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Q 1 5' Q, g 32? QXX 1 . 'fb 57 fbi .65 V iv 551 1 iii v 5 y .V..V ,A ,A Q t A K 1 Lb V K f 1 4 9? f.' :' - P 55,3 O' is 5 K ' " xl 1, wit .Q ga 3? Aa if ,QIFF I Ulm, 5 , Y. v U P , f a- .un- I' is WI w UF ir- ' iw :ks Nh 1 slr! ,si .is Sw af, 1 . Qu' A ' I O5 "" -S' -1 ff S' vm' ' ' gvgf .L I 0 " .4 ur' nV,. ,AWN WS .- fa'- ", , Q fks " 'C ., fr 'eff ,L A 5 , " .Q - . 22 , ,'K A-' ,uf K v ,A D hd A , 5 0 Q Q v 3K . M 'of' ily, ' m.g':..1x-' . 'QQ' 7:5 ,sf s U 4 e 1' U ,tiipg K I C I i , , . 3 ,?'Sf' ls" 1522 R, :arch 'i 6 it ' A , -'ff 5' on 1 s 5' x 'fl' -J I 5 W I 5 6 :fi ,-A 1. fx' 'E ' +581- W 4 If V 4 .W fi ' 4 if 9 w iw A fi S .qw ,ex x li-' W AURORA I 975 I Volume 25 Easiern High School Greeniown. Indiana THE SWINGER. . . . . . .4-57 STUDENT LIFE SPORTS REVOLUTIONS . . . .... 58-87 ACADEMICS QR CLUBS TRANSPARENCIES . . . . . .88-I57 CLASSES Aos X ,,. V Mk, V f , 1- rv I 4 ' "QW -Nw Y W YNY' , X -ap M 1 4 M 1, V 2. , f ' 1 ' .ve - ,I-if 11 g M q 1 A W ' 'Jw 0 v M ff. Q P1 :fa-,N f ' AiHl'Wmm7' - I P1 K , A w :g . a ww W A ' Wiliflfx, Tgwmwlk MMM 1 am I 1. U, ,ln One of the many peaceful scenes in Green- town, It is usually easier for people not to do a thing than to do it. Taking an out instead of an in. Are the students of EHS more prone to taking outs rather than ins? This is a debatable topic. Seeing someone with an English book propped up and open on their desk does not really mean they are studying. ls there a magazine behind that book? An in or an out? An exciting ball game is a place for some to go when they are bored of homey for others it is a place to participate and show spirit for their team. Which one is it, an in or an out? This yearbook will attempt to show at Eastern the . . Ins and Outs ,f f'l .... , - W .- w" if ,gr ' '.-"j f f ,Z 'l Z 4-1-I I 1 I i K X' x' ff, 'THE SWINGER i A swinging door works both ways. As the academic year for 1974 drew to a close many seniors saw twelve years ot education drawing to a close. Gthers saw it as merely the beginning - college, a new job, a new future. In the midst of proms, graduation, and homecoming there was Iittle time for reflection. As a crowd ot students rushed through the door one way another group came rushing back as it began its return sweep. Those preparing to shut the door were met by those determined to open it. The ins and outs of student life - Come on in and take a look. I -izruv ' 'sf .Q M I 1 L ' .-. I ,I R .AN L4 '--xi Q-C7-a L+.-Q.-1 ::-oi .J---N -si.. -k-,,....,N,.. .i , -FQ ,Q - --Q-,-1. 1+-5... 1Q,., si-,is .5-'.-1-,Vi ""s"is Q1 fx!--A ,-Q -+-1- ,-,Y ...,.,,,-,.x,,-,A- fi- ....,. - ,-,XT -' "'i..,- an ,-.,, 'NL Long Hours and Hard Work September brought about the annual magazine sales for Juniors. Officers were elected and committees were chosen. Vice President Pami LaRowe started workin early January trying to put pieces together and keep things from falling apart. A band was chosen and each committee made their plea for more money. The entrance to the prom set the mood of a garden scene. MENU Moondrops Rainbow Ripple Pieces of April Love Potion ilr9 "Last one up is a Taylor Titan!" Real or not, the fountain added a special touch to the setting. Activities began at 3:05 on April 26 for Juniors with decorating until the early morning hours. Through all hardships, faithful sponsors, Mrs. Linda Wernke and Mr. Emmett Herr stuck by them. When crepe paper could not be found, all hopes were not abandoned. A mad trip to Kokomo resulted in a last minute purchase. When 12:30 struck on the clock, the everyday cafeteria was transformed into a beautiful garden. Finally, on April 28 this fabulous weekend ended. A great success for all involved. Truly, one of the nicest proms ever held at Eastern High School. Work, work, work! That's all I ever do! Refleciions of Love Couples enjoy dancing by candlelight, . . romantic couples, shimmering mirrors, pale lights, and love to remember tomorrow. l L. "Now remember, the fork goes on the left." Couples begin trickling in as the prom begins. MN. This is hovv the Junior-Senior Prom 1974 will be remembered. Seniors face graduation with varied emo- No one knew what to expect, except that everyone felt they were going to trip going up the steps. lt was hard to vis- ualize. They were leaving Eastern High School for good. As Sandy Shrock went upto receive her diploma, there were very few dry eyes in the crowd. They were all recalling the months of agony she went through after her accident. Now, there she was, graduating with the class of '74. Susan Murphy Cvaledictorianj and Randy Hainlen CSaIutatorianJ pro- nounced the farewell speech marking the class' last year at Eastern. For Seniors. End Marks New Beginning I V hw ..fN..ifw Mr. Seagrave hands Dan Echelbarger his diploma with hearty approval. Mr. Frakes master-minds the ceremonies. Even rain couIdn't dampen Cathy Grant's J graduation spirit. 3 L .4-. if , W, A , V .5 i, . , J,wf ff K :ik H A if m," f if . ff,L im Q, , , K H- x W5 ' ' - , F' Q sk' ffi, , in my , L H , ' u M, x X 1 An Active Week - Homecoming Thinking maybe they could wish a victory Jun- iors say, "Wishing Comets Well." Spirits are lifted by determined cheerleaders as victory is doubtful. Freshmen thought they could make the Eagles dance a jig in "All Eagles Can Do ls The Funky Chicken." Proving their ability, the band, in their new uniforms, gives an astounding performance. Excitement. Winners. Memories Tom Ftoseberry forges ahead for extra yard- age against Oak Hill. American Legion raises the traditional Cog- Coach Rice Comempmtes Comet S next den Flag. The over-capacity crowd of the homecoming game reflected the excitement felt by the students during homecoming week. The student council did a sensational job on activities for the annual event which included a Mr. Chest contest between the ball players, Sock-it-to-em Day, 5O's Day, Green and Gold Day, Hoe 'em down day, and the Slave Auction. Eastern's lovely Queen and her court could not have reigned over a more memorable game. The flag used at the game was the same flag that was used at the burial services of William Cogdell for whom the football field was named. offensive move. Opposite: 1974 Homecoming Court. Stand- ing: Robin Julius, Senior Queen Candidate, Jeannie Hendricks, Freshman Princess, Traci Streavel, Junior Princess. Seated: Deb- bie Molino, Senior Queen Candidate, Pami LaFiowe, 1974 Homecoming Queen, Jane Harden, Sophomore Princess. Y ' di ,A . 'ffm-, 'xi' 3 ig, ' K , f -I f'-' ' 1 , ' . .' -W" 'K , x , . fc 51' .f i ,5 M. 11 ' 3 , rf '- '- , -' :.4:.., , H , ...'N':-...:::: ww, 1'- I V ,. Q V M, Vg jx N f. K' vi ..,, . I : , 2 2 , J 'O :W il t. - - . - . -Q. .... 3 "1v Q ' , .,.,.. L A.A.lA -, .,.., - ., . ,, ., W C - xl, Q-S3 !:,:fl1 415 'ji Urffff 4 7 3-.f , . .'.'j ' 55. A mf 5: , ff - 'f ' 'fffu -pf f ,L t -' 'dxf' "u . -1' . ,4,.,,'l Y-,1,,I-X, , 3 , W 1 .- ." , W A 5' 'Tj' .. A '1' A sTf"5"11fi - ,:QQi- f' ' '-. 'wg' ,1 N - X .- ,,.", - ,n fp, .tv inmfxx . 5 ,J Dj, A1f':v,f -.,1a,.: H ,fxif Q 2 1, w '. 1 -.1 'Q' - , .ali 4 ff- 4 if V' ., f ,- ' N - f v L- K J V, -I ' ' .. , K' v,f,,'i wif..-.lV,4 V K F, .I A . .. .- QM ,, ,t -'-. . v.. 'j ,.- .:.-. V A H., ,g.... .4 ,fr-if! if a"P -V ' PQ 'J 'NTN5 . -.i'1gI,g.f-gf-Af. l l-22:3-x - :ff Jw.. S: ' ' 1 xf "' I ' ' . 2 'gg ' f -2-3331133 3:12122 .22 552. ," . 1 f' ' 7 ' '-I g- J L':"'!1i, 7. ' 7'. Q ' A , X' 75' . '- , -" f' . ' v, f.. - V - X , 1, ,, ,if .5 .4 I . .L . . , , , ,H . ff? ' ',. ' '- 4: je b nls- A 2-'Y f f 1 41 '. -. . a Q 'Q tx-ern' .. - : . ' . ' ' ' u - K. ' - 1' -' . ,1'.'2L. HI b . J- -1. 3'3'30gg,,, " -- X pq -. , -Zur.. A '-.L.4,.1,.vz,:'.-Y : www ., A v ..-' q ' 915' - 1X'v"f1-'- 1 "' 1 .' ' . 'S---'iff 559 - 1231235-,'.1' .J u M K ' .Q-.Wa P v,.",::'.Q-H ' 1' ,.o-filvif. - A 5 . 'ri 'R l , x . -. . , 4 - 4- ,v ' . ' .. - ' 7'-.--' --.-'.-1 vi' ZT"f,1i'g11' tn-E5-Sig. 'x , ., -. . t ,- ' Q , . Q. - L "wg-J: .-'-.1-:f 3.55134 . .-51 ' . .21 ' .' r 5 fn. i Y .-'7.v,,':- o Z-'-l. 5 ng.: 4 4' :. Q Q , 'Y 1 .--'nf -,.z'.5,1 1:1 k mi .H wk . :-. 2 'X Q - 1:-wx -z-,-.gf .asv - ff--az-, :ss ':. Q. - . ' A ' ,'.'."n. V- ' 'S' "v Q . y- ul' 2' 1 . - if -1+ 1 '-' .-:.- ' rx: :' -F. 33255 s if ,j 3 ",.,4-. JA. 'Q I ,fy v- . 1-.' 1 ' .1-1. 4'-cw--frzq 'S-as -1'--L '-593 . " :W ffffieg:-'rff g e ' j ',',qx'?- lg Ay", ji gt- fx. 4:3 v Af,-3 '93 1,1 tgp 32 " 4, ' ","Y",l'c' -.'ig1,:5- Q. .3113 wg, '2g,'I.g2. r J ' ' -. ,ng.".Lh1N:'-4 .1 1 'illjig Q." ' V:.uj'fp!l:. 4' 1 A .' 5-I , . , N. at I , 4 ,mol ,fl . ,Q .1 .y 5, 1 --,-HFC b" TPL ,"y. 'f1'2.'jrj., - V . . 'rg 52: ' f - . ' 1-'Z' -'C-",..".-' ' " ' ff: J: 2 uf.. gf .--.,--, -Q, 49' 19,33- W J - , ' 51- -'fEc4"-"..- 1? , :riff ' '." 3'."'- " -'. P QQ' 4" 'ff 51' .' ', ,'5,- !"h.. K 'L 'f. '1' g'4g:.vf"-':1"1:11Q'1 , ' ' u .R . ' l- Q , .1-'G .' V3-if 'fqfrf' 5- fr"-'."4 1 ,,,'?p1'-:+f,-ff" " ' - , tk Q - , . -. ,gf 1- - uw- 0- --'f.:"'ft'Aef-f '74 - Bad Year for Farmers The creek went down so far, cars could drive where water once stood. The year of the drought. Many farmers labeled '74 as one of the worst years for crops. But it was not only the drought during the summer months which proved fatal to crops. As the worn cliche goes, "when it rains it pours." Spring came with an abundance of rain that made planting a near impossibility. Farmers patiently - and then impatiently watched the sky for a sign of relief. Relief came - and came - and came. -we The dry spell lasted throughout the summer, strickening crops and the entire area. "Green" town was no more. Then, as if the drought were not enough, an early killing frost left many farmers with only half of their crops to harvest. For the final devastating touch the rains returned. October stretched into November and still the rain continued. lt was a year many people would not forget - especially the farmer. In stark contrast to the picture on the oppo- site page, the creek rolls gently along, filled to its banks with pure, clean, unpolluted water. A farmer keeps his lonely vigil knowing in the back of his mind there is always the chance of crop lailure. .. ...mu il The seeds in the ground but nothing's A well-known landmark in Greentown, the comin' Up, MCQUlSlOl'lfal'lT1. 441 , 'li Seniors in D.C. With plenty of "No Doz" on hand we boarded a D. C. 10 ready for our flight to Washington D.C. Despite the rain, the trip proved to be both educational as well as entertaining. We saw such interesting sites as the White House, the Capitol Building, the Smithsonian Institute, and the exact spot where Fannie Fox made her famous dive into the Tidal Basin. As we headed back for Greentovvn we realized some of the advantages of a small town. A solitary guardsman keeps his vigilance Wide-eyed Seniors take in the Capitol. The trip itself was comfortable. "Wow! ls this neat! What is it?" EHS Seniors Displag Leadership Ray Ashcralt, Dan Countryman, Terry Seagrave, Marty Eagle. Jan Patterson and Gayle Froelich were 1974 Hoosier Girls' State delegates. Alternates were Bethany Oyler and Pami La Rowe. Dan Countryman and Ray Ashcratt were chosen as Boys' State delegates. Marty Eagle and Terry Seagrave were alternates. The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors the programs each year where participants are taught responsibilities of American citizenship. Feelings ran high all week, and a few tears shed upon arrival as well as departure. The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award is awarded each year to a senior girl. The faculty votes on the girls according to their dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. The winner then takes a test based on these four qualities. This test is graded along with the tests of other D.A.Fi. winners in the country. The girl with the highest test score may then compete for the state title. Gayle Froelich, Bethany Oyler, Pami LaRowe, Jan Patterson. Recipient ot DAP, award Pami La Flowe. Qludenl Council Promotes New Ideas for 74-75 Seniors - Bottom Row L-R: Jan Patterson, Matt Clouser, Marsha McLochIin, Jeff Nesbit, Bethany Oyler, Brad Winger. Juniors - Jeff Lantz, Karen Bohnke, Jill Duncan, Reed McKinney. 33575 kv Sophomores - Charles Treber, Susan Bargerhuff, John Bagwell, Paula Cranor, Kitty Froelich, Kyle McQuistOn. Freshman - Leanne Oyler, Gabe Eagle, Kathy Teter, Bob Wray, Cindy Eikenberry, Brad Callis. Standing: Pam Horoho, Pres., Mrs. Dillon, Sponsor. Jeff Nesbit, Treas.g Bethany Oyler, Sec., Pam Horoho, Pres., Susan Bargerhuff, Corres. Sec., Eric Poland, Parl.g Brad Winger, Sgt. at Arms, Judy Mason, Vice Pres. Cabsentj. A Difficult but Successful Year The Eastern Student Council in session. The 1974-75 Student Council was very active throughout the entire year. Some of their accomplishments were as follows: An orientation day for new students to become acquainted with the school before it takes up, Homecoming week and all the preparations involved in making it a success, M I C victory dance which was free to everyone, Fifties day and dance, and they approved a new way of cheerleading try-outs. Also this year the student council worked closely with the administration and the student body, constantly seeking ways of improving our present school system. -.NNN 2 f XM F , 'S 1'1.,I RY K ', QM kr . 5 M xv. bJ , :Si X Q1 5, fs sys. - -. xg 5 s 4 an K .Clip W, 4 v 5' P S 1 s as S I W Pi A LC :H- , ,,.:5yf, ,sg 1- i A . XM i ,Xi xx u z..f:z:k K. lb . nj fx xxx Q: . Q. 1 1 Rn. t Q ,,f w X 5 f R K , X .,.. .15 A S QL Q X X 5 . X X X Ri x Y:,.,,, + X QW.: Q 2 N, -g.' X 's' k'Q12 . xifkifn Q- Hr ,v:i.PY .1 km' Y ' 'V is E' xi 4 ' vii! 'Q .vi 3 . Liifeif-7 5 A ' ' R K K .NN :Z ,Sf x x ur H I E L .dx fa in-a hw lr Greentown may be small, but to the people who live and work here, it's one of the best places in the world. Many of the young people, while in school, often are impatient to leave and get away from such a small town. These feelings are understandable since everyone at some time in their lite gets that "wanderlust" to see the world. But, after a while, most of those young people return at least to visit if not to settle down and raise a family of their own. Then, it seems, Greentown is not such a small town after all. lt is a place where people can walk down the street safely and greet the people they pass with a friendly "Hello" Hutto's - one of the more frequented estab- lishments in Greentown. Three very important institutions in towng all under one roof. Familiar Places and To students, many fond memories linger around the local drive-in. riendlg Faces At the soda fountain, many things take place. Farmers discuss crops and the weather, stu- dents talk about grades, and young lovers exchange shy glances, Bill Lamb on one of his daily excursions to town tor some needed supplies tor school. 5- X .i Where it all happens. Cogdell Field, home of the Fighting Comets. Comets Get Moral Support The girls' Yellblock, sponsored this year by Mrs. Nicholson, supplied the fundamental scream power necessary at any good sports event. Numbering around seventy, the girls really added to the feverish pitch of the basketball games and kept things from getting dull when the Comets were behind. Their constant support and loyalty will not be forgotten. Another section of fans less appealing but just as vocal, was the boys cheer block referred to in the past as the "Dirty Thirty." Although the group seems to have grown in size, somehow the name still seems very appropriate. Nonetheless, the boys did a good job of maintaining school spirit and morale when the going got tough. Girls' Yellblock - Due to problems of time and planning, the picture quality is not very good - editor's note. Boys' Cheerblock - Small but very potent. Barb Bannon and Marcia Miller prepare for a big game. 26 --.Q ,"" Qu? E also stands for excellence in Monopoly. "E" ls for Excellence The E Club is a group of young men who honored Eastern by their fine ability in the field of sports this year. To become a member, one must earn a major letter or have worked as a manager. lt is a special group of athletes and something that all young men at Eastern strive for. Randy Foland was this year's recipient of the Craig Poland attitude award. Randy was selected as the athlete who most typified the attitude, stamina, and character which makes up the ideal athlete. This award had a special significance for Randy since it was his brother for whom the award was named. Congratulations Randy! E Club members with sponsors Mr Pat terson, Mr. Rice and Mr, Dedaker Randy Foland - best attitude in sports Foreign Exchange Students GUILLERMO LEON Guillermo made his home with the Ken- neth Ashcraft family where he immediately found himself right at home. He loves pizza and the party- going that comes with it. JOAO ARCOS Joao was with us the shortest time of the three exchange students, but his infectious smile and friendly manner will not quickly be for- gotten. Joao's home away from home was the the James Riley family. He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. LUIS MARTINS Luis is also from Brazil but his home is in the city of San Salvador. The Donald Cranor's welcomed Luis to their home, where he felt right at home and fit in like he had al- ways been there. Feel Righl at Home lt is a fantastic ex- perience to be an exchange student or to accommodate one. A time of sharing and benefit- ing from each others traditions and customs greatly enrich the lives of all involved. We feel that these three exchange students were exceptionally warm and receptive and they won't easily be forgotten. Guillermo and Ken pose for the Aurora cam- era. .F X Q K . raft? wx M Sf'?"1"igv wi X my .-'MQW ,, 1 ik, eq--14, , X N 355 -.,,. Joao seems to enjoy American History Luis finds the center staircase a relaxing North American that is place. Eastern 75 Southwood 52 Eastern 95 Tri-Central 32 Eastern 79 Western 48 Eastern 59 Maconaquah 68 Eastern 80 Taylor 47 Eastern 57 Madison Grant 70 Whites 52 Western Relays Second Place Howard County Second Place Oak Hill Relays Class B First Place MIC Fourth Place Oak Hill Canceled Randy Foland, MVP, running his specialty, low hurdles Pete, where's the fire? School Records High Hurdles - Denny Middlesworth '60,15:08 'f' Low Hurdles - Randy Foland '74,20.7 'i'40O yd. Dash - Brad Winger '74,10.0 220 yd. Dash - Brad Winger '74, Jim Pickett '64 Greg Ellis '71,22.7 'it440 yd. Dash - Monte Stout '74,53.6 880 yd. Dash - Murel Hannah '69,2:02.4 Mile Run - Tony Monize '73,4:38.5 Two Mile Run - Greg Spangler '70,10:16.2 t'Discus - Mike Nesbit '74 149' 11" Shot Put -Art Hammond '69,50' lO'A" High Jump - Dan Hill '68, 6'V2" Pole Vault -Ted Hullinger '69,12'8W' Long Jump - Chuck Fawcett '57,2l 'l OSA" ' Mile Relay - Kemp, McQuiston, Alexander, Stout '74,3:36.9 , 880 Relay - Foland, Roseberry, Winger, Nesbit '74,l :34.0 'idenotes new school record re ay: wir , ,. , .Ia QQ ,,,...qNij We're all created equal, then Eric and Brad eye the finish, Seven New School Records Highlight Season L'-.., 'Q- Front: Coach Frakes, Kyle McOuiston, Ev Alexander, Monte Stout, Pete Kemp, Brad Winger, Joe Monize. Second: Jeff Rund, Chuck Renbarger, Tom Roseberry, Kim Lawson, Jim Farley, Randy Poland, Mike Nesbit, Jim Chase. Third: Steve Copp, Jeff Frazier, John Perkins, Mgr., Rex Honeasg Mgr., John Geary, Dwayne Eagle, Joe Harvey. Fourth: Marvin Lorenz, Chuck Shane: Mgr., Brent Marner, Eric Foland, Gary Etchison, Mike Horoho, John Bagwell, Brent Greene, Back: Coach Herr, Coach Rice, Mike Nesbit in his winning form. Jeff Runding the mile. Seven new school records made a difference for the 4 - 2 season end. The team placed first in the class B Oak Hill Relays, second in the Western Relays and Howard County track meet, and fourth in MIC. A personal triumph came to Mike Nesbit and Randy Poland as they finished fourth and second respectively in their fields at the sectional. Both were in the regional and did a fine job representing Eastern. Mike threw his best, a 149' 11", but still didn't place. Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Jett Frazier - MVP - Shown doing his "thing". Eric Foland and Brent Marner taking the pay- off in the Pro Am East-West meet. Cross Country Season 45 Oak Hill 19 Maconaquah 55 35 Hamilton Heights 20 44 Taylor 19 50 Western 15 19 Whites 43 27 Maconaquah 29 32 Southwood 23 25 Sheridan 30 24 Marion Bennett 31 28 Lewis Cass 27 35 Tri-Central 20 The Varsity was 4-7 for the season. Jeff Frazier was named Most Valuable Player. Five Jkets were earned at the close ofthe season along with three major letters. The team was fourth in - Howard County, sixth in both the MIC, and the Northfield Invitational. The Reserve Squad ended with a 5-3 record. They placed fourth in the 32 Howard County and fifth in the MIC. I T 3. . fi' . Front: Tony Jarrett, Eric Foland, Kent Young, Kirk Cogdell, Ray Sparling, Lawrence Hensley, Marvin Lorenz. Back: Brent Marner, Jeff Frazier, Charlie Renbarger, Dave Clemans, Jerry Pontius, Rex Honeas, Mike Clark, Coach Frakes - not shown. Swim Timers and Lifeguards Backbone of Pool Timers are kept busy with the boy's , swim meets and the girl's. This year the boys timed for the girls and the girls timed for the guys. Running with times, using that index finger, and dropping a rope are just a few of the odd jobs performed by this "elite" group. The lifeguards were busy watching elementary and middle school kids splash around and occasionally go under. Front: Robin Blair, Diane McGuire, Pam Horoho, Marsha McLochlin, Terri Lockhart, Anita Summers, Jan Patterson, Jo Ann lmbler, Joanie Jarrett. Back: Sherri Horn, Julie Kistler, Suzanne Baxter, Tami Duncan, Judy Mason, Jill Duncan, Jan Bannon, Bethany Oyler, Joanne Baxter, Susan Bargerhuff, Debbie Rund. 1 Front: Randy Wimmer, Kent Young. Back: Keith Kubicek, Dale Hoff, Mark Harris, Bill Rose, Scott Harper. Front: Mark Bardsley, Terri Lockhart, Michelle Miller, Bill Rose. Back: Judy Mason, Mark Cass, Pam Horoho, Mark Harris, Jan Patterson. Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern A returning squad which consisted of all underclassmen brought about the first win in tive years tor Eastern. This being Coach Patterson's first year, he was quite proud. Mike Howell was MVP. This being his returning lettermen, this next spring could 220 Western 181 188 Tri-Central 182 188 Hamilton Heights 212 19O Taylor 169 493 Cass 444 Northwestern 419 197 Maconaquah 155 367 Oak Hill 329 MIC Eighth -Howard County Fourth Comets Capture First Elusive Win MVP Mike Howell looking fora birdie? second year for the award. With tive bring about a winning season. Jack Haines swinging at the wind. Whatcha smokin' Mike? f' Front: Bill McLochIin, Mike Clark, Lowell Parson, Marty Back: Steve lmbler, Phil Petty, Larry Middleton, Mike Smith, Mark Bardsley, Scott Harper. Howell, Dan Minnich, Jack Haines, Andy Kistler, Coach Patterson. Monte shows him the "stout" slide, ss r 7 V f -- ,t ,Q 1 Z o .t., r ,If ., at , gf: ,Rwgg , Easlern Places Four on All-MIC Team Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Varsity Baseball 2 Northwestern 3 5 Clinton Prairie 4 9 Clinton Prairie 4 1O Madison Grant 3 3 Hamilton Heights 4 1 Taylor 9 9 Northwestern 6 4 Cass 5 2 Cass 4 4 Tri-Central 3 1 Kokomo 3 O Oak Hill 3 10 Tri-Central 1 7 Maconaquah 6 5 Western 4 5 Northwestern 2 1 Cass 4 1 Southwood 7 7 Madison Grant 3 3 Oak Hill 7 O Taylor 10 tidenotes MIC games Front: Bruce Foland, Busty Parsons, Frank Brown, Pete Kemp, John Ellis, Eric Poland. Second: Matt Clouser, Shane Butler, Daryl Beachy, Marty Eagle, Greg Beachy, Brad Winger. Back: Coach Dedaker, Len Hainlen, Monte Stout, Brad Riley, Terry Kingseed, Andy Kistlerg Mgr., Coach Patterson. Frank Brown reaching for - his shoelace. Having a winning season in MIC play, helped in placing 4 guys on the all-MIC team. Marty Eagle was on the first team with Frank Brown, and Terry Kingseed making the second team, while Brad Biley made honorable mention. The season overall was 10-1 1 with many outstanding players. Frank Brown had a total of 22 hits with a batting average of .354. Marty Eagle stole 24 bases without getting caught and had the most errors. Brad Riley had 12 BBl's and a fielding average of .993 ln the sectional the team won its first game against Tri-Central and gave the crowd an exciting game against Kokomo, but lost 3-1 . The reserve team went 3-5 and had just as many outstanding players. Eric Foland had a batting average of .416 and Monte Stout 319. Marty giving his opponents the "Eagle" eye -"'F""" -- ' -voted as MVP. Front: Carey Beachy, John Ellis, Eric Foland, Bill Mcl.ochlin, Chris Marine. Second:Greg Beachy, Monte Stout, Reed McKinney, Robin Kendall, Scott Harper. Back? Coach Patterson, Jeff Lantz, Len Hain- len, Jerry Pontius, Chuck Shane, Charles Treber, Coach Dedaker, absent- Don Armstrong. Front: Captains - Brad Winger, Pete Kemp, Marty Eagle. Second: Greg Harper, mgr,, Jim Farley, Robin Kendall, Mike Ballard, Brad Riley, Daryl Beachy, Gary King, Matt Clouser, Ray Ashcraft, Andy Kistler, Dan Countryman, Mike Myers, mgr. Third: Rick Rife, Tom Roseberry, Jett Childs, John Geary, Len Hainlen, Frank Brown, Robin Riggs, Terry Kingseed, Jim Heinzman, Kevin Hannah, Jim Chase, Monte Stout, Jay Harper, mgr. Fourth: Marty Smithg trainer, Jack Haines, Ev Alexander, Chuck Hewitt, Rick Auten, Gary Etchison, John Ellis, Tony Myers, Charles Treber, Kyle McOuiston, Stan Horner, John Bagwell, Coach Rice. Fifth: Dan Minnich, mgr. Coaches - Patterson, Dedaker, Herr, Crow, Dave Matchett, mgr., Jay Echelbarger, trainer. VARSITY Comet Awards MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Marty Eagle if oFFEivslvE BACK Brad Winger OFFENSIVELINEMAN L T . . 5 'Qi o ns ff' D. N4 T 2 Fi U l 3 Q in 2 m Z g R 'U 4 '-4 QD 93 Z CD U 1: E E+ co F5 I 3 nw m Q 9: 8 0 F: KD YTI CD fn S 2 'Q un 3 3 2 Fn CD J: U 53 Z VJ cn ns CD O 3 'i,4' , ,,WMM,,,,, Rl 2 Winning . Winning Clouser rushes in to see il he can be of any assistance, Amazed players stream in to observe this dif- ferent style ol somersaulting. Comels Dominale Hey Brad -there seems lo be something in your way. MIC Team OFFENSE Jim Farley Brad Winger Brad Riley DEFENSE Bay Ashcraft Jim Chase Marty Eagle Pete Kemp PLACE KICKER Terry Kingseed HONORABLE MENTlON Mike Ballard Blok Auten Daryl Beachy Jack Haines Gary King Terry Kingseed watches the ref "do Gods work", , A Ashcraft invents a newtangled version of the t ' 44 2 twist. 2 3 S iigli-1 gg 'X N4 All-Counlg. MIC Teams All-Countg OFFENSE Brad Biley Mike Ballard Pete Kemp Daryl Beachy Brad Winger CDetensive Player of the Yearb DEFENSE Jim Chase Flay Ashcraft Marty Eagle Gary King SPECIALIST Terry Kingseed HONORABLE MENTION Rick Auten Jack l-laines Jim Farley Ev Alexander Jeff Childs Chuck Hewitt Matt Clouser Famous "Comet Rumble" before MIC vic- tory game against Cass. W Willard Rice - head coach ofthe winning Comet team. JAMBOREE AST 26 WEST 13 astern Hamilton Heights 6 O astern Maconaquah 28 14 astern Northwestern 7 O astern Tri-Central 43 O astern Southwood 7 O astern Western 41 O astern Oak Hill 35 8 astern Clinton Prairie 55 O astern Lewis Cass 20 14 OT astern Taylor 25 6 IC MIC Champs!! 10-O record and a rip-off to the state play-offs. Winning, a Comet football tradition seems to come easy for Eastern. The jamboree was won by the East which showed part of the Comet Power. Maconaquah gave Eastern a challenge but the Rat Patrol came to its defense. The next four games were shut-outs which built a season total of six. The Defense allowed only an average of 4.2 points per game. A standing room only crowd witnessed the Comets roll over Oak Hill for a Homecoming victory. Lewis Cass, being the only "king" in the way to the MIC Crown, gave the fans quite a scare. The game ended with everyone off their seats and on the field. For the first time at Eastern a "sudden death" overtime was used. The refs called, within inches, the Comets victors. The season ended with the Comets beating an old rival, Taylor. Then an unheard Garret goes to the play- offs by .5 points over Eastern in our district. What a rip-off! Seventh Have Winning Season Like Varsitg Junior Varsity - Front: Gabe Eagle, Kyle McQuiston, Brad Burton, John Bagwell, Dwayne Eagle, Mike Sullivan, Bill McLochIin, Terry Etchison, Greg Eagle. Second: Tim Fennell, David Harper, Bob Wray, Andy Weaver, Dustin Dewitt, Steve Ellis, Stan Horner, Mark Bardsley, Kim Lawson. Third: Mark Voorhis, Mike Farley, Chris Holman, Larry Flook, Bill Bose, Bill Heinzman, Rick Penrod, John Stepler. Fourth: Scott Harper, Charles Treber, Mike King, Gene Northcutt, Rex LaRowe, Coach Dedaker. Seventh grade had a 5-O season with three shut-outs. Being their first year, this had to be an exciting one. The seventh began their possible football tradition early in their school years. The eighth was 1-4, and improvement over last year's O-5 record. The reserve squad did not keep a record but had a losing season of 2-5. The reserves at Eastern are mostly freshmen. This puts them against guys a year or more older from the opposing teams. Coach Dedaker and Herr believe experience is the best for the guys, so everyone gets to enjoy the rough and tumble sport. Jay Echelbarger, trainer, is the guy for keep- ing the Comets altogether. 44 WVJJRK, Front: Fred King, Sid Little, Doug Cogdell, Mike Perkins, Ken Shiffler, Robert Farrell, Gary Middlesworth, David Eikenberry. Second: Mike Wright, Matt Williams, Charles Hannah, Mark Lyons, Bob Blair, Jett Sheridan, Coach Crow, David Murphy, John Kuhn, Brian Hott. Third: Bill Johnson, Jim Blankenship, Gregg Roush, Lloyd Lorenz, Rick Stout, Tim Carter, Rick Davis, Lyle Land. EIGHTH GRADE. Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern EIGHTH 0 Northwestern 20 6 Western 36 8 Taylor 0 12 Northwestern 24 0 Elwood 20 SEVENTH 22 Northwestern0 8 Western6 1 4 Taylor 6 24 Northwestern 0 20 Elwood 0 735 Front: Brian Stephenson, Brian Belt, Danny Lawson, Jody Wilson, Gary Kimmel, Richie Braunellar, Scotty Reid, Matt Kistler, Joel Harlan, Rod Parker, Dennis Keith. Second: Randy Brough, Kenny Vint, Todd Duncon, John' Simpson, Todd Harvey, Eddie Hen- drix, mgr., Ricky Shaw, Coach Patterson, Rex White, mgr., Mark Sullivan, Eddie Mar- ner, Ronnie Reed, Jeff Guest, Bud Hendricks. Third: Rick Kanable, Carl Hackenbracht, Eddie Shannonhouse, Steve Eagle, Rusty Weaver, Roger Dill, Mike Marine, Dean Hill, Keith Zook, Lyle Myers, Mike Bardsley, Mike Wise, Stan Horn, Rich Miller. SEVENTH GRADE. Girls Displag Athletic Skills Marsha McLochlin looks for a teammate to pass to after ripping down a rebound. Row One: Pam Horoho, Marsha McLochIin, Jan Patterson, Jo Ann Imbler, Ellen Land, Karen Krapf, Jody Hummel. Row Twor Patty Shaw, Patti Marner, Kim Brown, Becky Middleton, Becky Pierson, Connie Bales. Row Three: Miss Kistler, Jo Ann Baxter, Brenda Davis, Suzanne Baxter, Susan Bargerhutt, Kris Alexander, Jan Bannon, Janice Graber. Row Four: Anita Sum- mers, Myra Middlesworth, Kim Brubaker, Diane Frakes, Theresa Yeagley, Diana McGuire. Row Five: Rhonda Dryer, Charlotte Reynolds, Suzanna Soots, JoAnn Kindle, Anne Adams, Flisa Lyons, Sally Bargerhutt, Cathy Johnson. in Mang G.A.A. Activities Fihonda Dryer tires a jump shot over the out- stretched arms of Marsha McLochlin as Suzanne Soots watches the action. I give up! I give up! GAA provided an escape for the girls ot Eastern l-ligh. An escape from school work, boys, and their conventional roles as "frail, delicate things." Once again the meeker sex proved they have what it takes to compete and compete well. Activities such as basket- ball, volleyball, football, and softball headed the list of events scheduled forthe girls. In addition, gymnastics, bowling, and skating provided a pleasant change from the ordinary. The program this year at Eastern was a great success, however, now the girls want to take the guys on in a friendly game of tackle checkers -look out fellas. Brent Marner and Jeff Childs MVP's for 1975 Front: Brent Marner, Eric Foland, Brad Winger, Monte Stout, Ed Novinger. Second: Coach Patterson, Terry King- seed, Jeff Childs, Jim Chase, Bay Ashcraft, Len Hainlen, Coach Emmett Herr. Many things make up a winning team - coach, team, and student body. When all these work together then a victory comes on top. But tor the Comets something was missing. A good coach? no, a good team? no, a good spirit-filled crowd? Well, no, especially the boys yell block. Maybe Lady Luck left us out this year. The team was 8-13 for the season. Brent Marner and Jeff Childs were Most Valuable Players. These two also were selected for the MIC team - Jeff was Honorable Mention. Brent was leading scorer and was 13-13 in MIC scoring in free throws. Jeff was next in scoring. Len Hainlen was top rebounder with 166 total. Bay Ashcraft was next in line with a 146 total. 48 Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Brent Mar rebound 80 45 72 47 57 55 73 64 50 55 55 59 59 48 68 53 74 53 62 51 51 Hel' Madison-Grant 74 COTJ 2 Hamilton Heights 81 Carroll 99 Western 50 Wabash 81 Oak Hill 62 Tri-Central 69 Clinton Prairie 57 COTJ North Miami 55 Maconaquah 61 Northwestern 82 Taylor 56 Sheridan 48 Clinton Central 61 Eastbrook 79 Lewis Cass 46 Northfield 59 Northwestern 80 Southwood 57 Taylor 86 Maconaquah 55 - MVP - Junior, trie sfora ins gtg Announcing: Worsi Sporismanship-lik 9 'X .Q x s. .- s. wf E Q . Q E x ,g Ar Jeff Childs - MVP, Senior - watch the elbow-in-chest foul to do his falling bit. Cond ucfof 9 5 - Lewis Cass 1 Eff ' 1 ff, K5 a . ., mfie f - , gf , , 'P' cm .115 it 7 iw Yi 4 . sw 12' f Q V 12' V' N x ,f xl W 53? s 3+ ggsffs J , My Y K ,. KAJ ll In N " ' A 'J , 'f 4' fi , s 'gi f s ,gf . rf K 'X W W, N M L n 1 J f "1' :Hifi Q '7 xr' h M f 1' -. " ' , X Q V F 2 fr' V . --Q. I , 1. x xv - X .., A 'H,3g.,., . .. A . " ' s X4-v-N-fa , , , gg J? Reserves Break Season Record I5-5 l RESERVES Eastern Madison Grant 39 Eastern Hamilton Heights 38 Eastern Carroll 44 Eastern Western 45 Eastern Wabash 49 Eastern Oak Hill 40 Eastern Tri-Central 45 Eastern Clinton Prairie 49 Eastern North Miami 30 Eastern Maconaquah 28 Eastern Taylor 31 HCT Eastern Western 37 HCT Eastern Marion Adams 24 Eastern Clinton Central 34 Eastern Eastbrook 33 Eastern Lewis Cass 44 Eastern Northfield 44 Eastern 32 Northwestern 43 Eastern 56 Southwood 26 Eastern 59 Taylor 50 Front: Bill McLochlin, Rex LaRowe, Lyle Hainlen, Bret Echelbarger, Brad Burton. Second: Coach Herr, Larry Flock, Charles Treber, Jerry Smith, Dave Clemans, Brent Greene. The reserve squad broke a school record in season wins according to Coach Herr. The B-team was 15-5, the best of all teams in Eastern. Ed Novinger was top scorer with a 10.6 avg., Dave Clemans was close behind with a 10.2 avg. Ed also was leading rebounder and in assists. Dave had the best free throw avg. Rex LaRowe had best field goals avg. Ed, Monte Stout, and Eric Foland played both B-team and varsity, doing an excellent job on each. The freshmen did have some trouble. They were 1-1 1 . Some of last year's players did not participate so Coach Rice had a restructure year. Terry Etchison and Gabe Eagle averaged 10 pts. apiece and Terry was leading rebounder. Front: Chris Hipp, Greg Harper, Bart Stephenson, Terry Etchison, Mark Long, Gabe Eagle. Second: Mike Myers mgr., Tim Penrod, Dustin Dewitt, Greg Eagle, Dewayne Lamb, mgr. Third: Coach Rice, Kirk Cogdell, Phil Rund, Gene Northcutt, Jeff Martin, Mark Voorhis. Front: Larry Smith, Gary Middlesworth, David Eikenberry, Brian Mast, Dan Murphy, Stacy Barnett. Second: Rick McCombs, Ken Kreps, Curt Silvey, John Kuhn, Lyle Land, Matt Wil- liams, Glen White. Third: Coach Dedaker, Rick Stout, Joe Sartain, Tim Carter, Gregg Roush, Rick Davis. EIGHTH Eastern 60 41 ClintonCentraI Eastern 45 60 Oak Hill Eastern 56 34 Windtall Eastern 46 49 Taylor Eastern 46 40 Northwestern Eastern 35 37 Western COD Eastern 52 38 Maconaquah Eastern 89 27 Sharpsville Eastern 77 29 Windfall Eastern 41 20 Taylor CHCTJ Eastern 30 37 Northwestern CHCTJ The Eighth grade had a winning season of 7-4. Fary Middlesworth had a FG avg. of .500 and a FT avg. of .733. The team's scoring average was 55.3, part of the reason tor a successful season. The Seventh grade had a 2-8 record and the B- teams for each grade had 0-5 and 4-2 records respectively. Coach Nicholson felt his team did a fine job losing many of their games by only one point. Eighth Grade Has 7-4 Season SEVENTH ..A,. Eastern 28 61 Western Eastern 52 29 Windiall Eastern 30 Taylor Eastern 43 Northwestern Eastern 51 Western Eastern 42 Sharpsville Eastern 52 Maconaquah Eastern 53 Oak Hill Eastern 21 Windfall Eastern 41 Taylor HB.. Eastern 21 Western Eastern 42 Taylor Eastern 40 Northwestern Eastern 25 Western Eastern 25 Maconaquah Eastern 23 Oak Hill it 1511! .x I " F Front: Troy Burnette, mgr., Brian Belt, Matt Kistler, Scottie Reed, Brian Hamilton, Eddie Hendrix, Mgr. Second: Chip Powell, Mark Sullivan, Dennis Keith, Kenny Vint, Brian Ste- phenson, Roger Dill, Todd Harvey. Third: J. Michael Marine, Ed Marner, Jeff Guest, Ron Reed, Dean Hill, Terry Corder, Nick Hipp. Fourth: Coach Nicholson, Stan Horn, Lyle Myers, Mike Wise, Mike Bardsley, Keith Zook, Rich Miller, Coach Clair. Cheerleaders Keep on "Keepin' On" YELL!! came the command from the cheerleaders, and with such force that most everyone did. Screaming, yelling, jumping up and down, getting mad at the people who didn't yell - that's what our cheerleaders' total energy went for at our games. To help them better their abilities, the varsity squad spent an exhausting week during the summer in Kentucky doing exercises, memorizing chants and motions, and learning hovv to get along with cheerleaders from opposing teams. The "Boogie Down People," otherwise known as our junior varsity squad, went to Franklin College for a busy five days for their further instruction in the art of leading yells. lt was our cheerleaders spirit and energy that helped the players vvin those games. May the tradition continue. Varsity Cheerleaders - Kim Eikenberry, Judy Mason, Cami Har- per, Gayle Froelich, Debbie Bund. Front: Tonya Freeman. ,, Q31 . K as Debbie Bund and Cami Harper do their part for school spirit. Junior Varsity - Bottom: Barb Bannon, Dana Maroney, Mic- helle Miller. Top: Marsha Miller, Kitty Froelich. "Backing the team" is the cheerleaders way of lite as Michelle Miller and Dana Maroney vividly illustrate. . - C Q ,.""F , A 'iw 4 Freshman Cheerleaders - Front: Tami Mugg. Back: LeAnn Oyler, Robin Echelbarger, Cindy Eikenberry. Middle School Backs Comets Too Eighth Grade - Front: Meredith Trott. Bottom: Toni Mohr, Shari Burton, Sherri Roberts. Top: Lori Gunter. Seventh Grade - Front: Jonna Kanable. Center: Cathy May, Myra Mast, Lisa Whiteman. Back: Donna Lamb. 55 Jill Duncan. Junior. Goes to State Lf... Jim' '41 Front: Bob Hackler, Dale Hoff, Todd Kubicek, John Hendrix, Kent Young, Randy Wimmer. Second: Coach Ralph Herr, Steve Cass, Mark Harris, Mark Cass, Bill Rose, Scott March. Third: Mike l-loroho, Bart Bagwell, Randy Spees, Randy Campbell, Keith Kubicek, Dan Bartholomew, Frank Brown. Front: Suzanne Baxter, Susan Clark, Sharlotte Reynolds, Michelle Wagner. Second: Coach Kistler, Ellen Land, Joanne Baxter, Jan Bannon, Susan Bargerhutf, Myrna Mid- dlesworth, Jill Duncan. Third: Diane McGuire, Mgr. Joanie Jarret, Mgr. Patty Marner, Tami Duncan, Robin Blair, Terri Lockhart, Sally Bargerhufi, Anita Summers. The boys swim team was 3-8 for the season. With only two seniors the hopes for next year are high. Mark Cass and Frank Brown showed their ability coming up with many blue ribbons and in the finals for the sectional. Mark was voted Most Valuable Swimmer. The girls swim team was 3-4 in their second season. Most of the girls will return the next year so Coach Kistler sees a winning season. Terri Lockhart, Robin Blair, and Jill Duncan were in the finals for the sectional. Jill was in the 100 yd. and 50 yd. Freestyle. She was second in the 100 yd. and got to go to state. Robin was Most Improved Swimmer of the Year. BOYS SWIM RECORD 200 yd. Med. Relay - D. Reynolds, A. Harris B. Bagwell, D. l-loroho. 1252.0 70771 200 yd. Freestyle - M. Cass 2:02.2 74775 200 yd. IM - D. Reynolds 2:23.6 71772 50 yd. Freestyle - M. Cass 23.9 74775 - Frank Brown 208.8 74775 100 yd. 100 yd. Diving 100 yd 500 yd 100 yd 400 yd Fly - D. Sheridan 1103.8 68769 Freestyle - M. Cass 53.8 74775 . Back- D. Reynolds 1:00.9 72773 Freestyle - M. Cheek 5136.8 73774 . Breast-A. Harris 1 :08.9 70771 Free Relay - R. Crouch, C. Malott B. Bagwell, D. Reynolds 3252.6 71772 Coach Ralph Herr drying his fingernails. 6 ,ii Coach Kistlerrelaxes on an "off" night ,Q gp QQ, Fm before animportant meet. 57 I 612" ff 4 k , s Y g a vs -. K T5 REVDLUTIDNS Filling classrooms and joining clubs is an in for some people, although others would rather take an out concerning class. Students grumble about having to take a certain course that is required, thinking it's not necessary for their future. ln most cases they are wrong, A year of math or science they didn't think they would use comes in very handy at the most unexpected times. Every year new members join the clubs filling the emptiness left by the previous year's seniorsg the attendance is kept up. Each year is a new cycle completed and life moves on. The revolving door sym- bolizes the simplicity of these cycles because they, like the door, are continuous. Time stops for no one. Home Eo - More Than Food Mrs. Middlesworth, sponsor, and the Home Ec. Club - Front: Debbie Flook, Cathy Silvey, Janet Howell, Gayle Froelich, Julie Kingseed, Cheryl Davis, Pami l.aFtowe. Row Two: Julie Lanning, Nan Dreps, Robin Julius, Kathy Bowland, Rhonda Pendland, Judy Middlesworth, Debbie Gresley, Kim Eikenberry. Row Three: Karen Foreman, Rhonda Dryer, Kitty Froelich, Susie Molino, Melody Jarvis, Linda Rowe, Debbie Beall, Cindy Seagrave, Vickie Dryer, Mrs. Mid- dlesworth. Row Four: Kim Brubaker, Tracy Per- kins, Joyce McCombs, Marsha Picklesimer, Diana McGuire, Pam Roach, Brenda Davis, Flisa Lyons. Row Five: Jean Alexander, Terri Ailor, Patty Bennett, Tami Lloyd, Dannette Kalata, Judy Ward, Jane Biddle, Amy Weaver, Sandy Jones. "Maybe if I added a little parsley. . To many people, Home Ec. just means cooking and sewing. However, any girl in Home Ec. Club knows it consists of many more things. ff! s,- down the drain Debbie Gresley washes another experiment I' 5 C Some of the things include activities such as the Father- Daughter Christmas Supper, Valentine telegrams, Mother-Daughter Picnic, and making tray favors and taking them to a nursing home. The Home Ec. Club is open to any girl enrolled in a Home Ec. class during the current year or during a past year. The Home Ec. Department strives to incorporate an education in etiquette along with what may be considered more practical abilities. "l don't care what the recipe book says!" "Why doesn't my Shrimp Creole look like hers?" Learning From the Past. Not many changes in the Social Studies department. Another year has passed and with it, another year of history is added to the books. The history department added some more material to its stock of visual teaching aids via the television on Abraham Lincoln and developed the curriculum along the lines of social awareness as well as the academic skills related to researching and writing a term paper. The work was hard, but the results were good and rewarding to students who put forth the necessary effort to succeed in developing a familiarity with past events and an ability to draw conclusions about present and future events by extrapolating from the known past history of countries and peoples. l O.K.! Who threw that pencil at me! Mr. Shrock cracks another corny joke Finders keepers, losers weepers! Applging to the Future The only major changes in the social studies department were in the staff, Mr. Shrock, a graduate of Ball State University joined the force as a middle school teacher. While Mr. Rice moved from middle school social studies to World History downstairs replacing Mr. Funderburg Paula Cranor finds US. History amusing Mr. Fiice coaches students in World History Mr. Freelan checks the stock market P.E. Helps Students As in past years, the Physical Education department sponsored a half time program. It featured some of the various activities offered by the P.E. program, such as rope climbing, tumbling and building a fifteen man pyramid. The physical education program provided time forthe students to escape from the routine of regular school life and unleash some of their tensions in a constructive manner, they did this by participating in such activities as swimming, basketball and gymnastics. They also spent time outside doing such things as playing softball, flag football and running track events. By doing so they strengthened themselves mentally and physically. ls it a bird? ls it a plane? "I think I can, I think I can - no I can't! Hey, this is fun! Phgsicallg and Meniallg ' amind you ot anything? P "You may think this looks easy coach, but. . At left: Students enjoy the antics of one of the Harlem Diplomats. What's 3x + 72 + 3 C9y + -5x3 + 2? Hopefully after taking one of the offered math classes, that and other similar questions can be answered correctly. Students are offered courses ranging from Basic Math to Advanced Algebra, these classes aid students in everyday life. Just think, without math one wouldn't be able to count their lifesavers to see if they had enough to give any away or other important things like that. So math benefits all in a "number" of ways. This is an erased blackboard. "To sleep or not to sleep?" That is the ques- tion. Math Aids Students . tggyg l gtg,,A V . YA-x- In All Theg Do Miss Rebecca Carter joined the old favorites, Mrs. Wernke and Mrs. Waymire in the high school math department, teaching Geometry. Miss Carter, graduated from the University of Purdue and seemed to fit right in with the students and faculty. Oh, by the way those 500 problems are due tomorrow. Only one more day till Friday! Finally! Peace and quiet! Business as Usual At Eastern, that is. As business in the U.S. was unstable and unemployment continued to rise, the business students at EHS went on learning the business of business. ln the business management and general business courses, the practical ends of running a business were shown. Bookkeeping and business machines were more refined in those specific subject areas. Typing l was the basics of getting to know your typewriter, but in Typing ll more secretarial knowledge was acquired. FBLA - Row One: Karen Krapf, Anne Weir, Pam Boucher, Jody Hummel, Debbie Hunt. Row Two: Karen Fulford, Stacy Heflin, Andy Kistler, Mr. Berryman Csponsory, Nancy Utterback. Shorthand was a convenient subject to have if there were other courses that needed note taking, but it went far beyond that. Business law was what it implied with a little practical personal law thrown in. FBLA took its annual trip to Ball State for the convention. The members stayed overnight and participated in voting for state officers and in the spelling contest. Mr. Wise, giving students "the business." Mr. Berryman shows students the loops. "After business hours English - the Forgotten Language To many students at Eastern, English is indeed a forgotten language. The ability to distinguish a participle from a gerund may not be a matter of life or death, however the ability to think and reason clearly and argue convincingly are objectives which the English department strove for in its study of literature and the language itself. Writing a good essay or creating a literary masterpiece were goals that all teachers had for their students, but which obviously could not be attained in every case. Nevertheless, the English classes at Eastern did succeed in stimulating many students toward improvement in their writing and reading skills but more importantly, students learned to think for themselves, to read critically, to discriminate fact from opinion and most of all to appreciate life and to respect themselves as individuals. Highminded goals and achievements to boast of, you say? Perhaps. But the students of Eastern High School are proof of the high standards of the school and of the English department. During the year, the Freshman classes studied grammar CYuk!J and even worked up a small play about King Arthur and his knights. The Sophomores worked on the rules of usage in English and wrote stories in addition to reading novels and working on a play. Juniors continued the exploration of literature and researched current events while improving their writing techniques and style. Seniors studied literature also and worked on term papers the second semester. Each year more advanced levels of grammar and writing were developed and more advanced methods of analyzing and criticizing literature were studied. Mr, StahI's elocution inspires awe in his stu dents. CThe ones who are listeningj Mrs. Fox's freshmen work on a writing asign ment during class. J: Mrs. Lantz, department head, appears to be very absorbed in the lunch menu. s-aim -and lm...-. 5:13. A . X, ,t,,u Speech Public speaking is a part of the English curriculum which is often overlooked. Miss Joyce's speech class worked on the fundamentals of public speaking during the first semester giving small informative and demonstration lectures. Second semester Speech consisted of more advanced techniques of speaking, making use of oral interpretation and dramatic speaking. Some work in mass media speaking techniques was also done. Miss Joyces speech classg "Today we will learn how to taIk." it ff 6' s K Y agfeggzw .. , Af- . M1 , ,i ay,gf.s,,,1,,w au. 1 . , '. 1 , we ,... Q . Brad Burton and Bill McLochlin trying to earn "brownie points" with Mr. Benninghoff. - , . Hg. c 3 I . htm ' . gs Q. 341. ' -ff vw , Ag it L . c ra " 3 ' "- wall is 1 3 5 4 H134 avi' 5. i, ' 1, 5 -1v'5"m i' it "' is, ii "T i 3? 'a " ' Latin Students Qludg Hard Students of Latin learned that there is a lot more to language than just memorizing some words and lines of the language. Mrs. VVaymire's class not only studied vocabulary and phrases, but learned the grammatic rules of Latin as well as the idiomatic phrases unique to the language. lt was hard work and many times it seemed that no one would ever learn enough latin to even get by in Rome. But at the end of the year, students could look back and appreciate the work that was done and convince anyone that latin is not a dead language. Mrs. Waymire, Latin teacher, arranges a bouquet of lilacs to brighten up the class. l The Baxter twins show Bob Hackler how to conjugate a latin verb. Suzanne Baxter and Scott Marsh take a few minutes to study an assignment. Spanish Class a Real Hoi Tamale! lt has often been said that there was never a dull moment in Spanish class. l-low true! How true! Even on slow days students could expect Mr. Myers' cheerful face or Mrs. Smith's easy-going manner to make the time bearable. Classes were filled with hard work but also some fun and interesting occurrences like the Spanish fiesta complete with tacos or playing Monopoly in Spanish. For many students the day would not be complete without Spanish. an JIS. my --ui Mrs. Smith, a bright face on those early mornings when every- thang seems man. 5359 ' 7 .J s ' 'git'f5t4,ltilf.l9 rt If f 4' ' ' .. M a Q 3322 ' time -11" t'SmiIe, God loves you!" Mr. Myers quizes students on some dialogue patterns "Tre bien?" , U : V .Al-r l E: 1 One ot the Spanish students takes a Fresca break between classes. ' -il!" "Boy, Mrs. Smith really thinks we're paying attention."73 1 'nl P'l French - Parlevous? M 4 Mrs. Lantz seems to be wondering where her class has gone. Into its second year as a formal course at Eastern, French offered a new experience to students. Like other language courses, French challenged students to learn and assimilate a foreign tongue through memorization and constant repetition of stock phrases and, of course, the ever- tedious workin grammar fyou think English grammar is tough?y. Mrs. Lantz did a lot of oral work with students helping them to learn the correct pronunciation of the tricky spellings. The French class also had their own little gourmet's delight in the form of a special dinner prepared and eaten by the more courageous students in her class. How was the chocolate mousse? Cor is it Mouse?j iff: i l ji ll ' il l . 4 ' ln addition to learning the language, French Another, probably more famous French students learn about famous places in landmark, the Eifel Tower. France such as the Arch of Triumph, The End of a Tradition seems to be a fading part of Eastern High School. When the subject of the Honor Society Banquet was brought up this year some of the junior and sophomore girls did not want to wear dresses. Ridiculous, said the seniors, when the Honor Society goes out, it dresses for the occasion. Well, this year it may have dressed forthe occasion, but whether it acted the part was debatable. Setting a new record for girls in one small bathroom C161 and tearing off pieces of the tablecloth for paper wads did not really seem like the actions of an Honor Society. Of course, when it's nicknamed the Crazy Club ot EHS by its own members, one can't be too sure. ln past years the Honor Society has been known for doing good deeds in school and around the Tradition? community. But what most people don't know won't hurt them. Attendance was down at the banquet this year. Maybe that was part of tradition too. Karen Krapf - editor Greg Mathena on initiation day for all sopho mores inducted into the Honor Society. National Honor Society - Flow One: Karen Krapt, Debbie Keyton, Marcia Miller, Jill Duncan, Bethany Oyler CSecretary-Treasurerj, Marty Eagle, Charles Benbarger. Row Two: Marcia McLochlin, Cami Harper, Jan Patter- son, Pami LaBowe CVice-Presidentj, Julie Kingseed, Gayle Froelich, Barb Biddle, JoAnne lmbler, How Three: Sandi McCully, Janet Howell, Traci Streavel, Pam Horoho, Terry Seagrave CPresidentj, Bay Ashcratt, Steve Harper, Jim McCalment, Linda Thurmond, Vicki Whiteman, Cathy Silvey. Flow Four: Karen Bohnke, Kim Eiken- berry, Debbie Hunt, Ann Weir, Joanne Kendall, Becky Middleton, Therese Carlile, Debbie Vallosia, Susan Hackler. Row Five: Mr. Rich CSponsorj, Beth Miller. Band - Smashing Success Gaye Powell, Teresa Carlile, Joanne Kendall, Dana Maroney, Debbie Vallosia, LeAnne Oyler, Tami Horoho, Jane Harden, Mar- sha McLochlin. Flow Two: Nancy Utterback, Phill Petty, Debbie Hunt, Bethany Oyler, Jill Duncan, Kathy Johnson, Jane Rees, Robin Blair, Liz Goan, Frances Bedmon, Dianne Frakes, Tami Duncan, Terri Ailor, Patty Bennett, Joan Jetleries, JoAnn Baxter. Row Three: Becky Middleton, Susan Hackler, Ann Weir, Pam Johnson, Sharon Sommers, Julie Lanning, Tami Mugg, Teresa Kommans, Gayle Kreps, Diana McGuire, Sally Bargerhutt, Sandy Edwards, Judy Middlesworth, Pam Fioach, Pam Horoho, Jim Far- ley, Janet Bannon, Debbie Bund, Jeff Martin, Jett May, Pam Fiow One: Kim Brown, Rhonda Pendland, Fiobin Echelbarger, Boucher, Katrina Powell. Row Four: Ann Adams, Terri Lockhart, Traci Horner, Suzanne Baxter, Beth Frakes, Becky Pierson, Nancy Biggs, Melinda Weir, Kerry Molino, Connie Bates, Debbie Lantz, Luann Lamb, Jan Patterson, Kave Clemans, Jett Cranor, Larry Middleton, Mike Kingew, Bart Bagwell, John Jefferies, Dus- tin DeWitt, Mike Mathena, Lawrence Hensler, Susan Bargerhuft, Jim Chase, JoAnn lmbler, Lowell Parsons, Mike Downs, Fiex LaRowe, Mark Bardsley, Paula Cranor, Bay Ashcratt. Standing: Mr. Whorwell, Mr, Steiner, Steve Harper, Terry Seagrave, Dan Countryman, Sandi McCully, Mike Horoho, Greg Mathena, Fiandy Wimmer, Mark Helton, Jeff Brooks. Stage Band - Standing: Terry Seagrave, Steve Harper, JoAnn Mark Bardsley, Rex LaFiowe, Susan Bargerhuft. Fiovy Three: Jan lmbler, Mr. Whorwell, Bethany Oyler. Row One: Jim Farley, Tami Patterson, Jeff Cranor, Larry Middleton, Dave Clemans, Luann Horoho, Pam Horoho, Debbie Hunt, Nancy Utterback, Marsha Lamb, Debbie Lantz, McLochlin, Row Two: Jim Chase, Bay Ashcratt, Paula Cranor, The band made an exceptional showing this year both on the field and in the auditorium. At football games the band, along with the twirlers, drum majors, and sparkettes, put on a spectacular halftime show. The Christmas concert that was aired over radio added a special touch of elegance to the festive season. Mr. Whorwell and lvlr. Steiner could be proud of their joint efforts in pro- ducing one of the finest programs to be presented at Eastern High School. The stage band, with its production of Opus 1127 showed what light jazz is all about as they entertained a large part of the Greentown community in high fashion. The entire year could easily be called a success for the band department. Twirler, Ellen Land and drum majors, Jill Duncan, and Sandy McCully. Front Robin Julius Mary Elam Fiow One Marilyn Judy Roseberry. Row Two: Linda Rowe, Rhonda Mat Fights Cathy Shiftlet Sandy Jones Sue Molino Vickie thews, Wanda Shifflet, Amy Weaver, Trilby Smith Whiteman Julie Sartain Brenda Fultord Cathy Silvey Cathy Seagrave, Debbie Flook. Sparkettes. in Vocal Music Tops at Eastern High School Choir- Row One: Gayle Kreps, Sharon Sommers, Robin Fleed, Ellen Land, Jan Patterson, Bethany Oyler, Stacy Heflin, Phil Moorman, Andy Kistler, Tom Fioseberry, Scott Harper, Myra Middlesworth, Jill Duncan. Row Two: Sandy Edwards, Karen Fulford, Kay Ban- non, Marilyn Fights, April Fox, Anna Fights, JoAnn Moor, Brenda Fulford, Jim McCalment, John Ellis, Steve Copp, Patty Shaw, Carol Davis, Trilby Smith, Judy Mason. Row Three: Traci Streavel, Pam Hamilton, Karen Foreman, Jane Harden, JoAnn lmbler, Deb Keyton, Mike Clark, Pick Dryer, Everett Alexander, Cyndy King, Janet Smith, Tami Horoho. Row Four: Gloria Helton, Joani Jarrett, Terry Lockhart, Sherry Horn, Vickie Dryer, Jane Biddle, Jim Farley, Mike Farley, Jon Lantz, Chuck Hewitt, Cheryl King, Kim Eikenberry. Missing: Danette Cook, Dana Maroney, Tony Myers. The various choirs at Eastern worked very hard in putting together a number of programs for the benefit and entertainment of both the student body and the public. Beginning with a very successful Christmas program in conjunction with the band, the high school, cadet, and eighth grade choirs displayed their talentsbagain in the school's Spring concert. Under new direction by Mrs. Holly Shafer, the high school choir participated in the Howard County Festival held at T3ylOl' High School and the Cometones - Left to Right: Scott Harper, Ellen Land, Bethany Oyler, Mike Kingery, - ' Jim McCalment, Jan Patterson, Terry Seagrave, Judy Mason, Jon Lantz, Jane Harden, Sectlonal Contest as Lewls Cass' Jim Farley, Cyndy King, Mike Farley, Jawanda Kimmell, LeAnne Oyler, Missing: Tony Myers. The Cometones, a group of select singers ran the circuit by performing mostly for private groups and clubs. These young people, dressed in their flashy outfits thrilled many audiences with their selection of light pop songs. V4-J ,PS I i p-v Q-xg' Eighth Grade Choir - Row One: Beth Cardwell, Kim Armstrong, Melinda Gibson, Paula Adams, Rheta Sommers, Row Two: Jodie Moredock, Barb Patton, Diedre DeWitt, Linda Schaefer, Sharon Shoflner. Row Three: Susan Spana gler, Lisa McKibbon, Lori Lumm, Arcella DeRossett, Sherri Roberts, Tammy Acord. Row Four: Sheri Lamb, Susan Mol- och, Angie Davis, Susan Cook, Sally Poling, Karen Shaffer. Row Five: Susan Kurtz, Nancy Harmon, Judy Enyart, Teresa Lane, Tina Lamb, Rita Kingseed, Rhonda Dillon. Row Six: Tracy Myers, Shari Burton, Carol Hackler, Jody Johnson, Lori Gunter, Kim Keller. Row Seven: Vince Powell, Robin King, Penny Julius, Ann Rogers, Robin Steele. Missing: Fred King, Artie Beit, Demila Conklin. Cadet Choir - Row One: Kim Brubaker, Patty Himes, Mike Kingery, LeAnne Oyler, Jawanda Kimmell. Row Two: Susan Gray, Cindy Eikenberry, Greg Harper, Dayle Beebe, Barb Taylor, Mrs, Shafer. Row Three: Beth Riley, Tami Mugg, Lawrence Hensley, John Davin, Jeanie Hendrix. Newspaper Shows Determination The newspaper staff for 1974-75 was faced with several problems at the beginning of the year First of all, the majority of the editorial was totally inexperienced in journalism and mass communication. Along with this, a great deal of advertising had to be sold to cover the rising printing costs. The problems were many, but after about sixteen weeks of preparation, the Ellipse staff was able to put out a paper that appeared to satisfy most students and faculty members. Chet Davis displays the finer points of typing. Newspaper Staff - First row: Chet Davis, Roy Second row: Dave Padfield Ceditorj, Joel Larison Estes, Tony Smith, Jo Ann Moor, Bret Echelbarger. Chris Holman. Back: Mark Stahl, advisor. Frantic Deadlines for Annual . . . Bethany Oyler checks type size. ANNUAL STAFF This year's annual is dedicated to the 25th graduating class of Eastern High School. As always, much work was put into the annual. Although some trouble was experienced in meeting deadlines, it finally made the press to become a pleasant reminder to many students of their years at Eastern. Color pictures, one of the new features, makes this year's annual special not only for the seniors but all students of EHS. Above: First Row: Julie Kingseed, Sandy McCulIy, JoAnn lmbler, Pam Horoho, Ann Weir. Second Row: Barb Biddle, Cathy Silvey, Bethany Oyler, Jan Patterson, Marsha McLochlin, Sandy Pendland, Debbie Gresley. Third Row: Gayle Kreps, Glenna Adams, Karen Krapf Ceditorj, Jim McCalment, Bill Shrock, Jeff Cranor, Katrina Powell, Ann Alexander. Back: Mr. Greg Be-nninghoff - advisor. Bl Shop Class " eg Gugs, Look - Girls! For the first time, the industrial arts class admitted girls this year. After all, what could be more effective in brightening up a room full of guys than a few girls? The plan worked. Shop became a haven for poor mislead love- hungry young men. A shop student could no longer say "Hey buddy, toss me that rag." Now he would have to say "Hey lady, toss me that rag." A minor inconvenience. The shop classes continued to develop industrial and mechanical skills, but now when clean up time came around at the end of the peirod, the guys spent fifteen minutes just moving things from one place to another. "No, now that I think of it, that engine block would look better over in the corner." Industrial Arts Club - Row Onef Dave Deta- more, Kerry Molino, Tom Ftoseberry, Galen Renbarger, Reed McKinney, Richie Williams, Dan Leslie. Flow Two: Mr. Fettig, Terry King- seed, Frank Brown, Mike Hainlen, John Geary, Tom Hendricks, John Ellis, Kim Law- son, Mr. Flodder. Row Three: Chuck Henbar- ger, Dave Matchett, Len Hainlen. On Top of the Van: Judy Mason, Jill Duncan, Paula Cranor, .Jane Rees. "VII bet you guys think you're pretty funny stuttin' oatmeal down the intake manifold." Paula Cranor, one ofthe prettier faces in shop class this year. L .X rg f AF5155, - . M Row One' Dan Countryman, Chuck Renbarger, John Garr, Lyle Hainlen Jeff May. Row Two: Seth Kauffman, Kevin l-lovvell, Ray- monr Myers, Mike Hainlen, Rick Miller, Andy Weaver, Mark Jus- Future Farmers of America The men of the Future Farmers of America were kept very busy this year but they enjoyed every minute of it. Besides their annual initiation, the FFA conducted a sales campaign which provided fresh fruit to people in the area in the dead of winter. The fruit Coranges and grapefruitj was shipped direct from Florida in time for Christmas. Like the other vocational classes, the FFA enjoyed a fine dinner prepared by the Home Ec Club. But most important, they learned howto cope with the economic and agricultural problems prevalent throughout the country. tice. Row Three: Mr. Ftich, Vic Hostetler, John Fansler, Jay Echel barger, Jeff Lantz, Galen Fienbarger, Dan Leslie, Terry Amos. WW! 1 1 . John Garr, member of the FFA, hands Mr. Benninghoff a box of grapefruit, purchased from the club. Sign making was the main occupation ofthe art club. Signs for halls, runthroughs, signs up in the gym, most of the large ones were made by art club. lt took a lot of paint and artistic talent, not to mention imagination, to come up with all those signs. Ceramics, macrame, stitchery, are a few things the art classes did this year. But before that ever one had to learn the basics Y -the color wheel. Oh, come on, everyone knows their color wheel, well maybe not. They would if they had taken art. Rugs and mobiles were made and art history was studied. One of the final steps in batiquing had the art room smelling like turpentine. The different types of art were enjoyed by different people and most artists found how much potential they had in their field of art. Pam Roach appears to be enjoying her little art project immensely. Art Club - Row One: Brenda Davis, Susan Stahl Mrs Nicholson Row Two Carol Davis Traci Streavel, Cary Grant. Row Three: Karen Krapf Janet Smith Nancy McCammon Pam l-lamilton, Sherry Horn. Cary Grant and Karen Krapf work on a pos- ter for "The big game." Art Signs Color Wheels Ceramics Suzanne Stahl works on an art project all Traci Streavel and Carol Davis weavinga rug alone. in advanced art class. Science ls Electrifging Students of science had many shocking experiences this year. Among them was a demonstration ot the properties of electricity. Studying the basic concepts of science and the scientific method did not seem like the most exciting work to Science 9 students: but things began to pick up in Chemistry and Physics where moles were something more than just furry little animals and waves could be seen in other places than the beach. Science opened up a whole new perspective on lite tor many students and provided the beginning of a brilliant career in geology, chemical engineering, metallurgy - who knows? Biology Club - Front: Mrs. Kimmer- ling Csponsorj, Kris Alexander, Judy Middlesworth, Sandy Edwards, Deb- bie Lantz. Flow Two: Susan Barger- huff, Debbie Vallosia, Robin Blair, Jody Hummel, Anne Weir. Row Three: Robin Julius, Brent Hensler Tammy Armstrong, Therese Yeagley, Rachel Long, Sally Bargerhuff, Rhonda Pendland, Back: Joanne Kin- dle, Debbie Flook, Sherry Seekell Tami Horoho, Debbie Keyton, Therese Carlyle, Tami Lloyd, Stacy Heflin, Terri Lockhart. i 1 ao l Pam Horoho on one of her good days "I told you that you should never mix SO2 with NaC1 Science and Math Working Together Sci.-Math Club - Front: Pam Horoho, Miss Carter and Mr. Raymond Csponsorsj, Jeff Cranor, Dan Countryman, Mary Elam. Back: Matt Clouser, Mark Johnson, Marsha McLochIin, Jim MoCaIment, Phil Petty, Steve Harper. Sophomores relax and enjoy the time before class begins. 1 -- ff-wsuaaaxzrfxi Steve Harper, Dan Countryman, and Terry Seagrave work on an experiment. C I -- Q Q in In-Jli REFLECTION9 Faces of people, places of business for people to recognize and remember. The glass doors are the introduction to these. Every year when pictures are taken and returned, grimaces are seen. No one thinks they take a good picture. Only seniors, for the most part, are proud of their pictures. Money was tight this year and advertising was difficult to come by. Much appreciation is felt toward all the ones who have ads in this book. They are the ones who took an in, not an out. Take a peek through the doors and remember. Silver Anniversarg Class Changes Traditions Senior Class Officers are - CL-RQ: Ray Ashcraft, Presidentg Pami LaRowe, Secretaryg Marsha McLochlin, Treasurerg Marty Eagle, Vice-President. Mrs. Middlesvvorth and Mr. Frakes are class sponsors. Baccalaureate and Commencement were combined this year for the first time and the class ot '75 graduated on Sunday, May 18. in keeping with the honor of being the 25th graduating class, silver and navy blue were chosen as class colors. Light blue carnations with navy blue streamers were carried by the girls. Graduation announcements were designed exclusively tor this year's class, using a unique silver print. Silver diploma cov- ers were another change in this year's graduation proceedings. The class of 1975 is proud to be Eastern High SchooI's Silver Anniversary class. GLENNA M. ADAMS MAJORS: English, Math, Soc. Studies, Business MINORS: Home-Ec, For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: GAA. 1: F.B.L.A. 2, 3: Annual Stall 3, 4: Powderpulf Football 3, 4, History Asst. 4: Cadet Teacher 4. MARTY ARMSTRONG KENNETH RAY ASI-ICRAFT MAJORS: Math, English, Ind. Arts, Band MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Stage Band I , 2, 3, 4: E-Club 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 4. HONORS: Football All-MIC 3, 4: Football All-County 4: Boys' State 3: Senior Class President: Drafting Award lg Small Engines Award 2: Best Defensive Lineman 4, MIKE BALLARD MAJORS: Eng., Electronics MINORS: Math, Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Swimming 1, 23 E-Club 2, 3. 4, Golf 1, 23 Biology Club 1. HONORS: All-County Football 3, 4. DANIEL L. BARNES DARYL BEACHY MAJORS: Eng., Math, Ag. MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2. HONORS: Basketball Free-Throw Champ 1 g All-Cont. Baseball and Batting Award 2: All-County Baseball 2: Honorable Mention MIC Football 45 All-County Football 4. MYRA L. BIDDLE MAJORS: Home-Ec., Business, English MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: FBLA 2, Home'Ec Club 21 Yell Block 1. CINDY BOLINGER MAJORS: Math, Eng., Soc. Studies, Business ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1, 25 GAA I , 2, 33 Powderpulf Football 3, 4: Biology Club 2, 3: FBLA 2, Pres. 3: PE Asst. 2. Nm aft ,f 1? vu, JEFF BOLINGER FRANK BROWN MAJORS: Eng., Ind. Arts, Math, Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Swimming 1 , 2, 3,45 Track 23 Football 4, Ind. Arts Club, Jr. Ma. HONORS: Baseball All-Conference 3, Highest Batting Avg. 33 Swimming Howard County Diving Champ 3, 45 Diving Record 3, 43 Swimming Co-Capt. 3 BRENT BURTON MAJORS: Eng., Soc. Studies, Business MINORS: Math SHAYNE BUTLER MAJORS: Eng., For. Lang., Soc. Studies MINORS: Math ACTIVITIES: Baseball 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 2, Pres. 3. MARK CASS MAJORS: Math, Science, Eng. MINORS: For. Lang., Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Football 15 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, E-Club 1, 2, 3, 4 HONORS: Most Improved Swimmer 3, Most Valuable Swimmer 4. RAMON CASSIS ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 4, ind. Arts 1, 2. JIM CHASE MAJORS: Eng., Soc. Studies, Band MINORS: Science, For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4. HONORS: Hon. Mention All-Conf. Football 2, All-Conl. Football 4. JEFF CHILDS MAJORS: Eng., Math, Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. HONORS: Prettiest Hair 43 Prettiest Eyes 4, King Pull 4, Prom King Candidate 4. Seniors Are . . . Dignified Racing to the lunch line. . . constantly creating chaos in the Pizza Hut. . . vomiting on the flight to Washington, D.C. giifing airplane spins. . . all added to the "dignity" ofthe Seniors. MATT CLOUSER MAJOFIS: Science, Math, English, Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 2, 3 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Sci-Math 43 E-Club 2, 3, 43 Athletic Committee 4. WINIFRED COLE DEBBIE COMBS MAJORS: Eng., Home Ec, Business MINIOFIS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Yell Block 1 , 2, 3, FBLA 1, 2, 3, Home Ec Club 1 2, 3, 4, Library Aid 2, 3. BRIAN CORSAIB MAJORS: English, Spanish MINORS: Science, Math, Soc. Studies Seniors Are . . . Ambitious Last minute cramming for tests. . . writing research papers in one day . . . sleeping thorugh all classes, awaking only for lunch and pass periods . , , going to the library and reading a 72. r magazine instead ot studying . . . all proved the class of 1975 to be ambitious. DAN COUNTRYMAN MAJORS: Ag., Math, Science, Eng., Band MINORS: Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 35 E-Club 3, 43 Sci- tvtath Club 43 FFA 3, Pres. 4, Intramural Basketball 45 EPU 3, Vice-Pres. 3, 4. HONORS: Boys' State Delegate 35 State FFA Band Member 4. JEFF CRANOR MAJORS: Eng., Math, Band MINORS: Science, Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: E-Club 3, 43 Annual Staff 3, 45 Stage Band 1, 2, 3 45 Sci-Math Club 43 Swim Team 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. HONORS: Adv. Drafting Award 3. Cl-IERYL DAVIS MAJORS: Eng., Business, Soc. Studies, Home Ec. ACTIVITIES: GAA 13 Home Ec Club 2, 3, 43 Yellblock 1, 2, 3, 4g Powderpuft Football 4. HONORS: Betty Crocker Award 4. LARRY DEAN MAJORS: English, Math, Ag., Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: I.B.A. 4g FFA 3, 4. Seniors in speech class are typically engrossed in the lecture MARTY EAGLE MAJORS: Science, Math, Eng., Soc. Studies MINORS: For, Lang. ACTIVITIES: E-Club 2, 3, 4, HonorSociety 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2. HONORS: All-Cont. Football 4, All-Conference Hon. Mention Football 3, All-County Football 3, 4, MVP Football 4, Defensive Back of the Year Football 4, Prep All-American Football Honor Roll 4, Football Co-Capt. 4, Baseball All-Conf. 3, MVP Baseball 3, E-Club Pres. 4, Chemistry Award 3, Class V-Pres. 2, 4, Class President 3. MARY ELAM MAJORS: Eng., Home Ec., Business MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: YellbIock1, FBLA 2, Home Ec Club 2, Sparkettes 1 2, 3, Capt. 4, Office Asst. 3, Special Ed. Asst 3. HONORS: Geography Award 3, Sparkette Trophy 4. JIM FARLEY MAJORS: Soc. Studies, Eng., Band MINORS: Math, For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Basketball 1, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Cometones 1, 4, Operetta 1, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 4, Latin Club 3, E-Club 3, 4. HONORS: Football All-Conf. 3, 4, All County Hon. Mention 3, 4, Best Dancer 4, Best Singer 4. DEBBIE FLOOK MAJORS: Eng., Soc. Studies, Home Ec., Business ACTIVITIES: Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Yellblock 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, Sparkettes 2, 3, 4, PE Asst. 4. HONORS: Biology Club Pres. 4, Sparkette Trophy 4, BRUCE FOLAND MAJORS: Soc. Studies, Eng., Business MINORS: Math, Ind. Arts ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball lg Ind. Arts Club 4, E-Club 3, 4, GAYLE FROELICH MAJORS: Soc, Studies, Home Ec, Eng. MINORS: Science, For. Lang., Business ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1, Cheerleader 1, Capt., JV Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Powderpuff Football 3, 4. ' HONORS: Howard Co, Track Queen Court 1, Homecoming Princess 2, Girls' State Delegate 3. JOHN GEARY MAJORS: Soc. Studies, Math, Business, Eng. MINORS: Science, For. Lang., Ind. Arts. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4, Ind. Arts Club 4 CARY GRANT LEN HAINLEN MAJORS: Eng., Ag., Ind. Arts, Soc. Studies MINORS: Business ACTIVITIES: FFA 1, 2, 3, l.A. Club 4, Football 4, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, PE Asst. 2, 4, Track 2. KEVIN HANNAH CAIVII HARPER MAJORS: Eng., Math, Soc. Studies, Business ACTIVITIES: Honor Society 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, Povvderpuft Football 3, 4, Cheerlader 1, B-Team 2, Varsity 3, 4, Capt. 4. HONORS: Greentown Glass Festival Oueen 3, Ho. County 4-H Fair Oueen 3. STEVE HARPER MAJORS: Eng., Math, Science, Band MINORS: Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts ACTIVITIES: Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Sci-Math Club 4, V-Pres. 4, Stage Band 1 , 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 4, EPU 3, 4. HONORS: All-State Orchestra 3, Summer Band Scholarship 3. JOE HARVEY MAJORS: Ind. Arts, Eng., Soc. Studies MINORS: Machine Trades, Math ACTIVITIES: Track 2, 3, 4, Ind. Arts Club 1, 2, 3. HONORS: Woodworking Award 1. JIM HEINZMAN MAJORS1 Business, Eng., Ind. Arts, Soc. Studies MINORS: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Football 3, 4, FBLA 3, Ind. Arts Club 4, E-Club 4, Track 4, Annual Staff Asst. 4. TOM HENDRICKS MAJORS: English, Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts MINORS: Business, Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Football Mgr. 2, 3, Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, 4, Track Mgr. 1, 2, E-Club 3, 4, Ind, Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HONORS: Graphic Award. CONNIE HIATT MAJORS: English, Business MINORS: Math, Soc. Studies, For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Yellblock I , 2, GAA 1 , 2, Annual Staff 3: FBLA 1. Seniors Are . . . Industrious Getting the yearbook pages done on time . , . doing homework once in awhile . . . serving on committees. . . practicing for contest . . . show that the Seniors can be industrious. ELIZABETH I-IOBSON MAJORS: Home Ec., English, Business, Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1, Home Ec Club 1, 2, FBLA 2. DALE I-IONEAS MAJORS: Ind. Arts, Soc. Studies, English MINOFISQ Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Ind. Arts Club REX I-IONEAS MAJORS: Ind. Arts, Soc. Studies, English MINORS: Math ACTIVITIES: Ind. Arts Club 3, E-Club 3, 4, Track 1 , 2, 3, Cross Country 3, 4. PAM I-IOROI-IO MAJORS: English, Science, Math, Band MINORS: For. Lang., Soc. Studies, Choir ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 3, 4, Choir 1 , 2, Operetta 1, 2, Cometones 2, GAA 1 , 2, 3, 4, Swim Team 1, 3, Latin Club 2, 33 swim Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1 , 2, 3, 4, President 4, Sci-Math 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Sports Ed. 4, Powderputf Football 3, 4, Yellblock 1, 2, Track Asst. 2, 3, 4, Cadet Teacher 4, Honor Society 2. 3, 4. HONORS: Latin Award 2, Major 3, I,U. Summer Music Clinic 2 3, l.U. Student Leadership Workshop 3. Seniors Are . JANET HOWELL MAJORS: Math, Science, Soc. Studies, English, Home Ec. MINORS: For. Lang., Business ACTIVITIES: GAA 1, 2, 3, Cheerblock 1, 2, 3, 4, Rep. 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4, Sci-Math 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Track Asst. 2, 3, 4. JODY HUMIVIEL MAJORS: English, tvlath, Soc. Studies, For. Lang. MINORS: Business, Science ACTIVITIES: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Yellblock 1, 2, 3, 4, FBLA 3, 4, VPres. 4, Biology Club 3, 4, Girls Swimming 1 , Oirl's Basketball 3, Powderpuff Football 3, 4, Lab Asst. , Office Aid 4, Cadet Teacher 4. HONORS: Perfect Attendance Award 1. DEBBIE HUNT MAJORS: Math, Soc. Studies, English, For. Lang., Band. MINORS: Business ACTIVITIES: Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, FBLA 3, 4, Pres, 4, Yellblock 1, Music Librarian 4, Cadet Teacher 4. JOANN IIVIBLER MAJORS: English, IVlath, Band, Choir MINORS: Soc. Studies, For. Lang., Science ACTIVITIES: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4,Yellblock 1, 2, Stage Band 3, 4, Swim Club 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4' O eretta1 2 3' Track Asst. , D , , I 1, 2, Powderpufl Football 3, 4, Cadet Teacher 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4. HONORS: English Award 3, Ho. County Track Queen Court 4. . . . Musical Memorizing solos the night before contest . . . having eraser tights in the band room . . . receiving numerous demerits in band . . . participating in Teen Talent Time . . . representing Eastern at State Solo and Ensemble Contest. . . lend a view ofthe musical potentials of the Seniors. Star drummer Steve Harper takes a moment from practicing to stare solemnly at the camera. ll 'Q 5.1, MARK JOHNSON MAJORS: Math, Science, English, Soc, Studies ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 1, 2, V.-Pres. 2, Sci-Math Club 4, Pres. 4, Science Lab Asst. 3, 4, A-V Asst. 4. HONORS: Kokomo Engineering Society Award MARK JONES ROBIN JULIUS MAJORS: English, Home Ec. MINORS: Math, Soc, Studies ACTIVITIES: Sparkettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Co-Capt. 3, Biology Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, V, Pres. 4, Annual Staff 3, Home Ec Club 4, Yellblock 1 , Art Asst. 3, Prom Decorating Committee Chairman 3. HONORS: French Award 3, Homecoming Oueen Candidate 4, Sparkette Trophy 4. PETE KEMP MAJORS: Soc. Studies, English MINORS: Business ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1 , 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1 , 2, Ind. Arts Club 1 , 2. HONORS: All-Co. Hon. Mention Football 3, AII'Co. Tight End 4, All-Conf. Football Linebacker 4, Offensive Lineman Award 4, Captain Football 4, Mile Relay Award 3. ROBIN KENDALL MAJORS: English, Ag. MINORS: Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts, Math ACTIVITIES: Football 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Baseball 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, Ind, Arts Club 4, V. Pres. 4. HONORS: Judging Ho, Co. Champs 1 , 2, State Tractor Trouble Shooting Champ 4. GARY KING MAJORSz English, H.O.E. MINORS: Soc, Studies, Science ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, HONORS: All-Co. Offense and Defense 4, MIC Hon. Mention 4. JULIE KINGSEED MAJORS: English, Math, Soc. Studies, Home Ec. MINORS: For, Lang., Business 5 ACTIVITIES: Honor Society 3, 4, Yellblock 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec 4: GAA 1 , 2, 3, Powderpuff Football 3, 4, Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 3, 4, Swim Club 2, 3, A.V. Asst. 4, Office Asst 4. HONORS: Science Award 1. TERRY KINGSEED MAJORS: Math, English, For. Lang., Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts MINORS: Science ACTIVITIES: Ind. Arts Club 4, E-Club 4, Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Football 1, 3, 4. HONORS: Defense Award Basketball 1,AlI-Conf. Baseball 3, All-Co. Football 4, All-Conf. Football 4, King Puff Prince 3, King Puff Candidate 4. ANDY KISTLER MAJORS: English, Soc. Studies MINORS: Math, Science, Ind. Arts, Business ACTIVITIES: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Swim Team 3, Track I , 2, Golf 3, 4, Baseball Mgr. I, 2, 3, 4, E-Club 2, 3, 4, FBLA 2, 3, 4, PE Asst. 3, 4, Cometones 2, 3, Choir I, 2, 3, 4. KAREN KRAPF MAJORS: English, Soc, Studies, Business, For. Lang. MINORS: Home Ec. ACTIVITIES: Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Yellblock 2, 3, 4, FBLA 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Powderpuff Football 3, 4, Basketball CGirl'sJ 2, 3, Art Club 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Editor 4. HONORS: Citizenship Award 1, Bookkeeping Award 2, Attendance Awards I , 2, 3, Best Artist Award 4. NAN KREPS MAJORS: Business, Math, English, Band MINORS: Soc. Studies, ACTIVITIES: Yellblock I , 2, Home Ec Club 4, Sec., Band I, 2, 3, 4, I-lonor Society 2, 3, 4, Library Aid 4. HONORS: Typing Award 2. VELDA LAMB MAJORS: English, Home Ec., Business MINORS: History, Math ACTIVITIES: Home E. Club I , 2, 3, FBLA 1 , 2, 3, Yellblock 1 , 2 3, ELLEN LAND MAJORS: English, Soc. Studies, Home Ec, MINORS: For. Lang, Choir ACTIVITIES: Twirler 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Boys Track 2, 3, Girls Track 4, Basketball I , 2, 3, Swim Team 4, Gymnastics 1, Powderputf 3, 4, PE Asst. 2, 3, 4, Cometones 4 Music Librarian 4. HONORS: Pres. Physical Fitness Award I. DAVID LANGFORD MAJORS: English, Ind, Arts, Band MINORS: Soc. Studies, For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Band I , 2, 3, 4, Ind. Arts Club I , 2. HONORS: Band Sweater 3. PAIVII LAROVVE MAJORS: Math, English, Home Ec MINORS: Soc. Studies, Science ACTIVITIES: GAA 1, 2, 3, Home Ec Club 3, Pres. 4, Yellblock 1, 2, 4, Pres, 4, Cheerleader 1, 3, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4. HONORS: DAR Good Citizen Award 4, Girls' State Alternate 3 Homecoming Oueen 4, Class V. Pres, 3, Class Sec. 4. IVIICHELE LODGE MAJORS: Home Ec., English, Soc. Studies, For, Lang. ACTIVITIES: Yellblock I , 2, GAA I , 2, 3, Home Ec Club 1, 2, Swim Timer 3. Seniors Are. . . eaders f.-sf' '6-, SQQQ. , SMP p. 4 H , ' L . .way Ji 'D K . .... -ff . Z.. 1i.,'-+,?9"'J'? 5-M' Heading various committees, . . holding class and club offices . . .taking charge ofAfter-Prom activities. . .giving advice to underclassmen . . . all prove the Seniors leadership capabilities. Senior Student Council Members Are - CL-Rj: Marsha McLochIin, Jan Patterson, Bethany Oyler, and Pam Horoho. Jeff Nesbit, Matt Clouser and Brad Winger are the Senior male members. CONNIE MAPLE HITA MASSEY MAJOPS: English, Soc. Studies, Home Ec MINORS: For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 13 Home Ec. Club 23 GAA 13 Cadet Teacher 4. DAVE MATCHETT MAJOPS: Math, Science, l.A., English MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTlVlTlES: Football Mgr. 1 , 2, 3, 4. SANDI MCCULLEY MAJORS: Math, English, Soc. Studies, For. Lang., Band ACTlVITlES: GAA 1 , 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, Latin Club 33 Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 3, 4, Powderpuff Football 3, 4 Yellblock 1, 2, 4, Cadet Teacher 43 Annual Staff 3, 4. HONORS: Class Clown 4. Seniors Are . . . Alhlelio Winning the football MIC. . . being Howard County Football Champs. . .leading the basketball team . . . setting school records in swimming, diving, and track. . .participating onthe girls' trackteam. . . shows the outstanding athletic qualities ot the Senior class. Duh. . .whatdoldo now? , Ellen Land adds flair to the home football games. I MARSHA MCLOCHLIN MAJORS: Math, Science, English, For. Lang. Band. MINORS: Soc. Studies, Business ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. Treas. 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Yellblock 1, FBLA 3, Sci-Math 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Ad. Man, 4, Swim Team 1 , 2, 3, Student Council 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Track Asst. 2, 3, 4, Swim Club 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Powderputl Football 3, 4, Class Sec.!Treas. 1, Class Treas. 4. HONORS: Major E 3, IU Summer Music Clinic 3, English Award 1, Biology Award 1, Algebra Award 1 - 3, Geometry Award 2, Spanish Award 1, US History Award 2, Chemistry Award 2, Bookkeeping Award 3, Psychology Award 3. LARRY MIDDLETON MAJORS: Math, Science, English, Band MINORS: Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1 - 2, Golf 2, 3, 4, Sci-Math Club 4, Stage Band 2, 3, 4: NISBOVA 1, 2, 3, 4. HONORS: Oueen's Escort 4, Student Repr, to Kokomo Rotary Club, Page Boy for Ind. House of Represent CYNTHIA MILLER MAJORS: English, Home Ec., Social Studies MINORS: Math ACTIVITIES: GAA 1, 2: GAA Basketball 1, 2. DAN MINNICH MAJORS: English, History, Ind. Arts MINORSQ Drafting ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, IBA 4, Ind. Arts Club 1, 2, 3, E- Club 2, 3, 4. HONORS: E-Jacket DEBBIE IVIOLINO MAJORS: Business, English MINORS: Soc. Studies, Art ACTIVITIES: GAA 1 , Jr. Ach. 13OEA 43 BOE 43 Art Club 23 Treas, 2. HONORS: Homecoming Princess 33 Homecoming Queen Candidate 43 English Award 23 Art Award 4. STEVE IVIOSSBURG JEFF NESBIT MAJORS: Math, English, Soc. Studies MINORS: Science ACTIVITIES: Swim Team 1, 23 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas, 43 E-Club 1 , 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Class Pres 2. BETHANY OYLER MAJORS: English, Math, For. Lang., Band, Choir MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Cometones 3, 43 Stage Band 2, 3, 43 Swim Club 2, 3, 43 Yellblock 13 GAA 1 , 2, 33 Choir Council 13 Latin Club 23 Cadet Teacher 43 Student Council 1 , 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Annual Staff 3, 4, Classes Editor 43 Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 43 Operetta 1, 2, 33 Powderputf Football 3, 43 Kokomo Jr. Musicale 2. HONORS: Girls' State Alternate 33 Easter Seal Class Representative 13 IU Band - Choral Clinic Scholarship 23 Ball State MA. ll Honors Recital 33 Kokomo Jr, Miss Talent Finalist 43 Teen Talent Time Winner3 Prom Oueen Candidate 4. CARROLL PARKER MAJORS: Business, Home Ec, English MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: OEA 43 Yellblock 1. JAN PATTERSON MAJORS: English, Math, Band, Choir MINORS: Soc. Studies3 For. Lang., Science ACTIVITIES: Student Council 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Stage Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Cometones 3, 43 GAA 1 , 2, 3, 4, Treas. 33 Powderputl Football 3, 43 Kokomo Jr. Musicale 23 Swim Club 2, 3, 43 Track Asst. 1, 23 Operetta 1, 2, 33 Cadet Teacher 43 Track Team 43 Honor Society 2, 3, 4. HONORS: Girls' State Delegate 3. DIANE PATUZZI JOHN PERKINS MAJORS: Soc. Studies, Math, English MINORS: Business ACTIVITIES: Football 13 Basketball Mgr. 2, 3, 43 Track Mgr. 33 E-Club 3, 4. PHIL PETTY MAJORS: English, Math, Science, Band MINORS: Soc. Studies ACTIVITIES: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Sci-Math Club 2, 4, Biology Club 1, 2. HONORS: E-Jacket JIM PITTIVIAN DENNIS PURVIS CHARLES RENBARGER MAJORS: English, Ag., Math, Ind. Arts MINORS: Soc. Studies, Science ACTIVITIES: Football I, Track 3, 4, Cross Country 4, FFA 1, 2 3, 4, E-Club 4, Ind. Arts Club 4, IBA 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4. HONORS: E Jacket, Farm Mech. Award, Electricity Award. BARBARA RIDDLE MAJOFIS: English, Home Ec, Soc. Studies MINORS: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1, Biology Club 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Home Ec Club 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Library Aid 1, PE Asst. 3, 4, Biology Lab Asst. 4. ROBIN RALPH RIGGS MAJORS: English, Ag. MINORS: Math, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 1, E-Club 3, 4' FFA 1, 2. BRAD RILEY MAJORS: Math, English, Soc. Studies, Ag. MINORS: Distributive Education ACTIVITIES: FFA 1 , 2, Football I,2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 4, E Club 3, 4, Sec,- Treas. 4. HONORS: Baseball All-Conf. 3, Honorable Mention 4, Football All-Cont., All County, All State Honorable Mention 4, .JUDI ROSEBERRY MAJOFIS: English, Soc. Studies, Home Ec, Art ACTIVITIES: Sparkettes 2, 3, 4, Art Asst. 4. HONORS: Sparkette Trophy 4. Seniors Are . . . Comical Eloquently reciting heart-rending versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Speech class . . , playing Spin-the-Bottle, complete with Bonus Cards. . .watching performances of Larry Middleton and his one-armed man. . .are a few ofthe antics the Seniors pulled. T57 RSE JULIE SCOTT MAJORS: English, Soc. Studies, For. Lang. MINORS: For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Yellblock I , 2, GAA I , 2. TERRY SCOTT MAJORS: English, History MINORS: Math, Business ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track I , 2, HONORS: Presidential Physical Fitness Award I, 2, 3: Typing Award 2. CATHY SEAGRAVE MAJORS: Math, Science, Soc. Studies, English ACTIVITIES: Choir, Operetta 15 Library Aide 3, 43 Sparkettes 2 3 4 HONORS: Sparkette Trophy 4. TERRY SEAGRAVE MAJOFIS: Math, Science, English, Band MINORS: Soc, Studies Operetta 2, 3, Stage Band 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baslfetball 43 Choir 3. HONORS: Band Pres. 45 Boys' State Alternate 35 Student Repr. to Rotary Club 4. ACTIVITIES: Cometones 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 2 3, 4, Pres. 43 Going to work. . . getting married. . .attending college iust taking life easy reveals the hopes and dreams of after leaving Eastern. Seniors Look to the Future Zgdd, if I , wt D 'F' flung ,A 4 Brad Winger's future plans include going directly to Jail, not passing Go, and no collecting 55200.00 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Secretary 3. HONORS: Sparkette Trophy 4. MAJOBS: English, Science, Math, Art Teacher's Aid 4, MAJOFiSi English, Math, Home Ec. MINOFIS: Soc. Studies, For. Lang. 'RICK WARD iviimons: Math SUZANNE STAI-IL IVIALINDA THUHIVIOND MAJOHS: English, Soc. Studies, Ind. Arts CATI-IY SILVEY MAJOBS: English, Soc. Studies, Business, Home Ec. ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1, Library Aid I - 3, FBLA 3, Sparkettes 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Home Ec Club MINOBS: Home Ec, Soc. Studies, For. Lang. ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1, 2, 3, 4, Lab Asst. 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4, ACTIVITIES: Yellblock 1 3 Biology Club 1, 2, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, Annual Staff 3, Home Ec Club 2. ACTIVITIES: Ind. Arts Club 2, 3, FFA 3, Football I , Track 2. NOT PICTUBED: Janice Armstrong Sharlet Christy Phil Fite Lesa Glendenning Karen Henry Nancy McCammon Connie Sagarsee Larry Middleton has had trouble breaking the habit of sucking his thumb, ELIZABETH ANN VVEIR MAJORS: Math, English, Soc. Studies, Band MINORS: For. Lang, ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 3, 4, FBLA 4, Sec.-Treas, Yellblock 1, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 3, Office Aid 3: Library Aid 4, Cadet Teacher 4, Honor Society 3. 4. HONORS: Geometry Award 2. VICKI WHITEMAN MAJORS: English, Soc. Studies, Math MINORS: For, Lang., Science, Business ACTIVITIES: GAA 1 , Sparkettes 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Library Aid 3, Office Aid 4. HONORS: Sparkette Trophy. BRAD VVINGER MAJORS: English, Math, Ag., Soc. Studies MINORS: Ind. Arts ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Sgt,-at-Arms 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Track 1 , 2, 3, 4, E-Club 2, 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 4, Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4. HONORS: Football - All-County 2, 3, 4: Honorable Mention M,l.C. 2, 3, All-MIC 4, All-State Honorable Mention 4, Prep AI American 4, All-Area 4, Most Valuable Running Back 4, County Offensive Player of the Year 1974, "E" Blanket CARL YEAGLEY MAJORS: Math, Ind. Arts, English, Soc. Studies MINORS: Science ACTlVITlES:FootbalI 1, 2, 3, IBA 4, Track 2, Ind. Arts Club 2, Annual Staff 3. lf., 3 rn... ,...'., , I U-"""'v-u-nur br XL I six Senior Memories A Glimpse Info ihe Pasi Mark Cass Debbie Combs Marty Eagle Cami Harper Pam Horoho Janet Howell JoAnn lmbler Robin Julius Nan Kreps Robin Kendall S d'M Culle ani c y Dan Minnich Bethany Oyler Robin Ralph Riggs Vicky Whiteman gave ' 9 .v-ff We if ,J H ,J 'I L wi 1 x , - f ,,,..u.-. , MNA? ffigwii L V f N ' Q ..-,,, .91 . , ... ,Qc ,vii .- Q?--QQ . '.KT'iS9fY"Tf'5if Senior Bequeaths I, Kenny Ray Ashcraft ll, do bequeath my body to Freshman Biology Class to dissect and study in the name of science. I, Frank Brown, do bequeath my diving suit to Keith Kubicek. I, Ramon Cassis, do bequeath my "37" Ford Flamed Sedan to Fteed McKinney, if he thinks he can handle lt. I, Sharlet Christy, do bequeath my locker to James Scott, because he is my handsome pet - so be careful with my pet. l, Matt Clouser, do bequeath to John Ellis my best papers, so he will not have a single care next year. I, Dan Countryman, do bequeath my Comet Pride and Spirit to the class of "76," and to the EPU, all my broken drumsticks. I, Jeff Cranor, do bequeath my ability and willing- ness to work as a photographer for the yearbook. I, Cheryl Davis, do bequeath my choice seat in Study hall Ccold in winter, hot in fallb to whoever wants it. I, Marty Eagle, do bequeath my teddy bear to Linda Roberts to keep her safe from the boogie man. I, Mary Elam, do bequeath to any underclassman to express your opinions in Home Ec. I, James CGoofyJ Farley, do bequeath to my dear brother my almost priceless bathtub ring . . . and to those who know me from Mac's Place, come in and enjoy one of my special goofy burgers! I, Gayle Froelich, do bequeath my voice box to next year's cheerleaders. I, Cami Harper, do bequeath my lack of ability to bequeath. I, Liz Hobson, do bequeath my salt shaker to Rob Guest. I, Pam Horoho, do bequeath to Judy Mason the right to hassle Mr. Fields for Student Council. I, Ftex Honeas, do bequeath my trusty car to Jim Pittman. I, Janet Howell, bequeath my long hair to Butch, alias Judy Mason. I, Jody Hummel, do bequeath all of my old notes to Donnie if he ever comes back to Eastern. I, Debbie Hunt, do bequeath my vice-presidency of "SCUM" to Anne Adams. I, JoAnn Imbler, do bequeath to anyone dumb enough to take Chemistry, all of my harrowing expe- riences in getting labs in on time. I, Mark Johnson, do bequeath to Jim McCaIment my vast store of scientific knowledge obtained with Mr. Raymond. I, Ftobin Julius, do bequeath the remains of my bookkeeping workbook to Marcia Miller. I, Gary King, do bequeath my locker to my dumb brother Michelle Eugene King. I, Julie Kingseed, do bequeath to any Junior girl the right to talk about anybody they want without a certain sophomore listening. Marty Eagle looks as though he would like to get in on Terry and Flobin's conversation. X3-X I, Karen Krapf, do bequeath my ability to stay awake while reading govt. and econ. to all of next year's Seniors. I, Nan Kreps, do bequeath my old dirty bass clari- net swab to Judy Middlesworth, if she won't blow her nose on it. I, Pami LaFtowe, do bequeath to Jane Bees the right to flaunt her body and to watch "pearl fishers." I, Nancy McCammon, do bequeath to Connie Lloyd my 4 autographed pictures of Howdy Doody, and 1 1930's record of Elvis. I, Sandi McCulley, do bequeath to Jill Duncan my great drum major ability. I, Marsha McLochlin, do bequeath my outstanding football ability to next year's Senior girls. I, Larry Middleton, do bequeath all my cherry life- saver suckers to Judy Mason, Marcia Miller, and Barb Bannon. I, Cindy Miller, do bequeath my ability to get along with teachers to all underclassmen. I, Dan Minnich, do bequeath my talent of counting football equipment to Greg Harper. I, Debbie Molino, do bequeath my faithful locker number 522 with the broken latch to my best friend Guen Lesly. I, Bethany Oyler, do bequeath my initials CB.L.O.5 and my pug nose to anyone brave enough to take them. I, Jan Patterson, do bequeath my knowledge of Gayle Froelich can't seem to type enough love letters to Marty. portisands to the "Comet Cones" CVanilla, Peach, Strawberryy and Garry Hartman. I, Phil Petty, do bequeath my old oily swab and a box of water-logged reeds to Nancy Utterback. I, Barbara Biddle, do bequeath Mr. Berryman to all underclassmen. I, Connie Sagarsee, do bequeath my ratty blue robe to Barb Sagarsee so she won't have to walk around in just a t-shirt. I, Terry Seagrave, do bequeath my drum set to Jamie McCalment, who helped me put them together. I, Cathy Silvey, do bequeath my dislike of band directors to Marilyn Fights and Rhonda Matthews. I, Suzanne Stahl, do bequeath my old blue bikini to Carol Davis so she won't have to go skinny-dipping any more. I, Rick Ward, do bequeath my natural good looks to anyone who thinks they are capable of using them. I, Ann Weir, do bequeath my locker M548 to the next lucky Senior. It has no coat hooks! I, Vicky Whiteman, do bequeath my ability to skip class without getting caught to Kim Lawson. I, Brad Winger, do bequeath all of my motorcycle riding ability to Don Armstrong. He needs it. I, Steve Harper, do bequeath to Jeff Brooks the right to clean up the percussion section after Band class. Ill Il sill CHU ' I Y---env ... .+ Nibxs A4 Remember When X i- .kx x if QF' in- f .ew ,,,,.,-vw' ivy? .ww . ,Z iillafii I if f.. l 4: 1 w11.ff'4 .- . "1 W, H ., R I gs Seniors, remember first grade? The old wooden desks, the construction paper, the teachers friendly smile? In case those memories are a little hazy ih your memory, perhaps the pictures on these two pages may stir the cobwebs alittle bit and remind-you ofthe joy of childhood. 0-9 ad' 'ins Nlirti ,ff ff 4- Juniors The juniors ended the year with varied reactions. Many couldn't wait until their graduation, and watching the seniors' last days made waiting seem endless . . . "One year to go!" But the juniors could look back on happy times: games, band concerts, floats, worrying over tests only to find school canceled because of snow. And even though the annual magazine sale didn't reach the 555,000 goal, juniors were proud of a record sale of 84,400 Officers - Reed McKinney CPres.J, Jill Dun- can CVice Presb. Karen Bohnke CSec.J, Kim Eikenberry CTreas.J. Sponsors - Mr. Herr and Mrs. Wernke, Angela Adams Everett Alexander Don Armstrong Bick Auten Mike Bagley Barb Bannon Dan Bartholomew Greg Beachy Karen Bohnke Bob Boucher Randy Campbell Teresa Carlile Dennis Chamness Dave Clemans Liz Coan Dan Cook Danette Cook Ken Dahl Carol Davis Chet Davis Dave Detamore Rick Dryer Jill Duncan Marcia Eades Dewayne Eagle "See the End Ahead" That's really interesting, Mr. Patterson." Jay Echelbarger Kim Eikenberry John Ellis Gary Etchison John Fansler Eric Foland Beth Frakes Russell Frakes Jett Frazier Brenda Fullord Greg Glendenning Janice Graber Debbie Gresley Rob Guest Susan Haokler Jack Haines Pam Hamilton Mark Harris Garry Hartman Gloria Helton Chuck Hewitt Stan Horner Victor Hostetler Mike Howell Joanie Jarrett Pam Johnson James Johnston Seth Kauflman Joanne Kendall Deb Keyton L.: Preparing for Thai Lasl Sie Mike King Julie Kistler Keith Kubicek LuAnn Lamb Julie Lanning Jeff Lantz Jon Lantz Kim Lawson Dan Lesley Brent Marner Perry Marr Judy Mason Jim McCalment Rusty Mclntire Reed McKinney Judy Middlesworth Becky Middleton Beth Miller Marcia Miller Rick Miller Susan Miller Kerry Molino Jo Ann Moor Phil Moorman Hank Morris Juniors exhibit total and complete concen Juniors Not Pictured - Yvonne Armstrong, Karen Foreman Steve lmbler, Larry Lane, Joel Larrison, Dennis Loyd Joyce McCombs, Frances Redmon. This Algebra's a riot." Tina Morris Tony Myers Tracy Perkins Jerry Pontius Jane Rees Rick Rite Linda Roberts Tom Roseberry Debbie Rund Julie Sartain Debbie Schaffer Chuck Shane Wanda Shifilett Bill Shrock Kathy Shrock Steve Simpson Janet Smith Triiby Smith Ray Sparling Jane Stites Monty Stout Traci Streavel Jonetta Summers Tim Taylor Debbie Turner Nancy Utterback Debbie Vailosia Randy Wimmer Margie Yohn Kent Young The class of seventy-seven enjoyed another fine year of high school as they moved up the ladder to becoming seniors. The sophomores enjoyed many more benefits of high school such as the long wait for Drivers Ed., class rings and jackets, and finally having the best homecoming float Calthough this title was hotly disputed by the seniorsj. lt was a good year for the sophs, and everyone looks forward to next year. Anne Alexander Kris Alexander Terry Amos Vickie Badders Kay Bannon Mark Bardsley Sally Bargerhuff Susan Bargerhutf JoAnn Baxter Suzanne Baxter Carey Beachy Debbie Beall Rhonda Bess Jane Biddle Elaine Birdsong Ftobin Blair Pam Boucher Steve Bratcher Robin Brough Brad Burton David Butler Steve Cass N Jeff Cecil ' Kent Childs Mike Clark Officers - Michelle Miller, Sec.p Bret Echelbarger, Pres., John Bagwell, Treas.g Larry Flook, V. Pres. Sponsor: Mr. Fettig. Qophs Proud of Accomplishments Jeff Cook Steve Copp Gary Corsair Liz Cowley Paula Cranor Brenda Davis Cheryl Dobson Vickie Dryer Kenny Dunlap Criss Duvall Bret Echelbarger Sandy Edwards Steve Ellis Mike Farley Joe Farrer Anna Fights Marilyn Fights Larry Flook April Fox Kitty Froelich Karen Fultord John Garr Phil Graves Brent Greene Kevin Gresley Bob Hackler Lyle Hainlen Mike Hainlen Jane Harden Tom Harlan David Harper Scott Harper Stacy Heflin Jeff Hendrix Tim Himes Classes and Friends - Good Times Duane Hoff Chris Holman Sherry Horn Mike Horoho Tami Horoho Kevin Howell Jim Irwin Melody Jarvis Alan Jefferies Anne Jefferies Linda Jones Sandy Jones Dannelte Kalata George Karns Jack Keller Cheryl King Cyndy King Dave King Jim Kingseed Teresa Kommans Gayle Kreps Debbie Lantz Debbie Lesley Gwen Leslie Tami Lloyd Terri Lockhart Fiachel Long Marvin Lorenz Fiisa Lyons Chris Marine Dana Maroney Greg Mathena Rhonda Matthews Diana McGuire Bill McLochlin -I fx! 'UVP Sf: Kyle McOuiston Myra Middlesworth Susie Molino Michelle Miller Debbie Morris Raymond Myers Ed Novinger David Padfield Lowell Parson Sandy Pendland Rick Penrod Katrina Powell Rick Punfis Mark Reed Robin Reed Galen Renbarger Mike Roach Pam Roach Jeff Robbins Bill Rose Tim Roseberry Linda Rowe John Rupert Joe Sandlin Jim Scott X g Q 3 f 1 4- :":"..:. fr' ' 5 iifin R i ,K "Then she said what! Cindy Seagrave Rick Seag rave Sherry Seekel Doug Shane Patty Shaw Danny Smith Jerry Smith lvlarty Smith Sharon Sommers Susanna Soots Cliff Sparling Anita Summers Anita Sumner Kirk Sumner Charles Treber Michelle Wagner Judy Ward Amy Weaver Jeff Whaley Karen Whiteman Richie Williams Therese Yeagley Sophomores not Pictured John Bagwell Brian Gunter Sandy Henry, Jim Moxley Rick Pierson Tim Robbins Terry Roe, Barb Sagarsee Mike Sullivan Debbie Wise Charles Treber and Dana Maroney share a quiet walk to class Freshmen - Readg for Challenge Terri Ailor Jean Alexander wil .1-0 'Q-lr Marlene Amos Tammy Armstrong Bart Bagwell Sandy Bailey Connie Bales Janet Bannon Michelle Barnett Doug Beachy '43 After eight long, hard years of waiting, the class of seventy-eight officially became part of Eastern High. Although the wait was well worth it, the freshmen were challenged with more decisions to make and problems to cope with. They participated in High School activities such as homecoming and class meetings. The upper class may have been a little tough on them, but next year it's their turn. Officers - Terry Etchison, Secg Kirk Cogdell Treas., Gabe Eagle, Pres.g Bill Heinzman, V Pres. Sponsor: Miss Carter. Patti Bennett Kathy Bowland Mark Brewer Kathy Brinson Jeff Brooks Kim Brown Kim Brubaker Brad Callis Tim Cheek Susan Clark Beginning a Difiieull Climb Kirk Cogdell Brian Corder Jeff Cox Dale Courtney Fihonda Dahl Crissie Davis George Davis Dustin DeWitt Tonya Dowden Mike Downs Rhonda Dryer Tami Duncan Gabe Eagle Greg Eagle Robin Echelbarger Cindy Eikenberry Roy Estes Terry Etohison Tim Fennell Brenda Poland Dianne Frakes Lori Freelan Jeff Geary Maurice Graber Susan Gray Greg Harper Jay Harper Bill Heinzrnan Don Helton Mark Helton John Hendricks Jeanie Hendrix Connie Henry Brent Hensler Lawrence Hensley .....effiia t wk azrsetmiw - Tim Cheek and Doug Beachy brave the lunchroom. Patti Himes Chris Hipp Traci Horner Bonita Hudson Tony Jarrett Joan Jefferies John Jefferies Kathy Johnson Mark Justice Rebecca Kauffman Jawanda Kimmel Randy King Mike Kingery Cindy Kistler Todd Kubicek DeWayne Lamb Vanessa Lane Rex Lalftowe Mark Long Patty Marner Scott Marsh Jeff Martin Mike Mathena Jeff May Mark McCain 26 How Long Til We re Seniors? Mrs. Fox "proofreads" a test. Barb McCIish Mike Moredock Ernie Morris Tami Mugg Mike Myers Gene Norihcutt LeAnne Oyler Ginger Padgett Lou Ann Paiton Tom Patuzzi Rhonda Pendland Tim Penrod Roger Perkins Marsha Picklesimer Becky Pierson Kathryn Powell Gale Rayies Jerry Redmon Chris Rees Jim Pienbarger Jeff Wines Bob Wray Inf' Q1v Charlotte Reynolds Nancy Riggs Beth Riley Phil Rund Eldon Scott Kurt Shatter Kathy Shiltlett Mark Slusher Randy Spees Bart Stephenson John Stepler Brent Summers Barb Taylor Rick Taylor Kathy Teter Mark Voorhis Nancy Warner Andy Weaver Melinda Weir Terry Wilcox Freshmen Not Pictured: Dayle Beebe, Rebecca Christie, .John Davin, Kevin Gillespie Brian McOuiston, Paul Sagarsee, Ruby Scott "I said, 'small box' not, 'small pox'." That "Person" Behind the Desk They come in and start asking questions about Shakespeare or the Battle of 1812. How should we know? How much is 3 X 5? Beats mel They seem pretty nice in the hall or lunchroom, but when we go to class they change. Sort of like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. We are only having a little fun but sometimes we get carried away. That's when they start yelling and turning pruple - sort of neat to watch. The one in English class can be areal bummer sometimes. Vocabulary? I don't need to talk any gooder. We like them most of the time, but we'd just like to know - who is that person behind the desk? Mr. Freelan explains a difficult economic principle. Miss Patty Ault: 8th gr. English. Mr. Greg Benninghoff: Soph. English, Annual Advisor. Miss Rebecca Carter: Math, Freshman sponsor. Mr. Larry Crow: M.S. Science, Health, Coach, Jr. High Football. Mr. Flobert Dedaker: M.S. Social Studies, Spon. E Club, Coach, Asst. Football, 8th Basketball, Baseball. Mrs. Barbara Dillon: Gen. Business, Typing, Shorthand, Spon. Stu. Council. Mrs. Nancy Fox: Freshman English. Mr. Wayne Frakes: U.S. Hist., Dr. Ed., Spon. Sr. Class, Cross Country, Track. Mr. John Funderburg: World History, Civics, Geography, Psychology. Mr. Paul Hubbard: M.S. Math, Spon. M.S. Stu. Council. Mrs. Marsha Kimmerling: Biology, Science 9, Spon Bio. Club, Cheerleaders. Miss Linda Kistler: Phys. Ed., spon., GAA, Coach Girls' Swim Team. Mr, Raymond Knote: M.S. Science. Mrs. Joyce Lantz: Jr. Sr. English, French. Mr. David Long: M.S. Math. Miss Patricia Markwith: 6th gr. English. Mrs, Elaine McCIamroch: Spec. Ed. Mrs. Mildred Middlesworth: Home Ec.: Spon. Home Ec. Club, Sr. Class. Mr. Philip Myers: Spanish, M.S. History. Mrs. Sally Nicholson: Art, Art Club, Yell Block spon. Mr. Doug Patterson: M.S. Science, Coach: Varsity Basketball, Golf, Jr. High Football Spon.p E-Club. Mrs. Rebecca Pence: 7th gr. English. Mrs. Lou Pritchard: M.S., Frosh. Home Ec. Mr. Raymond: Chemistry, Science 9, Physics, Sci-Math Club spon., T.V. spon. Mr. Willard Rice: HS. and M.S. Social Studies, spon.: E- Club, Coach: Football, Frosh. Basketball, Asst. Track. Mrs. Holly Schafer: Choir, Music, spon.: Cometones, Mr. Mark Stahl: Journalism, English, Spon., Newspaper. Mrs. Linda Wernke: Algebra, Basic Math, spon.: Jr. class. Mr. Cedric Wise: Social Studies, Business, em nm xiei'Rit:si's'i'1axl Ulf Doug Patterson orders another round. HOW to Whistle in ten easy Steps New Principal Heads Office Staff E.H.S. had a new principal this year, William C. Fields from Marion, Indiana. Before coming to Eastern he was "Dean of Boys" at Justice Jr. High School in Marion. He attended Marion College where he got his B.S. degree and received his Masters from Ball State University. The office also had some other new facesg Mr. Richard Mugg served as athletic director in place of Mr. Richard Price who remained vice- principal. In the counseling department, Mrs. Linda Wernke served as "Girls Guidance Counselor" to help Mr. Oyler provide for the needs of all the students on a more personal level. Finally, who could forget the personnel vvho really make the system go, our secretaries Mrs. Helen Fox and Mrs. Janet Mugg. All of these people working together made Eastern's Administration one of the best. A new face at Eastern: Mr. Fields, Principal 33 24 25 ....i .ii Mr. Fields takes time out of his busy sched- ule to talk to a concerned parent. Mrs. Mugg busily assisting someone on the phone. Mr. DeWitt Mr. Price Mr. Oyler Superintendent Vice-Principai Counselor Mrs. Wernke Mrs. Fox Mrs. Mugg Counselor Secretary Secretary Middle School Student Council The middle school student council sponsored by Mr. Hubbard senfed much the same function as the high school council acting as a go-between for the students and the administration. Basically, participation in the council gave students an idea of government and parliamentary procedure. Officers conducted meetings much the same as formal meetings are held in government, and issues concerning the school and student problems were discussed. The middle school council also gave students experience in leadership and cooperation which would serve them later in school and life. Eighth Grade Tim Carter Kim Armstrong Brian Hendrix Robin King Lori Gunter Dan Murphy Melinda Gibson David Aerne Linda Eades Steve Neal MEMBERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL Seventh Grade Keith Zook Lisa Martin Jenny Heflin Rick Kanable Lyle Myers 'f' Delina Taylor Carl Hackenbracht Amy Powell not pictured Special Education Kathy Bates Brian Bolinger Linda Eades Janice Edwards Joyce Edwards Mark Henry Judi Johnson Linda Johnson Terri Miller Steve Neal Mark Seekell Chris Shoemaker Betty Waddelow Mike Wise Tony Wise Sixth Grade Conde Echelbarger Brian Christie Jeff Powell Sharon Callis Melinda Wagner 'i' Julie Freelan Phil Riley Sarah Jenkins l Eighth Graders Make Change Grade school and middle school marked the end of childhood for the eighth grade. With skating parties, canned food drives, and Christmas parties behind them they prepared for the long ordeal of high school with a fresh outlook and the exciting memories of younger days. Two eighth grade girls "boywatching.' gxk is 1 trai PNY Tammy Acord Paula Adams David Aerne Margie Archer Kim Armstrong Stacy Barnett Leonard Baxter Tony Beachy Antie Belt Bobby Blair Jim Blankenship Teresa Bowen Laura Bowman Sharon Brown Shari Burton Mindy Butler Sandy Campbell Beth Cardwell Tim Carter Pam Christie Doug Cogdell Demilia Conklin Susan Cook Shirley Crabtree Nancy Crull Angie Davis Rick Davis Arcella DeFlossett Diedra DeWitt Rhonda Dillon Debbie Dobson Susan Dunn David Eikenberry Judy Enyart Ken Estes Bob Farrel Lynna Farrer Merlin Fights Melinda Gibson Lori Gunter Carolyn Hackler Jett Hamilton Charles Hannah Alvenia Hennry Brian Hendrix Janine Hensler Mike Hiatt Brian Hoff Vernon Jarvis Tim Johnson Shirley Johnson Jody Johnson Bill Johnson Penny Julius Tony Karns Kim Keller Munda Kernel Kay Keyton Fred King Robin King Rita Kingseed Kenny Kreps Joel Kubicek John Kuhn Karen Kuhn Susan Kurtz Christina Lamb Sherri Lamb Teresa Lane Sid Little Lloyd Lorenz Lori Lumm Mark Lyons Cathy Marr Brian Mast Rick McCombs Lisa McKibbin Gary Middlesworth John Mobley Tonia Mohr Susan Moloch Jodie Moredock Richard Morris Dan Murphy Cathy Myeres Tracy Myers John Nester Jim Nichols Richard Parker Barbara Patton High School - The Lasi Long Step in Q- lgf, Vx. S., -.n Mike Perkins Sally Poling Vince Powell Randy Rash Brad Rite Beth Robbins Sherri Roberts Penny Roe Anne Rogers Gregg Roush Roberta Rydstrom Patricia Sagarsee Joe Sarrain Linda Schaefer Karen Shatter Jett Sheridan Ken Shiftlett Sharon Shoffner Domonic Shrader Curt Silvey Cathy Slusher Greg Smith Larry Smith Tony Smith Vivian Smith Daymon Sommers Rheta Sommers Susan Spangler Robin Steele Rick Stout Jim Symons Glen White Jim White Matt Williams Mike Wright Paul Wrightsman Bob Yeagley Georgia Yeagley Eighth Graders Not Pictured: Teresa Bowen, Alvenia Henry. Pam Christie is actually doing the puzzle in the back ol her weekly reader. "Seventh Grade? I+'s DK." To a Seventh grader, one year is just like another. While the members of this year's Seventh grade class participated in many exciting projects along with the middle school and high school, time seemed to stand still. As the sixth grade was enjoying its newly acquired middle school status, the seventh grade could only sit back and wait. Hurry up and wait. Carol Alexander Kim Ashburn Laura Ashcraft Charles Badders Carol Bagwell Kim Bailey Mike Bardsley Lori Barnes Mark Bartholomew Brian Belt Randy Bennett Lori Birdsong Mark Bjorensen Julie Bottoms Judy Bowen Richie Brauneller Shannon Brinson Kim Brooks Randall Brough Krystal Brubaker Michelle Buckley Troy Burnette Melanie Burton Mitzi Cassis Harlan Christy Robin Chouinard Terry Corder Pam Cronan Pamela Dahl JoEllen Davin Peggy Davis Roger Dill Todd Duncan Danny Dunlap . Ava Eades Steven Eagle l 1 i I i Missy Francis Brigitte Gaskin Cindy Geary Cynthia Graber Cathy Grant Teri Gray Jeff Gregory Brian Griffith Jeffrey Guest Carl Hackenbracht Brian Hamilton Joel Harlan Vicki Hartley Todd Harvey Jenny Hellin Chester Hendricks Paul Hendrix Bruce Hensler Dean Hill Nick Hipp Anne Holman Debbie Honeas Stanley Horn Steven Howey Paul Johnson Stacy Julius Rick Kanable Dennis Keith Chris Kilgore Gary Kimmel Matthew Kistler Tom Krapf Rebecca Kubicek Donna Lamb Daniel Lawson Susan Lesley Connie Lloyd Natalie Lockhart Sheryl Lorenz Art Loveland Jon Marine Eddie Marner Lisa Martin Myra Mast Cecila Matchett Kathy May Richard Miller Sandy Miller Jane Mohler Ginger Murphy Connie Myers Donald Myers Lyle Myers Dierdre Northington Rodney Parker Jennifer Penrod Bruce Pickett Amelia Powell Wayne Powell Carmen Ragan Ronald Reed Scott Reed Armeda Scott Edward Shannonhouse Ricky Shaw John Simpson Sherry Singleton Jean Smith Rita Smith Todd Smith Doyle Soots Brian Stephenson Patrick Stiner Mark Sullivan Delina Taylor Regina Taylor Kenneth Vint Rusty Weaver Rex White Lisa Whiteman Teresa Wilkerson Jody Wilson Julie Wines Thomas Wright Annie Wyrick Shaun Zimmerman Keith Zook Seventh Graders Not Pictured: Judy Bowen, Robbi Cummins, Ava Eades, Terri Gray, Daniel Lawson, Mike Wise. lf' New Beginning for Sixth Grade Sixth grade was a whole new ball game. New teachers, new classes and even a new school. The move from the elementary building was exciting for some and difficult for others. Nonetheless, the sixth grade rose to the occasion to become part ot E.H.S. Sixth grade science is better than Scminex Leon Acord Teresa Adams Mike Auten Randall Badders Sandra Bagley John Beachy Mark Benny Randy Blankenship Dianne Bohnke Kay Bolinger Justin Bolton Tracy Brown Rhonda Brumley Cathy Bryant Stacy Burget Brian Burnette Sharon Callis Brian Christie Robert Collett Kyle Cook Tom Cox Roscoe Crabtree Sandy Cravens Mark Custer Marla Custer Eddie Davis Beth Dean Michelle DeWitt Brenda Dillon Deborah Dowden Tim Duncan Tonya Duncan Conde Echelbarger John Edwards Kathy Estes Joanna Fansler Cathy Fights Kurt Poland Bernadette Fondenberger Julie Freelan Troy Gaskin Timothy Gregory Sue Gresley Richard Hackler Chris Hainlen Jed Hainlen Sarah Harris Linda Harvey Sherri Helton Mike Hendrix Tammy Hendrix Craig Henry Sandy Hill Mark Hoff Gary Hoover Kerry Horoho Marvin Hovvell Mark Jenkins Sarah Jenkins Kevin Johnson Terri Jones Mike Kalata Jeff Kemp Lori Kilgore Anita Kimmel Joan King Chris Kirkpatrick Bruce Kistler Chris Kubicek Mark Lamb Raymond Lawson Wayne Lee Marcia Lodge Doyle Lorenz Matt Lyons Teresa Marine Gary Moredock Kim Morris Scott Mugg Sherry Myers Terry Myers Kathy Nichols Michelle Mickelson Michelle Padgett Jamie Perry Jackie Price Paula Prince Jeff Powell Phil Riley Rick Robbins Wow! Onlg Six More Years! iN. Ns S.. Mary Ann Yockey I Wayne Roe Bill ROSS Caren Roush Rebecca Rydstrom Shannon Sagarsee Cristine Seekell Danny Seekell Sharon Shaffer Jon Shepherd Brian Shrock Susan Smeltzer Scott Smith Dale Sommers Darryl Spees Jeanine Spradling Lisa Sprinkle Kelly Steele Nancy Stephenson Tim Swisher Larry Taylor Karen Teter Tammy Trussel Kim Vallosia Kenneth Ward Melinda Wagner Donald Whiteman Debbie Wilkerson Theresa Wilson Sandi Wolt Chris Wrightsman Sixth Graders Not Pictured Rhonda Brumley Beverly Davis, Linda Frazier Randy Gillespie, Craig Henry Scott Mugg, I "Darn, he ate everything on his plate." Like sports, music is a way of life in Greentown and at EHS. Students start at a tender age tapping and blowing and plunking. The elementary and middle school bands are only one step in the long road of accomplishment. Perhaps not as polished as the varsity or stage band, but at graduation eighth graders are able to fill the gap left by the seniors. The choir too, adds its support to the musical program at Eastern while voices are changing from tenor to baritone and nylons are a new addition to a girl's wardrobe. "One more puff and l'll take up the flute!" The pause that refreshes. Time-out during rehearsal. f' There is nothing more depressing than an empty music room - unless it's a full one. Eighth Grade Choir - Row One: Beth Cardwell, Kim Armstrong, Melinda Gibson, Paula Adams, Rheta Sommers. Row Two: Jodie Moredock, Barb Patton, Diedre DeWitt, Linda Schaefer, Sharon Shoffner. Row Three: Susan Spangler, Lisa McKibbon, Lori Lumm, Arcella DeRossett, Sherri Roberts, Tami Acord. Row Four: Sheri Lamb, Susan Moloch, Angie Davis, Susan Cook, Sally Pol- ing, Karen Shaffer. Row Five: Susan Kurtz, Nancy Harmon, Judy Enyart, Teresa Lane, Tina Lamb, Rita Kingseed, Rhonda Dillon. Row Six: Tracy Myers, Shari Burton, Carol Hackler, Jody John- son, Lori Gunter, Kim Keller. Row Seven: Vince Powell, Robin King, Penny Julius, Ann Rogers, Robin Steele. Missing: Fred King, Artie Belt, Demila Conklin. . Y I nvaluable ssistance The office assistants helped out whenever needed and picked up those dreaded absentee slips. There were also bookstore aides which help supply our students with the essentials of learning. Mr. FreeIan's group assisted teachers in finding things like movie projectors and films. And also the library aides who help you locate a book for a class which you really don't want. A-V Aides Front: Mark Johnson, L-R: Julie Kingseed, Pami LaFiowe, Deb Kayton, Cathy Silvey, Mr. Freelan, Linda Roberts, Marty Eagle. 44 Office Assts. - L-R: Kay Keyton, Vicky Whiteman, Kitty Froelich Mindy Butler, Jody Hummel, Anita Summers, Gayle Froelich Book Store - L-R: Jo Moor, Linda Jones, Toni Mohr, Gwen Les ley, Sharon Brown, Margie Yohn. Library Aides - L-R: Nan Kreps, Tracy Perkins, Sandy Pendland April Fox, Margie Yohn, Cathy Seagrave, Susan l-lackler. t Service Staffs Keep Things Running Qmoothl Truman Johnson, Bill Lamb, David Shoemaker. U The custodial and maintenance staffs helped ensure a clean and well taken care of school. Much time was spent repairing and cleaning, and it was appreciated by all very much. The kitchen staff also worked very hard in making the shorter lunch periods enjoyable. A special note of thanks and appreciation is extended to the maintenance staff. The Aurora regrets that no picture of Archie Goldlngs crew was taken due to scheduling problems. The work done by this staff is greatly appreciated by everyone at Eastern. Row 1: Shirley Ftund, Beulah Dryer. Martha Armstrong, Shirley Frakes, Sue Summers, Sh' I B tl lea u er. Row 2: Kathy Christie, Patricia Sonafrank, Mary Smeltwr, Florence Edwards, Cleo Ball, Madonna Conway, Sue Dryer, Edna Echel- barger, Cmanagerj Steve Ball. Mako JTMK Mmwmrrax COQKED 046110115 KICE Pubblfvb A PPLE cR15P MILK FRAKES WEST END SERVICE Served 'rhe Communi+y I7 Years 5 I 4 W. Main S+. Green+own, IN 4 HUDSON'S Fl NE FOOD Good Luck, Seniors! Green+own, Indiana HGCL ITOGK ,I fig., A in Q - - f x Aga . J I WIIIIEPZUM 5 I B K I.. INCORPORATED i Q Qualify Furnifure I ra O C E and Appliances for 7 0 X Eq u I p m e n'r Complefe Iine of Office Furni+ure, Supplies, and Equlpmeni' I I2 S. Main 457-8175 vxcxm FUNERAL HGME L w Complimen+s of . . . PICKETT FUNERAL HOME HENRy'5 SHELL RAY'S THERMOGAS SERVICE LP GAS DEALER 2 I6 W. Wa+er S+., Converse I640 Sycamore Rd. and U.S. 3I 395 7473 Ray Rosengad, O Good Luck Claes of '75 I45 S. Buckeye S+. TOTE-A-POKE Ph. 459-359i Kokomo, Ind. Green+own CLARK'S BEAUTY ACADEMY y I I9 W. Sycamore Z Kokomo, Ind. Phone: 457-2780 is IQ Serving Green+own and Eas'rern Howard Coun'ry Ra+ed As One of +he Top Five Weekly Newspapers in Indiana By 'rhe Hoosier S+a'I'e Press Assn. ilgsiluia-i' mmf1 X7 fu ,,,,,,,, ,,,. ,i,,,,.,.,. rib- -ylf HIM? ls ueen snou von ll! "Ent Falslieoqs sill' FALQP? C abs! Mann Street Apparel MEN'S AND WOMEN'S CLOTHING 5 ACCESSORIES IOI W. MAIN STREET GnEsN'rowN, wo. PHONE 628 7709 .4 --1 -M1 ,...,. I QQ Congra'ruIa+ions Seniors From +I1e "CCMET CONE" Fea+uring MiIIcsI1aIces, Sof+ Ice Cream, Sundaes, Sandwiches Open Daily I I:00 'Io I I:00 DICK SANBURN Spor+ing Goods Complefe Team Ou'H:i'Hers Trophies and Engraving Bowling Equipmen+ Kokomo IN GROOM'S AUTO CO. Swayzee, IN BETHANY BOOK SHOP "Your Chris'I'ian Supply Cen'ler" I2I W. Sycamore, Kokomo Ph. 452- I 808 CAMILLANN DRESS SHOPPE I Ensembles - Dresses Sporlswear - Suifs Phone 628-7403 I Lingerie - Jewelry Accessories Greenfown, Indiana N J Congralulalions From MURRAY AND DAVIS Kokomo- IN AUTO PARTS Our very bes+ wishes lo all of you seniors. May you s+rive +o a'H'ain your goal. MR. AND MRS. DON MIDDLETON Congrafulalions, Pam, upon your graduafion. Besl Wishes in your fu+ure endeavors. May success lay a+ your doors+ep always. MR. AND MRS. NED HOROHO True worlh is in being, noi' seeming: In doing, each day +ha'I' goes by. Congrafulafions, MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. PERKINS Congralulalions Marsha and lhe Class of '75! Perseverance and palience will help you in all aspecls of life. CHARLES AND SHIRLEY McLOCHLIN GREENTOWN GRAIN CO. Congralulalions Class of "75" STATE BANK OF GREENTOWN Member FDIC Oldesl' Banl: in Howard Counly Eslablished in l903 107 N. Meridian Street Graentown Indiana REEQM ' ' TQ Emi! AL aj CALL Buy or Sell. . . . 628-335 LET THE "TAKE-OFF" TEAM SELL YOUR HOME 6 EHS Class of '75: Besl wishes for much success and happiness in your 'fulure endeavors. LARRY AND ROSALIE CHILDS Mark Johnson: We wish you every happiness and success in all +ha'l' you do. FROM YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER Debbie: Life is hard, by 'lhe yard: Bul by +he inch, li'fe's a cinch! Besl of luck always. DAD AND LOIS HUNT Good Luck +o each Senior in lhis silver anniversary class and much happiness in 'lhe 'Fu'l'ure. MR. AND MRS. MELVIN BEACHY A 'rouch of 'rhe pas+ Becomes a momen+ in 'rhe presen+ lniroducing. . . Our New Norfh Ligh'r Camera Room Using 'rhe original Iigh+ source, +he sun, as a conirolleci sof+ Iigh'r. Jenkins Sta te State Road 22, 925 E Greentown, Indiana 46936 'Ss BU RGER KI NG Now 2 Loca+ions for Our Cus+omer's Convenience 2824 S. WasI1ing+on and I62l E. Markland HUTTO DRUGS Prescripiions, Foun+ain Service ToHe+Hes Pharmacy Open I2:00-6:00 P.M Greenfown, Indiana HAMER LUMBER CO. Green+own, IN 1 Phone 628-33 I6 LYN SULLIVAN, Mgr. GREENTOWN :f'f'HMWi1-"eV""rf " enssmwu LOCKER """""""""' LOCKER 82I E Main Ph. 628-3327 3 PLEVNA IMPLEMEN1' L' co., mc. White Farm Equipment R.R. No. 4 KOKOMO, INDIANA 46901 355253335 gif , YAWTS mme x15 'sa ' mx Q. mss W' ff, LB orri n urance 109 N. MERIIJIAN STREET 628-7572 gt Q HOOD 84 KINGERY CONTRACTORS I I5If2 W. Main Green+own, IN Aluminum Producfs Garages Room Addi+ions Remodeling Service Phone 628-7645 'I+'s Easy Wi+I1 Wiese I400 E. Boulevard Kokomo, Indiana WIESE OLDSMOBILE Our Image SI'arIs Here DON'S BARBER By Appoinfmenl' Only Phone 628-3726 Greenfown, IN . X I For the ta 3 Real liie calls for real taste. ste of your life-Coca-Cola. -. 334 ., 060 gl i. Trgqtmst 5,1 9,-ll S g N. ? '55 - 'N-QM : 4 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Kokomo, Indiana MOHR CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. I420 S. Union S+reeI Phone 459-3I I I Kokomo, Indiana AspI1aI+ PIan'rs LocaI'ecI a+ Kokomo - Hun+ingI'on - Marion AspI1aI'r Paving Con+rac'rors Call - Wri+e - Wire for Free Es+ima+es I Congralulafions Belhanyl "You measure high on every coun+!" Love, DAD, MOM, LeANNE, AND TIM. Dennis Arlhur Purvis Wishing you a long and successful life lo a greal young man. Love, MOM AND DAD Ann: We wish you much heallh and happiness for +he 'Fu+ure and we are very proud of you. MOM AND DAD Karen, Happiness and success is our wish for your fulure. HL INR xpuvki NAV! iw ETZIIKZ Kokomo Mall Marlzland Mall MOM AND DAD Kokomo. Indiana Cong'-af-Ula-Hong I+ lakes 'lhe whole of life fo learn how +0 live. We CI 'F wish you The bes'l', always. 25550 MOM AND DAD HARVEY I A 107 Success is earned: may you humbly, readily, and Pg' fs willingly accepl' fhe challenge. I, I 1 ' ' MAX AND MARY SEAGRAVE GREENTOWN LIONS CLUB Dear Dan, From +his day forward, LIVE LARGE and BE HAPPY. Love, MOM AND DAD IBARNESI A Greal School, A Greal' Year for Easl'ern's 25+h. Congra'lula+ions Rex and Dale MIRIAM AND JOHN HONEAS KGKOMOTORS, INC. "The Bigger You Gef, The Bigger We Get" New Cars and IOOVO Guaranfeed Used Cars Phone 453-2I I2 37I6 Soufh Le Founfain S+., Kokomo, Indiana CONGRATULATIGNS SENIORS Economy Sedans - Super Bee+les - The Dasher Cars Microbus - Campers JOHN E. SMITH Building and Supplies Greenfown, Indiana , V K Q 54 ui: ' i ' ll il EAD ES Complefe Line of Pholographic b Equipmenf and Darkroom Supplies P R B d N rocessing, epairs, Fdn 8m9S GREENTOWN DRY CLEANERS" 7l3W. Main TV Club Gels Late Start but Picks Up Quicklg Although the TV Club was begun --... late in the year, the young men and women who worked on the staff put much effort into the project to make it a success. Many long and dedicated hours were spent in learning the basics of television broadcast and perfecting the knowledge they had gained to produce the weekly news over VVEHS, the school's own television station. Every Friday students in classrooms turned to channel two on the school's closed circuit television sets and .. TV Club - Row One: Tim Johnson, Richard Morris, Ken Estes, Nick Hipp, Jeff May, Mr. listened to the news of the Week Raymond. Row Two: Greg Mathena, Mark Bardsley, Mike Roach, Mike Bardsley, Jeff d th . t t Cook, Kim Brown, Debbie Morris. Row Three: Mark Lyons, Rusty Weaver, Lowell Parson, an e 'mpor an John Rupert, Bill Rose, Duane Hoff, Roy Estes. gnnguncemenfg fgr the day, Members of the TV staff could be very proud of their accomplishments. ' A very tired Mark Bardsley trudges T X Y tl . to another assignment as one of the cameramen forthe TV staff. PE Helpers - Front: Risa Lyons, Patty Shaw, Vickie Dryer, Margie Yohn, Diana McGuire. Back: Andy Kistler, Barb Riddle, Debbie Flock, Ellen Land, Len Hainlen. QF .-P' :W ifi, g.,.,... gli? . Q 2 - 'ig 1 ? 'ff A ' L s. WWWW-WWWM W W Awnwffmv INDEX 164 Adams, Glenna - 91. 81 Armstrong, Janice Armstrong, Marty - 91 Ashcralt, Ray- 19, 29, 38. 41, 48, 75, 76, 91, 90 Ballard. Mike - 38,91 Barns, Daniel -91 Beachy, Daryl -36, 38, 91 Biddle, Myra - 91 Bollnger, Cindy - 91 Bol1nger,Jeli- 92 Brown, Frank -36.37,38, 56.92, 82 Burton. Brent- 92 Butler, Shayne - 36,92 Cass, Mark -33, 56, 57, 92, 108 Cassts, Ramon - 92 Chase, James - 31,3B,4B, 76,92 Ch1lds,Jel1- aB,4a, 76,92 Christy, Sharlet Clouser, Matt-20, 36, 38, 40, 93, 87 Cole, Winitred - 93 Combs, Debbie - 93, 108 Corsair, Brain - 93 Countryman, Dan- 19, 38, 76, 94, 83, 87 Cox, David Cranor, Jell-76, 94, 81, 87 Davis. Cheryl-60, 94 Dean. Larry-94 Eagle, Marty- 19, 36, 37, 38, 75, 95. 108.90,144 Elarn, Mary - 77.95.87 Adams, Angela- 46, 76, 114 Alexander, Everett-31, 38, 78, 114 Armstrong, Don -114 Armstrong. Yvonne - Auten.R1ck -38,114 Bagley, Mike -114 Bannon, Barb - 26, 54, 114 Bartholomew, Dan - 56. 114 Beachy, Greg - 36.37, 114 Bohnke,Karen-20,75,114 Boucher, Robert - 1 14 Campbell, Randy - 56, 114 Carlile. Teresa- 75, 76, 86, 1 14 Chamness, Dennis -114 Clemans, T. Davld -32, 52. 76, 114 Coan, Elizabeth - 76,114 Cook, Dan -114 Cook, Danette -114 Dahl. Kenneth -114 Davis, Carol- 78, 84, 114 Davis, Chester - 80,114 Detamore, David - 82, 114 Dryer, Rrck - 78,114 Duncan, Jill -20, 33, 56, 75, 76, 77, 78, 82, 114 Eades, Marsha- 1 14 Eagle. Dewayne-31, 44, 1 14 Echelbarger,Jay-38,44,83,115 Eikenberry. Kim -54. 60, 75, 78, 115 Ellis, John -36,37,38.78,82,115 Etchison, Gary -31, 38, 115 Alexander, Ann - 81, 118 Alexander, Kris -46, 86, 118 Amos, Terry - 83,118 Badders, Vickie - 1 18 Bagwell, John - 20, 3-1, 38, 44 Bannon, Kay - 78,118 Bardsley, Mark-33, 35, 44, 76, 118 Bargerhutl,Sally-46,56,76,86,118 Bargerhuti. Susan - 20, 33, 46, 56, 76. 86, 118 Baxter, JoAnn - 33,46,56,72,76,118 Baxter, Suzanne -33, 46, 56, 72. 76, 1 18 Beachy, Carey - 37,118 Beall, Debby - 60,118 Bess, Rhonda -118 Biddle, Jane - 60,18,118 Blrdsong.EIa1ne -118 Bla1r.Rob1n-33,56,76,86,118 Boucher, Pam - 68, 76, 118 Brough, Robin -118 Burton, Brad-44. 52, 71, 118 Butler, Dave -118 Farley, James-31. 38, 76, 95, 78 Fennell, Luther Fite, Philip Flook, Debbie - 60. 77, 95, 86 Poland, Bruce - 36, 95 Froelich, Gayle- 19, 54, 60, 75, 95, 144 Geary, John - 31 , 38, 95, 82 Grant, Cary - 95, 84, B5 Hainlen. Len-36, 37, 38. 48, 96, 82 Hannah, Kevin - 38,96 Harper, Cami -54, 75, 96, 108 Harper, Steve - 75, 76, 96. 87 Harvey, Don Harvey. Joe - 31. 96 Hemzman, James - 38,96 Hendicks, Thomas - 96,82 Henry, Karen Hiatt, Connie - 96 Hobson. Liz - 97 Honeas. Dale - 97 Honeas, Rex - 31, 32, 97 Horoho, Pam-20, 33. 46, 75, 76, 97, 108. 81, 86, 87 Howell. Janet -60, 75, 98, 108 Hummel. Jody-46, 68, 98, 86, 144 Hunt, Debbie-68, 75, 76. 98 lmbler, Jo Ann - 33, 46. 75. 76. 98. 108, 78. 81 Johnson, Mark- 99, 87, 144 Jones, Mark - 99 Jllliils Robin -1-4 60 77 Q0 use or SENIOBS Kemp, Pete-31, 36, 38, 99 Kendall, Robin - 37,38,99,108 King, Gary-38, 99 Kingseed. Julie-60, 75, 99, 81. 144 Kingseed, Terry - 36. 38, 41 , 48, 99, 82 Kistler, Andrew-35. 36. 30, 68, 100, 78 Krapt, Karen -46, 68, 75. 100, 81, 84 Kreps,Nanette-60,100,108,144 Lamb, Velda - 100 Land, Ellen -46, 56, 77. 100,78 Langiord, David -100 LaRowe,Pam1-14, 19.60, 75, 100, 90, 144 Lodge, Michele -100 Loyd, James Maple. Connie - 101 Massey, Rita - 101 Matchett, David - 38, 101, 82 McCammon. Nancy - 84 McCulley, Sandra- 75, 76, 77, 101, 108,81 McLochlin, Marsha - 20, 33, 46, 75, 76, 102,81. 87,90 Middleton, Larry - 35, 76, 102 Miller, Cynthia -102 Mlnnlch.Dan-36,38,102,108 Mololno, Debbie -14, 103 Mossburg, Steve- 103 Nesb1t,Jel1- 20, 103 Oyler, Bethany- 19. 20, 33, 75, 76. 103 108, 78, 81 JUNIORS Fansler, John -83, 115 Foland, Eric - 31 , 32, 36. 37, 48, 115 Foreman, Karen -60, 78 Frakes, Beth - 76,115 Frakes, Russell- 115 Frazier, Jett - 31 , 32, 115 Fullord, Brenda - 77,78, 115 Glendenning, Greg -115 Graber,Jan1ce - 46,115 Gresley, Debbie - 60.81, 115 Guest, Robert- 1 15 Hackler. Susan - 75,76,115,144 Haines, Jack - 35,38,115 Hamilton. Pam - 78.84, 115 Harris. Mark -33, 56, 115 Hartman, Garry -115 Helton, Gloria - 78,115 Hewitt, Chuck - 38.78, 115 Horner, Stan - 38.44, 115 Hostetler, Vic - 83, 115 Howell, Michael -34, 35, 115 Howey. David lmbler, Steve - 35 Jarrett, Joan - 33,56,78,115 Johnson, Pam - 76,115 Johnson, James -115 Kaullman, Seth - 83,115 Kendall, Joanne-46, 75, 76, 86, 115 Keyton, Deb- 75,78.86,l15,144 King, Michael -44, 116 Kistler. Julie - 33,116 Cass. Steve - 56,118 Cec1l,Jell-118 Childs, Kent - 1 18 Clark, Mike -32,35,118 Cook, Jeff - 1 18 Copp, Steven -31, 78, 119 Corsair, Gary -119 Cowley. Elizabeth -119 Cranor. Paula-20, 63, 76, 82, 119 Davis, Brenda - 46, 60, 84, 119 Dobson, Cheyl - 1 19 Dryer, Vickie - 6O,78.119 Dunlap, Kenny -119 Duvall, Criss -119 Echelbarger, Bret-52, 80, 119 Edwards, Sandra - 76, 78, 86, 119 Ellis, Steve -44,119 Farley, Mike-44. 78, 119 Farrer, Joe --119 Fights, Anna - 78,119 Fights, Marilyn- 77.78,119 Flook, Larry -44,52.119 Kublcek, Keith - 33, 56, 116 Lamb, Luann - 76,116 Lane, Larry Lann1ng,Jul1e - 60.76.116 LantZ,Je11- 20, 37, 83, 116 Lantz, Jon - 78, 116 Larison. Joel -80 Lawson, Kim - 31 , 44, 82, 116 Lesley. Dan - 82.83116 Loyd, Dennis Marner, Brent-31, 32, 48, 116 Marr, Perry -116 Mason, Judy-33, 54, 78. 82, 116 McCalment, James - 75, 78, 81. 87, 1 16 McCombs, Joyce - 60 Mclnt1re,Busly -116 McKinney, Reed - 20,37,82,116 Mlddlesworth, Judy -60. 76, 86. 116 Middleton, Becky-46, 75, 76, 116 Miller, Beth - 75. 116 M1lIer,Marcla -26, 54, 75, 116 Miller, Rick - 83, 116 Miller, Susan -116 Molino, Kerry - 76,82,116 Moor, Jo Ann - 78,80.116.144 Moorman, Philip - 78, 116 Morris, Hank - Morris, Tina -116 Myers, Anthony - 38,117 Perkins, Tracey - 60, 117, 144 116 SOPHOMOBES Fox, April- 78,119,144 Froelich, Kitty- 20. 54, 60, 119, Fullorcl, Karen-68, 78, 119 Garr. John -83 Graves, Phillip -119 Greene, Brent-31, 52. 119 Gresley, Kevin -119 Gunter. Brain Hackler, Bob- 56,72,119 Hainlen.Lyle-52,83,119 Hainlen,Mike-8283.119 Harden, Jane- 14, 76, 78, 119 Harlan, Thomas -119 David -44,119 Harper, Scott- 33,35,37,44,78,119 HelI1n,Stacy-68,78.86.119 Hendrix, Jeltrey Henry, Sandy Himes, Tim- 119 Holi, Duane -33, 56, 120 Holman, Chris - 44,80,12O Horn, Sherry - 33,78,84,12O Harper. -119 4 Parker, Carroll- 103 Patterson. Janette- 19. 20, 33, 46, 75, 76, 103, 78,81 Patuzz1,Dlane -103 Perkins, John - 31. 103 Petty, Phillip-35, 76, 104, 87 Pittman, James- 104 Purvis, Dennis- 104 Renbarger, Charles -31, 32, 75. 104, 82, 83 Biddle. Barb - 75,104,81 R1ggs,Robln -38, 104, 108 Riley, Brad - 36.38104 Roseberry, Judi- 77, 104 Sagarsee, Connie Scott. Julie - 105 Scott, Terry -105 Seagrave, Cathy- 77, 105, 144 Seagrave, Terry- 19, 75, 76. 78, 87, 105 Silvey,Cathy-60.75,77,81,106,144 Spees, Jon Stahl, Suzanne - 84, 85, 106 Thurmond,Mal1nda - 75, 106 Ward, Rick -106 Weir, Anne -68. 75, 76, 81, 86, 107 Wh1teman,Vickie-75, 77, 107, 108, 144 Winger, Brad - 20, 31 , 36, 38. 40, 48, 107 Yeagley, Carl- 107 Pontius, Jerry - 32.37,117 Redmon, Frances - 76 Rees, Jane- 76.82.117 Rile,R1ck - 38.117 Roberts, Linda- 117. 144 Roseberry, Tom- 14, 31, 38, 78. 82, 117 Rund,Debora-33,54,76,117 Sartarn, Julie - 77,117 Schaeler, Debra - 1 17 Shane, Chuck- 31. 37, 1 17 Shifflett, Wanda - 77, 117 Shrock, Kathy -117 Shrock,Blll-81,117 Simpson. Steve - 117 Smith, Janet- 78,84,117 Smith, Trrlby - 77,7B,117 Sparlrng, Ray - 32, 117 Stltes, Kayla - 1 17 Stout,Monty-31,36,37.38,48,117 Streavel, Tract- 13, 75. 78, 84, 85, 117 Summers. Jonetta -117 Taylor, Tim -117 Turner, Deborah -117 Utterback, Nancy - 68.76, 117 Vallosia. Debra-75, 76. 86, 117 W1mmer,Randy-33,56,76,117 Yohn, Margaret- 117, 144 Young, Kent-32, 33, 56, 117 Horoho,Mike-31,56,76,12O Horohc, Tami- 76, 78, 86, 120 Howell, Kevin - 83, 120 lrw1n,J1m-120 Jarvis, Melody - 60, 120 Jetieries, Ann -120 Jetteries, Alan -120 Jones, Linda - 120, 144 Jones, Sandy- 60,77,12O Kalata, Dannette - 60. 120 Karns, George- 120 Keller, Jack -120 King, Cheryl- 78,120 Kang, Cynthia - 75, 120 King, Dave -120 Kingseed, Jim - 48. 120 Kommans, Teresa - 76, 120 Kreps, Gayle - 76,78,81,120 Lantz, Debbie - 76.86, 120 Lesley, Debbie -120 Leslie, Gwendolyn -120, 144 Lloyd. Tammy - 60, 86. 120 Lockhart, Terri -33. 56, 76, 78, 86, 120 Long, Rachel -86, 120 Lorenz. Marvin - 31.32, 120 Lyons, Risa -46. 60, 120 Marine, Chris - 37, 120 Maroney, Dana - 54, 55, 76, 120 Mathena, Greg - 75, 76, 120 Matthews. Rhonda - 77, 120 McGuire, Diana -33, 46, 56, 60, 76. 120 McL0chlir1, Bill - 35, 37, 44, 52, 71, 120 McOuiston, Kyle - 20, 31, 38, 44, 121 Middlesworth, Myra -46, 56, 78, 121 Molino, Susie -60,77,121 Miller, Michelle - 33, 54, 55, 121 Morris, Debbie - 121 Moxley. Jim -121 Ailor, Terri- 60. 76, 123 Alexander, Jean - 60, 123 Amos, Marlene -123 Armstrong, Tammy Bagwell, Bart -56. 76. 123 Barley. Sandy -123 Bates, Connie - 46, 76. 123 Bannon.Jan-33,46,56,76,123 Barrnelt, Michelle -123 Beachy. Doug -123, 125 Beebe, Dayle - 125 Bennett, Patti- 76. 123 Bowland, Kathy - 60, 123 Brewer, Mark -123 Brinson, Kathy - 123 Brooks, Jett - 76, 123 Brown, Kim -46, 76, 123 Brubaker, Kim - 46.60, 79, 123 Callis, Brad - 20, 123 Cheek, Tim -123,125 Christy, Rebecca Clark, Susan - 56, 123 Cogdell, Kirk - 32,52,123, 124 Corder, Brian - 20, 123 Cox, Jell - 124 Courtney, Dale -124 Dahl, Rhonda -124 Davin, John - 79 Davis. Crissie - 124 Davis, George -124 DeWitt, Dustin - 44, 52. 76, 124 Dowden, Tonya -124 Downs, Mike - 76, 124 Acord, Tammy- 133, 79, 143 Adams, Paula -133, 79, 143 Aerne, David -133, 132 Archer, Margaret- 133 Armstrong, Kim- 133, 79, 132, 143 Barnett, Stacy - 133, 53 Baxter, Leonard -133 Beachy, Anthony- 133 Belt, Arthur- 133 Blair, Robert- 133, 45. 142 Blankenship, Jim- 133, 45, 142 Bowen, Teresa- 133 Bowman, Laura- 133 Brown, Sharon- 133, 144 Burton, Shari - 133, 55, 79, 143 Butler, Mindy -133, 144 Campbell, Sandra -133 Cardwell, Beth- 138, 79, 142, 143 Caner, Timothy - 133, 45. 53, 132 Christie. Pam -133, 142 Cogdell, Douglas- 133, 45 Conklin, Demilia -133 Cook, Susan -133, 79, 143 Crabtree. Shirley- 133 Crull, Nancy -133 Davis, Angela -133, 79, 143 Davis, Rick -133, 45. 53 DeRossette, Arcella- 133, 79, 143 DeWitt, Diedra-133, 79, 142, 143 Dillon, Rhonda- 133, 79, 143 Dobson, Debbie-133 Dunn, Susan -133 Eikenberry, David -133,415.53 Enyarl. Judy- 133. 79, 143 Alexander. Carol- 136 Ashburn, Kim -136 Myers. Raymond - 83, 121 Novinger, Ed - 48, 121 Padiield, David - BO. 121 Parson.LowelI-35.76.121 Pendland, Sandy- 81,121, 144 Penrod, Rick - 44,121 Pierson, Rick Powell, Katrina - 76, 81 , 121 Purvis, Rick- 121 Reed, Mark- 121 Reed, Robin - 78, 121 Renbarger, Galen - 82. 83. 121 Roach, Mike- 121 Roach, Pam - 60,76,84,121 Robbins, Jett - 121 Robbins, Tim Roe, Terry Rose, Bill- 33, 44. 56. 121 Roseberry, Tim - 121 Rowe, Linda - 60,77,121 Rupert. John -121 Sagarsee, Barb - 121 Sandlin, Joe- 121 Scott, James- 121 Seagrave, Cindy - 60, 122 Seagrave, Rick- 122 Seekell, Sherry - 86, 122 Shane. Doug -122 Shaw, Patty - 46, 78, 122 Smith, Danny -122 Soots. Susanna - 46, 122 Smith, Jerry - 52,122 Smiin. Many -35, aa, 122 Sommers, Sharon - 76, 78, 122 FRESHMEN Dryer, Rhonda 46, 47. 60, 124 Duncan, Tami- 33.56, 76, 124 Eagle, Gaylon -20,-14, 52. 123, 124 Eagle, Greg - 44.52, 124 Echelbarger, Robin - 55, 76. 124 Eikenberry, Cynthia - 20, 55, 79, 124 Estes. Roy - 80, 124 Etchison, Terry - 40.52, 123, 124 Fennell, Tim - 44,124 Poland, Brenda - 124 Frakes. Dianne-46, 76, 124 Freelan, Lori- 124 Geary, Jell - 124 Gillespie, Kevin Graber. Maurice - 124 Gray. Susan - 79, 124 Harper, Greg - 38, 79. 52. 124 Harper, Matt Hernzman. William - 44, 123, 124 Helton, Don - 124 Helton - 76,124 Hendricks, John - 56, 124 Hendrix-14.79,124 Henry, Connie- 124 Hensler, Brent- 76, 86. 124 Hensley, Edgar - 32. 79, 124 Himes, Patricia - 79, 125 Hlpp, Chris - 52, 125 Horner, Traci- 76, 125 Hudson. Bonita- 125 Jarrett, Tony - 32. 125 Jetleries. Joan - 76, 125 Jelleries. John - 76, 125 Johnson, Kathy - 46, 76, 125 Justice. Mark - 83. 125 Kaullman, Rebecca -125 Kimmel,Jawar1da - 78.79, 125 King, Randy -125 Kingery, Mike- 76,7B,79,125 Klstler. Cindy -125 Kubicek, Todd - 56, 125 Lamb, DeWayne - 52. 125 Lane. Vanessa- 125 LaRowe, Rex - 44. 52, 76, 125 Long, Mark - 52. 125 Marner, Patty - 46, 56, 125 Marsh, Scott- 56, 72, 125 Martin, Jelt - 52, 76, 125 Malhena, Mike - 76, 125 May. Jell - 76,813,125 McCain, Mark- 125 McClish, Barb- 126 McQuiston, Brian Moredock, Mike -126 Morris, Ernie -126 Mugg, Tami -55, 76. 79. 126 Myers, Mike - 38, 52, 126 Northcutt, Gene - 44, 52, 1'26 Oyler, LeAnne - 20, 55, 76.78, 79, 126 Padgett, Virginia - 126 Patton. Lou Ann -126 Patuzzr, Tom- 126 Pendland, Rhonda - 60, 76, 86. 126 Penrod, Tim - 52. 126 Perkins, Roger -126 Picklesimer, Marsha - 60, 126 8th GRADE Estes. Kenneth - 133 Farrell, Robert- 133,45 Farrer, Lynna - 134 Fighta, Merlin - 134 Gibson, Melinda- 134, 79, 132, 143 Gunter, Lori- 134, 55, 79, 132, 143 Hackler, Carolyn - 134, 79, 143 Hamilton, Jellrey -134 Hannah, Charles- 134, 45 Harmon, Nancy - 79, 143 Hendrix, Brian -134, 132 Hensler, Janine -134,142 Henry, Alvenia- 134 Hiatt, Mike -134,142 Holi, Brian - 134, 45 Jarvis, Vernon -134 Johnson, Jody -134, 79, 143 Johnson, Shirley -134 Johnson, Tim- 134, 142 Johnson, William - 134, 45 Julius, Penny -134,79,143 Karns, Anthony- 134 Keller, Kimberly -134,79, 143 Kernal,Mund8-134 Keyton, Kay - 134 King, Fred - 45,134 King. Robin -134,79,132,142,143 Kingseed, Rita -134,79,143 Kreps, Kenny- 134, 53, 142 Kubicek, Joel- 134 Kuhn, John - 45, 134,53 Kuhn, Karen -134 KurlZ.SuSan-134,79,142,143 Lamb, Christina -134, 79, 143 Lamb, Sheri- 134, 79, 148 Land, Lyle - 45, 134, 53 Lane, Teresa- 134, 79, 143 Little, Sid -134, 142 Lorenz. Lloyd - 45. 134 Lumn. Lori- 134, 79, 143 Lyons, Mark -45,134 Marr, Cathy- 134 Mast. Brian -134, 53 McCombs, Rick -134.53142 McKlbbln, Lisa- 134, 79, 143 Middlesworth, Gary - 45, 134, 53 Manley, John -134 Mohr, Tonia- 134, 55, 144 Molock. Susan -134,753,143 Moredock, Jodie -134,79.143 Morris, Richard -134 Murphy, Daniel -45, 134. 53, 132 Myers, Cathy- 134, 142 Myers, Tracy -134, 79, 143 Nester, John -134 Nichols, Jim -134,142 Parker, Richard -134 Patton, Barbara -134, 79, 143 Perkins, Michael -45. 135 Poling, Sally- 135, 79, 142, 143 Powell. Larry fvinceb- 1 35, 79, 143 Rash. Randy - 135 Rite. Bradley -135 Robbins, Beth -135 Roberts, Sherri - 135, 55, 79, 143 Roe, Penny -135 Rogers. Ann - 135. 79. 143 Roush. Cregg - 45. 135. 53 7th GRADE Sparling, Clill-122 Sullivan, Mike -44 Summers, Anita - 33, 46, 56, 122, 144 Sumner. Anita -122 Sumner, Kirk- 122 Treber, Charles - 20.37, 38, 44, 52. 122 Wagner, Michelle - 56, 122 Ward, Judy - 60,122 Weaver, Amy - 60, 77, 122 Whaley, Jett- 122 Whiteman, Karen -122 Williams, Richie - 82. 122 Wise, Debbie Veagley. Therese - 46, 86, 122 Pierson, Rebecca -46, 76, 126 Powell, Kathryn - 76, 126 Rayls, Gala -126 Redmon. Jerry - 126 Rees, Chris- 126 Renbarger, Jim - 126 Reynolds, Charlotte - 46.56, 127 Riggs, Nancy - 76, 127 Riley, Beth - 79, 127 Rund, Philip - 52. 127 Sagarsee, Paul Scott, Eldon -127 Scott, Ruby Shatter, Kurt -127 Shi11let, Kathy - 77, 127 Slusher, Dan Spees, Randy - 56. 127 Stephenson, Ban - 52, 127 Stepler, John - 44, 127 Summers, Brent- 127 Taylor, Barb - 79, 127 Taylor, Rick- 127 Teter. Kathy - 20. 127 Vallosia, Danny Voorhis, Mark -44,52,127 Warner, Nancy -127 Weaver, Andrew - 44, 83, 127 Weir. Melinda - 76, 127 Wilcox, Terry -127 Wines,Jetl-127 Wray, Bob - 20.44.127 Rydstrom, Roberta - 135 Sagarsee, Paticia - 135 Sartain, Joe -135, 53 Schaeler, Linda -135, 79, 143 Seagraves. Joe- 135 Shatter, Karen -135,79, 143 Sheridan, Jell-45, 135. 142 Shitllett, Kenneth - 45, 135 Shollner, Sharon- 135, 79, 143 Shrader, Dominio -135 Silvey, Curt -135,53 Slusher, Catherine - 135 Smith, Greg -135, 142 Smith, Larry- 135, 53, 142 Smith, Tony- 135, 80 Smith, Vivian -135 Sommers, Daymon - 135 Sommers,Rheta-135, 79, 142, 143 Spangler, Susan- 135, 79. 142, 143 Steele, Robin -135, 79, 143 Stout, Rick -45, 135. 53 Symons, Jim- 135, 142 Trott, Merideth - 55 White, Glen - 135, 53 While, Jim -135 Williams, Matt-45, 135, 53, 142 Wright, Michael -45. 135 Wrightsman, Paul- 135 Yeagley, Georgia - 135 Yeagley, Robert -135 Ashcralt, Laura- 136 Bagwell, Carol- 136 Bardsley, Mike- 136, 45, 53, 142 Badders, Charles -136 Bailey, Kim -136, 142 Barnes, Lori- 136 Bartholomew, Mark -136 Belt, Brian - 136. 45, 53 Bennett, Randy - 136, 142 Birdsong, Lon - 136 Brornsen, Mark - 136 Bottoms, Julre -136 Brown, Judy- 136 Brauneller. Richard - 136, 45 Brrnson, Shannon -136 Brooks. Kim-136, 142 Brough, Randall- 136. 45 Brubaker. Krystal- 136, 142 Buckley,Mrchelle-136 Burnette, Troy -136. 53 Burton. Melanie - 136 Cassrs. Mitzi - 136 Chournard, Robin -136 Christy. Harlan -136 Cordor, Terry - 136, 53 Cronan. Pam -136 Cummins, Robb: Dahl, Pamela -136 Davin, JoEllen -136 Davis, Peggy -136 Dill, Roger- 136, 45, 53 Duncan. Todd - 136. 45 DunIap,Danlel-136 Eades. Ava - 136 Eagle, Steven - 136. 45 Francis, Michelle - 137 Acord. Leon -139 Adams, Teresa - 139 Auten, Mike -139 Badders, Randall- 139 Bagley. Sandra -139 Beachy. John - 139 Behny, Mark -139 Blankenship, Randy- 139, 142 Bohnke. Dianne - 139 Bolrnger, Kay -139 Bolton, Justin -139 Brown. Tracy -139 Brumley, Rhonda- 139, 142 Burget, Stacy -139 Burnette, Brian -139 Callus, Sharon -139, 132 Christie, Brian -139,132, 142 Collett, Robert- 139 Cook, Kyle -139,142 Cox, Augusta -139 Cox. Tom - 139 Crabtree, Roscoe- 139. 142 Cravens. Sandra -139 Custer, Mark -139 Custer, Marla -139,142 Davis, Beverly - 139 Davis. Edward -139 Dean. Beth Ann -139 DeWitt, Michelle - 139. 142 Dillon. Brenda -139 Dowden, Deborah -139 MlssAult-128 Mr Bennrngholt-71.81, 128 Mr Berryman - 68. 69 Miss Carter- 87, 128 Mr Clair - 53 Mr Crow- 38.45.128 Mr. Dedaker -27. 36, 37, 38. 5 Mrs Dillon - 20.128 Mr Fetlug - 82 Mr Flodder - 82 Mrs Fox-126,128 Mr Frakes -62,9O,128 Aides- 144 Annual-80 Arl-84 Band - 76 - 77 Band, Middle School- 143 Biology - B6 Bales. Kathy- 132 Bolrnger, Bnan - 132 Eades, Linda -132 Edwards, Janice -132 3.128 Gaskin. Brigitte- 137 Geary, Cindy -137, 142 Graber, Cynthia -137 Grant. Cathy -137 Gray, Terri- 137 Gregory. Jell-137 Grrtlrth, Brian -137 Guest, Jettrey - 137,53 Hackenbracht. Carl - 137, 45. 132 Hamilton. Brian - 137. 53 Harlan, Joel- 137, 45 Hartley. Vicki - 137 Harvey, Todd- 137. 45, 53, 142 Hellin, Jenny -137, 132, 142 Hendricks, Chester - 137, 45 Hendrix, Paul- 137, 45, 53 Hensler, Bruce -137 Hill. Dean- 137. 45.53 Hrpp. Nick - 137, 53, 142 Holman, Annie -137 Honeas, Debbie - 137 Horn, Stanley- 137, 45, 53 Howey, Steven - 137 Johnson, Paul - 137 Kar1able.Rtck-137,45, 132 Keith. Dennis-137,45. 53 Kilgore. Chris -137 Kimmel. Gary - 137,45 Krstler. Matthew - 137. 45, 53 Krapl, Thomas- 137 ' Kublcek. Rebecca -137 Lamb. Donna -137 Lawson, Dan - 137. 45 Lesley, Susan -137 Lloyd. Connie -137 Lockhart, Natalie- 137, 142 Lorenz. Sheryl- 137 Loveland. Artie -137 Marine. Jon - 137, 45, 53 Marner. Edward -137, 45, 53 Martin, Lisa -137,132 Mast, Myra -137 Matchett. Cecilia -137 May, Kathy- 137. 142 Miller, Rich -137,45, 53 Miller, Sandra -137 Mohler, Jane- 137, 142 Murphy, Ginger- 137 Myers, Connie -137 Myers, Donald -137 Myers, Lyle- 137. 45, 53 Northrngton. Deidre -137 Parker, Rodney - 45, 138 Penrod, Jennller -138 Pickett. Bruce -138 Powell, Amelia -138. 132 Powell. Wayne -138. 53 Ragan, Carmen -138 Reed, Darrell -45, 138,53 Reed, Ron -138, 45. 53 SXTHGRADE Duncan. Tam-139. 142 Duncan. Tonya - 139. 142 Echelbarger, Conde -139, 132 Edwards, John -139,142 Ellington, Ronald -139 Estes, Kathy -139 Fansler, Joanna -139 Fights, Cathy -140 Foland, Kurtis - 140 Fondenberger, Bernadette - 140 Frazier. Linda -140 Freelan, Julie - 140, 132 Gaskrn, Troy -140 Gillespie, Randy -140 Gregory, Tim -140 Gresley. Sue -140 Hackler, Richard - 140, 142 Hainlen. Chris -140 Harnlen, Jed -140 Harris, Sarah -140,142 Harvey. Linda -140, 142 Hel1Or1.Sherrl-140, 142 Hendrix, Mike -140 Henry, Craig -140, 142 Hill, Sandy -140 Holt, Mark -140 Hoover, Gary -140 Horoho, Kerry -140 Howell, Marvin -140 Jenlvns, Mark -140 Jenkins, Sara -140, 132, 142 Mr Freelan - 63 Mr Funderberg -128 Mr Emmett Herr-31, 38, 48 Mr Ralph Herr- 56, 57 Mr Hubbard - 67, 128 Miss Joyce - 71 Mrs Krmmerling -86, 128 Miss Krstler - 46, 56. 57, 128 Mr Knote-128 Mrs Lanlz-71.74.128 Mr Long -67,128 Miss Markwrth -128 Choir - 78 - 79 Choir, Middle School- 142 Johnson, Kevin -140 Jones, Terri- 140 Kalata, Mike- 140 Kemp,Jel1-140. 142 Krlgore, Lori- 14O Kimmel, Anita -140 King, Joan -140 Krrkpatrick,Chrrs-140 Klstler. Bruce -140 Kubrcek, Chris -140 Lamb, Mark -140 Lawson, Raymond -140 Lee, Wayne- 140 Lodge, Marcia -140 Lorenz, Dayle- 140 Lyons. Matthew- 140 Marine, Teresa -140 Miekleson, Michelle -140, 142 Moredock. Gary - 140. 142 Morris. Kim -140,142 Mugg. Scott - 140 Myers.Sherrl-140 Myers. Terry- l4O Nichols, Kathy -140.142 Perry, Jamie - 140 Powell, Jell- 140. 132, 142 Prince, Paula -140 Riley, Phil - 135 Robbins, Rick -140 Ross, Bill- 141, 142 Roush, Caren -141,142 TEACHERS Mrs McClamroch - 129 Mrs Mrddlesworth - 60. 90. 129 Mr Myers - 73, 129 Mr Nicholson - 53 Mrs Nicholson - 84, 129 Mr Patterson - 35, 36, 37, 38, 45, 48, 129 Mrs Pence-129 Mrs Pritchard-129 Mr Raymond-87, 129. 162 Mr, Rice- 14, 27, 31, 38, 52, 63, 129 Mr Rich - 75. 83 CLUBS Home Ec - 60 - 61 Honor Society - 75 E CIUD- 27 lndustrialArts-82 FBLA - 68 Newspaper - 81 FFA-sa PE-152 GM-46-47 sci-Main -87 SPECMLED Edwards. Joyce - 132 Henry, Mary -132 Johnson, Judi - 132 Johnson. Linda -132 Mlller,Terri-132 Neal. Steve -132 Seekell, Mark- 132 Shoemaker, Chris -132 Scott. Armeda- 138 Shannonhouse, Edward - 138, 45 Shaw, Rick - 138, 45 Simpson, John - 138. 45 Singleton, Sherry - 138 Smith. Jean -138 Smith. Rita - 138, 142 Smith. Vincent- 138 Soots, Dayle -138 Stephenson, Brian - 45, 138. 53 Stlner. Patrick- 138 Sullivan, Mark- 138. 45, 53, 142 Taylor. Delrna -138. 132 Taylor. Regina - 138 Vrnt, Kenneth -138, 45. 53 Weaver, Rusty- 138. 45, 142 Whiteman, Lisa -138 Whrte,Rex-138,45, 142 Wilkerson, Teresa - 138 Wilson, Jody - 45,138 Wines. Julie -142 Wise, Mike- 138, 45. 53 Wright, Thomas - 138 Wynck. Annie -138 Zimmerman, Shaun -138 Zook, Keith -138,45,53, 132 Rydstrom, Becky- 141 Sagarsee. Shannon - 141. 142 Seagrave, Scott- 141 Seekell, Christine -141 Seekell. Danny -141 Shatter, Sharon -141 Shepherd, Jon -141 Shrock, Brian -141 Sims, Dana -141,142 Smeltzer, Susan -141 Sommers, Dale- 141, 142 Spees,Darry1-141 Spracllrng, Jeanine- 141, 142 Sprrnkle.Lrsa-141,142 Steele. Kelly -141 Stephenson, Nancy- 141 Swisher, Tim -141,142 Taylor, Larry- 141 Teter. Karen -141 Trussel. Tammy -141 Vallosta, Kim -141. 142 Wagner. Melinda -141, 142 Ward, Kenny- 141 Whiteman, Don -141 Wilkerson. Debbie -141 Wilson, Theresa -141 Woll,Sandl-141,142 Wrrghtsman, Christopher -141 Yockey, Mary Ann -141 Mrs Schater- 129 Mr Shrock - 62 Mrs Smith - 73 Mr Stahl-70, 80, 129 Mr Steiner- 76. 142 Mrs. Waymlre - 67. 72 Mrs Wernke - 66, 129 Mr. Whorwell - 76 Mr, Wise - 69,129 Student Council- 20 - 21 Student Council. Middle School- TV Club - 162 Yellblock - 26 Waddelow, Betty - 132 Wise, Mike -132 Wise. Tony -132 132 To look at anything, lf you would know that thing, You must look at it long: To look at this green and say "I have seen spring in these Woods," will not do - you must Be the thing you see: You must be the dark snakes of Stems and ferny plumes of leaves, You must enter in To the small silences between The leaves, You must take your time And touch the very peace They issue from. The annual would like lo thank all those who worked so hard on the yearbook this year Also, a special note ol thanks to Mr and Mrs Fred Jenkins and Cary Grant lor all their help and cooperation X OUT OR IN? Change was the word that symbolized the beginning of the 74-75 school year. A new principal brought new ideas. Stricter enforcement of school rules, shorter lunch periods and rearranged schedules added to the confusion at first. But soon everything fell into order. A 10-O football record was a source of school pride and more rivalry felt toward old foes. The band's achievements were another highlight of the year. The 25th graduating class ended their yea with a bang, but afterward, silence reigned over ser ior hall. Some may think the seniors were taking at out, but actually they were taking an in. Entering intc the world to make their own way in life. 13 'al' - V q 1- in ,, I vmd x 4 T' Q" dv .YA il 6 A: .lcv ig x.. U, 1. . 'I g - A A mu, ,ffl Ah V :V 'i - .X , F xg, vv L V.'--ggi-Q Q iiilxb'-au' fa 3' A A - 4, ,K .. W M .. it ia, : I L5 b .. ' '.f.a!o'2l uns' .,' V. 6 f, A s.-1' --e' U -' 3 xr. x.,,I?.'?.i H n .f -V 2 A N 6, wa. 1 ' ',.t.n.j IM T Q.-I F 'lf . f.?,, . Z.. K' ,a t, on '- 'img '5'1-Q'.."-S-'f'. ?'.K3ss QKQ "3v.,l:5 'CUQA ' 4 3. ffw- , :QTY -2 So ' f. -ff' 6? v. Qff. A q' E K. I' A - v LN. A ' 1-0 5 V FO.. 4 l i , 4 FQ ff if h l L 1 . 19 f +1 YW 5 1 ,.,.,. X .. .. ., l 6 I i:',L...-,::..3?QTl1,:M .sf vl tl , . .X av 'X ff' A 4 ' .Qfi 'fbi 1 S Q , Q ir 5 . ' 4 3 n tisirg v Q i 1 an -11.1 ' 4 4? , "' Q ,,l V P , W, Q., f 9' 5 im 3 A f .un 2' 9. ,N 9, MQ, wi-if Wiz f"f 'Q in- '- 4 895 . ik.,w? W 'f'.agigJ:'Q'g3?' -fl ' -2 ,wg fi, if Nihffffl - kk K -5 W H srl' ' vig ' I b AQ.: 'QQ' Q qgsawwi 5' 1 A -' ': -lif x , - , V , f dl' y ' V v ' I V: ' -L . . i 5 .Q , I 5 'K .A 2. "" J' 1- ' ll - ' K - , S ff 1 F- if' lx -1 Q 5131 , , , M 5 FQ?" ww l. 4 QP! MQ. T Q-.Q V ' ' 0 M .l , PJ? I 'Z 3. n iff? nu Q 1 ' ik ii - 42,2 ri, 11: ,Z UJT4' fl? nl- i 1, i 'ici fxfil 4 K 9 t. 1 3 :5 Ifw: -L 2. xy P9 3: ,ja 1 Q-5225 fx gfie ,z Q Wi L-'iii A532 5523152 31.-gh viii? . fi -IVA F352 .ilu H- F542 . I E n ' S- z,. vi.. W, . " .. .. ' " -,5l'4"ffiEf':.?T1'hfZ5'x?3?,fffE'L1if'K7?Jxi?2ifQWffvfif-!'Z'F'YL?,:4:Si'gg-rfclzrffzzi,v.ww . .,,,A,wQ,A ,T ., .Qx:6E'fSf!fGf'-f-7a'Z9?'feF-2'QSt5R?:21a23kk?Q-Af-'51Tig!A"'?LT? .xiii .igmwsrpmiffge

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