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N gf-2:17 77 lf'-if-J-L f' ' C' Q' V Af, 4 :If , . X ff' MP7 V ' Nd! V I HH Cx' . V! .1 3 I X," - V I, V., X .4 , ,yd L - X f - N -. 1 N 41ff'f ,. -' 1 N N X LMP x f ,aff , AW' X ,xx fm Z 9, Y jj! KJ' ' 'Y' -1 1' ' ,V ,,',,f' , I XV 1' p G... ' r Lili' p, X A ' K .Vw xi kgff 1 N' , NN xx Q HJ T! 1F'!'v"'J - 'fl' V 1 x' .X IJ: JVYV -5' J ff Jiljf' ,vi A ,J A I V vxvx L..." X' PVXXA I: , ,U gf! Y, IV- on lk x I bt'-.f ,I I lj., J , A' 'J .v ,xx L, ff - . ,Y 1 '. uv' Q' x X' ' 'X A V M , 1 .551 ' tl VX: R-'w X L X ,mf ' V I 2, 1 1 N Y fx! x n Nm V ,Ly - . A' L - 1 , ' X Qgjv jj 49 - df' OJJK CND x U NX XM. 'V M Q pu , xx Q? VL' WD. OH WND W2 W UW ' 'J W NWLNUJX Af M6 ' OO L q WC Pj APU of if I -q of My Qwwyymfifefp WWWP V10 diff of M ,M W fimobifjyl L 5 mb, 5 It QL 5 A Q-L, " Lv., Rf ' K x 'WNBA 'lui ig M 3-L V' N Nxg gk ' , ZQ Q AL 7 ' R,., ' as C r Q' ,I 1' b fvffj f, X ' , Slam li " ' , v,-',, 11.7, 5 Irv T. 5571 . 2-:n,,, Tflijgk X gp ilk, XLR lx J, EAST:-:RN HIGH SCHOOL f f 17 MIDDLETQWN, KENTUCKY 4 i ffy X J vowma rw-Team -- i965 A cr, if x" , , , -J' ' LQ ,7 VH-Y m fcffaff Vgf J .0 XE Q CVN X7 1 K Q L 1 W D " al N' Q:i22 .-1 -J ,ff Jw 'A ' x ' M5 ' 5" lm nf ' Xi . V 7, 4 X F vi , ,f ' 'if' , ',.' ' A if .W I 1 EK- ,X Q f ,Q- ff J ""XfXVQ gxvx-,z 1 .3 R. X - f9,f'4:l1 'ww' "M 'H' ' " 1 r A ' ,,:.T',-f..f.: ' va- . ' QN- ..-, ---4:- '--n- X -' -V " n y N- 3 SR 5 'X xx . x, f-l l X Y l If 1 ,NW W 21.11--4 -' 1 r 1:..,.g.-- . , L- -y, .aw f 4 15,- g A in P--f' ,S " ,, Q, w V x 4..-- rn- Jw . - I "' ' ' ,ff , 3' Km ""' .V 2 Fw -,Z A, 1-"f J. ffm 3 S I. Mqpfdu ,M ix . I ,Q , s,, J-Qs-. ,fn il. -as N -api fill, g'E,mig??s-,perl if J Foreword Life at Eastern High School is a new and unique experience. Each day brings forth both joys and sorrows which will some day be held as lasting memo- ries. The friends made, the im- portant games, the hard work, the panic of report cards, the class meetings, and the thrill of being a senior and graduation are all part of the intricate world in which we live. In this, the 1965 Talon, we have tried to reflect. a small part of the goals, activities, ideas, ,and moods of our shi- dent body. We hope that it will provide not only pleasant but lasting memories. aw Og f' - -4 STUDENT LIFE . . .8 CURRICULUM .... .23 ORGANIZATIONS. .45 sposrrs ..... MUSIC. . . . .69 ..93 3. . 2 - -W fl , - - - WMWW .nmf..w.w. ..,' Mmuzf mumm y .. Y . uf , -, it-f .. . ml M f W: ' 34 D Q73 Lzjgj - My 5532 f W X - F QW gf' f L W f t , 'V fem Fftf' IX GEN 116 . . 1. AMW T-fa-IQ ! 7241! , ,Q 'O , V V Q , ff W " 7 Z ff, Q " "' 4 : , 59 ff 2 fm' 5 Rf W7 fx 0 0 0 0 0 FEATURES 109 SENIORS . . . . . .123 UNDERCLASSMEN. .177 24 ADS.......... xx ,O is f mm L S0104 'm P N Q W 1 ffmff - .IL' f' ' W ' g g .- xg ' xx M f . - Af f--7 Vqfn UI If WEMWIW' 1-2.2- 15 4 H g! , ' - 1- 'A gf : A 1 Q S x -ff l ' -1- Dedication Mr. Ruter is always ready to hear the problems of troubled students. Mr. Charles M. Ruter, Eastern High School's respected assistant principal, has left us. We miss him, yet we feel a certain satisfaction in knowing that his administrative abilities have been recognized and rewarded with a promo- tion. Mr. Ruter is now serving as the public relations director for the Jefferson County Board of Education. As a gesture of our thanks to Mr. Ruter and our sorrow at his departure, we dedicate this armual, the 1965 Talon, to Mr. Charles M. Ruter, with hopes that it will serve as a re- membrance which will go with him. .i Mrs. Charles M. Ruter is the principal of Audubon Elementary School. E.H.S. students present Mr. Ruter with a silver bowl and tray on his last day. 6 1. 's . my H 1 T61-.', 1 uvfzfwyss www 1: Q gms 'Y 215 gif' , AWE. ' :wan V .A A ,. .f,f.S,,.f ' f 's2iS'i5.S gQ2ZiVAQ,,,A iz iz? ' 2 2 g ' ' ie: 1 Qi? .. .. ez wk. .F5fmQ?f5iifSii-W H Agzipggg,:f5qfgww1.w..f, L n,,,g,.,31m-W gm . saggy. -Q4 A. v,A.. ,-fJgW.w,L , A , . my 5- .111-A .,A.ssifsiif flmw, 5552265255523 NM... ,A.yA.2zA.sw 'msiistif WA ,A WET, wma ma . ,.,,8Smwz f. gy Aww! .mails mmwg Wm, A ff,1w,,-A . . AAWMWAA: X- mm W. Am fmzyff - , iff 1 mx . Q' 1 2 1' S SEE :.w.g Y Lum. EKXYZEQE .,5ggmA.X1A..,A. Awwnwzfewfk gm: mx .mms .,AwQA.2zA.51 .f1m:A.szA .wp Q,vL. X- 5m 32 A. B, ,yagsgeigs ,,,mA.AX,AAx,.fw J ,wwwmmm .wagzlmuwxfwx ,ggfmmma wumnwnm. - mwwfw . .AA - Sf Wg, 4, .Q v. 31 ngfjz: 'sffsvfs Aww ww V ' F995 T, ,E, 2 1322 f . . ' - ,SE ' SEE: ggasasax X AQEQWWWQ 'W wwgiaassm zgmmnwi gl .N am JE! E 5 ES? Fi was ' WEEE ggi . 'iw 11 ,,AmgAwAw1A.A, . wAmzA.wew2WffA.,A. mswwA.2zA.ef, .AA,AAA.A'iQ1fH'LH'La"m"9W Q fbsfyw 1 .34 Mmvmm :K-' WA E ,.,ml2N A .QE -AE: g. 1 ,mmf ,Aw SLBQEQA 1,X,1,wm.,,A 1,,, - A A. H A AWA., Ligifwkigiiiegf K mz:GFSV1W5F55i5E ,eAAAggAfwA,e xxs?XL55f'9m95E TQ AMW 55555 A :if 'x?W. 1 '5?5 WF? 1 ' AA M. A H, ww .SV AIA. AQSKQML .1 .AgAfQs14Q2Af2maff:4 ' Maz'sszAsszAs5zf 51535 sazgwsr' A A..A A ..A.A . Zigi? , .,A,.'9f'24 U " ,a'.-mmf!! wi'faf11'5g . v WZ ffjgfwx KW X7 f Vfjfnem 'md .Qi f' l If 1 Z' l 1 X ' ,F ty! Iv! 3 'I sf' fy!!! f ' u , , V ..:. ' h NA ' 'N A Q--K ' I I is: f A '1l,?+ li 1 f . N, 1 Al -9: 3 ,'V3ij4-f' V31 x . 1 X 1, L - ' ' ,V 43 4 ' ' Y ' - A --- UL X ?5'Ff:f7 FREE? ' 1 .gf -N , ' .."l' . 3 Q 'fi + :!35N3HL'I 1 I :VI 1 14- xx- Ir X ' f' , I' 1 I' Ai I . W -fi If 5 A k ,gf I An gf-y F.. 4 W- , ., ' Y ' nv- I ,X V ew ll! L :3:f1"f.,x. Q 'Ill J- ' fm! 'V H if vi' ,ip QQ E .--. f l X - -Q ,v 1.. . ' ff f fj "T' N , -- X 'LAI' nxzgia.-. q n fb f?"'53wTtlk -f ggf..-Egg.-r:nu1. W X H...v Z ff MX 1 I I I ' 'n r ,ZX ,,--.X IX, A 55546 ,234 . rt Student Life School Opens September 3 The opening days of school are always full of familiar activities. During the week before school starts, most students in nu. . visit -the bookstore to buy their books and stock up on pencils, paper, and other supplies. On the first day, students arrive in .buses or cars and wait in the cafeteria or on the 'loading dock for the eight o'clock bell, when they rush to the hallway bul- letin boards to find out their homeroom assignments. Once in homeroom, seemingly endless hours are spent filling out equal- ly endless forms. Finally the schedules are handed out, and g. ,ss then the deans' offices are jammed with people requiring changes in them. Probably the biggest event of the first few days for Seniors is the arrival of the long-awaited senior rings. ' 15' v , S H Sleepy students wait on the loading dock before school. if . 'l'..I7 ' Forms, FORMS, FORMS!! Books and supplies for 1800 students. MQW 4K,,., W . , ua' l ' ffti.ii.sQ1g+,gf... -gf I 1' XS-it-""'wH-e K. ,hx . . ' ' ' ' ff' . Senior rmgs, at last! Waiting in the deans 0 ice I0 Student Life Special Activities Are Started There are many different special activities in which EHS students may participate. Each senior class has its officers and sponsors various activities. The members of the band and the Talon and Eagle staffs devote a class period each day to their work. The athletic teams spend many hours in practice after school. Approximately 25 clubs, ranging from the Art Club to the National Honor Society, offer membership to students. Almost all of them sponsor projects during the year as well as their regular meetings. gig-.., The Beta Club and the National Honor Society have a joint meeting. 7 Members of the Talon Staff work on underclass pictures. Senior Class President Scott Wallace presides at a class meeting. 9' M Q: .l The football team practices under the direction of Coaches Hord and Young. Student Council members fill baskets for the annual Christmas Caravan. I Student Life fc. On the afternoon of Homecoming, Octoher 23, students rush in to pick up their mums. The court and their escorts promenade across the field at halftime. . . . . to the coronation, where Elaine Casey is crowned Queen. ,Y V' A ,ld 'loio Senior Class members spend the aftemoon decorating the cafeteria for the dance to follow the football game. ajor Fall Homecoming, The court is presented again during the dance. wks?-ec U Students register to vote in the mock election sponsored by the Student Council. ,mg.g-14:4 .r 1 1' f---is-T ,., 1 in V 1 -' W i l ' ' i c - A . l A ' ' " f'3"' . ff r l 'I " riff 'l i , if - ' : -11 .. Q ' hifi I4 Y il: .- ,. , I ill ' , ,ne J., .-,W J .-- ., An enthusiastic campaign is waged with speeches and posters. V6I1lS - Election, Senior Pla Senior Class Play cast rehearse . . . Student Life The Presidential and Congressional races are voted on, as well as the school tax. A rash of bomb scares keeps classes interrupted. . . . for the producion of "Gramercy Ghost" on November 19 and 21. H: v 1 1 y l Student Life K" gm Student Council members load their cars for the Christmas Caravan. Seniors begin exchanging their cards as soon as they receive Officers Johnson and Mayer show a movie at one of the safety programs. inter Filled ith Winter brings a wide variety of events to the students of Eastern High School. There are the guest lecturers, talking on topics ranging from space exploration to highway safety. A representative of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration talked about the United States space exploration program and illustrated his talk with a number of models and demonstrations, There was a series of three programs consisting of talks and movies about highway safety. Capt. Durham of the University of Louisville informed the junior and senior boys of the Naval ROTC program. The Beta Club and the National Honor Society initiated their new members, and underclass pictures were made for the annual. One of the busiest days was the last one before Christmas vacation. The Seniors received their commencement announcements, and the Student Council conducted their annual Christmas Caravan in the morning, while the -afternoon was devoted to a Christmas program done by the choir. Since thi was Mr. Ruter's last day, a gift from the student body was presented to him NASA representative illustrates one of his points with a model. Capt. Durham talks to senior and junior boys about the Naval ROTC. I4 Decoration committee members prepare a gateway for the courts to enter through . . . Diversified Events B I I .P lg... L t as 'f -gui 1 1 Y W 1.1 M .' Student Life at f X ' f' 43.1 -. t 5 'Ja-cjiil' '- fx . . . while others work on a backdrop for the coronations. January 29 was an exciting day for the Football, Basketball, Talon, and Eagle , ourts ' ' ' - Eagle Queen and Princess, respectively. . They had spent most of the week planning and pract1c1ng for the pro that afternoon when three of the courts would be presented. A large of the day' itself was spent in decorating the gym for the program. Final- , sixth period, the student body gathered and the program began. Mrs. Mc- Talon sponsor, introduced the Talon King and Queen Courts. Diana Talon editor, crowed Charles Ray, King, and he crowned Pat Hester, Then Mr. Hoke and Mr. Hord introduced the Basketball and Football respectively, and the team captains crowned Sharon Corbin, Football and Paula Ray, Basketball Queen. That night at the halftime of the aggener basketball game, the Eagle Queen and Princess Courts were pre- During the last half of the game, the three judges made their decisions, V at the dance following the game, Nancy Howerton and Janet Robinson were f L1 Cindy Ross entertains the audience with a song. Mrs. McDevitt introduces the Talon Court. Mr. Don Arnold, Miss Pearl Potts, and Mr. Rusty Reynolds judge the Eagle Courts. I5 I6 Student Life aried etivities Make I, .F , 5... v 3 4- - ' l 1 1 , 62, kiln Arg: a in +G- ' a ,i - 1: .-,- - 42. IHILI Sun: if S Seniors gather in the auditorium before school. Students leave their wuts in their lockers and get their period books. Bomb scares become almost daily routine. 'AL- The office is busy all day with students having business of all kinds. Fourth period Senior English class hard at work? p A Day At EHS 'Fourth period finds the book store crowded with students buying supplies. Every other wcck the Eastern Eagle is sold in the cafeteria. Student Life By lunch time a half-hour break is welcome to all students land teachers, tool. g Q At the three o'clock bell the first of the students eagerly pour out the front doors. Parents wait in the front circle to pick up their children after school. I7 Student Life School Spirit Hits Peak . 4 . L . , gg H 'A at 4,5 v vi .tv rl ' 5 gil 1: 4 W seat v "' f L I ' 'li Q 7. . V - Ag Lflffiaifli- .ff ll! Mr. Ruter confers with cheerleaders before pep rally. At halftime, cheerleaders take a break and watch thc band show After the half, cheerleaders lead the team back onto the field . . . . . . then are back at work cheering the players on I8 Student Life 11 thletic Season Students sing "On, On, Eastern High" as basketball team warms up before game. Before football game, students decorate the goal posts, , F' .V I W T r 4 X f -ff' . Faculty mcmbcrs engrossed in game. Stands completely filled for homecoming against Waggener. 1 g tau!!-M .5 A I ,I ,5 ? Win-NA L I f' -f . Y- ' Y -IN W -u::,1'K':,,r! it-AVI, gigs! I ff x 2 I I. in ,' . .I A ' 15, 5 f ' ' . 1 -f!"" . 'U 5" ' , fr., . 5 ' : N M' ' ' E, 1 f , , I, 57 ,,, 'I . ID r 1 K ff. 345 .,..q .lei -X ' .JY . Tif X -G 1?-"if: 2:-7't4.l'.'P.lf1f'A - V - ' . ' ,Y YTNY ,Q f fL.z. W, Q :Mp v., 322 3 7: 534 ,. , HY. , 5 -, ". -,Y s. ' .I t 9 ,:UL.!q 1 I Q,-' , , J f v -mx A ,V :P L 'L ig .3" .V t " ' 1 ',.1A,:- A . : 'ig ' - V1 1 -M M jf! X 4 ,qw--94 -, Q. x. Student Life Find Time For Classwork In shop, a student puts finishing touches on a table he has made. Sewing is learned by Home-Ec girls. Physics class listens to Mr. Roberts as he explains a problem. I was - i 12 .5 -Q-V ,. The language lab is used in French, German, and Spanish courses w',,,in-v -Ski Art class learns the fundamentals of water coloring. Student Life Efforts End In Honors And Graduation f , V 4 t i M. ug -". 'W baiukdf 4 ,., Jinx... MA. ,A n AU ' Football captains present clipboard to Coach Hord at football banquet. On the last day of school is the Honors Day Program when students of all classes receive awards. Eastern's three National Merit Finalists this year, Dick Drennan, Laura Guy, and Mike Cloutier, with Counselor, Mr. Tabb. N-:ai-A . , Seniors march into Baccalaureate Ceremony - - - . . . and finally receive their diplomas at Commencement, ending their high school careers. . K. ,.,, W H .Q - W5 X X ..--v"""-'Q X E A Message TO THE CLASS OF 1965 Congratulations to you who are completing your high school careers and graduating in May. It is difficult to express in this limited space all I wish to convey, but perhaps a careful study of these five quotations or sayings will bring a very important message to you. "Unless you can say something good about a person, don't say anything at all." "Our forethou ht miffht he as 'food as our afterthought if we would only think." "Anything worth doing is worth doing wellf' "When I was a lad of lfl-, I thought my Dad was the most ignorant person I had ever known. But when I became 21, I was amazed- at how much the old S U D Curriculum w -,...f. The office is the center of administrative activities at Eastem. As principal of Eastern High School, John W. Trapp is a dedicated leader and zz man respected by students and teachers alike. Mr. Trapp received his BA. from Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana. man had learned in 7 years." -Mark Twain And the greatest of all: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." John W. Trapp Principal Mr. and Mrs. John W. Trapp. 6 Y .:-.H xl V it :rf a Z Curriculum Assistant Principal fi Mr. Morrison finds that each day brings new duties for the assistant principal. "He reads much, He is a great observer, and he looks quite through the deeds of men." -SHAKESPEARE The duties of the assistant principal are, of course, too numerous to mention in- their entirety. However, the major duties include supervision of the school lunch program, organization of the class and club activities, and notification of the faculty and student body of matters pertinent to them. Of course the assistant principal handles teacher-pupil problems and any discipline problems which arise during the course of the school day. Mr. Morrison and his handsome family. Mr. George B. Morrison, Assistant Principal of Eastem High School 26 Curriculum Counselors ,E .i"' Mrs. Marguerite Lockhard, Dean of Women, administers aid to a college In his first year as Dean of Men, Mr. Talib works hard yet finds en- liound student. joyment in his occupation. It is the counselor's responsibility to assist in enriching, if 115 'Q ,L n 1.1 Mrs. Brown, counselor of junior high students, aids them in their transition. P 'l upl Personnel lVIr. Leonard H. Anderson represents one of the most important functions in the school system in being the Assistant Pupil Per- sonnel Officer. Also he works to combat the problem of high school dropouts and to resolve any difficulty wl1ir'l1 a student may have at school or home. revising, and evaluating the curriculumg to facilitate instruc- tion through an appropriate emphasis upon and proper atten- tion to sound principles of learningg and to share in promot- ing good public relation. 27 Curriculum ' ! , las ' s, .... I Science MR. HOUSTON A. DINNING B.S., Western State College. General Science MR. PAUL R. ELLIOTT B.S., M.A., Peabody College. Chemistry I and II MRS. MARGARET scorr HUNTER 1 ' f H A.B., Georgetown College. , , I SD .lunior High Science A- - 'X MRS. ANN McCROSKEY t Tl? A- V, - B.A., University of Louisville. 1 i X Biology and 8th Grade Science . l .I L l . "Every succeeding scientific discovery makes greater nonsense of old-time con- c,eptions." -ANTHONY EDEN i 28 A A The purpose of the science department is to extend knowledge of both the physical and the biological sciences. This is done through the study of the theory and literature of the science and extensive use of a well-equipped laboratory. It is used to support the academic phase and permit the development of skills and techniques employed to better understand this ever-chang- ing subject. Eastern offers an unusually out- standing science study to the student who majors in this field. Mr. Elliott corrects and assists his students in the laboratory. What wnuld H biology Student Kspeciesr Homo Sapiens? be without a microscope? Becky Baker looks studious as she observes a principle of physics. Eastern's General Science courses are devoted to presenting a general survey of many branches of science. Biology students learn the basic principles of the structure and functional purposes of living things. Chemistry and physics are important branches of physical science. In both subjects research and ex- perimentation take a vital and exciting part of the program. ., A . 41 gfrf' R ft 1 it RQ. ' ,ds 4' "fs , ati- . max i: , SX , , gd E, , gn rx. ns- . -ofa fl D 3 . fig . .-as :'1.. H" 9. ' - 1 r Q - ' 'q t . , v.:-df' MW' V I , 4, . it X X ' ' , 'Q if , h rl -1-'IA-L l L 4 11,2 I' - ' ' -X A.. v 1 Biology students find the microscope un indispensable aid to their studies. Q.. ,ZW " , Curriculum. Science MR. JOHN OCHSNER B.S., Union College. Biology and Track MR. RICHARD R. ROBERTS B.S., University of Kentucky. Physics and Chemistry MR. J. MANSFIELD STODGHILL B.A., M.S., University of Kentucky. Junior High Reading Science MR. MARVIN WELLS B.S., M.S., University of Kentucky. General Science MR. JOHN RICHARD YOUNG B.S., University of Louisville. Biology, Advanced and General Science. FTW!" ,r Mr. Ochsner is shown with one of the newer, more advanced pieces of biology equipment, the projection microscope. 29 Curriculum athematies MR. ROBERT A. BAKER B.A., University of Louisville Algebra I and General Math MR. JAMES C. BURNETT A.B., Eastern State College Columbla Umver tty Geometry, Trigonometry, and Alge- bra III MR. JOSEPH R. DONOVAN A.B., and M.A., University of Ken- tucky 'SZ-I9 MR. ROBERT E. GORANFLO B.S., Western State College ' Advanced Mathematics and Athlet- ic Director Miss LULA E. DALTON ' B.A., Western. State College f vV In this day of science advancement, mathematics plays a vital role. At Eastern the faculty tries not only to impart a working knowledge of math to the students, but also to develop the ability to think clearly and logically. mt and 8tl1CradeMath gjfwjzf My as A Auf Miss Wood often uses unusual methods to emphasize important points. Miss Dalton encourages an interest of mathematics in her students. Curriculum athmatics 1...--" IW ,.J all I Miss Wood employs the hoard, one of her many teaching aids, in helping Dick Peyton. ssffff If a student performs well in mathematics in Eastern High School, he is prepared for success in college. Among our grad- uates who have achieved distinction are: an inventor of a de- vice for testing ocean depths, a Dartmouth Phi Beta Kappa, and others too numerous to mention. MR. EDWIN H. HOWEY B.S., Wesiem State College. 8th Grade and General Math MR. HERBERT S. KAYS B.A., Georgetown College. Junior High Math MR. JACK MCGUIRE B.A., Centre College. Geometry and Algebra I MRS. ROMA M. THOMPSON A.B., Western State College. 8th Grade Math MISS EDITH WOOD A.B., Miami University: M.A., University of Kentucky. Algebra, Trigonometry, and Solid Geometry l "Mathematics is not a result of but a cause of this age" GUY 1 'NCS J':f',YROLD . q'mQri'?,gia'g . qv l'Discovery" is a key word in Miss Wood's mathematics classes. 3I Curriculum English MRS. ELIZABETH BENTLEY Ph.B., University of Chicago. English IV MISS MILDRED JO COOPER A.B., University of Kentuckyg M.A., Duke University. Beta Club, English III and IV, and Humanities '57- MRS. .IUANITA MCCLURE B.S., Indiana University. English II and III MRS. MARY MOSLEY A.B., Ursuline College. English I and II N. s .pn as . v may Lael fi aw English is the basis of communication in this countryg therefore, it is a vital part of our curriculum. The English department of Eastern strives to bring to the student a mastery of the skills in both oral and written composition. In addition to this, the department endeavors to bring the appreciation of all forms of literature to the student and to encourage self-expression and initiative in verbal and scriptorial work. Society John Distler and Charlie Ray present Mrs. Bentley with the first apple of ,the school year. 32. MRS. ERNESTINE NOLAND A.B., University of Kentucky English I MRS. RUTH B. POWELL A.B., Miami University CO'hiol English III and Red Cross MISS MAYBELLE REICHENBACH A.B., University of Kentucky English I 1 MRS. SARA WHITAKER l A.B., Western State College 1 English and French "English is the key to communication" -ROCERS Mrs. Bentley, like all instructors, always has time to help her students. CNet Pictured? MRS. MARJORIE B. MELVIN A.B., University of Louisville English IV and National Honor tj ,bi .XMI Curriculum Languages "Language is the archives of history . . . Language is MRS. LILLIAS ASHBURY fo Sil oem, as A.B., Westliampton College. 5 P Y' Latin II, III, and IV , , I -EMERSON it MR. SID CUILLEN A.B., Asbury Collegeg M.A., Van- derbilt University. Spanish I, II, III, and IV MR. HARRIS MEVES A.B., University of Louisville. German I and II MRS. FAITH ZOLLNEIIJ A A.B., George Washington Univer- srty. French I, II,,III, and IV l-- li Senor Guillen always has a smile ready for his Spanish students 1 no matter what their accents are likelj. At Eastern High School, the language department en- deavors not only to impart a knowledge of a language studied, but also to expose the student to the culture of the people who use or have used the language studied. equipment" in Seior Gui1l6n,S classes, Vivid illustrations, along with interesting lectures, are "standard mb mf? Mrs. Ashbury gives her students a knowledge of Latin and the Roman culture. 33 Curriculum Social Studies MR. HENRY C. BYRNSIDE A.B., and M.A., Georgetown College. Psychology and Applied Law MR. KEITH O. DICKEN A.B., Eastem State Collegeg M.A., Uni- versity of Kentucky. Applied Law and Psychology MR. LAWRENCE D. FOUSHEE A.B., Brescia College. World History and Latin MR. LAWRENCE GAMBLE A.B., University of Kentuckyg M.E., University of Louisville. American History MR. WILLIAM R. HOUGHTON A.B., Centre Collegeg M.A., University of Kentucky. Civics "Human history is in essence a history of ideas." -WELLS 1 .."3, YL" .V - -.:gv.... ... hvvitmimgs ' - 7 Egg. 5 Kpf Miss Surjit Grover, the new World History teacher, received her B.A. degree from Panjale University and her M.A. from Khalsa College. 34 Miss Surjit Grover is our ambassador from India. The purpose of the social studies courses is to de- velop a basic understanding of' governmental organ- ization and the cultural and social aspects of civiliza- tion, past and present. N Mr. Houghton is always willing to lend a helping hand to his students. , Curriculum Home Economics MRS. BRUNETTE M. COSLOW "Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge." t B.A., Eustem State College. Home Economics -BROOKE MRS. THELMA FARMER B.S., University of Kentucky. fr -if---f--mfgg Home Economies f . MRS. SARAH W. STOUT f B.S., University oi Kentucky. Home Economics Through the Home Economics department, Eastern girls are trained to establish wholesome family lives. Some of the topics studied by the girls to achieve this goal are clothing, child care, food purchasing and preparation, household up- keep, health, and home management. Mrs. Coslow assists her students by giving sid and pointing out their errors. , in T. V. Aides Eastern takes pride in having one of the latest devel- opments in teaching aids-television classes. Of course, a television cannot work alone, nor can one teacher cope with the greater number of students in a T.V. class. The 'l'.V. aide is first mate to the instructor. The T.V. aide is a veritable jack-of-all-tradesg Eastern is fortunate in hav- ing the services of three aides. Mrs. Lois Johnson, Mrs. Midge Tcnnill, and Mrs. Audrey Deutsch. l fl 'ls X - I One of Mrs. Tennill's regular ch ores is lo focus the televisions. 35 Curriculum Fine Arts Theological Seminary. Art MRS. BETTY CAMPBELL A.B., Asbury College. Art MRS. SUE B. JOHNSON A.B., Kentucky Wesleyan College. Choir and Girls Chorus MR. C. DEXTER MARSH University. Band MRS. PEARL FORBES RAINE B.M., West Virginia University. .l r. High Music MRS. BARBARA PHELPS BOYER A.B., Huntingdong M.R.E., Southern Baptist A.A., Ashland Junior Collegeg A.B., 5 f H 5 Marshall ,Auger "' 'x Not only aesthetics, but also practicality is important in art materials. e-21t e yyy no f y Mrs. Johnson ably leads the girls in their singing and gives them points on techniques. 36 . s . Jkt: . f 0 V. ft: I , A pianist is essential to rehearsing and learning new songs. Students cannot learn by academic subjects aloneg this is why Eastern offers a fine arts program. Music and art are in- corporated in fine arts. Music courses tend to develop an ap- preciation for good musicg art produces an awareness of beauty, color, and texture. Health and P.E. Strenuous exercise is important lo physical fitness. MRS. ETHEL MARIE FERGUSON A.B., University of Kentuckyg M.A., Western State College. Physical Education MR. WILLIAM BRUCE HOKE B.S., University of Louisvilleg M.A., Indiana University. Health and Physical Education MR. CHARLES HORD B.S., Westem State Collegeg M.A., Peabody College. Health, Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology MR. ALBERT WILLIS KEMP A.B., University of Louisvilleg M.S., Indiana University. Physical Education MRS. ANN A. SANDUSKY A.B., University of Kentucky. Health and Physical Education The main purpose of the health course, required of all stu- dents, is the understanding of basic health facts and principles with a desire to put this into effect. 'I' he purpose of the physical education course is to develop Curriculum sound bodies and minds and to encourage outstanding sports- manship in both athletic competition and everyday life. Volleyball, along with hockey and basketball is taught to the P.E. stu- Physical fitness is encouraged by means of gymnastics. dents. 37 Curriculum Commercial Arts MR. ERVIN W. GISH 7 5,- B.S., University of Louisville. it I Bookkeeping, Typing I, and Office Practice Q N MRS. GLADYS CUMMINGS LOCKHART T iff B.S., Mississippi State College for Women. , Shorthand, Typing, General Business, and Con- 'f sumer Education , 5 'M L' I! t MRS. CHARLENE McDEVlTT ' . B.S., Murray State Collegeg M.A., George Pea- -' ' l , - ' 4 - -r b d - . , , N W Q, o y College for Teachers. lg - - ..., . . " Shorthand, Typing, and Annual Staff f- " " ' E7 ' 1 i W MRS. SUE P. SCHOOLER 2 . ' f B.S., Westem State College. -, n. Typing I and Business Math 1, Mjvl. K - C ti gi . ' 'if , V Acquainting students with complicated operations of the business world is the aim of the commercial arts department. Also, for the stu- dent who is unable to attend college, training in commercial arts will prepare him for getting a job in the working world after, or in some cases, during high school. in . Future business leaders are skillfully instructed by Mrs. Lockhart. Mrs. Sue Schooler explains the basic fundamentals of typing to her students. 38 Industrial Arts "The most extraordinary spectacle is the . . . expenditure of labor . . . " -RICHARD JEFEERIES Curriculum Eastem's industrial arts building contains many modem machines used widely in today's industries. The skills students leam on these machines will prove useful in their careers. "Not houses finely roofed or the stones of walls well-builded, nay nor canals and dockyards, make the city, but men able to use their opportunity." -ALCAEUS General shop, woodworking, drafting, print- ing, and auto mechanics are some of the courses open to students in the industrial arts depart- ment. This program gives to the students oppor- tunities to develop habits, attitudes, and abilities desirable for all citizens of an industrial society, regardless of occupational pursuits. MR. ROY BARLOW B.S., Western State College. Industrial Arts and Mechanical Drawing MR. WILLIAM H. DENHAM B.S., Eastem State College. Industrial Arts MR. HARRY W. HEIDEMAN B.S., Stout State College. Industrial Arts and Printing MR. DONALD V. JENKINS B.S., Westem State College. Industrial Arts 39 Curriculum Core MR. GEORGE CARL BISIG N B.S., University of Louisville. g ,S U 5 Core .E ,. R Q MR.. FRANK C. BLACK 'E-f' ville. Core and English MISS VAUGHN M. CARTER QB., Morehead State College. ore Vg- ,, , '.. MRS. MARGARET S. CAUDILL A.B. and M.A., Morehead State College. Core MR. HAROLD M. GIBBS A.B., Morehead State College. Core MRS. ELLEN MILES JONES A.B., Union College. Core and English ,- "The direction in which education starts a man will determine his life." -PLATO g.5?'1..f , g ' Mrs. Caudill imparts a knowledge of the history of Kentucky to her core students. 40 B.A. and M.E., University of Louis- 1, WN.: Y ' 4 .wit --A 4 'Milly X - tt. - , 145' ," --1' 4. I. ,H ,S Lh ,.I 'W I -gi" .Ng f N21 . yi 1 1,1 .,, Q, 4, 43w . ' J, f ' fmt Q i " K 'C v IV. 'Q We 'J' lbw' 3. 4 .. 1 'if A L 'R . ' E51 r ' . 'f- ' 4 sf! au. 'TQ' Lk i l,.- 4 J fa "-ew , . L4 . N . Q .I W V A 4T 1 E "Ffa .w 'Q' . - , If nr 0 'ffl r mu? NY YN - W , ' ,--. ,M X 2 A 5:1.....-4. "wb X- 3r--- - "f -.e .. 1 f ,ak Y Mgrm 'J' v' -'S 4, , R 1'-IJ ' Qt., H WLM., Lectures, an important part of high s 1' 0. ,.... ,f- L-4 H, V. X if.-ni? ' W WIA ' t ' 'f chool classes, are incorporated in the core program to aid the transition. tie "ik V. . '1 P- l u -ix Dignity is an essential part of the core program. The core program provides for a transition period between elementary and high school. The block of time offers teachers a chance to replace subject matter with the study of life problems common to all youths. Through pupil-teacher planning in the core class, the problem undertaken by a class is planned. The class gathers and presents infor- mation related to the problem, and a conclusion is reached. sb. . ,....S. O., Curriculum Core MRS. RUTH OMAN JONES QB., University of Oklahoma. ore MRS. MARGARET T. NORMAN B.A., University of Kentuckyg M.A., Univer- sity of Louisville. Core MISS BETTIE JO RAY i .iw 4" B.S., Murray State College. M N155 . .st my 'WEL si? see: as mi W is M. ,W- Core ,Ss MRS. ARLEEN MARIE ROLPH 5 Q B.A., University of Louisville. V ' H 1 ' Core XM, 1, . l N E., J 2. - ewes' 1 1' Miss RUTH ANN Ross V U M - B.A., and M.A., Vanderbilt University. l ' N ' -. l Core ' 'L "' ' A gg fg',x N 1 i 5.4-i Miss MARY LoU SMITH Q.. fs . B.A., Vanderbilt University. ,- ' WIT' A -fix . A - 1.5 C018 - haggling? A MRS. MARY JO THORNE 1 , A.B., Centre College. V " Core 24' cg- , ..r'.ri.i'fEZEi55:7 '. Question and answer periods ,are helpful to the basic understanding of ,Mrs. Caudill holds the attention of her class, subjects. Library Staff It MRS. IDA HALL A.B., University of Kentucky. MISS DORIS WILSON ., B.A., University of Kentucky: -, ,ni 1, M.E., University of Louisville. Y sa iif I ,, A .Q 5, ' J I X . Q 1. . ,su -.-.Blix K' .3-1' . '.,.' .5 .NL il A Au -rj!-p x , , Ui ,,s,,j..i,Qf1, ' 's 1 ' F Linda Wliitenack uses her library privileges. ' 'CV' if ,' fwj 1602-204 , , X ffm! I W1 ,-,' ,K if XPUJVLQJ fl GM! I ' 'My li R y iw? N e Miss Wilson, Mrs. Haberer, and Mrs. Hall check the book shelves for misplaced hooks. I Off' St ff Happiness is being excused from class. .A , v i.. r 'QT .1 f ,lx ., K? in Mrs. Marilyn Hemp, Mrs. Gladys Steadman, and Mrs. Imogene Farlee , Curriculum Board of Educatlon MR. RICHARD VAN HOUSE MR. JOHN L. RAMSEY MR. JAMES E. FARMER Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent for Instruction "The foundation of every state is the education of its youth" -DIOGENES The student body and the faculty of Eastern salute Mr. Richard Van Hoose and the Jefferson County Board of Education for their continuing service to our school. Their job is a difficult one and, too often, also a thankless oneg therefore, at this time, we take the opportunity to acknowl- edge their efforts and their accomplishments. MR. JACK DAWSON Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs CI.eit to Rightl: Dr. Clyde T. Moore, Owen O. Pillans, Roy L. Miles, Chairman Aubrey Conway, Garland Cochrane 43 Curriculum Lunchroom Staff Katy Evans, Dena Colyer, Jenny Duncan 4Casst.J, Shirl ' ""- if XDR. 'Z' - K-5 f Q ,., 1' "'f it V' fl fg is fi fbl- " "li , l nb ,' I M ' u . n - , ,,,f,, 3 Nb . I k . 1 y Nash, Francis Yates, Aline Gibson, Estelle Rice, Mildred Harris, Christine French fmgnl Bus Drivers n Jw W .Uti,6.1 Left to right: 'vb W E uanuurnlv U UH L. Gamble, Marvin Jones, Mrs. C. A. Davenport, John Hedden, Charles Gorhandt, William Jones, Al Jones, Jessie Kurtz, Cecil Lunsford, Howard Davenport, Maurice Swan, .lim Floore, Hubert Blankenbaker, G. A. Bryant, Mike Watson, Woodrow Wilson, John Sichting. 44 HAR!-XQTEQ 1 Glu Becky Mike V Judy Baker Clouticr Colyer Wanda Daunhauer ii: F J. ft' it 'Il-'f if M s ' J F fl 1 .. v i f I l44ui Rita Cornett 5? Jerry Cuxminglmm Susanne Gilliland Dick Diana Mrs, llflarjorie Shirley .lf:LlIl Adair! Drennan V Meyer Melvin Willhile Secretary President 'Vice-President ' SP071-SUT Tfeasllfef I .Gt-21177 J . I. .. " . H l . ,xv A ' Gail Randi John Wally Mary Haynes Jensen Keebler Mastropa olo Money l' ' pa 3 . an .9 "a' W I f ' . ' T if- A W ln W1 Q , , Dick N ancy Darrell Becky Scott Peyton Sclloenbachler Sheets Timberman Wallace ational Hono Junior and senior students who maintain a 3.5 Organizations r Society 1 1 A i average in their academic work, and who have shown themselves to be outstanding in character, leadership, and service, are eligible for member- ship in the National Honor Society. Before being initiated in February of each year, candidates must be approved by a faculty committee, as well as by the current members of the society. Members do volunteer work at Central State Hospital and work on various money-making projects in conjunction with the Beta Club for the purpose of financing the scholarship given jointly each year by the two clubs to a graduating senior. Jean Adair Becky Baker Mike Cloutier Judy Colyer Rita Cornett Jerry Cunningham Wanda Daunhauer Dick Drennan Susanne Gilliland Gail Haynes Randi Jensen MEMBERS John Keebler Wally Mastropaolo Diana Meyer Mary Money Dick Peyton Nancy Schoenbachler Darrell Sheets Becky Timberman Scott Wallace Shirley Willhite SEATED: Dick Drennan-President. STANDING. Jean Adair-Secretaryg Shirley Willhite-Treasurer: Diana Meyer-Vice President. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Marjorie Melvin-Sponsor. INITIATES Janice Haney Peggy Brown Bill Watkins Richard Roley Dolly Anderson Debby Hill Patti Knain Peggy Lucas Margaret Moore .Jenny Puckett Mary Stone Carla Zibart Jack Brinley Rylan Lewis James Raley Ann Rogers Organizations eta EWU! 4D RSH P -4 61 Susanne Gilliland-Secretaryg Wally Mastropaolo-Treasurerg Nancy Schoenbachler- Vice-Presidentg Miss Mildred Jo Cooper-Sponsorg Scott Wallace-President. The Beta Club, an organization dedi- cated to the promotion and recognition of outstanding achievement in scholarship, citizenship, and service, devoted the year 1964-1965 to making money for the joint National Honor Society-Beta Club scholar- ship. Among its fund-raising activities have been telephoning parents to remind them of P.T.A. meetings and performing duties such as parking cars and ushering at the annual Ashland Oil Christmas party. To the members of the Beta Club, a student must he either a junior or senior, have a minimum point standing of 3.2, and he of good character. HK Yak, . Hg ,, :gi , Beta Club initiates rejoice in victory. 48 ...4.4-andnn- u 'T r l .Ti- -MQ. "' -S+, - Q., ll 1 Q, l f Prcsident Scott Wullacc presides over a spirited Beta Club meeting. Seniors: Jean Adair Lynn Ayres Becky Baker Carolyn Clarkson Mike Cloutier Judy Colyer Sharon Corbin Rita Cornett Dick Drennan Paul Caddie Susanne Gilliland James Goble Laura Guy Janice Haney Gail Haynes Terry Holloway Randi ,Jensen John Keebler Sandy Kidwell Wally Mastropaol Eric McClain Daviess Menefee 0 Diana Meyer Mary Money Barbara Palmer Gary Perdue Charlie Ray Nancy Schoenbachler Darrell Sheets Susan Smith Carolyn Snyder John Soutllard Becky Timberman Mildretta Trowell Scott Wallace Bill Watkins Shirley Willhite Juniors: Susan Ahlstedt Dolly Anderson Jack Brinly Jim Dearner Mitch Guthrie Matt Haaga Debbie Hill Shirley Horstman Camie Humphrey .lim Isaacs Mike Kull Rylan Lewis Peggy Lucas Mary Mitchell Margaret Moore Bob Moore Dick Moore Charlotte Neill David Patton Jennie Puckett Ronnie Haley Lyn Reynolds Ann Rogers Ruth Schalk Mary Stone Linda Tingle Bobby Watts Carla Zibart Organizations A Beta Club initiate receives his pin at initia- tion. The Rewards of Victory! 49 Organizations ares-1', .lunior Beta Club gs M SEATED: Sponsor--Mrs. Ruth Jonesg President-Paul Rogersg Sponsor-Mrs. Margaret Normang STANDING: Sergeant-at-Arms-Shad Casey Treasurer-Chuck Fancherg Secretary-Debbie Madisong Sergeant-at-ArmsfLee Hagerty: Vice-President-Richard Wallace. MEMBERS Thomas Alcorn Terry Allen Robert Arnett Deborah Barton Nancy Bell Robert Bieloh Virginia Black Janet Bridwell Candy Bright Sandra Boyles Ellen Buckner Paula Burnett Robert Burns Shad Casey Dennis Carrithers Dale Daley Kenneth Dunaway Thomas Ewen Charles Fancher Steven Gilliland Lynn Hawkins Lee Hagerty Gail Hurt Marcia Inman David Issacs Sherry Klink Debbie Lambright Martha McClary Debra Madison Deborah Marshall Michael Mies Thomas Moore Donald Norton Cynthia Pearce David Phelps Marilyn Potter Marcia Pound Paul Rodgers Cheri Lee Schweiss Paul Smith Gregory Stone Phyllis Stone Michael Taylor La Donn-a Tingle William Underwood Richard Wallace Frank Whatton Rebecca Wright Deborah Wygal Stephanie Zimmerman Junior Beta Club is the Junior High form of the National Beta Club. Its goal is to promote those qualities of charactenthat make for good citizen- ship in the school community. Students of the seventh and eighth grade having a "B" average and no conduct grade below a "B-" are eligible for membership. Their main project this year is to provide a bulletin board. The Club also plans a tea for the members, and speakers at their meetings. . Org ' t' u1ll and Scroll amza ms Membership in the Quill and Scroll Society may be secured only through a local chapter. Staff members of the newspaper and yearbook are eligible for membership. A prospective member must be either a junior or senior and must make good grades. Quill and Scroll encourages individual achievement in journalism. An initia- tion for new members was held March 23. Sponsors: Mr. Rodman Tabb Mrs. Charlene McDevitt Miss Carol Horn Members: Ronnie Allison Lynn Ayres John Distler Janice Haney Diana Meyer Carolyn Snyder f ,J Q llllr ef , si. SEATED: Diana Meyer, Janice Haney, Mrs. Charlene McDevitt, Sponsor: Lynn Ayres, Carolyn Snyder. STANDING: John Distler, Vinson Straub, Ronnie Allison. Organizations Youth Speaks Jim Isaacs Junior Council Representativeg Mr. William R. Houghton, Spon- sor Nancy Schoenbachler, Senior Council Representative. Youth Speaks members listen attentively to Mr. Houghton. Youth Speaks is a forum-type organization, whose members meet evenings to discuss important world problems. On February 20, they attended an all-day discussion workshop on censorship in which all public, private, and parochial schools in the Louisville area participated. Members of Youth Speaks are chosen by the faculty from interested sophomores, juniors, and seniors on the basis of scholarship and ability to communicate intelligently. MEMBERS Sue Burdon Carolyn Clarkson Mike Cloutier Jim Dearner Dick Drennan Judy Eddleman Mitch Guthrie Pat Hester Debbie Hill James Isaacs Mike Kull Rylan Lewis Peggy Lucas Wally Mastropaolo Richard Moore Robert Moore Olivia Robinson Ann Rogers Hal Sanders Nancy Schoenbachler Darrell Sheets Mary Stone Gwen Taylor Becky Timberman Milclretta Trowel Bill Watkins tudont Council The Student Council, one of Eastern's most ac- tive organizations, did such things in the year 19644-1965 as publishing a new Buzz Book fstudent directoryl, sponsoring the Homecoming, directing Honors Day activities, distributing canned goods to needy families, and assisting the school in other ways too numerous to mention. High ideals, such as self-discipline and accept- ance of responsibility, are held by the Student Coun- cil, membership in which is granted to two stu- dents fthree, in the case of juniors and seniorsl of each homeroom. The members are elected by their homerooms. Organizations -rf sn' ft 1 it Linda Long, Secre- Mitch Guthrie, Vice-Presidentg Dick Drennan, Treasurer: tary: John Distler, Presidentg Miss Lula Dalton, Sponsor MEMBERS Seniors: funiors : Sophomores : Jean Adair Susan Ahlstedt Fred Baker Becky Baker John Boyle Sharon Brooks Peggy Brown Rita Cornett Dorane Cunningham Jerry Cunningham John Distler Dick Drennan Susanne Gilliland Bob Grammer Barbara Harris Rena Isaacs Randi Jensen John Keebler Linda Long Jim Mclaallen Wally Mastropaolo Jack Brinly James Dearner Helen DeSantis Kerry Dineen J im French Jack Funk Fred Harris linda llullon Debbie Hill Mitch Guthrie Janet Irwin Mike Kull Rylan Lewis Peggy Lucas Sherry Madison Janet Currie Marth Eads Carolyn Gilliland Dennis Harris Ann-Lew Holt Linda Keeling Janice McGowan Christa Morrison Mike, Parsons Connie Preston Norma Reece Brenda Schoenbachler John Smith James Theilen Sandra Thompson Diana Meyer Peggy Neal James Watson N. L. Pennington John Nicklies Sandra Weinert Gary Perdue Ronnie Pollett F h .. Mike Rambo Olivia Robinson I-if :Kind Charles Ray Ann Rogers J if Bnures Nancy Schoenbachler Carol Stollard Bilrbaia Brown John Southard Mary Stone James Swetnam Donny Underwood Scott Wallace Andy Wells Bill Watkins Peggy Wells Shirley Willhite Kenny Young Pat Brumfield Shirley Crisler Paul Cunningham Richard Embry Linda Foley Roxanne Heekin Richard Jackson Barbara Lane Marty Lewis Sylvia Mathis Lin Moffett Pat Noel Vicky Pollett Rosettta Shelby Margie Sims Anne Stiltz Teresa Thompson Ronnie Watson Paula Young Eighth Grade : Steve Bowen Lena Brown Phyllis Brumfield Robert Burns Jessie Caddie Steve Gilliland Susan Grinstead Daniel Jackman Jill Jones Debbie Lambright Gloria Lay Richard Leedy DeWitt LeWallen Robert McKnight Kenneth Murphy Paula Rogers Irma Schoenbachler Karla Sumner Janice Van Winkle Michael Watson James White James Herb White Seventh Grade: Thomas Brownlee Cheryl Bush Scott Campbell Richard Farmer Aubrey Hayes Barbara Higgins Sue Hilton Peggy Johnson Joe Jones Lynn Kallen Denise Kidwell Dale Langford -Roger Literal Louanda McClure Dennis Metcalfe Scott Mitchell Margaret Shepherd Donna Sine Sharon Steally David Stomberger Terrie Thompson Linda Woodford 53 Organizations Editor .... t ...... Assistant Editor Layout ....... . . . Curriculum . . . Seniors . . . Classes . . . .. Organizations . . . Sports . . . Features . . Music ...... Photographer ..... ..... Talon taff . . . Diana Meyer . . . . . ,Ann Rogers . . . Dick Drennan Shirley Willhite Carolyn Clarkson Laura Guy Ann Rogers . . . . . Mike Cloutier Daviess Menefee Linda Nolan Gary Rye . . . .lames Goble Lyn Reynolds Frannie Spruill . . . Rodger French Scott Wallace . . . . Rita Cornett Barbara Palmer Jean Adair Susanne Gilliland Wally Mastropaola Business Manager . . . ............ Gary Perdue Sponsor ........ .... M rs. Charlene McDevitt S! Editor and assistant editor lay plans for the 1965 Talon. Under 'Lie direction of the sponsor, Mrs. Charlene McDevitt, and the editor, Diana Meyer, the Eastern High School annual staff has again this year produced a yearbook worthy of the highest merit. In t.he pursuit of the highest quality, the yearbook staff has worked as a team and with maximum efficiency. ,5ggw,W.:,w:h W iw , ,ul H it MH N ml, i li, lu u. ummm as k"""f' FIRST ROW: L. Nolan, L. Reynolds, S. Gilliland, J. Adair, F. Spruill. SECOND ROW: W. Daunhauer, J. Goble, D. Meyer, G. Rye, B. Palmer S Willhite, A. Phillips, C. Clarkson. THIRD ROW: W. Mastropaolo, R. French, D. Menefee, M. Cloutier, D. Drennan, G. Perdue, Mrs. McDevitt, R Cornett, S. Wallace. 54 I Eagle Staff ff--5. .Y--.1 -A f' "fin Organizations 1 441 K - .sl Left to rightj SEATED: D. Morton, N. L. Pennington, L. Long, S. Keltner, P. Hester, L. Ayres, C. Snyder. STANDING: W. Mastropaolo, S. Patter- G. Taylor, S. Smith. Eastern's newspaper, The Eagle, is one of the most cur- rent and comprehensive school newspapers in the state. The Eagle Staff has expanded publication of The Eagle from 9 to 18 issues this year. Thanks to the leadership of editor Nancy Schoenbachler and sponsor, Miss Carol Horn, such an expansion was made with no expense to the high quality of the publication. Mr. Tabb disciplines the Eagle Staff. Editor-in-chief .... Assistant Editor .. . News Editor .... News Staff . . . Features Editor . . Features Staff .... Sports Editor . . . Sports Staff . . . Advertising Manager Photographers ....... . . Advisor . . . . . . Nancy Schoenbachler . . . Vinson Straub . . . Pat Hester .. Lynn Ayres Janice Haney Susie Keltner Steve Smith Carolyn Snyder . Sharon Patterson .. . .. Linda Long Diane Morton . Jackie Wells Marshall Brown . N. L. Pennington . . . Terry Holloway Gary Allison Mitch Guthrie . . . . Susie Keltner Wally Mastropaolo John Southard Vinson Straub . .I Miss Carol Horn 55 Organizations Latin Club The Latin Club, sponsored by Miss Lillias Ashbury and Mr. Lawrence Foushee, undertook during 1965 the greatest and most demanding project in its history-play- ing host to the convention of the Kentucky Junior Classical League, which was held on March 27. For this convention to have been the success it was, much work by all members was required. Aside from the convention, the Latin Club carried on its efforts to further knowledge of classical civilization. To become a member of the Latin Club, a student must be taking Latin or have had 'at least one year of Latin. MEMBERS Jean Adair Mary Ann Adams Rick Adams Cheryl Albert Sheila Alcorn Gary Allison David Anderson Debby Anderson Tim Anderson Doug Atherton Greg Atherton Diane Austin Mike Bailey Connie Ball Robin Blanton Harry Blue ' John Bocook Debbie Boyle John Boyle Debbie Bridwell Mark Bright Bobby Brinly Jack Brinly Peggy Brown Sue Bryant Cecilia Butler Doug Butler David Byerly David Campbell Lois Carman Elaine Casey Carolyn Clarkson Chris Clarkson Susan Cloutier Thelma Coleman Donna Colyer Judy Colyer 56 David Cornell Jim Costanzo Joe Costanzo Jenny Currie Virginia Davis Jim Dearner Becky Denham Helen DeSantis Wilma DeSantis Kerry Dineen Bobbie Downs Betsy Downes Janet Douglas Bonnie Dunaway Judy Eddleman Leigh Edens Richard Embry Bobby Ernspiker Phyllis Ernspiker David Farmer Sharon Figg Rodger French Bob Frost Jack Funk Paul Caddie Allen Geoghegan Carolyn Gilliland Susanne Gilliland James Goble Pamela Golladay Franklin Gowin Ann Guthrie Laura Guy Matt Haaga Marlene Hammond Diana Harris Emily Helm Daviess Menefee, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Ashbury, Sponsorg James Goble, Presidentg Peggy Lucas, Treasurcrg Lyn Reynolds, Secretary. Not pic- tured: Mr. Foushec, Sponsor. Patty Herndon Linda Hightower Debbie Hill Claudia Hopkins Shirley Horstman Sylvia Howard Mike Huggins Cheryl Humphress Jim Isaacs Cheryl Jackman Larry Jones Mike Jones Janice Karlin Bill Karsell John Keebler Patti Knain Mike Kull John Lacefield Wilma Lambdin Mary Langford Mike Lawson Kathy Lee Glen Lewis Marty Lewis Rylan Lewis Peggy Lucas Gregg Madison Marilyn Marshall Bill Martin Connie Martin Jimmy Martin Bill Mason Kent McClure Darrell McGowan Janice McGowan Susan McLaughlin Daviess Menefee Kirk Menefee Diana Meyer Mary Lee Mitchell Mary Money Bob Moore Dick Moore Margaret Moore Charlotte Neill Donnie Neill Bernie Norman Glenn Nutgrass Yvonne O'Bannon Debbi Olinger Rosalee Ott Linda Painter David Patton Danny Peyton Vicki Pollett Jennie Puckett Joyce Purcell Barry Ramsey Charlie Ray Paula Ray Vickie Reed Lyn Reynolds Diane Riebel David Rigsby Joe Robey Olivia Robinson Ann Rogers Richard Roley Ricky Routon Betty Rufra Duane Sapp Bill Schmidt Brenda Schoenbachler Rosa Shelby Jan Simon Margie Sims Anna Smiley Frannie Spruill Christie Stafford Mary Stone Vinson Straub Cheryl Sweeney Bonnie Taylor Jerry Theilen Jimmy Theilen Richard Thomas Sandy Thompson Audrey Thornton Becky Timberman Mildretta Trowel Carol Tucker Ronnie Turner Susan Tyler Justine Ulery Linda Waldridge Joyce Walker Judy Walls Paul Watkins Elaine Watson Bobby Watts Sandra Weinert Pam Whinery Judy White Larry Willoughby Steve Willoughby Alice Wisehart Lane Witherspoon Tom Yates John Yeager Carolyn Young Becky Yunt French Club The French Club works with other French Clubs in the Louisville area schools to make and maintain liaison with Louis- villeis twin city, Montpellier, France.iMem- bers of Easternis club study in Montpellier during the summer, make friends for the club there, and add much to their fellow French Club members' knowledge of France. Susan Ahlstedt Jmmy Allen Debbie Anderson Dolly Anderson Pat Andres Lynn Ayres Jeff Ball Jeanne Barker Betty Bell Bob Benedict Sharon Blankenbaker Marie Bolin Jim Bronn Kathy Brownlee Robin Burckle Sue Burdon Pat Butcher Millie Chamberlain Mike Childers Mike Cloutier Rita Cornett Judy Crowder Paul Cunningham Jenny Currie Peggy Davis Rosa Denning Helen DeSantis Dick Drennan Judy Dunaway Leigh Edens Betty Edgar Vicki Edington Nancy Elswick Cheryl Evans Linda Evans Linda Foley Brenda Frank Reggie Frantz Linda Graff Gloria Graham Bob Grammer Janice Haney Dennis Harris Diana Harris Linda Hatton Gail Haynes Diane Heilenman Patty Herndon Linda Hightower Debbie Hill Kathy Hodge Robin Horton Nancy Howerton Rebecca Ingram Organizations Janet Jones Sharon Keen Vicki Kirchner Patti Knain Mike Leedy Peggy Leedy David Lowry Peggy Lucas Connie Lutz Sherry Madison Carin Maupin Roberta Mayfield Virginia McLean Daviess Menefee Janet Metcalfe David Mies Frannie Miller Sue Miller Janice Misere Mary Money Becke Montgomery Charles Moody Margaret Moore Margo Moore Christa Morrison Allen Moss Cheryl Mulloy Suzanne Nimocks Pat Noel Clara O,Bannon Bonnye Oliver Gary Perdue Alfred Phillips Diana Pompei Sharon Poticny Vicki Powell Steve Poyser Jenny Puckett Cathy Ray Paula Ray Cheri Raymer Mike Redmon Norma Reece Cassandra Robinson Janet Robinson Olivia Robinson Linda Roederer David Roman Betsy Ross Hal Sanders Martha Sanders Nancy Schoenbachle Kay Sheets Charles Smith I' John Smith Ray Smith Sue Smith Carolyn Snoddy Buddy Spitzer Anne Stilz John Southard Dabney Taylor Gwen Taylor Theresa Thompson Trevour Thompson Meryllene Thornton Becky Timberman. Wayne Tindall Mike Turner .lane Vincent Debbie Wakeman Joyce Walker Jimmy Wall Elaine Watson Kristin Weber Peggy Wells Pam Whinery 57 Organizations Spanish Club From left to right: Tommy Marshall, Vice-Presidentg Robbie Marcum, Presi- dentg Rod Hontz, Treasurerg Elaine Casey, Secretaryg Mr. Sid Guillen, Spon- S0l'. 58 Susan Allsmiller Elaine Casey Carolyn Clarkson Shirley Crisler Stan Curtis Norman Dearner Charles Dickerson Richard Drane Kenneth Ernspiker Sharon Fulton Christine Green Phyllis Holloway Susan Holloway Monty Holmes Ann-Lew Holt Rod Hontz Eddie Hoofnel Terry Humphrey Vicki Keiser MEMBERS Gloria Jo Kellogg Barbara Lane Linda Langford Debbie Lay Roy Lee Connie Lutz Joyce Lutz Sherry Madison Robbie Marcum Tommy Marshall Sylvia Mathis Karen Metcalfe Diana Meyer Dave Miller Rose Moore Joy Moss Helen Neal J. L. Nicholson Ronnie Raley Reorganization and helping the Peace Corps to build a school in South America were the projects which the Spanish Club, sponsored by Mr. Sid Guillen, undertook in the year '64--'65. The club also held monthly meetings, one of which was a special Christmas program. The purpose of the Spanish Club is twofold: to create, promote, and maintain an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the United States and the Spanish-speaking world, and to gain fac- tual and cultural insight into the problems and achievements of the Spanish-speaking peoples. To become a member, a student must be taking and passing Spanish. Walter Reger Lanny Ress Gary Rye Ruth Schalk Beverly Settles Sue Smith Carol Stallard Mary Stone Debra Thomas Fredia Thompson Janet Turnbull Eunice Van Winkle Kim Wagner Scott Wallace Jackie Wells Judy Wessel Sue Wilcher Geraldine Wordlow Janet Zibart TT Organizations German Club The purpose of the German Club, as its name implies, is to promote interest in the German language and culture. The club, sponsored by Mr. Harris B. Meves, worked at fulfilling its purpose during the year 1964-65 by holding three meetings and its traditional spring banquet. Membership is open to any student who is taking or has taken German. MEMBERS Dolly Anderson Ted Bickel James Dearner Paul Gadclie Matt Haaga Linda Hatton Cheryl Jackman John Levy Ryan Lewis Wally Mastropaolo Russell McStoots Mary Money Gary Parker Frank Phillips Shelby Stirn Mike Turpin Bill Watkins r z ' A E . f 'Q' ' S X ' gl r . , V , ' -I X A-Ffa ' i 'S ', ia ' Eric McClain, Sergeant at Armsg Randi Jensen, 'Secretaryg Mat Haaga, Vice Presidentg Jim Dearner, Treasurerg Rylan' Lewis, President: Mr. Meves, Sponsor. Rylan Lewis conclucts a meeting of the German Club. 59 Organizations Chess Club Here, Mr. Marsh points out a good move to Treasurer Mike Kull, Vicc-presi- dent Jimmy Dearner, President Rylan Lewis and Secretary J im Isaacs. Students with an interest in the chess world compose the membership of the Chess Club. The members of the team and club learn about chess through study and actual play of the game. Chess itself is the oldest known game in the World. It teaches logic, strategy, and planning. The out- come of the game is determined less by luck than any other game known. Debate Team OFFICERS Sandy Kidwell .................... President Sue Burdon ........... .... V ice-President Stephanie Zimmerman . . . ...... Secretary Pam Berge ............ ......... T reasurer Bill Karsell ......... . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Bernie Norman . . . . . . Sergeant-at-Arms SPONSOR: Mrs. Juanita McClure MEMBERS: Sue Burdon Bernie Norman Kent McClure Bill Karsell Stephanie Zimmerman Pam Berge Sandy Kidwell Betty Edgar Pam Golladay 60 M Logical reasoning of national and world prob- lems is the main purpose of the debate team. The members of the team debate either among them- selves or against teams from other schools. Thurs- day afternoons are reserved for research, and the only requirement to be a member is to have a de- sire to learn how to debate. I f M' .ff 4 B. Norman, S. Zimmerman, S1 Burden, Mrs. McClure, S. Kidwell, P Berge B. Karsell. Becky Baker Lana Brown Carolyn Clarkson Mike Cloutier Susan Cloutier Sharon Corbin Rita Cornett Dick Drennan Rodger French James Goble Bob Crammer Laura Guy David Harris Pat Hester Kathy Hodge Susan Holloway Susie Keltner Patti Knain Charlie Ray presides at Thespians meeting. Jeff Lockhart Connie Martin Wally Mastropaolo Gerald Matlick Daviess Menefee Diana Meyer Becke Montgomery Linda Nolan Bob Pulliam Charlie Ray Cindy Ross Martha Sanders Nancy Schoenbachler John Southard Mildrettfa Trowel Bill Watkins Kristin Weber' Shirley Willhite OFFICERS fLeft to Right? Mr. Frank Black, Sponsorg Shirley Willhite, Secretaryg Charlie Ray, Presidentg David Harris, Sgt.-at-Armsg Laura Guy, Treasurerg Mike Cloutier, Vice-President Thespians im va..- ,, R 1 if as as Organizations The Thespian Society is an organi- zation comprised of students who have displayed ability and initiative in the field of theatries. Under the able lead- ership of Charlie Ray, the society has undergone a rejuvenation this year and has expanded its membership to thirty-six members. bl Urganizations Art Club .v""' ii T'--"' 1 r--an xh- One of Eastern's accomplished artists, Alfred Phillips, at work. 5,15 .Nfl it? Judi Bilyeu Ron Bowen Mike Branham Norma Bryant John Buechele Sue Burclon Betty Columbia Kenny Cook Wanda Daunhauer Darrell Decker Betsy Downs Penny Fishback Ann Gilbert Gloria Graham Robert Harris Shirley Harris Diane Heilenman Ann-Lew Holt Cheryl Jones Sponsor-Mrs. Betty Campbellg .President-Wanda Daunhauerg Vice-President-Alfred Phil- lipsg Secretary-Nan Willis 62 rett, and Waggener. J eff Lockhart Billy McFarland Terri Miller Cheri Moran Christa Morrison Susan Nimocks Alfred Phillips Sandra Posey .lanice Poticny Diana Pressley Betsy Ross Martha Sanders Kristin Weber Peggy Wells Tazzie Whitson Nan Willis David Wright Mary Ann Zoeller The purpose of the Art Club is to further the cause of art in and around the school. Trips to Speed Museum, Children's Art Gallery, ancl Anchorage Corner Shop are planned this year. This year the Art Club will sponsor an exchange exhibit with Valley, Dur- Organizations Science Society The Science Society is organized to promote interest in science and enjoyment. The group hopes to purchase a computer and study its operations. To become a member of the Science Society a student must have a "Cn general average and a "B" average in science. MEMBERS Seniors : Ronnie Allison Becky Baker Marshall Brown Carolyn Clarkson Judy Colyer Rita Cornett John Distler Dick Drennan Paul Gaddie James Goble Laura Guy David Harris Terry Holloway John Keebler Sam Marshall Wally Mastropaolo Eric McClain Diana Meyer Charlie Ray Richard Roley Roger Roley Hal Sanders John Southard Becky Timberman Scott Wallace Shirley Willhite Steve Willoughby Juniors : John Boyle J im Dearner Mitch Guthrie J im Isaacs Mike Kull Rylan Lewis Bob Moore Ron Raley Ma1'y Stone Vice President-Paul Gaddieg President-John Keeblerg Secretary-Becky Bakerg Treasurer -Ronnie Allison. Not pictured: Sponsor-Miss Edith Wood. iff: , Ln Science Society members visit the Rauch Memorial Planetarium. 63 fs E. Alma Adams Organizations Future Teachers The Future Teachers of America was organized to give high school students an opportunity to learn about the teaching pro- fession. The members gain practical experience by serving as library assistants, teacher aids, or teacher substitutes. They also attend work shops sponsored by various Kentucky colleges. Each year the club grants a 553100 scholarship to a deserving senior member who plans to become a teacher. OFFICERS: Vice pres.-Diana Meyer, Sec.-.Jennie Puckett, Spons.-Miss Maybelle enbach, Pres.-Lyn Reynolds, Treas. Mildretta Trowel. Sheila Alcorn Patricia Allen Dolly Anderson Margaret Becker Patti Bostic Debbie Bridwell Norma Bryant Sue Burdon Elaine Casey Mildred Chamberlain Susan Cloutier Judy Colyer Rita Cornett Judy Crowder Elizabeth Cummings Janet Currie James Dearner Becky Denham. Rosa Denning Helen DeSantis 64 Judy Eddleman Sharon Figg Pam Golladay Christine Green Madeline Hayden Gail Haynes Pat Hester Debbie Hill Cathie Hodge Susan Holloway Laurel Horton Robin Horton Vicki Kirchner Patti Knain Mike Kull Barbara Lane Linda Langford Debbie Lay Peggy Leedy Peggy Lucas Connie Lutz ff. 'Ti' ,Turf I an-.i ' J 1 'J Qt - .l"'1' .fzijl t .jbejgy 2 ' 'iiiffilz-Will ' ' i .'-. . . 1 t -La. Reich- Deborah Olinger student teaches for Miss Ray. Joyce Lutz Sherry Madison Marilyn Marshall Mary Lee Mitchell Diana Meyer Lynn Moffett Mary Money Margaret Moore Margo Moore Richard Moore Robert Moore Diane Morton Charlotte Neill Pat Noel Deborah Olinger Jennie Puckett Paula Ray Lyn Reynolds Carolyn Young Paula Young Janet Robinson Olivia Robinson Linda Roederer Ann Rogers Ruth Schalk Margie Sims Betty Smith Carolyn Snyder Frannie Spruill Christie Stafford Mary Stone Gwendolyn Taylor Rebecca Timberman Mildretta Trowel Joyce Walker Donda Wall Elaine Watson Kathy Wilhoit Mary Helen Willhite Anne Williams Rachel White Organizations International Relations Doug Atherton John Bench Patti Bostic Jolm Boyle Ronald Colyer Stan Curtis Rose Marie De Siantis Judy Eddleman Rodger French Mitch Guthrie Barbara Harris Linda Hightower Debbie Hill Laurel Horton OFFICERS Pres.-Wally Mastropaolo Vice-Pres.-Bill Watkins Sec.-Treas.-Judy Eddleman Susie Keltner Patti Knain Wally Mastropaolo Tommy Marshall Cheryl Moran Linda Nolan Glenn Nutgrass Barbara Palmer Dickie Peyton Jennie Puckett Bob Pulliam Larry Reid Diane Riebel Pat Riley Mr Houghton sponsor, talks with officers Judy Eddlemnn, Bill Watkins, and Wally Mastropaolo. Joe Robey Hal Sanders Darrell Sheets Rosetta Shelby Vinson Straub Rebecca Timberman Fredia Thompson Trevour Thompson Meryl Thornton Paul Townsend Charles Waits Bill Watkins Bobby Watts Ken Williams Better understanding of the problems and the hopes of nations in a world caught up in a cold war is the purpose of the Inter- national Relations Club. The mem- bers have meetings which involve speeches, films, and slides. 65 Organizations Red Cross Youth The Red Cross Youth organization at Eastern High School always has been dedicated to serving others and does so unselfishly. One hundred disaster kits were filled by the club in January 1965. Also, -at the time of this writing, plans were being made for the enrollment drive and it was estimated that 35100 would be collected. Our Red Cross organization is affiliated with the Louisville Chapter of Red Cross Youth which meets at the Mantle House on the second Saturday of each month. Among the chapter's acivities are helping with the blood program, service to children in hospitals, and prepara- tion for disaster. Darrell Sheets, treasurerg Vinson Straub, presidentg Mrs. Ruth Powell, sponsorg James Goble, vice-president: Diane Morton, secretary. Rick Adams Alice Ahlstedt Susan Ahlstedt Donna Allison David Anderson Ralph Blankenbaker Sharon Blankenbaker Marie Bolin Robert Boston John Boyle Larry Brannin Susan Bridwell Candy Bright ,Lana Brown Marshall Brown Norma Bryant Sue Burdon Paula Burnett Mike Chapman Jane Coleman Sharon Corbin Bonny Crider Judy Dearner Wilma DeSantis Richard Drane John Drosche Janet Douglas Kenny Dunaway Betty Edgar Cheryl Anne Evans Linda Diane Evans Olen Fishback Jeff Foley John Foree Charles French Mary Beth Gillespie James Goble Christine Green Jennifer Griffin Charles Gruber Barbara Grubbs Ann Guthrie Dennis Harris Claudia Hopkins Sandra Jackson Paul Jamison Helen Johnson Martha Johnson Charlotte Jones Chester Jones Robert Jones Debby Kearney Vicki Kirchner Peggy Leedy Gerald Matlick Mike McCardwell Teresa McGreevy Karen McKinney Sue Miller Diane Morton Lucille Owens Sharron Ramsey Michelle Ray Mike Redmon Cindy Ross Roberta Russell Connie Samples Pat Sanders Ruth Schalk Andrea Seewer William Schmidt Cynthia Sexton Darrell Sheets Paul Smith Steve Smith Mary Stone Vinson Straub Robin Sykes Sandra Toon Mike Trinkle Patty Tritle Mildretta Trowel Linda Tucker Bobby Watts Sandra Weinert Yolanda Whalen Susan Wilcher Mary Willhite Thelma Wood George Yunt Organizations Librar lub The Library Club assists the librarians in managing East- ern's library. Its members work each day at such jobs as checking books in and out and shelving books. Under the sponorship of Miss Doris Wilson and Mrs. Ida Hall, the club meets every other month. The climax of the year's activities is usually a field trip to another library, a bindery, or a printing house. Students must make passing grades and a degree of ef- ficiency in their work to continue as members. MEMBERS Virginia Holmes Kent McClure Sue Burdon Deanna Capito Mary Lee Childers Joy MOSS Cheri Cline Bernie Norman Elizabeth Cummings Judy Potts Becky Denham Sharron Ramsey Sharon Figg .lanis Rice Brenda Frank Anna Caddie Marlene Hammond Robin Hatton Patsy Helm Cheryl Albert Rita Aylor Connie Bald Betty Bell Kathy Brownlee Linda Butler ,lane Coleman Peggy Davis Betty Davison Wilma DeSantis Rosetta Dickerson Kerry Dineen Sharon Fulton Ann Guthrie Brenda Harrison Emily Helm Patsy Helm Shirley Horstman Helen Johnson Sherry Madison Marilyn Marshall Lana McG0wn Margaret McMillan Beverly Settles Cheryl Sweeney Gwen Taylor Mildretta Trowel Gwen Taylor, treasurer, Mildretta Trowel, secretaryg Bernie Norman, presidentg Sue Burdon, vice-presidentg Mrs. Willson, sponsorg Mrs. Hall, sponsor. Future Nurses Darilyn Meddis Sherry Milburn Terri Miller Mary Mitchell Mary Lee Mitchell Margaret Moore Charlotte Neill Martha O'Bannon Bonnye Oliver Linda Painter Marsha Pollett Diane Pompei Carolyn Ramsey Sharron Ramsey Norma Reece Brenda Schoenbachler Anita Smith Sandy Tetrick Debra Thomas Linda Tingle Elaine Watson Rachel White Chris Wilcher I. - i -.-.r.,, Marilyn Marshall, Presidentg Kerry Dineen, Vice-Presidentg Miss Bettie Ray, Sponsor, Sherry Milburn, Corresponding Secretary, Brenda Harrison, Secretaryg Linda Painter, treasurer. The girls practice important skills of nursing on Joy Holmes. 67 Organizations Creativit Vice President-Sharon Pattersong Secretary-Gay Fromang Spon- sor, Mrs. Brunette Coslowg President-Carolyn Ramseyg Not pic- tured-Treasurer, Madeline Hayden lub To be a member of the Creativity Club one must be a mem- ber of the senior home, economics class. The club meets once a month and discusses such topics as modeling, interior dec- orating, and food garnishes. They plan to have a speaker about cake decorations. Phyllis Anderson Becky Baker Betty Columbia Delores Davis Melinda Dragoo Patricia Daley Norma Friedrich Norma F roman Donna Gimbel Linda Goins Linda Hammond Francis Harris Madeline Hayden Beverly Jones Good ews lub MEMBERS Patsy Losey Sharon Lovell Brenda Nation Barbara Palmer Sharon Patterson Shirley Presswood Carolyn Ramsey Pat Sanders Sharon Shaver Debbie Smith Linda Smith Carol Tucker Sherry White Goldie Stigall The Good News Club imparts good Christian fellowship to its students. Its meetings, usually held weekly, consist of hymns, prayer, and Bible study Mem- bership is open to any student at East- Z CI'l'l . l Mary Stone, Walter Reger, Mr. Sid Guillen, Sponsor, Arthur Gruber. The students in this picture are members of a steering committee. 68 f"'1x' 2 Z-,-,J-l-5 Z fxx f-XX ,f-N 10 1 y I A . . . -J we ww. -fu-Nandan , Y "W-vii-'O-fv -Q nga,--1mm-.-Q-...- . V Q I .vliiz Eff! l WZ' ' 1 s ,, I8 ,K f f f h - W 'za ff 'vs X Q ..- .H J ' - 1 ' A --,w- M ., " , Y . 'QQ' . , i i YT11..1..mq --TQ V 5 ' .,, . ...., .. ,an lf -v-I ' 1 - v - O ,, .N Ld, A , v A Lv W..- l 1 1- -v-1' 1' ,..,'...,., - W - qv S, 1 .i. ,Q!-.,..,,j .,f1,,. 1 Ml ...T- ,KL ? 4, TP v 1 1 1 HT1 I B 'UQ EU . B2 EE 4U 'Vg Y -4 A E.-gi ' w. Q -9- ull Champicjns E9 13 53 D 53.14 Sports Vai? l SAGLE5 FRONT ROW, left to right: Glenn Waltz, Vemon Hodge, Jim Hildebrand, Terry Holloway Scott Wallace Jlm McLallen Jim Swetnam Ron Fore man, John Keebler, Jim Costanzo. MIDDLE ROW, left to right: Asst. Coach Dick Yotmg A t Coach Jack Roberts James Thomton Carl Kah Mike Jones, Kenny Young, Rick Keiser, Glenn Drosche, .lack Flmk, John Nicklies, Mike Childers Ronnie Owens Ted Dickerson Head Coach Charlie Hord. BACK ROW, left to right: Roland Montgomery, James Dearner fmgr.J, Joe Pope Paul Watson Alex Russell Matt Haaga Larry Watson Kerry Goodall, Donald Green, Flynn Cunningham, Richard Watson, Asst. Coach Jack McGuire ridders Fight To State AAA F 1nals ,- ,gg 4.'fIV'I' 'a, V fl . -f-1 '..'7i-..--. -'T..r, ',+'1. J' 1 f '. - . , ,r u X, . . 'i-915.1-' I P N -was fl. N ' -f:1!'!5f.i?' N fir-SESS 29- V 7. L w T3 Lflxg' '- .-,-::- 5 V--,s 2 - ' ' ij g' ft ? , l I gy 3 fam, ,. 1 C xx-. fra. -S.,,frg-1' 160, .if - , , i -cf f 53, ru A - . ' I i Z Nj - A ' wr 12. .13 Qgpfrglr-,ref -. fw,r.f,f' " , ..,,.N4:,,. gy.-14 ' ., it ei' ' L Init Q 72 Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Atherton Thos. Jefferson Valley Fern Creek Pleasure Rrdge Seneca Waggener Durrett Westport Pleasure Rldge Male Sports Coaching Staff Coach Dick Young Head Coach Charlie 1-lord Asst, Coa County AAA MCoach of the Yearw A great deal of the credit for Eastern's fine football record in 1964 must be given to its excellent coaches. Since taking over four years ago, Head Coach Charlie Hord has compiled a won-lostrecord of 28 wins, 9 losses, and 1 tie, and a percentage of .737, best in the county. A near perfect season in 1964- earned him the honor of being named County Coach of the Year. He was also fourth in a statewide ballot for coach of the year. Coach Hord is blessed with two able assistants in line coach Dick Young and end coach ,lack Roberts. Their teachings were reflected in the aggressive line play of both the offensive and defensive teams. The greatest tribute to the coaches, however, has been the spirit which they have instilled in their players, a spirit which carried Easternis Gridders to the county title. Eastern is fortunate to have such a fine coaching staff, one which insures winning football teams at Eastem year after year. 73 ch J ack Roberts Sports Eastern trounces Atherton in opener Eastern opened the season with an impressive victory over traditional city rival, Atherton. The Eagles ran the score up to 31-0 as seven Eagle players tallied. The defensive team was particularly out- standing as they contributed three safeties to the total, while holding the opposition scoreless. Our lightning-fast scoring punch struck often and hard at the hap- less Rebels. Sophomore Joe Pope was first to score as he returned a punt 65 yards for a touchdown. Terry Holloway and Ronnie Foreman each had runs of 30 yards and 20 yards respectively, while Scott Wal- lace marked on a three yarder. In beating Atherton, the Eagles had set out to disprove a common high-school football fallacy: A good season is automatically followed by a lean year. We had shown a fine team effort, but it would take an equally good performance to beat our next opponents, Thomas Jef- ferson. Halfback Ron Foreman picks up yardage around the right side, as Valley defenders give pursuit. Foreman is set to receive a pass against Fern Creek. 74 The Atherton scoreboard shows a one-sided opening victory and sets the pace for a record season. Eagles conquer Tee-Jays 16-7 After a two-week rest, we met Thomas Jefferson on ou home field. The Patriots proved to be no easy victim as the fell to the more experienced Eagles 16-7. when the Tee-,lay punter stepped out of the end zone. Th Patriots scored mid-way in the third quarter after a 55 yar run brought the ball to the Eastern four yard line. The deciding factor of the game proved to be the passing combination of Terry Holloway and Richard Watson. Watsoi caught two passes in key situations, one for a touchdown, tc The first half was scoreles except for a safety which cami 4 insure the Eagle victory. End Richard Watson zeroes in on a Holloway aerial. Halfback Vernon Hodge picks up yardage against an aroused Fem Creek defense. Eastern beats P.R.P. 12-6 to win HBattle of Unbeatensw Eastern's next game was a battle of East and West District powers. The first half was a defensive contest with neither team able to gain a half-time advantage. It took Eastern only a few plays at the beginning of the second half to score. With Paul Watson gaining valuable yard- age, the Eagles marched 80 yards in six plays as Ron Foreman scored from the one. The Panthers quickly evened the score and as the fourth quarter began it was tied 6-6. The Eagles remained undefeatedg however, as Foreman caught a 16 yard pass for the deciding tally. Sports E.H.S. dusts off Valley 19-0, Wins 13-6 verdict over Fern Creek The Eagles proceeded to defeat their next two opponents, tradi- tional rivals Valley and Fern Creek. Valley proved to be no match for the smaller but scrappier Eagles, as Ron Foreman led a balanced at- tack to give Eastern a 19-0 win. Fern Creek, however, proved to be more of a problem. Quarterback Terry Holloway finally gained Eastern its fourth straight win after a deadlocked first half. Holloway scored on an eight yard run late in the third quarter, as the Eagles gained a 13-6 victory. Quarterback Terry Holloway executes a roll-out pattern in a critical mid-sea- son game with Pleasure Ridge Park. The referee signals "First down, Eastern" as the opposing captains return to their respective huddles during the Fern Creek game. 75 Sports Eagle defenders close in on a Seneca ball carrier as he attempts to return a kick-off. Seneca falls 25-20 as Eagles take over District lead The Seneca game proved to be the most important game of the regular season. The Redskins were the pre-season pick to win the East district. Eastern scored first on a 54 yard run by Scott Wallace. Seneca scored twice in the second quarter, while the Eagles countered on a one yard plunge 'by Wallace set up by a 90 yard kickoff return by Pope. Seneca led at the half, 13-12. Holloway and Paul Watson each scored on long runs in the third quarter to give the necessary margin of victory despite a late Redskin rally. By beating the Redskins the Eagles all but clinched the East district title. Holloway scrambles for extra yardage as Seneca tacklers close in. 76 -- Foreman and Pope illustrate the kind of aggressive play that typified defense as they go after a Seneca receiver. Eastern avenges sole 763 loss with 45-13 Homecoming win After a poor first half the Eagles came back in the second hall E c to win a decisive 45-13 victory. Paul Watson led the scorin with three touchdowns. Holloway, Wallace, Alex Russell, an' Jim Hildebrand each added touchdowns in a tremendous offen sive effort. By winning this game the Eagles extended their winning strea to eight games, their last loss being to last year's count champion Waggener team. Sports The Eastern defense cuts down a Westport back before be can pick up a first down. Speedy halfback Paul Watson runs for a good gain against Waggener. Eagles finish perfect season witl1 26-13 win over Westport The final game of the regular season was a hard- earned victory over Westport. Eastern was led by Holloway and Pope each of whom continually har- assed the Warbawk defense. The win was anti-cli- mactic as the Eagles had clinched the district title the week before. Eastern now prepared to face the West district champions, Pleasure Ridge Park. Eastern Overpowers Durrett 39-0 Eastern's offensive line led'by center Matt Haaga, and All-County picks ,lim Swetnam and Jim Mc- Lallen, clear the way for a smashing 39-0 victory. Durret never threatened as coach Hord played his reserves most of the game. The Eagles scored four time in the first quarter on two long runs, a blocked punt, and a punt return. The defense, led by Kenny Young, continually threw the Demon ball-carriers for substantial losses. The defense added two touchdowns on a pass interception by Foreman and a fumble re- covery by Rick Keiser. Two Eagle linemen slow down a Durrett ball carrier as their teammates move in to assist. 77 Sports t 5 i v t Qx One of the high points of the season is the acceptance of the County Regional trophy by Holloway, and Fullback Scott Wallace. Ted Dickerson and Scott Wallace fight with a Pleasure Ridge receiver for a deflected pass. 78 the co-captains: Tackle Jim McLallen, Quarterback Te Eastern wins Regional crown i11 return mat-eh with Pleasure Ridge TTY The County championship game between Eastern and Pleasure Ridge Park was predicted to he a close battle with a slight edge going to the Panthers. Pleasure Ridge received the kick-off and on the first play from scrimmage Vernon Hodge recovered a Panther fumb inside the 20. Two plays later Paul Watson put it across to give Eastern a 6-0 lead, Later in the half Paul Watson scored his second touchdown on a pass from Holloway to give us a 13-0 lead which proved to be the final margin. During the scoreless second half the Eagle defense, time and again, stopped the high-scoring Panther offense. The Eagle offense, meanwhile, penetrated inside the Pleasure Ridge five twice. but each time lost the ball on fumbles. This convincing win earned for Eastern a shot at the D State AAA Championship. le Valiant Eagles fall to Male in AAA Championship game. Male, who had won the city championship, was Eastern's pponent in the AAA championship game. Male found the oing rough in the first half as the scrappy Eagle defense eld the Bulldog offense scoreless. The Eastern offense was ikewise shut out as the first hlf ended in a scoreless tie. In the third quarter Male topped a succesful drive with a hree yard touchdown plunge. The turning point in the game ame on a fourth down and one situation when Eastern chose o go for the first down rather than punt. The first down try asn't successful and Male took over, eventually going in to core. Male went on to win the game 27-0. The play of his year's Eastern team was often underrated. lthough handicapped by a lack of size, this year's team had n abundance of spirit and desire. The fact that they ad- ancecl to the state championship game is a real tribute to oth players and coaches. Sports Pope returns a punt as the Eagles win the County Championship in a return encounter with Pleasure Ridge. The Eastern line stops a Male ball carrier for no gain in the AAA championship game played at the Fairgrounds Stadium. 79 80 Sports FRONT ROW, left to right: Ronald Green, Gary Cook, Bill Whitehouse, Doug Richter, Walter Rcager, Bob Skinner, Ronald Bowen, Ben .lohn Phelps, Mike Parsons n MIDDLE ROW, left to right: David Hechman, Ralph Bell, Mike Redman, Brent Davenport, Larry Jackson, Bob Benedict, Kenny Emspiker, Watson, Richard Embry, Marty Lewis BACK ROW, left to right: Chris Clarkson fmgrj, Joe Costanzo, Chuck Nicklies, Mike Campbell, Joe Yun, Steve Jenkins, Arthur Grover, D Keys, Norm Deamer, Eddie Denham JV Football sf-41? ef ff if ' f- , f W' 'F' ef . . . . . wf,,, 5 'R-Mi ,lunlor Varsity football earns for promising grlclders the E 3 fit' experlence which is all-important ln producing a winning, Y . ' ' v ' V- . "'.."fD'ff-I 5? - Mljlfl, Varslty team. . ,gl ,VI :S t U1 W we 9 , W , 3 le, H if ,-,, ll we Cunningham carries against Durrett in .l.V. game. Cage Schedule li Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Westport College High Uldham Co. Trinity Shelby Co. Valley Fern Creek Manual Seneca Southern Durrett Waggener Fern Creek Pleasure Ridge Thos. Jefferson F airdale Shelbyville Butler Sports Basketballers lrnprove With Strong Finish t TJ, X l X l 1' .XXX i M 1 w i lk V . as 1 5 l 'T I J I H, el ,r lm-- lfff Yr, lf-3 Head Coach Bill Hoke Although Eastern's 1964-65 basketball team has not met with great success, they have provided their fans with many exciting moments. Their record does not necessarily reflect the quality of basketball they have played. Several games have been lost by narrow margins. The exciting, fast-moving brand of basketball has been the best which Eastern has seen in several years. The Eagles opened the season with highly regarded Westport, losing by a scant six points, 68-62. After beating College High and Oldham County the Eagles lost to Trinity, a team which proved troublesome to several highly ranked high school teams, 58-54. Shelby County, a team which has been near the top of the press ratings all year, was Eastern's opponent in the East Jeff. Co. Tourney. The Eagles fell, 75-4-7. The next four games were lost by margins of less than eight points, one being a one-point loss to. Seneca. Eastern, handicapped by lack of height, lost the next two games to strong teams, Southern and Durrett. 'complete up to February 23, 1965 8I ai 1' if Lg. 1 -5 . r W V , Q L : . ,,V..- W? ' 1 V nw P P . T' is Q E 1 'iff' HE T C 7 lg , 7 , - ...R If pi h AX. lzpi, Y! , V! l in . X I f 0 Z fl in :wg-Lf?" QE 1:5 ,Th -x If y"'l-. , i--ly-f-'-,'1 ,' . 550 ff 6 f illilhS!rSiS1!lm H ll lasik-X . 14 NX LMA! The Eagles' last four games proved that they are capable of keeping up with the best teams in the state. A fortunate draw gives the Eagles high hopes of reaching the regional tournament. The Eagles stand a good chance of better than doubling the number of wins of last year's team. At the time this book went to press the Eagles had a record of 5 wins and 10 losses, with regular season games remain- ing with Fairdale, Shelbyville, and Butler. Best of Luck to the team in their remaining games and in the 28th district scorer Joe Lowry gets off a jump shot against Fern Creek. Sports Watson scores as the entire Fern Creek team watches helplessly. Dow scraps with Valley player for loose rebound. 83 i ffm, 9 .., is f"3'f+ iff Rf ' . ffm: Mx Y Q' W U Nvwnnbg!-l Q hm- 0 L . ,. . .. . 0 k. f. X I. fm, Z- if 4' 'X ' 4 N3 L nag! ' I' ff f7'f"X N: W Q4 f em I , y I ' , fd z 4 x v h - ,L My .54 "1 ,A . 3, t 2 'B' gl 1 ' . p . e-'5"'Pn,, ' ., A i I krrk Jlligg,-. W- Q fb TEH? iwbsiim ' MQW Qs QAERW fi EQAEFM V QFBTEQP uliiimljv IHKETBAU' 5 1 USKFTSAU if . usxeranu. m A J . 16- Bun nm . with . V ' I 'i - x . 4 I 'LL ,V ' L 1 ----- Y 1 ' 9 Q I v Q vm- Q -as-QTERN FTSE" JEFRJ' xmsre 5 nad' ASTE N599 - ' A Hamm ' snsxsram X14 IASKETMU L all , . ld I skfra mgm 4LL . I h A ,T Q .7 5 g Sports Tl Advisor Mrs. McCroskey Becky Montgomery Paula Ray X xfxb V o X! V 85 Sports '7'lilfr-- BACK ROW: left to right Frannie Miller, Carol Stallard, Linda Long, Paula Ray, Cindy Ross FRONT ROW: left to right Donda Wall, Peggy Batson, Janet Irwin, Becky Montgomery l 1 I ' 'X-.W I 'Tn-.0 ... ..l. Cheerleaders dance to the music of the pep band at a basketball pep rally. . L . n o HEAAQ Y , 1 , I X 55- 431- i! 4 'N I 'N 0 , H?-1 - :Q . .i D! b4' ,S 1 ai x Y' .i mf A., , 3. , 1 qnfl! .,q, J 1 H y ,, . V , l111,y' 1 .1 r A ig Sports FRONT ROW, left 'to right: Flynn Cunningham, Richard Watson, Ted Dickerson, Alex Russell Sam Marshall James Denrner fmgrl John Foree fmgnl. BACK ROW, left to right: Joe Pope, Dick Peyton, Carl O'Bannon, Jack Brmley Lonnie H'1nce John Southard Rylan Lewis Tom Marshall Experienced Track Team Poses Regional hallenge Highjumpers Richard Watson and Lonnie Hance give Eastern strength in field events Ted Dickerson brings muscle and experience to 88 Coach John Ochsncr, in his years as track coach at Eastern, has developed track teams which have consistently hccn powers in county track. lo 4 ,..z.. Q Marshall cleirs the first hurdle in the high hurdles in ag meet with 1 sttrns mile relay team, left to right John Owens, Scott Wallace, N. L. , - writ Sports ,loc Pope, last yearis state broad-jump champion, displays his form in practice. X ,X N Q Keg X 'X " Z? K v ,f Z. ' 7' 'Q 9175, Z.-. , , yay? , , I, Q M , '4 ,af ,-., X- fl, f multi - ff? . Eastern's track team, second last year in the County Meet, has a good chance of doing better this year. Experience will be a strong point with sixteen lettermen returning from last year's team. A stiff schedule, including the Male-Manual relays, Atherton Invitational, and County track meets will make the Eagles ready for the Regional and State competition. 8 Sports .Q . fl '1 .4 l l Q fl w 5 1 X. ? , Alex Russell throws the discus in practice. Sandy Kenngdy Stretches to clear the bar, Cross Countr BACK ROW left to right: Coach Rodman Tabb, Ronnie Collier, Tom Marshall, John Owens, Mitch Guthrie, .lack Brinly, Bobby Yates, Ronnie Wat son FRONT ROW left to right: Carl 0'Bannon, N. L. Pennington 90 Sports FRONT ROW left to right: .lim Swetnam, Tom Wibbles, John Keebler, Terry Holloway, Ronnie Foreman BACK ROW left to right: David Roman, Jack Funk, Larry Rusk, Glen Drosche, Danny Reid, Danny Crouch Baseball Baseball promises to be a very strong sport at this year. Most members of this team have baseball since their Freshman year. This ex- should prove invaluable in fielding a suc- team this year. Z7 :' qv. ff' X K- A- .fl . 1 'Q l . x, l l",fIX QQ"- 'X ,I ev.l ' 'Ng ll at ' ' was ' ,l,r'-5,,...'.I1f-ixavx f .44 'i ...J 1 f ag if R? X 1. M lf. - . if , ' -1 -7:-5 is l I! - . , E E , im, 3 an -t. fi' ai ll f The .. 2-1 .... T 1 t j E ' -' "':, l. .V M1 ii ss, V N w ' l E 17.15 l . , 4 .N e vszwfwv j ' A. Q, AL V, . 4 any ,. , .Q 1 s. .. 4 2 2' sf: ' ' is 751 ' ras a ff , s 4 ...Trina-' 1 'i' -YE: . an ' I i x C. 13 . ,, . 11 M ,X A tfva All eyes are on the ball as Foreman delivers to Keebler in baseball game with Oldham County. 9,l Sports Tennis Teams E BOYS TENNIS , U U cms TENNIS BACK ROW! WHHY Mf15f1'0P2i010, Jimmy NICIIOISOU1 Mike Whlfenack Left to right: Paula Ray, Diane Heilcnman, Olivia Robinson, Janet FRONT ROW: Charlie Ray, Ike Piersall il-15011 Golf Team Left to right: John Smith, Cary Shinkle, Bobby Grammer 92 .4-J I ,Lai ,-Z.,-xf'4 ,fi g I f' Q14 -in -'l..' X f 5 x51 fixx ENR L If xf Xf Q J J Nfi., awcb The Eastern Choir 'x is ,1 ' A ,if ' i , . . , V J wtf SOPRANOS Bonnie Crider Betty Caddie Delilah Kinnard Sherry Kinslow Mary Money Joy Moss Helen Neal Mildretta Trowell Judi Bilyeu Dorane Cunningham Lou Ellen Hayes Patsy Helm Janet Irwin Susie Keltner Linda Nolan Zenda Samples Debbie Smith Sandra Capito 1 9 ALTOS Helen Johnson Deanna Capitox Pat Ladegast Donda Wall Cassandra Robinson Brenda Carman Judi Cline Rosetta Dickerson Charolette Dow Linda Graff Janice Grant Madeline Hayden Rena Issacs Sharon Keen Linda McBride Pat Preston Verna Richards Cindy Ross Jackie Shelby Odessa Thornton Shirley Willhite Linda Harbin BASSES Charles Biggers Warren Dow George Hite Rod Hontz Ronald Owens Mike Parsons .lim Swetnam Kent McClure Marty Reardon Larry Watson Flynard Cunningham Rudolph Wordlow Johnny Phelps .Jerry Resinger TEN ORS Johnny Buechela Steve Reed Denny Stomberger Mike Whitenack ,y , 1 Lu 1 f A ' 4, . ,fl . ,. "T he night shall be filled with music And the cares that infest the day, Shall fold their tents like the Arabs And as silently steal away. -LONGFELLOW Our choir highlighted their 1964--65 season with a well-prepared Christmas program. At the opening of the program, the choir combined voices with the girls, chorus to sing the inspiring "Joy, Joy, Joy". A beautiful rendition of the Nativity was presented with Linda Nolan as nar- rator, and the choir accompanying with song. Perhaps the most fitting and most inspiring of all the numbers was the presentation of the "Hal- lelujah Chorus". It was an appropriate tribute to Mr. ,Rutergjnd was ,hxcellently performed. HU L 1 JU' A f, . V N '11 Qi! ,, X ,f-f ,v ,l. ' 1 - 1 t l w , i .Aly ,I 1, ,M f f, J , 4 1 1 ,f 1 , , - , , , l 1 1 f .Lf ,i ,LV il If 'A V t , ,l A - ' n l l.. A 1, , J 1 fi ,V f f or ' , ' ' I X Iv, ,, .J J :Vi li ' it 1 ,,ff,',J fl l Ou q,l, V fl ul ,yo UM! Lt J 'll I 'Ji V 1 flrllqjx f lik. I j I J ,f ,' wtf' lt' L J if .ff My 'LH if r ll! ,fy i Q f ff ' N if It 1 y J lv tj IU I- I XX ll J fri f 67 'Xl Xiu V 1 ry L ,ll ut N hy lift UL r CJ l Music Mrs. Johnson, choir director, is pictured here with Sandra Robertson, ac- companist. Through practices like these, Mrs. Johnson makes thc choir a fine performing group every year. In addition to their home per- formances, the choir has presented programs at various clubs and com- munity organizations. Included in these places were the Middletown Rotary Club, the Middletown Op- timist Club, the Middletown Moth- eris Club, the Middletown Woman's Club, Shelbyville High School, and various Jeffersontown churches. The choir is to be commended on the fine performances they have given throughout the community and elsewhere. 95 Music, 9 W Jw Eastern s Special Singers Donda, Shirley, Linda, and Cindy form a melodious quartet. Mike, Denny, and Steve, tenors from the choir, combine their r w x, , ,K . , X .f' 3 , ,. f , , XV, A N ,Ns If X . kv- 4 s , I AX V Y I ' l : it , ' i. Susie, Sherry, Janice, and Linda give a spirited version of "Silver Bells" 96 talents in a trio. Eastern is fortunate to have the fine sing- ing talent of the various vocal groups pic- tured on this page. These gifted youths made some fine performances during the Christ- mas season. The two groups of girls pre- sented their music at St. Paul's Methodist Church with such fine selections as "Silver Bellsv and "Winter Wonderland". Mike, Denny, and Steve entertained the crowd at Shelbyville High School where they sang "Silent Night". Girls, Chorus Music SOPRANO I Pat Aldridge Phyllis Anderson Shirley Baker Lana Brown Susan Brown Jane Bunnell Delores Davis Mary Dickerson Linda Hammond Barbara Harris Frances Harris Alice Humphrey Pat Losey Jean Meglemry Carol Mooer Betty Parsons Joann Roarx Carolyn Rose Connie Samples Bonnie Sanford Phyllis Watson Martha Williams SOPRANO II Mammie Biggers V Cheri Cline Betty Cowherd Lynn Emberton Cay F roman Betty Gardner Sharon Geoghegan Drenda Goemmer Jenny Hatton Peggy Hobgood Donna Huettig Juanita Jackson Beverly Jones Charlotte Jones Joyce Lewis . Brenda Mayfield Fannie Neal Janet Parsons Mary Phillips Janis Rice Connie Robinson Rosalind Russell Sharon Shaver Ginny Strunk Juanita Wright ALTO Linda Beavers Delores Biggers Lois Carman Diana Dow Bobbie Downs Shirley Gordon Pam Hedges Emily Helm Jean Hofelich Phyllis Holloway Archie Jumper Yvonne O'Bannon Susan Taylor Sandy Tetrich Rachel White 97 Music Eighth raders Janice Van Winkle Debbie Hilton Ellen Buckner Jo Ann Geoghegan Sandy Broyles Dale Daley Edward Cinnamon Dwight Riggle Cheri Schweiss Sharletta Williams Glenda Happel Barbara Grubs Debbie Barton Gail Hurt Susan Grinstead Susan Bridwell Cathy Spurlock Debbie Lambright Ricky Elbert Charles French Michael Watson Lynn Black Ann Reed Ann Malone La Donna Tingle Sharon Cook Donna Allison Sing Tool Martha McClary Sherry Capito Irma Schoenbachler Cindy Pearce Phyllis Stone Steve Gabhart Robert McKnight Laura Getzin Phoebe Tussey Paula Burnett Marilyn Patter Vicki Harvey Martha Hughes Stephonie Zimmerman Debbie Wygal Pam Barge Pam Dankhoff Debbie Neal Gary Dearner Greg Stone Marcella Watson Lillie Mae Watson Mabelle Hunter Patricia Allen Nancy Bell Jeanette Marton Mrs. Raine, director of the eighth-grade chorus, and Cindy Pearce the accompanist. 98 T3 Music A Glimpse of the Choir . 1 N 2 'W-5 'it L ,, 'mei - . -f .Wiz ffijiiziisu sg? 5' ' Wa y axggi 'V . W .1 1 1 V f'-P?-7 ij- -, - .ay A Q V I , 6 JI. f..." A ',",.' - ., V- -4ETF?' .., - -' '37 975, 1 .' , Y lyslf -P 5 .55jV.,. ' "' .Ll ,Q "" 1 -'ffl " ,.4. ,- 4 ,Ti-ir ,,. ,Q , V XZ nf- ' ..n H' - V 'L 99 Music Eastern High School Marching Eagles The band opens the '64 football season with the "Star Spangled Banner." . n1r,.rLn , 4, I l Our Band Sponsor, Eagles pose in their three-man pin-wheels. l00 Music E.H.S. Band Director, Mr, C. Dexter Marsh The Band and the an Behind lt Eastem's fine marching band has, again this year, lived up to its reputation of being the best in the state. At the Lexington Invitational Band Contest, the Eagles flew over all the competition and came home with another Number One trophy. From Lexington the band went to Bowling Green where they presented a post-game show at Western's Band Day. Their last appearance out of town was at Morehead when the E.H.S. Band performed after the football game that afternoon. Football games just wouldn't be complete without the hand and their unique half- time shows. For Homecoming this year, variations of "On, On, Eastern High" were played with reference to the theme "Around the World." All the members of the band and the Eastern students realize that much of the strength of a band comes from the director. Mr. Marsh has provided guidance for the Eagles in many ways, and under his leadership for the past six years the Eastern Band has come a long way. The Mighty Eagles form the letters of their Alma Mater. For the past three years, Jerry Cunningham has At the end of every summer the Marching Eagles find themselves organiz- provided excellent leadership for the band. ing another top show at band camp. IOI 'L ' b :J li. A ,J -q' mu-UL -X-Lib-.' 1: -- ,QM 'we . FW 4. -1 FV, 1. ,iw M. 'm .Ln V, ng, ,k. hx ,ry X V in Y 1 5:32 'X Wi. J -N4 vj K 5 Q13 f P- '55 ,B , ,,tx, X Ul- Av 1 ., N -,Q L - v' JE :Q YZ Music 7 WMM? X41 .5 I 1 , kai - 5 l gm! Km?-if 'piggy :.: Q.. 5 v , ,U ' . . W-Li, . X w z- 1- !5:,,, ,. .... f ,R w 3 I , 'ill Q 31 - w .S C' 5 ' ' V nf" if ' . ,, -, ,f J D7 ' .ff-' Rf A ' 1 1- , J X xf AEE' ,E rv V' K , . :'.' ,Y f, me QL A 1 f if " S2 1 A .AV ' . f ws ,. Q2 f ,,f:fi'ufze"' J dflyfl We J a120fQS!001250r ' 5,:, 1, QE:-.jzxg .az H' ,gg ! f l 3, ,aj Y Aify l03 Concert PICCOLO Randi Jensen FLUTE Susanne Gilliland Jean Adair Rylan Lewis Linda Keeling Karen Maupin Shirley Crisler Ted Bickel Terre Paris Mary Ann Ochsner Candy Bright Teresa Walker Taffy Tapp Yvonne Kettring Roxanne Heekin I04 F. FLAT FLUTE Bettie Keeling OBOE Gail Haynes Janice Misere BASSOON Ruthie Wise Margo Moore E FLAT CLARINET Marilyn Meddis B FLAT CLARINET Jerry Cunningham Ann Rogers Tommy Tapp Jimmy Schulze Laurel Horton Margaret Aylor Rita Aylor Ann Guthrie Susan Ahlstedt Betty Southard Alice Marsh Barbara Harris Marcia Inman Brenda Graham Dennis Carrithers Scott Hackman Lynn Hawkins Debbie Powell Paula Davenport Darilyn Meddis Wesley Thornton Urllibsv 'TWP-7 4 1 ,.4. ,,:...4 we 'N I oe Harris Charles Hughes E FLAT ALTO CLARINET Lynn Moffit Ruthie Mullins BASS CLARINET Margaret Moore Linda Tucker David Phelps E FLAT CONTRA BASS Larry Stewart B FLAT CONTRA BASS Mark Bright Band ALTO SAXOPHONE Jane Hamon Paul Caddie David Anderson TEN OR SAXOPHON E Donald Norton BARITONE SAXOPHONE Tommy Moore BASS SAXOPHONE Robert Lose CORNET Robert Mitchell Freddie Harris Bruce Heckman Jeff Ball Robin Schneider Margie Willis Billy Grinstead Lonnie Hance Robert Brinly Eldon Matlick Ronnie Powell Hugo Koehler Dale Phelps Bobby Edwards FRENCH HORN Dwayne Whitaker Joyce Frost Diane Pompei Virginia Holmes Linda Butler Ralph Mullins Larry Badgett BARITONE Gerald Matlick Mike Taylor Mike Swan TROMBONE Pat Curran W. C. Frederick Gerald Butler Paul Rogers David Rigsby Philip Riddle Russell Wade Francis Whatton TUBA Jimmy Francis Larry Taylor Billy Bryant Paul Cunningham Jim Thompson PERCUSSION Mike Rambo Bruce Nunnelly Marty Reardon John Williams Charles Gosley TYMPANI Sam Marshall I05 Music Eastern Pep Band I06 LEADER Robert Mitchell MEMBERS John Williams Bruce Nunnelly Jimmy Schulze Tommy Tapp Mark Bright Ioe Harris Wesley Thornton Dennis Carrithers Marty Reardon Tommy Moore David Anderson Paul Caddie Larry Badgett Dwayne Whittaker Lonnie Hans Billy Crinstead Billy Bryant Larry Taylor Gerald Matlick Elden Matlick Bobby Brinly Russell Wade Paul Rogers Ralph Mullins Freddie Harris Jimmy Francis Music KF 1 Jerry explains a roulinc to helpful substitutes. Precision drills add dignity to a marching show. El 1' C I 1 Good Leadership 81 Soaring Spirits + Hard Work -l- Musical Talent : TROPHIES H 8 S 9 M " . ' :M l . , ff.. if if . ' 15,6 at Marching Eagles present a splendid show at the fairgrounds. "Oh how I want to be in that number, when the Band goes marching in!" IO7 Music ' , W or The Eagles end another performance of "Pink Panther." The show is over, and the Eastern High School Band halts on the goal line l08 .ff N 5 1 - . ffxj if V ', " ,."'A,:5 K A fifr'f, Yr 4"'fX 5-,Jr C omecomzby ueen mba 561228 asey Features i - xx' . L H, . D if , D A ' fit , 'ff w, ' 1 . ' 5 ff, 21, ,, et l Q- 25 ff Wfilz. : L .. ,uw ixfqf .. 5' 3 iif. -fin V , 4 " :gi From left to right: Gail Haynes, Dorane Cunningham, Debbie Smith, and Sharon Corbin. Not pictured: Diane Heilenman. goofgaf Sheron Corbin is crowned as 1965 Football Queen by her escort, Scott Wallace. I I2 Gourf Diane Heilenman, a candidate for Football Queen, is escorted by Carl Kali. , RJ.. Q- "Q- ns 1 gn. A . ,gf --3, ,iff 13:5 Hr niflsvfo 4' Keg- . Lf. 6,44 1 v gt Q: A ' 4 A fa? 5' F 0- , QI .I J gk, ." ,M .X x A mu, , 5236: :X ,mg , M HS 1 zz-, fm, - N- WEE -we 2 M5 9? M V. wfizk., r Q' ,gg .V , - ,., . . ,.. Am, '4 2 53N 15: 2232 'M 'Sigiw dns. ki " 'E' Mi. Lg: 5 , Mauna.. M Mm ..M,. -' LPM-HQ E Y - Wm Wt' ,, M .W..,, kg? Vigfzmf W 1, ,xi . ' gligfg pffzfg- -- Ei . fwm. , 21312251 mgqggw be fs V ,S In mm- iw mg X H, Features .J .15 N I K xg ' 1 x U5 I , 1 , 3' 1010 ' x 7 Q I I y . 1 1 A A: I -. L - n From left to right: Peggy Neal, Frannie Miller, Paula Ray, Pat Ladegast, and Peggy Batson. Ji Easfefgaf Goan' II4 , 1, "Miss Frannie Miller escorted by John Distlerf' Robbie Marcum crowns Paula Ray, the 1965 Basketball Queen. . '+ ... r N in , .sz ,F ' . an ' 1,5 ww.. fs . J A fam Y I-J, , P", -A F ' f X Q12 X .....,rSN-- 41 " 'f ,-3,-Q. ' 3511? ' 1. Vi, . .214 A I' lr ' ' .- 4 ., L K I 'ii' HJ f .4 ,bf X. x73czsfef5afQz1ee12 ymfks QUQUQ Way .fy 9535 'aa y -. EEN 3: .QM ,, ZW. wean K 3-wie , . . , X ii: ,L 5-523: w Q2 N W A Nw j 1 H m .Q 5 5175 asm U1 229115 g X .M T as I 5- r.'1, . 15 iw Mi? af?-, 1 , I lv' I .. ., 'QE M 1.3-" -:Z V ? ni IQ! EFYQ- 3. - , . ,IW w F .:-,. . g- n 52? xx if '25 2255 um Im N uw H gg I., :ww , se 'HES HH I - . .M 'A vw 3 Q4 Vi Nfl ,if -g 1I. Q , 4 Wg is 2 -, .. 1,. J.F1Q1'rv 1 . X .1 S3 52 x II6. 751612 1112 y 9722 CIQGFQS ay 9321: F CK. 1 EM f W J ai01' .fy QI?:zl.f4w Y L -u . .1,. ,,. 'i- ,Hs 4, .. M "nas, ff "Ni nr, , 4 A A 5.-:9-:L vl. x x x :milf 125519: x M Q -wgmz ' his Wiifiii QE: s I -zgfif iff?-fi E312-2 ii., my M W we ai-is img J" ygfakx 3,2 14 'ilifr AQ! V555 5 ' 5 2 QL ,Q Q Q 1 ' 5: B.. w,f::le5i2s1ff2 1 my-21 ,Y 1- .igpx x 51 332 , "im: 5,-F M ,27- : , -sf 'fly f -mi fi' Jia .GM H. Qi , . mime '55 X an 5553 fwf :K gm 2-my feb, ssgms K X Q uf 1,5 V55 P1372 xxx Q1 1 Features 76612 Queen Gourf VZ I lf ! ff . b f 4 I iilni? I fig! if ii lil 12 l 2 'W o , ar: l ii-J., K ffL w X ix X 1 if l ff ' b Q !. VJ Mfr I F m left to right: Randi Jenson, Kristin Weber, Pat Hester, Susie Kcltncr, and Martha Sanders. fjczbn my Gourf . I I I .-', , Yx at i l Y fi my b ix Q . fl l l X N x A 1 4 .-.1 A From left to right: John Keebler, Bobby Grammar, Charles Ray and Ike Picrsall. Not pictured: McLallen. Mr. Paul I-lornung, star halfback of the National Football Leagueis Green Bay Packers, has honorecl Eastern High School this year with his selection of the 1965 Talon Queen, Miss Pat Hester. Mr. Hornungls se- lection was made on the hasis of a photo- graph and an essay on "Character,' sub- mitted by each of the cancliclates. The Talon King for 1965, Mr. Charles Ray, was selected by the yearbook staff on the basis of his character and ability. Miss Diana Meyer, editor of the 1965 Talon, crowns Mr. Charles Ray as the Talon for 1965. Features l ik QE A . If ' l . 'f Ly I 3 is ., , 1 Q 4' 1 . s i F Mr. Paul Hornung, selector of the 1965 Talon Queen. The Talon King crowns the 1965 'Talon Queen, Miss Pat Hester. II9 ,-an p' ' 'N . ,., wh N 5 7 . .FM Q: Ng 5 I -5 .rp ' X .X ,X fy? ' ,iz , Xp if 'a . K, msn'-"" R' ' z - u .1 V-,N ' if , -qw--Ag ..,3,X.fff. 'V . 1. .--fL.T: 2+ , ii ' ,, 1' wk. sm 'vz ff W X we sa ,Q-.sim :mags f MW. ,-.X.X , S2592 5 Wkei-T: 1 ,Y . L... ,YE .- .xx .-H' is .:.: :? X E WL E .M ,-., M K iuggg. gf.-1: ww XZSZQLH gsw'XgX.XXxn X X M X uw Lu me fn ss., , lx x h .WE X yn. .. ,, M Eg X Q s ' H xx , x mn sz: X, W L gist . :N ffm? 3 ,N Features ayQ ueen G0 arf 5 me W s -l 5 2 From left to right: Sharon Brooks, Frannie Miller, Pam Crow, Barbara Harris, Paula Ray, Nancy Howerton, Linda Keeling, Bet- sy Ross, Zenda Samples, and Marilyn Meddis. aff? jjrzhcess Gouzf J R From left to right: Lorie Armstrong, Jill Hatfield, Ann Tower, Janet Robinson, Linda Johnson, Paula Young, and Barbara Taylor. Not pictured: Sharon Blankenbaker and Joanne Nally. l22 f gi 57 ygeyzbnzby. . . anofan jfe yreafpoefs gfflge worffyzbe counseffo afmen fo kdff foes JHOAVAG. we Have 1lfzcf1k0f5ere ffe ,oassaye wfztf wejfeeffesl' expresses ffe 164-eaf foafarofcvfzbf ffe GQLQ gf 1965 sfougsfrzbe. fjfere are Ayaffearfs, Agere are spzrzfs grave, yfere are S0116 ffaf are pure anoflruef jfen yzbe fo Me worbfzfe fesfyou fave, Wnofffe gesf wzfcome gaczg fo you. wary Qyzkzye oQUere Senior Class fficers eniors gf va- From left to right: Scott Wallace, Presidentg Jim McLallen, Treasurerg Jerry Cunningham, Vice- Presidenlg John Keebler, Sergeant-at-Armsg Barbara Palmer, Secretaryg Ted Dickerson, Sergeant- at-Arms. l25 Seniors ir . - sn ll I26 RICK ABBOTT I Ricky JEAN ADAIR fleanl National Honor Socicty 11, sec. 12: Beta Club 11, 121 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Student Council 10, 11, 123 Latin Club 9, 10, 11g F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 93 Talon Staff 123 Usher at Baccalaureate 113 Class Play 11, 123 Cirls' Football Team 10: Internat. Relations Club 12. PATRICIA ALLEN fPatJ Latin Club 93 F.N.A. 103 Internat. Relations Club 123 F.T.A. 123 Thespians Talent Show 93 Class Play 103 Good News Club 123 Jr. Red Cross 9. RONALD WAYNE ALLISON fllonniel Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Science Society 11, treas. 123 Eagle Staff 11, 123 Class Pres. 103 Class Per- sonality 93 Quill and Scroll 11, 12: Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12g Basketball 9, 10, 12. PHYLLIS ANDERSON fPhyllisD Transferred from Durrclt 103 F.T.A. 123 lnternat. Re- lations Club 12. LEONARD WALTER ANSELL fLennyJ Chorus 10, 11. WILLIAM DOUGLAS ATHERTON f Porkyj Latin Club 11, 123 Student Council 103 Intcrnat. Rela- tions Club 12: Blue Boosters 123 F.B.L.A. 12. CAROL LYNN AYRES f Lynnl Beta Club 11, 123 Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 123 French Club 11, 123 Youth Speaks 113 Internat. Relations Club 123 Blue Boosters 125 F.B.L.A. 12. 'li JOHN PATRICK BENCH f Patl Transferred from Trinity 103 Tennis 11, 12. JUDITH ANN BILYEU Uudil panish Club 10, 123 F.N.A. 102 Class Play 103 Inter- at. Relations Club 11, 12. REBECCA MARIA BAKER KBS-:ckyj National Honor Society 11, 123 Beta Club 11, 123 Latin Club 9, 103 Class Play 11, 12: F.T.A. 9g Band 10, 113 Usher at Graduation 113 Usher at Bacca- laureate 113 Science Society 11, sec. 12. CONSTANCE BALD fConnieJ F.N.A. 9, 123 Latin Club 9, 103 Class Play 111 Future Homemakers 12. DM Seniors I28 SANDRA BISHOP fSandyj Girls' Football Team 115 Eagle Queen Court 115 Prom Committee 125 lnternat. Relations Club 12. MARGARET PATRICIA BOSTIC fPattil Spanish Club 9, 105 F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Internat. Relations Club 12' Class Play 10' Blue Boosters 9 10 LANA MARIE BROWN fLanal Transferred from Manual 115 Student Councrl 11, Good News Club 115 Spanish Club 11, 125 F.T.A. 115 Class Play 115 Thespians 11, 125 Choir 11, 12. MARSHALL BROWN fMarkJ Transferred from Fairmount, West Virginia. 11. PEGGY ANN BROWN CPegl Beta Club 11, 125 Student Council 125 F.T.A. 9, 105 F.B:L.A. 125 Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Internat. Re- lations Club 11, 12. NORMA JEAN BRYANT f Jeaniel Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 125 French Club 115 F.N.A. 115 Girls' Chorus 115 Good News Club 125 Art Club 125 F.T.A. 12. frunsferrefl from Anclnorugc 10g French Club 11, 12 l'rausferrcd from Ancliorngu 10g Spanish Club 11, 12. ! Seniors P.A'l'R1CIA BU'l'Cl'lER l Pilll ELIZABICTI-1 CALDWELL fBcthJ ELAINE CASEY CElaineJ Class Play 10g Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12g Junior Classical League 12g Eagle Queen Court 103 F.T.A. 12g Internal. Relations Club 12g Spanish Club 12g Blue Boosters 9, 10: Jr. Red Cross 9g Homecoming Queen 12. MILDRED ANN CHAMBERLAIN tMillieJ F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.B.L.A. 123 French Club 9, 10, 11, 12g Blue Boosters 105 Internat. Relations Club 11, 12. ll 'I l l l it l KAY CLARK lKayj Spanish Club 12g Library Club 9, 10g F.T.A. 129 Internat. Relations Club 12. CAROLYN CLARKSON CCa1-olynb Student Council 9, 10g Latin Club 9, 103 F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 12g lnternat. Relations Club 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 124 Thespians 11, 12g Class Play 11, 125 Usher at Baccalaureate 113 Spanish Club 11, 125 Annual Staff 123 Youth Speaks 124 Science Society 12. W A I29 Seniors l30 JUDITH ANNE COLYER Cllldyy MICHAEL GENE CLOUTIER fMikej National Merit Semi-Finalist 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Tlicspians 11, v.-pres. 125 Student Council 11, JAMES DAVID COLLETT flimj K Basketball 105 F.T.A. 105 Intcrnat. Relations Club 12. National Honor Society 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Latin Club 11, 125 Science Society 11, 125 Youth Speaks 115 Internat. Relations Club 11, 125 F.T.A. 9,10, 11, 12. RONALD DEAN COLYER fRonniej 5 Track 11, 125 Cross Country 11, 125 lnternat. Rela- tions Club 12. KENNETH COOK C Kennyj Basketball mgr. 105 Latin Club 95 German Club 10, 115 Library Club 95 Art Club 12. SHARON LYNN CORBIN fSharonJ Beta Club 11, 125 French Club 9, 10, 115 Student Council 95 Girls' Football Team 10, 11, 125 Usher at Baccalaureate 115 Usllcr at Graduation 115 Class Play 10, 11, 125 Thespians ll, 125 Basketball Queen Court 11. eniors RITA BLAIR CORNETT lllitail National Honor Society ll, 123 Beta Club 11, 123 Stu- dent Council 123 Science Society 11, 123 F.T.A. 10, 11, 125 French Club 10, 11, 123 Latin Club 103 Thes- pians 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 11, 122 Annual Staff 122 Usher at Graduation 113 Class Play 10, 11, 12. WILMA CQRUM CPGQQQYJ F.T.A. 103 Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 123 Creativity Club 123 Good News Club 123 F.N.A. 9. JAMES CROMWELL COSTANZO ljimj Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Jr. Classical League 11, 123 Internat. Relations Club 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 12. DANNY JOE CROUCH fDannyl Spanish Club 93 Jr. Red Cross 93 Internat. Relations Club 11, 123 Football 93 Basketball 9, 103 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. DONNIE LEWIS CROUCI-I lljonniei Spanish Club 9, 103 Baseball 9, 10. FRANCES DORANE CUNNINGHAM fDoranel Student Council 9, 10, 11, 123 Library Club 9, 103 Miss Freshman 93 Blue Boosters 9, 103 Class Play 11, 123 F.N.A. 93 Internal. Relations Club 123 Style Show 9, 103 Jr. Red Cross 10g Chorus 103 Choir 12. l3l Seniors JERRY ALAN CUNlYlNGHAM ljerryt National Honor Society 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 124 Band 9, 10, 11, 12g Drum Major 10, 11, 125 Student Council 10, 11, 12g Jr. Red Cross 95 Class pres. 9g v.-pres. 12g Latin Club 10, 113 French Club rep. 11, 12g Class Play 10, 11, 12: Usber at Graduation 11. PATRICIA CUHRAN lljatl Transferred from Southern 11g Band 11, Section Leader 12g All County Orchestra 11, 129 lnternat. Relations Clubg German Club 11. RONALD DAVEN PORT fRonalcll DELORIS DAVIS fluoisl Chorus 11, 12, Homemakmg Club 12, F.N.A. 11, 12. DARRELL OWEN DECKER CDarrellj Band 9g Blue Boosters 9, 109 Intcrnat. Relations Club 11, 12. CHARLES G. DICKERSON 4 l Charlesl I32, Latin Club 9, 109 Spanish Club 11, 12. Seniors t :"ll ROSlf'1"l'A LOUISE DICKERSON lllosiel Chorus 11, Choir 12, 1f.T.A. 1.1, 12, F.N.A. 10, 11, 12, Homeniaking Club 12, French Club 10, 11, 12, Good News Club 9. THEODORE DICKERSON t'l'ecll ,V Class sgl.-at-:nuns 11, 12, Football 9, 11, 12, Track 9 10 11 12. JOHN ALAN DISTLER llohnl Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Science Society 11, 12, Eagle Staff 11, 12, Class sgt.-at-arms 10, 11, Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, treas. 11, pres. 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 11. WARREN DAVID DOW fW'arrenl Basketball 9, 10, 11, 2, Football 10, Track 11, 12, Choir 10, 11, 12. ROBERT VD. DRENNAN 4 Diekj National Honor Society 11, pres. 12, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Beta Club"l1, 12, Latin Club 10, French Club 10, 11, pres. 12, Class Play 10, 11, 12, Thespians 12, Youth Speaks 10, 11, 12, Internal. Relations Club v-pres. 11, 12, Student Council trcas. 12, Annual Staff 12. GLENN HOWARD DROSCHE lGlenn1 Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, German Club 10, 11, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10. l 1 in E 3,- QQ u 1 ., I tl it im V I33 Seniors I34 JAMES RAY EFFINGER Uiml Spanish Club 9, 10, Football 9. NANCY HOYT ELSWICK f Nancyj Latln Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Jr. Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 10, 11, 12, Girls' Football Team 11, 12, Hi-Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Good News Club 12, Thespians 12, F.T.A. 12, Class Play 10, 11' Blue Boosters 9 10. :L , , Transferred from Shelby County High 9, Cros Country 9, Track 9. MICHAEL AUSTIN DUNAVAN lMikel BETTY JOAN EDGAR fBettyD Band 9, 10, Latin Club 9, 10, 11, F.N.A. 10 11 FTA 11, 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 1 1 as Play 11, French Club 12. VIVIAN ESTES f Vivianj Transferred from Clark County High School 11 JERRY RAY ETHINGTON flerryl JANIS MARIE FINEISEN lflanisl Transferred from Manual 10g Class Play 123 Creativity Club 12. PENELOPE SUSAN FISHBACK lPennyl Spanish Club 9, 10g Sludcnt Council 9, 10, 11, Girls' l Football Team 103 Art Club 10, 11, 12g Class Play 115 F.T.A. 11, 12. Seniors RONALD EUGENE FOREMAN fR0nniel Football 9, 10, 11, 12g Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 93 Blue Boosters 9, 10. WILLIAM G. FREDERICK IW. GJ Transferrccl from Texas 125 Band 12. RONALD FREEMAN lR0llIllCl ROGER GLENN FRENCH lNipJ WF I ,1 i S lu 'l'ransfc1'rt:d from Pleasure Ridge Park 95 Football 103 Basketball Mgr. 9, 10, 114 Latin Club 9, 10, 113 Inter' nat. Relations Club 125 Tllcspians 9, 10, 11, 12, pres 115 Hi-Fi Club 10, 11, 12g Class Play 10, 11, 12, ,lr Class Ways and lVI1:ans Com. 115 Honors Day Progran 11, Beta Club-N.H.S. Talent Show 9, 105 Annual Staf 12. l35 Seniors NORMA JEAN FRIISIJRICII lNormat .lr. Rc-d Cross 10, 11g Class Play 11, 125 Art Club 11, 12, Art Gallery Com. 12., NORMA GAY FROMAN lGayJ lr. Rcd Cross 9, 10, Class Play 11g Art Club 11, 12, Art Gallery Com. 115 Cn-ativity Club 11. 12, Student Counril 9. JOYCE ANN FROST lloycel Band 9, 10, 11, 12, All County Band 9, 10, 12, Jr. Red Cross 9, Latin Club 10, 11. SHARON ELAINE FULFON fSharonl F.N.A. 9, H1-171 Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Girls Football 9, 10, 113 Spanish Club 12g Good News Club 12. K M I36 BETTY JOYCE GADDIE lBettyl Good News Club 9, Jr. Red Cross 105 Choir 10, 11, 12. PAUL RAY GADDIE lPaull German Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 11, 12, Science 11, 125 Pep Band 10, 11, 12, Class Play 103 Beta Club 11, 12. Society 11., v-pres. 12, Student Council 11, Band 9, 10, eniors SUSA NNE Cl l.l,l LAN IJ I Susanne I National llonor Such-ly 11, 12, Bela Club 11, sec. 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, All County Band 10, 11, 12, Slu- denl Council 9, 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, sec. 11, 12, Jr. Red Cross 10, Cluss Play 11, 12, Annual Staff 12, Usher ul BZll'CillLlUl'l'lllC 11, l7.T.A. 10 11 12 Internal. Relations Club 12. DONNA JEAN GIMBEL fllouna ,I Class Play 11, l'l'k'l1l'll Club 9, 10, 11, 12 1 l 'K 9 l 10, 11, 12, lnlcruat. lielutious Club 12. l LINDA COINS ll.,inclzl'l Chorus 9, 10, Hi-Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 12, 17.N.A. 9, 10. D0l1OTl'lY COROLIC GORDON l Dorothyj Girls' Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, F.N.A. 9, 10, Blue Boosters 9, Inlcrnat. Relations Club 12, F.'l'.A. 12. CONSTANCE ANN GLASS 4' Conniel Spanish Club 10, F.N.A. 10, F.T.A. 11, Internat. Relations Club 12. JAMES GESNER GUBLE ljamesl Bela Club 11, 12, Annual Staff 11, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, V.-DIES. 11, pres. 12, Jr. Red Cross 11, v.-pres. 12, Science Society 11, 12, Camera Club 9, Chess Club 10, Thcspians 11, 12, Class Play 10, 11, 12, Yillllll Speaks High School Bowl 9, 10. I l I37 Seniors I38 ROBERT CARL GRAMMER fBobbyJ Student Council 11, 123 Latin Club 9, 1 Club 11, 12? Thcspians 123 Track 9, 102 Golf 11, 12. JEFFREY CHAPMAN GRANT 1.1 eff l Latin Club 10, French Club 11. HOWARD M. CORE fHowardJ Transferred from Sonora, Ky. 10. JAMES C. GRAHAM Uiml Transferred from Shuwncc 10Q Football 113 Track 11 French Club 11. 03 French LAURA JEAN GUY Cluaural Nat. Merit Semi-Finalist 123 Latin Club 10, 11Q French Club 11, 12? Thcspians 11, treas. 12? Beta Club 11, 123 Internat. Relations Club 11, 123 Usher at Crad- uation 113 Talon Staff 123 Science Society 11, 12. TERRY SUE HALE fTerryj Transferred from Mercy Academy 12. LEROY HAMMOND tLeroyl LINDA MARIE HAMMOND t'Linclal Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12g Blue Boosters 9, 10g I-Ii-Fi Club X 9, 10, 11, 12. t . JANE RUSSELL HAMON Uanej Girls' Football Team 9, 10, 11, Girls' Track Team 11, 12g Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 11, 129 Class Play 11, Student Council 11g Jr. Red Cross 11: Blue Boosters 9, 10. JANICE HANEY tlanicel Quill and Scroll 11, 125 French Club 9, 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 123 Blue Boosters 9, 103 .Ir. Red Cross 10, 113 Class Play 10, 11, 12g Internat. Re- lations Club 10, 11, 12, Eagle Staff 11, 125 Girls' Football Team 10, 11, Library Club 9, Picnic Com. 10. LINDA LEIGH HARBIN I Linclal Chorus 9, 103 Choir 11, 12. BARBARA PAICE HARRIS tBa1'bl nislt Club 9, 10, Student Counuil 9, 10, F.T,A. 10, Internat. Relations Club 125 Jr. Red Cross 12. Seniors mem? my My., I39 Seniors I40 ROBER1 WILLIAM HARRIS fBobfJ Basketball 9, Track 9, Latin Club 9, 10, Alt Club 12, SHIRLEY ROSE HARRIS fSbirleyj Transferred from Margaret Hall 12. DAVID EARL HARRIS tllavidl .lr. Red Cross 94 Class Play 9, 103 Spanish Club 11 1 12g Tbespiuns 12g Science Society 12. FRANCES MARY HARRIS I Francesl Chorus 12g F.N.A. 12g Internal. Relations Club 12g . Red Cross 12. PAMELA JEAN HART fpaml Spanish Club 10g Blue Boosters 104 Class Play 11. CAROL ANN HAVERSTICK fCaroll Transferred from Mercy Academy 10. l I' Seniors LY DA GAIL HAYNES tGaill National Honor Society ll, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Student Council 95 F.T.A. .9, 10, 125 Latin Club 9, 10, 125 French Club 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Internut. Relations Club 125 Science Society 125 Class Play 125 Prom Com. 125 Jr. Red Cross 9, 10. DIANE ELAINE HEILENMAN I Dianel Latin Club 9, 103 French Club 10, 11, 125 Tennis Team 10, 11, 125 Girls' Football Tcani 9, 10, 115 Class Play 11, 125 Student Council 10, 115 Jr. Red Cross 10. PATRICIA HESTER lpatl Class Play 11, 125 Tllespians 11, 125 Talent Show 95 Youth Speaks 11, 125 Eagle Staff 125 Student Council 9, 115 French Club 9, 10, 115 F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 .Ir. Red Cross 12g Library Club 95 F.N,A. 95 Quill and Scroll 125 Internat. Relations Club 125 Blue Boosters 9, 10. ROBERT WAYNE HIBBARD fBobJ JAMES H. HILDEBRAND l Butch ft seball 9, 10, 125 Football 9, 10, ll, 125 Wrestling 125 Track 11. CHARLES KENNETH HILL fCha1'liel l4l Seniors JUDY SELESTA HODSON f Juclyl Transferred from Shelby County H1511 School 12. JEAN ADEL HOFELICH fleanl I42 Chorus 10, 11, 12, F.N.A. 9, 10, 12. RUTH CAIL HOBGOOD fGail,l Transferred from Valley 12. VERNON STUART HODGE l Vernon ir Transferred from St. Xavier 11g Football 11, 12g Wres tling 11, 125 French Club 11. TERRY WALLACE I-IOLLOWAY 1' Terryj Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 123 Baske ball 9, 10, 11, Class v.-pros. 9g Beta Club 11, 12, Blu Boosters 9, 10, Student Council 9, 10, 11g Spanis Club 9, 10g Physical Fitness Meet 9. MARY NELL HOLTON lMary,l Transferred from Butler 12. FNA 9 10 11 12 Blue Boosters 9 10 Choir 125 Band 10 FTA 12 Intcxnat Relations Club 125 Stu- BRUCE PATRICK JONES CHARLOTTE ANN JONES Jr Red Cross 9 10 11 Chorus 12 F.N.A. 12. RANDI JEAN JENSON K Ranclij Transferred from Houston, Texas 105 National Honor Society 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Spanish Club 105 German Club 125 French Club 115 Band 10, 11, 125 Class Play 10, 11, 125 .Prom Committee 125 Jr. Red Cross 11, 125 Student Council 12. HELEN MAE JOHNSON fllelenj Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 125 Girls' Football Team 10, 115 Latin Club 115 Thespians 125 lnternat. Relations Club 125 Chorus 123 Choir 12. Seniors CARL LOUIS KAH, JR. fCarlJ Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Latin Club 9, 105 Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 125 Basketball 95 Blue Boosters 9. JOHN SPURGEON KEEBLER iBZl1'1'3CL1ClElil National Honor Society 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Class Treas. 9, 115 Class Sgt.-at-arms 10, 125 Science Society 11, pres. 125 Student Council 10, 115 Latin Club 11, 125 Jr. Classical League 125 Jr. Red Cross 11, 125 Class Play 105 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Base- ball 9, 10, 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 10. ROBERT HENRY JONES, JR lhliket Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 115 Blue Boosters 9, 10 Litln Club 10, 11-5 Art Club 125 Art Aid 12. YVILMA JEAN JONES 4Wil1nail Jr. Red Cross 95 Spanish Club 9 I44 KENNETH RUSSELL KEELING flfennyj Baseball 9, 105 Band 9, 105 Basketball 9, 10, 11 Student Council 115 Jr. Red Cross 9, 105 Spanish Clu 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 10. SUZANNE KELTNER f'Susiel Cheerleader 105 Student Council 95 Choir 10, 125 J Red Cross 95 Thespians 11, 125 French Club 9, 10 Class Play 10, 11, 125 lnternat. Relations Club 12 F.T.A. 125 Eagle Staff 12. -MJV ll Seggiorsm ,.,7Q,"lj A 5,I,?'!xi5iv SANDRA DARLICNE KIDWELL lSnnclyl TI'I1llSfCl'l'Cll from Shawnee 10g Beta Club 11, 12g Class Play 11, 125 Girls' Truek Teznn 105 Girls' Football Team 125 German Club 10, 11, 12, treas. 11g F.T.A. 11, 125 Internal. Relations Club 12. ELAYN E SH ERRY KINSLOW lSbe1'ry,l Jr. Red Cross Club 9g Choir 9, 10, 11, 123 Blue Boosters. RUTH LOIS KNAUER f Rutlll PATRICIA ANNE LADEGAST fPatjJ Transferred from Bowling Green 12. ,f 7 ! .f' V I ,V u uf' ,. , 1. ,eggs ROBERT LEE l.eCOMPTE lfBobbyJ Jr. Rell Cross 9g Student Council 10. l JEFFREY ALAN LOCKHART ljeffll rt Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Tliespiuns 10, 11, 12g Jr. Red ross 93 Class Play 113 Sopliomore Newspaper 10g lue Boosters 10g Camera Club 9, 105 Art Gallery Com. 0, 11g Art Aid Com. 11. 145 W . Mrfxy fflfifr' fl Seniors I46 LINDA LEE LONG fljnclaj Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, sec. 12g French Club 9, 10g .l. V. Cheerleader 9, 10, captain 105 Varsity Cheerleader 11, 12. captain 12g Class Play 10, 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 10, Eagle Staff 123 Girls' Football Team 10, 11, 125 Picnic Com. 10, 11. PATRICIA GAIL LOSEY lPatl SHARON GABELL LOVELL I Sharonj Transferred from Birmingham, Ala. 105 F.N.A, 103 French Club 10, 11. JOHN GILBERT LYNAM flohnj Football 9, Blue Boosters 9, 10, Latin Club 109 Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 12. SUZANNE MacKAY f Susiel Transferred from Virginia 109 Ir. Red Cross 10. LINDA ADELL MCBRIDE lluinflal Chorus 9, 105 Choir 11, 12, F.N.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Lati Club 103 Good News Club 9, 12, Class Play 115 In ternat. Relations Club 12. Seniors ERIC DOUGLAS MCCLAIN tEricJ German Club 10, 11, 125 Internat. Relations Club 12: Good News Club 123 Basketball 9g Varsity Basketball Manager 10, 11, 12, Science Society 11, 12g Bela Club 11, 12g Rluc Roosters 10. LANA FAITH MCGOWN flaanal F.N.A. 9, 10, 11, 123 Lutin Club 105 Good News Club 9, 123 Class Play 11, Internat. Relations Club 12. CHESTER THOMAS MCKEEHAN f Chesterj Spanish Club 95 Latin Club 9. JAMES PRYOR McLALLEN Uiml Football 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 103 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Class treas. 10, v.-pres. 11, trcas. 125 Student Council 11. VIRGINIA LEE MCLEAN tlVi1'ginia1 Transferred from Pittsburgh, Pa. 12. CHARLES ROBERT MARCUM R' CRobbiej asketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 11g Tennis 123 panisll Club 11.9 Jr. Red Cross 11, 125 Student Council lg Latin Club 11. I47 Seniors l48 SAMUEL DAVID MARSHALL III fsaml Track 10, 11, 12, Basketball 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, All County Band 9, 11, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10, Latin Club IO, 11, Delegate to National Science Foundation Program. THOMAS ALAN MARSHALL lTommyj Transferred from Westport 10, Football 10, 11, Track 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Internat. Relations Club 12. WALTER MASTROPAOLO t Wally' 1 Camera Club 9, German Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Play 10, 11, 12, Youth Speaks 11, 12, Tennis Team 11, 12, Science Society 11, 12, Internal. Relations Club 11, 12, Thespians 11. 12, Student Council 10, 12, Beta Club 11, treas. 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Annual Staff 12, E-pin award 11. GERALD ALLEN MATLICK t'Ge1'alclt Band 9, 10, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, 12, Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, Class Play 9, 10, 11, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10, Latin Club 9, 10, Thespians 11, 12. ROBERTA KIAYFIELD t Bertat French Club 9, 10, 1.1, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10, Clas. Play 11, F.B.L.A. 12. MARILYN 11112191115 tllarilynt " Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Band Sponsor 12, Concert Ban 9, 10, 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 12, Girls' Football Team 12 X Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, Student Council 9, 10, Blue Booster 9, 10. fx .Z Seniors WILLIAIVI DAVIESS MENEFEE, JR. lliaviessl Latin Club 9, 10, 11, v.-pres. 125 French Club 11, 125 Thespians 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Annual Staff 125 Usher at Graduation 115 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Class Play 10, 11. JANET GALE METCALFE tAJanell Latin Club 10, 11, 125 French Club 125 F.N.A. 105 Student Council 95 Class Play 10. DIANA KAY MEYER 4, Dianal Student Council 10, 125 Jr. Red Cross 95 Youth Speaks 105 F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, v.-pres. 125 Beta Club I1, 125 Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 11, 125 Annual Staff, asst. editor 11, editor 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Science Society 11, 125 Thespians 11, 125 Intcrnat. Relations Club 10, 11, 125 Class Play 11, 125 Usher at Baccalaureate 115 Usher at Graduation 11. SUE ANN MILLER CSuel l Student Council 95 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Latin Club 9, 105 French Club 11, 125 Eagle Queen Court 105 il, Class Play 10, 11, 125 Girls' Football Team 10, 11, 125 Tliespians 125 Internat. Relations Club 12. JOI-IN J. MITCHELL, JR. Llohnl Football 9, 105 Basketball 95 Track 9. ROBERT ALLEN MITCHELL 1 l3obJ Band 9, 10,1115 section leader 125 Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Latin Club 115 Jr. Red Cross I49 Seniors I50 CHARLES BRYANT MOODY fCharliel Transferred from Shelbyville 115 French Club 11, 12. PATTON JERRY MOORE Uerryl MARY GRACE MONEY fMary Cracel Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 11, 125 National Honor Society Usher 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 Bela Club 11, 125 German Club 125 Choir 10, 11, 12. REBECCA MONTGOMERY fBeckeJ Transferred from Nashville, Tenn. 105 French Club 10, 11, 125 Thespians 125 Beta Club Talent Show 105 Class Play 10, 11, 125 Cheerleader 11, 125 Band 105 Internat. Relations Club 12. DAVID EDWARD MORTON fDavicll Band 9, 10, 115 Concert Band 9, 10, 115 4-H Club 9, 105 Internat. Relations Club 12. DIANE MORTON fDia1-mel Beta Club Talent Show 95 Class Play 115 Choir 105 F.N.A. 105 F.T.A. 11, 125 Good News Club 9, 11, 125 French Club 105 4-H Club 9, 10, 115 Eagle Staff 12. LINTON FRANKLIN MOSS lLinl Buutl 10, 11, 125 Chess Club 12. Cl-IERYL MAE MULLOY 1 Sherry fl French Club 10, 11, 12g Blue Boosters 9, 10, Internut. Relations Club 11, 12, F.N.A. 10. MARTHA ANN O,BANNON t lVlarty1 Jr. Red Cross 113 F.T.A. 9, 10, F.N.A. 104 Blue Boosters 95 F.B.L.A. 12g Class Play 11. RONALD LEE OWENS 1 Ronnie! Football 11, 129 Track 11, 12. MAUDIE LEE MURPHY fMaucliej Blue Boosters 9, 103 F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, Internat Relations Club 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10. GLENN N UTGRASS lBudc1yj Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Internat. Relations Club 12g Blue Boosters 9, 105 4-H Club 10. Seniors ISI Seniors J,-1 'ff' JANICE EILEEN PAYNE flanicel F.N.A. 9g Internat. Relations Club 123 BARBARA JEAN PEAK fBarbaraj Blue Boosters 9, 10. l52 BARBARA LILLIAN PALMER I' Barbara il Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 9, 10, 113 F.N.A. 9g Internat. Relations Club 123 Student Council 9g Girls' Football Team 10, 113 Usher at Baccalaureate 112 Usher at Graduation 113 Class Officer, sec. 123 Class Play 113 Annual Staff 123 .lr. Red Cross 9, 10, 113 Ways and Means Com. 123 Homecoming Com. 12. SHARON LYNN PATTERSON l Sharon il Transferred from Butler 9g F.T.A.Q Chorus 9g French Club 10, 113 Powder Puff Football 10, 113 Eagle Staff 12, Feature Editor 123 Student Council 11. 4-H Club N. L. PENNINCTON CN. LJ Latin Club 9, 102 Track 10, 11, 12Q Cross Country 10, 11, 123 Student Council 123 Eagle Staff 12. GARY RAYMOND PERDUE CGaryl Latin Club 101 Student Council 11, 12? French Club 11, 12g Annual Staff 12, Business Editor 123 Beta Club 12g Youth Speaks 10. Seniors RICHARD EDWARD PEYTON I Diekicl Latin Club 9, 10, Basketball 9g Track 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 10, 11, 12: Stuclent Council 10, 11g National Honor Society 11, 12. ALFRED NOLAN .PHILLIPS fBulcl1 l Art Club 9, 10, 11, 12, v.-pres. 125 Internal. Relations Club, French Club 11, 12, Jr. Rccl Cross 11, 12, Class Play 11, 12, Art Gallery Com. 10, 11g Art Aid 123 Hi-Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Homecoming Coin. 12, Talon Staff 12, Art Editor 12. ISAAC CLAY PIIIRSALL tlkej Football 10, 11, Tennis Team 11, 12g Basketball 95 Latin Club 9, 10g Science Society 12. JANICE POTICNY llanicel French Club 11, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, Intcrnat. Relations Club 11, 12, Jr. Red Cross 9, 10g Blue Boosters 95 F.T.A. 10, 115 Class Play 10, 11, 12. MARY PATRICIA .PRESTON fPatJ Latin Club 9, 103 F.T.A. 9, 10, 119 Blue Boosters 9, 10, Cltoir 11, 12. GERALD KURT PROGNIER IJ. K. PJ Spanish Club 10, 11, Blue Boosters 10, Camera Club 109 Internal. Relations Club 12. W I53 Seniors l54 DOLLIE FAYE RACAN CDolliel Blue Boosters 10, Spanish Club 12, F.N.A. 12, F.T.A. 12, Jr. Red Cross 12, Class Play 12, Inter- nat. Relations Club 11, 12. MICHAEL ESTILL RAMBO C Mikel Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, 12, Basketball 9, 11, Track 10, Spanish Club 9, 10, Blue Boosters 9, 10. ROBERT JOSEPH PULLIAM 1 Bob fl Spanish Club 9, 10, Internal. Relations Club 12, Thes- pians 10, 11, 12, Class Play 11, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10, Hi-Fi Club 11. FRANCES QUEEN, f Francesl Spanish Club 9, 10, Class Play 10, 11, 12, Picnic Com. 9, 10, Blue Boosters 9, 10, F.N.A. 10, Girls' Football Team 10, lnternut. Relations Club 12, Jr. Red Cross 10. CAROLYN ANN RAMSEY f Carolinel Spanish Club 9, 10, Class Play 11, 123 F.N.A. 10, 11 12, Library Club 9, Blue Boosters 9, 10, lnternat Relations Club 12, Class Picnic Com. 9, 10, 11, 12, Jr Red Cross 10, Cirls' Football Team 10. CHARLES LEAR RAY f Cbarliel Thespians 12, pres. 12, Latin Club 11, 12, Class Pla 11, 12, Mardi Gras Finalist 11, Beta Club 12, Tenni Team 11, 12, Student Council 12, Science Society 12 Transferred from Trinity 115 French Club 114 Band 125 Clioir 12. fStcvel Latin Club 9, 10g Science Society 129 Internnt. Rc- lations Club 12, Choir 11, 123 Clues Play 10, Jr. Red Cross 11. MARTIN OWEN REARDON flVlartyj STEPHEN MICHAEL REED LARRY KNIGHT REID CLa1-ryj Latin Club 9, 10, Football 9, 10, Baseball 95 In- ternat. Relations Club 12, Science Society 12, Blue 'Boosters 109 Class Play 103 .Ir. Red Cross 10, 11, 12. CHARLES WEIHE RIEHLMAN KC. WJ Spanish Club 9, 10, 11g Internut. Relations Club 11, 12g 44-H Club 10, 11g Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 11, 124 Blue Boosters 9, 10. PATRICK DENNIS RILEY CPatl Internut. Relations Club 12. JOHN DAVID RITZ Hobnl Latin Club 9, 10g Blue Boosters 9, 10. eniors RICHARD DOUGLAS ROLEY l fRiel1at'dl 3 Transferred from Robt. E. Lee High School, Tyler, Texas, A 125 Science Society 125 Beta Club 12. f ROGER 1V1LL1AlVI ROLEY ' fROgE1' ft ' : Transferred from Robt. E. Lee High School, Tyler, Texas, 125 Golf 12. CYNTHIA LEE ROSS fCindyl tudent Council 9, 10, 115 French Club 9, 10, 11, treas. 115 Cheerleader 125 Thespians 11, 125 Bas- ketball Queen 115 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Choir 10, 11, 125 Class Play 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 125 All County usie Festival 10, 11, 125 Talent Show 9, 10. WRENCE ALLEN RUSK CLa1-ryj 9, 10, 11, 125 Football 95 Blue Boosters f DONALD LAMOINE SALYER j fDonnieJ Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 10, 115 Basket- ' - ball 9, 10, 115 Baseball 9, 10, 115 Blue Boosters 10, X 11, 125 Band 9. t NV Y . ZENDA SAMPLES X l fzenclal tk KNJVXL llgttlgcnt Council 9, 105 French Club 11, 125 Blue Boost- - 1' ers , 105 Chorus 9, 10, 115 Choir 125 Internat. Relations 'X U Club 125 Class Play 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 115 F.T.A. 11, 125 F.N.A. 115 County Music Festival 12. w 1 HENRY VERNON SANDERS tl Hall Transferred from Anchorage 105 Internal. Relations Club 12, Youth Speaks 12, French Club 10, 11, 123 Latin Club 10, 1.1, 12, Delegate to Boys' State 11. MARTHA MERILL SANDERS l Martha l Art Club 10, 11, 12g French Club 10, 11, 123 Thespians 11, 12, Class Play 10, 11, 12g lnternnt. Relations Club 11, 12, Blue Boosters 10. PATRICIA ANN SANDERS lPat,l Blue Boosters 9, 10, Jr. Red Cross 9, German Club 9, 103 F.N.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, v.-pres. 11, Student Council 113 Class Play 11, 12, Internal. Relations Club 12. NANCY SCHOENBACHLER lNancyl Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12g Homecoming Com. 11, 125 Youth Speaks 10, 11, 12, Board Rep. 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, 11, 12, treas. 104 F.T.A. 103 ii Eagle Staff-Editor-in-Chief 12, National Honor Society 11, 123 Beta Club 11, 12, v.-pres. 12, Science So- ciety 129 Usher at Baccalaureate and Graduation 11g Class Play 10, 115 Quill and Scroll 125 Usher for National Honor Society Initiation 10, Thespians 12. .l A MES WILLIAM SCHOTT IBilll Transferred from Durrett 11. THEODORE SCHWEISS l'l'ecll Latin Club 10, 11. Seniors l57 Seniors s iss RANDY WAYNE SEIGLE tRandyj Vocational School. DARRELL SHEETS I Darrelll man Club 9, 10, ll, 123 Intcrnat. Relations Club 10 12, Science Society 12g Class Ways and Means Corn. 11. JACQUELINE SHELBY f Jackiel Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 11, 12, F.N.A. 9, 10, Choir 12, Hi Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 12. CHESLEE SUSAN SMI FH fSueJ Blue Boosters 9, 103 Art Club 99 Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 123 Beta Club 12. l58 DEBORAH SMITH fllebbiel 15HT.A. 93 F.N.A. 10g German Club 9, 10, French Club 11g Class Play 10, 11, 12, Powder Puff Football 10, 11, Choir 11, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10g Jr. Red Cross 10, 11. LINDA SMITH flsinclal Spanish Club 9, 103 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Student Council 93 F.T.A. 9, 10, Class Play 10, 11, 12, Good , News Club 95 Powder Puff Football 10, 11, 12, Inter- nat. Relations Club' 12. National Honor Society 11, 12, Beta Club 11, 12, Ger- S'l'lfPl'lEN WAYNE SMITH 4 Steve I French Club 9, 105 Jr. Real Cross 115 Class Play 11, 125 Eagle Staff l2g 'l'rtu1:k 12. VIRGINIA SMITH' l Cimmyl JOHN SOUTH A R D llohnnyl Student Council 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 10, ll, Play 10, 11, 125 'lhcspiuns 125 lizxnd 9, 10, 115 Pep Band 9, 0, 115 Uetu Club 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Chess Club 105 Engle Stull 125 Science Society 11, 12. MICKEY FOYTNER SPARKS 1 Miekeyl .V. Football 9, 105 Vursity Football 11: .l.V. Busclmll , 105 Varsity Buselmall 115 Golf 12. Seniors DONALD LEE SNODDY lDonj CAROLYN SNYDER fCa1'olynJ Beta Club 11, 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Eagle Staff 125 Class Play 11, 125 French Club 9, 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 10, 11, 125 lnternat. Relations Club 125 Blue Boosters 9, 10. 125 Class Seniors JOHN M. STINNETT LARRY EDWARD S'lfEWART lL2l1'l'yl Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 12, All State Band 103 All County Band 9, 10, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10. JOHN STEVEN STEIN lstevell 'llrattsfetu-cl from Durrett 113 Footballg Golf. flobnl .lOHlX DENN IS STOMBERGER t Denny l .l.V. football 10g V21fS1ly' Football 11g Latm Club 9: Spanish, Club 10g Choir 12g Freshman Basketball 9g Class Play 10g Blue Boosters 9, 10g Student Council 10, 11. l60 VINSON LEE STRAUB tVincet Eagle Staff asst. editor 12: .lr. Red Cross 10, treas. 11 pres. 12g Latin Club 109 Intcrnat. Relations Club 10. JAMES EDWARD SWETNANI tflitnl ,l.V. Football 95 Varsity Football 10, 11, 125 .l.V. Base ball 9, 103 Varsit' Baseball 11, 12, Latin Club 9 1 Choir 10, 11, 125 Class Play 10, 11, 123 Student Coun eil 9, 10, 11, 12, Blue Boosters 9, 10. v Seniors ROBERT MITCHELL SWITZER, JR. f Richardj Hi Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 125 German Club 9, 10, 125 Class Play 115 Internat. Relations Club 125 Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 11, 12. DABNEY STROTHER TAYLOR fDabneyj Latin Club 95 Hi Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 12. SANDRA SUE TETRICK GWENDOLYN MARIE TAYLOR f Gwen J F.T.A. 10, 11, 125 Library Club 10, 11,7125 Internat. Relations Club 125 Class Play 105 French Club 10, 11, 125 Eagle Staff 125 Powder Puff Football 10, 115 Quill and Scroll 125 Jr. Red Cross 9. SUSAN ANN TAYLOR f Susiel Latin Club 95 Student Council 9, 10, 115 Blue Boosters 9, 105 Good News Club 105 Girls' Chorus 10, 11, 125 w I A Internat. Relations Club 125 Powder Puff Football 12. J fSandyl .N.A. 10, 11, 125 F.'l:.A. 10, 11, 125 Blue Boosters 9, 105 irls' Chorus 11, 12. NECIL THORNSBURY fNecill atin Club'95 F.N.A. 105 Chorus 105 Internat. Relations lub 12. fb? l6l FTA 9 10 11 12 FNA 10 11 12 Blue Boosters 9 10 Internat Relations Club 11 12 Jr. Red Transferred from Anchorage 10 French Club 10. ROBERTA ODESSA THORNTON fllobertaj F.N.A. 9, 10, 11, 123 Choir 123 Jr. Red Cross 9, 10, 11, 123 Hi-Fi Club 9, 10, 11, 12. REBECCA BROWN TIMBERMAN fBeckyj National Honor Society 11, 121 Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 11, 123 Science Society 11, 12: F.T.A. 9, 10, 12, sec. 113 Youth Speaks 11, 123 Internat. Relations 11, 123 Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Jr. Classical League 9, 10, 11, 123 Class Play 10. MILDRETTA TROWELL fMildrettal Beta Club 103 Youth Speaks 11, 123 Latin Club 9, 10 11, 123 Jr. Classical League 9, 10, 11, 123 French Clu 11, 123 Internat. Relations Club 11, 123 Thespians 12 Choir 11, 1.2: F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, treas. 123 F.N.A. 10 Good News Club 113 Jr. Red Cross 9, 123 Class Play 11 Student Council 103 Library Club 9, 10, 12, sec. 113 Blu Boosters 9, 103 Honors in Speech Tournament 10. VIRGINIA ANN TROWELL fVirginiaJ Blue Boosters 9, 103 F.N.A. 113 Spanish Club 11, 12 MARY JANE TUCKER ClVIaryj Transferred from Durrett 11. CHARLES WADE WAITS fCharlesJ French Club 9, 105 Baseball 12. 5. -3. BEVERLY GAY WALDIVIANN fBevJ Eagle Princess 83 Eagle Queen 11g F.N.A. 105 Blue Boosters 93 Latin Club 9, 104 Class Play 10, 11, .Ir. Red Cross 10. WILLIAM SCOTT WALLACE CScottJ Football 9, 10, 11, 129 Basketball 9, 10, 115 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 9, treas. 10, 11, 12g Class v.-pres. 10, pres. 11, pres. 125 Beta Club 11, pres. 12g National Honor Society 11, 125 Student Council 11, 12g Talon Staff 124 Usher for Graduation 11. GLENN CARROLL WALTZ fGlennJ German Club 9, 105 Football 9, 10, 11, 12. WILLIAM B. WATKNS III fBi1lJ ational Honor Society 12 9 Youth Speaks 123 Thespians 23 Science Society 125 Chess Club 123 Student Council 23 German Club 10, 11, 123 Beta Club 11, 123 Internat. elations Club 10, 11, 12. I63 Seniors I64 KRISTIN EYRE WEBER fKristinl Transferred from Anchorage 10, Latm F.T.A. 105 Powder Puff Football 10, 115 Class Play 115 Art Club 11, 125 Internat. Relations 11, 125 Thespians 12. JACQUELYN WELLS Uackiej Latm Club 9, 105 Spanish Club 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 9, 105 F.N.A. 11, 125 F.T.A. 9, 10, ll, 12. GEORGE WATTS fGeorgeJ Football 95 Jr. Red Cross ll. WILLIAM WALTER WEATHERS CBillyJ Vocational School. Club 10 , MW DWAYNE WHITAKER fDwaynel Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Concert Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Blue Boosters 95 Student Council 95 Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Louisville Youth Band 10, 11. MICHAEL RICHARD WHITENACK flVIikeJ German Club 9, 105 Choir 11,5125 Basketball 9, 10, 125 Football 10, 115 Tennis 11, 125 Camera Club 9. THOMAS EDWARD WIBBELS fTommyJ Latin Club 9, 101 Football 9, 10, 112 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. SHIRLEY FAE WILLHITE fShirleyJ F.N.A. 9, 10, 113 E-Pin Award 112 Internat. Relations Club sec. 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, treas. 123 Beta Club 11, 123 Usbcr at Graduation 112 Student Coun- cil 11, 121 Talon Staff 11, 123 Class Play 113 Thespians sec. 123 Latin Club 9, 103 Smith Book Award 113 Choir 9, 10, 113 Science Society 11, 123 Thespians Play 95 Beta Club Talent Show 9. LINDA CAROL WILLIAMS fLindaJ Transferred from Anchorage 10. MARTHA JEAN WILLIAMS flVIartyl NANET TE WILLIS fNanD Student Council 93 Thespians 123 Spanish Club 93 Blue Boosters 9, 10Q Class Play 113 Art Club 10, 11, sec.-treas. 123 Powder Puff Football. STEVEN WILLOUGHBY fStevel . Latin Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Science Society 12. I Transferred from Cardeme Academy 12g Chorus 12. Seniors I65 Seniors ROBERT WOOD Oaobbyp Transferred from Bardstown 11g Latin Club 11g Hi-Fi Club 11g Basketball 115 Baseball 12. MARY ANN ZOELLER fMary Annl German Club 9, 105 Library Club 105 Art Club 123 Spanish Club 12. Mr. Green of Kentucky Balfour helps Seniors select gradua- tion invitations. 1 5, Q I66 I 4-l ihgt - i. 1 , Q. ali, ll' IU! .1-l Miss Wood makes sure E.H.S. Seniors are well grounded in Math. 3 R QLL v '-z 4 I I ' I .I !. 'ff ,ff .4 I-X' A , ..'. I 1. l"- 1 ' 1 J 3. I I7 'J J fue.: ,f'2'14g7 ld Z' f gkgfx, 4.,13 Qyv 'Hx ,E Eh t :Lrg E! f'i . V . I l'I"f1'j, .ui f.1W 5f5 'iff 1' ' 1 - f'- 'x 7 -I ' - "4-11 f 171 ASP 'iii :gif Q ein-'ix' wwf: ru d. 41 N11 P1 32. 4 'FU -P va 1 f.!,i,,3J 2, f, , 'QW' 3' .4 -.' 5' ' '. .' iqtx'1., i'j kW? 4 I 1, J H 3' an ,' , . .1 ., '.-.:, rj. 4 1 ' r-..- w, J ,N 'fsk' imafill JJ, "x-3 ,J 'E Senior Personalities The EHS Seniors on the following pages were chosen by their classmates as outstanding in specific areas of character and achievement. Most Likely to Succeed Diana Meyer Dick Drennan Best All Around Linda Long Scott Wallace Most Talented Cindy Ross Sam Marshall 1 I1 -ev Best Leaders Nancy Schoenbachler Jerry Cunningham Most Popular Barbara Palmer Denny Stomberger : Most School Spirit Sharon Corbin Mike Whitenack Most lntelligent Shirley Willhite Mike Cloutier Friendliest Penny Fishback Vernon Hodge .45 X, ,j' "- A wf JJ . QW' '. x, -'57, 3 -4 q 4. ' Sy: a , ' RJ , 1 'S Best Dressed Martha Sanders Bobby Grammer Best L0 oking Marilyn Meddis Ike Piersall ' w fQQQ4iWW0L N JW MJV few MM! ffbiff fwgfi X C J wfiigijpjj if ffiwn ,eff K X JW! fl U4 My ' I, Z Q?MkQQW' QWM feWeWmW5e A J fig! fl Dgiane C am Dl'4:Iynf3NWw Most Dependable Pat Hester Gary Perdue I r Most Talkative Sharon Patterson Steve Reed Most Bashful Barbara Harris Robbie Marcum 10 f -fx w J 1 N.. gi 'N fl! :Q .Y .T ' 5. 'SU . X Q Ei? ,iw V I -l-LT, aw! . ' 25 " - l R CV ' 5-:,if"' ' , A 1 ..,, , x fi 4 . if QE A ,. ,. X .W . ff N n- I,- Iv ?- .cf 1 M? Ek-A 'r-" 'W M 53 --A, H.mE,Lyg " :W WM lm .. 1 ', A ' 32-ifmi-5, b ,JJ I 1 1 1-.Q7f"' 'rl -L, Q6- Y'9', van ff , w. . ., V , ,. . A , .R ,dv A t 1-EX., - ,ffgtir A W 2 STL- ' ' , -+131 - Q 1. , ,Q-Qi. 517 ' 5' i-J: K' f T gf? ','f"gi 'Lip 'iff' . ,W-- g 9. ,1--an-, A 7 111 1 ju - 1,-A 1--:.M, 27' ' ,L l W' p '.'fgfy.ff'1,,'41,gxx:-M, ""',' . , 'I .,,. ., - .A 11 1 L ,MQ ,fv -pp' X 5 -' wg- . . x '- , ' . 1 ,"- , ,H , nissan 3 552' :ff 'lie'-1 u,',-u',I lgbi f V ,afffli-,f .5344 , iffy rw: ., T'-g yah I ki 55,5 H -.,."fa',I-1, 2 f 4 537' ' J' ,, 7'fJ-Hx 11?1':'xf.:,?':'-,"r:fgiw.-,- 6411 Eff . - If ,123 4.1. "11fTC','Ws', - 'A' Y:,- I, -.L - ,Q-, 4: ,- I' ,f,..,,5l' ,+I WMF- N JH:F"ifff' 415.::'.fi--5-5gg'jf"ifi'f' rjff - 11' .y,,j5f, .v"i'jm-'ef"5'5. .-ilwfx .5 'u 1' IJ' lf' 'f'h'.14 ' " X.-'-xifxu' 7 jj ..f.'. Wg- ' ,, -'Fas gr - 4- fiM'5"k: ' ui V - ' ff U m .2 '- A . "'1, ah- . , U. gal -Q x ,106 - iw, Y, -'JAH , 1 152 "Q we 'QL' 5-E i3gf,:. P' 3' - .Q 3 wg, "1..4'.,:,1 if Q Q f- x- if-Il, '15, -' L L - 37- :.,"'-- "ka ' N 4 -Ui, ,- 14 l if 'X Q, -Mal?" kr. " '- ff W- ??gQZzV-.mv , fr Q , ,view .Ct ,U df : V' 'A sfyjbhwy f 'fx Q .' l .'f , ,QQ 4+ ' ,., H16 5 Q':s-wf ' 1 . 2 f' ,- -- 'A ' H' 4 ., 0 5 ,ix . iq, .Y .5 .v I Ja ,fs U ali..." 1 A "- ' .,,.Lu5l,,Q-'.'v'l:,ilf.?4Z, ' tiff' ,Q -V .72 Q V A' ..-X: Q ' Q "'f41y.f.?" 551' , .'f'f""1-.f --,. , A 4 "' mis ' ' iaith. -':i"ffg,g"" Sf. lf." ':,' 755, '-.Q , Y 4'- " ' ' - , X , - V 0, ' ' J" -J' ...vf' '14 - . 'v- '. ' 9 W7 1 -I-Xf1i,,jW,'fTF'+', 2 'rw -.Jig ifli ' .H - 5 -, . I - Tj, x-.f . xl,-,Q-,111 isp:-'fy-1 1 f A -' , ww-' ' '-fvf4'w'2.'-We 'h'1,'z', U 5 Y ,K - ..-- - " -P 4? u' ' .vw ".-l?Cr2..g1-.1rgA,AA- J AwL ' aft? v'f',r , -gt! 'V ,V ,j:,NL.:..-g,,1,.,..-. 9' -mf Tilt . ' 2 . . :Ai1.f29'Kf-ff4.:1'1A1f-i.fi 'V , x ,- -L 1 46455 ' L:-N ' 4 'f ,-3. ,.- Q ,,, ff wmv ma , QL m. IV. 4.x'..:' V' , ' ' 9 ' Pia l ..1,:,' 'O " 1 24 ,- 1' If ' .1 f Y .E xr , L! -iv? . -N, , ,.,,,A. f . l .LQAHIQ vM,f1J- .A V' I ,ctw -.Y Q hw ,L .wolf ku if . X 12.13 2- P , A.-we 55-f fi1f?"',' 'sr '!"!,f , -bf fir 4 i n A, A ,,I'y!xj?5'i4- . 1 fr". X HZ, U rt. 11- , ,A. 'i . gl Q . Q I in .L - 5:19 - fy, .3 ., Tidxiwi' QL, A . A .V " 4-.' ' -1" 'TQ .' it 4, ,, .,., A .I-:i1A4,.,Ag"l N . V . xr 73, 1 ' " . , 'AZ .. .A' ,,-N Q I A-Sim.,-'5934'. f-"Lal " "1 ' . , nm s lr ' 1 ' f " R Afxx' ,. 41"-Q Ni. -- Q . . jf W m k- Y - "gy N- V, Y , M- Q P. . . X 451 f 'I' :Q an M-ef f f Q Q . 1, i " -1 JL 1. ft-J 'Q 'fff-gm A. hh-,H-, ' 9, , 4 .,,.. ' -.mfr .ef 1 Juniors H Ll VX' All K X o Q Susan Ronald Gary Dolly Greg Mary Ahlsledt Aldridge Allison Anderson Atherton Atwood Q, E gp Q9- Shirlcy Jeanie Peggy Linda Charles Mamie Baker Barker Batson Berger Biggers Biggers l -g H Kiwi.: , Y no , 14,- Nancy John Richard Jack Linda W Bolin Boyle Branam Brinly Brooks l . Y ' l 4 D we- l A fl Kg - . Y' 9 'gt' l' John Jane Kurt Pat Linda Saunf 1- Q! Bronn Bunnell Burnett Burnfin Butler Capitg JOXCC Mike Charlie Joe Judy ,lane Cl1ill11lJCl'lHil1 Childers Christensen Cline Cline Coleman I79 Juniors - SEE 95' Betty Ronald Nancy Roland Cowherd Coy Crask Crask s DD nnin D u -- l ll - 2- ' Q af y -. i f ee N ig, N, lg 5. A 1 ' A 'Q-4 I I i' 5- l i V ' l- i f-i - -QFE 5 t eg:-A K' ' '-. ,, . 6 " 1' "-- f R , g. --- mf ' ' 'fs 1 R - o L -i V We y, ' Inf- ' ijelai x - :M . ' Judy Dan Pat Peggy Crowder Cunningham Daley Davis Xi Helen Edward Kerry Charlotte DeSantis Deutsch Dineen Dow Us i Richard Judy Diane Drane Eddleman Ellis 3 - L ,W 'r-as A , 254- ls iz - g a if-fii'li,...'V ' K W ii- -r,t D-Q P xx 7 n ., as Brenda Sue Bob Frornan Froman Frost F80 re- s, ' XNX Cheryl Evans .Xxx N I anet Gardner Y ax-l':i ltfilliii ii, .hi -fli ,. L , W 4 : Bonny Pete Cricler Crisler r aj Y . Jimmy Ronald Dearner Denny J 4 're-we Belsy Melinda Downes Dragoo 'E' ff" X X Linda Judy Evans Freeman 'N-all fx.: V K 'ri -L-A vi' Y , x nxx la Mary Sl'l2LI'0Il Geoghegan Ceoghegan K Q ,lack Funk conducts Junior Class meeting. Charles- Charlene KerrY Frank Gibson Gimbel Goodall Gowin Juniors I Linda Brenda Graff Graham Janice Robert Mitch Barbara Freddy Brenda Grant Green Guthrie Harris Harris Harrison .nf Y A 'V xv .- W W 'Wwfm if 5? -r 4 - NX? i," . lv , ' -'A ' L K.-9 lr 'fri - , N est it Mi' Eff 1 ' wi lil itf't"Qi .am 'Ja-of--tr. the-. ter-as Linda Geraldine Bobby Linda Linda Jeanie Hartung Harvell Hatfield Hatfield Hatton Haverstick l8I l Juniors Hayden J , K' l - Af-fy. .15 5 Deborah Hill T..-aFn-i--- f iff? Hayes Qi ' J Brenda Hilton zuz U 3,51 LNL . ' vi fn' , -, - Q - . ' li L Q .5 .-.- Q J: ,f J W., 5 5 -..s .2 - v. ELS it ' 1 lfw - E Betty Hite X ,o,, . f ,V 5 J ' Laurel Glen A M Nancy i 11011011 Howerlou Howerton " 'fr . i V s , e X A f 1 ,js - ,.... BJ h 1: W in Y 1 17 I Janet Irwin FY.- pa J K "LN i ,Y : ff 'W Jim Isaacs Cheryl Jackman ---5,1-Z 55-:-,-.. .-,. ,1 mg iff 'ev Larry Mike Sam Jones Jones Jones l82 CQ 4 Q47 Diane Henry is i Rod Hontz Wayfrie Huclson w wi . lg J. i' ir: Lv. .- , A Juanita Jackson Danny Kah I.. - Q X Pat Hermlon 10. Z.. hu.. ,Fail ,'-1"-o - 'Y i " A mall if - . - rvfsglfgllplli mf' J -- x.... .,. .id -1-K ai'-IB Shirley l'lOI'Sl.lI1Rl1 Y gm . 92 I 5' f A 4, QQ .,.4 Xl I ' ' va i X y ' I bg nilkw' Camie Humphrey v 'HQ ' V ttf' yi N Fl ,Q -:Ti ini: mu .- Mary Jackson . i' o n . , K N i ut 0 N 'X X ., , , xx , Sharon Keen 9 .Q .J 1 'Hit l i i Susan Hicke Cynthia Horton ,Q-'Q W? I 1' ", Mary lrclancl ' g,, M x i ii i I-:Ili 'x A Beverly J ones Rick Keiser Juniors " 'f . - , 55' Q- QR L x N , of 5 - N X l li xl Gloria Patti Wilistoii Mike Kellogg Knain .Kreaclilaauln Kull W RU 5- M jke Peter Beverly Lee Legdy Leonhardt Lewallen i John Linda Lacefield Langford .,.. .Wie ' .l- Elaine Lewis Rylan Lewis X 3 ,,... Q , fs, . mfr i lll f X X1 1 L llxx 'W Raymond Duvicl Joe Peggy Connie Malcolm Literal Lowry Lowry Lucas Lutz lVlcClaskey se, . x A xffx x 1 .Xi W: , Lynne l 'uf' L ,, -- . if V ','F.:l' , llarrell McDonell McGowan ' 5 Slierry Millmrn W lei' Frances Miller .1 Sherry Marilyn 162111 Karen Madison Marshall Meglemry Metcalfe 13 Mary LCS Clark Brenda Carol Mitchell Mize Moody Mooer l83 Juniors XX , ' A Margaret Richard 'Robert Moore Moore Moore Charlotte John Bruce Neill Nicklies Nunnelley Steve Moore Bonnye Oliver Roland Peggy Montgomery Neal John Steve Owen Paalz 'Fw wma! gi- x .Hififfg David Judy ADH Ronnie Dianna Phillip Paintgy Patton Pitts Follett Pompei Powell Many Juniors have American History with Mr. Gamble second period. 4 L- it X Dianna Shirley Pressley Presswood sky, Lyn Verna Reynolds Richards David Gary Roman Rye 5 1 15' 'ir V K . 48 A Juniors gi-sr Q' ix as . , 'inggg' in e I Pl ii wi f - ' 1 . 'QT' V f 'nc' ' A aa, . :pk ' J x '?5f.Q:L7, L-a' 'JH " Xt K Jennie Ronnie Paula Cheri Puckett Raley Ray Raymer F-. o Jerry Olivia Ann Larry Risinger Robinson Rogers Roller 2 '-111. wg U14 i, ir' i - H 55,35 V W . 4 5 , ' Ruthie Sharon Bruce .ion Schalk Sh aver Shelton Simon An interesting session with Miss Cooper. I85 Juniors Mr. Gui1len's Spanish class practice pronunciation in the language lab. -N5 F i , Pam Betty Roy Charles David Carol Singer Smith Smith Snoddy Snyder Stallard Goldie Shelby Mary Stigall Stirn Stone 'PE ? "' ,gg A f- -iflbii' 0 ,xc A V.. Bfellda Terry TTCVOUI' Mr. Elliofs students perform experiments involving fractional Tapp Thacker Thompson disiillaiion. I86 Juniors Steve Linda Carol Phyllis Bobby Donny TlCllCl10l' Tingle Tucker Turner Underwood Van Hook 1 .-Y, -- U . if - '51 ,1 ,,- 1 S.. , . .1 V y 4- 1 8 i Q , ,+L,x, if f -A' woh 'f ' -U V 3 ,iw , ,K ' 'tm Margaret Tommy Linda .loyce Donda Jimmy Vest Vest Walclridge Walkel' Wall Wall M- - E-f-ww-'fy 2 ' 'W' - V f a ll ,,.. :as Q il H 1 it l as r J if W A i pp W I f V . r W m lil' i 1 i i . ll- 2' "H l' ,xt :.: ' in , if - A llxtmm Judy Elaine James Richard Bobby Andy Walls Watsoli WHISOII Watson Watts Wells S Miss Wood demonstrates principles of algebra to her students. I87 K Juniors . ' :s t WRIAI tv 4 4 W ' 9 i ., SMH! l , Peggy Wells 915' -all 1 3 Chrls Wiehe Ruthy Wise , l Rudolph W ordlow W .luanita Wright I88 -. t-1 ,,, 15 ' Il 'ig T .' F l 'sive' YE, A il K X i l L .. ' .llldy Rachel Sherry Linda Kathy Wessel White White Whitenack Wilhoit Bruce J 1m Williams Wilson 1 if . Dx ' Many students find Chemistry with Students line up to cast their ballot for the mock election. Mr. Elliot fascinating. t t tl 4 Bobby Kenny Richard Carla Marian Yates Young Young Zibart Zoeller 5 Y,- 1-s " ' fp fX K x Fil 3: X L!!! ,,,, 2 X X X 1.4! if fi IQ I Z' 1 1 AX :mi '1-.1-1 " ' fvf ,JEA f-ll" - - - ., JSMWM 5' ophomores Sophomore Class ffioors .nv '71 I s. 1" ya gm , Y? x:'1 A ,, From left to right: John Smith, Vice-Presidentg Diane Austin, Sccretaryg Betsy Ross, Treasurcrg Neil Kaufman, Sergeant-at-Arms. Not pictured: Ronnie Burnfin, Presidcntg Sandy Kennedy, Sergeant-at-Arms. ,7 n 1 y l l X all u 1'--a As. Bobby Sheryl Ann Sheila Mae Akers Albert Alcorn y 4-1, ,- -if ' A 'fr Q 4 'X-A ,v ' - ts M. . . 5 -w..v. val, f'f "' .. ' '1 .' 'W' 7, el.: - - ' David Debbie Diane Anderson Anderson Austin 5? ffm' V JB' 1 . Bob William Walter Benedict Bcrding Biven QQ' " 59: uf' Richard Rosemary Ronald Bolin Borcn Bowen ophomores Gary .liITlmY Jimmy Allen Allen Allen Y. I .,., V ,A l Egg! in A A A in if ,ff-gf Z l 1, 5 N H A .4 -0 F Rita Fred Ralph Aylor Baker B611 :I-I ii ' " Y. w 'l gn... - K ,'. f 'Q' f , - is - t -.2 -X If fr , ,VH ', 6 ' da Ah, , 'B s-:":g:'i3 ,,. ,, . -C L-Q ' . Ar'5-,i,,'."a a s Q. is fxuni "-' "-:n':.': -4, , 'Jan 'v"'s.g v if-is "Q . .- L b-, rf. 4,1 .x.a Linda Blanchard WZ? fi. 4 ' 1' ' Q2 ' in I I " ill' gg ' ' - - 1- 1. Y 9-- Z. Y r -- l h .xx ' I i J. v X, al? . Harry Marie Blue Bolin James Bronn X Donna Sharon Brooks Brooks Janet Susan Jimmy Wayne John Sue Brown Brown Bryant Buckner Buechele Burdon l9I Sophomores i' hh" . a K Q4 u if l'i'i w. Miss Grover, our exchange teacher, conducts a World History class. C ' 5 Ronnie Gerald David Elaine Deanna Linda Burnfin Butler Byerly Campbell Capito Carpenter Charlene Linda Thelma Thurmoncl Gary Barbara Clark Clements Coleman Coleman Cook Coy Alan Pam Flynarcl Janet Stan Brenda Cricler Crow Cunningham Currie Curtis Davenport I92 , . 1- XL I ,. , 'r 'iv -fi -vw lx N Sophomores u Brent John Norman Eddie Rosa Judy Davenport Davis Dearner Denham Denning Denu X 'X M , ,QL J essi? rum Z is R059 lvlyie Mary Steve Bobbie Bonnie David DCSHIIIIS Dickerson Dineen' Downs Dunaway Duncan Larry Martha Leigh Linda Kenneth Phyllis Duncan Eads Edens Edens Ernspiker Ernspiker Glenn James Brenda Reggie Estes Ford Frank Frantz 2 Anna Betty james Carolyn Giltldilf Gardner Geoghegan Gilliland James French 1 fi 'Av t l Pam Gollaclay Rita Fuchs Gloria Graham Saad at H n wx xt Wea 25452452 A+ all 193 3 FeWe rre,eMe Puni- Sophonnnes -snr-w r' was "I don't Gee anvlhinv so amueinff l l " . , D , C a Jout tiat problem. Wav 'QB' . 1 ails' Wi. .H Andy' Chfistine - Dfmald Ronald Charles Lonnie Grant Green Green Green Gruber Hance , rn, , ,, ,,,,, ..,-,,.r.,,, EEE , i ' . - V V . N I E l o 5 1 X-'IA Qu. "'-,' 5 'SAX 'N f 5 Jrillii l . V Dennis Diana Mike Pat Linda George Harris Harris Henry Henson Hightower Hite l , A , ILBX "f . JV: A , X Q ' if ff Yii' rrr li ' ll Pef,-123' Glen Virginia Ann-Lew Claudia Kathy Hobgoocl Hockgrsmith Holmes Holt Hopkins Howard I94 km Sophomores 3? 135 '. , , c ag., 3 5-,. -2 XX. Sylvia La Donna Mike Terry John Howard Hudson Hueltig Huggins Humphrey Hundley sa, Becky ln gram Larry ,Steve Janet Ronnie Jackson Jenkins Jones Jones 'I V4 ,." I W gl Y' f luty.-lit ,A ' l Bettie Linda Vicki .l-?1CkiC Bill Karsell Rusty Kaufman Keeling Keeling Keiscr Kendrick Kennedy Neil Snplromorcs me microscopes to study cellular structure. I9 A fm Wei? Sophomores NM ii? MQ, -H -QQ. ' 157153 ' rx I eisandif Kennedy - ' 4' ., nr . , 5 .-sg.. :.e F ax . n J- . nj ' s F wtf:-11f'+:1-. 'MQ If ' ' "N-fa... 'N'-1 . :mv -' sinh' f""'h1'1..n "' lA"'-Q4 aux -nq,,,,, u-v,..,.,, m !!Kl.5 !'ln...-4., is u u-,J .v!' . Willna Lambdin fi sy V 'mx 5 Irene Royce Delilah Keys King Kinnard gf, , i ' A, 1 ffl. e Y Qvxjl ,fe ix- .fff F, ii , JX z 'wax XX at V 40 fav s 0 ft lxyxl will M . i '94, Ll 1-BL -In.. ,. i n 1- .. I ll lvlafy Bob Glen Langford Latter Lewis l, ll X V , F13 7 .q V jj -iq exign , A, A ,e L U, in l Mike Mike Billy Roger McCardwell McDowell McFarland McGaughey I96 . 4,1 'T L 'ff 5 'S 1 1 QQ.: Joe Yurt expertly puts the finishing touches on u water color. ,,-1 , -,' if W. 4 I-LJ5"Ei:T-1,1 x 'Vp - :J '-'Jil' h I' . ' L' I I f L2 JV 5 px LL xl in ir P21 4 w Larry G31 Klalaei Kn'1ue1 Qi? 1: Mark Lilly V7 ,l ' '. Janice McGowan I s tu. ,fu rg. 'tr ophomores F l A S , vr'-r ,AT L- 4 If li 12 .. if W1 ,H 'fx J? fsiffl M 'Jlrfbqqi Y sw, ,'?l4ri?CEiP9fmM35b. ' iii it! V Bill Dale Carin Brenda Linda David lvlm-lin Mathews Maupin Mayfield Mays Mies f or K M 1 'fp' v I ' ' 1 ,,. -. ' . , X N- ' , V . 4 t 1 I4 - Ni" , M ,, l. "ff l ., " " Z , LH l A: i 4 I' ' ji vi V : W , ',:L:'lg- -:fx i :.a KA-'gg WM ' 'M David .lrmice E Davicl Vivian Margo Cheryl Miller .Misere Mitchell Moberly Moore Moran Q ,, 59,54-3'-:',. V "' 51 -ru' 'M-Q f' 'lk M I I W X " .1 A' W : J i yiggggip Li -' , j 'X ' ' . 1' J f" vw ' ' i M A f M M -1' QM ' A: Q' in - V ' 'S l' 'F' 5 riff , 'L' . A Q 'f'7"AggQ 1. ii 75632: " ff:- '1 - . Qt -,L x ,Y ' 1 . M "' 'S i ' - 5, H H Christa im Paul .lo ' Ral h Charlotte . 5 1? . lVI0l'l'lS0l1 Morse Moser Moss Mullins Nation Miss Dalton explains plane geometry to sophomores. Sophomores Q I YQ me ew f PQ: - D .' ,I V- f he we -P ' V Helen Neal Roger Linda Bernie U Carl Neal N0lal1 Norman O,Bannon AJ! Yvonne Donna Garry Mike Sharon 0 Bannon 0'Herron Parker Parsons Patterson Larry Johnny Marcia Sandra Pamela Perry Phelps Poll ard Posey Potts 1 Steve Poyser Connie Preston I98 Clara 0'Bannon Toney Perkins Ronnie Powell A.. as X x Sophomorcs learn the fundamentals of English from Mrs. McClure. Sophomores an ' - a , vi K? ' X ' 3 i 5 , I N l I Y ,l oycc: Ba rr y Sharron Mike Norma Carolyn Purcell Ramsey Ramsey Reclmon Reece Reid Danny Donald Doug Raymond Diane Reid Reinliilrl RiCf2 Richter Riddle Riebel , .rs .- . j Q: -A Q r J, gh Q .-.N sx gk f J oc Cassandra Jeanne Carolyn Tom Betsy Rohcy Robinson Roller Rose Rose Ross 1 4 I 531252 Ili? 1 Arthur Rothenburger if Clicmislry sludcnls perform fractional distillation under Mr. Elliot's supervision. Ricky Routon I99 Sophomores "V if ""' f ' 12+-A . Barbara Betty .loe Connie Bonnie Rowe Rufra Rufra Samples Sanford H- ' ' 'R' if-' . i' 1 ,,,, jj A :,, y i L' f .gif 2 ee,1 , it X X If E, ww 4' I Edward Brenda Linda Andy james Schanen Schoenhachler Schoenlaachler Schott Schulze George Seibert , - we W A . ff ,lohn Smith Frannie Spruill 200 Duane Sapp Andrea Seewer 41. aff' , , , 63995 if Beverly Brenda Sandra John Anna Settles Seward Shelby Shuttleworth Smiley S, g l f ' 'A ' N fig . 1 W - 1- th f QJQ-9 fr Students have interesting discussion in Mrs. McClure's English class. QWJI KN f l Q A AEK N YIQ- . -'I'-T.. ,,.. l, - hill Sophomores A . 'fi .-., Jisnkw. -.1 Christie David Cheryl Tommy J immy Jerry Stafford Swaim Sweeney Tapp Theilen Theilen " T' "' 'T 'V I -' T W g,...unlKf.., H Roger Sandra Audrey Thompson Thompson Thornton Elwood Sandra Tipton Toon lf Bus 217 unlorlds at the cafeteria door. Albert Gwendolyn Troutman Trowel lg TQ' T IT? Y , C5 F ,,":r I ,V . , Eg 2' v l 'S . 3 is . 3 1 'zsfag ,T .fl Paul Janet Mike Charles Susan Tucker Turnbull TUTIICI' Tyler Tyler Mike Trinkle FW, ,YW ,, Lyn da Tucker ex , K Qs - 4 1 - vi: 'V Justine Ulery 20l ophomores if ' Ei? A l . xi " Q' :S emi .. ol , A s. 'W li W is E H6Hd1'ik Eunice Van Nagell Van Winkle ,Sli ,N ' WS? ,- 1' 1 in l QM! f f Pam Judy Whinery White was Y Y issue ' x X Susan Anne Wilcher Williams 1 7f.i2 , 4.-gl Margie Larry Willis Willoughby U- ' .- . . Y, ' 1 ,,.. 1,. 'Pg . 314.53 V Lane David Witherspoon W1'igl1t 202 Q FFR. .. 5,5 ww tgp- X 1 3 1 3 N V 1 Alfred Paul Tom Sandra Wagner Watkins Waf5011 Weinert Bill Whitehouse ,-"if 5 .V 17 . ii' X " -5 F 43-gi, - W l ii 1' '- ' X 1 ' Q- '-if ra 'wa 5, J John ' S W'll'ams if'-1, . 1 1 11' A P A , A 1 X ' A 4-'54 I I' ' If I Y X 4- 1 I ,lla 1 ggi, ' ! ,rn-f f ,Q A n ' m r lf' W I w 'I I' ' . .--.mf QF vm ff" ,--4'12,,l- ml 1 1 I , ,,V 1, la, J W sa-1. '.1 1 - 111- , L4 Alice Students use microscopes to further their study of biology. Wisehart 'UQ Tom John Keith I oe Yates Yeager Young Yurt D Oxn W 1, Q 3 V W' ff 47 Freshmen Freshman Class fficers f W1 n P E. ,, , L .fr 2 Af 'T ' an .z aff ' L. 25 H W E, M. From left to right: Richard Ernbry, Presidentg Linda Foley, Secretaryg Rick Murray, Sergeant- at-Armsg Janet Robinson, Treasurerg Marty Lewis, Sergeant-at-Armsg Monty Holmes, Vice-Presi- dent. 204 ,. r' l M, l l Aa H' 'L 4'- ' fu , LQ 72.7 . . if If 1 'ff'- K e.. W?-1' v-'S Alma Adams Tim Anderson Josephine Baker Betty Bell Debby Boyle 1 ' Slide-A " l . V V . 'V lj ? ' ry, " -, ' B ,Y f - -f-new bll, . fiffigrfl ds' V ill yi. 1 3iN"'2"' u.'S"n fthlw N 'Q , , ll ' Mary Ann Rick Barry Adams Adams Albert 'H l x Pat Robert Margaret Andrus AI'lSCll Ayl0I' l B 'al 1, S" 'wi' Q7 B 'X l V Ray Jeff Lorean Baker Ball Ballard Ted Curtis Deloris Bickcl Biggers Biggers 7. ' .b .V WY' W' ' n-7. lf' 'I Q Terry Mike Debbie Braehler Branham Bridwell Freshmen l l se. Pat Susan Aldridge Allsmiller ll - ' V ,,, ,-,.k V ,. , ,f 1 Mike Bailey Larry Badgett in U - fy X . li Linda Mafgalft Beavers Becker ' V45 Sharon Bob Blankenbaker Blanton Il' , ,Z Mark Bobby Bright Brinly 205 Freshmen F Ks C' A , V ,, . M.: . f k im! zg' ' 4 - FV Barbara Danny Kathy Brown Brown Brownlee 71 ' . .,,. a,-.' X ' ,. AX x 1 Gary Linda Burk Bussey Patricia Mike Calbert Campbell 1 K ,, QA I X 5 Bobby Mary Chauncey Childers , , .V,:,1:Af --J -f rar' ,, Y Q ww f f A. 1 iqwf 45' Fai 1 XX Chris Sheryl Clarkson Clay 206 Ronnie Bussey Cauclill Billy Sue Robin Bryant Bryant Burkle Lauren Cecilia Doug Buster Butler Butler ,. in I "l0lq it --I., Larly Chlsholm 4 Lf X Cheri Cline ea: f hug r 6 ' Mrs. Furmer's students learn to he future housewives, i Susan Debbie Charles Cloutier Coherly Coleman nM,, ,qu lvl"- za ,imvti Donna Jim Sandy Mike Colyer Conklin Conway Cook l I 'Ui X i I 0 I A fe 3 I Shirley Billy Elizabeth' D311 Crisler Crouch Cummings Cunningham if-fi" . Z ,. .f M A . ' ll f .., i fm' xi 11 X ' ,Q ,I Virginia Davis l l r 4 '- J 5-xx 4 V e, .J 2 , E.. Stuclcnls register to vote in mock elections. Robert Dickerson in A '17'T"I 'ffl i . g f 14 F - -i. X Claude Janet Dolly Douglas I Jessie Diana Douglas Dow .f-,v J oe Costanzo Paul Cunningham I - A - sw , vi 'V 13.52 - : .... rash ! if ' . 24551. B ff ox "-x I' ' X, ,-lA!1f'. .,. 5 l Becky Denham Rupert Dickerson Phyllis Downs Freshmen ' Qlluiliie l , ,Z M1 Nga, r- - ' i-,fp Roy Crask "' " ri W? y 3 l allen: I Q 'y V , ills' Ai 'Q' Lf X L, , 1 4, --- i 1 Danny Daviclson Wilma DeSantis Berry Doerr - K-M -y X , iwE5i.if ' ,1 ij i'f., Rodney Doyle 207 Freshmen ,r -ff"'k fl in g: IQ? K ii Ax lg " J . . I li 5 'Q Q ' - ja! R' xfi., L. . u u iaiius! J. ,fh Iii?-' Don Judy Drake Dunaway V 'I K Q sl , as , l .mi-Ei ll 5, iw . Melvin Ells Richard Emhry Llllda John Foley Foree l Michael Shirley Goins Gordon ,Q 1 ,, o , Xt A Vx Phillip Cheryl Hale Hammond 208 Gfx Vickie Edington 1- . ,, V '1 df: 'l" ifllgl'xE2?1Y ,F l Bobby Ernspiker Kenny Gardner Billy Grinstead F l 'Fil D Marlene Hammond Q' 'K il ' fvzlsfg' ngfgl- V A fill ' -Q,-j 'E' Hr! rg ' N' 1 , X i e if W2 X I 'Q Eugena Freddy Edwards Edwards 1 . .v I l David Paula Farmer Farms G A, lv ' . .4 1 f Y ri, V J 1 VT. fy, 71 .x , 3 It , , John Geoghegan lil, -25 ,-- ,,. Gary Gritton o l I Mary Hammond Anne Gilbert Ann Guthrie 'IS 'x L fu- v Anna Hardin ,J I J,-. i G . N X' Judy Eisenloack .,,,5, ,- -Y-- v-Y 'RJ' . . 4 ,., -1 'M lg' .A 'Q 'il ii f XJL ft Sharon Figg Steve Goelzinger Michael Haesler ..-L., , 1 1. Steve Harris r is Richard Ronnie Harrod Harrocl Emily Janet Helm Hite 11 Jenny Pam Roxanne Hatton Hedges Heekin Mary Lou Roscoe Cathie H ite Hobgood Hodge Carol Phyllis Susan H0gar1 Holloway Holloway 1Lt,-.g- X : 3 Patsy Judy Hoclson Hofclich Freshmen . oyb y J ' " 'Qx e1.,. 1 x ' f-.. I,. , wdg Q vw M M W Q , , wh, in ' 1Lg.kkk,l George Heinsohn , " mix: 1 l e H l ?-f: -. r as , Q. r L sl 12955. , Melvin Hodson 1 1 .1?:w-4. ' .w -I ,-.- ' ' 7,1 ' ' ' . I 151' 4- '5':I,E5,:E3' ' ' , go-vs Jfggqgy l W WSW 3. A .- 'mififun ' . , - ,,,', 1,2 O' - l Monty Holmes Es: , . ag- fe W!- i dk ' l iz? .. " iam 'lnl 2i4f'.", ' 3, we . .14 .- n hAwfff?,.1'.,ma Fi is .lohn Robin Betty James Shi rlean Cheryl Hoocl Horton Hoskins Hughes Hughes Humphress mix' 2- ' ,. i Alice Mike Martha Ricky Kathy Larry Humphrey Hu mph rey Hurt Jackman Jacobson Jacobson 209 Freshmen Doris J ones , - -X ' ia? A 7 :2 . J ', 'A H 1 V X lm l -gf, I ,' L. so x XX A I l Michael King Barbara Lane ix fy ,.: Peggy Leecly' , , ,rw John Levy 2I0 fav ""' ' ' Q1 iii l ,y:e9'?Q. 5522 4 , '-. VX I D' N 5 J anice Karlen u Minnie Kinnard Debhie Lay Joyce Lewis 'xr XX Y 'si' wi' A '- , e. sf 1 M . -mxvzzzzwzz 1 Nancy Linebach s:w,--- mi '?"' ' A is QT ""f""' ' ,Q . - -L V N 'V H322 L4 . fi' w.-1.2 S i. 1: Q:-' 'P 3: -::2::.-.1 1 ::n William Donald Sandra Paula Kavich Key Killen Kincaid I ?. i Vicki L Y ike L l x Nancy Doreen Kirchner Kohnhorst Lamb Lalllllflin Ji. Kathy Lee !mi n, 912 ' em ., We , P V? ,H , A ' ' 1 x Marty Freshman girls engage in vigorous physical events. Lewis TEL?" " , , T Scott Robert Lockhart Lose Bonnie Joyce Lowry LUIZ Mike Heather Kent Elsie McCarthy McClaskey McClure McCoy ,-1 '1- "' 7 'levifj X i ixlhlii I-linda Gregg Larry Kennie Nlclvlillan Madison Malone Manion 4 5"'f , N., hd- pq 5-,552 -.,. 1 , Q :V i A 43 , 2 A fs:-is g SJQT an 1. 'QW,a. 'egg 359tP:"i S2Q553fG..:.'1a'3,:4e. Darleen McGaughey . w E i? . 9 511 ' ,. I . William Marshall .-1 " "H -- EJ" Davicl Gary Martin Martin Freshmen X v N s i il E ' ik.. Susan McLaughlin Connie Martin Jimmie Martin ff it do .. . Girls in Home Ee classes find sowing an interesting and Billie Nlike Sylvia Pmfllflble CXPCUCUCC- Mason Mathis Mathis s' M' ' 5 R '. .-- Lair .. a V' Betty Darilyn Larry Kirk Beverly Mike Mathus Meddis Mehr Menefee Metcalfe Meyer 2II Freshmen F to , - - 7,-Ml jf 'B' K 2 9 Lf' xv X I M mngr-. Q 10.35-T , X t " ' .- , ,. James Teresa Lynn Joyce Rose Allen Miller Miller Moffett Moore Moore Moss or Q o c M oo - ' Ei rzxl 'Q ,f ' N' h N' ' iv it ' ifvi . V M, en? , V '.EE' N - V FK- 1 x ,, lah- 5 x 4' lt Milli, L ' , ll" ' X, aj fx, allc!.ll?? t 155352 H .lr o lo l gt fm W ' Glenn Irene Kathy Rick Frannie Donny Muench Murphy Murphy Murray Neal Neill ' -RQ Jimmy Chuck Suzanne Nicholson Nicklies Nimocks ,.-nl"'- 9 Y Q 1 A N f X X M jk! no iw l W M Q - Il Pat Deborah Ray Noel Olinger Parrott ,N xx l 1' 5 g 5 . u N-1 ff V- - f' ' ' N f 3 l:,l'r3f'K- Jimmy Alike John Art students fihel Art I un enjoyable lm.-uk in the duy Patterson Patterson Payne 2I2 l - , I P Jil' 1? 4 Filly j il 11: vy. ' .A Q7- V, Q I if f Q ' irq, in l ml: nfihl XJ Q! 1-X x' " il . , Raymond Peak I ri 4 Judy Potts . UN Eddie Peak L is 6, zfgw , ,,,' . '.',' ' Sharon Poticny S nsqg, 1" vi -"4 , I 1, . X v I . . V! ,jam Q. mf JW lllllilyx 'ix lu P N Danny Peyton if? Vickie Roms I v 'vie nz r-v... i , , . 1 .iii- zgff ix' 5 xv I 1 , -, : I f' ,. ,. .I ,. .V- 'l 1 E Xa .k,,,, NX '- U ' 'ff 'XX xx Home Economics girls prepare for their future roles in life. Ni fa -s- fs 4-.sk Ln ,. iw .W I s f X Q Q1 Mary Vicke Phillips Pollett 2 ,v i Q F 45:- 2 iw f' i . 5. . iii N. .ij jf: 5 15558525 . . is- we u1-Q:ns: Debbie Vicky Powell Powell :Q I D-5 K gi., 'I r -94 P E i- rigl. EEE W P n - . - K wax I4 -Qs h Cathy Waltei' Ray Reger Freshmen John Posey by - i Frank Ramsey Vicky Reid ia, ,ii Richard Linda Skip Hess Richards Richardson 'YN .., , .Q ,'l liii ' 'j, f V 1' . , ia if , in V ' X A , izi , i. U ,, ...o f ui ,si l P ifrgivi, P 5. Y f ' P' . Vsfif 3549 '- , K -If 'l" 1 P my K f3iiFfn:22':1, ' P ff? L - If ?'i'251'f 2 f" 4f.S57'5 'f4T1 Steve David Manuel Riddle Rigslny Ritchie 213 Freshmen as JoAnn Ruth Gail Janet Roart Roberts Robinson Robinson i i fi, Q. Roberta Rosalind Russell Russell Sharon Linda Sahiston Schaefer ,, n '- -,fvf+: af--f yi ml 1 R' L- 1 ,l K Linda Roeclerer , , -. , l l ll .William Schmiclt Tommy Don Schreiber Seehold Robert Kay Sexton Sheets D21 P Marble SICTS Suns Bobble Anita SRIIIHCI Smith 1 2l4 Carolyn Betty Snodcly Southard 'Y nf , ,4 x 'H' , J ii .V - Buddy Harolcl Spi tzer Staniper 4 ,. ,V ' fit.. ,, .... jg Rosetta Shelhy The if . ' P... , - N X N Martha Rose V- , 5 .. J 1 Rohin Schneider Julianne Shelton lil ' ,f ,I :H .zz 13- Charles Mark Smith Smith I l Ronny Stanley Sharon Stefly l Bill Stewart ' , K 7.51 ,f . 53.3.4 gf,1rjQf,.'I3 . fill? 35 54 Anne Sarah Stilz Stockarcl i-fb,- are Cath y Swihart z.-W,-9. "9 VY fa' Bonnie Lilldil Taylor THYIOI' ' .1 1' if, I lrx 1 T Nw? N ay'-1-.' .x Frediu .lim Theresa Thompson Thompson Thompson Maryllene Thornton Gregory Trowel x ,'5. l ,. T '..' 35 ' 4 . ' ' ' "J l ' 1 ,.:5.5.2f-if . ,- . , .9-"' . lv-+ ' 9 , 1 V b . M QS ,Q y . i Ks. - -1 Q- Ginny Freshmen Sue 1 w f lx ' 1- Mike Strunk Sutherland Swan lll Xlfhllx Steve Thoke Debbie Thornhill l 2' . Terri Wayne Laura Tiller Tindall Tingle V fuer Noraleine Linda Trowel Tucker o Martha Tucker mfefrsggar I Debra Richard Thomas Thomas ,, 1 Tarsal Geneva Thornsbury Thornton - " "' . '- fx 1 f' T f' xl' Gwen Crystal Tinnell Tipton f ." :l1?a4QQ2 q A S l 1 S- ' gig, l ,.' , ' 'um Fi , Ron Mike Turner Turpin 215 Freshmen lim .,.:: ,.,.,, V - 'L .1 e fe N 1 5 ' ,, ' VF, .i , , I' 9, . , F U. Jane Vincent Herman Wiblales . '1 l Q, Q-. ffm- it My a I. Zi g 5 .9 W ,fn R A Larry Woodford I . ,E y I M l N- '67 if We as-11:22 ' ..w,'m-A Becky Yunt H y 'Ni W. if 'B' .Q I uf , Janet Zilaart 2I6 . 37 51,1 5 .I ll. V l 1 'fit' W V fs-FE' W ' k I, :M J l :Aa ' S2221 Dennis Phyllis Ronald Janella Edward Wallace Watson Watson Whalen Whitmer Q4 E1 t . a l . ,E 4 E .W N 5 I I 4 . l ' , ' , 4 ii ' Tix li " l 1' Y li I H I Q' - y y -A ry. L ' R X. J A K ll- X 'WA I . 7 5 lx Gany Mary Kenneth Lee Virginia Wiley Willhite Williams Williams Williams Geffllfline Nadine Debbie Carolyn Paula Wordlow Wordlow Yelton Young Young W f l S W f if ll A- v'? The selling of tickets is a weekly event in the football season .fv- 0 5 31.3, 4 M J 1 Eighth rade Linda T0111 Aclanis Alcorn Allen Xt nn. MJ Patricia Terry Allen Al len Donna Allison Robert .lean Winclor Danny Debbie Robert Arnett Baker Ballard Barham Barton Bayne Nancy Pam Robert Becky Jana Roy Bell Beige Bieloh Binns Bishop Bishop Lynn Eddie Linda Stephen L3I'1'jf Carol Black Boston Bourne Bowen Bfaflllln Briclgett l Q ,K gy: tr ,ff . Q" xx, Susan Candy .l oseph Briclwell Bright Brown Q 2 ' W I - ' fi.: t Sandra Broyles lr r Eighth Grade faq - Y- .MT 1 1 - , W w . 'U ,V f -. 1 '-'L' ' - 1 glfgfi s-,Q .. fl .1 ' Y l ,g ,.,1.1... ... 1. -' ,.. . ..,. 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" i , .1 ,. i C Sharon Elsie Irene Sharon Len Cook Corns Cowherd Cowhercl Cox if +1211 5 a ,Y W -Cad 'W U ' oioo - i, " 112.351 f - fin:-ff' Keith Dale Paula Pam Cary Dadisman Daley Davenport Dawkhoff Dearner , i .:i. y 'C L W C i'ii 'I ?.f "f" Imfi PQ:-31 di ' -in X x 1 " ' ua. 212, .g?"5fxwW1tl.5 f'.' X l Dean Bobby Richard Billy George Denny Dick Dolly Downes Dunaway wifi: Yum, -. . Gloria Currie Charles Denning '-, Kenny Dunaway gp- .1 ll Students report on the effects of the election on the nation. 220 fgpmww- Robert Mary Dundan Dunham e '- Dona Durham Gregory Durham '-CC C -1 A' 1- " T .Ls jf DE' ' A3 , 1 X N ff' lr 1 i , xx' x.-L.: ... C Lee Carl Charles Billy Ensminger Ernspiker Ernspilcer Ernspiker Cllllflk Kenneth Fancher Fields Clifford Linda Francis Frazier Jessie Laura Gilclclie Cctziri Eighth Grade Martha Richard Eden Elbert ami 'Ewa' Robert Tommy Evans Ewen I 2 Q f :'::e:a:E ,- r f 'iii ' V f.' ixyx x. 1, Jerry Jeff Carl Larry Fitts Foley Ford Foreman W' "A' ' if rrr ' fre N A li , Eai H212 i i , K -4 - .1 L N. an 3' L,. ' W 1.: f4 ' 'J A gf 1- 1 M ,, ..,. E ' X- ,. ifi ' 1 'gig ' iii xx :EEE'i l' l ,""' X . Q? 'L 9 4 i A- S A X l J 1 V l l N 21 C ll It Il . 1 Charles Forrest Gary Steven French Froman Fust Galahart i l Q- Steven Daniel Gilliland Cimbel Charles Goslee Robert Cnagie Eighth Grade ga all i'? ,-aim, L, . I A 1,1 OQXX '2:'. . S1 1' Q .H 0 ,Q I. ' - -:1--- - , I Howard George Susan Graham Greer Grinstead , Q 2,5 ,,:... ' ' JL N ' - A HH Wwwwxxx V fag ' ' 1 A ll Barbara J oe Helen Hardin Harris Harris '-. 1 , ' -..- V- aa 1 32 ' g li? 1 ::: , - ll 9 ' - A xl, V' 1? ' Il llsjwglll i 3 2:55, x V Ja' t - X l ' N la I in K l Michael Debra David Hickey Hilton Hite l Grace Hoskins -1. Vqu Martha Hughes ' H 'xg E David Isaacs 222 M Danny Jackman Mike Huff as J ul ' -L gr ff, V V ' . G Q , , 'Q ' 5 Sandra Jackson .1 .vi ""'.s A fs-,f V 4 ix John Guthrie Jill Hatfield J ack Hohgood Maebelle Hunter Paul Jamison J fr 'V er. ii-fa Andi? ' L- 2 V 'D-L-,I xg. 'lf K X ' ' Lee James Hogerty Hammond Lynn Stephen Hawkins HHWkiTlS .. lr' nf "4 e Joy Tommy Holmes Horstman .. -V Y ,r- 1' , J ' 7 ' 2 1 . ll l , , U. , ,FQETS-uQf,,, - hliqf Av ith Gail Marcia Hurt Inman 1 il Terrie Chester J ohnson J ones Eighth Grade N il " V I, r ll i t ., 5... Vt.. 'N - Lr g -' 4 , K l 1 V ,-, J' f V 'V 5 A A I II 'FP' .' K' l - . A ' i l :IN Y- kk! HQ! 1, A N-157' , ,4.x'-A -Lug! 52 as-5. J J V rm A .. N . . ei 1 . . .. Jill Rosetta Robert Judy Darrell Jones Jones Kellogg Kessler Kidwell James Yvonne Diane Kinnard Ketlring Klaber Sherry Klink Dale Knain V X . ' -,EYES it A f Barbara King r l V M , J. 1 My Hugo Koehler Judy LeCompte s 4 HL 'lf' X ' l .... lr, .,..,. Doug Deborah Nancy David Gloria Kull Lamhright Langford Lawson Lay a l f 'K v 1 'TE' Richard Glenn DeWitt Norma Richard Lecdy Lever Lewallen Lewis Littrel V ' T .. ' Q 1 l ' TP K M 2 1' J , f James Ann Mary Debbie Dianne Maggard Malone Marsh Marshall Mason Debra Madison I , 'Q ' .' .Q . ' Phillip Massey 223 Eighth Grade I' ,, bv .f5f3"Q E ' 9 1315? . BAQJIE. 111 'Eff pb" Q L Flora Eldon Martha Jamie Donald Mathis Matlick McClary McClelland McDonald rf . . K, I. TI. . Y ' 1? I 51-. ' l - E! .lah ., Y'-91' ' 'Wu X M A' f eaten r - 1 Karen Robert f Kay Mike Jerry McKinney McKnight Mertz Mies Miller Anna Barbara Minque Moore 17? shl xl lklfmmjkf Gunther Ruth Mueller Mullins ,f - l , M ,A lga' M . Gary Joanne Murray Nally 224 Tommy Moore :lla , 1. TGP up ' w ,-W We' -as - 1 e v .C 5 . r D Q me xlfx Linda Murphy Nancy Robert lVlO0I'C lVI00re 1, x 'V' . .Q5 A"-. X, , fb vi' . A i 'gy Q ff . ll x x., Kathy McGaughey . "ffl , . U l . l 1 X Linda Miller :E o lx 1' Jeanette Morton Ann Kickball and speedball are two of the girls' favorite games. Nation I Eighth Grade ,Y H Q 5,1 Q . T L. ' , H -31 i D' 1 I if 'L l ,A e " 2 f if l , 'us U37 l 6 -'P if Y . ' X h w, 1 ' " , . ' A 'wg Gtr' ,I .. '1.g xx 5 ,Q ff Q . N a'X:JXq.I Y 'Ax X mi".-4-1:di'..l'l' I 1 Debbie Sherry Donald Neal Neininger Norton 1 '21 6 fe. .-if-l 'I 'l X " x Ui i N Janie Terry Terre Owen Owens Parris D ,I . l ' . J 1. .8 I Cirlfly Dale Pearce Phelps David Phelps an Mrs. Norman admires her "Teacher of the Week" award. 33 ' P . 4 Q x K X PETER., ibm .U Mary Ann Caroline Ochsner Osborn :. Q -. 14 M l L Tj x ,fu I .W 'A u i 5 u ' rl Denny Keith Patterson Patterson Marcia Marilyn Pound Potter Larry Rose Reading Reece A Q 7-I D Janet Gary Reid Pmeinle A U W . 9' .Qi rss 1 1' ..: Q. X it rrlr r P , .... 1 ! x f in Shirley Ott -' if il we l , 5 -Qs 4 s ..- x , ,sz-,N -ei., N W Danny Patton Sheri Price mos.. :xiii Ann Reed A l egi t .: Hg 5? l 12 iii: ,wt W ' rift" -," T I, It x A V X Diane Renfrow Eighth Grade l NT Bob Jackie Phillip George Dilvight Dennis Reynolds Ricketts Riddle Riebel Riggle Rogers i 1 if ly :A H V , 'I Y Y Q, x ls ,-33 I E ur- , rn 1 I . ,Q .X ' y , l N- - 'ea' f f 'W f X X R Paul Steve Mary Irma Cherie Debbie Rogers Rusk Schaefer Schoenhachler Schweiss Shaver ,' Q J P . 1 V S K, 2' Rebecca Jimmie Roland Beth Edward .luclith Sheffer Shelburne Paul Donna Smith Smith V Cathy Michael Spurlock Stewart 226 ShelbL1l'rl6 Skiles Smith Smith Roy Snasw dei wg Patricia Stewart Chris Sm dei Randy Stoll ' K-ll! , i x lxarlq Cultls Sommer Splun 7 .. W, Gregory Phyllis Stone Stone X-is DQ Eighth Grade Q l 'if' ,Z ' I Diane William Deryl Larry Jenny Taffy Stout Stratemeyer Sweeney Sykes Tanselle Tapp Michael Judy Wesley Hattie LaDonna Ann Taylor Terry Thornton Tillman Tingle Tower B mcg Debbie Keith Myrna Phoebe Willis T1-ou lman Tucker Tucker Turner Tu ssey Tyler Billy Janice Underwood Van Winkle George Mike Walkin Ward 5:3-r Nancy Stephen Teresa Richard Wakeman Walclridge Walker Wallace N--. x0 Belinda Lillie Watson Watson Marcella Watson Earl Watson Eighth Grade Laurie Joe Weir Welch James James White White Yolanda Francis Jimmy Mary Willallell WIHIIIOII Whitaker Whitcomla .limmy Fred Randall Sharletta White Wilbur Williams Williams Linda Becky Denver Thelma Wingfeld Wfright W'right Wfnod A - t ' l Debbie Cathy Wygal Young 1 Steve Gary Young Zehnder fifv,,,t tl ' fa - Boys concentrate f?l on make-up tests. Stephanie Clara 228 Zimmex'm'm Zoeller ' I Seventh rade ii I XJ , 1' .5 ' Xe, fl ESX , rx Dax id William Alice Sandra Brenda Kathleen Adams Adams Ahlstedt Aldridge Allen Allen . I 1 , if ' I -J Z1 ' I 3, F "1-'l1 - . -L. lr -sue d- , l QD .H -Al X1 l'wvj rr-'-.. f, Pi I, I E ,H 1 -Eff 1:-z-7 ' L , Kg sai l . 1. f aa- K- ' V . 9 Q l X , , V. P 5giaig 'ef V K 'H K ' iff. rl ' . . m!'xfu. :5:1l --ui ,XX . Ah -4 A - John Robert Susan Susan .loanne Lori Amhers Anderson Anderson Anfanger Ansell Armstronb !Y... ,Li .. Q l . , A in A ,.,.. V .,,,. llli l ' l l,4' I " A if H A In " l , Pj I U .F 4. ,,, - lln,.nll ' A f J al l iii ' ' il All d ll" do W e l 5 n l 'xl i a Q l Christine Sarah ,loetta Mike Peggy Mary ASl1CI'21ft Baker ' Ballard Banta Barham Bell l .5 ' l "Q-G ll '1 :ri A "' f .gl l l ,. , . mx 6 Stephen Bill William Sheila Freddie Ralph Benedict Berger Berry Bickel Bird Blankenhaker Seventh Grade V, - Patricia Renetta BOHH Bonner ., X iw 5. A '..1:'T.L'7A ..E Qfff' in B I - 'H X Brenda Vicki Burford Burk . I -' Y . ,ri W il Y :': V ' j ln ., James Linda Bossey Butler W fs: 5. .lf tw?-5-.'za,"' fo . 5' st? V 9 ' :" , , " tif ,f aj X , if eerf 2 Brown K IRQ... , .V 'WB l a .F 5" f ilk: -', l Q! "ff 'M at -f 4 - iii F ,J::.'1',' A zigbfn'-:: ,1 .tty :,:,.-,,:,-.r. . . , 'gr-gtg, .. . N , . Q T7' 'Ev'-Sf9i'.zi:f1'lil'.'-51" - : J Eulene Campbell TD T? r Ray Mary Ronald Thomas Brown Brown Brownlee Leroy Michael Richard Cheryl aff-is Burks Burks Burks Bush , an l . Scott Donna Bernice Campbell Carr Carroll 3 - -.-g,'a,1. I .2 V it .YY s V-az.-W ,Ear-aff Ljj , L - ' we ,Y -M fer?a'pa-.' ft - ' Y 1 . . ' . 'f ' . ff ' f Q: 1' 'nf rf' 5,4 Q, X 34, 1, , -':,,.,l, is-5' 'Q sa: " 3 , ' 3: I via. 1 W - .Cf T- ' ' S, 1, ' , ' -1 . -1, 1' "T .- g 11.2 -is , E " ' L- 230 Seventh graders gain practical knowledge .4, in Home Ec V Seventh Grade Michael Charles Tony Chapman Chilton Collett Ernie Janice KHICI1 Colyer Colyer Colyer and af M :L A 1. dnl -vi . "'.. I 'W-.3 A un ....'.' , Seventh graders use water colors in art. Willialll Robert Russell C0lYB1' Cook Coruni Sherry Barry NEIHCY Allison Betty Bobby Cox Crawforcl Crow Cummings Currie Dadisman Janet Dale Judy Lou Ann David Marsha Darnell Davis Dearner Decker Deichmiller Denning 23l Seventh Grade 1 M' r 1 f ' X e '- -A I 4 V7 kN'Qff ' X- -Qs ffl rl 'fl Airy 22352 -. ,f-ff' v ji Z3-V rg, ' X N. '-' 'ip A if , 5, l A P- 'nf all IIYW! El' -ff Brenda Dosia Cathy J ohn Jam es Glendis DeI1'f0I1 DeSantis Dow Drosche Dunaway Duncan lil Bruce Kenneth Richard Ernspiker Erwin Farmer X.. Karen Fleig Barbara Piccol Fitts Fitzgerald l all 'ur' lil 11" M ,. Wayne .lohn Linda Frederick F roman Froman Mary Leslie Doug Gillespie Girdley Gnagie 232 l 'L- " Q N l l U, , i gm" , ., 4 'lx l 131 'if Phyllis Ferrell A!,.,3'1 3 f , "F" .xx-j U . n V Joyce Ford Skip Fishback Denise Finney Ed die Danny Foskey Frank Derek Balham Fulton Gabbard Rui, . , ,ii .Y-eff' -w Debbie Goatley Donald Caddie Bonnie Gregory Goebel Goodall ,ff John Gordon . I Keith Gritton Swing' -5' 'Jai I.. ,s ' fi 5 K -- , :Qi ,ge A, 9. Anna Harrison Mary Hawkins Becky Holloway Seventh Grade 4 i, wg in - .5 li if is Mike Anita Ruth Marmaret Gould Graff Green Greer ' . x , , r,Nf, Anna Grubs James Patricia Wilma Gray Hammond Hammons 1 m N Harold Stanley Mary Harrod Harrod Hart my U "W fx zi' - .'- "' J tif J get ' J 'W' , inf fin X 4. f X . Aubrey Steve Ricky Hayes Hicke Higgason Q ,j"-fiii's .w - srY'a' i Y 7 A r . 5 V I J 4 1.9 ' WST' ' fxi in ti X , , f-1 James Raymgnd Patricia Hood HOITOH Humphress is NY! 5 aw as 'Connie Hatfield Jennifer Griffin f "gfjf'iahta,. - , max Q -. -' . as ' as f . J X , V Er as .. f 'iwff'-k-',...f:::"' 7: 4'-m ei-i f' QL It 'J' '7,x "- . QQR 'im 1 if . 1 Hx- ' 1' Charles Harmon ,. - U 5 : WEP" iz, 5' V.. '- l' " .J 'W as ea , , -ssl' Q E si ir, J J ii haf, lta y.aaa at ' K Q as Larry Hatton Barbara Higgins Sharon Hurt 4 Jag V, L. -. is EH' ' Pamela Hilton ...... - 'Ihrii ,N N " A1.A"'f"i53"Ifmf 1 . , V M l3i1J'gi W -4-ii " affli M if It 4 4543.59 1 ' ga, - as David Ingram 233 Seventh Grade p l 'I'--f J ,f X X Charlotte Glenn Cheryl Scott Ledman Diana Ireland Jennings Jenny Jensen Jewell Johnson 2 A J J Q . ,. ' ij J .M Kenneth Kenneth Linda Martha - Peggy William Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson J W., , li ft ,-, .,., H Wi? " s 9- 3- - t I H X, . . . iQ V: Archibald Edward Harold Lucinda Lynn Robert Jones Jones .l ones Jones Kaelin Kavich Debby Harold Kearney Kelly -'WIJLE2 , r ' J ,.. -if l. 'l vi a-'g kffqf' 1 ' ff' , 1 lft-x t: ROgCI' Ray Kelly Kibert 234 Xl 1f't'l"3f' Core provides a general outline of study for all seventh and eighth graders. Seventh Grade 152' "CV Denise Kiclwell Deborah Lan flers David l.e VV Sixth period math students have two teachers to pay attention to, one on T.V. and Mrs. Thompson. Christine Cathy Susan Debbie Suzanne Kopf Justice Laclegast Lamaster Lamb ! , to X' l xt All .xt f' w I ' ln- .-"at:n',., fb., ,.,- .lzunes Dale Milge Marcia Peggy Landers Lankforcl LHSSHCT Leffler LCVCI' q ee ..e,t.e,..en i Q ...... i Q., 4 ? .2 . 'l' t ' .Q A, I TIL .1 xii! A ll. . l 'xl 35 . 1 u Vtlllltuumtttt at D -. Bonnie Roger Karl Laura Gary Lipschutz Literal Littrel Lockhart Logue a flltllllltt t it t ti - . Joe Janette Long Lutz Donald Malla Maggard lvlaggarcl 235 Seventh Grade fr Y Tv Carla John Marcum Marshall Deborah Calvin Matthews Mayfield UU!- 1- f cj ',', ':. "Q-rw '- . ':':" HM 5i fx - , fx . Q :K e-1 - jf.-. .fgja . - a - X ff " . , I 7 .J 6 " 'fu"- SIISEUI Mary Lou Ma1'y L0ui5e Martin Martin Mm-Lin .,t' H , 11- 1 J. , "l KH 1 hi- E X Q D01-is Sherman Laurie Louamlfr McAfee McAlpin McClary Mcflure 1' M Qs: ':fJL3?li" , -21", l Michael Sarah Teresa Robert McCoy McGown McGreevy McCuirk S32 1 5 1 -1 ' M ' l . ,M ie a' ' Yqu 2' 'Y I. ,. Q ,t..'fLL"h QQ' Wesley Stex en Pau Scott Mertz Meyer Mltchell Mitchell ' W Z9-thrill LY- 3 K N 1 X X Terry Sandy Mike MODIS Moran Muench 235 Jenny Napier Starley Dallas McStoots Melogn Henrietta Moore , . ' Q fa 0 Susan Neal x Seventh Grade Marshall Pamela Lucille Anthony Norman Olcott Owens Owsley Juanita William Larry Terry Perkins Perrine Phillips Phillips CIMGUCC Sandra Frank William Prather Presswoocl Pribble Radcliff ' Wa z '!l1i1'l5a.9h Kathryn Shirley Patterson Peak William Beverly Pillischafske Pitts Lx., ,, , Dianna Michelle Ray Raymer :EJ 'M vb' t t i f :lf ,inf 5 M .5 i iii Q K P qi 9 t ! .. . Wendy Alan Connie Brenda Linda Gary Regex' Reichle Rice Rolnerts Rodgers Rogers yy yi U liililil ,..1 1 - i , I' V, V 'f I fy -, i . '-' "1 .. l Q P a 3 b I eh . f V x .X YQ vjfih Y , . 'XX X' ' . . N dc-I i K'-, , , il ii H ii E' lf iii "li Emily .lohn Archie Patricia Donnie Ronnie Rose Rose Russell Sahiston Sanford Sanford 237 Seventh Grade Stephen Ffonz UI'SLllEl y Joseph Garland Sanford Satterly Schaefer Scrogham Seigle Y -Lf 5, s' Us al U If ficx xt W W Qi :X -4 at lb Ronald Settles 1 ' r A bb S NN- 1 . 74 T3 r' 11' -- "M" ' X W . 4 ' '-'1. M21i.'rf',f' - 1 --" 1- ' A ' ' V ' 'Q l ml- .A .. J. ' ' Cindy Kyle Shermetta Margaret Susan Charles Sexton Shelby Shelby Shepherd Shields Sl'10fI1Br t l'll i V xx :Q qdv v , . 4. l R r t 1 .1 l V - ,I , 'Q W l I 1, ' 4" 535133 , A y 73 Hy. - F: . " ,,y ...-w f N I ilf - 3 Z ' 1 gi-itil wi -, -lt, 1 RJ A eeeeee - S' ia -'4-gf 54' x, 'ea-fx. . in l ' Ricky Donna Gordon Randall Sharron Mark Siers Sine Skaggs Skaggs Smiley Smith ' . Q:-517' 'FV' ' V if R R or aia.o 1 WW y ...i: 4 ,Q Q - ' 'K . V 5, , ' i .S ' ' 5 maine! 1 :am l E Ricky Nancy Brinkey Southerland Sparks Spruill Debra Herman Faye Happy landings! Stamper Stamper Stanley 238 1-F"- as fG,vKl -v--r A harmavne Stealey Marshall Stout Bill'llZll'il 'lkiylm' fa-1, QL Q x . D 1' I nh I L ,xx i i' L I Slevcn Stewart Stella Sutherlanrl 4 ?' ' lie: T Ch '1 rles llllUlI'IIJSUIl . N N Franklin Sue Stevens Sligall Phyllis Sweeney fi. 2. 1 ---- Yliclriel -nt Robin Sykes N21 Patricia Thompson Thompson Thompso Xll Iiuim- p1'vpzm-s sa-wnllx glralcla-rs fur the Sr-ninr Clmir ,hr Teresa Tl1OI'IlSl'JUl'Y 9:2 Gwen 'l'illman David Stomberger l if K f 4- JP, mm? :fx ,wx X iik x 4 ' I 1 if w ga ., x N 5 l p x I A G. J L Dennis Tapp -ZJL -.ff if-,ai-1 ,WZ if Meri will ii Terrie Thompson lx XX- :fl-1?-gi Gary Tiller I MP 4 V "' iiiii f P- 5 A iii? : .,:: .. l Q P .Q x ' l X 1 Patricia Tillman 239 Seventh Grade Tommy Milburn Bruce Lydia Troutman Tungate Turnbull Turner W -fl, N Av' l -V "9 ,M -rj' 'K ' Jane Sandra Tyler Underwood Sheila Jennie Lynda Donald Barbara Beth Underwood Vance Van Hook Wallen Walker Waters . l4,E: szfffw-if WMF Joseph Robert Kurt Bryan Watson Weaver Weir Welch .R ,jim JI., ,s " f-7' ,.,. ' .1 1.-I , r " A 6' 4, z,-' r L' ' .E Li Tim-.5., 1- K 1.111 ,G Q.: . fig! lx -r4:w'?iX Eff' 5 ' fi. C2 affix, o 'Lg 1- A v-"' - ,..a. 7 L. A. 'E -fa.: - .lesse Mary Denise Linda Williams Winburn Wingfield Woodford yah gif Q .L Catherine Leonard Lola J anet Wright Wright Yapp Young 240 un- 1- James Nicholas Wheat Wi Ike Morgan Danny Woodward Workman lt "" Charles George Yount Yunt 3 ,, Q. X U Ml C M' T X 'Ili in diff' Q wr-4104 -144, will RESTAURANT , , 1 L I, , - 'lbvyll ,H-5 "Q1qi"'1 ' 7 an f A , v f DRlVE IN A 4 "' X7 . - -ffm uv K W m l 'A-We!! shelbyvalle Road Phone 245-8833 E. H. S. s+uden+s frequenfly mee? ai' Jerry's. J F U R D L Complimenis of ,,, JOE BROWN FORD, INC. "House of Service" N-,. 402I Shelbyville Road Louisville, Ky. ASHBURY DRUG CO., INC. "The Prescripfion Drug Siore of SI. MaHhews" Sf. MaH'hews, Ky. 895-54I3 J-TOWN D-X 267-9980-24 hour wrecker service BILL DAILY AND DON NEAL J-TOWN BARBER SHOP Four Chairs The iIIusIrious E gl SI If I lc J-Town Shopping Cenfer Compliments of DEAN'S TIRE SERVICE I036 Soufh Four'I'h 587-68II Kentucky Balfour Company I533 Soufh FirsI' SI. Phone 635-6338 E. H. S. Seniors receive 'rheir rings early in 'rhe fall. CLUB PINS CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DANCE BIDS AND PROGRAMS PERSONAL CARDS WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS wiv- I Congrafulaiions Io ihe class of '65 W. B. WALLACE Complimenfs of DAWKINS BARBER SHOP 1'ERRY'5 TEXACO SERVICE RAY HORTON T.V. SERVICE 3300 Lexgngfon Road Jeffersonfown, Kenfuclry Louisville 7, Keniuclcy AN 7'l33l ESOTERIC BEAUTY SHOPPE I9I6 Bardsfown Road Louisville, Kenfucky Your Ivy S'Iore in S+. MaH'hews MR. MRS. Korsucov db 4? '. Haberdashers 'Io Genflewomen 3702 Lexingfon Road 895-0949 Q? GOOD ODI bf W e MARlo's if "J II'aIian and American " Dinners M555 ' X Carry-Oui Service 'LB' Now 6 Locaiions Complimenis of MIDDLETOWN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Bes'I' wishes Io I'I1e class o-I '65 from SNODGRASS. WILLIAM. and 'ARRY iz 'Ie ,L ' ' ,x I, Ulfiuuullullv 0 'III lil , iJ'lILpW WW- -ff .ef J rf fy I Lk ,A 'fb' 7 7,1 , fa' wi I". I W II " L, , A' ml 'V fflxlu Kg , J 1 Xu, .bf ,. L.. ALL! - gl . wlf 'INR U' U y. .W H' Compliments of iinfkf My pl, OI! A f :JK L 0, I A L2 3, f I f . - ill' .L 'Lx U 'Ufcilf POWELL BROTHERS DRY WALL co. IOIOI Taylorsville Rd. Jeffersonfown, Keniuclcy Phone 267-7665 Congra+ula+ions lo lhe Class of l965! Southern Bell Telephone Co. Complimenls of LYNDO'N TV 81 APPLlANCE CO. 8058 La Grange Rd. Phone 895-l928 SANDER'S CLEANERS in S+. MaH'hews and Middlelown Complimenls of HIGHWAY 60 BARBER SHOP MIDDLETOWN SINCLAIR Highway 60 245-9957 Joe's Pizza Hikes Poinf Complimenls of MAPLE INN '94I0 Taylorsville Rd. Jeffersonlown Com plimenls of MOORHEAD CHEVROLET 'Lily' T I free decorafing service HOUSE AND GARDEN furniiure draperies carpefing MISS LIL 3354 Hilres Lane lnlerior decoraior GL 9-3220 Complimenls of A FRIE ,N m 0 J U jiri? JEFFERSONTOWN PHARMACY GlBB'S FLORIST Serving Jeffersoniown and Louisville I0526 Waiierson Trail. Jeffersoniown Complimenls of FOREMAN'S FUNERAL HOME Complimenfs of MIDDLETOWN AUTO SUPPLY 204 N. Madison Middlefown, Ky. Complele Line of Aulo Paris 246 Complimenfs of KARZEN HOMES 2205 Weslridge Road Louisville 22. Ky. 425-2900 587-6240 25 Years' Experience ABC WELDING 81 REPAIRS TRAILER HITCHES BUILT AND INSTALLED WELDING-BRAZING ENGINE BLOCKS WELDED BURK ZOELLER IOI9 E. Main Sl. THOMAS AUTOMATIC CAR WASH "Quick, Dependable Washes" Hiltes Poinl' WHITE'S BEAUTY SHOP New Locarion-New Spol' 267-662i THE CORNER SHOP , , :Eg ,,,,iE5,7 ...V . , Jas' B? ,,, G xg, ,,ik fm ' ,- -f- :1,- ------v T 'P' w ei V Y I,...'- Iful 'PT l ' VIE: S '5 HI. e A Humaniiies sludenl ponders arl work ai' lhe Corner Shop. LIGHT the WAY to better learning Complimenls of MIDDLETOWN MANOR SWIM CLUB PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO., INC. Louisville, Kenluclry NORMAN GLASS COMPANY U Glass-Mirrors-Piclures There are many usciul and rewarding years ahead for our young people 4206 Shelbyville Rd. Ph' 895-4275 who arc studying their way to more knowledge and better undrrstandmg. Now is the critical time ro guard your eyesight, the precious gift to read- ing and learning. Read with the right light and save your eyesight. Don't C I. ll ll I let hindsight hinder your foresight. At home, in school, in the library, omp 'men 5 O :lycyyl'glr51tyou read, good light makes easier reading, quicker learning, DR. C' Wa believe our :ide I enjoy I It I b -1 1 f h I CHANDLER'S UPHOLSTERY EZ'Z'1'IZIg'3'5ZIIi,,i"?.'ii'.S2ZIL'5 1735: .... MMOWH Fygffufe Uphmggg CH sm Q1 5 LOUISVILLE GAASK.Q:iEmEl15fTRIC COMPANY SHAHEEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Hilres Poinl "Name Brand Cloihinqn FRISCH'S BIG BOY ca-x 50 Home of the BIG BOY- America's Favorite SH ELBYVILLE ROAD HIKES POINT POPLAR LEVEL ROAD AT f Q 2 Ny! Q J INDIAN TRAIL EXPRESSWAY Meef Ihe gang ai 'rhe nearesf Big Boy affer The game or order by phone and Iake 'em home. Our Besi' Wishes Io EasIern's Graduafes of I965 And Our Hopes Thai' Ihe Fufure Holds Success and Happiness for You AII. Complimenls of Complimenls of David Drane WIU-HITE FUNERAL HOME MOORHEAD CHEVROLET CO. Mld4'-ll9I0W"- KBUIUCPY Creslwood, Ky. CH I-8459 WHIPPS MILL BARBER SHOP , "Four Barbers fo Serve You" SERVICE 9-B Monday-Friday 8-6 on Salurday I elown' Kenlucky Congrafulafions, Class of l965 J, from Beh 1' ' MIDDLETOWN er f Il KENTUCKY CLIPPING SERVICE ,519 I UTILE af' GIANT 3ll N. Evergreen Rd. Middlelown, Kenluclcy famous brands designer fashions MIDDI-ETOWN PLAZA E550 and labels originals UPU' ' llge' in You' ml". EIGHT MILE PHARMACY "Where you gel service wifh a smile" ALL FIRST QUALITY AT DISCOUNT PRICES ' L ' 'll "' ws" e BURGER QUEEN DOWNTOWN SUBURBAN BURGE Shelbyville Rd. 608 W. Merkel Sf. 8007 Shelbyville Rd. QUEEN Middleiown Ky. JU 3-1056 TW 6-6019 X ' S OLYMPIC CENTER Easlern High School sludenls find billiards a relaxing sporl. WIEHE PHARMACY "ln Business for Your Healih" lOl I6 Taylorsville Road LYNDON KEY MARKET T A 8046 La Grange Road . . Congrafulalions ro 'l'l1e Class of '65 TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE ALLIED TOOLS 8. SUPPLY co-MPANY Wf5i,',j'j,?,f',f0TfDR 2 ff-- l Im' " Congrafulaiions :f55f5'??1f55f5?5::5 yup' ,,.. 9 Pu. 5 252 R5C5'52'f55' To Easfern's Graduafes 830 S. Firsi. RUFUS C. KING, 585-5I26 Realror R. C. KING, JR.-Associafe 245-4I I6 245-5802 entucku filed Khwken I39 S+. MaHlnews Ave. Besl' Wishes ro +l1e I965 TALON STAFF Glu' llvntlu-r ,-Slzup 127 X, :Siu-rriu Alu' UH 5-Mun Complimenfs of Comer Wesfpod Road MR. AND MRS. F. B. CORNETT 2294 Lexingron Road al' Cave Hill Corner, Elley Ave. BOB DYKES BARBER SHOP CENTRAL KENTUCKY MORTGAGE CO., INC. 3333 Bardslown Road Louisville, Kenluclcy 459-5535 F.H.A., G.l. and Conventional Home Loans RAY GUY JIM HAYES BRYAN SUMNER NIGHT OWLS Available for Ieen clubs and dances Pal' Burnfin. Manager Ph. 257-SIBI TEN PIN LANES . EN F! en owin a an i 4aelCslIelbIIvillI :oily d N8?7III:II727 GX " all Phone 845-4005 Fasl' Service F. by Hi hl sk-n a " copwfghm Teciniizians e P .rf Austin PWC: FANE'S T,V, SERVICE Pryor'sPride-Fried Chicken BILL FANE Owner Shelbyville Road Box Slorage Ph. 267-IOI6 The Iwo loesl places lo eal Every Garmenf Cuslomed Cleaned al HOME and al PRYORS RAY Choice Sfealcs-Seafood-SpagheHi ANDERSON On lhe Shelbyville Road al Hubbards Lane Qualify Cleaners IOIO6 Taylorsville Rd. Jeffersonfown, Ky. The gift that only YOU Con give . . . l YOQR PHOTOGRAPH Q ww ' M - JA A ,bw r'7,Mi0,p! xx 'K KAU FMAN'S OF KENTUCKY "Your cloihes besl' friend" STRATHMOO-R APOTH ECARY Congrafuallions fo 'Ihe Class of I965 MARTIN'S AUTO SERVICE II5 N. Madison Ave. Middlelown, Ken'I'ucI:y DIPPERWELL RESTAURANT Shelbyville Road BEI-3IA'S CLEANERS 7907 Shelbyville Road Phone 896-0339 CAY BARBER SHOP L . ,H 22 K + k CongraI'uIaI'ions Counfy Champs OUISVI 8 , eh UC Y CompIimen'I's of Z5 . JIM Boo!-IER 55 Swim ? for Z5 5,121 beH'er ff' . g 'cs 1 dairy I su V ,I producls if' . .'.,,.fzy1f ll ' gf.. II FZ' emember ,gg TWEED AND TARTAN, INC. Sporfswear and Imporfs MINISH 81 POTTS Flowers I565 Bardsfown Road 45I-8500 II00 Fairmeade Road 896-0586 4050 WesIpor'I' Road TW 7-I573 24'-4626 GREENFIOUSES-CRESTWOOD, KY. BeHer Values al' BACON'S Congraiulaiions Io 'rhe Class of '65 Complimenis of D. M. F. Congralulaiions fo I'he Survivors of Ihe I965 school year. "Bes+ Wishes 'Io Ihe Class of '65"' WARD'S HAIR STYLES I08 Fairfax Ave. 893-5335 PATRONS' PAGE Middletown Apothecary Dr. L. R. McCIary Dr. E. M. Holmes Auntie Ree Dr. Pierce E. Ray Jennifer Lynn Guy J. W. Wilson, M.D. Colley's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. August Baker Grossman's Department Store Dr. Dunn Middletown Norge Village Talon Staff Class of '65 Student Council lit , . .,.',... - ' ,ff A ff at . l A ffjfi ,, y':.f"b, f' .ff ff 71,111 Af - L 'z' I ll Y 'M ,f Q ,U clk, ff ,f ,, 1 A '19 kHGN9ylfYOf l3ff'bL .it f1,LL 7bC 7 X 5 C LL3W" f ', gL+'f.b ilfuw U Gyfap 3 .4 C, V -JEL! V ff f ' VLL' , I, A V fr, ' . 4, f +1 'I W W LJ W Lf Wf'W5 J , of 1 ,lM ,Up 701,14 J JW , .l Q, 4 , X fy ! 1 fb Lf K NBUJ5 W7 J kb JLL P604 4 1. L '. A, 7x-,f ,-sk, LJ" A, ! QL' 1 Aav ff I ,LJ 1 KX , L' 'X . ,a 1, Lf- .L X L , fl I! ' V X 1 I .V , Ol , . XZ! I y ,O , ' ' 1 H 6 U 4 ' 'I 0 . J V j . Q L pf O QM . V 1 Vi, 'X 'fl 1 Lf 4 1 f CL LL O 7 W0 If YJ I X 1 ,1 x 5 ML J ijt J ai j jfffflf4' H A 71 W LL IXLCV 3 f C74 Of 07 W CWM f760W Mix jdjwg, ,ML ,QQ ' JM' ' QQU,-4 wid! wwf l . WW QQ52Q: F Ui in Mix X . MxMWWfQ1f up QQ, WQWLMQWAM Xgbb . ucggxsf-0C,f1f W iw of CQ QQ, 'mi 'H 1, us" ,I " ' ,,1 Q , : L jgfuln 4 H, A I x. , . U ff 'AI Q. 5 1 ' I , 5 j ' ' J fl J' V ' I 'i "qi 1- 1 yr' . G v . p , u "1 , 1' -VJ 0 4 -J I N: X ,lx 5 f 1. ' A Z 7, ' P K ,s L IJ 4: Y ' i ,, ' K, It Q J I , , Y f ,I 'Y ' . x rw Q 4 I 1 - " . if b 1 1 ,, - N I " ' J 7 .ji K J " U ' 'T a-' U u J 4 F ,, 0 , . q a N 1, I x ' ,lu rf 0. - ' V' ' 1 5, K ' ll , J I f ,-L, 1, A 7 , I i l, Wv jiwjfv wv WWWWfM W M TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY - W I3 "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 57,29 im. 1?"Q?2Qf Eff A Hfffiiiffigi fi? 1 5 X1 l N . Q 'yi Oifgiiiga Tfgff Db .NU ,JW Gif ,gf VJ w M 4 jrggwaww -Q'

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