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wk The ,,5 1 , f uf - , - ' , ff f , Q ' 31, 2 an ,pp y,,,i,..f.,w.u 43 Q V 363 V kLV f if QQ ,' i , -, 1 ,f ,N -fm . 'fs' - . A A In 51001 ' M 3 iltimo , Maryland Volume 58 The Business Of Schosl Get up in the morning Breakfast at eight Rush off to the bus stop Trying not to be hate You hurry, you hustle You smoke with your friends You dzxllied, Now the meeting can ond. ar W Muni Yoifre late You out class in winter You out class in fall So spring when you come They worft cam: at all. Pai McDowell Table of Contents Faculty 5 Seniors 21 Dedication 68 Clubs 69 Special Events 77 Index 95 Y YW Vw' Principal Mr. Elzee Gladden joined us in October and after mutual adjust- i ment set the course for serious school business. Administrators anwwpxpuqnwgf r--n ftwsm gi' i Qg when QL' 1 Mr. Herbert Findeisen is the maker of schedules, the caller of substitutes, and, when necessary, Assistant Principals the discipliner of students. Mrs. Dorothy Johnson distributes bus and lunch tickets 6 and disciplines stud ents. Academic or personal prob- lems can be brought to these people for aid in finding a solution. 1 E iid .gs Mr. Williams Blake 11th Grade Counselor J ob Finders Mrs. Martha jenkins Mrs. jean Davis Work-Study Coordinator Job Placement Coordinator Wil 43" Mrs. Allenette Valentine Ms. Marilyn Levy 9th and 10th Grade Counselor 4 'K time ,J 'H- 'H 12th Grade Counselor Guidance Dept. Head ,fu L L rg Mr. Leffler, Dept. Head Mr. Morton 8 Social Studies Ms. Greensfelder Y e 4 Q x X 3' if I, ,A . QM .exfff I VW' f HI, IAQ' V Q .i-y51,,,fAa Mrs. Bareham Mrs. Offer K L 5. I , 3. . 'L ,NME A J ,L Nag 4' iv: if Mr. Pierce N 3 Mrs. Jackson teaches the basic skills of drawing and painting, among other art forms. 'NHS . Want to learn how to sing or play the piano? Mr. Bunch teaches these bas1c skills. -----"""""".' - .,--4--"""""' .0 AA'-'aa-,,,,..,... F music 'Q ,lm Mrs. B. Davis--Spanish Foreign Language Miss White--French SMH FORTISQ fuk? I mx new 'I h 11S ng 'J-Ay gy uuu W ss 's s QT 5 5 Q' X K - - s - 1 :ibm ' 'vrfaldofqu i'7ffmQ,f1. 2 'flmllhvldnu -,,,f'!"'I0o.v f v u I Q Y?" 04' ' 00 I Q ' bww VEZDLNX , " .L Z 1 R ' 1 I A fill I ' I ' III In I 0710 fu 1 1 but 101: 1000 Z M162-110: ' Wwalhlhnf ou4,4,,W 'mum If I0 mum 90000 WWW: ' 0101 I X I lb III 90 4 010 011 1: , 9 4' 1: Xi :I 0 Pt' De ani!-P. sfezixilrlijliss M5s4?5i?fT51eEN' 2 R 'ur T: FT CP ER:Mhe WH P LETqP'1igNgV,2Eea for.dg1G T0 d,1oW ABQ . ld' Herihgeldgygitudi. Wwa Baans Sn? s:MGr1m B1 Tm' sk T . 5sk0I!VIi5I:rIgEoZkS . B TERTN. fi. Mr K 6X3 N. X is' 0 5 Q 1 i L ,A 9 ,F 9 ur P-f I Mr. R. Terrill 3 T145 ' X" wr . 1. f, 5 , --.,M,,W,,.,w ge 'V , 5 0 1 it Mvf- X' MM WW., il' M s. T. Denholm hysical Education Miss. M. Wilson, Dept. Head Mrs. A. Gay i' i i M Mr. L. Klein doubles as a Phys- HMHM SCHAU Miss H. Wallace ical Ed. and a Driver's Ed. teacher. 11 0 Mrs. Dehaven, Dept. Head Mrs. Thompson Mrs. I-Iarcum X 12 Business Department Miss Graves Miss Clark 5 , F Mrs. Mears lf Mrs. Whitmore Mrs. Carter I l V , A,,,, IT. :tw Wa. 'E UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Miller LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Valerani o LOWER M1'DDLE:M . L d S b BEI.DW:Mr. Wilsonrs an ers u , EQ 155.2 . M L f , Business teachers Mrs. McIntyre ffar lefty and Mrs. McLean fleftj. ? X 'X 'I3 I Q' in xx 'I 'L i 5af',4e,q,f"f 4 . 1 3g.f'?T?i4L .3 2, me Jeff? 1 , N,.k, aw. ., Q ..,,. , fi ue.-2525 m f r L' 1 -1 ' Y f " ' bw-wa' 1 x .4 f , , at it ,, ,V X . ,Vh, ,,L., K Q A of J' - 'er M1 Q Q 1 F :af Mr. Carter, who joined us this year, is the Math Dept. Head. ni: K ' a . I 1 - ----e ' V ,,,..-... A A e 1 ,M W ,L Mr . Pa squini 14 Mathematics Department Mrs. R . Smith Miss Montgomery teaches math so others can balance their clothes budgets as well as she does. -Til' 2 , V ILM: 'F it I f 5 ei ff Z H Z ll UQ SZ' n- P1 FD i :L ' fvf J . ! J 1 i , , 5, I 5 tiff! ffl. Lf X X If fix Mr. Ladenheim Home Economics Mrs L Wzlhams, Dept Head Mrs R Dav1s Mrs Sorrells 'YM' Mrs R1ce Mrs Elsey U 0" ' f - I ' - VV-'U' 'Ui Q M- f ' 1 M rMr, f ' 1 ,X fi 1 M-xx 111 Ii Mr. Wessel, Dept. Head Mr. Shaw ,n S 'K ,Jai . 5 If? A ' fa' A re, 2 M iff! My -1 ,Q Science is not only for learning about nature or other FAR out things. lt's also a part of KABS. A11 of these teachers have taken time out to help us learn our Basic Skills of Science. 16 Science Mrs. Lee Miss Caldwell D Mr. Howes Mr. Cohen Mr. Hancock , Y RIGHT Mr Hall races to another Screenmg Comm1ttee meetmg In add1t1on to teachmg, Mr Hall helps dec1de wh1ch students would prof1t from 1nc1us1on 1n the Excep txonal Chxld Dept Mrs Mansield, B1010gY Exceptlonal Ch1ld Q! 'ix M s JennyMorr1s MathfWr1t1ng Lab Rev Jackson M1 ss Coulter Nurse Aides Mrs. Spann Mrs. Howard Mrs- Adams Secur1t Mr. Jack Thissell and Mrs. Sonia Elliott Custodian , W M. Mr. Young Mr. Gooden Mr. Timmons Cafeteria Ladies " ms if .. PC. , ff' ' 'S:5?'f if ef 1' 3 asa im sf M ae SK 'i f M, ,g al , XM N' N, 5 Y , , ' -W H'-'-sw Mx, W fv3WQww?A A , X N Y X 3 1 v w x I X Af Q' W Vf""flJ-MT1'MWEUM' , ,. ww, 1. if . o L 19 1 4 4 1 1 N I N W l , . 1 W J 1 1 u I J I n . I H-' ,nib L 'A I' ' , ,,,, f ' ' A 'K I' I v I . I K P 5 1 ? 1 a Senior Inaugeral T Q E s f W A , si I up 5 I Q 5 E . 3 YQVA ... ul . I ll It f , W TOP LEFT: Mliss Felecia Smith, TOP CENTER: Miss B. Williams TOP RIGHT: Miss Sandra Wooden, Senior Class President, opens the gives the school her farewell Senior Class Historian, saying, program with a warm welcome. speech, revealing her decision to "I present none other than Mr. become Assistant Superintendant Spencer Christian!" BELOW: The Senior Class in person. Of Region V' We Will miSS hef- ctober 15, 1976 The Class Of 377 Officially Begins Its Senior Year with f ., , ' 95 t f r V vs 'Wi i T TOP LEFT: Miss C. Harris, Miss R. Bell, Miss F. Smith, and Miss S. Wooden take the oath of office from Miss A. Britton. v . IIBBXYX.. ri" RIGHT: Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Spencer Schristian, gives a talk on the importance of getting along with others. 1 BELOW LEFT: The Senior Class end the program with a smile. :dl 452 L9 December 22, 1976 Senior P 0 r 'L r a i t S Sarah Alston Cynthia Alves Marilyn Bames Wilma Barnes Rita Ames Cynthia Bailey Betty Bamett Patricia Bailey Beverly Barksdale Irene Barnes Shirley Bell Karen Bessicks janet Booker Rosilyn Bowell Diane Bowman Sandra Bowman Paula Boyce Jacqueline Bradley W VE ' 7 -fTf1?i1?9i'i,fsg. rfi Gina Bridges Sheila Bridges Adrienne Britton Patricia Britton Robbin Brock Terri Brooks Antoinette Brower Alberta Brown Angela Brown Gwen Brown Pamela Brown Evelyn Bryant Dale Bumbry Cassandra Burke CYnfhi3 Butler Fernanda Butler Erlene Caasar Ingfld Cannon Debbie Caster i ff io , 1 g f I , lfio o Q Kim Cooper Tammy Ching Gloria Clowney Senorita Davis Sh21'0I1 Davis Sharon Davis Joyce Dickey Bernadette Diggs Darlene Diggs Patricia Dixon G101'i2 Dvlfield Louise Dunn Ernestine Dupree Edith Brown Sheila Edwards Sheron Floyd Benita Fulgham Maria Garrison Vanessa Gaskins Charzetta Gaylord Phillis Ghee Pamela Bill Vanessa Gill Valerie Glee Wendy Goode Karen Haley Breeta Hall Cheryl Harris Evangeline Harris Gale Harris Iutta Harris Stella Hill Sarah Hardy D orothy Hinds Marie Hines J Donna Hobbs jackie Holiday Darlene Honeyblue Brenda Howard Delores Hudgins Karen Hunter Sheila Hunter Pamela jackson Rosetta ja ckson Dorothy johnson D arl ene Ion es Rosa Jamison Robin A. Johnson Robin M. johnson Paulette johnson Nancy Johnson Paulette Kennedy Cheryl Kess Lakita Kess Angela Lewis Deborah Little Sandra Lott Cindy Lowery Wanda McMi11ion Sheila McNeil Linda McPherson Sherry Mickens Denise Miles Alison Montgomery Sandra Morris Constance Moses Patricia Newsome Winnee Orem Gwendolyn Owens Mamie Peete Rona Perry Imogene Pitts Thelma Price Carlese Reed Jeri Richardson Robyn Riddick Valerie Riddick Karen Roberts Bernice Scott Maria Scott Yvonne Scott Shella Scruggs Natahe Sherriel Carne Smgleton Fe1ec1a Sm1th Carleen Stewart Linda Stewart Charmet Thomas Karen Thompson Carleathe Trent jan et Tubman Lisa Turnipseed Darlene Vandiver Carolyn Vaught Paul Washington 1" Valerie Watson Thelma West Kim White Jod e11 White Roveyna W11k1n5 Dlana W11113mS Fay Williams Patricia Williams Angela Willis Myra Willis Regina Willis Dawn Womack Sandra Wooden Date: june 2, 1977 Time: 9 P.M. -1A.M. Place: Martin's West The seniors, quite dazzling in their beautiful gowns, were greeted at the receiving line. With their escorts, they entered the romantic atmosphere where they enjoyed a buffet dinner and danced to the sounds of Grand jury. The evening provided treasured memories to all in attendance. '- 41.1. Senior Prom ,, , if I I 48 fp ,SQ 3 22 f V W ' 12" 49 Mr. Gladden escorts Miss Williams, former head teacher of Eastern, to the platform. Miss Williams generously provided a Good English Scholarship. Re- member her advice to say "You 9 are", not, "You is." Awards Assembl ABOVE: With Mrs. B. Davis di rectin and Mr. G. Bunch ac g - companying, the Eastem High School Chorus performs. RIGHT: Caught off-guard, recipi- ents of Service to the Senior Class Awards watch others receiving their awards on the platform. '4 H. fl. il rs! if Recipients of the award for Service to the School and Community N M's Greensfelder presents Peabody Medals in recog- nition of Highest Academic Rank. C L X fl Y, Sandra Wooden receives the Helen Angela Lewis receives the Lenore C. Taylor Award for English. Meid Auld Scholarship. Rhoda Ennis receives the Good Citizenship Medal given by the Sons of the American Revolution 51 lfi Platform guests. l Brenda Scott receives the Susan The Business Education Award was Happily receiving the Marguerite Collins award for Determination received by Robin A- Ivhnson- Vofsfeg Hilbingef 5Ch012fShiP is from Dr. Eugene Scott, its donor. Diana Williams. To everyone's delight, as can be seen on the faces of her mother, Miss Williams, and Mr. Gladden, Mr. Anonye from Morgan State recognizes Alberta Brown as the de- serving recipient of the most awards. I 52 3 I i I il: The Processi onal Farewell Senior Class Officers Members of the Class of 1977 sf' -JN .V ka The Class f 1977 Says 6'Goodbye" To Eastern YN The traditional reading of "The Last Will and Testament" of the Class of 1977 is quite well received by fl-rj: Mrs. E. Whitmore, Mrs. R. Smith, Mrs. I. Carter fSr. Class Advisorsj, Mr. Gladden, Mrs. T. Cox fReg. II Superintendantj, and Mrs. Johnson, among others. The responsibility of school lead- ership is passed to the Jr. Class V Officers. 54 1 1 1 1 I W The One Hundred Twenty-Fifth Annual Commencement Eastern High School -F... W I ..... 4 L O X xxx H ij .. Q 5: -, 1-1 0 Q g f 1797 THE AUDITORIUM OF EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL Sunday Afternoon, June Fifth NINETEEN HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN AT FOUR O'CLOCK The Processional 5 4 S. I Opening Exercises The Opening Exercises were led by Adrienne Britton, President of the Student Council frightj. After the presentation of guests byMr. Gladden, Dr. Beryl Wil- liams, a member of the Board of School Commissioners, ffar rightj greeted the Class and the audi- ence. Following this, the Senior Class sang "New World Coming. " fbelowj it tw Mr. Elzee Gladden, Principal, introduced the Sr. Class reciting the class profile and career possibilities. IOSIE LEE GOODRICH SMITH AWARD FOR PROGRESS IN ENGLISH Brenda Scott GILLIS MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CHURCH SCHOLARSHIP Dr. Rebecca Carroll present Peabody Medals. PEABODY MEDAL WINNERS CHighest Academic Rankb Fin! Grade 1. Alberta Brown 5. 2. Angela Lewis 4. 5. Stella Hill Second Grade 1. Darlene Jones 6 2. Rita Ames 7 3. Patricia Battle 8 4. Sheila Scruggs 9 5. Darlene Vandiver 10 fln honor of Lucy Milbourne Jackson, Mother of the Pastor and Wife of the Founderl Michelle Shropshire MINERVA HEYMAN SCHOLARSHIP C Given by Mrs. Heyman, former secretary at the Eastern High School and her husbandj Rita Ames GAYZELS, INC. SCHOLARSHIP Sixth Annual Award Felecia Smith lT'S ACADEMIC-GIANT FOODS Adrienne Britton MARYLAND MARATHON AWARD Angela Lewis W. T. MEADE GRANT LODGE 38 AF E: AM Karen Haley VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS AWARD Angela Lewis MARYLAND INSTITUTE OF ART SCHOLARSHIP Lakita Kess Robin A. Johnson Diana. Williams Gloria Clowney Brenda Scott Faye Williams Adrienne Britton Darlene Diggs Scholarships Announced MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS LAURA I. CAIRNES AWARD FUND fln honor of the first woman principal of a Baltimore City High School-19243 Rita Ames LENORA E. CARPENTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP fin honor of a teacher, vice principal, Head of History Department, 1885-l928J Alberta Brown Pamela Jackson THE GLADYS M. DORSEY MEMORIAL FUND Cln honor of a Foreign Language Department Head, 1950-19655 For excellenae in foreign language: Stella Hill Alberta Brown DAVID E. WEGLEIN SCHOLARSHIP Cln honor of the Superintendent, 1925-19463 Sheila Hunter BALTIMORE CITY SCHOLARSHIP Angela Lewis 57 5 .J Recipients stand to be recognized. COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIPS ROSA SCOTT AWARD FOR PERSEVERANCE SUSAN COLLINS AWARD FOR DETERMINATION fGiven by Dr. Eugene Scorr in honor of his moxher and morher-in-law, respectively? Sue Robinson Miller Brenda Scorr THE ANONYE INSPIRATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR FUTURE SCHOOL TEACHERS Cln honor of Mrs. Chidi Anonyel Cheryl Harris GOOD ENGLISH SCHOLARSHIP fGiven by Miss Berry Williams, former principal of the Easrcrn High School 1971-19765 Alberta Brown IOSIE LEE GOODRICH SMITH AWARD FOR PROGRESS IN ENGLISH Brenda Scott GILLIS MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CHURCH SCHOLARSHIP fln honor of Lucy Milbourne Jackson, Morhcr of rhe Pastor and Wife of the Michelle Shropshire MINERVA HEYMAN SCHOLARSHIP tGiven by Mrs. Heyman, former secrerary ar the Eastern High School and her husbanclb Rina Ames GAYZELS, INC. SCHOLARSHIP Sixlh Annual Award Fclecia Smirh IT'S ACADEMIC-GIANT FOODS Adrienne Brirron MARYLAND MARATHON AWARD Angela Lewis W. T. MEADE GRANT LODGE 38 AF 6 AM Karen Haley VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS AWARD Angela Lewis MARYLAND INSTITUTE OF ART SCHOLARSHIP Lakiza Koss 58 Fou nderl TH E AWARDS THE EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL AIIIAINAE ASSOCIATION ART PRIZE ln Nam Sun LAURA DEVALIN ENGLISH PRIZE Darlcnu Gales MUSIC PRIZE Felecia Smith A. MARGUERITE ZOUCK AWARD ICLASSES OF 1953. 1959. 19601 Srelln Hill VIRGINIA WENTZ AWARD Sheila Hunter ADA B. NORMENT SCIENCE AWARD 'CLASS OF 10191 Alberta Brown THE ELISABETH G. WHITE MEMORIAL AWARD fGiven by Mrs. Allene Turner Taylor. Presidenr of :lie Alumnae Associarionl B Alberta Brown CIT ATIONS MARIE HEAPHY ENGLISH A WARD GIVEN BY CLASS OF 1932 Darlene Vanrliver BRONZE GOOD CITIZENSHIP MEDAL AND CERTIFICATE SONS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION- THE GENERAL JOHN EAGER HOWARD CHAPTER Rhoda Ennis BAUSCI-I AND LAMB HONOR SCIENCE MEDAL Pamela jackson ETTY CROCKER. SEARCH FOR LEADERSHIP IN FAMILY LIVING Carlesc Raed EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Adrienne Britton Patricia Battle Sheila Bridges Darlene Jones Janet Tubman FACULTY SERVICE SCHOLARSHIPS Gloria Clowney Winnee Orem Pamela Gill Sandra Woodcn Darlene Vandiver CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES SCHOLARSHIP FUND Pamela Brown Angela Lewis Regina Willis FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Diana XVilliams EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CCharacter, Scholarship, Leadership, Servicej Rovenita Wilkins QUILL AND SCROLL JOURNALISM AWARD Pamela Gill ENTRE NOUS CLUB Rita Ames Diana Williams Pamela Gill FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA fFBLAj Cassandra Burke Paulette Kennedy STUDENT GOVERNMENT SCI-IOLARSHIPS Adrienne Britton Kim Cooper Brenda Scott FAMILY COUNCIL SCHOLARSHIPS lP,T.A.1 Sheron Floyd Darlene Diggs Jeri Richardson Shelia Scruggs ADMINISTRATORS' AWARD Pamela Gill DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE ART emma Whitley BUSINESS EDUCATION Robin A. Johnson ENGLISH Rita Ames FOREIGN LANGUAGE Stella Hill HOME ECONOMICS Darlene Vandiver MATHEMATICS Alberta Brown MUSIC Brenda Scott SCIENCE Angela Lewis SOCIAL STUDIES Carlese Reed PHYSICAL EDUCATION Angela Lewis GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Rhoda Ennis LIBRARY Cheryl Harris . aaai-eww f Presentation Of The Class A X ,,M-H Dr. John L. Crew, Sr., Superintendent of Public Instruction for Baltimore City, presents the Senior Class. Conferring Gf Diplomas Mr. Irving from the 2nd Councilmatic District, assisted by Mr. Findeisen and Mrs. Johnson, confer diplomas on the deserving members of the Class of 1977. 1 my - 1 t E ig! 60 1 61 62 Mrs. Thelma Cox fleftj, Region 2 Superintendent, speaks to the graduating class, imparting words of wisdom and encouragement to them, as well as congratulations. Mr. Gladden then pronounced the seniors graduates and advised them to switch their tassels fcenter lefty. This pronouncement brought smiles of happines and shouts of joy fcenter right and belowj. Following this, all sang "The Green and Go1d." xx . HIV' I V we E fs Mrs. Burkhart, the earliest graduate, from the Class of 1919. Pamela Renee Gill, recipient of the ring in 1977, the first to be so honored. 64 Tributes vc , y ' X I Miss Betty Williams, former head tea cher. A, II Qt in , 'f i 33 THE RING At our One-Hundred Twenty-lifth Annual Commencement, Eastern High School establishes a new tradition. We hope that each year the graduating senior who best personifies the true spirit of the Eastern High School will be selected to receive the ring of an alumna who graduated fifty years ago. After watching the Today Show's Bicentennial Report on Maryland, this year Dr. Margaret N. Lewis, A.B., Goucherg Ph.D., Hopkinsg currently with the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University, has requested that her 1927 class ring from Eastern High School be presented to a member of the Class of 1977. The recipient of this distinguished award will be announced during the Commencement Exercises. ws -M . X S Angela Lewis, Second Ranking Student, reads words The pwgram ends as the Senior Class, on their way to of Farewell. a different life, sings the traditional "Halls of Ivy. " N ABOVE AND LEFT: People who made this ceremony possible for its participants. 65 Cybthia Alves Sarah Ann Alston Kess Regma Ames Ann Bailey Barksdale Barnes Cannon enessa Caster ynnette Chandler Lind a Denise Chisholm Karen Marie Clowney PF Sheila Hunt er we 5 Kim Lori Cooper ,Sylvia Ann Crosby 'Mary Davis Maureen Lynne Davis Senoria C. Davis Sharon Davis Sharon Teresa Davis Beriiadette Diggs FkDar1ene Diggs ia Laverne Dixon Ann Dolfi eld ag: Louise Diane Dunn Carroll Dupree X' 5 , g f ' s ekPame1a Rosetta Delores Connie Johnson Deborah L. johnson Nancy Ann Johnson 'l0l'Robin A. Johnson Robin M. johnson :l0FDar1ene jones Sharon jones Tovinia Ann Kearney Paulette Kennedy Peggy Ann Kenny Pl0l'fkAverage of 96 for two years 9F'FAverage of 90-95 :lf Average of Scott Ja- I X ? Wesson West Yvette Thompson White a Regina Marie L. Trent Laureen White H5222 Robin Trudy Wilson Den1se Tubman Whitfield ' ' Dawn Womack Turnipseed Whitley PlfSandra Denise Wooden Tynes-Bey L. Wilkins Darlene Michelle Woods Brenda Williams Pier Angela Wright PFDominique Yemarianfere 1. " Swim' 1 " V: AN . ... 11 67 , i .4 e.- -, ""Q'-, Miss Bett Williams WITH LOVE AND RESPECT, THE 1977 ECHO IS DEDICATED TO OUR FORMER HEAD TEACHER. mzg-EEN--Z4-Ugg Quill 8a Scroll SEATED QL-RJ: P. Gill, A. Lewis, S. Hunter STAND- ING: W. Orem, Mrs. Helen Bartholow, M's T. Den- holm fadvisors. Society Future Teachers of America eg '. !'!' V inf Entre Nous Club L FRONT ROW QL-RJ: L. Kess, D. Williams, A. Lewis, A. Britton, C. Reed, D. Miles, W. Orem, S. Hunter, A Brown, Mrs. I-I. Bartholow fadvisorj. BACK ROW QL-Rl: K. Cooper, B. Scott, R. M. Johnson, P. Williams, Ms. T. Denholm fadvisory, R. Ames, P. Gill. 71 I ll Library Club Griffin Club 72 be STANDING QL-RJ J. James, C. Harris, C. Patterson, Z. Spence, L. Smith, R. Lane. SEATED: S. Harris, R. Johnson, Z. Street, B. Smith, E. Lee. llflll pg 3 llll 'mf' ll .Q iii '+L lull llllllll Il 'umm in illlllll il ii neiiii ii fi I il M 3. A-V Aides QL-RQ: C. Harris, R. Lane, P. Gill, M's. S. Greensfelder fsponsorj. Red Cross and Mental Health '. 9 . xx S 'N wwilwfl The Induction Ceremony Officers explain the meaning of the traits required for admission in the National Honor Society and the light the candle for that trait. QD. Williams, C. Reed, and W. Pricej. The requisite traits are Charac- ter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. BELOW, established members of the Society sit on the left and the inductees sit on the right. ational Honor Society After lighting their candles from the main source, the inductees vow Mational Honor Society represents. I SEATED QL-RQ: B. Thompson, A. Lewis, R. Ames, W. Price, L. Kess, F. Ryce, B. Butler, L. Pelzer, G. Clowney, W. Orem, A. Brown. STANDING, 1st ROW: S. Greensfelder fadvisory, V. Kane, S. Jones, D. Diggs, D. Womack, B. Scott, B. Tatum, B. Nathaniel, F. Williams, not a member, B. Stead, S. Offer fadvisorj. STANDING, 2nd ROW: D. Williams, J. Tubman, J. Glass, S. Bridges, C. Burke, Z. Spence, K. Cooper, C. Barnett, C. Reed, A. Britton, S. Wooden. RZBQQHLQ f 1 sf ' x"""""2 The Eastern High School Chorus At the suggestion of Mr. Gladden, Eastern young ladies formed a chorus directed by Mrs. B. Dabis and accompa- nied by Mr. Bunch which practiced diligently after school and provided enjoyable entertainment at many assemblies 76 J fv'1 i E' F 1 is uv .F YN Letters From ' To the Graduates of 1977: VI Dear Graduates: The staff of the Eastern High School extends greetings and best wishes on your successful comple- tion of high school. Though we did not start together, I am pleased to have been a part of your concluding year. You have achieved many goals during your educational encounter at Eastern High School. Today, I suggest one more--that you strive for "Perfect Humanity, " that is, doing what is right. This is an age old mes- sage repeated in several cultures, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, " or "Do not judge a man until you have walked in his moccasins for six months. " Your educational experiences should help you continue to strive for that which is born from the seed of goodness in each of us. Nuture this seed daily and your family, your city, and society as a whole, will benefit from the investment in your education. Sincerely yours, Elzee C. Gladden The Administration 1977 Graduates , Congratulations on your achievement. Continue to improve your mental and physical abilitiesg education is a life-long process. Be the best you can be. Life holds many rewards for you if you have prepared yourself to receive them. With wishes for your success, Mr. Herbert Findeisen To the Class of '77, Sincere congratulations and best wishes for continued suc- cess and happiness. As your senior class administrator, I am grateful for the experiences we shared, for it is through com- mitments and involvement in life that we learn and grow . Recently many doors have opened to Women which in the past were closedg however, being female is not enough. You must be prepared ACADEMICALLY MENTALLY PI-IYSICALLY and SOCIALLY for the challenge . I, hope that much of what you,'ve learned here at Easter High you will use for further strides on your way to achievement and excellence . Remember: Today is the first day of the rest of your life-- Make yourself and your Alma Mater proud . Mrs . Dorothy johnson FAR LEFT: Miss B. Williams opens the meeting with a reading lesson. LEFT: Mr. H. Findeisen turns on the television so the faculty can watch a program made especially for teachers in the Baltimore City Public Schoolsg this program helps to aid the teachers in teaching all basic skills. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. D. johnson also speaks about the special program. BOTTOM CENTER: Mrs. S. Offer is really working on her project. BELOW:Mrs. P. DeHaven seems to be a little puzzled about the program. 6, X ,.,, M, .nw 'NV 5 LEFTg Mrs. F. Carroll, now re- tired, seems to be pleased about the reading program. RIGHT: Mrs. L. jackson and Mrs. D. Mears are both listening to an explanation of the individuali- zation program. Faculty Meeting BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. E. Rice, Mrs. N. Brooks, and Mrs. R. Davis all listen to an explanation on how to listen to and evaluate the television profram. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. R. Terrell seems confused about the program, but, as you also see, Mr. W. Blake and Mr. W. Hall think it is O.K. 1'-rf Xl. .X , in 5, .iii ff wr Between semesters, students and teachers indulge in leaming and teaching courses which display personal interests. Some went ice skating at Memorial Stadium, while others "relaxed" on the ice. 5 a 05. A by 4 Mi? QQ ig t lr :JM-' f ,, ,... f : M- of .,. K ' asc i i. ,i5i6S3i?2Z?Sf4ii2fff 23132 Some showed creativity in Ieaming string art with Mr. Cohen. 82 Others, with stars in their eyes, learned "How to Plan Your Wedding" with Mrs. Bartholow. Courses f is 4- - , J K .rf 4 S , r ,, , I 1 S' 3f? ? ,, 1 fs -L iii f ' .7 rx WP' - 1 Mrs. Williams instructed sewing class. Mr. Jordon demonstrated how to fly a plane. Mrs. Carter taught Data Processing. Mr. Bimch tickled the ivories with his students. Modern dance was practiced with the help of Miss Wallace. 83 Entre Nous A X YN I X X X Fashion Show 3 1g,fm,-V ffifieefsfm .The Gong Show Michael jackson Q?j 1 . , 5 X. v f.. s ABOVE AND RIGHT: The judges LEFT: Isis is carried away by evil forces A .f 91 :fl wi. f S 1 my S 1- , V , . it lj V Kg. X L . T4 5. , ' Q. ri - . N 9 af' -K - M ,. TK ff J 'Qri ' X F K- .'1 Qc' 4 -- K- 3 'I A 1 . s? A-. if li. f . ., YKQ' I 1, K , X - f ,,'. .. it gr V, V . A ,., at ,R sf I 'X 1' . us. , . ' g..,h 5 W LX ' ,, - - ' '. - ,' 'x ms A's Mr. Joseph Allen Mr. R.C. Anderson Elliott Atkins Mrs. Correna Atkinson B's Bishop Austin Barnes Mrs. Helen Bartholow Ralph Batty Amos Baxter, 33 Ruby Baxter, P.G.D.R. Mrs. Gladys Bell ' Marvarene Bell Leon Bennett ffl' Miss Poshia BrewingtohAiAA5i?.AfAt Katherine Bridgeford Mr. Leonard Brooks Mrs. Harriet Brown Cora T. Bullock Christine Bush Lisa Bush Ulysses Bush Ann Butler Mildred Butterworth PA TR QNS Mrs. Joan Dyer y E's A Mr. A. Edwards Mrs. M. Edwards Isadora Ellis Cecelia Evans Marsha Evans A F's Mr. Leffler A Marold Lemon Miss Marilyn Levy Christina Lewis Mrs. Ethel Lewis Gregory Lewis Terri Lewis Mrs. M. Little M's Mr. H. Findeisen J Maguire A - "A32QlfQiAQij. jfi j . Mr- R0bCrt LCC ..., .Chester Marmm A . .... ...nfl .,..i l ....... 5.b.,..13..i.M..!.,,.. .. . .i:' l'22.ffA - - ui. . A Youman Fullard M-?1I1Sf1Gld 9'-A. ' A ineei A A .1-sf225ff?Qflt.if:QQ5.5it5253lE2iii5sH-gfg?5afi5eE??Afpi.Af'..wrvette Marshall. .'a.... A ... 5 X, I -V A . Ai g,.:41ffjpgf5 G'SAA i ' . , tr . .kk.., ..,, Q N.. . .Vi ,i-..1.V-...wiv rainy., .Mr. .84 Mrs. James nlet A Lucille' Green ' Mrs. L. Gill J y Shirley M. Greenhill Sharon Greensfelder P.J. Gunter H's Johanna Hanson y yt A A A iiii SeanjfiMeDaniel p Loistine J. Mclntyre Mr. McKim Marva McLendon Mrs. Pauline McCrae Mr. Sam .McCrae J Mrs. Delores Mears Mr. 84 Mrs. WilliegAHardy afjheryl Melvin' it A cis Marian Harris it-if eis.i !1Mrs. irei D ora Melvinfiimga Ethel Cain L' 5 --'ii Q. Harris me ,flt Hazel M' Cam J G- Hatcher. .t cettiifgqlfglviti M D h C it t-ef .. . Q 'se' ..,. fs- Ofot Y AA M11dred+Hawk1nS - ' .e.e 1 1 Wlllle Charles .,tr A .... t Henrxet.ta.HeS1er . t Mrs A d Af .:.. :wf.::i' 'fi l"-if A- - A -I-'i'lii'1 "". iqfzfl. I ' . U PSY af A Cart lla Holbert A A 'A Aftfie A' gr A ' at A ' liii .1 L A t Mr N k . . K .A . A.:1 Q15Mffuffiieg-Aslafsitplgiiszzfslwffgtegiat 'z ac eyer - i A ' I L A- A D ' C1 ir A - MW EA Home A A awn 351118 Mr. 8: Mrs. Howes Rita Mitchell Cristine Cook Mrs. Aroma Cooper Mrs. Esther Conway D's Loistine Davenport Carlton Davis M. Davis iw... .. 11552111 AA? Q K . 'VA A Edward Hunter AAiA13 A I's J's 1 ipii t..i A iiDorothy Jessup y y A 1..ErnestiAne. Jones as Betty Mongtomery Caroline Montgomery ,Nookie Montgomery Jenny Morris Desimoune V. Murray .1 'AA'. ' N'S A f ..,,..,., .,..l.... . . A - - A - :mit Awffmr. f Lee Nicholas? - f A5.5,,l'!5ll!.s1gy.5gr Mrs, Dav' ..-" lifffjfi- j -. ' v Afffi2ife1gA2is2A.afss'?s.. .. .- - . .f J. D18 4 .1 e..A . . A A K S lNAICh0l2lSf1A 'i i . A-Ati-QA.-s5rA,Q..v,Q.s5 A"Alff1f2..s V - 'A J "N .ivifiifil'Ii:iI,4igQiflii?.:ti - lmmy ee .... Kummell A AMES.W1-?g.llL1aSvonnee.gp1QrSfl5gerson ..iy J t Cty ri. 1 A... AA . . Thi A may Newklfk mesa Dom AA A fiiwix A Debbie Douglas John Dugan ..-. ., CA?-Alf4flZ.z A A .TQ Lawson 5 1,5 - -- . A A . .A ffm:f12f.?b3555?2f?ffi35595'ffiii.. -A i ,151 wg' A , 'A mf... Q S Y-iw sii..5:.rii2iv -1-tffgdffils f-are 4 i im.-ws .N ,, ,k.. Q.. ,... M -.Q .. 42ge...,,fgA1. iv.. .LJ . f -wt,-1.3-,.i,.f..A....lA,f,lgafQ:5'?g5.sr5,3g...if if Eiga A AAAAA AAVAA 1 -..:1. ..f-MA tw , 'says' W frm, l. ft f fegrtft- 1 if: ee - .i-fs . . -' J fa:-M W .faqs 1-.aa 1... - awww:-A fA..f..,in, 2 -4 Af . Mrs. Cl' Bessie Price X rr sr J, if , .. . -.f i. - .mrsglbvx-W ' Belles 8: Beaux Brother 8a Pam 2 5 Y, er Q ff Q ii- t 3 Redmond Barnes Eddie Brown Richard E. Burrell Benjamin Butler Mr. 84 Mrs. Carter Charles Coleman Benjie 8: Kennie Davis Mrs. Rosalind E. Davis Mrs. Phyllis DeHaven Delores Gantt Harry Gantt Mr. John R. Green Mrs. Peggy A. Green Mrs. Sarah Wims ADDITIONAL ADS Ethel B. Handy Rev. James L. Hill Shirleen B. Hill Patricia Howard Mrs. Conta Jones Darlene Diane Jones W.L. Jordon Mr. Ladenheim Charles Long D. McDaniel Clyde Moses Victoria Murray Pearl N. Noray Mrs. Ethel D. Owens Mrs. Bertha Ruth Howard Smith, Jr. Mrs. Mildred Smith Henry G. Taylor, Jr. Barbara Thompson Bertha Trent Mrs. Edith Trent Julia Trent Hazel Wallace Lula Watson Mrs. Janice Williams King D. Williams Wayne M. Williams Mr. Moses Wims Congratulations To Congratulations To I 2 - B K ROW IL-Rl: L. Stewart, J. White, S. Wooden, A. Montgomery, R. Bowell, T. West, K. Rob rts, M. Willis, 1. Pittsg MIDLE ROW: V. Springfield, E. Dupree, D. Dupree, R. McFarlane, J ward, v. sem, c. vvhife. FRONT ROW: P. Dixon, c. Thomas, J. Richardson, P, Kennedy, c. From YOU1' Scott, D. Hudgins, Mrs. P. Blansfield. Loving Mother. . , f -Apffn. . ' 5 :gg h : a ,W 'fix 4 .ff W .fvfvsfiw ,f V f M 4 ' Q w X M --Zh.. 45, 2 E . kilt .. . W4 M W- +, 0 1' N., .f Mrk ff ., . 'V , , Q In M H, . .fm-Q A f .ffifffii 'fix WW nw.. X, M - M V K , ,jfs 'i V . . i f ,Q XX L . . F-G 'il ff rw. , K3 , 3 15. - w L ,,-.M ,qmuqgn - xiii v. A ,..-Q'--M N Ci xx. ,aff- 7, F8 . ' IJ if ,- " Y 545' We 3 g 5 , giww 1 f 3g'fgE'3L ww, Rx Igg y gm A if V -1,6-.,',Xgg,1,.aiggm , , 'iq , X 171 M' 1 . WU .34 W ,- , i 55321 f has ,,. X 5, 4 if 4 up . ' 'f yi . , , X if . A 'ATV 5- f . . ,., Eff 9 Jw, ,f -Xvzrvuwikz , 0,5 if , ii, w I' X 1, Aides INDEX 5 88 9 1 6 9 qlnaugeral Portraits. t Prom ' Staff ' Aides feteria MathlWr1t1n Nurse 21 NUSFNXMNW W "" mf-.. K H A C11 on . . Q Security L Y- ,,, i QQAPQ N Q .- u fzhfggdis fp ,WPS M .. L,,fZ , , 4 'fV,,57!'TL' ajzm.. fy g'?5'W5f5i5Q,,fz? f, 1 wr' vfwczgf T-s-1: -- 1 vrfifg ' QWBiY'ii11f' . 1 fwsfgm, ,fmfifg4,,,i5qwf. '-h- .f -Qvmgzw .f S L Q ,, Ls E155 , .. ,, I ff'z2'wv5?!fj f 5f?Qf' -N "ff aw. z.wWS5S2 Fi wfiwifggf? ni K K ,.., fijiif i 5 w K ':Q'i,,',Q. , nf Lim , , M L L. , al V AY fi 3' ' ' K , , , , " Q"- M .L -. fi, 5. x'f1.i,'f.i'-isvfaffa1:e2f5Cf3:23,fi-1. 2: l iw k'.fff'?5L .2 .3i':fTY ,- .. , f '?Wf2TLff2sffk, , lf, ., T55 1 5?h?z?1,I?2if?1Ni '!H5.fQ "WW" ' wif ' V Q 5 Y 'f ' V f f ,l 1'fsm-I-'. 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