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THE DOCR-WAY of Eastern High School opens upon a world of endless opportunities to l all who enter with purpose ancl ambition ARRCW T Published by the students of Eastern Highschool 1939 u When friends meet, hearts warn FRANK C. CHURCHILL DEDICATION We dedicate this issue of the Arrow to Mr. Frank C. Churchill who by his syrnpathetia understanding, has won the affection and admiration of all the students. 4 FQREWCRD r-v""""d Standing some distance from our school we hear the echoing footsteps of hundreds of Eastern students hurrying off in happy comradeship to worlc or play. It is our aim in this publication to present glimpses of these students and of the Faculty members in their daily round of school activities. May the memories here re- corded be a source of lasting pleasure to those who treasure them. CGNTENTS DedicaHon i4ouses Faculty Activities Seniors Sports January june Features FACULTY 'HQ NX' JOHN J. POWELS, Principal NOEL E. CRAIG, Assistant Principal Commercial "Let's have it quiet." Akroyd. Lois Department Ansley, Helen Commercial Department ''Sh-hfh-h-heh-h.'' Arbauqh, William English Department "But is a contunction!" Armstrong, Albert Fine Arts Department "lt's a little hit lopsided." Bailey, Isabel Commercial Department "For the love of Christmas, that's where I get all my gray hairs." Bar-ry, Eleanor- Vocational Department "We shall see what we shall see." Barry, Irene Vocational Department "Put your powder puffs away, girls." Beddow, Fred Mathematics and Science Department "lt's a good picture considering the subiectf' Blum, Harriet I.. English Department "Have you your write-ups in?" Bidwell. Elizabeth Vocational Department "Why do you use so many pans?" Brill, Elias Mathematics and Science Department "llas everybody settled down yet?" Brown, Iohn Social Science Department "Close your hooks and notebooks." Browne, E. Mae "May l have your careful attention." Callewart, Elsa Foreign Language Department "All right, girls." Chamberlain, Louise Librarian "Are you looking for something?" Cheney, Mildred Health Department "Girls, don't forget to check your number." Churchill, Frank Social Science Department "Dont all volunteer at once." Clark, Anna Commercial Department "l'm afraid l'll have to give you a zero today." Cochrane. lane English Department "There are still a few themes missing." Cook, Frances English Department "l'll answer all questions that are not in the book." Dearinq, Lois Accompanist, Fine Arts Department "ls there anything you don't understand?" Dicker. lane Social Science Department "Someone make a motion." Dietz. Ada Counselor "Go get me a drink of water, please." Drew. Percy Mathematics and Science Department "Now then, hear this in mind." Duffy, Irene Counselor "Each girl in hor own seat, please!" Eillfali, Minnie Foreign Language Department "Bolt lour, madamoisellef 555919, 1811195 Commercial Department "Have l over told you about the time when " Erickson, Edna English Department "Good morning, young lady." Samuel Spector, Paula l-lenze, Celia Turrell, Helen lrland and Harold Stark come for the morning mail. lf1l'l'l'Il Erwin. Arthur Head ot Health Department "Do it again." Fitzpatrick, Clare Mathematics and Science Department "Now, you don't mean that, or do you?" Foltz, Donald Fine Arts Department "Youre oft key." Freeland. Alma Commercial Department "All right, darlin', take this dictation." Frye, Warren Counselor "Why don't you make an appointment?" Fuhry, Edward Head of Vocational Department "Put the next problem on the board." Graham, May Social Science Department "lt seems that your memory grows worse every day." Gustke. Carl English Department "Methought I heard a voice cry 'Sleep no more'!" Hamburg. Merrill Vocational Department 'Ouietl Do you think this is a recreation room?" Harbeck, Ida Commercial Department "The freshmen aren't halt as noisy as the seniors." Hass, Rowland Foreign Language Department "Dumkopt" Heaphy, I. M. Speech Correction "Open your mouth, and don't talk through your teeth." Henle, Paula Mathematics and Science Department "Put your test paper on my desk quickly, now the bell has rung." Holdredqe, Harry Mathematics and Science Department "l want my students to learn how to think." Irland. Helen Mathematics and Science Department "Prove what?" Iohnson, Clara Commercial Department "My students may now relax who have not already done so." Iohnston. Anna Commercial Department "Yes, uh ha, yes, l see." Iones, Grace Head ot Fino Arts Department "Live or die, sink or swim." Kastinq, Frieda Fine Arts Department "lsn't it thrilling?" Kelly, Viola Commercial Department "Below we begin, throw your chewing gum away," Lindquist, lrene Social Science Department "l don't tool, I rcally mean business." MHCDO'-lqall. Curtis Health Department "ls everything perfectly clear?" March, Lorna Attendance Clerk "Oh that lvlocrnin' telephone scrrre clay l'll put a plug in it." MCCurdy. Kathleen English Department "l'rn going to liuy you children an all-day sucker." William Arbaugh Paul Weiland. Frank Churchill, Arthur Erwin, Harry Holdredge, Hazen Slack, Percy Drew, Iames Hisele, Merrill Hamburg, Edgar Smith, and Samuel Spector pause a minute before resuming the hunt. T11'e'lt'a' McCracken, Helene English Department "lake it for what it's worth." Moehlman. Anna Record Clerk "l'm sorry hut you have to have a 'B' average to go to College." Moehlman. Nellie Head of Foreign Language Department "Do you get the point?" Moore, Floyd Sergeant of H. O. T. C. "'l'here are going to he a few demotions in rank." Moore. Willard Social Seience Department "This old world of ours." Nehil. Louise Sight Saving "Will you take this down to the office?" Nicholson, Cordelia Nurse "Will you please get your record out of the file?" Quinn, Marion English Department "Open your mouth when you are reciting," Sauer, Eleanor Health Department "Where's your towel?" Schuur. Luella Bookstore Clerl: "Will you wait one moment, please?" Slack, Hazen Matlrerrratics and Science Department "'l'lrat's eorreet, alsolutely correct." Smith, Edgar Counselor Hlfverryorre, who has 'E's', como up to see me." Spector. Samuel .English Department Hlfellowslu Stark. Harold Commercial Department 'lm sorry three times," Slacker, Martin Vocational Department "l'lrat excuse rloosrrt go around here." Stone, Ruth English Department "You rust dorrt try." Tennant. Ieanelle llearl of Social Seience Dopartrnerrt "Put your crutches away, please." Thompson, Roberta Commercial Deparunezzt "Dorr't look at the typewriter keys." Iurrell, Celia Sorial Science Department "Oh, how I hate gum Chewing," Truesdale, Ella Head of English Department "Mmm that's so, lvut Mr. , have you something crlseE"' Volkner, Irene Aceompanist, Health Department "Relax, boys." Waelde. Rose Otiice Secretary "Will you please corne to get your cheeks?" Waterbury. George Counselor "Hand me a 'flash eard'." Weiland, Paul Fine Arts Department Will you ever lrarri to count correctly?" Fred Beddow, Donald Foltz, Kathleen lVlcCurdy, Paula Henze, Helen Anstey, Lois Dearing, Luella Schurr, Mildred Cheney, and Eleanor Sauer take time out for a lite of lunch before returning to their classrooms. Th irlrfvu SENICRS JANUARY SENIO President: Vtfilltam Lehmann Vice-President: Mary Doyle Secretary: Ann Elumer Treasurer: Robert Shay Sergeant-at-Arms: Godfried Color: Silver and Blue Motto: Onward and upward Flower: Chrysanthemum SENIOR SPONSOR Mr. Samuel Spector RS lflotman Q .-Kshlcy .-Mlanns: rlaxx hruy: scnior play. social connnittrc. in- tramural haskclhall and howling: lfooscrcll. Q Shirlcy Alhritton: fall of I'l'l4lIll.V.' scnior play. cap and gown colnrnittcc, horncroonl lraskcthallg liclor-V. Q Muricl ,-Kndcrson: lorcltv Io look al: xicc- prcsidcnt ol' Shorthand Scrihcs. horncroorn olliccrs, housc couusclor. class nlcmorial conunittcc: l'risr'illa llrlcn. Q john Armstrong: wil xnuppcr: cap and gown conunitlcc: lfooscrrll. Q Dorothy .-Krrollz slcccf SlI1U1lHII.t',' Girls' lllcc tllulm, nlixcd chorus, social connnittcc. ring: coxnmittcc. hall guard. honu-room sccrctary: Diana. Q Bohcrt .'hl'llllIl'1-fllllQffllllf varsity golf, "IC" cluh, howling tcarn. honncrooxn sccrctary, intramural haskcthall counnittcc: lfooscrcll. Q Richard Balscr: rcspccllllrlc slickcr: scrgcant-al-arms connnittcc, hand. orchcstra. housc counsclor. in- tramural howling, haskcthall. and loothallg lfooscrcll. Q Bohm-rl Ballhack: lml.v's nmnf',' hoxxlingg ll'chsh'r. Q ,Iohn BtllltllliXll'l'HfN1lfUl'llll-Vfllllf housc prcsidcnt. intramural lraskcthall. howling, scrgcant-at-arms conunittcc. lootlrall and haskcthall comrnittccs: lfooscrcll. Q Frank Barre-sig noscfor m'11'x,' hall guard, intramural SNNllllIlllIlQl. haskcthall. trcasurcr's conunittcc, sports cditor ol' thc lndian: l1I.lIl'01ll. Q Earl Barth: Squire' of dalncsf llowcr couunittcc: lfooxcrcll. Q Bculah Bays-rg nuzsir. maestro. plcusc: hand. haskctlxall tcaln. honlcrooln sccrctaryg lI1'ru1a. Q Burhara Beaton: grand SPIISI' of lIllIHlJl',' social t'0llllllllll'l'. houso lihrariang llflxflllfl .-llclcn. Q Allio Bcnvcnnntig powf'rjfuI lu1rkjic1flcr.' varsity loothall, lnaskctlmall. and track: Wdzslcr. Q llclcn Bcrnancr: przm miss: hall guard captain. llowcr com- nnttcc, color connnittcc chairman: Prixcllla fllrlcn. Q Cla-o Berry: lurcr of hnrnzon-v: cap and gown connnlttcc, ll0ltll'I'tNlIll hasltctlvall, holncroorn rc mrcscntatncg l ll'llIl'V. l . Q tlonstancc Bishop: u'l1irl1cind's l'UlI1lNlIllA0H.' graduation corn- xnittcc, scuior play, housc counxclor, hall guard: llianu. Q Cath- crinc Bitica: grand fIl'l'SUlItIIll'V.' scrgcaut-at-arms and nlcmorial conunittcc, attcndancc clcrk. holncroorn haskctlnall: Priscilla fllrlcn. Q Bctty Bloonnticltlg lll'1'Ilk'llIlfI cyrs: Arrow stall, Shorthand Scrilvcs, sw llllllllllg tcanl. llndinc cluh. class Illt'Ill0l'lHl and sccrctary's connnittccs: llrlorlv. Q Ann Blnnu-r: dainlly x11'f'f'I,' sccrctary ol' January scniors, chicl' ol' Wchstcr stall. ludiau stall, ricc-prcsidcnt of library stallg Diana. Q john Bontiglio: silcni rmzxlrrmimlq intramural lootlrall. howling. B.U.'l'.C. corporal: It'ooscrcll. Q llonald Bowcr: rcnlrr of l'l'l'I'-Vulllllflf varsity loothall. track. howling. housc trcasurcr. "li" clulvg ll"rbsIcr. Q Kathlccn Bn-ihanz yolrlcn-lmircrl .wngl1ir1l.' Girls' tllcc tflulr, hall guard. cap and gown connnittccg llimm. Q Marion Brown: quicl and l1IlllSNtllIllI1!1,' housc lihrariau. homc- rooln sccrctary, molto connuittcc: Ilirum. Q Marion Bnrgharcltz "tops" ll'lllt all: lloxscr connnittcc' lliana. Q Gloria Cantalincg ncrrr glam: Arrow stall. scnior play, Shorthand Scrilrcs, homcroonn sccrctary. llltblltlt'IlllIlllllll'1'1 llclortv. Q llllllllllll' Caporalc: xilcnl lad: intramural lraskcllrall and loot- hall, motto conunittcci llooscrcll. Q Salxatorc Ccrrasco: class xlziclcf intramural howling, lmaslactlrall. lootlrall. lvasclrall: llv!'lISlf'l' 1 sl The first Hldlitl' activity which tho sgaliors partivipeto in is tho takinq of thoir pic tures. Florenco Van Haarcn is tryinq 1.1 do-'ide what to ordor. .wl'I'1'llll'l'll Q XX illurd 1Iluill'iu: lmrnvr ul' rnirlniyflil ull: limmirumn lI'l'2lSlll'l'l', llmwr vmllliiiltm-1-1 l,im'oln. Q John Clurisloplwrg lml juz: mun: lrund, inlraunnrul lnmling and lrnvkg lll1'l7SlI'l'. Q WVcslcy Chun'- liill: lh'uvlrnp's lmlgvq inlrzmnwzil howling. Cliic-fs. rap and gown vmninilla-4-1 lfnu,w'w'll. Q Agulllu Ciarmnilarug slmlrlfr unrl lull,' door vlvrlx. lliiiiivuggnlpli slull, llmwr viriiiiiiillvv: lyliflllf-V. Q liugvnc- lllurkz lull lI1lllllS0lIl4' .wmylnlrllf howling and fonllmallg l1'uoxm'vll. Q William Collis-ya xmiliny silvnl lull: lmnsv si-vrc-tary, inlrzunurul lmslu-llmll and lvmwlingz. ini-inurinl cuiiliriitlvit Linroln. Q liilvi-n Hull: lull unrl xlull'ly,' llvlrslvr slzillf Girls' film' Club. llllM'1l1'llUl'lIS.llilllglllllfll.llll'IllUl'illl4'UIlllllllll'l'.llUIll1'I'00lll trvasnrvr, ll1lllll'l'll0IlllHlSlU'llHlllQ lliunu. Q Mary Culp:slnllf'lJl'ggr'rlll11I1Sl11'.' 1-up and gmxn 1-miiiiiillvv, lirmwruoin lmslwllmll: lliunu. Q Nlurinn Curry: full uf l'll4VllllII.' llUIll1'l'lNbIll nllivvrs, flfiifllliillllll 1'Ulllllllll1'l'. lminm-romn lmslu-Ilmll: l'ris4'illu fllrlvn. Q Edith ll'Anuunzio: lu'inklf'lu1'x.' lndizin lypisl. 1-up and gown vmniiiillov, lmll gguairll. luuns-i'umn lmslu-Ilmllg l,l'lSl'Ill1l, lllllwl. Q Ray llavisg lull :gl .wr:y.' lluys' film- Clnli, quzirlm-t. nnxr-d uliurusl Welnslrr. Q Mnrguvrilv llvlanvyg ll'1lFllPl',S 1l1'liyl1l,' Chil-fs, Cll1'llllSll'y assis- lnnl, lndiun iw-purlc-r, ll0llS1'1'll'l'lK, 4-nlur cnnunillvvg Priscilla A lfleli. Q Ric-lmrd Ih-li-1-ko: yruml .wnsrf uf llllIlIlIl'.' hall guard, vico- prvsidvnl, ul'lumwromn: 391. Q Caslon ll'lluillecourtg lzunrlv will: llw srrvrl' alrirrrq llou.w'vr'll. Q Arthur lliliaurug quiel Senior: inlraunnrul funtlmll and lumling. sm-nior play: Webslvr. Q Ralph llurazin: Vllllllllll' 1'l1r'r11li: vdilnr ol' llu' lndizin, llllfiilllllflll rlvlmls' and ping: pong. lmll guard vziplziin, snvizil and pulilivily m'nriiinil,luvs5 1.1-llf'Ulll. Q Slllfllj' lluw: lllffvllulls grin: sm-ial 1'mninill1'0. dmililu lrin, liirls' film- Clulm. inixvd 1-horns, limm-rooin prvsiilviil. lminm-romn lmslu-llmllz lliunu. Q Mary lloylvg pvrsnnulily plus 1l'01l'.' vim-- prvside-nl ul' .lunnnry sc-niurs, Girls' Ulm- Clulr, lmnsv lrvasllrvr, vuplaiin nl' gnll' I4-mn. lmnwrnrnn pri-sidm-nl. sm-nior play. radio guild: Prixrillu llllrvi. Q llvllil' llrauu-z rfvl-l:ruu'1'1l Ill-f1l1llHfjl1lP,' Short- lmnd Svrilws. Girls' Ulm- Club, inixvd 4-lmrns. sm-ial 1'mnlnill1'1'. liuilu-rmun prvsimlviil, llrulllwomil lmslu-tlmllz lllunu. Q ,lane lilnmrvz swf-rl Nll'llHyl'l',' liuinc-rrmm lmslu-llmll, Iluwvr voriiiiiiltn-vg Prisrlllu llflvn. Q lfrauu-vs England: nvul. srnurl. uml .vpr11r'f',' lllibllll 1-niiiliiillvv, lllurlu. Q Ili-rmunn linzmzmnz lIl'lll'lllf'!'llkf'f'?,' lmnd, nrclwslru: Ilunxvr'r'll. Q G4-nrgv lfnrrnh:funmus yum 1'lll'll'!'I',' llrwys' film' Club. x :init 5 li-nnis. inlrsunnrul svs inuning. limllmll. lruvk. and liaskvlliall, inultn wuniniltvv: l,im'uln. Q ,loss-ph Fa-rro: I'f'll'f'llll urlor: sm-ninr play. molto 1'UIlllllllll'1'I ll'1'lzxlf'r. Q Slim- lfic-lds: uru'rgl'll1f' llIll'lll'ffl'lll'l-1l.' liliim-lk. lmll guurll, Arrow Mull. ring: 4-muinnittvv vlmirinzm. llUllSl'1'OllllS0lIll', varsity haskvllnall: l'rixrillu .'llrlvn. Q jc-un lfislwr: 1'll1llf'I1l hull guurll: Shnrlhaml Svriln-s, lmll gimrml. map und gown miiiiiiillvv. svniur play: l'r1'.w'illu llllvn. Q Szunuvl Fox: vlusx form-vliurr: intramural and varsity Iran-kg llvlixlvr. Q lfruuk Habla-rg rvrl-lmurlml llllkfllllff mulerr: in- lrzunurail I'n4:IlmllA:iii1lIAlumlingr, llnll g.:u:u'd. inolln l'UllllIllll4'01 llonx1'l'1'll, f ' Q Again Fiorencv Van l'l5riTC"l'l appvars, mil this time she is smiiinq al tho birdie. I lylllvr The S-Pllltll class sponsors the "Skeleton iiliiutliqf' The swiuo and sway music' of tho on-liostia is lwoiuq onvoyeol by all. N'inelccn Q Isabella Caierag lzashful fnot one Qt' the lfllllllif-S,' flower com- mittee, homeroom basketball: Priscilla Jilrlen. Q Nina Gnlanteg cheerful little earfal: Art Guild, ring eonnnittee. concert: Priscilla .-tlflcn. Q William Gary: self-made jazz man: varsity indoor and outdoor track, intramural football and basketball, flower committee: Lincoln. Q Evon George: singer of delightful songs: motto com- mittee, house counselor, Indian typist, Arrow stall, homeroom basketball: Victory. Q Pearl Georgopoulosg pretty miss: Arrow stall. secretary of Shorthand Scribes, bookstore stall, class memorial connnittce, housc counselor, homeroom basketball: Victory. Q Elsie Ucrtzg sweet as a song: graduation committee: Diana. Q Cecil Gillespicg full of humor: l1.U,'l'.C. Sergeant, trcasurer's committee, intramural football and basketball, hall guard: Roosevelt. Q Mary Margaret Girardin: "giggles" to all gals: Arrow stall, motto committee, Shorthand Scribes: Priscilla Alden. Q Norman Gilschlagg tall, dark and lmnflsome: class memorial committee: lVel1sler. Q Beverley Glassg alarm clock shirker: motto committee. civics election board: Diana. Q Donald Glick: peppy cliecrlemler: flower committee, cheer leader: Webster. Q Ber- nice Gordon: oh so slzyt: graduation committec, Shorthand Scribes: Priscilla A lrlen. Q Erwin Crahanig smartest of the smart set: president of Chiefs, hall guard captain, charge of all hall guard work, intramural bowling. memorial committee: Roosevelt. Q Donald Griffith: lanky and inrlnstrious: house vice-prcsident, hall guard captain, social com- mittee: Roosevelt. Q Evelyn Grodeg snappy, twinkling eyes: Ghicfs, house president, vice-president, and secretary, Girls' Glca Glnb, mixed chorus, social committee: Diana. Q Fay Weyer llaglund: silent, sh-v and Sllltlf0llS,' homeroom president: 391. Q George llarmsg future major league catcher?,' Chiefs, hall guard captain, sergeant-at-arms committee, intramural bowling and basketball committees: Webster. Q Blanche llarpg sweet as can bel: Girls' Glee Club, special choir, hall guard, cap and gown committee. housc librarian: Priscilla Alden. Q Dorothy Hastings: "hunter" for "rlears",' house clerk, housc librarian, graduation com- mittee: l'riscilla .f1lrlen. Q Bccksy llawleyg vicarious red hair: senior play, homeroom presidcnt, hall guard, treasurer's committee: Diana. Q Dorothy llayg cute little short folk: trcasurr-r's committee, house clerk: Priscilla Alden. Q Marjorie llcbbardg lnimorous and yay: flower committee, house counselor: Victory. Q Nlahel Henderson: staunch frienrl: Chiefs, Shorthand Scribes, library stall, hall guard, ring committee, llome Economies Club: Diana. Q Wil- liam llenry: pretty slick: lt.0.T.C. captain, Il.0.'l'.C. riflc team, the Players Guild, senior play, lladio Guild, social committee, lli-Y, intramural basketball. and swimming: llooserelt. Q Jean llertel: lirnizl acting: Shorthand Scribes, hall guard, secrctary's committee, homeroom ollicers: Diana. Q Karl llill: blond, baslzfal, and blushing: intramural football and bowling, cap and gown committee: lVel1ster. Q Goclfried llofman: swell fellow to know: sergeant-at-arms of .lanuary seniors. varsity football and baseball, intramural track, basketball and bowling. biology assistant, intramural football committee chairman: Lincoln. Q ,lack llogang swift amlspeerly: varsit y track, intranmral track, football, swimming, bowling. and basketball. ping pong: Lincoln. 1 1 Q11 Vi1't111s 111 11111 lvlrwk lflo1'tio11 11I0S'X1ll tlwniselvesz Rolumt Shay, bashful boyg Ioan 111112111 11115111111 qirlg Betty Ri1711ards, most s11p11isti1'at1s11y Salvatore: Corrasco, "lass 511111147 301111111 lVl1'Ki1111Oy, relass flirt: 3511111111 TUX, vlass 1'o11111f1ia11p 1111111 Holliday, vlass laly 111111 Ashley A11a111s, vlass ltraq. I 11"'11I.v Q Ruth llolliday: SIIIII11 111111 1l.v11111111'1'.' ll1e Art Guild, Girls' Glee Glub. senior play, house eounselor, house treasurer. ll0llil'I'00lll seeretary. ring l't7lIllllill4'l'1 lfltlllll. Q Nlaryedilh llulell: l111rr'v, 1111rr.v. 1111rr.v,' eolor l'0llllIlllll'l'. Sliorthand Seribes, house 1'UllllSl'l0l', house basketball: l'ris1'1'1111 .1t1111'11. Q Frank lngrao: quill' in- 111'111'1111s,' llllllilll stall. varsit y traek lllltl tennis. llllrlllllllflll basketball. traek and ping pong. Llfkltllllilltlll l'Ullllllllll'l'. Boys' Glee Glubg 1,i1z1'11111. Q Angeline lseag shurl, sweel 111111 1111i111Av.' lllllllll Cllllllllll- tee. house librarian. l1o11se basketball: l'rise11111 .-t1111'11. Q Albert ,Ioering e11sy-111111111 417111 IHIIIIJAV-110-1lI!'kAV.' llower 1'o1n- 111itt.ee: lV!'1JS1l'l'. Q P. J. jones: "l'11rIl.v1111111 .l111111?",' llllflllllllflll bowling, S1'lliUI' play: l'l'IP1IS1l'l'. Q Catherine ,Iohnsonq roy 111111 rliscreelg house sergeant-at-arnis. Shorthand Seribes. treasurer's l'0lTlIIllll0l'. l1o111eroo111 xiee-presi11ent. l1all guard: l'1rI11r.v. Q Mil- dred ,Iohnstonq full 1gf1111s11'1'rs.' the :Xrt Guild. Illtlllll l'0llllllllll'l'Q I'r1's1'1'I111 Ji1l1!'Il. Q Lillian Kaselilz: Sl1lIIt.V s111i11'.' eolor 1'0llllIlilll'1'2 lIi111111. Q Gabriel Kassabg s1'l111111r1yfP11o11': llllI'ZlIlIllI'Hl basketball, bowling an11 football. eolor 1'o111111ittee: l.I'l1f'U1II. Q Frank Keleherg full of 111111111r 111111 1IIl1j11l1f'l'.' intramural baseball. basketball and bowling, treasurer's l'UHllIllll0l'1 lilIOSf'I'P11. Q Adelplm ,lean Kisllerg lilll- lPl'PSS11'l' in lIIIpf'!ll'fIlIl'i'.' eolor i'0lllIllllll'l'1 IN111111. Q Erma Kraftgjusl ll jiIl1'r1111y.' Girls' Glee Club. llower Cfbllllllli- tee: ljlillllll. Q Marie Krantzg 1111s of 11111111 fun: Gbiefs, Sllllrlllllllll Seribes. se1'retary's eommittee. hUllN'l'00llI pI'Q'Sllll'lll. house treasurer: l,l'1.S!?l11l1, .ft111e11. Q Eileen Krieger: 11111111 I11111k1'r.' eolor K'0llllItlll1'1'. nurse's assistant: lIi111111. Q Riehard Krueger: 11i1'1' 1'11111p111111111.' ho11se Sl'I'gl'2lIll-Hl-HFIIIS. treas11rer's l'0llIlllllll'01 W1'11s11'r. Q Evelyn Knivinen: every I.lll'1I 11rIisIi1',' Chiefs, pl'l'Sllll'lll of tl1e Art Guild, Arrow stall. senior play. Girls' Glee Club, hall guard eaptain: Ijlillllll. Q llarry Kyleg mos! l1111111so111e boy: varsity basketball. ho11se president. "E" Club. ways lilttl means t'0Illlllllll't', intramural bowling, football, Hllll basketball l'lllllllIllll'1'1 lVl'1I.V1f'I'. Q Virginia Lalirosseg QUFQPUIIS 111111 motto eo111111ittee. Sllflflllilllll Scribes: I,l'l.SCl.11f1 ,f11111'11. Q William l.auholTg "l?r11i11s" of us 1111: xarsity swi111111ing, water earnival. "E" Glub follies. Svllllll' play, llllfiilllllflfll SWlllilIllfIg 1'oa1'l1: W1'11sI1'r. Q Wesley Lehmann: 1111111'l111111111 111111 1'1111x1'r1'1111'1'1',' house treas- lll"l'l'. ball guard. i11tra111ural traek and ping po11g:l,1'111'o111. Q Wil- liaxn Lehmanng 11111sI p11p11111r boy: pl'l'Sllll'lll ol' January seniors, captain varsity swimniing, intramural SWlllIIlllllg eoaeb, Chiefs. "E" Club. ball guard eaptain: l?1111.v1'1'1'1I. Q Louis Levers-nz: life of 11111 pnrly: lllll'HlllllI'Hl SWllllIIllIlH. traek 111111 football. hall guard. eolor 1'0lllllIlllt'l'1 ll"1f11.vI1'r. Q Irene Liba: 1111111111111 1N'f'SUlIl1llil.Y,' Shorthand Seribes. ball guard. S1'K'l'1'l1ll'j"S t'UlllIllllll'f'. bookstore assistant: ljliflllfl. Q Dorolhy Lineg r1'ser1'1'1l r1'11l11'1111.' ball guard. Sb11rtl1an1l Seribes. se1'retary's 1'0lIllllllll'l'1 I'r1'sri1111 ,-tl11P11. Q Glenn l,ingg 1111111 111111 SfJI'll!'P,' ll.0,'l'.G.. Ili-Y. ll0lIll'l"00lll secretary: l,1'111'11111. Q Freda l,'Manian:. p11'11s1'11y p1'rs11111111'1y.' flower 1'HlllllIlll1'l'. varsity basket- ball. seeretary ol' 1-lasses: lv1t'1lIl'j'. Q ,laek Long: i111'1'xx1111l H'l'1,' or1'l11'stra. band. llllfillllllfill bowling 111111 basketball: lf1111s1'111'1l. Q Dorothy Mat-Kool: tll'PtIIH-V elves. S1l'Pf'1IlI1f1 Pyelfzsliesg Chivls, hall guard: lliunu. Q Margot Max-Rav: rlrrss designer uriiquei publivity vonuniltvv: llrixrillu .-llllf'lI. Q Alfrvd Markus: Iliff' frivmlfor uriyvoruu' intramural bon ling. football and baskvtball. llowvr conunittm-og Ifoosvrrll. Q Donald Martin: mlm. cool, ur1rlcollPr'lecl,' varsity football. sovial and trvasurn'r's committvvs, intranulral swimming and bottling. "IC" Club: ll'e'l1sle'r. Q William Maur:-rzquicflus11 II1U1lSt','1,l'l1l'0llI. Q Walter Mays: plvusing pi'rsonuliIy,' boxing. basvball, tabln- tt-nnisg Wvbsler. Q Ra- chvl Mvllridv: smiling Irish lusxie: bomvroom baslu-tball. svnior t't7Illllllllt't'1 lliuno. Q George- McCallum: Mar. Ihr' nierryrnukerp color m'olunlittvm'. intramural bowling and baskvtballgl,in1'oln. Q Jost- uh M1'Culrbin: lirrppy-go-Iiivkyv jesler: intramural bowling, baskvtball, football and swimming: llrlzsler. Q Bernice Mc- Kinnvy: jillvrlaufs joy: house- 1-ouusvlor. homvroom viva-prvsitlvnt, hall guard. sorial rominittvv. homvroom basketball: Prisrilla Alden. Q Rt-nu-v Mc-ha: Viiwi lu l"runrf',' Chin-ls. Shorthand Scribes. trvas- urc-r's rommittvv, homvroom vivo-pre-simlcnt. Bios Club: Diario. Q Doris M1-is-rg giggling girl will: golden i'oirv,' senior play, publivit y corninittm-rg llirum. Q William Milford: rluxs ful-up: varsity track, svnior play, "IC" Club. ways and moans i-omiuittvv. intramural track and foot,- ballg lfoo.w'1w'lI. Q John Motu-rg xilenl uml solwr: int.ramural foot- ball and baslwtball: lt'e'lrxl4'r. Q Made-lyn Morkcmg qfficienl lo lwr jinyrr lips: Chivls. prvsitlont ol' Shorthand Srribvs, hoad ol' sm-oncl-liantl bookstorv stall. Wvbstvr stall. homvroom prt-siclvnt, 4-lass me-morial 4-onunittvv: lliunu. Q Vic-lor Mus: esquire in wrsong band, orl-ln-stra. social vomiuittm-,lli-Y trvasurvr, intramural lnowling and football: l,inr'oln. Q Brut-v Nallg nollzirzg 1ur'kingf.' xarsity Shllllllllllg and travk, cap and gown t'tllllIlllllt't'1lrlllftilll. Q MayV4-rlw Nath: swinging walk: hall guard. tlirls' tilt-0 Club. graduation vommittvc, biology assistant: l"1'z'lor.v. Q C4-orgv Oatmanz ull urounrl Ill!II1,' varsity, rcscrw and intranuiral bust-ball. "li" Club, st-rgcant-at-arms conunittvv: Wvlrxlvr. Q Rose- Oldaniz as sirrfrl as lwrjirsl mime: housc counselor, ring t'onunittv1'3 Prisrillu fllrlan. Q Whilaminv Uldm-nburg: t1lltI.U'l"f'll'tl rlmrm: svnior play, llowvr committvv. liomvroom ll't'tlSllt't'l'Z llionu. Q Dorothy Uliphantz llllllflttlltllll and riiren' molto ronunittvn-1 Virlory. Q Terrence 0'llvgan:, rurfffrfvf lrisli lull: sm-nior play, svrgt-ant-at-arms commit- tvv, lnclian stall, intranulral bowling. lli-Y: l,t'lll'0ll1. Q Us-orgv Uttg lzloml. lrrighl anal lwuminy: publirity t'tlllItlllllt't'I Wrlzsler. Q Clayton Ou-svn: urlixl :villa an insiglzl: varsity swimming. thc' Art tluilil. intramural swimming and trark. graduation com- millw-: Ifoo.w'1w'lI. Q ,lose-ph Pagoto: pilol of "lif'xsie"',' ll0llSt' vico- prvsimli-nt. si-nior play. lntlian stall. "IC" Club. llios Club, intramural baske-tball 4-onunittvv, hall guard. varsity travk. intramural basket.- tmll anal truvk: ll'i'l1.vI4'r. Q llarrivt Parrott: sparkling whole'- SUlIll'lIl'XN.' ring m'omn1illt't'L llirinu. Q David l'1'1'bl4-sz flfliylllful tll'ltll'l,' tlu- Art tiuiltl. sm-nior play: l.im'oln. l r Other Mosk Election vivtors Porno lor- ward: Mary Doyle, most popular qirlp William Lehmann, most popular boyp Harry Kyle, best-looking boyg Muriol Andorson, prettifst qirlg Valeria Tandy, most stunlious girly Erwin Graham, most studious boyg Marie We-sler, most popular qirl atlilote, and Williairi Lauoll, most popular boy atlr late. 7vll'l'l1l.Y-Oltll Q ,lulius l'1-rsivo: rlnzrllzirlg l'f'll1'tll'l-V hair: homvroom baslwtball. intramural bowling, bas:-ball and football, llown-r t'UlllIIllll1't'1 lt'ooxf'r4'll. Q Sllirlvy Pi:-rvv: IIUIH'-VSl1l'kll' rnsfx' Chivfs, liios Club, bookstorn- assistant, hall guard. graduation voinniittn-4-3 lliunu. Q 'l'ln'odorv l'ot4-ntvau: f"1'l'l'-Vllllilltj in his Sll'I.lll','Ll'I1!'0lIl. Q l.ub- urnim- Prim-og gnrgvozlx xrnilr: hall guard. homvroom basketball, t'UlUI't'0lllllllll1'l'I lllana. Q Cvorgv llvanlorvg lltiltijlflll lull: 391. Q ,Ianws Kevcvg rllyllljlfvl y4'l1ll1'n1un,' 4-olor t'0lllIllllll't'1 l'Vf'lISll'l'. Q juni' Rec:-mg u'lmtupu1.',' motto vonunittvv, st-nior play: I'r1'.w'1'llu fllrlen. Q Doris lh-vu-s: r'r1'ryll1my prexvnl: hall guard, sovial volninittt-t-, sm-nior play: Prisrlllrl .'tlrle'n. Q llarold lh-nm-ra rlwp HtlAl1kt'I',' xarsity golf, band, ort-hm-stra. St'l'Q1l'lHll-Ill-tlI'tllSt'tlIllllllllt't'1,.lIll'lIlH. Q llc-tty Richards: sopllisli- mlion plus: se-1-rvtary of I fhin-fs, housn- trvasurvr, tht- tiirls' tilt-v Club, min-d vhorns. Shorthand Svriba-s. Iloosa-w-lt, stall, ways and mt-ans t'0lllllllllt'l', trvasurn-r's and 1-lass mn-morial t'tlIlllIlllll't'S1 Priscilla .-1 Iflvn. Q ,losiv Richardson: always xnz1'l1'ny,' rt-svlwv baske-tball, cap and gown t'0lllllllllt't'l lvll'llll'AV. Q Charlvs Rilfonburg: nirf' ll1dIlIlI'l'l'1l yzfnllrmung intramural football and baske-tball. 4-olor vom- llllllt't'Q lfwm-1-vlt. Q john Rimas: not lwuullful hul playful: motto voinnnittt-0. in- tramural bonlingq lt'oox1'rf'll. Q R1-ynold Rolrivluuulg one of ilu' rnuxh'rrni1uls.' intramural football, Il.U.'l'.C.. hall guard, homt-room prn-sith-nt: l.im'oln. Q Robe-rl Rockwollg lover tqf golfj: 1-aptain of xarsily golf ta-am. t'lll't'I' In-adn-r, intramural baske-tball. volor vom- mittm-. "IC" Club, 1,1-llftllll. Q Virginia Ruggirvllog snappy eyes: spm-vial typist, 4-olor ronunittn-1-3 l'1'f'lor-v. Q ,lark Ryan: xltorl and1ighl,'l,1'nruIn. Q Andre-y Salulvrsgfaxl lulkvr: Shorthand St-ribe-s, tiirls' tilt-v Club, mixt-d vhorus: llirma. Q .-huge-Iinv Santorog swrfvl pc'rxr1lml1'ly,' fvaturt- 4-ditor ot' the Indian, hall guard, pnblivity vouunitte-0, llomo l'it'onomi1's Club, homt-room baske-tball: Priscilla ftlrlvn, Q ltlugvne Surrazing llmrouglaly like- uhlv Chap: ll.U.'l'.C. svrgvant, volor t'olninitt1'1'q lfUOSf'1'Pll. Q l'c-arl Say:-rs: xlevpmy lwuuluv: graduation 4-olnnuttn-vg lliunu. Q llc-tty Schmidt: gnlrliv Iorkx: the' Art tluild, trvasurvr's vom- mittvv: Virlorlv. Q Armondinv Sclmnnuclu-r: Iennis whiz: homv- room pri-sidvnt, te-nnis ta-am, baske-tball, tht- Art tiuild, sc-c'rvtury's l'tllllllllllt't'Q Prisrillrz .-llalvn. Q llowurd Sr-hwarlz: alzmlvs merry: 1-olor t'UlllIllllll't'1 ll'1'l:.vIf'r, Q Wallvr Se-vlvy: gif! of yall: housv vonnsm-lor, vlass mmnorial t-onunitt:-4-1 l,:nz'uln. Q lk-rtha Sm-nwrarog mflrrnlrzealfrzeml: color 4-onunittvv: lliunu. Q Robe-rt Shay: lwurl of gold: trvasurvr ol' .lanuary sm-niors, xarsity football. ll.U.'I'.C. Lin-nts-nant, ways and mt-ans t'tlIllIllllll'l'I llwlfxlvr. Q Thonms Siu-are-rg full ry' words, in gm as w Q A 'fel u'ord.v, words: lt.tl.'l'.C. Sm-rgt-ant. cap and gow n t'UlllIIllll,l'4'Q Lincoln : 'QIQY1' On Sfillltll tlrvsstni day Eltwwt ut vltllllvl Mary Doyto, Ellfltwll Putt, llvltlyvldtl Nath Floremro Van llammu, .mtl Ashll y Atlttlllil dress II! most tltlkliitldl vwstmlmmw-' wily Q Beverly Smilhg oh so small: eolor eommittee: l'risf'illr1 .-llrlen. Q Kathryn Snlithg pleasing IN'l'SUIllIllillV.' Arrow stall, puhlieit-y Committee, llome lieonomies Club: lielory. Q Louise Stoeppel- mang welcome nrlrlilion lo any soriely.' oreheslra. eolor committee. Shorthand Serihes: Diana. Q Leona Strauss:-rg rleliyhlfnl lo know: viee-president ol' Shorthand Serihes. entertainment eommittee ehairman, homeroom seeretary. Arrow stall. hookstore stall, seere- tary's committee, hall guard: livlory. Q Valerian Tandyg one in urnillion: Chiefs. assistant news editor ol' Indian. Arrow stall, senior play. homeroom seeretary. ring eomf mittee, hall guard. house eouuselor: Iiiunu. Q tiallxerine Taylor: zlelighlful IIlPl'IIll1lll,' treasurer ol' Shorthand Serihes. SWilllllliIlf,f team, Undine Club, Arrow stall. lndian typist. seerelary's eommittee. bookstore stall, homeroom lwasketballg H1-lory. Q Leona Taylorg charming lnanner: Wiehster stall. homeroom president. hall guard, puhlieity eommittee chairman: l'ielorAv. Q llelen Thompsong pearl: :J a personalilAv,' Shorthand Serilres, ring committee, llinna. Q lwargaret Titusg rlimplerl belle: Ilinnu. Q Loraine Valadeg smiling slylish miss: house treasurer. soeial eommittee, door elerk: Vielory. Q Angelina Valenteg fire -feel plns of fun: Shorthand Scribes, hall guard. eolor eommitlee. seeretary's eommillee: Ilinnu. Q Florence Vanlluareng lively and guy: house ollieer, ways and means committee. senior play, Shorthand Serihes, homeroom ollieer, homeroom haskethall, hall guard. house eounselor. memorial eom- mitteeg Victory. Q Jennie Vanicellig scrupulous and genlle: seerel ary's eonnnittee- desk clerk, house eounselor, hall guard: lieloriv. Q Grace Voglg small bill dynalnicg Shorthand Serilxes. motto eommitteeg Dirlnu. Q Stewart Walkerg flushing IlIl'I'f'.YlIllIlCl'f',' house president. house eounselor, senior play. soeial eonuuittee. intramural howling, lli-Y: Lincoln. Q Marie Weslerg darling and rlusliinyf house president. secretary ol' Undine Club, girls' swimming team, senior play. home' room president, Shorthand Serihes. soeial eommittee, homeroom lnaskethall. house eounselorg l'i1'lor.v. Q Catherine W'heeler: always smiling lhrouylu eolor eommittee. Shorthand Scribes: lliunu. Q james Whiteg well groomefl nnrl .fl1t'0I'0ll,' varsity footlrall, outdoor traek. "IC" tflulvg Wvlnslvr, Q Cer- trudc Willizunsg plenly of sl-vle: house xiee-president. soeial eom- mittee, house counselor: Vielory. Q Alfred Wilkeg sluleflfor yreul lhings: Chiefs, senior play, radio, the Players' tluild. ways and means eommittee. elass memorial eonunittee. orehestra, hall guard, home- room president, Bios tfluh. intramural lumling and haskethallg Lincoln. Q Robert Winters: fulnre llemlnrnnrll lIIisne.v?j,' senior play. president ol' the Art Guild. lndian stall. the Players' tluild, hall guard. puhlieity committee: Lineoln. Q George Wolterq ulwuhvs llPlHflLl,' treasurer ol' the Art, tluild, senior play. graduation eom- mittee: Roosevelt. Q Otto Zanelli: guy ealnullero: lt.tl.'I'.tl., rille team. hand. ll.0.'l'.tl. Sergeant: Linroln. Q Leonard Ziraldog smarl as a n'l1ip,' eap and gown eommit tee. intramural loolhall, home- room seeretaryp Welzsler. Q Marguerite Zirlxelg vizwzeions, rlanriny lml.v.' business manager ol' Indian, Chiefs. nays and means committee. Shorthand Serilresg Diana. Q Philip Zito: solemn nnrl silenl: memorial eommittee: L incoln. 3, S' r I is JUNE SENIORS President: Stephen Mihalich Vice-President: lulia Morrill Secretary: Betty Cain Treasurer: Sherman Clark Serqeant-at-Arms: Ashley Glenn Color: Blue and White Motto: Whatever is worth doinq at all ls worth doing well. Flower: White Carnation SENIOR SPONSOR Mr. Samuel Spector Q II4-lon .M-kvrmang .vlmwl and lllll'lI4'll'I'l'.' Slltlflllilllll S4-riln-s. sos-ial l'UIllIlllllt't'1 Prixrillri .-tlflvn. Q Robert Adlvrg rulclml worry lo l11'sfolks: ball guard, Boys' Glvv Club, color l'0lllIllillt't'1 lfelzslrr. Q llavid Alu-arn: ulwrlyx lulppy will: ll hook: Boys' Glvv Club, ball guard, intramural basuball and football. rap und gown t'0lllllllllt't'1 ll'1'l:slc'r. Q Sylvia Amorv: llaslzing lII'llllt'llP.' liousv typisl, llUlIlt" rooin sm'l'vta1'y, motto t'0lllHlllll't'. l lrlory. Q John Am-inn-cz nzrulern .lle'rrur.v,' varsity indoor and outdoor travis, int.rannu'al i11door track. "li" Club. graduation t'0lllllllll0t'1 l.lIll'0lH. Q William Anderson: quiel and xlzulloux: lmsvlmll. in- tramural baslu-tball. llall guard. tlowvr and cap and gown vonunit- tvvsg lVe'bslf'r. Q Doris Arc-lu-r: ll'll1lIlII!l wa-v. ple'us11nl srrzllrn' Cllit-fs. l1all guard, sorial t'0llllllillt't'. Shorthand Scribvs. Girls' Glvc Club, a rapt-lla l'll0ll'1 1ll'l.Xl'l-llll .-llrlwz. Q lola Arlowg l'1.l'I1l'l-OIIS rHll1e'a1l.' l1all guard. St't'l'l'lllI'y'S l'0lllllllllt't'. ll0IIlt'l'UOIll t1't-as111'1'l'. bousa' vounsvlorq lliunu. Q Mary Askowgfrivmlly luxx: cap and gown t'Ulllllllllt'l'1 l'rl.w'illu ftlrlen. Q james Ash-rioug llml silenl llIl1Il.' publia-ity l'Ullllllllll't', italian Club, foroign language- ll-stival. intramural baseball ltlltl baslu'tball3 l,im'oln. Q Nam-y Bagnasm-og qulel Iillle nziss: llalian Club, 111otto t'0IllIlllllt'0I I'r1'sf'1'lIr1 fllrlvn. Q ,lack Bai:-rg 4'urrjl're-0 f1'llou1,' intramural bowling. tt-nnis and baslu-tball: l.lIlt'0llI. Q Gus llakrigc-sg man 11'1'll1 ll H1101-SUI1lIlll.VU.' Boys' Glvt- Club. cap and gown t'UIllllllll1't'1Llltflllll. Q john llallq "Major GI'llf'f'lIlll. no less: varsit y football a11d baslu-tball lll2lIlltg.Zl'l'. "lf" Club, svrgvanl- at-arms and publirity t'0tlllllllll't'S, honwrooin pri-sid:-11t, intrarnural basl-ball: l'Va'l:xle'r. Q Kalhvrim' llarnvr: e'.re'r'11l1'1'f' alzilil-v: lioinv- roo1n ollict-rs. graduation conuuittw: llirmu. Q Margaret Bar- th:-lg rrzllsiml lIl'l.SlUt'l'lIl,' Chin-fs. svm'i'vtz11'y ol' italian Club. t'lt'l'0Ill- panisl l'or lloys' Glu- Club. Illt'Ilt0I'lRl Utlllllllllltxt' l'llttlI'lllllll. bona-- rooin ollivvrsg lliunn. Q Marjorie live-ts: lilllf' lR't1llllY 11'1'll1 Hurlful Il't1.VSU.' Cllit-ls, houst- Ylt'l'-pl't'Sltl0Ill, corrvsponding svrrvtary ol' Art Guild, ll't'tiStll't'l'iS conunittvv, Playm-rs' Guild. hall guard, llUlllt'I'00lll ollirn-rs: lfvlor-v. Q Juanita llc-hlowg half of ll1e aloulrle' ll'0l1llll'.' llUIll0Y'U0lll pl't'Sltlt'lll. nlblicity vonuniltvvg Iifl-S!'l.ll11 ,-llllf'l1. Q Ruth Bvntlvyg liglzl- lwarlefl and lltIlV.' hall guard. rllvc-rlm-mlvr. rap and gown 1-o111111itts-0: I,l'l-Sflllll fllden. Q Evelyn Berry: vure for l0IIf'llIIt"SS,' faculty cditor ol' Arrow, se-m'rvtai'y's 1-onunittvv, Sliortliand Svrilws: l,f'lSl'l-llll 1-tlclvn. Q Churlvs Bit-lu-3 fxrperl urlrixr' yir1'r,' 1l00Sl'l'l'll. Q Rudolph lljorkg lull mul shy 1ll'UtlIlllf1lf'lS,' pl't'Slill'lll ol' Boys' Glvv Club. Boys' Quartot, ways and nwans vonunittm-0, lli-Y ollicm-r. liousv 1-ounsl-lor. llllXl'tl t'llUI'llS1 lloosewll. Q William Black: lull mul llIIlktV,' varsity swinnning. intralnural track and swinuning, "E" Club. Bios Club, ball guard, ways a11d na-ans t'Ullllllllll't'. Boys' Glu- Club: l,l'lll'UllI. Q Richard Blanchard: rluxs llll'l'l'lVlIIlIkl'l',' rap and gow n t'Ullllllllll't', intramural basvball and bowling: ll'elmlf'r. Q ,lvarlllwltv Bland: lll'l-Hlfll-lljl rQw'x.' lliunrz. Q llownrd lllnc-:. c'.n'1'llc'lll lllIlll'f'.' lloo.w'1'1'll. Q john ll0l'1'0lllill0Z lover Ql' ilu' IHIPRVV' captain ol' intramural football ta-sun. intramural bowling and basl-- ball. ball guard, boust- 1'lt'rk: lfUlISl'l'l'll. Q Iona BOINIZllifl-l'llfll.V and l'll1lI'lIlllIfl nmnrwr: sovial t'UIllIltllll'1'I l'ri.w'lll11 -llllen. Mouk l:l9L'llOl 102111115 wvoal Edwaul Denny as best-dresscvd luoyy Gw1'qa1111 Coopsr, mist sophisticated qjrly Ida Dauw, most Dopulnr qirl atblrtg and Fl+eqi11ald MavDo11ald, 111051 polnnlm boy dtl1lo1M 'llll't'lIlLVjlllV' Q Charlcs liongiovannig lallm worlcrr: cap and gown committcc, lloys' tllcc Club. intramural bowling: llarlsrfrvll. Q Antoinette llonn: frivnrlly lI1l'SS,' mcmorial connnittcc: Viclory. Q lloward lloos: alzca-vs rvaaly l0S1l'llIl.' varsity swimming. scrgcant -at-arms and publicity committccs, intramural bascball. baskctball. bowling and swimming: llrlrsler. Q Eva lloushog izrzrrowrmfl qucen ry' sporls: varsity swimming and baskctball, hall guard, sccrctary's committevz l iclorv. Q llruno Bova: smarl aml jirlyf'l.v,' graduation conunittccg llclz- xlcr. Q Charlotte lloyd: ytlfld-IllIllll'f'll and likc'ul1l0,' cap and gown connnittcc, scnior play: Priscilla ullflcn. Q Joseph llraucrg tall, :lark anal lrrrijirq scrgcant-at-arms committcc, intramural baskctball. bowling and bascball: Lincoln. Q llc-tty Bra-nnang really lu lalk, rcafly lo work: Diana. Q james llridgcsg self-slylczl laclyklllrr: graduation committcc, intramural baskctballg Websler. Q Ruth llrinkergfull of song aml rlu-fry I iirls' lilcu Club, a caps-lla choir,Shorthand Scribes, sccrct,ary's committcc: llrisrilla .-llflcn. Q llclcn lirinley: quiel and rrserzveflq intramural swimming and baskctball, motto committocg Diana. Q l"rxuu'c-s llrodcg certain rlaarm,' publicity commiltccg Priscilla A-llflcn. Q Donald lirowng always really lo play golf: varsity golf, hall guard: llooserrll, Q llohcrt lirowng all arozmrl slzulenl: bouso prcsidcnt, social committcc. varsity tcnnis captain, Boys' tilcc Club. mixcd chorus. "IC" Club, Cliicfs. intramural baskctball and bowling Lincoln. Q Rozclla llruccg ready. willing and able: sccretary's conunittcc, llomcroom trcasurcr, liomoroom baskct,ball1 Diana. Q Wilfrcd llrycn: full of luunor: hall guard, housc counsclor, publicity committcc1 Lincoln. Q llcu Budai: amazing rorrzlaimiliorz of poel and rhemisl: toaollcrs' assistant, prcsidcnt ol' Alchcmist Club. vice-president ol' Piorians, Playcrs' Guild. scnior play. publicity COIIlIIlll,l,0t'1 Iloosevell. Q Ralph Burdick: silwrrv slzulenlf intramural bowling and swim- lning, graduation conlmittcc: Wcbslvr. Q Conrad Buschg lover Qfftlltl'-V su'e'alers,' llios Club. Picrians, hall guard, biology assistant. scrgcant-at-arms connnittcc, liomcroom sccrctary, intramural bowling, lfoosrcvll. Q ,lcnuic Cadariug fliliyenl lilllc' worker: cap and gown committcc. hall guard: Viclory. Q llctly Cain: jolly pirrc of human ily: sccrctary of .lunc scniors, trcasurcr of Chicfs, trcasurcr of llndincs. hall guard, homeroom olliccrs. girls' swinuning. golf and basketball: Diana. Q Ethel Camplingg plraxanl and !T0l1Sl.llPI'11ll',' Girls' tilco Club, a capclla choir. graduation committcc: l,l'l'Sl7I.llll Alflen. Q Catherine Cardosg rraal-v lo lalk: color and motto committccs, homcroom trcasurcr: l'irlarAv. Q la-na Castanza: Stl'PI'lIIl.ll!l !'AVt'lUSIlPS,' color committcc: l'1'rlorAv. Q Mary Castcllanig xunn-v fIl'SlIOSlllUI1,' sccrctary's committcc, llomcroom prcsidcntg kirlorlv. Q Robert Challncrsg fasl on lllt' lrark: xarsity track captain. xarsity football. "li" Club, social committcc: Wvlzslcr. Q King Chamburling xwlfl and speedy runm'r.' xarsity indoor track. xarsity outdoor track captain. intra- mural track. baskctball. swimming and bowling. liomcroom prcsi- tlt'lll.ll'l'tlStlt't'I"S1'UlllIlllllt't'.llllllgtltlftl.ulcilllltllJ1l1lIll'0lI1.. james Chcatham: xinrcrr' xlmlioux sir: xicc-prcsirlcnl ol' Chicfs. llouso prcsidcnt. ball guard captain3'Allf'cbslcr. 'FT 1 In the Mock Election Donald Harlow .anti Raymond Dixon tie for the titlo of class comedians, and Stolla Cottono gels tho titlo of Class baby. 7'rc4'1:l.vA.wi.1 3 .,.. . ,, .,,.m..,,. i 9 N Senior class bestows title oi most popular lwoy upon Stephen Milialiuhy upon ludy Morrill, inost popular qirlf upon Dorothy Mayor, niost attiavtivo qirlg upon Thomas llnvics, most litindsonie lwoy. mlyfseverr Q Margaret liheesexnang lillle ray of sunshine: hall guard. concerts: Victory. Q Anthony Ciaramitaroq Tony, the linquist: homeroom secretary. cap and gown committee: Lincoln. Q Frank lfiaravino: senior with "hopes",' intramural basketball and baseball, ltalian Club: Webster. Q Mary llipolla: locer of-fun: Shorthand Scribes. graduation committee: Priscilla .ei lden. Q Sherman Clarkg handsome plus intelligent: treasurer ot' June seniors, sergeant-at-arms ot' Chiefs. band, orchestra, homeroom otlicers, hall guard captain. intramural track: lVel1ster. Q Roberta Clifton: pleasant to talk with: debating. Players' Guild, senior play, Radio tluild. social committee: Diana. Q Naomi Cole: natty stceetheart: hall guard. llolne liconoinics Club. motto committee: Diana. Q George Comfort: uncrowneal wrestler: intramural indoor track: Lincoln. Q Ceorgann Cooperg grace in her steps: lndian typist: Diana. Q Frank Coraceg terror for his size: graduation connnittee, intra- mural track, basketball. football and baseball: Hoosevelt. Q Norma Cosang always cheerful: Victory. Q Stella Cottoneg cheery littlc sprite: biology assistant, hall guard captain. Shorthand Scribes, graduation committee, mimeograph club: Priscilla Alden. Q John Cozmag Lincoln's nightingale,'lBoys' tlleeltllub, house counselor, sergeant-at-arms eonunittee: Lincoln.',QiIlharles llressyg loves to discussfully: reserve football, Boys' Glee Club,feap-and gown committee, hall guard: l1'oosevell.l QLMarian Crossglcalmj and friendly: cap and gown committee: Priscilla Alden. Q Ida Cugliarig with unbobbed natural curly locks: orchestra. color com- mittee. door clerk: Victory. Q Eileen Czischkeg pleasant lo know: house vice-president and president, house librarian, motto committee: Priscilla Alden. Q Constance Dalyg down cast accent: cap and gown eoinmittee: Diana. Q Bernice Dargag friendly smile, charming way: gradua- tion committee: Priscilla Alden. Q Ida Dauwg sportswoman through and through: swimming. goll, homeroom otlicers, publicity committee: Victory. Q Sara Davidg everyl1ody's pal: lndian stall, tlower committee: Victory. Q Thomas Daviesg one who has had experience: ltoose- celt. Q Earl Davisq known for athletic achietvernents: varsity basket- ball and baseball, hall guard, "li" Club. intramural basketball and track: Webster. Q Robert llavisq handsome tennis star: varsity tennis.1ll.U.T.tl.: ltoosetvell. Q Eva Delylaggiog with a beautifully-coijtured hairdressp elass president: Victory. Q Edward llennyg school girls' choice: news editor and columnist of The Indian, house viee-president, intramural track. ways and means committee, homeroom otlicer, hall guard: l'Velzsler. Q Dorothy lleShag full of wisdom. full of fun,' Chiefs, house vice-president. a capella choir, triple trio. varsity tennis, lladio Guild, assistant sports editor ot' The Indian, hall guard, senior play. treasurer's committee: Priscilla Alden. Q George Diamond: a horn comedian .' tlower committee: Lincoln. --Y 9' nb... Q2 '51 'lube Mock Pflowtion nanivs Marqarot loinlinson, most ivasbful girly Regina fltlirinmc-l, most studious qirlp Paul Lux, most stuclious lfoyy and Rudy Hunk, ni is lvaslilui boy, 1'llf-V-Pfjlltl Q Raymond Dixon: r'l1f'l'Ef'lll IIIIVIIUFUIIS 1'lI11lJ.' xarsity indoor and outdoor track. sovial vornrnitln-1-. intramural sports 1-ditor ol' Arrow. "li" Club. intramural tram-la and baskvlball. ball guard. vaptain ot' L'lH'l'l'lt'illlt'l'S1 lilt'lPS,l'l'. Q .Knlhony Dm-nu-rx ilIl'l'Hl0l' of his own l1lHf1lllltll'.' basvball and football. volor t'onunitt1'o: llvflislvr. Q Ed- ward l,llkl'1.f.1'HUtl' who kll0ll'N.' biology assistant. rap and gown 4'onunitt1'v. lionivrooln St't'I't'liII'j, intramural bowling. bousu- roun- st-lor: lfonxmwll. Q llolorvs Dyke-1ynlrlylm-ks,' publivity 1'UlIIllllll0t', ball guard, bonivrooni ollim-i's. llHllS1't'UllllSl'lllI'1 lirlory. Q Eu-lyn Dykstra: l211siln'xs-I1'lcc' llll1l1lII'l'.' boinvrooin svi'i'1'ttiry. lIlOIllUl'lill vonunitt4'4': lil-l'lUf'.V. Q XY illiam Iildridgvg lwsl :gf pals: xarsity basvball. rap and gown l'0llllllilll't'I li'r'l1xl1'r. Q Ann Elias:l11llxlrllc'llvmixx.' Cbim-fs. pri-sidvnl ot' Library Club. tiirls' tilt-v Club. Arrow and Indian stalls. sorial 4-oinniittt-1-. ball guard, bonsv vounsvlor. llUlll1'I'UUlll prvsimlvlil. svnior play: lirtornv. Q ,lvannv liricksoiiq n11'rrAvlu'ir1kl1' in llf'l'!'lV1',' ball guard. publivil y voinniiltvv, lionivromn Ulllil'1'I'S1 lfrlnrhv. Q Martha lirwinq IlI1l.I'H.V lj1f1'l'1A1'r:l.' Cliivfs, liousv vounsvlor, x arsily baslu-tball. SUl'l2li4'tllllllllll1't'. llousvl't'pl'm's1'lllzilix1'L I'r1'.w'1'IIu ilalvn. Q William Evans: ir1lf'r'f'.vlml in 4'I'1'f'.V sport: xarsily indoor tram-la. intramural baslu-tball. football and track. lloxwr vonunittvv: Wffbslvr. Q William Fu-nz ugfin l'l'l'l'.VHllH!l.' niinu-ograpbing stall. ball guard, iltNNt'I'C'UlIllllllit't'Il.llII'lPlH. Q Mariv Ifq-nm-r: lnihhliny will:w1Il:11siusrn,' liousv sw innning: Prisrillri llflvn. Q ,lamvs Fa-rriolo: quirfl uml ,N1S,l.l.ll1.' intramural bowling, liousv otlivvr. bousa- vounsn-lor. graduation 4-unnnittvv: llrlrslffr. Q Anna Finals-ri: ff'1lf'lIll'l-V and youd lummrvrl: graduation voininitle-v. house- baslu-tball. bousv vounsm-lor: l'r1'.w'illr1 ftldvn. Q Marie- lfinazzo: mrrierqfl111pp1'm'ss.' atblt-tit' t'UIIllliill1'4'1 lirlorlv. Q ,Ie-aniw Fish- backg Sion' Qt' kr1v1l'l1'rly1'.' Cbivls. boust' tra-asurvr. bousv rounsvlor, dt-sk 1-lvrk. social connnittvv. ball guard. born:-room trvasurvri l 'irlur.v. Q Barbara FiSill'l'llflll-RfHt1l'fFI.PII1H'V.'ll1HNl'I'l'UlllIllilll't'1 I'ris1'1'll11 fllflvn. Q llc-tty Fishvr: rwut lillla' Irirk: 1-lass nn-inorial vonnnittvv. llonu- i'ii'0ll0lllit'S Club: Prisritlu ilflvn. Q Louis Folvy: lnoalfxl lilllrfvllall' U55 graduation vonnnittvv. ll.li.'l'.C. rillv Ivani: lllvbslvr. Q .Ianni-s Forlws: likwx In spring jnlcvx: graduation c'onnnittvv, biology assistant, Bios Club. intramural bowling and footballg Ilzumfwll. Q lllanohv Fordg likvuhlv HIFUIIUII and lhrouyh: svvrt-tai'y's coin- niittvv. bousv suinnning and baslu-lball. ball guard. boast- rvprv- svnlatiw: Prisrillfi .-llrlen. Q U1-orgv Fotiu: su1lc1j11ygI4'r,' rvsorvv baskutball. intramural travk and baslwtball: l1'onxmv'Il. Q David Franvisg tmurui In nmkf' the- t1l'fl!11',' Cbivfs. liousc' xim--prvsiclviit, biology assistant. ball guard. Boys' film- Club. intramural football and basl-ball, lmusv vounss-lor. trvasurm-r's 4-oniniitlvvg Iloosvrell, Q Cliarlvs Fl'0l'iIii1'h1fll'SlSlfllllfl "4'ulrlwr".' varsit y basvball. house' vounst-lor, vlass nwinorial vonnnittvv: lllfflislvr. Q lh-tty ,lc-an Froman: nfrf' lo zmllc zrillt: vap and gon n coin- llllll1't'1 llfurm. Q L4-onard Galbraith: good sporlf lnollo vom- lnitts-1-. intramural bask:-tball and football: lfooxmwll. Q Charh-s llaliag zlumw' who spnrlx Vtlllllll l1z'1'l.v,' ball guard. publirity vom- mittvm-: lfnusmivll, Q Hou ard Garth:-: quivlllv mul ruvzll-v flr4'ssf'1l,' tloxxvr vonnnittt-0, intramural bmxling and basl-ball: l,in1'oln, Q Fred 1i1ll'll'1'lll'Z r1'g11l II1lllllIl'l'.' Boys' Ulm- Club, iuixvd t'll0l'llS. illll'!llIlllI'lll bowling: I.l'Ilt'UllI. Q lilsiv lil'lIlll'iChQ m111l1fxl simpli- 1'ily,' vluss lll0lllOl'llll 1'o1u1uilt1-1-1 1,71-Sl'lllfl .'ll11'en. Q joseph Cen- ovcsig "lfxq111'r1"' -llllllillfl iulrzuuurul swiuuuiu,f:. basi-bull and baskvl- lmll, llowrr C'Ulllllllll0t'1 l.1'u1-11111. Q lk-lo Gcorggopoulc-sg lllIlAl'l llllfl lllllllylllflll lllI1'.' lllllllli 1'1uu1uill1-1': l'1'1'I1zr.v. Q Sanford G1-rbvr: x1'r1'1'r1qlg1m1l llII1l'Il!'S,' iulrzuuurul buslwlbull and bowling, llowvr 1'0lllllllllt'l'I lm'1r1ns1'r1'll. Q Ethel Ghiniszjusl ll sw1'l1gsl1'r,'Sliorlbuud Scribes, publicil y 1-ouuuiltvoz ljlillllfl. Q Alycv Gibbsg n1'1'1'r ll dull nzuniwzl:NY1-lnslvr stull. llomv l':00llUIlIll'S Club: Ifllflllfl. Q Shirlvy fiil'S:fl'l'l'Il1lllV xnzllv: vup uud gown l'UlIlllllllt't'Z Pr1's1'ill11 A lll!'lI. Q Us-xcur Uikia-rv: 1'1'1'r.v I,ll1'll ll llIlIII,' l'lI'1'lllilll0Il lllllllllglvl' uud b1lSlIll'SS iuuuagrr 1rl"l'll1' ludiuu: l1'11osvr1'll. Q Robert Gillvllcg slow bu! x11r1'.' cup und gown Q'0lllllIllll'l'. iulrzuuurul football: Ll-Ill'UlII. Q Marion Gino: p111'k11g1e 1qffrie111ll.v 11111111 1'l11'er.' ollirv ussislaul. pr1'si1l0ul of lluliuu Club. lauguugv l'1'slix'ul: l"l1'I11ry. Q Ashlvy Glcnng l11ll 111111 lanky lIOIlHl'l'I'.' Sl'I'2t'Hlll-Nl-liI'lIlS ol .luur svuiors. varsity bowling, iulruuuirul football. bowling, bus1-ball. lravk. buskrlbull und sports xuuuugvrg Wrlzsler. Q llonnld Glick: lilllv. lull Il'lIlIl ll lllflllf intramural bnsk1-lbull. 1'l1rrrl1-u1l1'1', molto K'0lllIlllll1'l'2 ll'1'l1sl1'r. Q Margaret Goo:-wsnianng miss Qf11f1'w 111or1l.v,' lzuiguzagv ll-slixulz lllllllll. Q Frunk Good- fvllowg g01ulf11Il1a11' 11l11111lvx.' limi 1'r l'UlllIllllll't'1 lVel1sl1fr. Q Elwood Goodrich: 111'Iur of villain roles: lludio Guild, Playvrs' Guild. publicity i'lllIIlllllll'l'Q li'o11x1'1'1'll. Q Alva Gordon: musl flfllijllllflll fl'l'l'lIll.' l1olu1'roo1u Sl't'I'l'liiI'y. language l'1'stivul: lflilllltl. Q Angola Cram-Ili: silvnl l1'lll1' llIllAV.' motto COIIllIlllll'l'l I,I'lSl'1'lllI fllrlan. Q Alycr Cru-nfic-l1lg jlflllll SPIIXI' 11' lIlIllI0l',' librury Stull. scwrvlury ol' Librury Club. 'l'lu- ludiuu sliull, ll0llll'l"O0lll buskrlbull. publirily 1'1uuu1ill.1'1'g ljlillllfl. Q Arthur Grcl-lnv0o1l:. llllkllll-I'f' lllllllllf ll1m1'r l'Ollllllllll'l'1 ll'll'lISll'l'. Q llvlli L1-r Grm-nie-rg l'lI1ll'II1lilI!1 SlI1lAl!".' uursv HSSlSlillll. door clvrk, liousv 1'ouus1'lor. IIll'lIlUI'l1ll l'0lllllllll4'1', llUllli'I'0Ulll xi1'1'- pr1'si1l1'ut: l'1'1'l1rr.v. Q ,loss-phine Ura-nkowilzg p1'rp1'lu11lfo1u1l111'11 Qf Illllflllf Shorlluuid S1-ribvs. l,ll'l'lilIlS. molto 1-o1u1uill1-1': l'r1'x1'ill11 .4l1lrn. Q Lois Ura-vv: llifl-f'I1fllAV llllll s1'r11'1'r1'.' SllUI'l1llklllll Svribvs. publivily l'0lllllllll4'1'. liousv Sl'l'g1'1llll-Ill-HFIIISZ l,l'l'S1'l.ll!l .fll1l1'n, Q llvlly Guimomlq l'lIl'1'ffl.11l l1l1IIl1l.' luuus-rooiu S0l'l'l'llil'y. vlasa 1u1-iuoriul l'0llllIllllt'l'1 lilllllll. Q Mary Gusl: lfllxl xlvpplrzyf Inns: Sliortbzuul S1'rib1-s, Cliivfs. llf7lIl0I'lll7lll Ullll'1'I'S. bousv ll'vus1i1'1-1', llousv swiuuuiug. publirily 1'0llllllllll'l', bull guard: lllillllll. Q Milliv llzlgvnz IIUSSPSSIII' ul' ll s1111ll11'rn 111'1'1'11l.' lllllllll. Q Frank llull: 11l11v11.v.v in H10 !1l'0lIl'l'.' lluwvr l'0lllllllll1'l'I l,in1'1zln. Q Lois Hull: ,l.l'l.f'lIlllAV luxs llllll jIf'lIlll'.' lxousv 4'0llllS0lUl'. lulll guurd. ullilvlir t'lYIllIIllll4'1'I l,f'l.Sl'lllll .llfll'll. Henry Kranich and Arm Elias play sup- porting paris to the leads portrayed by Dorslhy Mayer and Ioseph Toepel, in the scriior play. 7l1l'l'lIl'Y-llllll' I Donald llarlow: xlaunch f14l1'U6lllf'QflPliSlIl'l'.' homeroom ofliccrs: Welzsler, Q Josephine llarrold:frien1lly, lovely miss: Art Guild. Arrow stall. social committee. house counselor, senior play: Priscilla Alden. Q Edward llaselhuhn: likeable pest: publicity committee, house counselor. homeroom olliccrs: Lincoln. I Violet Hawley: xweel as a song: llome Economics Club, ways and means committee, homeroom president: Diana. I Priscilla llaynes:friendly lady: debate team, publicity com- mittee: Viclory. Q Mary llaywald: accornplislzefl seamstress: cap and gown committee: Victory. Q Donald llealy: wearer of sporty rlollres: motto committee, hall guard: llooserell. Q Marjory llegner: cheerful lass wilh friendly smile: homeroom secretary, house counselor, motto committee: Viclory. Q Olga llcidrieh: noble qaiel nalare: Diana. Q John llewitl: speedy crawl swimmer: house counselor, publicity committee. house swimming: lfoosecell. I Frances llill: pleasanl girl,' social com- mittee, basketball team: Victory. Q William llintze: colorful xorks: color committee, Boys' tilce Club, intramural swimming: Lincoln. Q Theodore llotfman: .vhorl and sharp: color committee: Lincoln. Q Donald llofman: malhemalical eyclisl: Boys' tllee Club, mixed chorus, publicity committee: Lincoln. Q Robert llomann: s orls enlhasiasl: reserve basketball. intramural swim- ming, basketball, bowling and baseball, motto committee: Roosevelt, lhgletty llome: willing lo help: publicity committee: Priscilla A en. 0 llazcl Hormel: dainly lzranelle: homeroom ollicer, basketball team, graduation committee: Victory. Q Grover Houser: liarrl working lad,' varsity football, intramural basketball, baseball and track, house counselor. memorial eommittee, hall guard: Itoosecell. I Mary Howard: lmver of all sports: swimming, basketball and tennis teams. Home Science Club, color committee: Viclory. C Nlarjoric llubbert: szceel and charming lnaiden: homeroom secretary. graduation cominittee: Viclory. Q John llull': deep in a dream: ll.0.'I'.tf. rifle team. ll.0.'l'.ti. sergeant: lVebsler. 0 Ruth llummel: sparkling dark-eyed lassie: Arrow stall, secretary's committee: Diana. Q Ralph lluser: inleresled in undertaking: social committee. radio guild. hall guard: Roosevelt. Q Wilma Ingram: ready lo joke: hall guard: Priscilla Alden. I Rose lngrao: quiel lillle lad-v,' Shorthand Scribes, flower com- mittee: Priscilla Alden. Q Mary Jane Jackson: prelly fun- locing miss: graduation committee, basketball team. swimming carnival: Diana. Q llenry Janieki: will: early locks: homeroom president: lfoosevell. 0 Roger Jewell: inleresled in hooks, nol girls: ll,O,'l'.ti.: ll'el1sler. Among the Cast of "Tho l:tOIl1dIlilk' Younq Lady," senior play, are: Dorothy DeSha, Stephen Mihalich, Dorothy Mayer, Char lotte Boyd, Ben Budai, and Williaiix Flack. 'l'l: irlj ws it F N L. ,1 N C1 llowald Sbollcy, lkurlros llvo, lndy Mol' lill, and losopliiuv llalold are the I'tlPIlllWPfS of lbw social connnittro who arf' seated. llolvml Brown, Ralph l-lnsfrr, losoplnne Min- nclla, lona Pond, Hvlfln Askerman, and Marllm lfrwin mo lboso ll'tl'tllll0fS wlio are stlmdinq. 'lllIlil'l.V-Olll' x t 5.-1 Q Margarct johnson: yolrlcn lluirfvl ullllclc: llndincs. baskctball tcfim, llowcr committcc: lliuuu. Q Jnnc ,lollicg as jolly ux lzcr ItttlIll',' class mcmorial committccg Priscilla ,-llrlcll. Q l.cith ,lone-sg nol loo .w'rioux,' llclzslrr. Q William jones: lirulfl soul: intramural track and swimming. publicity committcc: ll'1-lfslcr, Q Margarct Jost-ph: rruvllv Io work: lllunu. Q Thvodors- Kabboushg rmrlmv lo flip anyone: atblctic committccl Wr'l1slf'r. Q Edward Kaiscr: lzeurl full of ronumrf' or S1Pl't'Il!1,' bousc scrgcant- at-arms. Boys' tilcc Club. intramural bowling, swinnning and track, housc counsclor. motto committccg Linroln. Q Eva Kancg rhurmiug sl-vlislz miss: Prixrilla rllllfll. Q Sven Kansman: humlxome bloml lnreuslslrokrr: varsity swim- mingzg llrzoserefll. Q Margaret Kvencz rouyislz look in lmr eyc',' Bios Club, motto committcc, biology assistant: liiunu. Q Hlizabcth Kightg Sltlilllllllg P-Vf'S,' mcmorial committccg Prisrillu .ftlzlc-n. Q Lucille- Kirby: 1lln1plir'fl ruissq Bios Club, Arrow stall. housc prcsidcnt, homcroom olliccrs, social committcc. tcunis and baskct- ball tcams. dcsk clcrk, housc counsclorg Vlclory. Q Martin Klaus: jirlflleless lfulu'rioll,' Wcbslcr. Q Kc-nnctb Klccg demon f1llI1l'lyP01l'l'llt'I',' social committcc, liomcroom prcsidcnt, Chit-fs, housc counsclor: lt'1msr'1'cll. Q George- KI:-nkg plouvrr lhrouylz llze wuler: intrannlral swimming, baskctball and bowling. cap and gown committcv: Hoosfvell. Q Donald Klinctop: giant of llm gfl-l1ff'fIl1,' varsity football and track. intrannlral baskctball, scrgcant-at -arms commit tccl W1'lmlf'r. Q Allcn Kochcmlcrfcrg lovcr of "slap slick".' Boys' tllcc Club, varsity indoor and outdoor track. color committcc: Lincoln. Q Irwin Kohn: uvorkrr, uol lulkrr: bowling tcam, atlilctic commit- tccg Lincoln. Q Edward Kokowiczg soldier boy: athlctio com- mittcc. lt.U.'l'.C.g Lzfncolu. Q Socratcs Kosmas: lorcr of rlul1rl'ng.' flowcr committccg lloosvrrll. Q Frank Kowalski: lltlllfl' of lur'rn1uialx.' xarsity swimming. social committcc. intramural bowling. rcscrxc football, hall guard: 1.1-lll'UlIl. Q llcnry Kranich: slill uvulrr fllltlllilljl rlrwp: varsity football captain. prcsidcnt ol' Chicfs. sports cditor ol' 'l'hc Arrow, llw lndian stall. captain ol' all ball guards. scnior play. liomcroom prcsidcnt. social commitlcc, sccrctary of lloys' tilcc Club, "li" Club: ll'r'l1slf'r. Q Marjoriv Kranz: qulfl unrl ltItllSStIIItlll1l.' lliauu. Q Eva Kronbcrgcrg uluvrvs lurrrlv. ulu'u-vs yu-v: motto committccg Priscilla .1lflr'u. Q Arla-nc Krncgcr: ffftilll-lllllIIf'l'1flllltl u'illiny,' Shorthand Scribcs, bomcroom trvasurcr. social committcc: lliuuu. Q Carl Krncgcrz, uluvrvs guy: orcln-stra. mcmorial committcc. liomcroom xicc-prcsi- dcnl, thc lndian stallil lloo.w'r1'll, Q llvonard Krucgcr: lilllr' hlonrl sir: intramural swimming. football and baskctball. liall guard captain: lt'ooscr1'll. Q litlic Krnsc: lIttlSft'lllf.V inrlinvrl: tlirls' tllcc Club. llowcr commitlcc: lllunu. if 'lla fxxflvip mvlliuliillliil ul llwmy KlFiI1l4'll lv ulmv l'1:,l1l.1rk, Aim llli-ass, lluttlm Roarll, l'vfll1vH lilly, lllllll 'l'nylrvr, !X1lr'no Kruriqer, llclYIll Illl lmwx, 41 111 lufly Mxuxrlll an I1lCll1llVlS nl lbw :swml I-muxu limi. 'l'l1 I-I'l.V-lll'1l Q ,lean Kulierl: t'llt'f'I:lilll 11l'r.' S1'l'llllll-lliillll bookstore ussislunl. Sliorlluiml Seribes. 4-up and gown emnnlilteez l'ir'lur.v. Q Nornmn Knhfeldt: spmks wlmrz .vpnlevrz lo: llelzxler. Q l'eler l.ureo: frfenrllv anal rlnlirulrlfh' llnlizm Clnbi ll'r'l1xl1'r. Q Robert l.nuer: prlllrf' of rlfelluuu' lllll'2illlllI'2ll bowling and lrzwli. Ill1'lll0I'llll vonunil- lee: I,llIl'IIlII. Q Marvin I,uuc-sen: golvlie lfu'lcs.' nlllleliv eonnnillve. inlrmnurul sxiiuuuingg l,in1'oln. Q Catherine Lepko:p1'll'lf'11nllS11'l'f'l.' ullllelim' l'HlllIlllll4'l'Z ,DFI-Sl'l-llll fllrlell. Q Helly Lloyd: o11'm'r of gorgeous lII'01l'lI fjvexi lloruvrooni lr:-:mln-r und I'l'pI'1'Sl'IllllllX1'. gfllilllllllilll 1-runniilleeg l'1'r'lor4v. Q Slese Loria: lillle lmul nhl: 1-lass lnernorinl errniniilleez ll'r'lzsl1'r. Q Josephine Lowegg1lflf'1l1l'flll llIlPllIi!II'Vll'f'l'1ll'!'I Girls' Glem- Club. mixed l'll0I'llS. hall guard. ll0IIIl'l'UHlll Xll'1'-pI'4'Slll1'lIl, house sergennl- ul-arins. Bios Club, Chiefs. house counselor, 1-up and gown coin- lniileez I,f'l.Sl'lllf1 ,-llrlen. Q Paul Lux: puff luurerzlrm' Chiefs. bull g.ZllHl'1l explain. president ol' llierizuls. social eonnnilh-eg Ifno.vm'1'lf. Q llurvvy lllaasg inlereslerl in girls. nal lmoks: house seerelnry and lreasuri-r. tru-usurx-r's t'UlllIlllllt'C'. homeroom preside-nlg Welxxler. Q Reginald Maellonaldg sporlsnmn Ihrouylz and llIl'UlIjlll.' vursity buslwtlmll 1-nplnin. soeiul l'UllIIlIlll1'l'. bnsebull and football leulnsg ll'el:sler. Q Eleanor Mau-erig ulwu-vs hulzlnling o1'r'r,' volor t'UIllIlllll4'4'I llimm. Q Yineenl lWlzu-rizjusl ujillerlmyi inlrzunurnl foolbull und lmaslwtlmll: Welnsler. Q Samuel Malta-seg player of lrol llf!'0I'lll-llllf Boys' Gln-1-Club. llllllilll Club: llll'lISlf'l'. Q Pan Munellu: ulwuyx .wrvz lull noi lI!'llf'll.' Wf'l:xIr'r. Q Sadie Mnniaeig simple and sl1'ef'l.' color l'0Illlllllll'l?Q lliunu. Q Geraldine Mnrliag quiel mul ll'Pll-!ll'0UlIlf'll.' eolor eonnnitlee. house counselor: llirznu. Q Albert Mnslm: llu' silenl lllll u'f'Ir'ome lnvpeq eolor eoininilteeg Ifooserell. Q Edna Massey: rllrerflil. r1e1'1'rg1Ium,' 1-lass memorial eomniitlee: llriselllu .-llrlen. Q Dorothy Maurerg 1lrf's.s'f'fl lo pf'rjfeel1'on.' house olli1'1'l'. Ari Guild. publieily l'0IIlIl1lll4'1'. liolneroorn ss-erelury. door elerk: llelnry. Q Dorothy Mayer: persorirllllv plus: xivn'-presitlelll of Chic-ls, Ullllfll'-lll-K'lllt'l. ol' The fNrr1m. Girls' Glee Club. ways nnd nu-suis eonunillem-. Players' Guild. lludio Guild, lmll guard, liome- roorn president. senior play. Bios Club: Prisrillrz .-llden. Q Graem- Nluzzolag l'lIf'l'lfllI1l f'nr1l1lr'rmr1r'e.' ball guard. lionieroom sevrelnry: lliuna. Q l'zluline Mnzzoln: 11'1'Il4v llIlllPl',' Girls' Glen- Club, publivily eonnnillve: lirlnrlv. Q Gilford Me,-Klister: lmmllv nmu: iulrzunurnl lruvk, swimming amd bmxling. ll.0.'l'.C. SQ'I'l1l'Hlll. molto l'UIlIllIlll4'l'Q ll'f'l:sler. Q James McCuseyg arrvllerll lzorse-lzifle loxser: xnrsily foolbnll und lmsvbull, inlrzunurul lmskellmll. Cllin-fs. house treasurer, soeiul eonlniillm-my ball guard eaplnin: l1'uuxf'rf'lI. Q Frank Mefflllillz 1'r1Ir'reslerl in Ilmfuirer snr: eolur committee: lfoosrwell. Q 'l'homus Meflrning pholoyruplrir' urlislf xursil5 sxxinnning, sm-iul vonunillvv, inlrzuuural basketball and lmselmll. ilu- lndiun stall. luill guurdg Linrulrz, Q llc-ulricv Mc'l.4-oil: xmllc' ll1r1I l11'1'1'r fu1lf's.' uurso ussisluul: llllllllll. Q Murgurvl M4-1-mms: qulvl liny luxs: Girls' Glm-0 Glulr. mixvil chorus: Ill-llllll. Q Frank Nh-lla-nz .vl11fl1'o11s mul slr'111lv,' ll.U.'l'.G. svrgvuul. iulrzuiiurul lronling. llowvr l'0lllIllllll'l'L lVr'l1sIvr. Q Bonnie ISI:-ssilm: full Ql' 1111'sr'l11'1jl',' m'll0vrlvzulvl', inlrzuuurul swimming, lmslwllrull. lmsm-lvull zuul lruvk. pulrlirily t'0Illlllllll'l'I l,1'11f'ol11. Q .-Klfrm-ml M4-yor: -lim' Nllltll'lIl,' lllrlzslvr. Q Gloria M4-yr-rs: 11'l11': ul nIl.wp11rlx: lrzislwllmzlll lozuu, liomvroom prosiilvlll, color vom- Illilll't'1 Iliunu. Q lfrs-lla-rim-k Micluu-l:. l1lIl.l'l Ill-ll-j1!'lll lull: mollo l'0llllllllll'1', iutr1umu'ul lmsvlmllg l.1Alll'UlI1. Q Sh-pllvn Mihalichq ruoflvl IHlll'll1'lIlIl,' pl'1'Sllll'Ill ol' .luuv soniors. lloms-room prrsi4lu'ul, lli-Y pl'1'Slll4'lll. lllll'llllllll'lIl truck. vircululiori lllllllilglll' ol' 'l'l14' . Arrow, lmll 1,:uurml vupluiu. l.l1im'l's, svuior play: 1,llIl'0lll. Q llolu-rl Millar: lorvr ffl' x11'1'11g1 lIlI1Slf'.' class mvmoriul oommil- lvvg I?oox1'1w'll. Q Waller Miller: fla'r111 of lmslcfrllurll IIIflIlfI!1l'l'S.' Boys' Glvv Glulv, "li" Glulm. lmslu-llmll Illilll1lgll'l'. color CllllllIllll4'1'Q ll,UUSl'l'l'll. Q ,losm-pluinv Minn:-lla: Fllllflllllljl. frifvzrlly IIlfUlI1Pf',' som-iul l'Ulllllllll1'1'. lI'1'llSlll'l'l' ol' llulizm lllllll. llousv vounsvlorg Pris- rilla Jllllfll, Q William Miollvl: rvmllv lo pull jokrs: ll"1'l1xlr'r. Q 114-vm-lin Momviloxicg lPU,YSl'NSlU' of long l1rr114rls.' ll0lIll5l'00lll olli1'vrs, mloor vlvrla. llUllSl' rouusn-lor. llowvr l'0Illlllllll'1'1 ll1'l'l0f'.V. Q Olga lllomr-ilovim-1 l'4'l'SlIlI-ll' mlxs: Girls' Glvv Club. molto vom- lllllll'1', lnorua-room ollicvrs. door vlvrk. house- counsvlorg l"1'rlor'v. Q Murivl Moore-:full of prp fllll1l'l.IlI.' liomvroom olliu-rs, memorial volillllillvvg l'ir'IorAv. Q ,lulin Morrill: ll giyylv ull l11'r Ulllllf vivo- prvsillvul. ol' .luuv svuiors, lfliivfs. liomoroom prrsimlm-nl, L-upluiu ol' vursily SN5llllllIlIlgQ lllltllltl. Q lloy Mus-as-aog: yvrwrrrlf411'orilv.' color l'0lIlIlllll4'1'5 llooscrrll. Q llosulim- Nnimog lilllz' .lliss 'l'r11r1q11iIl1'l4v,' color vorumillvv. hall guurmlg lll'l'l0l'.V. Q Anthony Nuralig solwr f111rlxlc'r1rlfr1sl,' soviul :mil l.fl'lllllIllll0ll I'Ulllllllllt'l'S2 I,l.llt'UllI. Q William N1-ul: prxl. lllll rzirf' person ul ily .' ll 'f'l1sl1'r. Q lllzu-iv Nvsslwrry: 11rl1'xl1r'l111'sx: ullilvliv l'0llllllllll'l', liomvroom swiuuuiug: mul lvuslu-llmll: Iliurzu. Q lla-llwl Nc-wlmry: lull mul slulvllv nzixx: ma-moriul 4'Ullllllllll't'1 l'r1'.w'1'llr1 ,ll1lf'11. Q William Nicholas: lilllr, lllll l1o1v.',' ullilvliv 1'Illllllllllt'l'. iulrzuuural llilllfllbillll Ifoosvlwll. Q ll:-la-u Nix-ls:-nz xl1'll 1If'lllil'l'l'll!1,' sol-iul l'lHlllllllll'l'. Gllivfs. llUIll1'l'tlUlll ollis1'rs: ll1'11111l. Q lilxiru Nolnlv: lllUl'Ullj1lllIV l1lce'ul1l1'.' lluliun Glulm. zlllilvliv vom- lllllll'l'I lilurm. Q l'll'lll'Sl Nyluml: 1l'UFllIll'llI-ll' ff'llo11',' ll'lf'lISlPl'. Q lioln-rl Uslina 1Illl'fl.VS gffrv: lioms'room ping-pong. mvmorizll l'Ullllllllll'l', lruml: l.l.Ilt'0llI. Q Shirlvy UH: 1lrf'u1114'r of llf'f'flIIlS.' llmlio Guilml. xi-uior ploy. l'lz151'rs' Guild: I,f'l..W'I'Illl ,llu'l'11. These are the senior money vollevlors: Mary Richardson Sherman Clark, Katlrerinv Pieschke, Ioseplr Shepard, Pauline Zalmer, Marjorie Boots, Maurivo Sliotlzm, Donald llffman, and Belly Spmdlor. 'l'l1irl.v-ll1r1'a Q tlarolim- Pagv: quivl und rfliriny: atlllvtiu vomrnittvvp Pris- rillu .-tlflvn. Q lfrvtlvrivk Pagvl: lurlics likr' his rlmller: Picrians. 1-olor and graduation vonnnittvvs: LIAIIIYIIID. Samurl Palazzolog xpilfv flr1'.vxvr.' atlllm-tit' vonnnittvv: Lincoln. Q James Parcilla: fnrpvrl tlvpisl and slmmgruplu-r,' volor 1-onnnittc-1-1 l?onse1'0Il. Q Paul Parrinvllo: jjflilfl-Il1IitIl'l'll.fQ"ii0Il'.' athlvtic cornlnittvni Hop' tile-v tflulmg Linroln. Q Donald Pawlicki: inleresleri in life: lfvmsrrvll, Q .Umm-ta Pc-ck: full of fun and rnisclziqf: atlllc-tiv vonnnittvvx Prixrilln ftlflvn. Q Andy Pc-nta: cross-word pnzzlffnn: motto vonnnittvvg Linvoln. Q Unis P4-plinski: irilvrwslml in If'1n'l:iny.' intramural football and lnaslwtlmll. volor t'tlIlllllliit't'1 lt'ooSP1'0ll. Q John Perkins: muslvr xlugn' hunn': dt-batv tvam. 1-lc-4'trit'ian for svnior play: Linroln. Q tlvorgc- P1-tt-rsnn: lIe"il4!1lliS in .flashy rlolhfls: Boys' tilt-0 Club, hall guard. miwd vliorus. intramural baskvtball and football. St'l'Kt'tltll-ttl-tlI'lllS t'tDlllIlllllt't', lli-Y. st-nior play: ltooxewll. Q Ray- mond Pvtts: UIIIWIQVS rmrlyfur fl IIIPIIIIII vaptain ol' lt.0.'l' C., Boys' tilvn- tllub: ll'r'l1SIf'r. Q ,-Kilt-1-n l't'c-itlv: nolxla' and irnlorwll girl: llousv vounsvlor. dvsk vls-rk. atllln-tit' l'0IllIllilit't'1 Prisriilu ,ftiflf'n. Q Malittia Phillips: .vnmli und rwal: lliunu. Q Kathryn Pic-schke: full Qf everlasting pvp: Library stall. trvasurvr's c'ormnittc-v. homvroom otlivvrs, Girls' tilt-1-tilunlrg lliunu. Q W'alt0rPioschk1-: with 11 bnrilrme mire' and lrnnix urrn: social t'UlllIIlltit't'. varsity ta-nnis, "li" Club, quartvt. Hops' tilt-v Club. min-d vhorus, lli-Y, intramural baskvtball and football: lfooxr'1'1'll. Q Utto Pinch. jirsl rluss nllzlvff: llousv x'i1'v-prusiclvrlt, varsity football and basvball. intramural bowling and basvball, "li" Club, liousv 1-onnsvlor, sc-rgt-ant-at-arms volninittvvz Lincoln. Q Ernest Piros: fl0Ir'rrnin1'd in his uvilvsi housv svrgvant-at--arnls, motto com- mittf'4'. intramural baskvtball and football: llfeizxler. Q Samui-l Pisuno: rmullv to drflmlvi tlowvr t'0lllIlliilt't'. ltalian Club, intramural bowling: lhrrrsmwfll. Q Forrest Platt: shrinks from fil1l1IS,' vlass me-morial 1-oimnittvv. library stall. Boys' tilt-1' Club, mixvd vliorusl l1'oo.w'l'1'il. Q .Ha-unndrr Popovivh: 7'P!l1l.V.f0I'4f11It und frulir: color vom- mittvv: l.inf'oIn. Q Lvnorv Prm-000: lo1'f'r of original rlnlhvsq homv- room otlivc-rs. graduation ronnnittvv: lirlory. Q Earl Price: Plltll-I7l'l'l' ul lwurl: Boys' tilt-0 Club: lfoosmv'll. Q lluzvl Prince: .vhiningr laughing ajw'x.' athlvtir' t'tllllIIllitt't'1 PFIQSFIVIIII ftlilen. Q tfonstaiwc Probst: lnzsirwxs-Iikf' manner: Art Guild. gradua- tion volnniiltm-4-: lirlurrv, Q Mildrrd Puchiv: nlzmys ilfillflll and allways youd: ll0lltt'l'tlUltl prvsidvnt, Thr- Arrow stall, s4't'r0tary's volnniitta-4-1 Prisrillu ,-llrlrn. Q john Purvis: sloops lo conquer: luousm- tri-asurvr, tllmit-fs. homt-room pre-sidvnt, sovial vommittvo, intramural baslwtball. ball guardg Lincoln. Q Thelma Quait: rr-ry rlzvrrlv hlunrlf adwrtising manage-r ol"l'll1' Indian, hall guard. luonsv vonnsvlor. dt-sk vlvrk. svvrt-tary's vommitlt-0: l'lif'I0l'-V. ji 1 O 5, 6 3: Lax, The seniors lxavr- fun at du- 'Tools' lloywf' the first social event of tlm soason. 'I'ill'l'llVji'1llli' 1- 5 G C 1 eb' 5 1 N Q E - eww I Q'- vi 5.1 4 x .B ,ei A 'N ,Y ' 6 X 1 " ' 0- . , . E 1 S' l1tl111l111c1:: 1'lll ll111 11111 wl11111 tlw OI'k'l1GSf 11.1 plays 111111111111 11111si1' at tlw 'Tools' ll1111." 'l'111'r1.Vq1i1'1' C' , X x ill MN 1 X Q' Q . ., X 155 Q llorolhy Qunrkerz N11III1'V 111xp11s1'11'1111.' 11l'11llll. Q Kl'lllll'lll R1-ek: 111111 111' 11111 12f'S1 11r1'xs1'11 1111'111111'rs,' iIlll'1lIllllI'1li l1owli11g 111111 SWiIIllllillQ.f, motto 1vo111111ill1-111 l11111x11111111. Q Rowclvn R1-1-v1-sg 11111, 1111111 s1111l111fr11 111'11111'1111'11,' so1'i11l 1-o111111ill1'1-1 111111s1'1'1'1l. Q Mary I!l'll0llfQ 1'l111r1111'1111 111111 fl'lAl'I1l11-V 1111'sx,' l1o11111roo111 pn-si1l1'11t, ways 111111 111111111s 1'o111111ilt4'1'. l1o11s1' K'llllIlS1'i0I'Q l'1'1'111ry. Q Stanley R1-nouf: 11111111111 p11r11'1'111111'f1'111111',' lr1'11s11rer's 1:11111- 111illv1', l1o11111roo111 s1'rg1'1111t-111-arms: ll'1111s11'r'. Q FFIIIIPCS Rvo: Nl'l'l'lA!'P 1111111 II XlI111f',' l1o11s1- pr1'si1l1'11l, varsity lmsketbzlll, Girls' Glev Gl11l1. ll11li1111 Gl11l1, soviul 1'o111111ill1'4': INIIIIH. Q Marjorie Reskeg r1'1111.v 111 110111 in any Il'1lAV,' vim--pr1'si1l1-111 ol' Art G11il1l, url, lllflllilglll' l'11r 51-11i11rpl11y: 111-111111. Q George Rich:s1'l1S11111111111111111111-111111111r1'11,' H '1'11xl1'r. Q Mary Richz1r1lso11: 111'l'llk11II1l. S1IlIl'1f1lAlIjI l'.W"S,' 0I'Gill'Si,l'll. 11ll2ll'll'i1 111'1'o111p1111isl. 'l'l11' l111lia11 sI11ll'g 1'r1'x1'11111 A111011. Q Pris- 1-illn Ricks: 111111131 for fl 11111111 11llll'.' house 1'111111s11lor, 1'l1eerl1r111lcr, Ilmwr 1'o111111il11'1'. l1o1111'roo111 s4'1'r1'l11ry, 1'l11'111is1ry nssislnlilq Pris- Fl-1111 .f11111'11. Q Arlene liid1ler1nz111:fri1'11111111111 11 l'!'I1l1.V s111111',' Arl G11il1l, 111111111 1'o111111ill1'1'. l1o1111'roo111 Sl'I'Q'l'ZlIl1-Hi-Zlflllti, liouse vlerk, Girls' Glee Club, 111ix111l 1'l1or11s1 l'r1's1'1'1111 A111011. Q llurllul lg02lI'hQ 111111111r1111s 1111111111-V,' Chiefs. vim--pr1'si1l1-111, ol' Library st11ll', l1o1111'ro11111 pr1'si1l1'11l, hull g11z1r1l, srwial 1'o111111ilt1'0: l"1'c10ry. Q Mnyford Roberts: 11111.01 111111 .vel C1l!'!'l:1.111,' I,l'l'S!'1'11ll A1111r11. Q Gordon Rohcrlsong 111'1111'111111'r,' S1'l'gl'Hlli of l1.0.'l'.G.: lV1211.s'1cr. Q Kenneth Rolrinsong f11s1 1111 1111' 1'111111'rs.' varsity indoor and outdoor truck, pzra1l1111tio11 1-o111111itlee3 l,1'n1'11l11. Q Catherine Roddng 11111111 11111111 frie1111I-v 111"l'P,' Girls' Glee Club, mixed 1'l1or11s, liousv 1vo1111s1-lor, IIOIIIPTOOIII prvsi1l1'111, flower eo1n111iU1'eg Vizrlory. Q Iluvid Rollog 1111l'11.VS r1'1111.v 111 111111115 house 111111-111. i11t,r1111111ral lruskvllvzill, Swillllllillg 111111 howling: l1'1111s1'1'1'11. Q Edith Roxnatzz 111111'1. 1'1's1'r1'e11 111111 1ll1PIl1t"l1,' Chiefs. l1111111'roo111 secretary, salon group, 1111-l11-sim, all-city 11r1'l11'stra: lI1'111111. Q Lorraine Rosen- lrergg 11111111 111111 sererw: 1111110110 1-o111111itt1-1-3 lllillllfl. Q Belly Rossg 1111111131 Q1 sp1'1'1f: SWiII'llIllIlg 11-11111, llmlines, 111ix1-1l f'il0I'llS. Girls' Glee Gl11l1, llonw I'l1'ono111i1's Glulrg lJ1'111111. Q llonald Rosserg s11111II f111111111. 1111110 p1'rs1111111ily.' 111111s1'1'c11. Q George Rothg I-l110I'PS1f'11 111 111111111 llI11SI.!',' 111ix1-1l 1'l1or11s, IIOIIIPFUOIII pr1'si1l0111, Boys' Qllilflili, sluclvnl 1lir1'1'lor of Boys' Glee Club, 11111110 1'o111111ill1'11: I11111s1'11111I Q Evelyn Royg 11111-f11'Il1,' r1'sp1m- s1'11111'Iy p1'rs11111:1i1'11,' l1o1111'roo111 ss-1-r1-tary, i'l'2iilll'C' 1'1lil,or of The l111li1111, social 1-o111111iIl1'1'1 Ijlillllll. Q William Russ:-ll: 1111'1' 11p- lII'lIl'1Ilg f'1llIIl,' 11r1'l1eslr11. lmnll. mp 111111 gown l'f1IllIl1i1l4'l'. i11Ir1111111r11l 111m ling: l,l.llf'1J1lI, Q Mnthildu Snngling: 1l11l'fI.VS 1111111 11 lllflllllillfl SIIIl.1!',' class 1111-11111ri11l 1'o111111ill1'1': IJIIIIIIII. Q lullllilll' SIISSIIIUIIZ IIS prolly HS fl Pl-C11ll'!',' house Sl'I'I'l'i1ll'j'. l11111s1- l'11llllSl'llll", sm-iul 1'o111111ill1'1-, desk vlerk, l1o1111'roo111 s1'1'1'1-tary: l'1'1'111ry. Q Malrganrel SK'llil1l02 s11111vr, sI1'1111f11s1 111111 l1l'II1III'f',' lloxwr 1'o111111ill1'1-: 1Jl'IAK1'111lI .'l1111'11. Q Helly Selmfer: S1l11IHlf'S1I1llfl.' lmll ,L'fll1lI't1. p11l1li1-ily 1111111111111-111 ljlttlllfl. 3 sim if W 'iiL't:'5 a. X i Q , F V- x ' 5 5- . 4 C Qt Q" J g 1 5 'int Dn tlw ways and nwans vonnnitton are ty Cain, ludy Morrill, Violet Hawley, X 'mlirlr Domtlty Maymf, and -tlflflllt n Mll Mfuy llmuntt, snatvdg and Rudy Blur Vltnmmn Vlarlc, and William Black, stand lltfj. frl-v-x I-.I' lc, Q Marian S1'llil!'kIff'lf'7lllS'fI'l'f'IlIl.' Iliana. Q Re-gina Svlwm- mel: all look up Io lmr: x arsity baslu-tball. lnnm- r't-prw-sc-lnlzutixtv and svvrvtary. svrrvtary ol' llbis-fs, graduation 1'UIllllllllt'1'1 I,V'lSF1'll11 fllflrfn. Q Wilnm Schmallz: lorvllv girl in I'l'!'f'.V walv: bull guard: Diana. Q Elvira Sfllllllllll Fflliflllll' as H10 ll1l.V is lung: ll0Illl'l'Ut7lll sc-rrvtary. st-vrl-tary's l'0lllIlIlll4't'. hall guard: Diana. Q Wlilfrc-tl Svlnnidt: al lumu' willz a lfnuls ravlcvl: vlass nu-muritll vmnmittc-4'. band, tt-nnis tt-am. football tt-am: l,inr'oln. Q Laura Sl'hll0lC'l'QII1fIlfl!"Il ll'llll ayl1'rjfulalr.' publivily vununittt-1-, lumu-ruruu xir'v-prvsitlvllt: Diana. Q Earl Svlnwrman: auvwr :gf a urn' 1'-8: vlass mt-murial 4-zmunillvv. intramural btmling: and football. sm-rgvnnt nl' ll.ll.'l'.ll.1 llnvsl'1'f'll. Q Mvlhurn Svhulti-: uxllrr al Ihr l711Il'I'l'S,' intramural bowling.:. bas:-ball and fuutball. vluss mt-murial unn- mittr-0: lfoasmvfll. Q l,c-mm Schultz: rlrar lllllf'-P.Vl'fllI'1HV1S!'l.' Nrt Guild, flflllltltllltlll t'UlllIIlllli'02 Virlary. Q Robert Schultz: skyxrraprr ol' lf,U.'I',ff.1 lmusv l'UltIlSl'l0l'. ll.ll.'l'.ll. ritlt' tram: ll'r'bsI1'r. Q Thomas S1-ulu: rearlyfor an argzmmnlq varsit y indoor and nutdrmr truvk, intramurul travk: lfaasrfrvlf. Q Arthur Sc-1-ly: rnnzanllr young lrnor: Boys' lilm- Club. Boys' lil:-0 Club otlivt-rs, intramural bmsling, baskvtbnll and football, 'l'lu' lndian stall: Wf'hslm'. Q Walla-r Ss-gatti: xilrnl an4lsf'rf'r1e,' athlvtit' vcnninittexa-3 Ifrmsv- rrll, Q Shirley Sc-itz: happy anflpPl1'lf',' rrnu-vrt: Diana. Q Stunlvy Sharon: swinzlning f'nll111siasI.' xarsity SNNllllIlIlllgQ ll'1'lnsI1'r. Q Roy Sharpe: ready lu be a rlzmzisl: intramural ssxinuning and bowling, atblvtit- l'0Illllllll0l'1 Is'onsm'Pll. Q Arthur Shaw: siflrt-rv af purpose: ml-muriul 1-mnlnittvvq lfuu.w'1v'll. Q llowurd Slu-llvy: nal Ihr' lurk: Ihr plurk: lli-Y, houst- vuunsc-lor, ll.0.'l',ll.. intramural football: Wvlfslvr. I .losvph Shepard: lrur' r'omrarlr': llllivfs. lmust- 1-uunse-lnr, hall guard 1-aptnin, lrt-asurm-r's 1-mnntittt-vi lfooserell. Q Virginia Shi-plc-y: always alrrl: 'l'bv Arrmx stall. publivity vmnntittm-3 Diana. Q Muurivv Shvrlzvr: alwalvs flaring ax lu' xhuulrl: iulrumurnl baslu-tball, trt'asurvr's vrmunittvv: l,inroln. Q Mary Jann- Shing- lvr: llllllflllfl qvvs mul ff'4'I: lltmvr 4'tmuuitt4't'1 lliana. Q Mary SllllklIil2l'lII'07'-V Sllll-lf'.' atltlvtit'1'mnlnitt1'1': lirluriv. Q I.:-1-Smith: f1III1UllSlJ1lIlllS'll'f'.' intramural lumling, Zlllllt'llt'l'Hlttllllll1'1'1lil-IIf'UlII. Q lluhvrt Sllllllll ll'1ml11'nrIl1'x man: lllvlzslvr. Q lilainv Sh100lS2IIPl'lllllll'lIlll'.V.'t'UlUl't'llllllllllll't'I I,l'l-SFI-llll llflfn. Q .Kuh- rvy SPPIICPFZf0ll01l'f'I' Qf spnrlsi tarsity ll1iSt'lHlll. stwial m'wnnlniItt'm-, "li" lllub, lumwromn prvsidvnt. intramural baskm-Iball and swim- ming: Lincoln. Q llc-tty Spindlvr: quivl x1'1'lcr'r aflvr lcrmwlf'rlgr,' lrc-asllrvr ul' llbivfs, sl-niur pivturt- vdittn' ut' 'l'lu- Nrrmx, lmnu-rmml prvsiclvnt. ll't'ilSlll'4'l"S1'UlllIlllllt't'.lllllllItl1II'tl.St't'l't'l1tl'y ul' llifw lllubg lliana. 1. Q Virginia Slalnllruck: .llll.I't'll-l1t1ll'l'll miss: Bios lllulm, housc cdilor ol"l'hc Arrow. llUllll'I'l7Ulll sccrclary. dcsk clcrk, housc scrgcant- ul-arms, housc counsclor, rucluorial comluittcc: l'1Ar'lor-v. Q Mary Stawm-kv: oilnohlc brozcn-c-vccl llISSlAf',' housc counsclor. alhlciic conunillccg lll.l'l0l"V. Q G1-rald Stronp: PS-V1'llU!II1llllVSl,' nlculorial couuuillcc: Lincoln. Q Williaxn Stnyzcski: lruf' solzller lull: lfooxcrcll. Q Ronald Sws-ctlandg xlzurpslaooler: hall guard, ll.ll.'l'.ll. rillc lcxuu, housc counsclor. sl-rgcaut-at-arms l'0llllllllll'l'1 Lincoln. Q ,Im-ss Taylor: has looks lo spore: intramural lmasclmall, football, und luuslu llulll, lucluorial couuuillcc: lllf'lISll'l'. Q Ruth Taylorg llll-.Vfllllfll in hcr cycsf Chicls. Shorthand Scribcs, social couunittcc, hull guard: llluno. Q llvlvn Tlnonlasz large' in humor. small in sl:f',' lloluc lim-onoulics Club, Shorthand Scrilmcs, hall guard, gradu- ation couuuillccg I,l'l.Sl'1'lllI .-llrlcn. Q Lucyc Thomas: cull' and nvul: Diana. Q Rebecca 'l'homp- son: lnuullc Ql'rr1i.w'l11'fjf,' xnculorial conunittcc, hall guard, houu-room rcprcscnlalivc: llclory. Q Roln-rt Thompsong olzlwzys lrying: xarsily football, intramural SWlIllllllllQ.I and bowling, so-rgcanl-ab arms couuuillccg lt'oosc1'1'll. Q Joseph 'l'o1-pm-lg H0111 mullrlcc lrlolp color conuuillcc, senior play. ulcxnorial conunillccg Wcbxler. Q llowarll 'l'ollc-sg ol1.' so lull: ll'l'lISlPf'. Q Margaret Illiilllllll- son: rcurly loplo-v. rcurllv lo u'ork,' color l'UIllIllllll'4', horucrooul lraskcl- hall, hall guard, Prisclllrz Alden. Q lda Mao Trice-4 will: ll smile on hcr lips: llowcr conuuittcc: Ilfl-SFI-llll fllrlen. Q Marian 'l'rostg wlnsonlc lass: llllicls, husiucss ulanagcr ol' 'l'hc Arrow. holncrooln olliccrs, sccrclary's couuuillcc, hall guard, Illanu Q Julia Tyszkuz muirl of unsung l'l'l'lllf'S,' hall guard, alhlolic couuuitlccg l'1.t'llIl'.V. Q Andrew Vander Mole-ng silenl sober sir: l'icrians, hull guard, housc counsvlor: l,l4IIl'IIlIl. Q Marshall Vinson: l'lll'l'l:fl1llJlllSl1lV,' alhlctic conuuitlcc, intramural lraslu-tlrallg ll'c'l1slcr. Q Carolyn Wagasy: ll'l'l'llV lllllc' jillffrlnugf swiuuning lcaln, cap and gown conuniltcc: l'1'z'lory. Q ,Ivan Walkcr: air of SOIIlllSl1't'lll1.!lIl,' color and publicity com- lllllll't'N, scuior play. hall guard: PI'14Sl'l.lll1 fllden. Q ,Iohn W'al- strumg xulmslunliul l'1.ll-Zl'lI.' graduation conunittccg Lincoln. Q Mary Walton: plcaxing mul !'lllll'IIlll1!I.' color conuuittcc: Priscilla Alrlen. Q llcraldinc Watsong culc and 110111: varsity basketball, color couuuillcc, hall guard, door ,clcrk, swinuning assistant: Viclory. Q William Watson: always flolng ox l1c'slolfl.' intramural lraskcl- hall and ping pong. alhlclic t'UlllIllllll't'1 ll'f'l1slz'r. Q Allen W'ch- an-rg low-r of rnzlsic: luand, orchcslra. intramural haskclhall. color couuuitlcc: l,im'oln. Q Karl Wm-issc: lIlll'l1-VS read-v lo usslsl: hall guard. luanagcr ol' foollrall l1'lllll1 llooscrcll. Q llorls W1-stgartll: riruciollx 1lIllljllI.V.' color columillcc: l,f'l'S1'l-llll llflcn. S - Q Jam- Whitt-1 quwl und fj1fir'r'nl,' Iluwvr t'UIllIlllll0f', houst- mtirisvlurg l'irIur-v. Q ,lack White-g lull und husk-v,' lmuso sf-rrm-tary, xnrsily trac-la :md ta-nuis. inlrauulral l-rark, lmaslwtlmall, swimming and lnmling:l.im'ul1:. Q llarry Wilsong goodfcllnw fllIl0l1f14fPll01l'S,' luill guard, alllls-tiv wunluilh-4-, Claim-ls. all-vilry urulif-stra. mixvd 1-lmrus nrvlwslra. llius Clulr, a 1-apvlla vhoirg llrmsmvrll. Q Arthur Wisnvwski: lull dark nmn: valor 1'mnruitlvv1l,l'rwull1. Q Kathi:-on Wright: quwl 1Illllfl'lAf'l1lll.V.' llmwr 4-uuunittvt-: l lrlory. Q Walter Wright z will always lu' riyhl: intramural lmaslwt- luall, ping: pong and lravk: ll"'f'lml1'r. Q Frank Wyckhuyseg work- ing mlm: lumd. lmuu-romn sm-re-tary. athlvtit- l'0lllIIllll4'1'1 Wf'lzxlPr. Q Phyllis WYyvkulT: nm' In ll million: lriplv trio, llllXl'1l 1'llUl'IlS. llmwr 1-mulniIh'n': Prrsrillu .-lldwl. Q .-Klmimla x'1lllk1'2-ff'lPlll1S'-fl'1.!'llll.' dusk clark: Vlrlory. Q Car- nncn Yovnpvtta: unzlnilioux lad: hall gllttl'll1LlI1l'0Ill. Q laulinv lnhm-r: Wlllllllly smllr: luunvrurun nllivm-rs, Ire-asurt-r's ti0lllIttlll4'l'Z lirlur-v. Q 'l'ln-mlorv link: irzlffrzfslm' only in shop: lllerbslvr. 321' 7 A preliminary lo tho lniq day wlmn the seniors pul on lhcir tap and qown is llw day when the seniors are mwasurecl lor lhern. Here is lloward Elura, Ben Huclai, Iuanita Behlow, lune lolliw, Boatrivo Mv- Leod being rneasurerl, If-au Kulwrt is re rordinq tho rnelasurvnwrus. Evelyn Roy, losopluno Lowry Viulwl llawley, Bblly Cain, Frarivws llt-rn, and Margaret Barth?-l are uslvus at llw "Mwrry Vllives of Windsor," 'l'h I'l'l.V-Vllfllll I-'AREWELL The curtain has fallen, the play is finishedl Yet before we leave, let us live anew- Re-echo those joys of past experience, And see again the dawn of old awakenings. The curtain has fallen, we must now depart: We have learned much from those about us. Rich in memory, fresh with knowledge, And strong with youth, we anticipate the coming trials. Those who wooed Minerva in the years gone by, And found the source of wisdom in her breast, Go forth in shining armor-all gifts of her benevolence: Upon golden steeds they ride forth to meet the call of fortune. Those whose foresight failed, perhaps with Loki having strayed, Must struggle on without the weapons for the fray. Yet all form the parade of life that marches ever on. The curtain has fallen, the play is finished! -Paul Lux. Th irly-n inc HCDUSES l"urI.v-om' Left to right: Marguerite Zahloute, treasurerg lessie Mitchell, vice-president: Frances Reo, president, lanuary-lunep Evelyn Grode, president, September-lanuaryg Shirley lolinsonp lacqueline Koxk, seuretary. HOUSE OF DIANA Dedicated in 1919 by its present principal, Miss lrene Duffy, the house chose the name of Diana because Diana, the huntress, was the patroness of young girls. Thence- forth, 208 was known as the House of Diana. At the time of organization, the girls took a pledge to their house and their school, which has continued to be a custom each semester. They also adopted the motto, "Fidelis, Potestas, Studium Gratiaf' meaning trust power, scholarship and generosity. After choosing name and motto, Wisteria and ionquil were decided upon as house colors. This motto and these colors have been kept since their inception, when the house was known as 200. Many plagues, denoting superiority in scholarship have been awarded to the House ot Diana, both for one and two year periods. This year the House of Diana can well be proud ot her many leaders in school activities. Margaret Barthel, an accomplished pianist, besides being soloist in sev- eral school concerts and accompanist for the Boys' Glee Club has played with the Detroit Symphony Or- chestra on several occasions. Eileen Fenby and Mary lane Day, also interested in music, were members ot the triple trio, which has added so much to the concert programs this year. loan Parkinson, next semester's l2A vice-president, is also an accomplished singer. Captain of the girls' basketball team was Olga Cox, a little girl, but an excellent player. Betty Goggin, only a lOB, already has made her mark as a swimmer. Two of the lune senior cfficers who were also Chiefs came from Diana, Iudy Morrill, vice-president, and Betty Cain, secretary. Patricia Moore has shown unusual acting ability MISS DUFFY and has assisted in directing several plays. She re- l"orI,v-Iwo ceived honorable mention in the poetry contest sponsored by the Detroit Women Writers' Club. Scholarship was not neglected, for a large number were on the honor roll. Aileen Wilson was the consistent all-A student. Marion Trost, as business manager of The Arrow, held the second posi- tion on the yearbook, while Betty Spindler was senior picture editor and Molly Cameron art and activities editor. Evelyn Boy, feature editor of the Indian, received "Northwest Passage" by Kenneth Roberts for contributing most to the success of the Indian among the Iune graduates. Evelyn also won second prize in the Women Writers' Club of Detroit for her essay "The Years Boll Back." Nineteen girls were Chiefs this year, the highest number in any one house. The following received Chief pins: Mary Gust, Angeline Vitale, Florence Erenstein, Mar- garet Barthel, Shirley Waller, Betty Scharfenberg, loan Parkinson, Marjorie Surridge, Iulia Morrill, Evelyn Cherubini, Bette Burgett, Marian Trost, Edith Bornatz, Gertrude Cormnes, Ruth Taylor, Lillian Angove, Betty Cain, Betty Spindler, and lean Holtz. Diana's calendar this last year included: first, one house party, to which the Webster boys were invited, assemblies in the auditorium, and house singing on each Friday. Many of the individual homerooms have their own daily activities and sched- ules. Others have a picnic or outing each summer. ill lloineroorn 312 is very studious at present. f2l Representatives of 208. f3l llorneroom 219 poses for ti picture. 145 The senior "big wigs" from 206. C53 The "gals" from homeroom 204. CGD The girls represent- ing 2011 are E. Suhniidt, M. Shingler, V, Sheploy, and L. Rosenberg. 175 Hard working officers from 316 tin- N. ffirlilior, N. l'5islvr, F, Ernstiin, B. Garrett, B, Ghollce, and I. Brooks. C83 The memorial boulder sefms to interest F. Peterson, M. Mcliayf, I. Winkler, M. Begona, B. Scrofans, and O. Pasca of homeroom 310. till Iantlary seniors from QU-l fixing a Christmas basket for a needy family. fl0l Homeroorn 218 has a picnic. tl ll Miss Kayds group of llA's at a picnic. Q1 m - Lett to right: Ernest Piros, sergeant-atarms, lanuary-lune, Howard Shelly, lanuary-Iunep Robert Schultz, Ianuary-luneg Edward Denny, vice-president, lanuary-luneg Harvey Moss, secretary and treasurer, lanuary-Iuney larnes Cheatham, president, lanuary-luney Harry Kyle, president, Sep teniber-lanuaryg loseph Paqoto, vice-president, September-lanuary, Donald Brown, secretary and treasurer, Seritornbor-Ianuary7 Rivhard Kaueqfvr, sergeant-at-arrris, September-lanuary. HOUSE OF WEBSTER The House of Webster was dedicated in 1919 by Mr. L. B. Mann, principal of Eastern High School. At that time Mr. George Waterbury was the house prin- cipal, having formerly been the grade principal. Because it was the custom to name the boys' houses in honor of famous men, 240 took the name of Daniel Webster. The number 240 was later changed to 2ll. Webster's motto, "Superior to adversity, equal to prosperity," was adopted at the time of the dedication, and it has remained the house motto. The colors of this house, blue and tan, were also adopted at the time of the dedication. Webster boys captured their share of honors in the A school extra-curricular activities. Sherman Clark and Ashley Glenn both held lune senior offices, those of treasurer and sergeant-at-arms, respectively. Sherman also won a tuition scholarship to Michigan State Cole lege, where he will study forestry. Daniel Ginsberg, although only a IZB, was editor of the lndian. He was also a Chief. Gther members on the staff were Edward Denny and Robert Annis. For number of activities Henry Kranich probably headed the list. He was president of the Chiefs, foot- oall captain, sports editor cf the Arrow, head cf the hall guards, and member of the lune senior play cast. loseph Toepel had the male lead in the Iune senior play. Perhaps the most "colorful" Websterite was Arthur MR. WATERBURY Seely, veteran member of the Boys' Quartet. He took the part of Cleopatra in the comic opera produced by I'l0l'l-Vjfillll' the Boys' Glee Club. For several semesters he contributed to the Indian. Edward Roberts as Dopey in the skit "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Captured the hearts of all. The talented musicians, Sam Maltese, and Roland Pellagrio, often enter- tained at record. The boys who received letters in sports this last year were: Jack Gardner, Iames Roberts, Robert Shearer, Howard Boos, and Stanley Sharon in swimming, lack White, Donald Klinetop, Donald Bower, Henry Kranich tcaptainl, lack Lowther, Altio Benvenuti, Robert Chalmers, George Pickrahn, Donald Martin, Thomas Bolus and Robert Shay in tootball, Reginald Macdonald tcaptainl, Harry Kyle and Earl Davis in basketball, Charles Froelich and lack Morgan for i938 baseball, and for l939 baseball, William Eldredge, Marshall Vinson, Earl Davis and Charles Froelich. Members ct Webster who were Chiefs this last year were: Bob Patton, Sherman Clark, Daniel Ginsburg, Henry Kranich, Iames Cheatham, and Hugh Henderson. fll Studious honioroarn 205. t2l What will T. D'Angelo, B. Ferro, W. Higgins, and C. Buttonniiller of hoinoronni 203 he doing next! t3J A snap of homeroom 207 during record. C43 Ianuary graduating glass tr ni liOIHPfOCl'i1 Zll. tfil Notives being posted by P. Croronzi, I. Garner, and F, Yamarino who are oftibers ct hoinorooni l00. KG? I. Ball and S. Renouf talking over matters Concerning homeroom 2ll. 175 Staff of the ll use ot Webster. ISD Honioroom 209 using record profitably, C93 G. Pivkrahn, R. Oatman, H. Marshall, who othvors ot Ettmerooni 106 watvhing what's going by. -H I' I -.Z W- ISL Left to right, in the first row: Dorothy Smith, representative, lanuary-lune: Bernice Danielson, representative, lanuary-Iuneg Gwendolyn Clayton, representative, Ianuaryeluney in the second row: Esther Semrau, representative, lanuary-June: Gretchern Garmroth, representative, lanuary- Iuneg Shirley Anderson, representative, lanuary-lune, leanette Balzar, representative, Ianuary-Iuneg and in the last row: Lois Iensen, representative, Ianuary-Iuneg Helen Barth, representative, Sep- tember-Ianuaryg Anna Stango, Treasurer, Ianuary-Iuneg Nancy Coffey, representative, Ianuary-Iunep Virginia Royle, representative, Ianuary-luneg Regina Schemmel, secretary, September-Ianuaryp lean Baker, president, September-lanuaryp Dorothy DeSha, viceepresident, Ianuary-Iuneg and Eileen Czyschke, president, Ianuary-Iune. HOUSE OF PRISCILLA ALDEN The House of Priscilla Alden was dedicated in l9l9 at a specially arranged program. Miss Mabel L. Wood was then house counselor. Miss E. Mae Brown who is the present counselor took charge in September l92l. The name Pris- cilla Alden was chosen at the dedication ceremonies. This newly acquired title, besides signifying the strength and character ot the Puritan maid, served as a good model for the girls. Priscilla Alden girls take an oath under the motto, "Sincerity, loyalty, and integrity." The house colors are old rose and silver. The song the girls sing, which is dedicated to the house is "Two thirty-tive, Two thirty-tive." To seniors each semester, the House of Priscilla Alden gives corsages, as a gesture of acknowledgment for their work while here. In the past the Priscilla Alden girls have sent about four hundred filled stockings yearly to Pine Mountain School in Kentucky, where Miss Browne spent one sume mer. Over a thousand dollars worth of articles have been sent by this house. Together with the House oi Roosevelt, a house party is given each semester. Pictures of all Priscilla Alden's presidents are hung around the wall, making this a very interesting study hall. MISS BROWNE flf X SIJ' K' . Extra-curricular activities have in- X terested a large number of the girls and I l some have achieved unusual success. Maragret Ciotti, a lOB, was the student Tl manager of the D. A. V. Poppy cam- X Baker was in charge of the house sale. 'M-'am Arlene Ridderman, Mary Walton, Predicka Smith, Hazel Prince, Lois Greve, and Shirley Gies have done ex- ceptional work in pottery and have con- tributed to exhibitions at the Art ln- stitute and other places. The house baby, lanet Sweedyle, was born October l2, l925, and the lime class babies, Helen Thomas and Martha Erwin, were born Iune 29, l922. Iune Davis, the only girl in school enrolled in shop work, did better work than most of the boys. Mary Richardson was the accompanist for the Boys' Quartet, and gossip columnist for the lndian. Esther Surink was the soprano soloist at the Spring Concert, while Phyllis Wyckoff, Dorothy DeSha, and Helen Barth were members cf the triple trio. Lyle Spelbring was the most responsible person on the sports staff of the lndian. Edna Kraft was literary editor of the paper. The two most important feminine leads in the Iune senior play were por- trayed by Dorothy Mayer and Dorothy DeSha. Charlotte Boyd was also in the cast. The two former girls also had parts in the melodrama, "Fireman, Save My Child." Dorothy Mayer was Snow White in the Arrow skit campaign, which was written by her. She was also editor of the Arrow, and vicefpresident of the Chiefs. , ' X jx, Z fn 5' A 5 TTT' V ,X T . gy Tl paigri for the school, while Patricia N W f ,. .. .L .......,,,,,M, 1-N Y I.l,, - CU llnrrrernorrr S19 taking a record period for dancing, 125 Members of homeroom 235 singing at rcr ri t3l Irene Kaslce entertaining her homeroom, 217. fill Roosevelt and Priscilla Aldon have a jolly party S Candella, H, Fluharty, M. Pissett, F. Santa, S. Maxwell, and C. Zannoth from H6 picking lilacs Homaroum 122 enioys dancing during record. C73 Curfent event day in homeroom 225, f8l lanuary seniors lrtvmq the snow to have their pictures taken. C91 Tuning up in homeroom lZ6. HOD Homeroom llU has a lr if ssur Quiz program. Left to right: Flwin Slack, secretary, Scptember-lanuary, lames McCasey, treasurer, September- Ianuary, Fritz Beer, sergeant-at-arms, September-lanuaryg treasurer, lanuary-lune, Donald Griffith, vice-president, Septemberalanuaryp lohn Bandu, president, September-lanuaryg Fred Piclcraham, president, lanuary-luneg lohn lackson, recording secretary, September-lanuary, secretary, lanuarya luno, Alvin Frader, recording secretary, lanuaryflune, Robert lvlelkush, sergeant-at-arms, lanuary- lune, David Francis, vice-president, lanuary-lune. At the dedication exercises of the House of Roosevelt in 1920, Mr. L. B. Mann, former principal of Eastern, spoke. The name of this house was selected in honor cf Theodore Roosevelt. At the same time "Nothing Succeeds Like Success," was selected as house motto and orange and black as house colors. The room was originally numbered 2305 therefore, the song the boys sing is "Old 23O." House of Roosevelt boys were especially interested in bowling, swimming, golf, tennis, and track. "Fry's Fish" were the tenth grade basketball champions. 'i he House cf Roosevelt was champion in looth Fall and Spring swimming. Several school celebrities were members of this house. William Lehmann was captain of the swimming team, a Chief, and president of the lanuary sen- ifrs. Erwin Graham was graduated with high distinction and was president of the Chiefs. lack Long was the concert master of the cello section in the All-City Orchestra' Another leader in school affairs was Paul Lux, presf ident of the Pierians, who won first prize in the poetry contest sponsored by the Detroit Women Writers' Club. He was also a hall guard captain and all "A" student. Ben Budai, Vice-president of the Pierians, won first prize in the essay contest, and second prize in the poetry contest sponsored by the Detroit Women Writf ers' Club. He was also president of the Chemistry Club and on the production staff of the senior play. ln the Detroit High School Poetry contest he received honor' able mention. This house was well represented on the Indian staff. Oscar Gikier was business manager, Robert Gair, assistant advertising manager, and Donald Francis, car- toonist. V MRT FRYE Three members cf the house were in the lune I nrlx ruflll senior play cast: George Peterson, Earl Price, and Ralph Huser. Three dwarfs in the Arrow campaign skit "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" were from Roosevelt: Kenneth Martin, Don Sutten, and Dan Davis. The fact that three of the Boys' Quartet hailed from this house showed the success the boys had in music. The boys were Rudy Bjork, Water Preschke, and George Roth. Don Malchan, only a tenth grader, was baseball manager. Boys who received letters for athletics activities were: Leo Hayden, Fred Pickrahn, Iames McCasey and Robert Thompson, in footballp William Lehmann fcaptainl, William Maghilse, Howard Pillsbury, Sven Kansman, Clayton Ovef son, and Iohn Voss in swimming: Anthony Slaughter, Richard Corona, and William Mitford, in track: Robert Melkush and Donald McDonald in basketball: Donald Browne, Bob Arthur, and Walter Miller fstudent managerI, in golf: and Walter Pieschke in tennis. Seven members of this house were Chiefs this last year: Paul Lux, Iames McCasey, Robert Gilmore, Harry Wilson, Ioseph Shepard, David Francis and Kenneth Klee. tll House nf Roosevelt at an assembley in the aiditorium. IPI I. Leone, W. Psahos, F. Pirthe, W. Wil- liamson and I. Palmeri who are officers of homeroom l23. C33 S. Cucrlcer, C. Bieke, K. Reclc, D. Rollo, T. Thompson, B. Schroeder are Roosovelfs IZA bowling champs. f4I Relaxing during record are M. Mer- rill, D. McDonald, K, Taylor, N. Carcly, N. Trentacost, and I. Miller of homeroom 450. CSI Miss Dicker's incomparable Dewdrops from homeroom 220. f6I Hcmcroom l24 has officers D. Francis, F. Pickrahn, R. Corona, and M. Kaiscr. f7I A. Frader, I. lsca, W, Anderson, and R. Hosier are helpful officers of homeroom 224. KSI Representing liOl'tliI'OCIU 220 are B. Chamberlain, I. Iackson, H. Gaunt, H. Hill, B. Hanna, and I. Cooper. fill Introducing the House l2A baseball team. flOI K. Klee, D. Francis, I. Shephard, A. Zbikowski, C1. Zbikowski, and A. Vortrizast represent 222's Chiefs. flll Featuring the IOB baseball team. fl2l Officers G. Robinson, R. Pitt, IN. Lawton, K. Schweitzer, and W. Lademacher of 226. - ' '1"" an lfrfly Left to right, standing: Virginia Stahlbuck, sergeant-at-arms, lanuary-luncg Pauline Sassmari, sec- retary, lanuary-luney Lucille Kirby, president, lanuary-lune, Florence Valade, treaslirer, September- lanuaryg Gertrude Williams, vice-president, September-lanuary, Katherine lohnson, sergeant-at-armsgt Marjorie Beets, vice-president, lanuary-lune. Seated: Dorothy Maurer, vo-sergeant-at-arms, lanuary- Iunep Florence Vanl-laaren, secretary, September-lanuaryp Marie Wesler, president, September- Ianuaryg Jeanne Fishback, treasurer, lanuary-Iune. 1 HOUSE OF VICTORY On November l9, l92U under the guidance of Miss Katherine Gartner, counselor at that time, the dedication of the House of Victory took place. The name, Victory, signified that the girls could and would be victorious over their struggles as were the boys who had so recently sacrificed their lives for their country. To carry out this idea, "With privileges come responsibilities" was selected as a motto. Crimson and gold were chosen as house colors. Upon the retirement of Miss Gartner, Miss Ada K. Dietz took over the duties of house counselor, in the fall of 1933. Each year a program is held in the auditorium in celebration of the anni- versary of the house dedication. On each Armistice Day, a wreath, in honor of the Eastern boys who fought in the World War is placed on the boulder in front of the school. A house party is given annually with the House of Lincoln. At these parties there are dancing, entertainment and favors. Victory girls participated in many extra-curricular affairs this past year. ln the Language Festival last December, Dorothy Volkenant, Marion Gioe, Agatha Ciarmetaro and Conchita Porter took important parts. Florence Van l-Iarren won the prize for girls in the lanuary seniors dress-up contest. She wore a dress inade from the labels off tin cans. She with Marie Wess- ler helped to make the lanuary play a success. The house led all others in the sale of Christmas seals and won the five dollar prize in The Arrow sales campaign. The intramural swim champoinship was also brought to Victory by outstanding mermaids such as Marjorie Robinson and Shirley Wesserling, while lda Dauw was a member cf the varsity swimming team. Mary Renouf won one of the prizes in The Arrow Camera contest. One hundred-word awards in short- MISS DIFTZ hand were earned by Betty Bloomfield, Gloria Contaline, and Catherine Taylor. Marjorie Beets, who was corresponding secretary for the Art Guild, helped production staffs of several senior plays. Edna Byskamp, also an art enthusiast, was president of the Art Guild this last year. ln music, Dorothy Volkenant and Ruth Ernst were stars, both having been members of the triple trio. Among the athletes were Lucille Kirby, member of the tennis team, Grace Yanantuono, Geraldine Watson, and Helen and Zora Perica on the basketball team. ln the Iune senior play cast were Ieanne Fishback and Ann Elias, who was also president cf the library staff. Among the All-A's for the second semester were Sally Di Gaetano, Wilma Kotesky, Effie Lilburn, Anne Louise Markus, Shirley Ohst, Zora Perica, and Hildegard Werner. Fourteen of the 435 girls were Chiefs this last year: Doris Graham, Marjorie Beets, Frances Niarchcs, Adeline Hirsch, Miriam Wenzel, Erma Garner, Shirley Ohst, Ruth Lipinski, Myrtle Hanser, Brynthie Batts, Hildegard Werner, Ann Elias, Jeanne Fischback, and Hurtha Roach. C17 'These qiils from 311 -entertain their home room. KZ? V. Urban, I. Vtfood, and M. Havelock are the girls representing homeroom 103. C31 Victory's Ianuary seniors at work. 149 Homeroom 315 takes an early intorfst in lune 23. 157 M. Faulnian, A. L'Manian, M. Buprecht, E. Roberts, B. Cyrenius, and P. Currie planninq a weeks work at record for 304, IBD Interested in "Our Nation's Development" are B. Yerge, R. Lipinski, B. Williamz, 1. Vanlfxfallfghcm, F. Niarchos from 309. C73 Introducing S. Kohler, E. Lilburn, F. Gro- liinund, K. Marino, and G. Metzer from 306. t8D Officers S. DiGaetano, D, Dietz, M, Dempler, I. Cappozzoli, and V, Colani from homeroom 314 take a little time cut. 191 L. Woerful, B. Ostwald, S. Chandonnett, E. Fos- tm and M. Crociata represent homeroom 308. C101 O:tober 1938, homerooms 313 and 314 have a Weiner roast. .Ii -"Q Left to right, standing: Steward Walker, president, September-Ianuaryg Robert Brown, president, Ianuary-Iune, Mr. Smith: Otto Pioch, vice-president, lanuary-lunep Frank Kowoski, sergptant-at arms, September-Ianuaryg Iohn Purvis, treasurer, lanuary-lunep Edward Kaiser, sergeant-at-arms, Ianuary-Iune. Sc-ated: William Coffey, secretary, September-Ianuaryg lack White, secretary, lan uary-June. A HOUSE OF LINCOLN Abraham Lincoln was chosen for the name of 307, formerly numbered 3lO. ln 1919, when Mr. Frank Sooy was principal of the house, the dedication took place. On the retirement of Mr. Sooy, Mr. Edgar Smith became house principal, This house is well represented in all school athletics by twenty-six letter, men. Those who received their "Bs" in baseball were: Bill Williams and Au brey Spencerg in track, Iohn Ancinec, Homer Baumann, Herbert Carrier, King Chamberlain tcaptain cf the outdoor track teaml, and Kenneth Robinson: in basketball, lack Biondo, George Chicovsky, Vern Freiburger, William Grant, Yale Knecht, loseph Scaglione, and Earl Schneider, in swimming, William Black, Frank Kowalski, Thomas McGrain, Robert Shearer, and Thomas Wall: in tennis, Robert Brown tcaptainl, Robert Mischnick. Phillip De May, Wilford Schmidt, and lack White in football, Alfred Davis and Otto Pioch. Eight Lin colnites were Chiefs: Warren Brey, William I-libbard, Richard Morrill, Yale Knecht, Robert White, Stephen Mihalich, Robert Brown and Robert Patton. This last year Lincoln often had meetings in the auditorium, for both business and social reasons. Occasionally the Lincoln boys had song fests with the House of Victory girls. These two houses also had a party together. MR. SMITH fls fun The house numbered among its celebrities, Stephen Mihalich, president of the Iune class, who was also a Chief, hall guard, and circulation manager ot The Arrow, and a member of the lune senior play cast. This hcuse also captured the presidency of l940 Ianuary class. Earl Schneider was elected to this office. He was also a member of the varsity basketball and tennis teams. ln The Arrow presentation of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" the house of Lincoln furnished three of the dwarfs, Roger Smith, William Carter and lack Raymond. Among the Chiefs in the house were Dick Morrill, Warren Brey, Robert Brown, Yale Knecht, lohn Purvis, and William Hibbard, who was also an all "A" student and house counselor as well. William Black wcn hcnorable mention in The Detroit Women Writers' Club contest with his essay entitled "Disquisition on Pie 'a la Mode'." Savedy Bono served as vice-president of the ltalian Club, and Dick Mor' rill, an llA, assisted on the Arrow staff. ill llorriornorii l0l six-man football team champs. f2l Officers E. Schne.der, E. McGill, W. llaarz, D King and L. George hold a meeting for homeroom 303. f3J Posing for this picture are officers K. Brown, F. Kosviolek, V, Pantano, F. Patterson, and W. Gordier of 460. 143 Ianuary l2A's from homeroom 305. 157 Of' fivers of honirrooin 305 find something of interest. CSD A. Arce, G. Carr, I. Biondo, L. Bergamo, and R. Charon are officers of h'rn'ro ni 313. WJ lntrogiuciig R. Smith, I, O'Brian, L. Smith, A. Vandermolem, and G. Stronp, IZA and l0B rcprcsentatives cf 307. f8J Homerocm ll5 caught off guard during record. C97 S. Mazza, C. Meriz, D, Palmer, C. Pervis, and G. Haranrus are officers of l05. ' T ACTIVITIES if E Q w ' L A ARROW STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ..,, ,, , D oro hy Mayeg Senior Picture Editor, ,L ,, ,, ,Betty Soindler Art Editor ,,,. ,-,,,,,, ..,. Molly Cameron House Editor -- ,,.,, Virginia Stahlbuclf. Activities Editorui ,,7, Molly Cameron Sports Editor--, ,,,Henry Kranich Faculty Editcr .A,, .Y,,, E velyn Barry BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..,...u,,.,.,. Marion Trost Circulation Manager I....u,,. Stephen Mihalich Dorotliy Mayer ASSISTANTS Valeria Tandy, Katheryn Taylor, Leona Strauser, Ruth I-lummell, Betty Bloomfield, Alyce Fields, Evon George, Edna Byscamp, Tom Shafer, Richard Morrill, Rose Gar- golino, Bay Dixon, Mildred Pouchie, Lucille Kirby, Brynthie Batts, losephine Harold, Margie Black, Harold Young, Audry Gaines, Marjorie May. Art Adviser ,...,,,a, - ...,, ,,,-,,,a,.... , ,a..,,a.-,... u,I....,..... F r ieda Kasting Photographer ,M .,u,,.,.,,... -,-,-Frederic Beddow Editorial and Business Adviser .,aa,.,.v,,A ,,,.,,a.,,..,u, , , ,Harriet L. Blum THE ENTIRE STAFF IN HIGH GEAR ,3nv"' 'R "Snow Wliitc and the Seven Dwarfs" was the inajor highlight ot the Arrow sales canipaiqn. lnstead at the original kiss of Prince Charin- inq, the Arrow brought Snow White back to life. The dwarfs were Wil- liani Carter as Docg Ken Martain as HapDYi Don Sutten as Bashtuly Ed ward Roberts as Dopeyf lack Ray- niond as Sneezyg Dan Davis as Gruni' DY: and lohn lones as SleeDY: Prince Channing was portrayed by Harold Young, the witch by Stephen Miha- lich, and Snow White by Dorothy Mayer. Snow Wliitti tells ot her Prime. The Arrow brings Snnw Wliitt to life. Sports twtitoi .ind statt working on svvtion dunnny, The businvss nianaqer, Marian 'l'iost, qets an ati trnin ti pittpirivtni, Avtivitzvs Statt working on club piutures. Senior Pivtuie Staff working on lanuary senior ptnit-ls. llonsw lftlitnr with assistants aiianqinq house pivtnres. Arrow iwic'ture-cutter helping niernbeis Cf tht' stall with fixtnt swvtion of the lmok, lfljly- 2, f Q f 9 w. Q , y J x Q. -143.6 I ,,, P .gy v A 1 ' c 5 A 9 9 ' ' X 7' 90 15" ye N as .-Xroiirrrl tlw rouritvrat the annual sale. ART GUILD SPONSORS SALE At the first rrrootiriq last fall of the Art Guild the new officers presided: Evelyn Kuivinian, as prosiderrtg Robert Winters, vice-presidenty Mil- dred lolrrrson, recording secrtaryg Daniel Gins- lnurmr, corresponding secretary: and George WrllltHIlS, treasurer. During the meetings several depar- tures from the regular procedure were rriade. At one, a rrrovie entitled "From Flay to Bronze," was shown. ln March, Marilyn Srriith talked on 'llookwoodf' and later' another rriovie "Etchers Art" was given. The group later attended tluikl .i' work rr 'SW' the Flower Show with Miss Kastirrpr as chaperone. At the annual Christmas sale, pottery, bafilcs, and Christrnas cards, rriade by the students with the assistance of Miss Frieda Kasting, Mr. Arrnsfrong and Mr. Gruebner were sold. The sale brought in enough rnoney to finance the purf chase of a tea set. Officers for the spring were: Edna Ryskarnp, presidentg Marjorie Reske, Vice-president: Elsbeth Goettell, record' ing secretary: Marjorie Beets, corres- ponding secretary: and Marjorie Black, treasurer. 'llrv tea swf fini s out uf ttiv kiln. Q51 5 artrrlcs for Vliristrrras sale. tfxzqgw X 59155 ' has G N-. MUSIC DEPARTMENT PRESENTS CONCERT Providing tho toundation for music education in Eastern High School are beginning vocal and instrumental classes which eventually develop into the qlee clubs, mixed chorusoiz, hoys' quartet, the qirls' triple trio, orchestra and hand. The work culminates in a conceit oiven toward the close of eacli seniester in which all qroups participate. The pictures on tlivzat patio:-: worm taken during the Fall Concert. , .W M g GIRLS' SEXTET HAS BUSY SEASON The Girls' Sextet which participated in the Fall Concert was enlarged to nino itioinlitfir tor the Spring Concert. Below they are shown as they appeared during the Pall Concert. Lott to right: Ruth Ernst, Virginia Butler, Dorothy DeSha, Shirley Dow, Phyllis VVyvl4oll ...td laqtioliiio Spitzer. H -, MM h W x , A, . -N X X 3 . A X -.. .L ,... - -. . A ' -Q L L - ' ' "H-W-0'-H'-H 5 . Q 3, fe ff '??! .., . XT ' A N9 J. N W M ,, ,, K ' 5 X . K Q X J X Q4 are m gf '7 A Q 5 ' yu ,.'.' , 1 Riff, 3 K X x x 6' 'I X H n Xin' 4 ' ,,.,. -: N f 'K 5 y ' aff' f X I -f ' Nb -...... gil. 7 . ':-..: ' A -..... , Q -. g 5 if V-.: , 3 , 5155? Af -5. ff ,M -wg 0 -g-up uni 11. --11 -' lid .I --' v GLEE CLUB PRESENTS COMIC OPERETTA Dressing the old Anthony and Cleopatra story in modern college fashion, the Boys' Clee Club, directed by Mr. Donald Foltz, presented, during the Boys' Concert, a comedy which kept the audience roaring trom beginning to ond. All the parts were acted by boys. Arthur Seely had the title role ot Cleo' patra, Ioseph Wierzbecki that of Williarnp Williarri Lunily, Anthony, Wtaltoi llieschke, Ponipeyg and Fred Pichrahn, Caesar. The Glee Club also appeared on several other programs. They entertained at the North-Central Music Educators Conference, at the Progressive Education Cwonvention, at the Detroit Engineering Society meeting, and participated in the "March ot Youth", a radio program broadcast over Station WWI, the Detroit News, BOYS' QUARTET Picswlilco, t-aiitttnv: Mtuiy arcisoii, at Vttlllftdlllfii. lmtt tn llmrit: llutly limits, t Arthur Efrvlv, tvnrfr: liwrttit Rott' s.et'witl tvn i- fttilt . N'1.rl,x li ily Aim, l'ii'c! Left to Riqht: Russell Broderick, loseph Ruggero, Louis Foley, lohn Huff, lohn De Caesar, William Wentzel, and loseph lioldia. R. O. T. C. With several honors to their credit, the star performers of the R. O. T. C. were the members of the Rifle Team. After winning the City match sponsored by the Detroit Times with a score of 954 out of a possible lU0O they proceeded to place second in the William Randolph Hearst National Corps area match, in which high school teams from three states participated. The Hearst Trophy, a bronze plaque has been on display in Mr. Powels' office. Although the rifle team met with outstanding success, other members of the corps also ren- dered a number of services to the school. Among their activities were ushering at the senior plays and the concerts and assisting in the sale of poppies for the Disabled American Veterans on May 26. At attention! Sf.l'IlV'HlFl'l TRAINING FOR DEMOCRACY AIM OF SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Social Studies include all subjects dealing with society such as history, geography, prob- lems, civics and economics. Eastern offers social geography in the tenth, American history in the eleventh, and civics and economics in the twelfth grade. Geography is required only ft students in the general course and history of both general and college preparatory students. ln the twelfth grade the general course students study American problems, a combination ot civics, sociology and economics. The emphasis here is placed on training for citizenship and in building an understanding and an appreciation of any problems, social, political or eco nomic which may arise. An attempt is made to broaden the students' understanding of these problems so that he may begin to see the fundamental factors underlying them and be bet- ter prepared to deal with the situations he will meet from day to day. In the college preparatory civics an attempt is made to teach the forms and functions ol government as well as to acquaint him with its problems. Eonomics for the seniors in the last semester aims to give a working knowledge of important economic principles and processes: to develop the students' power of observation and reasoning, thus hoping to challenge him to criticize, analyze, and interpret all situations in the light of basic economic principles. The Social Science Department under Miss leannette Tennant, also supervises voting which is done in school the day of each important public election. It is designed to give "training for citizenship" a practical application. Louise Wisniewslci, AlfIXniIlfl"'I Popvitwlx Concfhita Porter, Anthony Agrasta, Vir ginia Butler, loe Pagota, and Dora df Monde are shown at the voting lwootlif dvring tho election of Novcmlwr N339 Mr. Willard Moores gaoqrapliy class i part of United States. interested in a man of the soutlinast:-in Siflx four If' htvlitl 1 1111t1'y stutivnts t'l'0a'Olltit9 the lllllSlltllS tum- will ltlmtllt' 111 Mi SS 1 Q-w111't1'1v tiguivs lhtllltl llOll1':tS class. CONTRIBUTIONS OF MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE INDISPENSIBLE TO PROGRESS Owing to the increasing importance of science in the world today, a brief knowledge of this subject is becoming a necessity for persons in all walks of life. The Department of Science and Mathematics offers to its students, courses in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, subjects which open the eyes of the students to the indispens- able part which science plays in the progress of the world. To illustrate the part which science plays in our lives, let us observe the typical Eastern student from the time he arises in the morning until he reaches his classroom at 8:30. He is awakened sharply at 7 by an alarm clock, a comparatively simple mechanism made possible through mathematics. Dress- ing in clothes made possible through a tailor's knowledege of geometry and understanding of chemistry, he proceeds to a breakfast made possible through the use of gas and electricity. After leaving home he is arithmetically able to produce the correct fare upon boarding a bus. ven the pavements on which he is transported to his school were impossibilities not many years ago. Although upon investigation we find nearly everything we do is apparently connected with math- tuiiatics, this science like others is yet in its youth. A great field of possibilities lies open to those students who continue their studies in one of our colleges or universities. A -William Lehmann. su 'vlSIllUlSlil, aunt ltr-lit it ltiowu, lt tll NN1 class hard at it. W1Ilia111 Blank fu-A nxgwririimititig with N piysivs lah- au 1111 li11 ci glut 111 tht l uratory. I'lAV'fil'l' Mr. Bcddovifs physit s SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF LANGUAGE FESTIVAL Representing a chef and a pretty maid, Dorothy Czygan and Ray Lopo7 are conversing in French. The three rnuslcetvors are Bill llrlr lward, Bob Patton, and lack Williams. Margie Vollegrebe and Fritz Boot have the crowd roaring wh-rn they dance a German waltz. "Ich Ging Einmal Spaziornnu is lifting dramatized by Barbara Thielk and Iohn Cozma in Ftoumanian costumes. Roberta Clifton recites the story of Damon and Pythias in Latin to Flo lack N son and Virginia Urban. Here are Sophie De Lawn and Sylvia Moncilovic, demonstrating different tn' routines for the French program, LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT GIVES FESTIVAL Resembling an international crossroads with foreign dolls, costumes and carvings repre senting most of Eurcpe, the show cases in the front hall were the center of attraction during the second week of December, designated as Language Festival week and sponsored by Miss Nellie Moehlman and the teachers of the Foreign Language Department. Students in these classes were allowed to wear their costumes on the day of the festival, and the whole school seemed gay but restless, waiting for the approaching hour. As the curtain in th auditorium rose, a gay Italian. festival portrayed by Mr. Roland Hass' Italian class was in progress. A romantic skit played by Francis Reo, Albert Pasani, and Richard Corona was next on the program. Sam Maltese played an accordion solo and the group sang gay Italian songs. Looking very Roman, Mrs. Elsie Callewa't's Latin classes sang songs which were an- nounced by Madeline Parkinson. A solo "Ave Maria," was sung by loan Parkinson. Slfrl-v-xi.r The French program, directed by Miss Minna Eintalt, brought forth many oh's and ah's. The opening number was a tap dance by Sophie De Lawn. Next Sylvia Moncilovic brought forth gales of laughter with a comic toe dance. Conchita Porter read a humorous French play and Dorothy Volkenant sang two delightful songs. The German group made its entrance with the students singing lively German songs. A dramatization of "lch Ging Einmal Spatserinu by Barbara Thielk and lohn Cozma drew much applause from the audience. Esther Semrau then sang Brahm's "Lullaby," after which Fritz Beer and Margot Vollegrebe danced a German waltz. In keeping with the season, a quartet composed ot Elmer Strauss, Charles Cressy, Gerald George and Robert Klesges sang Christmas carols. Not to be outdone by the boys, Elsbeth Gcettel and Elizabeth Holder sang two solos. A lltoiip ol Miss Callc- wait's Latin class sanq ltoiiiin airs. Left to liiqht: Donna load Ksiolh, Roberta Clifton Ailren Wilson, Virginia Morton, Shirley Reed, Phyllis l'3eFionne, Doris Zcns. Miss Moolmarfs class On- tertained with a group of German Folk songs and dances. The dancers are: Ester Semiou, Karl Bultenniiller, Donald Ul lwrivh, Edlith Romatz, Howard Pillsbury, and Elizabeth Helder. alian Folk dances lend a gay lively atmosphere to the festival. l'Jl.v-xvltrr: ....l.- 4.1 lifiiion lrost, Bcity Cain, and Wilnia COMMERCIA Svliinaltz, were chosen to write on flw ltlavklwoard an article entitled: The Aiitoqimf' The other members -it Mr. llarolfl Starks Shorthand Q57 'lass also took the divtation which was fIlV"'tl at thc rate of lUO words yor inititi fi X leanette Balzer, with an ayeraqe of 62 Words per minute, obtained first place in tho elimination typinq contest which was held in room 3l5 durinq record Friday, March 24. Each teacher selected the two or three loest typists in his class to compete in the final contest. Helen Nielsen, special typinq, was second with 59 words a minute, and Blanch Ford, typinq G, was third with 58 words. Betty Spindler, typinq 4, averaqed 52, Betty Biirqett, typ inq 3, 49, Paulinq Zahner, typing 2, 45, and Doris Dietz, typinq l, 35. l',.V-VINIII DEPARTMENT RETAILING Retailing is one of the largest fields of business endeavor in the United States, and each year thousands of young people enter into some phase of selling. Students of Eastern High School are effectively trained in this work which consists of sales l and 2 and retailing l and 2, making up a two years' program. Students who have outstanding personalities and have done well in their work are se lected to study retailing during their senior year. Many obtain part-time work in department stores, especially during the Christmas and Easier holidays, and many are employed for full time worlc after graduation. Employment managers frequently call for students trained in Eastern High School sales and retailing classes which are taught by Miss Clara A. lohnson. MIMEOGRAPHING At the left are students receiving instructions from Miss Violet Kelley in the operation ol' mimeographing machines. Only persons in the advanced typewritinq classes GTG Qivell this training, the purpose of which is two-fold. First, the pupils are idllqhi how to Furl the machinesq and second, it is an added service to the teachers, many of whom call on these students to make mimeographed copies of tests, OL1iliH9S, TIOTGS and the lik9. Those in the niniaoqrapliinq group are Betty Home, Kenneth Klum, lfthel Ghenis, Miss Kelley, Blanvlie Ford, l'rvci Pagel, Mary Gust, and Dkblilllly Maur I. in 1 t 4 , Q 0 i L Q dnb is oliswiviiiq ti tiviiiuxistiatitm involving tht- :mln ot .1 purse. Si.rl'v- H im' The biennial lineup at the Second Hand Bookstore. SECONDHAN D BOOKSTORE Although the secondhand bookstore has existed for only three years under its present management, it is not new to Eastern High School. For several years the store was run by Miss May Graham and Miss lane Cochrane and did a large volume of business. It was discontinued as an entity and the business was combined with that of the regular bookstore for a few years, but owing to a lack of sufficient space to accomodate the sale of both new and used books, the secondhand bookstore was reopened when Mr. Powels became princi- pal. For the past three years the secondhand bookstore has been sponsored by the Comrner' cial Department, most of the routine work being done by advanced commercial students un- der the direction of Mr. Harold Stark, who has been assisted by the Shorthand Scribes, a Commercial club. The store performs a very valuable service to the school, for students who no longer need their books can sell them and those who need them can buy these books at a greatly reduced cost. Between 800 and l,UUO books are exchanged each semester. The money from each sale is returned to the original owner after deducting a small amount for cost of handling. Any profit which the store makes is placed cn deposit in the school's general fund and is used for projects deemed worthy by the principal. Next year Mr. Iames Eisele will have charge of the store which will be open, it is planned, only at the beginning and the end of each semester. The object of this plan is to reduce overhead, while increasing the efficiency of the organization. Kill :Iv iw1'l'4'Ill.V-UIH' STUDENTS RECEIVE AWARDS The 100-word award is earned by students who are able to take dictation in shorthand at the rate of 100 words a minute for a period of tive minutes. The following period they must transcribe their shorthand notes on the typewriter with an accuracy ot at least 95 per cent. All pupils who pass their test have the privilege of sending their completed transcript and shorthand notes to the Gregg Publishing Company. lf approved by them, the students are awarded a certificate and a pin. This photograph represents a pirtion of Mr. llarold Starks shorthand C53 stu- dents mvuiviricy their Gregg IOO-word awards for shorthand speed and skill. Row l, left to right: Wilriia Schnialz lun-1 Iollie, Mildred Puuhie, Anna Fina tvri, Iosephinc Grenkowitz, Helen 'l'hoinas, Arlene Krueger. Row 2: Sadie Maniaci, Marion Trost, Ruth Taylor, Blanche Ford, lean Kubert, Maytord Roberts, Bethel Newbury, Hel en Ackerman, Marion Gioe, Lorraine Ro- senberg, Francis Hill and Dars Archer. How 3: Elvira Schmidt, Martha Erwin, and Constaiicv Probst. 'lhu hope ot ovtfry high school shox' hand student is to obtain the l2Ufaward, llvrv are shown from left tc right, Mary Gust, Helen Nielsen, Regina Schemmel, lhith Taylor, and Ethyl Ghinis receiv, inq their awards lrorn Mr. Harold Stark. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT PIERIANS Having taken the name Pierians, after the meeting place of the nine Muses, the poetry club, founded in September, 1938 under the sponsorship of Miss Ella K. Truesdale, has estab lished itself as a responsible and active organization. The purpose of the club is to encourage poetical expression among the students. The members have worked on poems to be entered in the annual contest to select the poet laureate of Detroit. They have already acquired several honors. ln a contest sponsored by the Women Writers' Club of Detroit, Paul Lux won first prize of 955 for the best poem with a work entitled "To the SkY:" Ben Budai won the first prize of S5 for prose with his essay on "Winter" and also received the book "Leonardo Da Vinci," by Antonina Vallentin, as sec- ond prize for his poem "Snow in the Night." Patricia Moore won an honorable mention for a delightful poem, "Shadows" Evelyn Roy received second prize, which was "The Sword in the Stone," by H. T. White, for her essay "The Years Roll Back." William Black received honorable mention for his essay "Disquisition on Pie a la Mode." The officers of the Pierians were Paul Lux, president: Ben Budai, vice-president, and Mary Tonn, secretary. In addition to Miss Truesdale a committee of English teachers consisting of Mrs. Helene McCracken, Mrs. Ruthe Stone, Mrs. Marion Quinn, Miss Kathleen McCurdy, Mr. Carl Gustlce, Mr. William A. Arbaugh, and Mr. Samuel Spector, have acted as joint sponsors and can be called upon at any time to advise the students concerning their work. A group of Mrs. Quinn's lOB's re rteive instructions on the use of the library from Mrs. Charnlverlain, librarian The Pierans listen to a talk on poetry given by Mrs. lolm I. Powels. Semvzfv lu u Suild Presents Melodrama "Fireman Save My Child" an old fashioned melodrama, was produced by the Players' Guild under the direction of Patricia Moore, student director of the Guild and Miss Kathleen Mc- Curdy, faculty director. The vilf lain was characterized by El' wood Goodrich with mustache, high collar, bushy eyebrows, and all the paraphernalia that distinguishes a good villain, Dorothy Mayer was the sweet, demure, heroine, Dorothy De Sha played the mother, Bryn thie Baits took part of the vil lage gossipg and Iohn de Cesare was the hero. Conchita Porte" played the Victorian maid, and Ben Budai, the photographer. Suvvral students of the spevuli class under tlic direvtion of Mr. Heaphy nv ieuorilinq their voices. ltr-low are ntvniliers ot the cleliattnq squads. Sitting: llolenrose Tribulslci, Shirley Waller, l-lolwitrta Clifton, Robert Patton, Hugh Henderson. Standing: kluy lin-Itilot, Dick Morrill, Mr. Arbauqli, Dominic Palazola, Charles Purvis. llorolliy Mayrii, ltiyntliic ltatts, and lolin de Cesare arc lacing made up liy Miss McCurdy, Edna Ryslcainp, and Marge Reels, tor the Players' Guild jtlttltltilltlit, Hlillmxlltzill Save My Child." INTRAMURAL DEBATES HELD Rather than go into the interschol astic debating contests untrained, this year's debaters, coached by Mr. Wil liam Arbaugh, have instead partici- pated in intramural competition. The subject, "R e s o l v e d, That There Should Be an Anglo4American Allie ance" brought forth many heated ar guments between the house teams. Representing the House of Diana were Shirley Waller, captain: Rober ta Clifton, and Helenrose Tribulski. From Priscilla Alden came Mary Ce cil, captaing Dorothy Breideng and Louise Wisniewskey and from Web ster came Robert Patton, captain, Hugh Henderson, and Dominic Pala zola. The House of Lincoln was rep resented by Dick Morrill, captain: Guy Brettilot, and Charles Purvis. Since the intramural debates were held purely for the purpose of bring ing out and training talent, no spe cific winner was designatedp but it is generally conceded that Lincoln's team captured that honor as they were the only team to win an affirm ative decision. The Houses of Roose velt and Victory were not repre' sented. Iudges for the contests were teachers from the English and Social Science Departments. F x.: wi. J INDIAN STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF September to Ianuary Ianuary to Iune Editorrin Chief , , , ,, ,Ralph Dorazio Editor-in-Chief, , , , , ,,,, , , Daniel Ginsburtr NQWS Edllor ' ' 'Edward Denny Copy Editor,, , ,Doris Graham Literary Editor, , ,, ,Daniel Ginsburq N Ed, LH, A K Leaturo Editor Angeline Santoro SWS Horn' ' l ldll IMOVO Sports Editor ,, ,, ,,,,Erank Barresi LIIGTGTY ECUIOYY- A - -A-fEdUi1 KVGII Headline Editor ,Lillian Anqove Feature Edjrmnw V Hvrf WEVQWN ROY All lllllmi "" "'DONald Francis Sports Editor ,,,, ,,,, K enneth Calkins BUSINESS STAFF Headline Editor,, ,,,,, Dominic Pallazoli Business Manager ,,, , ,,,,Marquerite Zirbel All Edit? ' "" Donald Fmllclil Virculation Manager, ,, ,,,Gscar Gikiere COlUUm15lf -f Edward DOUNY Exchanoe Editor, ,, , ,Emma Lorant Photoqrapher ,, , , ,,, ,Daniel Ginsburg Solicitors ,, , , , ,,,,,,,, 'l'helma Quait, Robert Gair, Robert Wiriters ASSISTANTS News , ,,, , ,, ,Valeria Tandy Literary , , ,,,,,Edna Kraft ljeature , ,, ,,,,, ,Evelyn Roy Sports , , ,Dorothy DeSha Art , , , ,Tom Shafer REPORTERS loo lla-roto, Terry O'Reqan, Mary Richardson, Leonard Gotrfrin, Lydia Cherubini, Art Seely, f'rank lnfrrao, Al Meyer, Dick Berkfield, Elizaf both Blaker, Eileen Quirk, Barbara Thielk, Ruth Lipinski, Helen Mcffausland, larnes Reqqio, Vifilliam Hibbard, lohn Heron, Edna Thomas, Shirley Ghst, Dorothy Larnpman, Elorence Ern- stoin, Grace Scovill, Grace Ulitchny, Betty Mc Allister, Alrnon Readinq, Rita Stone, Harriet Grunow, Holenrose Tribulski, Bob Lackey, lean Maclfaye, Dorothy Hartwell. Marion Heckel. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager , , ,,,,, ,,, ,Oscar Gikiert- Circulation Manager ,, , Helen McCausland Exchange Manager ,, Conchita Porter Advertising Manaqer,,,,,,, , ,Thelma Quai. Assistant Advertisinq Manaqer Robert Gait Typists , Sarah David, Rita Stone News , , Literary , , Feature , , Sports , , , Headline , , Art ,,, ,,,,,,, Ph otoqrapher Art Advisor ,, ,,,,, Robert Armin ,Virgrinia Butler Dora DeMondo ,,Lyla Spelbrintr Harriet Grunow Tom Shafer Fredric Beddmw Ereda Kastinf: Business and Editorial Advisor Harrit L. Blum IOURNALISTIC BRAVES AND SQUAWS "DIG lN" BEFORE THE DEADLINE The Indian received All- Anierican honor rating from the National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation for 1938-39. This year the Indian staff sent delegates to three press conven- tions. In November those who attended the convention spon- sored by the publications of Wayne University Were: Frank Barresi, Ralph Dorazio, Robert Annis, and Angeline Santoro. Those who attended the Nat- ional Scholastic Press Associa- tion Convention at Indianapolis last November were: Evelyn Roy, Valeria Tandy, Edward Denny, Oscar Gikiere, Ralph Dorazio, Frank Barresi, Doro- thy DeSha, Marguerite Zirbel. Members who attended the eighteenth annual Michigan ln- terscholastic Press Association Convention last May in Ann Arbor Were: Daniel Ginsburg, Evelyn Roy, Dominic Pallazola, Donald Francis, Edward Denny, Doris Graham, Tom Shafer, Har- riet Grunow, Thelma Quait, Shirley Ohst, Dorothy Lamp- rnan, Lillian Angove. Sf'1'f'.'1ly7fi:'1' Lili,Silix'li,II1t'tlSllIU tliti curls of Miss lr'-uw lituiyfz sfwing --lass at-H iumiintu a real mv with lltillii' Spring. VOCATIONAL STUDIES TRAIN FOR HOBBY AND OCCUPATION The Vocational Department under the direction of Mr. Edward Fuhry, offers several types of work, one phase of which is shop. The primary use of the shop classes is to train for an avocation rather than a vocation, although a few students have time to put in a great deal of work on certain machines, and thus acquire special training for future use in a particular occupation. Because it lacks the specialized equipment for trade or vocational training, it may best be referred to as a general shop, which now includes both wood and metal work and will eventually include art metal work. Along with the shop courses boys may also study mechanical and architectural drawing, both of which are given in the drafting room The sewing classes are chiefly for practical purposes as this work can be applied after school. The object is to teach the making of clothes. Here again some students are able to specialize in this subject for use as an occupation after graduation. A home science course is offered in which training is given in such subjects as food: and child care. Boys in one ol' Mr. Merrill llamhurq's shop classes are shown at work. In the background ws- can soo the grind- ing machines, the woodworking tools, and metal work macliines. Mr. llamliurg is seen at the left su' peivisirig the work. Sf'l't'lt1-V-NIJ' i LIBRARY STAFF New inenibers of the Library Staff were initiated at a party held at Mrs. Louise Chaniberlains home. The offif ters, Ann Elias, president, Hnrthji lteacli, vice-presidenty Alyce Green field, secrearyp Shirley Hinckfot, treas urer, assisted by the other members, helped entertain the initiates. Seven new members were admitted: Florence Ernstein, Marjorie Surridqe, Edna Kraft, Betty Scliarfenburq, Heldeqard Werner, Shirley Vifaller, and Erna Garner. Three members are Chiefs: Ann Elias, l-lurtlim Reach, and Elsbeth Goettel. Siqhtsavinq classes make study of occupations. SIGHTSAVING CLASS Believing that younq people handicapped by poor eye- sitiht should plan their futures carefully and wisely, the sight' savinq class, directed by Miss Louise Nehil has made a thor- ough study of possible occupations. To help these persons in their work the siqhtsavinq room is equipped with a special lighting system, a dictaphone from which the pupils qet their lessons, and typewriters with extra larqe letters on which to transcribe their homework. Italian Club First row: Phyllis Yanantuano, Frances Reo, Marion Gioo, president, Saved y Bono, vice-president, Margaret Bar- t h e l, secretary, Josephine Minello, treasurer, Rose Sara tano, Nancy Baqnasco. Second row: Rose Capazzoli, lean Aiello, Rose Garqalino, Rosaline Naimo, Lois Surnick, Elvira Noble, Katherine Tarta niello, Sara Candela, Rose Scfola. Third row: Marie Finazzo Peter Larco, Frank Ciaravins, Sam Saputo, Iames Asteriou, Louis Ferriolo, Samuel Pisano. fourth row: Mr. Rowland Hass, sponsor, Benny Mes sina, Samuel Maltese, Fticharsl Carono, Samuel Tramchida, Paul Paris. Hall Guards The hall guards are usually honor students, with the exception of a few who are recom- mended by house prin- cipals or the qroup sponsor, Miss lane Dicker. The tactful effi- cient way they do their work is appreciated by the students and facul ty of Eastern High School. IANUARY CLASS PRESENTS MYSTERY 111'1 1 11111 1111111111111 111 1V11:111K111111111111 1V11'1 1111111 111111111132 11111 N11111 111111'1111',' 11 N1 11-.111:111111 11y 11111 ::1v111111:1 4111 1111,111y 111111 5111111111131 f1v121111111:s, 1111111111y 1.1 111111 111, 111 111 11 1 1111111111111:1'. .'."1111-111 11y A711 11111111, 1111- 11111y 111111 111111S'1ZIy 1,1 K1111111 A1111111, W11 was I1 111111 1 1 111 1 1111 11111171 1311111 11111141111 A 1111x 11 " 1117111 11 11 1.11 11, 1 1. 1. H1 '13 1 W111111:x:fs11:1 111111111111111 111:11 1-1:11111 1 1 11 111 1':1 111111111111 11111. 111 111111111 A11111111-y 1111111 111111 1511111111111 l1.111,111111y S111111'-11:s VVl11i11111k1yf1i11'1:' VV11111 11'1-1 f1.1111111 W111:11 111:a11111'11v111y. fX:s11111y Afirillffi 111311111 11:1 1,1111y 1111111111, .1 11111111-11111: H111 1511, 111 1f:1111'11 A1111111' 111111 1V1111y 1171131111 11:2 N11111gy L1111 11111111411111, 11111 VJ1i11'VJ. QD111+11 W111 111. K11141111111, 11111111111 11y 311111111111 W111k111'g 1111111111 V1lI1 F111111, 11y 1311v111 11111111f11. 11111 1 11 11 ' 1 11'.1,'111111y, 15' 1'111Y 5511111111115 1. CS. W11111117111, 1:y W111111111 1V11111111,1: 1111111 1111111111-11, 115' 1111 11 V1111 11.1 1111:1' 111111 11x1'111111111 5111111111 1111111111131 11y W111111111 1.1111111111 1111y11:11111'1 V111111111w111 11 1 111 VJ111'1 113, 1XV',1'111'11111 11111'11::, 1111111 111111111114 111111 RfY11E1O11C1 C'1111f111 11111111 1:-1111 11111 111 11111111 11 1111 1111 1'111: '11 1141111111 W11:1 11111 521111111111 1111'11C!111r. 111 11111-111111111 1111111::111' 111111171 11111 11lTY was 511111111111 1111111 11111 1111111111'1'f1. 1X'11111'111111z 1 1 111 11 1: y1,11 11111111 1111 1111111111111 111111 1111111111111-1111111112 61'1C1 111111111111 I1111C"1-i 1'1x11.1 111111111 111 1 1 4 1 T ! lnsfipirirw llarrold, Rdua Ryskamp, and Mar- Miss Mc'Curdy dives Ray Vandarwill and Ren :uric limits are vxpcr'rrit"r1ti11q with nialae-up for Rudai a few pointus on painting svencry for tho lite Rorrmrtit' Younq l.ady." luriv senior play. lohn Perkiris, vctcrarr, passes on the benefit 'ilv Rwrnantiv Youriq Lady" has rust laintcd ol his lPXPtNIilt'lik'U of lqlitlnq wticvts to losriph mfsirri meat vn'rt'crrr. Olivori and Curtis llckland. IUNE CLASS PRESENTS ROMANCE Un luno Sl and lil in the school auditorium the lune seniors presented "The Romantic Younti lady," a play written by B. Martinez Sierra and directed by Miss Kathleen McCurdy. ilsirm modern Spain prior to the Civil VVar as the background the plot centers around 1 rorrranco between a sweet younq lady narnej Rosaria and a sophisticated author, Luis Fo lipo do Cordoba, the Apparition. Dorothy Mayer played Rosario and loseph Teopel the Apparition. Dorothy DeSha acted tho part ot Dona Barbaritap Charlotte Boyd of Maria Pepep Stephen Mihalich of Pepeg and Ralph llusor of Don Iuan. Several parts which were double cast included: lean Fishback and Ann lllias as lrene: Gecrqe Peterson and Ben Budai as Erniliog William Black and Henry Kranicli as Mario, Ruth Bently and Virginia Shepheard as Arnalia. Ben Budai headed the production staff, lohn Perkins was in charqe of liqhts, Brynthio Ratts ol properties, and Marqe Reske of adve tisinq and art. Patricia Moore acted as studon' director. SPCRTS w N 1 " ' Xgtze-YW.-5-Nike? ., W, M 'SEE X Arthur C. Erwin, who heads the athletic department and coaches varsity football, track and baseball, became a mem- ber of the faculty in 1920, and is hailed by the students and athletes with Whom he has worked as a Hreqular fellow." Win, lose or draw, Eastern's l o y a l supporters remain un- daunted and on many occa- sions turn defeat into victory by raising the team's morale. All Hail to the cheerleaders, who inspired many a lusty yell in the attempt to bolster the spirits of loyal sons who give their all for the Orange and Black. At the right is Ray Dixon, captain of the 1938-39 cheer- leading squad. Curtis MacDougall, acclaimed as a basketball mentor and football strategist, is both effec- tive and popular. H. Matson is noted for turning out excellent swimming squads and in particular for the All- American prep divers he has coached. I I Another grid season has come and vanished into remote ob- scurity. The Indians have hung up their cleats: many will never again tear the turf to bring, glory to their beloved Eastern High, but the memory of team-mates tried and true, the taste of contests won and lost, and a new-found spiritual strength remain after the din of battle has become a part of the dusky past. Here's to the departing Braves, may they tind success on the gridirons of the future and may the knowledge gained Within Eastern's Walls serve them well. Here's to the coaches that taught them to tight, and here's to the spectators that cheered them to victory. Here's to the Warriors who remain to battle tor the Orange and Black. May their opponents crumble before their might. Extreme Lett: The lndians in action, Varsity Vs. Reserves. Top Row: lim McCasey Cvarsity endl, Donald Klinetop Cvarsity tacklel, Henry Kranich tcaptain, varsity guardl, Donald Bower, Cvar- sity centerl, Grover Houser Cvarsity guardl, limmy White tvarsity endl. Second Row: lack Lowther Cvarsity halt-backl, Al Davis fvarsity quarterl, Al Benvenutti tvarsity fullbackl, Leo Hayden Cvarsity halff backl, Robert Shay Cvarsity tacklel, Donald Martin Cvarsity guardl. Third Row: Tony Bolus Creserve endl, William Krantz Creserve guardl, Tiny Thompson Creserve tacklel, Fred Pickrahn Cvarsity tacklel, Robert Melkush Creserve backl, George Pickrahn Creserve back7. Bottom Row: Primo Crocenzi Creserve backl, Leo Perini treserve backl, Elliot Arkles Creserve backl, Wilfred Schmidt Creserve backl, Otto Pioch Cvarsity quarterbackl, Robert Chalmers Creserve backl. Extreme Right: The Warriors stop a Northeastern back at the goal line. l ' Q Curley Hayden, 78, dashing for a 10-yard gain against Pershing, with Alfie Benvenuti, 90, Ottie Pioch, 83, and Henry Kranich, 82, running interference. COLORFUL BACKS PACE TRIBE In their first tilt of the season the Tribe was humbled by Southeastern's smashing backs to the tune of 13 to O. The Indians' attack was futile, and they managed to reach the Iungaleers' 23-yard line only once, when Lowther threw Hayden a 9-yard pass. Starring for Southeastern, Peter Fornari and George Hackman tore the Indians' line to shreds, and by virtue of their brilliant performance recaptured the Old Oaken Bucket, that ancient trophy that is claimed by the victor in the annual grid battle be- tween the two schools. The Indians had won the Bucket the previous season by trouncing the Iungaleers 20 to 7. It was a grim group of gridders that invaded the Doughboy's camp the following week, but although the Indians fought desperately, they failed to count a coup, suc- cumbing l9 to O. Again it was a speedy backfield that was the deciding factor. The Braves repeatedly tore the Pershing line asunder, and were in the shadow of the enemy goal posts on many occasions, but failed to capitalize on the breaks. A penalty and two sucker plays were responsible for the Tin Hats' tallies. Awdey of Pershing plunged 5 yards for their first score, when the Indians were penalized 15 yards in the first quarter. In the third frame Dawley dashed 35 yards for a touchdown, following a lateral pass from Awdey. In the fourth period Awdey tabulated the final points on a spectacular run of 83 yards, with scarcely a restraining finger touching him. Undaunted the Tribe took the field the following week to trounce a favored Tar eleven 13 to ll and chalk up their first victory. Six thousand spectators saw the con- test which was staged under the lights at Mack Park and proved to be the most enter- taining game in many a season. Denby scored with comparative ease in the first quarter after a dazzling display of "moving picture" football. Tom Coolman and Frank Frontiera co-starred in the leading roles. Early in the quarter Tom booted a long coffin- corner punt which bounded out on the Tribe's l-yard line. The Indians were forced to punt and valiant Frank gathered the ball to his bosom and pranced 25 yards to tally untouched, in true hero fashion. Coolman converted the extra point, and the Tribe started to seethe. It looked like a repetition of the previous week's game. In desperation the Braves "dug in" and began to "talk it up." Then things happened. In the backfield, Hayden, Benvenuti, and Lowther ran wild. The team gathered momentum and slashed their way to the Tars 15-yard stripe, when the time-keeper's gun ended the half. Loyal rooters grew faint at heart, but the Indians were not to be denied. The Warriors took the field in the third quarter and immediately started an 85-yard march which cli- maxed in a touchdown. Hayden scored on a 13-yard pass from Benvenuti. The attempted conversion was wide, but bedlam broke loose in Eastern's stands as the Indian fans celebrated the first touchdown of the season. A few minutes later Mc- Casey recovered a Denby fumble in midfield, setting the stage for the team's second tally. Consecutive gains by Lowther, Benvenuti, and Hayden brought the ball to the Tars' 1-yard line from where Benvenuti plunged for the score. Lowther converted the extra point and concluded the scoring. Eighly-s ir On the fateful afternoon of Friday, Cctober 21, the lndians invaded Keyworth Sta- dium, home of the mighty Cosmos, defending champs of the Metropolitan League. Outweighted by twenty-one pounds to a man and handicapped by the lack of ade- quate reserves, the Tribe put up a courageous but losing battle. In the first period the fresh and eager lndians threatened Hamtramck's goal. With splendid coordina- tion they fought their way to the Cosmos' 9-yard line, where 1-1amtramck's huskies made a determined stand, and the lndians lost the ball on downs. During this period the pulverizing Cosmos made no long gains by rushing and appeared far inferior to the Warriors. The remaining periods were a nightmare for the tired Tribe. Sparked by frequent substitutions Hamtramck uncorked a bewildering passing attack and ran rough-shod over the Warriors to score six touchdowns. When the final whistle blew the score stood 38 to U for Hamtramck. After suffering their worst beating of the season, the Braves staged a comeback the following Friday and put Highland Park's Polar Bears on ice by virtue of a 14 to 13 victory. Leo Hayden accounted for both Indian touchdowns, scoring in the opening period after an end run of 8 yards and duplicating in the last quarter on a 9-yard pass from Benvenuti. lack Lowther, the lndian's midget halfback, saved the day by calmly booting the extra point when the score stood 13 to 13 in the final frame. Lowther was also re- sponsible for the conversion in the first period. On November 4, the Tribe visited lglooland and froze Northern's Eskies with a 19 to 13 triumph. The Tribe drew first blood when Hayden scored on a 3-foot plunge in the second quarter. The Eskimos retaliated after Hayden, booting from his own end zone, got off a bad punt that went out of bounds on the lndian's 2-yard line. On his fourth attempt Hubbard lugged the ball over th goal for Northern's tally. The Tribe scored again before the quarter ended, when a 54-yard drive culminated in a touch- down. Iimmy White romped over the goal for the Indians after snagging Hayden's 4-yard pass. Hayden place-kicked the extra point. ln the third frame Hubbard revived Northern's hopes with a beautiful 35-yard pass to Royston who tallied to tie the score. Receiving the kick-off following Northern's touchdown, the Braves began a sus- tained march of 87 yards that terminated in a touchdown, which proved the margin of victory. Hayden scored, pulling down Benvenuti's pass in the end zone. The Tribe dropped a thriller to Northeastern 12 to 6, as the curtain fell, officially concluding the Indians' 1938 campaign. Hayden scored for the Warriors in the first quarter after lim White intercepted a Falcon pass on his own 40-yard line. The Tribe picked up 5 yards on a plunge, and then Benvenuti tossed a 25-yard pass to Hayden, who ran the remaining distance to tally. In the second quarter the Falcons knotted the score when Tom Iohnson crossed the goal line after blocking Lowther's punt from the end zone. Charles Iones, hard-hitting Falcon back, scored the winning touchdown on a 1-yard plunge late in the final period. The gridders who patiently watched and waited the call to battle and who fought like veterans when they were summoned to the fray were Bob Chalmers, George Pickrahn, Robert Melkush, Primo Procerelzi, Robert Shay, Tom Bolus, Bill Krantz, Wilfred Schmidt, Leo Perrini, Elliot Arkles, Harvey Kogelschatz, Ioe Wietheff, Bill Krause, Louis Rinaldi, August Calandre, and Gerald George. Cheerleaders lean Velton, Don Glick, Betty Fluharty, and Bob Lang. Right Trib:smen at Keyworth Stadium viewing Indians, Cosmo grid tilt. '-. .I .Q . 03:1 ls- -' - - - - M - E igltly-sP1'0r1 'W n re an It is 'W M . If 1 f 5 Q 'Q I 9 v , elk Q PERL ,kim as P1 3? , Q7 no 'Q at 'W , A Q? X Q s ' v L F! ,hge 1 1, -V g I QUINTET CHALKS UP SEVEN VICTORIES 'l'lre Tribe produced a crop of bangrup basketeers for the fEl38'3El season, who proved scrappy enough to win seven rrarrres and tie one, while tasting defeat but twice. A highly favored Southwestern five was the first teanr to be vietirrrized by the Tribes conquering quintet. They downed the llrospectors 2ti to lil. ln their next start the cagers nosed out lliglrlarrd l"ark's llolar Bears 30 to 27, taking their first league tilt of the season. 'l'he indians' superior passing proved the deciding factor. Soutlreasterrrs cagers were the Warriors next opponents, and they proved iust a little too difficult for the local five. 'l'ho trarrre was a Hrootin' tootin' he-rnan" affair with no quarters given nor asked, and after the echo of the last slrorrt died out the score stood 35 to 35. Pershing proved an easy rnark for the Tribe's stalwarts, zruccurrrbirrtr 47 to 26. Then Easterrrs spirit hit a new low when the Braves' rrruch touted tearrr failed to function against Com- rrrerce and suffered a heartbreaking 24 to 2l defeat. The quintet staged a corrreback the following week to thrash Miller 38 to 20. Swarrrpirrg Northern 36 to l'7 the lrrdians advanced a step nearer the rrrnch desired basketball crown. lurnbo Melkuch ran wild to chalk up l7 points in this contest. Exceptionally fine defensive play enabled the Warriors to defeat a dangerous lialcon five 26 to 22. Orr March 3 the Cesnios upset the Braves last title chances trirrrrning the Tribe 33 to 26. A strange court, poor lighting and a tricky backboard all contributed to the duirrtet's downfall. 'l'he Warriors finished the season strong, shellacking Den by 35 to 22 by virtue of excellent tearrrwork on the home court, March ltl. The night is rnenrorable not only because of the victory brrf owing to the fact that it was dedicated to two of Easter-n's finest and rrrost accornplished athletes, Captain Regin- ald MacDonald and Earl Davis. Stephen Mihalich, l2A presi- dent, is shown at the right presenting the cagers with trophies frorrr the students in appreciation for their two years' service on the basketball tearrr. At the end of the season lurnbo Melkush received high- score honors of the city having tabulated IOO points and was elected captain for next season. 'l'lre lreopsters were ratrrl arrrorrq the r'ity's lrest, .rltlrorrglr they didrr't rrrake the finals and here they are irr their playing garb. Top, left te rrrrht: ltozralrl lvlavltrrrrald, lack lirorrelo, lfarl Davis, 'lorry tl-'.rrrlr.rrre and Vaptarrr fteddre lvfacltorral-l, lolrrr Korrirro. ltottorrr row: liarry Kyle, Earl Svlrrreider, Yale Knevlrt, lialrrlr Hers, Vern Fric- brrrqer, George Ulritnrvsky, and lriolrert "lrrnrbo" Melkrrslr. 'l'lre future varsity is at the lower right. BASKETBALL Fall n',., 1 1111.9 lviwirairr, lf-,-tis, Miss, l'1llsl1uIYv fiarrlrn-r, ltolwrts, lflovlc, Piftfrttf-, Kowalski, Kasrhi Kansrnxri, ilsfiri, 'v'v'all, iilia:-ri 1 ii, l1'l,r1iari:1 tfarrtiiiril. SWIMMERS TAKE FOUR OUT OF FIVE MEETS Swirnrrunq proved fairly successful for the lndians this season as the Tribe succeeded in winning four of their six meets. The first meet of the season was with Highland Parks powerhouse, November 10, and the Polar Bears had little difficulty in winning by a score of 56 to 28. The following week the Braves took the measure of Hamtramck to the tune of 49 to 35. On November 22, the lndians defeated Northeastern with a grand total of G8 to the Falcons l6. Northern was the next victirn of the Tribe, suc wurnhirrfr lil to 33. The VVar'rior's won their fourth consecutive meet on December ti, swarnpintf Cass 'l'-wlrs toarri intl to 34. ln their next contest Easterns natators lost a heartbreaker to their arch rivals South -rastern, 43 to 41. This rrreot was not decided until the final event. 'l'hroutihout the season the lndiarrs chief asset was the divinq of little lack Gardner, who is only in the tenth grade. Jackie seerrrs destined to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Bob. ln the pre lirrrinaries for the individual city swimming championship, Iackie out-pointed Dick Hulbert, liiqhland Park star, for the East side divinq title. Bill Lehmann, captain of the team, was the only double winner in the preliruinar-ies, takirrq first place in his specialties, the 50 and lUO-yard freestyle. ln the city rrieet lack went on to win the divinq title, and Bill won the lOOvyard freestyle and lost a very close race in the fitlyard frvestyle. The rrreet was won by Highland Park, with Central placinq second, and Eastern and Southeastern tyinq for third place. At a flctlllttlllttl ttf the Indian tankers, Iohn Vass, breast stroker, and individual rnedley swirurrier, and llttllllltt Roberts, diver, were elected co-captains fornext season. Tennis, wt' lr ririhf limi-1-rt lirtrwn liarl iiflirrfiiflfrr llwlrrrr' Fall Golf, left tt, riqht: llonald ltrf-wr r .'.XI'lttlI lt 1.1 11 E4 rt thru rf-, '1'.'al'1'r ltifrsvlrlci-. lieriner, Robert ltqrkwvll 'Fai tainl. : 159' pl..I'l2' -MP1-l-159' 5: 71 'N 4, if 'bf First row, left to right: Perica, Hayden, Coplin, Evans, Chalmers, Yaminero, Carrier. Second row, left to right: Bolus, Dixon, Gager, Chamberlain, Baumann, Reading, Sullivan. 'l'liird row, left to riqht: Krantz, Castino, Swan, Smith, Swint, Schneider, Robinson, Butler tmanagerl. FALL NETTERS ELIMINATED EARLY IN CITY TOURNAMENT The Indians' tennis doubles team did not do exceptionally well in the city tournament this year. The No. 1 team advanced as far as the second round, while the No. 2 and No. 3 teams were eliminated in the first circuit. Bob Brown and Hudson Sullivan of the Indians' No. 1 team advanced into the second round as Southeastern defaulted, but their victory was short lived as they were eliminated in their next start. FALL GOLFERS UNABLE TO OVERCOME IINX The Indian golfers had trouble sinking their shots during the City Golf Championship Meet and as a result the team finished in fifteenth place with a total score of 421. Don Brown, No. I man, who was expected to shoot in the 70's, reported with his right hand swollen to twice its normal size. The injury caused him to turn in a 92. Bob Arthur, No. 2 man, developed a bad hook and finished with 108. Captain Bob Rockwell carded a 103, and Harry Kenner scored a 118. SPRING SPORTS GET UNDERWAY The spring tennis team started the season disastrously losing to Southeastern 5-0, Highland Park 32 Northeastern 3-2, Hamtramck 5-0, Northern 3-2, and defeating Miller 411. Although they lost their first meet to Hamtramck 87-18, and dropped the second to Pershing 50-41 the Cinder-pounders show promise of having a successful season. The spring golfers met with a similar fate, winning only two of their nine contests. Spring Tennis, top, left to right: White, Mischnick, De-May, and Gaunty bottom, left to right: Schmidt, Peschke, and Captain Spring Golf. left to right Robert Taylor, Elmer Nagy, Forest Bob Brown. Platt, Frank Gornick and Captain Don Brown. Q- A '!..4n"""' Y.. ww ' 4 I 1 IJ ' W , :,msf42x?Q t 7 M Nygq 1 .-- , Zn, N, . . .-... s .Q nk, , .. ,M . 3 I ' i , 4 -.-.. 5 ,6 2 , L,,LL ..,......- H H m 5 ky ..... 5 W ,A . .I . ga., hi h . 5.7.1 , A f7'2i':f7 -l"5.j- : X I L X ? y ,af-' .L MMM, . up 41 X x 1 .T f mf- XJ, K , I A Q ' """"""" 1 f' 4 5 9'Hp, Ely W1 Ill ' all un. ., . HQQM by vw - . kifmx KA L xx I h 4 x ' ' XX 'x ', 'fffa-l . I sa N -N, hh -' Fx. ,AN :ff . - 4' . Q ai - A, ss . limi-1 N 1 w f gg V 14 .5 If 5 .sf N ,fir , 'f My " . - ff ,fm K X 5 Wx 9135, - 1' x i xx I L 4' S Q 'fx x qu x Q QNX xgmks v'A 4 A -- sa gl, X., ' X ww ES V: ,Q X 5. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom row, left to riqht: Gusta Elliott, quardp Gerald ine Watson, forwardp Olqa Cox fcaptainl, Guard, Martha Erwin, forward, Grave Yanan tuono, forward. Sernnd row: Leis lensen, quard: Ruth Mierew, forward- Adele Van Dresser, forward' Coleen Virden, quard. Third row: Helen Periva, for Ward, Miss Sauer, veavli' Zora Perica, quarci, i and C it SQUAWS PLAY TWO GREAT GAMES By losing three of their five games, the Indian basketeers closed a fair season. Lack of experience accounted for their defeats. The only veterans to return this season were Olria Cox, captain, Martha Erwin, and Lois lensen, thus leavinfi the rest of the positions to be filled by newcomers. To start the season off, Northern captured the first Game of the year, 23-l6. Despite the constant cooperation of the local quintet, defeat was inevitable, for the opposinq forwards were exceptionally alert and quick to take advantage of the breaks. ln the next game Southeastern completely overwhelmed the home team by pilinq up 30 points to the lndians l6. The third game was the outstandinq dame of the season. Grim determination to win enabled the qirls to defeat Miller lil-3, to chalk up their first victory and qain the applause and moral support of the school. Another defeat was added to Eastern's qrowinq list when Northeastern downed them 27419. During the first three quara ters, it looked as if the Squaws were headed for victory: but owinq to numerous free shots in the last quarter, the Falcons succeeded in taking the qame. ln the final qame of the season Easterns maidens enqaqed Denby's caqers in a fast and furious contest and retired with an impressive 24-4 point victory. The Miller and Denby Games proved that there are qreat possibilities for the coniinq season, and Coach Eleanor Sauer is confident that the team next year will show much improvement. i'Vinrly1fnur GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM 'l'np: Betty Sprinqsteari, breast stroke, Patty Moore, back stroke: Carol Zannotli, breast strokvq Allene Harrington, back stroke, ludy Morrill lvaptainl, free styleg Sylvia Moncilovic, free style: Aileen Wilson, back stroke Anne Louise Markus, free style. On edge of pool: Blanche Ford, back stroke, Mary May Parrish, free style, Iune Bart low, back strokep Eva Bousho, free style. ln the water: lda Dauw, breast strokeg Lois Woerfel, treo styleg Anna Stanqo linanaqerl, back strokeg Helen Pr-rica, free styleg Betty Cain, back strokeg Betty Gogqin, free style. ltr Mi-' llilint-y 1 lr l , t-tv. N ot tlir- onlsi swimming and li tt in lurly Morrill, vaptain .it the swimming team nnin I'li'l sea:-anti, SQUAWS SQUELCHED IN FOUR STARTS Although the Squaws suffered a series of defeats during the late tank season, they went down with banners flying. Perhaps the becoming new swimming suits were responsible for the lasses' unfaltering spirit. The local maiden natators were squelched in their first start of the season, a triangular meet with Northern and Southeastern, February 6, fthe first meet of this sort in Eastern's Historyl. When the splashing was all over, the score stood Southeastern 77, Northern 40, and Eastern 38. Northwestern's swimmers came to Eastern February 28, and retired with a decisive victory of 7l points. Despite the fact that lda Dauw, the Tribe's fleetest breastfstroker, took two first places in the 25 and SU-yard breast strokes, the Squaws tabu- lated only 40 points. March l6, Hamtramck paid their first visit to Eastern and were rewarded with a victory. Notwithstanding the fact that the lndian mermaids failed to taste the fruits of victory, they should be complimented for the fine spirit of sportsmanship that prevailed at all of their contests and congratulated for their splendid efforts, ,xml-Il1'l-Vifil'1' ' fp-f bf, 4 X 1 P r w Q I W, vm! 'fl' V' SV? is "f 2553+ H .4 , " ' Q. it 1' ' . t Y 11 Sf ii f A A? PLM? LK b , Q . y , X :,f A K In ,AL La' W D V K ,f . .. 'K ' "JY ' ', fg 1 . .. ... "'Mr"i' K ' W' M ..,... ...- EQ Evsf Cfffl . , - Xau' .3 ,srl gal ,. ,Q,N qiw 'W ' 'J I I w r xaf ' g A H I .5 I bl 2 .Yi FQS, - LW ?QA g ' Q' -f S.. , 'if-""Af '- rg ef ,. ,- 'E"2f,.x ,ff-an ,if j5'- fig- -- A . -'im ' ,L YA f f 'lv i Y , . if ,myv 4g Q . , W. J .W W at "' , gf' .GJ -Y Q ,,. 'X ,S-, N X m.,"" - k ,, u A' Y ,H-.. K, mf M, km., H.k,.e 'Q Ig , W ...al - WW' ,-.K Kwai! N vx QD P ., .J-wi Q . Q53 ig ,K+-5Q..'1 5' ' ,-hw-gaLs'3VM. , W., .ig L, st'Y"2,Egq15lltg, X , .X X. YM 3-if ff A Q as f A SL3i?gg?5"Q:i5xix Www :We . Q-"2-lfff' My 1 3 m,5,.S'?ifgf 41- 38355 S3125 A Q y g O95 5335 u ,I , A ev l ' JB Q.: X av,-Q: f 1 ' 'Q-QS ' SNS NI-'xui ' W WGQQ 'X ' :Jem iQ Q at Q V H' 0 H Y -s vm X ..' H A-.K if wmv Elini!! . , 4 rf-M-svg 'lu - gg v-'.yl- .'.'Q:' lfg-:wax 'N . w -'-- if A """' - L. N xii AA 5 a,W, 16 :gist af Q ? S. 3 X1 .M 3 , . Jr 4 R xp iz: 3. M - - , vi ix S Q ,mi A x S Qi I gf K .1--A , SX Q FEATURES 1 I 1' 1 r 'I111' with lllfl 5 111 IS 111o11fNy. 2. Loc1ki11q for the sovoncl-l1a11c'l of Stoves watvh on the sidewalks of Allll Allltl COMPLETE PHOTO SERVICE at Drug Stores serviced by ROBISONPHILLIPS CORP. Makers ot Dura-Chrome Prints 16 mm Sound and Silent Equipment Michigan's Most Complete Sound Library Bell and Howell Sound Equipment COSMOPOLITAN FILM LIBRARIES, INC. 3248 Gra'iot Avenue, Fitzroy 4540. Detroit KNOPES FLOWERS FLOWERS PROPERLY ARRANGED PROPIIRLY PRESENTED PLAZA 0010 8516 Mack. Near Burns ELMER A. KNOPE Dtwtroit, Minh. EASTERN DRUG PR1If1f.IHll"l'liDNS DRUGS l'OUN'I'!XlN SRRVICE 7215 Mack Cor. E. Gnd. Blvd. l'T.a1m 6130 W0 Dolivcrr I VXDVERTISERS AHOY! W. 'i f Um' l11111rlrr1l Professional College o Business Exclusively for Graduates of Colleges and High Schools Business Administration Shorthand Reporting and Secretarial Science and Court Practice Law Stenography and Commercial Teacher Training Conference Reporting for College Graduates 37th Year Begins September 6. 1939 One-year and two-year business courses, designed specihcally for: GRADUATES IN LIBERAL ARTS, who desire to follow a Business Career, Connnercial Teaching, Secretarial Practice, Shorthand Report- ing, Accounting, or United States Civil Service. COLLEGE PREPARATORY GRADUATES of high schools, who desire to follow a Business Career, Secretarial Practice, Shorthand Reporting, Accounting, or United States Civil Service. COMMERCIAL GRADUATES of colleges and high schools, who desire to continue their business education. Complete Training in Shorthand Shorthand for Junior Secretarial Practice- Beginning Shorthand to I-I0 wpm Shorthand for Senior Sec. Practice and Law Stenography- 140 to 160 wpm Shorthand for Professional Reporting and Court Practice- I60 to 200 wpm EVENING SCHOOLS EIGHT EVENING SCHOOl,S,lilCCll1lg in the college building, each with its own faculty, provide training in the major branches of the Day School. These schools are: junior Secretarial, Senior Secretarial, Shorthand Re- porting, Shorthand Pennianship, Typewriting, Accounting, Business Law, Business Expression. During each of the past several years these schools opened with a capacity attendance. Conforming lo the practice of well-eslalllished colleges, this college does not employ anyone lo cnnifass f0TSiIldl'l1iS. Application for admission should In' nmdz' in IIfl'UIIlIl'tf of lhe opening of a seinesteil Syllabus on request. RAndolj1h3880 Detroit Commercial College 19 Clifford at Woodward R. I. Maclean. President Miss Lola Maclean, Educational Director Eugene A. Walling. Attorney, Director oi Law and Business Organization One hundred one was 'tt 9. l Fmworksf' 2, Molly, the Patron Saint ot tho Arrow stall. 3. They fix what others break. I. Huw right, Nr 2, ltr-nm ll Ins glory .ul In Ili quills I t lil l' 5 N l II r . 1. In-r puliln and BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Day or Evening Classes Walsh graduates are employed in positions as general accountants, cost accountants, treasurers, auditors, government accountants, credit managers, and in executive positions having to do with the management of business. Many Walsh graduates are certified public accountants engaged in profes- sional practice. Fall semester begins September II, 7939 Registration for fall classes may be made immediately upon graduation. Write or call for details about the practical courses and the distinctive methods of teaching. WALSH INSTITUTE A professional, coeducational school 120 MADISON AVENUE 0 DETROIT fill! liululrrrl lurn SUPIQEEMACV Um' lllllnllwl HlI'4't' Prepare for Business Good opportunities are available for those who have the necessary technical train- ing. Advancement will come in proportion to one's experience, ability and initiative. For a third of a century, under one continuous management, Them Business Institute has been successfully training young men and women for positions in business. The service of a state-licensed, free employment bureau is available for graduates perma- nently. Purchases of new equipment for thc students' use during the past fifteen months included more than 337,000.00 worth of new, latest model typewriters. A personal call will help you in choosing the right school for your business edu- cation. Schools at 3240 Gratiot, corner of Mackg at 5040 Icy Road. near Grand Riverg in Pontiacg and in Saginaw. THE BUSINESS NSTIT TE 220 BAGLEY, DETROIT ht,I1il'lligIlIl'X 1,III'gf'.Yl Igll.YiHl'SX and Sc'cr1'larinI School." Call, or Phone RAndolph 6534 For Prospectus All Work Guaranteed PLaza 5548 CENTRAL AUTO RADIATOR REPAIR ALL MAKES OF RADIATORS REPAIRED E. I. Furton 8315 Mack Ave. Detroit, Mich. RACQUETS RESTRUNG THOMAS KIRBY FI. 0408 1508 Parker 1939 ARROW Printed by HEITMAN- GARAND Compliments of A. F. SAPARA PHARMACY 2579 Van Dyke Corner Charlevoix Compliments of A FRIEND Buy on Easy Credit Terms at GARDNER-WHITE FURNITURE COMPANY 6309 Mack 7000 Fonkoll near Mt. Elliott near Livernois 5607 W. Fort near Iunction "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" One hundred four I. Hutlr 'Taylor assumes a terocious pose. 2. Mrs. Quinn with the remains of a picnic cake. 3. "The Three Mus- keteers" Grerrkowitz, Arclror, and Brinker. 4. Gloria Bell hutlerinq for Mary Renoui. 5. Helen Hasse as a wee Svotclr. lass. 6. Mrs. Bailey and daughter, Emily Lou. 7. Miss Einialt and the Williamsburq coachnian. 8. "Liz" 'Vernrnen doqqin' it. 9. "Infant" Martha Erwin. lO. "Thinker" Dixon in the proper pose. ll. Hedwig Lenz and lane Roelandt leavinq school. l2. Miss Einialt and Mrs. Callewart in their sprinq outfits. l3. Molly Cameron and Eliza, lieth Blalcer see the sea. 14. Sadie Marvin sitting hiqh and mighty. l5. Mr. Eisele strings 'em out. l6. Eileen Cziscthko and Charles Cressy trip the liqht fantastic l7. Harvey Maas, Cleo Svhailor, Helen Nielson, and Miss Freeland. IB. Mr. Churvhill and son relax in the sun. l9, An octette of beautiful lvelles. 20. The lnciiar' and Arrow staffs at Ann Arlwor under the rrraqnolia treo at the Martha Cook. f7llC lzumlrm' five CAdillat: 0716 A one-stop service station for your academic essentials RINGS INVITATIONS CAI.LlNG CARDS CAPS AND GOWNS PINS T. J. Wines Co. titlft-tittti MICHIGAN THEATRE BUILDING ts.xcat.Icv ,xr czkitxxn Rlvl-:R DETROIT, MICH. UNIFORMS Best Wishes DIPLOMAS SENIOR l'H0'l'0ILR.-XPHY from T. I. WINES CO. O Official stfolttlxta moons , SWEMNERS Cap and Gown Outfitters Mt2D.Axt,s ANI: 'l'R0l'HlliS fOr Eastern High School O "Ours is a Complete SC'T1'i!,I?H Try It and Be Convinced One hundred sir Iune Graduating Class MANUFACTURERS O DISTRIBUTORS 'fill l1ulnlrulxe'1v'1l PRACTICAL AVIATION INSTRUCTION For the layman, for the pilot, tor the mechanic and tor the ground school instructor, The Transport License Method oi specialized Aviation ln- struction has been published in Def troit since l030. lt is used in schools certificated by the Civil Aeronautics Authority, University Extension classes and oth- ers. lt is a very satisfactory pre-col- lege course of Aviation instruction. For Particulars Write THOMPSON AVIATION PUBLISHERS 8316 Woodward Avenue. Detroit frfti ' Registration Limited to High School Graduates and Those with College Training One-Year and Two-Year Courses in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL TRAINING Free placement service to our qraduatcs. Many Detroit firms depend entircly on The D. B. U. for office help. Established l850. Over 60,000 graduates. Finest of business college quarters, oc-. cupyinq the entire tenth floor of the Unitcrl Artists Building. Write or phone for catalog and applica- tion form. DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY United Artists Building RECORDS CHARVAT DECCA B UEBHD I O THE FLORIST I L i VCT R IACK O'CONNOR INC. QUALITY FLOWERS Stoves Washers Refrigerators Bendix Say lt With Flowers Radios Phonographs Mack at Sheridan SALES and SERVICE PLaza 4250 7231 Mack IV. 4813 When it's Paint-up time in Eastern, this is what happens i "Xt IE' AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Eastern High School - Eastern Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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