne R 216 Chenoweth. Kelly L. 185, 330 Cherrv, Kathy A. 310 Cheslev. Donn 350 Chesley, Donald H 178, 244 Cheslev Robert A 191. 244. 267 Chesley. Teresa 171, 170 Chesser. Kenneth V 311 Chi, Omega Sorority 50, 214 Childers. Lisa K, 191 Childress. Wanda C. 267 Childs. Deborah J 350 Chilveis. Ben 350 Chisholm. Timothy W. 228 Chism. KBtherme E. 330 Chmiel, Chns A. 350 Chi Omega 214 Chnsman. Karen G 164. 171. 170, 190. 199, 267 Chrisman. Vmce D 267 Christensen, Linda C. 311 Christerson, Hazel M 330 Christian. Beth 216, 311 Christian, Linda C 199. 330 Christian. Tina 218 Christie. Ann R. 330 Christy. Valerie E 208. 246 Churchill. Monika G 267 Ciecorka. Patricia M 267 Cielensky, Vicki L. 311 Ciolek, Robert S 183. 244. 267 Clark, Allyson L. 330 Clark. Barbara L 330 Clark. Basil B. 267 Clark, Cathy 267 Clark. Cindy 180 Clark, Cvnthia 267 Clark, Cvnthia 192 Clark. Dall 195 Clark. Earl L. Jr. 330 Clark, Gabnele 330 Clark, Gregory A. 93 Clark. Kathryn A. 350 Clark, Kimberly J 167, 268 Clark, Mark A, 202 Clark. Nancy 222. 330 Clark. Robin J. 268. 311 Clarke, Larry A. 268 Clary, Patricia W. 102 Clatos. Steve D 268 Claud, Marvette 350 Claus. Kenneth S. 311 Clausen. Katheryne A 268 Clay. Candace E. 311 Clay, Cindy L. 311 Clayton. Christopher 311 Clayton, Kathenne J 350 Clayton, William K. 311 Clavwell, Lynn A. 330 Clem. Wilma K 350 Clements. Cathy G. 268 Clements, Judy K. 218 Clements. Stewart E 268 Clements, Tern A 330 Clemmons. Edward C 330 Click. Diane L 187. 201, 268 Click, Michael E 232 Clifton, Carla R 208. 268 Cline. Vanessa C. 350 Clinebell, Irene C- 330 Clouse, Beverly A. 178, 330 Cloutier. Pierre P. 242 Cloyd. Linnie 226. 350 Clubb. Elizabeth A 268 Cobb, Debra A 214, 351 Cobb, James W 236 Cobb, Tina M 351 ughe. i til Cochran, Alan R. 242 Cochran. Cynthia S 167. 200. 268 Cochran. Debra R. 330 Cockerill, Michael D 244 Coel, Janet 222 Cofer. Laura M 268 Coffman. Steven M 351 Coker. Donna M. 330 Colborn, James F 311 Colborn. Linda M 216. 330 Coldiron. H Camille 330 Cole, Cindy 203 Cole, David G. 114, 115. 159, 200, 268 Cole. Janet L. 311 Cole. Katrma L. 351 Cole. Kenny W. 170. 330 Cole. Lisa Y 208. 351 Coleman. Machele A- 330 . Margo 102 I M. 196 Collard. Todd A. 330 Collegiate. Pentacle 190 Collect. Melissa W 268 Collett. Regina M 330 Collier. Juanita J 351 Collier. Rodney D 268 Collings, Mary B. 311 Collins. James 198 Collins, M Colleen 268 Collins. Mark S. 330 Collopy, Joseph J. 330 Column. William 2SH Colter, Dawn G. 268 Coltrain, Scott 311 Columbia. Dana M 197 Cowell. Russell D. 351 Colver, Dwain P- 180 Colyer. Julie A. 351 ( ' ..mils. Charles 143 Combs, Dunna S 246 Combs, Earl 80 Combs, Eve 361 Combs. Gerald G 330 Combs. Jennifer A 351 Combs, Kevin 268 Combs. Kimberly A. 197. 311 Combs. Mary C 184. 268 Combs. Sandra M 204. 311 Combs, Shannon 183 Comer, Rename 351 Commodore. Barbara D. 212. Compton, Debra L. 351 Conlev. Michael J- 216. 351 Conley. Michele 311 Conlev. Rebecca J. 216. 246 Conn. Connie 268 Conn, George L. 330 Connelly, Karen A- 222 Conner, Deborah G 268 Conner, Derrick S. 178 Conner, Larry 231 Conrov. Brian C, 125. 311 Consaio, Frank 238 Conyers. Elizabeth C. 330 Conyers. Karen D- 183. 268 Coovers. Sharen J 182. 208. 311 Cook, Caroline M. 351 Cook. Gregory E 268 Cook, Jeffrey B 330 Cook, Kathleen 330 Cook, Pamela C- 269 Cook, Rick C. 269 Cook. Robert D. 311 Cook, Scott E, 224. 311 Cook. Tami D. 269 Cooke, Nancy 351 Cunksev. Aniline Jti ' J Co,,]. Cathie A. 269 Cool, Mark K. 269 Coombs. Kathryn M 269 Coomhs. Marv (.1 222 Coons. William H 244 Cooper. Alice M- 351 Cooper. Gloria D. 330 Cooper. Janet L, 216, 330 Cooper. Maria L. 330 Cooper. MelvinD 269 Cooper. Patricia L- 330 Cooper, Paula S 269 Cooper. Rob 311 Cooper, Sherry C 311 Cooper, Tommy J 330 Cope, Barry L. 187 Copher, Phillip J 351 Copley, Angela K. 330 Cordes, Deborah L 116, 351 Cornelius, Kevin R. 189 Cornell. Sheri E. 311 Comett. Carmen D- 195 Comett. David W 351 Comett. Faith D. 330 Comett. Jeffrey L 242 Cornell. Judith E. 351 Comett. Laura LB. 185. 311 Comett. Marv E. 351 Comett. Susan J. 269 Comett, Timothy F. 248, 269 Comett. Venetia C. 273 Comette. Vivian 311 Correll. Margie 269 Cosby, Marv Linda 311 Coaker. Kim N 198, 311 Cottingim. Tommy W 330 Cottrell. William K- 269 Couington, Debbie 208 Couch, Andre 246 Couch, Deborah C 351 Couch. Dennis A 311 Couch. Gregory G 330 Coulter, Eddie 269 Coulter. Kathv L, 330 Coulter, Melinda L. 311 Coulter. Rebecca M 210. 330 Courtnev. Michael L- 246 Courtney, Timothy A- 199 Courtwnght. William 311 Covey. Deborah K. 351 Covington. Deborah J 208 Covington. Kevin J. 311 Cowherd. Frances M 269 Cox. Bruce J. 269 Cox. Charles W, 269 Coi. Donnie W 167. 189. 269 Coi. Earhne R. 330 Cor. Elizabeth F 330 Cox. Fredonna 200 Cox, Glenn E, 269 Cox. Jacqueline L. 269 Cox. James 330 Cox, Jane E 216 Cox. Jennie S 330 Cox, Joseph D. 351 Cox. Kathy L 197. 269 Cox. Kathv L. 269 Cox, Kimberly A 330 Cox. Lin 351 Cox. Lisa C, 351 Cox. Michael A 207. 242, 311 Cox. Randall S. 311 Cox. Richard W. 269 Cox, Robert L. Jr. 224 Cox. Stacy A. 246 Cox. Susan J. 330 Cox. Teresa S 216, 269 Cox, Virginia L. 269 Cox. William M LTI 351 Coy, Kimberly C 218 Coyle. Bobbi E, 311 Covle, Kenneth D. 351 Covle, Mark D. 351 Crabbe. Dr 168 Crabtree. Mitzi M 269 Craft, Clyde O Craft, David 351 Craft, Debra R 269 ( ' rail, Susan C. 331 Craft. Thomas D 224 Crapsev. Barbara A 216 Crapeey, Robert S, 244 Cravaack, Stephanie A 208, 330 Craven, Julia M 351 Cravens. Barbara E. 269 Cravens, Donald R 311 Craver. Steven S. 270 Crawford. C Michael 173 Crawford. Samuel 270 Crawley, Rebecca K. 270 Crawley, Timothy B. 170, 331 Craynon. Mary E. 202. 351 Creech, Jeffery C. 234 Creekmore. Dennis R. 112, 113, 132 Crenshaw. Anthony C, 246 Crews, Henretta C. 178, 311 Cnder, Andrea K, 351 Crimm, Scott F, 232 Crisostomo, Daiay S. 331 Ciist, Chana R. 178 Criswell. Sharon L. 331 Crook. Alison A. 213 Cross. Keith A 238 Cross. Kenneth H Cross. Lynn 311 Cross. Sam Jr. 112. 113 Crosswait, Carol B. 331 Crouch, Timothy A 187, 197. 270 Croucher. Vonda L. 178. 181, 351 Crouse, Kevm C. 180 Crowder. Joan M 270 Crowder, Vicke R 311 Crowdus, Karen E 197 Crowdus. Nikal .1,,,, : .sl 174, 175. 270 Crowe. Shonna J. 351 Crowley. Andrew B 112. 113. 132 Crowley. Rebecca 134 Crum, Tammy L. 331 Crumbacker, Andy D 311 Crumbacker. Sandy D 351 Crumble. Tanva S 331 Crume, Ann M 351 Crume. Carla D, 214. 270 Crume. Phvllis A. 331 Crump, Catherine C 351 Cruse, Nancy J, 311 Cuccaro, Lisa A, 331 Culbertson. Lee W, 351 Culbertson, Winford L 351 Cullen. Carol L. 270 Culley, Audrie A 351 Cullv, Ann E, 270 Culp, Mark A 180. 351 Cultice, Krystal D- 352 Cummings, Monica J 192 Cummins. Dianne P 189. 331 Cummins. Joel K, 331 Cummins, Mark A 352 Cummins. Paula R. 352 Cummins. Robin A. 208 Cunditt. Don 170 Cunningham. Kathv J 311 Cunningham, Shannon L 189. 331 Curren. Kevin K 125. 193 Currier, Catherine R 270 Currv, Cynthia J 183 Currv. Gary B, 311 Curry. Jill F 331 Curry, Lon A. — D— Dabis, Deidra 311 Dabney, Cheryl L, 312 Dailey. David B. 94, 244 Dailev. Jan D, 312 Dailev, Lisa C. 312 Dailev. McKinlev B. 236 Dailev. Tamara R. 270 Dale, David M. 331 Dale, Susan E. 331 Damico. Beth A. 207. 210 Damico. Steven J 270 Dampier. Deborah L. 352 Damron. Jeffrey R. 240 Dan. Becky J. 270 Dance Theatre 192 Dangelo, Mark L. 312 Daniel, Elizabeth A. 352 Daniel. Teresa D, 331 Daniels. Rene A 185. 197 Dannenberg. Jeffrey C 238, 331 Dapper, Steven E, 228 Das. Suresha S 270 Dasch. Robin 214 Dashti, Asghar Data Processing Management Assoc. 171 Daugherty. Anne 102 Daughertv. Elizabeth 203 Daugherty. Ellen C. 352 Daugherty, Mary J. 352 Daugherty, Timothy J. 180 Daulton. Kenneth E. 178. 312 Dauzenberg, Beth L. 352 Davidson. Anna J. 352 Davidson, Anthony A. 352 Davidson. Lavaun 173. 183, 312 Davies. Allyson E. 331 Davis. Bradley L 331 Davis. Daniel 270 Davis, Fran 312 Davis, Freddie 231 Davis. HughM 270 Davis. James W. 331 Davis. John M. 312 Davis, Karla B. 214, 236 Davis, Marjone E. 312 Davis, Mary B. 331 Davis. Melanie K. 312 Davis, Miles S. 178, 331 Davis. Peggy L. 352 Davis. Ricky A. 270 Davis. Robert F. 183. 312 Davis. Roy E. 331 Davm, Ruth 331 Davis, Stephen L. 232, 331 Davis. Timothy L. 315 Davis. William 331 Davison, Earlene 167, 270 Davy, Peter A. 352 Dawson, Brerida 66 Dawson. Mark R. 270 Dawson. Sucy J. 197. 198. 312 Day. David T. 312 Day, Karen 199, .331 Day, Linda C. 270 Day. Michael J. 270 Day, Tressia L. 270 Dean, Elizabeth F, 352 Dean. Thomas M, 238 Deck. John M. Jr. 352 Decker. Jeffery F. 352 Decker. William B. 238 Decuir, David C. 270 Dedman, Timothy C. 3-52 Deenbar. G, Margaret Deenng. Laura A. 270 Dees, Darrell W. 228 Defosse. Thomas H. 331 Deisher. Deborah A. 352 Delaney. Sandra S Delandy. Brenda L 222 Deleon. Scott A. 252 Deller. Dan R 352 Delmar. Deborah A. 202. 312 Delong, Carol 271 Delong. Samuel M. 306 Delta Omicron 191 Delta Sigma Theta 213 Delta Tau Alpha Demaree, Troy A. 331 Demlmger. Marvin D, 271 Den HoUi, 191 Demos . Karen L. 188 Dempsev. Moire S. 271 Deneen. Renee A. 352 Derrer. Kimberlv A. 271 Derrick, Diane J. 192. 271 Desantia, Nina M. 312 Deshazer. James A 238 Desimone, Russell A 271 Desimone. Steve A 246 Desmond, Michelle 331 Desolier. Lawrence A. 187 Despain, Mike L. 236 Dever, Ruth A 352 Devine. Mark W. 271 Devine, Marsha C. 208. 236, 312 Dewitt, Catherine W. 271 Dewitt. Patty 246 Dexter. Timothv A 352 Dezarn, Don 312 Dhonau, Janice L. 331 Dhonau. Leah R. 185, 331 Dials. Deborah L. 197 Diamond. Becky L, 271 Diamond, Donna J, 312 Diangeid. Elin 271 Dick Mi. hele ' tf: Dicken. Juba G. 352 Dickens, Brian D 331 Dickerson. Mark L 93 Dickerson. Richard A. 271 Dickey. Brian 234 Dickman, Darlene M 312 Dickson, Bettina E. 214, 331 Dickson, Jean M. 102. 312 Diemer. Carolvn L. 214. 331 Dietrich. Teresa A. 102 Dihrkop. David L. 93. 193 Dillon, David C. 352 Dillon. Debbie A, 312 Dillon, Norma J. 271 Dillon. Timothy John 115 DiUow. Gregory D, 352 Diraitriou. Gregory 232 Dimond. Neil J. 94, 170, 312 Dimond, Terri 352 Disibio, Amv M. 352 DiBtler, Penne A. 210. 352 Dixon. Beverly J. 352 Dixon. Chrisele M 214 Dixon. Daniel M. 331 Dixon. Gregorv L 33! Dixon. Martha C 312 Dixon. Sharon E 352 Dixon. Tammy J. 218 Do, Hanh M. 271 Dobbling. Kimberlv L. 218, 352 Dobbs. Tamela J. 331 Dobbs, Teresa A. 331 Dobson. Lisa M 246. 331 Dodge, Brian R. 352 Dodge. Gregory C. 125, 312 Dodson. Kimberly A. 246 Doher, Larry 271 Doker, Lawrence B. 171. 195 Dolbow, Kathy M. 246 Dollou, Kathy 312 Domenech. Mam T, 190, 214. 271 Doming uez. Alejandro 93. 193 Dominique. Michelle B. Domingue. SheUi 173, 331 Donaldson, Paul L. Jr. 183. 192, 312 Donner. Teresa A. 331 Donohue. Man ' L. 202 Doolev. Thomas W. Jr. 312 Dorsev, Monica L. 271 Dorton, Jack 154, 331 Dosch. Robin J, 189. 331 Dossett. Robin A. 61. 220. 246. 312 Dotson. Catherine D. 61. 94. 271 Dotson, Kim 208 Dotson, Gary D. 238. 271 Dotson. Pamela A. 271 Doud. Amy M. Douds, Brian 132 Doughman, Jeffery A, Doughman. Lori L 187. 331 Doughty. Shyrleen E. 331 Douglas. Cathv R. 185. 271 Douglas. Linda M. 312 Douglas. Marvetta M. 192. 331 Dowling. Mary A. 331 Downing. Sherri L 332 Downing. Toni B 271 312 Dovle. Penny L. 167, 271 Doyle. Peter W. 271 Dozier. Carolyn D. 2 Dozier, Kimberly K. 214, 248. 312 Dragoo. William K. 352 Index 375 Drake. Linda R. 173 Drees, Glenn A. 332 Drennen. Patricia J. 170. 208 Dnesman. Rebecca A. 312 Drumm. Patricia L. 271 Drurv. Pamela A. 271 Dudgeon, Henrietta 208 Duff, Kimberly R 332 Duff, Sandra D. 332 Dugan. Chancellor 120. 121 Dukes, Gar.- ,1 -24 Dunagan. Bobbi J 352 Dunagan, Man, ' S Dunagan, Susie 312 Dunavent. Philip V. 224 Dunawav. Bndget L. 178. 352 Duncan. Gary 352 Duncan. Lori L. 106. 107 Dundon. John L. 188 Dunkins, Michael 224 Dunlap. Charles R. 271 D ' t . Eta Dunn. Benjamin C 2117, 272. 242 Dunn. Deborah R. 195. 352 Dunn. Melame E 312 Dunn. Rodnev 231 Dunn, Twila D 352 Dunn. William K. 312 Dunnigan, Jacqueline 167. 190. 197. . Michael T. 352 Durben. Daniel J 126 Durbin, Cathy S 353 Durbin. Glenna M 272 Durbin. Patncia D 306 Durham. David K 228 Durham. Jonathan B 312 Durham. Lisa A. 216, 353 Durham. Randall C 353 Dusing. Judith T, 198. 312 Duvall. Kevin A. 183 Duvall, Margery J 212 Duvall. Michelle 312 Duvall, Robert T Jr 184, 272 Duvall, Sandra S. 272 Duvall, Susan E 191. 312 Duvall, Victoria L 312 Dve. Jane E. 312 Dye, Vicki L. 332 Dyer, Marty M Dyer. Theresa A, 107 — E— Eak. Tracy L. 208. 240. 332 Earle, David R. 272 Early. Janet L. 332 Earnest. Jeff M. 188 Easlev, Deborah A 216 Easley, Melinda G 196, 332 Eason Daryl 306 Eason. Suzanne 332 Easterhng, Sarah T 353 Eastndge. Maunce L 192. 272 Eaton. Timothy J 202, 313 Ebert, Lisa M. 313 Eckart. Vicki K 196. 332 Eckerle. Kathv I. 353 Kdds. Rodnev R 272 Eden. Kathy A 313 Edeien. IjiuAnne Edgington. Carol P 332 Edlin, Mark J 191, 204, 232, Edmonds, Laurie L 167. 272 Edmonds, Melame J 272 Edwards, Felicia L. 332 Edwards. Gregory D, 313 Edwards. Jeffrey S .153 Edwards, Kathv L 107 Edwards. Marcia R 188 Edwards. Mark S. 332 Edwards. Neal 272 Edwards. Ray 67 Edwards. Ursula F 313 Effler. Janice M. 197. 272 Egalite, Cathenne L 208. 353 Egart. Cheryl M. 353 Egelston, Lisa A, 203. 248. 313 Eichenberger. William 272 Eifert. Robert A 195. 196. 272 Eisenmenger. Donald Jr 272 Eklund. Karen S. 202 Elder, Jennifer C 353 Elder. Margaret M 353 Elder. Nancy L. 185. 190 Elpers. Mana D, 272. 332 Elkayekh. Miloud B 272 Elliott, Carol M, 167. 272 Elliott. Harold L Jr 332 Elliott, Nancv E 332 Elliott, Robert M 272 Elliott, Robert W. ' 272 Elliott, Robin E 353 Elliott, Teresa A, 353 Ellis. Leslie G 353 Ellis, Rodnev D 178 Elmy, Pamela L. 332 Elrod, Chnstopher D 178 Elzy. Nadine D. 332 Embrev. Kellev J 332 Emery, Gma R, 216 Emge. Kathy 332 Emmert, Cheryl L 218. 246. 313 Emodv. Mvron 178 England. Jennifer C. 332 Englert, Christopher 272 Englert. Elizabeth S. 202. 313 Englert. Sharon A. 272 Enochs, Mary J. 220. 236 II 1 Enscb Valerie A ,112 Ensing, Chns A 112 Enyart, Beth A 313 Enzie. Dean R ' 164 Enzweiler. Sharon R 31! Eplin. Angela D. 332 Epperson. Laura J 199 Epps. .Jamea 231 Erftenbeck, Peggy 272 Ernst. Amber R 182 Ernst. Julie A. 173. 332 Emat. Michael J. 353 Espev. Dawn E 216. 332 Estep. Pamela K 236. 353 Estep. Tina K. 313 Estes. Rickie 250 Estill. Kristi A. 332 Ethendge. Jane E. 332 Ethenngton. Frances 353 Eubanks. Porter DJ 332 Evans, Barbara R 353 Evans. Beth A. 220 Eva i L, 12i , Terri L. 272 Evelvn. Jeremy J. 170. 272 Everman. Tamara L 272 Eversole. Virginia M, 313 Eyckmans. Monica J, 353 — F— Fagan, Josephine H 313 Falls, Steve W, 332 Fannin. Jessica Jo 332 Farlow. Calvin 231 Farmer, David P 236, 31.1 Farmer. Sheila J. 273 Farrell. David P 207, 244. 273 Farrell. Matthew J. 332 Farthing. Doria A. 273 Farthing. Sharon E 188. 198. 313 Faulkner, Alice Y. 353 Faulkner. Dons 278 Faulkner. Elizabeth A, Faulkner. Pamela M 183. 313 Faulkner. Sharon K, 332 Faulkner, Tammy L, 332 Faust. Dianna M. 313 Fawbush. Scott 353 Fawbush. Suzanne P 208. 332 Fazio, Michael R, 184, 186, 273 Fegan, Charles 273 Feagan, Ruth E, Feagins, Wanda G 353 Feeback. Sandra L 170 Fehhs, Jeffrey D. 353 Feix. Derek E. 228 Feldman, Robert J 353 Felgar, Nancy A. 273 Feltner. Monica R 198, 353 Felts, Marcia D. 273 Feltv. Nanette M. 313 Ferguson, Cathleen E 27.1 Ferguson. David A, 353 r ' trgus " n Gera A 113 Ferguson, Michael 273 Fernanders, Kimbelrv 27.1 Femll. Lois A 197. 332 Ferry. Patrick J. 273 Fessler, David F, 313 Fessler. Deborah L 3.32 Felt. Phillip M Fetter. Elaine ! 273 Fetzi R..I.11 Ficker, Lori Field, Susan L, 353 Field. Vickie L 192. 194, 332 Fields, Anthony D. 313 Fields. Carla G. 353 Field, s Cheryl Y 332 Fields. Lon W. 226 Fields. Melame K. 189 Fields. Mehnda J 184. 271 Fields. Teresa A 313 Fifert, Robert 173 Figleatahler. Joan E 185, 273 Figlestahler. Rita E. 313 Filiatreau, Ann S 190. 197. 273 Filickv. Jacqueline .1 353 Filippi. Sue A. 332 Finch. Bradley S. 273 Finlev. Jean E 183, 332 Finnell. Gwendolyn 15:1 Firman. Kowna V 353 Fish. Pete 236. 203 Fisher, Christopher W 231 Fisher. Dan 244 Fisher. Gary J 183. 332 Fisher, Michelle Y 313 Fisher. Sally A 163, 167, 198, 273 Fisher. Todd 332 Fisher, Louis E. 125 Fitzharns. Lisa K, 273 Fitzhugh, Eugene C 240. 273 Fitzpatnck, Chen E, 353 Flanagan, Pamela P 273 Flannery. Robin G 153 Flannerv, Ronald J .153 Flannigan, Thomas 31.1 Flatt. Lisa M. 332 Flay, Kimbelrv A. 353 Fleming. Cathenne L 332 Fleming. Rick 238, 353 Fletcher. Barbara J 273 Fletcher. Kimberly G. 273 Fletcher, Phillip 231 i D. 313 Flo K.n . David L, 93. 273 Flowers. Brigitte A 218. 273 Flowers. Don K. 199 Flowers. Kevin D 189. 273 Flowers. Laura J. 187, 333 Flowers, Rachel L. 273 Floyd, Charles M 171. 170. 277 Flovd. George Jr. 93 Flvnn, Charles R 210 Flvnn. Melody A. 363 Fogarty. Mary T. 184. 274 Foley, Tony 203 Followed. Susan L. 333 Food and Nutrition Club 194 Fooks. Mary F. 313 Ford. Lawrence H 228 Ford, Libbie 216. 313 Ford. Lucille E. Ford. Michael D 244. 333 Forhecz. Robin M 102. 353 Forquer. Jennie A. 333 Forte. Greg P 3i: Fosson, Julia C. 274 Foster, Holly L, 106, 134. 213 Foster. Jamea H, Jr. 189 Foster. Jill R. 216. 333 Foster, Marge 313 Foushee. Donna L. 274 Fowler. Charles E. 274 Fox. Gary E. 232 Fox. Karen S, 216 Fox. Susan V, 353 Fov. Keenan T. 333 Foy. Tamara J. 192, 333 Frakes, Melissa M 353 Fralix, Teresa D 274 France. Amy M. 274 Francioni. Richard A 93 Francis. Michele A. 274 Francisco. Connie S. 210. 353 Francisco, Suaan 353 Frank. Deirdre A. 353 Franke. Edward B 3.11 Frankenstein. Connie 274 Fravsur, Dale A, 224 li, or, . 333 Fraysure. Kellv .1 11: Frazer, Donna M 354 Frazier, Nina R. 249. 313 Frazier. Sally J, 185. 197, 274 Frazier, Shade III 354 Frazier. Vanessa D 274 Fredenck, Joanie L. 354 Frederick. Ronald J 133 Fredrick, Larrv L, 333 Freeman. Bruce 313 Freeman. Vanov P, 333 French. Becky J. 354 French, Cheryl L 177. 274 French. Karen L 183. 333 French, Leonard W. ,133 Frettv, Sarah B, 58. 170. 173. 204. 206. 313 Fretz. Karen S. 186, 313 Frevola. Marc D 189. 274 Frey, Lisa A, 333 Fncke, Kara S, 194, 201. 274 Fne Hud 1 . Linda M, 274 Frost, Jacqueline M 203. 274 Frost. Jacquelyn M. 313 Fruchtenicht, Douglas 248 Fry. Robert S, 354 Fry, Sharon K. 218 Frvberger, Leslie A, 274 Frve, Randv A, 274 Frvmire, Anne T 216 Fuller, Cheryl S. 274 Fuller, Dawn M 220, 333 Fuller, Pamela K, 333 Fulton, Carla R 207. 212, 313 Fultz. Donna K. 274 Fultz. Donna L. 306 Fussner. Linda M 197. 313 — c— Gabbard, Brenda L. 200. 313 Gabbard. Dannv K 333 Gaebler, Cathy C 313 Gaer. David W. 274 Gaertner. Jonathan S. 114, 115, 313 Gaines. Donna K. 222 Gales, Priscilla 354 Gales. Vanessa L. 274 Galloway, Joyce A. 313 Gambrei. Kathv D 176. 204. 274 Gambrell, Cmdv L 246, 354 Gammon, Angela S 214. 333 GandollYi, Guv T. 93 Gandv, Kenneth R 354 Gandy. Leanne M 354 Garchinskv, Teresa M. 102 Gardner, Amy L. 208. 354 Gardner. Gary L 184. 186. 274 Gardner. George A 114, 115. 274 Garland. Denise 216. 274 Garland. Philip 0. Garland, Renee 208, 246. 314 Gannon. Lora A. 354 Garner, Gregory M 178, 354 Garner. Melodie A 354 Garrett. David J, 314 Garrison. Beverly M 154 Garrison, Chandra D .3-54 . Dawn R, 274 Gan , Jan . 274 Garrison. Jim 248 Gase. Sandra E. 197, 204, 333 Gash, Deborah G. 354 Gash, Minam J 314 Gash. Patricia R 27 " . Gash. Ronald L. 275 Gaskin. Deborah S. 275 Gaston 134 Gatchett. James T 314 Gates, Jane L. 354 Gates, Mary C. 354 Gates, Tamara L. 183 Gault, Thomas L. 173, 314 .Tonya M, 354 Me . 354 Erhardt. Lis .332 Gay, Tammv J 218 Gav. Teresa J, 183 Gavle. Dianna M. 275 Gavlor, Tvra D 354 Gegel. Lisa A. 208 Gehhnger. Chervl A 354 Geiling, Lee D. 275 Geisler, Marie M 134. 275 Geiss, Lauren E 134. 275 Geist. Kathleen L. 333 Gemmer. Pamela J 182. 354 Gensheimer. Teresa L. 354 Gentry, George E, 354 Gentry, Judy U. 196 Gentry, Paula M. 236. 333 Geoghegan. Doris J. 167 George, Kevin B. 178, 333 Gerald. Susan L, 275. 204 Gehrig, Joan M. 314 German Club 195 Gernmes, Stephanie M. 222 Gevedon. Cynthia D 314 Gianatasio, Susan P 126 Gianopuloa. Valerie M 170, 218 Gibbon. William D, 115 Gibbs. Brian S. 354. 236 Gibbs, Cvnthia L, 207. 216 Gibson. Beckv L. 333 Gibson. Billie J. 354 Gibson, Dean Charles 144. 145 Gibson, Charles H. 333 Gibson, Chuck 183, 193 Gibson, Dana L. 170, 195. 314 Gibson, James A. 314 Gibson. Maude 34 Gibson, Sharon D. 333 Gifford. Kathy E. 314 Gigandet, Bruce Gilbert. Lisa A, 333 Gilbert. Vickv L, 314 Gildav. Patti S. 214 Gill, Rebecca S. 191 Gill, Sally J. 333 Gillespie. James E, 244 Gillespie. Mark S. 275 Gillev. Michael V 94. 203. 275 Gilhland, Robert K. 275 Gillum. Andy 333 Gitlum. James A. 238 Gillum, Janet 167 Gilman. Kent 333 Ginn, Steven M. 314 Ginnan, Jerilyi, K. 354 Gire, Richard A. 314 Girten, Julie L. 216, 314 Gish. James L, Jr. 333 Gisler. Pat L. 333 Givan. Stacv L. 207. 222, 314 Givens. Charles K 206, 246. 276 Glassner, Lisa M, 333 Glatthaar, Pamela A 190. 201. 276 Glaumaver. Cathlene 354 Gleason, Deborah A 354 Glover, Kenneth L, 132. 230. :. 14 Gnau. Robin L. 178 -oat lev, Paula A. 354 Goble, Pamela S. 206 Godbev. Jacqueline 187, 333 Goff, Alan T. 333 Goheen, Shannon M 218 Gohmann. Karen A. 195 Coins, Kimberlv A 354 Coins, Steven A. 238 Gold, Charles H. 178 Goldsmith, Cheryl L. 314 Golwton. Gwendolvn 276 Gombert. Karen A 192, 214. 354 Gooch, Tena 314 Goodall, Ins R. 248 Goodall, Paula R. 23 Goode, Kathv L. 314 Goode. Kimberly F 314 Goodfleisch. Bruce L. 354 Goodm. Barry M 354 Goodin. Gina K, 354 Goodin, Julie F. 220. 238. 276 Goodin. Lisa C. 120, 121 Goodloe. Kim H. 354 Goodman. Gary A. 240, 276 Goodman. Gina E, 333 Goodwin, Kirk A. 230 Gorbandt. Rebecca A 276 Gordon, Bruce 354 Gordon, Diana C 333 Gordon. Gail 333 Gore, Lou Ann 197 Gorrell. Gretchen A. 246 Goosmann, David G. 276 Gossman. Una M. 182, 314 Gotti, Joan G. 120 Gouge. Pamela E 314 Gover, Mvma 276 Graddick. Joe 93. 276 Graft. Gretchen I 354 Graham. Dennis 132 Graham, Jeffrey J. 234 Graham. Marsha K 154 Graham. Sandra L. 354 Graham. Sharon K. 182, 354 Graham. Susan L. 199. 276 Grant. Candace E. 216 Grant, Douglas W. 354 Granville. Chervl A. 354 Graves. Allen S. 276 Graves. Mark A 226 Graves, Stephen P 276 Graves, Terence F 354 Graves, Wesley B 224 Gray, Angie 314 Gray, Barry L. 314 Gray, Chnstopher A. 124. 125, 193 Grav. Ass. Prof Gwendolvn 157 Grav, Melinda A 276 Graybeal. Carla G. 214 Graybeal. James R. 204. 276 Gravson , Kathenne B .355 Greb, Susan L. 333 Green. Jill R. 214. 314 Green, Martha S. 333 Greene, Carl 231 Greene. Cathy 355 314 Greene, Lisa A. 333 Greenlee, Mananna L. 212, 314 Greenwell, Jean M. 276 Greenwell, Larry R 355 Greenwell, Leslie A. 187 Greenwell. Lvnda L 333 Greenwell. Mark D. 355 Greenwell. Paul G. 183 Greenwell, Rochelle 216, 333 Greer, Kimberly F, 333 Greer. Sandy L. 314 Greer. Susan T. 355 Gregory, Bobby R 276 Gregnrv, Chervl D. 192, 202. 214. 314 Gregory. Susan E. 214. 314 Greve. Kevin R. 93. 193 Gnce. Martha 199 Gnder. Mary F. 355 Grider. Sheila A. 355 Gnder. Stanley J 314 Grieb. Sandra L. 120. 122 Griff, Dan 210 Griffin. Eugenia J. 314 Griffin. Jackie S. 334 Griffin, James S. 314 Griffis, Brian R. 246 Griffith, Bae 236 Griffith. Carla S. 199, 204, 334 Griffith, Darrell K, 244 Griffith. Harrv W. 334 Griffith. Jennifer R. 314 Griffith. Karen L. Griffith, Kenneth 183 Griffith. Kimberly J. 334 Griffith. Linda K. 183, 314 Griffith, Sharon L. 276 Griffiths, Ann C. Gnffiths, Bae 208. 314 Gngsbv. Randal 355 Grimes. Robin M, 192 Grimes. Steve 276 Grimm. Jeffery K. 334 Gnnnan. James M, 276 Gnnwald, Beatrice M, 334 Grisham, Michael J 334 Gross. Pamela D. 188, 205. 206 Grotke, Esther L. 182, 334 Grubb, Phyllis M. 355 Grubbs, Kimberly D. 334 , Martha J, 216. 355 Guinther, Charles 276 Gullett. Tammv S. 355 Gullette. Clotine W, 355 Gumm, Deborah K. 204. 334 Gunnigle. Scott D. 355 — H— Haag. Shelley D, 276 Haaker, Michael D 276 Hack. Cynthia A. 306 Hacker, Bronson D. Hacker. Connie J. 199. 334 Hacker.George M. 238 Hacker. Lillian S.H. 171. 170 Hacker. Tina L. 192, 276 Hadden, William D. 276 Haddix, Rob 355 Hadden, David M. 178 Haden, Karen H. 355 Hater, Keith A. 244. 276 Haflev. Lois J, 355 Hagan, Denise R. 276 Hagan, Freda A 120, 123 Hagan, M, Helene 216, 276 I lag,, . 355 lOthy C, 178. 277 Hagans. Nietta J, 334 Hagedom, Cheryl N, 277 Hager. Julie M. 314 Hager, Lisa D, 204. 334 Haggerty, Kevin M, 314 Hague. Elizabeth R. 355 Hahn, Donna L- 314 Hahn, Lesa G. 334 Hairston. Edward V 93 Halawahi. Sana A , Halcomb. Jill 334 HbIc, Donna R 183 lS. 355 . 355 Ha . 210 lan T. 314 Halfacre. Judith M, 191 Hall, Barbara 203. 277. 314 Hall, Beth B. 277 Hall. Cassandra M. 187 Hall, Cassie277 Hall, Cvndi 277 Hall, Diana L. 167. 277 Hall. Gregory G. 232. 306 Hall, Joseph W. 277 Hall. Karen M. 314 Hall, Linda 314 Hall, Mary B. 314 Hall. Mike K. 178. 277 Hall. Regina G. 355 Hall, Stephanie D. 314 Hall, Teresa 355 Hall. Tina M. 334 Hall, Water 277 Hall, Walter 277 Halsey, Steven C. 244, 355 Hamann. John T. 277 Hambhn. Linda D. 334 Hamilton. Angela M, 94, 314 Hamilton, Cedric U. Hamilton. Dale 334 Hamilton. Eddie M, 277 Hamilton, Jeannie G 224. 355 Hamilton. Jerry L. 277 Hamilton. Larry W. 314 Hamilton. Laura R 334 Hamilton. Linda L, 242 Hamilton. Lisa K. 197. 277 Hamilton. Lori A. 334 Hamilton. Nancy E- 277 Hamilton. Rebecca A. 277 Hamilton. Tammy R. 355 Hamm. Karen L. 355 Hammersfahr. Teresa R. 222 Hammond. Barbara A, 277 Hammonds. David C. 334 Hammons. Carolyn S. 277 Hammons. Debra K, 334 Hammons, Ginger L. 315 Hampton, Lvnne 334 Hancock. Diane E. 277 Hancock, Donna 355 Haner. Kathryn A. 334 Hanlon. Sherry L. 334 Hansen, Myron I. 187, 194, 315 Hanson, Kenith S . Dean 150, 151 Hapnev, Gary L. Haun.Kim 170 Harbi, Miahal H. 315 Hardestv. Kathy J, 355 Hardin, Carol R. 334 Hardin, Frank Hardin, Jan 176, 277 Hardin, Melissa M. 355 Hardin. Sheila J. 334 Hardwick. Darlene 315 Hardwick, Scott L. 178. 334 Hardy, Joanna 204. 334 Hai ,■277 an, Karen E. 277 Hargett. Julie M. 277 Harkins. James D. I! 130. 131 Harless. Rhonda S. 206. 334 Harlow. John J. 334 Harlow. Shawny L. 178, 355 Harraeling, Lisa A. 355 Harmon. Craig C. 315 Harmon. Cynthia L. 315 Harmsen, Craig R. 40 Hannsen, Patty 40 Hamev. Chen L. 334 Harper. Becky E. 277 Harper. Steven D- 244 Hal ] 193 , Jane 210 Hams, Jeff J. 277 Harris, Karen K. 277 Harrison, Blanche K 216 Harrison, Debbie S. 187 Harrison. Glen A. 183, 192. 315 Harrison, Jim 154 Harrison. Rebecca L 355 Hamson, Teresa L 355 Harrod, Debbie L 277 Harrod. Marlvn D. 355 Hart, William R. 355 Hartlage. Deborah A. 334 Hartlage. Jan M. 183. 208 Hartman. Donna 192, 194, 278, Harvey. Debra K. 278 Harvev. Melanie L. 334 Harville. Marv L. 315 Harville, Mute 334. 355 Harville. Virginia L, 315 Hasbrouck, Kirsten A. 355 Haseker. Lisa A. 355 Hash. Sandra S. 178, 278 Haskett, Clarence Haskins, Connie .355 Haskins. Harold 315 Haskins. Jennifer 334 Hastie. Jane M. 334 Hastings, Julia L. 355 Hatch, Julie A. 178. 355 Hatfield, Randy K- 334 Hatmaker, Jeffery L 187 Hatter. Allan D. 327 Hatter. Karen S.R 315 Hauck, Douglas D II. 1278 J L. 315 Hauffman, Rick 248 Haun. Kimberly J. 173. 315 Hawker, Chris R. 242 Hawkins. Brenda A 202. 315 Hawkins. Frederick D. 278 Hawkins. Jayma L. 334 Hawkins. Kenneth E 170, 355 Hawkslev. Christopher 278 Hav, Daniel L. 278 Hayden, Mark S 182, 208. 315 Hayden, Michael A, 334 Havdon, Heather 355 Haydon. John B- 2 ' 28 Havdon, Theresa M 218 , Helen S. 334 H.i , Michelle 334 Hayes. Sandra D. 185. 187. 278 Havnes. Nicki A. 334 Havs, Tammy M. 197. 278 Hazelwood. Kimberly L 315 Hazzard. Veronica D. 278 Head, Janet K 248. 315 Heap. Marv E. 210. 315 Heard, Ann R. 208 Heater, Mitch O, 132, 200 Heaton. Anne W. 218 Heaton. Mark A. 278 Hebert, Carla F 208. 334 Hecker. Susan E. 278 Hedges, Cheryl A. 306 Hedgespeth, Janet L 334 Heeb.Marv G 167, 185. 279 Hehl. Barb L 279 Heibert. Karen D. 355 Heicken. Kathy L- 218, 279 He.il, Mary J. 315 Heil. Paul 226 Heilman. Raymond L. 334 Heimerdinger. Eva F. 190, 191, 279 Heiz 279 Barbara A 1»4. 206, 220. Helfrich, Ann M. 356 Helton. Donald C. Jr. 236 Helton. Jennifer R. 356 Hembree. Debbie L. Hembree, D. 356 Hembree, Lisa A. 315 Hembree. Millie E 356 Hembree. Vicki L- 356 Hemlee. Hugh C. 230 Henderson, Gwendolyn 335 Henderson. Kathv 203. 315 Henderson, Mary 315 Henderson, Mary 213 Henderson, Mary F. Henderson, Mary S. 279 Hendren.Mary S. 208 Hendren, Shelli D. 197, 335 Hendrickson, Robin B. 356 Hendrbt. Marilyn F, 335 Hendru, Mark T. 113 Hendru, Theresa L. 315 Henkel. Regina M. 335 Hendrickson. Krista L. 167 Henry, Deidra D. 315 Henry. Jacqueline R .356 Henry. James B. 335 Henry, Saundra S- 182 Henrv. Sam 356 Hensley. Glenn N. 335 Hensley. Jeannie 335 Hensley. Kimberly D. 356 Hensley. Marvin 356 Hensley, Nell 120 Hensley, Pamela Henslev. Tammy T. 335 Henson. Dale 279 Henson. Lisa 356 Herald. Anthony R. 335 Herald. Jerry B. 242, 356 Heringer. Gerald L. 279 Hernandez, Jose L. 180. 356 Herrell. Eddie T. Herring. Sheila A. 356 Hemngton, Darry! K. 236 Herzog. Mary J. 279 Herzog, Robert L. 180, 356 Hesse. Nancy J. 134, 279 Hetzer, Jeff 356 Heuerman, Kurt C 193 Heuser. Michael J. 240 Hewitt, Karen L. 183, 197, 315 Hibbard. Charlotte A. 356 Hibbard. Darlene W. Hibbard, Doug 192, 194 Hibbard. Laurel A. 279 Hibbard. Tammv D. 210, 335 Hibberd, Douglas J. 173 Hibbs, Pattv Bullock Hick, Judy 279 Hickerson, Tern D. 279 Hickman. Mirhonda L. 356 Hickman. William M Jr 170. 202 Hicks, Danny L. 248 Hicks, Forrest R, 178. 356 Hicks, Garry L. 356 Hicks. Tanna S. 173, 315 Higdon, Bruce 248. 335 Higdon Charles B. Higdon. Ernest D. Jr. 279 Higdon. Pamela K 279 Higgins, M Kathleen 356 Higgins, RobbinC. 356 Hiegms, Sandra L 315 Higgins. Stephanie L. 335 Highhll Sharon R. 187 Hild Staoev J. 306 Hilderbrand. Sherri L 335 Hiles, Kimberly J, 210 Hill, Bettv J 315 Hill, Beverly A. 212 Hill. Cynthia J. 197. 279 Hill. David 93 Hill, Frances 335 Hill, James W, Jr. 335 Hill, Keith D. 184. 186 Hill. Margaret 171. 199. 335 Hill. Norma C. Hill. Ordelle 204 Hill, Sheila A. 212 Hill. Timothy W. 178 Hillmann. Susan M 315 Hillock. Brenda K 279 Hinds, Jennifer L. 356 Hines, Brenda T. 167. 279 Hines. David W, 167. 279 Hines, Keith J. 335 Hinkle, Rodney A 2.31 Hinton, Karen M, 279 Hinton, Kathy J 356 II n , Ma; Hinton, Richard A. Hipps, Kerry 279 Hipps. William K 279 Hisle, Kevin M. 178 Hitchcock. Donna L. 306 Hitchcock, Nancv K 189 Hoagland. Robert W II 356 Hobbs. Pamla G. 335 Hocker, Gibson T. 335 Hockersmith, Daniel F 335 Hodge, Randall A- 248 Hodges Alonna K. 315 Hodges, Tishana L. 167 Hodgin, Laura J- 170, 206, 208, 220, 315 Hoeferle. Lisa A. 214 Hoekzema, Andrew W. 356 Hofelich, John R. 279 Hi.frlK.-h. Rick 192. 194 Hoffman. Amv B 356 Hoffman. Julie A. 356 Hoffman, Rebekah A 315 Hogan, Craig 335 Hogg, Dr Imogene 154 Hoke. Elaine K. 116, 356 Holbrook. Albert E. 335 Holbrook, Christine 315 Holbrook, Deborah A. 356 Holbrook, Vicky L. 214, 356 Holcomb. Cristi A. 315 Holland, Amv M 216 Holland, David J. 93 Holland. Kathv 315 Hollidav. RonT. 279 Hollifield. William M. 315 Hollingsworth, Jay K. 315 Hollis. Julia L. 335 Hollon. Christa L. 335 Holloway. Kenneth C. 279 Holmes. Douglas L 207, 224. 281) Hoist , Robin . 210 Holt. Agnes R 280 Holt, Came L. 356 Holt. Christopher 178 Hi.lt. Marguerite 356 Holt, Susan J. 210 Holtzapple. Cindy B 170, 202, 242, 280 Holtzclaw. Pamela E 335 Home Economics Club 60 Hommes, Cindy L. 335 Honchel, Ralph 315 Hood. Tammie L. 315 Hoodspith, Deborah L Hook, Kathv Van 2H0 . Kimberly 335 Hope, Charles D Hopkins, Susan 356 Hopkins, Toni M. 280 Hopkins, Vanessa L. 335 Hopper, Lester H. 315 Hopson, Rhonda L. 335 Horn, Kathy A. 335 Horn. Mary L. 280 Horn, Rebecca L 356 Horn, Shari A, 356 Horn, Sharon E. 197, 315 Hom, Stephanie D. 356 Hornack, Richard M 280 Home, Alicia G. 192 Home. Bart N. 244 Horneys. Jill L. 315 Horrar, Ann Horticulture FTD 194 Horton, David J .356 Horton. Donna M. 315 Ho rton. Melesa R. 335 Horvat, Mark K. 191, 280 Horvath, Michael J 280 Horvalh. Thomas G 131 Hoskins. Janie 315 Hoskins, Jennifer L. 216 Hotchkiss. Stephen P. 315 Houchin, Linda G. 335 House, Gail 280 House, Karen L. 177, 315 House, Kimberly F. 316 Houston. Sherry I. 2116, 220, 280 Houston, William C. 207. 335 Howard, Charles C. Jr. 316 Howard. Charlotte 199. 335 Howard. Elizabeth L 316 Howard. Gary K. 238 Howard. Jane E. 222. 356 Howard. Jeff 280 Howard, Kay 356 Howard. Leigh A. 240. 316 Howard. Rebecca A. 356 Howard. Robert 183 Howard, Ronna R. 316 Howard. Sharon L 280 Howard, Walter 316 Howard. Walter L. 207. 236 Howard. Wilma 102 Howe. Franklin E. Jr. 192, 280 Howell. Cynthia S. 316 Howell. Douglas K 234 Howell, Drew 224 Hranickv, John C. 280 Hubbard, Sandra J 280 Huber. Cvnthia A. 202. 356 Huber, Kathy I. 356 Huber. Larry G. 280 11,1. ) 316 Huhsch. John K Jr. 248 Hudepohl, Jeff H, 238, 280 Huff, Beverly A. 356 Huff, James E, 280 Hull. I " hnnv R. Hull, Leanne 210, 316 Huff. Taunya V. 335 Huffman, Cathleen A 335 Huffman, Vickie L. 280 Huffmire, Kristen 280 Hufford, Cynthia J. 197, 316 Hugenberg. Nancy H 167, 28( Hughes. Barry L. 316 Hughes. Bryon K. 238 Hughes, Camela A. 214, 280 Hughes. Cecilia E. 214 Hughes. Charles A 280 Hughes. Charles R 316 Hughes, Donna G. 356 Hughes, Jay S. 281 Hughes, Marva A. 281 Hughes Pattv 316 Hughs, Cissy 194 llukee Margie E. 197 Hulette, Vicki J. 281 Hull. Steven J 186, 281 Humbert. Diana Lvnn 281 Humbert, Joseph M. 281 Hume, Mark A. 281 Humkev, Robert W 246 Humphrey, Chris A. 335 Humphrey, Kimberlv 216 Humphrey, Terry L- 207. 281 Hungler. Lisa A. 189 Hunker. Susan E 356 Hunley, Robert J. 357 , Rebecca A 335 II-., , Ed Honi Gregorv M I C, Hunt, Pamela M 335 Hunt. Terri L. 281 Hunt. Troy E. 357 Hunter. Connie M 196. 200. 2N1 Hunter. Dawn 357 Hunter. Eric P. 281 Hunter, Gregory A 357 Hupp, Jolene 216, 316 Hurd, JuhnD. 316 Hurley, Marvin D 281 Hurst, Donna G. 197, 281 Hurst. Linda N. 357 Hurst, Margaret F 208 Hurt. David N. 335 Hurt, Fred P. 228 Hurt. Karla D. 335 Hurtz. Rebecca S. 357 Husted, Rosemary 198, 335 Hutchins. Patricia A 192 Hyer, Allison K. 336 Hvmao, Lisa K. 357 Hvndman. Brian E 357 Hvme. Valerya L. 191. 281 — I- LET 196 Igechep, Ray R. 316 Lker, Theresa L. 189, 356 Herd, Jerry 143 Imfeld, Donald J. 357 Industrial Ed. Tech 196 IngTam, Deborah F. 357 Ingram, Donna J. 357 Ingram, Janet K. 167, 281 Ingram, Michelle 357 Ingram. Patricia A. 281 Irvin, Mitchell F. 316 Irvin, Robert C. 357 Irvine, Don S. 316 Irving, Sally A. 357 Irwin. Kelly J. 107, 357 Isaac, Christopher D 86, 89, 92, 93 Isaacs, Jennifer M. 357 Isaacs, Monica A. 206, 220, 316 Ismail, Bahiya M. 357 Ismail, Yousif I 281 Rebecca 336 Elizabeth 204, 208. 336 Gregory W. 281 Julie E. 357 vey, Slephan e. Ka i E. 336 -J- Jackson, Candace K 207, itl, :j36 Jackson, Cynthia A. 281 Jackson, Danny L. 196 Jackson. Darrell D. 2.30 Jackson. Ed 224 Jackson. Eddie L. 316 Jackson, Jami A. 173. 281 , Jan i--i Jackson. John D. 357 Jackson. Theresa L. 357 Jackson, William H. Jr. 281 Jacober. Barbara J. 199. .336 Jacober. Marv B. 167. 281 Jacobs, Jackie 183. 192, 194, 316 Jacobs, Judy 184, 316 Jacohs. Mananna 336 Jacobs, Price 316 Jacobs. Robin 357 Jacobson, Scott A, 183 Jaggers. Laura J. 187 Jaglnwuz. James T. 281 Jahnes, Mana L. 336 Jahnigen, Cabot L. ,357 James, Anthonv T. 93 James, Sharyl 194 Jameson, Hugh 183 Jameson. John B. 357 Jameson. Joseph H. 234. 336 Jannev, Ann K. 210 Jarman. Rose M. 357 Jams, Bev 134 Jarvis. Carolyn E. 357 Jarvis. Jamie R. 192. 357 Jasper, Kent B. 357 Jeenes. Janet A. 167, 191 Jeffries. Barbara J. 281 Jeffries, Cheryl L. 199, 336 Jeffries, Cmdv A. 199. 336 Jeffries, Liba 218. 244 Jehn, Julia C. 336 Jelaidan. Wael H. 316 Jenkins, David R. 281 Jenkisn, Delsie 197. 316 Jenkins. C.ladys D. Jenkins. John 199 Jenkins. KarenA. 357 Jenkinson, Jill E. 204. 208. 316 Jennings, James H. 183, 316 Jennings, Judy Fitch Jen . Mat Jennings. M rt-iut l. ' ' Jensen. Carol L. 336 Jett. Clotell 357 Jett. Vickie L. 188 Jinks, Virginia 159 Johnides, r.eorge ID 178. 242. 336 Johns. Ronald C. 336 .l..hii- , Anit Johnson. Bruce B. 357 Johnson, Carolyn M. 210. 357 Johnson. Cheryl D. 316 Johnson, Chria 93 Johnson, David 242 Johnson, Deborah L, 281 Johnson, Debra K Johnson, Denise 336 Johnson, Diane C. 120 Johnson, Elizabeth A. 357 Johnson, Ernie L. 180. 357 Johnson. James D. 282 Johnson, Jennifer L. 336 Johnson, Jill S. 316 Johnson, John D 282 Johnson, Joni G. 282 l..hn i 306 Johnson, Karen S, 182. 197, Johnson. Kelly L. 316 Johnson, Lisa 1 73 Johnson, Lloyd P. Jr. 357 Johnson. Mary J. 282 Johnson. Nancy 282, 336 Johnson, Pamela 316 Johnson. Pamela 336 Johnson. Phillip A- 202 Johnson. Polly 187, 316 Johnson, Preston C. 200 Johnson. Sharon 216. 282 Johnson, Sheri L. 178, 357 Johnson. Shirley L, 316 Johnson. Sonya D. 357 .Ioh.ns.in. Steven 230 Johnson. Steven 232 Johnson. Stuart A. 281 Johnson. Susan D. 282 Johnson, Susan 210 Johnson, Terri L. 102 Johnson. Timothy E. 316 Johnson. Toni G. 336 Johnson, Tracey A. 107. 336 Johnston. Steven L. 357 Johnstone, Robin E, 336 Jonczak, Elaine 316 Jones. Angela E. 316 Jones, Annette C. 336 Jones. Betty J. 213 Jones. Carroll B. 282 Jones. Cheryl A 316 Jones, Cynthia E. 336 .Lines, IVmna 316 Jones. Garnet M. 357 Jones. Glynis M. 357 Jones. Gregory D. 196. 282 Jones. Holly J. 197, 316 Jones, Jane E. 282 Jones, Jeffrey 93 Jones, Jennifer A. 357 Jones, Jodie 201 Jones, Jolynda L. 210 Jones, Joni 316 Jones, Leslie A. 197. 316 Jones. Marianne 170. 316 Jones. Melinda S. 336 i 316 Jone , Pamela 316 Jones, Pamela D 197 Jones, Pamela S. 282 Jone«. Philip T, 232 Jones. Phylis 207 Jones. Shellv K ' S3 -, Jones, Steven C 357 Jones, Tamara L. 178. 218, 357 Jones, Theresa E. 357 Joyner ' huf.-k ' " , J ' iyricr.Jerr. . Dr 1 V.i Jucks, Thomas R, 234 Judo Club 196 Judo Club 196 Jump Charlsey, E. 182. 282 Jungclas. Donna L, 194. 336 Jury. Blake L. 282 Justice, Jennifer J. 58, 214. 317 Justice. Richard K. 226. 336 Justice. Rickey A. 336 Justice. Tammie S 208 Justice. Terry M. 240 — K— Kaelin, Teresa K Kahle. Kimbra L. 336 Kahne. Rebekah J. 282 Kahtani. Hadi J 317 Kain, David T. 317 Kalb. Sharon E. 336 Km.I. Ka . Denis , Debrc 2JJ ■- ' ■- Kanatzar. Kris K, 358 Kannapell. Leonard P. 115 Kappa Alpha Fraternity 60. 228 Kappa Mu Epsilon 198 Kappa Delta Sorority 60 Kappa Alpha Theta Soronty 153. 216 Kappa Delta Pi 197 Kappa Delta 218 Kappa Delta Tau Sorority 60 Karloskv, Genia M. 214 , Joe 5 . 317 Kash, Kimbelry 282 Katter, Karen L. 358 Kavlor, Sharon A. 358 Kavs. Denise J. 336 Kazee, Abbie E. 282 Keams, Dana R. 336 Keams, Linda M 240 Keelin, Jennie C. 192 Keen. Lvnn J. 282 Keen, Dr. Quentin 165 Keenev, .Anita D. 282 Keeser. Cvnde 358 Keith, Brian A. 167. 282 Keith, John 143 Keith. Rob 207 Kellev. Blaine D. 178 Kelley. Lisa Ann 282 Kellev, Lori L 358 Kellev. Teresa L. 178 Kellv, Barbara J 358 Kelly. Lisa G, 358 KelK. William 115 Kelrov, Joseph F 282 Kelsch. Angela R. 336 Kemble. R. Kirov 178. 197 Kemper, Kimberly A. 201. 206, 282 Kemper, Mary D, 167. 146. 282 Kempf. Beth 317 Kennedy. Gregory L. 232. 317 Kennedy, Pat 208. 317 Kennedy. Sandra L. 282 Kent, Shem L. 220 Kerbv. Rickv A. 358 Kern. Cindv L, 282 Kern. Lisa M. 184. 186. 317 Kern. Randv E. 336 Kerr. Diane M, 198. 283 Kersey, Bridget S. 336 Kersting.Judith A. 107. 358 Kerth, Kenneth V. 178 Kessinger. Jeffrey 248 Kessler. Kenneth P. 171. 283 Kesterson. Calvin L. 180, 232 Kettenring, Kelley A- 358 Keyser, Rachael 358 Kidd, Karen K. 283 Kidd, Kathv L. 283 Kidd, Kathv L. 214, 283 Kidd. Paula L. 180, 336 Kidd, Rov. Coach 83. 85 Kidd. Tracey L. 197, 283 Kilburn, Emilv A. 317 Kihvry, Christine A. 180, 283 Kimbrough, Beth 218. 358 Kimmel. Carole A. 208 Kincaid, Barrv W, 283 Kincaid. Beckv G 358 Kincaid. Garv W. 283 Kincaid. Jack P. 283 Kincaid. Ken 131 Kincaid. ShelKe R. 283 Ktncer. Paulita G. 358 Kinder, Kann L- 220 Kinder, Robert K. 336 King, Daniel L. 317 King, Kathryn C. 317 King, Marie A. 212 King. Pauletta 336 King. Sharvl M. 336 Kingsley, Clay B. 336 Kington. Darrell W. 41. 336 Kington. Marsha M. 41 Kinkton. Sandra K, 120 Kinman, Karen K. 336 Kinsey. Karyl L. 191 Kinslor. Kathv 210 Kirbv. Dennis W. 358 Kirbv. Tama K. 218 Kircher, Beth A. 336 Kirk. Kimberlv Kirkland, Charlotte S, 185, 283 Kirkpatrick. Ann D. 317 Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey 246 Kirkpatrick. Lisa G. 197, 283 Kirkwood. Mollv K. 187 Kiser. Diane L. 190, 218 Kiser. James E. Jr. 336 Kiser. KimbeLrv 197. 199 283 Index 37 Kissel. Thomas L. 317 Kitchen. Karen A 358 Kittila. Lisa J 317 Klaren. John H. 283 Klatt. Cheryl L. 192, 358 Kleier, Charles J. Ill 28.3 Klem, Mark C. 283 Klien. Mark 130 131 Kline. Craig [ 358 Klingstein. David B 337 Klocke. Angela 283 Kloeker. Joseph W 248, 337 Kloppenburg, Jeffrey 232 Klolzback. W.lfred j 178, 232 Klund, Karen 283 Knauer, Shan L. 358 Knezevich. Tamers L 317 knifley. Cherie C. 317 Knight Deana K 137 Knight John R. 236 Kiiigrif Joseph K :.tr, Knight. Thomas 183 Knighton. Dana M 228 358 Knoll. Colleen Ann 317 ' Knott, ickte L. 358 Knox. Tammy L. 337 Kocks. Kevin J. 130, 131 K ' K-nie, Edward W 358 Kohls. Pamela K 191 317 Kokes, Angela M Ifn] 337 Kolhoven, Sr. Mary D 358 kood Kennv 283 Koogler. Chris 28) Kookendoffer. David 337 Koos. Thomas A. 337 Kops. Dana L. 218 Kops. Diane E 240, 283 Korfhage. Karol A 189. 358 knttak. Sosan L 204. 208, 317 Koury. Hameed I 244 Kovener, Dayrd L 131, 242 317 Kwoh. Mi.nhoth A 2118. 24(1 283 Krafton, Paul S 93 Kramer. Carl 170 krel.s leanene F 283 Kreidler, Stephen A. .337 Kremer. Carl N. 171, 206. 317 kresge, Kathryn J 248, 337 Knng. Kenneth R 246 Kroth. David A 358 Kroth. Diane L 337 Kruer. Den.se L. 283 kuhi. Rose M 189, 353 Kuhltn Jennie 283 Kuhn Stephen J 317 Kuler, Ri.bert 337 Kunkel. Jeffrey M 180. 337 Kunkel. Linda M 185, 214 337 Kuntz. Kimberly R. 358 Kurt . Emily A. 337 — L— Lafalce. Barbara J 283 Lafary. Thomas M 9.) Lail. Jellrev M. 358 Lake. Lisb 358 Lakes, Laverne 281 f-akes, Marilyn I. 283 Lakes. Terry W 112. 11:1 130 Lalonde. Lorraine 337 Lalonde, Steven R 358 Lamar, Calhy L 337 Lamar. Kimberly A 158 Lambda, Chi Alpha 23 " Lambda Sigma 164. 199 Lambert. Pamela A 358 Lampton. Glen A 337 Lancaster. Deborah L 317 Lancaster. Sandra S .158 Lancaster, Wayne 317 Land. Gregory L 200. 317 Land. Steven E 358 Lane. Victoria S. 284 Lang. Greg E 317 1-angford. Jonathan E 358 Langford. Timothy E 167, 284 •angle • 284 Lankford. Carole Lannon. Brian M 24o7jl7 Lanlz, T .17 Larson, Denise E 177 Lashley. Damon L 113. 317 Laskee Stephen J 3,58 Ussley Mike 132 I-atshner. Kimberly A 178, 197 Laughner. Lori A 358 Laurence Charles Gilbert 2ft, Uwlc„ Flu Lawless Lou e. Ka e. Shanm 197 lie 337 l.a»„.„ Law„,„, Darr Eric 1 M 91 L 284 Lav.s.„ e B 07 J R 106 Lav , Paul. G 317 n. Denise F 35£ . J " hn C an Lea. h. Lit Leachman. Betty M 284 League Ellen F 178 oeake, Vaughn B ,137 Lear. Lucinda K 358 Leathers Tern L 284 Lebeau. Richard J 317 Ledlord Truia L ,35a 205. 206. 284 Lee, Charles D 231. 284 Lee Joseph S 226 Lee. Kirk N 189 Lee. Pamela .1 317 Lee. Patricia 218 Lee, Paula A- 178 Lee. Sammy M. 317 Lee, Teresa M. 317 Leedy. Marv J. 358 Leedy, Nancy E. 317 Leer. Marilyn 206. 220, 284 Leet, Kevin M 358 Leffler. Lanlynn L. 358 Lefler, Douglas B 317 Leftwich. Joyce G 317 Leget, H Hky D 33, Legner. Dana M. 214 284 Lehkamp, Jeffrey 131 ' eber. Bruce D. 184. 186. 173 284 Uising Joseph C 337 Leist. Bart 284 Lemaster. Anita J. 317 Lemaster. Barbara A ,337 Lemaster, Laura L. 210, 358 Lemert. Sally L. 191 Leming. Kelly L. 178 Lemon. Robert VV 3.37 Lench. Michele M 170 Lenhart, Anita J | 67 , 67, 285 Lenhart, Jacqueline L 216 Lennon. Ken A. 203 ■cut ' Lisa K. 337 Leonhardt. Margaret E 216 Leppo, Paula A 192. 358 Lester. Jack E 306 Lester, Je„„,fer L 358 Lester, Margaret M 285 Lester, Shon M. 359 Lester. Tina M 197, 285 ' •cthg,,, Rebecca L 359 Leuenberger. Lisa A. 186, 285 Lewis. Brenda J 197, 285 Lewis, Cynthia G 248 Lewis. Gabriel A. 93 Lewis. Jeanette D. 167. 285 Lewis. Joan C 216, 317 , Kan . 176 Lewis, Lone E 285 1-ewis Rhonda 359 Lew,s, Susan M 170. 184. 285 Lewis. Thomas M. 191 Libbee. Nancy J 359 LiMiev. J„ m es K 167 Lichen, [ )u g 317 Lichty. Dan 124. 125. 200 Liehing. Allen J. 178 Lies, Barbara A 197, 317 Lies. Susan K. 197. 337 Liest, Bart 189 Life. Kevin S. 285 Liggett, Fred VV, Jr 244 Lile. Mark T, 238 Lilly. Malcolm 1, J, 359 Limer. Gregory A 359 Lincoln, Susan M 337 Under. Scott E 232. 359 L.neberry, Chen L 198. 210 Link, Virginia A. 337 Lions, Kimberly 197 Lisch, Linda M ,317 Little Colonels 182 Little, Kimberly K. 359 I ,1 ?206 Livtngood. J Gregory 317 Livingood. James R3S9 ■ivingood. Marc C 359 Livingood, Ronald G 285 Livingston, David F 285 Livingstone, Patricia 2K5 Llocke Angle 285 Lloyd, Dr Mark 154 Lloyd. Sandra J, 359 Loan Tommy D. 197, 285 Lockard, Ruthie A 196, 337 Locke. Prudence L 306 Lockhart, Donald VV 317 Lockhart, Doren H 248 U ' ckhan. Elizabeth A 318 Lockndge. Thomas L 207. 236 Logan. Stewart J. 318 Logsdon Lisa G 187, 318 Lohse, Cheryl A 102. ' 359 Lokits, Kirk E 246 Loless, Patnca E 359 London. Charles 231 Long, Cindy J 359 Long, John M Dean 152 Long, Karen B. 126 Long, Larry 248 l-ong. Lisa 218 Lon I nn ■ I II 118 tette B 194, 201, 285 Long, The...,. , Longabaugh. Shanm D 218 Long.cre, Donna L 285 Lr2™J " p t? he ' y ' A ,97 ' 3 " Looney. R R enee 214 L ' ran Lisa 102. .337 Loring. Bernard D . Jr 318 " thridge, Kevin L 160. 359 Lotto. Michael L 285 " inks Scott D 189 Lough, Laura A 318 Loughran. James V .337 Love. Lisa L 318 Lovell, J„h„ c 306 Lovely, Rohm L 59,240 Lovell Elizabeth M II 159 378 Index J-ovin, Stacy L 359 Lowe. Darlene 3.37 U.wery, Dehra K .337 Lucas. Debra L 359 Lucked. Gregory A .137 Lucked Kim R 359 Ludwig, Th„ mas L 183 194 |92 Luersen, Mary T, 175, 216 Luersen. Tom P. 359 Lunsford. Jeff 197. 285 Lusby. Ally.in K 200. 204 207 Lutz, Kathenne L 359 Lykes. Russell D 234. ' 285 Lynch. Cathy L. 359 Lynch. Kathenne D. 359 Lynch, Sandra 188 Lynch. Teri M. 183 337 Lyon. Clyde L. 337 Lyons. Jeffery K. 248 337 Lyons. Kathy J. 337 Lyons. Kimberly A 210 Lyons, Uslie 318 Lyons, Marcia E. 216. .337 Lyons. Martin K. 337 Lyons, Sharon L 188. 359 Lyons, Tamara D 359 Lyons, Tara R. 359 Lyons, ferry R, 196 Lvsle. Voloiidu S .lis — M— MacDonald. Hollv 207 Machlolll. Gayle L 337 Macke. Leah M 218, 318 Macke, Mehssa G, 359 Mackillop, Steven R 173 Mackley, John M- 234 Maclavish, Tamara A 285 285 Madden, Deanne ' f. 106, 107, 134, Madden. Laura I 116. 198.337 Maddox. John M 286 Mad, son. Roger 207. 231 Madras. Mansa J. 210. 338 Maegly, Marv C. 286 Magee. Brenda C. 102. 286 Mahan, Keilh 242. 338 Mahsn Michael F 286 Mahler. Catenna A .338 Mahler. Darlene 232 318 Mahinoud Ibrahim A 286 Mams, Greg H 286 Malcnm. Melissa A. 214. 318 Ma kin. Betly A 175. 286 Ma lard. Jamie R. 200. 359 Main,,,. i; a j| 359 Malone. Molly 318 Malone, Timothy P. 222. 244 Maloney. Mathew F 338 Maloney, Susan 286 Malthouse. Teresa M 359 Malvin. John VV 198. 286 Manby. Elizabeth L 338 Manes., Behnda C 359 Mioigus Karen A 359 Mams. Peggy L. 216. 318 Manley, Larrene J 197 Mann. Eric S. 338 Mann. Joel D 244 Mann, Lee S. 359 Mann, Rocky 240 Mann, Thomas A. 286 M.nX ' ,d, ' w,Zm M L n ,338 78 ' " " ' ' " Mantooth. Karen S 2H6 N l»r, „i„ Ray 318 Marcum, Rhode Karen ' ' 86 Marcum. Richard D 170 Marcum. Vicky L. 359 Marcus. Todd J 359 Stephen 93 Marks. S Marlowe, Cyntnui L. " 306 .Marlowe, Karen S 3,38 Miirplc Kvertt 286 Marple. Keith E. Jr 286 Marsh, Ellen R. 318 Marshall, Janet L 286 Martin, Adone L 359 Martin Barbara L .118 Martin. Charles L 189 Martin, Darrell E 318 Martin, [ ,»„ E 359 Martin. Dee Dee ,359 Martin. Ncnan J 1S9 Martin, Elizabeth H 286 Martin, Gentry W. 338 Martin. Janet E. 3,38 Martm, Janice K 338 Martin, Joy 286 Martin. Karen L B, 306 Martin, Kathy G 318 Martin, Laurel L 187, 286 Martin, Richard 1% 3,18 Martin. Robert 5 Martin, Sandy 1.34 Martin. Sharon E 338 Martin. Tanya L 195, 318 Martin, Tina S. 191 Marin, erna R 28B Martin. Violet E 286 M, alter S 359 Martin William H. ¥31, Marx, Leg 2HI, 232, 286 Masden, Lelia H 208. 3.38 Mason. Kevin L 207. 2.30 Mason. Nat.he S 318 •Mason. Pamela J 359 .Mason. Vanessa A 318 338 Massey. Lowell 67 Mas ,. William HI 191 Masters. David A 159 Masters. Fran 318 Masters. John S 248. 338 Maslerson, Debra 1. 318 Maslin, Barbara J 138 Msthfy.s, Andy 228 Matlock. Rhonda B 338 Mattes. Cynthia J 3|8 Madhcws Andv 359 Mallhew,, Kelley A. 214. .338 Mallingly, Bettye J 216, 318 Mattingly. Cynthia M 286 Mattingly, David B 359 Mallingly, Donald Jr 359 Mattingly, (Jeorge D 196 Mattingly, Knsl, G 159 Mattingly. Mary L .359 Mattingly, Patricia A " Mattingly, Paul M 1)8 Mattingly, Rodney R 318 Mattox, Dwayne B 138 Maudlin. Kenneth E 318 .118 Maupin, Hazel A, 212, 286 Mauptn. Kathv J. 318 Maupin, Mamn C. Jr. 318 Maxey, Marlon R. 318 Maxey. Ronald W. 360 May. Gregory D 246. 338 May, Jacqueline M, 210 May. Normandie M 102 318 May. Pamela J. 318 Mayfield, Judv E 204 Mayfield. Roger D. 360 May „»rd. Jacqueline H. 338 Maynard Jennifer E 171 176 202 206. 214. 232. 284 ' Maynard, Joe 360 Maynard. Merrill R. 338 Maynard, Sherry M 360 Mayne, Catherine J. 154. 286 Mays. Mary K. 338 Mazur, Cindy J. 338 McAdam. Beth A. 210 McAfee. Jacqueline L. 338 McAfee. Janice M 318 McAlee. Jeffery L 338 •McAllister, Robert F. 195 McAninch. Stacev 318 McAuhlle. AnneM. 178 McBntle. David B 318 McBnde, Donnie 318 McCallum, Marshall J. 338 McCann, Patty A. 185. 286 McCarter. Jem M 194 MrCauley. Kelly M 338 McClain, Bobbye J 286 McClain, Darla K. 214 Mi (Jam, Mary T 287 McClain. Patty K. 167 mSI 1 " " ' S nawna L. 216, 318 ractJain Tammy K 190. 287 McUanahan. Kelly L 360 McClarty, Kyle L. 318 McClarty, Susan D 216. 338 McClellan, Charles A 338 McClellan. Lis. A 360 Met lelland. Casey J 287 McClelland. Patricia 36 MctJeese. Bob 306 Mel Jure. Debra K 138 McClure. Karen 214 287 McCoige, Hal M 306 Mcl ' ombs. Jon R. 318 Met ombs. Steven A 238 McComis. Natalie D. 198, 287 Mcfonaughy. Amve P 138 Met 011a ughy, Paige 199 McConkey. Margaret E 216 McCord. Angela L 360 McCormack. Angee c 360 McCoun, Laura L 24 2 Mil owa„, hVnee A 360 McCoy, Bonnie J. 319 McCoy, Regma R 287 McCoy Sherry R 3HO M.Cullough, l3,flord93 McDaniel. Dan E, 115 319 McDaniel. Douglas w ' 360 Ms " " " ' 1 - T " " m - V W 178 ' 18? . ' " ■ McDonald. Holly S. 216. 338 McDonald, Lisa B 246 McDonald, Robert S 238 McDonald, Ruth E 287 360 McElroy. R, c k L. 244 ' McEnaney, Gina L, 170. 360 McFarland, Alta C 319 Mrrarland. Paul R 287 Mi Fanand Rober 244 McGafl ' rey. Tamata 287 McGary Daniel E 240 M ' l.ee. Roy L 360 Motull. „ r ma c. 197 McGmnis, Kathleen L 287 McGinnis, Terri L. 173 McGovern, Ramona 107, 3,38 McGowan, Cathleen J, 203. .360 McGr.nnahan, Andrew S 178 McGraw, Carmela J 338 McGraw. William 224 McGuire, Kimberley K 360 •McHale. Timothy S. 338 McHenry. Urry E 232. 287 McHodgkins. Carole J 360 M.Hogh Pamela A 182, 208 :m Mcintosh, John D 2 ' 4 Mcintosh. Urry G. 207. 232 Mc ntyre. Beth A 187. 338 Mclntyre, Nessie 338 Mclver, Sharon J 360 Mclver, William S. 183. 287 McKee. Stuart W. 287 McKeehan, Barbara S 319 McKeehan, Jeffery H 287 McKenna. K,m A 319 McKenzie. Mark 246, 360 McKenzie. Robin B 360 McKenzie, Scott ,360 McKey. Billv 360 MiKinley, Dailey i w Mckinley, Sieve A 4.3. 167 170 234. 185. 287 McKinney. Frank T 232 McKinney, Marv L 319 McKinney. Scoti D 3.38 McKnight. Beverly C. 167. 153. 216, McKoy, William Jr 187 U cL ? » " • Karen J 199. 338 Mc.Mahan. Cvnthia S 220 287 McMillan, Randy 287 McMurtrey. Michael T. 242 McNav. Donald J 171, 287 McNulty, Tom 131 McPeak, Joyce A 319 McPhaul, Ranard G 93 McQueen. Charles M 319 McQuinn. Mary A 175 Mrtluinn, Marv N 319 McQuire, Keith 228 McShane, Michael G. 9,3 McTavish. Tammy 242 ft T " «e,a 360 McWhorler. D,„e L 338 Meade. Donna M 287 .Meade. Tamela A .360 Meadows. Missy 360 Meadows. Terri L 360 Medd. Frances A 338 Medico. Monica A.L. 339 Medina. Omar F 287 Meece. Martha A, 220. 360 Meek, JefTrev L 360 Meek, Melissa A 210. 339 Meeks, Bill C. 339 Meek. Linda J. 187, 170. 339 MefTori Sher, L 171. 170. 287 Megarel. Harold B 224 319 Megargel Robe,, L 224. 287 Mehok. Joseph T 360 Meier, J,ll R. 61. 339 Meier, Tome 154 Me e ilo a „ " S s, Chr t ' a, " ' , M 21 °. 3( » Me Ion, Stephen M. 175. 287 Melton. Glenda S 287 Melton. John E. 339 Mellon, Teia J. 339 Melville, Lorena A 3,39 Menard. Gina L. 197, 218. 287 Menard. Steven R. 287 Mengos, Nick W. 319 Menk Mary K, 194. 339 Merchant, Kate 319 •Meredith, David L 178. 287 Meredith, Judy G, 218 Me redith, Tina L. 339 Merkel. Jeffrey J. 287 Mernd, Carol " J 206. 220. 288 Merrill, Lola E. 319 Merry. Phyllis B. 170. 360 Mersch. Gretchen M. 360 Mescher. Jerome R 196 Mesley. Carol J. 319 Messerknecht, Joan M 107 339 •Melcall, lj„ie R i fi7 197 „„„ ' Metcalf, Marsha 319 ' Metcalfe, Mark L. 192. 319 Metzger, Jean M 116. 208 339 Metzmeier. Julie A 139 Meyer. Edward E. 360 Meyer, Jane C. 216 Meyer, Jerry D. 288 Meyer, Mike D. 360 Meyers C ra ig 131 M ' cM Connie F 20. 205.288 Middendorf, David J 195, 319 .Mi,lill.viy,, r ih, Cindy V 339 Mieure, Kelli D. 360 Ml bume. E Paige 197 Miles, Barbara Lee 306 Miles. Michael R 360 Miles. Sheila D, 360 Military Police 198 Millard. Laurie A 319 Miller, Alvin E 92 93 Miller. Barry M, 288 Miller, Betty R. 178, 191 Miller. Brett W 360 Miller. Brian D. 339 Millet Brian 236 Miller. Cheri D 203, 339 Miller, Cheryl C, 339 Miller, Chris 246, 319 M !jb y " ?™ M 170, 188. 246 Miller. I mdy K 248 Miller, Cynthia L 360 Ml er, Deborah L. 360 Miller, Diana M 288 Miller, Eddie J, 234 Miller. Emily B 205. 206, 319 Miller, Jane L. 360 Miller, Jeff 228 Miller, Jeffrey L. 339 Miller, John L. 360 Millet K.therine L 182, 360 Miller Keith 360 Miller, Mark 360 Miller, Melinda K 339 Miller Mike J. 360 Miller, Mvra L. 360 M • latti 319 Miller, Rosella J. 319 Miller. Rustv L. 360 Miller. Sandra J. 201 Miller. Sharon Z. 339 M ' ller Susan 361 Miller. Susan 195 Miller. Thomas E. 195 Miller. Victor L. 288 Million, William N 339 Mills, Arthur R 339 Mills. Jennifer R, 182, 187, 319 Mills, s„,a„ L 339 Millstcad. Usa S, 173 367 Milner. Melony L. 36l ' .Mims, Steven D 288 Mindgue, Kelley 319 Mindrum. G. Scott 238 Mingus. Susan 360 Mink. Marianne 222 Minogue. Michael W 288 Minor. Jeffery L ,339 . Minter, Mnna V 182. 361 Miracle. Bruce W. 306 Miracle. Rita 288 Miracle. Roger A, 339 Mitchell. Emma J 213 Mitchell. Gregory S 178.361 Mitchell, John M 288 Mitchell, Karen L 361 Mitchell, Martha L ,361 Mitchell, Richard W .361 Mitchell, Tony E. 339 Mitchell, Wilham B 170 Mivelaz. Shari D. 339 Moameneh. Salem M, 339 Mock, Ron 207 Modena. Mary R. 216, 339 Mueller, Julie A. 216 Mohamed, Awad S 339 Mohr. Jewme T, 339 Mohr. Lynn A 288 Mol-eirnko. Anna J 183, 288 Molden. Jill 361 Mollman. Diana J 288 Mnnheimer, Brian 361 Monhollon. Kathrvn A 319 Montgomery. Carol D. 212 Montgomery. Carolyn .1. 200. 202. 319 Montgomery, Glenda J. 319 Montgomery. Pamela . I. 339 Moody. Leisha K 361 Moody. Sandra L. 28a Moon. James E 288 Monney. Bill H 240 Moor. Morris H. Jr 93 Moore. Carla A. 216, 339 Moore. Cheryl 288 319 Moore. David K. 339 Moore, Donna G. 205. 206 Moore, Fatxell 319 Moore. Greg 288 Moore. Gregory A. 236. 288 Moore, Karen L. 167. " Moore. Kerrv J. 198, Moore. Mark 131. 339 Moore. Maiy C. 339 Moore, Michael 246 Moore, Patricia E. 361 Moore. Penelope 319 Moore, Snellen 361 Moore. Susan N. 201. 288 Moorman, Mary B. 361 Morand. Mary K. 361 Morehead, Carla L. 195 Morehead, Lisa A 167. 210. 246. 286 Morehous, Mary E 199 Moreland. Jane 205. 206 Moreland, Kimberly A 218, 361 Moreland, Thomas L 339 Morgan, James E. 339 Morgan. Jean L. 208 Morgan. Jennie 236. 288 Morgan, Joellen 319 Morgan, Karen C 306 Morgan. Leslie G 288 Morgan. Mark 307 Morgan. Robert C 361 Morgan. William J. 112. 113, 132. 288 Morguson, Robert K. 224 Moriartv. Amy S. 319 Morreau. Kat ' henne I 222 Morretti. Paula D. 361 Morns. Alfred 182 Morris, Joyce A 288 Moms. Michael 339 Moms. Rhonda S 199. 206. 339 Morns. Sheila L. 187. 361 Morris. Steve 361 Momson, Jane 339 Morrow, Colleen R 339 Morrow, James D 190, 191, 204. 2 Morton. Barry 361 Moser, Barbara E- 186 Moser. Karen E. 191 Moses. Dallas AT 339 Mouhead, Carta 339 Moulton, Stephen R II 361 Mountjoy. Shawn R. 224, 339 Mounts. Donna J. 339 Mountz, Edsel 202 Mudd. Deborah L. 361 Mudd. Frances A 339 Mueller. Mark T 226 Muirhead, Anne M 339 Mukes, Sandra L, 120, 122. 123 Mulcahy. Michael T, 340 Mullanev. Sarah L 208 Muller. Donna M 198. 340 Muller. Monica M 340 Mullins. Anna M 319 Mullins, Christopher 361 Mullins. Lorena G 340 MuLins. Mark E. St. 236. 288 Mullins. Paula S 319 Mullins. Robin L. 340 Mullins. Robin Licia 182. 361 Mullins. Terry W. 361 Mullins. Tracy D 202. 236. 319 Murdoch, Richard E 189 Murihead. Anne 185 Murphy. Brenda L 319 Murphv. Diana 120. 121. 122 Murphy. Nicholas C 236. 319 Murphy. Sharon 340 Murphv. Steven K 244 Murray. Sharon K. 361 Musch. Jennifer L 289 Muster. Patricia M. 319 Myers. Deborah L 289 Myers Kathy R. 361 Mveni, Kay 361 Mvers. Leola C. 361 Myers. Todd A 242 Mynatt. Donald N 319 Mynatt. Linda S 319 — N— Nance, Susan B 289 Nantz, Deborah I. 319 Nantz, Julia K. 182, 289 Napier. David L. 131, 193 Napier. Michael B 340 Napier. Pnscdla 361 Napier, Reta S. 170 Napier. Rosaline 208 Naser. Larry 361 Naah. Lisa C 340 Naata. Lon J. 289 Natalie. Howard M 319 Nave. Paul 340 Naylor. Laura J. 289 Naylor. Minam E 220. 289 Ndefru. Odilia N 289 Neal. Charles G 319 Neal. Danny A 340 Neal. Lisa D. 218 Necleno. Cheryl A 218. 240 Neff. Holly J 222, 289 Neikirk, Laura A 319 Neill. Jeffrey T, 361 Neiman, Judy 319 Nelaon, Jeannie 361 Nelson. Ron 289 Neritt. Marjorie 214 Netherland, Jerry W 183, 289 Neumann. Linda M. 361 NeviuB. Laura L. 361 Nevius, Leslee C 340 New. Shelia A. 340 Newberry. Jacqueline 170. 361 Newell. Vicky A 340 Newkirk. Mark R- 340 Newkirk. Rebecca J 187. 340 Newkirk. Sandra K 187. 361 Newitt, Manorice 289 Newman, Sonja G. 319 Newport. Patricia L. 214 Newsom. Stephen F. 240 Newsome. Robert T. 125 Newton, Tammy R. 289 Nibert. Tina M. 319 Nicelv. Teresa C 340 Nicholas, Jon O. 320 Nicholas. Shannon 216. 320 Nichols. Elee 340 Nichols. Nanette L, 320 Nichols. Phillip A. 178 Nicholson. George C. 167, 289 Nicholson, Sherry B. 218, 340 Nickel! Pamela J 218. 24fi. 289 Niclev. Debbie 289 Nie. Jenifer A. 361 Niederhelman, Kimberly 222, 289 Nieland, Douglas 158 Nieland, Mark 210 Niemann. Michelle 120 Nihart, Jack B. 248 Niles. Kelly J. 320 Nil. Thomas J 92. 93. 193 Noble. Sharon L. 197, 289 Noe. Debra A. 289 Noel. Gary L. 112. 113. 132, 289 Noel, Karen L. 361 Noel, Laura L. 210 Nolan, Rose M. 320 Nolan, Todd E. 210. 320 Noland. Scott 361 Noller, Kara R 361 Nolle, Sandra E 361 jrdgulen, June B 167 Noi . Andrea K 198. 214, :!2U, 236 North. Marvanne T 340 Northcutt. Monty L 207, 242. 289 Northcutt. Scott M. 202 Norton. Dennis A ' 289 Norton. Kathenne S, 320 Norton. Lisa A. 200, 289 Norton. Pamela R. 340 Nussbaum, Gary J 93 Nuttall. Mark K 167 — o— Oberst. Julia A. 189 Obnen, Bryan K 234, 289 Obnen. Shern L. 320 Obnen, Theresa M, 236 O ' Connell, Patricia A- 197. 320 O ' Connor. Caryn 125. 193. 200. O ' Dell. Belinda J. 290 O ' Dell. Christina S 178. 340 O ' Donnell. Clarabelle 208. 290 Oeswein. Nancv A 206, 210 Offutt. Jane M 220, 361 Onahavan, Michael L 290 Ogara, Kathy L. 320 Ofil . 234 167. 210. 290 O ' Hara, Pamela J. 362 OHeam. Dennis M 171. 173, 290 Ohlmann, Annette M 170, 362 Okeson, William G 290 Okeson, Yvonna S 216. 320 Okruhhca. Mark E 234 Olde, Karen E. 169. 362 Oldham, Kathy L, 340 Olins, Rita G. 320 Oliver. Barbara A 204. 320 Oliver. Phill T. 320 Olson. Ann T. 290 OlBon, Todd R 320 Omega Psi Phi 231 Ordel, Marcia A. 290 Orman. Dan 320 Orme. Cynthia L 340 O ' Rourke, Mitzie 214 Orourke. Mitzie 320 Orrender, William J 94, 95, 202, 224, 290 Osborn. Holly W, 362 Osborn, Mary E 216, 320 Osborne, Janell L 340 Osborne. Mary E. 340 Osboum, Alice E 2112 Osbourn, Lon A. 362 OhIcv, Sabnna A 182 Oster. Sharon K 290 Otera, Ramond, Dr 163 Oil. Pamela L. 192 Outlaw, Chns G. 125. 362 Overstreet. Craig L 362 Owens. David W. 340 Owens, Gregory A, 196 Owens, Joanna S. 320 Owens, Nancy A 167, 190, 194, 201 , Stacey L- 218. 290 — P— Pace, Lisa D. 362 Packett, Leonard V. 320 Page, Jeffrey P. 207 Painter. Paula L. 187. 362 Painter. Peggy A 290 Palechek. Julie A 218 Palmer. Douglas E Jr. 224 Palmer. Elizabeth C, 320 Palmer. Keith A. 170. 340 Palmer. Leslie E. 189 Palmer. Michael D 246 Palmer. Michelle M 320 Palmerball. Helen H. 167. 290 Palmberball. Virginia 290 PannelL Nancy J. 362 Pany. Thomas F. 238 Pappas. Ted G 173. 362 Parke. Stephen W. 320 Parker, Barbara F. 320 Parker. Bill J 203. 290 Parker, Danny 228 Parker, Jay 238 Parker, Kevin 224 Parker. Laura S. 185. 203. 320 Parker. Mark 290 Parker. Tamme 220, 320 Parkev. Shan 246, 362 Parks, Darrell L. 362 Parks, Donna L, 214, 362 Parks, Gua 93 Parks, Sharon K, 362 Parrigan. Jennifer L, 187. 362 Parrish. Diane M. 214. 362 Pajrish. Jerry D. 93 Parnsh. Patti B 192, 194 Parton. Mark C 130. 131 Pater. Robin A. 174, 175, 320 Patrick, Mark 240 Patrick. Sheila A. 362 Patrick, William D 183. 226. 290 Patten. Judy G, 362 Patterson, Juliann 362 Patterson. Malcolm C, 248. 290 Patterson. Rebecca S. 340 Patton, Dale 89 Paul, Lonzo 178 Paul. Michael R. 340 Paul. Michele L. 154. 320 Pauley. Phyllis D. 362 Paulin. Nancy K 197. 340 Pavlouic. Doug 242. 320 Payne. Cheryl A, 191. 204 Payne. Donna M, 362 Payne, Jacinta M 167, 190. 290 Payne. Jane P. 362 Payne, Jeannine M, 340 Payne. Kelly S. 340 Payne. Kye 320 Pavne. Suzanne G. 320 Pavnter, Susan M, 320 PBL 200 Peabody, Bonnie S 362 Pearson. Bert D, 320 Pedicone, Adele 192 Pedic .Mai . 362 Pedroz... Raul A 167 Peebles. Lvnn M, 340 Peege. Steve E 238, 362 Pelfrey. Janice R, 362 Pelfrev, Pamela S 197, 220. 291) Pellf, Debbie J. 218 Pens. William T, 244 Pence. Douglas A, 362 Pence. Tracy 362 Pendleton, Kelly M. 362 Pennington, Richard J 290 Penske. Jill A 203. 210. 320 Pequignot. Lisa B 290 Pequignot. Renee L 194 Perkir , Con ■ rji i Perkins, Dana L, 218, 340 Perkins, David E. 132, 340 Perkins, Jo A. 290 Perkins, Michael 291 PerTy. Anna B. 167 Perry. Deborah L 187. 291 Perry, Elvena M. 340 Perry. Lisa R 167 Perry, Tom 248 Peters, Connie L 362 Peters. Douglas W 362 Peters, Joanna M 218. 291 Peterson. Bonni S. 362 Peterson, Lon M 362 Peterson. Mary L. 218 Pettit. Dw-avne J 340 Pettit. Wendv L 242 Petus. Sandra 291 Peyton. Beverly Sue 291 Pfiug. Patricia L. 362 Pharis, Janice C. 340 Phelps. John Williams 143 Phi Alpha Theta 164 Phi Beta Lambda 200 Phi Delta Theta 234 Phi Epsilon Kappa 200 Phi Kappa Phi 153 Phi Mli 220 Phi Mu Alpha 201 Phi Upsilon Onicron 201 Phillips. Brian C 248 Phillips. Candice L. 173 Phillips. Jeffrey C 362 Phillips. John K 362 Phillips, Marsha S. 340 Phillips, Rosa A 320 Phillips. Ruth A 320 Phillips. Steven M 320 Phillips, Teresa M 307 Phillips, Terry 246 Phillips, Tracy L. 362 Philpot. Christopher 362 Philpot, Michelle A 320 Phoenis, Lucinda J. 197, 291 Phi Delta Theta 234 Pi Kappa Alpha 60, 236 Pi Kappa Phi 60 Pi Omega Pi 202 Pickering, Martha Sue 167, 291 Picklesimer, Cassie 362 Picton. Tammi L. 291 Pieratt, Denise L 340 Pieratt, Kimbetly E. 167 Piercey, Flonnie F. 320 Piercv, Kimberly D 320 Pilger. Lisa J. 320 Ping. Pamela J. 362 Pinkston. Charles D, 340 Pinkston. William 111 230 Pinson. Kelly L. 362 Pinter, Steve S 198 Pipes. Chernce V. 291 Pitman. Sandra G 362 Pittman. Robyn L. 340 Playforth. Kimberly S. 204, 320 Plotts. Patricia E, 321 Plummer, Donna S. 362 Plummer. James D 291 Plummer. Kathy L. 340 Plummer. Kimberley L. 340 Plummer. Pamela L. 188 Poe. Mark W. 93 Pole. Woody 170 Poling. Juhanne 291 Pollard. Mark A. 341 Pollitt, Jeffrey G. 207. 224 Polyino Geri 106 Pomlee, Bumey L, 93 Ponder, Treci L. 362 Poole. Charles D. 246 Poole. J. Caroline 362 Poole, Marjorie A, 362 Porter, Deborah D. 341 Porterfield. Tanya J, 362 Portia, Anthony Q 321 Poaey, Dean Robert W 160. 16 Posey, Ronald G. 292. 341 Potter. Judy D. 363 Potter. Lynn A 341 Potter. Mary J. 321 Potts, Brian D, 167. 190, 292 Potta, Terry L, 178 Powe, Cindy 341 Powell, Ann 187 Powell, Carolyn G 341 Powell, Jacquelyn G, 321 Powell. Joanne M. 363 Powell. Randall Q 248 Powell. Shirley G, 181 Power ' ,, Deborah L 341 Powers. Diana D, 363 Powers, Timothy D 363 Poynter, Beverly K 341 Povnter, Matthew M 363 Poynter, Wilella 363 Prall. Brian L. 240 Prall. Jayne R, 182 Prall. Mike E. 363 Pramvk. John C 321 Prather, Steven L 363 Pratt. Charles W.H. 93 Pratt. Donna M. 341 Preece. Charlotte 161 Preece, Gary L. 363 Prenatt, Bret 292 Presson. William C. 170. 363 Preston, Kevin 196 Preston. Mark 125, 193, 200, 321 Preston, Rick E. 321 Preston. Robert K 292 Preston. Timothy R, 341 Prewitt. Bobby R. 192 Prewitt. Kenna L. 232 Pnce. Jamie L 185, 292 Price. Lisa L 341 Price. Melodye L 321 Pnce, Rhonda G 321 Pnce, Sueticia A 363 Pnddy. Micheal D 154 Prince, Christopher S 363 Prince, Linda S, 216, 292 Pnndle. Donald B 196 Privi I 363 Procaccino, Joseph P 238 Proffitt, Dianna L, 341 Profit!, Angela C. 363 Provost. Eric L 184. 198, 210 Prow. Jennifer Jill 201. 292 PRSSA 202 Pruder, Susan E 363 Pruitt. Sandra N 363 Pruitt. Sharon L 292 Psimer, Valerie J, 210 Ptacek, Gavle M 214 Ptacek. Tern A 214, 321 Puckett, Charlotte A- 363 Puckett, Larry W 321 Puckett, Sherry L. 363 Pugh, Terry A. 321 Pujda, Patrick A 292 Pulliam, Connie F, 341 Pulliam. Pamela H 321 Pullins, Leanne Wanda 181. 321 Purdv. Christopher D 178. 232 Purdy. Laura D 102, 321 Purvis. Brian E. 178 Putnam. Jennifer W 321 Pyles, Cvnthia N. 214 Piles. Teresa A. 167 Pyles. Vivian L 341. 292 -Q- Quajes. Joanne M 292 Queen, Cathv L 214. 363 Queen, Kay L. 292 Quesnel, Scott E 130. 131 Quigley. Joseph T 246. 292 Quinnellv. Bryan T 226 Quire. Maria K 363 Quirke. Eileen P. 321 Quitter. Karen M 204. 321 -R— Rabenecker. Robert E. 321 Rader, Lisa M. 220, 236. 341 Radford, Michael 292 Ragland, Natalie M 363 Rague, Patricia 363 . Cynthia J 363 Ralston, Alma J. 197 Ralston, Karla M. 107, 363 Rambo, Deborah K 170. 205. 206. 292 Ramey. Johnnie B 341 Ramp. Jane Louise 292 Randlea. Kathryn J. 178. 220 Randolph. Cynthia A. 204. 341 Randolph. Donna A 218 Randolph. Jo H 292 Randolph. Kirk T, 242 Ranev. Tamara G 321 Rankin. David L 292 Rankin. Jennifer L. 292 Rankin. Timothv C. 242 Ranadell. Kathryn T. 236. 292 Rapson. Kimberly A. 341 Raque. Nancy L. 167, 201, 292 Rassinier, Amy J. 363 Rathgeber. Gua 125, 132, 341 Rathunde, Lucille M. 210 Ratliff, Cheryl D, 363 Ratliff, James B. 167, 292 Ratliff, Jenifer 292 Ratlr f, Krutine R 363 Ratliff, Mark 363 Ratliff, Philip Q. 240 Ratliff. Phyllis C. 341 Rauch. Linda R. 214 Raven. Alan R. 125. 170. 204 Ray. Deborah S. 341 Ray, Elizabeth S 292 Ray. Rona G. 363 Ray. Sandra C. 292 Rea. Ronald G. 196 Read. James K. 292 Read. Kelly 200 Reader, Garry Reagan, Deborah D 218. 341 Ream. Holly 216, 341 Reams, Kimberly J 321 Rebholz, Steven J. 131 Redden. Tyrone C. 230 Redman. Ginger A 216 Redmon. LUa J. 197. 341 Reed. Andrea J. 321 Reed. Brenda J. 201, 321 Reed. Janey C. 363 Reed. Robyn L. 363 Reed. Sandra S. 341 Reed. Sue C. 363 Reffett. Deborah L 208. 293 Reffitt, Clara J. 363 Regenauer. Bryan D 363 Rehberg. Robert W 232. 321 Rehfuss. Roderic J. 363 Rehkamp. Karen M 293 Reid. Deborah A. 341 Reid. Kathy A. 363 Reinatedler. Laurie E 183 Reister, David J 178. 293 Reiater. Mary F. 222, 321 Remington. Lisa A 363 Remstedler. Laune 214 Renaker. Sharon L 321 Renfrew. Jimmy L. 171. 321 Renn. Theresa A. 173, 363 Rennirt, Kathy E. 293 Repper, Frank ' s 293 Restrepo. Johnny 341 Reteneller. Nancy J. 363 Revack, Suzanne L. 120. 363 Reyes. Karen L. 191. 293 Reynolds. Anthony L. 341 Reynolds. Arkie S. 293 Reynolds. Billy S 341 Reynolds, Doug 228 Reynolds. Dwavr.e J ' Ji Rhea. Eldora V. 212 Rr„. h ilon 203 Rhoades. Mitzi G. 220. 341 Rhodus. Teresa A. 321 Rhymer, Lvnn P. 363 Rice. Clay 197 Rice, Diane R. 205. 206. 363 Rice. Jill P 363 Rice. Lawrence C 293 Rich. Robin N. 210 Richard. Gary 240 Richardson. Karen E 120 Richardson. Lisa R. 363 Richardson, Lynn S 341 Richardson. Lynne H 321 Richardson. William D 341 Richert. Rhonda L. 214 Richev. Sharon 293 Richie. David L. 363 Richmond. Christian J 293 Richter. Terri A. 220. 341 Richwalsky, Patrice 321 Ricke. Mike A. 207, 236. 321 Ricks. Anita J. 222 Ricks. Bobby E 293 Riddle. Kimberly S. 363 Ridglev. Cindra S, 363 Ridner, Maivin D 321 Riehemann. Marty 321 Riehemann, Steven J 321 Riehl, Barbara L. 293 Riehl, Sara A 190. 201 Rigg. Kelly J, 321 Riggin David 240 Riggs. Debbie A. 194, 218, 2S Rielv, Elizabeth A- 218 Rilev, Libbv 341 Rilev. Rosemarie A 240. 293 !■-•■ 293 Ripple. Rhonda R. 321 Rjsch. Laune S. 201. 248. 321 Ritchie. Beth S 192. 341 Ritchie. David 242 Ritchie. Kimberly S 364 Ritter. Lydia S. 183. 321 Roaden, Debbie K. 321 Roaden. Rachel A. 293 Roahng. Matthew A 200. 204. 29 Roahng, Paula H. 200. 204, 293 Roan. Sarah A. 364 Roark, Dean 168 Robbins. Sarah L. 341 Robbins. Thomas 321 Robbins. Wallace D 180 Robbins. Wendi D. 178 Robbvn, Karen 185 Roberson. Lisa L. 341 Roberts. Donna L. 194. 321 Roberts. Elva F. 321 Roberts. Jacelyn 293 Roberts, Jimmy E. 364 Roberts. Jocelvn L. 198 Roberta, Kelly L. 216. 321 Roberts, Kenny G, 228 Roberta, Leanna J. 208. 364 Roberta. Margot M. 341 Roberts, Mark L 364 Roberts. Michael T 178. 240 Roberts. Phillip P. 364 Roberts. Ricky L. 321 Roberta, Sharon 197, 341 Roberta, Steven J. 293 Roberts, Susan C 341 Roberta. Theresa K, 198 Roberts. William M. 321 Robertson. Anne M 321 Robertson. Darrell A. 183 Robertson. Saundra A. 364 Robertson, Susan L 364 Robinson. Alonzo R. 364 Robinson, Becky J. 293 Index 379 Robinson. Debra A 212. 321 Robinson. Elizabeth A. 364 Robinson. Henrv A- 93 Robinson. Jeff 361 Robinson. Kent 322 H,.li:i , . ' HI ft, Margaret A. 293 Robinson. Rita J. 202. 322 Robinson. Robert E. Jr. 322 Robinson. Tammy L. 322 Robinson. Tommie L. 231 Robison. Ramona D. 346 Roddv. Colleen B. 293 Rodes. Marv 293 Rodgers. Beth A. 361 Rodgers. Tammv D. 162. 183. 177, 200. 220. 322 Roe. Wendell W. 341 Roesel. Kathv A 197. 201. 218. 293 Rogan. Jeannie 307 Rogers. Anita G. 167. 294 Rogers, Debra L. 341 Rogers. Edwina J. 364 Rogers. Thomas 197. 199 Rogers, Thomas IV 167. 190. 294 Rolen. Cvnthia A. 341 Rolf. David W 125. 193 Rolf, .lames H. 189 Rolfes, Pamela M 294 Rollings, Irish 210 R.ilstnn, Alma 322 Roncarti. Nancy S 364 Rodd. Loren K, Jr. 167 Rorrer. Kathv J 341 Rose. Debra L, 322 Rose. Gail 294 Rose. Herbert D 294 Rose. Jeffrey A, 236 Rose, Joel E. 364 Rost.ll, Kathy 207 Roser, Tammy D 364 Ross, Connie R 167 Ross. David W. 364 Ross Diana A 167. 294 Ross. Lon A 2 18. 122 Rosa. Nancv L. 322 Ross. Rodger, L. 244. 341 Ross. Ron 240 Rosa, Vicki S 294 Rolen, Amy H 210 Rotert, Nancy L. 210 Roth, Karen G. 364 Roth. Ronald B. 178 Rothel. Lisa C. 322 Rothfuas. Karen L 364 Rothfuss. Scott T 224 Rothwell. Dale E Jr 224. 322 Rotunno. Christine M 208. 342 Rougeux. Juliette R. 197, 208, 294 Rout ledge. Beth A 189. 342 Rowe. Jerry T, 294 Rowe, Kim S. 214, 364 Rowe, Penelope R 364 Rowe, Steven D 364 Rowell, Randell 342 Rowland. Dinah F, 342 Rowlett. Charles L, 242. 342 Rowlett. John D 193. 167 Rowette. David 196 Rovaltv. Gav 210 Royalty. Marsha G, 322 Royalty. Sandra D 364 Rozak. Linda S. 364 Rubel. James A. 94. 234. 294 Ruble. Jamie E. 220 Rucker. Sherry C, 249, 294 Rucker. Theresa M 187. 294 Ruddell. Mark T. 342 Ruehnvein, Jennifer R, 214, 322 Ruehrwein. Sharon C, 364 Ruffu. Peter X, 115. 364 Ruhl. Sara 294 Rullman. Lisa G 364 Rundell Mark 244 Runion, Pamela J 364 Runion. Teresa L 182, 294 Runyan. Holly L. 342 Runvon, Linda K 364 Runyon. Rhonda J 186 Rupe, Arthur W. 342 Rupert. Joy L. 342 Rush, Patricia L. 220, 342 Rushing. Mary E. 342 Rushing. Richard A. 170. 294 Russell. Brenda L.W. 342 Russell. Christopher 228 Russell. Kimberlv A, 194. 201. 294 Russell. Mark A. 183 Russell. Ruth A 204. 322 Rust. John W. 322 Rutherford. Marilyn Z 173 Rutz. Gary G. 342 Rvan. Lon R. 294 Rvder, Sheila C. 178. 342 — s— Sacre. Scottie R, 238, 342 Sadler. Alan B. 342 Saffer. Conta M. 192 Sage. Sharon L. 364 Saif. Saleh 294. 342 Sallee, Michael D 342 Salter, James G. 154 Salyera, Robin R. 294 Samadi, Ramazan K. 342 Samkari. Adnan J. 342 Sammons, Rebecca L. 214. 294 Sams. Carolyn 294 Samuels. Angela D 322 Sander. Mark E. 294 Sanders. Jeamne L, 294 Sanders, Jennifer E. 342 Sanders, Lee 322 Sanders. Lester T. 231 Sanders, Leisa D 322 Sanders, Robin 208 Sandlm, Deborah 364 Sandlin. Dewana 364 Sandlm, Pamela J 364 Saoduaky.John D, 342 Sang, Kelli E. 94 Sang. Richard L. 93 Sanguansin, Supachai 294 Sargent, June E. 154. 294 Sameckv. Fred A. Jr. 204, 294 380 Index Sasser, Kimberly L. 342 Sasso. Chns M. 170 Sauntry. Bill 248 Sauntrv. Willard D 342 Savage. Micheal A. 232 Savage, Teresa L 322 Sawson. Brenda 294 Sawyers, Jacqueline S. 322 Savior. Julia N. 296 Saylor. Leiaa A. 240. 206. 322 Savior, Sandra 197, 295 Scaggs. Sheri L. 322 Scars. Jan 364 Scearce. Julie A. 363 Schaefer, Anna G. 204, 210. 232. 295 Schaefer. Susan 342 Schaerges. Robert L 322 Shaffer, Debbie 236 Schaffer. Dean 224 Schaffer. Susan E 134 Schaftlein, Carolyn J. 322 Schmaun, Nannette M. 295 Schank, Jackie F. 364 Schardme, Nancy A. 342 Schamhorst, Dina J 178 Scheffler, Frederick 2H " i Schellhaas, Edward R. 364 Schenkel, Patricia A. 295 Schevnost. Scott F. 228. 322 Schiering, Susan J, 216 Schinke. Laura E. 322 Schipske. Joseph J. Jr. 86. 93 Schlatter. David E, 187. 322 Schmidt. Karen A 364 Schmidt. Kimberlv D. 214 Schmitz. Barbara M 364 Schneider, Barbara L 208 Schneider. Beth A. 342 Schneider. David H 199 Schneider. Michael J, 232. 322 Schnennger, Chervl A 364 Schneider. David 189, 295 Schnier. David B. 224 Schneir. Russell 224 Schnitzler. Melinda : 64 Schoemehl, Tere A 295 Schooler. Alex E, 342 Schoonover. Sandy L 364 Schoonover. Sharon K. 322 Schorman. Deborah T. 222, 295 Schrader. Leslie L. 220. 295 Schram, Karen E. 191. 342 Schrantz, Kim L, 295 Schreck, Chris A. 2.36 Schroeter. Laurie B 216. 364 Schuler, Rav 228 Schulte. David H 342 Schulte. Vicki D. 197. 322 Schultz. Beverly A. 167 Schultz. Gerry 342 Schultz. Jefferv J 365 Schulz. David E. 189. 199 Schumann. Nattette 194 Schurman. Paul R. 207 Schwabe, Kip A 295 Schweda, Robin H .365 Schwedow, Martha 322 Schwenke, Linda A. 218. 295 Scott, Debra 365 Scott. Gwvn 365 Scott. Jim 193. 342 Scott. Kimberlv 220. 199 Scott, Kimberly 342 Scott. Patricia A 187, 203. 322 Scott. Rebecca J. 322 Scott, Shan D. 365 Scott. Shervle L. 201. 295 Scott, Tammy L. 322 Scnmizzi. Scott J. 346 Scruggs, William R. 365 Scurlock, Stacv L, 178 Seale, Joel S. 342 Sealek. John G. 295 Scab, Patti B. 178. 342 Sears, Terrv 140 Seav. Carol " A. 322 Sebastian, Beth 365 Sehaibam, Ibrahim S. 364 Seippel, Ten 134 Semler. Chris B. 201, 295 Semler, Constance J, 365 Semonts. Perry 112 Semones, William P. 113 Seng, William J- 295 Senn, Patricia D. 295 Settle. Stephen M 236. 342 Settles. Lu S, 167. 190. 204. 295 Sewell. Alice P. 208. 342 Selell. Andrew K 365 Sewell. Leslie K 208 Sexton, Joanne 295 Sexton. Lisa A. 167. 295 Sexton. Loretta 1, 295 Sexton, Tena L. 365 Shackelford. Marv A. 342 Shadburne. William C. 234 Shafer. Dean L. 207 Shaffer. Debora E 322 Shaffer, Lora K 236. 342 Shannon. Patricia A, 210. 342 Shannon, Scott 296 Sharp. Charlotte L 296 Sharp. Donna K, 365 Sharp, Linda S, 322 Sharpe, Ann .342 Sharp , Lesa C. 365 Shave, Gregory S H22 Shaver, Janice K. .365 Shaw. Barry W. 342 Shaw, David P, 131. 204 . Kathryn D. 214, 342 Shai . 322 Shawter, Ruby C, 365 Shearer. Fred H. 238. 322 Shearer. John W. 322 Sheddan. Paul C 93 Sheehan, Michael J, 93 Sheene, Billy J. 296 Sheets, Lee A. 365 Sneets, Myra D 365 Sheffield, Amy J. 322 Shehigh. Joseph D. 307 Shelbume. Markita J, 174. 175. 322 Shelton. Augusta L 296 Shelton, Candace A 365 Shelton. Chervl K. 206. 322 Shelton. Jamea A 89 Shelton. James R, 93 Shelton. Sondra J 342 Sheperson, Susan E, 365 Shepherd. Judith C. 342 Shepherd. Patricia L, 322 Shepherd. Sylvia A. 365 Sherif. Abdulnafiz H 365 Sherman, Amv B. 218 Sherman, Chrisse Y. 365 Sherrod. Carol F. 322 Sherrow, Susan K 296 Sherwood. Janette M. 365 Shields. Catherine L. 240. 322 Shireman, Leith E. 342 Shirley, Pamela A. 1342 Shirley, Paula R, 365 Shivery, Audrey E. 365 Shockency. Debra A. 296 Shockencv, Jefferv A 365 Shoemaker. Diane M 322 Shoemaker, Jan R, 323 Shore. Melissa L. 102. 365 Short, Debra 365 Sh,,n iMn.trn CM Short. Jeffrey L 296 Sh.mlders. Keith 296 Shouse, Danny S. 296 Shouse. Debby S. 296. 167 Shouse, Hallie 143 Shtewi. Mohamed Ah 296 Shuff. Susan D 216. 342 Shufflebarger. Alicia 167. 182. 197. 205. 296 Shuler, Earl R. 343 Shuler, Jacqueline J 218. 323 Shy. Ted 365 Shy. Thomas E. 246 Sickmeier, Susan J, 214 Siemon, Mark F. 93 Sigemore. Monroe 343 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 238 Sigma Chi 240 Sigma Nu 248 Sigma Pi 242 Sigma Tau Alpha 203 Sigma Tau Delta 204 Sigma Tau Pi 204 Silkev. Lisa M, 208. 236 Silkev, Rick D. 236 Silligman. Kenneth H 365 Sills. William W. 323 Simer. Valerie 343 Simonsen, Laura Ann 323 Simmerman. Kimberlv F 173 Simmons. Gina K, 185. 343 Simmons, Linda 220. 365 Simmons. Mark 365 Simmons. Suzanne 365 Simonsen, Laura A. 220 Simpson, Barbara J 343 Simpson. Deborah J 365 Simpson. Don 186. 365 Simpson, Peggy 297 Simpson, Tonva D 365 Sinclair, Mark V 365 Singleton. Betty J 208 Singleton, Steven K. 323 Singleton, Teresa M. 365 Sinnette. Kevin P. 189 S.pes, Kim M. 343 Sipes, Robert R, 236 Sipple, Connie S ' 143 Siraj, Fawzeva M 365 Sisk, Mark t. 297 Sisk. Marv L, 323 Sissel. Diana K 323 Sitz. Jeff 132 Sizemore. Aletha R. 297 Sizemore, Billie C, 323 Sizemore, Brenda G. 297 Sizemore. Diana L. 343 Sizemore, Mark J. 365 Sizemore. Monroe E, 343 Sizemore. Oma J 323 Sizemore. Pamela L. 365 Sizemore. Teresa 343 Skaggs, Rohbin A 343 Skaggs, Toska S 180 Skees. Rebecca A. 297 Skinner. Christopher 343 Skogstrom, I-aura L 343 Slatterv. Ellen 343 Slaughter. Cindy A. 297 Slavback. Kimberly A 365 Sledd. Terry J. 365 Sloan. Greg S, 323 Sloans. Kellev A 365 Slone. Brigitte 297 Slone, Kathv A. 365 Slone. Terri L. 177. 323 Slorach, Deborah L 167, 297 Slusher, Sarah M, 323 Sly. Randi S. 343 Smallwood, Patricia 365 Smiley, Jeffrey A. 323 Smith, Angela D. 365 Smith. Anita L. 297 Smith. Bennie J. 297 Smith. Bnan 232. .343 Smith, Cathenne E. 365 Smith, Charles T. 207 Smith, Christopher S 366 Smith, Claude 323 Smith. Danny 366 Smith. Darryl A- 93 Smith. David 115. 323 Smith, Deborah 323 Smith, Diana 323 Smith, Dianna L. 343 Smith. Donald 202 Smith. Donna 366 Smith. Emmett D. 366 Smith. GD- 34 Smith, James T, 297 Smith. Janet L. 366 Smith. Jeanette F 297 Smith. Jeff W. 366 Smith. Jennifer 182. 366 Smith, Jill 67 Smith. Judy J. 323 Smith, Keith L. 366 Smith, Kimberly A. 297 Smith, Marcel 176, 181, 240. 323 Smith, Maria A. 197. 343 Smith. Mary 366 Smith, Mary 323 Smith. Mary K. 198 Smith. Micahel H. 366 Smith. Michael 228 Smith, Nancy 218. 366 Smith. Pamala 343 Smith, Pamela 366 Smith, Pamela 222 Smith. Patricia E. 343 Smith, Phyllis A. 366 Smith. Ramona A. 366 Smith. Randal L. 343 Smith. Renee J. 366 Smith, Rhonda 366 Smith, Rick 366 Smith. Sandra L. 343 Smith. Schervl 214. 343 Smith, Selena 210. 366 Smith, Sharon 297 Smith, Sharon 343 Smith. Shawn 323 Smith. Sherri J. 297 Smith. Sherrv L. 202 Smith, Stephen E. 366 Smith, Steven 238 Smith, Steven R. 366 Smith. Tamara J. 323 Smith. Tommy R. 366 Smith, Tony 343 Smith. Vikki D. 210, 297 Smith, Willie D. Jr. 323 Smith. Wmfield S. 187. 323 Smithson. Douglas J. 343 Snap. Bill 248 Snapp, William M. HI 167 Snapp. William 248 Sneed. Renee 200. 204 Snell. Joy L. 202, 297 Snider, Debra K 323 Snider, Ronald L 195 Sni k. Sandy 218 Snowden. Dan e S. 187. 303 Shyder, Scott 238 Sokes, Elizabeth 366 Solheim, Lisa G. 297 Son, Jonathan T. 187. 366 Sorensen. Andrew C. 240 Sorrell. Susan T. 297 Souder, Leslie A- 196. 343 Souther, Kevin 242. 323 Sowards, Bryan K. 323 Sowers, Herbert M 196 Spalding, John F. 366 Spalding, Joseph W 173 Spaldmn, Judy 191, 207 Spalding, Wayne 297 Spangler, Robin L, 297 Spangler, Stephen R. 297 Sparkman. Kvra M. ' 297 Sparkman, Michelle ' 297 Sparks, Darby D. 323 Spark ' - Kevin 366 Spath. Kathryn A 197 Spalding, Jan 323 Spalding. Judith A. 298 Speakman, Linda J. 188 i, Hamilton 0. 183 Spear. Tern 343 Spears, Cvnthia L, 197, 323 , John W. Jr. 366 . Terrv A. 134. 298 Speck. Joel H. 244 Spegal, Karen L. 323 Spence. David W. 366 r, Bonnie R.P 298 Spencer. Jack 232 Spencer. Jacqueline F 343 Spencer. Kay 220 Spic . Arlie . Paul T. 154. 323 »r, Vicki L. 343 Spivev, Karen F. 208. 343 Spivev. Sharmaine 323 Spoonamore. W Dudley 178. 343 Sprague, Jeffrey T, 366 Sprague, Thomas J. 132. 343 Springmever, Chervl A, 343 Sprinkles. Charles P. 298 Sproat, JeffC. 238. 298 Spurling. Benson A. 125, 343 Spurlock, Kimberlv A. 323 Squires, Alice M. 191. 197, 204. St! Clair. Michael W. 343 Stacv, Janet J. 366 Stacy, Vickie C. 323 Staed. Gregory 1 ' 298 StaggB, Christopher B. 298 Stagner, Marsha G 366 Stahl. Mary A. 343 Stahler. Michael S. 145 Stake. Barbara K. 343 amper, Margaret C 366 amper, Nelwood E. 323 Stamper. Stanley B. 366 Stamps. David G. 178, 366 s, Timothy 195, 323 Stanaland, Randell J. 178. 366 andafer. Steven G. 228 Standel. Mary 298 Slander. Mary L. 107. 161 Stanford. Allen R. 246 y, Kari D. 220. 298 y, Susan E. 323 Stanberrv. Belinda 366 Slander. Jane 366 Stanton. Jacqueline 208 Stapleton, Frank A. 366 Stapleton, Gregory J, 343 Stapleton, James R. ' 298 Stapleton. Janie M. 218 Stargle, James L. 366 Starnes, Pamela 298 Staviski. Randall J. 343 Steams. Paula D. 366 Steele. Nancy S 167. 184, 298 Steele, Susan K. 222. 298 Steely, Lynda M. 218 Steenken, Matthew W, 298 Stefans, Therese M. 323 Steilberg. Sandra J. 173, 366 Steinfeld. Susan C. 366 Steller. Connie J. 214 Stengel, Greg 323 Stengel, John G. 323 Stengel, Susan L. 220. 242. 298 Stephen, Evonne L. 298 Stephens. Douglas E. 307 Stephens, Dudley H. 228 Stephens, Gwen C, 343 Stephens, Kimberlv D. 366 Stephens. Lisa J 298 Stephens, Mark A. 298 Stephens, Ronald C. 198 Stephens. Ronnie 298 Stephens, Sharon 207 Stephens. Terrence C. 298 Stephenson. Joseph A, 187. 323 Stephenson, Renee 298 Stepp. Nancy J. 197, 298 Stevens. Angela J, 366 Stevens. Denise A. 191 Stevens. Harold D. 298 Stevens. Jilee 343 Stevens, Michael K. 155, 167 Stevens. Nancy L, 298 Stevens, Stephanie K 203. 366 Stevens, Wendy S. 214 Stevenson. Donna K. 178 Stewart, Anna M. 197, 343 Stewart, Carol J. 343. 323 Stewart, Donna D. 343 Stewart. Gary S, 187, 323 Stewart, Janice A. 343 Stewart, Janis E. 324 Stewart. Joy C, 178. 366 Stewart. Leslie 191, 344 Stewart, Marsha G 173, 197, 279 Stewart. Melody A. 324 Stewart, Serena J. 205, 206, 299 Stewart. Timmy D. 236 Stewart. William R. 366 Sticklev. Rhonda J, 366 Stidham. Molly M. 299 Stiegler, Janine A. 182, 367 Stigall, Carta M. 180 Stillwell. Keith A. 187, 367 Stinnett. Mark E. 324 Stinson, Christopher 367 Stipes. Tom A, 240, 344 Stimemann, Michelle 366 Stivers. Diana L. 299 Stivers. Elizabeth J, 344 Stivers. Jacquelyn A. 102, 324 Stivers, Tina L. 367 STock, Barbara L 208, 240 Stockton. Mary A, 299 Stoeckle, Nancy G. 106, 107, 324 Stoffa, Robert J. 236 Stoll. Heidi M. 367 Stone, Elizabeth W 324 Stone. John H. 299 Stone, Karen A. 324 Stone. Leslie S. 324 Stone, Lvnn M. 192, 208, 324 Stone, Marcia L. 367 Stone, Rickv L. 299 Stone. Sandra L. 367 Stone. Sonva L. 299 Stoner. Alice L. 213 Story. Jeffrey K. 324 Stout. Hazel L. 194 Stout, Marcia K. 367 Strait. Jean A 134, 199 Stratton. Gay 299, 324 Stratton. Henry 143 Stratton. Holly K. 167. 197. 299 Straud, Robin 324 Strausbaugh, Keith M, 299 Strobach, Bolliver 132 Strong, Connie 299 Strang. Michael 367 Stroanider, Ann C, 180, 367 Strosnider. Janelle L 367 Stroud. Dana L. 299 Stroud, Todd D, 242 Struening. Craig P. 115. 344 Strumer. Laura A, 299 Stui , Den j 246 Stubblefield, David K 367 Student National Education Assoc 205 Student Occupational Therapy Assoc. 20 Student Social Workers 206 Stuesse. Ken 207, 240 Stuessel. John K. 399 Stulv. Lvnda 367 Stumbo, Elizabeth A 299 Stump, Anna M. 367 Stump, Mark R. 324 Slump, Rita G. 367 Stumpf, Joan E. 324 Sturgill, Anita R. 182. 344 Sturgill, Anthony W. 299 Suerdick. Kns A. 299 Sullivan, Bernard F 173, 299 Sullivan. Christopher 93 Sullivan, Pegeen L 173, 367 Summerlin, Lisa J, 344 Summers, Ann 222, 324 Surf, Saied M. 299 Sutherland, Ann M. 299 Sutherland. Bambi L. 187, 367 Sutkamp, Jon R. 93, 267 Suttles, Kerry J. 367 Suttles. Robert L, 324 Sutton. Brenda F 299 Sutton. Linda L. 344 Sutton, Mike 367 Swafford, Cheryl R 216, 299 Swafford. Craig 367 Swain. Marsha 167 Swain, Rodney A. 344 Swanner, Tracy C. 324 Swanson. Kimberly S. 367 Swanson, Nancy A, 299 Swanton. Jeffrey C 234 Swarthwoori, Anthony M. 367 Sweeney, Jennifer L. 167 Sweet. Mark F. 344 Swigert, Charlotte L. 367 Swinford, Wendv W 208, 344 Swinford. Yolanda D. 214, 324 Swisher, Alane 178. 367 Swisher. Susan A. 187 Swope. Teresa K. 197, 299 Sword. Gergory E 344 Sword, Janice L, 154. 167. 187. 208, 299 Syms, Susan A. 300 — T— , Anthony M 324 , James B. 244 tt, Anne H. 300 Tackett. David E. 367 Talbert, Joan L. 213. 324 Talbott, Anthony W. 131 Talbott. Karen S. 204. 210. 324 Tanara. Jim 85 Tanner. Jeffrey L. 93 Tapp. John A. 324 Tarr. Scott R. 195. 300 Tarter. Kathrvn A. 344 Tate, Michael H. 324 Tatum. Lisa A. 367 Tail Kappa Epsilon 246 Taylor. Andrea L. 134 Tavlor. Belinda G. 324 Tavlor. Catherine L. 367 Taylor. Charles E. 324 Tavlor. Christopher A. 93 Tavlor. Cindy J 102. 240. 324 Taylor. Dana L. 324 Tavlor. Deborah L 202 Tavlor. Deborah VV 300 Tavlor. Diane 120 Taylor. Donald J. 367 Tavlor. Durran H 300 Tavlor, Edward S. 187. 196, 344 Tavlor. Elizabeth :J67 Taylor. Gregory 183, 324 Taylor. Scott B. 300 Tavlor, Shannon D 246. ! Taylor. Timothy A. 163 Teater, Barrv D. 175. 324 Tecca. Michelle R. 107, 367 Temple, Darvl L. 178, 300 Temple. Kathv A. 178, 344 Temple. Stephanie K. 191. 324 Terhune, Teresa J. 300 Terrv. Barbara J. 218 Terry. Elaine 300 Terry, Jane E. 191. 307 Textor. Janice F. 134, 300 Thacker. Deborah A. 300 Thacker. Diana F. 188 Thacker, Lisa M. 210. .367 Thacker, Susie 197. 344 Thacker, Teresa E. 183 Tharpe. Carol L. 187, 344 Theta Chi 244 Thiem. Man 1 C. T. 300 Thien, James B. 300 Thieneman, Robert J. 300 Thio. Nirmayati C 178 Thomas, Barbara S. 324 Thomas. Carolvn L. 203, 344 Thomas, Jamie A. 367 Thomas. Janet L. 195. 246 Thomas, Janie M 344 Thomas. Jovce 300 Thomas, Justin J. 186. 324 Thomas. Michael 192 Thomas. Nancy J. 367 Thomas. Robert A. 367 Thomas, Sheila 324 Thomas. Stephen W 175, 300 Thomas. Terrie S. 180, 197, 344 Thomas, Terrv J. 344 Thomas. Trina J. 344 Thompson, Connie L. 367 Thompson, Frederick M. 324 Thompson, Dean Howard 154 Thompsn. Jeffrey A. 300 Thompson, Julie M. 191, 324 Thompson. Kathev M. 300 Thompson. Kimberly A 199. 344 Thompson. Lawrence VV. 145, 307 Thompson. Lisa 197. 205. 367 Thompson, Lynne M. 198. 300 Thompson, MicheaJ K. 237 Thompson, Patncia R. 214 Thompson, Ralph P 246 Thompson. Tammv L. 367 Thompson. Terence K. 93 Thornberrv, Deborah A. 367 Thornberrv. Dina L. 367 Thomburg, Cynthia L. 344 Thomsben-v, Tim R 344 Thorpe. David W. 324 Thorpe, Dianne R. 368 Thorpe, Jim 183. 324 Thorpe. Janie F. 368 Thrower. Cheryl A. 368 Thueneman. David W 184, 196 Tichenor, Woody 344 Tidwell. Mane-Teresa 248, 344 Tieman. Debra A. 2 Tiernev, Patrick K. 344 Tiller. Eddie L. 300 Tilley. Laura K. 324 Tillson. John D. 173 Tillson. Ricocasek 344 Timbrook. Beth F 368 Tingle, Tim 183, 194 Tingle, Timmy L. 368 Tinsley, Blaine 242 Tinsley, Morns B 344 Tipton. Ann K. 368 Tipton. Carolvn D 2U0, 203, 324 Tipton. Elsie F. 199. 344 Titus. Sharon E. 324 Tobergte, Daniel E. 300 Tobergte, Diane E. 199. 344 Toby, Johnnie M. 368 Todd, Jimmy 368 Todd. Lorene 300 Todd. Sharon K. 300 Toftness. Matt 300 ToIIe, Becky J. 368 Tomlinson. Elizabeth 197. 300 Toms. Emily C 176. 220, 368 Tone. C.P.T. Topper. Amv R. 220 Totten. Cheryle A. 300 Towery. Patti C. 368 Toules. Tim 301 Townslev, Teresa L. 324 Trabish, Pamela M 205. 206. 301 Trafton. Eileen K 344 Trap, John 232 Trees. Stacy L. 344 . Debn . 324 Trimble. Mark C. 301 Triplet!. Lisa A. 185 Tnplett. Jeanne 301 Trousdale. James T. 368 Troutman. Lisa L. 154. 301 Trowell. Clavburn M. 143, 171, 170, 230. 301 True. Gary D. 368 Truesdell. Jacqueline 188. 192. 344 Tseng, Ming Tak 344 Tsang. Yorkjone 301 Tucker. Cheri L. 190. 201, 301 Tucker. Douglas M 200. 204. 301 Tucker. Thomas P. 368 Tudor, Churck 228 Tudor. Martha A. 218. 240 Tudor. Michael D 368 Tuell. Barbara A. 324 Tuggle. Patricia A B 301 Tuggle Rose E. 194 Tullv. Kevin M 131 Turlev. Donna J. 301 Turlev, Elizabeth J 344 Turlev, Libbie 199 Turner, Edward E. 324 Turner, Frances B. 185 Turner, Kevin C. 368 Turner. Laurie A. 192 Turner, Lesley A. 324 Turner. Lorna C 194. 344 Turner, Melinda M. 197. 207, 301 Turner. Melodv G 249 Turner. Robert G. 325 Turner. Rosalind 344 Turner. Roy M. 189 Turner. Sandra K. 325 Turner. Sondra J. 208, 325 Turner, Sylvia M. 194. 201 Turner. Toni S. 325 Turner. Wanda F. 325 Turner. William C. 344 Turpin, Craig S. 344 Turpin, Donna L. 344 Turpin, Geneva K. 32-5 Turpin, Patricia 301 Tussev, Elizabeth L. 216, 301 Tussev. Perrv L. 368 Tye. Ann C. 368 Tvler, Sherrv L. 301 Tylock, Karen L 368 Tyree, James 322 -u— I ' lbncht. Anne M. 368 Underwood, Patty A 325 Underwood, Robert D. 246 Underwood. Ten E. 191. 301 Upchurch, S. Spivev 323 Updike. Donna M. 220 Uptagrafft. Ken 344 Uptagrafft. Re s ena 301 Usher Sandra L. .344 Usher. Susan L. 301 Uterreiner. Jane 368 Uther. Henrv H 345 liter. Joann 191. 301 Vail. Kimberly A. 59. 185. 199, Vail. Victoria L. 60. 197, 325 Valerius. Donna M. 325 Vallance. Egenia 301 Vallance. Keyin T. 180. 369 Vanarsdel. Deborah A 240, 321 Vanbuskirk. Lutjicia 325 Vance. Dayid B. 345 Vandertoll, Jay J. 301 Vanduyne, Ingnd M .58 Vanezie. Doris 325 Vanhook. Marsha J 345 Vanoyer. Alice F 345 Vanoyer. Vickie F. 301 Vanpelt. Tami L. 301 Vansant. Leon T. 196, 302 Vanwinkle. Donna G 368 Vasquez, Chns A 246 Vaughan, Elizabeth A 325 Vaughn. Roxann C- 368 Veach. Melyin Taylor 224 Venezie. Dons J, 218 Vescio, Michael A- 248 Vicars. Kimbelry M 218 Vicars. Pamela J, 218. 240 Vice, Valerie J. 345 Vickous, Linda G 300 Vincent. Anita G, 368 Vincent, Melanie D 345 Vincent. Melissa J 185. 368 Vinson, Janet L. 302 Vires. Mildred 368 Vogt. Patricia D 302 Voight. Martin 248 Vclkerding. John K. Jr. 302 Volpenhein. Sam A- 197, 302 — VV— Trent. Michael W. 344 Treon. Bruce E. .368 Treon. Bruce E. Trezler.Rick 187 Tnbble, Kimberly A 188, 205, 206 Waddle. Carla J, 210. 325 Wade. Paula K. 302 Wade, Sheri L. 170. 199. 345 Wade, Susan 368 Waford. Keith D 345 Wagers. Steven M. 93 Wagner. Kimberly M 183, 208. 325 Wagner. William A. 232 Wagus. Theresa 345 Walker. Amy S- 192. 194, 345 Walker. Deborah L. 302 Walker, Fredenck J 232. 325 Walker, Jack 189 Walker, Joetta L 302 Walker. Keith H 238 Walker. Lisa A. 345 Walker, Sharon J. 106. 107, 134 Walker. Shelly L, 325 Walker. Tern L. 302 Walker. Terry E. 191 Wall. Donna J. 181 Wall. Marcus V. 345 Wallace, Alan 240 Wallace, Keyin A 240 Wallace. Mary F, 302 Wallace. Sally 368 Wallace. Stacy E. 210, 368 Wallace. Susan R 368 Waller, Jennifer R. 345 Wallhausser. David F 206 Walters. Daniel V. 325 Walters, Denise K 345 Walters. Gregory A. 368 Walters, J Bryan :168 Wallers, Kenneth B. 302 Walton, Michael L. 325 Wank. Heidi B. 305 Ward. Belinda K 368. 175 Ward. Bonnie L. 181. 368 Ward. Donna S. 368 Ward, Downey 325 Ward, James A 130. 131 Ward. Kim M. 307 Ward, Lisa F. 345 Ward. Michael R 302 Ward. Mike A 183. 345 Ward, Paula 345 Ward, .Samuel M 226 Ward, Sondra L. 134 Warner. Libbv J, 208. 240. 302 Warner, Randall C. 188. 345 Warren. Carolyn J. 345 Warren, Genniver L. 345 Wai i 345 Warren, Mike 302 Wartinger. Debra J 201. 325 Washington. Augusta M 212. 302 Washington. Jennifer 345 Washko. Anna M, 94. 345 Waterbury. Kelly J. Waters. fracie R 368 Watkms. Bereda 345 Watkins. Donna K 345 Watkins. Sharon L. 302 Watson. Bruce 368 Watson. Carlton D, 345 Watson. Jen L 345 Watson. Kimberly K- 368 Watson. Maryann 345 Walters. Benjamin S, .345 Watts, Harry Jr. 368 Watts. Joe 246 Walls. Michael R 325 Watts. Shirley A 212 Weathers. Latanva D 213 Weathers, William A. 231 Weaver. Teresa M. 302 Webb. Jo Ann 368 Webb, Kathv A 368 Webb, Kimberly J 368 Webb, Michael L. 207. 228 Webb. Randv J. 178 Webb, Raymond L. Webber. David E. 178 Weber. Lvnn D. 178. 368 Weber, Robert J. 234 Webster, Allan Dr ' 200 W ' ebster. Charles A. Webster. Charles L 302 Webster. Kenneth G. 368 Wedemever. Cindy L. 325 Wegenast, Karen E. 151. 345 Wehrman. R Bam ' 197 Weidmger, Ken W 167, 190, 302 Weigel. Jeffrey A. 232 Weigel, Pamela S. 202. 232 Weihl. Lvnne M. 302 Weilage. Chena L. 325 Weist. Brenda A. 325 Welch. John A, 325 Welch. Lauren L. 197, 302 Welch, Mark K, 224 Welch. Melburn 302 Wells, Bettv L. 302 Wells, Dennis W .125 Wells, Donna R. 302 Wells. Dwavne 228. 345 Wells, Florence E, 192, 302 Wells. John L- Jr. 302 Wells. Linda G, 154. 303 Wells, Marv E. 197, 303 Wells, Richard H 191. 203, 303 Wells. Robert D. Jr. 246 Wells. Sharon R. 303 Wells Suzanne H 189, 214, 345 Wells, Thomas D. 345 Wentworth. Susan R 345 :el, Lisa C. 345 We Wesl, Khzabeth C. 345 West. Jean A 325 Wesl, Kathv 345 West. Stephen C. 131 Westbrook. Robert W. 345 Westermever. Mary S. 325 Westherford. Dianna 345 Westnck. Charles B. Wethington. Victoria 303 Whalen. Aileen 345 Whalen. Cynthia G 197. 325 Whalev, Anthony D. 228 Whalev, James H. 303 Wheeler. Alan H 325 Wheeler. Dale E. 325 Wheeler. Javne C. 202 Wheeler. Kathleen A. 173 Wheeler. Stephen C 198. 304 Whidbv. Mary S 304 Whigham, Marcia L. 197. 345 W T hipple. Virginia L 202 Whitaker, Douglas G. 189 White. Dave 238 White, David 228 304 White. David 199. 346 White. Diane R. 203 White. Dwavne 207. 210. 325. 242 White. Jeff A 94, 304 White. John 228 White. Mananne C. 346 White. Michael T. White. Missy 218 White. Nancy C. White. Nate 230 White. Nathan 230 White. Pamela 207 304 White. Thomas E. 93 White. Ursula 307 Whited. J R. 346 Whited. Richard B 346 Whitehead, Linda D JZ5 Whitehead. Phyllis L. 210 Whitehouse. Kathv J 187 Whitfield. Laura B. 197. 201. 304 Whins. Lucinda G. 346 Whitley, Kim D. 346 Whitson. Steven K. 125, 170, 200. 204. 346 Whitt, Debra I. 214 Whin. Marc C, 178. 325 Whittaker. Cheryl D. 167. 304 Whittaker. Don 228 Whittaker. Lvnn C 201. 216. 325 Whittaker. Tony 228 Wibbels. Scott 346 Wickelhaus. Ten L 304 Wicker. Greg L. 304 Widmann. Debbie 1 240 Wiedinger. Kenneth 196 Wieliczko. Mary A. 191 Wiener Rebecca J 205, 206, ,04 Wientzis, Marisa 346 W leschroff. Cathyanne Wigger. Dana K Wigger, Dannv 126 Wigger Helen L Wigger Ronald L 126 Wilaw, Howard 195 W.lber. Ann E 304 Wilbur. Ann 154 W ' ilcoxson. Linda G. 187, 346 Wilder. Donna J. 346 Wilder. Karen 346 Wilder. Paul A. 325 Wildman. Deborah L. 304 Wildndge. Jody L. 325 Wiley, Brent H 325 Wilhoit, James R 203 Wilhoite. Vickie L. 346 Wilkens. Mary 194 Wilkerson, Rhonda K 116. 304 Wilkerson. Ronnie H 93 Wilkerson, Scott 173, 146 Wilkins. Mary E. 210 Will. Suzanne V 203 346 Will. Tracy A 208 Willerov. Randv S 195 Willett, Belh f 325 Willev, Robin B 325 Williams. Beverly K 346 Williams . Brian O. 178. 346 Williams. Constance E. 304 , Crystal L 208. 240, 304 Willi., i 1.4 . Deborah L 304 Williams. Donna 151 Williams. Harold D. 154. 304 Williams. Jeffrey L. 178 Williams, Jennifer G. 304 Williams. Joel A 231 ms. Margaret 218 W Hit W lis Willis . Melinda L 346 . Michael 1,54 , Patricia C 346 Peggy A iist . Rav L. 226 Williams, Rickv L 304 Williams. Stacia E. 326 Williams. Tarzza R. 231 Williamson. John L. Jr. 346 Williamson, Louella 346 Willinghurst. Chen M 222 Willis 326 Willis. Monica 346 Willis. Nikki C. 218 Willis. Roderick 346 Willoughbv. Alberta G 194 Willoughbv. Mark T 89. 93. 193. 326 Wills, Melanie Y 200. 203. 204. 326 Wills. Paual J. 326 Wilmers. Teresa K. 346 Wilmoth. Jesse L. 195. 304 Wilshire, David A. 178 Wilson. Bill 242 Wilson, Danny C. 183 Wilson, Deana C. 182. 214 Wilson. Debbie A. 246 Wilson. Denise A. 192 Wilson. Derek J. 326 Wilson, Gwendolyn 326 Wilson. Kimbcrlv E. 346 Wilson. Kristin A. 370 Wilson. Una M. 370 Wilson. Linda 216 Wilson, Lisa L. 346 Wilson. Scott A. 175 Wilson, Sharon A. .304 Wilson Shelia 370 Wilson Shelia 346 Wilson. Shellede A 370 Wilson. Stuart 200 Wilson. Susan L. 370 Wilson. Tan J. 242. 346 Wilson, Tracy A 102 Wilt. Janet L. 346 Wilt. Judy L. 326 Wimberly, Winifred A 170, 202. 213. Wimsatt. James G 370 Wimsatt. Mary J. 370 Wimsatt, Traci A 208. 346 Windhorst. Carmen L. 182 Wingard. Yvonne D. 191. 346 Winkle. Nanette 346 Winkler. Margaret D. ..70 Winkler. Pete 228 Winters. Michael E 305 Wipple. Jenny 154 Wireman. David R Wireman. Doug 305 Wireman. Wilbur S. Wirmuth. Tina 120. 121. 123 Wirtlev. Jill E. 346 Wise. Cynthia A 370 Wise, Jerald A. 207. 226 Wise. Melinda S. 170. 190, 305 Wise, Sherry L. 370 Wiseman. Betty R 222, 326 Wiseman, Darryl A. 326 Wiseman. Gregory R. 131 Wilt, Gina R 346 Wilt. Sherr. ' Witlenbargei P Witzman, Linda A 305 Wiz li ' .na A. 326 Wizoi Denue I 171 Woehler. Michael A. 131 Wolf. James G. 186 Wolf. Kathleen - Wolfe. Connie 1. Iliia I. 210 Wolfe. Maria K Wolfe. Robin w 167 197 204 Wolfe Scotl I 106 Wolff. David R 370 Wolff, Thomas C 242 Wolfhobit. Vickie 326 Wollery.Edward v. |6 i 1 . ■■-! Vr.mfer L i Wood Lloyd r 370 Wood. Hober I . ■ Wood. Sarah M 26 Wood. Terry G. 370 Woodlee. Harr. K « Woodlee. Brian T. 346 Woodnng. Stephen A. 242. 305 Wnodnim, Mark E. 93 W,„Hs. Angelia M 126 Woods. Brenda L. 183. 346 Woods | n.i. h 244 174 Woods, Claudia L 21 Woods, Edwin R 346 Wo.xls. Frankie L 305 W,.,d,, Richard L. Woods. Rick 305 Woodward. Billy F Woodward. Robin L 198. 305. 167 Woollolk. James - Wool urn. Randy .305 Woolum, Tuck 93 Wooslev, Walters. 370 Wooton. Kathleen 326 Wortev. Peggy S 326 Wrav. Lisabetb L 220. 326 Wrav. Meredith A. 370 Wren Rebecca C. 326 Wren. William 370 Wrenn. Luther H. Jr. 307 Wright. Barry G. 305 Wnght. Brian K «r:ih ' I ' arr,] 126 Wright. Caroline -305 Wright. Charles G 305 Wright, Cynthia 346 Wright. Cvnthia 326 Wnght. Debora K. 102 Wright. Linda S. 346 Wrighr. Lvnda 326 Wrigru Mary A. .326 Wnght, Patricia L 212 Wright. Robin W 340 Wright. Ronald 305 Wright Suzanne L. 194. 305 Wrobleski, Jim M 370 Wuilleumier. R. 200 Wvatt. Becky A. 326 Wvatt. Cathv L. Wyhe, Mitchell L. 195. 326 Wvnck. Knsta L. 187 — Y— Yagodich. Josephine 346 Yancev. Glenna E .346 Yancey. Jill A. 2. 232 Sang. Minguen 326 Yang. Yie-Chan 307 Yater. Debra J. 370 Yates. Jon. L. 305 Yates, Lisa A. 192. 370 Yearv. Jacqueline 370 Yeast, Nicky R. 93 Yeaste. George E. 370 Yeazel, Mark T. 183. 192. 199. 305 Yeiser, Beverly 143 Yelton. Lora L. 192 Yeoman. Mike B. 238 Yoder Bret H. 125. 170. 193. 305 Yoklev. Mark G. 326 Yonce. Canneta K. 181. 370 York. Dan-ell K. 326 York. Jonathan D York. Karen D. 370 York. Teresa L. 305 York. Theresa R .346 Young. Allen F. 93 Young. Becky 222 Young. Cheryl L. 370 Youne Democrats 206 Young. Douglas W 173. 326 Young, Janice A. 370 Young, Leah A. 326 Young, Mark 204. 326 Young. Michael W. 305 Young. Moses m 370 Young. Owen A 246 Young. Steven 326 Young. Susan E 307 Y ' oungs, Becky 346 Y ' oung. Canneta 192 Young, Dana L. 346 Yount. Kathrvn 346 Young. Lee A. 206 — z— Zacholski. Richard D. 132. 200 Zappe, Dianna M. 370 Zench. Michele 240 Zeta Phi Beta 248 Ziarkowski. Thaddeus 184. 326 Ziebarth, Mark T. 194 Ziegler. Donna M. 370 Ziegler. Elizabeth J. 326 Zippay. Michelle L. Zirkelbach, David R. 326 Zirnheld. Gregory E 224 Zirnheld, Kimberly A. 370 Zoeller, Daniel J. 370 Zolla. Walter M. 370 Zottman, Tommy L. 248. 346 Zubeck. Andra L. 326 Zwicker, Barbara J. 346 Index 381 Editor ' s Note I ' ve been working with the Milestone for four years now, but this was my only year as editor. Not until this year did I fully appreciate the pressures that face the editor of a project this large. So I must first thank the three editors that preceded me: Allen Engle, Meg Hiles and especially Chris Elsberry, who brought a lot of creativity to last year ' s book, and taught me a lot about putting together a yearbook. These are thank you ' s long over due. As for the 1981 edition of the Milestone, it would not have been finished without my managing editor, Donna Bunch. Besides editing each layout and every word of copy in the book, she put together the 75th anniversary section. She also completed the better part of the Organizations sec- tion in a very short time, due to a mid-year change of editors. She did such a good job that I decided to marry her. Leslie Kunkle, Organiza- tions co-editor last year, came back to help finish the Greek section this year, even after she swore never to set foot in the office again. Karen House also worked on some Organizations pages with Donna and Leslie. In fact, Karen worked on some Sports pages, and some 75th anniver- sary pages, and some Student Life pages. In her spare time, Karen was the academics editor, and did a fine job of putting some life into a section I thought was doomed to be dreary. For finishing her own work, and helping finish everybody else ' s, Kay deserves thanks from the whole staff - but especially from me. Cheryl French was the only section editor who didn ' t need help from Karen. Though her section (Classes) was the first one due, Cheryl accepted the responsibility and did her job. Since the strength of any yearbook is in its photography, the photographic staff from Public Information should be commended. Brian Potts, Will Mansfield, Connie Langley and Eric Shindlebower con- tinued the Milestone ' s tradi- tion of excellence in student photography. I especially thank University Photographer Paul Lambert, the frustrated wit who oversees the student photographers, in addition to providing us with many of his own skillfully- taken photographs. Paul also went above and beyond his job description by helping out on the index section, arranging group pictures for Organiza- tions, and facing the bitching of many groups who were mis- scheduled by someone else. Paul ' s fiancee, Terri Slone, also pitched in and helped us a great deal right before (and, unfortunately, right after) deadline time. She wore out three typewriters typing copy for us, and spent her spring break working on the index. Also deserving of thanks are the Milestone ' s advisor, Larry Bailey, and Donald Feltner, Vice President of Public Af- fairs. Even though Eastern sustained a $2.3 million budget cut this year, the Milestone was still distributed free of charge this year. For that they don ' t deserve my thanks as much as they deserve yours. Thank you also to my other section editors: Donna Valerius, Student Life and Denise Larson, Sports. Thank you also to Missy White, for injecting a much needed dose of creativity into her Student Life layouts. Thank you ' s also go out to Delmar Publishing Company and all the people there who worked on our book, especially Ralph Van Dyke, Becky Alex- ander and Bill Stoess. And finally, thank you to the Eastern Kentucky University Student Body, and the whole EKU community for making this year worth covering in this book, and remembering forev er. SPECIFICATIONS The 1981 MILESTONE was prepared by the students of Eastern Kentucky University and printed by offset lithography by Delmar Printing Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. The paper stock is 80 pound Wesvaco Sterling Gloss Enamel with the special historical section printed on Hopper Skytone brown. The cover is a special design brown Cordoba with embossed design, gold foil top stamping, a black overtone rub, and a special Skiver grain. Body copy is 12 point Century Schoolbook with 2 points of leading. All cutlines are 8 point Century Schoolbook, and headlines are 36 point Century Schoolbook bold. The special historical section is printed in a mix of brown black ink. Cameras used to photograph activity pictures for both four-color and black and white included Nikon (35mm), and Hasselblad (2 ' 4 x 2 4). Focal length lenses used range from wide angle, 18mm, to telephoto 500mm. Senior and underclass portraits were photographed by Year- book Associates, Millers Falls, Mass. Press run was 7,500 copies. 384 I -51 SI iniinnnif|4j. ' ' tr ' 7 | ii. ■ ' lii -:■ ' m ■ ' « • ' - , 4teL Sfrtjfci f ■ • 9 1 1 !? mj .. flkIjP .4 fifcfcj T . V ; » W ?»j« t ! t % •■■■ ' 4K 1 1« •W -f$v ■ » ' ; ' r - 18 m ■ V IS :. mm a ■:■■:. ■ ■H HHHi I mm ; ■■- ■■■■ ' ■ ■■ " ■ ' ■■• HH «iliii Hl ■. ' :■ ' ■■■■•:■■■ ' ; l ■F

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