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( ■wi «TrrTr: i.j;i i iji..- iiir ii i i i il ' .TM r ia T KENTUCKIANA John Wilson Townsend Room RICHMOND EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY -KENTUCKY LD17U1 .. .EU63 U m -.- ' u io -- - — ; " - :? n SEVENTY SEVEN MILESTONE VOLUME 54 EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY " RICHMOND, KENTUCKY 40475 JOHN RICHARD MADRAS, EDITOR JANET LEIGH SMITH, MANAGING EDITOR - ' ■ : ' " XMS5 ;.- f ' M ' ' Bn h -.iiv? :::; f ii t 1 ■■r TT ' " • ■ ' V ' rt- " ' jooL r) sen d l- n l CONTENTS i FOREWORD 4 ' STUDENT LIFE 18 SPORTS 102 ACADEMICS 164 ' HONORS 224 ORGANIZATIONS 274 GREEKS 326 CLASS OF ' 77 , 376 UNDERCLASSES 436 INDEX « DIRECTORY 546 INMEMORIAM 588 EDITOR ' S NOTE 590 SPECIFICATIONS 592 t " .f- fi» m ij) 3 jPi The ye£ir was one of transition. Punctu- ated by the end of one era and the begin- ning of the next; it was a period in which new directions were sought and found. 4 Milestone Milestone 5 6 Milestone These were not radical changes of course that negated the foundations of history; but, rather, a new growth firmly rooted in the foundations so ably built in the past. Milestone 7 Nature preserves the past and insures the promise of the future. 8 Milestone Mflestone 9 10 Milestone Yet, there was a sense of newness to the year that prevailed in the campus life and spirit as the members of the University community set out together into this new age of Eastern ' s development. Milestone 11 " Every man who rises above the com- mon level has recevied two educations: the first from his teachers; the second, more personal and important, from him- self. " Edward Gibbon s " ' , • • U ' fi ' -ii ' - T-- ' m ' A " i ' PiV ' -ftitt- -t ' Vtirrrf 12 Milestone Milestone 13 14 Milestone ' ' The parameters of the Uni- versity ' s next era of advance- ment were defined as differ- ent than those of the past. The age of rapid growth behind the institution, the current chal- lenge became one of strength- ening and complementing the programs of the robust and dynamic university. » si - li U fe " Milestone 15 16 Milestone All human wisdom is summed up in two words — wait and hope. Alexandre Dumas Milestone 17 iK M 4 if }$ t w .0,9 m I v.Ni; ' " ,;!:. ..■ ' S; •MmI «k " " IN jji ' ijijr ' itx ss jt » v .i fv r «« ' %, W 0 t ■.P Tt0 » nm ' ft Moving In Takes Help From Everyone Armed with suitcases, plants, pillows and clothes. Eastern students headed to school in late August. With the aid of parents and friends, stu- dents moved once more into the dorm rooms that would become home for the next nine months. Overcrowded conditions prevailed once more this year and many students were greeted by two roommates instead of one. With each trip to the car, dorm rooms began to fill with the clutter that would soon make each room reflect the person- alities of the individuals that inhabited them. Within the next few days all dorms would fill with students as they prepared to begin another year. RIGHT: Moving in can be a long process if a friend or relative can ' t be drafted to help. BELOW: This coed finds that checking into the dorm includes filling out forms, receiving bed sheets, and door keys. BELOW RIGHT: A helpful set of parents always seem to make the last trip to the car come a bit quicker. 20 Student Life i - TOP LEFT: Having plants in your room usually means a few extra trips to the car. TOP RIGHT: With the unpacking almost completed, this Case Hall resident and her parents take time out for a quick snack. ABOVE: Amid discarded boxes, this coed is quick to let her friends know that she is back on campus. Student Life 21 TOP: Check points are set-up throughout Alumni Coliseum to make sure students fill out the right cards at the right time. ABOVE: This student knows that finding a comfortable place to fill out computer cards is essential if one is to survive registration. RIGHT: Students wait patiently in long lines only to be told that their class is closed. 22 Student Life Fall Registration . . . School Begins Once More After being back on campus for only a few days, most students headed toward Alumni Coli- seum to register for classes. To those who hadn ' t taken advantage of pre-registration in the spring, registration meant arranging class schedules, waiting in long lines, talking to advisors, and waiting in more long lines. As the hours crept by, freshmen wandered aimlessly while seniors mere- ly shook their heads in disbelief. As registration continued, classes began to fill and students soon found themselves rearranging schedules to ac- commodate a few unwanted 8 o ' clock classes. Eventually the battle ended and students began to wander back to campus to prepare for their new classes. TOP: Checking class cards with the schedule book is just one more of the never ending steps that accompanies fall registration for Bobbie Sam- mons. BELOW: With his daughters looking on, wildlife management major, Rick McClellan, checks his class cards with student worker David Reshaw. Student Life 23 Friends Add To Campus Living To see an old friend, to make a new one — that ' s what makes going to Eastern all worth- while. A friendly smile, a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on are all qualities that can be found if you take time out to look for them. The little arguments that add spice to our everyday existence are important but not nearly as impor- tant as the tender moments with friends that make us complete people. It ' s these moments that will always be remembered. ABOVE: Suntans and studying are usually top on the list when friends meet in the ravine. RIGHT: These two coeds find a comfortable spot near the Powell Building to catch up on their reading and letter writing. 24 Student Life TOP: The Lexington paper provides many interests for this couple as they relax in Walters ' lobby. LEFT: An informal introduction is all that ' s needed to secure a lasting friendship between this coed and canine friend. ABOVE: The heavy winter snows gave many students a good excuse for late night fun. Student Life 25 Campus Living Adds To College Life Dorms on campus provided students with liv- ing quarters as well as a place to make lasting friendships and amusing memories. Flooded bathrooms and noisy neighbors were as much a part of dorm life as the friendly faces and the shoulders that were always around to cry on when needed. For many students, the idea of a small cubical serving as living room, bedroom and kitchen seemed unbelievable, but as always, the dorm was the place that the majority of students turned to. RIGHT: Studying together for an exam often turns into a late night talk- ing session. BELOW: Although everyone knows it is prohibited, stu- dents cook many ot their meals in the comfort of their room. 26 Student Life 5 . ? , ,. i. ' in ' ABOVE: Because men ' s dorms don ' t have the added luxury of a sink in each room, the com- munal bathrooms are a place of many activi- ties. LEFT: This Clay Hall resident discovers the drudgery of studying can become a bit more bearable when some music is added. Student Life 27 Free Spirited Students Head Off Campus For Living Space Students living off campus enjoy the freedom of having pets, parties, a larger living area and a relaxed atmosphere that students living on campus do not. But along with this freedom the students must cope with such hassles as hav- ing the rent on time, utility bills and clean up days after the party the night before. Liv- ing off campus gives to many students their first taste of managing a household. Since the University has relaxed the policy of " must be age 21 to live off campus " due to over- crowded resident halls, more students are living off campus. Off campus living appeals to many students since they es- cape such rules as " no cooking in the rooms and weekly room checks. " RIGHT: Joey Steier and Betsy Jones enjoy the privacy of an apartment with only a room- mate ' s motorcycle as company. BELOW LEFT: Without the threat of a weekly room inspection, sophomore Jackie Hall doesn ' t worry about a clean bedroom floor. BELOW: Apartment living offers many luxuries but senior Paula Conn of Louisville finds that it also requires extra time for plant care. BOT- TOM: An impromptu party is always a good possibility when the space, music and friends are available. 28 Student Life » , J?4 TOP: Senior Billye Killman finds time to relax with her cat after a rough day of classes. LEFT: Drama major Lynda Drake prepares a midnight snack under the watchful eye of her Old English Sheepdog puppy. ABOVE: Although they aren ' t roommates. Southern Hills neighbors Mark Pusateri. Scott Chaney and Steve Foster enjoy visiting and discussing the happenings of the day. Student Life 29 Campus Religion Thrives For those students interested in participating in religious activities the Newman Center, Baptist Student Union and the Welsey Foundation provided their services to the campus community. The Newman Center serves the Catholic campus ministry and is directed by Father Ket- tler. The Center is in the pro- cess of constructing a new building which will be located on University Drive. Father Kettler expects to hold Mass in the new center by summer. The Baptist Student Union, directed by Dale Adkins, is a Christian organization spon- sored by the local Baptist churches. The BSU was in- volved in many projects this year which included a nine day spring break tour through Ken- tucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina, holding retreats and groups which traveled through the state on the weekend en- tertaining people with their music and puppet teams. Al- though the BSU holds no Sunday service they encourage members to participate in a local church service. Directed by Eugene Strange, the Welsey Foundation serves the Methodist Ministry on campus. The Foundation is in- volved in community action groups, educational programs, choir and a weekly fellowship hour. TOP MIDDLE: Father Kettler joins students at the ground breaking cere- monies for the proposed Newman Center. RIGHT: Sunday mornings after church provides a chance for students and residents of Richmond to exchange ideas. 30 Student Life TOP: The Muppets help to convey a message from this member of the Baptist Student Union. LEFT: Dale Adkins works with the BSU as they prepare for a choir tour. ABOVE: A dream becomes a recdity as the Newman Center on University Drive slowly takes shape. Student Life 31 Free University The Student Association developed a new con- cept in learning on EKU ' s campus during the 1976-77 school year. The concept — Free Univers- ity — offered to those interested, courses free of charge. The classes were taught by faculty mem- bers and students. Classes being offered ranged from macrame to Volkswagon repair to yoga. Guitar, disco dancing and auto mechanics were also popular with the student body. Free Uni- versity was a big success and the Student Association hopes to expand the program next year to include teachers from the community and other universities. RIGHT: This couple works on their first lesson in Ballroom Dancing. BELOW: These students watch intently as they receive their first instructions on a bridge class held in the Game Room of the Powell Building. BELOW RIGHT: Registration for Free University was held near the Grill; classes filled quickly and many students were put on waiting lists. S n«: 32 Student Life TOP: In the Magic Class Linda Stamper finds out that the hand is quicker than the eye as her instructor shows her a few card tricks. ABOVE: Working in Weaver Gym, the Ball- room Dancing class had plenty of room to demonstrate techniques and steps. Student Life 33 BELOW: Three coeds cool off by the fountain as the Student Association members advertise their upcoming Arts and Crafts Fair. RIGHT: Crafts- man Frank E. Hisel explains his technique to Keith Morrison, Junior Law Major. BOTTOM: Kim Freeman. Sophomore Wildlife Manage- ment major raps with artist Nathan Stone from Jackson County, Kentucky. 34 Student Life Student Association Sponsors Crafts Fair Fifty craftsmen from Kentucky, Ohio, and Ind- iana participated in the first Arts and Crafts Fair sponsored by the Student Association on Sept- ember 8. Among the crafts exhibited were paint- ings, jewerly, woodcrafts, macrame, pottery and leatherworks. The Fair was produced to raise money for the Scotia Memorial Scholarship Fund. Any students who has had a parent killed in a coal related accident is eligible for the $500 scholarship. TOP: One of the most popular tables at the Fair attracts attention from jewelry conscious coeds. ABOVE: The question seems to be " what will fill the canvas? " as student and craftsman coUaborate. Student Life 35 Sigma Chi Derby Begins Year Emphasizing social, aca- demic, and athletic achieve- ments, Greek organizations play an important part in the total campus community. The Sigma Chi Bicentennial Derby officially opened this year ' s Greek activities. Seven sorori- ties competed in the October 2 competition with the Kappa Alpha Theta ' s coming up as the winners. TOP: Members of the Alpha Delta Pi have a hard time keeping their hats on during the last few ex- citing moments of the " Burlap Bunny Hop " relay. ABOVE: The " Milk My Baby " contest proves to be a messy job at times. 36 Student Life TOP LEFT: As the Sigma Chi Derby comes to a close, two coaches receive a wet surprise. ABOVE: Alpha Gam Dora Satterly finds that running in the " Slippery Hold Chase " relay is bad enough without having the extra weight of the innertubes to contend with. LEFT: Phi Mu members show some of the spirit that help- ed them win last year ' s Derby. Student Life 37 ■{•fc? IX BELOW: A quick wit and a sense of humor aids Bobbie Wren as she participates in the checker competition. RIGHT: A good arm is needed to successfully compete in this " tire " competition. BOTTOM: Searching for a needle in a haystack can prove to be rather difficult. 38 Student Life .rfi V ' -- Competition Keen At Sffi County Fair A camival-like atmosphere helped Greek or- ganizations overcome a cold rainy Friday after- noon as they participated in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon County Fair. The fair gave campus fra- ternities and sororities a chance to get together for some friendly competition. Games such as the egg toss and blind man ' s football provided hours of entertainment that lasted until dark. Competition was fierce and by the end of the fair several tie breakers had to be held. Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Delta sororities tied for first place. The Pi Phi ' s were declared the winners after the tie breaker was held. A three way tie among the Sigma Chi, Beta Theta Pi, and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternities existed until the Beta ' s won the tie breaking relay. TOP: Almost everyone ended up in the Kappa Alpha Theta jail at one time or another, during the fair. LEFT: Andrea Steeley makes a long stretch as she tries her hand in the horseshoe competition. Student Life 39 TOP RIGHT: An African fashion show was among one of the highlights of Delta Week. TOP LEFT: Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sponsored the Miss Ebony pageant in January. ABOVE: Alpha Kappa Alpha pledges step during activities in Brock. RIGHT: Congresswoman Shirley Chishonae praised the work of Jimmy Carter when she spoke at EKU in February. 40 Student Life Black Organizations Excel In Activities Through the year interested students were able to turn to several black-oriented organizations for group activities. The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sponsored the Miss Ebony Pageant and the Barbara Hunter Scholarship. The Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta sponsored the annual Delta Week in February which was highlighted by the Mr. Esquire Pageant. The " Adopt a House Pro- gram " and " Operation Canned Goods " were projects sponsored by Kappa Alpha Psi fra- ternity. The brothers of Omega Psi Phi spon- sored a Sickle Cell Anemia Blood test this fall as well as a memorial service for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A non-Greek organization, the Black Student Union, sponsored a Black Arts Festival Week in February. LEFT: This coed entertains the audience during the talent section of the Miss Ebony Pageant. BELOW: The African Fashion Show appealed to many black students. Student Life 41 TOP: Not every class has the potential to hold a student ' s interest. TOP RIGHT: Community health majors were able to use their classroom knowledge when they sponsored a Health Fair in February. ABOVE: Performing Arts major Steve Connley works on a false moustache for a stage make-up class as freshman Tim King volunteers his face for the project. RIGHT: A helping hand or informative instruc- tion doesn ' t always come from the class instructor. 42 Student Life " ' - p ■:x;: MH V V m - B f ™ . m s==- Learning Is A Process That Never Ceases People come to college to get educated but not all education is found in a classroom. Many departments offer outside activities that provide informal instruction as well as a chance to utilize classroom knowledge. To those interested in ex- panding their knowledge in other directions many non-academic courses allow students the oppor- tunity to work on special interests. College is filled with the usual classes in which students sit at desks and take notes from a lecturing teacher. The occasional class in which there is more activity than a scratching pen or turning page is a breath of fresh air for the college student. ABOVE: The Music Department offers many outside activities to interested students such as the Bell Choir. LEFT: Not all classes are strickly of an educational nature. Student Life 43 V TOP LEFT: Music major Karen Newm an finds the music of the Con- cert Choir quite soothing as she catches a quick nap before performing with the University Singers in the spring concert. TOP: The warmth of the sun draws this student into the outdoors for a brief nap. ABOVE: Late night phone calls always add some flavor to an otherwise dull evening. RIGHT: This student takes a few moments to investigate the goldfish in the ravine pond. 44 Student Life IP A Moment Of Solitude Among All The Rush College life is filled with peo- ple and classes and never end- ing crowds. Friendly faces and familiar happenings are all around. Occasionally a mo- ment of solitude is necessary for a person to gather his thoughts and collect the ideas whirling in his head. The rush- ing stream of humanity is everywhere but sometimes a person needs to fight the cur- rent and find a place to be by himself. TOP: A silent companion watches over this coed as she reviews for a test. LEFT: From his perch near the Powell Building, this stu- dent wears a look of concentration as he studies the people by the fountain. Student Life 45 Cool Weather Brings Burst of Fall Color With the arrival of fall came a kaleidoscope of colors which blanketed the campus, transposing it into a magnificent array of deep reds, rusty browns, and sunburst yellows. The aroma and sound of fallen leaves was everywhere. It seemed to provide the perfect atmosphere for bustling fall activities, and at times seemed so beautiful that everyone took that little extra moment to gaze at the awesome splendor of nature. But just as time passes, so must the captivat- ing grandeur of autumn. The days grew colder and the trees became bleak skeletons as the last dry leaves fell to the ground. As the momentary distraction ended, students headed inside once more to concentrate on their studies. RIGHT: Although the rainbow colors of fall are often a beautiful distrac- tion, many people head to the outdoors to study. BELOW: A solitary leaf droops from a bare branch as the cold weather sets in. 46 Student Life LEFT: Beckham Hall provides a stark back- ground as campus trees begin their slow autumn change. BOTTOM LEFT: As the brilliant colors of autumn begin to appear, happiness knows no age barriers. BELOW: A graceful cluster of gold and red leaves sway in the cool fall breeze. Student Life 47 TOP LEFT: Kalicdoscope-like colors help set the mood as singer Hamish Stuart performs. TOP: Throughout the concert, vocal and instru- mental efforts blended together to produce an outstanding evening of entertainment. ABOVE: AWB members often brought the audience to its feet with their music. 48 Student Life Average White JSand ' ' pick up the pieces " Average White Band brought real meaning to " Pick up the Pieces " when they entertained Eastern students in October. When AWB opened their portion of the show with " Per- son to Person, " the crowd came to life. Dispite the usual accoustical problems of Alumni Coliseum AWB managed to bring the audience to its feet and keep them there throughout the con- cert. Saxophone solos by Mollie Duncan and Roger Ball accent- ed every song AWB performed. During the evening other band members were featured as solo performers which kept the audience hopping. After the concert, lead singer Hamish Stuart explained the reason for choosing the name of the group. He explained, " It comes from an old sayin ' the British used when they had India. When it was hot and the officers were sittin ' around drinkin ' rum, they ' d say ' It ' s too hot for the average white man. ' We just changed it to AWB. " LEFT: Saxophone players Mollie Duncan and Roger Ball work together to the delight of the audience. ABOVE: Con- centration shows on the face of the drummer as he contri- butes to the unique sound of the Average White Band. Student Life 49 Seals And Croft Captivate Audience Playing to an audience of 4500, Seals and Croft made their second appearence on Eastern ' s campus during mid-November. Starbuck, a seven piece band ap- pearing with Seals and Croft, opened the night with a fifty minute set that included their current hit " Moon- light. " Starbuck received a standing ovation which set the mood for Seals and Croft ' s appearance. " A Summer Breeze " wafted through Alumni Coliseum as Seals and Croft took over the stage. The two performers wasted no time in capturing the audience with such songs as . . . " We May Never Pass This Way Again, " " Humming Bird " and " Diamond Girl. " Despite the muddled accoustics Seals and Croft received a standing ovation and performed an encore to an appreciative audience. 50 Student Life Student Life 51 Mime And Music! During the first week in November the Univer- sity Center Board brought mimeist Keith Berger to campus. After being carried through the audi- torium he was sat on stage and began his per- formance of " Mechanical Man. " " The Night- mare " and " Inside My Mind " were among the scenes he performed to a spellbound audience. The silence was broken when the Preservation Hall Jazz Band came to Eastern in January. Their down -home New Orleans jazz brought clapping and footstomping from the audience. As the group closed their performance with " When the Saints Come Marching In ' , ' the crowd began dancing in the aisles as well as on stage. ABOVE: Wetiring basic black and whiteface make-up, Keith Berger per- forms many scenes. RIGHT: Controlled body movement enables Keith Berger to perform in a variety of positions. 52 student Life LEFT: Instrumental solos from the band members gave a great deal of variety to the band ' s performance. BELOW: When band members walked through Brock, audience mem- bers jumped to their feet in response. BOTTOM: This trombonist concentrates on his instrument as he adds to the jazzy sound of the music. Student Life 53 54 Student Life Buffett Plays To Capacity Crowd Dedicated fans began lining up at the doors of Brock Audi- torium at 5:30. Technical dif- ficulties prevented the doors from opening until 7:00 and by then Jimmy Buffett fans were worked up and ready to party. When the concert began a sold- out crowd watched and listen- ed to the tanned, blond per- former from Florida. Songs like " Changes in Latitudes, Chang- es in Attitudes, " " This Hotel Room " and " Living and Dying in 3 4 Time " characterized the unusual quality of Buffett ' s lyrical music. Buffett was in full control of the crowded auditorium, as students swayed and clapped to his songs. Student Life 55 BELOW: Caught with the farmer ' s wife, the Parson, John Hayward, pre- tends to be the devil so he can escape from their home. RIGHT: The ass and the cock, Chris Wigginton and Richard Bitsko, were two of " The Bremen Town Musicians " who used their animal voices to scare away two robbers from their den. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ducky Daddies, Terry Jett, asks Henny Penny and Cocky Locky, Chrissy Denzinger and John Hayward, if he can join the group of fowl on their way to tell the king of the falling sky. ' Story Theatre ' Brings Folk And Fables Together Delightful fairy tale charac- ters seemed to come alive and step out of the story book as " Story Theatre " opened the 1976-77 theatre season. Using the childhood tales of the Grimm Brothers and age old Aesop Fables, " Story Theatre " presented to its audience a type of performance rarely seen at Eastern. Wearing basic costumes of leotards and tights, the troupe of thirteen actors and actresses used suggestive costume pieces to bring their characters to life. A yellow baseball cap turned an actress into a pesky crow as easily as a striped vest and top hat transformed an actor into a crafty fox. Although several of the ten stories seemed to be simple re- creations of childhood favor- ites, all of the tales seemed to produce a moral in the end. The delightful story of " Hen- ny Penny " , the hen who thought the sky was falling, showed the audiences the con- sequences of " not looking be- fore you leap. " A greedy woman found out too late that wealth and hap- piness are not necessarily the same thing in " The Fisherman and His Wife. " The lyrics of Bob Dylan and George Harrison added a mod- em twist to the stories. Four unseen musicians performed well known songs such as " Here Comes the Sun " and " Dear Landlord. " 56 Student Life LEFT: In " The Robber Bridegroom " . Laurie Hof portrays a maiden who exposes her fiance as a murderer. BELOW: " The Fisherman and His Wife " , Richard Bitsko and Deborah Han- non. exclaim in wonder of the things the flounder has given them. Student Life 57 RIGHT: Willv Loman (Larry Pergrara) tells Biff (Bill Ho- linde) of the great plans he has in store for his son. BOTTOM: While Willy was on the road sell- ing his wares, his attentions were often turned to the Woman (Ce- cilia Bailey). BOTTOM RIGHT: When Willy is fired from his job, he takes out his frustrations on Linda (Leslie Stokes). 58 Student Life " Salesman " Brings Sterling Performances To Gifford A popular American tragedy was presented by the University Theatre department in November. Authur Miller ' s " Death of a Salesman " was well received by the campus community and played to standing room only houses during its run. Centered around the dreams and failures of salesman Willy Loman, the play brought to the audience the struggles of a man caught up and confused about himself and his life. " Salesman " moved in a puzzle-like fashion until the last few moments of the play. At that point Willy ' s suicide plans are realized and the play comes to a disturbing halt. Many outstanding performances were seen during " Salesman " including the portrayal of Willy and his wife Linda by veteran actor Larry Pergram and Freshman Leslie Stokes. TOP: Willy is plagued by problems while traveling so he returns to the comfort of his home and wife. ABOVE: " I want you boys to be well liked, " Willy tells Biff and Happy (Dan Haughey.) Student Life 59 City Life And Unemployment — " Second Avenue " Style A satirical comedy introduced January the- atre-goers to a different side of author Neil Simon. " The Prisoner of Second Avenue " exploit- ed the difficulties of New York City life and the horrors of unexpected unemployment. " Prisoner " centered around the life of advertis- ing executive Mel Edison. The audience was in- troduced to him while he is being kept up by the noisy neighbors next door. At this point his life goes from bad to worse. His apartment is robbed, he looses his job, his wife looses her job and his upstairs neighbors have a nasty habit of dumping water on him while he ' s on the terrace. He eventually has a mental breakdown and his wife and family encourage him to seek profession- al help but the play ends with the audience won- dering if it is perhaps too late. TOP: City life and unexpected unemployment play havoc with the life of Mel Edison (John Hayward.) ABOVE: After Mel is drenched with water from the upstairs neighbor ' s terrace, he plans to bury him with snow during the next blizzard. RIGHT: Harry (Terry Withers) discusses the family problem of Mel ' s breakdown with Pearl (Deb Gay), Pauline (Deborah Hannon), and Jessie (Rhonda Shelton.) 60 Student Life LEFT: When Edna (Ceil Fitzpatrick) comes home from work to prepare lunch for Mel, he tells her that " ... the only ones here who get lunches cooked for them everyday is me and the six-year-old girl on the fourth floor. " BELOW: After months of unemployment and being cooped up in the apartment, Mel is just about to reach the end of his sanity. Student Life 61 Reader ' s Theater Brings A Different Drummer In the March production of " The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail " , the life of a man who " . . . heard the beat of a different drum " was created so that a modern day audience could ap- preciate this 19th century renegade. Done in Reader ' s Theatre style, this production showed the simple yet complicated life of Henry David Thoreau. Broadcasting major Chris Wiggington portrayed the philosophical hero who disagreed with almost everyone he came in contact with. With a bit of history in mind, the play showed the resemblance between Thoreau and his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson. Played by Performing Arts major Dan Haughy, Emerson appeared as a digni- fied man who made his points with words rather than action. RIGHT: Henrv David Thoreau (Chris Wiggington) sends a message to God for fellow cell mate Bailey (Jeff Baker). BELOW: John (Bill HoUinde) listens intently to Henry ' s ideas for a new school. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dea- con Ball (Brian Chic) matches wits with Ralph Waldo Emerson (Dan Haughey) after a Sunday church service. 62 Student Life TOP LEFT: Henry takes Ellen (Chrissy Denzinger) on a boat ride while trying to tell her of his love. TOP RIGHT: Lydian Emerson (Susan Franks) tells Henry he should find the right woman and settle down. LEFT: Henry advises Henry Williams (William Paris), a runaway slave, to escape as far north as he can travel. ABOVE: Sam (Lowell Massey) is accused of supporting the government and being caught up in its bureaucracy. V7. ' - -- Student Life 63 Homecoming Builds Spirit Students working long hours on floats in cold warehouses and garages, the Marching Maroons practicing in prepara- tion for the halftime show, and organizations and Resident Halls campaigning for their Queen candidates . . . these are but a few of the pre-Homecom- ing activities that students par- ticipated in. Homecoming Week created an air of expecta- tions and excitment as stu- dents decorated their dorms with the theme " Love Is . . . " The week climaxed with a dance in the Keene Johnson Ballroom with Green Lyte Sun- day as entertainment. RIGHT: After fifty organizations nominated candidates, the student body voted on the fifteen finalists. BELOW: Where last minute deadlines are concerned, every free hand is put to work. If , i ' M, A - 5s w ;p ABOVE LEFT: Homecoming Queen candidate Sherry Sullivan and her escort enjoy the music provided at the Homecoming Dance. ABOVE: A great deal of enthusiasm was shown throughout the float construction sessions. LEFT: Most dorms participated in the decorating contests which resulted in a colorful campus. Student Life 65 TOP: After it became obvious that the rain wasn ' t going to stop, most students decided to forget the weather and just worry about having a good time. TOP RIGHT: This coed ' s thoughtful reflection does a good job of summing up Homecoming activities. RIGHT: After weeks of work, a light drizzle kept most spec- tators from seeing the end results of the float competition. 66 Student Life A Wet Homecoming Despite the pouring rain that dampened a few spirits, Homecoming 1976 continued as in past tradition. Homecoming Day dawned and brought showers of rain upon the crowds. The parade, featuring the Homecoming theme " Love Is . . . " was held in good spirits despite the poor weather. The Baptist Student Union won first prize for their float entitled " Eastern Making Murray Go-Round. " Walters and Commonwealth Hall won first prize for originality for their float entitled " Love is the Big E-Racer. " The rain ceased for the coronation of Homecoming Queen Amy Luyster, a 19 year old business major from Versailles. Rain did not dampen the effectiveness of the Colonels as they captured a victory over Murray State with a field goal in the remaining seconds of the game. The week ended with a con- cert featuring Bacon, Potter smd Gilbrath. LEFT: As if preplanned, the all day rain stopped long enough to see Amy Luyster crowned as Homecoming Queen. BELOW: Dispite a strong running attack a last minute field goal provided a victory for the Colonels as they pulled out of a tight game with the Murray Racers. r-- Student Life 67 ' r J s . ii J l f gr ' ■ ' .. — . ■r --,,-,v,..--- ■■ :,- -.T.---r, fc ■k-i p ' NH Luyster Named As Queen Miss Amy Luyster was chosen to reign as Homecoming Queen during the 1976 Homecoming festivities. A sophomore from Versailles, Ken- tucky, Amy is an Office Administra- tion major with a minor in Execu- tive Secretary. Amy is a Resident Assistant in Case Hall and a spring pledge of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. She is also a Timette for Eastern ' s swim team and a member of the Case Hall House Council. Swimming, reading, and traveling are just a few of Amy ' s hobbies. Student Life t;9 First Runner Up: Debbie Thomas .!:. ' ' Jtv; Sponsored by Commonwealth Hall, Debbie Thomas is a twenty year old Sophomore from Shepherdsville. Majoring in Elementary Education, Debbie enjoys sewing and bike riding. She is a member of the Student Sen- ate as well as being a Pike Calendar Girl and Sigma Nu Little Sis. 70 .Student Life 9% Second Runner Up: Sherri Sullivan Hailing from Owensboro, Sherri is a Senior Law Enforcement major minorins in Corrections. She was sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha Fra- ternity and is the Pike Dreamgirl and a member of the Chi Omega Sorority. She enjoys dancing and skiing. . ' ■■ ' - ' ' ' ' ' RIGHT: Zoe Roberts, a sophomore Medical Technology major enjoys collecting spoons and stamps, and horseback riding. Hailing from Pikeville, Zoe was sponsored by Sidney Clay Hall. BELOW: Bridgett Bishop was sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha and Delta Omicron music honoraries. She is a junior music major who enjoys dancing and swim- ming. Bridgett was elected the Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart this vear. 72 Student Life S ' f?-. ,i; i l. . ABOVE: Sponsored by the Sigma Nu fraternity. Donna Graft enjoys water skiing and traveling. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and is a fashion merchandising major from Louis- ville. LEFT: Senior Lisa Parker is from Paris. She is a Child Care major. Her hobbies include weight lifting, track and dancing. The Black Stu- dent Union was her sponsor. Student Life 73 RIGHT: Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Sherry Robertson is a Physical Education and School Health major. She is a member of the gymnastics and cheerleading squads as well as a TKE Little Sister. BE- LOW: Junior Sharon Schutz was sponsored by Kappa Alpha fraternity. Originally from Linwood, New Jersey, Sharon is a Medical Records and Administration major. She en- joys ice skating and water and snow skiing. 74 Student Life ABOVE: Anna Allen is a Sen- ior History major. She came to Eastern after graduating Mag- na Cum Laude from Midway College. She enjoys photogra- phy and horseback riding. Col- legiate Pentacle was her spon- sor. LEFT: An Elementary Education major, Kim Cundiff enjoys softball and is a member of the Bowling Club. Sponsored by Kappa Delta Tau, Kim is a native of Louisville. Student Life 75 RIGHT: Kim Lathum is a Richmond native majoring in broadcasting. Kim is a member of Phi Mu Sorority and is on the Eastern cheerleading squad as well as cheerleading sponsor at Kit Carson Elementary School. Kim was sponsored by her sorority. BELOW: A Nursing major, Carla McFarland is a sophomore from Ft. Thomas. She enjoys horseback riding and camping. Carla was sponsored by the Palmer Hall House Council. 76 Student Life ABOVE: Freshman Diane Fisher is a native of Lexington. Sponsored by Combs Hall, Diane is a drama and broadcasting major. She enjoys singing and modern dance as well as writing poetry and short stories. LEFT: Keene Hall was freshman Wanda Barnett ' s sponsor. She is a music major and a member of Eastern ' s string quartet and orchestra. Be- sides music, Wanda enjoys biking and model- ing. Student Life 77 TOP RIGHT: Queen Athena candidates included: Front Row: Susan Riddle, Sharon Bullock, Lisa Monarch, Debbie Darling. Back Row: Judy Kaufman, Vickie Renner, Theresa Amdts, Debbie Evans, Bemadette Mclntire, Melody Kelley. TOP LEFT: Queen Athena candidate Melody Kelley listens intently as Cpt. Joseph Cercone entertains her with a story. ABOVE: Col. Phillips congratulates Melody Kelley after she receives her crown and robe. RIGHT: Eighteen year old Melody Kelley is named queen Athena after the votes tire counted. 78 Student Life MUitary Ball The 39th Annual Military Ball was held in late February. It was attended by close to 400 people. The theme of the ball was " Two hundred Years of Leader- ship. " Dr. Robert R. Martin was the guest speaker. During the evening Queen Athena and her court was chosen. Freshman Melody Kelley was named Queen Athena. A Nursing major from Radcliffe, Melody was spon- sored by the Pershing Rifles. ABOVE LEFT: This couple takes advantage of the dance floor as the night wears on. ABOVE: Gene Strange emphasizes a point as he talks with Col. Phillips and visiting cadre from another school. LEFT: The punch bowl became a busy place as the couples danced through the evening. Student Life 79 BELOW: Cafeteria worker Kathleen Reynolds prepares steaks for one of the niany luncheon ban- quets which take place i. the Powell Building. RIGHT: The g P- d- ?,P!r " oM-Ct Suter meet with friends while catching a quick lunch before afternoon classes, BOTTOM. Mark buter takes an hour or two to work on some tricky shots m the game room. 80 Student Life Powell Building Is Center For Many Campus Activities The heart of the University was the Powell Building. Situated in the center of campus, the building provides a refuge from the snow, rain and heat waves that plague many students as they trek to classes. The building houses many services essential to the campus community. The 800 seat Grill, the 1000 seat cafeteria, bowling alley, game room and assorted lounges provide something for everyone. BELOW LEFT: The comfortable chairs in the main study area often turns a moment of study into a moment of sleep. BELOW: The between class rush during the morning hours often force students to stand in long lines. II " .»t| Student Life 81 TOP: The candy shelf provides some tasty mid-day snacks for many students. ABOVE: Big decisions are made when sports enthusiasts head toward the equip- ment corner. RIGHT: History major Skip Sikes of Lex- ington browses through one of the many specialty books the bookstore offers. 82 Student Life Student Supplies Available Through Campus Store With the disappearance of one bookstore in town, students were left with no choice but East- em ' s own University Store to fill their class needs. The store was constantly stocked with books, paper, and cards to meet the demands of its customers. Friendly assistants were usually available during the beginning of the semester book buying rush, and were always on hand when help was needed. However, the bookstore wasn ' t just a store- house for academic supplies. The record and candy sections offered pleasant diversions for university students. ABOVE LEFT: The cubes by the bookstore entrance produce an interest- ing design when students stuff their belongings in them. ABOVE: After the big rush is over, student workers put in long hours sorting and count- ing the remaining books. LEFT: Diane Phillips chooses a few notebooks which will add to her mounting lists. Student Life 83 SJ JF " - - Security Guards A Part Of Campus Life Security guards were an ever present factor of campus life. Whether sitting in the ravine, giving out tickets or directing traffic, security was constantly around mingling with students. Through the year many stu- dents worked for the Security Department to gain experience and education in the field of Law Enforcement. ABOVE: Taking time out to relax, this security officer reflects on a past event with a student. RIGHT: Registration means long hours for many security officers who help keep an eye on the cash registers. : i ? , ■? ri■J%-; 84 Student Life TOP: Show and tell time — this student shows proof that her books were .paid for as she leaves the campus bookstore. LEFT: Reading anywhere — anytime, this security guard reflects an attitude many teachers wish their students had. RIGHT: Insuring the safety of students from Model School is a nice break from regular activities. Student Life 85 Early Snows Set Christmas Mood EKU students celebrated pre-Christmas with the traditional performance of Handel ' s " Mes- siah " and the 47th annual Hanging of the Greens. Students revealed their Holiday spirit through brightly decorated trees, colored lights strung in dorm windows and doors covered with tinsel, foil and Christmas cards. This spirit was complemented with a few snow flurries that were a brief prelude to the upcoming bitter cold of January. ABOVE: Many Sorority members participated in the decoration of Wal- nut Hall at the annual ' HanginK of the Greens. ABOVE RIGHT: Mc- Gregor Hall residents found innovative places to hang Santa and their garland as they decorated for the Holidays. RIGHT: Traditional ever- greens laden with snow depict the beauty of Eastern in December. 86 Student Life TOP: Santa Claus could often be found amid the tinsel and lights of the trees on campus. TOP RIGHT: As students watched, the Holiday Season was heralded in with royal spirit at the annual Hanging of the Greens. ABOVE: Clad in white robes, students hung the traditional garland in Walnut Hall. Student Life 87 ' " Richmond — 10 ° — Anchorage 38 ° Temperature Heavy snows combined with the bitter cold of January cre- ated a mild disaster in the Richmond area as well as throughout the state in 1977. With the streets and side- walks iced over and sub-zero temperatures, students and faculty braved the elements as they plowed their way to classes. Spring registration was ex- tended two days due to the hazardous interstates that pre- vented students from arriving on schedule. Temperatures dropped as low as 12 degrees below zero and businesses c urtailed hours due to the natural gas crunch. The campus, heated by coal, was more fortunate than the towns people who relied heavily on natural gas and electricity for home heat. Maintenance reported that the campus burn- ed 3500 to 4000 tons of coal in the month of January alone. Maintenance who kept the furnace burning on those bit- ter cold nights deserves a spe- cial thanks for the long hours they worked in January. Work- ers chipped daily at the icy sidewalks, spreading cinders, sand and de-icer only to find a fresh snowfall the following day. Security also worked long hours during the duration re- moving stalled cars and filling out accident forms. Security Specialist John Goolsby said that 32 accidents were reported on campus in the month of Jan- uary. Goolsby said most of the accidents were " fender bend- ers " and due to careless driving on the ice and snow. The Infirmary reported that in January 1977 their patient census was no higher than in previous Januarys. The Health Service said that in the first two weeks of snow no accidents were reported but due to stu- dents becoming accustomed to the icy conditions a few bruis- es, broken bones and sprains were reported later in the month. Cars stalled and refused to operate during the coldest days and tow trucks were abundant on campus. The cold confined many students indoors but a few brave souls battled the elements to construct imagin- ative and sometimes elaborate snow people. 88 Student Life dropped and it . . Cabin fever was relived when February brought tempera- tures in the fifties. Students dug out jogging attire and bi- cycles in efforts to trim the body of excess tissue. Winter of ' 77 was a pain, to say the least, but as one stu- dent from Minnesota put it — " You haven ' t seen winter until you ' ve stepped outside and been frostbit within 60 sec- onds. " ABOVE: Heavy snows provided students more than ample material for intricate snow statues. TOP RIGHT: The thermometer reads 12 degrees which was an average tem- perature during most of January. CENTER: Signs pleading for cooperation were seen throughout campus from the Powell Building to lockers and shower rooms. CENTER RIGHT: Attending classes became a daily struggle that most students hated to face. RIGHT: High stockpiles of coal enabled the campus to continue functioning long after other establishments had closed their doors. 89 ' ' . . ' , y c: I I " ' fcr- a ' H eS( - ) ' n I le ■y Au -fe ' i: I : f L ■ -7 " .- C 7nhi,i4i,-, J BELOW: Trying to keep pathways cleared proved to be a losing battle for maintenance workers. RIGHT: Amid all the slush and dirty snow, an occasional glimpse of beauty was to be found. BOTTOM: Slick paths through the ravine attracted many fun loving students. snowed and snowed! 90 ■ " ' ' mi 9k. . r.vi. ' ah ' TOP: A sturdy pair of jumper cables were an invaluable aid for stubborn cars stalled on campus. LEFT: No one on campus was exempt from the heavy snowfalls on campus. ABOVE: Moving back into the dorms be- came a messy chore as the blizzards began. Student Life 91 Free Time Draws Students Outside College life is crammed with classes and studying, so free time is always at a premium. Many students use their free time to catch up on sleep or pursue a long lost hobby. Frequently leisure time is spent with another student who " happens to have a min- ute " to spare. There is, how- ever, one time that most stu- dents manage to keep free and spend together. The time and place? Thursday night in downtown Richmond! ABOVE: After studying into the late hours of the night, students often manage to catch up on their sleep between classes at any place that seems to be handy. RIGHT: The Powell Building fountain is usually too big of a play- ground for students to resist. 92 Student Life LEFT: The fowl at the Law Enforcement Complex often reap the benefits when students visit them during free moments. BOTTOM: This coed finds the ravine an irresistable place to catch up on her sewing. BELOW: Free time is often spent on last minute studying or leisure reading. Student Life 93 Downtown Is The Place To Be On Thursday Night Drinking, dancing and having fun is what Thursday nights add up too. Since most EKU students leave on Friday to head home for the weekend, Thursday nights have become the traditional night to party. After a week of classes many students are ready to relax and wind down. Several downtown bars cater to student in- terests. Although it has changed names several times, the Family Dog remains a favorite among the 18 to 21 year crowd. The Bear and the Bull and J. Sutter ' s Mill are also favorite spots that offer students a chance to party and socialize. RIGHT: The Family Dog attracts many students since it is one of the few bars that allows 18 year olds. BELOW: Pinball machines at the " Dog " provide players with a chance to test their skills during the course of an evening. BELOW RIGHT: Although the Bear and the Bull may be smaller than the other bars in Richmond, it still is a favorite night place for students. BOTTOM: The restaurant in J. Sutter ' s Mill is enjoyed by students as well as the bar and disco floor. 94 Student Life TOP: As an evening wears on, the dance floor at Sutter ' s becomes in- creasingly crowded. LEFT: A disc jockey in the booth at Sutter ' s in- sures a steady flow of dancing music. ABOVE: A night out with your friends is what Thursday night is all about. Student Life 95 Campus Activities Build As Spring Hits A squirrel scampers through the lush green grass. Traces of sunburns begin to occasionally appear. Bare feet are accompan- ied by green stains and bee stings. All of these sights are only a few of the activities that signal the coming of spring. For many students spring be- came a time of rebirth after suffering from a hard winter. Students could be found every- where on campus — from soak- ing in the fountain between the Powell and Wallace Buildings to quietly meditating in the ravine. Once this spring fever hit the campus it spread like an epi- demic. Outdoor activities once again took priorities over studies. RIGHT: The ravine provides a pleasant study area for many students. BELOW: Softball is only one of the manv sports that seem to flour- ish ' during the spring. BELOW RIGHT: Studying in the ravine enables students to get to work early on their summer tan. ■ " - ' JOHHdjj 96 Student Life LEFT: A flowered path through the ravine makes a scenic route for this improtu trip. BELOW: A lone girl, a sunny day, a note pad and a sleeping dog provides a pleasant picture of spring. BOTTOM: When spring comes the grass quickly follows find maintenance men are kept busy all over campus. Student Life 97 RIGHT: A lone yellow tulip stands proudly like a rebel who has been able to beat the system. BE- LOW: Lowering the flags at the end of the day be- comes a colorful occasion for Pershing Rifle mem- bers as the spring flowers appear. BOTTOM: Beautiful flowers all over campus help students forget the end of the semester blahs. 5 E 9 if V - H - r W Hi rm ff 98 Student Life Kaliedoscope Colors Add To Spring After the harsh winter became nothing but a memory, campus began to fill with the many beauties of spring. Flowering trees and bushes were everywhere and the fragrant scent of sum- mer was in the air. The bleak wet days of winter seemed a high price to pay, but the long awaited sun finally made its debut. Many classes began to lose their interest as students began to steal more moments in the sun. For graduating seniors this spring held a special meaning — the beginning of a new sea- son and a new life. LEFT: Flowering dogwood trees add a natural touch to the posts on campus. BELOW: During the warm spring days, an informal lecture in the ravine is welcomed by most students. iM : : f.: ' r 4 ' - " « - ' ' ' Tf; ■ •• j WW BcA VW ' jt v ti ' -- rv i -ci sm sxif ssuB. 7r V ' ■ ' .■ . ts « 1 rNfc t vi- i € QM ' KKK ' 1 a tSit B H|| .i " H K ' , - VMHtaM . — -- dl H ■ - LiaPP iBM ■ ■ .1 S hF ' j I Student Life 99 Graduation Marks New Start For Students As spring colors blossomed, 2,000-plus seniors entered the final days of their first four years of college life. A sense of sadness and anticipation mingled together as friends prepared to part and go their own ways. For many of these men and women, graduation was a joyous occasion which meant that now they were ready to face the ever changing world. For others, it was just a stepping stone to their goals of an even higher education. BELOW: A set of happy parents congratulate their daughter on her ac- complishment. RIGHT: Posing for pictures is always a fun part of gradua- tion. BOTTOM: The Eastern campus is filled with the family and friends of spring graduates. 100 Student Life LEFT: Four long years of study seem to be only an instant ago when the sheepskin is in your hands. BOTTOM LEFT: Receiving your diploma means standing in one more line but this time it seems well worth it. BELOW: Thoughts of a new life, an exciting future and a possible marriage show in Clarice White ' s face as she listens to a graduation speaker. Student Life 101 l £ TOP: 1976-77 COLONEL CHEERLEADERS. Dave Gambriel, Patty Barber, Vicki Viars, Sherry Robertson, Charlcye Ritchie, Doug Tommie, co-captain: Debe Phillips, Jim Murphy, Kim Latham, David Chasteen, Donna Robinson, co-captain: Karin Newcom, David Westrick. ABOVE: Charlcye Ritchie and David Westrick celebrate a Colonel score. RIGHT MIDDLE: Rain at Homecoming fails to dampen high spirits. RIGHT: Doug Tommie leads a Colonel cheer against Middle Tennessee. 104 Sports Cheerleaders We ' ve Got Spirit . . . Led into action this year by co-captains Donna Robinson and Doug Tommie, the Colonel cheer- leading squad was composed of thirteen men and women. The squad traveled to several away football and basketball games as well as leading cheers at all home games. The squad designed and performed many new cheers and formations designed to increase spec- tator support for the Colonel teams. TOP LEFT: Dave Gambriel checks the situation before leading the ap- propriate cheer. MIDDLE LEFT: Patty Barber says a small prayer for a crucial play at Western. BOTTOM LEFT: The entire squad forms a victory pyramid. BELOW: Doug Tommie, Kim Latham and Sherry Robertson lead a victory cheer against East Tennessee. Sports Cheerleaders 105 Colonel Batters Fourth In Nation The Eastern Kentucky University Baseball Colonels coached by Jack Hissom finished the season with ten men batting above the .300 mark, wit h three of those above the .400 mark. The .400 hitters were Mike Gentry, Erv Leidolf, and Steve Bass. The .300 category included Kenny Lockett, John Collins, John Thomas, Darryl Weaver, John Revere, Corky Prater and Dave Ball. The Colonels as a team hit .340. Colonels John Thomas, Mike Gentry, Erv Leidolf, John Lisle, and Corky Prater were named to the all OVC squad. Thomas also broke the OVC stolen base record with 84 career thefts. Although the Colonels finished the season with a record of 14-12-1 and 3-8-1 in OVC action. Coach Hissom was disappointed with the final results. He felt that injuries to key players and weak pitching were crucial factors in the poor performance of the Colonels in OVC action and hoped for improvement for the next season ' s action. RIGHT: Mike Gentry dives back to first to avoid being picked off by the opponent pitcher. BELOW: Dennis Brant singles against Murray. 106 Sports Baseball TOP: 1976 BASEBALL COLONELS. Front Row: Bat girls, Charity Cravens, Cassandra Stewart, Jackie Cox, Kim Earth, Jackie Bowles, Jill Secrest, Statistician; Kathy Cox, Barbara Alford, Carole Sinke, Betty Hollan, Melanie Mersch. Second Row: John Snedegar, Jeff Fazio, David Ball, Chris Leison, Kenny Locket, Dave Dorsey, Mike Gentry, Rick Bib- ins. Third Row: Corky Prater, Jack Hissom, Coach; John Lisle, Steve Bass, Erv Leidolf, Dennis Brant, Greg Ringley, Dan Perry, John Collins, manager; Art Sciubba. Fourth Row: David Evans, Gary Hatchet, Brad Stephenson, Chris Puffer. ABOVE: John Collins scores a crucial run against Tennessee Tech. 1976 SCOREBOARD Eastern Opponent 10 Campbellsville 3 11 Campbellsville 3 12 Campbellsville 2 11 Campbellsville 1 9 Cumberland 3 7 Cumberland 3 16 Centre College 11 11 Centre College 14 Tennessee Tech 16 1 Tennessee Tech 1 University of Kentucky 7 9 East Tennessee 15 9 East Tennessee 4 4 Morehead 5 8 Morehead 9 10 Tennessee Tech 14 11 Tennessee Tech 21 2 Morehead 14 7 Morehead 2 3 East Tennessee 2 East Tennessee 8 8 Kentucky State 12 2 Kentucky State 9 4 Northern Kentucky 2 4 Northern Kentucky 13 Won 12, Lost 12, Tied 1 Sports Baseball 107 Eastern runners found themselves in many predicaments on the base paths this year from rundowns (right) to overslides (below). 108 Sports Baseball TOP LEFT: Dennis Brandt keeps close check on a ETSU runner. TOP RIGHT: Brad Stephenson lets loose a fast ball. LEFT: John Thomas puts out a ETSU runner. ABOVE: Dennis Brandt makes a close play at first. Sports Baseball 109 Netmen Undefeated In OVC Action Coached by Tom Higgins, the Eastern Ken- tucky University Tennis Colonels battled their way to a very successful 13-7-1 overall record with a perfect 5-0 record in OVC action. The sea- son began with several non- conference matches before the Colonels started their dominance of the other OVC schools. The team consisted of four returning letter- men, seniors Gunter Bergman and Henry Shores, junior Joe Shaheen, and sophomore Ken- al Anbar. The squad was rounded out by several fine recruits, including Steve Alger, who was a member of England ' s Junior Davis Cup Team. TOP: 1976 TENNIS COLONELS. Front Row: Happy Shores, Kemal Anbar, Joe Shaheen. Back Row: Guenther Bergman, Tom Higgins, coach: Steve Alger. RIGHT: Steve Alger makes a backhand return during a home match against Kentucky. 110 Sports Men ' s Tennis 1976 SCOREBOARD Eastern Opponent 9 Samford University Alabama 9 5 Auburn 4 4 Ohio State 5 9 Youngstown 2 Kentucky 7 9 Toledo 4 Western Kentucky 3 8 Bowling Green State 1 6 Cincinnati 3 3 Western Michigan 6 6 Tennessee Tech 1 5 Morehead 2 9 Wright State 2 Miami of Ohio 7 8 Kent State 1 1 Kentucky 8 1 Pan American 5 2 Southern Illinois 3 3 Tennessee 6 5 Murray 1 9 East Tennessee Won 13, Lost 7 LEFT: Guenther Bergman returns a backhand volley from his University of Kentucky opponent. BELOW: Kemal Anbar and Joe Shaheen prove to be fierce competition during doubles action. Sports Men ' s Tennis 111 Golfers Excel In Competition The Eastern Kentucky University Golf Colo- nels finished another season with victories at Murray, Madison College, Danville and both tournaments hosted by Eastern. They also had excellent finishes at the Mid-American, Buckeye Classic and Kentucky Intercollegiate matches. Coach Suttie received excellent play from sen- iors Bob Holloway, Dan Bogdan and Dave Ryan. Underclassmen Pat Kelroy, Tom Tierny, Kevin Schuck and Chuck Irons also did an outstanding job for the year. BELOW: 1976 GOLF COLONELS. Front Row: John Zitkovic, Ott El- liott, Bob Salera, Tom Giacchini, Pat Kelroy, Dave Clement, Brad Phil- lips, Mark Wilson. Second Row: Tom Tiemey, Kevin Schuck. Chuck Irons, Dan Bogdan, Dave Ryan, Bill Strang, Steve Hymer, Jim Sherman, Bob Holloway, Jim Suttie, Coach. Third Row: Chuck Lail, Mike Strong, Dana Andrews. Jay Spiller, Ric Preston, Joe Mooney, George Bouzea, Steve Taylor. RIGHT: Tom Tiemey carefully makes his putt. ,. jB- iti Sic? ' . tit sT ' S ' 112 Sports Men ' s Golf .Arf»J fW J» ' ' ' 1976 SCOREBOARD EKU Placed Match Total Teams 3rd Mid- American Intercollegiate . .18 1st Murray Invitational 12 3rd Buckeye Fall Classic 16 1st Madison College Invitational . .30 1st EKU Fall Invitational 10 16th Pinehurst Intercollegiate 16 12th Palmetto Invitational 19 6th Red Fox Invitational 10 13th Furman Invitational 32 8th Marshall Invitational 12 8th Collegiate Masters 8 1st Danville Invitational 7 3rd Kentucky Intercollegiate ... .19 4th Eastern Division Quadrangular . 4 1st EKU Invitational 15 13th Mid- American Intercollegiate . .14 14th Northern Intercollegiate 16 4th OVC Championship 8 LEFT: Concentration and skill pay off for Dave Rvan as he sinks a crucial putt during the EKU Invitational Golf Meet. BELOW LEFT: Dave Cle- ment follows through on a tee shot. BELOW RIGHT: Tom Tierney aligns his putt during action in the Eastern Invitational Meet at Arling- ton. hfrm I r M . t " fc fvffrii.- c ■ n %i ' TV 7-1 ■ e:-- ■— . - --1 1 .1 ■■| Sports Men ' s Golf 113 i 1976 SCOREBOARD Eastern Meet Opponent Unscored . . .Indiana AAU-USTFF .Unscored Unscored . . .Mason Dixon Games .Unscored Unscored . . .Indiana Relays . . . .Unscored 7th OVC Indoor Meet 8 Unscored . . .Illini Classic Unscored 321 2 Middle Tennessee 63 32 ' 2 Miami 49 321 2 East Tennessee 37 V2 67 Eastern Illinois 86 74 Morehead 71 79 University of Toledo 65 Unscored . . .Dogwood Relays . . . .Unscored 2nd OVC Eastern Division 4 Unscored . . .Tom Samuels Invitational . . . Unscored 2nd Marshall Invitational 10 85 Morehead 58 5th OVC Championship 8 TOP: Mike Conger and Joe Wiggins pass the baton during their leg of their relay race against Toledo. ABOVE: Jerome Wright clears the hurdle cleanly in his race during the meet with Toledo. RIGHT: Steve Flint per- forms his specialty of high jumping. ssssaesi . ■♦iw«- • m 114 Sports Men ' s Track and Field Individual Efforts Spark Team Performance The Eastern Kentucky University Track Colonels completed another successful ye£ir un- der the direction of Art Harvey. The season started with two school records being broken in the first two indoor meets by Mark Yellin flOOOM run) and Scott DeCandia (shot put). The record breaking trend was con- tinued by DeCandia, Mike Howell and the two- mile relay team of Mornini, Gordon, Conger and Yellin and mile relay team of Wiggins, Robinson, Conger and Harbut. Bryan Robinson, Joe Wiggins, Mike Conger, TjTonne Harbut, Frank Powers and Scott De- Candia were named to the all OVC squad. LEFT: Frank Broadus throws the discus at a home meet. BELOW: 1976 TRACK COLONELS. Front Row: Charles Wilson, Tony Rowe, Dan Ma- tousch, Dan Maloney, John Mornini, Kent Myers, Steve Rowe, manager; Danny Underhill, Rick Wharton, Carl Garber, Tommy Kerns, Joe Wig- gins, Lee Gordon, Joe Boyle, manager. Back Row: Scott DeCandia, Ty- rone Harbut, Bill Sampson, Doug Bonk. Steve Placek, Sam Pigg, Mike Partin, Frank Broadus, Mike Howell, Steve Flint, Cris Goodwin, Jeff Sheets, manager; Mike Conger, Wes Burks, Bryan Robinson, Jerome Wright, Bill Catlett, Frank Powers, Betty Mills, manager; Tommy Col- bert, graduate assistant; Art Harvey, coach. ' Sports Men ' s Track and Field 115 Harriers Undergo Change The 1975-76 season brought a new coach, a new assistant coach, scholarships, and Cross Country competition to Women ' s Track. Cross country runners Paula Gaston, Jenny Utz and Vickie Renner all qualified for the AIAW National Cross Country Championship in Wisconsin. The track team won three of the four home meets and placed fourth in the KWIC. Consistent performances by Elsie Davenport, Katie Kraw- iec, Sheree Davis, Rose, Mary Silvani and Bern- adette Cocanougher were key factors in the high degree of success the team enjoyed. Jenny Utz, was selected the outstanding athlete by the WOS club and track team. She was also named outstanding athlete at the Mur- ray Invitational. RIGHT: Jenny Utz runs her leg of the relay event. BELOW: Elsie Davenport passes the baton to Jenny Utz during the relay rac e. ■jK4! S ' 1 16 SportsAVomen ' s Track and Field jtt 1976 SCOREBOARD Eastern Meet No. Teams 1st Berea College 3 1st Berea, Centre, Asbury .... 5 6th Purdue 7 7th Murray Invitational 10 1st Tom Samuels Invitational . . 5 4th KWIC 7 14th Becky Boone Relays 28 1st Morehead 2 TOP: 1976 WOMEN ' S TRACK AND FIELD TEAM. Front Row: Donna Engler, Betty Mills, Jenny Utz, Terrell Davis, Nancy Daley, Katie Kraw- iec. Second Row: Bernadette Cocanougher, Andrea Yaden, Charlotte Meredeth, Mary Ann Dusing, Jackie Cox, Sheree Davis, Mary Silvani. Barbara Bowman. Third Row: Sandy Martin, Coach: Barbara Worrall, Assistant Coach; Debbie Niles, Paula Mullins, Effie Turner, Pat Wilson. Rose Travis, Vickie Renner, Janet McGill, Susan Carter, Terri Searcy, manager. LEFT: Bernadette Cocanougher places the shot during the Becky Boone Relays. SportsAVomen ' s Track and Field 117 Colonels Surpass Preseason Ratings The Colonels opened their 1976-77 season on the road at Dayton. The Flyers threatened early, but were stopped as Bruce Scales re- covered a Dayton fumble on the Eastern 30 to stop the drive. Dayton scored later on a pass from Dailey to Baldwin, but this was to be their only score of the night as Eastern scored TOP RIGHT: Steve Streight weaves through heavy traffic during the East Tennessee game. RIGHT: Eastern ' s defensive unit quickly fills any holes made by East Tennessee ' s line. BELOW: 1976 EASTERN KEN- TUCKY UNiVERSITY FOOTBALL COLONELS. Front: Jack Ison, assistant coach: Bill Hughes, Gary Ford, Jim Nelson, Steve Streight, Corky Prater, Ronald Wearren, Steve Hess, Fred Young, Danny Martin, Rickey Mitchell, manager: Steve Henry, assistant manager: Terry Roberts, Chris Roberts, Everett Talbert, Scott McCallister, Rick Sang, Bill Kolesar. Second Row: Howard Lamkin, Ed Finella, Jerry Miller, James Shoecraft, Richard Jenks, Linear Lovett. Tim Frommeyer, Steve Frommeyer, Mike Kirchner, Greg Kirokofe, Stan Mitchell, David Sewer, Steve Fletcher, David Eckdahl, Ernie House, Jerome Kelley, Joe Richard, Buddy Jones. Third Row: Bobby Harville, assistant coach: Leon Hart, graduate assistant: Mike Kirchner, Elmo Boyd, Anthony Miller, Mike Melatovich, David Booze, Danny Hope, Mike Bricker, Bob Mclntyre, Bruce Scales, Ronald Wilson, Don Daly, Curtis Coakley, Barry Vaught, Darryl Lawson, Dave Williams, Carl Greene, Mel Foels, assistant coach: Joe Kinnan, assistant coach: Roy Kidd, Head Coach. Top Row: Larry Marmie, assistant coach: Greg Curry, graduate assistant: David Neal, Lonnie Shelton, Prentis Ragland, Roosevelt Kelley, Dean Stucky, Joe Alvino, Morris Hallum, Joe Drennen, Bob Landis, Randy Heaberlin, Steve Smith, Ray Burmistrz, Ed Laski, Mike Sheehan, Ricky Rhodes. lASTIRN KINTUCKY UNIVIRSITY COLONILS liriiijfiiiiO!.; ■■ .■.■:L.-T-a .: gic- ■-.- Ler:: " 118 Sports Football on a pass play from Ernie House to Jerome Kel- ley, once on a one yard plunge by House, and finally on a spectacular pass play to split end Elmo Boyd. Eastern ' s defense was tough as they stopped Dayton scoring drives on the one and ten yard lines and intercepted Dailey twice on the way to an Eastern 21-7 victory. Eastern next traveled to Delaware to take on the Fighting Blue Hens. Eastern scored first on a three yard touchdown run by House, but it was all Delaware after that until the last quarter. Delaware took the kickoff after the Eastern goal and drove 81 yards for a touchdown. Delaware capitalized on four Eastern turnovers for four touchdowns and took a commanding 28 point lead going into the last period. Eastern attempt- ed a comeback in the fourth quarter as they scored on a ten yard pass to Jim Nelson, and TOP LEFT: Jim Nelson does a victory dance into the endzone after receiving a pass from Ernie House at Austin Peay. LEFT: Ernie House hands the ball to Steve Streight, who bursts through the Austin Peay line for five yards. BOTTOM LEFT: Stan Mitchell hurdles a fallen blocker for a gain against Murray. BELOW: Ernie House looks for an escape route from a blitzing Austin Peay defender. Sports Football 119 r t- ABOVE: Everett Talbert breaks loose against Murray. TOP RIGHT: Elmo Boyd in the end zone with the ball is a familiar Eastern sight. RIGHT: Homecoming Queen Amy Luyster and her escort reign over the day ' s activities. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jerome Kelley makes a short gain against the Raiders. BELOW: Rev. Gene Strange and Robyn Hatley in- tently watch the game. 120 Sports Football Eastern — OVC Offensive Leader later Stan Mitchell scampered 71 yards for another touchdown on an option play, but it was too little too late as Eastern lost 35-21. The first home game was against the Tigers of Wittenberg, the only team to beat Delaware last season. The Colonels exercised greater care in handling the ball as they decimated the Tigers 28-0. East Tennessee traveled to Richmond to take on the Colonels next. Play was intense all game, but the combinations of House and Boyd by air and Everett Talbert and Steve Streight on the ground proved too much for the Bucca- neers as they fell 21-10. LEFT: Steve Streight battles for yardage against Western. BELOW LEFT: Everett Talbert hurdles the pile for the touchdown against Wit- tenberg. BELOW: Coach Kidd and the team present Dr. Robert R. Martin with the game ball of Eastern ' s last home victory under Dr. Martin ' s leadership. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steve Streight gives Ernie House the OK sign before taking a handoff at Austin Peay. Sports Football 121 Defense Leads OVC Clarksville Tennessee was the site of the Eastern victory over the Governors of Austin Peay State University. The Colonels put the first points on the board with a one yard plunge by Talbert, topping off a 69-yard scoring drive. Kicker Bob Landis added six points with two field goals of 24 and 44 yards. The Governors scored late in the second half to make the half- time score 13-6. Eastern came back after the intermission and scored on a seven yard run by Talbert to end a 99-yard drive, and again on a 22 yard pass play from House to Boyd. Austin Peay completed the scoring with a goal in the fourth quarter as the Colonels emerged with a 27-13 victory. The Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee were the next victims of Eastern ' s Big Maroon Machine. The Raiders were reputed to have a powerhouse offense, but the Colonel defense quickly extinguished any thoughts of great- ness the Raiders may have had by intercepting three Raider passes and recovering two fumbles. It was also a day for the Colonel ' s offense to shine as Jerome Kelley electrified the fans with a 30 yard end-around on the first play from scrimmage which set up a 30 yard field goal by TOP RIGHT: Greg Kirocoffe and company stop a Flyer runner for a short gain. RIGHT: Smokey Miller returns an intercepted pass against Tech. BELOW: Fred Young makes sure his Wittenberg opponent is down to stay. 122 Sports Football ' - ' i ' " «m " ? ? " " - ' ' »s»» i m - ' .j ' . M i m TOP LEFT: Terry Roberts and Steve Frommeyer quickly move in on a Tennessee Tech receiver. LEFT: The Little Colonels entertain fans at halftime of the East Tennessee game. ABOVE: Dan Miller helps a de- jected Chris Roberts to his feet after the defeat at Western. Landis, who later made a 23-yarder. House had a fine day as he hit Boyd on an eight yard touchdown pass and scored himself on a one yard run. Talbert scored on a 29 yard run, and Mitchell completed Eastern ' s scoring on a 26 yard ramble as the Colonels demolished the Raiders 40-14. The team next traveled to Bowling Green to take on arch cross-state rival Western. The Hilltoppers returned the opening kick- off 97 yards for a touchdown before the Colonels defense could dig in. Seven fumbles, four of which were lost, stalled most of the Colonel bid for points as Eastern ' s only score came on a two yard dive by Talbert late in the third quarter. Eastern ' s only other scoring threat in the sec- ond half ended in a fumble on the Western six yard line late in the fourth quarter as the Colo- nels fell to the Hilltoppers 10-6. Homecoming 1976 was the theme of the game against Murray. Eastern scored first, but the Racers retaliated with a 97 yard kickoff return and later a field goal. The Colonels held after the field goal and late in the fourth quarter the defense forced a Murray safety, and then the offense marched 67 yards before Bob Landis kicked the winning field goal to insure a Colonel 12-10 win. The last road game took the Colonels to Cook- ville Tennessee to take on the Golden Eagles of Tennessee Tech. Scott McAllister scored on a short run after Ed Finella recovered a Tech fumble on the Tech 22. House then went to the air to Boyd for a six yard touchdown play, and Nelson and Mike Woods each made touchdown runs to make the final score 28-14, Eastern. The stage was now set for the season finale against Morehead. The OVC crown and possible post season play was at stake. This was THE GAME. Sports Football 123 CHAMPIONSHIP TRAIL Eastern Opponent Score 21 Dayton 7 21 Delaware 37 28 Wittenberg 21 .... " . .East Tennessee 10 27 Austin Peay 13 40 Middle Tennessee 14 6 Western Kentucky 10 12 Murray 10 28 Tennessee Tech 14 31 Morehead 12 7 North Dakota State 10 Won 8, Lost 3 Won 6, Lost 1 in OVC 1976 Ohio Valley Conference Champs TOP: Coach Kidd applauds a MSU loss. MIDDLE LEFT: EKU fans cheer on their team. MIDDLE RIGHT: The OVC champion Colonels celebrate after the game. ABOVE: Karin Newcom and Vicky Viars lead the Eastern fans in a cheer. RIGHT: ' Poo-Loo ' Talbert breaks loose for a first down. 124 Sports Football Colonels Capture OVC Championship It was a perfect day for football, with ideal weather and field conditions. Landis put the Colonels on the board first with a 24-yard field goal. Streight scored next on a one yard plunge to make the score 10-0. Morehead took the kickoff and marched to the EKU two where a heroic goal line stand forced the ball over on downs. House and the offense then took the ball 98 yards in 11 plays to score on a 14 yard pass to Nelson. Both teams traded touchdowns in the second half, and with two minutes left, Joel Scrafton intercepted a Morehead pass on the EKU one. With this interception the Colonels set a new OVC record of 21 in a single season, and assured themselves of a win and sole possession of the OVC crown and the honor of hosting first round NCAA Division II post-season playoff action. TOP LEFT: Joe Alvino gives Ernie House plenty of time to pass. LEFT: MSU ' s Phil Simms draws a host of EKU tacklers. BE- LOW: Bob Landis adds the extra point to an EKU touchdown. i S Sports Football 125 RIGHT: Ernie House hands off to Steve Streight for a five vard gain against Tennessee Tech. BELOW LEFT: Terry Roberts and Ed Laski team up to stop a Tech running back after a short gain. BELOW RIGHT: Eastern fans always came prepared for the rain, which was a frequent factor at EKU games this year. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Kidd discusses strategy with members of the offensive squad. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jim Nelson leaps high in the air to bring down a pass against North Dakota State. 126 Sports Football Nine Colonels Named All OVC Eastern finished the regular season with eight wins, the OVC Crown, and a NCAA Division II Playoff berth for first round action. Nine Colonels were named to the AlI-OVC team. They were Ernie House, Everett Talbert, Elmo Boyd, Joe Alvino, Roosevelt Kelly, also a Kodak All-American, Anthony Miller, Ron Wilson, Bobby Payne and Greg Kiracofe. House and Talbert made OVC history as the first team- mates to be named Co-Offensive Players of the Year. House amassed 1471 yards and held a .533 completion record while Talbert rushed for 986 yards to finish at EKU as the second all time rusher with a total of 3816 ya rds. Elmo Boyd was named OVC Receiver of the Year and Coach Kidd was voted OVC Coach of the Year as well as Kodak College Division, District Four Coach of the Year. TOP LEFT: Steve Streight carries a Tennessee Tech lineman for a few yards and a first down. MIDDLE LEFT: The cheerleaders fcrm a kickoff formation during home action against Middle Tennessee. BOTTOM LEFT: Elmo Boyd proudly displays the ball after completing a touch- down pass play from Ernie House. BELOW: Everett ' Poo-Loo ' Talbert battles for yardage against Tennessee Tech. Sports Football 127 Bisons Edge EKU In NCAA Playoffs By virtue of its victory over Morehead, Eastern was chosen host team of the first round of the NCAA Division II playoffs against the visiting North Dakota State University Bisons. Playoff activities started the night before with a buffet dinner in honor of both teams, and this dinner also provided players an opportunity to meet their opposition. 3360 fans turned out to watch the Colonels take on the Bisons. The Colonel offense was listless the whole first half and NDSU ' s veer offense was able to score ten points against the Colonels while their defense was able to completely contain the usually prolific Eastern offense. RIGHT: A jubilant Jim Nelson is lifted high in the air by teammates after completing a 34 yard touchdown pass against NDSU. BELOW LEFT: NDSU running back Paul Larson is stopped at the line by Greg Kiracofe, Chris Roberts and Bobby Payne. BELOW RIGHT: Everett Talbert shows the power which earned him the ranking of EKU second all- time rusher by dragging a NDSU tackier for extra yardage. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steve Streight and a Bison opponent set themselves to butt heads. : xw ' ' f 128 Sports Football m « ' trji : r.-». ' ' ii 17 2 .v.,JS5 ,. -aBsrfc iitfwiiJisSi- « After the intermission the Colonels, seemingly revitalized, roared back and quickly scored a touchdown early in the third quar- ter on a 34 yard pass play from Ernie House to Jim Nelson. The de- fense also came alive as they turned the tables on NDSU and stopped every drive. In the fourth period Eastern moved the ball well, and twice with- in easy field goal range, but Coach Kidd chose to go for broke both times on fourth and short and both times the NDSU defense rose to the challenge and stopped the Colonels. The Bisons relinquished the ball for the last time on the EKU 13 with less than two minutes left, but House came out throwing and mov- ed the ball to the NDSU 32 where Bob Landis attempted a despera- tion 49 yard field goal for the tie, but the kick was short and EKU fell 10-7. TOP LEFT: Ernie House pitches to Everett Talbert on a sweep around the left end. LEFT: Ron Wilson and Joe Richard make the Bison quarterback pay the price for keeping the ball. BOTTOM LEFT: Jenny Hensen and the band entertain the fans at halftime. BELOW: Chris Roberts makes a solo tackle on Bison running back Paul Larson. Sports Football 129 .-..1 P r , .c sa. ! .- I ' s-J-Cc- ■► . .41. , sLl " i ' -.fr i ' Young Harriers Achieve Winning Record Relying heavily on freshmen and sophomores, the Eastern Kentucky University Harriers boast- ed another winning season with a 7-1 record. They participated in four invitational meets, taking first place at Austin Peay and EKU; and finishing second in the UK Invitational. The cross country team also raised their final standing in the tough Ohio Valley Conference by placing fourth in the championship meet. TOP: 1976 MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Front Row: Harley Trogdlen, Les Rhoads, Mark Yellin, Dan Matousch, Delraer Howell, Dennis Creekmore. Back Row: Art Harvey, coach; Gary Noel, Gene Fitzhugh, Steve Placek, Sam Pigg, Doug Bonk, Randy Pridemore, Mark Helgeson, Jim Keen, Jeff Sheets, manager; Steve Rowe, manager. RIGHT: Eastern harriers take the lead and seem to outnumber Kentucky and Cumberland College as they demonstrate their winning ability. 130 Sports Men ' s Cross Country 1976 SCOREBOARD Eastern Opponent 38 Kentucky 17 32 Cincinnati 55 32 Ky. Athletic Club 41 19 Austin Peay 55 19 Tennessee Tech 68 26 Morehead 57 26 Cumberland 68 26 Ky. Athletic Club 79 7 Wins, 1 Loss LEFT: Runners from opposing squads match each other stride for stride as they pass over the distant horizon. BELOW: The long grueling course begins to show on the faces of the runners midway through the competi- tion. ' " " , . f •T % Sports Men ' s Cross Country 131 « I j . I ' m ' V . ' ABOVE: Vickie Renner leads the pack at the start of the first home meet of the season. RIGHT: Jenny Utz passes a UK runner on the final lap of the first home meet. 1 , 1976 SCOREBOARD EKU Meet Total Teams 3rd ... . EKU Invitational 4 1st . . . . Indiana University Invitational. .4 1st ... . Murray State Invitational ... .4 1st ... . Ohio State 2 4th .. . UT Invitational 11 2nd. . . . EKU Invitational 5 AIAW Cross Country Championships Paula Gaston . . . 51st of 261 Jenny Utz . . . 61st of 261 - v4 ' ■ ' J .-•J ' -H 132 Sports Women ' s Cross Country ' W ?t».-;j«»! ! Harriers Take Second In EKU Invitational From the first seasonal meet to the last, all members of the Women ' s Cross Country Team improved their running time significantly, in- dicating an even stronger team next year. Paula Gaston and Jenny Utz were consistently top finishers all season. They qualified for the national meet in Madison, Wisconsin where they finished in the top twenty-five percent of 250 runners. Overall, the team finished with a three and three record and took second behind UK in the EKU Invitational. TOP LEFT: Cathy Cain displays determination to finish even though the signs of the grueling course begin to show. LEFT: Paula Gaston and Jen- ny Utz overtake a UK runner during a home meet at Arlington. BELOW: 1976 WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Front Row: Vickie Renner, Paula Gaston, Cathy Cain, Terri Seippel, Jenny Utz. Back Row: Sandy Perkins, assistant coach: Sandra Martin, coach: Betty Mills, Faith Mc- Kinney, Dee Dee McCharge, Escaleta Gray. SportsAVomen ' s Crosscountry 133 Gymnasts Host SIGL Championships Coached by Dr. Jerry Calkin, the Men ' s Gym- nastics Team began the season with a respect- able performance at the Big Ten Classic in Indiana. Despite rough competition, the team finished with an impressive 5-2 record. The team, in cluding ten returning lettermen, was led on the floor by co-captains Brian Morrett and Billy Sherrill in the all-around categories. Pat Bowles and Tony Webber rounded out the all-around categories. Guy Watson, John Mor- rett, George Gardner and John Harkey also pro- vided strong support to the lineup. The season concluded with post-season action as Eastern sponsored the SIGL Championships in March. RIGHT: Pat Bowles prepares for his dismount from the high bar. BE- LOW: 1977 MEN ' S GYMNASTICS TEAM. Front Row: Blain Purcell, Guy Watson, Tony Guinn. Second Row: Brad Wallace, Brian Morett, Tony Webber, John Morrett, Joe Irwin, Billy Sherrill. Third Row: Jerry Caulkin, coach: George Gardner, John Harkey, Jeff Jessup, Randy Gall, Jerry Duff, Pat Bowles, Jim Fisher, assistant coach. 134 Sports Men ' s Gymnastics i WliMMim»iii i mii«ii i iii.iiM i i i iij | i| a E astern 1976-77 SCOREBOARD Opponent Score 158.8 University of Georgia . .151.20 177.3 Miami (Ohio) 154.75 178.35 Jackson State 148.25 178.35 Memphis 117.45 167.05 Ball State University . .195.00 167.05 Georgia Tech 181.30 162.77 West Virginia University .162.24 Won 5, Lost 2 TOP LEFT: Billy Sherrill performs on the pommel horse during com- petition against Georgia. LEFT: Guy Watson holds the L-Cross during the ring phase of action at a home meet. BOTTOM LEFT: Brian Morrett moves into the L-seat position during his routine on the parrallel bars. BELOW: George Gardner smoothly moves into the V-seat during his phase of competition. t-::i I Sports Men ' s Gymnastics 135 Gymnasts Qualify For Regional Competition The Women ' s Gymnastics Team had a very successful season and finished with a 5-3 record. Outstanding performances by Beth Miles and Mary Lyons and excellent support from the re- maining members of the squad enabled the team to qualify for the regional meet. Miles and Lyons were consistent 30 points per meet scorers while Janet Herr and Taryn Wells did their parts well and contributed an average of 25 points per meet. Miles placed second in the state meet in the all-around gymnast category and Lyons also did well by taking fourth in the all-around category. ROP RIGHT: Taryn Wells performs during floor exercise competition against UL. RIGHT: Sherry Robertson concentrates on her vault during competition against Morehead. BELOW: 1977 WOMEN ' S GYM- NASTICS TEAM. Front Row: Karen Seavers, manager; Taryn Wells, Janet Herr, Sherry Robertson, Patty Prather, Jennifer Shaw, Mary Beth Ballard, manager. Back Row: Mary Wilkerson, Beth Miles, Mary Lyons. WM ; " ' 136 SportsAVomen ' s GymnasticB Eastern 1977 SCOREBOARD Opponent Score 91.3 Michigan 133.15 91.3 Ball State 102.95 91.3 Central 111.30 108.7 Morehead State Univ. . .104.60 109.1 University of Louisville .125.75 112.55 Western Carolina Univ. .101.15 106.75 Miami (Ohio) 103.45 107.70 University of Kentucky .105.90 119.35 Univ. of Tennessee . . . .89.40 3rd State Meet 5 Won 5, Lost 3 LEFT: Beth Miles performs a difficult move on the uneven parallel bars. MIDDLE LEFT: Mary Lyons vaults for first place in a meet against UL. BELOW: Janet Herr shows grace and form during her floor exercise. BOTTOM: The balance beam is a true test of a gym- nast ' s balance, and Mary Wilkerson, Patty Prather and Jennifer Shaw exhibit grace and poise during their routines. r Sports Women ' s Gymnastics 137 1976 SCOREBOARD Opponent Result Ball State University Won Indian University Lost Illinois State University Lost Northern Illinois University Lost Southern Illinois University Lost University of Illinois Lost Auburn University Won Ohio State University Lost Virginia Commonwealth Won Marshall University Won Cleveland State University Won University of Dayton Lost Wright State University Lost University of Tennessee-Knoxville Won Transylvania University Won University of North Carolina-Greensboro . .Won Florida State University Lost Miami Dade University Lost University of Maryland Won George Washington University Won Duke University Won Miami Dade University Lost Miami Universtiy (Ohio) Lost East Tennessee State University Won University of Kentucky Won University of Cincinnati Won Purdue University Lost University of Kentucky Won Northern Kentucky State University . . . .Won Morehead State University Won Northern Kentucky State Uni versity . . . .Won Mt. St. Joseph College Lost Indiana University Lost State Tournament 3-2 Regionals 5-2 Nationals 0-5 Won 26, Lost 24 TOP: 1976-77 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Front Row: Paula Tipton, Devon Roszell, Evy Abell. Second Row: Sharon Renners, Mary Lynn Proctor, Nancy Wingate, Kim Shibinski, Linda Nelson. Back Row: Dr. Geri Polvino, coach; Leslie Winscher, Alma Overstreet, Velma Leh- man, Debbie Niles, Cheryl Robinson, Marcia Mueller, Jane Scheper, graduate assistant; Shelly Stambaugh, manager. MIDDLE: Evy Abell and Debbie Niles put a UK serve in play. ABOVE: Marcia Mueller powers a spike past three Morehead defenders. 138 SportsAVomen ' s Volleyball Volleyball Team Competes At Nationals A very young Women ' s Volleyball Team under the direction of Coach Geri Polvino finished another successful season with a 26-24 record. The squad returned only two seniors, co-captains Marcia Mueller and Velma Lehman, One Junior, and five sophomores. The remainder of the fifteen member squad consisted of first year players. What the team lacked in experience they made up in hustle as they came back after a slow start to take second in the KWIC Tournament and qualified for both the Region 11 AIAW Tourna- ment and a fourth trip to the National AIAW Championships in Houston, Texas. TOP LEFT: ' Bigger ' the team mascot watches over and brings the team good luck. LEFT: Coach Polvino discusses strategy between games at the KWIC Tournament. BELOW: Teamwork is the key to victory as displayed when Mary Lynn Proctor receives the serve from Morehead, Paula Tipton sets, and Velma Lehman spikes the ball for the point. SportsAVomen ' s Volleyball 139 Field Hockey Wins Second State Title The Women ' s Field Hockey Team wo n the Kentucky State Championship for the second time and held a 13-3-1 record. Although returning only three seniors, Shirley Wintjen, Robbin Mur- ray and Barbara Bowman, the team was complet- ed by several returning players and a strong group of freshmen. New assistant coach Kathy Martin rounded out the coaching staff. In addition to the regular games, the team also competed in the KWIC Regionals and tourna- ments in Virginia and Indiana University. An innovation to the game was started with the exchange of a token made of yarn of the two schools colors. This token is meant to promote friendship as well as sportsmanship. TOP RIGHT: Donna Mueller exchanges a token of sportsmanship and friendship with her UT opponent. RIGHT: Shirley Wintjen passes the ball successfully despite a UK player ' s attempt to intercept. BELOW: 1976 WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY TEAM. Front Row: Kathleen Mar- tin, graduate assistant: Debbie Campbell. Bonnie Fleming, Kathy Johns- ton, Sharon Stivers, Robbin Murray, Shirley Wintjen, Barbara Bowman, Stacie Snyder, Donna Mueller, Connie Giles, Dr. Peggy Stanaland, coach. Back Row: Gametta Sweeny, manager; Norma Maphet, Frances Burt, Bemadette Cocanougher, Monica Keifer, Debbie Condreva, Kathy Wil- son, Linda Marchese, Jane Sorrels, Connie Williams, Carmen Shannon. ■-, ' «« Pf - 140 SportsAVomen ' s Field Hockey -• JM ft JBSk • »- ■ ' |T|i ra - uJk ABOVE: Kathy Johnston controls the ball during action against Hanover as teammates Donna Mueller, Kathy Wilson and Linda Mar- chese provide support positions. LEFT: Monica Keifer outmaneuvers her UK opponent. BOTTOM LEFT: Linda Marchese drives for a goal against Hanover as teammate Kathy Wilson cheers the goal. 1976 SCOREBOARD EKU Opponent Score 5. . . Hanover College 2... Un iversity of Kentucky 1 0. . . Indiana University 6 2. . . Valparaiso 1 1. . . Principia 3 3... University of Louisville 5... Miami University 1. . . University of Dayton 7. . . Centre College 0. . . Wittenberg University 0. . . Hollins College 5 2. . . Roanoke College 7... University of Tennessee 4... Berea College 1 3. . . Berea College 4... University of Louisville 1 3... University of Cincinnati 1 0. . . Regionals vs University of Virginia . . .7 4. . . Regionals vs High Point 2 Won 14, Lost 4, Tied 1 SportsAVomen ' s Field Hockey 141 Lady Netters Take Fourth In K.W.I.C. An improved schedule brought a higher level of competition to the Women ' s Tennis Team, and under the coaching of Dr. Martha MuUins they finished the season with an 8-7 winning record. In addition to their regular matches, the team traveled to Murray where they participated in the Kentucky Women ' s Intercollegiate Con- ference Tennis Championships where they fin- ished fourth, surpassing last year ' s finish. Nancy Coppola excelled during the tournament and up- set the number one seed. RIGHT: Pat Dugger returns a backhand vollev to her UK opponent. BE- LOW: 1976 WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM. Front Row: Pat Dugger, Libby Reese, Wendy Campbell. Back Row: Carol Hagans, Kathy Lisch, Leigji Graves, Nancy Coppola, Claudia Mapes. i v:i " ' - " W J»-. ' i t.»5,f. ' f 142 SportsAVomen ' s Tennis ' V V s ■• ' - ' ■ ' . V ' . v ' .-i W, , sv 00. . K Vx- tritiK i yii»wai. ' fer. ' ' a«!hg afitaaagBB m. -: 1976 SCOREBOARD Eastern Opponent 2 Southern Illinois 7 9 Southwest Missouri 7 Morehead 2 6 Marshall 3 9 Morris Harvey 7 Northern Kentucky 2 1 Murray 8 UT— Chattanooga 9 1 Miami of Ohio 8 3 Vanderbilt 6 2 University of Kentucky 7 Western Kentucky 9 5 UT— Martin 1 9 Centre 9 Ball State K.W.I.C. Large College Championships 4th Won 8, Lost 7 TOP LEFT: Joni Adams concentrates on a volley during a match against UC. TOP RIGHT: Leigh Graves completes a forehand volley during practice in the new Greg Adams indoor tennis building. MIDDLE LEFT: Kathy Lisch makes a two handed backhand return to her UC opponent. LEFT: Nancy Coppola reaches for a shot during practice for an upcoming match. SportsAVomen ' s Tennis 143 Young Squad Faces Season Of Rebuilding The 1976-77 season proved to be one of re- building for the Colonels. The team had a new coaching staff in head coach Ed Bhyre and assis- tant coach Max Good. It was also a young team as evidenced by the fact there was only one return- ing senior. Injuries and eligibility requirements also play- ed a role in the team ' s rebuilding efforts. Darryl Young was ineligible and Bill Dwayne, Tryone Joens and Darryl Davis suffered injuries which kept them out of action for at least the first half of the season. Although these problems and in- juries were extensive, fine play by reserve men provided fans with many exciting moments. RIGHT: Dennv Fugate drives for the basket past three East Tennessee defenders. BELOW: 1977 BASKETBALL COLONELS. Front Row: Jimmy Russell, manager: Steve Krivda, manager. Second Row: Greg Shepman, Denny Fugate. Danny Haney, Darryl Davis. Dave Tiemey, Tyrone Jones, Kenny Elliot. Back Row: Max Good, assistant coach; Ed Byhre, head coach; Jim O ' Brien, Mike Oliver, Jeff Wolf, Bill Dwane, Dave Bootcheck, Kyle Brooks, Mike Bell, Ed Kozol, graduate assistant. 144 Sports Men ' s Basketball TOP LEFT: Kenny Elliot guards the ball from his Murray State op- ponent after gaining the rebound. TOP RIGHT: Bill Stephens grabs his head in desperation during a crucial series of plays against Morehead. MIDDLE LEFT: Dave Bootcheck. Mike Oliver and Darryl Young scram- ble for the rebound against East Tennessee. ABOVE: Mike Oliver and Darryl Young clear the boards against Murray. LEFT: Coach Byhre directs his team from the sideline during the Morehead game. Sports Men ' s Basketball 145 Intense Competition Characterizes Play Even though the final record of the Colonels was not in favor of the win column, it did not accurately reflect the play of the team. Many a game lost by less than ten points was after the Colonels had gone into the locker room at half- time, down by twenty or more points. Led by Dave Bootcheck and Kenny Elliot, the team very often rallied to within easy striking distance in the second half, only to have the opponent also rally in the last two minutes to stop the Colonel drive. Mike Oliver was a leader in the rebound statis- tics column all season, and was a key factor in the Colonels being able to demand a healthy re- spect from their opponents. The end of the season saw a much improved Colonel game, and with all but one player ele- gible to return next year, Eastern fans may ex- pect great things in the coming seasons. RIGHT: A Cleveland State player attempts to draw a foul against Dave Bootcheck. BELOW: Kyle Brooks guards the lane against a Middle Tennessee scoring drive. BELOW RIGHT: Doug Tommie and Charlcye Ritchie perform a classic cheering formation. 146 Sports Men ' s Basketball i» «r, vnirv LEFT: The Colonels take the floor for action against another OVC opponent. MIDDLE LEFT: Mike Oliver outleaps his Robert Morris opponent for the rebound. BELOW: Kenny Elliot moves the ball into the forecourt closely guarded by his Dayton opponent. BELOW LEFT: Danny Haney easily drives past the Dayton defense for the basket. BOTTOM RIGHT: Darryl Young and the East Tennessee center stretch for the opening tip. Sports Men ' s Basketball 147 Bootcheck And Elliot Pace Team In Scoring Dave Bootcheck and Kenny Elliot proved to be the offensive one-two punch for the Colonels this season. Bootcheck led the team with a 19.7 points per game average with Elliot close behind with a 19.1 points per game average. Elliot had the best single game scoring effort in the game against Austin Peay at Austin Peay where he scored 33 points. Elliot and Bootcheck also had high field goal games of 13 each. Mike Oliver completed the statistics leaders when he made 14 free throws and collected 20 rebounds against Tennessee Tech. TOP LEFT: Bob Power vocalizes his approval for a Colonel play dur- ing the Morehead game. TOP RIGHT: Dave Bootcheck makes sure of a rebound against Robert Morris. MIDDLE RIGHT: Greg Shepman moves past his Western opponent. RIGHT: The Little Colonels add a touch of glamour to pregame activities at the Western game. " i- S • S 2 ? . .15.. Jr.iif it; 148 Sports Men ' s Basketball n ' fc- -■■: « ., TOP LEFT: Kenny Elliot drives for the bucket against Middle Tennes- see. TOP MIDDLE: Dave Tiemey works his way under the basket for a shot against UC. TOP RIGHT: Danny Haney calls the offensive set dur- ing the game with Western. LEFT: Debe Phillips leads a cheer for two points. ABOVE: Wes Eades can always be depended upon to promote sportsmanship and spirit for Colonel teams. Sports Men ' s Basketball 149 Colonels Set Sights On Future Even though the 1976-77 season ended with a disappointing 8-16 record, the Colonels looked upon the year as one of seasoning for the young members of the team. Throughout the season Coach Bhyre placed back-up players into the game at critical times and they responded by doing an excellent job and kept Eastern within striking distance of the opposition. Coach Bhyre ' s seasoning strategy began to show in the last four games of the season when the Colonels won three of their last four games against determined opponents, a true indication of the level of play to be expected next year. TOP RIGHT: The Cheerleaders form a victory formation as the Colonels are introduced for the Western game. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mike Oliver brings the ball downcourt during the Marshall game. BELOW: Dave Bootcheck goes for two as his Austin Peay opponents helplessly watch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Danny Haney is pressured by a persistent Western foe. . ■ Wf4M m ' ?f ■iL .! if 150 Sports Men ' s Basketball 1976-77 SCOREBOARD Eastern Opponent Score 62 UNC-Charlotte 104 85 Morris Harvey 79 69 University of Dayton 76 80 Robert Morris 61 62 University of Toledo 78 97 Marshall University 93 62 Robert Morris 78 74 Austin Peay 80 70 Murray State University 71 71 Middle Tennessee 86 82 Western Kentucky University . . 93 81 East Tennessee 85 85 Tennessee Tech 65 49 Morehead State University .... 59 EEistern Opponent Score 67 Cleveland State 65 81 Murray State University 89 81 Austin Peay 89 60 University of Cincinnati 78 66 Middle Tennessee 71 76 Western Kentucky University . . .85 81 Marshall University 79 78 Tennessee Tech 66 66 East Tennessee 65 72 Morehead State University ... .74 Won 8, Lost 16 Won 3, LostllinOVC LEFT: Vicki Viars and Dave Chasteen enthusiastically perform an air- plane propeller type mount after a Colonel score. BELOW: Darryl Young sails high in the air for the rebound against Middle Tennessee. Sports Men ' s Basketball 151 Inside Game — Victory Key With ten returning players, the Women ' s Basketball Team began the season with a spirit of optimism, but problems with the starting lineup cost the team several games and made apparant the need for a strong inside game. Many changes in the lineup and strategy were made to find the right combination, but it was not until mid- season that Jane Long came into her own to provide the needed inside strength to the squad ' s game. Emma Salisbury, Peggy Gay and Cindy Lund- berg also performed well, all scoring in double figures and providing good strength on the boards. RIGHT: Cindy Lundberg battles the UT center for possession of the opening tipoff. BELOW: Gayle Freshwater and Emma Salisbury appear to be all arms and hands as their UT opponent attempts a shot. MIDDLE RIGHT: Marcia Mueller reaches for a rebound against UT. BOTTOM RIGHT: Coach Duncan holds a strategy meeting during the Morehead game. iW i. v tm w ■■ i m t 152 Sports Women ' s Basketball -A •7 Eastern 1977 SCOREBOARD Opponent Score 95 Murray State University 60 66 Mississippi Gulf Coast 68 69 Central Missouri State 78 88 Mercer (Georgia) 108 51 . . Northern Kentucky 61 63 Belmont College 79 80 University of Cincinnati ... .72 60 Tennessee Tech 81 69 Morehead State University ... .81 62 Western Kentucky University . .67 72 North Carolina 58 78 University of Louisville 79 83 Central Missouri State 81 78 Wisconsin-La Crosse 82 71 William Penn (Iowa) 83 72 Miami of Ohio 49 70 University of Tennessee 84 50 Indiana State University 60 81 Marshall State University ... .45 85 University of Dayton 60 66 Tennessee Tech 79 58 Ohio State University 83 64 Morehead State University ... .86 79 University of Kentucky 91 Won 7, Lost 17 ABOVE: 1976-77 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: Shirley Duncan, head coach: Jane Long, Sue Carroll, Cindy Lundberg, co-captain; Gayle Freshwater, co-captain; Cheryl Robinson, Marcia Mueller, Linda Umfress, assistant coach. Second Row: Maryann Kassel- mann, manager; Evy Abell, Velma Lehman, Kathy Hall, Mary Lynn Proctor, Loretta Couglin, Nena Ambrosa, manager. Back Row: Leesa O ' Banion, manager; Emma Salisbury, Nareen White, Peggy Gay, Toby Coger, Rita Taylor, Lib Wilson, manager. LEFT: A Morehead State defender attempts to draw a foul as Velma Lehman goes in for the lay-up. Sports Women ' s Basketball 153 Eastern Hosts Midwest Championships The 1976-77 season was one of rebuilding for the Eels. An inexperienced team composed pri- marily of freshmen and sophomores still managed to achieve a good overall record. In addition to regular meets, the team par- ticipated in two invitational meets at home and Morris Harvey. Randy Holihan ended his EKU career with his best year. He broke a pool and a team record in the 1000 yard free style with a time of 9:55.18. The season ended in February after the Ken- tucky Intercollegiate Championships. Eastern also hosted the Midwest Championships in March with five independent colleges from the midwest competing. RIGHT: Timettes consult and verify the times of the swimmers to be checked against the electronic timer. BELOW: 1976-77 EASTERN EELS. Front Row: J. Meisenhiemer, B. Burch, M. Gallagher, J. German, J. Baer, M. Sullivan, C. Davis, G. Tameris. Back Row: P. Meador, K. Kimball, J. Cropley, R. Holihan, J. Mueller, R. House, K. Pleasants, R. Siggs, M. Hargreaves, Ron Holihan, assistant coach; T. Stoddard, graduate assistant; Dan Lichty, head coach. ■ « ' »f: : ■ -Kv 154 Sports Swimming TOP: Mike Gallagher mentally prepares himself for the start of his race in the backstroke. LEFT: Coach Lichty congratulates Randy Holihan after he set a new pool and team record in the 1000 yard freestyle. ABOVE: A Timette makes sure the next swimmer in the relay team does not take off before Mark Sullivan touches the wall. Sports Swimming 155 1976-77 SCOREBOARD Eastern Meet Score 66 Centre College 47 68 V2 University of Louisville . . . .40 2 77 Berea College 33 3rd Morris Harvey Relays .... 5 52 Kent State 61 4th EKU Invitational 4 67 Wright State 31 39 University of Kentucky ... .74 67 Indiana State University . . .46 43 Vanderbuilt 71 3rd — Kentucky Intercollegiate Championship 5 2nd — Midwest Independent Championships 5 Won 5, Lost 3 Dual Meets TOP RIGHT: Efistem official timers keep close watch on the times of the swimmers. RIGHT: Sue Edmonds performs an inward layout dive off ■ the three meter board. BELOW: Ron Siggs outpaces his opponents in the butterfly event. 156 Sports Swimming LEFT: Coaches Lichty and Holihan check on the progress of their men during a distance race. BELOW: Bob Canon, Mike Hargreaves, Kent Pleasants and Brad Burch cheer teammates to victory. BOTTOM LEFT: Kent Pleasants performs his specialty, the freestyle, against Kent State. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kelly Kimball executes a back dive during the EKU Invitational. ' i ) I ail 1w „.jfcji. - -i " fA -t JU. » . Sports Swimming 157 RIGHT: Rex Bracy takes dead aim on his target. BELOW: Warren Mitchell concentrates on maintaining breath control and trigger squeeze while firing during competition. BOTTOM: 1977 RIFLE TEAM. Front Row: Jim McCann, David Terry, Kevan Jones, Rex Bracy. Second Row; Warren Mitchell, Jay James, Terri Bush, Judy Kaufman. Third Row: Dick Edgington, Jim Kaufman Jr., George Gyurik, Kevin Mitchell. Back Row: Greg Schmidt, Debbie Disping. HHH H Dk. ' AX ' M lkk { L k l B FpiS " ,- ■ B fel 1 1 El «a 1 r K ■ ' JL Haai ° ' ' ' rSb L Hkv W IV H ' i B % 1 H Hk 1 ' k ' flBHr ' J JH k Hs H KK j j M " " , t . i l Hp V B9t JnH ms. m -: -- ■- -, " i B Hiyi 158 Sports Rifle Team Riflemen Take Xavier Invitational Under the coaching of SFC Billy J. Biggs, the Varsity and ROTC Rifle Team completed an- other successful season with improved scores over last year, dropping only one match. The best performance of the season was at the Xavier Invitational where the team took first place honors in both the individual and team categories. This marked the first time in the 20 years that Eastern has been competing in the prestigious meet that they have taken first place. The high point of the season was the sectional meet of the National Rifle Association Inter- collegiate ISA. At this match the team won honors in first scholarship team, second non- scholarship team and various individual events and fired a team record high of 1701. Kevan Jones took Match Winner honors with a score of 572 of a possible 600. TOP LEFT: Kevin Mtichell fires from the prone position during a home meet. TOP RIGHT: Protective headgear allows Judy Kaufman to concentrate on her target. MIDDLE LEFT: Jay James demonstrates the standing position. LEFT: Terri Bush qualifies for the final round of competition. Sports Rifle Team 159 RIGHT: Softball is a popular sport among women and competition at Hood Field is always keen. BELOW: Members of the Alpha Delta Pi volleyball team compete during the Theta Chi Tournament. RIGHT UPPER MIDDLE: Independent football action sometimes takes on the appearance of a professional game. RIGHT LOWER MIDDLE: The high jump is only one of the events offered during intramural track action. BOTTOM LEFT: Larry Shepherd of the Todd Truckers displays the spiking form which helped the Truckers win the Theta Chi Tournament. BOTTOM RIGHT: Members of Tau Kappa EpsUon and Beta Theta Pi spike and block during their match. 160 Sports Intramurals ?3 5 Intramurals Occupy Free Time Intramurals played an important part in the lives of many students this year. For the many active students that did not have the time to de- vote to varsity athletics, intramurals was the answer of how to remain active in the sports that one had an interest. The intramural schedule was well designed this year so as to include an activity to suit al- most everyone ' s wants. Intramural sites bristled with furious athletic competition during sched- uled matches in activities that varied from ping pong to rugby. The traditional sports of flag football, basketball and softball were also offered and heavily supported. TOP LEFT: A Kappa Alpha base runner just barely avoids the tag of the Theta Chi catcher. LEFT: Nancy Gerchrei and Debbie Quandt both cover the ball during action in the Theta Chi Volleyball Tourna- ment. BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Buck and April Wolf reach for the opening tip of the overtime period of the championship game in the Tau Kappa Epsilon Basketball Tournament. BELOW: Members of the 7-11 Social Club and their opponents wait on the outcome of a shot during intramural action. Sports Intramurals 161 Intramural Clubs Represent University Intramural Sports Clubs gave many students the opportunity to represent the University in sports not offered at the varsity level. The Bowling Club sponsored a regional tourn- ament as well as traveling to other schools to compete. The Soccer Club also enjoyed another successful year and traveled to neighboring states to compete and represent Eastern. Rugby in- creased in popularity and this season the club, already known for large forwards and speedy backs, completed another successful season against nine opponents. In addition to road games, the Volleyball Club sponsored the EKU Invitational Volleyball Tournament this year with ten teams from several states participating. BELOW: Donna Tucker sets and concentrates on the pins before delivering the ball during tournament action. TOP RIGHT: Volleyball action against UK during the EKU Invitational requires concentration by Eastern ' s players. MIDDLE RIGHT: A UK defender attempts to stop the forward progress of an EKU back during home intramural soccer action. BOTTOM RIGHT: Members of the Rugby Club practice the scrum before the season. 162 Sports Intramurals LEFT: Outnumbered three to one, a UK defender loses his footing while attempting to intercept a Colonel pass. LEFT MIDDLE: Two defenders unsuccessfully attempt to block an Eastern spike. BELOW: Tom Schultz follows through on his delivery during a match against Murray. BOTTOM: Without the benefit of pads for protection, rugby proves to be a bruising sport, even in practice. 4 -i Sports Intramurals 163 1( I ' m ««% fte » f " Carroll Attends Installation Governor Julian M. Carroll, approaching the second legislative year in office, was the principal speaker at the installation ceremonies of East- em ' s seventh president. Dr. J. C. Powell. The state ' s chief executive participated in the 1976 ground breaking ceremonies for the new Carl Perkins Building which will eventually serve the University ' s Public Service and Special Pro- grams ' activities, and at the Robert R. Martin Tribute Dinner. Governor Carroll granted an interview to a group of Eastern journalism students while he was attending the Governor ' s Conference in Washington, D.C. During the interview, he in- dicated that he might accept a position in the Carter administration following the completion of his tenure in office. 166 Academics Board Elects New President The primary activity of the Board of Regents this year was the election of Dr. J.C. Powell to succeed Dr. Robert R. Martin as the president of the University. The Board elected Dr. Powell on August 14, 1976, to take office October 1, 1976, after the Presidential Search Committee of the Board nominated Dr. Powell. The Search Committee assisted by advisory panels of students and fac- ulty, selected Dr. Powell from among 217 appli- cants for the job. The Regents also approved the University bi- ennial budget request, submitted to the Council on Public Higher Education, and okayed the internal budget of the institution for the 1977-78 year. Mark Girard was sworn in as the ninth student regent and Mr. Robert B. Begley, Richmond, and Gerald S. May, Stanford, continued to serve as chairman and vice chairman of the Board, re- spectively. The Board consisted of eight members appointed to four-year terms by the Governor, one faculty regent elected to a three-year term and one student regent holding a one-year elected post. ROBERT R. BEGLEY 1968 — Present Chairman GERALD S. MAY 1970 — Present Vice-Chairman CHARLES COMBS 1975 — Present LUTHER FARMER 1972 — Present MARK GIRARD Student Regent JERRY IKERD 1976 — Present JOSEPH PHELPS 1976 — Present HENRY STRATTON MORRIS TAYLOR 1970 — Present Faculty Regent BEVERLY YEISER 1974 — Present Academics Board of Regents 167 Thank You . . . Anne Bob Dr. Robert R. Martin drop- ped a bombshell on April 3, 1976, when he announced that he planned to retire and be- come President Emeritus ef- fective September 30, 1976. With that action, he began a countdown toward the end of his administration and set in motion the Board of Regents to select his successor. More than 1,000 persons as- sembled on the Eastern campus the evening of Septem- ber 16 to watch the climatic end of an era in Kentucky higher education and to honor the man who shaped it. It was the occasion when the Uni- versity, the Community and the Commonwealth paid trib- ute to Eastern ' s sixth president and first lady. It was certainly one of the most prestigious groups of per- sons to gather in the Common- wealth to salute a retiring educator. Heading the list of those in attendance were Gov- ernor Julian Carroll and former governors Earle C. Clements and Louis B. Nunn. Others in attendance included active and former members of the EKU Board of Regents, college and university presidents from across the state, former state Superintendents of Public In- struction and many other state and local officials. EKU Vice President for Public Affairs Donald R. Felt- ner was Master of Ceremonies for the Tribute and led the packed - house audience through the 16-speaker event which also featured an exten- sive musical program provided by students and faculty from TOP: Bob and Anne Martin receive a standing ovation in appreciation of their accomplish- ments at Eastern. BOTTOM: 1,000 plus faculty, staff members and friends gather to honor the President and First Lady at the Robert R. Martin Tribute Dinner. 168 the Department of Music. Governor Carroll and the three former governors spoke of Martin in terms of his accom- plishments in the building of Eastern. Carroll concluded his speech by saying, " Bob Martin ain ' t no president, he ' s a con- struction engineer. " On behalf of the Board of Regents, Chairman Robert Begley reviewed the great loves of Dr. Martin . . . " His wife Anne, the first lady of Eastern; education which he spent his entire life getting; Eastern and the Alumni; the faculty and staff; students as he loved his own children; beauty in the trees and flowers on campus; the Board of Regents and his church. " This characterized the man Robert R. Martin. In Dr. Martin ' s closing re- marks, he said, " You have honored Anne and me far be- yond our deserts. " But for those in attendance the evening seemed like a fit- ting salute to the Martins. It was another reflection of the " Think Big " philosophy that Robert Martin incorporated in his 16-year tenure as president. These words behind the intense institutional pride and direc- tion was Robert R. Martin ' s legacy to Eastern. A " LEFT: Behind every successful man there is a successful woman and Anne Martin is given an opportunity to thank their friends. BELOW: More than a dozen closed circuit television monitors were set up so that people seated out-of-view of the podium could watch the program. MID- DLE LEFT: Chris Reynolds, on behalf of the student body, elaborates on the achievements of the Martin era. MIDDLE: Governor Carroll delivers farewell salutations on behalf of the Commonwealth. BOTTOM LEFT: President and Mrs. Martin receive a key which symbolizes a 1977 Cadillac presented to them by the Alumni, faculty and friends of the University. BOTTOM: Entertainment was in the form of song which was provided by the Department of Music. ' ; bob 168A Introducing Eastern ' s Seventh President DR. J. C. POWELL " He is an intensely loyal person. I know he has the training and ability to make a great president for this university. I know he has enough love for Eastern to give the institution the continuity it needs, and he also has enough love to give it the change that it needs. " Dr. Robert R. Martin said at his final Board of Regents meeting on September 30, 1977, of his successor. Dr. Julius C. Powell began his tenure as the seventh president of Eastern Kentucky Univer- sity on October 1, 1977, succeeding Dr. Robert R. Martin. President Powell was elected to follow Dr. Martin by the University Board of Regents on August 14 after receiving the un- animous endorsement of the Regents ' six mem- ber Presidential Search Committee who selected President Powell from a group of 217 applicants. In his role at Eastern for 16-and-a-quarter years. Dr. Powell served effectively and helped to formulate policies at both the institutional and state levels, to establish and maintain contacts that were essential in the conduct of today ' s modem university and learned Eastern and its ' many aspects, literally from the inside out. In his two decade relationship with his predecessor, Dr. Powell has served as chief administrative staff officer to Dr. Martin since they both arrived on campus July 1, 1960 and prior to then, he served with him when he was State Superin- tendent of Public Instruction for three years in the Kentucky Department of Public Education. A native of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, Dr. Powell attended both elementary and secondary school, graduating from Harrodsburg High School in 1944, he was graduated with distinction from the University of Kentucky in 1950, receiving the Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in math with an area in social science. He was awarded the Master of Education de- gree in administration from the University of Louisville in 1952 and while serving at Eastern, earned the Doctor of Education degree from the University of Kentucky in 1970. The Eastern President enlisted in the U.S. Army September 27, 1944, shortly after com- pleting his undergraduate studies at University sity of Kentucky. He was discharged on October 30, 1946 with the rank of Sergeant. From 1950-57, Dr. Powell served in the Louis- ville Public Schools as teacher of mathematics at Atherton High School, assistant director of curriculum, director of instructional services and assistant to the superintendent. He was divisional director of the Kentucky Department of Education from July 1, 1957 until July 1960, a post that required responsibilities for pupil accounting and public school fund dis- tribution under the Foundation Program. It was this program which Dr. Martin drafted and worked for enactment by the General Assembly. On July 1, 1960, Dr. Powell came to Eastern with the newly elected sixth president of the University — President Martin to begin his 16 year tenure. While working under Dr. Martin, President Powell served as Executive Assistant and has served since as Dean of Business Affairs, Executive Dean and Vice President for Admini- stration with the academic rank of professor of education. During his 16-year tenure as Presi- dent Martin ' s chief aide in administrative and financial affairs. Dr. Powell learned the insti- tution in all its various aspects. " I have a feeling for its future, " he says, " and recognize some of the problems which will accompany its further development. " The seventh president of Eastern, Dr. Julius C. Powell possesses a deep feeling for Eastern and knows well its direction and goals. He plans not to alter this direction and these primary goals which have been so painstakingly de- veloped. Rather, he has a strong determination to guard Eastern ' s national reputation as a leader in higher education, even to enhance this position through continued improvement of quality of teaching and public service, seeking still further ways to serve the region effectively and efficiently. He sees his presidency as one which will have as its main thrust emphasis on program quality. He will be an administrator that will direct the further maturing of Eastern as a university. He views this to mean taking a hard look at the many programs which developed during the boom years of the 60 ' s and early 70 ' s, continuing, and where possible, improving the strong ones while identifying the weak ones which need to be strengthened or eliminated. He has said that he realizes and asks people to accept the fact that he ' s not a carbon copy of Dr. Martin. In other words, he is saying that he has " his own style. " He recognizes that his efforts will be to build on the solid background which has been developed for Eastern but says, " This is a new day and we ' re going on from here. " RIGHT: Dr. J. C. Powell takes a few moments during the annual Founders Day Dinner to thank the faculty, students, and members of the Richmond community for their loyal support of Eastern Kentucky Univer- sity through the years. MIDDLE: Dr. Powell reviews the past achieve- ments of the six previous University presidents and relates his goals for his administration to the audience at his inauguration ceremony in the Brock Auditorium. FAR RIGHT: Dr. Robert R. Martin, Dr. J. C. Powell, and Governor Julian Carroll prepare to lead the processional to the Brock Auditorium for the inauguration ceremonies. 168B Academics i President and Mrs. J. C. Powell Academics 168G i ,r ♦ i ■■ ■■ ! - President J.C. Powell BELOW: The first lady of EKU serves Presi- dent J. C. Powell as their daughters Julie and Karen look on. BELOW RIGHT: President- Powell chats with students who took part in the Math Opportunities Day. FAR RIGHT: While leaving Hiram Brock Auditorium a smile indicates Dr. J. C. Powell ' s feelings after being inaugurated as seventh president of EKU. 168H Academics Assumes His Duties SftVi Academics 169 The Transition Dr. Robert R. Martin began his tenure as Eastern ' s sixth president on November 17, 1960, the first Eastern graduate to obtain the position of presi- dent of his Alma Mater. During his inauguration speech. Dr. Martin outlined a step-by- step plan for the expansion of the University while he was in office. Dr. Martin ' s plan was entitled ' A Vision of Great- ness ' and through the years this vision of greatness was carefully implemented by the meticulous planning of Dr. Martin. In his inauguration address, Dr. Martin outlined 16 goals to be accomplished during his administration. These points were: 1) To understand, as a col- lege, the vital connection between education and the development of American Democracy 2) Realize the importance of what we do and what col- leges will do after we are gone 3) Not lose sight of or neglect our historical mission of training teachers for the schools of our nation, even though Eastern is becom- ing a more and more multi-purpose institution 4) Meet our obligation to see that every student under- stands the true nature of communism and the threat that it holds to those values and virtues which have made and kept us a free people 5) Continue to develop an intellectual community 6) See that our curriculum is such to give students the basic concepts in their fields of knowledge and the 9) special techniques needed for the mastery of their field 7) Inspire and motivate each student through superior teaching and counseling 8) See that no one leaves our halls without the ability to 10) communicate effectively, both orally and written See that no student leaves without an understanding of man and his aspirations, without knowledge of his- tory of the human race, the role of religion and evolution of political, eco- nomic and social forces Accept as part of our pur- pose the development of 170 Academics self-esteem and the achievement of dignity of each individual 11) Help each student to real- ize that individual liberty and freedom can only come through the accept- ance of rules of behavior and codes of law 12) Help each student under- pin his knowledge and understanding in his spec- ialty with the rock of moral values with which he can meet the shock of changes that will take place 13) Expand our facilities in order that we may take care of our reasonable por- tion of young Americans who will knock on these doors for admission 14) Realize there is no alter- native to becoming more inventive, creative and imaginative in our use of human and material re- sources which are avail- able 15) Provide on this campus a place of beauty for grac- ious and stimulating living 16) Have the knowledge to judge what needs to be changed, the courage to change it, the serenity to accept what cannot be changed and the wisdom to know the differences Dr. Powell, who has worked side by side with Dr. Martin since 1957, shares many of Dr. Martin ' s views on education and the University. In his inauguration speech. Dr. Powell indicated that he would follow the course of pursuit the University was already follow- ing because it was one of dynamism and responsiveness. Dr. Powell felt that changing times would force the Univer- sity toward a non-traditional college curricula. Changing demands for specialized train- ing in technical areas, law enforcement, health and other emerging fields as well as the traditional subjects must be met. Undergraduate and grad- uate programs must be refined so that Eastern ' s graduates will be of recognized competency and quality. Under Dr. Powell ' s leader- ship, Eastern will further mature as a University with the emphasis on program quality. Dr. Robert R. Martin, President Emeritus, presents Dr. J. C. Powell with the official University Seal, which is engraved with the names and dates of service of all Eastern ' s Presidents. Academics 171 TOP: The student presidential search committee reviews the qualifi- cations of the 217 applicants for the position vacated by Dr. Robert R. Martin. ABOVE: President Emeritus Martin bids farewell to his secre- tary Polly Gorman who worked with him in Frankfort and at EKU. 172 Academics LEFT: Dr. J. C. Powell holds a TV news conference following his being elected to succeed Dr. Robert R. Martin as president of EKU. BELOW: A handshake is exchanged between President Powell and President Emeritus Martin to wish each other good luck. BOTTOM: President J. C. Powell begins his tenure as president by doing some routine paper work in his newly acquired office. 173 Whitlock Appointed Executive Assistant Doug Whitlock, a member of the University ' s public affairs staff since 1968 left his position as Director of Public Information to become Pres- ident Powell ' s executive assistant effective Octo- ber 1. In his new role, he worked closely with the President during this first year of the new ad- ministration and assumed the committee mem- bership responsibilities held by Dr. Powell in his former position as Vice President for Admin- istration. He also chaired committees formed to secure a new Director of Safety and Security and to study the University ' s requirements in the area of processing, copying and duplicating. Mr. Whitlock and President Powell discuss plans concerning the instal- lation ceremony- 174 Academics Administration LEFT: Doug Whitlock — Executive Assis- tant to the President. BELOW: Mr. Whitlock is also advisor of the MILESTONE, for which he lectures during the fall workshop. Academics Administration 175 New Programs Broaden Academics Dr. John D. Rowlett, the Vice President for Academic affairs and Reasearch, who also serves as the Dean of the Facul- ties, was highly instrumental in the development of new aca- demic programs designed to serve changing educational needs of the service region. Dr. Rowlett ' s basis occupational duties included supervision of the preparation of position specifications for instructional staff and administrative per- sonnel connected with instruc- tional activities, making of reccommendations to the Pres- ident concerning staff needs and appointments, pro- motions, or dismissals of all instructional personnel and ad- ministrative personnel related to instruction, preparation of the academic calendar, class schedule, textbook adoption, and the schedule of examina- tions, and acting as Chairman of the Council of Academic Affairs. At the beginning of the school year. Dr. Rowlett was rewarded for his efforts in establishing the nurse educa- tion and Allied Health pro- grams when the John D. Rowlett Building was dedi- cated. John P. Rowlett — Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research 176 Academics Administration ABOVE: This student listens to an English tape in Dial Access to supplement a difficult story in English Literature. LEFT: Photo-copying is put to use to make a copy to be used as instructional media. Academics Administration 177 Sexton Continues With Growth Dr. William Sexton finished his second year as Vice Presi- dent of Public Service and Special Programs at the close of this academic year. Oversee- ing the activities concerning the Division of Continuing Education, the Division of Special Programs, the Division of Data Processing, the Divi- sion of Television and Radio, Vice President Sexton insti- gated the development and growth of these divisions. With stress shifted from academic to public service, the Uni- versity community worked with the faculty in the develop- ment of the curriculum in the programs. Related to the needs of the public, short term special activities represented areas of computers and bank- ing applications, computers and accounting applications, income property valuation, ex- port opportunities for Ken- tucky businesses, management development programs, and the role of women in criminal justice. Sexton worked hand and hand throughout the year with the architects and construction workers with the proposal of the Carl D. Perkins Building which upon completion in the late fall of 1977 will house the services which are under Sex- ton ' s jurisdiction. William Sexton — Vice President of Public Service and Special Programs. 178 Academics Administration LEFT: This student utilizes the key punch machine to make computer cards to later feed into a computer. BOTTOM: Television technicians monitor the campus closed circuit TV system to insure proper operations. Academics Administration 179 Vice President Donald Feltner presides at a meeting of the P residential Installation Committee. Public Affairs Stages Major Events The Office of Public Affairs was headed by Vice President Donald R. Feltner. Organized into four-divisions, Public Affairs played a vital role in the university year. The office organized im- portant events such as the installation of Dr. J. C. Powell as seventh president of the university and the Robert R. Martin tribute dinner. Other spec- ial events were sponsored by Public Affairs in- cluded the Greg Adams Building Dedication, Homecoming and Alumni Day. The Division of Public Information, one of the departments in Public Affairs, recognized an im- portant year as a major reorganization took place with John Winnecke being named director of the office. Larry Bailey was named his assistant and Jack Frost was added as feature editor. Public Information was responsible for university news and publications and supervised the production of various books and pamphlets. Placeme nt, headed by John Vickers, once again continued its efforts to further serve stu- dents, alumni and potential employers. University School Relations was responsible for carrying out various programs such as Band Camp in the summer. Band Day in the fall and programs for speech, drama, debate and music in the spring. The Division of Alumni Affairs coordinated Homecoming and Alumni Day and managed the program of serving the university ' s more than 30,000 graduates. 180 4 t .-.. ss TOP LEFT: Henry Pryse and Goebel Newsom discuss a program being sponsored by University-School Rela- tions. TOP: SIE Karl Park packs his briefcase in pre- paration of going on a road trip. CENTER: Graphic Designer Don Rist, does the art work for the Alumnus. LEFT: John Winnecke, Director of Public Information and his assistant Larry Bailey examine a layout from one of the office ' s publications. ABOVE: Jack Frost edits the FYI. Indoor Tennis Facility Constructed The implementation of cost-saving measures planned to maintain the business and logistical services of the University at a high level during inflationary times, occupied a large portion of the attention of Neal Donaldson, EKU ' s Vice Presi- dent for Business Affairs. The Office of Business Affairs provided all business related services necessary for the proper operation of the university in the areas of ac- counting and budgetary control, purchases and stores, personnel and institution services, build- ings and grounds, the bursar and controller, golf course operation, the divisions of food service and housing, and the university stores and farms. With an emphasis on its supervision of con- struction, projects included the construction of an indoor tennis court, an addition to the Carter Building, a lodge at Maywoods in Rockcastle County, a maintenance storage building at the Donaldson Service Complex, a parking at Telford Hall. To help the overcrowded housing situa- tions, rooms were added to the basement to Combs Hall. Neal Donaldson — Vice President of Business Affairs 182 Academics Administration TOP: Jessie Sammons thumbs through financial files after being named head bursar this year. LEFT: The bookstore acquires a green tint with the on slant of Saint Patrick ' s Day with the help of a student. ABOVE: Maintenance men brave the snow and ice to clean off the sidewalks for students. Academics Administration 183 Carter Health Services Completed Dr. Thomas D. Myers, Vice President for Stu- dent Affairs, supervised expanded programs in dormitory activities and summer orientation, which highlighted the broad scope of student- oriented programs and services. The EUendale Counseling Center continued to serve as an outlet for student frustrations. Seminars were also conducted to aid students in the area of an undecided major to seek an area suited to them. Planning in the area of student health services came to a climax with the completion and open- ing of the Tim Lee Carter Health Service located in the John D. Rowlett Building. Guided by Kelly Brunker and David Wiles, residential halls sponsored over 250 programs of educational, social recreational and cultural natures. The Residence Hall Programs for the second year provided students with a list of avail- able jobs for the summer and assisted in the completing and mailing of the applications. Thomas D. Myers — Vice President for Student Affairs - T T ' 184 Academics Administration BELOW: CBS commentator Leslie Stahl and University Center Board organizer Sliip Daugherty hold a press conference prior to her appearance at EKU. BOT- TOM: Dr. Charles Ambrose, dean of admissions, and his staff process incoming applications from prospective students. Academics Administration 185 Dedications Reward Faithful Service Eastern Kentucky formally dedicated the John D. Rowlett building on August 22, 1976. The health education and services facility housed the two-year and four-year nursing degree pro- grams, the environmental sanitation programs, student health services, and other programs in the College of Allied Health and Nursing. The building was named for Eastern ' s vice president for academic affairs and research and dean of the faculties. Dr. Rowlett has been at Eastern for 25 years, beginning as a teacher in the department of industrial arts and progressing to the administrative level. He was instrumental in the establishment and growth of nurse edu- cation and allied health programs. One of the high points of the Eastern Kentucky Tribute Day to Dr. Robert R. Martin came at the unveiling of the sign at the entrance of the Law Enforcement Complex. Commerating the work that President Martin did for Eastern during his 16 year tenure, the Law Enforcement Complex named for the President will be dedicated on Alumni Day 1977. As an extra touch, the sign at the entrance way, was unveiled by President Martin and the First Lady. The Greg Adams Building, a unique structure designed for indoor tennis play was dedicated on February 25. The building was named for Greg Adams, a Richmond youth who was a ranking state and national teenage tennis player before a severe athletic injury ended his sports career. The building is one of only five such insti- tutionally owned tennis facilities on a college or university campus in the United States and one of only three used exclusively for tennis. BELOW: As part of Dr. Martin ' s Tribute Day, Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Martin work together to unveil the name plaque located at the front of the Len Complex. 186 Academics -A ' ' TOP: The installation of the equestrian statue completed the law enforcement center. LEFT: Dr. J. C. Powell presents Greg Adams with the first tennis ball used in the new Greg Adams Building. ABOVE: Dedicated on August 22, the new John D. Rowlett building provides new classroom facilities for the College of Allied Health and Nursing. Academics 187 RIGHT: Greg Adams, Dr. Robert R. Martin and Mrs. Barbara Adams look on as Greg ' s younger sister, Stacy and Dr. J. C. Powell un- veil the plaque which commemorated the opening of the indoor tennis facility. BELOW: Dedication ceremonies for the John D. Rowlett Building were held in one of the large halls which will serve as a lecture and classroom. 188 Academics LEFT: During ceremonies held August 22, Wilson Bond presents the keys of the new John D. Rowlett Building to Robert R. Martin. BELOW: Mem- bers of the Indiana University tennis team greet Greg Adams and his family as they prepare to play in the first annual Greg Adams Invitational. Academics 189 New Undergraduate Dean Appointed Dr. Joseph Schwendeman, former chairman of the Department of Geog- raphy, became Dean for Undergraduate Studies January 1, and began work toward implementation of a new pro- gram of academic advising and monitor- ing of undergraduate student progress that will become effective in the Fall of 1977. The Central University advising fun- ction will become the responsibility of the new office as will counseling for undecided major students. The Undergraduate Dean, as ap- proved by the Board of Regents, will also play a major role in the develop- ment of the undergraduate catalog and class schedule bulletins. TOP: Dr. Joseph Schwendeman became Eastern ' s first Dean for Under- graduate Studies in January. ABOVE: Students practice grace building exercises in a CUC physical education course. 190 AcademicsAJndergraduate cue Prepares For Reorganization Central University College, directed by Dean Clyde J. Lewis, prepared for a major organizational change that was scheduled to go into effect with the fall of 1977. cue supervised the academic program of baccalaureate program students during their freshman and sophomore years and conducted academic advising for these and undecided major students — all functions which will be transferred to the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Another part of the approved reorganiza- tion will transfer the General Studies Eng- lish, Science and Physical Education pro- grams to other colleges. cue will retain the social science, humanities, military science and learning laboratory functions in its college structure. LEFT: Dean Clyde Lewis reviews a proposal for the first 300 level course to be offered by Central University College. BELOW: This student uses one of the programmed learning devices available in the cue Learning Lab. 191 RIGHT: Students receive help in the Central University College Learning Lab. BELOW: Mrs. Margarite Blackwell advises Larry Hudsen concerning problems with his schedule during registration. 192 Academics Central University College TOP: A Military Science display on ROTC DAY familiarizes students with military gunnary. LEFT: Ann Way, secretary to Dean Lewis, serves as his right hand man to students with problems in CUC. ABOVE: This year brings co-ed physical education to EKU and the sight of both sexes jogging in the Begley Building. Academics Central University College 193 ABOVE: A panel discussion in a Freshmen English class leads Lisa Couch into an expla- nation of Egyptian pyramids and religion. RIGHT: Instructor Bill Abney demonstrates the proper techniques of mouth to mouth re- suscitation to this interested student. 194 Academics Central University College LEFT: Fara Bushnell and Steve Brown work on their mini courses in chemistry lab on the computers in the Moore Building. BELOW: The visual aid division of the instruction media facility is used to s upplement daily lectures. f»» " nt Academics Central University College 195 Arts Sciences Remains Largest College The College of Arts and Science, under the direction of Dean Frederic D. Ogden, recognized as its role the necessity of providing a liberal education for students and helping them prepare for life in the cultural setting which they will practice their vocations and professions. Combination of the 17 departments in the college of Arts and Science makes it the largest in the university. Maintaining the basic elements of the liberal arts program, new courses and degrees were offered adopting new trends taking place in the areas of art, communications, drama, political science, mathmatics and chem- istry. Cooperative study programs were made available for students and granted academic awards for on-the-job training and experience. The college offered associate and baccalaureate degrees in all of the liberal arts and scientific areas of study. It also offered instructions in helping to prepare students for professional fields. Frederic D. Ogden — Dean of Arts Sciences 196 Academics Arts Sciences TOP LEFT: Self expression through painting is evident in this artist ' s interpretation of him- self. ABOVE: Chemistry major Steve Holehan heats the solution containing his unknown by steam and awaits a product sepa- ration. LEFT: Percussion majors practice in the sound room. Academics Arts Sciences 197 BELOW: Members of ROTC leam escape and invasion techniques during an FTX excursion. RIGHT: Lonnie Henson determines the weight of his phosphate compound using an analytical balance during a quanatative analysis lab BOTTOM LEFT: Cindy Bohn adjusts a flood light m preparation for " The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail " . BOTTOM RIGHT: Examination of these flies under the light microscope will determine their sex in genetics lab. i 198 Academics Arts Sciences LEFT: Henry Norfleet, Rick Archey and Leslie Wilson examine the print-out for the excitation of a nerve muscle in physiology lab. BELOW: Dr. Sanford Jones offers assis- tance in the hook up of the equipment for the experiment in Biology 348 dealing with the smooth muscle of a frog. BOTTOM LEFT: Pottery classes make the individual apprecia- ate the common minerals of nature as this clay wad is developed into a pot. BOTTOM RIGHT: Time is the key note as John Price waits for the separation of his unknown to occur in an advanced organic lab. Academics Arts Sciences 199 Business Adds Insurance Major I The College of Business moved forward in several of its programs this year as additional faculty, equipment, scholarships and support from the business community was realized. The purchase of a new mini-computer permitted the use of computer-assisted instruction in several courses. A Masters option in the real estate area was added to the MBA program. The insurance program was completely restructured and a nationally recognized insurance educator, Dr. Ron Horn, was added to the staff as the Chair- holder of Insurance Studies. This year the college had numerous programs with businesses such as 3-M Company, Clark Equipment Company, Hyster Forklift, and Goodyear. These programs resulted in achieving better industry contacts and the strengthening of faculty involvement. The courses comprising the " common body of knowledge which all business students take now includes " Introduction to Data Processing. This was because of an increased interest in the data processing area, the number of students majoring in this field and those students taking data processing as an elective course. New faculty for the year were added in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Business Edu- cation and Office Administration, Insurance, Management, Real Estate and Data Processing. The new faculty combined with the special pro- grams and services helped make the College of Business an important integrate part of the University. Howard Thompson — Dean of Business I ( 200 Academics Business LEFT: This student tries to decipher the difference between the supply and demand curve in Economics 231. BELOW: Dr. Engle lectures his Economic class on the relationship between the income and substitution effects. BOTTOM: Records provide the letters for which these students take dictation, later to be transcribed to letter form. r ' - -J ' » V ' Academics Business 201 RIGHT: Professor Wuilleumier lectures to his Statistical Methods class on the mean and standard deviation of a population distribution. BELOW: Role playing is the basis of this management 500 class as they learn to deal with different dilemmas that occur. BELOW RIGHT: Jessie Porter computes a probability problem in stats class. 202 Academics Business 1 1 ' r LEFT: Carolyn Etherington places cards into the batch terminal card reader which is then relayed to the computer in Lexington which then relays the print-out back to EKU. BELOW: One of the special seminars to be offered in the college of business this year was the seminar on real estate. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jacquelynn Hall transcribes her shorthand notes in an office administration class. J - « ■rif::V;ms»,x Academics Business 203 Department Offers Workshops The College of Education, h eaded by Dean Dixon A. Barr, carried on the " teaching col- lege " tradition providing East- em with one third of the stu- dents of its graduating class. Dean Barr introduced the col- lege to new courses, new pro- grams and workshop offerings. As a whole, graduate enroll- ment increased while under- graduate rolls stabilized due to the flood of teachers in today ' s job market. However, interest in non-teaching and special- ized areas rose. The curriculum offered by the college developed as it met the needs of students who de- sired to become teachers, prin- cipals, guidance counselors, school librarians, and superin- tendents. In the department of Educa- tion, under chairman Dr. Wil- liam Morris, plans were devel- oped to continue the summer graduate workshops. The Right To Read Program again re- ceived a third year federal grant for continuation of the program. Dixon A. Barr — Dean of Education 204 Academics Education LEFT: Model student teacher, Nancy Bel- chera answers questions from her elementary students concerning a reading assignment. BELOW: On the last day of fundamentals, these elementary education majors label them- selves and act out their version of the Three Bears. Academics Educaton 205 TOP: Beginning ballet classes help students develop hand and eye control. MIDDLE: Gwen Gilmore gives a speech test to determine the degree of speech impediment. BOTTOM LEFT: " Goldilocks Junior and Senior " act out their parts in the Fundamental Follies up date version of the Three Bears. BOTTOM RIGHT: Coach Polvino offers helpful criticism in this physical education class dealing with coaching volleyball. 206 Academics Education ABOVE: Special Education majors learn how music and dtmce can serve as therapy techniques. TOP: With some young assistance, Dr. William Grise rings the bell at the one room school house to celebrate two centuries of learning in America. RIGHT: Gene Sewell and Terri Keely work with a movie projector as instructor Mary Ann Dooley supervises during a Li- brary Science course. Academics Education 207 AA T Incorporates Instructional Media The College of Applied Arts and Technology had as its objectives this year to provide selected instructional programs for the preparation of students for careers in the applied arts and tech- nologies. The college strived to contribute to the professional growth of individuals in their fields of study and to the elevation of technical disci- plines through public service. The college, headed by Dean Kenneth S. Hansson, set as its goal to intensify and broaden the base of knowledge within the applied arts and technologies through research. The Department of Industrial Education and Technology administered baccalaureate degree programs to prepare industrial arts teachers for secondary schools, vocational-industrial and technical teachers for vocational-technical schools, manual arts therapists, and technicians and technologists for industry. Associate of Arts degree prorgrams were offered in vocational- industrial and technical educational areas. The college sought to fulfill its purpose related to instruction of offering a variety of associate, baccalaureate, masters, and specialist degree programs in three departments: Agriculture, Home Economics, and Industrial Education and Technology. Each of the departments in the College of Applied Arts and Technology proved to be versatile in continuing to meet the needs of the ever increasing, complex labor market. Kenneth S. Hansson — Dean of Applied Arts Technology 208 Academics Applied Arts Technology LEFT: Mary Lockwood wraps the stem of a rose for use in her centerpiece in a floral design class. BELOW: Ken Stewart and Luis Mota dismantle, begin cleaning and prepare to reassemble this lawnmower engine in their agricultural mechanics class. BOTTOM: Time and patience are required in this technical illustration class to provide the right shading and di- mensions. -wss Academics Applied Arts Technology 209 BELOW: Industrial education classes provide a means for grasping tech- nical methods as well as producing leathercraft items for personal use. RIGHT: Todd Wiseman grinds his soil sample in preparation of tests to determine the different percentage of minerals it contains. BOTTOM LEFT: Preparation for dairy farm management begins with the essentials — calming a cow for milking. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steve Krivda applies a lacquer seal to a metal plate in lET lab. 210 Academics Applied Arts Technology LEFT: Concentration is needed to prevent mistakes as this student works on a metal etching on a copper plate. BOTTOM LEFT: Robin Johnson and Paula Jenkins find them- selves in a university kitchen as they work with meat-cuts. BELOW: Testing a fabric before she works on the main piece is Sandy Chaney. Academics Applied Arts Technology 211 Nursing Completes Year In Building The Allied Health and Nursing Programs com- prise an academic community which had as its major objective to educate and train students in the various health disciplines to provide grad- uates who were prepared to better develop health care programs. The college under the guidance of Dean David D. Gale was committed to provide personnel for new patterns of health care delivery to meet the challenges of a growing complex society. Programs in Allied Health and Nursing were designed for students to meet necessary creden- tialing requirements for successful employment in their chosen health field. Students were given the opportunity to work in laboratories in the John D. Rowlett Building that were equipped to provide simulator situations. The students were provided with supervised clinical practice and on-the-job experiences. This year the college had contractual agreements with major health insti- tutions in the central region of Kentucky, in- cluding all of the acute care faculities in Lexington. The instructors that taught in the college of Applied Health and Nursing this year had ob- tained academic degrees in the disciplines in which they taught as well as having fulfilling a requirement of having served as clinicians. The College completed its first year in the new building successfully. Further expansion was planned and a constant effort in improving the College in general was implicated into its goals. David D. Gale — Dean of Allied Health and Nursing 212 Academics Allied Health Nursing LEFT AND BELOW: Student nurses leam to administer injections and to start intravenious fluids on life size dummies. BOTTOM: A malce believe situation concerning changing the bandages on a bum victim are encountered by Debe Phillips and Wendy Paul. Academics Allied Health Nursing 213 RIGHT: Tension is increased in the traction apparatus by this student nurse at the Student Health Services in the Rowlett Build- ing. BELOW: The regulation of the flow of fluids in an I.V. is of vital importance as the reasoning and method for doing so is pointed out. 214 Academics Nursing p f ' V Oy fU " ' 6 LEFT: Professor Rogers lectures on a bio- logical systems pathway in her medical surgery class. BELOW: These second year nursing students observe the correct way to handle an infant in an incubator. Academics Nursing 215 LEN Offers Criminal Justice Coursework Under the leadership of Dean Robert W. Posey, the College of Law Enforcement completed another year of meeting the needs of agencies in the public safety sector of society by preparing students for careers within the area. The college prepared students for teaching and administra- tive careers in law enforcement, traffic safety and fire safety. Research was carried out by the college in the areas of driver and traffic safety and fire safety. One of its main goals this year was to provide public and consultative service programs per- tinent to law enforcement, driver and traffic safety, and fire safety to public and private police agencies, probation and parole agencies and correctional institutes. The college sought to fulfill its purpose by offering Associate, Baccalaurate and Masters Degree programs in almost every aspect of the Law Enforcement profession. The College of Law Enforcement continued to furnish lectures for the department of Justice, Bureau of Training. Robert W. Posey — Dean of Law Enforcement 216 Academics Law Enforcement ABOVE: Simulated devices of this ' car ' are pointed out to students in the Traffic Safety class. LEFT: Blood is removed from samples and studied under high power microscopes in this blood analvsis lab. Academics Law Enforcement 217 TOP: This bus driver completes the course offered by the traffic safety department which trains Headstart drivers to cope with the problems which arise. ABOVE: Richie Hall inspects a .357 magnum in his gun control class. RIGHT: Examination of minute particles is part of the technique in forensic science lab. 218 Academics Law Enforcement LEFT: Tracy Wilkenson applies chemicals to type a blood sample. BELOW: Adjustment of the pH level is an important detail in the analysis of body compounds. Academics Law Enforcement 219 Grad School Enrollment Increases The Graduate School carried out its fourth year under the direction of Dean Charles H. Gibson. This year the school encountered an in- crease in enrollment while maintaining the quality of its programs and continuing to strive for an improved graduate program. Students entered Graduate School to continue studies and to engage in programs for the purpose of im- proving themselves scholastically and occupa- tionally. The school offers nine separate degrees and had work available for a doctor ial degree in cooperation with three other institutions of higher learning. This year the Graduate School put emphasis on internal quality control on every aspect of its various programs. Evaluations were undertaken to review all of the schools existing programs. Areas of interest under study were financial budgets, faculty members, library facilities and student interests and enrollment. The school concentrated its efforts on the improving of the curriculum offered in the programs that were available. Charles H. Gibson — Dean of Graduate School 220 Academics Graduate School LEFT: Lab assistant Tom Zimmer confers with a student concerning her lab technique in a quantitative analysis chemistry class. BELOW: Working on a special project, Robert Fryman spends long hours on chemical research. 221 ABOVE: Graduate assistant Jan Griffin joins Ms. Killin worth, Walters Resident Director, during a weekly room inspection. RIGHT: Working in the mail room is only one responsibility of Graduate Assistant Pam Adkisson as she puts in her weekly hours in Walters Hall. 222 Academics Graduate School LEFT: This student displays bowling form during a Physical Education class. BELOW: Working on an Interactive Computer Ter- minal, MBA student Marsha Linebaugh works on a program for class. BOTTOM: John Osborne assists a student with a problem dur- ing an accounting class. Academics Graduate School 223 - 4 111 iff liiliii 4 - -4 - Jfcte ..,.., -. fc- , - 4 -§» . ». -«iw i gp jwaw " aSE li t H mKt Hi i B K r iii Lois Coulter Hall of Fame Winner Lois Ann Coulter, a mathematics and physics major from Bloomfield, Kentucky, was the 16th recipient of the Hall of Fame Award, the top honor presented by the University. As always, the winner was selected by a secret presidential committee from seven nominees submitted by the Deans of each respective college. The choice of the committee was based on high academic and social standards. She had maintained a 3.99 academic average during her college career. Through her wide participation in extra-cur- ricular activities as well as in her studies, Ms. Coulter proved that she was eminently worthy of this distinction. She served as president of Kappa Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honorary; and was extensively involved in the tutorial pro- gram sponsored by that organization. Lois was elected to the senior women ' s honor society, Collegiate Pentacle and was co-chair- man of its cultural committee. In addition, she was an active member of the Student National Education Association and, locally, the Baptist Student Union. She also helped plan Math Day activities and volunteered to be a guide for high school groups visiting the campus. 226 Honors Hall of Fame 227 Honor Roll Nominees Recognized Four persons were nomi- nated by their respective col- lege Deans for the 1977 Honor Roll. From these nominees the 1977 student for the Hall of Fame was chosen by a special committee appointed by Presi- dent J. C. Powell. The Honor Roll recipients were Lois Coul- ter, Karen J. Wires, Chris Reynolds and Robin Brum- field. Nominations were based on academic achievements and campus and extra cur- ricular activities. Karen J. Wires was selected by the College of Law Enforce- ment as its outstanding senior for the Honor Roll. With a major in Corrections and a double minor in Rehabilitation and Social Work she main- tained a 3.88 GPA. Karen was active in the Association of Law Enforcement, Alpha Phi Sigma and the Newman Club. Her plans for the future are for work as a treatment officer in a prison system with long range hopes for a law career. 228 Honors Honor Roll Chris Reynolds was selected by the College of Arts and Sciences for the Honor Roll, her major being Psychology and her minor being English. She graduated with a grade point average of 3.367. Chris took an active part in several organizations, including the Lambda Sigma Society, Col- lege Pentacle, Kappa Delta Pi, Psi Chi, and CWENS. She also worked in several public ser- vice projects such as the Cancer Crusade and the Special Olympics. Honors Honor Roll 229 Honor Roll Winners Typify Best Students The College of Applied Arts and Technology nominated Robin Brumfield as their can- didate to the 1977 Honor Roll. Robin was an Ornamental Horticulture major with a G.P.A. of 3.97. She partici- pated in the Future Farmers Of America Work Experience Program and was awarded the Myrtle Mitchell Scholarship. Her activities included mem- bership in Collegiate Pentacle, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi and the Eastern chapter of the Soil Conservation Society of America. After graduation, Robin planned to work towards teaching and research in her field. 230 Honors Honor Roll A o ' s Who Honors Senior Accomplishments Who ' s Who in American Col- leges recognized fifty Eastern students with their award this year. These seniors were nomi- nated by their respective Deans on the basis of high academic and social standards. Gregory L. Ebel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education with an emphasis in Accounting. He was active in Pi Omega Pi in which he held the office of secretary and worked in the residence hall tutoring pro- gram. Greg hoped to go into Federal Government work where he can work for others as well as for himself. Working toward goals is more rewarding than having things given to you sums up Faye Mosby ' s attitude toward the educational world. She was active in many extra curricular activities including CWENS, Pi Omega Pi, and Scabbard and Blade. Her awards in- cluded the senior citation award in Military Science and the Outstanding Black Student Award in 1976. TOP: Gregory Ebel. BOTTOM: Faye Mosby. HonorsAVho ' s Who 231 Students Apply Varied Skills Catherine Morrison graduated with a Bach- elor of Science degree in Therapeutic Dietetics. She was awarded the Presidential Scholarship, the Food and Nutrition Club Scholarships and numerous special awards for her work on the Milestone. Catherine eventually wants to become a registered Dietitian and would like to work in a hospital setting. Her philosophy is " to do my work to the best of my ability. " Catherine grad- uated with a grade point average of 3.8. Graduating with a degree in Dietetics and Food Service Administration Margaret Appenfelder hopes to work in the field of public food services. Margaret was active in Phi Upsilon Omicron, Collegiate Pentacle, Phi Kappa Phi and was a member of TKE little sisters. She was awarded a Presidential Scholarship and was voted the out- standing Phi Upsilon member of 1975-1976. Her philosophy is to " always take the time to care for people and enjoy each day thanking the Lord for everything! have. " RIGHT: Catherine Morrison. BELOW: Margaret Appenfelder. 232 Honors Who ' s Who Pamela Conlin, a Fashion Design major from Williamsburg, Kentucky was drawn to the field of fashion by its competitiveness and opportunity for self-expression. She graduated with a 3.5 GPA and was a member of Chi Omega sorority and was a little sister of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity. She was awarded several scholarships including a Presidential Scholarship. Further study in graduate school is Leslie D. Blasius ' s goal for the immediate future. He graduated from EKU with a Bachelor of Music degree and a 3.7 GPA. A Jane Campbell Scholar- ship winner, Blasius found Eastern gave him " a great opportunity to learn due to its excellent music faculty. " TOP: Pamela Conlin. LEFT: Leslie Blasius. Honors Who ' s Who 233 Students Learn By Experience " The pen is mightier than the sword " reflects Susan J. Becker ' s attitude towards journalism. She chose this field because she enjoys writing, especially about sports. She hoped to eventually own a small sports magazine or community newspaper. She was the captain of intramural basket- ball and Softball teams. Susan was president of the Society of Collegiate Journalists, and Student Representative to the Communications Depart- BELOW: Susan Becker. BOTTOM: Maria Ridenour. ment. She graduated with a 3.8 GPA having made the Deans List six times. Susan enjoys music and plays guitar, drums and the piano. Maria Ridenour graduated with a AB in journalism and is presently working with the Lexington Herald as a sports writer. She was sports editor for the Progress and a football statis- tician for the Ohio Valley Conference. Maria was also the president of CWENS, and president of Burnam Hall ' s Interdorm. She advises students to " do anything you can to get experience before graduation. " 234 Gonzella Black graduated this year with a B.S. in Psy- chology. Gonzella ' s honors and awards included Outstanding Black Student in 1976, Delta Sigma Rho president, Black Student Union President and the Civil Leader Award. She hoped to work towards a posi- tion as a school psychologist. Her philosophy was to " always do things that I will be proud of. " She graduated with an overall GPA of 3.5. Determination, courage and a sense of humor are what Bonnie Hall Combs thinks are important in helping to solve life ' s problems. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a cumulative grade point average of 3.9, Bonnie ' s goal was to work towards a PhD in clinical psychology. She was active in the Psychology Club and was president of Psi Chi. Her awards included the William H. Knapp Award from the Department of Psychology and work in the Phi Kappa Phi Honorary. TOP: Gonzella Black. BOTTOM: Bonnie Lou Combs. HonorsAVho ' s Who 235 Seniors Show Talents And Abilities Judy Wahlert graduated with a BA in art. Ac- tive in organizations such as Collegiate Pentacle, Kappa Delta Pi, and Chi Omega sorority, Judy was also the arts editor of both the Progress and the Aurora, secretary of the Art Student Associa- tion and a Panhellenic Delegate. As a member of the University Players, she had a lead role in " Blithe Spirit. " Judy plans to go into the field of advertising in the real estate market. She hopes to build a professional career for herself and wants to be able to adapt herself to any environment that she is in. Judy advises others to cultivate as many different skills as possible. Christy Edinger graduated with a degree i n Art Education. She was president of the Art Stu- dent Association and was the recipient of the Art History Award. Christy found that a willingness to work hard was the most important factor in her achievements. She planned to teach art and hoped to get a graduate degree. TOP: .Judy Wahlert BOTTOM: Christy Edinger 236 Honors Who ' s Who With a B.S. in Recreation and Park Admin- istration Nancy Waymeyer advised students going into her field to have a strong " desire to work for and with people of all types " and " to be will- ing to sacrifice a little of themselves for someone else ' s benefit. " Graduating with a G.P.A. of 3.88 her honors and awards included Phi Kappa Phi membership and being on the Dean ' s List. Nancy was active in the Recreation Club, the Oratorio Chorus and the Kentucky Student Recreation and Park Society. She hoped to work for a public service recreation organization. Ben Fish graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Park Administration. He hoped to attain a position with the National Parks Service after graduation. Ben was active in such organizations as the Wesley Foundation, of which he was president, the Student Senate, the Recreation Club and Phi Kappa Phi. Ben sums up his philosophy of life with a biblical quote: " In everything you do, put God first, an He will direct you and crown your efforts with success. " TOP: Nancy Waymeyer. BOTTOM: Ben Fish HonorsAVho ' s Who 237 Seniors Follow Public Service . . . Graduating with an A.B. in Political Science Linda Eads felt that political action was the only way to cause a real change in society. Linda was awarded the Danforth Scholarship and was ac- tive in the St udent Senate where she was a mem- ber of several key committees. She planned to teach political science after graduation and do additional study. Barbara Farley graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement. Her activi- ties included membership in the Military Police detachment, Scabbard and Blade, the Barristers, the Association of the United States Army and The Rookies, the organization in which she held the position of Vice-President. Barbara hoped to attend Law School and pursue a career in the military justice field. TOP: Linda Eads BOTTOM: Barbara Farley 238 Honors AVho ' s Who . . . And Business Careers Jeffery Harden, an Electronic Data Processing major was active in many varied organizations. Jeff was a member of the Student Senate, a mem- ber of the Theta Chi Social Fraternity and was an Interfraternity Council delegate. He also was a member of Kappa Iota Epsilon, the sophomore men ' s honor society. Jeff hoped to become a com- puter programmer after graduation and later to go into the field of systems analysis. Graduating with a BBA in accounting, Keith Nutter summed up his philosophy with " learn from your mistakes. " Keith was active in the ac- counting club and was a member of the Eastern Kentucky University tennis team. He graduated with a 3.98 grade point average. TOP: Jeff Harden BOTTOM: Keith Nutter HonorsAVTio ' s Who 239 Students Are Career Oriented Steven D. Green ' s " desires for a challenging career in the sciences and working with and for people " led him to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Medical Sciences. He was president of Kappa Iota Epsi- lon, vice-president of the Cad- uceus Club and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. He graduated with a 3.88 GPA. David Brough graduated from Eastern with a 3.85 grade point average. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Medical Science and was active in the People Who Care organization, Kappa Iota Ep- silon and the Caduceus Club, an organization of which he was president for two years. David hoped to go to Medical School at the University of Louisville and go into General Medicine in a rural community. TOP: Steve Green BOTTOM: David Brough 240 Honors Who ' s Who Karen Jean Bums graduat- ed from Eastern with a Bach- elor of Science degree in Math- ematics with a minor in Data Processing. She was active in the Wesley Foundation, the Math Honorary Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Collegiate Pentacle and the Agriculture Club. Karen wanted to go into the field of Data Processing in an industri- al setting. Her grade point average was 3.81. Actively participating in many organizations aided Martha Maggard to enjoy her college experience. She was a member of CWENS, Collegiate Penacle, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, the Baptist Student Union Choir, S.N.E.A., and McGregor Hall House Council. Martha ' s phil- osophy was " to do what you en- joy even though you may not have a lot of material gain to show for it. " She graduated with a B.S. in mathematics and planned to go into teach- ing. TOP: Karen Bums BOTTOM: Martha Mag- gard HonorsAVho ' s Who 241 Seniors Plan For Future A variety of interests characterized Robyn Hat- ley, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Bachelor of Art degree in Chemistry. Robyn was captain of the football team, voted All Conference and Honorable Men- tion All-American. He received the Student Ath- lete Award, Most Valuable Player Award, was secretary of the E-Club and was on the Dormi- tory House Council. He planned to go to medical school and someday become a family practioner in a rural town. His philosophy was summed up with his statement " treat people like you would like to be treated, and treat people ' s ma- terial things as though they were yours. " Chris Reynolds graduated with a 3.367 GPA major in Psychology and a minor in English. She was very active in many organizations including president of Collegiate Pentacle, vice-president of Kappa Delta Pi, treasurer of Psi Chi, CWENS president and advisor, Homecoming committee student co-chairman and was chosen the Student Speaker at President Martin ' s Tribute Dinner. Chris hoped to help people in following a psycho- logy-based career. TOP: Robyn Hatley BOTTOM: Chris Reynolds 242 HonorsAVho ' s Who The beauty of Eastern ' s campus and friends advice brought Katie Krawiec to Eastern. Grad- uating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Phy- sical Education and an endorsement in Traffic Safety, Katie attained a cumulative grade point average of 3.83 and was active in many organizations. She was a member of the track team, the EKU dance theatre. Delta Psi Kappa, Collegiate Pentacle and the Kappa Delta Social Sorority. Katie hoped to go into teaching after graduation and graduate school. Marcia Mueller graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. She was awarded the Outstanding College Athlete award in 1975, and a College Basketball Player of the Year Award in 1975. Marcia was a member of Delta Psi Kappa, the women ' s P. E. Honorary and Kappa Delta Phi. She hoped to teach physical education in public elementary school and work with the handicapped. Her philosophy of life in- cluded the idea that " you can ' t always judge suc- cess or failure by the end result, but rather by all that went on while attempting to achieve that goal. " TOP: Katie Krawiec BOTTOM: Marcia Mueller HonorsAVho ' s Who 243 Who ' s Who Winners Show Diversity Kathy Grubbs graduated with a B.S. in Police Administration, an A. A. in Criminalistics and a GPA of 3.73. She was active in the Association of Law Enforcement and held the positions of sec- retary and treasurer in Alpha Phi Sigma. Karen chose Eastern because she thought it to have one of the oustanding schools of Law Enforcement in the nation. " Enlightening " is how David Glenn Perkins describes his four years at Eastern. David grad- uated with a B.S. in Police Administration and will be commissioned in the United States Army. He was a member of the wrestling team, AUSA, and Scabbard and Blade. RIGHT: Kathv Grubbs BELOW: David Perkins 244 Marianne Melville graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Dietetics with a minor in Busi- ness. She planned to continue her education by getting a MA and PhD in the area of nutrition. Marianne held several offices in the Phi Mu so- rority including pledge class president, cor- responding secretary, house chairman and scho- larship chairman. She was also the publicity chairman of the Food and Nutrition Club, vice- president of the Telford Hall House Council, and a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Theresa Keene graduated with a BS in Tex- tiles and a minor in Chemistry and Business Ad- ministration and hoped to work in the area of Textile Testing and Quality Control. She was a member of CWENS and Phi Upsilon Omicron. She was a president of Phi Mu sorority, a Pan- hellenic Delegate, and vice-president as well as secretary of the Panhellenic Council. Theresa re- ceived the Presidential and Panhellenic Scholar- ships. TOP: Marianne MelvUle LEFT: Theresa Keene Honors Who ' s Who 245 Seniors Anticipate Future Keeping " a positive attitude and not letting things pile up " helped Lois Ann Coulter grad- uate with a 3.98 G.P.A. and a B.S. in physics and mathe- matics. Her honors included the Gifford Science Scholar- ship, Freshman Physics Award, and the Florence B. Strate- meyer Award. Lois was a mem- ber of CWENS, Collegiate Pen- tacle, and was president and vice-president of Kappa Mu Epsilon. She hoped to be either a junior high or high school teacher in math and physics. Julia Schooler graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Chemistry. Active in many organizations, she was a member of Collegiate Pentacle, Phi Sigma, the Milestone Staff, Baptist Student Union, German Club, Women ' s Inter- dorm, Caduceus Club and Ora- torio Choir. She held the offices of president and vice-president of the Bowling Club, president and floor representative of Mc- Gregor Hall House Council, and secretary of the Cave Club. Julia planned to attend Dental School and become a dentist. TOP: Lois Coulter BOTTOM: Julia Schooler 246 Honors Who ' s Who R. Chris Puffer graduated with a BBA in Transportation and Logistics Management and a 3.85 GPA. He planned to at- tend law school and become specialized in Transportation Law. Besides being on the var- sity baseball team, he was vice- president of Scabbard and Blade and treasurer of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Chris attributed his GPA to his philosophy of " Work and play shouldn ' t get in the way of eac h other. Equal time should be devoted to both. " Bardstown native Mary Jane Blair graduated with a Bachelor of Business Adminis- tration in Accounting. Her awards included the Kentucky Society of C.P.A. ' s Bluegrass Chapter Award and being named to the Dean ' s List. Mary Jane planned to work to- wards being a Certified Public Accountant and work for a smaller C.P.A. firm. Her phil- osophy of life included the im- portance of " looking at what ' s ahead instead of dwelling on the past. " TOP: Chris Puffer BOTTOM: Marv Jane Blair M l.t.%BII.ITIF.N OP THK ' PA-r»om- Honors Who ' s Who 247 Students Follow Teaching Careers JoAnn Griffey graduated with a degree in Ele- mentary and Special Education and a grade point average of 3.5. She was elected as the out- standing greek woman by the office of Student Affairs. Her activities included membership in Alpha Delta Pi social sororoity, The Kappa Delta Pi honorary and an office in the Panhellenic Council. JoAnn planned to focus her future work around aiding mentally retarded children to find a useful position in society. Sarah Lynn Gooch ' s goal was to help children with learning disabilities. She graduated with a 3.8 GPA and a B.S. in Elementary and Special Education. She was a member of CWENS, Col- legiate Pentacle, and Kappa Delta Pi. Sarah was also the underclass section editor of the Mile- stone. Active in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, Sarah held the offices of treasurer and president. She was the recipient of the Jr. Panhellenic Award and the Alpha Gamma Delta Alumni Chapter Scholarship and Activities Award. TOP: JoAnn Griffey BOTTOM: Sarah Lvnn Gooch 248 Honors Who ' s Who Robbin Lynn Murray ' s philosophy of life was " to do the best I can, to be the most that I can be, to use my strengths to uplift others, and most of all to be an individual, worthy of God ' s love. " She graduated with a BS in Physical Edu- cation and had a 3.7 GPA. Robbin was a member of PEMM, Women ' s Officiating Service, House Council, and was the chaplain of Delta Psi Kappa. She was also active in sports and was on the Intercollegiate Field Hockey team and the In- tercollegiate Track and Field team. Velma Lehmann graduated with a BS in Phy- sical Education with an Endorsement in Coach- ing and Elementary supervision. Her grade point average upon graduation was 3.5. She was active in Delta Psi Kappa, a P.E. majors club, and was a member of the women ' s volleyball and basketball teams. Velma planned to teach physical educa- tion on either the high school or college level. She attributed her success to her philos ophy of " making the most out of life and giving llO c of yourself in everything you do. " TOP: Robbin Murray BOTTOM: Velma Lehmann Honors Who ' s Who 249 Students Use Training For Teaching Bill Wigglesworth advised others to " put out all you can — don ' t stand in the shadows — take the initiative. " Bill was awarded a Presi- dential Scholarship, and was a member of Delta Sigma Rho and Kappa Iota Epsilon. He was active in the Student Senate, Debate Team and House Council. Cindy Peck graduated with a 3.95 GPA and a AB in English. She hoped to teach college English after graduate school. Cindy was a mem- ber of the Aurora staff, Sigma Tau Delta, and was on the Student Publications Board. She was also awarded a Presidential Scholarship. RIGHT: Bill Wigglesworth BOTTOM: Cindy Peck 250 HonorsAVho ' s Who . . And Specialized Aid Graduating with a BA in Library Science, Jane Preston attributed her success to her goal of " being the best person I possibly can be. " She graduated with a GPA of 3.9 and was active in Lambda Sigma Omicron, Sigma Tau Delta and Kappa Delta Pi. Jane planned to go into library work and become a respected professional in her field. Stephanie Puckett, who graduated with a BA in Elementary Education and Kindergarten, chose Eastern specifically because of its Educa- tion program. She was the president of Collegiate Civitan, organizations editor of the Milestone, vice-president of Collegiate Pentacle as well as an active member of CWENS and Kappa Delta Pi. Stephanie considered her four years here at Eastern " A good experience. You only get out of it what you put into it. I ' ve met many people and learned a lot beyond general book learning. " LEFT: Jane Preston BOTTOM: Stephanie Puckett HonorsAVho ' s Who 251 Students Prepare For Business World " Life should be lived to the fullest " was Shelia Riggs, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education, philosophy of life. Shelia was active in Pi Omega Pi, a busi- ness education honorary. Phi Beta Lambda and was on the Dean ' s list. She planned to teach high school level business courses that would be interest- ing as well as informative. Her cumulative grade point average was 3.42. Roger Petrey graduated with a GPA of 3.86. He received a B.B.A. in Electronic Data Processing and was active in such organizations as Sigma Tau Pi and many class activi- ties. Roger found the field of data processing important be- cause of its effect on man ' s style of life. TOP: Shelia Riggs BOTTOM: Roger Petrey 252 HonorsAVho ' s Who Jim Chandler graduated with a double major of Social Work and Juvenile Justice and a minor in Political Science. Jim was active in student af- fairs, being the President of the Student Association as well as president of the Student Sen- ate. Coming from a small jun- ior college, Jim came to East- em because of its ' rural setting and the natural beauty of the campus. He planned to go to law school and follow a career helping people to solve their problems. His grade point aver- age upon graduation was 3.55. " Be open to all forms of education in your field " stated Amanda Shannon. Graduat- ing with a Bachelor of Arts de- gree in Broadcasting with a minor in Journalism, Amanda hoped to follow a career in broadcast journalism, either on television or radio. She was ac- tive in many activities includ- ing the Kappa Delta Tau Ser- vice sorority, the EKU Debate Team, the EKU Dance The- ater, writing on the Progress staff, and working as a stu- dent announcer producer for WEKU-FMATV. Her GPA up- on graduation was 3.6. TOP: Jim Chandler Shannon BOTTOM: Amanda HonorsAVho ' s Who 253 Students Involved In Industry William A. Sherrill gradu- ated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Education with a minor in Physical Edu- cation. His awards included the 1976-77 Milestone Senior College Athletes of America awards. He was a member of Iota Lambda Sigma, Phi Epsi- lon Kappa and the Kentucky Industrial Educational Associa- tion. Bill planned to teach In- dustrial studies and gymnas- tics in a secondary school. Steve R. Robinson graduat- ed with a B.S. in Industrial Technology and a G.P.A. of 3 .26. Steve recieved a two year R.O.T.C. scholarship and was active in many organizations, including Kappa Iota Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, The Na- tional Society of Pershing Rifles and the Society of Man- ufacturing Engineers. His awards included the Superior Cadet Decoration award, the Distinguished Military Stu- dent Award and the A. U.S.A. - R.O.T.C. Medal. Steve plan- ned a career in the Army ' s Corps of Engineers. TOP: William Sherrill BOTTOM: Steve Robinson JVW 254 HonorsAVho ' s Who Senior Citations Recognize Creativity The Milestone again awarded Senior Citations to those students who excelled in their various areas of study. The awards gave recognition to students who have fully utilized their years in college and broadened their academic experi- ences both inside and outside the classroom. Student Publications offered a multitude of op- portunities for students to use their creativity through journ alistic endeavors. Their different outlets of expression were displayed in the Mile- stone, the student yearbook, the Eastern Pro- gress, the Student newspaper and the Aurora, the student literary magazine. BELOW: STUDENT PUBLICATIONS. Connie Hall, Milestone Senior Editor; Judy Wahlert, Progress Arts Editor; John R. Madras, Milestone Editor-in-chief; Eric Middlebrook, Progress Editor-in-chief; Janet Smith, Milestone Managing Editor; Sarah Gooch, Milestone Underclasses Editor; Cindy Peck, Aurora Co-Editor. Connie Hall was on the Milestone staff for two years before she became Seniors Editor, a posi- tion she held for two years. Judy Wahlert worked on the Progress as staff writer and Fine Arts Editor. John R. Madras was on the Milestone staff for four years; serving two years as Business Manager, one as Sports Editor and one as Editor- in-Chief. Eric Middlebrook worked on the East- em Progress as a staff writer and Features Editor. This past semester he served as Editor-in-Chief. Janet L. Smith worked on the Milestone staff for four years; serving as staff member, Organiza- tions Editor, Greeks Editor, Academics Editor, Managing Editor, and Editor-in-Chief. Sarah Gooch worked on the Milestone staff for two years as a staffer before she became Underclass- men Editor for two years. Cindy Peck was on the Aurora staff for one year before she became Editor. Honors Senior Citations 255 Communications Majors Awarded The Milestone Senior Citations in the field of communications were awarded to those students in communications who were deemed bv their teachers to be outstanding students. The judge- ment was based on the students ' abilities, tal- ents and activities in the various communications Beth Williams was active as editor and nar- rator of the public service announcements for the National Guard and was public relations in- BELOW: COMMUNICATIONS. Standing: Beth Williams, Eric Middle- brook, Susan Becker. Sitting: Carl Burcham, Maria Ridenour, Mindy Shannon. tern for WTVQ-TV, Channel 62, in Lexington. Eric Middlebrook was Feature Editor and Edi- tor-in-Chief for the Eastern Progress and worked as a free-lance photographer. Susan Becker was active on the Eastern Progress as a staff writer. Carl Burcham worked on the Milestone and the Eastern Progress as writer and cartoonist. Maria Ridenour was sports Editor on the Progress and was a member of the Society of Collegiate Jour- nalists. Mindy Shannon was a producer an- nouncer at WEKU-FM and EKU-TV as well as staff writer for the Progress. 256 Honors Senior Citations Physical Education Seniors Recognized Senior citations were given to senior physical education ma- jors, nominated by their teach- ers, who had excelled in their studies. These students were judged on the basis of their overall participation in ath- letics and on various other fact- ors related to their field. LEFT TOP: MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION. Joe Shaheen, Tennis; Bill Baker. Ath- letic Trainer; Darrell Peavler. Track. LEFT MIDDLE: MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Greg Kiracofe, Football; Bob Landis, Football; Steve Hess, Football. LEFT BOTTOM: WO- MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Front Row: Robin Murray, Field Hockey; Katie Krawiec, Track; Shirley Wintjen, Field Hock- ey; Leigh Graves, Tennis. Back Row: Velma Lehmann, Basketball; Marcia Mueller, Bas- ketball; Mary Ann Kasselman, Manager; Barbara Bowman, Field Hockey. 257 Musical Abilities Honored The Milestone Senior Citations in the field of music were given to those music majors who were judged to be outstanding in their field of study. These students were chosen by their instructors for their achievements in the scholastic areas of music and for their extracurricular activities in music. BELOW: MUSIC. Karen Wise, Randy Kinsler, Debbie Sutherland, Lee Blasius, Mrs. Fran Gulp, and Diana Morrett. 258 Honors Senior Citations Speech And Drama Awards Given The Department of Speech and Drama nomi- nated Delphia Tyra and Bill Wigglesworth for the Senior Citation award in their field. This award was based on the contributions of the students to the programs of the speech and drama depart- ment and for their activities and achievements in this area. BELOW: SPEECH AND DRAMA. Delphia Tyra and Bill Wigglesworth. Delphia Tyra majored in Drama and Recrea- tion and was active in the University Players and the Dramatic Honorary Alpha Psi Omega. This spring she designed and supervised the construc- tion of costumes for a major theatrical production. Bill Wigglesworth majored in Speech and was active in the forensics program. Bill was also a member of the Student Senate and Delta Sigma Rho Speech Honorary. Honors Senior Citations 259 Outstanding Greeks Nominated By Student Affairs This year ' s selection for out- standing Greek Woman was Joann Griffey of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Throughout college she held many offices in ADPi and was active in Panhellenic. She served as first vice presi- dent, treasurer, program chair- man for the Miss Eastern Pa- geant and Junior Panhellenic adviser. Joann, an elementary and special education major, was also a member of Kappa Delta Pi and SNEA. Joseph R. Redinger was chosen as outstanding Greek Man. A member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, he was their pledge trainer and IFC delegate. Joe served as secretary and Presi- dent of the Interfraternity Council and was its representa- tive to the Southeastern IFC Conference. He was also a resi- dent assistant in Todd Hall and an EKU cheerleader. RIGHT: GREEK MAN AND WOMAN. .Joe Redinger and Joann Griffey. 260 Honors Greek Man and Woman Student Leadership Recognized Milestone awards for Senior Citations in the areas of student government and community ser- vice were given to those students who had demon- strated their ability and concern for the students and residents of the Eastern community. Greater development of student rights was the main in- terest of those in student government; while those in community services planned activities in sup- port of various community-minded organizations. BELOW: COMMUNITY SERVICE. Wilbert Goatley. activities in Black Student Union and University Centerboard Committee: Chris Reynolds, Cancer Crusade and Special Olympics work; Mike Duggins, Student Senate and Resident Hall Program activities; Gonzella Black, Student Senate and Black Student Union work; George Blackburn, work on the Red Cross Blood Drive. RIGHT: STUDENT GOVERNMENT. Jim Chandler, Student Association President; Alven Brite. Men ' s Interdorm President; Mary Ann Mulcahey, Women ' s Interdorm President; Mark Girard, Student Representative to the Baord of Regents. Honors Senior Citations 261 Military Science Seniors Recognized The Milestone Senior Citation awards present- ed by the military science department were awarded to the outstanding seniors in the mili- tary science program at Eastern. These awards were based on the proven leadership skills, scho- lastic and departmental awards, and the activi- ties performed by the recipients for the university and the community. BELOW: MILITARY SCIENCE. Front Row: Faye Mosby, Karen Lin- nenkohl, Aurthur Pascal, Lacey Strader, Chris Puffer. Back Row: Steve Robinson, Mark Ochsenbein, Steve Brookshire, Dave Perkins. 262 Honors Senior Citations Honoraries Aid In Elections ABOVE: LAMBDA SIGMA. First Row: Claudia Denzinger, Kathy Lisch, Rita Masden, Nancy Presnell, Jane Paris, President; Linda Chamberlain, Sue Richardson, Dale Hashagen, Secretary; Ann Marie Eaton. Middle Row: Georgiana Treadway, Dona Neville, Ritual Chairman; Connie Sandbrink, Terrell Davis, Paula Jenkins, Debra Meers, Barbara Downs, Alice Maggard. Back Row: Martha S. Grise, Faculty Advisor; Mary Ellen Tolar, Faculty Advisor; Cindy Hinzman, Chris Reynolds, Robin Stoddard, Cindy Tupman, Mary Jo Baumann, Judy Caulk, Bonnie Lush, Trea- surer; Lisa Davis, Jan Schwartz, Becky Hoag, Mary De Santis, Vice-President; Sandra Hodge, Elaine Foy, Nancy Owens. TOP: COLLEGIATE PENTACLE. Sitting: Louise Zeigler, Maribeth Prager, Peggy Appen- felder, Chris Reynolds, President; Cheri Ward, Patti McGrath, Lynn Ward, Sarah Gooch, Susan McCasland, Marianne Melville. Stand- ing: Kathy Heil, Jane Hoover, Karen Kelly, Nancy Oberschmidt, Debbie Casey, Treasurer; Stephanie Puckett, Vice-President; Cathy Morrison, Editor; Elaine Drake, Chaplain; Terri Kirk, Diane Phillips, Julia Schooler, Lois Coulter, Judy Wahlert, Janice Lewis, Kim Haney, Karen Bums, Ruth Price, Anna Allen. Collegiate Pentacle, the se- nior women ' s honorary, whose members were required to have a 3.0 academic standing and to be active in at least two other campus organizations, re- cognized the leadership and scholarship qualities of their members. The women par- ticipated in such campus pro- jects as student elections, Homecoming and the " Hang- ing of the Greens " . They also sponsored the Emma Y. Case Scholarship and had a banquet for new members. Working closely with the Of- fice of Student Affairs, Lamb- da Sigma Society distributed Welcome Wagon packets to in- coming freshmen during regis- tration, handed out I.D. ' s, and worked at all campus elections. Members also collected canned goods for needy families at Christmas, decorated for the Homecoming Dance, and help- ed with the Special Olympics. The E.K.U. chapter hosted " Regional Day " for all Lambda Sigma Society chapters in Kentucky and treated new members to a banquet. Honors Honoraries 263 Scientific Honoraries Pursue Projects The international geographic honorary, Gamma ThetaUpsilon, dedicated to the further- ance of knowledge and professional development of its members, had many interesting projects this year. Along with presentations on topics geared toward geography, the students enjoyed field trips to race horse farms and Kentucky bourbon distilleries. In addition, the group spon- sored a spring break trip to Merida, Yucatan in Mexico where they visited ancient Mayan ruins. Organized to create a climate congenial to professional growth, Psi Chi held bi-monthly meetings at which they planned activities of a psychological nature. After the initiation of new members in the fall, the honorary viewed and discussed films pertinent to their field; and heard several guest speakers who spoke on psychologi- cal trends and new developments in research. Socially, the organization enjoyed a Christmas party at the home of their advisor. RIGHT: GAMMA THETA UPSILON. Stan Henize, Ann Burkhardt, Sam Hall, Garv Hall- mark, Steve Mills, Phil Morgan. BELOW: PSI CHI. Seated: Chris Reynolds, Lynda Hol- lingsworth, Rita Simpson, Mary E. Allen, Cathy Arrigon. Bonnie L. Combs, Debbie Sutfin. Standing: Debbie Choate, Rhonda Taylor, David Neace, Ronald Vogel, Douglas Hindman, Advisor. 264 Honors Honoraries P.E. Honoraries Active Each monthly meeting of Phi Epsilon Kappa provided time for its members to enjoy a program related to the area of physical education. Guest speakers stimulated discussions of recent devel- opments in their field, and encouraged students and faculty to share their ideas as fellow profes- sionals. The honorary fostered scientific research and promoted community understanding in sup- port of health, recreation and physical education. Recognizing worthwhile achievement among women in physical education, and cultivating fel- lowship among members were the primary goals of Delta Psi Kappa. The women served as assis- tants at the Becky Boone Relays and ran an in- formation booth at the Girls ' State High School Basketball Tournament, held at Eastern. Social- ly they enjoyed a group Thanksgiving dinner, Parents Day activities and a picnic. LEFT: PSI EPSILON KAPPA. William Sher- rill. President; Hal Holmes, Faculty Advisor; David G. White, Arthur J. Sclubba, Anthony Webber, Vice-President; Kevin O ' Brien. Sec- retary; Brewier Welch, Treasurer; Odell Phillips. BOTTOM: DELTA PSI KAPPA. Seated: Katie Krawiec, Treasurer; Cathie Hirsch, Corresponding Secretary; Velma Lehmann, Neena Ambrose. Shirley Wintjen. Standing: Dr. Peggy Stanaland. Faculty Ad- visor; Susan McCasland, Ambie Browning, Diane Campbell, Robbin Murray, Chaplain; Marcia Mueller, President; Sherry Yeager, Mary Ann Kasselmann, Gayle Freshwater, Kathy Wilson, Joni Adams, Tammie Perkins. Honors Honaries 265 Honoraries Provide Camaraderie, The national military honor society Scabbard and Blade had a full year of activities. The unit provided the sabre arches for the Homecoming Queen candidates and took part in the R.O.T.C. Day ac- tivities and the Military Ball. They also served as the honor guard for President Martin ' s retirement dinner and spon- sored Congressman Tim Lee Carter as a guest speaker at one of the society ' s meetings. The purpose of Alpha Phi Sigma, the national criminal justice honor society, is to re- cognize the academic achieve- ment of its members and to inspire pride and efficiency in its members toward work in the criminal justice field. This or- ganization presented an honor- ary membership to Kentucky State Police Commissioner Truitt Ricks and also worked with the Association of Law Enforcement on Career Dav. i.jii II II If, I ij TOP: SCABBARD AND BLADE. Front Row: Cpt. Allan F. Fleming, Faculty Advisor; Daniel Britt, Commander; Vickey Renner, Sponsor; Rebecca Cody, Sponsor; Chris Puffer, 1st Lieutenant; Faye Mosby, 1st Sergeant. Second Row: Karen Linnenkohl, Stephen Turner, Mark H. Ochsenbein, Wallace Scott, Steve Brookshire, David Perkins, Ken Phil- lips. Third Row: Gary Miles, Steven Adwell, Debbie Zych, Linda Dapkus, Theodore Kom- hoff. Rex Kirkpatrick, Barbara Farley. Fourth Row: Malvin Jones, Todd Gordon, Jim New- ton, Mike Kelley, Craig Pigg, Arthur Pascal, Keith Giles. ABOVE: ALPHA PI SIGMA. Stephen Wolfzom, Kathy Grubbs, Treasurer; Charles Moody, President; Brian Cornish, Vice-President; Debbie Zych, Karen Linnen- kohl, Ron DoUin, Allan Decker, Mary Ladd, Barbara Farlev. 266 Honors Honoraries Work And Competition Alpha Psi Omega, a nation- al dramatic honorary open to both theater and non-theater members, initiated students who had taken part in East- em ' s dramatic productions. These students had worked either in the technical or acting aspects of dramatics and gain- ed membership through work- ing on a series of productions. All aspects of speech, rang- ing from team debating to in- dividual competition, were dealt with by Delta Sigma Rho, Eastern ' s forensics honor- ary organization. The group actively participated in many intercollegiate forensic trials and made several field trips. TOP: ALPHA PSI OMEGA. Front: Chrissy Denzinger, President; Back: J. Ceil Fitz- patrick, Vice-President; Laurie Hof, Delphia Tyra, Deborah Gay, Deborah EskridEe, Ellen Bach. ABOVE: DELTA SIGMA RHO. Hobert Sergent, Tina Schoewe, Ross Ballard, Gonzella Black, John Sayles, Bill T. Wig- glesworth, Dr. Max B. Huss, Sponsor. Honors Honoraries 267 Honoraries Recognize Achievements Phi Kappa Phi, the honor- ary recognizing superior schol- arship in all academic disci- plines, was formed to promote and recognize those students who have shown excelle nce in all fields of study while at East- em. The organization held ini- tiation ceremonies for new members and sponsored sever- al general purpose meetings during the year. The national professional health service honorary, Eta Simga Gamma, was formed to further competence and dedi- cation in and for the health sciences. The group ' s activities included work during the Health Fair in February, a screening night for all health students and sending two mem- bers to a National Environ- mental Health Association meeting in Nashville. TOP: MEMBERS OF PHI KAPPA PHI. Faye Allen, George Ansley, Karen Bailey, Ann Bertrand, Sarah Blake. Martin Carpenter, Gary Clark, Danny Comett, Paula Cox, Rhonda Craig. James English, Lisa Fuller, Lisa Gardner, Sandra Hatton, Janet Jobe, Lois Martello. Carol Meiner, William Moore, Polly MuUins, Nancy Perkins, Linda Ruf, Richard Sharpe, Tracy Snowden, George Thompson, Betty White, Kathy Wilson. ABOVE: ETA SIGMA GAMMA. Front Row: Amy Bartholo- mew, President; Karen Eubanks, Ruthanne Malone, Margaret Lewis, Sandy Dick, Janice Frew. Second Row: Donna Feistritzer, Her- mann Bush, Sponsor; Don Calitri, Nancy Gluck, Joanne Gregory, Pat Leach, Sherry Robertson, Taryn Wells, Anna Jolly, Sharon Yeager. Third Row: Jerry Duff, Tom Linne- weber, Gery Lee. 268 Honors Honoraries Business Honoraries Travel TOP: SIGMA TAU PI. Front Row: Donna Lear, Vice-President; Robert McFalls, Presi- dent; Carolyn Etherington, Secretary; Dr. Fred Engle, Faculty Sponsor. Second Row: Gary Miller, Judith Beaty, Cheryl Christo- phers, Sylvia Morris, Joyce McKee, Becky Gardner, Debra Adington, Janice Adams, Melody Palm. Third Row: Susan Moberly, Cordelia Harris, Sharon Zipperle, Nancy Wyant, Lowry McKee, Jim Farris, David Wil- liams, Dale Petrey, Mary Lang. ABOVE: PI OMEGA PI. Edsel Mountz, Faculty Advisor; Dianne Smith, Shelia Riggs, Karen Robinson, Secretary; Faye Mosby, Treasurer; Peggy Richards, Myrena Jennings, Faculty Sponsor; Willard Mcintosh, Gregory Ebel, President. Sigma Tau Pi, the honorary business society, was organized for the purpose of promoting a feeling of unity and fellowship among its members and to establish opportunities for soc- ial and educational growth in the business community. Acti- vities for the year included spe- cial dinner meetings at local restaurants and occasional speakers at regular meetings. They also went on a field trip to the Cincinnati Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. A speci- al social was held during the fall semester to commemorate the organization ' s fiftieth an- niversary. Eastern ' s oldest honor fra- ternity, Pi Omega Pi, was or- ganized to foster high ethical standards and scholarship de- velopment among business ed- ucation and professional stu- dents in related fields. Mem- bers sponsored two money- making projects in order to send delegates to the national convention of Pi Omega Pi in Philadelphia. Honors Honoraries 269 Honoraries Aid Other Students Kappa Mu Epsilon, the math honorary, sought to stimulate an interest in the field of mathematics. Projects hosted by the group included math tutoring sessions, math brain teasers in the Progress and helping with the Mathe- matical Science Day activities. They also took part in field trips and heard various speeches relating to areas in mathematics. New members were initiated at the annual spring banquet. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi, the national educational honorary, was to acknowledge those students who have ex- celled in attaining elementary and secondary education de- grees. The group held several informal get-togethers during the year to discuss their field of study. TOP: KAPPA MU EPSILON. Seated: Karen Burns, Kay Futrell, Martha Maggard, Lois Coulter, President; Mary Lang. Standing: A. McGlasson, Advisor; Bruce Campbell, Vice- President; Tony Casamento. Treasurer. RIGHT: KAPPA DELTA PI. Front Row: Sue Stewart, Louise Zeigler, Carolyn Field, Renee Denman, Maribeth Prager, Kathy Nixon, President; Judy Wahlert, Chris Rey- nolds, Vice-President; Disine Phillips, Sarah Gooch. Second Row: Sharan Gwynn, Cindy Greene, Treasurer; Merry Luckett, Sheree McDavid, Shirley Geralds, Deborah Coulter, Susan Phelps, Jane Preston, Antionette Meyer, Patti Lindenmuth, Debbie Casey, Stephanie Puckett, Brewier Welch. Third Row: Kath- lynn Frith, Alice Cannon, Janet Griffin, Patricia Ann Godby, Debbie Lowman, Sec- retary; Jennifer Spries, Janet Hays, Karen Kelley, Kevin O ' Brien. 270 Honors Honoraries And Perform Public Services Eastern ' s library science club, Lambda Sigma Omi- cron, was active this year in volunteer library work, activi- ties for the Mount Maternal Health League and helped pre- pare a reference book biblio- graphy for the incoming fresh- men. The club was formed to educate its members in the use of the library ' s resources and to aid the members in their abili- ty to perform the duties of li- brary sciences. Phi Upsilon Omicron, the honorary home economics or- ganization, participated this year in campus and community activities that served and ad- vanced the home economics profession. The group gave a formal dinner party for the home economics faculty, spon- sored a home economics de- partmental forum for high school students and gave a Hal- loween party at the Kenwood Nursing Home. TOP: LAMBDA SIGMA OMICRON. Seated: Jennie Springate. Treasurer; Janie Whitworth, Vice-President; Jane Preston, President. Standing: JoanneGregorv, Susan Phelps, Susan Deickmann. LEFT: PHI UPSILON OMI- CRON. Seated; Ramona Lainhart, Carla Walker, Suparb Chiaravanont, Martha Miller, Sue Stewart, Becky Neff, Pam Con- lin, Jana Hoover. Standing: Maria Byers, Dianne Vogt, Jea nnie Pendergrass, Mary Jo Baumann, Sandra Gukeisen. Treasurer; Cathy Morrison, Pamela Martin, Peggy Appenfelder, Vice-President; Louise Zeigler, President; Patti McGrath. Honors Honoraries 271 Honoraries Support Many Causes Eastern ' s Alpha Eta Chapter of Delta Omicron was again recognized as the International Chapter of the Year. The wom- en ' s honorary promoted an ap- preciation for good music and helped its members to develop their highest degree of music- ianship. The women held two musicals on campus, held a square dance, went Christmas caroling, and gave a musical presentation at the Veteran ' s Hospital in Lexington. They ended the year with their an- nual Parent-Alumni Banquet. Full membership in Sigma Tau Delta was open to those upperclass English majors who had attained a 3.0 G.P.A. Stu- dents with an equally high G.P.A. and an abiding interest in English were eligible for as- sociate memberships. Activi- ties for the year included a trip to Actor ' s Theater in Louis- ville, a formal dinner and a picnic. TOP RIGHT: DELTA OMICRON. Front Row: Pam Haag. Charisse Adams, Billie Par- sons, Anne King. Second Row: Elizabeth Carruba. Marcia Howard, Sandra Scott, Jo- Ann Utter, Karen Wise. Stephanie Sepate, Cherly Austin, President; Debbie Kearns, Brenda Music, Bridget Bishop. Third Row: Eugenia Ezell, Jane Terry, Donna Campbell, Susie Daniels, Sandv Howard, Rhonda Shelton, Judy Reed. RIGHT: SIGMA TAU DELTA. Front Row: Jennifer Daniels, Ja- queline Maki, Lisa Fuller. Back Row: D.J. White, Cathy Cassady, Mike Fraser, Vice- President; Janice Lewis, President; Jane Preston, SecretaryATreasurer; Janet Hays, Jennifer Spires, Warren English. 272 Honors Honoraries Clubs Travel And Raise Money The purpose of Rho Epsilon, Eastern ' s professional real estate fraternity, was to pro- mote professionalism within the real estate field and to up- grade the quality of real estate personnel. The group ' s activi- ties included a dance and an initiation banquet. They also sent members to the national Rho Epsilon convention in Houston. Eastern ' s male P.E. club, the E-Club, stated its purposes as being to work towards the improvement of conditions for athletes, to aid student-faculty relations in the field of ath- letics and to further the cause of athletics at the university. The club ' s activities included ushering and selling programs at all of Eastern ' s home bas- ketball games. The athletes al- so raised money for the pur- chase of " E " rings, which go to all seniors who have lettered and participated in the club for three years. TOP LEFT: RHO EPSILON. Front Row: Robert Parson. Faculty Advisor; Robert Miller. Vice-President; Joe Steier, President; Sue Ann Humfleet, Secretary: Sherri Mayne, James Russell, Treasurer; Loyld Crowe, Dr. Donald Bodley, Senior Faculty Advisor. Back Row: Barney Coulter, Ed Reiley, Franklin Grant, Rick Skinner, Steve Hasty, Jim Robinson, Richard Browning, Darrell House. LEFT: E-CLUB. Front Row: Brent Rutemiller, Mike Lopriore, Arthur Sciubba, Vice-President: Steven Streight, Jim Cropley. Second Row: John Meisenheimer, Jim Nelson, Steve Hess, Ernie House, Randy Holihan, Treasurer; Steve Frommeyer, President. Third Row: Joe Dren- nen, Rickey Mitchell, Randy Heaberlin, Robert Mueller, Ray Hoerse, Bruce A. Scales. Honors Honoraries 273 A ,H ' . . s , , % . e T ' ?%■ . , . ' •r % 1976-1977 Was A Productive Year As Several New Programs Were Launched The 1976-77 school year was most productive for the Stu- dent Association. Several pro- grams which had been in the making for many months were finally implemented. With no grades, tests, costs, or academic credit to worry about — Free University be- came a reality. There was wide participation from students, faculty and administrative staff who volunteered their time and talents to teach class- es ranging from such things as frisbee and automechanics for women to Philosophical Study of Idealism. Enthusiasm was high as people eagerly register- ed for the free classes. Good People ' s Food Co-op was also initiated by SA in the fall, and membership was open to everyone. All who joined contributed an equal amount of money and received an equal share of food. Savings on food costs ranged from 25-65 per- cent. Money for the Scotia Schol- arship Fund was collected by charging entry fees to those craftsmen who had booths at the first annual Scotia Arts and Crafts Fair. The scholarship was established for the purpose of helping a Kentucky high school student, whose father died in a mine related accident, obtain a college education. Student advisers were pro- vided those students who had to appear before the Student Disciplinary Board for various offenses leading to their sus- pension. A plan was also sub- mitted to Eastern ' s President, Dr. J. C. Powell, whereby stu- dents could have access to a lawyer at reduced rates. The Association distributed a simplified " Know Your Rights " booklet, explaining the rights students actually have at Eastern. As an aid in finding frequently needed business, medical, and entertainment places in the Richmond area, EKU students received a " Help Fact Sheet " , also pub- lished by SA. Members had an an active part in voter registration prior to the presidential election. Over 1000 students took ad- vantage of the campus regis- tration site. Plans for a long-awaited, much-discussed 24-hour co-ed study area finally began. A committee was formed to de- termine the real need for the area and the most appropriate place for its location. A trip to Fort Lauderdale was arranged through the new student travel service, offering students an opportunity to fly to Florida for one week at a lower rate than the regular fare. Other programs that were developed include a 24-hour book return at the library, an off-campus living guide, and a mandatory teacher evaluation by students. New projects that were proposed, but not yet adopted were a more extensive health care plan, expanded li- brary hours, and more varieties of entertainment on camus. RIGHT: -Jimmy Chandler, president of the Student Association, discusses business with one of the se nators. d . 276 Organizations Student Association ABOVE: STUDENT COURT: First Row: Melody Hoover, Jana Hoover. Merri Walters, Student Court Clerk; Anne Berrv. Rita Pence! Second Row: Clay Bishop, Gary Schatz. Gayle Wilson, Chief Justice: John Shepherd, Steve Pence, Associate Chief Justice: James Hollo- way. LEFT: EXECUTIVE CABINET: First Row: Jimmy Chandler, President: Linda Eads, Academic Affairs; Merri Walters, Secretary; Betsy Jones, Elections; Robert C. Powers, Committee on Committees. Second Row: Michael Duggins, Special Advisor: Rick Littrel. Special Advisor: Tom Snyder. Finance. Organizations Student Court 277 ABOVE: Senator Rick Lettrell reads a letter regarding the success of the fall Crafts Fair. RIGHT: Upon his assumption of the pres- idency of Eastern Kentucky University. Dr. J.C. Powell was invited to address the Student Association and other interested students. 278 Organizations Student Association ABOVE: STUDENT ASSOCIATION. First Row: Rita Anderson, Marc Picoy. Dana Moore, Lou Ann Ross, John Cooper, Kenneth Bran- denburg, Rick Littrell, Larry Travis. Tony McPeek, Susie Watts. Second Row: Arleen Lane, Jody McQueen, Kathy Tincher, Jenny Gill, Tom Branscum, Zama Kimbindefru,Tina Schoewe. Bill Wigglesworth, John Samples, Cindy Roberts, Ross Ballard II. Third Row: Robert Power. Chairman of Committee on Committes: Linda Eads, Chairman of Aca- demic Affairs: Douglas Green, Gregory Bailey, Cindy Etrin, Chris Lilly, Betsy Jones, Chair- man of Elections; Elissa Perry, Chairman of Student Rights; Mary Lang, Karen Einstein, Rita Masden, Stephen Wolfzom, Kebbie Rubin, Mike Ditcher, Susan Travis. Fourth Row: Jimmy Chandler, President; William Kierer, Kenneth Richey, Randall Bell, Joseph Stroude, Tony Farmer, Mike Duggins, Speaker Pro-Tern; John Chidester, Aaron Thompson, Richard Blain. LEFT: A very successful pro- ject sponsored by the Student Association during the fall semester was the Crafts Fair. The Fair held outside of the Grill experienced a large student turn out. Organizations Student Association 279 I Clubs Participate In 1976 Elections 1976 proved to be an exciting year for the College Republi- cans and Collegiate Democrats. Since it was election year both clubs became very involved in the national elections. The fall of the year was spent campaigning for the two can- didates. In September, the Col- lege Republicans held a cam- pus canvass to find out the political feelings of the stu- dents. Many of the members volunteered their services at RIGHT: COLLEGE REPUBLICANS: First Row: Karen Lovelace, Debbie Rubin; State Secretary, Barbara Waldmann. Martin Stew- art, Lisa Williams, Chris Lilly; State Chair- man. Second Row; Ellen Engle, Linda Griffin, Patty Doggett; Chairwoman, Donna Goins, Tracey Kidd; Committee Woman. Third Row: Fred Engle; Advisor, Debbie Baker, Ani- ta Meiner, Don Platoff, Steve Mercer. Doug Green, Brenda Maggard, Laura Dav, and Pat- ric Arnold. BELOW: COLLEGIATE DEMO- CRATS: First Row: David Baird; President, John Hombeck; Vice President, Larry Travis; Treasurer, Barbara Gaffey, Mike Duggins, Jenny Gill, Agatha Johnson, Patty George, and Judy McQueen. Standing: Ross Ballard n, Kay Brewer, Richard Woeste, Dennis Fer- rell, Edward Bowman, Sheila McCane, Susan Stephens, Debra Meers, Carolvn Etherington, Kim Kinder, Janice Diemer, Beth Hagerman, Larry Oliver, Ellen Amster, Louann Oliver, Karen Cockerham, and Georgia McDaniel. the State Ford Campaign Headquarters. One of the main projects of the group was a voter registration and ab- sentee ballot canvass held in September and October. The Collegiate Democrats hosted the State Wide Dem- ocratic Convention. They also campaigned for their candi- date, Mr. Carter; they held a telephone campaign urging cit- izens to vote. On Election Day they held a nonpartisan car pool for the sick and elderly. Women ' s Interdorm Improves Campus Living With at least three repre- sentatives from each of the ten women ' s dorms, the purpose of Women ' s Interdorm was to pro- vide a means of self govern- ment for women living in dorms. Monthly campus wide activities were sponsored by the group to give people the opportunity to meet new people. Women ' s Interdorm devoted a lot of its time to such projects as Telford ' s parking lot, color T.V. ' s in women ' s dorms, dorm renovation, a re- vised off-campus living policy, health insurance for students, updating the open house pol- icy, finding a place for stu- dents to study after library hours, and obtaining useful equipment such as typewriters and sports equipment for the dorms. One of three s tudent gov- erning bodies on campus, the Women ' s Interdorm worked hard to improve campus living. ABOVE: WOMEN ' S INTERDORM. First Row: Reye Cobum, Dale Hashagen, Pam Mc- Cauley, Vice-President; Marcia Funke, Julia Schooler, Sandy Hamilton. Second Row: Kathy Blair, Susan Mclntyre, Joan Frazier, Diana Powell, Patrica Harvey, Marilyn Dab- ney. Third Row: Debra Simpson, Sharon Tackett, Peggy Hord, Lynne Bybee, Sec- retary-Treasurer: Beth Haering, Susan Tick- nor, Lynda Arehart. Judy Hunter, Kathy Johnson, Donna Kavanaugh, Mary Ann Mul- cahey. President: Sheila Tucker, Toby Gregory, Mary Ladd. Fourth Row: Stephanie Voltz, Marv Sebold, Laura Todd, Gail Jones, Beth Reginelli, Cathy Schmidt. LEFT: Wom- en ' s Interdorm in conjunction with Men ' s Interdorm sponsored Las Vegas Night in the Powell GrUl. Organizations Government 281 Men ' s Interdorm Promotes Campus Wide Events Der Deutsche Verein Offers Tutoring Services Men ' s Interdorm represents all male students living in resi- dence halls on campus. This strategic organization is vitally concerned with all aspects of residence hall life. Through many campus wide events and through daily contact with the students it represents, Men ' s Interdorm plays an important role in the educational devel- opment of EKU students. After almost losing Der Deutsche Verein due to rum- ors of dropping German, mem- bership dropped considerably. The members took part in their annual German banquet. High- lights of the year included a trip to Cincinatti to enjoy Ger- man culinary delights at one of the German restaurants of the city. Besides offering tutoring sessions, the club also helped with the two day international event sponsored by the foreign language department further promoting the club ' s objectives of spreading interest in the German culture. RIGHT: MEN ' S INTERDORM: First Row: Stephen Krivda, Secretary-Treasurer; James Parker, John Crose, Lesley Vamey. Tim Flynn, Doug Anderson, Alven Brite, President; Tom Albers, Vice-President; Steve Markert. Second Row: Matt Sunski, Earl Smith, David Francis, Ermie Slucher, Jeff Woolum. BELOW: GER- MAN CLUB: First Row: George Costas, Linda Griffin, Secretary-Treasurer; Roma Warford, Activities Chairman; Janice Lewis. Vice-Pres- ident; Melanie Miller, Willi Pratt, President; Terri Trammell, Alven Brite, Polly McDavitt, Amy Berryman. Second Row: Amy Odum, Phillip Slattery, Dennis Ferrell, Brenda Fash- er, Susan Mascharka, Diane Manifold, Mar- tin Wadewitz, Annette Hettinger, Nancy Hun- garland, Mary Ann Mulcahey, Melinda Miller, Angis Schmidt, Susan Popp, and Katy Cardo- si. Third Row: Tim McCafferty, Julia School- er, Teresa Watson, Kathy Bouer, Suzi Staugas, Kenneth Bailor, Jeanne-Marie Bowers, Beth Hagerman, Lisa Schneider, Pat Brown, Alison Cubbons. 282 Cerulo Espaiiol and Le Cercle Francais Offer Variety Of Activities For Members Students interested in for- eign languages had a variety of clubs in which to participate. Both the Spanish and French clubs provided many activities for their members. The Cerculo Espanol pre- sented an illustrated talk on the EKU Travel-Study trip to Mexico, and Languages In- ternational Open House. Mem- bers conducted a fund-raising candy sale for the club and commemorated Dia de las Americas (Pan American Day) on April 14. All functions of Le Cercle Francais were planned and conducted by its members. Their activities included a TOP: SPANISH CLUB: Rod O ' Neal, CamDle Horton, Natalie Edinser, Vice-President; Gail Grayson, Secretary-Treasurer; Barbara Downs, Peggy Evans, Beth Morgan, President; Kim Rittenour, Jennie Springate, Carolyn Eads. BOTTOM: FRENCH CLUB: First Row: Steve Carabron, Treasurer; Susan Young, Peggy Wine and Cheese Tasting party, a formal French Dinner, a breakfast, and several trips to French movies. The club also joined other language clubs in celebration of Inter- national Days. Simpson, Robin Young, Lou Ann Springmeier, Patti Page, Dee King, Julie Doian, Diane Man- ifold, Freda Nethery, President; Carl Ward. Second Row: Mike Duggins, Jenny Henson, Charlotte Sharp, Johanna Clancy, Carolyn Eads, Patricia Hurst, Susan Flynn, Maribeth Prager, Vice-President. 283 I.S.A. Offers Exchange Of Ideas The highlight of the year for the International Students was their dinner at which time there was an exchange of food and talent. Unique dishes re- presenting many countries were served to guests and mem- bers of the organization. Entertainment was provided by members of the organization revealing something about the culture of their country. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. First Row: Osamu Tamura, Salh Yahya, Abdulaziz Al- Zaagi, Abdulaziz Shoshan, Abduiranui Al- Saxegh, Theresa Reyes, Suparb Chiaravanont, Marilyn Justiniano, Jessie Thomas. Second Row: William Adams, Faculty Sponsor; Kan- nika Mahatapa, Anne Lin, Phyllis Cheng, Abby Sebina, Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Maria Leuns, Grace Hur, Melanie Berry, Mary Tsang, Secretary; Chaiya Chotikavanik, Presi- dent, Sucawat Senywangse, Treasurer. Third Row: Terue Yamashita, Ken Fru, King Chamlzz, Arthur Lau, Gary Lee, Vice-Presi- dent; All Tayakolian, Raja Salman, Dennis Fan, Cecil Roberts, Patrick Leung, Jack Stewart. RIGHT: Guests are intrigued by the demonstration of Japanese defense methods at the annual International banquet. 284 Organizations Service Baptist Student Union Creates Atmosphere Of Fellowship And Growth The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to lead students to a commitment of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The BSU attempts to provide many different weekly activities for fellowship and growth. This includes Bible study, worship experiences, choir, socials, coffeehouses, lun- cheon program, and service projects to a local nursing home, and a comprehensive care center. There are several small groups which travel and provide services to churches and other com- munity institutions and agencies throughout the year. Two singing groups, " Forever His " and " Jeremiah Junction " along with the puppeteers and choir will travel to Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina during Spring Break and lead special services. Throughout the year youth teams are sent to hold revivals in churches on weekends. Also students are sent each summer as summer missionaries sponsored by the local BSU. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION: First Row: Kathryn Taylor, Margaret Miller, Cindy Hack, Debra Meers, Carolyn Field, Sharan Gwynn, Steph- anie Battson, Janice Cowan, Linda Rowe; Social Coordinator, Susan Webb, Lois Webb, Mari Benedict, and Wendell Salyer. Second Row: Valerie Hampton; Intramural Chairman, Terry Gregory, Jill Steger, Denise McCoy, Sue Foster, Cheryl Olds, Rose Skaggs, John Martin, Patty Caesy, Debbie Claunch. Terri Kirk, Debbie MuUins, Rita Hauber, Mar- cella Horn, Elaine Drake; Coffeehouse Coordinator, Pam Gorenflo, Terri Martin, Bob Farmer; President, and Dale Adkins; Campus Minister. Third Row; Tom Combs, Carol Hatfield, Kathy Fentig, Butch Adkins; Intramural Chairman, Jimmy Russell, Rosemarie Henry; Communica- tions Coordinator, Kevin Beasley, Becky Gardner, Dale Hashagen, Joni Yates, Connie Ross, Camilla McKinney, and Kathleen Jones. Fourth Row; Bill Woods, Mark Jones, Benny Bivins, Jerry Cowan, Bill Barnes, Lee Dillon, Tom Newman. Julia Schooler, Robert Salyer, John Cowan; Spiritual Life Coordinator, Judy Smith, Debbie Terrell, Richard Hehl, Theda Graziani, Ida Slusher; Center Coordinator. Helen Hatton, Leonard Homsby, Tony Wilder, Rex Alexander, Laura Kirkwood, Alecia Claunch, Thomas Troth, Cheryl Crutchfield, Elaine Foy, and Marcis Funke. Organizations Religious 285 Community Action Projects Are A Sharing Of Faith And Love For Wesley Foundation To maintain a Methodist ministry for the total campus community is the purpose behind the establishment of the Wesley Foundation. It ' s goal is to provide for students, faculty, and adminis- tration a well balanced program of recreation, fellowship, both social and spiritual, and educa- tional growth. The Foundation choir travels throughout Kentucky and surrounding states presenting pro- grams of singing. Time is set aside each week for developing singing talents and preparing new presentations. Special activities conducted by the center are retreats which provide a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of campus life for an enrich- ing and relaxing weekend. Spiritual encounter groups spend time in self discipline and scripture study. Community action projects send students out to share their faith with elderly people in rest homes, hospitals or wherever they can serve the community. ABOVE: WESLEY FOUNDATION: First Row: Rhonda Beck, Becky Martin, Carolyn Eads, Kristin Hamilton; Publicity Chairman: Marsha Mobley, Teresa McConkey, Linda Coole, Susan Travis, Jenny Matracia, Becky Lykins, Karen Kempy, Sandy Suerdick, Lolly Griffing. Vicki Smith, Sue Thomas. Second Row: Eugene Strange; Campus Minister; Debby Huffman; Secretary: Gene Sewell, Jr. Special Programs Chairman: Jeannine Mott; Co-Chairman Community Action: Clifford Clark, Wanda Curtsinger, David Andes, Debbie Norris, Jenny Henson, Paulette John- son, Donna Fultz, Penny Newell, Paul Travis, Patricia Long: Co-Chair- man Community Action: Melody Palm. Third Row: Spike McCracken, Tim Hewlett, Myron Harod, George Bellamy, Mike Daley; Intramural Chairman: Scott Sewell, Ruthanne Malone, Rick Hamilton, Susie Bishop, Joyce Hansel, K.K. Cooper, Pat Blackwell, Becky Humphrey, Danita VanSickle, Cindy Byrd; Food Chairman. Fourth Row: John Chidester; Recreation Chairman: Steve Mercer, Hammel Brown, Dave Fidler, Rod Griffin, John Pwkhurst, Deb Elkins, Nancy Azbell, Terry Stratton; Worship Chairman: Lewis Sharper; President: John Enos, Mark Suter. 286 Organizations Religious Newman Center Breaks Ground Circle K Serves Community With enthusiasm and antici- pation high for the summer completion of the Newman Center building to be located between Walters Hall and Wesley Foundation, a lot of energy has been spent on pro- jects benefiting the building fund. Although this was the center ' s main interest, life con- tinued at the present location on Oak Street. Bible study groups, encounter sessions, speakers and pre-marital classes were provided for mem- bers. Circle K International, a very active service club on Eastern ' s campus, works in co- operation with their sponsor, the Kiwanis Club on many pro- jects. The group held many fund raising activities and sponsored parties for various institutions. ABOVE LEFT: NEWMAN CENTER. First Row: Kathy Heil, Bill Petrites, Pat Clifford, Myra Gwirtz, Sandra Steinheter, Christy Edinger, Stephen Wolfzom, Rita Masden, Gar Read, Mark Dorth. Second Row: Ruth Price, Ben Leachman, Lee Ann Gay, Alice Beres- ford, Maryann Dusing, President; Paula Lane, Karen Wires, Becky Courtney, Recording Sec- retary; Father Ronald Kettler. Third Row: MarkTheim, Warden; Jenifer Clouter, Annette Raymond, Ash Raymond, House President; Fred Gavnder, Dianne Vogt, Robin Stod- dard, Laura Lindeman, Mary Jo Bauman, Corresponding Secretary; Greg Stourde. ABOVE RIGHT: Ground breaking for the Newman Center takes place Homecoming Weekend at its new site behind Walters Hall. LEFT: CIRCLE K. First Row: Debbie Keeton, Secretary; Dandie Sexton, Treasurer; Rita Vanover, Communications. Second Row: Tom Greely, President; Tony Farmer, Sergeant at Arms; Hammiel Brown, Lewis Lambert, Lorenzo Eads, Vice-President; Captain Allan Fleming, Faculty Advisor. Organizations 287 KDT ' s Celebrate Fourteen Years Of Service Commemorating 14 years of service to the campus and community the sisters of Kappa Delta Tau sorority celebrated their Founder ' s Day in March. Socially the girls held retreats in the fall and spring of the year and a Spring Formal brought the year to a memorable end. At their annual Parent ' s Day Banquet in December, new officers were installed. This is the organization ' s sixth year of sponsor- ing an American Indian child, helping send her through school. Throughout the year the KDT ' s served as hostesses at banquets, helped give campus tours, and worked at the polls for cam- pus elections. Around Thanksgiving they col- lected canned goods for needy families in Rich- mond and took part in a Thanksgiving service at a Winchester church. On several occasions throughout the year the girls visited Willis Manor. In December the KDT ' s assisted in the annual Hanging of the Greens. They also sponsored a Benefit Dance for foster children in the Madison County area. The proceeds from which went to- ward the purchase of Christmas gifts for those children. BELOW: KAPPA DELTA TAU: First Row: Donna Lear; Finance Chair- man, Sandy Gast, Dixie Stinson, Mary Southworth, Carolyn Ethering- ton. Janet Vamey, Peggy Perkins; Treasurer, Linda Chamberlain, Dana Noel, Terri Weier, Gloria Gevedon, Kathy Ison, Linda Himes, Susan Fields, Jackie Harrison. Donna Stratton; Service Chairman. Connie AU- nutt, Lynn Shirley; Social Chairman. Brenda Baker; Vice President. Kim Cundiff, Nadine Smith; Corresponding Secretary, and Nancy Ober- schmidt; Recreation Chairman. Second Row: Vickie Mink, Judy Effoer, Jeanie Cassady, Frances Allen, Mindy Shannon, Vicki Bottom, Sharon Lawrence, Libby Karsner, Thelma Newsome, Agatha Johnson, Kathie Philpott, Margaret Wilkerson, Karen Johns, Martha Greenwell, Linda Maegly, Kathleen Mitchell; Pledge Chairman, Jane Robinson, and Patty Riehl. Third Row: Melody Duresne, Laura McCoun, Sandy Faulkner, Elaine Neal, Elaine Lowe, Diane Lowe, Billie Faye McGarvey, Joy Fowl- er, Madonna Mitchell, Donna Fultz, Jenny Henson, Paulette Johnson, Teri Wegenast, Patti McGrath; President, Carol Faulkner, Barbara Swain, and Diana Weterman. Fourth Row: Cheri Ward; Parliamentarian, Connie Gillepsie, Karen Kelly; Publicity Chairman. Debbie Durcan, and Valeria Holt. 288 Organizations Service Clubs Develop Understanding For Teaching Profession Programs in the areas of music, literature, and rights of children in pre-school and the elementary school where only a part of what ACE of- fered its members. A weekly story hour was conducted by members in the Learning Re- source Center of the library. Music and movement for club members and children from Story Hour with Dr. Arthur Harvey was another successful project sponsored by the club. Membership to SNEA re- quired enrollment in the educa- tional field, and a person could join regardless of his classifi- cation and no specific grade point was required. The SNEA was a pre-pro- fessional organization which strived to develop an under- standing and appreciation for the teaching profession. LEFT: A CE. First Row; Ethel Sams, Faculty Advisor; Vicki Bottom, President; Karen Johns, Barbara Barth, Paula Ruark, Vice- President; Vicki Schieman, Secretary- Treasurer. Second Row: Donna Williamson, Sharon Demaree, Carol Faulkner, Sherrie Hardwick, Lee Dillon, Deborah Faris, Eliza- beth Blades. BELOW: SNEA. First Row: Jane Preston, Donna Carroll, Antionette Meyer, Sheryl Martin, Membership Chair- man; Louise Zeigler, Secretary; Karen Johns, Brenda Baker, Lois Coulter, Deborah Coulter. Second Row: Vicki Bottom, Amy Strickland, Jeannie Penergrass, Vice-Presi- dent; Kathy Jones, Edna McCauley, Trea- surer; Barbara Behymer, Carol Faulkner, Historian; Nadine Smith, Shirley Geralds, Susan Travis. Third Row: Cindy Greene, Sharon Demaree, Becky Courtney, Laura Lindeman, Tom Albers, President; Charlene Watts, Mary Jo Bauman, Dianne Sebastian, Patricia Godby. i Club Gives Insight Into Health Fields Service Projects Sponsored By Rec. Club Membership to the Caduce- us Club was open to persons planning a career in medicine, dentistry, and other allied health fields. Throughout the year speakers were sponsored by the club to give its members an insight into the branches of medical schools. Operation Olympics for the handicapped and the Special Olympics for the mentally handicapped were two service projects in which members of the Rec Club participated. Social as well as service pro- jects were sponsored through- out the year for club members. Membership into the organiza- tion was for recreational majors. RIGHT: CADUCEUS CLUB. First Row: San- ford Jones, Sponsor; Jerry Ann Haves, Julia Schooler, Valerie Young, Julia Wigginton, Jo Ann Corura, Gwendolyn Cable, Marcia Lamb, Sarah Staples, Elaine Drake, Trea- surer; Mary Lyons, Dr. John Meisenheimer, Sponsor. Second Row: Patricia Blackwell, Bob Ward, John Tackett, James Byland, Billy Webb, J. David Oakley, Laura Todd, Robin Stoddard, C. Diane Bowens. Third Row: Allen Rader, Keith Stowers, David Brough, President; John Meisenheimer, Jr., Stephen Kees, Henry Norflett, Steve Green, Vice-President; Glenn Duggins, John Smith. BELOW: REC CLUB. First Row: Rita Pence, Mary Buckman, Libby Reese, Earl Smith, Donald Passenont, Nancy Waymeyer, Linda O ' Nan, Pam Taylor, Nancy Moss, Sue Craig, Elizabeth Maqura. Second Row: Jean Conley, Jenifer Cloutier, LeMaur Roberts, Rick Foltz, Carrie Utter, Claudia Shipp, Barbara Dewill, Debbie Smith, Lauri McDoug- all, Cathie lUenberg, Clay Cottongin, Jennifer Nelson, Denise Pagett. Third Row: Dionne Smith, Faculty Advisor; Paul Webster, Presi- dent; Bob Martin, Vice-President; Jeannette Gailskill, Treasurer; Mindy Cheap, Secretary. SCEC Hosts Statewide Convention SNEHA Present Award Winning Research Papers The state wide convention of the Student Council for Excep- tional Children was held at Eastern this year for all those with an interest in special ed- ucation. Local members plan- ned and participated in various activities with exceptional children, including a panel dis- cussion involving prominent Richmond citizens. Award winning research papers were presented by mem- bers of the Student National Environmental Health Associ- ation at both state and national conventions, which helped to promote their aim of develop- ing the environmental health program at Eastern. The group also conducted bi-monthly paper drives throughout the year. BELOW: STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN: First Row: Mary Kelly, Sec- retary; Jada Lothridge, Vice-President; Cindy Wenzel, Treasurer; Diane Drescher, Reporter; Donna Stratton, Mike Duggins, Marlene White, Patsy Disney, Kim Machtolff; Membership Chairman; Antionette Meyer, Diane Weaver, President. Second Row: Patti Lindenbuth, Pat Greenwell, Ellen Parris, Connie AUnutt, Becky Farmer, Nancy Wohlleb, Julie Beckman, Susan Winstead. Third Row: Trish Yeary, Terry Raulerson, Debra Click, Sharon Bullock, Mary Bailey, Suzanne Havis. Dedria Durham, Rhonda Beck. Fourth Row: Kathy Burnett, Kathy McCabe, Virginia Slusher, Paula Beck, Barbara Behymer, Kathy Eckstein, Donna Dill, Gail Adamson. Fifth Row: Alice Todd, Linda Holley, Helen Graves, Cindy Hinzman, Para Lewis, Lisa Farthing, Jeanne Griffin, Judy Young. Sixth Row: Bob Frey, Mary Shireraan, Betty Mills, Jeff Dotson, Angle Garrett. Glendine Preece, Lisa Jacobs, Melanie Mersch. Seventh Row: Karen Greenough, Faculty Advisor; Billie Nunn, Cassie Harris, Sharon Lawrence. BOTTOM: STUDENT CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION: Jan Frew, Tom Linneweber, Vice-President; Sandy Dick, Anna Jolly, Roy Foushee, President; Nigel Burkhardet, Ann Burkhardt, Treasurer; Beth Stokes, Kathy Arnold, Secretary; Debra Floyd, Donna Feistritzer, Dr. Romeo Carter; Faculty Advisor. Club Sponsors Therapy Services I Sigma Alpha Eta sponsored lectures, films, and video tapes for its members from speech and audiology. A buddy system was incorporated by the club to help freshmen and sophomores in the field. The group con- tinued therapy services for the University and Richmond community. Members were sent to nearby counties to screen for problems. Students were also sent to other universi- ties to examine their graduate programs in speech and audiology. BELOW: SIGMA ALPHA ETA. First Row: Donna Stratton, Cor- responding Secretary; Myra Fallon, Janice Cowan, Betty Carter. Second Row: Cindy Hack, Susie Sweat, Dana Moore, Prudence Locke, Kim Machtolff, Tom Branscum, Sarah Hockinsmith, Jege Hawkins, Pattie Lindenmuth, Vice-President; Gwen Gilmore, Third Row: Carolyn Werner, Secretary-Treasurer; Kathy Ruchard, Kathy Heil, President; Louise Cress, Terry Stratton, Karen Hamblin, Given Buffington, Kim Kinder, Judy Smith, Janet Pollard, Ann Schnoibus, Marcie O ' Nan, Sandra Richter, Beth Browning, Denise McCoy, Trish Wathen. RIGHT: Gwen Gilmore conducts a hearing test as a special service to the University and Richmond community. 292 Organizations Honorary Clubs Active In Area Of Home Economy Eastern ' s Food and Nutri- tion Club enjoyed a year full of activities. Two guest speakers presented topics on member- ship requirements of the Amer- ican Dietetic Association, and how nutrition information can be conveyed to the public. As a money-making project, mem- bers held a spaghetti supper in February. They ended the year with their annual banquet and awarded a deserving club member the Regina Nehaus Memorial Scholarship. More friendly faculty stu- dent relationship were encour- aged and developed at the pot- luck supper held by the EKU American Home Economics Association. The group ac- quaranted themselves with the foods and customs of other countries at their international foods party. Members attended a state wide workshop on aging, the handicapped, and con- sumerism, and enjoyed a fash- ion show held by a consultant from J.C. Penney ' s. LEFT: FOOD AND NUTRITION CLUB; First Row: Connie Fargo, Secretary; Janice Bratton, Vice-President; Peggy Appenfelder, Suparb Chiaravanont, Marianne Melville; Publicity Chairman, Pamela Brown. Second Row; Stephanie Jones, Karen Campbell, Phyllis Boone, Martha Miller, Sandra Gukei- sen. Treasurer; Cathy Morrison, President; Teresa Arndts. BELOW: AREA; Jeannie Pendergrass, Parliamentarian; Patricia Ober, Lynda Arehart, Vice-President; Charlene Watts, President; Kathy Fertig, Treasurer; Dianne Vogt, Publicity; Anne Wharton, Sec- retary; Sue Stuart, Wateetah Hale. Second Row; Nancy Quaack, Kim Back, Kathy Jones, Pamela Martin, Beulah Gabbard, Nance Strei- ber, Mary Jo Bauman, Martha Miller, Laura Lindeman, Laurie Anderson, Jana Hoover. Vocational Skills Outgrowth Of Clubs ' Projects Not an honor society, the MBA Association requires no specific grade point, as all graduates are required to main- tain a 3.0 GPA. The primary objective of the association is to publish an MBA journal which is compos- ed of business articles submit- ted by the members. Approxi- mately forty pages per issue the journal is published six times a year. In conjunction with the Bank of Richmond they conducted a seminar in small business rec- RIGHT: MBA: First Row: Myrena Jennings, Faculty Advisor; Peggy Click, Fredonna Cox. Seconci Row: R. Wuilleumier. Faculty Advisor Charles Bolton, John Osborne, Ray Gannon, Gary Clark. BELOW: PHI BETA LAMBDA: First Row: Dr. Emogene Hogg, Faculty Ad- visor; Lynn Jones, Elaine Butler, Christy Greinwell, Christine Scribner, Kathy Duna- way, Linda Howard, Angle Mullens, Linda Wilnaore, Sylvia Morris, Carolyn Blakeman, Lisa Chadwick, Marjoni Green. Bertee Adkins, Faculty Advisor. Second Row: Carol Miller, Joane Zetzer, Sheila Riggs, Reporter; Deborah Parks, William Phipps, Sandy Gast, Janet Schweman, Connie Tincher, Joyce McKee, Lowry McKee. Third Row: Willard Mcintosh, Sharon Botts, Rosemary Cheek, Vicki Fryman, President; Carl Bengi, Michael Bailey, Mary Jane Blair, Bill Ronbin, Diane Merrill, Nancy Hunley, Historian; Robert Ellington. Fourth Row: Richard Hehl, John Fuson, Carrie Dean, Steve Byhre, Dwight Conder, Jerry Blevins, Jan Walters, Vice-President; Debbie Graf, Secretary; Bonnie Lush. ord keeping for the small busi- nessmen of the local area. Phi Beta Lambda, a profes- sional business organization, helps students develop voca- tional competencies for busi- ness and office occupations and business teacher education. Among the projects carried out were campus tours for visit- ing seniors, typing resumes for business students and a faculty appreciation tea. Professional- ly, members of Phi Beta Lamb- da attended various leadership conferences. 294 Clubs Give Members A Look At Their Field In an effort to broaden their knowledge of the accounting profession, members of the Ac- counting Club took field trips to accounting firms and other businesses. These trips provided club members with an in depth look at the various areas for a career in account- ing. Guest speakers were spon- sored by the organization from accounting related professions. Tutoring sessions were con- ducted by club members to help beginning accounting stu- dents with their classes. The club also participated in a Vol- unteer Income Tax Assistance Program for area residents and EKU Students. The ASID provided social and professionally related ac- tivities for its members and took trips to many parts of the country to visit places of interst for design students. The annual symposium featured several well known designers. LEFT: ACCOUNTING CLUB. First Row: Ruth Haegele, Sharon Zipperle, Charlene Kraesig, Lynn Taylor, Gary Clark, Lynne Rodencal, Susan Moberly, Becky Gardner, Jill Stager. Second Row: Lowry McKee, Joyce McKee, Mary Jane Blair, Bill Rankin, Josie Cisler, David Funke, Gary Miller, John Fuson, Jerry Blevins, Greg Hull, Randv Holiman, Arthur Williams, ID. BELOW: ASID. First Row: Doug Tommie, Pam Wasserman. Mary Lou Leisinger, Dana Schleicher, Lisa Beverly, Secretary; Bradley Moore, Lisa Shaugnessy, Becky Neff, Treasurer; Sharon Tackett, Viki Basham, Sherrye Tuggle, Sheri Reed. Nancy Zifcheck, Debbie Hoskinson, Gayle Smith, Greg Laumann. Second Row: Sonja Maggard, Carla Walker, Melissa Kimbleton, Karen Stone. Diana Westerman, Valeria Holt, Beverly Feltner, Beckie Selbv, Donna Hart, Cathy Craddock, Charlette DuPre, Vice- President; Linda Ball. Third Row: Marcia Goetz, Elaine Tritschler. Deborah Campbell, Teresa McCleary, Judith Fomash. Marsha Otten. Martha Wesley, Anne Martin, Nancy Hilgeman, Marty Blair, Gail Walker. A. Jane Mason, Karen Casteez. Faculty Advisor; Jeanne Rymer, Faculty Advisor. Fourth Row: Lynn Garden. Linda Grimes, President; Beverly Sparks, Lynn Smith, Judy Brown, Martha Best, Joetta Welch, Kathy Kice, Beverly Bennett, Diane Fields, Donna Kava- naugh, Darlene CoUett, Will Robinson. 1 ALE Assists Career Day In Criminal Justice The Association of Law Enforcement was form- ed in 1969 with the purpose of giving students an opportunity to belong to a law enforcement career oriented organization. Annual projects of the ALE include a broad scope of educational, social, and service projects. Educational projects for the year have included such things as field trips, movies, and guest speakers. Tours of the Federal Correctional In- stitute at Lexington and the Kentucky State Re- formatory at LaGrange have been provided for ALE members. The Fall Banquet was a major social and ed- ucational event of the year with Chief Justice Scott Reed of the Kentucky Supreme Court as the guest speaker. As a service project the ALE volunteered workers for the campus blood drive. On Career Day in Criminal Justice when re- presentatives of federal, state and local law en- forcement agencies, correctional institutes, pro- bation and parole offices and private industries came to Eastern to recruit students to their or- ganizations the ALE assisted in setting up the activities. ASSOCIATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT: First Row: Kathy Grubbs, Gail Rodmore. Valerie Dobinski, Sally Johnson. Carol Baldwin, Alice Waide, Carla Miller, Susan Slade, Charles Moinco, Marcia Davis, Dee Kruspe, David Pelley, Second Row: Stephen Wolfzom, Sandra Stein- helter, Pat Clifford, John Barnes, Paula Lane, Karen Wires, Secretary; Steve Ingram, W.E. Carter, HI, John Evino, HI, Richard Keough, Richard Jenkins, Charles Moody. Third Row: Cindy Luckett, David Hatfield, James Thill, Dave Hegarby, Sharon Peyton, Lowell Ward, Georgia McDaniel, Gloria Gevedon, Brian Cornish, President; David Hume, Walter Peto, Danny Park, Margaret Moman, Agatha Johnson, Debbie Lehmere. Fourth Row: Gere Smith, Randy Walters, Ed Mc- Kenny, John Homan, Dave Wheeler, Donnie Woosley, Myra Gwirtz, Lesley Vamey, Verman Windum, David Cooper, Richard Usowski. 296 Grganizations Departmentals Clubs Sponsor A Host Of Speakers The Ag Club fostered leader- ship and cooperation with others interested in Agricul- ture. Several projects were car- ried out by the members throughout the year. These projects provided funds for field trips and a variety of other activities. Members of all branches of the AUSA were honored during the halftime festivities on ROTC Day at Eastern during the fall semester. At the annual Military Ball and banquet, held in the Keen Johnson Ball Room, the speaker was past EKU Presi- dent Dr. Robert R. Martin. Members of all the branches of army ROTC were present for the occasion. A variety of speakers were sponsored throughout the year. The AUSA provided volunteers for the annual blood drive on campus. LEFT: AG CLUB. First Row; Carol Fitz- gerald, Judy Caudill, Doug Schlosser, Steve Bugg, Randy Whitaker. Second Row: Kim Rittenour, Carolyn Phelps, Reporter; Wanda Carlile, Danny Britt, Advisor; Jane Grise, Thomas Davenport, Chris Birchfield, Trea- surer; Alberta Hurst. Third Row: John Ritten- our, Jr., Tony Armes, John Frymire, Pedro Castillo, Mark Hester, David Taylor, Presi- dent; James Horsley, Csu-ol Leveridge, Melanie Palaisa, Teresa Heaton. Vice-President. BE- LOW: AUSA. First Row: Debbie Evans, Amy Odum, Barbara Farley, Debbie Zych. Second Row: Captain Richard Fox, Daniel Seithers, David Perkins, Joseph Macewicz, Michael Wyatt, Bobby McAbee. Third Row: John Gilbert, Malvin Jones, Anthony Armes, Bobby Gregory, Bob Hoy. 297 ABOVE: PERSHING RIFLES: Front Row: Harry Farmer, Steven Brookshire, Steven Robinson, Jackie Bryant, Gary Whitehead. Back Row: Robert Smith, Steve Stanaland, Malvin Jones, Stephen Krivda, Mark Hester, Glen Byrd Jr., Mark Kenner, Michael Figgins, James Monikan, Mark Stephens, Kenneth Ad- kins, Captain Joseph Cercone, advisor. RIGHT: The Suicide Squad executes the dif- ficult and dangerous eight man throw with a WW II vintage Springfield Rifle, complete with eleven inch bayonet. BELOW RIGHT: The Precision Drill Team is inspected by Marine Corps judges before taking the floor of com- petition in Cincinnati. OFFICES - » FtooR BSHf § SECTIONS F. (2 14 16 IB 20 22 2 298 Organization PR ' s Honor Units Excel In Competition The Pershing Rifles, a national honorary mili- tary fraternity and their coed affiliates, the Vali- anettes, sold homecoming mums, provided personnel at many university functions, and were active in community service projects. The Pershing Rifles traveled to Invitational Drill Meets at Dayton Ohio and Champaign Illinois where they took top honors. They also took first place at their Regimental Meet at Columbus Ohio. The Valianettes traveled to meets at Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati and Champaign, Illinois where they brought home a total of five first, three second, and two third pl ace trophies. They also marched in the annaul Veteran ' s Day Parade in Cumberland, Kentucky. TOP LEFT: The Valianettes take the floor during competition at Cin- cinnati. LEFT: An intricate sabre marching manual adds excitement to the Valianettes exhibition routine. BELOW: THE VALIANETTES. Front Row: Teresa Roberts, Patricia Cash, Belinda Wilson, Cindy Blick, Commander; Diane Smith, Chaplain: Gail Mims, Virginia Norris! Missy MelvUle, Darlene Johnson. Back Row: Diane Porter, Kim Battye! Sharon Pruitt, Lisa Monarch, Executive Officer; Debbie Zych, Kathy Seeley, Karen Lee, Finance Officer; Debra DeZam, Captain Joseph Cercone, Advisor. OrganizationsA ' alianettes 299 M.P. ' s Offer Services To Red Cross The Military Police Compa- ny is a service organization working on campus and in the Richmond Community. During the early hours of the morning they work with the Richmond police helping direct traffic to keep it moving smoothly along Lan caster Avenue. Collecting donations for charities such as the Red Cross and Heart Fund are their major service projects. During the campus Red Cross Blood Drive the company assists in organizing and sett- ing up the operations. Recognized as Eastern ' s of- ficial color guard, they serve as such for petrades, football games, and basketball games taking place on campus. RIGHT: M.P. ' s: First Row: Dee McChar s, Rosie Rosenhoffer, Virginia Ober, Steve Feld- man, Randall Cross, Gary Shaffer. Doug Smith, Hope Key, Susan Riddle, Phillip Rus- sell, Karen Linnenkohl, Jerry Sumner. Second Row: Arthur Pascal, Commanding Officer; Danny Glab, Greg Norwood, CPO; Brian Schanlon, Barbara Farley, Jeffery Hubley, Spike McCracken, Gerald Carroll, Thomas Sommerkamp, Donna Golightly, Donna Lewis, Richard Bena, Captain Third Row: Todd Smith, Russell Givens, Patrick Shaw, Jim Newton, Mark Holbrook, David Kennedy, Gary Dotson, Bruce Swagler, David Petrey, Debbie Zych. BELOW: Greg Norwood assists during the Red Cross Blood Drive, a major service projects for the M.P. ' s. 300 Organizations Military Members Attend Fall Symposium In an attempt to increase public awareness in the area of creative aquatics, the Catalina Club expanded its activities. Members attended the Eastern and Southeastern Regional Symposium for the National Institute for Creative Aquatics in the fall of the year. The Catalina Club presented a show for the Phi Mu Alpha Parent ' s Day Program. Gretchen Schroeder present- ed a solo routine for national competition in the spring and the club presented their annual water show in April. The show ' s theme based on the events of a person ' s life featur- ed a trip to the zoo, football games, romance, and a family reunion as the finale, thus bringing Catalina ' s season to a spectacular close. LEFT: Catalina Club members practice at the Alumni Colusium pool getting ready for their April show. BELOW: CATALINA CLUB. First Row: Teri Wegenast. Carla Suer- doeck, Debbie Mullen, Sandra Arrowood, Kay Harrison, Robin Barker, Meg Hiles. Second Row: Lynn Shirley, Valerie Powers, Marianne Salerno, Jane Casey, Lisa Davidson, Linda Himes, Diane Shewmaker, Lynn Doutag. Third Row: Marsha Mann, Vice-president; Gretchen Shroeder, Maria Lane, Barbara Durham, Melaie Mersch, Bonnie Cleasby. Fourth Row: Nancy Oberschmidt, Molly Parker, Treasurer; Joyce Young, Paulette Johnson, Lisa Sester, Kim Mowery, Carrie Utter, Diane Merrill, President; Rhonda Phillips. 301 Dance Theatre Stimulates Interest In Dance The EKU Dance Theatre is a service organization using crea- tive dance to stimulate interest in dance as an art in the uni- versity community. Concerts are held each fall and spring. The dances are choreographed by the members of the club. Their services go beyond the community. They performed for the an- nual Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation convention in Louisville. The club also held a performance and technique class for a local high school. RIGHT: The Dance Theatre gives two con- certs on campus, one in the fall and one in the spring. This picture was taken during the fall concert. BELOW: First Row: Sandy Cor- nelius, Deborah Hannan, Donna Robinson. Second Row: Nancy Moss, President: Christy Denzinger, Mitzi Smith, Marilyn Dabney, Doug Lambdin, Patty Barber, Secretary; Mariellen Dreher, Patricia Farley, Dotty Etherington, Vice-President. Third Row: Virginia Jinks, Faculty Advisor. Laura Lytle, Toni Hill, Kay Brewer, Beth Jimson, Beverly Berry. Ensemble And Players Create Art Interest The University Ensemble under the direction of Gregg White and Peter Mabsen is now in its ninth year of service. The group has toured throughout Kentucky and neighboring states with their repirtoire of gospel and spiritual music intergrated into a fresh intimate and con- temporary setting without jeopardizing the depth and natural beauty of the music of Black Culture. The Ensembles main goal is to carry the message of God in a song. Membership into the University Players is open to all people interested in theatre arts. The club helps promote theatre both on and off cam- pus. The University Players assist with school productions as well as sponsoring a reception held on opening nights. Trips to other universities and professional theatres are also organized so club members have a chance to see other dramatic productions. LEFT: UNIVERSITY PLAYERS: First Row: J. Ceil Fitzpatrick, Laurie Hof, Jennifer Staples, Debbie Eskridge, President; Madonna Mitchell. Barbara Barth, Deborah Gay. Brian Chic, Ellen Bach. Second Row: Rhonda Shelton, Vice-President; Suzi Maxwell, Leslie Turman, Secretary-Treasurer; Bryce Cox, Deborah Hannan. Terry Withers. Billye Kill- man. Paula Conn, Public Relations. Third Row: Scot Byrd. Donna Kilgore, Lynda Drake, Delphia Tvra, Richard Bitsko, Dennis Ferrell, Cindy Bohn, Vonda Tramraell. BELOW: UNIVERSITY ENSEMBLE: First Row: Gregg White, Director; Wateetah Hale, Donna Mil- lion, Denita White, Kitty Smith, Joyce Kin- ley, Gail Thomas, Corresponding Secretary; Darrell Burks, Pam Smith, Gerald Norwood, Lola Howard, Oymma Barker, Joyce Cunning- ham, Sherre Smith. Second Row: Diane Weaver, Angela Garrett, Lynnda McCormick, Charlotte Burrus, Teria Cunningham. Stephen Winfrey. Edwin Fox, Marilynn Ross, Faye Mosby, Recording Secretary; Rita Sales, Dreena Gibson, Veronica Watkins. Third Row: William Beasley, Steven Weathers, Edward Graves, Historian; Keith Davis, Vice-Presi- dent; Bobby Harris, J. Wendell Smith, Isham Cordery, Dale Bumpase, Phillip Malone, Clyde Pinkston, Anthony Portis, Jonathon Dooley, President. Halftime Shows Are Diversified The season began with a five day band camp on campus where the fundamentals used by the band were taught and the first two shows and pre-game were undertaken. Membership to the Marching Maroons is open to all students enroll- ed at Eastern who have had prior experience in band. The 180 member Marching Maroons enjoyed an exciting year in 1976 with the five scheduled home performances of the football games plus an away trip to Western on October 23. The un- expected, but welcome Division II playoffs held at Eastern made it possible for one more per- formance. Show themes for the season were diversified. The Marching Maroons presented shows from Kiddieland, on the rock group Chicago, saluted holidays and presented " Love Is " at Homecom- ing. Joined by the Third Annual Alumni Band for the halftime show at Homecoming, the Marching Maroons made their performance in the rain. Band Day found some forty high schools joining the Marching Maroons in a salute to George M. Cohen. RIGHT: Robert Hartwell, director of the EKU Marching Maroons, gives band members a tough work out during summer band practice. BELOW: Members of the Marching Maroons practice diligently in the August heat to get ready for the first home game at Hanger Field. iK. y:iiE:jiii:Bi a i;:u«u 304 ABOVE: The Marching Maroons entertain football fans during a fun-filled half-time featuring favorite story book characters. LEFT: Extensive summer practice pays off for the Marching Ma- roons as they put on a spectacular half time show. Organizations Band Drill Corps 305 Talent Adds To Halftime Entertainment RIGHT: Mike Allen, feature twirler, puts on a dynamic perform- ance at each halftime show in Hanger Field. BELOW: MAJOR- ETTES. First Row: Linds Culler, Judy Sfansbury, Jackie McCarty, Kathy Madden, Jenny Henson. Second Row: Robin Madden, Sandy Hodge, Paulette Johnson, Teresa Posey, Dana Noel. Ami 306 Organizations Band Drill Corps ABOVE: Dopey and other cartoon characters picket in support of the " Back to Bach " movement. LEFT: A new face, which quick- ly became familiar to football fans, was that of Lori Birkofer. Lori. a freshman, added to the halftime spectacle as counterpart to Mike Allen feature twirler. ( ...-, , ,-Vv-yfr- . 1 Organizations Band 307 } Little Colonels Demonstrate Original Style Halftimes of both the football and basketball games were filled with the high-kicking, fancy- stepping performances of the Little Colonel Drill Team. The girls did original routines choreo- graphed by the co-captains and lieutenants and accompanied by the Marching Maroons. Their excitement and enthusiasm helped boost the school spirit of Eastern ' s sports fans. When they were not performing, members worked in the information and press boxes. They also sold football programs to help raise money for their equipment. TOP: First Row: Carrie Dean, First Lieuten- ant; Renee Denmfin, Co-Captain; Linda Maeg- ly, Co-Captain; Elaine Neal, Second Lieuten- ant. Second Row: Julie Payne, Barbara Rash, Donna Hays, Peggy Stotts, Kelly Hagen, The- ma Newsom, Debbie Ward, Kelly Comer. Third Row: Deborah Horrigan, Debbie Camp- bell, Karen DeVore, Beverly Seigla, Jana Fra- zier, Linda Willis, Julia Wiggenton, Linda Blue, Cindy Duffy, Carla Quinn, Lisa Vaughn, Katherine Hinde. Fourth Row: Wendy Wilson, Debbie Simpson, Brenda Barton, Sharon Rus- terholz, Maria Lawson, Julie Dollar, Sue No- land, Donna Hitchcock, Jennifer Scott, Heidi Frick. RIGHT: The Little Colonels drill team adds to half time festivities. 308 Organizations Band Drill Corps Photographic Coverage Takes Skill Whether it was a sorority rush party, fra- ternity smoker, athletic event, special ban- quet, lecture, concert. Board of Regents meeting, or an endless number of other events involving the Eastern Community; the staff of energetic photographers was there. An often heard statement in the office was " I can ' t be in a dozen places at once; " but, miracuously, they seemed to appear wherever the action was on campus. Larry Bailey, Paul Lambert, and their staff of student photographers continued to use their abounding creativity to capture the frequent excitement, work, and some- times, agony, of college life on film. The finished products were displayed in such major publications as the Milestone, East- em Progress, and Alumnus Magazine; as well as for public relations reasons. LEFT: Rick Yeh, a member of the photographic staff, gets his equipment ready to shoot a group picture. BELOW: Heading the photographic staff, Leirry Baily show real dedication by sticking out the rain to get shots of homecoming festivities. ..rv ' ' - ' " 309 BIGHT: Staff photographer, Alan Kranz, looks for interesting shots to shoot for either the Progress or the Milestone. BELOW: John Maeder, staff photographer, zooms in on some action at an intramural soccer game. Aurora Publishes Student Works The student staff of the Aurora carefully re- viewed and edited students ' poems, creative es- says, art work and short stories for publication in the annual magazine. The Aurora magazine staff is composed primarily of English and art majors, and is under the direction of Dr. William Sutton, Dr. Harry Brown, and Dr. Gordon Browning of the English Department, and Mr. Donald Dewey assistant professor of art. In addition to publishing the Aurora magazine, the staff and advisors selected the best poem and short essay written by a student to be recognized at Honor ' s Day ceremonies. The Aurora staff also helped sponsor the Bluegrass Poetry Circuit in which several central Kentucky colleges and universities participated. BELOW: Aurora Staff. Cindy Peck, Dr. William Sutton, Judy McQueen, Shelby White, Steve Cambron. Organizations Student Publications 311 Milestone Staff Produces 54th Volume The staff of the 1977 Milestone work- ed diligently throughout the year pro- ducing another book depicting the events and highlights of life at EKU. Many long hours and hard work went into the publication of the 54th volume of the yearbook. Working well into the night meant nothing to the dedicated staff of the Milestone. Tempers peak- ed as pictures would not fit the layout or an editor would find himself just inches short of enough copy. Although there were times when nothing went right, everyone remained dedicated under the strong editorship of John Madras and Janet Smith. Members of the staff attended the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Chicago where they acquired many new skills and developed innovative ideas which they brought back to share with their fellow members aiding them in making another volume of the Mile- stone. In the spring of the year, members of the staff visited Delmar Printing Com- pany in Charlotte, North Carolina to view the book ' s progress. The produc- tion came to an end with the Milestone being delivered by Delmar Printing Company and its distribution to the students. The year was finalized with the annual awards banquet where editor John Madras presented the official uni- versity copy to Dr. J. C. Powell. 312 Organizations Student Publications 1977 MILESTONE STAFF. Front Row: Step- hanie Puckett, Barbara Gaffey, Sarah Gooch, Greg Lamping, Connie Hall, Julia Schooler, Denise McCoy. Second Row: Linda Griffin, Joe Perkins, Nancy Presnell, Bob Colacello, John Madras, Patty Painter. Third Row: Rick Yeh, Janet Smith, Allen Engle, Organizations Student Publications 313 Milestone Has Dedicated Staff ABOVE: John Madras, Editor of the 1977 Milestone, looks over some possible material to be used in the book. RIGHT: Managing Editor Janet Smith selects pictures to be used in the 1977 Milestone. 314 Organizations Student Publications LEFT: Greg Lamping arranges the classes in order finding that the easiest way is to lay everything out on the floor. BELOW: Mile- stone staff members, Rick Yeh, Stephanie Puckett, Allen Engle, Julia Schooler, Connie Hall, and Bob Colacello discuss material for us e in the yearbook. RIGHT: Business Manager, Jeff Cole, goes over the books, trying to balance the budget after picture sales. BELOW: Debbie Eskridge, Editor of Student Life, looks over other year- books, collecting ideas which might work for her section. x sa 316 Organizations Student Publications ABOVE: Stephanie Puckett, Organizations Editor, busily completes page plans for her section of the yearbook. LEFT: Honors Edi- tor, Allen Engle, looks over contact sheets in search of possible pictures to be used in his planning. Orgfinizations Student Publications 317 RIGHT: Seniors Editor Connie Hall goes through her list of seniors checking and rechecking to make sure there are no mistakes. BELOW: Sarah Gooch, Underclasses Editor, and her assistant Greg Lamping put the underclasses cards in alphabetical order. 318 Organizations Student Publications ABOVE: Rick Yeh. Sports Editor, reads over copy to be used in his section of the Milestone. LEFT: Staffers Sarah Gooch and Linda Grif- fin double check class pictures. Organizations Student Publications 319 Progress Undergoes Changes Each year the Eastern Progress produces ap- proximately thirty issues covering a variety of campus activities. This year as always many changes occurred within the organization. For the first time an entertainment page was added which met with much success. Three com- ic strips, mathematical brain teasers, and a column on student health services written by Dr. Coles Raymond, director of student health ser- vices, were also added successfully to the variety of new items found in the Progress. Advertising, gutters, and oversized pictures were among the problems creating headaches for the editors of the Progress. Often these problems would destroy a whole page plan and the editor would then have to rework his entire layout. Clashes arose from time to time over forgotten ads that had to be placed at the last minute. Frustration and anxiety often accompanied the hard work in publishing the paper. In the end the frustrations combined with the satisfaction of seeing the Progress ' publication leaving behind the bad memories to be replaced with the good. RIGHT: First Semester Editor of the Progress, Jackie Lynch, checks over layouts and proof reads copy before it goes to press. 320 Organizations Student Publications ABOVE: Business Manager. Nate Sublett and his assistant Larry Newsome discuss ads for the weekly issue of the Progress. LEFT: David Shew sets headlines on the Compugraphic as Terry Taylor watches on. Organizations Student Publications 321 RIGHT: Brian Ashley, Managing Editor, has the job or proof reading pages, checking for gutters and oversized pictures. BELOW: News Editor, Theresa Klisz, discusses what news items will be placed on the front page with staff writers Ken Hill and Gene McLean. ' ' 7 ' 1. f 322 Organizations Student Publications ABOVE: Terry Taylor, Organizations Editor, makes last minute plans for her section of the Progress. LEFT: Maria Ridenour, Sports Editor, discusses a possible sports feature with staff writer Susan Becker. Organizations Student Publications 323 RIGHT: Arts Editor, Judy Wahlert, busily makes plans for her page in the upcoming is- sue. BELOW: Staff writers look over copy to be used in the paper. 324 Organizations Student Publications ABOVE: Wednesday night down at the Rich- mond Daily Register proved to be hectic and a time for last minute checks as Managing Ed- itor, Brian Ashley and Dave Shew look over a layout. LEFT: Staff writers, Nancy Hungar- land and Susan Lennon discuss a feature arti- cle with Feature Editor, Eric Middlebrook. Organizations Student Publications 325 ' •. f , % 3 k% " ' KTs • % lf ' ■%■- .. ■ H Greek Life . . . A variety of individuals — An assortment of activities — Striving toward a common goal — Friendship. 23 TOP RIGHT: MC Archie Craft introduces this Beta and Phi Mu after she was chosen as his date in the KD dating game. TOP LEFT: A needed car wash to remove the salt of the winter season is provided by the brothers of Theta Chi MIDDLE RIGHT: Greeks rise to their feet to support the Colonels at the Morehead game. ABOVE: The roaring twenties come alive as sisters of Chi Omega form a kick line. LEFT: Pi Phi Nancy Hollo- way exhibits the style that obtained the MVP award from the TKE bas- ketball Tournament for her. 328 Organizations Greeks . ' i ' fMjrJ :. " .,.y K it ' - ' Vvvrv A-v-v. W Hk. TOP LEFT: The bell of the Pike firetruck sounds the arrival of the cheerleaders at a home football pame. TOP RIGHT: Siamese twins, Meg Hiles and Kim KLnsler become a conversation topic at the Alpha Gamma Delta second round Carnival Party. MIDDLE LEFT: Kim Latham and Teresa Keene, sisters of Phi Mu sorority, talk to visitors of the Pillow Family at their rush party — " The Wonderful World of Phi Mu " . ABOVE: Ed Graves endulges in a scrapbook at a display which tells of the many facets of Omega Psi Phi. LEFT: The brothers of Sigma Nu take the field as they present the football to Coach Kidd that made the bicycle trip from Eastern to Western for the fall gridiron battle. Organizations Greeks 329 BELOW: TEKE defenders Larry Ogle and Perry Watts puts the blitz on the Sigma Chi quarterback. RIGHT: Phi Delts Steve Starbuck and Mark Akin encourage Danny Krebs to stuff his mouth with more whoppers in the Whopper Eating Contest in the SAE County Fair. BELOW MID- DLE: Girls representing the sororities involved in the Sigma Chi Derby await the decision of the judges and the announcement from the Derby Daddy to see who will be Derby Queen. BOTTOM LEFT: The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi perform their steppin ' during the Black Greek Show. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kappa Delta bartender Cindy Kaiser prepares " drinks " of gingerale for rushees during a second round rush party. iF-i i SpOok-Gro.rn$. TOP LEFT: Alpha Delta Pi pledges await orders for their annual trick of Spook Grams. TOP RIGHT: The " Bunny Hop " proved to be difficult but the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta still managed to hop to the victory of the Sigma Chi Derby. TOP LEFT: Pee Wee waits to answer questions at the Alpha Kappa Alpha display table during the week prior to rush. ABOVE: This Beta spikes the ball during the competition of the Theta Chi Volleyball Tournament. LEFT: SAE ' s Ron Volmering and Jeff Oster greet rushees at their house during fall rush. Organizations Greeks 331 Panhel Aids In Greek Rush The Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body for soro- rities, composed of two repre- sentatives of each of the nine organizations. Panhel began the year by coordinating rush for the fall and spring semes- ters. The council set up coke stands and passed out infor- mation and Greek Buttons to new freshmen and parents on moving in days. A display room was also set up to famil- iarize students with sorori- ties. The new ideas successfully helped pledge 134 girls fall term. At Thanksgiving, the council delivered fruit baskets to Willis Manor. Christmas was a time for carolling to hospital pa- tients, helping in the tradition- al " Hanging of the Greens " and decorating the student activi- ties office. They also sent Val- entine cards to hospital pa- tients and held an Easter egg hunt for Brockton children. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL. Front Row: Jill Harbin, Dora Satterly, Robbie Bailey, Jan Rector, Nikki Marasa, Susan Steel, Jo Ann Griffey. Second Row: Sue Mullins, Chon Dho Bums, Cathy Combs. Third Row: Mary Weathers, Beth Stokes, Laura Haden, Julie Taylor, Dreema Gibson, Lynn Jackson, Judy O ' Daniels, Lee Vifquain. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 332 Organizations Greeks IFC Promotes Greek Expansion The InterFraternity Council experienced welcome prosperi- ty and growth during the year. Growth, not only in the num- ber of fraternities on Eastern ' s campus, which increased by two due to the expansion pro- ceedings carried on by the I.F.C., but growth in the spe- cial seminars and workshops sponsored by the InterFrater- nity Council in an effort to pro- mote the ideals of brotherhood. scholarship, service, and lead- ership in the twelve individual fraternities and the colonies of Sigma Pi and Lambda Chi Alpha. The I.F.C. annually presents awards to member organiza- tions for outstanding work in the areas of scholarship and community service. Through cooperation with national fra- ternity headquarters and other national and regional frater- nal organizations, the Inter- Fraternity Council strives to maintain its ever increasing service to the social fraternities at Eastern. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. Front Row: Jim Thomas, Joe Redinger, John Moreland, Jeff Oster. Second Row: Cohen Masden, Tom Ramey, Mark Reynolds, John Doherty, Kurt Heyer, Mark Akin. Third Row: Scott Williams, Tommy Smith, Wilbert Goathley, Barry Meade, Harvey Dunbar, Kevin Campbell. Fourth Row: Steve Gray, Dan Bisig, Jay White, Bobby Green. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Organizations Greeks 333 President First Vice President Second Vice President Recording Secretary Treasurer Epsilon Phi Chapter .Cindy Snowden . .Marsha Bates . .JeanVorbeck . .Cristi Smith , . .Lisa Branch ALPHA DELTA PI 334 Organizations Greeks Alpha Delta Pi Sponsors Racquetball Tourney The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi began the fall semester by car- rying off a second place trophy in both the Sigma Chi Derby and the Theta Chi volleyball tournament. They also partici- pated in the Phi Mu Swim-a- thon, SAE County Fair and the TKE basketball tournament. In November, they honored their parents at their annual Parents Day festivities. Prior to the luncheon held at Boone Tavern in Berea, the parents had a chance to visit the soror- ity floor and see the newly redecorated chapter room. Initiation and installation of new officers opened the spring semester. Plans began for the annual Racquetball Tourna- ment held in March. Proceeds collected from the tournament were donated to a local charity. ALPHA DELTA PL Front Row: Joyce Janzel, Melody White, Jane Grise, Tina BonLn, Cathy Flynn, Mary Ann Jenkins, Mary Stinnett, Ter- ry Stratton, Theresa Drennen, De ' Rinda Mor- rison, Gayle Sltidmore, Ginny Bailey, Kathy Bryan, Brummel Griffiths. Pam Kuhni. Candy Evans, Ann Edlen, Cindy Snowden, Marsha Bates. Second Row: Jean Voibeck, Terry Murphy, Kay Marshell, Charmin Buntain, Donna Denny, Barbara Dunham, Becky Alli- son, Janet Widmann, Sara Snowden, Becky Schultz, Lynn Jackson, Janie Bowling, Patty Hurst, Connie Cleeter, Donna Skoglund, Lisa Branch, Kathy Kice, Amy Kams, Mesta Davis, Kathy Joyce, Jo Ann Griffey, Jeannie Coyer. Third Row: Connie Campbell, Gayle Elmy, Diana Morris. AAn Organizations Greeks 335 AF A Plans For National Convention The sisters of Gamma Omi- cron were involved in many Greek sponsored activities. Highlighting the athletic events was their annual softball tour- nament for the campus sorori- ties in the spring. Socially, the sisters enter- tained their parents for a week- end in the fall. The parents joined them in cheering on the Colonels to victory at the Mid- dle Tennessee game. After- wards, they were treated to a buffet dinner and later visited the sorority floor. Christmas formal in Lexington was com- plete with a cocktail party which featured holiday appe- tizers. Spring formal and the annual awards banquet was held in Gatlinburg. The sisters ended the year with plans to attend their national conven- tion held in July in Oklahoma. Throughout the year, the Al- pha Gams continued to raise funds for their national al- trustic project. Minimal Brain Dysfunction. They also began a local Buddy Program with friends from Willis Manor. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA. Front Row: Patty Boeraker, Joyce Young, Patti Painter, Robbie Bailey, Jackie Daugherty, Janet Smith, Kim Mowery, Anita Miller. Nancy Gerchrei. Sec- ond Row: Rhonda Phillips, Mindy Votaw, Deb- bie Ward, Marilyn Bruck, Sarah Gooch, Bob- bie Wren, Kim Kinsler, Janet Rowlett, Vickie Bright, Brenda Shaffer. Third Row: Sue Craig, Janet Bryant, Debbie Qunadt, Steve Sheard, Jeanine Kilch, Debbie Kegley, Diane Fields, Helen Graves, Terri Davis, Jamie Acles, Ellen Hamilton, Debbi Dahlgren, Steph Voltz, Greg Lamping, Jo Ann Parker, Mary Ann Mcafee Fourth Row: Carol McKenzie, Vick Smith Meg Hiles, Rhonda Fenner, Judy Armbruster Fran Boggess, Jill Secrest, Lisa Dillen, Lisa Vaughn, Dona Means, Leigh Elam, Bev Seig la, Kim Smith, Mary McKenzie, Donna Lit trell. Fifth Row: John Madras, David Funke Carrie Utter, Ginny Sutton, Kim Greenwell Dora Satterly, Phill Koenig, Robbie Keith 336 Organizations Greeks President Sarah Gooch First Vice President . Second Vice President Treasurer . .Bobbie Wren .Marilyn Bruck .Marilyn Bruck Treasurer Janet Rowlett Gamma Omicron Chapter Corresponding Secretary Kim Kinsler ATA Organizations Greeks 337 President Edith Peake Vice President , Dean of Pledges Secretary . . . ti S Treasurer .Loretta Cunningham . . .Denzella Smith .Karen Hamblin Zeta Nu Chapter Ruth Baker ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 338 Organizations Greeks AKA Awards Hunter Scholarship The Zeta Nu chapter spon- sored various projects, service oriented as well as social. Among the service projects are the Barbara Hunter Scholar- ship — a scholarship presented annually in honor of Barbara Hunter, a member of the soror- ity who was the first woman and the first black student to receive a masters degree in chemistry at Eastern. The sorority also sponsored a Rich- mond youth at the Richmond Model School by paying his tuition. The sisters contribute to the Martin Luther King Fund and the National Council of Negro Women. Various other proj- ects such as canned food drives and visiting homes for the elderly are carried out by the chapter. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. Front Row: Ruth Baker, Loreen Travis, Barbara Lyttle, Charl- cye Ritchie. Damita Reed, Deborah Hodge, Alfreda Rhea. Edith Peake. Denzella Smith, Cordelia Harris, Joan Caly, Gloria Irvin, Vir- ginia Taylor. Second Row: Karen Harris, Katherine Smith. Angela Stevenson. Myrna White, Pamela Fulton, Carmen Blount, Cas- sandra Jackson, Karen Hamblin. Loretta Cun- ningham. Third Row: Joyce Cunningham. Ka- ren Hudson. Ida Mae Brooks, Dreema Gibson, Donna Robinson, Lena Lyttle, Karen Bearden, Sheree Davis, AKA Organizations Greeks 339 Betas Celebrate Fifth Anniversary The Betas started their fall semester with a preference par- ty for their newly acquired fall pledges. Their Homecoming celebration included their five year anniversity as a chapter at Eastern. The weekend was highlighted by a football game between the visiting alumni and actives. The brothers were strong competitors in intramurals, placing second in volleyball and third in football. They also participated in the Theta Chi volleyball and TKE basketball tournaments. The Delta Xi chapter held their annual football tourna- ment for Eastern ' s fraternities and sororities. They also held their 6th annual basketball tournament for neighboring Beta chapters. The second annual Parent ' s Day in October concluded with President J. C. Powell address- ing the parents and Betas with his first public speaking ap- pearance as President of the university. Spring semester found the brothers enjoying the sun of Florida during spring break, a fund raising campaign for the March of Dimes. BETA THETA PI. Front Row; Gary Sizemore, Bert Scallon, Steven Arnold, Doug Caudill, Mark Stowers. Brian Hotchkiss. Pat McNeil, Joe Orrender, William McGraw, Mark Welch. Second Row: Fredrick Buchanan, Greg Wick- er, Marty Bray, Chris Hadorn, Dannv Under- hill, Greg McFarland, Shelby Best. Third Row: Doug Tommie, Richard Chesley, Tim McCubbin, Charles Melville, John Walling- ford, Allen Gruner, Rick Bibbins, Kathy Smith, Bill Page, Rick Roesel, Alan Cheek, William Dunbar. Fourth Row: Michael Mc- Ferren. Bob Green, Bob Secara, Richard Wil- linger, Darryl Turner, Steve Hendricks, Har- vey Dunbar, Chuck Visse. Doug Wilson, Gutch Howerton, Dave Ramsay, Jim Thill. Fifth Row: Jack Hodes, Jeffrey Doyle, Brad Dare, Steve Gallagher. Sixth Row: Kenny Kremer, Doug Devlin, Bobby Wyman, Rick McQuady, Ken Branner. R BETA THETA PI 340 Organizations Greeks President Tim McCubb in Vice President .B. J. Meade Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Delta Xi Chapter . . .Rick Roesel . . .Bob Wyman .Steve Gallagher President Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary . . . Treasurer Gamma Theta Chapter .Terry DeRonde . .Debbie Buck .Nancy Kessler . . .Kim Haney .Nancy Wyant CHI OMEGA 342 Organizations Greeks ? » . - -a. Chi O ' s Dominate Athletics The sisters of Chi Omega began the year with life and spirit as they constructed a Homecoming float with the brothers of Kappa Alpha Or- der to the theme of " Love is Fall Football " . In November, they hosted their parents at Parent ' s Day. During January, the biannual Alumni Weekend was held and in February each sister invited her favorite professor to a Fac- ulty Tea. Athletically, the Chi O ' s excelled. They won first place honors in the Beta football, TKE basketball and Theta Chi volleyball tournaments. In the area of civic kindness, they donated a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family in Richmond. Their Christmas kindness was donating money to a deserving family. CHI OMEGA. Front Row: Mindy Manifold, Nancy Kessler, Nancy Wyant, Kim Haney, Debbie Buck, Terry DeRonde, Bobbie Sam- mons, Kim Duplain, Judy Whalert. Tina Dan- elak. Amy Bartholomew. Susan Steel. Second Row: Karen Eubanks, Becky Wilkerson. Don- na Henry, Pam Stacks, Toni Ethington. Pam Leach. Shay Ball, Renee Lyons, Jill Somogy, Melissa Pulliam, Pam Conlin. Dora Miller, Kay Harrison, Charlotte Cissell, Carol Miller, Jennifer McCoun, Cathy Ritchie, Karen Rob- erts. Annette Hettinger, Debi Phillips, Lee Vifquain, Lisa Slayton. Third Row: Sherri Newton, Michelle Booher, Judy O ' Daniel, Cindi Tipton, Kathy Park, Patty Jones. Fourth Row: Amy Harrison, Tina Hanselman, Shirley Riddle, Amy Hile, Kim Kendall. Fifth Row: Denise Schaller, Janet Fahrenbruck, Melinda Miller, Vicki Erschell, Teresa Brewer. Sixth Row: Barb Pabian, Terri Woodward. Maria Lane, Judee Dunn, Lori Kellington, Susan Spain, Sherrie Sullivan. xn Organizations Greeks 343 Delta Sig ' s Sponsor Fashion Show The Delta ' s sponsored their annual Hobo Dance to welcome students back to school. A Sweetheart Dance and cere- monies were also held to honor their Delta Darlings. The Sorors along with the brothers of Omega Psi Phi sponsored a Sickle Cell Testing Drive. They also co-sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for the children in the Richmond com- munity. As a service project, the Delta Sig ' s sponsored their annual Mr. Esquire Fashion Show. Proceeds were donated to charitable organizations such as Saint Jude ' s Hospital, DELTA SIGMA THETA the Christian Children Fund, the United Negro College Fund. DELTA SIGMA THETA. Front Row: Joyce Kinley, Marilynn Ross, Mary Weathers, Linda Holley, Donna Jean Moore, Damita Lewis. Second Row: Anna Allen, Alice Todd, Char- lotte Burrus, Cheryl Pope, Ray Marshall, Val- rie Seniours, Terea Carter, Jodi Berry. Third Row: Yolanda Jackson, Angela McKitric, Ani- ta Jones, Connie Mickens, Sharon Stevenson. 344 Organizations Greeks President . . Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary . . Treasurer . . Linda Holley Danita Lewis .Joyce Kinley § Marilynn Ross Eta Rho Chapter Donna Moore Organizations Greeks 345 President . . Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary . . . .Jay White .Ted Kornhoff .Dave Kjelby .Allan Green JSSsSSSt ww Treasurer Eastern Kentucky University Chapter . . .Howard Figueroa DELTA UPSILON 346 Organizations Greeks Soccer Tournament Initiated By DUs The brothers of Delta Upsi- lon sponsored their first annual soccer tournament in October. The tournament included a sorority and fraternity division. The DUs supported other Greek organizations by partici- pating in the TKE basketball, Theta Chi volleyball, Phi Delt Softball and Beta football tour- naments in which they reached the semifinals. They also en- gaged in the Phi Mu Swim-a- Thon and the events of the SAE County Fair. In order to create more spirit for the Colonels, they held an all-Greek mixer the night be- fore the Morehead game. They also held their second annual Delta Upsilon Greek Party in the spring. DELTA UPSILON. Front Row: Brian Hild- ieth, Don Scott, Al Hansell, .James Albritten, Clarke Baker, Margaret Higgins, sweetheart: Howard Figveroa, Ken Leibrook, Mike Ed- wards, Allan Green, Danny Webb. Second Row: Scott Adams, Jim Lay, Jesse Hurd, David Jelby, Thomas Neuhaus, Daniel Lang- uedoc, Mervyn Johnson, David Smith, Gary Buchholz, Joe Robertson, Dave LaGreca, Craig Enlow, Tim Graham, Marty Watts, Ted Kornhoff, John Case, Eric Aschendorr, Walt- er Preston, Jay White. " Wlllllll.l ' !!!:ta il,,,,ii . I AT Organizations Greeks 347 Theta Chis Win Soccer Tournament The brothers of Theta Chi began the year with emphasis in athletics, as they won the first annual DU soccer tourna- ment as well as the A and B di- visions of flag football in the fraternity division. They also engaged in the competition of the TKE basketball and Beta football tournaments and the SAE County Fair. They spon- sored their own volleyball tour- nament in November for soror- ities and fraternities. Alumni returned to campus and joined with the chapter to celebrate Homecoming which was held at the Diners Play- house in Lexington. In the spring, the brothers held their seventh annual ' Grape and Grain ' party. THETA CHI. Front Row: Tom Knight, Steve Roster, Ramen Bower, Tim Deese, Redge Clarke, Dennis Brennan, David Cruse. Second Row: Charles Moffett, David Malene, John Tackett, John Pelegy, Joseph Crawford, Robyn Jones, Dream Girl: Chris Shrimpton, Craig Hafer, Jackie Richardson, Kevin Green. Third Row: Jack Band, Dean Nutter, Rick Spruill, Tom Rosenbaum, Carl Wenderoth, Russell Laycock, Tom Spangler. THETA CHI 348 Organizations Greeks President . . Vice President Pledge Marshal Secretary . . Treasurer . . . -Craig Hafer .Tom Rosenbaum .Don Stewart .Bill Perkins Eta Beta Chapter Chris Shrimpton ex Organizations Greeks 349 President Scott Williams Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . Historian Delta Mu Chapter. .Scott Sudduth Alan Wells . . .Randy Tamblyn Billy Oliver j, j . -- is » (S - -Vv .» -« .. - . 4 - ' V. ■« « " - »» « ■ " •sKfT- " ' KAPPA ALPHA ORDER 350 Organizations Greeks KAs Collect For Cancer Drive The brot hers of the Order of Kappa Alpha ushered in the year by collecting money for the American Cancer Society. In the area of civic kindness, the fraternity along with their little sisters held a Halloween party for the children at the Shriners Hospital in Lexing- ton. Throughout the year, they voiced their approval of Col- onels scores by firing their cannon at home football games. The KA ' s joined with the sisters of Chi Omega in presenting their interpretation of the homecoming theme ' Love Is . . . ' by presenting Football in the Fall as their float entry. The brothers were also active in the SAE County Fair, TKE basketball and Beta football tournaments and strong com- petitors in IM games. KAPPA ALPHA ORDER. Front Row: Harold Botner, ' Billy Oliver. Fred Fugate, Steve Gray, Rich Albaugh, Ken Bellamy, Jeff McClure, Randy Tomblyn, Mike Grimes. Second Row: Mike Schreier, Kim Kemo, Greg White, John Ralston, Kent Stewart, Neka Roberts, KA Rose: Scott Williams, Scott Sudduth, Alan Wells, Matt Sunski, Robert Bryant, Anthony McClain. Third Row: Toby Hall, Steve Byer- ly, Mark Cutlip, Jim Schumacher, Jeff Reed, Mike Delaney, Greg Ray, Rob Hoover, Terry Profitt, Eddie Edmundson, Roger Van Winkle. N L s tMHV KA Organizations Greeks 351 President Beth Williams Vice President of Pledges Vice President of Efficiency Corresponding Secretary Debi Parker Libby Reeves .Jane Pillitte Treasurer Delta Upsilon Chapter Treasurer KAPPA ALPHA THETA 352 Organizations Greeks Thetas Win Sigma Chi Derby The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta enjoyed an eventful year as they participated in all Greek sponsored events. They achieved first place in the Sig- ma Chi Derby and second place in the Phi Mu Swim-a-Thon. In the area of service, the Thetas gave strong support to their philanthropy, the Na- tional Institute of Logopedice for Children with Muscular Dystrophy. They also con- tinued their support of a foster child and held several parties for the residents of Willis Manor and Kenwood Nursing Home. KAPPA ALPHA THETA. Front Row: Angle Garrett, Karen Palmer, Karvn Griffee, Tory Bowman, Bemedji Cruse, Marilyn Hafley, Linda McMann, Candy Coldiron, Ellen Moel- ler, Karel Wurtzbacher. Second Row: Dianna Smith, Taryn Wells, Susan Marshall, Debi Parker, Beth Williams, Libbey Reeves, Julie Taylor, Dottie Turner, Jan PoUette, Mary Lou Leisinger, Parh Wasserman, Jane Brenner, Sandy Isaacs, Jana Hoover, Sue Stuart. Third Row: Judy Miles, Laura Hayden, Marybeth Price, Jennifer Belcher, Gail Emery, Lynn Bowers, Patti Lindermuth, Chris Payne, Vickie Williams, Kathy McNulty, Jacque Lintner, Lynne Schalk, Sherry Robertson, Sheree Stak- er, Jill Swartz, Donna Hughes, Donna Graft, Joann Schoudthies, Jo Waller, Becky Foster, Lindsay Pope. Fourth Row: Ed Reillv, Connie Halbauer, Beth Morgan, Patti Watts, Kim Schweizer, Roni Davis, Keini Parsons, Mary Wilkerson, Susan Lemon, Kim Jones, Melody Hoover, Jamie Beime, Jerri Allison, Amy Moeller, Dawn La Duke, Don Lundbald, Mari- sa Martin, Connie Davis, Donna Osbom, San- dv Lawson. KAO Organizations Greeks 353 KA Receives IFC Civic Award Eta Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was the smallest fraternity on East- em ' s campus. Overcoming this handicap, they received the InterFraternity Council Civic Award and the Kappa Alpha Psi South Central Provincial Leadership Award. These two awards were given on the basis of a fraternity doing the most work within the community, college environment and with- in its provincial region which included Kentucky and Ten- nessee. This year ' s service projects included an Adopt-A-House campaign which the chapter painted a house downtown. Another civic undertaking was ' Operation Can Goods ' and ' Party for the Poor ' . These two projects were done in con- junction with one another in order to provide food on Thanksgiving Day for needy families in the community. Other service projects were Kappa Week, the second an- nual scholarship fund in the girls ' basketball tournament and tutoring students within the community. KAPPA ALPHA PSI. Front Row: Andy White, Maurice Sweeney. Second Row: Franklin Ken- nedy, Michael Faulkner. Micheal Oden, Bruce Lewis, Michael Wardford. President Michael Faulkner Vice President Dean of Pledges Secretary . . . Micheal Oden Maurice Sweenev Michael Wardford Treasurer Eta Alpha Chapter Andy White KAPPA ALPHA PSI 354 Organizations Greeks Organizations Greeks 355 President Vice President . . . . Secretary Treasurer Membership Chairman j i i Delta Omicron Chapter .Sandy Wooddell .Linda Buchanan . .Laura Hamm . .Pam Edwards .Barb Schireman KAPPA DELTA 356 Organizations Greeks KDs Place First In Swim-a-thon The Delta Omicron chapter of Kappa Delta actively parti- cipated in numerous Greek sponsored events throughout the year. They received first place in the Phi Mu Swim-a- Thon and the first annual DU soccer tournament and second place in the SAE County Fair. They also entered the Sigma Chi Derby, KA Old South and the Theta Chi Rally week. In November, the annual Parent ' s Day Banquet was held in the Keene Johnson Building, proceeded by an open house on the floor. Various service projects were carried by the sisters, includ- ing the sale of Christmas Seals for their National Philanthro- py, the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Vir- gina. Other projects included Adopt-a-Family at Thanks- giving and volunteering for the American Red Cross in Rich- mond. KAPPA DELTA. Front Row: Janis Walter. Sandy Wooddell, Susan Campbell, Teri Stee- ly, Susan Edmon, Coleen Kelly, Debbie Ty- grett, Nikki Marasa, Cheryl Combs, Deborah Horrigan, Cathy Combs, Genie Wilcox. Second Row: Bridget Spaw, Cere Duer, Ellen Bach, Brenda Cromer, Linda Buchanan, Denise Hub- sch, Viki Basham, Debbie Bright, Denise Schroeder, Jenny Henderson, Andrea Steely, Marva Perkins. Third Row: Susan May, Reeda Moberly, Barb Giesler, Teri Davis, Teresa Butler, Martha Taglaver, Jan Loyal, Debbie Henry, Beth Stanton, Laura Hamm, Tonya Sallee, Christie Caisn, Denise Nave, Ann Gray, Pam Edwards, Debbie Foster. Fourth Row: Archie Craft, KD King: Leighanna Brown, Katie Krawiec, Janet Rxjwland, Karen Love- lace, Debbie Kozora, Stephanie Jones, Leigh- anne Clark, Suzanne DeStein, Deborah Isaac, Melissa Featherston, Laurie Flosenberg. Bar- bara BrinezEir, Janet Hill, Kim Ellis, Trudy Huckins. KA Organizations Greeks 357 President . . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer « . . .Jamie Beime .Mark Ochsenbein . . . .JimTheiss . . . .Mark Akin " •-fiPovt. ' Rush Chairman Kentucky Theta Chapter Mike Faulkner wm ■■ " —-ssA PHI DELTA THETA 358 Organizations Greeks Phi Belts First In Scholarship The brothers of Phi Delta Theta once again captured the campus scholastic honors. This being the sixth straight semes- ter in which the Phi Delts have had the highest grade point averages among the campus fraternities. As a service project, the brothers joined with the sis- ters of Kappa Alpha Theta and visited the crippled children at Cardinal Hill in Lexington. Other service projects included charitable contributions at Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families. The Phi ' s sponsored their annual softball tournament for fraternities in the spring. They also engaged in the competition of the TKE basketball and Theta Chi volleyball tourna- ments as well as being a strong competitor in intramural sports. PHI DELTA THETA. Front Row: Stephen Krebs, Mike Faulkner, Brent Ward, Mark Akin, Jamie Beime, Jim Theiss, Ernie House, Jim Nelson, Mike Daley, Walter Greens, David Brandenstein, Michael Lopriore. Second Row: Brent Rutemiller, Scott McCallister. Richard Moher, Steve Youngs, Tim Ladewig. Billy Folk, Ralph Thompson, Greg Johnson, Steve Vifquain, Jeff Kennedy, Mark Hunter. i Ae Organizations Greeks 359 Phi Mu ' s Place First In Soccer The sisters of Phi Mu soror- ity engaged in service projects which included donating a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family and continued support of their National Philanthropy the Ship USS HOPE, by hold- ing their fourth annual Swim- a-Thon. The Phi Mus held their an- nual Parent ' s Day in the fall where their parents were en- tertained by a slide show fea- turing Phi Mu adventures. PHI MU. Front Row: Terry Casey, Jan Rector, Debbie Lowman, Karen Winscher, Janet Herr, Tricia Lusenhop, Merry Luckett, Pamela Wiseman, Judy Smith, Lynn Karle. Second Row: Donna Wilding, Dee Graham, Beth Cio- lek, Susan Drew, Teri Parrott, Susan Cash- dollar, Marcia Wilz, Renee Denman, Carol Emspiker, Susan McQuady, Sandy Chaney. Third Row: Terri Stuck, Karin Kinder, Carrie Lee Dean, Marilyn Flishman, Nancy Streiber, Marsha Moore, Karen Williams, Kim Kinder, Kim Latham, Terri Reynolds, Lee Ann Love, Rosemarie Casey, Martha Jones, Theresa Keene, Marianne Melville, Robin Tatem, Kathy Morgan. Fourth Row: Diane Jones, Pamela Brawn, Diane Phillips, Jonell Tackett, Peggy Stotts, Karen Rush, Judy Ewing, Mar- sha Linebaugh, Ann Keene, Lynn Powell, Judy Pleasant, Kim Machtolff, Nancy Black, Susan Palmer. PfflMU .360 Organizations Greeks President . . . Vice President . Phi Director . . Treasurer . . . Rush Chairman .Theresa Keene Delta Chi Chapter .Karen Winscher .Tricia Lusenhop . .Diane Phillips . .Kathy Smith $M Organizations Greeks 361 President Tina Kane Vice President of Mental Advancement Vice President of Moral Advancement Secretary Treasurer Kentucky Gamma Chapter .Laurel Pulley .Paula Stoltz . . .Pat Berry .Sharon Pence PI BETA PHI 362 Organizations Greeks Pi Phis Installed On Campus The Kentucky Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi began the year with the installation of the chapter on August 28, 1976. The year proved to be an eventful and rewarding one for the Pi Phis as they won first place in the SAE County Fair and second place in the TKE basketball tournament. They also engaged in the com- petition of the Sigma Chi Der- by, Beta football and Theta Chi volleyball tournaments. Phi Mu Swim-a-Thon and the Alpha Gam softball tourna- ment. Service projects included canned goods donated to the needy, donations to Headstart and to their National Philan- thropy Arrowmont, a school of Arts and Crafts. PI BETA PHI. Front Row: Donna Carroll, Carolyn Lyemance, Georgette Perry, Sue Mul- lins. Laurel Pulley, Darcy Dunn. Second Row: Debbie McMillen, Kris Jackson, Sharon Pence, Pattye Flood, Paula Stoltz, Bobbi Car- lyle. Third Row: Sandy Robinson, Mary Ellen Johnson, Jeana Mullins, Jan Brockman, Jeri Isbell, Judy Harvey, Tina Kane, Joy Wagner, April Wolf. Regina Herbolt, Nancy Hatha- way, Choon Dho Bums, Pat Berry, Karen Jackson, Laura Grier. Fourth Row: Cynthia Isaac, Monna Bamhart, Missy Davis, Sue Waag, Susan Godlewski, Debbie Houdeshel. nB$ Organizations Greeks 363 Pikes Serve As Big Brothers The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha began their seventh year on campus by distributing the Pike Dream Girl Calendar to all students. The calendar, which features the winners of the annual PIKE Dream Girl Contest, is the official activi- ties calendar of the university. Other events of the Pike ' s Peak Week including the Dream Girl Pageant were a bowling tourna- ment, a pledge basketball tour- nament and a little sister vol- leyball tournament. The Pikes chose the Big Brothers of America Organiza- tion as their national philan- thropy. They escorted 50 young Lexington boys to the Eastern- Morehead football game. They also participated in a drive for the American Cancer So- ciety and helped with the Spe- cial Olympics. A party for the senior citizens of Richmond was also one of their service projects. Socially, homecoming ac- tivities were topped off with a dance in Lexington. They held winter formal at Barren River and spring formal at Greenbo Lake. PI KAPPA ALPHA. Front Row: Alan Crook, Robert McKee, Timothy Stuck, Dan Hayden, Larv Prvor, Thomas Gracchini, Kim Miller, Michael Angell, Leslie Taylor, Jeff Hill. Jo Jo Conley, Joey Burch. Marsha Schooler, Clay Cox, .Jim Parker. Tina Danelank, Bryan Eld- ridge, Mark DeToma, Achilles, Mike Howell, Peggy Blair, Phil Wilson, Bob Mauney. Sec- ond Row: Jerry Lockridge, Steve Nankivell, Kerry Hipps, Dave Breen, Michael Parker, Kevin Kuhens, John Long, Dan Stacy, Mark Burks, Dave UUom, Jim Moreland, Bill Cot- trell. Van Nianouris, Jeff Sheets. Beth Sheets, Mark Reynolds, Kym Jewett, Kathy Todd, Cathy O ' rourke, Vickie Braden, Cheryl Delk, Marilyn Earlv, Hollv Green, Carl Garber, Scott DeCandia, Rick Wharton, Kirk Stickley. tD PI KAPPA ALPHA 364 Organizations Greeks President . . . Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary . . .John Moreland . .Jim Thomas .Robert McKee . .Mark Burns ZetaTau Chapter Treasurer Dave UUom Biii » W tt. .. . • ? ' S m ' - -fj f y ' t y 90 nKA Organizations Greeks 365 President . . Vice President Pledge Educator Secretary . . . . Treasurer Kentucky Delta Chapter . .Kurt Heyer . . .JeffOster .Ron Volmering . .GregCaudill .Brian McCall - - w- SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 366 Organizations Greeks SAE ' s Aid Scotia Victims Socially, the SAEs continued to be one of the universities most active fraternities. The chapter was also heavily involved with community ser- vice. The brothers collected for the Scotia Mine Disaster, spon- sored an All-Greek mixer for Muscular Dystrophy, worked with McDonald ' s Shoot-the- Hoop Contest and sponsored a car wash with the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi for the Guata- malean Relief Fund. In athletics, SAE was the only fraternity to score points toward the all Sports Trophy in every sport by Christmas. They also won both the A and B team volleyball champion- ships. The fraternity sponsored their seventh annual County Fair for fraternities and soror- ities in October. The spirit of the Fair began the night before with an All-Greek mixer which featured four live bands. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. Front Row: Jeff Sproat, Jerry Oechsli, David Squalls, Matt Marlowe, Steve Sheard, Gregory Caudill, Fred Seale, Robert Forsberg, Jerry Seale. Second Row: George Coastas, Mike Mcintosh, Glenn Litton, Ron Bolmering, Robert Bailiff, Greg Laumann, Brian McCall, Larry Woods, Chuck Monin. Third Row: Jim Morris, Marty Ochs- ner, Brian Ritter, Jeff Oster, Doug Lucas, Jim DeShazer, Mike Borgo, Jim Connor. Fourth Row: Curt Chapman, Eddie Johnson, Robert Rottgers, Bruce Cosella, Bill Pesci, Sammy Crura, Kurt Heyer. Fifth Row: Rick Winn, Mike Steed, Steve Bass. Joe Hettinger, Joe Dickerson, Gary Wheeler, Jim Carr. Greg Goodrich. Sixth Row: Art Booth, Mike Klein, Johnny Campbell, Bud Carr, Steve Roberts, Dave Musick. SAE Organizations Greeks 367 Sigs Sponsor Haunted House The Eta Alpha chapter of Sigma Chi began the year with plans of their annual Derby Week. The painted windows of the downtown stores, spirit portrayed in songs sung by sororities at the Sigma Chi house and the chase to obtain a derby from one of the brothers characterized the festivities of the week. The competition between the sororities at the events of the Derby brought the week to an end. In the area of civic kindness, the brothers sponsored a haunted house during Hallo- ween which raised money for Sigma Chi ' s national charity, Wallace Village, a school in Colorado for the mentally han- dicapped. In the field of athletics, the Sigs participated in several intramural sports in the fall and won the intramural track meet. They also placed first in the SAE County Fair. In the area of social events, the brothers held their home- coming dance in Lexington and saw the return of many alumni. Also in the fall was the Sweet- heart Dance. SIGMA CHI. Front Row: Mike Stephenson, Paula Goble, Joan Fennessy, Bill Card, There- sa Drennen, Bob Findley, Kathy Sturgill, Lar- ry Thompson, Mare Kennett, David Doss, Drich Mauer, Donna Skoglund, Robert Smith, Bruce Reed, Greg Carrvina, Vera Oincg, Kevin Campbell. Second Row: Charlie Matthews, Debbie Horrigan, Wendy Wilson, Chris Allan, Cathy Flynn, Ann Edelen, Kip Campbell, Lisa Dillen. Katy Cardosi, John Kennett, Gayle Gillsepie, Tim Bartholomew, Mike Pate, Mari- sa Martin, Stan Scalf, Debbie Raque, David Riggins, Steve Wilce, Kathy Kidd, Joe Boyle, Greg Judge, Danny Mulvaney. Third Row: Annette Smith, Lee Hahn, Mary Stinnett, Mark Boone, Patti Hurst. Bill Shuck, Dixie Willis, Paul Boggs, Joe Cajka, Betsy Jones, Diana Morris, Chris Bounnell, Bryce Cox, Su- san Godlewski, Ronnie Gray, Teri Davis, Rich- ard Shutt. Rita Anderson, Dave Shew, Larry Sills, Matt Durham, Jeannie Coyer, Mike Williams, Brummal Griffiths, Steve Wilson. SIGMA CHI 368 Organizations Greeks President Kevin Campbell Vice President Bob Smith Pledge Trainer hr1 Larry Sills Greg Judge Treasurer Eta Alpha Chapter Kip Campbell Secretary I -,i ' .i -. 2X Organizations Greeks 369 SIGMA NU 370 Organizations Greeks President Vice President av Pledge Manager Recorder . . . .Daniel Bisig William Whittaker L. C. Stewart Roland East Theta Theta Chapter t , , House Manager Dale Adams Sigma Nu ' s Support Colonels At Western The brothers of Sigma Nu participated in several events involving the inner-Greek system, athletic spirit and the campus. They brought home honors in the P hi Mu Swim-a- Thon. They also participated in the Beta football, TKE basketball and Du soccer tour- naments as well as all divisions of intramurals. In October, the traditional 200 mile bike ride to Western Kentucky University took the brothers to cheer on the Colo- nels in the fall football battle. In the spirit of Christmas, they again carried on traditions as they prepared the wreaths and ropes of garland for the annual Hanging of the Greens which ushered in the season for the Eastern community. In February, the brothers visited Lexington, Virginia, the site of the Sigma Nu National Headquarters where their spring pledge class was initiat- ed. SIGMA NU. Front Row: Dave Solev, Kent Schaad. Tom Taylor, Brad Beach, Keith Fowler, Chris Patterson, Jim Kalbaugh, Steve McEllin, Terry Bray, Greg Bisig. Brian To- bergta, Cliff Belden, Frankie Ray, Todd Gor- don. Second Row: Debbie Thomas, Steve Ad- well, Patt i Watts, Terri Bush, Cohen Masden, ■Jack Shumway, Cindy Etkin, Don Williams, Missy Meiner, Renee Denman, Steve Bailes, Gary Back, Bill Whittaker, .Johnnie Hunter, Tim Springstead, Kevin Mitchell. Third Row: Mel Bievins, Mark PuUiam, Mike Patterson, Mark Lozier, L. C. Stewart, David Thomas, Tony Carroll, Greg Schmitt, Bill Young, Karen Spiller, Diane Hannekan, Trent Rose, Gary Pettit, Craig Chiles, Steve Thompson, Lou Bu- droe. Fourth Row: Gary PuUiam, Dan Bisig, Dan Taylor, Kathi Lyons, .Jim Cole, .Jeff Nor- ris, Lisa Beverly, Robin Keehner, Debbie Rey- nolds, Choon Dho Burns. Fifth Row: Bonnie Cleasby, Roland East, Dale Adams, Donna Craft, Karen Baity, .Jennifer Blecher, Sandy Wegenhart, Dave Dixon, Patti Hunter, Tony Arms. Sixth Row: Laura Hayden, Kay Brewer, Rick Hoffman, John Frymire, Aubrey Tyler, John Doherty, Mike Hollifield. Seventh Row: Stewart Napper, Sue Stuart, Stuart Latham, Ernie Slucher. 2N Organizations Greeks 371 Tekes Celebrate Tenth Year On Campus The Mu Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon celebrated their tenth birthday as a local on campus in October. The chap- ter, along with alums from the last ten years attended the Middle Tennessee football game and afterwards enjoyed a cook-out at the house. Ath- letically, the Tekes defended their all sports trophy from the previous year. The fraters also sponsored their annual bas- ketball tournament in Decem- ber. Community service projects included parking cars at White Hall State Shrine during its Labor Day Celebration. They also sponsored a blood drive for the Shriners Children Hos- pital in Lexington. Social events included Homecoming and the Christ- mas Sweetheart Ball both held in Lexington. Their social calendar was concluded with the Red Carnation Ball held in April at Gatlinburg, Tennes- see. TAU KAPPA EPSILON. Front Row: Doug Harris, Todd Taylor, Jeff Cole, Orien Yates, Jim Cropley, Don Jasper, Mark Mann, Bob Colacello, Greg Bulmer, Bob Pitakos, Cheryl Warner, Rick Atchison, Todd Wiseman, Kathy McNulty, Kevin Wheat, Susan White, Janice Taggart, Suzy Mover, Jill Swartz, Randy Shrout, Dave Linebaugh, Tobie Robinette, Helena Grimes, Joel Smith. Second Row; Jan- et Smith, Roger Dean, Susan Palmer, Bill Stephens, Connie Halbauer. Jane Brenner, Steve Elliot, John Johnson, Paula Dean, Taryn Wells, Jan Jackson. Ellen Stanley, Amy Dau- zenburt, Rhonda Bums, John Madras, Joe Redinger. Third Row: Donna Lewis, Karin Newcom. Susan Spain, Lisa Schneider, Kathy Brauer, Debbie Buck, sweetheart: Phill Koe- nig, Steve Flint. Susan Flint, Jerry ColdLron, Mike Holeman, Bob Mooney, Kelley Pride- more, Greg Roberts, Jim Keller, Susan Sheve- low, Peggy Appenfelder, Ed Heller. Fourth Row: Jeri Isbell, John Rowler, Steve Ross, Lonnie Bettle, Joe Drennen, Sherry Robertson, Bob Mueller, Kevin Reck, Chris F ' uffer, Den- nis Clement, Fred Bamott, Lynn Myers, Jim Laboda, Kim Link, Jerry House. Fifth Row: Larry Ogle, Ed Brayman, Bob Underwood, Rob Wells, Dale Jacobs, Ken Morrow, Tim McCafferty. Sixth Row: Terry Gardner, Chuck Givens, Wayne Currier, Joe Manning, Walter Hall, Gene Roy, Larry Stoess. TAU KAPPA EPSILON 372 Organizations Greeks President Vice President Pledge Trainer Secretary Treasurer P " " . . .FredBarnott . .John Johnson .Robert Colacello .John R. Madras . . . .Steve Ross rK ' «s TKE Organizations Greeks 373 Omegas Show Concern For Blood Diseases The Omega ' s started the year with a variety of programs such as smokers and dances to interest freshmen and others in pledging the fraternity. The fraternity showed its pride in achievements in the area of community events in hopes of benefiting the campus community. They sponsored a community workship s ervice to benefit the NAACP. They also co-sponsored a Sickle Cell Testing Day in cooperation with the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta. In addition, they spon- sored " Black Achievement Week " to foster appreciation for the achievements and accomplishments of Black Americans. The week also in- cluded films on Black history and the Founders Day Program for the fraternity highlighted by an Achievement Banquet. The banquet featured an out- standing Omega man in the clergy and the recognition of the local chapter brothers in the field of scholarship and athletics. The spring semester was highlighted by the annual Omega Week, a Variety Show and the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children of Rich- mond. In addition to the achieve- ments in civic kindness, the brothers of Omega Psi Phi also participated in intramural and campus activities. OMEGA PSI PHI. Front Row: James Epps, Ricky Henderson, Gregory Mason. Everett Talbert. Second Row: Lester Sanders, Gary Smith, Tommy Smith, James Higgins. President . . . Vice President Dean of Pledges Secretary . . .Wilbur Goatley .Lester Sanders .Tommy Smith .Gregory Mason Treasurer Delta Sigma Chapter Ricky Henderson OMEGA PSI PHI 374 Organizations Greeks Organizations Greeks 375 ' J ' « ■• . .V ' ' ' " W iM " w Seniors Anticipate The Future The Class of ' 77 was one of the most active and productive class organization in years at Eastern. The class has participated in activities such as a seminar for foreign students, a talent show for the Cancer Society, and collected toys for needy children. Part of the class ' success has been due to the sponsorship of faculty members Geri Polvino and Jack Callender. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Front Row; Dale Petrey, publicity chair- man. Back Row: Mindy Shannon, President: Mike Street, treasurer: Mar- la Byers, vice-president: Connie Carrillo, secretary. 378 Seniors YVONNE LYNN ABIG Florence B.S. Wildlife Management JANICE G. ADAMS Manchester B.B.A. Accounting PAMELA M.ADKISSON Hardinsburg B.S. Nursing THOMAS L. ADKISSON Irvington B.B.A. Accounting THOMAS MICHAEL ALBERS Bethel, Ohio B.A. History VICKI LYNN ALEXANDER Ravenna B.S. Elementary Education JAMES L. ALFORD Waynesburg B.S. Industrial Education ANNA ALLEN Paris B.A. History CONSTANCE LEE ALLNUTT Owenton B.S. Elementary Education MARY DARLENE ALMON Lynch B.S. Psychology PHILLIP H. AMBURGERY Whitesburg B.B.A. Management CAROL EVELYN ANDERSON Bernstadt B.B.A. Business DANA NEIL ANDREWS South Charleston. Ohio B.B.A. General Business KAREN SUE ANTIS South Shore B.S. Child Development MARGARET RUTH APPENFELDER Louisville B.S. Dietetics BETSY M.ARBUCKLE Richmond B.S. Child Development ROY W. ARNEY Raddiff B.S. Recreation CATHY ANNE ARRIGON Maineville. Ohio B.S. Psychology DEBORAK.AYRES Hillsboro B.A. English MICHAEL BABICH Mount demons. Michigan B.S. Pre-Dentistry ESTHER PETERSON BAILEY Richmond B.S. Special Education GREGORY W. BAILEY Albany, New York B.S. Political Science MARY LYNN BAILEY Louisville B.S. Elementary Education MICHAEL JONATHAN BAILEY Jupiter, Florida B.S. Horticulture ROBBIE BAILEY Louisville B.S. Elementary Education BRENDA BAKER Middletown, B.S. Elementary Education LYNN BALDRIDGE Wilmore B.S. Nursing DAVID BALL Hamilton, Ohio B.B.A. Business Ohio Seniors Abi Bal 379 Fall Activities Enjoyed By All WILLIAM L. BALL Louisville B.S. Education JOHN THOMAS BAND Atlantic City, New Jersey B.S. Law Enforcement DAVID ALAN BARADA Chillicothe, Ohio B.S. Police Administration TINA SUE BARBER Ashland B.S. Elementary and Special Education PHILLIP EDSEL BARNARD London B.S. Mathematics JONATHAN P. BARNES Lexington B.S. Law Enforcement NAOMI RUTH BARNES Lexington B.S. Social Work and Rehabilitation FRED DEAN BARNOTT Lexington B.S. Industrial Education JOAN E. BARTLETT Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. Broadcasting GARY D. BATES Fleming B.S. Agriculture KAREN SUE BAUER Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Business SHAREN ANN BAUER Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Business BENJAMIN J. BAYER Richmond B.B.A. Business CYNTHIA ANNE BAYES Daytona Beach, Florida B.S. Psychology TERESA SUE BAYES Louisville B.M.E. Music WILLIAM D. BEASLEY Danville B.A. Sociology JUDITH ANN BEATY Hamilton, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing SUSAN JANE BECKER Lafayette, Indiana B.A. Journalism BARBARA ELLEN BEHYMER Richmond B.S. Elementary Education CLIFFORD L. BELDEN Richmond B.S. Agriculture M. KEN BELLAMY Berea B.B.A. Business CARL DAVID GENGE Richmond B.B.A. Business Administration GAYLE ANN SENSING Louisville B.S. Elementary and Special Education THEODORE JOHN BERGE Richmond B.A. History STANLEY MARK BERRY Buena Vista, Virginia B.S. Law Enforcement MARTHA FAY BEST Fort Thomas B.S. Interior Design BRIAN LEIGH BEZAURY Kalamazoo, Michigan B.S. Law Enforcement JOSEPH K. BILLS Delaware, Ohio B.A. Political Science 380 Seniors Bal-Bel ' is. RIGHT: This student finds it difficult to select his favorite clay creature from the display at the Arts and Crafts Fair. ABOVE: The ravine is not only a great place to relax but also a place for recreation, as Bucky Stevens finds by throw- ing a frisbee. JERRY ALLEN BISHOP Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement DANIEL GERALD BISIG Louisville B.B.A. Business GONZELLA BLACK Paris B.S. Psychology MARY JANE BLAIR Bardstown B.B.A. Accounting ELLEN MARIE BLANKENSHIP Lancaster B.S. Elementary Education J. WAYNE BLANKENSHIP Shiloh. Ohio B.S. Business Education LESLIE DAVID BLASIUS North Olmsted. Ohio B.M. Music DALE MELVIN BLEVENS Richmond B.S. Geology JERRY DEAN BLEVINS Centerville, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting BRENDA JOYCE BOGGS Richmond B.S. Public Health RONDA M. BONAR Falmouth B.S. Elementary Education GAIL A. BORLING Richmond B.S. Horticulture Seniors Bis-Bor 381 BELOW: Relaxing in the ravine becomes a family affair for the Barker family. RIGHT: This enthusiastic young fan hasn ' t let the rain dampen his spirits for homecoming as he gets caught up in Colonel action. fe.isi? i «:, ;ii? i - k- v ' ««i ' S ' ASt .,.,:; .. NANCY VICTORIA BOSTON Louisville B.S. Elementary Education THERESA KAY BOSWELL Louisville B.S. Nursing ELIZABETH ANN BOTTS Versailles B.S. Speech JAMES ALLEN BOWLING Florence B.S. Industrial Education BARBARA A. BRADEN Milford, Ohio B.A. Art Education MICHAEL ALBERT BRADSTREET Springboro, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education KENNETH W. BRAMMER Richmond B.S. Physical Education LISA ANN BRANCH Louisville B.S. Nursing ELLEN LOUISE BRAUTIGAM Lapakeneta, Ohio B.S. Home Economics KENNETH DAVID BRAY Valley Station B.S. Geology JAY A. BRESSERT Cincinnati, Ohio B.M.E. Music Education KAY FRANCES BREWER Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Physical Education STEVEN RAY BRISTOW Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement DAVID BRADLEY BRITT Zoneton B.A. Political Science DON O. BRONN Anchorage B.A. Broadcasting SHERRY LA-RAY BROOKS Louisville B.A. Art 382 Seniors Bos-Bro Campus Provides Family Atmosphere STEVEN GLEN BROOKSHIRE Louisville B.S. Psvchologv CHERYL LEE BROTZGE Jeffersontown B.S. Child Development DAVID KEITH BROUGH Brooksville B.S. Pre-Medicine HAMMIELL. BROWN Nashville, Tennessee B.F.A. History and Sociology LEIGHANNA FAYE BROWN Stanton B.S. Horticulture RYAN K. BROWN Wilmore B.S. Industrial Education BETH OAKS BROWNING Lancaster B.S. Speech Pathology LEANDER C.BROWNING Louisville B.S. Recreation Administration MELBA JEAN BROWNING Falmouth B.S. Interior Design CAROL ANN BUNCH Fort Mitchell B.S. Elementary and Special Education CARL WARREN BURCHAM Enon, Ohio B.A. Journalism EDWARD LEWIS BURDETTE Lebanon B.A. Industrial Education NIGEL DOUGLAS BURKHARDT Richmond B.S. Public Health VIRGINIA ANN BURKHARDT Sarasota, Florida B.S. Public Health and Geologv DEBRA LEE BURNETT Louisville B.B.A. Accounting KAREN JEAN BURNS Perrysburg, Ohio B.S. Math RHONDA GAY BURNS Georgetown B.S. Community Health ELVA SUZANNE BUTTS Richmond B.S. Elementarv Education DALE ALLEN BYERS Louisville Industrial Education MARLA JEANNE BYERS Ostrander, Ohio B.S. Fashion Communication STEVEN M. BYHRE Richmond B.B.A. Management CATHY SUE CAIN Florence B.S. Phvsical Education FRED L. CALICO Berea B.S. Industrial Education DIANE L. CAMPBELL London B.S. Physical Education ALICE ANN CANNON Danville B.S. Elementary Education CARL A. CANNON Piketon, Ohio B.A. Social Work and Political Science KATHY FRAN CAREY Harrodsburg B.A. Social Work and Psychology SHELIA JEAN CARPENTER Louisville B.B.A. Accounting Seniors Bro-Car 383 First Snow Catches Campus Unprepared HELEN E, CARTER Richmond B.A. Speech Pathology ANTHONY DOMINICk CASAMENTO New York, New York B.S. Mathematics DEBORAH GALE CASEY Cincinnati. Ohio B.S. Speech Pathology PATRICIA JOAN CASH Albany B.A. Social Work CATHERINE ANN CASSADY Morehead B.A. English DEBORAH CHAFFIN Prestonsburg B.A. Political Science GWENDOLYN C. CHAPMAN Winchester B.S. Home Economics BARBARA ANN CHAUDOIN Louisville B.S. Medical Records Administration MINDYA. CHEAP Ashland B.S. Recreation and Park Administration ALAN BOYD CHEEK Richmond B.S. Physical Education PATSY DIANE CHENAULT Waco B.S. Elementary Education JOHN SHERIDON CHIDESTER Jacksonville, Florida B.B.A. Business DEBBIE L.CHOATE Kings Mills, Ohio B.S. Psvchologv BRENDA JOYCE CLARK Lvnch B.S. Public Health CLIFFORD THOMAS CLARK Richmond B.A. Speech RHONDA GAIL CLARK Danville B.B.A. Accounting ROBIN D. CLIFFORD ShelbyviUe B.S. Law Enforcement SARETTAJ. COBB Fort Mitchell B.S. School Health EILEENA REYE COBURN Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education NANCY ROSE COFFEY Mount Vernon B.B.A. Business ROBERT ALAN COLACELLO Richmond, Indiana B.S. Turfgrass Management DELPHIA JANE COLEMAN PikeviUe B.S. Criminal Justice JOHN ERNEST COLLINS Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania B.S. Physical Education SANDRALEE COLLINS Jackson B.B.A. Data Processing BONNIE LOU COMBS Jackson B.S. Psychology CHERYL SUSAN COMBS Richmond B.S. Geology CLARK CARRIER COMBS Richmond B.S. Industrial Technology NORA B. COMBS Lexington B.S. Nursing 384 Seniors Car-Cof ABOVE: The Centennial statue seems unaffected as the first snow falls on campus. Seniors 385 RIGHT: Betty Jo Adkins, a freshman from Pikeville, takes the scenic route to class via the ravine. :■-■ ■ ' ■Kr- PAUL C. COMBS Richmond B.S. Industrial Education MICHAEL D. CONGER Groton B.B.A. Business KATHERINE CHOWNING CONLEY Louisville B.S. Elementarv Education TERESA M. CONLEY Bardstown B.S. Horticulture PAMELA SUE CONLIN Williamsburg B.S. Fashion Design KATHYJ.COOKSIE Columbia B.A. Social Work ALLISON E. COPOUY Louisville B.A. Historv TERRIE JO CORDLE Ashland B.S. Rehabilitation Education PAULA GAIL CORNELIUS Louisville B.A. Art DUANE E. CORNETT Cawood B.A. Broadcasting SHARON KAYE CORNETT Middlesboro B.S. Elementarv and Special Education SUSAN CARLISLE CORNETT Jackson B.S. Elementarv Education BRIAN KEITH CORNISH Lexington B.S. Police Administration CLAYTAGGORTCOTTONGIM Shelbyville B.S. Recreation Supervision WILMER COUCH Clinton B.S. Physical Education BARNEY ALLAN COULTER Louisville B.A. Political Science 386 Seniors Com-Cov Ravine Shortcut Becomes Routine DEBORAH ANN COULTER Danville B.S. Elementary and Special Education LOUIS ANN COULTER Tavlorsville B.S. Physics ALAN SCOFIELD COVINGTON Georgetown B.S. Industrial Education JOHN WILLIAM COWAN Winchester B.S. Mathematics BRENDA DIANE COX Pineyille B.S. Elementary and Special Education BRENDA K. COX Mousie B.S. Law Enforcement BRYCE A. COX Louisville B.S. Psychology JACKIE COX Richmond B.S. Physical Education RANDY EDWIN COX Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting DEANNA JEAN COYER Pikeville B.A. Social Work ARCHIE W. CRAFT South Shore B.B.A. Business BEVERLY W. CRAIG Lexington B.B.A. Marketing CAROLE ANN CRANE Rushville, Indiana B.A. English LOUISE B. CRESS Burlington B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiologv DEBBY KATHRYN CROMAN Ashland B.S. Medical Technology CONSTANCE A. CROMWELL Detroit, Michigan B.A. Social Work DOTTIE LYNN CROSS Albany B.S. Child Development JAMES BUFORD CROUCH Springfield B.S. Fire Prevention and Control JOHN R. CROW Louisville B.S. Physical Education CHARLES C. CRUSE Louisville B.S. Industrial Education MARTIN JAMES CUNNINGHAM San Antonio, Texas B.S. Agriculture DANIEL KEITH CUPP Valley Station B.S. Law Enforcement IZORA LAVERNE CURLIN Cadiz B.A. Speech Communications RHONDA LYNN DAILY Piketon, Ohio B.S. Fashion Merchandising NANCY LOUISE DALEY Caledonia, New York B.S. Physical Education PATRICK STEPHEN DALY Tucson, Arizona B.A. Journalism TINA DANELAK Kettering, Ohio B.S. Textiles and Design BRAD WILLIAM DARE Cleveland, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement I Seniors Cov-Dar .387 Greeks Welcome Students Back NANCY ELIZABETH DAUGHERTY Louisville B.S. Interior Design THOMAS MOSS DAVENPORT Flemingsburg B.S. Agriculture DEBORAH ANN DAVIDSON Louisville B.S. Special Education CAROL BATES DAVIS Lexington B.S. Nursing RONI G. DAVIS Lawrenceburg, Indiana B.S. Law Enforcement CARRIE LEE DEAN Harrodsburg B.S. Business Education GORDON EUGENE DEAN Louisville B.S. Industrial Technology MURLYN TOOMBS DEITSCH Richmond B.S. Law Enforcement SAMUEL MARTIN DELONG Richmond B.S. Industrial Education RENEEJOANDENMAN Vandalia, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education JOANN DENTON New Orleans, Louisiana B.B.A. Data Processing SHELIA YVONNE DENTON Bristol. Virginia B.M. Piano TERESA JEAN DeRONDE Loveland, Ohio B.S. Phvsical Education ROBIN DEWEESE Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement RAYMOND D. DICK Louisville B.S. Agriculture NATHAN F. DICKERSON Danville B.B.A. Management WILLIAM CURTIS DIZNEY Corbin B.S. Law Enforcement VALERIE JEAN DOBINSKI Odenton, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement MARY A. DODD Richmond B.S. Recreation MAUREEN EDITH DOLAN Cincinnati. Ohio B.S. Nursing JULIA DELL DOLLAR Russell B.S. Elementary Education ANTHONY T. DONISI Middletown, Ohio B.S. Psychology PAMELA JOY DOOLEY Booneville B.S. Home Economics DEBRA JEAN DOUGLAS Richmond B.S. Nursing GUY E. DOUTAZ Falmouth B.S. Industrial Education EMILY ELAINE DRAKE Bardstown B.S. Pre-Medical Sciences CONNIE JANE DROZ Louisville B.S. Environmental Resources BRIAN DAVID DRUMMOND Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Industrial Education 388 SeniorsA)au-Dru ABOVE: Sororities and fraternities begin rush early bv welcoming freshmen and other students to campus for the fall semester. JERRY L. DUFF Richmond B.S. School Health MARY BETH DUNN Franklin B.M.E. Music Education and Mathematics KIM MARZELLA DUPLAIN Louisville B.S. Corrections and Social Work MARYANN DUSING Erlanger B.S. Law Enforcement JOHN PHILLIP DYE Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement NEAL CHRIS DYKES Liberty B.A. Sociologv CAROLYN S.EADS Louisville B.A. French ROLAND KEITH EAST Nicholasville B.A. History GREGORY L. EBEL Versailles, Indiana B.S. Business Education CHRISTY ELAINE EDINGER Svlvania Ohio B.A. Art THOMAS STEVEN EDLIN Oxford, Mississippi B.A. Business CAROL SUE EDWARDS Ross, Ohio B.A. Social Work Seniors Duf-Edw 389 MICHAEL WAYNE EDWARDS Richmond B.S. Rehabilitation PAMELA S. EDWARDS Grover Hill, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement PEGGY LYNN EDWARDS Annville B.S. Elementarv Education THOMAS PARKS EDWARDS III Danville B.S. Chemistry SUPARB EHIARVANONT Richmond B.S. Dietetics PAMELA SUE EIDSON Clearwater. Florida B.S. Physical Education ROBERT WAYNE EIZY Lagranse B.S. Elementarv Education GLENN WILLIAM ELLIS Frankfort B.A. Corrections ABOVE: Measurement and precision are part of the basics of float preparation. Here Tom Bowling, center. Sue Phelps, right, and friends measure off letters so that pomp-poking can begin. RIGHT: Politicing for your favorite candidate can be quite an ordeal as this coed found out. Voting for Homecoming Queen is just one of the activities leading up to Homecoming weekend. 390 Seniors Edw-Ell Homecoming Activities Begin Early YVONNE R. ELY Manchester B.S. Business Education WARREN JAMES ENGLISH Williamsport, Pennsylvania B.A. English ANTHONY CRAIG ENLOW HodKensviUe B.S. Chemistrv and Biology LAURA M. ENZWEILER Melbourne B.B.A. Office Administration DEBORAH A. ESKRIDGE Louisville B.A. Drama, Speech, and Journalism CAROLYN MARIE ETHERINGTON Richmond B.B.A. Data Processing KAREN ANN EUBANKS Loui.sville B.S. Public Health MARGARET LYNN EVANS Fort Thomas B.A. Spanish NANCY ANN GANLEY EVANS New Albany, Illinois B.S. Therapeutic Recreation DEBRA EARLINE EVERSOLE Louisville B.S. Nursing BENNY RAY EWINE Lejunior B.S. Psychology CONNIE SUE FARGO Fort Thomas B.S. Dietetics BARBARA SUE FARLEY Richmond B.S. Law Enforcement JAMES RUSSELL FARRIS Louisville B.B.A. Business Management SARA ELAINE FARRIS Winchester B.S. Physical Education FREDDIE GENE FAULCONER Lexington B.S. Therapeutic Recreation BARBARA LYNNEFAUSZ Cold Spring B.S. Nursing JEFFREY ALLEN FAZID Orland Park, Illinois B.B.A. Management DONNA M.FEISTRITZER Danville B.S. Public Health JOHN PAUL FELEGY Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S. Law Enforcement BEVERLY A. FELTNER Jackson B.S. Interior Design DENNIS RANDALL FERRELL Elizabethtown B.A. Television and Drama CAROLYN ELAINE FIELD Paris B.S. Elementary and Special Education LYNN KAY FIELDS Paris B.S. Nursing ROBERTS. FINDLEY Columbus, Ohio B.S. Physical Education C.BEN FISH Louisville B.S. Recreation BILLY GENE FOLK Glassboro, New Jersey B.S. Geology RICHARD GREGORY FOLTZ Covington B.S. Recreation Seniors Ely-Fol 391 Boxes, Boxes, And More Boxes! ROBERT GORDON FORSBERG JR. Jamestown. New York B.A. Social Work JOHN RICHARD FOWLER Louisville B.B.A. Business MARSHA KAY FRAZIER Richmond B.B.A. Business WAYNE FRAZIER Lexington B.S. Recreation DOUGLAS REID FREEMAN Binghamton. New York B.B.A. Accounting MARY LYNN FRIDAY Hamilton, Ohio B.S. Office Administration KATHLYNN FRITH Cincinnati. Ohio B.S. Elementary Education MARLENER. FROST Lexington B.S. Elementary Education DAVID E. FRYER Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.B.A. Data Processing VICKIKAYE FRYMAN Cvnthiana B.S. Business Education LINDA GAYLEFUGATE Hazard B.S. Elementary Education JODIE BRILL FULLER Fairfield, Ohio B.M.E. Music JOHNM.FUSON Middlesboro B.B.A. Accounting DENISE MARIE GAITHER Louisyill B.S. Horticulture LISA R AY GAMBLE Richmond B.S. Nursing SANDRA LYNN CAST Louisyille B.B.A. Marketing DEBORAH ANNE GAY Somerset B.A. Drama and Speech CAROL DIANE GIBBS Louisville B.S. Horticulture CLAUDIA A. GIBSON BarbourviUe B.S. Elementary Education DAVID GIBSON Pleasure Ridge Park B.A. Broadcasting KAREN H. GIBSON Monticello B.S. Home Economics LU ANN GIFFORD Washington Count House, Ohio B.S. Recreation JENNIFER ANN GILL Harrodsburg B.A. Theatre Arts GWEN LAURA GILMORE Richmond B.A. Speech Pathology JAMES A. GOBLE Lexington B.S. Industrial Education PATRICIA ANN GODBY Somerset B.S. Elementary Education ROBYN SUE GOFORTH Alton, Illinois B.S. Pre-Pharmacy DONNA JEAN GOLIGHTLY Louisville B.S. Special Education 392 Seniors For-Gol ABOVE: Extra trips to the car are room. necessary in order to transport those items that add a personal touch to the SARAH LYNN GOOCH Lexington B.S. Elementary and Special Education DEBRA ANN GRAF Lexington B.B.A. Office Administration EDWARD EUGENE GRAVES Louisville B.A. Art HELEN CORDELIA GRAVES Louisville B.S. Elementary Education JOY E. GRAVETT Louisville B.S. Fashion Management DEBRA E. GREEN London B.S. Elementary Education STEVEN D. GREEN Louisville B.S. Pre-Medical Sciences BOB V. GREENE Cincinnati. Ohio B.A. Political Science and Historv CYNTHIA LOUISE GREENE Fern Creek B.S. Elementary and Special Education MARGARET R. GREENWELL Morganfield B.S. Psychology DARRYL CRAIG GREER Martin B.M.E. Music JOANNE GREGORY Manchester B.A. Library Science JU ANITA LYNN GREY Berea B.S. Public Health JO ANN GRIFFEY Willisburg B.S. Elementary and Special Education JANET M. GRIFFIN Florence B.S. Elementary Education LINDA B. GRIFFIN Louisville B.A. Journalism Seniors Goo-Gri .393 After registration and the first days of classes many students find it necessary to rummage througli the stacks of books in the bookstore for the books they need. JANE GRISE Richmond B.S. Horticulture SUE A. GROVER Richmond B.S. Child Development KATHY L. GRUBBS Louisville B.S. Police Administration ALLEN KIMMEL GRUNER Louisville B.B.A. Marketing SANDRA MILLICENT GUKEISEN Winchester B.S. Dietetics MYRA EILEEN GWIRTZ Louisville B.S. Corrections SHARON ANN GWYNN Louisville B.S. Elementary and Special Education JOAN HACKER Richmond B.B.A. Office Administration RUTH MARIE HAEGELE Covington B.B.A. Accounting CRAIG T. HAFER Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Industrial Education MARILYN R. HAFLEY HustonviUe B.S. Elementary Education CHARLES LEE HAHN, JR. Lawrenceburg B.B.A. Management 394 Seniors Gri-Hah Bookstore Becomes Place For Pondering WATEETAH DENISE HALE Lexington B.S. Home Economics CONNIE GAIL HALL Whitesburg B.A. Social Work LYNN WADE HALL Toledo, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing RITCHIE J. HALL Erlanger B.S. Law Enforcement JOAN PATRICIA HALLORAN Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education DENNIS B. HAM Cynthiana B.S. Computer Electronics MARY ANNE HAMLIN Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Business BEVERLY LYNN HAMMONS Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Child Development LINDA KAY HAMMONS Barbourville B.S. Nursing KIMBERLEAJ. HANEY Brookville, Ohio B.S. Nursing JEFFREY L. HARDEN Newport B.B.A. Data Processing RUEL THOMAS HARDIN Berea B.B.A. Business MARY ARLENE HARMAN Forest Hil B.A. Library Science CORDELIA HARRIS Lexington B.B.A. Business Administration ROBERT LEWIS HARRIS Windsor B.S. Physical Education JEFFREY SMITH HART Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement JAMES T. HARTLEY Lakewood. New York B.S. Police Administration MARY MARSHA HARTMAN Fernwood, Ohio B.S. Community Health LISA JEAN HASLER Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education SANDRA K. HATTON Georgetown B.S. Child Development DONNA L. HAUGHEY Springfield, Ohio B.M.E. Music ANN KIMBERLY HAUSCHILDT Louisville B.S. Speech Pathology MIKE HAWKINS Lawrenceburg B.S. Industrial Education BRUCE EDWARD HAYDEN Dayton, Ohio B.A. Art Education JERRY ANN HAYES Louisville B.S. Biology JANET LEIGH HAYS Lebanon B.A. English DAVID JOSEPH HEGARTY Tamaqua, Pennsylvania B.S. Police Administration KATHY ANN HEIL Winchester B.S. Speech Pathology Seniors Hal-Hei .395 Children Romp In Fall Leaves JAYNE CAROLE HENDERSON Richmond B.A. History DOUGLAS T. HENLEY Frankfort B.S. Fisheries Management MICHAEL DARRELL HENSHAW Louisville B.S. Wildlife Management JOAN HESSIDENCE Rittman, Ohio B.A. Social Work ELIZABETH ELLEN HICKEY New Albany, Indiana B.A. Social Work VICKI LYNN HICKMAN Middlesboro B.S. Physical Education THOMAS J. HICKS Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Industrial Education MICHAEL LYNN HIGH Augusta B.B.A. Data Processing MARGARET JOAN HIGART Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Nursing TONI L. HILL Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Physical Education TERRY P. HINKLE Richmond B.A. History DAVID R.HOBSON Richmond B.S. Police Administration JOHN JOSEPH HODES Louisyille B.B.A. Marketing DEBORAH LYNN HODGE Louisville B.B.A. Data Processing STEVEN THOMAS HOLEHAN Louisville B.S. Chemistry RANDY J. HOLIHAN Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.B.A. Accounting ROBERT JOHN HOLLIDAY Harrodsburg B.A. Journalism ELIZABETH R. HOLLINGER Randolph, New Jersey B.A. Speech Pathology LARRY A. HOLTZAPPLE Lebanon, Ohio B.A. History JANA KAREN HOOVER Williamstown B.S. Home Economics JOHN E. HORNBACK Sonora B.S. Wildlife Management MICHAEL LYNN HOSKINS Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Industrial Education DARRELL HOUSE London B.B.A. Accounting JERRY MICHAEL HOUSE Farmersville, Ohio B.B,A. General Business LEE ANN HOUSTON Florence B.S. Elementary Education PAUL W. HOWELL San Diego, California B.B.A. Finance JAMES E. HUFF Library B.B.A. Marketing DEBORAH ANN HUFFMAN Zanesville, Ohio B.A. History 396 Seniors Hen-Huf M. RAY HUGHES Shiloh, Ohio B.S. Industrial Technology WILLIAM C, R. HUGHES Waco B.S. Industrial Technology MARY ELIZABETH HUND Louisville B.S. Microbiology MICHAEL R.HUSKEY Louisyille B.S. Industrial Education JONI KAY HUTCHINSON Williamsburg, Ohio B.S. Interior Design CATHIE ELAINE ILLENBERG Goshen, New York B.S. Recreation STEVEN RICHARD INGRAM Seyen Mile, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement LARRY WILLIS INMAN Harrodsburg B.S. Agriculture CHARLES ARTHUR IRONS Evanston, Illinois B.B.A. Finance LONABRUNKERISHMAEL Cynthiana B.S. Child Development BARBARA ANN ISON Corinth B.S. Physical Education BRENDA KAY JACKSON Danville B.S. Physical Education ROBERTA ANN JAMES Nicholasville B.S. Nursing THOMAS RICHARD JENKINS Henderson B.S. Law Enforcement JOHN WILLIAM JESKIE Williamsport. Pennsylvania B.S. Biology MARY BETH JIMISON Bowling Green, Ohio B.A. Social Work LEFT: Young children often find the ravine a fun place to play in the piled-up leaves left by the EKU maintainence workers. Seniors Hug-Jim .397 ABOVE: Moving in usually turns out to be more of a job than most students expect. Patient parents generally make the task a little easier. DAVID RYAN JOHNSON Buckhorn B.B.A. Management JOE RICE JOHNSON, III Danville B.B.A. Business KAREN J. JOHNSON West CarroUton, Ohio B.S. Industrial Arts Education PAULA JEAN JOHNSON Louisville B.A. Social Work and Corrections SUE M.JOHNSON Aurora, Illinois B.S. School Health BERNICE E. JONES Paducah B.S. Law Enforcement REBECCA D. JONES Richmond B.S. Psvchologv RICHARD R. JONES Ashley, Ohio B.B.A. Data Processing BILL JORDAN Richmond B.S. Physical Education REGINA GAIL JORDAN Richmond B.S. Elementary Education MARILYNS. JUSTINIANO Richmond B.S. Nursing KATHY ANN KACKLEY Lexington B.A. Political Science and Police Administration 398 Seniors Joh-Kac Moving-In Is No Easy Task FRED HAYS KARR Louisville B.S. Industrial Education MARY ANN KASSELMANN Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Physical Education DONNA FRANCES KAVANAUOH Richmond B.S. Interior Design ALICE J. KEARNEY Richmond B.S. Microbiology JAMES LEONARD KEELING Cox ' s Creek B.S. Mathematics WILLIAM PAUL KEENE Dayton, Ohio B.B.A. Business DEBORAH A. KEETON Ashland B.S. Elementary Education ROBERT LEWIS KEITH Louisyille B.S. Biology COLEEN MARIE KELLY Columbus, Ohio B.S. Nursing KAREN LYNN KELLY Lexington B.S. Elementary Education PAULA ANN KELCH Augusta B.S. Biology JAMES ARTHUR KENT Warsaw, Ohio B.M.E. Music GLYN D. KERBAUGH Danyille B.B.A. Accounting JUDY GAYLE KETTIG Louisyille B.B.A. Accounting RONALD J. KILMEN Fort Thomas B.A. Industrial Education DONNA J. KING Reading, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education PAULETTE KING Jackson B.S. Social Work ELLEN ELISABETH KIRBY Kettering, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education TERRI LYNN KIRK Louisville B.S. Recreation JAMES D. KIRKLAND Lebanon B.S. Law Enforcement and Political Science DAVID S. KJELBY Monroe, Ohio B.B.A. Business Management THOMAS H. KNIGHT Louisville B.A. Art BEVERLY ANN KOLLER Louisville B.S. Nursing CHARLENE F. KRAESIG Louisville B.B.A. Accounting DAVID HENRY KRAMER Lexington B.S. Law Enforcement JEFFREY L. KRANER Lancaster, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education KATIE KRAWIEC Louisville B.S. Physical Education KATHLEEN D. KRISHOCK Jamestown, New York B.S. Law Enforcement Seniors Kar-Kri 399 TIMOTHY DALE KRUEGER Cresent Springs B.S. Law Enforcement KEVIN B. KUHENS Louisville B.S. Police Administration TIMOTHY SCOTT KURTZ Louisville B.S. Health MARY LOU LADD Versailles B.S. Law Enforcement RAMONA IRIS LAINHART Gray Hawk B.S. Fashion Merchandising LARRY A. LAMBERT Richmond B.A. Communications GREGORY ARTHUR LAMPING Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement ELLEN LANE Louisville B.S. Education ABOVE: Antics are many as EKU coeds of Walters and Commonwealth Halls present their float in the homecoming parade. 400 Seniors Kru-Lan Events Prime Spirit For Homecoming Game MARY ELIZABETH LANG Piketon, Ohio B.B.A. Data Processing WAYNE A. LANGFORD Falls Church, Virginia B.S. Law Enforcement ALISON MARY LANHAM Lemon Grove, California B.S. Nursing STUART H. LATHAM Owensboro B.S. Biology DARCEL RUTH LAWHORN Louisville B.S. Child Development DEBRA KAY LAWSON Cynthiana B.S. Elementarv Education PATRICIA ANN LEACH Prestonburg B.S. Community Health JOSEPH CECIL LEAKE Raywick B.A. Sociology GARY C.LEE Henderson B.A. Sociology GREGORY DALE LEE HodgensviUe B.S. Physical Education LINDA JO LEE Liberty B.B.A. Accounting VELMA KAY LEHMANN Cincinnati, Ohi( B.S. Physical Education JANICE E. LEWIS Louisville B.A. English ROGER R.LEWIS Newark, Ohio B.S. Physical Education ANTHONY EDWARD LICHTLE Mansfield, Ohio B.S. Corrections LESLIE ANN LIGHT Richmond B.S. Horticulture PATRICIA LOU LINDENMUTH Germantown, Ohio B.S. Speech Pathology MARSHA E. LINEBAUGH Lebanon, Ohio B.B.A. Data Processing KAREN A. LINNENKOHL Dayton, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement TOM C. LINNEWEBER Columbus, Indiana B.S. Public Health TATSARIN LINPISAL Chaeingmai, Thailand B.B.A. Business LINDA SUE LITTLER London. Ohio B.S. Nursing GEORGE H. LOGAN Louisville B.B.A. Business JAMES PAUL LONG HustonviUe B.A. History PATRICIA ANN LONG Burkesville B.A. English NANCY E. LOTT Louisville B.A. Art DEBRA JEAN LOWMAN Dayton, Ohio B.S. Elementarv Education MICHAEL JOSEPH LOWRY Troy, Illinois B.B.A. Meinagement Seniors Lan-Low 401 Solitude Aids In Creating MARK DAVID LOZIER North College Hill, Ohio B S Physical Education KITTY JOSEPHINE LUCKY Paris B S Elementarv Education DONALD ERIC LUNDBLAD Lima, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing CAROLYN V. LYEMANCE Louisville B.S. Elementary and Special Education JACQUELINE BUXTON LYNCH Somerset B.A. Journalism EMMA LEE LYONS Shelbyville B.S. Rehabilitation MARY G. MACKEY Louisville B.S. Police Administration JOHN RICHARD MADRAS Louisville B.B.A. Management MARTHA COPE MAGGARD Hazard B.S. Mathematics RUTHANNE MALONE Atlanta, Georgia B.S. Public and Community Health STEPHEN A. MANDT Lexington B.B.A. Marketing TOM C. MANGUS Richmond B.S. Business and Agriculture BRETT A. MARINER Lexington B.S. Law Enforcement STEPHEN EUGENE MARKERT Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement PAUL M. MARSH Cynthiana B.S. Industrial Technology RAY CAROLYN MARSHALL Paducah B.S. Criminal Justice SHIRLEY E. MARSHALL East Bernstadt B.S. Elementary Education DANNY RAY MARTIN Richmond B.A. Social Work TERRI J. MARTIN Allen Park, Michigan B.M.E. Music CHARLES MARZ Richmond B.S. Industrial Education SUSAN MARIE MARZOLF Alexandria, Virginia B.S. Horticulture AMELIA KATHERINE MAUPIN Richmond B.B.A. Business SHEILA ANN McCANE Brooksville B.S. Art ROBERT JEFFREY McCARTHY Shelbyville B.S. Agriculture KAREN LEAH McCHESNEY Richmond B.S. Fashion Merchandising MARY DOROTHY McCOMBS Lebanon, Ohio B.S. Nursing MICHELE ALIVIA McCRARY Louisville B.A. Social Work and Law Enforcement TIMOTHY W. McCUBBIN Walton B.B.A. Business 402 Seniors Loz-Mar GEORGIA ANN McDANIEL Louisville B.S. Corrections SHEREELYNNMcDAVID Burlington B.S. Elementary and Special Education ROBERT LEON McFALLS Kings Mountain B.B.A. Management DONNIE WAYNE McGEORGE London B.B.A. Finance PATRICIA J. McGRATH Carlisle, Ohio B.S. Fashion Merchandising MICHAEL McHONE Richmond B.F.A. Printmaking WILLARD McINTOSH Kings Mills, Ohio B.S. Business Education SUSAN LYNN McINTYRE Lexington B.S. Biology JOYCE ANN McKEE Richmond B.B.A. Accounting LOWRY LEE McKEE Richmond B.B.A. Accounting STEVE HARRISON McMILLEN Nicholasville B.S. Drafting PAMELA LEE Mcpherson Harrodsburg B.A. Social Work and Psychology RICHARD LOUIS McQUADY Louisville B.B.A. Accounting JUDITH LINDA McQueen McKee B.A. English and Political Science CHERYL LYNN McWHORTER East Bernstadt B.S. Dietetics PHILIP L. MEAD Paintsville B.S. Medical Technology LEFT: Solitude is the best companion when putting the finishing touches on an art project. L -i ' .:„- il r. ' -s. ' ■ ' ;-;» ' Seniors McD-Mea 403 DAVID MENCLOZA Monticello B.B.A. Management DIANA L. MERRILL Louisville B B.A. Data Processing VICKY LYNN MERRITT Milford, Ohio B.S. Nursing ANTIONETTE LOUISE MEYER Elsmere B.S. Elementary Education ERIC WILLIAM MIDDLEBROOK Hamilton, Ohio B.A. .Journalism FRANCIS GARY MILES Richmond B.B.A. Business BEVERLY KAYE MILEY BrooksviUe B.S. Nursing CARLA D. MILLER OakhiU, Ohio B.S. Corrections GARY D.MILLER WhitlevCitv B.B.A. Accounting ROBERT D.MILLER Cincinnati. Ohio B.B.A. Marketmg ELIZABETH ANNE MITCHELL Northvale, New Jersey B.A. Art KATHLEEN JULIET MITCHELL Ashland B.S. Elementary Education ABOVE: Warm sun and a friendly companion are a welcome combination for senior Ellen Bach. 404 Seniors Men-Mit Companions Add To Daily Life . lA r-W KEVIN CHARLES MITCHELL Teaneck, New Jersey B.S. Industrial Education SUSAN ADAMS MOBERLY Richmond B.B.A. Accounting CHARLES ANDREW MONICO Meadville, Pennsylvania B.S. Law Enforcement VICKIE ROSE MOODY Waco B.S. Child Development JOHN B. MORELAND Georgetown B.A. History BETHANY ANN MORGAN Saint Albans, West Virginia B.A. Spanish ELIZABETH A. MORGAN Richmond B.S. Recreation KATHLEEN ANN MORGAN Highland Heights B.S. Nursing PHILLIP DUDLEY MORGAN Valley Station B.A. Geography JOHN W. MORNINI Wheaton, Maryland B.S. Elementary and Special BRIAN LEE MORRETT Troy, Ohio B.A. Political Science DIANA LYNN MORRETT Troy Ohio B.M.E. Music CATHERINE ANN MORRISON Louisville B.S. Therapeutic Dietetics FAYE WINONA MOSBY Brookneal, Virginia B.B.A. Business PAUL R. MOYER Troy, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting MARCIA ANN MUELLER Louisville B.S. Physical Education ROBBIN LYNN MURRAY Bethany Beach, Delaware B.S. Physical Education BOBBIE JEAN NAPIER Saul B.S. Corrections JEFFREY LEE NASH Richmond B.A. History MARTHA JEAN NAU Staten Island, New York B.S. Elementary Education DIANE C.NEAH McKee B.S. Elementary Education VIRGINIA ELAINE NEAL Ashland B.S. Physical Education REBECCA RAENEFF Irvington B.S. Interior Design JERRY MITCHELL NELSON Brandenburg B.S. Physical Education FREDA ANN NETHERY Louisville B.A. French BARRY KENT NEWSOM Virgie B.B.A. Data Processing ROSIE K. NEWSOME PikeviUe B.S. Child Development VANC.NIANOURIS Columbus, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement Seniors Mit-Nia 405 Three Is Not Always A Crowd Ohio KATHRYN JEAN NIXON Louisville B S. Elementarv and Special Education MICHELLE NOEL Frankfort B.S. Elementary Education MARIAN NOONING Louisville B S Law Enforcement REBECCA LYNN NORD Lexington B.S. Nursing DEBRA A. NOWAK West Seneca, New York B.S. Law Enforcement JEFFREY R. NOYES Richmond B.S. Graphic Arts KENNETH CALVIN NUNN Louisville B.S. Physics ROBIN JOSEPHINE NUNN Louisville B.A. Speech and Drama KEITH LEE NUTTER Louisville B B.A. Accounting NANCY MARIE OBERSCHMIDT Cincmnati B.A. Social Work KEVIN ROBERT O ' BRIEN Xenia, Ohio B S Physical Education MARKH OCHSENBEIN Fern Creek B.S. Law Enforcement CONSTANCE JEAN OLIVER Louisville B.A. Corrections and Social Work MARY PEGGY OSBORNE Richmond B.S. Business BRIAN JOSEPH OWENS Levittown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management GREGORY W. PAIGE Ashland B.B.A. Data Processing MELODY LYNN PALM Alexandria B.B.A. Economics MOLLY J. PARKER Mariemont, Ohio B.S. Biology TERESA A. PARRETT Mount Vernon B M.E. Music Education JOHN DAVID PARSONS Berea B.B.A. Business ARTHUR L. PARCAL Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement DARA ANN PAVESE Somers, New York B.M.E. Music Education EDITH PEAKE Fleming B.S. Elementary Education DARRELL GLENN PEAVLER Harrodsburg B.S. Physical Education CINDY ANN PECK Stanford B.A. English JEAN MARIE PENDERGRASS Bardstown B.S. Home Economics DAVID G. PERKINS Crestwood B.S. Law Enforcement JOE M.PERKINS Corbin B.A. Political Science 406 Seniors Nix-Per ABOVE: Tripled up rooms occurred again this year in several dorms. The resi- dents of this Case Hall room seem to have done better than average in their room ' s decor. PEGGY ANN PERKINS Florence B.A. Historv SCOTT OWEN PERKINS Ashland B.A. Political Science TAMMIES. PERKINS Vandalia, Ohio B.S. Phvsical Education WILLIAM L. PESCI Danville B.S. Wildlife Management LEONARD L. PETERSON Muncy Valley, Pennsvlvania B.S. Law Enforcement ROGER DALE PETREY Waynesburg B.B.A. Business RONALD KEITH PETTY Newark, Ohio B.B.A. General Business CAROLYN SUE PHELPS Columbia B.S. Agriculture SUSAN MARIE PHELPS Louisville B.A. Library Science DIANE LEE PHILLIPS Louisville B.S. Elementary and Special Education CRAIG L. PIGG Fort Knox B.S. Horticulture JANET ROSE POLLAND East Bernstadt B.A. Speech Pathology JAN PATICIA POLLITTE Harlan B.A. Broadcasting STEPHEN COOPER POPPAS Jackson B.S. Physical Education CYNTHIA MARYE PORTER Paris B.S. Elementary Education DONALD LEE POWELL Winchester B.S. Instrumentation Engineering Seniors Per-Pow 407 BELOW: Cleaning off the car windows after a snow is no easy task as this coed found out. RIGHT: Snow and low temperatures provided the per- fect setting for Randy Holihan to go sleigh riding in the ravine. BOT- TOM: The unexpected eight inches of snow provided these EKU students with extra days of vacation at home or at school. " ' ' ' . !s K 9 I • • Lf ' " " i r 1 II I 408 Seniors Spring ' 77 Begins With Snowfall KAREN E. POWELL Richmond B.A. English ROBERT CHARLES POWER Imladris B.S, Law Enforcement FRED JEROME POWERS Carrollton B.B.A. Business GEORGANNE POWERS WiUiamstown B.B.A. Business AMY POYNTER Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. Art MARIBETH PRAGER Burlington, New Jersey B.A. French DANNY LYNN PRATER Richmond B.S. Sociology R. FAYE PRATHER Cynthiana B.S. Rehabilitation JANE GAIL PRESTON Danville B.A. Library Science JOHN F. PRICE LouisvUle B.S. Chemistry MARTHA ANN PRICE Paris B.S. Recreation RUTH M. PRICE Louisville B.S. Special Education MELANIE JANE PRILL Vanwert, Ohio B.S. Recreation STEPHANIE K. PUCKETT London, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education ROGER CHRIS PUFFER Lexington B.B.A. Business JAMES BRUCE QUARLES Frankfort B.S. Agriculture MELONY ELAYNE QUIRE Louisville B.S. Elementary and Special Education KEITH DOUGLAS RICHARDSON Bagdad B.S. Wildlife Management THERESA MAY RICHARDSON Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Horticulture KENNETH DEAN RICHEY Louisville B.B.A. Accounting SANDRA KAY RICHTER Garrett B.S. Speech Pathology MARLA F. RIDENOUR Louisville B.A. Journalism and Marketing MARY PATRICIA RIEHL Frankfort B.S. Child Development SHELIA KAREN RIGGS Elizabethtown B.S. Business Education ANNEATTA GAIL RILEY Neon B.S. Nursing SAMUEL RISNER Pineville B.S. Agriculture CHARLCYE JO RITCHIE Lagrange B.A. Broadcasting MARY JOAN RIZER Bardstown B.S. Recreation Seniors Pow Riz 409 Registration: The Long, Lonely Struggle WILBUR ALLEN RADER Pleasure Ridge Park B.S. Pre-Medical Science JUDY FAY RALEIGH Talbert B.S. Biologv JOHN M. RALSTON Saint Clairsville, Ohio B.B.A. General Business SUSAN KAY RAMBO Richmond B.S. Elementary Education MIKE F. RAMIREZ Cincinnati. Ohio B.S. Biologv DAVID HOWELL RAMSAY Naperville, Illinois B.S. Recreation HOWARD WILLIAM RANKIN Burton. Ohio B.A.A. Accounting Technology DAVID K. RAY Lexington B.S. Industrial Technology JOSEPH ROBERT REDINGER Henderson B.S. Police Administration DAMITA YVONNE REED Ashland B.S. Public Health MARY ELIZABETH REESE Louisville B.S. Recreation STEPHEN JENNINGS REEVES Lexington B.S. Law Enforcement KATHY ANN REICHARD Lexington B.S. Speech Pathology CHRISTINE E. REYNOLDS Arcanum, Ohio B.S. Psychology ALFRE DAJ.RHEA Wheelwright B.A. Social Work DEBRA KAY RHEA Valley Station B.S. Elementary Education VERA FAYE RHEA Milford, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education DONNA C. RHODES Paint Lick B.S. Elementary Education PEGGY ANN RICHARDS Hampton. Virginia B.S. Business Education CYNTHIA J. ROBERTS Louisville B.A. Social Work and Corrections GREGORY I. ROBERTS Lawrenceburg, Indiana B.S. Physical Education RAY LAMAUR ROBERTS Richmond B.S. Recreation SHARON LEE ROBINSON Waverly, Ohio B.A. Political Science STEVEN R. ROBINSON Richmond B.S. Industrial Technology HECTOR RODIGUEZ Lexington B.B.A. Accounting LANNY COOPER ROSS Lexington B.S. Industrial Education CHARLES DAVID ROWLAND Dayton, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting JANET ROWLAND Clay City B.S. Nursing 410 Seniors Rad Row BRUCE RYAN REED HustonviUe B.A. Social Work PAULA REGINA RU ARK Louisville B.S. Elementary Education DEBORAH ANNE RUBIN Lexington B.S. Nursing LINDA SUSAN RUSH Portsmouth, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education NYLAFAYE RUSSELL Richmond B.S. Nursing BARBARA LEE SAMMONS Lexington B.S. Elementary Education PATICIA JANE SANDS Lexington B.S. Special Education TERRY ALAN SANNER Dayton, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement JEFFREY HARRISON SATTERLY Glasgow B.B.A. Accounting DAVID MICHAEL SCARLOTT Louisville B.A. History JAMES E. SCHAFFER Louisville B.S. Economics MARTHA LOUISE SCHAFFER Louisville B.S. Rehabilitation PHILIP C.SCHARRE Louisville B.A. Planning and Development GARYSCHATZ Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Busine.ss Administration DANA LYNN SCHLEICHER Louisville B.S. Interior Design JOHN LUKE SCHMIDT Falmouth B.S. Law Enforcement LEFT: Scheduling classes can be a com- plicated process but Barbara Sharman, right, gives a helping hand to a friend. Seniors Ree-Sch 411 Bookstore Fills Campus Needs JOHN P. SCHMIDT Kettering, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting GREGORY J. SCHMITT Decatur. Illinois B.S. Law Enforcement JANE REGINA SCHNEIDER New Hope, Pennsylvania B.S. Law Enforcement JULIA CAROLE SCHOOLER Fisherville B.S. Biology and Chemistry KEVIN A. SCHUCK East Amherst. New York B.B.A. Business BECKY GAYESCHULTZ Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement LOUISE MAY SCHWANTES Georgetown B.M.E. Music Education ARTHUR J. SCIUBBA Louisville B.S. Physical Education DAVID L.SCOTT Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement DIANNE ALICE SEBASTIAN Covington B.S. Business Education WILLIAM ROBERT SECARA Catasuqua, Pennsylvania B.S. Police Administration DANIEL MARK SEITMERS West Union, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education JULIE ANN SELM Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Phvsical Education EUGENE GRANT SEWELL Anchorage B.S. Elementary Education SANDRA JILL SEXTON Grayson B.S. Elementary and Special Education AMANDA LEA SHANNON Louisville B.A. Broadcasting BEVERLY JOYCE SHEARER Lancaster B.S. Public Health JEFFREY A. SHEETS Newark, Ohio B.S. Elementary and Special Education LILLIAN R. SHELTON Somerset B.S. Elementary Education RHONDA J. SHELDON Cincinnati, Ohio B.M.E. Music Education BARBARA ANN SHEPHERD Medway, Ohio B.A. Art CAROL ANN SHEPHERD BrooksviUe B.S. Elementary Education WILLIAM ANTHONY SHERRILL Louisville B.S. Physical Education RALPH DAVIS SHEW Richmond B.A. Accounting BRUCE W. SHOWALTER Vanwert, Ohio B.A. Corrections DEBORAH LYNN SIEVERT Covington B.S. Dietetics MARY E. SILVANI Bloomingburg, New York B.S. Phvsical Education SHERRY L. S. SIMPSON Louisville B.S. Physical Education 412 Seniors Sch-Sim LEFT: The bookstore becomes a popular place during stereo album sales. RICHARD WAYNE SKINNER Williamstown B.B.A. Real Estate DONNA JEAN SKOGLUND Arlington Heights, Illinois B.S. Physical Education DAVID SLUSHER Lexington B.A. History RICKY J. SLUSHER Richmond B.B.A. Management DAVID THOMAS SMITH Lexington B.B.A. Management DIANNE E. SMITH Monticello B.S. Business Education EARL PRYOR SMITH McKee B.S. Recreation J. WENDELL SMITH Winchester B.S. Fashion JAMES EUGENE SMITH Somerset B.B.A. Marketing JANET LEIGH SMITH Whitesburg B.S. Chemistry KATHERINE ROSE SMITH Bardstown B.B.A. Marketing KATHY D. SMITH Kettering, Ohio B.S. Home Economics Seniors Ski-Smi 413 MITZI ANN SMITH Danville, Virginia B.S. Nursing NADINE COMBS SMITH Louisville B.S. Elementary Education ROBERT KEITH SMITH Ashland B.S. Law Enforcement SYLVIA DIANE SMITH Richmond B.M.E. Music TOMMY SMITH Jenkins B.B.A. Data Processing CYNTHIANAANNESNOWDEN Danvil B.S. Elementary Education MARY DEE SNYDEN Corbin B.S. Vocational Education JILL ELLEN SOMOGY Cleveland. Ohio B.S. Child Development DONNIESORRELL Richmond B.S. Agriculture BRIDGET THERESA SPAW Erlanger B.S. Elementary Education CHARLA M.SPENCER Hardinsburg B.S. Nursing JOHN S.SPENCER Winchester B.S. Biology KAREN LYNN SPILLER Bethel, Ohio B.A. Speech Pathology ROBIN SUE SPILLER Englewood, Ohio B.S. Physical Education ERIC E. SPIRES Bristol, Virginia B.A. Music Theory JENNIFER J. SPIRES Berea B.A. English RIGHT: This Average White Band fan wanted the mem- ber ' s autographs, lacking paper he uses his shirt instead. 414 Seniors Smi-Spi AWB Finds An Autograph Seeker RONALD W. SPURRIER Bybee B.S. Environmental Resources JANICE ELAINE STAFFORD Danville B.S. Office Administration CHARLES WILLIAM STAMPER Jackson B.A. English NADRA RENE STAMPER Irvine B.B.A. Marketing MICHAEL C. STAPLETON Cardington, Ohio B.S. Chemistry SUSAN LYNN STEEL Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement BARBARA ANN STEFFAN Buffalo, New York B.S. Phv.sical Education SANDRA JUNE STEINHELFER Mount Gilead, B.S. Law Enforcement Ohio SUSAN ALLEN STEPHENS Louisville B.S. Business CECILIA GEORGETTE STERRETT Jeffersontown B.M.E. Music Education JOHN L. STEVENS Louisville B.S. Police Administration MARTIN JAMES STEWART Hornell, New York B.S. Law Enforcement KIRK H. STICKLEY London, Ohio B.S. Education GAYLE SUE STOCKDALE Lafayette, Indiana B.S. Horticulture KEITH ALLAN STOWERS Lexington B.S. Pre-Medical Science LACY E. STRADER Lexington B.S. Law Enforcement WILLIAM ROBERT STRAIN Lexington B.S. Marketing DONNA LEE STRATTON Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Speech Pathology TERRY LOU STRATTON Pikeville B.A. Speech Pathology RONALD D. STRAWN Glencoe B.A. English JAMES C. STREET Richmond B.S. Industrial Technology AMY JEAN STRICKLAND Louisville B.A. Library Science SUE ELLEN STUART Owensboro B.S. Home Economics WILLIAM ALLEN STULL Richmond B.S. Industrial Education PAUL TYLER STURGEON Louisville B.B.A. Data Processing VIRGINIA ANN SUTTON Edenton, Ohio B.S. Nursing BARBARA LYNN SWAIN Danville B.A. Art MARVIN LEE SWANN Danville B.S. History and Social Science Seniors Spu-Swa 415 RIGHT: Senior Izora Curlin finds that Thursday brings out the Progress for reading as well as a protector from " that white flakev stuff. " MAURICE MARION SWEENEY Louisville B.A. Sociology MICHAEL J. SWEENY Washington, Pennsylvania B.S. Law Enforcement BEVERLY K.TACKETT Medwav. Ohio B.A. Art MICHAEL CARL TALLENT Albany B.S. Business Education SHARON L. TALLENT Albany B.A. Social Work JOSEPH LEO TARULLO Louisville B.S. Agriculture DAVID SYDNEY TATE Richmond B.S. Environmental Resources DEBORAH ELAINE TATTER Louisville B.S. Fashion Design DAVID JEFFREY TAYLOR Augusta B.S. Agriculture GEORGE D. TAYLOR Frankfort B.B.A. Business JAMES OWEN THILL Norwalk, Ohio B.S. Law Enforcement DAVID L. THOMAS Wwstunion, Ohio B.S. Police Administration 416 Seniors Swe-Tho " Mr. Snow " Pays A Visit To Campus RICHARD MARK THOMAS Dry Ridge B.S. Recreation CONNIE SUE TINCHER Tyner B.S. Psychology JEFFREY DALE TINGLE Springfield B.S. Business Education JOSEPH R. TINGLE Bedford B.S. Police Administration LAURA SUSAN TODD Fern Creek B.S. Pre-Medicine GIBSON ADENIYLTOGUNDE Ibadan, Nigeria B.S. Biochemistry GLEN DOUGLAS TOMMIE Valley Station B.S. Interior Design SUSAN KAY TRAVIS Covington B.S. Elementary Education SUZANNE TRAYLOR Ashland B.A. Social Work DAVID B. TRIPLETT Corbin B.S. Agriculture TERESA ANN TRIPLETT Mason, Ohi, B.A. Art NANCYJ.TRONE Portsmouth, Ohio B.A. Social Work ABOVE: These students seem uneffected as the snow falls on their way to and from class. SeniorsATho-Tro 417 Soft Chairs Make Studying More Inviting DAVID BRIAN TUGGLE Williamsburg B.S. Law Enforcement LEAH J. TUGGLE Monticello B.S. Special Education DEBORAH DEE TYGRETT ShelbyvUle B.S. Interior Design DAVID ULLOM Washington, Pennsylvania B.S. Police Administration MELODY ANN UNDERWOOD Monticello B.S. Elementary Education ALAN B. UPTON Williamsburg B.S. Police Administration JANET LOU VARNEY McCarr B.S. Home Economics DEBI VAUGHN Hawesville B.A. Social Work SHARON KAY VINCENT Owosso, Michigan B.S. Nursing MARK FREDRICK VOGEDES Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement RONALD EUGENE VOGEL Louisville B.S. Psvchologv RONALD EUGENE VOLMERING Morrow. Ohio B.A. History and Broadcasting MELINDAR. VOTAW Springfield, Ohio B.S. Elementarv and Special Education MICHELLE R. WADE Louisville B.B.A. Marketing WENDY L. WAGERS London B.S. Nursing JUDITH ANN WAHLERT Westchester, Ohio B.A. Art BRUCE MITCHELL WALKER Somerset B.A. Accounting DONALD R. WALKER Niagara Falls, New York B.S. Medical Technologv GAIL A. WALKER Irvine B.S. Interior Design KENNETH ESTON WALKER Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. Data Processing STEPHEN J. WALLACE Fort Wayne. Indiana B.S. Industrial Education MADELINE PATRICIA WALTZ Shelbvville B.A. Social Work CHERI LYNN WARD Louisville B.B.A. Business LOWELL S.WARD Williamsport B.S. Police Administration SHERYL LYNN WARD Louisville B.A. Social Work WILLIAM NEIL WARD Pineville B.B.A. Marketing KATHY ANN WARDRIP Louisville B.A. Corrections and Social Work WENDY M. WARNER Dayton, Ohio B.S. Psychology 418 Seniors Tug-War ABOVE: The large area in the Powell Building enables students to catch a few moments of study between class. PAMELA RAEWASSERMAN Fort Wright B.S. Interior Design HAROLD GLENN WATSON Frankfort B.S. Wildlife Management NOREEN WATTS Jack.son B.S. Elementary and Special Education R. SUSIE WATTS Nicholasville B.S. Law Enforcement NANCY JO WAYMEYER Highland Heights B.S. Recreation PAUL FRANKLIN WEBSTER Grayson B.S. Recreation DAVE K. WELCH Elizabethtown B.S. Law Enforcement JOETTA LYNN WELCH Maysville B.S. Interior Design EDWARD D. WELLS Madisonville B.S. Geology CAROLYN SUE WERNER Newtonsville, Ohio B.S. Speech Pathology Audiology LARRY WEST Richmond B.B.A. Electronic Data Processing MARTHA SUE WESTERFIELD Hazard B.S. Microbiology DAVID ALLEN WHEELER Paintsville B.S. Police Administration RAMONA P. WHITE Middlesboro B.A. Elementary Education WILLIAM H. WHITTAKER Richmond B.B.A. General Business NYOKAANNEWIERMAN Richmond B.A. French and English Seniors Was- Wie 419 Keene Hall Illuminates Campus WILLIAM WIGGLESWORTH Latonia B.A. Speech JAMES MICHEALWILBORN Shelbvville B.S. Industrial Education JEFFREY ALAN WILDE Dayton, Ohio B.S. Corrections GARY BLAINE WILKERSON Springfield B.S. Business JUANAITA WILKERSON Paris B.S. Nursing BETH ANNE WILLHITE Joplin, Missouri B.S. Physical Education BRENDA KAY WILLIAMS Louisville B.A. Social Work DAVID JOEL WILLIAMS Corbin B.B.A. Economics DON WILLIAMS Bethel, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting ELIZABETH CAROL WILLIAMS Hopkinsville B.A. Broadcasting W. SCOTT WILLIAMS Loyall B.S. Recreation CHARLES EDWARD WILSON Rockville. Maryland BAA. History LEWIS WILSON Richmond B.A. Broadcasting STEPHEN EDWIN WILSON Lebanon, Ohio B.S. Geology SAMUAL L. WINBURN Louisville B.S. Law Enforcement ROBERT GLEN WINKLE RushviUe, Indiana B.S. Physical Education SHIRLEY DEBRA WINTJEN Lincoln, Delaware B.S. Physical Education KAREN J. WIRES Wooster, Ohio B.S. Corrections KAREN ANN WISE Louisville B.M.E. Music WILLIAM RAY WITHERS Cynthiana B.S. Agriculture GARY W. WITT Orlando B.S. Industrial Education SANDRA S. WOODDELL West Jefferson, Ohio B.A. English DONNIE RAY WOOSLEY Winchester B.S. Law Enforcement LAVADA SUE WOOTON Hazard B.S. Law Enforcement OCTA BELLE WOOTON Hardinsburg B.S. Recreation SHELLEY MICHAEL WORLEY Monticello B.S. Recreation BARBARA NELL WREN Covington B.S. Elementary Education KAREN L. WURTZBACHER Springfield, Ohio B.S. Nursing 420 SeniorsAVig-Wur NANCY MARIE WYANT Charlotte, North Carolina B.B.A. Business BRENDA LEE YOUNG Ashland B.A. Social Work PAULA ANN YOUNG Erlanger B.S. Elementary Education VALERIE C. YOUNG Port of Spain, Trinidad B.S. Pre-Medical Science WILLIAM E. YOUNG Tompkinsville B.B.A. Accounting STEVEN RAY YOUNGS Richmond B.S. Geology VALERIE ISON YOUNGS Richmond B.A. Child Care and Medical Records MARY LOUISE ZEIGLER Maysville B.S. Home Economics VICKY LYNN ZIMMERMAN Russell Springs B.S. Nursing SHARON MARIE ZIPPERLE Louisville B.B.A. Accounting DAVID ANTHONY ZONCA Lansford, Pennsylvania B.S. Corrections BRUCE WAYNE ZURFACE Wilmington, Ohio B.S. Agriculture RICHARD REIDZUERCHER Louisville B.A. Journalism ABOVE: During Homecoming weekend, Keene Hall residents created a unique billboard to show their support for the EKU Colonels. SeniorsAVva-Zue 421 The Fans: The Spark Behind The Spirit JOSEPH TIPTON ABNEY Richmond M.S. Sports Administration CATHERINE L. ADAMSON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania M.A. Physical Education REX WAYNE ALEXANDER Springfield, Missouri M.S. Recreation JEANETTE LEE ANDERSON Wilder M.S. Education SHERI A. BOOHER Englewood. Ohio M.A. Physical Education LARRY DUANE BOWLING Manchester M.S. Industrial Education BARBARA ANN BOWMAN Versailles M.A. Education MICHAEL ALLEN CASEY Richmond M.S. Biological Sciences DAVID JAMES CECIL Louisville M.A. Student Personnel Services REBECCA Y.CHEN Taiwan M.A. Spanish GARY WAYNE CLARK Paintlick M.B.A. Accounting PEGGY J. CLICK Richmond M.B.A. Business Administration MARINELLCOBB Mayville M.A. Home Economics DORETHA MARIE COLBERT Plant City, Florida M.A. Special Education DAVID W. COMBS Dry Ridge M.S. Microbiology KATHRYN J. CONRAD Falmouth M.A. Home Economics DONNA KAY COSTANZO Nancy M.A. Art JAMES CROMWELL COSTANZO Nancy M.A. Industrial Education RICHARD W. DANIELS Englewood, Ohio M.S. Sports Administration ALLAN D. DECKER Tonawanda, New York RONALD B. DOLLIN Atlantic City. New Jersey M.S. Criminal Justice THOMAS G. DOWNS Bardstown M.A. Coun.seling LOUIE H.ELEAS Bristol, Tennessee M.S. Criminal Justice CATHERINE B. EVANS Lebanon M.S. Industrial Education HELEN MARIE FARDO Falmouth M.A. Education DEVERA FIELD FINLEY Ashland M.A. English JACK D. FROST Richmond M.S. Sports Administration ROBERT ALLEN FRYMAN Cynthiana M.S. Chemistry 422 Graduates Abn-Frv ABOVE: Eastern students display school spirit not only at home but also at away games as manv traveled to Western to cheer on the Colonels in an OVC contest. 1 ' .Jti LISAR. FULLER Wellston, Ohio M.A. English KAY ANNETTE FUTRELL Hammond. Indiana M.A. Physics BARBARA ROBINSON GETMAN Lancaster M.A. English REBECCA SUSAN GILTNER Park Hills M.A. Home Economics DEBORAH J. GREENE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania M.S. Sports Administration CAROL CRAFT HAHN Springfield, Ohio M.A. Recreation and Park Administration TERESA LEE HALL Allen M.A. School and Public Health GARY RAYMOND HALLMARK Lexington M.A. Geography STANLEY DEAN HENIZE Xenia, Ohio M.A. Geography BRENDA KAREN HICKS Prestonburg M.A. Business Education KATHRYN IRENE HOUSER Centerville, Iowa M.A. Business CHARLOTTE DARLENE JOHNSON Hazard M.B.A. Marketing Graduates Ful-Joh 42.3 Spirit Of Fall Distracts Students BOBBY K.KAMBARAMI Winchester M.P.A. Public Administration PETER MARION KIRCHNER Louisville M.M.E. Industrial Education AMYLANDRETH Louisville M.A. Elementary Education DONNA KAY LANFORD Lynn Haven, Florida M.S. Clinical Psychology PATRICIA A. LEIDY Lima. Ohio M.M.E. Music Education WILLIAM STUART LYNNE Louisville M.S. Education RHONDA ELIZABETH MANERS Williamstown M.A. English ANNE K. MARTIN Owensboro M.A. Interior Design STEPHEN JOHN MILLS Whitinsville, Massachusetts M.A. Geography M. LYNNE MORRIS Reading, Ohio M.S. Physical Education JOHN WESLEY OSBORNE Russell Springs M.B.A. Accounting PAMELA LYNN PACK Paintsville M.B.A. Marketing MARTA VAREE PEARSON Lexington M.S. Law Enforcement LORNA ATWATER PYLES Berea M.A. Elementary Education-Reading JUDY L. REED Mount Sterling M.A. Elementary Education MIRIAM JANEESELVIDGE Monticello M.A. Home Economics SOMSAK SENAVININ Thailand M.S. Criminal Justice PETCHLOOK SIENGKONG Bangkok. Thailand M.S. Criminal Justice LINDA JEAN SIVEK Mau.ston, Wisconsin M.S. Park and Recreation Administration SHARON ANN STEPHENS Russell Springs M.A. Student Personnel in Higher Education TERRY W. STODDARD Cuyahoga, Ohio M.A. Health Education JARUMPORN SURAMANEE Richmond M.S. Criminal Justice KEITH GORDON TAYLOR Arlington, Virginia M.A. Education-Business Administration GERALD TSANG Hong Kong M.S. Chemistry ANNIE TSAO Taiwan M.A. Education MICHAELINETUZNIK Detroit, Michigan M.S. Clinical Psychology RONNIE WAYNE VANOVER Benham M.A. Art NANCY LYNNE WARD Greensburg, Indiana M.M.E. Music Education 424 Graduates Kam-War i L. ' " - A CAROLYN A. WEBB Mount Washington M.A. Special Education LAVADATALLEY WELLS Magnolia M.A. Special Education ABABIO ATTA KAKRA WIAFE Kumasi, Ghana M.B.A. Accounting PATRICK C. WILSON Louisville M.A. Education CHUNKIN WONG Hong Kong M.B.A. Management LARRY RAY WRIGHT Sadieville M.S. Chemistry RICHARD HUGH YEH Wheaton, Maryland M.B.A. General Business »• » •«• « „ v- ' LEFT: Fallen leaves provide the perfect setting for relieving classroom tensions. ABOVE: When weather permits, the outdoors provides an excellent place for an artist like Bobbie Carlyle to express herself. GraduatesAVeb-Yeh 425 Biking: A Way Of Transportation For Some DEBRAANNADINGTON Waynesburg A. A. Accounting ROBERT L. ALBRO Louisville A. A. Industrial Education BARBARA ANNE ALFORD Indianapolis, Indiana A. A. Executive Secretary MARGARET ELAINE ALLEN Louisville A. A. Legal Secretary REGINA L. ALLEN Cynthiana A. A. Medical Records TERESA LYNNE ARMSTRONG Louisville A. A. Executive Secretarv NANCY JO ARNOLD Hamilton. Ohio A. A. Dietetics Technologv CONSTANCE IRENE AVERY Paris A. A. Legal Secretary LOU SNNE BSKER New Carlisle. Ohio A. A. Executive Secretarv ROSEMARY A, BAKER Morehead A. A. Nursing DAWN P. BARKER Algonquin, Illinois A. A. Nursing PATRICIA ANN BAUGHMAN Danville A. A. Executive Secretary GLENNAM. BEARD Columbia A. A. Nursing SALLEERUTH BECKETT GilbertsviUe A. A. Horticulture JEANNE CAROL BOLTON Catlettsburg A. A. Medical Lab Technologv CATHY D. BORDERS Winchester A. A. Nursing TERRY LEE BOYER Bemus Point A. A. Medical Lab Technologv PAMELA J. BRIGHTWELL CarroUton A.A. Child Care KATHRYN ANN BROCK Cincinnati. Ohio A.A. Legal Secretarv CINDY JANE BROOKS Middlesboro A.A. Nursing JOSEPH E. BROOKS Cynthiana A.A. Nursing CAROLYN SUE BROOKSHIRE Winchester A.A. Medical Assisting Technology COUGAR M.BROWN London A.A. Industrial Electronics ROSETTA BROWN Oneida A.A. Nursing BILLIE JOAN BROWNLEE Xenia, Ohio A.A. Nursing BILLIE SUE BUCHANAN Lexington A.A. Accounting ROGER GERALD BUCKLER Vine Grove A.A. Drafting and Design LISA IRENE BUNCH Paris A.A. Medical Secretary 426 Associates Adi-Bun ABOVE: After a ride, this coed finds it relaxing sitting in the ravine catching the last rays of the summer sun. DEBORAH S.CAMPBELL Barbourvi A. A. Interior Design MARY S. CARR Mount Sterling A. A. Medical Secretary HELEN ELIZABETH CASEY Pikevil A. A. Nursing SHAREN MARIE CASEY Cynthiana A.A. Medical Record Technology SHARLETANNCAUDILL Whitesburg A.A. Law Enforcement ROSEMARY CHEEK St anton A.A. Legal Secretary RHONDA G.CHURCHILL Bardstown A.A. Child Care RHONDA GAY COLIN Foster A.A. Executive Secretary BRENDA KAY COOK Pleasure Ridge Park A.A. Child Care WILLIAM KIRK COTTRELL Simpsonville A.A. Agricultural Mechanization ALICE FRANCES COX Beattyville A.A. Nursing PEGGY DIANE COX NicholasviUe A.A. Legal Secretary JENNIFER JO CRAWFORD Brooksville A.A. Dietetics JULIE ANNA CROW Louisville A.A. Accounting YOLANDA S. DAVIS Lexington A.A. Law Enforcement KAREN SUE DENNY Blue Ash. Ohio A.A. Medical Records Associates Cam-Den 427 CAROLE J. DEVICKSON Staunton A. A. Medical Assisting MARSHA LU DEVITT Xenia, Ohio A. A. Medical Assistant MARILYN ALDER EARLY Williamsburg A. A. Medical Lab Technician SUZANNE ELYSE EBERHART Louisville A. A. Nursing TERESA ANN EDWARDS Tipp City. Ohio A. A. Medical Records LAVERA ARLENE ELERY Louisville A. A. Nursing CYNTHIA LYNNE ETHINGTON Eminence A. A. Administrative Office Services JANET GRACE FAHRENBRUCK Cincinnati, Ohio A. A. Ornamental Horticulture SHARON KATHY FELTY Greenup A. A. Nursing RHONDA L. FENNER Fort Thomas A. A. Interior Design DIANE PATRICIA FIELDS Davton. Ohio A. A. Interior Design JUDITH ANN FORNASH Covington A. A. Interior Design ABOVE: Warm weather brings many outdoor activities, including the annual Arts and Crafts Fair and a much deserved lunch break. 428 Associates Dev-For The Fountain Provides Fun For All SHARON SUE FRENCH Louisville A. A. Nursing JANET KAYE GABEHART CampbellsviUe A. A. Medical Secretary SUER. GADD Richmond A. A. Nursing DONNA ANN GIBSON Valley Station A. A. Interior Design EMILY S.GILLESPIE Covington A. A. Nursing LAURA ELLEN GOODPASTER Owingsville A. A. Corrections DELBERT CECIL GOODWIN Monticello A. A. Park Maintenance PATRICIA ANN GOUGH Louisville A.A. Nursing ANN ELIZABETH GRAY Frankfort A.A. Legal Secretary ANGELA LOUISE GREEN Covington A.A. Executive Secretary CHARLOTTE GALE GRIMSLEY Columbia A.A. Nursing KATHY L. GRUBBS Louisville A.A. Criminalistics ANN P. HALLIWELL Pikeville A.A. Interior Design CONNIE LEE HAMILTON Falmouth A.A. Nursing PEGGY JEAN HARDESTY Anchorage A.A. Medical Assisting Technology DONNA LYNN HART Union City, Indiana A.A. Interior Design CYNTHIA ANN HASTINGS Cincinnati, Ohio A.A. Executive Secretary CATHY J. HAWKINS Cincinnati, Ohio A.A. Nursing MARY PATRICIA HAYDEN Owensboro A.A. Nursing CONNIES. HAZLE Hodgenville A.A. Medical Assisting PATRICIA GAIL HELM Jamestown A.A. Law Enforcement RAMONAJANHENSLEY Harlan A.A. Medical Record Technology LAURA JEAN HEYDINGER Lexington A.A. Executive Secretary REBECCA ANN HIBBITTS Jenkins A.A. Nursing NANCY JEAN HILGEMAN Cincinnati, Ohio A.A. Interior Design LINDA SUE HIMES Forest Park, Ohio A.A. Medical Assisting Technology NANCY S. HOECKER Fort Thomas A.A. Executive Secretary LINDA DARNELL HOLT Richmond A.A. Nursing Associates Fre-Hol 429 Band Day — Work For Some, Fun For Others MARCELLA SUSAN HORN Harrodsburg A. A. Nursing SUSAN ANNE HUDSON Georgetown A. A. Nursing KRISTA LYNN JACKSON Owenton A. A. Medical Assisting Technology KATHLEEN JUDY JONES Florence A. A. Legal Secretary KIMBERI RUTH JONES Lawrenceburg. Indiana A. A. Legal Secretary MARY KAY JONES Cynthiana A. A. Nursing MARY LLSA KEARNS Cvnthiana A. A. Dietetics LINDA GAIL KING Annville A. A. Nursing KIMBERLY SUE KIOSLER Springfield, Ohio A. A. Medical Record Technology KIMBERLY ANN KRAUSE Louisyille A. A. Medical Assisting Technology KEVIN B. Kl ' HENS Louisville A. A. Industrial Security KELLEY RAE KYLE Fairfield, Ohio A. A. Law Enforcement ROBERT ALLEN LANE Mount Sterling A. A. Law Enforcement TERRY ANNETTE LANHAM Grayel Switch A. A. Interior Design PAMELAJ.LATHROP Delaware, Ohio A. A. Horticulture VENITA GAYE LAWSON Cynthiana A. A. Executive Secretary DOROTHY LOUISE LEE Central City A. A. Medical Assisting Technology KIM A. LINK West Carrollton, Ohio A. A. Corrections MARSHA GAIL LLOYD Gashen, Ohio A. A. Nursing CELIA LEE LOVE Danville A. A. Medical Records DARLA KAY LOVE Walton A. A, Nursing BARBARA ANN MAGERA Louisville A. A. Medical Assisting Technology JANICE FAYE MARLOWE Lebanon A. A. Nursing KAREN RENEE MARTIN Taylorville A. A. Nursing CHERl LYNN McCLELLEN Louisville A.A. Child Care BERTHA HOPE McCONNAUGHEY Montgomery, Ohio A.A. Banking MARILYN McCOY Stanton A.A. Nursing DONALD GREGORY McFARLAND North Middletown A.A. Drafting and Design 4.30 Associates Hor-McF Pi m:i fi T: m ABOVE: Participants in Band Day take a quick break during their Saturday morning rehearsal in Alumni Coliseum awaiting the time for their performance. CAMILLA JAYE McKINNEY Falmouth A. A. Nursing ARDYTH ANN McNAB Cynthiana A. A. Nursing LINDA MAE McWILLIAMS Richmond A. A. Medical Lab Technician ANITA MARIE MEINER Hamilton, Ohio A. A. Nursing JENNY L.MERRICK Falmouth A. A. Administrative Office Services CAROL ANN MERRITT Casey Creek A. A. Nursing ANABELH. MIDDEN Cynthiana A. A. Medical Assisting Technology ANNE LEAH MOORE Hardinsburg A. A. Medical Assisting Technology KIMBERLY SUE MORGAN Wheelersburg, Ohio A. A. Executive Secretary KEVIN GENE MORRISON Marion, Massachusetts A. A. Law Enforcement KIMBERLY SUE MOWERY Eaton, Ohio A. A. Executive Secretary CRYSTAL LEE MULLINS Lagrange A. A. Medical Secretary LINDA LUANN NELSON Louisville A. A. Medical Assisting Technology LINDA SUZANNE NICHOLS Glasgow A. A. Medical Records JANE M. NICKELL West Liberty A. A. Nursing LARRY H. OLIVER Beattyville A. A. Banking JAMES ANTHONY OSBORNE Paris A. A. Law Enforcement ALMA ANN OVERSTREET Lagrange A. A. Law Enforcement LISA DENETTE PARKER Paris A.A. Child Care REBECCA PATTON Carrollton A.A. Recreation Associates McF-Pat 431 WILLIAM F. PETRITES Highland, Indiana A. A. Law Enforcement AMY L. PHILLIPS Bardstown A.A. Child Care ANN GALEN PICKETT Harrodsburg A.A. Medical Assisting CHERYL LAVERNE POPE Lexington A.A. Medical Secretary RON WAYNE POTTINGER Louisville A.A. Computer Electronics Technology NANCY ELLEN POWELL Richmond A.A. Administrative Office Services REBECCA LEE POWER Dallas. Texas A.A. Interior Design DONNA JEAN PREWITT Louisville A.A. Law Enforcement KATHLEEN SUSAN RAINS Williamsburg A.A. Medical Assisting TIMOTHY W. REDMAN Nancy A.A. Drafting and Design PATRICIA JANE REED Stanford A.A. Legal Secretary ROSALIE R. RENEAU Albany A.A. Floristrv and Florticulture RIGHT: These youngsters get ready for a snack lunch in the front of the bookstore. 432 Associates Pet -Ren Youngsters Take Time Out For Lunch CAROLYN SUE REYNOLDS Central City A. A. Medical Assisting Technology SUSIE GAY RHODE Louisville A. A. Nursing VERA K. RICE Lexington A. A. Nursing LINDA KAY RIDEOUT Henderson A. A. Nursing REBECCA JEANETTE RIPPLE Richmond A. A. Law Enforcement SANDRA JO ROBINSON Mount Sterling A. A. Nursing CHRIS J. ROOD Lexington A. A. Nursing DENISE GAYE ROSE Maytown A.A. Child Care SHERREE L. SCHOTT Lexington A.A. Nursing BARBARA KAY SEARS Louisville A.A. Nursing DOUGLAS RUCH SELLS Richmond A.A. Law Enforcement JAMIE S. SELLS Burkesville A.A. Medical Records Technology Associates Rey-Sel 4.33 University Facilities Enhance Learning JUDY JANETTE SEXTON Grayson A. A. Medical Assisting Technology LISAM.SHAUGHNESSY Louisville A. A. Interior Design CHERYL LYNN SHEPHERD Louisville A. A. Banking ANNETTE L. SMITH Dayton. Ohio A.A. Retailing BARBARA ANN SMITH Springfield A.A. Drafting and Design KAREN R.SMITH Fort Thomas A.A. Medical Assisting Technology SUZANNE. J. SMITH Versailles A.A. Nursing BEVERLY K. SPARKS Morrill A.A. Interior Design KIMBERELYANNSPEGAL Dry Ridge A.A. Medical Secretary CYNTHIA LYNNE STAHL Glasgow A.A. Nursing Rl ' TH A. STEPHENSON Kings Mills, Ohio A.A. Medical Lab Technician ABBIE LEE STEVENS Louisville A.A. Medical Secretary DIXIE CAROL STINSON Louisville A.A. Medical Assisting Technology ADRIANEFELITA SWEENEY Louisvill A.A. Medical Records SARAH G.SWINFORD Paris A.A. Medical Lab Technician JANICE SUE TAGGART Flatwoods A.A. Nursing JOY DENISE TAYLOR Bedford A.A. Executive Secretary PATRICIA A. TAYLOR Cvnthiana A.A. Child Care GREGORY D.THACKER PikeviUe A.A. Computer Electronics JESSE WAYNE THACKER Mount Vernon A.A. Drafting and Design RITA JESSICA THACKER Cincinnati. Ohio A.A. Nursing CAROLE REED THOMAS Crittendon A.A. Data Processing TIMOTHY GERARD THOMPSON Lebanon A.A. Police Administration MARGARET FRANCES TIPTON Ravenna A.A. Accounting LOREEN TRAVIS CarroUton A.A. Horaemaking Supervision MICHAEL EDMOND TRICK Louisville A.A. Management ELAINE E. TRITSCHLER Brandenburg A.A. Interior Design JOAN CAROL TRUE Frankfort A.A. Administrative Office Services 434 Associates Sex-Tru LEFT: Hamming it up can prove to be a fulfilling pastime as these men found out in EKU ' s first ham radio station. JONI LEA VINCENT Owingsville A. A. Medical Record Technology ALICE J. WARDE Lexington A. A. Law Enforcement CARLA ANN WALKER Louisville A. A. Interior Design CYNTHIA JOAN WALKER Cincinnati. Ohio A. A. Nursing CHERRY BETH WALLIS Cincinnati, Ohio A. A. Executive Secretary DARRELL LYNN WATSON Louisville A. A. Drafting and Design DONNA CAROL WAUDNER Frankfort A. A. Data Processing MARTHA JEAN WESLEY London A. A. Interior Design DARLA ANN WESTMEYER Versailles. Indiana A. A. Nursing MELODIE A. WHITE Louisville A. A. Nursing KATHLEEN MARIE WILLENBRINK Louisville A. A. Nursing JEANNE MARIE WINANS Frankfort A. A. Business Management VERMAN RAY WYNBURN Louisville A. A. Police Administration ELSIE YVONNE YADEN Liberty A. A. Dietetics MARK T. YERKES Furlong, Pennsylvania A. A. Agriculture BARBARA A. ZELLER Fairborn, Ohio A. A. Executive Secretary AssociatesA in-Zel 435 Juniors Await Last Year At Eastern Completing their final year as underclassmen, the class of 1978 gained momentum to realize their potentials and importance on Eastern ' s cam- pus. Beginning in the fall with elections for a Homecoming queen candidate, the juniors participated in and supported many campus activities. Then continuing tradition, the junior class sponsored their major project, the third annual Uni- versity Talent Show. Along with the sophomore class, they coordinated their efforts into producing a suc- cessful show which benefited the American Cancer Crusade as well as the entire campus and Richmond community. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICEFIS. Robin Stoddard, Secretary-Treasurer; Laura Todd, President; Denise Cox, Vice-President. 438 Junior Class LARRY GALE ABBOTT Ferguson SHIRLEY ANNE ABNER Jackson LILLIAN JANE ABNEY Irvine PAUL VIRGIL ABSHEAR Laurel, Indiana JAMES CHAMPION ACKLEY Louisville DALE R. ADAMS St. Paris, Ohio GAILADAMSON Cleves, Ohio DUANE D. ALLEN Davton. Ohio GERALDINE BRYANT ALSIP Mt. Vernon LAURIE LEE ANDERSON Cincinnati, Ohio RITA L. ANDERSON Newtonsville, Ohio TRUMAN ANDERSON Jenkins RICHARD L.ARCHEY Flatwoods LYNDA L. AREHART Sabina, Ohio ANTHONY B. ARMES Hardinsburs JOAN K. ARMS Hager Hill RENITACHARLENE ARNOLD Cromwell VIVIAN THERESA ASHFORD Bardstown RACHEN ASSAPIMONWAIT Bangkok, Thailand CHERYL LYNN AUSTIN Miamisburg, Ohio TANA KIM BACK Monticello MICHAEL J. BAILEY Louisville KAREN RAE BAITY Pomerov, Ohio DEBORA ANN BAKER Louisville JAMES E. BAKER Manchester RUTH DIANE BAKER Lexington WINIFRED ANNE BAKER Richmond CAROL ANN BALDWIN Chillicothe, Ohio MARY JANE BALDWIN Paintsville LINDA SUE BALL Cincinnati, Ohio TERESA CAROL BARGER Richmond BECKY ANN BARNETT Vallev Station DOUGLAS EDWARD BARRICKLOW Stuart, Florida BARBARA ELIZABETH BARTH Edgewood VIKIBASHAM Lexington WILLIAM S. BASTIN JR. Lexington STEPHANIE JEAN BATTSON Morehead MARY JO BAUMANN Fort Thomas MARTIN FREDERICK BAXTER Hamilton, Ohio MICHAEL LEE BEAVIN Bardstown Juniors Abb-Bea 439 Concerts Highlight Student Activities ROBERT DAVID BECHT Kettering. Ohio PAULA CATHERINE BECK Louisville G. SHELBY BEST Danville CHRISTINE SUE BIRCHFIELD Campton LEE ANN BISCEGLIA Middlesboro MARY CARMEL BISIG Louisville CLAUDE B. BIVINS Richmond CAROLYN S.BLAKEMAN Allen THERESA NAPIER BLANTON Jackson BERTA ANN BLEDSOE Partridge CYNTHIA KAY BLICK Fort Mitchell SUSAN JEANNE BLIZZARD Cincinnati, Ohio ROBERT DAVID BLUMAN Davton, Ohio JEFFREY J. BOGGESS New Richmond. Ohio MICHAEL J. BOGGS Corbin 440 Juniors Bec-Bog CHARLES WAYNE BOHNSTEDT Louisville TINA LOUISE BONIN Louisville ANGELA MARIE BOONE Louisville KARLA SUE BOONE Ripley, Ohio VICKI CAROL BOTTOM Harrodsburg LEILANI SUE BOULWARE Radcliff ROXANNE BOW Carlisle LYNN MARIE BOWERS Florence LINDA D. BOWLDS Louisville BARBARA JEAN BOWLING Louisville THOMAS A. BOWLING Fairfield, Ohio BARBARA SUE BOYLAN Louisville THOMAS H. BRANCH Louisville ALAN G. BRASHEAR Viper ANNAM. BRASHEAR Viper The EKU Concert Crew prepares for a crowd pleasing performance given by the Average White Band. Juniors Boh-Bra 441 Few Voters Turn Out At The Polls VICKIE LYNN BRIGHT Dayton, Ohio ELISAJANBROCKMAN Lebanon CATHY LYNN BROOKS Dayton, Ohio IDA MAE BROOKS Winchester JACK L. BROWN Walton KEVIN BROWN Mentor, Ohio NEIL WALTER BROWN Hendersonville, North Carolina VICKY LYNNE BROWN Stanton WALTER SAMUEL BROWN Burgin AMBIE LOU BROWNING Miamisburg, Ohio WALTER ALLEN BROWNING Falmouth MARILYN SUE BRUCK Hamilton, Ohio JUDITH ANNE BRUNER Louisville MARY C. BUCKMAN Valley Station OWEN KEITH BUKY Mt, Washington KELVIN BUNDY London CHERIANNBUNN Germantown, Ohio DONALD F. BURBRINK Hebron JAN BURDINE NicholasviUe DOREEN 0. BURKS Louisville WESLEY GENE BURKS Louisville MICHAEL A. BURNETT London CHOONDHO BURNS Carlisle, Ohio JANET SUE BURTON Brodhead MARGARET ELAINE BUTLER Bowling Green LYNNE R. BYBEE Louisville JANICE DONNA CALDWELL Freehold, New Jersey THURMAN GLENN CALEBS JR. London PATRICK W. CALHOUN Louisville CINDRA ANN CALVERT Xenia. Ohio CAMEILLEINEZCAMBRON Bardstown LARRY DENNIS CAMIC Harrodsburg JAMES D. CAMPBELL Murray KIP MICHAEL CAMPBELL Louisville SOMMERCARBUCCIA Santo Domingo DAVID WAYNE CARBY Louisville PATSYE ELLEN CARLOCK Thompkinsville CONNIE SUE CARRILLO Louisville DONNA LYNN CARROLL Lexington MICHAEL EUGENE CARROLL Coshocton, Ohio 442 Juniors Bri-Car ABOVE: Bucky Stevens, a junior from Louisville, prepares to cast his ballot in student senate elections. TERRY LYNN CARTER Dover WILLIAM EDWARD CARTER Georgetown PAMELA CAUDILL Lexington PATTI ANN CECIL Kettering, Ohio EUDOXIET.T. F.CHAN Macau WANDA KAY CHILDERS Williamsburg CHAIYACHOTIKAVANIK Thailand BETHCIOLEK Richmond DEBORAH TRUE CLAUNCH Harrodsburg BONNIE LYNN CLEASBY Meshoppen, Pennsylvania PATRICIA ELIZABETH CLIFFORD Bricktown, New Jersev DEBORAH T.P. COGER Queen. New York JEFF J. COLE Rochester, New York DARLENE COLLETT Manchester DAVID WAYNE COLLINS Jenkins JAMES PHILIP COLLINS Middletown KAREN ANNE COLLINS Louisville SUE ELLEN COMBS Hazard DORIS IRENE CONNOR La Lima, Honduras LINDA MARIE COOK Corbin DAVID WILLIAM COOPER East Bloomfield. New York NANCY ELAINE COPPOLA Orlando, Florida GERALDINE CORNETT Hindman JOAN CORNETT Booneville OVA CORNETT Booneville Juniors Car-Cor 44-3 REBECCA SUE COURTNEY Carrollton CARL COVEY Irvine CRAIG MICHAEL COX Columbus, Ohio DENISE L. COX Versailles KAREN JEAN COX Versailles ELLEN ANN CRAWLEY Cvnthiana ALAN CAUL CROOK Williamsburg LIN DA SUE CULLER Springfield, Ohio PATRICIA MARY CUNDIFF Campbellsville MARCIA LYNN CUNNINGHAM Somerset MARILYN CAROL DABNEY Lexington SHERI LYNN DALTON Monticello LINDA D. DAPKUS Elizabeth, NewJersev ERNEST WAYNE DAVIDSON Hazard JUDITH ANN DAVIS Jamestown, New York MURRELL L.DAVIS Pineville SHEREE LYNN DAVIS Louisville TRENT V. DAVIS Lagrange DORA L. DAVISON Loveland, Ohio KEITH WAYNE DELANEY Danville Coeds hope that the chore of getting situated will soon be completed. 444 Juniors Cou-Del Students Bring Comforts Of Home SHARON KAY DEMAREE Lancaster KIRKD.DENNEY Monticello BRIDGET CATHERINE DENTON Louisvi RUSSELL RODES DENTON Lexington CHRISSY DENZINGER Anchorage DEBRA LYNN DEZARN Ashland YOLANDA R.DICK Somerset SUSAN BROWN DIECKMANN Cincinnati, Ohio LEE WRAY DILLON New Lebanon. Ohio NORMA MARIE DILS Ashland PATSY GAIL DISNEY Middletown, Ohio DAVID ALAN DIXON Richmond HERSHEL DIXON Hazard TERESA LYNN DIXON Ashland PATRICIA M. DOGGETT Cincinnati, Ohio FRANCES R. DORSEY Flemingsburg CATHY E. DOTSON Paducah EVELYN SUE DOUGLAS Danville DIANE B. DRESCHER Louisville DAVID W. DRNEK LaPorte, Indiana CERE DUER Lexington MICHAEL W. DUGGINS Radcliff LINDA VIVIAN DUKE Lebanon Junction KATHERINEANNDUNAWAY Stanford KIM YVONNE DUNN Lexington CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA DUPRE New Orleans, Louisiana DEBORAH LYNN DURCAN Ludlow DEDRIA DAWN DURHAM Carapbellsville BEVERLY ANN DUVALL Frankfort LORENZO DOW EADS JR. Frankfort DOTTIE L. EBERLE Amelia, Ohio MARY KATHERINE ECKSTEIN Louisville NATALIE SUE EDINGER Svlvania, Ohio MICHAEL GREGORY EDWARDS Independence SUSAN C. EDWARDS Frankfort JOHN R. EGGER Louisville CONNIE LOU ELAM South Charleston, Ohio DENNIS E, ELDER Louisville BRENDA SUE ELDRIDGE Somerset BETH ANN ELY Indianapolis, Indiana Juniors Dem-Ely 445 Coeds Enjoy Studying In Solitude KENNETH TYRONEMBRY Cleveland, Ohio T. JONATHAN ENGELHARD Fort Thomas ALLEN DOUGLAS ENGLE Richmond DARLENE ENGLE Danville DIANE ENGLE Louisville JOHN EDWIN ENOS Fort Thomas TONIM.ETHINGTON Finchville CINDY ETKIN Lima. Ohio EUGENIA EZELL Gracev MYRAJEAS FALLON Louisville CAROL A. FAULKNER Williamsburg DONNETTARAE FAULKNER Danville MICHAEL D. FAULKNER Lebanon, Ohio LINDA F. FERGUSON Drv Ridge KATHY LOU FERTIG Louisville STEVEN W. FIELDS Louisville JONATHAN M.FIGGS Lexington KIMLYNN SUE FISCHER Erlanger CAROL LYNN FITZGERALD Louisvil JANET L. FITZGERALD Covington J.CEILFITZPATRICK Hebron JANE A. FORTNY Springfield, Ohio SUSAN SYNN FOSTER Cincinnati, Ohio JOYS. FOWLER Westfield, New Jersey JENNIFER FRALEY Lawrenceburg FAITH MIRIAM FREDERICK Campton ALYCEROCHELLE FRENCH Louisville GAYLE ANNE FRESHWATER Springfield. Virginia MARY SUSAN FRITSCH Louisville THOMAS JOSEPH FROMME Newport TERESA GALE FUGATE London MARCIA L. FUNKE Milford. Ohio MORRADAWNFUTRELL Winchester BARBARA JOAN GAFFEY Owen.sboro TIMOTHY LEE GAFFIN West Union, Ohio ANN MARIE GALIGER Ossining, New York KEVIN AUSTIN GALLAHER Louisville MELINDA SUSAN GALLIHER Ashland DEBORAH L. GARDNER Elizabethtown REBECCA LYNN GARDNER PleasureviUe 446 Juniors Emb-Gar J ' ■■i - ABOVE: The ravine provides a tranquil place for this student to concentrate on her studies. WILLIAM ANTHONY GARRETT Cromona VICKILYNNGECKS Somerset LAURA B. GEORGE Louisville GLORIA G. GEVEDON West Libertv REBECCA LYNNE GIBBS Waddv DREEMA D.GIBSON Louisville VICKIE L. GILBERT London JOAN GILLEY Morrow. Ohio JAMES MURRAY GIFE Louisville NANCY ADRIENNEGLUCK Cumberland PAMELA JO GORENFLO Marion. Ohio ' RICHARD DEAN GOTHARD Henderson DA VIDA LEE GRAHAM Richmond GLENNA SUE GRAHAM Portsmouth. Ohio CHARITY GRAVENS Louisville EDWARD GORDON GRAY Gracev THEDAJOYGRAZIANI Cold Spring KEVIN M.GREEN Wheelersburg, Ohio WALTER H. GREEN Jamestown, New York CATHERINE MARY GREENE Hebron STEVEN LLOYD GREENE Frankfort KAREN DENISE GREENWELL Lebanon Junction PATRICIA A. GREENWELL Morganfield ROBERT VERNARD GREENWELL Lagrange BEULAH M. GREGORY Monticello Juniors Gar-Gre 447 LAURA RUTH GREGORY Frankfort SHIRLFAYE GREGORY Central Citv PEGGY A. GRESSMAN Bridgeton. NewJersev JEANNE ANN GRIFFIN Hamilton. Ohio LAUREL JEAN GRIFFIN Newark, Ohio MARIE ELIZABETH GRISBY Bardstown CHARLES A. GRUEN Drv Ridge JOHN MCELROY Lebanon LORI JAN GUNDEL York, Pennsylvania PEGGY HAAS New Richmond, Ohio ABOVE: Steve Hess ' s family enjoys cheering him and his team to victory at Hanger Field. RIGHT: The EKU cheerleaders ' spirits are dampened by the rain and defeat at Western. 448 Juniors Gre-Haa Football Team Earns Support CINDY ANN HACK Louisville CONSTANCE LEE HALBAUER Cincinnati, Ohii SAMUEL A. HALL Richmond STEVE HALL Louisville KAREN LEE HAMBLIN Louisville ELLEN MARIE HAMILTON Bardstown LOUIS GERARD HAMILTON Lebanon CHARLES R. HAMMONDS Hazard VALERIE DALE HAMPTON Florence DEBORAH MARIE HANNAN Berea SHERRIE DAWN HARDWICK Wavnesbur BONNIE SUE HARGIS Danville TERESA FAYE HARGIS Salt Lick CAROLYNN SUE HARRIS London CLINT J. HARRIS Manchester KATHY LYNN HARRIS East Point PEGGY JEAN HART Flemingsburg JUDY A. HARVEY Bellevue ALAN KENT HATFIELD Harlan ELAINE HATTON Campton SANDRA KAY HAVENS Ashland JEGE HAWKINS Fairfax. Virginia MELINDAL. HAYDEN Clifton, Virginia CATHY HAYDON Bardstown JAMES MELVIN HAZLETT Covington GAIL MARIE HEFFELBOWER Lexington RICHARD ALAN HEHL LaGrange JUDY LEIGH HELLARD Versailles VIOLA ROSE HENDRICKSON Cumberland KAREN RUTH HENSLEY Cincinnati, Ohio LORENECONOVERHENSLEY Manchester JENNY HENSON Somerset SHERRI DEANN HENSON Cvnthiana RUTH ANN HERRINGTON Danville MARK S. HEVCKE Louisville PAULA LYNN HIBBARD Manchester MARK W.W. HICKS Louisville CINDYA. HINZMAN Covington DARRELLLEEHISEL McKee TIM ROSS HITES Prestonsbure Juniors Hac-Hit 449 ' STSTSSSSSSSS RIGHT: Thi;- -tudent meditates while waiting for a com- panion to meet him in between classes. DOMER. HODGE Elizabeth ANN LOGAN HOLBROOK Prestonsburg MICHAEL THOMAS HOLT Lebanon GREGORY LEE HOOD Lawrenceburg DEBORAJAYNE HOPKINS Hillsboro, Ohic CATHY L. HOUSE Bridgeton, New Jersey DONNA -lEAN HOWARD Winchester JACKIE SUE HOWARD Louisville SARAH JANE HOWARD Harlan THOMAS BUCHANAN HOWELL Louisville ROBERT W. HOY Fort Thomas JOHN MARK HUBBARD Forest Hills JEFFER ' ALAN Hl ' BLEY York, Pennsylvania NANCY JOANNE HUBNER San Francisco, California DUANE EDWARD HUGHES Irvine GREGORY ROY HULL Xenia, Ohio SUEANNHUMFLET London NANCY ANNE HUNGARLAND Richmond NANCY K.HUNLEY Cincinnati, Ohio MARK BRUCE HIINTER Fort Thomas ALBERTA JEAN HURSl C ampton PATRICIA E. HURST Dayton, Ohio GARY D. HUSTON London GLORIA JEAN IRVIN Louisville CYNTHIA GAIL ISAAC Lexington 450 Juniors Hod-Isa Meditation Contributes To Learning EARL WAYNE ISAAC Fleming MARY GAIL ISAACS Berea CORA ETTA .JACKSON Pineville MICHAEL A. JAMES Richmond KAREN ELAINE JOHNS Paris AGATHA LYNN JOHNSON Virgie ERIC LEE JOHNSON Wheaton. Marvland JAMES E. JOHNSON Neon KATHY LYNN JOHNSON Melvin NANCY DARLENE JOHNSON London SALLY C. JOHNSON Bemus Point, New York BETSY LYNN JONES Frankfort JANEY LEE JONES Richmond KATHY ANN JONES Williamsburg LYNN YADEN JONES Cumberland MARY MAXWELL JONES Glasgow SAMMY G. JONES Richmond WALTER R. JONES Somerset LINDA LOUISE JL ' ETT Williamstown LORRAINE LEE KAPLAN Falmouth TERRI KEELEY Louisville STEPHEN LOUIS KEELING LouisvilN STEPHEN R. KEES Fort Wright MARY A. KELLY Covmgton BRUCE ERWIN KERR Shepherdsville PENNY LOUISE KEY West Point DEBORAH CAROL KIDD Versailles GRETA ELAINSKIDD Hazark DONALD KIMBALL Lexington LAWRENCE JOHN KING Orlando. Florida SARA ANN KING Fern Creek SHARON LYNNE KING Brooksville EARL GLENN KIRBY Irvme REXAMONKIRKPATRICK Covmgton THERESA M.KLISZ Danville SUE KOCH Louisville THEODORE JOSEPH KORNHOFF South Portsmouth LINDA M. KORYCKI Goshen. New York KENNETH J. KREMER Louisville GLEN E. KUENZLI Haines Citv. Florida Juniors Isa-Kue 451 Bookstore Supplies Student ' s Needs PATRICIA ANN LAFFERTY Prestonburg PAMELA LANE Bethel, Ohio PAULA LANE Kearnv, New Jersey DANIEL OVIDE LANGUEDOC Paintsville CHRISTINE FAITH LAUBENHEIMER Westfield, New Jersey BENJAMIN C.LEACHMAN Springfield MARY K. LEAK Blanchester, Ohio DONNA MARIE LEAR Mason, Ohio SHIRLEY KAWASAKI LEE Louisville DEBBIE JEAN LEEP Louisville DEBBIE JANE LEHMAN Fort Thomas DIANNE M.LEHMAN Covington MICHAEL S.LEIENBORGER Ashlev. Ohio DONALD BRUCE LESTER Harrodsburg CAROL ANN LEVERIDGE Bowling Green BERLINDA V. LEWIS Louisville WILLIAM DAVID LIETTE Culver, Indiana CHRISTOPHER L. LILLY Lexington LAURA ANNE LINDEMAN Fort Thomas STEPHEN M. LINN Buffalo Grove, Illinois CHARLOTTE " JACQUELINE " LINTNER Louisvil LIOA. MEI Macau ROBERT B. LITTLE Memphis, Tennessee STEPHANIE CAROL LLOYD Euarts LANNY E. LOCKETT Danville CYNTHIA LYNN LOKITS Louisville JADA LYNN LOTHRIDGE Aurora, Indiana NANCY E. LUNEY Louisville EARL M. LUTTRELL Hazard RANDY CORBIN LYONS Aurora, Indiana ROY W. MADDEN Buckhorn LINDA CAROL MAEGLY Florence MARSHA H. MANN Springfield JAMES ANTHONY MANSFIELD Milwaukee, Wisconsin NICOLETTE MARASA Louisville FRED DAVID MARLOWE Bradfordsville KAY ALLISON MARSHALL Frankfort MARISA LYNN MARTIN Richmond MARK GREGORY MARTIN Bristol, Virginia SHERYL ANN MARTIN Louisville 452 Juniors Laf-Mar al kJ . ' .j .: SHERRY FAY MATHIS Valley Station ANNE-MARIE MATTINGLY Lebanon CHARLES RICHARD MATTINGLY Louisvil EDNA SUZANNE MAXWELL Lexington SUSAN E. MAY Lucasville, Ohio KATHLEEN MARIE MCCABE Louisville JACKIE LOU MCCARTY Manchester EDNA LYNNE MCCAULEY Cvnthiana PAMELA D. MCCAULEY Cvnthiana CARLOS JACK MCCHARGUE ' Louisville DENISE ANN MCCOY Louisville RALPH MCCRACKEN PineviUe LAURI ANN MCDOUGALL Lexington BILLIE FAYE MCGARVEY Jeffersontown PATTY SUE MCGEORGE Manchester MARIE BERNADETTE MCINTIRE Bardstown BRUCE MCINTOSH Eldton SUZANNE R. MCKEE Ashland MONA LEE MCLEAN Carlisle VALARIE LEA MCNABB Oak Ridge, Tennessee LEFT: With rising inflationary prices, this student adds up the cost of her text books carefully, hoping it will be within her budget. Juniors Mat-McN 453 ABOVE: A Todd Hall residents wants the whole world to know about his emotional interest in Judy. ANTHONY B. MCPEEK Dorton DEANNA MCQUEEN Waneta ROBERT D. MCQUEEN AnnviUe BARRY JAY MEADE Paintsville MELANIE SUSAN MERSCH Fort Wright ROBERT MICHAEL MESSMER Verona ANITA FAYE MILBURN Springfield DEBORA R. MILLER Eminence MARTHA LYNN MILLER Lexington ROBERT J. MILLER Tavlorsville ELIZABETH ANNE MILLS Lexington ALICE MARY MITCHELL Ashland WARREN BALLARD MITCHELL Frankfort LAWRENCE DALE MITCHUM Lexington ARLENE MARIE MOCCIA Frankfort CHARLES D. MOFFETT Lawrenceburg RICHARD KEITH MOHER Fort Thomas MARGARET A. MOMAN Morganfield TERRY JEAN MONIE Frankfort SCOTT KINCAID MONROE Van Wert, Ohio BRENDA R.MOODY Richmond CHARLES E. MOODY Springfield, Ohio JOSEPH F. MOONEY Cvnthiana DANA LYNN MOORE Fern Creek JOHN S. MOORE Lexington 454 Juniors McP-Moo Guys Express Feelings In Unique Ways MICHAEL JAY MORRIS Versailles, Ohio SYLUIA JEAN MORRIS Somerset NANCY MOSS Lexington JEANNINE SUSAN MOTT Trov, Ohio MARY ANN MULCAHEY Fort Wright DEBBIE MULLEN Fort Wright REJEANA MULLINS Elkhorn City LYNN MURPHY Louisville SMING NAULARGAR Chiengrai, Thailand ZAMA KIMBI NDEFRU Mankon-Cameroun, West Africa JENNIFER NELSON Frankfort KAREN MARGARET NEUMANN Newark. Ohio NANCY NEW Bronston MICHAEL PAUL MEWKIRK Wilmington, Ohio RICHARD HENRY NORFLECT Cynthiana FELIX OBIEFULE Eziachi, Nigeria DANIEL LEE O ' BRIEN Elizabethtown VINCENT ODON-WODOLAM Anaka-Gulu, Uganda CHERYL HOLLISTER OLDS Frankfort LINDA O ' NAN Louisville DANIEL BRIAN ORIANS Findlay, Ohio JOSEPH ORMES Louisville SABRINA OSBORNE Maysville JEFFERY OSTER Danville PADRON MARIA ANTONIA Portsmouth, Ohio PATTIPAGE Cincinnati. Ohio DAVID BROWN PARKE Richmond DANNY LYNN PARKER Berea JAMES PARKER Fort Thomas ELLEN LOU PARRIS Frankfort JANIS MARIE PARROTT Harlan MARY JO PEASE Corbin MARY KATHLEEN PEDEN Louisville MARGARET ELLEN PENCE Cincinnati, Ohio HART PERRY Richmond STEVEN RAND PHILLIPS Danville WILLIAM ROGER PHIPPS Barbourville SAMMIEPIGG Lexington RUTH RENEE PINKSTON Russell RICK DOUGLAS PITTS Lima, Ohio Juniors Mor-Pit 455 Students Swim For Charity DEBBIE PLENZ Hamilton. Ohio DEBORAH POLLITT Danville, Illinois EDITH MAY POTTS Lexington TERRY LAMONT POWERS Crestwood WILLIAM THOMAS PRATHER Campbellsburg MARK PULLIAM Louisville CAROL. lEAN QUILLEN South Shore CARLAQL ' INN Cincinnati. Ohio KAREN LYNN RANKIN Sebring. Florida DEBBIE JEAN RAQUE Louisville BARBARA ANN RASH Mavville WADE RASNER Booneville STEVEN WAYNE RAU Paris TERRY ANN RACLERSON Sharonville, Ohi( GAR READ Park Hills KEVIN RECK Versailles, Ohio RANDOLPH CARL REED Fort Mitchell SHARON REED Louisville SUSAN REED Louisville JANET THERESA REYNOLDS Danville 456 Juniors Ple-Rey MARY MARGARET RICE Flemingsburf; CHARLES ALAN RICHARDSON Waco GEORGE DOUGLAS ROBERTS Erianger TERESA ROBERTS London BARBARA JEAN ROBERTSON Danville KENT ROBERTSON Paris RICHARD ROBERTSON Lawrenceburg KAREN ROBINSON Lexington LINDA KAY ROBERTSON Cold Spring WILLIAM ROBINSON Ashland BEVERLY ROGERS Somerset RAEPARNELL ROLLINGS Richmond HERBERT DOUGLAS ROSE Richmond TREUT LEE ROSE Fort Mitchell THOMAS LEE ROSENBAUM Cincinnati. Ohio JULIE DAWN ROSS Louisville LOU ANN ROSS Danville MARILYNN GERNITA ROSS Louisville LINDA ARLEENROWE Pikeville STEVE ROWE Owensboro vfi HHP S Participants and supporters of the Phi Mu Swim-a-thon earn a great deal of money to be donated to the U.S.S. Hope. Juniors Ric-Row 457 Pets Enrich Students ' Lives KATHY LYNN ROYER Springfield, Ohii DEBRA LEA RUSSELL Cumberland BRENT RUTEMILLER Edgewood SANDRA JEAN SAMUELS Louisville DORA LYNNE SATTERLY Frankfort HARRY ANTHONY SAURER Louisville KENT MICHAEL SCHAAD Louisville ROBERT DOUGLAS SCHLOSSER Fort Thomas CATHERINE SCHMIDT Vandalia. Ohio JANET MARY SCHVVERMAN Highland Heights CHRISTINA ANNE SCRIBNER Brooksville MARY LOUISE SELL VValHns STEPHANIE ANNE SEPATE Cincinnati. Ohio ROBERT ELLIS SERGENT Zionsville, Indiana BRENDA LOU SHAFFER Sturgis KEVIN HUGH SHAKE Pleasure Ridge Park SHARON ANN SHARP Winchester LELA MAE SHAW Richmond UDORN SHINAWATRA Thailand MARYSHIREMAN Middletown MAGDA LYNN SHIRLEY Georgetown MARY SHOCKENCY Lebanon JONI JAMES SHORT Tompkinsville STELLA MALIEA SHORT Irvine CHRISTIAN SPENCG SHRIMPTON Cincinnati, Ohio JOHN WILLIAM SHUMWAY Lexington KATHY MARIE SIMPSON Lancaster SALILAWAN SIRIWONGSE Bangkok, Thailand SUSAN SLADE Cvnthiana GLENNIS MARIE SLONE Langlev IDA LOUISE SLUSHER Pineville BRENDA SMITH Louisville DAVID VANCE SMITH Lancaster DONNA JEAN SMITH Springfield EDDIE SMITH Harrodsburg EUGENE SMITH Oil Citv, Pennsylvania JOHN DULEY SMITH Louisville JUDITH ELAINE SMITH Ashland PATRICIA SMITH Corbin SHERRI SMITH Manchester i d ' l ' 458 Juniors Ro ' -Smi ABOVE: Warm little puppies are made to be shared with friends. STACIE MARIE SNYDER Lexington JEFFREY DALE SOLE Parkersburg. West Virgmia THOMAS FRANK SOMMERKAMP Park Hills SANDRA LYNN SORRELL Trenton, Ohio SUSSAN SPAIN Ashland TOM SPANGLER Springfield, Ohio NEVA SHARLENE SPENCER Winchester ANNESPRINGMAN Mason, Ohio DAN STACY Mount Gilead, Ohio PATRICIA KAY STAHL Nitro, West Virginia BRENDA STALLARD Red Fox BENJAMIN STANLEY Harlan SARAH DABNEY STAPLES Ravenna ROMMIESTARKS Covington SHERRY LEHN STEELE Owingsville Juniors Snv-Ste 459 JILL EDITH STEGER Florence HARRY CHRISTOPHER STEVENS Louisville MARK LEO STEVENS Louisville DON STEWART Cincinnati, Ohio ROY THOMAS STEWART Worthville SUSAN LYNN STEWART Toledo, Ohio MARY STINNETT Nicholasville DEBRA CAY STINSON Richmond ROBIN ANN STODDARD Reading, Ohio DEBRA ANN STRUNK Cincinnati, Ohio MARCIASUESTUTZMAN Findlav, Ohio STANLEY DWIGHT SURRATT Versailles DEBBIE SUTFIN Carlisle, Ohio KEITH WILLIAM SWART Tallahassee, Florida SUSIE LEE SWEAT Richmond JENNIFER AMANDA SWIPE Lexington SELBY TACKETT Virgie CONNIE JEAN TAMME Lebanon Junction KWAN NAM TANG Hong Kong DONNA CAROL TATE Frankfort ELIZABETH ANNE TAYLOR Letcher JOHN TAYLOR Monticello RHONDA RENEE TAYLOR Lexington TERRY ANN TAYLOR Paintsville DEBRA ANNE TERRELL Louisville RIGHT: Kathy Montgomery bundles up to brave the cooling weather while watching an intramural football game. 460 Juniors Ste-Ter Fall Introduces Chilly Weather JANE EVELYN TERRY Lexington DEMEKESHTESFAGIORGIS Asmara-Eitrea, Africa JAMES ERNEST THOMAS Hopkinsville SUSAN THOMAS Columbus, Ohio DAVID THOMPSON Manchester LARRY THOMPSON Goody SHELIADARLENE THOMPSON Louisville RANDALL LYNN THURMAN Elizabethtown MARILYN KAYE TIPTON Ravenna CAYLEN TICHENON Nicholasville ALICE DELBRA TODD Shelbvville LARRY TRAVIS Louisville MICKITREBER Waverlv. Ohio WANDA LOUISE TRIGG Louisville DOUGLAS TRIPLETT Louisville CHARLOTTE LEE TRUE Frankfort RHOJALIA KAYE TUDOR Waco SHERRYELYNNTUGGLE Louisville CYNTHIA LYNN TUPMAN Florence BELINDA GAYLE TURLEY Hazard DOTTIE TURNER Fraser, Michigan NEANA SUSAN TURNER Louisville TERESA KAY TUSSEY Lancaster DOUG ALAS ULRICH Cincinnati, Ohio CHARLES VASICHLE Louisville BOBBIE VARNEY Huddv JANE ELLEN VARNEY South Charleston, West Virginia THERESA GAIL VETTER Louisville VICKIVIARS Hvden DIANNE MARIE VOGT Fort Thomas SUSAN WAHIBRINK Fort Thomas ANDREA LAVERNE WALKER Cincinnati, Ohio CHARLES WALKER Somerset RITA GAY WALLEN Allen ANNA GISELLE WALTERS Munfordville JANICE LLOYD WALTERS Pineville DEBORAH ELAINE WARD Louisville ROBERT JEFFREY WARD Richmond DONNA TERESA WARDEN New Richmond, Ohio ARCHIE LEWIS WARE Louisville Juniors Ter-War 461 Eastern Abides With Nature CAROL DENISE WARREN Louisville MICHAEL ANTHONY WATHEN LouisvilU PATRICIA WATHEN Louisville ETHEL CHARLENE WATTS Wavnesburg GEORGE WATTS Sonora WILLIAM WATTS Sonora PATRICIA WAUGH Fort Pierce, Florida DIANE WEAVER Louisville MALLORY WEAVER Blanchester, Ohio DANNY RAY WEBB Van Lear TERRI JEANNE WEIER Newport ANTHONY PAUL WEINGARTNER New Richmond, Ohio CYNTHIA LOUISE WENZEL Cincinnati, Ohio DIANA LYNN WESTERMAN Ludlow CHARLES DAVID WESTRICK Carrollton ANNE MERCER WHARTON Springfield TERRY MARCUS WHEELER West View RANDY LEE WHITAKER Wavnesville, Ohio SHELBY RANDELL WHITE Richmond VICKIE LYNN WHITLOCK Park Hills KEVIN WAYNE WHITMAN Louisville MARGARET WILKERSON Fort Mitchell BILL WILLIAMS Lexington GREGG WILLIAMS Flemingsburg JANETTA KAREN WILLIAMS Corbin ELAINE WILSON Lexington KATHEY JUNE WILSON Faubush VALYA LEE WILSON Ashland WENDY DARLENE WILSON Butler, Indiana PATRICIA WINDHAM Louisville JANE ANN WINGATE Frankfort PAMELA JEAN WISEMAN Ashland RICK WOESTE Alexandria NANCY MARY WOHLLEB Louisville STEPHEN WAYNE WOLFZORN Fort Thomas REBECCA ANNE WOOD Loveland, Ohio REBECCA ELLEN WOOD Frankfort REGINA WOODS Hardinsburg DEBORAH WOOLFORK Lexington PATRICIA LYNN WOOTON Somerset 462 Juniors War-Woo DANNY CRAIG WRIGHT Derton LINDA WYLIE SprinKfield, Ohio ANDREA BURNETTE YADEN Bardstown YOSHIKO YAMAGUCHI Hirosawa, Japan TEHUO YAMASHITA Tokyo, Japan SHARON YEAGER Fincheville JUDY ANN YOUNG London ROBIN ADELE YOUNG Cincinnati, Ohio PATRICIA ANN ZIPPERLE Louisville BRENDA JOYCE ZULLO Lewes, Delaware DEBBIE ZYCH Dayton, Ohio f fW Arlington Center facilitates recreation for students and a natural habitat for wildlife. JuniorsAVri-Zvc 463 Class Of ' 79 Has Successful Year The class of 1979 encounter- ed an interesting second year at Eastern. After becoming set- tled into the campus routine of studying and socializing, they became better prepared to be- come leaders on campus. The sophomores sponsored their own money-making project, which was selling Turkey-Grams. They made Thanksgiving cards, sold and delivered the greetings to stu- dents on campus. The project was very successful. Along with the junior class, they helped to sponsor the third annual University Talent Show. The proceeds went to charity, and it also provided entertainment for the students on campus. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Rita Masden, Vice-President: Aaron Thompson, President: Sandra Hodge, Treasurer: Bill Cottrell, Secretary. 464 Sophomore Class EVELYN MILLETTABELL Louisville KATHYDEONEABLES Fleming LINDA ELAINE ABNEY Ravenna MARK WAYNE ABSHEAR Laurel, Indiana LESTER WILLIAM AGREE Greensburg THOMAS BUTCH ADKINS Crittenden NOVANIAAKERS Allen STEVE ALDERTON Middletown, Ohio ROBERT ALEXANDER Davton, Ohio DEBOTAH ANN ALLEN Lebanon SUSAN DENISE ALLEN Burkesville ROBERT CARL ANDERSON Vienna, West Virginia DENISE ANDRIOT Milford. Ohio SUNDAE DIANA ANGEL McKee LISA APPLEGATE Centerville, Ohio TERESA JEAN ARNDTS Davton. Ohi( GLENDON ARNOLD Cromwell PAUL ARNOLD Franklin. Ohio STEVEN ARNOLD Marion. Iowa SUSAN KAY ARNOLD Louisville VICKIEYASEERE Crescent Spring SHIRLEY GWEN ASHCRAFl Hamilton. Ohio BRIAN PATRICK ASHLEY Mavsville LESLIE AUGUSTIN Hamilton. Ohio NANCY RAEAZBELL Newark. Ohio PATRICIA BACH Jackson CECILIA BAILEY Brooklvn. New York SANDRA KAY BAILEY Lexington BRENDA KAY BAKER Mount Vernon ROBERT LOWELL BAKER Manchester TIM BAKER Franklin. Ohio MARY ELIZABETH BALLARD Winchester RANDALL ROSS BALLARD Madison. West Virginia KIM MARIE BARBOUR Frankfort TILFORD BARGER Buckhorn CINDY LOU BARKER Corbin ROSLYN LYNN BARNETT Middlesboro PATTI JO BARNHART Frankfort MARK ROBERT BARRY Kettering. Ohio SHEILA RENEE BARTLEY Elkhorn City Sophomores Abe-Bar 465 Sophomores Return For Second Year WILLIAM EDWARD BARTON Frankfort BEVERLY WANDA BASHAM Louisville KIM BATTYE Lexington MARY LEE BAXTER Fleming TOM JOSEPH BECK Louisville LARRY SCOTT BECKER Svlvania, Ohio IRAJ.BEGLEY Burnside LAURY BEHLEY Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CAROL SUE BELCHER Jenkins ERNEST RANDALL BELCHER Elkhorn AGNES MARIA BELLAMY Saldee MARTHA JANE BENGE Cherrvville, North Carolina BEVELYN BENNETT Cleveland, Ohio JEROLD BENNETT Louisville DANIEL CLAIR BERKEBILE Ashland BRENDA JAYNE BERRY New Carlisle, Ohio JOHN BERRY Williamsburg DAVE BESSER Prospect JANET KAY BEST Louisville JOHNNIE DEAN BILLITER Pikeville JANET BISHOP Cincinnati, Ohio KAREN SUE BISHOP Pewee Vallev REBECCA JANE BLACKWELL Irvine ELIZABETH WALENE BLADES Brooksville KATHERINE ANN BLAIR Bellbrook, Ohio CONNIE SUE BLAKEMORE Richmond PATRICIA BOEMKER Covington KEVIN RAY BOGAN Carlisle, Ohio CHRISTINE MARIE BOHN Louisville DEBORAH ANN BOLTON Winchester MICHELLE BOOHER Englewood, Ohio SUE ELLEN BORDAS Winchester DONNA SUE BOTTOM ShelbvviUe VALERIE ANN BOWDY Ft. Thomas TARA BOWEN Carlisle JEANNE MARIE BOWERS Columbia, Maryland BRENDA SUE BOWLES Vallev Station CORA LYNN BOWLING Catlettsburg DEBORAH ANN BOWLING Buckhorn SANDRA FAYE BOWLING Fogertown 466 Sophomores Bar- Bow ABOVE: Alan Krantz, a sophomore from Louisville, appears to be well-prepared to meet his needs for another semester back at Eastern. DANIEL SCOTT BOYER Louisville DIANN GAIL BRAIN ARD Somerset LINDA RAEBRAMLAGE Florence MADONNA BRANDENBURG Cincinnati, JEAN DENISE BRANTON Dorton, Ohio Ohio KATHY LYNN BRICKING Louisville HAROLD DALE BRIDWELL Louisville BRENDA GAIL BRIGHT Barbourville PATRICIA DENISE BRINDLEY Carrollton BARBARA BRINEGAR Maryville, Tennessee ANNE FRANCES BROCK Harrodsburg BERNA DEAN BROCK Somerset MICHAEL BROOKS Cvnthiana KAREN FRANCES BROWN Louisville RICHARD LEE BRUMFIELD Louisville LINDA LOUISE BRUNTON Louisville JACKIE JEROME BRYANT Elizabethtown NELLIE ROSE BUCHANAN Foster GARY LEE BUCHHOLZ Warsaw, New York ELLAJOBUDKE Covington NANCY BUES Fort Lauderdale, Florida BARBARA ELIZABETH BUFFIN Nicholasville BETTY JEAN BUNCH Monticello JUDY DIANE BURDEN Cvnthiana KAREN DENISE BURDETTE Lexington Sophomores Boy-Bur 467 Registration Week Ignites Activities PATRICK SUMMERS BURDETTE Lebanon TAUNIA MIRA BURDETTE Lexington KATHIE JEAN BURKE Monticello DAVID GERALD BURTON McKinney REBECCA. JO BURTON Catlettsburgh SHELIA ANN BURTON Nicholasville TERESA ANN BURTON Rush ROSALIND BUSH Waco TERESA LYNN BUSH Durham, Connecticut PEGGY ANN BUTLER Louisville ANNA JEAN BYRD Harrodsburgh CYNTHIA ANN BYRD Independence GWENDOLYN ELIZABETH CABLE Crab Orchard REGINARENEECAHAL Ashland NANCY LEE CALDER Raceland SHERI LYNE CALDWELL Harlan BETTY JEAN CAMPBELL Morrill DONNA MARIA CAMPBELL Louis KEVIN CAMPBELL Louisville MARY JO CAMPBELL Jamestown iUe WILMA CAROL CANTRELL Lexington WANDA LOU CARLILE FinchviUe GINNY MARIE CARPENTER Middletown TERRY LEE CARRICO Muldraugh ELIZABETH ANN CARRUBA Cumberland SUE SYLIRA CARTER Magnolia LINDA CASSADY Louisville GLENN EDWARD CASTEEL Cincinnati STEPHEN WAYNE CASTLE Seco JUDY CAUDILL Lexington Ohio CATHERINE WYNN CECIL Louisville BERDIE CLAYTON CHEMBERLAIN North Middletown LINDA LEE CHAMBERLAIN Louisville BRIAN CHIC Frankfort NOAH RUSSELL CHILDERS Louisville WALLIE CHILDRESS Lexington VINCECHRISMAN Clawson, Michigan CHERYL WISE CHRISTIAN Richmond LINDA CHRISTION Danville CHERYL LYNNE CHRISTOPHERS CarroUton 468 Sophomores Bur-Chr TIMOTHY JOHN CLANCY Lexington CATHERINE LYNN CLARK Jeffersonfown DEBRA SUE CLARK Louisville STEVEN CLARK Whitlev Citv TINA CLARK Frankfort REDGE CLARKE Lancaster ALECIAJOYCLAUNCH Harrodsburg BECKIE LEAH CLEMENT Louisville DEBRA JEAN CLICK Ashland MARY KAY CLOUD Danville THOMAS CLOUSE Somerset JACK MICHAEL CLOYD Corbin ALICE YVONNE COFFEY Jamestown LAURA ANN COHEN Louisville CAROL ANN COLE Prospect PAM SUE COLE Williamson, West Virginia SHIRLEY ANN COLE Lexington SANDRA GAIN COLEMAN Louisville JIMMY LEE COLLINS Manchester TOM COLLINS Richmond ' ' Wp • — , 3 - " •• -. m - LEFT: Skip Daugherty, Director of Student Affairs, aids in the production of an outdoor concert given during registration week. Sophomores Cla-Col 469 ABOVE: These registration workers face an upcoming hectic day. FLINT COLTHARP Park Hills CAROLYN COMBS Louisville CATHY COMBS Richmond CRAIG CAMPBELL COMBS Richmond DONNA MARIE COMBS Dillsboro. Indiana KATHY ANN COMBS Hindman MARCIA ANN COMBS London RAMONA COMBS Jackson RICKY BURNHAM COMBS London TOM COMBS Ashland DAVID MICHAEL COHN Lebanon GREGORY SCOTT COOK Franklin KATHRINA KAY COOPER Oscar JOANNE CORSON Concord, New Hampshire KEVIN COSGRIFF Lexington JERROLDTHORTON COWAN Winchester LOLA MAE COX McKee SHERYLANNCOX Berea MARSHELL CRAFT Whitesburgh SUE ANN CRAIG Cincinnati, Ohio JOE CRAWFORD Cincinnati, Ohio MARY CREW Louisville TERRI LYNN CROAK Crestwood RANDALL WAYNE CROSS Covington LORI ANN CROWDUS Louisville 470 Sophomores Col-Cro Registration ' s Slow But Finally Ends P :LLEN ELIZABETH CROWLEY Louisville STEVEN GERARD CRUMP Louisville JOHN WAYNE CRUSE Winchester CYNTHIA ANNE CULVER Coshocton, Ohio CATHY CUNDIFF London SCOTT DAFFRON Monticello DEBORAH ANN DAHLGREN Louisville MICHAEL ALAN DALEY Fort Thomas CHRISTINE DALTON Trov, Ohio DEBORAH DANIEL Corbin KEITH DANIEL Ashland TERESA LYNN DANIELS PikeviUe JOHNDANKO Lexington SANDRA DASH Berea SHARON DIANE DAVENPORT Concord LISA ANN DAVIDSON Kingsport, Tennessee FRED DAVIS Chicago. Illinois KATHI LEAH DAVIS Monticello KEITH CLAYTON DAVIS Louisville LAURA MESTA DAVIS Pikeville LISA LYNN DAVIS Louisville PATRICIA ANN DAVIS Calvin TERI ANN DAVIS Louisville TERRI LYNN DAVIS New Richmond, Ohio NINA JEAN DAWKINS Shelbvville DARRELL DAY Versailles, Indiana LAURA DAY Whitesburg SHERRI LYNN DEAN Harrodsburgh PAULA DEANE Louisville YVONNE RENIA DEARINGER Lawrenceburg RONALD WAYNE DEATHERAGE Standford CATHY SUE DEATON Camden, Ohio STEVEN LEE DEBELL Bardstown SANDRA JANE DECOURSEY Erlanger JOAN DEMPSEY Greenville LISA KELLY DENHAM Mavsville DEBORAH DENNEY Monticello ANDREW SCOTT DENNIS Lawrenceburg CLAUDIA DENZINGER Anchorage SUZANNE DESTEIN Lawrenceville. New Jersey Sophomores Cro-Des 471 Sigma Chi Derby Generates Fun BETTY CAROL DEVERE Berea DOUGLAS MILSON DEVLIN Louisville JANICE ELAINE DICKSON Louisville LISA DINAPOLI Columbus, Ohio HECTOR DIODONET Guanica, Puerto Rico ANTHONY WAYNE DOANE Crittenden JOHN ROBERT DOHERTY Fort Thomas MARK WAYNE DORTH Owensboro RICHARD DARL DOWNING Esse Libva, Tripoli BARBARA LYNN DOWNS Louisville MARIELLEN DREHER Louisville MARLENE KAY DUERSON Berea MELODY ANN DUFRESNE Paris KATHRYN ANN DUNBAR Ashland RODNEY GREG DUNFORD Campbellsville ROBERT JOSEPH DUNKLE Loveland, Ohio DEBORAH DUNLAP Wilminston. Ohio BARBARA LUCILLE DURHAM Harrodsburg LAURA LEE DURHAM Mount Vernon ELIZABETH ANN DYE Stanford 472 Sophomores Dev-Dye MARTIN DOYLE EAST Nicholasville ANN MARIE EATON Louisville TISH ECTON Frankfort ANN CAROL EDELEN Louisville CAROL SUE EDMONDS Culver City. California YVONNE LEONA EDMONDS Bowling Green ARA CATHERINE EDWARDS Frankfort EVA EDWARDS Evarts GENE EDWARDS Winchester ROBERT EDWARDS Lexington THOMAS EDWARDS Louisville JUDY EFFLER Cincinnati, Ohio KAREN DIANE EINSTEIN Bethel Park, Pennsvlvania WENDIEKSTEDT Cincinnati, Ohio CHERYL LOUISE ELFERS Fort Wright DEBRA LYNN ELKINS Davton, Ohio MARY ALICE ELLIOTT Burkesville STEVEN CLAY ELLIS Bedford BRUCE EDWARD EMERSON Lexington GAIL SUE EMERY West Chester, Ohio FAR LEFT: These Phi Mu contestants discover that six girls hopping in a burlap sack can be quite crowded. LEFT: Kappa Alpha Thetas cheer their si.sters on to a first place victory in the annual Sigma Chi Derby. Sophomores Eas-Eme 47.3 Tuition Expenses Come First DONNA GAYLE ENGLER Vallev Station STEVEN PAUL ERNSPIKER Louisville VICTORIA ANN ERSCHELL Fort Thomas WILLIAM HARLAN ESKRIDGE Louisville TERESA ESTES Winchester CANDY EVANS Middlesboro DEBBIE KAY EVANS Owensville, Ohio JENNIFER SUE EVANS Louisville JUDY EWING Cleveland. Ohio PATTI ANN FAESY Lexington DEBORAH SUE FARIS Florence ANTHONY EDWARD FARMER Middlesboro WILLIAM FARWELL Trenton JULIE FEEBACK Cvnthiana JOHN FELTMAN Lexington SUZANNE FERGUSON Louisa PHILLIP MILOFETT New Carlisle. Ohio LAURA LOUISE FIELDS Paris LIZABETH ANNE FIELDS Atlanta, Georgia TERESA FIELDS Louisville ELLEN ISABELLE FIGG Louisville BRADLEY STEVEN FINCH Cincinnati, Ohio JAMIE SCOTT FISHER Davton, Ohio LINDA GAYLE FISHER Louisville MARILYN JO FLESHMAN Charleston, West Virginia CATHERINE ANN FLYNN Frankfort SUSAN GAIL FLYNN Louisville GLENDA FOGLE Louisville KIM FORESTER Harlan SARA REED FORSYTHE Hazard DEBBIE ANN FOSTER Ashland KENNETH WAYNE FOSTER Lexington DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY FOTHERGILL Carrollton ANNE ELAINE FOY Lexington DAVID BLAINE FRANCIS Lancaster, Ohio GEORGE TERRY FRANCIS Lancaster REBECCA JANE FRANKLIN Ashland TERRY LYNN FRANKLIN Franklin, Ohio BRENDA FRASHER Louisville VICKIE LYNN FRAZIER Whitesburg 3| y 474 Sophomores Eng-Fra ABOVE: These coeds prepare to deflate their checking accounts by paying their semester ' s tuition fees. WANDA FRAZIER Lexington SUSAN GREER FREAKLEY Xenia. Ohio MARTIN PAUL PRETTY Richmond KATHY FRIES Louisville WILLIAM GREGORY FUGITT Fairfield, Ohio PAMELA ELAINE FULTON Louisville DONNA LOUISE FULTZ Ashland BEULAHJEANGABBARD Altro KIMBERLY GABBARD BeattvviUe JEANNETTE GAITSKILL Mount Sterling IVAN RAY GANT Williamsburg ROBIN SUE GARRIS Cumberland PAULA JEAN GASTON Davton. Ohio CATHY GEDROCK Pittsburgh, Pennsvlvania KEVIN GELLHAUS Jeffersontown KAREN SUE GIBSON Springfield KEVIN GILBERT Williamsburg VIRGINIA LOUISE GILBERT Irvine MARY LEIGH GILKISON Winchester SHELIA JEAN GILLESPIE Middlesboro MARY ELIZABETH GILTNER Park Hills THERESA GIUDICE Louisville JULIA ANN GLACKEN Morning View PAULA ANN GOBLE Prestonsburg SUSAN CAROL GODLEWSKI Lexington Sophomores Fra-God 475 Tired students find various spots on rampus to be perfect for taking quick naps. DEBORAH ANN GOFF Somerset DONNA FAYEGOINS Richmond JOHNNY MICHAEL GOODHUE Owensboro ANTHONY LORENZO GORDON Louisville DEREK GEORGE GORDON Ashland VICKY GORMAN Louisville TARAGOSSER Cincinnati, Ohio TIMOTHY GOSSETT Brandenburg GWENDOLYN MICHELE GRAHAM Frankfort RONNIE LEE GRAY CampbellsviUe HOLLY LYNN GREEN Cincinnati, Ohio DAPHNE BETH GREENE Winchester MICHAEL GREENE Hebron SHEILA MARIE GREENWADE Mount Sterling BRENDA CAROL GREENWELL Bradstown 476 Sophomores Gof-Gre Snoozing Is A Favorite Pastime MARTHA LYNNE GREENWELL MavsviUe TERRY GAIL GREER Lexington GREGORY CHARLES GRIFFIN Florence RHODERICK GRIFFIN Newark, Ohio CLAUDETTE MARIE GRISE Morgantown DONNA GROLLIG Bellevue PAMELA LYNN HAAG Louisville MARIE DENISEHAGER Lexington ELIZABETH HAGERMAN Winchester KENNETH HALCHAK Pittsburgh, Pennsvlvania CYNTHIA ELIZABETH HALE Burnside MAUREEN HALEY Frankfort MICHELEHALLORAN Fort Mitchell GREGORY WAYNE HAMILTON Melbourne KIRK WILLIAM HAMILTON Louisville KRISTIN. J ANEE HAMILTON Louisville SHARON SPIZ HANCOCK Louisville NANCY HANCY Tavlor, Michigan SHARON RAE HANDLEY Elizabethtown SYBIL ARLENE HANDLEY Hodgenville CAROL LOUISE HANKS Lawrenceburg CATHERINE ANN HANKS Lawrenceburg VICTOR JOHN HANNAN Berea DIANNEHANNEKEN Fort Mitchell SANDRA HARBIN Calvin JOHN THOMAS HARKEY Indianaplis, Indiana KANDY HARPER Cincinnati, Ohio CASSIE LYNN HARRIS Elkton GLENDAONELL HARRISON London KAY HARRISON Mason, Ohio SHARON KAYE HARRISON Irvine ANGELIA HARROD Frankfort SHARON HARTER Lexington MARY HARTMAN Fort Mitchell PATRICIA HARVEY Booneville DALE ANN HASHAGEN Louisville TONY HASKINS Lexington CAROL JEAN HATFIELD Ashland NANCY JANE HATHAWAY Pittsburgh, Pennsvlvania HELEN MARIE HATTON Winchester Sophomores Gre-Hat 477 RITA LYNN HAUBNER Butler DIANE MARIE HAWLEY Owensville, Ohio FRANCES ANN HAYNES Crestwood DENISE HAZARD Louisville PEGGY DOUGLAS HEABERLIN Flatwoods CANDACE DARLENE HEARN Graefenburg THOMAS MARK HELSINGER Chautauqua, Ohio JENNIFER LYNN HENDERSON Ashland REBECCA JO HENDERSON Paint Lick CATHY ARLENE HENDRICKSON Loveland, Ohio DEBBIE LEIGH HENDRICKSON Versailles ROSEMARIE GRACE HENRY Winchester FLOSSIE SUE HENSLEY Oneida JERRY HENSLEY Tankslev CYNTHIA HERNANDEZ Danville JANET HERR Chagrin Falls, Ohio LARRY HERREN Liberty DIANA LYNN HESTER Ashland MARK HESTER Cincinnati, Ohio TIMOTHY HEWLETT Louisa DIANA LYNN HIBBARD London CONNIE MARIE HICKS Eubank DOUGLAS HICKS Manchester JIM HIGGINS Somerset KENNETH HILL CarroUton BELOW: Packing and unpacking seems to be a never ending process for some college coeds. 478 Suitcasing Habit Is Still Apparent VINCENT MICHAEL HILL Corbin JO ANN HIMMLER Edgewood DOREEN ELIZABETH HINTZ Elizabethtown DONNA LYNN HITCHCOCK PaintsviUe REBECCA LYNNE HOAG Ashland SARAH RUTH HOCKENSMITH Lexington PAMELA MAE HOCKER Frankfort SANDRA SUE HODGE Fern Creek VICTORIA HOGUE Louisville MAVIS DIANE HOLBROOK Whitesburg LOIS ANN HOLLON Irvine MARLENA JOYCE HOLMES McDaniels CARL EDWARD HOLT Richmond RICKEY HOLT Richmond VALERIA LYNN HOLT Russell Springs SHERRI JANEHOLTZAPPLO Lebanon, Ohio ROWETTA KAY HONCHEL Hazard KAREN GAYLE HOPKINS PineviUe RANDY STEWART HORD Mount Gilead, Ohio THOMAS HORN Finchville JAN LESLIE HOSKINS Georgetown BRIAN FRANCIS HOTCHKISS Russell RAY DOUGLAS HOUSE Cincinnati, Ohio SANDRA JEANNE HOWARD Columbus, Ohio SANDRA LEE HOWARD Cincinnati, Ohio MICHAEL THOMAS HOWELL Madrid, Spain MARVA ANN HUGHES Richmond MYRA HULETT Catlettsburg JOHN BRENT HULETTE Frankfort KARI HUMPHREY Louisville JUDY GAIL HUNTER Carlisle ORA CLIFF HYDE London STEVEN WAYNE HYMER Berea DEBBIE LYNN IRVIN Cincinnati, Ohio JOSEPH MICHAEL IRWIN Fairfield, Ohio JERI LYNN ISBELL Lexington KATHY SUSAN ISON Russell Springs AVANDA RENE JACKSON Lexington DONALD RAY JACKSON Elizabethtown LEOLA MARIA JACKSON Winchester Sophomores Hil-Jac 479 Greek Events Arouse Craziness WILLIAM JACKSON Louisville JIMTEDJAGLOWICZ Lebanon DEBRA JAMES Lexington JESSICA ANN JAMES Louisville BRENDA CAROL JANES Elizabethtown THOMAS EDDIE JAYNE Salversville MARY ANTOINETTE JENNE Louisville JEFFJESSUP Owensboro JAYDA KYM JEWETT New Lebanon. Ohio EDWARD LEWIS JOHNSON Danville JOHN DANIEL JOHNSON Stanford LAURA SUE JOHNSON Cincinnati. Ohio MERVYN JOHNSON Chevenne, WvominK PAULETTE RENEE JOHNSON Catlettsburg KATHY SUE JOHNSTON Kettering. Ohio KERRI LUNETTE JOLLY Owensboro DEBBIE JONES Carlisle LOIS GAIL JONES Paris PEGGY ANN JONES Carlisle MICHAEL ALLEN JORDAN Lexington DIANA LYNN JUSTICE Pikeville MICHIO KAMOSHIDA Tokvo. Japan DEBORAH SUE KEARNS Richmond LOU ANN KELTY Springfield STEPHEN WALLACE KEMP Mount Gilead. Ohio KAREN DEE KEMPF Jamestown DAVID MILES KENNEDY Dublin. Ohi. CONNIE KENNEY Carlisle PETER KEY Louisville DONNA KILGORE Amelia, Ohio KELLY PATRICK KIMBALL Los Angeles. California KAREN LEE KIMBERLAIN Carlisle, Ohio MELISSA ANN KIMBLETON Ashland VIRGIL GLENN KINCAID BeattvviUe SUSAN DARLENE KINCER Xenia, Ohio SHAUNA KING Taylor Mill CHERYL KINKADE Leitchfield DAVID MICHAEL KLEIN Louisville JEFF JOSEPH KLEIN Fern Creek KAREN ANN KLENSCH Taylor Mill 480 Sophomores Jac-Kle :m ' ft-— " " ABOVE LEFT: Sophomore Rich Wynn, known as. The Dancing Bear, finds himself with egg on his face at the SAE County Fair. ABOVE RIGHT: Angie Garrett, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, eats in the Whopper Eating Contest. LEFT: Sigma Chi coaches get all wrapped up by the Alpha Gams at the annual Sigma Chi Derby. 481 ABOVE: Two students take time out from their vigorous schedules, to relax and talk in ravine. WILLIAM KLINGSTEIN Indianapolis, Indiana ROY KNIGHT Louisville DIANE RUTH KOWITZ Jacksonville, Florida ALANKRANTZ LouisvUle KAREN LOUISE KRAUSS Lexington VALERIE IRENE KROTH Fort Thomas LYNNE KRUER Louisville IDALEEN KRYSTOFIK Frankfort JEFFREY ALAN KUHNHEIN Fort Thomas BARBARA KURTZ Lodi, New Jersey TERESA ANN LACEY Lexington ANNETTE LANE Lexington WAYNE LANG Louisville CONNIE GALE LANGLEY Louisville RICH DOUGLAS LANGLEY Louisville RAE ANN LARGER Whitehall, Ohio DIANNE LOUISE LASH Richmond PAUL ALAN LASLO Mentor, Ohio KIMBERLY DIANE LATHAM Richmond SHEREE LYNN LAWSON Campbellsville JAMES LAY Celina, Ohio HOLLY LYNN LEACH Prestonsburg JAMES LEWIS Lancaster, Ohio MARY JANE LEWIS Stanford PAMELA MAE LEWIS Moreland 482 Sophomores Kli-Lew Friendships Ripen At College PENNY LYNN LEWIS Richmond RHONDA KAY LEWIS Hvden TERRI LEAH LEWIS Louisville ROBIN MARIE LIGGETT Winchester REBECCA LYNN LIGHT Corbin ANNA MARIE LILLEY Richmond ANNE LIN Hong Kent; JENNY LIN Hong Kong JAMES LINK Louisville ROBERT LEWIS LINVILLE Berea DENNIS KIRWAN LIPPY Louisville KATHY ANN LISCH Springfield, Ohio PRUDENCE LYNN LOCKE Louisville WILLIAM EDWARD LOCKE Louisville RICHARD VINCENT LOGAN Louisville CAROL LONG Carlisle, Ohio GLENN ALAN LONG Richmond SHARON LOONEY Pikeville LANA LOU LOVE Union KAREN DENISE LOVELACE Albany DIANE LOWE London ELAINE ANN LOWE London JANET KAY LOYAL Fort Mitchell BONNIE KATHERYN LUSH Louisvill AMY LUYSTER Versailles KEVIN LEE LYONS Louisville RENEE MARLENE LYONS Cincinnati, Ohio KIM MARIE MACHTOLFF Louisville KIM JOAN MACKIN Louisville JOHN MAEDER Louisville ALICE MAR GARET MAGGARD Hazard BRENDA MAGGARD Whitesburg MARY ANN MAGINNIS Louisville ELIZABETH MAGURA Paintsville LINDA LEE MARCHESE Fran Klinville, New Jersev JEFFREY ALAN MARCUM Sand Gap MARILYN MARKELL Mavsville DEBBIE DENISE MARSHALL Sharpsburg BRUCE WAYNE MARTIN McKee JOHN MARTIN Crittenden Sophomores Lew-Mar 483 LISA MARTIN Cincinnati. Ohio REBECCA JANE MARTIN Scottsburg, Indiana LEE ANN MARTINDALE Saint Marvs, Ohio COHEN EARL MASDEN Owensboro RITA CAROL MASDEN Elizabethtown JANET MASON Oak Ridge, Tennessee JEAN CAROL MASSEY Independence CHERI LYNN MATHEWS Oak Grove JENIFER MATRACIA Cincinnati. Ohio DONNA GAIL MCAFEE Louisville MARTHA MCCAFFERY Winchester JAMES MCCANN Kettering, Ohio SHARON ROSE MCCARTY Utica TERESA MURRAY MCCLEARY Athens, Ohio DEBRACLEOMCCOWAN Richmond JAMES LUDWIGMCCOWAN Danville JON MARTIN MCCOY Trov. Ohio DAVID MICHAEL MCCRACKEN Florence DEBORAH DELORES MCCREARY Evarts CAROLYN GAYE MCDONALD Vallev Station RIGHT: Stude nts receive specialized instruction during Fire Prevention Week. 484 Sophomores Mar-McD EKU Offers Unique Services JANET LEE MCGILL Hustonville NANCY MCGINNIS Louisville MICHAEL WAYNE MCINTOSH Middletown, Ohio RALPH MCINTOSH Elkton KAREN LEE MCKNIGHT Lexington PATRICIA ANN MCLAUGHLIN Frankfort GARYMCMANAMA Louisville DEBORAH LYNN MCMILLEN Murrav JODY MCNEVIN Somerset KATHY MCNULTY West Chester, Ohio PAMELA ALICE MCSWINEY Covington ZILDA MEADE Neon CAROL LEE MEDLIN Kingsport, Tennessee DEBRA LYN MEERS Lexington MELISSA ANNE MELVILLE Southgate CHARLES STEVEN MERCER Louisville CAROL ANN METCALF Louisville MARTHA ANN MEYER Fort Mitchell MARY ANN MILBY Eminence ANITA MARIE MILLER Louisville GALE BERNICE MILLER Winchester LESLIE GAYLE MILLER Louisville MARGARET LYNNE MILLER Calloway MELANIE JOAN MILLER Fort Knox PAMELA JANE MILLER Ashland SHIRLEY ELIZABETH MILLER Tompkinsville AMANDA MILLS London LONNIE MILLS Pineville WILLIAM MILLS Flat Lick CHERYL MOCCIA Frankfort LISA ANN MONARCH Frankfort BERTHA BELL MOONEY Cvnthiana DONNA MOORE BooneviUe JOY MOORE London THOMAS JOSEPH MOORE Bardstown DEBORAH ANN MORGAN Wheelersburg, Ohio DEBRA JEAN MORPHEW HopkinsviUe JOHN MORRETT Trov, Ohio DEBORAH KAY MORRIS Versailles HAROLD MORRIS Dayton, Ohio Sophomores McG-Mor 485 MP ' s Help To Supply Guidance DEBORAH LEA MOSS Edgewood PATRICIA ALLEN MOSS Nicholasvil WILLIAM MOTSCH Louisville SUSAN KAY MUDD Owensboro DEBORAH MULLINS Kite GARY TIMOTHY MANN Lexington BRUCE ALLEN MURPHY Pine Knot MURTA DONNA LYNN Louisville WILLIAM MUSHRUSH Fairfield. Ohio SHERRY LYNN MUSIC Prestonsburg DAVID ALLEN NANCE Owensboro ANGELINE NAPIER Wooton KEVIN NAPIER Danville DENA NEAL Harn.dsburg JOHN EDWARD NEIDHART Springfield. Ohio DONA. JEAN NEVILLE Louisville RHODA JANE NEW Bronston KARIN GAYLE NEWCOM Ashland THOMAS WAYNE NEWMAN Berea THELMA NEWSOM Virgie JUDY ANN NEWSOME Virgie TANANEWSOME Monticello BETSY NEWTON Lexington DANA JOY NOEL Lexington DEBORAH ANN NORRIS TavlorMill DEAN JAY NUTTER Danville MARTIN JOSEPH OCHSNER Louisville JAMIE RUTH ODLE Louisville REBECCA BRYORO ' HEARN Louisville JOSEPH OKRUHLICA Louisville MICHAEL ALAN O ' MERA Erlanger RODNEY EDWIN O ' NEAL Cincinnati. Ohio MARSHA ANN OTTEN Frankfort TAMMY JO PALMER Winchester MARY ELIZABETH PALMER-BALL Louisville JANE LEE PARIS Owensboro MERLE PARNELL Louisville WILLIAM LEE PARRIS Lexington BILLIE ANN PARSONS Bristol, Virginia JAY PEARCY Louisville 486 Sophomores Mos-Pea ABOVE: Molly Maginnis, a sophomore from Louisville, pauses to ask for some in- formation from an M.P. CONNIE LYNNE PELPHREY Prestonsburg REBECCA JEAN PENDELL Waverlv, Ohio DANNY WAYNE PERKINS Louisville ROBIN ELAINE PERKINS Walton SUZANNE PERKINS Union JOSEPH PERKOWSKI Westfield, New Jersev ELISSA ANN PERRY Vine Grove LARRY WAYNE PETERS Richmond RHONDA PETERS London LINDA KAY PETTIBONE Berea JAMIE G.PHILLIPS Danville KATHIE LYNN PHILPOTT Louisville VICTORIA LEE PIGG Fort Knox STEVEN GARY PIKE Mount Vernon ROBERT ALAN PITAKOS Lexington JUDY ANN PLEASANT Louisville KATHY LYNN POOLE Kingsport. Tennessee ANTHONY Q. PORTIS Louisville WILLIAM D. PRATT II Lexington GLENDINE PREECE Paintsville PAMELA KAY PREECE Inez NANCY C.PRESNELL Florence MARY V. PRICE Lexington MARYBETH PRICE Louisville MARY LYNN PROCTOR Louisville Sophomores Pel-Pro 487 GREGORY LANE PROW Campbellsville JANECHITT PUANG-NGARM Bangkok, Thailand CATHERINE IRENE PURVES Cincinnati, Ohio NANCY ANN QUAACK Louisville DAVID GLYNN QUALLS Danville LEE DOWNER qUINN Jeltersontown PRENTIS E. RAGLAND Cincinnati, Ohio DEBBY D. RATLIFF Shelbvville FRANKIELEERAY Tompkinsville MARGARET E. RAY Nicholasville DENIA JEAN REDFORD Cincinnati, Ohic KIMBERLY ANN REED Covington DANNY C. REEVES Corbin VICTORIA A. RENNER Cincinnati, Ohio RONDA GAYLE RENNIRT Louisville FAR RIGHT: Debbie Thomas, a sophomore from Shep- herdsville, is all smiles as she is on her way to be named first runner-up to the 1976 Homecoming Queen. RIGHT: A Shriner ' s clown brings grins to the faces of Homecoming parade observers. 488 Sophomores Pro-Ren HC Festivities Brightened By Smiles DEBORAH SUE REYNOLDS Louisville TERRI MICHELLE REYNOLDS Middletown, Ohio ALVIN F. RHORER Lexington STEPHEN W. RICHARDS Jamestown SUSIE RICHARDSON Hebron CAROL RICHIE London CLAY P. RICHTER Batavia KATHIE KIM RIDDLE Ashland SUSAN GAYLE RIDDLE Princeton DARLENE MARIE RIEDLING Louisville BONNIE RAE RIGG Pleasure Ridge Park DEBORAH FAYE RIGGLE Russell JAMES ADRIAN RILEY Springfield BRIAN KEITH RITTER Louisville ARNETTA ZOE ROBERTS Pikeville Sophomores Rey-Rob 489 ABOVE: This student enjoys having visitors from home during an Open House, following a football game. ROSLYN LEIGH ROBERTS Louisville SELMAJODY ROBERTS Olvmpia JANE ELLEN ROBINSON Waverlv, Ohio •JEFFREY MASON ROBINSON Elkhorn City JIM A. ROBINSON Miamisburg. Ohio SHERYL LYNN ROBINSON Paintsville TOMMIE LEE ROBINSON Fort Lauderdale, Florida LYNNE MARIE RODENCAL Cincinnati, Ohio JANICE LEE ROGERS Stanton JEFFREY G. ROOT Louisville PAULA SUE ROSE Raceland THERESA DIANNE ROSS Lancaster ROBERT ANTHONY ROTTGEUS Fort Thomas THOMAS ANTHONY ROTTINGHAUS Fort Mitchell BARBARA ANN ROUNDTREE Mount Sterling JANET LEIGH ROWLETT Richmond DIANA MARY ROY Cincinnati. Ohio PAULA SUE ROY Richmond LARRY RUSSELL Cincinnati, Ohio KAREN LEE RYAN Louisville CLAUDE DOUGLAS SALLEE Winchester CINDY SUE SAMUELS Louisville CONNIE JO SANDBRINK Sylvania, Ohio REGINA KAY SANDERS Carrollton STANLEY THOMAS SCALF Williamson, West Virginia 490 Sophomores Rob-Sca Open Houses Few, But Welcome KIM MARIE SCHIEMAN Louisville PHILIP G. SCHMALZRIED SaeKertown, Pennsylvania BETHSCHNIER Fort Thomas DEBRA ANN SCHOLL Tavlor Mill DONNA MARIE SCHREINER Nicholasville RONNIE WAYNE SCHUBERT Elkton KIRK DAVID SCHWABE Cincinnati. Ohio JANET MARY SCHWARTZ Fort Thomas KIMBERLEY E. SCHWEIZER Louisville MICHAEL STUART SCHWENDEMAN Richmond CYNTHIA ELLEN SCOTT Cincinnati, Ohio JENNIFER J. SCOTT Cincinnati, Ohio JOELG.SCRAFTON Marion, Indiana JILL B. SECREST Vanceburg KATHLEEN MARIE SEELEY Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania JULIE DIANE SEGER Louisville LISASESTER Davton, Ohio ANNA LEE SHARP Worthville BARBARA JEAN SHARTZNER Davton, Ohio STEVEN E. SHEARD Davton, Ohio BEVERLY GAY SHEETS West Chester. Ohio RICKY G.SHELLEY Yosemite SUSAN GAY SHEPHERD Whitley City WILLIAM ARTHUR SHIELDS Campbellsville JEANETTA SHOLAR Indianapolis, Indiana PATRICIA ANN SHONTEE Louisville SUSAN G. SHORT Lexington RANDALL KEITH SHROUT Salt Lick WILLIAM LESLIE SHUCK Jeffersontown VICKI ELAINE SIDDERS Xenia, Ohio PHYLLIS MARIE SIMMONS Kalamazoo, Michigan SAMUEL JAMES SIMON Westlake, Ohio THOMAS LYNN SIMPSON Lawrenceburg WENDA JOYCE SIMPSON Danville LINDA KAY SIMS Lancaster ROBIN ANN SIZELOVE Somerset JOHNNY GRANT SIZEMORE Harlan KATHYSUESIZEMORE Louisville DOUGC.SKELLY Canton, Ohio STEPHANIE JEAN SLATTERY Louisvil Sophomores Sch-SIa 491 Studying Is Everywhere You Look SCOTT SMILEY Davton. Ohio CLAUDIA LOREE SMITH London, Ohio DICKIE ARNOLD SMITH Columbia ELISSA FAYE SMITH Loveland. Ohio JAMES SMITH Middletown, Ohio JEANNETTE SMITH Davton, Ohio JEFFREY KEITH SMITH Lexington KIMBERLY ANNE SMITH Brandenburg SALLY SMITH Georgetown SHERRY LOU SMITH Mount Vernon SHERILYN RHEA SMITH Richmond SUSAN DIANE SMITH Trov, Ohio TERESA SMITH Fort Mitchell TERESA LYNN SMITH McKee TODD RANDALL SMITH Bluefield, West Virginia MARKSNEED Ashland EVA RUTH SNOW Jamestown EMILY ALLAN SNYDER Blanchester, Ohio THOMAS GENE SNYDER Vanoalla, Ohio LISA GAIL SONS Irvine SUSAN SPEARS Pikeville THOMAS LOUIS SPELLMAN Louisville ROBERT SPHIRE Brandenburg ALETHA SPIVEY Lexington LOU ANN SPRINGMEIER Cincinnati. Ohio KIM DENISE STACY Hvden GWENDOLYN ANN STALLARD Frankfort MICHAELE DENISE ST AMBAUGH Hamilton. Ohio MELINDA GAIL STAMPER Jackson TERESA GWEN STAMPER Mavtown THOMAS JOSEPH STANDER Ludlow JUDITH EVANS STANSBURG Ferncreek STEPHEN THOMAS STARBUCK Westerville, Ohio BEVERLY STEARMAN Danville SUSAN KAY STEELY Corbin LISA JO STEPHENS Port William, Ohio BRUCE WAYNE STEVENS Mount Eden CAROLINE STEWART Louisville ROBIN ELAINE STEWART LaGrange SHARON LYNN STIVERS Fairport, New York 492 Sophomores Smi-Sti Whether on a dormitory porch or in the quiet ravine, stu- dents find studying atmospheres to meet their personal needs. MARSHA KAYE STONE Irvine MARK ALAN STOWERS Louisville PEGGY DIANE STRAIN Arlington. Texas JAN MARIE STRIEF Cincinnati. Ohio DANIEL STRIETELMEIER Columbus. Indiana JOSEPH GREGORY STROUDE Williamstown SANDRA KAY SUERDICK Miamisburg, Ohio MATTHEW JESSE SUNSKI Danville MARK HELLEN SUTER Turners Station JOE DAVID SUTTON Middlesboro Sophomores Sto-Sut 493 LEWIS RICKMAN SUTTON Lancaster PAMELA KAREN SWANNER Greenville, South Carolina VERONICA JILL SWARTZ Owingsville JACKLYN SWEENEY Louisville JOHN COLLINS TACKETT Lexington JONELLTACKETT Prestonsburg KATHY MARIE TAYLOR Paintsville LESLIE JEAN TAYLOR Saint Bernard, Ohio ROBERT PATRICK TAYLOR Carlisle SHEEREE LEE TAYLOR Columbia RACHEL MARIE THACKER Salem, Virginia DEBORAH JO THOMAS Shepherdsville JESSIE THOMAS Trivandrum, India AARON THOMPSON Manchester SUSAN MARIE THORNTON Winchester, Ohio LYNNTIMMONS Louisville DANNY LOUIS TINSLEY Keavv CONNIE CHARLOTTE TIPTON Stanton BRIAN LEETOBERGTA Cincinnati, Ohio CHRISTINA TOGUNDE Nigeria BELOW: Student finds repelling to be the fastest way down after a climb to the top. 494 ROTC Supplies Unusual Experiences KIM TOLLIVER Port William, Ohio RITA DENISE TOMPKINS Louisville TERRILYNNTRAMMELL Tampa, Florida VONDATRAMMRLL Cincinnati, Ohio GEORGIANATREAWAY Hamilton. Ohio BELINDA TRIMBLE Lexington LESLIE TRUMAN Louisville MARYTSANG Hong Kong JOANNA LEE TUGGLE Irvine TERRIJEAN TUGGLE Louisvill CONNIE LYNN TURNER Milford. Ohio LINDA TURNER New Port MARTHA ELLEN TURNER Booneville NANCY LEE TURNER Lebanon, Ohio ROBIN GAYE TURNER Harlan DANNY UNDERHILL Louisville JUDY KAY UPDIKE Williamstown CARRIE FAE UTTER Springfield, Ohio TERESA ANN VALENTINE Hvden LAURA CAMILLE VANCE Versailles JERRY VANDERGRIFF Louisville RITA LYNN VANOVER Middlesboro DANITAANNVANSICKLE Louisa GLENDAKAYVASSEUR Murrav DAVID MICHAEL VAUGHN Middlesboro GARY WAYNE VEACH Independence MARY VIRGINIA VESSELS Louisville KARLA FAYE VETTER Louisville FRANK VOLPENHEIN Fort Mitchell MARK EDWARD VOLPENHEIN Cincinnati, Ohio MENLARAINEY WALDRON CampbellsviUe MONIQUE WALKER WhitlevCitv LATANYA RAYE WALKUP Lexington LILA FAYE WALLACE Harlan FRANK RANDALL WALTERS MadisonviUe ROMA WARFORD Coeburn, Virginia JANET LEA WARNER Frankfort DEBRA ANN WARREN Danville FAYETTA WARRIX PikeviUe DAYNA JEAN WATERS Florence Sophomores Tol-Wat 495 Spring Arrives At Eastern DELENA WEATHERS Lexington WANDA SUE WEAVER Frankfort BILLY EDWARD WEBB Lick Creek DAVID EUGENE WEBB Middlesboro CHARLES ALLEN WEBSTER East Carrollton SHELLY LYNN WEISMAN Cincinnati, Ohio CARL ANTHONY WEJOEROTH Drv Ridge ALTHEA FRANCENE WEST Hopkinsville NANCY ANNE WEST South Charleston, West Virginia RICHARD ALAN WHARTON Gahanna, Ohio FESS DUDLEY WHITAKER .Mihon MICHELLE ANN WHITAKER Fort Mitchell CINDY LEE WHITE Louisville KIMBERLY ANN WHITE Louisville RONALD ALLEN WHITE Louisville SUSAN WHITE Louisville URSULA WHITE Vallev Station GARY WAYNE WHITEHEAD Owensboro THOMAS WHITTAKER Louisville KAREN LYNN WICKLINE Jackson MARK WICKLINE London, Ohio Jl ' LIA LEE WIGGINTON We st Point JAMES EDWARD WIGGLES WORTH Latonia JIM WILBANKS Louisville GENIE COY WILCOX Richmond KAREN WILKERSON Louisville MARY WILKERSON Louisville ARTHUR LEE WILKINSON Madeira, Ohi. ALBERT TED WILLIAMS Louisville ANGELA WILLIAMS Davton, Ohio CARLA WILLIAMS Middletown, Ohio FELICIA LYNN WILLIAMS Louisville KIMBERLY ANN WILLIAMS Mavsville MICHAEL WILLIAMS Louisville LINDA RAE WILLIS Hamilton, Ohio ALETTAJANEWILLOUGHBY Owingsville LINDA CAROL WILMORE Lexington BRENDA YVONNE WILSON Louisville DONNA GAIL WILSON London PAMELA JO WILSON BarbourviUe 496 Sophomores Wea-Wil SANDY LEE WILSON London MARCIA ANN WILZ Fort Thomas WILLIAM MICHAEL WINKLER Louisville RICH WAYNE WINN Brandenburg SUSAN JANE WINSTEAD Louisville VICKI ANN WOHLLER Pleasure Ridge Park APRIL WOLF Cincinnati. Ohio KATHLEEN MARY WOLF Louisville ROBIEWOOD Mount Sterling LATANYADONISE WOODS Louisville TERESA LYNN WOODWARD Lexington KIM WRIGHT Georgetown TERRI LYNN WULLNER Lawrenceburg, Indiana BRENT SAMUEL YEAGER Florence DEBORAH YOUNG Mount Sterling DONALD LESLIE YOUNG Eminence JOYCE LYNN YOUNG Springfield, Ohio LAUREN ANN ZFEIFER Louisville NANCY LYNN ZIFCHECK Columbia Station, Ohio CAROL JEAN ZIMMER Mount Vernon KAREN ZIMMER Cincmnati, Ohio BELOW: Coeds appeeir to blend in with the scenic campus surroundings. 497 - 1 ' jimi Freshmen Adjust To College Life Upon entering Eastern Ken- tucky University, Freshman class members have many ad- justments to make. They face a whole new life away from the shelter and security of their families. Housing arrangements, soc- ial activities, and eating and sleeping schedules are a few of the vast changes that one must encounter when they go to college. Travel schedules are also significant in that many freshmen find themselves packing up and going home on weekends. All considered, the class of 1980 look forward to their four years of college life and await a great deal of challenges " be- fore completing their higher education. 498 Freshman Class JUDY AARON Russell TERRIEJANEABNEY Irvine CYNTHIA MARIE ADAMS Louisville DEBORA KAYE ADAMS Mount Vernon GLENN LEIGH ADAMS Richmond KIMBERLY ANN ADAMS Mount Sterling LARRY WAYNE ADAMS Lancaster BETTY JO ADKINS ElkhornCitv GORDON PAT ADKINS Frankfort MARILYN JEANINE ADKINS Louisville TIMOTHY ROGER ADKINS Middletown, Ohio KATHY ANN AHLERS Louisville PAMELA ANN AICHHOLZ Cincinnati, Ohio JAN TERRI ALEXANDER Burkesville CHRISTY MARIE ALLAN Forest Park, Ohio DONNA ALLEN Greenup FRANCES SUE ALLEN Corbin JAMES SUNSHINE ALLEN Louisville WAYNE SCOTT ALLEN Lexington BECKY SUE ALLISON Fairborn, Ohio JERRI ELLEN ALLISON Fairborn, Ohio THOMAS ANDREW ALOISI Lindenhurst, New York JEFF SCOTT AMBURGEY Mount Sterling VICKIJANEAMBURGEY Corbin ELLEN AMSTER Richmond DEBBIE ANDERSON Davton, Ohio DELBERT MICHAEL ANDERSON Berea ELIZABETH ANN ANDERSON Beavercreek, Ohio JENNIFER LEIGH ANDERSON Charleston, West Virginia THOMAS RUSSEL ANDERSON Albion, New York SHARON LEE ANES Winchester NANCY LOU ANNESS Harrodsburg KIM LOUISE ARD Somerset KIMBERLY JO ARLINGHAUS Fort Mitchell JUDY MARIE ARMBRUSTER Canal Zone, Panama GLORIA LOU ARNETT Cincinnati, Ohio PAMELA SUE ARNETT Oneida MARLAKAYARNS Cincinnati, Ohio LORETTA FAYE ARROWOOD Highland Heights JULIA ANNE ASEERE Crescent Spring Freshmen Aar-Ase 499 Freshman Face Registration Obstacles MARSHALL EDWARD ASHBY Louisville DEBBIE ASHCRAFT Hamilton, Ohio TRACY CARROLL AUGUSTIN Hamilton. Ohio GREGORY DEAN BACK Lexinston KENT JAMES BACK Lexington DENISE MARIE BAILEY Wilmore PEGGY ANN BAKER London ROGER KEITH BAKER Crab Orchard MAX EDWARD BALDWIN Independence TINA LEE BALDWIN Ravenna VERONICA LOUISE BANTHER Berea JACQUELINE ANN BARBOUR Mount Washington JAMES LAWRENCE BARBOUR Aberdeen, Ohio QUETHAJOBARGO Barbourville ROBIN ELIZABETH BARKER Van Lear DEBBIE SUE BARNES Frankfort LEDA RAYE BARNETT Brodhead WANDA MARIE BARNETT New Albanv, Indiana REBELLA LYNN BARTER Newport BRENDA ALICE BARTON London LORILYNNEBASHAM Fort Thomas MARY LOUISE BASHAM Louisville CHERYL JANE BEARD Louisville ELLEN BEASON Middlesboro CAROLYN BEAVIN Louisville RHONDA LEE BECK Crawfordsville, Indiana CATHY LYNNE BECKETT Gilbertsville JULIE KAY BECKMAN Cincinnati, Ohio TAMARA BENGE Manchester ELLEN CAROL BENNETT Frankfort JEFF BENNETT Grove Citv, Ohio JANA DAWN BENNINGFIELD Louisville DORELLA SUE BENTLEY Neon KIMBERLY SUE BENTLEY Wheelersburg, Ohio STEVEN WALTER BENTLEY Lexington JESSE CLARK BENTON Wavnesburg ALICE MARY BERESFORD Cincinnati, Ohio PAULA LYNNE BERKE Glasgow LUCY THURSTON BERNARD Cambridge, Ohio CHARLES BERRIE Frankfort h : 7.,. HH i B 500 Freshmen Ash-Ber The frustrating formalities of registration make opening se- mester activities a tiresome affair for unsuspecting freshmen. BEVERLY JOYCE BERRY Louisville MARC EDWARD BERRYMAN Stanton PAIGE ALISON BESUNER Fort Thomas RANDALL FRANKLIN BIGGS Ashland SHARON LEIGH BINGHAM Middlesboro LORI ELLEN BIRKOFER Cincinnati, Ohio KAREN LYNN BISCHOFF Elsmere JENNY LYNN BISHOP Trenton, Ohio TONILYNNE BISHOP Louisville GREGORY JOHN BISIG Louisville DEBRA MAY BISPING Richmond NANCY ANN BLACK Centerville, Ohio DAVID ROSS BLACKERBY Louisville VIRGINIA ANN BLACKSON Irvine PATRICIA ANN BLACKWELL Irvine Freshmen Ber-Bla 501 ABOVE: Mini ccmcerts help to prevent the hnredcim of registration week bv providing entertainment in the ravine. JANET CAROL BLAIR Cloverport MEDINA KRISS BLAIR VVhitesburf; DELPHINE BLAKE Lexington MARY ANCELA BLOXOM Louisville LINDA KAYE BLUE London TERESA ANN BOBLENZ Lexington CATHY SUSAN BOGGS Lexington CINDY FAYE BOHN Louisville JEANIEBOND Manchester MARY PHYLLIS BOONE Howardstown PATRICIA LYNN BOOTH Union MARLENE DENISE BORDEN Louisville JEANNIE BOSWELL Louisville SHARON KAYE BOTTS Owingsville RENEE MARIE BOUDINOT Fort Knox WILLIAM BRIAN BOWDY Fort Thomas ARLEEN GAIL BOWLING Mount Sterling JANIE BOWLING Jonesville, Virginia KAREN LEE BOWLING Winchester ANN LOUISE BOWMAN Davton, Ohio CONSTANCE DIANE BOWMAN Union ROSEMARY BOWMAN Revelo MARY ELIZABETH BOYD Seven Mile, Ohio VICKIE LEE BRADEN Carlisle, Ohio MARY LINDA BRADSHAW Danville 502 Freshmen Bla-Bra Concerts Add Zest To Orientation Week MARY KATHLEEN BRAUER Erlanger MARTY GLENN BRAY Louisville SUSAN LORI BRECKENKAMP Winchester KAREN LYNN BREMENKAMP Florence KAREN JENETTA BRIGGS Louisville MICHAEL STEPHEN BRILL Fairtield. Ohi. LOIS FAYE BRINEGAR Irvine ROY BRITT VanceburK DEBBIE BROCK Falmouth DEBORA BROCK London VIRGINIA LYNN BROGLE Nichola sville MICHAEL PRESTON BRONAUGH Lexington BRIDGETTE DENISE BROOKS Louisville JOHN KING BROOKS Cvnthiana DANIEL LEE BROUGH Brooksville EVELGN BROWN Kansas Citv, Kansas PAT BROWN Hamilton, Ohio PATRICIA ANN BROWN Jenkins SANDRA RENEEL BROWN Lexington STEVEN BROWN Godfrev, Illinois MARY ANNE BRUCE Louisville DEBRA JO BRYANT Harlan JACQUELYNN COLLEEN BRYANT West Covington JANE MARCI BRYANT Louisville CLARENCE BUCKLER Louisville SHEILA MARIE BUCKMAN Lebanon HEIDI DIANE BUMGARNER Louisville DEBBIE ANN BUNCH Corbin BRAD EUGENE BURCH Freehold, New Jersev CINDY BURDETT Cincinnati, Ohio PENNY LOUISE BURGER Danville ANNETTE MARIE BURGESS Louisville JANET SUE BURKE Monticello SUSAN MARIE BURKE Louisville LINDA GAY BURKEY Elmhurst, Illinois TAINI BURKHART Harlan SPHARTOM BURKLOW West Chester, Ohio KATHLEEN ANNE BURNETT Louisville KEVIN CARROLL BURNETT Grayson FRANCES BURT Louisville Freshmen Bra-Bur 50.3 Pets Appear All Around Campus GARY EARL BUTON Louisville KAREN ANITA BURTON Akron, Ohio SHEILA ANN BUSH Louisville FARA BUSHNELL Harlan TIMOTHY CHARLES BUTLER Louisville MARGARET ANNE BYRNE Louisville CHRISTIE LYNN CAIN Campbellsville CRIGICAIN Louisville KATHY LYNN CAMERON Louisville THOMAS PRATHERCAMBRON Springfield ::r .- 504 Freshmen But-Cam WILLIAM GOEBEL CAMERON Cvnthiana CONNIE ANNE CAMPBELL Clav Citv GEORGE WAYNE CAMPBELL Lancaster PAMELA CAMPBELL Lvnch SUSAN CAMPBELL Independence WENDY STUART CAMPBELL Louisville MARY ANNE CANNING Beattwille ROBERT CANON Frankfort MARY PAT CAREY Louisville ROBERT STEPHEN CARLISLE Mavsville FAR LEFT: Canine friend helps out the Marching Ma- roons during a half-time performance on Hanger Field. LEFT: Robbie Bailey and Bonnie Campbell try to make amends with an unhappv dog, after not sharing their lunch with him outside of the grill. Freshmen Cam-Car 505 Coeds Enjoy Sunny Days JAMES WILLIAM CARR Georgetown ROBERT LEE CARROLL Grayson GARY CARTER Louisville GLANDIAS VALTINA CARTER Lexington STEVEN AUSTIN CARTER Berea DIANA CARTY Louisville MARK THOMAS CASANOVA Rochester, Minnesota CHERYL LYNN CASE Middletown BRUCE PETE CASELLA Vineland. New Jersey DEBORAH DARLENE CASEY Lawrenceburg JACK THOMAS CASTLE Pikeville RALPH YOUNG CASTLE Paris RODNEY TOWNSEND CATLETT Shelbyvil LENNIS WAYNE CAUDILL Harrodsburg PATRICIA LYNN CAUDILL Tyner TIMOTHY SHAWN CAUDILL Ashland SHIELA ANN CAWL Louisville DENA KAY CHAFFINS Kannapolis, North Carolina PATRICIA ANN CHANCELLOR Louisville MARK EDWARD CHASTAIN Vandalia, Ohio PHYLLIS WAL-HAN CHENG Hong Kong GEORGE CHILDRESS Bellry JACKIE IRENE CHRISTENSEN Louisville PAUL WALTER CHRISTIAN Jeffersontown CHARLOTTE MARIE CISSELL Louisville AMY CLANCY Mansfield, Ohio JOHANNA RUTH CLANCY Lexington BARBARA CLARK Mansfield. Ohio DALE GLENDON CLARK Irvine DEBRA KAY CLARK Louisville SUSAN GAYLE CLARK Owensboro MARIE ELENA CLARKE Mount Ephraim, New Jersey KATHERYNE ANN CLAUSEN Louisville DOUGLAS HAYDEN CLAYTON Latonia CONNIE YVONNE CLEETER Dillsboro, Indiana RICKY CLEVINGER Mount Sterling MICHAEL EUGENE CLICK Harrodsburg JENIFER JACULIN CLOUTIER Henderson JOHN WALTER CLOYD Louisville GAYE COLLEEN Cincinnati, Ohio 506 Freshmen Car-Col ABOVE: Mary Pat Carey and Mary Crow, two freshmen from Louisville, pause for a chat in between classes. KATHY ELAINE COFFEY Cincinnati, Ohio BEVERLY COLE Louisville PATRICIA COLE McKee PATRICK LEE COLEMAN Frankfort DARLENE LOUISE COLLINS AuRusta ESTHER MAE COLLINS Lexington GREG COLLINS Mount Sterling JAMES LEE COLVIN Franklin Furnace, Ohio CHRYSTAL SUE COMBS Fairfield, Ohio JACQUELYN LOUISE COMBS Paris PATRICIA ANN COMBS Manchester PAULA COMBS Louisville PEGGY LYNN COMBS West Union, Ohio KELLY LEE COMER Tipp Citv, Ohio CHARITY ROSE CONLEY Mount Sterling REBECCA JO CONLEY Mount Sterling, Ohio ROBERT BRIAN CONLEY Russell JANIELEECONNELL Louisville DOUGLAS COOKE Louisville MICHAEL KEVIN COOPER CarroUton PAMELA GAYLE COOPER Vallev Station ROLANL ALE COOPER Vanceburg PAMELA GAYLE CORNETTE Lovelv BEV ANNE CORNS Cincinnati. Ohio DIANE CORUM Manchester Fresh men Cof-Cor 507 Freshmen Find Studying Essential DORIS CORUM Manchester JOANNCORUM Manchester JEANA CARMAN COTHRON Louisvil BRENDA KAYE COUCH Lily LISA COUCH Vandalia, Ohio MICHAEL LEE COURTNEY Carrollton MARGARET DENISE COWAN Lexington SHERLY COX Louisville DANNY CLAY CRABTREE Bowen MARK ANDREW CRAFT Flemingsburg JANET DAWN CRAIG Louisville CONSTANCE CRAVEN Covington MARCIA LYNN CRAWFORD Crab Orchard HERBERT HUGH CRESS Burlington DONALD CRITCHER Boone, North Carolina MARY ELIZABETH CROW Louisville JOHNCROXTON Cincinnati, Ohio PHILLIP THOMAS CRUMP Paris BOYCE CLAYTON CRUSE Glendale BRIAN WHITLEY CULBERTSON Lexington DAVID ALLEN CUMMINS Foster DEBRA ANN CUMMINS Georgetown CONNIE JEAN CUNNINGHAM Fort Thomas LESLIE CURRAN Lawrenceburg MARY ELIZABETH CURRY Columbia MELANIE ANN CURRY Covington WANDA JOYCE CURTSINGER Chaplin JEFF CUTTER Hebron TERRY LYNN DAILEY Harrodsburg RICH WILLIAM DALTON Independence WILLIAM ALEXANDER DALZELL Moundsville, West Virginia PAMELA ANN DANIELS Carlisle, Ohio CAROL JOAN DAUNHAVER Louisville CONSTANCE LOUISE DAVIS Middletown, Ohio GAIL SUSAN DAVIS Perrvsburg. Ohio JACKIE DAVIS Louisville MARY KATHERINE DAVIS Lexington TERESA DAY Manchester DOUGLAS JOSEPH DEAREN Louisville WILLIAM BERNARD DECKER Piqua, Ohio 508 Freshmen Cor-Dec CHERYL LYNN DELK Hamilton. Ohio LAURA ANN DEMYAN Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania VICKISUEDENNEY Salversville DEBBIE GAIL DENNIS Lexington ROBERT DENNIS Harlan LORI ANN DENZLER Cincinnati. Ohio ELLEN RAE DERNOVSHEK Berea JAMES DESHAZER Frankfort JANE PERRIN DEUTSCH Louisville KAREN DEVORE Louisville BOYD DICK Russell Spring MARY ADELAIDE DICKERSON Athertonville MARY ANN DILAURA Albion. New York AMY DIANE DINGMAN Cincinnati. Ohio SUZANNE MARIE DISTLER Fern Creek JULIE ANN DOLAN Sharon. Pennsylvania DANA MARIE DONOVAN Westlake. Ohio TERRY DIANE DOSSETT Lynch TARA LYNN DOUGHERTY Cincinnati. Ohio LYNNMICHELEDOUTAZ Falmouth LEFT: The ravine provides a quiet place for studying for Cindv Manvet. a freshman from Fort Thomas. Freshmen Del-Dou 509 ABOVE: Rush counselors Mindy Manifold, Chervl Combs, Jill Somogy, and Jackie Daugherty aid rushees with problems and help strengthen the Greek system by be- coming close friends during rush week. CARLA JUNE DOYLE Flemingsburg CHERYL ANN DREYER Erlanger CONNIE DRIVER Louisville DENISE KAY DROEGE Alexandria RAY ANNE DUFF Fort Thomas GLENN LEWIS DUGGINS Louisville ANGELA HOPE DUNAWAY Irvine RUSSELL DUNAWAY Stanford MARGARET GENEVIEVE DUNBAR Louisville DARCY PAMELA DUNN Honeove Falls, New York DUKE DUNN Burgin ERNEST DUNN Lancaster PATRICIA DIANE DURBIN Richmond SHERRIE LYNN DURHAM Newport MARGERY JO DUVALL Burkesville SCOTT DYER Louisville EMILY GAIL EDMONDSON Covington WILLIAM RAY EDMUNDSON Richmond JANET SUE EDWARDS Annville KRISTA EDWARDS Cincinnati, Ohio MARY PATRICE EDWARDS Hamilton, Ohio KAREN SUE EKLUND Prospect CINDRA CAROL ELDER Louisville ELIZABETH ELLIOTT Wilmore MICHAEL LEE ELLIS Louisville X 510 Freshmen Doy-EU Rho Chi Unites Sororities GALE MARIE ELMY Louisville CHRISTOPHER COLIN ELSBERRY Louisville DORA ANN ELSING Jeffersontown CARLOS JAMES ELSWICK Hi Hat PATTILEEEMBRY Louisville DONNA GAYLE ENGLAND Campbellsville PAMELA SUE ENGLAND Middlesboro BRUCE ENGLE Richmond LISA GAIL ENGLISH Washington, Ohio JUDY LYNN ERICKSON West Portal, New Jersey CAROL JEAN ERNSPIKER Loui.sviUe PATRICIA JANE ESHAM MavsviUe ANNA JEAN ESPY Brandenburg HELEN LOUISE EVANS Owslev WILLIAM DAVID EVANS Louisville JAMES EWING Louisville SARAH MOORE EYSTER Louisville WYNDEE KAYE EZELL Louisville JUDY KAY FANZ Kettering, Ohio PATRICIA ANN FARLEY Ashland BECKY SUE FARMER Maineville, Ohio DEBRA YVONNE FARMER Lexington LADONNA JEAN FARMER Louisville CAROL SUE FARRELL Louisville RITA KAREN FAULKNER Ludlow SANDRA LYNN FAULKNER Williamsburg TERRY LYNN FAULKNER Stanton MELISSA KIMBALL FEATHERSTON Lexington MARKEETARAEFEE London JOAN EDYTHE FENNESSY Davton, Ohio DAVID BRIAN FIDLER Strvker, Ohio ANDY LOYD FIELD Roxana TAMIRA ANN FIELDS Mount Vernon TERESA FIELDS ElkhornCitv ANGELA KAY FISHER Walton ANN FISHER Lexington CHERYL ANN FISHER Campbellsville PATTY FISTER Shelbvville TIMOTHY WAYNE FLANERY Martin JOE FLETCHER Stanford Freshmen Elm-Fle 511 Moving In — First Task At College CHERIE LYNN FOLRENCE Cynthiana HOLLY SUSAN FLYNN Sunman, Indiana LISATHARPFLYNN Beattwille PRISCILLAMAEFOGLE LexinRton KATHY JAYNE FOLEY Russell Springs MELODY CAY FOLEY Lexington JUDY FOLLOWELL Danville BETH ANN FORD Cincinnati, Ohio BYRON SAUNDERS FORD Lancaster LISA ELAINE FORD Fort Thomas SHERRY FORD New Haven JACK LEE FORMAN Mavsville MASON HART FORSYTHE Paris REBECCA FOSTER VVilminKton, Ohio VICKI LYNN FOSTER Ashland LENA FAYE FOWLER Winchester CONNIE ANN FRANKENSTEIN Covington DEBRA LEE FRAZIER Cincinnati, Ohio JANA MAL ' REEN FRAZIER Harrison, Ohio LISA JEAN FREEMAN Campbellsville ROBERT RANDALL FREY Erlanger HEIDI ANN FRICK Reading, Ohio LYDIA FRIES California LINDA KAY FRITZ Richmond AMY ELIZABETH FROMBACH Louisville DOUG ALLEN FRUCHTENICHT Louisville ALISON FRYMAN Cvnthiana PATSY MAURICE GABBARD McKee NAN GABBERT Owensboro DEBBIE ANNE GALLIVAN Paris GARY WAYNE GALLOWAY Berlin GUY THOMAS GANDOLFO CarroUton DENISE GARLAND Bellbrook, Ohio ANGELA VALERIA GARRETT Winchester PATRICIA RAMONIA GASH Independence RONALD LEE GASH Lawrenceburg LINDA LILLIAN GELDREICH Cincinnati, Ohio TIMOTHY DEL GENTRY Jeffersontown KAREN MARIE GEPHORT Davton. Ohio MATT GERALDS Lexington fcltri ' ii 512 Freshmen Fol-Ger «5(jjSS 1!5!6 »s»«f»« ». -«i»«i5 These freshmen girls undertake the demanding proce- dures of moving into their dormitories at the onset of the semester. ;Mf PAMELA GEROMES Louisville KIMBERLY GEYER Ashland MARTHA ALISON GIBBONS LaGrange GAYLEJOAN GILLESPIE Missoula, Montana JOSEPH PAT GILLETTE Louisville MICHAEL VINCENT GILLEY Amelia, Ohio CARLAJEANGINN Milton STEVEN CHARLES GITTINGER Cincinnati. Ohio DEBBIE KAE GIVENS Lexington ROBIN DENISE GIVENS Corbin GAIL ANN GLANZ Louisville PAUL GODDARD Clinton, Tennessee SANDRA LYNN GODDARD Portsmouth, Ohio GWENDOLYN GOLSTON Louisville MARY KATHERINE GOMBERT Ashland Freshmen Ger-Gom 51.3 DONNIE DELAINE GOOCEY Vincent PAULA RUTH GOODALL Anchorage JOY LYN GOODMAN Fairdale TERESA ANN GOSNELL Louisville KIM LOUISE GRAF Louisville CARLA GRAFT Louisville TAMMY GRAHAM Frankfort TIM GRAHAM Portsmouth, Ohio ESCALETA GRAY Mavsville JEANETTE ANN GRAY Manchester SUSAN CAROL GRAY OwingsviUe ALAN GRAZIANI Cold Spring CRYSTAL ELONDA GREENE Lawrenceburg THELMA KAY GREENE Mavsville JANET LEA GREENWELL LaGrange KIM ANN GREENWELL Louisville BOBBY GREGORY Coopersville TERESA JEAN GREGORY LaGrange MICHAEL EDWARD GRIBBIN Lexington LAURA LEE GRIER Cvnthiana CHERYL ANN GRIESINGER California REBECCA LEE GRIFFIN Louisville YVONNE ELAINE GRIFFIN Louisville SHARON LYNN GRIFFITH Berea SALLY KAY GRIGSBY Jackson BELOW: Tina Barber and David Bowman take time out from classes to check up on the daily news. 514 Newspapers Keep Students Informed KARON GRIMES Lexington JAMES NEIL GRISSOM Burnside GWEN GROOMS Bellbrodk, Ohio KATHLEEN MARIE GRUNER Louisville ROBIN ANN GUINN Fairfield, Ohio JOHN GUTTERMAN Jeffersontown KEITH HADKN Lexington ELIZABETH MARIE HAERING Louisville KELLY HAGEN Tipp Citv, Ohio TANIE HALL Newport WALTER HALL Lovely JACQUE LYNN HAMILTON Cinc-innati, Ohio LINDA LEAH HAMILTON Hamilton. Ohio LARRY WAYNE HAMMOMS Corbin JOYCE ANN HANNAN Berea BARBARA ANNE HANSEN Lexington CHARLES EUGENE HARBER Harlan SUSAN EDNA HARDEN Ludlow DAVID DENNY HARDWICH Wavneburg PAULA JEANNE HARMELING Edgewood JANE ALISON HARRIS Louisville TAMMY JEAN HARRIS Louisville AMY ELIZABETH HARRISON Franklin, Ohio MYRON DEAN HARROD Milton CAROLYN MARIE HART Louisville KAREN LAVERNE HART Falmouth MICKIE SUE HART Davton, Ohio TERRI LYNN HARVEY Mount Sterling SANDRA SUE HASH Corbin DIANE LUCILLE HATCHER Louisville GREGORY CLARK HATCHETT Carrollton EVELYN MARIA HAY Mavsville ERNESTINE HAYDEN Eminence KITTY HAYDEN Louisville CHERYL LYNN HAYDON Shelbvville BECKY JEAN HAYNES LaGrange NANCY LO HAYES Louisville WILLIE MAE HAYES Covington DONNA JEAN HAYS McKee VIVIAN HAYWOOD Prestonsburg Freshmen Gri-Hay 515 Animals Give Warmth To Campus CLAIR HEAD Howardstown CHERYL ANN HEDGES Cincinnati, Ohio JEFFREY THOMAS HEINE Centerville, Ohio TAMMIESUEHELPHINSTINE Mavsville CHARLENE JO HENDERSON Winchester HELEN DELORIS HENDERSON Louisville PENNY HOPE HENDRICKS Louisville RODNEY DALE HENDRICKSON Evarts ANGELA GAY HENRY Forest Hills FLORENCE JOAN HENSLEY Oneida WANDA KAYE HENSLEY Manchester VALERIE LYNN HERB Shepherdsville ELLEN MARIE HESEN Louisville TIMOTHY HIATT Morning View DAVID HICKERSON Paris MARY JO HIGDON Lebanon GWYNNE STEPHANIE HILEN Mount Sterling JANET CAROL HILL Frankfort ROBERT HILL Carrollton THOMAS MARK HILL Springfield TRINA KAY HILL Frankfort ANN LAETITIA HILS Cincinnati, Ohio KATHY ANN HINDE Tipp Citv, Ohio THETALYNNETTEHINKLE Inez JANEHISLE Richmond DEBBIE HOBBS Vine Grove RICK HOFELICH Jeffersonlown ANITA HOFFMAN Independence HUGH VINSON HOGUE Elizabethtown JANE ELLEN HOGUE Paris CYNTHIA HOLBROOK Burlington JANICE ROSE HOLBROOK Brodhead JEFFERY CRAIG HOLBROOK Nap les, Florida ANNETTE LOUISE HOLCOMB Lima. Ohio DAVID JAY HOLLAND Cvnthiana TAMARA BETH HOLLISTER Kettering, Ohio CAROL DOROTHY HOLLONBECK Naperville, AGNES REGINA HOLT Richmond PHYLLIS ANN HOLT Louisville JOHN HOMAN Cincinnati, Ohio .Sie Freshmen Hea-Hom »Siilfe: J i: ., Cuddly creatures bring delight to Eastern ' s natural sur- roundings. DENISE LYNN HOOK Portsmouth, Ohio KIMBERLY HOOTON Cincinnati, Ohio JULIE ANN HOPPE Fort Mitchell CHARLES CLARKE HOPPER Mavsville PEGGY ERIKA HORD Alexandria, Virginia DALE HORENSKY Beach Haven, New Jersey SUSAN MARIE HORINA Louisville SUSAN ELIZABETH HORNE Xenia, Ohio DEBORAH LYNNE HORRIGAN Eaton, Ohio CAMILLEANNEHORTON NicholasviUe DEBRAANNEHOSKINSON Elizabethtown GRAHAM HOUSE Lexington LINDA LUCILLE HOUSE London JEFFREY HOWARD Hvden LEXINE HOWARD Hvden LINDA SUE HOWARD Mount Sterling DEBBIE LYNN HOWELL Frankfort JOHN KENNETH HUBSCH Louisv ille ADNA MAE HUDSON Hardshell KAY HUELSKAMP Dayton, Ohio Freshmen Hoo-Hue 517 LINDA SUE HUFF Loveland, Ohio DONNA JEAN HUGHES Middletown, Ohio YOLANDA HUGHLETT Louisville CINDY HUI Macau BECKY HUMPHREY Ashland DENEEN YVETTE HUNTER Danville REBECCA ANN HUNTER Louisville WILLIAM HUNTER Louisville MARY ANNE HUTCHINSON Richmond KIM KEVIN HUTTON Georgetown SHARON ILIOHAN Louisville KIMBERLYANNIMFELD Florence JACQUELINE INGRAM Stanford ANDREA INNIS Annandale. New Jersev RUSSELL BARTON IRWIN Clinton, Tennessee DEBORAH ISAAC Lexington JENNIFER ISAACS Lexington LISA MARIE ISAACS Winchester LEEANNISON Ashland ERIC LAMONT JACKSON Lexington JANICE LYNN JACKSON Jeffersontown KAREN LULA JACKSON Ingram MARY BETH JACOBER Fort Wright DALE EUGENE JACOBS Canton. Ohio LISA CAROLE JACOBS Lexington BELOW: These college coeds wait among five thousand other cautious people to take a swine flu vaccination at Aluimni Coliseum. Swine-Flu Inoculations Given At EKU PATRICIA LYNN JACOBY Cincinnati. Ohio JIM JARMAN Versailles PAMELA ANN JASPER Carrollton JEFF JEFFERS Frankfort KATHERINE JENSEN Waddy LINDA DARLENEJETT Louisville STEVE KORY JEWETT New Lebanon, Ohio ENID JOHNSON Orlando, Florida GINNY KATHARINE JOHNSON Louisville JENNIFER SUE JOHNSON Cincinnati, Ohio MATALINE KAY JOHNSON Berea MIKE KEVIN JOHNSON Lovall NANCY LOUISE JOHNSON Kettering, Ohio RHONDA DENISE JOHNSON Bethel, Ohio ROBIN RAE JOHNSON Catlettsburg WILMA JEAN JOHNSON Newport BETTY JEAN JONES Lexington CHERYLL JONES Willa Hills ELIZABETH DIANE JONES Mount Sterling JOSEPH MICHAEL JONES Louisville KEVAN PAUL JONES Annandale, Virginia KIMBERLY SUSAN JONES Toledo. Ohio LAURA KAY JONES Florence PHILIP JONES Oxford, Ohio ROSALIE JONES Richmond STANLEY EUGENE JONES Carrollton STEPHANIE JONES Louisville JAY NEIL JUNGCLAS Milford, Ohio PAUL GREGORY JUSTICE Lexington VICKIE LEE KAIN Midway GWEN MIKELL KALDENBERG Davton, Ohio MICHELLE JEAN KAPLAN Demossville VICTOR KAPPELER Carlisle NANCY LOUISE KAREKEN Louisville LYNN ANN KARLE Louisville ELIZABETH FAYE KARSNER Frankfort PHYLLIS RLITH KASH Vandalia, Ohio JUDY RAE KAUFMAN Parma, Ohio DEBORAH ELIZABETH KEGLEY Vanceburg MONICA LYNN KEIFER Kettering, Ohio Freshmen Jac-Kei 519 DAWN MELODY KELLYE Radcliff GLENDA LYNN KELLEY Louisville JAMES DAVID KELLEY Vanceburg CYNTHIA KELLEY Fort Mitchell MILDRED KIM KENDALL West Union, Ohio SUSAN PATRICIA KENNEDY Lawreneburg, Indiana MARY STUART KENNER Independence DAVEKENDLE Cincinnati, Ohio HOPE KEY West Point KATHY LYNN KIDD Junction Citv PATRICIA ANN KIDD Pine Knot TIMOTHY RICHARD KIDD Hazard TRACEY LEIGH KIDD Fort Smith, Arkansas JEANINE MARIE KILCH Madeira, Ohio SHELLYE KINCAID Beattwille Preparations begin weeks before Homecoming to create an abundance of excitement for the upcoming event. 520 Freshmen Kel-Kin Homecoming Stimulates Eastern ' s Spirit DEBORAH LYNN KING Sidney, Ohio FAITH ANN KING Cvnthiana JAMES TIMOTHY KING Mount Sterling LAURA JANE KIRKWOOD Dayton, Ohio ROBERT DARRELL KJELLAND Versailles MIKEKNEZEVICK Jeffersontown DONNA MARIE KOHLER Louisyille NANCY KOIER Lynch SHARON LYNN KORFHAGE Shepherdsyille DEBBIE ANN KOZORA Louisyille JANET MARIE KRON Covington JEAN MARIE KUNDERT Louisyille GLORIA JEAN KUNKEL Independence JAMES ROBERT KUNTZ Springfield, Ohio TIM LEE LAFONTAINE Frankfort Freshmen Kin-Laf 521 Crafts Fair Is A Big Success REBECCA ANN LAMB Paint Lick DOUGLAS EUGENE LAMBDIN Middlesboro EUGENE COOPER LAMBERT Westville. New Jersey DANA LYNN LANDRY Georgetown DANIEL LEROY LANE Louisville CAROLYN JANE LANGLEY ShelbyviUe DONNA MARIE LANTZ Fairborn. Ohio SUSAN LARKEY Winchester DEBBIE SUE LATHROP Reading. Ohio CHARLES EDWARD LAUGHEAD Valley Station RODNEY KEITH LAWRENCE Loretto SHARON RUTH LAWRENCE Frankfort GRETA LA WSON Williamsburg JUDITH ELAINE LAWSON Barbourville MARLA ANNE LAWSON Hamilton, Ohio SANDY KAY LAWSON Middletown. Ohio MARY BETH LEAKE Rovwick LONNIE GENE LEDFORD Hebron BARBARA MAE LEE Louisville DEBORAH LYNN LEE Louisville GARY LEE Hong Kong ROBERT WILLIAM LEININGER Cincinnati, Ohio GAYLYNN MARIE LEIST Farmersville, Ohio JAMES LENIHAN Louisville MARY LEE LEONARD Prospect NANCY LEONARD Morris Plains, New Jersey REBECCA ANN LESLIE Louisville MARY ELIZABETH LESSARD Fort Knox JACK EUGENE LESTER Fairfield, Ohio DONNA SUE LEWIS West Liberty LARRY DENE LEWIS Happy WILLIAM LEWIS Glendale JUDY LIGON Petersburg MARY ELIZABETH LINTON Louisvill CAROL LITTLE Whitesburg BETTY JO LOCKARD Campton GREGLOESER Louisville MARK LOGSDON Radcliff JENNIFER DIANE LONG Harrodsburg TERRY LENN LOPER Lebanon 522 Freshmen Lam-Lop ABOVE: Students browse leisurely and purchase handicrafts from outdoor mini shops. SHERRY GAY LOSE Louisville JULIE KATHRYN LOTT Pleasure Ridge Park JUDY ANN LOVE Mavsville LEE ANN LOVE Beaver. Pennsylvania JOHN CALVIN LOVELL Richmond BRENDA LEE LOWRY Louisville CHERYL ANN LUCAS Pikeville DOUG EDWARD LUCAS Independence CINDY JANET LUCKETT Louisville MARGARET ANN LUCKEY Columbus. Indiana WILLIAM LUSHER Louisville JANET LYNCH Louisville CHRISTIE LYONS Ashland MARY AGNES LYONS Louisville LEE SCOTT LYTLE Louisville NORMAN DANIEL MACKIN Louisville MARYMACKSON Louisville KATHY SUE MADDEN Friendship. Ohio ROBIN SUE MADDEN Friendship, Ohio BARB MARIE MAGLIANO Loveland, Ohio Freshmen Los-Mag .52.3 ABOVE: Snow abounds on Eastern ' s campus, but of-course classes continue. 524 Freshmen Autumn Characterized By Early Snow MARY BETH MAGLIANO Loveland, Ohio MARGARET MAHAFFEY Louisville SHANE GORDALEMAHAN Louisville TERESA RAE MAHLER Mount Sterling SUSAN LOUISE MAINS Germantown TOMMY LEE MANGES Lebanon DIANE LEE MANIFOLD Revnoldsburg, Ohio CAROLYN DOUGLAS MANNING Richmond CINDY MANNING Richmond CLAUDIA ANN MAPES Springfield, Ohio REBECCA MARKSBERRY Williamstown CYNTHIA LYNN MARLOWE Cordbin JULIE ANN MARSH Cvnthiana SHARON LYNN MARSHALL Louisville YOLANDA MARSHALL Sharpsburg ALLEN MARTIN Allen Park, Michigan CHERYL LYNN MARTIN West Chester, Ohio DAVID MARTIN Stanford KAREN JEAN MARTIN Albanv MICHAEL POWELL MARTIN Stanford PAMELIA LYNN MARTIN Lexington ROBERT WAYNE MARTIN Folcroft, Pennsvlvania ROY LEE MARTIN Hustonville TERRI LYNN MASON Lvnch KRISTINA MATTINGLY Louisville MIKE KENT MATTINGLY MavsviUe RICKY ALLEN MATTOX Carlisle KIM DENISE MAY LaGrange SPRING MAY Wilmore PAMELA ANN MAYNE Williamsburg MARGARET MARY McBURNEY Gouverneur, New York TIMOTHY McCAFFERTY Columbus, Ohio DIANNA RUTH MCCHARGUE Louisville GEORGE GREGORY MCCLAIN Louisville MARY TERESA MCCLAIN South Shora THERESA LYNETTE MCCLAIN Kettering, Ohio CAROLYN ANN MCCLURE Louisville CHERIE ALICE MCCLURE Greenup TERESA LYNN MCCONKEY Kettering, Ohio BELINDA KAY MCCORMICK Dover Freshmen Mag-McC 525 Rest Is Carefree In Ravine LAURA LYNN MCCOUN Louisville REGINAKAYE MCCOY McCarr MARY MCLLOCH Louisville MARY BRIDGET MCCULLOUGH Lincoln, Illinois KATHY LYNN MCDANIEL Louisville POLLY OWEN MCDAVITT Elizabethtown DAWN MARIE MCDONALD Owenton GLENDA JOYCE MCDONALD Davton, Ohio JANIE MCDONALD Corbin JO ANN MCDONALD CampbellsviUe KAREN ELAINE MCDONALD Lawreneburg BETH MCGARVEY Clearwater, Florida LISA ANN MCGARY Madisonville DIANE ELIZABETH MCGEE Louisville ELLEN LYNNE MCGUFFEY Lockland, Ohio REBECCA JAYNE MCGUFFEY Stanford TAMARA SUE MCGUFFEY CampbellsviUe MARK ALAN MCINTOSH Middletown, Ohio CHERYL ELAYNE MCKAY Corbin EDGAR CARLOS MCKENNEY Milford, Ohio BETTY SUE MCKINNEY Irvine MELANIE ANN MCKNIGHT Loui.sville PAUL EUGENE MCLAUGHLIN Eminence LINDA KAY MCMANN Middletown, Ohio ROBERTA ANN MCNABB Ashland THOMAS LLOYD MCNULTY Cincinnati, Ohi( CATHY LYNN MCRAY Springfield SHEREE LEE MCWILLIAMS Prospect MARY ANN MEHOK Danville PENNY SUE MELTON Middlesboro MARK WILLIAM MERRIMAN Ellsworth, South Dakota CAROL JEAN MERRITT Berea SHARON ANN MERRITT Cmcinnati, Ohio JANE MESSMER Richmond THERESA MESSMER Cold Spring GINA IRENE MEYER Louisville NANCY LYNN MEYER Alexandria CYNTHIA LYNN MICHEL Cincinnati, Ohio WYNOLIA MIDDLETON Lexington KAREN LEE MILBURN Louisville 526 Freshmen McC-Mil JUDY MILES WilminKton. Ohio DEBORAH MILLER Manchester KIM ANNETTE MILLER Louisville LUCY HELEN MILLER Paint Lick MELINDA JILL MILLER Bonn. Germany MICHELLE ANN MILLER Florence PATTI MILLER Hopkinsville DONNA ELIZABETH MILLION Frankfort BOBBI MILLS Tomahawk KAREN LYNN MILLS Louisville VICKIE MINK Cincinnati, Ohio CHARLES WILLIAM MITCHELL Vine Grove KARLA DIANE MITCHELL Gracev MADONNA CARROLL MITCHELL Ashland TERRI ANN MITTEL Louisville BEV MIZE Aurora, Indiana BOBBIE ANN MOBERLY Richmond MARSHA MOBLEY Mavsville CINDY MOHRFIELD Westchester, Ohio DEBORAH LEE MONAHON Germantown ! ■ ' :J t ,; i: " J ' %- . ' i - -i ' ; ' v - ' -n. ABOVE: This exhausted jogger relaxes in the ravine before taking on another run around campus. Freshmen Mil-Mon 527 Maintenance employees, work to help keep Eastern ' s natural setting beautiful. LAURA LYNNE MONNIG Kettering, Ohio JAMES MICHAEL MONIHAN Lewes, Delaware LINDA SUE MONROE Grahn ROBERT LANE MONROE Van Wert, Ohio NELSON KEITH MONSON Burgin CAROL DENISE MONTGOMERY Louisville DAVID HOMER MONTGOMERY Greensburg LAURA KIM MONTGOMERY Parkersburg, West Virginia KIMBERLY JEAN MOORE Dayton, Ohio MARLENE MOORE Salyersville 528 Freshmen Mon-Moo EKU Needs A Variety Of Employees THOMAS MOORE Louisville TAMMY JO MOORES Richmond DEBBIE MORGAN Manchester LINDA CAROLE MORGAN Louisville SUSAN MORRIS McKee SUZETTA MOVERS MavsviUe RHONDA FAYE MULBERRY Williamstown ANGELA MULLINS Kettering. Ohio LESLIE JEAN MULLINS Mount Vernon MARY ETTA MULLINS Corbin MICHAEL EUGENE MULLINS Berea TREVA LYNN MULLINS Mount Orab. Ohio DANNY COBURN MUNFORD Campbell.sville GINGER ANN MURPHY Bronston SHEILA JEAN MURPHY Revelo JOSEPH MYERS Brandenburg KIMBERLY ANN NAGEL Cincinnati, Ohio MARK RAY NAPIER Trenton, Ohio DENISENAVE Louisville BRENDA ANN NEWELL Bronston PENNY LYNN NEWELL Pickerington, Ohio ANNE NEWHALL Louisville PATRICIA ANN NEWSOME Louisville DEBORAH ANN NEWTON Louisville PENNY NICHOLAS Somerset LINDA NIEF Louisville JAYNE ANN NORRIS Louisville BONNIE KAREN NORTHCUTT Sherman MARY KENDRICK NUTTALL MadisonviUe DEBBRIA ALINE OAKES Sonora FRANK WAYNE OAKES Lancaster JONATHAN DAVID OAKLEY Louisville VIRGINIA EILEEN OBER Erlanger JERRY OECHSLI Louisville CAROLE FAE O ' NEAL London CATHERINE O ' ROURKE Louisville NANCY CAROL OSBORNE Ponsmouth, Ohio CORNELIA ANN OSLEY Jenkins RHONDA LEE OURSLER Cincinnati, Ohio JILL OVERMAN Davton, Ohio Freshmen Moo-Ove 529 Fountain Serves As Meeting Place PERRI PALM Blanchester, Ohio DEBBIE SUE PALMER Winchester MARIBETH PALMER Cincinnati, Ohio SUSAN MICHELE PALMER Richmond HELEN HOWELL PALMER-BALL Louisville GLENA ALAINE PARKER Lexington JOANN PARKER Frankfort JOHN PANKEN Bedford .JOHN PARKHURST Richmond TONITA JO PARRETT AnnviUe DEBRA LYNN PARRISH Bardstown KEVIN MARK PARRISH Louisville CHARLES KEITH PARSONS Grayson CHARLES PATTERSON Louisville MARY SUSAN PATTERSON Louisville ELAINE PATTON Mousie MICHAEL WINSTON PATTON Morning View ROWYNNA JOYCE PATTON Booneville JLILIE PAYNE Owensboro KAREN ANN PAYNE Lexington KIMBERLY ANN PAYNE Mount Vernon THOMAS PEERY Cincinnati, Ohio SANDY PENDLETON Louisville DEBBIE SUSAN PENDLETON Louisville TOM PENEGOR Frankfort VICKI SUE PERKINS CarroUton DEBORAH KAY PERRY Lvnch DEBORAH CHRISTINE PETERS Corbin MYRNA ANN PETERS Springfield, Ohio MARCUS FRANCIS PETITJEAN Burkettsville, Ohio SHARON LYNN PEYTON Lexington CYNTHIA ELIZABETH PFEFFER Cedargrove, New Jersey DEBRA PHELPS Somerset JANE PHELPS Glasgow RHONDA LEE PHILLIPS Cincinnati, Ohio TERESA PHILLIPS ShepherdsviUe SARAH LOUISE PHIPPS Frankfort LISA MICHELE PIERCE Lexington WILLIAM KEITH PINGLETON Berea CHYDE WAYNE PINKSTON Lexington 530 Freshmen Pal -Pin i !i:MUi liat ' ' iil Miiiili-. ' M Ar»iS t ABOVE: Pleasant weather encourages students to gather around the fountain to make new acquaintances. DONALD BARRY PLATOXX Louisville JAMES KENTON PLEASANTS Edfiewood PAMELA LEE PLUMMER Richmond TERESA ELLEN POER Winchester MARTA LEE POLLY Greenville, Indiana THARVA POLSGROVE Frankfort LINDSAY FAITH POPE Nicholasville MARGARET ANN POPE Barbourville SUSAN POPP Parsippanv. New Jersey DAVID PORTER Fort Mitchell TERESA MARIE POSEY Harrison, Ohio PHYLLIS DENISE POTTER Lexington RHONDA POTTER Elkhorn Citv WAYNE POWELL Morrill KIMBERLY ELLEN PRATHER Fort Thomas GENE MICHELLE PRICE Fort Thomas RANDY STEVEN PRIDEMORE Ewing, Virginia STEPHEN PRIEST Irvington KARLLETTE KEMULILONI PRIESTLEY Corbin MARK ALBERT PROSSER O ' Fallon, Illinois MELISSA LAINE PULLIOM Louisville JOYCE LYNNE PURSLEY Louisville CANDY SUE PURVIS LaGrange TIMOTHY MICHAEL QUILLIN Louisville PAULA GAIL RAISOR Louisville Freshmen Pla-Rai 5.31 SANDRA KAY RAPSON Louisville SALLIE ELLEN RAWLINGS Lawrenceburg WILLIAM MICHAEL RAWLINGS Carlisle WILLIAM JEFFERY RAY Waynesburg EDWIN RAZOR Mount Sterling SARAH LEE REA Morristown, New Jersey PAMELA GAIL REED Waddy BOB WAYNE REEDY Elizabethtown. Indiana DOUG REESER Jeffersontown VICKI LYNN REEVES Melvin DEBORAH ELIZABETH RENAKER Brookville, Indiana DAVID WAYNE RENSHAW Owensboro DEBRA ANN REYNOLDS Campbellsville DIANA ELIZABETH REYNOLDS Winchester RICHARD DOUGLAS REYNOLDS Lexington ELDORA RHEA Wheelwright LESLLERHOADS Middletown. Ohio BARBARA ANN RICE Lexington LISA LANE RICE Lexington DEBORAH SUE RIDDLE Louisville ABOVE: Cold weather does not discourage loyal fans from attending Colonel ' s football games. 532 Freshmen Rap-Rid Fans Huddle To Watch Eastern LISA MARIE RIGGS Louisville KEITH RIGHTMYER Harrodsburg PAULA MARIE RILEY Clarksville. Indiana KEVIN ROSS RITCHIE Cvnthiana JON ERIC RITTER Louisville DENNIS WAYNE ROARK Annville DIANE LYNN ROBERSON Mav ' s Lick BETTINA RAE ROBINSON Fairmont, West Virginia JOAN CAROLYN ROBINSON Richmond RICHARD LEE ROBINSON Ludlow RONNIE LEE ROBINSON Lawrenceburg SHEILA FAY ROBINSON Mount Vernon TONI RODDY Hamilton, Ohio HOLLY MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ Poughkeepsie New York TANYA KIM ROGERS Irvine CARL TERRANCE ROOT Davton, Ohio LAURIE ANN ROSENBERG Louisville NANCY ROSENHOFFER Cincinnati. Ohio GLENDA JEANNE ROSHINSKY Flatgap CONNIE RENEE ROSS Cincinnati, Ohio DEBORAH SUE ROSS Stearns ELAINE ROSS Revelo RICHARD MAXWELL ROSS Richmond JIMMIEGAYLEROTHWELL Mount Sterling JOY ROWE Owensboro KELLIE BREEZE RUGGLES Aberdeen, Ohio CINDY KATE RULLMAN Aurora, Indiana TERRI LYNN RUSSELL Pomerov, Ohio SHARON FRANCES RUSTERHOLZ Cincinnati, Ohio JOANNE RUTLEDGE Davton, Ohio RITA SALES Louisville RAJA SALMAN Jerusalem, Jordan DAVID SALYER Richmond TOM CARROLL SAMMONS Russell MARK STEPHEN SAMPSON Ashland KATRINA SANDERS Majestic DENISE GAY SARGENT Brodhead ROBIN SAUNDERS Lexington ROBERT SAXTON Louisville PENNY ROBYN SAYLOR Berea Freshmen Rig-Say 53.3 Truth Provides Entertainment For All CINDY ANNE SCALZITTI Louisville DENISEANNSCHALLER Hebron SANDRA LEE SCHATZMAN Erlanger LAURA KAY SCHAUM Centerville, Ohio MARY LYNN SCHECK Edgewood LISA IRENE SCHMEES London ANGELA GUDRUN SCHMIDT Cincinnati, Ohio LISA ANN SCHNEIDER Fort Wright PEGGY JEAN SCHOOLCRAFT Somerset FRANK OLDHAM SCHOOLER Fisherville MARSHA ELAINE SCHOOLER Shelbyville LESLIE LYNNESCHRADER Fairdale TAMMY SUE SCHULTE Wheelersburg, Ohio RICHARD WAYNE SCHVVABE Columbus. Ohio PAMELA JEAN SCHWARTZ Erlanger RUSSELL SCHWEITZER Cincinnati, Ohio KIMBERLEYKAYE SCOTT Bedford MARGARET SCOTT Lexington ROSANNE SCOTT Winchester SANDRA LOUISE SCOTT Bardstown GARY KEITH SEALS McKee MARY LYNN SEBOLD Tipp Citv, Ohio BEVERLY JEANE SEIGLA Loveland, Ohio TERI SEIPPEL Kettering, Ohio STEPHEN SEXTON London GARY SHAFFER Springfield, Ohio CARMEN LYNNE SHANNON Trotwood. Ohio CHARLOTTE LYNN SHARP Worthville ROBIN SHARP Louisville JENNIFER LYNN SHAW Cincinnati. Ohio JAMES ALLEN SHELTON Cincinnati, Ohio PEGGY ANN SHEWMAKER Loui.sville CHERYL ANN SHORE Louisville CLARK SHORT Lexington SANDY JANE SHOUSE Frankfort SUSAN LYNN SHUCK Louisville BRENDA RENE SHUMARD Blanchester, Ohio TELETHA MARIE SHURR Lexington CONNIE SUE SIBCY Lebanon, Ohio RONALD CAMERON SIGGS Fort Mvers, Florida 534 Freshmen Sca-Sig ABOVE: A contemporary group of young performers, called Truth, display their musical talents in Brock Auditorium. WILLIAM JAMES SIMINGTON Louisville SANDRA KAY SIMMONS Harriman. Tennessee PAMELA LYNN SIMPKINS Elkhorn Citv KAREN FAYE SIMPSON Manchester LIDA LILLIAN SIMPSON Lexington PEGGY SIMPSON Louisville SUZANNE REBECCA SIMPSON Lexington JEFFREY LEWIS SIMS Burgin JOHN TIMOTHY SIMS Harrodsburg DAVID LEE SINK Radcliff LAURIE SISSEH Falmouth GARY RAY SIZEMORE Louisville KATHY COLLEEN SIZEMORE Freeburn GINA JANELL SKAGGS Louisville MISSY SKAGGS WavnesviUe, Ohio PHILLIP LEES LATTERY Frankfort BERNIE EUGENE SLAYTON Louisville LISA ANN SLA YTON West Chester. Ohio DEBRA ETTA SLUSHER Florence BRETT STEPHEN SMALLEY Frankfort ANDRA SMITH Manchester BELINDA SUE SMITH Webster CATHERINE SUE SMITH Manchester CHARLES SMITH Louisville CHARLOTTE LEE SMITH Louisville Freshmen Sim-Smi 535 DEBORAH LYNN SMITH Richmond GARY WILLIAM SMITH Centerville, Ohio JO ' WANDA JEAN SMITH Louisville KATHY DEAN SMITH Manchester KATHY JUNE SMITH Beattvville REBECCA ANN SMITH Louisville YULANDA SMITH Owensboro STEVEN THOMAS SNIPES Boone, North Carolina TERl LEI SNYDER Ekron JAMES PAUL SOMMERKAMP Park Hills DAVID WAYNE SOVVDERS Richmond DEBRA LYNN SOVVDERS Flat Lick HAMILTON OWEN SPEAKS Stanford TERRY ANN SPEARS Danville NITA JEAN SPENCER Pikeville Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Omega Psi Phi captivate their audiences by demonstrating their stepping talents. 536 Freshmen Smi-Spe Stepping Attracts Student Interest GENRGIA GAYLE SPOONAMORE Stanford JEFFSPROAT Worthington, Ohio RHONDA KAY SPURLOCK Corbm KIMBERLY ANN STACKS Shippensburg, Pennsylvania CHARLENE STAMPER Hazel Green LINDA ELIZABETH STAMPER Mount Sterling ELLEN STANLEY Louisville JENNIFER MACDONALD STAPLES Ravenna JAMES STAPLETON Van Lear RAY STERLING STAPLETON Middlesboro KAREN LYNN STARK Carrollton SUSAN STAUGAS Louisville DARLETHA ANN STEELE Frankfort SHAYNE STEELE Lexington JAMES KEVIN STENGEL Louisville Freshmen Spo-Ste 537 Registration Week Is Action Packed DOUGLAS AlISTIN STEPHENSON Winchester DIANA JEAN STEWART Evarts LARRY ALLEN STEWART Louisville LESLIE STOKES Cincinnati, Ohio PAULA STORY Brooksville PEGGY LYNN STOTTS Lebanon LORETTA GAY STRATTON Ivel NANCY STREIBER Canton, Ohio BONNIE STRONG Craftsburv Common, Vermont GLENN KEVIN STRONG Cincinnati, Ohio LONDA STRONG Irvine KATHLEEN ANNE STRUNK Cincinnati, Ohio MARSHA KAY STUMBO Prestonsburg JEANNE MARIE STURGILL Pikeville CARLA MARLENE SUERDIECK Tipp Citv, Ohio MARK WILLIAM SULLWAN Cuvahoga Falls, Ohio SARASUMME Park Hills SUSAN ANN SYMS Louisville WALTER TABLER Louisville ANNETTAGAYTACKETT Pikeville KATHYLYNNTACKETT Dorton MITZIELEETALBOTT Winchester KEVIN BRIAN TARTER Rus.sell Springs HARRIET TASMAN Louisville JEFF GORDON TATE Irvine CAROL K AYLENE TAYLOR CampbellsviUe CATHERINE JEAN TAYLOR Monticello DEBRA ANN TAYLOR Cincinnati, Ohio DEDE TAYLOR Lacie REBECCA LYNN TAYLOR Independence RITA KAY TAYLOR Harrodsburg MARY MARGARET TEIPEL Fort Wright LESLIE ANN THALHEIMER Loveland, Ohio MARK ALLEN THIEM Cincinnati, Ohio DAPHNE WYNNE THOMAS Frankfort DONNA ANNE THOMAS West Union, Ohio TAMMIEZOE THOMAS Louisville TONI THOMAS Lexington TOMMIETHOMASSON Loui.sville BARBARA THOMPSON Manchester 538 Freshmen Ste-Tho ABOVE: Panhellenic and IFC sponsor a dance to welcome students back to school after summer vacation. DITA THOMPSON Owensboro ERMA MARIE THOOPE Beattvville SUSAN ANN TICKNOR Mansfield, Ohio ANNTOMLINSON Frankfort BOB GERARD TOPMILLER Cincmnati, Ohio CONNIE TOTH Louisville PAUL HAYS TRAVIS Covington LISATREACY Cumberland, Marvland JENNIFER SUSAN TREADWAY Lexington MICHAEL ANTHONY TRIMPE Cincinnati, Ohi( DAN TRISKO Lexington KAREN LEE TUBBESING Mavsville DONNA MARIE TUCKER Louisville DOUGLAS EDWARD TULLOCK Louisvill MARYTUREMAN Richmond JESSE TURNEY Louisville AUBREY TYCER Lexington KAREN LOUISE UNDERHILL Bridgewater, New Jersey WILLA REGENA UPTAGRAFFT High Point, North Carolina BEVERLY VANCE West Liberty GERALD VANDERHOEF Lexington MICHAEL ALLEN VANOVER McRoberts TERESA ANN VANOVER Cumberland Gap, Tennessee TAMILEAVANPECT Erianger LESLET DEAN VARNEY McCarr Freshmen Tho-Var 539 GLENDA GAYLE VIARS Hvden MARTIN STEVEN VICE Vanceburg CAROL ANN VITATO Louisville VICKIE SUE VOIERS Cincinnati, Ohio CAPRICE CHERI WAGGONER Gravson JOY ELLEN WAGNER Reading, Ohio LORI LEE VVALBURN Cincinnati, Ohio ANGELA YVONNE WALKER Lexington JANIS WALKER Richmond CATHY WALLACE Louisville JO ELIZABETH WALLER Nicholasville TEDI LYNNE WANK Lansing, Michigan BERNADINE WARD CarroUton JAMES EDWIN WARD Louisville CHERYL ANN WARNER LaGrange JEFFREY WARNER Davton, Ohio SARAH ELIZABETH WARREN Louisville GLORIA JEAN WASHINGTON Lexington BARBARA ANN WATKINS Warminster, Pennsylvania PAMELA MARIWATKINS Lexington ABOVE: This student uses a book and bed of grass to snooze on as his pal sits by and waits for him to awaken. 540 FreshmenA ' ia-Wat Campus Furnishes Odd Napping Places .ib vfr.iL ' i TASSY.JEANWATKINS Cvnthiana VERONICA ANTOINETTE Frankfort JULIE KAY WATSON Dunkirk, New York TERESA LYNN WATSON Louisville FLORENCE ANN WATTS Jackson GREGORY ALLEN WAY Lawrenceburg. Indiana DEBORAH ANNE WEAVER Knox TERESA MAE WEAVER Lexington BENNY HAROLD WEBB Middlesboro JENNIFER WEBB Jeffersontown JUDITH ANN WEBER Louisville TERI MARIE WEGENAST Louisville MARK KEVIN WELCH Louisville BILLY PATTERSON WELLS Sharpsburg CARRIE WESS Paris MARY PAMELA WESSELKAMPER Cincinnati. Ohio CYNDI WESTERFIELD Louisville VICKY LEE WHEELER Harrodsburg CHARLIE WHITE Louisville JAMES WEBSTER WHITE Louisville VEDA ANN WHITE Manchester BARRY SCOTT WHITMAN Louisville STEPHANE ANN WHITNEY Alexandria MELANIEWICKHAM Fern Creek FAITH ADELL WIDDOWFIELD Wampum. Pennsvlvania JANET MARIE WIDMANN Cincinnati. Ohio MARY WIELICZKO Granville, Ohio ANITA LOUISE WILBERDING Louisville JAMES ANTHONY WILDER Middlesboro MICHAEL RAY WILDER Middlesboro WILSON WILDER Paris JOYCE ANN WILHELMI Louisville BECKY WILKERSON Sardinia, Ohio FRANCES FAYE WILKIRSON Lexington ELIZABETH WILLARD Cincinnati, Ohio TIMOTHY WILLARD Frankfort ANITA WILLIAMS Louisville CONNIE LOUISE WILLIAMS Louisville DEBORAH JO WILLIAMS Stearns JANET LYNN WILLIAMS Louisville Freshmen Wat-Wil 541 EKU Offers Serene Atmosphere LISA KAY WILLIAMS Centerville, Ohio MOLLIE LORENE WILLIAMS Louisville PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS Jeffersontown DONNA JO WILLIAMSON Dublin. Ohio LISA GAVE WILLOUGHBY Paducah RANDY DEAN WILLOUGHBY Williamstown BECKHAM WILSON Russell Springs ELIZABETH ANN WILSON Nicholasville JAMES MICHAEL WILSON Independence MELISSA FAYE WILSON Florence RHONDA GAYLE WILSON Danville STAR WILSON Lexington WILLIAM WICKLIFFE WILSON Frankfort PATTI ANN WINDHORN Fort Mitchell THOMAS JOHN WINKLER Flat Lick ELLEN MARIE WISEMAN Louisville JEFFREY WHAYNE WISNER Louisville CONNIE WITT Kettering. Ohio ALAN MARTIN WOLFE Louisville TIN-YAU WONG Hong Kong CYNTHIA ELAINE WOOD Cvnthiana KAREN WOODS Versailles KENNETH WOODS Louisville THERESA ROSE WOODS Louisville WILLIAM RALPH WOODS Gravson KIMBERLY JEAN WORKS Independence SHEILA GAYE WORRELL Cvnthiana DENNIS LEE WRIGHT Louisville KATHRYN FRANCES WRIGHT Louisa KAREN LEAH WRIGHT Elkhorn City MICHAEL WRIGHT Englewood. Ohio VICKIE ANNE WULFHORST Cincinnati. Ohio ANNA MARIE WYONT Pikeville MICHAEL CARL YADEN London DEBORAH YATES Louisville JONI LYNN YATES Louisville CHERYL ANN YEAGER Harrodsburg PATRICIA JOAN YEARY Cincinnati. Ohio STEVEN RICHARD YEARY Cumberland Gap. Tennessee DALE YOUNG Harrodsburg 542 FreshmenAVil-You JANET LEE YOUNG Louisville MIKE WAYNE YOUNG Park Hills SAMUEL RICHARD YOUNG Radcliff SUSAN ELAINE YOUNG Corbin JANET MARIE YOUNT Carv. Illinois KIN TAK YU Hong Kong JOAN ELAINE ZETZER Lexington DENISE LYNN ZIMMERMAN Louisv NANCY ANN ZINK Woodlawn JEANNE ZUERCHER Louisville ABOVE: The calmness of Eastern ' s natural setting enhances the students daily lives. FreshmenA ' ou-Zue 543 Spring Term Brings New Faces To EKU MARY REBECCA ATZINGER Louisville FRANCHOT BAKER Cincinnati. Ohio BETH ANN BALL Ashland JACKIE BOUDREAU West Haven, Connecticut CHARLOTTE LEE BUCHANAN Danville TENESA ELAINE CAMDEN Frankfort LAURA CANNON Lexington STEPHEN CLAPP New Madison, Ohio WILLIAM CLARK Lima, Ohio NANCY JEAN CLEMENTS Springfield SANDRA COLEMAN Inez JANICE RUTH COWAN Ashland KIMBERLY MICHELLE CUNDIFF Louisville SUE DAUGHERTY Sullivan, Missouri EDWARD DAVIS Berea MARY DAVIS CarpentersvUle, Illinois DEBRA ANN EDWARDS CampbellsvUle DOUGLAS ALAN EGNEW Cincinnati, Ohio TERIEHRHARDT Mayfield CHRISTOPHER ENGLERT Louisville SHARON ANN ENGLERT Louisville LINDA GAIL EVANS Booneville KIM FISHBACK Cincinnati. Ohio LINDA ANN FOLEY Lebanon, Ohio KIMBERLY ANN GARR Winston-Salem, North Carolina LU GRACE Middlesboro PEGGY ANN GROEBLE Louisville SUE ANN HANSCOM Louisville PATRICIA ANN HAYS Fort Walton, Florida CATHY LYNN HILLMAN Ashland VICKIE ANN HINES Mount Sterling SUSAN ELAINE HOLLENBECK Louisville REGINA JEWELL Bowling Green JAMES ALFRED KAUFMAN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania REGINA LYNNE KAUFMAN Louisville LISA MARIE LANGE Louisville MARGARET MacDONALD Paducah JESSIE GILL MacKINTOSH Berryville, Virginia SONJAMAGGARD Lexington JOSEPH CLYDE MANNING LouisvUle 544 Underclasses Second Semester Students TINA LYNN MASSENGILL Middlesboro ANDY McKINNEY Tampa, Florida EARLENA MILLS Inez ANN NEUMANN Fort Thomas MARY NULL Lexington PATRICIA OVINGTON Kalamazoo, Michigan BETE OWENS Hazard KAREN OWENS Hazard KIMPAPPAS Louisville SHERRI PATRICK Lexington LINDA SUE PRINCE Portsmouth, Ohio REBECCA ANN ROE Winchester WENDELL LOGAN SALYER ElkhomCitv EILEEN MARIE SAUER Cincinnati, Ohio SUSAN JANE SHEVELOW Miamisburg, Ohio CHARLES SHOTWELL Lexington CONNIE SHOTWELL Fort Lauderdale. Florida SHARON LYNN SMITH Trov, Ohio TIMOTHY LEE SMITH Covington DEBRA SPARKS Lexington NANCY LORRAINE SPENCER Rogers AMY SPRINKLE Louisville MARGARET CORNETT STEVENS Lawrenceburg GARNETTA SWEENEY Liberty MIKE MCLEAN SWEENEY LouisvUle DEBRA KAY TACKETT Inez MARY BETH TIERNEY Aurora, Illinois ROSE ELLA TRAVIS CarroUton JULIE MARIE VALENTINO Corbin DEBORAH WALKER Louisville JEFFREY ALAN WALTER Louisville LOIS ANN WEBB Aberdeen, Ohio SUSAN LEE WEBB Elkhom Citv KEVIN PATRICK WHEAT LouisvUle GREGG ALLEN WHEELER Louisville LAURIE EVELYN WHITE Amherst, Canada LOREN MICHAEL WILLIAMS Clawson, Michigan LATANGA DONISE WOODS Louisville JEROME PAUL WRIGHT Louisa JAMES ZWAHLEN Waynesburg Underclasses Second Semester Students 545 r- flWS - ■ " " ' ,. . « •«»v ■■ Mif|, m ' € »% V ' S J • i 1 • ' t --■i ■ -wy. " ' |H Senior Credits ABIG, YVONNE L.; Florence, Wildlife Society, Student Grotto, p. 379. ADAMS, JANICE G.; Manchester, Accounting Club, Sigma Tau Pi, p. 379. 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AYRES, DEBORA K.; Hillsboro, Ohio, p. 379. BABICH, MICHAEL; Mt. Clemens, Michigan, p. 379. BAILY, ESTHER P.; Richmond, p. 379. BAILEY, GREGORY W.; Albany, New York, Student Senate, CIRUNA, Political Science Club, p. 379. BAILEY, MARY L.; Louisville, Inter-Varsity, SCEC, Woman ' s Choral, Oratorio, p. 379. BAILEY, MICHAEL J.; Jupiter, Florida, p. 379. BAILEY, ROBBIE, Louisville, Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhellenic Coun- cil, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, p. 379. BALER, BRENDA, Middletown, Ohio, Kappa Delta Tau— Vice President, SNEA, p. 379. BALDRIDGE, LYNN, Wilmore, Stu- dent Nurses Association, p. 379. BALL, DAVID R.; Hamilton, Ohio, Baseball, p. 379. BALL, WILLIAM L.; Louisville, Sigma Pi, p. 380. BAND, JOHN T.; Atlantic City, New Jersey, Theta Chi, p. 380. BARADA, DAVID A.; Chillicothe, Ohio, Interdorm, Judicial Board, p. 380. BARBER, TINA S.; Ashland, p. 380. BARNARD, PHILLIP E.; London, KME, p. 380. BARNES, JONATHAN P.; Honeoye Fall, New York, p. 380. BARNES, NAOMI R.; Lexington, p. 380. BARNOTT, FRED D.; Lexington, Tau Kappa Epsilon, p. 380. BARTLETTE, JOAN E.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Milestone, CEWNS, p. 380. BATES, GARY D.; Fleming, p. 380. BAUER, KAREN S.; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 380. BAUER, SHAREN A.; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 380. BAYER, BENJAMIN J.; Richmond, p. 380. BAYES, CYNTHIA A.; Daytona Beach, Florida, p. 380. BAYES, TERESA S.; Louisville, Delta Omicron — Chaplain, Bap- tist Student Union— Missions Chairman, p. 380. BEASLEY, WILLIAM D.; Danville, p. 380. BEATY, JUDITH A.; Hamilton, Ohio, American Marketing Association, p. 380. BECKER, SUSAN J.; Lafayette, In- diana, Progress, Explorers, p. 380. BEHYMER, BARBARA E.; Hillsboro, Ohio, p. 380. BELDON, CLIFFORD L.; Rich- mond, Sigma Nu, p. 380. BELLAMY, KEN M.; Berea, Kappa Alpha, p. 380, BENGE, CARL D.; Richmond, p. 380. BENSING, GAYLE A.; Louisville, Circle K, SCEC, p. 380. BERGE, THEODORE J.; Rich- mond, p. 380. BERRY, STANLEY M.; Buena Vista, Virginia, p. 380. BEST, MARTHA F.; Ft. Thomas, p. 380. BEZAURY, BRL N L.; Kalamazoo, Michigan, p. 380. BILLS, JOSEPH K.; Delaware, Ohio, Pi Kappa Alpha, p. 380. BISHOP, JERRY A.; Louisville, p. 381. BISIG, DANIEL G.; Louisville, Sigma Nu, p. 38L BLACK, GONZELLA; Paris, Black Student Union— President, Delta Sigma Rho— President, Wesley Foundation, p. 381. BLAIR, MARY J.; Bardstown, Phi Beta Lambda— Treasurer, Ac- counting Club— Vice-President, p. 381. BLANKENSHIP, ELLEN M.; Lan- caster, SCEA, p. 381. BLANKENSHIP, J. WAYNE; Shiloh, Ohio, Pi Omega pi— Vice- President, Business Education Honorary, p. 381. BLASIUS, LESLIE D.; North Olmsted, Ohio, p. 381. ELEVENS, DALE M.; Louisville, Sigma Nu, p. 381. BLEVINS, JERRY D.; Centerville, Ohio, Phi Beta Lambda, Ac- counting Club, p. 381. 548 Index and Directory Senior Credits BOGGS, BRENDA J.; Richmond, Black Student Union, p. 381. BONAR, RHONDA M.; Falmouth, p. 381. BORLING, GAIL A.; Chagrin Falls, Ohio, p. 381. BOSTON, NANCY V.; Louisville, ACE, p. 382. BOSWELL, THERESA K.; Louisville, Kappa Delta, SNA, Beta Theta Pi Little Sis, p. 382. BOTTS, ELIZABETH A.; Versailles, p. 382. BOWLING, JAMES A.; Florence, p. 382. BRADEN, BARBARA A.; Milford, Ohio, SNEA, Art Club, p. 382. BRANDSTREET, MICHAEL A.; Springboro, Ohio, p. 382. BRAMMER, KENNETH W.; Maysville, Beta Theta Pi, p. 382. BRANCH, LISA A.; Jeffersontown, SNA— Treasurer, Alpha Delta Pi— Treasurer, p. 382. BRAUTIGAM, ELLEN L.; Lapakreta, Ohio, p. 382. BRAY, KENNETH D.; Valley Sta- tion, Geology Club, Marching Maroons, Brass Choir, Orchestra, p. 382. BRESSERY, JAY A.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Phi Mu Alpha, p. 382. BREWER, KAY F.; Wilmington, Ohio, Timettes, Sigma Nu Little Sister, PEMM Club, p. 382. BRISTOW, STEVEN R.; Louisville, p. 382. BRITT, DANIEL B.; Zoneton, Stu- dent Senate, Scabbard Blade — President, AUSA, CIRUNA— Vice President, p. 382. BRONN, DON 0.; Anchorage, p. 382. BROOKS, SHERRY L.; Louisville, Band, Sigma Pi Little Sis, Art Club, p. 382. BROOKSHIRE, STEVEN G.; Louisville, Pershing Rifles, Op- timist International, p. 383. BROTZGE, CHERYL L.; Jefferson- town, Human Development and Family Relations Club — Presi- dent, p. 383. BROUGH, DAVID K.; Brooksville, Caducens Club — President, p. 383. BROWN, HAMMIEL L.; Nashville, Tennessee, Circle K, Band, Wesley Foundation, p. 383. BROWN, LEIGHANNA F.; Stanton, Kappa Delta, Ag Club, FTD Club, p. 383. BROWN, RYAN K.; Wilmore, Iota Lamda Sigma, p. 383. BROWNING, BETH 0.; Lancaster, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 383. BROWNING, LEANDER C; Louisville, p. 383. BROWNING, MELBA J.; Falmouth, p. 383. BUNCH, CAROL A.; Ft. Mitchell, p. 383. BURCHAM, CARL W.; Enon, Ohio, Young Democrats, Caduceus Club, Milestone, Progress, p. 383. BURDETTE, EDMUND L.; Lebanon, p. 383. BURKHARDT, NIGEL D.; Rich- mond, p. 383. BURKHARDT, VIRGINIA A.; Sarasota, Florida, NEHA, GTU, p. 383. BURNETT, DEBRA L.; Louisville, p. 383. BURNS, KAREN J.; Perrysburg, Ohio, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Collegiate Pentacle, Wesley Foun- dation, p. 383. BURNS, RHONDA G.; Georgetown, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, p. 383. BUTTS, ELVA S.; Richmond, p. 383. BYERS, DALE A.; Louisville, p. 383. BYERS, MARLA J.; Ostrander, Ohio, Phi Upsilon Omicron — Chaplain, Junior Senior Class Treasurer, p. 383. BYHRE, STEVEN M.; Minneapolis, Minnesota, p. 383. CAIN, CATHY S.; Florence, p. 383. CALICO, FRED L.; Berea, p. 383. CAMPBELL, DIANE L.; London, PEMM Club, Intramurals, WOS Clinic Coordinator, p. 383. CANNON, ALLCE A.; Danville, Dappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon Little Sis, SNEA, p. 383. CANNON, CARL A.; Pileton, Ohio, p. 383. CAREY, KATHY F.; Harrodsburg, p. 383. CARPENTER, SHEILA J.; Louisville, Kappa Delta — Magazine Chairman, p. 383. The inexpensive prices at the University Barber Shop lends students a helping hand against inflation and the high price of college life. Index and Directory Senior Credits 549 CARTER, HELEN E.; Richmond, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 384. CASAMENTO, ATNHONYD.; New York City, New York, KME— Treasurer, p. 384. CASEY, DEBORAH G.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate Pentacle — Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Eta, Civitan, Sigma Pi Lit- tle Sis, p. 384. CASH, PATRICIA J.; Albany, Valianettes, p. 384. CASSADY, CATHERINE A.; Morehead, p. 384. CHAFFIN, DEBORAH; Prestonsburg, p. 384. CHAPMAN, GWENDOLYN C; Winchester, p. 384. CHAUDOIN, BARBARA A.; Louisville, Band, Interdoritory Board, p. 384. CHEAP, MINDY A.; Ashland, Recreation Club — Secretary, p. 384. CHEEK, ALAN B.; Louisville, Beta Theta Pi, p. 384. CHENAULT, PATSY D.: Waco, p. 384. CHIDESTER, JOHN S.; Jackson- ville, Florida, Student Senate, Wesley Foundation — Recreation Chairman, p. 384. CHOATE, DEBBIE L.; Kings Mills, Ohio, p. 384. CLARK, BRENDA J.; Lynch, p. 384. CLARK, CLIFFORD T.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Wesley Foundation, p. 384. CLARK, RHONDA G.; Danville, p. 384. CLIFFORD, ROBIN D.; Shelbyville, p. 384. COBB, SARETTA J.; Ft. Mitchell, p. 384. COBURN, EILEENAR.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Kappa Delta Tau— Historian, SNEA, Inter- dorm, p. 384. COFFEY, NANCY R.; Mt. Vernon, PBL — Second Vice President, p. 384. COLACELLO, ROBERT A.; Rich- mond, Indiana, p. 384. COLEMAN, DELPHIA J.; Pifeville, p. 384. COLLINS, JOHN E.; Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, Baseball, Rec Club, p. 384. COLLINS, SANDRA L.; Jackson, p. 384. COMBS, BONNIE L.; Jackson, Psi Chi— President, p. 384. COMBS, CHERYL S.; Richmond, Kappa Delta, Milestone, Geology Club, p. 384. COMBS, CLARK C; Richmond, p. 384. COMBS, NORA B.; Lexington, p. 384. COMBS, PAUL C; Jackson, p. 386. CONGER, MICHAEL D.; Groton, New York, track, p. 386. CONLEY, KATHERINE C; Louisville, p. 386. CONLEY, TERESA M.; Bardstown, Ag Club, FTD— Secretary, p. 386. CONLIN, PANELA S.; Williamsburg, Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Little Sis, Phi U, p. 386. COOKSIE, KATHY J.; Columbia, p 386. COPOUY, ALLISON E.; Louisville, InterVarsity, Interdorm, p. 386. CORDLE, TERRIE J.; Ashland, p. 386. CORNELIUS, PAULA G.; Louisville, p. 386. CORNETTE, DUANE E.; Cawood, p. 386. I ' b :t ' - ' . • - This student found that walking on ice covered walks can be difficult. 550 Index and Directory Senior Credits CORNETT, SHARON K.; Mid- dlesboro, University Ensemble, SCEC, p. 386. CORNETT, USSAN C; Jackson, p. 386. CORNISH, BRIAN K.; Lexington, Association of Law Enfor- cement — President, Alpha Phi Sigma — Vice President, p. 386. COTTONGIM, CLAY T.; Shelbyville, Ky., Student Rec and Parks Society — President, HPER— Vice President, Rec Club— President, p. 386. COUCH, WILMER, Clinton, p. 386. COULTER, BARNEY A.; Louisville, Sigma Pi, Rho Epsilon, Student Lawyer, Pre-Law Club — Vice President, p. 386. COULTER, DEBORAH A.; Dan- ville, p. 387. COULTER, LOIS A.; Taylorsville, CWENS, KME — President, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 387. COVINGTON, ALAN S.; Georgetown, Iota, Iota Lambda Sigma, p. 387. COWAN, JOHN W.; Winchester, Baptist Student Union, Kappa Mu Epsilon, p. 387. COX, BRENDA D.; Pineville, p. 387. COX, BRENDA K.; Mousie, p. 387. COX, BRYCE A.; Louisville, Sigma Chi, University Players, Alpha Delta Pi Pi-Guy, Psi Chi, p. 387. COX, JACKIE; Richmond, Marching Maroons, Track, Batgirl, Spilette, PEMM, p. 387. COX, RANDY E.; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 387. COYER, DEANNA J.; Pifeville, Alpha Delta Pi, p. 387. CRAFT, ARCHIE W.; South Shore, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Delta King, p. 387. CRAIG, BEVERLY W.; Lexington, Black Student Union, Kappa Kit- ten, p. 387. CRANE, CAROLE A.; Rushville, In- diana, p. 387. CRESS, LOUISE B.; Burlington, Student Speech and Hearing Assocation, p. 387. CROMAN, DEBBY K.; Ashland, House Council — Vice President, p. 387. CROMWELL, CONSTANCE A.; Detroit, Michigan, Delta Sigma Theta, University Ensemble, Black Student Union, p. 387. CROSS, DOTTIE L.; Albany, Child Development Club, p. 387. CROUCH, JAMES B.; Springfield, p. 387. CROW, JOHN R.; Louisville, p. 387. CRUSE, CHARLES C; Louisville, p. 387. CUNNINGHAM, MARTIN J.; San Antonio, Texas, p. 387. CUPP, DANIEL K.; Valley Station, p. 387. CURLIN, IZORA L.; Cadiz, Delta Sigma Rho, Black Student Union, p. 387. DAILY, RHONDA L.; Piketon, Ohio, p. 387. DALEY, NANCY L.; Caledonia, New York, p. 387. DALY, PATRICK S.; Tucson, Arizona, Boxing Club, Rugby Club, Recreation Club, Young Democrats, p. 387. DANELAK, TINA; Kettering, Ohio Chi Omega, Little Colonels, p. 387 DARE, BRAD W.; Cleveland, Ohio Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Pi Sigma Association of Law Enforcement p. 387. DAUGHERTY, NANCY E. Louisville, Alpha Delta Pi, p. 388. DAVENPORT, THOMAS M. Flemingburg, Agriculture Club InterVarsity, p. 388. DAVIDSON, DEBORAH A. Louisville, p. 388. DAVIS, CAROL B.; Lexington, p. 388. DAVIS, RON! G.; Lawrenceburg, In- diana, Kappa Alpha Theta, p. 388. DEAN, CARRIE L.; Harrodsburg, Phi Beta Lambda, Little Colonels, p. 388. DEAN, GORDON E.; Louisville, p. 388. DEITSCH, MURLYN T.; Rich- mond, p. 388. DELONG, SAMUEL M.; Richmond, p. 388. DENMAN, RENEE J.; Vandalia, Ohio, Little Colonels — Co- Captain, Phi Mu, Dappa Delta Pi— Historian, SNEA, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 388. DENTON, JOANN; New Orleans, Louisiana, p. 388. DENTON, SHEILA Y.; Bristol, Virginia, Delta Omicron, p. 388. DERONDE, TERESA J.; Loveland, Ohio, Chi Omega — President, Sigma Chi Little Sis, PEMM Club, p. 388. DEWEESE, ROBIN; Louisville, p. 388. DICK, RAYMOND D.; Lexington, p. 388. DICKERSON, NATHAN F.; Dan- ville, Marketing Club, p. 388. - DIZNEY, WILLIAM C; Corbin, p. 388. DOBINSKI, VALERIE J.; Odenton, Maryland, House Council, Inter- dorm, Association of LEN Majors, p. 388. DODD, MARY A.; Richmond, p. 388. DOLAND, MAUREEN E.; Cincin- nati, Ohio, p. 388. DOLLAR, JULIA D.; Russell, Little Colonels, p. 388. DONISI, ANTHONY T.; Mid- dletown, Ohio, p. 388. DOOLEY, PAMELA J.; Booneville, p. 388. DOUGLAS, DEBRA J.; Danville, Student Nurses Association, p. 388. DOUT AZ, GUY E.; Falmouth, p. 388. DRAKE, EMILY E.; Bardstown, Caduecus Club — Treasurer, Colegiate Pentacle — Chaplain, Baptist Student Union — Cof- feehouse Chairman, p. 388. DROZ, CONNIE J.; Louisville, p. 388. DRUMMOND, BRIAN D.; Wilmington, Ohio, p. 388. DUFF, JERRY L.; Omaha, Nebraska, Gymnastics Team, p. 389. Index and Directory Senior Credits 551 DUNN, MARY B.; Franklin, MENC — Vice President, Collegiate Pentacle, KME, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band, SNEA, p. 389. DUPLAIN, KIM M.; Louisville, Chi Omega, p. 389. BUSING, MARYANN; Erlanger, Newman Center, President, p. 389. DYE, JOHN P.; Louisville, p. 389. DYKES, NEAL C; Liberty, p. 389. EADS, CAROLYN S.; Frankfort, Wesley Foundation, French Club— Vice President, p. 389. EAST, ROLAND K.; Nicholasville, Sigma Nu, p. 389. EBEL, GREGORY L.; Versailles, In- diana, Pi Omega Pi, Dappa Delta Pi, p. 389. ELINGER, CHRISTY E.; Sylvania, Ohio, SNEA— President, Art Stu- dent Association, p. 389. EDLIN, THOMAS S.; Oxford, Mis- sissippi, p. 389. EDWARDS, CAROL S.; Ross, Ohio, Social Work Club, Young Democrats, p. 389. EDWARDS, MICHAEL W.; Liberty, p. 390. EDWARDS, PAMELA S.; Grover Hill, Ohio, Dappa Delta — Treasurer, p. 390. EDWARDS, PEGGY L.; Danville, p. 390. EDWARDS, THOMAS P. Ill; Dan- ville, Tau Kappa Epsilon, p. 390. EHIARAVANO, SUPARB; Bangkok, Thailand, Phi U, ISA, Food and Nutrition Club, p. 390. EIDSON, PAMELA S.; Clearwater, Florida, p. 390. EIZY, ROBERT W.; La Grange, p. 390. ELLIS, GLENN W.; Frankfort, p. 390. ELY, YVONNE R.; Manchester, p. 39L ENGLISH, WARREN J.; Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, p. 39L ENLOW, ANTHONY C; Hodgensville, Delta Upsilon, Cadaceus Club, p. 39L ENZWEILER, LAURA M.; Melbourne, SAE Little Sis, p. 391. ESKRIDGE, DEBORAH A.; Louisville, Alpha Psi Omega — President, University Players — President, Secretary- Treasurer, Milestone— Student Life Editor, p. 391. ETHERINGTON, CAROLYN M.; Richmond, Newman Club, Sigma Tau Pi — Secretary, Kappa Delta Tau, Young Democrats, p. 391. EUBANKS, DAREN A.; Louisville, Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Akpha Lit- tle Sister, p. 391. EVANS, MARGARET L.; Ft. Thomas, Spanish Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta, p. 391. EVANS, NANCY A.; New Albany, Indiana, Kappa Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Sister, p. 391. EVERSOLE, DEBRA E.; Louisville, p. 391. EWING, BENNY R.; Lejunior, p. 391. FARGO, CONNIE S.; Ft. Thomas, Food and Nutrition Club, p. 391. FARLEY, BARBARA S.; Bea Sta- tion, Tennessee, Military Police, Scabbard Blade, Alpha Phi Sigma, p. 391. FARRIS, JAMES R.; Louisville, p. 391. FARRIS, SARA E.; Winchester, p. 391. FAULCONER, FREDDIE G.; Lex- ington, Rec Club, Inter- Varsity, p. 391. FAUSZ, BARBARA L.; Cold Spr- ings, p. 391. FAZIO, JEFFREY A.; Orland Park, Illinois, Baseball, p. 391. FEISTRITZER, DONNA M.; Dan- ville, Environmental Health Association, p. 391. FELEGY, JOHN P.; AUentown, Pennsyvania, Theta Chi, Associa- tion of Law Enforcement, p. 391. FELTNER, BEVERLY A.; Jackson, p. 391. FERRELL, DENNIS R.; Elizabethtown, p. 391. FIELD, CAROLYN E.; Paris, Bap- tist Student Union Choir, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 391. FIELDS, LYNN K.; Paris, Univer- sity Ensemble, p. 391. FINDLEY, ROBERT S.; Columbus, Ohio, Sigma Chi, p. 391. FISH, C. BEN; Louisville, Recrea- tion Club, Student Senate, Wesley Foundation — Vice President, p. 391. FOLK, BILLY G.; Glassboro, New Jersey, Phi Delta Theta, p. 391. FOLTZ, RICHARD G.; Covington, Ky., Student Recreation and Park Society, p. 391. FORSBERG, ROBERT G. JR.; Jamestown, New York, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, p. 392. FOWLER, JOHN R.; Louisville, p. 392. FRAZIER, MARSHA K.; Richmond, p. 392. FRAZIER, WAYNE; Lexington, p. 392. FREEMAN, DOUGLAS R.; Binghamton, New York, p. 392. FRIDAY, MARY L.; Hamilton, Ohio, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 392. FRITH, KATHLYNN; Cincinnati, Ohio, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 392. FROST, MARLENE R.; Lexington, p. 392. FRYER, DAVID E.; Scotch Plains, New Jersey, Baptist Student Un- ion — Vice President, p. 392. FRYMAN, VICKI K.; Cynthiana, Phi Beta Lambda — President, p. 392. FUGATE, LINDA G.; Hazard, p. 392. FULLER, JODIE B.; Fairfield, Ohio, Inter- Varsity, Collegiate Pentacle, Delta Omicron, Marching Maroons, Symphonic Band, CWENS, p. 392. FUSON, JOHN M.; Middlesboro, p. 392. GAILTHER, DENISE M.; Louisville, Mewman Center, FTD, p. 392. 552 Index and Directory Senior Credits GAMBLE, LISA R.; Richmond, p. 392. CAST, SANDRA L.; Louisville, Kappa Delta Tau, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 392. GAY, DEBORAH A.; Somerset, Collegiate Pentacle, University Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Dance Theatre, p. 392. GIBBS, CAROL D.; Lexington, p. 392. GIBSON, CLAUDIA A.; Barbour- ville, p. 392. GIBSON, JOE D.; Louisville, p. 392. GIBSON, KATEN H.; Monticello, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec Club, p. 392. GIFFORD, LU ANN; Washington, Ohio, Intramurals, Catalina Club, p. 392. GILL, JENNIFER A.; University Players, Young Democrats, Stu- dent Senate, p. 392. GILMORE, GWEN L.; Fort Wright, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 392. GOBLE, JAMES A.; Lexington, p. 392. GODBY, PATRICIA A.; Somerset, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 392. GOFORTH, ROBYN S.; Alton, Il- linois, Sigma Nu Little Sis, p. 392. GOLIGHTLY, DONNA J.; Louisville, Kappa Kitten, Military Police, Tae-Kwan-Do, Eastern En- semble, p. 392. GOOCH, SARAH L.; Lexington, Alpha Gamma Delta — President, Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate Penacle, CWENS, Milestone — Section Editor, SNEA, Who ' s Who, p. 393. GRAF, DEBRA A.; Louisville, Phi Beta Lambda — Secretary, p. 393. GRAVES, EDWARD E.; Louisville, University Ensemble, p. 393. GRAVES, HELEN C; Louisville, Alpha Gamma Delta, SCEC, SNEA, Oratorial, p. 393. GRAVETT, JOY E.; Russel, p. 393. GREEN, DEBRA E.; London, p. 393. GREEN, STEVEN D.; Lawren- ceburg, Caduceus Club — Vice President, p. 393. GREENE, BOB V.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Barristers Club, p. 393. GREENE, CYNTHIA L.; Fern Creek, Kappa Delta Tau — Treasurer, Clay House Council — Social Chairman, SNEA, p. 393. GREENWELL, MARGARET R.; Morganfield, p. 393. GREER, DARRYL C; Martin, p. 393. GREGORY, JOANNE; Manchester, Walters House Council, Eta Sigma Gamma, Library Science Club, p. 393. GREY, JUANITA L.; Berea, p. 393. GRIFFEY, JO A.; Willisburg, Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Pan- hellenic, p. 393. GRIFFIN, JANET M.; Florence, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, p. 393. GRIFFIN, KLINDA B.; Louisville, TKE Little Sis, College Republicans, SNEA, Wrestleretts, Milestone, German Club — Secretary Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta, Society of Collegiate Jour- nalists, p. 393. GRISE, JANE; Richmond, Alpha Delta Pi, FTD, Milestone, p. 394. GROVER, SUE A.; Maysville, p. 394. GRUBBS, KATHY L.; Louisville, Alpha Phi Sigma, Association of Law Enforcement, p. 394. GRUNER, ALLEN K.; Louisville, Beta Theta Pi— Vice President, Athletic Chairman, Rush Chair- man, Soccer Referee, p. 394. GUKEISEN, SANDRA A.; Winchester, Case Hall House Council — Vice President, Food Nutrition Club — Treasurer, Phi Upsilon Omicron — Treasurer, p. 394. GWIRTZ, MRYA E.; Shelby, Ohio, p. 394. GWUNN, SHARAN A.; Louisville, p. 394. HACKER, JOAN; Richmond, p. 394. HAEGELE, RUTH M.; Covington, Track and Field, Accounting Club, p. 394. HAFER, CRAIG T.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Theta Chi — President, Iota Lambda Sigma, IFC, p. 394. HAFLEY, MARILYN R.; Huston- ville. Kappa Alpha Theta, SNEA, p. 394. HAHN, CHARLES L. JR.; Lawren- ceburg, Sigma Chi, p. 394. HALE, WATEETAH D.; Lexington, Black Student Union, University Ensemble, Home Ec Club, p. 395. 5SJiw i5« ' »c, : e-? - ' .i?; ' ' ;? ;;; ' The pool in the ravine provides a good place for playing for this young child and his mother. Index and Directory Senior Credits 553 HALL, CONNIE G.; Whitesburg, Milestone— Seniors Editor, p. 395. HALL, LYNN W.; Toledo, Ohio, p. 395. HALL, RITCHIE J.; Erlanger, p. 395. HALLORAN, JOAN P.; Cincinnati, Ohio, Inter-Varsity, Oratorio Choir, p. 395. HAM, DENNIS B.; Cynthiana, p. 395. HAMLIN, MARYANNE; Cincin- nati, Ohio, Pi Beta Phi, Business Club, SNEA, p. 395. HAMMONS, BEVERLY L.; Cincin- nati, Ohio, p. 395. HAMMONS, LINDA K.; Barbour- ville, p. 395. HANEY, KIMBERLEA J.; Brookville, Ohio, Chi Omega — Secretary, Collegiate Pentacle, Student Nurses Associa- tion, p. 395. HARDEN, JEFFERY L.; Newport, KIE, Theta Chi, p. 395. HARDIN, RUEL T.; Burgin, p. 395. HARMON, MARY A.; Forest Hills, Lambda Sigma Omicron — Secretary, p. 395. HARRIS, CORDELIA; Lexington, Alpha Kappa Alpha, p. 395. HARRIS, ROBERT L.; Winsor, p. 395. HART, JEFFERY S.; Louisville, p. 395. HARTLEY, JAMES T.; Lakewood, New York, p. 395. HARTMAN, MARSHA DEAN; Carrollton, Young Democrats, p. 395. HASLER, LEESA J.; Wilmington, Ohio, ACE, SNEA, p. 395. HATTON, SANDRA K.; Georgetown, Phi Kappa Phi, Human Development and Family Relations Club, p. 395. HAUGHEY, DONNA L.; Springfield, Ohio, p. 395. HAUSCHILDT, ANN K.; Louisville, p. 395. HAWKINS, MIKE; Lawrenceburg, p. 395. Slower walks to class became routine after the snow fell on Eastern ' s campus in January. HAYDEN, BRUCE E.; Dayton, Ohio, ASA— Vice President, Treasurer, p. 395. HAYES, JERRY A.; Louisville, Inter- Varsity, Caduceus Club, p. 395. HAYS, JANET L.; Lebanon, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 395. HEGARTY JR., DAVID J.; Tama- qua, Pennsylvania, ALE, p. 395. HEIL, KATHY A.; Winchester, Collegiate Pentacle, Kappa Delta Pi, Speech Hearing — Secretary Treasurer, Newman Center — President, p. 395. 395. HENDERSON, JAYNE C; Rich- mond, Phi Mu, Marching Maroons, p. 396. HENLEY, DOUGLAS T.; Frankfort, Christian Science Organization- President, Cave Club, p. 396. HENSHAW, MICHAEL D.; Louisville, Wildlife Society, p. 396. HESSIDENCE, JOAN; Rittman, Ohio, p. 396. HICKEY, ELIZABETH E.; New Albany, Indiana, Social Work Club — Vice President, Case Hall House Council, p. 396. HICKMAN, VICKI L.; Middlesboro, PEMM Club, p. 396. 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HOOVER, JANA K.; Williamstown, Student Court, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Collegiate Pentacle, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta, KA Little Sis, p. 396. HORNBACK, JOHN E.; Sonora, Young Democrats, p. 396. HOSKINS, MICHAEL L.; Cincin- nati, Ohio, SME— Vice Chairman, p. 396. HOUSE, DARRELL; London, p. 396. HOUSE, JERRY Ml; Farmersville, Ohio, p. 396. HOUSTON, LEE A.; Florence, p. 396. HOWELL, PAUL W.; San Diego, California, p. 396. HUFF, JAMES E.; Liberty, p. 396. HUFFMAN, DEBORAH A.; Zanesville, Ohio, Wesley Foun- dation—Secretary, SNEA, French Club, p. 396. HUGHES, M. RAY; Shiloh, Ohio, p. 397. HUGHES, WILLIAM C. R.; Waco, p. 397. HUND, MARY E.; Louisville, p. 397. HUSKEY, MICHAEL R.; Lutheran Student Community — President, p. 397. HUTCHINSON, JONI K.; Williamsburg, Ohio, p. 397. ILLENBERG, CATHIE E.; Goshen, New York, Recreation Club, p. 397. INGRAM, STEVEN R.; Seven Mile, Ohio, Association of Law Enforce- ment, p. 397. INMAN, LARRY W.; Harrodsburg, p. 397. IRONS, CHARLES A.; Evanston, Il- linois, Golf, p. 397. ISHMAEL, LONA B.; Cynthiana, Chi Omega, Child Development Club, p. 397. ISON, BARBARA A.; Corinth, Women Gymnastics Team — Assis- tant Manager, PEMM Club, p. 397. JACKSON, BRENDA K.; Danville, p. 397. JAMES, ROBERTA A.; Nicholasville, p. 397. JENKINS, THOMAS R.; Hender- son, Association of Law Enforce- ment, p. 397. JESKIE, JOHN W.; Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Youth for Life— President, p. 397. JIMISON, MARY B.; Bowling Green, Ohio, Eastern Dance Theatre, p. 397. JOHNSON, DAVID R.; Buckhorn, p. 398. JOHNSON III, JOE R.; Danville, p. 398. JOHNSON, KAREN J.; West Carrollton, Ohio, p. 398. JOHNSON, PAULA J.; p. 398. JOHNSON, SUE M.; Aurora, Il- linois, Eta Sigma Gamma, Kappa Delta Tau, p. 398. JONES, BERNICE E.; Paducah, p 398. JONES, REBECCA D.; Richmond, p. 398. JONES, RICHARD R.; Ashley, Ohio, p. 398. JORDAN, BILL; Richmond, p. 398. JORDAN, REGINA G.; Richmond, p. 398. JUSTINIANO, MARILYN S.; Rich- mond, International Students Association— Secretary, p. 398. KACKLEY, KATHY A.; Lexington, p. 398. KARR, FRED H.; Louisville, p. 399. KASSELMANN, MARY A.; Cincin- nati, Ohio, PEMM Club— SecretaryA ' reasurer, Delta Psi Kappa— Secretary, Women ' s Basketball Team— Manager, p. 399. KAVANAUGH, DONNA F.; Rich- mond, Interdorm, Black Student Union, p. 399. KEARNEY, ALICE J.; Williamsburg, p. 399. KEELING, JAMES L.; Cox ' s Creek, p. 399. KEENE, WILLIAM P.; Dayton, Ohio, Ciruna, p. 399. KEETOON, DEBORAH A.; Ashland, Circle K, p. 399. KEITH, ROBERT L.; Louisville, Sigma Pi-Herald, House Council, Alpha Gamma Delta Big Brother, p. 399. KELLY, COLEEN M.; Columbus, Ohio, p. 399. KELLY, KAREN L.; Lexington, Kappa Delta Tau, Collegiate Civitan— Treasurer, Collegiate Pentacle, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, p. 399. KELSCH, PAULA A.; Augusta, p. 399. KENT, JAMES A.; Warsaw, Ohio, Phi Mu Alpha, p. 399. KERBAUGH, GLYN D.; Danville, p. 399. KETTIG, JUDY G.; Louisville, p. 399. KILMEN, RONALD J.; Ft. Thomas, Archery Club, Industrial Educa- tion Club— President, p. 399. KING, DONNA J.; Reading, Ohio, p. 399. KING, PAULETTA; Jackson, p. 399. KIRBY, ELLEN E.; Kettering, Ohio, Newman Center, p. 399. KIRK, TERRI L.; Glen Burnie, Maryland, BSU Choir and Council Member, Recreation Club, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 399. KIRKLAND, JAMES D.; Lebanon, p. 399. KJELBY, DAVID S.; Monroe, Ohio, Delta Upsilon, Interdorm Turtor- ing Program, p. 399. KNIGHT, THOMAS H.; Louisville, Theta Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Art Club, IFC, p. 399. KOLLER, BEVERLY A.; Louisville, Student Nurse Association, p. 399. KRAESIG, CHARLENE F.; Louisville, p. 399. KRAMER, DAVID H.; Lexington, Explorer Post 634 — President, p. 399. KRANER, JEFFERY L.; Lancaster, Ohio, House Council, p. 399. KRAWLIEC, KATIE; Louisville, Kappa Delta, Delta Psi Kappa, Collegiate Pentacle, Track Team, p. 399. KRISHOCK, KATHLEEN D.; Jamestown, New York. p. 399. Index and Directory Senior Credits 555 KRUEGER, TIMOTHY D.; Cresent Springs, p. 400. KUHENS, KEVIN B.; Louisville, Pi Kappa Alpha, p. 400. KURTZ, TIMOTHY S.; Louisville, Sigma Pi, p. 400. LADD, MARY L.; Versailles, Inter- dorm, p. 400. LAINHART, RAMONA I.; Phi Up- silon Omicron, Curtan Explorers, Republican Club, p. 400. LAMBERT, LARRY A.; Louisville, p. 400. LAMPING, GREGORY A.; Louisville, Milestone — Section Editor, Racquetball Sports Club, p. 400. LANE, ELLEN; Louisville, p. 400. LANG, MARY ELIZABETH; Piketon, Ohio, Kappa Mu Epsilon, House Council, Business Club, p. 40L LANGFORD, WAYNE A.; Falls Church, Virginia, p. 40L LANHAM, ALLISON MARY; Lemon Grove, California, Ken- tucky Student Nurses Association, p. 40L LATHAM, STUART H.; Owensboro, Sigma Nu, p. 401. LAWHORN, DARCEL LARUTH; Louisville, p. 401. LAWSON, DEBRA KAY; Cynthiana, p. 401. LEACH, PATRICIA ANN; Prestonsburg, p. 401. LEAKE, JOSEPH CECIL; Raywick, Sociology Club, p. 40L LEE, GARY C; Henderson, Eta Sigma Gamma, p. 40L LEE, GREGORY DALE; Hodgensville, Black Student Un- ion, p. 40L LEE, LINDA JO; Liberty, p. 40L LEHMANN, VELMA KAY; Cincin- nati, Ohio, Delta Psi Kappa, Women ' s Officiating Service, p. 401. LEWIS, JANICE E.; Louisville, Ger- man Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 401. LEWIS, ROGER R.; Newark, Ohio, p. 401. LICHTLE, ANTHONY EDWARD; Mansfield, Ohio, p. 401. LIGHT, LESLIE ANN; p. 401. LINDENMUTH, PATRICIA LOU; Germantown, Ohio, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 401. LINEBAUGH, MARSHA E.; Lebanon, Ohio, Phi Mu, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 401. LINNENKOHL, KAREN A.; Dayton, Ohio, Military Police, Scabbard and Blade, p. 401. LINNEWEBER, TOM C; Columbus, Ohio, National En- vironmental Health Association, Student Senate Committee on Health, Safety, and Sanitation Chairman, Swimming Team, Tau Kappa Epsilon, p. 401. LINPISAL, TATSARIN; Chieingmai, Thailand, p. 401. LITTLER, LINDA SUE; London, Ohio, p. 401. LOGAN, GEORGE H.; Louisville, p. 401. LONG, JAMES PAUL; Hustonville, p. 401. LONG, PATRICIA ANN; Burkesville, Co-Chairman Com- munity Action Program, Wesley Foundation, p. 401. LOTT, NANCY E.; Louisville, p. 401. LOWMAN, DEBRA JEAN; Dayton, Ohio, Recording Secretary for Phi Mu, Secretary for Kappa Delta Pi, p. 401. LOWRY, MICHAEL JOSEPH; Troy, Illinois, p. 401. LOZIER, MARK DAVID; North College Hill, Ohio, Sigma Nu, p. 402. LUCKY, KITTY JOSEPHINE; Paris, p. 402. LUNOBLAD, DONALD ERIC; Lima, Ohio, Kappa Alpha — Treasurer, p. 402. LYEMANCE, CAROLYN V. Louisville, p. 402. LYNCH, JACQUELINE BUXTON Somerset, Progress — Editor Society for Collegiate Journalists Collegiate Pentacle, p. 402. LYONS, EMMA LEE; Shelbyville, p. 402.- MACKEY, MARY; Louisville, p. 402. MADRAS, JOHN RICHARD; Louisville, Tau Kappa Epsilon — Secretary, Milestone — Business Manager, Sports Editor, Editor, Sigma Tau Pi, p. 402. MAGGARD, MARTHA COPE; Hazard, Baptist Student Union, KME— Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate Pentacle, McGregor House Council, p. 402. MALONE, RUTHANNE; Atlanta, Georgia, p. 402. MANDT, STEPHEN A.; Lexington, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, p. 402. MANGUS, TOM C; Richmond, Sigma Nu, p. 402. MARINER, BRETT A.; Lexington, p. 402. MARKERT, STEPHEN EUGEN; Louisville, p. 402. MARSH, PAUL M.; Cynthiana, Marching Band, p. 402. MARSHALL, RAY CAROLYN; Paducah, Delta Sigma Theta, p. 402. MARSHALL, SHIRLEY E.; East Bernstadt, p. 402. MARTIN, DANNY RAY; Richmond, p. 402. MARTIN, TERRI J.; Allen Park, Michigan, Baptist Student Union, Coffeehouse, Delta Omicron Honorary, p. 402. MARZ, CHARLES; Richmond, p. 402. MARZOLF, SUSAN MARIE; Alex andria, Virginia, FTD Club Agriculture Club, p. 402. MAUPIN, AMELIA KATHERINE Richmond, p. 402. McCANE, SHELIA ANN Brooksville, Young Democrats Club, p. 402. McCarthy, robert Jeffrey Shelbyville, p. 402. McCHESNEY, KAREN LEAN Richmond, p. 402. McCOMB, MARY DOROTHY Lebanon, p. 402. McCRARY, MICHELE ALIVIA Louisville, Black Student Union Alpha Kappa Alpha, p. 402. 556 Index and Directory Senior Credits McCUBBIN, TIMOTHY W.; Walton, Beta Theta Pi— Presi- dent, p. 402. McDANIEL, GOERGIA ANN; Louisville, Law Enforcement Association, p. 403. McDAVID, SHEREE LYNN; Burlington, p. 403. McFALLS, ROBERT LEON; Kings Mountain, Sigma Tau Pi — Presi- dent, p. 403. McGEORGE, DONNIE WAYNE; London, p. 403. McGRATH, PATRICIA JOAN; Carlisle, Ohio, Kappa Delta Tau, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Newman Center, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 403. McHONE, MICHAEL; Richmond, p. 403. McINTOSH, WILLARD; Kings Mills, Ohio, Phi Beta Lambda, Bowling, p. 403. McINTYRE, SUSAN LYNN; Lex- ington, House Council, Women ' s Interdorm, Milestone, Football and Basketball Statistician, p. 403. McKEE, JOYCE ANN; Richmond, Accounting Club, p. 403. McKEE, LOWRY LEE; Richmond, Accounting, p. 403. McMILLEN, STEVE HARRISON; Nicholasville, p. 403. McPHERSON, PAMELA LEE; Harrodsburg, p. 403. McQUADY, RICHARD LOUIS; Louisville, Beta Theta Pi, p. 403. McQueen, judith linda; McKee, Sigma Tau Delta, Rac- quetball Sports Club, Aurora, Stu- dent Senate, Collegiate Democrats, Political Science Club, p. 403. McWHORTER, CHERYL LYNN; East Bernshdt, p. 403. MEADE, PHILLIP L.; Paintsville, p. 403. MENDOZA, DAVID; Monticello, American Marketing Association, p. 404. MERRILL, DIANA L.; Louisville, Catalina Club, p. 404. MERRITT, VICKY LYNN; Milford, Ohio, p. 404. MEYER, ANTIONETTE LOUISE; Elsmer, Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 404. MIDDLEBROOK, ERIC WILLIAM; Hamilton, Ohio, Progress, Men ' s Interdorm, p. 404. MILES, FRANCIS GARY; Rich- mond, Scabbard and Blade, p. 404. MILEY, BEVERLY KAYE; Brooksville, Student Nurses Association, p. 404. MILLER, CARLA D.; Oakhill, Ohio, Association of Law Enforcement, p. 404. MILLER, GARY D.; Whitley City, Accounting Club, p. 404. MILLER, ROBERT D.; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 404. MITCHELL, ELIZABETH ANNE; Northvale, New Jersey, Rifle Team, p. 404. MITCHELL, KATHLEEN JULIET; Ashland, Kappa Delta Tau, p. 404. MITCHELL, KEVIN CHARLES; Teaneck, New Jersey, Varsity Rifle Team — Captain, Sigma Nu, p. 405. MOBERLY, SUSAN ADAMS; Rich- mond, Sigma Tau Pi, Accounting Club, p. 405. MONICO, CHARLES ANDREW; Meadville, Pennsyvlania, Bowing Club, Intramurals, Art Club, Law Enforcement Association, p. 405. MOODY, VICKIE ROSE; Waco, Human Development and Family Relations Club, p. 405. MORELAND, JOHN B.; Georgetown, Pi Kappa Alpha— President, IFC— Vice- President, p. 405. MORGAN, BETHANY ANN; Saint Albans, West Virginia, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club — Presi- dent, p. 405. MORGAN, ELIZABETH ANN; Richmond, Kappa Alpha Theat — Service Chairman, p. 405. MORGAN, KATHLEEN ANN; Highland Heights, Phi Mu, p. 405. Playing cards in the Powell Building Grill is a favorite past time for many students. Index and Directory Senior Credits 557 A familiar sight in Richmond during the first week of the spring semester was cars getting stuck in the snow and ice that covered the campus. MORGAN, PHILLIP DUDLEY; Valley Station, p. 405. MORNINI, JOHN W.; Wheaton, Maryland, Track Team, Cross Country, p. 405. MORRETT, BRIAN LEE; Troy, Ohio, Gymnastics Team, KIE, p. 405. MORRETT, DIANE LYNN; Troy, Ohio, p. 405. MORRISON, CATHERINE ANN; Louisville, Cwen ' s, Food and Nutrition Club, Milestone — Academics Editor, Collegiate Pen- tacle — Editor, Phi Mu Omicron — Candle Reporter, p. 405. p. 405. MOSBY, FAYE WINONA; Brookneal, Virginia, p. 405. MOYER, PAUL R.; Troy, Ohio, p. 405. MUELLER, MARCIA ANN; Louisville, Volleyball, Basketball, p. 405. MURRAY, ROBBIN LYNN; Bethany Beach, Delaware, Delta Psi Kappa, Intercollegiate Field Hockey, p. 405. NAPIER, BOBBIE JEAN; Saul, p. 405. NASH, JEFFREY LEE; Richmond, p. 405. NAU, MARTHA JEAN; Staten Island, New York, p. 405. NEAL, DIANE C; McKee, p. 405. NEAL, VIRGINIA ELAINE; Ashland, Little Colonels, PEMM Club, p. 405. NEFF, REBECCA RAE; Irvington, EKU Student ASID Chap- ter — Treasurer, Upsilon Omicron, p. 405. NELSON, JERRY MITCHELL; Brandenburg, Soccer Team, p. 405. NETHERY, FREDA ANN; Louisville, French Club — Presi- dent, Baptist Student Union, CWEN ' s, Recreation Club, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 405. NEWSOM, BARRY KENT; Virgie, p. 405. NEWSOME, ROSIE K.; Pikeville, p. 405. NL NOURIS, VAN C; Columbus, Ohio, Pi Kappa Alpha, p. 405. NIXON, KATHRYN JEAN; Louisville, Sigma Pi Little Sister, Collegiate Civitan, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi— President, p. 406. NOEL, MICHELLE; Frankfort, p. 406. NOONING, MARIAN; Louisville, p. 406. NORD, REBECCA LYNN; Lex- ington, p. 406. NOWAK, DEBRA A.; West Seneca, New York, Law Enforcement Association, p. 406. NOYES, JEFFREY R.; Richmond, Beta Theta Pi, p. 406. NUNN, KENNETH CALVIN; Louisville, p. 406. NUNN, ROBIN JOSEPHINE; Rich- mond, p. 406. NITTER, KEITH LEE; Louisville, Varsity Tennis, Phi Kappa Phi, p. 406. OBERSCHMIDT, NANCY MARIE; Cincy, Ohio, Catalina Club, Social Work Club, p. 406. O ' BRIEN, KEVIN ROBERT; Xenia, Ohio, Phi Epsilon Kap- pa — Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Pi, p. 406. OCHSENBEIN, MARK HARLAN; Fern Creek, Phi Delta Theta — President, p. 406. OLIVER, CONSTANCE JEAN; Louisville, p. 406. OSBORNE, MARY PEGGY; Rich- mond, p. 406. OWENS, BRIAN JOSEPH; Levit- town, Pennsylvania, Colligiate, Men ' s Interdorm, p. 406. PAIGE, GREGORY W.; Ashland, p. 406. PALM, MELODY LYNN; Alexan- dria, Wesley Foundation, p. 406. PARKER, MOLLY J.; Mariemont, Ohio, p. 406. PARRETT, TERESA A.; Mount Vernon, Marching Maroons, MENC, Baptist Student Union, p. 406. PARSONS, JOHN DAVID; Berea, p. 406. PASCAL, ARTHUR L.; Richmond, p. 406. PAVESE, DARA ANN; Somers, p. 406. PEAKE, EDITH; Fleming, Alpha Kappa Alpha, p. 406. 558 Index and Directory Senior Credits PEAVLER, DARRELL GLENN; Harrodsburg, p. 406. PECK, CINDY ANN; Stanford, Aurora, Sigma Tau Delta, p. 406. PENDERGRASS, JEAN MARIE; Bardstown, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 406. PERKINS, DAVID G.; Crestwood, AUSA, Scabbard and Blade, p. 406. PERKINS, JOE M.; Corbin, Milestone Staff, CIRUNA, p. 406. PERKINS, PEGGY ANN; Florence, Kappa Delta Tau, Phi Alpha Theta, p. 407. PERKINS, SCOTT OWEN; Ashland, Association of Law En- forcement, p. 407. PERKINS, TAMMIE S.; Vandalia, Ohio, Delta Psi Kappa, PEMM Club, p. 407. PESCI, WILLIAM L.; Danville, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wildlife Society, p. 407. PETERMAN, LEONARD L.; Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania, p. 407. PETREY, ROGER DALE; Waynesburg, Junior Class Repor- ter, Sigma Tau Pi, p. 407. PETTY, RONALD KEITH; Newark, Ohio, Marketing Club, p. 407. PHELPS, CAROLYN SUE; Colum- bia, p. 407. PHELPS, SUSAN MARIE; Rich- mond, Kappa Delta Tau, SNEA, Library Science Club, p. 407. PHILLIPS, DUNE LEE; Richmond, Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Colligiate Pentacle, Student Council for Exceptional Children, p. 407. PIGG, CRAIG L.; Fort Knox, Scab- bard and Blade, p. 407. POLLSRD, ROSE JANET; Fort Beanstadt, p. 407. POLLITTE, JAN PATRICIA; Harlan, Kappa Alpha Theta, p. 407. POPPAS, STEPHEN COOPER; Jackson, p. 407. PORTER, CYNTHIA MARYE; Paris, SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 407. POWELL, DONALD LEE; Winchester, p. 407. POWELL, KAREN E.; Richmond, p. 409. POWER, ROBERT CHARLES; Im- ladris. Student Senate, Delta Sigma Roe, p. 409. POWERS, FRED JEROME; Carrollton, p. 409. POWERS, GEORGANNE; Williamstown, p. 409. POYNTER, AMY; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 409. PRAGER, MARIBETH; Burlington, New Jersey, Collegiate Pentacle, French Club, Sigma Pi Little Sister, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 409. PRATER, DANNY LYNN; Rich- mond, Intramurals — Football, Basketball, p. 409. PRATHER, R. FAYE; Cynthiana, p. 409. PRESTON, JANE GAIL; Danville, Lambda Sigma Omicron, Sigma De lta Tau, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 409. PRICE, JOHN F.; Louisville, p. 409. PRICE, MARTHA ANN; Paris, p. 409. PRICE, RUTH M.; Louisville, Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children, Collegiate Pentacle, p. 409. PRILL, MELANIE JANE; Van West, Ohio, Explorer ' s Club, p. 409. PUCKETT, STEPHANIE K.; Lon- don, Ohio, Milestone, Lambda Sigma — Senior Advisor, SNEA, Collegiate Pentacle — Vice- President, p. 409. PUFFER, ROGER CHRIS; Lex- ington, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Scab- bard and Blade, Baseball Team, p. 409. QUARLES, JAMES BRUCE; Frankfort, p. 409. QUIRE, MELODY ELAYNE; Rich- mond, p. 409. RICHARDSON, KEITH DOUGLAS; Bagdad, p. 409. RICHARDSON, THERESA MAY; Wilmington, Ohio, FTD Club, Agriculture Club, p. 409. RICHEY, KENNETH DEAN; Louisville, p. 409. RICHTER, SANDRA KAY; Garrett, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 409. RIDENOUR, MARLA F.; Richmond, Progress — Sports Editor, Society of Collegiate Journalists — Presi- dent, Women ' s Interdorm, CWENS — Vice President, p. 409. RIEHL, MARY PATRICIA; Frankfort, p. 409. RIGGS, SHELIA KAREN; Elizabethtown, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 409. RILEY, ANNEATTA GAIL; Neon, p. 409. RISNER, SAMUEL; Pineville, p. 409. RITCHIE, CHARLCYNE JO; LaGrange, Cheerleader, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Black Student Un- ion, p. 409. RIZER, MARY JOAN; Bardstown, p. 409. RADER, WILBUR ALLEN; Pleasure Ridge Park, Milestone, Chemistry Club, Caduceus Club, p. 410. RALEIGH, JUDY FAY; Talbert, p. 410. RALSTON, JOHN M.; Saint Clairsville, Ohio, Kappa Alpha, p. 410. RAMBO, SUSAN KAY; Richmond, p. 410. RAMIREZ, MIKE F.; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 410. RAMSAY, DAVID HOWELL; Naperville, Illinois, Beta Theta Pi, Volleyball Club, p. 410. RANKIN, HOWARD WILLIAM; Burton, Ohio, Accounting Club, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 410. RAY, DAVID K.; Richmond, p. 410. REDINGER, JOSEPH ROBERT; Henderson, Tau Kappa Epsilon, p. 410. REED, DAMITA YVONNE; Ashland, Alpha Kappa Alpha, p. 410. REESE, MARY ELIZABETH; Louisville, Recreation Club, p. 410. REEVES, STEPHEN JENNINGS; Lexington, Veterans Club, p. 410. REICHARD, KATHY ANN; Lex- ington, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 410. Index and Directory Senior Credits 559 REYNOLDS, CHRISTINE E.; Ar- canum, Ohio, CWEN ' s, p. 410. RHEA, ALFREDA J.; Alpha Kappa Alpha, p. 410. RHEA, DEBRA KAY; Valley Sta- tion, p. 410. RHEA, VERA FA YE; Milford, Ohio, SCEC, p. 410. RHODES, DONNA C; Paint Lick, p. 410. RICHARDS, PEGGY ANN; Hampton, Pi Omega Pi, p. 410. ROBERTS, CYNTHIA J.; Louisville, p. 410. ROBERTS, GREGORY I.; Lawren- ceburg, Indiana, Tau Kappa Ep- silon. Track, p. 410. ROBERTS, ROY LEMAUR; Rich- mond, Recreation Club, Cycle Club, p. 410. ROBINSON, SHARON LEE; Waverly, Ohio, Marching Band, p. 410. ROBINSON, STEVEN; Richmond, Pershing Rifles, KIE, SME, p. 410. RODRIGUEZ, HECTOR; Rich- mond, p. 410. ROSS, LANNY COOPER; Rich- mond, p. 410. ROWLAND, CHARLES DAVID; Dayton, Ohio, Pi Kappa Alpha, p. 410. ROWLAND, JANET; Clay City, Kappa Delta, SNA, p. 410. REED, BRUCE RYAN; Hustonville Sigma Chi, p. 411. RUARK, PAULA REGINA; SNEA, p. 411. RUBIN, DEBORAH ANNE; Student Nurses Association, College Republicans, p. 411. RUSH, LINDA SUSAN; Portsmouth, Ohio, p. 411. RUSSELL, NYLA FAYE; Rich- mond, Student Nurses Associa- tion, p. -411. SAMMONS, BARBARA LEE; Chi Omega, Panhellenic, Kappa Alpha Little Sister, p. 411. SANDS, PATRICIA JANE; Lex- ington, p. 411. SANNER, TERRY ALAN; Dayton, Ohio, p. 411. SATTERLY, JEFFREY HARRISON; Glasgow, Karate Club, Phi Kappa Phi, p. 411. SCARLOTT, DAVID MICHAEL; Louisville, p. 411. SCHAFFER, JAMES E.; Louisville, p. 411. SCHAFFER, MARTHA LOUISE; Louisville, p. 411. SCHARRA, PHILIP C; Lou isville, p. 411. SCHATZ, GARY RICHARD; Cincin- nati, Ohio, p. 411. SCHLEICHER, DANA LYNN; Richmond, p. 411. SCHMIDT, JOHN LUKE; Falmouth, p. 411. SCHMIDT, JOHN P.; Kettering, Ohio, p. 412. SCHMITT, GREGORY J.; Decatur, Illinois, Rifle Team, Sigma Nu, p. 412. SCHNEIDER, JANE REGINA; New Hope, Pennsylvania, p. 412. SCHOOLER, JULIA CAROLE; Fisherville, Phi Sigma, Collegiate Pentacle, Baptist Student Union, Bowling Club — President, Women ' s Interdorm, Cave Club, Caduceus Club, Milestone, Oratorio Choir, Intramurals, Ger- man Club, p. 412. SCHUCK, KEVIN A.; East Amherst, New York, Golf Team — Captain, p. 412. SCHULTZ, BECKY GAYE; Louisville, Alpha Delta Pi, p. 412. SCHWANTES, LOUISE MAY; Georgetown, MENC, Oratorio Choir, p. 412. SCIUBBA, ARTHUR J.; Richmond, PEMM Club, Racquetball Club, Baseball Team, p. 412. SCOTT, DAVID L.; Louisville, p. 412. SEBASTIAN, DIANNE ALICE; Covington, p. 412. SECARA, WILLIAM ROBERT; Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, Beta Theta Pi, Association of Law En- forcement, p. 412. SEITHERS, DANIEL MARK; West Union, Ohio, AUSA, p. 412. SELM, JULIE ANN; Cincinnati, Ohio, Intramurals, p. 412. SEWELL, EUGENE GRANT; Anchorage, Wesley Foundation, p. 412. SEXTON, SANDRA JILL; Grayson, Circle K Club, p. 412. SHANNON, AMANDA LEA; Louisville, Senior Class President, Kappa Delta Tau, p. 412. SHEARER, BEVERLY JOYCE; Lancaster, p. 412. SHEETS, JEFFREY A.; Newark, Ohio, p. 412. SHELTON, LILLIAN R.; Somerset, p. 412. SHELDON, RHONDA J.; Cincin- nati, Ohio, Delta Omicron, Un- iversity Players, p. 412. SHEPHERD, BARBARA ANN Medway, Ohio, p. 412. SHEPHERD, CAROL ANN Brooksville, p. 412. SHERRILL, WILLIAM ANTHONY Louisville, Gymnastics Team, Phi Epsilon Kappa — President, p. 412 SHEW, RALPH DAVID; Richmond Sigma Chi, p. 412. SHOWALTER, BRUCE W. VanWert, Ohio, p. 412. SIEVERT, DEBORAH LYNN Covington, p. 412. SILVANI, MARY E.; Bloomingburg, New York, Women ' s Track Team p. 412. SIMPSOM, SHERRY; Louisville, p 412. SKINNER, RICHARD WAYNE Williamstown, Rho Epsilon Real Estate Fraternity, Sigma Pi American Marketing Association p. 413. SKOGLUND, DONNA JEAN Arlington Heights, Illinois, Alpha Delta Pi, PEMM Club, p. 413. SLUSHER, DAVID; Lexington Alpha Epsilon Pi, Baptist Student Union, p. 413. SLUSHER, RICKY J.; Richmond Marketing Club, p. 413. SMITH, DAVID THOMAS; Lex ington, p. 413. SMITH, DL NNE E.; Monticello, Pi Omega Pi, Valianettes, p. 413. SMITH, EARL PRYOR; McKee Dupree Hall House Coun cil— President, Men ' s Interdorm p. 413. 560 Index and Directory Senior Credits SMITH, J. WENDELL; Winchester, Delta Sigma Theta, University Ensemble, p. 413. SMITH, JAMES EUGENE; Somer- set, p. 413. SMITH, JANET LEIGH; Whitesburg, Milestone — Manag- ing Editor and Editor, Alpha Gamma Delta — Activities Chair- man, Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sister, Caduceus Club, p. 413. SMITH, KATHERINE ROSE; Bardstown, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Eastern Dance Theater, p. 413. SMITH, KATHY D.; Kettering, Ohio, Phi Mu, p. 413. SMITH, MITZI ANN; Danville, Virginia, Student Nursing Association, p. 414. SMITH, NADINE COMBS; Rich- mond, Kappa Delta Tau, p. 414. SMITH, ROBERT KEITH; Ashland, p. 414. SMITH, SYLVANIA D.; Richmond, p. 414. SMITH, TOMMY; Jenkins, Omega Psi Phi, p. 414. SNOWDEN, CINDY ANNE: Dan- ville, Alpha Delta Pi — President, p. 414. SNYDEN, MARY DEE; Corbin, p. 414. SOMOGY, JILL ELLEN; Cleveland, Ohio, Chi Omega, Human Development and Family Rela- tions Club, Pikette, p. 414. SORRELL, DONNIE; Richmond, p. 414. SPAW, BRIDGET THERESA; Erlanger, Kappa Delta, Theta Chi Little Sister, p. 414. SPENCER, CHARLA M.; Har- dinsburg, p. 414. SPENCER, JOHN S.; Winchester, Biology Club, Veterans Club, p. 414. SPILLER, KAREN LYNN; Bethel, Ohio, p. 414. SPILLER, ROBIN SUE; Englewood, Ohio, p. 414. SPIRES, ERIC E.; Bristol, Virginia, Phi Kappa Phi, Band, KIE, p. 414. SPIRES, JENNIFER J.; Berea, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 414. SPURRIER, RONALD W.; Bybee, p. 415. STAFFORD, JANICE ELAINE; Danville, p. 415. STAMPER, CHARLES W.; Jackson, p. 415. STAMPER, NADRA RENE; Irvine, p. 415. soft grassy spot in the ravine is a favorite place for a nap after class. STAPLETON, MICHAEL C; Car- dington, Ohio, p. 415. STEEL, SUSAN LYNN; Louisville, Panhellenic Council — President, Chi Omega, p. 415. STEFFAN, BARBARA ANN; Buf- falo, New York, PEMM Club, p. 415. STEINHELFER, SANDRA J.; Mount Gilead, Ohio, Association of Law Enforcement, Alpha Phi Sigma, Newman Center, p. 415. STEPHENS, SUSAN ALLEN; Rich- mond, p. 415. STERRETT, CECILIA GEORGETTE; Jeffersontown, p. 415. STEVENS, JOHN L.; Louisville, Pi Kappa Alpha, p. 415. STEWART, MARTIN JAMES; Hor- nell, p. 415. STICKLEY, KIRK H.; London, Ohio, p. 415. STOCKDALE, GAYLE SUE; Lafayette, Indiana, p. 415. STOWERS, KEITH ALLAN; Rich- mond, Caduseus Club, Chemistry Club, p. 415. STRADER, LACY E.; Lexington, Karate Club, Minority Student Counselor, p. 415. STRAIN, WILLIAM ROBERT; Lex- ington, Marketing Club, p. 415. STRATTON, DONNA LEE; Cincin- nati, Ohio, Kappa Delta Tau, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 415. STRATTON, TERRY LOU; Pikeville, Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 415. STRAWN, RONALD D.; Glencoe, Debate Team, p. 415. STREET, JAMES C; Richmond, p. 415. STRICKLAND, AMY JEAN; Louisville, Lambda Sigma Omicron, p. 415. STUART, SUE ELLEN; Owensboro, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sigma Nu Little Sister, Rhi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 415. STULL, WILLIAM A.; Richmond, Veteran ' s Club — President, p. 415. Index and Directory Senior Credits 561 STURGEON, PAUL TYLER; Louisville, p. 415. SUTTON, VIRGINIA ANN; Eden- ton, Ohio, Alpha Gamma Delta, p. 415. SWAIN, BARBARA LYNN; Dan- ville, Kappa Delta Tau, Athenian Shield, p. 415. SWANN, MARVIN LEE; Danville, Student Association, ROTO, p. 415. SWEENEY, MAURICE M.; Louisville, p. 416. SWEENY, MICHAEL J.; Washington, Pennsylvania, p. 416. TACKETT, BEVERLY K.; Medway, Ohio, p. 416. TALLENT, MICHAEL CARL; Albany, p. 416. TALLENT, SHARON L.; p. 416. TARULLO, JOSEPH LEO; Louisville, Marching Band, p. 416. TATE, DAVID SYDNEY; Rich- mond, Wild Life Society, p. 416. TATTER, DEBORAH ELAINE; Richmond, p. 416. TAYLOR, DAVID JEFFREY; Augusta, Agriculture Club — Presi- dent, p. 416. TAYLOR, GEORGE; Frankfort, Pi Kappa Alpha, p. 416. THILL, JAMES OWEN; Norwalk, Ohio, Beta Theta Pi, Association of Law Enforcement, p. 416. THOMAS, DAVID L.; West Union, Ohio, Sigma Nu, p. 416. THOMAS, RICHARD MARK; Dry Ridge, p. 417. TINCHER, CONNIE SUE; Tyner, p. 417. TINGLE, JEFFREY DALE; Springfield, Athletic Trainer, p. 417. TINGLE, JOSEPH R.; Bedford, p. 417. TODD, LAURA SUSAN; Fern Creek, Interdorm, Caduceus Club, p. 417. TOGUNDE, GIBSON ADENIYI; Ibadan, Nigeria, p. 417. TOMMIE, GLEN DOUGLAS; Valley Station, Beta Theta Pi, Cheerleader, p. 417. Inside registration was a welcome relief from the snow and cold weather outside. TRAVIS, SUSAN KAY; Covington Wesley Foundation, SNEA, p. 417 TRAYLOR,SUZANNE; Ashland, p 417. TRIPLETT, DAVID B.; Corbin, p 417. TRIPLETT, TERESA ANN; Mason Ohio, SNEA, p. 417. TRONE, NANCY J.; Portsmouth Ohio, p. 417. TUGGLE, DAVID BRIAN Williamsburg, p. 418. TUGGLE, LEAH J.; Monticello SCEC, p. 418. TYGRET T, DEBORAH DEE Shelbyville, Kappa Delta, Interior Design Club, p. 418. ULLOM, DAVID; Washington Pennsylvania, Pi Kappa Alpha, p 418. UNDERWOOD, MELODY ANN Monticello, SNEA, p. 418. UPTON, ALAN B.; Williamsburg Kappa Alpha, p. 418. VARNEY, JANET LOU; McCarr Kappa Delta Tau, p. 418. VAUGHN, DEBI; Hawesville, p. 418 VINCENT, SHARON KAY; Owosse Michigan, p. 418. VOGEDES, MARK FREDRICK Louisville, p. 418. VOGEL, RONALD EUGENE; Rich- mond, Psi Chi — President, Psy- chology Club, p. 418. VOLMERING, RONALD EUGENE; Morrow, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. Bowling Team, Progress staff, p. 418. VOTAW, MELINDA R.; Springfield, Ohio, p. 418. WADE, MICHELLE R.; Louisville, Student Senator, Student Disciplinary Board, p. 418. WAGERS, WENDY L.; London, p. 418. WAHLERT, JUDITH A.; Westchester, Ohio, Chi Omega, Progress — Arts Editor, Young Democrats, Milestone, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate, KAEA, p. 418. WALKER, BRUCE MITCHELL; Somerset, p. 418. WALKER, DONALD R.; Niagara Falls, New York, p. 418. WALKER, GAIL A.; Irvine, ASID, p. 418. WALKER, KENNETH ESTON; Cincinnati, Ohio, p. 418. WALLACE, STEPHEN J.; Fort Wayne, Indiana, p. 418. WALTZ, MADELINE PATRICIA; Shelbyville, p. 418. WARD, CHERI LYNN; Richmond, Kappa Delta Tau, CWEN ' s, Collegiate Pentacle, Student Senate, Pre-Law Club, Civitan, p. 418. 562 Index and Directory Senior Credits WARD, LOWELL S.; Williamsport, Association of Law Enforcement, House Council, p. 418. WARD, SHERYL LYNN; Louisville, p. 418. WARD, WILLIAM NEIL; Pineville p. 418. WARDRIP, KATHY ANN; Louisville, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, p. 418. WARNER, WENDY M.; Dayton, Ohio, p. 418. WASSERMSN, PSMRLS RAE; Fort Wright, Kappa Alpha Theta, p. 419. WATSON, HAROLD GLENN; Frankfort, p. 419. WATTS, NOREEN; Jackson, p. 419. WATTS, R. SUSIE; Nicholasville, Student Association, p. 419. WAYMEYER, NANCY JO; Highland Heights, Recreation Club, Oratorio Choir, p. 419. WEBSTER, PAUL FRANKLIN; Grayson, Recreation Club— Presi- dent, p. 419. WELCH, DAVE KEITH; Elizabethtown, p. 419. WELCH, JOETTA LYNN; Maysville, ASID, p. 419. WELLS, EDWARD D.; Madison- ville. Geology Club, Veteran ' s Club, p. 419. WERNER, CAROLYN SUE; New- tonsville, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Eta, p. 419. WEST, LARRY: Richmond, p. 419. WESTERFIELD, MARTHA SUE; Hazard, Biology Club, p. 419. WHEELER, DAVID ALLEN; Paintsville, AUSA, Student Senate, Men ' s Interdorm, p. 419. WHITE, RAMONA P.; Middlesboro, p. 419. WHITTAKER, WILLIAM H.; Rich- mond, Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 419. WIERMAN, NYOKS SNNE; Rich- mond, p. 419. WIGGLESWORTH, WILLIAM; Latonia, Debate, Kappa Iota Ep- silon. Delta Sigma Rho, p. 420. WILBURN, JAMES MICHAEL; Shelbyville, p. 420. WILDE, JEFFREY ALAN; Dayton, Ohio, Soccer Club, p. 420. WILKERSON, GARY BLAINE; Springfield, E Club, p. 420. WILKERSON, JUANITA; Paris, p. 420. WILLHITE, BET ANNE; Joplin, Missouri, PEMM Club, p. 420. WILLIAMS, BRENDA KAY; Rich- mond, Social Work Club, p. 420. WILLIAMS, DON; Bethel, Ohio, Sigma Nu, p. 420. WILLIAMS, DAVID JOEL; Corbin, Marketing Club, Phi Beta Lambda, p. 420. WILLIAMS, ELIZABERH CAROL; Hopkinsville, Kappa Alpha Theta— President, p. 420. WILLIAMS, W. SCOTT; Kappa Alpha— President, p. 420. WILSON, CHARLES EDWARD; Rockville, Maryland, p. 420. WILSON, LEWIS; Richmond, p. 420. WILSON, STEPHEN EDWIN; Lebanon, Ohio, Geology Club— President, p. 420. WINBURN, SAMUALL.; Louisville, p. 420. WINKLER, ROBERT GLEN; Rushville, Indiana, p. 420. WINTSON, SHIRLEY DEBRA; Lin- colin, Delaware, Delta Psi Kappa, Field Hockey, p. 420. WIRES, KAREN J.; Wooster, Ohio, Association of Law Enforcement, p. 420. WISE, KAREN ANN; Louisville, Delta Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, p. 420. WITHERS, WILLIAM RAY; Cynthiana, p. 420. WITT, GARY W.; Orlando, p. 420. WOODDELL, SANDRA S.; West Jefferson, Ohio, Kappa Delta, p. 420. WOOSLEY, DONNIE RAY; Winchester, Association of Law Enforcement, p. 420. WOOTON, LAVADA SUE; Hazard, p. 420. WOOTON, OCTA BELLE; Har- dinsburg, Recreation Club, p. 420. WORLEY, SHELLEY MICHAEL; Monticello, p. 420. WREN, BARBARA NELL; Covington, Alpha Gamma Delta, Direction Eastern, p. 420. WURTZBACHER, KAREL L.; Springfield, Ohio, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Alpha Little Sister, p. 420. WYANT, NANCY MARIE; Charlotte, North Carolina, Chi Omega, Pi Beta Lambda, p. 421. YOUNG, BRENDA LEE; Ashland, p. 421. YOUNG, PAULA ANN; Erlanger, CWEN ' s, p. 421. YOUNG, VALERIE C; Trinidad, p. 421. YOUNG, WILLIAM E.; Tompkinsville, Sigma Nu, p. 421. YOUNGS, STEVEN RAY; Rich- mond, Phi Delta Theta, p. 421. YOUNGS, VALERIE ISON; Rich- mond, Kappa Delta, 421. ZEIGLER, MARY LOUISE; Maysville, Phi Upsilon Omircon — President, SNEA — Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate Pen- tacle, p. 421. ZIMMERMAN, VICKY LYNN; Russell Springs, p. 421. ZIPPERLE, SHARON MARIE; Louisville, Marketing Club, Ac- counting Club, p. 421. ZONCA, DAVID SNTHONY; Lansford, Pennsylvania, p. 421. ZURFACE, BRUCE WAYNE; Wilmington, Ohio, Agriculture Club, p. 421. ZUERCHER, RICHARD REID; Louisville, p. 421. Index and Directory Senior Credits 563 INDEX AND DIRECTORY A— Aaron, Judy Abbott, Deborah L. Abbott, Fredenik A Abbott. Frednck H Abbott. Janie L. Abbott, Larrv G 439 Abbott. Phillip B Abel, -leannetle M. Abell, Dennis L. Abell. Evelyn M. 139, 153. 465 Abig, Susan M Abig. Yvonne L 379 Abies, Kalhy D. 46. ' i Abner. (ieorRe Abner. Lester B. Jr Abner. Shirley A 439 Abney. ( " harles E Abney, tirover R. Abney, Jessie F Abney. Joe T 422 Abney. Joseph D, Abnev, Karen L Abney. Lilhan J 439 Abney, Linda E 4G5 Abney. Pamela C G Abney, Saundra P Abnev, Teme J 499 Abney. William M 194 Abflhear, Bonita F Absbear. Mark W 465 Abshear. Paul V 4.39 Acciardo, (lilbert A, Aciiflrdo, Gilbert A- ACCULINTING CLUB 295 Arh, Jiihanna F Achu, Emmanuel Acklev. .lames C 439 Actes, .lamie A 336 Acree. Lester W 465 Aclon, Nevelyn N Adair, Kenneth A Adair, Richard T Adair. Robert T Adams. Chanase M 272 Adams, Cynthia M. 499 Adams, Dale R 371. 439 Adams, Debora K. 499 Adams, Deborah D, Adams. Denver Adams, Flora W. Adams, Floyd R Adams, Gary D. Adams, ieri E Adams, Glenn L 499 Adams, Gregory S. 189, 190, 191 Adams. Jan et ( ' Adams Janice G S 269. 379 Adams. Jeffery S Adams. Jerry W, Adams. John M Adams. John W II Adams. Joni M 143, 266 Adams. Kimberlv A. 499 Adams. Urr W ' 499 -Adams. l.aura H Adams. Lynn ( ' . Adams, Margaret A Adams, Marsha J Adams. Michael S. Adams, Patricia S, Adams, Paula M. Adams, PhvHis J W Adams, Rodger D Adams, Ruth A. B Adams, Sally B Adams. Samuel Adams. Samuel M. Jr Adams Sarah J H Adams, Scotty D 347 Adams. Sherwoixl S Adams. Susan Adams. Susan D Adams. Tamara L Adams, Teresa D AdamsThomas S Adams. William D. 2«9 Adams. William F Adams, William 0. Adamson, Catherine L 422 Adams-m. Gail 291 Adamstin, Jama G, 439 Adan. Dinora Adan. Dmorah M. Addis in, Nettie Adint ' in, Debra A 269, 426 Adkins, Bertee Adkins. Betty J 386. 499 Adkins. Betty S Adkins, Bobbv G Adkins, Bulch 285, 465 Adkms, Dale 31 Adkins, Edwin P, Adkins. Floretla J Adkins. Gordon P. Adkins, James E, Adkins, Kenneth W 298 Adkins. Marilyn J. 499 Adkins, Pauline B, Adkms, Thomas D. 285 Adkins. Timothy R. 499 Adkiswm, Pamela E M 222, 379 Adkisson, Robert L. Adkisfton, Thomas L, 379 Adwell, Steven T 266. 371 Aftar, Nematollah AG CLUB 297 Agboola. Grace A Agee, Eleanor R. Agee, Michael H. Agee, Sammy Agee. Teresa S Abler, Jane I. Ahlers, Kathy A 499 Ailiff, Kimberly J Aker«, Constance L Akers. Curtis A. AkerB. John T. Akers, Nancy F. Akers, Novania 465 Akers, S, Michael Akin, Mark P. 330, 333, 359 Akin, Roben K, Akins. Gary W Albaugh, Rebecca S Albaugh, Richard L, 351 Albers. Ronald K Albers. Thomas M 282, 289. 379 Albright, Steve Albntlen, James D. 347 Albro. Robert L, 11 426 Albro, Vernon L Alcom, Melvin .Alcorn, Randell Alcorn, Roger W. Alcom. Susan T. Alderton, Steve L. 465 Aldrich, Tanya L. Aldridge. Patricia M Aldridge. Rita F Aldridge, Willie D. .Alexander, Alice M .Alexander. Arnold R, Alexander, Clara A. .Alexander. Clyde Jr Alexander, Deborah L .Alexander, Dexter L Alexander, Gola A Alexander, Hughes A. Alexander, James A Jr Alexander, Jan T Alexander. Jeanette E. Alexander. Jewell M. Alexander, Kathy S. Alexander. Rex W 285. 422 Alexander. Robert P. -Ift Alexander. Vicki L. 379 Alford. Barbara A 107 Alford, Barbara G 426 Alford, David A. Alford. James L. 379 Alford, Pam S Alger. Stephen R. 110 Allan, Christv M, 368. 499 Allen, Anna R. 75, 263, 344 379 Allen, Anthony C Allen, Barrv J. Allen Bemal B. Allen. Bobby J. Allen, Cathy S. .Allen Clinton S. Allen. Dale W. Allen, Deborah A 465 Allen, Deborah K. Allen, Donna B 499 Allen Donna D Allen, Duane D 439 Allen, Edwina M. Allen. Fay 268 Allen, Frances S. 292, 499 .Allen, Gary M Allen, Gregory D Allen. Hilary L. Allen, Hilda F .Mien. Jamea 499 Allen, James D, .Allen. James 0. Allen. Judith C. Allen. Judy A. M. Allen. Karen Alien, Kim M Allen Margaret E 426 Allen. Mary E 264 Allen, Melvin D Jr. Allen. Mike L. 310, 307 Allen, Regina L. 426 Allen, Richard R Allen, Shern H Allen, Stephen G AllenSteven W, Allen, Susan D. 465 Allen, Thomas E. Allen, Thomas E. Allen, Wayne S 499 Allen, William M. Allen, Yvon Allender, Dinah M. Alley, Michael J. Alley, Thomas G. Alley. William D Allison, Becky S 334, 499 Allison, Jem E 353. 499 Allison, Shem L Allnutl. Constance L 29L 292 Allnutt, Dannv C Almon, Mary D- 379 Aloisi. Thomas A 499 ALPHA BETA TAU ALPHA DELTA PI 334 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 336 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 339 ALPHA KAPPA DELTA ALPHA PI (iAMMA ALPHA PI SIGMA 266 Alsayeg, Abdulrahman 289 Alsip. Geraldine B 439 Alsman. Edward Jr Alston. Robert K. Jr AUhoff, Hildegard A. Alvino, Elaine M, Alyino,.Jo9eph H. 118. 135 Alzaagi, Abdulaziz A. 289 Akaman. Faridah S. -Alzaman, Hassan S. Amacher. David L. Ambrose, Colleen E. Ambrose, Neena D, 153, 265 Ambrose, Thomas K Amburgey, Gregory D. Amburgey, Jeff S. 499 Amburgey, Kanon L. Amburgey. Phillip H. 379 Amburgey, Rita W. Amburgey. Timothy W Amburgey, Vicki J, 499 Ambum. Da vid W Ambum, Thomas A AMERICAN BCSINESS ASSOCIATION " 294 AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Aminilari, Mohammad N. Aminilari, Mohammadh Amos, Jerrv W. Amster. Ehzabeth E 284. 499 Anbar, Kemal 110, 111 Anderson, Benita F Anderson. Bertha J Anderson. Betsey F Anderson. Carol E. 379 Anderson. Catherine E. Anderson. Debbie R. 499 Anderson, Debra B Anderson Delbert M Anderson, Donald B. .Anderson, Donna S Anderson, Doug 282 Anderson, Elizabeth A. 499 Anderson Helen, K. Anderson, Janet K. Anderw)n, Jayne H. Anderson, Jeanette L. 422 Anderson. Jennifer L, 499 Anderson, John R. Anderson. John W Anderson. Karin S. Anderson, Kelly E, Anderson Laurie L, 293, 439 Anderson. Linda S. Anderson. McDowell Anderson, Michael L. Anderson Michael W Anderson, Pamela K. Anderson, Peter J. Anderson, Raymond F. Anderson, Rita L 368, 277, 439 Anderson, Rj ibert C. 465 Anderson, Robert D Anderson, Robert L Anderson, Stephen V. Anderson, Terry R. Anderson Theresa A Anderson, Thomas R 499 Anderson. Truman 439 Anderson, Wesley D. Andes, David R, 286 Andrews, Dana N 112,379 Andriot, Denise M, 465 Anes, Sharon L. 499 .Angel, Sundae D 465 .Angeli. Michael D. 364 Angerman. Steven P. Angle. Darrel W. Anglim. Wayne T Anglin. Floyd Anness. Kerry T. .Anness. Nancy L. 499 Anness, Rita G. M. Ansley, George 268 Anspach, Kevin L, Amis. Karen S. 379 Antrim, Bonnie P Antrim, Wayne L. Appenfelder! Margaret 232, 263, 271 293. 372, 379 Applegate, Lisa J 465 Applcgate, Teresa A. Appleman. Charlene F. .Appleman, Michael Arbuckle. Betsy M. 379 Archev. Richard L. 199. 439 Ard, kim L, 499 Arehart, Lynda L 281. 293, 439 . rens, t regor M. HI Arens, Robert L. Arey, Richard B, An, " Alireia Arlinghaus, Kimberlv 499 Armbruater. Judv M. 336. 499 Armey, Anthony B. 297, 37L 439 rArmistead. Peter S Arms, .loan K 439 Armstrong. Sheldon E. Armstrong, Tereaa L. 426 Arndts, Teresa J. 78, 293, 465 Arnett, Cheryl L. Arnetl. Earl T. Arnett. Gloria L 499 Arnett. Jackie L Arnett. Pamela S 499 Arnett, William G. Arney, Roy W 379 Arnold, Anne F Arnold. Betty F P. Arnold. Deborah G Arnold. Glendon I. 465 Arnold, Gregory A. Arnold. John W Arnold. John W Arnold. Kathy G 291 Arnold, Kenneth L. Arnold. Larry C. Arnold, Lewis E Arnold, Nancy J. 426 Arnold. Patrick A 284 Arnold, Paul K 465 Arnold, Rcnita C 439 Arnold, Richard L. Arnold. Robert B. Arnold. Robert W Jr. Arnold. Steven D 340, 465 Arnold, Susan K 465 Arns, Maria K, 499 Arrigon, Cathryn A. 264, 379 Arrowood, Loretta F 499 Arrowood, Sandra K, 301 Arthur, Alva L, Arthur, James D Arthur, Jennifer L ARTS AND CRAPTS FAIR 3 . Arvin, Joyce H. Aschendorf, Eric F. 347 Aseere. Julia A, Aseere. Victoria M. 465. 499 Ashby, Kenneth H. Jr. Ashby. Marshall E. Jr. 500 Ashby, Martha S. Ashcraft. Debbie L. 500 Ashcraft, James A Ashcraft, Martha L. Ashcraft, Shirley G- 465 Asher, Bemice J. Asher, Douglas E. Asher, Flora P. Asher, Hermon Asher, JuanJta Asher, Raymond Jr. Asher, Sandra P. Asher, Sharon L. Ashford, Vivian T. 439 Ashley, Billy D. Ashley, Brian P, 322, 465 Ashley, George K. Ashley. John D Ashley, Kristin D. Ashraf, Mohsen AS ' D 295 Ask.ns. William A. Aslett, John H Assanuvat. Debra A. Assanuvat, Sithi Assapimonwait. Rachen 439 ASSOCIATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT 296 Atchison. Richard E. 372 Atchison, Timothy P Atchley, Alice M Atha, Vicki L. Atha, Wanda P, Atha, Wesley A Atkins, Bertee 294 Atkins, James H. Jr. Atkinson, David M. Jr. Atkinson, Jo Anne Aton, Ahmosis Atterbury, John L. Atw(K)d,Ebba L. Atwood, Janet D. Alwood. Thomas Atzinger, Mary R 544 Aubrey, Frank B Augustin. Leslie G 465 August in, Tracy C. 500 Aurich, Craig AURORA 319 Austin. Cheryl L. 272, 439 Austin, Jeffrey L. Austin, Kathy A Austin. Warren J. Austin, William R. AVERAGE WHITE BAND 49 Averett, Marlin G. Averill. Jamea L Averill, Laura J. Avery, Constance L 426 Ayer, Mildred S Ayera. Herman D. Ayers. Kenneth A Jr Ayres, Debora K, 379 Ayres. Harvey D Ayres, Robert C. Ayres, Samuel J Azbell, Nancy R. 286. 465 Azimi. Javad Azzarito. Constance G. — B— Babb. Karen E Babbini. Eugene P. Babich. Michael 379 Bach. M Ellen 267, 307. 357 Bach. Patricia L 465 Bachman, Kameron Bacic, John R, Back, Gary W 371 Back, Gregory D. 500 Back. James 500 Back. Luetta Back, Tana K 293, 439 Bacon, Horace S Bacon, Kimbrella R. Badran. Saeed M. Baer. Joel W. I. ' i4 Bagby. Cara M Bagby. Douglass A. Baghaki, Abdol M. Baierlein, Lillah E. Bailes. Steven R, 371 Bailev, Carolvn R. 332, 336. 379 50,5 Bailey, Cecilia H, 48, 465 Bailey, David C. Bailey, David T Bailey, Debra G. Bailey, Denise M. 500 Bailey. Donna J. Bailey, Esther J 379 Bailev. Gregory W 277, 379 Bailey. Karen 268 Bailev, Larry W. 180. 181. 309 Bailey, Marv L 291, 379 Bailey. Michael J -294. 4.39 Bailey, Michael J, .379 Bailey, Nora K. G Bailey, Patricia K. Bailey, Patricia S. Bailey, Pearley M. Bailev. Robert J. Bailev, Roy D Bailey. Sandra K. 465 Bailey. Scottie J, Bailey. Vickii L. Bailev. Virginia H 334 Bailiff.Robert D, 367 Bain. Llndaey A. Baird. David R, 284 Baity. Karen R. 371. 439 Baker. Barbara S Baker, Beverly S, Baker, Billie J Baker, Brenda K 289, 292. 379 465 Baker. Brenda S. Baker, Clara J. Baker, Catherine J. Baker, Charles W. Baker. Chester H. Baker Clarke R, 347 Baker, Cynthia L. Baker, Darryl C. Baker. David L. Baker, Debora A. 284. 439 Baker. Don T. Jr. Baker. Edward A. Baker. Elizabeth S. Baker, Frances W. Baker, Franchot 544 Baker, Frank W. Baker, Fred Baker, George W, Baker, Ginger L. Baker, James E 439 Baker, Janice P Baker, Jannette Baker. Jeanette B. Baker. Jeffrey A. 62 Baker, Jeffrey H. Baker, Jennifer A. Baker, John !■ Baker, Kalharvne S, Baker, Lou A 426 Baker. Marshall T, Jr. Baker. Mary P. Baker, Mayme P. Baker. Melissa A. Baker, Michelle J, Baker, Milton E. Baker. Nancy G. Baker, Nina J. Baker, Peggy A. 500 Baker, Peggy A, Baker, Randall D. Baker. Richard L, Baker. Robert L, 465 Baker. Roger K. 500 Baker , Rosemarv A 426 Baker, Ruth D. 339. 439 Baker, Sandra K, Baker Sharon D. Baker, Shirley L Baker, Stephen D. Baker, Susan B- Baker, Tim W. 465 Baker, Tommy Baker, William E, 257 Baker. Winifred A. 439 Balchunas, John W, Balchunaa, Meredith B Baldridge, Alice L. H, 379 Baldridge, Bobby R Baldwin, Brian P Baldwin, Carol A 296, 439 Baldwin, Cheryl L. Baldwin, Eileen K, Baldwin, Elizabeth J. Baldwin, James C Baldwin, Janelle L. Baldwin, Joanne B Baldwin, John W. ID Baldwin, Marion L. Baldwin, Mary J. 439 Baldwin, Max E. 500 Baldwin, Steven E. Baldwin, Tina L- 500 Bales, Howard G. Bfllhatchet, Elizabeth Balk. Kent J. Ball, Beth A. 544 Ball, Bobbie Jean Ball, David R- 49, 379, 107 Bali. Effie M. Ball, Elizabeth A Ball, John R Ball, Kenneth R. Ball, Larrv D Ball, Linda S. 295, 343. 439 Ball, Mane M Ball. Susan B. Ball, Timothy L. Ball, William L. Jr. ;J80 Hallard. Bobby G. Ballard, Debra W. Ballard, Janice A. Ballard. John R. Ballard, Lloyd D Ballard, Martha L Ballard, Mary E. 136, 465 Ballard, Otis D. Ballard. Peggy P Ballard. Randall R 11 284. 465 Ballard. Ross 267. 277 Ballard. Vickie Hallard Wanda S. Hallinger. Bert W. Ballinger. Virginia J. Ballou, Kenneth A. 282 Ballamith, Nicholas J, Band, John T. 348, 380 Bandy. Bernie B Bandy. Connie L. M Bandy. Debra J. Bankemper, Kathy A, Hanks. Carol P, Hanks. Danny D, Banks, Kelly A. Banks, Mary M. Banks Sandra S. Bannon, Eileen R. Banta, Richard B Banther, Veronica L. 500 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 285 Barada. David A, 380 Barber, Jacqueline Barber, James J. Barber, Jeffrey L. Barber, Patricia A, 104, 105, 302 BARBER SHOP 549 Barber, Tina S. 380, 514 Harbour, Dennis R. Barbour, Jacqueline A. 500 Barbour, James B. 500 Barbour. James L. 564 Index and Directorv Barbour, Kim M, 466 Barbour, Willard N. Barclay, Karen L. Barclay, ThomaH E. Barger, Mary C, Barger, Pamela G. Barger, Teresa C. 439 Barger, Tilford 465 Bargo, Donna S. G. Bargo, Gloria J, Bargo, Harold G. Bargo, Michael J. 367 Bargo, Quetba J. 500 Barker, Barbara A. Barker, Cindv L. 465 Barker, Dawn P. 426 Barker, John P. Barker, Kimberly J. Barker. Leigh A. Barker. Nancy G. Barker. Oymma L. 307 Barker. Rex D. Barker, Robert S, Barker. Robin E, 301. 500 Barker, Rulh A. Barker, Tommy Barker. Winford S, Barkley, Joey C. Barkley, Samuel C. Barlow. David W, Barlow. Vickie S. Barn. Elapeth M, Barnard, Phillip E. 380 Barnes, Billy M Barnes, Bryan D, Barnes, Clara J. Barnes, Connie S, Barnes David C. Barnes, Debbie S, ,W0 Barnes Deborah R, Barnes, Freda E. Barnes, Jim C. Barnes, Jonathan P. 296, 380 Barnes, Judy G. Barnes, Kimberly E. Barnes, Michael H. Barnes, Naomi R. 380 Barnes, Paul F. Barnes, Porter L. Barnes. Ronnie E. Barnes. Sandra L, Barnes, Terry C, Barnes, William E. 285 Barnes William T. Barnett. Barbara A, C, Barnett. Becky A. 439 Bamett. Diana R. Barnett, Howard C. Barnett, John L, Bamett. Leda R. 500 Barnett, Lois A. Barnett. Robert W. Jr- Bamett. Roslyn L, 465 Barnett. Thelma L. Bamett, Vernon C. Barnett, Wanda M. 77. 500 Bamelle, David S. Barney, Vera A Bamhart, Monna J. 363 Bamhart, Patti J 463 Bamicott. Paul T, Bamott, Fred D. 372. 380 Barr. Dixon 204 Barr, Edward Standish Barr, Paul J. Barr, Sheila M. Barrett. Anna B. Barrett. Daniel H. Barrett. Eli .abeth M. Barrett. Fred Jr. Barrett, George M. Barrett, Jamie L, Barrett, Mitchell L- Barrelt, Sharon K. H, Barrett, Valerie D. Barricklow, Douglas E. 439 Barriteau, John P, Jr. Barry. Anne C, Barry. Mark R. 465 ■ Barry. Martin E. Barry. Michael B. Barsotti, Kitty D, Baraotli, Marion S. Barsotti, Mark M. Bartel, Rebecca L. Barter. Rebella 500 Barth, Barbara E. 289, .307, 439 Barth, Kim 107 Bartholomew, Amy J. 268. 343 Bartholomew, Timothy 368 Barllett, Joan E. 380 Bartley, Sheila R. 466 Barton, Brenda A. 312, 500 Barton, Harold B, Barton, John C. Barton, Lawrence E, Barton. Lowie N. L. Barton, William E- 466 Bartuka, Kenneth E. Barwick, Ethel M. BASEBALL 106 Basham, Beverly W. 466 Basham, Edward H. Basham, Lori L. 500 Basham, Marv L. 600 Basham, Viki 295. 357, 439 Baskin, Derrick P, Bass. Steven G. 107, 367 Bassett, Ronald E, Bastin. Charles E Bastin, Loyd K, Bastin. William S. Jr. 439 Baston. Linda F, Basyuni. Abdulla A. Batch, Donald L. Batch, Mary E. Bates, Brenda D Bates, Debra R, Bates, Dexter R. Bates. Gary D, 380 Bates, MarciB A. Bates, Marsha Y. 334 Bates, Susan C. Bates, Vicki L. Bates, William R. IV. Batson, James L. Jr. Batte, Mary J. Batten. Bruce C. Batts, John L. Battaon, Stephanie J. 285, 439 Battye. Kim L. 299, 466 Bauer. Karen S, .380 Bauer. Sharen A. Bauer. Tanja S. Baugh, Carol M. L. Baugh, Ronnie W. Baughman, Jeffrey G, Baughman, Patricia A. 426 Baughman, Tyrone M. Baughman. Vicky M. Haull, Tishe D. ' Baumann, Mary J. 263, 271. 28i 291, 293, 439 Baumgardner. Douglas Baumgardner. Harriet Bauter. Polly A. Baxter. James S. Baxter. Margaret G, Baxter, Martin F. 439 Baxter. Mary L. 466 Baver. Benjamin J. 380 Bayes, Cynthia A. 380 Bayes. Ronald J. Baves, Teresa S. 380 Beach, Bradley A, 371 Beach. Larry W. Beach, Maria J. Beach. Paul R. Beacham, Abbie 0, Beachler, Brenda K Beagle, Steven E. Beard. Cheryl J, 500 Beard. Glenna M, 426 Beard. James D Beard, William J, Bearden, Karen W. 339 Beare, Vicki R. Beasley. Kevin M. 285 Beasley. William D. ,307, 380 Reason. Cheryl L. Beason. Ellen L, 600 Beatty. Anthany Beatty, John R. Beaty. Judith A. 269. 380 Beavin, Ann C, 600 Beavin. Michael L. 439 Becht, Robert D. 440 Beck. Bernard S. Beck, Clem A Beck, David R. Beck, Gary W, Beck, Jeanie G. Beck. Meannda J. D Beck, Paula C. 291. 440 Beck, Rhonda L. 286, 291, 500 Beck, Rudolph W, Beck, Thomas J. 466 Beck. Valerie K. Becker. Larry S. 466 Becker. Raymond A Becker. Susan J. 234, 256. 327 380 Beckers. Gilbert L. Beckett. Cathy L. 500 Beckett, Sallee R, 426 Beckett, Timothy A. Beckett. Virginia A. Beckman. Julie K. 291. 500 Becknell. Karen A. Becknell. Philips. Becksmith, Ann M. Beckum, Theresa A, Beddow. Martha R. Beddow, Terry M. Bedell. DavidH, Beebout, Eloise H. Beeler, James O. Begley. Alexander Begley. Arthur D. Drama major Deborah Hannon finds that she doesn ' t look too bad wearing the mustache she made during Make-Up class. Begley. Deborah S Begley. Elizabeth A. Beglev. Granville Begley. Ira J, II 466 Begley. Unlie D. Begley, Lillie M. Begley, Phyllis A Begley, I venna J. Beglev, Robert 167 Begley. Rosemary L, Begovich. Mary D, Behbahani, Parviz Behley, Lauryn E, 466 Behvmer, Barbara E. 289. 291. 380 Beime. James S. 363. 359 Beitman. Gerald A, Belcher, Brenda Belcher. Carol S. 466 Belcher, Dennis W, Belcher, Emily W. Belcher. Ernest R, 466 Belcher. Francis R. Belcher, Gary B. Belcher, Gerald G. Belcher. Harold D. Belcher, Janice E, Belcher. Jennifer C. 353 Belcher Joseph L. Belcher, Kathy T. Belcher. Milton D. Belcher, Nancy C S. 205 Belcher. Terry L, Belden. Clifford L. 371, 380 Bell, Alan P. Bell. Barbara E. Bell. Carolyn H, Bell. Cheryl R. Bell. Debra L. Bell, Donald L Bell. Marcia M. Bell. Martha A. Bell. Marv F Bell. Michael E. 144 Bell. Micheal A. Bell. Randall M, 277 Bell. R-)bert L. Bell. Vernon L. Bellairs, Brian B Bellairs, Don E, Hellairs, Donald E, Jr. Bellairs, Maru Bellamy, Agnes M. 466 Bellamy George M. 286 Bellamy. M. Kenneth Jr. 351. 380 Bellamy. Sallie R, Beloat. Robert E. Bemiss, Lucy H. Bena. Richard 300 Bench, William M Bendall, Anne M Bender. Kenneth C. Benedict, Deborah L, Benedict, Mari E. 285 Benge, Anthony L. Benpe, Carl D. 294, :!80 Benge, Darlene Benge, Martha J 466 Benge, Norma J. Benge. Tamara L 600 Benjamin, Susan E Rennet. Bruce Gordon Rennet. Lois D. Bennett. Alice F. Bennett, Bemice Bennett. Bevelyn S. 295. 466 Bennett. Bonnie S. Bennett. Daniel D. Bennett. David L. Bennett. Debra E. Bennett. Dewey C, Bennett, Ellen ' c. 500 Bennett, Jeffrey K. 500 Bennett, Jeffrey R, Bennett, Jerold D. Jr. 466 Bennett. Keith E. Bennett Mark E. Bennett, Norman L. Bennett, Patsy A. Bennett. Wanda S Benney. Diane C Benningfield, Jana D. 500 Benningfield, Richard Benock. Theresa C. Bensing. Gayle A. 380 Benson, Andre A. Benson, Richard L. Bentley, Adrian E. Bentley, Charles W. Bentley, Cynthia A. Benlley, Dorella S. .500 Bentley, Eleanor D Bentley, Jane S. C. Benlley. Kimberlv S. 600 Bentley, Steven W. .600 Benton, Jesse C. 500 Beresford. Alice M. 291, 500 Berg, Stephen W, Berge. Marion M. Berge, Theodore J. .380 Berge. Thomas F. Berger, Keith 52 Berger, Thomas J. Bergman, Bonita N, Bergman, Guenther 110 Berke, Paula L. 500 Berkebile, Daniel C. 466 Berkley, Rodney L, Berkshire. Leslie K. Bernard. Larry W. Bernard. Lucy T. 500 Bernard]. Katherine G. Berner. Cindy Bemer. Joseph P. Jr. Berner. Steven R. Berrie. Charles M. 500 Berry, Anne 279 Berry, Beverly J, 302, 601 Berry, Brenda J. 466 Berry, Janet L. Berry, Jimmy A. Berry, Jody 344 Berry, John C. 466 Berry, Layman R. Berry, Melanie S 289 Berry, Merri J. Berry. Patricia A. 363 Berry. Patricia L, R. Berry. Stanley M 380 Berryman, Amy M. 282 Bcrryman, Carla K. Berryman, Dudley C Jr. Berryman. Marc E. 501 Berryman, William R. Bersaglia. William G. Berscheil. Barbara A. Berscbeit, Lawrence A. Bertaux, Edward A. Bertram, .leffrey A. Bertrand, Ann 268 Ik-rtrand. Edward J. Besser. David L. 466 Best, G. Shelby 340, 440 Best, George M. Best. Janet K. 466 Best. Joseph Best. Marilvn L. Beat. Martha F. 296. 380 Besuden. Henry C. IV Besuner, Paige A. 500 BE lA THETA PI .340 Bellenbroke. Michael Betlle, U)nnie E 372 Beutlel. Stephen R Beverly. Lisa A. 295, 371 Bevins, Omeki R. Bewley. Linda C. Beyer, Mary E. Beyersdiierfer, Rod J. Bezaury. Brian L. -380 Bhandhufaick, Chatcha Biagi, Margaret M. BiaB i, James D. Bibbins, Rick C 107. 340 Bibbs, Billie F Bidarian. Abbas Bidanan, Akbar Bidanan, Mohammad Bigesbv, Anthony H. Biggs, Randall F. 501 Biles. William E. Bill, Sandra K W Biller. Deborah K Billings. Patricia L. Billions, Karen fi. Billiter. Johnnie D. 466 Billiler. Michael R. Bills, .loseph K. 380 Billups, Mary V. Binder, Jack L. Benggeli, William L. BinEham. David M. Bingham, Donna J Bingham, Shamn L rAH Binklev. Karin M. Binklev, Timothy P. Birchfield , Christine 297. 440 Birchwell, Garv W Bird, William F Birdwell, Marv E. Birkofer. Lori E. 501, 307 Bisceglia, Lee A. 440 Bischoff. Karen L. 601 Bishop, Bridget A. 72, 272 Bishop, Carol M. Bishop, Clav M. 279 Bishop, Bayie Bishop, James R. Bishop, Janet T. 466 Bishop, Jennv L. 501 Bishop. Jerry A. 381 Bishop, Karen S. 286. 466 Beshop, Kevin J Bishop, Leia M. Bishop, Lois A, Bishop, Mary L. Bishop, Toni L. .501 Bishop, William B, Bisig, Daniel G. 333, 371, 380 Bi.sig, Gregory J, 371. 601 Bisig, Mary C. 440 Bisig. Sondra K. G Bisping, Debra M. 158. 501 Bitsko, Richard G. .56. 307 Bitters, William P. Bivins. Claude B. 285. 440 Black. Ann B Black. Delores A. Black, Donna F. Black, Gonzella 235, 261. 267 381 Black, Greg A. Black James G. Black, Kenneth C. Black. Nancy A. 360. 501 Black. Nancy K. Baick, Pamela B. Balck. Peggy 1. Black, Roger W, Blackard, Michael L. Blackburn. Beverly J, Blackburn, Douglas D. Blackburn, Evelyn L. Blackbum, Gayle L, Blackburn. George C. 261 Blackbum, Man ' P. Blackburn, Robert J. Blackbum, William F, Blackerbv. David R, Blackerby. John H. Jr. .501 Blackson. Virginia A. 501 Blackwell. Kim L, Blackwell, Margarita Blackwell, Patncia A. 286, 290. 501 Blackwell, Rebecca J. 466 Blackwell, Roberta J. Blades, Elizabeth W, 289, 466 Blain. Richard A, 277 Blaine, Molly 0, Blaine. Rex L. Blair. Carl D, Blair, Darrell W Blair, Janet C. .502 Blair, Katherine A. 281, 466 Blair, Loretta G. Blair, Martha L. 295 Blair, Mary J. 247, 294. 295 :J8I Blair, Medina K. 502 Blair, Peg gy K, 364 Blair. Rebecca J. Index and Directory 565 Blais. Marie R. A. Blake. Delphine F- 502 Blake. Sarah 268 Blakeman. Carolyn S. T. 294. 4-10 Blakenian. Gregory G Blakemore. Connie S, 466 Blakemore, Woolfolk H BlaWey. Rodnev D Blakev. Timothy E Blandford. Charles R Blandford. David L, Blandford. Jane M, Blank. Linda K Blank. Marv P. Blankenahip. Allen M Blankenship. Cecil C Blankcnship, Charles Blankenship. Dane L Blankenahip, David K Blankenship. Ellen M. 381 Blankenship, Gary L Blankenahip. Gregg A Blankenahip. J. Wayne Blankenship. Margy W Blankenship, Or ' ille Blankenship, Roger D Blankenship, Terry L Blanu.n, Bamhi L Blanton, Damon H. Jr. Blanton, Essie L. Blanlun, Ina L, Blanlon, Paul T. Blanton. Peggy R. Blanton, Theresa L. 440 Blasms, Leslie D 2, ' H. 258. ;)21 Blecher. Jennifer 371 Bleds e. Arthur Bleds-ie, Berta A 440 Bled.soe. Charles L Bledsoe. Ernest E Blessman. Benjamin Blevens. Dale M. ,381 Blevens, Fay E Blevins. Jerrv D 294, 295. .381 Blevins. John D Blevins, Randall H Blevins, Ten L Blevins, Thomas M. .371 Blevins, Verena M. Bhck. Cvnthia K. 299. 440 Blick. Dannie W Blizzard. Su-san J. 440 Bloemer, Joseph E. Blohm, Bruce W Blnme, David J Blondell. Jack B. Blondel, Joanna M Blood. Madorah A. Bloomer. Mar ' Lee V, Blount, Carmen M 3.39 BlounI, Sharon C. B, Bloxom. Marv A .502 Blue, Linda K 312, .502 Blom, Charles R Bluman, Robert D, 440 Boals, Victoria A Board, Philip A Boarman. Mary L. Boalnght, Louis J. Eiobherl, Lois M. Boblenz. Teresa A .502 Boblitl, Larn ' W BobhU. Roger D Bnden. Curtis R. Bodley, Donald E 273 Bodmer, Rick L Boehnlein, Charles L. Boemker, Patricia S. 336, 466 B(jellcher. Charles L. B(jgan, Kevin R 466 Bogdan, Dan Boggesa. Frances A 336 Boggess, Jeffrey J 440 Boggs, Brenda ' j. 381 Bfigfis, Cathv 202 Bogga, Cathy S Boggs. Elizabeth A, Boggs. George R, Bfiggs. Glenda H Biigga, Irene Boggs, L )nnie Boggs. Marc D Boggs, Markus R, Boggs, Michael J. 440 Boggs, Paul D. 363 Bogie, Brenda S. Bogie. Jerry A Bohanan, James M Bf ihman, Jerry J. B ihn, Chrisline M 466 Bohn. Cynlhia F 198. .307, ,502 Bohnstedl. Charles W. 441 Boland. Patrick D- Bolding, Robert J. Bolduc, Rebecca L, Bolig, Amy R. Botig, Henrv P Bolin, M Diane Boiling, Danny W, Boiling. William C. Bollinger, Larrv N. Boll. Judith L. Bolton, Charles E 294 Bolton, Deborah A 466 Bolton. Debra L. Bolton, Gerald R. Jr Bolton. Jeanne C 426 Bolton. Rosemary J Bolton, Susan L. J. Bonagura, Debra A B-inar. Ronda M 381 Bonar. Verda F a.nd, Edna E. Bfind, Jeanie 502 Bond, Larry A, Bond Patricia G. Bond. Wilson 191 Bonbam, Charles F Bonham, Uwis I BoniTield, Barr ' L B.:.nin, Tina L. 3.34, 441 Bonk, Doug B H5. 130 Bonn. David E Bonn. Teresa R, Bonner. Beverly A, Bonner. Denny N. Bonny, Thomas H, Bonutti. Marv K. Booher, Michelle 343. 466 Booher. Sheri A 422 B-xine. Angela M. 441 Boone. Karla S 441 Boone. Mark F 368 Boone. Mary P 293. 502 Boone, Michael A Boone. Valerie K. Bootcheck. David J, 144. 145. 146 148, 150 Booth, Arthur T 367 Booth, Aubrey H Jr. Booth. Karen E Booth. Patricia L. 502 Bootbe. Billie S- Booze. David G. 118 Bordas. Sue E 466 Borden, Marlene D. 502 Borders, Cathy J D Borders, David B Borders, Deborah A D. Borders, Joseph G Borders, Jusv M Borders, Karen S. Borders, Kalhryn A 426 Boreing, Bobby R Borer. Cynlhia A Borgman, Michael S. Hf.rlmg. Gail A 381 Bom. Kirk C Boston, Cathy L. Boston, Nancy V 382 Boswell, Jeannie M 502 Boswell. Theresa K. 382 Bothman. Anthony B. Botner. Billy R Botner. Harold K 351 Bottom, Donna S 466 Bottom, Ronnie P Bottom, Vicki C 289, 292, 441 Bottoms, Nita L S. B..tt.pms, Richard E. Bottoms, Richard L. Bottoms, Sharon K. Bolts, Elizabeth A 382 Botts, Sharon K 294. 502 Boudinoi, Renee M 502 Boudreau, Jacqueline 544 Bouknight, Dan I. Boulware, Leiiani S. 441 Bounell, Christopher 368 Boume, Ann K Bourne, Linda D Btiume, Michael R. Bouvier, John E Bouyea. (ieorge .1 112 Bow, Roxanne 441 Bowdy. Valerie A 466 B.,wdy. William B 502 Bowen. Deborah L, Bowen. Francine H Bowen, Judith A, Bowen. Ramon M. 348 Bowen, Tare M 466 Bowens, Diane 290 Bowers, Jeanne M. ' 282. 466 Bowers, Lynn M 353. 441 [lowers, Robert T Bowers. Steven E. Bowlby. Richard E. Bowlds, Linda D 441 Bowles. Barbara L Bowles, Brenda S 466 Bowles, Darrell L Bowles. Jackie 107 Bowles. Jonathan D, Bowles. Patnck J 134 Bowles. William E. Bowlin. Pamela J Bowlin. Steven T Bowling, Arleen 0. 502 Bowling, Barbara J. 441 Bowling, Cora L 466 Bowhng, Deborah A 466 Bowling, Donald W. owling. Edward L Bowling, Elizabeth Bowling, Gavlen S, Bowling. Gene D Jr. Bowling. James A Bowling. Janie E. 334, 502 Bowling. Jerry Bowling. Karen L 502 Bowling. Larry D 422 Bowling, Lucinda S Bowling. Mary K Bowling. Marv L Bowling, N Diane Bowling, Norma J Bowling. Sandra F. 466 Bowling. Thomas A. 390, 441 Bowman, Ann L .502 Bowman, Barbara A, 117, 140. 257 422 Bowman, Charles R Bowman, Constance D 502 Bowman, David A 514 Bowman, Diana L Bowman, Edward J 284 Bowman. Janet T, Bowman, Mark C Bowman, Rosemary 502 Bowman. Stephen R. Bowman. Tory A 353 Bowman. Tracy L. Boyd. David R. Bovd. Elmo D. 118, 120, 127 Bovd. John A Boyd, John M Boyd. John P, Boyd. Mary E, 502 Boyd. Melodie L. Boyd. Wendell Boyer. Daniel S 467 Boyer. Steven W, Boyer, Terry L 426 Boylan, Barbara S. 441 Boyle, Joseph R 11,5. 368 Boyaen. Ernest J, Bracy. Rex A , Jr 158 Bradburn, Tonv L Bardburn, William D. Bradbury, Phil N Braden, Barbara A 382 Braden. Thomas H, Braden. Vickie L. 364. 502 Bradford. Robert W. Bradley. Daniel A. Bradley. Dorothy S, Bradley. Gordon L Bradley. Judy T Bradley. Margaret D, Bradley. Mary E Bradley. Rosalee B. Bradley. Sbiela G, Bradley. Steven A, Bradley. William M Bradshaw, Allie F. J. Bradshaw, Daniel R, Bradshaw, Mary L .502 Bradstreet, Michael A, 382 Brady, Barbara L. Brady. Larr. ' T Bragaw, Deborah A. Bragg. Darrel C, Brainard, Kiann G 467 Bramel, Kenneth G Bramer, David L. Bramlage, Linda R- 467 Brammer. Brenda G Brammer. Kenneth W. 340, 382 Branch. Frank Jr Branch, Lisa A. 3:i4, .382 Branch, Thomas H 441 Brand, Edwin C Brandenburg. Douglas Brandenburg. Kenneth 277 Brandenburg, Madonna 467 Brandenburg. Virgil Brandenstein. David C 359 Brandon, Richard G [I Brandon, Terry L Branham, C Kevin Branham. (iearldean A Branham, Tivis Branscomb, .lobnalban Branscum, Thomas E, 277, 292 Branson. Robert M Brant, Dennis G 109. 106 Brantley. Wanda ,1. Branlon, Jean D 467 Brashear. Alan G 441 Brashear. Anna M, 441 Brashear. Deborah H Brashear, Ellen K Brashear. Lauren A D. Brashear, I. la Brashear,Philip W Brashear, Russell M. Brashear, Vicki A Bralcher, William A Bralton, Janice L. 293 Bralton, Stephanie A. Brauch, David R Brauer, Mary K. .372, 503 Brauligam, Ellen L. 382 Bravard, Pamela L. Brawley, Charles T, Brawner, Jennie P. Brawner, Michael Q Bray, Deborah S Bray, John M. Brav, Kenneth D, 382 Bray, Marvin G. 340, 503 Bray, Terry V 371 Brayman, Edward F 372 Breckenkamp. Susan L, 503 Breeden, Susan G Breeding, Carolyn W, Breeding, Gregory D. Breeding, Robin S. Breeding, Sharon L, Breen, David J. 364 Breen. Dennis G. Breeze. Barbara A. Breeze, Jeffrey T Brebmc, Douglas M Brebme, James J. Bremenkamp, Karen L. 503 Bremenkamp, William E Brennan, Dennis J. 348 Brennan, James J Brenner, Jane A. 353. 372 Brent, Jill A, Brenlzel, Stewart E. Bressert, Jay A 382 Bretz, Frances A. Brewer, Betty J D. Brewer, Dewayne L. Brewer, Diana J H, Brewer, Diana L Brewer. Fern S. Brewer. James K Brewer. Jimmv L. Brewer. Kav F. 284, 302. 371 382 Brewer. Kenneth D. Brewer. Kenneth E. Brewer, Lenox A. Brewer. Lucille S Brewer. Michael G. Brewer, Nancy H, Brewer, Nelda S. Brewer, Scott E. Brewer, Teresa L. 343 Brewer, Wilham D Jr. Brewerton, Elizabeth Brewsaugh, Deniae M. Brewster, Betty ' Brian. David A Brian. David K, Bricken, Leonard J. Bricker. Michael L. 118 Bricking. Katherine L. 467 Bridgeman. David L. Bridges, Albert C. Jr. Bridges, Gregory J. Bridges, Henry L, Bridewaler. George S. Bridgforth. Pat K Bridwell, Gail A. Bridwell, Harold D. 467 Bnganti, Louis N Briggs. Karen J 503 Brigga. Kimberly S, Bright. Brenda G. 467 Bright, Deborah S. 357 Bright. Frank M- Bright, Johnny E. Bright, Marine L, Dr. Milton King, a shriner clown, helps brighten up a dismal, rainy, Homecoming parade. Bright, Robert H. Bright Vickie L. 336, 442 Brightwell, Doris J. Bnghtwell, Pamela J 426 Briles, Anna M. Briley, James E. Ill Hnley, James R. Brilev, Sarah J, Brill, Jo A. H. Brill, Michael S. 503 Brindley, George E. Brindley. Patricia D 467 Bnnegar. Barbara L 357. 467 Bnnegar. Lois F 503 Bnnkley, Joyce L. Brinkman, Laura A Brinkmann. Timothy J, Bristow. Lavinia J. Bnslow, Robert E Bnstow. Steven R. 382 Brite. Alven 261. 282 Brut, Daniel B. 266, 297, 383 Bntt, Roy W II 503 Brittain, Neal L. Brittain, Ray F. Briiton, Randv Britz, Thomas L. Broaddua, Billy W. Broaddus, Carl N. Broaddus, Hubert C, Broaddus, Patricia M. Broaddus, Thomas C. Broadus, Frank F. 115 Broadwater, Cecilia J. Brock, Anne F 467 Brock, Bema D. 467 Brock, Debora 503 Brock, Deborah K, ,503 Brock. Edward W Brock. Glenn S Brock, Gregory L Brock. Howard Brock, Janet L. Brock, Kathryn A. 426 Brock, Kim D. Brock, Leonard Jr. Brock, Peggy C. Brock, Phillip Brock, Ruby D Brock, Susan C, Brockman, Ann H Brockman, Elisa J 363. 442 Brockman, Paul R. Brockman, Tena H. Brodt. Edward R, Brogle, Virginia L. 503 Brohm, Mary L Bronaugh, Kathie F Bronaugh, Michael P. 503 Bronn, Don 0. 382 Brooks. Bridgette D. 503 Brooks, Cathy L. 442 Brooke, Cindy J. 426 Brooks. Oouftlas H. Brooks, Ida M. 339, 442 Brooks, Janet S Brooks, Johnnie K, Jr. 503 Brooks, Joseph E 426 Brooks. Michael A. 467 Brooks. Patricia B Brooks. Richard K 144. 146 BriHiks. Ruasell M. Bnwks. Sherry L, 382 Brooks, Susan M Brookshire, Carolyn S 426 Brookshire, Mary K. Brookshire, Steven G. 262. 266. 298 383 Broomfield. Dorothy J. Brosky. Vincent J Brothertun. Valerie A, Broti-ge. Cherv ' l L. 383 Brough, Daniel L. Brough, David K, 240, 290, 382 503 Brough, Thomas G Broughton. Jane E Broughton. Royetta Brown. Anita K Brown. Benjamin A. Brown. C Clement Brown. Carla J. Brown. Charles S. Jr. Brown, Charlton L. Brown, Connie J. Brown, Cougar M. 426 Brown, Danes G. Brown, Danny S. Brown, Deborah A Brown. Dennis E Brown, Evelyn L 503 Brown, Freda K Brown, Gary D Brown, Glenna J Brown, Gloria A, Brown, Hammiel L. 286. 291. 383 Brown. Harold A. Brown. Jack L. 442 Brown. Jacque L Brown. James N, Brown. James W. II Brown, Jeffrey L. Brown, John D. Brown, John D. Brown, Judy G. 295 Brown, Karen F. 467 Brown. Karen K. Brown, Kevin 441 Brown. Larry D Brown, Lawrence T, Brown, Leighanna F 357, 383 Brown, Linda F Brown, Lisa A Brown, Marian K. Bniwn, Mary B Brown. Mary E Brown. Mary J. B. Brown. Mary L. 566 Index and Directory Brown, Michael E. Brown. Neil W. 442 Brown. Norman D. Brown, Pamela E. 293. 360 Brown. Patricia 282. 503 Brown. Patricia A. TjOS Brown, Patricia B. Brown, Patricia K. Brown, Paul D. Brown, PeRRy W. Brown, Priscilla A. Brown, Ray Brown, Richard D. Brown, Rita E, Brown, Robert L. Brown. R jbert T. Brown. Robert W. Jr. Brown, Rondal L. Brown, Rosetta 426 Brown, Ruby K. Brown. Ryan K. 383 Brown. Sandra R. 503 Brown. Sandra S. Brown. Steven C. 195, 503 Brown. Taunya H. Brown. Thomas W. Brown, Timmy C. Brown, Vicky L, 442 Brown. Waller S. 442 Brown, Wanda E. Brown, Wanda J. Browne, Thomas R. Brownell, Patricia L. Browning. Ambie L. 265, 442 Browning. Beth E. 0. 292, 383 Browning, David L. Browning. David R browning, James D. Browning, Leander C. 383 Browning, Leila A. Browing, Melba J, 383 Browning. Richard L 273 Browning, Walter A. 442 Browning, William W. Brownlee, Billie J. 426 Bruce, Alice R. Bruce. John W. Bruce, Mary A. 503 Bruce, Michael G. Bruce. Randall T. Bruce, Terri A. Bruck, Marilyn S. 336. 442 Bruer. Kathy 282 Brumback, Charles F. Brumfield. Charles W. BurmTield, Kogan L, Brumfield, Richard L. 467 Brumlield. Robm G, 230 Brumley, Charles F Brummell. Brady Bruner, Judith A. 442 Bruner, Randy J Bruner, Stephen M. Brunker, Catherine Brunker, Jerry W Brunker, Kelley 184 Brunker, Mary J. Brunner. Donald J. Brunson, Arthur J. Jr. Brunton, Lmda L. 467 Bryan, Kathryn C, 334 Bryan, Michael Bryant, Andrew H. Jr. Bryant. Brenda K, Bryant. David S. Bryant, Debra J, 503 Bryant, Denise D. S. Brvant, Gale A Brvant. Jackie J. 298. 467 Bryant. Jacquelyn C. E. 503 Br ' ant. James K, Bryant, James P. Brvanl, Jane M. 503 Bryant, Janet D- 336 Br ' ant. John B. Bryant, Larry M. Brvant. Patricia G. Y, Brvant. Rickey W. Br ant, Robert D. 331 Bryant, Sarah A. Bryson, Judith M, Buchanan. Billie S, 426 Buchanan, Charlotte L. 544 Buchanan. Fredrick H. 340 Buchanan, Linda E. 357 Buchanan. Lonnie R. Jr. Buchanan, Nellie A. R. 467 Buchanan, Rebecca G. Buchanon, Suzanne Bucher, James A. Bucher, Linda L. Buchert, David P. Buchholz, Gar L. 347. 467 Buchignani, Barry P Buchignani, Harold J. Buchmann. Albert H. Jr. Buck. Deborah L. 161, 343, 372 Buckler. Clarence H. 503 Buckler. Connie L. Buckler. Roger G. 426 Buckley. Rita H. Buckman, Mary C. 290, 442 Buckman. Paul V. Buckman. Sheila M. 503 Buckner, James I. Buckner, Leroy Buckner, William D. Budke, Ella J. 467 Budroe, Robert M. 371 Bues. James P, Bues. Nancy J. 467 BUFFET, JIMMY 55 Buffin, Barbara E- 467 Buffington, Gwen R. 292 Bugg, David T. Bugg. Mark D, Bugg, Stephen L- 297 Buky. Owen K. 442 Bulen, Dennis W. Bulishak. Daniel J. Bullen. Kathryn R. Bullen. Stephen G. Bullen, William K. Jr. Bullock. Brenda A. Bullock, James A. Bullock, James L. Bullock, Phyllis G. Bullock. Randy D. Bullock. Sharon C. Bullock. Sharon E. 78. 291 Bulmer. Gregory F. 372 Bulson. Rebecca L, Bumgardner. Gli-nna D, Bumgarner. Edward L. Bumgarner, Heidi D. 503 Bumgorner. Kathryn A. Bumpase, Dale T, 307 Bunch. Betty J. 467 Bunch, Carol A. .383 Bunch, Debbie A. 503 Bunch, Lawrence 0, Bunch, Lisa 1. 426 Bunch, Ronnie Hundy, Kelvin 442 Bundv, Larry A. Bunn Cheryl A, 4 ' 12 Buntain. Charlcne 334 Bunton. Laura S. Burdridge, Raymond L, Burbrink, Donald F. II 442 Burch. Brad E. 154, 157, 503 Burch. Judy C. Burch. Kenneth J. 364 Burcham. Carl W. 256. 383 Burchell, Harold D Burchetl, Jerry M Burchell, Kathrvn A. Burchell, William E. Burcklev. Ann K Burden. ' Judy D. 467 Burden, Rebecca S. Burdett, Cynthia L. 503 Burdetle, Edmund L. 383 Burdette. Jane T Burdette, Janice O. Burdette. Karen D 467 Burdette, Kermit R. Jr. Burdette, Patrick S. 468 Burdette, Taunia M. 468 Burdine, Jan 442 Burge. Bonnie A. Burge, William L. Burger, Barbara A, Burger. Carol R. Burger, Penny L 503 Burgess, Annette M, 503 Burgess, Mary G. Burgin, Irene T. Burgin, Trudy L. Burgin, Wayne G, Burke, Delbert F. Jr. Burke. Diana L. Burke. Dudley R. Burke. Edwina Burke, Ellen M Burke, Emily A, Burke, Janet S. 50.3 Burke. John W Jr Burke. Kathie J. 468 Burke, Kevin L. Burke. Margaret B. Burke. Polmer Burke, Susan M 503 Burkev, Linda G 503 Burkhardt. Ann 264 Burkhardt, Nigel D. 291. 383 Burkhardt, Virgmia A. 291. 383 Burkhart, Tammv Burkhart, Taini .503 Burklow. Sphar T 503 Burks. Darrell W 307 Burks, Doreen O. 442 Burks, Mark A. 364 Burks. Michael A Burks. Wesley G. 115, 442 Burmistrz, Raymond 118 Burnell, Dianna L Burnett, Carolyn S Burnett. Cheryl B. Burnett, Debbie L 383 Burnett. Eugene Burnett, James M. Burnett, Kathleen A, 291. 503 Burnett. Kevin C. 503 Burnett. Michael A. 442 Burnette, John H Burnette. Kathleen Burnham. Martha M. Burns, Caron A, Bums, Choon Dho 332, 363. 371 442 Burns, Daniel L. Bums, Donald W Jr. Bums, Frankie A Bums, Karen J 241, 263, 270 383 Bums, Pamela D Burns. Pauletta L. Burns, Peggy W, Burns, Rhonda G. 372, 383 Burns. Robert T. Bums. Susan J. Bums. William T. Burris, David R. Burris, James S. Jr. Burris, Wendell Burrus, Beverly A. Burrus, Charlotte M. 307, 344 Burrus, James K. Burt, Frances L. 140, 503 Burt, Kenneth G, Burt. Lawrence J. Burton. Bobby J. Burton. David G. 468 Burton, Gary E. Burton. George B. Burton. James J. Burton. Janet S. 442 Burton. Joe! M. Burton, John H. Burton, John L. Burton. Karen A. 504 Burton, Keith J Burton, Kenneth M. Burton, Norman E. Burton. 0. V. Burton. Paul R. Burton. Rebecca J 468 Burton. Sheila A. 468 Burton. Teresa A. 468 Burton, Tim C. Buser. Nancy M, Buser. Paul G. Bush. Barry L. Bush. Emily C. BuBh, Herman 268 Bush, Gary L, Bush, George W. " Bush, James M. Bush, Jonna S. Bush, Joyce A Bush, Joyce E. W. Bush, Monica L. Bush, Rosalind 468 Bush, Sheila A. 504 Bush, Teresa L. 371. 468 Bush, Theresa B. 158 Bush, William Bushnell. Fara G. 195. .503 Bussell, Kathryn D. Butcher. Betty R, Butler. James B. Butler. Margaret E. 29 ' !. 444 Butler, Martha L, Butler, Michael L, Butler, Peggy A. 468 Butler, Robert S. Butler, Sherry K. D. Butler, Stephen A, Butler, Teresa L. 357 Butler, Timolhy C 50J Buller, Timothy R. Bulon, Garv 504 Bulls. Elva S. 383 Buxton. Lee A. Bybee, Carolvn S. Bvbee, Lynne R. 281, 442 Byerly. Steve L, 351 Byers, Dale A. 38;i Bvers, Keith M. Byers, Maria J. 271, 378, 383 Bvher, Ed 44. 145 Byhre. Steven M, 294, 383 Byland, James T. 290 Bvrd, Anna J, 468 Bvrd. Brenda G. Byrd, Cynthia A. 286. 468 Byrd. Cynthia A, Bvrd, Erice W Jr. Byrd, Glen Jr. 298 Byrd, .lohn L Byrd, Lisa M Bvrd, Mvona S, Byrd, Norma J, Byrd, Richard S. 307 Byrd, Ronald Byrne, Margaret A, 504 Byrum, Alan R — c— Cable. Brenda Cable, Gwendolyn E, 290, 468 CADUCEUS CLUB 290 Cady. ( " harles D. Cady. Kathryn M Caesar, Colin 1 Caffee, Doyle H, Cabal. Regina R. 468 Cahill. David D Cain, Cathy S. 133, 383 Cain. Charles D. Cain. Christie L, 357, 504 Cain. Debbie L. Cain, Geraldine Cain, Gigi J 504 Cain. Gloria J, L Cain. Karen S. C Cain. Keith R. Cain. Margo L Cain, Penny D Cain, Vanny Cain, Wanda S. Cajka, Joseph P. 368 Calder. Corinne E, Calder. Nancy L 468 Caldwell, Andy L Caldwell. Brenda C, Caldwell, David W. Caldwell, Janice D, 442 Caldwell, Leroy Caldwell, Ricky J. Caldwell, Sheri L. 468 Calebs, Thurman G. Jr, 4 ' 12 Calhoun, Lesley D. Calhoun, Patrick W 442 Calico. Fred L. ,383 Cahtri, Don 268 Call. Debbie L. Callahan, Cynthia A. N. Callahan, Daniel Callahan, John M. Callahan, Mark G. Callebs, Carol S. Callebs. William P. Callender, David K. Callicotte, John C. Callihan. Elizabeth A- Calvert. Anne E. Calvert. Bobbetla Calvert. Cindra A. 442 Cambron, Cameille I 442 Cambron, Joseph R Cambron. Kathy L. 504 Cambron, Stephen D 283. 319 Cambron, Thomas P. 504 Camden, Teresa E. 544 Cameniach, Steven C Cameron, Alvin W Cameron, Linda K. B, Cameron. LoisR Cameron. William G, 505 Camic, Larry D, 442 Campbell. Betsy K. Campbell, Betty 468 Campbell, Bonnie L, 3.34, 505 Campbell, Bruce 270 Campbell, Carol A, Campbell, Charles R, Campbell, Connie A. 505 Campbell, Cynthia Campbell, Darrell F Campbell, Debbie L, 140, 312 Campbell, Deborah S 295. 427 Campbell. Diane L, 265. 383 Campbell, Donna F 272 Campbell, Donna M. 468 Campbell. Douglas A. Campbell. Eddie N, Campbell. Edward A. Campbell, Garv W. Campbell, George W. 505 Campbell, JamCH D 442 Campbell, James D. Campbell, James S. Campbell, Jeff G. Campbell, Jerry M. Campbell. John C. Campbell. John J. 367 Campbell, Joyce A, Campbell, Judith A. Campbell, Karen M 293 Campbell, Keller B Jr Campbell, Kennelh A Campbell, Kevin M, Campbell. Kevin R. 333. 368. 468 Campbell, Kip M. 368. 442 Campbell, Linda C, Campbell, Ixiis M, Campbell, Marion D, Campbell. Marv A, M. Campbell. Mary J. 468 Campbell. Michael A. Campbell. Michael F. Campbell, Neila G. Campbell, Pamela S. .505 Campbell, Printesa Campbell, Randy N. Campbell, Ricky D, Campbell. Sally A, Campbell. Sandra S. Campbell, Susan B, 357. 505 Campbell, Wendy S. 142. 505 Canan, Kevin L, Canan, William T. Cance. Perrv C Candler, Michael B, Cannavan, Debbie A. Canning, Mary A. 505 Cannon, Alice A 270. 383 Cannon, Carl A. 383 Cannon, Laura G. 544 Cannon, Patrick A Canon. Robert I. 157, 505 Canter. Paul A. Canter. Ricky L Canterbury, Barbara B. Canterbury, Paula J. Cantey, Kathryn Cantrell, Jacqueline ( " anlrell, James M. Cantrell, Wilma C 468 Carapezza, Deborah A Carbuccia. Sommer A, 442 Carby, David W. 442 Card, William J, 368 Garden, Gay L. 295 Cardonell. Terry L Cardosi. Karen A, 282. 368 Carey. Brenda A, Carey. Jamie T. Carey. Joseph R, Carey. Kathy F. .383 Carey. Mary P. .505 Carey. Michael C, Carey. Phyllis M, Garfield, Barbara Carfield. W. E Carie, Richard Cariile, Wanda L. 297. 468 Carlin. George E. Carlisle. Robert S 505 Carlock. Patsye E, 442 Carlos, Joan M. Carlton, Diane M Carlyle, ftibbi L 363, 425 Carman, Mary D Carman, Pamela K, Carman, Stuart K, Carmichael, Paul D. Carmicle. Marlene B. Carnahan, Gail Y. Camahan, Mitzi C. Games, Sarah E. Carney, Charles N Jr. Carney, Debby M, Carozza. Dino V. Carpenter. Danny W, Carpenter. Diana J C. Carpenter, Emily W, Carpenter, (jregor ' Carpenter. Jan R Carpenter, Martin 268 Carpenter, Mar ' L. Carpenter, Orville J Carpenter, Sheila J, 383 Carpenter, Virginia M 468 Carpenter. Wayne C. Carr, David G. Carr, Hollie J. Carr, James R. 367 Carr, James W. IV 506 Carr, Jan E. Carr, Kathy J, Carr, Kennev P. Carr, Mary S. 427 Carr, Richard I. Jr. 367 Carrico. Margaret C. Carrico. Terry L. 468 Carrier, Carole A, Carrier, Janice K, P Carrier. Landal D. Carrier, Linda C. Carnllo. Connie S, 378. 442 Carroll, Bruce A- 371 Carroll, Donna L, 289, 363, 442 Carroll, Emma S, Carroll, Gerald A, .300 Carroll. James R, Carroll. Julian M, 166 Carroll. Mark F. Carroll. Michael E. 442 Carroll. Patrick F. Carroll. Robert L. 506 Carroll. Sue 153 Carroll. Wanda S. Carruba, Elizabeth A. 272, 468 Carson. Martha G. Carter, Anderson M, Jr. Carter, Betty 292 Carter. Charles R. Carter, Constance L. Carter. Danny D. Carter, Delmas E. Carter, Dorothy A. Carter, Gary D, 506 Carter, Glandias V .506 Carter, Helen E. 384 Carter, Helen E Carter, James C Carter, James L. Carter. Jessica H Carter, Joe B Carter. John T 11 Carter. Julia D Carter, Julian R Carter. Kenneth M Carter. Linda K Carter. Linden A Carter, Richard M Carter, Ri)bert E Carter. Rnmeo 291 Carter. Rose N Carter, Samuel J Carter, Steven A. 506 Carter, Sylvia S. 117. 468 Carter, Terea D 344 Carter, Terry L, 443 Carter. William E. 11! 296. 443 Cartier, Marie E Cartier, Matthew R. Cartier, Michelle L Cartv. Diana 506 Carty, Elizabeth R. Carwein. Greg W 368 Carwjle. .lames R, Casamenlo, Anthony D. 270. 384 Casanova. Mark T. 506 Case, Cheryl L. 506 Case, John D, 347 Case, Kimberly A Case. William G. Casebolt. Lona G. Casella, Bruce P. 506 Casey. Cynthia A M Casey. Deborah D 506 Casey. Deborah G 263. 270, 384 Casey. Jane E. 301 Casey. Joan M Casey. Michael A, 422 Casey, Patricia A. Casev, Rosemarie 360 Casey, Sharon M W. 427 Casey, Terry A. 360 Cash. Clayton J. Cash. Fletcher L Cash. Patricia J. 299 Cashdntlar, Susan M 360 Cass, Billye S Cassadv, Catherine A, 272. 384 Cassady. Linda J. 292, 468 Cassell, Jim E. Casserlv, Robert F. Casaidy, Lloyd G, Cassity, Gary L Cast, Daphna J. Castano, James R, Casteel, Glenn E 468 Casteez, Karen 295 Castillo, Pedro A. 297 Caslle, Daniel Caslle. Dannv A Castle. Jack t. II 506 Caslle. Marc D. Castle. Ralph Y 506 Castle. Sandy G Caslle. Shirley D Caslle. Stephen W. 468 Caswell, Michael W. Gathers. David E. Gathers. Margaret E. Catlett, Rodney T 506 Catlett, William N, 115 Call, James S Caudill, Barbara M, Caudill, Charles D, 340 Caudill. Clyde R, Caudill, Gregop. ' W, 367 Caudill, James G, Caudill, Judy 297, 468 Caudill. Kenneth 0. Caudill, Lennis W. 506 Caudill, Michael A. Caudill, Pamela 443 Caudill, Patricia L. 506 Caudill. Richmond J. L, Caudill, Roger D. Caudill, Sharlet A -127 Caudill. ShiHev F Caudill, Timothy S. 506 Caulk. Judith A 263 Caulkin. Jerry 134 Causey. Earnest J. Causey. Teresa L, Cave, Christy L, Cawl. Shiela A, 506 Cawood, Stephanna J, Cecil. Anthony B Cecil. Catherine W. 468 Cecil. David J, 422 Cecil. Donna J. Cecil, Joseph T, Cecil. Linda A. Cecil. Palti 443 Center, Luther W, Jr. Centers, Brenda L, Center?. Kimberly A Centers, Cercle Francais 283 Cercone, Joseph 78. 298 Cercone, Marion H. CERCULO ESPANOL 283 Cessna, Claybom Jr. Chadwell. Gary L, Chadwell. Johnny E. Chadwell. Lettie C, Chadwick. Lisa A. 294 Chaffln, Deborah 384 Chaffins, Dena K. 506 Chaffins. Trudy S. Chai, Da - T Chai, Daw T, ChambeHain, B, Clayton 468 Chamberlain, H Kirk ChambeHain, Linda L, 263. 292. 468 Chambers, Dale M. Chambers. Florence B. Chamber, William K. Chamblin, Monica J. Chamblin. Randall J. Champion. Micci C. Champlin. Sanford S, Index and Directory 567 Chan, Augustine T. Chan, Cheong Ho Chan. Eudoxie Thu Y. M. 443 Chancellor. Patricia 506 Chandler, Craig Chandler. Jimmy C, 253. 261. 277 279, 280 Chandler. Pamela K- Chane. Indrianasy C, K. Chaney, Bonila S. Chaney, Cynthia D. Chaney, Janice A. T. Chaney, John D. Chanev. Sandra L, 221, 372 Chaney, Stntl W 29 Chaney, Sonya G. Chapman. Billy E. Chapman, Charles C. 367 Chapman, Gwendolyn C. 384 Chapman, Rov L. ChappeM, Hazel W. Charles, Duana L. Charles, Hazel K Charles. Joyce A Charles, Marcella J. Charlotte. Charlotte .506 Charles. Sandra L Chaslain, Mark E 506 Chasleen, David B, 104, 151 Chasleen, Juanila A. Chasteen. Ronald K. Chaiellier, Kevin M Challin, Jeffrey M. Chaudfpin, Barbara A 384 ( " heap. .Melinda A 290. 384 Cheatham, Nancy L. Cheatham, Patricia J Cheek, Alan B 340. 384 Cheek. Ronald W. Cheek, R isemar ' 294. 427 CHKEHLEADERS 104 CHEMISTRY CLCB Chen, RehecL-a Y, 422 Chen. Tai Sheng 289 Chenaull. Beverlv A. Chenaull. B.. vd C Chenaull. David R Chenaull. Deborah J. Chenaull, Douglas VV, Chenault, Elizabeth A Chenaull. Marv A. Chenaull. Patsv D 384 Chenaull, William F Chenaull. William K Cheng. Kam F. Cheng. Phvllis 289, 506 Cheng. Phyllis W. Cherne. Barbara G Chervenak, Kristin M Cheser. David W Cheser. Eugene Chesley, Richard L 340 Chesnut. David B Chfsnut, Rulh A Cheuvriinl, Dianna I, CHI OMEGA 343 Chi. Sang P. Chiaravanonl, Suparb 271. 289, 293 390 Chiasson, Cheryl M Chiavaras, Barbara O Chic, Brain M 62, 307, 468 Chickillo, Michael J Chidesler. Carol J Chidester, John S 277, 286. 384 Childers, Barbara S Childers. Charles L Childers, Deborah K. Childers, Maltie B Childers, Noah R. 468 Childers, Sherman L. Childers, Wanda K. 443 Childre, David M Childress, (ieorge C. 506 Childress, Gladys W. 468 Childress. Janet S, Chiles, l Miis r :t71 CHISHdI.M, SHIRLEY 40 ChiMhulm. Waller A. Chittenden, Debra J Chilwr«id, Debbie L Choate, Deborah L. 264. 384 Cholak, Susan I,. Chotikavanik, Dhaiya 289. 443 ChnvvTnng, .lohn E Chri8enberr ' , Bemade Chnsman, Charles D. Chriaman, Vmce D 468 Chrislensen, Jackie 1. 506 Christi. Rhoda B, Christian. Cheryl W. 468 Chrislian, Geoffrey B. Christian, Paul W, 506 Christison, Linda J. 468 Christopher, Const Christopher, M Gibson Christopher. Mark T Christophers, Cheryl 269, 468 Chugg. Jeffrey B. Churchill. Monika G. Churchill, Rhonda G. 427 Cieccirka, Matthew R. Ciminella, Diana J. Ciolek, Elizabeth D. 360. 443 CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL 287 Cisler, Josephine 295 Cissell, Charlotle M 343 Cissell, Thomas E Claggelt, Jon D, Claiborne, Katheryn H. Clan. Lawrence W Clancy. Amy V 506 Clancy. Deborah K Clancy. Johana R. 283. 506 Clancy, Timothy J 469 Clapp, Stephen M. 544 Clare, Mark D- Clare. Mary E Clare. Michael J Clark. Alice M Clark. Barbara L 506 Clark. Hillv T Clark, Hrenda J 384 Clark, Brenda M Clark. Catherine L. 469 Clark. Clifford T, 286. 38-1 Clark, Dele G. 506 Clark. David D, Clark. Deborah K, S. 506 Clark, Debra K Clark. Debra S 469 Clark. Denise A, Clark. Dwight L Clark, Edford L, Clark. Elaine G Clark. Eslella C Clark. Gary W, 268. 294. 295 422 Clark. Gena L Clark. Gerald L. Clark. Gloria J. Clark. Guy D Clark, James A, Clark. James C, Clark. James G, Clark. James R, Clark. James S. Clark, Janet P Clark. John B Clark, Jutanna I, Clark, Keilh M. Clark, Kenneth L, Clark. Larr ' T Clark, Leighanne 357 Clark, Linda L Clark. Marian A- Clark. Norman E Jr Clark, Rhonda G 384 Clark, Richard N. Clark. Rickev N Clark. Roy E Clark. Steven G, 469 Clark, Susan G. 506 Clark. Terri L. Clark, Tina M 469 Clark, Vernon Clark. William H. 544 Clark. William P Clarke. Kevin K Clarke, Mane E. 506 Clarke, Paula K. Clarke. Raymond B Clarke. Redge 348. 469 Clarke. Terry L Clarkson. Lester P. Clauncb, Alecia J. 285, 469 Claunch. Deborah T, 285 Clausen. Katheryne A. 506 Clawson. Irene Clawson. Kenneth T Clay. James C Clay. Joan R. 331. 339 ClaV, Rickie L. Clay. Robert C. Clflyborne. Beverlv S Clayborne. Charles D Clavborne, Marvin A Clavburn. Richard L Clayton. David N. Clayton. Douglas H 506 Claylon, John R Ctearv. Lala J Cleasbv. Bonnie L. .301, 371, 443 Cleeter. Connie 334. 506 Clement. David C 112. 113 Clement. Dennis R 372 Celment, Rebecca L 469 Clements, Constance S. Clements, Nancy J 544 Clemmons. Anthony R. Clemmons, William L. demons. Becky B demons. Haritta M, demons, Linda P H. demons. Patricia M, demons , Tyrone Y Cleveland, Rosanne C. Clevenger, James B Clevinger. James G. Clevinger. Ricky 506 Click, Debra J 291, 469 Click. Kimberiv A. Click, Michael E. 506 Click. Peggy J 294, 422 Click, Veronica T Clifford. Knslen A. Clifford. Patricia E. 291, 296. 443 Clifford, Rubin D. 384 Clifton, Sandra L Cline, Rt bin E Clodfelter, Rov T, Clore. Joel E Cloud. Mary K. 469 Cloud. Raymond M. Clouse. Kimberly K douse. Mar ' C Clouse, Thomas A. 469 Ckiutier. Jenifer J 290. 291, 506 Cloyd. Jack M 469 Cloyd. John W, 506 Coakley. Curtis D 11 118 Coakley. James W, Coats, Sandra C, Cobb, Edward L III Cobb, .loyce Cobb. Marinell 422 Cubb, Marion L Cobb. Patricia A Cobb. Richard IV Cobb. Ricky H Cobb. Sarah M Cobb. Saretta J, 384 Cobb, Sharon T. Cobb. Wanda G. Cobum, Chester M Coburn, Colleen d Cobum. Eileena R. 281. 384 Cocanougher, Bemadet 116. 117. 140 Cocanougher, Mark L. Cocanougher. Michael Cocanour. Christine L. Cochran, Ethel J, Cochran, Jacquolen J. Cochran. James D. Cochran, Jeffrey E, Cockerhani, Deborah A Cockerham, Donald L Cockerham, Donald R. Cockerham, Karen S. 284 Cockerham. Madge 0. Cockerham, Tom D, Cody. Rebecca L. 266 Coe. Debora S. Coey, Patty M. Coffee, Paul A. Jr, Coffey, Alice Y. 469 Coffey. Betsv B. Coffey, Bradford H, Coffey, Brenda K, Coffey, Jackie L. Coffev, Janice I. Coffe ' v, Kathv E- 507 Coffev, Nancy R, 384 Coffe ' v, Patricia S- Coffev, Sbelia B Coffman. Ava D Coffman. Donald W. Coffman. Ernest B. Coffman. Shirley A, Cofie. Nathan Coger, Deborah 153, 443 Cohelia. Richard D. Cohen. Laura A 469 Coker, Gloria Y. Coker, Lois B. Colacello, Robert A, 313. 319, 372 .384 Colbert. Betty P Colbert, Doretha G 422 Colbert, Lance B Colbert, Tammy 115 Coldiron. Candy S. 353 Coldiron, Gerald W, Jr. 372 Cole. Beverlv A Cole. Beverlv A. 507 Cole. Carol A 469 Cole. Cbarlene D, Cole. James N. 371 Cole. Janine E. P Cole, Jeffrey J, 316. 372. 443 Cole, Jennifer A, Cole. Kathv L. Cole. Linda M Cole, Michelle R. Cole, Pamela S. 469 Cole, Patricia A, 507 Cole, Ronald H. Cole, Shirley A. 469 Cole. Steve S. Cole, Susan R, Coleman. Conda L Coleman. Delphia J. 384 Coleman, Donald J. Coleman, Edward C. Coleman , Gary K. Coleman. Keith Coleman. Palnck L. 507 Coleman. Rosemary Coleman, Sandra 544 Coleman, Sandra G 469 Colin. Rhonda K 427 COLLECE REPLBLICANS 284 COLLEC.IATE PENTACLE 263 Collett, Darlene 295, 443 Collett, Marcus Collett, Mason T Collev, Marianne Colle ' y, Richard D, Collier. Alice M Collier. Bumard Collier. John W. Collier. Julie V. P Collins, Alexander Collins. Alfred M Collins. Betty D. J. Collins. Darlene L. 507 Collins. David W, 443 Collins. Donna Collins. Ellis Collins. Esther M, 507 Collins. Greg E, 507 Collins. James P. 443 Collins. Jimmy L. 469 Collins. John E. 107. 384 Collins. John E. Collins. Joyce A. Collins. Karen A 443 Collins, Maureen E Collins, Max W Collins, Michael W. Collins, Paul D Collins. Randv L Collins, Robert P Collins. Sandra :184 Collins. Sandra B Collins, Stephen S Collins, Susan D Collins. Thomas M 469 Collins, Willard D Collins, William M Colonnese, Deborah R. Colson. Betty A. Coltharp. Flint B 470 Coltharp. Kayla S. Coltharp. Martha T. Colvin. James L, 506 Colvin, Rhonda G, Combs. Abbie S, Combs, Bill N. Combs, Bonnie L 235, 264, 384 Combs, Carolyn J. 470 Combs, N. Cathy 332. 357, 470 Combs, Charles 167 Combs. Charles M Combs, Charles W Combs, Cheryl S, 357, 384 Combs, Cbrystal S. 507 Combs. Clark C 384 Combs, Craig C 470 Combs. Darreli Combs. David W 422 Combs, Deborah L Combs. Donna M 470 Combs. Douglas D, Combs. Gary Combs. Harold K Combs. Harold R. Combs, Jacquelyn L. 507 Combs, James R Combs. Jeanie L. Combs. Jendra E. Combs. Jennifer Combs. John D Combs. John R Combs. Kathy A 470 Combs, Lowell K Combs, Marcia A 470 Combs, Ixjwell K Combs, Marcia A, 470 Combs, Marsha M, Combs, Martha L, Combs. Mozetta Combs. Nora K. B. 3S4 Combs. Oliver G. Combs. Patricia A. 507 Combs. Paul C. 386 Combs. Paula J, 507 Combs. Peggy L, 507 Combs. Phillip D Combs. Ramona 470 Combs. Rhoda .1 Combs, Ricky B 470 Combs. Ruphenia S. Combs. Sally L. Combs, Sandra B. Combs. Scott D. Combs. Steve G. Conbs, Sue E. 443 Combs. Susan D Combs. Tom H, 285. 470 Comchoc, Richard J, Comer. Kelly L. 312, 507 Comley, Glenda C. Comley, Patricia A Comley, Virginia R. Commodore, Barbara D. Compaton. Denny J. Compton. Eloise V. Complon. Gary W. Compton. Linda D. Compton. Russell S. Conder, Dwight A 294 Conder, Joseph E Condreva, Debra J Condreva. Nancy A. 140 Conejo. Carlos M. Conger, Michael D. 114, 115. 386 Congleton. Virginia P. Conibear. Connie S. Conklin. Tony L. Conkright. George B, Conkwright. Michael N. Conley. Chanty R. 507 Conley. Edward D Conley. Jean M. 290 Conley. Jo Jo 364 Conley. Karen E Conley. Katherine C, 386 Conley, Marcia G. Conley, Margaret J, Conley, Rebecca J 507 Conley, Rebecca L Conley, Robert B. 507 Conley, Teresa M. 386 Conlin. Pamela S. 233, 271. 343 386 Conn, David M. 470 Conn. Dena R, Conn. Kristie I Conn. Marie Conn. Paula S. 28, 307 Connell, Janie L 507 Connell, Neil A Connelley, Janelle Connelly, Jerry L. Connelly, Steve E. 42 Conner, Betty C. Conner, Dudley J, Conner, Jenny L. Conner, Larry B. Connor. Doris I 443 Connor, James R, 367 Connor, James W. Connor. Tanya N. Conover. Fern H, Conrad, Kathryn J, 422 Conroy. David L Constant, Anthony D, Conte. John A Conte. Scottye H Conway. Danny D. Conway. David B, Conway, Ginger G. Conway, Michael J. Conway. Steven P Cook, Brenda K 427 Cook, Edward W. Cook, Frederic L. Cook, Gary L, Cook. George E, Jr. Cook, Gregory S. 470 Cook, Harold D. Cook. Kathleen A. Cook, Larry W, Cook. Linda M. 443 Cook. Lowell D. Cook. Marilyn D, Cook, Michael A. Cook. Peggy R Cook. Robert M Cook, Roger L. Cook, Virginia M, Cooke. Douglas M. 507 Cooke. Margaret A. Cooksie, Kathy J. 386 Cool. Abby F. Cool, Romah S. Coole. Linda 286 Cooley, Joe H. Cooley. Nancy G. Coomer. Larry K, Coomer. Patricia M. Coons. William H Cooper. David W, 296. 443 Cooper, Jimmy C, Cooper, John P. 277 Cooper, Katrina K. 286. 470 Cooper, Michael K. 507 Cooper. Pamela G 507 Cooper, Patricia D Cooper. Patricia K Cooper. Penny A Cooper Roland D. 507 Cooper. Silas E. Cooper. Vivian A. Cooper. William C. Cooper, William I. Cooper, William W. Copes, Sherry Copes, Virginia E, Copley, Gary B. Copony. Allison E. 386 Coppola. Nancy E. 142, 143, 443 Corbelt. Catherine A Corbetl. Kenneth A Corcoran, Mark A. Cordery. Isham S, 307 Cordle. Terrie J. 386 Cormney. Ben G. Cormney, Larry C. Comelison, Claude E. Comelison. Edna W, Comelison. James A. Comelison, Samuel L. Comelison. Wanda L. Cornelius, Bonnie A F. Cornelius. David R Comelius. Jessica M Cornelius. Paula G, 386 Comelius. Sandra J. 302 Comett. Betty Comett. Charles L. Comett. Danny 268 Comett. Deborah D. Comett. Deborah E, Comett. Duane E. 386 Comett. Edward L. Comett. Frank L Comett. Gary D, Comett. Geraldine 443 Comett. Hiram J. Comett. Joan 443 Comett. Hiram J. Comett, Joan 443 Comett. Johnny D. Comett, Kim Comett, Linda E. B. Comett. Lona J. G. Comett. Margaret I. 545 Comett, Mary L. Comett, Mercedes G. Comett, Oliver L. Comett, Ova Jr 443 Cornett. Rebecca S, W. Comett, Robert F. Comett. Roy M. Comett, Sharon K. 386 Comett, Susan C, 386 Comette, Pamela G. 507 Cornish, Brian K 266, 296, 386 Comn. Deborah R Comn, Kenneth E Coms. Beverly A. 507 Correll. Neva J. Correll. Rebecca L. Corson, Barbara J. Corson, Karen N. Corum, Diane 507 Corum, Doris 508 Corum. Jo Ann 290. 470, 508 Cosby. Kevin W Coselua. Bruce. 367 Cosgriff, Kevin R. 470 Cosgrove, Mary E. Cosimini, Alice F Costanzo, Donna D W. 422 Costanzo, James C, 422 Costanzo, Robert V. Costas, George J 282, 367 Costello. Thomas E. Cothron. Jeana C. 508 Cotton, Connie D. Cotton, Jean A Cotton, Michael L. Cotton, Mike A. Cottongim, Clay T, 290.-386 Cottongim, Phyllis A. Cottrell, Lana F. Cottrell, William K. 364. 427. 464 Coty, Leslie F. Couch. Brenda K, 508 Couch, Elbert W, Couch, Jerry L. Couch, Lisa J. 194. 508 Couch, Wilmer Jr, 386 Coughlin. Loretta E. 153 Coulter. Bamev A. 273. 386 Coulter. Deborah A. 270. 289. 387 Coulter. Francine T, Coulter. Lois A. 226, 228, 246 263. 270. 289 387 Courtney. James D. Courtney, Michael L. 508 Courtney, Rebecca S. 289, 291, 444 Couture, David A Covert. Zelma J, Covey. Carl 444 Covey. Fannie F Covey, Leon Covington. Alan S. 387 Covington, Billy J. Covington, Susan H Covington, Virgil M Cowan. Janice R, 285, 292. 544 Cowan. Jerrold T 285, 470 Cowan. John W, 285. 470 Cowan, Margaret D, 508 Cowan, Peggy L. Cowee. Ronald T Cowell. Mark E Cowell. Michele Cox. Alice F. 427 Cox. Brenda D. 387 Cox. Brenda K, 387 Cox. Bryce A. 307, 368, 387 Cox, Carol A. Cox. Charles C. Cox. Charles W, Cox. Clav F 364 Cox. Craig M 444 Cox, Dcnise L. 438. 444 Cox. Dora E. Cox. Fredonna S 294 Cox. Gary W. Cox. Glenn E. Cox, Jacqueline L 107. 117, 387 Cox. James A. Cox, James M Cox, John L. Cox, Karen J. 444 Cox. Kathy 107 Cox, Kenneth E. Jr. Cox, Larry R Cox, Lawrence R Cox, Linda C. Cox. Lola M. 470 Cox, Marv M. Cox. Ollie J, Cox. Pamela H. Cox. Patricia L. Cox. Paula 268 Cox. Peggy D. 427 Cox. Randy E. 387 Cox, Robert L. Jr. 568 Index and Directory Cox. Sherly E. 508 Cox. Sheryl A. 470 Cox. Stephen E, Cox, Stephen L. Cox, Wanda L. Coy. HuRh M, Coy. Larry W, Coy. Melvin D. Coy, Peggy M. Coyer, Deanna J. 334. 368. 387 Coyer, John R. Coyle, Marvin A. Coyle. Paul A. Cozad. Bettv 1- Cozad. Frank D. Crabb. Marsha I.. Crabtree. Barbara L, Crabtree. Betty S, Crabtree. Danny C- 508 Crabtree. Gar ' D, Crabtree. Janan K. Crabtree, Karl W. Crabtree, Milzi M. Crabtree, Sharon K. Craddock, Cathv R. 295 Craddock. Randal T. Craft, Archie W. 328. 358. 387 Craft, Donna C. 371 Craft. Marc E, .508 Craft, Mark A. Craft, Marshell 470 Craft. Susan M 357 Craft on, Joseph E. Crafton, Katherine L. Craig, Arthur W, Craig. Beverlv W. 387 Craig. Janet D. 508 Craig. Jeffrey A. Craig, Mickey R, Craig, Paula A. Craig, Rhonda 268 Craig, Russell A. Craig, Sue A- 290. 336, 470 Craig, Tarasa S. Craig, Vernon W. Grain, Ann C. Grain, Dolores F. Grain, Joanne Cramer. Kathleen M. Crane, Carole A, 387 Craven, Constance S. 508 Craven, Dennis P Cravens, Barbara E. Craver, Steven S, . Crawford, Belinda S. Crawford, Calvin D. Crawford. Charles W. Crawford, Frankie A. Crawford. Harold Crawford, Iris E. Crewford, Jennifer J. 427 Crawford, Jerrv S. Crawford, Joseph E. 348. 470 Crawford, Ken A, Crawford, Lawrence Crawford. Marcia L. 508 Crawford. Marland D. Crawford Otis T, Crawf()rd, Tommy K. Crawley, Ellen A. 444 Crawley. Rebecca K. Crawley, Ronald D. Crawley. Susan L. Craycraft, Stephen Craycraft, Terry B. Craynon, John E. Crea, Lynda K. Creager, Daniel P. Cre ager, James M. Creamer, Douglas G. Creast, Arthur Jr. Creech, Bruce M. Creech, Johnny C. Creech, Lee Jr. Creech, Marvin Creed, Joseph K Creedmore. Carl W. Creekmnre, Dennis R. 130 Creekmore, Karen B. Creger, Randolph W. Crenshaw, Sandra L. Cress, Herbert H, 508 Cress. Louise B. 292, 387 Crew. Marv L. 470 Crews. CarnillaH. Crider, Roy A. Crispen. Melvin F. Criswell, Mabel R, Critcher, Donald E. 508 Croak. Terri L. 470 Croman, Debby K, 387 Cromer, Brenda K 357 Cromer, James E Cromwell, Constance 387 Crone, Steven S, Crook, Alan C. 364, 444 Crooks, Donnv Cropley, James L. 154, 273, 372 Crosby. Nan N. Crosby, Ronald E, Crosa. Dottie L, 387 Cross. Johnnie W. Cross, Randall W. 300, 470 Cross, Sharon E. Cross, Terry P. Crosswait, Joan P. Crouch, Bobby 0. Crouch. James B. 387 Crouch. Jefferv N. Crouch, Mell W. Jr. Grouse, Barbara F. Grouse. John 282 Croushorn, Earl F. Croushom, John H. Crow. John R. 387 Grow, Julie A- 427 Grow, Mary E. 508 Crowdus, Lori A. 470 Crowe, Joanne Crowe. Kathi F. Crowe, Patrick A. Crowe, William L. 273 Crowley, Ellen E. 471 Croxton, John W. n 508 Grozier, Cathy J, Crum, Sammy J. 367 Crump, Archie P Jr. Crump, Barry W Crump Dale A. Crump, Phillip T. .508 Crump, Steven G. 471 Cruse, Bemedji L. 353 Cruse, Boyce C, Cruse, Carolyn G. Cruse. Charles C. 387 Cruse. David D, 348 Gruae, Floyd A. II Cruse, Jackie R. Cruse, John W, 471 Crush, Mary C, Crulcher. Anna H Crutcher, Glyndon S. Crutchfleld. Cheryl 285 Cubbons, Alison 282 Culberlaon. Brian W. 508 Cull, Debura A, W- Cull, Jeffrey L. Culler. Linda S, 310, 444 Cullers, Larry W Cullinane, Cathleen Gulp, David J. Culp, Evelvn F. B. 258 Culross. Terrell O. Culton. John Jr. Culver, Cynthia A. 471 Culver. Deana J. Culver, Melanie R. Cumley, Virginia K. Cummings. David L. Cummings. Deborah S. Cummings. Sarah B. Cummins, David A, 508 Cummins, Debra A. 508 Cummins, Jelema A. Cummins, Jerr ' W. Cummins, Joe D. Cummins, Lettie J. Cummins, Twana J, Cundiff, Cathy 471 CundiJT, John C, Cundiff, Kimberly M. 75, 292. 544 Cundiif, Patricia M 444 Cundiff. Sandra L. Cunnagin, Harold Cunningham, Connie J, .508 Cunningham, Jerrv VV. Cunningham, Joyce E. 307, 339 Cunningham. Kathleen Cunningham. Loretta J. 339 Cunningham. Marcia L. 444 Cunningham. Martin J. 387 Cunningham, Marv A, M Cunningham, Teria L. 307 Cunningham, Tvrone E. Cupp. Daniel K 3H7 Cupp, Jackie R. Curd, John M. Curl, Timothy D. Curlin. Izora L. 387, 416 Curbs, Barbara G. Curra, John O. Curran, Leslie J. 508 Currens, James C. Current, Brenda K Current, Tommy B. Currier, Craig L. Currier, Wayne M. 372 Curry, Barbara A. Curry, Darrell R. Curry, Deborah L. Gurry, Gregory L. 118 Curry, Harry J. Jr. Gurry. Jo Ann Curry. Kerry A Gurrv, Mark D, Curry. Mary E. ,508 Curry, Melanie A. .508 Curry, Patty A, Curtis, Barbara E, Curtis, Carolyn J R. Curtis, Clara J. Curtis. James F. Curtis, Jana L Curtis. Theodore R. Curtsinger. Wanda J. 286, 508 Cusack, Susan M, Cuthp. Mark A. 351 Cutter, Jeff B. 508 Cutter, Randy M. — D Dabnev, David G. Dabne ' v, Marilyn C. 281. 302. 444 Daffron. D. Scott 471 Dahl. Jame. ' i E. Dphl. Wayne H. Dahlgren, Deborah A. 336, 471 Dailey, Charles E, Dailey. Danny J. Dailey, James A. Dailey. Linda L. M. Dailey. Mel A. Dailey, Michael B. Dailev. Terry L, 508 Daily, Rhonda L. 387 Dale. Roland S, Daley. Michael A 286. 471 Daley, Michael K. 359 Daley, Nancy L, 117, 387 Dalton, Bernard H Dalton, Christine L. 471 Dalton. David P, Dalton, Eddie L. Dallon, Glen D. Dalton, Richard W. ,508 Dalton, Sheri L. 444 Dalton. Wayne R. Daly. Don 118 Daly, Marcus Daly, Patrick S. 387 Dalzell, WiUiam A. 508 Damrell, Shadie M. Damron, Chester R. Damron, Paul R. DANCE THEATRE 302 Dancer, Cathy A. Dandrea, Russell F. Danelak. Bettina L. 343, .364, 387 Dangelo. Anthony P Daniel, Deborah K. 471 Daniel, Jennifer A. 272 Daniel. Lois W. Daniel. Lowell K 471 Daniel, Mark F. Daniel. Nancy S. Daniel, Ronald C Daniels, Mark C, Daniels, Pamela A. 508 Daniels, Richard W. 442 Daniels, Sally C. Daniels, Steve A. Daniels, Susan L. 272 Daniels, Teresa L. 471 Daniels, Wadie J, Daniels, William R. Danko. Frank J. Danko. Jennifer A. C. Danko. John J U 471 Danko. Robert P. DapkuB, Linda D. 266, 444 Dapper. Cynthia A, Darby. Michael J, Dare, Brad W, 340, 387 Darling. Debra L. 78 Darnell, Edith J Darr. Michael E. Darragh, Steven M. DarsI, Kitty Y, Dash, Sandra M. 471 Dastmalchian, Ebrahim Daugherty, Dorothy M, Daugherty . Everett G. Daugherty, Hayward M. Daugherty, Jacqueline 336 Daugherty. James A. Daugherty, Jean M. Daugherty, Marcella Daugherty, Nancy E. .388 Daugherty, Palsy D, Daugherty. Robert E, Daugherty, Robert E Daugherty, Hayward M, 185, 469 Daugherty, Sue E, 544 Daulton, Donovan F. Daunhauer, Carol J, .508 Dauzenberg, Amy L. 372 Davenport, Elsie K 116 Davenport, Gary E. Davenport, .lennie F. Davenport, Lois M. Davenport, Sandra L, Davenport, Sharon D. 471 Davenport. Thomas M, 297. 388 Davenport. William L. David, Mary A. David, Patricia L David, Russell E Davidson, Connie L. W, Davidson. Dan Davidson. Deborah A 388 Davidson. Ernest W. 444 Davidson, James F Davidson. Jeffrey E. Davidson. Linda K, Davidson. Lisa A. 301, 471 Davidson. Martha B Davidson. Paul W. Davidson. Rebecca A. Davies. Matthew E. Davis. Ben Davis. Billie W, Davis. Bobby P Davis, Bonnie S. Davis. Brenda G, Davis, Brian C. Davis. Burchell Davis. Carol S, B. 388 Davis. Carroll W 154 Davis. Cindy E. Davis. Claude C, Jr. Davis. Constance L. 353. 508 Davis. Darryl 144 Davis, David A. Davis, David R, Davis. Dennis K Davis, Donna F Davis. Donnie L. Davis. Edward M. 544 Davis. Fred 471 Davis, Gail S- 508 Davis. Gayle H. Davis, Gregory A. Davis. Hilda S, Davis, Jacqueline M. 508 Davis. James M. Davis, James N. Davis, James R, Davis. James T Davis. Janet S. Davis, Jeffrey G. Davis, Jim L Davis, Joe N. Davis, Judith A. 444 Davis. Katherine D. Davis. Kathi L. 471 Davis. Keith C 307. 471 Davis. Keith J. Davis, Kendal J, Davis. Laura M, 334, 471 Davis. Keith J. Davis, Kendal J. Davis. Laura M. 334, 471 Davis, Linda B. Davis. Lisa L. 263, 471 Davis. Lowell R Davis, Luann Davis. Lvia M Davis. Marcia M, 296 Davis, Martha A. Davis. Mary A A, 544 Davis, Mary K. 508 Davis. Melissa J. 363 Davis, Michael W. Davis. Murrell L 444 Davis, Patricia A. 471 Davis. Richard A. Davis, Richard L. Davis, Ricky A. Davia. Robert E. Davis, Robert G, Davis, Robert L. Davis, Robert N, Davis, Roni G. 353, 388 Davis, Rudv R Davis, Ruth S. Davis, Sandv L. Davis, Sheree L. 116, 117. 339 444 Davia, Sophia W. Davia, Susan L. Davis, Teri A. 357. 368, 471 Davia. Terrell A. 117, 263 Davis. Terri L, 3.36, 471 Davis, Terry L. Davis. Thomas S. Davia. Timothy G. Davis, Trent V. 444 Davis, Vicky S, Davis. William R. Davis, Yolanda S. 427 Davison. Dora L. 444 Dawkins. Morris D, Dawkins. Nina J. 471 Dawson, Daniel R Dawson, Elherl A Dawson, Janet R. Dawson, Laurel J Dawson, Patricia R, Day. Darrell E. 471 Day. David L. Day, Ernie W. Day. John N, Day. Larry H. Day, Laura M. 284, 471 Dav, Lynlon D, Day. Orlene R, Dav. Raymond L, Dav, Teresa 508 Deahl. Mark J. Dean, Gallic B, Dean, Carrie L. 294, 312, 360 388 Dean, Danny R. Dean, Debra A. Dean, Dixie S. Dean, Glenn W Dean, Gordon E. 388 Dean, Judy L, Dean, Norman (j. Jr. Dean, Roger E- 372 Dean. Sherri L, 471 Deane, Paula H 372. 471 Dearen. Douglas J. 508 Dearinger, Yvonne R. 471 Dearmond. Alice V Deason, Ricky A DEATH OF A SALESMAN 49 DcHiherage. Ronald W 471 Deuion. Andrea G. Deaton, Bennett W. Deaton, Cathy S. 471 Deaton. James E. Deaton. Sandra J. Deaton, Terry L Deals. Linda G, Debarr. David C. Debarr, Joanne iJtbell. Steven L. 471 Deboe, Joyce M. Debord, Sherry J, Decandia, Anthony W Decandia. Scott X, 115, 364 Decandia. Victoria L. Decaro, Rosemary T Decker, Allan d 266, 422 Decker. Janet L, Decker, John R. Decker, Kenneth W. Decker, Mark D. Decker, Roger L Decker, William B. .508 Decoursey. Sandra J. 471 Deel. Grayson L. Deel, Myrna D, Deelv, Daniel W. Deely, Robert T Decmer. Betly K Deemer. William F. Jr. Deering, John K Dees. Danny S, Dees, Ernest J. Degrella, Sharon L Dehner, Tony L Deing. Vera E Deilsch, Murlyn L. T, 388 Dejamette. Jan E Del, Prince .Joseph A. Delanev, Art 0. Delanev, John M. 351 f)elaney, Keith W, 444 Delimey, Sandra S. Delk. Cher l L. 364, 509 Dellavalle. Glenn R. Delong, Samuel M, 388 Delph, Jerrv E. DELTA OMICRON 272 DELTA PSI KAPPA DELTA SIGMA THETA 344 DELTA I ' PSILON .347 Demaree, George W Demaree. Sharon K. 289, 445 Dempsey, Joan E. 471 Dempsey, Martha G. Demyan, Laura A. 509 Dendy, Willaim Denham, Julie L. Denham, Lisa K. 471 Denkler, Larry E. Denman, Renee J. 270. 312, 360 371, 388 Denney, Deborah A, 471 Denney, Donald R, Denney, Joyce M Denney, Karen S. Denney. Kirk D 445 Denney, Vicki S. 509 Dennis, Andrew S. 471 Dennis, Carolyn L. Dennis, Darrell E. Dennis, Debra G. 509 Dennis, Julius Jr. Dennis, Kathleen Dennis, Michael E. Dennis, Michael L. Dennis, Robert Jr. 509 Dennis, Rodney S. Dennis, Wilma K. R. Denny, Donna S. 334 Denny, Karen B. 427 Denton. Bridget C 445 Denton. Debra C. Denton. Jo Ann .388 Denton, Patricia A, Denton. Russell R 445 Denton, Sheila Y, 388 Denzinger, Christina 56, 63, S67 302, 445 Denzinger, Claudia M. 263. 471 Denzler, Lori A. .509 DerickHon, Carole J. 428 Denfield, Kelly M Dernovshek, Ellen R .509 Deronde. Teresa J. 343, .388 Derosett, Betty J Derossett, Mary G. Derosaett, Robv L. II Derricka. Waller W, Desantis, Marv C, 26.3 Deahazer. James A, 367. 509 Deaimone, Geoffery .1 Deaimone. Vincent L, Deskins, John T Deskina. Thorn 0, Deslein, Suzanne 357, 471 Detoma, Mark A, 364 Deutach, Jane P, 509 Devasher. James L, Jr. Develin, Jayne A. Devere. Belly C. 472 Devine, Mark W, Devitt, Mansha L. 428 Devlin, Douglas M 340, 472 Devoe, Myra ■) Devw, V ' ernu L, Devore, Karen M. 312, 509 Dewart. Mark L, Deweese, Robin 388 Deweese, Tim W. 348 Dewili, Barbara 290 Dewiii. Grover C Dezam, Debra L. 299, 445 Dick, Barbara S. Dick, Boyd r. 509 Dick. Raymond D. 388 Dick, Sandra J, 268, 291 Dick, Shirley A Dick, Yolanda R. 445 Dickeraon, Anita D. Dickeraon, Joseph S. 367 Dickeraon, Mary A, 509 Di ckerson, Mary K Dickeraon. Nathan F. 388 Dickeraon, Patrick L. Dickey. Margaret A. Dickinson, Evonda W. Dick.son, Janice E, 472 Didier, Rulh A. Dieckmann, Susan B 272, 445 Dieffenbacb. Richard Diemer. Alan W. Diemer, Janice L 284 Diemer. Ronald L Dilaura, Mar ' A, 509 Dill. Donna R 291 Dillen, Lisa A. 336. 368 Dillion, Ronnie L, Dillman. Richard E Dillon. Debra B. Dillon. Donald R. Dillon. James C. Dillon. Jane F. Dillon, Lee W. 285. 289, 445 Dills. Gwendolyn Dils. Norma M 445 Dinapoli. Lisa M. 472 Dingman, Amy D. 509 Dingus, Sharyn P. Dinsmore, James W. Diodonet. Hector 472 Diseker, Andrew J. Dishion, Deborah R Dishion, Linda J. Dishman, Stanley L Disney, Patsy G. 291. 445 Distler, Suzanne M. 509 Disiler, Tim A Ditchen. Phillip M 277 Ditmer, Dean A. Ditto, Denise Dix, Robert L. Dix, Sharon L. Dix. Valerie L, Dixon, Anna J Y, Dixon, David A. 371, 445 Dixon, Hershel Jr. 445 Dixon, Joan Dixon, Laura F. Dixon, Robert A. Dixon, Teresa L. 445 Dixon, Timmv J. Dizney. William C. 388 Doane. Anthony W. 472 Doane, Robert M. Dobbins, Kevin Dobinaki, Valerie J. 296. 388 Dodd, Mar ' A .388 Dodson, Genie E. P Dodson, William R. Doggett. Patricia M, 284. 445 Doherty, John R. 333. 371. 472 Dohmen. Ellen L. Dolan, Julie A, 283. 509 Dolan, Maureen E. 388 Doll. Ernest A Dollar, Julia D 312, 388 Dollin. Ronald B. 266. 422 Donaldson, Desiree D. Donaldson, Michael A, Donaldson. Neal 182 Donathan, Kathleen M. Donegan. Patti Doneghy, Tanya C. Donini, Marty V, Donisi, Anthony T. 388 Donithan. Larry T. Donlon. Charles R. Donlon. Robert L Donnelly. Edward T Donnelly. Ruth Donoho. Jane Donohue, Victoria C. Donovan, Dana M. 509 Donia, Kenneth Jr. Doolan, Walter J Dooley, Jonathan T. 307 Dooley, Mary Ann 207 Dooley, Pamela J- 388 Dooley, Thomas D. Dooley, William L. Dore, Calvin C Dore, Rhonda L, Dorgan, John E. Jr. Dorris. Mary F. Dorsey. David O. 107 Index and Directory 569 Doreey. Frances R. 445 Dorlh. Mark W. 291. 472 Dorlon. John R. Dosker. William L. Doss. Paul D, 368 Dossett. Harold C. Dossett, Terry D. 509 DoLson. Catherine E. 445 Dotson. Gary D. .300 Dotson. Jeffery H. 291 DoLson, Patricia A Dolson. Rhonda L U..tv, William D- Jr, DnuKhfrlv, Kdward T. DuuKhertv, Tara L , 509 Doughty. Richard E. Dijuglas. Carlelta S. DouRlas, David C. Douglas. Debra J .188 Douglas, Donald R Douglas. Evelyn S. 445 Douglas, (iayle S Douglas, Juan E Doufilaa. Roberta L Douglas. Rodney S Douglas, Sharon L Doutai. Guy E, 388 Doutaz, Lynn M 301. 509 Dnwd. Anson S. Dowd. Elizabeth A. Dowdy, David T Downey. Jean A. Downing. Richard C 472 Downs. Barbara L 263. :283, 472 Downs. John W Downs. Richard R Downs. Thomas (J 422 Downs. Vicki L. Doyle. Caria A 510 Doyle. Jeffrey S 340 Doyle. Judy H Doyle, Karen M Doyle, Pamesl L Doyle. Sean R Draeger. Richard A Drake, Derrick W Drake. Emilv E 263. 2a ' i, 290 :ia8 Drake, Lynda R. ' 29. 307 Drake. Shiriey J Drake, Timothy E. Drake. Willard A. Dreher. Mariellen 302, 472 Dreher. Nancy (I Dreier, .Jeremy W Drennen. Dons C Drennen. Mary T 334. 368 Drennen, Thomas J. Jr. 118. 273. 372 Drescher. Diane B 291. 445 Drew, Jeffrey A Drew. Susan D 360 Drew. Teddy C Dreyer. Cheryl A. 510 Dneci, Lawrence T DRILL TEAM 312 Dnngenburg, Duane C Dringenburg, tlregorv Driver. Connie M 510 Dmek. David W 445 Dr..ddv. Donald F II Droddy. Earl J Droege, Denise K 510 Drosche, Virginia P Droz. Connie J 3Mrt Druesedow. lean R L Drum, Diana L Drummond. Brian D- 388 Itrummond. Linda C F Drummond. Michael B Drury, Joan A. Dniry, R. (ilenn Dubois. David G Dudderar, Belly J Duer, Cere M :J57. 445 Duerson, Marlene K 472 Duerson. Winfred E Duff, Charles L, Duff, Gerald L 268, 389 Duff, Jerry 134 Duff, Joseph S, Dulf. Rav A. 510 Duff. Robert A, Duff, Shirley D Duff. Troy Jr. Duffy. Cindy 312 Duffy, Robert E, Dufour, Natalie A Dufresne. Melody A 472 Ougger, Patricia L 142 Duggms. Glenn L. 290. 510 Duggina, .Michael W. 261, 277. 279 283. 284. 291, 445 Duke. David G Duke. Linda V 445 Dukes, Encil D Dukes, Garry W Dukes, Gary J Dunagan. Daryl L Dunaway. Angela H 510 Dunaway. Kathenne A. 294, 145 Dunawav, Peggy 1 Dunaway. Phyllis G. Dunaway, Russell H. 510 Dunawav. Terry L Dunbar. Billy B, 340 Dunbar, Helen B Dunbar. Kalbryn A. 472 Dunbar, Margaret G. 510 Dunbar. William H 133. 340 Duncan. Anthony W Duncan, Carey D. Duncan, Cheryl A Duncan. Cynthia L, Duncan, David ( Duncan. Elizabeth J, Duncan, Fannie P, Duncan. JelTery C. Duncan. Jerry W Duncan. l arry A Duncan, Larry L Duncan, Lee A Duncan, Michael R Duncan. Moltie 49 Duncan. Shiriey 153 Duncan, Timothy W, Duncan, Trevedia L Duncan, Victoria L. Duncil. ChaHes W. Dunford, Rodney G, 472 Dunderson, Glen E. Dunkle, Robert J Jr. 472 Dunlap. Deborah J. 472 Dunlap. Donald G. Dunlev . Cynthia L. Dunmyer. Donald E, Dunn, Alice I. Dunn, Darcy P- 363. 510 Dunn, Duke 510 Dunn, Ernest K 510 Dunn. Judith L 343 Dunn. Kenneth E. Dunn. Kim Y 445 Dunn. Mark E. Dunn. Mary E :J89 Dunn, Maunce E. Dunn, Stephen L. Dunn, Stephen S Dunn, Victoria Dunn, Walter O Dunn. William T Duplain. Kim M 343. 389 Duplain, William A. Jr. Dupre, Charlotte V 295, 445 Dura. James M Duraney, Karen M. Durbin. ' Elizabeth J. Durbin, James R Durbin. Mark C. Durbin. Mary E Durbin. Patncia D 510 Durbin. .Sarah B, H Durbin. William D Durcan. Deborah L. 292. 445 Dureane, Melody 292 Durham, Barbara L. 301. 3;M. 472 Durham, Charlene Durham. Dedria D 291, 445 Durham. James D Durham, Uura L 472 Durham, Lisa M Durham. Margaret S Durham. Matthew J .368 Durham. Roger D Durham. Sberiene Durham, Sherrie L. 510 Durkin. Susan M. Durrum, Anthony A, Dusing. Lmda M. Dusing. Mary A 117, 291, 389 Dusing. Ronald G Duvall. Beverly A. 445 Duvall. Dorris K Duvall. Margery J. 51U Dwane. William A 144 Dwver. John N. Dwver. Robert D. Dve. Elizabeth A 472 Dye. John P. 389 Dyehouse, Frankie L. Dyer. Reeta D Dyer. Scott H. 510 Dyke, Thomas W. Dykes. Douglas Dykes, Neal C :189 — E— Eades. Anthony C Eadea. Jimmy L Eades, Marcus L, Eades. Patty M Eadea, Stanley R. Eadea. Weaiev 149 Eada. Carolyn S. 283. 286. 389 Eads. David W. Eads. John L. Eads. Linda L 238. 277. 279 Kads. Lorenzo D 445 Eads. l»renzo D Jr 291 Eads, Mark D Earle, David R Earls, Dennis D Early, Marilyn A. 364, 428 Easom. Katie N Eason, James D East. Martin D 473 East. Roland K 371. 389 Easterday. Sheila E Eaatham, Howard W. Eaatham, Odell Eastman, Noah W Jr, Easton. Laura L. Easton, Sarah L Eaton, Ann M 263, 473 Eaton, Kenneth A Eaton, Larry D Eaton. Robert A, Eaton. Timothy J Eavea, Larrv R. Ebel. Gregory L. 231. 269, 389 Eberenz, Robert L Jr. Eberhart, Suzanne E, 428 Eberle. Dorothea L 445 Ebersole. William E Ebert, Paul T Eckdahl, David D 118 Eckdahl. Wilbam W Eekler, Charles M. Eckstein. Mary K, 291, 445 Eclon. Latisha 473 Ecton, Suaan K Eddnngton. Nathan L Edelen, Ann C .334. 368. 473 Edelen, William A Eden. Harold D Exlen, Ronald W Edgington, Richard L 158 Edinger, Chnaty E 236. 291. 389 Edinger, Natalie S 283, 445 Ediin, Thomas S- 389 Edmon. Susan R. 356 Edmonds. Carol S. 156. 473 Edmonds, Stephen W. Edmonds. Yvonne L. 473 Edmonson, Eddie 351 Edmondson. Emily G. 510 Edmondaon. Jeffrey L. Edmundson, William R. 510 Edwards, Anna L. Edwards, Ara C. 473 Edwards, Arvid R. Fxlwards, Carol S 389 Edwards, Charles W. Edwards. Debra A 544 Edwards, Eva 473 I- lwards, Frank W. Jr Edwards. Gene D. 473 Edwards, Harold W. Edwards. Janet S 510 Edwards. Joseph W Edwards. Karen R. Edwards, Karen V Edwards. Krista E 510 Edwards. Maria H. Edwards. Marsha L. Edwards. Mary P 510 Edwards. Michael G. 347, 445 Edwards. Michael W 390 Edwards. Micheal S Edwards. Nancv A S. Edwards. Pamela S, 357. 390 Edwards. Peggy L 390. Edwards. Rila K Edwards, R .bert E Jr. 473 Edwards, Sharon L. R. Edwards, Susan C. 445 Edwards, Teresa A. 428 Edwards, Thfimas B. 473 Edwards, Thomas L, Edwards, Thomas P 390 Effler. Judith A. 292. 473 Eggen, Dwayne L. Egger, John R. 445 Eggleston, Gayle J, Egnew, Douglas A. 544 Ehnes, Lynn M, Ehrbardt, Ten L .544 Eichert. Susan G Eidson, Pamela S. 390 Einstein, Karen D 277. 473 Eisenback. Michael W Eissa. Igrahim M Eizv. Robert W 390 Eklund, John C Eklund. Karen S. 510 Ekstedt, Wendi S 473 Elam. Connie L. 445 Elam. Daniel C. Elam. Danny G. Elam, Elaine M. Elam. Howard B, Jr. Elam, Jerry R. Elam, Leigh H. 336 Elam, Pamela B. Elam, Patricia A. Elbert, Lawrence D. Elder. Cindra C. 510 Elder, Dennis E 445 Elder, Linda K. Elder. Ltirena A Eldot, Rosalyn G Eldredge. Dunna L Eldridge, Brenda S 445 Eldridge, Early B Jr. 364 Eldridge. .lames O Eldridge. Robert W Eldridge, Roy S. Eleas. Louie H, 422 Elerv, Lavera A. 428 Elfers, Cheryl L. 473 Elgin. Thomas M Elkin. Marylvn R Elkina, Debra L. 286. 473 Eikins. Robert D Ellard, Cecil A. Ellard, James A Elhngton. Robert L, 294 Ellington. Wanda J. Elliott. Charles E. Elhotl. David T Elliott. Elizabeth A. 510 Elliott, Jean T Elliott, Kenneth W. 144, 145. 147 149 Elliott, Larry M. Elliott, Margaret F. Elliott. Mary A 473 Elliott, Ott L. 112 Elliott, Peggy L. Elliott, Sarah R Elliott, Steven D 372 Elliott, Theodore C. Elliott, Tom R Ellis, E. Susan Ellis, Frank Jr. Ellis, Gary D, Ellis, Glenn W. 390 Ellis, Kim A. 357 Ellis, Linda J. Ellis, Michael L. 510 Ellis, Pamela F Ellis. Steven C. 473 Ellison, Danny M Ellison, Marvin S Elmer, Constance M Elmy. Gale M, 3.34. 511 Elaberry, Christopher 511 Elsing. Dora A. 511 Elswick. Carlos J 511 Elswick. K Melissa L Elwood, David H Ely. Beth A 445 Ely. Yvonne R 391 Elzy. Jamea W III Elzy, Robert W Embree, Horace M Embry, Candace L. Embry. Jean H Embry. Kenneth T 446 Embry. Patti L 51! Embry. Rose M Embry, Valerie Emerson, Bruce E. 473 Emerson, David K. Emerson, Donnie E. Emerson, Janet T, Emerson, Teresa G. Emery. Gail S, 353. 473 Emmitt. Evelyn J. Emmons. Kelle B Endicott. Robert M Endrea. Betly A Engelhard, Theodore J 446 England, Donna G 511 England, Pamela S. 511 England, Timothy E Engle, Allen D. 284. 317, 319 446 Engle, Bruce 511 Engle, Damelle A. Engle, Darlene 446 Engle. Diane 446 Engle. Fred 201. 269, 284 Engle. Jack L. Engle, James R. Engler, Donna G. 117. 474 Englert. Christopher 544 Englert, Sharon A 544 English. Franklin W. English. James 268 English. Jennifer L Engliah. Lisa G. 511 English. Warren J, 272. 391 Enlow, Anthony C. 347, 391 Ennis, James H. Ennis, Robert L. Enoa, John E. 286, 446 Enright, Deborah A. Ensey. Dean C, Ensey. Joanne S, Enzweiler. Laura M 391 Epperson, Catbenne Y. Epperson, Gary E. Epperson, Mary C Epps. Jamea 374 Erickson, Juay L 511 Erickson, Paula J. Erienbach, John J. Ernest, Alan Ernest. Brenda S P. Ernspiker, Carol J 360. 511 Ernapiker. Gary S Ernspiker, Steven P. 474 Erschell, Victoria A. 343, 474 Erwin, . nne B Erwin, John Erwin, Lisa J. Esham. Patricia J. 511 Eskridge, Deborah A. 267. 307. 316 391 Eskridge, William H 474 Espoaito. Daniel M. Espy, Anna J 511 Esser. Walter Estelle, Carldine Estep, Eva S Eslep, Larry A Eslep. Michael J Estep, On- ' ille P Eslea. Bobbv E, Estes. Bruce E. Estes, Cydney L. Esles, David A, Estes. Teresa G 474 Estill, James E ETA SIGMA GAMMA Etheridge. James M Etherington, Carl L. Etberington, Carolyn 203. 269. 284 292, 391 Etherington, Dorothy 302 Etherington, Patricia Ethington, Cynthia L, 428 Ethington. Toni M. 343, 446 Etkin, Cynthia L, 371, 277, 446 Etter, Neva S. Etzel. Linda C. Eubanks. Karen A 268. 343, 391 Euton. Geraldine J W Euton. Mark E. Evans. Candy E. 334. 474 Evans. Catherine B, 422 Evans. David R. 107 Evans. Debbie K. 78. 297, 474 Evans. Eric D Evans, Helen L. 511 Evans. Howard A. Evans, Jennifer S, 474 Evana, Joseph T. Evans, Linda G, 544 Evans, Margaret L. 391 Evans, Mark G. Evana, Mary E. Evans, Nancy A. 391 Evans, Patsy R. Evana, Phillip P. Evans, Peggy 283 Evans, Robert O, Jr. Evana, Rodney K. Evana. Thomas J, Evana. William D 511 Evana. Winford K Everage, Archie W Everage, Bobetta Everett. Charlea L. Everett, Kim M. Everman. Nina F. Eversman. Janice K, Everaole. Debra E. 391 Eversole, Elmer J. Eversole. John E. Eversole. Norma R. Eversole. Sylvia A. Eversole. Verden J Evins, John W. UI 296 Ewing, Benny R. 391 Ewing. Jame W, 511 Ewing, Judith A. 360, 474 Eyster. Sarah M, 511 Ezell, Eugenia 272. 446 Ezell, Jovce L. Ezell, Robert B. Ezell. Wyndee K. 511 — F— Faesy, Patti A. 474 Fabrenbruck, Jacet G. 343. 428 Fain, Mane C Fair, Truly Fairfax, David W, Faller, Ronald D Falhs, Judy T. Fallon, Myra J. 292, 446 Fan. Cbienlih 289 Fan. Ken 289 Fang. .law Hae Fannin. Deborah D, Fannin. Gregory K Fannin. Ira W Fannin. Norah M Fannin, Rex G. Craftsmen display their creations at the Arts and Crafts Fair held in October. 570 Index and Directory Fnnx. Judy K, 511 Fiirber, Alan J. Fardo. Helen M. M. 422 Fargo. Connie S, 293, 391 Faria. Deborah S, 289. 474 Faris. Gary W. Farler, Patricia H. Farler, Pearl III Farler, Stanley Farley, Barbara S. 238, 266. 297 300. :191 Farley, Kelly A. Farley. Kenneth W, Farlev. Patricia A, 302. 511 Farley, Ronald W. Farlow. Calvin W. Jr. Farmer. Anthony E. 277, 291. 474 Farmer. Becky S. 291. 511 Farmer. Debra Y. 511 Farmer. Gregory K. Farmer. Harry W, Jr. 298 Farmer. Jimmie Farmer, Ladonna J. 511 Farmer. Luther 167 Farmer, Mark S. Farmer, Monte R. Farmer, Robert E. 2a ' i Farmer, Sherri L. Famau, Richard C. Farnsworlh. Robert E. Farr, Nancy D. S. Farra, Dana D. Farrell. Bruce D ,307 Farrell. Carol S. 511 Farrell, James H Farris. Cherxl F Farria, Ezra W. F, Farris, Howard C Farris, .Iame3 R. 269, 391 Farris. Keith D. Farris. Loma J. Farria, Nancy C, Farris. Roberta M. Farris. Sara E- 391 Farthing, Liaa K 291 FarA-ell, William G. 474 Faul, Barbara S. Faulconer. Freddie G, 391 Faulkner, Carol A. 289. 292. 446 Faulkner, Donnetta R, 446 Faulkner, Hatha S. Faulkner, Michael B. 354 Faulkner, Michael D. 359. 446 Faulkner. Phvllis K, Faulkner. Rita K 511 Faulkner. Sandra L. 292, 511 Faulkner, Suetta P. Faolkner, Terry L. 511 Faulkner. Warren C Faust, Brenda J. Faitsz, Barbara L. 391 Fauth, Michael E. Fauver. Roger W, Fav. John P- Fazio, Jeffrey A. 107. 391 Featherston. Melissa 357. 511 Featherston. Robin E. Fee. Marketta R 511 Fee. Rick A Fee. Thomas H, Feeback, David W Feeback. Juliana 474 Feeman. Kim L. Feher, Margaret J. Feislntzer. Donna M. 268. 291, 391 Feiatritzer, Richard Feldman, Steven L, 300 Felegy, John P. 391 Feltman, John W, 474 Feltner. Beverly A- 295. 391 Feltner. Donald 180 Feltner, Sheila D. Felly. Martha R. Felly, Sharon K. 428 Felz. James H Fennell, David D. Fenner. Rhonda L. 336. 428 Fennesay. Joan E, 368, Fenton, Donna S. Feo, Fernando F. Ferguson, Judy S. Ferguson, Linda G. 446 Ferguson, Malcolm Jr. Ferguson, Suzanne 474 Ferrell, Ann D. Ferrell, Charles S, Ferrell, Dennis R. 282. 284. 391 Ferrell. Donna B. Ferrell. Joyce C. Ferrell. Kalhy.M Ferrell, Paula J. Ferrell, Susan E, Ferriell, Charles D. Fertig, Kathy L. 285, 293, 446 Fessler, Cvnthia A, Fett, Phillip M. 474 Fey. Gary L. Fickling, Camille P. Fidler, David B. 286, 511 Fiehrer. Margaret L. Field. Carolyn E. 270. 285. 391 Field, Robert A. Fields. Andy L, 511 Fields. Bemie L. Fields, Diane P. 295, 336, 428 Fields. Johnny M Fields. Larry R. Fields. Laura L. 474 Fields, Lizabeth A. Fields. Lynn K. 391 Fields. Ruby C. Fields, Steven W. 446 Fields. Susan F. 292 Fields, Tamira A. 511 Fields. Teresa A- 474, 511 Fields, Teresa J. Fife. Martene A. Fife. Samuel W. Fifield, Richard L. Figg, Ellen I. 474 Figgins. Michael D. 298 Figga, Anthony E. Figgs, Charles H. Figgs. Charles J. Figgs, Jonathan M. 446 Fightmaater, Martha G. Fightmaster. William Figlestahler, Robert Figueroa. Howard M. 347 Fike. Karen L. Filbert, Dana L. Filippucci. Paul N, Finch, Bradlev S, 474 Findley. Robert S. 368. 391 Fine, Bettye J. Fine, Ralph M. Finella, Edward C, 118 Fink. Harold K. Finley. Devera F. 422 Finnell, Linda C. Finney, Beth A. Firsdon. Michael G, Fischer, Cindy J. Fischer, Debbie L, Fischer, Kimlynn S. 446 Fish. C. Ben 237, 391 Fishback, Belinda J. Fishback, Kim 544 Fishback, Levi Fisher. Angela K. 511 Fisher, Ann V. 511 Fisher, Beverly J. Fisher, Bruce P. Fisher, Candace K. Fisher, Cecil C. Fisher, Cheryl A. 511 Fisher, Christopher W. Fisher, David K, Fisher, Diane R. 77 Fisher, James W, 134 Fisher, Jamie S. 474 Fisher, Linda G, 474 Fisher. Richard H, 11 Fisher. Terry J. Fisher. Theresa L. Fisher, Walter R. Fisher, Walter T. Fister. Patricia A Fister, Patty A, 511 FitLs. Katherine H. Fitz. Mark W. Fitzgerald, Carol L 297. 446 Fitzgerald, James L. Fitzgerald, Janet L 446 Fitzgerald. Marvin C. Fitzhugh. Eugene C 130 Fitzpalrick. Ernest P. Fitzpatrick. James P. Fitzpatrick. Janice C. 61. 267, 307 446 Fitzpalrick, Sheila A. Flaherty, Ann B- Flaherty, Margaret P. Flaherty, Thomas M. Flanary, Lowell D Flanary, Lucille A Flanery. Timothy W. 511 Flannery, Geneva S. Fleming. Allan 266. 291 Fleming, Bonnie G. 140 Fleming, Charles F. Fleming, Donald R. Fleming, Judy G. Fliming. Robert B- Fleming, Ross T. Fleming, Sybl B Flesch, Kathleen A. Fteshman. Marilyn J, 360. 474 Fletcher, Dennev R. Fletcher, Edail .) Jr 51! Fletcher. Judy R. Fletcher. Nancy D. Fletcher. Steve P. 118 Fieury. Gertrude M J. Fleury. Joseph K. Flint, Karyn D. Flint, Steven, R, 114, 115. 372 Flint, Susan 372 Flood, Anna M. Flood, Charles B. Flood, Katherine B. Flood, Patricia L. 363 Flora, Keith A Flora. Rebecca L. Florence, Cherie L. 512 Florence, Eugenia K. Florence, Susan A. Flores. David L. Floyd, Betty L. Floyd. Debra S, 291 Floyd. Tony J. Flynn. Alan W, Flynn. Bradley C. Flynn. Catherine A. 334, 368, 474 Flynn. Claudia M. Flynn. Donald E. Flynn, Errol W. Flynn, Holly S. 511 Flynn, Jennie L. Flynn, Linda S. Flynn, Lisa T. 512 Flynn, Norma W. Flynn, Robert E. Flynn. Robert G. Flynn. Susan G, 283, 474 Flynn, Timothy L. 282 Flynn. William 0. Fockele, Robert D. Foels, Mel 118 Fogg. Edward B. Fogle, Glenda J. 474 Fogle, Priscilia M. 512 Foley, Brenda L. 544 Foley. Glenn A. Foley. Kathy J. 512 Foley. Melody C. 512 Folk, Billy G. ,359, 391 Folkerth, Mark C. Follmer, Lisa A. Followell. Judy S. 512 Foltz, Richard G. 290, 391 Fonville, Nancy K. FOOD AND NUTRITION CLUB 293 FOOTBALL 118 Ford, Barbara A- 0. Ford, Beth A. 512 Ford. Byron S. 512 Ford. Byron S. 512 Ford. Charles W, Ford, Cinda S. Ford, Dorifl M. Ford, Gary H. 118 Ford, Jamee B. Ford, LiBB E. 512 Ford, Sara J, Ford, Sheila A, Ford. Sherry L. 512 Fnrd. Sue H Fore. Darla J. Furester. Bettie J, Forester. Kathy J, Furester, Kimberii H. 474 Fiirman, Arthur A. Forman, Jackie L. 512 Fiirman, Laura M. Fornash, Judith A. 295. 428 Forney, Thomas E. Fnrsberg. Robert Q Jr. 367, 392 Furster, Kim H. Forsyth, Alfred S, Jr, Forsythe, Mason H. 512 Forsythe, Patricia L. Forsythe. Robert 0. Forsythe, Sara R- 474 Fort, Lisa K. Fortney, Elizabeth M. Fortney, Janie L. Fortney. Joann H Fortney. Joyce J. Fortney. Rhonda S. Fortny, Jane A. 446 Foster, Arthur L. Poster. Bobby E. Foster. Debbie A. 357, 474 Foster. Deborah L. Foster, Donald E. Foster, Frances Foster, Gen-ye L. Foster, Kenneth W, 474 Foster. Lynn D. Foster. Marcia J. Foster. Peggy A. Foster, Rebecca M. 353, 512 Foster, Steven R. 29 Foster, Susan L, 285, 446 Foster. Vicki L, 512 Foster, William R. Jr. Folhergill, Douglaa M 474 Fountain, Cynthia S. Foushee, Donna L Foushee, Roy E. Jr. Fowler. Beltv H, Fowler, Douglas K, 371 Fowler, John R- 339. 392 Fowler, Joy S- 446 Fowler, Lamar R. Fowler, Lena F. 512 Fowler. Philip T. Fnwier, R Eileen Fowler. Sherry L. Fowler, Teresa L. Fowler, Terry J. 292 Fox, Edwin R. 307 Fox, Eloise Fox, Gary L, Sr, Fox, Ingrid B. Fox. Margaret R, P. Fox. Richard W. 297 Fox. Rodney E. Foy. Anne E 263. 285, 474 Fraley, Douglaa A, Fraley, Frances F Fraley. Jennifer B. 446 Francis. Charles R, Francis. David B, 282, 474 Francia. George T 474 Francis, Rebecca J. Frank. Alan T Frank. Nancy J. Frankenstein, Connie 512 Franklin, James S Franklin, Marvin V, Franklin. Rebecca J, 474 Franklin. Terry L 474 Franklin. Terry L. Susan L. 63 Franzen, Donald S, Fraser. Micheal J 272 Frasher, Brenda K. 282, 474 Frazee. Stephen W. Frazier, David A. Frazier, Debra L. 512 Frazier, Jana M. 312, 512 Frazier, Joan C. 281 Frazier, Joe M. Frazier, Karol K. Frazier. Linda S. Frazier. Marsha K, 392 Frazier. Tyrone V, Frazier, Vickie L. 474 Frazier, Wanda L 475 Frazier, Wayne 392 Freakley, Susan G 475 Frederick, Basil D, Frederick, Faith M 446 Frederick. Jesse J Freeman. Carol J. Freeman, Douglas R. 392 Freeman, James W. Freeman, Janice Freeman, John C. Freeman. Lana M B. Freeman, Laura E. Freeman, Lisa J 512 Freeman. Ramona K. 34 Freese. Linda J French. Alyce R. 446 French. Benedetta French, Robert E French, Robert E. French, Sharon S. 429 FRESHMAN CLASS 498 Freshwater, Gavie A, 152, 153. 265 446 Fretty. Martin P. 475 Frew. Gerald D. Jr. Frew, Janice L. 268. 291 Frev. Jane M. Frev. Robert R. 291, 512 Frick, Heidi A. 312, 512 Fricke. Mane K, Friday. Mary L. 392 Friend, Charlie M. Friend, Marcia D, Fries. Kathrvn A. 475 Fries. Lydia L 512 Frisby, Margaret A. Frith. Jerry C. Frith. Kathlynn 270, 392 Frith. Larry A. Frith, Rowena C. FritBch, Mary S. 446 Fritz, Charles T. Fritz, Douglas E. Fritz. Gary N. Fritz, Gerald L, Fritz. Linda K. 512 Fritz, Vickie D, Frizzell. Jack R. Frodge, Harold B. Frombach, Amy E. 512 Fromme, Thomas J. 446 Frommeyer. Steven J. 118, 123, 273 Frommever. Timothy J. 118 Frost, Jack 180, 181 Frost, Jack D, 422 Frost, Jacqueline M. Frost, John Baker Frost. Marlene R. W, 392 Frost. Robert C, Fruchtenichl, Douglas 512 Fruit, Thomas B. Frye. Gregory P. Frye. Isaac Fr er. Billy M, Fryer, David E. 392 Fr man. Alison 512 FrVman, Robert A. 221. 422 Fr man, Vicki K. 294, 392 Frymire, John M. 297. 371 Fuchs. Richard D Fugate, David L. Fugate, Denny 144 Fugate, Farrell F. 351 Fugate. Janet C. Fugate, Linda G. 392 Fugate, Marvin Fugate. Paul Fugate. Peggy L. C. Fugale. Sharon L. Fugate. Shirley A. Fugate, Teresa G. 446 Fugitt. William G. 475 Fulcher. Johnny R. Folk. Suzanne F Fulkerson, Rene Full. Sheree D Fuller. Jamea M. Jr. Fuller. Jodie A. B. 392 Fuller. Lawrence R. Fuller. Lisa R 268. 272, 423 Fuller, Mary W, Fuller, Toby R Fulton, Cloa C. Fulton, John A Fulton, Michael L. Fulton, Pamela E. 339, 475 Fuliz, Bill T. Fultz, Donna L, 286, 292, 475 Funk. Hoy E. Funk. William K. Funke. David W. 295. 336 Funke, Marcia L- 281, 285, 446 Furlong, Steven E Furmon, Darrell L. Furnish, Fred D, Furnish, Teresa J. Fuson. Daniel H. Fuson, John M. 294, 295, 392 Fuson. Lonnie D Fuson, Pamela J Fuss, Eileen M, Fulrell. Kay A 270. 423 Futrell. Morra D, 446 Fyfe. Steven W — G— Gahbard, Beulah J C. 293. 475 (iabbard, Judy G, Gabbard, Kathy W, Gabbard. Kimberly 475 Ciabbard. Lovella Gabbard. Lydia C, M. Gabbard. Patay M. 512 Gabbard, Paula C Gabbert. Nan T. 512 Gabehart, Janet K, 429 Gabhart, Patricia G. Badd, Robert W. Gadd Sue R. 429 Gaebler, Randy E. Gaer. David W. Gaffev. Barbara J. 284. 313. 446 Gaffin, Timothy L. 446 Gaffney. Mary L, Gaffney. Mary L. Gal ' fney, Peggy S. Gaines. Linda S. tiaither. Deborah L. Gaither. Denise M 392 Gaitskill, Jeannette 290. 475 Galaaso, Michael A (Jalasso, Patricia G. Galbreath, Mary E. Gale, David D. 212 Galens, Mark K? (Jaliger, Ann M. 446 Gall. Andrew J. Gall, Randall S 134 Gallagher, Marv M. Gallagher, Michael T. 154. 155 Gallagher, Stephen M, 340 Gallher, Gregory L. Gallaher. Kevin A 446 (Jallenstein. James J. Galliher, Meiinda S 446 tiallimore. Joseph K. Galhvan. Debbie A. 512 (ialloway, Gary W. 512 Gallrein, Laura L. (lalvin, Eleanor (iamble, Lisa A. R- 392 Gamble, Steven E. Gambrel. Sue P. Gambrell, David R. 104 GAMMA THETA UPSILON 264 Gammon. Cheril T R Gammon, Joseph A. Gander. Anna K, Gandolfo. Guy T. 512 Gandolfo, Matthew F. Gannon, Raymond 294 (iant. Ivan R II 475 Gant, Vicki M. Garber. Carl R. 115, 364 Gardner. David J. Gardner. Deborah L. 446 Gardner. George A. l. ' M. 1.35 Gardner, Janice L. (Jardner. Karen L, (Gardner. Lina 268 Gardner, Rebecca L, 269. 285, 295 146 Gardner. Ruben L. (Jardner. Terry A, 372 Gardner, Timothy A. Garland, Denise 612 (iarland, James S. (jarland, Marsha E Ganer. Sherry G (Jamer. Stephen J. (iarnett. Debra J Garnett, Jo P. Garnelt, Johnny W, Garr, Dave E, (iarr, Kimberly A. 544 Garr, Romona L, C. Garrett. Angela J. 512 Garrett. Angela V. 291, 307, 357 481 Gurretl. Charlene B. (Jarrell. Karen D. (iarrett, Mona C, Garrett, Tommy A. Ga rrett. William A, 447 Garris. Robin S, 475 Garrison, Amy E, Garrison. Ellis B, Garrison, Gary P. Garrison, John C (Jarrison, Kimberly B. Garvin. Phillip L Garwood, Deborah L S. Garwood. Paul A (Jasdorf. Merle R, Gash, Patricia R. 512 Gash. Ronald L 512 Gaas, Beverly A. (iasser, Flossie S. Gast. Sandra L. 292. 294. 392 Gaston, Paula J. 116, 133. 475 Galchel. Claire S, Gateley, Barbara J, G. Gateley, Joseph P. Gales. Joann Gatcwood, Daryl B Gatrost, Vivian A. Gatz, Robert L Gaull, Bena F. fiaunder. Bealnce N Gaunder, Edward P Gaunder. Frederick J, 291 Gav, Deborah A. 60. 267. 307 392 Gay. Gregory S Gay, Janice A. Gay, Jimmie D Gay, Julie V Gay. I eann M 291 Gay, Leslie M Gay, Lvnne M. Gay. Peggy L. D, 1.53 Gay. Ronald W. Gay, Stephen T. Gayheart. Janet C Gayheart, Susan Gaylord. Sherry L. Gavnor, Arlene J Geeks, Vicki L. 447 Gedrock. Cathy M, 475 (Jeiger, Carl F. Geiger, Cheryl G Geiger, Jennifer L. ;eiser. Samuel L Geldreich. Linda L- 512 Gellhaus. Kevin P 475 Genaway, Catherine T Gentry, Dennis A. Gentry, James B. Gentry, Lynn E M, Gentry, Mike Gentry, Patrick L. Gentry, Richard L. Gentry. Timothy D. 512 Geoghegan. Robert S. George. Chester W. George. Debra K. George, Donald B. George. Janet L, H. George, Laura B. 447 George. Pally 284 Gephart, Karen M, 512 Geralds. Matthew H. 512 Geralds, Shirley A. 270. 289 Germain, Lois B, German. James A. 154 Germann. Elizabeth C. Geromes. Pamela 513 Gerow, Logan M. Gerst, Mary A. Gerth. Charles M, Geschrei. Nancy J, 161, 336 Getman, Barbara R. 423 (jevedon. Carolyn G. Gevedon. Frances R. Gevedon. Gloria G. 292, 296. 447 Geyer, Kimberlv D, 513 Gfell. Timothy L. Ghaidi. Assadollah Ghods, Jalal Ghrist, James C. Giacchini, Thomas R. 112, .364 Giancola, Lana C. Gibbons, Martha A. 513 Gibbs. Carol D. 392 Gibbs, Helen J. Gibbs. Kathy A. Gibbs. Laurence F. Gibbs. Randall R. Gibbs. Rebecca L. 447 Gibson, Barkley W. Gibson, Barry V, Gibson, Becky E. Gibson, Charles H Gibson, Charles W. Gibson, Claudia A, 392 Gibson, Deborah H. Gibson, Donna A. 429 Gibson. Dreema D. 307. 332, 339 447 Gibson, Edwina C. Gibson, Harold C. Index and Directory 571 Gibson, Ivan Gibson, Jerry Gibson. Joe D. 392 (Jibson. Joseph B. Jr. Gibson. Judith E Gibson. Karen H. 392 Gibsfin, Karen S. 475 Gibson, Keith B- Gibson, Larr - L. Gibson. Nancy C. Gibson, Robert M. Gibson. Thomas F. Gibson, Vickie L. Giddings, Tonnie D. Giemza. Mar - Ann K. Giemza, Raymond A. Giesler. Barbara L. 357 Gife, James M 4-17 Gifford, Lu Ann 392 Gifford. Vicki L. Gilbert, Cebert Gilbert. David E. Gilbert. Gregory- D Gilbert. John M. 297 Gilbert, Judith A W. Gilbert, Kevin 475 Gilbert. Kyle Gilbert, Paul Gilbert. Sharon K Gilbert. Steven A Gilbert. Therese K Gilbert, Vickie L. 4-17 Gilbert, Virginia L, 47,5 Gildard, Jennifer A, Giles, Connie J 140 Giles. Gan L Giles, Jimmy E Giles, Keith L. 266 Gilkison, Mary L. 475 Gill, Andrew Gill. Anna M. Gill, Diane L. V„ . Donald J Gill. Edward P, Gill. Gerhard P, CM. Jennifer A 277, 284. 392 Gill. Paul J Gillam, Steven D Gillpspie. Connie S 292 Gillespie, Emilv S. 429, 513 Gillespie. Gayle J, 368 Gillespie. James B Gillespie. James E. Gillespie. Jo A Gillespie, Sheila J 475 (iillespie. Stephen K. Gillespie. Sue D Gillette, Joseph P 513 Giilev. Joan 447 Gilley, Michael V 513 Gilliam, Angeline M. Gilliam. Beverly G. Gilliam. Dennis W, Gitiiam, Donnie Gilliam. Karen K. Gilliam. Rene L, Gilliland. Curtis L Gilliland. Patricia B Gitlis. William C (iillispie. Stanley C. (Jillum, Frances S. Gillum. Janet Gillum. L David Gilmore, Gwen L. 206, 292, 392 Gilpin. Marion K. Gilpin, Manon K, Gilpin, Michael D. Gilpin. Neal B (iilreath, Nancv H Gilreath. William A. Giltner, Mary E. 475 Gillner. Rebecca S. 423 Ginn, Carla J, 513 Ginter, George W Ginter, Julia E. Ginlher. Geoff E Ginther. Kalhenne A, Gipe. James M II Girard, Mark B 167, 261 Girdler, Jackie P Gish, Dons J E Gisi. Raymond L, Gillinger. Steven C, 513 Giudice. Theresa G. 475 Givens. Charles K 372 Givens, Debbie K. 513 Givens. James R Givens. Randy S. Givens. Rhonda G. Givens. Robin D, 513 Givens, Russell L, 300 Glab, Danny S. 300 Glacken. Julia A, 475 Glanz, Gail A 513 Glasscock. Helen M Glasscock. William H Gleason, David R Glenn, Mary E. Glenn. Wayne D, Glin, Penny J Glore. Henry L. Glover, Juwanna Glover, Stella L Glnvier, Llovd H Gluck. Nancy A, 268. 447 Gnas, Charles R Goatlev, Wilbert H- 261. 333 Goble. Earl J, Jr. Goble. James A, 392 Goble. Paula A. ,368. 475 Godbv, Forrest E, Godby, Lucille S Godby. Patricia A. 270. 289, 392 Godby. Stephanie Goddard, Carl J Goddard. Paul 513 Goddard. Sandra L. 513 Goddard, Sandra L. 513 Godfrey. John P Godlewski. Susan C 363, 368. 475 Godman, Marjone T. G€)dsey, Ronnie H Goebel, Joyce A Goebel, Thomas R. Goers, Carol L Goetz, Gary E. Goetz, Karen A. Goetz, Marcia L, 295 Goetz, Marv A, Goff. Deborah A. 476 Goforth, Robyn S. 392 Coins, Betty A, Goins, Blanche B- Goins. Brenda K Goins, Donna F. 284, 475 Goins. JerT - W. Goins. Will T. Goins, William R. Golden. Wavne W . GOLF. 112 Golightly, Donna J 300, 392 Golston. Gwendolyn 0, 513 Gombert, Mary K 513 Gomez. Glenda L. Gomez, Michael A Gonzalez, Steve R- Goocey, Donnie D, 514 Gooch, Donna K, Gooch, Sarah L. 248, 255. 263 270, 313. 318, 319, 336, 393 Gooch. Tommy L, Good, Max 144 Good. Theresa A Goodall, Paula R 514 Goodan, William R. Goode. Billy G. Goode, Danny C. Goode, Patricia E. Goodhue. Johnny M, 476 Goodin, Carolyn M Goodin. Charles S. Goodlette. Paula J Goodlw, Audrey H Goodloe. John W. Goodman. Joy L 514 Goodman, Nell M Goodpaster, Laura E. 429 Goodpasture. Richard Goodrich. Gregory B 367 Goodson, Rita B Goodwin. Christopher 115 Goodwin. Delbert C 429 Gordon. Anthony L. 475 Gordon, Chris 115 Gordon, Connie S Gordon, Derek G. 475 Gordon, Glenn C Gordon, Jovce ' Gordon. Miltnn T. 266, 371 Gordon, William C Gordon. William ' Gorenno, Pamela J. 285. 447 Gorman, Kevin D Gorman. Victoria F 475 Gorton. Donna J Gorton. Milan R Gosnell. Teresa A 514 Gosser. Bobby Gosser, Tara ' O Gossett, Joe Jr. Gossett, Timothy D. 476 Goihard, Richard D. 447 Gough, Elizabeth A Gough. Patricia A. 429 Gover, Glen Jr. Gover, Jimmy W Gover, Pamela J. Grace. Lujavne 544 Grace. Sharon A Gracey. Pamela M- Graddy. Maurice C. Gradel, William A GRADUATION 100 Graf, Debra A 294. 393 Graf. Kim L. 514 Graft. Carla J 514 Graft, Donna L- 73, 353 Gragg. Kathenne L, Graham. Candice Graham. Daniel R. Graham, David C Graham. Davtda L 360, 447 Graham. Glenna S. 447 Graham, Gwendolyn M 476 Graham. Jerr ' E Graham. Jim H Graham. Lmda G Graham. Randy G Graham, Randy G Graham, Sheri K Graham, Tammy B, 514 Graham. Terry M Graham. Tim E. 347, 514 Grail, Cyndee L. Gramling. Thomas R. Granger, Kay D. Grannis, Jill Grant, Dionne L. Grant, Franklin R 273 Grant. Lewis C Grant, Lisa G. Grant, Mary D, Granville. Harold B. Gravens. Charity 107, 447 Graves. Allen S Graves. Cynthia L Graves, Dawn K Graves. Edward E. 307, 329, 393 Graves, Helen C 291, 336, 393 Graves, Jack E Graves, Lajoy L, Graves, Leigh J, 142, 143. 257 Graves, Mary P. Graves, Michael C. Gravett Joy E. 393 Gravitt, John S Gray. Ann E. 357. 429 Gray, Carla A- V, Gray, David B, Gray. Dwavne E Gray. Edward G. 447 Gray, Emanuel Gray. Eacaleta 133, 514 Gray. Gary E. Grav, Gayle E. Gray. Geff S. Gray, Gwendolyn W. Gray. Jeanette A. 514 Grav, Katherine A Gray. Michael H, Gray. Nicholas Gray. Robert B. Gray. Robin E. Grav, Ronnie L. 368, 476 Gray, Steve 333. 351 Gray, Susan C. 514 Gray, Susan L. Gray, Terrv L. Grav, William A. Grav. William S. Grayson. Gail N- 283 Graziani, Alan J, 514 Graziani, Theda J 285. 447 Grear. David C. Grear, Terry L. Greathouse. Donna K. Greayer. Aleta E. Greco, Kathv J. Greelv. Thomas A. 291 Green, Allan J. 347 Green, Angela L. 429 Green. Carol J. Green, Charles L. Green, David T. Green, Debra E. 393 Green. Douglas B 277. 284 Green, George D. Green, Gordon E Green. Holly L. 364. 476 Green, James W Gr«en, Jimmie D Green, John L. Green, Kevin M, 348. 447 Green. Letitia Green, Linda Green. Marjorie H. 294 Green, Michael E, Green. Paula A T Green. Richard D Green. Robert L. Jr. 333, 340 Green, Ruth A. Green, Scott A Green, Steven D. 240, 290, 393 (Ireen, Walter H, 359, 447 Greenburg, Darryl G Greene, Antoinette R (.ireene, Arty P. Greene. Bob V. 393 Greene. Carl Jr. 118 Greene. Catherine M. 447 Greene. Crvstal E 514 Greene, Cynthia L. 270. 289. 393 Greene. Daphne B 476 Greene, Deborah J 423 Greene, James H. Jr. Greene, Linda L Greene. Micharl E 476 Greene, Peggy J. Greene, Steven L 447 Greene, Thelma K 514 Greenfield, Peggy S. Greenlee, Harriet F Greenough. Karen N. 291 Greenslein. Donna G. Greenwade. Sheila M, 476 Greenway. Janice Greenway. Robert L. Greenwell, Brenda C 476 Greenweli. Charles L. Greenwell. Eva C Greenweli, Janet L 514 Greenwell, Joseph A Greenwell, Karen D 447 Greenwell. Kimberley 336. 514 Greenweli, Margaret R. 393 Greenwell, Martha L. 292, 477 Greenwell. Mary J Greenwell, Patricia A 291, 447 Greenwell. Robert V. 447 Greer. Barbara F Greer. Darrvi C. 393 Greer. Dniciila B. Greer. Edward R Greer. Glenda C, Greer. James 0, Jr. Greer. Jenel L. Greer, Kimberly L. Greer. Pam L. Greer. Terry G. 477 Gregg. Kimberly A. Gregg, Robert E. Jr. Gregg, Sally M. Gregonis. Vicki J Gregory, Audrey L. Gregorv, Beulah M. 447 Gregory, B.-)bby R 297, 514 Gregory. Charles D, Gregory. Frank M Gregory, JefT 0, Gregorv. Joanne 268, 272, 393 Gregory, Laura R, 448 Gregory, Linda G, Gregory. Michael A Gregory ' , Shirl F 448 Gregory ' , Teresa J 285, 514 Gregory. Toby 281 Greinwell, Christy 294 Greive. Nancy J Gresham, Deborah L. B Gressman. Peggy A, 448 Grey, Juanila L 393 Gribbin. Michael E. 514 Gribbins. Danny R. Grider, Gwendolyn A Grider, Margaret B. Grier. Laura L 3 3, 514 Griesinger. Chervl A. 514 Griffee. Karen D. 353 Griffey. Jo Ann 248. 260, 332 334, 393 Gnffin, Billie M. E, Griffin, Charles W, Griffin, Cynthia L. Griffin, D wight V Griffin, George Griffin, Gregory C. 477 GniTin, Janet M 222, 270. 393 Griffin, Jeanne A 291. 448 Griffin, Laurel J. 286. 448 Gnffin, Linda B 282, 284, 313 319, 393 Griflin, Marianne H. Griffin, Ramone I. B. Griifin. Rebecca L. 514 Griffin, Rhodenck C, 477 Grimn. Ronald T, 286 Griffin. Sarah A. Griffin. Steve N. GrifTm. Timothy L. Griffin. William M. Griffin, Yvonne E- 514 Gnffis, Brian R, Gnffith. Diane R. Gnffith. Gwynne N, Griffith. John B. 368 Gnffith. Michael W Griffith. Sharon K 514 Griffith. Sharon L Gnffiths. Elizabeth 334 Griggs. Gerald E. Griggs. Riana Gnggs. Serena J. Grigsby. Carolyn L, Grigsby. Connie L M Grigsby. Lucinda J. P. Grigsbv, Mane E. 448 Grigsby. Sally K. 514 Grigsby. Sheila Y. Gngsby. William P. Grim. Mark A. Gnmes. Helena M. 372 Grimes, James M, 351 Gnmes, Jo A C. Grimes, Karon H. 515 Grimes, Linda A. 295 Grimm, Margie R. Gnmme, Kathy A Gnmsley. Charlotte G- 429 Grimsley. Richard E. Gnppa. Jane E, Gripshover, David R. Gnse. Bill M Grise. Bill M Grise, Claudette M 477 Gnse, David P (mse, Elizabeth J, 297, 334, 394 Grise, Emma E, Gnse. Martha 263 (irise, Robert 0. Grise, Susan E. Grise. William 207 Grissom, George W Grissom, James N. 515 Gritton, Gamett L, Gnzzel. Patsy P. Grizzell, Anita E. Groeble. Peggy A. ,544 (iroltig. Donna E. 477 Gronberg, Terry L. Grooms, Gwen G. 515 Gross, Colin Gross, Darrell D. Gross, Freda J. Gross. Gary L Gross, Mary M Gross, Robert A. Gross, Vernon Grove, Sarah L, Grover, Sue A. 394 Groves, Mona L. Grubb. Sunny Gnibbs . Billy A, Grubbs. James G Grubbs, Juanita Y, Grubbs, Kathy L. 244, 266, 296 394. 429 Gruelle. Tony Raye Gnjen, Charles A. 448 Gnjeninger. Diane L. Gruenwald, Gregory W, Grugin, Patrick A Grundman. Pamela R. tirundy, Anthony M. Grundy. James C, Grundy, John M. Gnjner. Allen K 340. 394 Gruner. Kathleen M. 515 Guess. Larry E. Guilford, Helen L, Guinn, Anthony R. Guinn, Brenda S. Guinn, Helen R. Guinn, Robin A. 515 Guinn, Tonv 134 Guinn, Wanda L. Gukeisen, Sandra M. 271, 293. 394 Guldenschuh, Richard Gullett, Bonite Gullett, Marv J J Gundel, Lon J- 448 (luplon. Gregory K. Gurganus, Jane W. Gustin, Marcel L. Gustin, Phyllis A. Guthrie, Patrick D, Gutman. Robert J. Gutterman, John K. 515 Guy, David A. Guv. Mary D. W. Gwirtz, Myra E. 291, 296, 394 Gwynn. Carol A GwvTin. Sharan A 270, 285. 394 GuyTiik, George S 158 — H— Haag, Carolyn A, Haag, Pamela L. 272, 477 Haas, Margaret R. 448 Habeeb. Kais S. Habecb, Mary C Habeeb. Sam J. Jr. Hack. Cynthia A 285. 292, 449 Hacker. Bobby T. Hacker. Bruce Hacker. David S. Hacker, Dennis B, Hacker. Edward M. Hacker. Jane Hacker. Joan 394 Hacker. Kathrvn B. Hacker. Marilyn H. Hacker, Marilyn S. B. Hacker, Paula S- Hacker, Sidney C. Hacker, Zoe A. Hackney. Ivan L. Hackney. Rickey D. Hadden, Bruce A. Haden, Charles K 515 Haden. Laura 332 Hadley, Barbara C, Hadley, Joanne M. Hadley, Thomas E. Hadom, Christopher K- 340 Haegele. Joseph R. Haegele. Ruth M 295. 394 Haenng. Ehzabeth M. 281. 515 Hafer. Craig T. 348. 394 Haflev. Gary A. Hafley. Joan T- Hafley, Jovce Hafley. Marilyn R. 353, 394 Hagan, Ann P Hagans. Carol D. 142 Hagen, Kelly S. 312. 515 Hager, Leonard T. Hager, Marie D. 477 Hager, Raymond A. Hagerman, Beth 282 Hagerman, Nora E. 284, 477 Hahn, Carol C. 422 Hahn, Charles L. 368. 394 Hahn, Cheryl B- Hail, Carol A. Hail, Douglas W. Hain, Robert J, Haines, Glenn W. Haines, Stephen K, Halbauer, Constance 353. 372. 449 Halchak, Kenneth L. 477 Halconb, Charlene Halconb, Charles M. Halcomb. Edwina Halcomb. Michael H. Halcomb. Stanley R. Hale, Bobbv R. Hale, Carla M. Hale, Charles E. Jr. Hale. Charlotte A. Hale. Chnstopher K. Hale, Cvnthia E. 477 Hale, .Nancy I B, Hale. Nora E. Hale. Oresta M Hale, Wateetah D, 293, 307. 395 Hale. Wayne E. Halev. Douglas R. Halev, Maureen P. 477 Halffman. Paul F. Halfhili, Barry W. Hall. Alice M. Hall, Allen E. Hall. Anna G. Hall. Arlie R. Hall, Barbara Hall. Barrv J. Hall, Bennv V. Hall. Bettv J Halt. BiUie C Hall, Candise S. Hall. Connie G. 255, 313. 318 395 Hall, David A. Hall, David G. Hall. Donna M. Hall. Earl R, Hall. Gayle C. Hall. George S. Hall. Gregor ' G. Hall. Jackie D, 28 Hall. Jacquelynn 203 Hall. Jen - N Hall. Joe Hall. John F. Hall. John L. Hail, Joseph E, Hall, Kathleen L D. Hall, Kathv L. 153 Hall. Kerr - A. Hall, Larrv S, Hall, Lintia M. Hall, Lvnn W 395 Hall, Michael D Hall, Michael L. Hall. Paul D Hail, Ritchie J. 218, 395 Hall, Robbie K. Hall, Rose R. Hall, Samuel A III 264, 449 Hall, Sarah F. Hall. Sheila K. Hall, Stanley B. Hall. Stephen A 449 Hall, Susan M. Hall, Tanie K 515 Hall. Teresa L. 423 Hall. Terr% ' E, Hall. Toby 351 Hall. Vickie J Hall. Walter A. 372. 515 Hall. Wavne Hall. William B. Hall. William C, Hall. Volanda Hallis, James Hallis. Juanita V Halhwell. Ann P 429 Hallmark. Gary R. 264. 423 Halioran, Joan P 395 Halloran. Michele C- 477 Hallum, Morris M. 118 Halpin, Donald J Halstad, Chansse M. Halter, Gerald B. Halter, Jack R. Ham. Dennis B. 395 Ham, Judith C Hamblin. Karen L. Hambiin. Karen S 292. 339, 449 Hambrick. Annette K. Hamiiton, Barbara J. Hamilton. Candice L, Hamilton. Connie L. 429 Hamilton. Dave L. Hamilton. Donna L Hamilton, Ellen M. 336, 449 Hamilton, Ginger L. Hamilton, Glenda F. Hamilton. Gregory W. 477 Hamilton Jacque L. 515 Hamilton, Jean Hamilton, John W. Hamilton, Judy C. Hamilton, Karen K. Hamilton. Kirk W 286. 477 Hamilton. Kristin J. 286. 477 Hamilton, Linda L. 515 Hamilton Louis G. 449 572 Index and Directory Pershing Rifles and Valianettes combine forces to sell mums for their Homecoming project. Humillon, Michelle Mtimillon, Patricia A. Hamilton, Palricia G, Hamilton. Sandra K, 281 Hamilton. Stuart W, Hamilton. Suaan H. Hamilton, Susie C. Hamilton, ThomaH C. Hamlin. Leslie A, Hamlin. Marvanne 395 Humm. Bill C Hamm, Kalherine A. Hamm, Laura F. . ' JftV Hfimmack, Merle L. Hammack, Thomas Jr. Hammer, David M. Hammond. Donna S. W. Hammond, Elizabeth P. Hammond, Harold T. Hammond, Larry B. Hammond, Terry R. Hammonds. Charles R. 449 Hammonds. Michael Hammons, Beverly L. 395 Hammons, Brenda R. Hammons, John B. Hammons, Larry W. 515 Hammons, Linda K, 395 Hammons, Man, ' R. 0. Hammons, Rita L. Hammcms, Robert L. Hammons, Robert P. Hammons, Robert R, Hammons, Sammy J. Hammons. Steven C. Hamon, David Hampton, Beltv 0, Hampton. Clyde D. Hampton. David A, Hampton, Florence E. Hampton, Georgina Hampton. Gregory L. Hampton, Jacqueline Hampton, Margie L. Hampton, Mariann Q. Hampton, Patricia L. O. Hampton, Rhonda S. Hampton, Teresa L. Hampton, Timothy L. Hampton, Valerie D, 285, 449 Hampton. Vicki L Hance, Marcia A, Hancock, Donna D. Hancock, Michael E. Hancock. Ronald L. Hancock, Sharon C. Hancock. Sharon S. 477 Hancock, William E Handley, Sharon R 477 Handley, Sybil A, 477 Handorf, Harvey B. Haney, Cynthia K. Hanev, Daniel P. 144, 147, 149 150 Haney, Kinberlea J. 263. 343. 395 Haney, Nancy E, 477 Haney, Shirley L. Haney, Sidney L. Hankins, Lizette F. Hanks. Carol L. 477 Hanks. Catherine A- 477 Hanlev, James K. Hanley, Paul A. Hanley, Ronnie J. Hanna. -lames E, Hannah. Rodger L Hannan. Deborah M. 57, 60. 272. 30-2. 307. 449 Hannan. Joyce A. 515 Hannan. Richard R- Hannan. Victor J- 477 Hanneken, M. Dianne 371. 477 Hanscom, Sue A 544 Hansel, Debra G. Hansel, Jeffrey S. Hansel, Joyce A- 286 Hansen, Allen N, 347 Hanselman, Tina R, 343 Hansen, Barbara A, 515 Hanson, Nettie J, Hansson, Kenneth 208 Hapney, Gary L. Harber, Charles E. 515 Harbin, Barbara J, P. Hiirhin, Jill 332 Harbin, Pamela M. Harbin. Sandra 477 Harbin. Stephen E. Harbison. Charles F. Harbison, Fannie M Harbut, Tyrone 115 Hardcastle, Gerald L. Harden. Jeffrey L 239, 395 Harden. Susan E. 515 Hardesty, Palricia L. Hardesty, Pegg ' J 429 Hardin, Daniel .1. Hardin, Dar. ' in G. Hardin, George L. Jr. Hardin. Jim F. Hardin, Kenneth E. Hardin. Ruel T. 395 Hardin. Sheldon Hardin, Thomas E, Harding. Polly G. L. Hardwick. David D, 515 Hardwick, Oval L Hardwic k, Sherrie D. 289, 449 Hardy, Franklin E Jr Hardv, Joseph R. Hardy, Millie E. Hardy, Susan J. Hare, Harold D. Hargis. Bonnie S. 449 Hargis. Donna K. Hargis, Teresa F. 449 Hargreaves. Michael C. 154. 157 Hargrove, Robert B. Hargrove, Ronnie R, Harkey, John T, 134. 477 Harkins, Dorothy W Harkleroad, David A. Harlan, James G Harlen, Edward E. Harlow, Linda L. Harman, Wilson S Harmeiing, Paula J 515 Harmon, Brian S, Harmon. Dave W Harmon, Gwendolyn S, H. Harmon, Jacqui C. Harmon, Mary A. 395 Harmon, Sherry A. Harmon, Thomas E, Harmon, Vicky D. Harnack. Carol S. Harness. Carolyn A. Harney, Mary F. Harp, Carol C. Harp, Kenneth R, Harp, Ramona B. Harpel, Harris Harper, David G. Harper, Edward E. II Harper, Kandace L. 477 Harper, Linda S. Harper, Steven D. Harpish, Gar ' G Harreli, Colan J. Harrell, Pauletta Harrelaon, Tamera L. Harris, Albert L, Harris, Barbara C. Harris, Billy D. Harris. Carolynn S 449 Harris, Cassie L. 291 477 Harris, Cheryl A. Harris. Clint J. 449 Harris, Cordelia 269. 339. 395 Harris, Deborah J. Harris, Debra L. Harris, Douglas C. 372 Harris, Glenn Jr Harris, James B. Harris, James E. Harris, Jane A. 515 Harris, John A. Harris, Joyce A. Harris, Karen E. 339 Harris, Kathy F, Harris, Kathy L. 449 Harris. Kenneth R. Harris, Margaret K Harris, Margaret S. Harris, Patricia A. Harris, Peron D, Harris, Rebecca L. Harris, Rebecca R. Harris, Ricky D. Harris, Robert C. 307 Harris. Robert L, 395 Harris, Roger T, Harris, Tammy J, 515 Harris, Vivian L. Harris, William F. Harrison, Amy E. 343, 515 Harrison. Blanche K- Harrison. Connie D. Harrison, Debra E Harrison, Delbert T. Harrison, Glenda Harrison. Glenda 0, 477 Harrison, Ira G. Harrison, Jackie L. 292 Harrison, Kay 301. 343. 477 Harrison. Merrell J. Harrison. Peggy K, Harrison, Sharon K. 477 Harrison, Sherman W. Harrison, William L, Harrison, Wilma J, Harrod, Debbie L. Harrod, Myron D, 286, 515 Harrod, Myron D. 286, 515 Harrod, William W. Hart, Carolyn M. 515 Hart, Claggett L. Hart, Donna L, 295, 429 Hart, Jeffery S. 395 Hart, Jennifer L. Hart, Jerry D. Hart, Karen L, 515 Hart, Kenneth J. Hart, Leon R, 118 Hart, Mickie S. 515 Harl, Orlando C. Hart, Peggy J. 449 Hari, Sheree E. Hart, Susan L, Harter, Sharon 477 Hartley, James T 395 Harlman, Marsha D 395. 475 Hartsock, David M. Hartwell, Robert 304 Harvener. Kenneth C. Harvey, Arthur S. 115. 130 Harvey, Arthur W. Harvey. Darlene A, Harvey. Deborah R. Harvey, Jean F. Harvey, Judy A. 363, 449 Harvey, Patricia 281, 475 Har -ey. Patricia W, Harvev, Terri L, 515 Har ' ille, Robert M. 118 Hash. Debbie A. Ha.- h. Michael L, Hash, Sandra S. 515 Hash, Victoria J, Hashagen, Dale A. 263, 281, 285 477 Hasinski. Andre Haskins, Tony C. 477 Hasler, Leesa J. 395 Haste, Vemice D. Haslings, Cynthia A. 429 Hasty. Stephen M. 273 Hatcher. Diane L. 515 Hatcher, Michael S Hatchett, Gar ' A, 107 Hatchett, Gregory C. 515 Hatfield, Alan K- 449 Hatfield, Ava M. Hatfield, Bruce R Hatfield. Bryan A. Hatfield. Carol J. 285. 477 Hatfield, David C, 296 Hatfield, Mark Hatfield, Paula F. Hatfield. Steve L. Hathaway, Nancy J, 363. 477 Hatler, Robert K. Hatley. Robyn M, 120, 242 Hatter, Debra J, Hatter, Janet G Hatter, Jeffrey D. Hatler, Robert J Hatlon, Connie E. 449 Hatlon. Helen M, 285, 477 Hatton, Nelson C Hatton, Sandra K. 268, 395 Hatton, Wilham N. Hattox, Douglas L. Haubner, Rita L. 285, 478 Huugen, Connie L. Haughey, Daniel F, 49, 62 Haughev, Donna 395 Hauschildt, Ann K, 395 Huuse, Martin B. HuuHe, Sophia S. L. Hauser. Edward V. Hausman, John F. Havens. Sandra K, 449 Hawkins, Cathy J 429 Hawkins, Charles W. Hawkins. Deborah J. Hawkins, Dorothy A, Hawkins, George M. Hawkins, Jege 292, 449 Hawkins, Kimberly J, Hawkins, Larry T, Hawkins, Mike 395 Hawkins, Rimald W. Hawley, Barbara B. Hawley. Diane M, 478 Hawley. Rickie H. Hawley. Suzanne W. Hawpe, Patricia M. Hay, Evelyn M. 515 Hay, Lucian H. Havcraft, Peggy. J Hayden, Bruce E. 395 Havden. Catherine A Hayden. CHarles D. 364 Havden. Ernestine 515 Hayden. Killv 515 Hayden, Laura A, 353, 371 Havden, Marv P. 429 Hayden. Melinda L. 449 Havden, Paul E Hayden. William L, Haydon, Catherine R. 449 Havdon, Charloiie E. Haydon, Cheryl L, 515 Haydon, Frank L, Haydon, James G. Haydon. Theresa G. S. Hayes. Charles R, Hayes, Eddie Hayes. Jerry A. 290, 395 Haves, Mary G. Hayes, Mike N. Hayes, Nancy J Hayes, Nancy L. 515 Hayes, Richard J. Hayes. Tony D. Hayes, Willie M. 515 Haymes, Wayne K, Haynes. Becky J. Haynes, Frances A, 47 " Haynes, Malenda S. Haynes, Marian G. Havnes, Mark S. Haynes, Phyllis R. Havnes, Raymond N. Hays, Carl B. Hays, Connie L. Hays. Danny E. Havs, Donna J. 312, 515 Hays. Janet L. 270, 272, 395 Havs, Palricia A. 544 Havs, Robert D Jr Havslett, Randall J Havslev. Robert W, Hayward, John C. 56. 60 Hayward, Muriel M. Haywood, Shaun M. Haywood, Vivian E, 515 Hazard, Denise 478 Hazelrigg. Anne H, Hazle. Connie S 429 Hazlett, James M. 449 Hazlett, Robin A- Hazzaa, Fabad A, Heaberlin. Paggy 478 Heaberlin, Randell L. 118, 273 Head. Barbara C Head. Claire J Heady, Vicki R. Hearn, Candace D. 478 Hearne, Marv E, Heath, Anthony G, Heath, David M Heath. Rodney F Heath. Volanda F Healon, Charlee Healon, John E, Heaton, Teresa G. 297 Heberle. Julie F. Heck, Judith A. Heckman, Alice J, Heckman, Candy L. Heckman, Donna S. Hecko, John M. Hedges. Cher ' l A, Hedges, Linda D. Heffelbower, Gail M. 449 Hefiick, Barbara J. Hegarly, David J. Jr. 296, 395 Hege, Craig G. Hehl, Richard A. 285, 294, 449 Hehl, Robert B Jr. Heightchew, Paul A Heigl, David J. Heil, Kathv A, 263. 291, 292 395 Heim, Julie M. Heine, Jeffrey T Heise. Margaret A Helfrich. Charles T, Helgeson, Mark M. 130 Hellard. Judith L 449 Heller, Edward M, 372 Hellmann, Judith K. Helm, Jerry D Helm. Kathy A. Helm, Patricia G 429 Helms. Jeffery D. Helms, Mary E. Helphinatine, Tammie Helsinger, Thomas M 478 Helton, Joe E. Helton, Robin L Helton, Sandra J Helton, Sonja D Helton, Timothy R, Heltzel. John W, S. Hembree, Mary E. Hempfling, Charlene A, Henage, Rogan L, Henderson. Carolyn S. 396 Henderson, ( " harlene J. Henderson. Clarenelta Henderson, Clayton B. Henderson, Helen D. Henderson, Jayne C, Henderson. Jennifer L. 357. 478 Henderson. John A. Jr. Henderson. Marcus N, Henderson. Mark S Henderson, Rebecca J. 478 Hendersfjn, Ricky L, 374 Henderson, Robert T. Henderson, Wilham H. Hendren, Junell R, Hendren. Mary S. Hendricks, Barbara A. Hendricks. Donna C. Hendricks, Joe D. Hendricks. John C. Hendricks. Laura E. Hendricks. Linda B. Hendricks , Peggy A, Hendricks, Penny H. Hendricks, Robert G. Hendricks, Steven C. 340 Hendrickson. April V Hendrickson, Cathy A. 478 Hendrickson. Debbie L. 478 Hendrickson, Homer A. Hendrickson, Jack D. Hendrickson, Rodney D. Hendrickson, Viola R. 449 Hendrix, Glen A Hendnx. Julie A Henegar, Thomas E. Henize, Stanley D. 264, 423 Henley, Douglas T. 396 Henrickson, Carol A. Henrickson, Kevin L, Henry, Angela G, Henry, Charles L. Henry, Debbie A, 357 Henry, Donna L. 343 Henr ' , Hans M. Henr ' . Jerr ' K, Henrv ' , Joy L. A, Henry, Karen C Henr ' . Linda T. Henry. Roger D. Henry, Rosemarie G. 285. 478 Henry, Sheila S, Henry, Steven R, 118 Henshaw, Michael D 396 Henshilwood. John S. Hensley. Alex Hensley. Alonzo W, Hensley, B. Michael Hensley, Bige Jr. Hensley, Boston B. Hensley, Carolyn B. Hensley. Deborah L. Hensley. Florence J. Henalev. Flossie S. 478 Hensley, Gary R. Hensley, Jerry 478 Hensley. Karen R 449 Hensley. Kathleen J M Hensley. Kathy A, Hensley. Lorene C, 449 Hensley, Lynda L, Hensley, Margaret W. Hansley, Mary A. Hensley, Ramona J. 429 Hensley, Roy M, Jr. Hensley. Russell Hensley, Wanda K. Hensley, We.sley M, Jr, Henson, Eben D Henson. Jane A Henson, Jennifer S. 129. 283. 286 292, 310, 449 Henson, Lonnie 198 Henson, Mary E. Henson. Ronald K. Henson. Sherri D. 449 Hepburn. Pnscilla J. Hepke. Frank L. Hepler, Gwendolyn H. Herald, Estill Herald. Jovce Herald. Randall A. Herb, Valerie L Herbert, Michael A Herbert, Robert J. Herbolt, Regina L. 363 Herbst, John D. Herhst. Robert W. Herd. Stephen B Herman, William R. Hermann, Diane L. Hernandez, Alfredo J, Hernandez, Cynthia G. 478 Herndi)n. Naomi F. Herr, Janet E. 136, 360, 478 Herrell, Eddie T. Herrell. Wilham S. Herren, Gar ' M Herren. Lany L Herren. Loretta W. Herrington, Friedman Herrington. Juanita D. Herrington, Ruth A. 449 Herron, Randy L. Herron, Warren D Herzog, Edward R Jr. Hesen. Ellen M Hess, Stephen J, 118, 257, 448 539 Hesse. Sister Betty A, Hesseldenz, Catherine Hessidence, Joan E. 396 Hessler. Dorsey J, Hester. Diana L. 478 Hester, Mark C. 297. 298, 478 Heater, Michael L. Hester, Norman C Hetlel, Theodore H. Hettinger, Annette M, 282, 343 Hettinger, John S 367 Heu. Allison Heucke, Mark S. 449 Heuser. William F, Jr. Index and Directory 573 Hewl.-(l, Timothy L 286. 478 Hewsun. Mark C. Hevdinger. Laura J. 429 Hever. Kurt A 333, 367 Hiatt. Timothy A. Hibbard, Darlene W. H.bbard, David C. Hibbard. David P Hibbard, Diana L 478 Hibbard, Paula I. 449 Hibbitls. Anita .1 Hibbitts. Rfbecca A 429 HibbH. Charles S Hibbs. Sheila K Hickerson. Hiekey, Brenda S, Hickev. Eliiabeth E. 396 Hickey. Gail L- Hickcy, Julie A. Hickey. Vema L. Hickman, Carol Y. Hickman, Vicki L. 396 Hick.s, Alfreda A Hicks, Brenda K 423 Hicks. Connie M 478 Hicka, David W Hicka, Dianne Hicks, Douglas C 478 Hicks, Jerrv D Hicka, Mark W 449 Hicka, Relha P. Hicks, Thomas .1 396 Hieronymua. Carolyn S. Hieronymus. Rosalie M, Higdon. Constance A. B. HiEdon. Marv ' J HisBinbdtham. Ann W. HifiRinbolham, Gene HiKKins. .lames F 374. 478 HiEpins. James R. HigRina, Margaret A. .347 HiEE ' ns. Mar ' .1. HiEgins. Mav W HiEEins, .Michael H Higgina, Ralph HiEKina. Robert A. HiEgina, Robert Cr, HiEEinrt. Rfibert .J Higgins. Tom I li HiREms, William -I High. Michael L 396 Hight iwer. Johnny D. HiEoite. Judv C S Hilbert, Jerald L Hildreth, Brian K 347 Hile. Amy E 343 Hile, Linda S Hilen. Crwvnne 8 Hilea, Margaret A, 301. 329. 336 Hilgart, Margaret J 396 Hilgeman, Nancv J 295. 429 Hill. Barbara A Hill, harrv L Hill. Benjamin H Hill. Billv A. Hill.CflrlaD, Hill, Christopher D. H.ll. CIvde P Hill. Darlene R Hill, Deborah K Hill, Dennis P. Hill. Eva A. Hill. Prances ( ' • Hill. Jamea D, Hill. Jamea R. Hilt. Janet C. 357 Hill. -Jeffrey A, Hill. Jeffrey L 364 Hill. Ken M. 322. 478 Hill. Mona L. Hill. Robert M Hill. Thomas M Hill. Ti.ni L. 302. 396 HiU. Trina K Hill, Vincent M HiHebrandt, Jeffrey Hillman. Cathy L .544 Hillman. Thomas R Hiipp, Paul F. Hila, Ann L. Hila, Raymond J Hiltner. Reed T Hilton, Dona E Himes. Linda S 292. 301, 429 Himmler. Jo A Hinde, Kaihenne A 312 Hindman. Doug 264 Hinds, Kenneth W. Nines. Donald C Hines. (ilenn J Hmes. James W HineB. Karen E. Nines. Vickie A .S44 Hinkle, Darlene Hinkle, Irene B Hinkle, Lela M Hinkle, Rabon D. Hinkle. Terry P 396 Hinkle. Thela L Hinkle. Wayne T Hinkle. Wilma N Ninton. (jarv M Ninton. Roger E Ninton. William H Hintz, Doreen E Hinzman, Cindv A 263, 29L 449 Hipps, William K 364 Hirsch. Cathenne L- 265 Nisei, Darrell L. 449 Hiale. Charlie R, Hisle. Fonda J Hisle. (larv L Nisle, Jane W Hialope. James H Hiasom. Coach .lack Niaaom, .John S Hisaom, Terry J Hitchcock. Donna L. 312 Hue. Narvey D Hite, Larry T Hites. Timothy R 449 Hivick. Mark E Nlfld, Jane H Noag, Rebecca I, 263 Noar, Susan J Hobbs. Deborah A, Nobba. SchifTon D Hobson. David R 396 Nobson. H Knstine Hockenbrock. Bruce A. Nockenamith. Sandy N, NiKkenamilh. Sarah R 292 HcHker. Pamela M. Nocker. Ruth A. Hodapp. Lynne L. Nodes, John J .340, 396 Nodge. Deborah L, 339. 396 Hodge. Dome R. 450 Hodge. Sandra S. 263, 310. 464 Hodges. Elna W Hodges, Howard G Hodges, Maria D. HoeL ' ker, Nancy S. 429 Hoerse. Ray 273 Hoi. Laurei K. 57. 267. 307 Hofelich. John R. Noff. Gregory P. Hoffman. Anita Hoffman, David A Hoffman, Donna A W. Hoffman, Jacqueline Hoffman. Martha Hoffman. Richard C Jr. 371 Hogan, Ronald K Hoge. Patricia A. Hogg. Bill B. Hogg. Emogene 294 Hogue, Hugh V Hogue. Jane E, Hogue, Jeffrey L. Hogue, Joni L. Hogue, Sharon M. Hogue. Victoria L Hohman. Margaret R HolbriH.k. Ann L 4. ' 0 Holbn-ok, Barbara A Holbn-ik, Charloile F HolbriKik. Cynthia G Holbrook, Harold L Holbrook. Herman, Jr Holbrook, Janice R Holbrook. Jeffery C. Holbrook, Julianne Holbrook, Lisa D, Holbrook, Mark R 300 Holbrwk. Mavis D Holbrmik. Michael L. Holbrofjk, Rt ger L Holcomb, Annette L. Holcomb, Michael J. Holcomb, Teresa J, Niilderbaum, Dwain L. Nolehan, Steven T. 179, 396 Noleman. Michael P 372 H ' lfinger. Stephen K. Hulihan. Randy J, lfi.5, 273, 295 .196, 40H Ndiihan. Ron 154. 157 Holland, Beth M Holland, David J Holland. Dickie W Holland. Paul E Hollenbeck, Susan E 544 Holleran, .loe E, Jr Hollev, Linda Y 291. 344 Holhdav, Robert J 396 Hojlifjeid, Michael L. 371 Hollin, Sheila D Hollinde, William J. 48. 62 Hollinger, Elizabeth .396 Holtingaworth, Anna D. Holtingsworth, Jackie Hollingswonh Lynda 264 Hollingsworth, Sandra Hollis. Milton E Hollister, Tamara B. Hollon, Betty L 107 Hollon, Danny L. Hollon, Kathy A Hollon, Lota A. Hollonbeck, Carol L. Hotloway. Eleanor C Holloway, James A 279 Holloway. Nancy 328 Holloway, Steven T 112 Hollowell, Clifton W. Holly. Warren D Holman, Deborah Holman, Susan I. Holmes. Earl G Holmes, Everlena M Holmes. Hai 265 Holmea, Harold Z Jr Holmea. John B Holmes. Marlena J. Holmes. Mvrtice S. Holt. Agnes R Holt. Carl E Holt. Hurston R Holt, Jamea W Holt, Linda D 429 Holt, Michael T 4.50 Holt, PhvUis A. Holt. Rickey E Holt. Valeria L 292, 295 Holthaua. Kathleen M, Holtzapple, l arry A. Hoitzapple. Sherri J Homan. John E 296 HOMECOMING 64 Nonaker, Jamesetta P Honchel, John F. Honchel. Rawleigh F Honchel, Rowetta K. Honer, Deborah A Nonevcud. .lohn C. HONOR ROLL 228 Hood. Bert D, Hood, Gregory L, 450 Hood, Joann B. N, Hook. Deniae L. 517 Hoopes, B Franklin Hooton. Kimberly K 517 Hoover. Jana K, 263, 272, 279 ■293. :t53, 396 Hoover. Melody S 279. 353 Hoover, Michael B Hoover, Robert R Jr, 351 Hope, Charles D, 118 Hopkins, Anna C. Hopkina, Bonne J Hopkins. Debora J 450 Hopkins, Karen G. Hopkins, Ronald L, Hopkins. Shelby R. Hoppf Julie A. 517 Hopper. Charles C. 517 Hopper, Glinda K. Hopper. Lester H. Hoppes. Ann M. Nord. Peggy E. 281. 517 Hord. Randy S. Horecny, Frank S. Norensky, Dale L. 517 Horina. Susan M. 517 Horn. Clyde Horn. Darrell A. Horn, Donna L. Horn. Lowell D Horn. Marcella S- 285, 430 Horn, Margaret S. Horn. Richard L. Horn. Ron 200 Horn. Thomas A. Homack, Carleen J. Hornback. John E, 284, 396 Hombuckle, James R Hombuckle, William G Home. Suaan E 517 Horner. Nancy I. Homsbv. Leonard 285 Horrigan. Deborah L 312. 357, .368 517 Horseman, .lane G H. Horalev, Jamea M. 297 Hortori. Camille A ' 283. 517 Horton. Linda L. Norton, Melisaa W, Hosking, Gail S. Hoskina, Cindy L. Hoskina, Danny L. Hoskina, David W. Hoskina, Don Hoskins, Dorothy J. Hoskins. Jan L. Hoskins, Judy Hoskins. Lonnie H(»8kins, Michael L 396 Hoskins, Roy K. Noakins, Stanley C. Hoskin8on.T eb ' ra A 295, 517 Hnskinson. Lelia E Nosaeinian. Ali Hoaseinian, Seyed H, Hotchkiss, Brian F .340 Houchm, Barbara A. B. Huudeshel, Deborah A. 363 Hounshell, Deborah C, Hounshell, Wordie Jr House, Catherine L 450 House, Charles S House. Darrell E. 273, 376 House, Ernest M. 118, 119. 125 126. 129, 273, 3.59 :i59 House. Emeatine P. House. Graham T. 517 House, Jennifer J, House, Jerry M- 372, 396 House, Linda L. 517 House, Mary K. House Patricia A. House, Raymond D. 154 House, Terry L. House, William R. House, Wilma L, Householder, Jane T. Houser, David A Houser, Kalhryn I. 423 Houshmand. Mohammad Houston. Dallas C Houston. Lee A. 396 Houaton. Sandra S, Hovis. Suzanne 291 Howard. Alice M Howard, Anthony Howard, Barbara A, Howard. Billy Howard. Billy J Howard. Cary B, Howard. Chester Howard, Danny 0. Howard, Donald W Howard. Donna .1 450 Howard, Durham 167 Howard, Elizabeth A. Howard, Gary E Howard, ' lerald D Howard. Gladys E C. Howard, Hamp L Howard, Harold D. Howard. Harold L, Howard. Helen M. Howard. Ida E Howard. Jack L Howard, .lacqueline S 450 Howard. James B, Howard, .lames L Howard, Jeffery L 517 Howard, .John W II Howard, Kenneth R. Howard, l nlis K Howard, Lexine 517 Howard. Linda S 294, 517 Howard. Lisa B. K Howard. Lola J. 307 Howard. Marcia K, 272 Howard. Michael E, Howard. Michael E. Howard, Michael L, Howard. Myra S Howard. Nadine E. Howard, Patricia J Howard. Patncia S, Howard, Phihp E Howard, Phillip E, Howard, Richard D. Howard, Robert G Howard. Robert .1 Howard. Rodney M. Howard. Roger D. Howard. Ronald J. Howard. Sandra J 272 Howard. Sandra L Howard, Sarah J 450 Howard, Shirley T. Howard, Vickie L, Howard, Walter R Howell, Debbie L. 517 Howell, Delmer 130 Howell. Mary A. Howell, Maurice M. Howell. Michael T 115, 364 Howell. Paul W 396 Howell. Thomas B. 450 Howerton, John D. 340 Howerton, Leigh Jr. Howett, H Bradley Hoy. Robert W, 297, 450 Hrabak. Albert A. Hsieh, Betty Hubbard. Barbara M, Hubbard. Catherine L. Hubbard. Cecil E. Hubbard, (irover C. Hubbard. Harvey C. Hubbard, John M. 450 Hubbard, Robert M. Huber. Margie W, Huber. Pamela J Huber. Stephen L. Hubley. Jeffery A. 300. 450 Hubner. Nancy J. 450 Hubsch, Deniae L- 357 Hubsch. John K. Jr. 517 Huckabee, Roland G. Huckins. Trudy E. 357 Huckleberr ' , Earlene Hiiddleston. Philip D. Huddleaton, Ralph E. Hudson, Adna M. 517 Hudson, Anneta F. Hudson, John E Hudson, Karen E. 339 Hudson. Larry L. Hudson, Mamie P Hudson, Michael T, Hudson, Susan A. 430 Hudspeth, Gregory F Hueiskamp. Katherine 517 Huesman, Richard A Huff. Belle E Huff, Brenda S. Huff, Garry W Huff. James E .396 Huff, Linda S. 518 Huff, Millard R Huffaker. Judy D. Huffman, Aaron Huffman, Carolyn R Huffman, Deborah A, 286, 396 Huffman, Delmer L. Huffman, Elsie M. Huffman, Gary G. Huffman, J W, Huffman, Jerry C. Huffman, Judy T. Huffman, Marybeth Huffman, Patrick O Huffman, Rhonda L, C. Huffman. Vickie L Hugenberg, Elizabeth Hughes, Anthony S. Hughes, Brenda ' j. Hughes, Brenda L. Hughes, Charles M Hughes, Darrell L. Hughes, Denise J. C. Hughes, Donna J, 353, 518 Hughes, Duane E 4.50 Hughes, Fanny Z Hughes, Ge irgia C. Hughes, Jay Hughes, Jerry L. Hughes, Karen R Hughes, Karen R Hughes, Leta S. Hughes. .Marion R. 397 Hughes, Marva A Hughes, Paul Hughes, Ricky M. Hughes, Robert K Hughes. Robert M Hughes. Roxanne Hughes, William A, 118 Hughes. William C R. 397 Hiighlett, Daniel J Hughlett. Yolanda J, 518 Huguely. Gary L. Huhn. jamea P. Hui. Chi S. Hui. Cinderella 518 Hulett. Myra J. Hulette. John B Hull. Gregory R. 295. 450 Hull. William E. Huls, Judy A. Humble, Jo D. Humble, William R. Hume, Allen T Hume, David S Hume, Janet F Humfleet , Sue A. 273. 450 Humkey, John P. Hummel. Carol A Hummel, Edward E. Humphrey, .lames G, Humphrey, Kan P Humphrey, Rebecca A 286, 518 Humphrey, Terry L. Humphries, Michael L. Hund. Mary E 397 Hundley, Franklin D, Hundley, Marcia E, Hundley, Russell B. Hungarland. Nancy A. 282, 325, 450 Hunlev. Anna F. Hunley. Debbie A. Hunley. Eugene Hunley. Nancy K. 294. 450 Hunsaker, Willis L. Hunt, Alan P Hunt, Betty J. Hunt, Elizabeth P Hunt. Howard B- Jr. Hunt. Larry K Hunt, Mary A. Hunt. Thomas L. Hunt. Virginia L, Hunter. Charles W. Hunter. Deneen Y. 518 Hunter, George I. Jr. Hunter, Jane E. Hunter, Johnnie M 371 Hunter, Judv G- 281 Hunter, Mark B. 359. 450 Hunter, Patricia A. 371 Hunter, Rebecca A. Hunter. Robert P, Hunter, Vicky L. Hunter, William Jr, 518 Hupp, Harry W. Hur, Grace M 289 Hurak. John A Hurd. Jesse E, 347 Hurley. Angela F. Hurst, Alberta J, 297. 450 Hurst, Donna S. Hur: t, Patricia E, 283, 334, 368 450 Hurt. Cora L. Hurt. Darrell L. Hurt. Donna S. Hurt. Michael W, Huskev, Michael R, 397 Husa. Max 267 Hussing, Robert B, Huston, Gary D 450 Hutchens. Douglas M. Hutcherson. Wilma M. Hutcheson. Gary W, Hutcheson. Tim A. Hutchinson, Jack T. Hutchinson, Joni K, 397 Hutchinson. Mary A 518 Hutchison, Kenneth R. Hutchison. Robin A, Hutchison, Ronald C Hutton, Kim K Hulton. K. 518 Hvatt. Anthony W Hvde, Charles III Hvde, Ora C, Hyden, William F. Hyder, Terry R. Hvkle, Joseph Jr. Hyland, Mark G. Hymer, Steven W 112 Hynes. John D Hyainger, Douglas 0. —I— Igteheart, Eloise L. Igo. Diana L Ikerd. Jerry 167 Hliohan. Sharon R. 518 illenberg, Cathie E. 290. 39: Imfeld, Kimberly A. 518 Ingle, Kevin B, Ingram. Jacqueline L. 518 Ingram. Janet K 518 Ingram. Kyle L, Ingram, Steven R. 296, 397 Inman, Alice M Inman. Larry W, 397 Inman. Linda S. C. Innis. Andrea E. 518 Innis. Barbara S Interdorm. Men ' s 282 Interdorm. Women ' s 281 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 333 INTERIOR DESIGN CLUB INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 289 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 161 Irelan, David H Irons, Charles A 112. 397 Irvin. Debra L Irvin, Gloria J .339, 450 Irvin. Stevelyn Irvin. William G ln.in. William R. Ir ine. Dona B, Irving, Margaret H, Irwin, Joseph M. 134 Irwin. Karen S. Irwin. Russell B 518 Isaac, Cynthia G- 363, 450 Isacc, Deborah J 357. 518 Isaac. Earl W, 451 Isaacs, Arnold C. Isaacs, Gary M. Isaacs, Irene H Isaacs, Jennifer L. 518 Isaacs, Jeri L Isaacs, Lisa M, 518 Isaacs, Mary G. 451 Isaacs, Roger G. Isaacs. Roy R. Isaacs, Roy R Isaacs, S. Curry Isaacs, Samuel W. Isaaca, Sandy K. 353 Isbell, Ethel M Isbell. Jen L. 363, 372 Ishmael. Lona M. B. 397 Ismail. Youaif I. Ison, Barbara A 397 Ison, Delmer Ison, Donna R B Ison, Elmer Jr Ison, Gary L Ison, Jack 118 Ison. Kathy S. 292 laon, Kimberly D, Ison, Lee A 518 Ison, Roy Ison, Sandra K. Ison, Valerie E. Israel. Allan D. Israet. Janet C, Key. Norman S, Ivie. Larry R. Jackie, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackaon, Jackson, Jackson, Jackaon, Jackson, Jackson, Jackaon, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackaon, Jackaon, Jackson, Jackson, —J— Mark E. Allen W Avanda R Brenda K 397 Cassandra E- 339 Charles W, Jr. Cora E. 451 Cynthia A, Daviel C. Diana L. Donald R Douglas J r Eric L. 518 George D. Gerald H, Harold G. James D. Jan 372 Janet W, Janice L- 518 574 Index and Directory JackHon, Joe L. Jackson, Karen L. 516 Jackson, Karen S. 363 JackBun, Krista L. 363, 430 Jackson, Laura J. Jackson, Leola M. Jackson, Lynn E. 332, 334 Jackson, Margaret H. Jackson, Martha A. Jackson, Mary L. Jackson, Ralph J. Jackson, Roy C. Jackson, Ruby J. C. Jackson, Sallie Jackson, Thomas R. Jackson. Timothy J. Jackson, Vanessa G. Jackson, Victoria M. lackson, Virginia L. Jackson, Wendell L. Jackson, Wilham H. Jr. Jackson. William V, -480 Jackson, Volanda M. 344 Jacoher. Juliana M. Jacober, Mary B, 518 Jacobs, Audeen P. Jacobs, Carol E. Jacobs, Dale E. 372, 518 Jacobs, Jack M. Jacobs, James B. Jacobs, Jenny L. Jacobs, John S. Jacobs. Judy H. Jacobs, Lisa C, 291, 518 Jacobs, Lydia M. Jacobs, Mary D, Jacoby, Patricia L. 518 Jaglowicz, James T. 480 James, Cheryl C. James, Clifford L. James. Debra L. 480 James, Donna L. James, Evelyn D. James, Jay B, 158 James. Jessica A. 480 James. John D Jr. James. Kathleen N, James, Kathleen S. James, Martha K. James. Michael A. 451 .lames. Roberta A. 397 .lames, Stephen A. James. Theresa G. James, William N. Jameson, Mar ' J, Itimison, Deborah A. .Ifines, Brenda C, 480 .lanosk " , Kay S. Janow, Artie M. Janson. Peggy Janzef, Joyce L. 334 Jarman, .lames K, 519 ■larrard, Connie J. ■larv ' is. Jesse F. Jasper, Donald L. 372 Jasper, Pamela A. 519 Jayne, Thomas E. 480 .leanes, Janet A. Jeffera, Harold B. Jr. 519 Jefferson, Nancy L. Jeffery, Rick D. " Jeffrey, Dorothy A. Jeffries, Nathan Jelby, David 347 .len. Amy Tung Hua .Jenkins. Mar ' A. 334 Jenkins. Nita D. Jenkins. Patricia K. Jenkms, Paula K. 221. 263 Jenkins, Princess M. Jenkins, Thomas H. Jenkins, Thomas R. 296, 397 .lenks, Richard S. 118 Jenne, Mary A. 480 Jennings. Alyce D. Jennings. Diana S. Jennings, Eric Jennings, Helen C, Jennings, Myrena S. 269, 294 Jenny, Richard J. .lensen. Katherine H, 519 lervis. Larrv D, Jeskie, John W 397 Jesse, Martha A. Jessup, Jeffrey C. 134, 480 Jeter, Jenny L. Jett, Barry L. Jett, Garland M, Jr, Jett, Jamie L. H. Jett, Lila J. ' Jett. Linda D, 519 Jett. Paul D. Jett. Terry R. 56 Jetter, Reva J, M. Jewell. Melvina F. Jewell. Regena M. 544 Jewett, Jayda K, 364, 480 Jewelt, Steve K. 519 Jimison. Mary B 302, 397 Jinks, Virginia N. 302 Jitjumnung, Warunya Jobe, Janet 268 Johannemann, David J. Johanson, Gary J. Johanson. Margaret R. John Paul R. Johns. Clarence D, Johns. Dean R, Johns. Karen E. 289, 292. 451 Johns. Margie S Johns. Tanya L. .lohnson, Acy Johnson, Agatha L. 284, 296, 292 451 Johnson, Alisa Johnson, Allegra M. Johnson, Allen K. Johnson, Amy R. J. Johnson, Augusta R. Johnson. Barbara L. Johnson, Barry C. D. Johnson. Betty J. Johnson, Beverly A. Johnson, Blanche M. Johnson, Bobbie W. Johnson, Brenda F. W. Johnson, Bruce 0, Johnson. Bruce R. Johnson, C. David Johnson, Carol A. Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Catherine A. Johnson. Charles C. Johnson. Charles E. Johnson, Charles G. Johnson, Charlotte D. 423 Johnson, Chris A, Johnson, Curtis E. Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Cynthia J. Johnson. Darlene 299 .Johnson. David D. Johnson. David 0. Johnson, David R 398 Johnson, David T, Johnson, Deborah A. Johnson, Debra H. Johnson. Debra L, Johnson. Devonna L. Johnson, Donald R. Johnson, Donna P. Johnson, Douglas W. Johnson, Earl A. Johnson, Edward L, 367. 480 Johnson. Enid L, 519 Johnson, Eric L. Johnson, Frances C. Johnson, Franklin D. Johnson, Fred L, Johnson. Greg L. 359 Johnson. Gregory E. Johnson. Gregory K. Johnson, H Jay Jr. Johnson, James D. .Johnson, .lames E. Jr. 451 Johnson. James H. Johnson. James M. Johnson, James M. Johnson, James V. Johnson, James W. Jr. Johnson, Jane C. Johnson, Jennifer S, 519 Johnson. Jenny A. 519 Johnson. Jesse F. Johnson, Jimmy R Johnson. Joe R " III 398 Johnson, John C C Johnson, John D. 372, 480 Johnson, John T. Johnson, Jonell Johnson, Joseph M. Johnson, Joseph R, Johnson, Karen J. 398 Johnson. Kathy L. 281, 451 Johnson, Kenneth G. Johnson. Kerri C. Johnson. Laura S. 480 ■lohnson, Lillian M, Johnson, Linda C. Johnson, Linda R .Johnson. Lloyd E. Johnson, Margaret S. Johnson. Mark D " " Johnson. Mary E. 363 Johnson, Mary E. Johnson, Mataline K. 519 Johnson, Mervyn N. 347, 480 Johnson, Michael J. Johnson. Michael L. Johnson. Michael W. Johnson. Mike K, 519 Johnson. Nancv D. 451 Johnson, Nancy L. 519 Johnson, Nell J. Johnson. Norma B. ■Johnson, Norman D. .Johnson. Okie ■Johnson. Pamela K. Johnson, Pamela L. F. Johnson. Patricia H. Johnson, Paul C. Johnson, Paula J. 398 Johnson, Paula J. Johnson, Paulette R. 286, 292, 301 310. 480 Johnson, Pauline Johnson. Phil Johnson. Phillip Johnson. Phillip Johnson, Priscilla A. Johnson, Rebecca .1 Johnson, Rhonda D. 519 Johnson, Richard M. Johnson. Robin R, 221. 519 Johnson, Rodney S. Johnson, Ronald E, Johnson. Russell Johnson, Sally C. 296, 451 Johnson, Sandra A. S. Johnson, Sara L Johnson, Sharon B. Johnson, Sharon C. J. Johnson. Steven R. .Johnson. Susan M. 398 Johnson. Teresa Johnson, Thomasena K. Johnson, Trudy L. Johnson, Valary L. Johnson, Virginia A. Johnson. Virginia K. Johnson. William E. Johnson. William K Johnson, Wilma J, 519 Johnston, Joseph A. Johnston. Kathy S, 140, 141, 480 Johnston. Michael G Joiner, Lovell R. Jolly. Anna E. 268, 291 Jolly. Kerri L. 480 Jolly. Linda L. Jones. Aaron T, Jones, Andrew Jones, Anita L. 344 Jones, Ann B. Jones, Anthony Jones, Barbara W. Jones. Bemice E. 398 Jones. Beth M. Jones. Betay L. 28, 277, 279 368, 451 Jones. Betty J. 519 Jones, Calvin C. Jr. Jones, Charles A. Jones, Charlotte H. Jones, Cheryll M. 519 Jones, Cindie J. Jones, David H, Jones, David M. Jones. David R. Jones, Debbie K, 480 ■Junes, Debra A ■Jones. Denise L. ■Jones. Diane D, 360 Jones. Donna T. Jones, Elizabeth D. 519 Jones, Elizabeth P. A. ■loncs, Ernest S. Jones, Ethel ■limes, Evelyn ■limes. Everett D. Jones. Frank L. Jones. Gail 281 -fones, Gary K. Jones, George K. Jones, Gerald R. Jones, Glen D. Jones, Guy S. Jones, Gwendolyn A. Jones, J, Christopher Jones, James C, Jones, ,laney L. 451 Jones, Joe S. Jones, John R. Jones, John S, Jr. Jones, Johnnie G. Jones, Joseph M. 519 ■lones, Karen E, ■Jones, Karen L. Jones. KatherineC. Jone.H Kathleen J. 285. 430 Jones. Kathy A. 289. 451 Jones, Kathy L, 293 ■lones, Kerry W. J(mes, Kevan P, 158. 519 ■Jones, Kimberli R. 430 Jones, Kimberly S. 353. 519 Jone.s. Laura K. 519 Jones, Lillian M. ■lones, Lois C. Jones, I is G. 480 Jones, Loretta L. Jones, Lynn V. 294. 45i Jones, Malvin, 266, 297. 298 Jones. Mark A, 285 Jones, Marsha R. Jones, Martho J, 360 Jones. Martha L. Jones, Mary A. Jones, Mary K. 430 Jones, Mary M. 451 Jones. Matthew A. Jones, Milford L. Jr. Jones, Mona R, Jones, Monica P Jones, Nora R. Jones, Orval 118 Jones. Patricia H, 343 limes. Patrick G. Jcmes. Pegg y A. 480 ■Jones. Peggy L. Jones. Philip T. 519 Jones, Raymond 0. Jr. Jones, Rebecca D. 398 Jones, Rebecca E. Jones, Richard R, 398 Jones. Richard R Jones. Robert A. Jones. Robert W, Jones. Robyn L, 348 Jones, Rosalie 519 Jones, Roy Jones, Russell L. Jones. Sammy G. 451 Jones. Sanford 199, 290 Jones. Sarah L. Jones, Scott C, Jones, Sharon A. Jones, Shelby .1. Jones, Stanley E, 519 Jones, Stephanie 293, 357. 519 Jones. Teresa G. Jones. Terri L, Jones. Tyrone 144 Jones, Vicki R. Jones, Walter R. 451 Jones, Wayne R. Jones, William D. Jones, William F, Jones. William T Jordan, Christa S. Jordan, Linna A. Jordan, Michael A. 460 Jordan, Nancy E. Jordan Regina G. 398 Jordan. William E 398 ■loseph, Bonnie K Joseph. Carolyn Joseph. Hazel R. Joseph. Kermit D, Joseph. Michael L. Jouett. Pamela L. Joyce, Bonnie K Joyce, Kathleen M. 334 Joyer, Tamara M, Joyner, David B. Jude, Theodore R. Judge. Greg A. 368 Judson. Joseph A, Jr. Judy, Jane A. Judy, Margaret L. ■Juett. Linda L. 451 Julian. Deanna R Jungclas, Jav N 519 JUNIOR CLASS 444 Jury, Henry S. Jury, John D. Justice, Clayton Justice, Diana L. 480 Justice. Evie Justice, Harry D. Justice, James A. Justice, Janet L. Justice, Joseph D. Justice, Ollive C. Justice, Paul G. 519 Justice. Steven L. ■Justiniano. Lourdes S. Justiniano. Marilyn S. 289. 398 K— Kackley, Kathy A, .198 Kadir, Katijah A. Kaelin, Keegan Kaenzig, Stephen E, Kain, Vickie L. 519 Kaiser. Connie R. Kaiser, Cynthia A, 330 Kalbaugh. James S, .371 Kaldenberg, Gwen M, 519 Kaldy, Windsor J, Kambarami. Bobby K. 424 Kamego. Loreen R. V, Kamego, Michael P, Kamoshida, Michio 480 Kamuf, Kathy J. Kane, Christina M, 36.3 Kane. Milburn A. Kannapell. Anne L Kaplan, Lorraine L 451 Kaplan. Mark ■J Kaplan. Michelle .J. 519 KAPPA ALPHA 351 KAPPA ALPHA PSI 354 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 353 KAPPA DELTA ;).57 KAPPA DELTA PI KAPPA DELTA TAU 292 KAPPA IOTA KPSILON KAPPA ML EPSILON 270 Kappeler, Victor E 519 Karle, Lynn A, ,!60, 519 Karlstrom. Karl G. Karns. Amy M, .3.34 Karns. James J. Kama, James M. L. Karns, Jaramy C. Karr, Fred H. 399 Karr, Jerry W, Karsner, David J. Karsner. Elizabeth F. 292. 519 Karsner, George G. Karsner. Lee A. Kash, Michael W. Kash. Phyllis R. 519 Kash, Rosemary Kashefbazzazi, Kazem Kaskie. Lawrence G Kasselmann. Marv A. 153, 257. 265 399 Kasuga, Michael S. Kaufman. James A. .Jr. 1.58, 544 Kaufman. Judy R. 78. 158, 519 Kaufman, Phiiip R, Kaufman, Regina L. .544 Kavanaugh, Donna F, 281, 295. 399 Kavanaugh, Sylvia A. LAW INKays. " Jerry D. Kays. John A. Kays. Michael L Kays. Paul J Kazlauskas, John M. Keabler. John W Keabler. Richard A, II Kearney, Alice J. 399 Kearns. Deborah S. 272. 480 Keams, Mary L 430 Keating. Joyce S. Keehner, Cathy A. Keehner, Robin L. 371 Keeley, Terri M. 207, 451 Keeling, James L, 399 Keeling, Ricky G, Keeling. Stephen L, 451 Keemle, Jacqueline H Keen, James E. 130 Keen, Jean P Keenan, Douglas E. Keenan. Tai Tung Keene. Lois A, 360 Keene, Mark R. Keene, Mary T, 245, 329, 360 Keene, William L. Jr. Keene, William P. 399 Keener, Darrell L. Kees. Mary L. Kees, Stephen R, 290. 451 Keeton, Curtis M. Keeton, Deborah A. 291. .399 Kegley, Deborah E .336, 519 Keifer. Monica L 140. 141. 519 Keil. Kathleen M Keith, Brenda L Keith, James L Keith, Jerry F. Keith. Robert L. 336, 399 Kelcbner, Donald L. Jr. Keller, James R. Jr, 372 Keller. John B, Jr. Keller, Sally L. Keller, William M. Kelley, Carlos Kelley, Carolyn F Kelley. Dawn. M. 78. 79. 520 Kelley. Glenda L, .520 Kelley, Gregory S. Kelley, Howard W, Kelley, James D, 520 Kelley, James D. Kelley. James E. Kelley. Jerome R. 118. 120 Kelley. Kathleen A. Kelley, Kevin S, Kelley, Michael J. Kelley, Michael 0, Kelley, Patrick A. Kellington, Lori A. 343 Kellv. Cindv A, 520 Kellv. Coleen M, 357. 399 Kelly. David R. Kelly, Fred R. Kelly, Henry Kelly, John P. Kellv. Karen L, 263. 270. 292 399 Kelly. Karen S. Kellv. Mary A, 291, 451 Kellv. Mary E. Kelly, Maureen T. Kelly, Melissa R. Kelly. Michael E. 266 Kelly. Cilia Kelly. Roosevelt 118 Kelly. Timothy S. Keough, Richard 296 Kelroy. Patrick A, 112 Kelsall, Susan Kelach, Poula A. 399 Kelson. Timothy W. Kelly, Louann 480 Kcmo. Kim L, .351 Kemp, Stephen W. Kemper, Douglas M. Kemper, Jacqueline A, Kemper. Mary G Ktmpl. Karen D, 286. 480 Ki-ndall, Ellis E. Jr. Kendall. Mildred K. 343. .520 Kendall. Olivia 0. Kendle. David R. .520 Kendrick. Kenneth R. Kmdrick, Tammy K. Kennedy. Albert S, Kennedy. David L. .300 Kennedy, DavidM. 480 Kennedv, Franklin 354 Kennedy, -leffery P, ,359 Kennedy, Patricia C. Kennedv. Susan P. .520 Kenner. Mark S, 298. 520 Kcnnelt, .John W. 368 Kennett, Marc A. 368 Kenney, Connie M. 480 Kenney. Henry C, Kent, James A, 399 Keough, Richard M. Kerhaugh. Glyn D, Jr, 399 Kerby, I. slie L. Kerby, Mary W. Kern, Linda A, Kerns. Tommy W. U5 Kerr, Bruce E 451 Kerr. Bryant A Kemck, Phillip A. Kerrick. William M. Kessinger. Mark E. Kessler, Kay R. Kessler, Nancy J, 343 Ketron, Kevin L. Kellig. Judy G 399 Kettler, Alma N M. Keltler. Father Ronald 30. 291 Kever, Gregory S, Kev, Beverly J Kev,HopeI 300, 520 Key, J B. Kev. Penny L. 451 Key. Peter. G 480 Kev. Samuel D, Key, William A, Kezele, Deborah S. Khunkitti. Suwit Kice, Kathv 295 Kice, Mary K, 334 Kidd. Daniel W Kidd. David W, Kidd. Deborah C. 451 Kidd. Greta E, 451 Kidd, Kathv L, 368, 520 Kidd, Marc S, Kidd, Patricia K, 520 Kidd, Roy 118, 121, 126 329 Kidd. Timothy R .520 Kierer, William 277 Kiernan, Daniel Kilburn, Anna M. Kilby. Ralph L, Kilch, Jeanine M, 336. 520 Kilgore, Bobby C, Kilgore. Darr ' l W. Kilgore.Donna L, 307. 480 Kilgore, James W Killen, Mary J. Killian. Patricia A Killingsworth. Margaret Killion, Christy L, Killiim, George M, Killman. Billye 29, 307 Kilmer, Ronald J, 399 Kimball. Donald 451 Kimball. Kelly P, 154. 157. 480 Kimberlain. Karen L, 480 Kimbindefru, Zama 277 Kimbleton, Melissa A, 295. 480 Kimbrough. Lela V. Kimbrough, Phyllis L. Kincaid, Gary W Kincaid, Harold F Kincaid, Sbellye R. .520 Kincaid. Virgii G. 480 Kincaid. William H, Kincer. Roger D Kincer, Susan D, 480 Kincheloe. Michael A. Kindell. Beverly A. Kinder, Catherine L, Kinder, Karin L. 360 Kinder. Kim M, 284, 292 Kinder. Ralph G. Kindred. Zola M Kiner, Howard J King, Angela R, King, Anne 272 King, Barbara S, King, Billic J. King. Carol S, King. Charles E, King, Cheryl H. King, Connie I. Kins, Debora A, 283 King, Deborah L, .521 King. Donna J. 399 King. Faith A, 521 King, Gail E. King. Garv L, King, Helen P King, James T. 42. 521 King, Janice H, King. Jenny C. Q, King. .Joan C W, King, Joseph M. King, Kathe King, Lawrence J. 451 King. Linda C. 430 King. Linda G, King. Lisa, C. King, Margaret L, King, Mary S, King, Milton 566 King. Pauletta 399 King, Robert M, King, Ronald L. King, Samuel E. King. Sara A. 451 Index and Directory 575 King, Sharon L. 451 King. Shauna M. 480 King. Shawn E King, Stephen T. King. Tern H King. Thomas A. King. Timothy A. 42 King. Vickie M. King. Vickv L King, William D Kinghorn, Kathleen M. Kinkade, Cher ' l S. 480 Kinker. Jan L. Kinkton. Richard L. Kinlaw. Susan J. Kinley, Isaac B, Kinley. Joyce D. 307. 344 Kinman, Barney H. Kinman. Charles V, Kinman. Kevin E Kinnaird. Franklin E. Kinnan, Joe l S Kinne. Charles A. Kinney. Joseph T. Kinney. Paul H, Kinney. Tina M. Kinselle. Gerald J. Kinser, Michael C. Kinsler, Jack R. 2.58 Kinsler. Kimberly S. 329, 336, 430 Kinsolving. George B, Kipley. Jan Kipley, Randall C Kipper. Michael R Kiracole. Gregory A. 118.122, 128. 257 Kirby. Earl G. 451 Kirby. Ellen E. 3fty Kirby. Ethel M. Kirby. Harold L. Kirbv, Kimberly J. Kirby. Todd M- Kirchhoff. Fred J. Jr Kjrchner. Michael J 118 Kirchner. Peter M, 424 Kirk. Uarrel C Jr. Kirk. Flora Kirk. Linda J Kirk. Tern L 263, 285. 399 Kirkland. James D 399 Kirkman, Cecil D. Kirkpatnck, Dorothy Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Kirkpatnck, Lisa G Kirkpatrick, Rex A. 266, 451 Kirkwood. Laura J. 285, 521 Kim, Debora S. Kiser. David R. Kiser, Dennis E Kiser, Diane L Kiser, Gap. ' A Kiser, Patricia K. Kiser. Tern D, Kjelbv. David S. 399 Kjetland. Robert D. 521 Klafchn. Thomas P- Klausing. MarN M Kleier. E Gail ' Kleier, Georgette M Kleier, Steven R. Klein. David M. 367. 480 Klein, Jeffrey J 480 Kleinjan, Dale Klemens. Martin E Klensch, Karen A 480 Kline, Carnlvn R Klinefelter. Orlena J, Klingler. Kathy M KlinRatein. William 0- 482 Klisz. Theresa M. 322. 4. ' il Klopolek, Michael A Klotz, Frederick C. IV Knapp. Robin B. Knezevich. Michael T. 521 Knezevich. N. Richard Knight. Janet L Knighl, Joe M Knight, Rov L. 482 Knight, Thomas H 348, 399 Knight, Wanda L Knipp, Arguest D Knippenberg, Glenn E Knipple. Jean R. Knipple, Kimberly K. Knoop, Jeffrey D Knowles. Calvin Knowles. Marcella M Knowles. Sherrv M. Ko Robvn P. Koch. Helen K. Koch, Susan C. 451 Koenig, Phillip K 336. 372 Koenigslein, Philip R Kohler. Donna M .S21 Koier. Nancy L 521 Kok, Kevin 0. Kolb, Craig S. Kolesar. William N. 118 Koller, Beverly A 399 Roller, Thomas R. Kolloff, Fred C Kondik, Debbie W, Koontz. Wayne E Koranchan, George L. Korb. Sally L. Korfhage. Sharon L 521 Komhoff. Theodore J 266, 347. 451 Komman, Lewis E Komman, Mary E Kortbein, Dennis A. Korycki. Linda M 451 Kotecki, Dennis .1 Kntheimer, David A. A Kovflcs. Douglas E. Kovacs, Patricia L. Knwilz. Diane R. 482 Knzi.l, Edward M. 144 Kozo ra, Deborah A, 357. 521 Kozora. James D Kraesig, Charlene F 295. 399 Kragel, Daniel J Krajnak, Peter ' I. Kramer. Charles B Kramer. David H 399 Kramer. Wayne S, Kraner, Jeffery L. 399 Krantz, Alan J. 314. 467. 482 Krasinski, Charlotte Krause. Jerry S. Krause, Kimberly A. 430 Krauspe, Dee 296 Krauss. Karen L. 482 Krawiec, Claire K. 116. 117, 243. 237. 26. ' , 357, Krebs, Stephen D 330, 359 Krecicki. Cynthia A Kremer, Christopher E. Kremer. Kenneth J. 340. 451 Kremper, Lynn A, Kretman, Winthrop H. Knshock. Kathleen D. 399 Krivda, Stephen J 144. 210. 282, 298 Krohn, Brenda K Knin, Doris M. Kron, Janet M. 521 KnUh, Valerie I, 482 Krucger, Timothy D. 400 Kruer, Lynne M 482 Krummen. Kathleen M, Krupit. Paul A Kruspe. Dolores C. Krystofik. Idaleen 482 Kahepakaran, Kuzhilet Kubale. A Kuhiak, Timothy J. Kuchma, Kathleen A. Kuebbing. Carol J Kuenzli. Glen E 451 Kuhens, Kevm B 340. 400. 430 Kuhnhein, Jeffrey A. 482 Kuhni. Pamela A. 334 Kujak. Howard A Kundert. Jean M. 521 Kunkel. Gloria J .V21 Kunkle. Linda S. Kunl . James R. .521 Kunzman. LawTence K. Kuramoto, Hiroko Kurtz. Barbara A, 482 Kurtz, Linda D. Kurtz, Richard E, Kurtz, Timolhy S 400 Kurz. Laurie L. Kuster. William M Kusles, Jeff W, Kyle. Kelley R 4.30 — L— Labnda, James M 372 Lacey, Connie K Lacey. Nancy K Lacey. Teresa A 482 Lacey. W ' llliam G Lacinak, Melindii L. Lackey, Je. ' -sie K Lackey, John F Lacy, Joan E. Ladd. Laura B. Udd. Mary L. 266. 281. 400 Ladenburger, Donna Lee Ladewig. Tim P 3.59 Ladson, Martha E. Laduke. Dawn M 353 Laessig, George U] Laessig, Mary E. Lafavers, Ronna K. Laferty, Delmar Laferty, Ruth A. Lafferty. Patricia A, 452 Lafferty. Rob ert A, Lafdilette, Sharon S. Lafontaine, Timolhy L. 521 Lafounlain, Patricia Lagreca, David J, 347 Lail. Charles B 112 Lainharl, Margaret A, Lainhart, Mark Q. Lainhart, Ramona L 271, 400 Lair, Eddie G. Lair. Gary H, Laird, David C. Uird, Mary E W Lake, Algan Jr Lake. Mary L. Lakes, Laveme Lakes, Pearl Lakes. Robert D Lakes, Wavelene M. Lakin. Robert D. Lalley, Floyd D Lamanca. John J. Lamb, Betty J. Lamb. Marcia G 290 Lamb. Rebecca A 522 Uimb, Vernon B. LAMBDA SIGMA 263 Lambdin. Clavborn M Lambdin, Douglas E. .302. .522 Lambdin. Jean C Lambert, Elizabeth S Lambert . Eugene C, 522 Lambert. Larry A, 400 Lambert, Lewis M. 291 Lamberth, Donald R. Lambeth, Debbie P Lambeth. Joseph B. Lamkin, Howard K 118 Lamping, Gregory A. 313, 318, 319 .136. 400 Land. Gregory S Land. Michael A. Land, Reeta K Land, William T 111 Landis, Cathv D. Landis. Robert L. 118, 125, 257 Landreth, Mina A B 424 Landrum, Jov A. Landrum, William B. Landry, Dana L 522 Landry, Sandra D Landsaw. Margaret S. Landsparger, Carolyn Lane. Arleen N, 277 Lane. Carol T, L. Lane. Daniel L. 522 Lane. Ellen 400 Lane, Joseph R Lane. M. Annette 482 Lane, Maria E, 301, ,343 Lane, Pamela 452 Lane, Paula 291, 296. 452 Lane, Robert A, 430 Lane, William F Lanfersiek. Gregg A. Lanford. Donna K. 424 Ung, Mary E. 269. 277, 270, 401 Lang. Wayne A, 482 Langdon. Walter. R. Lunge, Cheryl A. Lange, Lisa M. 544 Langford, Robert D. Langford. Wayne A, 400 I-anghorst, Robyn R Langley. Carolyn J 522 Langley. Connie G. 482 Langlev, Mona G, Langley. Rick D. 482 Languedoc, Daniel 347. 452 I-anham, Alison M 401 Lanham, Joanna Lanham, Margaret M. Lanham, Roy W Lanham, Shelbie J. Lanham. Terry A. 430 Lanigan, Lois Lankford, Lawrence D. Lanning, Gary D, Lansdaie. Alan S Lanter. Robert E, Lantz, Donna M. .522 Lanz. Frank J, Larger. Rae A, 482 Larkev, Jane B. I-arkey, Susan C. 522 Larkev, Timothy A. Larkin, Dolores N Larson. Paul 129 Larue, Larry J Lash. Dianne L. 482 Lash. Thresea M. I.-ashome, Jeffrey L. Laski, Edward S. 118, 126 Laslie, Charlene M. Laslo. Paul A 482 Lasslo. Steve C. Latham. Kimberly D 76. 104. 105, 329. 360, 482 Latham, Stuart H, 371, 401 l.athrem. Harold D. Lathrnp. Debbie S. 522 Lathrop. Pamela J 430 Latifiahwaz, Farhang Lau, Arthur 289 Lau, Chek B Lau. Kin M Laube. Steven J, Laubenheimer, Christi 452 Laughead. Charles E. 522 Uumann, Gregorv C. 295. 367 Lavnn, Leslie C. Lawhorn, Darcel L. 401 Lawless, Carson R. Lawless. Jack B Lawless, Oliver G, Lawless, Onilee W. Lawless. Sandra B Lawrence, Conrad T, Jr, Lawrence, Dennis W. Lawrence. Gar ' M Lawrence, Mary A. Lawrence, Rodney K 522 Lawrence, Sharon R 291. 292. 522 Laws. Sebastian Lawson. Anthony S, Lawson. Barry T Lawson. Cheryl L, Lawson. Darryl M 118 Lawson. Debra K, 401 Lawson. Elizabeth A. H Lawson. Gilbert F Lawson. Greta L. 522 Lawson. Judith E. 522 Lawson. Kathy J. Lawson. Leann Lawson. Maria A, 312, 522 Lawson. Nancy F. Lawson. Sar dra K, 353, 522 Lawson, Sheree L 482 Lawson. Stanley G Lawson, Steven K Lawson, Venita G 430 Lawson, Vicki J. Lay. Bonnie J Lav. James A. 347. 482 Laycock, Russell E. 348 Layman, Bryce E Layman, Susan M Layne, Margaret K. Lay tun. Susan A K, Lazar, Judith B Leach. Andrew J Jr. Leach. Carlotta J Leach, David B, Leach. Fave Leach. Holly L. 482 Leach. James P. Leach. Pamela D, 343 Uach. Palncia A 268, 401 Leach. Stephen D Leachman. Benjamin C 291. 452 Leaf. Carolyn M Leak. Mary K, 4.52 Leake, James R Leake. Jeanne S, Leake, Joseph C. 401 Leake, Mary B. 522 Uake. Stephen T. Lear, Daniel T. Lear, Donna M, 269, 292, 452 Lear, Kenton Lear. Patricia A Lear, Reeda L Leary, Catherine W. Leather, Terrena F Leather. Thomas E. Leatherman, Ronald H. Leathers, Mar ' J Leavell, Eleanor B. G, Leavell, Joe B. Lecompte. Samml L. Lecompte, Steve F l dbetter, Larrv T Udford, James ' P III Ledford. Kenneth H. Ledford. Lonnie G. 522 Ledford, Peggy S. Ledford. Terry A, Ledford. Vivian C. H. Lee, An Bang Lee, Anita L. Lee. Annie R, Lee. Barbara M. 522 Lee, Bobby T. Lee, Cusonjia J. Lee. Deborah L. 522 Lee. Donald W. Jr. Lee, Dorothy L. 430 Lee, Frances F. Lee, Gary C. 268. 289, 401 Lee, Gary M. .522 Lee. Gregorv D 401 Lee, James ' D. Lee, Karen C. 299 Lee, King Charn Lee, Linda J. 401 Lee. Mary C. Lee. Michael E. Lee. Michael T. Lee. Olive M, Lee. Patricia T. Lee. Robert 0. Lee. Saundra J. Lee. Shirley K, 452 Lee. Shirley M. Leep, Debbie J. 452 Leeson. Waiter C. Lefebvre, Marvin E. Lefevers. John M. Leff. Horn E. Lettwich. Hal W Legear, James B. Leger. John C. Lehman. David A Uhman. Debbie J. 296, 452 Lehman, Dianne M. 452 Lehman. Pamela K. Lehmann, Velma K. 139, 153, 249. 2. ' S7, 265, 401 Lehner, James J Jr. Lehring, Robert D. Leib, Susan L, Leibrook, Ken G. 347 Leidolf, Erwin A. 107 Leidy, Patricia A. 424 Leienberger. Michael 452 Leifer. Laura E, Leigh, Charles S. Leigh, Janet D. Leininger, Robert W, 522 Leisinger. Mary L. 295. 353 Leison, Chris 107 Leist. Gaylynn M. 522 Leiler, Robert B. Leiler, Susan C Leiwig, Timothy D. Lemaire, Sharon A. Leming. John E Lemon, Rodney C. Lemon, Timothy A, Lemons, Gregory K. Lenahan, Timothy A. Lenihan, James. B. Jr. 522 Lennon, Susan A. 325, 353 Lenox, Robert M. Lentz, Steven F Leonard. Anna M. S. Leonard. Mary L. 522 Leonard. Nancy 522 Leonard. Shiela A. Leonardo, George Jr. Leonhardt, Ronald P. Leslie, Rebecca A. 522 Lessard, Mary E. 522 Lester. Donald B. 452 Lester. Jack E. 522 Lester. Judith C. Letcher, Billie J. Letcher, Rebecca A Lett, Jan A Leung, Esther K. Leung, Kwai Leung, Maria 289 Uung, Patrick K. 289 I ung. Samuel S, Leung. W ' lng S Leung. Yun F. Leveridge, Caw A. 297. 452 Levi, David R. Lewis, Alan J. Uwis, Berlinda V 452 Lewis, Betty R. Lewis, Britysh A, Lewis, Bruce M. 354 Lewis, Bruce R. Lewis, Carol G Lewis, Damita J. 344 Lewis. Donald M Lewis, Donna S. 300. 3?2, 522 Lewis. Dorothy Lewis. Gary D. Lewis. James G. 482 Lewis. Janet K Uwis. Janice E. 263, 272, 282. 401 Lewis, Jerry L. Uwis. John R. Uwis, Karen R. Lewis, Larry Uwis, Larry D. 522 Lewis. Larry G. Uwis, Larry W. Uwis. Lisa K Lewis, Lois J. Uwis, Lonnie W. Uwis, Margaret A, 268 Uwis, Mary J. 482 Uwis, Melody L. Uwis, Melvin G. Uwis, Michael J Lewis, Pamela M. 291, 482 Uwis, Patricia A Uwis, Penny L. 483 Uwis. Philip A- Uwis. Raymond J Uwis. Rhonda K 483 Uwis. Rick A Uwis. Roger R, 401 Uwis. Sharon E. Uwis. Shawn L. Uwis, Terri L. 483 Lewis. Thomas Uwis, Willa C. Uwis, William B. Jr. Uwis, William D. 522 Uwis, William D. Uwis, William W. Uwis, Wilma J. Libbey. Joyce M. H. Liberatore, Billye F, Lichtefeld. Bill L. Lichlefeld. Mary C. Lichtle. Anthony E. 401 Lichtmann. Beth A. Lichty. Dan 154. 15,5. 157 Liebscher, Emily L. Liette. William D. 452 Lietzke, James 0, Lifland, Carolyn F. L.fland. Mitchell, Liggett. Robin M 48,3 Liggett, Van W. Light, Dorothy R. Light, Uslie A. 401 Light, Rebecca L. 483 Ligon, Judith C. 522 Likins, Karen F. Liles, James E. Lilley, Anna M. 483 Lillis, Mary L. Lilly, Christopher L. 277. 284. 452 Lilly, Daniel T. Lin. Anne S. 289. 483 Lin. Jenny S 483 Lin, Miaw Meei Linck, Timothy D. Lindauer. Darrel V. Lindeman, Laura A. 289, 291, 293. 452 Lindenmuth, Patricia 270. 292. 353, 401 Lindon, Glenda Lindon, Linda Lindon. Lisa L. Lindon. Sheila Lindon, Wade M, Lindquist, Joyce H Lindsav. Kav E Lindsey, Frank T, III Lindsey. Terri L. Linebach. Deborah L. Linebaugh. David C. 372 Lmebaugh. Marsha E. 223, 360, 401 Lines, John 0. Jr. Lingle. Betty J. Link. James A. 483 Link. Kimberiey A. 372. 430 Linkenberg, Frank T. Linn, Gary R Linn, Stephen M, 452 Linneman. Douglas J. Linneman. Terrence J, Linnemann. Greg D, Linnenkohl. Karen A. 262. 266. 300, 401 Linneweber, Tom C. 268. 291. 401 Linpisal, Tatsarin 401 Lintner, Charlotte J. a53, 452 Linton, Carol A, Linton, Marv E. 522 Linville. Philip W. Linville, Robert L. 483 Lio, A Met 452 Lippy. Dennis K 483 Lipski, C J Neal Lipton, Ronald G, Lisanby, John W. Lisch, Kathy A 142, 143, 263. 483 Lisle. Fielden Jr Lisle, John T. 107 Lisle, Yutanna W. Lister. Gerald R Lister. James R. Litteral, Mark E. Little. Barry L. Little. Brian L. Little. Carol D. 522 LITTLE COLONELS 312 Little, David C. Little. Demotte H, Little. Keith R. Little. Marvin L. Little. N Clayton Liltle, Norma L, A. Little, Randolph C. Little, Robert B. 452 Little, Sandra F. Little, Thomas W Littler, Linda S, 401 Littleton, Jeanene A, Lillon. Billy J, Litton, Robert G, 367 Littrell, Donna E. 336 Littrell. Gloria J, M. Littrell, Kari R. 277. 278, 279 Litts. Carol A. Liu. Hsing Chung Livingood, Frances C. Liningood, James C. Linvingston. Sheryl A. Lizer. Lisa J. B, Lloyd, Billy O Lloyd, Donald J. Lloyd, Marsha G. 430 Lloyd, Stephanie C. 452 Lockard. Betty J, 522 Ucke. Prudence L. 292, 483 Locke, William E 483 Lockett, Kenneth 107 Uckett, Unny E. 452 UKkridge, Billy R, Lockridge, Robert G, 364 Uckridge, Vickie L. Uickwood, Mary V. 209 Lockyer, Cathy S. Lococo, Paul V. Loeffler, Donna B, Loeser. Gregor ' A. 522 Logan, Carmen D. Logan, Daniel B Logan, Darrell M. Logan, George H. 401 Ugan, Herbert L. Jr. Logan, Marie S Logan, Mark A, Ugan. Richard V. 483 Logan, Robert W. 576 Index and Directory btcun, Vickie .1. LnKsdon. Charle.s W. Lijtjsdon, Mark A. 52 ' 2 Uhr, Caroline T L )hr. Jane S Lohr. Lynn R. lx)kils. Cynlhia 452 Lukits, Todd W. Lonibardi, Lennre M. Ijominac. June B, Long. Ann C Long, Bobbie D. Long. Carol 483 Long, Charles M. Long. Donald A, Long, Donna A. H. Long, Gary L Long. Glenn A. 48H Long, Glenn B. Limg. Gwen G Long, James P. Jr. 401 Long, Jane E. 153 Long. Jeffrey D. Long, Jennifer D, 522 Long. John D. 364 Long, Kalhryn S. Long, Larry W. l mg. Nancy J. W Lung. Nancy L. Long, Patricia A. 286. 401 Ixing, PhilUp W Long. Hubert F. Long, Roger D. Long. Ronald E. Long. Susan K. Long, Terry L. Longaker. Betlina G Longoria. Noe A. Longworth, Martha S. L. Looney, Donald D, Looney, Irvin W. Looney. Sharon R. 483 Looper, Kathleen D. R. Loper, Terry L. 522 Lopriore. Michael A. 273, 359 Lorch, Robert E. Lose, Sherr ' G. S23 Lother. J Jeff Lolhridge. Jada L. 291. 452 U ' lt. Julie K. 523 Loll, Nancy E. 401 Loudermilk, Charles A. Lough, Jane M, Love, Bonnell C. Love. Celie L 430 Love, Darla K. 430 Love, Judy A- 523 Love. Karen A. Love, Lana L. 483 Love. Lee A, 360, 523 Love, Lee A. Loveday, Mary E. Lovelace, Christina M. Lovelace. Karen D. 284, .357, 48;j Lovell, Belinda E V Lovell. Glenda J. Lovell, John C, 523 Lovett, Edith M, Lovett. Kathleen G, Lovett, Linear 118 Loving, Thomas M. Lovitt, Jerr W Loviit, Ronald L. Lowdenback. Edward J. I we, Cheryl L, Lowe. Diane C. 292, 483 Lowe. Elaine A. 292. 483 Lowe. Kay L. Utwe. Michael J. J jwe, Michele A. Lowen. Mariam J, L iwer. DoriH D. Lnwery, John W, Jr. 523 Lowhom, Noah K. Uiwhorn, Rila C. l iwman. Debra J. 270. 336. 401 Lowry. Brenda L. L iwry. Michael J. 401 Uy, Edwin W. lU Loyal, Janet K, 357. 4 3 lazier. Mark D. 371. 402 Lucas, Barry K. Lucas, Carl D. Lucas, Cheryl A. 523 Lucas. Doug E, 367. 523 Lucas, Kenneth R- Lucaa, Ronald C. Lucas. Stephen L, Lucas, William K. Luckett, Cynthia J. 296, 523 Luckett. Merry L, 270, 360 Luckey, Margaret A. 523 Lucky, Kitty J, 402 Luehbers, Joan M. Lukac, Kathleen Lundberg, Cynthia L. 152. 153 Lundblad, Don E, 353. 402 Lundy. William R, Luney, Karen D. Luney, Nancy E. 452 Lunsford, David G. Lunsford. Eugene Lupardus, Veronica G. Lupardus, Waller G, Lusby, Martha R. Lusenbop. Patricia A. 360 Lush, Bonnie K. 263. 294, 483 Lusher. Gar. ' R. Lusher, William E, Jr. 523 Lutes, Ronald Lutes, Venita ■ Lultrell, Earl M. 4,52 Lutz. Robert S. Luy, Lisa A. Luvster, Amv J. 67, 69, 120, 483 Lybrook, Arnetta J. Lyemance. Carolyn V. 363, 402 Lykins. David A Lvkins. Rebecca A, 284 Lvle. Julie B Lynch. Dolly L. Lynch, Jacqueline L. B- 324, 402 Lynch, Janet A. 523 Lynch. Peggy A, Lynch. Tony D Lynd, Pamellia A. Lynn. Barbara L, Lvnn. Kathleen A. B. l.vnn. William W, Lynne, William S. 424 Lyon, Betty A Lyons. Christie K, 523 Lyons, Dwight D. Lyons. Earl B. Lyons, Emma L, 402 Lyons, Kathi A, 371 Lyons, Kevin L. 483 Lyons, Mary A, 136, 290,532 I.vons. Pamela A. Lyons, Randy C. 452 Lyons, Renee M. 343, 483 Lyons. Steven D. Lyons. Tommy L. Lyons. Walter Jr. Lyons. William F, Lytic. Laura L. 302 Lylle. Lee S. 523 Lyttle. Barbara A. 3.1 Lyttle, Clifford W. Lyttle. Lena K. 339 — M- friendly snowman waves to people passing by from his :;old seat on the millstone in the ravine. Mnbson, Simon P, Macchia. Rose C. M Macdonald. Amy K. Macdonald, Margaret S. 544 Mncewicz. Joseph E, 297 Mnchado, Fernando Machtolff. Kim M, 291. 292. 360. 483 Miiciag. Philip B. Mack, Anna M. Mack, Ronald Mackerley, Thomas W Mackey. Kip R. Mackey, Lee A, Mockey, Mary G, 402 Mackin, Kimberly J. 483 Mackin, Norman D. 523 Mackin. Sally S. Mackintosh, Jessie G, 544 Mackson, Mary R. 523 Macmullen. Melanie A. Madden, Kathy S. 310, 523 Madden, Robin S. 310, 523 Mndden, Riyy W. 452 Maddox, Donnie C. Maddox, Roger C. Maddox, Stephen R. Madison, Lane E. Madra.s. John R- 2,55, 313, 314. 336. 372. 402 Maeder, John F. 314. 483 Maeglv. Linda C, 292, 312, 452 Maffelt, Michael S. Magera, Barbara A, 430 Maggard, Alice M, 263. 483 Mflggard, Brenda K 284. 483 Maggard, Consuella H Maggard. Deborah J Maggard. Lon A. Maggard, Martha C. 241, 270. 402 Maggard, Pamela J Maggard. Patricia L Maggard, Roger D Maggard, Sonja L. 295. .544 Maggard, Teresa L, Maginnis. Mary A. 483. 484 Magliano, Barbara M. 523 Magliano, Mar - B 525 Magnuson. Jeanne A. Magura, Elizabeth U. 483 Mabaffey. Margaret 525 Muhan. Eddie W. Mahan. Shane G. 525 Maholapa. Kannika 289 Mahler, ' I ' eresa 525 Mahuron. Roger L Mainous, Rosalie 0, Mains, Susan L. 525 Maki. Jacqueline R. 272 Malcomb, Donna M. Malicote. Kenneth Mallelle. Judith M, Mallory, Billie C. Mallory, Helena G. Malloy. Deborah V, Mall), rioseph K. Jr. Malone. (iregory A. Malone. Nancy G, Malone, Phillip L. 307 Malone, Ruthanne 268. 286. 402 Malone. William D. 348 Maloney. Angelyn S. C- Maloney. Edward J, Maloney, Dan 115 Malonev, Mike C. Malott. Susan D- T. Malpass. Joy K. Manakee, Duane K. Mandt. Stephen A. 402 Manek. Wanda B. Maners. Rhonda E. 424 Manges. Thomas L. II 525 Mangold. Maryann G. Mangus, Charles T. 402 Mangus, Robert J. Manifold, Diane L. 282. 283, 525 Manifold. Melinda L. 343 Manis, Mary A. H. Mann. Cbarlene C. Mann. Charles M. Mann, James M. Mann, Mark D, 372 Mann, Marsha H, 301, 452 Mann, Patrick D, Mann. Rick E. Manning, Carolyn D. 52S Manning, Cynthia L. 525 Manning. Herbert E. Manning, John L, Manning, Joseph C. Jr. Manning. Jo.seph R, 372, 544 Manning. Mary W. Manning, Michael L, Mansfield, James A. 452 Mansfield. Mildred C. Mansfield, Von J. Manton. Robert H. Manyet. Cindy L. 509 Manz, (Christopher W. Manz, Mar ' P Manz. Michael B. Mapes, Claudia A. 142. 525 Maphel, Norma K, 140 Maqura, Eluabetb 290 Maras. Robert R. Marasa. Anne M Marasa. Nicolelte 332. 452 Marashi, Vahid O, Marchese, Linda L, 140. 141 483 MARCHING MAROONS 313 Marcum. Cynthia K. Marcum. Frank D. Marcum, Jeffer ' A, 483 Marcum. Kathy A, Marcum, Vivian G. Mardis, Roy H. Jr. Mannclli, Robyn A, Mjirmcr, HrcK A, 402 M .fouT, Knhrrl H. MiirkcU, Miinlvn 4a3 Murkert. Stephen E. 282, 402 Markland. Mary S. B. Marks, Dorothy L. Mnrksberry, Rebecca ,525 Morksburv, Charles D. Marler, Joun C, Miirlette. Frances S. Marlow. Patricia A, Marlow. Van D Marlowe. Cynthia L, 5Z5 Marlowe, Fred D. 452 Marlowe, Janice F. 430 Marlowe. Matthew D. 367 Marmie. Larry 118 Marmie. Linda L. Marr. Harriet A. K Marriott, Michael A Marsden. Antonio S. Marsh. Julie A, .525 Marsh. Nancy R. Marsh, Patricia J. Marsh. Paul M- 402 Marsh, Richard P Marsh, Sharon L Marshall. Ann C. Marshall. Debbie D 483 Marshall, Donald P. Marshall, Donald R. Marshall, Estella E. Marshall. Kay A 334. 452 Marshall, Michael W. Marshall, Rav C 344. 402 Marshall, Sally B, Marshall, Sharon L, 525 Marshall, Shirley E, 402 Marshall, Susan G. 353 Marshall, Susan L, Marshall, Vickie R, Marshall, Volanda J, ,525 Marshhanks, Martha J. Marsih, Cheryl A- Marston, Kitty S, Marston. Todd Martello, Lois 268 Martin, Alice T. Martin, Allen R 525 Martin. Anne K. 295. 424 Martin. Billie J Martin. G. Martin, Blame K. Marlin. Bruce W 483 Martin. Buford K. Martin, Charles J. Martin. Charles R Martin. Cheryl A Martin. Cheryl L, 525 Martin. Dannv R. 118, 402 Martin. David H- 525 Martin. Debbie N Martin, Diane S, Martin. Elizabeth Martin, Eugene D, Martin, Gary S. Marlin. George E, Martin, Gerald Donald Martin. Jack D. Jr. .Marlin. James B Martin. Jan B, Martin. Jenny C. Martin, John 285, 483 Martin. John A, Martin. Joseph W Martin. June E Martin. Karen J, 525 Martin, Karen R 430 Marlin. Kathleen M. 140 Martin, Keith E, Marlin. Kevin D Martin. Leslie J Martin, Lisa H 484 Martin. Lynn F Martin. Malinda H. Martin, .Marilvn A. Martin. Mansa L 35,3. 368. 452 Martin. Mark G 452 Martin, Mary K Martin. Michael P. 525 Martin, Nancy S. Martin, Pamela L, 271 Martin. Pamela L 293. 525 Martin. Rebecca J 286. 483 Martin, Richard G Martin. Robert E. Jr. Marlin. Robert L. 290 Martin, Robert R. 168, 180. 189 190, 191 Martin. Robert W 525 Marlin. Ronald L. Martin, Roy L. 525 Martin. Sam III Martin, Samuel S Martin, Sandra 117. 133 Marlm, Sharon H Martin. Sheryl A. 289. 452 Martin, Stephen D Martin. Sybil A. Martin, Terri J. 285. 402 Martin, Verna R, Martin. William H Martindale. Lee A 484 Martineau. S, Mary Ama Martinez. Adolfo X. Martinez, Rev J. D Martt. Janice F. Martt. Stuart W Marx, Lee Marz. Charles 402 Marzella. James R, Marzolf. Susan M. 402 Mascharka. Susan 282 Masden, Cohen E. 333. 371. 484 Masden. Harold A Masden. Janet M, Masden, John D, Masden, Rita C. 263, 277, 291, 464, 484 Maslanka, Frederick F. Mason, Ada J. 295 Mason, Angela M Mason. Carolyn P Mason. Gregory K. 374 Mason. Janet E. 484 Mason, Karen M. Mawin, Sandra A Manon. Sharon C Mason, Tammy Ma.son. Tern L. 5Z5 Mason. Theodore Massengale. William A. MaHnengill. Tina L, .545 Massey, Jean ( ' , 4H4 Massey, Lowell 63 Masters, Cathy J. Maslcrs, Donna M. Mastera, Jofteph L. Masterson, George E. Mastey. Corinne Philip M. Mathena. Robert C. Matherly. Roger N. Mathew. John Mathews, Cbcri L 484 Mathews, Timuihv W Malhm. Sherry F. " 45:i Matlock, Dfiuglas J Matney. Billy W, Malousch. Daniel T, 115. 130 Malracia. Jenifer S, 2HG, 484 Matthews, Charles K 36H Matthews. Rtmetta C. Maltingly. Anne M. 453 Mattingly. Charles R. 453 Matlingly, Jane A- Matttngly. Kristina M. 525 Maltingly. Mark E, Mattingly. Michael K. 525 Mattingly. Rodney R. Maltmiller. Kenneth A Mallmiller. Michael F. Matlox, Ricky A. 525 Mauer, Erich C. 368 Mauney, Bobby G. Jr. 364 Maupin. Amelia K- D. 402 Maupin. Deborah A Maupin, Lloyd D Maupin. Marsha A. H. Maupin, Marsha L, H, Maupin. Mitchell R. Maupin, Siephan Mavitv. Robert M Maxson, Charles R Jr Maxson. Joclla H- Maxwell. Edna S, .307. 453 May. Bonnie L, May. Donna C. May, Gerald S, 167 May. Kenneth D. May, Kim D, 525 May. Larry D May, Marcella A- May, Patricia A, May, Patricia C. May. SAndra W. May, Sjjring 525 May. Susan E. 453 Maybell. Bernard Mayberry. fieorge G. Maybrier. Connie D. Mayer, Kathy Mayer, Marianne Mayer. Michael A Mayes. Daphne Mayes. Irene Maves. McKinlev E Mayfield. Kaye H. Mayfield, Kenneth M. Mayfield. Sandra L, K. MayHeld, Thomas W, Mavhew. Lisa G Maynard, Cynlhia K. Maynard. Danita L. Maynard. E.stcl A, Jr. Maynard. Mark S. Maynard. Paul R. .Mayne. Pamela A. 525 Mnyne. Sharon K. Mnyne, Sherri L 273 Mayo, .lames K. Mavs. Bohhv K. Mays. Donald H. Mavs, James K Mavs. Neil P Mays. Richard I) Mayse. Marilyn A. Mazzoni. Jeanne M. McAbbe. Hobby 297 McAfee. Donna G. McAfee. Mary J. 336 McAfee. Michael E. McAfee, Shirley S. McAllister. Vera H. McAnallen, Kevin L. McAninch. Vivien D- McBealh. Dannv S. McBee. Jimmy R McBride. Robin S McHride. Thomas P. McBumcy, Margaret M .525 MtCnbe. Kathleen M 291. 4.53. 484 McCafferly, Dennis J. McCafferty. Timothy M. 282. 372, 525 McCafferly, Vlinda M. McCaffery. Martha J. 484 McCall, Brian J 367 McCallisler. Scott W. 118, 3.59 McCallum. Robert B McCane. Neesia R. McCane. Sheila A, 284. 402 McCann, J Michael McCann. James H 158. 484 McCann, James M. McCann. Michael K McCarthy. Robert J, 402 McCartney, Eldon E. McCarty. Jackie L. 310, 453 McCarty. James D McCarty, Joanne A. McCarly. Kalhcrine M McCarty, Sharon R. 484 McCa.sland, Susan R. 263, 265 McCaslin, Ronald J. McCautev, Edna L, 289. 453 McCauley, Eva D McCauley. Pamela D. 281. 453 McCaulley, Sharon L. McCay, Thomas G. McChargue. Carlos J. 453 McChargue. Dianna R, 133, 300, 525 Index and Directory 577 MfChesney. Karen L. -102 MtClain, Anthony L- . ' i51 Mcflain. Bobbve J. McClain. George G 525 McClain. Jerry R. McClain. Lisa A MfCloin. Mar T, .i25 MiClain. Theresa I.. 2S MfClanahan. Patricia MtClaran. Ann M, McCluo. leir S MtClarv. Mehssa S. MLflay. Kimberly C McCleary. Kim I. McCleary. Teresa M 295, MM McCleese. Robert A. MiClellan, Chen 1- 4;(0 Mollelian. Rickev A, 2:1 Mcriellan, Vicki D. McClennev, Anthony R. McClure, Carolyn A. 525 McClure. fheryl A 525 MK ' lure. Garv L. McClure. Jeffrev E :i51 McCoige. Hal M. McC.llum. Perry W. McComas. Gary F. McComb. Mary D, 402 McComb, William D McConkev. -Iiihn M McCi.nkev, Teresa I, 286, ,525 McCi.nnaughev. Berlha 4:10 MiConnell. Uavid K McCord. David A. McCord. Gary W MtCurd, Imogene l MtCord. Polly M N McCormack. George E. McCormick. Belinda K 525 McCornick. I.vnda S. :.i07 McCi.un, -Jennifer A. :i-i:) NUCoun. Uura L 292. ,526 MiCouri. Wendell A McCowan. Debra C. 484 McCowan. James 484 McCoy. Anita C, McCoy. Benila D McCoy. Charles A McCoy. Curtis McCoy. Uenise A 285, 292. :(i:i. 4.5:i ' McCoy, Jon M 484 McCov, Judith C, H McCov. Lisa McCnv, Manlvn iM) McCuy. Michael C .McCoy, Regina K .526 McCoy. R. berl L McCoy. Susan E McCov. Virginia D McCracken. Oannv L McCracken. David M 484 McCracken. Ralph III 286, 45;t McCracken. Spike :HKI McCrary, Michele A 402 McCrary. Stuart K McCray. Kalhenne I. K. McCreary. Bertha K McCrearv, Breni McCrearv, Deborah D 484 McCubbm. Timothv W :i4l). 4i)2 MiCubbins, Jerel E UCulloch, Mary M ,526 Mit ' ulliiugh. liregor ' A. McCullough.Judv McCullough.A M.Cullough. Lerov McCullough. Mary B 526 McCutchenn, Emogene S. McCuItheon. Richard K McDamei. H-innie S McDaniel. Douglas W. McDaniel, Elizabelh A. McDaniel, Georgia A 284, 296, 403 McDaniel, C.eratd P McDaniel, James W McDaniel. Kathv L 526 McDaniel, Hubv N McDaniels, John M McDavid, Sheree L 270. 40;t McDavitl. Polly 282, 526 -McDonald, Albert H M, Donald. Carolyn G. 484 M( Donald. Chnsleen C 1, Donald, Dawn M ,526 . UDonald. Glenda J. 526 McDonald, -lame L. 526 McDonald, Jo A .526 McDonald, Joseph E McDonald, Karen E, 526 McDonald, Lajovce M McDougall. Uun A 290. 453 McDowell, Joseph McDowell. Juletta F. McEldowney. Judith L. McElhone, James M McEllin, Steven A .371 McElroy. Jerry A. McElveen. Ruth W McErlain. Robert K McFadden, Donald R. McPadden, John M, McFadden, Roy L Jr McFadden, Susan K. McFall, Donna Mt Fails. Robert L 269. 40;t McFarland, Carla R 76 McFarland. D Gre((ory 430 McFarland. Dorothy E. McFarland, Gary A McFarland, Gregory J 340 McFarland. Jenny L McFerren. Michael G. 340 McFerren, Selvin C McGahey. Rita F McGarr. Margaret A. McGarvev, Beth 526 McGarvey. Billie F 292, 453 McGarvey. Michael T. McGarv, Lisa A 526 McGee, Diane E, 526 McGee. Timothy R. McGee, William C. McGeorge, Donnie W 403 McGeorge. Patly S, 453 McGill, Janet L 117, 485 McGill. Mary E. McGinnis, Nancv K. 485 McGlasson. Alvin 270 McGlone. Rita G. McGralh, Patricia J. 2 3. 271. 292. 403 McGraw. William H. McGraw. William R- 340 McGregor, Stephanie A. McGruder. Charlene McGruder, Lesa C, McGufley. Beckv J. 526 McGuffey. Ellen L. 526 McGuffey. Tamara S- 526 McGuire. James C. McGuire. Kenneth K. McHnffie. Patrick H. McHone. Michael T 403 Mclntire. Mane B. 78, 453 .Mcintosh. Bruce 453 .Mcintosh. Delores A- Mclnlosh. James P. Mclnlosh, Mark A. .526 Mcintosh. Michael W, 367. 4a5 Mcintosh. Ralph D 485 Mcintosh, Sandy J. Mclnlosh. Stewart R. Mcintosh. Willard Jr 269, 294, 403 Mclntvre, George P .Mclntvre. Jeffrey H, Mclnlvre, Michael A Mclntvre. Niana S ' Mclntvre, Robert J. 118 Mclntyre, Susan L. 281, 403 Mclver, -lerrv D McKain, Cynthia L. McKay. Carol L McKay. Cheryl E 526 McKee. Charles E McKee, Joyce A H 269, 294. 295, 4(j:i Mckee. Lowry L 269, 294. 295. 403 McKee, Ralph K McKee. Robert H. 364 McKee. Suzanne R. 4.53 McKeehan, Phyllis A McKeehan. Priscilla McKenney. Edgar C 296. 526 Mckennev, ' irginia L McKenzie, Carol T. :i:(6 McKenzie. Mary C. :j;!6 McKenzie, Melinda McKenzie, Michael J. McKinley. Deborah R. McKinney, Andy 545 McKinney, Benjamin M. McKinnev, Belty S. 526 McKinney, Camille J. 285. 431 .McKinney, Charles D. McKinney, Dexter McKinnev, Doris A. McKinney, Esther F. 1,33 McKinney, John A. Jr. MiKinnev. .lohn W. McKinney. Lloyd E. .MfKinney. Lynda McKinney. Richard D McKmney, Rose S. H. McKinnev, Wathena S, McKinney, William H McKiInc, Aileen F, McKilnc. Angela M. 344 McKnight. James C Jr. McKnighl. James K McKnight, Karen L. 4 5 MiKnighl. Melanie A. 526 McKune. Kellie A. McLaughlin, Allen J McLaughlin. Gary W McLaughlin, Mary S. McUughlin, Palricia 485 McLaughhn, Paul E .526 McLaughlin. Threaaha McLean. Jack L, McLean. James L. Jr MtLean. Mona L. 4.53 McLean, Warren G. ;)22 McLemore, Thomasine MiLcmore, Warren A. McMahan, Richard K. McMaine. Amanda R. .McMaine. Beverly J. .McMaine, Nancy L. McManama. Garv C. 485 McMann. Linda K 353, 526 McMillan. Lovd R. McMillen. Deborah L, .363. 4a5 McMillen. Michael A. McMillen. Steve H 403 McMillin, Larry L, McNabb. .Ardylh A, 431 Mc.Nabb, Roberta A ,526 McNabb, Valarie L, 453 McNav, Judy A McNeal, Bradley C. Mc.Nees, Elizabeth 1. McNeil. Patrick J 340 McNevin. Jodyanne 485 McNew. Lavanie W McNulty. Kathv L, :i,53. :372, 485 McNulty. Thomas L 526 McFeek, Anthony B. 277, 454 McPeek, Mary A .McPheetera, Sylvia C. McFheron, Ginger C. McPherson, Cynthia L. Mcpherson, Pamela L 403 Mcyuade, Richard J. McQuady. Richard L 340, 403 McQuadv, Susan T 360 McQueen, Hillv D -McQueen , Calvin L McQueen. Deanna 454 McQueen, Jody 277 McQueen. Judith L 284. 319, 403 McQueen. Nadine C. McQueen. Robert D. 454 McQuem ' . Rachel L. McQuillen, Barbara C. McRae. Nancy L. McRay. Cathy L. 526 McReynolds. Mahlee McSwain. Douglas L. McSwain. Stephen B. McSwiney. Pamela A. 485 McVey. Steve A. McWherter, Gregory L. McWhorter. Allen E, McWhorter, Charles E. McWhorter. Cheryl L. 403 McWhorter. Debbie L. McWhorter, Jimmy E. McWhorter, Kim McWhorter, Lerraine McWhorter, Mary L. McWhorter, Ralph P. McWhorter, Suzanne McWilliams, Judv C. McWilliams. Judv E- .McWilliams, Linda M. 431 McWilliams, Mary J. McWilliams. Sheree L. .526 McWilliams, William D. Mead. George A, Meade, Barry J :«3, 454 Meade. Catherine Mfade. -lennifer L. Meade, Philip L 403 Meade, William J. Jr. Meade. Zilda 485 .Meador. Paul A 154 Meador. Sandra R. Meadors, Dons Meadows, Carolyn S. Meadows, Larry S Meadows. Robert A Jr. Means, Dona K.:i:36 Means. Faye A Means. George R. Medbury. Jill M. Medcalf, Janet S. Medcalf, Jeffrey R. Medler. Jeffrey R, Medley, Jeffrey L. Medley, William K Medlin. Carol L 485 Medlin, Pamela A. Meece. Benny G. Meece, Paul A. Meeks, Shelley R. Meers. Debra L. 263, 284, 285. 485 Meeson. Maitree Mefford. David R. .Mefford, Georgia F. Megee. Carl W Megee. Macie S T Mehok. -luduha G H, Mehok. Maryann 526 Meier. Thomas A Meiers, Juan C Mcighan, Michael P. Meiner. Anita M 284, 431 Meiner, Carol 268 Meiner, Melissa 37l Meisenheimer. Alice M. Meisenheimer. John 290 Meisenheimer, John L. 154. 273, 290 .Melatouich, Mike 118 Melius. Mark A. Melius, Paul A Mellem, Lewis R. Mello, Arlhur Jr. Melton, Claude D. Melton. Donna S. -Melton. Penny S. 526 Melton, Robert P, Melton, Ronnie K Melville. Charles J 340 Melville. Marianne T. 245, 263. 293, ;i60 .Melville, Melissa A 299. 485 .Menard. Steven R. Mendoza, David 404 Menifee. Virginia H. Menshouse. Edward A Menzer, Barbara J Mercer, Barrv F Mercer. Charles S. 284. 286. 485 Meredith. Charlotte A. 117 Meredith, John K. Merida, Tony A Merkel. -luleen M Merli, Stephen N Merrick, Jennifer L. 431 Merrick, Raymond D. Merrill. Diana L. 294. 301, 404 Merriman, Jodie L. Merriman. Mark W. 526 Merrill. Carol A. 431 Merritt, Carol J. 526 Merntt. Roy D Merritt. Sharon A. 526 Merritt. Vicky L 404 Mers. Norma K. Mersch, Melanie S. 107. 291. 301, 4,54 Mescher, Lois P Messer. Claudia D Messer, Gary G Messina, Frederick P Mesainger. Thomas E. Messingschlager, S. Ma. Messmer. Jane L 526 Messmer, Robert M 454 Messmer. Theresa R, 526 Messmer. Victor C. Ill Metcalf, Carol A, 485 Metcalf. Donna C. Metcalf. Joseph S. Metcalf, Leo J Metcalf, Roberta L. T. Metcalfe. Jackie L. Metrovich, Mark S. Metlen, Ronnie E. Metz. Barbara J. Metzdorff, Jerry T. Meurer. Jeffrey K. Meurer, -lohn L Meyer, Antionette L. 270. 289. 291 404 Meyer. Gina L 526 Meyer, Martha A 485 Meyer, Nancy L 526 Michael, James G. Michael, James R. Michalak. Gavle E. Michel. Cynthia L. 526 Mickens. Connie A, 344 Mickler. Betsey S. Midden. Anabet H- 431 Midden, Leo K. Jr. Middlebrook, Eric W, 255, 256. 325, 404 Middlebrooks, Herbert Middleton. Anna M. Middleton, George R. Middleton. .Jimmy C. Miracle. Glen M Middleton, Michaels. Miracle. Harold T, Middleton. Steven D. Miracle. Robert H. Middleton. Wynolia 526 MISS EBONY PAGEANT 41 Mihalovich. Robert G. Missbuechler. Fred L. Milalovich, Michael D. Mitchell, Alice M 454 Milbum. Anita F, 454 Mitchell, Charles R- Milhum. Beltv -1 Mitchell, Charles W, 527 Milburn. Karen L 526 Mitchell. David W. Milbv. Marv A, 485 Mitchell. Elizabeth A. 404 Milbv. Sharon F. Mitchell. James R. Miles. Alvita Y. Mitchell. John M. Milea. Bethany L. 136 Mitchell, Karla D. 527 Miles. Francis G. Garv 266 Mitchell, Kathleen J. 292, 404 .Miles. Helen T. 0. Mitchell, Kevm C 158, 371, 4a ' i .Miles. .Joseph B. Mitchell. Larrv Miles. .Juith A 353. 527 Mitchell. Lois J .Miles. Susan M Mitchell, Madonna C. 292. 307. 527 Miles. Tami L Mitchell. Mark S .MILESTONE 312 Mitchell, Marv J, Milev. Beverly K- 404 Mitchell, Mary K. S. .Miher. Angel V Mitchell, Mary S. MILITARY POLICE 300 Mitchell. Norman L. Miller. Albert C. Mitchell. Paul Miller. Alene Mitchell. Ricky 118, 273 .Miller. Andrea L. Mitchell. Ronald W. Miller. Angela K, Mitchell. Roy D Miller. Anita M 3:16. 485 Mitchell. Stanley 1 118. 119 Miller. Anna M Mitchell. Terry L Miller. Anthony M 118 122 Mitchell. Vivian A Miller. Belinda J Mitchell. Warren B. 1.58. 454 Miller. Belinda L. Mitchum. Lawrence D 454 Miller. Beverly W Mittel. Tern A 527 Miller. Carla D. 2%. 404 Mittelman. Charles W. Miller. Carol L. 294. 343 Mize, Beverly S. 527 Miller. Christina G, Mize. Deborah J Miller. Cvnlhia A, Mize. John M. .Miller. Dan 118. 123 Mize. Joyce H. .Miller. David 0, Moak. Steve C, .Miller. Debora R, 454 Moberlv. Bobbie A. 527 Miller. Deborah K 527 Mo berlv. Jesse E Miller. Deborah L, Moberlv. Nancv C. .Miller. Doloros D. Moberlv. Reeda A. 357 Miller. Dora G 343 Moberlv. Robert C. Miller. Edward L .Ir Moberly, Susan A. 269, 295, 405 .Miller. Ethel M. Moberlv. Thomas B. Jr. Miller. Floyd W Mobley, Dale L. Miller, Gale B 485 Mobley. James S Miller, Gary D. 269. 295, 404 Moblev. .John M, Miller, Glenda J. Mobley. Marsha B. 286, 527 Miller, Hugh L. Moblev, Richard W. Miller, .lack D. .Moccia, Arlene M 454 .Miller, .James C. Moccia, Cheryl A 485 Miller. James K- Mockler. Ann M. -Miller. .Jerome .J, Moeller. Amy E, 353 Miller. Terr 118 Moeller, Ellen S. 353 Miller. .Joan F. Moert. Lonnie J. Miller. .John P. Molfett. Charles D, 348. 454 Miller. Johnny T. Moffett. Robert M .Miller. Joseph V. Moffilt. John P- .Miller. Julie A Moffilt. Karen L Miller. Karen D Moford. Jo R Miller. Kim A 364. 527 Moher, Richard K 3,59. 454 .Miller, Larry S. Mohrlield. Cynthia 527 Miller, Leslie G 485 .Mollenkopf. Susan A. Miller, Linda S Molohon. Charles R Jr. Miller, Lucinda J Moman. .Margaret A 296. 454 Miller, Lucy H. 527 Monahon. Deborah L 527 Miller, Margaret L 285, 485 Monarch. Lisa A 78. 299, 485 Miller, .Marilyn B Monheimer, Edward L Miller, Martha L 271. 293. 454 Monico, Charles A 296, 405 Miller. Mary K Monie, Terry J 454 Miller, .Mary S. Monihan, James M 298, 528 .Miller. Melanie 282. 485 Monin. Charles K III 367 Miller, Melinda J. 282. 343. 527 Monks, David E Miller. Michael G. Monnig. Laura L, 528 Miller, Michelle A. 527 Monnig, Laura L. .Miller, Narda A, Monroe, Edgar W Miller, Ovia M Monroe, Lane R. 528 Miller, Pamela G Monroe. Linda S. 528 Miller, Pamela J 485 Monroe. Scott K, 454 Miller, Patli 527 Monson. Nelson K. 528 Miller, Ramona G Monteabaro, Fred A. Miller, Rhonda K Miintella, Gregory ' J. -Miller. Robert D 403 Montgomery.. Carol D. 528 Miller, Robert E. 273 .Montgomery. Charlotte Miller, Robert J Jr 454 Montgomery. David H. 528 Miller, Ronald L Montgomery.. Gary A. Miller, Sharon G. Montgomery. John P. Miller, Shirley E 485 Montgomery, Katherine .Miller. Steve V Montgomery. Laura K, 528 .Miller. Susan J R. Montgomery. Mary .Miller. Virgil K, Montgomery. Norman J. Miller. Wanda M W. Monlgomep,.. Patty L Miller. Warfield B Jr, .Montgomer .. Philip A Million. Donna E- 307. 527 Montgomery. Sherill .Mills. Amanda L 485 Moody. Brenda R. 454 .Mills, Anna M, iM.Kidy, Charles E 266, 296, 4,54 .Mills. Barbara M «idy. ' ickie R 405 Mills, Bobbi 527 Mixm. Glaston L, Mills. Bradford L, Mooney. Albert R. .Mills, Carroll H. M»ney. Bertha B. 485 .Mills. Coleen M Mooney. Joseph F. 112. 454 Mills. Debbie C, Mooney. Robert M. 372 .Mills. Deona M. Moore, Anne L. 431 .Mills. Earlene 545 Moore. Barbara R Mills. Elizabeth A. 115. 117. 133, M «.re, Billv W 291, 454 Moore, Bobby D, Mills, Karen L. 527 Moore, Bradley K 295 Mills. Kitty B. Moore, Charles K Mills. Larry R. Moore, Cheryl A Mills. Linda S. Mixire, Clarence R. Mills. Lonnie L 485 Moore, Clifton D. Mills. Michael B. Moore. Colleen C. Mills. Sherry Y. Moore. Dana L. 277, 292, 454 Mills. Stephen J 264, 424 MiKire, Deborah J Mills. Thomas A Mr-ore. Diannc L .Mills. William D 485 .M.Kire. Donna J 485 Milton, Sharon L. S. Moore. Donna J. 344 Milward, Luanne K M- Moore. Donna S Mims, Gail S 299 Moore. Garv N, Mims. IJussell R- Moore. George W. Mineer, William G Moore, Gertrude A, Mingardi. Palricia A Moore, Howell I. Jr. Minguela, Ricardo R Moore. Jesse K. Minguela, Sharon L. Moore. John S. 454 Mink, Gregory A. Moore, Johnnie B Mink, Orville R, Moore, Joy 485 Mink, Vickie 292. 527 Moore. Kenneth L. Minnich, Jon H, Moore. Kimberly J, 528 Minogue. Daniel T, Moore, Laura J. Minton. Dennis C- Moore. Marcella C, Minton. .lohn A. Mmire. Maria R. Miozga. James V. Moore, Marlene 528 Miracle. Diann L, Moore, Marsha K. 360 Miracle. Donald E. Moore, Nancy C, Miracle. E Vem Moore, Nancy Lynn Miracle. Eddy P, Moore, Norman R. 578 Index and Directory Miiore, Pamela A, Muiire. lUndy F. MiM re, Ronald C. Miiore. Sally A, Moore. Sherry L. Mwire, Thomas ■), 485 Moor e, Thomas L. 529 Moore, Timothy L. MiKire, Vernon M. Miiore, Wanda F. Moore, William D. 268 Moore, William E, Moores, Alan . Moores, Bruce T. iMoores, Tammy J, 529 Moorman. John 0. Moradian, Ali A, Moradian. Sandra Morath, Sandra K. Morelleld. -fudv L, B. Moreland. John B. 3;};i, 364. 405 Moreiock, Betsv K. Moreh, Brian U 4 Moretz, Virginia B. Morgan, Alycia S, Morgan, Arnold C, Morgan, Bethany A. 2a ' i. 353. 405 Morgan, Billye C. Morgan. Tarrie P, Morgan. Charlotte M.irgan. Chyrl J. B. Morgan. Constance E. Morgan, Deborah A. 485 Morgan. Deborah D, 529 Morgan, Deborah S. Morgan, Elizabeth A. 405 Morgan, Ella L, H. Morgan, Howard R, Sr. Morgan. Jerrv A. Morgan. -I.ihn Jr. Morgan. Kaihk-en Morgan. Kathleen A- 360, 405 Mnrgan, Keilh P. Morgan, Kimberlee R. Murgan. Kimberly S. 431 Morgan, Linda C " 529 Morgan. Marsha H. Morgan. Nathan H. Morgan, Paul W Morgan, Phillip D. 264. 405 Morgan. Rhonda J. Morgan, R idenck D. Morgan, Scott M. Morgan, Tanya A. Morgan. Terrence N. Morgan. William R. Mornini, John W, 115. 405 Morphew. Debra J. 48.5 Morrell, Kav H. Morretl. Brian 434. 135. 405 M-irrett, Diana L. 258. 405 Morrett. John A, 134. 485 Morns, Ardis L. Morris, Arrilta M, M..rns, Brenda C. H. Morns, Charles E. Morris. Deborah K. 485 Morris. Diana J. 334. 368 Morris. Frank R. Morris, Gary L. Morris, Harold T, 48,5 Morris, James M, 367 Morris, James T. Morris. Joyce A. Morris, Joyce (.!. Morris, Kathleen M Morris, Kathryn A, Morris, Kathy L. Morris, Leonard L. Morris, Linda D. Morris. M. Lynne 424 Morris, Michael J. 455 Morris, Regina J. M, Morris, Richard R. Morris. Ricky H. Morris, Robert K- 147 Morris, Ronald E. Morris, Ronald W. Morris, Susan 529 Morris. Suzanne Morris. Sylvia J. 269, 294, 455 Morris, Terri J. Morris. William F, 204 Morrison, Barry A. Morrison. Catherine A. 232. 263, 271 293 405 Morrison. Craig Morrison. Drinda R. 334 Morrison, Gary L. Morrison, Kevin G. 34. 431 Morrison. Sandra K. P. Morrissey. Janet E. Morrow. Donna U. Morrow, John K. 372 Mor e. Noble D. II Morion. Herbert L. M ' lrton, Kent H. Morton. Phvllis A. Mosby, Fave W, 231. 262, 266 269. 307, 405 Moseley. Billie R. Moser. Karen E. Moser, Laura L Moser, Lynn R Moser, Robert M. II Moser. Shirlev 0. Moser. Tricia A, Mosey, Christina L. Mosher, Walter C. Moaier. Darrell R. Mosley. Rubin L. Mosley, Samuel Mosley, Sharon K. Moss. Deborah L. 486 Moss, Dwight F. Moss, Edgar Jr. Moss. Nancy A. 290. . ' 302 Moss, Patricia A. 486 Moss, Willie S. Mossotti. Jennifer A. Mota.Luis R. 209 Motley, Paul C. Molach. William A. Jr 486 Mott, Jeannine S. 286. 455 Mounce. William E. Mounts. Susan D. Mountz, Edsel 269 Mowery, Beth S. Mowery, Kimberiy S. 301. 336. 431 Mowery, Richard M. Moyer, Carolyn S. Mover, Deborah A, Moyer, Paul R. 405 Moyers. Suzella J. 372. 529 Moysenko, Richard C, Mudd, Jeffrey T. Mudd, Joseph L. Mudd, Judy L. -Mudd. Laura K. Mudd, Mary K, Mudd. Patricia A. Mudd. Robert J. Mudd. Susan K. 486 Mueller, Donna M. 140. 141 Mueller, Kay C. Mueller, Marcia A. 138, 152. 153 243. 257, 265. 405 Mueller. Robert A. 1.54, 273, 372 Mueller. Ruth A. Muench, Beth A. Mugavin. Thomas D. Mulberry, Rhonda F- 529 Mulcahev, Mar ' A. 261, 281. 282 4,55 Mulcahy, Emily A. Mulcahy, Jennie C. Mulkins, Paula J. Mullen. Debbie 301. 455 Mullen. Kevin P Mullen. Mary D. Mulligan, Patricia L, Mullin, Mark E. Mullineaux, Marilu Mullins. Angela 294. 529 Mullins. Cari L, Mullins. Charles D. Mullins. Crystal L. 431 Mullins, Deborah A. 285, 486 Mullins. Deborah K. Mullins. Dons C. Mullins, Gerald W, Mullins, Gordon Mullins, Judv A, Mullins, Julia A. Mullins, Kenneth B. Mullins, Leslie J. 529 Mullins. Linda Mullins, Marlene T. Mullins. Mary E. 529 .Mullins. Michael E. 529 Mullins. Michelle S. Mullins. Paul E. 117 Mullins, Pollv 268 Muilins, Phyllis A. F. Mullins, Rejeana K, 363, 455 Mullins, Sandra K. Mullins, Sheila G. Mullins, Sondra J. Mullins. Sue 332,363 Mullins, Thomas A. Mullins. Treva L. 529 Mullins, Vicki R. Mullins. Willard H. Mullins. William R. Mulvaney, Daniel E, 368 Munch. Sharon L, Muncie, Debora F. Muncie. Teresa G. Muncy. Teresa A. Mundy, John A. Munford. Daniel C. 529 Munn, Gary T. 486 Munn, Thomas R. Munson. .lane E. Muntz, Charles E- Murakumi. Ree Y, Murnahan, Benny L. Murphy, Bruce A, 486 Murphy, Danny A. Murphy, Ginger A. 529 Murphy, James M, 104 Murphy, Jeffrey D, Murphy, Joseph D Jr Murphy. Joseph T. Murphy. Linda A. Murphv. Lynn A. 455 Murphy, Mary D. Murphv, Palraiha A. Murphy, Haul F. Murphy, Ronald L. Murphy, Sheila J. 529 Murphy, Sherry L. Murphy, Steven K. Murphv, Teresa A. Murphy, Terry E. 334 Murray, Alice M, Murray, George W .Ir Murray, Glenda R. Murray, Jimmie D Murray. Judith A. Murray. Kenneth A. Murray. Lowell L. Murray. Peggy B. Murray, Robbin L. 140. 249, 257. 265. 405 Murray, Robert L. Murrell, Vernon D. Murta, Donna L Mushrush. William J. 486 Music. Brenda J. 272 Music. Sherry L. 486 Musick. Farrell D. 367 Mutersbaugh. Bert M. Muth, Craig, M. Myers. Donis, Jr. Myers. Edith L. 372 Myers. Ernest N. Myers, Joseph C. 529 Myers, Kent E- 115 Myers. Michael E. Myers, Thomas 184 Mynatt, Donald N. Mynatt, John C. Mynatt, Linda S. — N— Naderi, Shardad Nagei. Kimberly A. 529 Najar. Jeff M. Nale. Michael L. Nail. Patti L. Nalley. Donald M, Nance, David A. 486 Nancy, Greta Nnnkivell, Sieve E. 364 Nanney. Joseph R. .Nannini. Shirley K. Nantz, Hobart J. .Nantz, James W, Nantz, Roberi E. Nupier, Angeline 486 Napier, Anlionelte Nnpier, Bobbie J, 405 Napier, Charles E. Napier, Gregory L. Napier, Jeffery Napier, Jerry D. Napier. John S. Napier. Joni R. Napier, Karen R. Napier. Kevin F. 486 Napier. Mark R, 529 Napier. Oramious Jr. Napier. Ronnie L. Napier. Ronnie L. Napier. Ronnie W. Napier, Teresa M. Napier, Vickie C. Napier, William B. Napier, Will iam E. Napolitani, Laurie Napper. Slewart L. 371 Nash. Belinda J. Nash. Jeffrey L. 405 Nash. Richard P Nassida, Frank B. Nau, Martha J, 405 Naulargar. Sming 455 Nave, Denise 357, 529 Nave, Patricia L, Navlor, Dorothy F Ndelru. Zama K, 455 Neace, Charles W. Neace, David R, Neace, Sharon L. Neace, Thomas F Neal, David M, 118, 264 Neal, Dena A. 486 Neal, Diane C. 405 Neal, Elaine 312 Neal, Judv J. Neal, Theresa E. 292 Neal. Virginia E. 405 Nease. Shelby W, Nebletl, Mildred E. Neeley. Homer D. Neeley. Mark R. Neelev, Philip D Neeley, Ralph D. Neely, Craig E, .Neenan. Cindy R. Neff, Rebecca R. 271, 295, 405 Neff, Robin A. Neiderman. Ernest M Neidhart, John E. 486 Neikirk, David L, Neikirk, Joseph F. Neili. E. Nelsen. lone ' I ' vonne Nelson, Alonzu B, Nelson, Carolyn D. Nelson, Charles L, Jr. Nelson, Donna C. Nelson, E. Marie Nelson. Gregory S. Nelson. Greta K. Nelson. James A. 118, 126. 128, 273. 359 Nelson. Jennifer B. 290, 455 Nelson. Jerrv M, 405 Nelson, Linda J. 138, 431 Nelson, Linda L. Nelson, Lucie J. Nelson. Mary J. A. Nelson. Rebecca P. Nelson. Susan R. Nemec, Beverly J. Nesselrode. Patrick A. Nethery. Freda A, 283. 405 Neuhaus. Theodore T. 347 Neukrannz, Richard K. Neumann, Ann M, 545 Neumann, M. 44. 455 Neumann, Thomas W. Neville. Dona J. 263. 486 Nevms, Charles A. New, Nancy L 455 New, Rhoda J, 486 Newbeme, Sandra A. Newby. Barbara Newby, Julia L. Newbv. Michael L. Newby, Phyllis A. Newcom. Gavle L, Newcom. Karin G. 104. 124, 372. 486 Newcomb, Phyllis K. Newell, Brenda A. .529 .Newell, Penny L. 286, 529 Newhall. Anne W. .529 Newill. Barbara E, Newkirk. Michael P. 455 Newman, Anthony Newman. Philip W. Newman, Robbin D, Newman, Thomas W. 285. 486 Newman, Wanda S. Newsom. Barry K. 405 Newsom, Deborah C, Newsom Goebel, 181 Newsom, Janice A. Newsom. Thelma L. 292, 312. 48 Newsome, Anthony L Newsome, Butler E. Newsome, Joel L. Newsome, Judv A. 486 Newsome. Larry D- 325 Newsome, Mary M. Newsome. Patricia A. 529 Newsome, Rebecca S. Newsome. Rosie K. 405 .Newsome. Tana W. 486 Newton. Betsv 486 Newton, Bill M. Newton, Deborah A- 529 Newton, Dickie G. Newton. Elizabeth H, Nevrton. James D. 266. 300 Newton. Joseph G. Newton. Marcus A. Newton, Marlene W. Newton. Patav B. Newton. Paul H. Newton. Sherril M. 343 Newlon. William D. Ng, Joyce A, Nionuuris. Van Conrad 36-1. 4U5 Nicely. Helen J, Nicholas, Donald R. Nicholas. Penny E, .529 Nicholl, Norman J. II Nichols, Bessie B, Nichols. Eugene I) .Ir Nichols, Linda S. 431 Nicholson. Timothy L. Nickel. Linda R.B. Nickell, Jane 0, M. 431 .Nickens, .larold B. Nicktes, Robin P. Nicol, Mary V. Nicnulin. Karen E. Niece. Sharon G, Nief. Linda S, ,529 Niemeier, Charles M. Nienaber, Mary A, -NIGHT THOREALI SPENT IN JAIL ' Niles. Deborah L. 117. 138 Niven, Hilda M, Nix. Anne C. Nixon, Catherine A. K. Nixon, Danny K, Nixon, Kathryn J. 270, 406 Noah, Douglas A, Noble, Orlando Jr. Noble, Randall F. Noble, Tony Nobles. Mitchell L. Noel, Ann M. Noel. Dana J. 292, 310. 486 Noel. Gary L. 130 Noel. John M, 406 Noflsinger. Deborah .1. Noger, Martin A. Nolan. Barbara J. Nolan. Lawrence R. Nolan, Pamela L Nolan, Robert S. Noland, Georgia V. Noland. Susan M. 312 Nolen. Bruce D, Noonan, .lames L. Nimning. Marian 406 Nord, Rebecca L 406 Norlleet, Charles E. Norlleet. Larrv D Norlleel, Phvllis A. Norlleel. Richard H. 199, 290. 455 Niirman, Cheryl K, Norman. Gordon W. Norris, Bert T. Norris, David W, Norris, Deborah A. 286. 486 Norris, Debra S. Norris, Gerald B, Norris. .layne A, 529 Norris. Jeffrey L. 371 Norris. Jeffrey W, Norris. Jo Ann .Nnrris, .loe G. .Norris, Marc J. Norris, Reed B. Norris. Rickie L N.irns. Virginia A, 299 Northcult, Bonnie K, .529 .Norlhcutt. Carolyn B. Ni rlhcutt. Danny K .Norlhcutl. Ronnie K. Norlon. John K .Norlon. Mary V. Norwood, (;erardL.307 NorwiMd. Greg J, 300 Nosrati. Mohammad B. Nowak, Debra A. 406 Noyes, Jeffrey R- 406 Nuckles. Etta M Nuckols, Sarah G Nugent. Mary J. C, Null. Marv R. 545 Nunlev, Robert L. Jr Nunn. Billee F. 291 Nunn. Kenneth C 406 Nunn, Robin J. 406 Nunn, Stephanie D. Nutini, Casey J. Nuttall, Mary K. 529 Nutter. Dean J 348. 486 Nutter. Keith L. 239. 406 Nutler, Sandra L. Nyerges. Helen P -o— Oak. Dallon L. Oakes. Debbria A. 529 Oakes. Frank VV 529 Oakes, Robert G. Oakley. Jonathan D. 290. 529 Oakley, Lloyd D. Oalley. Douglas W, Oatley. Robyn M, K. Oatts, Judy L. O ' Banion. Leesa K, 153 O ' Ber, Patncia M. 293 O ' Her, Virginia E. 300. 529 O ' Berding. Lawrence E. O ' Berschmidt, Nancy M, 263, 292, 301. 406 O ' Biefule. Felix N. 455 O ' Brien. Daniel L 455 O ' Brien, .lames T. 144 O ' Brien. James W, O ' Brien. Kennelh 0. O ' Brien, Kevin R. 26.5, 406 O ' Callaghan. Dee A, Ochs. Raymond J. Ochsenbein. Charles D. Ochsenbein, Mark H- 262. 266, 406 Ochsner. Martin J. 367, 486 O ' Connor, David F. O ' Connor, Thomas E. OCull. Sharon L. O ' Daniel. Cynthia G. O ' Daniel. David S, O ' Daniel. Judith A. 332. 343 O ' Dell. Ronald W Oden, Micheal L. 354 Oder, Michael L. Odie. Bruce W Odie, .liimie H 486 Odoin. Sue A. Odoiigwodulam, ' incent 4.55 ODonnell. Junit-h W. O ' Donnell, Pulnck J O ' Donnell, Stephanie S. O ' Donnell, Thoman M. Odum. Amy S. 282. 297 Occhsli, Jerome L. 367. 529 OFF CAMPUS LIVING 2H Ogden, Durlene H Ogden. Krcdenc I), 196 Ogden. Marion W. Ogle, Larry K. 3:!0. 372 Ogle. Lawrence G. OHearn. Charles M. O ' Hearn, Rebecca B. 486 t)ineg. Vera 3(W Okeson. Wilbum G. Okruhlica. Joseph E. 486 Olds, Cheryl H, 2 5. 455 Olds, William M. Oliver, Billv L, 351 Oliver, Bohbv D. tHiver. Colin R Oliver, Constance J. 406 Oliver. Gary W Oliver. (Jeorgia L. Oliver. Kelly K. Oliver. Larrv H. 298, 431 Oliver, Uiuann 298 Oliver, Michael L. 144. 14.5, 147, 150 Oliver. Stanley R. Oliver. Trava W. Oiler. Charies B. Oiler, Sherrie L. Oiler. Teresa M. OMEGA PSI PHI 374 Omelia, Michael G Omer. John R. Omera, Michael A 486 Omohundro, Cvnlhia L. O ' Nan, lohn E- O ' Nati. Linda S- 290. 455 ONan. Marcella 292 ONan. Nell K. O ' Neal, Carole F. .529 O ' Neal, Cecil R. O ' .Neal, Rodney K. 283. 486 O ' Neal. Glen A. Opell. Donald R. Oraini, Musaad A. Oriinge, Janet L. Orange. Larry F. Orberson. Karen S. Onans, Daniel B, 455 Orlando, Joseph F. Oriandu. Sharon H- Orleck, .lanice L. l)rman, Kennelh D, (Jrme. Janet Ornie, Mark A Ormes, Joseph G, 455 Orinsbv, Barbara P, O ' Rourke, Catherine M. 364. .529 Orrender, William J MO Osborn. Donna K. 353 Osborn, Terri O ljorne. Anthony P. Osborne. Ben M Osborne. Cheryl A. Osborne. George D Osborne. James A. A ' M Osborne. Jayne L Osborne. John W. 223. 294. 424 Osborne, Mary M. 406 Osborne, Michael W Osborne, Nancy C. 529 Osborne, Sabrina G. 4.55 Oslev. Anna P Osley. Cornelia A, 529 Osman, Mala J. Oster. Jeffer ' M. 331. 333. 367. 455 Olaibi. Hezam E. Otis, John A, Oil, Jackv A. Oil, William Jr, Otten. Marsha A. 295, 486 Otter. Edith V. Otto. Enc M. Otto. Fred H. Ill Oursler, Rhonda L. 529 Ousley. Delbert Ousley, Larry J Overall. Dana C. Overbav. Effie J, Overman, Jill L 529 Overmyer, Donna L, Overslreet. Alma A. i:i8, 431 Ovington, Patricia K, 545 Owen. Lundon T. Owen. Richard T. Owens, Bennie G. Owens. Bettv .545 Owens. Brian .L 406 Owens. Devert J Owens. George M. Owens. Gregory A. Owens. Herbert T. Jr. Owens, Jackie L. Owens, Jeffrey L. Owens, John K. Owens. Julia B. Owens. Karen 545 Owens, Mark H, Owens, Nancy A. 263 Owens, Norma L. Owens, Onna K, H. Owens, Regina C Owens. Terry L. Owens. Wayne E. Owsley, Jo A. Owsley, John E. Owsley, Robert A. Oyer. Michael T. P— Pabian, Barbara J. Pace, Betty F. Pace. Brenda G. Pace. Delana K. Pace, Denny A. Pace, Jean R, Pace. Larry R. Index and Directorv 579 Pace. Robert B. Pace. Tommy Paccv. William E. Pack. Edilh M. Pork, Joseph I ' iick, Kathv L. Pack, Pamela L 424 Pack. Tim .(hv A Pack. Vicki E S I ' ack. Vickie L Padan, Geitreelte PadRell. Barbara A Pad(;ett, I e A. Jr. Padilla. Jose A Padrun, Maria A 4. ' i5 Pape. Dennis E. Pane. Jamei E. Pane, Patricia A, 2HH. 455 Page. VjrKiniB S Page. William E Jr. 3-10 PaEeil. Denme 1, 29() Paige, lircgdrv W ' . 406 Painter. Pnln ' cia S, M-i. 3,10 Pailscl, Steven U Paki , Christina M Polahunich. Jennifer Paluisa, Eli7alieth M Palaisa. Melanie K L 97 Palm, James R Palm. Mel idv L. 2fi9, 284, 406 Palm. Pern S. ' IU Palmer. David W. Palmer. Debra S ,5;H) Palmer. -leffrey M Palmer. Karen S, ' .]-) ' Palmer. Maribeth .S:ill Palmer. Mary T Palmer, Michael A Palmer. Susan M :160. :il2. 530 Palmer. Tammv J 4 ifi Palmer. William K Jr Palmerball. Helen H 5.)0 Palmerball. Mar E 486 Palmien. Cail A. l ' alm..re, Lili C. Palumbo. John A II PANHELLKNJC X 2 Papania. Brent W I ' app, Alexander R I ' app. Kalhcrine I. Piippas. Kimberlv S. 545 Parekh, Shirish V ' Pan . Jane L. 486 Pans. Jov L. Park. Karl S. 181 Park. Mary K 3411 Park. Sharon G Park, Waller L Parke, David B 455 Parke. D-.u las R i ' arke. (!ale F Parke. IJIenda t ' I) Parker. Auld.m B II Parker. Carl K Parker. Dannv L L«Jfi, 455 Parker. Deborah K Parker, Debra .1. .15:1 Parker. Fred N Parker. (Jlena A- 5:iO Parker. Gregory F Parker, James S 282. :i64, 455 Parker. Joann 3,lfi. 530 Parker. John B. Jr, ,530 Parker, Lisa D 73. 431 Parker. Michael 1. .S64 Parker. Michael W Parker, Mollv J 301, 40fi Parker. Rjinul J Parker. Susan E Parker. Wanda M P Parkersrin, Huford ,S P.irkerson, Nancy L I ' arkev. Sandra L, Parkhursi. John C. 286, .5:i() Parks, Connie G. Parks. Deborah L. 294 Parks. Frank Parks. Jarmilia A Parks. Retta V Parks. Teresa C Parman. Robert J Parman, William M I ' armley. Norman R. Parmley, V ' lcki S 1) Pamell. Merle A 4M6 Parrell, Dillard W Jr Parrett, Teresa A 4()6 Parrelt. Tonita J 530 Pan-is, Ellen L, 291. 455 Parris. Sharon D Parns. William L 63, 486 Parnsh, Debra L. 530 P ' lrrish, .Inan I, Parnsh. M 5:i() Parroti. Jams M, 455 i ' arrott. John F. Parrott. Ray A. Parrolt. Sharon K Parroll. Ten S 360 Parsley, Don G Parsley. Sharon F Parson, .lennifer M. Parson, Robert I. 273 Parson ' ;. Billie A 272, 486 Parsons, Charles K. 530 Parson.s, Dale W. Parsons. Danny W Parsons, Ida J. Parsons, Jackie L. Parsons, John D 406 Parsons, Kathy J Parsons, Kemi ' 353 Parsons. Kimberlee J Parsons, Richard A Pardons, Roy Parlin, Mike B 115 Parlin, Ronnie R Partlowe, George H. Parton, Esther R Pascal. Arthur L 262, 266, 300 406 Paschall. Jimmv D, Paslev, Randalls. Pasloy, Ruth A Puss. Sharon K Pas-iaHume, S Paul Jr Passenanl. Donald G- 290 Pate. Edward M, 368 Pate. Mark T. Pale, Raleigh S. Patrick, Arnold R. Patrick. Billy W Patrick. Jackie A. Patrick. Kay E Patrick, Michael R. Potnck, Shem M. 545 Patrick. Steve R Patrick, Steven R Patrick. Tracy R, Patrick, Vicki L Patrick, William C, Patterson. Charles E. 530 Patterson, Christophe 371 Patterson. David H Patterson, Larry C Patterson. Mary .530 Patterson. Michael S 371 Patterson, Peggy L, Paltnn. Curtis L, Palton, Dale Patton, David W. Patlon, Elaine M. 5.30 I ' flllon, Gary B Patlon, John W Patton, Michael W. 530 P.itinn. Patricia R, Palton, Rececca 431 Patlon. Howynna J. 530 Patlon, Wi P. Paul, Darrell F, Paul. Jack T. Paul. Wendy L Pavese, Anthony J Pavese, Dara a! 406 Payne, Christy L 353 Pavne.M Payne. Julia M. 312. 5,30 Payne, Karen A 530 I ' ayne, Karen G Payne. Kimberly A. 530 Payne. Mary E Pavne, Michael A Payne, Robert A 128 Payne. Sherrie J. Payne, Steven R Paynler, Kalhenne E Pavnier, Michael B Payt-m, Emery J. Paylon, Leiand Peace. !na K Peach, .lames L Peake. Edith Xid. 406 Peake, Steven T Pearce. Brenda S Pearcy, Jay B 486 Pearson. Dale W Pearson. Marta V. 424 Pearson, Wayne Pearson, Willard J Pease. Mar ' Jo G. 455 Peavler, Darrell G. 7, 406 Pecheux, J. i ' eck, Cindv A 250. 255, 319, 406 Peck. PeRgy G Pfczka. [)aniel J. Pec7.ka. Mary L. Pedditord, Mary B. I ' eden, Marv K 455 Pedro7,n. Raul A i ' eek. Jamie R I ' eel. Barry W Peercv. Delma R Peerc ' y. Gary D Peen. Daniel C Peery. Thomas G. 530 Pelegv, John 348 Pelfrey. Chen D. I ' elfrev, James D IVIkev, David I) IVlkev. William L. Pelt, kathy L Peliey, Donna F, Pelley, David 296 Pelphrey, Connie L 487 Pelphrey, Paul L Pelslring, Richard J Pena. Richard L Pena. William T. Pence, Margaret E. 455 Pence. Rila J 279, 290 Pence. Sharon L, .363 Pence. Stephen B. 279 Pendell, Rececca J. 487 Pendergrass. Jean M. 271, 289. 293. 40ti Pendleion. Debra S. 5.30 Pendleton, Donald L, Pendleton, Sandra K. 530 Penegor. Thomas M .5.10 Penix, (Jerald D Penner. Judilh V. Pennington. Ann J Pennington, Coleen K Penninglon, Elizabeth Pennmglon. Frances K Pennington. Freddie R Pennington. James E. Pennington. Penny L Pennington. Ron R Pennington. Thea H Pennington, Theresa A Penninglon, Tim R Penlicuff. M. Woodrow Perciful. John L. Perez, Jose L Pergram. Larry S. 48. 49 Pergrem, Clark D, Pergrem. Maria L Pergrem. William C. Perkins, Carolyn L. Perkins. Charles B Perkins, Daniel W. 487 Perkins. David G 244, 262, 266. 297, 406 Perkins. Dennis T, Perkins. Forde Perkins. G, Elizabeth Perkins, Janna L, Perkins. Joe M. 313. 406 Perkins, Marva K. 357 Perkins, Nancy 268 Perkins. Paul F. Perkins. Peggy A, 292. 407 Perkins, Robin E. 487 Perkins. Sandra K Perkins, Sandv C. 133 Perkins, Scott 0, 407 Perkins, Sharon F Perkins, Suzanne 487 Perkins, Tammie S 265. 407 Perkins, Vicki S. 530 Perkins. William R Perkowski. Joseph 487 Perme, Leanne H. Pern. Debra A. Pernne. Peggy S, Perry, Daniel L. 107 Perry. Dawn C. Perry, Deborah K 530 Perry. Earnest L. Perry. Elissa A. 277. 487 Perry, Georgette M 363 Perr ' , Hart A. 455 Perry, Hazel M. Perry, James A Peny. Jean Perry, Jean C. Perrv, Julia L. Perry, Ricky L. Perry. Rodney T Perry, Timolhv D Perr . William D PKHSHING RIFLES 298 Persley. Margaret W. Persson, Charles P Pesn. William L, .367. 407 Pelerman, Diana 292 Pelerman. Leonard L Peters. Deborah C 530 Peters, Donald J. Peters. Dorothy A. Peters, Dorolhy M Peters. Kathleen Peters. Larry W. 487 Peters. Mark D Pelers. Myrna A. 530 Peters. Pamela M Pelers. Rhonda 487 Pelers. Teresa L Pelers. Velma K Peterson. Alan P Peterson, Althaire D. Peterson. Bill S. Peterson, Debra M. Peterson, Janet E, Peterson, Joseph M. Peterson. Leonard L 407 Peterson, Mary L Petitjean, Marcus F. 530 Pelilt. Gar ' M, Petoi, Waller B H 296 Petrey, David A. 300 Pelrev, Robert Jr I ' eirev, Rodger D 252. 269. 378. 4(17 Pelrev, Sandra E. Pelriies. William F 291.432 Petlibone, Linda K 487 Pellil, James A. Petlit. Gar. ' 371 Pettil. Pamela L. Petty, Ronald K. 407 Pelzold. Glona A Pewther, Michael .1 Peyton. Shanm L. 296, 530 Pfaadt. Richard L Pteffer. Claire F. Pfeffer. Cynthia E. ,530 Pfeffer. Kimberly A Pfeifer, Lauren A Pfoienhauer. George L Pfotenhauer. Harriet Pharis, Virginia L Phebus. Drake H. Phelan, Margaret T Phelps, Carol™ S 297. 407 Phelps. Danny J Phelps. Debra A " 530 Phelps. Derek B Phelps. Jane M 530 Phelps. Jerry D Phelps, Joseph 167 Phelps. Susan M 270. 271, 390. 407 PHI BETA LAMBDA 294 PHI DELTA THETA 359 PHI EPSILON KAPPA 265 PHI KAPPA PHI 268 PHI MN 360 PHI MN ALPHA Phillippe, Beverly J. Phillippe, Joseph D. Phillips, Amy L. 432 Philhps. Amy L Phillips. Bobbie J Phillips, Bradley R 112 Phillips. Colonel 79 Phillips, Deborah K 104, 149 Phillips. Debra C .343 Phillips. Diana R Phillips. Diane B Phillips. Diane L 263, 270, 360. 407 Phillips. James A Phillips. James G 487 Phillips, James S. Phillips, Joel M Phillips. Joyce A M Phillips, Kenneth A. 266 Phillips, Under E Phillips. Laura K Phillips, Ue A Phillips, Michael Phillips, Odell 265 Phillips, Rhonda L 301, 336. 530 Phillips, Sleven R 455 Phillips, Susan D Phillips, Teresa J 530 Philon, Edel! Philpot. Norma S W Philpot, Timothv R Philpott, Kathie L. 292. 487 Phipps, Janey P Phipps. Sarah L 530 Phipps, Sharon K Phipps. Steven L, Phipps. William R 294, 455 Phoenix. Larry A. Phongsvirajati. Somph PHOTOGRAPHERS 309 PI BETA PHI 363 PI KAPPA ALPHA .364 PI OMEGA Pi 269 Pickerell, Cynthia E. Pickerill. James M. Pickett, Ann G. 432 Pickett. Darrell G. Picou, Marc T. 277 Pieper. Laura J. Pieper. Wayne C. Pieraerts. Vincent J. Pierce, Deborah A. Pierce, Debra A. Pierce. Donald W. Pierce. Eddie W. Pierce. Lisa M. 530 Pierce. Mark B. Piercy. Larry J. Piercv, Lawrence C. Pigg. ' Craig L. 266, 407 Pigg. James E Jr Pigg, Sammie E Jr. 115, 130. 455 Pigg. Victoria L. 487 Pigman. Curtis H Pigman, Dwighl M. Pike, Alan A, Pike, Rececca A. B. Pike, Robert E. Pike, Steven G, 487 Pineur. John S. Pmg, Howard L Pingleton. Jerrv D Pingleion, William K. 530 Pinkham, Rodnev C. Pinkston, Clyde W. 307, 530 Pinkston, Ruth R. 455 Piper. James A Pisetsky, Eileen Pitakos. Robert A. 372, 487 Pitcock, John R. Pilcock, Larry P, Pitman. Charles E. Pittman, Michael D. Pittman, Sara L. Pitts. Rickie D 455 Pitz. Stephen A. Placek, Steven 115. 130 Placke. Margie L. Platoff, Donald B 284. .531 Pleasant. Judy A. 360, 487 Pleasants, James K 154, 157. 531 Plenz. Debra S 456 Plummer, James D. Plummer. James K. Plummer. Jams L. Plummer. Pamela L. 531 Plunkett. Stella A. Plybon, Arthur L Plymale. Jeffrey R Podmore, Gail A Poe. Darlene Poe. Howard D Poe. Susan L Poer. Teresa E . 31 Poindexler, Karl A. Poland. Martha J, Poleate, Herbert B. Jr. Polk, Gregory T, Poll. Lorri J. " Pollard, Janet R, 292, 407 Pollard, Wendell S. Pollard, Winston L. Polley, Monde B Polhlt. Deborah S, 456 Pollitt, JeffG Pollitte. Jan P 353. 407 Pollock, Michelle L. Polly, Marta L, 531 Polsgrove. Carol C. Polsgrove. Marva S .531 Polston, Christine Polston. Leonidus H. Polvino. Gern 138, 139, 206 Poncer, Debra L Poncer. Johnalban L Ponder, Henrietta Ponder, Macv M. Poole. Arthur L Poole. Charles D. Poole, Kathy L. 487 Poole. William R Pope, Cheryl L 344, 432 Pope, David F Pope, James D Pope, James M Pope, Lindsay F. 353, 531 Pope, Margaret A. 531 Pope, Patricia L. Popp, Kenneth F Popp. Susan 282, 531 Poppas, Michael Poppas. Stephen C 407 Popplewell, Kathy J K- Pornll, Timothy R Porter, Cynthia M 407 Porter, David M. 531 Porter. Diane K, 299 Porter. Jesse M 202 Porter. Marlee C. Portis, Anthony Q- 307. 487 Portwood, Paula R D Posey, Robert 216 Posey. Teresa M 310. 531 Potter, Michael W Potter, Phyllis D 531 Potter, Rhonda C 531 Poltinger, Ronald W ' 432 Potts, Bernard A Potts. Edith M 456 Potts. James A. Potts. James C Potts. Nancy H Potts. Richard A. Potts. Roger L Powell. Alma Y. Powell. Chester E. Powell. Cynthia M, Powell, David M. Powell, Diana 281 Powell, Donald L 407 Powell. Donna L M, Powell, Edward L Powell, Harry D. Powell, Powell, 189, Powell, Powell. Powell, Powell, Powell. Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Power. Power. Ivan J. J. C. 166. 167. 174. 190 Jerry W- Julie A. . Karen E, 409 . Lois E- S. Lorelta K Lynn L. 360 Marlene C. . Nancy E 432 Shelby R. Jr Shird R. Shirley Wanda R. 531 Rebecca L, 432 Robert C. 148. 277. 279. Powers, Deborah A Powers. Frank M III 115 Powers. Fred J. Jr 409 Powers, Georganne 409 Powers, Kenneth A. Powers. Mike W. Powers, Nora L. Powers, Terry D. Powers. Terry L, 456 Powers. Valarie J 301 Poynter, Amy 409 Poynter, Carolyn D. Poynter. Harvey L Povnter, Verla M H. Prager, Maribelh 263. 270. 283. 409 Prapawat. Pansiri Prater. Arthur B. Jr. 107. 118 Prater. Danny L 409 Prater. Otis Jr. Pralher, Carl G- Prather, CyTithia Pralher. Ernest J. Prather, Everett W, Jr. Pralher, Hilma S Pralher. James R Prather. Kimberly E 531 Pralher. Patricia J, 136 Prather. Roberta F 409 Prather, Sharon K Prather. Wiiham T. 456 Prato, Maria E. Pratt. William D II 282, 487 Preece. Glendine 291, 487 Preece. James T. Preece, Pamela K 487 Prescott, Morris Presnell. Nancy C. 263. 313, 487 Preston. Delores L, Preston. Dennis A. Preston, Jane G- 251. 270. 271. 272, 289, 409 Preston. Richard A. 112 Preston. Walter L, 347 Prewitt. Bobby R- Prewilt. Charles P Prewjtt. F, Prewitt, Donna J 432 Prewitt, Edna B Prewitt. Jackie W, Prewitt. Kenna L Price. Darlene L Price. Dovie E Pnce. Earl C. Price, Earl R. Price. Elaine Price Garry L, Price. Gene M. 531 Price. John F. 199. 409 Price. Joyce M, Price. Katherine Price. Loren C. Price. Marian L, Price, Martha A 409 Pnce. Mary V. 487 Pnce, Marvbeth 153, 487 Price, Paul M Price. Paula J Price, Richard P Price. Rowland A Price. Ruth M 263. 291. 409 Price. Stanley A. Prtchard. Mike D. Pndemore. Arthur C. Pndemore, Brenda M, Pndemore, Kelley 372 Pndemore. Randall 130 Pndemore, Randy S. 531 Priest. Janice L. Priest. Stephen R. 531 Priestley, Karllelte 531 Pnll. Melanie J. 409 Prince. Linda S. 545 Pntchard, William J- Pritchett. William G. Pnvett, George C Proctor, Mary L 139. 1.5.3. 487 ProfTitt. Deborah J. ProfTitt. Martha J Profitt, Randal D Profitt, Terrv L. 351 PROGRESS 320 Prosser, Mark A 531 Prow. Gregory L. 488 Pruitt. Byron E Pruitt, Sharon L 299 Pruitt. Victoria M. Prvor, Larv D. 364 Prvor. Sharon R Pr se, Henry 181 P.SI KAPPA 265 PSl CHI 264 Puangngarm, Jane C, 488 Puckett, Bobby E Puckett, Robert W Puckett. Stephanie K 251. 263, 270. 313, 317, 319, 409 Puckett, Winfred G. Puffer. Roger C 107, 247. 262. 266. 372, 409 Pugh, Beverly E. Pugh. Donald W Pullen, Robert D, Pulley. Laurel L. 363 Pulliam, Ann B. Pulliam. Gary S. 371 Pulliam. James D, Pulham. Mark A 371. 456 580 Index and Directory Pulliam. MeliBfia L. 343, 531 Pumphrpv, Rphecca C. I ' ur,cll. Blmri i:i4 Pur...|l, Diiviil I.. Puncll, I.intid K, Purcell, Lx ijaniia N. Purcell Purcell. Marvin B Purcell, Roger D. Purdon. Kimberly A Pursley, Joyce L. r 31 PurvGH, Catherine I, 488 Purvis, Candance S. 531 Punateri, Mark 29 Putzier, Martha E. PylcH, Lorna B, A. 424 Pylea, Vivian L, Pytes. Willard C, Pylinski. Kristin .1. Pyaher. Franldin W .Ir. -Q- QutiaL ' k, NancvA.293, 488 Quails. David V,. 367, 488 tiuandt, Debra M, 161. 336 tiuarles, .James B 409 Quarles. Sara M. guiKt;, Daniel L. QuiRlev. -lohn V, (Aiillen, rami J. A56 Quilien, Donald W. Quillpii, Jnhn T qinlli-n, Marv K. l uillfn, William B. tiuillin. Tjmolhv M, 531 Qumn, Carla M. 312. 456 tjuinn, Jessie C. Quinn. Lee D. 488 Quinn, Paul E. Quintana, Ravniond J. Quire, Meiony E. 409 -R- Raap, Karen M fiabe, Frances M Radel. Douglas L. Rader, Margaret A Rader, Wilbur A. 290, 410 Ralaon, Judv R. H, RaK ' and, Prentis E. 118, 48J Raglin, Glenn E. Rahn, Mar K H Ra.ley, Eddit- C. Raik ' v. George A. Jr. Ramev, Deborah L. RaLMs, Kathleen S. 432 Rains. Linda S. Rains, Wanda L. Rainlree, Phillip P. Rainwater, Carolvn P. Raisle. Ted Raisor. Paula 0. 5;)1 Rakestraw. Thomas L. Raleigh, Judy F. 410 Raleigh, Vana S Rail, Denise H Rail. James B Kaislijn,John M. Ralstfin, Kenneth U. Ralston, Robert K. Ralston. Robyn L. Ralston. Rosalee J. Ramach, Daniel N. Rambicure, Peggy A, Rambo, Susan K, 410 Ramey. Billy W. Ramey, Don T. Ramey. George L Jr. Ramey. Jennifer L. Ramev, Jodie L. Ramey, Tom 333 Ramev, Vanessa D Ramirez, Michael F. 410 , 410 Ran- Rarr Ramsey Ramsej Ramsei , David H. Anita R. . Chervi L. , David Howell 410 , Denise R , Garry , James F, Jr. Ramsey, James M. Ramsey, Joan R. Ramsey, Urry E, Ramsey, Mary E. Ramsey, Maurice W. Itamsev, Michael H Ramsey. William D. Randolph, David S Randolph, Kayren L. Itandolph, Robert W. Itandolph. Susan G. Rankin, Helen K. Rankin, Howard W, 410 Rankin, James W. Rankin, Karen L. 456 liankin, Minnie W. Rankin, Robin L, H. Rankin. William T 295 Rapier, Celeste M Rapp. Dorothy R. liapp. .loseph E. Jr. Rapson. Sandra K, 532 Raque. Debbie J. 368, 456 Rash. Barbara A, 312, 456 Rasner, Wade L. 456 Ratcliff. William R. Ratcliffe. Harry S. Ratlirr, Bobbv J, Katliff, Dehbv D, 488 Ratliff, Frederick C Ratliff. Kalhi L. Ratliff. Larrv D- Ratliff. Mark A. Ralliff. Rosalvn A. Ratliff. Russell G. Ralliff, Sherie R, Ratliff, William J Rau. Steven W. 456 Raulerson. Terry A. 291. 456 Rausch, Mary J. ftavencrafl. Michael D Ravin, Sondra L. Rawlings. Saltie E. 532 Rawling.s. William M. 532 Rawlins, Kenna L. C. Rawlins, Rachel E. Rav. Amon S. Jr. Rav, Daniel L. Rav. David K 410 Rav. Diana L Rav. Elmer T. Jr. Rav, Frankie L . Tl, 488 Ray. Greg R. 351 I-iay, Harriell S. Ray, Karen F. Ray, Margaret E. 488 Rav, Morris A, Rav, Noble D, Rav. Pamela A. M. Ray. Richard E fiav, Sandra L Rav. Steve C. Ray. William J. 532 Rayburn. Charles W Rayburn. S. Dianna Ravmnnd, Annette 291 Raymond, Ash 291 Raymond, Deborah A. Raymond, John A. liavmond, Joseph M. Razor. Edwin M. 5. ' 32 Rea. Sarah L, 532 Read. George A. 291 Reader, Garrv L. 456 Ready. Cindy A, Reagan, Patricia A Reagan, Ricky D Ream. Bradley C Reams. James S. Reams. Karen G. Reams. Lewis R. Reams. Willa M G, ReaviB, John B Jr. Hebilas, Richard P. Rebilas, Thomas J. REC CLUB 290 Reck. S. 372, 456 Record, Richard B. Rector, Jan 332, 360 Rector, Mari R, Redden, Ronald D. Reddy, Etta L, liedenbo. Dianne T. Kedford. Denia J. 488 Redinger, Joseph H. 260. 333. 372. 41(1 Redman. Stephanie A. Redman. Timolhv W. 432 Redmon, Connie L, Redmon, Paul E. Redmon, William L. Redmond, Suzanne E. Redmond, Ihomas H lii ' dwine, William B. Rei ' ce. Bennie H. Reece. Linda L. P. Reed, Betty S. Reed, Billy H Reed, Bruce R 368. 411 Reed. Cornelius A. Jr. Reed. Damila V. 339. 410 Heed. Darrell V Heed, Gerald W. Reed. Jeffer ' L 351 Rt-ed, Jerry L. lieed, Joellen Reed, John B. Reed, John W- Reed, Judith L 272. 424 Reed, Kimberly A. 488 Ri ' cd, Larry D. Reed, Marlysue L, Rccd. Pamela G. 532 Reed. Patricia J. 432 Reed. Randolph C, 456 Reed. Sharon E. Reed. Sharon K, 456 Reed. Sharon L. Reed. Sheri 295 Reed. Sue C. Heed, Susan L, 456 R -ed. William D Reed, Wilma L, Reed, Yolande K- Reeder, Judith A. Reedv, Bob W 532 Reedy, Michelle L. Rees. Donna C. A. Rees, Thomas E. Reese, John E, Reese, Judy L. 290 Reese, Mark A. Reese, Mary E 142, 410 Reese, Patti A Reese, Stephanie J Reeser, Douglas C. 532 Reeves, Ben N. Reeves, Charlotte M. Reeves, Danny C 488 Reeves, Don G, Reeves. Elizabeth G. 353 Reeves. Lynn S. Reeves. Nelda R Reeves. Richard L. Reeves. Stephen J 410 Reeves. Vicki L. 532 Refbord, Thomas P. Jr. Reffett. Renee A Reffitt. David P, Reginelli, Beth A 281 REGISTRATION 22 Reichard. Cindy M Reichard. Kathy A. 410 Reichard, Lynn S. Reid, Janice F H Reid, Jonathan C. Reik. Curtis A Reilly. Edward B, 273. 353 Reilly, James M, Reinle, John F, Re is, Jennifer Reiser. Barbara J. Reising, Paul E. Relford, Fave V. Renaker, D ' eborah E- 532 Reneau, Richard H. Reneau. Rosalie R 432 Renfrew, Samuel J. Students in the Model Lab Christmas play dress as little candy canes for part of the performance. Renfro, Katherine C. Renfroe. William R. Renner, Marvin W. Renner, Victoria A. 78, 116, 117. 132, 133, 266. 488 Renners, Sharon A 138 Rennirt. Karen J Rennirt, Ronda G 488 Renshaw, David W, 23. 532 Renshaw, Margaret L. Renshaw, Marcia J Repperl, Barbara W ftequardt, Judy L Revell, Kimberlv J, Reyes, Theresa P. 289 Reynolds. Bessie L. S. Reynolds, Beverlv J. Reynolds, Billy 6. Reynold. Carolyn S. 433 Reynolds, Christine E. 168. 229, 242 261, 263. 264. 270. 410 Reynolds, Deborah S, 371, 489 Reynolds. Debra A. 532 Revnolds, Diana E 532 Reynolds. Etta M, B. Revnolds. Garv L, Reynolds. Harold D. Reynolds. James S. Reynolds. Janet T 456 Reynolds, Jennifer M Revnolds, Joseph M Reynolds, Kathleen M(( Reynolds, Mark L 364 Revnolds, Marv L. F. Reynolds. Richard D. 532 Reynolds, Sandra A, Reynolds, Teresa A Reynolds, Terri M. 360, 489 Rezayat, Mohsen Rezvany, Mehrdad Rhea, Alfreda J. 339, 410 Rhea, Debra K 410 Rhea, Eldora V ,532 . Rhea, Vera F, 410 Rhoades, Cynthia J. Rhoades, Mark E Rhoads. Leslie L, 130. 532 Rhode, Bruce R Rhode, Susan G S 4.33 Rhodes, Patsy J. Rhodes, Rickie E, 118 Rhodus, Donna C 410 Rhodus. Rebecca L Rhorer, Alvin F. 489 Rhoten, Rebecca A. Rice, Barbara A. 532 Rice, Becky J. Rice, Charley J. Rice. Cheryl A, Rice. Cynthia G Rice, Dennis C Jr Rice, Gary G. Rice, John C. Rice, Linda D. Rice, Linda VV. Rice, Lisa L. 532 Rice, Marlene K, Rice, Marv M. 457 Rice. Pamela K Rice. Pauline C, Rice. Sanford F Rice. Stephen P. Rice, Timothy E. Rice, Vera K, 433 Rice, William O, Rich, Debra D Rich, James A. Richard, Carl L Richard. Joe C. 118. 129 Richards. John G. Richards, Marhta V Richards, Peggy A 269. 410 Richards. Stephen W, 489 Richardson, Alfred T Richardson. Anothny G, Richardson. Betiv J Richardson. Bi.nnie L. Richardson, Brenda L. Richardson, Charles A 457 Richardson, Charles F Richardson, Cynthia L Richardson. Deborah L. Richardson, Douglas M. Richardson, Jackie D. 348 Richardson, Jacquelyn Richardson, .ianna S Richardson. Joseph E. Richardson. Joseph W. Richardson, Keith D 409 Richardson, Kenneth L Richardson. Larry L. Richardson. Leonard C. Richardson. Paula K. Richardson. Robert A. Richardson, Robert W. Richardson, Roger G. Richardson, Ronald E. Richardson, Sonald E. Richardson, Susan D. 489 Richardson, Susan J 263 Richardson, Theresa M. 409 Richardson, William R Richer. Denise S. Richev, Kenneth D, 277. 409 Richie. Beltv C Richie, Carol 489 Richie. Jason W. Richmond, Alice J Richmond. Jean E Richmond. Richard E. Richmond. Rickie R. Richmond. Shelbv J Richter. Clav P. 489 Richter, Sandra K 292, 409 Richtmyer. Edward C. Richwine. Patty M. Ricke, Edward C Jr. Rickerd, Debra A Ricketts. R Mark Ricks, Bettv M. Riddell, Billv A, H Riddell, Michael L. Riddell, Thomas D, Riddle. Cherie L Riddle. Deborah S, 532 Riddle, Kathie K. 489 Riddle. Linville C Riddle. Michael D Riddle. Michael O Riddle. Shirli-v R, .343 Riddle. Stephen G. Riddle. Susan C. 78. 300. 489 Ridenour. David C. Ridenour, .Maria F. iM. 256, 327. 409 Rideoul. Linda K 433 Rider. Fredrick H. Hidgley. Patrick E. Riedling. Darlene M, 489 Riegel. Kim M, Riegler. Randall A. Riehl. Mary P. 292. 409 Ries, Tern A Hiesenbeck, Robert W. Rife. Fumell Hiffe. David J Rifle, Geoffrev L. Rifle. Karen R Riffee, Mark L. RIFLE TF:AM 159 Rigdon. Rosa F, Rigg, Bonnie R. 489 Riggin, Nancy C, Riggins. David C, 368 Riggle. Deborah F 489 Riggs, Denise Riggs, Lisa M. .533 Riggs, Sheila K 252. 269. 294. 409 Rightmyer. Edwin K. 533 Rigney. James M. Rigney. Lawrence L. Rigsby. Mark A. Higsby, Miriam L. Riley. Anneatia G. 409 Riley. Berime J Riley. Ernest K Hiley. Georgette Kiley, James A. 489 Riley, James K. Riley. Judith A Rilev. Kimberly D Rilev. Michael F Riley. Paula M. 533 Riley. Stephen Ritev. Teri .1 Rilev. Terrv W R.lev. Thomas .) Riley, William H Jr. Ringley. (iregory J, 107 Ripple. Margaret A. Hippie. Rebecca J, 433 Ripple. Rex L Ripple, Rick D Rishel, Roderick E Risner, Dora M Risner, Samuel 409 Risner, Sara J Rison. Freda J Risl. Don 181 Risl. Laura M. T Hilchey. James M, Ritchie, Carolvn K. Ritchie. Cathy J, 343 Ritchie, Charlcye J. 104. 146. 309, 417 Ritchie. Hiram A. Riichie. Kevin R. 533 Rittenour, John T. Jr. 297 Hiltenour, Kimberiev 283, 297 Hitter. Brian K 367, 489 Hitler. Chester G Rider. Douglas R. Ritler. Harrielle A, Hitter. Jon E. 533 Hitter, Teresa K. Rizer, Mary J- 409 Roach. Catherine P. Roach. David P Roach, Louise E. Roach, Stephanie A. Roach. W Sandra M Roaden, .lohnnv S Roaden. Lonnie D, Roades. Gerald D Hoark, Connie R. Roark, Dennis W, 533 Roark, Edith Janet H. Roark, Kathy L Roark. Rebecca A, Roark. Teena J Hobbins. Curtis K Hobbins, Margaret A. K-.bbins. Ruth C Hobbins, Sandra C. Riibbins, Theresa I. Robbins. Wallace D. Roberson. Diane L. 533 Roberson. Karen L. Hoberson, Larin L. Roberts, Angela L. Roberts. Ametta Z. 489 liiiberls. Candice I, Roberts, Cecil 289 Roberts, Christopher 118. 123, 129 Roberts, Clifford H Roberts, Cynthia J, 277, 410 Roberts, Deborah L. Roberts, Elaine T, Roberts. Elizabeth A, Roberts. Everett C Roberts, George D 457 Roberts. Gregory I 372, 410 Roberts, Joanne Roberts, Jonathan Roberts. Karen A, 343 Roberts. Larry G. Roberts. Laura Roberts, LeMaur 290 Roberts, Linda S, Roberts, Malvin D. Roberts, Margaret M. Roberts, Marlene Roberts. Martha Roberts. Michael B. Roberts, Neka 351 Roberts. Peggy L Roberts. Randall G, Roberts. Hoslvn L. 490 Roberts. Roy L. 410 Roberta, Scotty Index and Directory 581 Roberts, Selma J. 490 Roberts, Sheila R. Roberta. Sherry L. Roberts, Steven J. ;167 Roberts. Teresa C. 299 lt»ibertH. Teresa R. 457 Roberta. Terry A. 118. 26 Roberts. Vicki S. R tberts. WflUer. S. Jr. Koberla. Wayne T. Hnberls. Zoe I ' l iiobertwin, Alice D, Robcrt-wn. Barbara -I. 457 Robertson. -Joseph F. iM " Rohertwm. Kent B. 457 Robertson. Kevin J. Robertson. PcKRy A. B. Robertson. Randall L, Robertson. Richard C 457 Robertson. Sandra R. Rr)bertson. Sherry A. 74. 1U4. 105. !;i6. 268. :i5:t. ;i72 Robertson, Urbanus G. Robertson. William H. Rohey, Carol L. B. Kobineile. Carolyn S. Ro binette. Gary I). Riibjnetle. Joanne Robinette. Tobie K ;i72 Robmaon. Bellina H 5:13 Robinson. Billy H. Robinson, Bryan L 115 Robinson. Carolyn A liobinson. Daisy J- Rohinaon, Dean E, Robinson. E. liohinson. Deborah I- Hobinson, Deborah L. Robinson. Donna -1 104. TO-2, ;t:i9 Robinson. Edward I-. Rfibmaon, (ienrRe W -Ir Robinson, Ira D Riibmson. .lames D M. Robmson. James M. Jr R..binson. Jane E -292. 490 Robinson, .leffrey M 490 Robinson. Jim A. 27 !. 490 Robinson. Joan C, 1J8 Robinson. Joan K. 5:(;i Robinson. Joan K 5;t;i Robinson. Joann K Robinson, Ji)hn L. Robinson, John T. Robinson. Karen J 2f;9. 457 Robinson. Kevin D Robinaon. Linda K 457 Robinson, Lucille M. Robinson, Margaret A. Robinson. Marion M Robinaon. Michael B Robinson. Nancy M Robinson, Norma I). Hohinson, Phibp R. Robinson. Richard I. f :V. Robinaon. H(.nnio L f X Robinson, Ruth J Hohins in. Sandra J 4:i;! Robinson. Sandra K Ifi t Robinson, Sandra M Robinson, Sharon L. 410 Robinson, Sheila F. ,5 3 Robinson. Shery! L 15:), 490 Robinson. Steven R. 254, 262. 298, 410 Robinson, Susan K. Robinson, Susan L R.ihinson. Tommie L. 490 Knhinson. William K. 457 Robinson, William R. 295 Hocho, Rebecca C. Roddy, Tom A 5:13 Roddy, Toni A. 533 Rodencal. Lynne M. 295, 490 Rodpers. Frederick J. Rodgers, Regina B Hodmore. Hail 296 Rodriguez, Hector 410 R .driEue7, Holly M. 533 Roe. Kenneth R Roe. Rebecca A 545 Roedel. Richard R. Roemer, Jennifer J Roesch. William J Roeael. Richard C 340 Rogers. Barbara E, Rojjers, Beverly A. 457 Rogers, Bonnie K Rogers, Debra A. Rogers, Elmer Rogers. James A. Rogers. James C. Rogers, James E. Rogers. James F. Rogers. Janice L. 490 Riigers, Jeffrey C Rogers. Kathie J. Rogers, Mernon A. Rogers. Micheal cE. Rogers, Muncie A. Rogers, Nellie F Rogers. Randall C. Rogers. Robert D. Rogers. RoKie G. Rogers. Rfiyce B, Rogers, Steven F, Rogers. Susan L. Rogers. Tanya K. 533 Rogness, Ruth N. Rohall. Victoria M, Rolf. Freda E. Rolfe. Bradley W. Rolfea, Barbara A. Rolfsen. Jane Rollings. Rae P. 457 Rollins, Brenda R. Rollina, James M. Rollins. Virginia B. Roman. Joseph D, RominRer. Paula C. Rondin. Bill 294 Roncco. Lynn M. Rood. Caroline Rood, Caroline Hood. Christine J 433 Rood. Gilbert T. Rooks. Chester D. Roop. Pamela G. Root. Carl T. 533 lioot. Jeffery G. 490 Roper. David 0. Rosati. John A. Rosali, Judith W. Rose, Allen K. R-«e. Billy J. Rose. Debra L. Rose. Denise G. 433 Rose. Gary W- Rose. Glvndnn D. R..se. Herbert D 457 Rose. James C. Rose. Johnny J. Rose, Lee C Rose. Leslie D. Rose. Marcus L. Rose, Paula S 490 Rose. Randall L Rose, Sally 0. Rcwe, Rent L- 371. 457 Roaenbaum. Thomas L. 348, 457 Rosenberg, Laurie A. 357, 533 Rosenhoffer. Nancy A- 300, 533 Roshinaky, Glenda J. 533 Ross. Bradley D. Ross, Charles S. Ross. Connie R. 285, 533 Ross. Deborah S. 533 Ross. Elaine 533 Ross, Elizabeth A Rosa, CJeorge S. Rosa, Gerald D. Ross. Inetta Ross, James B. Rosa, Julie D 457 Ross. Lanny C. 410 Ross. Lou A- 277, 457 Ross, Marian P. Rt«a, Marilynn G. 307. 344. 457 Ross. Nancy E, Ross. Raymond E- Ross, Richard M. 533 Riias, Richard T, Koss, Russell S. Rosa, Sharon G. Rosa. Sheree L Ross. Steve 372 Ross. Theresa D. 490 lioss, Willa K.D. Roster, Steve 348 RosKell. Devon J. 138 Roth, David L. Jr, Rothfuss, Scott T. Rothwell. Jimmie G. 533 Hollersman. Thelma K. Roltgera. Robert A 3B7, 490 Roitinghaus. Thomas A. 490 Rough, Clarence D, lUiugh. Clarence D Rouhohman. Mehdi Houndtree, Barbara A 490 Rouse. Lucy W Rooit. Rodnev W Rnwaily. Mutalib M. Rowan, Theodore R. Rowe. Barbara C. Rowe. Elizabeth J. 533 Rowe, Jerry T.115 Rowe. Joseph R. Rowe. Linda A. 285. 457 Rowe. Rodney D. Rowe. Steve A 115. 130. 4.57 Rowland. Charles D. 410 Rowland, Charles D 410 Rowland, David B. Rowland. Janet 357, 410 Rowlett. Janet L. 336, 490 R iwlett. John D. 176 Rowlett. Roger D liowletle, Mitchell R. Rowlette. Robert A Jr. Roxberrv, Don G. Roy. Charles W. Roy. Diana M. 490 Roy. Eugene W 372 Roy, Linda J. Roy, Mary K Roy. Paula S 490 Rov. Randolph N Roy. Richard F. Royalty. Cheryl L. Rovaltv. Danny M Royalty. Karen A. Royalty. Robert D. Royce. Janet D Royer. Kalhy L. 458 Koyse, Brenda K Ru ' ark. Paula R 289. 411 Rubarta. Virginia A, Rubin. Deborah A. 277. 284. 411 Ruchard. Kathy 292 Ruchka. Dorothy M. Rucker. Emily J. Rucker, Sherry C. Rucker, Teresa J. Rucker, Sherry C. Rucker, Teresa J. Rudd, Edward L. Rudder, Troy L. Rue. Kenneth B. Huf. Linda 268 Ruggles, Kellie B, 533 Rullman. Cindy K. 533 Runge. Sharon A. Runneratrom. Rana K Runyan. Kimberlee S. Runyon. Carolyn J. Runyon, Charlea E. Runyon, Jacqueline Runyon. Linda A. Runyon, Mary J, Runyon, Randall H. Runyons. Gayle H. Rupard. Howard E. Rupured. Arthur Husch. Martin W. Rush. Karen L. 360 Rush. Linda S. 411 Russell, Carlos E, Ru.ssell. Christopher Russell. Dale Lee Russell. David A. Russell. Debra L. 4.58 Russell. Harold R. Russell. James M. Russell. Jean M. Russell. Jimmv M. 144. 28.5 Russell. Jimmy U. 273 Russell, Joe D. Russell, Johnnie D Russell, Kenneth B Russell, Larry 490 Russell. Lisa D. Russell. Norman A. Russell. Nyla F, C. 411 Russell, Pamela G. Russell. Phillip R 300 Russell. Richard Russell. Shirley A. Russell, Susan C, Russell. Terri L. 533 Russell, Terri L. Russell. Trina PS. Russell. William D. itusterholz. Sharon F. 312, 533 Rutemiller. Brent T, 273. 359. 458 Rutenachroer. Steven Rutkowski, Kay L. Rutledge. Joanne 533 Rutledge. Robert A. Rvan. Arnold J- Hyan. Chris J. Ryan. Dave 112 Ryan. Ellen J, Ryan, Gregory L. Ryan. James Jr. Ryan. Karen L, 490 Ryan. Norbert J. Ryan, Susan K. Ryan. Tamara J. Rye. Jane E. Rvmell, Janet L. Rymer. Jeanne S 295 — S— Sabad. Garry A. Sabhatine. Raymond J, Sabouni. Zahra Sacca, Belinda K Sacca. Daniel J Sackett. June A. Sadler, Connie J Satl, Yagnesh K Saghaian, N E Seyed H, Saghaian, Sayed H, Jr. Saieh. Jihad A. Salerno, Marianne 301 Salero, Bob 112 Sales, Rita E. 307, 533 Sales. Rosie E. Salins. Viswanath J. Salisbury. Emma R. 152. 153 Sallee. Claude D. 490 Sallee. June B. Sallee. Linda K, Sallee, Tonya R 357 Salman, Raja F. 533 Salman. Raja F, 289 Salmons. Ted P. Salver. Darnell D. 533 Salver, Donald P Salyer, John M. Salver, Octavia E. Safver. Robert A. 285 Salyer. Wendell L. 285. 545 Salyers, Velinda K, Samford. James L. Sammons, Barbara L. 343, 411 Sammons. Glenna F. Sammona. Thomas C. 533 Samons, Deanna Samons, Jesse E. 183 .Samons. Oacar Samples. Jamea M. Samples. Johnny C. 277 Sampson, Carolyn J. Samp.son. Elmer E. Sampson, Ernest A. Ill Sampson, Mark S, 533 Sampson, William F. Jr. 115 Sams. Theresa D. 289 Samuell, Sandra K. 458 Samuels. Cynthia S 490 Samuels. Sandra J. Sand, Michael E- Sandbrink. Connie J, 26.3. 490 Sanders. Beverly K. Sanders, David C. Sanders. Elise M. Sanders. Frances C. Sanders, Glynda L. Sanders. Katrina 533 Sanders. Lester 374 Sanders. Linda A. Sanders. Marcia L. Sanders. Randall F Sanders, Regina K 490 Sanderson. Carol A. Sanderson. Hannah T. Sandidge, Bobby D. Sandlin, Brenda K. Sandlin, Patricia F. Sandlin. Paul R- Sands. Patricia J. 411 Sandusky. Kathy A. Sandusky, Linda Sanford. Walter S. Sang. Richard L. 118 Sanieememar. Bahram Saniyimemar, Kamran Sanner, Monty R. Sanner, Terry A. 411 Sapp, Barbara J. Sargent, Deniae G. 533 Sarkisian. Kevin L, Sasser. Debra K. Satterly, Barbara J. Satterly. Dora L. 37, 332, 336, 458 Satterly, Jeffrey H. 411 Satterly, Tammy L. Satterly. William M, Satterwhite. James R. Sauer. Cindy L. Sauer, Eileen M. 545 Sauer. Judith M Saufley, Lillie M. Saunders. Deborah C. Saunders. Karen L Saunders. M, Robin 533 Saunier. William M. Saurer, Harry A. Jr, 458 Saurer, Rhonda A. Savage. Gerald W. Savage. Jacquie F, Savage. Richard M, Sawaya. Nasem R. Sawyers. Willie G. Saxlon, Robert M, .533 Savles, John 267 Savior, Elizabeth N. Saylor. Ellen Saylor. Fenny R. 533 Saylor, Sundae L. Saylor, Tommy E. Sayre, Mary C. May SCABBARD AND BLADE 266 Scales. Bruce A, 118. 273 Scales. David E. Scalf, Danny D. Scalf, Leslie T. Scalf. Stanley T. 368. 490 Scallon. Bert J. 340 Scalion, Mary E. Scalzitti, Cvnthia A- 534 Scanlon, Brian J, 300 Scanlon, Margarette B. Scarberry, Robert W. Scarborough, Martha J. Scarlott. David M. 411 Scearce, Betty S. Schaad, Bruce B. Schaad. Kent M, 371. 485 Schaefer, Phyllis C. Schafer, Barry K, Schflffer, James E. 411 Schaffer, Martha L. H. 411 Schaffrick. Jay R. Scbalk, Harriet L. 353 Schaller. Dcnise A. 343, 534 Schanen. Billie J. Schardein, Richard E. Scharfenberger, Elain Scharre, Philip C. 411 Schatz, Gary R, 279. 411 Schatzman. Sandra L, 534 .Schaum, Laura K. 534 Stheck, Lynn F, 534 Scheffler. Frederick Schell. Jerry C. Schell. Timothy M. Scheper. M. Jane 138 Schepman, Gregory A. Scherer. Roberta S. Scherrer, Maria J. Schiefelbein, Addison Schieman, Kim M. 491 Schieman, Lori M. Schieman, Victoria L. 289 Schild. Nancy S, Schildknecht. Pamela Scbildmever. Sandra L. Schiller, tnm A Schiltz. Steven J. Schipske, Joseph J. Jr. Schlachter, Claudia G. Schlegel. Tern L. Schleicher, Dana L, 295. 411 Schlosser, R. Douglas 297, 458 Schmalzried. Philip G. 491 Schmees, Lisa I 534 Schmeing, David W. Schmidt. Angela G. 282, 534 Schmidt, Brenda B. Schmidt. Catherine L, 281. 4,58 Schmidt, John L. 411, 412 Schmidt, John P. Schmidt, Kenneth W. Schmitt, Gregory J. 158, 371. 412 Schmitt. Steven J, Schneeman, Margaret A. Schneider, Deborah L Schneider, Jane R 412 Schneider. Lisa S. 282. 372, 534 Schneider, Rachelle M. Schneidler, Cvntbia A. Scbnier, Beth A. 491 Schnorbus. Ann E. 292 Schoen, Marv B. Schoewe, Tina E. 267. 277 Scholl. Debra A. 491 Schoolcraft, Erneatin Schoolcraft, Peggy J 534 Schooler, Frank 6. 534 Schooler. Julia C. 246. 263, 281, 285. 290, 313, 319. 412 Schooler. Marsha E. 282, 364. 534 Schott. Sherree L. 433 Schoulthies. Joann L, 353 Schrader, Benjamin P. Schrader. Leslie L. 534 Schreier, Michael A, 351 Schreiner. Donna M. 491 Schreiner. John E, Schroeder, Carol M Schroeder, Denise L. 357 Schroeder. Gretchen 301 Schroeder. Jeffrey M. Schubert, Ronald W. 491 Schuck. Kevin A, 112. 412 Schuetz, Frank J. Schuler. Charles H. Schuler, Fred C. Schulte, Tamara S. 534 Schultz. Becky G. 334. 412 Schultz. David W. Schultz. Donna A Schultz. Thomas W, 163 Schuiz, Jerome A. Schumacher, James P. 351 Schuster. Helga M, Schutte, John H. Schultz. Sahron 74 Schwab. Martha R. Schwab. Sharon A. Schwabe. Krik D. 491 Schwabe. Richard W. 534 Schwantes, Louise M. 412 Schwartz. Janet M. 263. 491 Schwartz. Pamela J. 534 Schweinhart. Joseph E, Schweitzer. Patricia Schweitzer. Russell J. 534 Schweizer. Kimberley 353. 491 Schwendau. Jean M. Schweman, Janet 294 .Schwendeman, David M, Schwendeman. Kenneth Schwendeman, Michael 491 Schwendeman. Timothy Schweri, Thomas J. Schwerman. Janet M. 458 Schwob, Timothy E. Sciubba. Arthur J. 107. 265. 273. 412 Scott. Alfred T. Scott, Claude G- Scott. Connie L. Scott. Cynthia E. 491 Scott, David L. 412 Scott, Don 347 Scott. Earl T. Scott, Elizabeth A. Scott, George A. Scott. Homer Scott. Jackie E. Scott. James B. Scott, James E. Scott. Jennifer J. 312, 491 Scott, Jimmy B. Scott, Kathrvn A, Scott. Kendrick D. — Scott. Kimberley K. 534 Scott, Lenora J. Scott, Leslie E. Scott, Lewis P. Scott. Lindsey Scott, Margaret L. 534 Scott. Roaanne 534 Scott, Sandra L. 534 Scott, Sandra L. L. 272 Scott, Sara J. R. Scott, Sharon K. Scott, Suaan L Scott, Susan W. Scott, Vincent E. Scott, Wallace D. 266 Scott. William D. Scoville, John W. ScoviUe, Lawana R.M. Sera ft on. Joel G. 491 Scribner, Christina A. 294, 458 Scruggs, William H, Scull, Douglaa E. Scully, Jamea H, Scully, Timothy A. Scully. Timothy C. Scurlock. Gary L. Scutchfield, Elissa F. Seale. Fred M, Jr, 367 Seaie. Jerrv W. 367 SEALS AND CROFTS 50 Seals, Darrell H. Seals. Deborah S. Seals, Gary K. 534 Seals, Man. ' A. Seals. Sheila K Seaman, Patricia A. Searcy. Glenna H Searcy. Terri L. 117 Searle. David M. Searle. Karen H. Sears. Barbara K, 433 Sears, Carolyn L. Sears. Ricky A, Sears. Terry L. Seaton, Phillip E, Seavers, Karen E. 136 Seav. Charles R. Sebastian. Dianne A. 289. 412 Sebastian. Kathy Sebastian. Mary T. Sebastian. Richard W, Sebina, Abbv J. 289 Sebold. Marv Teresa L, 281, 534 Secara, William R- 340, 412 Secrest, Jill B, 107, 336. 491 SECURITY GUARDS 84 Sedlar. Dianne L. Seeger. Marv E. Seelev, Kathleen M. 299. 491 Seeling. Nancy M, Seever, Patsy J. Seevers. Leslie A. Seewer. David W. Seger. Julie D. 491 Segnitz, Luke Seiberl. Debra L, Seibert, Nancy J. Seifu. Derege Seifu. Elizabeth Seigla, Beverly J. 312. 336. 534 Seippel. Teri A- 133. 534 Seithers. Daniel M. 297. 412 Selby. Beckie. C. 295 Seldin. Deborah Self, James G. Sell, Mary L. 458 Sellers. Vicki D. Sells. Douglas R. 433 Sells. Jamie D. S. 433 Selm. Julie A 412 Selvidge, Miriam J. 424 Semberger, Marguerite Senavinin. Somsak N 424 SENIOR CITATIONS 255 SENIOR CLASS 376 SENIOR CREDITS546 Seniours, Valrie J. 344 Senn, Katherine M. Sensabaugh. Lester R. Senywongse. Sukawat 289 Sepate. Stephanie A. 272 458 Septer. Thomas K. Sequera. Yovany D. Sergeant. Shirley T. Sergeant, Wilson C. Sergent, Mary J. Sergent. Robert E. 267. 458 Sessions. Joseph W, Sestet, Lisa L. 301. 491 Setser June G. Settle, Paul E. Settles, Joanna M. Severance, DAnny E. Severance. Ilene W, Sewell. Bnan S. 286 Sewell, Charlea B CI Sewell. Eugene G. 207, 286, 412 Sewer, David 118 Sexton, Ann S. C. Sexton, Dandie 291 Sexton, Donna J. Sexton, Gregory A. Sexton, Joanne 582 Index and Directory Sexton, Judy J- 434 Sexton. Lisa A. Sexton, Marshall Sexton, Sandra -J. 412 Sexton, Stephen W. 534 Sexton, Vicki E. Sexton, Wayne A. Sexton. William 178 Seyfrit, Paul L. Seyfrit, Teresa L. Sferra, Nancy J. Shackelford, Glenn C. Shackelford, Glenn C. Shackelford, Patrick Shackelford, Pe gy A, Shackelford, Sara J. Shafer, Jeanne C, Shaffer, Brenda L. 336, 458 Shaffer, Faye E- G, Shaffer. Gary R. 300, ,534 Shaffer, Gary R. Shaffer, Sherri L, Shaffer. Stella J. Shaheen, Joseph N, 110, 2.57 Shaheen, Tammy S. Shake, Kevin H. 4,58 Shanklin, Carol D. Shanks, Bessie E, Shanks, Bobby G. Shanks, Janice E. Shanks, Vicki J. Shannon, Amanda L. S. 253, 292, 324, 412 Shannon, Bonnie J. Shannon, CArmen L, 140, 534 Shannon. James C. Jr. Shonnon, Mindy 256, 378 Shannon, Steven R. Sharber, James L. 286 Sharman, Barbara 41 1 Sharp, Anna L. 491 Sharp. Brenda K. Sharp. Charlotte, L- 283, 534 Sharp, Curtis L. Sharp, Gary T. Sharp, Gloria J. Sharp, Jack Y. Sharp, Keith E. Sharp. Linda D. Sharp, Michael R. Sharp, iMichael T. Sharp, Richard 268 Sharp, Robin 0. .534 Sharp, Rodger D. Sharp. Sharon A. 458 Sharp, Troy D. Sharp, Walter C. Sharp, William R, Sharpe. Debi J. Sharpe. Sherry L. Shartzer, Barbara J, 491 Shaski. Joye L, W. Shaughnessy, Lisa M. 295, 434 Shaw. Connie R. D. Shae. Cynthia A. Shaw, Jandira H. Shaw. Jeffrey S. Shaw, Jennifer L, 136. 534 Shaw, John L. Shaw, Ula M. 458 Shaw, Mary K. Shaw, Patrick M. 300 Shaw, Philip A. Shaw, Robert S. Shawler, James L. Sheard. Steven E. 367. 491 Shearer, Beverly J. 412 Shearer, David R. Shearer, James C, Shearer, Susan G. Shearin, Beverly S. Sheart, Steve 336 Sheehan. James M. 118 Sheehan, Michael J. Sheeka, David E. Sheeks, Joh R. Sheene, Lorene Sheets. Beverly G. 491 Sheets, Claudia 364 Sheets, Janie K. Sheets, Jeffrey A. 115. 130. 364, 412 Sheets, Philip E. Shehan. Faye A. Shelbume. Ivan Jr. Shell, William B. Shellenherger, Chas R. Shelley, Ricky G- 491 Shellhause, Kim S. Shellhause, Roni M, Shellman. Stephanie E. Shelton, James A. ,534 Shelton, Lillian R. 412 Shelton, Linda R. Shelton, Lonnie 118 Shelton, Rhonda J, 60, 307, 412 Shelton, Rhonda K, 272 Shelton, Theresa D. Shelton, Tommy J. Shen. Ju .Vie J. Shepard, Tawanna L. Shepherd, Barbara A- 412 Shepherd, Carlos F. Shepherd, Carol A- 412 Shepherd. Charmaine C. Shepherd, Chervl L. 434 Shepherd. John H. 279 Shepherd. Larry N- 160 Shepherd, Milburn D, Shepherd, Robert W. Shepherd, Susan G. 491 Shepherd, Verna M. Shepman, Greg 144, 148 Sheridan, Dennis Sherlock, William E. Sherman, Elizabeth H. Sherman, Inman J. Ill Sherman, James F. 112 Sherman, Pamela J. Sherman, Ralph H. Sherman, Rodney D. Sherman, William B. Sherrill, William A, 134, 135, 254, 265. 412 Sherron. Pamela S. Sherry, William J. Shevelow. Susan J. 545 Shew, Ralph D. 325. 368, 412 Shewmaker, Diane M. 301 Shewmaker. Peggy A. 534 Shewmaker, Robert L. Shibinski, Kimberlee 138 Shidat. rtandv D, Shields, Garry W, Shields, James R. Shields, William A. 491 Shinawntra, Udorn 458 Shindelbower, Paul D, Shinkle, Fred D, Shipp, Brenda S, M, Shipp, Claudia L- 290 Shipp. Karen B. Shipp, Kevin K. Shipp, Steven A. Shire. Bruce E. Shireman, Barbara E. Shireman, Gary E, Shireman, Marv E. 291, 458 Shirley, Magda L. 292, 301, 458 Shirley, Travis D. Shivel, Garry D, Shivel. Katreka F. Shoaf. Ralph E. Shockency, Mary G, 458 Shockley, Gary A. Shoemaker. Diana L. Sholar, Jeanetta 491 Shontee. Patricia A. 491 Shontee. Vicki R. Shoopman, Mary S. Shore, Cheryl A. .534 Shores. Derwin L. Shores. Hopi 110 Short, Blanch C, Short. Bonnie L. Short, Clark H. 534 Short, Deborah L. Short, Jessie R. Short, Joni J. 458 Short, Judy K. Short, Nancy K, Short. Stella M, 458 Short, Susan G. 491 Shoshan, Abdulaziz A. 289 Shoshan, Abdulaziz A. Shotweli. Connie M- 545 Shouse, James W. Shouse, Sandra J. 534 Shouse. William A. Showalter, Bruce, W. 412 Shreffler, Christine Shreve, Orville L. Shrimpton. Christian 348, 458 Shrode, James R, Shropshire. James E. Shroul, Randall K. 372, 491 Shrvock, Cindy L. Shuck. Michelle L, L. Shuck, Susan L. 534 Shuck. William L. 368. 491 Shuffett, David A. Shumard. Brenda R. 534 Shumate, Robert L. Shumway. John W, Jr. 371, 458 Shuntich, Mary E. Shurr. Teletha M. 534 Shutt, Richard L. 368 Shutz, Sharon L. Siavoshi. Farhad Sibcy, Connie S. 534 Sidders. Vicki E. 491 Siegel, Gary A. Siegel, Michael E. Siemer, Richard J, Siengkong, Petchlook 424 Sievering, Michael E. Sievering, Vicki K. Sievers, Paul H. Sievert. Deborah L. 412 Sievert, Gregory A. Siggs, Ronald C. 154, 156, 534 Sigler. E. Susan SIGMA ALPHA ETA 292 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 367 SIGMA CHI 368 SIGMA NU 371 SIGMA TAU DELTA 272 SIGMA TAU PI 269 Sikes. Skip 82 Siler. Ernest L. Siler, Freddie M. Siler, Kathryn A. P. Siler. Preston G. Siler, Tony M. Siler. William S, Silliman, Joseph D. Sills. Larry E. 368 Silva. Margaret M. Silvani, Mary E. 116. 117. 41 Silvers, Howard D. Silvers. Jimmie D, Silvestri, David J. Simington, William J. 535 Simmons, Alma J. Simmons, Diane Simmons, James L. Jr. Simmons. Lucy B. Simmons. Patricia A. Simmons. Phyllis M. 491 Simmons, Ronald Simmons, Sandra K. 535 Simmons, Vickj L. Simms, Martina C. Simms, Paul H. Ill Simms, Phil 125 Simon. Barbara F. Simon. Kathy W. Simon. Samuel J. 491 Simpkins, Pamela L. 535 Simpkins, William N. Simpson, Barbara L. Simpson, Bill 145 Simpson, Charles E. Simpson, Christopher Simpson, Danny R. Simpson. David W. Simpson. Deborah A. 312 Simpson. Debra A. 281 Simpson. Frank G. Ill Simpson. James M. Simpson, Janice M Simpson, Jeanne A. Simpson, Jerry B. Simpson, Karen F. 535 Simpson, Kathy M. 458 Simpson, Larry B. Simpson. Lida L. 535 Simpson, Michael S. Simpson, Patrick N. Simpson, Pauline T. Simpson. Peggy 283, 535 Simpson, Richard L, Simpson, Rita E. G. 264 Simpson, Shnri Simpson, Sherry L. S, 412 Simpson, Sheryl L. Simpson, Susan H. Simpson, Suzanne R. 535 Simpson, Terry C. Simpson, Thomas L, 491 Simpson, Virginia J. Simpson, Wenda J. 491 Sims. Jeffrey L. 535 Sims, John S. Sims, John T. 535 Sims, Kenneth W. Sims, Linda K. 491 Sims, Ophelia L, Sinclair. Joyce A. Singer, Calvert T. Singer, Pat N. Singer, Steven D. Singler, Mary H Smgletary. Neil E. Singleton. Carol A. F. Singleton, Charles G. Singleton, JanJs D. Singleton, Mark A. Singleton, R. B. Singleton, Regina G. Singleton, Vivian J. Sink. Carole 107 Sink, David L. 535 Sinor, Elizabeth S. Sinor, Louis D. Sipe, Norman W. Sirimongkhon, Viengxa Siriwongae, Salilawan 458 Sisk, Mary L. Sissel, Gary D. Sissel, Laurie A. 535 Siu, Kim G, Siu, Kin Chung Sivek. Linda J, 424 Sizelove, Robin A. 491 Sizemore, Billie E. Sizemore, Bobby Sizemore, Charles E, Sizemore, Charolette Sizemore, Gary R. 340, 535 Sizemore, Ivallean Sizemore, John M. Sizemore, Johnny G. 491 Sizemore, Karen E. Sizemore. Kathy C. 535 Sizemore, Kathy S. 491 Sizemore, Margaret G. Sizemore, Patti L. Sizemore, Sarah B, Sizemore, Thomas J. Jr. Skaggs. Diana P. S, Skaggs, Elizabeth G. Skaggs, Gina J. 535 .Skaggs, James B. Skaggs, Jon L. Skaggs, Judy G, Skaggs, Melissa L. 535 Skaggs, Rose M. 285 Skaggs, Timothy C. Skees, Barbara A. Skees, Patrick W, Skehan, Margaret E. Skelly, Douglas C. 491 Skelton, Wayne T, Skidmore. Gayle A. 334 Skidmore, Mananna A. Skidmore, Robert H. Skidmore, Robert W. Skinner, Ricky W, 273. 413 Skinner. Terrj ' R. Skogland, Donna J. 334. 368, 413 Slack. Bruce W. Stade, Susan N. 296. 458 Slagle. David F. Slaltery, Phillip L. 282, 535 Slaltery, Stephanie J. 491 Slattery. Theresa E. Slauter. Cynthia M. Slavey, Oscar W. II Slayback, Sally A. T. Slayback. William C. Slayton. Bernie E. 535 Slayton, Lisa A. 343, 535 Sleet, S teve B, Sleeth, Michele R. Sloan. Wendell L. Sloas, Timothy M. Slone, Carl G. Slone, Connie S. Slone, Glennis M. 458 Slone. Herbert A. Slone, Jerry W. Slucher. David M. 413 Slucher, Ernie R. 282. 371 Slusher, Debra E. 535 Slusher, Ida L. 285, 458 Slusher, James M. Slusher, John R. Slusher. Leonard J. Slusher, Paul D. Slusher, Ricky J. 413 Slusher, Virginia A. 291 Slusher, William W. Small, Donna J. Smailey, Brett S. 535 Smallwood, Garry W. Smallwood, James R. Smallwood, Mariam M Smallwood, Mike A. Smigla, Lawrence Smiley, Carolyn E. Smiley, Cheryl L. Smiley, Claudia M. Smiley, Kenneth R. Smiley, Scott S. 491 Smith, A. Hope R. Smith, Albert C. Smith, Aleda L. Smith, Andra M. 535 Smith, Annette L. 368, 434 Smith, Anthony G. Smith, Barbara A. 434 Smith. Barbara H. Smith, Barry D. Smith, Becky J. Smith, Belinda S. 535 Smith, Beverly A. Smith, Beverly J. Smith, Bill Smith, Brenda F, Smith, Brenda K. 458 Smith, Bruce D. Smith, Carl A. Smith, Carole B. Smith. Catherine S. 535 Smith, Charla J, Smith. Charles A, 5.35 Smith, Charles T. Smith, Charlotte, L, 535 Smith, Christi L, Smith, Christine M. Smith, Clara S. Smith, Claudia L, 492 Smith, Curtiss Smith, Darlene Smith, David H. Smith, DavidT.413 Smith, David V, 347, 458 Smith, David W. Smith. Dawn L. Smith, Deborah A. 290 Smith, Deborah C. Smith, Deborah K. Smith, Deborah L, 536 Smith, Deborah L. Smith, Debra K. Smith. Debra T Smith. Denzella R. 3.39 Smith. Dianna M, 353 Smith. Dianne E. 269. 299, 413 Smith, Dickie A. 492 Smith, Dionne F, 290 Smith, Donald B. Smith. Donald H. -Smith. Donna Jean 458 Smith. Douglas B. 300 Smith. Earl P. 282, 290. 413 Smith, Edd D. Smith, Edward L. 458 Smith. Elissa F, 492 Smith, Ella J. Smith, Emilv C. Smith. Elhe[ B. Smith, Ethel B, Smith, Eugene J. 458 Smith, Garv L. Smith, Garv L. .374 Smith. Gary W. 536 Smith, Gayle E. 295 Smith. George M. Ill Smith, Gen 296 Smith, Glenn F. Smith. Glenna F. Smith, Graylin T -Smith, Gregg E. Smith, Gregory E. Smith, Guy B. Smith, Harold E. Smith. Helen M. Smith, Henry E. Smith, Herman C. Smith, James C. 492 Smith, James C. Smith, James E. Smith, James E. 413 Smith, James K. Smith, James W. 307, 413 Smith, Janet B. 372 Smith, Janet L. 255, 313, 314, 336, 413 Smith, Janet S. A. Smith. Janice R. Smith. Jeannette D. 492 Smith. Jeffery K, 492 Smith, Jerome Smith. Joe Anne Smith, Joel D. 372 Smith. John A. Smith. John B. 290 Smith, John D. 458 Smith. John L, Smith, John W. Smith. John W. Smith. Joseph H. Smith. Jowanda J. 536 Smith, Juanita J. Smith, Judith E. 458 Smith, Judy J. 285. 292 Smith, Judy P, 360 Smith, Junetta Smith, Karen E. Smith. Daren R. 434 Smith. Katherine R. 339. 413 Smith, Kathv D. 536 Smith Kathy D, 340, 360. 413 Smith. Kathy J. 536 Smith, Katie J. R. Smith. Kenneth A. Jr. Smith. Kenneth W. Smith. Kereath B- Smith, Kimberly A. 336, 492 Smith, Kimberly A. 336, 492 Smith. Kimberly A. Smith. Kitty 307. Smith, Laura J. Smith, Laura L. Smith, Lawrence A. Smith, Lawrence T. Smith, Leora D. Smith. Lisa A. Smith. Lynda J. Smith, Lynn 295 Smith. Madonna J. Smith, Mark A. Smith, Mark G. Smith, artha C. Smith. Marv E. Smith, Michael D. Smith, Michael D. Smith. Michael K. Smith, Mitzi A. 414 Smith. Nadene Smith, Nadine C. 289, 292, 414 Smith. Pamela J. 307 Smith, Patricia A. 458 Smith, Patricia E. Smith, Patrick H. Smith. Paul K, Smith, Peggy J. L, Smith, PhylliH (i. Smith. R, Susan Smith, Rebecca A. .5.36 Smith, Reginald L, Smith, Rhonda F Smith, Rhonda J. Smith. Robert K. 414 Smith. Robert L. 298 Smith. lioberl L, 368 Smith. Robert L. Smith. H-.derick W. Smith, Rosclyn K, B, Smith, Sally K, 492 Smith, Samuel D. .Smith. Sandra G. Smith, Sharon L, Smith, Sharon L, 545 Smith, Sherilyn R, 492 Smith, Sherre L, 307. 492 Smith, Sherri 4.5R Smith. Sherri J. Smith, Sherry L. Smith, Stephen G. 118 Smith, Susan D. 492 Smith, Susan G. Smith, Suzanne J. 434 Smith. Sylvester B. Smith. Sylvia D, 414 Smith. Tanya L, Smith. Teresa E. 492 Smith, Teresa L. Smith. Thaddeus M. Smith. Thomas E. Smith. Thomas W, Smith. Timothy L. 545 Smith. Todd R. 300, 492 Smith. Tommv Jr. 333. .374. 414 Smith, Tony L. Smith, Urshell Smith. Vernon G. Smith. Vicki A, 286. 336 Smith. Vickie E. Smith. Vickie L. Smith. Walter C. Smith, Walter D. Smith, William H. Smith, Yulanda J. 536 Smith, Yvonne L. Smilher, Maurice R. Smither, Norma J. E. Smoot, Jackie D. Smrwit, Teresa J, Smothermon. Sally P. Smothers. Gale M. Smothers, William G. Snapp, Richard G, Snapp, William R- SNEA 289 Snedegar. Deborah J. Snedegar. John W. 107 Sneed. Mark W, 492 Snell. David Snider, H. Snell, Edna Snelling, Kenny Cynthia C. Snier. Thomas J, Jr. Snipes. Steven T. 536 Snook, Betty K. Snopek. Donald. .Snow, Audr ' M. Snow. Eva R. 492 Snowden, Cynthia A 334. 414 Snowden. Gregory S. Snowden, Jerry D. Snowden. Martin B. Snowden. Nancy E. Snowden, Sara E. 334 Snowden, Tracy 268 Snyder. Alisa J. Snyder, Donna S. Snyder, Emily A. 492 .Snyder, Gregory T. -Snyder. John E. Snyder. Judith A. Snyder. Kenneth T. Snyder. Mary D 414 Snyder. Nancy J. Snyder, Roger E. Snvder, Stacie M. 140, 459 Snyder. Teri L. 536 Snyder, Thomas G. 279, 492 Sobczak, S. Mary Franc Sobering, Gail A. Sobolewski, Edward D. Sokoloff, Barbara J. Sokoloff. Benet J. Si lano, Garv A. SiJe, Jefferv D. 4.58 Soley. Dave R. 371 Sommerkamp, James P. 536 Sommerkamp. Thomas F. 300, 459 Somogy. Jill E, 343. 414 Sons. Lisa G. 492 Soper. Donna M, SOPHOMORE CLASS 4 4 Sorensen. Edward W. Jr. Sorrell, Donnie 414 Sorrell, Kathryn L, P. Sorrell, Sammy L. Sorrell, Sandra L, 459 Sorrell. Tommy J. Sorrels. Jane B. 140 Sorrels. Richard K. Sosbe, Bret S. Sosby. Janet M. Souder, Hester L. Soutar. Jack H. Southard, Terence J. Southers. Ritchie P Southworth. Bruce N, Southworth, Mary J. 292 Souweine, Ruth A. Sowder, Ralph D. Sowders, David W, 536 Sowders, Debra L. 5.36 Sowders, Jeannette B. Sowders, Johnny L, Sowell. Gregory A, Sowell. Ruth A, Sowers. Tamela J. Spafford, Doris J. Spain. Mary E. Spain, Susan M. 343, 372, 459 Spalding, Benjamin E. Spalding, Francis L. Index and Directory 583 Spalding, Karen J. Spalding. R. Kirby Spane. Jon C. Spangler. Clara Spangler, Paul R. Spangler, Robin L. Spangler, Tommy E. 348. 459 Sparer, Richard L. Sparks. Beverly K. 295. 434 Sparks, Carl A Sparks. Catherine J Sparks, Charles D. Sparks. Debra K. 545 Sparks. Donald R. Sparks. Herahell W, Sparks, Michael D. Sparks, Paul W. Sparks, Tommie H. Sparrow. Charles S. Sparrow. David B. Sparrow. Deborah D. Spalkowaki. Theodore Spaulding. Logan T. Spaulding, Paula K. Sjjaw, Bridget T. .357, 414 Speake. Billye D. Speaks. Hamilton 0. 536 Spears. Allen A Spears. Deborah L. Spears. Mark M. Spears. Susann 492 Spears. Terry A. 536 Spears. Timolhy A Speck, Larr ' N. Speed. Thomas F, Spegal. Kimbcrly A. AM Speller. James K. Spellman, Thomas L. 492 Spellman, William M- Spence, Brenda C. Spence. Brenda S, Spence, Keith E. Spence. Susan E. Spencer, Belly A, Spencer, C .1 Spencer. Charla A. 414 Spencer, Charlotte M. Spencer. Deborah L. Spencer, Everett Spencer, John S. 414 Spencer, Larry C Spencer. Lynda D Spencer. Nancy L. 545 Spencer. Neva S. 459 Spencer. Nita J 536 Spencer. Wanda A .Spencer. Willard J. Spencer. Wilma A. Sperandio, John D. Sphire. Robert B. 492 Spicer. John P. Spies, William A. Spiller. Jay A 112 Spiller. Karen L. 371. 414 Spiller. Rohm S. 414 Spillman. Eugene R. Spillman. Peggy J, Spillman. Ralph D. Spires, Eric E. 414 Spries, Jennifer J- 270. 272. 414 Spires, Reba J. Spires, Sandra L, Spivey, Aletha G. 492 Spivey, Shelley J. Spoonamore, Georgia G. 537 Spoonamore, Linda C. Spradim. Jeanne K. Sprague. Judy L Sprester, Craig A Spring. Michael J. Springate. Jennie C. 271. 283 Springer, Elaine Springman. Anne F 459 Springmeier. Lou Ann 283. 492 Springstead. Tim 0. 371 Sprinkle. Amv C. 545 Sproat. Jeff C 367, 537 Spruill. Richard A Jr. 348 Spurlin. Margaret S. Spurlock. Mary A. Spurlock. Mondella Spurlock. Rhonda E. 537 Spurrier. Chester S Spurrier, Ronald W. 415 Squires, Dale A, Stacey, Charles C. Stacey. Harn, ' Stacks, Kimberly A, 537 Stacks Pamela A. 343 Stacy. Danny R. 364. 459 Stacv, Donnie R. Slacv. Kim D, 492 Stafford, Cathy J. Stafford, Janice E, 415 Staggs. Andrea L, Staggs. Howard A, Stahl. Leslie !R5 Stahl. Cvnthia L. 434 Stahl, Patricia K. 459 Slahlhut, James M. .Slahlhut. Tena G. Staker. Paul W, Staker. Sheree L 363 Stallard, Brenda K. C. 459 Slallard. Gwendolyn A. 492 Stallons. Malcolm L, Stallaworth, Phvllis Stalvey. Freda J. Siamato. John P. Stambaugh. Carolyn S. 138 Stambaugh. Gilbert N. Stambaugh, James A. Stambaugh, Michaele D 492 Stambaugh, Ronald D. Siamm. Christine E. Stamper. Charlene 537 Stamper. Charles W. 415 Stamper. Herman M. Stamper, Linda E, 33, 537 Stamper, Melinda G. 492 Stamper, Nadra R. 415 Stamper, Sharon K. Stamper. Teresa Stamper. Teresa G. 492 Stamper. Vandetta D. Stanaland, Peggy 140, 265 Stanaland, Steven H. 298 Siandafer. Roy L- II Standard, Carolyn L, Standau. Linda S, Slander. Thomas J. 492 Stanford. Allen R, Stanford. Ann G. Stanger, Jane L Slanifer. Kenneth 0, Stanley, Benjamin F. 459 Sianlev. Charlotte L. Stanley. Ellen F. 372, 537 Stanley, Malta J- Stansbem ' . Dean C. Stansbury, Judith E. 310. 492 Stansel. Gail A. Stanton. Beth A. 357 Stanyon. Lori J Staples, Jennifer M. 307. 537 Staples. Sarah D. 290, 459 Stapleton. Diana L. Stapleton. James R. 537 Stapleton. Michael C. 415 Stapleton. Ray S. Jr. 537 Starbuck. Stephen T. 330, 492 Stark, Karen L. 537 Stark, Laman L. Starks. Rommie M. 459 Slarnes, Christine A. Starnes, Teresa P. Starr. Matthew F. Starretl, Francis T. Staten. Deborah M, Stathakes. James P. Slathers, Dora M. Staugas. Susan L. 282, 537 Stclair. Mark B. Stearman, Beverly K 492 Slearman. William D. Stebbins, Beth A. Sieddom, Nancy D. Steed. James M. Steed. Michael L, 369 Steel, Susan L. 332, 343. 415 Steele, Darlelha A, 537 Steele. Dianne Steele. Julia S. Steele. Lillian L. S. Steele, Shayne 537 Steele, Sherry L. 459 Steele, Steven M. Steely. Andrea H, 39. 357 Steely. Iva L, Steely, Susan K. 492 Steely, Theresa A. 357 Steer, John K. Steer, Robert K. .Slefanov, Christopher Steff. Ernest G. Steffan, Barbara A 415 Steffen, Mark J. Steffey, Judy M Steger, Jill E. 285, 295. 460 Stegman, James B. Jr Sleier, Joseph E. 273 Steinberg. Mark E. Stemhelfer, Sandra J- 291. 296, 415 Slcinmetz. L. Jill Stengel. James K, 537 Stengel. Kenneth M. Stengel. Steve N. Stengel. Susan L. Stephan. Karen L. Stephens, Autry L. Stephens, Betty L. Stephens, Boolie S. Stephens. Burma B. Stephena, Cynthia L. Stephens. Deborah K. Stephens. Douglas E. Stephens. Fredia J Stephens, Glenna E. Stephens, Ijiga D Stephens, James Stephens. John A. Stephens. Lisa J. 492 Stephens, Mark A. 298 Stephens, Michael G. Stephens, Peggy S. Stephens, Robert G. Stephens. Robert R. Stephens. Russell H, Stephens. Sharon A. 424 Stephens, Susan A. 284, 415 Stephens, William C, .372 Stephenson, Brad 107, 109 Stephenson, Douglas A. 538 Stephenson. M Michael 368 Stephenson. Ruth A. 434 Stepp, Emie E. Stepp. Linda K, Stepp. Tanya F. J. Steppe. Jackie L. Sterrett. Cecilia G. 415 Stevens, Abbie L, 434 Stevens. Ann A. Stevens, Barbara F. Stevens. Bruce W. 492 Stevens. David T Stevens. Harry G. II 460 Stevens, James W, Stevens. John L. 415 Stevens. Katina J Stevens. Leslie C. Stevens, Mark L 460 Stevens, Martin L, Stevens. Marvin G Stevens. Melvin K. Stevens, Michael D. Stevens, Nannette A. Stevens, Norman K. Stevens. Phillip E- Stevens. Rebecca G. Stevens, Stanley S. Stevens, Sue A, Stevens. William B. Stevenson, Douglas M. Stevenson. Mary A. 339 Stevenson. Sharon L. 344 Stevers, Joseph R. Steverson, Deborlah L Steverson. Michael D. Steward. Michele L. Stewart. Allen F, Stewart, Bonnie M Stewart, Caroline 492 Stewart. Cassandra G. 107 Stewart. David C. Stewart. David D. Stewart, David L. Stewart. Diana J. 538 Stewart, Don 460 Stewart. Harland, B. Stewart. Henry M. Stewart, Jack 289 Stewart, James R. Stewart. Kenneth G. 209, 351 Siewart. L. C. Floyd 371 Stewart, Larry A. 538 Stewart, Marcia D. Stewart. Martin J. 284, 415 Stewart. Nancye E. Stewart, Robin E. 492 Stewart, Rov T. 460 Stewart. Susan L, 270. 271 Stewart, Susan L. 460 Stewart, Wayne L. Stewart, William A. Stewart, William R. Slhreshlev. Rebekah T. Stickley. Kirk H. 364, 415 Stickling. Michael D, Stidham. Andy Stidham. Deborah K. Stidham. Frederick E. Stidham, Judy A. Stier. Joey 28 Stigall. Thomas A. Stigler, Stacey A. Stiles, Donald J. Stiles, Holmes T. Stiles, Louis R. Stiles, Sarah L. Stillman, Jacklyn R. Stilwell. Brian D. Stinnett. Mary L. 334, 368. 460 Stinson. Daisy H. Stinson. Debra C. 460 Stinson. Dixie C. 292. 434 Stinson. John T. Stipes. John D. ■ Slim. Shelby A. Stith. Ann M- Stitz, Karin S. Stivers, Ann K. Slivers, Debra K. Slivers, Patricia S. Stivers. Sharon L. 140, 492 Stockard, Connie J. Stockdale, Gayle S, 415 Stocker. Ramon P Stockman, Linda C. Stoddard. Rohm A. 263, 290, 291. 438. 460 Stoddard. Tcrr% ' W, 154, 424 Slodghill. Allan M. Stoeckle. Wanda S. Stoess, Larry W, 372 Stogsdill. Doyle Stogsdill, Emanuel C, Stogsdill, Sandra S. Stogsdill. Vicki L. Stokes. Leslie E., 48. 291, 332, 538 Stokes, Linda B. Stokes, Rosilind R. Stoll, Joan F. Stoll, John L. Stoll. Mark K. Stoll. Pamela C. Stoltz. Paula J. 363 Stone, Karen A, 295 Stone. Marsha K. 493 Stone. Patricia A. Stone. Sonya L. Stone. Teresa D. Stone. Vicki S. Stone, W. Earl Stone, William S. Stoner, Cheryl A. Stopher. orma H, Storey, David W. Storm, Richard D, Stor ms, Marcia A. Story, Paula S. 538 Stotts, Peggy L, 312, 360, 538 Stout, James C. . Stout, Willa K. Stovall. Martha L. Stowers. Keith A. 290, 415 Stowers, Mark A. 340, 493 Stowers, Mar ' J, Strader, Lacy E, 262. 415 Strader, Michael F. Strahle. Grant D. Jr. Strain, Margaret D. 493 Strain, William R. 415 Strang, Michael R, Strang, WilHam S. 112 Strange, Gene 79. 120, 286 Strange. Mark D. Strange. Mitchell E, Strano, Joanne Stratton, Bobby Stratton, Craig E, Stratton. Donna L. 291. 292. 415 Stratton. Henry 167 Stratton. James R. Stratton, Lorelta G. 538 Stratton, Marvin D, Stratton, Mary A. Stratton, Michael Stratton, Rita K. G. Stratton. Scott Stratton. Teresa L, 286, 292. 334. 415 Stratton. Thomas K. Strausbaugh, Keith M. Strauss. Beulah F. Strawn. Ronald D. 415 Streed, Gregory A. Street, James C, 415 Street. Mike 378 Street. Terry R. Strehle, Joan M. Streiber. Nancy J- 293, 360, 538 Streight. Steven J. 118. 119. 121. , 126. 127. 273 Strickland, Amy J, 289, 415 Strickland, Juan D, Stnef. Jan M. 493 Strietelmeier, Daniel 493 Stringer. Brenda C. Stringer. John G. Striplin, peuor ah A. Stripling. Judy D. Stripp, Steven G. Strobach. Edward C. Strodlbeck. Maiy E. Strong, Bonnie 538 Strong. Evelyn M. Strong, Glenn K. 538 Strong, Joseph S. Strong, Londa A. 538 Strong. Michael P. 112 Stong. SAndra L. Strother. Nancy D. Stroude. Joseph G. 277. 291. 493 Stroup, Tenrl A. Strouse. Kimberly L. Strouth. Harvey L. Strowig. Gary F. Strunk. Coy S. Strunk. Debra A. 460 Strunk. Kathleen A. 538 Strunk, Lynn A. Stuart, Sue E. 293. 353, 371. 415 Stuart. Terrance R. Stubblefield. John D. Stubblefield. William Stuck, Teresa L. 360 Stuck. Timothy R. 364 Stucker. Mark D. Slucky, Arlan D, 118 STUDENT ASSOCIATION 227 STUDENT COURT 279 STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN 291 STUDENT LIFE 18 STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION 212 STUDENT PL ' BLICATIONS 312 Stull, William A, 415 Stumbo. Marsha K. 538 Stump. David G. Stunkard. Theodore R. Sturgeon. Paul T. 415 Sturgill, Jeanne M. 538 Sturgill. Kathr ' n L. 368 Sturgill, Ronald Stutzman, Marcia S. 460 Stver. Sherry L. Su ' blett. Nathan A. 325 Sudduth, F. Scott 351 Suerdick. Sanra K- 286. 493 Suerdieck. Carla M, 301, 538 Suits. James B, Sullivan. Bobby G. Sullivan, Cvnthia D. Sullivan. Felecia L. P. Sullivan. James A. Sullivan, John T. Sullivan, Lee L. Sullivan. Mark W. 154. 155. 538 Sullivan, Martha G. Sullivan, Ralph M, Sullivan, Robin A, Sullivan, Sherrie J. 65. 71. 343 Sullivan. Ted F, Summe, David E. Summe, Sara M. 538 Summerlin, Janis L. W, Summitt. John 0. Sumner. Jerr ' F. 300 Sumner, Joann Sumpter, Anne M. Sunski. Matthew J, 282, 351. 493 Superits, Ellen J. Supplee. Alice V M Suramanee, Jarumporn 424 Surplus, Melanie A, Surratt, Stanley D. 460 Suler, Mark A. 80, 286, 493 Sutfin. Deborah A, 264. 460 Sutherland, Deborah K, 258 Sutherland, Dennis D. Sutherland, liona B. Sutherland, Shelia L. Sutphin, William 0- Suttie, James K, 112 Sutton, Carolyn T. Sutton, Charles B. Sutton, Joe D- 493 Sutton. B. Sutton. Lewis R. 494 Sutton. Thomas E. Sutton. Virginia A. 336, 415 Sutton. William 319 Swagler, Bruce M- 300 Swain. Barbra L. 292, 415 Swain. Burdeil D. Swan, Brian A. Swanagin, Robert L. Swanger, Deana K, Swann, Larry P. Swann, Marvin L, 415 Swanner, Ben F. Ill Swanner, Clara S, Swanner. Pamela K, 494 Swanson. Geoffrey W. Swart, Joy K, Swart. Keith W. 460 Swartz. Veronica J. 353. 372, 494 Swayzee, Laura L Swearingen, Rickey G, Sweat, Delores J, Sweat, Susie L. 292. 460 Sweeney, Adriane F. 434 Sweeney. Bruce E, Sweeney. Garnelta 140, 545 Sweeney. Jacklyn 494 Sweeney. Maurice M, 354, 416 Sweeney. Michael M. 416. 545 Sweeny, Michael J. Swencki. John E. Swetnam, James E. Swift, Edwin Swigart, Robin L. Swindler, Susan H. Swinford, Sarah G. 434 Switzer. Kenneth W Swope, Jennifer A. 460 Swope, Teresa K Sword. Michael W. Syms, Susan A.538 -T— Tabatabai. Farrokh R. Tabatabai, Hamid R. Tabler, Waller, M. 538 Takett. Annetta G. 538 Tackett. Beverly K 416 Tackett. Cindy J. Tackett. Claudius Tackett. Debra K- 545 Tackett. Gregory A. Tackett, John C 290. 348. 494 Tackett, Jonell 360. 494 Tackett, Kathy L- 538 Tackett, Linda L. Tackett, Margarell A. Tackett. Mark S. Tackett. Robin A. Tackett. Selby S. 460 Tackett. Sharon G. 281, 295 Tackett. Vogal Tacv. Lester 1. Taggart. Janice S. 272. 434 Taglauer. Martha K. 357 Taher. Hani A. Takieldin, Tawfik M. Talbert. Charles S. Talbert, Everett D. 118, 120, 121, 124. 127, 128. 374 Talbert. Laferne Talbert, Sara M, Talbol-Fullerton. Wil Talbotl. Mitzie L. 538 Tallarico, Dominic S. Tallent. Michael C, 416 Tallent. Sharon K. L. 416 Talley, Kyle E- Tameris. Gary L 154 Tamme. Connie J- 460 Tamura, Osamu 289 Tandy, Sandra K. Tang. Kwan Nam 460 Tangmahattanakul, Mul Tankersley. Duane D. Tankersley. Fred M. Tanselle, John R. Tapley, Charles E. Tapp, Finely M, Tapscott. Lanna M. Tarter, Kevin B. 538 Tarter, Susan S. Tarullo. Joseph L. 416 Tarv er, Cleo Rasman, Harriet 538 Tate. David S. 416 Tate. Donna C. 460 Tate, Jeff G- 538 Tate, Larry R. Tatem, Robin A. 360 Tatman, Kathryn E. Tatman. Toni R, Tatter. Deborah E, 416 Tatum. Howard R. Tatum. James E, Tatum. Joyce A. M. Tatum. Karen E. TAU DAPPA EPSILON 372 Taulbee. Henrietta Taulbee, James M. Taulbee. Joseph E. Tavakolian. All 289 Tavloe. William B, Taylor. Allen W. Tavlor, Brenda J. Tavlor. Carol K. 538 Tavlor, Catherine J. 538 Taylor, Charles E, Tavlor. Cheryl W. Taylor, Clifford A. Taylor, Daniel L. 371 Taylor, Daniel W. Taylor, David A. Taylor. David E. 297 Tavlor. David J 416 Taylor. David M, Tavlor. Deanna F. Tavlor. Debbie A. 538 Taylor. Dede 538 Tavlor. Diane Taylor. Doris J. Taylor. Duane T. Tavlor. Eleanor M, Tavlor. Elizabeth A. 460 Taylor, Frederick W. Tavlor, Gar ' L. Taylor, George P. 416 Taylor, James R, Taylor, Jeleta K. Taylor, Jerry T, Taylor, Jesse B. Taylor, John H, Tavlor, John T. 460 Taylor. John T. Taylor. Jov D 434 Taylor, Julianne 332. 353 Taylor, Kathy M- 285. 494 Taylor, Keith G. 424 Taylor, Kempa L. Taylor, Kenneth J. Taylor. Leslie J. 364, 494 Taylor. Lynn 295 Taylor. Michael C. Taylor. Michael D, Taylor. Michael E, Taylor. Morris 167 Tavlor. Pamela C. 290 Taylor. Patricia A. 434 Taylor, Patricia A. Tavlor. Reba H, Taylor, Rececca L. 538 Taylor, Reginald W. Taylor. Rhonda R. 264. 460 Tavlor, Richard L. Tavlor, Richard M. Tavlor, Rita K- 153, 538 Taylor. Robert K. Taylor, Robert P. 494 Tavlor, Robin L. Taylor, Roger G. Tavlor. Ronnie L. Taylor, Sheeree L. 494 Taylor, Steve K, 112 Tavlor, Susan G, Ta ' vlor, Terry A- 460 Taylor. Tenr L. 325. 327 Taylor, Thomas A. 371 Taylor, Thomas C. Ta ' ylor, Thomas P. Tavlor. Todd 372 Taylor. Tracey L. Taylor. Tracv L. H. 584 Index and Directory Taylor, Vincent P. Tavlor. Virpinio C, 339 Taylor. Wilma C. Teague, Janice G. Teater. Bobby G. Teater, Terri A. Tegt, Donald D, Tehand, Margurel L. Teipel. Man,- M. 538 Templeman. Martha C. Templeton, Leo D, Templeton, Stephen R, Tenery, Elizabeth M. Tennill, David A. TENNIS 110 Terhune, Ann C. Terhune, William R. Terrell, Debra A. 285. 460 Terrell. Denis P. Terrell, Edmond P, Terrell. Gloria J. Terry, David S. 158 Terry. Denny Terrv, George L, Terry. Harold D. Terrv. Henrj ' D. Terry, Jane E. 272, 461 Terry, John D. Terry, Randal B. Terry, Wealey D, Terslegge, Martin Tesfaghiorgis, Demeke -161 Thacker, Clarence T. Thacker. Gail Thacker, Gregory D. 434 Thack er, Jesse W, 434 Thacker, Mary L. Thacker, Patricia V, Thacker, Rachel M, 494 Thacker, Rita J. 434 Thacker, Rufus Thalheimer, Leslie A. 538 Thames, William R. Thamrongarisakul, Suw Tharp. Justine T. Theiss. James D. 359 THETA CHI 348 Thielmeier, Rav C. Thiem, Mark A. 291, 538 Thill, James 0. 296, 340. 416 Thoeny, William T. Thomas. Carol J. Thomas. Carole L. R. 434 Thomas, Charles. H. Thomas, Charlotte V. Thomas. Cheryl L. Thomas, Clyde A. Thomas, Daphne W. 538 Thomas. Darreil S. Thomas, David L. 371. 416 Thomas, Deborah J, 70, 371, 488. 494 Thomas, Donald A, Thomas Donald , Donald R- Thomas, Donna A 538 Thomas. Gail 307 Thomas. Gien M. Thomas, Jacqueline D. Thomas, James A. Thomas. Janes E. Jr. 333. 364. 461 Thomas, James L. Thomas, Jessie 289, 494 Thomas, John 109 Thomas. Lawrence S. Thomas, Lisa A. Thomas, Mark W. Thomas. Michael Thomas. Michael W, Thomas, Mitchell B. Thomas, Ralph B. Thomas, Richard M. 417 Thomas. Ricky C. Thomas, Ronald V. Thomas, Rory D. Thomas. Roscoe Thomas, Sandi W. Thomas, Sandra J. Thomas, Susan J. 286. 461 Thomas. Tammie Z. 538 Thomas. Teresa A. Thomas. Thomas D, Thomas, Toni 538 Thomas, Virginia L. C. Thomas, William M. Thomason, James G. Thomasson, Thomasia L. 538 Thompson. Aaron Jr. 277. 464, 494 Thompson. Anthony W, Thompson, Barbara J. 538 Thompson, Bobby G. Thompson. Bryan T. Thompson, Charlotte Thompson, Dale P. Thompson, David K. 461 Thompson, David L. Thompson, Deborah L. D. Thompson. Deborah M. S. Thompson. Dita L. 539 Thompson, Dwane L, Thompson, Edwin L. Thompson, Elizabeth P. Thompson, Francis B. Thompson, George W, 268 Thompson, Gilbert 0. Thompson, Howard A. 200 Thompson, Jack W. Thompson, Jill M. Thompson. Jimmie R. Thompson, Johnny 0, Thompson, Judith A. Thompson, Julie M. Thompson, Karen J. F. Thompson. Larry E. 368, 461 Thompson. Leroy Thompson, Mary B. Thompson, Michael H. Thompson, Pamela S. Thompson, Ralph 3.59 Thompson, Randal G, Thompson, Renae E. Thompson, Rick L. Thompson, Robert W. Thompson, Robert W. Thompson, Ronald L, Thompson, Sally E. Thompson, Shelia D. 461 Thompson, Stephen R. 371 Thompson, Susan C, Thompson. Suzanne M. Thompson. Timothy G. 434 Thompson, Timothy L. Thompson, Wilber E. Thompson. Willie 0, Thomsson, Eric P. Thore, Knthy A. Thornberry. Debbie L. Thornberry, Jay D. Thornbury, Deborah W. Thornbury. Stephen H. Thornsbury, Edwin J. Thornton. Candace L. Thornton, Donald A. Thornton, Endaulesa F, Thornton. Marilyn A. Thornton, Murrell W. Thornton, Susan M. 494 Thorpe. Dennis E. Thorpe, Erma M, ,539 Thorpe, Floretta M. Thorpe, Jerr ' M. Thorpe, Toby A. Thropp, Gary M. Thurman, Claude R. Thurman. David D. Thurman, Deborah J. A. Thurman, Gary L. Thurman, Randall L, 461 Thurman, Ricky L. Thurston. Frances A. Thurston, John W. Thwaites. Randy A, Tichenor, Annis C, 461 Ticknor, Susan A, 281, 539 Tielve. Gilbert Tierney. David M. 144, 149 Tierney, Marv B, 545 Tierney, Tom M. Jr. 112, 113 Tilford, Glenn L. Till, Charles W. Tiller, Gary W. Tiller. Warren P. Tillerv. Douglas K. Tillerv, Richard H. Tillet, Mark H. Tilletl, James R, Tillman, Mary M. Tillman, Michael A. Timmons, Susan L. 494 Tincher. Connie S. 294. 417- Tincher, Dorothy F. Tincher, Elizabeth K. 277 Tincher, William L, Tindle. Kathv F. Tingle, David C. Tingle. Jeffrey D. 417 Tingle, Joseph R. 417 Tinker, Curtis J. Tinsley, Danny L. 494 Tinsley, Richard W. Tippett, Sharon M. Tipton, Betsy A. Tipton, Charles A. Tipton, Connie C. 494 Tipton, Cynthia L, 343 Tipton, David K. Tipton, Donnie G, Tipton, Layne A. Tipton, Margaret F. 434 Tipton, Marilyn 461 Tipton, Michael B. Tipton, Mitzi M. Tipton, Paula R. 138. 139 Tipton, Sadie N. C. Tipton. Thomas G. Tisheuar. Nora R. 324 Titus, James S. Titus, Martha A. Tobergta, Brian L. 371, 494 Tobin, Paula D. Todd, Alice D, 291, 344. 461 Todd. Emily H. Todd, Kathleen A. Todd, Kathv J, 364 Todd, Larry P. Todd. Laura S. 281. 290, 417, 438 Todd, Pamela B. Todd, Patricia A. Todd, Patricia L. Todd, Virginia D, Togunde, Christina 0. 494 Togunde, Gibson, A. 417 Togunde, Sunday Tolar, Mary E. 263 Tolen. Frederick E. Tolen. Jolene A. Toler, Larry S. Tolle, Richard L. Toiliver. Georgianna Tolliver, Grace M. Toiliver, Kim 495 Tolliver, Nancy J. Tolman, Dollie S. Tomasi, Roxane M. Tomblyn. Randy N. 351 Tomes, Gwendolyn S. Tomko. Gina M. " Tomlinson, Ann C. 539 Tomlinson, Norman P. Tomlinson. William R. Tommie, Doug 295 Tommie, Glen D. 104, 105, 146, 340, 417 Tompkins, Rita D. 495 Toogood, Kenneth Topmiller, Robert G. 539 Torain, James M. Torok. Ronald S. Toth, Mary C, 539 Totte. Cheryle A. Totten, Richard A. Totter, Janet E. Touvelle, Jeffrey D. Towers. William W. Towery, Logan R. Towles, Thomas H, Townsend, Bonnie P. Townsend. Scarlet F. Toy. Cathv M. TRACK 1 15 Trammell. Terri L. 282, 495 Trammell. Vonda J. 307. 495 Trapp. Paula G. Trautwein, Marshall E. Travis, Judy K. Travis, Larry T. 277, 284, 461 Travis, Loreen 334, 434 Travis. Louis P, Jr. Travis. Paul H. 286. 539 Travis, Paula S. Travis, Rose E. 116. 117. 545 Travis. Susan K. 277, 286. 289, 417 Trawick, Herbert A. Traylor, Suzanne 417 Trayner, KJm L. Traynor, Dennis L. Treacy, Lisa C, 539 Treadway. Georgiana C. 263, 495 Treadway, Gregory Treadway, Jeffery A. Treadway. Jennifer S. 539 Treber, Michelle D. 461 Trebolo, Joyce A. Trees. Chris T. Trembath. Richard W. Trenary, Diana S. Tribble, George Jr. Trick, Michael E. 434 Trigg, Wanda L. 461 Trimble, Belinda G. 495 Trimble, James M. Trimble, Novena F. Trimble, Sherr ' C. Trimpe, Michael 539 Triplett, David B- 417 Triplet!, Douglas A. 461 Triplett. Mark H, Triplet!, Teresa A. 417 Trisko, Daniel 0. 539 Trisler, Helen J, Tritschler, Elaine E. 295. 434 Trodahl. Marcia L, Trogdlen. Horrell C. 130 Trone, Nancy J. 417 Trosper, Roy S. Trosper. Stephen D. Troth, Thomas M, 285 Truax, Roger G. Trudell. David M, True. Charles L. True, Charlotte L. 461 True, Dana M. True, Jann C. 434 True, Kenneth L. True. Lynn True. Mark S. True, Vance N. Truman, Harry L. 307 Truman. Leslie P. 495 Truss, Marion E. Tsai, Wenming Tsang, Eliza H. Tsang, Florence H. Tsang, Gerard N. 424 Tsang, H. Florence Tsang, Laifan M. Tsang, Mary 289, 495 Tsang, Vorkjone Tsao. Annie 424 Tsitouris. Angela L. Tubb. Deborah K, Tubbesing, Karen L. 539 Tucker, Charles G Tucker, Deborah D. Tucker, Donna M. 162, 539 Tucker. Jack G. Jr. Tucker. James P. Tucker, Judith L, Tucker, Karen S. Tucker. Marie Tucker. Patricia W. Tucker, Peggy L. Tucker, Phillip A. Tucker, Robert E. Tucker, Robert W. Tucker, Sheila K. 281 Tucker, Sherrve G. F. Tucker. William R. Jr. Tudor, Charles A, II Tudor. Deborah L. Tudor, Lawrence W, Tudor, Rhojaliz K. 461 Tudor. Richard S. Tudor. Robert H. Tudor, Rod A- Tuggle. David B, 418 Tuggle, Joanna L. 495 Tuggle, Leah J, 418 Tuggle, Richard D, Tuggle. Sherrve L. 295, 461 Tuggle. Terri J. 495 Tullock, Douglas E. 539 Tally. Carol A. B. Tully. Debbie G, Tuma, Jacquelin G. Tumey, William R. Tupman, Cynthia L. 263, 461 Tureman, Mary C. 539 Turley. Belinda G. 461 Turley, James H. Turley, Ruth W. Turley. Teresa A. Turner, Alex H. Turner, Archie D. Turner, Barbara S. Turner, Bametta Turner. Catana L, Turner, Clifford M. Turner, Connie L. 495 Turner, Darr -1 G, 340 Turner, David M, Turner. Delbert D Turner. Dorothy B. 353, 461 Turner, Edward T. Turner. Effie M. 117 Turner. ERnest E. Turner, Esther C. Turner, Ethel F. Turner, Ethel M. Turner, Eugene Turner, Eugenia K. Turner. Flora R. T. Turner, Floyd L. Turner, James C. Turner. James Jr. Turner. Janice M. Turner. Jean C. B. Turner, John B. Turner, Linda E. 495 Turner, Mark R. Turner. Martha E. 495 Turner. Mary A. H. Turner, Mary M, Turner. Meri Len Turner. Molly Turner, Nancy L. 495 Turner, Neana S. 461 Turner. Nickey D, Turner. Norma J. Turner, Paula E. Turner, Pauline J. Turner, Richard A, Turner. Robi L. Turner, Robin G. 495 Turner, Sondra K. Turner. Stephen R. 266 Turner. Teresa K. Turner, Tommy T, ' Turner, V, Stephen Turner, Vernon D, Turney. Jesse M, II 539 Turpen, Bryan D. Turpen. Janice C. Turpen, John J. Turpin. Charles J. Turpin. Charles K, Turpin, Lilly B. ' Turpin, Robert L. Turpin. Roberta R. Tussey. Jennifer J, Tussey. Richard L, Tussev, Teresa K. 461 Tuttle, Carol A. Tulile, David L. Tuttle, Esther W. Tuttle. Kirk M. Tuznik, Michaeline 424 Tycer, Aubrey B. 539 Tye, Thomas M. Tygrett. Deborah D. 357. 418 Tyler, Aubrey 371 Tyler. Gary D. Tyler, Pennie M. Tyler, Sherry L. Tvler, Terry G. Tyler. Timothy N, ' Tyminski, Brenda E. Tyra, Delphia 259, 267. 307 Tyra. Leonard R. Tyree, Nancy P, Tyrrell, Thomas J. Tyson, Anita G. — u— Uhlir, Gladys A. Ullman, Eleanor B, Ullom. Ralph D. 364, 418 Ulrich. Doug A. 461 Umberger, Anita M, Umfreas, Lynda S. 153 UNDERCLASSES 442 Underdonk, Paul D. Underbill, Alan R. Underbill, Danny 115. 340, 495 Underbill. Karen L. 539 Underwood, David H. Underwood, Jeffrey W. Underwood. Laura M. Underwood, Metodv A. 418 Underwood. Robert D, 372 Underwood, Sheila K, Unger, Javne M. UNIVERSITY ENSEMBLE 303 UNIVERSITY PLAYERS 307 Unseld, Billy R, Untener, Jane A. Upchurch. Danny L. Upchurch. Jimmy L. Upchurch, William W. Updike, Judv K 495 Uptagrafft, Willa R. 539 Upton, Alan B. 418 Uram, John S. Usowski, Richard T. 296 Utter, Carrie F, 336, 495. 290 301 Utter. Joann 272 Utz. Jennifer A. 116, 117, 132, 133 Uzelac. Tisa A, Uzmann, Paul R. — V— Valentin. Lolenzo Valentine, Teresa A. 495 Valentine, William L, Valentino, Julie M. 545 Valentino, Laura A. Valentour. Joseph Jr. VALIANETTES 299 Vallev, Earl M. Valley, Shila A. K. Valone, Sam C. Vance, Vandergnff, Jerry W. 495 Vanderhoef, Gerald L. 539 Vanderlip, Michael G. Vanderlip, Patricia A. Vandertoll, Deborah L. ' andervliet, Marilvnn Vandish, Richard N. Vangilder, Phillip E. Vanhook, Jenny L Vanhook, Linda G. N. Vanhook. Teresa J. Vanhooae, Craig C. Vanhoose, Gary K. ' anhoose, Patricia L, Vanmeter. Rex Vanmiddlesworth, Cind Vannoy, James A. ' anover. Michael A. 539 Vanover, Patty L. Vanover, Rita L. 291. 495 Vanover. Ronnie W. 424 Vanover. Teresa A- 539 Vanpelt. Tami L. 539 Vanaickle, Charles E. Vansickle, Danita A- 286, 495 Vansickle, Richard L, 461 Vanwegen, Holly R. Vanwinkle. Alvin R. Vanwinkle, Paul R, Vanwinkle, Roger D. 351 Vanzant, Barbara M. Vanzant, Clarence W. Vanzant. Clinton E. Vanzant. Judy M. Vanzant. Roger D, Varner. Harry D Varney, Bobbie 461 Varney, Jane E. 461 Varney. Janet L. 292, 418 Varney. Leroy B, Varney, I sley D 282, 296, 539 Vasquez, Chris A Vasseur, Glenda K, 495 Voter, Raymond S. Vaughan, Evelvn A. Vaughn. Darreil E. Vaughn, David M 495 Vaughn, Deb.irah L. 418 Vaughn, fJouglas A. Vaughn. Douglas H. Vaughn, Edward V. Vaughn. James C. Vaughn. James R. Vaughn, Janet S. Vaughn, Lisa D, 312, 336 Vaught. Barry D. 118 Vaughl. Jennifer L. Veach, Gary W. 495 Veeraselhakul, Sudara Veluzal. James C. Vencill. Patricia D Vencill. Sylvia C. Venezie, Christine L. Venezie, Mary B. Verespy, Edward P. Vernon, Roy C. Ill Verwold, Patricia Vescio, Lynn K. Vescio. Michael A. Vessels, Mary V, 495 Vest, Angela M Vetter, Karta F. 495 Vetler. Theresa G. 461 Viadero. Rolando J. Viars. Glenda G. 540 Viars. Vicki 107. 124. 151, 461 Vice, Janna P. Vice. Martin S- 540 Vice, Mary A. Vick. Perrv F. Vickers, John 180 Viel. Susan J. Vifquain, Lee A. 332, 343 Vifquain, Steven N. 3.59 Vincent, Joni L 435 Vincent. Sharon K, 418 Virgin, Deborah L. Virgin, Gregory A. Visse. Earl C. ' 340 Vitalo. Carol A. 540 Vittiioe, Sonva B. Vogedes. Mark F, 418 ' ogel, Mary A. Vogel. Ronald E. 2G4. 418 Vogt, Dianne M. 271. 291, 293. 461 Voiers, Vickie S. 540 Voight, Alison E. N ' oight, Jesselvn E. Volkers. Mildred K Volmermg. Ronald E. 331, 367. 418 Volpenhein. Frank F Volpenhein, Mark E. 495 Voltz, Stephanie S. 281, 336 Vonderheide, Terr ' B, Vonschlulter. Jane F. Voorhees, John E. Vorbeck, Jean A. 334 Vore. Eric D. Vore, Linda S. Votaw. Melinda R. 336, 418 Votel, Donald J. II Vowels. Joseph C. Jr. Vreeland. Martha R. — w— Waag, Susan J. Waag. Susan J. 363 Waddle, Diana R, Waddle, Rosezell G. Wade, Gloria M. Wade, Leslie H. Wade, Michelle R. 418 Wadewitz. Wilhelm M. 282 Wagenaar, Richard L. Wagers. Anga J. Wagers, Curtis J. Wagers, Joyce M. Wagers. Lois B. Wagers, Wendy L. 418 W ' aggoner, Brenda S. Waggoner. Caprice C, 540 V ' aggoner. Greg W. Waggoner, .lohn F. Waggtiner, Robin K. Wagner, Deniel L, Wagner, David A Wagner, James N, Wagner. Joy E. 363, 540 Wagner, Virginia M. Wagoner. Kathy J, Wahlbrink. Steve C. Wahlbrink, Susan M. 461 Wahlert. Judith A. 236. 255. 263. 270, 324, 343, 418 Waide, Alice J, 296. 435 Wainscott, David E. Wainscott, Debora E. Wainscott, Sherry L. Waits, Charles K. W ' albrun. Lori L. 540 Walden, Llovd A, Walden. Mae C. H. Walden, Nannie R Walden. Tommie L. Waldmann, Barbara C. 284 Waldner, Donna C. Waldon. Dahlia D, Waldron, Ella F- Waldron, .Menla R. 495 W ' aldrop, B. Carolvn Waldrop. Bany W ' . V aldrop, Fred D. Jr. Walker. Andrea L. 461 Walker, Angela D. Walker, Angela Y, 540 Walker. Arch W. Index and Directory 585 Walker. Arthur H. -Ir. Walker. Betty A. Walker. Bruce M. 418 Walker. CanJda S. Walker. Caria A- 4:15 Walker. CarIa .1 271. 295 Walker. Charles F 461 Walker. Charles M Walker, Charles T. Walker. Christine E, Walker, Christy E. Walker. Cindy J. 4 5 Walker. Deborah E. 545 Walker. Deborah L, Walker. Donald K. Walker. Donald R. 418 Walker, Donald R Walker. Elizabeth A. Walker. Ernest R. Walker. Gail A, 295. 418 Walker. (;eraidine E. Walker. Jams C. 540 Walker. Jo A J Walker. Joann L. Walker. .John F Walker. Kasaundra L. Walker. Kenneth E, 418 Walker. Martha B Walker, Melvin Walker, Mike C. Walker. Monique R. 495 Walker. Robert A. Walker. Shan-in D, Walker. Stephen R. Walker. Warren J Walker. Willie L Walkup, Ulanva R- 495 Wall. Linda E Wall, Marlene M. Wall. Virginia R. Wall. William P. Wallace. Brad C, 134 Wallace. C Curtis Wallace. Calhv 540 Wallace, Lila F 495 Wallace, Marv F Wallace, Michael A, Wallace, Randall K Wallace. Roea C Wallace. Stephen J 418 Wallace. Susan G, Wallace, Suzanne C. Wallace, Suzanne C L. Wallen. Curtis M Wallen. Rila G, 461 Waller.Jo E :153.540 WallinRford. John R 340 Walhs, Cherrv B 435 Walls. Lanny R Walser, Patricia S Waller. Jams L 357 Walter. Jeffrev A. 545 Walter. John R Waller. Ralph J Wallers. Andy M. Walters. Anna G 461 Walters. Cathy J Walters, Eileen M Walters. Frank R 495 Walters. Glen J Walters. Henrv C. Walters. Janice L, 294, 461 Wallers, I-ewis J. Wallers, Linda K. Wallers, Merri 279 Wallers. Michael R. 296 Walters. Wilma J Walton. Susan S Waltz, Madeline P 418 Wank. Tedi L 540 Wantanen. Patricia A Ward, Bernadine 540 Ward, Bohbv G Jr 290 Ward. Brent A 359 Ward. Brian K Ward. Carl C 28.3 Ward. Chen L 263, 292. 418 Ward, Deborah E. 312. 336, 461 Ward, Donald E. Ward. Donald F Ward. James E Jr 540 Ward. Uiwell S ■ ' 96, 418 Ward. Lvnn 2 3 Ward, Maureen A Ward, Nancy L. H. 424 Ward, Reginald K Ward. Robert J 461 Ward. Rimald E Ward. Samuel M Ward. Sheryl L. 418 Ward, Stephen D. Ward, Teresa G Ward. Virginia G G Ward. William N. 418 Warden, Donna T 461 Wardford. Michael L. 354. 495 WardiuH, Rita M Wadrip, Kathy A 418 ardrip, Ronald G Ware, Archie L LII 461 Ware, Barbara A Ware, Effie M Ware. William E, Warfield. Albert L. Warfield. Doris J Warfield, Gary A. Warford. Derrick G. Warford. Nena C, Warford. Roma S 282, 495 Warming. Karl E Warming, Robert E Warner, Cheryl A 372, 540 Warner. Clayton H Warner. David R, Warner. Gina C Warner, Janet L. 495 Warner, Jeffrey C 540 Warner. Wendy M 418 Wamick. Roberta L Wamock. Brenda A. Wamock, Cheryl A. Warren, Bettie M Warren. Carol D 462 Warren. Curtis E Warren. Damian M. Warren, Daniel C. Jr. Warren. Dean A. Warren. Debra A, 495 Warren. Delmer Warren. George W Warren. Helen M B, Wanen, Judith H Warren, l rry A Warren, Larry W Warren, Lola H, Warren, I ouis C Warren. Melanie Wairen, Michael Warren, Robert B. Warren. Roger D. Warren. Rose L Warren, Sarah E -540 Wamck, Pamela D Wamx, Favetta D 495 Warth, William E. Warthman, Sarah L. Washington. Gloria J. 540 Washington. Roxann Washington. William T Wasserman, Pamela R 295, 353. 419 Was.serman, Patricia A Waterburv, Blanche M Waters. [)ayna J 495 Waters. Lee L Waters. Patricia L Wathen, Michael A. 462 Wathen, Patricia M, D. 292. 462 Wutkina, Albert P Watkins, Arthur E. Watkins, Barbara A. 540 Watkins, Edwin R. Watkins, James E. Ualkina, James J. Walkins, Joyce K. VNalkins, Margaret L. Walkins, Marv E. Walkins. Pamela M 540 Walkins. Robert M Walkins. Samuel E. Walkins. Sandy L Walkins. Tassv J .541 Watkins. Veronica A. 307, 541 Watson, Carol J Watson, Dannv L. Watson. Darrell L, 435 Watson, Debbie L, Watson. George F Wat3on. Guv M. 134. 135 Watson. Harold G. 419 Watson. Janice M Walson, Julie K .541 Wataon, Karen A W ' alson, LawTence A Watson, Marilyn K Watson, Mary F Watson. Mary L. Watson. Teresa L 282, 541 Watson. Vincent R Walters, Elmar B Watterson, Melinda S, Walla, Donnie J Walls, Ethel C 289. 293, 462 Walls. Florence A 541 Walls, George C 462 Walls, Glenn T Walls. Johnny M Walls. Martv 347 Watts. Michael R Watts. Noreen 419 Watts. Patricia A. 353. 371 Watts, Perry B 330 Watts, Rella S 419 Watts, Roy L III Walls, Sandra K. Walls, Susie 277 Walls. Tommy M, Walls, Vernon C Walts, William B, 462 Wuudner. Donna C. 435 Waugh. Aileen C, Waugh, Patricia A. 462 Way, Anna 193 Way, Gregorv ' A .541 Wav. Kenneth T Waymeyer, Nancy J 237. 290. 419 Wavne, Cvnthia J Wearren, Ronald C 118 Wealhenngton, John M Weathers, Delena A, 496 Wealhera, Mary L. 332, 344 Weathers. Steven K. 307 Weathers. Vera C, Weaver. Darryel A Weaver, Deborah A 541 Weaver, Diane 291, 307, 462 Weaver, Judy R J Weaver. Lorraine Weaver. Mallory A. 462 Weaver, Michael R- Weaver, Reba G Weaver, Sophia E, Weaver. Teresa M 541 Weaver. Wanda S 496 Webb, Bennv H ,541 Webb, Bitlv E 290, 496 Webb, Bobby R Webb. Carolyn A, 425 Webb. Dannv R, Webb, Dannv R. 347, 462 Webb, David E, 496 Webb, Dora L. Webb, Eugene Webb. Jean A Webb. Jennifer G. 541 Webb. Kflthy E, Webb, Lois A. 285, 545 Webb, Patricia L. Webb, Phyllis A, Webb. Susan L. 285. 545 Webber, Anthony L 134. 265 Webber, Delbert E. Weber, Judilh A. 541 W ' eber, Kathryn L. Weber. Leonard J. Weber. Martha L. Weber. Robert J- Websler, Alan A- Webster, Charles A. 496 Webster. Denise M. Webster. Earl 0, Webster, Paul F, 290, 419 Webster. Phillip D- Ruffling her feathers, Judy the swan, and her duck friends comb the area for some bits of bread. Weddie, Clarence Jr Weddle, E. Dale Weedman. Don K Weedman. Michael K Wefing. Linda L. Wegenasl, Ten M. 292. 301. .541 Wegenharl, Sandra R. W ' ehner, [)avid L Wehner, Judith A Wehr, Nancy S Wehr, Paul S Weier, Ten-i J 292. 462 Weikel, Katherine A. Weil. Joseph C. Weingartner, Anthony 462 Weis, William K. Weisman, Shelley L. 496 Weitlauf. Marv Welch. Brewier W, 265, 270 Welch. David K 419 Welch. Diana C Welch. Joetta L. 295, 419 Welch. Larry D. Welch. Mark K. 340. 541 Welch. Pam S. Welch. Samuel E. Welch. Shirley K. Welch. Victor L. Weldon. Henry J Wellbrrjck, Stanley C. Wellner. Sister Man ' Wells, Alan 351 Wells, Betty C. Wells, Billy P 541 Wells, Dane B. Wells, David B. Wells, Donna R. W ' ells, Douglas E. 419 Wells, Frank A Jr. Wells, Jo Anelen Wells. Karen S- Wells. Lavada A T 425 Wells. Marsha L Wells, Michael E Wells, Paul W. Wells. Priscilla A Wells, Rich a E- Wella, Robert 0. Jr, 372 Wells, Ronald H Wells. Sadie G Wells. Steven A. W ' ells. Tamara L Wells Taryn K 136, 268, 353. 372 Wells. Terrv L. Wells. William P Welsh, Marv M Welsh, Todd M Wenderoth, Carol A 328. 496 Wensel, Walt H- Jr Went worth. Teresa K. W ' entz, Daniel L Wentzel, Mary L W ' eni, Jennifer H Wenz, John M, Wenzel. Cindy L 291. 461 Weppler. Debra L, VVemegreen. Joan R Werner, Carolyn S 292. 419 Wesley. Grenda S. Wesley. Charles M WESLEY FOUNDATION 286 Westley, Greta Wesley, Hanna L. Wesley, Martha J. 295. 435 Wesley. William C. Wess. Came D- 541 Wesseler. Mark L, Wesselkamper. Marv P 541 West. Althea F 496 West. Billy J West, Corliss West, Douglas W. West. Gregory A. West. Henry T Jr West. Kenneth P West, Larrv 419 West, Lm W. West, Margaret S. West. Michael G. West. Nancy A. 496 West. Norma J. West, Rov J. West, Rufus W. West. Shirley A, West, Violet F Weslerfield, Cynthia 541 Weslerfield, John S. Weslerfield, Martha S 419 Westerman. Diana L 295. 462 Westfall, Judith E. Westmever. Danita S. Weslme ' yer. Darla A, F 435 Westrick, Bruce W, Westrick, Charles D. 104. 462 Westrick. Jerry W, Westrick, Pamela K Wetmore, Clinton C. Welmore, MarilvTi G Wevhrauch, Ernest E Whalen, Mark K Whalen, Michael L. Wharton. Anne M. 293, 462 Wheat. Evan S. Wheal.KevinP 372, 545 Wheat, Lisa M, Wheat, Roy D. Wheatlev, James E Wheallev, Paul A Whealon, Richard M Wheeldon, Brenda G. Wheeler, David A 296. 419 Wheeler. Debra S, Wheeler. Dennis J. Wheeler, Donna M. Wheeler, Garmon M. Wheeler, GArv C. 367 Wheeler. Gregg A 545 Wheeler. James L. Wheeler, Jean M. Wheeler, Kimberly A. Wheeler, Milton L. Wheeler, Ronald D. Wheeler. Steve Wheeler. Terry M. 462 Wheeler. Vicky L. 541 Wheeler. William L, Whelan, Gery C Whelan. John W Whelan. Joweph A. Whelan. Kim M Whicker, Glen B Whicker. Jerry M, Whicker, Mary A. Whilaker. Beverly L. Whitaker. Bobbie G. Whitaker. Chea F. Whitaker. Fess D. 496 Whitaker. Gary D. Whilaker, Jimmy D. Whitaker, Manlyn N, Whitaker, Mark S, Whitaker. Michelle A. 496 Whilaker. Randy L. 297, 462 Whitaker. Ruth J Whitaker. Scott H. Whitaker, Sheree D While, Andrew B. 354 White, Anthony E. White, Belinda L. White, Betiv 268 While. Charles A, ,541 White. Charles E While. Chance 101 White. Cheryl E. While. Cmdv L, 496 White, Dannv F. White, David G, 265 While, Debora J 272 While, Denise R. While, Denita C. 307 White, Gap.- C White, Gertrude D- White, Greg A. 307. 351 White, Greggory L. White. James A. While. James M. While, James R. While, .James W. 541 White, Jay 333, 347 White, John D. Jr. White, John E. White. Joyce U. White. Juanita M. While, Kathleen A While. Kenneth L. While, Kimberly A, 496 While. Larry N. While, Uune E, 545 While, Lillian N, While, Marlene 291 White, Martha A W White, Marvin E. White, Marv J White, Melanie G White, Melanie G, While. Melodie A. 334. 435 While. Michael D. While. Mvma C. 339 White. Nareen 153 While. Ramona P. 419 While, Richard K. Jr. White, Robert A White, Ronald A 11 496 White, Shelbv R. 319, 462 White, Shelby T White, Steven G. White, Susan 372. 496 While. Tracv M. White. Ursula 496 White. Veda A. 541 While. William L Whiled. L, Whited, Everett P. Whiled, Mary M Whitehair, Deborah S. Whitehead. Gary W 298, 496 Whilehouse, Donna G. Whitehouse. Michael T, Whilesel, Melissa L- Whitis. Rebecca J. Whitis. Timmy J. Whitlev. Beverly K Whitlock, Doug 174, 175 Whitlock, Charles D. Whitlock, Jean M- Whitlock, Vickie L, 462 Whitlow. Carolyn J Whitlow. William A, Whitman, Barry S. 541 Whitman. Kevin W 462 586 Index and Directory Whitnel. William M. Whitney, Stephanie A. 541 VVhitsitt, Debi A, VVhKson, Martha D. B. Whilt. Raymond Whin. William B. V ' hi1liiker, Thomas J. -196 WhiM.iker. William H. :t71. 419 Whjrwnrth. ,)ane A. W. 271 Wliilworlh. JuHlin E. WHO ' S WHO 2:31 WialL-Hbahi.i, Alta P. Wiute-Ababio. Atta K. 425 Wiater. David M. Wifker. Greg L. 340 Wicker, Sheila A. Wickham, Melanie S. 541 Wjckline, Karen L. 496 Wickline, Mark A. 496 Widdowfield, Faith A. 541 Widener, Juanita C. Wjdmann, Janet M, 334. 541 Widner, Terry L, Wiedemer, Leslie A. Wiederhold. Kathy E. VViedmer, Melody L. Wjeliczko, Mary A. 541 Wierman, Nyoka A. 419 Wifigina, Clarice WiKftins, Joseph J. 114, 115 Wiggins, William M. Wigginton, Christophe 56, 62 Wigginton, Julia L, 290, 312. 496 Wigglesworth, James E. 496 Wigglesworth. William 250, 259. 267, 277. 420 Wiggs, Byron A. VViggs, Lois K. Wigga. Mary S. Wight, Sue A. Wight. Tonia C. Wilbanks, James D, 496 Wilberding. Anita L. ,541 Witborn. James M. 420 Wilburn, Elijah R. Wilbum, Karen R. Wilburn, Leonard D. Wilburn Louise H. Wilburn. Mark S. Wilburn, Robin D. Wilburn, Thomas E. Wilce. William S, 368 Wilcher, Debra L. Wiicher. Nancy C. Wilcox, Everett E, Wilcox, Genie C. 357, 496 Wilcox. Jefferv L. Wilde, Jeffrey A. 420 Wilder, Alva D, Wilder, Anthonv W. 285 Wilder. Ava G. Wilder. Carl W. Wilder. Deborah A- Wilder, Garv W. Wilder, James A. 541 Wilder, Jonell G. Wilder. Michael R. 541 Wilder. Vernon 0. Wilder. William H. Wilder, Wilson K. 541 Wilding, Donna S, 360 Wilding, George E. Jr. Wiles, David A. 184 Wiles. Donald K. Wiles. Shirley J. Wiley, Esther A. Wilgus, Curtis A. Wiihelmi. Joyce A. 541 Wilhem. James A. Wilhite, James B, Wilhoit. James R. Wilhoile, Rebecca G. Wilhoite, Walter M. Wilkenson. James T. 219 Wilkerson. Becky R, 343, 541 Wilkerson, Gary B. 420 Wilkerson. Juanita 420 Wilkerson. Karen D. 496 Wilkerson. Margaret W. 292, 462 Wilkerson, Mary L. 136, 353, 496 Wilkinson, Arthur L, 496 Wilkinson, Gregory V. Wiikirson, Frances F. 541 Willard, Elizabeth K. 541 Willard, Timothy R. 541 Willenbrink. Kathleen 435 Willeroy, Jeffrey K. Willett. Sherry R. Whillhile, Charles C. Willhite, Elizabeth A. 420 Williams, Albert T. 496 Williams, Alma R. Wilhams. Angela R- 496 Williams, Anita K. 541 Williams, Ann P Williams, Arthur G. 295 Williams, Barbara J. Williams, Barry F, Williams, Bemetta N. Williams, Belsv K, Williams, Brenda K, 420 Williams, Brenda L. Williams. Carla 496 Williams, Carol A. W ' illiams. Carol D. Williams. Cassandra D. Williams. Catherine M. Williams, Cathleen C, Williams. 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Wilson, Lynita R. Wilson, Margaret L. Wilson, Mark 112 Wilson, Martin C. Wilson, Melissa F. 542 Wilson, Nancy R. Wilson. Odell D. Wilson. Pamela J, 496 Wilson, Patricia A. 117 Wilson. Patrick C. 425 Wilson, Paul H Wilson, Phillip C. 364 Wilson, Phyllis T. Wilson. R, Naomi Wilson Regina D, Wilson, Rhonda G. 542 Wilson, Ricky Wilson. Robert C. Wilson. Robert M. Wilson, Ronald 118, 129 Wilson, Rosana H. Wilson, Sandra L. 497 Wilson. Sister Mary A. Wilson. Star 542 Wilson, Stephen E. 420 Wilson, STeven C, 368 Wilson, Steven R. Wilson. Sue A. Wilson, Tamara K. B, Wilson, Terry A. Wilson, Valya L. 462 Wilson. Vickie L. Wilson, Wendell Wilson, Wendy D. 312, 368 Wilson, William W. 542 Wilz, Marcia A. 360. 497 Wimsall. Angela J. Wimsatt, Mark D. Winans, Jeanne M. 435 Winburn, Cynthia C, Winburn. Samual L. 420 Winburn. Berman R. 296. 435 Winchester. Lula D, Wind. Albert H. Ill Winder, David R. Windham, Patricia L. 462 Windhorn, Patricia A. 542 Winebrenner, Kathy L. Winfrey, George S. 307 Winfrey, Terrell D. Wingate. DAllasC. Wingale. Jane A, 462 Wingate. Nancy C, 138 Wingate, Rebecca A. B, Wingo, Elaine W, Winkle, Peggy Jo Winkler, Bryan A, Winkler. Kimberlv Winkler. Marsha C. M. Winkler. Robert G. 420 Winkler, Thomas J. 542 Winkler, William M. 497 Winn, Michael K. Winn. Richard W. ,367, 497 Winnecke, John 180. 181 Winscher. Karen A. 360 Winscher. Leslee B. 138 Winstead. Susan J. 291, 497 Winter, Joseph M. Wintjen. Shirley D. 140. 257, 265 420 Wire. Richard A. Wireman, Jack L. Wireman. Phillip Wires. Karen J. 228. 291, 296 420 Wirth, Sherree M. Wirtz, Erman A- Wise. Geri S. Wise, Karen A, 258. 272, 420 Wise, Margaret B. Wiseman, Connie A. Wiseman, Ellen M. 542 Wiseman, Gregory R, Wiseman, Kalherine S. Wiseman, Mary L. Wiseman. Pamela J. 360 Wiseman, Patricia A. 462 Wiseman, Todd R. 210, 372 Wiseman. William C. Wisenbaker. Sue A. Wiser. Dale N. Wisher, Marv J. A. Wisner, Jeffrey W. 542 Wisnioski, Douglas R. Withers, Brenda K. Withers, Carole B. Withers, Freddie W, Withers. Terrv S, 60, 307 Withers, William R. 420 Witherspoon, Joe P. W ' iihrow. Richard Witmer, Marilyn C. Witt, Anthony G. Witt, Connie E. 542 Witt, David A. Wilt, Eleanor J. Witt, Gary W, 420 Witt, Norma L- Witt, Ophelia R. Witt, Vinada K, Woerth, Sheila T. Woeste, Rick A. 284, 462 Woestman. Michael E. Woford, Juian S. Wohlleb, Nancy M. 291 462 Wohlleb, Vicki A. 497 Wojno, Lael L. Wolf, April 161, 363, 497 Wolf. Jeffrey C- 144 Wolf, John L. Wolf, Kathleen M. 497 Wolfe. Alan M. 542 Wolfe. Donna H. Wolfe, Lisa E. Wolfe, Scott C- Wolff. C, Gary Wolfinbarger. Joy Wolfzom, Stephen W. 266, 277. 291 296, 462 Wolkan, James C, Wolpin, Susan I. Womack, John H. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 153 WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY 140 WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS 136 WOMEN ' S TENNIS 142 WOMEN ' S TRACK AND FIELD IH WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 138 Wong, Chun Kin 425 Wong, Jonathan C. S. Wong. Kwan H. G. Wong, Laiying W, Wong, Tinvau 542 Woo. Dellneda M. Woock, Stephen E. Wood. Curtis L. Wood, Cynthia E. 542 Wood. Criff A Wood. Janice L. WfMid. Joe B. W.K.d, John P, W.K.d, Kulhrvn D. Wood. Nancy J. Wood. Pamela J. Wood, Rebecca A. 462 WfKid, Rebecca E. 462 W. r.d, Riibie E. 497 Wood. Steve J. Wood. William G. Woodall, Donald R. Wooddell, Sandra S. 357. 420 W,K dford. Clinton L, Woodlee, Charles A- Wfxjdress, Cathy L. Woodrey, Dale A. Woodrey, Tamera L. Woods. Bobby J, Woods, Bobby J. Woods. Dennis R. Woods, Hobert Jr. Woods. James S, Woods. Karen E. ,542 Woods, Kenneth E. 542 Woods, Latanya D, 497. 545 Woods. Lawrence H. 367 Woods, Linda C. Woods, Michael L. Woods, Patricia J. Woods, Paula J. Woods, Phi! T, Woods, Regina K. 462 Woods. Robert L. Woods. Theresa R. 542 Woods, William R. 2 5. 542 Woodward. Teresa L. 343, 497 Woofter. Wanda B- Wooldndge. Ethel F. Woolery, Wayne D. Wooley, Linda M Woolfolk. Gwendolvn A. Woolfolk, Henrv L. Jr, Woolfolk, Robert L. Jr Woolfork. Deborah C. 462 Woolum, Jeffrey A. 282 Woomer, Francis N, III Woosley. Donnie R. 296, 420 Woosley, Fayetla H. Woosley, Larry J. Wooten, Mark E. Wooton. Lavada S. 420 Woolon. Octa B. 420 Wooton, Patricia L. 462 Wooton, Sharon D. Wooton. Wanda M. Word, Susan K. G. Workman, Brenda T. Workman, Doris C. Workman. Lewis E. Works, Kimberly J, 542 Worley. James E, Worley. Shelley M. 420 Worley, Steven S. Worley, Wendy L, Worral. Barbra 117 Worrell, Diana G. Worrell, Leighton F. Worrell, Sheila G, 542 Wren. Barbara N. 38, 336. 420 Wren, Jerri L. Wright. Andrea G. Wright, Betty A. Wright, Billv R. Wright. Cheryl A. Wright, Danny C. 463 Wright, Dave T. Wright, Dennis L. 542 Wright, Jeffrey A, Wright, Jeffrey W, Wright, Jerome P. 114. 115, 545 Wright, Karen L. 542 Wright. Kathrvn F. 542 Wright, Kermit J. Wright, Kim N. 497 Wright. Larry R. 425 Wright, Leitha L. Wright, Linda G. Wright, Mary J. Wright. Michael S. 542 Wright, Otis K. Wright, Owen W. Wright. Patricia L. Wright. Raymond L. Wright. Richard L. Wright, Terrv W. Wright, Tina ' L. Wright, Tommy G. Writt, Gordon L. Wroblewski. Jefferey Wu, Mingming Wuillemier, Dr. 202 Wulfhorst, Vickie A. 542 Wullner. Terri L. 497 Wurtzbacher, Karel L. 353, 420 Wyant, Nancy M- 269, 343, 421 Wyatt, Cleveland H. Wyatt, George W. Wyatt, Janice W. Wyatt, John D. Wyatt, Karen B. Wyatt, Michael L. 297 Wyatt. Penny U, Wylie. Jan A. Wylie. Linda D. 463 Wylie, Stanley L. Jr. Wyman, Robert C. 340 Wynn, Paul W. 481 Wyont. Anna H, 542 Yates, M. Alice J, Yalea. Morris D. Yates, Orien W. 372 Yalea, Sherri L. Yates, Wnrren D. Yeager. Brent S. 497 Yeager. Cheryl A, .542 Yeager, Joseph L, Yeager, Sharon K. 265. 268, 463 Yeaples. Alberto M Yeary, Patricia J, 291. .542 Yeary, Steven R, 542 Yeh. Richard H. 309, 313. 319. 425 Yoiser, Beverly 167 Yellon. Betty R. Yellon, Harold M, Jr. Yeoman, Roxanne Yenan, Dale E. Yerian, Debbie J. Yerkes, Mark T. 435 Yohannes, Salem Yonk, Michael T. Yonls. Linda M Yorgen. Amv M. York. David G York. Eulene C, York, Helen M, York, Henry F. York, Judy K, York. Noble D. York, Sandra A. York, Thomas M, Young, Barbara M Young, Betty H. Young. Bilreka R. Young. Brenda L. 421 Young, Cathryn A. Young, Cecilia L. Voung, Chandra K, ' I ' uung. Clyde Jr. Young. Conard E. Young. Cynthia J. Young. Dale C. 542 Young. Darryl D, 145. 147. 151 Young, David M. Young, Deborah S, 497 Young, Donald L. 497 Young. Donald R. Young. Fayette M. Voung, Flovd S. Young, Fred D. 118, 122 ' oung, Gary L. ' oung Ian W. Young, James C, ' ou g, Jane R, Young, Janet L. ,543 Young, Jimmy W. Young, Joyce L. 301. 336. 497 Young. Juanita J. Young, Judy A. 291. 463 Young. Kelly V. Voung, Linda S, Young, Mae B. ■I ' oung, Marie Young. Marina S. " I ' oung. Martin G. ■oung, Melissa A- Voung, Michael W. 543 ' oung. Michael W. Voung, Mildred Voung. Paula A, 421 Young, Robin A. 283, 463 Young, Samuel R. Jr 543 Voung, Susan E. ' 283, 543 " I ' oung. Valerie C. 421 Young, William E. 371. 421 ' ounger. Lennie C. Youngs. Steven R. 359, 421 Youngs, Valerie Ison 290. 421 Yount, Janet M. 543 " I ' outsey. Diana K. Vu. Kintak. J. 543 Yuen, John W, K, Yuen, Wai L. Yule, Donald E. Yule. John M. " I ' urt, Donna R. ■urt, Wayne F. — z— — Y— Yaden, Andrea B. 117,463 ' aden, Diana C. Yaden. Elsie Y. 435 Vaden, Michael C. 542 Vaghmaee. Manouchehr Vahya. Saleh M, 289 ' I ' amaguchi, Yoshiko 289, 463 ' ancey. Joe L. Varbrough. Marv A. Yates, Deborah J. 542 ■ates, Joni L. 285, 542 Yates. Joseph R. Zagar. Andrew J, Zamani, Mohammad E. Zeckner, Douglas J. Zeckner, Marlene E. Zehnder, John W. Jr. Zehnder. Mark K, Zeigler, Marv L. 263, 270, 271, 289, 421 Zeller. Barbara A, 435 Zetterlund, Deena J. Zetteriund, Robert L. Zetzer. Joan E- 294. 543 Zfeifer, Laureen A. 497 Zifcheck. Nancy L. 295. 497 Zimmer, Carol J. 497 Zimmer. James M. Zimmer. Karen L. 497 Zimmer. Mary E. Zimmer, Thomas E. 221 Zimmerman, Bernard M. Zimmerman, Denise L. 543 Zimmerman. Laura A. Zimmerman. Sharon K. Zimmerman, Vicky L. 421 Zink, Nancy A, 543 Zipperle, Patricia A, 463 Zipperle, Sharon M. 269, 295, 421 Zirnheld, Gregory E, Zirnheld, Michael B. Zitkovic, John J. 112 Zonca, David A, 421 Zuccala, Frank Zuercher, David A. Zuercher, John E. Zuercher, Mary J. 543 Zuercher. Richard R. 421 Zuerner, Douglas L. Zullo, Brenda J. 463 Zurface, Bruce W, 421 Zwahlen. James A. 545 Zvch Debra A. 266, 297, 299. 300. 463 Index and Directory 587 IN MEMORIAM THOMAS STEWART ADAMS Student September 26, 1976 JOHN P. BLAYLOCK Heat Plant Supervisor January 19, 1977 DR. ROBERTA HILL Former Chairman of the Department of Home Economics October 5, 1976 588 Closing » ' .2 . — Jp Eeaves have their time to fall, | And flowers to wither at the north winti And stars to set — but all, Thou hast all seasons for thine own, Death! I FELICIA DOROTHEA HEM fe™;}v " f y$; Closing 589 EDITOR ' S NOTE The 54th volume of the Milestone is the result of the combined efforts of Eastern students who worked in its preparation without any monetary compensation but only personal satisfaction of a job well done. It was not a job done by any single individual but by many staff members who strived to produce a yearbook depicting the 1976-1977 academic year at Eastern Kentucky University. When I accepted the job of editor, I didn ' t fully comprehend the task that lay in front of me. I anticipated problems, but the intensity of the ones I encountered were not realized by me at the onset of the year. I was merely an administrator performing the organizational functions behind a group of hardworking yearbook staffers. The completion of the Milestone could never have been successful if not for my Managing Editor, Janet Leigh Smith. Janet was more than my assistant. She was the technical backbone of the book, filling in all the gaps where a lack of skill occurred. Besides performing the duties of Managing Editor she also edited the Greek section and the Academic section. Thank you Janet for making up for my weaknesses and doing an excellent job. The section editors were the best an editor could wish for. Individuals filling these positions were the work horses on the staff. They all produced quality work that converted all of the planning into completed pages. A special thanks goes to these editors: Debbie Eskridge, Student Life; Rick Yeh, Sports; Allen Engle, Honors; Stephanie Puckett, Organizations; Connie Hall, Seniors; Sarah Gooch and Greg Lamping, Underclasses; and Cheryl Combs, Index. The 1977 Milestone was complemented by a staff of skilled photographers headed by Larry Bailey, Photographic Editor who also served as an assistant to our advisor and was broken in well during the final weeks of the work on the book. Larry was assisted by Paul Lambert, University Photographer; and student photographers Rick Yeh, Steve Brown, Dave Chestnut, Alan Krantz and John Maeder. Recognition is also in line for Doug Whitlock who served as Milestone advisor. Thank you Doug for listening to my complaints and problems during the year. Vice President Donald R. Feltner was also a vital source of advice as the year proceeded. Don Rist, Director of University Publications, aided us in decisions on the graphic aspects of the book. No yearbook would be possible without the aid of a publishing and photographic company to assist in its production. Thank you to all of the people at Delmar Publishing Company and Osborne Photographic Lab, without whom this volume would not have been in its final form. The year was one of learning and realizations for me. Being editor was an experience which I will carry with me as a fulfilling part of my college career. Thank you to all of the people who made the fulfillment and the completion of the 1977 Milestone a reality. John Richard Madras 590 Closing Closing 591 Specifications The 1977 MILESTONE was prepared by the students of Eastern Kentucky University and printed by offset lithography by Delmar Printing Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. The paper stock is 80-pound Westvaco Coronation dull offset stock; with the gatefold printed on 100-pound stock. The cover is a Maroon Cordoba with blind embossures, applied foil stamping and a black overtone. Body copy for the opening pages is Century 14 point with two-point leading; and for the remainder of the book Century 10- and 12-point with two-point leading. All cutlines are eight-point. Senior listings are 10-point and underclasses, nine-point. Headlines are Century School- book. Divisional pages are printed in black and gold duotones. Cameras used to photograph activity pictures both four-color and black-and-white included Nikon (35mm), Minolta (35mm), Nikkormat (35mm), Rolleiflex (2 1 4 x 2 1 4), Mamiyaflex (2 1 4 x 2 1 4), and Has- selblad (2 1 4x2 1 4). Lens focal lengths used range d from wide angle, 18mm, to telephoto 400 mm. Senior and underclass portraits were photo- graphed with a Beatie Portronic Camera 70mm, using dual Speedotron strobe lights, by Osborne Photographic Laboratories, Cincinnati. Press run was 8,500 copies. 592 Specifications

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