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Eastern Junior High School - Arrow Yearbook (Pontiac, MI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 40 of the 1963 volume:

a a Bey Af? ug f , 70 A li high! Lege Le eee : LK O¢ lcs a | y Wh a bis he” - gee go Be f } ‘ sf : 7 i). oy oa Z aD “ £ eee Ly = WO ps a) A Cs me CAMP ASA tg lige “gd yh F hin , : oY f } L a Kr Av oF See v a jp f Ly ; 7 oe 0 Pe ae IY vy Fj ey | fe ) Cfp¢ L £ z of f oD : j oD ee Y f) | f i 4 Y peg C E J | 7 c f t WW of 0 Baik ee oy o a Seer s, Pléenw { THE ARROW EASTERN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PONTIAC, MICHIGAN JUNE 1, 1963 This 1963 Arrow brings you a living record of the fine progress made at Fastern Junior High.School this year. We all will treasure this graphic presentation of our outstanding achiev ements - the cooperative work of all the people involved in our school. We at EHastern provide a stimulating atmosphere for learning. You students can find an education here. All you have to do is to wish to learn, to strive to learn, and to work to learn. J f ' 4 e217 of Atk CU ec = Js Ces ee LEP LL e MIT Yeor te oe Fi Sages, By being curious about yourself and the world you live in, and by being eager to avail yourselves of the available opportunities, you will continue your educational development. You should realize that education is a continuing process which ends only when ambition dies. Ninth Graders, our good wishes go with you as you seek to grow educationally. May you strive to be sincere, industrious, and persevering in your pursuit of knowledge. Congratulations to all of you. Mr. Theodore Wiersema Principal Mr. DeVoe Mr. Kasher The road which seemed so long three years ago, has been traversed too quickly. ‘The strange setting which greeted me when I first opened the big front door which announced Fastern Jr. High, is now as comfortable as an old friend. ‘The bittersweet memories pull at many emotions. With anticipation and sorrow, we present a pictorial review of the memorable stopping points which held our interest during the last leg of our journey. As the school A has contributed to our maturity and understanding, the student body has contributed to the school...our spirit, our personality, our quest for light. The school year of 1962 - 1963 has been full, dynamic, and strengthening. Here is our story. J ! Linda Mitchell, Editor ee ep oo i og pye® Sp 6 DYE 1 Yet bat “ é 2 ey ue Sp Good 2 ar COVER D Lobb J blsjobor = COVER BS XECULION: “ay aearr STAFF Linda Mitchell, Editor Jan Carline Carol Johnston Ray Parr Linda Covert Linda Gatzmyer Nadine Hillfe x L RA rt sii { £ GA j A G4 bi 1 oe } t : H |} K ] i ’ f of | “4 YEARBOOK IDEAS CeO Morr THE PRES | Sandy Shea, Jan Carline, Tara Day, Linda Mitchell, Editor, Jeff Everling, Betty Green, Ray Farr Mr. Woods - Frintshop Dick Kirby PO OWN i Ee pt Be OEE nf TR AS Pe = lniaee ww mre oOllas iy. Covert.aV . iwatip, b. Gatzmyer, Hemmediord. 1. Dutzkiw, IT. Long, Lb. Mitchell. Poomrovteeeir. rogell, 8. Martinez, kK. Bullis, B. Green, @eeovasow Ne rillie, T. Day. 3rd row: J. MeCarthy Jom@arine, .,. Shea. | | | | | 1 | | PAG OL Tey gases ist row: FR. Scribner, L. MacKellar, G. Fox, D. DeVoe, 2) Wiersema. C. -Hill Mise cottzam Lfomczako hy a eoln p eee end row: W. Coffing, J. Merrifield, J. Brown, M. Whitted, D. Bowen, L. Barnett, J. Sluka, R. Woods, W. Neely, N. Godby 3rd row: CC. Ward, N. Kravitz, H. Wordelman, N. Hartwic, WwW. Webo- T.. Thomas, J. Blake, J. Agee, J. Nellenbach, R. Robb, G. Belote Lith row: J. Stephens, ©. Rydell.) Do) Cook{ =a. Jones, i hur ner S. Rogell, R. White, R. Allen, R. Kasher, FR. Wolters 5th row: .L.:. Griffin, G. Echroth, Kk. Hull? J) MeGhee, Kwticerce. J. Foelstra, . Ford, W. Harrington Notspictured: sou) Levine; 5. tus On April 19, 1963, our beloved teacher, Mrs. Thelma Thomas passed away at St. Joseph Hospital as a result of a sudden heart attack. Mrs. Thomas taught in our Homemaking Department. This was her first year in teaching. Mrs. Thomas! understanding and kindness will stay in our memories for a long time to come, | | | OPPICE STAFF Seated: Mrs. C. Hill Miss G. Fox Standing: J. Menear, L. Carter, S. Weber, N. Hillle SAr ere riAtS TARE ee pei Pe te ORR i ig Mae Oshel Mary McCormick Mildred Fowell Gretchen Stickney MR. BOWEN v Mary Fhilip Sandra Loretta Alvarado Arnold Arnold Beck aT Mike Godosian Arlene Carolyn Catherine Bills Coleman Etchen Sue Bill Gertrude Ann Henderson Hollis Falmer Phillip Quick June Roberts a Ruben Raymond Bonner Carl Soriano Seay Teasley Williams MRS. TOMCZAK Rosemary Martin Valarie Christine Bullis Acosta Atkins Bass ———— am — Dan Charlene Jesse Leroy Cool Cooley Cunningham Evans Farnsworth Vicki Tom Sam Huff Irwin Jones Carol Gibbs Goodsell Susan’ Shirley Oscar Lewis Love Martinez Tim Kennedy Darnita Waldorf Mr. FORD Forfirio Helen Acosta Collias Benny Judy Chester Ricky Linda Sue Crowe Davenport Batman Evans Farnsworth Forsland Virginia Gene Carol Floyd Dennis | Holbrook Johnston Jones Kinder | Gonzales Darryl Mitchell Donna Odell Judy Tom Simpkinson Smith Taylor Van Gorden Helen Bob Walker Williams : MR, Edith Cynthia Vera Barker Carry Fuselier Paulette Diane Meredith McIlquham Bill Ron Mike Faul Rayner Rice Harold Tom Toby Smith Smith Swindells mark We AL u Ldy Bhow eee e Nu Thun ei 2 za Mie noe a t o. az Ps ghocl U cu Heat Ne ob. The YO, A it) Lee WwW (VU oa wast | Gere oe Ww) Aue. po NUL Lg Yer Ot concall Cy CG@ODEM Jim Gaiter Carmelo Rosario ed WO). x net uct fost ee Willie Ann Howell Tania Paita Ron Rushing Yvonne Jordan Maria Falacios Linda Seegraves A II acerca eo MR. FOELSTRA Terry Brennan Manuel Gonzales Carl Lewis Archie Phillips Pat Turpening Kenneth Brown Willie Ringstaff Linda Vancll Linda Covert Linda Henderson ate Linda Matheny Jackie Rochan Nancy Velez Ronald Duffie Margaret Hirsch Mike McKnight Cynthia Shafer Herbert Williams Mike Elmy James Houser Bob Page Alan Speers Carolyn Whittaker Fhil Glazier Elaine Jacobs Ray Parr Monte Taylor Jill Wright MR. BROWN Carline : ’ ; | Linda Gatzmeyer Gonzales at i ambouris Matlock Mattingly McCarthy Mitchell Money John e ofr i Andy ‘ Janice Lupy Fenson Rojas Alex Frances Suan Washington | | 3 MR. WHITE Janice Atkins we i ie i Janet Barl David Jackie Linda ; | Bernier Bryand Burlison Cartier Christen Council Gary Walter David Gloria Margret Nadine Covington Frazier Gamby Harris Herron Hillie | Jerry John Ruth Pat Bill Huttula Kennedy Lewis Mallory Pearson | Eddie Brenda Raefaela Rosemary Sharon Pruitt Pryor Villarreal Simpson Stevenson Taylor ) } Larry Wanda | Williams Wilson MOSS SID IDEA e, y Elwell Reyff Forton Jefferson Kohn Darlene Corliss Sue Arthur Connie Barons Brenda | Francis Kohn Langfield Warnock Miller Miller Molina ‘Diane Pauline Lolly Richard Susan Overton Plawski Pratt Ramirez Roach Rosengren Elaine Georgia Sue Theodore Thomas Thompson eae Lorine Linda Walker Welker Waters . MR. COFFING Art Emmanel Coy John Dennis Arellano Arnett Bailey Berthody Blanchard Val Jean Gary Cheryl Robert Willie Charles Church Clark Cooper Craft Bill Neil Lany Terry Gloria Doris Curtis Dennis Dix Dye Hutchinson Jones Dick Richard Jack Linda Terr Ro Kirby Klinger Laird : ger Linn Long Shafer | | Della Dale Charlotte Diane Duane Lynne | Aguilera Barton Butler Crawford Ellsworth Gooch | ' Austin | Turner a OO -1 ait Vie Mee St COW o.eccuntinegnam, DD, Irwin, J. Pruitt, Soles... Portier, J. Gray, . Jones. end row: J. Shelton, J. Cagle, D. Baker, J. Chester, 3rd row: FEF. Willlams, L. Bass, S. Van Kuren, Bradley, Meyers. Nelson, M, Nurenberger, E. Love, E. Barnes. 8-2 Mrs. Levine ist row: D. Bowen, F. Daniels, M. Travino, J. Ratliff, F. Clancey, C. Champine, Powdenesesceioerow.: ©... Clark, W. Boyd, J. Morrison, QEnOW Hertel, C. Sanchez, E. Gianakos, = Dionne, oO. Norris, EE. Chester, ©. DLathen; Nonamaker. 3rd row: M. Rogers, S. Borders, FR. Fowell, Eortwood,, ow. Hall, DB. McMorris, Davis, EA rcouriquez,, 4. Oakley. BE. Little, A. Cooper, j : | | I | 8-3 Mr. Griffin 1st row: G. Burgess, R. Dye, B. Bailey, LL. Dennis, LL. Lee, L. Seator, J.) Raines (ae oe. 6 worden: | D. Finley. @nd row: C. White, M. Owens; Giibarcent. S,. Barron, D. Falm, M. Butler, BY -Camercn - i47 cis. | 3rd row: D. Allen, DL. Johnson, “Cage ayne eeeias, J. Gordon, D. Campbell, D. King, G. Stewart, B. Meler. 8-4 Mr. Rogell lst row: C. Williams, J. Ledford, J. Hanewacker, | M. Denison, J. Davis, R. Washington, S. Fisher, B. Lee, | RB. Mathews. S. Teague. 2nd row: G. Bledsoe, F. Blanton, | L. Carter, R. Walker, C. Roguske, L. Spurgeon, S. Hawkins, Cc. Gray, S S. Kyles. 3rd row: (COC .Surselli, yoo pan, | S. Lewis, C. Poe, K. Jack, B. Carter, G. Robertson, ) R. Negrete, A, Rockwell. ; De ener eee i = 8 fs. loOmpkins: ist row: J. Gregory, D. Byrd, . Trotter, G. Logan, N. Morales, C. Seegraves, . Flores, pevomic.. J. JOnnson, GL. DeVault. end row: M. Houser, i . Hedger, F. Walker, J. Bowman, J. Duperron, B. Martinez, i mommret wvieeevilliams, Dy Blays 3rd ‘row: SS. Taylor, MevMorris, i. Dent, B. Love, TT. (EylET., cag rs OnNesOr, | Jones, . Graham, D. Phillips. Za aon Merit iw i eon tee into, ©. leonard, Ds Barker. | end row: ©. Kiine, J. Davidsan, K. Barker, T. Day, | J. Menear, BP. Matlock, J. Harrell, LL. Vancil, L. Walker : . Pecos ord Low, i, Wells, FF, DLaClair, ° . Simonds, . J. Gravely, B. Perry, K. Laird, M. Wendland. 8-6 Mrs. Barnett ist row: EF. McLain, N. Leonard, V. Davis, | 8-7 Mrs. Kravitz Isterow: S. Purner, Hy Johnsonge.. ool | B. Miller, J. Neely, D. Neely, J. Carter, D. Palmer, Dy Kohn, end row: 8B. DaClair, (. .Bleenor, .Sickler sj. s6arec G, McCrae,..M.. Hall J) Grat. Srd=now 6 needa. | PP. Spate, D. Graves, EE. Willams, J. oihitews = weverdan J, Katip) ©C.. Benton, G2) Senson: ——————eEeEeEeEeEeEeeEeEeEeE———E————E—————————— a 8-8 Mrs. Scribner 1st row: J. Overton, EB. Polk, R. McGee, M,. Johnson,.M. Rivera, N. Houser,. lo) Gayton 4 oe. S. Kyles. end row B. Trout, ¥. Willameg ee ee J. Russell, C. Gallagher, L. Allen, Y. Villarreal, J. Montroy, M. Jones... 3rd row: | ,. Herron, Fae tortenw oe Tew iord. B. McFarland, K. Poehlman, B. Johnson, N. Moore. | 4th row: K. Carrie, B. Helligenthal, S. Herring, | | D. Ostrander, K. Haskins. —— 8-9 Miss Scott ist row: M. Rosario, N. Falacios, M. Molina, Dene vilson, ©. Gibson; T. Bertholdy, A. Kyriakides, R. Eubanks, ieee nold.. end row: M. Gonzales, B. Rushing, Le Moran, Peptaiie. ©. Trinidad, G. Crow, D. Bartley, A. Tedder, Pie ater. orc row; .. Jones, bo. Barr, DL. Carter, R. Hill, Weeeomiin, Ee oharako, KR. FPettit, S. McGhee, C. Fotheringham, Veelaitis:, Gat0eMrs, Ward “lst row: W. Whitten, N. Collias, R. Hickmott, Viemevaiker, J. Larker, kr. Wall, OG. Shafer, C. Brown. Paoerowaue 6 woase. . Joyce, F. Davis, Cc. Navarre, Pere vans, ©). ctarks, B. Nickolopoulos, G. Rickman. 3rd row: F F. Hartsock, L. Reyes, S. Faul, EE. Lemus, A. Nickolopoulos, F. Green. 4th row: B. Ball, V. Moses, C. Dorris, D. DeWolfe, K. Schroeder, FP. Ebey, W. Whitman, 1; .e0p. mesos zs 2 7-1 Mr, Agee Ist row: G. Wilson, J. IrwingeG. Miller, H. Caldwell; DG. Aputen, Re-Dawson, DL osnickS a esuoerOWs, | R. Lester, R. Powell, C. Johnson, T. Miller W. Thompson, J. Little. 3rd row: M. Davis, J. Meachen 3ebirceman, A, Wilson, R. Fisher, W. Woods, B. Fowell. Ver Mr. Cook “lst row: F . Hassigg (oop oii eee J. Rivera, L. McNeir, E. Fortier, C. Bartle, B. Weyant, . Moran, end row: S S. Shelton, ©. Bakervweaw.ecermik. . Hirsch, J. Rodriquez, J. Avellino, D. Derocher, . Simpkinson, S. Anderson. 3rd row: M. Setterington, Negrete, R. Cowan, J. Brundige, K. Reed, K. Curtis, Majett, D. Moran, F. Coleman. . SPO), 0) a 7-3 Miss Merrifield 1st row: M. Maiden, M. Blascyk, | hesondson, ©. Hawkins, D. Oliseck, R. Southard, ! were epi. ls, wWeew o . Long, 4. Bowman. end row: ‘| soe iancy, Xk. Newstm, C. Blower, A. Rivera, S S. Torres, Peaeoareene, § . impson, L. Bridges, FR. Gray. 3rd row: J. Serna, D. Matthews, V. Bartley, F. Smith, K. Jackson, L. Graham. M. Campbell, V. Taylor, C. Goans, K. Henderson. . 7-k Mr. Stephens ist row: FR. Bledsoe, T. Cagle, FR. Labarge, J. Gonzales, J. Threlkeld, G. Hembree, M. Payne, F. Johnson, B,. Howell. 2nd row: DL. Mills, FR. Guthery, FP. Cooper, M. Delgado, D. Owen, C. Lewis, S. Ratliff, T. Childres. 3rd row: R. Ward, R. Aguilera, B. Batten, E. McLaughlin, . PE. Green, B. Bradley, J. Hernandez, FP. Coward. 7-5 Mr. Robb ist: row:, W. Fennineton, Diagbinkins eee lo, S. Cummings, C. Strahan, E. Walker, T. Teasley, D. Handsoo, B. Owens, T. Williams. e2@nd row: Ho. Mupony i Mollaucalin. S: Covington, Dy Ison, KK. .Warren) teu cel ee oe, | : R. Feliciano, S. Queen, F. Malone. 3rd row: J. Laverdure, | A. Fowell, J. Brown, A. Davis, A. Johnson, S. Hill, | Es . Howard, C. Banes, W. Jones, C. Gallagher. 7-6 Mr. Allen ist row: K. Yakmalian, B. Venos, A. Gemmel, D. Gentges, A. Yee; J. McVicar. “end row: 9S. -Gollen, A. Tate, E. Stickney, M. Fellows, A. Blaylock, L. Dushane, | S. Overton. 3rd row: B. Shelton, L. Neldrett, L. Walker, W. Glazier, C. Morris, A Jullan. kth row: J. Spires, | | K. Wagner, C. Navarre, J. Rayner, F. Taylor, R. Lolli, | M. Cook, M. Jacobs, V. Adams, G. Arciniaga. Vo eh ergemsist row: “M, Beaman, V. Allen, M. Dennison, J. Stadler Poreecurnss), Beebe, Kr. Young, C. Hutehins, Pee ecrcw ee st nrelkeld. end row: TT. Branner, D. Allen, pe cripeer ec rogs, kK. Alvarado, ©. Spicer, J. Casanova, A. Waggett, A. Etchen, G. MacCauley. —ies eit ue Ist rows 6. Moon, B. Bonham, J., Aguilera, Siare, le falda, S. Dorris, E. Flores, K. Austin, Pecos so. wiite, nd row: EF. Frat, J. Johnson, Shelton, C. Caddell, B. Dameron, BE. Ellsworth, R. Traylor, . Losano, J. Roberts. 3rd row: J. Bruce, G. Rodriquez Alvarado, W. White, W. Williams, D. Huston » C. Mason Owens, A. Morris. = WHNUdQQAH ”. 9 Miss Belote ist row: B.. Brown, R. Stevenson, DD: Byra, A.. Munson, N. Deland, C. Foss, ©. Purion ee ce ancagas S. Gelinski, E. Shannon, S. Dean. «nd rows) . es oscc em B. Rodriguez, S. Mitchell, S. Roach, Sah acusvwoon, rR. Smiley, D. Hutchinson, J. Barnette. “Srdrowe ee s4cre | C. Graham, D. Gilyard, D. FPlawski, J. Dawkins, M. Taylor, | V. Edwards, FR. Cole, D. McGowen, | -10 Mr. Nellenbach ist row: H. Kyriakides, J. Cameron, . Davis, J. Sutherland, G. Hepler, J. Allen, M. Jordan, | . Carter, G,. Waters, V. Dunlop. .4éndgrow eo sole, . Mallory, H. Gauthier, V. Delgado, D. Beyer, B. Darnell, | . Traylor, J. Shaw, .‘' Tedder. © 3rdsrow: 9.) sbenna. . Carter, C. Dalrymple, D. Barnes, M. Woods, ©. Eiannan,. | . Contreras, Bo (Carkepe e7. miseti oe | a re M | G G B a ime cSweoatiwicw 16st row: -K. Arnold, D. Leinenger, orceverm ©. O2ers,) J. Branner, A. Masters, FP. Strahan, smith, “A. Jenkins; B. Wooster, G. Boney, B. Backlaukas, a Les Peo ooewine se eorriclan, J. Miller. @nd row: Y. Cannady, is Pe Cel, Jee ayiores ©, omith, N. Watson. | Special, Mr. McGhee ist row: J. Hoganson, R. McClellan, ee elark see iillips, ©. Smith, B. Stadler. end row: Pee sedve7.. Good, M, Eskridge, C. Martin, M. aimmerman, Mo ienry,. MISCELLANY MOSINGS MAGIC 1963 CITY CHAMFS ‘ etn Aatsinacsaitipnsscmesnalbios lah sg ones cose scene wtb mae Pa eCOW sevtaoomiin,. W. Horton; . Kellar, H. Williams, ie ait. C,. Benson, end row: J. vans, Mr. Harrington, A. Jefferson, i.) Bradley ae ippinj,..-s 2ouser. Mr. Nellenbach and the Jr. Varsity Basketball team COAGH ES Mr. Neely, Mr. Harrington, Mr. Nellenbach, Mr. Agee Wrestling ‘Team Track Team | Karl Williams Walter Horton practice a hold. Bruce Tippin gives advice. Mr. Coffing and the Mixed @rolr Mr. Wolters and the Band eeenitniineersemeri hae Miss Merrifield and the Senior Girls Glee Club Mr. Griffin and the Junior Girls Glee Club Soe COUN CL | President - Bruce Tippin, Vice President - Nadine Hillle Advisor - Mr. Morse, Secretary - Linda Mitchell, Treasurer - Betty Green | EROJECTIONISTS mow er ashen, i. repler, J. Stickney, E’. Dent, Pee verene wcnd row: J. McCarthy, . Baker, J. Galtor. ree BRARY STAEE Standing: L. Mitchell, J. Carline, B. Hepler, J. McCarthy, Miss MacKellar, S. Forslund, V. Huff, . Thompson, T. Swindells. Seated: S. T eague, B. Lee, J, siediora: J. Hanewacker | CHE BR LEA DE rs | om | 3 Wi | ist row: T. Rojas, M. Pomfret, S. Taylor, G. Hutchins, | | T. Van Gordan. end row: L. Rojas, M. Smith, R. Lewis. 3rd row: Mrs. Tomezak, F. LaClatr, C. Butler | John McCarthy, Cathy Klingler, Jeff Ledford Mr. Wiersema presents awards to John McCarthy, Mary Trevino, Charles Morris. Sea CONTEST WINNERS BASTERN BOW CHAMpPSe Linda DeVault, Nadine Hillie, Linda Covert, and Carol Mallory Poaviaee Otte Jam warineG. a OM sSyers , Johnna sMeGarthy «chris! Marinos, richard roper, CarolyMallory, Mary Hutchinson, and Ruth McMorris SEFELLING CONTEST WINNERS CGREATIVEewWreLLInG wihNNERS Mr. j Hull and CO " ae , ee Son a — , 4 f a: — CC a v © = Seon = RPE a ee Gre 4 n | = } | = a io 4 Al | ‘ j 5 | Y iT % « A 22 2 C1 Pole ool SL Rice in oe eT Grae se al dy f G 4 Y be at oe a ALG oe C N . 4 Z OPA aS ) A oe y ) ( ye ; (C7 = 4 7 CR it 2 3 TL CAL eS t= tbo Cnr2 A : 4S : prea st Abe Ae CCT “et eee Yen g TL ye Loo 4 727 aoe by , 261200? QE a. » pha Ly 2 Se a ee gy Is 32 ee we) 8 W N NS we jo oD ya ra ZZ ae ee LZ : an (FA eee Pe — ee ZL Z BL A a 4 ff La ) , : = . | : Bi OY Ay Oe NG . : A . j 2 ; = S. ae ( eo PS) er, s | . a Pees dg, =, : | | . a ) AY ie x . ks ml = 5 | . | ; = a s S a e= ‘ dn. , = a) =D = SES x | ; | a) a ae 2 | | Sy = ee — A. { é S = | | ee SS My, = ee — ; : | A SS ne f) C Ky ¥ = SP — Sa, : CS . Se i ‘ : : 3 | 4 cn Q BN = ) », % a x | i : | ‘ = ’ SS N % : f A A . - ¥ a : — ‘ | f { | : . - - ay y | wile CW), | A ee ae | ray, ; { . | | Q : i A ; hs Ath yt ral TD |

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