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I f ••if n......,.i nt i t» .nnu i uii Ti TiTi.) ' r tu . W . ?tn r iVi mi idtdhhi tt £2; o-.j KENTUCKIANA John Wilson Townsend Room RICHMOND o KENTUCKY , ,„i„ir-. .„«■■■ " ■ " ' r -J ffti«.w:kiidX U±z -... The Class of Nineteen Forty-one presents the twentieth edition of the MILESTONE ■ ' ■ • mm 1U M I L E S T So that your life here at Eastern will never be forgotten and fond memories and ac- quaintances will never fade, we submit to you the 1941 MILESTONE. Our sincere ap- preciation to those of you who have made it possible for us to publish this MILESTONE. C ftte ftd « r | gr l ' -l ' a r --T PRESIDENT SENIORS The College REGENTS DEANS FACULTY FAVORITES OFFICERS Classes JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Features QUEENS FRESHMEN R. O. T. C. . . CADETS , WHO ' S WHO SNAPS Athletics FOOTBALL . . . BASKETBALL . . . BASEBALL . . . TENNIS . . . TRACK Organizations Campus Life Advertisements " A man ' s rank Lies in the fulness of his manhood; Therein alone he is royal. " " Denny " is a man, Noble in character, Ripe in years of wisdom, Loyal to college and country, Faithful and friendly to all. The fruit of his hands, The counsel of his heart, The light of his personality, The image of his life, Are engraved in the admiration And esteem of the Class of 1941. N. G. DENISTON We at Eastern are indeed fortunate that so few of our friends and classmates have been called to the Creat Beyond during this year. It should be classed as a mile- stone of accomplishment that our ranks have remained intact to such a great extent. We should sincerely hope that our associations here at Eastern may seldom be marred by the death of one who has been either an intimate friend or merely a casual acquaintance. It would be well for us to hope and pray that the years to come will be cherished as to the friends we have made while students here. May those years be seldom darkened by an In Memoriam to those friends. During the past year five former students and one retired professor of our college have been taken from us. To many of us perhaps they were not very well known or even intimate friends, but the knowledge of their loss is a source of sorrow to us all. They, as much as we, were a part of this great institu- tion which has been our home for four years. To their immediate families may we offer our con- dolences. We realize that we can never know the sorrow that has been yours during these trying times. Yet we would like for you to know that their memory will not be soon forgotten. B. D. Knox, class of 1934, of Carlisle, Kentucky died on February 24, 1941. Mr. Knox was the superintendent of Head- quarters and East Union Consolidated School in Nicholas County. James Elliott Souder, freshman in 1939- 40, of Owenton, Kentucky died in July, 1940. Mr. Souder drowned at Clifton, Kentucky. Dr. George Drury Smith, former pro- fessor of Biology for twenty-five years, whose residence was in Richmond died in 1940. A holder of the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and of the honorary degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Science, Dr. Smith was well known throughout the country for his work in photographing biological life. Jennie Louise Case, freshman in 1939-40, of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky died in March, 1941. Ollie Adams, class of 1935, of Hagan Hill, Kentucky died on February 14, 1941. Mr. Adams had served as a teacher in Johnson County for 12 years. Corda Buck, class of 1937, of Shelby- ville, Kentucky died in 1940. Miss Buck majored in elementary education while here at Eastern. 10 11 OUR LOSS President H. L. Donovan never has had a de- gree which marked him as a builder, but during his thirteen years at Eastern he has erected numer- ous buildings and he has laid the foundations for thousands of young Kentucky lives. An enjoyment for hard work and a tenacity and stick-to-itiveness until the job is completed have insured President Donovan ' s success. Eastern is losing a master builder, but she realised that greater successes are destined for Dr. Donovan at the University of Kentucky and to keep him would be selfish. A perfect hostess has welcomed students and guests to the Donovan home during the past thir- teen years. With a radiant smile and warm hand- shake Mrs. Donovan has greeted all people whom she has met. She has shared her husband ' s wishes in hoping and working for a greater Eastern and now after thirteen years results of their work can be realized. Mrs. Donovan not only will be missed in Eastern, but Richmond will feel her leaving when she goes to take over new duties at Maxwell Place on the University of Kentucky ' s campus. 12 OUR GAIN All who know Mrs. O ' Donnell agree that she is the same kind of gracious lady as Mrs. Donovan. During the O ' Donnell ' s years in Richmond, their home always has been open to Richmond young people and Mrs. O ' Donnell has seen that all guests have felt at home. Mrs. O ' Donnell will hang the latch string on the outside in the Donovan manner and everyday still will he open house in the Presi- dent ' s home. No more popular man could have been chosen to take over the Presidency of Eastern than W. F. O ' Donnell. His ability as an executive has been shown in his former posts as superintendent of schools at Carrollton and at Richmond. No better job could have tested his ability to cooperate and get along with people than his twelve consecutive years as president of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. He is recognized by all who know him as an all-around " good fellow. " Eastern is fortunate is getting this kind of a man to step into the vacancy left by President Donovan. B HIRAM BROCK AUDITORIUM - « This auditorium was named after one of its most faithful regents and the greatest friend that Kentucky education has ever had in the Legislature. Such a beautiful and magnificent structure as this auditorium is was most rightfully named after one of Eastern ' s greatest benefactors. 14 BOARD OF REGENTS KEEN JOHNSON JESSE ALVERSON GLENN O. SWING H. D. FITZPATRICK JOHN W. BROOKER Cooperation and mutual goodwill in working toward a common purpose, the betterment of Eastern, has been the aim of these five men. While serving as Eastern ' s regents their own time and businesses have taken second place in order that Eastern might grow and develop into an institution which could better educate Kentucky ' s youth. 15 W. C. JONES Dean of the College M. E. MATTOX Registrar EMMA Y. CASE Dean of Women CHARLES A. KEITH Dean of Men 16 FACULTY RUBY RUSH A.B., A.M. MAJOR HUGH P. ADAMS FREDERICK P. GILES CHARLES T. HUGHES Assistant Professor of Latin. Professor of Military Science and Tactics. B. Mus., B.A., MA. Associate Professor of Art. A.B., MA. Assistant Professor of Physical Education. KERNEY ADAMS A.B., A.M. P. M. GRISE A.B., MA. ALLIE FOWLER B.S., MA. ELIZABETH WILSON Associate Professor of History. Assistant Professor of English. Assistant Professor of Art. B.S., MA. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education. MRS. ROBERT SEEVERS SAUL HOUNCHELL A.B., M.A., Ph.D. LIEUTENANT EARL T. NOBLE GERTRUDE HOOD A.B., A.M. B.Mus., A.B., M.Mus. Assistant Professor of Music. Assistant Professor of English. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education. 17 FACULTY GEORGE GUMBERT B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Agriculture. SAMUEL WALKER A.B., MA. Assistant Professor of History; Critic Teach- er, High School. R. A. EDWARDS A.B., A.M. Professor of Education; Director of Training School. PEARL BUCHANAN A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English. H. H. LaFUZE A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology. ISABEL BENNETT A.B., B.S. in Library Science Assistant Librarian. VIRGINIA F. STORY B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education. RALPH W. WHALIN B.S., M. Ed. Associate Professor of Industrial Arts. MAY C. HANSEN B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education. O. D. LASCOE B.S. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts. LAURA KATHRINE EVANS B.S. Critic Teacher; Rural Demonstration School. ROME RANKIN A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education ; Athletic Coach. 18 FACULTY J. T. DORRIS A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of History ' and Government. W. L. KEENE B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of English. JAMES E. VAN PEURSEM A.B., B. Mus. Professor of Music. ANNA GILL B.C.S., A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Commerce. MAX HOUTCHENS B.S., A.M. Critic Teacher, High School. ANNIE ALVIS A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education. MRS. EMMA Y. CASE A.B., M.A. Dean of Women; Asso- ciate Professor of Edu- cation. VIRGIL BURNS A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History and Govern- ment. ALMA REGEN- STEIN B.S. Assistant Professor of Home Ec, High School. T. C. HERN DON B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry. MARY FLOYD A.B., M.A., B.S. in Library Science Librarian. C. A. KEITH B.A., M.A., Ped.D. Dean of Men; Profes- sor of History and Government. 19 FACULTY MARY BURRIER B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics. J. DORLAND COATES B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts and Sciences, Principal, Model High School. ELLEN PUGH A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education. W. F. O ' DONNELL A.B., M.A. Supervisor of Student Teaching, City Schools. LIEUTENANT WM. C. REEVES Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. A. L. LASSITER B.S., M.A. Principal of Richmond City Schools. t. e. Mcdonough B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Health and Phys. Ed.; Director of Athletics. CATHERINE AGNA B. Mus. Assistant Professor of Music. D. T. FERRELL A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education. MARGARET NEALE A.B., M.A. English Critic Teacher, High School. MARGARET LINGENFELSER A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education. CORA LEE B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education. 20 FACULTY J. D. FARRIS A.M., M.D. Professor of Health Education; College Physician. GERMANIA WINGO B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Elementary Education. ANNA SCHNEIB A.B., A.M., Ph.D Associate Professor of Education. MRS. MARY ED- MONDS BARNHILL A.B., M.A., LL.B. Associate Professor of English. JACK ALLEN A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor History. of EDITH FORD B.C.S., A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Commerce. THOMAS STONE B. Mus. Assistant Professor of Music. R. R. RICHARDS A.B., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Commerce. A. D. HUMMEL B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Physics. LUCILLE WHITEHEAD B.S., B.S. in Library Science Assistant Librarian. MARY FRANCES McKINNEY B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Geography. TOM C. SAMUELS Ph.C, B.S., M.S. Assistant Athletic Coach; Critic Teacher, Hi " h School. 21 FACULTY A. B. CARTER B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Agriculture. RUTH DIX B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Home Economics. EDNA WHITE Registered Nurse. M. E. MATTOX A.B., M.A. Registrar. WM. J. MOORE A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Commerce. JANET MURBACH A.B., A.M. Docteur de l ' universite de Toulouse, France; Professor of French. MEREDITH COX B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry. GEO. N. HEMBREE B.C.S., A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education ; Assi s t a n t Coach. ROY B. CLARK A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English. JANE CAMPBELL B. Miis., A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Music. FRANCES MASON A.B., A.B. in Library Science Assistant Librarian. GLADYS TYNG B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education. FACULTY F. A. ENGLE A.B., A.M., Ph.D Assistant Professor of Mathematics. NOEL B. CUFF B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Psychol- ogy. DORD FITZ Assistant Professor of Art. DEAN W. RUMBOLD B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology. T. HAROLD GLOVER B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science. MAUDE GIBSON Assistant Professor of Art. L. G. KENNAMER A.B.,B.S., M.A.,Ph.D. Professor of Geogra- phy and Geology. ELIZABETH CHERRY A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education. BROWN TELFORD B.S. Assistant Professor of Music. N. G. DENISTON B.M.T., B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Industrial Arts. JOHN ROSS KINZER A.B., B. Mus., M.A. Assistant Professor of Philosophy; Director of Bands. 23 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF W. A. AULT Superintendent Build- ings and Grounds. NORRINE WASSON Assistant Supervisor of the Cafeteria. JENNIE MAE TRIGG Assistant Supervisor of the Cafeteria. INEZ McKINLEY BLAIR Assistant Bookke epcr and Stenographer. LOUISE BROADDUS Stenographer, Business Office. MRS. MILTON BARKSDALE Secretary to the Regis- trar. LOIS COLLEY FRED BALLOU Assistant to Alumni Book Store Manager. Secretary. ANNA MEADE GRAHAM Secretary to Director of Extension. MRS. HELEN PERRY Secretary of Personnel Office. G. M. BROCK Business Agent. KATHERYN McNUTT Secretary to Business Agent. 24 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF EDITH McILVAINE RUTH GRIBBIN Supervisor of Cafeteria. Stenographer, Regis- trars Office. VIRGINIA CARLSON Stenographer, D e a n ' s Office. E. P. McCONNELL Bookkeeper. G. O. BRYANT Supervisor of Student Union Recreation Room. EUNICE WINGO Secretary to the Dean of Women. MRS. HARRY BLANTON House Mother, Burnam Hall. MRS. GLADYS NORTHSWORTHY Cashier. SAM BECKLEY Assistant Director of Extension. MRS. CATHERINE CHENAULT Hostess, Student Union Building. BESSIE H. GRIGGS Information Clerk. KATHERINE MORGAN Secretary ' to President; Secretary to Board of Regents. 25 26 UNIVERSITY BUILDING 28 NELSON GORDON President HANSFORD FARRIS Vice-President JANE MILLS Secretary FAY WATSON Treasurer DR. L. G. KENNAMER Sponsor 29 W1LLARD SANDIDGE, B.S. EUBANK Industrial Arts and Mathematics Industrial Arts Club: Mathematic Club. ALBERTA HOAGLAND, B.S. LOUISVILLE Elementary Education Kyma Club; Elementary Education; Y Club. ANNA M. A. TURLEY, B.S. RICHMOND Commerce Band; Sigma Tau Pi; World Affairs. HILAH LAKE, A.B. MOORES CREEK History and Geography World Affairs Club. MARY FRANCES LEHMAN, B.S. LOUISVILLE Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Science Club, Vice-Pres.; Mathematics Club, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi: Y. W. C. A. MRS. LAMAH LIDDELL, B.S. BUTLER Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi; World Affairs Club; Future Teachers of America; Canter- bury Club; Home Economics Club; Who ' s Who; Plans and Programs Com- mittee; Messiah Chorus. WILLIAM M. CROSS, B.S. ONEIDA, TEXAS Mathematics. Physics. Health and Physical Education Science Club; Mathematics Club, Pres.: Varsity Football. CECILE BOWLING, HARLAN Home Economics Harlan County Club. B.S. EDITH MAE PULLIAM, B.S WADDY Elementary Education Elementary Counci WILLIAM M. BRIGHT, A.B. RICHMOND History and Music Glee Club; Band: Progress Staff; Mile stone Staff. «! ■■ WILLA SUE RICHARDS, A.B. ASHLAND English and History Canterbury Club; Y. W. C. A., Pres.; Baptist Student Union; Ushering Staff. JAMES RICHARD SQUIRES, A.B. CRESTWOOD Elementary Education Men ' s Glee Club, Pres.; Future Teach- ers; Kappa Delta Pi; Tennis Team; Progress, Co-editor; Kyma Club; Y. M. C. A.; Milestone, Literary Editor; Little Theatre Club; Alpha Zeta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Student Relationship Council. ORA FRANKLIN TUSSEY, B.S. PORTSMOUTH. OHIO Physical Education, History, Biology Out of State Club; Pres., Physical Edu- cation Club; Who ' s Who; Progress Staff; Milestone Staff; Football; Basket- ball; Track; " E " Club. CHRISTINE PROCTOR, B.S. BURGIN Elementary Education B S. U Council; Y. W. C. A.; Alpha Rho Tau. ALLEN ZARING, B.S. RICHMOND Commerce Social Committee, Mathematics Club. GEORGIA REBECCA GILLY, A.B. HARLAN Elementary Education Upper Cumberland, Treas.: Treas., Harlan County Club; Elementary Council: Y. W. C. A. CHLOE MEADE, B.S. MC DOWELL Mathematics and History Mathematics Club. JOHN T. HUGHES, B.S. ALVA Health and Physical Education. Biology. History Pres., L. T. C: Glee Club: Physical Education Club: Band: Kyma Club. LUCILLE CREECH RICHMOND RUTH FRANCES WALKER, B.S. RICHMOND Commerce Madrigal Club, Sec: Band: Orchestra: Sigma Tau Pi. BENTLEY JONES HILTON, A.B. PINE HILL Socia Sc ience and Geographv Social Science Club: World Affairs Club: Y. M. C. A.: Elementary Coun- cil. ANNA LEE PARK, B.S. KINGSTON Home Economics, Science MARY RUTH HOUSE, B.S. NICHOLASVILLE Home Economics WILLA JEAN SELVEY, B.S. LONDON Elementary Education Elementary Council, Upper Cumber- land, Harlan County, Y. W. C. A., Art Club. JACK SPRATT, B.S. COVINGTON Biologv and Music Orchestra: Band; Men ' s Glee Club: Future Teachers of America: Northern Kentucky Club; Student Union Music Committee: Y. M. C. A. MARGARET BURNS, B.S BERl ' A Commerce ELIZABETH G. FLOWERS, B.S. COLUMBIA Elementary Education Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Madrigal Club Dormitory Council; Elementary Coun cil: B. S. U. Council. ELMORE RYLE, B.S BURLINGTON History and English DORA F. ALLEN, B.S. STANFORD Home Economics MARIE HUGHES, B.S. MC KEE Physical Education and Mathematics Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Future Teachers of America; Kyma Club; Mathematics Club; Glee Club; Physical Education Club. EVELYN LOUISE SIC, A.B. CLEVELAND, OHIO Music and English Band; Orchestra; Madrigal Club: Kappa Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A.; Out of State Club; Chairman of Music Com- mittees in House Council and Student Union Council. HAROLD YINGER, B.S. JACKSON. OHIO industrial Arts Football; Baseball: Physical Education Club, Sec: " E " Club. EDWARD GABBARD, B.S. RAVENNA Commerce Sigma Tau Pi, Pres.; Vice-Pres., Kyma: Treas., Y. M. C. A.; Honor Member of Phalanx: Business Manager of Mile- stone. CHARLOTTE OWENS, B.S. RAVEN Mathematics and Commerce Mathematics Club. WILMA ALLEN, A.B. CORBIN Elementary Education Elementary Council: Corbin Club; Up- per Cumberland Club. WYATT THURMAN, B.S. BENHAM Physical Education and Industrial Arts Physical Education Club, Vice-Pres.: " E " Club: Iota Alpha Gamma; Foot- ball; Basketball; Track. JAMES WILLIAM KEATING. B.S. CORBIN Chemistry and Mathematics Science Club; Mathematics Club; Cor- bin Club; Upper Cumberland Club. LILLIAN STAMPER, B.S. EMINENCE Elementary Education Y. W. C. A.; North Central Kentucky Club; Elementary Council. BERTHA WILLIAMS CRASE, B.S. BEREA Elementary Education and English Y. W. C. A.; Elementary Council; C. K. E. A.; K. E. A.; N. E. A. HANSFORD FARRIS, B.S. RICHMOND Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Band; Orchestra; Tennis Team; Kappa Delta Pi; Y. M. C. A.; " E " Club; Future Teachers of America; Vice-Pres. of Senior Class. ld ETHEL WEBB, B.S. FRANKFORT Elementary Education Y. M. C. A.; Elementary Council Capitol City Club. CHARLES E. MORGAN, A.B SHELBY CAP Geography and History EDWIN ALAN YELTON, B.S. FORT THOMAS Biology and Chemistry Band; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A; Glee Club; Pres., Northern Kentucky Club. LORRAINE McKINNEY, B.S BROOKSVILLE Home Economics BETSY CASTER, B.S. CLEVELAND. OHIO Elementary Education Elementary Council; Y. W. C. Catholic Club. VERNON FAY WATSON, B.S. OWENTON Commerce Vice-Pres., Sigma Tau Pi; Y. M. C. A Treas., Senior Class. VIRGINIA M. LONG, B.S. RICHMOND Elementarv Education Elementary Council; Y. W. C. A. WALTER BERNARD MAYER, B.S. COLD SPRINGS Physical Education and Chemistry Physical Education Club, Treas.; L. T. C; " E " Club; Mathematics Club; Science Club; Northern Kentucky Club; Catholic Club; Football; Baseball. SALLIE ADELINE HOLLAND, B.S. RICHMOND Elementary Education Folk Lore Club; Elementary Council; World Affairs. WALLACE BRAMMELL, JR., B.S. FRANKFORT Chemistry. Physics. Mathematics Science Club; Sec, Caduceus Club; Glee Club; Capitol City Club. MARY BILLINGSLEY, B.S. MIDDLESBORO Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Science Club; Sec, Mathematics Club; Vice-Pres., Future Teachers of Amer- ica; Y. W. C. A.; Dormitory Council; Milestone Staff; Upper Cumberland Club. MARY LEONE STAYTON, B.S. DAYTON, OHIO Physical Education and Mathematics Future Teachers of America; Mathe- matics Club; Dormitory Council; Y. W. C. A.; Milestone Staff; Swimming In- structor; Physical Education Club. HELEN KLEIN. A. B. PORTSMOUTH, OHIO English and Music Pres., Glee Club; Canterbury Club; House Council; Band; Orchestra. JOHN O. ROSE, JR., B.S. CORBIN Industrial Arts and Physical Education Physical Education Club; " E " Club; Upper Cumberland Club, Trainer. SALLY BURNAM HERVEY, B.S. PAINT LICK Home Economics Sec, Caduceus Club. ANNA LOUISA HISLE, B.S. WINCHESTER Science and Ele mentary Education Home Economics Club. ld w? RUSSELL DELIN PARTIN, B.S. BARBOURVILLE Commerce Band; Upper Cumberland Club; R. O T. C. Band; Easterners; Sigma Tau Pi Orchestra. ETHYL ALBERTA JUSTICE, B.S. ASHLAND Elementary Education Y. W. C. A.; Elementary Council World Affairs Club; Alpha Rho Tau ANNA LOUISE PRESTON, B.S. PAINTSVILLE Home Economics Home Economics Club; Future Teach ers of America, Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY EGGENSPILLER, B.S. LOUISVILLE Home Economics Home Economics Club; Kyma; Little Theatre Club; House Council. DOROTHY D. TORSTRICK, B.S. LOUISVILLE Elementary Education Vice-Pres., Elementary Council. JAMES C. BROCK, A.B. HARLAN History, English Band; Glee Club; Harlan County Club; Upper Cumberland Club; Future Teachers of America; Y. M. C. A. Little Theatre Club; Swimming Team Baseball Team; Alpha Zeta Kappa Phalanx; Milestone Editor; " E " Club Social Science Club. MORRIS RUTLEDGE, B.S. BUENA VISTA Industrial Arts MILDRED LOUISE NEELY, B.S. SOMERSET Home Economics Home Economics Club; Florence Night- ingale Club; Pulaski County Club; Y. W. C. A.; House Council; Alpha Rho Tau. CHARLES E. SPEARS, B.S. BOLDMAN Mathematics, Biology. Physics Mathematics Club; Kappa Delta Pi. MARY MARTHA GADBERRY, B.S. LANCASTER Commerce Little Theatre Club; Sigma Tau Pi; Madrigal Club; Alpha Zeta Kappa. HELEN FLETCHER, B.S. NICHOLASVILLE Commerce Florence Nightingale; Sigma Tau Pi; Y. W. C. A. GUY WHITEHEAD, A.B. RICHMOND English, Latin, French World Affairs Club; Future Teachers of America; Swimming Team. OLIVE RANKIN GABRIEL, A.B. martin ' s FERRY. OHIO English. French Alpha Zeta Kappa; Canterbury; Kyma; Future Teachers of America; Progress Staff. ALBERTA CAMERON, B.S. PARIS Elementary Education Y. W. C. A., Elementary Council; World Affairs; House Council. MARGARET ESTRIDGE, A.B. CRAB ORCHARD English, History Canterbury Club; Le Cercle Francaise. HERBERT HUNTER, B.S. FORT THOMAS Commerce Sigma Tau Pi; Northern Kentucky Club; Vice-Pres., Men ' s Glee Club; Pres., Band. ? - ' HUGOLENE McCOY, B.S. RACELAND Commerce Band; Kyma; L. T. C; Sigma Tau Pi Milestone Stal f. GLADYS BOWLES, B.S. PLEASLREVILLE Home Economics Pres., Home Economics; Y. W. C. A Little Theatre; Art Club. JEAN SWEENEY, B.S. COVINGTON Home Economics Home Economics Club; Ftarence Night ingale; Northern Kentucky Club Alpha Gamma Sigma. OWEN TRAVIS COMBS, B.S. HARLAN Industrial Arts and Physical Education Physical Education Club; Upper Cum- berland Club; Harlan County Club; In- dustrial Arts Club; " E " Club; Var- sity Football. RUTH CATLETT, A.B. LAWRENCEBURG English, French, History Alpha Zeta Kappa: Caterbury Club; Future Teachers of America; Kappa Delta Pi; Pres. of House Council, Burnam Hall: Student Relationship Council; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Literary Editor, Milestone; Le Cercle Francais; Co-editor Eastern Progress. NANCY CAMPBELL, B.S. COVINGTON Elementary Education Orchestra; Elementary Council; Y. W. C. A. OWEN GRIBBIN. B.S. SOMERSET Chemistry, Mathematics Science Club; Little Theatre Club. LYDA BELLE SHEPHERD, B.A. ASHLAND English and Commerce Y. W. C. A.; Canterbury Club; Bap- tist Students Union Council. RUBYE MORELAND, B.S. RAVENNA Chemistry, Biology. Mathematics Science Club: Mathematics Club; Y. W. C. A. CLARKE THOMAS GRAY, B.S. NEWPORT Chemistrx and Bio o%v Science Club; World Affairs Club: Northern Kentucky Club: Future Teachers Club: Kappa Delta Pi. VEDA MARIE CORNN, B.S. PINEVILLE Elementary Education World Affairs; Florence Nightingale; Elementary Council; Y. W. C. A. JAMES H. PRATER, B.S. LACKEY Mathematics, Physics Glee Club: Mathematics Club. CARL P. MIMS, B.S. BOLDMAN Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Mathematics Club. MARY AGNES FINNERAN, A.B. COVINGTON English, History Canterbury Club: Belles Lettres, Editor; Kyma Club; Little Theatre Club: World Affairs Club; K. I. P. A.: Northern Kentucky Club; Glee Club; Future Teachers of America. RAYMOND E. KORNHOFF, B.S. COVINCTON Health, Physical Education, History Physical Education Club: Catholic Club. MARY KATHERINE BLACK, B.S. ERLANCER Elementary Education Elementary Council: Florence Nightin- gale Club; Y. W. C. A.; House Coun- cil, Sullivan Hall. CHARLES McINTOSH, B.S. KRYPTON Geography and History Perry and Knott Club: World Affairs Club. LILLIAN LEWALLEN, B.S HARLAN Commerce s ? FRANCES COSTANZO. B.S MIDDLEBORO TILTON BANNISTER, B.S PARIS Industrial Arts GEORGE SEEVERS, A.B. RICHMOND English and History Glee Club; Faculty Committee. FRANCES JAGGERS, B.S FRANKFORT Home Economics VIOLA EADES, B.S. SHELBYVILLE Elementarv Education MRS. ELIZABETH EADES, B.S. SHELBYVILLE Elementary Education JAMES A. SMITH, B.S. BEREA Commerce ORVILLE BYRNE, A.B. DAYTON Music and English JAMES R. ALLEY, B.S. BORDERLAND, WEST VIRGINIA Mathematics. Physics and History Kappa Delta Pi; Science Club; Mathe- matics Club; Big Sandy Club. MARY ANN RODGERS, B.S. NEW MARKET, ALABAMA Elementary Education Y. W. C. A.; Elementary Council; Future Teachers of America; Madrigal Club; Out of State Club. MARJORIE KELSCH, B.S. DOVER Elementary Education Home Economics Club; Limestone Club; Catholic Club; Elementary Coun- cil. KELLY FIELDS, A.B. BUSY History and Geography World Affairs Club. HALLIE TEVIS RICHMOND WILLIAM N. BURRUS, B.S. RICHMOND Commerce ld ■ll. -.jl l ' l I ' MARION PARK SMITH, B.S. LAWRENCEBURG Home Economics Home Economics Club; Kyma Club; W. R. H. O.; Milestone Staff; Prog- ress Staff; Kappa Delta Pi. JAMES E. STAYTON, B.S. DAYTON, OHIO Chemistry and Mathematics Business Manager, L. T. C; Kyma; Science Club; Captain, Pistol Team; Military Editor, Milestone Staff; Swim- ming Team: Northern Kentucky Club; Mathematics Club; Physical Education Club. DRUSCILLA WILSON IRVINE Home Economics MARGUERITE RIVARD, A.B. INDEPENDENCE Geography and History, Secondary Education Little Theatre Club; World Affairs Club; Progress Staff. ■ ERNESTINE JONES, A.B. DREYFUS Music and History Band; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. MARILOU LEA, A.B. COVINGTON French and History Le Cercle Francais; Y. W. C. A Northern Kentucky Club. MARY ELEANOR BLACK, A.B. RICHMOND English and Social Science Band; Orchestra; Home Economics Club. WILLIAM NELSON GORDON, B.S. RICHMOND Physical Education and Social Science Physical Education Club; " E " Club; Pres., Senior Class. T? ' =:: ' W " ' ' !l ' m i ii -II ID H U III HI II IS III HI Ill III J1H llll llll V! tilt x -: « ■ . 2. :i Sjtffc y,4 f «fcW c JB5 AJ H. D. FITZPATRICK ARTS BUILDING 44 rm m j mSSfm « RAYMOND GOODLETT President FRANK FLANAGAN Vice-President IMOGENE TRENT Secretary MABEL WALKER JENNINGS Treasurer DR. T. C. HERNDON Sponsor 45 1 i ' v Blanche Cheatham Columbia Delma Richardson Poplarville Callie Gritton Sinai Dorothy Hutchison Lawrenceburg Dick Dickerson Prestonsburg Jay Hauselman Covington Martha Jane Sandifer Ft. Thomas Jack Faries Maysville Nora Mason Harlan Edith Cole Covington 46 June Traylor [mocene Trent John Tollner Richmond Russell Augusta Robert Conley Beulah Ford Paintsville Richmond Buford Griffith Ann Thomas Blanche Trivette Carrollton Midway Virgie Eileen Frame Dorothy Williams Harlan London 47 ■ Wilford Bowling Hi iLen Louise Haley Ruth Selvey Buckhorn Cynthiana London Garnet Rose Guy Hatfield Helachewa Ravenna Magdalene Bennett Frances Coward Vv ' ILLIAM STOCKER Jenson Goldsboro, N. C. Richmond Olive Cassidy Mary Gratzer Inez Louisville 48 Mildred Gortney Roy Floyd Cuba Mullins Harrodsburg Richmond Whitesburg Pauline Simms Ruby Huches Houstonville Bellevue Jerre Nolan Zelma Bond Rachel Johnston Richmond McKee Barbourville Jean Porter Howard Hundemer Covington Dayton 49 ARGARET ROSE WILDER Dick Allen Esther Dillman Baxter Prestonsburg Ft. Thomas Sue Biesack Sadie Cox Louisville Lawrenceburg William Hickman Sallie Hobbs James Walters Covington Beattyville Balkan Bill Sullivan Georgia Root Shelbiana Corbin 50 %mm Theda Dunavent Harlan Christine Chestnut Dorothy Carroll London Burgin Alex Anderson Combs Roberta Adams Paintsville Frank Flanagan Richmond Mildred Logsdon Paint Lick Claude Smith Williamsburg Vera Mayberry Newport Vivian Weber Ft. Thomas 51 Sara Brooks Corbin Charles Swearincen Science Hill William C. Petty Ashland Pauline Hereford Prestonsburg Emma Peffer Frankfort Alma Minch Owenton JLcy tsO J bed COPPER JOHN CAMPBELL President GUY WARMING Vice-President ANN ALLEN Secretary MARGARET MUNCY Treasurer DR. E. D. JENKINS Sponsor 53 Gerald Johnson Owenton Lucille Hurt Bulan Arla Eubank Covington Lucille Tumey Harrodsburg Bob Conrad Williamstown Carolyn Fields Whitesburg Jean Zacoren Cincinnati, Ohio Josephine Brown Sinai Dave Lumsden Covington Eugene Kelly Mayslick Gayle McConnell Forks of Elkhorn Decker Johnson Florence Jeanne Sumner Hazard Joyce Faith Dotson Williamstown, W. Va. Alan Wickersham Irvine JULIANNE RUSCHELL Silver Grove [A Barbara Shewmaker Bardstown Sylvia Esterling Ezel Herschel B. Coates Glencoe Ruth Stamper Corbin 54 Katherine Sallee Gee Frank Curcio New Brunswick, N. J. Mildred Virgin Ashland Aline Dolan Rushville, Ind. Billy McClurg New Boston, Ohio Bobby West Irvine Beryl Anderson Ezel Georgie Petty Ashland Helen Ashcraft Williamstown Roy Dawn Covington Christine McGuire Grassy Creek Thomas Allan Douglas Hazard Shirley Salisbury Langley LaVerne Howell Covington Karl Henry Smith St. Paul Helen Cain Fawbush Jane Spears Paris Ann Christie Lexington LOUANNA NOE Harlan Edgar Louis Adams Richmond Dick Kirby Rhoda Whitehouse C. D. Sims Mable Miracle John Blackerby Covington Louisville Houstonville Loyall Pendleton Kathryn Williams Marjorie Crites Porter Mayo Roberta Stevenson Margaret Kirk Moffatt ' s Creek, Va. Newport Prestonsburg Corbin 1 f LaGrange Juanita Lewis Beatrice Elliott William Blackerby Mary B. Cassidy Hazel Bassham Wildie Waynesburg Pendleton Inez Harlan Ethel Topper Vivian Morcan Willie T. Owens Helen Thompson Kathryn Underwood Dayton Newport Corbin Webbville Nicholasville 56 Ruth Eubank Covington Phil Bevins Pikeville Louise Yates Bradfordsville Modena Newton Witt D. T. Ferrell. Jr. Richmond Ruth Kottmeyer Constance Ann Minerva Estill Frankfort Helen Lewallen Harlan Dorothy Tomlin Sherburne Dan Daugherty Richmond noted Eloise Wallace Verda Anna Louise Horn Wallins Creek Nancy Davis Wilmore Nancy Threlkeld Corinth Price Napier Hazard Vircinia Held Dayton Melba Clark Dayton Ruth Frye Island City Bill Barnett Pine Ridge Christine Hertlein Springfield 57 Orin Lee Brumbach Harlan Josephine Hurst Pineville Vivian Kaminski Pineville Jean Hurst Pineville Jack Talbot Ft. Thomas Raymond Stevens Prestonsburg Rosalind Young Lawrenceburg Norma Hamilton Falmouth Charles Lake Spring Hill, W. Va. Ellen Umstadt Elizaville . Anna Lee Boyd Minerva David Barnes Richmond Beatrice Elliot Kings Mountain El Wanda Brinkley Kenneth Steely Mark Corbin Inez Smith Stearns Billy Mason Richmond Elsie Morcom Louisville Lahoma Martin Glencoe Claude Williams Twila Harry Lucas Beattyville Patsy Elmore Richmond Virginia Gilbert Booneville Helen Colvin Elisabethton, Tenn. James Carter Prestonsburg yMrtsed Jack Carter Prestonsburg Evelyn Preston Gallup Paul A. Hounchell Emma Noyes Perkins Richmond Corbin Helen Ball Ages 59 60 ■ " ' v- GEORGE NORMAN President DORIS KENNAMER Vice-President GAIL ROBERTS Secretary JACK HOLT Treasurer DR. P. M. GRISE Sponsor 61 mrm A 62 JIM TODD MARY KATHERINE HEATH CLAY ROSEBERRY RICHMOND FRANKFORT PARIS HELEN DOWNEY MORELAND DOROTHY McNEES CYNTHIANA NANCY BRUNER LONDON KATHRYN WEBB VICTOR De SIMMONS MAYKING MC ROBERTS CHRISTINE PRATHER LEVEE RUTH CHARLES AUGUSTA JOE WALTON LYNCH ERMA STEVENS GRAHN BETTY HERR BEDFORD LOUIS D. REEVES RICHMOND BEA ANN HOUTCHENS KEARNEY, NEBRASKA JEAN HICKMAN COVINGTON ALFRED WILSON LOYALL BETTY JO GOODIN PORTSMOUTH, OHIO WILMA CECIL HAZEL GREEN MABEL CRISWELL CYNTHIANA 63 WILMA CORMAN COVINGTON MAURICE HURD LYNCH MARY WILLIAMS ASHLAND THOMAS BYRNES COVINGTON EDWARD HEDGER DAYTON SARAH BARKER RICHMOND ANITA CATRON MARY WILEY JOYCE STOUT VANCEBURG BILL RITTER RICHMOND LUCY MARSHALL MAYSVILLE MILDRED FLETCHER N1CHOLASVILLE REEVA MAE WARREN TWILA ESTA MULLIKAN VANCEBURC MALCOMS EADES COLD SPRINGS ESTHER BAKER HAZARD KATHERYN COMBS ONEIDA JANE HENRY FRANKFORT ADA SEXTON HARRODSBURG LEE SWAN CORBIN 64 65 66 JIMMY O ' DONNELL RICHMOND JANE WASH SINAI WARREN HUENFELD FRANCES SMITHER FT. THOMAS FRANKFORT MARTHA LONG RUSSELLVILLE MILDRED S1EKMAN ANN SCOTT MAHER ANDREW METIKIDES BURLINGTON MAYSVILLE RICHMOND GLENNA CLARK DAYTON ANN GATELEY FT. THOMAS JACK WALKER CORBIN CLEO McGUIRE GRAYSON NANCYE BENNETT BURGIN EDDIE WEBER FT. THOMAS MARY LOU YELTON FT. THOMAS MARY JO CHIPMAN FALMOUTH KENT MOSLEY MILLERSBURG EUNEVA BIAS VANCEBURG SHARLEEN WATKINS LIBERTY ALENE ASHLEY JUNCTION CITY 67 T -j ...:■ :i3 .1 : - • z.-jz ' -- i : :j : ••■ z it - ;---„.: pi :- - : : ;; :-rs- :- • - - : : 69 70 JOHN BRANDENBURG RICHMOND MARTHA ELLIS LA GRANGE ROY KIDD COR BIN MARILYN TRAUTWEIN FT. THOMAS KATHLEEN PEACE CHARLOTTE CONNER DOROTHY WAITS CORBIN GERMANTOWN, OHIO CYNTHIANA RUDOLPH COLLINS EMINENCE LE MONNE MILLER LA ORANGE JANE CAMPBELL MIDDLESBORO OTHO LACKEY RICHMOND BETTY SANDERS HARRODSBURG MARCILLA CECIL HAZEL GREEN CLIFFORD WILSON GREEN HALL RUTH FORD FT. THOMAS DOROTHY DAVIS LA GRANGE GEORGE HICKS SH1VELY LARRY KEES ALEXANDRIA ZENA HURT HINDMAN DORIS KENNAMER RICHMOND 71 RUTH WELLER MARY FRANCIS JACKSON BETTY BROWN PINEVILLE LUDLOW GREENVILLE EARL WEBB TANKSLEY ALENE LITTLETON GRAYSON PAULINE COMER FALMOUTH ARLENA TURNER HAZARD 72 73 74 75 MARGARET RAMSEY 76 MISS EASTERN To be chosen as Miss Eastern carries with it the significance of being the most beautiful girl on the campus. The selection of Margaret Ramsey as Eastern ' s representative at the Mountain Laurel Festival means that in the qualifications that make for beauty, charm, and attractiveness, she surpasses every other girl at Eastern. The sweet quietness and unobtrusiveness of Margaret Ramsey ' s personality are indications that this year ' s honor is a sincere tribute to charm and beauty. In previous years the tribute has occasionally gone to these figures on the campus whose promi- nence in activities and social affairs confused the real issue. Margaret Ramsey has never had the recognition as a campus figure that some more flashing personalities have received, so her selection as Miss Eastern is a supreme tribute. Only a sophomore, Miss Ramsey is a Richmond girl, a major in Music. She is a graduate of Madison High, and during her four years of high school, she held many honors of a similar nature to the one she holds at Eastern now. She is taking a promi- nent part in music activities at Eastern at the present time, and plans to make it her life work, either in concert or professional work. Eastern has had many beautiful representatives at the Mountain Laurel Festival, but seldom has she been so sincerely proud of her choice as in this years selection, Margaret Ramsey. 77 ATTENDANTS LOUANNA NOE Sweet is the word that best describes Louanna. Sparkling eyes, a winning smile, a kind word for all, and a wholesome enjoyment of living are characteristics which mark Louanna as a standout from all the rest. Although only a sophomore, this Harlan Miss has shown leadership in the Home Economics Club, the Upper Cumberland Club, and the Harlan County Club. She was one of the two women from the sophomore class appointed as a student representative at faculty meet- ings for the year. Living the life that she does, Louanna is sure to receive other honors in the future. 78 ATTENDANTS ( u. , MARIE HUGHES Another honor, that of attendant to Miss Eastern, is just one among many which have come the way of Marie. This Senior from McKee feels as much at home in a calculus class as in the chair of honor at a formal dance. Irt her years as a leader at Eastern, Marie has been an active member in the Future Teachers of America, Mathematics Club, Physical Education Club, Kyma, and Alpha Rho Tau. During the past year Marie has also served as treasurer of the Madrigal Club, battalion sponsor of the R.O.T.C., president of Kappa Delta Pi, and Queen of the 1941 Military Ball. 79 MISS POPULARITY The office of Miss Popularity should logically be bestowed on the most " all- around " girl on the campus, since it is versatility that makes for popularity. On this basis the election of Mary Stayton, Senior from Dayton, Ohio, as Miss Popularity of 1941 was indeed appropriate. A major in Physical Education, Mary ' s ability as a swimmer has marked her as the Number 1 Mermaid of Eastern. Her personality and general attrac- tiveness have won for her in one year the much coveted honors of Sponsor of Battery C of the R.O.T.C. and Queen of the Senior Ball. A good student, she takes an active part in club activities, in which she has proved her ability to initiate and cooperate. Her sincere friendliness and charm have made her the " right " person for the honor of Miss Popularity. 80 MR. POPULARITY Once in a lifetime there happens to be a person on a college campus whose selection as Mr. Popularity strikes everyone as inevitable and right. Such a person is Jim Squires, Eastern ' s choice for Mr. Popularity of 1941. The sincerest tribute that can be paid to a person is to say that he knows no clique or faction lines so far as friendship is concerned. That is true of Jim Squires. Often an honor student, he finds time to participate in a multitude of campus activities. Almost every club on the campus numbers his name among its membership. His senior year gave him the honors of Co-editor of the Eastern Progress, president of the Men ' s Glee Club, and nomination as one of Eastern ' s number in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities for the second consecutive year. The spirit of sincerity that marked Jim Squire ' s association with everyone with whom he came into contact will be remembered long after he leaves Eastern. 81 CAMPUS ESTHER DILLMAN, Junior Prom Queen The Juniors have always had an especial gift for selecting a beautiful and a charming girl to reign as Prom Queen. Somehow factions and politics never seem to hold in this election. Sel- dom has the truth of that assertion been so well exemplified as this year. Esther Dillman, junior in commerce from Northern Kentucky, deserves the highest honor that her class could confer upon her, the honor of being Queen of the Junior Prom. THEDA DUNAVENT, Band Sponsor At the end of every school year the members of Eastern ' s band select a band sponsor for the following year. The general qualifications for the honor are attractiveness, grace, and personal- ity. The girl chosen for 1941, Miss Theda Duna- vent, Loyall, Kentucky, fulfilled all these require- ments. Outstanding in many field, Miss Dunavent has been very prominent in her major field, Home Economics. She was chosen Sponsor of Battery B this year, this honor enabling her to be an attend- ant to the Queen of the Military Ball. Highly satisfactory to the members of the Band, Miss Dunavent made a sponsor who proved to be an honor to Eastern as well. si QUEENS MARIE HUGHES, Military Ball When honors consistently accrue to an individ- ual, the natural conclusion to be drawn would be that that person must be singularly deserving of honors. Such an individual is Mane Hughes, Richmond senior, who is Eastern ' s Military Ball Queen for 1941. In addition to this outstanding honor, she was chosen attendant to Miss Eastern at the Mountain Laurel Festival this year. She takes an active part in all campus activities, hold ' ing the presidency of the honorary educational fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi. MARY STAYTON, Senior Ball Queen Already the possessor of many honors, Mary Stayton, senior from Dayton, Ohio, received the additional honor from her class of reigning as Queen of the annual Senior Ball. This selection offers proof of the genuine popularity that Miss Stayton enjoys and the sincere admiration with which the members of her class regard her. 83 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES First Row — Mildred Gortney, Harrodsburg; James Squires, Crestwood; Mary F. Lehman, Louisville; W. C. Petty, Ashland; Mary Agnes Finneran, Covington; Elmore Ryle, Burlington; Ruth Catlett, Lawrenceburg; Hansford Farris, Rich ' mond, and Vera Maybury, Newport. Second Row — Marie Hughes, McKee; Paul Brandes, Ft. Thomas; Vivian Weber, Ft. Thomas; Ora Tussey, Portsmouth, Ohio; Guy Whitehead, Richmond; Sue Biesack, Louisville; Wyatt Thurman, Benham and Mrs. Lamah Liddell, Butler. 84 85 86 r. 87 OFFICERS MAJOR HUGH P. ADAMS Major Hugh P. Adams, professor of Military Science and Tactics, instructor of the advance course, continued to push the Eastern R.O.T.C. to the front at summer camp, federal inspection, and by improving the character of the students. It is with sincere regret that we say goodbye to Major Adams after he has been with us these three years. Those who came in contact with him agree that if all the officers of the U. S. Army are like him our army is the best officered force in the world. 88 OFFICERS LIEUT. EARL NOBLE Another new member of the military staff, Lieut. Earl T. Noble, a graduate of Purdue Uni- versity and a member of the Organized Reserve Corps instructs the sophomore classes in com- munications, motors, map reading, and instru- ments. A quiet and unassuming man, Lieut, Noble is a fine example for the men in the Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps. LIEUT. WILLIAM C. REEVES Lieut. Reeves performs his duties in the mili- tary department as instructor of freshman mili- tary and as coach of the pistol team. Many years from now the present freshmen will remember this gunner ' s examination and Lieut. Reeves with his " aiming point, vertical line on wall to direct front. " Lieut. Reeves is a member of the Organized Reserve Corps and a graduate of Purdue Uni- versity. 89 OFFICERS AND ENLISTED MEN Front Row, Left to Right — Sgt. Bentley, Lieut. Noble, Major Adams, Lieut. Reeves, and Sgt. Bond. Bac Row — Privates Wilson, Vernon, Williams, Miller and Sgt. Cook. ADVANCED CORPS, R.O.T.C. Front Row, Left to Right — Lawrence Hay, John Rose, Allen Zaring, Edward Gabbard, James Stayton, Harold Winburn. Second Row — Fred Darling, W. C. Petty, Charles Perry, Guy Whitehead, William Stocker, Braxton, Duvall, Homer Davis. Third Row — Paul Robinson, Lawrence Kelly, Dick Williams, James Prater, Walter Mayer, David Minesinger, Ralph Darling, Harold Hall. Fourth Row — Dick Dickerson, Kenneth Perry, Prewitt Paynter, James Brock, Hansford Farns, Charles Floyd, John Tollner. 90 CADET LT. COL. EDWARD GABBARD CADET CAPT. JAMES STAYTON CADET MAJOR ALLEN ZARING SPONSOR MARIE HUGHES CADET LT. JOHN O. ROSE 91 CAPT. GUY WHITEHEAD LIEUT. CHARLES PERRY SPONSOR HELEN HALL BATTERY A Battery " A " was one of two batteries formed in the fall of 1936 and has con- tinued from that humble beginning until now it is composed of approximately sixty- five men commanded by Cadet Captain Guy Whitehead. This Battery has always taken its share of the citations and honors that have been bestowed annually on the Battalion. The ranks of this Battery are filled with " Buck " Privates, Corporals, and every rank up to First Sergeant. On Corps Day this Battery usually takes the position at the head of the Battalion Column and is the first to pass the reviewing stand. Cadet First Lieutenant Charles R. Perry is an example of the Eastern men in this Battery. He has just finished a glorious year on the " hardwood " as the Captain of the Maroon five and is now rounding out four years of athletic achievement by " holding down " the first sack on the Baseball Diamond. He is an excellent student in the classroom and his warm smile and pleasing personality have made him a friend to many of the students on Eastern ' s campus. 92 93 CAPT. WALTER MAYER LIEUT. JAMES PRATER SPONSOR THEDA DUNAVENT BATTERY B Battery " B " along with her sister Battery, Battery " A " , has been in operation since 1936 and has increased year by year with the increase in interest in R.O.T.C and National Defense. This Battery is commanded by Cadet Captain Walter Mayer, who hails from Cold Springs, Kentucky, whose all-aroundness and regularness has made him many ardent admirers and friends. Mr. Mayer is as versatile on the Drill Field as he is on the Gridiron. He has played football at Eastern for four years, and never once has he complained or given up. He is one of the " old reliables " who make sports at Eastern something to reminisce about. It is with extreme regret that we see " Walt " leave us but we feel sure that wherever he is he will make life-long friends and be just as happy and amiable as he has been here. First Lieutenant James H. Prater, Senior from Lackey, Kentucky, has been on the campus for four years and has been taking his share of the honors consistently. Although Mr. Prater has never taken an active part in athletics he has made himself well-known by his classroom activities and his ability to get along with people. 94 ± 95 CAPT. JAMES C. BROCK LIEUT. STEPHEN W. RICH SPONSOR MARY STAYTON BATTERY C This is the second year of existence for " C " Battery. Last year this Battery won the Elk ' s Club Trophy for being the best drilled and most nearly perfect Battery in the Battalion at Eastern. Cadet Captain James C. Brock has been at the reins of this Battery for the past school year. He has shown great ability as a leader of men and has made the competition for the 1941 award close. A Major in History and English he has displayed abilities in other fields quite removed from Military. Although a " rookie " on the Baseball squad he has shown possibilities and has held down his " southpaw " pitching position to a creditable degree. He is the youngest man of his class in Military Science and will not receive his commission in the Reserve Corps until 1942. Cadet Lieutenant Stephen W. Rich has been the " man behind the scenes " in " C " Battery. He has been faithfully assisting and cooperating throughout the year and will ably fill a position as Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Army upon graduation. He is a Major in Commerce and has taken part in many club activities here at Eastern. " Steve ' s " pleasing personality and ready wit will be a loss to his many friends. 96 mm- w ' 97 PISTOL TEAM Front Row — A. Lowe, R. Yeager, P. Paynter, J. Stayton, Lt. William C. Reeves, W. Stocker, S. Rich, C. Floyd, J. Hughes. Bac Row — R. Whitaker, J. Walker, M. Lackey, E. Adams, H. Begley, W. Mason, J. Williams, R. Kidd, W. Barnett, P. Hounchell, P. Milbourne. The pistol team of 1941 under the guidance of its new coach, Lieut. William C. Reeves, won all of its important matches, the shoulder-to-shoulder matches against Ohio State University and Xavier University. St. Xavier has always been a close rival of Eastern, winning only one shoulder-to-shoulder match since the two teams started hostilities. In pistol matches Eastern was not as successful, winning only seven out of twenty-two. This fact is attributed to the stiff competition that was carded for the team. Starting the year with eight of last year ' s men, the pistoleers lose only two men at the end of this season, Steve Rich, and Capt. James Stayton, so we are all looking forward to a successful season next year, judging from the experi- ence that will be on the firing line. Scores of the shoulder-to-shoulder matches are: Eastern 1256 Eastern 1206 Eastern 1261 Xavier 1182 Ohio State 1171 Xavier 1221 Some of the more important matches which the Eastern team won are: Eastern 1254 Eastern 1278 Eastern -1263 Eastern 1264 Eastern 1265 Eastern 1265 Arkansas State 1237 Xavier 1354 Yale 1211 Indiana U 1208 Wisconsin 1252 Harvard 1248 98 R. O. T. C. BAND rar. 4 «Mjfe..- " ' r ; " - " Sound Adjutant ' s Call " starts the small but powerful and colorful R. O. T. C. hand into action. This unit of the Corps is under the leadership of Director John R. Kinzer. The band practices all winter so that the cadets in the ranks can keep step. They spend several extra hours weekly working on the marches for corps day. George Hicks, the drum major, puts the musicians through their paces during the practice period before the reviews and executes the snappiest " present arms " on the field. " They say there is something about a soldier " but it takes a stirring march to send the chills and shivers up and down your spine. Those who watched the corps day reviews last fall and this spring found it so. While the whole battal- ion stands at parade rest the band troops the line and nothing you can do will stop the goose-bumps from springing up. It takes a good band to do this and the R. O. T. C. can well be proud of its musicians. 99 10(1 101 DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS thomas e. Mcdonough Well known throughout the South, Mr. T. E. McDonough, head of the Physical Education Department and Director of Athletics at Eastern, is still better known here at Eastern and in the state of Kentucky. As a very active member of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Con- ference committees Mr. McDonough has been tournament manager for the last several years that the tournament has been held at Eastern. During these years the success of the tournaments has been ever increasing under his guidance. Mr. McDonough is, in simple language, a regular guy, a straight shooter and an unsurpassed leader. Furthermore, Mr. McDonough is a fine example for us who are leaving Eastern and going into the field of education as well as in other fields. Words limit us when we want to express our appreciation to " Mr. Mac " , but we feel that we have shown our appreciation to him and we hope that he realizes that we will always look back upon our days at Eastern and the fine times and valuable advice he has given us. 102 COACH ROME RANKIN Coach Rome Rankin has been at the helm of Eastern ' s athletics for only six years. During these six years he has gradually built his teams up until he has accomplished what many coaches much older than he, have been trying to do for many years. That is to finish a season undefeated and untied. We are sure that Coach Rankin is proud of this achievement, but he should be even more proud, for he has done this, starting with practically nothing. For, six years ago, Eastern ' s football team was the breather for just about every team on its schedule. But under the careful tutoring of this man the name Maroons strikes terror to most of the teams in this section of the country. And these teams have a right to be careful with Eastern for on the bench sits one of the craftiest coaches in the country, a man who can get the most out of his material. Coach Rankin knows that we are proud of him and his boys. We do not have to tell him that but we can say that we wish him the best of luck in the years to come and many more seasons as brilliant as the last one in football. 103 THE G R TOM SAMUELS Line Coach FOOTBALL RESULTS, 1940 Eastern 20 Eastern 39 Eastern 35 Eastern 31 Eastern 27 Eastern 48 Eastern 25 Eastern 48 Northern Illinois Arkansas A. ii M Dekalb King College 7 Morehead 13 Cumberland 7 Central Michigan.... Bowling Green, O... 104 IRON CHARLES " TURKEY " HUGHES Freshman Coach r 4 105 SrfstiiKaiJ FRANK FLANAGAN Halfback FRED DARLING Tackle LARRY LEHMAN End BER RASNICK End ROY BUCHAUS Halfback 106 Eastern 20 Illinois Normal Playing under a blistering sun at Bloomington, Illinois, the 1940 edition of the Eastern Maroons opened what turned out to be an undefeated, untied football season by locking horns with the Illinois State Normal Red Birds and winning 20 to 0. Eastern ' s formidable attack was led by the Thurman-to- Schuster passing combination which netted two of the three touchdowns scored. The burning heat of the sun played a big factor in the effi- ciency of both teams, slowing down both offenses consider- ably. Bringing this point out is the fact that all the scoring was done in the first half. AL DRESSMAN Halfback NELSON GORDON End BERT SMITH Quarterback BILL HICKMAN Guard 107 Eastern 35 Northern 111. Eyeing an undefeated season the Maroons swept over a big Northern Illinois Teachers eleven by a score of 35 to 0. Although the score does not indicate it, the Illinois team, the second Eastern had played, proved to be a formidable op- ponent. Eastern scored early on a 75- yard drive which ended with Thurman going over. Shining as usual for the Maroon of- fensive was Bert Smith, who turned in a brilliant run of 60 yards for the third touchdown of the game. Scoring touchdowns for the Maroon team were: Thurman, Benedett, Smith, and Cross. JOE BILL SIPHERS Halfback GEORGE ORDICK Fullback RALPH DARLING Guard HAROLD YINGER Center KENNETH PERRY Guard 108 CLIFFORD TINNELL Guard WALTER MAYER Tackle ORA TUSSEY Tackle CHARLES SCHUSTER End Eastern 27 Morehead 13 Continuing their winning ways, the Maroons never so much as slowed up, even for their arch rivals, Morehead. Going onto the field with de- termination all over their faces, the Maroon clad clan went right down to work on the Eagles, to win going away, 27 to 13. Morehead started in with a quick touchdown drive to make the huge crowd sit up and look. Eastern retaliated to tie the score on a sweet run by flashy Bert Smith. Morehead scored again before the half to make the board show Eastern behind 7 to 13. Eastern came back after the half tq score three touchdowns and at the same time holding the Eagles scoreless to leave the crowd breathless and to claim the " Hawg Rifle " for the next year. 109 Eastern 39 Arkansas A. M. Opening their home season, the battling Maroons continued on their rampant ways, scoring a decisive triumph over the much - publicized Arkansas Aggies by a score of 39 to 0. The highly touted Arkansas passing attack failed to get go- ing and it was a Maroon field day. Hurling pass after pass the Arkansas Travelers couldn ' t seem to get to the other end of the heave and the Maroons were there instead, Ken Perry, backer-up guard intercepting three himself, one for a touch- down. Substituting was prevalent on the Maroon bench, Coach Rome Rankin trying out all his pos- sible combinations. £5 BOB GOOSENS Guard r Kf r k » i I . r TED BENEDETT Fullback FRANCIS HAAS Center " WHIZZER " WHITE 1 10 TRAVIS COMBS Halfback BOB MOW AT Halfback BILL CROSS Fullback WALTER GROB Guard Eastern 48 Bowling Green Completing the first perfect season for an Eastern football team, Rome Rankin ' s rampant Maroons romped over the Tro- jans from Bowling Green State University of Bowling Green, Ohio, by a score of 48-0 before a shivering Dad ' s Day crowd. The game was a brilliant end to a fine season for such a team. The Maroons had no trouble in quickly stopping the Trojans. Eastern displayed all of their offensive power and were suc- cessful in checking the offen- sive strategy of the Ohioans. The game was a climax for the college careers of nine seniors all of whom aided the Maroons in keeping their season record undefeated and untied. Ill TO WYATT " SPIDER " THURMAN Webster doesn ' t have enough words in his Unabridged to describe all the attributes of Wyatt " Spider " Thurman. Every person who knows Spider agrees that he is in .1 class all his own. On the gridiron, on the hardwood, in the classroom, and in the Grill, he is always the same, quiet Spider. During the four years of his college career he has received enough honors to change the average collegian, but Spider has gone on unchanged. His modesty and dependability have helped make him outstanding throughout his college life. Spider probably will be missed more than any Senior who graduates this year. When he hung up his football jersey for the last time in the fall, one of the greatest athletes ever to don an Eastern jersey was leaving the Maroon ranks. However, when praise was aimed his way, Spider made it a point to turn the spotlight on his teammates. In 1940, Spider was voted the most valuable man to his team in the K. I. A. C, he was named on the All K. I. A. C. team, and received honorable mention on the little All American eleven. On the hardwood, Spider always was a menace to the opposing team and put Eastern in the running time and again with his deadly long shots. In the classroom Spider was the same hard worker. His major field was industrial arts, but he gave his best to other subjects as well. During the past year his scholarship was recognized when he was selected as one of the Eastern students in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. k-» Vj SV ' C.--J 112 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row, Left to Right — Gail Roberts, Earl Gibson, Olen Kennedy, Ed Huck, Casey Nowakowski, George Norman, Walter Duch, and Irvc Kuehn. Second Row — Edward Hedger, Manager; Pete Nonamaker, Ray Parnsh, Jack Loper, Harold McGhee, Walter Huccke, and Robert Neal. Third Row — Norman Abraham, William Kinsella, Jr., Jack Holt. The unsung 1940 edition of the Baby Maroons did much towards accomplishing the undefeated record of the varsity eleven. The freshmen composed the opposition for the scrimmages and the reward for their hard knocks came on Saturday when they sat on the sidelines and watched the Eastern machine go into action. Enough cannot be said in praise of these boys who took their punishment with no complaints. Because the freshmen had no games their achievements seem few, to the casual observer. But to the coaching staff and varsity men, the freshmen stood out as the potential varsity of next year and the years to come. The freshmen are learning the system employed at Eastern so that they may soon become a smooth working part of the varsity team. 113 GAYLE McCONNELL Manager BUFORD GRIFFITH Manager JOHN O. ROSE Trainer 1 14 THE HARLAN BACKFIELD The Harlan County backfield. Four young men well known to Eastern fans as they manifest the Harlan Coun ty spirit on Eastern ' s gridiron. Thurman, Combs, and Mowat, who graduate in June and Siphers, who last fall played his first year of varsity ball for the Maroon and White. " Spider " Thurman has been long recognized as one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the State of Kentucky. He has been awarded a position on the All-State team for the past two years and last year was chosen on the Little All-American eleven. Bob Mowat was the man on the wing, the right halfback. One of the best blockers ever to play the position for the Maroons and an outstanding defensive player. Bad luck stalked Bob in two of his three years as a varsity player, as he suffered a knee injury his first year and in the Bowling Green game of last year had a severe back injury. " Tater " Combs is the blocking back and his loss will be keenly felt by the team of next year. During the entire season last year Eastern did not play against any man who blocked with the savageness and skill of Combs. Joe Bill Siphers who played his first year of varsity ball seems destined to follow in the footsteps of his townsfellow, Thurman. An outstanding ball player, defensively and offensively, Joe Bill seems headed for two more big years as quarterback of the Maroon and White. 115 CHEERLEADERS Cheerleading at Eastern before 1940-41 had been a job, for the students had enjoyed, sitting calmly by, watching a bone-crushing, blood-chilling football battle with only an occasional gasp. Then too, Eastern teams were accustomed to winning only half of their games and this was no incentive toward " raising the roof. " This year ' s crop of freshmen acted as a spark toward setting off the dynamite which gave Eastern " ye olde school spirit. " From the midst of this rowdy bunch came vim, vigor, and vitality, in the persons of Sadie Jones, Helen Horlander, Mack Childers, Christine Ashcraft, and Bettye Lou Maynard. These five cheerleaders led the blitzkrieg which saw the Eastern student body cheering the Maroon eleven through an undefeated, untied season and also a successful hardwood schedule. This freshman five toured every possible game where thumbing, hoboeing, walking, or bicycling could get them there and at the games their lusty voices could be heard above all the rest. School spirit, a new thing here at Eastern, has been started this year with these five leading the way. Eastern owes them a vote of thanks and should stick behind them next year and in the years to come. 1 16 117 BASKET Eastern 63 Wesleyan 45 In one of the wildest scoring games yet played in the Weaver Health Building, the Eastern Maroons swamped a fighting five from Kentucky Wesleyan 63-45. Schuster, Osborne, and Campbell were big guns in the Eastern powerful offensive at- tack which rolled up a lead of 1 2 points in the early moments of the game. Wesleyan ' s Coach Ditto jerked his first team and sent in five second team men who immediately pulled to with- in four points of the Maroons. The Rankinmen then settled down and began another scor- ing spree. In the second half the smooth scoring Maroon ma- chine kept rolling and the out- come ol the game was never in doubt. CHARLES SCHUSTER Center 118 BALL JOE BILL SIPHERS Guard BERT SMITH Guard COPPER JOHN CAMPBELL Center Eastern 63 Berea 55 The Maroons avenged a pre- vious defeat by outfeuding the Berea Mountaineers 63-55 in a free scoring game. Chuck Schuster, Eastern ' s stellar cen- ter, led the Maroon attack while hitting the hoops for 27 points. The Maroons led at half time 37-27, but the Bereans came back and cut this lead to four points. In the second halt of the ball game Haas, Maroon guard from Newport, held the. highly touted Joe Green, Berea giant, to 3 points. In this same stanza Schuster, Haas, and company took over and pulled the game out of the fire. 119 BASKET At the first of the season the Maroons suffered a loss to the Berea Mountaineers in the East- ern gym. On February 8, Rome Rankin took his charges over to the Berea College campus and did something about that humilia- tion, for, when the last whistle had blown in that basketball game the Easterners were on top, 63 to 55. Charles " Chuck " Schuster and Francis Haas were the spark- plugs for the team, Schuster scoring 27 points and Haas hanging onto Big Joe Greene ' s shirt tail like a leech, holding him to a meager 3 points the first half while Eastern was run- ning up its lead. The contest was well attend- ed by rooters for the Maroons and the cheering duels between the two cheering sections was almost as lively as the game itself. ORA TUSSEY Center FRANCIS HAAS Guard LARRY LEHMAN Forward 120 BALL CHARLES PERRY Guard HOMER OSBORNE Center CHARLES DORNA Forward K. I. A. C. Tournament With Murray State Teachers ' Thoroughbreds winning the cro wn from the perpetual champions, Western, the 1941 edition of the K. I. A. C. tour- nament was a huge success, a success in both money received and in the sportsmanship shown on the part of the players who participated in the thrilling games. With Eastern again serving as host to the annual big show of the conference, all members of the K. I. A. C. sent representa- tives to the meet which was held in the Weaver Health Building during the days of February 27, 28, and March 1. The manage- ment of the tournament was in the efficient hands of Mr. T. E. McDonough of the Eastern Physical Education Department, he being assisted by members of the Physical Education Club at Eastern. Murray, the winner, defeated Eastern ' s Maroons on Friday, February 28, and the next day liquidated Western and Union to culminate their struggle for the title. Later the Thorough- breds were runners - up in the S. I. A. A. and National tourna- ments. 121 VARSITY SQUAD VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right — Bert Smith, Clifford Tinnell, Charles Perry, John Rose, Trainer; Charles Dorna, Roy Buchaus, Wyatt Thurman. Second Row — Charles Swearingen, Homer Osborne, Joe Bill Siphers, Boh Worthington, and Larry Lehman. Bac Row — Bill Brown, Buford Griffith, Gayle McConnell, Managers; Ora Tussey, Copper John Campbell, Francis Haas, and Charles Schuster. SEASON ' S VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS Eastern 45 Maryville 25 Eastern 35 Central Michigan ..30 Eastern 45 Eastern 27 Eastern 43 Centre 31 Western 61 Berea 45 Eastern 37 Morehead 38 Eastern 40 Western 59 Eastern 34 Union 31 Eastern 60 Eastern 63 Eastern 57 Eastern 48 Centre 50 Berea 55 Morehead 44 Union 45 n: FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, Left to Right — James Powell, Thomas Byrnes, Clarence Gilbert, Jack Nicholason, Louis Power, William Dorna, James Crowe, and Edward Hedger, Manager. Back. Row — Harold Johns, Manager; Charles Norris, Robert Kiener, Lloyd Hudnell, Gail Roberts, William Dameron, and Ernest Clifford. Eastern ' s Freshman basketball team in the past season showed steady improvement. This, for a freshman team of any kind, is a major achievement. But under the wing of able coach, Charles " Turkey " Hughes, Eastern ' s Baby Maroons have always been major opposition for teams all over the state. Starting out with a bunch of boys who have never played together before and whipping them into shape, Coach Hughes ' Freshman team played games preliminary to most of the varsity tilts and gave the fans more than their money ' s worth even before the second game had started. He has uncovered many fine looking prospects for next year ' s varsity in these Freshmen. Next year will see many of them on the squad giving a good account of themselves. Eastern 37 Eastern 35 Eastern 22 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RESULTS Berea 27 Eastern 51 Berea 32 Eastern 46 Centre 23 Eastern 42 Centre 36 Wesleyan 30 Wesleyan 29 123 BASEBALL BASEBALL TEAM Front Row, Left to Right — Vic Nash, Clifford Tinnell, James Brock, Jennings Shelton, Charles Dorna, Roy Bezold, Charles Perry, Woodrow Guy, Arlie Noble, Bert Smith. Back. Row — Coach Charles T. Hughes, Manager Mack Childers, Walter Mayer, William McClurg, Cephus Bevins, Eugene Rail, Charles Schuster, Harold Yinger, Tom Combs, and Manager Bill Brown. The loss of Coach George Hembree who was called to duty with the National Guard necessitated the selection of a new coach and Charles " Turkey " Hughes was chosen to take over this new duty. With five lettermen returning from last year ' s nine, Coach Hughes began baseball practice early in the spring. In their first two games they split with Illinois State Normal University, losing the first, 6-5, in 10 innings, and winning the second by a score of 1 3- 11. In these games Combs, Rail, Bevins, and Guy saw action on the mound with Perry at first, Dorna at second, Nash at short, Tinnell at third, and Shelton, Schuster, and Rail in the outfield. Brock and Minis were new additions to the pitching staff with McClurg, Bezold, Noble, and Mayer expected to see plenty of action before the sea- son was over. The Schedule for the season found games scheduled with the University of Ken- tucky, Western, Morehead, Illinois Normal, and Centre, with several games pending. 124 TENNIS TEAM Front Row — Billy Bright, Raymond Stephens, Phil Bevins, Bud Petty. Bacl{ Row — Claude McSpadden, Claude Harris, Jim Squires. In the absence of Coach Charles " Turkey " Hughes, who took over new duties as baseball coach, Bud Petty, Junior from Ashland, was chosen as student playing-coach. Claude Harris, Senior from Richmond, along with Petty, were the only returning lettermen from last year ' s team so the 1941 team will be built around these two men. Aspirants for the other berths on the team were Phil Bevins, Sophomore from Pikeville, Jim Squires, Senior from Crestwood, Claude McSpadden, Junior from Harlan, Porter Mayo, Sophomore from Prestonsburg, Guy Warming, Sophomore from Jellico, Tennessee, Billy Bright, Senior from Richmond, and Raymond Stephens, Sophomore from Prestonsburg. Due to the fact that the new courts had not been completed at the beginning of the season and because unfavorable weather prevailed, practice was light. This year ' s team, however, has lived up to past records and has taken its share of the winnings. Matches were scheduled with Berea, Union, Centre, and Western. 125 TRACK r s ( W 5 ( ; i l-- rjf ttoi L w y v Front Row — Jim Little, Joe Bill Siphers, Howard Hundemer, Walter Heucke. Bac ( Row — Ray Nelson, John Rose, Trainer; Ora Tussey, Lloyd Hudnall, George Ordich. Last season the Eastern Maroon Track Team was the finest in the history of the school. Winning two meets and placing second in another, the Maroon and White runners completed the season at Berea by getting second place in the State Meet. This year the Maroons should have a better team although they still have no first- class track upon which to practice. The team is composed of Fred Darling, Ora Tussey, and Ted Benedett in the Shot Put and Discus department; Haas and Buchaus hurl the Javelin; George Ordich on the low hurdles; Thurman, Mowat, Ordich, and Hundemer compose the relay team; and Ray Nelson, the best miler in the State, who also runs the half-mile and two-mile events. Having just one meet scheduled so far for the 1941 season the Maroons are gunning lor the State Meet to be held on May 26th, and they have an excellent chance of repeat- ing their feat of last year. The team is coached by Tom Samuels, who is also the line coach for Football. His skill and knowledge of the Track game and his keen insight on the problems of men participating in this sport probably count, in a large degree, for the success of Eastern Track Teams. 126 Ill PHYSICAL EDUCATIC 128 AND INTRAMURALS 129 no 131 THE MILESTONE - » ' M JAMES BROCK Editor-in-Chief EDWARD GABBARD..Business Manager JAMES TODD Managing Editor FRANK FLANAGAN Assistant Editor JAY HAUSELMAN Snapshot Editor BILLY BRIGHT ...Advertising Manager JAMES STAYTON Military Editor JAMES SQUIRES 6? RUTH CATLETT Literary Editors MARY STAYTON Secretary N. G. DENISTON Sponsor MARY BILLINGSLEY Compositor DELIN PARTIN Compositor PARK SMITH Compositor LAWRENCE KELLY Compositor SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Marie Hughes Ora Tussey Walter Mayer SOPHOMORE CLASS REPRESENTATIVE Ann Allen JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Dick Dickerson Eileen Frame Wm. C. Petty, Jr. FRESHMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVE Marilyn Trautwein n: MILESTONE STAFF Jay Hauselman James Todd Mary Billingsley Marilyn Trautwein Mary Stayton Billy Bright Dick Dickerson Delin Parton Mr. N. G. Deniston Ruth Catlett James Squires Ann Allen Eileen Frame James Stayton Walter Mayer Mane Hughes Frank Flanagan Lawrence Kelly William C. Petty, Jr. Park Smith m THE PROGRESS EDITORIAL STAFF RUTH CATLETT 6s? JIM SQUIRES Co-Editors PAUL BRANDES Managing Editor NATALIE MURRAY Hews Editor GUY HATIFIELD Sports Editor MARGUERITE RIVARD Society Editor BUSINESS STAFF DICK DICKERSON Busines s Manager HELEN ASHCRAFT Circulation Manager OLIVE GABRIEL Secretary REPORTERS Nora Mason Berna Dean Poplin Ora Tussey Mary Agnes Finneran Dick Allen Prewitt Paynter J. E. Williams Raymond Stevens Jim Todd Bud Petty Jean Zagoren Roy Cromer Bill Jackson Fred Hartje DeVall Payne Reno Oldfield 134 PROGRESS STAFF Jean Zagoren Nora Mason Helen Ashcraft Jim Todd Dick Allen Raymond Stevens Ora Tussey James Crowe Reno Oldfield Berna Dean Poplin Marguerite Rivard Mary Agnes Finneran Olive Gabriel W. C. Petty Paul Brandes Fred Hartje Guy Hatfield, Jr. James Williams [35 LITTLE TF JOHN T. HUGHES President RAYMOND GOODLETT Vice-President MARY MARTHA GADBERRY Secretary MARGUERITE W. RIVARD Treasurer The Little Theater Club this year has presented two plays, and sponsored a showing of the Hendrickson-Bruce traveling company which presented " The Merchant of Venice " and " Macbeth. " Heading the club as director for the first time this year is Mr. Cyril Hager, new assistant professor of English. Mr. Hager replaced Miss Pearl Buchanan. The sponsoring of the Hendrickson-Bruce road show com- pany met with a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of the students and the towns-people and good crowds attended both showings. We wish the LTC the best of luck in their future plans and we hope that their splendid acting will become even better during the years to come. 136 EATER CLUB Margie Crites Theda Dunavent James Stayton James Brock Paul Brandes Hugolene McCoy Ann Thomas Elsie Morcom Ann Allen Mary Agnes Finneran Lahoma Martin Helen Colvin Ethel Topper Gerald Johnson Vera Maybury Barbara Shewmaker Shirley M. Salisbury Dorothy Eggenspiller Georgia Root Herschel Coates Vivian Weber Robert Worthington Melba Clark Claude Harris 137 WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE wmmjL, ■■■■■■■I Sullivan JEAN LUCAS President ALBERTA HOAGLAND Vice-President EL WANDA BRINKLEY Secretary MARY E. HEDGES treasurer Mildred Yates Louise Catlett Louise Parsons Virginia Carlson Alberta Cameron Jean Zagoren El Wanda Brinkley Evelyn Preston Emogene Lucas Dorothy Adams Mary K. Black 138 HALL ORGANIZATIONS BURNAM VIVIAN WEBER President VERA MAYBURY Vin ■President PARK SMITH Secretary MARY BILLINGSLEY Treasurer Helen Ball Vivian Weber Anna Louise Horn Mary Billingsley Helen Klein Vera Maybury Mary Stayton Dorothy Eggenspiller Sally Hobbs Jane Mills Mildred Neely Nancy Bruner 139 Y. W. C. A. Y. M. C. A. 140 Membership Rolls Y. W. C. A. El Wanda Brinkley Susan Bicsack Tlieda Dunavent Ethus Gillis Mary Emma Hedges Sally Hobbs Donselwood Lemon Vera Maybury Ann Rodgers Ruth Stamper Kathryn Underwood Ida Wilson Dorothy Adams Eskeline Adams Juanita Adams Bonnie Alexander Fay Asbury Christine Ashcraft Alene Ashley Alma Jean Bach Esther Mae Baker Martha Berlin Hazel Bassham Mary Alice Bayless Dorothy Bengey Nancy Bennett Edna B ' Hymer Mary Billingsley Betty Blount Bennie Boone Onita Bowen Gladys Bowles Helen Cain Margaret Allen Callis Alberta Cameron Jane Campbell Wilma Carmen Dorothy Carroll Ruth Catlett Doris Chaney Ruth Charles Dorothy Chase Mary Jo Chipman Novella Chism Ann Christie Helen Colvin Pauline Comer Charlotte Conner Mary Susan Cook Frances Coward Violet Crawford Margie Crites Alice Cross Nancy Davis Mary Aleen De Moisey Esther Dillman Dorothy Duff Ann Elizabeth Earle Lenor Mane Eicher Ida Mae Elliston Aria Eubank Ruth Eubank Henrietta Farrow Mae Fawbush Agnes Feck Pauline Fields Irene Fike Ruth Ford Ann Gately Virginia Gilbert Octa Gillespie Georgia Gilly Belle Gish Betty Jo Goodin Anna Belle Gosney Mary Gregory Lucy Mae Griggs Kathryn Grumbles Mane Hall Norma Hamilton Laura Marie Hayes Charlotte Haynes Mary Kathenne Heath Virginia Held Jane Henry Betty Herr Todd Hinkle Alberta Hoagland La Verne Holcomb Hazel Holliday Helen Horlander Anna Louise Horn Bea Ann Houtchens Mary Lee Howard Judith Hutchinson Mary Frances Jackson Anna Laura James Kathryn Jasper Elizabeth Johnson Mabel Jones Vivian Kaminski Elsie Kilpatrick Alice Kinzer Margaret Ann Kirk Frances Lack Barbara Lang Betty Leach Juanita Lewis Jane Litsey Virginia Long Mary Lou Lucy Irene Maddon Ann Scott Maher Jean Manthey Lucy Marshall Lahoma Martin Anna Juanita May Margaret May Betty Lou Mayer Betty Lou Maynard Dorothy Meyer Le Monne Miller Jackie Moore Janie Mullins Christine McGuire Cleo McGuire Lorraine McKinney Mildred Neely Pauline Nunnery Reno Oldfield Emma Peffer Mildred Petrey Lela Picklesimer Ruth Plaga Jeanetta Poe Margaret Polley Edda Doug Pollitte Bernadine Poplin Christine Prather Evelyn Preston Christine Proctor Leona Purnell Evelyn Reese Betty Ringenbach Patsy Ross Shirley Salisbury Nora Sams Betty Jane Sanders Gwendolyn Sanders Eleanor Schmaedecke Ethel Slade Betsy Ann Smith Frances Smither Pauline Snyder Jane Spears Lillian Stamper Mary Stayton Erma Stevens Ida Mae Stevens Marginia Stevenson Roberta B. Stevenson Roberta Lou Stevenson Malta Stone Eunice Sudduth Jackie Sturgill Maxie Swinford Frances Taylor Ruth Thompson Nancy Thrclkeld Ethel Topper Margaret Trimble Marilyn Trautwein Lucille Tumey Arlena Turner Mildred Turpin Mildred Virgin Hazel Waller Rceva Warren Amanda vVaterson Sharleen Watkins Sylvia Watson Ethel Webb Katheryn Webb Vivian Weber Lillian Welling Edith Whitcomb Virginia Wigglesworth Kathryn Williams Mary Elizabeth Williams Thelma Williams Mary Ellen Wiley Rose Wiley Margaret Witt Harriet Wright Mildred Yates Jacqueline Yavecchia Geneva Young Rosaling Young Virginia Young Jean Zagoren Betsy Caster Dorothy Champe Faye Eades Elizabeth Flowers Dorothy Foley Margaret Hamilton Mary Ru th House Lucille Hurt Ernestine Jones Alberta Justice Edith Napier Willie T. Ownes Kathenne Sallee Phyllis Satterlee Evelyn Sic Martha Jane Thompson Anna Frances Todd Mildred Reynolds Anna Pauline Bekett Inez Smith Mabel Ruth Criswell Beulah Ford Y. M. C. A. Vernon Kalb J. G. Logsdon Nash Hancock Hansford Farris George Seevers Dick Dickerson Porter Harned James Farris Harold Hall A. J. Hauselman William Greer Gayle McConnell Elmore Ryle R. J. Dils James Brock James Squires Porter Mayo Edward Gabbard Earl Wells Arthur Lucas Joe Haskins William Stocker John Waters Jack Lopcr Edscl Mounts Fay Watson Arnett Man Ray Goodlctt Paul Adams Billy Griggs Jerry Noland Jack Talbott Alva Hale James Van Arsdale 141 CANTERBURY CLUB RUTH CATLETT President HELEN KLEIN Vice-President ANN T. THOMAS Secretary RAYMOND GOODLETT Treasurer ROY. B. CLARK Sponsor Garnett C. Puckett Jean Zagoren Helen Klein Emma Sams Berna Dean Poplin Raymond Goodlett Jean Porter Lamah Liddell Dr. Roy B. Clark Paul Brandes Imogene Trent Mary Agnes Finneran Ardithearl Campbell Eva Kelsay Martha Cammack Helen Bowling Ann T. Thomas Mary Lou Lucy Olive Gabriel Mary Diamond Edna B ' Hymer Margaret Estridge Ruth Catlett Vera Maybury 142 MATHEMATICS CLUB BILL CROSS President MARY F. LEHMAN Vice-President MARY BILLINGSLEY Secretary D T. FERRELL. JR Treasurer SMITH PARK Sponsor Chloe Meade William Cross Mary Billingsley Maurice Hurd Mary Stayton Dr. E. D. Jenkins C. D. Sims, Jr. Ethel Topper Charles E. Spea rs Mary Catherine Heath Willard Sandidge Mary F. Lehman Charlotte Owens James Alley Rubye Moreland James W. Keating Marie Hughes D. T. Ferrell, Jr. C H. Richardson Joe Walton Dr Smith Park 143 KAPPA DELTA PI Marie Hughes Martha Barksdale Susan Biesack Dr. D. T. Ferrell Park Smith James Squires Jean Porter Mr. Jack Allen Mr. Virgil Burns Mary Frances Lehman Dr. F. A. Engle Dr. W. C. Jones Hansford Farris Mr. M E. Mattox Evelyn Sic Laura [Catherine Evans Vivian Weber Lamah Liddell Ruth Catlett Vera Maybury Miss Anna Gill Dr. W. J. Moore Miss Ellen Puf h Mr. Sam Beckley Miss Allie Fowler James Alley Miss Mary Frances McKinney Dr. H. L. Donovan 144 IOTA ALPHA GAMMA Ralph Whalin Robert Grant Harold Winburn T. J. O ' Hearn JOE MORGAN... President HOMER DAVIS Vice-President CALFEE COLSON Secretary DUDLEY SPARKS Treasurer RALPH WHALIN Sponsor David Barnes A. D. Lascoe Willard Sandidge Morris Rutledge Jack Childers Denver Sams Fred Hartje Dudley Sparks Calfee Colson Travis Combs Odes Bastin Billy Mason John Garth Arnold Richardson Tilton Bannister Russell Shadoan William Taylor Howard Bartlett Joe Morgan N. G Deniston Homer Davis Jack File Ray Nelson 145 ELEMENTARY COUNCIL a MARY ANN RODGERS ....President DOROTHY TORSTRICK Vice-President FRANCES SAMUELS Secretary Treasurer MAE HANSON 6? MRS. JULIAN TYNG Sponsors Lillian Stamper Mae Hansen Bertha Crase Ann Rodders Alberta Cameron Veda Cornn Frances Samuels Helen Haley Marjorie Kelsch Alberta Justice Mary K. Black Wilma Allen Sallie Holland Margaret Wilder Reno Oldfield Dorothy Torstrick Elizabeth Flowers Virginia Long Ruby Hughes Nora Mason Dorcella Wells Alberta Hoagland Vivian Dicken Betsy Caster Mrs. Julian Tyng 146 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA RUTH CATLETT President MARY BILLINGSLEY Vice-President JEAN PORTER Secretory HOWARD HUNDEMER Treasurer J. D. COATES Sponsor Mary Ruth House Lamah Liddell Jack Spratt Ruth Catlett Sue Biesack Virginia Carlson Hansford Farris Roy Floyd Anna Louise Preston Imogene Trent Veia Maybury Vivian Weber Jean Porter Nora Mason Marie Hughes Guy Whitehead Mary Billingsley Mary Stayton David Barnes Ann Allen Vivian Dicken Sally Hobbs Ann Rodgers 147 WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB MARGUERITE RIVARD President CLARKE T. GRAY Vice-President JACK FARIES Secretary Treasurer L G KENNAMER Sponsor Sally Holland Alberta Cameron Reno Oldfield Mary Agnes Finneran Veda Comn Callie Gritton Lamah Liddell Alberta Justice Marie Hall Marguerite Rivard William Nelson Burrus Katherine Evans Guy Whitehead Clarke T. Gray Jane Mills Dr. L. G. Kennamcr Dorothy Adams Bentlcy Hilton Jones Alex Anderson. Jr. 148 SCIENCE CLUB % Mil . mm OWEN T. GRIBBIN President MARY FRANCES LEHMAN Vice-President RUBYE MORELAND Secretary Treasurer DR. T. C. HERNDON Sponsor Jerre T. Nolan William Stocker Mary Billingsley Lawrence Gilliam Wallace Bramell Arnold Williams Mary Frances Lehman Georgia Root James Williams Margaret Muncy James Alley Morris Garrett William Stocker Owen T. Gribbin Robert Witt William Keating Clarke T. Gray Rubye Moreland MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Dr. T. C. Herndon Raymond Snowden Walter Mayer Paul Robinson Lyndon Connelly Howard Hundemer Don Scott Kenneth Steeley James Stayton Harold Hall Natalie Murray 149 SIGMA TAU PI EDWARD GABBARD President FAY WATSON Vice-President JANE MILLS Secretary ARTHUR LUCAS Treasurer R. R. RICHARDS Sponsor Dishman Collins Hugolene McCoy Edward Gabbard R. R. Richards Jane Mills Fay Watson Helen Fletcher Nelson Burrus Christine Chestnut Esther Dillman Arthur Lucas June Traylor Tom Combs Ruth Ammerman Dick Dickerson Buford Griffith Betty Lou Mayer Herbert Hunter Eileen Frame Claude Harris Kathryn Davis W. C. Petty, Jr. Stephen Rich Ruth Stamper W. J. Moore 150 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OLIVE GABRIEL President MARILOU LEA Vice-President ROBERTA LOU STEVENSON Secmar ANNETTE SIMMONS Treasurer MRS. JANET MURBACH Sponsor Mrs. Janet Murbach Edna B ' Hyiner Roberta Stevenson Ann Thomas Marguerite Rivard Olive Gabriel Margaret Estridge Martha Cammack Ruth Catlett Imogene Trent Jeanne Murbach Elaine De ' Jarnette Mary Jo Leeds Manlou Lea Ann Etta Simmons 151 HARLAN COUNTY CLUB Manilee Woolum Alfred Wilson Charles Williams Edith Whitcomb Mildred Watson William Warren Reeva Warren Joe Walton Telvis Mae Wallace Eloise Wallace Fostinia Vanover Martha Turner Wyatt Thurman Kenneth Souleyret Joe Bill Siphers Lynn Rose Saylor Mrs. Jean S. Russell Charles Russell Jack Price Edda Doug Pollute Claude McSpadden Louanna Noe Shirley Peterson Robert Sentz Mabel Miracle Rodney Whitaker Travis Combs Talmadge Dean Fay Asbury Ivan Ball Helen Ball Dorothy Jean Bengey James C. Brock McKinley Cupp William Cowden Eileen Frame Mae Fawbush Georgia Gilly Hobart Hansard, Jr. Hcttic E. Hudson Maurice Hurd Mary Lee Howard Burnell Howard Mary K. Jasper Charlene Kitts Willard P. Kelly Lawrence Kelly Lillian Lewallen Helen Lewallen Cecile Bowling Clark Farley Anna Louise Horn Lawrence Gilliam Ernest Crider Theda Dunavent Merle Buell Edwin Lee Howard Hazel Bassham John T. Hughes Lilly Frazicr Bob Mowat 152 NORTHERN KENTUCKY CLUB William Barton Earl Beach Martha Berlin Edna B ' Hymer Susan Biesack James Brannon Martha Anne Campbell Joe Cornell Roy Dawn June Dehnert Ida Mae Elliston John Ertel Aria Eubank Ruth Eubank Edward Fichlie Mary Agnes Finneran William Ginn Elmer Graham Mary Gregory Fred Hart]e Jay Hauselman Charlotte Haynes Mary Emma Hedges Jean Hickman William Hickman Laverne Howell Mary Frances Jackson Madge Jones Robert Kiener Richard Kirby Raymond Kornhoff Marilou Lea Jack Loper Dave Lumsden Nora Mason Dorothy Meyer Jack Miller Natalie Murray Vernon Napier Jean Porter Betty Ringenbach Marguerite Rivard Ethel Slade John Spratt Earl Stafford Scottie Sudduth Jean Sweeney Clifford Tinnell John Wettig Thomas Wilson Dorothy Adams Mary Jo Chipman Pauline Comer Ann Earle Robert Earls Paul Fossett Norma Hamilton Mildred Jones Lamah Liddell Joe Porter Mary Purdy Dorcella Wells Ballard Yelton Virginia Young Don Harrison Edward Hedger Virginia Held Edward Huck Earl Huenefeld Ruby Anne Hughes Howard Hundemer Herbert Hunter Donald Johns Harold Johns Larry Kees Jerry Keuper William Kinsella Larry Lehmann June McCarthy Irene Maddox Ruth Manthey Vera Maybury Walter Mayer Robert Minsterman Vivian Morgan Ray Nelson Jack Nicholson Reno Oldfield Melba Ort Charles Perry Ruth Plaga Claude Rawlins Gail Roberts Charles Robinson Julianne Ruschell Martha Sandifer Phyllis Satterlee Orval Vincent Sawyer Charlotte Schneider Anna Lee Schoulties Harry Sutt Ethel Topper Marilyn Trautwein Edwin Weber Vivian Weber James Williams John Williams Edwin Yelton Mary Lou Yelton Helen Ashcraft Robert Conrad Henry Flynn Emogene Lucas Lloyd Mullins Leona Purnell Joe Reed Walter Lee Smith Stephen Rich Anna Tebelman Nancy Threlkeld Robert Worthington Paul Adams Bette Allen David Allen Eula Barbe Charles Bensow Marv Aleen DeMoisey Robert Grant Robert Huey Ruth Kottmeyer May Lucy Ivan Norris Homer Osborne Paul Robinson Elmore Ryle Mildred Sielman George Sprague Hazel Waller Alma Bach Roy Bezold Paul Brandes William Buerger Ralph Burns Orville Byrne Frances Cantrell Dorothy Chase Glenna Clark Melta Clark Margie Crites Vivian Dicken Esther Dillman Charles Dorna William Dorna Malcolm Eads Lcnor Eicher Oma Field John Foote Mildred Ford Ann Gateley Annabelle Gosney Clarke Gray Juanita Grizcll Francis Haas I S3 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB JBBSL m MIC i,, KK Si 1 ■ 1 mm " m ' ■ « ' f Tt HRk ' ' ■ MfTi B First Rou ' , Left to Right — Mary Gratzer, Blanche Trivett, Elmer Graham, Clifford Tinnell, George Ordich, Marie Hughes, Kenneth Perry, and Bert Smith. Second Rou» — Mary Stayton, Ann Gateley, Howard Hundemer, Jack Holt, Walter Mayer, Charles Perry, and John T. Hughes. Third Row — Dorothy Meyers, Nelson Gordon, Fred Darling, Vic Nash, Robert Mowat, Charles Schuster, and Casey Nowakowski. Fourth Row — Irve Kuehn, Joe Bill Siphers, John Rose, Norman Abraham, Thomas Adkins, and Roy Buchaus. Last Row — Gayle McConnell, Francis Haas, Ber Rasnick, Homer Osborne, Copper John Campbell, Bill Hickman, Ralph Darling, and Larry Lehman. 154 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB June McCarthy Christine McGuire Thelma Mathewson Mabel Miracle Alma Minch Mildred Neely Hiett Nesbitt Louanna Noe Mary Oney Louise Parsons Josephine Pense Anna Louise Preston Kathryn Sallee Nora Sams Ezkeile Adams Dora Allen Beryl Anderson Fay Asbury Helen Ball Eula B. Barbe Lee Boyd Elizabeth Britton Jane Carrier Dorothy Carroll Rose Collins Mary S. Cook Leila Cornett Heloise Cox Lucille Creech Mary DeMoisey Virginia Droughn Theda Dunavent Sylvia Easterling Dorothy Eggenspiller Aria Eubank Ruth Eubank Jean Feltner Jennie Lee Haddix Sally Hobbs Anna Louise Horn Mary Ruth House Laverne Howell Lucille Hurt Carrie Faye Jaync Lois Johnson Shirley Kimball Doriselwood Lemon Lamah Liddell Jane Litsey Mildred Logsdon Ann Long Jean Lucas Lorraine Lucas Phyllis Satterlee Jean Sweeney Mildred Watson Anna Lee White Virginia Wigglcsworth Drucilla Wilson Mary Lou Yelton Gladvs Bowles 155 UPPER CUMBERLAND CLUB James Wallace Bailey Ins Barton Hiram Begley Sara Brooks George Carroll Virgil Chadwell Roy Cromer Nelson Duke Beulah Hamhlin Glen Johnson Roy Kidd Bernice Peace Emma Perkins Jerome Richmond John Rose Norbert Setser Ruth Stamper Margaret Stevenson Roberta Stevenson Lee Swan Ernest Taylor Juanita Trosper Jack Walker Mary Billingsley Jane Campbell Fugate Carty Veda Cornn Frances Costanzo Mary Deuel Ralph Gombrel Walter Green Pal Howard Jean Hurst Josephine Hurst George Innings Buell Mills Harold Mills Martha Roberts Winston Strunk James Walters Earl Taylor John Williams Mary Ellen Wiley Beulah Singleton Ardithearl Campbell Delia Mae Hopper Ruth Campbell Ed Braneman Wilma Allen Robert Carnes Maurice Hurd James Gross Kathleen Peace Roy Kidd Robert Mowat Jack Walker Katherine Jasper Henry Gilbert Joe Walton Ruth Weller Geneva Young Lillian Lewallen Claude McSpadden Mabel Miracle Louanna Noe Shirley Peterson Edda Doug Pollitte Jack Price Charles Russell Mr. Jean Smith Russell Robert Sentz Joe Bill Siphers Kenneth Souleyret Wyatt Thurman Martha Turner Fostenia Vanover Eloise Wallace Telvis Wallace William Warren Mildred Watson Rodney Whitaker Edith Whitcomh Margaret Wilder Charles Williams Alfred Wilson Manlee Woolum Gladys Yeary Fay Asbury Helen Ball Hazel Bassham Dorothy Jena Bengey Cecile Bowling James Brock Merle Buell Owen Travis Combs William Cowden Ernest Crider McKinley Cupp Talmadge Dean Theda Dunavent Clark Farley Mae Fawbush Margaret Frame Lawrence Gilliam Georgia Gilly Ann a Horn Burrell Howard Edwin Howard Mary Lee Howard Hettie Hudson John Thomas Hughes Maurice Hurd Lawrence Kelly W.llard Kelley Charlene Kitts Helen Lewallen Paul Bender Charles Carnes Kathleen Clark Michael Downing Rachel Johnston James Keating Willie T. Owens Russel Delin Partin Ber Rasnick Georgia Root Denver Sams Nora Sams Earl Sasser Pauline Snyder Nancy Bruner Elizabeth Chestnut George Frazier Tipp Gilbert John Grady Ruth Selvey Kenneth Stecley Julia Markham Lynn Saylor Hobert Hansard 156 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Russell Bridges Willa Sue Richards Lyda Bell Shepherd Novella Chism Denver Sams Ida Wilson Edna B ' Hymer Herschel Coates Eva Dean Brian Ruth Newman Jean Bach Joe Morgan Nelson Lampkin Phyllis Robertson Buell Mills Hobart Hansard Lucy Mae Griggs Dr. Fred A. Engel James Farris Marie Hall Christine Chestnut Mildred Virgin Christine Procter El Wanda Brinkley Mary Ellen Wiley 157 CATHOLIC CLUB John Thomas Batte Roy Bezold Orville Byrne Thomas Byrnes Betty Caster John Conner Frank Curcio Victor De Simonc Dan Daugherty Michael Downing Lcnor Eichcr John Ertcl Frank Flanagan Henry Flynn Lillian Gabor Robert Gooscns Mary Gratzer Margaret Hamilton Ruth Harrison Edward Hedger Florence Hickey Jack Holt Helen Horlander Edward Huck Larry Kees Marjoric Kelsch Robert Kicncr William Kinsella Mary Agnes Kister Paul Klcffner Raymond Kornhoff Mary Joseph Leeds Robert Leeds Ann Scott Maher Walter Mayer June McCarthy Dorothy Mayer Casey Nowakowski Thomas O ' Hearn George Ordich James Purdon Mary Ring Carl Risch Julianne Ruschell Jean Sweeney Robert Worthington 158 EASTINO CLUB First Row. Le t to Right — Mrs. Robert Seevers, Director; Bernice Creech, Ann Scott Maher, Irma Garrett, Joyce Smith, Nancy Threlkeld, Patsy Ross, Dorothy Doench, Sarah Yancey Barker, Dorothy McNees, Mary Elizabeth Williams. Second Rou — Pauline Snyder, June McCarthy, Glenna Clark, Melba Clark, Mary DeMoisey. Cleo McGuire, Mayme Royce, Harriet Wright, LeMonne Miller, and Margaret Virginia Stevenson. Third Rou ' — Doris Kennamer, Mary Wiley, Katherine Smith, Ida Mae Elliston, Betty Jane Blount. Jane Campbell Mildred Yates. Maryilliene Adams, Cecile Simmons, Doris Walker and Alice Grey Burke at the piano. 159 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB First Ron ' . Left to Right — Harry Lucas, Norbert Setser, Allan Wickersham, George Hicks, Mr. James E. Van Peursem, Director: John T. Hughes, Garnett Puckett, Paul Hounchell, James Prater, Oscar Estes, and Allen Yelton. Second Rou ' Bill McClurg, Roy Dawn, James Walker, John Foote, Raymond Goodlett, Calfee Colson, David Minesinger, Nelson Lamkin, Kent Moseley, Jennings Hounchell, Paul Brandes, and David Barnes. Last Row — Jack Loper, Dudley Sparks, Russell Bridges, Dick Allen, W. C. Petty, Jr., Herbert Hunter, Jack Spratt, Fletcher Porter, Jim Squires, George Seevers, Porter Mayo, Bill Bright, and John Tollner. Mary Emma Hedges, Accompanist. 160 MADRIGAL CLUB Blanche Cheatham Margie Crites Betty Griffitt Helen Hall Mary Ruth House Helen Klein Felonise Leake Vivian Morgan Clara Rose Riggs Evelyn Sic Annetta Simmons Roberta Stevenson Juhanne Ruschell Ellen Umstadt Virginia Wigglesworth Kathleen Clark Theda Dunavent Faye Eads Madge Jones Virginia Reynolds Phyllis Robertson Mary Ann Rodgers Ruth Selvey Barbara Shewmaker Jeanne Sumner Katherine Williams Ann Allen Hazel Bassham Helen Colvin Martha Gadberry Juanita Grizell Marie Hughes Ernestine Jones Jayne Jones Juanita Lewis Nora Mason Scottie Sudduth Imogene Trent Ruth Walker Margaret Wilder Vivian Weber Bobby West Sara Brooks Georgie Petty Martha Cammack, Accompanist 161 KYMA CLUB First Row, Left to Right — Dick Diclcerson, Mildred Gortney, Jeanne Sumner, Helen Horlander, Olive Gabriel, Betty Lou Maynard, Jean Zagoren, Park Smith, Christine Ashcraft, Dorothy Eggenspiller, Alberta Hoagland. Second Row — Caroline Brock, Marie Hughes, Miss Elizabeth Cherry, Sponsor; Paul Brandes. Last Row — Edward Gabbard, Don Scott, Mary Agnes Finneran, James Stayton, Elsie Morcom, Vivian Weber, Jean Porter, Mary Gratjer, Bill Jackson, Mack Childers, Harold Hall, Alice Kinzer, Jack Fanes, Rosalind Young, Paul Robinson, Mary Deuel, John Hughes, and Hugolene McCoy. 162 BAND JOHN ROSS KINZER Director GEORGE HICKS Drum Major THEDA DUNAVENT Sponsor Lillian Lewallen Rilla Bowles Mildred Logsdon Evelyn Sic Jayne Jones Anna Louise Horn Charles Lake Ernestine Jones Jack Parnsh Hazel Todd Warren Huenefeld Eddie Weber Thomas Moncho Russell Bridges Katheryn Jasper Billy Farris Mabel Walker Jennings Paul Love Dorothy Foley Nash Hancock George Fox Georgia Root Ruth Weller Jack Spratt Alan Yelton Mary Eleanor Black Irene Fike Victor De Simone James Walters Vernon Shelter Russell Partin Roy Dawn Josiah Cornell Bob Bush Joe Hoskins June Traylor James Purdon Don Scott Winston D. Strunk Helen Klein Billy Bright Paul Bender Bill Buerger Guy Hatfield Herbert Hunter Dons Kennamer Ruth Walker Charlotte Connor Edwin Howard Marilee Woolum Buford Griffith Joe Allison Evelyn Elliott Hobart Hansard Maurice Hurd 163 -nSSfc 164 165 — «Mfej4 166 167 ' •dp L 16S 169 170 171 • 172 173 set vVce, " ° , bY . ora ° ' -vrieen . c p eh ca 174 MADISON MOTOR CO. J. G. JAMES, Proprietor OLDHAM POWELL Richmond, Kentucky HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS BUICK SALES AND SERVICE PAINTS AND OILS VALVE-IN-HEAD STRAIGHT EIGHT H. M. Whittington Co. THE BELMONT JEWELERS RESTAURANT " Gifts That Last " Where Students Meet for Excellent JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING Food and Courtesy Phone 756 North Second St. Richmond, Kentucky THE RICHMOND PRINTERS BEGLEY ' S DRUG STORE GOOD PRINTING AT A FAIR PRICE ALWAYS FOR EASTERN Next Door to Post Office Main at Second Phone 666-667 Phone 704-J WHITAKER ' S Gulf Service Station Compliments LUBRICATION AND WASHING of A SPECIALTY THE RICHMOND GOODRICH TIRES BATTERIES DAILY REGISTER Phone 912 Prompt Service 175 CONGLETON BROS. LUMBER CO. RETAIL LUMBER DEALERS 705 East Main Street Phone 201 KUNKEL ' S SERVICE STATION COMPLETE ONE-STOP SERVICE STANIFER ' S Featuring . . . FOR MEN Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes Dobbs Hats Arrow Shirts Bostonian Shoes FOR LADIES Lazy-Bone. Tweedie, and Rhythm-Step Shoes Holeproof Hosiery Main at Second Richmond THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE INSTITUTION Books, Stationery, Shaeffer Fountain Pens Official Emblem Jewelry Special Orders Made for Students for Articles Not Carried in Stock DIXIE DRY CLEANERS HATS BLOCKED Pressing While You Wait Cleaning of All Types Phone 7 H. B. WILLOUGHBY COAL - BUILDING MATERIAL CASE FARM MACHINERY FERTILIZERS Phone 184 Richmond, Ky. 176 WE EXTEND OUR BEST WISHES H. W. NOLAND TO EVERY EASTERN STUDENT COAL — FEED — SEED CORNETT ' S BUILDING MATERIAL Glyndon Pharmacy East Main Street Phone 57 300 West Main St. Richmond, Ky. Richmond, Kentucky Phones 244 :- 844 BURNAM HARBER " THE FIRST FLOOR INSURANCE AGENCY " McKee Building Phone 186 Sam P. Burnam W. Overton Harber Richmond, Kentucky 177 ft . Hi-y r " Since 1900 " RICHMOND GREENHOUSE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Students and Classes Always Welcome Phone 188 Greenhouses — Salesroom West Main Street Richmond, Kentucky J. P. Reichspfarr, Prop. 178 MADISON LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Special Attention to Parcel Post Cleaning and Laundry- Phones 352, 353 You Are Always Welcome at Stockton Pharmacy Lucien Le Long, Yardley and Dubarry Cosmetics Whitman Candies TRY OUR FOUNTAIN SERVICE HINKLE DRUG CO. J. T. HINKLE WOODROW HINKLE Richmond, Kentucky JOE ' S DELICATESSEN Full Line of Good Things for Lunches and Parties RESTAURANT AND SODA FOUNTAIN Phone 58 Richmond, Ky. You Are Always Welcome at Stockton Pharmacy Lucien Le Long, Yardley and Dubarry Cosmetics Whitman Candies TRY OUR FOUNTAIN SERVICE ROBINSON TURLEY ACME PAINT — COAL UBIKO FEEDS — SEEDS BUILDING MATERIAL Warehouse Yards Estill Ave. Phone 113 OWEN McKEE ARCHER HOSIERY Women ' s Satin and Taffeta Slips Main Street Richmond IDEAL RESTAURANT MAIN STREET 17 ' ) Compare Our PRICES . . . J. J. NEWBERRY Compare Our QUALITY . . . COMPANY Figure the SAVINGS . . . then figure in terms of service and satisfaction just what you save when QUALITY MERCHANDISE you buy here. AT CASH DEPARTMENT STORES ECONOMY PRICES niiL ' iiitiiiii-i " Known ior Better Values " STATE BANK TRUST COMPANY Richmond, Kentucky MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK 180 MADISON GROCERY CO. WHOLESALE GROCERIES " We Sell Today To Sell Tomorrow " WE CARRY COMPLETE STOCK OF STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Richmond, Kentucky Phone 116 MADISON - SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK TRUST COMPANY Richmond, Kentucky MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OLDHAM, ROBERTS POWELL FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 413 Richmond, Kentucky 181 McGaugheys Studio OlNCE the beauty of an annual depends largely upon the quality of the photographs used, the Milestone Staff realize that a great part of whatever recognition this book merits should go to the McGaughey Studio. On the basis of satisfactory and efficient service, we recommend this studio to future Milestone Staffs. Application photographs from any negative in our files may be had at any time for one dollar per dozen. RICHMOND, KENTUCKY 182 GLYNDON HOTEL Elder Federated Store Headquarters Richmond, Ky. ROTARY CLUB. EXCHANGE CLUB, LIONS CLUB, and CHAMBER OF " Where Young People Shop " COMMERCE CAMPUS TOGS News Stand in the Lobby at Your AT LOWEST PRICES Service When In Richmond Compliments of PAUL JETT Invites You To " " . ' WJm Wi -J THE REAL CAMPUS SHOP Stetson Hats, Nunn Bush Shoes, N. Third St. Richmond, Ky. Botany Ties, Manhattan Shirts JIMMY TAYLOR, Prop. Underwear " Richmond ' s Most Reasonable FINE CUSTOM TAILORING Jeweler " Humming Bird Hosiery We Feature Nationally Advertised also Products Rhythm Step Shoes tor Ladies PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES The MAIN Shop on MAIN Street 24-HOUR DEVELOPING SERVICE A meal without meat is a meal incomplete HAM BACON SAUSAGE LARD For Distinctive Flavor THE H. H. MEYER PACKING CO. Cincinnati 183 PRODUCED BY FETTER PRINTING CO- INCORPORATED LOUISVILLE, KY. 184 W " V ' -J« fl i$% ' V W ' . ' .mh ' S V. ■■ :: if] V .r ■ to ■,. ' , ;V; , tfi fr

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