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1 fi 4-gi H V - . X ? 4.685 L, EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL BALTIMORE MARYLAND voL UME Lxlv WATCH OU 77 '82 has come and gone the best you're yet to see. So step back 'cause here we come- the Class of '83l COLL L IP Qggttnev METER-9 661 5330? amz, if K kd' .drifbu xy., Vt' vr uv six' me' ..- "V i I l ' A -vmhk, by x 3, 5, gg , gi f Ll ' Q sei A f Y ! 4 , f A f Q A, ,A LLA 49, W i ' T W X eq ' ' uf M P ,Q ggi A awww I 9 A H .U Vi wr? Q, i,, iw MY f ,L 1' ff IMUSTI I have only one life to live and that life is mine. l'll pick up on the posi- tive and leave the neg- ative behind. To have my happiness I must leave sadness alone and to reach my goaL I must run all three bases until I make it home. Barbara Henley ' by 'rn X xx TREASURE We treasure our thoughts and memories, We treasure the good times and bad. But also we treasure the students who ga ve us a hehring hand But most of all we treasure what we are becoming, and what we will be, the most successful class there is. the class of '83, Ronda Epps 'fox W? J f - 1 , ,w,.z. K ,, ' K ' u?ASFf'?'M-'ff'7:'fwlif,"i fi'-"' 71' .,'L-- 1, . M , 5, l M , sf , ' f-Aa' A? ,elsif l 'WMS' :wa ' xl at 1 -xt Class Advisors, Ms. Williams and Ms. Thompson, present our Mascot. Class President, Kelvin Harris, wel- comes the audience Ms. Goslee, our speaker, is presented with a gift by Shawn Hampton. .IU IOR D Y C x Our Mascot .IU IOR D Y MAY 5, 1982 il if Theresa Hart. Kenneth Coles Having a balll Our Mascot. Winnie-the-Pooh Sharon Doughert y E Class Officers and Advisors Annette Holder Singing the class song Karen Webster ' S 5 6 E i E , 5? Introducing the Sophisticated Ladies of the l980's Patrice Tucker- Steppin' Outl Sonia Wilson- Downright, Upright! Rhonda Epps- Strut Your Stuff! Janet Gyant- Comin"in with the 80'sl Charisse Mallory- Sophisticated Ladyl Next in line was our own version of the com- mercial "Schmidt's Blue Ribbon Bread" with.- Sharon Johnson, Lolita Buie- .lam and Bread . . . . . that's what it isll Shirley Wiggins, Sherri Washington- Sing that Song x4 My 4 ,f fix al 25 s CLASS MOTTO: SUCCESSFUL WE WILL BE FOR WE'RE ww if fgf W W? mswmmm WWW THE CLASS OF ' JUNIOR DISCO PASCAL 5 MAY 5, 1932 ..' 1 I I , 913121: 3 Y I A, G , A4 , . A fp faqs , fy 5 . my M, W 1 .S 'f A ZW if ,MMM ,f .-www . W UST THE TWO OF US! .,,,,.,,,. wx, f ,Ls 'D N aa 5 N-- f . x YJ, ,.. .ff SENIORS INAUGURAL OPENS SCHOOL YEAR KURT SCHMOKE SPEAKS On October 26, l982, Eastern High School held its first assembly of the l982-l983 school year. the Senior Inaugural Assembly. At this assembly seniors were recognized as members of the Class of I983. Seniors were dressed in their class colors, green and white. In his speech, Mr. Kurt Schmoke, Baltimore City States Attorney. stressed the importance of education in his own life, and de- scribed how many local high school students hekred him in his recent successful election campaign. I J ':Z 'lf I , .e.,. ., -9.-.9 V Is,-: :Es . . ., '35-' -riff." 'EI S5 'Srl 5 l '1 5 'S . slaa P, l 1..: , 5 L .,. . I gd , V , :',:E . V,,kL 5 A A X 4 E Q D 1 gxsfiggg, E , 5-F .1 -V ? K K 905 Xvtfjfgff? L S fb' Y JY " s o 'sf es M ' "-Q is ww 'S 5 a A egg 2 QL, , if W . xx W X 0 f 9 r 2 'f xt . f ' CANDLELIGHT L- 1 If 'iw ii i jig I wg if ,4 I 44' 1 . V I CA NDLELIGHT DECEMBER 21, 1982 1 f rf-1 0 IV l The annual Candlelight Ceremony was held in Eastern's auditorium at I p. m. on December JL l982. The class en- tered presenting a ceremony of lights to an audience of parents, students and guests. The candlelight proces- sional is said to be the most beautiful part of the program. There were musi- cal selections offered by Eastern's Band and Gospel Choir. A nativity scene with a gospel reading was pre- sented by members of the senior class. The class of i983 sang Christmas carols and led the audience in a Christmas sing-a-long. A Yuletide prayer was of- fered by Rev. Theodore Jackson. The class of I983 then recessed from the auditorium. After the assembly. the class members received their memory books. , ly Q I of s . f f it - I A' JN' f x N f , X nn , f -'W "' F., X, y ' '!, ' Xl l' 6- ff: K ? ,sffnilffiiin . sa- , 1 L W el , 1 ,af 4 1.- i ,., if 5 f X M. ,Y . I JGMJGN class of 'sag wah we Seal, bat we wohlal aa fhahh aaa for ahcl wlost of ecaasa 'DHD of the ss the s to lj . Wlahl, hola b lt lar a parents cahhot ahpra to sag thahh rt, ahcoaraae aahts wa' ll bash allllch " argthlha Words ahsc, sappo had tho have all 60 llha to p goal aalalahce, all, your love. Gharls gowae bash there whah tlwlas hs, you have alaeh as assarahca th will be all right". , thahhs Maha ahal 'Daal lar aaarathlha. wha the class al '98 E So 'El l a a FACULTY Dear Graduates: lt is with great honor and pride that I wish to commend each of you on your graduation from Eastern High School Over the years, your education has prospered because of your efforts and the encouragement, love and advice of your family, friends and school staff Although Ihave only watched you for a short time, Ihave been very pleased to see you demonstrate qualities of leadership and concern for others which is an excellent model for others to follow. Now after many years of hard work and dedication within a sheltered environment you will embark into a rather cold, tough, and limitless world As you step out, do so with confidence. careful planning, and unbounded energy. Use your mind in making wise resolutions but never feel too apprehensive to do your best. Utilize your talents to serve your fellow persons and always hold our noble motto foremost in your mind, that it is far better "to be rather than to seem." With all best wishes 5 Ernest Tha yil l982-83 4 Assistant Principal, Mrs. Georgia Brown in ' A ADM7iUIAg3Til'ThayiIO Assistant Principal, Mrs. Yvonne Harris Assistant Principal. Mrs. Dorothy Johnson 0 Barbara Birt BU INESS Bettye Eubanks ,5,vJf."" Hn Shirley Chambers Vera Harcum Laislene Mclntyre Parham Flaryne Mclean Dolores Mears .loan Praescher Patricia White Edith Whitmore, Department Head Burnette Williams Robert Adcock r .,?4f, LIBRA R Y Glenn ART xi Joanna Hanson '35, . ,' X '4- xgvfxkyk x xfwmx, :wx 1 awk Ann Gay Warren Schwartz PHYSICAL EDUCATIO wwf: W YW H, Mable Wilson ff"ifW.., Patricia Lewis Rosalind Davis Gl0fi3 Mfcleafy ENGLISH Bernie Wenker Werner Jordon Joyce Kramer Nancy Baker- Department Head ,Ioan Stukes Edward Murphy H "" , 4 ,M La Nella XA' Mary Ann Yannuzzi s. . if K xx K Thompson. French Edwin Ford William Bleich Richard Terrill K-'f H+- -. . ,li Wm Alonso Ward William Hall Faye Renwick. Department Head 2 ff 1 Theodore Jackson Barbara Sweeley Bangalore Rajagapal EX CEP TIONA STUDENTS fi if f do Linda Noel Richard Speaks Harriet Symonette W4 A.. ,, , .W mbsamzlf Elaine Crawford MA THEMA TICS Edna Montgomery Da vid Ladenheim Rachel Smith John Sexton Paul Evans W.-f " Ev -L'- 4' V , ' W .E 4-. Q A , L, if Mr. Daniel Pierce Mr. Robert Ragin Mr. William Bowen SOCIAL STUDIES Ms. Joanna Langston Ms. Ida Hines Ms Margaret Blades Mr. Alex Baxter ff f N 43 r n - Q :'. I ' Q-.- 3 x. Sym SCIENCE K? Donald Wessel , Edward Elliot Marion Bowers Elaine Kurlander Rubl' I-ee Margaret Leary ,M E Euodias Parker Alvin Pierce Sallie Parkham. School Nurse Carolyn Peck, Counselor Nahketah Gregory, Counselor V WN- 'fi Sandra Collins, Social Worker Carrie Langley. Counselor Robert Levine, Counselor Elizabeth Gladden Jacqueline Alston Margaret Howard Ruby Boulware SECRE TA RIES N-.Nm Marion Edlaw Harriet Neale 5 CURllY STAFF Mr. Ed Young Ms. Glendora Evans, Ms. Elizabeth Kelly SUB Tl TU TE TEACHER Mr. Anthony Moore Ms. Richardson IN fl Af Mrs. Hilda Landers SPOR T5 TEAM MEMBERS Top Row LtoR: Manager, Valerie Brown: Myra Saunders, Edith Callahan. Patricia Satterfield, Daliah Hickman, Manager, Yvette Colbert Middle Row LtoR: Man- ager, Valerie Williams, Nicole Stokes, Wanda Dixon, Dawn PurnelL Janet Dease, Coach, Mabel Wilson Bottom Row LtoR: Lolita Buie, Bernice Christian, Rosalyn McKinney VARSITY VOl.l.EYBAl RECORD North western Lake Clifton Dunbar Patterson Northern Eastern 0 Eastern 0 Eastern 2 Eastern J Eastern 0 Eastern 0 Eastern 0 Eastern 2 Eastern 0 Eastern I Eastern 2 Eastern 0 Eastern I Eastern 0 Douglass Southern North western Lake Clifton Dunbar Patterson Northern Douglass Southern , . M VOLLEYB LL Top row. L to R. Audrey Allen. Gisele Lawrence, Patricia Green Lisa Leak Coach Ms Linda Mitchell. Bottom row, Manager, Renee Scott, L ydla Gilmore Cynthia Harris Angela Rue E2 XXX K if EA 5 TERN ' FIRST . M FOOTB LL Posts 3-2-1 Rfcokn h w 5 Team members: Manwell Rankin, Anthony Allsberry, Frank Williams Daryl Sutton, Trueet Purnelb Gary L yles, Raymond Baylock, Derrick Patterson, Tony Harris. Ouentin Goodwin, Tim Sprucebank David Brown. Keith Lang. Maurice Moody, Austin Brown, Joe Green James Kertley, Tom Bell, Michael Horn, Da vid Maynard, Lawson Suber, Paul Lee, Britt Mosley, Tyrone Brown, Donald Jones, Mike Scruggs. Shelton Clark, John BlackwelL John Polk, Ruben Carter, Linwood Bethea, co-captains: Calvin Booth, Dwane Banks, Managers, Stephanie Jackson, Trina Rodgers, Tracey Vaughn, Terry Watkins, Wanda Jefferson, Mack James, Angie Rose. Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern ,VY ma f 453355 it Edmondson Patterson Dunbar Mervo Lake Clifton Northern Leading Scorer Manwell Rankin 24 points Leading Rusher Frank Williams 413 yards Leading Defensive Points Calvin Booth 228 points Most lnterceptions Austin Brown K E H The Eagles' soccer team finished the season with a 6- 7 record includ- ing two shutouts over Carver and two six goal games over Edmondson and Southwestern. Coach Dan Pierce says that he is proud of the progress made by the team in this. only the second year of varsity soc- cer competition for the school Leading scorers were Rupert Knight with I5 goals on 29 shots and Dino Abe with 8 goals on 39 shots. Q am.. .ng K 'L . ' K llfiiggfik-, - 1 'A mK"fL 2 , il wi " ,Q A .. A A S I ' K, x Q? -K K M .L rf 1 ix?-r '+V i A V k I f ,V . LL , ,QS gi h K Q, A . t 4 ,Q Qt, . , x. 'WX I ,w ., L- k is . ff V , f , J - ,gnu fm, I - L Ng If ,Ffiflffi . -1' M ' k Lf: NM:-fig,-ff 1 fu 4, mg L V YN Q H Xi' ax Q7f2L x 4 fs W5 x XE Ql 'riff 'X . I K N J sf fm ' I 1 1 SP fx X . ' Q 3 , N., i ,K if i 'f ex 4' ' .. I x K K 36 x 1 ' i Q Q 1 -I-L 5 i 5 Q, . A e,,, N mmf Q A , H1 , x i '- - i 1: '7' :uw J' as x , YE Lg X. y xiii? X -L X xr if x 7 P' 'y A X ffm X K xf 'nik 'SN i K x gf - , kk J I, .iwxxx W 0 . .ww A . I- xr . . W? ii, Q .L A RL JV BASKETBALL Warren Sch wartz, fcoachj, Shelton Clark. Dwayne Banks, Calvin Booth, Zan Ford, Eric Scott, Fred Reene Kneel- ing: Kevin Cornish, Tim Taylor, Wallace Brown. Eric Horton, Britt Mos- rey 433 4234 Record J. V. Basketball Eastern 4l Centennial Eastern 40 luthern Eastern 29 John Carroll Eastern 34 McDonough Eastern 67 Severn Eastern 63 St. Pauls Eastern 55 Boys latin Eastern 54 Gilman Eastern 4l John Carroll Eastern 62 Park Eastern 70 luthern Eastern 40 McDonough Eastern 80 City Eastern 32 John Carroll 39 Won I4 log' g League 7-3 regular season high scorer- Calvin Booth l3.6 091 pts. 2 Assist. leader- Eric Horton 72 leading rebounders- Calvin Booth l08 and Eric Scott i861 X 1- to a. 10 gl . if 6454 .fri Q ls. A 49- 'J s .W F!- ' 1 5 gy zyy 4" 24. 45? X. ag.. 5. M Ti is Z 5, wi 'yy 'M if 5 4,51 AW, 1? Eastern Opponents Eastern 45 Carver 83 Eastern 58 Carver 7l Eastern 57 Forest Park 64 Eastern 48 Centennial 81 Eastern 56 Lutheran 69 Eastern 27 McDonagh 56 Eastern 49 John Carroll 70 Eastern 58 Severn 49 Eastern 57 St. Paul 73 Eastern 39 Mt. Carmel 45 Eastern 54 Boys Latin 7l Eastern 70 0.71 Gilman 62 Eastern 5l John Carroll 68 Eastern 59 Park 38 Eastern 64 Lutheran 84 Eastern 52 City 58 Eastern 47 McDonagh 60 J W ,. 9321 :A W VV , , V A 4 ' Y is gi film? - - - fivqqig .4a,,taa 4V,4V V Front row: Manwell Rankin, Eugene Smith, James MurrllL Darryl Sutton. Paul i ' it Lee, Ouestor CampbelL Back row Kevin Commodore, Doran Anderson, Der- ii lse, rick Williams, Charles Patterson, Columbus McCraie, Lakitus Wimberly Coach 1 i f-1 A j 4 Paul Holmes, Managers Shawn Merrith, Karen McCaskiIl ' , , -.,, Vit, ff hais A K BO YS VARSITY BASKETBALL A W ig Q l 5233 N A 'I L4 5 if ff Z M W 'Qia- X,- 'X 1 eq 1 R i 3 Xin Ill Ill Ili Ill IRE W5 -va .5 WS? iw 4 A K Q 1 ' 'fi N ' ,, - 'NI iz Q 5 ll! 1 up Ulu ' ill! a ' PM Q hm 5 Q If BOY BASEBALL Front Row Left- To- Right Maurice Moody, Wayne Vice. Eric Berryman, John Rodgers, Greg Alston Michael Thomopson, Herman YeaL Jeffrey Lewis. Jacqueline Redd- Manager. Back Row iCoach - Richard TerrilL Calvin Booth, Derrick Wedding- ton. Joe Greene Timmy Sprucebank, Eugene Smith, Douglas McCray, Michael An- derson, Tracy Powell. Manwell Rankin. Michell White- Manager. X J f , if -.-wa. 4,355 ',epf,g Wwe -ig if W 50 'ir p Hifi! 'T'-Q'L4'i.i w 44121,-,s' 4 -nz'-'Q 'fu S, Q, . ,ffl www--v us, . .NX GIR Back Row I. to R: Kim Williams, Edith Callahan, Daliah Hickman, Patricia Green, Valerie Williams, Front Raw L to R: Manager, Mack James, Marlene Lovette Myra Saunders Petrice Randolph, Thoma- TRA CK sena Muse, Sharon Digge. Coach, Linda Mitchell N' Qfkwes- We W N NSN aka? w M W 'M' 'X g kamxwc MM wiki 'P 'haw 'W' -mm! v Q 1 sftiem.m-fmxwtwya ww my W WW ww www AQ. bw me N 33x was' , E w .'-: f-' , ,,g, ' f - i " A "W' f g m, - , ' W -is 9 A--- - M Q-4 rf I Qg4,.QwN.aswww5-lg , affffafe -f X ' , W: K, . l xgfix- ,K K, ami .. , .L I , 5 -av! K s -'x F. Ye -. 3 lil 1 J, . .2 x X ...x b Eastern Eastern Eastern BO YS TRACK Team Members: Eric Horton, Halman Hunte, Chevell Waller, Thomas Bell, Dennis Jones. Darnell Palmer, Coach Richard Nixon, Keith Matthews, James Kertley, Arthur Purnell. Raymond Baylock Assistant Manager Anndell Laurence, Kevin Jones. Sean Green, Lonnie Howie. Timmy Taylor. Dwayne Banks, Manager Colleen Pino, Manager Gwendolyn Jones TEAM RECORD Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern EAstern Eastern Eastern f - 1 t . invitationul Carver Relay Lost SouthWestern Won Lost Dunbar Won Lost City Won Won Patterson Lost Lost Cardinal Gibbons Won Lost Curley Won won Loyola Lost Invitational M.5.A. Invitational M.S.A. Invitational M.S.A. us. w Q, W . ,mu . . , 1 .4-ii 53 Eastern W Eastern W Eastern W Eastern L Eastern L Eastern L Eastern L Eastern 2 Eastern 4 Eastern 5 Eastern I Eastern 5 Eastern 2 Eastern 3 City L Friends L Forest Park L Calvert Hall W Patterson W Northern W Boy's Latin W Northwestern 3 Lake Clifton l Dunbar 0 Patterson 4 Douglass 0 Northern 3 Mervo 2 Q ' 1 ' . .4.......,' . I TENN 5 Front row: Victoria Hopkins, Valerie Summers, Nichelle Bean, Brenda Hawkins, Back row: Angela Da y, Colleen Pino. Belinda Cooper, Michelle K irk. Felicia Flythe, Gwendolyn Jones, Shirley Wiggins 7, I I 1 va B DMI TO Left to Right: Sherry Harrington, Renee Scott. Shereece Gary, Kelly Masey, Lillian Johnson 'E '3 BOYS TENNIS TEAM Team Members: Ronald Dargon, Michael Latham, Curtis Morton, Jerry Watkins, Paul Holmes, Coach Eugene Howard. Kenny Williams, Maurice Wright. Da vid Brown. John Polk, Fredrick Keene. Angela Rose IMgr.j 4 J WQ:..f,..fy,,.f.4. sv! . ,mfg WS ,.,4 .,,..A Z 3. N QQLEHLA, i-'il Wil X ,RX sag 1 N N 31 g"5'Xk'gf"1i,-N Qi? . ,.,, .,,,,.,,,,.,n,,,,,.,,.M.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, W I s Q - 3' XXNN , X Qi- Y, mi X -Sk Y X: Nt , K? Y X .Q X X 'O - X x- 'w -N fs F -Q R 3 , Q 1. , X f. X Y Y if -M X sie E ,E xl X. x xx, . XXX. ,K N X. 'f K .ef K f if H f M x3Q7?vff:fK:1flfe , it x s 2. '13, Y I Q N fl. K R-.x'f'f1X.f'1Q"X. 1 .N ,Q f Q, I ll!! 4"g v fl ii ' is A ky f, alfui n M A , - ,,, E 1 , Y lf CHERISHED MEMORIES Joyce Smith Valerie Smith Jesse Snowden LaNella Thompson Patricia Toliver Shawn Tyson Stacey Vandiver Tracey Vaughn Martina Void Sharon Washington Sherri Washington Cynthia Watkins Jerry Watkins John Watson Karen Webster NQSQ ...uf Thomas Westley Sandra Whitley Charlotte Wiley Leslie Williams Michelle Witherspoon Sheila Yerby Linda Conway Burnette Williams, Advisor Carol Coles Angela Cook Deanna Dudley 5? Eg 'rf sl Angela Bagley Eunice Carr Mary Easley Sandra Ford Andrew Gilmore 'S E tv -'J J . QM: X as N Q F , E RN Angela Gilmore Cynthia Gilmore Kimberly Gordon Karen Harvey Inez Haynes Palestine Jones Kim Kernes Charisse Mallory Feliza MrCrary Tanya Parker Colleen Pino Jacquelyn Pittman Vonda Pittman Georgia Ramocan Tamera Richardson Lisa Rogger Alan Shephard Deborah Shipe Natalie Simmons Blair Smith Nicole Stokes Tanya Sutherland Valerie Brown Lolita Buie Virginia Chavis Yvette Colbert Tanya Crowner Michele Davis Arvis Downing Michael DuBose Felica Flythe Debora Grubb Tasha Harrell Sherri Harrington Felicia Harrison Mia Hawn Paul Hughes Marla Kitchen Pamela Lucus Terri Mc Callum Curtis Morton Mary Sabb Deatra Smith Yvette Smith Christine Starks Shirley Wiggins Angela Williams Maurice Wright Pamela Wright 171457 irtt f A W " , 1 I. -' 7' 'k , ai 7 Audrey Allen Janine Brown Khristen Brown Lisa Byrd Sonya Baker Antionette Booker . X N xx iw , .K i, BBB 4 Q S a , X ' K A Kenneth Coles Mia Carter Juanita Dail Doris Davis Brenda Davis Tracey Gilmore Stacy Gibson Brenda Hawkins Shawn Hampton Daliah Hickman Alicia Hill Carlene Jack Kelvin Harris Shelley Lance Melinda Leak Estoria McCutcheon Lynn Pulliam Arlene Robinson Crystal Thorton m:,,1,.Vg,,,, ,. .,,. X i MW? - -. i: .' ' , f L .. .- if ',-f,.1E1'ff--EM. Frances Allen Karen Allen Virginia Ashmon Sharon Da vis Tracey Brandon it as -4 4' ,,i'5QfS': I 3 ' A if RX? t A David Brown Adrienne Byrd Dawn Cherry Charlene Cummings , ii W 4 as is B X Q L 5 W5 "Q ,W W Janet Dease Kimberley Dukes Rhonda Ferebee Virginia Frederick Samantha Fuhw Lisa Harris Theresa Hart Annette Holder Victoria Hopkins La Tonia Jones Samantha Johnson Sharon Johnson Debbie McCrorey Tonjua Moody Darnell Palmer La Ton ya Perkins Eunice Robinson Valerie Summers A Y m t Edith Callahan Dormaine Carter Joan Charlton Lenora Dawson Angela Day Doris Day Carolyn Easley Ronda Epps La Tanya Evans Cassaundra Ford Theresa Ford Eric Hamilton Michelle Harrison Lisa Long ' Sheila Howard Belinda Mason Michele Huff Julie Medlin Lillian Johnson Curtis Moore Zina Owens Lisa Pettiford Tracy Powell Dawn Purnell Jacqueline Redd I A SENIORS The Class of '83 would like to ex- tend its gratitude to our Class Ad- visors: Mrs. LaNella Thompson, Mrs. Burnette Williams. Miss .loan- na Langston, and Mrs. Rosalind Da- vis. Thank You, for your patience and inspiration. for we know that the Class of '83 wasn 't an easy class to advise. May God bless you and thank you again for hehwing us through this endeavor. With Love and Respect. The Class of i983 from L to r.-LaNelIa Thompson, Burnette Williams, Joanne Langston, Rosalind Davis Officers of the Class of i983 from I. to r.-Kelvin Harris, Ronda Epps, Joyce Smith. Valerie Brown, James Murrill, Lillian Johnson Student Government Association of I983 from L to r.-Sharon Daugherty. Sherri Washington, Shawn Hamp' ton. Marina Moore. Jacqueline Redd, Darlene Felder, Martina Void, Valerie Brown, Carlene Jack Areatha Alexander Virginia Ashmon Cedric Benn Antionette Booker Audrey Allen Frances Allen Karen Allen Angela Bagley Sonya Baker 51311197 Bellamy Frederick Best Vilma Black John Blackwell T353 Bfadlel' Tracy Brandon Carolyn Brown Y. ,wgg ww i My David Brown Cheryl Brunson Clarine Campbell Mia Carter 66 .Ianine Brown Khristen Brown Valerie Brown Lolita Buie Lisa Byrd Edith Callahan Debra Cambell Eunice Carr Dormaine Carter .loan Charlton Virginia Chavis Roger Childs Yvette Colbert Linda Conway Charlene Cummings Carolyn Davis Jacqueline Coleman Angela Cook Juanita Dail Doris Da vis Cafgl C0195 Kellllefh Coles Jacqueline Cousins Ta"Ya Crowne' Sharon Daugherty Brenda Davis Michele Da vis 5h3l'0l1 Davis Sharon Davis' Lenora Dawson Angela Day Doris Day Janet Dease Joyce Dehaven Arvis Downing Michael Dubose Deanna Dudley Kimbe,-fy puke, Luetricia Durham Carolyn Farley Mary Easley Rhonda Epps Latanya Evans Darlene Felder 68 Rhonda Ferebee Ghadah Fields Felicia Flythe Sandra E' Fofd Theresa Ford Gertrude Fountain Stacey Gibson Andrew Gilmore Cynthia Gilmore Kimberly Gordon Deborah Grubb Janet Gyant Cassandra Ford Samantha Fuha Tracy Gilmore Shawn Hampton Athea Haney Tasha Harrell Sherri Harrington Kelvin Harris Lisa Harris Sharon Harris Felicia Harrison Michelle Harrison Theresa Hart Karen Harvey Mia Haun Brenda Hawkins Inez Hayes Tondelayoe Heath Daliah Hickman Timothy Hicks 70 Phyllis Holcomb Annette Holder Shirley Hooper -uf' fggwy 4 gmwwwv -nw H , ,, v L, Eugene Ho ward Shella Howard Paul Hughes X x Lea trice Johnson Dennis Jones Edneta Jones Kevin Jones Latonia Jones Palastine .lanes Kim Kernes Michele Kirk Ma,-fa Kitchen Denise Lacruze Shelly lance Linda Latimer Melinda Leak U83 lewis , Lisa Long Charisse Mallory Debbie Martin Belinda Mason Kenneth Massey Keith Matthews 72 Terri l.. McCallum Feliza McCrary Timothy McFadden John Mcllwain Julie Medlin Lanell Mitchell Tonjua Moody Michael Moore Debbie McCrorey ' Sandra McKinsley Jeffrey Moffatt Extoria McCutcheon Lisa A. McOuaige Nihad Monen Curtis Morton James Murrill Carl Nicks Denise Pearson Vonda Pittman 5 W , '?- Y' I-O M, Q K I' Georgia Ramocan 74 ,IZ Darnell C. Palmer Lisa Pettiford Tracey Powell Jacqueline Redd Derrick Patterson Colleen L. Pino Lynn Pulliam llul f ' I '94, - gh A L,-' A Lk' " Tamera Richardson Johnny Patterson Jacquelyn Pittman Dawn Purnell Arlene Robinson , , l -. , , fill V. t S . 1 tl ,ig Eunice Robinson Angela Rue Deborah Shipe Patricia Simmons Blair Smith Deatra Smith Valerie Smith Yvette Smith Jesse Snowden Dianna Squire Christine Starks Valerie Summers Natalie Simmons Joyce Smith Karen Spruill Tanya Sutherland Shirley Sylvester Crystal Tlwrnlvn Patricia Toliver Patrice Tucker Shawn Tygpn Stacey Vandiver Tracey Vaughn Martina Void Shari Wagner Zina Walker Chevelle Waller 511-'for' W35'hi"8'0f' Sherri Washington Synthis Washington Ulear Waters Cynthia Watkins 76 Jelm Watkins Michelle W.-mane Karen Weblter Thom' Wfvflfy Bonnie White Michele White sandra Whitley Shirley Wieeim' Angela Williams Leslie Williams Janice Wilson Maurice W,-igln Pamela Wright Sheila Yerby Michele Witherspoon 4 "INN" P F J HOMEROOM I2-Ol Front Row Kneeling CI-r1Deatra Smith, Lilian Johson, Brenda, Hawkins, Tanya Crowner, Carlene Jack, Joyce Smith, Patrice Simmons, Patrice Tucker, Tamera Richardson, Middle Row Il-rj Michael Moore. Sherri Harrington, Terri McCullum, Lisa Lewis, Virginia Chavis, Stacey Vandiver, Janet Gyant, Victoria Hopkins, Jacqueline Redd, Michele Kirk, Alicia Hill, Valerie Brown, Joan Charlton, Vanessa Levene, Shawn Hampton, Marla Kitchen, Stanley Bellamy, Annette Holder, Back Row fl-rj Houston Reynolds, Valerie Smith, Kenneth Coles, Eunice Robinson, Lenora Dawson H OMEROOM I2-02 Back Row Paul Hughes. Sharon Johnson, Pam Wright, Sandra Whitley, Lisa Byrd, Timothy Hicks Middle Row Maurice Wright, Darlene Felder, Tatia Bradley, Elaine Gross, Clarine Campbell, Lolita Buie, Estoria McCutheon, Leslie Williams, Jeanine Brown, Felicia Harrison. Samantha Johnson, Stephanie Jackson, Antoinette Booker, La Tonia Jones, Audrey Allen, Ronda Epps Front Row Lynn Pullium, Melinda Leak, Shirley Wiggins, Sherri Washington, Michele White, Georgia Ramocan, Christine Stalks, Shelly Lance. La Nell Mitchell, Curtis Morton HOMEROOM I2-0 Front Row Kneeling KI-rj Kenneth Massey, Jesse Snowden, Mia Carter, Eric Da vis, Keith PurnelL Michele Da vis, Gertrude Fountain, Second Row Carolyn Da vis, Valerie Summers, Mrs Burnette Williams, Mia Haun Third Row Janet Dease, Angela Day, Tracy Brandon, Tasha HarrelL Lisa Pettiford, Angela Rue, Sheila Yerby, Sonya Baker Fourth Row Timothy McFadden, Dawn Cherry, Samantha Fuha Juanita DaiL Nicole Stokes, Kelvin Harris, Jacqueline Cousins, Vonda Pittman, Angela Williams HOMEROOM I -0 Front Row ll-rj Jerry Watkins, Karen Webster, Deanna Dudley, Cynthia Watkins, Phyllis Holcomb, James MurrilL Karen Harvey, Tracey Gilmore, Rosaling Bullock, Inez Hayes Second Row Il-rj Kim Kernes, Angela Bagley, Ronald Tapp, Sharon Daugherty, David Brown, Palastine Jones, Stacy Gibson, Thomas Westley, Martina Void, Yvette Colbert. Theresa Hart, Cheryl Brunson, Shirley Sylvester, Lisa McOuaige, Linda Latimer Third Row Il-rj Mary Easley, Areatha Alexander, Carol Coles, Arlene Robinson, Natalie Simmons, Angela Cook, Jacquelyn, Pittman, Sharon Davis, Daliah Hichman, Edith Callahan, Charisse Mallory, Felicia Flythe, Julie Medlin, Shawn Tyson, Karen Allen, Fredrick Best HOMEROOM I2-05 Front Row CI-rj Sandra Ford Michale Dubose, Timothy Sprucebank, Jeffrey Lewis, Austin Brown, Tracey PowelL Starletta Lewis, Second Row Gloria Fitzgerald, Latan ya Evans, Charlene Cummings, Richard PurneIL Kimberly Gordon, Michelle Harrison, Zina Walker, Arvis Downing, Pamela Lucas, Deborah Grubb, Doreen Lifsey, Belinda Mason Third Row fl-rj Anthony Logan, Patricia Toliver, Kevin Commodore, Charles McCrary, Mary Sabb, Roslyn Bullock HOMEROOM I2-05 Row I. J. Watkins, C Brown, L. Conway, C Thomton, F. Allen, S. Harris, D. Day, D. Davis, C. Moore Standing: J. Deha ven, 71 Biles, D. Shipe, D. Carter, L. Long, T. Moody. D. Plmer, B. Smith, R. Ferebee, D. Rodge, A. Byrd D. Campbelb E. Carr, S. Washington, T Ford, H. Forbes, M. Anderson, C2 Williams, E. Jones. M. Darnell HOMEROOM I2-07 . Front Row- Ouester Campbell, Jeffrey Moffatt, Frederick Best, Keith Rone, Michael Daniels, Wayne Eggleston, Dionn Davis Second Row- Cynthia Gilmore, Rupert Knight, Cedric Benn, Troy Curtis, Debbie McCoy, John Mcllwain, Melvin Anderson Mary Williams, Derrick Williams, Collen Pino, Angela Gilmore, Virginia Frederick, James Payne, Roger Childs. Sharon Washington H OMEROOM I2-08 Dennis Jones Keith Gibbs Bobby Taylor Randohah Sheppard John Ho ward Eugene Ho ward Chevelle Waller John Patterson. Carl Nicks Waren lvry Latanya Perkins Derrick Patterson Lisa Rosser Tanya Love Deborah Chandler. H OMEROOM I2-09 .L lst Row: Eric Hamilton, Lonnie Purcell, Nihad Monem, Frank Barber, Mrs. Lanston, Carolyn Easley, 2nd Row: Taa von Dunn, Rudobh Jews, Sandy McKinley, Andrew Gilmore, Tanya Sutherland, Dawn Purnell, Tracey Vaughn, Debbie Martin, Shirley Hooper, Cornell Jones, 3rd Row: Athea Haney, Tonya Parker, Sheila Howard, Leatrice Johnson, Karen SpruilL E s Willie Mae James John Mason Douglass McCray Lonnie Purcell Lisa Rosser Alan Shephard Cassandra Smith Nicole Stokes Catherine Williams Derrick Williams 2 I 1 ll I I 1 E K S Long To be do Felica ' wi . f' C iiorn R M ikating. Dancing in law 5m fl!! 27 S11 Gospel Cub ren vlfldfll L Hopkins Tennis. College Huff Sharon Harrls Shely or seal 0 , Pisces C, leader dancing. skating Dancing sewn Tu be successful in what ever I 4 Track team Bikeriding and rollerskatlng. Lisa Mcdualge LEE-LEE Arles Gospel Cholr. College Douglass MC Cra y D.C ' Pisces Baseball and Cross country To go into the service. Derrick Patterson Cowboy Cancer Football Fishing. blkeriding. and girls. Flectronical Engineer. John Patterson P-Wy Sagittarius Basketball Playing footbalL baseball. and basketball Air Force Dorian A Rodge Aries Spades incorporation Drawing. design. playing spades To be myself and not let people get me down. lisa Rosser Shortcake Aquarius Swlmmlng. dancing. singing. College Tamera Richardson St. Martins Church Baseball Attend Georgetown University Cassandra Smith DG Sam Aquarius Gospel Choir. Yearbook Staff Tennis. Racquetbalh badminton. Swimming Attend college and become a computer programmer Deatra Smith DG Ann Sagittarius Softbalh SSL. Tennis To become a modeh or comput analyst or alrforce 7Jl W. Saratoga Street ff .2331 Jefferson St. hmm, Feliza McCray Aquarim. lisa Latanya Perkins FIELA. Clnfff Pvddins Nlghtcktbing Drawing and singing. Aries gun, To be a singer. Dancing Angie Rue Debbie McCroy Lisa R. Pettiford Angie Bay-bay ' -- - - Aquarius To find a lob. Estoria McCutcheon linda Aries Softball Tennis. softball. basketball. To go to college and major in Data Processing. Tonjua Moody China Doll Aquarius Basketball and volleyball Modern dance and singing. To become a lawyer or loln the Air Force. la! E. J7 th Street. Jeffrey W. Moffatt Bodine Pisces Chorus and school band Cross country Footbal basketbalh tennis. and reading To be a famous drummer. 2620 Boone Street. Nihad Monam Nehi Soccer Sex and music lover. To be a singer. James Murrill Capricorn Basketball. cross country, and baseball. Karate. basketbalh and dancing. to attend college. Carl David Nlcks DN Smiley Taurus Track. Basketball, Cross Country. Dancing. Running. Girls S wimmlng Armed Services Darnell C Palmer Gemini J.A. and Red cross Cross country and track. -'OKRMR Air Force. Julie Medlin Gemini movies. watching t.v. To be successful in advertising La Nell Mitchell Nelly Aquarius Gospel Chior Track. cross country Rollerskating. runlng. boys. swimming To go to college Tanya Parker Leo Baseball Swimming and dancing. Go to college. Gemini Civil Air Patrol. Soccer Sports To go into the Air Force. Jacqueline Redd Neasey Gemini Pep squad. chorus. FBIA Manager for soccer and basketball team Talking Y To go to college or get married. Georgia Ramocan Shortcake Capricorn Modern dance Tennis Skating. dancing. reading. Computer science major. Arlene Robinson Leanie libra Dancing. disco skating Eunice Robinson Euni Virgo Reading. skating. playing piano and traveling. live happy ever after. aagtnartul Gospel choir Tennis. basketball Get married and attend college Randolph Sheppard Ducky Aries Basebalh Football Be a doctor Deborah Shlpe Debbie leo Library aide Sewing. Working with children. crafts To becomve become a nurse Natalie Simmons Rae Rae Libra Volleyball Computer Patricia Simmons Trlca Plsces Socializlng, disco. reading. movies College Bel air Smith Eyes l. ibra Nurse. Patricia Toliver Pat Virgo Modeling Stacy J Vandiver Aries Gospel Choir Badminton. tennis. Reading. watching t.v. and listening to music Computer programmer Tracy M. Vaughn Tray Capricorn Modern dancing. basebalh football manager Roller skating dlsco Colege Martina Void Dimples Gemini S.G.A Baseball, typing. reading. Stenographer Cheuelle Waller Mr. Ray Sagittartius track. drawing Play footbalL Sharon Washington Taurus Girls club Track team Footbalh Soccer Baseball Psychiatrist Synthia Washington Cindy Girls Club Track Team Basebalh track. and wrltlng psychiatrist John Watkins Matthew Scorpio Band. SGA.. and class reprenstatlve FootbalL Baseball. palying instruments College Michele White Neicy Virgo Gospel Chior Volleybalh Basketball manager Dancing. singing. skating Psychiatrist Shirley Wiggins Rev. Wiggins Aries Tennis Reading. writing. and talking Aerospace Engineer Angela Williams Angelo Virgo M.E.S.A. club. Gospel chlor Music. bowling Alr Force Catherine Williams K itty Cancer Footbal Tennis To become Mrs. Anthony Carrington Library club Dance and sing T0 get married and have nine children Michele Witherspoon Wee Wee Leo Track. volleyball. basketball Cooking. playing video games. Colege Maurice D Wright Donnie Aquarius F.B.l..A. Tennls Skating. driving playing tennls disco. College Pamela Wright Pam Aquarius Reandlng. basketball dancing. lplan to succeed In everything do. Derrick Wlllams Aries Basketbal Sports To be a football star or basketball l.esie Willams leslo Libra F.B.L.A and gospel I Sewing. roller skating. dlsco. and talking. Air force. Cl. UBS PEP SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT lst row Michele Battle, Roseate Spencer, Anita Stanford, Lynette Lynch, Yvette Colbert Samantha Johnson, 2nd row Annette Watkins, Francine Johnson. Marla Carsby, Lisa Byrd 3rd row Edna Everett, Latonia Jones, Gail Babb, Sheila Yerby, Sonia Moore, Palastine Jones, Karen Woodburn, Karen Allen, Sherine 4th row Sheronda Thompson, LaCheIle Robinson, Serinia, Antoinette Ebges Arlisa Turner JV CHEERLEA DER mf? - JM Cheerleaders Left to Right Top row: Aletra Brown, Donna Pope, Tina Marshall Left to Right Bottom Row, Anndell Law, Roszina Thompson, Angela Rose, Tonia Ausby. Sherri Sells PEP SQUA R Standing: Colleen Pino, Victoria Hopkins, Antionette Nolan, Mack James, Denise Rollins, Raymond Baylock, Mrs. Ruby Lee, Advisor Sitting: Michelle, Sonia Savage, Renee Spencer. Areatha Alexander Tara - Bell. Darrell Palmer L Standing: Deborah Shipe, Torri Shannon, Gwen Jones, Rodney Sims, Terry Sheppard, Melissa Lambot, Laura Robinson Sitting: Angela Rock, Angela Harris, Diane Hooker, Darrell Palmer. Deanna Dudley. Anita Wright ASTRO OMY CLUB Back row: Torri Shannon, Mr. R 4 Joh Sexton. Advisor, Anita Wright Center: Angela Harris MODERN DANCE lst row: Sharon Washinton, Ruby Lee Mdvisorj, Yvonne Chandler, Eudios Parker Mdvisorj Jnd row: Lynette L ynch. Renee Martin, Tatia Bradley, Eugia Johnson. Lisa 3rd row: Kenneth Coles CDirectorl, Marlene Lovette, Marlene Martin, Turnia 5tilL Tia Jackson, Jonathan Lewis M Q5 M.,-W Wanda Anderson, Antoinette Booker. Denise Chavis, Phyllis Hol- comb, Rhonda McManus, Juliet Porter, Georgia Ramocan, Kimber- ly Taylor. Lashawn Thomas X. . Q SSI. SSI Ist row I-r Eugene Howard, Curtis Moore, James MurrilL Thom- as Westley. 2nd row I-r Sharon Johnson, Palastine Jones, Inez Hayes. Sheila Yerby, Ms. Stukes. Jrd row I-r Deatra Smith. Daliah Hickman, Martina Void, Jackie Coleman, David Brown. Vonda Pittman. 4th row I-r Jacquelyn Reed, Stephanie Jackson, Karen Allen, Valrie Brown, Michele White, Darlene Felder. Kenneth Masey, Shelly Lance, Sonia Baker. 5th row I-r Estoria McCutheon, Edith Callahan, Yvette Colbert, Sharon Daugherty, Jacqueline Pittman, Virginia Ashmond, Gertrude Fountain. Khristen Brown. 4,:,i?e S.G.A. MEMBER S.G.A. Ist row I-r Lisa Pettiford, Sharon Johnson. Jackie Coleman, Jacquelyn Reed, Linette Lynch. Jnd row I-r Mack James, Darlene Felder, Jacqueline Pittman. S.G.A. HOMEROOM REPRESE TA Tl VES S.G.A. Ist row I-r Lisa Pettiford, Martina Void, Darlene Felder. Jacquelyn Reed. 2nd row I-r Stephanie Jackson, Valrie Brown. Sharon Daugh- erty. Carleen Jack, Marla Kitchen. 91 W' EASTERN HIGH BA ND Front L-R Wanda Leach, Rosa Hamlin, Jesel Miller, Feli- cia Harrison, Denise Vest. Middle L-R Harriette Cald- welL Terry Reynold, Lisa Waller. Maurice Moody, Don- na Winter, Janie Katsu. Last L-R Karen Williams, Brenda Hawkins, Tyrice Carr, Dione Gresham, John Watkins IPesident1 ,lei Q03 L-R Annette Watkins, Shar- on Stower. Colleen Pine. Mrs. Crawford, Shirley Wiggins, Mrs. Leary, Jackie Knight, Nita Johnson. Eugia Johnson. MESA CL UB Sharon Johnson, Mrs. Renwick, Jonathan Lewis, Sharon Washington, Kennth Massey. Eugene Howard. Curtis Moore, Mack James, Kenneth Cole DRAMA CL UB Sitting Jacqueline Redd Valerie Sum mers Carol Coles Deanna Dudley Mia Haun Standing Sharon Davis Ta tra Bradley Kim Kernes Mary Yan nuzzl Advisor Angela Cook Colleen Pino Lyn Calvarese Advisor Left to Right First Row Lisa Long Ron da Epps Kim Ferguson Deanna Dud ley Sharon Davis Yvette Colbert Left to Right Second Row Coleen Pmo Cassandra Smith Janet Dease Cedric Benn Rhonda Ferebee Linda Conway Carol Coles Carol Coles Johnny Pat terson Left to Right Back Row Ms Yanuzzi Kathy Johnson Deatra Smlth Stephanie Jackson. Juanita Dail, Lin- wood Bethea NE WSPAP R YEA RBOOK n.- L-----.-J L.......,l . NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY I0-Ol B. Cooper, M. Cosby, Charlotte DeShazo, K. Richburg, A. Henley, l003 Lavater Walker, I005 Denise Vest, David Warron, I007 Christine Richardson. Katherine Stachowiak, I0-I6 Yuk Nguon Yam, Yuk Seng Yam, l099 Tanya HalL Il-Ol Lisa Anderson, Karla Brown. Karen Carnes, Janet Holler, Ronald Ingram. Melba Parker, Homer Reynolds, Veronica ShirreL Janice Taylor. II-02 Vontura Davis, Kelly Massey, Sherry Williams, Il-03 Christine Jones, II-04 Lavon Hargrove, Renee Murray, Argenia Swinton, Il-05 Tonya Green, ll-I2 Laura Alewine, ll-99 Tyrice Carr. I2-OI Valerie Brown, Lillian Johnson, Lisa Lewis, Tamara Richardson, Eunice Robinson, I2-03 Tracy Brandon, Janet Dease, Samantha Fuha, Kelvin Harris, Kenneth Massey, Valerie Summers I2-04 Angela Cook, I2-05 Arvis Downing. Mary Sabb, I2-if Deborah Shipe. I2-07 Coleen Pino, ADVISORS: Mrs. Katzu Mrs. Yannuzzi Mrs. Calvarese Ms. Stukes FUTURE BUSI ESS LEADER OF AMERICA From left to right: Kelvin Harris, Angela D. Cook, Gwendolyn Feaster, Sally Barrett, Belinda Cooper, Tonya Wallace. Annette Holder. Vontura Davis. Kim Kernes, Mac James Sitting. Ms. Floryne Mclean, Advisor '1 SPRING 530 if nfl lm' m ,,,, 4 v Y '5 mug. . .3497 fn: W , W 4? ffm pq' Q'-'Q x ,,',,QM,,mM Q ,,., .MM,.,,. M ,, Nh. ..... ,. ,,,,,N,.W, 1-D ,mu f N QWQEN' may xg v 35515 5 if x Q 43 . it Y .is 1 Rf , V 1 . 2 f. H E Rx Y, QS K ' Q l fs wif mm , .mm N Q ,.,,:L , 4 Y X. Q l f . ,M . my ,,,, , ,V .V. -Wg pf , in 52 i 5? 'v xl' M mln, E... 4 W . KW 4 4 W G ,Mgr ,.,,..: ,. Z v 6 n ,8y,, a m D u,. 'H I 1 Q, SENIOR AWARDS ASSEMBLY Mary Sabb. Social Studies Award Stanley Bellamy, The Good English Award John Watkins. Music Department Award Rupert Knight, .L L. Goodrich Smith Award Mia Haun, Bertha Kelly Art Award Kelvin Harris. Foreign Language Award Janet Dease. L. Carpenter Memorial Scholarships Michele Davis. The Roland M. Pattersonf Jr. Memorial Scholarship Keith Matthews, The Virginia Wentz Award First Grade Peabody Medal Winners KL to RQ: Valerie Summers, Angela Cook. Ja- net Dease, Samantha Fuhr, Kelvin Harris QB gi Alumnae Scholarship Winners: Lisa Lewis, Carlene Jack, Janet Dease, Angela Cook Eugene Howard. Music Prize Eastern High School Faculty Service Scholarships: Rhonda Epps, Lisa Pettiford, Karen Harvey Lillian Johnson, The Northeast Region Scholarship Angela Cook' Maihematics Department Award Samantha Fuhr, The Laura Devalin English Prize , x K .x 3 xx " x v , 4. 4 l FA RE WELL ASSEMBLY MOTTO: SUCCESSFUL IS WHAT WE WILL BE FOR WE'RE THE CLASS OF '83 N V X THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT 102 if SENIOR PROM MARTlN'5 CHAMPAGNE ROOM MAY ZZ I983 ,Q O A A f- , 5: - 1 'H " ,W I A if 1 Q ,.., .,, ,rw-". k Nh VV, U XX I ? 106 Awww I 1 I bg. QS F lu gk? XX N Ex? x 1.5 .V A ,, f 512 -f f The One Hundred Thirty-first Annual Commencement Eastern High School THE AUDITORIUM OF EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL Saturday Afternoon, Iune Fourth NINETEEN HUNUREU E1c:HTv-THRH AT TWO O'CLOCK E" W A' ..h A X kfkk i Y .pg LOOK OUT WORLD-HERE WE COME' NWS RECEIVING THAT IMPORTANT PASSPORT TO ADUI. THOOD A CA NDIDA TES FOR GRADUA TION I. COLLEGE PREPARA TORY BUSINESS MAJORS DA TA PROCESSING' Audrey Della Allen Stanley 71 Bellamy Gina Consuella Breckenridge Valerie Terese Brown Lolita Antoinette Buie Lisa Cassandra Byrd Joan Ann Charlton Virginia Doneen Chavis Lenora Antoinette Dawson Ronda Epps Shawn Monique Hampton Sherri Renea Harrington Felicia Karol Harrison Brenda Elaine Hawkins Timothy .L Hicks Annette Elizabeth Holder Victoria Lorraine Hopkins Paul Jerome Hughes Carlene Camilla Jack Lillian Michelle Johnson Samantha Delores Johnson Sharon Wendy Johnson Michele Delany Kirk Marla Lucinda Kitchen Shelly Lynn Lance Melinda Ann Leak Vernessa Ann Levine Lisa Charnette Lewis Feliza Adrienne McCrary Estoria Lynn McCutcheon Lanell Mitchell Michael L. Moore Curtis S. Morton Georgia Sherraine Ramocan Jacqueline Redd Houston Terence Reynolds Tamera Renee Richardson Eunice Theresa Robinson Patricia Renee Simmons , Cassandra Cara Smith Deatra Ann Smith Joyce Ann Smith Valarie Aleta Smith Christine Starks Jesse Snowden Stacey Jennifer Vendiver Sherri Lynne Washington Jerry A. Watkins Michele Denise White Sandra Whitley Shirley Denise Wiggins Leslie Diane Williams SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Karen Renee Allen Angela Denise Bagley Cheryl Lynn Brunson Edith Callahan Yvette N. Colbert Carol Annette Coles Angela Doreen Cook Sharon D. Daugherty Sharon Michelle Davis Deanna Adrienne Dudley Kimberly Annette Dukes Gertrude Fountain Stacy Yvette Gibson Theresa Hart Inez Karen Hayes Daliah Hickman Phyllis Holcomb Kim R. Kernes Linda Latimer Tonjua Moody Jacquelyn Pittman Arlene Zenus Robinson Natalie Rae Simmons Shirley Cynthia Sylvester Martina Elizabeth Void Cynthia Watkins Karen Webster COLLEGE PREPARA TORY Carolyn Annette Brown Arvis Geraldine Downing John Mcllwain, Jr. Derrick Verenell Patterson Colleen Pino Tracy D. Powell GENERAL ACADEMIC Karen Awkward Cedric William Benn Linwood Bethea. Jr. Vilma Naomi Black Ouester R. Campbell Dormaine Dynette Carter Debra Jean Chandler Roger O. Childs Charles Edward Clay Kevin Commodore Rex Cox Charlene Alisa Cummings Troy A. Curtis Dionn Davis Doris Day Carolyn Easley Wayne Eggleston Romona D. Fields Wayne Forbes Cassaundra Lorraine Ford Sandra E. Ford Theresa Ford Andrew Gilmore Angela Darlene Gilmore Debora Grubb Eric Hamilton Kevin Jones Rupert George Knight Lisa Suzette Long Tanya Juanita Love Charisse Annette Mallory John Henry Mason. Jr. Mary Tonia McCants Charles Douglass McCray Debbie McCrorey Nihad Monem Curtis Dean Moore Carl Nicks Tonya Maria Parker John Patterson James Andrew Payne Acqualine Pridget Dawn Purnell Richard Clay Purnell Lisa Rosser Annette Marie Russell Randohwh William Sheppard. Jr. Tracy Simons Blair Smith Timothy James Sprucebank Karen Frances Spruill Tanya Germaine Sutherland Emmanuel Harried Lachelle Hasty Thomas Holmes Yolanda Lavette Horton Eugene Thomas Howard Shelia Hoard Warren Ivey Willie Mae James Rudohzh Valentino Jews Leatrice Johnson Dennis Maurice Jones Ednetta Jones Bobby Taylor Crystal Thornton Patricia Renee Toliver Tracey Michelle Vaughn Sharon Washington Synthia Washington John M. Watkins Catherine Williams Derrick A. Williams Janice L. Wilson Karen Rita Yancey BUSINESS MA NA GEMEN T MAJORS Areatha Alexander Virginia Ashmon Sonya Baker Tatia Bradley Tracy Brandon Da vis Brown Janine Brown Khristen Lynnae Brown Mia Lynn Carter Dawn Lavette Cherry Jacqueline Yvonne Coleman Kenneth Eugene Coles Kelvin Leon Harris Karen Harvey Alicia Hill Stephanie Robyn Jackson Latonia Antoinette Jones Palastine Teresa Jones Shelly Lance Kenneth Massey Keith Matthews Terri Lanae McCallum Timothy McFadden Lisa McOuaige Jacqueline Ann Marie Cousins Julie Medlin Tanya Chevel Crowner Juanita Yvette Dail Brenda Da vis Carolyn Da vis Eric Da vis Michele Rene Da vis Angela Sharon Day Janet Dease Mary Easley Darlene Felder Felicia Melissa Flythe Samantha Fulp Tracey Gilmore Elaine Patricia Gross Janet Gyant Tasha Ann Harrell James E. Murrill Lisa Renae Pettiford Vonda Pittman Lynn Maria Pulliam Angela Yvette Rue Alan Shepard Yvette Smith Nicole Cherai Stokes Valerie Summers Patrice Tucker Shawn Tyson Thomas Louis Westley. Jr. Angela Louise Williams Michele Lorraine Witherspoon Pamela Wright Sheila Marie Yerby Il. COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM BUSINESS MAJORS John Blackwell Austin Gary Brown Linda Conway Michael Anthony Daniels Doris A. Da vis Michael Anthony DuBose Latanya Sherrell Evans Rhonda Mellisa Ferebee Sharon Harris Michelle Harrison Paul P. Lee Doreen Lifsey Anthony L. Logan Pamela Michele Lucas John McCullegan Jeffrey Wendell Moffatt Darnell Palmer Lonnie Purcell Mary Kathleen Sabb Deborah Shipe Michelle Watkins CLASS ADVISORS Mrs. Lanella Thompson Mrs. Burnette Williams Miss Joanna Langston Mrs. Rosalind Da vis CLASS COUNSELOR Mrs. Carolyn Peck GRADUA TION C OORDINA TOR Mrs. C. Georgia Brown DIRECTOR OF MUSIC Glenn Bunch I . CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO LISA PETTIFORD FROM THE OFFICE AND STA FF OF DR. FABIAN F DESBORDES PRE VEN TI VE DENTISTRY Garwyn Medical Center 2300 Garrison Blvd. Baltimore, Maryland 362-2910 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I983 FROM CRIP'S FLORIS T 72I POPLAR GROVE S T BALTIMORE MD 945-4340 Best Wdshes To The Class Of I983 From THE FRANCIS FAMILY I And DR. EARLIE FRA NCIS PEDIA TRICIAN Garwyn Medical Center 2300 Garrison Blvd Baltimore, MD. 2l2l6 Congratnlatlons 'May You rThZKLI:Ifr?'Df Success" 100 Nvffh Chaf'eS Street CHESSIE SYSTEM-CAR ACCOUNTING Baltimore, Maryland 21201 301 237 3341 I Chares Center R A C C O U N T I N G Baltimore. Maryland 2120! T300 23 7-3341 Best Wshes! Lisa Pettiford And Fellow Graduates Of The Class Of '83 From STAN AND CAROL TUTMAN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1983 FROM THE DEDICATED, DEVOTED, CONCERNED GROUP OF 1203: SAMANTHA FOLP KHRIS TEN BROWN, GERTRUDE FOUNTAIN, DA WN CHERRY, CAROL YN DA VIS, JACKIE COLEMAN, SHEILA YERBK LISA PETTIFORD, BURNETTE WILLIAMS BEST WISHES TO MY DAUGHTER COLLEEN PINO MUCH SUCCESS, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE LOVE ALWAYS, DAD TMR. ROBERT PINOQ CONGRA TULA TIONS AND BEST WISHES TO LA TONIA JONES FROM: CURTIS N. ADAMS, D.D.S., P.A. GARWYN MEDICAL CENTER 2300 GARRISON BL VD. BALTIMORE, MD. 21216 Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Class Of '83 From 11-02 THE CLASS OF '84 DRS. 1532 mxvenwoon nom: 13013 24:1-714-1 p 0 E Q MB' A550 PA JOHNSON 7818 LIBERTY ROAD F D S WE DONT JUST T' NEWMAN' raom ess se-so WE TREAT E0 RUSSELL' 22 af KIRK AvENuEs 0 H0 S 5 A 0 T af ASSOCIATES, P.A. mm, 366 0008 GEORGE R. EDWARDS LIFE BFS! fish? Z0 isa etti or Representative ZZQQTH And To The Class Of '83 6910 York Road INSURANCE HOMEO WNERS Lgyg, Towson, MD 21212 ' """'o""""' 'S 0" 'OU' W' BUSINESS Phone: 301-377-470.7 Res: 301-532-9757 WA VERL Y TAIL ORS 9 Cleaners 5 Dyers, Alterations WSU Faafulailgnqgf Shirts Laundered, Free Call s Deliver SERTUEPL 919 Homestead Street Sam. Frank Rahul lg gy S-5 Baltimore, Md. 21218 Sica Brother . 235-3723 Congratulations To La Tonia .lones And Best Wishes Diane Lynch, Associate Broker 7034 Liberty Road Baltimore. Md. 21207 OTIS WARREN 5 COMPANY 116 Homes For Living Best Wishes To Lisa Pettiford A Lovely Lady With Love. MISS ALEASO Congratulations Seniors From CLASS ll-Ol THE MUNCHIE CENTER! Luscious Hand-Dipped Ice Cream And An Assortment Of Sinfully Scrumptious Candy William Jackson The Munchie Center l504 N Potomac St 21213 ROLAND S MODERN BARBER SHOP ISLD E Federal Street Baltimore Md 2l2l3 Phone SA 7 5726 Halrcuttmg Styled To Suit ou Roland Grlffln Prop Congratulations To The Class Of '83 From THE FAMILY OF NICOIE KAKA NIKKD STOKES Congratulations And Much Success To My Niece Colleen Pino Love DOROTHY PINO Best Wishes To The Class Of 83 And To All My Friends Nikki fAnd Babyj Peanut Lll Trlcla Marty Jackie Neasey Marla Stephnle Belly Snook Donnie Kenny Joycre LII Kelly Carlene Kelthy Val Val Yvette Patrice Etc And Farewell To All My Fa vorlte Teachersl P TRONS Jennie Alexander Ms Wendy Horne Frances Allen Veronica Horsey Daphena Laumer Ruth Wtgglns Tyrone Lewis Thelma McMllllan Robert A Allen Eugene Austin Congratulatlon Class Of 83 John Armstrong Frankie Babte Mrs Margaret Blades Mrs Marian Boddle Carla Brandon Mr 5 Mrs Carl Brandon Krystal A Briscoe Lowry M Brooks Jr Janet Brown Mary L Browm Lashon Buckner Jason KWacks1 Chubb Pauline Colbert Byron 8 Corter Angela L Cox Liz Cummings Srs Grace Daves Mrs Katherine Dean Annie Sue Dease Henry Dease Jr Larease Dease Ryant Dease Bonita L DebNam Karen Douglas Earnest Dudley Earnest L Dudley Vlrgmla Dudley Mr Emanud Mrs Elizabeth Flrd Mr Norman Ford Fannie Flythe Felicia Flythe Candice Hall Alen B Harvey Beverly Jo Harvey Doris W Harvey John L Harvey Jr John L Harvey Sr Karen A Harvey Linda M Harvey Steven B Harvey Doris Hicks Mable Hicks Marchelle Hicks Hookre Mr 8 Mrs Howard Hopkins Ms lndla Horne Rev Theodore Jackson Clutee Johnson Mrs Llllle Jonson Gladys Johnson William A Jackson Charlotte B Kean Rosetta 6 Milton Kitchen Jullan Knox Mrs Ruby Lee Ludella 5 Leroy Vernadene Lucas Anna E Matthews Miss Frances Matthews Jeffrey loves Marla C ynthla Massenburg Dorothy Massenburg Christopher McFadden Barbara Mc Ouoed Mr 8 Mrs John McQueen Julian Medlln Andrew Mitchell Llncy Mobley Janes H Mobley Mrs Betty Parson Melinda Peace Reginald Peace Denise M Peacock Daniel T Pierce March L Pointer Mr Robert Ragln Teresa Richardson Mrs Robert Pearl Roberson Clay G Dands Jr Jeffery E Slaughter Gloria Smakum Mia Wllllams Caprlcta Williams Annie Sue Dease Henry Dease Jr Janet Dease Larease Dease Ryant Dease Julie Medlln Michael Latimer Joann Latimer Kathy Smith Annie Latimer Augusta Channey Evangeline MeCullough Judy Medlln Ara L Hickman Codelll Hickman Chanuncy Hickman Bernadette Hickman Earl Hickman Petey Hickman Cindy Hickman Terrell Hickman Wtlberette Hickman Steven N Morris Sr Carol Dausch Leslie Jones Kevin 5 Robin Manley Mildred Spencer Nora Yannuzzt Edwin Ford Mla Haun William Jackson Lisa Leak Eugene Farrar Mr Lester Barrett Kendra Fegglns Mr S Mrs Ronald Gladney Carl Stewart Anthony Lee Mr 5 Mrs William McLendon Miss Nlchelle Stokes Miss Laverne Stokes Ms Juanita Stokes Miss Doris Barber Mrs Helen James Mr Horace James Mr S Mrs Kensington White Miss Elaine Richardson Mr 5 Mrs David Tates Ms Carnella Coleman Mr S Mrs Edward Richardson Mrs Lena Crabbe Mrs Lillian Wright Mr Robert Wright Mr E Mrs John Dorsey Mlss Patricia Harrett Odell Walters Mr 8 Mrs Edward Williams The Wllllmas Children Debbie Walters PH B Church Jr Usher Cheryl Wiggins Ann Wiggins Rita Jackson Jannre Pearson Ernestlne Harrison Edward Harrison Joyce Bolden Hawkins Family Michele James Ollvta McRae Hue McRae Kenneth Mason Mrss Dianne M Jasper Salley Barrett 84 Mr Esmond R Jack Mr George Edwards Mrs Selma T Jack Jeffery 5 Paula Barnes Mr S Mrs lrvln Charles Mr 5 Mrs Michael Brooks Eric Reynaud Johnson Vlvlan Delores Brown Eleanor C Brown Frederick Author Brown Margaret O Smith Derrick A Smith Margo Blackwell Gabrielle Kelly Rita Perry Tammle Withers Sonya Baker Mrs Gerrt Brooks Ms Fannie Wheatley Mrs Delores Jones William Stokes Wtllle Williams Barbara Dorsey Wynsdl Custrs Teddy Matthews Mrs Hattie Bridges Mrs Doris Lancaster Mrs Marlon Brown Mrs Cathy Gerald Mrs Dorothy Sanders Mr Moses Lancaster Mrs Mamie Baker Mr P L Evans Mrs Louise Chase Mrs Ada Wilder Mrs ldabelle Thrugmorten I - I l c - ' I 0 Mr, Harold Moore Mr. S Mrs. George Wilson Carla Augustine Redd . , , , , Mr! . . . . . ' ' ' , , ' Ms. . . . . ' . Ms' . . ' . ' , , ' Mr. Mrs Jean Horne Tlmoth y Sa vo y Betty Wiggins Patrlcla Randall Sylvia Garvin Cordella Savage Mrs. Cunningham Mrs. Morales Michele Holley Ms. Taylor Mrs. Sarah Hill Mrs. Bell Mr. Robert Greene Mrs. Frances Allen Mr. 6 Mrs. Robert Oliver Mr. 5 Mrs. Donald Stokes Mr. 8 Mrs. Melvin Foreman The Funches Family Winona Mary Taylor Patrice-n-Gregory Julie Medline Miss Colita Dempsey Mr. Cliff Layton Glendale Hargrove Mrs. Willie Merritt Mrs. Sandra Coles Mr. William Crews Mr. 8 Mrs. Leroy Brown Cliff-n-Carol Miss Carol A. Coles Mrs. Doris McOuaige Wanda McOuaige Gordon McOuaige Mrs. Bernice Darby Michelle Denise Darby Tanya Denise Darby Mrs. Violet Holloman John Holloman Kenneth Holloman Arlene Washington Mrs. Fannie Jones Mr. Samuel Jones Palastine Jones Starlene Jones Vondaleria Jones Sindy Williams Teresa Williams Shean Williams Yvonne Watson Lisa Coporal Shelly Lance Stacy Gibson Mary E, Martin Joe Martin Marlo Martin Wunice Reeves John Hargrove Renee Hargrove Mitz, Dailey Tammy Justice Anthony Whiting Devon Levine Debbie Loyal Da yneial Hill Angela Rue Diane Taylor Rosetta Levine Terry Hill Donald DeShields Esther DeShields Mary Burgess Wesley Hampton. Sr. Kenneth Hampton Gloria Hampton Hiland Carter Tina Hampton Cheryl Hampton Sylvester Newsome Booker 'll Carter lnetta Carter Maurice Logan Curtis Logan Gertrude Jackson Betty Jackson Gerald Jackson Mary Pryor Dennis Jackson Ella Jackson Barbara Aulton Mike Witt Lelia Wormley Mr. 5 Mrs. Vermdell Hundnell Ms. Elsie Bowser Mr. 8 Mrs, Gilmore Mrs. Edelia Mallory Mr. 5 Mrs. Ralph Cornick Anthony Mallory Christopher Bolling Mrs. G. Bolling Mr. 5 Mrs. B. Mallory Lisa Renee Redd Lisa Redd loves Mike Artis Barry Redd loves Janet Watkins Jacqueline Denise Redd Neasey loves Terrence Dolores Anne Butler The Henson Family Mr. Calvin Void Stephanie "Teardrop" Jackson "83" John Macon Glenise Walker Richard Tyler Janice Shipley Raymond Shipley. Sr. Lucille Holcomb Mildred Francis Yvonne Holcomb Phyllis Holcomb Adohnhus Holcomb Joan B. D. Stukes The Birt Family Tai- Tai Thompson Dorothy Turner R. W. Adcock Maria Stokley Linda White Landon Turner Marie White Katie White Alice Gallop Tina Felder Dorothy Dawson Roberta Dillard Lenora Dawson Edna Lineberry Gale Braxton Tina Lineberry Marvin Dawson Timothy Dawson. Jr. Miss Nora Yannuzzi Edwin Ford Steven N. Morris, Sr. Carol Dausch Leslie Jones Mr. 5 Mrs. Kevin Manley Mrs. Mildred Spencer Valerie Summers Antione Spencer Inez Hayes Barbara Ferguson Nathaniel J. Holder Jr. Tara Holder Frankie Turner Earl Stackhouse James Mangum The Byrd Family James Dorsey Ben Williams Lisa B.K.A. Snookie Earl Mayo David Pressley Victoria Wilson Sheila Yerby Paulette Ward Johnny Woodley Laura Whitley Darlene Melton Timothy Melton Roslyn Darden Thelma Huff Ervin Whitley. Sr. Randy Earl Whitley Joyce K inyon Alease Howell Cheryl Jones Garland Gay Brenda Wilkins Bessie Rogers Horoce Rogers Hallie Allen Pearl Allen Jr. Carlton Allen Audrey Allen Bessie Black Jacqueline Coleman Maxine Carter Rufus Carter Barbra Bailey Barbra Peace Jacquetta Scott Mac Wright Catherine Suggs Gary Johnson Jr. Felicia Flythe Fannie Flythe Angela Williams Lesley Mayo Vickie Harris Mr, Henry Clark William Clark Sr. Michael Harris Anthony Hris Bessie Harris Pamela Harris Aaron Clark Sr. Nicole S Bafael Janis Katsu Dione Gresham Leslie Cary Marsha Johnson Josef Miller Nancy Baker Donna Winter Palestine Turner Candace Watkins John Watkins Donna Madison Dorcon Coles Yvonne Johnson Ruth Lewis Connie Rice Douglass McCrary Melba Parker Teresa Smith O'Hara Minister Elizabeth Johnson Brenda Allen Kristen Allen Marie Allen Leah Sands Clarence H. Allen Ill Ressell Sands Micheal Jones Minnie Jones Wanda Seeney Mable Jones Antoinette V. Owens Nancy Davis William Henry Brenda Barrett Francws Gibbons Alfonso Pryor Matthews Smith Gary Stone Ms. Darlene Swan Dean Subrael Mr. Ray Taft Takain Tee Irearha Timpson Brenda Turner Terance Waddy Julie Walker Angela Williams Capricia Williams Mrs. Mary R. Williams Mia Williams Bobby Wilson Robert White Mrs. Mary L. Wooten Ms. Yanuzzi Traiyon Young Melvin L. Anderson Kathyn Austin Eugene Ball Marie Banks Sherry Brother Sonja Brown Gloria A. Brownson Glen Bunch Don Cameron Mr. John Carignano Clifton Carver Eric P. Collier Operdell Cooper Mr. 8 Mrs. John M. Crabs Kevin Lamont Daughtry Jr. Matthew Daughtry fln memory o Benjamin B. Davis Bernice Davis Braweley Davis Charles Davis Christopher Davis Kenneth D. Davis Roseland Davis Eliza Dixon fln memory of Q Samantha Fulp Hettie M. Garcia Joyce Gardner Evan Gifford Mr. Good Mr 5 Mrs. Sidney Graham Jr. Florence Green Mr. S Mrs. Lucian Greene Sr. Mr. 5 Mrs. Ronald Greene Sr. William B. Greene Bennie Hall Marie Harris Daron N. Harrison Mr. S Mrs. Ronald Harmon Ronald High Rose M. lzzard Aaron James Catherine Jenkins Patsy D. Joe lln memory ofj Delores Johnson Tim Johnson Floyd Lamb Stanley Langley Joanna Langston Pamela L. Adgerson Allier B. Alghah Mrs. Celestine M. Anderson Damon Barrett Fredrick H. Bellifield Majorie L. Bellfield Theodosia Bias Mr E Mrs. Darryl Blackwell Diana Blackwell Kevin Blackwell Barabara Bleman Beth Boyd Haywood Bradley Lila Bradley Rozelle Bradley Mrs. Angela Brown Mr. Johnny Brown Mr. Larry Brown Sylvia Bull Mrs. Darah Bundy Jean Cabbagestalk Gene Castle Leverna Coleman Robert R. Cragway Jerome L. Davia Jr. Rose P. Davis Mrs. Ouanie DeShields Adriane 5 Kevin Ebb Mary Elliott Mitzy Hargrone Charles Howard Stephanie House Mrs. Florence Hudson Effie Irvin Mr. L Mrs. Laura Johnson Reginald Drox Johnson Mr. Willie C. Johson Sr. Daisy V. Kelly Thomas A. Kelly Mathis Kennedy Minnie Kennedy Cynthia Lance Richard Lance Miss Shelly Lance Elinor Annis Elizabeth Anderson Dollie Armstrong Nichelle Bean Darlene Best Gloria Brady Dorothy Bowers Bonnie. James, 8 Jeffery Willie Champion Shephany Champion Cornelius Dean Jr. Cornelius Dean Sr. Nancy DeGalleford Dorothy Dixon Andre Dukes Bridgett Dukes Melvin Dukes Rose Edwards Consuella Emile Jessie Flood Fannie Flythe L ydell Gray George Lillie Hale Tara Harris Earnestine Hayes Reginald Hayes Marjorie Haynes Lonnie Henderson Mary Henderson Ma.rgaret Hiebler Ray S Liouse Higgins E Family Edna Howard Joesphine Howard Kenneth Nelson Howard Phyllis Howard Esther Hudson Olgarita Kelly Michele Kirk Cherylisa Jennings Sharon Jones Victoria Jones Jo 6 Chucky Macek Jill Manning Mary Martin Michael Morton Wayne Martin Garland Mayes Linnie Mayes Hallie Ma ynor Viriginia Miller Harold Moore Herb Morrison Clara Morton l.G. Morton Jason Morton LuAnnie Morton Phyllis Morton Mary Ann Payea Mary Peay Ann Pounders Tony Pounders Celestine Powell Nancy S Richard Rampmeyer Amos Richards Pamela Roche Leroy Rogers Eleanor Seay Herbie Shyre S. Stake Shirley Slyvester Harry West Jaton Wilks Saundra Wilks Angela Williams Renaldo Williams Victor Williams Lethia Yancey Duke Zais Mr. Dino Abe Mr. Tony Dell Acqua Mr. Jim Bellau C. Bellfield Ms. Rae Bernard The Bietila Family Mr. 5 Mrs. Lee Bowman Michele Murden Viola Burden Mattie Cooper Vinnie Cornish D. Crawley Thelma Davis Sandra F. Denelield Taby Desazo Mr. 8 Mrs. Edwards Drane The Eason Family Julia A. Evans Edwin E. Ford Sr. Gloria Gainous Mrs. Ruth Gray Mr. Hanson Archie Hickinson Charles Hill Jean Hill Pearl Hill Pat Holt Albert Hopkins Christine Hopkins Geneva Hopkins Lexie Hopkins Linda Hopkins Theodore Hopkins Ms. Geraldine Jenkins Mrs. Christine Jones Michelle Kellam Ziggy Kellam Ausha Lewis Jeffrey Lutz William A. Manns Ronald Matthews Melvin May Annie M. McGirr McGronon Family Carolyn E. Mills Gloria A. Morre Walter Morris Betty Myers James Nealy Mildred Nelson James Oliver Sr. James Oliver J. Matre Pettiford Sir Sedric Wendail Pupley Camel Omari Robinson Geraldine Robinson Clarence L. Ross Sr. James W. Shipe Jr. Mary Shipe Mr. Jesse Snowden Joan S Stanley Stern Mr. Napoleon Sykes Mrs. Dorothy E. Taylor Mrs. LaNella Thompson Phyillis Watkins Mr. S Mrs. James C. Weber Barry Whitaker Mrs. Bernette Williams Mr. E Mrs. Alfred Zais Franny Zais Lynda Albrews Marvin Artis Sylvester 8 Consuela Barnes Anne Brooks KAlumnij Ms C ythnia Butler Shawn Cobb Charlette L. Cohen Ethel Cooper Robert Daughtry Vivian Daughtry Mr. Burgess Davis Miss Carolyn Davis Mrs. Mary Davis Miss Michele Davis Mrs. Ruby Davis Mrs. Virginia Davis Mrs. Wilhilmina Davis Paul Ludger Evans Carol Fair Beverly Faust Mrs. Fenton Rozenia Flood Mark Fortune Danora A. Green Mr 8 Mrs. Lucian Green Jr. Peter Green Vera A. Harcum Tenia Hargrove Mr. James Harris Mrs. Katherine C. Harris Mr. Gene Jack Mr. J.C. Jamison Mr. M. Jones Miss Peggy Kellam James C. Kertley IP-Nutj J.R. Kid Mr 5 Mrs. David Ladenhiem Cheryl J. Lankford Mrs. Margaret Leary Darryl Milton Kim Pilgreen Robert Pino Jr. Rita 71 Reed Purnell Rew Albie Rue Anna Rue Edwin Rue Carolyn Scott Mrs. Annie D. Smith Stephanie D. Smith Mr. Howard Stanley Verline Stepney Hasson Tarik Mrs. Elizabeth Terry Patricia Thomas Mr. Sherman Thorton Patrick Wm. Tracey Marshall Vandiver Connie Walker Mrs. Melissa Walker Anthony Walker John Watkins Carmenta White Benita Williams Mrs. Pearl D. Williams Sheri Joyce Lance Mrs. New Avery G. Lawson Alvin Loves Lisa John Lockett Anna Macer Victoria Marks Mr E Mrs. Claude Marrow Gene McDougal Walter McDougal Geneva McNeil Virginia Newman Jamaine Powell Mr. James Pringle Ronnie Pringle Mrs. Sarah Pringle Oueen Randall Deanna Robinson Eunice Robinson .lonny Robinson Mr. S Mrs. Reginald M. Robinson Deborah K. Savage M's Phyllis Seroggins Mrs. Vicky Sinkler Leslie Smith Rose Stephens Lucille Stokes Keith Timmon. CP.A. Gary Tutman Ms. Mary Whittington Sarah Wright Dorothy Lawrence Anne Magill Keith Matthews Roxanne McLaughlin Lynette Milburn F. Mohamed F. Mohamey Lamont Moore Gilbert Mank G.R. Norris Mrs. Ruthie Page M 's. Leola Parks Darlene Pryor Leon Pryor Rob Ragin Mrs. Rogers Mr. 5 Mrs. Ronald Shelton Sr. D.W. Sutton Raymond Taylor Mrs. Loretta Tazwell Steve Vack Barnell Vandiver Joyce Vandiver Latia Vandiver Robin Vandiver Cherri Lynette Washington Mr. 5 Mrs. Eddie Washington Mr. 5 Mrs. John Washignton Mr. Lawin Washington Mr. Bernard A. Alderman Mrs. Mary B. Alderman David Allen Mrs. Helen R. Baker Edna Barnes Eric Berryman Janice Blackwell lrine Booker Miss Dana E. Brunson Mrs. Mary A. Brunson Mrs. Joyce Butler Elsie Callaham Louise Callaham Pouline M. Callaham Virginia Callaham Mr. Kenneth B. Carter Mrs. Tammy Carter The Coates Family Mr 5 Mrs. William D. Cook Leroy Daniels Vicki and Dave John Drake Donald Dukes Jean Dukes Lorraine Ennelsf Mrs. Sarah F. Epperson James. Edith 8 Family Tyrone. Linda 5 Family Lloyd, L yndell 5 Family Mary Fleet Donnetta Floyd Gloria Forrester Mr 5 Mrs. Ned Frazier Lydia Gilmore Paul Goski Patricia Green Julia A. HammerBaker Miss Ardell Harris Anita 5 Ricki Hawkins Marsha E. Henderson Daliah Hickman Janet C. Hines Mrs. Janet Jackson Mr. Charles E. Johnson. Sr. Mr. Franklin B. Johnson Goldie Keyes Mrs. VanLandingHam Arline C. Ledbetter Julie Medlin Cynthia Moore Velma Moore Eva Phelps Mrs. Ethel Mae Pino L Fred Pino Lucille Pino Roberta L. Pino Windell Pino Roberta Razis Mr 8 Mrs. Warren Renwick Vivian Richardson Bernard Robinson Pamela E. Ross Sara Ross Mrs. Edna Sayles Miss Bonita Sayles Henry Simmons Velda B.K.A. Smokey Elfanor M. Taylor Mr 5 Mrs. William Tolliver Brian Vandiver Doris S Bosie Vandiver Sonia 5 Earl Vandiver William 6 Gloria Vandiver Thelbert Wallace Mr E Mrs. Clarence Washington Deborah Washington Nehemah 5 Marbell Mrs. Fannie l.R. Watkins Dorothy Wilkins MUSIC HEARD SO DEEPLY THAT IT IS NOT HEARD AT ALL, BUT YOU ARE THE MUSIC WHILE THE MUSIC LASTS WITH SINCERE THANKS TO GLENN BUNCH, FROM THE FACULTY STUDENTS, ADMINISTRATION, ALUMNI, AND STAFF OF EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL. FOR OVER 20 YEARS YOU SHARED YOUR GIFT OF MUSIC WITH US. 120 CT.S. ELIOT w N Ns 9 S 1 K -, it hw Aiqxvh hwy Wm-i W V i Wnlh i Nihg W iv iw Ai Y Vi! igw Y 4-iAh ixik x A 1 L K n. QF 5 . X '. I 1V . 1 N ' .I ax. , -r Ni V 7 ' - A I W . Q -1 gi f N N , 'X r -- 1 I "" x l v 1 .

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