Eastern Kentucky University - Milestone Yearbook (Richmond, KY)

 - Class of 1948

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Eastern Kentucky University - Milestone Yearbook (Richmond, KY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 228 of the 1948 volume:

PRESENTING EASTEBN KENTOClCr STAIE YEACtlERS COLLEGE p$VK LD|7V( This is the proper place for the Editor to express his most deep felt and sincere grati- tude to all the staff members who so un- selfishly and cooperatively brought forth this yearbook. The reader will never appreciate their untiring efforts, for he has no concep- tion of their diligent endeavors. However, your satisfaction with their book will doubt- lessly compensate their unsung toil. D E D I C A T I O N Although he still looks at his watch and exclaims, " We just haven ' t enough time, " we, the Senior Class of 1948, take time to dedi- cate this Milestone to Virgil Burns. For the last twenty years he has dedicated himself and his abilities so that he has be- come an integral part of the personality of Eastern. We shall look back humble in the shadow of his knowledge, grateful in the re- flected light of his teaching, and proud that we can say, " He is our friend. " (fatteafo @tcu4e -7 featwiet- 113 ttMetcct 127 0UA 157 ? icidtet 1 ?1 n, o. ie 204 AC SENIORS Jim Hutson President Blaine Correll Vice-President Margaret Graham Secretary Neal Boyd Treasurer Dr. F. A. Engle Sponsor 9 Willis Justice Millard, Ky. English and Biology A.B. Veterans Club e 3 eS Eva Walker Louisville, Ky. Chemistry and Commerce B.S. Rebecca Ward Paint Lick, Ky. Social Science A.B. Sigma Tau Pi Robert Berry Flemingsburg, Ky. Agriculture B.S. Veterans Club V e , C° f CoV «o s ? tf ° e ocat Ve9 ' ,es ! 5 K 10 m ?» ' V H, s fj c ; c e - 3.S ce ft Qtftf 4 to 091 " ? ' Q M4 Zollie Childers Widecreek, Ky. Elementary Education B.S. Veterans Club Y.M.C.A. Kappa Delta Pi Betty Singleton Lancaster, Ky. Science Area B.S. Band B.S.U. Council Caduceus Club Flossie Johnson Guerrant, Ky. Physical Education and Biology B.S. W.A.A. William Justice Millard, Ky. Mathematics B.S. Veterans Club Math Club Earl Gibson Portsmouth, Ohio Physical Education B.S. EClub Veterans Club Football Milestone Staif W » £.«■ c,ci ' ° „sV aV , 0 O Anna Frances Parker Barbourville, Ky. Mathematics B.S. Math Club Canterbury Club, Asst. Editor cf Belles Lettres B.S.U. Madrigal Club House Council Jeanne Ruark Vanceturg. Ky. Elementary Education B.S. Milestone Staff World Affairs Club Kappa Delta Pi Westminster Fellowship " Messiah " Chorus Y.W.C.A. aP? a C Vi v Sidney Ratliff Pikeville, Ky. Social Science A.B. Veterans Club s, e o e , hit. M Ca,i. e ' er„ Cl uh Ch a «spi cn t ee n4 Jay Orr Point Marion, Penn Industrial Arts Area B.S. Veterans Club Vivian Ratlifi Ashland, Ky. History and Mathematics B.S. Kappa Delta Pi, Treas. Progress Staff Math Club World Affairs Club Minnie Mae Kincaid Primrose, Ky. Home Economics B.S. Home Ec Club Y.W.C.A. Lee Gentry Quail, Ky. Mathematics B.S. Veterans Club Swimming Team Math Club, President Pulaski County Club Julian Cosby Richmond, Ky. Chemistry and Biology B.S. B.S.U. Council Betty Ward Paint Lick, Ky. Social Science A.B. Madrigal Club College Chorus Margaret Ann Lake Berea, Ky. Mathematics B.S. Math Club Y.W.C.A. Henry Gilbert Corbin, Ky. Geography A.B. World Affairs Club Corbin Club ROTC Upper Cumberland Club Veterans Club C e G r e e £ £Ve e o d e aY S ec, 14 k n beol t ics Clu b faster p ub ft s c s Ity, aj »e s «» fe V«b vte John Pittman Atlanta, Georgia Physical Education B.S. Jean Cloyd London, Ky. Commerce B.S. Math Club Photo Club Marilyn Trieschman Bellevue, Ky. Mathematics and Chemistry B.S. Math Club Kyma Club Milestone Staff Prota Decca Kappa Delta Pi Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Col- leges and Universities Louie Whitis London, Ky. Chemistry B.S. 15 I Clarence Nonnemacher Columbus Ohio Hislory and Physical Ed. a :- Football Baseball " E " Club Rosemary Bruner Richmond, Ky. Elementary Education B.S. Kappa Delta Pi Prota Decca Sigma Tau Pi Violet Spurlock Oneida, Ky. Elementary Education B.S. James Argentine Toronto, Ohio Industrial Arts B.S. Catholic Club Varsity Basketball " E " Club Football Manager Yoo " s il a A e a« c J« Co;. Ph 5 j ' e o r , c. ' . ■e s Goi n4 Man, J b ell °rl(j 4 ! Qu b Robert Worthington, Dry Ridge, Ky. Industrial Arts B.S. Veterans Club Little Theater Club Basketball, 193941 Industrial Arts Club Isabelle Greene Alva, Ky. Music Area A.B. Madrigal Club Prota Decca W.H.R.O. Band Orchestra Music Club Harlan County Club Ruby Maggard Richmond, Ky. Home Economics B.S. Home Ec Club, Vice-Pres. Y.W.C.A. Stewart Shelburne Lawrenceburg, Ky. Commerce B.S. Veterans Club 1 Frank R. Fults Grayson, Ky. Biology Chemistry B.S. Caduceus Club Eva Boian Rice Station, Ky. Elementary Education B.S. B.S U. Council Y.W.C.A. Y.W.A. Frances Dixon Lothair, Ky. Elementary Education B.S. Perry County Club Home Ec Club Charles Conley Stalfordsville, Ky. Biology B.S. ie e .■ ' .■• ' , 5 e CV ° " V e e fer, fC a «»Q, «fc ,c 4« ' caj 4 William Hackworth Russell, Ky. Physical Education B.S. Veterans Club Aldene Lovitt Covington, Ky. English B.A. Kappa Delta Pi Ca nterbury Club, Secretary Y.W.C.A., Secretary Prota Decca, President Methodist Youth Fellow- ship, President Madrigal Club Milestone Staff Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Col- leges and Universities Robbie Owen Greensburg, Ky. Music and History B.A. Cheerleader, 1944-47 Kyma Club Music Club Student Union Music Committee Glenna Frisby Fellsmere, Florida Physical Education B.S. Y.W.C.A. Madrigal Club Kyma Club Freshman Class Treas. Harlan County Club, Pres. WHRO, Treasurer Little Theater Miss Popularity Progress Staff W.A.A. Milestone Staff Progress Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Col- leges and Universities Blaine Correll Somerset, Ky. Agriculture B.S. Agriculture Club Veterans Club Y.M.C.A. B.S.U. Council Pulaski County Club Senior Class Vice-Pres. V } ■e , tH- °-s $ s r S e ° ' «. fc.. C sS Josephine Napier Wooton, Ky. Social Science B.S. Photo Club Student Union Music Com. Nancy May Snow Richmond, Ky. Commerce B.S. James Clements, Jr. Ray City, Georgia Physical Education B.S. Kappa Delta Pi Baseball , ai 9 ' eS ° v :ws ° oVS ° P iaC oK .dart ' aS eC ?a» ' t „ T was e e ,d aS , a y s e Can, L hb o § ' 5 4 fe. Dearl Mize London, Ky. Commerce B.S. Veterans Club Alice Gover Monticello, Ky. Commerce B.S. Lula Thurman Lebanon Junction, Ky. Home Economics B.S. Y.W.C.A., President B.S.U. Council Home Economics Club Kappa Delta Pi Prota Decca Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Col- leges and Universities Howard Bartlett Hazard, Ky. Industrial Arts and Physical Education A.B. Baseball Photo Club Perry County Club Milestone Staff Veterans Club Industrial Arts Club World Affairs Club Robert Leeds Richmond, Ky. mi K 3 1 J Martha Johnson Ashland, Ky. Social Science A.B. " ■. ■ ■ " " el-.- . . Pres. B.S.U. Council Glee Club Vice-Pres. Junior Class James Hutson Coalgood, Ky. Biology and Chemistry B.S. President Senior Class Caduceus Club Veterans Club Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Col- leges and Universities o S° ' V . C tea .tf ro 3- , jA yS ¥ Gene Gaiy Pinscniork, Ky. Commerce B.S. Photo Club, Vice-Pres. World Affairs Club vVJ-X t e3 .eft -vje V 1 e t a° 5 5 22 4 e p£S3 e tist;: K y. is; n ' y ?««. Clu Sty th e a - . ' e ' a rv Cirf tyr, .V.. 3i ' an !W4 Clarence Cole Tallega, Ky. Field of Science B.S. Caduceus Club Y.M.C.A. Veterans Club Carolyn Sanders Carrollton, Ky. Biology B.S. Caduceus Club Kyma Club Band Glee Club W.H.R.O. Mary Jane Roark Greenville, Ky. Commerce B.S. B.S.U. Council, President Madrigal Club Band Little Theater Club Allan Pennington Louisville, Ky. Social Science A.B. World Affairs Club, Pres. Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. 23 £ ► Paul Bunton Salvisa, Ky. Commerce B.S. Milestone, Business Mgr. Veterans Club, Vice-Pres. Little Theater Club, 1942 Caduceus Club, 1942 Evaluation Committee, Senior Class Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Col- leges and Universities 0 » «- C aNV v;e-o- ' S Vi- Ruby Jett Winchester, Ky. Home Economics B.S. Home Ec Club World Affairs Club Harry Aylor Hebron, Ky. Commerce B.S. World Affairs Club Veterans Club C° S Cairoll McGuHey Chula, Georgia Mathematics B.S. Kappa Delta Pi World Affairs Club Veterans Club Milestone, Feature Editor Permanent Planning Com. m ;c° s e 24 C1 Ub !4 r 4 Gilbert Wilson Richmond, Ky. Social Science A.B. World Affairs Club Grace Reynolds Lake, Ky. Social Science A.B. Y.W.C.A. Betty Percaut Minerva, Ky. Music A.B. Madrigal Club Band Kappa Delta Pi Prota Decca Little Theater Club Paul Kleffner Portsmouth, Ohio Biology and Chemistry B.S. Caduceus Club Catholic Club Veterans Club Clarence Gilbert Sorbin, Ky. Social Science A.B. Veterans Club to° vs D3 tH- ,vJ eo 1 £ .cs ,. nS CV cvm o MeV Theda Brakefield Irvine, Ky. Social Science A.B. Estill County Club Kathryn Siphers Benham, Ky. Music A.B. Band Orchestra Glee Club Choir Music Club Sam Cockerham Beattyville, Ky. Social Science A.B. Veterans Club Glee Club C M b nle £ • W c,S ' " b CJ U Ke ' e. G. T VU Hoberl Branscum Delta, Ky. Social Science A.B. Veterans Club Men ' s Glee Club Messiah College Choir Wayne County Club Ethel Black Louisville, Ky. Elementary Education B.S. Y.W.C.A. Dorothy Hancock Shelbyville, Ky. Latin and English A.B. Kyma Club World Affairs Club Catholic Club Y.W.C.A. Charles Henderson Manchester, Ohio Physical Education B.S. Veterans Club Kyma Club Northern Ky. Club J v Goebel Ritter Richmond, Ky. History and Physical Education B.S. " E " Club Veterans Club Basketball Track Baseball Golf Arvin Maggard Grahn, Ky. Industrial Arts and Math A.B. Math Club Joyce Broyles Plato, Ky. Art A.B. Y.W.C.A. Photo Club Wesley Foundation Pulaski County Club Little Theater Club Canterbury Club Anthony Bevacqua Trinity, Ky. Industrial Arts B.S. S, e Mrjj e °ro «»» %fl. Cecil Rice Fort Thomas, Ky. Physical Education and Health B.S. " E " Club Veterans Club Track S-s. Sl to? S.S. ' c Laura Durham Kennamer Richmond, Ky. Commerce B.S. Band Orchestra Glee Club Lois Justice Ashland, Ky. Home Ec. B.S. Home Ec. Club Joe Todd Richmond, Ky. Chemistry B.S. World Affairs Vl4 JUNIORS Bert Baker President Jack Ley Vice President Betsy Tandy Secretary Emerson Warf Treasurer Mr. R. R. Richards Sponsor James Bunion Salvisa Betty Dolores Stewart Ligon Billy Morris Kenvir Bemice R. Landrum Kingsford Heights, Ind. Sharline Mullins Greasy Creek Everett Moore Frankfort Pauline Ritter Neon Edward Brakelield Irvine Luther Wren Paint Lick Rose Matthis Yancey Mary Granaghan Richmond Michael Jasko Wheeling, W. Va. 32 Fred Rolhwell Rockport, Ind. Dorothy Hensley Inez James Franklin Covington John E. Jones Loui3a Dudley Whilaker . ' . " : itesburg Opsie Phillips Pleasant View William Dejarnetie Richmond Robert Baker Louisville Martha List Pleasureville Mitchell French West Alexandria, Ohii Levoy Venable Richmond Dewey Greear Greear Emogene Austin Constance Rocco Piganell Detroit, Mich. Carl Bassham Verda Katherine Elliott Alex I. T. Sowders Richmond Bill Gravely Washington, D. C. Peggy McGuire Ashland Mark Lohr Logan, Ohio John Bowling Confluence lean Slattery Richmond Jack Dorna Bellevue 36 John Holland Stanford Betsy Tandy Carrollton Norman McGuifey Waynesburg Donald Lewis Frankfort Conard Young Webbville Doris Jean Gurley Harlan loe Henderson Mt. Vernon Bobby Coleman Corbin Nancy Henderson Manchester, Ohio William Patrick Carlisle Betty Jean Hill Valley View Ralph Sensel Newport Edwin Newell Maysville George W. Stacy Beattyville Millard Reece Detroit, Mich. Phyllis Wardrup Middlesboro 3fl Isabelle Webb Ashland Edsel Vanderpool Lackey Ted Miller Johnstown, Pa. Fielder Pitzer Waynesboro, Va. Jack Ley Chauncey, Ohio Mildred Franklin Paris Gerald May Powersburg Lois Cockrell Waco Edward 3ranaman London Byron Casteel McKee Josephine Thomas Richmond Joseph Yanity Athens, Ohio - %. « £ . Y Thomas Bailey Red Bush Mrs. E. N. Perry Richmond Robert Dugger Cumberland Gap, Tenn. E. N. Perry Richmond Doris Deetch Louisville Howard Allen Louellen James Hampton Paintsville Rebecca Copher Paris Jane Dunn Angel Richmond Carter Murphy Richmond Roy Greenwell Oneida Iva Lee Crum Canton, N. C. Joseph Hardwick Somerset Lenora Adams Pasadena, Cal. Gerald Hopkins Morrow, Ohio Miller Gregory Ludlow Gobel Spurlock Oneida Virginia Whitt Bellaire, Ohio Elmer Combs Harlan James Bevins Pikeville Jeanne Murbach Richmond Emerson War! Benham Orville Taylor Blackwater Nancy Blake Richmond Newton Lovitt Bouty Leonard Helton Ezel Joe Spratt Covington Ernestine Jasper Somerset Bert Baker Hazard Marilee Maloney Bellevue Wilbum Cawood Cawood John Thompson Evarts Eilie Stewart Ashland William Starnes Richmond Lillian McHone Richmond James Masters Richmond John Messer Morehead Duane Hayes Carrollton J. W. Johnson Florence Juanita Sutton Vest Clay Gay Richmond Emma Keen Cryhill Walter Henry Clayton, Ohio Harry Grimme Ft. Thomas June Rebeck Ft. Thomas Ed Creech Harlan Richard Lawson Ravenna Tom Utz Florence Leslie Howard Harlan Opal Branham Catlettsburg Robert D. Hays Carrollton George Baker Oneida Earl Clemons McKee Edna Earle Coomes Bardstown James Hamby Gailifi Stewart Catlett Gee Betty Hamm West Palm Beach, Fla. Earl Ball Brookside Carl Ward Richmond Johnie Vaughn London Julius Lasslo Hazard Agnes Lewallen Mullins Totz Virginia Wright Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Al Clark Tridelphia, W. Va. Ralph Anderson Richmond Clara Mielcarek Charlie Spicer Louellen Clinton Allen Richmond Eulene Mooney L:z D.:r: Ed Frost t9 A Willard McHone Richmond Virginia Strohmeier Frankfort Raymond Parsons Coeburn, Va. Albert Crowe Ft. Thomas EUen Willham Jeffersonville, Ind. Burgoyne Moores Richmond Harold Rogers Lexington Sara Hays Shelbyville Vemie Vaught Science Hill Bob McCarthy Lyndon Mae Marcum Manchester Wade Burchett Prestonburg Joan Everling Indianapolis, Ind. George King Louisville Julian Shaw Richmond Glenn Cummins Mt. Vernon John Baird London Dorothy Branham Fallsburg K :• Overton Green :•;. :::: nd Reba Coy Richmond George Carroll Ashland Paul Wright Southshore Tabitha Craig Mt. Vernon Floyd Stacy Jackson William Noland Crab Orchard Ray Combs Hazard Phillip Corey Rahway, N. J. Elizabeth Pennington Ashland Carl Baker Berea Frank Siphers Benham IK " L Joe Yanity, Willard Harper, Mae Marcum, and Emerson Warf were elected as Junior class officers for the winter and spring quarters. 50 Sophomores President Jack Stidham Vice-President Helen Holsclaw Secretary Patsy Burkhart Treasurer Ed Casebolt Sponsor Dr. H. H. LaFuze 51 s KENNETH WALL Waynesburg CAROLYN DAVIS Stanford JOHN RYAN Pine Knot LESTER AMBURN Corbin WINFRED McINTYRE Vicco LEWIS PERCIFUL Mt. Vernon WALTER HINES Maysville EDMOND BURTON Harrodsburg MARGARET MYERS Richmond THOMAS KIRBY Olive Hill RICHARD BACHMEYER Ft. Thomas ROY ROBBINS Louellen JOHN DEMPSEY Covington CHARLES ROBINSON Willard BARBARA DeBORD Maud, Ohio GEORGE W. CAMPBELL Krypton 5 2 fc E . " " l a ft £. 5f J J tf J " M - A ,» f ft !T« J BEN DRAUGHN MARILYN McDANIEL CECIL NOLAND DONALD CARMAN Wiborg Ludlo " w South Irvine Ashland FRANCES RITTER ROBERT LANTER JOHN DAVIS ELMER BEATTY Richmond Richmond Richmond Dayton JAMES BAKER PAUL McINTYRE LOUISE CARPENTER GERALD MURPHY Mt. Vernon Vicco Bradford Maysville ROXIE HARRIS ROY BURNS BILLY SMITH BARBARA McGUIRE Liberty 1 Irvine Evarts Ashland HERBERT H. TOM COLLINS MARVIN POPE ANITA ALLEN BURNETTE Newport Victory Bardstown Steubenville CHARLES SMITH GEORGE GUMBERT BOBBY WILLIAMS PATRIA FAIR Maysville Richmond Richmond Liberty ELOISE ROBERTS CLIFTON HURST LOU LAPOSKI EDWARD JONES Zanesville, Ohio Hazard Tiltonsville, Ohio Richmond ROBERT GRAHAM JACKIE OWENS BEN GRAHAM NEAL PARSONS Parkersburg, W. Va. Corbin Parkersburg, W. Va Hulen s f? 54 k E S ' f WILLIAM DAVIS ROGER PARSONS NINA HELLARD THEODORE COLLEY Irvine Yancey Covington Virgie OWEN HARRIS PARK SUE BAILEY HERSCHEL HILL MARTHA Richmond Ashland Corbin WHITTINGTON ANN BALLARD TOM BOLTON CHARLES COMBS Richmond Richmond Boreing Richmond GEORGE McEUEN I. C. OAK CHRISTINE RITTER LEON DUNCAN Williamson, W. Va. Carrollton Richmond Richmond DORIS HAND Crittenden s p M ( MERLE NICKELL AMANDA SLUSHER JOSEPH BEEVER VIOLET MARCUM West Liberty Beverly Jellico, Tennessee Sand Gap DONALD SCANLON EDWARD CASEBOLT EUGENE CAMIC CHARLES McCOLLUM Harrodsburg Newport Bondville Richmond EVA WINBURN JACK BELL JOE DOVE BETSY BEATTY Evan ' s Landing, Ind. Pine Knot Falls Church, Va. Richmond CHARLES COY NORMA KEESEY ELIZABETH MURPHY ROBERT FOWLER Richmond Ashland Dayton Corbin 56 E S Arthur Brown Louisville Raymond W. Benton Ravenna Herbert Steely Corbln lane Thomas Williamstown James Bernardo Lynch Frances Metz Ashland Edwin Keene Buckhorn Herbert Condor Louisville Phyllis Powell Paris Clay Ratliff Woodsbend Ruth Twinam Pineville Frances Wilson Buena Vista Linden Mitchell Benhara 57 Jack Creech Cumberland Clifford Specht Southgate s c Joe Hollingsworth Lynch Fred Malott Antwerp, Ohio Jack Kerley Newport Betty Blair Harlan E. R. Jones Marshes Siding Patricia Hughes Beattyville Henry Bindel Covington Clay Ford Frankfort Janice Truman Ft. Knox Richard Browning Cawood Maria Stergeos Maysville Herbert Million Berry William Grise Richmond Dorothea Swanson Rockledge, Fla. Eugene Karr Corbin Jack Bahlman Ft. Thomas L h$ s fSatik Richard Cullen Louisville Eloise Gilbert Covington Douglas Bennett Covington Thomas Forbes Covington Laura Humble Danville Everett Brown Crab Orchard Maurice Riherd Cave City Harold Davis Irvine Jennings Hounchell Richmond Eva Cook Le Junior Darrell French Alexandria, Ohio Jean Johnson Sand Gap Carl Flynn Somerset Larry Grimaldi Stamford, Conn. Katherine Rankin Stanford Chester Mielcarek Wheeling, W. Va. Meda Jo Glover Frankfort Otis Bundy Lesbas Ruby Morgan Crab Orchard R. J. Miller Buckhorn Ray Bingham Paint Lick Dixie Garrett Corbin James Marcum Louisa George Lee Smith Richmond Paul Moore Elmgrove, W. Va. James Johns Corbin Bettye Miller Mt. Vernon Lawrence Morris Bondville Margaret Hold Macomb, 111. en Willis Potter Russell Leroy Melvin Paintsville 60 Camella Morris Ashland s p Z 5 Betty Keen Hyden Paul Cox Newport Harry Riley Ft. Thomas George Purdon Maysville Helen Holsclaw Lothair William Huber Newport Sally Justice Ashland Ed Stamper Beattyville Rose Pfalzer Eades Louisville Bill Ed White Manchester Ed Strohmeier Frankfort Mary Fletcher Neon Carl Pritchard Ashland Alma Cochran Berea William Rankin Louisa Sally Souther Florence Raymond Wilson Oneida Julian Benton Hazard Margaret Cullon Richmond James Cox Kirksville William Joos Newport Louise Bourne Harrodsburg Jack Hutton Cumberland Jane Garriott Harrodsburg R. L. Coburn Ashland Robert Williams Richmond Jean Smith Ary Carter Still Bellevue Audrea Combs Hazard Joe Fryz McKees Rocks, Pa. s 62 s Sara Miller Carrollton Billy Wilson Irvine Sanford Jones Bulan Nelda Smyth Julesboro, Colo. Lloyd Smith Berea Marcella Smith Corbin Ray Profiitt London Don Rawlings London Earl league Annville Louis Boneta Richmond Margaret Martin Danville James Thompson Corbin Roger Courts Bradford Charlotte Taylor Erlanger Edwin Monroe Falmouth John Cosby Richmond s P Edwin Carter Richmond Thelma Bowman Annville BUI Floyd Eubank Ira Begley Ingram Rosemary Vandermark Corbin Alonzo Nelson Richmond Robert McHargue Corbin Emily Richards Liberty Ernest McNabb Richmond Carson Dolen Monticello Ann Burgin Gee Elwood Lucas Beattyville Charles Daniels Louisa Phyllis Pearson Waco John E. Deering Covington Ralph Elliott Dayton E 5 DANA BALL Harlan PAUL HICKS Cynthiana MARY LOIS OSBORNE Richmond BILL LARKEY Hazard JACK BURKICH Neon RUSSELL ROBERTS Paris GEORGE HOBBS St. Helens CURTIS LEE SMITH Cave City DONALD HIBBARD Covington ELAINE GARDINER Lexington LUTHER BEATLEY Richmond MELVIN DICKERSON Cold Springs ADELAIDE BYRON Ashland TRUMAN HILL Corfcin EDNA COSBY BEATLEY Richmond ROBERT GUNNING Covington s r ENOCH SERGENT Colson CHARLES LOV E Farmers ROSE MARIE KUHN Latonia DUDLEY MURPHY Richmond PATSY BURKHART Harlan OPP BUSSELL Ml. Vernon JOHN BALLARD Richmond RUSSELL SCALF G : I in MURIEL NAPIER Cranks DONNA HACKWORTH Russell WILLIAM NICKELL West Liberty BETTY JANE ADAMS Ft. Knox VERNON BURCH Island City GENE DOWNING Maysville BARBARA DeJARNETTE Richmond DAVID McQUEEN Bond fc E s SAM BALDWIN Hopkinsville JAMES CINNAMON Cynthiana FERN LOVELESS London KERMIT CAUDILL Vicco JOHN ELSEE Irvine JOY HOPPER Richmond JACK PERCIFUL Mt. Vernon THELMA HACKWORTH Ivyton MARILYN BELLONBY Covington WILLIAM LOWE Ashland WENDELL BUCK Somerset MARY LOU DAVIS McKee GLENN GARRETT Corbin WILLIE HIATT Wildie BETTY GURLEY Harlan BRUCE NEWHALL Covington s p JOHN BUSSEY Covington DOROTHY BRANDHORST Maderia, Ohio OMER WEST London CLETA JENNINGS Newport ANN BUSSEY Covington DEWEY HOGUE Covington ROBERT SKIDMORE Gray ' s Knob JAMES MEEK Falmouth BETTY JANE SHANNON Richmond JOSEPH NEWBY Somerset LENORA DOUGLAS Hazard AL DARGIS Newport WILLIAM ALLISON Louellen JOE DE VITA Stamford, Conn. JULUIS SIZEMORE Paint Lick JAMES ROSER Lexington ee V I s JOHN HENRY HAIL LAURA ROBERTS BILLY PRITCHETT BETTY BROWN Ruth Prestonburg Richmond Covington CHARLES ROSCO GODBY ELIZABETH ADAMS HAROLD J. MAUPIN MRAZOVICH Somerset Paint Lick Berea Ambridge, Pa. ELDON WHITE WILLIAM HAGAN BARBARA LEHMAN JUNE CLEAVER Wallins Creek Bardstown Princeton, Ind. Mt. Olivet GLENNA HICKMAN BLAINE LAKES HOLLIS PERRY EDWARD FITZGERALD Virgie Bond Lawrenceburg Louisville 69 Q Ck S ? RUTH CHEATHAM DON HALE GEORGE BAKER JOE ROOP Columbia Cold Spring Oneida Richmond CECIL CRAIG I. R. FRANK JANE THOMAS PAUL DAY Covington Ft. Thomas Williamstown Zoe DENT HOLLIDAY REBA COY BOBBY CURTIS ADA BLACK Hazard Richmond Somerset Kay Jay EDWARD SHEMELYA WALTER GREENE MINNIE LAWRENCE LAWRENCE BURK Baden, Pa. Pineville Shelbyville Covington ) E S JACK COTTENGIN CLARA COTTENGIN JAMES NEAL PATRICIA ANN Winchester Winchester Newport HUGHES BETTY JO COLLINS JAKE REAMS NELSON GAY Beattyville Glomawr Richmond Richmond ARTHUR SEESHOLTZ WILLIAM BREWER HENRY SMYTH HUGH SHRYOCK Newark, Ohio Lebanon College Hill Lawrenceburg MYRTLE ANN JAMES TIPTON BILLY HUGHES ALMA JEAN HEDDEN McDAVID Irvine McKee Carrollton Winchester EDWIN KEEN Buckhorn s STEVE MARCUM HELEN KEEN LYNN OWENS BETTY Oneida Buckhorn Benham NONNEMACHER BETTY SPARKS JACK STIDHAM RAMONA CREECH Booneville Painlsville Lothair Cumberland ALMA MEADE JAMES GIRDLER LOU HUFF NANCY REICHSPFARR Ligon Somerset Cumberland Richmond JAMES FLOYD WALLER RANDOLPH MARY MARGARET PAUL RAMSEY Richmond Perryville MYERS Corbin NANCY LANE Cumberland Berea 72 James Allen Oneida James McAuley Kona Virginia Remke Ft. Thomas Roy Redmond Cincinnati, Ohio Jack Hastie Winchester Nancy Baldwin Hokpinsville Riley H. Allen Liberty Gerald May Powersburg Joan Willenbrink Bellevue William Reynolds Somerset John Sowell Pageland, S. C. Billy Jo Turpin Richmond George Black Richmond Jack Meeks Corbin Dorothy Young Stanford Grigly G. Browning Dry Ridge FRESHMEN Harold Moberly President Paul Duncan Vice-President Jenny Lou Eaves Secretary Leland Steely Treasurer Dr. Fred P. Giles Sponsor Mrs. Robert Seevers Sponsor 75 Roy Morgan Mill Pond Shirley Tieman Ft. Thomas Bobby Jones Cynthiana Mattie Gardner Elizabethtown Ray Feld Bellevue Rosa Lee Hale Flat Lick James Siles Covington Barbara Hatfield Ashland Alvin Davis Hazard Sybil Parks Richmond Tommy Smith Harlan Nola Hysinger Brodhead lames F. Robinson Willard Kathleen McQueen Bond Ernest Palas Cynthiana Lillian Branscum Greenwood Alex Stevens Gravel Switch Perry Greer Hazard Hubert Allen Bardstown Josephine Wilder Paint Lick William Todd Richmond Robert Tankosh Pittock, Pa. Imogene Vickory Bethisda Clifford Thompson Miracle James Hemingway Sparta Pat Miller Richmond Dallas Miller Richmond Walter Ledford Louisville Mary E. Evans Grayson Dick Heile Ft. Thomas Warden Hacker Richmond Herbert Williams Maysville Ira Pittman Liberty Isazell Hughes Crystal Lawrence Turner Hayden Anna Leer Covington Kenneth Massey Somerset Jean Wakefield McKee Clarence Morrow Reno Florence Tremper Detroit, Mich. Bobby King Benham Marjorie Ralston Paint Lick Alfred Mattox Richmond Faith Gray Benton Bob Watson Wallins Patsy Whalen Cynthiana Cleo Wilson Keno Evelyn Fugate Verda Freddy Miller Carrollton Jonnie Duff Hazard Anthony Hays Shelbyville Betty Richardson Richmond Orloff Enarr Covington Sylvia Martin Stanford Glen Helton Ezel Mary Jo Gumbert Richmond Carlos Hoskins Hyden Ruth Yokum Stanford John Horn Paintsville Ethel Tribble Middlesboro Sterling Parrish Richmond Eva Madden Hazard Frances Norton Nicholasville Harold E. Richardson Richmond Rex Miller Sand Gap Eugenia Haden Richmond Eustis Weddle Richmond Helen Jones Richmond Mary S. McLain Louisville John Vukoucan Ambridge, Pa. Marianella Thompson Ewing Eddie Humston Shelbyville Wilma Million Richmond Bobby Hamilton Berea lean Knox Boyc Hobart Noe Paint Lick Jean Norvell Danville Alvis Rutherford Harlan Berdenia Sparks McKee Omer Wheat Bardstown 80 LOUISE BRYANT Frankfort DOUGLAS CAMPBELL Dayton WALLACE HICKS Cynthiana GERALD JOHNSON Baxter RAY BALDWIN London MAXINE CAIN Stanford CHARLES MILLER Shelbyville VIRGIL HUDNALL Barterville GLYNDON CLICK Sand Gap RALPH HUFFAKER Monticello EDITH BENTON Richmond MARVIN ISON Ashland SHELBY DAVIS Pineville GAIL GODSEY Happy JOHN GILBERT Auxier MARILYN HAAS Ft. Thomas JIMMY DUPREE Viccc JAMES ADAMS CHARLES BRANSON Canyon Falls MARTHA J. GORTNEY Harrodsburg MARY DYE Stanford JACK CLARK Big Hiil GENOPAL BRITTON Heidrick HERMAN FAULKNER Ingram LYON BAUMLER Sandusky, Ohio RAY COY CHARLES BEVINS HOBERT CAYTON Covington WILLIAM BROWN Corbin MARIA DIAZ DANIEL DOUGHERTY Bellevue JIM BARRICKMAN Middlesboro 8 2 » i a i DOROTHY JEAN JIM FOTHERGILL DOUGLAS HINES STEVE CUFF BAILEY Carrollton Science Hill Richmond Blanche ANN CHILDERS JOHN STEPHENS HERMAN S. CHARLES BELLOS Walton Loveland, Ohio FAULCONER Stamford, Conn. NEAL BENNETT CHARLENE BOYD Covington STANLEY A. BISHOP Pineville Trinity CLAUDE BIVINS Sand Gap PAUL DUNCAN LACY G. BARBE Louisville GERALD GREEN Ambridge, Pa. Cincinnati WANDA DURBIN Alva Irvine JACK DUVALL ROBERT EVANS GERNA BURCH JOSEPHINE ACKER Winchester, Va. Corbin Sturgeon Lancaster DONALD CONGLETON JACK BRADLEY COY HAGAN BILL ED COLEMAN Richmond McRoberts Paint Lick Richmond CLAUDE BEGLEY PHYLLIS CHANDLER ALBERT AMBURN JOHN GONDA Allais Ashland Corbin Grindstone, Pa. PATRICIA EVANS JUDSON EDWARDS KEITH BAKER FRANK DARLING Paintsville Warsaw Corbin Glouster, Ohio ESTHER SHELTON WILLIAM MASSEY JOE WHITE JOHN ALLEN Raven, Va. Newport Somerset Trixie PAUL STRATTON PEGGY JOHNSON TOM WARDRUP EDWIN KINCER Meta Glencoe Middlesboro Cromona STANLEY DODDRIDGE RITA CH1LDERS ROSE MARIE FREY VILLIN ENSOR South Shore Richmond Beattyville South Shore TERRY WILLIAMS CLINTON HELTON JOE MENNINGER MARGARET Corbin Mt. Vernon Newport KLINCHOCK Lynch ED ZORET1C DARWIN BURCH CECIL R. JONES FLORENE HOWARD Bobtown, Pa. Sturgeon Dunnville Hazard DALE WRIGHT CHARLES WHITAKER JOYCE WILHOIT 1ELAND STEELEY Carrollton Cromona Frankfort Corbin HAROLD JENKINS MARGARET FRED ENGLE. JR. JOSEPH GILL Richmond HAMILTON Richmond New Castle BETTY J. HAWKINS Waco DON HACKER SAM WILSON Canton, N.C. FOREST D. DRAKE Zachariah Hazard Buena Vista EVAREE BUFFIN BILL EMMETT EARL BAXTER HERBERT HOSKINS Versailees Middlesboro Walton Station Corbin TED DUNN SYLVIA BROCKMAN BILL BARBIEX HOWARD BALES Richmond Sand Gap Hazard Shopville KENNETH CHAMBERS MORRIS BRYANT JOHN CHAMBERS DOROTHY CLARK Independence Eminence Richmond Shawhan RAY T. BROWN CHARLES HUMSTON JIMMY ADAMS BETTY JENNINGS Cynthiana Shelbyville Blackey Carrollton LAMOIN DENNY Cooper JEAN BOILS Monticello MARIAN HARDING Ewing LEAMON BROOKS Ingram MARTHA DUNN Buena Vista JENNY EAVES Ashland GLENN MORGAN Mill Pond CARLENE STONE Berry REVA W. GARRETT Frankfort CLAYTON CRAFT Mt. Sterling MARY WORLEY Monticello MARILLYN WALKER Newport JOHN DUNSIL. JR. McKee PAT WIKEL Ft. Mitchell BETTY THOMPSON Danville PAULA FLINCHUM Mayking HERMAN SPARKS BARBARA IRENE CENTERS ELAINE ALLEN McKee BRIETENSTEIN Mt. Sterling Bardstown EULA LEE BINGHAM Ft. Thom as OLLIE JANE COX GEORGEANNE DAVIS Burlington RUSSELL RUSSO Flemingsburg Catlettsburg DORIS CROLEY Ambridge. Pa. LOGAN SEBASTIAN NENA CARMAN Insull NANCY HUDNELL Cahoe Richmond COLLEEN WILSON Barterville LOYCE AGEE FRANCIS ROTHWELL Mt. Sterling BETTY JO DICKISON South Shore Richmond Richmond SARAH TOUMEY RALPH TUCKER EDWARD ROARK PAUL WATTS Titusville, Fla. Kona Richmond Lawrenceburg LUCIAN WHITE ANITA GOSNEY GERALD P. HUFFMAN JOHN WALTERS Greene Ft. Thomas Pikeville Danville CHARLES HURT HAROLD KITTRELL JOAN SALE DALLAS MORRIS Brodhead Columbus, Ohio Park Ridge, 111. iVlcKee JAMES INGRAM ROMAN TODORAN CHARLES JASPER GLENNA STEVENS Paint Lick Weirton, W. Va. Hogue Grahn f% f j « • - bobby Mcdonald RAY HELTON MELVIN EVERLING PATSY WALKER Waco Corbin Indianapolis, Ind. Cynthiana JOHN PARK THADDEUS RAYMOND THELMA TROSPER DICK MORRISON Richmond Ambridge, Pa. Covington Parkersburg, W. V JACK PETERS PATRICIA LACKEY LEROY KENDALL BILL TAYLOR Cleming Irvine Carlisle Barbourville MAXINE TAYLOR MACK WALLACE COLLAS SIMPSON BILLY KERSEY Corbin Somerset Somerset Richmond A. P. ROSE Shelbyville JANE WILHOIT Frankfort JANET ROBERTS Valley Stream, N.Y. NANCY MULLINS Wildie JESSICA WALTERS Harrodsburg KERMIT PICKLESIMER Volga DORIS SIMPSON Frazer ALBERT RICH Williamstown VIRGINIA HEISS Burtonville INEZ BENGE Berea ARCHIE L. STAMPER Beattyville ROSE KELSAY Shearer Valley MARTHA CORNETT Hazard EUNICE OWENS New Castle BETTY LEE NORDHEIM ( ' Yin it n HAROLD MOBERLY Richmond 92 FRANCES STANLEY BILLIE SMITH JOAN RIGGS JOHN GRAY Hardy Corbin Ludlow Bellevue MARY FRANCES FRANCES PHILLIPS REED ELLIOTT NELLIE LOU STEELE ROBINSON Hazard Corbin Hazard Harrodsburg MORRIS GOVER DOLORES WALKER VIRGINIA BERNARD SARAH GRIGGS Monticello Louisville Hazard Richmond BETTY GRIFFIN MALENE MARY ANGLIN LLOYD EAST Mt. Vernon BRANDENBURG Mt. Vernon Lancaster Beattyville MARY I. DOWNS ROY MAUPIN Newport Berea CARL MARTIN NANCY FRAIM Straight Creek Huntington, W. V CHARLES FRIEND WILLIAM HORN Waco Wallins Creek JOHN CREECH WILLIAM LEEDY Cumberland Stanford HOBEnT FORD NATHAN HALE Everts HARRY SWEEZY Fleming JOE HARPER Ambridge, Pa. LOU McMANIS London JAMES HANNA Carrollton AUSTIN FAULKNER Fargo JOANN HALE Corbin Coxton 94 McELWYN WHITAKER LEROY KINMAN NOEL STEPHENS MARY TERRILL Harlan Carlisle Richmond Richmond PAUL WILSON WENDELL COOK RAYMA SUE MILLER BILLY BOGIE Lothair Williamstown Hazard College Hill HAROLD E. LORENE BURRIS CURTIS HUNT CHARLES DIXON RICHARDSON Stanford Somerset Carlisle Richmond MOODY HOWARD DELBERT HENSLEY WILLMER HALCOMB BETTY HAMPTON Calloway Tanksley Gordon Richmond GARNETTA HARDIN Harrodsburg CLOETA ELSWICK WILMER BROWNING Fristy JOE KOHLER Bellevue JEWEL BELL Paint Lick EVELYN HARLOW Harrodsburg ARVEL BRANSCUM Greenwood CHARLES HALE Haver Hill SALLY HOSKINS Hector OLIN A. ELLIOTT Merlin JESSIE W. McKINNEY Valley Oak RUTH GALLOWAY Alexandria FLETCHER GABBARD Sand Gap NANCY HART Berea JOHN BRABANT Elkton LOIS YOUELL Ludlow Lawrence Monds Science Hill Donald Roberts Richmond Alfred Fields Royrader Mabel Rennix Richmond lack Jackson Tinsley Luther Webb Tanksley Mary Kathryn Moss Lancaster Bob Gary Hopkinsville Ray McEndree Covington Kathleen Roberts Zanesville, Ohio Cleve Thomas Corbin Vaughn Hackworth Portsmouth, Ohio Gladys Vest Frankfort Paul Stafford Paintsville Jack Billingsley Middlesboro Barbara Stephenson Covington 97 Leana Southwood Eadsville Elizabeth Ball Monticello Paul Ley Chauncey, Ohio Clifton Goins Frankfort Daphne Smith Richmond Courtney Walker Newport I 1 - - Jet " Price Roberts Hyden Lloyd G. Smyth Fitchburg Doris Smith Dayton Vivian Pelley Covington Al Shea Carlisle Cordelia Reed Harrodsburg Carl Sizemore Hyden Leon Pearson Richmond Cecil Shryock Lawrenceburg Robert Hounchell Oneida Willie G. Beaty Covington Gwendolyn Gover Frazer Bill Roberts Ft. Mitchell Martha Pergrem Auxier Donald Stahl Verona Don Schaefer Bellevue Gene Rowland Williamstown Nancy Brown Jenkins lames D. Pope Jarvis Store Joyce McCulley Lancaster Luella Malicote Berea Herbert Loudenback Urbana, Ohio Carol Marcum Cressmont Roy Roberts Richmond Eleanor McConnell Richmond Harry Ratlilf Bellevue Patsy Pullins Berea Winfred Dodson Somerset Joy Lee Richmond Alfred Brooks Hazard Caroline Pabst Ft. Thomas Franklin Sanders Praise too Steve Pulawski Weirton, W. Va. Louis Manning Lynch Jeanette Riley Buckhorn Lois Kolo Ft. Thomas David K. Potter West Liberty Margaret Jones Falmouth Harold Bowling Corbin Steven Hlebec McKees Rocks, Pa David Rush Portsmouth, Ohio Dewey E. Jones Verda Mary Lou Smith Verda Nancy Shewmaker Harrodsburg Ernest Rail Beattyville Carolyn Stamper Beattyville James Siphers Benham Gordon Fox Homes Prestonsburg Leon Moores Richmond Kenton Ross Paint Lick lack King Benham Harrison Mays Richmond Kenneth Pabst Ft- Thomas Sara Sheets Frankfort Roy Caywood Middlesboro Martha Smith Louisville Ella Venable Richmond lack Steele Hazard Rebecca Ramsey Pikeville Rex Osborne Eastern Martha Roll Hazard Jim Schaub Dayton Doris Shanklin Harlan John W. Fletcher Monroe, Mich. 102 Ann Kabler Salvisa Haldor Yinger Jackson, Ohio Donald Newson Covington Donald Cottrell Chevrolet Robert Robinson Somerset Charles Purkey Berea Billy Tudor Richmond Daniel Bowman Berea Robert Ruschell Silver Grove Johnie Murphy, Jr. Liberty Carl Plantholt Bellevue Bernard Purcell Mt. Vernon Jeanne Franklin Neon Paul E. Hines Yancey 103 . ' jKjP (graduate Students Cephas Bevins Southgate, Ky. Ida Teater Lancaster, Mich. Irvin Kuehn Cincinnati, Ohio Mabel Jennings Benjamin Tinell Richmond, Ky. Covington, Ky. Louis Powers Brooksville, Ky. Louise Williams Richmond, Ky, Fred Edmonds Pikeville, Ky. Virginia Blackburn Pikeville, Ky. Casey Nowakowski Chicago, 111. t im r " ■»» ii sfiS - - " ., — - -J- J ' tHB| " ■ te fe -.. ' - :ii: J - : jatfctf 1 « ' 109 MXS A Miss Eastern Basketball Queen Attendants Hanging of the Greens Miss Popularity The Messiah Chorus Mr. Popularity Who ' s Who Snow Queen Snap Shots Mary Elizabeth Moore Miss Eastern A T T E N D A N T Patria Anne Fair A T T E N D A N Allene Crubb Lenora Douglas Miss Popularity Mr. Popularity Jack Ley Marcella Smith 120 Basketball Queen Pauline Ritter cJhe ( Tanging of the (greens cJhe 1 1 lessiah C ? The performance this year was the 16th occasion of the presentation of the Messiah at Eastern with chorus, soloists, and orchestra. The chorus includes members of the student body, members of the faculty, and interested people from the community. Mr. Van Peursem is the director. 123 Who s Wh o First Row: John Holland, Marilyn Trieschman, Elizabeth Pennington, Lula Thurman, Edna Truesdell, Conrad Ott. Second Row: Glenna Frisby, Peggy McGuire, Allene Grubb, Ida Teater. Third Row: Paul Bunton, James Hutson, Neal Boyd, Karl Schilling. 124 126 Director of Athletics C. T. HUGHES Since coming to Eastern ' s campus nineteen years ago, Charles " Turkey " Hughes has been the man behind the men that have coached some of the best athletic teams in the South. During his long stay here, " Turkey " has been the main " Cog " in always producing the winning team. Besides being Director of Athletics, " Turkey " is also the baseball coach. His pleasing personality and winning smile have won him a host of friends throughout the country. Tom Samuels after taking over the head coach duties at the start of the 1947 season established a very commendable season rec- ord. Samuels is admired and respected by the students and his colleagues for his friendly personality and his untiring service in building up our Mighty Maroons. Glenn Presnell as backfield coach in his first year at Eastern assisted head coach Tom Samuels in shaping one of the most aggres- sive teams in the K.I.A.C. conference. Pres- nell quickly and efficiently organized his backfield into one of the most smooth work- ing combinations ever to tally for the Maroon and White. Fred Darling, line coach, is a former Ma- roon, all K.I.A.C. and Little All American tackle. Fred proved his ability in moulding charging linemen and defensive stalwarts. Fred ' s kenness in scouting opponents proved invaluable. Cliff Tinnell served as special assistant to head coach Samuels and line coach Darling. Tinnell is also a former Maroon, having played four years as guard in the same line with Darling. Cliff ' s ability in developing young guards proved a great asset to the team. y rtd 1 1 ientors ■■•-• ♦ I ... ' -., . cJhe Cheer JLead ers First row, left to right — Nancy Blake, Nancy Hudnall, Jane Garriot, Phyllis Ward- rup. Second row — Betty Ruth Gurley, Jimmy Cinnamon, Jeanne Franklin. 134 Eastern 14 Eastern Illinois 13 Eastern 6 Marshall 7 Eastern 13 Murray 21 Eastern 34 Emery and Henry Eastern 18 Valparaiso Eastern 34 Morehead 7 Eastern 13 Louisville 21 Eastern 27 Western 7 Eastern 6 South Eastern La. 30 Total 165 99 )n cJhe (gridiron - n f ■■ s£$ I? f C Ir ■ £? a 60 an g(. g. a. e. Harry Sweesy ... 5 ft. 10 in. 165 pound Freshman halfback from Ambridge, Pa. . . . Can show flashy open field running . . . Picked for stardom on next year ' s eleven. . . lack Balhman . . . Sophomore from Fort Thomas, Ky. . . . 6 ft. 3 in. 214 pounds of dynamic end . . . one of next years main- stays. . . Paul Wright . . . Junior from South Shore, Ky. . . . 6 ft. 184 pounds regular center . . . Demon on de- fense. . . Joe Hollingsworth . . . hard driv- ing fullback and phenomenal kicker ... 6 it. 196 pounds of defensive giant in backing up line . . . hails from Lynch, Ky. . . Delmos Freeman ... 5 ft. 1 1 in. 190 pounds of fighting guard. . . All K.I.A.C. in 1946 . . . Junior from Evarts, Ky. . . 136 i-VV ' ' •..-.. .-?,„ ' ,y ' : . CJ! COE l! C L T !I !!i Louis Manning ... 6 ft. 3 " 202 lb. giant . . . Freshman from Lynch, Ky. . . . Good defensive end. Should be very valuable next year. Russell Russo ... 5 ft. 10 " 151 lb. cagey scatback from Am- bridge, Pa. . . . great quarterback freshman find . . . Bill Emmett ... an 18 year old freshman quarterback sensation . . . extra point specialist . . . hails from Middlesboro . . . All conference player in High School Lynn Owens ... 6 ft. 1 " 196 lb. tackle from Benham, Ky. . . . Rough and rugged . . . really loves the game . . . Tack Ley ... 180 lb. halfback from Chauncy, Ohio . . . third year varsity player . . . great kicker and passer . . . injuries kept him on bench latter part of the season . . . I Frank Siphers ... 6 ft. third year varsity end ... 185 lbs. of rugged aggression . . . hails from Benham, Ky. . . . Bill Aiken ... 6 ft. 1 " 195 lb. tackle . . . plays to win . . . high school coach and Eastern gradu- ate . . . hails from Evarts, Ky. Larry Becker ... 6 ft. 191 lb. halfback from Wheeling, W. Va. . . . played four years for Ma- roons . . . also track star . . . holds state record for Javelin throwing . . . Pete Nonnemaker ... 5 ft. 10 " 196 lbs. from Columbus, Ohio . . . four star general on the field . . . extra point specialist . . . also star on the college nine . . . Pete is being watched by big time scouts Lou Laposki ... 5 ft. 10 " 211 lb. sophomore guard from Tilton- ville, Ohio . . . fast and aggres- sive . . . honorable mention all K.I.A.C. . . . « «, -mm-m- Mark Lohr ... 6 ft. 3 " 210 lbs. hails from Logan, Ohio . . . knee injury hampered him most of the season . . . third year varsity tackle . . . Al Clark ... 6 ft. 186 lb. flashy guard from Wheeling, W. Va. . . . good defensive player . . . Dick Morrison ... 5 ft. 9 " 155 lb. speed merchant from Parkers- burg, W. Va. . . . another fresh- man find . . . Maroon leading scorer . . . Paul Moore . . Junior halfback from Wheeling, W. Va. . . . 156 lbs. of fighting gameness . . . leg injury kept him on bench part of the season . . . one of next years mainstays . . . Bob Tankosh ... 6 ft. 3 " 194 lb. (yankee) from Pitlock, Pa. . . . good defensive end ... 19 year old freshman . . . yi -- Mkx -i 1 ' ' : Joe Yanity ... b ft. 202 lb. tackle from Athens, Ohio . . . reg- ular tackle ... 21 year old sec- ond year varsity man . . . one of next years main cogs . . . also brilliant in his studies . . . Jack Cottengin ... 22 year old backfield man from Winchester, Ky. . . . always a thorn against opposing teams . . . Ted Miller ... 192 lb. 5 ft. 11 " guard from Johnstown, Pa. . . . started every game . . . very fast . . . can really run interference . . . noted for good sportsmanship .. - «. ■■ ■ w Jay McFarland . . . freshman ... 18 year old 205 lb. 6 ft. rugged tackle from Ft. Thomas . . . should develop into a great ball player . . . very quiet but very rough . . . Mike Jasko . . . second year varsity back from Wheeling, W. Va. ... 190 lbs. of fighting full- back . . . »» ;; s; :; :; r, H ■■ Steve Pulawski . . . 215 lb. tackle from Weirton, West Va. ... 6 ft. of dependable lineman . . . experience should make him an outstanding lineman . . . Emerson Warf ... 170 lb. back from Benham, Ky. . . . valuable reserve . . . played last game for Maroons . . . Carl Martin . . . 175 lb. fresh- man tackle from Knox Central, Ky. . . . made up in fighting spirit what he lacked in weight Ed Zoretic ... 20 year old sec- ond year varsity back .. . 173 lb. halfback . . . very shifty . . . good timber for next years grid campaign . . . Bill George ... 165 lb. 5 ft. 10 " halfback from Dayton, Ky. . . . light shifty halfback . . . good passer . . . mpm II C t! - - - - Harold KiHrell ... 18 year old freshman find from Columbus, Ohio ... 5 ft. 11 " 180 lbs. . . . tough and durable . . . hard charging end . . . Steve Hlebec . . . reserve cen- ter ... 6 ft. 205 lbs. . . . noted for diagnosing plays . . . fresh- man from McKees Rocks, Pa. . . . Carl Planholt ... 5 ft. 10 " 161 lbs. ... 19 year old freshman guard from Bellevue. Ky. . . . another freshman discovery . . . Roman Todoran . . . 210 lb. tackle from Weirton, West Va. . . lots of fight and agressive- ness . . . Dick Scherrbaum ... 165 lb. flashy back from Beaver, Pa. . . . third year varsity man . . . one of next years mainstays . . . catcher on Eastern nine . . . 142 Merle NickeU ... 168 lb. half- back from West Liberty, Ky. . . . 20 year old sophomore discovery . . . valuable reserve back . . . George Gumbert ... 19 year old guard from Richmond, Ky. . . . light but good on defense . . . coached by an Eastern grad- uate . . . experience should make him an outstanding lineman . . . Harry Grimme ... 152 lb. back from Fort Thomas, Ky. . . . sec- ond year varsity player . . . very light but very fast . . . m: Mm . m Earl Parker ... 5 ft. 11 " 182 lbs. . . . valuable reserve center . . . fine line backer . . . Chuck Bellos ... 180 lb. fresh- man quarterback from Stamford, Conn. . . . injured part of the season . . . will be ready next year . . . N 4R , " - i • r Ronnie Williams ... 18 year old 186 lb. center from Cincin- nati, Ohio . . . with experience he should develop into " a fine player . . . George Ison ... 5 ft. 10 " 178 lbs. ... 19 year old freshman center from Ashland, Ky. . . . full of fight and spirit . . . Joe Dove ... 20 year old cen- ter from Vienna, Va. ... 170 lb. sophomore . . . very promising prospect . . . hard " worker . . . John Gonda ... 6 ft. 215 lb. giant from Grindstone, Pa. . . . alternates between fullback and tackle . . . lots of hustle . . . Homer Rice ... 20 year old sophomore back from Ft. Thomas . . . very promising . . . light but ■ fast . . . 144 Coach Paul McBrayer Since coming to Eastern two years ago Coach Paul McBrayer has done more to put Eastern " on the map " than any other person in the history of the school. McBrayer was an All American guard some years back while playing the guard position with the University of Kentucky. In his first years at Eastern, Coach Mc- Brayer established one of the best records in the nation. Again this year the Eastern Maroons were one of the top fifty teams in the nation. Eastern is proud in having one of the nation ' s best coaches. Ed Lander Introducing Ed Lander, another former University of Kentucky basketeer, and the able assistant of Coach Paul McBrayer. Eastern and Coach McBrayer are very fortunate in having such an able assistant. In his first year at Eastern, as cm as- sistant to Coach McBrayer, Ed, beyond a doubt, has proven his ability as a basket- ball coach. w On the Hard Court " Front Row, left to right: Harper, Becker, Humpston, Roberts, Reid. Second Row: Ritter, Fryz, Mrazovich, Shemelya, Moberly, Hicks. Third Row: Assistant Coach Ed Lander, Coleman, Dupree, Duncan, Stepanik, Coach Paul McBrayer. Fourth Row: Silliman, Thompson, Eagle, Spicer, Patterson. 146 Season ' s Summary Eastern 45 Eastern 49 Eastern 73 Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern 55 56 46 70 85 65 63 58 53 51 62 67 42 Eastern 76 Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern 58 94 72 59 51 So. Methodist University 66 University of Denver 53 Furman University 49 University of Louisville 56 Villanova 54 Murray 43 Univ. of So. Dakota 49 Furman University 40 Franklin College 42 Kentucky Wesleyan 47 Valparaiso University 53 Morehead 48 Murray 42 University of Louisville 73 Kentucky Wesleyan 57 Western Ky. 49 Georgetown College (Ky.) 40 Berea College 45 Berea College 46 Morehead 53 Indiana State 51 Western Ky. 65 Total 1240 1121 K.I.A.C. Tournament Eastern Eastern Eastern 66 Morehead 44 52 Western Ky. 62 77 Murray 78 Total 195 If Chuck Mrazovich . . . Ambridge, Pa. ... 6 ft. 5 in. Sophomore . . . All K.I.AC 1947 and 1948 . . . One of the best centers in Eastern ' s his- tory. Goebel Ritter . . 6 ft. 3 in. Senior forward from Richmond, Ky. . . . All K.I AC. 1948 . . . leading scorer for the Maroons with his one hand push shot. Joe Fryz - - . forward from McKees Rocks, Pa. . . . All K.I.A.C. 1947 . . . Quick and speedy . . . good defensive man. Ed Shemelya . . 6 ft. 3 in. Sopho- more guard from Ambridge, Pa. . . . rebound artist and good team man. Paul Hicks . . Cynthiana, Ky. 6 ft. 3 in. guard . . Sophomore . . . good ball handler and long shot artist 148 Gerald Becker Senior from Wheeling, W. Va. . . . Hard driving forward . . . good overhead shot . . . calm and cool. Bob Coleman ... 6 ft. 4 in. from Corbin, Ky. . . . Sophomore . . Good reserve center . . . ag- gressive rebounder. Walter Reid . . Newark, Ohio . . . 5 ft 8 in Sophomore guard . . . " Speedy " his nickname, Speedy he is. Bussell Roberts .. 5 ft. 11 in. Sopho- more guard from Paris, Ky. . . . accurate shot . . . good team man. Carl Eagle . . . Harlan, Ky. . . . 6 ft. 3 in. . . alternates at guard and forward . . . scrappy . . . plays hard. 149 Joe Harper . guard from London, Ky. . . . Freshman . . . called " Jumping Joe. " Harold Moberly . . . 6 ft 3 in. center from Richmond, Ky. . . . Freshman find . . . showed his ability in the conference tournament. Eddie Humston . . . Lawrenceburg, Ky . . . Freshman . . . speedy guard with good possibilities. Leon Duncan . . . Freshman from Richmond, Ky. ... 6 ft. 2 in. guard . . . should develop. James Dupree . . . Vicco, Ky. . . , Freshman ... 6 ft. 3 in. forward . . . shaping up fast. 150 veterans [Basketball These are the boys who amassed eleven wins and maintained an undefeated season. First Row, left to right: Roser, West, Cinnamon, Morris, Beatty, Lee, Simmons, Gray, Manager. Second Row: Coach Ray Giltner, Shryock, Argentine, Jones, Lewicki, Sees- holtz, Hays, Campbell, Coach Jack Dorna. 151 Gy i cJhe Jutamond 0 -. £ 4 Fj ■ ,. 7 ,Jkt .. ' Front Row, left to right: James, Parsons, Cinnamon, Clements, Nonnemacher, Giltner, Nelson, Combs, Bartlett. Back Row: Manager Spicer, Sanders, DeVenzio, Bales, Freeman, Coach " Tur- key " Hughes, Wrenn, Dove, Scherrbaum, Patrick, Pattie. After a very successful season last year under Coach Charles " Turkey " Hughes, the Maroons will again take to the diamond to try and better their last year ' s record of 14 — 2. 152 Swi, wimmtn 9 CJi earn First Row: Albert Amburn, Bud Bennett; Roy Roberts, Walter Henry, Charles Combs, Leroy Melvin. Second Row: Jack Kerley, Ralph Sensel, Russel Scalf, Steely McHargue, Ralph Elliott, Lynn Nickell, Paul Love, Coach. cJrack est earn First Row: Harry Grimme, Joe White, Harry Ratliff, Lynn Nickels, Paul Hines, Russ Russo, Cecil Rice. Second Row: Jim Argentine, Manager; Gerald Becker, Virgil Hudnall, Jack Bahlman, Louis Manning, Chuck Mrazovich, Joe Hollingsworth, Goebel Ritter, Fred Darling, Coach. After assuming the duties of head football coach, Tarn Samuels re- linquished his position as track coach and appointed Fred Darling, a former Maroon track star, to succeed him. After a successful season last year, the Maroons under a new coach will be out to defend their 1947 K.I.A.C. track 154 ( irls [Basketball cJeam First Row: Flossie Johnson, Jane Wilhoite, Nancye Hudnall, Mattie Gardner, Elaine Allen, Virginia Strohmeier. Second Row: Marilyn Walker, Jean Wakefield, Eloise Roberts, Joyce Wilhoite, Charlotte Taylor, Louise Bryant, Mary McLain, Hayes Ellen Willham, Gladys Vest. The team was student coached by Virginia Strohmeier and Flossie John- son. The girls made quite a showing at the Basketball Playday held at U. of K., where they won over Union and Nazareth but were finally defeated by U. of K. 155 C irls aiockei cJeatn First Row: Louise Bryant, Nancy Blake, Joyce Wilhoite, Jane Wilhoite, Captain; Charlene Boyd, Barbara Hattfield, Jean Hale, Elaine Allen, Glenna Frisby, Hayes Ellen Willham. Second Row: Jane Lander, Coach; Flossie Johnson, Co-Captain; Delores Wal- ker, Charlotte Taylor, Rose Mathis, Virginia Strohmeier, Camella Morns, Nancye Hudnall, Mattie Gardner, Betsy Tandy, Marilyn Walker. Hockey was the outstanding sport of the W.A.A. this year. Not only did the girls play U. K. twice, take a two-day trip to Louisville, where they played various schools, but they also participated in a Hockey Playday at Centre. Eastern— U. K. Here 1—1 Eastern — U. K. There 3 — 3 Eastern— U L. There 3—0 Eastern — Sacred Heart There — E -.tern— Nazareth There 5—0 sSBk r 157 Conrad Ott Howard Bartlett Paul Bunton Wilburn Cawood Thomas McHone Carroll McGufiey Raymond Parsons Glenn Garrett Glenna Frisby Thaddeus Raymond Neal Boyd Jeanne Ruark Margaret Graham Edna Truesdell Marilyn Trieschman John Holland Elizabeth Pennington Edward Casebolt Katherine Sizemore Ed Froste Gene Gary Richard Heile Martha Sharp Dr. Fred P. Giles 159 1 1 itisic K lllb First Row: Bill Gravely, President; Doris Deetch, Vice-President; Margaret Hol- der!, Secretary; Lenore Douglas, Treasurer. Second Row: Jeanne Murbach, Doris Shanklin, Betty Griffin, Janet Roberts, Don Hacker, John Creech, Bill Allison, Thelma Trosper, Mr. James E. Van Peur- sem, Co-Sponsor. Third Row: Mr. Thomas Stone, Co-Sponsor; Isabel Greene, Charlotte Taylor, Peggy Tremper, Jo Glover, Iva Lee Crum; Peggy McGurie; Curtis Smith, Doris Smith, Margaret Hamilton, Jean Knox. Fourth Row: Jim Siphers, Fred Kelly, Paul Love, John Stephens, Eunice Owens, Betty Jean Jennings, Carolyn Stamper, Burgoyne Moores. Student Lin ion 1 1 lusic (committee First row, left to right — Margaret Holden - Chairman, Peggy Tremper, Thelma Trosper, Norma Keesey, Emogene Austin - Secretary, Joan Everting - Treasurer. Second row — Josephine Napier, Helen Rice, Mrs. Katherine Chenault - Sponsor, Betty Ann Blair. (Prota CD ecca First Row — Kathryn Rankin; Mary Catherine Fletcher; Barbara Dejamette, Re- cording Secretary; Margaret Holden; Louise Bourne; Rose Marie Kuhn. Second Row — Elizabeth Ann Murphy; Marilyn McDaniel; Lenora Douglas, Correspond- ing Secretary; Mrs. Emma Y. Case, Sponsor; Anne Rogers Bussey, President; Helen Holtsclaw, Treasurer; Marcella Smith. Third Row — Dorothea Swanson; Janice Truman; Anita Allen; Emily Richards; Sue Bailey; Sara Miller; Sally Souther; Betty Jayne Adams; Violet Marcum. (Agriculture L lub First Row — Willmer Halcomb; Earl Hampton, Jr.; Foster Hamblin, President; Bill Noland; Russell Hamblin; Jim Meek; George Campbell. Second Row — A. B. Carter, Sponsor; J. E. Jones; Del Easterling, Secretary; Paul Virgin; Roger Courts; Neal Boyd, Vice-President. Third Row — Clay Ratliff; Charles Robinson; Marvin Pope; John Cosby; Blaine Correll. World CCffalr, Cluh First row, left to right — Carroll McGuffey, Argyle Lowe, Alva Thomson, Glen Brooks, Jim Robinson. Second row — Conrad Ott - Vice-President, Roddy Rob- bins, Carrie Shipp, Marilyn Trieschman, Edna Mae Truesdell, Allen Pennington - President. Third row — Dr. L. G. Kennamer - Sponsor, Jack Hutton, Jeanne Ruark, Margie Getty, Glen Cummins, Dorothy Branham. Fourth row — Sam Fife, Leon- ard Helton, Raymond Parsons, Neal Boyd, Beatrice Goins - Secretary, Scotty Sterling - Treasurer, Henry Gilbert. Fifth row — Harry Aylor, Fielder Pitzer, Gene Gary, Ruby Jett, Dudley Whitaker, Vernon Rice. [Pulaski LsOuntu Club First row, left to right- -Margaret Ann Brown, Curtis Hunt, Kenneth Massey, John Hail, Roscoe Godby, Carl Flynn, Joyce Corder Secretary, Joe Hardwick - Presi- dent, Ernestine Jasper - Vice-President, Joe Bill Newby - Treasurer, Douglas Hines, Areva Burton, Howard Bales, Charles Jasper, James Adams, Jr., Collos Simpson. Second row — Mack Lee Wallace, J. W. McKinney, Bobby Curtiss, Blaine Correll, Bill Reynolds, Clarence Morrow, Zeke McKee, Cleo Wilson, Bill Barnett, Leroy Leigh, Howard Stroud, Joe White, Lawrence Monds, Pat Wallace. 165 Veterans Club . " . " . " I- ' WI " : 4 • V First Row — Raymond Wilson, Ed Strohmeier, James Johns, Carroll McGuffey, Kermif Picklesimer, Donald Newsom, Jack Burkich, Jack Meeks, Ray Brown, Leland Steely, Cecil Shryock, Robert Lanter, Edward Roark, William Hickman, Tommy Snider, Paul Ley, Herb Williams, Robert McCarthy, John Messer, San- ford Jones, Dallas Morris. Second Row — Clarence Morrow, Ronald Thain, Homer Rice, Maurice Riherd, Dale Wright, Lee Gentry, Earl Adams, Samuel Wilson, Leon Pearson, John Vukovcan, Bruce Newhall, C. R. Prichard, Jo.e Keller, Edward Lewicki, John Vaughn, Jack King, Leroy Kinman, Lawrence Monds, Cleo Wilson, Logan Sebastian. Third Row — Leroy Leigh, Dennis Smith, Julius Lasslo, Herbert Steely, Steeley McHargue, Hallis Perry, Raymond Par- sons, Ernest Rath, Phil Corey, Jim Cox, Leroy Venable, Carl Spurlock, Roddy Robbins, Vernon Rice, Jim Schaub, Harry Ratliff, Ben Hudson, Kenneth Pabst. Fourth Row — Goebel Ritter, Emerson Warf, Charles Lee, John Ryan, Carl Town- send, Dick Kehoe, Norman McGuffey, William Purdon, Jack Stidham, Herbert Loudenback, Robert Ruschell, James Siles, Donald Colvin, Gerald May, Tom Utz, Warren Starns, Charles Williams, Ida Teater, Dudley Whitaker, Paul Love, Charles Huddleston, Joe Spratt, John Stephens Veterans i luh — El , A ' A 4jft ; First Row — Leanor Adams, Robert Skidmore, Jessie Abney, James Bunton, Howard Bartlett, Henry Bindel, Kenneth Chambers, James Baker, Ira Begley, Roy Burns, Harold Maupin, Wade Burchett, Sidney Ormes, Ray Benton. Sec- ond Row — Paul Duncan, Roger Parsons, Joan Everling, Albert Amburn, Glen Cummins, Jack Gatliff, Walter Greene, Henry Gilbert, Orville Taylor, Jim Rob- binson, Robert Marcum, Luis Boneta, Stewart Catlett, Julian Miles, Ed Kaylor. Third Row — NealBoyd, Louis Power, Arvel Branscum, Wilmer Browning, Will- mer Halcomb, Melvin Everling, Elmer Beatty, Lyon Baumler, Glenn Garrett, Virginia Blackburn, Paul Bunton, Mike Jasko, J. T. Bernardo, E. R. Jones, Ray- mond Wilson, Charles Henderson. Fourth Row — Lou Laposki, C. W. Dolen, Charles Hurt, Don Congleton, Ray Bingham, Ed Branaman, Harold Davis, Blaine Correll, Joe Hardwick, Jim Hutson, Dent Halliday, Millard Reece, Gerald Becker, Dill Asher, Eldred Carmac, Herman Judd, Del Easterling, Herbert Hensley, F. B. Hamblin, Opp Bussell. vUesiey Cyoundatwi First row, left to right — Joyce Broyles, Sally Souther - Treasurer, Virginia Bernard - Secretary, Ernestine Jasper - Vice-President, Joe Hardwick - President, Dr. Floyd D. Rose - District Superintendent, Rev. W. A. E. Johnson, Henry Bindel. Second row — Martha Cornett, June Cleaver, Florine Howard, Hayes Ellen Williams, Elizabeth Murphy, Faith Grey, Doris Thompson. Third row — Donald Scanlon, Joe Bill Newby, Windle Cook, James Adams, Bill Floyd. {Bell County dub First row, left to right — Ruth Twinam, Shelby Davis, President; Bud Bennett, Vice-President; Dorothy Lefevers, Sec.-Treas.; Duple Grant, Phyllis Wardrup, Dr. D. T. Ferrell, Sponsor. Second row — Neal Parsons, Ora Begley, Dorothy Bailey, J. D. Shifflett, Moody Howard, Doris Ann Croley, Carl Martin, Tommy Wardrup. Third row — Leman Brooks, Herman Faulkner, Clifford Thompson, Dwaine Day, Roddy Robbins, Walter Greene, Jimmy Barrickman, Bob Markham, Bill Emmett. Co i lege iRed Cross Effie Maye Stewart; Myrtle Ann McDavid; Louise Bryant; Agnes Mullins; Bet- tye Miller; Joan Everling, Secretary; Melvin Everling; Dorothy Brandhorst, Pres- ident; Carrie Shipp; Laura Humble; Frances Wilson; Isayell Hughes; Elsie Gil- liam; Alice Randall; Ruth Cheatham. 170 uxtjma Club First Row — Phyllis Waldrup; Betty Gurley; Jeanne Franklin; Penny Ritter; Betty Harris; Glenna Frisby, President; Katherine Sizemore, Vice-President; Nancy Blake. Second Row — Dorothy Brandhorst; Carolyn Sanders; Nancy Henderson; Nancy Hudnall; Ruth Twinam; Marilyn Trieschman, Secretary-Treasurer; Jane Garrett. Third Row — Phyllis Powell; Bob Coburn; Joe Keller; John Finnegan; Edna Mae Truesdell; Betty Blair; Martha List. Lsdfiteroury L lub First row, left to right — Dr. Roy B. Clark, Sponsor; Edwin Carter, President; Juanita England, Vice-President; Elizabeth Pennington, Treasurer; Anna Frances Parker. Second row — Ida Teater, Joyce Broyles, William Gravely, Emily Rich- ards, William Kearney, Virginia Blackburn. [Photo C lu b First row, left to right — Ed Froste, President; Margaret Graham, Sec.-Treas.; Gene Gary, Vice-President; Eva Winburn, John Holland, Jean Cloyd, Louise Bourne, Eva Cook. Second row — Phyllis Pearson, George Campbell, H. H. La- Fuze, Sponsor; Melvin Dickerson, Lenora Douglas, Howard Bartlett, Helen Hols- claw, Helen Keen, Edwin Keen, William Starnes, Edna Mae Truesdell. The Eastern Photo Club was organized in 1941 for the purpose of stimulating an interest in photography among the students, and to provide opportunity for supervised experience in taking pictures, developing film, and printing. Meet- ings are held twice each month for the purpose of presenting to the members programs on the various phases of photography. In the past the club has spon- sored photo contests, a publication of the " Life at Eastern, " and snapshot sec- tions in the Milestone. fe Club ' w v First Row — Irv Keuhn, Jay McFarland, Dick Scherrbaum, John Reid, Harry Sweesy, Jack Ley, Russell Russo, Mr. J. D. Coates, Sponsor; Charles Combs, Charles Spicer, Pete Nonnemacher, Jim Cinnamon, George Gumbert, Jim Ar- gentine, Smokey Gibson. Second Row — Lou Laposki, Dick Morrison, Lawrence Becker, Paul Love, Howard Bartlett, Jack Cottengin, Rocco Piganell, Joe Emmett, Emerson Warf, Frank Siphers, Joe Hollingworth, Al Clark, Joe Yanity, Harry Grimme, Homer Rice. Third Row— Carl Planholt, Ralph Elliott, Harold Kittrell, Roman Todoran, Ed Zoretic, Mike Jasko, Paul Moore, Louis Manning, Lynn Owens, Steve Lebec, Paul Hicks, Ray Giltner. Fourth Row — Jack Bahlman, Billy George, Goebel Ritter, Bob Tankosh, Steve Pulawski, Mark Lohr, Ted Miller, Bill Aiken, Bob Coleman, Joseph Fryz, Charles Mrazovich, Paul Wright, Gerald Becker. JLittle cJ heater L luo First Row — Edward Strohmeier; William Gravely, Vice-President; Marilyn Mc- Daniel, President; Becky Ramsey; Bette Browne; Edwin Carter, Secretary. Sec- ofid Row — Marilyn Bellonby; Robert Worthington; Edward Casebolt; Katherine Sizemore; Philip Corey; Norman McGuffey; Joseph D. Graham, Sponsor. Third Row — Charles Purkey; William Kearney; Joyce Broyles; Glenna Frisby; Betty Jane Shannon; Nancy Snow; June Cleever. Fourth Row — Dot Brandhorst; Eloise Gilbert; Curtiss Lee Smith. (Home fe cononncs eu First row, left to right — Anita Gosney, Nancy Baldwin, Lula Thurman, Sharlene Mullins, Ruby Maggard, President; Elizabeth Adams, Betty Jean Hill, Secretary; Marcella Smith, Treasurer; Lois Cochrell. Second row — Miss Mary Burrier, Sponsor; Lorene Burris, Gene Wilhite, Blanche Skinner, Sarah Sheets, Sara Touney, Helen Cawood, Florene Howard. Third row — Dixie Garrett, Ernestine Jasper, Carolyn Davis, Laura Humble, Ruth Galloway, Evaree Buffin, Nellie Steele, Mary June Downs, Frances Norton, Minnie Kincaid. Sstill County Club First row, left to right — Jesse Abney, Treasurer; Edward Brakefield, Theda Brakefield, Wanda Durbin, Shirley Wills, Secretary; Raymond Benton, Presi- dent. Second row — Glenn Smith, Billy Cornett, Billy Wilson, James Tipton, Dar- rell Cox, Robert Walker, Billy Davis. Third row— Roy Burns,. Jr., William Hart, Robert Snyder, Arthur Wickersham, Sponsor; Richard Lawson. W.JiMG. Edna Mae Truesdell, President Charlotte Newell. Vice President Joan Everling, Secretary Betsy Tandy, Treasurer Anna Frances Parker, Social Chairman Juanita Sutton Norma Keesey Jane Wilhoit Sue Bailey Peggy McGuire Dorothy Brandhorst Dolores Walker Martha List Sally Souther Mildred Franklin Mrs. Emma Y. Case, Sponsor io.cj. LI. Council Mary Jane Roark, President Helen Holsclaw, Vice President Edna Coomes, Secretary E. N. Perry, Treasurer Fred Engle Martha Johnson Margaret Martin Edsel Vanderpool Lula Thurman Blaine Correll George Cowan Carter Still Julian Cosby Betty Singleton Ruby Morgan Katherine Jasper, B.S.U. Secretary (Kappa CDetta (Pi First row, left to right — Jeanne Ruark, Historian-Reporter; Dr. L. G. Kennamer, Betty Perraut, Margaret Graham, Ida Teater, Carroll McGuffey, Elizabeth Pen- nington, Aldene Lovitt, Allen Pennington, Vice-President; Lula Thurman. Sec- ond row — Roy Greenwell, Joe Yanity, Eugene Jones, George Hicks, Earl Adams, Dr. Fred Engle, Wilkie Sizemore, Alvin McGlasson, Martha Johnson, President. Third row — Mr. M. E. Mattox, Sponsor; Howard Hundemer, J. I. Clemmens, Viv- ian Ratliff, Treasurer; Cephas Bevins, Scotty Sterling, Miss Mary Frances Mc- Kinney, Dr. Anna Schneib, Miss Anna Gill, Dr. W. J. Moore, Carry Shipp. K aduceus L Iub First row, left to right — John Messer, Ed Froste, Eva Cook, Phyllis Pearson, Sec- retary; Jack Hutton. Second row — Jack Perciful, Gordon Browning; John Hol- land, Wade Burchett, Lily Lou Huff, Mary Margaret Myers, Mary Jo Gumbert, Peggy Myers, Mary Terrill. Third row — Eldred Carmack, Jim Hutson, Paul Kleff ner, Thomas Kirby, Bill Riggs, President; Carolyn Sanders, Martha List. Fourth row — Dill Asher, Thomas Snyder, Charles Smith, Alfred Mattox; Harold Davis, Vice-President; Joe Henderson. [Progress o)taf[ Sam Fife, Editor John Deering Paul Duncan Fielder Pitzer Elizabeth Pennington, Edwin Carter [Catherine Sizemore George Campbell Assistant Editor William Kearney Bill Gravely Dorothy Hurt Bill Floyd, Business Manager Betty Shannon Glenna Frisby Sally Souther Fred Engle Edward Casebolt Eloise Gilbert math eu, Lee Gentry, President Russell Shelton Harold Rogers Carroll McGuffey Allene Grubb, Vice President Raymond Wilson Merilyn Trieschman Edward Stamper Sara Miller, Secretary Jean Cloyd Arvin Maggard Arvel Branscum Nina Hillard, Treasurer Cecil Craig Billy Morris Jack K. Steele Fletcher Gabbard James Franklin Don Hibbard William Justice P e 9gy McGuire Henry Bindel J. C. Oak Eugene Jones Eula Bingham Jim Fothergill Joe Walton Rocco Piganell George Campbell Anna Frances Parker William Kearney Alvin McGlasson ymea First row, left to right — Ben Graham, Walter Greene, John Home, Mack Wallace, John Holland, Jim Robinson, Foster Hamblin, Jim Hemingway, Jim Fothergill. Second row — Mr. William Stocker, Club Sponsor; Bob Graham, Clinton Helton, Bill Floyd, Norman McGuffey, Kenneth Wall, Charles Purkey, Henry Bindel, John Brabant, Paul Virgin. Third row — G. T. Cowan, Arvel Branscum, Gordon Browning, Ed Strohmeier, Edsel Vanderpool, J. W. McKinney, Fred Miller, Fletcher Gabbard, Paul Love. Vi ayne Lsounty L luo First Row: Herbert Burnett, President; Lomvin Denney, Reporter; Gwendolyn Gover, Treasurer; Jean Buils, Secretary; Ralph Huffaker, Vice-President. Second Row: Mrs. Herbert Hoover Burnett, Rose Kelsay, Mary Worley, Imogene Vickery. Third Row: Hobert Branscum, Doris Simpson, Lena Southwood, C. W. Dolen. I Lorthem Jxentucki L lub First Row: Marilyn Bellomby, Lois Kolo, Joan Riggs, Secretary, Anita Gosney, Nina Hellard. Second Row: " Tike " Newhall, Clara Lee Benedict, Marge Combs, Joe Nenniger, Tom Collins, President. Third Row: Doug Campbell, Ralph Elliott, Cleta Jennings, Ruth Galloway, Dewey Hogue, Vice-President. Fourth Row: Cecil Craig, Bill Robert. 186 ( athoiic L lub First Row: John Vukovcan, Bill Hagen, Herbie Williams, Ted Raymond, Pete Loschiavo, Frank Darling, Paul Ley, Steve Hlebec. Second Row: Ed Zoretic, Jim Argentine, Russ Russo, Jim Fitzgerald, Mike Jasko, Ed Lewicki, James Bishop, Joe Fryz, Ed Shemelya, Dick Scherrbaum. Third Row: Betty Perraut, Margaret Klinchok, Mary F. Stanley, Barbara Bnet- enstein, Patricia Scott, Joan Willenbrink, Maria Diaz, Dorothy Hancock, Joan Everling, Conception Sierra. w.aa First Row: Virginia Strohmeier, President; Carolyn Taylor, Secretary; Jane Wilhoite, Marilyn Walker, George Ann Davis, Cam Morris, Flossie John- son, Glenna Frisby. Second Row: Joyce Wilhoite, Nancy Blake, Jean Wakefield, Mattie Gardner, Nancy Hudnall, Evelyn Fugate, Louise Bryant, Shirley Teemen. Third Row: Martha Pergrem, Mary McClain, Curtis Smith, Charlene Boyd, Hayes Ellen Willham, Elaine Allen. LJ. vl .Ls.CL. Lsouncu First Row: Helen Rice, Lula Thurman, Carolyn Davis, Eloise Roberts, Emily Richards, Ruby Morgan. Second Row: Elizabeth Murphy, Dorothy Clark, Margaret Graham, Helen Holsclaw, Miss Mary Frances McKinney, Emma J. Austin, Lenore Douglas, Rebecca Copher, Elizabeth Pennington, Peggy McGuire. ( ollege [President W. F. O ' DONNELL WILLIAM J. MOORE DEAN M. E. MATTOX REGISTRAR DEAN EMMA Y. CASE DEAN CHARLES A. KEITH 194 PERSONNEL DIRECTOR NOEL B. CUFF PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR D. J. CARTY 195 (bci, ucation " " Si : f 1 ' ■ [! " ■?m (flHl % ryjm JB ■ " 1 f iftl jiM iH M L » " HiaJ k m v dpi Ji ftM Ib 4 1 HP ' w ft t-- 3 few A Jb 4 » £■ ff i filS BL - -■■ r ' Z BJjy| SB y il H ■f . H ft j : ■ ! ! ' ■ jMBBlfcrr k i JUfli He fl First row. left to right — Margaret Neale, Germania Wingo, Leland Wilson, Mable Jennings, May C. Hansen, Ellen Pugh. Second row — Anna A. Schnieb, Ruby Rush, Cora Lee, Frances Williams, Elizabeth Wilson, Alma Regenstein, Noel B. Cuff. Third row — Annie Alvis, M. E. Mattox, Virginia Story, D. Thomas Ferrell, Fred A. Engie, J. Dorland Coates, Arthur L. Wickersham, Richard A. Edwards. Social Set ctences First row. left to right — L. G. Kennamer, Mary Frances McKinney, Mary Floyd, Allan Pennington, Virgil Burns. Second row — Kerney M. Adams, Fred Edmonds, Charles A. Keith, Clyde Lewis, J. T. Dorris. cfme Cirts First Row: Frances Marie McPherson, Brown E. Telford, Blanche Seevers, Eleanor Hire, Allie Fowler, Jane Campbell. Second Row: James E. Van Puersem, Thomas Stone, Frederic P. Giles, Dean Gatwood. Ctpplied (Arts and Sciences f | |ff ?t ■ L J 1 p. 4 |« i 4 .:« E • ' . - J I ■ i-- ' w 1 1 ?■ 1 -m First Row: R. R. Richards, B. Goins, Anna D. Gill, M. K. Burner, Mrs. Gene Gary, Frank E. Schroeter. Second Row: Evelyn Slater, Helen Coleman, Mary Floyd, Nancy Miller, Mrs. Guy Whitehead, Ashby B. Carter. Third Row: William Stocker, Mary H. Moberly, W. J. Moore, Ralph W. Whalin. {Biological and LPhysical Sciences First row. left to right — J. G. Black, Thomas C. Herndon. Second row — Meredith J. Cox, H. H. LaFuze, Cephas E. Bevins, William Hopp. Tfiatk emattcs Left to Right: Samuel Walker, C. E. Branscum, Smith Park. £c anguages First Row— IDA TEATER, MARY E. BARNHILL, PEARL L. BUCHANAN, SAUL HOUNCHELL. Second Row— PRESLEY M. GRISE, ROY B. CLARK, WILLIAM L. KEENE, JOSEPH GRAHAM. 202 utealth and [Physical (bducatton First Row— GERTRUDE M. HOOD, CHARLES T. HUGHES, TOM C. SAMUELS. Second Row— PAUL McBRAYER, FRED DARLING, WALDON EDWARD LAN- DER. 203 R. O. T. C. 205 t ttittari Colonel William D. Paschall Colonel Paschall ' s military service dates from his enlistment and subse- quent commission during World War I. He is a graduate of the Saumur Artil lery School, the Field Artillery School and the Armed Forces Staff College. He served as Assistant PMS T at the University of Florida. During World War II he served as Army Advisor with the U. S. Navy Amphibious Training Com- mands. Most recently he organized and for some months commanded the U. S. Military Advisory Group to the Republic of the Philippines. Daniel C. Thomas Willard E. Clark Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Charles E. Cantley Master Sergeant 206 Staff MAJOR FRANK E. W1LLARD Major Frank E. Willard, Assistant PMS T. served in World War II as an S-3 of a heavy artillery battalion in the Furopean Theater in General George Patton ' s Third Army. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State Teachers College and the Field Ar- tillery School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. FIRST LT. ROBERT H. ALLEN First Lt. Robert H. Allen, Assistant PMS T, instructs Anti-aircraft Artillery. Lt. Allen entered the army as a Private, at- tended and was commissioned a 2nd Lt. at the Anti-aircraft School in June, 1943. He saw most of his service in World War II with the 9th Army in Europe as a mem- ber of the 379th AA AW Battalion. Albert F. Melville Master Sergeant Sheldon Coliman Tech. Sergeant Thurman H. Bond Tech. Sergeant Louis W. Green Stafl Sergeant 20 7 ybatalw ton Cadet Lt. Colonel James L. Hundemer Battalion Commander Juanita Sutton Battalion Sponsor !s 208 Cadet Major Robert C. Coleman Batallion Executive Cadet Major Rocco Piganell Batallion S-3 Cadet Captain Miller L. Gregory Batallion Adjutant ' iP ' Sm wS 209 attert U tcers Cadet Major Joseph M. Fryz Battery Commander Cadet Captain Lemuel King Executive Officer Sue Bailey Battery Sponsor First Lt. Millard F. Reece Reconnaissance Officer 210 (JjatterL[ Ca %WHKk . ,, . ., 1HHI -, : - J §- : f : . f : $ i , ! « : 1 ' ! f f ; . f ' .flf ' .,f. : fjl; j ,.f -f; t I 9 i 9 : 3 , ' 9 i 9 i 3 i ii ggm m 1 a a : la S 1 a.alB 1 a Front Row: Elmer Combs, Carl Bassham, Roy Robbins, William Hackworth, Millard Reece, Lemuel King, Richard Cullen, William Pritchett, Henry Gilbert. Second Row: Fred Edmonds, Lewis Perciful, Orville Taylor, William Noland, Roy Redmond, James Franklin, John Bussey, Rufus Miller, James Meek, Tom Bolton. Third Row: Charles McCollum, Otis Bundy, Joseph Dove, Marcus Lohr, Robert Siphers, Alfred Clark, Richard Gentry, Curtis Hunt, Darrelr French. Fourth Row: Herbert Condor, Luther Wren, Theodore Dunn, William Brewer, Maurice Ramsey, Neal Parsons, Virgil Hudnall, Carlos Hoskins James Bevins. Fifth Row: William Baldwin, Fred Miller, Herbert Hoskins, Richard Morrison, Gail Godsey, John Gilbert, Bobby McDonald, Andrew Rose, John Duvall. attert - ?? m icers Cadet Major Roy M. Greenwell Battery Commander Cadet Captain Paul R. Bunton Executive Officer Rosemary Bruner Battery Sponsor First Lt. Gerald E. Becker Reconnaissance Officer i ;t v « s—7 »» (Jt)attery Jj ' f ,rf ■-:■ f. f «■ : S f. Front Row — Left to Right: Thomas Edwards, Michael Jasko, Roy Greenwell, Paul Bunton, Samuel Cockerham, Maurice Murphy, Richard Taylor. Second Row: Ronald Colvin, Ralph Anderson, Joseph DeVita, Everett Moore, Lawrence Grimaldi, Paul Moore, Raymond Giltner, Julius Sizemore, William Huber. Third Row: Ray Bingham, Steve Marcum, Maurice Riherd, Sidney Ormes, Joseph Kirkpatrick, Archie Stamper, Stephen Hlebec, Clayton Craft, Robert McHargue, Edward Jones, Kenton Ross. Fourth Row: Edwin Jones, Kenneth Pabst, James Cottrell, William Rankin, Enoch Sergent, Leonard Helton, Duane Hayes, Eugene Karr, Charles Robinson. Fifth Row: John Park, Fred Engle, Fred Kelley, Dave Rush, Marvin Ison, Charles Helton, John Brabant, James Fothergill, Harold Kittrell. 213 (R.Q3e. ®anJ Front Row — Left to Right: Margaret Hamilton, Betty Jean Jennings, Burgoyne Moores, Bob Curtis, Ralph Elliott, Janet Roberts, Harold Rigby. Second Row: Eleanor McConnell, Sara Miller, Doris Smith, Isabelle Greene, Carolyn Stamper, Doris Deetch. Third Row: Iva Lee Crum, John Stevens, Ken Massey, Peggy Tremper, Meda Jo Glover, Paul Love. iKtfie cJeam First Row: John Brabant, Robert S. McHargue, Eugene Karr, Ray Bingham, James Meek. Second Row: 1st Lt. Robert Allen, Cadet: M Sgt. Sheldon Coffman, Manager. INDEX — A — Abner, George 27 Abney, Jessie F 33 Acker, Josephine 89 Adams, Betty Jayne 66 Adams, Lenora 41 Adams, Nancy 69 Adams, James E 87 Adams, James W 82 Adams, William E „ 17 Agee, Loyce 89 Aiken, William J 25 Allen, Anita 54 Allen, Clinton 46 Allen, Elaine 89 Allen, Helen 28 Allen, Howard 40 Allen, Hubert 77 Allen, James ; 73 Allen, Jeannette 35 Allen, Johnny 85 Allen, Riley 73 Allison, William 68 Amburn, Lester 52 Amburn, Albert 84 Anderson, Ralph 46 Anglin, Mary E 93 Angel, Jane Dunn 40 Argentine, James L 16 Asher, Dill B 12 Austin, Emogene 36 Aylor, Harry 24 — B — Bachmeyer,. Richard 52 Bahlman, Jack 58 Bailey, Dorothy Jean 83 Bailey, Sue 55 Bailey, Thomas 40 Baird, John 47 Baker, Bert 43 Baker, Carl 48 Baker, George ! 44 Baker, George David 70 Baker, Keith 84 Baker, T ames 53 Baker, Robert 35 Baldwin, Nancy . 73 Bald-win. Ray 81 Baldwin, William 67 Bales, Howard 87 Ball, Dana 65 Ball, Dennis 23 Ball, Earl 45 Ball, Elizabeth 98 Ballard, Ann 55 Ballard, John 66 Ballew, Joe 14 Barbe, Lacy 83 Barbieux, Billy 87 Barnett, James 28 Barrickman, James 82 Bartlett, Howard 21 Bassham, Carl 36 Baumler, Lyon 82 Baxter, Stanley 87 Beatley, Edna Cosby 65 Beatley, Luther 65 Beatty, Elmer 53 Beaty, Betsy 65 Beaty, Robert 99 Becker, Gerald 68 Becker, Lawrence 23 Beever, Joseph 56 Begley, Claude 84 Begley, Ira 64 Bell, Jack 56 Bellonby, Marilyn 67 Bellos, Charles 83 Benge, Inez 92 Bennett, Douglas 59 Bennett, William 83 Benton, Edith 81 Benton, Julian 62 Benton, Raymond 57 Bernard, Bemice 93 Bernardo, James 57 Berry, Robert 10 Bevacqua, Anthony 27 Bevins, Charles 82 Bevins, James 42 Billingsley, Jack 97 Bindel, Henry 58 Bingham, Eula 89 Bingham, Ray 60 Bishop, James 61 Bishop, Millard 14 Bishop, Stanley 83 Bivins, Claude 83 Black, Ada 70 Black, Ethel 27 Black, George 76 Blair, Betty Ann 58 Blake, Nancy 42 Boardman, Earnest 20 Boian, Eva 18 Bolton, Carl 35 Bolton, Tom 55 Boneta, Luis 63 Bowling, John 36 Bourne, Louise 62 Bowman, Daniel 103 Bowman , Thelma 64 Boyd, Charlene 83 Boyd, Neal 1 1 Bradley, Jack 84 Brandenburg, Malena 93 Brandhorst, Dorothy 68 Brakefield, Edward 32 Brakefield, Theda 26 Branaman, Edward 39 Branham, Dorothy 47 Branham, Opal 44 Branscum, Lillian 76 Branscum, Hobert 27 Branson, Charles 82 Brewer, William 71 Breitenstein, Barbara 89 Britton, Genopal 82 Brockman, Sylvia 87 Brooks, Glenn 26 Brooks, Ledford 88 Brown, Arthur 57 Brown, Bgtte 69 Brown, Everett 59 Brown, Nancy 100 Brown, Ray 87 Brown, William 82 Browning, Grigsby 73 Browning, Richard 58 Broyles, Joyce 28 Bruner, Rosemary 16 Bryant, Harriet 81 Bryant, Morris 87 Buck, Wendell 67 Buffin, Lena 87 Bundy, Otis 60 Bunton, James H 32 Bunton, Paul 24 Burch, Gerna 84 Burch, Vernon 66 Burchett, Wade 47 Burgin, Ann 64 Burk, Lawrence 70 Burkhart, Patsy 66 Burkich, Jack 65 Burkich, Ruby 27 Burnette, Herbert 54 Burns, Roy 53 Burris, Lorene 95 Burton, Mary 52 Bush, Florence 37 Bush, Jane 25 Bussell, Opp 66 Bussey, Anne Rogers 68 Bussey, John 68 Byron, Mary 65 — C — Cain, Maxine 81 Calico, Lewis 41 Camic, Eugene , 56 Campbell, Douglas 81 Campbell, George Jr 17 Campbell George W 52 Carmack, Eldred 35 Carman, Donald 53 Carman, Nena 89 Carpenter, Mildred 53 Carroll, George 48 Carter, Edwin 64 Carter, William 22 Casebolt, Edward 56 Casteel, Byron 39 Catlett, Stewart 45 Caudill, Kermit 67 Cawood, Janet 11 Cawood, Wilburn...- 43 Cayton, Robert 82 Caywood, Roy 102 Centers, Irene 89 Chambers, John 87 Chambers, Kenneth 87 Chandler, Phyllis 84 Cheatham, Ruth 70 Childers, Anna Lou 83 Childers, Rita 85 Childers, Zollie 11 Cinnamon, James 67 Clark, Al 45 Clark, Dorothy 87 Clark, Jack 82 Cleaver, June Wayne 69 Clements, James 20 demons, Earl 45 Click, Glendon 81 Clouse, Shirley 37 Cloyd, Jean 15 Coburn, Robert 62 Cockrell, Lois 39 Cockerham, Sam 26 Cochran, Alma 61 Cole, Clarence 23 Coleman, Bill Ed 84 Coleman, Bobby 38 215 Colley, Ted 55 Collins, Betty Jo 71 Collins, John 12 Collins, Tom 54 Collins, William 18 Colvin, Donald 19 Combs, Audrea 62 Combs, Charles 55 Combs, Elmer 42 Combs, Ray 48 Coomes, Edna 45 Condor, Herbert 57 Congleton, Don 84 Conley, Charles 18 Cook, Eva 59 Cooke, Wendell 95 Copher, Rebecca 40 Cornett, Martha 92 Corey, Phil 48 Correll , Blaine 20 Cosby, John 63 Cosby, Julian 14 Cottengim, Clara 71 Cottengim, Jack 71 Cottrell, Ronald 103 Courts, Roger 63 Cowan, George 27 Cox, James 98 Cox, James Macklin 62 Cox, OUie 89 Cox, Paul 61 Coy, Charles 56 Coy, Ray 82 Coy, Reba 70 Craig, Cecil 70 Craig, Tabitha 48 Craft, Clayton 88 Creech, Jack 57 Creech, John 94 Creech, Ramona 72 Croley, Doris 89 Crowe, Al 46 Crum, Iva Lee 40 Creech, Ed 44 Cuif, Steve 83 Cullen, Richard 59 Culton, Mary 62 Cummins, Glenn 47 Curtis, Betty 41 — D — Daniels, Flem 64 Dargis, Albert 68 Darling, Frank 84 Davis, Alvin 76 Davis, Carolyn 52 Davis, Georgeanne 89 Davis, Harold 59 Davis, John 53 Davis, Mary Lou 67 Davis, Shelby 81 Davis, William 55 Day, Paul 70 Deaton. Mitchell 19 DeBord, Barbara 52 Deetch, Doris 40 DeJaTnette, William 34 Dejarnette, Barbara 66 Desring, John 64 Dempsey, John 52 Denney, Lamoin 88 DeVita, Joe 68 Diaz, Maria 82 Dickerson, Melvin 65 Dickinson, Betty Jo 89 Dixon, Charles 95 Dixon, Frances 18 Doddridge, Stanley 85 Dodson, Winfred ...100 Dolen, Carson 64 Dorna, Jack 36 Douglas, Lenora 68 Dougherly, Daniel 82 Dove, Joseph 56 Downing, Gene 66 Downs, Mary 94 Dozier, Claude 24 Drake, Forest 86 Draughn, Benjamin 53 Duff, Jonnie 79 Dugger, Robert 40 Duncan, Leon 55 Duncan, Paul 83 Dunn, Martha 88 Dunn, Theodore 89 Dunsil, John 88 Dupree, Jimmy 82 Durbin, Wanda 83 Duvall, John 84 Dye, Mary 82 Dykes, Nancy 16 — E — Eades, Deward 61 East, Lloyd 93 Easterling, Delmon 33 Eaves, Jenny 88 Edwards, Judson 84 Edwards, Thomas 34 Elliott, Katherine 36 Elliott, Ralph 64 Elliott, Thomas 93 Elsee, John - 67 Emmett, William 87 England, Juanita 34 Engle, Fred 86 Ensor, Villin 85 Evans, Mary C 77 Evans, Patricia 84 Evans, Robert 84 Everling, Joan 47 Everling, Melvin 91 — F — Fair, Patricia 54 Faulconer, Herman 83 Faulkner, Austin 94 Faulkner, Herman 82 Feld, Ray 76 Fields, Alfred 97 Finnegan, John 41 Fitzgerald, Edward 69 Flannery, Kathleen 29 Fletcher, Mary 61 Fletcher, John 102 Flinchum, Paula 88 Floyd, James 72 Floyd, Winfred 64 Flynn, Carl 59 Forbes, Thomas 59 Ford, Clay 58 Ford, Hobert 94 Fothergill, James 83 Fowler, Robert 56 Fraim, Nancy 94 Frank, J. L 70 Franklin, James 33 Franklin, Jeanne 103 Franklin, Mildred 39 French, Darrell 59 French, Mitchell 35 Frisby, Glenna 19 Frost, Ed 36 Fry, Rose 85 Fryz, Joe 62 Fugate, Evelyn 78 Fults, Frank 18 — G — Gardiner, Elaine 65 Gardner, Mattie 76 Garrett, Dixie 60 Garrett, Glenn 67 Garrett, Reva 88 Garriott, Jane 62 Gary, Bob 97 Gary, Gene 22 Gatliff, Grover 61 Gay, Clay.. 44 Gay, Nelson 71 Gentry, Richard 13 Getty, Marjorie 18 Gibson, Claude 16 Gibson, Earl 12 Gilbert, Eloise 59 Gilbert, Henry 24 Gilbert, John 81 Gill, Joseph 86 Girdler, Hulen 34 Girdler, James 72 Glover, Meda Jo 60 Godby, Roscoe 69 Godsey, Gail 81 Goins, Clifton 98 Gonda, John 84 Gortney, Martha 82 Gosney, Anita 90 Gover, Alice 21 Gover, Gwendolyn 99 Gover, Morris 93 Graham, Ben 54 Graham, Margaret 17 Graham, Robert 54 Granaghan, Mary 32 Grant, Duple 57 Gravley, Bill 36 Gray, John 93 Greear, Dewey 36 Green, Overton 48 Greene, Betty 34 Greene, Gerald 83 Greene, Isabelle 17 Greene, Walter 70 Greenwell, Roy 40 Greer, Perry 77 Gregory, Miller 41 Griffin, Betty . ' 93 Griggs, Sarah 93 Grimaldi, Lawrence 59 Grimme, Harry 44 Grise, William 58 rubb, Allene 23 umbert, George 54 umbert, Mary Jo 79 unning, Robert 65 urley, Betty 67 urley, Doris 38 — H — aas, Marilyn 81 acker, Don 86 acker. Warden 77 ackworth, James 97 ackworth, O ' Donna 66 ackworth, Thelma 67 ackworth, William 19 aden, Eugenia 80 agan, Emma 84 agan, William 69 ahn, Davis 26 ail, John 69 alcomb, Willmer 95 ale, Donald 70 ale, Joann 94 ale, Rosa Lee 76 amblin, Foster 20 amby, James 45 amm, Betty 45 amilton, Bobby 80 amilton, Margaret 86 ampton, Betty 95 ampton, James 40 and, Doris 55 ancock, Dorothy 27 anna, James 94 ansard, Hobert 21 arding, Marian - 88 ardwick, Joe 41 arper, Joe 94 arned, Porter. 25 arris, Roxie 53 arris, Vernon 12 art, Nancy 91 astie, Jack 73 atfield, Barbara 76 awkins, Betty 86 ays, Anthony 79 ays, Duane 43 ays, Robert 44 ays, Sara 47 sdden, Alma 71 sile, Richard 77 2iss, Virginia 92 sllard, Nina 59 ;lton, Charles 91 slton, Clinton 85 slton, Leonard 38 =lton, Glen 79 smingway, James 77 snderson, Charles 27 Anderson, Joe 38 snderson, Nancy 38 ?nry, Walter 44 =nsley, Dorothy 33 snsley, Delbert 95 att, Willie 67 bbard, Donald 65 ckman, Glenna 69 .ckman, William 25 cks, George 29 cks, Paul 65 cks, Wallace 81 nes, Douglas 83 nes, Paul 103 11, Betty 38 Hill, Hershel 55 Hill, Truman 65 Hines, Walter 52 Hlebec, Steven 101 Hobbs, George 65 Hogue, Dewey 68 Holden, Margaret 60 Holland, John 37 Holliday, Dent 70 Hollingsworth, Joe 58 Holsclaw, Helen 61 Hopkins, Gerald 41 Homes, Gordon 101 Hopper, Joy 67 Home, John 79 Horn, William 94 Hoskins, Carlos 79 Hoskins, Herbert 87 Hounchell, Saul 59 Howard, Clyde 95 Howard, Irma 86 Howard, Leslie 44 Hubbard, Roberta 34 Huber, William 61 Huddleston, Charles 17 Hudnall, Nancy 89 Hudnall, Virgil 81 Hudson, Ben 34 Huff, Lou 72 Huffaker, Ralph 81 Huffman, Jerald 90 Hughes, Billy 71 Hughes, Patricia 58 Hughes, Wata 78 Humble, Laura 59 Humston, Charles 87 Humston, Edward 80 Hundemer, James 41 Hunt, Curtis 95 Hurt, Charles 90 Hurt, Dorothy 22 Hurst, Clifton 54 Hutson, James 22 Hutton, Jack 62 Hysinger, Nola 76 — I — Ingram, James 90 Ison, Marvin 81 — I — Jasko, Michael 32 Jasper, Charles 90 Jasper, Ernestine 42 Jenkins, Harold 86 Jackson, Jack 97 Jennings, Betty 87 Jennings, Cleta 68 Jennings, Frances 26 Jett, Ruby 24 Johns, James 60 Johnson, Dora 59 Johnson, Flossie 11 Johnson, Martha 22 Johnson, J. W 43 Johnson, Peggy 85 Jones, Bobby 78 Jones, Cecil 86 Jones, Edward 54 Jones, Edwin 58 Jones, Eugene 24 Jones, Helen 80 Jones, John 33 Jones, Margaret 101 Jones, Sanford 63 Joos, William 62 Justice, Lois 29 Justice, Sally 61 Justice, William 11 Justice, Willis 10 — K — Karr, Eugene 58 Kearney, William 15 Keen, Betty 61 Keen, Edwin 57 Keen, Emma 44 Keen, Helen 72 Keller, Joe 13 Kelsey, Rose 92 Kendall, Preston 91 Kennamer, Laura 29 Keesey, Norma 56 Kerley, John 58 Kersey, Bill 91 Kilgore, William 28 Kincaid, Minnie 13 Kincer, Edwin 85 King, Bobby 78 King, George 47 King, Jack 102 Kinman, Leroy 95 Kirby, Thomas 52 Kittrell, Harold 90 Kleffner, Paul 23 Klinchok, Margaret 85 Knarr, Orloff 79 Knox, Jean 80 Kolo, Lois 101 Kuhn, Rose Marie 66 — L — Lackey, Patricia 91 Lake, Margaret 14 Lakes,, Elaine 69 Landrum, Bernice 32 Lane, Nancy 72 Lanter, Robert 53 Laposki, Louis 54 Larkey, Billy 65 Lawrence, Minnie 70 Lawson, Richard 44 Lasslo, Julius 45 Ledford, Walter 77 Lee, Charles 26 Lee, Joy 100 Leeds, Robert 22 Leedy, William 94 Leers, Ann 78 Lehman, Barbara 69 Lewis, Donald 37 Ley, Jack 39 Ley, Paul 98 Lillis, John. 98 Litsey, James 28 Little, Wina 35 Lincks, Arlie 37 Linville, James 37 Logsdon, James 20 Lohr, Mark 36 Loudenback, Herbert 100 Love, Paul 22 Loveless, Fern 67 Lovett, Aldene 19 Lovitt, Newton 42 Lowe, Charles 66 . 42 16 - 42 48 38 97 99 92 101 61 93 41 43 98 102 93 57 86 83 95 97 59 90 41 77 32 43 14 72 62 88 61 46 85 9.1 13 43 58 94 10 37 77 91 53 42 91 10 53 }5 )7 i7 19 18 ' 7 13 10 :4 6 1 1 9 7 3 3 3 3 217 Lowe, Thomas 13 Lowe, William 67 Lucas, Elwood 64 — Mc — McAuley, James 73 McCarthy, Bob 47 McCollum, Charles 56 McConnell, Eleanor 100 McCulley, Joyce 100 McDaniel, Ray 13 McDaniel, Marilyn 53 McDavid, Myrtle 71 McDonald, James 91 McEndre, Roy 97 McEuen, George 55 McGlasson, Alvin 33 McGuffey, Carrol 24 McGuffey, Norman 37 McGuire, Barbara 53 McGuire, Peggy 36 McHargue, Robert 64 McHenry, James 21 McHone, Lillian 43 McHone, Willard 46 Mcllvaine, Alex 21 Mcintosh, Ralph 18 Mclntyre, Paul 53 Mclntyre, Winfred 52 McKnight, Orval 29 McLain, Mary 80 McManis, Mary 94 McNabb, Ernest 64 McQueen, David 66 McQueen, Kathleen 76 McWhirter, James 15 — M — Madden, Eva 79 Maggard, Arvin 28 Maggard, Ruby 17 Malott, Fred 58 Malicote, Luella 60 Maloney, Marilee 43 Manning, George 98 Manning, Louis 101 Marcum, James 60 Marcum, Carol 100 Marcum, Mae 47 Marcum, Steve 72 Marcum, Louise 56 Martin, Carl 94 Martin, Margaret 63 Martin, Sylvia 79 Massey, Kenneth 78 Massey, William 85 Masters, Freda 15 Masters, James 43 Matthis, Rose 32 Mattox, Alfred 78 Maupin, Harold - 69 Maupin, Roy 94 May, Gerald 73 Mays, William 102 Meade, Alma 72 Menninger, Joseph 85 Meek, James 68 Meeks, Jack 73 Melvin, Leroy 60 Messer, John 43 Metz, Frances 57 Mielcarek, Chester 59 Mielcarek, Clara 46 Miller, Betty 60 Miller, Charles 81 Miller, Fred 79 Miller, James 77 Miller, Patricia 77 Miller, Rayma 95 Miller, Rex 80 Miller, Rufus 60 Miller, Sara 63 Miller, Ted 39 Million, Herbert 58 Million, Wilma 80 Minch, Paul 98 Mitchell, Linden 57 Mize, Dearl 21 Moberly, Harold 92 Monds, Lawrence 97 Monroe, Edwin 63 Moore, Everett 32 Moore, Mary E 33 Moore, Paul 60 Moores, William 102 Moores, Burgoyne 44 Mooney, Eulene 46 Morgan, Glenn S3 Morgan, Ray 76 Morgan, Ruby 60 Morris, Billy 32 Morris, Dallas 90 Morris, Frances 60 Morris, Lawrence 60 Morrison, Richard 91 Morrow, Clarence 78 Mrazovich, Charles 69 Moss, Mary 97 Mould, Betty 98 Mowery, Earl 98 Mullins, Agnes 45 Mullins, Charlene 32 Mullins, Nancy 92 Murphy, Carter 40 Murphy, Charles 66 Murphy, Elizabeth 56 Murphy, Johnnie 103 Murphy, Joseph 53 Murbach, Jeanne 42 Myers, Margaret 52 Myers, Mary 72 — N — Napier, Josephine 20 Napier, Muriel 66 Neal, James 71 Nelson, Alonzo 64 Newby, Joseph 68 Newell, Charlotte - 37 Newell, Edwin 38 Newhall, Bruce 67 Newson, Donald 103 Nickell, Merle 56 Nickell, Lynn 66 Noe, Robert 80 Noland, Cecil 53 Noland, William 48 Nonnemacher, Betty 72 Nonnernacher, Clarence 16 Nordheim, Betty 92 Norman, George 29 Norton, Tommy 79 Norvell, Doris 80 — O — Oak, J. C 55 Orr, Jay 13 Osborne, Adrian 24 Osborne, Mary Lois 65 Osborne, Herbert 102 Owen, Robbie 19 Owen, Ruby 22 Owens, Eunice : 92 Owens, Lynn 72 Owens, Jackie 54 — P — Pabst, Elizabeth 100 Pabst, Kenneth 102 Palas, Earnest 76 Park, John 76 Park, Owen 55 Parke, Sybil 76 Parker, Anna 12 Parsons, Neal 54 Parsons, Raymond 46 Parsons, Roger 55 Patrick, William 38 Pearson, Leon 99 Pearson, Phyllis 64 Pelley, Vivian 99 Pennington, Allan. 23 Pennington, Elizabeth 48 Perciful, Jack 67 Perciful, Louis 62 Pergram, Martha 99 Perraut, Betty 25 Perry, Mrs. E. N 40 Perry, E. N 40 Perry, Hollis 69 Peters, Jack 91 Phillips, Frances 93 Phillips, Opsie 34 Picklesimer, Kermit 92 Piganell, Rocco 36 Pittman, Ira 7 9 Pittman, John 1 5 Pitzer, Fielder 39 Plantholt, Carl 103 Pope, James 100 Pope, John 54 Potter, David 101 Potter, John 19 Potter, Willis 60 Powell, Phyllis 67 Powell, William 35 Prichard, Carl 61 Prichett, William 69 Pulawski, Stephen 101 Proffitt, Ray 63 Pullins, Patsy 100 Purcell, Bernard 103 Purdon, George 61 Purkey, Charles 103 — H — Rail, Ernest 101 Ralston, Marjorie 78 Ramsey, Paul 72 Ramsey, Rebecca 102 Randolph, Russell 72 Rankin, Anna 69 Rankin, William 62 Ratliff, Albert 1 2 Ratliff, Harry 100 Ratliff, Clay 57 Rattiif, Vivian 13 Rawlins, Donald 63 Raymond, Jack 98 Raymond, Thaddeus 91 Razor, Arthur 37 Reams, Jake 71 Rebeck, June 44 Redmond, Roy 73 Reece, Millard 38 Reed, Cordelia 99 Reichspfarr, Nancy 72 Remke, Virginia 73 Rennix, Mabel 97 Reynolds, Grace 25 Reynolds, William . 73 Rice, Cecil 29 Rice, Vernon 11 Rich, Albert 92 Rice, Helen 34 Richards, Emily 64 Richardson, Betty 79 Richardson, Harold 79 Richardson, Harold E 95 Riherd, Maurice 59 Riggs, Joan 93 Riggs, William 33 Riley, Jeannette 101 Riley, Harry 61 Ritter, Christine 55 Ritter, Frances 53 Ritter, Pauline 32 Ritter, Goebel 28 Roark, Edward 90 Roark, Mary Jane 13 Robbins, Roy 52 Roberts, Andy 19 Roberts, Eloise 54 Roberts, Donald 97 Roberts, Kathleen 97 Roberts, Laura 69 Roberts, Price 99 Roberts, Roy 100 Roberts, Russell 65 Roberts, William 99 Robinson, Charles 52 Robinson, James 35 Robinson, James F 76 Robinson, Mary Frances 93 Robinson, Robert 103 Rogers, Harold. 47 Rogers, William 37 Roll, Martha 102 Roop, Joe 70 Rase, Andrew 92 Roser, James 68 Ross, Kenton 102 Rothwell, Francis 89 Rothwell, Fred - 33 Rowland, Gene 100 Ruark, Jeanne 12 Ruschell, Robert 103 Rush, David 101 Russo, Russell 89 Rutherford, Alvis 80 Ryan, John 52 — S — Sale, Joan 90 Sanders, Carolyn 23 Sanders, Franklin 100 Scalf, Russell 66 Scanlon, Donald 56 Schaefer, Don 99 Schaub, Elmer 102 Scherrbaum, Richard 34 Schilling, Fredrick 17 Scott, Pat 41 Sebastian, Logan 89 Seesholtz, Arthur 71 Sensel, Ralph 38 Sergent, Enoch 66 Shanklin, Doris 102 Shannon, Betty 68 Shaw, Julian 47 Shea, Alvin 99 Sheets, Sarah 102 Shelburn, Stewart 17 Shelton, Esther 85 Shelton, Russell 15 Shemelya, Edward 70 Shewmaker, Sara 101 Shipp, Carrie 22 Shryock, Cecil 99 Shryock, Hugh 71 Siles, James 78 Simpson, Collas 91 Simpson, Doris 92 Singleton, Betty 11 Siphers, Kathryn 26 Siphers, James 101 Siphers, Robert 48 Sizemore, Carl 99 Sizemore, Julius 68 Sizemore, Kathryn 33 Sizemore, Wilkie 12 Skidmore, Robert 68 Skinner, Blanche 41 Slattery, Jean 36 Slusher, Amanda 56 Smith, Billy E 53 Smith, Billy Jean 93 Smith, Charles 54 Smith, Curtis 65 Smith, Daphne 98 Smith, Dennis 35 Smith, Doris 99 Smith, George 60 Smith, Jean 62 Smith, Kenneth 18 Smith, Lloyd 63 Smith, Marcella 63 Smith, Martha 102 Smith, Mary Lou 101 Smith, Thomas 76 Smyth, Henry 71 Smyth, Lloyd 99 Smyth, Marjorie - 63 Snow, Nancy 20 Southwood, Lena 98 Souther, Sally 62 Sowders, J. T 36 Sparks, Berdenia 80 Sparks, Betty 72 Sparks, Herman 89 Specht, Clifford 57 Spicer, Charles 46 Spurlock, Goebel 42 Spurlock, Violet 16 Spratt, Joe 42 Stacy, Floyd 48 Stacy, George 38 Stafford, Paul 97 5tahl, Donald 99 Stamper, Archie 92 Stamper, Carolyn 101 Stamper, Edward 61 Stanley, Frances 93 Stapleton, Proctor 41 Starnes, William 43 Stavros, George 98 Steele, Jack 102 Steele, Nellie 93 Steely, Herbert 57 Steely, Leland 86 Stephens, John 83 Stephens, Noel 95 Stephenson, Barbara 97 Stergeos, Maria 59 Stevens, Glenna 90 Stevens, Roy 41 Stevens, W. A 77 Stewart, Betty 32 Stewart, Effie 43 Sterling, Scottie 14 Stidham, Jack 72 Still, Carter, 62 Stone, Carlena 88 Strohmeier, Edward 61 Strohmeier, Virginia 46 Stratton, Paul 85 Stroud, Harold 94 Sturgill, Kathleen 13 Sutton, Juanita 43 Swanson, Dorothea 58 Sweesey, Harry 94 — T - Talbott, Richard 10 Tandy, Betsy 37 Tankosh, Robert 77 Taylor, Billy 91 Taylor, Charlotte 63 Taylor, Orville 42 Taylor, Maxine 91 Taylor, Richard 10 Teague, Earl 63 Terrill, Mary 95 Thomas, Cleve 97 Thomas, Jane 57 Thomas, Josephine 39 Thompson, Betty. 88 Thompson, Clifford 77 Thompson, James 63 Thompson, Marinella 80 Thomson, Alva 34 Tieman, Shirley 76 Thurman, Lula 21 Tipton, James 71 Todd, Joe 29 Todd, William 77 Todoran, Roman 90 Tomlin, Dorothy 33 Tompson, John 43 Toumey, Sarah 90 Townsend, Carl 10 Tremper, Florence 78 Tribble, Ethel 79 Trieschman, Marilyn . " . 15 Trosper, Thelma 91 Truesdell, Edna 10 Tucker, Ralph 90 Truman, Janice 58 Turpin, Billy Joe 73 Tudor, William 103 Turner, Lawrence 78 Twinara, Ruth 57 — U — Utz, Tom 44 — V — Vandemark, Rosemary 64 Vanderpool, Edsel 39 Vaughn, Johnie 45 Vaught, Vernie 47 Venable, Ella 1 02 Venable, Levoy 35 Vest, Gladys 97 Vickery, Imogene 77 Virgin, Paul 16 VuKoucan, John 80 — W — Wakefield, Helen 78 Walker, Courternay 98 Walker, Eva 10 Walker, Dolores 93 Walker, Marillyn 88 Walker, Patsy 91 Wall, Kenneth 53 Wallace, Mack 91 Walter, Jessica 92 Walters, John 90 Walton, Joe 23 Wardrup, Phyllis 38 Wardrup, Tom 85 Ward, Carl 45 Ward, Margaret 14 Ward, Rebecca 10 Warf, Emerson 42 Watkins, Judith 24 Watson, Bob 78 Watts, Paul 90 Webb, Isabelle 39 Webb, Luther 97 Weddle Eustis 80 West, Mary E 35 West, Omer 68 Whitaker, Charles 86 Whitaker, Dudley 34 Whitaker, McElwyn 95 White, Alice 14 White, Bill Ed 61 White, Eldon 69 White, Joe 85 White, Lucien 90 Whitis, Louie 15 Whitt, Virginia 42 Whittington, Martha 55 Wikel, Patricia 88 Wilder, June 77 Wilhite, Gene 33 Wilhoite, Jane 92 Wilhoite, Joyce 86 Willenbrink, Jaan 73 Williams, Bobby 54 Willham, Ellen 46 Williams, Charles 11 Williams, Herbert 77 Williams, Terry 85 Williams, Robert 62 Wilson, Billy 63 Wilson, Cleo 78 Wilson, Colleen 89 Wilson, Geneva 98 Wilson, Gilbert 25 Wilson, Mary 57 Wilson, Paul 95 Wilson, Raymond 92 Wilson, Samuel 86 Winburn, Eva 56 Worley, Mary 88 Worthington, Robert 17 Wren, Luther 32 Wright, Dale 86 Wright, Paul 48 Wright, Virginia 45 — Y — Yanity, Joseph 39 Yinger, Haldon 103 Yocum, Mabel 79 Young, Conard 38 Young Dorothy 73 — Z — Zoretic, Ed 86 220

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